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File: 1684968057110.jpg (117.02 KB, 692x693, Shayna Admits To Having Fake T…)

No. 1833931

Previous thread: >>>/snow/1826178

Shayna Leigh Clifford; 25 year old failing prostitute, porn sick degenerate, drug addict and alcoholic who spends her days posting free pictures of her hemorrhoid filled anus on twitter while begging for rent. Rejects her parents help to get an education and normal job. Hurts animals on purpose and panders to pedos by filming porn dressed as a child. Recently moved to Seattle after wasting years on an ex too ashamed to admit they were dating her and is currently looking her new Fupa 2.0.


REMEMBER: Read the rules before posting. Repetitive nitpicks about Shayna's body, face, and genitals are subject to a 1-day ban. Reposting the same photos zoomed in/edited is not milk and you will receive a ban for nitpicking. Stay on topic, derailing and infighting will result in a ban. Sage when there’s no milk. Spoiler any NSFW images. No blog posting or bragging about how you're a better whore than Shayna. Nobody wants to hear about your degeneracy. This is a Shay thread, curb your enthusiasm when posting screenshots of other e-whores, they go in the e-whores thread. Shut the fuck up about her necrotit and take it to the Shaynatorium.

Summary of last thread:

>>1826211 Shayna goes on a date with The Dad for cheeseburgers
>>1826571 Shayna lets her dog swim in a dirty swamp
>>1826182, >>1826573, >>1827918, >>1828375, >>1829022, >>1829197, >>1831834, >>1832913, >>1832920 Collection of Shayna begging for cash
>>1826640, >>1829705, >>1831126, >>1831718, >>1831726, >>1832423 Collection of Shayna contradicting herself
>>1826679 Shayna has to buy new summer clothes because she can no longer fit in her old shorts due to her weight gain. Exposes herself in the dressing room >>1826706
>>1826761 Shayna will walk the red capret at Fetishcon
>>1826857 Ken the Doll appears to call out Dolly
>>1827235 Shayna gives out sympathy on Mother's Day for everyone with Mommy issues like her
>>1827387 Shayna brags that one of her Johns took her to Costco for a date
>>1827388 Orange Cat Spotting
>>1827389 Drug addicts discuss ways to suffer through CHS other than just quitting weed.
>>1827808 Shayna has a bad brain day
>>1827859 Shayna tries to show off her mommy milkers with a picture of them looking as deflated as ever
>>1827926 Shayna fights with a coomer on her Findom account
>>1827935 Shayna takes a picture in daylight during a beach trip and looks 45
>>1827962 Shayna buys weed despite claiming to be quitting
>>1827965 Shayna looking like Andy Milonakis wearing with fake pigtails. Nona posted a side by side for >>1827992 a weight gain comparison
>>1828336 Shayna is yet again flabbergasted as to why Twitter Normies don't want to interact with her sex work account
>>1828374 Shayna announces shes going to have surgery in Massachusettes in 3 weeks and is >>1828436 very scared over not being able to work >>1831714
>>1828447 Shayna sells all her vids for 0.35 cents a vid in a desperate bid to raise money to cover her surgery
>>1828485, >>1828487, >>1828493, >>1831673 Nonas speculate over if Shayna has Poland Syndrome again
>>1828548 Shayna hints she is going to finally talk about why she needs the surgery and reveal a secret she's always been afraid to admit
>>1828557 Shayna tans on her balcony naked despite receiving warning from her landlords to stop filming content there
>>1828559 Shayna breaks down in tears when Ellen buys her >>1828571 flowers during a bad brain day
>>1828713 Shayna tweets out another delusional dream about how she wishes daddy will buy her a car one day
>>1828947 Shayna makes a birthday fansign for a euro-scrote
>>1829020 Shayna goes outside and touches grass
>>1829313 Shayna offers to pay someone to upload videos for her on clips4sales because she is too lazy to do it herself despite being desperate for cash
>>1829409, >>1829818 Shayna looking extra greasy these days
>>1830085, >>1830158 Shayna goes on another date with "Sugar Daddy N"
>>1830161, >>1830417 Shayna announces she's quitting weed for the 100th time and immediately uses it an excuse to not work >>1830397, >>1830628
>>1830784, >>1830785 Nonas discover that Shayna's professional blow job video has been removed from BigGulpGirls.com. Speculation over what happened commences.
>>1831496 Shayna gets posted on 'OnlyFans Girls Posting Their L's' twitter page >>1831677 and scrotes leave brutal comments
>>1831755 Shayna complains the chinese food in Seattle does have enough MSG
>>1831792, >>1831797, >>1831798, >>1831804 SPILLED MILK - Former classmate of Shayna begins to spill milk and old pictures from Shayna's year book. They confirm Shayna was never bullied >>1831824 growing up and was a nightmare to be around.
>>1832045 The Milk ends when the former classmates accidentally forgets to remove her IG photo and gets spooked. Farmhand actually removes the picture in a strange turn of events in an attempt to save the milk but the classmate runs!
>>1832040 After Shayna admits she use to smoke 15 times a day, Nonas use this info to discover she may be spending up to $1000 a month on weed
>>1832312, >>1832321 Shayna involves herself in a domestic dispute her neighbour is having and claims the abuser is the same guy who hits on her all the time >>1832323
>>1832544 Throwback to when Lolcow scared Shayna from posting content she shot in an AirBnb without telling the owner
>>1832568 Shayna posts about how she hates her body
>>1832827 Shayna posts a no makeup post shower selfie looking like a cryptid.
>>1832989, >>1832998, >>1833018 Shayna goes live on IG looking 30+ years old and does a makeup show. Nothing too milky happens except we discover she uses a nicotine vape.
>>1833164 Short clip of Shayna asking people if they are dumb for requesting to join her IG live because she wants all the attention.
>>1833160, >>1833095 Full makeup show can be find in these links
>>1833608 HISTORIC LOLCOW MOMENT - Shayna posts a video to her twitter finally admitting that her long-suspected necro-tit has actually been fake this whole time. This post >>1833670 gives a good summary of the timeline. TLDR: She claims her one breast "died" at a young age due getting a chicken pox vaccine, and after fat grafts didnt work she got a single implant at age 15
>>1833830 Former Nonas who were banned and ridiculed for being titfoilers and titsperges rejoice and celebrate

New TikTok: https://www.tiktok.com/@dollhausbarbie
Snapchat: irlbarbiedolly (BANNED)

No. 1833933

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No. 1833942

Finally this bitch is giving us some fucking milk. Big shaynus is truly the gift that keeps on giving. Since she's technically an upper middle class brat, she probably won't be botched but her surgery and recovery arch is going to be good.

No. 1833949

thank you for the thread nonna, it's milk season

No. 1833953

I hope she doesn’t do the same mistakes that other black lolcow did when getting her boobs done and ended up with her nipples dead and on top of that a laughing stock on Twitter a few years back. What was her name? Daisy/Angela??

No. 1833962

Angela/himeka, wonder what happened to her.

No. 1833977

hopefully she doesn't do what momokun did and get a lift before gaining even more weight. momo's breasts look horrible and i'm sure she has no feeling in them at all.

No. 1833979

File: 1684972042773.png (14.12 KB, 725x226, druggieshay.png)

The surgery is probably why she is so gung-ho about cutting back on weed all of sudden. I'm honestly scared that this might be the start of a dark turn in her life if she gets hooked on pain killers or starts mixing stuff.

No. 1833985

God bless, that would be some fresh fucking milk

No. 1833986

im genuinely worried shes going to mix her pain pills with her "good girl" pills (aka benzos) and drink ontop of it and have a luna moment and OD. hopefully ellen carries narcan.

No. 1833994

Not wishing harm on Shay, but I do remember one of her old Tumblr posts saying she wants to join the 27 club.

No. 1833998

I hope she pulls a Roseanne and gets herself cancelled on Twitter in some pill-induced stupor.

No. 1834004

File: 1684975630843.gif (1.96 MB, 448x251, 5b5200991900002900c6728c.gif)

No. 1834012

Lol I enjoy rosanne

God, at this point Shay is a roach and wont get canceled from bottom dwellers that will work with her.

No. 1834021

I was one of the anons who clung to it being her ass the whole time BUT I never thought any of you were wrong that the tit was an was an issue, or berated any of you for it (I just thought her ass would be more important to fix)- I should’ve known from the visible irritation, the winnie the Pooh fuck making sure he left it alone when she was paying him to abuse her, and with the last minute rush to get it done before she’s kicked off insurance- she can’t afford health insurance let alone the portion she’d need to cover from surgery if she got her own cheap insurance. Ty for your service and tbh loved the medsperging discussions

No. 1834023

more likely that she'll get high as fuck on cam and do some stupid shit like call up fupa or start having a breakdown

No. 1834025

File: 1684977631604.jpeg (12.01 KB, 237x275, IMG_0923.jpeg)

Also ty to the nona who posted this at the end of the last thread, this cracked me up and should be saved for when she reveals her new tits- I can’t wait for all of the inside scoop from shaytards who know about breast augmentation

No. 1834029

don't remind her nona, she might get ideas

No. 1834034

File: 1684978893110.png (172.95 KB, 406x817, 6445841F-0D15-4640-B988-BED4F2…)

What is hilarious is that is same sweathouse amazon workout top that Shayna has and has taken gym photos in. He goes by “Kayla Lemieux” if anyone wants more hilarious photos for future threads. This dude goes to school as a teacher in Canada dressed like this.(don't derail by posting some mentally ill troon )

No. 1834369

File: 1685041313164.jpeg (39.04 KB, 1170x335, 0E0C7A46-67D3-49D3-A242-D508B7…)

Wake up nonnies, Shaynus is going live again and eating breffast at noon when normal people are having lunch

No. 1834383

Like clock work. I'm also going to guess that something comes up and she can't go live.

No. 1834399

I’m pretty sure she got her coomers to pay for it. Her freakout over debt and such a couple weeks ago and needing 4k was probably a chunk to pay for the other implant that her parents won’t cover. Parents are probably fixing necro tit and making Shaynua cover the other implant.

I know anons were thinking IRS but there’s no way she makes enough to owe them that much. And you can pay it off monthly instead of paying a huge chunk. So there was no reason for her to freak out. It’s not like she has other expenses outside of her phone bill, rent and utilities.

No. 1834406

File: 1685044859510.jpeg (87.73 KB, 1125x1027, IMG_3523.jpeg)

one of the replies to her tit surgery video kek

No. 1834408

nonita you got it all wrong, it's her second breakfast

can't believe Womack ended up being the least retarded of her coomers

No. 1834411

He's so retarded but smart enough to drop her lol. Does he still follow her or interact with her at all anymore?

No. 1834414

>It’s not like she has other expenses outside of her phone bill, rent and utilities
I’m personally tinfoiling that this bitch owes at minimum a few hundreds per month just in afterpay plans for all her Shein crap. And that’s without even counting her retarded shopping sprees when she impulsively buys more pink shit, her weed and alcohol addiction and all the money she wastes in general. So yeah I guess she realized she’s financially fucked and rightfully freaked out, because if it weren’t for all the ebegging she’d have to cut down on all those unnecessary expenses and she’s very obviously not ready to. She’s not even trying ~that hard to cut down on smoking or doordash

No. 1834415

has she mentioned anything on twitter about quitting weed or withdrawals!? or has she just completely given up on that. shes gonna be screwed when she wakes up during surgery because the anesthesia didn't work correctly on her.

No. 1834417

Samefag, adding to the tinfoil that her parents are fully paying for her upcoming surgery, or insurance is taking care of it, and that 4K debt was just her grifting for as much money as she can now because she knows she’s going to lose a lot once she gets surgery and stops working for 3 weeks minimum. There’s no way she’s going to financially recover from this hiatus, even with a boob job, admitting it turns out ok and not completely botched

No. 1834418

she probably thinks being more outspoken about her misshapen body will allow her to transition from Twitter e-whore to Twitter body positivity influencer. Too bad she literally made diaper porn, so the normies that would be willing to support a fat chick going on some sort of self love journey will be disgusted. I could see her loosing coomers from this boob job saga, considering her shtick is "uWu I'm baby daddy I'm too smol to shower". She'll probably have to lean into mommy dom and she'll hate it.

It's too late for you to be a normal micro-influencer, you made your bed shaynus.

No. 1834424

Could also be because she knows that her health insurance coverage with her parents is running out soon? I think the urgency of the surgery is definitely because of it.

No. 1834429

Nta but she could pretend that Ellen Degenerate is controlling her and forcing her to do the pedo shit or that they're in an abusive relationship and that led to her producing diaper content. Shayna has lied about being raped and CSA before so it wouldn't be above her to lie about abusive relationships either, though it would end her 'relationship' with Ellen.

No. 1834432

File: 1685048300822.jpeg (44.2 KB, 750x431, 97019EEE-9235-4CC0-A22E-DD89BE…)

her retweeting this is so funny, what happened to minding her own business and being a ray of sunshine and positivity?

No. 1834435

she will be screwed no matter what. It's not only weed she is addicted to, alcohol withdrawals can be hell and she can't drink before or after surgery. And then there is the nicotine (bad for wound healing). She is in for a bad awakening and my guess is, she will wake up as a 45 year old mum addicted to painkillers.

No. 1834441

Probably won't work well since she's being pedo pandering since the very beginning of her sex work "career". Tbh I do hope she keeps on trying to be ~*relatable*~ so that the rest of Twitter finally catches on to her shit and trolls the fuck out of her.

No. 1834445

i haven't thought about the alcohol withdrawals at all, she drinks all day so she definitely is physically addicted by this point. i wonder if she will actually be able to not drink before and after the surgery. what would the surgeons do if she was actively in withdrawals or showed up drunk to the hospital? would they just turn her down completely or postpone it for awhile? i guess it would be alright if she went into withdrawals while in the hospital cuz if she had a seizure or something they could save her? i feel crazy genuinely worrying for her health.

No. 1834447

True but I don't wish for it because I think the twitter SWs who hate Shaynus are more annoying than Shayna herself. If I recall correctly most other anons felt the same itt, they're so self-righteous with their phony activism that solely consists of canceling other internet prostitutes (who just coincidentally happen to be their competition kek).

No. 1834456

If she gets high or is still drunk from last night when she goes into surgery it will fuck with how much drugs the anesthesiologist thinks Shayna needs to be properly put under during the surgery. She could fuck herself into being one of those patients who wakes up mid surgery, or worse, regains consciousness but not her motor functions and isnt able to communicate she can feel every cut and rip as they fix her wonky tatas.

No. 1834458

Careful nonas. Shay might be banning again. If you made it through the last show unscathed, you may be targeted by her fat finger. She knows multiple farmers were lurking in live when she only had like 15 viewers, wouldnt be hard to deduce you from her regulars.

No. 1834472

I’m a clown for thinking she would actually get her fat ass out of bed to go live again.

No. 1834502

File: 1685055192297.png (56.73 KB, 496x617, Screenshot 2023-05-25 185319.p…)

Not really milk but just a retarded response from one of her coomers. Apparently fixing a young girl fixing her deformity is now considered "gender affirming care" wtf.

No. 1834503

turbokek omg

No. 1834504

do they think shes a post op tranny? KEK

No. 1834506

KEK I screamed. I didn’t watch the video but could someone misconstrue the message that she was actually born a man and she’s fixing her botched tits?

No. 1834508

No, there’s a trend on Twitter rn for aligning things like Viagra for men and breast implants for women as ‘gender affirming care’. People will do anything to normalise botching your body in an attempt to imitate the opposite sex /rant over

No. 1834510

HAHAHA god damn that is poetically good. A little through back to all the nonas that said she looked like a dude when she was skinny. This week has been good

No. 1834520

>15 year old dolly
>>using her porn star name next to the age 15 I hate that she is talking about breasts and being underaged with her moids that are into raping teens and babies. I don’t care if it’s a real problem for her or that she was “honest”, she has no sense of privacy or morality. I don’t get it. She’s online, she knows how many men are found to be sex offenders. To be a woman and know how disgusting men can be, choosing to humiliate yourself for them anyways, and to turn a blind eye to what men are trying to get the closest thing legally (CP) is revolting. And on top of that, she is so retarded that she considers acts like a victim when someone asks her why she’s pornifying children. We all saw her use the age 13 in her seeking arrangements profile. If she wants to fight her way out of it being a pedophile because she doesn’t use numbers, she most certainly has. So close to a-logging

No. 1834522

File: 1685057108075.jpeg (28.27 KB, 560x271, DF8BBDFD-0AA0-4BE8-9E35-28B7BD…)

I photoshopped Shayna’s pussy onto the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Every time you see her pinned tweet you won’t be able to unsee this.(sage your autism)

No. 1834526

File: 1685057448020.jpeg (45.15 KB, 750x606, 32AE996B-1FA0-4CB4-AF90-2D40F5…)

mike slack?

No. 1834529

Log off right now nonnie… You're grounded kek

No. 1834531

Created an anonymous chatroom we can use when Shayna goes live. Would love to bitch about Shayna's antics real-time with other Nonnies during the show. Open to moving to a different site if any nonas have a better spot:


No. 1834532

Fucking kek.

No. 1834533

Wow this shit did not hit at all. Only 200 likes? Also this is what shayna wants. Gross disgusting scrotes who say retarded shit like this. A 15 year old girl with an deformity that caused her pain isn't the same as an scrote thinking he's a woman. Tits don't equal woman

No. 1834536

She really shouldn't have filmed in the same spot she films her sex stuff. The thumbnail looks like just another video of her pretending to be a raped baby or little bro or something. She should have filmed this somewhere new and intimate, or did a soy boy face in the thumbnail pointing at her tit like "FAKE?". Then ever uploaded that shit to Youtube.

No. 1834539

it technically is considered gender affirming, if you think about it. a young girl with misshapen breast(s) or an underdeveloped breast getting implants as a teenager would only be to make them feel better about themselves and not get bullied. there’s no true medical need for implants under the age of 18, or in general really. it’s just so they’ll fit in and look like a normal teen girl.

No. 1834542

Its just some troon logic to justify getting over the top tits like >>1834034 because if they support real women getting fake tits for no real reason then it strengthens their argument when they do it. They wanna normalize butchering your body cause “i feel uncomfy” instead of just working on their mental health and accepting and learning to love what they born with like everyone else.

No. 1834559

Why did you green text your sperg rant? Lmao

Anyways I’m sure she won’t take care of her implants well so I’m sure they’ll look just like necrotit looks now

No. 1834563

i see you’ve escaped the shaynatorium, kek

No. 1834567

File: 1685063122584.png (4.5 KB, 467x91, letsfuckingooo.png)


No. 1834568

this is true, but it's way, way funnier if we take it at face value instead

No. 1834569

SHE LIVE ON IG: @itsdollymattel

No. 1834570

keeping it brief so im not blogging but i had a very similar severe medical deformity and went through the process of getting surgery for it and i would say with like 90% certainty that insurance is not covering any of this procedure. they'll claim the correction is cosmetic and not eligible for coverage even if its due to a diagnosable syndrome like this, and you can fight them on it but it is nearly impossible to get them to concede. pretty fucked up tbh.

i would guess her parents probably offered to split the cost with her and she didn't do anything to prepare (because shaynus), which is why she was scrambling for the 4k.

No. 1834571

Shayna: annoyed voice Fucking people…. acting like Instagram Live is a cam site. scroff The fuck is wrong with you.

No. 1834572

Fuck I had to leave her stream. There were only like 3 people and she looked pissed.

No. 1834573

File: 1685063795968.png (123.28 KB, 440x753, ruff stuff.png)

She said her lives keep getting cut off cause of the dad-rap she's playing

No. 1834574

File: 1685063910190.png (144.56 KB, 421x767, Shaynas Hungry.png)

Shayna's face when she spots sweets.

No. 1834577

File: 1685064130131.png (167.75 KB, 436x783, fungal acne anon.png)

Oof her skin. She says she is going Vegas June 12th and will be the last shoot before she gets them done. Then flying to see Robert Plant after. Then flying to get her bobs done after.

No. 1834578

A nonnie once said she has ravioli hands and now that’s all I can see when I see her massive fat-girl hands.

No. 1834580

File: 1685064255217.png (126.07 KB, 426x736, Chins.png)

She's talking about her boob job. She said "haha no theyre not going to be big bimbo boobies, they'll just be… a bit more perky!"

Then she boasts about "Not me seeing Robert Plant and Getting New Boobs for my birthday"

No. 1834593

File: 1685064828747.png (111.51 KB, 470x682, abuse.png)

She choked Noodle then bailed. Live is already over. She didn't even last 30 minutes.

No. 1834595

File: 1685064903862.png (139.07 KB, 510x774, peanut.png)

One for the Mr.Peanut Butter Fans.

No. 1834596

robert plant? what is she fucking 60 years old? shes truly a disgusting old man at heart, no wonder she loves them so much.

No. 1834597

File: 1685064961065.jpeg (36.59 KB, 530x762, 8E57C018-77D0-417C-BEED-325E71…)

Big shaynus

She looks so bad jesus

No. 1834598

isn't this Kathy McMahon's former mentor who she's now tried to cancel? mini cow crossover

No. 1834599

File: 1685065007474.png (151.81 KB, 437x742, ari what u doing here.png)

She talked about how she misses Tumblr days bad. That she was stupid for putting all her eggs in one basket back in the day and not trying to build a following elsewhere like Twitter when she was still popular. Then she finished it by saying she's still doing "pretty well".

No. 1834601

File: 1685065053333.png (Spoiler Image,52.12 KB, 451x264, snoopy-deformity.png)

Her parents are absolutely subsidizing this breast aug, for two breast implants a reputable surgeon will charge at LEAST $4000. Plus Shayna's natural breast is so low I'd say she needs some kind of lift if her nipples are going to be symmetric. If she doesn't get a lift and has the implants placed under her muscle, her breast tissue can "cascade off" the implant like pic rel. Also called waterfall deformity or snoopy deformity if nonnas want to deep dive kek.

No. 1834603

She kept picking at the orange cat's fur asking it "what is all over you" and then she looked embarrassed and said that he must have gotten in a fight with Ribmeat again.

No. 1834605

literally all she did was put on lashes and blush then bailed. ken the doll showed up and told her to use license free music and she pretended to play dumb like she didnt know what that was.

No. 1834606

File: 1685065338539.png (93.89 KB, 407x514, Skin.png)

Her internet must be crap it kept going low quality but managed to capture this shot of her skin. It was looking really rough, especially near her chin.

No. 1834608

jesus christ it feels like the surgery has been "at the end of the month" for weeks now, is it really not until the end of june?

No. 1834618

She made it seem like everything was going to happening back to back, and then said she would be recovering during her actual birthday. So possibly mid-June. My guess is she's having the surgery sometime in the week of June 19th-23rd.

No. 1834628

>watch me finish my makeup at 6pm!

No. 1834633

Dont forget her recent prostitution thing with a new "sugar daddy" where according to her she got 2k.

No. 1834639

Didnt ribmeat require a single cat no dog home by the shelter? No wonder why. Poor stressed animal.

No. 1834640

Tips for Minimizing the Appearance of Scars from Boob Job:
Avoiding smoking, which can impair healing and increase scarring
Staying hydrated and maintaining a healthy diet
Keep the incision site clean and dry
Wear loose-fitting clothing to avoid irritation of the incision site
Stop smoking 6-8 weeks pre and post-surgery

Got this info from a website about breast surgery healing. I tried to highlight the things she will have an issue with.

No. 1834646

This is what I was guessing (and why I didn’t believe it was her tit getting replaced despite the signs- I just don’t see her doing any legwork for something like this)- the insurance company didn’t call her because they had her implant replacement date coming up, I wonder if her evil mom arranged everything and told her this is her chance to get it done. I’m sorry you had to deal with it nona, it’s disgusting how much control insurance companies have.

No. 1834659

You can tell she wants to be one of those girls who can go on tiktok and Instagram and just go live and get money for not having to get naked. She made her bed now she has to lie in it. She should just delete everything and try get as much wiped as possible, legally change her name and start as a non sexual influencer/get a part time job and she’ll probably feel happier.‘I know she won’t

No. 1834662

But she wouldn't make any money. At least with sex work she has a few retards that are prepared to pay her.

No. 1834666

Damn anon I’m sorry for your experience.
Could the other costs like pain meds under her parents insurance be a factor though? I’d imagine that insurance will work for those drugs and that those drugs are really expensive without their insurance (after 26) later on.

No. 1834702

Speaking of turning 26 and getting booted from the insurance… she is gonna hurt when she has one of her many trips to the ER and gets that bill in the mail.

No. 1834707

Her parents will just give the fat fuck money as usual. She’ll never suffer any real consequences. I honestly think this is the beginning of better things for her. No one dares to really call her out and she keeps getting away with things. I hate her fake baby uwu voice and fat linebacker shoulders and ham arms. Why even have surgery before losing weight? She’s so gross. I hope she does.

No. 1834708

She won’t have to pay. Her parents will just give the fat fuck money as usual. She’ll never suffer any real consequences.

No. 1834716

LMAO not me looking at their crotches first before noticing…

No. 1834723

>dat neotonous bbgurl uwu neanderthal brow ridge

No. 1834724

Good job Nona

No. 1834727

File: 1685074965716.jpeg (134 KB, 1170x915, 365F3E0E-CFB8-4ABF-89C5-F5A6D8…)

Pretty sure she got this genius idea from the last thread

No. 1834733

I can't wait for the expectation vs reality shell-shock she is gonna have.

No. 1834737

Locking it in now, she goes through a long infection saga to panhandle money and recycles old hospital pics in the grift

No. 1834740

It would suck to be Shayna’s parents. Imagine you were funding this for your daughter

No. 1834741

File: 1685076526732.jpeg (206.48 KB, 1150x1687, C4785639-5101-46AA-AFD7-C21D3B…)

So I guess she’s going to go see Robert Plant with the Big Bleak Girls porn moid. Do you guys think she’ll film another video with him?

Someone in the previous thread posted this comment from him where he mentions she should wear her Shein dress for him and Robert and Nonnies were trying speculate who Robert was kek


No. 1834742

I know a breast surgery seems like not a big deal because it is mostly cosmetic, but I think it’s understandable to be nervous. A girl I went to high school with had breast augmentation surgery when she was 16 (probably same reason as Shayna) and she died during the surgery. (It was really eery because it seemed like teachers weren’t supposed to talk about how she died, so she was just dead one day without explanation, but somehow everyone figured it out).

No. 1834752

Kek I wonder what she thinks her boobs are going to look like? She’s likely getting cheap implants and probably isn’t going very big because of her small necro-tit. The size isn’t the only issue, the density and shape between the two is apples and oranges. She would have to chop her real tit down to match. And the scarring from that takes forever to chill(not be red). She wouldn’t be able to show her tits for months.

I honestly think she’s going to come out of this worse and addicted to pain meds.

No. 1834758

So many of the whores who campaign against her are either pedo panderers or otherwise disgusting themselves. They're usually absolutely two faced and it's gross to see them push her down to build themselves up higher than the dirt

No. 1834759

Damn that’s so sad. Poor girl. TBH it sounds like Shat is scared of losing money and not so much the surgery itself

No. 1834762

I don’t understand Shayna’s baboons. When she was skinny her breasts were pretty small, which means the implant itself must have been small. I wonder how such a small implant contributed to her having one big solid/hard boob. I imagine most of her “necrotit” isn’t the implant because it’s at least twice the size of when she got the bamboo

No. 1834807

shes not gonna wear her compression bra or do any after care that requires effort. cant wait to see this!

No. 1834821

I guess all that volume is scar tissue

No. 1834849

Gone for almost a month?? Where do her animals go? How will she access her hourly weed dosages

No. 1834870

No she means gone from work, she'll be at her house.

No. 1834872

File: 1685099969624.png (16 KB, 491x637, whats wrong with you.png)

Thank you to whoever ruined this cute idea. Never trying this again.

No. 1834888

File: 1685101274276.jpg (112.82 KB, 1080x1279, 1559702426058.jpg)

I mean, what did you really expect?

No. 1834907

>NTA but shouldn't she already know about the recovery process since she had one implant before? I still think she's gonna be lazy and negligent but it's also not like she hasn't had an implant 'recovery' period before.

She was 15, still young and healthy. If she had experimented with weed and alcohol, she definitely wasn't a "daily tokers and weekly binge drinker" type thing. She still lived at home and had at least one parent to care for her make sure she was following her instruction and "drinking her water". And being that young definitely helps speed up recovery. She was probably given as much time as she needed to stay home from school and recuperate and be baby'd.

She's still pretty young but she's given her body a BEATING with her alcohol abuse and constant smoking (weed and nicotine). Her mental health isn't good. Her money isn't right. Ellen is her only support (which is probably why she's actually mentioning her on twitter a lot lately). Her relationship with her mom isn't good, and her Dad certainly isn't gonna fly out and take care of her. Shes going to be all alone in this one.

I reeeeallllyyy hope she doesn't start doing house calls for FSSW and letting guys just sniff her ass or fuck her with a bra on when she starts hemorrhaging her savings while bored at home during recovery. I can definitely see her inviting random old men to come over when he's in some pill induced haze.

No. 1834910

sry accidentally posted this in the main thread instead of the tit discussion thread in /shay/. cant delete do to password glitch.

No. 1834921

She said in her live that they’re not going to be big but shouldn’t they be kinda big to be proportionate with her fat body? Not trying to be too mean kek.

No. 1834951

Lmao I was thinking the same thing, she’s big as a fucking house, idk what she imagines is a proportionate size that wouldn’t also be big.

No. 1834972

I think she's going to try to get the bigger tittie cut down to match the smaller one. It'd be more easier to chop/lift the bigger tit and put in an implant then it is to make the smaller tit match the big one. So regardless my tinfoil is that her tits are going to be smaller but perky, which isn't a bad thing but considering her body right now?
Yeah it'd look weird if she keeps gaining weight I feel her tits might just end up fucked up again? Like wouldn't the big tit grow naturally around the Implant and the smaller one do the same thing it's doing now? But slightly bigger?

No. 1834973

The scrote doesn’t know her real name is Shayna tf else is he suppose to call her

No. 1834974

Damn her face is so fat and ugly. That sweatshirt must smell musty as hell. The design is already fading away

No. 1834983

Whatever happened with the dental insurance she signed up for to get braces? She said she was going to get them in a couple more months a couple months ago

No. 1834985

she’s delusional and didn’t understand how much braces are gonna be even with insurance. she probably already figured out that she’s better off with those at home companies like byte or whatever. but those wouldn’t make her look pubescent so she’s given up.

No. 1834987

File: 1685117569018.jpeg (209.53 KB, 1170x1648, IMG_2563.jpeg)


No. 1834989

File: 1685117752120.jpg (124.76 KB, 1000x1500, fat boy body shay.jpg)

This deserved the bikini treatment. Post-Op Shayna 2024.

No. 1834991

File: 1685117990072.jpeg (71.91 KB, 1170x480, IMG_2564.jpeg)

No. 1834992

She is going to gain a ton of weight laying around during recovery. Her becoming one of those fat chicks with tiny boobs seems accurate.

No. 1835001

File: 1685119374906.jpeg (224.62 KB, 1161x1682, 2ECF0CC6-9C54-4FAB-A3CE-D12C73…)

No. 1835006

File: 1685119674999.jpeg (392.78 KB, 1170x1169, E6BF6D0B-0394-4C86-90B2-34C71E…)

No. 1835007

File: 1685119816424.jpeg (351.61 KB, 1170x1137, A98773DE-BFB5-4150-8CD9-04C4B2…)

No. 1835016

This is some Katie Babyfayce 2009 site model posing. Why does she think that her coomers want to see this? She wants to be a normal influencer so bad kek.

No. 1835021

i think the dark turn started a while ago tbh…

No. 1835025

shes genuinely so fucking ugly. the combover, slug eyebrows, yaniv smirk, fungal acne and $2 shein nails. i really wish i knew what she sees when she looks in the mirror

No. 1835028

File: 1685121798111.jpeg (41.19 KB, 750x667, 5F23E597-255A-4D01-9570-FF1DED…)

No. 1835032

Lmao this new “going live on IG” arc is too funny. She really thinks she has a chance at being more than what she is. Can’t wait to see today’s ~lewk~

No. 1835033

She looks like one of those chain-smoking midwestern blonde girls who dabbled in meth in high school who now repost dozens of pitmommy memes on facebook every day.

No. 1835035

File: 1685122361696.jpeg (182.38 KB, 1125x1864, IMG_4728.jpeg)

Samefag but WOOF, I cannot fucking believe she is the age she is.

No. 1835036

Kek 20 minutes yeah sure. So she’ll maybe go live in about 6 hours

No. 1835037

If you told me she was 40 I'd believe you

No. 1835038

File: 1685122587528.jpeg (8.66 KB, 750x120, 849CA955-4ACE-44D7-BB23-3BABEF…)

it said she's live now

No. 1835043

Shayna when you first started being a sex worker the farms told you to drop it and try to transition into being a regular influencer. You missed your moment by about 8 years . But, I also get why she's doing the lives. She likes attention but clearly hates the sex and work parts of being a sex worker. With IG lives she can feel like a micro influencer instead of a failing cam girl.

No. 1835047

And a rough 40 at that…the way she styles herself just calls attention to how utterly haggard she is. I truly wonder if she knows deep down or just thinks we are all jealous haters and that she totally looks like an uwu bratty teen.

No. 1835048

File: 1685123155869.png (360.34 KB, 703x725, beautiful.png)

No. 1835050

shaynatorium. now.

No. 1835051

the skin looks like alcohol, nicotine, no water and no sunscreen. I went to school with a girl that had skin like that when she was 18, because she smoked a lot and liked to tan. But honestly, Shay is an inspiration, to drink water, use sunscreen and stop the alcohol, so she is, after all, good for something.

I think she knows and therefore consumes all the drugs she does.

No. 1835053

Wtf did she do anything? She’s not live anymore

No. 1835057

File: 1685124114036.png (9.61 KB, 500x223, 99609FE3-464C-48A3-BE8E-286718…)

maybe just testing. ill be around to cap if she does. she posted her sob story vid on Instagram btw. Im laughing my ass off at this coomer comment

No. 1835062

File: 1685124570465.png (298.26 KB, 605x651, 60DC7D99-0135-42DE-95BB-656E64…)

holy shit, her skin looks painful. if she cant take care of her face how is she gonna care for surgery scars?

No. 1835064

is she filling in her brows or are they permanently that dark? they look really had and don’t compliment her face anymore. the thinness just accentuates how pudgy it looks now.

No. 1835072

those things never complimented her face, I’m pretty sure she just draws them on. She talked about microneedling but that was a long time ago. she needs to go a couple shades lighter and fill them in with a lighter hand. They are too harsh for her face and make her look dirty.

No. 1835077

Samefag, sorry, I mean’t microblading.

No. 1835078

File: 1685125272875.png (35.39 KB, 595x99, E7A07784-43C3-49DC-94FA-96A0EE…)

So Shayna will be leaving June 12 to fly to Vegas and will be meeting up to shoot with the black chick and the STD ridden old man scrote from biggulpgirls. Then her and the STD guy are going to this concert on the 14th then she’s flying out to Boston to stay with her mom for a month and do the tit surgery.

No. 1835082

Kek this was so rough I thought it was a nonnie edit

No. 1835083


Tell me this has been edited to look ugly. I know you couldn't have possibly added in the crust in the corner of her mouth, but my God. Giant honkin nose covered in highlighter, every flake of dry skin on display, if her eyes didn't look so sad I'd fully believe she would have to be off her tits on xans to think these parched laundry day headshots are desired by anyone

No. 1835086

She goes on IG live to pump out this caliber of lewk like a Younique-shilling MLM hun kek. Honestly surprised she hasn’t joined a pyramid shayeme by now with all the scamming and begging she already does

No. 1835095

how much protein do you think shayna is getting a day? i feel like other than the times she eats out she just survives off alcohol, juice, and snack items like cheese strings, chips, crackers. her diet has to be fucking atrocious for her skin to look that bad. remember nonnies, you wear in public what you eat in privates. YIKES.

No. 1835096

The fact that Shayna has no real friends to go to concerts with and goes with degenerate porn making coomers as if they’re best buddies is so bleak

No. 1835098

my theory is she conned her dad or mom (or both) into paying for the entire surgery as a birthday to gift to her. guess we’ll see if either one gives her something big on the actual day. all this money she says she needs is probably just to cover rent, expenses, drugs and fun money during her recovery. i mean, her apartment along not including utilities is like $2200 a month.

No. 1835099

depends on how much protein is in dim sum

No. 1835100


I doubt it. MAYBE half like "we'll help you out on the deformity maintenance + physical recovery" end of things but springing for the whole thing? Nah, that's edging a bit too close to supporting her career/lifestyle

I find it amusing that she's reduced to taking the help offered. I'm sure her past skinny tumblr Era self pictured that by the time her implant was due for replacing she'd have it paid for by her adoring fans and would be recovering in an enviable home she owned tended to by her loving partner and doting friends.

No. 1835101

Who let these retards out of the shaynatorium

No. 1835103

If they combine what they would have paid in general plus what they would have given her for her birthday in general, its definitely plausible. IF her story about it because caused by a chicken pox vaccine is true, they probably harbor a lot of guilt over knowing they mutilated their baby with their choice to give her the vaccine and ultimately which led to her lifestyle choice. I mean they gave a fucked up 15-year-old girl a fake tit to show off to the world. They should feel guilty.

No. 1835105


She's like the posterchild for what happens when you survive exclusively off ultraprocessed food and "enhanced" non-water beverages. Isn't she the only fatty in her family? So she didn't even inherit poor dietary habits as an excuse

No. 1835108

nona are you okay?

No. 1835111

So I guess with all the aftercare involved with boob jobs that informed nonas have been sharing, this current round of personal trainer workout LARP is over. I see she’s real torn up about not being able to exercise for the next however long

No. 1835117

what is the white shit on her sleeve?

No. 1835118

What is she mad about now?
Absolute lack of lips. She looks like one of the whos in Horton hears a who.

No. 1835122

It will never not confuse me how we scream, "SHAYNA YOUR LIPS ARE CRUSTY ASS SHIT" and she will stare at herself for HOURS and never notice her dry lips. Doesn't even lick them. Besides the yellow teeth and white tongue, you know Shayna's breathe is always fucking stinky. Just morning breath all day, her lips let you know.

No. 1835123

File: 1685129835004.jpeg (92.33 KB, 1170x909, D0DE80A9-95ED-4E95-BED8-55F141…)

What is this lump I circled? Looks like an Ethan Klein-like growth or wart.

No. 1835127

You made it worse somehow.

No. 1835133

File: 1685130557463.jpeg (189.35 KB, 1170x1841, IMG_2566.jpeg)


No. 1835134

File: 1685130681427.jpeg (194.17 KB, 1170x1421, IMG_2567.jpeg)

No. 1835136


Do you know what stealing means Shay? Did she steal or did she ask permission to copy?

Fucking idiot, instead of seeing this as a potential door opening for gigs and collaboration she's ONCE AGAIN getting messy and shitting on other women on main. Never change

No. 1835138

She literally asked. Shayna when you have conversations with pedos you don't blast them, she literally says she's under the influence. Yeah it's retarded but this is really fucking weird.
>act like it
Even if she did "act like it" and interacts you'd still have an issue with her asking this. This isn't something that needs to be blasted.
Titna must be having a bad day because she usually does multiple calls outs when she's mad at something else. Call out the scrotes asking you to say you are underaged

No. 1835139

File: 1685131293670.jpeg (7.52 KB, 158x207, BigSnooze.jpeg)

I can't deal. She looks like Elmer Fudd.

No. 1835140

shouldn't she be happy she asked? It's fucking porn, weird diaper fetish porn at that. I know she wants exposure since Womack dipped out but ffs Shayna's acting like she painted the Mona Lisa

No. 1835141

I really hope someone calls her out. This is just bitchy,there's no reason to post this especially when the person says they are high. No sympathy for either but why is she sharing this?

No. 1835142

>>1835133 "small business". God bless her delusion.

No. 1835143

>act like it
She basically means,
“Don’t even speak to me unless you are heaping praise upon all of my social media, especially my Twitter posts, liking and RTing everything I say and sending me money”

No. 1835145

She really thinks her whoring is noble

No. 1835148

I'm sure her blood started boiling the second she imagined another chick (and based off shaynas description, likely a non-obese conventionally cute to hot one at that) outselling her by using her cringe fetish concepts. Blah blah she works so hard blah blah unfair blah blah where was she when shayna needed rescuing from nazi cancellations blah blah blah never talk to me or my indie tit ever again

No. 1835153

File: 1685132588920.jpeg (406.18 KB, 1279x1177, EE7DC03A-385C-44D1-AAA9-35A460…)

She could honestly be cute if she wasnt a fat addict and actually took care of herself. All I did was smooth her skin, fix her roots, and gave her some fresh makeup.(post fanart in /Shay/)

No. 1835156

Why do the most mediocre shay pictures get fan art made constantly it’s the same photo you guys photoshop Everytime please move on
She’s never gonna be thin again, she’s never gonna quit anesthetizing herself with food drugs alcohol and porn. Stop this weird she could be cute, she could be a lot of things anon.

No. 1835158

Her parents are to blame for a lot of it but I know a girl who had uneven boobs and got hers done in high school and she did not turn out to be an OF prostitute, she’s a pharmacist now iirc. I think the attention from the internet so young is probably what doomed Shaynus the most, it explains why she’s stuck at a mental maturity of a high schooler.

No. 1835163

No idea who this girl is but I can bet my life that she is thinner and better looking than Shay and that’s what really pisses her off the most. Imagine a thinner pretty sex worker “stealing her ideas” and profiting off of it, she’s seething.

No. 1835164

tfw this isnt even cute

No. 1835165

File: 1685133373909.jpeg (25.94 KB, 750x205, F5A68044-555A-41C9-99AE-9C23F7…)

she deleted this?

No. 1835167


And she's extra pissy because real life doesn't operate under the same uwu pc rules as tumblr. This isn't someone tracing your furry art Shay, and a rabid pack of wokescolds aren't gonna rise up to cancel her, nor will any of their respective client pools give a single fuck. She'll be lucky if she even gets a monsters Inc hug reply out of this.

No. 1835169

KEK you can tell she will keep her mouth shut about whoever it is because you know her degenerate coomers will jump ship from Shaymu to whoever it is because they’ll get to see their sick paraphilias done by a possibly attractive/non-obese woman.

No. 1835171

File: 1685134110861.jpeg (120.55 KB, 1280x941, 472401B3-E8BF-42D3-97C7-AA7F8A…)

Shayna, if she was a Youtuber.

No. 1835172

she looks the same minus the mole and the greasy brown roots

No. 1835173

she wishes

No. 1835175

What the fuck is up with all of these shitty edits being posted in the main thread. Can you please keep this autism to the shaynatorium

No. 1835177

minimod rage damn

No. 1835178

she looks like fat lindsey lohan here

No. 1835179

Are you the same anon who made that ugly traced drawing

No. 1835186

Kek and then posted their own shitty drawing in the ‘favourite art’ thread

No. 1835203

File: 1685137770689.jpeg (Spoiler Image,157.13 KB, 1170x1275, B5743F6D-7243-4033-B061-463214…)


No. 1835206

I hope the girl who messaged does the calling out kek I’m deeply curious bc the other nonnas are right, she’s almost certainly far cuter than Shaynus judging by the viperous response.

No. 1835208

does anyone else think shayna sent this to herself? she use to do shit like that on tumblr all the time.

No. 1835210

>I know a girl who had uneven boobs and got hers done in high school and she did not turn out to be an OF prostitute, she’s a pharmacist now
This made me laugh for some reason lol

No. 1835211

Oh you really harkened me back to the olden days nonna kek she def did used to send herself asks on tumblr. Those were usually ass kissing, tho IIRC

No. 1835217

We just know she's going to get wasted asf at that concert and act like a "rock dad bimbo" what do we bet she's going to wear?

No. 1835225

Damn, hope your day gets better nonas. Thread pic politics certainly brings the salt. Kek.

No. 1835227

The saddest part is she is probably going to fuck that scrote again after the concert despite him removing her vid from his site.

No. 1835228

She should go blonder. It suits her better.

No. 1835246

It’s just pathetic when we are here to talk about the cow and someone tries to butt on and soak up attention for some mediocre drawing or ‘I made her pretty(No you didn’t)’ edit. Retarded nonnies forget the thread isn’t about them and isn’t a place for them to farm attention.

No. 1835249

Creative nonnies you’re all very fun and all but there’s a whole /shay/ for that stuff

No. 1835252

Small business owner? KEK

No. 1835254

I assume she blocked the person and then posted it. It's kinda weird how shayna often does this but only to people she knows won't respond or thinks won't see it. I'd love for this person to see that and tell shayna to fuck off, but also I feel like they probably have little followers so it won't matter

No. 1835260

Agree. Like that one angry nona last thread who wanted her poorly made jesus meme to be thread pic so hard just cause she posted it. Very cringy. But I also agree with >>1835249 though that a lot of good shit comes from the more creative anons. So there’s really no need to be unnecessarily cunty with comments like >>1835186 in both threads when that Nona literally posted art in the correct thread for it. Not exactly sure what the problem is?

No. 1835262

Why does she look like an English boy called Darren?

No. 1835264

File: 1685143415145.jpeg (Spoiler Image,96.77 KB, 750x949, FA721539-CA3D-498A-8AC4-B3F663…)

she's so fat and haggard

No. 1835265

File: 1685143455481.jpeg (114.99 KB, 750x571, E7D5EB1C-BF61-417A-9C7F-4A79FB…)

i cropped this one but why is she making soy boy face

No. 1835268

i dont know if you missed it, but the anon who posted her own art in the 'your favorite shay art' thread also posted multiple edits of the drawing in the main thread as she was making it, along with multiple attempts to 'make a collage' for the thread pic which involved her drawing front and center. when people said her collage was ugly and it didn't get picked, that's when she posted her art in the thread for peoples favorite art. if she had just posted the drawing and let it be that, no one would care but shes obviously using this thread as some sort of self fulfillment.

No. 1835269

TY Nona. I couldn’t put into words why she looked so uniquely trashy here. Definitely giving Chav vibes with those brows.

No. 1835271

and ur giving it to them with this derail. its obvious they got under your skin, but some shitty art posted in a /shay/ thread is truly not that serious nonnie.

No. 1835274

>complains about derail
>is continuing to derail

No. 1835284

She looks completely gone in her eyes. How can anyone get off to this?

No. 1835287

She shouldn’t post her art at all. I made a perfectly good meme that should have been thread pic because multiple people liked it until this talentless bitch started posting her stupid Shayna fan art multiple times. Go to the last thread if you missed it, because she quickly made a collage for the new thread and put her stupid drawing front and center and made it block the funnier meme I made. You couldn’t even see the funniest joke I made. Then having the audacity to post it in the art thread after like it was actually good is what makes me most mad. I didn’t even post my meme there out of the sanctity of the art despite everyone thinking it was better than hers, yet she immediately runs there and posts her own art in the SHART thread still craving more attention. You are only supposed to post other peoples art there. You aren’t supposed to post your own art in the Shart thread. Especially ugly art like hers that isn’t even well done. She isn’t following the rules and is trying to use the Shayna threads for her own fulfillment. This doesn’t bother anyone else?(infighting)

No. 1835292

Omg please go outside

No. 1835295

I agree with you she shouldn’t be allowed to shit up the threads but yeah I think you might be taking this a little too personally

No. 1835297

Don’t doubt the depreciate of moids. They like girls they they are easily accessible or attainable and not out of their league.

No. 1835299

This is becoming a more and more unflattering pose and it’s the only one she does

No. 1835302

Fupa's cum she saved all this time.

No. 1835303

File: 1685147717946.jpeg (Spoiler Image,136.01 KB, 1170x1190, IMG_2572.jpeg)

No. 1835305

kek is it just me or does it look like she misspelled it "Dolly Mottel" and she added a tail to the A?

No. 1835308

She’s always looked like some goofy moid British tv presenter or comedian to me.

No. 1835309

kek i think she fucking did

No. 1835317

lol she did, she probably got this paddle through a drop shipper on etsy, got blocked from putting “Mattel” in it bc it’s a brand, & did that as a workaround

No. 1835320

Did Ellen bite her again or are we headed for a lyme disease saga

No. 1835324


Kek Dolly Motel is a much more fitting name and I support this rebrand.

No. 1835326

File: 1685150444787.jpg (2.67 KB, 125x123, 1499769388910s.jpg)

Wtf. Does anynonny know what kind of injuries would cause those little spotted blood marks? I know a lot of bruises will have visible pooled blood under the surface of the skin, but that shit looks like she was poked with a hundred little needles. Downright creepy

No. 1835330

Might be the brush she’s holding in this pic nona >>1835303

No. 1835333

Yeah I meant more like why does it look like that spotty pattern instead of just regular solid bruising. Like how does a brush cause that? It's so weird

No. 1835334

File: 1685151801930.png (33.21 KB, 813x487, Unfair.png)

excuse me? i'm not taking it personally? its just pathetic people want to defend posting this kind of garbage in the thread saying its "creative" when it takes away from actually good stuff like the jesus being heckled meme i made. i actually think she copied my idea and quickly made this thread just so my submission wouldn't be the new thread pic. i had the idea of titspergers being like jesus first and she stole it ontop of using a thread about Shayna to get validation for her ugly traced drawing.

fuck off.(autistic infighting)

No. 1835336

The bristles? Good thing there’s a video coming up so we can all watch and learn

No. 1835337

is this the paddle Shane P Sonnier's wife gifted her?

No. 1835338

Nta but you really do need to go outside if you’re getting this upset in a Shayna thread

No. 1835339

fine. guess i'll just stop contributing to the thread then.

No. 1835340

File: 1685152321876.jpeg (Spoiler Image,124.79 KB, 1169x1373, A3A695A8-A71B-4986-AA76-E0B3C6…)

she's got herpes or some kind of bacteria pimples going on down there again

No. 1835341

Godspeed nona, the thread won’t be the same without you

No. 1835345

Kek. And this is what they think is so groundbreaking >>1833722 I guess this is what happens when you too much time in the Shayna threads.

No. 1835347

return of the cooter pustules

No. 1835348

she's gonna get on medicaid for people with no income and go even more often because no one she knows will have to pay for it

No. 1835351

You’re not even the one who came up with that meme. I posted the memw template in the thread and you just edited a couple words onto it like I suggested. The chosen thread pic anon isn’t even the same person as the shitty art anon. You made my idea into a meme and someone else made a better version. You really need to touch grass

No. 1835352

It's called Petechiae and it occurs when capillaries break and bleed into the skin. Nothing fancy here but I would worry that what ever was used for spanking her needs to be burned lest her ass acne be spread like shaybola

No. 1835354

File: 1685153957822.jpeg (82.96 KB, 1170x1276, IMG_2580.jpeg)

No. 1835357

>The chosen thread pic anon isn’t even the same person as the shitty art anon.

And you know this how? Quit talking out your ass.

No. 1835362

crazy conspiracy theory: the real Shayna Clifford died somewhere shortly after the Fupa saga. then a 40-something mom of 3 lookalike took her place after she lost her 3 kids to CPS from drug and alcohol use. Her family went along with it because they missed their daughter so much and knew she would probably die young due to her own stupidity.

(this is a joke, please don’t take this shit seriously. I hate that I have to explain that)

No. 1835363

they are cysts from poor shaving and hygiene habits. she’s a disgusting creature.

No. 1835364

those are called welts. welts can be raised or flat, sometimes they are little rings like that too. it happens when blood pools under the skin, similar to a bruise. the main difference is that bruising is deeper under the skin than a welt; a welt is closer to the surface. they usually discolor similar to bruises too, going from red to purple to yellow.

No. 1835366

Wow what a steaming hot idubbbz take. What would we do without her insight?

No. 1835370

File: 1685157774552.jpeg (200.24 KB, 1170x1393, IMG_2579.jpeg)

No. 1835377

Sounds like what happens when you never leave your apartment for years

No. 1835379

She want to be a viral influencer so bad except she’s just a bitter ass bitch who burns all her bridges and posts weird porn

No. 1835383

This is literally because she’s chronically online and watched too many thalassophobia tiktoks or whatever. This has been an internet thing for years i stg her entire personality is synthesized from social media apps

No. 1835384

Homer Simpson eating a hotdog

No. 1835401

>”I want to take my gf to dinner!”
>Gets sent $50
Kek that’s not even enough to cover Shayna’s trough and all her drinks

The Scott Hancock gift that keeps on giving

No. 1835405

Kek so autistic

No. 1835421

I was thinking… maybe she’s going to Vegas again to rerecord the porn video with Big Gulp scrote? That’s why he removed it, so they can record a “better” one.

No. 1835424

Unspoilered and said 'ugh' outloud. I'm surprised she has any coomers at all… This is bottom of the barrel. She claims to be insecure and self conscious but has she been blinded by years of posting every inch of her body online for free? Because I'm not seeing how you could look at this bloated corpse-like body and be okay with anyone else laying eyes on it. How can a whore look so bad???? How can a whore just accept giant pussy boils??? She is my greatest mystery.

No. 1835427

It’s so autistic to have a bitch fit over someone stealing your meme on an image board and then crying and saying you’re going to leave because people ask you to stop sperging.
Your meme wasn’t that good and no one is going to remember it by the end of this thread.

Does anyone know if shaymu is going to stay at her parents for her “month” of recovery?

No. 1835431

That meme wasn’t even that funny to begin with, everyone is fucking autistic (myself included)
>Shayna’s trough
>never talk to me or my indie tit ever again

No. 1835432

You tagged that anon in a post I made, I'm not the anon whining, so I'm confused.

No. 1835433

To clarify I made this post >>>/snow/1833722, I'm not >>1835334 and I'm genuinely confused why >>1835345 tagged me.

No. 1835435

She’s just seething

No. 1835439

Girl they’re mocking you for thinking >>>/snow/1833722 Is so groundbreaking. It’s one Shayna meme a million, it’s just supposed to give people a light chuckle for two seconds before they keep scrolling down. I know you’re upset but this behavior to not being praised over a Shayna meme isn’t normal.

No. 1835455

Nobody is me because I'm not >>1835334 and >>1835334 isn't the one who made the >>>/snow/1833722 meme. That was me. I do not know what >>1835334 is talking about. I never made one post whining about >>>/snow/1833722 after I made it that day.(derailing)

No. 1835459

Good lord take it to /shay/ or something, who cares who made what shitty meme we are all anonymous

No. 1835460

holy shit she truly is morphing into ALR

No. 1835479

For the love of God, no one gives a shit who you are Shitty Meme Anon. Stop shitting up the thread with your infighting. All this autism is far worse than the nona posting her crappy art in the shART thread.

No. 1835482

Shayna knows of Ethan from H3H3? Cow crossover.

No. 1835533

>>1835482 Who on the internet doesn't know of him? You'd have to actively try to avoid him.

No. 1835591

File: 1685201340557.jpeg (44.03 KB, 694x554, A46CB68E-CF26-4BAA-9362-C2C255…)


No. 1835604

File: 1685203720710.jpeg (51.33 KB, 750x681, AD5F7740-C23F-4457-83E8-129F0A…)

No. 1835606

File: 1685204214261.jpeg (155.83 KB, 1170x1902, 29FB8223-345E-4F6E-AA64-7E1253…)

KEK her coomers are providing some hilarious commentary recently

No. 1835613

kek what the fuck does mean

No. 1835616

Hes making fun of her. Use google to look up "breath right strips" and youll get it. Lol

No. 1835619

File: 1685206039589.jpeg (20.78 KB, 750x205, B6829CC3-F4B7-4C55-8ABA-C10959…)

she deleted this whatever it means

No. 1835621

File: 1685206170381.jpg (214.17 KB, 1440x1440, robotdoll.jpg)

This is him btw

No. 1835626

its giving jacob sockness

No. 1835637

>if her story about it being caused by a chicken pox vaccine is true
it literally cannot be true, there is nothing in a chicken pox vaccine that can cause one-sided breast deformity

No. 1835651

Breathe right strips are like a sticky strip you put on your nose before going to sleep and it’s supposed to help open your nasal passages so you can breathe better/not snore. Shayna is wearing a bandaid on her face kek

No. 1835667

I wonder how many of her coomers legitimately think it's a breathing strip. These guys are boomers and don't understand the "cutesy" aesthetic she's going for, it's gotta be at least 50%, right? Kek

No. 1835673

they're actually awesome when you're sick/congested, they just pull your nasal passages open a tiny bit. can be a game changer though, especially if you don't want to take medication for whatever is ailing your sinuses.

No. 1835678

File: 1685211471138.jpeg (122.35 KB, 1170x1218, IMG_2593.jpeg)

No. 1835711

if someone would tell me that picture was taken from a true crime show, I would believe them…

No. 1835712

Honestly do think she looks better bleached blonde the dirty blonde she’s been doing makes her hair look especially greasy but that’s my opinion

No. 1835806

What's her plan for when she doesn't hit the goal? She's only got around 2 weeks to make that money and has already been paid by her new sugar daddy. It seems like her customers aren't tipping much right now, probably annoyed by her daily begging

No. 1835812


No. 1835814


No. 1835817

a better question here is what the hell has Shay originated? That's stupid AGP grin while she holds a boob up with her hand? like.

I find it difficult to believe that anyone messaged her about this at all. If some other girl said that she was inspired by Shayna she should have just said thank you and ended the convo. christ. who the shit cares?

No. 1835819

she's not even particularly attractive, And even the ugliest most repulsive johns/"daddies" vomit are extremely judgmental because they literally see these women as an object. they often want them to recreate porn and to be as fit and attractive as a woman in porn. shay looks doughy. she's not hideous but she also isn't attractive enough to demand $$$

No. 1835820

have you seen actual prostitutes? men will fuck anything. she might not get 500 dollars but she can get money for sex.

No. 1835824

>anything helps
literally a cardboard hobo sign

No. 1835865

File: 1685240736342.gif (614.84 KB, 640x470, 9EC1B766-028A-41A8-9754-F5A9B9…)

No. 1835876

R/dead eyes used to exist but reddit mods got rid of it. Don't doubt the depravity of moids.

No. 1835886

It just shows how much she actually doesn’t enjoy this shit considering she’s begging for money every day and getting fatter and uglier. When is the last time she’s had her hair done? She would do it like all the time. Scrambling for pennies before her big surgery.

No. 1835890

Doesn’t help when we’re in a recession either. They say that sex workers are the first to know.

No. 1835921

File: 1685249180567.png (144.1 KB, 563x1052, Gru_(Despicable_Me).png)

No. 1835977

How do all these sex workers beg for money so much and still think they are achieving success? Or are most of them lying and don’t need it? I think Shay does need the money but also somehow convinced herself that she is in the right career despite that. That’s pretty obvious I guess… I would be having an existential crisis if I found myself not really contributing to the world in a meaningful way and also not able to support myself and just consuming my way through life

No. 1836020

I think Shay "needs" the money for her insane spending habits. But if she actually managed her money properly and stopped spending hundreds extra every month on food and random shein crap then she'd "need" about $1500-2k less.

A lot of them are using the word need instead of want kek.

No. 1836054

File: 1685274333872.jpg (220.12 KB, 1080x1920, 349138077_205293799082815_4501…)

From her insta story
Shaymu on a road trip?

No. 1836058

File: 1685274756482.png (229.41 KB, 1080x1420, 20230528_144527.png)

Her comment. Is this about Shayna being jealous of good looking people getting more interaction on social media again?

No. 1836076

That’s gotta be from yesterday. I live like 20-30min from Shay and it’s 6:11am in WA right now. Should be cloudy until it gets closer to noon.
I would bet money on it. She’s such a jealous bitter hog.

No. 1836079

It's insane to me how so many things that make her look unattractive and crusty can be fixed nearly instantly. Take a hot shower and boil the crust off, use less make-up or take it off, wash your hair, go to a better nail salon or use hand cream, put some vaseline on your lips, you name it… I know she's a lazy fuck and this has been discussed to hell and back but it's so insane. I just KNOW she feels bloated and uncomfortable 24/7. So fucking bleak. If someone told me this was an image of someone addicted to heroin, I'd believe you.
Saged for blogposting/autism

No. 1836102

>>1836079 but water feels gRoSs and sLimY. She cant stand anything on her lips, which I assume means she cant stand lotion or cream on her body. She does not wash off old makeup before putting on new I guarantee it, and no, make up wipes do not count.

No. 1836110

The water feels gross and slimy because it's mixing with the grease and filth from her body. If she showered regularly it would just feel like warm water.

No. 1836118

>>1836110 That is also her reason for not drinking water. She has got to be autistic for this shit.

No. 1836149

Any woman with a functional vagina can get money from selling sex to scrotes. She just won't get a lot, and that's mainly because she's an idiot pickme

No. 1836171

File: 1685296100442.jpeg (197.81 KB, 1170x1976, BA672BF5-6CCD-476D-B8AB-14C7D7…)

The quitting saga is now “Defo weening down” kek

No. 1836196

She will never be sober

No. 1836228

File: 1685304481623.png (158.3 KB, 864x1279, Screenshot_20230528-130845.png)

Her new website is live

No. 1836229

File: 1685304590329.png (71.78 KB, 864x1106, Screenshot_20230528-131050.png)

25 almost 26 isn't early 20s kek

No. 1836230

Well, someone’s going to get a copyright letter.

No. 1836233

File: 1685304790108.jpeg (57.43 KB, 817x834, B499CBE5-AD02-456A-8CFF-A1C78F…)

Oof, is the layout shit for everyone or is it just my phone? Also lmao at that picture she chose to advertise being a sugarbaby.

No. 1836234

File: 1685304830974.png (20.83 KB, 1025x326, disclaimer.PNG)

she has this whole disclaimer at the bottom

No. 1836235

File: 1685304861082.jpeg (158.76 KB, 828x1433, C8E1E0E3-BF25-4031-91F1-8CC285…)

SA but this is her “website”, she couldn’t have picked more flattering photos? This is the first one!

No. 1836236

kek it isn’t even at the bottom, it’s midway through the page

No. 1836237

File: 1685305233383.png (33.43 KB, 787x819, sessions.PNG)

these are the sessions she advertises. i like how she explicitly states she's not an escort at the bottom

No. 1836241

I clicked on this thinking it was the old web nostalgia thread.

No. 1836242

File: 1685305356619.png (8.22 KB, 333x451, lazy beyotch.png)

She's so lazy. Coomers don't want to wait two weeks for a video. Not to mention all of her customs are the same except that she's wearing a different outfit.
Every video she is laying on her left side in her dusky grey room

No. 1836244

File: 1685305447519.png (Spoiler Image,528.1 KB, 1257x870, ugh.PNG)

her different "roles"

No. 1836245

Wonder how long this will be up for kek

No. 1836250

File: 1685306098587.png (Spoiler Image,781.82 KB, 1341x537, y98sy69ghpcn[.png)

Hilarious how the photos she posted on her custom page are neither colorful nor creative.

>I don't offer any sexual services
>Take me home and I'll make you feel lucky and more than satisfied
Which is it?

No. 1836256

The website is so ugly and filled with spelling and capitalization mistakes kek

No. 1836258

She had asked the other day how people felt about SWer lying about their age, and think she agreed it was only a problem when people said things like “barely legal!”. It’s so embarrassing though lol, especially when you have premature aging

No. 1836260

crazy eyes and it looks like her tit is lighting on fire. what a shitty pic to choose.

No. 1836264

all of those are sexual services yet at the bottom it states
>site is novelty use only
>does not provide sexual services

novelty use implies no real sales are occuring. so if someone were to find out she was selling sexual services wouldn’t that be illegal? since she’s fraudulently claiming it’s novelty and no sexual services are actually provided?

No. 1836265

>>absolute heathen in the sheets!

No. 1836267

File: 1685307760205.png (17.49 KB, 747x468, Screenshot 2023-05-28 170407.p…)

No. 1836268

Also it’s literally prostitution which isn’t legal. God I had how she is so privileged that she’s not afraid to post online for all to see that she’s a prostitute but doesn’t expect the consequences a prostitute on the street would get. Hate her

No. 1836269

She couldn’t even fully commit to the lie with the “early 20s” instead of saying she’s 23 or some ring

No. 1836274

File: 1685308181618.jpeg (61.58 KB, 750x1235, B9E15757-8D19-46BB-B748-49471C…)

on the booking form she asks for the person’s name and number, and then she asks for the provider info? what does that mean?

No. 1836275

File: 1685308379879.jpeg (63.17 KB, 1284x378, IMG_7217.jpeg)

this fucking idiot openly admits she’s seeing tricks in her own home.

No. 1836276

she’s asking if they’ve seen other whores before

No. 1836277

Maybe a reference? Like another SWer. Or she just fucked up the form which I think is the most likely thing

No. 1836278

samefag but she could have just said “screening is a mandatory requirement. I will not accept any sessions from unscreened clients.” she has no idea how to be professional, even as a whore.

No. 1836279

But she made it mandatory to fill out so what if it’s their first time

No. 1836282

she looks crazy af

No. 1836285

That first picture is so edited wow.

No. 1836286

Oh remember she let that Yarbs guy into her house? She definitely is letting these Johns into the apartment which is probably not good for the complex? Would her landlord have her back in this case or wouldn't she be a liability?

No. 1836287

File: 1685308880576.jpeg (Spoiler Image,184.3 KB, 1170x1565, IMG_2609.jpeg)

Now she’s saying boob job instead of surgery

No. 1836288

File: 1685308962181.jpeg (126 KB, 1170x1104, IMG_2608.jpeg)

No. 1836290

Doesn’t look like herpes it’s likely an infection from constant shaving/waxing without proper care.

No. 1836291

File: 1685309132008.jpeg (151.76 KB, 1170x1487, IMG_2610.jpeg)

I can’t with the song lyrics on every page

No. 1836292

File: 1685309207908.jpeg (151.1 KB, 1170x1544, IMG_2611.jpeg)

“Notifying my connections.” Yes Shay, that’s so scary

No. 1836295

then she’s fucking stupid as always

No. 1836298

oh yeah she’s done it and showed it off before. but now it’s on her public website stating she sees tricks in her own home. it’s like she wants to get murdered.

No. 1836300

kim petras omg

No. 1836301

Has anyone archived these yet? Thank you nonas for providing the screenshots!

No. 1836302

shayna wishes she could look like kim petras, who’s an actual man and still looks better than shay.

No. 1836303

File: 1685309975892.jpeg (51.81 KB, 750x668, 342223D0-7D85-495E-A3BF-7DBF1B…)


she deleted this one and lowered the prices kek

No. 1836307

Imagine building your platform from being fully clothed stoner smoker girl then going full degen but not being attractive enough to swing that pendulum back. Couldn't have happened to a better person.
She's been lurking, she's added in the anal stuff again.
>I don't provide sexual services.
>heathen in the sheets!

No. 1836308

Archive links:
Home page https://archive.is/G4836
About https://archive.ph/31Hjm
Sessions https://archive.ph/PRD1D
Customs https://archive.ph/XBtYt
Subscribe https://archive.ph/FgMDY
Wishlist https://archive.ph/VdqSJ
Idk if I needed to do each page but better to be safe

No. 1836310

that font and double drop shadow is bugging my eyes out

No. 1836313

goddamn shay that e-whore scammed you good, this shit is unreadable. I got a headache just by looking at the thumbnail kek should've gone with squarespace or some shit.

No. 1836314

File: 1685311267592.jpeg (103.27 KB, 1170x856, 67D86662-7F1C-4CC5-A597-8419D1…)

She’s actually so retarded at her bimbo schtick. She could’ve built it up as a boob job for months and built it up for her coomers instead of telling them it was generic surgery which isn’t sexy at all. I don’t think she even realized it until other whores started giving her ideas

No. 1836315

File: 1685311789631.jpg (Spoiler Image,75.12 KB, 914x734, IMG_20230529_000326.jpg)

So either this is an awfully edited picture of shatna or this person has the unbelievable misfortune of looking exactly the same kek

No. 1836318

Kek wtf? That netted shirt reminds me if shayna, where did you find this? Also looks lole someone just edited an picture of shay

No. 1836325

File: 1685313141145.jpeg (107.17 KB, 750x1166, D3F5ADFA-18B8-4E4B-B85A-0D6ADC…)

one retweet on this from a coomer

No. 1836330

Ah, the typical porn advertising that pops up in your browser on sketchy websites. Was looking for a series and then… that jumpscared me. I may recall shayna wearing something like that but I can't pinpoint it atm

No. 1836335

File: 1685314632331.jpeg (68.07 KB, 750x761, 385D176D-5152-4FA3-9454-3B282B…)

seethe and cope fatty shatty

No. 1836337

Hmm so she's officially calling herself a big girl now.

No. 1836338

File: 1685315076217.jpeg (47.68 KB, 750x1162, IMG_7011.jpeg)

No. 1836339

coming from queen pancake ass. The delusion so high that she’s writing the jokes for us

No. 1836343

That’s not very body positive of you Shay! What happened to not sticking your nose in other peoples business? Damn that’s gotta suck being fat and not having any ass or hips, maybe that’s why she’s mad

No. 1836344

Yeah I see this ad all the time when lurking those patreon leak sites. Always a double take.

No. 1836345

the one retweet is from josh topkek and the likes are from AGP diaper weirdos. what a bleak and miserable existence

No. 1836346

File: 1685315527788.jpeg (Spoiler Image,190.46 KB, 1170x1986, 93595313-CF61-4E2F-A399-0C5B9F…)

Somehow this photo looks even more airbrushed here. The blindingly white rat teeth kek

No. 1836348

No hips or ass?

No. 1836351

It’s a reference, she’s asking for other whores to vouch so she can contact them and be like “have you seen this guy will he kill me?”

They call themselves providers to avoid calling themselves whores/prostitutes

No. 1836360

File: 1685317823160.jpeg (211.76 KB, 1170x1860, C1F79430-948E-4E89-8742-8DD2B3…)


Don’t engage in call out culture kek

No. 1836361

File: 1685317877850.jpeg (227.09 KB, 1170x1959, 7B105502-B0DC-4128-84B8-3268D2…)


No. 1836362

File: 1685318064994.jpeg (198.46 KB, 1170x1727, 2B222317-162F-4E47-8F26-B9AFFF…)


She doesn’t follow a majority of this advice list

No. 1836364

she used to try and say she was slim thicc when she was skinny so don’t even try that shit, shartna

No. 1836369

remember when she was saying people need to pay her for her amazing advice and irreplaceable time? and now she just makes it for free in hopes people will see it, it’ll get popular, and people will give her money. what a bleak existence.

No. 1836372

Shayna…you literally called out a girl a few days ago. Was that girl an danger? You don't even call out actual pedos

No. 1836374

>research that name and make sure no one else is using it
says the girl using the most generic name, Dolly, as if thousands of other models aren’t using that name
>ignore the haters
like you “ignore” us Shay?
>go for something you can relate to
does that mean she’s admitting to relating to pedophilia? or does she think she can relate to a child? either way that’s disturbing.
>consistency is key
KEK she can’t even keep a regular cam schedule
>onlyfans is not a starting point
oh she is PISSED at the hot chicks who were able to start onlyfans, make bank, and dip after a few months. seething.
>be kind, be supportive
two things she has never been capable of

this is pathetic

No. 1836376

Worry about your own body. You are fat with no ass. Or hips but with double front leg fat.

No. 1836378

Who aaaaasked. She couldn’t bother making it a “aesthetic” looking thread with some pics for engagement. Just a useless block of text.

No. 1836381

so, she’s 26. she has no education, no viable work experience, and has been on a steep decline in sex “work” for at least 2 years now. what the hell does she expect to do when she can’t pay the bills with this type of crap anymore? even professional porn stars don’t do it forever. there’s no way she would go back to school, she’s already discussed how stupid she thinks college is and the people who choose to go. is she just going to work at some crappy roadside diner until she dies?

No. 1836383

This fat fuck who has her pets in her room while she films really said "clean up ur filming space" oh my god she's straight fucking with us or absolutely fried her brain so bad that it's not even funny anymore

No. 1836388

with any luck, she'll sober up before she finds out what happens to women who age out of the porn industry.

No. 1836390

follow your own advice shay

No. 1836392

I think she thinks her boob job will save her career or something. I doubt she has any sort of long term plan let alone a 5 yr plan. She’s probably going to end up working at Walmart or killing herself

No. 1836393

if she is LUCKY she will end up working at some crappy roadside diner until she dies, if she doesn't wise up quick she may end in the bin.

No. 1836394

maybe she thinks she can be one of those strictmoor elders once she's older

No. 1836403

Dolly mattel is one of the shittest porn names ever.
You got
>generic dolly
>Using a company name (even worse a company that produces children's toys)
>Her inspiration -trixie mattel is mostly what comes up googling her name, especially the Collab with dolly parton kek

No. 1836404

File: 1685322989482.png (39.94 KB, 1079x579, whats wrong with youu.png)

Quality control is tight ! SA

No. 1836408

her previous name wasn’t better. she used to call herself Bambi or something, because her legs would wobble after sex. shay just is not a creative person.

No. 1836434

What does this mean

No. 1836439

This hurts my eyes to look at. The whole website is a horribly designed eyesore

No. 1836442

She's probably going to delete this soon

No. 1836444

my guess is "same anon", maybe?
It already got deleted in that screenshot kek

No. 1836445

I'm blind apparently kek

No. 1836473

Ntayrt but I remember in the documentary Hot Girls Wanted, the porn industry has two options of being type-casted: either as a 'teen' or as a MILF. The MILF type is supposed to be curvier and sexy which includes getting a boob job if you don't already have massive boobs.
It is probable that she thinks her boob job will help her to rebrand herself into a bimbo MILF domme and start making more "step mom" content. Knowing her it'll be straight up mother content because she's disgusting and incestual rape is her kink.

No. 1836482

Her underwear is squeezing her nutsack.

No. 1836509

I don’t think she will go the MILF route any time soon. Her self esteem seems hugely based on being “young” and acting “young” (even if we all know she looks far too old for that, and it ages her even more because her act and her appearance are so starkly different). I think she will do anything to steer around MILF. Same with feeder/weight porn. She wants to be small and young soo bad.

No. 1836512

I feel like she also said something about not getting huge implants which is consistent with her desire to larp as a child. It's so stupid because she could lure in a new crowd of coomers who love big boobs and ideally make more money. It interferes too much with her wanting to look child-like which is funny because it's not like she's ever doing anything about the crepey dry lines under her eyes.
What a lineup! There's Teen Child, Incest Child, Incest Diaper Child, and an unattractive adult woman. Shayna can truly do it all.

No. 1836519

Thank you for your time & effort, nonna!

No. 1836525

>”same anon", maybe?
Why would you need to announce that lol

No. 1836533

Please inquire within is taking me out like she’s a fucking place of business kek

These words have all truly lost all meaning

No. 1836534

Same fag but I didn’t see this but Jesus this photo is bad is she purely delusional? She looks so fat and old and greasy

No. 1836535

hallo fellow german nonna
i always thought she uses those outdated way to type because of the limitation of letters for tweets. shes so unprofessional.
oh so skinny girls with a thick butt can’t call themselves thicc, but an ugly hog like her can call herself Bimbo? lol

No. 1836591

Jesus christ someone on Fiverr could've made this a little more tolerable. This is horrible.
I'm dying.

No. 1836614

Shes literally fat with no ass im confused why did she tweet that

No. 1836622

>i always thought she uses those outdated way to type because of the limitation of letters for tweets. shes so unprofessional.
Kek, it really seems like she can't type like a normal person anymore. It's all over that godawful website, switching between you/your to u/ur with zero consistency. She thinks it makes her seem more cutesy and bimbo, but really she just looks like an illiterate tard. No one is going to take seriously a person that can't even turn off the "I'm a dumb lil baby" act for the length of time it takes to talk about herself professionally.

No. 1836623

This is quite literally the fucking ugliest website I've ever seen, I CANNOT believe she paid actually human money for this! It looks worse than a standard website template, by far

No. 1836635

Right I wonder how much she paid kek

No. 1836637

She can relate to wanting to fuck her dad

No. 1836672

File: 1685375812893.jpeg (108.56 KB, 750x1085, F20E0F9D-5B3E-460C-954A-85A448…)

No. 1836728

File: 1685381534327.jpeg (22.28 KB, 750x270, 81C585C0-63A9-485A-A84A-ABEEB2…)

She’s going to be on cam tonight.

sorry for the shitty screenshot, I deleted the Twitter app from my phone

No. 1836729

File: 1685381601647.jpeg (Spoiler Image,213 KB, 1152x2048, 4289B617-9133-488F-B03C-E9CFD4…)

she posted this king charles spaniel picture with it kek

No. 1836730

she obviously paid the $150 for that package deal, but that doesn’t include a website. which means she paid for a website on top of that other package. I’m gonna guess she paid at least $350+ for everything.

No. 1836734

I’m horrified at whatever cellulite situation is happening UNDER her ass

No. 1836735

Nta but how hard is it to make your own website like just use Canva for graphics and one of those website builders like Squarespace or Wix. The sad thing is that she probably could have paid an actual freelancer on Fiverr to do it for less than $350 kek. Hell, I bet there’s poor people abroad who would do it for less than $100 (as morbid as that sounds).
She’s so so stupid and I feel like the only thing that would make her wisen up is being actually broke with no coomers bailing her out. She needs to struggle/suffer in order to smarten up.

No. 1836741

She has a third/fourth ass cheek now

No. 1836750

File: 1685383735130.jpeg (33.47 KB, 750x406, 740791A3-A190-4EC7-87F0-A14A35…)

she posted this before the creepy daughter rewrite. she wants to be an influencer so bad it's pathetic. miss third buttcheek

No. 1836753

not even her own dad's favorite daughter

No. 1836754

File: 1685384074311.jpeg (295.79 KB, 1170x1992, IMG_2629.jpeg)

Someone asked about advice for men getting into SW and this was Shay’s response

No. 1836766

File: 1685385811227.jpeg (156.63 KB, 1170x1358, IMG_2630.jpeg)

The hidden replies on this post

No. 1836768

Is she self conscious about her giant honker of a nose now too? The bandaid thing is so dated and she keeps using it

No. 1836770

>it's not your co-stars responsibility to keep u hard
she basically says she doesn't care if the guy gets off, which of course moids don't react to well because that's the sole reason why they watch porn in the first place. she's being so bad at her job again kek

No. 1836773

You're reaching. That's literally not what she said.

No. 1836777

Sounds like she has a hard time keeping them hard.

No. 1836780

>it's not your coworkers job to keep you hard
1. Dig to Kendall probably. 2. Your job is to be sexy, moron, and you can't even do that.

No. 1836781

Work on your critical reading skills anon she literally meant they need to take viagra

No. 1836783

I mean… It literally isn’t the female porn actor’s job to keep the guy hard or to get him off. Her job is to act and be fucked. A porn actress is different from a whore. Similar, but different.

No. 1836785

This is such a pathetic attempt at feeling superior. Why does this fat hog think she's qualified to give advice when she can't even scrape together rent, much less 4k for her surgery. God damn she is fucking stupid

No. 1836789

It's true though, keeping a hard-on is the guy's only job.

No. 1836808

File: 1685391289010.jpeg (159.52 KB, 1170x1039, IMG_2642.jpeg)

No. 1836809

File: 1685391410493.jpeg (154.75 KB, 1170x1266, IMG_2641.jpeg)

No. 1836812

Kek stay mad limpdick

No. 1836814

Men will victimize themselves in any scenario like imagine thinking the man in porn has it more difficult than the woman because he has to have a boner and cum and all she has to do is “take it” kek what a fucking retard. If it’s so easy then go be a bottom in gay porn. Also boohoo “no one cares about the man”, oh so sad the men aren’t objectified and their pain isn’t jerked off to.

No. 1836827

>guys are just props, we're just objects and nobody cares about our feefees
>it's just a hole!!1!1
Kek moids stay mad even when they get the privilege of being the one doing the raping in the industry. They're so fucking stupid

No. 1836828

i know we're here to make fun of shayna but
>the vagina is just a hole
>it doesn't need to recoup
>waahhhh women don't understand
this man just told the whole world he doesn't understand how vaginas work. he probably thinks a women being "tight" is a good thing and not a sign that she's having a horrible time. booooo scrote

No. 1836834

what a giant fucking retard. shayna this is your consoomer base(Sage)

No. 1836847

underrated comment

No. 1836851

what's up with this tirade of e-whore "advice" lately? does she want to become a porn secretary adviser or some shit kek?

No. 1836853

Boo hoo limp dick. Porn scrotes take viagra to stay hard. But they also need to work out. I guess that is too hard for this loser and of course women's fault too.


No. 1836855

KEK I'm gonna be honest and admit this is the only funny/based response shayna has ever said in her life

No. 1836856

File: 1685396623378.jpeg (97.83 KB, 1072x1851, IMG_1887.jpeg)

it IS a wix site lmao. whatever she paid was too much.

No. 1836863

Unfortunately wix doesn't take down sites even for prostitution. I tried with a personal cow of mine in the past. Would be hilarious if her site got taken down (not condoning cowtipping) because I bet she'd ask the girl for her money back

No. 1836864

That disclaimer is actually a link to the email address theycallmegoddesskat(at)gmail.com
That is some shitty coding.

No. 1836867

so by this logic you think shayna puts effort into sex? she had the shortest video on biggulpgirls because she just laid there looking drugged up

No. 1836889

File: 1685401165910.jpeg (Spoiler Image,173.5 KB, 1170x1520, 4C1B6529-D183-4A1D-BF1C-6AC421…)

No. 1836907

how does she not kill herself when she has these people as her only form of community and socialization

No. 1836912

because she thinks she’ll get a hit tweet from it and it’ll bring people to her page and they’ll give her money and tell her how amazing and smart and prolific she is.

No. 1836932

File: 1685405036797.png (9 KB, 1154x118, yeah right.png)

Waiting for her show to start. Kek, she has the same thing from her website in her MFC profile. Honey, you're basically 26. You aren't in your early 20s anymore.

No. 1836933

real nonnies remember when she would flip out on ppl for asking her for "free advice" and then tried to charge for it

No. 1836934

File: 1685405125982.png (7.58 KB, 466x150, Shayna Has Herpes.png)

Delaying her cam show because she's too nervous.

No. 1836936

>drinking to calm down from an anxiety attack
amazing coping skills shay, you don’t sound like an alcoholic at all

No. 1836937

File: 1685405351595.jpeg (94.84 KB, 1170x852, IMG_0416.jpeg)

>so silly
Shay you literally need to be drunk and high every time you cam because you can’t cope with the existential dread of it all, that’s not unfounded anxiety

No. 1836938


No. 1836940

Who is she trying to fool here? She's obviously nervous cos she looks like absolute shit and can't shoop herself and scared of farmers turning up in the chat

No. 1836941

yeah shes only nervous when she knows she looks bad. judging by how bad her skin looked a couple days im guessing her makeup is flaking like crazy or something and she's trying to fix it.

No. 1836942

So she was gonna get on cam without showering? Noice

No. 1836943

I feel like she tried to be lazy and sat down in front of the camera and was blinded from the grease coming off her. Started panicking thinking about the screenshots being on the farms forever and decided last minute to actually put in some effort

No. 1836946

It’s because you’re obese now Shayna and none of your belt skirts or arms over your fupa can hide it anymore lol

No. 1836947

yes because drinking calms anxiety and a racing heart. retard.

No. 1836949

File: 1685406630923.jpeg (45.56 KB, 1170x553, IMG_0421.jpeg)

It’s time shayheads

No. 1836952

I don’t believe her until I see her fat ass on the stream.

When was the last time she got on? Was it the time she was puking into the trash can?

No. 1836957

>gonna smoke a bowl
what happened to quitting weed shayna? kek shes not even cutting down.

No. 1836960

She's gonna get absolutely trashed like she always does

No. 1836962

She’s online but her webcam is still off. Guess she’s still “working up the courage” aka getting violently high

No. 1836964

File: 1685407596041.jpeg (27.18 KB, 699x482, IMG_0425.jpeg)

Samefag, she’s on.

No. 1836965

File: 1685407703792.jpeg (357.35 KB, 2048x2048, E2B981CC-D8B9-44C6-AE1B-8C01FF…)

No. 1836967

File: 1685407760857.jpeg (69.92 KB, 1170x655, B0B50199-CFB5-4300-8277-E41039…)

The sped dancing already started

No. 1836968


She keeps getting wider

No. 1836972

File: 1685408024873.jpeg (33.42 KB, 618x843, 5E0DCC21-E83D-433D-B322-79EC63…)

she truly looks like a lost slaton sister here

No. 1836973

Please tell me someone got those facial expressions

No. 1836975

File: 1685408108726.png (378.02 KB, 1496x832, Oof the Butt Pimples.png)

Sorry Im late nonas. Here to cap and makes GIFs

No. 1836976

I'm recording it but my old desktop keeps over heating.

No. 1836978

I can’t tell if she’s playing it up but she already seems kinda wasted

No. 1836979

File: 1685408239372.jpeg (52.38 KB, 1242x680, 26074E17-4167-4FCF-9E7D-6C959E…)

No. 1836982

File: 1685408344961.gif (3.78 MB, 296x297, slow tard dance.gif)

She seems really out of it. Even her sped dancing is more slow.

No. 1836983

I feel like she’s barred out

No. 1836984

File: 1685408443833.png (97.37 KB, 532x419, drugged.png)

She is absolutely blasted. She had more than just one bowl and drink before the show. Never seen her eyes like this before.

No. 1836985

Did the live end?

No. 1836986

Bless you nonnie

No. 1836987

File: 1685408469705.png (46.47 KB, 334x282, oof.png)

Her eyes

No. 1836990

Her computer conked out, but she came back.

No. 1836992

it's back now

No. 1836993

Kek has she bailed already?

Cos no one said shit to her very exciting boob job Robert plant plans story lol

And yes she looked fucking wasted already

No. 1836994

File: 1685408579471.png (65.19 KB, 500x298, vape.png)

No. 1836997

she's ranting about how much she hates doing laundry as if we cant tell my her wide array of xs yellow sweat stained white crop tops

No. 1836998

File: 1685408741751.png (253.13 KB, 806x924, Screenshot 2023-05-29 at 9.05.…)

Hasidim Hair, L'Chaim!

No. 1837000

there's barely any actual coomers, kek

No. 1837001

looks like she hasn’t stop crying since she was born

No. 1837002

More sped dancing

No. 1837004

File: 1685408940162.gif (2.12 MB, 309x304, Shayna Laugh.gif)

She looks rough

No. 1837005

File: 1685409006333.jpeg (31.25 KB, 638x556, IMG_0426.jpeg)

No. 1837006

This shit is just sad. She just keeps huffing that no one is talking in chat. Shes gonna bail soon.

No. 1837008

lmaooo sydvicious is literally the only coomer interacting with her

No. 1837009

File: 1685409177625.png (162.41 KB, 811x520, big mad.png)

Shayna: huff Well I guess I'll leave if no one wants to talk to me. I'll go make porn, which i'm good at.

No. 1837010

im pop eye the sailor man i live in a garbage can

No. 1837011

She is 100% on Xanax

No. 1837013

goddamn she really does have alcohol for breakfast every morning, today being no exception

No. 1837015

Fucking kek

She seems more wasted than usual and she's obviously getting pissy cos no one is talking. She keeps saying how she can't remember anything and it's a bit alarming.
I smell a breakdown coming

No. 1837017

she complains that no ones talking to her and then when someone asks her a question she provides the most uninteresting and bland response

No. 1837019

File: 1685409409836.png (35.23 KB, 315x224, where are my comments.png)

This was the moment she almost broke. But now she fighting through it and drinking without asking for money for it.

No. 1837022

File: 1685409484417.png (245.98 KB, 1001x610, her lips.png)

Talking about how she got tipsy before coming on cause she was afraid no one would talk. The state of her lips…

No. 1837023

she keeps complaining and being negative, scaring off any potential coomers. you'd think after years of sex work she'd be better at this.

No. 1837026

The guests are farmers, not coomers.

No. 1837027

File: 1685409683248.gif (2.02 MB, 260x288, nala stomps.gif)

Stomping her foot cause no one was talking to her

No. 1837028

File: 1685409740061.png (365.35 KB, 1365x768, Screenshot 2023-05-29 9.14.45 …)

when shayna has 45 farmers silently watching her

No. 1837029

She has 6 viewers that aren’t guests and she’s calling one of them stupid for asking when she’ll get naked.

No. 1837030

she honestly seems like such a chill and funny person when she’s not pretending to be a bimbo. like another anon said, she would’ve been so much more successful if she kept up the hippie stoner persona.

No. 1837031

File: 1685409830496.png (100.45 KB, 646x380, evil.png)

Look how evil her eyes get when she berates her viewers. She was mocking someone in chat saying it must be hard use his braincells.

No. 1837032

File: 1685409834548.png (83.6 KB, 555x512, lmdos.PNG)

im obsessed with her coomers calling her out on her bad behavior. she pouted and said "i PROMISE im not being mean" then laughed lol

No. 1837033

>>1837029 a bunch of them just left kek

No. 1837035

tfw no womack

No. 1837037

If she was good at her job she would’ve gone “I know right, I want to show off my cute body so bad so keep chipping in” or whatever, calling a coomer “zero brain cells” for wanting porn on a porn site is beyond stupid.

No. 1837038

This is honestly pathetic

No. 1837039

she's so uncomfortable in her skin. she's so uncomfortable to just sit and chat with people. she expects so much from people without offering anything. she just shows up randomly with less than 24 hour notice after years of being inactive and expects to be treated the same as other girls who use the site frequently (or herself when she was 18 and skinny)

No. 1837040

It's extremely b-word

No. 1837042

It's funny how shayna acts like she's forced to do this. She doesn't have to get on cam. If you have to post about getting drunk and having meltdowns when doing something you literally do not have to do. Then…why do it? Like even in context of her career is being on cam even her biggest money maker?
The fact she can fuck men for money and is prostituting herself doesn't make her post about breaking down but being on cam does is telling. I guess it's the idea that she's experiencing rejection in real time. On camera. It's not shit on Twitter she can delete. Nope
It's her sitting on camera and not receiving instant gratification and she probably is thinking of other girls who are sitting around who she feels more.hard working then getting attentin.

No. 1837043

her creepy chris chan baby talking is what scared off shane sonnier i feel like. she seems like a nightmare

No. 1837044

"how are there 56 people and no one is freaking talking!" because you have guest chat turned off. use your brain cells.

No. 1837045

I don't understand why she doesn't engage with new people that join the chat, like how hard is it to welcome them and say their username? She's so terrible at her job.

No. 1837047

File: 1685410170119.png (215.36 KB, 994x568, turtle turtle.png)

Shayna is spazzing that no one is talking to her lol

No. 1837048

shes absolutely barred out. literally scared shes gonna die mixing benzos and opiates and alcohol after her surgery.

No. 1837049

File: 1685410237864.png (299.58 KB, 1179x677, alchy.png)

Keep chuggin' them back, fatty.

No. 1837050

talking about her haters, as per usual

No. 1837052

samefag, thanks to whoever asked her this in the chat for me, kek

No. 1837054

Because she's not getting validation, I feel Ellen will come in or she'll cry to some secret group to try to get them to fill her chat.
I don't even think it's about money. She knows those guests are farmers, of she could look super successful and not make an dime she'd be happy.
She was literally giving advice but is having an meltdown because she's not getting instant attention

No. 1837056

This is depressing. She seems like she’s borderline blacked out. At some point she said she can’t even remember what she said “15-30 seconds ago”

No. 1837058

>i'm no sober, is what i'm trying to say
girl we know

No. 1837059

File: 1685410554544.png (114.36 KB, 727x411, no thanks.png)

shayna: "kiss my forehead"

No. 1837060

This daddyneko coomer in the chat is cracking me up

No. 1837063

File: 1685410634548.png (101.33 KB, 654x370, popeye.png)

Shayna looking like fucking Popeye over here.

Someone just tipped 765 tokens. Shes gonna get naked soon.

No. 1837064

almost every anon is talking about how she's throwing a piss fit because no one is talking to her and you're saying she seems "chill and funny"

weak bait

No. 1837065

why is this bitch fake stimming like a 14 year old in a tik tok video what the fuck

No. 1837067

She just spazzed out over someone giving her like 37 dollars

No. 1837068

File: 1685410687277.jpg (19.41 KB, 300x300, avatar.300x300.jpg)

average shayna coomer

No. 1837069

File: 1685410713431.png (Spoiler Image,231.19 KB, 1169x659, Screen Shot 2023-05-29 at 7.08…)

dear god, even absolutely wasted her laughter is so fucking fake. i cant stand her interacting with the coomers with that fake nice fucking voice and the fake laughing jfc.

No. 1837070


No. 1837073

Oh god, this fucking song again. Everrrry time

No. 1837074

File: 1685410829276.png (Spoiler Image,236.63 KB, 1156x641, Screen Shot 2023-05-29 at 7.41…)

get a bigger bra

No. 1837075

what's wrong with her ass, it's all bruised and yellow

No. 1837076

File: 1685410877893.jpeg (Spoiler Image,52.57 KB, 1009x553, Web capture_30-5-2023_2422_www…)

The portrait of sexiness

No. 1837079

File: 1685410930275.gif (3.48 MB, 470x297, money.gif)

Shayna excited over her first tip of the night

No. 1837080

she just admitted that she still doesn't wear underwear.

No. 1837081

File: 1685410997975.jpeg (Spoiler Image,35.94 KB, 633x613, IMG_0427.jpeg)

I don’t mean to nitpick but the mismatched bra and panty print looks fucking awful. She’s literally a sex worker, can she not afford a matching bra and panty set?

No. 1837082

File: 1685411025906.png (Spoiler Image,241.95 KB, 1156x641, Screen Shot 2023-05-29 at 7.42…)

her boobs are so deformed she accidently had a nip slip. like trisha paytas level botchery.

No. 1837085

File: 1685411085725.gif (Spoiler Image,2.59 MB, 274x292, cheetah.gif)

GIF of Shayna's Cheetah Outfit

No. 1837086

File: 1685411118970.png (Spoiler Image,250.05 KB, 1156x641, Screen Shot 2023-05-29 at 7.42…)

it actually took her a few seconds to realize cause she was so wasted kek. sorry for deleting i needed to spoiler it.

No. 1837087

a little bit ago she said this wasn't the time to tell the chicken pox tit story but now she's telling it

No. 1837088

Cavewoman vibes

No. 1837089

>yuou are lucky you didnt get autism youo look great
asssweed i have terrible news

No. 1837090

did anyone get the autism comment LMAO

No. 1837091

She just pointed out her boob scar for the first time!

No. 1837092

I'm screaming, "you're lucky you didn't catch autism" lmao

No. 1837093

She thinks she’s going to feel better about her body after her boob surgery lol

No. 1837094

File: 1685411310547.png (Spoiler Image,223.34 KB, 847x677, eww.png)

pointing at scar

No. 1837095

did she kick mr asssweed out the chat? kek

No. 1837096

File: 1685411413552.jpeg (206.64 KB, 1280x1030, 242CD99E-6AE5-4FBD-86FC-24FF84…)

>backfat protrudes more than her ass

No. 1837097

Confirming she is getting a lift AND implant in her natural boob.

No. 1837098

I doubt it if she gets both breasts done more then likely they'll try to get the bigger one to match the smaller one. I assume they'll also try to get the areolas to match. So if she has two botched perky smaller wide tits, it'd only make her belly and everything else looks wider/bigger. Also, if she still gains weight won't her other tit just be bigger anyway?

No. 1837100

File: 1685411532884.png (Spoiler Image,190.81 KB, 929x545, weird tits.png)

Wow you can really see the difference in her tits in this shot.

No. 1837101

File: 1685411625910.png (Spoiler Image,168.43 KB, 836x490, leg .png)

The current state of Shayna's infamous leg behind the head pose.

No. 1837102

File: 1685411636505.png (Spoiler Image,269.31 KB, 1156x671, Screen Shot 2023-05-29 at 7.54…)

she also mentioned its the same doctor that did her original fat transfer surgerys and tit. i wonder if it has to do with daddys insurance?

No. 1837103

yeah she definitely blocked/kicked him lmao classic shayna pushing away what few coomers she has

No. 1837105

File: 1685411754550.jpeg (39 KB, 1170x202, IMG_0428.jpeg)

Her coomer scrotes are so fucking autistic and inept, why would you say this

No. 1837106

Uploading a vid of her explaining how gravity works different in her two tits. One is "jelly" and one is "jam"

No. 1837107

File: 1685411801934.webm (Spoiler Image,1.26 MB, 1084x620, jelly and jam.webm)

Shayna explains her two tits "Jelly and Jam"

No. 1837108

Yeah, if she keeps gaining weight it's only going to happen all over again.

No. 1837109

she just admitted that the reason she doesn't get on cam anymore is because "usually theres a few people that show up every time to keep the show moving, and it's hard when they don't show up anymore" lol

No. 1837110

She looks like an obese teenage boy

No. 1837111

thanks for clipping this, i was watching this slack-jawed. i can't believe she's admitting it now

No. 1837112

she also said that she was born in the wrong generation, that she would love to be at studio 54 and do a couple lines and dance. and that she would be an "it girl". lmfao the delusion

No. 1837114

shes high on attention and the freedom to be able to talk about her wonky tit.

No. 1837115

The bruise inside her ass crack makes it looks like she shat herself.

No. 1837117

File: 1685412143714.png (Spoiler Image,177.31 KB, 839x543, Screenshot 2023-05-29 215549.p…)

kek "my personality is a double d"

No. 1837118

File: 1685412150623.png (Spoiler Image,263.76 KB, 1156x671, Screen Shot 2023-05-29 at 8.03…)

damn shes so fat even her pussy doesnt fit those panties

No. 1837119

Is that supposed to be contouring on her cheek?
If I had more expendable cash I would pay this bitch to have a q&a with me. I want to ask her about the stupid faces she makes. HOW can she not know how fucking stupid they look? I want to ask her woman to woman about her diaper shit. I cannot wrap my mind around her.

No. 1837120

Correct me if I’m wrong but I haven’t seen her drink any water this entire stream, only alcohol. Imagine how dry she is

No. 1837121

File: 1685412238593.png (Spoiler Image,101.48 KB, 678x408, big shaynus.png)

God bless drunk Shayna giving us these horrible angles.

No. 1837123

KEK nonnie she went to "pee" and came back with dry hands and more alcohol.

No. 1837124

She left to pee and was back in less than a minute, definitely did not wash her hands

No. 1837126

daddys insurance yeah. you can stay on your parents insurance until age 26 and the surgery is like a week before her 26th birthday. just in the nick of time! also explains why she's gotta do it now when any weight loss or gain will mess up the symmetry yet again.

No. 1837127

Rip to her downstairs neighbors

It was from the spanking video she just did >>1835203

She got good results from that doctor the first time to the point where anons were still arguing her tit was real despite the weight gain making them massively disproportionate. Why wouldn’t you want to go back to the same doctor who you know won’t botch you?

No. 1837128

File: 1685412458441.gif (Spoiler Image,3.17 MB, 434x312, Shayna on Studio 54.gif)

Lmfao I am dying over this GIF of Shayna showing how she'd dance if she was at Studio 54

No. 1837129

did anyone else hear her say she was camming from her dads bed and then awkwardly corrected herself to say her dads house. she's so creepy

No. 1837130

She’s talking about her dad making her choose between sex work and living under their roof

No. 1837131

File: 1685412673187.png (Spoiler Image,264.4 KB, 1156x671, Screen Shot 2023-05-29 at 7.59…)

hopefully someone recorded but she was talking about when she started camming at 18 and her dad found out. then someone said they had vids of it. she got pissed of and asked if she recorder her old streams or if he actually bought her content. then she realized she was sounding like a bitch for no reason, screamed really loudly, did a fake laugh and changed the subject.

No. 1837132

As interesting as play by play live blogging of shaynas cam shows are…does anyone else think they should be moved to /shay/? It really eats of thread posts fast and we don't really need 400 slightly different photos of how bleak she is, with lessening degrees of clothes, all in the same hour. It seens like every anon watching is trying their best to be the one that catches the ultimate lulz and tons of similar caps get posted and the thread fills up with comments like a chat room.

No. 1837133

This is fucking gross. She's been telling a sexual story involving her bio-dad to her jerking coomers. Why does she always bring up her actual dad when she's legit horny.

No. 1837134

>my dad found out i was camminf at uhhhh……… 18
>and he said you can either quit your job and still live here, or keep your job and move
>so i kept my job and decided to keep being a slutty whore~!
something about the way she talks makes it so obvious she has a weird sexual complex about her dad…

No. 1837135

I'm recording it. I'll make webms when it's over.

No. 1837137

File: 1685412779473.jpg (4.36 KB, 129x130, ew.jpg)

Her fucking nails

No. 1837138

She’s so obnoxious and embarrassingly inappropriate talking about her childhood on an adult cam site and telling stories about her dad catching her cam when she was 18. I have to tap out now.

No. 1837139

File: 1685412988513.png (Spoiler Image,215.23 KB, 976x565, high.png)

And she's officially smoking from her weed pen. This is shayna post hit. kek.

No. 1837141

Please fall please fall please fall please fall

No. 1837142

File: 1685413048328.gif (Spoiler Image,2.77 MB, 246x312, shaynas naked jig.gif)

Shayna shaking while naked.

No. 1837144

File: 1685413145885.gif (9.33 MB, 860x502, chrome_wNCmCBVZEu.gif)

slaps face "my ears are ringing"

No. 1837145

Her body looks the worst it has ever been

No. 1837147

File: 1685413195458.jpeg (724.03 KB, 4017x1371, 70710403708__B1ABE92F-7CAD-4C5…)

sorry for the terrible quality

No. 1837148

File: 1685413201010.png (Spoiler Image,100.06 KB, 531x478, lurkin.png)

Is she lurking and read this comment?

No. 1837149


No. 1837150

File: 1685413358090.gif (Spoiler Image,4.18 MB, 324x251, smomking.gif)

Shayna smoking weed after talking about quitting weed in the same camshow. Now she's begging for a laptop again saying she'll cam more if she gets one.

No. 1837151

She went to that doctor as an teen, now she's 26 and a lot bigger. It also seems that as she gains weight the other breast carries more fat naturally, so I wonder of she pla a on an lifestyle change or what afterwards? Because if not slowly but surely one breast will grow larger and lower. The other will grow around the implant and flatter

No. 1837153

Kek I kinda thought it was her chair but it might’ve been, I haven’t heard her chair make a noise like that before

No. 1837154

>i didn't like the last season of bojack, it was too sad.

no shit. that's the season where all the horrible things he did caught up with him and the damage he had done was completely irreparable. the creator realized that fans were watching the show and relating to the main character, then using that to justify their shitty behavior. that's why the last season is so dark and "sad". it's hard to watch if you were one of the people using a cartoon horse to justify how they've been acting and treating people.

No. 1837155

Idk if this is true or not but is this the messiest she’s ever been on cam? This looks like an actual shit show

No. 1837156

Pleeeease tell me someone has that recorded

No. 1837157

shes asking for a new laptop to cam more. she already has a laptop, ipad, and a full personalized pc. she also asked for a hello kitty monolopy game earlier, then said she fucking hates monopoly? but that she still needs the hello kitty monopoly.
she also earlier asked for a new fucking spinning wheel for camming. when the one she has still works, she tried pretending like it didn't but the shit worked just fine. whats the point of more dumb garbage?

No. 1837158

File: 1685413523910.jpg (3.37 KB, 204x48, lkfnsknf.jpg)

No. 1837160

>my keyboard won't reach
Buy a fucking cordless keyboard for $20. She's such a sped.

No. 1837163

File: 1685413607565.png (38.91 KB, 303x265, nasty.png)

No. 1837164

Thread for camshow edits/screencaps: >>>/shay/163093

No. 1837165

She’s stuck in her own retarded bubble 99% of the time, I wonder if cordless keyboards even exist to her

No. 1837166

She's picking her fucking nose AND talking about it

No. 1837167

>picking her nose
So sexy

No. 1837169

How has she never learned any different moves? Kek it’s always this and the chicken wing butt shake

No. 1837170

Im just thinking of how a usual cam girl’s show would go. Definitely not like this right? This is so bad for her and k don’t know how she wouldn’t want to kill herself sobering up after this, seeing how retarded she was acting

No. 1837171

I stopped capping her stupid sway dance, that and her chicken shake are her only two moves

No. 1837173

File: 1685413869602.gif (3.37 MB, 339x239, nose picker.gif)

She picked her nose multiple times, but managed to capture this pick and flick.

No. 1837174

Did she just dox DaddyNekko. He was leaving and she said "THANKS JOHN. LOVE YOU!"

No. 1837175

Samefag, if this is how she was when she embarrassed fupaul that one time, I’m not surprised he broke it off Jesus

No. 1837176

The ASMR is making my skin crawl

No. 1837177

no she's talking to the guy with "john" in his name. he said "been fun I'm out".
and just saying someones first name really wouldn't be doxxing lmao

No. 1837178

her creepy pedo asmr she's such a creepy fat pig. she keeps squealing and man laughing like pixie locks

No. 1837179

File: 1685414032513.jpg (4.2 KB, 197x55, no.jpg)

No. 1837180

eww daddy neko coomer is so gross

No. 1837181

She’s acting so strange her usual coomers are leaving and it hasn’t even been long. Quit, shayna.

No. 1837182

File: 1685414106582.png (78.48 KB, 427x423, riff.png)

She has been paid to edge

No. 1837184

Her fake moaning is so fucking cringe.

No. 1837185

Her edging is like being invited to my own funeral

No. 1837186

I'm gonna puke

No. 1837187

File: 1685414260769.png (673.8 KB, 1170x2532, 520F5F31-621E-4F4E-B6AB-9C303C…)


No. 1837188

File: 1685414284954.gif (2.86 MB, 161x150, ezgif-1-c4a19176d1.gif)

No. 1837189

She’s trashed. I have a hard time believing she’s capable of arousal at this point. the faces shes making are so egregiously fake

No. 1837190

File: 1685414295069.png (1.75 KB, 462x35, noooooooooooooooooooooooo.PNG)

i want to die

No. 1837191

This is 100% a farmer. They keep talking about her being fat.

No. 1837192

Polite way of saying that she squeals like a pig.

No. 1837193


No. 1837194

No wonder she only has one friend whose an fat 30 something year old retarded woman. What can shayna speak on? Her life is gross fetish shit she doss for twitter/money. She has nothing for herself except food. Thats the only thing she does that's just for her and nobody else benefit.
Lord, one day if she looks back she'll realize that she never did anything but eat.

No. 1837196

File: 1685414415316.gif (3.61 MB, 232x191, ezgif-1-1e09f48909.gif)

No. 1837197

File: 1685414521972.jpeg (25.06 KB, 490x412, C0C45E56-10DA-449E-B51B-35DD5A…)

“You keep tipping me 70 tokens to edge. Thanks…I guess??”

Kek ungrateful for the pennies they give her

No. 1837198

Same anon, I can imagine her and Ellen out eating, shayna on her phone only looking up to make an comment about sex work. I bet Ellen rarely tells her about her life/family/struggles. Shayna seems like such an bore. She just travels travels go do "work" where she's always broke after or "cons". That she only does to do work and rarely ventures out to do anything else.. nothing is fun. Everything is sex work. Wow it's very bleak

No. 1837199

LMAO she just almost puked. She gagged from burping.

No. 1837200

Did she just fart again

No. 1837201

Cowtipper ask if she just farted

No. 1837202

File: 1685414638706.png (Spoiler Image,196.67 KB, 918x620, post puke.png)

Shayna's reaction when she almost ralphed. I think trying to suck that dildo made her nauseous.

No. 1837203

File: 1685414810572.jpg (Spoiler Image,30.25 KB, 551x315, retardalert.jpg)

Love how she's mostly obscured. What's the fucking point?

No. 1837204

File: 1685414830382.gif (Spoiler Image,2.52 MB, 197x179, ezgif-1-626a4ec8ff.gif)

Shayna looking sick trying suck a dildo

No. 1837205

File: 1685414853679.png (3.56 KB, 319x34, Screenshot 2023-05-29 10.47.58…)


No. 1837206

kekkk I'm sorry for encouraging this

No. 1837207

I was praying she'd lock herself in the cage.

No. 1837208

is it me or shes like sweating from being inside that cage for like 2 minutes?

No. 1837210

File: 1685415025282.png (82.02 KB, 473x430, she need jesus.png)

No. 1837211

I know it has been said, but it's so unsettling how childlike the room where she does porn looks like. She's so gross, and this is not even the worst part.

No. 1837212

Alternating sucking on two different vapes but she’s been weening off of weed lol

No. 1837213

Jesus christ her 60-year-old smoker's voice. I don't think that's from allergies fatty.

No. 1837214

She said she’s leaving soon and all her coomers are leaving

No. 1837216

>my intention is to be back wednesday or friday

never gonna happen.

No. 1837219

she then changed it to "ill be back in about seven days" literally a minute later lmaooo

No. 1837220

File: 1685415304055.png (123.33 KB, 716x406, byeeeee.png)

And she's done. Says she'll be back Wednesday or within 7 days.

No. 1837222

File: 1685415446468.gif (2.53 MB, 293x206, ezgif-1-9abf16cda4.gif)

She was basically passed out by the end of the show. What even is this.

No. 1837223

Kek nonnie, thank u for your work. I don’t blame you. It’s like this move AGAIN?

No. 1837224

Nope, she doesn’t stream nearly enough to warrant an extra thread imo, and if repetitiveness is an issue… that’s all of Shayna’s anctics, really.

No. 1837225

No, i swear some of you are trying to make her main thread dead as fuck by outsourcing everything to the obscure /Shay/ board

No. 1837228

It’s so funny that those are genuinely her only two dance moves and they both look fucking hilarious. She can’t be fucked to practice in front of a mirror or something even though she’s supposed to be making money off of being sexy.

No. 1837229

File: 1685415789689.gif (3.04 MB, 322x299, Are you Serious.gif)

No. 1837232

jason womack behind the wheel of his truck singing along to the country music station about how life has passed him by

No. 1837233

File: 1685416071423.gif (Spoiler Image,3.62 MB, 359x296, whale dance.gif)

I call this "What do I do with my legs"

No. 1837234

But she needs to save up hella money… make it make sense

No. 1837235


this is my biggest shayna pet peeve. that fucking amazon day bed that some coomer put together for her naked. i swear to GOD it is NOT assembled correctly. there should NOT be all those gaps between and cupboards and why can I see all the screwholes.

No. 1837236

No, she only cams once in a blue moon. Not like this is a daily occurrence shitting up the threads. It's pure full-fat cream.

No. 1837240

well she has said she wants to be part of the 27 club so there’s her chance

No. 1837246

File: 1685416825793.webm (Spoiler Image,3.74 MB, 898x616, Shaynas Barbie Girl Dance.webm)

(NSFW) 1 Minute of Shayna Clifford Dancing Naked to Barbie Girl by Aqua.

No. 1837248

File: 1685417010506.webm (6.78 MB, 758x622, At least you didnt get Autism.…)

Shayna's story about why she is getting breast implants is interrupted by someone telling her she's lucky she didn't get autism.

No. 1837252

File: 1685417594177.png (Spoiler Image,207.94 KB, 959x564, titty twister.png)

Shayna twists her nipple.

No. 1837260

File: 1685418318690.gif (2.92 MB, 212x210, crustttt.gif)

She was trying so hard to be sexy doing some weird DDLG ASMR thing, but her lips were soo crusty.

No. 1837262

File: 1685418572636.gif (2.7 MB, 168x144, ccrust returns.gif)

No. 1837267

The noises she makes on cam are fucking horrid, she sounds like she’s emulating a literal baby. No wonder all of her coomers are actually retarded, you gotta have brain damage and/or chromosomal abnormalities in order to not cringe.

No. 1837270

File: 1685419123410.jpeg (33.8 KB, 750x519, 4295EFF2-99CB-48A6-B88B-BC0F2D…)

She plans to cam again on Friday apparently

No. 1837273

File: 1685419514338.webm (Spoiler Image,2.03 MB, 404x348, shayna gags on rubber.webm)

Then you will definitely not like this video of Shayna almost puking while trying to be sexy

No. 1837284

her real boob is too big for the bra and her fake boob too small. shes really gonna need a lift on that one side and the scarring for lifts is awful (even if she did proper aftercare, which she wont)

No. 1837287

File: 1685420749821.jpeg (Spoiler Image,9.67 KB, 450x225, ace73e2e-9977-11e7-92da-0a494c…)

for anons who dont know, this is what healed scarring for a breast lift looks like. its gonna be even stupider only being on one side

No. 1837305

File: 1685422237075.jpeg (Spoiler Image,81.67 KB, 1077x1040, 028191ED-6C8C-46CB-A303-77D479…)


kek this fupa is out of control

No. 1837316

No. 1837337

>Dolly Mottel

No. 1837340

Don’t want to give this gross hog the benefit of the doubt, but why would her hands be wet? Do you not dry yours after washing them?

No. 1837345

I read this as Dolly Mullet

No. 1837350

File: 1685437043117.gif (3.41 MB, 498x498, 0CA2C3E1-ED32-44D5-85C4-BFA096…)

She moves like a titan

No. 1837365

Bro imagine how many farts she's storing in there bro. That entire protruding barrel of a gut just sloshing around with whiteclaws and half-digested doordash. It looks like it hurts. Imagine having a life ring surrounding you, only it's made of your distended intestines that have grown so bloated and swollen that they're now spilling out of your abdomen.
If you stepped on her stomach, I bet she would let a big blast of air out the back like an inflatable mattress being deflated.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1837385

The resemblance is uncanny. The gif might as well be a rotoscoped Shayna

No. 1837398

I swear this is giving me déjà vu; she does this EXACT same routine every time.
Kek, nonnie, are you a fetishist ghostwriter? What the fuck kekkk

No. 1837416

underrated comment

No. 1837436

Ever since she mentioned she got fat transfers, my tinfoil is she’s getting some lipo to go with this surgery. If anyone notices, she’ll just say it was needed as some surgeons use fat transfers with implants.

No. 1837453

She moves like PT now

No. 1837462

With this and the fart edit thread in /shay/ it really seems like a fetish.

No. 1837472

File: 1685460906846.png (Spoiler Image,21.74 KB, 900x288, bli .PNG)

That’s not the only type of scar, there are at least 4: crescent, donut, lollipop and anchor as per attached illustration. Some women are able to get away with only implants for lift without scarring. There are a few examples of this on RealSelf, I’d share but I don’t feel comfortable posting an innocent bystander to Shayna’s thread.

No. 1837473

Lmao this is hilarious nona and don’t let this thread full of ass eating shit lickers try to tell you otherwise

No. 1837479

Shayna said during her stream they were asking her what type of implant she wanted (gel, silicone, etc) and she said all she told them was she wanted whatever was “least likely to break”. You’d think someone would do at least a little research on what they’re paying some quack to insert inside their body for the next 10 years.

No. 1837484

I’ve reported the uptight farm hand who is trying suck the life of the Shayna threads. They banned this nona last thread for no reason >1833721 and now they’ve banned this nona >>1837365 for no reason. We’re already so restricted on what we are or are not allowed to do in main thread, now we aren’t even allowed to post text if it offends some janny’s delicate sensibilities?(take it to /meta/)

No. 1837487

that is so stupid. different implant types look different, sit differently, etc. some look more firm while others look more realistic. some sit up high and don’t really move while others are more low profile. How the fuck can someone go into plastic surgery without doing BASIC research like that? Clearly she has no idea how she wants her boobs to look and is just hoping the surgeon will know what looks best for her. I hope she hates them because she didn’t do her basic due diligence. bet if she hates them she’ll suicide bait and then beg for more money and claim the surgeon purposely abused and botched her and didn’t give her enough information.

No. 1837495

Do you think she had anyone from her family (either mom or stepmom) with her during the appointment for moral support and in case she forgot to ask anything? Did she say if she was concerned at all with the surgery? Besides being able to afford it and being off “work”, that is.
Perhaps she thinks the surgeon knows best, since her previous surgery was successful. I do wonder what her expectations are and if she has considered that the surgery would only improve her current issues and not reverse the ravages of time, gravity and her lifestyle.

No. 1837497

she said ‘least likely to burst’ not break

i havent once heard her mention any actual medical fears other than she’s scared how they’ll look and the down time. she did say that she isnt scared she just knows ‘things will never be the same again’ and how people keep telling her her boobs rn are perfect, and only her and her haters dont like them

No. 1837499

> knows ‘things will never be the same again’
Colour me surprised.
> and only her and her hates
Did you mean haters? Her threads really affect her. Good, it’s what she deserves.

No. 1837505

no one wants to read fart-chan's shayrotica, nonnie

No. 1837507

I hate it when people with weird fetishes can't keep it to their degen burner Tumblr accounts

No. 1837514

comedian fart anon this is your time to shine lmfao

No. 1837516

which early 2000s dudebro movie is it where a dude is chunky and in a leopard thong because that's all i'm seeing right now

No. 1837526

I know Shayna is always gross, but this gif is honestly disturbing. Any coomer getting off to that gives rapist vibes imo. She is so clearly blackout drunk + feeling sick if she's gagging on a dildo barely even being in her mouth? Is she just gagging at the idea or something?

The most bleak Shat gif I've ever seen.

No. 1837536

there is definitely a fetish for women in sexual scenarios looking like they don’t want to be there/are visibly uncomfortable with what they are doing/are only doing it because they have to. it’s really gross and creepy and I’m sure shayna knows she has viewers who enjoy that. it’s why she has no problem bringing up literal rape scenarios for “kink” reasons.

No. 1837548

Oh I know that weirdo coomers are into it, I'm saying they're fucking wannabe rapists kek. Not in Shayna's weirdo 'cnc' way, but in the full-on-crime way. Shayna being into it or not caring (I think she does care, hence the need to be blackout drunk and also high, and being annoyed when they tip for sexual stuff) doesn't make it any less bleak.

Them being into her pretending to be non-consenting is grim enough, but she's genuinely almost about to puke of pass out there. I can only imagine how poorly this will end for her when she eventually sees one of her sugar daddies while that wasted.

No. 1837550

I screamed out loud when I read this oh my god I can't stop laughing, fuck

No. 1837562

probably gagging from the smell of her rancid spit on an old dildo thats been up her ass.

No. 1837572

File: 1685470852816.jpeg (61.83 KB, 2025x264, 1684968776951.jpeg)

Same anon kek?

No. 1837602

File: 1685473072380.jpeg (148.53 KB, 1170x1481, IMG_2688.jpeg)

No. 1837621

File: 1685475460767.jpeg (194.8 KB, 1170x1734, IMG_2689.jpeg)

No. 1837622

File: 1685475558732.webm (Spoiler Image,4.3 MB, 1564x888, sex appeal.webm)

Pure sex appeal

No. 1837695

File: 1685479702580.jpeg (155.89 KB, 750x1264, 4FA3856E-FDB6-4E0B-80D8-4A227B…)

is the skin care routine in the room with us right now shayna?

No. 1837702

File: 1685480213299.jpeg (96.85 KB, 750x1113, 6FDF2ECF-0552-43E1-B8ED-217ABF…)

shayna was interviewed for some website 1/2

No. 1837703

File: 1685480262022.jpeg (115.28 KB, 750x1053, FBE091F7-7047-42FE-835C-3F0F3F…)

the way they described her all i can say is kek

No. 1837707

I think this quirky stuff is supposed to be part of the parasocial relationship she has with these degenerate coomers–most of whom are divorced or single.

No. 1837708

“Award nominated” WHERE?!

No. 1837710

File: 1685480657701.jpeg (118.4 KB, 1170x1051, IMG_2691.jpeg)

No. 1837719

self-nominated at best kek

No. 1837722

this is the camgirl equivalent of a tiger pacing in its cage. someone needs to throw some enrichment in that enclosure that doesn't involve weed, booze, or diapers. sis would be feeling better if she just got a min wage job stocking shelves somewhere to get her out of the apartment and on her feet

No. 1837727

why in the world would they interview her of all people about that fetish? she has like what, 3 vids of it? wouldn’t it be better to talk to her about the pedo daddy fetish she’s most familiar with?

No. 1837728

She did win cow of the year once…

No. 1837731

File: 1685482628724.jpeg (171.5 KB, 1170x1036, IMG_2692.jpeg)

Coming from the bitch who gets in fights with people about “kink shaming” and then rage tweets and then deletes it all

No. 1837736

Blarrg doing her mating dance to attract CoomaBungas.
Wow, her lowest point in photo, video, and gif form.

No. 1837737

Oh look Shayna is sad
Oh look Shayna is ranting about some shit that has NOTHING to do with her. I wonder if these two things are connected?
Also, she's talking about people wasting time agruing? I'd rather spend time passionately agruing with someone, then spend time ranting on twitter about someone agruing and wasting their own time. Who is the biggest loser? The people involved? Or the retard getting angry that the people involved are fighting and not even tagging them.
Just seething on her porn account, where she justd days ealier gave advice about how being positive and not getting involved in call out culture is what Sex workers should do to be successful?

No. 1837740


No. 1837746

someone please upload that shit show of a cam show last night to dropbox. I wanna see barred out Shayna

No. 1837772

her biggest accomplishment imho

No. 1837782

File: 1685486152658.jpeg (82.09 KB, 750x875, 8EA029A4-AE33-4E83-BDC7-523696…)

sol? the bald hairy shoulders guy?

No. 1837783

Like clock work. She will talk shit about KenTheDoll or whatever the hairy shoulders man is called

No. 1837785


No. 1837791

I assume Baldi Gaysics is being cancelled so now shayna is shitting on him qnd distancing herself. She can't be speaking on Sol they didn't release. Also she shares an post from a sex worker in dms, bit then she doesn't @ the wcrote who made her fee uncomfortable
Also anyone remember shayna saying she o ly had issues with women sex workers, yet she had drama with fucking sol?

No. 1837792

I wonder if there's something on Twitter on him being canceled

No. 1837811

I am getting a fucking stroke reading her retarded spelling

No. 1837816

Nah I wud wnt sum1 omg who types like this?

No. 1837841

File: 1685488764855.jpeg (166.25 KB, 828x1472, E32B50B5-F9E6-43F5-B2B2-6ACD13…)

confirmed that tweet is about tattookendoll. this OF thot posted a call out about him. and then she retweeted Shay’s post

No. 1837845

File: 1685488851858.jpeg (48.01 KB, 828x282, F5753D76-C72E-441F-B652-7F4629…)

I wouldn’t be surprised if there is. I checked his Twitter a few weeks ago and he posted something really drama-y bait-y about sex workers. Pic related. It felt like a direct call out of shat

No. 1837847

I didn't actually get banned nonners, mods were just being cheeky.

No. 1837851

“he made me uncomfortable but i’m still gonna keep the vid up”

I swear to god every day she says something more retarded. yes, if the person is a known abuser you should take down the content with them otherwise you ARE endorsing their behavior. and if you claim you were sooooo uncomfortable then take it down you fucking moron. god I cannot stand this bitch.

No. 1837855

File: 1685489688312.jpeg (129.36 KB, 750x1077, 885E9188-379A-4EB4-9DC5-DDFAA5…)

more confirmation

No. 1837859

I just did an involuntary cackle omg

No. 1837866

is kendoll the shane guy who she took to her apartment and is a polytard? or am I confusing him with another moid?

No. 1837870

Ken is the one who couldn’t get and stay hard during their videos.

No. 1837872

> If you run into a problem everywhere you go…Guess what‽
I love that we figured this was coming from her previews and before she released their video together.
> John Kendall Cox of Pasco Washington
> Aliases: “Ken The Doll”, "TattooedKenDoll", "KenDollsTimeMachine"
> Floppy dicked scrote Shay let pork her on camera
> Thirstily replies to literally every sex worker online and has a 1% success rate of getting replies
> 44/45 year old divorced moid who talks about his 13-year-old daughter on the same TikTok he talks about sex and posts cringe thirst traps >>>/snow/1669444
> Has a criminal record >>>/snow/1669596 , including fourth degree assault
> Divorced and had a restraining order on him in the past >>>/snow/1669569 ,

No. 1837873

That makes sense why it was such a horrible awkward failure of a video, I wonder if she paid him to come back for the redo. It did seem retarded to do your first b/g with an ugly nobody but she seemed desperate to choose somebody at that point, probably bought the costume as a bonus to cover him up.

No. 1837874

Thank you both nonnies, is hard keeping up with the e-whores

No. 1837885

> an ugly nobody
While I agree, let’s not forget she was thirsting after him, he’s the reason she become obsessed with TikTok for a bit.

No. 1837888

It's funny how shayna only speaks up about shitty moids AFTET they are called out. Shayna has probably made 39 call put posts about random shit, but not an moid who made her feel uncomfortable whose working with other girls? She is going to do the same to the scrote from biggulps. Say nothing but join in on a dog pile while wasting no time to call out random people

No. 1837894

File: 1685493352415.jpg (206.75 KB, 1080x1348, Screenshot_2023-05-31-01-35-10…)

It all comes full circle lol

No. 1837901

No. 1837902

crazy how she will live tweet a mental breakdown bc fupa won't keep fucking her or because some wannabe daddy dom didn't text her back right away but she was silent on a supposed creep who violated her boundaries?

No. 1837907

She makes it so obvious how stupid and naive she is and then invites strange men into her home.

No. 1837921

File: 1685495085439.jpeg (65.81 KB, 750x982, DE6CF28E-BEB6-46B2-9B43-C2D29E…)

No. 1837925

Not to sound like that one JC thread regular kek, but she really does look like a stereotype of like a chola mom or something. She always has a weird faux chola vibe kek

No. 1837928

Why couldn't she just type like a normal fucking human for this. Those other sws typed normal.

No. 1837935

It's the sharpie brow I'm surprised no one has done the roast beef lips on her for shits and giggles it would pull the look together

No. 1837937

No. 1837940

File: 1685496223740.jpeg (91.61 KB, 1170x822, IMG_2703.jpeg)

Sure Shay

No. 1837942

that fit and hairstyle… shay is a fashion icon for sure

No. 1837947

File: 1685496860250.jpeg (128.85 KB, 828x1323, IMG_1641.jpeg)

Yet there’s this

No. 1837951

Wasn't Sol her first b/g scene anyway? Am I misremembering or is he the scrote she's referring to?

No. 1837955

Kek, what are they supposed to say when you come with some ugly scrote? They don't care

No. 1837961

Sol was 1st but iirc ot was never put for sale

No. 1837966

Sully Hill the pedophile shit dicked tranny fucker and Fat Shat both claim they didn’t actually have sex, it was supposedly just a blow job but neither of them ever posted it because other onlyfats degens on twitter tried to “cancel” Soy for working with a “Nazi”

No. 1837968

I recorded it through VLC screen capture but my desktop is having issues and the recording is unusable. The quality is awful and the audio is distorted. I'm sorry. I wanted to make webms of her talking about her necrotit and making porn while living with her dad. She was drunk and out of it. I'm sure she regrets saying what she said.

She recorded herself fucking some ginger scrote and then recorded herself getting poked by Fupa's peanut chode. I have no idea why she claims she only recently did her first b/g scenes.

No. 1837971

She probably means “professional” b/g, kek

No. 1837972

exactly, she was literally buddy buddy with him days ago and the only reason she’s saying anything is because he’s gaining traction as a known creeper. she will do ANYTHING to get noticed, jumping on bandwagons is one of her favorite pastimes.

No. 1837975

But I thought she was a sooper sweet innocent uwu baby bimbo who minds her own business and only spreads sunshine and rainbows (and her unwashed blown out asshole and festering snatch), she hates drama uwu

No. 1837991

File: 1685500285464.jpeg (53.53 KB, 750x782, AD12C0B2-DC34-44DB-80C4-A656E6…)

i guess the guy canceled or she doesn't want everyone to know that she accepts cheap bowling dates in exchange for sex ewww

No. 1838014

File: 1685502421496.jpeg (44.14 KB, 1284x353, IMG_7225.jpeg)

this has gotta be satire at this point.

No. 1838022

File: 1685503725335.jpeg (75.59 KB, 605x651, C05BC4E3-F0F7-4755-A720-99775F…)

Shayna in her swinger era.

No. 1838027

To the shaynatorium with yo ass!

No. 1838046

File: 1685506538490.jpeg (58.86 KB, 750x605, FCF0658D-8A35-49F0-916B-2FAC2B…)

No. 1838062

MTE. Like, what do you expect? I know Shay has fantasies where every food service worker gags over how wubby widdle baby who gets tied up and kidnwapped uwu she is, but come on. If anything, they ARE saying things, it's just to each other behind her back.

No. 1838064

Regardless of how creepy John Kendall Cox probably acted, Shayna only started speaking against him now because he’s a nobody that she can use to gain solidarity with other internet prostitutes. If she felt traumatized like she tries to claim then she would take the video down as the other women have done with their videos. No one who has been raped and realizes it could circulate the videographic evidence of that rape, it’s the type of thing you want to bury away hence why these women do not want to sell the videos with Baldi Gaysics anymore.
I’d be shocked if we ever saw her speak against moids with bigger names for themselves like Scott Hancock, who thrives in an industry where his past of forging STD tests isn’t unknown knowledge.

No. 1838095

It’s still up when I checked. Weird it says deleted but stayed up for me

No. 1838103


Why give a shit about the privacy of your customers, especially if you’re a super recognizable, super degenerate whore?

No. 1838150

thanks for the further info. she did confirm shes getting a lift, and you rarely see crescent/donut scarring so my money is still on bright red angry lollipop or anchor scars, totally mismatched with the other tit. so counterproductive

No. 1838186

Kek people who call themselves nice are usually not nice.

No. 1838195

To YOU Shay, they don't say anything to you, but they're definitely gossiping in the back of house whenever you waddle in with whatever homunculus is with you.

No. 1838208

I don’t know why didn’t she opt for a teardrop shaped implant on the necro tit so it would match, shape wise at least, what will now truly be a franken tit with the scarring. The sagging on that one is only extreme in comparison to the one that is a perfectly round frozen bolt on.

No. 1838213


So are people actually paying to watch these homely people to have sex on onlyfats? I’m genuinely curious as to who is paying to watch Dale gribble, baldy and Shat have sex.

No. 1838230

She complains when people refuse to work with her because of her fucked up shit yet always jumping in canceling people lol

No. 1838285

I think the fat transfers to the frakentiddy is what fucked up its shape, not just the type of implant used. I think the randomly placed fat cells are why it's so wide.

No. 1838289

I really doubt it. That’s why they constantly beg for money on Twitter

No. 1838298

File: 1685545813799.webm (3.07 MB, 1050x610, HIV POSITIVE SHAY.webm)

Shayna's fake positivity is one of her least redeeming qualities. I capped this vid from her camshow of her talking in a baby voice about how it makes her sooo sad that everyone is having a rough time post-covid, and how everyone "as a group" would be nicer if life was easier for everyone. This was the part of the show when some old scrote she knew as a kid showed up and switched from being an asshole to.. this fake positive/"im so nice" shit.

No. 1838302

>I’ll be you’re new favorite daughter
First of all grammar. Second, that’s incest. Nasty bitch.

No. 1838304

If she is not willing to delete the videos (aka stop making money off him) that they made together than she absolutely no right to be involving herself in the drama and making these posts denouncing the limp chode. In the exact same tweet she tells people to vet who they work with - so let them. People will come to you privately to ask about Ken. But nah, she'd rather just dogpile on him after spending years crying on twitter about how people dogpile her over even more offensive actions. And not to mention "don't engage in call out culture" is literally in her little set up rules of being a sexworker she fucking tweeted only 3 days ago >>1836360 the delusion is unreal.

But, I bet Shayna is frothing at the mouth and couldn't resist the opportunity to blame "the world's worst porn" all on KentheDoll now that she can freely backstab him. I'm sure when questioned she'll say its bad because he was making her uncomfortable when the reality is Shayna just smells bad and can't keep guys hard (remember how hard biggulpguy was trying and his thimble of cum?). She doesn't know how to be sexy. I've seen other vids with this scrotebag on the farms he's done with other women, and while they are absolutely FOUL VIEWING, at least with other women the degeneracy looks natural and it actually looks like someone filming two people having sex versus that clusterfuck of autism Shayna and him put out. She's the common denom here. Like wow, HOW SHOCKING, that someone who was willing to work with Shayna Clifford ended up being a dirt bag. And instead of being grateful and keeping her mouth shut (seeing as she's willing to keep the work up) she would rather burn more bridges.

No. 1838310

You’re probably right. The weight gain would affect her differently in that breast but >>1838208 was actually just wondering why instead of just fixing the smaller and misshapen breast with an implant similar to her natural one, she decided to operate on both which will now leave her with additional asymmetry.

No. 1838312

Made shayna SOOO uncomfortable…….. she brought him back a second time? kek

No. 1838345

Women worth actual money can afford to and are taken to go to different places and not have to go back to the same cheap place multiple days in a row.

But she thinks it's a flex to go back to the same place because nobody sees her as worth more than a cheap $20 meal at a place that isnt Waffle House or Applebee's.

No. 1838360

As disgusting as she is, I don’t think Shayna is to blame for why these men are flaccid in video. It’s likely because they have porn-induced erectile dysfunction which is more common than not among porn addicts. Scott Hancock couldn’t finish for better-looking, experienced performers; according to his site comments though, he’s back to being finished off by women but I chalk his brief limp stint to his own issue and not the women involved.
Shayna still is hilariously terrible at sex and anons can see how much she hates it (and fakes it) regardless of the floppy chode porn addicts struggling alongside her in the videos.

No. 1838398

File: 1685555669413.jpg (152.85 KB, 1080x1469, Screenshot_20230531_115535_Gal…)

Second tweet has been deleted already. What happened to spreading love and positivity, Shayna?
She's absolutely seething that she doesn't have the looks to pull off the mean girl shit anymore. She peaked in high school and she knows it.

(Sorry for image quality, I had to resize it)

No. 1838405

File: 1685556043279.jpg (103.64 KB, 1080x864, Screenshot_20230531_120213_Gal…)

And follow up tweets. Wtf is going on? I wonder if someone cancelled a collab or something.

No. 1838408

File: 1685557066809.jpeg (165.69 KB, 1170x1205, IMG_2719.jpeg)

No. 1838414

File: 1685557785676.jpeg (148.17 KB, 1170x1565, 4C44A445-BE1B-4CB6-895B-FCBD87…)

looks like puppikumma is still trying to get shay cancelled kek

No. 1838415

lmao it looks like she's mentioned in the ken call out post and she didnt notice, she just jumped on the dog pile without noticing that someone is calling her "a known abuser"…whoops. should have read those tweets more carefully, shayna.

No. 1838421

File: 1685558396676.jpg (136.98 KB, 981x1329, Screenshot_20230531_124106_Twi…)

PLEASE tell us your side of the story…let the milk flow freely

No. 1838424

File: 1685558587619.jpg (69.17 KB, 1080x870, Screenshot_20230531-204339_Twi…)

….aaand back to begging

No. 1838425

The SWer community is so full of toxicity and drama. It’s almost like everyone just hates their life and is just looking for an excuse to lash out at any moment to feel superior.

All of the callout posts/threads never have any actual evidence/screenshots. It’s always just hearsay and accusations of “boundary ignoring” and shit like that. Women already have their accusations of sexual harassment constantly ignored and here are these prostitutes demanding accountability with no evidence. Like no duh these scrotes you’re working with are rapey. They’d be rapists if they could.

No. 1838426

File: 1685558757026.jpeg (16.83 KB, 750x189, D61ED8E0-DD85-4238-A9EB-9329C7…)

suicide baiting again?

No. 1838430

If you see this as suicide baiting, you need to touch grass. This is her strange ass sense of humor.

No. 1838435

File: 1685559191223.jpeg (143.82 KB, 1170x1484, IMG_2720.jpeg)

What happened to not caring what people think of you Shay?

No. 1838439

>ruin my reputation & career
She's already done that all by herself.

No. 1838440

is she just upset cos her name was mentioned? is this live thing even about her? she really believes everyone is always thinking about her.

No. 1838441

File: 1685560016702.jpg (54.08 KB, 1080x458, Screenshot_20230531_130803_Twi…)

Deleted already, replaced with another totally real story that definitely happened. The fact she thinks this is plausible is a testament to how little she actually interacts with regular people

No. 1838445

File: 1685560266406.jpeg (142.7 KB, 750x1093, F99AEA84-6486-43BD-8153-BC5BFC…)

searching dolly mattel on twitter and finding this from last year

>>1838443 notice how she never calls ellen hot or beautiful or anything

No. 1838453

Are these anons who keeps bringing up this Scott handcock guy the same person? Sounds like some salty whore is in the thread using it as a chance to complain about personal porn moids. Drop it, ewhore vendetta-chan. No1curr about Scott handcock in the shayna thread and no1curr how you got fucked over by him kek

No. 1838455

Kek, sure I love how the single story she tells about a woman is an hot woman being jealous of her dumpy frumpy chubby ass. If this happened she wouldn't shut up about it. Also this happens after she made multiple posts about how she's so pretty and not an mean girl.

No. 1838456

i think people are talking about him because shayna is going to vegas to a concert with him in june so he's semi relevant i guess

No. 1838459

Ah, my mistake Nonnie.

No. 1838460

He literally relevant. The topic 9f conversation is gross moids doing gross shit while being "sex workers". There's posts about that acrote being weird and shayna still working with him. We already know they'll fall out and shayna won't interact with him for a bit. Then when an callout happens she'll jump on it and make vague accusations to save her ass.

No. 1838463

anons, scott is the guy who flew shayna out to prostitute herself for like $300. he was literally the MAIN topic of the previous thread. i also remember anons digging up articles talking about how he cheats std tests when she first announced him a few threads back too, it's not new news

No. 1838475

Some of you use any opportunity to call other anons salty whores and it's fascinating

No. 1838477

File: 1685562561023.png (88.26 KB, 350x594, 1533144099732.png)

To me this sounds more like request to stop talking about him because he doesn't want LC coming up in the google results when someone searches his name and doesn't want farmers looking too deeply at what he does. If Scott Hancock of Big Gulp Girls thought with his dick first instead of researching the cheese burger priced pussy he wants to fuck that's his problem.

No. 1838481

Is this literally not what she was just doing about Baldi Gaysics aka Jon Kendall Cox???? Shit talking to stay relevant?

No. 1838483

Definetly. But shaynus cant help but be a big ass hypocrite. Is she just kept her dumb mouth shut, she wouldnt look so stupid. At the very least she could have a work twitter and a personal twitter but that would be way too much work.

No. 1838495

Nta but after the last ten years of libfems pushing sex work and shit onto us and being attacked/cancelled for not agreeing with them and licking their assholes, I can't really blame some anons. Some people just have no patience left and I don't fault them for that.

No. 1838501

File: 1685565340535.jpeg (90.4 KB, 750x1063, 5086F0A2-2F2C-4500-81BC-64C8CF…)

how does this seem safe? also i thought she said she was staying with family while she recovers.

No. 1838525

Stop mini-modding, I am not a sex worker but yes I will call out John Kendall Cox, Kyle Nathan Perkins, Shane Pierre Sonnier, etc. I will always take any opportunity that I can to call moids out by their full names for search engine optimization purposes. I and others are firm believers in letting the consequences of men's degeneracy impact their lives.
Btw I'm pretty sure Scott Hancock is not his real name but his porn name.

No. 1838533

She's gonna return this shit and pocket the money

No. 1838557

she'd use it once and it'd never be seen again much like her gym membership

No. 1838572

>do i acknowledge them?
You just did, dumbass. She made that decision before she even pressed 'send tweet'. All this is is a give-me-sympathy tweet.

No. 1838575

u know if she was being called out for nothing, she wouldn’t be this pressed

No. 1838579

File: 1685572550456.jpeg (27.81 KB, 750x477, CB229839-DCF0-4554-9AE8-D835BF…)

The Nazi in this tweet is supposed to be big Shaynus.

No. 1838580

isnt she constantly sperging about how 'uncomfortable' she feels when other women sexualize her? flirt with her? but its okay for her to turn an innocuous (albeit weird and probably even completely fake) comment into some sort of flirtation? i know being self contradictory is all apart of her retardation but the fake bisexual shit was tiring back when it was her main grift and its tiring now.

No. 1838581

how is it that they're all calling her out for "building her brand on antisemitism" and not so much roleplaying as a toddler? because they all do the latter? also, how the fuck is she building her brand on antisemitism, what the fuck does that even mean?

No. 1838583

wish they would call her out for other shit instead of "nazi" but it would be the pot calling the kettle black

No. 1838584

Nona, are you seriously telling me you don’t remember the brownshirt Shayna era? Her esoteric Nazi occult LARP? A toddler sure, but even worse…a Hitler Youth toddler! Check threads 14 and 88.

No. 1838588

File: 1685573058455.jpeg (197.84 KB, 1010x1274, B857B52F-E1A2-4FA5-A230-4D0054…)

I think the reason they’re bringing up drama with Shay again is that they brought up Sol Gribble to that creep SW account (deleted now, but they wouldn’t put Sol on their list of creeps) and so they (mainly just one woman in picrel who is obsessed) keep repeating that he fucked a Nazi (Shayna) along with his other offenses. So basically they keep bringing Shay up to cancel or attack Soy Salvatore.

No. 1838596

Same but it's all pretty funny regardless of what they decide to publicly drag her for

No. 1838597

This ewhore that is obsessed with calling her a Nazi is becoming a cow of her own at this point. She has been doing this for YEARS, @ing random people to tell them that Shat is a Nazi.

No. 1838601

File: 1685573583731.jpeg (62.72 KB, 750x745, 19021150-131C-46F5-B94E-276BF6…)

LMAO this is so milky

No. 1838602

I respected her hustle. Anything that makes shayna miserable is worth the effort.

No. 1838606

You're right, Shayna Braun knows what she's done. Her comedian fart porn is nazi propaganda in disguise and only a few e-whores are brave enough to call her out for it.

No. 1838607

No. 1838609

this almost makes me root for shayna, "a self-proclaimed nazi" okay post caps of it then.

No. 1838610

does anyone have the screenshot where she has that nosering that looks like a hitler stache kek

No. 1838614

All this is retarded but it's hilarious how disliked shayna is by an handful of sex workers who convince other retards. It's almost as if her being a shitty fake positivity person is very fucking see-through. She's just unlikable and I believe one day someone who was internet "friends" with Shayna will fall out with her and drop a bunch of dms of her being shitty.
It's also telling that she just goes into,"stop calling people out!stop being a mean girl!"
Instead of simply addressing it, I know she has but whining about call out culture when you do it Is retarded. I use to roll my eyes at the dramatic shit/lies toward shayna. But now I don't care.
All this shit could be ignored she brings attention to it. She's going to make this shut pick up steam because she keeps whining about it

No. 1838616

integrate better or don't post, salty vendetta whores. we do not care about the dumb hitler and nazi comments shayna made years ago, we actually don't like any of you e-thots. at least you saged though…

No. 1838622

My tinfoil is shayna is going to keep poking this retard. She's going to do/say something retarded then someone who actually has issues with Shayna and proof. Is going to make an call out post about shayna being rude or lying or some dumb shit. I hope she continues

No. 1838633

Totally. Whenever she farts, it’s her way of showing her support for use of gas chambers during the Holocaust.

No. 1838634

File: 1685575623654.jpeg (93.26 KB, 1290x667, IMG_7805.jpeg)

No extra milk just really wanted to add this tweet in with the rest that were posted.

No. 1838636

File: 1685575816820.png (202.75 KB, 750x745, nazi_shat.png)

No. 1838639

Nonnie you’re retarded and I love you.

No. 1838649

File: 1685577810122.jpeg (6.45 KB, 195x206, 007EF12D-C3D3-4920-9430-C4ADA0…)

No. 1838650

File: 1685577955395.jpeg (52.36 KB, 750x785, 2B0F2D0B-1926-4B40-AA36-A9699B…)

she deleted this one. i'm wanting the worst outcome for shayna whenever she gets called out because she always makes a bigger fool of herself so i hope the black girls calling her out take this as racist or something by shayna saying she's prettier than the people calling hairy shoulders ken and her out. i'm a retard btw

No. 1838651

Sage for PS sperg. It looks like Shay has pseudoptosis (pseudo breast sagging) where her nipple is still above her inframammary crease, so her doctor could opt for a less intense lift scar. However, based on experience, she would get the best result from having a lift and then waiting for it to heal before getting her implant. A lift, well, lifts and tightens the tissue. A breast implant adds weight and expands the tissue. Doing them together usually gives half-assed results since the procedures are working against each other. Inb4 it looks good right away because swelling will make her breasts high and tight…give it 3-6 months.

No. 1838654

KEK im dying

No. 1838657

File: 1685578853921.jpeg (55.59 KB, 750x747, 3B073163-CE8F-48B7-A0FC-1CB859…)

No. 1838658

lmao the way that I thought this was for her

No. 1838659

i wonder if she will actually be able to quit and get this surgery. my bet is she can't quit and they end up turning her away when she shows up obviously high. or she wakes up during surgery and feels it all.

No. 1838661

God damn, this whole THC addiction/upcoming surgery is making me anxious kek I feel like she definitely won't be able to stop and it will be a whole shitshow.

No. 1838666

lol at none of these retards getting any engagement. Just flinging shit into the void.

No. 1838669

Could this be one of the stalker nonnies? The one who knew her irl and contacted her parents or whatever?

No. 1838672

omega kek. this thread is so stupid and perfect

No. 1838680

File: 1685580353497.jpeg (107.66 KB, 1170x752, IMG_2726.jpeg)

Can’t wait for Shay to follow this advice

No. 1838682

It’s blatantly obvious to everyone here but the shit she tweets about really drives home the fact she actually doesn’t have friends. This surgery saga is something she should be texting the girly group chat but she doesn’t have one. Coomers don’t give a fuck about her feelings. They are on twitter to endlessly scroll and coom and not be interrupted by her “woman problems” posts. I think she’s been without actual friends for so long she doesnr know how to separate business and personal relationships. Like she cant separate her porn from her identity. Actually pathetic

No. 1838689

Didn't Shane Pierre Sonnier have an white nationalist neo-nazi phase?

No. 1838692

didn't she have a discord of girl friends?

No. 1838694

The thing is shayna talks at people. She rarely involves herself in conversations. She rants about shit others are saying. She has an emotional dump in Ellen and I'm positive she uses sugar daddies/anyone She meets during zex work as an potential emotional dump. She seems like someone who only speaks about herself or her issues. She uses every platform like it's an diary and every single person is on ot for her and truly cares about her. She doesn't have the emotional depth to have female friends who aren't going to be what Ellen is to her

No. 1838695

Yeah and she only popped in when she was going through drama or to speak on herself. The girls there mostly chatted amongst themselves

No. 1838696

All his family are proper redneck trump fans.
There was that video of him setting himself on fire and whoever is with him filming it suggests he should've "done it in a swastika".

No. 1838697

This reminded me that I recently was re-reading some of the Vivi saga threads and how Shaynus dumped on Vivi’s dad about a bunch of personal shit while he drove her to the airport kek I agree she has zero boundaries with people

No. 1838703

she won't wake up ever. She'll literally die on that table. They won't even be able to pull out all stops to bring her back.

They're going to drug test her as a precaution no matter what. They won't even see her if she tests positive for old shit. But, considering the anesthesiologist is touching base with her, they can discharge her on that info alone because she should've been cleaning up her act the moment they told her to quit weed the first time.

No. 1838706

Would she lose money like a deposit if the surgery has to be cancelled due to her using drugs?

No. 1838707

Absolutely yes.

No. 1838710

Considering how trashed she was on cam the other day I feel she is not gonna be able to kick the weed and boozing even for a surgery she technically needs (the necrotic replacement, not the other tit).

She usually gets out of it on cam but the other day was something else. I'm a drunkanon who drinks every day and even I was uncomfortable watching that shitshow

No. 1838712

Necrotit* lol thanks autocorrect

No. 1838713

She's going to be having a breakdown on twitter about how she was scammed by her surgeon because she can never admit to anything being her fault. Maybe her parents will finally realize that she's beyond saving.

No. 1838716

no patient is drug tested before elective surgery

No. 1838717

File: 1685584465198.jpeg (79.92 KB, 1170x493, IMG_2727.jpeg)

No. 1838718

I could see it happening in her case because the surgeon doesn't want to get sued if she dies due a drug reaction while under the anesthetic.

No. 1838759

The anaesthesiologist will just ask her if she’s smoked/drank recently/will check her paper work and if she says a little/yes they’ll do some bloods and to work out the correct dosage of anaesthetic.

She’s not going to wake up on the table or die. Doctors don’t care if the person is a slobby alcoholic or a neo nazi who goes to proud boys meetings, they just don’t want to get sued.

No. 1838771

I don’t wanna say you’re both wrong, but either you are or it just depends on facility then. Maybe even the state?

No. 1838772

SA I forgot to sage please don’t renounce me nonas

No. 1838773

?? i got cosmetic surgery in 2021 and they did not drug test me.

No. 1838778

File: 1685590042604.jpeg (383.01 KB, 1536x2048, A6D5A79C-9A34-4256-984F-D876FE…)

i like how she goes from cleavage to no cleavage when she isn't forcing it

No. 1838785

Exactly if you say yes they might do some bloods so they can figure out exact anaesthetic dosages but not an actual drug test, they don’t care that much.

No. 1838789

Classist? How is she classist kek

No. 1838791

I’m willing to bet they say so because she’s “privileged” and not doing sex work for sUrViVaL.

No. 1838796

am in the state where she’s having the surgery, recently had surgery, was not drug tested though the patient information sheet told you not to use weed for the week before the surgery and the nurse asked about it to confirm

No. 1838803

That’s what I was saying, I was the anon that said they won’t drug test but might do bloods to check for a correct dosage, not a drug test and that’s a big if, for example you’re unsure what you’ve taken right before

I don’t think there’s anywhere in the world they actively drug tests for surgeries

No. 1838808

File: 1685595128449.jpeg (63.77 KB, 828x426, C5310F33-1EBD-4D27-9531-EB2563…)

This is what I found on the matter, my guess is that it all really just depends from surgeon to surgeon

No. 1838809

File: 1685595172612.jpeg (46.04 KB, 828x372, 42439C8D-24F0-44CA-A2FA-185549…)

No. 1838818


No. 1838825

I had a cosmetic procedure a month ago and did not have a urine test. They explicitly state no smoking and no alcohol for two weeks before surgery though.

No. 1838830

File: 1685598471649.jpeg (67.69 KB, 425x450, E3E636CD-FF39-4162-95B8-5BE2E5…)

No. 1838844

i was in a car wreck, and I've had about 27 surgeries in the last 6 years. No one has EVER drug tested me, and I'm on heavy psych meds to boot. so I'm sure she won't get tested

No. 1838850

I had a breast reduction years ago and did not have to do a drug test. I showed up for surgery in the morning and they had me immediately set up for surgery.

No. 1838853

File: 1685603172352.jpg (124.42 KB, 946x1569, 20230601_085030.jpg)

Sorry for derail and sperg, but infuriates me when people throw nazi accusations out of their ass. Shaynus is many things but not a literal nazi. She doesn't endorse genocide of minorities, she isn't a nationalist…If asked, she would know absolute jack-shit about WW2 history. She should be shat on by the twitter harpies for the actually disgusting stuff she did, not some edgy 2010's tumblr posts. Can't believe I'm whiteknighting Shayna's sow ass, but this unhinged theythem screeching at her for being a nazi has nothing for proof besides "just trust me man". Where is Shayna's racism/antisemitism/nationalism so severe that it compares to a literal nazi?

No. 1838857

agreed, it is very annoying. it dilutes what nazi really means. she made some dumb edgy jokes when she was, what, 16 or 17? it's been about ten years. but of course they won't call her out on her actual bullshit because all SWers are the same.

No. 1838860

If she's been to the hospital so many times in the last two years under her parents (dad or mom?) health insurance, they're definitely going to "advise" as much as possible to avoid any lawsuits due to complications in surgery. Especially if she's counteracting meds with constant drinking and marijuana. They still typically test for what's in your system regardless – they just won't tell you the results, but it will still exist (partiallly) in medical records. Obviously it can fluctuate if you have two different insurance plans, go to doctors for certain issues but not the other way around. which could explain why she's in debt by trying to circumvent problems in Seattle or ignore why she's sick all the time because she has to pay her own bills with the insurance on top of what her parents pay for her in order for it to not be so bad.

No. 1838880

I feel like she’s not being serious about quitting weed and alcohol for the surgery, because she wants to die on the table. She wouldn’t have to go through suicide but she’d get the ultimate tragic bimbo death. I really hope the hospital won’t let her go through with the surgery if she keeps drinking and toking

No. 1838893

I'm literally a surgeon, and I've never heard of any facility drug testing before scheduled surgery. Bad move, half of your cases would get cancelled kek

No. 1838896

Why doesn't she post proof of any of this shit? Why is she so obsessed?

I also wonder if any of the sex workers that call her a nazi lurk here

No. 1838897

Kek I hope you are not lying, I'm dying at the thought of a surgeon browsing Shayna threads on breaks between surgeries

No. 1838901

>>1838575 is easily one of those

No. 1838903

Just wondering, if you do find out someone has been drinking/smoking before surgery, what do you do?

No. 1838906

blogpost as a nurse who does surgical patient prep for day surgery. If we get the sense that someone has been withholding information about drug or alcohol use we can usually coax it out of them by being very "buddy-buddy" and then pass on any concerns to Anesthetics/surgeon/scrub scout nurse/senior nurse or whomever is next on the ladder so they can review. It really can come down to the surgery and hers is elective & not emergency.
Would anyone be interested if I make a thread in /shay/ for all the medical theorizing? I'd love to her post anesthetic drug charting, her tolerance must be very high and I'm hoping for a mid-surgery wake-up.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1838911

I want to know more

No. 1838912

The SW creep alert is probably someone who understands what naziism is. Shayna is a pedo, neglectful pet owner, scammer, fake abuse victim, anti feminist, alcoholic junkie but she’s not a Nazi or even close, she made a stupid off colour joke on tumblr and called a random girl baby hitler who she didn’t even know was Jewish. That’s hardly calling for a fourth reich or harming marginalised Jewish people. It takes away from the severity of nazis and what they do/are

No. 1838914

I would be very interested in a medfag thread, I think that stuff is fascinating even though I don't work in health care myself

No. 1838923

Seriously. Secondhand embarrassment from these nonas that are so confidently stupid.
And then one of them confessed to being an anoncoholic in the process.

No. 1838948

File: 1685624868351.jpeg (242.41 KB, 1242x2132, 0E8DB3E2-5049-4250-AE84-38253B…)

All the tit surgery sperging made my tiktok fyp change

No. 1838963

can Dr. Shaytard in this thread explain why this would happen

No. 1838971

File: 1685627389930.png (Spoiler Image,465.13 KB, 1242x2688, 00B07556-1410-4028-A35F-680B64…)

I googled and this page has a lot of information plus pictures of various smoking related outcomes post surgery and extensive info during surgery https://www.melbournebreastcancersurgery.com.au/smoking-and-breast-surgery-complications.html#:~:text=Smoking%20can%20increase%20the%20complication,constricts%20(shrinks)%20blood%20vessels.

No. 1838974

If her boobs turn gray no one will notice since she’s already got a weird gray skin tone

No. 1838982

Yeah but this whole article is about cigarette smoking and nicotine effects specifically, not weed. There would probably be some overlap in side effects just from constantly inhaling something that's not air but a lot of those are cigarette specific

No. 1838987

Thought that was her homer simpson mouth pussy at first glance

No. 1838993

she literally vapes nicotine every day anon. shes addicted to those elfbars now.

No. 1838996

smoking nicotine from a vape is different than from a cigarette. it’s not just nicotine alone that causes infection like that.

No. 1839003

File: 1685632623958.jpeg (Spoiler Image,169.42 KB, 828x1396, 5943BB99-B74C-4815-A69D-EC16D4…)

imagine being blacklisted in your “career” by an obese they/them with udders. they wanna cancel her not for wearing diapers or acting like a baby or her incest porn, but for her being a “nazi” I wonder if puppykumma is just doing her best as a japanesuto compensate for WWII kek what a fucking joke.

No. 1839014

File: 1685633375760.png (159.47 KB, 484x910, DianeChokdondik_Transparent.pn…)

Hilarious, Mrs. Choksondik wants to act like a victim but posts this degrading garbage for free. She is obviously painfully jealous of Shatna KEK

No. 1839021

I guess I'm alone in no longer caring if they want to cancel her or what for. These are the people shayna wants in her life. She invites this retarded shit. It's been years and the fact that people confidently speard bullshit about her and it's still going on let's you know that amount of brain cells we are working with here.
Nobody ever produces an screenshot or anything. She's so unlikable that an small portion of sex workers are able to do this everytime and nobody cares.

She doesn't handle shit like an adult, instead she whines at the problem is super judgemental of situations that don't include her.
The fact that Shayna on the daily joins in on scolding people,but whines when it's done to her.
She let's this shit get to her.
Also why do you expect gross sex workers who know shayna to shame her for shit they also do? No they won't call out pedo pandering. Why would they?
Saying she's an nazi is a lot more damning. Again, it's been years and it's an fee sex.workers who genuinely dislike Shayna enough to whine about this every few months.
Shayna never truly shuts it down directly. Just like she let's gross moids run around sex worker twotter unless they personally piss her off or.are called out.
She'd rather whine about skinny women or vague subtweet

No. 1839034

You should delete that spyware

No. 1839056

Nicotine, regardless of whether it comes from a cigarette, a vape, or even those smoking cessation patches, constricts blood vessels so her body wouldn’t be able to send the nutrients required to heal as quickly, making the window for bacterial infection (cellulitis) much longer than a normal person would have. Nicotine has anti-inflammatory effects but also makes the immune cells responsible for fighting bacteria specifically weaker. It’s a combi of slower wound healing, increased susceptibility to infection, and anti-inflammatory effects making her less likely to notice something is wrong in time to get an antibiotic.

No. 1839062

Only good take. She would LOVE to pile on but like other nonas have said she’s only doing this nice girl stuff because she’s too ugly and insecure without back-up for the mean girl stuff now. All of these idiots want to scream about nazis because it’s easy and gets them validated, and then they won’t touch any of the rightful criticism of pedo pandering, abuse, and porn usage. Who cares, let them quarantine and eat themselves alive so we can laugh

No. 1839076

Probably related to the time she bitched about people crowdfunding to move and shit.

No. 1839080

>>she’s only doing this nice girl stuff because she’s too ugly and insecure without back-up for the mean girl stuff now
Yep, back in her skinny days you could tell Shayna thought she was the shit. She said what she wanted, was constantly sarcastic and snippy. You can tell that she feels being fat makes her less attractive, therefore she has to be "Nice' to make up for her fatness.
She also gets to use her fatness to shit on Skinny women, and it's "Woke" now. It's another way for her to hate on women. Claiming to be the "Nice girl" who hates "mean girls' but also, being the "Chubby" girl who feels mad when thin girls say they are "thick" for having an non-panacake ass. She wishes she had the option of saying with her chest that her ass was the only thing fat about her
When Shayna had her attack dogs, she would tell them shit, then they'd go whine at people for her. She wishes she had that again but in numbers. I forget how fucked up it was for Shayna to literally whine to Bratty about random sex workers and for whatever reasons Bratty would be like, "hey are you copying Dolly?" Shayna did that so she didn't catch the heat, someone else did.

No. 1839081

Also, anyone notice how Shayna keeps saying she's too "Pretty" for drama? it's almost as if she's calling the people/person she's mad at unattractive. I feel like she's lowkey been saying she finds herself more attractive then that puppy chick, but she knows she can't say it outright.
She's saying arguing/fighting is an ugly girl trait, sure, but there's an reason why she keeps repeating that shit more then ever.

No. 1839093

Thatbwas so fuckin annoying. stupid cow made people feel bad for trying to get out of some living situations

No. 1839096

>she won't wake up ever

No. 1839097

this is why Shayna would NEVER admit to twitter that she has parents who'd pay for her to go to school or do whatever she wanted. She knows she's very privileged and that'd make so many of her "Haters" mad. Imagine being some groomed sex worker or some shit, and you learn the main girl always bitching/whining/suicide baiting over simple agruments online or at other sex workers, is some chick who literally could have her life changed, debt free by her parents?
She bragged about her dad owning an cabin, but she really didn't brag enough about her parents taking them on fancy trips. Or maybe that shit is so normal to her that she doesn't even see it as anything to brag about.
Shayna chooses to live this way and lashes out at everyone because her choices.
They'd have an fucking field day.
>@theirlbarbie is an cis white privileged woman, who is constantly coming at other POC sex workers for how they run their buiness and what they choose to speak about on their profile. She is constantly tone policing POC/GenderFluid/QUeer sex workers who vent and make them feel shame for what they speak on. She has parents that literally take her on fancy trips and would pay for to go to school, she made posts about people creating go fund mes & being in debt in college-

I'm posititve that some sex workers who hate shayna lurk but are smart enough to know they can't mention everything because then shayna will go,
>They got that information from an hate site about me!
So they focus on retarded shit from tumblr.

No. 1839109

File: 1685645281402.jpeg (71.56 KB, 1170x817, IMG_2739.jpeg)

No. 1839112

File: 1685645435877.jpeg (124.7 KB, 750x1211, 94C578EE-F678-42B7-81F1-FD38C5…)

it's actually unreal how gross her skin always looks.

No. 1839115

So dry and crunchy and dirty. And her mismatched foundation shade is the dingleberry on top of the shit sundae.

No. 1839124

Guess my sentiment is different from most expressed sentiments here. I like making fun of the dumb shit she does, but since she's my favorite cow, I'm usually rooting for her when "new characters" arrive and cause a conflict. She has a falling out with a scrote who's at least a little shitty? Hope she drags them. Udder-chan spams the nazi bullshit? I hope people realize she's retarded. Not wishing for homeless saga, more fatness or visible scars on her tits.

Am I getting soft? Is it time to retire to shaynatorium?

No. 1839132

File: 1685647989008.jpeg (95.14 KB, 750x1005, 490BE53E-1117-4827-A118-07489D…)

is it still brunch if you're doordashing it to your shitty apartment to eat by yourself? i think of brunch as meeting my friends on the weekend

No. 1839134

why is she aging so fast omg looks terrible

No. 1839136

oh i forgot she's one of those "birthday MONTH" people… figures

No. 1839138

The irony is that by that talking this way about drama she is getting into drama, she is fanning the flames. She's just too cowardly to say what she really wants to say and imo that's a contemptible trait. Not saying that her "opponents" are better, but at least they have the courage to speak kek

No. 1839145

She's a coward. I think that annoys me the most about Shayna nowadays, whenever anyone calls her out she rolls into a fucking ball. Yet she's constantly vaguely calling people out. Then acting in the next tweet like she just minds her business. It makes no sense.
Just because you talk about drama without going to the person page, and pretend like you are simply giving advice doesn't mean you aren't bringing drama into your page or life. Why does she care if sex workers are agruing? Or the weird
>You are ruining your buiness
shit, so?? She doesn't care if they are being unprofessional, she's just upset and lashing out. Every single time she gets mad she takes it out on some random twitter situation.

No. 1839150

I feel the same way. Hate when random whores come at her all smug thinking they have a leg to stand on. I root for my heffer in every cow-on-cow fight. The “SW community” is just too boring and grimy for farming, still most of them are just as rancid and retarded and depressed as Shayna if not more. Punching down is the only thing distracting the $3 obese failed whores from their own lives.

No. 1839151

Shit I d respect her more if she just embraces being a mean fat bitch and a menace to the community. It’s so pathetic to watch the uwu groveling baby LARP, these girls will never pity you Shayna.

No. 1839154

You went to a shit doctor then, anon. They do it the same time they test you for pregnancy.
Shay openly admitted to smoking weed and having a hard time quitting. So they're going to test her because of that alone.

They literally give you a urine test during your pre-screening before your surgery? It's both to make sure you're not pregnant and not on drugs. Because shocker doctors don't want a death, a malpractice suit, and the board of medicine up their ass because some chic can't help having some nose candy.

Your premium must be fantastic, then.

You guys don't seem to get it. The cocktail of drugs used w anesthesia (a slew of depressants) and a depressant drug like weed/thc. No matter the amount, it will fucking kill her. They're literally going to paralyze her muscles as is, then add another unaccounted-for depressant to it. Their actual calculations for putting her under might as well be a joke atp. She's going to die on that table unless they do the equivalent of a medical speedball on the fly. And that's banking on divine intervention fitting of Dante's Inferno rolling in.

No. 1839158

?? they did not test me for anything but COVID. and the surgery went extremely well. maybe there was a urine test and i just forgot about it. now that i think about it, i did get seen by my GP for her to okay the surgery, i think they did have me get a blood test and gave a urine sample about a week before?
don't see why you're being so abrasive over this. "SHE IS GOING TO DIE ON THAT TABLE." uhh ok, no one really cares. we'll have to wait and see.

No. 1839169

>she’s going to die on the table

Anon, it’s okay the only medical school you went to was watching Grey’s Anatomy and House reruns but don’t try to act like you’re an authority on anything.

No. 1839185

>watermark around her rocks in a bag set of boobs
Taking some cues from Shayna huh?

No. 1839190

Excuse you. I watch M.A.S.H. What's your educational background? The not-funny Scrubs?

(Please don't flag me as infighting. I had to be a smartass)

No. 1839196

yeah i thought >>1839154 is being extremely ott

No. 1839235

I got anesthesia a week ago and beforehand they did a blood test + urine test and weighed me. Anesthesia is not something medical professionals take lightly, as it can result in death. Look up the Emmalyn Nguyen case if you think it's something that can't happen.

No. 1839238

File: 1685660109621.png (84.29 KB, 863x684, Screenshot_20230601-155621.png)

aka she got lazy

No. 1839245

how many times has she made this exact same decision before??

No. 1839250

Do you think sick people don't get surgery? Do you think that they don't monitor all your vitals and pop you on a breathing machine that breathes for you and have other meds to counteract all the side effects of the drugs they give? You're either alogging or a third world nonnychan.

No. 1839255

Wow, her cleavage matches her cooter

No. 1839257

File: 1685662299362.png (160.41 KB, 827x1423, thedorkreich.PNG)

this was in her likes… I don't know what she's hoping to accomplish with this and her thought process still somehow surprises me

No. 1839268

Kek nonna you’re all good. I’d take smartassery over OTT posts any day.

Honestly if Shay is going to die, it’s going to be from eating before her surgery. Aspirating breffast while being under anesthesia is a way more likely scenario than passing away due to weed and alcohol being in her system.

No. 1839271

File: 1685663659233.png (47.36 KB, 969x514, info.png)

Attached pic has some info.

I don't think anything life threatening will happen to Shayna during surgery, but there will probably be complications. I think Shayna is capable of not smoking the DAY of the surgery, not as confident about the alcohol use. One time I was getting my wisdom teeth out and I smoked weed before going. They gave me a needle to numb the area and it seemed numb, but once the Dentist actually started drilling I got the most painful jolt of pain all through my body and nearly jumped out of my chair. They had to give me a second needle and wait a bit before he could continue and it was traumatizing as hell. I can picture something similar happening to Shayna if she is dishonest with her surgeon and staff. Imagine waking up in the middle of have your tits ripped out? Or being one of those freak patients who can feel the pain but can't say anything right away? I think the real issues will arise during her recovery when she needs to be sober for a few months. Which is something I don't think she will be able to do. Picrel says marijuana use could increase pain during recovery, so this does not bode well to us nonas worried that this surgery is the beginning of Shayna's opioid death saga. The fake tit saga ended up being true, so I'm more inclined now to believe the stories about Shayna taking prescription pills already. The ways her eyes looked on her last stream was not just weed and alcohol. Plus she has an addictive personality. If you mix legitimate pain and recovery in with an addict you create a monster. RIP Shayna Clifford 1997-2024

No. 1839275

Hopefully this puts an end to her retarded medical fetish and constant need to expose her rancid pussy every time she goes to the hospital.