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File: 1664549200695.jpeg (159.26 KB, 828x1518, 3E315674-628A-432F-BE46-A759BF…)

No. 1662748

Previous thread: >>>/snow/1651457

Repetitive nitpicks about Shayna's body, face, and genitals are subject to a 1 day ban. Reposting the same photos zoomed in or edited is not milk and you will receive a ban for nitpicking.
REMEMBER: Read the rules before posting. Stay on topic, derailing and infighting will result in a ban. Sage (in email field) when there’s no milk. Spoiler any nsfw images. No blogposting or bragging about how you're a better whore than Shayna. This is a Shay thread, curb your enthusiasm when posting screenshots of other e-whores, they go in the e-whore thread >>>/snow/1596608

Last thread:
>Shayna admits to eating like shit. Confirming she’s a female neck beard >>1651467,
>Shayna is going to do another Strictmore in October >>1651834,
>Shayna bought a ticket to a Spanking Party hosted in Houston, Texas by the old woman “Miss Mathews” who did the Strictmore Academy event. >>1651471,
>Shayna gets drunk and plays animal crossing in her ugly wish arcade set up >>1651743,
>Shayna is “still” on her period to avoid doing her job >>1651953,
>Posts pedo pic of her in diapers >>1651997, and continues to sexualize diapers >>1652034, >>1651999,
>Buys cheap costumes online for making TikTok videos in >>1653377, >>1653556, >>1654301,
>Shayna goes “viral” >>1652768, on TikTok >>1653269, >>1652332, >>1652351,
>Only comments are women asking where she got her dress >>1653302, no compliments about her looks.
>Shayna gets a big ego and talks about her prime during tumblr >>1653587,
>E begs for coffee gets a doordash gift card from Jason R Womack >>1653300, despite getting a coffee maker two years ago from Mr. Clifford >>1653368,
>Shayna shows her bare face and buck teeth >>1653905, goes full on out with the 2019 e girl larping >>1653912, late to trends as always.
>Pulls out her bologna wig to make more videos in an attempt to go “viral” again >>1654076, >>1654088, >>1654139, >>1654140,
>Still folding her costume tops in so she is flashing her undermoobs >>1654493, >>1654588, >>1654785, >>1655597,
>Shayna’s two person pool party with her and Ellen was an airbnb they rented out >>1654927, >>1654930,
>Shay wears the tackiest outfit outside >>1654954, showing her cellulite thighs >>1654974, >>1654976,
>Ellen begs for Lizzo tickets for her and Shaynus >>1654981, and actually gets the tickets >>1662060, >>1662422,
>Shayna admits to simping to old moids >>1655344,
>More cringetoks >>1656407, >>1656390, >>1655150, >>1655156, >>1655593, >>1656572, >>1656918, >>1657128,
>Shayna has sex for “the first time” >>1655293, >>1655572, immediately catches feelings >>1655590,
>Tweets about her toxic relationship with Fupa being the reason she’s been celibate >>1657762,
>Shayna’s spanking video with fatcon moid are released >>1655036, >>1655038, >>1655511,
>A bdsm video is also released where Shaynus is hog tied like a pig >>1655151, >>1655495, >>1655507,
>Wants to be reimbursed for buying a $750 plane ticket to see her family on Christmas >>1655675,
>Still fetishizing rape and torture >>1655720,
>Shayna e begs for a scream costume for the moid porking her on camera >>1655790,
>Ellen has covid >>1656039,
>Wants to be alternative >>1656532, because she found a Fupa 2.0
>Shayna donates all her smelly unwashed clothes >>1659024,
>Shayna once again lecturing on her dead twitter about sex work and how hard it is >>1659666, gatekeeping because she knows younger women are competition >>1659669,
>Lies about not having sex on camera >>1659891, when she literally did with Fupa >>1659920,
>Shayna’s TikTok gets deleted >>1659931, but she makes a new one immediately
>Posts about Soy’s twitter username in her shade thread about him >>1660057,
>Shayna in a latex hood looking like a Mexican wrestler >>1660393, >>1660811,
>Ellen posting about her pedo fetish >>1661395,
>Shayna invites Ken the moid to her apartment to film porn >>1661048, >>1661090, >>1661260, >>1661453,

https://www.tiktok.com/@itsdollymattel (DELETED)
New TikTok: https://www.tiktok.com/@dollhausbarbie
https://discord.com/invite/eA8kSzuz (need ID to join)
Snapchat: irlbarbiedolly

Ellen "Patricia" Dresel:
>Shayna's "gf," Seattle/Renton, WA Nanny

Other relationships:
“Ken the Doll”
>Scrote she let pork her on camera

“The Dad” or "Daddy"
>The 45 year old mystery man she’s “dating,” met him on seeking arrangements, ex sugar daddy turned boyfriend
”Slave Dad”
>@bluefrodo1 on Twitter, submissive masochist “slave” of Ellen and Shay, participated in a video getting smacked around in Shay's pathetic attempt to domme >>>/snow/1362327
”Twitter Splenda Daddy” #1
Jason R Womack of Oklahoma, @okietwister85/ @womackglass on Twitter AKA "Womack"
>In love with Shayna, helps Ellen pay her rent, currently her main cash cow
”Twitter Splenda Daddy” #2
Mike Slack of Missouri, Zap_man68, @GNotold on Twitter AKA "Greyhair"
>Redneck right-wing trucker who gets off to his own daughter's porn >>>/snow/1523443
>Shayna's #1 twitter pal, replies to all of her tweets, frequently with monstersinc.gif

No. 1662751

File: 1664549432791.jpeg (743.1 KB, 1242x1745, 5DD612CC-AB7C-4FC3-9956-20C44E…)

No. 1662752

File: 1664549506422.jpeg (Spoiler Image,535.97 KB, 1170x1354, F84C6B06-17B5-46DF-921A-A77ACB…)

No. 1662753

File: 1664549583674.jpeg (1.08 MB, 1170x1535, A091A9B6-A023-43ED-961C-30A826…)

No. 1662754

File: 1664549629270.jpeg (554.48 KB, 1242x1330, 8708DDC4-A891-41D3-8FDF-E3FDA3…)

Ngl “Barbie” and “Ken” would be good milk if they actually dated. Kek they look like a white trash trailer park couple that screams at each other in the middle of the night

No. 1662757

If that ever happened, I would die laughing too hard.

No. 1662758

File: 1664549755520.jpeg (534.57 KB, 1242x1296, C124E9F9-7F98-408F-B4BF-B0CD46…)

She doesn’t want us to know she’s “happy” kek

No. 1662762

File: 1664550079968.jpeg (734.74 KB, 1024x1846, F7EF3271-4A5B-49C9-B005-DD176F…)

Big Shaynus always feels like somebody’s watching her. She’s so annoying with that fucking song jfc kek https://streamable.com/4ea1ax

No. 1662765

At first I thought that was his leg up on the counter and I fuckin died kek

No. 1662768

She's She's wearing 5 things on repeat

No. 1662771

E-whores hate it when you remind them they have to spread their holes online to earn less than minimum wage and the coomers will eventually dry up

No. 1662774

Wtf I did too but just accepted it, now realizing that it’s her fat gams kek

No. 1662787

File: 1664551554665.png (300.69 KB, 297x515, Capture.PNG)

I know this is old, but she posted it on her new tumblr, but lord this face. I hate this face so much, why does she do it so much? This whole video is weird.

No. 1662789

File: 1664551605621.gif (3.29 MB, 576x1056, ezgif.com-gif-maker.gif)

No. 1662790

not tumblr, Tiktok, sorry

No. 1662792

File: 1664551826430.jpeg (1.66 MB, 1170x1992, 7BB6CC38-21D6-4667-91CE-FE4988…)

No. 1662794

File: 1664551974155.jpeg (442.01 KB, 1170x1896, 0956AE60-D86E-4541-94B0-412998…)

OF anons gotta come through on these

No. 1662799

Why do you guys want to see these two ugly people fuck so bad? Wierd even for shayna thread standards.

No. 1662801

File: 1664552377089.webm (730.57 KB, 672x1232, this fucking song, again.webm)

She really loves this song, huh?

No. 1662803

This nail colour is so ugly.
I doubt nonas want to see them fucking. They want to see how awful and cringeworthy it is, which we know it will be.

No. 1662805

Because it's cringe, and we want a look at what's going to eventually cause her next meltdown.

No. 1662806

She's not creative, it's really all it is. She has like 10 ideas and she's been doing half of them, in the same outfits for the past two weeks or so. Everytime she does go out of her comfort zone, she flips the fuck out. Like when she went on sex work tik tok and got mad about what they were saying. I think she puts herself in a small bubble and is so jealous and afraid of not feeling "Unique", she ends up doing the same shit, with the same music, in the same outfits thinking she's creating something 100% unique and creative.

No. 1662845

the empty boxes of valentine's day chcolate as kitchen decor is insane

No. 1662846

File: 1664554810427.jpeg (528.08 KB, 1170x1632, B3164A02-E15C-489A-8221-6A800C…)

I love how she retweeted this

No. 1662853

she’s fucked but in the head i swear

No. 1662854

Shayna when she doesn't get a 100 dollar door dash gift card from womack.
I know its said alot but I can't get over how hammy her arms are, like I didn't even notice ghost face in the back as she awkwardly stands there.
Why the fuck are her vienna sausage colored nails so thick? like it just looks painful at this point

No. 1662865

Girl please. Please get clothes that fit you. I hope someone breaks into her apartment and burns her all of her clothes bc there isn’t a single thing she owns that physically fits her. I doubt some of her skirts zip at all much less bust at the seams.

No. 1662894

You dumb fucking bitch. Love yourself!! Or atleast love your fucking boobs enough to not flatten them with ill fitting clothes. She's gonna get soooo much older looking and she won't even be 30. Kek I'm here for it.

No. 1662897

>she’s gonna get so much older looking before 30
Kek you’re 100% correct with that. I still cannot believe how fucking haggard she looks at her age. At that point wouldn’t you just drink the water??? Regardless of how you ‘didn’t like the taste’??? She needs to get a “daddy” who will force her to take care of herself bc clearly that’s the only way this pathetic waste of space would ever even think about it.

No. 1662920

File: 1664560294301.jpeg (856.77 KB, 1242x1487, 5A0E6C3A-6884-4A88-B415-9B2465…)

They both have the same face wrinkles

No. 1662923

File: 1664560614850.jpeg (21.97 KB, 275x275, 69C15778-6E52-4E7B-A1CF-D35896…)

They look related lmao

No. 1662924

So he charges more then Shayna?

No. 1662926

Your standards have to be rock bottom nonexistent to kiss this man. Kissing is such an intimate act. I can understand having protected sex bc you know sex work blah blah but to kiss him? Ugh that’s really fukn disgusting

No. 1662930

She barely even talks about kissing Ellen, What I find odd is she claimed Fupaul traumatized her and made her not want to have sex, but… she'll let people bruise and lightly beat her body instead? She's traumatized from sex, because fupauls chode, but she wants to be totured, choked and beat up on the regular?
I personally think both Shayna and Ellen understand they really aren't attracted to eachother, but are scared to be alone. I don't think she cares Shayna only lets men be truly intimate with her, because Ellen is the same way with her ugly ass.

No. 1662931

she's not helping her nazi reputation by fucking a skin head

No. 1662933

please no nonnies contribute money to either of these freakshows. give shayna a week and she'll posting free content as some gotcha to fupaul

No. 1662945

File: 1664561998668.jpeg (489.25 KB, 1242x1403, E97287A2-A54F-4DE8-9C36-73076B…)

Shayna is always on her phone just waiting for validation from strangers and ugly whores. What a sad life. I don’t think she’s ever woken up and not tweeted the whole day. She acts like anyone gives a fuck besides gray hair and Womack

No. 1662949

Now watch she goes on for months about height differences. She's so low self esteemed she makes any compliment her personality.

No. 1662957

She’s treating this moid like a boyfriend or even fwb as though he didn’t go fuck someone else literally 18 hours later

No. 1662960

I feel bad for her with how starved for male attention she is, I can’t wait for her to meet her true Seafupa tho

No. 1662966

AYT- kek! What cracks me up is I'm her age! But I went down the minimum-wage-route thank goodness. Sorry for the mini blog post.

Yeah I always wonder if there is a man willing enough and good enough to teach her to love herself truly. I think that's only something you can learn through the friendships you have with other self-loving and mentally healthy women. She is only slightly tolerant of other internet whores. She surrounds herself with self-hating, like minded, lazy whores who completely lack any accountability and self awareness. Tragic. But she chose this.

No. 1662989

They would not last kek, she would constantly tweet how sad she is that he goes off and fucks some other porky bitch

No. 1662993

File: 1664565239816.jpeg (1004.14 KB, 1170x1970, A2637892-6C0F-414B-A7AB-83E21B…)


No. 1663033

What’s the context? Who is she talking to?

My god they do look related

No. 1663039

If thats a scrote posting her words to her, that's really gross he kept that, probably just to send it to her if he felt she's not 100% into whatever weird shit he wants to do. I think this is that Russell guy.

No. 1663043

It’s the Winnie the Pooh dude. She’s doing a shoot with him either today or tomorrow

No. 1663047

You must be an idiot if you do any shoots saying you’re down for “whatever” moids will take that statement and purposefully choose the most depraved painful humiliating acts and then wave your own words in your face as if you knowingly agreed to it all. Really sketchy of a content creator to even say that.

No. 1663051

It's funny because I imagine if a woman threw her words I'm her face she'd view it as fucked up as it is. Imagine if Vivi posted some texts of Shayna saying she's down for whatever and changing her mind?

No. 1663100

Notice how she's centered in the frame in a picture of this supposed collab? Weird nitpick, I know, but it's a little funny.

No. 1663157

File: 1664577548216.jpeg (861.45 KB, 1242x1590, 595E7A72-71F4-4E33-A064-960A60…)

that sweatshirt is begging to be washed

No. 1663158

File: 1664577581642.jpeg (184.79 KB, 1206x1653, 008A36C9-2EB1-46CE-A2C4-84E142…)

Black liner brows making a comeback

No. 1663167

Why buy many makeup when one eyeliner do trick

No. 1663169

File: 1664578299100.png (563.32 KB, 806x598, Screenshot 2022-09-30 184921.p…)

Am I the only one who is reminded of Themi Lovato when looking at the Shaysquatcho Libre thread pic?

No. 1663175

Her eyes look like spiders crawling out of a wrinkly potato

No. 1663177

I don't know about eyebrow stuff, but why does she make them so black when brown or something would look better? Her natural hair color isn't even brown.
It just makes her look weird

No. 1663178

*isn't black, not isn't brown

No. 1663185

File: 1664579321732.jpeg (262.22 KB, 1205x1903, 243DF4B7-2A60-4FF7-801F-573DDE…)

I can’t with the poof

No. 1663187

Day three in her favorite sweater she fucked that guy in

No. 1663188

glued on construction paper eyebrows holy shit

No. 1663189

She has got to be wrecked out of her mind on drugs or alcohol to think this looks good.

No. 1663194

File: 1664580121502.jpeg (222.43 KB, 1205x1705, 75BDD8D3-85F1-4AE6-8ACB-B33595…)

The eyeliner and lashes look like 2018 e girl clown makeup, the blackhead faux freckles, the 1950s poof showing her grown out roots, the alternative moid gauges, the bimbo sweatshirt, the pedo pandering hair bows… this look is all over the place

No. 1663195

didn’t she get her brows microbladed? i bet the ink faded into a weird colour and she can’t afford to get them touched up so she just blasts over them with black pencil to hide it

No. 1663197

Congrats Shay, you look even more ridiculous.

No. 1663199

Is she on benzos or something why do so many drugged up women do that horrific giant black eyebrow thing?

No. 1663200

*2010 hair poof

No. 1663202

I really wish she would just go full goffic or pastel goff (a comprimise) and dye her hair black so it would finally match her eyebrows.

No. 1663206

Is that fucking dandruff in her hair?

No. 1663208

File: 1664581234928.jpg (150.49 KB, 862x1080, life_size_freddy_krueger_bust_…)

op picture always makes me think of freddy

No. 1663219

Theyre both average height for their genders and dudes are typically a head taller than girls… like this isn't special or anything worth fawning over lol

No. 1663220

Despite being like "dont date SWers if you aren't ok with them flirting and fucking for their job" and soapboxing or whatever. She absolutely could never date a dude that even fake flirts with other girls. Insecure hypocrite.

No. 1663221

Probably has a cumstain on it she likes to sniff kek

No. 1663222

why does she look British?

No. 1663223

>>1663185 this is giving me 2012 marina and the diamonds. the eyelashes, the dark ass brows, weirdly outgrown hair puffed up. But we know she's stuck in the past so why am I disapointed.

No. 1663224

It always amazes me how she manages to look like a below average slag from a council estate in Essex without ever stepping foot in England.

No. 1663243

Why are we back to sharpie brows again, you think after spending time on tik tok she'd pick up a new look for her brows too but i guess that middle part she had for a week and these spider leg lashes are her new look now.

No. 1663245

Think it's just skin flakes cos she's so dry and crusty from alcohol abuse. When you're constantly dehydrated your skin will go this way.

No. 1663257

thank you for this image nona

No. 1663270

Why is she always talking about having her thighs bitten? It’s such a weird move.

No. 1663282

File: 1664587459315.jpg (160.37 KB, 862x1080, 12bigshayscomingforyou.jpg)

I'm so sorry nonnies

No. 1663284

TOPKEK the way I snort-choke-laughed at this

No. 1663287

please let this be the next thread pic, this is too good KEK

No. 1663293

impressed the eyebrows are an exact match nona

No. 1663300

She’s on her way to her shoot with Winnie the Pooh and posted on Snapchat that she’s tipsy. Very professional and classy Shay

No. 1663305

I would be so uncomfortably embarrassed by how lumpy my thighs were if I was Shayna, and someone was biting them

No. 1663313

File: 1664592390728.jpeg (Spoiler Image,451.2 KB, 504x1012, B03E4E29-FB8E-4CB3-80BB-5A3FDF…)

No. 1663318

Mans growing hair everywhere but his head. Why is it so dull I thought baldies were supposed to be shiny

No. 1663323

Holy shit, this guy is actually so sickening, The faggy nail polish, the fur, also his punchable ugly ass smirk is worse than shay's. I am nauseous.

No. 1663330

I just burst into laughter, he's literally shane, male shayna. Troons smile included

No. 1663332

Lol you are correct

No. 1663333

File: 1664594474703.jpeg (240.93 KB, 1242x689, 0FCFC31E-2EBC-491C-BEF6-8B60CC…)

She’s not like other girls she’s quirky and different she likes Black Sabbath uwu no other girl who likes pink also likes Black Sabbath so ~unique~
She’s so fucking annoying

No. 1663334

File: 1664594572772.jpeg (181.56 KB, 1205x1505, C845A567-A29D-4130-80C5-FE2821…)

No. 1663335

File: 1664594603254.jpeg (185.72 KB, 1205x1488, 2D4C33AA-38CF-4458-99B5-9077FA…)

No. 1663339

File: 1664595191814.jpeg (381.92 KB, 912x848, 11D3CF68-DD2C-406D-A6A2-CDB257…)

No. 1663342

My god the shit Uber drivers must see..

No. 1663345

I am confused about this picture, what/who is this

No. 1663348

Shane Clifford. Shayna’s secret twin brother.

No. 1663351

He looks like the grinch, has the body hair and nail color to match too.

No. 1663352

Halloween is at the end of October, Shayna. Not the beginning. Getting into the spirit of dressing up like a deranged doll a bit early. It's actually kinda creepy and just looks all wrong.

No. 1663354

File: 1664596599710.jpg (62.82 KB, 750x923, a735e0682a89e2900abf4eace20cd8…)

Gay face

No. 1663355

This is so weird and awkward like why is he doing the Shaynus smirk while her whole holes are close up like that. Theyre so bad at acting. They should be doing more "natural" imitation candid type pictures, not selfies with eachothers genitals tf lol. Like he's posing with a prize pig instead of being sexual with her for ya know, the porn.

No. 1663359

The color of his nails is exactly the shade that just violently exited my mouth after seeing this

No. 1663361

She deleted this

No. 1663384

Imagine letting this gay moid fuck you. Barf.

Uwu she’s so quirky you guise. Pigtails and pink so bimbo but no way she listens to Black Sabbath?! She’s just soooo unique!

No. 1663386

Fupa was the same height as her so of course she’s fawning over a completely normal thing again

No. 1663390

Why would anyone ever choose this color for their nails, what the fuck is going on in this sewer manbearpig’s brain to make him think anyone wants to pay to see toxic green stubby nails near an asshole, for god’s sake why are you doing your nails when you could use that time to wax or even trim your elbows… I wanted milk but not like this, how the hell is it even possible to find such a disgusting creep for your ”first b/g porn”, even Fupa looks hot compared to this abomination. WHY WOULD YOU DO PORN BUT NOT GIVE A SINGLE SHIT ABOUT YOUR LOOKS PLEASE GOD

No. 1663394

I just can’t… He looked okay in his social media pics, but in reality he looks like Jim Carrey’s retarded troon cousin with a hairy snake tattoo
I thought I needed to take a break from this thread because there was no milk, but this is the first time I feel like taking a break BECAUSE of milk. The fucking nails and back hair made me asexual. The only thing I’m grateful in life for is that anon is a good loving person and censored her shotgun wound asshole from this picture. I knew being an internet bully would bite me in the ass at some point but not like this. Not like this

No. 1663396

Uh oh stinky

No. 1663407

anon I needed this kek godspeed on your sabbatical

No. 1663417

For only being 25 her moobs sag like she’s breastfed for years. Like look at where they sit compared to her armpits. They’re like in the middle of her back. And she hikes her “high waisted” skirt up so high it makes her whole body look disproportional.
Her natural hair is brown tho? But everything she touches turns to shit. She’s bleached her hair so much I’m surprised she has any left. >>1663206
This is probably crud buildup from going weeks without washing it. She’s literally disgusting.

No. 1663422

File: 1664604866887.jpeg (779.48 KB, 1079x1380, A1747922-E9D7-4259-A51A-0AC7FD…)

No. 1663423

File: 1664605254909.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1019.58 KB, 1242x1317, 2C1A745D-B210-4805-A8FC-D492BC…)

this looks like rug burn or a rash ew not sexy in the slightest why would she post this kek

No. 1663429

File: 1664605610398.jpeg (560.9 KB, 1242x1609, 11CBE49D-27BD-45FD-A008-8A2228…)

How many more slapping videos do coomers need? Like… it’s the same fucking video but Shayna is in different ugly outfits. That bald scrote wears the same outfit in every video. And he does the same shit

No. 1663430

File: 1664605741543.png (Spoiler Image,7.21 MB, 1242x2208, 750389B7-5CC8-4990-ABAD-7C1F29…)

Damn that’s a big bitch. Her arms are so huge

No. 1663433

File: 1664606239393.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.07 MB, 3348x3125, 19EA2C05-FEF7-4DFA-BDF3-A237A0…)

No. 1663436

File: 1664606339496.jpeg (771.46 KB, 853x1165, 17F7F4AD-BF39-483A-8A74-AFFC70…)

No. 1663446

just click the white box

No. 1663448

Do to that one single titty because her other one is an implant that she's overpritective of kek

No. 1663451

Thanks anon I finally deleted that shit no need to repost the atrocity but it’s so repulsive to me how she’s bragging about this fugly scrote “domming” her, her self esteem is absolutely through the floor, daily appreciation for myself for not being a sex worker

No. 1663460

>The fucking nails and back hair made me asexual. The only thing I’m grateful in life for is that anon is a good loving person and censored her shotgun wound asshole from this picture.
> Uh oh stinky
Holy fuck KEK actually laughed out loud. Posts like these are why I still read her threads, thank you silly anons

No. 1663477

She has the body and fashion sense of an mtf tranny, combined.

No. 1663478

The spider mandible snatch gets me every time.

No. 1663479

But she went viral on TikTok in this!! So it must be super cute! (She is going to be wearing this a lot, I assume.)

No. 1663481

Some of these would I guess be interesting and somewhat creative angles, but she ruins it. It’s better than her normal stiff/posed smirks and expressions

No. 1663484

How is this individual uncertain if he has ever used electricity on Shayna? Like how is that something to easily forget or not be sure about?

No. 1663500

File: 1664615734276.jpg (51.42 KB, 318x400, 1648149360102.jpg)

No. 1663506

If your side (?) gig is torturing women I assume they all blur into one. I doubt he sees any of them as individuals, they are just meat to him. Which is one of the reasons I think this is all so fucking grim. Shayna Leigh Clifford and her ilk facilitate the further dehumanisation of women to this guy and all of those who consume their porn.

No. 1663540

> the weird penguin pfp

No. 1663560

I hope that one /ot/ anon attracted to pig asses doesn't see this

No. 1663574

I thought she was above this. Shayna la racista?

No. 1663585

It's literally sake. Stop being a retard.

No. 1663588

How does recognizing that Shatna profits off of her privilege and the backs of black and brown people while receiving zero consequences for it make me a retard?(log off)

No. 1663590

Okay, sped.

No. 1663593

Okay, lol. Keep sucking Shay-Shay's clit. You can't even provide a valid reason for why I'm wrong.

No. 1663599

All women should hate Shayna Clifford, this is disgusting. She is the only cow who truly incites rage in me. Glorifying the rape and torture of women and children for $ from pedophiles is one hell of a way to be niche. Vomit

No. 1663602

No. 1663603

Nigori is a drink, you're easily triggered aren't you nonnie

No. 1663605

And golliwogs are just dolls. See nonnie? I can ignore racial prejudices too.

No. 1663610

Nice bait, but shut the fuck up.

No. 1663613

Shayna profits off dumb old white men that wouldn’t take a second look at a black girl. She does no makeup “like a black womans” and doesn’t wear clothes that could in any way be considered “cultural appropriation” of black women so idk wtf you talking bout but go sperg on twitter about it, not here. There’s no profiting off black or brown women, retard.

No. 1663615

I bet you think a negroni is racist too huh? Kek you look dumb and actually racist dolls have no correlation

No. 1663616

Come now nonnie chill with the racebaiting.
Nigori sake means cloudy sake.
It's japanese ffs

No. 1663617

I think it's that one fat black sw who has a rage boner for shat. Only ever calls her out for "racist" shit and not the pedo pandering that she also takes part in. Fucking stupid.

No. 1663618

>Shayna profits off dumb old white men that wouldn’t take a second look at a black girl
Lol you're so braindead it's hilarious. As if her "customers" have any standards? LOOOL
>She does no makeup “like a black womans”
Nice putting words in my mouth, dumbass.
>so idk wtf you talking bout but go sperg on twitter about it, not here. There’s no profiting off black or brown women, retard.
Yeah okay. So she's not making racist Hitler jokes and FDT porn and mouthing rap music while still earning a living on top of that? She routinely abuses her privilege, never uplifts black and brown women, and has never faced consequences a day in her life

You're an actual moron, but go off.

So because it's Japanese that means it's not racist?

I'm not a sw but okay lol

No. 1663620

Puppi? The e-begging hamplanet with saggy balloon udder tits like Ms. Choksondik? Kek. Shes even more pathetic than Shayna

No. 1663623

this just in: spanish speaking people are racist for using the word "negro"

No. 1663624

Again putting words in people's mouths nonnie.
You started out about the sake, saying she is being racist because of the name.
I pointed out that it only means it is cloudy sake, there was no racism against black or brown people for that.
Which you tried to say it was.

No. 1663627

And nigori is close to negro so again racism right /s

No. 1663628

Have you not looked into the history of Latin America and the Spanish Empire? You really believe they aren't being racist? LOOOL nonnies in this thread are really showing out today

She has a history of racism, nonnie. Why is it so hard to believe that she isn't acting maliciously by intentionally obscuring the "sake" part?

Lol try again

No. 1663629

>as if customers have standards
They’re racist.
>mouthing rap music
Uh maybe once or twice she listen to dad rock and it certainly isn’t a common occurrence
>earning a living
Lmao barely
>uplifts black and brown women
No one has an obligation to lift them up. Maybe lift yourselves up instead of wanting others to bow at your feet. Some troon thinking right there.
Wow what edgy 15 yo didn’t make a fucked up joke you’re dumb as hell
Shays a dumb bitch but you’re dumber.
She doesn’t profit of a black womans look so again there’s no way she profits off them was my point with the makeup and clothes.
She’s never done anything racist besides saying she’d smoke with hitler. You’re beyond help if you think nigori or Negronis are racist, log off.

No. 1663630

If I look at the picture, I can see nigori and partly sake.
I also see Sakura at the top, looks like she moved the bottle that way not to obscure sake but for the 'aesthetic'
But sure, she is being racist…

No. 1663635

no one is allowed to use charcoal masks anymore because they're blackface

No. 1663636

>They’re racist.
So you admit that Shayna profits off of her privilege, and therefore is a willing participant in systemic racism? Thanks, for the confirmation
>No one has an obligation to lift them up. Maybe lift yourselves up instead of wanting others to bow at your feet. Some troon thinking right there.
No wonder you're defending Shat. Birds of a feather I guess lol
>Wow what edgy 15 yo didn’t make a fucked up joke you’re dumb as hell
Me, because when I was 15 I knew I was too old to be that much of a dumbass. Shay never grew up, that's why she has 117 threads and counting.
>log off
Pretty sure you can't log on to lolcow lol

She could have gotten any brand of alcohol she wanted, but she deliberately chose one which included the N-word, knowing her history of being racist.

You're being obtuse right now(go back to Twitter)

No. 1663640

no nonnie if we're not allowed to drink cloudy sake because it's name is similar to the n-word, we're not allowed to use charcoal masks because they're too close to blackface. don't be racist.

No. 1663642

> golliwogs
when I was young my nan had a fridge magnet of one of those, I had no idea what it was, it was scary

No. 1663643

Kek nonnie

No. 1663644

Shayna is a racist. Don't you understand? There's a difference between doing something possibly offensive out of ignorance and lack of knowledge and doing the same thing but also being consciously prejudiced.

No. 1663646

it's true. didn't an episode of some old tv show get cancelled because someone had a mud mask?

No. 1663648

i'm not denying that she's done racist shit you fucking idiot, but her buying sake isn't inherently racist just because of the name and you're going to pop your shoulder out of the socket reaching like you are.

No. 1663649

She looks especially special needs in these pictures

No. 1663650

It's not a reach, she's being deliberately insidious. People like you don't know how to read between the lines and see people's true intentions.

No. 1663651

Wow everything wrong with the modern world in one picture, that faggot just needs a wig and it would've tipped me over the edge.

No. 1663652

go take your meds

No. 1663653

Sorry nonita, it's a slow Saturday for me and racebaiting anon made it too easy.
Hopefully Shatna has some actual milk soon..

No. 1663655

Go suck a dick

No. 1663656

Nta but can you give your whining a rest kek

No. 1663657

I'm not whining? What is there to whine about her being racist?

No. 1663659

Kek nonnie you are whining, many of us are telling you you are reaching, you still insist she is being racist over a drink.
Call her out on some actual racist behavior instead….

No. 1663660

Couldn't you have read a book or something instead of detailing the thread with this shit, I almost think you're the tranny doing his le epic trolling gayop.

No. 1663662

That's not whining, I am calling her out on racist behavior. I know this shit when I see it, stop being blind.
>spends time on a gossip website
>tells me to read a book
The irony

No. 1663663

No not a tranny nonnie just a bored housewife.

No. 1663664

What? You're not me?

No. 1663666

Save your energy for actual milk and gossip

No. 1663669

Oh it's 100% the tranny causing this retarded derailing/infighting

No. 1663670

They were not the same height. They took a lot of pictures in Seattle and Mexico and he was at least 3 inches taller than her. She's for sure not 5'5 like she claims but he seems to be normal height (5'8-5'10). The foodcourt Nona picture we saw was the only time it looked like they were the same height but she had a huge bun and they weren't standing side by side

No. 1663672

God damn it.
I'm not the fucking schizo troon, I won't let that faggot take credit for my work.
I am a natal woman (XX chromosomes)

No. 1663676

>sYstEmiC rAcIsM
In regards to these pos old men and whores? I don’t think they have a thing to do with anything but giving money to crusty cam hoes sooo? If you want your pussy to make more money just say so.
>birds of a feather
Not at all. Just not poisoned into thinking I have to uplift anyone just because of their skin color.
>never made a joke in poor taste
Log off means get the fuck offline your brain is rotting. I.e vvvv
>drink has the nword i it
No the fuck it doesn’t! You see neg or nig prefix and trip tf out, seriously what is wrong with you?
You’re not calling anything out except attention to how race obsessed you are that you have a problem with sake. Get help.
And call her out on something actually racist like anon said. And go do it on twitter where you’ll be in a lil hug box and I’m sure you can find someone to agree with you. Fucking nigori, can’t believe this shit

No. 1663678

>seriously what is wrong with you?
What is wrong with you? Why are you getting so made when I call out Shatna for being prejudiced? Did I strike a nerve?
>You’re not calling anything out except attention to how race obsessed you are that you have a problem with sake. Get help.
Being race aware is not race obsessed, dipshit? Keep plugging in your ears and screaming out loud though lol(stop it; get some help)

No. 1663681

This thread already needs nuked

No. 1663683

oh my fucking God,now he's here, to shit up this thread too
She looks retarded

No. 1663684

No nerves, you’re just an idiot and I want to tell you how dumb you are over sake. You’re not aware when you think a drink is racist, that’s obsessive.

No. 1663686

Not tryna mini mod, but let's stop derailing and infighting. This is dumb. You don't have to engage with opinions you don't agree with. Especially if they don't get your POV the first time.

No. 1663689

>No nerves
Clearly nerves because you won't stop screeching about how tooOoOtally obsessed with race I am by calling Shatna out and calling me an idiot without refuting any of my points.(it’s because you’re derailing)

No. 1663691

I already refuted everything, you’re the one with the fingers in the ears. You’re beyond talking to if you think a drink is racist, bye.

No. 1663692

AYRT- which art post got reported as Troon stuff?

No. 1663696

You're actually braindead. Have you ever opened a book before? Taken a history class? Lol but whatever bye I guess

No. 1663698

> K Karen
are you a 14 year old boy?

No. 1663699

Do you know what time zones are?

No. 1663701

File: 1664639111074.png (90.39 KB, 275x241, grass.png)

Maybe you all need to go and run around outside. This is the most inane derail I've seen in months.

No. 1663705

What? And risk not seeing the premiere of Shayna's IMAX porno with the gay coomer? Goodness, is there anything worse in this universe?

No. 1663709

Some of you are as schizo as the troon himself if you think everyone who disagrees with you is a train

No. 1663713

Ya’ll I’m waiting on this rainy day for my daily cup of cringe stop fucking it up with the derail.
So much dick wagging this morning omg.

No. 1663715

i love when this happens kek

No. 1663719

File: 1664640439828.jpeg (289.46 KB, 1220x981, 17929E46-D655-4A76-B928-8AEE38…)

You don’t look much younger than him kek

No. 1663723

File: 1664640486319.jpeg (Spoiler Image,328.73 KB, 1195x2208, D34FC365-151B-433E-81B6-57A261…)


No. 1663725

Newfag samefag go away and integrate better kek literal mental illness unveiling before our eyes here.

No. 1663734

Just when I thought Shaynus couldn't make me feel any more sick she tops it off with old bald head sweat.

No. 1663735

So much photo blur to hide her cellulite and boils she almost lost her butt crack kek

No. 1663739

Some of you need to calm the fuck down today. Yes her crack is there but also you can see the blur over her body, chill nona chill

No. 1663740

Hm, did anyone find out more about the pedo fucker? His Twitter account is from Juli 22.. Cant believe thats when he started

No. 1663744

hi hank hill

No. 1663748

Nta but it's so true kek

No. 1663754

shay is officially my favourite cow. it's been 24/7 kek for literal years and i'm having trouble staying mad at such consistent entertainment.
also, how has her entire skin not become infected and rotted off from her nonstop GRIME??

No. 1663759

Bruh why

No. 1663762

No. 1663763

Shayna is my fave cow too but Jillian Vessey/pixielocks is giving her a run for her money and still clothed!

No. 1663768

File: 1664644084646.jpg (122.15 KB, 720x997, Screenshot_20221001-130531_Twi…)

Gothtober guisseeeee. She is so annoying. Kek, because she is wearing black. Also I really think the sperging up there ^^ is Puppikuma. She gets randomly bored and loves to hate on Shat publicly.

No. 1663770

Both Shaynus and Tuna defy laws of nature
THE NECK ROLLS my fucking sides. I love how she’s wearing sunglasses inside to hide her hideous beady black rat eyes and happy merchant honker that she’s too lazy to shoop(racebait)

No. 1663771

From an actual goth fat shat can fuck right off.
Saying it's goth just because it's black whatever doesn't make it goth

No. 1663773

I think her 2nd TikTok got banned? I can’t see it in search results anymore

No. 1663776

it’s just giving drug addict vibes

No. 1663778

I completely agree with you. My entire wardrobe is basically black, but I'm so far from labeling myself goth. Nah, she's just feeding into this tattooed gothboy thing. Pick-meism at its finest. I think the funniest thing really is that she just did her first b/g scene, and the guy she's swooning all over is already in Phoenix shooting with another woman.

No. 1663779

It’s still there, I think she’s just “shadow banned”. The old clip is back up too

No. 1663780

are you that one OF anon that was selfposting here a while back lmao

No. 1663782

Nitpick tinfoil but I think I see toilet seat lines on the middle of her ass cheeks running up! I bet she just finished taking a shit and couldn't atleast wait for the marks from the seat to go down before being a disgusting narcissist on Twitter. Kek never change shay.

No. 1663783

File: 1664644773447.jpeg (Spoiler Image,748.45 KB, 1242x1370, 8DE281EE-6253-4336-8BA5-065345…)

No. 1663786

Kek you’re right I see them. I’m laughing. Shayna is so nasty

No. 1663787

Lmao what the fuck anon, I think you need to take a break from the internet

No. 1663788

She’s not wrong though

No. 1663789

AYRT- She is. I'm here for it.
AYRT- you right. Lolcow is my only form of social media but I'm still on here too much. Send me to "touch grass" jail.

No. 1663790

What the fuck are “toilet seat lines”?

No. 1663791

When you’re taking a shit and you’re on the toilet reading Shayna’s threads. You get toilet seat lines.

No. 1663794

>Wake up
>Open thread tab
>It's all retarded infighting
>Nothing about her nasty porn with gay face scrote
I swear to god there's a reason Shayna threads fill up so quick and why other anons refer to Shaytards as being deranged

No. 1663796

Those clearly look like underwear lines from wearing too tight panties. Why would a toilet seat be so narrow in the middle of her ass? Retard

No. 1663799

I thought we were going to get some milk but no it’s just dumbasses falling for the “Shay is totes racist” joke

No. 1663803

The OFanons have abandoned us

No. 1663806

It was a joke? I don't hink anyone expect anyone else to force them to go outside, kek.

No. 1663808

>content creators
you mean other dollar menu whores ?
content creator is only used for people who actually make creative videos on YouTube

No. 1663809

Yeah, shayna absolutely panders to minorities and worships them like other woketards do
Or just a really bad troll lol. Feels like a bot at this point.

No. 1663810

File: 1664645697237.jpeg (496.53 KB, 846x1070, E86A3546-2D29-44C6-81F3-7CE69E…)

I’d like to speak to the manager of the Shay threads.

No. 1663812

>content creators
gtfo onlyfats whore
I mean she fucks scrote who put their ducks in unwashed tranny ass so I guess she’s inclusive by extension, kek

No. 1663817

AYRT -Kek! Nona my mom is in jail, good luck!

No. 1663821

TBF I always felt like they were scrotes. Who the heck would pay for shay porn. But then again, it did make for some creamy milk so what do I know.

No. 1663822

Speak for yourselves, my TERFy SWERFy mum is the precise reason why I’m posting on lolcow
The whole idea of toilet seat lines is hilariously autistic to me, who the fuck looks at their derrière after going to the loo?

No. 1663824

My personal tinfoil is that they’re the degenerate whores who use Shaynus to feel better about themselves

No. 1663826

Its hard for me to refrain too fellow gothchan. A lot of people see someone alt in all black and call it goth and that's annoying but Shaynus larping it and acting like she does is a whole other level. Im all for people embracing Halloween and spooky aesthetics, but "gothtober" is fucking retarded. She wouldn't know a goth band to save her life.

No. 1663832

No, there’s no milk. Her content is the same boring bullshit. Even anons had to unsubscribe. Imagine being such a boring e whore that farmers won’t even pay $3-$5 lousy bucks to laugh at your porn

No. 1663835

I know we’re just shitposting at this point but as someone who enjoys metal the idea of Shat listening to Dimmu Borgir (or Satyricon, Gorgoroth, Asmodeus et al) is fucking hilarious to me. She legit thinks classic rock is metal.

No. 1663840

She prefers Gimme Borger

No. 1663842

she should date kingcobrajfs they are a match made in heaven. they could drink together all day and eat cheemsborgers together all night. unironically would be soulmates.

No. 1663843

File: 1664647733262.jpeg (47.21 KB, 960x640, F5F27CFF-61CD-43A7-A1FB-44031B…)

Shayna, the Lord Satanachia of OF porn

No. 1663854

Top fucking kek, nona. Unironically Varg is the exact type of scrote she’s into
>gross beard
>never showers
>likes girls young enough to be his daughters

No. 1663857

MY FUCKING SIDES this has omegakek image potential, artanons please come through

No. 1663862

Jesus fuck that's sad.

No. 1663868

Either that or she deleted it. Cause I also don’t see it

No. 1663907

File: 1664651455896.jpeg (244.43 KB, 828x1122, BD341F3B-4989-4EB2-9A5E-CF0BED…)

It’s still there, she’s probably been hit with a violation so it’s not showing up when you search users

No. 1663920

File: 1664651874464.jpeg (Spoiler Image,155.94 KB, 828x953, 69A92BCC-4858-4131-A301-9D4907…)

For nonnas waiting, here’s some of the pics

No. 1663922

File: 1664651926603.jpeg (Spoiler Image,150.36 KB, 828x966, 304D0DA9-7F54-4AE4-A796-FB99AC…)


No. 1663924

File: 1664651979950.jpeg (Spoiler Image,132.91 KB, 828x987, 1E28F31F-8284-46D7-8AA6-506CE7…)

3/3 quality might be poop because on phone

No. 1663927

She makes his nasty ass look dainty. She looks so much bigger than him and he looks like he's wearing a bra.

No. 1663937

She's getting closer and closer to fitting into the BBW category, not that she would ever admit that or take advantage of it to attract more coomers.

No. 1663938

he looks so fucking faggy here kek the way he grabs her by the neck and she holds his waist. shaynus with the male energy

No. 1663941

File: 1664652855515.webm (1.54 MB, 720x1280, «Do-do-do-do do do» .webm)

Video and image from her Instagram Stories. Image inserted at the end of video.

No. 1663949

Her little buttcrack.

No. 1663951

I’m convinced she edits her crack sometimes to look longer. I’m probably just a fuckin retard, though. Sometimes it looks normal but then shots from her cam shows and shots like this show she barely has one

No. 1663953

File: 1664653638038.jpeg (708.85 KB, 2048x2048, E11FC69C-B8EF-4E88-A895-1089DF…)

Hard Rock Nick really fell on hard times.

No. 1663960

Plot twist; Shaynus is the dominant and Shrek is uwu

No. 1663962

you're acting like she's taking all the dollskill plus size goff pieces from you

No. 1663969

He even kisses gay

No. 1663971

Kek so true. Shayna falling in love with some incredibly faggy amateur porn star and going all giddy over him is a great direction for this thread.

No. 1663972

MTF and FTM vibes. Reminder she literally wore that to fuck this guy and wore it out in public and it still has spit stains. Shayna does not shower, she probably does a hoe bath

No. 1663973

There goes my sides

No. 1663974

so we think shes gonna catch feelings/start dating this chode?

No. 1663976

Right after fucking her he went to fuck some other chick who bragged about it. Clearly he fucks anything, he's not safe about it and shayna doesn't realize, men don't catch feelings because you let them stick their dick in you. Like she catches feelings. I guess you can say,"well he went to fuck someone else and Shayna went too do a shoot with Russell " except she just did the same boring ass gentle slapping porn she always does.

No. 1664015

File: 1664657952104.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.72 MB, 1242x1518, 0D57EEFB-C1E3-4C7D-9CE8-7FF09A…)

No. 1664016

File: 1664658092141.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.68 MB, 1242x1529, FF845776-865E-47A3-8E83-D87BE5…)

Better quality for the archives

No. 1664017


I doubt Shayna even pees after sex, let alone have water and soap touch her nasty gash. You know she went out smelling like unwashed vagina and desperation.

No. 1664018

The fucking shoulder hair… Couldn't she sheer the moid like a sheep before filming with it?

No. 1664031

File: 1664658528094.jpeg (329.62 KB, 816x687, F09B7177-0F59-4DCE-9F43-C83179…)

No. 1664032

Is it even legal to prostitute yourself and shoot professional porn in a rental? Especially since she is shooting porn on her balcony too

No. 1664040

Aww he's covering her gut for her. How could she not fall for this absolute gentleman?

No. 1664041

Too real.

No. 1664044

File: 1664659104252.jpeg (Spoiler Image,410.35 KB, 891x707, FE475E96-7766-44D9-8ACC-4AF02F…)

The stiff posturing with the gut is insane kek.

No. 1664048

Holy shit this has to be the most unflattering screen grab of her ever

No. 1664050

No nonny kek I don't have an onlyfans

No. 1664053

File: 1664659861753.jpg (9.93 KB, 207x155, Screenshot_20221001-172721_Chr…)

This shit not only looks retarded but scary. Who is this for??? At some points In the video she looks like a burn victim or something. She looks delayed. Like someone granny being forced to put bologna on her face and film this video

No. 1664054

You have to make the lower gut shelf more visible to really show how things are

No. 1664055

File: 1664659974965.jpg (Spoiler Image,62.53 KB, 718x411, Screenshot_20221001-172607_Chr…)

What's the point is my thing? It's not bdsm, it's like she just put on a mask and then did the same shit she does 25000 times. Again I ask. Who is this for? It's just porn with a mask on and a neck brace. She looks disabled

No. 1664056

She looks like a fat sissy moid here kek

No. 1664057

that thick ass choker isn't doing her any favors either kek

No. 1664060

Fucking kek nonny!

No. 1664066

The way her neck and stomach were restricting her movement in that moment spoke to me. She is fat as fuck right now kek.

No. 1664067

Good to see Shayna is finally doing something that's never been done before. I love the story for this porn, truly unique.
>>"I got in a horrific crash, 70% of my face was burned. im currently getting skin grafts. I broke my neck, But I decided to film a video for my Medical Bills Daddy"

No. 1664073

holy shit faaaaaaaaat

No. 1664079

Gunt cover malfunction

No. 1664082

retard vibes for Shay. this guy is so fucking ugly.

No. 1664087

Omg his tattoo and the arm placement made me think he was wearing a pink bra kissing her, that wouldn’t have been surprising anyway kek

No. 1664088

>>Troon smirk
>>crazy looking eyebrows
>>nose piercing on big honker
>>doo doo brown eyes
>>weird teeth
Shane Himford

No. 1664091

File: 1664662022019.jpeg (434.45 KB, 1170x1181, 82F5E905-5277-4E5E-87F7-E42B3B…)

No. 1664097

his Lisa Frank Trapper Keeper tattoos are sending me

No. 1664105

File: 1664662965094.jpeg (503.71 KB, 1034x666, EBFD09BB-062C-419B-9AED-E69597…)

No. 1664107

File: 1664663026317.jpeg (Spoiler Image,336.18 KB, 768x611, 683BE177-A8BC-4216-BEE8-081F6B…)

No. 1664108

File: 1664663080633.jpeg (Spoiler Image,404.55 KB, 1023x580, 334F324E-D219-49AA-BDA7-380517…)

She has a chubby boy body

No. 1664118

File: 1664663482529.png (9.4 MB, 1242x2208, 0D59530A-86E3-4133-A5FF-E8B083…)

Shayna stomping around in her cheap heels. She is trying to do “grabby hands” at Winnie the Pooh scrote. And he ignores her the entire time

No. 1664120

File: 1664663601140.png (9.13 MB, 1242x2208, DE1F4BFF-6439-402C-AD01-1777A8…)

No. 1664122

Good job

No. 1664129

I kinda love how all these scrotes never seem "excited ". Shame Himford seen happy to get some pussy at first, but in every picture you see his smile go dimmer and he immediately went to go sex some other chick right after. This dude is clearly trying to work, but he sees her doing that shit. They don't want to do your princess larp. He's here to do his retard porn, make money and that's it. She really thinks these coomers are as excited as her to be around them, no. They want to do wgat they came foe and immediately forget you until next time

No. 1664132

>doo doo brown eyes
Can you stop with your eye-color sperging you retard? Go back to /pol/

No. 1664135

File: 1664664183913.png (11.76 MB, 1242x2208, 10D79690-9660-4FB3-AF44-F832DD…)

No. 1664136

Oh my God, nothing is wrong with brown eyes, it's just him and shayna have stanky looking brown eyes. I'm not that anon and i don't even know what Pol is calm down

No. 1664140

Stop getting offended we are saying their eyes are beady and ugly. Take a Xanax damn

No. 1664143

File: 1664664381590.jpeg (Spoiler Image,690.22 KB, 1242x687, 787B23DD-9FC1-4A63-9BED-6BD89D…)

She’s still hella fat

No. 1664146

File: 1664664548087.jpeg (870.31 KB, 777x1551, F3CFB8B0-A3F1-4512-B134-8263D3…)

From Fetcon

No. 1664157

It's very embarrassing that she clearly kept stumbling around waiting for him to compliment her kek. Why did she even upload this?

No. 1664162

Not that anon but how about you cool it with the triggered “go back to /pol/“ sperging every time someone mentions her ugly shit coloured eyes? Some people just think brown eyes are fug, it’s not that deep
The marionette mouth is so hideous

No. 1664165

It really cannot be stated enough that she has ZERO ass. It is nearly concave. Her muscle tone is seriously like someone confined to a wheelchair. This picture >>1664107 looks like a woman who has given birth in the last year, and hasn't done any exercising. Nothing wrong with that but Shayna has all the time in the world to spend trying to make herself more appealing in her chosen "job" of being a skank online.

No. 1664166

File: 1664665811179.gif (Spoiler Image,849.19 KB, 600x338, ioykhbtra.gif)

Pls, no bully.
How are these not a wake up call?

No. 1664170

t. Someone that makes having light eyes their entire personality
Between Shay and Luna, anons have every reason in the world to stay sober and active.

No. 1664173

Thank you for making it a gif KEK. Well scrotes still want to fuck her so who cares how fat she gets nona!

No. 1664184

trying to claim prostitution as sex "work" and having a body like that.. she's basically admitting to being bad at her job. She's the fat, drunk lifer at walmart going nowhere fast but for sex work.

No. 1664186

File: 1664667128899.gif (10.39 MB, 600x1100, Shayna “Lunalynn” Clifford.gif)

You’d think she’d know that not all angles are kind and some expressions aren’t as “adorable” as she thinks, especially now that she looks like she does.
It’s not just the weight gain, it’s that you can tell she feels uncomfortable in her body. Don’t mention it, nona. >>1664051 should get creative credit, kek.
Thanks, nona. I was nervous because you know how we can get.

No. 1664188

I love that this has the moid slow motion twerking kek

No. 1664192

Underrated post, lol.

No. 1664201

blur tool working overtime on those neck rolls

No. 1664206

This made me so uncomfortable from the get go. She started breathing heavy before she even got her crusty dildo. She didn’t even distribute the lube she just put it on the tip and shoved it in. She is the worst “content creator. Also who narrates their porn??

This made me just as uncomfortable. I’ve never seen anyone open their porn like this. This is how she makes a living yet she doesn’t know her angles and does the saaaaame thing we’ve seen time and time again. Take some fucking notes and come up with a story line at least ffs

She cannot walk in heels to save her life. There is just no saving her.

No. 1664208


Why does she insist on uploading this embarrassing ass shit? He's trying to set up for their degenerate sex scene and she's just fucking off looking socially awkward. Shayna sweaty, you'd get more attention if you pretended to make yourself useful. At least then the scrote can feel like a man and yell at you for fuckin something up, and then you can go on Twitter and lie about him being a Dom and disciplining his bratty sub.

i want to die after typing that

No. 1664213

KEK the filename?
anon pkease, my sides…
That is a weird formation of a bruise.
>boot licking, 'my cunt', kicking her in the crotch
When she moves out no fire will ever clean her apartment. Dunk the whole bitch in acid.
She stands like such a tard. She even waddles and walks tummy out like one.

No. 1664214

File: 1664668100950.jpeg (155.85 KB, 488x640, 09AC6F81-B654-4306-83D2-7D09F5…)


No. 1664216

She’s so pathetic, he’s walking around completely ignoring her to set up and check lights/cameras and she’s doing some cringe stripper performance trying to be noticed and he won’t give her shit so then she makes an ugly stink face for some reason. And posts the clip on her paid onlyfans?

No. 1664227

However many years as a sex “worker” and she still doesn’t know how to walk in those tacky ass whore heels. Her thighs are fucking huge now, and that nasty hairy snatch is putrid

No. 1664228

That GUT

No. 1664229

I love how being annoying and cringe is a personality to Shayna. You don't look bratty and quirky just weird & not fun to be around. No wonder she doesn't even naturally meet people who take to her, it's not just because she isn't social, she's just not someone who seems fun to be around.
It's never been she's truly canceled on sex work twitter it's just she gives off a musty annoying attention hungry vapid vibe. Just a waste of time to be around. Boring.
Even scrotes don't seem to want to deal with her long even for pussy. Fupaul seemed sick of her the moment they started actually getting to know eachother and tried to change her after the larp got boring.

No. 1664234

It's been said. If she did one porn where she pretended to enjoy it like a normal person she maybe would get 10 more buys.
She does the most but it's nothing. She's not hard-core enough for scrotes who like that shit and she's mot sexy. Her porn is all about her doing everything bit being sexy but thinking that these niche ideas are amazing & will bring her money and fame. The men who want to see women get treated badly, have tons of porn doing that already. They don't care of you are wearing a pink dress and being taped to the floor and giggling.
Scrotes are disgusting and spoiled with their e act tastes in porn for FREE online if they look and it's From better looking and more experience sad women.

No. 1664236

I was just joking with her cope for staying fat. Watching her on video reminds me of how uncomfortable I felt at my highest weight. I bet her ankles feel weak as fuck on top of the restriction from her stomach being exhausting. She hates how she looks and it's clear that's why she prefers in person validation currently. She always looks uncomfortable and insecure on video now.

No. 1664248

File: 1664669793245.jpeg (Spoiler Image,182.43 KB, 2048x1152, F7CE7587-CA40-4375-9E43-89F9A7…)

I’m sorry, but what the actual FUCK is this?

No. 1664250

File: 1664669856459.jpeg (1.14 MB, 1170x1837, B5AF12CE-B8D3-42BD-81EE-A4FAF1…)

No. 1664269

Kek it's hilarious but also sick. She is dressed to look like a little girl but she looks like a retarded woman being stepped on by another idiot. It's like they get their ideas from true crime documentaries

No. 1664272

Anyone find it odd how she can sometimes take decent pictures of nature but never take flattering pictures of herself?

No. 1664276

Nature just looks better than shats ugly rat face.
I’m cackling at the placement of the tulle hiding her dad beer belly.

No. 1664287

what has that got to do with sake which is japanese you absolute fucking retard

enjoying a drink from another country doesn't make you a racist either, go back to whatever dumb hole you crawled out from

No. 1664306

File: 1664673499144.jpeg (183.64 KB, 750x707, B3DADA40-4BBD-4331-9919-A096C3…)

this sounds like such an insult

No. 1664311

File: 1664673704622.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.73 MB, 1242x1623, 54C53281-A546-474A-ADC1-F1EB2E…)

Of course she had to flash nude at the pumpkin patch

No. 1664313

File: 1664673754815.jpeg (Spoiler Image,2.04 MB, 1242x1641, B15AD5CC-049E-4852-896F-847FC0…)


No. 1664319

Kek she looks like a rotting corpse.

No. 1664321

Why is she making that tranny voice? Literally sounding like Erin the troon mom right now

No. 1664333

that's my egyptian fiance shahid clifford

No. 1664341

Topkek the ass spreading and socks combo is giving "ugly old crack heads fucking in the attic" energy. I wish one of her faggots would introduce her to chem sex, I wanna witness shitty face tats era and selling fisting videos for $3. Manifesting the milk flow before thread 200. She fucks under influence already, so I have hope for her development in this direction.

No. 1664342

i have your back fellow goth gatekeeper nonna

No. 1664356

What is this pic from nonnie? it looks oddly familiar to me.

No. 1664369

This absolutely horrifying wtf

No. 1664374

It gets repeated but she really looks like a sissy troon so often jfc

No. 1664378

Imagine responding to an obvious troll post 11-12 hours after it was first posted. Jfc the state of the Shay threads…

No. 1664383

I want to kms because she's going to be saying its ~GoThToBeR~ all month and I can't fucking stand it. Why is she so unbearably annoying and retarded? Even "spoopy" is better than this. Trying to wear more black (which ironically is more flattering on her… well almost everyone really tbf) isn't goth ffs. Wish some of those annoying gatekeeping goths would come for her, but her twittersphere is just other uggo idiot whores/troons and dumber scrotes who wouldn't care or know the difference.

No. 1664384

lol when she mentioned having to lick his “sweaty bald head”, I assumed she meant the other guy who visited her apartment. Different bald head. Guess that’s what she attracts. I wonder what Fupaual’s hair situation was

No. 1664437

Doesn't she have some sort of experience in photography? Seems like I remember in an earlier thread she was enrolled in photography classes or something. Maybe I'm just mis-remembering though.

No. 1664449

She did a class in HS

No. 1664512

her tit looks straight up diseased

No. 1664525

She’s trying to pander to tattooed alt dudes seeing as trying to attract them by being a ~bubbly bubblegum baby bimbo~ hasn’t worked out for her. I can’t wait till her ugly troon fucker twin ghosts her for being an annoying twat acting like he has any interest in her beyond filming smelly, greasy, degenerate “content”

No. 1664534

Thanks nonny!

No. 1664548

File: 1664694624561.jpeg (Spoiler Image,3.59 MB, 3354x2966, 33A90940-CA49-4E22-8EAE-A6553D…)

More unseen photos from her forest furry photoshoot

No. 1664549

File: 1664694655634.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.16 MB, 2774x2045, 55C3DB6C-E91F-44D7-8937-001EC6…)

Shaynus look awful in HD

No. 1664551

File: 1664694953971.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.45 MB, 1242x1442, 482AF923-FB2D-44CD-8B23-C608F2…)

I didn’t think Shayna’s asshole could be even more fucked than it was but…. What the fuck is wrong with it??? That looks so painful

No. 1664557

File: 1664697256565.png (7.67 MB, 1242x2208, 61F3F845-20FC-4855-BF49-0AB9E1…)

No. 1664558

File: 1664697475971.jpeg (Spoiler Image,500.66 KB, 978x657, 81F2427E-1BFA-4E94-BE79-70AAB4…)

Fat ass is covered in her hair and her dogs fur. Does she even own a broom?

No. 1664559

Holy fuck, her ass is so busted I bet she suffers from chronic anal leakage, and we know how much she likes to go out in public sans knickers, as if smearing her yeasty discharge everywhere isn’t bad enough. She also looks like she’s wearing those black sclera Halloween lenses people use when they’re cosplaying someone possessed, her eyes are fucking terrifying (as is literally everything about this, the whole image is cursed and should be burnt to the ground)

No. 1664577

Special needs facial expressions

No. 1664578

She looks like she’s trying not to cry and had a moment of realisation that her life is shit and she’s in too deep because she’s too stubborn to be anything other than a penny pinching menu whore

No. 1664579

I think this is one of the grossest things I’ve unspoilered on a Shay thread ever

No. 1664581

Does she have 2 assholes?? Omg. How? How is that even possible?

No. 1664594


Pretty sure this is why she went to the hospital.

No. 1664604

She touches her breasts like she's kneading dough

No. 1664606

I wish you had been around to warn me when I looked, nonna…I’m scarred for life…

No. 1664631

It’s fucking bloody. I’m horrified

No. 1664638

it’s prolapsed.. shayna is a horrorcow jfc

No. 1664666

File: 1664716934157.jpeg (13.5 KB, 225x225, 1A20EE0C-1EEC-4C67-A034-5F50EF…)

KEK she looks like crying Nicocado

No. 1664675

It looks like she’s grown a second asshole jesus christ

No. 1664690

File: 1664719822533.jpeg (328.03 KB, 1130x1688, EA165167-A30E-46D6-B363-9EF64C…)

>reading the nona’s warnings about spoilered image
Idk morbid curiosity is getting the better of me but I’ve been burned before.

No. 1664692

Shr has two holes in her anal cavity, or what it looks like. It more likely is folded on its self from being prolapsed to make it look that way.

No. 1664711

I guess it’s impossible for her face to not look retarded in every single image she posts

No. 1664720

Why can you see a chunk of raw beef peaking out her asshole? Is that really prolapse?

No. 1664727

I could be a swollen hemorrhoid

No. 1664734

File: 1664723959987.jpeg (1.59 MB, 1242x1508, 377222F0-CB41-46C6-B961-92F595…)

Why does Shayna look like she has a dick here kek

No. 1664738

File: 1664724230473.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.74 MB, 2561x3057, D09D23CA-67F7-48B4-9D75-C55232…)

No. 1664744

File: 1664724901249.jpeg (1.2 MB, 1242x1893, 2DD0F6DA-3E11-4382-BA6B-CE7E65…)

No. 1664749

Horror cow tier butthole gore.
Pretty sure its a bad anal fissure for anyone who doesn't want to click but wants an idea of what's going on - like that seriously needs surgery.

No. 1664761

if it saw that first pic and didn’t know her I would think she is at least 45. I have no idea how someone who’s not even 30 can look like this without hard drugs or multiple pregnancies , or both.

No. 1664772

The way he grabbed her pigtail kek
he didn’t even get her in the shot

No. 1664819

And the way she abruptly slapped herself the first time was so speddy. Honestly I don't get the whole slapping and punching herself thing. It just looks like she's a really far gone psych ward patient or crackhead fighting themselves because drugs ruined their brain so they have no sense or impulse control. It's super awkward imo. It isn't that hard to get someone else to slap you around for that "kink". Even for her.

No. 1664838

I never got it, it's not hard enough to actually hurt her and it just looks dumb. Not humiliating. She humalited herself without trying. Like her cringe tik toks, outfits, and pictures. It's like everytime she actively tries to do something it flops. She's naturally cringe, gross and weird, just not when she wants to be.

No. 1664846

File: 1664732603162.jpg (Spoiler Image,96.69 KB, 487x915, Screenshot_20221002-133917_Chr…)

This whole thing is weird.
Normally I wouldn't pick at a woman for having this issue but…even if she lost weight would it "help"? the one boob is a whole different shape, it's wide and constantly looks irritated. I'd feel bad for her if she wasn't who she was.

No. 1664853

It would not help. Her natural tit has stretched from weight gain so it will always be that shape now. Where before, when she was skinny, the skin was tighter and nearly matched her implant.

No. 1664859

File: 1664733049123.jpeg (471.31 KB, 1157x669, D7887799-EFAD-44CF-80CC-610997…)

No. 1664871

File: 1664733300635.jpg (30.8 KB, 358x416, Screenshot_20221002-135459_Chr…)

Imagine being excited to have sex with this

No. 1664872

File: 1664733374851.jpeg (462.02 KB, 1073x630, 34143C7A-5288-48B8-81A9-B25802…)

I wish this faggot didn’t have his hairy arm in the way this would have been a funny screenshot

No. 1664880

He literally looks like the type of guy you’d see lurking in parking lots, trying car door handles. Shayna’s taste is all in her mouth.

No. 1664882

File: 1664733692396.jpeg (1.06 MB, 3301x2993, E0C60C64-1486-4E1F-9CB4-D36928…)

No. 1664900


No. 1664905

She gets out of breath so easily, it’s disgusting.

No. 1664918

File: 1664737675167.jpeg (458.92 KB, 1170x1185, B9D02450-1C33-49AB-AC8B-D87062…)

Everyone in the comments is like “three way” “oral”. Which we all know Shay will not do

No. 1664924


the only thing I want to see any of these girls do is quit sex work and get real jobs. Oh, I also want shayna to go back to the doctor and have her second asshole sewn up or something. It's disgusting. The scrote needed to immediately fuck someone else as a palette cleanser, I hope she goes to a gyno.

No. 1664928

File: 1664738584219.jpeg (555.68 KB, 855x808, 7EC3DB83-4185-49A9-A44B-20180E…)

Shayna should buy a mask for pixie kek. Also idk why Shayna would agree to this, when she hates women, hates sex, and she’s like three times her size. Big Shay would look even bigger next to her.

No. 1664958

Unabomber looking ass

No. 1664963

The size difference is going to make Shayna feel like shit, I'm sure. I think the other girl was tubby too but Pixie, while a complete butterface pervert herself, is pretty slim. Shayna looked like Baby Hughie during her shoots with the creepy spank madame, it'll be even worse this time around.

No. 1664965

File: 1664740987218.jpeg (30.58 KB, 200x285, 29C33EB6-7D31-430B-BCF3-DB698C…)

I need tp for my bunghole vibes

No. 1664994

File: 1664742284482.jpeg (618.98 KB, 1242x1518, A68B00BC-CCB0-4C23-B034-A342B3…)

No. 1664998

The way it flopped out of her shirt was disturbing. She slapped herself so suddenly and her facial expressions just why? The way she bites her lip is not sexy whatsoever.

Throw Shaymu back in the water! This black and white getup and her jumping on the bed in that manner gives landwhale vibes.

Idk who in their right mind would take this pic, look it over to see if it’s worth posting, then proceed to post that nasty shit. If my septum is crooked, I retake the photo. At least she could have fucking wiped the blood off or blurred her second asshole. Literally, how does that happen and how is she not concerned???

No. 1664999

File: 1664742621705.jpeg (446.69 KB, 1075x1108, E2D185CC-D35E-47EA-8AE6-00AC88…)

This bitch loves drama. Just block them and move on. Damn

No. 1665000

Fuck those weird perverts but can you blame them for assuming Shay would be down for whatever considering she tweets about being abducted & drugged like, daily?

No. 1665001

File: 1664742652050.png (2.68 MB, 1242x2208, 9C98D13F-710D-46F9-B376-B86A5A…)

>booked and busy

No. 1665002

File: 1664742686672.png (2.45 MB, 1242x2208, 2B8ACFD1-B355-4791-A572-498EF1…)

No. 1665004

Kek she got cold feet because these perverts didn’t want little girl/teen shit? Shay is truly a special breed of disgusting

No. 1665009

can anyone tell me why she has one implant and not two

No. 1665010

No. Lurk more.

No. 1665012

all bc they didn’t want her to do her ddlg schtick. this doesnt make her look professional or calm like she think it does, way to burn bridges over nothing. she is literally retarded

No. 1665019

So her bad vibes is they didn't want pedo pandering shit so she basically told them no.

She really thinks being a fat bitch with no ass and a 40 year old alcoholic face trying to fit into cheerleader outfits and skirts from five years ago is a brand.

Go home Shayna Clifford, you're garbage.

No. 1665023

"I got bad vibes" = "even these freaks didn't want to see me pretend to be a child being raped, so now I'm asshurt"

No. 1665033

All things considered thats a pretty professional message. No wonder Shatna didn't like it. They were going to make her work.

No. 1665042

I hope they call her out because if this is what happened its not a big deal. Just said what they don't want to do and then blocked her ass. But why would you claim to be a fan of Shayna but expect her not to squeeze into some pedo pandering shit?

No. 1665056

File: 1664745311711.jpg (Spoiler Image,88.31 KB, 720x762, Screenshot_20221002-171313_Chr…)

Kek a Troon telling shayna he's not with her fetish
Or is this the Troon she wanted to work with?

No. 1665057

that's who she wanted to work with. The people who were going to pay for them to film together didn't want pedo shit kek

No. 1665070

not defending shayna, but how can they claim to be "fans", meaning they KNOW the stupid shit shayna puts out all the time and still say

>no little girl/teen shit

I mean I agree, but why tell that to SHAYNA? it's weird

dunno if they needed to be put on blast like that but anything for some attention I guess

No. 1665072

File: 1664746238316.gif (1.98 MB, 200x180, 200w.gif)

No. 1665074

She really was just mad that they said "no pedo shit" in that tone and she was like "nah Im good then ur unprofessional" and drags them on twitter jfc

No. 1665081

kek “wicked unprofessional” the fucking irony. This ugly pedo hambeast is literally retarded, I hope this reignites the DrAmA she has with other degenerate whores

No. 1665084

She’s really only putting herself on blast, they’ll probably ignore it and Fat Shat will be the only one looking like an unprofessional spastic (but what’s new)

No. 1665088

He’s so fucking ugly, I can smell this picture. He has the same nasty beady little skid mark eyes and aversion to brushing his teeth as Shat, fucking rancid

No. 1665092

The bad vibes she got was from this being facilitated by another woman. Of course Shay can't cope in any conversation where her dumb baby act isn't fawned over.

No. 1665094

LOL she mad bc some troon didn’t want to pretend to rape her while she larps as a child, soooo profeshunal shayna. what a brain dead whore.

No. 1665099

the way she drops the shitty ~baby voice~ or whatever that’s supposed to be is so jarring. like if it’s so hard to maintain for a couple minutes just don’t bother.

omf the accuracy lol.

No. 1665111


Clearly they were fans of the classic, boil covered "goth girl gets fucked".

No. 1665116

File: 1664750268680.jpeg (340.89 KB, 1170x671, F343D687-2533-4ECA-B811-A51874…)

No. 1665127

File: 1664750892154.png (806.61 KB, 797x652, womack.png)

You can't tell me that's not Womack in drag

No. 1665128

I mean they're probably attracted to her outside of that role playing, but regardless you'd think a sex worker would be versatile. Even if she didn't like the wording people are worse in professional porn so she needs to stop thinking so highly of herself. She's just an overglorified hooker kek.

No. 1665132

WHAT THE FUCK she looks so fat and demonic

No. 1665134

>She's just an overglorified hooker kek.
She's not even that. Hookers at least prepared to work with clients to earn money. Shayna is an obese pedo panderer that films herself rolling around and moaning like a wounded sow for 3 dollars and thinks it makes her better than anyone else. It's extreme levels of mental illness and delusion.

She looks repulsive.

No. 1665140

Jfc, it looks like there's blood in her eyes

No. 1665142

File: 1664752488036.jpeg (303.42 KB, 1170x882, 87B3411C-BE7E-4FC8-BC27-89F442…)

No. 1665158

Kek why? Wouldn’t selling 1 or 2 short 2min clips be more enticing to purchase the whole thing? Or maybe she will just show it all in the 30 second trailer and why bother

No. 1665159

File: 1664753997208.webm (684.87 KB, 576x1024, Shayna Leigh Clifford is a deg…)

> but i wanted to be in the sequel! #egirl #ghostface #halloween #spooky #blonde #fyp #foryoupage
Shayna isn’t even trying to hide her degeneracy. Posting this SFW teaser of her porn on TikTok is deplorable, specially when she uses those tags.

No. 1665161

File: 1664754328666.webm (12.8 MB, 1080x594, A VERY WIDE LOAD.webm)

For some reason, I feel she didn’t want to be filmed here, anyone else thought so too?

No. 1665163

Unfortunately, we’ll be the only one to pick up how she’s the one truly unprofessional. The other depraved losers will focus on “the way they put down your kink isn’t cool!”
> so fat and demonic
So, a true representation of Shayna?

No. 1665171

she’s just stoned and disassociating while gaping her hemorrhoids, i’d have to be blasted to take photos like this too let alone post them publicly

No. 1665172

>>1665159 It's just a tiktok trend old nona. Hes supposed to take a pic of her face though… lmao

No. 1665193

As much as I hate the fact that this disgusting fat smelly pedophile has a presence on any platform I’m lowkey glad she created a new TikTok account because there’s much more chance of her getting bullied to hell on there than there is on twitter

No. 1665197

Downright Shaytanic

No. 1665219

Do the other TikTok users doing this trend are also selling a recently shot porn (with a TikTok obsessed scrote) with the same theme under their TikTok name(s)? Do they also have a history of paedophilic behaviour?

No. 1665220

>I wish one of her faggots would introduce her to chem sex, I wanna witness shitty face tats era and selling fisting videos for $3
please calm down

No. 1665225

File: 1664760475635.jpg (398.22 KB, 1080x1916, Screenshot_2022-10-03-02-25-36…)

The moid self posts himself as a "dilf" lmao.

He's hideous and cringe beyond belief.

Btw this reply got no likes or replies. Embarrassing.

No. 1665227

You’re either a scrote or a woman who needs serious help. Either way, gtfo of here with this shit

No. 1665229

Moids like this piece of shit make me even more glad I’m a lesbian

No. 1665231

File: 1664760905957.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.55 MB, 1242x1427, 02EE6006-D32D-456C-BEC3-62D495…)

I think she got shit on her dildo

No. 1665233

I can’t see these

No. 1665242

Both are simply local archives of videos hosted elsewhere. To view these you are going to need to download the files and VLC. Use VLC to open the downloaded files. If you don’t want to download anything visit the links >>1664744 and >>1664859 have provided.

No. 1665244

>>1665219 I mean, yea. She haven't explicitly stated she's made porn which is less than many others that are doing the same trend. It's often captioned hinting at the fact of a certain lewd/spicy/accountant website.

No. 1665256


No. 1665258

I wish anons would just figure out shit instead of asking anons to spoonfeed them. Google is free idiots

No. 1665260

did she delete this?

No. 1665262

Not that anon but how tf is that spoon feeding? Get a grip

No. 1665263

File: 1664763068268.jpeg (1.32 MB, 1242x1616, AE0852B2-C82F-43A5-8080-4EC716…)

God I thought this was just something Shayna’s dumbass came up with. The song and everything about this trend is annoying. Full body cringe.

No. 1665268

File: 1664763748895.jpeg (926.63 KB, 1242x1082, 6E7D1258-3B31-40E6-99C5-0DA1B2…)

Ken and Fatty’s collab TikTok. I’m still in shock that she invited this ugly ass unwashed scrote into her apartment.

No. 1665272


No. 1665274

Is this an anal fistula? Like holy fuck.

No. 1665275

File: 1664764800036.jpeg (Spoiler Image,718.43 KB, 1170x1360, 58B2802B-5CDE-4ABC-82B4-4F5DBA…)

No. 1665276

he looks like a gay genie

No. 1665278

Wait, something that fits her? Wow.
>retarded baby whining voice
Amazing that after doing sex work since she was legal, she's never learned a flattering angle.
Please God, please let the zoomers crucify her.
I wish I hadn't unspoilered. It may be tame but that scrote's scrote is something I could've lived without seeing.

No. 1665280

It's TikTok ewhore code for sex work.
They probably consider it spoonfeeding since we just went over this last thread and there's clearly a newfag in here.

No. 1665281

I bet you this dude did not wear a condom

No. 1665283

it doesn't look like he did

No. 1665285

I honestly don’t know who would be more diseased, him or Big Shaynus. Probably him, seeing as he fucks more people than she does, including unwashed troon ass, which he probably raw dogs

No. 1665287

File: 1664765450477.jpg (18.05 KB, 480x353, liz-taylor-american-horror-sto…)

He looks like the troon character from American Horror Story kek

No. 1665288

She most likely let him finish inside too.

No. 1665289

ShayTD saga, when?

No. 1665290

that thing's not a pussy, I don't know what to tell you

No. 1665298

This one makes even less sense. Isn't the creepy point of it that the girl is supposed to be "dead" and the killer takes a selfie with her? This chick is posing. And in Shaynus' the idiot didnt even get enough of her in frame on the phone pic lol

No. 1665302

I posted last thread but it was at the end.
His bio on twitter says "creampie specialist (vasectomy protected" so he absolutely raws all the whores he fucks and cums in them too.
You can only get std tested so often. Fucking gross to do with someone who isn't your partner. Especially someone you just met that sleeps around.
I mean he fucked who knows before he went to raw Shaynus down THEN IMMEDIATELY was off to fuck another whore. He didn't get tested in between those hook ups. And for everyone involved, stis don't always show up immediately.

No. 1665304

Spot on kek
He's so faggy looking but disgustingly hairy
He looks like he soft tops with girls but bottoms for dudes.

No. 1665308

This milk has too much hair in it. Looks like Sean Connery mixed with Buck Angel.

No. 1665315

Sex must've not been good, if think Shayna would post at least 2 tweets a day about how amazing it was and how she's so cock hungry from it, but doesn't seem that way. I don't know of this means she'll do more shoots In hopes she can find a boyfriend or what. Oh also, of this a scrote wasn't the one she fucked after the bar, that means she had sex with two scrotes she barely knows within a short amount of time? Why not just fuck "The Dad" if she wanted to have sex so bad??

No. 1665318

why does that guy look like he was brushed in glue and rolled in all the pubes collected in the skimmer of a pool at a budget motel

No. 1665321

File: 1664767684289.jpg (175.44 KB, 1080x870, Screenshot_20221002-202706_Sam…)

Pic because imageboard lol

No. 1665323

File: 1664767847361.jpg (255.1 KB, 1080x1718, Screenshot_20221002-202558_Sam…)

Was it OldGrey the right wing incest pedo or does he get a pass because he comments on your posts and stays subscribed to you OF?
Or the dude that posts black fetish with the n word and horsecock porn or does he also get a pass because he comments on your posts?

No. 1665324

You guys know this will go on sale as soon as fatty needs doordash/rent money.

lol, she's not worth the 25 that's shes going to get of that.

No. 1665332

Id bet money the bar guy was the hairy bad tattoo fag to break the ice before their vid. But if not, then she fucked some other dude as an icebreaker and doubt she sti tested AND got results back in time for fucking the other guy. And same for him, hes fucking people back to back and raw.
But I agree she's not thirsting over him like we thought. It seemed like she was for a minute, but its fizzled out fast. She doesnt even tag him in the posts about it kek. She was drooling over Soy though and she supposedly only sucked his dick. She only had to get over him because of the drama.
Guess Ken didn't rock her world at all. He was just a dick to ride into her first b/g vid (besides Fupa). Its almost professional, but kinda bitchy to not even promote him or give him a little hype/gratitude kek

No. 1665333

The lack of a condom is disgusting she's so trusting of scrotes it's insane.

No. 1665335

It’s a finishing kill animation from the game dead by daylight. he kills the survivors by stabbing them in the back and then pulling out a camera to take a picture of their face with blood pouring out of the mouth, somehow it’s turned into a lazy tiktok trend and is the lowest effort possible.

No. 1665336

KEKKK the pussy eating screenshot looks like he's making out with homer simpson

No. 1665337

Is she high af in this pic? Jesus.

No. 1665340

Ahh thanks for the info anon. I didn’t know that. I looked at the original animation. A lot more creative. These retards don’t know how to execute the most basic shit. At least do special effects and look dead. Don’t pose.

No. 1665341

Ok but again, the "victim" is supposed to be dead so I dont get why that one girl is posing with the peace sign and shit lol

No. 1665346

Ew the top left one she’s so fat and she looks like she’s gobbling hot dogs or something, that moid is hideous. He’s just… ew what’s with his gay face?

No. 1665364

He just has "old school Gay science teacher face". He looks like the "cool" science teacher that always comes in smelling like cigarettes,coffee and musk. He looks like a gay dead shark. What's with Shayna and these gay faced scrotes? Even Fupa became Fupaul after being around her for to long.

No. 1665369

Old cool gay science teacher is so specific and yet exactly correct. I cant get over how faggy this guy looks. Like the cocked eyebrow, the pursed lips…he’s a caricature of gay face.

No. 1665385

it's offensive how gay he looks, almost looks AI designed.This whole thing with him and Shayna is weird. He looks a old gay drug addict and Shayna looks like his 40 year old high school girlfriend, squeezed into her old cheerleading outfit. Looks like some kind of weird performance art piece or something. Except it's not "art" it's just gross and stank.

No. 1665401

File: 1664773945252.jpeg (923.15 KB, 828x1530, 46CA1CD9-BC92-4D5C-9029-67CA66…)

Pretty gross that he has a teenager

No. 1665404

File: 1664774555478.jpeg (228.12 KB, 828x985, E524F9E6-CE00-473F-8E97-27B1E6…)

“Stank” is exactly right, we know fat shat doesn’t bathe and is covered in fungus and mrsa but he looks like he smells like literal ass too. All moids are gross but hairy moids are extra gross.
She doesn’t even follow him on TikTok, these are the only people she follows, it’s a fucking weird group (the tranny MUA and that misogynistic faggot rapper are probably just virtue signals(

No. 1665408

File: 1664775138858.png (4.74 MB, 828x1792, 350688E5-F61E-45FD-8682-36F954…)

She uses purses and old candy boxes as decoration. He uses empty monster/Arizona tea cans. They’re made for each other.

No. 1665415

Does this dude live in the gd projects with his kids? I’m shocked that she had unprotected sex with him. I knew she was dumb but wow. And you can’t even get tested for herpes. Ugh that’s disgusting and completely irresponsible

No. 1665416

>Makes her degenerate ddlg page political for ass pats
Idk about you guys but I don't think the scrotes watching her crap give a shit about any of this.

No. 1665418

You can get tested for herpes, but you know shat isn't gonna ask for it. I'm sure she hasn't had an std test ever.

No. 1665425

>those hashtags
This loser is as much of a retard as Shat, they really are made for each other
People like him shouldn’t be allowed to breed
Why are you posting a tweet that’s almost a year old? We know she doesn’t care about Mike Slack from Missouri the Trump supporting veteran trucker pedophile who rapes his daughter because he is one of her only paypigs

No. 1665426

I think they are pointing out what a hypocrite Shay is… But we all kinda know she is.

No. 1665430

Is he actually a single dad or is this like the using all the most popular tik tok tags thing?

No. 1665433

I agree. No way on earth that Shat would do anything half worth asspats and not post about it publicly. She 100% has never been std tested.

No. 1665435

>Industry references
why not a condom tho? this is disgusting

No. 1665443

I didn't see the date, it was new on her twitter feed. She must have retweeted herself I guess. My bad. I mean its still relevant especially with recent coomer developments mentioned.

No. 1665444

She would be like "just got my routine std test! Stay safe n get tested frens!"

No. 1665447

All good nona. I wonder who prompted her to retweet it. If any of the woketard whores who screech about her being an ebil nazi notice they’ll probably try to resurrect the dramu, which means potential milk

No. 1665473

Why do these dumb whores think the middle age scrotes paying the $3 a month for asshole shots give a crap about any of this?

No. 1665498

Shay out here fucking random gays bareback as if monkey pox isn't a thing right now

No. 1665502

Agree… after the shoot she suddenly stopped all the "I just had sex and now I -need- it again, I'm -feral-, I'm like a -leaky- oil can without sum -dick-"

I feel like she saw the tweets of him fucking the random milf on here and realize she was embarrassing herself.

No. 1665529

File: 1664793805671.jpeg (23.39 KB, 217x232, E6984986-4F26-4ADD-81CC-7FC758…)

herpes is for life shaynus don't be an idiot like i was and wear a fucking condom for christ's sakes

No. 1665533

he is so hairy YUCK

No. 1665553

>random milf
That’s just a trailer park granny nona.

No. 1665567

Pretty sure it's just some tik tok trend replicating this death animation.

No. 1665575

File: 1664799942132.png (2.86 MB, 828x1792, E3B15174-EB1C-41E4-9183-7721CE…)

He’s just a sk8r boi! His chest hair really doesn’t flatter him or give that tattoo any justice AT ALL! How old is this dude and why does he still dress like a middle school teeny bopper.
I feel bad for his son tbh he’s gonna grow up with him for a role model.

No. 1665589

He legit look like a crackhead. Hunter biden vibes lol

No. 1665631

We already established this…. Some of you anons are so retarded

No. 1665634

You think they would be smart and not get political so they can get every type of scrote’s money. But nah they’re idiots which is why they are the top “90%” and don’t make enough for rent

No. 1665671

>empty gas station drink cans
KEK these two are far too similar to be attracted to each other but god do I hope for a saga anyway. Imagine these two tards attempting a relationship lmao

No. 1665679

The fact that he says “my teen daughter” is so weird and gross especially considering the kind of porn he is trying to make? Let alone the fact that he’s even making it at all. Vomitrocious.

No. 1665681

File: 1664812683472.jpeg (487.95 KB, 828x513, 75746134-59F6-4E01-B00D-A8396E…)

I’m dying for Shayna to date this fag kek

No. 1665686

Second cap is giving Prince Charles dirty talk

No. 1665689

That’s bc phonefag

No. 1665690

File: 1664813275418.jpeg (1.14 MB, 1170x1489, B1D85971-2B9C-47AB-B0CE-5022BC…)

No. 1665692

It would be a bloody train-wreck. Hairy faggot and blubbery kween, a match made in heaven.

No. 1665693

Issa joke.

No. 1665710

omg we all knew he was fruity as hell, but him self-identifying as a gay man is just too perfect.
shaynus did her first “b/g” porno with a gay man for fifty bucks. so remarkably bleak on so many levels.

No. 1665712

I feel like she more than likely caught an STD and none of 2 followers are actually going to pay $50 for the video kek

No. 1665716

> being a gay guy

No. 1665718

It would be more funny if she caught an STD from the guy she hooked up with at the bar and then passed it onto “Ken” who then passed it onto other whores who lash out at Shaytan for giving all of them an STD. I feel like the relationship with Ken is going to blow up but I don’t know how, she might claim he made her uncomfortable or even say he “violated” her (like with Vivi).

No. 1665727

File: 1664816377792.jpeg (Spoiler Image,560.4 KB, 1170x660, A20BA5DC-060B-4FD8-9B68-1D5A50…)

Clip from twitter. Her skin looks absolutely horrible and she looks totally uninterested the whole time

No. 1665733


I mean, she's probably aware he's gay, and he's aware that she's an unattractive smelly woman. She was probably one of his most awkward lays ever, at least the other degens he works with seem to enjoy it more, or are better at acting like it.

No. 1665742

kekkkkk i cannot

No. 1665753

oh noooo the fake freckles look especially like blackheads in this one

No. 1665755

Ew the veins on his head..l

No. 1665756

Whats that thing called when people trace the outline of funny pictures? This needs to be one. Wish someone would add shreak ears because she looks like Fiona

No. 1665766

File: 1664819328742.jpeg (511.34 KB, 1242x1365, FAFB5E66-02BE-4B5E-A9FA-CC19A1…)

Lmao she’s still tweeting about this. Who gives a shit??? Just move on. They unfollowed you oh fucking well.

No. 1665767

You’d think men genetically doomed to go bald would at least have smooth heads to make up for it

No. 1665768

File: 1664819437536.jpeg (533.8 KB, 1189x1543, 24EF5A22-5137-407F-8E2F-B31F0E…)

She got mad because some moid commented this

No. 1665769

She lost 2 asslickers and potential money when she barely has either in the first place, of course she’s upset.

No. 1665770

Good God Shay, please invest in some Noxema.

No. 1665773

File: 1664819634219.jpeg (986.75 KB, 1242x1447, D7CC31FE-9C00-4434-856A-8BC85C…)

“Foot slave”

No. 1665774

>>If you aren't going to agree with me and 100% coddle me and tell me im right, then just leave me alone!

No. 1665775

ew why is she bitching about professionalism and “her feelings being hurt” because she wasn’t “comforted” in the same breath, she has fused her sex worker brain rot into every aspect of her life and cannot differentiate because she has no life outside sex work, so she acts like a fucking drama queen every time someone ruffles her feathers. i can’t imagine being 25 and this socially inept with a prolapsed asshole and most likely an STD. and she doesn’t even LIKE sex, leading her into these painfully awkward and dangerous situations. trainwreck.

No. 1665779

anytime someone slightly disagrees with her or has a different view she gets so defensive. what happened to positivity kek shes so fake

No. 1665781

File: 1664819897962.jpg (32.03 KB, 210x240, vomitrocious.jpg)

if ever there was an advert to promote abstinence, these two would be it. Faggy liverspots and greasy fiona

No. 1665784

Isnt this an old pic? I could swear she posted it last year. The pumpkin and all that is familiar and its got that old couch she tried to sell in Oklahoma.

No. 1665792

File: 1664820597816.png (Spoiler Image,92.55 KB, 561x372, Capture.PNG)

Nevermind, Shaymack and Gaymack

No. 1665793

You present yourself as an annoying, pathetic, and cheap pedo whore online that wants sketchy weird shit to happen to her because ~kinky~
Literally has said shit like "I want to be dommed I want someone in control no thoughts from my stupid baby brain I want to be told what to do and kidnapped and drugged and Im literally like the kinkiest little stupid fuck doll throw me around and use me" but wants people to respect her? Gets butthurt for days over someone saying hey we want to work with you but can you not dress like a sped child for this one. Surprised she hasnt said she's been kink shamed yet. Maybe she'll think of that one tomorrow.

No. 1665799

I'm not a medfag so please don't take this as diagnosis, just speculation. I think she has an anal fistula. Which would definitely happen to a person that lets a mood use no lube during sex, and the fact that she sticks random shit in there, again no lube, like a frying pan handle.

No. 1665800

Sa but also like I get having an aesthetic or image, but at the same time this is porn and its for pay not everyone is going to like the pedo shit. Branch out a little to reach a bigger customer base. Its one thing to put boundaries on sex acts (which she's been proven not to do aside from not have a penis in her) but to be this upset over an outfit preference… its porn. Dress up ffs. If she was a proper whore she'd have some good sets of lingerie or be able to still keep her retarded style overall but modify it to fit the brief. They didn't want her to dress like a child or baby and she lost it and told them they were unprofessional.

No. 1665808

Isn't … The moid right? Dolly Mattel isn't her real name, shanya Clifford is. Shayna likes (or liked) wearing grunge/black and listening to dad rock. Dolly Mattel is her work persona who likes pink, anal and being degraded. Shayna Clifford very clearly likes positive affirmations and praise. She's selling the illusion of being some forever teen bimbo porn star whenever she markets herself as dolly Mattel. What's the issue with what he said?

No. 1665809


Yeah, how hard would it be to get some lingerie that fits and not wear a retarded cheerleader outfit or use a baby bottle as a prop? She must be scared to perform without her safety gimmick.

No. 1665810

It's funny how the scrotes Shayna makes "Pay" never get to have actual sex with her, but the ones she had sex with, Baldy Gayest and alledgely some random scrote at the bar, get to fuck her for free.
Thats the definition of hustling backwards. Not only did this scrote fuck you for free, but now he gets to profit off of it.
She did something she clearly didn't enjoy and probably won't make much from and the scrote probably got the most pleasure from it.

No. 1665813

the issue is that he didn't kiss her ass and validate her kek

No. 1665816

The scrote is assuming that Dolly Mattel IS character/persona for porn. Shayna is telling him, "No, this is ME, I'm nothing else". Shayna Clifford hasn't existed since Dolly mattel was created. Thats when Shayna stopped developing as a person. She wears/wore black in her porn, she listened to dad rock during her rare streams or even in videos, she wears pink 24/7, had a "Anal" keychain in public. She's literally been "Selling" all she is for years and nobody is buying it. This scrote is assuming that she's an person with different dimensions and does shit outside of porn/social media. She doesn't.
She even gets mad that she can't share MORE of her life because of lolcow.

No. 1665819

We don't actually know. Probably that breast barely developed or didn't develop at all, so the implant was used to make it match her normal breast.

No. 1665837

“Everything I put into the world is 100% me” damn and she has to beg for grocery money for her and her fat gf even after slapping herself

No. 1665838

File: 1664823806309.jpeg (224.81 KB, 1400x1050, 17FA42C7-1FEB-4C2A-AE84-75FD9D…)


No. 1665843

File: 1664824494242.jpeg (Spoiler Image,32.37 KB, 459x308, 251344F4-E12C-4389-AF35-9005A2…)

joy from tom goes to the mayor vibes

No. 1665898

File: 1664828445433.jpeg (256.95 KB, 1170x834, CB51CEBE-FA74-40DA-80D2-8519E6…)

No. 1665905

tag them at least if they’re so real shayna kek

No. 1665917

File: 1664830226983.jpeg (269.33 KB, 1170x941, 7F67B14A-2001-4CB1-8C9E-D23424…)

No. 1665922

8 boyfriends yet none of them have a girlfriend named shayna

No. 1665934

Yeah, what makes her seem incredibly retarded in this instance isn't that she refused to wear a certain thing, she was just told what direction they didn't want. She would've had like a million choices outside of a diaper and a child's uniform, any old lingerie or "sexy" halloween costume, and she can't abide by that. I agree Shayna seems uninterested in actual normal sex, but I think she sure as hell gets turned on when she is being treated like a baby, which is disgusting. This weirdo pervert couple in Las Vegas STILL wanted her to fuck some troon, but that's not degrading enough for depraved shatna.

No. 1665946

File: 1664831795992.png (24.16 KB, 623x117, screenshot-twitter.com 2017-08…)

Same vibe

No. 1665983

I think she had an impulsive reaction right after to them calling what she does out as “little girl shit”. Its not that she didn’t want to work with them for money, but she got defensive about a few words and had to screech about it publicly. She also didn’t decline it because she’s not into sex aside from pedo bait. It could have been a better opportunity than the disabled fat adult pissing in a diaper for pennies schtick that she’s currently doing; who knows how much they would have paid her. Now it’s too late and she’ll probably be getting raw dogged by the gay moid. Do we think she’ll let Russell fuck her for a video?

No. 1666038

File: 1664837759076.jpeg (1022.67 KB, 1242x1414, F45A8A46-1346-4C08-B399-238A60…)

Her John giving her money for touching her yellow dried up ham hocks

No. 1666062

He looks like Liz from AHS Hotel

No. 1666073

File: 1664840736073.jpeg (483.55 KB, 1061x752, FBC88B90-E137-40CD-A724-5C691B…)

please nona

No. 1666075

File: 1664840871685.jpeg (319.62 KB, 1170x980, AA516B94-8ADC-4490-BDA5-13C7A1…)

No. 1666077

She literally posted this on TikTok. She’s gonna have another banned account

No. 1666083

File: 1664841555951.webm (1.08 MB, 576x690, ham hocks .webm)

I thought you were trying to be funny but no, as >>1666077 said, she just reposted this on her TikTok.
> psa: bimbos can’t count !!! (Anxious Face with Sweat Emoji) #egirl #blonde #fyp #bimbo #bimbotiktok

No. 1666084

He paid like 100-200 bucks to touch her and be with her while she showers? She really don’t give an F about personal safety, that shit sounds creepy.

No. 1666085

Putting herself at this level of risk for $400 is insane to me.

No. 1666086

i can't believe she sees herself better than people with actual jobs, she lives paycheck to paycheck like most people

No. 1666100

What a tard; posting a literal act of prostitution on tiktok.

No. 1666107

This is probably the most money she's ever made because normally she doesn't talk or show the amount. And he doesn't have a ring on and looks like he's about to lick Homer's Mouth.
Wouldn't you be so proud for this to be your daughter? Your sister? Within in days, she fucked two men (Allegedly 2), one on camera & raw, and now she's letting a weirdo come to her house and pay her $400 to bathe her.
Two scrotes possibly three or more knows where this idiot lives and she lives alone. While tweeting how she wants to be raped, beaten and treated like shit. So amazing, sex work is real work, we all should support our daughters and sisters to be just like Shayna!

No. 1666111

File: 1664844495122.jpeg (1.09 MB, 1121x2263, 59132EA2-7753-4CFB-ACDA-B7F98B…)

I can’t comprehend how this is a 25 year old ?

No. 1666118

The middle one…

No. 1666138

File: 1664846089068.jpeg (370.73 KB, 1170x1220, 093492BE-3193-4EEB-8854-380EFF…)


No. 1666140

That man must be microcephalic because that’s a tiny ass crack to squeeze between.

No. 1666155

I don’t get why he made this “my teen daughter: “ post, when what she said wasn’t even interesting or noteworthy. Next: “my teen daughter: my soup wasn’t hot enough so I microwaved it for 15 seconds”.

No. 1666168

Why this bitch got a pussy behind her armpit

No. 1666170

I thought this was a meme holy shit
Dude must have come from his concierge job at the Hilton inn judging from his outfit and cheap watch kek.
$200 to see bob and vagene

No. 1666178

File: 1664847460170.jpeg (713.56 KB, 828x1446, 8337192F-646F-42A5-BAC3-5CC841…)

lmao the engagement, I hope she gets banned for this, repulsive fat whore, I hate her so much

No. 1666198

Shayna is here posting this into TikTok where her biggest fear is getting banned, but people get arrested for this shit

No. 1666216

did she repost this? I feel like she had at least a few views on it

No. 1666218

great how she's admitting she's just doing full service sex work, all it took was one scrote and I bet she'll be "Bragging" about sleeping with this scrote for $400 next

No. 1666230

It blows my mind that of all the whores in Seattle anyone would choose to give their money to this greasy, wheezing, diseased, beady eyed, furry brown toothed, lipless, unwashed hamplanet. You can’t convince me that they don’t have a fetish for fat, ugly, pimply, haggard white trash that smells like literal ass

No. 1666233

she def let them fuck her, and that money is what she got for sex. she even fucked that bald guy without protection, she’s money hungry and maybe something is taking all her money, something like booze.

No. 1666238

What dies his have to do with feet.Girl was this your idea or his, cause it sounds like he talked you unto a nude massage and taking a shower with him. You are not in control here shayna. This is some christian summer camp shit.

No. 1666241

I love how she keeps trying to convince everyone (herself included) that she’s ~thriving~ when she’s been spreading her festering holes for years and has literally nothing to show for it. No car, no holidays or dinners at Michelin star restaurants, no designer clothes, shoes, bags or jewellery, even her rented apartment is an ugly, cheap dump.

No. 1666242

Same attraction dudes used to have for Momokun.Its about corruption and convincing them to do shit. Hot whores don't go from selling foot pics to inviting you into their home to letting you in their showers for $400 in less then a year. Shayna needs the attention and cannot critically think. Someone who was getting more then one client would have boundaries, shay brags about men taking her for a ride.

No. 1666243

It was probably his way of letting her know that she literally smells like shit on account of never bathing

No. 1666252

lmao exactly

No. 1666309

File: 1664856193155.jpg (3.52 MB, 3072x4096, 22-10-04-00-01-38-030_deco.jpg)

She needs to be more self aware of her face expressions and how they make her face look. Also those freckles are way too dark they look like black heads.

In this screencap she looks like quasimodo

No. 1666319

First rule escorts learn is discretion. Her John doesn’t need a charge and neither does she. Can’t wait for “bail me out pls I’m being discriminated for breaking the law”

No. 1666320

Isn’t she scared of losing her apartment?

No. 1666322

Quasimodo ends up winning the hearts of the townsfolk for his sweet nature and is super talented in stone carving, Shaynard could never!

No. 1666323

It she looks like a knock off Disney witch villain singing. This doesn't look like a place of pleasure.

No. 1666324

I’m sure Frollo will give her rent free accomodation in the bell tower.

No. 1666411

holy fucking KEK

No. 1666412

File: 1664869479193.jpeg (41.1 KB, 490x564, 655E4533-EB7D-49A2-BA34-5AED5E…)

No. 1666482

She knows if she's not catering to the lowest common denominator she's just a urine-smelling fat chick who struggles to reach her ass.

No. 1666508

File: 1664876276888.jpeg (294.13 KB, 1200x675, 6B3232AB-6E9C-4633-AB80-D60920…)

i love this thread

No. 1666531

Fucking kek, uncanny
Her SKIN jfc she needs to see a dermatologist

No. 1666542

File: 1664883244043.jpeg (702.51 KB, 828x1427, DAF2F61B-E188-426E-A490-591374…)

It’s been up for 11 hours now and still no likes or comments, kek. She must be seething after going ViRaL on her account that got banned

No. 1666559

File: 1664885059398.jpeg (559.29 KB, 1170x1051, 3EC80219-730E-44B7-9571-365F8F…)

No. 1666564

Her tweets about all the things she “wants” just seem like a Frankenstein amalgamation of weird kinks she knows exist. Like as said a million times- it’s so clear she doesn’t actually like these things… she’s just trying to figure out what will get her the most appeal & engagement with moids.

No. 1666586

Yes, because this is a smart thing to tweet when you’ve got multiple different degenerate moids coming to the apartment where you live alone. Fucking idiot.

No. 1666674

File: 1664894972873.jpeg (652.04 KB, 1170x1770, A17F05BB-6ABF-4086-A2E4-E715DE…)

No. 1666701

File: 1664897843197.jpg (233.83 KB, 1080x1642, Screenshot_20221004-033152_Sam…)


No. 1666706

File: 1664898466240.jpg (184.87 KB, 1080x1042, Screenshot_20221004-033106_Sam…)

More honry posting from last night.
Its so weird and annoying all these depraved "I wanna" sex posts. Like you're a whore in the PNW… you can do those things if you actually wanted to. Sounds like someone who can't get laid. Or more accurately someone just posting for a few coomer likes as >>1666564 said.
Still no thirsting for bald tattooed fag dude or ranting about their sex tho kek. I find it hard to believe she's just staying professional this time. When has she ever learned and fixed her behavior before. Its gotta be rhe sex was either just bad or it was BAD bad and she'll come out about it later. Probably the former though. Which is curious because she was "feral for dick" after the bar hookup and I find it hard to believe she just fucked a rando at the bar when she has other guys around here that would have. I don't think she was like "I just need to fuck someone one night stand to remind me how to have sex and that sex can be meaningless" or something to prepare for b/g shoot. It honestly would be more likely she made that whole bar guy hook up up tbh. Maybe to show "Ken" moid that she fucks around too like him and isnt a sexless whore weirdo. Or maybe just straight up for some kind of attention. Idk.

No. 1666715

It’s as if it just dawned on her that having sex is going to garner the most generic scrote attention and not just being repeatedly slapped in the ass like an ornery mule in a pasture. I don’t even think it’s about hideous tattoo scrote anymore.

No. 1666721

I wonder how Womack feels about Fat Shat having sex on camera. She turned him down numerous times even though he was her main paypig and then she went a fucked a man just as gross as Womack for free.

No. 1666732

> I want someone to want me so bad they don’t care if I say no
That is not why men rape women, and we all know if a moid didn’t listen to her limits… Well actually it’s Shayna, so she wouldn’t care even if/when it does kill her.
If she honest to god goes through with this somehow, those men are gonna DP her wherever they can and send her to the hospital. She is giving them explicit permission to keep going when she says stop. Scary.

No. 1666736

File: 1664901808554.jpeg (322.41 KB, 750x871, 19FF5CAB-8CF9-4A61-BD89-61FCAC…)

this is so embarrassing

No. 1666741

eh??? shay people calling you fat ugly etc aren't mad that other people don't agree, its natural to feel discomfort at having to look at something you perceive as ugly or disgusting. also she acts like people are mad at her just for existing, pointedly ignoring the fact that people are actually mad at her for the myriad other very valid reasons

No. 1666744

kek. She's been lurking her own thread again.

No. 1666746

File: 1664902932786.png (121.77 KB, 1168x496, Bildschirmfoto 2022-10-04 um 1…)

There are so many ugly, fat, old looking e-whores, why do we not talk about them? Because they aren't pedophiles. They don't describe the rape of a toddler, they don't sexualise newborn babies.

Twitter took down so many of your posts and pictures because they fell under pedophilia. And it is so ironic, she asks a guy who jerked off to his own daughter, what our motives are.

No. 1666747


Yeah, they shadow banned her stupid ass for showing too much thigh (the algorithm can't recognize that she's advertising, it just senses uncovered skin.)

No. 1666748

People don't like you either though

No. 1666751

>>I wish I knew.
You do, but you don't those things are a issue. You call it kink and never take responsibility for anything you do do wrong.
There's a million women fatter, older or "ugly" they don't have threads. She just cares about the surface shit that is said, instead of the pedo pandering and woman hating stuff we say. Or how she puts herself in danger, or how Ellen stole a toddlers pacifier.

No. 1666753

This. She's realizing she gets more attention for acting like a sex crazy whore than acting like a fuckin bratty child. Most moids want to have sex with women in their general age range, they're not all pedos who'd rape a 6 year old if they thought they could get away with it. I'm guessing she scoped out the other girls baldie fucked and saw that.

No. 1666754

Calling you fat and ugly doesn't bother me Shayna, it bothers you.

No. 1666765

File: 1664904519906.jpeg (289.39 KB, 1242x708, 4800DE60-267E-489D-A143-7BEE15…)

Shaynus retweeted this. Kek she’s mad at us for making fun of her fat ugly face. How is it stalking if your account is public??? We are just laughing at how embarrassing you are. Get a job

No. 1666766

File: 1664904622974.jpeg (457.91 KB, 1242x1100, 46C7922F-AB6A-45AA-9657-E5E1AF…)

kek the cope

No. 1666767

i suspect someone bought the video of her and gayfag hairyshoulders fucking and she came here to check out if it was a farmer. she got her feelings hurt not only by lurking but also bc her "stalkers" ahven't even bothered to buy that rancid ass video kek

No. 1666768

File: 1664904688379.jpeg (328.41 KB, 1170x1018, 0D4E2E33-AB13-41FB-8F48-6C58E7…)

No. 1666770

Did she spend the 400 she got already? Also she clearly been lurking her thread

No. 1666772

File: 1664904946540.jpeg (201.47 KB, 1242x1104, DBE9C809-C7CE-411C-8784-E225E1…)

edit kek
>>1666412 anon this is underrated thank you

No. 1666775

Fuckin hell nonna I thought she took so much offense to >>1666767 that from the thread and posted it in a weird effort to clap back kek

No. 1666776

Horny posting like this was big on tumblr after porn was banned. A whore could make a blog, post weird, seemingly AI-generated ddlg text posts and a couple of lewds and amass a decent following of coomers. Shayna is probably still clinging to this method, just as she is with most of her tumblr-era degeneracy.

No. 1666782

Underrated I choked on my vape because I started laughing
>gayfag hairyshoulders
Anon please my sides.

No. 1666792

you're not old-looking bitch, you are old
you are a hag in porn years, about to age all the way out

No. 1666797

File: 1664907045451.gif (499.54 KB, 500x254, 6CB60D92-7BC9-4745-B273-2A6270…)

No. 1666800

File: 1664907295830.jpeg (687.08 KB, 1170x2022, 4246738A-127D-4042-951E-758CC9…)

No. 1666801

off-topic but please look at the fake ass

No. 1666813


imagine opening a business and then gatekeeping the entrance by saying "only people who agree with me are allowed to spend money here"

she's a terrible "boss babe" businesswoman. this is not the route to mega rich and successful, idiot

No. 1666826


since you lurkin, read this loud and clear:
the motive is YOU ARE A COMPLETE DEGENERATE and are adding nothing positive to this world. in fact, you're HARMFUL. you gas up porn-sick scrotes and pedophiles, you're dating a pedophile, not to mention you are a historical woman-hater

what am i missing? i know there's more

No. 1666830

This is the photo I think that inspired this post. >>1666736 kek you guys burnt her up with this one

No. 1666840

>admitting that she's ugly and fat

No. 1666842

go drink some water, your skin is grey and you have a man asking to bathe you to do degenerate stuff to you because you’re that stinky

No. 1666850

File: 1664910126822.jpg (228.61 KB, 2186x1453, shaynus.jpg)


I finally figured out what Shaynus in that black and white cheerleader costume looks like pcrel

No. 1666859

You're just funny, Shayna. You're a funny, entertaining person - just not in the way you want, and that's half of the funny part.

No. 1666867

Imagine being a whore and instead of being paid for sex because you're attractive, a john pays you to bathe because you stink.

No. 1666874

Just keking at the fact fatty knows she's a busted up mess.

No. 1666876

Someone called her shaymu once and I think that’s my favorite name for her kek

No. 1666877

Shay your 100+ threads of nitpicking are a symptom of the disease that is you pandering to irl pedophiles like grey hair who actually follows his irl daughters onlyfans and men who get pleasure from raping women. She truly thinks anons hate her here because she's fat and "old" when the first 20 threads she was a third of her weight and just turned 20 kek. I'd love to be able to perform that degree of mental gymnastics they should give her an Olympic award.

No. 1666880

Someone on here posted something like, "women think they are manipulating men and girl bossing by men paying them for sexual favors/actions" and it's really just a Transaction. Shayna thinks posting about not having sex but getting paid is a "flex" but it's not. These men get off to it. You aren't being paid for being pretty and existing. Your being paid to do whatever it is that gets him off. And you aren't getting paid large amounts of money either. I'm just imaging some other bimbo pink obsessed woman bragging about being flown out, taken on shopping sprees, and actually being used as arm candy for rich men vs. Shayna being paid chump change, fucking for free on camera and bragging about it like it'd make someone jealous. A flex is getting a lot of money or not doing shit at a but being paid for it. I'm going by what I think escort/sex worker logic is. We are getting to a point where women are online bragging about being paid for sex acts like THEY have the upper hand.

No. 1666898

Kek, those bimbo sugar babies getting flown out by rich men aren't getting paid to just "look pretty" and be arm candy, they're getting paid to fuck animals, kids and be shat on. All the high class whores are only "high class" because they're savvy enough to lie about how much they're making and put an effort into their apperance.

No. 1666901

do you seriously not understand that everything said in this thread is to hurt shayna, you inbred club-footed retard

No. 1666909

this is like, the third time she’s been with someone and they’ve actively had to ask her to bathe.

No. 1666911

Chill the fuck out jesus christ i'm just saying those larping high class whores are no better or different to Shaymus they're just thin and pretty, wasn't a personal attack to you nona.

No. 1666916

we literally all know that already, there is no point explaining that all whores are disgusting in the thread dedicated to shayna, why would you post something that could potentially make her feel better about herself?
"Well at least no one poops on me! Well at least I don't fuck animals!" Why would you give her that, you blithering fool, you literally just bolstered her self esteem

No. 1666917

I wasnt saying they weren't paid to gross things, I'm saying they get paid to do gross things, but also get to be eye candy and get more out of it. My whole point was that while some women may get more out of sex work, they still aren't manipulating men. It's just it's odd to see women like Shayna bragging like the 400 she made doing what she claim is sooooo amazing. Like girl, no.

No. 1666923

ntayrt but please calm down and take your meds before posting again nonni

No. 1666929

File: 1664914639510.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.08 MB, 1170x1744, 9D1CAA38-D8F0-470F-9A32-5FA771…)

Once again, the trailer gives away the whole video

No. 1666935

Embarrassing also kek at her acknowledging her haggard old looking face, you're a pedo panderer, you larp as a baby in a diaper and it's funny to see you do it with your old looking fat body.

No. 1666936

I can’t believe she wants people to pay nearly $60 for a vid with terrible audio, horror movie lighting, no editing, and uncomfortable sex. she really must be delusional to put this out into the public and think it’s worth more than $5. at least most whores who charge lots of money for their content put effort into things like audio and lighting. shit some even pay editors and camera people to do it for them. this is just pathetic, mediocre bullshit.

No. 1666939

File: 1664915232075.png (48.39 KB, 596x249, Screenshot 2022-10-04 9.25.56 …)

she's so desperate for dick, this is embarrassing

No. 1666944

just an ID and a fake STD test in order for random strangers to come over to your house and have a free for all, huh Shay? I genuinely hope you get raped and beaten until you’re nearly dead. The violence you promote against women is disgusting. even whores sucking dick for drugs know not to let johns in their motel rooms, unless they’re leaving that room the next day.(unhinged a-log)

No. 1666946

Idc that she’s fat and ugly really, I just like to laugh at those things because I can’t beat the shit out of her irl for being a fucking dirty pedo bitch trying to find kids on tiktok and literally fantasising about babies being abused by their parents. This is why she’s hated and she knows it deep down.

No. 1666948

And are YOU submitting a recent STD test?

No. 1666949

Jesus Shay you are going to get actually raped/killed. This is alarmingly stupid af.

No. 1666953

I'm noticing whenever Shayna says shit like this it's right after she's clearly been lurking her threads. This shit is a form of self harm. Also, kek, do it. Keep adding on to the list of scrotes you barely know, knowing where you live. I'm sorry but shayna is one of the few women I feel zero sympathy for. Imagine having g parents who will pay for college and love you, but do this dumb shit
She doesn't enjoy this or want it, she's depressed and thinks saying/doing dumb shit outrages us but this is her life. Keep claiming you want all this shit to happen on a public platform and trying your luck.

No. 1666955

tbh, i paid for the video bc i'm a nosy sped, and i can pretty much attest to all of this. the very beginning is her asking him "do you want to start like we did the other ones" in a 'mom-addressing-her-5-year-old-at-a-grocery-store- voice. dude doesnt get hard after eating her out for like the first half of the video, she awkwardly tries to jerk him off and cup his balls with her hotdog nails, gags on an inch. she gets on top for 30 seconds where he's pretty much lifting her up anyway, rolls over, and goes "your turn". you can see the jarring 'switch' between when she's actually enjoying herself and the creepy little girl act.

i didn't watch the whole thing, but i can tell you without doubt it doesn't get any better.

No. 1666960

Holy fucking hell nonnie, take your meds.

No. 1666962

tinfoil but what if she’s trying to get herself killed/brutally harmed in order to get out of sex work? if she gets severely bodily harmed by some john she can quit sex work and then claim permanent victimhood & disability and never have to work a day in her life. tbh it sounds like something Shay would do. it would get her the attention she so desperately desires as well as the victim status she loves.

No. 1666967

>wishing rape and battery on another woman
You’re either a scrote or extremely fucked in the head, fuck outta here with that misogynistic incel shit

No. 1666971

Post it

No. 1666973

File: 1664917609106.jpeg (38.71 KB, 720x120, 2F84973E-3D5E-444E-B017-CB056B…)


No. 1666974

yes, let’s hope Shayna Clifford, a woman who has promoted violence against women, told children to “go take some dick in the ass”, and promotes child molestation, stays safe on the streets of Seattle while she whores herself out. Truly, I wish the best for women like Shayna. She is clearly a beacon of kindness and positivity and doesn’t deserve any harm she brings her way.

No. 1666993

Shayna wishes it on herself daily and is dating a woman who indirectly involved a actual child in kink. Fuck shayna and whatever happens, happens

No. 1666994

We’re bringing it back, ladies

No. 1666996

>fuck a fan contest
what a nice euphemism for being a full on landwhale whore and having multiple johns

No. 1667001

Holy shit nonna you paid 50 dollars for that? You better post it then lmao

No. 1667003

Fucked up women (usually bpd-chans) wishing rape and violence on other women is very common, unfortunately. Knew an abuse victim who used to be friends with a bpd and said bpd threatened her with "If I knew you irl I would set you up to get raped"

No. 1667004

>actually giving Shayna 50 fucking bucks out of "curiosity"

No. 1667012

>claims to be a cream pie specialist
>poots a sad amount of blurp onto her low back
I’ll bet that’s why she’s disappointed.

Bitch you better give us something milky

No. 1667013

Isn’t this just filming yourself being a prostitute? If so, I doubt her apartment would like that very much and it’s different from something retarded like her “foot slave” coming over once every month. Broke bitch can’t find attractive guys to bang so she puts a price on her pussy to let anyone with extra rent money hit it. She’ll do that but won’t get on cam.

No. 1667020

>poots a sad amount of blurp
this phrase will never be far from my mind, thanks

No. 1667027

File: 1664921501468.jpeg (Spoiler Image,387.12 KB, 750x1005, B635B757-433F-4818-B801-5F42CE…)

little boy? she's such a creepy woman

No. 1667031

File: 1664921802675.jpeg (Spoiler Image,511.99 KB, 1038x654, 387BC79D-FAF1-47AD-ADC2-10AD7E…)

No. 1667034

File: 1664922040526.jpeg (Spoiler Image,519.5 KB, 1242x659, 66599CF2-5ADC-4A9D-9CCF-20F8DF…)

He slapped her kek he really is Fupa 2.0

No. 1667038

File: 1664922195957.jpeg (130.33 KB, 396x378, BE7D35EB-78A5-47A5-8D89-E6D217…)

When your doordash order gets delivered in 15 minutes

No. 1667039

Looks like a still from
“I fucked my frat bro’s ugly twin sister”
Not a movie I don’t think.

No. 1667040

she looks so much like a fat boy holy shit

No. 1667041

File: 1664922312630.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.62 MB, 1186x2003, C340C110-C716-4A4C-A28C-D75D41…)

Flushed away looking ass

No. 1667045

File: 1664922513712.jpeg (427.56 KB, 1242x1275, 364EF4BE-9DD9-4636-8A43-F3D7FC…)


No. 1667062

She's a nonce but that's just a Dusty Springfield song anon.

No. 1667071

File: 1664924034001.jpeg (229.43 KB, 1242x986, 4E75A562-8E65-4C4D-832F-B6E2AB…)

>when it comes 2 guys i don’t rly have a type

No. 1667073

Love how these sad excuses for women want to fight for sex work to be real work, yet cannot admit to themselves they are prostitutes. What she is describing is literally a prostitute who does in-calls and she's saying it like it's some great new idea. No honey, those cracked out toothless whores you see on skid row started that way too.

No. 1667077

File: 1664924529757.jpg (Spoiler Image,92.57 KB, 1080x591, Screenshot_2022-10-04-23-57-51…)

TattooMoid the day after shagging Shayna with some other SW.

Dude's looking flaccid af.

Nothing says safe sex like raw dogging different women in a less than 24 hour period!

No. 1667085

It looks like this guy have some erectile dysfunction problem? I suppose being gay and fucking women don't really go together? Kek
Probably had to pretend Shaymu was a man to get a boner.

No. 1667086

Why didnt you address the fact that we hate you because youre a pick me who sexualizes infancy and childhood? Why arent you addressing the hate you get for throwing all your good options away and choosing porn when others have no choice? Or the fact that youre such a mysoginstic double standard having bitch with no actual accountability of your own? I beg of you other farmers, dont feel an ounce of sympathy for this disgusting piedophilic mysoginist. She only promotes sexual violence against women and children for literal pennies and something as worthless as male attention… but when youre as FAT, UGLY, and OLD looking as shatna, you probably actualy have to work harder for male attention so for her im sure it feels like some big accomplishment. Congrats shay, that the same creatures who fuck lotion filled socks and mcchickens also wanna fuck you. Also congrats on now being an actual prostitute. Idiot.

No. 1667100

File: 1664925612618.webm (Spoiler Image,7.67 MB, 1280x720, 5LfYc-ry4vu3ZL7s.webm)

Description from MV
watch as Ken & i lay back in my bed as he pulls up my sweater, licking and sucking my nipple. he moves down to my pussy and slowly starts eating me out. i get a closeup, POV angle of him licking my clit, and i say “put your fingers in me, daddy”. he starts fingering me while eating me out, and pretty quickly makes me cum, but he keeps eating me out until i beg him to fuck me. He takes off his pants, and begins to eat me out again until i get desperate for dick in my cunt. i turn him over, and make him move where i want. i mount myself on his lap, with his cock nestled softly between my pussy lips, until i climb off and start to suck his cock. his cock grows and gets bigger in my mouth, as i stroke and suck. i climb back on top of him and rub his dick head between my pussy lips, and slowly push myself onto his cock for the first time. we start out with me riding him, then i brought my feet up to his shoulders and rode him while i was squatting. when i get tired, he flips me over and takes control. i quickly grab my phone to get a closeup shot of his cock gliding in and out of my tight wet pussy. he then takes my phone to show his POV fucking me, watching me smile & whine as my tits bounce with every stroke. he turns me over so he can fuck me and finish doggy style. he pushes my knees up so my ass is higher in the air and easier to fuck so he can cum all over my back & in my back dimples. my first ever b/g shoot was the best!!!

No. 1667103

Why still be a pickme and pretend to like old guys instead of the few cute boys that haven’t hit the wall yet? She said she wants a goth skater boyfriend or some shit but then says I ONLY FUCK OLD MEN HEHE as if that’s not the most depressing thing ever. Ew she had sex for the first time in years and now she wants to be a full out prostitute inviting the ugliest skeevy men to her personal bedroom, guess she needs to start the cope now.

No. 1667114

Let’s not forget right before Shayna he shagged this girl raw. She definitely probably bas BV right now for starters.

No. 1667119

man, i know it's shayna but it still bums me out to see men slap women during sex, even more when it's obvious they're doing it to try to be ~fun. bleh

No. 1667120

if only you knew how bad things really are

No. 1667123

Still not over the fact she thinks she is some sort of success model but has to pay for this shit..

No. 1667126

Imagine putting your mouth on a girl you just met vagina first time meeting her and she has multiple red bumps. Now imagine letting a scrote put his mouth on your vagina first time meeting him. Now add to the fact they are both sex workers and this scrote immediately went to fuck someone else

No. 1667128

File: 1664927344983.jpeg (637.11 KB, 721x1231, 17E6116B-8455-4D4E-B29A-BD6828…)

>the metal ill

No. 1667134

File: 1664927616581.jpg (10.83 KB, 275x275, 1531480777972.jpg)

>the mushy smacking sucking noises of his musty mouth on her diseased pussy
>her fake orgasmic nnnNNNUUUUUUUGGGHHHHHHHH!!!!!1!1 noise

No. 1667141

File: 1664927891479.jpg (175.95 KB, 1080x1377, Screenshot_2022-10-05-00-56-57…)

>littlespace food

Da fuck is wrong with these people?!

No. 1667145

Uhhh I’m more concerned about teens

No. 1667152

File: 1664928280958.jpeg (942.99 KB, 828x1348, 4E6B011C-CE48-4DA4-A525-AD3F9D…)

Samefag who posted the Ken cap, the words at the bottom are captions from the tiktok audio which is a quote from some fugly drag queen, just to clarify.

No. 1667161

More like fatty space. Buying shit snack food just because it’s marketed towards children, primarily girls kek ok very convenient to have a DDLG fetish as the excuse to fatten yourself up with cheese crackers.

No. 1667176

Ironically where Shayna got her influence for her porn name.
That was another short-lived phase of hers; being into drag race.

No. 1667179

File: 1664929522674.png (73.66 KB, 481x392, mySides.png)

nonnie this made me snort irl

No. 1667181

Male SWers on Shayna tier are the laziest fucking pieces of scummy shit. The guy doesn't looked he's bathed after dipping his unerect saggy cock in Shayna's infested swamp of pussy. This is not the body hair women like. Women who like fur like a man who fucking takes cares of himself and shaves or waxes his shoulders. You're on camera asking people to pay you and he can't even do the bare minimum to make himself appear presentable except thinking wearing some faggy earrings help. Guess he doesn't really care what women think though based on his inability to hard around them.

No. 1667185

The only man she's fucked for a year (assuming the bar hookup was likely him too, breaking the ice by getting drunk enough to have sex with her the first time?) and he looks miserable. No wonder he only came when he couldn't see your face

No. 1667186

Why is she squatting on him like she's trying to take a shit?

No. 1667191

You know I doubt she's ever actually had anal sex with a guy and did all that rectal damage to herself. I guess she's moved on to even more degenerate shit like diapers now but you'd think she'd still try to capitalize off of being buttstuff Shaynus Idk

No. 1667196

I have a random notes page on my phone for comments on LC that give me a good giggle. This made it on there, thanks. In fact it's mostly comments from Shay threads at this point because her life is so hilariously pathetic

No. 1667199

She's going to legit need those diapers if she carries on the way she has been

No. 1667232

it's so messed up, its on the side of her implant and not the other side.

No. 1667242

I think you should take a break from this thread nona

No. 1667247

The trailer does NOT give away how entertaining this video is, she literally “begs” for his cock and then the pants come off and he’s flaccid

No. 1667248

Then whoever bought it should post it here

No. 1667261

File: 1664935331653.png (760.51 KB, 1080x1377, pig and sow feed.png)

No. 1667265

File: 1664935589240.jpeg (392.96 KB, 1170x1168, 9CF542FF-4BA6-461C-A2B9-D34179…)

No. 1667270

Especially when he's supposed to be a fetish guy into sniffing feet and buttholes? Like… isn't the whole fetish when the woman is dirty? You gotta be fucking rank in real life is a guy into butt crumbs thinks you're a little too sour for his tastes.

No. 1667290

File: 1664937161157.jpeg (243.8 KB, 1170x473, 85C450CC-1294-46B5-9004-88C0A2…)

No. 1667308

How does she fact check these valid ID’s or current STD tests???
Has she ever watched any porn bedsides her own? I don’t see Abella Danger, Dani Daniels or Bridgette B making dumb faces like this. Maybe Lena Paul but even then she makes it hot. Like do some fucking research.

No. 1667311

And doesn’t post it at that… c’moooon

No. 1667313

File: 1664938969158.jpeg (Spoiler Image,434.03 KB, 912x673, 1C0F6483-05C0-44A0-817E-701E4F…)

Kek the pimpled snatch looking like the nasty patty on SpongeBob

No. 1667315

File: 1664939042583.jpeg (1014.19 KB, 1242x1378, 871A69E2-A623-4DB0-90E3-3EFFA7…)

No. 1667316

where’s the goo goo gah gah face she makes when she slaps herself? Or is this the candid face you make when it’s a real and unexpected blow to the face?

No. 1667322

At this point it goes without saying, but a moid who is someone’s actual dad calling himself “daddy” makes my stomach turn. It’s always nasty but at least childless scrotes aren’t psychologically traumatizing any existing children.

No. 1667329

most ex tumblr users grew out of this phase, glad to see she’s still in it

No. 1667330

I hope you get help for your porn addiction nonny, damn

No. 1667339

begone, scrote

No. 1667340

Shayna, they're supposed to pay YOU

No. 1667345

File: 1664941256797.jpeg (244.07 KB, 1173x917, 1B4D5E28-98FF-47CB-B078-47E449…)

No. 1667358

File: 1664942671307.jpeg (24.77 KB, 356x404, B1896E39-2059-4470-B246-33F989…)

No. 1667369

Who the fuck are those people? Are we supposed to recognize those names? God I’m so glad I’m a woman and not a disgusting porn addicted moid

No. 1667386

like y’all ain’t some grown ass adults that don’t have sex or never have watched a porn clip. Get real. I know we all love to hate sw’s but the whole better than thou attitude sucks and is unnecessary. Ask your dads, brothers, or boyfriends, I’m sure they know who they are. Like you bring up other sw’s like we’re supposed to know who the fuck they are. fuck outta my face with that shit.

No. 1667388

If you’re having sex there’s no reason to know the names of porn “stars”. Only females are allowed on this site.

No. 1667392

>I genuinely hope you get raped and beaten until you’re nearly dead.
Seethe to yourself, retard. We're here to laugh at her, not indulge in your weirdo rape fantasy.

No. 1667397

Most people who aren’t pornsick moids or studying the industry like it’s their dream don’t know every mediocre porn actress by name. It’s not normal to know all those people, they’re obviously not too mainstream. And no I don’t watch video porn, I’m sure most of us here are more likely to consume art or fiction. Smells like SW, we always have random whores jump in here to get offended over the disdain for the sex industry while thinking they’re better for being self-aware and not as bad as Shat.

No. 1667414

…you can’t seriously believe females don’t watch porn. Not everyone gets off to hentai aRt and fan FicTiOn.
It said “like you don’t have sex OR watched a porn clip.” You don’t have to be addicted to watch porn. People do it jokingly, out of curiosity, it was all over tumblr, people in relationships watch porn all the time. It’s normal and certainly not unheard of. Some say it’s healthy. It’s not that hard to read a tag or comment and see their names. Mediocre or not, look at any suggestion page and you’ll see them. Abella is in a ton of Bella Thornes music videos and shit.
You’ll get a nose bleed with how high you are on that fucking horse. Grow up.

No. 1667417

Do you know where you are?

No. 1667419

lmao. Get help. No self respecting woman would know so many porn stars by name or keep track of who makes what faces. If you aren't a scrote, you are ill.

"Average" women might occasionally watch porn, but not to the point of reciting every single porn star they've ever randomly encountered online, pornsick-chan.

No. 1667428

>Some say it's healthy.
Twitterfag moment. You are feeding into the industry that has people like Shayna who make gross porn about real life situations like incest and rape and coercion and you do know that the verification on PH doesn't even require a legal ID so you could be watching CP or revenge porn.

No. 1667444

Please log off and read some Dworkin and work on that internalised misogyny. Lolcow dot farm is not the place for pickme libfems who have been indoctrinated by patriarchal institutions to cape for degeneracy that harms women. The irony of you telling other to grow up and accusing them of being on a high horse.

No. 1667452

The delusion of the moid to say that and her to believe it and have the audacity to think of making it her banner. Wouldn't even put her into a top 50% of hottest on twitter but go off.

No. 1667461

The way she rode his dick was so fucking weird wtf lol Ive never seen or heard of that. Like there's doing the succubus squat thing but why were her knees up that far
The whole vid looks a mess and all over the place. Like I get amateur porn but jfc. She makes everything so awkward with her inconsistent faking. Like the laugh at the end when he came on her?? Tf was that? The vid felt like they were pretending to be bf and gf but it was not believable at all with how all over the place it was. Uncomfortable kissing, random slapping, badly pretending to orgasm from oral, etc.
Also the pimpled snatch… seriously. Put a little makeup over it at least.

No. 1667467

Wow. Much smart. You know words. Good for you.
All I meant was if sw is your dream/calling, look into it and see what others have done and how they became successful in the industry. I guarantee it wasn’t by making tard faces and gouging out your asshole.
It’s beyond childish and unrealistic to think women don’t watch porn and learned a few names in doing so. I promise you guys know some names too. Again, It’s not that unheard of. There’s literally thousands of porn sTaRs. I named 4. But go off, saint nonnie!
forgive me, my AdDiCtIoN is showing but, there’s different sites other than PH.

No. 1667468

>her dad, brother and boyfriend all know these specific porn stars

No wonder you're a basket case lmao

No. 1667472

my dads dead. I’m an only child. And I have a gf who I’ve watched porn with. Nice try tho.

No. 1667481

Can we please just ignore and report the pornsick not like other twitter whores degenerate trying to make the thread about her, she obviously just wants attention, let’s back to Shaynus

No. 1667484

I was literally pointing out the retard faces shatna makes like anyone and everyone else and some fag got butt hurt I threw some names out there. ffs

No. 1667497

Those look like ingrown infected hairs from shaving, I get them too when I shave (or epilate) on top of the ~mound~, but that’s why I stopped doing it, looks nasty.

No. 1667548

No. 1667549

Gotta be honest here nona, none of my male friends know any porn actress' names besides like mia khalifa because of the memes, and when I knew some they roasted me. It's honestly not normal to know names of anyone in porn unless you're obsessed. People who watch porn will just click a video that's enticing, skip around to a part that looks "good", and then log off once they nut. Not even judging you here because porn shit is forced down onto us when we were preteens, but it's not healthy to know this.

No. 1667553

just leave this site already you fool. you‘re embarrassing yourself. no watching porn isn‘t healthy retard, it fucks with your brains reward system as bad as coke does. so sorryyou can‘t cum without watching imagery of women being degrade. get well soon

No. 1667555

You are either a nasty SW or a tranny/moid. Get help

No. 1667560

>porn shit is forced down onto us when we were preteens
This is a massive generalisation, even being terminally online as a teenager doesn’t necessarily entail being exposed to porn (or enough of it to have an effect). And even for those who did have it shoved down their throat (no pun intended) it’s no excuse for engaging with it as an adult who is capable of thinking critically. Anyone who actively consumes porn is a degenerate piece of shit.

No. 1667567

You’re the one who said it tho? Get help it’s not too late for you

No. 1667626

File: 1664972812536.jpeg (535.69 KB, 1170x1419, 0ADC1FA6-9ACB-4C21-8CB0-EF668F…)

No. 1667669

Damn nona your life sucks

No. 1667690

Porn sick nona is so indoctrinated she can’t stop defending it. Please, continue to melt your brain. If you need to memorize pornstars names to grieve your dead dad, that’s fine. Totally normal, some even say it’s healthy. But don’t come to a 117 page thread about the perils of sex work to make us all witnesses.

No. 1667699

New drinking game: Take a shot every time anons derail on the Shaynus thread instead of ignoring what an anon said

No. 1667702

File: 1664979921711.jpeg (525.74 KB, 1242x1584, AE1EC845-CFDA-4F26-9960-64139C…)

>Moids who saw her message 352-478
>Moids who bought her video 9-10
So embarrassing kek

No. 1667704

File: 1664980027614.jpeg (Spoiler Image,488.42 KB, 1242x1725, 39C963C3-A6CD-4B3C-A70B-FC9673…)

Shaymu and Gayfag HairyShoulders

No. 1667707

The women in this thread taking umbrage with your degeneracy aren’t “butthurt”, many if not most are radical feminists who aggressively oppose all forms of sex work because it actively harms us. You’re a special breed of retard if you thought you could out yourself as pornsick copium addict without being dragged to hell, not to mention your egregious use of twitter vernacular which when coupled with doubling down on your defence of porn makes you sound like one of the smoothbrained whores who uses Shayna to feel better about themselves. This is not the place for you.
This extreme lack of self awareness/delusion that she’s ~thriving~ is what makes me adamant that she’s genuinely intellectually handicapped. No one with a fully functioning brain would be proud of this, the second hand embarrassment is making me physically cringe

No. 1667730

Don’t count the one anon who bought it out of curiosity kek at least this thread gives her more sales than she would get on her own

No. 1667734

I refuse to believe that any anons purchased that shitshow until it's posted here.

No. 1667752

Are you >>1667444? Girl chill, even if you’re right we’re here to laff

No. 1667753

Is that old crusty guy bi or did she seriously pay a gay men to have sex with her on camera?

No. 1667766

Tragic. bragginh about not even 20+ sales after having to spend a day raw dogging that disgusting old faggot that 100% has some rank stds is a special kind of bleak, the bar is in the 7th circle of hell.

No. 1667770

I mean he's bi Nona, but does it really make a difference? He's had sex with dudes, probably unprotected like he did with big Shaynus and all the other whores.

Shat is dumb and doesn't understand the risk she puts herself at by having unprotected sex with that faggy old man who fucks other whores, troons, and fags all without a condom.

No. 1667798

Kek I thought the same anon

No. 1667814

No. 1667815

File: 1664987191330.jpeg (347.46 KB, 1170x1192, 1090C475-C612-4624-B23F-360776…)

No. 1667821

She hyped it up too, it’s her first actual B/G content and no one fucking cares about her enough to buy. She’s showing why onlyfans is such a bleak venture, you make a whole fucking porn for a few hundred dollars with your inactive 40k following.

No. 1667835

Taking one now for this retarded post

No. 1667839

He finally got a tag credit lol
How did she send it to 3660 people though?
Lol so many people saw it and didnt care. It was probably because of the price. Theyre there for $3 OF sub for the month. Some even got free trials and shit. Some coomers will pay for porn, but most of them especially these bottom barrel ones wont pay more than pocket change kek.
Going by MV prices and subtracting estimated virtual pimp site percentage cuts… she's made ~$700. Which is a lot to Shaynus Im sure. But when you break it down, her irl prostituting is a better bang for the buck literally. She gets paid 300 bucks right there in cash and probably isnt fucking the guy (yet). Risking stds and utis and having to fuck and make a whole vid, spend time editing, promoting, etc and then it all depends on the sales from there. Which aren't looking great really.
Not being pro whoring. Just saying for her nasty ass the e whoring thing is just really at its end it seems. The b/g thing is kinda flopping which is so dismally pathetic. When irl prostituting does better for her.. its bleak af.

No. 1667842

It makes sense that now that she’s prostituting it’s better for her, though. Her videos have always been dogshit, and she’s been actively flopping or stagnant for years. Eventually she’ll drop her prostitution prices just like her OF prices.

No. 1667847

If her neighbours see all these random men coming in and out of her apartment for what are very obviously dick appointments, someone's going to report her ass for prostitution. If her dumb ass wants to put herself in danger, she can do that, but she's also putting the people that live there at risk.

No. 1667852

>my dad's dead
I'm fucking dead, holy shit lmfao

No. 1667853

Especially if the neighbour whose car Ellen Degenerate hit still lives there, you’d think he’d be champing at the bit to find something to report her for.

No. 1667854

Yeah she won't cam (not that it makes her any money either) and she won't stick to a schedule. She won't branch out because she refuses to not pedo pander and dress in too small retarded shit. She won't spend money into fixing her teeth, body, or face. Won't book shoots that aren't weird niche shit like spanking only or tard wrestling. Won't even work on herself as a person.
She had the smallest and shortest peak years ago when she was barely legal and skinny and a fresh face. But even then its not like she was a rising star. Her tumblr "fame" doesn't count for porn because it was her stoner pics and "teen rebellion" bullshit that built her following. And there were hundreds if not thousands of other girls on tumblr just as if not more popular for having an aesthetic or persona people were drawn to.
She's been on a hard decline for years, but she won't give it up. So she's into b/g now and in person prostitution. And yes, it will get her a few hundred here and there (which she needs for rent and will otherwise blow on alcohol, junk food, too small shein, and plastic crap) and never have anything as even those avenues dry up.

No. 1667859

Something about the hair/tattoos on this moid's body make me feel itchy and gross when I look at him …

No. 1667862

the anon claiming to have bought it only described scenes from the free manyvid clip, and then also mentioned they bought it but 'didnt finish watching it' because they were apparently so disgusted yet spend money on it? yeah doubtful. we've got some serious speds in this thread.

No. 1667877

NTA but I know loooots of farmers watch porn and this board has their fair share of addicts. How many people ITT can honestly say they’ve never jilled off to porn. Betting it’s close to zero, but I know you’ll all continue to lie to stay on your moral high horse.

No. 1667887

Why watch porn when you can just imagine yourself getting pleasure from your perfect fantasy? You’re missing out.

No. 1667909

File: 1664994127189.jpeg (566.34 KB, 1170x1295, 0B635F91-FDFA-4A18-B22B-2039EC…)

She’s on one today

No. 1667911

Can the pornchan(s) stop already jfc who cares really. Watch porn or dont but keep that shit to yourself either way. And don't assume pornstars are household names that everyone knows.
Anyway. No one should spend money on it. Especially the $50 one. The trailers for her vids are plenty. She always includes the beginning, middle, and the money shot at the end. It includes cringe dialogue, bad angles, fake orgasm, the penetration, etc. The trailers have all you need to see. You're fucking weird if you buy her actual vids, even out of curiosity or to laugh at.

No. 1667916

I wonder how many more men she is going to let raw dog her on camera. Such a high class bimbo. kek

No. 1667919

The anon who claimed she bought the video, can you at least upload clips of the funny parts or something? Why even come here to say you bought it but not post anything from it? I want some cringe to laugh at. The derailing in the thread is annoying

No. 1667920

porn is disgusting, i don't care if you have a dead dad with Alexxxis Ember or whoever the fuck you both love in his will, or your own Ellen who goes along with your bullshit

No. 1667927

Haha holy shit shayheads can't let things go and move on.

No. 1667929

File: 1664995206061.jpeg (763.77 KB, 1170x1499, 4A6607BC-8939-4210-B149-0D7316…)

No. 1667939

don't you have a dad to mourn and some pornstar names to commit to memory and defend

No. 1667944

Why does her cat look so…..greasy.

No. 1667949

>>1667944 because she doesn't care for it

No. 1667951

File: 1664996318173.jpeg (270.99 KB, 1170x840, 0B9668E0-35BA-47CD-AC09-301A35…)

Shay, you ARE single

No. 1667953

I'm not pornsick-chan, just laughing at the special needs kids of lolcow.

No. 1667956

that top and skirt look so painful. her torso is being squeezed and its so wrinkly. just wear something that fits ffs

No. 1667970

There should be a thread dedicated to shaytard derails at this point. It's like clockwork.

No. 1667984

File: 1664999806380.jpeg (803.51 KB, 1170x1581, F9065EA4-EAF1-410B-92CD-7BD3F4…)

No. 1667998

>>lives alone
>>invites scrotes to her place she doesn't know
>>Constantly sharing rape fantasies
Also what responsibilities? She does nothing all day??

No. 1668003

>tiny babbling lil girl

i hate her so, so much

No. 1668033

did she pay him?

No. 1668040

File: 1665003199800.jpeg (769.99 KB, 1170x1837, 8A8B9CC4-5D3B-4FD1-B2AB-E25E1F…)

She can’t be serious

No. 1668072

This makes me straight up homicidal, it’s not laughing at fat shat for being an ugly, brain dead, pathetic excuse for a human, this is beyond deplorable

No. 1668083

i think this particular collection of tweets displays the traits that make me hate shatna so, all that's missing is the blatant woman hate and that pretty much sums her up lol. next time she cries about cyberbullies she can refer herself to this exact post.

No. 1668103

File: 1665007710016.jpeg (960.46 KB, 1170x1599, C18CF6EC-71F2-476B-B65B-B34A0D…)

Does she not realize that it’s Halloween season, so people wouldn’t think twice? They probably thought she was getting ready for a party. IF this story actually happened

No. 1668114

Fat, old and haggard with linebacker shoulders. Not even the filters can hide it

No. 1668126

Apart from the nose, that's exactly how she always looks if she puts on makeup

No. 1668139

kekw I never said I was disgusted, just that I didn't finish it. Good thing you can do it for me now.

Sorry for the wait.


No. 1668142

Samefag, maybe you won't actually get to finish it after all. It only uploaded the first fifteen minutes. I'll have to look into it later.

No. 1668149

Are you allowed to use Dropbox for porn? Seems like it will just get removed.

No. 1668152

Wow he’s not even hard after eating her out for 10 minutes and her rubbing her fridge body on him trying to be sexy. Bleak.

No. 1668154

He couldn’t even get hard when Shay was blowing him. That’s sad

No. 1668160

Gayfag can’t even get hard because he is truly repulsed by this hamplanet, he’s got a hairy, unwashed asscrack, Shaymu’s fat fucking gut resting atop his bald head while he goes down on her… this is the worst, who is this even for?! If I had a dick, it would fall off in disgust.

No. 1668161

Wow, that was truly awful.

>Having to see his mongy bald head and massive shnozz poke into Shay's pubes for ages.

>Shay's bad "uh huhhhh, mmhmmmm" moaning noises sounding like she's agreeing with something.

>Her looking uncomfortable when he starts eating her out again after she begged for cock. Probably realising "this dude ain't even hard wtf"

>Shay tryna give a blowjob to his flopper and him looking bored as hell and then her trying to get on top of him for sex but there's obviously no way that floppy thing is gonna manage it's way in.


No. 1668171

Well Shayna does suck dick for cocks and does so badly. This guy is just a super coomer. Just wants to stick his dick anywhere and hopes his wiggler becomes hard

No. 1668174

i can't watch this trainwreck she immediately is moaning UNHH UNHH DADDY 5 seconds into kissing

No. 1668189

That was so awkward and embarrassing. They did 15 mins of, albeit bad, foreplay and he wasnt even a little hard. After her pulling on it and grabbing his balls for a while he managed to get almost a chub. Which honestly Im surprised he was able to do that much. I don't have a dick and Im not a bj pro but that looked rough in the worst way and so unsexy. He couldnt even see her sucking his dick he just had to stare off and fantasize about god knows what and attempt to preform.
Also dude needs to get his torso and back shaved before making content. It's all shaven around his ugly tattoos and then theres just streaks of thick dark hair.
Eating her out while they both pretended to enjoy it went on way too long, she definitely should have cut that down. It just shows how bad she is at sw and everything really. Video has no reason to be 30 minutes other than her trying to act like there's more content so she can charge the most for it.
And her awkwardly getting on him and chicken dance while sitting was so bad. Jfc. Idk how anyone could get off to that.
Even for amateur that was awful and Id be even more bored if I was a dude trying to get off to that. There's no good angles or close ups of what little "action" there was and it just drags on.

No. 1668191

I’m surprised she hasn’t made an edgy Dahmer Daddy joke since he liked to drug his victims and some were underage. It’s like she wants to be a victim

No. 1668193

>suck dick for cocks
I've already seen this make it's way out of the troon thread and its probably one of the funnier in jokes we've had for a while

No. 1668198

It's definitely because he's trying to fuck the gay away. When Shayna was blowing him–if we can even call it that–he was at max at half mast.

No. 1668199

Using scrote brain I can say most dudes would skip through that and be pissed they paid even a buck for it. Id either agree with the guy not getting hard or be like wtf? And there were no close ups of genitals or tits or anything to excite the viewer, the audio was hard to hear and what little was said was so badly fake.
Like you wanna pay 25-50 for two not hot people to badly go down on eachother for 15 mins while neither is actually turned on in the slightest??
No wonder she wasnt gushing over it on twitter after. That looked awful for both of them.

No. 1668203

I think he was looking off and fantasizing about bussy to get barely half hard because Shaynus was keeping him turned off with her awkward and painful looking head attempt. Shit if a guy is horny and you even halfway know what you're doing, you could make him not only hard in seconds, but cum in a couple minutes tops. The fact there was 10 or more minutes of foreplay before she tried to play with his limpy was… yikes.

No. 1668205

We've seen you and Ellen.

No. 1668218

wtf was she doing when she got on top? his dick was limp and she was just sitting her lard ass on it and wiggling around. I can’t figure out why that wasn’t cut, it’s so awkward. but then again the majority of the video is very uncomfortable and awkward to watch. you’d think someone making porn for over 5 years would know certain angles and shots customers look for, especially in b/g vids which are the most popular. it’s beyond lazy.

No. 1668224

The poll actually voted for the baby bullshit so Im not sure what the point of having a poll is

No. 1668240



This is so painful to watch. The secondhand embarrassment is just so cringey. The casual talking and “I have a thing for balls” is so off putting. Please just stop.

No. 1668243

File: 1665017804898.jpeg (1.39 MB, 1170x2115, B63E5F09-808C-4250-965A-059EE0…)

Her poor attempt of hiding her pudge

No. 1668248

File: 1665018024391.jpeg (Spoiler Image,60.88 KB, 528x466, BE368913-DFCB-4489-9199-35868A…)

She just sat there as he sucked her neck.
How can she be proud of this? she really thought she was doing something suckin his shrimpy?
> chicken dance
Fuckin KEK

No. 1668249

They're both awful at oral. No wonder she faked an orgasm and he couldn't even get hard. This felt nasty to watch, speds gone wild

No. 1668254

The faces she makes make her look in pain or high. I know people make silly faces during sex, but wow

No. 1668255

File: 1665018378226.gif (Spoiler Image,4.52 MB, 600x337, ezgif.com-gif-maker.gif)

No. 1668290

File: 1665022362535.jpeg (Spoiler Image,871.96 KB, 1242x911, 8373519F-3A23-4E6B-80F6-0DE73E…)

The deep creases in her neck jfc Shaypuft is looking rough

No. 1668291

looks like she's trying to stealthily get a hair out of her mouth

No. 1668307

I feel assaulted from seeing that eating out POV and hairy moid crack, but kek at how flaccid he is and Shay wiggling it around. Semi surprised the lawn mower vibe didnt nake it into the video
Guarantee that bed linen wasn't washed before or after the moid came over

No. 1668311

Wtf the way he was completely flaccid the whole time KEK at least if you want to be a male model in porn that’s literally the one thing you need to do is be able to fucking get hard for sex… so nasty and embarrassing for both of them, she said put your dick in me daddy but it’s just slumped over and she has to blow him to even be able to do anything

No. 1668317

I thought the lawn mower vibe was going to make an appearance too but only the loud landscaping noises outside did. They almost distracted from the disgusting display between Shaymu and Mr. Hairy

No. 1668338

Nta but whats funny about that nonna?

No. 1668339

fwiw i don't think it's her fault entirely that he's soft, he doesn't look hard any other time he fucks someone it seems

No. 1668341

let’s all just remember that THIS is the content she posts for her PAYING customers. bleak.

No. 1668346

And looks like she has a cat hair or some kind of weird shadow on bee lip. I guess she's back to posting lazy nudes just to say she posted something today

No. 1668349

From another anon with a dead dad, it's stereotypical for degen sex workers to have daddy issues. Nonita is calling herself out without even realising it, and it's really fucking funny for her to prove the stereotype.
>My dad is deeeaaaaaddd
Thank God for the anons willing to take one for the team. Even without watching it, I'm cringing just from the descriptions. Shaymu, please film your John appointments. This shit sounds like parody porn.

No. 1668355

This is one time I would have actually encouraged Shayna and this homo to be drunk and on drugs before fucking. Maybe they'd actually look like they were having fun. This was literally the worst porn i've ever seen in my life.

No. 1668366

They probably were drunk and on drugs

No. 1668374

Kek gross. I guess shay doesn’t look as manish as we might think. He probably would have actually been hard. I’ll bet she was annoyed with his flaccid flopper. giving head is gross but it’s 10000x’s worse when it’s flaccid. Barf.

Probably a combo of his age and being a porn sick fag. Men rip on women’s looks when we get older to compensate for the fact that their dicks stop getting hard after the age of 38.

No. 1668376

Good one. But I’m not a sw.
Why are we still on this?

No. 1668377

I hope she gets some bad reviews and spergs out about it. I feel like we’re overdue for a meltdown over how other girls get paid for simply existing while she’s forever gaping her putrid, unwashed, diseased orifices for an audience of next to no one and barely being able to keep a roof over her head. I hate all sex workers but I extra reserves of disdain for this repulsive waste of space

No. 1668388

This looks like something included in an autopsy report.

No. 1668391

this is so tired and boring
I see your attempt to be funny but you sound dumb
Like it was let go and we have all moved on but you. Cry more and fuck off.

No. 1668414

File: 1665035278841.jpeg (592.83 KB, 828x1442, 6950EB24-C679-4EE9-A646-687D42…)

Supersize Shaymu’s latest TikTok, she is clearly drunk, this is so embarrassing my god

No. 1668416

File: 1665035379896.jpeg (609.75 KB, 828x1521, EE938A39-742E-47B5-8F85-F8F0B3…)

No. 1668421

File: 1665036604682.png (2.78 MB, 828x1792, 347B3FEE-6065-4E58-8F31-6DB93E…)

the kicks at the end

No. 1668422

>1 like

No. 1668423

what the fuck, does he have erectile dysfunction??? im so confused. men get hard before you even take your clothes off, whats wrong with this guy kek. i know its shayna were talking about here but like… what the fuck? hes the one who seemed like he was more into wanting to do the collab but he cant even get hard kek this is horrendous

No. 1668427

The goofy dance after the lazy twerk where nothing moves. What's the point? You aren't going to go viral for being goofy bad at dancing but cute. Nor for being sexy, who are these weird dancing videos for?

No. 1668429

Also is she doing this shit outside?

No. 1668450

Why doesn’t he just take cialis or something? I watch porn and it’s fucking disgusting and sad when the guy can’t get it up or keep it hard, for god’s sake you have one job, there are several pills for it, at least cut it from the final video, nobody wants to see anyone chewing on a flaccid limp dick. Why do the women in porn have to go through so much to look and act perfect while being beat up and humiliated, when a guy clearly isn’t man enough to keep it hard for 15 minutes for a porn is completely overlooked. Wow seems like porn is a sad fucking waste of time

No. 1668457

He can just go buy a blue chew sub like all the other porn sick scrotes who can't get hard because of chronic masturbation and internet pornography.

No. 1668458

careful now. you can’t admit something like that here or you’ll get shunned for exposing yourself for being a degen sw even if you’re not a sw. Also pornsick chan.

No. 1668484

Wowwww she’s massive. I know she’s been piling it on, but she genuinely looks plus size here. I didn’t even get to a minute with the porn, it was just too awkward. Wtf was that voice she was putting on? I am not a porn enjoyer at all, but I can’t believe anyone would get off to this it’s so uncomfortable. I wanted to crawl away. Gayfag hairyshoulders should stick to trannys, women clearly don’t do it for him. Most men would get hard even with the likes of Shaynu sucking them off. He’s clearly gay and women repulse him. Poor Shaynu is the worst porn star ever lol.

No. 1668488

Her thighs are ginormous, she’d have to be absolutely hammered to post this mess

No. 1668489

Everyone always says she looks like a trailer park mum of 4 but this is really doing it for me.
What’s with all the pornsick anons lately? Sad get help.

No. 1668490

File: 1665047480581.webm (2.7 MB, 576x1056, #efail.webm)

/ˌdʒiː.zəs ˈkraɪst/

No. 1668491

It really is like looking at the rear end of a sow.

While it's gross that uploads sexual shit like this to a platform used by teenagers, seeing this should be enough to put them off sex work. Her body is fucked and she's absolutely wrecked on cheap alcohol.

No. 1668496

He's gay

No. 1668498

Right? Especially posting it ok tiktok, it’s not like twitter where people aren’t allowed to laugh at over confident fatties. I wish she actually go viral on there.

No. 1668527

Lmao, shayna's dance moves never fail to make me kek. Love the lil kicky jig she does after the world's saddest twerk.

No. 1668530

And/or Shaymu’s putrid crusty holes, nasty hairy mound covered in boils, pork sweats and overall stench are too much even for a disgusting unwashed degenerate like him

No. 1668534

I love how the one time she gets anywhere close to going ViRaL she ends up getting banned immediately afterwards. She must be so mad. The hashtags she uses are especially hilarious to me, she’s several years too late for that cringey “egirl” shit and nothing about her is remotely “egirl” regardless. My brain can’t compute how someone whose entire life is online is so out of touch with trends. She’s as bad as Vicky Shingles

No. 1668574

The way she made her voice sound like a literal child was unsettling and disturbing.

No. 1668624

>Why do the women in porn have to go through so much to look and act perfect while being beat up and humiliated
So you acknowledge this yet you still are a retarded porn-watching cumbrain, cute

No. 1668663


No. 1668668

File: 1665065481134.jpeg (381.04 KB, 854x1147, 13733334-049C-4821-BEF8-73FE77…)

And it is still at 1 like lmfao

No. 1668669

I hope this is THE tiktok that gets her posted on a tiktok cringe account.

No. 1668671

File: 1665065672518.jpeg (371.38 KB, 908x1160, C7314EDD-5119-4D91-99FB-6488D9…)

On her patio yes kek. Also she just loves flashing her one floppy boob doesn’t she?

No. 1668680

File: 1665066372566.jpeg (195.52 KB, 419x785, 39D55F33-D1B9-4AB9-88A8-CB374D…)

>kicky jig
>shoobee doo wop shuffle
never change, nonnies.

No. 1668725

Hairy Fagman literally says he's gay; why are we acting surprised that he isn't hard for Shayna?
He is a homosexual man. She is having unprotected sex with an actual gay man.

No. 1668738

I’ve heard of gay for pay but never straight for pay kek. It’s just weird that she chose a gay man to fuck on camera.

No. 1668745

File: 1665072675975.jpeg (181.97 KB, 520x770, AC1DBDE7-2362-4A3A-B25B-F4FFA3…)

I watched this movie last night and thought of shayna the whole time. 100% her

No. 1668755


Kek, she kept the skeleton she was trying to hook up to her fuck machine way back when. Also, she's so pathetic and stupid. Does she not realize the algorithm isn't working in the favor of sex workers who show a lot of skin? She's probably shadow banned and that's why her views are back to being pathetic. She won't go viral again unless she puts more clothes on.

No. 1668761

Isn't she supposed to be an industry veteran? Everyone know you don't fuck fags without protection, best start prep fatty.

No. 1668807

Is this Great Value Adele

No. 1668812

File: 1665078271720.png (2.6 MB, 828x1792, FD0D7DCC-A2A2-4E0C-8094-D03C6A…)

No. 1668816

Why does she include her chugging a beer in all her dance vids. Like its a given you get plastered to think that shit is post worthy.
Also black is supposed to be flattering and slimming typically but she looks wide and tubby as ever. The 90s dance club techno beat too. What a mess. Wish she would realize you can dance around drunk and do things without posting them.

No. 1668829

File: 1665079412925.jpg (46.26 KB, 1080x371, Screenshot_20221006-105857_Sam…)

I dont hate her because shes old, fat, and ugly.
Hate her for encouraging moid mentality and misogyny. I hate her for perpetuating harmful shit like its ok to SA people who are intoxicated. That catcalling is flattering. That women want to be used and abused. Fuck you, Shaymus. You're a terrible person for this and more and that's why you're ugly inside and out.

No. 1668832

Well, he poor choices in life and being an absolute failure are why she's ugly outside tbf. But her fross personality oozes outward.

No. 1668892

absolutely true but fortunately she has like what, three coomers? is womack even throwing any coombucks at her anymore? she's a dim little light flickering for attention in a room full of led spotlights. a dime a dozen whore. even though she takes the SA content further than most disguting whores, most disgusting whores put out SA content to some extent because it's what moids want to see.

No. 1668925

This is so fucked up to say as a sex-worker who encourages a safe environment for women. She is literally "asking for it". She thinks because it's online that it isn't just as emotionally scarring and confidence destroying as being taken advantage of in-real-life Plus her rapists have all the video/photo/voice evidence to use against her after.

No. 1668945

File: 1665092783983.jpeg (343.88 KB, 750x1014, 950A15AB-D774-49D2-A356-642DF0…)

No. 1668949

this is a really good point, she has built years and years of evidence against herself if she ever does get assaulted and now she’s inviting random, deranged men into her home to prostitute herself. does she want to get kidnapped and trafficked, repeatedly raped or worse? she couldn’t even handle another female kissing her ear or a moid suggesting they make content. THAT makes her feel violated? but yet she’ll say her fetish is to be raped, preferably in the most vulnerable way possible (larping as a child), so the police wouldn’t give a shit about her if it actually happened, they hardly have any sympathy for SA victims as is. she’s fucking insane.

No. 1668959

>implying anyone would want to kidnap big shaynus
>implying trafficking her would be profitable in any way

No. 1668972

I feel like you suck dick for cocks and need to learn to sage. ALSO sex trafficking and harming women doesn't have to do with looks or weight, It has to do with being a scrote. I hate shayna but come on now. Real talk she's the type who needs to see tru male depravity before she realizes what a fat meat stick she is for mem. She does not really want to be harmed or treated badly by men.

No. 1668982

Men have literally kidnapped and prostituted orangutans so what’s your point
If she was smart enough she’d know she’d find the exact opposite to be true

No. 1668983

Says the woman who just had sex w a pornsick scrote on camera that couldn’t even get it up for her. She needs to mind her own business.

No. 1668984

don’t be a retard, men enslave all types of women, they wouldn’t be taking her out on a nice date and courting her, they would be violently raping her and torturing her/denying her basic human rights. she’d also probably get hooked on drugs, which i guess is also part of her fetish like ooo drug me daddy uwu like okay, you want to be doped up and chained to a bed for years? keep doing what you’re doing, shayna.

No. 1668990

File: 1665094960635.jpeg (721.2 KB, 1170x1857, D3B0583D-9D02-44E1-A5B2-91DECB…)

No. 1668992

Ot but this lowkey reminds me of the Soren (RIP) thread, when anons said that Soren was too ugly for the cp ring. Lol

No. 1668994

Have you ever considered that some women use sex as a form of self harm and actually want to be raped and murdered? Play stupid games win stupid prizes.

No. 1668996

File: 1665095179426.jpeg (970.1 KB, 1170x1501, D8A57C64-7DC4-4DBD-9236-EF4058…)

No. 1668998

Shay is not one of these people. She’s a pick me “uwu I’m not like other girls, I like hard kinks”

No. 1669002

Shaynu actually has one of those bodies that’s quite popular among coomers. They like those pudgy fridgey slampig types. With better promo she probably could have been quite famous in the coom community.

No. 1669006

>not one of those girls
>literally tweets about wanting to be raped
>does the most disgusting degrading shit for moids
>posts glorifying and sexualizing serial killers

No. 1669012

It’s so obvious she’s not into any of that shit and is trying to go viral. Like she did on tumblr

No. 1669018

File: 1665096132993.jpeg (395.1 KB, 1170x1072, 09930654-9325-4ABC-B06B-F96BE5…)

Description of her new video. Again nothing different than she’s done before

No. 1669023

How is this not beastiality?

No. 1669024

the term “puppy cunt” makes me feel physically ill ugh, what is wrong with her? i don’t want to armchair but what happened to make her this way

No. 1669026

exactly like what the fuck, “raping animals and babies is just a KINK guys you should be more supportive!!”

No. 1669049

This men don’t care if there’s a “fantasy” or not. They see an invitation because they dont see women as people and she’s perpetuating that. These “hard kinks” are all things that men actively do are crimes they do to women every day and it’s abhorrent.

Her being a sex worker or fat and mean is the least of my issues with her, it’s the violence against other women she enables that makes me hate her.

No. 1669053

File: 1665098345610.png (1.68 MB, 1170x1293, couch.png)

No. 1669054

You guys give her way too much credit. She’s this depraved because she’s a pathetic pick me whore. Nothing traumatized her, nothing « made her that way ». She’s a grown ass woman who knows exactly what she’s doing and she deserves all the hate. Anons who have been here since the beginning are aware of this.

No. 1669057

I mean all the extreme stuff she spouts and we just saw her first b/g video of actual sex and it was all very vanilla. He slapped her once(?) and she didn't look thrilled.

Didn't even do anal which is supposed to be her thing.

No. 1669063

Cause getting raw dogged by a random old gay man who is bug chasing other bottom barrel whores is the pinnacle of sexual security. Shayna needs to stop trying to call us out, it's just sad at this point all the "gotchas" she tries to throw at us that make her look even more pathetic.
Exactly. She had everything growing up in life to practically guarantee a successful middle class livelihood and yet here she is giving herself anal fissures in diapers because she's addicted to scrotal attention

No. 1669079

Lolcow radfems owned. Kek. Retardation aside her sexual performance is just trying to talk like a baby and lying there getting slapped and making weird ugly faces.

No. 1669084

Ah yes, not being a dollar menu whore is a source of infinite anxiety and feelings of sexual inadequacy.

>She had everything growing up in life to practically guarantee a successful middle class livelihood
She probably would have got more attention from moids if she'd stayed normal. Now her body is wrecked, her mind is gone and she begs for attention from the lowest form of coomer to get less than 5 likes on twitter. Men would be more interested in her if she was well groomed and worked in retail.

No. 1669089

says the big fat bitch whose sexual perfomance is her livelihood yet the „performance“ is gagging on 1 centimeter of unwashed fag dick and moving around like she has several defective chromosomes in every god damn video of hers

No. 1669093

Jfc spoiler this, this is fucking horrifying! But also top kek

No. 1669095

Women dont typically like porn not because they're prudes or feel inferior to whores, but because they dont like seeing women used as as meat with holes and abused by deranged shitty men in an industry that is made to cater to misogynistic ideals and profit off womens degradation… but go off I guess.
And like the comment said, I think the opposite rings more true because mainstream porn is all hot young looking skinny chicks with nice ass and tits typically and what is portrayed in porn puts pressure on women to perform certain ways in bed and that's harmful af.
The whole tweet sounded a mess and retarded anyway and just proves that she is a braindead porn rotten bitch.

No. 1669105

File: 1665103199668.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.79 MB, 1242x1579, 35661D25-D37D-4073-ABF5-B357BF…)

She hasn’t even had this tank top that long but she already needs to retire it. JFC she wears it every fucking day.

No. 1669106

File: 1665103276906.jpeg (1.12 MB, 950x1574, D055A404-C0FB-4FBA-849E-8615C5…)

Those socks are stretched tf out

No. 1669110

File: 1665103962420.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.1 MB, 1047x1833, 9DFDAB19-5553-4272-A561-7E8E1A…)

Kek the rope gave her two pairs of flappy ass cheeks

No. 1669111

File: 1665104071745.jpeg (569.76 KB, 849x1153, DAC170BC-B875-4E21-9CDD-CCBBBD…)

No. 1669112

Even her gunt is doing the troon smirk

No. 1669114

File: 1665104887548.jpg (106.43 KB, 720x978, Screenshot_20221006-205936_Chr…)

This looks like a cursed image. Like there's a creepy story attached.
>>Dropsy Nutella was a young girl raised by clowns and only fed a diet of ham and cheese. She'd dress up as a dog with freckles and bark at the gate anytime a man came by. Her parents offered her a paif for education but she decided this was the life she wanted. She ran off to join a traveling circus, led by "Fupaulla The Chode". This picture was taken 2 hours before she was finally sent to a mental hospital by Fupaulla for permanent stay.

No. 1669118

I thought this was going to end in a crypt keeper-style pun

No. 1669120

Even her rope tying is extra sloppy now. What's the point of it if she can still crawl her fatass into the cage?

No. 1669127


It's dingy so now the shirt matches the rest of shaynas vibe. Nasty indeed. She can't be this unaware right? She really needs to stop buying shit in white, it's hard to keep it nice for normal people who believe in washing their clothes after a wear or two.

No. 1669137

She lives out a pile of clothes I'm convinced. I imagine she's drunk/high all day. When it's time to work she goes to that pile and picks what she likes the most or is clean. In her porn video there were stains on the bimbo sweater she wore the next day outside after fucking the scrote in it.

No. 1669139

Women who aren’t maladjusted pornsick brainwashed misogynists don’t need to be watch porn to get off, when we’re flicking the bean all we need is our imagination. If anything seeing other women being degraded by disgusting scrotes is a sure fire way to kill a wide on
I hope she posts some “puppy play” (excuse me while I am hero just for typing that out) on TikTok and gets dragged for it

No. 1669142

Holy shit this is hilarious coming from Shaynus. She has to singlehandedly be the most uninterested/uninteresting person I've ever had the misfortune of witnessing having sex. Bpdfags really don't have any self awareness, like wow.

No. 1669145

Ahhahah omg my vote for next thread pic OML this picture just takes me back to seeing her ground beef ass

No. 1669146

File: 1665107769646.jpeg (1001.25 KB, 1170x1770, 0867DAFA-1A1E-4467-9A01-A71E07…)

No. 1669153

Are you new here from kiwifarms by any chance kek?

No. 1669165

die, male

No. 1669168

File: 1665108997398.png (3.74 MB, 1242x2208, 40F3D55A-7A29-45C2-B1A4-216936…)

Kek she’s always so late to trends. The crusty black tank top doesn’t look good with that mesh shirt. And the tacky Walmart 2009 leopard bra peeking out makes her look out of touch with trends

No. 1669176

I must say it is refreshing to see almost none of her dingy grey skin

No. 1669178

Seriously. I hate despise this fat pedo with every fibre of my being but the recent spate of posts wishing rape on her and other farmers defending those posts reeks of incel, and the mods clearly don’t care even though they’ll happily ban posts for “racebait” when they’re not. Fucking circus shit. Anyway, Shaymu is playing with fire, between her tweets and having random moids in her apartment, if anything did happen to her no one will be in the slightest but surprised

No. 1669180

File: 1665109569279.jpeg (1.22 MB, 3465x3465, 5EB573E4-5D0E-4897-9899-B1161D…)

She can’t do any style correctly she always looks retarded. Kek

No. 1669181

File: 1665109578957.jpeg (61.3 KB, 960x538, 1525969820839.jpeg)

>puppy cunt
I am going to kill myself. I mean it. I am tying the rope right now. Shayna is guilty of murder.

No. 1669182

I think she’s the only person on earth who can’t manage to make black look flattering, she still looks like a busted packet of biscuits

No. 1669183

File: 1665109674754.jpeg (22.76 KB, 275x164, D10465A4-E404-4AE1-AF18-9A0236…)

>puppy cunt

No. 1669184

she could be a plus size model at this point

No. 1669188

File: 1665109789081.png (10.03 MB, 1242x2208, B5D8C8D0-8D54-4139-8B70-0AEF29…)

Shayna should use the one on herself because I really don’t see life getting any less bleak for her kek

No. 1669189

no, they still have to be pretty in the face

No. 1669190

Ah yes the “antiporn people are just prudes” hot take. News flash, if that guy Ken wasn’t a porn addict obsessed with fucking randoms on camera he could probably get it up for normal intercourse with a partner instead of having a floppy wiener after 20 minutes of explicit sexual activity. And we all know how excellent male lovers are after they’ve been watching porn every day of their life…not.

No. 1669195

File: 1665110217498.gif (2.04 MB, 229x162, 1531516614038.gif)

>puppy cunt

No. 1669199

I love this thread

No. 1669203

>tranny in the shayna thread
Just when this thread couldn't get any worse….

No. 1669212

Shayna loves to contradict her flabby self. If I remember correctly a few threads back she said goth aesthetic made her feel “uncomfortable”

No. 1669217

File: 1665111659779.jpeg (661.6 KB, 982x1148, CA2FA603-9B98-41D1-A857-79B242…)

even the pedo he killed looks like Shayna. Do pedophiles look alike?

No. 1669218

Report. Move on and don't interact he's here nonnies.

No. 1669219

She probably does xans or something because she looks absolutely zonked >>1669053
right here

No. 1669223

Hey nonnie… are you sober?

No. 1669225

Serving up rolled pork belly roast realness

No. 1669229

Lmfao ily, best part is this is barely edited

No. 1669232

What I don't get is if he is "GAY" why is he wanting to fuck all these OF women.

Not That I want to watch, but does he get hard for the other women he fucks??

No. 1669233

File: 1665112704762.gif (3.86 MB, 498x343, 016A217A-A0A3-475E-9E00-9A2B2A…)

>puppy cunt

No. 1669240

File: 1665113305056.jpeg (187.22 KB, 782x942, 7469DE22-EF48-4A90-9938-34E5C0…)

No. 1669243

No. 1669244

>that caption
>that face
>that flat ass

No. 1669245


No. 1669251

What's weird though is she didnt seem this fat in the vid with manbearfag. She looked chubby and wide as usual, but I guess it was the angles of her laying on her back and then fupa away from camera in other shots. This is the fattest she's been in the belly it seems. like she looks legitimately plus sized here >1669146 and thats wearkng all black and covered up. Im one of the anons that figure her to be XL and ~170lbs but idk now lol

No. 1669252

File: 1665114989507.jpeg (613.16 KB, 5333x3000, 47ECFCEA-1AA0-4209-B5F6-CF3542…)

Someone with more artistic talent than I PLEASE make an edit

No. 1669254

Not be like "actually.." but the thing that actually happened was even cringier and hypocritical because it was that she said some coomer wanted her to do a custom or something like that dressed goth and she legitimately said it was a hard limit

No. 1669255

I still dont think she's morbidly obese landwhale status like some anons, but I am reconsidering saying she's not plus sized yet because I think XL would be a literal stretch after seeing the pics from today. Only fat fat girls would look that wide and hammy in "fitted" all black. Her arms and thighs are so thick jfc. Her tits look so awful when she flops them out and she has that most unfortunate fat girl curse of all: fat and wide with no ass or big tits at least to balance it out and make it make sense. She struck out completely on the genes lottery.

No. 1669260

File: 1665116335492.jpeg (204.29 KB, 870x1594, 9470A72E-4451-4939-A16A-43F947…)

No. 1669264

Not very troon-friendly to be posing with a harry potter plush. whatever would her internet mommy think.

No. 1669268

This is honestly her best looking outfit in a long while because it’s her covered up completely except for the ugly bra