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File: 1708917077322.jpeg (480.86 KB, 781x879, shayis.jpeg)

No. 1970047

Previous Thread >>>/snow/1956944

Shayna Leigh Clifford; 26 year old failing prostitute, porn sick degenerate, drug addict and alcoholic who spends her days posting free pictures of her hemorrhoid filled anus on twitter while begging for rent. Rejects her parents help to get an education and normal job. Hurts animals on purpose and panders to pedos by filming porn dressed as a child. Recently moved to Seattle after wasting years on an ex too ashamed to admit they were dating her and is currently looking her new Fupa 2.0.


REMEMBER: Read the rules before posting. Repetitive nitpicks about Shayna's body, face, and genitals are subject to a 1-day ban. Reposting the same photos zoomed in/edited is not milk and you will receive a ban for nitpicking. Stay on topic, derailing and infighting will result in a ban. Sage when there’s no milk. Spoiler any NSFW images. No blog posting or bragging about how you're a better whore than Shayna. Nobody wants to hear about your degeneracy. This is a Shay thread, curb your enthusiasm when posting screenshots of other e-whores, they go in the e-whores thread

Last Thread:
>posts pre sugar daddy date dancing video to anons horror >>1957699
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>still showing off cheap watch, said she had it "resized" after farmer criticism >>1958356
>keeping it classy, she chugs a full glass of wine in public >>1959922
>luna, i mean shayna, posts a nasty sugar daddy story pulling innocent layne staley into it >>1960045
>complains about her customers on her main account yet again >>1960832
>hot take on AI grimes-style >>1961100
>the start of her recent obsession with the knock kneed pose >>1961378
>abandons her pets yet again to spend time with grandma gregory >>1961546, >>1961573, >>1961719
>shoot with old man and dr suess character >>1962633
>apartment searching? trouble in shayadise? >>1963804
>tranny is "cleaning" her apartment while she is gone, has a key maybe? >>1964944
>family dinner at grandmas house >>1964962
>is it bimbo to own an iron? >>1965251
>mentally unstable prostitute is mentally unstable >>1965407
>middle part appears, soon after the thread criticizes her side part >>1965413
>her and the tranny got each other gifts >>1965525, >>1965526, what she got for him cost more
>brags about free alcohol yet again when its likely a faulty machine issue >>1966115
>spent valentines day with scott hancock >>1966222
>reveals new NSFL marks with the new pose yet again >>1967066
>WARNING SEVERE NSFL drops new video with pacifier dildo, can't bear those pedo allegations >>1967591
>cowgirl barbie look drops >>1967744, >>1967770
>another sad trailer drops with old man >>1968278
>home from vegas and begging for a measly 35 dollars >>1968845

New TikTok: https://www.tiktok.com/@theirlbarbie

No. 1970049

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No. 1970051

File: 1708918904432.jpeg (811.25 KB, 1290x2014, IMG_3684.jpeg)

Thanks for new thread op!!
Did anyone catch what was deleted? Sounds like some of her coomers aren’t happy with her bruises again

No. 1970053

File: 1708919844932.png (357.94 KB, 864x1920, 1000010525.png)

No. 1970054

File: 1708920006930.png (110.23 KB, 1178x483, Screen Shot 2024-02-25 at 11.0…)

"has her own money" kek

No. 1970055

File: 1708920228901.png (123.45 KB, 864x576, 1000010550.png)

No. 1970056

>wrangling this hard over $200
It sounds like she's broke and arguing with a repeat customer. Business is not her strong point.

No. 1970073

regardless of how much money you have why the hell would you send $200 to someone when you didn't even receive that? If he's paying with a credit card or some other payment service or something he can just dispute it. The fact that he's asking for her to cashapp him sounds incredibly scammy and like a red flag.

I know these threads are just full of people who are committed haters but you've got to be real here. you would think the same thing. It's a little unprofessional to whine on Twitter about your business dealings but it's not like you can expect any better from her.

No. 1970074

kek at the thread pic

No. 1970075

She's been a sex worker for eight years, she should be used to dealing with scummy moids and shouldn't be leaving herself open to potential scamming like this. She either needs to stop taking orders for customs until the bruises heal or needs to inform coomers that she will have bruising in advance. This coomer sounds like someone that makes frequent orders, so she should not be arguing over $200. She has so few coomers left that she can't be picky. If she knew that OF takes 20% of whatever she makes, then she should have factored that into a refund policy or taken the payment elsewhere.

As gross as it is, she is a sex worker and this is what she chose to do. She is in the wrong here because she has advertised a service that she is unable fulfill and the moid should get his money back because she can't deliver what he ordered.

No. 1970078

does she not notify the coomers on of when she's unavailable to take customs? now that would be unprofessional. If she is currently doing them and the guy just didn't care to actually check with her before sending payment, that's his fault.

You're right though he does sound like a frequent "customer", which makes this whole thing even more perplexing because if he knows her that he would know that she is literally covered in bruises and welts like half the year.

No. 1970082

And she’s posting it on her “work” account instead of the one she has specifically for sperging, her retardation never ceases to amaze me. Imagine being close to a decade into this degenerate shit and still being a complete failure

No. 1970175

File: 1708958035939.jpeg (Spoiler Image,473.79 KB, 1536x2048, IMG_4694.jpeg)

New twitter pic. The hair and side burns make her look like a leprechaun

No. 1970187

"Her own money" is still money provided to her by scrotes who use her one way or another. To say nothing of the free content she's put out over these years
This sounds like a scam she's taking way too personally. Some scrote is trying to play her for a fool and get money from her or was an idiot and spent while high/drunk and wants her to refund him his bad decisions for him.
Also if the guy is a repeat customer why would he be mad that the custom might take a few days since Shay doesn't seem to ever produce things immediately? She's either not telling the whole story or being played and can't see it even if she's sus the guy might stiff her for extra cash if she refunds him.
Her problem is she has no friends to actually talk about any of her issues and questions with so the only place she can try asking for advice is twitter. Except her only followers are coomers so the only place she has people who might answer is her main twitter. Kind of sad and amusing that her "girlfriend" whom shares her "career" with doesn't seem to be someone she can talk to at all about this sort of thing. Or at the very least seems to be the last person on Shay's mind to offer help or advice

No. 1970192

the wedgie and the situation smile combo… tf is wrong with this sow

No. 1970193

cottage cheese thighs are looking absolutely gnarly.

No. 1970198

the dimpling is a product of being a woman and having a more ideal fat cell type than men tbqh and not a problem, regardless of the sexist focus on it it here.

her weird ass shape on the other hand. gross gross gross. the way that she looks makes me recoil in disgust and regardless of how much I try to empathize with her I can't b/c she looks so so repulsive and i can't get over it.

No. 1970203

File: 1708963272221.jpeg (495.05 KB, 1170x1084, IMG_8775.jpeg)

No. 1970206

she looks so matronly

No. 1970208

she is seriously so fucking ugly in the face. she would probably do better if she cropped her face out of all her pictures

No. 1970221

She's a sex worker and this is the image she's using to sell herself, no wonder her OF subs keep dropping.

A degenerate invited you to meet other degenerates. Congratulations.

No. 1970223

fr. how pathetic do you have to be to be grateful that some basement dwelling misogynistic coomer will have your fellow pedophile ass in his house??

I'm sure she's used to pretending to have the hots for gross old men who would never in a million years find her respectable enough to show you their family but this self-peding should she does is disgusting.

no one is forcing her to not have a legitimate job and do this shit instead, she chose this.

No. 1970224

*self pitying shit

No. 1970228

she's been doing this for almost a decade and in all that time she hasn't bothered to learn how to pose her face at all. it looks so fucking bad. nothing she does ever looks nice, it's always so amateur, cheap and grody. if i hadn't been here watching it happen in real time i would be halfway convinced she's in character to troll people or something. but sadly this is her legitimate life.

No. 1970230

File: 1708970022532.png (Spoiler Image,878.83 KB, 768x1024, the-real-yaniv.png)

Eight years of sex work and she still looks like Yaniv.(belongs in the shaynatorium)

No. 1970247

noooo, why did you that.

No. 1970261

kek, this is sad, so everyone she's actually interested in hid her from everyone, I bet she never even met Ellen's folks, but some coomer who is clearly a coomer and all his friends know he's a coomer because they are coomers (more than likely) is "another" person who lets her around their people?
I'm assuming the other person has to be ellen or maybe she considers Keks/Sarah letting her be around people they care about & film with meaning they "brought her around". Like is this shade at Fupaul? Or are their other degens who don't want Shayna meeting their friends kek?

No. 1970263

she lets him in her house but she's flattered that he not only let her in his but invited her to be around his people, meanwhile she has this dude cleaning her house, caring for her pets and wearing her clothes and it turns him on. Isn't he at her house when she isn't at home as well? It makes no fucking sense. She should'nt be praising him for this, this should be a given, he's disgusting as well.

No. 1970280


No. 1970281

Kek anon, truly couldn't think of a worse insult.

No. 1970291

No. 1970308

Holy hell that double chin. Like, I knkw she's fat and whatever hut as a anon said, this is her press pic. This js what she's using to sell her used goods and she chose the pic where it looks like she just crammed a large dominoes topped with cupcakes.
That smirk really tops it off nicely

No. 1970314

Nona I stg my soul left my body for a sec. I miss when we were able to post shay art, post like these make the threads more kek worthy

No. 1970318

she's so friendless she's essentially giving a john the gfe for free in order to meet new people. and a troon's group of friends no less. i bet you he's laughs about finding the cheapest whore in town

No. 1970320

Wow I can't stop looking at this, not because she's pretty but… The opposite, it's so bad I can't look away, there is just something so wrong about her face and the expression and… Just…. Everything? This is the best you can do? What's the worst if this is the best???

No. 1970329

File: 1708994384419.jpeg (1.27 MB, 1290x2041, IMG_3693.jpeg)

No. 1970340

She’s so fucking aggressively ugly, she genuinely has not one single redeeming feature (physically or personality wise). The rat turd eyes, bulbous beak, lack of lips, everything is so unfortunate. Her face truly reflects what’s on the inside. Hideous pedo piece of shit.

No. 1970342

jfc all that filter and she still had a crusty paper cut for a mouth and eye bags that belong to a geriatric

No. 1970381

I hate the fact that this bitch is from my state
I will never forgive [[redacted]] for this(blog, involving family members)

No. 1970412

File: 1709015556898.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.1 MB, 1170x1655, IMG_0909.jpeg)

Get fucked Shayna, we all know how much you love exposing non-consenting parties to your degeneracy. And kek the St Ives products, so high maintenance bimbo! No wonder her skin is so fucked, rarely bathing but when she does she destroys her barrier and creates a fertile breeding ground for fungus and mrsa, retarded hog

No. 1970414

File: 1709016022088.png (557.55 KB, 872x495, Screen Shot 2024-02-27 at 1.42…)

holy shit the state of that bath mat is gross

No. 1970421

So her version of cleaning her sex toys is just tossing them into water and leaving them there?

No. 1970423

i can't stop imagining how funny this probably looks uncropped. is that other leg just sticking straight behind her like a tail? never seen anyone else pose like that before it's so bizarre

No. 1970432

>>1970412 All those stanky toilet water body sprays sitting in the humidity of a bathroom so they can speedrun becoming even more rancid. I know she's likely using them and that stack of makeup wipes as a substitute for basic hygiene. Never change Shayna.

No. 1970440

They're probably in bleach, which stinks and you don't need to soak anything and bleach for a whole day to disinfect it, so… this seems negligent.

No. 1970444

Do you think Shayna really owns bleach? Kekkk the image of those dildos just floating sadly in the no-doubt musty water…

No. 1970446

Wouldn't bleach degrade the plastic? If I need to sterilize something plastic or silicone I use a chlorine based sterilizer.

No. 1970450

File: 1709029702793.png (63.73 KB, 466x501, Screenshot 2024-02-27 at 05-29…)

chlorine bleach disinfects by virtue of containing chlorine

No. 1970473

The weird thing about this is that this guy is definitely a John of hers still. She's pandering to his particular coomer fantasy and sharing this shit on her twitter because it's an ad.

Which makes the fact that she's meeting his friends even weirder. The friends would no doubt have to be coomers themselves because there is no way that you are introducing a prostitute to your friends if they're normal people who would find that weird as hell.

How would you even do it? "Here's a woman I pay to have a key for my plastic penis container!" Is bizarre. And almost none of the men that she has in her "content" look decent, they all look like they do not care for themselves. This is an awful life.

No. 1970483

The way she says “puppy sub” and “subby boy” makes me irrationally angry in the same way that “breffast” and “fren” do, like I want to a-log tier of irrational anger. I mean everything about her makes me want to a-log, but why the fuck can’t she speak like a normal person? (Rhetorical question, obviously)

No. 1970484

>This is an awful life.
And it’s exactly what she deserves for being a disgusting pedophile subhuman scumbag

No. 1970498

File: 1709049361403.jpeg (111.45 KB, 1030x579, IMG_8475.jpeg)

the sideburns are giving founding father vibes.

No. 1970526

I always laughing at how all her friends are ugly weirdos, the fatter she gets the more she hangs with uglier people hoping she'd look young/hot in comparison. If someone did a "Shay Friend" timeline, you'll notice the ugly slider went WAAYYY up the more the scale did.

No. 1970534

You're from Massachusetts you already had a culture worth being ashamed of kek

No. 1970544

I don't think Shayna is attracted to kids or wants to molest a kid.
Pedo-pandering is weird but it's not actual pedophilia. Also, I feel most people turned on by that creepy age play thing are probably turned on BECAUSE it's an adult woman doing that. Or so I think.

No. 1970551

The whole bases of her porn is that she WANTS these people to look at her and imagine her being underage doing/saying these things. It's the loopholes that women like Shayna do. Actual pedos have reached out to her and asked her to say the quiet part out loud. To say she's "underaged". We have to stop pretending like this isn't what it isn't.
It's been proven by Shayna, pedos watch her. Some may like that she's an adult acting like a baby, but you can tell that Shayna does everything she can to apply the porn is themed on her being, "Underaged". The props, the storylines and the way she acts are all to imply she's underaged and doing sexual things, even if she's clearly an adult.
Theres true crime cases of pedos who actually harmed childern, STILL having adult women do the Shay like larp, because they still got off to it.

No. 1970552

File: 1709060487201.jpeg (209.51 KB, 526x487, IMG_9214.jpeg)

Is that a prescription bottle with one of the dark, rectangular “controlled substance” labels on it?

No. 1970590

I don’t think creepy moids are jerking off to a woman dressed in children’s clothing and acting like a young child thinking “mmm it’s so hot that she is of legal age” they’re literally just loopholing their pedo desires. It’s the reason that barely legal and teen porn is so popular, because most men are pedophilic. And shayna is one of the worst type of pickmes that would defend that type of man over any woman because “no kink shaming” gives men a free pass to be as degenerate and depraved as they truly want.(derailing)

No. 1970596

if she wasn't desperate for coomer money she might not be doing that. her choices are being filtered through the shit she must feel compelled to do to pay rent/food/get more stupid pink shit.

No. 1970599

apparently, both convicted and admitted pedos tend to be porn addicts – it's a rare individual that only collects CSA material, there's plenty who are porn addicts with enormous collections featuring adults. Porn addiction is correlated with pedophilia to some degree, too b/c users seek more extreme material to get the same high.(derailing)

No. 1970602

he's a troon for coom so his other friends are probably troons or "gooners" too so the general degeneracy of the friend group makes sense. in order to live the life they live, much like shay their entire life and friend groups have to be coom hugboxes. they probably are totally aware of the entire relationship (or the troon is hiding the payment part but they tend not to be ashamed of buying sex) and imo this is why it's extra sad. she's doing this as if this is friendship, meanwhile he's definitely showing her off as his "dom" or at least the real woman providing his coom. literally providing her "services" as his "dom" for free for him to cum to in order to meet a troon friendgroup.
also shay needs to lurk the troon threads, she's acting like this obvious agp is a harmless hsts. he isn't an actual cute puppy shay, he's a garden variety straight man skinwalking women and getting off to what he sees as degrading (being a woman aka bangmaid). no better than the other clients
>Also, I feel most people turned on by that creepy age play thing are probably turned on BECAUSE it's an adult woman doing that
wishing the world were better won't make it better. lurk the threads, she's only an adult because they can't pay for real cp legally. they'd pay a real child over shay if they could. her followers ask her to lie about her age all the time, the only thing up for debate is if she agrees to it in her customs. also keep in mind positive conditioning can cause you to develop "kinks" and orgasms are the trongest positive conditioning you can do. sure she mostly doesn't orgasm but she's been doing this quite a while, remember that she's gotten off playing toddler in diapers multiple times

No. 1970613

she's treating it as a friendship b/c this is her job and she thinks that routine makes her more likable.

much like the character of regina george pretended to love that bracelet, shat exaggerates how much she enjoys creeps' company.

i'm not saying that she dislikes them - i have no way of knowing what she thinks, i bet she loves coomers kissing up to her. but it's not an organic friendship, that's for sure. she does seem lonely and this is the kind of company she's capable of getting.

i think shat's effectively fucked up her own sexuality. autopedophilia is pedophilia still. she's got pics of herself in diapers and powdering her vag with talc as she's using a dildo. even the most desperate women who are disgusted by pedophilia would not go there.

i think she's effectively turned on by the idea of BABIES being violated and that's as bad as it gets.

No. 1970619

Her body looks so ugly here. Her ass and thighs look disproportionately huge. Tragic BBL saga when? Some anons seem to think that having a body like Ellen or Glitterandlazers is attractive for some reason.

No. 1970620

File: 1709075639368.gif (276.86 KB, 155x275, thriving.gif)

homegirl's shooping the shit out of her flat ass and it still looks weird.

she looks nothing like this when not posed weirdly.

No. 1970621

She has ALL THAT body wash and STILL refuses to clean herself with her yeast infection self vomit

No. 1970622

File: 1709076287656.mp4 (Spoiler Image,5.36 MB, 852x480, Cow and Limpcock.mp4)

>Cowgirl Sex Doll Strokes & Sucks Ur Cock [cowboy hat emoji]

Featuring Gypsy Rose face, negative ass, and floppy dick. Actual sped porn once again.

No. 1970623

0:06 KEK the awkward silence i'm dying

No. 1970624

This is so awkward. Why is she making fart sounds while sucking his dick? Sped porn.

No. 1970625

File: 1709076993718.png (1.22 MB, 1168x688, Screenshot 2024-02-27 at 3.35.…)

KEKKKK why are they remaking the same video over and over with the same retarded premise that she's some sex doll that stares crosseyed at his penis in amazement. She is completely silent the entire time milking his pp like a cow's udder and then she pulls this fucking face out of nowhere while looking at his dick. Incredible work, Shay.

No. 1970626

File: 1709077863284.jpg (210.71 KB, 1080x1225, Screenshot_2024-02-27-23-50-43…)

Considering the last one was so shit the super spreader himself removed the video from his website and Shay on the list of models.

Also this being in his bio recently kek

I swear he's just taking the piss out of her and Shay doesn't realize it at all

No. 1970642

>he needs it for something important
My god what does this even mean

No. 1970645

I tried looking at his website to see if both videos they made together were deleted but omfg that website is like nausea inducing. What is Shayna’s fat ass getting out of this deal anyway?

No. 1970648

LMAO everything about this is the antithesis of sexy. You cannot tell me that anyone besides disgusting old scrotes with a literal sped fetish buys her shit

No. 1970653

Sad thing about all of this is these “porn producers” that are involved in every scene is literally perverted and porn addicted men that found an excuse to literally sell prostitution. Even worse, these dudes aren’t making crazy money to adequately pay these women for their services. It’s crazy how these men never use protection, and most likely never get tested.
Shay started off doing crazy hardcore scene from the jump. It’s insane how disposable these women are, and how much abuse they endure. When things like sex and male on female violence is advertised as “kink” to such young women, it programs women to be more at risk for abuse. Like the when the abuse happens and they’re manipulated into believing it’s “so hot and kinky uWu” .
As much shit as I want to give Shay, I can’t help but feel like this is a very good look at the “glamorous” lifestyle is of being a “pro OF girlboss”… there’s more Shayna’s out there that are getting used up and discarded than their are super rich and successful women that started off with money and a following that became richer.
Even scarier is the markets been over saturated, chicks are ok with what little these guys running “porn studios” out of their apartments will give them, and these women will go to the most depraved lengths to make some coomerbux to support themselves.
I think it should be studied the effects of “empowerment” in pornography at such an early age. Most if not all these young ladies have substance abuse issues, psychological disorders, personality disorders, trouble maintaining healthy interpersonal relationships, and boundary setting.
If shay ever leaves this “baby bimbo pornstar” lifestyle, and sobers up, there’s without a doubt she’ll need additional psychiatric care.
Not only are these threads on Shay and other cam girls a peek behind the filtered and edited videos and posts of happiness, but shows the real grim and disturbing life of never ending promises of money and adoration, and shows the lies these men have fed these girls to continue them in this vicious cycle of poverty, abuse and desperation. All the while the men can sit behind the camera, with their identities concealed, while the poor women have to face the repercussions of being used as a punching bag flesh toy, with no real guarantee of success or financial security in the future. It’s so mind boggling these women have to beg their coomers for a McPick 2 and their out here doing more extreme sex acts than the women that do glamour porn (both suck but still) I’ll say it again, these giant companies like OF preyed on the naivety of these young women and exploited them to the point of extreme “kinks” being mainstream.
It’s crazy how a woman like Shay, admitting to wanting to fuck their family members, animals, and dressing up like a baby was grounds for immediate institutional intervention with a possibility of getting lobotomized like 50 years ago, now it’s “real work” and “empowering”.
Sorry for my rant.

No. 1970670

> Sad thing about all of this is these “porn producers” that are involved in every scene is literally perverted and porn addicted men that found an excuse to literally sell prostitution. Even worse, these dudes aren’t making crazy money to adequately pay these women for their services.
Ricky Delgado and the number of moids like him looking to get into porn made me realize that sex work is simply a way for Johns to get out of having to pay women for sex and instead get it for free under the guise of “content”. Little dicky Ricky himself went from being bankrupt paying prostitutes to “filming” threesomes with random women online. Tbh I wouldn’t buy many tragic backstories of moid porn actors, I’d bet that the majority got into it because of being broke clients who needed an outlet for their sex worker rape addiction.

No. 1970825

I had the same thought, but I think she means he needs the money for something important and it's just a very poorly constructed sentence.

No. 1970923

File: 1709162026794.jpg (1.53 MB, 4032x3024, 20240228_181320.jpg)

Which one of u is this? (sorry to out myself as a bad video game enjoyer, found this on youtube)

No. 1970927

lmao love this sighting

No. 1970930

File: 1709163961897.jpeg (467.82 KB, 828x3584, IMG_3236.jpeg)

from her IG stories

No. 1970936

agreed. if you make your main audience absolute degenerates who like to see young girls get beat, you cant act shocked when they flock to whoever just turned 18 this month. its sad to say, but by coom standards shayna is just a corrupted easy lay, the girls who make the most money are the ones who haven’t done deranged shit like fuck themselves with a baby soother. guys want to corrupt and “ruin” girls, and i imagine to most men shayna is too far gone now. only crowd left for shayna now is the wrinkly, fat bdsm lifers.

No. 1970941

She's getting literally nothing but attention from this gross moid who can barely even get his dick hard for half of the video. She just posts them to manyvids where she gets barely any views on there. I swear she is actually in love with him or something.

No. 1970944

KEKKKKK I'd be too embarrassed to explain the name origins if somebody asked what it meant.

No. 1970962

It caught my eye because I was actually the anon who originally left the comment "shaynus lol" and I'm so proud that it stuck.

Less proud that I had to pause and explain to my chronically offline boyfriend why I was taking a picture of the tv and what a shaynus is

No. 1970964

File: 1709171280766.jpg (246.83 KB, 1080x997, Screenshot_20240228-204952.jpg)

found the kind of man willing to associate with Shat(off topic)

No. 1970983

can someone please explain to me what 'gooning' and "gooned out for weeks" mean> is it AGP slang for methed out?

No. 1971016

File: 1709187438567.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.02 MB, 1170x1457, IMG_0915.jpeg)

Hideous sped fetish porn

No. 1971017

Me too, I have no idea what any of this shit means

No. 1971041

No sadly it refers to some gross edging thing that Reddit incel scrotes do at least that’s my understanding? I don’t want to look it up for full confirmation kek

No. 1971087

Any more photoediting and she'd look just like a cartoon drawing.

No. 1971093

File: 1709209384203.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.21 MB, 1170x1727, IMG_0930.jpeg)

No one responded to this with any suggestions kek

No. 1971095

File: 1709209540306.jpeg (495.51 KB, 1681x2047, IMG_0931.jpeg)

She also posted a couple photos of her pink “decor” that belong in the consoomer thread. (1/2)

No. 1971097

File: 1709209607073.jpeg (346.63 KB, 1536x2048, IMG_0932.jpeg)

No. 1971098

I swear like 80% of the shit you read on troon boards sounds like a LARP.

I know there's plenty of women out there who are willing to fuck themselves over or who will enable and defend pornsick moids but how can anyone call centering activities around porn consumption a relationship? I swear to God I'm not being naive.

this sounds like an actual incel who cannot envisage a relationship that is different from what he does on his own which is essentially participating in his porn addiction.

The fact that a supposed woman is steering the relationship towards porn viewing is not credible to me. It's not a relationship, that's just too weirdos consumed by their obsessions and not having a healthy relationship m(off topic)

No. 1971100

Why does she need all this shit when she can't even cook?

>scratched cheap non-stick pan

Enjoy your perfluorooctanoic acid and polytetrafluoroethylene

No. 1971104

None of this looks like it has been used. Cheap lightly shaded cooking stuff tends to stain over time with use. Really shows the sheer volume of take out she consumes and why she’s so damn fat

No. 1971108

as if youve never used one? kek. have fun being exposed to microplastics in your surrounding environment. what a nitpick.(infighting)

No. 1971112

Her kitchen looks so cheap and trashy. Like everything is plastic and nothing looks sustainable.

No. 1971117

it's impressive that her fat alcoholic ass managed to keep those uguu kawaii sake bottles and hello kitty processed snacks untouched for all this time

No. 1971120

it amazes me how she buys all these kitchen items, body washes, cosmetics, bags, etc. and then just never uses any of it. i think one of the reasons she gets sad is because she can't afford to compulsively shop like she used to and we don't see her brag about being taken out for mall shopping sprees as often as she did in the past. she used to buy clothes all the time to the point where she was juggling multiple payment plans and now she just wears the same pieces over and over again.

No. 1971122

zoomers started this new “goon” brain rotted meaning as >>1971041 explained. Goon has always in the past just meant being some “tough scrote” dick douche idiot.

No. 1971128

File: 1709219806392.mp4 (Spoiler Image,4.21 MB, 846x480, BLEAK.mp4)

Her mannerisms make it look like he's wrangling an unruly hog.

No. 1971130

Consider the very likely fact that if the 'girlfriend' is not imaginary, then it's probably another troon

No. 1971135

kek that was my first thought too. they look so fucking cheap and you can tell the only things that have been used are the scratched pan and the dirty knives in the knife rack. that potato peeler looks like it wouldn't even work because its just cheap plastic.

No. 1971137

good catch, certainly looks like one

No. 1971173

It's just a testament to the fact that shay is broke despite selling her body to disgusting, hideous, creepy old scrotes.

No. 1971174

File: 1709234526654.png (37.43 KB, 195x202, Screenshot_20240301-032339~2.p…)

Her prognathism is getting progressively worse as it often does with age.

No. 1971175

probably her "good girl meds" aka benzos

No. 1971182

A voice that high coming from the absolute unit that is Big Shaynus is too weird for me.

No. 1971210

kek same I always expected her to have an ugly deep voice like micky moon

No. 1971214

Not that porn vids in general are high production masterpieces. Theres corny lines and exaggeration in scripted shit. But this…
I literally was in disbelief at how awkward and embarrassing that was.
And the premise is so retarded and yet she still can't even get it right. The expressions are that of a literal mentally handicapped individual. Its so unsexy its embarrassing to have witnessed.

No. 1971223

I somehow recalling her having a reasonably deep but not unpleasant voice. She’s probably faking the pitch to seem cuter

No. 1971224

File: 1709245575856.jpeg (249.55 KB, 1975x1092, IMG_2089.jpeg)

I cackled at this attempt at “sexiness”

No. 1971225

You can tell she never uses any of this shit and never cooks because she seemingly only has 1 tiny ass cutting board kek unless she’s stupid enough to cut everything on the same board and cross contaminate her shit (she is definitely stupid enough)

No. 1971226

is Xanax black label or no? iirc, that's her "good girl pills"

No. 1971232

she is faking it, ayrt must be a newfag

No. 1971234

Xanax is a controlled substance, but what pharmacy puts black boxes on their CII-IVs? I've never seen that.

No. 1971241

the bar has never been lower for miss shaynus
>belly hanging between old scrotes legs
>spanking101thevideos.com (wow she is really making it big) haha get it? the porn site sounds seedy as fuck like all porn but the fucking eery living room. it looks like the guy is in a retirement home and shaynus broke in to find an old man's wrinkly scrotum to make retarded faces at and then get her ass beaten leaving a large blue toilet seat looking mark

No. 1971242

samefag i forgot to press the space bar i am just about to fall asleep oopsie

No. 1971245

answering cause no one got it exactly right:
The term "gooning" was invented on something awful, it's rather old actually. It's a type of mindbreaking basically where you intentionally make it so all you think about is coom by binging porn and edging yourself for hours or days (women either edge or actually cum multiple times to do it). It's also where the word "troon" came from (trans + goon = troon) because something awful trannies were self aware that they were AGPs broken through porn. They were jealous of the ability to cum multiple times in one session which is the ultimate male "goon" fantasy and why many transition aside from developing agp through porn. Females can be gooners too, most end up as tifs, but they're the minority and can cum multiple times obviously which is where the males got it in their heads that their gooning was inferior (thought they never admit the thoughts out loud, just transition and talk about "girl orgasms" after). https://definedictionarymeaning.com/topic/126230/gooning
though back to shay, the type of nasty scrote who would "goon" himself to her would probably be more fucked up than normal seeing as they'd be breaking themselves to rape and child play. which tinfoil, but it does potentially explain the few dwindling scrotes remaining who are sissies and troons following her… wouldn't be surprised if the sissy she lets into her house is one.
I'm surprised that with all her plastic and silicone cooking utensils she still managed to scratch her pan. Obviously it's trash quality but still, it's almost impressive considering she's barely cooked in it. Crazy to think about just how much crap she's bought and thrown out over the years and across moves. Not once did she buy anything long-lasting or good quality
nayrt but nona, please replace and don't use non-stick pans with scratches, it's really not a minor issue to ignore cause there are other pollutants around. being cheap isn't a good idea when it comes to your health, especially for something cooking chemicals into your food

No. 1971246

File: 1709249415002.jpg (440.74 KB, 1080x1769, broke.jpg)

No. 1971264

Wouldn’t a psychiatrist be able to tell she has substance abuse problems? Plenty of people can’t get anything close to benzos prescribed for legitimate disorders causing panic attacks. How would this retard manage to scam a doctor into giving her benzos? She’s definitely not on stimulants from what I can tell bc she’s fat as fuck and has only getting bigger.

No. 1971265

You'd think after getting a boob job, shayna would never even THINK to wear a bra. She even went braless when her boobs were two different sizes, now she wants a bra?
I already know she'll be like
>Guise my boobs are so big and heavy now! So 1 wnt some cute support!'
but I think it's because her breasts are bigger and they've dropped and/or maybe they are botched or "bottomed out" like that nonnie said. Maybe she's trying to "Fix" the issue by wearing a bra now. She clearly doesn't love her new breasts.

No. 1971268

File: 1709255296187.png (Spoiler Image,594.66 KB, 676x447, Capture.PNG)

It seems to me like her breasts are going back to their natural lopsided ways. I'm sorry besides the scars I probably wouldn't even be able to tell she got work done. I know surgery isn't going to magically fix the issue she had, but I do wonder if she's gaining weight or something, so the bigger breast is gaining while the smaller breast is doing what happened last time.
The breast difference looks almost as extreme as it did before.

No. 1971269

I’m so glad her tits are botched and I’d be even more glad if she hates them/her body even more than she did previously because it’s exactly what she deserves for being a disgusting pedophile and misogynist. People who participate in “age play” and anything that involves simulated violence or rape ought to get nothing but the worst

No. 1971275

Also remember that she did zero aftercare for these. That surgery was an absolute waste of time given people were punching and tying up her breasts two seconds after she left the operating room.

No. 1971277

If she can pass a basic drug test, and doesn’t have anything on record regarding substance abuse it would be pretty easy to fly under the radar. At drs appointments they ask “how much alcohol do you drink?” And she can just say “little/none” and no one will care or look into it.

No. 1971278

Her inability to function as an adult at her big age is frankly astounding. The fact that her shitty apartment looks like it was furnished by a retard (not like someone LARPing as a child but someone who genuinely has arrested development) is wild to me

No. 1971286

Is she still a shtoner or did she actually quit weed?

No. 1971288

she probably does considering she was eager to show them off with fresh scars and all, bragging about how symmetrical and perky they were. the scars look terrible and they’re probably constantly red which she either hides or edits.

No. 1971289

Holy shit her breasts are really lopsided. >>1971275 Is right in saying that she was too retarded to realize that she had to give her breasts time to heal, she’s definitely gaining weight but who’s surprised when most cows and especially her don’t know how to take basic care of themselves.

No. 1971302

I unironically hope one of her simps buy it for her because i swear to fucking god.

No. 1971314

She’s been really quiet about it, so she’s either on the down low about her usage or actually quit.

No. 1971315

Such poor financial decisions to buy VS from Amazon ! she needs to go to the VS website and get them from there! theyre always having deals!

No. 1971322

File: 1709275107840.jpeg (817.58 KB, 1170x1911, IMG_0917.jpeg)

Seeing this retard tweet about “brush control” on a fucking sponge bob painting followed by the troon’s reply is unreasonably funny to me, the room temperature IQ mouth breathers who interact with her are even more brain dead that Vicky Shingles’s orbiters

No. 1971323

They've gone down in quality for sure though.. my fitfoil is that she is definitely gonna start wearing bras to cope with how actually more fucked up they are. I can't believe how actually lopsided they are, must feel devastating losing that much money and fucking them up forever

No. 1971326

oh I thought he meant the word orgasm cause she's definitely never given him one, oops lol

No. 1971333

17k views and only a hundred likes? bleaque

No. 1971383

Nta but VS bras are garbage and nothing like Wacoal or Natori bras that have memory foam cups and no extra padding. I’m not surprised she doesn’t know this because she’s incredibly dumb about many things. Even a stiff torture device like the Freya Deco gives a better fit and support than the cheap bras from VS.

No. 1971393

my guess is VS fits her "aesthetic" though
I doubt she actually cares about support or anything.

No. 1971407

Nonna the autism here is insane. She's trying to appeal to coomers, why would she ask for a brand that isn't going to be well known by the coomers? They're not going to buy her bimbo pinkslop for support and memory foam and she knows that

No. 1971424

Rub two braincells together if you can and recall that Shayna is healing from a surgery so proper support and a decent bra is something that would help her. VS bras provide no support, just cheap materials, poor fitting, and extra padding to push boobs out of the cups and create unnecessary cleavage at the cost of comfort.
I don’t have implants but I imagine that it would have helped her immensely to wear a properly fitting bra while her implants were settling. There are brands like Curvy Kate, Parfait, and Freya that make obnoxious, garrish pink bras like VS but have a better fit. Ik a lot of these brands are ugly as hell but this is Shayna we’re talking about.

No. 1971431

As true as this may be, it's Shayna. She isn't going to do any research, she's typed pink bra in the amazon search and is going to buy whatever overpriced cheaply made shit is the top result.

No. 1971432

Yeah I totally agree, but Shayna obviously doesn't care lol I think even if she starts wearing a bra now, her breasts are already messed up due to her lack of proper aftercare.

No. 1971436

I may criticize her bra choices but I want to be clear that I don’t mean to provide actual advice to her bc she deserves her karma as a pedophile and a rape enabler. Her current physique is part of her karma. I am not one of those anons who comes in and writes paragraphs of how this disgusting bitch can turn her life around. They do sell those brands I mentioned on Amazon but they are typically a bit pricier than VS which is probably the issue for her kek. I bet she didn’t even put anything on the scars to help them fade. She is very stupid and has no common sense—over the years I’ve seen her ask incredibly basic questions on Twitter as if that’s better than just googling them to get the answers immediately. Nobody is surprised that the surgery healed the way it did but I am surprised that they already look this bad >>1971268 when she got the surgery months ago. It’s a great example of how the human body repairs itself with your genetic coding.

No. 1971441

Bra-autism nonnie ur cute

No. 1971463

even the knives are plastic. this just proves she doesn’t cook.

No. 1971465

Would pity the stuffed animals on the kitchen counter but it's not like she's ever going to cook and get them dirty, so maybe it's fine. She should move the candle away from them, though lmao

No. 1971475

File: 1709314760095.jpg (Spoiler Image,394.09 KB, 1080x1293, Picsart_24-03-01_12-39-11-084.…)

idek why she keeps retweeting shit obviously aimed at this board. does she enjoy getting roasted

It feels dirty to share her own crap

No. 1971478

File: 1709315168184.png (256.93 KB, 648x596, sped-face.png)

I think she's too much of a narcissistic retard to release that she repeatedly posts self owns. It's not until we point it out that she understands.

>wah look who you're being mean to

>it's a video of a fat pedo pulling sped faces

No. 1971479

lol nona i put that screenshot over a photo of some puppy

I was too lazy to put a mosaic over the powdered vag. It still grosses me out that she's trying to make csa porn.

No. 1971505

the talcum powder has got her pussy dryer than ever and she proceeds to shove a dildo up there.. how any of this shit is sexy to moids i will never understand

No. 1971517

It’s not hot but she thinks it is. she wants the type of attention it brings and she’sproud to do degenerate acts if it gets the attention of perverted old men

No. 1971527

kek. I didn't even realise it was edited because it's the exact behaviour I expect of her.

No. 1971541

Shouldn’t she have worn bras that were made for support after implants?? I don’t get why she’s so eager to have someone slap her breasts and punch them. She should always be cautious with them. I mean no normal woman is having their boobs manhandled, it’s not sensual and it’s retarded .

No. 1971544

She makes the weirdest and most disturbing porn. A cheerleader who is diapered and has baby powder all over their snatch masturbating with a dildo? Wtf is wrong with her??? Seriously you couldn’t pay me enough to do this. It’s embarrassing. Does she not know how embarrassing this is??? She’s barely scraping by, too. She makes porn for the 4% of the population. No normal person likes this. She’s not even making “normal” porn. Her reputation is in the shitter. This will never leave the internet, it will circle around the internet by Russian porn bots and scrotes. This image/video will be up online forever even when she’s dead and buried. She won’t be remembered for being a “cute bimbo Barbie” like she’s delusional enough to think. She’s not a bombshell or a sex symbol. She’ll be known as the ex tumblr stoner who decided to make pedo porn. She’ll never “Rest In Peace” because the creepy videos will always haunt her even in death. Bleak

No. 1971558


No. 1971583

because they're pedophiles and powder comes out during diaper changes. they don't care how it is, just that it gives them their pedo kick. few women are out there actually as degenerate as Shay, kiki, grandma, and the rest of their ilk making explicit pedo porn so the pedos take what they can get

No. 1971627

Now that she has implants she needs a good supportive bra! VS is such garbage now. Ty for bra suggestions as a nonna with a fuller bust I’m always on the hunt for supportive bras.
>>1971475 what a fucking day to have eyes, I didn’t even see the powder at first glance

No. 1971648

File: 1709356002584.jpeg (683.9 KB, 1170x1020, IMG_0922.jpeg)

All her outfits look so uncomfortable. I mean this isn’t the worst but it must hurt to sit down, especially if she’s eating

No. 1971649

Ty anon
You should look into r/abrathatfits and bratabase. Try to avoid the trannies and creeps on the former. Wacoal and Natori are excellent comfy brands if you’re in the USA and also don’t have a bra size on the extreme ends, otherwise you’re going to be doing trial and error with orders from European brands. Amazon luckily carries a lot of European bras now but most of them will not fit so you will have to be prepared for a lot of returns. Maybe check out the breast general thread in /g/? Good luck nonnie.

No. 1971654

She always makes that cock eyed flat face when she's taking "fit pics," and you just know it's because she's sucking in for dear life and can't focus on anything else.

No. 1971691

It's bleak that the only places she can take a picture of herself is either her own disgusting never cleaned bathroom or a grungy public bathroom because she's too much of a sped to buy a full sized mirror for her bedroom and she doesn't have any friends to take the picture for her. If someone scrolled her timeline they would think that lived in bathrooms.

No. 1971765

Oh cute, she let Ellen be in her bathroom selfies

No. 1971795

File: 1709414053248.mp4 (Spoiler Image,2.8 MB, 856x480, Cringe.mp4)

>Dolly & Dani Revenge Spankings [angey emoji, bow emoji] ft. @DaniSynclair [two hearts emoji]

Shayna is an absolute unit compared to this girl.

No. 1971800

File: 1709414416858.png (185.09 KB, 328x947, WIDE.png)


No. 1971802

So wide she should beep when she walks backwards like a juggernaut

No. 1971849

File: 1709428716529.jpeg (Spoiler Image,905.25 KB, 1170x1872, IMG_0924.jpeg)

Guessing she didn’t have much success when she was panhandling for makeup a few days ago. She looks so fucking rough and literally handicapped. Her nasty little black rodent eyes look smaller than ever too. I will never understand why someone so unrepentantly ugly chooses to make a living off their appearance (or where their appearance is a large part of it)

No. 1971925

At least her hair looks clean here!
>>1971795 she needs to do more dominant Amazon woman shit, she looks so silly as a schoolgirl.

No. 1971950

File: 1709460844742.jpeg (398.75 KB, 750x918, 99AD1AC1-E3E4-4BA6-810B-324647…)

No. 1971964

She’s ugly af either way.

No. 1971994

Tbh even tho they were ugly they covered her Chicago city street of a forehead so I vote bangs kek

No. 1972021

Damn her forehead is tiny in a bad way, like microcephaly. Can’t say I feel bad for her, it’s easier to shave baby hairs than it is to get a forehead reduction.

No. 1972023

I can’t help but wonder how long it took for that girls legs to fall asleep with all 200 lbs of Shayna laying on her lap

No. 1972035

She better not cut those hideous bumper bangs again!

No. 1972040

I vote bangs because she has the Gordon Ramsey like forehead wrinkle at her young ass age

No. 1972042

is the model in his banner photo yawning KEKKKKK

No. 1972047

I feel so dumb, I zoomed in and looked for an ellen sighting, It didnt dawn on me you were talking about the trash can until now. KEK

No. 1972052

Kek! You’re not alone, nonna. I also zoomed in searching for Ellen’s fat ass.

No. 1972092

it's another level of cringe when it's two tall women (and one of them being a literal ham) pretending to be uwu babies

No. 1972099

if she wasn't so fat, I would think that meth made her dress like that, holy shit that hair dude

No. 1972100


No. 1972110

She does the same shit every year. She gets those ugly fat ass bangs, wears the same hairstyles. Then grows them out and wears unflattering ponytails with the short bits sticking up. Yawn.

No. 1972118

THESE bangs? These lopsided, uneven 5 dollar bangs you got at GreatClips? Kek I hope she gets them again. They're so hilariously bad.

No. 1972124

She cut them herself. I don't think any salon, even a weird money laundering front, would ever do this style on anyone. I've seen bad fringe but these are so diabolical and unreal. I still can't get over them.

No. 1972182

File: 1709514498722.jpeg (254.5 KB, 1170x549, IMG_0932.jpeg)

Give it up, Shatna. No random strangers are giving you compliments. No moids at the bodega, no flight attendants, no “lil girls”. You dress like a literal retard on day release from the group home. No one believes your r/thathappened tier tall tales

No. 1972183

File: 1709514628141.jpeg (1.04 MB, 1170x1757, IMG_0931.jpeg)

The outfit in question. Her lack of style is incredible.

No. 1972186

The shaylusions strike again. At least this time she made it more believable? I sincerely hope she stays far away from all little girls, what a terrible role model.

No. 1972189

File: 1709515318843.jpeg (791.05 KB, 1069x1026, 5718E888-3B16-4C04-A702-76B2BD…)

Gen Z has been clowning on the new mean girls for months. The Regina who’s fatter and the outfits and how they’re ugly/cheap so that might be a dig. They probably were bullying her to her face kek.

No. 1972193

Her outfit is so wrinkled and thin and inappropriate for all settings. I can't imagine seeing this comedy drag looking person in a restaurant amidst all the boring but modern looking Seattle/Eastside people.

No. 1972194

It kills me how it’s always dark in her apartment. It’s like she lives in the abyss. Neckbeard ass living.

No. 1972197

>very wrinked pink pants that look like dress pants or some shit
>Off white sweat shirt with nothing under it and doesn't go with wrinkled pink dress pants.
>Ugly watch
>Limp hay hair
I swear, she just throws on whatever is clean and she thinks it's a look.

No. 1972199

they’re so wrinkled. she took these fresh out of the Shein package and put them on, kek.

No. 1972226

File: 1709526916843.jpeg (1.21 MB, 1170x1872, IMG_0934.jpeg)

lmao since when has this fat spastic liked any of these bands? I wonder who she’s trying to impress, we all know she listens to Drake and Lana Del Rey when she’s not LARPing as a goth of dad rocker.

No. 1972227

I hope we get a Shay goth era, imagine her chicken dancing to a joy division song

No. 1972228

Why is she talking about actual adorable lil girls on her twitter where she posts porn about larping as an adorable lil girl? It’s the retarded dog vs puppy porn saga all over again

No. 1972229


it's such a normal*, unremarkable outfit no one would ever look twice at a girl wearing a plain hoodie and regular pants

*normal but badly put together, wrinkled and thin, you know what I meant

No. 1972230

Well she’s not dressed like a lot lizard for once so I guess that’s something

No. 1972239

the less of her face we can see, the better
she won't wash them anyway

No. 1972262

The tragedy of this outfit is that the pink pants are an improvement compared to the polyester skirt belts or moose knuckle shorts and it could work if she ironed them and wore a top that wasn't cropped. Anything short and cropped just emphasises how wide she is.

No. 1972277

Should be on the hunt for some lip balm goddamn…

No. 1972295

File: 1709549921938.jpeg (189.43 KB, 1170x559, IMG_0935.jpeg)

this larp is so cringeworthy, as if she can tell the difference

No. 1972302

>doesn't know the difference between a moving magnet or moving coil
>doesn't know what a phono stage is and probably doesn't own one either

No. 1972305

The fact that her cheap looking cropped hoodie has pockets is triggering me because it looks like she's really fat and that she bought something that is too small for her so it's riding all the way up.

those aren't even dress pants these are just cheap cotton pants that some1 would wear to the beach when it's incredibly hot to stay cool. she'll buy like a dozen weird looking small bags but she can't afford decent clothes??

she can't wear a juicy couture track suit that fits her or something

No. 1972306

think she's trying to impress whichever moid she saw depeche mode and dresden dolls with. noticed a sharp turn from dad rock to more alternative and "goth" stuff lately.

No. 1972308

Yeah this detail is extremely disturbing. Even if / especially if it didn’t happen. Not only is she pandering to pedophiles but it’s validating some weird fantasy of hers that children approve of the way she looks and dresses because they are her goal. She wants to be validated by young girls because she sexualizes them and wants to be seen as one of them.

No. 1972316

i think most of her made-up stories are funny because they're typically drunken ramblings about being hit on by service industry moids but this one disgusts me. shayna has no business even pretending to be around little girls considering she makes porn where she claims to be one and writes graphic fantasies about being a sexually abused child. if those girls were real their mothers would be absolutely horrified to see shayna's internet history and know that she interacted with their children

No. 1972318

As a vampirenona, i feel personally attacked.
>>1972230 lotlizard shatna is my favorite shatna.
>>1972182 Why tf does she post shit like this to her twitter, girl we know no 'lil girls'scenerio happened, so creepy and weird she posts this stuff on her OF twitter.
IMO she'd totally be a Karla Halmoka (sp?) if she found a derranged moid to suggest some crazy shit…..

No. 1972322

you don’t have to hunt for any of these bands albums bc they’re so mainstream, you can literally find them anywhere shaynus

No. 1972323

Though it’s been abundantly obvious since day 1 of these threads, Shatna’s friends so clearly do not give a fuck about her bc if they did, they’d have the heart to tell this bitch these stained sleep clothes sweat pants combos look horrible or at least attempt to help her with styling. She is so gd lazy and retarded. Would be mortified if I saw my friend going to a dinner date looking like she just got high in a Walmart dumpster and put on whatever she found in there.

No. 1972338

yeah the outfit is bad but her only having that shit beach towel to dry herself with is really funny
bet she never washes it either

No. 1972359

Her only friends are other Seattle degens, so they probably leave the house in a similar state.

No. 1972368

What Friends, Exactly? Shayna only uses people she has no friends anymore her last official actual friend, Collin, who lived in her hometown she abandoned the hippie tall girl…

No. 1972391

I always assumed she had some old connections she could text or hang out with since she lived in Seattle previously, but both you nonas are probably right. If she has anyone left atp, it’s some ugly degen like rotten mouth troon or a gross pos like Ellen who gets off from taking toddler’s pacifiers that she babysits. If she had any genuine friends remaining, she’d post pictures of them having fun. You never see her and another girl hang out as friends, it’s always for musty, fake, child abuse porn or prostitution. She really has no one left besides some very depressed and disgusted parents left in her corner, if that after this last Christmas. She’s so repulsive and unlikable with no redeeming qualities at all that she has to pretend prostitution is the same as having normal social interactions. She doesn’t even get that even bimbos have friends, usually as vapid and rich as they are. Shat truly has nothing besides a dying twitter audience and cheap plastic garbage to fill the hovel she can’t pay for.

No. 1972402

its honestly kinda shocking to me considering that coomers love weird shit like a group of girlfriends having fun/going wild or something. they like women who seem youthful and healthy because its everything theyre not kek i bet gross see shayna as “one of us” instead of like, a hot only fans egirl

No. 1972408

God Shayna must be totally intolerable due to her isolation and loneliness. Anytime someone shows relative interest in being her friend she probably goes to extreme with the love bombing, the i love yous, public declarations and needing to be codependent on eachother. bitch needs therapy.

No. 1972469

File: 1709595843259.jpg (258.12 KB, 1080x1633, Screenshot_2024-03-04-23-45-17…)

Did she just learn about Scott limpdick Hancock being a super spreader?

No. 1972474

File: 1709596321881.jpg (Spoiler Image,73.34 KB, 973x568, Screenshot_2024-03-04-23-51-48…)

the absolute state of these two

No. 1972480

kek her breasts literally look the same, except the bigger one now has a weird shape and a line down the middle. How has it been? I bet she doesn't even brag about the "Boob job" because it doesn't even look like she got one (to us anyway).

No. 1972481

Whenever Shay whines about shit like this it's projection, I'll be nice and say she's probably upset some moid is being called fat/told to die, OR some woman with the same body type as her is being called fat.
Not touching the STD thing, kek. It's nuts, people are outting someone dangerous and because it hasn't touched Shayna, but the insults did, she wants to clutch her pearls. You'd think as a sex worker she'd care a lot about this being exposed and not focusing on retarded details.

No. 1972485

This is brutal.
>has a waist
>tits that match
>thigh gap

Fat Shat
>bitch is a rectangle
>cock-eyed tits
>thunder thighs

To me it almost reads like someone has called her out and insulted her porcine appearance while doing so. She's vague tweeting to avoid the drama and not draw attention to herself. Considering she's been raw fucked in every b/g scene she's done and is seeing johns on the side, it wouldn't surprise me if it was her.

I tried checking Kiki's account to see if she tweeting about anything and her account doesn't show up for me.

No. 1972497

Sarah's tits are somehow… literal squares tho. I've never even seen that before.

No. 1972503

Ehh, it's just an unfortunate breast shape but it's not that unusual for natural boobs, especially if you're older. I would rather have slightly sad natural breasts than Shat's Frankentits (source: from a sauna loving country, basically all natural books are normalized here)

No. 1972506

I say this through gritted teeth because I hate them both but it’s wild how much better Mr.Burns looks compared to Shaytard in this side by side. Shay looks like a bloated corpse someone found in the river behind a dive bar.

No. 1972515

> body shaming
He spread STDs knowingly, what the fuck do you mean “body shaming”!!!! She is so retarded and I can see tinfoil >>1972485 that she might have passed him something since she speaks so lightly of sexually transmitted diseases like either someone who hasn’t had one before or someone who has had so many of them that they don’t give a fuck atp. This is so fucked up and I hope the insufferable landwhale SW community tries to cancel her for this because 1) it’s actually relevant to her job unlike her edgy tumblr asks when she was a teen and 2) she’s dismissing victims and defending a predator. In the industry

No. 1972517

Same nona, Mrs Burns has some ugly ass nipples but they’re still less hideous than Fat Shat’s botched monstrosities

No. 1972590

File: 1709618026856.jpeg (489.05 KB, 1170x1093, IMG_0937.jpeg)

Then stop spending money on records you absolute retard

No. 1972624

File: 1709632487138.jpeg (741.1 KB, 1170x1913, IMG_7247.jpeg)

Well if it isn’t the consequences of my own actions.

Found it, the limpgulps guy liked a post talking about getting tested and the replies were wild, found this in relation to the hoopla. Shay should’ve just liked this post.

No. 1972626

File: 1709632682105.jpeg (446.46 KB, 1170x1200, IMG_7248.jpeg)

Sage picrel the replies aren’t bodyshaming

No. 1972627

File: 1709632820298.jpeg (626.38 KB, 1170x1725, IMG_7249.jpeg)

Picrel WTF she admitted to catching mgen on her sex work twitter’

No. 1972628

I despise these degenerate whores so fucking much, they all deserve the very worst STIs

No. 1972630

AYRT Looking thru limpdicks likes, all the girls look so young, ughhh. So sad there’s more Shayna’s then there is Jenna Jamesons. All the OF girls are equivalent to Shayna if you ask me.

No. 1972634

Who KNOWINGLY contracts stds? People absolutely should be shamed for being this risky about something like that

No. 1972639

Bug chasers

No. 1972642

scrote-ish to say but god damn grandma gregory’s tits be SWINGING LOW SWEET CHARIOT

No. 1972659

Caping for scrotes at any cost, jfc. What the fuck would it actually take for Shanya to hold a man accountable?

No. 1972663

She squealed like a pig when Vivi's boyfriend asked her if she wanted to make content but then he was just some moid dating a sex worker and it was to her advantage to lie about him. Scott Smallcock is different because she thinks he has some sort of power in the sex industry and will prop up her failing career. No matter how much he uses her and abuses other women, she will choke on his dick and defend him.

No. 1972670

for him to not text her back right away after getting home to his kids.

No. 1972716

Them doing something to her. She does not care if a dude is dangerous to other women. This isn't the first time Shayna whined about HOW people called out dangerous people. When Baldi Gaysics got outted Shayna had no issue talking shit about him, or Sol, or that couple that said they weren't into the little girl shit.
Shayna would ignore this if she didn't feel bad because
>Someone is making a man feel bad because he's fat/ugly/little dicked
>I get they are calling him out but what about others with STDs?
Shayna only cares when moid shit hurts her, otherwise women should always make sure they address moid wrong doings in the most respectful politically correct way possible, or it's not valid.

No. 1972720

File: 1709658938035.png (Spoiler Image,1013.01 KB, 951x658, before and after.PNG)

So, I think they look better but if Shayna keeps gaining weight, I'm sure they'll end up exactly how they were, except the natural one will have a wacky shape.
My tinfoil is that Shayna started doing B/G shit because she assumed once she started making "Connections" and she knew her boob job was coming up (which was the small surgery she'd been mentioning a while) that when she got it done, it'd help thrust her into stardom.
She probably asked Scott to take down the first one, so she could come refilm with her boobs done thinking it'd get a lot of people interested in her kek. I genuinely feel she didn't want the boob job, but she also felt that it'd improve her appearance greatly.
Though she doesn't seem more confident, she's wearing a bra a lot more now and would often walk around showing off her lopsided nips proudly.

No. 1972724

File: 1709659929333.jpeg (40.39 KB, 451x444, B0F3A87C-4EE0-427E-929D-3CC2F8…)

No. 1972725

crazy she hasn't thought that losing weight would pull in viewers. If she filmed herself actually working out at home with those ass clenching leggings she would make more than she does now. She could do yoga and have a heavy emphasis on her ass working out then the next video would be her gross porn.

No. 1972729

File: 1709661301124.jpeg (120.23 KB, 750x443, 7D951D50-FEAF-4741-A327-2D1A7E…)

she's so nasty

No. 1972754

She doesn't have the self-control to lose weight. Shayna drinks thousands of calories a day, nevermind making her johns buy her family platters of food.

No. 1972768

She’s a creepy diaper degenerate so who cares kek

No. 1972775

File: 1709669698753.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.1 MB, 1242x2208, 1705420001740.jpeg)

>ass clenching leggings
>her ass working out
But she has no ass.

No. 1972786

Another tweet of shay, another sentence that shouldn't exist.

No. 1972803

With the side by side honestly they look the same too me, just a bit bigger. Ya know, like they had silicone put in them lol. The og tit is a little higher. But they still look like a mismatched mess. She did it to herself though and deserves it

No. 1972826

she somehows manages to make tweets smell

No. 1972854

She’s going to post photos of her retarded dog right before she posts these, mark my words

No. 1972857

File: 1709684269725.jpeg (Spoiler Image,781.94 KB, 1170x1511, IMG_0941.jpeg)

>good morning at midday
Shes such a fat, ugly, lazy pig

No. 1972858

File: 1709684354586.jpeg (876.49 KB, 1170x1386, IMG_0942.jpeg)

The way she calls that repulsive troon “puppy sub” makes me want to a-log so hard

No. 1972861

This isn't the worst I have seen shay look. Her hair looks clean and it's styled OK, her pants fit, the outfit is coordinated OK. She looks almost normal here. The crop top is probably a size too small. She needs to get some new clothes after having her boob job.

No. 1972868

It could have even been a good outfit by her standards if she wore a jacket that was the correct size that wasn't cropped. I have no idea why she is obsessed with exposing the girth of her bare midsection.

No. 1972890

She could've ironed the damn pants

No. 1972908

>>1972868 because she somehow doesn't think she's obese?

No. 1972947

File: 1709706645293.jpeg (349.09 KB, 1290x955, IMG_3047.jpeg)

I’ve been offline for a few months wtf is going on.

No. 1972950

>he was looking at me
Kek do they not normally do that, Shaynus?

No. 1972968

File: 1709712184893.webm (7.4 MB, 1280x720, ssstwitter.com_1709711864914.w…)

New video 'Punishment For A Cheating BF: Cock Cage & Dog Cage'

No. 1972983

File: 1709719682827.png (96.88 KB, 720x838, Screenshot_20240306-180934~2.p…)

She's fucking old nasty scrotes to old man music and she can't even afford to get her nails done. So fucking bleaque.

No. 1972984

File: 1709719835557.png (131.53 KB, 720x806, Screenshot_20240306-181154~2.p…)

She's saying that she can't afford fetishcon(this was already posted)

No. 1972989

>me riding him
At her size I doubt it

>split it w/ sum1
Is she saying that she can't find anyone to share a hotel room with?

No. 1972990

The greasy side part is back.

No. 1972992


>>1972590 already posted

No. 1973019

Let's see how long it takes her to mention going to brunch or for drinks after this kek.

No. 1973029

File: 1709729183794.jpeg (552.38 KB, 1170x1698, IMG_0948.jpeg)

The jokes write themselves

No. 1973030

This is so fucking bleak, With her OnlyFans and real life prostitution she STILL CAN'T make enough money for anything, Her cr3edit card debt must be massive

No. 1973036

> met someone online
> met up irl
> then texted for the first time

No. 1973037

She's probably still pay off after pay for Shein garbage that doesn't even fit her anymore. Her girth is expanding faster than she pay off her debt which is why she is waddling around, bursting out of clothes that are at least two sizes too small for her.

No. 1973038

>God I miss feeling so cunty
Gay male culture and it's consequences have been a disaster for the female race

No. 1973047

“damn good pussy” yet…
> never does proper foreplay to get herself wet
> dry fucks herself constantly, multiple times a day
> toilet paper bits all over her cooter
> boils all over her cooch and ass
> doesn’t shower so it definitely smells
> works with STD super spreaders like Scott Hancock and random johns so probably has had an STD or BV from nasty men

No. 1973048

Shayna types like a faghag, kek. Probably because she only hangs out with her "puppysub" and all his equally degenerate friends. I can't imagine there's a single heterosexual male amongst the lot of them.

No. 1973077

Are they doing the cartoon comedy duo where one is too fat and the other too thin?

No. 1973083

kek this sounds like Shayna makes them put on music so she can close her eyes and focus on something else. The fact she writes corny ass stories, where she tries to protray herself as more then a nut to these men is hilarous.
Like oh, you are the most beautiful and amazing thing he ever expereinced….thats why you can't afford to get your nails done, or travel without going broke despite fucking multiple men on and off camera for money.
But yes Shayna, you are his pride "n" joy, where is this guy now??

No. 1973086

>Making up a scenario where a man she has sex with for money actually thinks she's beautiful and worthy
God her life is bleak

No. 1973087

She has to cope somehow, again, she's fucking multiple men off and on camera, letting some weird femboy in her home (he's probably her "friend" now so she probably has him pay her in "favors" like taking care of her pets, cleaning her home or ellen like activities), there's NO reason for you not to be able to get your nails done. She claims she has "good pussy" and she's some scrotes pride n joy, so you can't hit him up for money to get your nails done? It's not like Shayna's rates are high, she's basically selling ass back for mall trips, basically gift card money high schoolers get for Christmas break. She can't get $150 or however her ugly nails costs? She can't afford that?
I'm sorry but i'd never get online and constantly talk about fucking men for money but always broke and living dick to dick. At least PRETEND that you have money and just beg for more. She's retarded.

No. 1973096

Men will fuck any woman and tell her she’s beautiful. They have zero standards.

No. 1973101

exactly, if the “pussy was so good”, why are none of these men attempting to woe her or take things to the next level? does she even have a regular sugar daddy anymore? because she calls any john who fucks her once her sugar daddy. the pick me never gets picked so this is how she copes. not to mention the majority if men she prostitutes herself out to probably have wives and kids. stay delusional, shaynus!

No. 1973103

i know right? like it would only take ONE GUY to pay for her nails/hair, gifts and trips. but she claims to have multiple men thinking she’s god’s gift to earth yet she has none of these things kek

No. 1973111

She desperately wants to be in an actual relationship with a man. Ellen who?

No. 1973115

I'm starting to think Shayna doesn't charge much because she doesn't want to be "greedy" I can imagine this retard thinking-
>If I let this guy give me $200 and pay for dinner, then once he's inside me and realizes how amazing, sexy and perfect I am, he'll pay double! No need to milk his pockets right away!
Or something. She seems to care entirely too much about these men and the money she's getting can't be equal to the "fucks" she gives.
I think Shayna thinks the lower she digs in the garbage can, the "more" she's seen as a prize, even if it's in her own mind.

No. 1973117

Also,the fact she rates this "Quite Highly" is hilarious. This isn't something that was said to her, or even showed. This is what she THINKS he feels about her. She's not even bragging about money, she could even lie and be like, "And he paid me 2k" or something. Nope, just some retarded fanfiction where she projects a song onto a scrote. It makes me feel like this dude has a wife or gf, Shayna wants to feel better than someone.

No. 1973120

Random but the thread is slow, did I miss something why did Shay and Abrattypixie stop talking a while back? Just saw that Shay follows her but ABP doesn’t follow back

No. 1973122

IIRC Fatty was going to go to Vegas with ABP and some other whores and then backed out leaving ABP and the other whores to cover what she should have paid for the trip.

I do also wonder if something happened between the hog and Kiki because on minute they're best friends and now there's nothing.

No. 1973124

I'm NOT at all shocked or surprised, Because Kiki and Shayna are Pick me bitches, Kiki chooses a man over shayna, Since he doesn't want to be affiliated with Shayna anymore, typical of pick me weirdos

No. 1973125

This coming from her is really ironic. because she is sum1 who types in all lowercase like this n always uses numbers and babyspeak

No. 1973127

What happened to her friendship with Kiki again?

No. 1973128

i was confused too but i'm certain this is about shane p. sonnier, the moid she fell in love with at fetcon. my guess is they technically met online, maybe they mutually followed each other on twitter or something.
also hilarious how she's pretending she fell out of love with him due to his poor spelling when that's not what happened at all kek, always rewriting the past to make herself feel better

No. 1973132

oops im retarded i realized it wasn't the summer so it couldn't have been fatcon. it was the lonestar spanking degeneracy she met him irl at

No. 1973139

File: 1709752002326.jpeg (75.94 KB, 750x381, CBC569C8-6A29-4981-A80B-BC0B85…)

she deleted this

No. 1973140

I mean, you couldn't tell she was a cheap lay solely by how often she showers? She's like two and a half steps above lot lizards and actual crack whores, and that's only because she has no children or opioid addictions.

No. 1973148

I'm so confused because every single person in this screenshot can't spell lol

No. 1973149

Is it my impression or does she keep getting fatter and fatter?

No. 1973151

I wonder how many one time customers she has. Moids probably pay her expecting a professional escort service and then she shows up dressed like sped in clothing that's too small, probably hasn't showered for days and expects a family sized serving of restaurant food before being taken to hotel and star fishing in bed.

No. 1973155

She publicly complained about being broken up with but now she's saying she broke up with fupa. She's such a liar and gaslighter it's unreal. Still can't cope after 2 years

No. 1973156

Her Johns probably dont expect much from her. Even with her catfishing, shayna isn't much of a looker. But she probably still gets a lot of one time clients because shes unhygienic. That'd be her biggest con for a scrote who pays for sex, because im sure a decent chunk of her clients have feeder fetishes and would love to contribute to shayna becoming a mini planet. They also probably like her "slutty" outfits and the fact that she's so unprofessional, because it means they can scam her more easily.

No. 1973157

She does. She's blown up so much the last year or so.

No. 1973159

No kids but….. hasn't she been accused of taking pills?

No. 1973160

i genuinely think she did lose weight at one point (while anons were insisting she didn't) but she's ballooned back up. she looks closer to yaniv when she's really fat, and the comparisons are getting more accurate again

No. 1973197

those of us who have been around long enough have seen the horrible stuff that comes out of her pussy (she ate a chunk of yeast once that fell out during one of her videos). So if she is willing to put that disgustingness out on the internet forever, than god knows what her johns pump out of her cesspit of a cunt. I can just imagine a dude with white shit all of her dick and shayna being like “tee hee thats my cum”

No. 1973209

This just says it all. She has zero self esteem and only gains validation from Johns cooming while she sexually services them. Its probably not great to get emotionally attached to your clients and believe that the generic dirty talk they say during sex is actually true and makes you super special.

No. 1973213

File: 1709769734443.jpeg (696.21 KB, 1170x1971, 446CF6A4-4735-488F-BA28-C82350…)

Has anyone ever confirmed that she even actually gets paid $500 an hour by her sugar coomers
Also find it hard to believe her puppy sub pays $275 everytime he sees her

No. 1973221

File: 1709771277368.jpeg (342.99 KB, 1536x2048, E6435F70-8391-406B-A19B-AFC844…)


No. 1973222

Isn't she also actually letting that moid stay in her house? And she visited him once too, that would be quite a lot of money if she actually makes him pay.

No. 1973223

i feel like the diaper option should cost MORE not less than other options
like assuming sex or sexual acts are included in all of these options, she charges twice as much to go out for dinner than to have to deal with men dressed in diapers or dressing her in diapers? where is the logic

No. 1973226

Her hair looks washed for once but as always her choice in clothing is beyond questionable

No. 1973240

Those buttons are projectiles waiting to happen

No. 1973242

Men will fuck microwaved burritos there is no such thing as good pussy. It’s a “pick-me” cope to put down other woman for man made lies about having a “loose” snatch. Newsflash ladies, vaginas can close and open up depending on the situation. Shayna and sex workers love parroting scrote talking points and claim it’s empowering

No. 1973243

I doubt it her clients turn into her “frens”. Imagine being so lonely and pathetic you willingly hang out with the johns and sissy losers you’re suppose to be paid to get off.

No. 1973244

That definitely as happened I’m sure. She says that in her videos with her dildos. The scrote would also be stupid enough to believe it.

No. 1973247

I mean her porno name is blatantly ripped off after a drag queen. She just added dolly to it. Even after doing that her name still sounds like a gay guy drag queen. Her whole aesthetic is unappealing to the average moid. Her kinks are catered to men who are deep in porn addiction and have to jerk off 10 times a day. Most people find adult diapers porn creepy and cringe.

No. 1973249

If that top fit her it would be kind of cute. It's 2 sizes too small.

No. 1973250

I don’t know why but that hideously retarded “pulling on greasy ponytail while sticking out putrid white scalloped tongue” thing she does makes me irrationally angry

No. 1973252

Why does she always do weird POV videos and never dominates IRL with a submissive? Like this is the “perfect” filming opportunity. I would think scrotes would want a visual of the domination instead of fatty just showing a cock cage and narrating it. Shayna has already done ten of these types of videos with her greasy ass face in front of the camera talking like a retard.

No. 1973253

It’s a cheap shein shirt with a hello kitty patch cheaply sewn on to it. Crop tops don’t look good on big people.

No. 1973256

I think they look ok on even people fatter than shay if they fit and they are worn with loose high waisted pants. It's not 2003 anymore where you need washboard abs.

No. 1973259

The retard bangs are back?

No. 1973261

so articulate and charming! how could any over 50 scrote who smells like the pigs resist…

srsly though, she's not helping herself here. she should invest in some kind of class or a book or something so she can learn to write better descriptions.

No. 1973262

Are you feeling attacked? No you dont have to have abs but you shouldnt be fat either. Some clothes are made for certain body types and people usually understand and recognize that. Otherwise youll end up looking like an unsightly fool who doesnt know how to compliment their body type with their clothing choice. Like shaynus. You will look like shaynus.

No. 1973263

if she's getting so close to this sissy scrote and meeting his friends, etc, probably inviting him to her home outside of the paid "date" context, aren't the other johns gonna get jealous? I mean we know that she probably just sells her coochie to middle-aged men who don't want anything to do with her outside of the sexual encounter but it still feels weird. It really does feel like she has no friends outside of like the whole prostitution thing.

No. 1973269

Thats what happens when you make your WHOLE personality "uwu baby bimbo sex worker" instead of having real hobbies that dont include things you think will make old moids say "dats hawt" like collecting vinyls suddenly. She is a sad pick me and always will be. She will never know what its like to have a strong and deep lasting connection with another woman. It will forever be shallow exchanges for sexual content and twitter presence. All her friends are degenerates because she is a degenerate. She wanted this. She is living the life she chose. She could have gone to college, had a real job and real friends who love her as a person and not for what they can get out of her before she is dried up and useless.

No. 1973280

She doesn't. I doubt she has secret non-sex workers friends that she doesn't instantly brag about. She's also really fucking sensitive and she can't take other's opinion. Imagine how badly shayna would sperg out if she made friends with Norma Normal who works at a walmart, has a bunch of friends, a boyfriend/girlfriend, hobbies and a support system? Imagine if she questioned ANY part of shayna's lifestyle? Shay would go on a rampage on twitter trying to "cancel" the person for their opinion if they don't immedeitly back off when she gives them her "yikes this is problematic-" Speech. She already posts texts the moment she feels wronged, her own mom, shane, fupaul etc. Imagine her trying to cancel some nameless normie she became friends with and realizing, 'oh shit, she doesn't care if twitter sex workers bitch at her opinion!".
We know shay can be vindictive, if someone tells her to fuck off and they don't care about her opinion she WILL try even if it's in a small way to make sure they are "twitter shamed" even if it's by 2 coomers on twitter. This girl literally jumped out a car because a conversation with her mother. She's a drama queen who legit can't handle conversations with regular people that aren't going her way. Unless it's with a moid, then she'll beg and beg and beg.
It's best Shayna sticks to the coomers & retards that she's used too.

No. 1973312

File: 1709791417204.jpeg (Spoiler Image,293.87 KB, 2048x1536, GICXYohacAAVhcb.jpeg)

They certainly are

No. 1973313

jfc how many times will she have to go through this before she realises that she does not have the face/body/overall style for bangs? She looks like a literal retard at the best of times, this just emphasises her spediness

No. 1973314

File: 1709791981040.jpeg (389.66 KB, 2048x2048, GICVaVgboAA7_hh.jpeg)

'i’m literally so cute n so hot omg YAY BANGS'

No. 1973315

I've just NEVER seen anyone wear bangs like this. Like, never in my life. I actually think Shat should have bangs because her forehead is infamously Neanderthal-like and they would soften her a lot, but why are her bangs so wide and styled like a Mormon mom who hasn't had access to modern media her whole life????

No. 1973317

Oh no. This is really hideous!

No. 1973340

Kek they're like really poorly done rockabilly bangs, "bettie bangs" like Bettie Paige wore. I tinfoil she cuts and styles them like this to try and attract the old scrotes who would have fantasized over Bettie decades ago

No. 1973341

File: 1709796358778.jpeg (73.84 KB, 400x400, IMG_9972.jpeg)

It’s giving 2005 fergie vibes it’s so fucking ugly

No. 1973363

I see these bangs and I flash back to that dumb “child model” photo of her that was actually just from some dance recital thing probably. Maybe she’s trying to harken back to her youth kek

No. 1973370

would love to see what this looks like from the side kek

No. 1973371

File: 1709807807855.png (3.84 MB, 1290x2796, IMG_5198.png)

The filter name is sending me

No. 1973383

slim and beauty face kek and still looking like she does is crazy

No. 1973414

At this point I'm certainly sure that nothing will ever maker her look decent even, she's just hideous.

No. 1973478

she flies into rages whenever she gets into an argument because she isn't capable of any other response. look at how she reacts when people who are more intelligent and experienced than her correctly point out that she has no right to speak for the majority of sex workers (aka trafficked women) because camming in your apartment is entirely different than what they experience or that there is no justification for larping as a sexually abused child to get moids off. her self image is centered on the many delusions she has about herself and when she is confronted with the truth she views it as being attacked and having her entire sense of self threatened. she can't offer any sort of defense beyond trotting out the same tired excuses she's used for years and resents being called out for her reprehensible lifestyle so she either tries to get other degenerates to attack whoever offended her or she pulls manipulative tactics like saying she's going to kill herself.

No. 1973532

File: 1709832150439.png (187.51 KB, 340x462, firefox_B8MxYL4ojN.png)

I bet that sissypuppytroonguy cut em for her for free because they are frens

No. 1973535

Kek I wonder why the coke can bangs styling has her by a chokehold. She could be doing something modern and cuter but no, thick uneven fringe styled like a grandma.

No. 1973542

Such an ugly face. The bad buck teeth, and the tongue. She is the Chris Chan of sex work

No. 1973556

Shat is in a permanent Stephanie Bustcakes era

No. 1973566

File: 1709836581257.jpeg (152.82 KB, 1125x1265, IMG_4231.jpeg)

No. 1973612

File: 1709844346337.png (1.68 MB, 1170x2002, IMG_4999.png)

More begging

No. 1973614

File: 1709844393244.jpeg (Spoiler Image,224.3 KB, 1152x2048, IMG_4998.jpeg)

No. 1973618

Why did I read the last sentence in the style of TLC - Waterfalls…
“Don’t go chasing normal moids, please stick to the coomers and the retards you’re used to” kek

No. 1973623

File: 1709846572972.png (48.85 KB, 520x279, IMG_4235.png)

Her implant really has bottomed out but she can’t afford to have another revision, awful

No. 1973625

it’s almost certainly because she didn’t follow the aftercare instructions
what a moron she is

No. 1973628

Whenever it seems like she is looking the worst she ever has, shit like >>1973532 materializes to collect the new record.

No. 1973644

got her boobs done 9 months ago JUST to still do these back breaking poses to make her assback look less flat because she's STILL insecure and now her boobs are both botched instead of one. Crazy

No. 1973645

Kek, that was what I was going for nona

No. 1973647

>I'm one of my sugar daddies Pride N Joy, I know i'm the best he ever had! it's a very treasured memory of mines!
Also Shayna
>Hate 2 say it, but even though i just got back from a "Work trip" and i JUST bragged about how obessed my sugar daddy is with my good pussy, I'm late on rent. I really Hate 2 say this every month. I'm just depressed
It's not that she has nobody willing to buy "good pussy" from her misogynstic ass, nope, it's just depression thats stopping her from being able to pay rent. Even though she just did a b/g and filmed some slap ass porn. It's depression.

No. 1973649

Is it just me or does her nose look red like she’s been snorting something

No. 1973651

I noticed this a while back she was posing with some money (like 300) after inviting some retard into her home and her nose was super red. I would'nt be surpised if she DID snort something, kek. Or maybe blowing her nose from crying or something else.

No. 1973657

oh wow, the bangs add 10 pounds to her face. yikes!

No. 1973658

Sell your record collection

No. 1973663

this is THE most yaniv she's ever looked

No. 1973678

File: 1709856229287.jpeg (334.58 KB, 635x778, IMG_0598.jpeg)

>slim and beauty face

No. 1973680

No. 1973684

Holy shit, Shat really does have the same features. I’m pretty sure if someone did one of those slow fade gifs with this image and her face it would be pretty seamless. Someone light the Shart nona beacon

No. 1973686

File: 1709857260841.png (205.91 KB, 863x980, 1000010739.png)

Her math is so retarded

No. 1973688

File: 1709857425117.jpg (734.99 KB, 1027x2225, filter fail (20240307042530).j…)

You can literally see where the filter is blurring out her fat chin.

No. 1973696

$130 for 15 minutes? she really should’ve paid attention in school kek

No. 1973698

Please the bangs remind me of that uma compton chick.

No. 1973702

File: 1709861359289.jpg (182.62 KB, 933x708, 1633642380222.jpeg.jpg)

Don't forget about the #91 thread pic

No. 1973709

she really doesn't know how to make a sale, does she? I mean it's not like I consider what she's doing a job but she's going to entice more scrotes if she makes the longer videos cheaper by like 10 to $20 so they feel like they're getting "a deal". that shit works like a charm

No. 1973712

little lower maintenance than straight bangs which need to be trimmed on a regular basis and that will look bad unless you are very careful with the styling and get someone that knows what they're doing to cut them.

there's other styles that she could have opted for yet she continues to choose the ugliest hairstyles out there. she's obviously trying to appeal to pedophiles with those pigtails anyway, so…

No. 1973717

there’s no way any pornsick moid actually watches 15 min long videos. its probably a large factor as to why her sales are poor. her free “teasers” on twitter are plenty enough for a horny man scrolling through his timeline.

No. 1973722

i feel like shaynus washes her hair more when she has bangs, because its harder to hide how greasy she looks

No. 1973726

Ellen is so ugly she doesn’t even look human

No. 1973733

Her tits are right back to being super lopsided. And no one is shocked.
I think she needs bangs because they hide her Rocky Denis forehead but she needs to get them cut and styled by a professional. These are awful and always have been.

No. 1973735

Pussy so good, she can’t afford rent. Yass queen!!! Girl boss!!! Kek Imagine humiliating yourself online for low to moderate income you can obtain with a minimum wage job.

No. 1973736

File: 1709872170417.jpeg (387.52 KB, 1224x1193, 33317136-37A2-4CAD-B85C-90DBD7…)

From one day ago.

No. 1973737

File: 1709872247207.jpeg (1 MB, 1213x1384, 2D12E0C4-A1B4-4C0B-9BA4-FBDC9F…)

The dingy white tank top looks so gross and tacky. Especially with no bra

No. 1973738

File: 1709872322041.jpeg (181.46 KB, 1242x698, B0260230-A882-4E38-AFF2-3FE88D…)

Baby Brendan coming to the rescue

No. 1973746


No. 1973753

Is it normal to have major electrical appliances literally right next to a shower? What kind of ghetto ass place is this

No. 1973757

This outfit makes no sense, how is she so fucking bad at dressing herself? Her botched tits make her look even fatter, one would think they’d give her some shape and help balance out her unfortunate proportions but she looks more lumpy and busted than ever

No. 1973759

I'd almost say this is an improvement over other outfits just because we can see less of her, still need to cover the franken tits though

No. 1973760

Is it just me or lately she’s been slowly fading into obscurity ?

No. 1973764

I thought you meant her for a second coz her body looks like a fridge

No. 1973782

oh no. lori lewd was right. she has influenced someone to wear those ugly shrugs like she does.

No. 1973788

Why does the nipple seems so high in the 2nd pic?

No. 1973797

Probably you’re right Nona, because usually she separates the hair in a straight line from the top. So this is something new for her.

The only thing she would snort is food.

No. 1973800

yeah idk why people keep trying to insinuate she's on harder drugs, if she was doing coke she would def lose weight and she just keeps getting bigger so I doubt she's snorting anything. also she can't afford rent so how is she gonna afford coke? lol godspeed if she gets it cheap.

No. 1973802

thank you sm nona, it’s fuckin hilarious, truly the shartist that we need but don’t deserve today

No. 1973810

Why are they so ____? (Don't want to call them chubby but that's what 24-26 BMI looks like)
Their pants are a much nicer fabric than Shayna's, though.(derailing)

No. 1973831

Translation: "I can't afford DoorDash (or HelloFresh) anymore and don't have the basic life skills to feed myself.

No. 1973841

she’s such a tryhard when it comes to weed, she’d be insufferable if she ever did coke.

No. 1973846

every woman in that photo has a flat stomach anon get help(derailing)

No. 1973863

Well you know it’s an Ana Chan when someone refers to people by bmi.(derailing)

No. 1973864

considering the way she was binding them and punching them and smearing them on the ground like basically on her way home from the hospital, she's lucky they didn't just say fuck it and fall out

No. 1973882

File: 1709917455977.jpg (572.98 KB, 1080x1256, Ugly.jpg)

No. 1973884

I'm sure her pathetic pushover parents will help her out if she cries enough/it becomes an actual medical issue instead of just an aesthetic one.

No. 1973886

oof. every single piece of this outfit is way tighter on her.

No. 1973887

I don't understand who Shaynas videos would appeal to in the first place. Maybe I'm overthinking this but isn't the appeal of amateur porn supposed to be that it's, you know, real? The girl next door in her room actually enjoying or actually not enjoying sex act x? So who, exactly is the audience for badly edited and acted scenario porn when it's blatantly just a fatty alone in her apartment in a cheap costume from amazon and faking all the reactions? My theory is that it's all just an e-whore cope so they can claim they're ~artists/filmmakers~, when in reality coomer men don't give a shit about the "production quality" and just want to see bobs and vagene

No. 1973896

i also try to understand coomer mentality at times to figure out what exactly is wrong with them but porn consumption is ultimately pathological and there's no real logic behind it, it's an addiction disturbed moids develop

No. 1973942

Shayhog day real!

No. 1973968

File: 1709934967949.gif (11.46 MB, 236x275, IMG_1005.gif)

I think legitimate porn addicts and gooners do get off to the fake reactions and the heightened depravity. Most people would look at gifrel and be like “wtf is this shit” & laugh—that includes most moids who watch porn. I’ve seen comments from moids who think she looks/acts special needs. Her reactions and her videos do appeal to turbo virgins and losers whose only chance to see women naked is through porn. When I see goon caves they usually have those 4k gonzo porn studio videos on display. Occasionally they’d have some e-girl with self produced videos on their displays but those women are not homely and usually have good bodies. I don’t think Shayna would make the cut unless the gooner has a thing for homely/ugly fat women.
However—there are porn addicts who legitimately hoard terabytes of porn and I think it has something to do with hoarding on top of pornsickness. Some of them have never even see all of their own collection bc it’s like >100 years worth of videos and photos. I imagine that’s where some of Shay’s videos end up.

No. 1973978

File: 1709940288889.jpeg (363.42 KB, 1170x2031, IMG_5792.jpeg)

Lmao the way these bangs are cut is so retarded.

No. 1973979

File: 1709940463206.jpg (529.35 KB, 1080x864, 2 for 1 Special.jpg)

No. 1973983

they look so fucking messy and uncomfortable. def drunkenly did them herself.

No. 1973994

she legit looks like she's special needs here and the fact that she sells these videos is not helping. she looks scared, as if a fast car is approaching. lol are we sure shat's not special needs in some way?

No. 1974000

I doubt she's making money from hoarder coomers. They share and pirate everything because they spend all their money on enterprise class hard drives for their NAS RAID arrays. They're very much like other forms of digital content hoarders.

Did eat both crepes or is one for Ellen?

No. 1974003

nice trips nona! i do wonder. those are enormous servings and they're loaded with cheese, yuck. you's share the dessert if you watch your calories/sugar/refined carb intake .

No. 1974012

The American diet is so weird and gross, no wonder obesity is the norm when this is what people eat for “brunch”. She hasn’t posted any of the meals she eats at home for ages, possibly over a year, I wonder if she’s still eating family sized charcuterie boards as a snack and boxes of donuts for “breffast”(bait)

No. 1974015

She usually shows off more of the table and some of her TJ Maxx schlock with an espresso martini or five. That's absolutely her mismatched pink kitchen crap being put to rare use, kek

No. 1974030

Shay could never make something so articulate and eye appealing. Her idea of perfectionist is herself and her porn. This is most deffinetly a cafe it probably is just basic or a bit on the ghetto side or something so theres nothing to show but food. Im not saying that the dish is super complicated, but making crepes isnt exactly super easy and this bitch lazy and low effort.

No. 1974034

an old classmate came here once and said that she was pretty fucking stupid but not a sped.

No. 1974036

Can you Europoors stop using Shat as an American standard, kek. Sure, we're fat, but she's an outlier; I don't know a single person, even the fatties, that eats as much sugary, fatty, unhealthy shit as she does. She must be in a constant state of vague nausea from stuffing her gob with nothing but junk.

No. 1974044

File: 1709959709231.jpg (117.97 KB, 889x530, Cope.jpg)

>i feel so lucky n grateful n privileged 2 survive in this line of work
Dirty deleted.

No. 1974049

jfc did she get black out drunk at brunch? how would she still be tipsy??

No. 1974050

>She must be in a constant state of vague nausea
she absolutely is. if you know any fatty americans personally though they all eat exactly the way she does. every fatass i've known eats fast food very frequently, goes out to restaurants to order food a thin person typically only eats for special occasions, every day if not multiple times a day. they love the sugary coffee drinks piled with whipped cream daily, eating giant "snacks" like her charcuterie board abominations, and definitely not uncommon for them to drink alcohol daily. you do not get fat like shay without eating the way she does the calories from those kinds of foods and drinks stack up real quick

No. 1974082

File: 1709970098938.jpeg (330.75 KB, 828x618, IMG_6628.jpeg)

She looks genuinely sick here. Either too drunk to function after a date or hopped up on something.

This is the bleakest photo I’ve ever seen. From her Instagram stories, where she’s obviously trying to show herself off. She looks like she’s about to vomit. The deep lines in her face, despite the filters. The hollow desperation in her eyes. This is pure and unbridled sadness.

No. 1974086

Apparently the coke in Seattle is often so watered down and shitty that it’s not even really Coke and not an appetite suppressant, so she could be doing it and still eating the same.

No. 1974092

Bangs looking like a monk bowl cut

No. 1974093

I highly doubt that she does uppers because I'm certain she'd be tweeting about her bimbo powder or some dumb shit like that. It would also take her out of her constant state of hazy, "tipsy" bliss, binging on takeout, feeling bloated and disgusting and craving it again a few hours later. It's a difficult cycle to break and she won't do it by herself. Doing uppers would take her right out of her comfort zone

No. 1974113

why is she phototuning herself a new face…

No. 1974118

Well, she did win cow of the year again as I recall. She's back to her repetitive cycle, nothing new is happening. But her threads get filled up so quickly, that I'd argue she's hardly irrevelant to farmers

No. 1974123

File: 1709981806240.jpeg (469.9 KB, 1170x1147, IMG_0971.jpeg)

1) What people, Shayna? Who are “ur people”? You know damn well you don’t have any friends, just a fat, ugly old pedo you keep around because she makes you feel better about how fat and ugly you are and lets you walk all over her because you’re too lazy and stupid to perform the most basic of adult tasks and an assortment of inbred, rotten toothed, smelly, epicene old coomers who are so fetid they have to pay to let a woman anywhere near them
2) What things, Shayna? You can’t even manage to do the most basic things required of your “job”, you haven’t earned any sort of relaxation. You can’t even pay your rent without panhandling but you think you deserve some sort of reward? Get the fuck out of here, you corpulent piece of shit

No. 1974161

ankle biting Chihuahua is sending me

No. 1974162

She looks fatter on the right. I guess she did end up gaining back weight.

No. 1974166

File: 1709992852230.jpg (279.71 KB, 650x467, fat-chihuahua.jpg)

She also looks a bit like a chihuahua

No. 1974172

Its eyes are way too big, kek

No. 1974178

i don't think she has much of an audience at all anymore. she stopped camming and her onlyfans subscriber count has steadily dwindled over the years. she probably wouldn't be letting creeps into her apartment if she could support herself with just online content. despite showing off purchases much less often than she used to she still can't pay her rent or afford to get her nails done so i doubt she's making much money and a significant portion of what little she does make probably goes towards overpriced restaurant food and alcohol. she should take this as a sign that sex work is no longer profitable for her and that it's time to move onto something else but she's based her entire identity on being a degenerate and refuses to do anything that would better her circumstances so instead she's going to end up doing grosser and grosser shit for money.

No. 1974190

is the pic on the right taken in a VS dressing room? aren't there more places to be other than the aquarium and the mall in Seattle? If I recall correctly she's been to a concert within the last year but she doesn't go out otherwise or else she would have taken pictures. so she never gets invited anywhere that's not a work thing like fatcon or skidmark academy?

No. 1974210

I feel like Shayna sold her assback to pay rent now she's spending the "extra' on brunch and drinks. She suddenly isn't whining about money anymore.

No. 1974213

File: 1709999370814.jpeg (Spoiler Image,853.4 KB, 1170x1604, IMG_0972.jpeg)

Imagine the stench inside a “fetish ball”

No. 1974214

nona stop I'm crying

No. 1974216

smells like another spike in monkeypox cases

No. 1974217

>$200-ALL 339 VIDS
>less than $0.60 a video

I think the last time we saw her OF subs count it was around 150 coomers. It's probably even less now.
150 x 5 = 750 and that's being generous because she constantly has sales and offers to gain subs.

>instead she's going to end up doing grosser and grosser shit for money

That's not going to work either. OF is already an over saturated market. Now with the economic situation, coomers don't have disposable income to give to OF whores, so she is still going to have to compete with sex workers that are slimmer, better looking and put more effort into their content because they are also going to be going down the same road out of desperation.

No. 1974222

kek, indeed. and its what they all deserve, honestly

No. 1974234

She's starting to look like old eminem, looks like she just got done taking a naked shit, puking and decided to take this picture.

No. 1974244

Considering her no doubt humongous alcohol tolerance, how many (strong, doubles or even more potent cocktails) drinks do we think it takes for Shay to get 'tipsy' according to her estimations? I'm going with 6.

No. 1974281

The size of her hands in comparison to the rest of her body is so fucking funny. Not in a cute baby way she would want but in a deformity type of way kek

No. 1974326

dollarstore taylor swift in the second photo

No. 1974343

I wonder if shayna ever even looks up what other women are wearing, like when she looks at the Shein Models when she buys clothes does she think, 'hmm maybe this item should be worn with something similar". Does she even look at woman with the same weird "Aesthic" as her? And not sex workers but in general? I really am starting to feel like everyone whose not apart of the creep squad is just a fuzzy outline to Shayna. Does she see what the average woman is wearing when she goes out? Or when she goes to a club? Does she just see white outlines of people (like that Black mirror episode). Maybe i'm extremely sheltered but I just imagine her standing out everywhere she goes with these retarded outfits and hair styles. When she goes to the mall during her sugar dates, I just imagine two teenage girls looking at her and chuckling amongst themselves. Maybe Im the retarded one.

No. 1974353

shay has a pretty boring, overgrown teenager-esque basic b*tch hairstyle, she is not going to stand out anywhere. her outfits are sloppy and embarrassing to look at but unless you're really close you're probably not going to notice that what she's wearing is literally see through and cheap as fuck.

she needs to dress for her body type, instead she tries to put together an outfit that would be of interest to a coomer (voyeur), so she doesn't have the freedom to dress however she wants. something that is not skin tight and revealing isn't going to titillate the diaperfags who follow her in her mind, probs. bleaque

No. 1974363

File: 1710028937678.jpeg (Spoiler Image,536.26 KB, 1170x810, IMG_0973.jpeg)

I hate this fat pedo hog so fucking much it’s unreal

No. 1974385

File: 1710033946073.png (Spoiler Image,1017.81 KB, 1916x1018, nsfl1.png)

She's uploaded a video of her sucking a pacifier and pissing in her sow crate.

This >>1974178
>she's going to end up doing grosser and grosser shit for money
became true in less than a day

No. 1974387

File: 1710034441457.png (61.13 KB, 911x709, custom.png)

I also noticed that on her customs page, she now does b/g content to order. Who is the moid? Interesting that her hard limits are fisting and race play with no mention of scat.

No. 1974401

It’s only a matter of time before she starts doing what she claims are hard limits, and we all know that the only reason why she put “no race play” is because she doesn’t want the woketard twitter whores trying to cancel her for the umpteenth time. This is a subhuman degenerate who larps as a baby who enjoys being raped up the ass by its father on her public twitter, as if she cares about race play

No. 1974429

I imagine fatna YELLING the n word at home

No. 1974432

I think that gross yellow tooth moid is confirmed to be in her 'polycule' with Ellen, right? I'm NOT posting that goddamn picture again but shaytists know. She always makes it sound like she has so many partners but I think those are her only confirmed ones ie. The ones she spent Thanksgiving with (bleakly).

No. 1974438

I’m pretty sure the gross teeth guy is a member of Shayna’s clan, but so is that other “sissy femboy” perv that brought her to meet its friends recently. It’s hard to keep track of these freaks.

No. 1974449

File: 1710054312688.mp4 (Spoiler Image,2.91 MB, 480x852, Deli Ham.mp4)

Her using their 360 selfie booth there. She probably thinks she was an entire celebrity at this event.

No. 1974452

She really is deluded into thinking she’s super hot when she’s literally one of the most grotesque pieces of shit in the world. Must be the alcohol that makes her so confident. Also, is that Ellen in the back? Kek.

No. 1974453

Out of context this looks like she's viciously unclogging a toilet

No. 1974454

no one needs a 360 of this absolute wreck of a person lol the only thing I envy about her is her confidence, I wish I was that delusional.

No. 1974463

She literally just looks like Lena Dunham. They are also both ENFP 4w3.

No. 1974464

I wonder why she doesn't do r*ceplay?(learn2integrate)

No. 1974465

File: 1710062116302.jpg (267.47 KB, 639x1097, Screenshot_20240310_051635_Fir…)

The most bimbo proportions evah!

No. 1974466

kek at all the other visible people wearing normal clothes. i wonder if one of the people in the back is ellen

No. 1974470

File: 1710063800208.jpg (166.58 KB, 561x849, Screenshot_20240310_054333_Fir…)

It looks like she has dwarfism. her chicken dance posing makes me angry. She looks so bad.

No. 1974481

the angle makes her upper arms look like the same size as her thighs

No. 1974490

File: 1710071848996.png (459.74 KB, 480x852, 1710054312688.mp4_snapshot_00.…)

It's Ellen

No. 1974503

File: 1710074534085.jpeg (270.2 KB, 1170x1632, IMG_5057.jpeg)

Looks like the same top. Is this Ellen’s secret account?

No. 1974504

File: 1710074585023.jpeg (307.35 KB, 1170x1528, IMG_5058.jpeg)

No. 1974508

her arm….

No. 1974510

File: 1710075404481.png (Spoiler Image,207.25 KB, 329x292, dafuq.PNG)

thanks for the new reaction pic

No. 1974511

File: 1710075506209.jpeg (1.18 MB, 2730x4096, IMG_5066.jpeg)

sorry for autism but it does seem to be Ellen’s account. Same moid as well

No. 1974519

LMAO it’s definitely Ellen Degenerate. Outstanding weaponisation of autism, nonita

No. 1974542

Impressive levels of autism.

No. 1974543

I mean Fisting would ruin her asshole and vagina would prop prolapse and she DOESNT' want to be accused of being a so called nazi again lmfao

No. 1974546

considering how she treated her breasts immediately after her surgery i suspect she's more afraid of twitter prostitutes being mean to her than she is of causing permanent damage to her body

No. 1974554

Shay's buffs when she's around ellen
>+10 to confidence
>Weightloss spell (Looks 5 pounds lighter with Ellen Eqiupped)

No. 1974556

I am cackling at her LARPing as a wealthy baroness of olde as she makes toddler-level fingerpaintings and posts pictures of her in a gimp mask looking like Nacho Libre as a lunch lady.
Ellen seems… a bit special.

No. 1974557

File: 1710089875106.png (1.16 MB, 918x1000, 81AG-m h38L._AC_UY1000_.png)

No. 1974559

Holy Kek!

No. 1974566

was ellen always 250 lbs

No. 1974568

Kek at her having to poke her assback out

No. 1974578

Holy shat!

No. 1974620

I think Shayna is an ISFP or something according to personality-database and what mbti anons have said over the years.
I hate to say it but if that’s her group of friends in the back of that video (the two obese women and two obese men), she’s actually the “hottest” of the bunch kek. They look like the people she probably plays dungeons and dragons with—speaking of, did she drop that already? She never talks about it anymore.

No. 1974625

File: 1710100640847.jpg (318.84 KB, 1365x2048, 20240310_195708.jpg)

The face edit on this is sending me.

No. 1974636

no wonder shayna keeps gaining weight if this is her only female friend she hangs out with

No. 1974663

File: 1710106570376.jpeg (214.52 KB, 1242x1060, 1688010676399.jpeg)

Nonas…It must be her, there's no way. Holy kek

No. 1974665

File: 1710106782970.png (Spoiler Image,656.77 KB, 1080x2102, Screenshot_20240310-174006-928…)

This reddit profile is 99% nightmare fuel and 1%… Questionable canning. But it's unfortunately Ellen.

No. 1974672

File: 1710107786234.png (Spoiler Image,1006.47 KB, 1080x1322, Screenshot_20240310-175341-974…)

That's the same pic she was using as a profile on her cuddlemenow X/Twitter. Both of them seem to be going for weird niche fetishes with little to no interested responses, and little to no self awareness. Whew

No. 1974676

Good find, nonna! Ellen needs to pixelate her entire face, body, and wretched soul. This profile is an abomination.

No. 1974682

He is so aggressively ugly. I hope the bg content is with the sissy dog and not this puke and shit eater

No. 1974686

File: 1710111323116.jpeg (400.06 KB, 777x901, IMG_4277.jpeg)

The video thumbnail is sending me

No. 1974692

File: 1710114382010.png (Spoiler Image,369.66 KB, 985x968, Screenshot_20240310-194739-444…)

Ellen confirmed.

No. 1974694

We got her. Holy shit.

No. 1974698

File: 1710115953570.png (675.25 KB, 1170x1408, Screen Shot 2024-03-11 at 11.1…)

Why can't these retards get normal jobs

No. 1974700

That's so shleak, I can't imagine begging with sex for money for fucking therapy. Depresshaying.

No. 1974701

No wonder Shat is able to delude herself into thinking she’s pretty, her girlfriend is a horror movie antagonist

No. 1974703

File: 1710116447467.jpeg (266.4 KB, 1367x2048, GEP047ubsAAg4kD.jpeg)

No. 1974705

No wonder we haven't seen Ellen lately, she's gone full deathfat

No. 1974706

where is her elbow…?

No. 1974707

Jfc, she looks so ridiculous like one of those badly ai generated plastic images. If any of you could put her through the filter on /shay, that would deliver me. Holy shat, those arms…

No. 1974709

File: 1710118111727.jpeg (24.99 KB, 357x289, IMG_0481.jpeg)

It’s giving unholy meat obelisk wrapped in a trash bag

No. 1974714

File: 1710119707161.jpeg (550.62 KB, 1891x4096, IMG_5085.jpeg)

New spanking video posted on her twitter

No. 1974715

Ellen makes Shaynus look hot in comparison. So sad.

No. 1974716

No. 1974718

File: 1710120551771.jpg (116.56 KB, 1156x699, 1000014252.jpg)

Literally her.

No. 1974723

This is giving me white trash jerry show vibes

No. 1974724

She's insistent on being a "porn star" but doesn't know how to arch her back lol

No. 1974726

File: 1710121542121.png (116.48 KB, 1076x490, cut-in-half.png)

Her jeans are so tight that she probably can't. It looks like she can hardly breathe.

No. 1974730

File: 1710122203910.jpeg (58.79 KB, 405x270, IMG_0974.jpeg)

No. 1974731

Is there a reason why she doesn’t interact with Ellen on social media?

No. 1974733

Probably because these threads were watching Ellen's social media and found the pacifier post.

No. 1974736

Probably got freaked out after being posted in the thread after the stolen pacifier incident, explains why Ellen Degenerate is using this secret side account to hawk her l4d2 boomer porn

No. 1974737

She's stated that she doesn't post much about her partners/friends bc of her STALKERS. Fupa was pretty heavily doxed and that was an embarrassing situation all around so it's honestly one of the smarter things Shat has done.

No. 1974739

Hilarious that she’ll post about rotten mouth troon all the time though kek

No. 1974740

>fupa seen in the reflection of her sun glasses
>bald moid that slaps her seen the reflection of a glass door
>little dicky identified by his phone holder
>ellen spotted by being in the background of a poor quality video

No. 1974742

This hairstyle really accentuates her resemblance to Grimace in shape

No. 1974743

lmao i love shayanons

No. 1974750

File: 1710125960535.webm (3.76 MB, 1280x720, ssstwitter.com_1710125809604.w…)

Full vid

No. 1974768

File: 1710132482879.jpg (25.67 KB, 590x283, Capture-1.jpg)

No. 1974771

KEK I saw this on the front-page and knew it would bring me to the Shayna thread.
She's been doing porn for nearly a decade and still has no idea how to arch her back the way scrotes like.

No. 1974781

Shayna would look like this if she gained weight. Same turd braids and cellulite legs. They’re both so unattractive.

No. 1974782

File: 1710139216683.png (7.02 MB, 1242x2208, 10F3E8FB-8A60-4246-BB6F-433BB6…)

Ellen Patricia Dresel “Ellen Degenerate” being “Selina Berlin” is the funniest thing ever. She’s a ham planet

No. 1974783

File: 1710139281720.jpeg (872.46 KB, 1242x1444, 2E108223-0804-4CC7-8D17-272FA6…)

Her page is so fucking funny. She’s trying to be a sexy domme but it comes off boomerish with bad photoshop

No. 1974787

I like how her being “sexy” is covered up KEK ugly in the face and fat.

No. 1974788

My fucking sides!
It’s giving “graphic design is my passion” crossed with developmentally delayed AI art. It’s time for Skynet to get rid of humanity for good. I’d love to know if she makes any money whatsoever from this shit.

No. 1974810

File: 1710150520278.jpeg (596.89 KB, 1121x1231, IMG_5116.jpeg)

holy kek

No. 1974812

File: 1710150812517.jpg (62.13 KB, 800x450, what the f.jpg)

KEK what is this

No. 1974813

Looks like Shay french braids Ellen’s hair too. They’re turning into each other. Just wait until the thread when Shayna’s arms look like that.

No. 1974815

I guess Shayna got her pose inspo from somewhere, if standing there holding up your turd braids even counts as a pose

No. 1974817

Is this not some nona’s edit?

No. 1974821

I perused the Seattle fetish ball tag and It is full of fat white nerds being catered to by women who look grotesque. the women who shared pictures seemed to look on par with "porn stars", though. The costume budgets were not as meager as Shat's. so the hideous moids shat makes content with aren't unusual. but she really did get the worst ones. no doubt that she was introduced to at least one of then via Ellen.

I think the fact that she only collaborates with amateur, "homemade porn" producers and not anyone with a studio is indicative of the lack of quality of her own content. I think the only reason that she did the grotesque bdsm content early on is because it was relatively lower risk than penetration and paid well.

No. 1974822

File: 1710154958091.jpeg (426.56 KB, 1545x2000, IMG_5115.jpeg)

Is Ellen special needs?

No. 1974825

Looks like we don’t have to worry much about the next thread pic as this is already hysterical

No. 1974829

Stop this isn’t real??? Why is the layout like a PowerPoint meme format kek
>my perfect body

No. 1974831

File: 1710156445979.jpg (1.58 MB, 1620x2160, classy fat man bondage.jpg)

She's so broke that she has to LARP as a domme to pay her bills, nonna.

she has the body of an elderly woman with a disability. the lumpy legs are unsightly. I would feel bad for her if she and shat were not pedo pandering trash.

on a random note, that eraserhead really gets around lol

No. 1974838

File: 1710157585677.jpeg (795.55 KB, 1241x2449, FC12B970-BEA8-451E-B9E7-552AEF…)

Found an og cow crossover on this spanking site.

No. 1974841

it sure smells like a moid in here…(scrotefoiling)

No. 1974844

File: 1710159487845.png (1.54 MB, 1026x647, possible next thread pic with …)


No. 1974845

Top fucking kek! I almost spit out my coffee, nonna.

No. 1974848

That's the cow scene girl

No. 1974849

No. 1974859

File: 1710161817786.png (23.35 KB, 587x231, Capture.PNG)

I'm looking through Ellen aka Mustress Pacifer's page and I think it's pretty much confirmed she's Shayna's link to selling herself. She retweets shit like picrel AND also shit calling herself a hooker. Kek, this makes me feel like Ellen has some shit and this is why Shayna was whining about "Stop being mean to people with STDs!!!!" I know that it may be a reach to say that shay shares the same values but it is interesting…

No. 1974860

Has Ellen always been this huge?? Is she on hard drugs, why tf would she post pictures like this?

No. 1974861

PLEASE next thread pic, kekk this is too good

No. 1974863

It looks like a rap album kek, I almost want to add a title to it, "Shaymonk and the Musty Mistress"

No. 1974869

KEK. My sides! That’s the perfect title. I love the creativity and talent of nonnas in this thread.

No. 1974872

File: 1710162958025.png (247.84 KB, 1145x374, Capture.PNG)

More Ellen lore.

No. 1974874

File: 1710163026261.png (588.22 KB, 485x638, Capture.PNG)

Very weird how Ellen hides her mug

No. 1974877

File: 1710163098190.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.03 MB, 1170x1969, IMG_1023.jpeg)

I think you’re on to something anon…

No. 1974878

Jesus CHRIST that strached out asshole, I'm going to vomit

Idk why that one single tiny picture on a huge empty wall is sending me. Also the tit belt, so fashionable Ellen.

No. 1974879

I dont understand why any moid would want to pay for a blurred face with a dumpy body when theres tons of uncensored crap out there

No. 1974880

File: 1710163446632.jpg (114.46 KB, 1280x898, FwwfmlYagAE41YU.jpg)

Im sorry, I have to post this edit,kek.

No. 1974881

This explains exactly why Shat was willing to defend STDScrote, Ellen is actively participating in being a spreader herself, good catches. Wouldn’t this imply that Shayphilis has some form of HIV from Ellen considering they sleep together? Plague rat behavior

No. 1974882

And to be clear, I didn't edit this, it's some retarded shit from Ellen's twitter. It's the blurred face that makes me laugh.

No. 1974902

At least she seems self-aware enough to understand that her face is far from ideal to be in the world of porn.

No. 1974906

nice to know neither of them know what an iron is.

No. 1974936

>Wouldn’t this imply that Shayphilis has some form of HIV from Ellen considering they sleep together?
They don't sleep together, they just bite and spank eachother. Shay is straight af

No. 1974939

File: 1710171492940.png (1.26 MB, 1090x492, same picture.PNG)

Proof (not like anyone needs it) That Mistress Selina Berlin is Ellen, she has the same pictures on both accounts, same pillows/stuff animal in another picture, they share the same yellow toothed moid etc. etc. etc.

No. 1974943

File: 1710171594829.png (333.81 KB, 573x665, ellen.PNG)

also I found this funny, thats it for the Ellen shit though. I went through her whole account and could'nt find anything milky, this is Shay's future.

No. 1974948

It's kind of funny how you can just see the outline of her face, she doesn't even censor herself properly.

No. 1974950

Please dont ever do louis griffin like that again. She shouldnt be compared to shayna

No. 1974951

You can compare her Shyana to ugly Francine when she stops taking care of herself on American Dad

No. 1974954

lmao if the background was more dark fantasy-looking this would pass as a Dark Souls area.

No. 1974961

File: 1710176621411.jpg (Spoiler Image,104.03 KB, 1039x1163, 20240311_170206.jpg)

These edits from Ellen are fucking gold.
Lmao what the fuck is wrong with this chick?

No. 1974962

File: 1710176645476.jpg (Spoiler Image,180.8 KB, 1080x1080, 20240311_170323.jpg)

No. 1974964

File: 1710177016578.jpg (Spoiler Image,734.75 KB, 1414x2000, 20240311_170358.jpg)

No. 1974968

File: 1710177984716.png (525.09 KB, 683x819, godzilla.png)

it is not a nona's edit, she posts this shit of her own free will, shockingly

No. 1974969

I don't know what's funnier, if it's the edits themselves, the stock photo moids or the fact that somebody out there must be actually getting off these.

No. 1974971

File: 1710178353046.jpeg (199.45 KB, 1280x898, 46446B3B-2FFF-4F89-A808-22C9D9…)

No. 1974973

File: 1710178525666.jpg (801.12 KB, 1080x1817, 1000014388.jpg)

No. 1974976

Idk why this is so fucking hilarious, it's making me like Ellen more.

No. 1974983

This is some of the best milk we’ve had in a long time

No. 1974986

Funny how she still has nicer eyes than shat

No. 1975047

Shay's been quiet all day, i wonder if it's because the Ellen shit.

No. 1975064

Unpopular Opinion, Ellen photos look better then Shayna's because Shayna shows her ugly big beaked snaggle toothed mug everywhere at least Ellen covers her ugly mug up

No. 1975073

kek @selina_berlin on twitter is going to be pissed if her pay pigs find the shayna threads

No. 1975083

I can’t stop laughing. I wonder if she knows how funny these are or if she’s totally unaware. Kek.

No. 1975087

It almost doesn’t matter. I thought she was just Shay’s boring sadsack hanger-on, now we know she’s a true visionary artist who creates deranged hellscapes of tiny men getting farted on like a postmodern Hieronymus Bosch.

No. 1975088

>the 2 sides of your conscience sitting on your shoulders

No. 1975092

File: 1710197034644.jpeg (Spoiler Image,125.19 KB, 1169x1762, GIaTvBMbYAEbZb7.jpeg)

She posted this on twitter so maybe she hasn't seen the threads yet

No. 1975094

Even if she has, she’ll just keep posting to pretend she doesn’t care.

No. 1975111

Has she always had the sore near her areola? Judging by the scarring near it, the nipple was completely repositioned but I dunno if it's always been like that and I missed it

No. 1975123

you have to give her props for her creativity, though. If she had recreated some trite pinup poster from the '50s about gigantic women it wouldn't have been as funny as some cgi medieval scene (why tho)… with a corseted woman covered in raschel lace awkwardly shooped on the side.
her breasts still looks so swollen and red. I'm convinced that she has that breast implant illness that is all the buzz now. how can she not care that her skin looks so irritated all the time?

No. 1975126

Has she mentioned LC before?

No. 1975133

she knows, nona. she was vagueing about this site since the beginning and occasionally mentions the "meanies". she's reading at least some of this shit. i don't think anyone deserves this tbh I'm only here because I have a bad feeling that she's going to land in trouble or fall in with bad people and it's just going to confirm what I already suspect about prostitution.

No. 1975135

omg it's literally the bottoming out diagram from upthread

No. 1975140

this is some weapon grade autism

No. 1975146

what do you mean no one deserves this? If anyone does it's pedo Shayna. What's up with all you "poor shat" people? She's a disgusting person who willingly puts herself in these situations and pretends to be a drugged baby who gets raped by her parents. This is too nice for her tbh.

No. 1975165

You know you’re here to laugh at her, not look out for her. Don’t pretend to be better than any other anon posting here. Not trying to be mean, but c’mon now.

No. 1975176

i dont think anything will happen to shayna until her 30s when she really starts get desperate.

No. 1975177

her right boob is fucked up look at the nipple placement and the breast itself is square very bizarre

No. 1975181

she's already back to doing this awkward pose to make her boobs look more even. when she first got them redone she talked about how happy she was that she could take pics straight on, but she's already messed that up with her complete disregard for postop care

No. 1975185

Yes, the areola was turned completely upside down, which is partly why it looks so bizarre.

No. 1975186

File: 1710206575391.jpg (45.5 KB, 330x392, 1000053762.jpg)

Is that Tom Cruise? Kek

No. 1975189

File: 1710206706052.jpeg (460.58 KB, 1170x1140, IMG_0976.jpeg)

It’s because you’re a tub of lard who doesn’t do any exercise whatsoever, Shayna. If you weren’t an alcoholic fatass who probably has scurvy as a result of not consuming anything but alcohol and disgusting processed meat and dairy and actually moved your body on a regular basis like normal people do you wouldn’t feel sick all the time

No. 1975192

Don’t alcoholics bruise super easily? She must feel like shit 24/7

No. 1975193

Also she willingly regularly gets beaten and whipped, that can't be great on the body.

No. 1975198

Her Kidney's are like a blown out tire they most likely hurt to lay on them, How about slow down on the Alcohol Shayna and ACTURALLLY DRINK WATER for a change? It's give liver cirrhosis kidney failure vibes

No. 1975199

it sounds like the implants are infected enough now to be making her physically ill

No. 1975201

UHHH isn't this textbook implant sickness?? Combined with that sore, she should be alarmed.

No. 1975203

Maybe the implants have mold in them, Sounds crazy but it's happened before

No. 1975205

File: 1710209095196.jpeg (494.98 KB, 1170x1602, IMG_0977.jpeg)

No. 1975207

Looks like Elon to me, kek

No. 1975208

that's just what family does. Shay wouldn't be the first pedophile that has family members that protect and "love" them but go off ig

No. 1975210

Youre forgetting she already had an implant for years before her recent job. She hurts because she's a filthy alcoholic

No. 1975211

Kek. I think it’s Jason Bateman.

No. 1975212

It’s Shayna’s dad.

No. 1975213

Kek, Mistress Selina Berlin aka Ellen is the DUFF. Designated Ugly Fat Friend.

No. 1975226

Stop moral fagging and read some of the old threads. Shayna is a piece of shit. She makes roleplaying incest porn and tweets out weird scenarios about being a drugged baby who has parents who molest her to the deranged coomers who are most likely parents. She’s not a nice person either. She’s just so unlikable. if you’re fat and ugly you should be nice. I mean how are you fat, ugly and a bully. Doesn’t make sense.

No. 1975233

So many bullies are fat and ugly though.

No. 1975291

File: 1710233276138.png (621.64 KB, 525x578, image.png)

irl kikomi porn kekk
picrel is in these two photos and it's making me laugh harder that she has these guys saved for her edits
fucking kek, i wasn't sure but a reverse image search indicates it's him from mission impossible fallout

No. 1975308

didn't shayna also wear this skirt

No. 1975321

Oh you nonnys are so cute. There are several men with this weird fetish for like being in between a huge woman’s toes. I have had several that will message you to photoshop your pictures/selfies into these pictures to make you look like Godzilla, or the man is tiny a tiny crumb in some woman’s kitchen. It’s like free content for you to post and free for them to get their rocks off.

No. 1975322

Ellen is not making these edits lol.

No. 1975347

File: 1710246645988.png (29.49 KB, 809x323, std_saga.png)

No. 1975355

File: 1710247604697.jpeg (193.05 KB, 1118x658, IMG_0509.jpeg)

No. 1975372

This still isn't normal at her age even with a shit lifestyle. She's probably developed a legitimate condition.

No. 1975373

She's had breast implants (or at least the one boob) for a decade at this point

No. 1975374

But they changed out the old one, maybe the new one is wreaking havoc caused by piss poor aftercare?

No. 1975378

File: 1710252608644.jpg (72.6 KB, 500x500, 1000030763.jpg)

I'm loving that she got these retarded bangs again. There was this corny old show that my mother used to watch that had a red-headed kid with outrageously stupid bangs like hers. Can't remember the show but the kid's name was Harriet. Retard bangs and pigtails just like Shay.

No. 1975385

Small Wonder is the show!

No. 1975390

She got her original implant when she was a teenager at home, she didn't smear that tit in the dirt on her way home from surgery like she did with her new ones

No. 1975391

according to some online resources if the bottoming out is happening months later, it's due to the weight of the implant and she needs to get a smaller one. If it was noticeable almost immediately the surgical technique is probably at fault, I'm sure you can make matters worse by not taking care of them at all at first and not wearing the special bra long enough.

tldr; she shouldn't be ignoring it

No. 1975393

Slightly OT but thinking about how all the titfoiling that resulted in many a ban actually turned out to be true still makes me chuckle. But yes, even though she has always been a greasy, musty, unwashed mess her personal care has gone from bad to worse with each year that passes

No. 1975395

Given the state of botchedness that’s verging on a Trasha Paytas tier horror show with the mangled nipple and overall asymmetry I’d hazard a guess that she went to the cheapest surgeon she could find and got what she paid for, but it has also been exacerbated by her non-existent aftercare

No. 1975415

Shit like this is why I can't quit these godforsaken threads, KEKKKK

No. 1975444

I wonder if this explains why Shay doesn't do giantess stuff. Nonas have mentioned a few times throughout the threads that she could probably get more business if she started doing that, rather than trying to make the obese baby bimbo thing work. Maybe she doesn't want to compete with Ellen at her own game, or maybe Shay thinks that as long as she's less massive than Ellen she's too tiny of a baby girl to do that stuff kek.

No. 1975448

she went to the same doctor who originally did her first breast implant when she was 16 (which is why i think it was a specialized doctor related to poland syndrome?). It is WIDELY speculated that her parents insurance only covered the one diseased tit, and they made Shayna cover the costs if she wanted to get her other tit done purely for cosmetic purposes. my guess would be she had to buy whatever the lower end of breast implants were (material wise maybe?) and mix that with no aftercare and you get the botched tits she was so afraid of and freaking out over before surgery.

No. 1975454

notice she doesnt post the month-to-month breast implant update pics like she used to in the first couple months post surgery? shayna hates her tits. cant imagine the horrors she put herself through to pay to be botched in less than a year.

random question: do you think shayna would be less self conscious about her wonky ass tits if she was still thin? i feel like if she was thin she would just make her uneven tits part of her personality like with the vein thing. i think the overarching issue here is she is incredibly insecure over her weight gain and probably gets all her confidence these days from her tits - so it seems more devastating than it should to her when she not only has ugly tits but she’s also super out of shape and has unfortunate fat distribution. this is what happens when you let moids convince you that your only value comes from your body/looks.

No. 1975471

Didn't shayna tweet not too long ago something about being requested to do giantess stuff and acted like she didn't know what it was

No. 1975474

shayna is a lying ass bitch

No. 1975478

My bad she didnt claim to not know what it was I guess. Here's the post anyway >>1955785

No. 1975480

I wonder if she'll go to the ER, this is a case where she needs to go if what she's experiencing is legit.

No. 1975481

I love “Small Wonder.” My mom and aunt introduced it to me too! It’s such a weird show with that robot girl Vicky. And yes, Shaynus’s hair looks like Harriet’s, but at least Harriet was a kid and it was the 80s so everyone had stupid hair. (Bowl cuts for example). They also styled her that way. Shay chooses to look this way. It’s also gross that she got an 80s child’s haircut. Probably for her old pedo coomers. Sorry for slight derail. Please no ban! Kek.

No. 1975490

Pro Wrestlers suffer from this kind of debilitating immobility in the days following a rough fight, makes sense that Shays feeling it seeing as she lets scrotes beat her with canes and clamber all over her

No. 1975515

Well this shit is making me do math because this is way too much coincidence, both of them have:
>bowl cut bangs
>bows that aren't too big nor too small
Oh God, did some moid of hers made her look like the child actor? If she dyes her hair red I will fucking die of disgust.

No. 1975531

File: 1710273015360.jpeg (386.84 KB, 1170x633, IMG_9043.jpeg)

Hilarious when you do this all the time Shay

No. 1975534

Wonder if she gets Ellen’s hand me downs

No. 1975535

Well when she does it, it's okay because x, y and z, when other does it's wrong.

No. 1975536

yep. she’d already be in the ER posting photos of her dirty snatch in a hospital gown if she was still covered by her parent’s insurance. the first time shayna has to cover her own medical expenses is going to be a humbling experience for her.

No. 1975552

She got a lift at the same time she got an augmentation, of course the newly lifted tissue couldn’t support the weight of an implant.

No. 1975558

at least she covers her face, something big shaynus has yet to figure out

No. 1975564

You just know she offloads some of the weirdest creeps into her. Ellen diaper scat account is out there I’m sure of it

No. 1975565

It’s almost that they came together with some scheme to lie about it like “oh you’re gonna post giantess stuff? I’ll just say I don’t know what it is pretend to be a coomer in my dms”
Sorry for Samefaggin

No. 1975623

shaynas most humiliating moment definitely has to be when she let the old arab guy into her apartment and let him sniff her butthole while she was naked in doggy style. wouldnt that put his mouth like directly on her vagina? this bitch thought she was going to be famous and now she lets old arabs smell her stinker for sheckles.

No. 1975629

I think it's when she posted when she was skinny her scab infested yeast infected pussy for the public to see, She was thinking that shit was normal or when she was signed up for professional porn thought she was this famous pornstar then because she WOULDN'T work got dropped from the agency

No. 1975638

File: 1710293830927.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.06 MB, 1242x1537, B3332546-9A70-4AAB-91D5-048800…)

No she wasn’t skinny she started getting fat in like 2019. This was posted at the end of 2022(spoiler nsfw)

No. 1975640

the grimmest shit to come of this thread since the mike slack reveal

No. 1975644

File: 1710294283276.jpeg (1005.56 KB, 1242x1667, 747B902C-65D3-48B9-A72F-D0839F…)

Shayna’s life is so bleak. All she does is go out to eat like a hog, attend weird fetish parties, and go the same bars to play classic rock pinball machines. All in weird pink outfits that don’t fit her

No. 1975648

I don't know why she loves this outfit so much, it's right up there in terms of special needs adult with the dungarees she wore the aquarium with Ellen and the pink velour abomination she wore to see the barbie movie.

No. 1975662

File: 1710297665924.jpeg (276.33 KB, 750x607, 1E18E7FA-90A9-484F-B15F-CF5E36…)

shayna does this all the time including her own mother! why would she retweet this?(lurk more. this has been posted already )

No. 1975666

on her escort page she had some shit like,
>If you aren't comfortable sharing your real name and information, then I'm not comfortable having you in my home". Like bitch, why are you comfortable having A JOHN IN YOUR HOME AT ALL.
Maybe it's because i'm not educated in Hookernomics but wouldn't a hotel be safer? Or something? Do they normally let these dudes in their homes? The idea of so many men knowing where you live is nuts to me, especially the type of men shayna's inviting over.

No. 1975669

lmao "hookernomics"
tbh I don't see either as "safer". Depending on the hotel maybe? But letting them into her home is def not safe at all and it's a wonder she hasn't been harmed yet tbh.

No. 1975673

she has, she just won’t say anything because it’s likely little things she can brush off and pretend either didn’t happen or reason it away as something she has to endure cause it’s her “job” and she needs the money.

i saw that as less humiliating and more she really has hit rock bottom. i remember a few anons during her psych ward stint predicting that she was eventually going to start legit prostituting due to desperation as i think that was around the time her sales started to noticeably drop. they were right, she just isn’t working a street corner (yet).

No. 1975677

it's a common practice for prostitutes to get a hotel room for a day or two at a time, book as many "sessions" with as many johns as they can during that time, and then meet the johns at a side-door to the hotel to let them in. that's the strategy I've heard of to avoid having a parade of men walk past the front desk and raise suspicion. it's not safe at all to meet strange men for sex for money, but it's definitely safer than giving them your address, you can't take that information back if something goes wrong and then there's a danger of them showing up at your door unannounced/breaking in or doing other horrifying shit if they flip into moidrage for any reason

Shatna is lazy though, and cheap. she doesn't want to spend the time or the money to keep herself "safe". she doesn't want to leave her apartment unless it's for booze or food. she doesn't want to fuck 6+ men in 2 days. she wants to lie on her back in her apartment and save money, money she could be investing in her safety and peace of mind, so she can spend it on drugs and food instead.

No. 1975681

I am sorry, I truly am, to ask for the spoon, but I have searched a bunch of times and can't find shay's ER or psych arc.
Best I can find is her getting basically told to fuck off and not admitted by them post breakup.

If I could have a wee breadcrumb thread pointer I would be so thankful for your shelp(spoonfeeding request)

No. 1975682

>(user has been put out to pasture)
Thank you for your sacrifice.

No. 1975684

what is that face, jfc. she always has this uncanny grin on when being photographed or recorded and it's the most unnatural and perturbing looking thing. she literally comes off like a goddamn creepypasta… the shrake….

No. 1975693

File: 1710307605227.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.23 MB, 1290x2063, IMG_5435.jpeg)

The cord to the lights hanging in the middle of the room . Also most content creators have back light to create a nice aesthetic photo. This is so harsh and not flattering.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1975697

Is he trying to make her more depressed and desperate by buying those horrific lights for her?

No. 1975699

Now the “Mission Impossible” song is playing in my head as tiny Tom escapes Mistress Selina Berlin. This is fucking genius, I need a hit of whatever crack pipe Ellen is smoking KEK

No. 1975700

This is the type of lighting they use in operating rooms. A surgeon could perform a successful tit fix for Shayna here.

No. 1975701

every single photo of hers is some variation of that fat woman angle. she could learn to sow and make interesting clothes that would provide something new to the photos but she doesn't want to do that…

like. how many times does a coomer need to see the exact same photo being taken??

No. 1975702

This was already posted 10 hours ago retard scroll up

No. 1975703

This day and age you don’t need to work a street corner. You just “book sessions” on your prostitute Twitter page.

No. 1975704

I hope those lights are dimmable and you can adjust the color temp because otherwise that harsh ass light is going to make her look even worse.

No. 1975707

the unicorn in seattle is such a lame fucking bar. Only tourists and try hards go here. serves greasy carnival food and the drinks are syrup and liquor. Not to mention very pricey. wonder how she's affording this trip out.

No. 1975715

File: 1710317048757.jpg (39.14 KB, 837x248, CRI.jpg)

The harsh light from above reminds me of a prison cell.
You can also tell that the LEDs used are shit. Low CRI lamps don't cover the light frequency spectrum well, which makes the colors look unnatural. Is it really that expensive to buy some proper bulbs?

No. 1975716

I agree that she's too cheap to get a hotel room. But it's also because she has made being a whore her entire life. She "decorates" her apartment with sex toys and pink shit because that is her entire personality. It's kind of like when a workaholic sleeps at the office, but more disgusting.

No. 1975723

She’s just so aggressively ugly. She’s genuinely one of the most hideous women I’ve ever seen. And the more degenerate she becomes, the worse she looks

No. 1975741

File: 1710329775711.jpg (129.42 KB, 1080x494, Clueless.jpg)

Lower quality of life and 150 threads later.

No. 1975756

Sage for autism

Shay is truly a shitty person and we all know that she gets what’s coming to her but I’ve always been secretly hoping she has some sort of self realization and gets her shit truly together and stops being so fucking Shay but I have officially lost all hope. Dumpster fire

No. 1975757

and guarantee she’s going to try to date this dude

No. 1975769

Ugh she revolting, ugly witch

No. 1975798

Oh yeah with the tape on the side, why was there tape, she should have hid it like Belle Delphine. Her shit is mad ugly

No. 1975807

I think she may have had something happen with a John in her apartment because nowadays she doesn’t proudly talk about Johns in her apartment aside from her “regular” soyboy tranny sissy scrotes that seem to be friends more than clients.
I am dying to see the fallout when this man inevitably gives her an STD. Imagine if he gets cancelled for once and for all so then she can turn around and disavow him like she did with John Kendall Cox aka Baldi Gaysics.

No. 1975809

>nowadays she doesn’t proudly talk about Johns in her apartment
But is this because she's stopped having johns in her apartment, because she can't attract johns or because she learnt to keep quiet about it?
Off the top of my head there's several former clients that she never mentions any more. The Dad, the one that used to finger her in the Applebee's parking lot, the john with the corvette and the man that used to sniff her asshole.

No. 1975810

Why does she need lights it’s not like she takes much photos anymore just greasy mirror selfies or lazy hank hill ass pictures with her arm behind her back

No. 1975816

I love how she thinks her content needs to be better lit. She needs a treadmill, skin care routine, and she needs to get better at editing her cellulite/ acne. Lots of OF woman are fat and ugly irl they just pinch their waists in and smooth out their faces. Shayna just likes showing her textured bumpy unwashed skin and chapped lips for some reason.

No. 1975818

I think it’s because she filmed porn on her balcony where anyone could have seen and her apartment building manager found out because someone cowtipped. And now they know about her prostitution endeavors so she has to keep it on the downlow. Seattle/Renton is very liberal and they don’t care about sex work as much but they told her not to do that again. I’d be so embarrassed if the building manager saw the screenshot of my fat ass on the balcony with a fuck machine. I don’t understand how she’s not ashamed that her neighbors can guess what she’s doing. She dresses like a lot lizard, she has eraserhead and other weird men at her apartment. I wouldnt rent to her. Her apartment is probably dirty as fuck, cat litter boxes full, smells like shit and ass from her doing anal with dirty dildos. She’s loud asf whenever she actually does churn out a porn of her fake moaning/ squealing like a hog in her pedo filming room. She probably lets her dog shit all over the sidewalk outside, when she lets it out. I bet her dog barks all day since she doesn’t bother taking care and training it. She sounds like a nightmare tenant.

No. 1975819

The increased lighting is just going to make her look worse. Every fat roll and every lump on her cottage cheese ass and thighs is going to be so much more noticeable. What she needs is warmer lighting because it's more flattering than cold white light.

No. 1975846

File: 1710354678609.jpeg (155.25 KB, 750x218, 0876F484-E7FB-491A-A406-50052B…)

she deleted this

No. 1975853

yeah the spastic dollar store belle delphine phase she had was something to be proud of for sure.

No. 1975859

She never has an ounce of self awareness, total wet brain. Every time she dirty deletes it’s something she’s critiquing other ewhores for while doing the same exact shit.

No. 1975882

File: 1710360158263.jpg (412.68 KB, 1080x1062, Fail Everyday.jpg)

It's not even been a week since she posted >>1973612.

No. 1975884

File: 1710360378987.jpg (248.32 KB, 1080x776, GO HOME.jpg)

Sounds like coping because sex work obviously isn't paying the bills and her parents aren't either.

No. 1975885

So she thinks that making more porn is the solution to her shit life? It doesn't matter how much sped porn she makes, it's that there is a limited number of coomers that want to buy it.

No. 1975891

I'm assuming the photo photo is after she hung the lights. So she is going to look worse from having lighting from above and not directly onto her face. Idiot.

Honestly I'm waiting for the fallout after any medical issue she gets since she probably doesn't have health insurance. She's like a ticking time bomb with the possibility of so many things going wrong with her health.

No. 1975909

she is definitely not getting a good reference from them whenever she tries to move somewhere new. would love to hear how that call goes kek

No. 1975914

No. 1975917

it honestly wouldn’t surprise me if she’s the type of person to just let noodle piss on her balcony instead of taking her downstairs and outside a few times a day

No. 1975926

File: 1710368354191.jpeg (Spoiler Image,218.82 KB, 1793x1169, GIkiFgSaMAAiIZN.jpeg)

Full pic of this monstrosity

No. 1975927

File: 1710368418526.png (1.53 MB, 1206x1102, Screen Shot 2024-03-14 at 9.22…)

No. 1975943

File: 1710370176677.jpg (223.92 KB, 1152x2048, 20240313_225117.jpg)

The fucking bangs. Wtf

No. 1975946

Oh, so she was the type to "run away" from one divorced parent back to the other one who she considers cooler when the 'mean' one tries to parent her. I know exactly her type - ingrate & perpetual victim.
Also lol at how her "worst nightmare" is just to lose her cheap shein wardrobe, crack her connection to the matrix, then go on a cruise kek. Tell me you've never struggled or suffered in life without telling me.

No. 1975947

kek these fat ass fresh out the oven, thick pizza crust rising bangs are hilarious. Shaymonk is a mess.

No. 1975948

Her hair looks like one of those weird bang filters on Snapchat or tiktok

No. 1975950

Her airing out her depression right above this special needs af picture is sending me.

No. 1975952

So she's a puppy, but drinking milk from a bowl, but wearing lamb's ears? Shayna how are you coomers supposed to suspend disbelief, you're testing even the most braindead among them.

No. 1975961

lmaooo she fucked up her hair so bad i cant stop laughing

No. 1975962

is it just me or does her taint look raw? it made me think what effect it is going to have on her vagina/ass now that she is an actual prostitute and having sex with so many random men.

No. 1975964

File: 1710372169193.jpg (236.59 KB, 1152x2048, Shein Bangs.jpg)

It literally looks like those cheap clip-ons. One singular bang.

No. 1975977

little lad berries and cream lookin ass

No. 1975978

kekkk I can't, these might be the worst pictures of shay I've ever seen. Bangs looking like my vacuum brushroll, face like she's smelling a fart, eyebags that look like they're made of crumpled up tissue paper, crispy fried split ends on full display. I love that she facetuned her neck rolls so hard her chin blends into her neck.

No. 1975988

File: 1710376302504.jpg (Spoiler Image,341.49 KB, 1536x2048, Horror.jpg)

She's nude but her bangs look like she's wearing a helmet.

No. 1976011

File: 1710379646377.jpg (254.2 KB, 1080x864, bleak.jpg)

Shayna, have you ever thought it starts with you?

No. 1976021

She's not even 30 and still looks haggard as fuck with full make up and filters. She needs to put down the wine and drink some water.

The only lasting relationship she's ever had with anyone has been Ellen.

No. 1976023

Kek the gunt arm conceal pose is so telling.

No. 1976026

She didn’t even position it right you can still see her gunt

No. 1976064

Why the fuck would she post a pic like this, she looks legitimately mentally retarded

No. 1976071

These bangs kinda makes me stop want to stop posting about her bc they look so legitimately retarded

No. 1976077

File: 1710403573760.jpeg (116.06 KB, 750x397, E67005A9-FA5E-42BE-B9C2-9EBE87…)

posted 7 hours ago, 3 likes and 1 retweet

No. 1976078

File: 1710403702447.jpeg (287.46 KB, 750x938, 923A1F1D-539B-43A7-A7FE-816F05…)

No. 1976085

"$3" to sub wouldn't seem so desperate and sad if she had like half a million followers and a large enough of an audience to where she would still make a good amount of money even if she had men subscribing to her for that amount.but as it stands, this feels like it's part of her downward spiral. imagine selling your dignity for $3…

No. 1976112

Was it always $3 or did she lower the price?

No. 1976119

File: 1710418209309.jpeg (858.81 KB, 1170x1867, IMG_5185.jpeg)

No. 1976121

>piss off
why is she larping britbong

No. 1976124

>complaining about her coomers on her sex work account
Smart business move.

After getting compared to a chav in these threads for years, maybe she's starting to embrace it.

No. 1976131

File: 1710420632264.jpg (61.15 KB, 990x497, ironic.jpg)

>why don't u SET SUM MONEY aside
Shay, you can't even set aside $20. If you were so good at your job you wouldn't have to "wait around" for scrotes to pay, they'd just do it. Of course she dirty deleted this.

No. 1976139


lol. she's a real pro. she doesn't share screenshots of what the conversations she's having are but I'm genuinely curious to know what the hell the coomers are saying…The way she's talking makes me think that the men who are messaging her are telling her "you either do this thing that I'm asking you for right now or I'm not paying you in any kind of timely manner", which is scammy but it's hard to tell what she means because she's so vague. I wonder if she's fallen for this before – one of the coomers send her a request, tells her they didn't have whatever inflated price she was asking for it b/c they wanted it done as soon as possible so maybe they have some bullshit reason for not paying immediately and then just never paid or paid the standard fee. lol

this is the kind of crap that you have to put up with when you make gross vids or usrself fir a living.

No. 1976155

She's so retarded. If she had any business sense at all she'd be milking horny scrotes for every cent they're worth instead of tweeting about it. She doesn't realize that these moids only want anything from her when they're trying to coom and the second they have post nut clarity, they deeply regret interacting with such a disgusting woman and probably ghost her.

No. 1976159

that's exactly what she's doing, nonna. her life revolves around this. her retarded typing and general attitude needs to change. Why get defensive over a coomer beint stupid or scammy? If enough men are being impulsive and refusing to abide by your terms then state that clearly in a way that doesn't sound like a teenager being petulant. this is who is paying your bills. you don't have the luxury to be bitter around these men because they will go to someone else.

No. 1976165

Wow, her coomers act entitled to her body after she built her brand on how much she totes loves feeling used and being taken advantage of? Shocked Pikachu face

No. 1976174

Just take the money and block the cheaters. It’s not like they can tell anyone what they were buying. Shayna acts like she’s professional when she’s not

No. 1976188

havent seen her coping this hard in awhile
>if u aren't enough of an adult 2 recognize tht sex workers aren't sum on demand porn dispenser 4 when UR ready"
Kek, that is literally the entire point of the "adult industry" and "sex workers", is that people pay for their services when they want the fucking services. why does she expect random fucking men who dont give a shit about her to care about her time or schedule? you are just a dispensable hole to them shaynus. she seriously has no idea how real life works anymore. sounds like a guy was going to pay her for a custom, but she didn't respond to him fast enough, and by the time she did he was like "Sorry i got someone else to do it, maybe respond faster next time and ill buy one from you" kek and she is majorly triggered now over losing money out of her own laziness and is projecting hard and taking it out on some random fucking moid who probably already has forgotten about her and is buying more customs from whatever whore was available when he was ready to spend money and felt like buying. truly the stupidest take ive seen her have.

No. 1976190

It hilarious when prostitutes and camwhores think they should be as respected as someone with a real job. like bitch, the coomer is literally paying you so he doesnt have to respect you.

No. 1976191

Isn’t this the job? Kek she’s so bad at this

No. 1976199

>>1976131 This bitch is so emotionally unstable, I can't wait to see her have a real problem.

No. 1976211

both arms are placed strategically, the one above the head is to stretch out the botched tit. anons are right she hates the new bolt ons

No. 1976212

File: 1710439428630.jpeg (395.54 KB, 1200x1787, 18E35868-48DF-4C13-8447-AF9CAF…)

The whores are fighting

No. 1976213

File: 1710439569892.jpeg (445.29 KB, 1242x1721, 975291AD-BA28-483B-90F0-361FBB…)

No. 1976217

File: 1710440014435.jpeg (1.21 MB, 3464x3464, E81053D7-3D77-419B-A228-F74FE2…)

Shayna’s sex worker “fans” all ugly like her

No. 1976220

File: 1710440189791.jpeg (825.23 KB, 1242x1574, DC7C01CE-4CA4-4E43-9F03-869417…)

Shayna keeps retweeting her new coomer orbiter @Normal2boring who seems to like her old stoner skinny content. The new Womack

No. 1976221

what always makes me crack up is that fact that you're not allowed at ALL to provide any feedback- even if it is well intentioned and genuine because its immediately seen as hater shit to these twitter whores. tbh the girl is kind of giving me farmer vibes bc who else has been tracking that she just posted about not talking shit on your customers?

No. 1976223

like clockwork Shayna deleted it after seeing that comment. Minus the asskissing, the woman was right. Shayna is a hypocrite

No. 1976224

Maybe but Shayna retweeted this the other day here: >>1975531
And Shayna has been known to give advice at least every month so she might not be a farmer. But lots of sex workers come on here even though they aren’t liked or welcomed

No. 1976227

Aren’t these the pictures fupaul would reblog of her too before they met up?
Truly shayhog day

No. 1976231

The problem she's missing is that when coomers aren't horny, they're not going to be ordering custom videos from her because it's a waste of money and they would probably prefer to buy fast food or video games. They order a custom because they are horny and want to get off, once they've coom, they don't care anymore.

It's like running a burger stand. People are going to buy burgers when they're hungry, no one is looking to spend money on food if they've already eaten.

No. 1976234

these men are also collectors. they probably have the stash of personalized "customs". It's probably another way of owning these these women and some men get off to that idea alone. they enjoy feeling of having power over poor & desperate women who have to resort to shit like this. that's why bdsm or sadism towards women is incredibly common in porn. partly is because some men are just assholes who like to control others but I'm sure men love feeling superior to women by sexually subordinating them in one way or another too.

No. 1976258

this would actually be helpful for her life, sans the boat capsizing. scratch that, either many farmers would be vindicated or sad they lost their favorite cow, or if she survived maybe a near death experience is exactly what she needs though i feel shay is unfixable

No. 1976259

isn’t this a pic from when she was under 18 on tumblr?

No. 1976295

Could've fooled me, she looks at least 25.

No. 1976304

the fact that her eyeliner and eyebrow are touching is sending me

No. 1976311

Man I feel like I've been here way too long, that used to be a running joke in these threads

No. 1976314

“This has been a favorite on my for years” Jesus fucking Christ the literacy

No. 1976363

NTA but omfg it was
>time truly is a shat circle

No. 1976382

Holy shit this stuff is why I love you bitches.

I think it has to be, this style was before she started porn, which she did pretty much the second she turned eighteen. Unless she continued weed-posting for a while as well as the porn stuff.

No. 1976389

lol Sarah Gregory amirite

No. 1976403

File: 1710483297238.jpg (70.84 KB, 952x382, Shlayvery.jpg)

She deleted this. All her 'frens' are just there to do favors for her.

No. 1976420

>cajun shrimp and cream sauce
What in the white trash hell, lmao. And only brought over the exact portions? He’s either a broke stingy fuck or he is subtly trying to tell her that she she’s a fatass who eats enough for multiple people in a single meal

No. 1976436

It sounds like she's too broke to go out to eat or order door dash and he needed to do most of the work because she's a retard that can't measure or prepare ingredients.

The cajun shrimp is fine, it's just protein, the concerning part of this is that she's eating starchy carbs with heavy cream and cheese.

No. 1976442

She and Sarah Gregory haven’t had a falling out officially right? I don’t think she’s talking about her although Sarah is definitely not a true friend and uses Shayna to laugh at her drunken obese antics

No. 1976445

File: 1710505336927.jpeg (250 KB, 961x1275, IMG_5197.jpeg)

Looking extra sped

No. 1976447

$30. So bleak.

No. 1976452

File: 1710506944620.png (190.41 KB, 508x512, sped1.png)

>obese woman with learning difficulties is excited because it's pizza night at the group home

No. 1976453

I always see leftists try to say sex work is the same as regular work because both require you to sell your body, and yeah my job sucks but at least I'm not sitting in a cage surrounded by plushies making my asshole prolapse.

No. 1976462

When she said "leftists" she was obviously referring to libfems and other pro-sex work degenerates. Stop being so sensitive.

No. 1976474

Fucking kek, that’s genuinely what she looks like. She’s nearing 30 and choosing this life when she has privilege and options that myriad other women could only dream of, actual retardation

No. 1976476

Oh my god this is exactly what she looks like.

No. 1976483

i doubt she is talking about sarah. shayna loves to brag about how desirable she is in comparison to older women so hanging around sarah likely gives her an ego boost, plus sarah lovebombs her and takes her on vacations. when the fun is over she may have negative things to say but she's unlikely to blow up the friendship if she thinks she can still get something out of it. when it comes to other people the only thing that matters to shayna is what they can do for her and that includes her "friends".

No. 1976525

Nona please, my sides

No. 1976532

Idc what anyone says, this thread is gold and always will be from the sheer autism alone. Thank you so much for the well-needed laughs today, ladies. Excellent work.

No. 1976548

Those bangs truly make her look like a sped or like a comically ugly girl in a kid’s show named Trudy or something I can’t get over it

No. 1976550

i’m sure an underage pic of her would be her type of coomer’s favorite. and of course she has no issue posting it on a page full of her porn.

No. 1976571

File: 1710531564239.jpg (238.19 KB, 1152x2048, 20240315_193948.jpg)

What the fuck Shay.

Her barely open eye is red as hell, her skinny is so bumpy, her lips are so dry and crusty and she's got that red ring around her nose and mouth again.

But hey at least she smoothed out her cottage cheese thighs..

No. 1976578

>can’t schedule around when when you’re horny
WHAT ELSE DO YOU HAVE TO DO?? She doesn’t have a job, she’s seeing three John’s a week max, and she hasn’t cammed in months. If money is as tight as her behaviour is indicating then she should be watching messages from her coomers like a hawk. How is someone this consistently bad at a job they proclaim to love

No. 1976581

Facially, she looks like that other whore PnP. She hates her life and i love that for her.
She hates being a sex worker but she's too retarded and stubborn to just quit. She's gotta prove mom wrong after all.

No. 1976596

there’s no way shay looked at this unedited photo and felt good about herself. ruff stuff.

No. 1976615

The face down stuffed animals staring down dt her with their paralyzed expressions is unintentionally creepy.

No. 1976619

Are you at the beck and call of every "client", too Nona? She's annoying and undisciplined but she is totally right to be sick of men who will contact her whenever it's convenient for them and expect a prompt response when they have not let her know in advance or paid for one of her whole day pro services.

Even people who sell their bodies have to live, they have to eat. They have to bathe. They have to take care of their responsibilities. She's not a goddamn robot Who has to sit there on standy all day waiting for some degen to come her way. Expecting shat to respond to you within twenty minutes of sending a custom request is idiotic. Be an adult an wait.

No. 1976624

she whines about how broke she is, makes this her whole life, talks shit about what other girls are doing wrong and how she's doing it right, constantly tweets and deletes, "I love you guys so much! Thank you for being there for me!"
These men are entitled assholes but thats who SHAYNA welcomes into her life. They think how they act towards her or any woman is legit, because they see Shayna's whole purpose to get their dick hard. So yes, you are correct, but we don't care. The way shayna acts like she'll be on the streets every month because crippling depression and she's so ashamed to "beg", but then constantly chastises other SW for putting customers on blast, just to do it? yeah, nobody is siding with the coomers.
but I think in general no one cares.
These men aren't adults, they aren't reasonable and Shayna doesn't protray herself as a reasonable adult, in fact she does everything but SAY she wants people to think of her as a sexy bimbo barbie child.
We're dealing with gross coom brains and a woman child, who expects these retards to suddenly give a fuck. Nope, people feel bad for the cashier getting screamed at because she didn't move fast enough to give some moid his cigerettes. Not miss, "My parents can afford to send me debt free to college! I can be doing anything else!".
It's annoying coomers expect that but what it seems like Shayna is constantly surpised by how shitty these men are. She was literally just whining because a moid was getting talked about too harshly while spearding STD's, but we're supposed to care some weirdo was like, "I need to coom now! Send me my shit in 20 mintues!" Just block him and move on.

No. 1976625

she's the one who signed up and "loves" her job of catering to the most degenerate moids on the planet. they do not see women as human, that contributes to why so many men brutally murder prostitutes. she bought into the idea that men who purchase sw services are totes safe and sweet.

No. 1976633

That’s not unedited kek. She tried to conceal her double chin on the (our) left. Leaving the rest make it look like she has a large lump on her neck.

No. 1976646

her tiny rodent eyes really come out in this one, how can someone have such small eyes yet such big eyebags and wrinkles. labia ass looking eyes

No. 1976660

She looks like she just woke up after a alcohol binge how is this cute? She looks crusty asf and probably didn’t shower in weeks with this picture taken

No. 1976671

Those new lights aren't doing her any favors.

No. 1976672

Is hello fresh his name?

No. 1976684

lol i meant when she looked at the unedited version, not that the photo she posted wasnt edited. implying that it looks terrible when edited so it must have even more horrible unedited. hope this makes sense!

No. 1976686

damn hi cow moment

No. 1976688

File: 1710553666639.jpeg (506.93 KB, 1170x1173, IMG_0981.jpeg)

This is so retarded, even audiophiles wouldn’t say something like this, a favourite album is a favourite album regardless of format, but that aside, as if she can tell the difference between the sound that comes out of her aliexpress plastic turntable and speakers versus Spotify playing through her phone in a cup

No. 1976697

She’s annoying. She literally only likes mainstream music but acts like she’s gods gift because she is “young” and likes rock. Newsflash fatty lots of teenagers and adults younger than you like rock and metal. It’s not special especially since you’re hitting thirty. If she wants to be impressive she should pick up an instrument. It would give her something to do instead of whining on X all day

No. 1976699

except she clearly doesn’t mind being at their beck and call bc she’s said that they can pay a fee to get the photos faster. she’s just mad that she lost a sale, not that she was being demanded of. shay would gladly forfeit every aspect of her existence if it meant men would pay her attention and buy her things.

No. 1976730

I'm not sure where she talks about the fee part but the fee takes into account the fact that it all has to be arranged before you make the request, she's not saying that she will drop everything she's doing and make you some grody video right away because you paid for an extra hundred or something. although I have a feeling that she would do that. I wonder how long it will take for her to stop pretending to be some kind of sugar baby and just join an escort service or something, if she hasn't already.

No. 1976742

Usually that's just online leftists who are liberals that don't actually read what revolutionary women have said during revolutions and after, which is that prostitution is exploitation. Usually communists are the majority against prostitution in "leftist" spheres unless terminally online and like to claim the identity, like vaush. Crazy Shayna would have savings by now if she had a normal job, she could even be self employed or have done YouTube/influencer shit if she was smart back then if retail/food service was too hellish for her. People like to say that OF is better than retail or food service but as we can see she still hates dealing with the public one on one kek

No. 1976749

to a lesser degree its like when athletes suddenly come into a bunch of money and then use it on stupid stuff and end up broke. except to a camwhore the windfall is minimum wage. kek

No. 1976772

>if someone pays my “day of” fee, then i can get shit to u in like 6+ hours max
Except she is saying that she will drop everything she's doing and make you some grody video right away because you paid for an extra hundred or something

No. 1976779

She has the camera set up right there in her pedo studio, her videos are retarded and have next to no editing so should be easy to run off in a few minutes.
She doesnt even need to think up some of her genius porn plots cos the scrote has already provided her with the script, basically.

The idea that she needs to be "in the zone" implies that she actually enjoys herself in her suicidally bleak cumshows, which is a haunting notion.

No. 1976814

KEK most likely

No. 1976816

File: 1710596712680.png (57.56 KB, 1037x289, low_number.png)

Pedo Pig pissed herself in her livestock crate for total of 10 likes and probably much less in sales. The engagement and interest in her content is rock bottom.

No. 1976824

File: 1710598229403.jpeg (910.56 KB, 1170x1340, IMG_1073.jpeg)

The cage you just pissed yourself in????

No. 1976825

come on shayna, i've been waiting to see you naked chicken dance to Strangelove and drunkenly flopping around to Love Will Tear Us Apart

No. 1976826

This makes me so sad, I want to save that poor kitty.

No. 1976832

its always the nickelodeon bitches that end up being the most deranged. I am glad i grew up on cartoon network instead.

No. 1976833

betting her poor cat has no boxes or shelves to chill on

No. 1976834

Her hovel is so dark and grim.

No. 1976847

File: 1710603444748.jpg (890.39 KB, 1061x2777, Peaked.jpg)

She literally is the epitome of having peaked in high school.

No. 1976855

>went to school to learn photography and web design
>learned absolutely nothing at all

No. 1976858

She's sooo cool and edgy.

No. 1976863

the way ribmeat is lying with her head and ears down makes me so sad. that cat is not doing well physically or emotionally she looks like she can't ever relax. I wish someone could save her.

she gives so much unnecessary information for such a simple story you can tell her proudest moments were in high school. pathetic.

No. 1976880

So she “learned” graphic design and then had Kiki Cali or whatever her name is (poorly) design her website for her. Kek

No. 1976887

Imagine being almost in your 30s and you’re still bragging and talking about smoking weed in high school. She’s so developmentally delayed. If you really wanna impress the thread shayna, try smoking meth!

No. 1976889

Maybe the cat is hiding from your untrained annoying ass dog. That cat wasn’t meant to be homed with a dog. That apartment must smell crazy. Human piss, cat piss and dog piss

No. 1976898

Idk, she's a terminally online camgirl who probably uses Twitter while she shits so i could see why a coomer would think she'd respond fast. The way you avoid this is by adding a disclaimer to your bio telling coomers how long they should expect to wait for a response.

No. 1976907

Maybe I’m a slave to my job but within reason I reply to emails even outside of my contracted hours when I see it if it means making the company money so will potentially mean more money in my pocket for commission. These “clients” are literally directly paying her, no middle man, she should reply as quick as possible surely?

No. 1976940

>Are you at the beck and call of every "client", too Nona?
I am during the 40 hours of the week I’m working
>She's annoying and undisciplined
>They have to bathe
Except for Shayna because she hates bathing
>They have to take care of their responsibilities
Please name three responsibilities Shayna has to take time out of every day for
>Expecting shat to respond to you within twenty minutes of sending a custom request is idiotic
And so is her shitting on her patrons on her work twitter. What part of her videos is so outstanding that it would take anymore than half an hour max to set up, film and send on? Coomers probably expect high turnaround time from her because her videos look so cheap and cookie cutter in the first place.

No. 1976950

File: 1710624702733.jpg (587.92 KB, 1080x2073, Hypocrite.jpg)

She must be lurking.

No. 1976957

these clients apparently get mad when she doesn't respond within 20 minutes even though she can't feasibly be online 24/7 so she sees their messages asap. It does sound like she's pissed that she lost the sale that she probably needed desperately but It seems like she is getting at least some crumbs from the fetishists who follow her. If she asks for extra money to pay for vet visits or whatever I'm sure her cooomers help out in some way, which is what makes her weird unprofessional antics so confusing. she chose to pander to misogynists for a living, she should understand what makes them tick at this point. like other nonitas said: If she just put it in her bio or somewhere very obvious that she will respond to custom requests within a set amount of time (ie not immediately) then anyone who doesn't read that as at fault.
fortunately for you you get a break from the demands of a job after a certain amount of hours. she doesn't. and she has no real guarantee of making money that day, either.

No. 1976958

"If you don't agree with someone's behavior why don't you just ignore it"
she should just follow her own advice, lol. If she doesn't like the criticism she can just ignore and then keep on being unprofessional

No. 1976959

Has she forgotten she has another account to ramble like a spastic on?

No. 1976960

It annoys the fuck out of me when she does this, I just don't get the point. I'm waiting for someone involved to tell her to shut the fuck up or @ them. I don't even know what she's whining about but it's not your buiness retard.

No. 1976992

i think its two things:

i) shayna desperately needed that money and probably tried to sweet talk the guy but he already busted his nut and she lost the sale (and probably more from him down the line cause she was probably a bitch about it
ii) She is jealous another woman got “her sale” because in her mind people are buying customs of HER and she doesn’t realize she’s disposable and moids are just buying customs of a FANTASY that anyone can produce and sell, and they did, when shayna wasnt available. shayna’s ego got hurt that the guy just wanted to bust a nut and that he didnt actually care that it was specifically her doing his fantasy.

No. 1976995

>fortunately for you you get a break from the demands of a job after a certain amount of hours. she doesn't. and she has no real guarantee of making money that day, either.
why should anyone (including moids) care about that? she is actively choosing to do this to make money instead of getting a real job where her rent isn’t dictated by if men are horny or not. if she was good at this “job” losing one sale would be nothing and someone backing out of a request common place (she must not get many custom requests if she feels like she cant say no to them cause she needs money?) Not sure why there is one person (probably another e-whore) white knighting so hard for shayna and how “hard” and “demanding” her job is when has tons of other options being a rich kid, yet she chooses to scrape by being a literal prostitute. no sympathy for the devil.

No. 1976996

the guy messaged her to do the request and she agreed, she probably thought it was money in her pocket and spent money on dumb shit with ellen, then when she got home hours later he was probably like “sorry i ended up getting someone else to do it for me because you were taking a long time” and shayna lost her marbles

No. 1977003

She has the option of setting her response hours, or like, not doing sex work in this manner.

I guarantee you she’s set up business relationships like this with moids for years where she instant-provides custom content and they’re all fucking sperg-y against reason now that they can’t get $2 custom VoDs. She’s sold herself into the basement with behavior and prices. You reap what you sow, she deserves nothing.

No. 1977006

Who fucking cares if this misogynistic pedophile degenerate gets “a break”? First of all, she’s one of the laziest people I’ve ever encountered, setting aside the fact that what she does isn’t work to begin with, she struggles doing the absolute bare minimum required to keep a roof over her head. Secondly, her only source of income is from an industry built on the enslavement and abuse of women and children. Anyone who has sympathy for her is a piece of shit.

No. 1977009

File: 1710639760208.jpeg (452.28 KB, 1170x1015, IMG_0984.jpeg)

Shayna Luther King back at it being an ~ally~ to ~oppressed minorities~ by caping for a misogynistic, grifting goblin cosplaying a grotesque caricature of a woman

No. 1977012

You know it's funny, theres plenty of female singers who've been through ACTUAL traumas and deal with misogny, being dragged, mocked etc. etc. but that doesn't stop people from shitting on them. Nor does it get a tweet from Shayna Luther King. Interesting how much shit Shayna ignores about women going through it but she happens to speak up for a "woman" who just so happens to be a MAN. Dick for brains.

No. 1977029

caping for some narc who sees women as accessories to his male entitlement to performing some misogynistic caricature of a woman is so Shat. troonytroons has a thread on the middle aged freaks who get off to spanking + diapering/sissyfication and surprise surprise there is a great amount of overlap between that and what this sow does: autopedophilia. really fighting the urge to alog rn

No. 1977031

It's because they're both spoiled to hell and back and have no real problems. Shat's just virtuoe signaling. I tried to watch that horrible Barbie movie that she saw like twice and it was one of the worst things I've ever seen and the people I was around with at the time agreed. she's so committed to the dumb bimbo larp she's willing to sacrifice having taste and a personality for it.

neither of them have any idea how anger inducing their myopia and narcissism is

No. 1977034

Oh no god forbid people call a man cringe. He got fame and fortune and literally meetings with the president by trolling tiktok with his horrific girlhood bullshit. I’m pretty sure it’s a drawn out troll or at least he knows how stupid he is to drum up all the attention on purpose. Classic narcissism, the outrage is exactly what he gets off on as well as the handmaidens and libs bowing to him.

No. 1977039

shay also sees women as accessories for male entitlement so its not surprising. she’s like if a TIM really did get to live in a woman’s body.

No. 1977044

Shay could have guaranteed breaks and guaranteed money too if she got a real job. Put the cape away nonna

No. 1977059

File: 1710654892914.jpg (615.97 KB, 1080x2385, idiot2.jpg)

Today Shay learns 1997 isn't the only year people are born in a generation.

No. 1977060

File: 1710654932136.jpg (23.47 KB, 400x400, Shays Type.jpg)

In addition.

No. 1977062

That is the (unfortunate) reality of "sex work" like that's literally the job. That's the so called glamorous lifestyle that Shayna has decided to live. Appalling that she chose this, but I'm sure everybody told her this is what her life would be like and she refused to listen. "Sex workers" are not respected by men, and I don't believe men will ever respect them. That's the reality.

No. 1977065

I swear all coomers are the most hideous specimens of moid, I can smell this picture. It should be spoilered. The fact that they have their cooming on a public platform with their faces and/or government names attached is beyond retarded

No. 1977080

The minimum wage in Seattle is almost $20. If she got a fucking fast food job she could get $30 in 1,5 hours without needing to spread her asshole on OF to a few crusty coomers. I know it’s been talked to death but it still baffles me she chooses to do this.

No. 1977085

File: 1710665372477.jpeg (149.69 KB, 1170x395, IMG_0985.jpeg)


No. 1977087

File: 1710665445750.jpeg (325.69 KB, 1170x802, IMG_0986.jpeg)

Sometimes I wish I was this delusional and devoid of self awareness

No. 1977088

File: 1710665652686.jpeg (Spoiler Image,795.57 KB, 1170x1290, IMG_0987.jpeg)

Imagine doing this for a living and still having to panhandle just to make rent, she’s an actual retard

No. 1977100

>implying Shayna is intelligent
>implying Shayna is a business owner

No. 1977116

and then everybody got up and clapped for miss shayna leigh clifford

No. 1977119

not the "hypercritical perfectionist" shit coming from a fat disheveled hog with cottage cheese thighs, toilet paper crumbs stuck to her asshole and labia, lips begging for chapstick, teeth rotting away, botched tits that instead of aftercare got pulled on by senile moids, who always looks borderline retarded given her facial expressions and lacking sense of style. she can't even put together a normal outfit without ruining it with either the raggedy ass worn down uggs or her designated hiking boots, the 2013 floral doc marten fakes. she edits her pictures these days solely by using the slim and beauty face filter on instagram talking about being a hypercritical perfectionist. we can see your lack of effort in everything you do. give us a break fatty

No. 1977126

>business owning, hyper critical perfectionist w adhd
Next thread title!

No. 1977127

She is literally revolting

No. 1977129

I don't use Twitter but I imagine half those likes are bots and that makes it all the more pathetic and disgusting.

No. 1977133

not a single one of those previews shows an adult woman being truly passionate/sensual and enjoying herself. like she cries she cant make rent but wont branch outside of doing pedo content.

No. 1977135

she typed worse than any teenager who was addicted to texting in 2005. The constant abbreviations and text speak is so annoying.

No. 1977138

you are actually retarded if you think this was a reference to you and not a coincidence that has nothing to do with her(infighting with a post made 18 days ago)

No. 1977139

Top right looks like she's pulling shit out of her ass.

No. 1977156

Kek I thought it was a big kitchen knife for a second.

No. 1977164

when will she learn that part of the reason she makes so little money is because she freely posts what should be paid content? moids aren't going to pay to see her degrade herself when they can just go on her account and see everything without having to give her a cent

No. 1977238

Nta but moids’ audacity to tie their porn addictions to their government names and faces really is one of the biggest ground-shayking realizations of the Shayniverse. Do these men not have actual jobs or have they just been in the same company for so many years that no one has found their degenerate internet activities? Female teachers and professionals can’t even post swimsuit pictures on a beach with their friends while these sex pests are openly and proudly proclaiming their love for rape/pedophilia.

No. 1977240

they have jobs that don't care what kind of person you are, take mike slack for example; truck driver, one of the only jobs you can still get as a knock-on-every-door-when-you-move-in convicted sex offender

No. 1977243

for a perfectionist she sure doesn't mind looking as crusty as possible at all times

this is probably pretty niche but I immediately thought of lorne armstrong

No. 1977249

File: 1710711339440.jpeg (1.08 MB, 1170x1683, IMG_0989.jpeg)

Give me the strength to not a-log

No. 1977251

Fatty wants moid attention more than she wants money. The problem is moid attention doesn't pay her rent.

No. 1977278

Hilarious when online sex workers think they’re so educated and business savvy for uploading pictures of themselves with a dildo in them and talking to coomers trying to entice them to spend 5 bucks for said image. Having onlyfans isn’t a business, you don’t have a business just because you sell yourself via multiple websites. Would love to see how she fills out her tax forms.

No. 1977287

Why is everyone saying that she abused her boobs post surgery? I was here for a few of those threads and I didn't notice anything

No. 1977288

Did you miss when she got tied up, spanked and slapped around at the last fatcon?

No. 1977289

she also stopped wearing her post op-garmets / compression bra way too early

No. 1977299

Disgusting both Shayna and the pedo that posted that

Is she not talking about herself because she is not fashionable in the slightest? Every outfit she wears is too small, and two nauseating colors of pink clashing into each other

No. 1977305

profile pic checks out.
I ship shay and Lorne, omfg

No. 1977307

Nonna how do you not remember? She let moids slap her boobs around, I couldn’t imagine how much that hurt, not to mention she was drinking and smoking and let strangers slap her around at fet con. I belive it starts at #143 I can go check

No. 1977321

Read thread 141 nonna

No. 1977370

File: 1710736994476.jpeg (2.12 MB, 1170x1872, IMG_0990.jpeg)


No. 1977407


She and Frank would be a match made in heaven or hell idk

No. 1977408

This is literally Shayna talking to us, right?

No. 1977413

This is so fucking evil nonnies. So many children get killed, raped, and brutalized and they make a joke/coom session about it. Porn is fucking evil. Anyone who calls this just a kink is fucking evil.

No. 1977448

…No she doesn't have adhd, nor add. She's just addicted to weed. Shayna pretending to have adhd is straight up insulting to people who have it.

No. 1977483

lol i don't even type like her! y wud yuo tink that???(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1977511

User is clearly lost. This is lolcow. But just as a note Shayna doesn’t bathe so you don’t really have to include that in the whole skitzo post.

No. 1977515

File: 1710779444740.jpg (134.76 KB, 1080x471, Sad.jpg)

She claimed 16 videos but after some autistic analysis, her recent auto-posted sales were nine videos which totaled at a measly $82.91. She really must not be making any money online anymore if she's excited about two digits.

No. 1977539

She's disgusting and every other word in the book, but this is actually funny if you get the reference. Fuck her though.

No. 1977545

Even if piggy wasn't telling porkies, the average cost of her videos is around $10. $160 is what someone on minimum wage in Seattle would make in a day.

No. 1977563

File: 1710786650578.jpeg (Spoiler Image,104.44 KB, 1170x631, IMG_1988.jpeg)

Nona, you must have forgot when Shayna let some gross fat fuck tie her tits up with rope and then she let him squeeze and grope her for some shitty video where the guy is literally just wheezing for air the whole time he is groping her freshly done tits. like… its not even porn, we’re literally just watching some fatso pay to tie up a prostitute in his hotel room. like look at her tits… they are like FRESH FRESHLY done, they look like mono boob or two fried eggs connecting at the center.

No. 1977697

ew his sweaty dirty fingers running over her fresh scars makes me gag

No. 1977715

the fuck kind of trash neighborhood

No. 1977722

File: 1710805815469.jpg (445.31 KB, 2880x2182, SingleBang.jpg)

>omg !! bangs n braids !!! [two hearts emoji, bow emoji, sparkle emoji]

No. 1977729

I like this neutral brown/blond shade more than any of her dyed colors

No. 1977736

I'm sorry but whatever editing or whatever she did with her boob makes it look weird.

No. 1977752

That’s why I posted it, not for her commentary but because she lives in a neighbourhood where people leave dong socks on the street. Absolutely rancid.

No. 1977760

congenital symmastia maybe?

No. 1977762

Makes it look like there’s an arm up her shirt

No. 1977772

File: 1710814968431.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.11 MB, 1170x1857, IMG_0994.jpeg)

It is SO hard not to a-log this pedo hog

No. 1977795

So she’s dressed like a fat gay pride activist? I’m confused lol

No. 1977814

Did she really drag out the unironed polyester skirt to use as a gunt cover on a one piece?

No. 1977827

Sorry for massive tinfoiling but with every pic she uploads I am more convinced her bangs are edited/a hairpiece. They're always styled exactly the same (knowing her coke can bang history it makes me suspicious) and look weirdly smooth and full. Like, there never seems to be a stray hair or a hint of grease.
Typing this out makes me feel like I'm going insane

No. 1977851

The reason her bangs look so weird, it’s because she irons them. It’s impossible to iron your bangs with thick hair, they’ll always come out like this

No. 1977867

Her hair is not thick though.

No. 1977900

File: 1710855200812.jpeg (583.99 KB, 1170x1427, IMG_0997.jpeg)

I swear she’s getting more brain dead by the day. You’re a pedophile just like that Schneider fucker you absolute degenerate. And you love dogs so much that you neglect the ugly retarded mutt you keep cooped up in your rancid shoebox of an apartment while it terrorises your poor cat that you also neglect to the point where he was so matted he had to be shaved into a lion cut, I don’t even know what to say anymore(dog sperging)

No. 1977901

Nona please, hair is thin as fuck

No. 1977914

>complains about pedophiles
>”omg what was i exposed 2 as a kid”
>makes porn sticking pacifiers up her vag, dresses like a retarded baby, has clients who watch their daughters engage in horror-tier dungeon porn

i have no words…

No. 1977921

Kek at her boob veins not only showing through her skin but through this stained dishrag of a garment too

No. 1977922

”Is that an australian shepherd? Can I use it as a prop in my bestiality porn or at least pretend to be one while I shove things up my asshole?”

No. 1977936

Her complete lack of self awareness makes me buy the tinfoil that she has some form of mild retardation.

No. 1977975

*Asperger’s or mosaic downs

Nonny I may have to chip in and get myself some Reynolds Wrap

No. 1977997

Shayna if you were born 20 years earlier and actually made it to Hollywood,you would have been prepping the child celebrities to be raped by Dan Schneider. Shayna, child predators probably use your videos to normalize CSA to their victims. You directly contribute to the problem. You are the problem.

No. 1978040

the fact that she can only talk about this in regard to herself, zero compassion for his victims nor any contextualization of his crimes has me convinced she is simply to stupid to understand shit (and that she does not care about women at all, what a sad lonely life to live as a woman without female companionship). her last surviving brain cells can't make the connection that everything she does online directly enables the dan schneiders of this world, because if she understood, she wouldn't be talking about this at all.

No. 1978056

really she’s hoping to get attention on twitter and have a bunch of men in her comments praising her. she wants them to see her sex work, then her earth shattering commentary, and praise her for being an enlightened bimbo baby warrior who would totally stand up to pedophiles if she met them in the industry. she knows exactly what she’s doing when she types this shit out, especially in regards to her porn. what she doesn’t seem to realize though is that if this went viral and normies saw her tweets and then looked her up, they would immediately call out her hypocrisy and probably run her off the platform.

No. 1978075

File: 1710885780383.png (Spoiler Image,7.27 MB, 1170x2532, IMG_2310.png)

whoever said her implant bottomed out was 100% accurate. holy crap look at her left boob here (lift and implant). the nipples is almost facing straight up while the other one looks relatively normal. not to mention i havent seen both her nipples look the same size since surgery. the left nipple looks giant.

No. 1978103

You can see how much heavier and saggier her left one is because of how deep that crease is on her under boob even WITH her arm held as high as she can

No. 1978124

File: 1710896293366.png (Spoiler Image,189.71 KB, 825x321, butchered.png)

New MV pedo video

The state of her breasts is horrific

No. 1978128

File: 1710896561959.png (Spoiler Image,162.09 KB, 556x477, boil.png)

She's also regressing back to having huge boils on her mons pubis.

No. 1978131

i'd feel horrible for shayna if it wasn't shayna, her breasts literally look the same, except with scars now. In fact the difference seem a little more extreme, holy shit. You would'nt even know she got a lift if she didn't have scars in the bigger breast.

No. 1978138

her nipples are entirely asymmetrical now. What a waste of money just to end up even more botched looking than she did before the surgery.

No. 1978144

File: 1710898982448.jpeg (Spoiler Image,360.62 KB, 2047x1345, 1701207359404.jpeg)

Her breasts in December last year for comparison.

No. 1978145

and the shape of the formally natural boob is off as well, looks more..tubular, clearly that one is having issues.

No. 1978148

Her breasts are just as botched as trisha paytas's.

No. 1978157

And this is exactly what she deserves for being a degenerate misogynistic pedophile whore who profits off women’s subjugation. May they continue to get more botched as she eats herself into infinifat tier obesity

No. 1978159

i wonder if she could get more nipple tattoo’d on the necrotit to try to even out how different they look? like its…. its bad. like the other nona said, id feel bad for her if i didnt know what i did about her. and considering she admitted to hating how her boobs looked before and how hard it was for her to make them look even in photos, she is for sure struggling with this.

No. 1978160

I’ve been saying this since her first post-surgery reveal, the mismatched tits have become progressively asymmetrical, especially the butchered nipples, do you think she knows how disgusting and mangled she looks and is feigning uwu body confidence or is she so retarded and delusional that she doesn’t even notice and genuinely believes she’s a sooper sexy high class bimbo?

No. 1978162

She hated her old boobs yet did not care enough to follow aftercare for her new boobs kek she's massively retarded. The alcohol and weed must've turned her brain into mush. None of her thoughts are coherent.

No. 1978169

File: 1710904348570.jpeg (1.02 MB, 1170x1041, IMG_0999.jpeg)

Can’t afford rent but spending money on records that she probably won’t even listen to, I’ve never even seen her mention Beastie Boys before. She’s such a poser.

No. 1978175

honestly i think even if she hadn’t been hard on her breasts, they were unlikely to settle nicely. her body is just going back to how it was before, just now with two big implants opposed to the little chicken nugget one she had before. the doctors prob told her the same thing, that her breasts would probably go back to being a veiny jurassic tit. she needs to totally reconstruct the tissue in her breast(s), not just stick an implant in.

No. 1978176

Is there a reason why she never uses filters or edits out her veins, blemishes, scars , and pimples?
Or does she prefer to commit to the homemade amateur look for the rest of failing career.

No. 1978177

how are they still so red a year later? I’d be extremely concerned especially if I had to take photos of them as my job

No. 1978188

Does anyone else think Shay has accepted the fact that she'll never be skinny again? She'd lose a lot of fat in her boobs and they would be saggy and horribly mismatched once again. I'm convinced she's made peace with being fat and figures her tits attract enough customers. I think Ellen tells her "you're not fat, I wish I was as skinny as you!" all the time, which silences the voice in Shay's head that screams "You'd be more successful if you were skinny again"

No. 1978198

I’m inclined to agree. It’s either that or she’s got body dysmorphia and doesn’t register how fat and hideous she is. I mean she’s not morbidly obese or even as big as she was in her Yaniv era two or three years ago but she’s so fucking ugly yet only makes half assed attempts at editing herself, you’d think she’d make more of an effort (but then this is Shaynus we’re talking about and she’s beyond lazy)

No. 1978202

She must be aware of the fact that she’s losing more coomers than she’s gaining, Womack was devoted to her but he hadn’t interacted with her since July last year, he probably got fed up with her ignoring him and decided to spend his welfare shekels on other whores who at least acknowledge his existence, you’d think that would make her reevaluate her “business practices”

No. 1978208

File: 1710920807583.gif (2.06 MB, 498x276, IMG_4883.gif)

No. 1978219

I guess you could say that much like Shayna, her boob job didn’t work

No. 1978229

even in this pic, she is raising one arm to try to make them look more even.

No. 1978235

File: 1710939506149.jpeg (Spoiler Image,695.63 KB, 1170x1155, IMG_1001.jpeg)

She looks like she has downs

No. 1978250

Now she was two red breast instead of one,and in starring to buy the clip on bang tinfoil kek.

No. 1978260

I'm not sure she would even be more successful if she lost weight now. She's never getting back her old followers from when she was younger, blonde, and thin. Out of the few coomers she still has, some of them are probably chubby chasers/feeders who would lose interest if she got skinny.

No. 1978267

I can’t get over how mangled her tits are. The funny thing is that no woman has perfectly symmetrical boobs (though for the vast majority it’s unnoticeable) but she had surgery to make hers even and they ended up worse than before. They’re never going to look natural and they’re never going to look like porn star fake tits because not only is the size difference glaringly obvious but they’re two different shapes, one of which is the result of bottoming out, with two different botched ass Frankenstein nipples. Absolutely wild.

No. 1978271

her tits are fucking botched and make her look even fatter. WAY worse than before. now they're not only asymmetrical and inflamed looking, but also they flipped her salami nipple, gave her scars which comically enlarges the nipple and makes it look double the size as the other. right boob looks like it's sliding right off her fat torso. i can only giggle to myself at this because it's exactly what she deserves for being a pedo whore.

No. 1978273

they're as uneven as they were before the surgery, just even more unnatural and painful looking. like you said they'll never look normal now. she made it worse than before. I wonder if proper aftercare would really have made them stay (closer to) even, at this point it seems like the developmental problems are too extensive so they never could be symmetrical even with flawless surgery and aftercare. that really sucks for her

No. 1978281

File: 1710947543240.jpg (12.63 KB, 339x340, 1473600682144.jpg)

her face in this image reminds me of a certain someone

No. 1978299

her boobs look worse than they did pre-op, my jaw dropped seeing them at this angle. she paid for them to look worse! what a colossal waste of money.

No. 1978335

Truly can't believe she went through a whole surgery just to have her one melting titty back. I would hate to be her

No. 1978336

I don't recall her nipple size being this uneven before

No. 1978344

so embarassing. before she could explain it away because of her neccessary surgery because of poland syndrome, plus they both looked relatively natural. but now not only does she have to explain why theyre lopsided but also why she has so many scars and why her one nipple is huge compared to the other. i smell a depression spiral coming.

No. 1978358

she has crazy uniboob in that picture too

No. 1978363

It's honestly kind of crazy, is it shay's lack of aftercare? Or was this her destiny because her breast clearly would need a lot more surgery by a better doctor? It's like everything in Shayna's life, including her body is telling her, "You aren't built for this lifestyle' but she rejects it.
She really thinks her personality and magical detailed oriented porn that she worked so hard on, will make her famous.
It's high school mindset, like when you are told by a teacher you really like, "you'll be great one day, you work so hard, your so passionate" because you did good in the class, but Shayna carried that shit on throughout her life. Thinking, "this will all pay off, i'm so talented! I stand out!" and I can imagine people tell her, "Well the fact you are doing what other girls are doing, but you have a whole site hating on you means you are doing something right!"
It's really just nuts.

No. 1978364

when she got fat the non-implant tit had a noticeably larger nipple, but paying for surgery to try to make them look more even, and it comes out even worse, is insane.

No. 1978369

She's such a retard. It's literally brand new, wrapped in plastic - and therefore, almost certainly made into a record from a digitally compressed audio file. Literally no different than listening to it on her phone.

No. 1978378

File: 1710969836952.jpeg (146.27 KB, 1170x413, IMG_1007.jpeg)

lmao, okay shat

No. 1978400

i get her old nipple had become stretched out due to her weight gain and lack of collagen, but why the fuck wouldnt the doctor try to cut it down so it matched her other tit!? plus i believe the tinfoils that her doctor accidentally put her pepperoni nip on upside down

No. 1978424

Holy shit, is she gonna say this about every song she listens to on vinyl? Boring ass groundhog day bitch. Atleast give actual audiophile feedback about bass and treble clarity or something idk im not an audiophile but i feel like the hobby is more interesting than she makes it seem…

No. 1978425

Are there any nipple scar reduction procedures she could get? The scar is making it (areola) look larger.

No. 1978426

She has mentioned beastie boys. And she claims its her mom who turned her onto them.

No. 1978427

File: 1710981791174.jpg (411.5 KB, 1080x1610, BooHoo.jpg)

Because your "job" is a joke.

No. 1978437

The reason she cant have mosaic downs is because one feature is a short neck and she is a giraffe. Small hands/short finger are another sign, this girl edward scissor hands. And lastly they usually have a flat nose bridge, miss witch nose here WISHES.. he retardation is caused from narcissistic personality disorder and probably bipolar of some form. Maybe add or adhd too.(armchairing)

No. 1978449

maybe if eevry single person on earth thinks you're wrong, it's time to reconsider your beliefs

No. 1978455

I want to believe karma is real and that every time she makes another pedo video her necrotit becomes saggier

No. 1978457

>”oh no, i can’t act like i’m quirky and not like other girls!”

No. 1978487

doesn’t she have one of those record players that are just glorified speakers? My mom has one like that with that album and it just sounds like a slightly less compressed sounding version of the music when I stream it on Spotify (i’m not an audiophile idk)

No. 1978491

that would track for someone her mum’s age, especially from Mass

No. 1978511

Your life is a punchline