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No. 1434677

Repetitive comments about Shayna's vagina is grounds for a 1 day ban. Repetitive nitpicks about her body and face are subject to a 1 day ban. Reposting the same photos already posted zoomed in is not milk and you will receive a ban for nitpicking.
REMEMBER: Real the rules before posting. Sage when there’s no milk. No nitpicking and/or blogposting. This is a Shay thread, curb your enthusiasm when posting sceenshots of other e-whores, they go in the e-whore thread >>>/snow/1363903

Previous thread: >>>/snow/1424700
Last Thread:
>It’s been 100 threads of Big Shaynus
>Collection of beautiful farmer art from over the years >>1429007,
>From scat to cellulite to mayochup ass discharge farmers have seen a lot >>1428899,
> Jason R Womack spends all his money on voting for Shayna for MV Fetish Star of the Year >>1424793, in true Shaynus fashion she loses >>1425141, again.
>Continues to sperg because she lost >>1425477, >>1425499, >>1425520, on the bright side she receives many monsters inc gif replies as a reward >>1425913, >>1426623, >>1432274, >>1432402,
>Shayna blames her lack of success on being cancelled by sex workers and not because she’s fat, and ugly >>1424797, >>1424900,
>Shayna is still fat and has no ambition to lose weight >>1425704, >>1429589,
>Shayna’s tweet was featured on a Twitter account making fun of e-whores >>1425715, >>1425910, gets roasted by moids
>Shayna claims to have sex with only 5 people >>1426656, >>1426489,
>Shay got hair dyed and has grandma hair >>1427868, >>1427866, gilf saga when?
>Big Shaynus squeezes into more tracksuits looking like a trailer trash mother >>1427899, >>1427903, from dollskill >>1427921, >>1428597,
>Shayna shoots with lovinglyhandmade >>1428071,
>Pick me tweets about scrote attention from shoot >>1428843, >>1428882,
>Wears a monstrosity of an outfit >>1428840, >>1428902, >>1428978,
>Misogynistic rant about how women are bitches >>1428373,
>Shayna subtweets about her ex Fupaul >>1428429, and makes long Twitter thread on unsolicited advice >>1429360,
>Shayna declares she wants to take care of herself but never will because she’s fat and lazy >>1429600,
>Shayna gets her degenerate straight jacket delivered and other fetish gear; tries it on whilst out of breathe >>1429727, >>1429684, >>1429697, >>1433118, >>1429718, spent $250 on this fleece garbage >>1429717, wastes more >>1429729, >>1434060,
>Nonnie makes incredibly accurate art of Shaynus >>1430106,
>More pedophilic tweets >>1430164, >>1430268,
>Still too broke to buy a car, wants one given to her >>1430360,
>Shayna spends majority of life in her 20s doing date nights with ~mumma and the dad uwu~ aka Ellen Dresel and an old man >>1430899, >>1433277, >>1433535,
>Shayna defends pedo pandering yet, again. Refers to women who call her out as “bitches” >>1431109, >>1431110, >>1431138, >>1431142, >>1431147, >>1431183, >>1431218,
>Promotes rape fantasies >>1431944,
>Drunk livetweets and dirty deletes >>1431250, >>1431221, >>1431357, because Ellen Degenerate went on vacation >>1431122,
>Wants to make a tinder for scrote validation >>1431287, >>1431266,
>Autistic cowtipper triggers Shayna with her cow art >>1432249, >>1432247, this results in a hilarious meltdown >>1432250, >>1432253, >>1432254, >>1432261, >>1432264, >>1432380, >>1432810,
>Shayna makes a half assed video apology >>1432619, only apologizes for Nazi joke on tumblr and not the other things she did as an adult >>1432640, >>1432649, >>1432797,
>Films a coom show in same outfit right after apology >>1433522,
>Shayna Luther King is an ally >>1432620, >>1432827,
>Claims to love being a sex worker in this tweet (??) >>1434080,
>Hates her body because of the skinny bitches on her timeline pretends to be positive with her fake ~girls support girls~ bullshit >>1434290,
>Sugar daddy sends $75 >>1434592, such a rich thriving ‘sugar daddy’ kek

https://discord.com/invite/eA8kSzuz (need ID to join)

Ellen "Patricia" Dresel (Shayna's "gf")
Seattle/Renton, WA Nanny

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No. 1434708

KEK shaynus congrats on the big hundo!!!

No. 1434760

100 threads & 100 pounds later…

No. 1434769

wow, at what point does a snow-cow upgrade to /pt/?

No. 1434770

/pt/ is dead and mods never check it I don’t want her moved over there

No. 1434977

I'm impressed honestly. 100 threads, congrats shayna!

No. 1435061

Damn that would've been a good edition title actually kek

No. 1435228

her threads are so boring and repetitive now. where is the fucking milk? why are we even on 100 threads now? way too much fucking blogposting and sperging and what is milky about her retarded twitter statuses and stale as fuck “porn”? if you’re still obsessively checking on her, you’re either a whore as well or mentally ill because she stopped being interesting 50 threads ago. just let this fucking fattie be fat and useless in her little world. all the milk is dead and dry and gone.(shitpost )

No. 1435240

Hide the thread then. Some people like laughing at this spectacle. She’s been doing the same routine for years, it’s real life black mirror. And it’s funny to watch her get uglier and fatter. Especially after encouraging the exploitation of women and encouraging violence towards them.

No. 1435482

File: 1644090770649.jpg (65.26 KB, 425x450, no fun.jpg)

Hide the thread then christ

No. 1435695

Why would she ask for Pleasers when she doesn't dance even on cam

No. 1435697

because she is a total bimboe sezwurkerrr

No. 1435718

Glad we could get passed this sperg hurdle so early in the 100th thread, proud of you girlie

No. 1435739

exactly this bitch is black mirror episode come to life. I’m waiting to see how this shit ends. She is also so nasty i dont feel bad laughing at her(sage)

No. 1435747

I’ve never met someone before in my life online or in real who after so many years of observation don’t feel one modicum of sympathy for. I try to look for sympathy inside myself for her, just something and there’s zero. I genuinely suspect she isn’t human because I’ve never felt this way towards someone before and I’m trying to figure it out.
Yes there shouldn’t be this much attention given to a depressed old whore but I just want to know how all of this ends and if my guess will be right. Am I sadistic? Maybe

No. 1435764

It's because this whole time she's had so many opportunities to make her life better thrown at her. And she's ignored them all. Even tuna would rather earn money without having to show her snatch, but shat refuses to do anything outside of sex work.

No. 1435765

>I genuinely suspect she isn’t human because I’ve never felt this way towards someone before and I’m trying to figure it out.

She is human autist, just a run of the mill ewhore. Sounds like the problem is with you if you literally judge someone as without humanity/dehumanize them and consider that to be an accurate assessment. There's nothing special about Shayna other than her resolute cheeriness in the face of being a $2 whore, but there's so many of these girls online now that isn't novel. You sound like a moid with your demhumanizing shit

No. 1435772

File: 1644115201770.jpeg (220.88 KB, 828x636, 016ED75A-784D-4155-ACEA-39B667…)

Her sheer delusion baffles the everloving fuck out of me. She is totally devoid of self awareness. This comment on an Instagram post by the girl who made a giant art piece of cows made me kek, the irony of her questioning the sanity of someone else

No. 1435774

File: 1644115342080.jpeg (936.04 KB, 828x1039, CA74BBDC-DC08-4F0D-B483-1960B5…)

(Art piece in question, incorporating Shaynus trussed up like a Christmas ham has me chuckling)

No. 1435775

She dehumanizing herself daily, NTA but Shayna constantly says shit about how how wants to be a object, a Doll, a child etc etc. J
Of course there's worst people but this is SHAYS thread. Who cares what anons say about her? When she wishes the worst on herself.

No. 1435778

Ah yes, Shart. The arbiter of well adjusted behavior. A literal shit licker that gets fucked in diapers is trying to morally posture.

No. 1435784

she’s a lazy, pedo-pandering, rape fetishizing whore who’s been handed every opportunity to fix her shitty life but chooses not to. How do you even begin to sympathize with that?

No. 1435785

A sexworker calling herself a doll is not the same thing as dehumanizing herself, doll is even an oldfashioned pet name for a woman. And children are also human so not sure your point there. Outside of her sexwork shit she is very much a human woman and weirdo moid thinking on this topic shouldn't be encouraged. These threads are mostly kept alive by even worse $2 whores and moids. Nobody else cares, but this type of nasty I want to see how it ends shit can fuck off, she's still a person and doesn't deserve that sick attitude.(are you lost?)

No. 1435786

I’m not a moid I just think she’s particularly gross and there’s no redemption for her which is interesting. She did this shit for so long that it’s been imprinted into her DNA. I hope she doesn’t have kids because imagine them googling their mother and finding all this shit lolz
but I doubt she will considering this fat hog has an aversion to sex. What a fucking weirdo for a cheap ewhore sex worker who looks the way she does. I really thought she had thousands of sex partners and 6 different children all from different baby daddies lol. All the ugly bitches do

No. 1435787

Tbh same. I usually have a feeling of wanting these cows to turn their life around, but with Shayna it’s just impossible to root for her. Someone so privileged with a support system from her family but she’s so shitty and unlikeable lol. Never had friends or real relationship and still think she will be famous one day looking like this and her piss poor attitude… i could go on and on lol

No. 1435790

I cannot believe you’re defending this bells palsy wannabe pedo panderer hog for no reason while you’re on the 100th thread along with everyone here lol

No. 1435792

File: 1644116316301.jpeg (224.17 KB, 1242x1247, AB325094-1639-4292-B221-5902D5…)

Shayna is going to end up dying she doesn’t listen to her parents or us. We’re honest. We tell it how it is. Shayna is fat ugly and unattractive. She thinks we’re these ~evil mean bullies~ because we are women but panders to degenerate men who would actually harm her. She caters to incel trash that don’t give two shits about her and just use her content to jerk off and then forget about her. She really had options but chooses to be a lazy sack of shit. Alcoholics don’t live long.

No. 1435793

hate to break it to you but she genuinely doesn’t have a life outside of sex work shit, she constantly sexualizes everything. Also couldn’t care less about the “attitude” she has to receive here, this bitch told a minor to take a dick in the ass ffs stop the wking

No. 1435794

Wow nonnie, you're SUCH a good person.

No. 1435795

I notice how you skipped past me saying she's said she wants to be a object. She dehumanizing herself and sexualizes everything every single day for pennies. Stop mini modding. Nothing said here about her is worse then what she says about herself. Wanting to be raped, kidnapped, lobotomized and treated like a punching bag for cheap food and attention.

No. 1435796

I support the bullying of Shayna Clifford

No. 1435797

As far as I’m concerned she isn’t, she doesnt have a self outside of sex work genius. she gave up her humanity once she ballooned as grotesquely as she did without any shame and started posting her mentally retarded porn, dressing in clothes meant for XS girls, and licking shit off dildos while keeping her pedo pandering fail of a persona when she looks like she returned from war and has shell shock. Who the fuck would even do this shit, you have to be fucking more than insane to do what she continues to do. The bitch even filmed a coomshow right after filming an apology, in the SAME clothing. She gave up her humanity. I don’t know who or what she is but it isn’t a real human anymore

No. 1435799

Literally we call her ugly and shayna cries but would lick the ass of a scrote typing all his deranged fantasies.
>“Omg the dad just slapped me and said he’s going to molest me after we go get cheeseburgers kffjfjkddksk”

No. 1435800

You realize that's not the context Shayna uses when she says doll, right? You sound autistic. She doesn't even seem to enjoy normal human sex all she goes on about is wanting to be lobotomized and poked and prodded. She really does dehumanize herself even more than the regular ewhore.

No. 1435801

It has to be fucking womack or grey hair the only 2 “men” who have any “interest” in her. Womack give it up. You wanna join us in what we’re saying because even you know it’s true, please spend your money on a more worthwhile whore, not this cheap and lazy 3$ hooker

No. 1435803

Also why are you here? The Mayochup sandwiches?

No. 1435805

No I think Womack is too retarded to know how to access this site and grayhair doesn’t give a shit enough to learn the slang and white knight the fatty. It’s probably an obese sex worker who sees herself in shayna. Perhaps it’s the black lipstick wearing land whale making fun of her nails

No. 1435807

In what world does a pedopandering advocate of violence towards women who participates in an industry that actively harms women deserve any sympathy?

No. 1435808

Until they stop wanting her, then suddenly she realizes it's abuse and then after they break ups she slowly& vaguely reveals the "abuse " she went through. And everytime it's shit we said was abusive she was calling it "kink" & pretending to enjoy. Then she meets another scrote and repeats the same crusty cycle.

No. 1435809

Yeah it’s probably an obese sex worker who sees herself in shayna. Well..
If you see yourself in her why not send her a private message directly showing your deep concern?
Everyone here thinks she’s nasty as fuck and remains in disbelief over how this unsanitary hideous woman thinks she’s this famous person anyone actually cares about. If you like her join Womack and Grey hair, her only 2 fans Lol

No. 1435825

File: 1644121128082.jpeg (123.5 KB, 828x413, 895AB85E-64ED-41F9-8154-3C5EBD…)

So well adjusted

No. 1435826

File: 1644121178672.jpeg (380.29 KB, 828x1187, 9D71FCAC-E667-4F7B-91DA-C2EA22…)

lmao the delusion

No. 1435838

File: 1644121710322.jpeg (21.97 KB, 275x275, 50B04BAF-5AFD-4BEE-A4AA-E8D240…)

No. 1435846

File: 1644122242313.jpg (76.6 KB, 670x936, 272835981_986788302213711_2876…)

This is ideal male body. You may not like it, but this is what peak performance looks like.

No. 1435848

HOLY HELL. Is this real or did you photoshop this?

No. 1435855

That HONKER. The HAIR. The troon demented lizard smirk. God help us all if i looked like that I’d set myself on fire how does she continue to do this

No. 1435856

NTA but I'm from the future. This is 4 years from now. Enjoy the diaper shitting video when it happens.

No. 1435860

She's (probably) an Oklahoma 10 so she's riding the high of having been the hottest inbred in town. Plus she's absolutely delusional. Tinfoil but I feel like it's reverse BDD.

No. 1435861

It's faceapp kek. I reckon she'll look like in about a years time the way things are going for her.

No. 1435866

Did alcohol and weed really paralyze this lady’s face or is it just genetic disorder?
Lol I’m living for how her photos dont look like sex work advertisements but photos for intervention campaigns against alcoholism or prostitution warning girls of the dangers of the two addictions. If i didnt know who shayna was and saw her pic posted online I’d instantly think she was some lady who passed away from fentanyl overdose and it wasn’t someone who was actively living
Complete nightmare lol, her delusion of thinking shes hot is beyond astounding

No. 1435872

File: 1644123815844.jpeg (74.79 KB, 750x700, 86F99AFA-6212-4380-8EE4-0EE7D8…)

No. 1435956

File: 1644134555178.jpeg (147.02 KB, 828x438, 681FDEBF-FDE4-4F5A-B29E-6F406E…)

Yeah, we know you’re an unwashed slob

No. 1435961

Wouldn't it be soooo hot if a sugar daddy gave her extra money for if she tracks her calories, and keeps them below 1500?
Imagine how super sexy it would be if a sugar daddy made her drink 1.5 to 2 L of water every day and put on lip balm omg.

No. 1435989

Come on, she wouldn't be a ten if she was the last woman on the planet.

If she wasn't an asexual sex worker she could get all of the attention she needs off tinder. But she'd have to be smart enough to not talk about sex work.. so nevermind.

No. 1436023

This troon is not an Oklahoma 10. Shes probably just the most decent inbred fatty in her neighborhood at best. She’s a 2/3 lol even for Oklahoma standards. Anywhere outside oklahoma and she’s a negative score if that’s even possible

No. 1436027

When you show your asshole for free but even coomers want you dead lol
This weird facially paralyzed backwoods hillybilly really evokes the memory of the 100 year old kill it with fire meme

No. 1436102

File: 1644160589023.jpeg (807.91 KB, 1284x1134, 5CA71F69-8045-41FF-9FCA-4F029E…)

rat teeth and troon smirk, her signature look

No. 1436111

NTA but redneck coomers think a 10 is anyone with big tits, lots of makeup and who dresses and acts as slutty as possible. I know because I grew up in hickville, they will literally worship a literal troll if it's in daisy dukes and spaghetti straps with big tits kek, Shayna being a 10 in bumfuck Oklahoma is believable

No. 1436113

This ogre probably thinks she’s so strong and cool for ignoring all of the stuff written on lolcow about her criticizing her bottom of the barrel looks and troon smirk lmao

No. 1436119

The fact that she’s a sex worker and lives in such a cheap trash boring shithole of a state is also sending me
Dont these whores usually want to live somewhere cool and trendy like los angeles, chicago, new york, idk miami? Somewhere interesting with stuff to do around you at least.
That’s why they start selling their assholes in the first place isn’t it? To get a more luxury life, promise of a higher pay since whoredom is sold as something you can make bigger money from than a regular crap job.
But this fucking bitch lives in OKLAHOMA, like the only people who’d envision to live there are cows and the cast of my 600 lb life. funniest shit

No. 1436125

how long have you been away nonita? she doesn't live in oklahoma anymore

No. 1436126

She no longer lives in Oklahoma, you might want to read the previous threads

No. 1436127

Woops… well im sure she lives in an equally backwoods hillbilly state as before

No. 1436130

She's in (or near) Seattle now

No. 1436131

She's not even tagged in this one. She's checking up on the artist or lolcow tag and says that she's unbothered and thriving?

No. 1436135

Honestly, I’m getting tired and bored of this gross looking nobody. This black mirror episode needs to start trickling down to an end
By the time she passes away there’s going to be too much repeating info and insults on here that have been discussed to deatg
Can somebody hack her and delete her socials or something, it’d be funny to see her make a new account and throw a breakdown about her failed career(cowtipping is against the rules)

No. 1436142

nta a few years ago I did feel bad for shart and tried to be friendly/supportive/ give helpful advice because I’m sure everyone here at one point felt bad for her considering she’s legit mentally ill-
all she did was turn around and accuse the ppl being friendly towards her of secretly posting here and being “fake”(guess we are now kek)

No. 1436145

Shayna you ding dong, lolcow is a common term for lulzy people like you, not just this gorgeous website

No. 1436146

I can't see her comment on the post did she dirty delete?

No. 1436148

File: 1644165663613.jpeg (241.26 KB, 1242x963, 157502C0-9795-4C55-A056-0FBCDA…)

Oh boy

No. 1436149

File: 1644165795383.jpeg (543.06 KB, 1242x1649, 68A70E2C-C0F4-482A-BC0D-4264CF…)

The only people who care are Louie the diaper baby and gray hair

No. 1436152

>Can somebody hack her and delete her socials or something, it’d be funny to see her make a new account and throw a breakdown about her failed career
Lol WTF. We aren't 4chan, you sound unhinged

No. 1436153

She probably stole that tweet too, god what a fucking ogre lol somebody delete her fucking twitter she’s too ugly to post this much and be a sex worker we all want this to end

No. 1436155

File: 1644165989479.jpeg (Spoiler Image,464.19 KB, 1242x984, 2DE76218-C3AB-4BCF-8747-0B4787…)

No. 1436159

File: 1644166262735.jpeg (686.58 KB, 1242x1662, A72C02FE-DA35-483A-B26B-324DF3…)

I laughed so fucking hard no sound came out. Kek wtf is this life. Tweeting for attention then you receive this fucking gif.

No. 1436160

I just can’t stand how much this ogre posts, i’ve never met someone in my life nowhere on the internet nowhere anywhere to be found in the wild, who is this ugly and posts THIS MUCH. Girls like her usually vanish for a week or so after having breakdowns over how ugly they are but she just never leaves
Give me the confidence of this busted fatty lmao

No. 1436162

waah cry about it moralfag. nta but it would be funny if she got sus'd again. I long for the day twitter bans nudity.

No. 1436165

I don't think she really cares for her pets properly and maybe deep down herself she realizes it and that's why her subconscious sends her that kind of dreams. Even with such a big red alerts coming from herself she will still be in delusion she is great with everything. Blah. I pitty her pets, she never posts about them in a positive manner and only exploit them to ask for more money from coomers. She also never brags about spoiling them with toys or good foods, I thought spoiling was her thing, but obv only when is coming to her.

No. 1436166

theyre never gonna ban nudity, and if they did these hoes would be up in arms on tik tok (an app for kids the fucking degenerates lol) all day non stop complaining about how sex workers are under attack

No. 1436192

Some self awareness about the way she neglects animals and herself? Not possible.

No. 1436193

File: 1644169004549.jpeg (672.95 KB, 1242x1768, 52F2CF52-F88C-4AC7-9ECE-9EAB11…)

No. 1436194

Are you seriously upset that someone called you unhinged after you demanded lolcow neets to hack her on command just because you want drama?

No. 1436199

File: 1644169330840.jpeg (334.42 KB, 1242x841, DB69BBDC-1846-4645-9474-0CF82F…)


No. 1436200

>well established models
You would ruin the status of their employment.
>someone nobody knows
If you post about them, anons will then know who it is. Nobody tries to hide their identity in "sex work" anymore so they'd be identified almost immediately.
>People who arent phased by those pathetic fucks
Nobody really would be once they realize we only talk about cretins that make their own graves. A smart person would run you for whatever money you both made and dip forever. Shart doesn't realize she's the only one i guess except sol who really gets upset, like binge eating cry in the shower upset. Everyone else just ignores it or laughs LOL. Good luck finding anyone who would want to lose money working with you. You're better off preparing for a new solo shit eating video to post on MV.

No. 1436202

“My stalkers/haters”, the bitch really talks as if she’s some famous person when it’s just 30 farmers who think she’s a spectacle and are waiting for her to croak
We arent stalkers or haters, we’re watching an episode of black mirror bitch shut up, we don’t care about your life the way you think
Stalkers and haters are the concept of being jealous of someone’s success, not a fat whore online. there’s no body on this planet or beyond that would be jealous of someone like you

No. 1436205

File: 1644169625584.jpeg (306.36 KB, 1242x1144, 0B894DB2-BD14-4997-A20D-152D6F…)

What friends? Ellen Degenerate?

No. 1436213

File: 1644170105535.jpeg (324.6 KB, 765x752, 0618FE08-5477-4289-8E86-6824A7…)

Shayna you wont even be a twitter famous 5 figure earner much less millionaire. Hell you won’t even be just famous and broke
you’re just a troon looking lizard with facial paralysis who posts images looking like this on her sex work account making a fucking complete fool of yourself

No. 1436215

Her honker , smirk, and entire face is truly a hate crime . Imagine looking at that pic and actually posting it online where you know people can’t get enough of how hideous you are being like “yes, this is good”
I have a theory she literally posts shit like that for farmers because she secretly gets off to being called ugly

No. 1436218

Nta but it would absolutely be funny as shit if it happened. I don't understand why some of you get pearl clutchy when you're still on gossip site at the end of the day. Cry more though.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1436222


Anyway it's pathetic to demand people to hack a cow because "it would be funny". Not for moral reasons or to pearl clutch, it's just cringey and fake edgy

No. 1436224

just realized something. she probably is setting out to go viral from being the ugliest sex worker on the internet and it’s her last gimmickry
There’s no other explanation to all this shit, no woman on this internet would ever post an image of their face like that unless they were batshit insane or trying to get a reaction

No. 1436242

Again, the disgusting people you work with ALL CONNECT THEIR REAL FACES to their shit. Maybe stop ficking with idiots bold enough to show their face and not change their usernames but "hiding" it from their family. Also whose life has Lolcow ruined? Fupaul has moved on quickly, Sol Gribble is on the verge of trooning out and doing fine. Ellen barely does shit online and she bragged PUBLICLY about what she did. No one is harassing any of these people. Maybe stop fucking with people who have disgusting shit to hide but also posting their faces online.

No. 1436244

And you never will be so I hope she still doesn't think she will. Wow, I guess she does keep going and fucking up her life to "prove" lolcow &her family wrong. Imagine putting your body through hell and living like a Crackhead by CHOICE. Just to show some girls on a website and to rebel against your family.

No. 1436249

>I'd tolerate this behavior and harassment of people I care about if I was famous
Good to know there's a price on your human decency? How does it feel to be broke and busted begging for food money tho?

No. 1436253

Why does she assume sex work is like … being in Hollywood. She talks about being famous like she’s a celebrity. Literally there isn’t a single OnlyFans girl who’s “””famous”””

No. 1436257

Only the already famous girls like cardi B, bhad bhabie, but they arent whores , they’re musicians/internet personalities who made an only fans. They’re not only fans girls. Whores a dime a dozen and completely worthless . You can’t be a famous whore unless you’re exceptionally beautiful , and shayna is the ugliest sex worker ive seen lmao

No. 1436269

Okay, can people stop announcing that they’re ready for the Shay story to be over?? If you’re so ready for it to be over…it can be for you?? Literally just stop reading??? Fucking retards.

No. 1436271

I just can't unsee her content as anything but milf porn at this point. She shouldn't look like a mother of 2 in her late 30s and that's generous when she's edited and filtered her pics. Time for her to rebrand seriously. The pedo pandering is too unbelievable at this point.

I would either tell him straight up to find a new gif and put it in the rotation or just never post uwu sad personal shit again because that is just so fucking embarrassing and even Shay has gotta be pissed when she sees that cursed gif. It's hilarious but so annoying kek he's such a cringy boomer. I guess she can't say anything that might upset him because he's her long-standing coomer. Pretty much the only one. He's been her before Womack. I doubt he even gives her money really at this point. Just has a gross wank to her free Twitter content or OF when he pulls in at a truck stop, posts a comment or monsters Inc gif, then carries on til the next stop.

No. 1436272

Not everything she posts is milk you know

No. 1436281

Twitter can also ban for suspension evasion. Sometimes they detect it via IP, sometimes you can make a new account without it getting instantly suspended if you're lucky enough. I don't know if you can report someone for this specifically and I'm not encouraging anyone to but since she has been suspended in the past she's already breaking TOS by having this current account.

No. 1436282

the first “requirement” is really stupid and kind of fucked up. plenty of sex workers don’t have family or people in their life. why do you think they turned to sex work?

No. 1436283

Cardi B was a stripper and a prostitute, but she had the drive and sucked the right dicks to get where she's at. Shayna only sucks off losers for attention.

No. 1436284

That's why she had 10 accounts suspended in the past kek. She got around it because Womack bought her a new phone

No. 1436289

And she pays to do it

No. 1436298

Fuck off back to whatever cum stain forum you came from. Lolcow is for lols, not an excuse to exhibit scrote behavior.

No. 1436323

The token scrotes here just can’t help outing themselves with their scrotiness
Being suspended again might be the kick up the ass she needs to realise that this degenerate whoring is a dead end; she won’t have a platform for ebegging and providing free wank material, there’s no way she’d get by on sites that peddle imagery of financially coerced rape alone

No. 1436327

File: 1644177637715.jpeg (187.06 KB, 750x1185, 1DAA569D-DBF6-4440-8FDC-5D112C…)

Just like Fupa Sol will live in her head rent free for the rest of time

No. 1436333

I hope he sees this and spergs, I hate that vile abusive pedopandering animal fucker as much as a I hate big shaynus

No. 1436334

the farms won't forget how she sucked his tranny STD infested dick for nothing and then fawned over him publicly on twitter for days on end kek

No. 1436336

How predictably BPD of her, kek

No. 1436340

I know right, that was so embarrassing, she was dribbling all over his troon-fucking pencil dick, literally and figuratively. She’s so mad that he cares more about woke points than the measles amount of shekels they’d have made from that vomit-inducing cringefest. Seethe harder, Shatna

No. 1436370

What rude way to refer to her biggest fan base and most loyal followers. Coomers cum and go but these threads will be here until the very end.

No. 1436378

who is the cow in the middle supposed to be? i'm intrigued

No. 1436380

File: 1644180267153.jpeg (360.33 KB, 828x1445, 2F88CDCE-8527-4F00-9825-DFDBBE…)


No. 1436383

Lucinda/Oswaldslunch (her threads are fucking depressing, she’s even more of an actual sped than Shayna)

No. 1436385

I thats Lucinda. The schizo unicorn queen

No. 1436386

Imagine looking up to Shayna of all people.

No. 1436395

File: 1644181026758.jpeg (535.83 KB, 1170x1441, 8C2F1B7A-57E2-49B3-8094-02FA50…)

Sooo acting like a literal child?

No. 1436410

He's only those things because he traded on you, when you flew out to suck his shit flavored dick he was fine though. Again men ate only bad when they aren't doing what she wants when they are they can be shit but it's okay. This is the issue with Shayna. Pick me who overlooks problematic shit proudly, but then it's a issue when they treat her bad

No. 1436412

Go on Shay, choose violence

No. 1436415

File: 1644182077974.jpeg (Spoiler Image,664.13 KB, 1080x2765, D85A8E9C-A2C1-4A97-ABD0-6083AC…)

Shayna is not a pedo panderer. normal men totally get off to this stuff pedophiles would vomit

No. 1436434

Shes too ugly to pull it off, thats the argument
Shes a complete loser and will never get famous for the shit she tries to do. Girls like her are common variety whores that are forgotten passing fads

No. 1436445

Seethe, you let him hit raw too for nothing. Kek. Dumbass.
Yeah anon, there's nothing intrinsically pedophilic about wanting to have adults be babies for sexual roleplay. They're adults so it doesn't matter. So what, some people roleplay as restrained toddlers getting gang raped by their family members and strangers? It's consensual and there's no REAL children involved. It's absolutely morally sound and harmless to everyone on this planet. If you care about women larping as raped babies and child sex slaves, maybe just assess yourself and realize you're a jealous, ugly virgin who cares about other people's sex life like a loser. t. A Sane & Normal Person

No. 1436466

Stop WKing pedos, you fucking retard.

No. 1436471

Its not even people on this site that cancel people who work with her, its other sex workers on twitter.
Yes sol wad called out and laughed at here but the backlash he got was mostly through twitter.

Can't blame us because you're a shit person and no one likes you Shay. We just talk about it in an isolated place.

No. 1436472

Did she seriously agree to having someone load up her vulva with fucking babypowder? Uterine cancer saga when?

No. 1436479

statistically, about 40 years tbh, but yeah still

No. 1436481

I think the other anon was being sarcastic nona

No. 1436492

it's obvious sarcasm you absolute tard

No. 1436496

File: 1644187352535.jpeg (484.24 KB, 1170x1006, A9F98F04-2A00-4220-8BE7-855364…)

You have a “gf” for this Shay

No. 1436498

Shayna knows that Ellen is too ugly to make any sales. Shay is no prize but Ellen makes her look good in comparison

No. 1436513

Shay, we’ve seen how disgusted you looked while working with other women

No. 1436515


Besides Ellen being too gross for even Shay's coomers, this tweet is also just stupid moid fantasy pandering. It's just sexualizing some traditionally female activity per usual.

No. 1436516

Imagine being her gf then seeing your own partner state she wishes she had a different (aka attractive) gf to film with instead. What a fucking doormat.

No. 1436531

Belle Delphine had a fleeting meme kind of fame, and she followed Shay (and a bunch of other cows) a few years back so maybe that got to her head, kek

No. 1436545

she’s so fucking unprofessional.

No. 1436549

Is it normal for sex workers to do jobs with their personal, close friends? Sounds like it'd cause a lot of drama. I doubt Shay could handle working with people more attractive than her also.

No. 1436553

sage for irrelevant but I've met this artist on /ic/ before and briefly shared an art discord with him, he's not a woman, he's a retarded /pol/-obsessed scrote. He's not using "lolcow" to mean LC, unless he's one of our scrote-posters.

No. 1436556

KEK you're right, it sounds like a reddit troon's fantasy of what female friendships are.

No. 1436569

This whore is getting boring as fuck, aside from her constant posting of dumb shit from her worthless brain, and her disgusting porn, i’d rather see her have a breakdown over her embarrassing life

No. 1436574

No ones saying that shit is right though or wk-ing it.
we’re saying that she’s such a terrifying sight that whatever she does, ddlg, diapers, gets cancelled out because of how hideous she is. The coomers watching her see her as parody porn and you really can’t fool a dude into thinking an ugly bitch is cute.
She only does the gimmicky shit because nobody cares about her or anything she does otherwise, it gains traction to her page but those guys are there to watch her in a sadistic way because she’s a parody making a spectacle of herself.
If she dropped the ddlg nastiness what would be left
A regular hillbilly walmart mom Shayna. Nobody wants that
She needs the gimmick. Even her coomers want her dead man like look at the shit they comment, one even told her to perish. See her and the situation for what it is, not what she tries to make it look like

No. 1436584

AYRT it's a joke. Embarrassing for you.

No. 1436591

Twitter has rotted these retards brains so they can’t tell sarcasm without a /s

No. 1436599

The artist is a French girl and a farmer, check her Instagram account
Not only that but I love how she just had to involve food. All her forced fantasies involve “feeding me snacks” or some other variation on shovelling calories into her fat gob
>puddy dog eyes
When she has eyes like pissholes in the snow and no lips, kek, good one old scrote

No. 1436603

File: 1644195411458.jpeg (337.65 KB, 1242x765, A074068A-2DBC-47D5-AA29-39FD56…)

Isn’t she describing herself?

No. 1436607

kek I posted the exact same tweets with a similar caption at the same time so I deleted but her lack of self awareness is confounding

No. 1436612

File: 1644195890159.jpeg (159.44 KB, 828x576, 6487A8B5-C346-4B4B-9043-B22821…)

lmao her face indeed

No. 1436625

ot but is that a Why? reference?? if so ily nonna

No. 1436676

File: 1644202789960.jpeg (226.71 KB, 490x570, EFE37BC3-D06C-4D95-93D8-82151D…)

Does anyone know how long shes had facial paralysis? I saw her pics from around the first threads and she was able to move the other part of her face, alcohol really destroys your body god… i need to save her pictures as a warning to myself to never start drinking or doing drugs(nitpicking)

No. 1436686

Pretty sure she just makes uncontrollably autistic expressions because she's terrible at being on camera. I don't think it's more serious than that.

No. 1436692

No way, I honestly think she has paralysis
Every pic of her her other part of her face isnt capable of moving

No. 1436699

Im not sure if you’re being retarded on purpose or not but just a stupid smirk, watch any video of her her face isn’t fucking paralyzed

No. 1436704

Im not being retarded, I literally thought this creature had facial paralysis and other people were suggesting it. Alcohol can really fuck you and your face up and that’s what I thought happened to cause the smirk

No. 1436717

She just does two faces know, the retarded two teef bite and the troon smirk. I dont think she knows how to hold her face.
Or the lowercase o face she does, I guess she doesn't know what to do with her mouth and she thinks it looks cute. I never understand it because it just makes you focus more on her tiny crusty lips. Though, I don't know what other face she could make.

No. 1436724

you have no business being here, you are severely retarded. sorry to break it to you.

No. 1436741

File: 1644208253196.jpeg (82.65 KB, 828x258, BEBE03DB-CFA9-4FBE-A67F-B9CECE…)

I really hate how this rancid ham hock tries to use the size of her cooch to pander to her pedo followers

No. 1436749

how can she ram a dildo in her all the time but she can barely fit 2 fingers? sounds like she's just completely turned off by this chump

No. 1436750

I’m convinced she has vaginismus, that’s why she’s always so dry, brags about not being able to fit anything in there, obsessed with anal and seemingly asexual, it makes sex incredibly painful because the vaginal muscles tighten up in response to any penetration

No. 1436771

I always think of that song too tbh, but no. It's just a somewhat common phrase to describe tiny, sunken, and/or squinty eyes. Often due to excessive drinking. Tired, sickly.

No. 1436797

I'd believe it, but putting anything in your anus is unnatural and hurts and burns like a bitch, I've personally never heard of women with vaginismus choosing anal instead.

No. 1436817

File: 1644222613565.jpeg (77.43 KB, 698x391, 7C741128-EE85-4F48-9419-3E65A3…)

Deleted but wasn’t she just threatening to call Sol out today

No. 1436819

File: 1644223081441.jpeg (Spoiler Image,172.23 KB, 750x1095, F0164E87-FC15-45F5-97E4-7AD949…)

She probably saw him as a threat she might lose coomers to

No. 1436826

File: 1644226266570.jpeg (Spoiler Image,417.94 KB, 828x1013, 1A8355A9-A76E-4312-B4A8-69FE36…)

What the fuck

No. 1436830

File: 1644228018521.jpeg (Spoiler Image,514.04 KB, 750x1080, BCDD79C4-6462-419C-A940-DABBD1…)

i don't see those replies did shaynus throw a fit and have them deleted?

No. 1436839

File: 1644229053846.jpeg (Spoiler Image,457.85 KB, 828x1049, 4483AE93-A73C-4C74-8E8C-D7AE7B…)

Still there if you go to the troon’s page (tw for gross troonery)

No. 1436845

Click the hidden replies button

No. 1436847

I wonder if she deleted his comments bc she thought it was a cis woman or something and she of course hates women

No. 1436851

File: 1644229869813.jpeg (389.17 KB, 828x1094, 804A2515-7F2D-4574-A796-33B1F1…)

Ah yeah, as per >>1436845

No. 1436872

Considering how much she boosts other troons who interact with her she probably did mistake his heavily meitu'd picture for an actual woman in her drunken stupor when she did it

No. 1436873

this "nami" cow looks just as gross and obese as shayna if not moreso. shes not one to throw stones(sage)

No. 1436908

All I can think of is her poor pets having to see acne ridden smelly butt cheeks constantly

No. 1436943

he literally admits to being a tranny in the screenshots. also, learn to sage

No. 1437049

File: 1644253989104.jpeg (350.03 KB, 1170x1148, 3891A131-2FFC-409B-8DE1-F9A7EB…)

Sure Shay

No. 1437061

Well then you're losing the competition more every day, Shay…

No. 1437067

i’m sorry you think that person is fatter than shay? you a fuckin ana-chan?

No. 1437093

I can imagine her repeating this in the mirror everyday crying. You are very jealous of other girls, in fact I think the only reason she wants to be successful and rich, is not to be successful and not have to worry about money, but so she can finally truly feel better then all the women who have ever made her feel less then by their existence. She so badly wants to do good to show lolcow, her parents and prettier more successful women.

No. 1437097

I find it hilarious that she has no other life or personality besides sex work. Like what else does she do? What is she going to do once she’s older? Keep spreading her acne ridden cellulite ass ? Bleak

No. 1437103

File: 1644258727593.jpeg (119.8 KB, 750x460, B357F325-5C8E-4403-A470-F95D48…)

Ellen is on “vacation” to go whore herself out for someone, that’s why Shayna is being so manic

No. 1437113

Ellen is a “prodomme” but Shay STILL won’t put her in a video?

No. 1437116

It seems like all her relationships are with people who view her as a "side piece". Someone they don't involve with important family members (or any at all), someone they only see in person once or twice a week, if that. Someone they don't take serious and keep anyway from any and everything they care about. I don't think she's ever had a "normal" boyfriend or girlfriend. They always seem like they have their own life and then the tiny bit they share with shayna. It's so depressing. She thinks she's the one getting spoiled and so desirable, but they don't see her as important as all. Just something to do and hide.

No. 1437117

SA_ and what's even more funny it's always losers. Baby daddy fupaul, disguating ugly pacifiers stealer Ellen and crusty "Dad" who fingers chubby chick's in the parking lot. So it's a even bigger slap in the face, even disgusting people don't see her as a prize

No. 1437125

Yeah, I just don't get ir. It's not like any of these low life treat her nice or anything. They go on with their own lives leaving her sitting alone waiting on them, complaining on Twitter. Then once a week Ellen bites her and "The dad" comes over to feel her up and maybe give her cheap toys/foods. Then call her stupid and be rude. Yet none of them.proudly flaunt her.she cried about wanting someone to take candids of her, show her off to their friends. Yet Ellen's on vacation and is always doing her own thing. "The Dad" works but probably makes time for shit he wants to do. She just gets crumbs, food and bruises. From weirdos at that.

No. 1437126

It’s true, even fupa who she lived with didn’t take their relationship seriously and treated her like a side piece and kept her a secret for years from his friends and family, she’s just an embarrassment, even the disgusting people she gets into relationships with see that

No. 1437137

It seemed pretty obvious that Ellen was out vacationing for sex shit because Shay claimed she was "happy for her" and then began spiraling and talking about downloading Tinder. I'm kind of shocked Ellen can find people to do that with, but I'm also not surprised because there are tons of hideously ugly and old degenerates in that lifestyle so I'm sure it's not that hard for her.

No. 1437139

People will put up with anything if it means they've found a woman with 0 future, 0 way to support herself and no self esteem. Women like Shay are easy to manipulate and keep as partners. All you have to do is lie to her and say you're dating then pull a Fupa. The people that date/fuck her just know that she will let them do damn near anything including actual rape and domestic violence. That's why they even bother. Shay will never realize that she's a faceless, nameless ham that those people just want to treat like an on demand sex slave. And she acts like that's hot and she likes it but you can see in her dead eyes and passive aggressive tweets she just wants to be a normal 24 year old with a partner that she's proud of that loves her for herself. Kek. All she gets is used.

No. 1437144

File: 1644261793626.jpeg (621.48 KB, 1242x2141, 327884A9-F1BF-4414-BBEC-F11846…)

She actually used to have a nice bf, Connor. Then she cheated on him repeatedly and cried rape when she got caught, so…yeah, she deserves her wretched “love” life.

No. 1437148

I doubt they'd be together still even if she wasn't a whore. A teenage boy who bought her peaches…wow. Amazing.

No. 1437157

That was high school, those relationships don’t really count, she couldn’t get a nice boyfriend as an adult

No. 1437158

I’m not saying she could; I’m just pointing out that she deserves zero sympathy. The one time she did have anything good in her life, she squandered it.

No. 1437212

What I don't get is her need to jump from one relationship to another. She's very unstable if she can't even spend a couple months by herself. She belongs in an institution.

No. 1437229

Nonnie, her being held in a psych ward and pumped full of psych drugs, strapped to her bed or even just her being put in EMDR/intense therapy would somehow be twisted into a fetish and she'd coom to it. There is no helping Shart. No matter what her stay would be like she would romanticize and sexualize it to cope.

No. 1437300

File: 1644274362021.jpeg (112.51 KB, 750x385, A43E6A0D-2A67-4461-9A57-62EFF3…)

She takes naps all the fucking time, you don’t “accidentally” take a nap, isn’t that what Ellen gave her that alarm clock for, so she would get off her lazy ass? What a strange way to cope with your own laziness

No. 1437337

File: 1644275898457.jpeg (92.02 KB, 962x773, C83250B8-1C25-414B-A6CD-0C39D6…)

I’m afraid It’s the only way

No. 1437366

"Sex work is real work"

No. 1437392

Kek, isn’t this also one of her fantasies?

No. 1437405

Yeah there's no winning. She cooms to all forms of medical torture. I wonder if she'll go as far as sexualizing braindead women being raped and impregnated by nurses and doctors. That's a documented phenomena in caregiver homes as well as wards. I remember in Arizona a braindead woman gave birth to a child that was conceived via repeat rape by random male staff. That was about 5 years ago now I think? I hope she does so she gets eviscerated publicly, again.

No. 1437406

Yeah. It's one of her "fantasies" a.k.a. recurring disgusting borderline creepypasta she posts to attract her favorite type of nasty male. I'm convinced she doesn't have actual sexual fantasies. That she posts that stuff to seem edgy to the bottom of the scrote barrel.

No. 1437407

No. 1437412

File: 1644281290568.jpeg (201.56 KB, 750x469, 67CB85B6-E0C9-4C77-BAC3-F06F56…)

Says the bitch who publicly calls out her coomers for the dumbest things and talks shit on other woman constantly just for likes. This has gotta be the most hypocritical thing she’s ever said

No. 1437413

It's so close to being self aware its startling

No. 1437433

bruh what…. literally zero self-awareness

No. 1437434

I guess accidental 3 hour nap is the new way to say passed out drunk or passed out on weed

No. 1437456


what if this is the beginning of Shay's DiD saga? This could be her semi self aware alter that comes out after a particularly failure filled day. polite sage for autism

No. 1437461

the self drag, the projection, god shayna get off twitter

No. 1437489

Yeah I hate that anons think she "cooms to those fantasies" like she legitimately has any of those edgy kinks. She only ever wants attention and appeal to coomers because typing some stupid fantasy shit is the only part of sex work that requires basically no effort. She has a problem with sexualizing everything absolutely, but not because she is actually sexual and gets off to that shit. She just doesn't have a life or personality outside of her retarded and already empty "Dolly Mattel" sex worker bullshit.

No. 1437503

Exactly. She’s not sexual in any shape or form. All her fantasies are just sexualized versions on how lazy she is.

Uwu curb stomp me so you can feed me chicken nuggies and walk my dog cause I’m dumb baby

No. 1437507

File: 1644288941787.jpeg (138.8 KB, 733x604, 0D74707E-476A-411B-B31A-F9E4D7…)

she's so desperate for a car lately

No. 1437511

Walk instead fatty

No. 1437514

File: 1644289743685.jpeg (254.05 KB, 828x666, D1FFC04B-33FA-44AB-9C04-FBA5D8…)

I know this milk is a few days old but also saw this comment under one the artists picture she drew of her kek

No. 1437519

This was already posted and discussed in the previous thread >>>/snow/1432254

No. 1437520

File: 1644290200772.jpeg (673.34 KB, 1170x1626, 75944988-044E-474D-A008-287E61…)

Sooo people are paying $5 to have almost the same exact dick rate?

No. 1437524

What are you talking about these are not the same?

No. 1437526

Almost the same. She just changed some of the wording

No. 1437527

File: 1644290752708.jpeg (610.51 KB, 1170x1176, BED4E48E-2149-450E-88AE-D83793…)

No. 1437535

This isn’t milk, not literally everything she posts needs to be shared here dear lord I swear the most mundane shit is being posted all the time lately

No. 1437540

Is probably worried her cash app would get shut down. Just like all the melt downs she had about her PayPals

No. 1437567

File: 1644294119701.png (4.16 MB, 828x1792, 1418E3F3-8F72-4947-85D6-FD6838…)

The fact that I used to know her personally astonishes me, she is an awful person that uses people for her own personal good. I totally forgot she existed till she popped up in my mind the other day. Here’s my proof, if you look in the 29th thread I was the friend who got the cat.

No. 1437577

Please bless us with some milk, nona

No. 1437583

That’s wild, there’s a reason she doesn’t have any friends. Can I ask how you met her? Was she as weird in person as she comes across? Got any stories? How’s pickles?

No. 1437585

File: 1644295450064.png (223.86 KB, 530x351, 1550791733647.png)

here's the post in question, i'm honestly surprised the "friend" was real. cute cat anon

No. 1437599

File: 1644297442601.gif (1002.18 KB, 500x206, 13A4CCAE-D9A4-46EE-861F-027D9C…)

>she is an awful person that uses people for her own personal good
Oh, tell us more

No. 1437602

Spill everything I beg

No. 1437604

shat is probably lurking the thread and texted her and is probably suicide baiting so they won't post

No. 1437608

I saw her post on snap about some art wall at the airport related to Tulsa and we texted and that’s when she said she was here and we became friends. She was pretty normal at the beginning, but there was always something off about her. When I visited the “mansion” it looked like a frat boy house. Dishes piled up in the sink, empty rooms, one couch in the middle of the living room facing a tv on the floor, and an over flowing cat litter box that hasn’t been cleaned in two weeks almost. I saw her apartment a few times and the actual bedroom was filled with boxes and set equipment. Also my ex bf and I were also the ones that built her child bed frame. The last time I saw her was when I drove her to get noodles. I don’t have anymore pictures/videos with her. And pickles actually died due to a lung inflammation thing kek

No. 1437614

No. 1437616

I can’t imagine the smell, she strategically hides the state of her living conditions in photos for a reason. rip pickles. She absolutely only keeps people around to use for one reason or another, she’s a selfish bitch. I’m not surprised she convinced you and your ex to build her bed kek

No. 1437652

did you know about this site while you were friends with her? what made you guys stop talking?

No. 1437653

How was she with your boyfriend?

No. 1437660

gee I wonder why pickles had lung inflammation

No. 1437670

The cat belonged to anon not Shayna

No. 1437680

Oh lol sorry, I’m thinking of mr.pb

No. 1437703

Disgusting she doesn't change litter frequently, cats start doing their business elsewhere if their box isn't cleaned enough. I hope she gets toxoplasmosis from inhaling kitty shit.

No. 1437748

File: 1644315979497.jpg (17.55 KB, 539x135, autogyn.JPG)

No. 1437758

>died due to a lung inflammation thing kek

Are you for real? You say "kek" about your cat dying? Sounds like you care about your animals as much as Shay does.

>my ex bf and I were also the ones that built her child bed frame

No sane adult has a child's bed idk why this wasn't an immediate red flag for you.
Either this whole thing is a huge shitpost or you're just as whack as Shay is.

No. 1437782


She already posted her proof, don't bite the hand that's giving us milk, I'm tired of reading days worth of messages that basically say "shaynus fat and ugly"

No. 1437796

Thank you for this information. Please let us know if she tries to get in contact with you after reading that message. We are dying for milk.

No. 1437797

mte bird of feather

No. 1437810

How did she behave? Did she say anything about her boobs?

No. 1437811

What do you mean by something off?

No. 1437822

File: 1644327077609.jpeg (Spoiler Image,884.47 KB, 814x1460, F161E7FD-B1A2-4451-BC2E-8F896D…)

She looks like a fat mom trying to be what she thinks is a “80s pornstar” look.

No. 1437829

The cat spergs on this site are more annoying than dog obsessed freaks. I guess you’ve never typed an ironic lol before at the end of something bad happening like “got a flat tire on my way to work lol.” Dark humor’s a thing too. We’ve finally got something interesting going on in this thread. Would you rather just have more of this shit? >>1437822

No. 1437851

What can I do? Shaytard hasn’t posted new content. Lazy ass keeps posting crusty “photo shoots” from last month

No. 1437853

Also that’s old milk. Nothing new was told, we’ve seen glimpses of her dirty mcfupamansion. It was a dump thread pics from the past illustrated that. Nothing new besides Shayna actually having a friend she didn’t make up. I’m sorry about pickles anon

No. 1437892

i dont understand why people are kissing this anons ass when she was willingly friends with shat and said kek about her animal dying? sounds like a cow themselves, and an animal abuser scum of the earth type…(sage your shit)

No. 1437895

I (and most people) would pick the hole known as a ‘door’ and leave. No wonder that anon thought she actually has facial paralysis, that smirk is a near permanent presence now.

No. 1437913


No one is praising her, we want milk. Go cry about animal abuse in /OT/. And sage your shit

No. 1437927

Where was she sleeping before she got her child bed? Didn’t anons think she was on the floor on her pink star blanket?

No. 1437939

Did you go on any outings with her? I'm always curious about how much of her "persona" remains when she's in public.

No. 1437943

No1cur PETA anon.

No. 1437955

Do men really find this pose attractive? To me it just reads as her wanting her ass wiped, there's nothing sexy about it. Looking like an outlet waiting for plugs. Bored and forced to be an object again, just staring with that retarded sitcom smirk and drunkard squinty eyes. Eugh. She looks like she smells like an ashtray and yeast.

No. 1437969

Her fat face and absolute honker of a nose. Coupled with the “childish” hairstyle, it truly looks incredibly humorous

No. 1437978

File: 1644341594742.jpeg (792.8 KB, 1242x1647, 195A99D8-3CE8-43F5-9533-5BA62B…)

Poor cat

No. 1437980

File: 1644341684923.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.75 MB, 1242x1731, 3A6809CE-F449-4B8F-B2C1-B1BA32…)

Legit looks like a troon showing off his ballsack

No. 1437983

Her hair gives knock off cabbage patch doll vibes here.

No. 1437993

I bet she's flexing on the anon w the dead cat now lmao. Hopefully she comes back and tells us about the adventures of drunk Shayna.

No. 1438021

So obsessed with dicks that she can't even see her pussy without thinking of one.

No. 1438028

File: 1644344442170.jpeg (217.54 KB, 750x1547, 8B64AC44-3575-4408-803B-364F27…)

No. 1438033

Shayna you've been like this for years. You hate what you do, even if lolcow didn't exist she'd still be in the same place in life. She is always talking about how this isnt easy and she works so hard, yet because she has a family to fall back on, she can sleep all day and post old pictures. She's so privileged and not because of hard work.

No. 1438044

File: 1644345623537.jpg (213.16 KB, 1080x666, Screenshot_20220208-183746_Twi…)

trouble in paradise?

No. 1438047

The ass profile picture just lessens the seriousness of this post, I’m sorry, pedo Ellen.

No. 1438049

the idea of improving looks/hygiene/personality/behavior never occurs to these people
no, I’ll just whine about why people don’t adore me

No. 1438050

Why are you always so horny Connor? Always bringing him up at every opportunity. Damn nigga let it go, it was a hs relationship.

No. 1438053

Delete twitter and self for sexualizing your nanny job to the bdsm community

Pornyporksweats revealed the true state of her pornrotten mind while projecting delusion of her own dangling ballsacks.

No. 1438054

Shayna cares more about the dad guy than Ellen at this point. She barely mentions saying shit like “teehee my gf bit my legs until I screamed” anymore. Now it’s all about some scrote who fingers her as reward for a box of hello kitty pocky

No. 1438074

Don't worry, they already bite their tongues about your own penis-nose.

No. 1438082

And we’ll get the “she was abusive” tweets from Shay

No. 1438090

It's probably not Shay. Shay needs Ellen to cart her around and she also wouldn't be able to help herself and would vent about them fighting on Twitter. It's probably some old degen scrote who told her to lose a few pounds or is uninterested in her since she is getting "old".

No. 1438091

Oh wow, but she said "a" partner, maybe some coomer rejected her. However, Shayna has shown plenty of times she doesn't take Ellen serious or think she's attractive. The fact she always says she wants to do. It's funny because regardless of who she's talking about Shay treats Ellen like Fupaul treated her. She can pretend that she's trying to protect her, but if Ellen looked better and wanted to film she would do it. Just like she sucked fupaul off and admitted they were together when they fell out. If she likes you, she will show you off

No. 1438104


Maybe the coomer she forgot to bring the strap for told her he didn't want her to touch him unless it was with a piece of plastic going between his cheeks.

No. 1438105

File: 1644352574387.jpeg (520.97 KB, 1170x1333, E98F41EF-F3CE-4481-8A4D-B86640…)

Shay, all your videos are the same

No. 1438123

Shay's storylines consist of a massive paragraph in the description box. Otherwise it's just "Hi I'm Dolly! Today I'm gonna fuck my ass!" and I can't tell which is worse

No. 1438130

every video is
>oh! (authority figure or relative) oh my god you're not supposed to see me like this oh no
>what's that? you wanna stuff my holes?
>shitty transitions
>acts like it's disgusting OR reveals she secretly wanted it the whole time
>gag on 1/6th of a small dildo
>stuff it dry in her already gaped asshole
>run free hand(s) over her tits or gunt
>leak unidentified substances
>pretend to be shook by how strong her magic wand is
>something along the lines of "don't tell (wife/mom/etc) uwu"
>that awful eyebrow raise o face that transitions into tranny smirk and lip bite
>talk about being a bimbo or slut
>fake orgasm
>suck dildo or just put it out of frame
>something about doing it again or it being amazing
>abruptly end video
Literally just picture any pedo fantasy and follow that script and you've made a Shart hood classic.

No. 1438134

File: 1644354710771.png (58.87 KB, 182x231, tranny rat.png)

>that awful eyebrow raise
kek accurate, i love you nonna

No. 1438140

File: 1644355260556.jpeg (497.45 KB, 1242x1241, 91D44C17-711A-4C74-BA74-674551…)

I love how she’s more considerate to her coomers than her “girlfriend”. Misogynistic Shay.

No. 1438142

nonna, you forgot the countdown to the orgasm.

No. 1438144

File: 1644355628442.jpeg (224.23 KB, 750x779, C204A9FC-B93B-4DAF-B4F4-FF57F5…)

This is depressing, she doesn’t want to do this anymore.

No. 1438149

File: 1644355816561.jpeg (Spoiler Image,518.65 KB, 1242x641, C2B08987-75E2-4B94-865F-7579BA…)

It’s the same god damn storyline the same fucking setting and the same 6 outfits she owns. Literally Shayna doesn’t even make the effort to make the scenario realistic. When the caption or video is for example “step bro fucks me” barf she doesn’t even make it seem like she’s getting fucked she visibly holds the dildo with her hand and doesn’t even prop the camera to look like it’s the “brother’s” point of view. She’s a fucking retard and any one who buys her content unironically is mentally retarded as well
>caption: you stick her cock in, she gasps and smiles
>her clearly holding a smelly unwashed dildo
Forgot spoiler I’m sorry

No. 1438152

File: 1644355905106.jpeg (421.23 KB, 1242x1110, AC53A1DD-B6A6-4676-997D-B688E2…)

Build the story line I want to a log so bad I hate this monsters inc homeless pedophile incest loving truck driving scrote with a passion

No. 1438158

The "narrative" literally makes your porn worse. It's embarrassing.

No. 1438161

>so many people are only subscribed 2 u bc they don't feel like they have anyone
Lmao, these brief moments of self-awareness are coming hard & fast now

No. 1438162

Those are some snuffaluphagus lashes

No. 1438172

File: 1644357289977.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.01 MB, 1954x2914, 51AACE71-DA64-4811-8E8D-E864C0…)

So creative!!

No. 1438175

>monsters inc homeless pedophile incest loving truck driving scrote
anon my sides KEK

No. 1438224

the dog one im fucking dying

No. 1438257


She should consider investing in a blondr lace front because that second one in the right column is the best look for her. Not that it's good or anything but it's less offensive than her natural hair

im high so hopefully you understand what I mean

No. 1438270

File: 1644364356911.jpeg (Spoiler Image,311.86 KB, 750x1003, 496D93AB-A59E-43D4-9298-20883C…)

What a lumpy bitch

No. 1438273

File: 1644364526333.jpeg (238.13 KB, 750x664, D6679F5C-2857-43BA-A85E-70778E…)

She’s so full of shit, I was waiting for what her excuse was going to be, obviously she was never actually going to get off her ass today

No. 1438276

Not even the facetune is helping that face or gut.
Surprise, surprise. We will get a new cam show…3 months from now. If that even lol.

No. 1438277

>getting off her ass
Oh, the effort it takes to roll over and pick up the crusty dildo with dog bites off her pet hair covered carpet

No. 1438311

The front of her thigh protrudes more than her ass lol

No. 1438313

File: 1644366985195.jpeg (476.53 KB, 1242x1184, B7B30774-3DB4-4C2A-9F44-F39C70…)

No. 1438317

ngl, Lucinda looks cute even in "fan art"

No. 1438324

Your neighbors probably feel the same way when you blast your music and fake moaning

No. 1438328

Most porn stars don’t have to coddle their coomer customers just so they stay subscribed. If you’re going to act like their girlfriend at least charge extra for it.

No. 1438332

You said you wanted to ruin your ex and told a bunch of cooomers you were dating another coomer they didn't give a shot about to get back at him. You've also called girls out for.their background, had ugly Bratty press other sex workers for you and joined in on many different dogpiles. You just subbed Sol. I don't know why she pretends like she never used her platform to try to trash someone. She does it to her exes and parents all the time, I guess they don't count because they "hurt" her and deserve to have randoms talking shit about them.

No. 1438339

i thought they were calling her out, especially the last bit bc that's 100% shatna

No. 1438353

And she wants another fuck machine too. What a joke. It really all is the same. She thinks doing a retarded little scenario skit in the beginning is some big production that adds so much to it. Always just ends up shoving a dirty dildo in her ass and using her wand to fake orgasm every single time.

No. 1438362

File: 1644370980092.jpeg (149.05 KB, 1205x1706, D51FEA8D-E970-447A-B28D-7454B3…)

Same outfit just fatter than last year

No. 1438363

oh my god i forgot about the fucking gloves that don't fit her fat hands kek

No. 1438368

Did she manage to blow her ears out already why are they so red

No. 1438369

File: 1644371352922.jpeg (104.51 KB, 750x477, 472D9065-0F49-4384-A5AD-9C52B9…)

Ellen needs to stop wasting her time and money on shayna, she’s never actually going to be into her, but I guess there aren’t many other woman out there who will role play as a baby and let her insult punch and bite them

No. 1438372

File: 1644371851478.png (7.72 MB, 1242x2208, F709BC5C-C462-4AF5-99E6-43BB5C…)

So damn fugly

No. 1438373

File: 1644371879295.png (7.89 MB, 1242x2208, 98540B47-0F98-466E-97FB-DB2905…)

No. 1438375

File: 1644371940850.png (6.99 MB, 1242x2208, B9BA9485-6692-47BC-8036-1B3412…)

No. 1438377

File: 1644372184155.jpeg (666.2 KB, 2208x1243, 31F4C0E8-2B07-4DF1-BF1A-382858…)

Pickles was very well taken care of. I spent almost 2k in one month for all the dr visits/tests/medicines so I can make a dark joke if I want. Anyways, this is another photo with her hand in it for the skeptics. Yes she did sleep on the floor on a mattress. Yes she does have an implant in her boob. When I say something off about her I mean like she tried to seem like she was amazing, successful and shit. But I saw her card get declined multiple times. I don’t think I ever saw her drink water. Her and Fupas relationship were mostly arguments about dumb shit. I had no idea these threads existed till I looked her up and confronted her about it and we got into an argument and stopped talking. She doesn’t have a true personality, she just latches onto trends and is an awkwardly/dorky person. We mostly sat in her apartment on the floor and drank/smoked but I definitely don’t have the tolerance like hers. I was only friends with her for a year. Any other questions?

No. 1438378

File: 1644372263062.jpeg (435.01 KB, 750x1016, 559228D7-D25E-4A1B-96E0-42B359…)

No. 1438380

Don’t listen to the cat sperg some anons are weird about pets I’m sure you gave him plenty of love. What did she say about the implant, was it because one of her boobs never grew?

No. 1438382

What type of excuses did she give when her card would decline? Such a “successful bimbo”

No. 1438384

Did she tell you she has a implant? What was the story?

No. 1438385

She looks like a little boy in drag. Also of course she's the kind of bitch to go stare down her neighbor in a robe like a psycho cause he's cleaning. Nobody would ever ask you if it's okay for them to clean their shit on their property and they especially wouldn't mention your porn. She's so annoying and full of herself for nothing. Ugliest Twitter whore to date on all counts of her looks and behavior.

No. 1438390

File: 1644373028950.jpeg (1.16 MB, 1242x1786, 945CBC71-07AB-426A-B6E7-017791…)

No. 1438394

It looks like she has a giant wart next to her nose, like a witch.

No. 1438395

File: 1644373208577.jpeg (729.58 KB, 1242x1508, 4786D400-51E8-4E2E-A45C-B25AF5…)

Jason R Womack and grayhair
The only two losers willing to give this ugly bitch shekels for her attention

No. 1438397

Manly shaped bitch goddamn

No. 1438399

To be honest it’s kinda difficult to believe it’s her hand. It could be anyone’s. Plenty of girls with bad taste in fake nails.

How did she tell you she had an implant? She just flat out said it? It’s just this implant thing is hard to believe and if true just shows how well is her family to pay a plastic surgery to her when she was underaged. A lot of the things this anon says are just things that are repeated constantly throughout the threads, for all I believe it could just be Shay messing with us.

No. 1438401

I like that Womack replied with both his accounts

No. 1438403

File: 1644373396048.jpeg (1.12 MB, 1138x1985, CF010832-38CE-4529-96E8-2C6C29…)

Even though she was “just kidding” you can tell she’s still pissed off. It’s not the neighbor’s fault you finally decided to get off your acne covered ass to roll over and pretend to cum for your only two subscribers.

No. 1438406

She really thinks she’s cute and feeling herself in those Snapchat videos topkek because you can clearly see the double chins that couldn’t even be contained by the face slimming filter. We all know you look ten times uglier in person. Her voice is so annoying.

No. 1438408

You’re a retard why would Shayna say shit to make herself look bad she’s obsessed with herself. Even if that wasn’t her hand she clearly was with her when she picked up that cat and that’s the cat again. Cat anon don’t listen to these people we appreciate the milk.

No. 1438409

did she tell you what she does for a living? if so, how did she describe it or talk about it?

No. 1438413

OJ Simpson type beat

No. 1438419

File: 1644374093803.jpeg (Spoiler Image,202.26 KB, 750x1336, DE40DA5A-979C-4013-A234-D3CAF5…)

This one isn’t any better

No. 1438420

Penis nose

No. 1438422

She let her tits sag more and now has no cleavage in this one. Ok Shay

No. 1438424

Despite what she says, even she knows she’s fugly, serving stink eye in every single photo

No. 1438426

Well, she has nobody to talk to and the cat pic she could have kept saved. She may not say anything public to make her look bad and she hates her body and how we constantly talk about her body parts, so makes sense that because she’s spiraling in loneliness that she could come here to vent as an anon.

Goddamn you are hostile with someone just sharing their opinion like everyone else.

No. 1438428

Maybe I’m being an autist but looking through her old IG, it looks like the exact same lipstick shade she’s been wearing since 2019.
I wouldn’t doubt it if she’s been using the same tube as well, I would think a “dolly bimbo”would use brighter shades that bring more color to her face.

No. 1438433

Nah she absolutely has only ever owned 1 maybe 2 matte lipsticks since her tumblr days. She has a weird insistence on ignoring her lips. A couple times a year she'll dig out the bloated corpse shade of lip color and use it but that's it. She used chapstick literally once ever. And despite buying tons of scrubs and exfoliates, never seems to use any lip ones. Her lips are so dry and crusty idk how she just lives with it. And doesn't even edit her lips with visible peel in pictures. Totes bimbo Barbie bby tho!

No. 1438434

lol another retard who believes shaynas implant story. no doctor gives implants to patients who haven’t finished puberty. it doesn’t work like that.

No. 1438435

Nta but it's a retarded tinfoil whether you believe anon or not lmao

No. 1438439

This was in 2019 and honestly she could’ve lied to me too. Truly nobody will know till she says herself. >>1438409 yes I knew what she did for a living

No. 1438443

In 2019 did she even have lopsided boobs to the point it was noticable? "Shayheads" don't come for me because I don't remember. I don't see why she'd lie if her breast were normal then and now they look…different with one stiff and perky, the other super bouncy and bigger with sag. IDK. Why tell people about one implant anyway? That's not cool.If there's any truth in all of this

No. 1438444

She always claimed on tumblr that her boob looked like that from a flu shot as a kid

No. 1438447

File: 1644376971284.jpg (24.37 KB, 640x480, sean-penn.jpg)

kek i cant unsee this nonnas

No. 1438451

>>1438443 they looked a lot less weird until she moved around, then only one bounced and the other was completely still, plus the scar was a lot more obvious back then when they were perky. its not cool she's probably embarrassed about it thats why she doesnt talk about it at all, maybe just told a friend in confidence

>>1438444 she said the veins and some other mystery health problems were from a flu shot, not the size difference

No. 1438452

File: 1644377096735.jpeg (111.23 KB, 1242x266, C1983679-FAEA-4B22-A043-D14B00…)

No. 1438454

File: 1644377335729.png (6.3 MB, 1242x2208, 84B84A7B-DE4B-495A-81B1-3FDAD8…)

help it’s retarded

No. 1438462

File: 1644377578919.png (5.52 MB, 1242x2208, 19EC6FBE-7699-406F-9F5E-60D350…)

Them lunch lady arms keep growing

No. 1438465

she's wearing that bra 3 inches too high like she's in one of those flash dress up games that didn't auto fix the position of the clothes for you when you dragged them on.

No. 1438466

Even her hands have muffin tops

No. 1438468

File: 1644377680674.jpeg (1 MB, 983x2093, FC4AE08A-3A40-4808-9CAC-0F7CFB…)

buck tooth barbie

No. 1438471

I leave for one day and this soulless walmart employee looking garden variety hooker ends up posting 50 new photos looking uglier than the ones before

No. 1438472

can you post like a collage or a gif instead of posting every frame

No. 1438476

Her honker has to be the worst thing on her face, this bitch really has been selling the only thing she has to offer in this world which are her genitals for the past 10 years and hasn’t been able to do a god damn thing about whatever situation is going on with her honker and entire face

Any other whore whose been doing it this long would not be in the predicament she is in. What a total nightmare it really never fails to amaze me

No. 1438477

File: 1644378074290.jpeg (913.59 KB, 3461x1547, 76CB2D9D-7829-4B3C-8BE8-D5E44A…)

Sloppy collage but all the selfies she posted on her snap

No. 1438478

This looks like a 8$ outfit from Shein, she is so cheap lol

No. 1438481

Great now we get to see nothing but these pictures for the next month until she manages to brush her hair again and take 200 more identical photos

No. 1438482

none of you can tell me she doesn’t have fucking facial paralysis , she litterally cannot move the other side of her face

No. 1438483

File: 1644378419015.jpeg (1.26 MB, 1194x1678, 9FBA139B-A4D6-455E-9387-B88932…)

At least she didn’t wear the horrid pink wig. Idk why she couldn’t wear a new outfit?

No. 1438485

Every other whore whose been in the game this long has bought their own house, car, did their entire face makeover, and has fairly pricy shit lying around they don’t even USE.
Designer clothing and whatever. This loser still shops at shein/amazin and looks like she came off the street corner and is the most rough 24/25 i have ever fucking seen with consideration to those outdoor nude nature pics.
You really would think she does heavy drugs everyday
She’s been doing whoredom so long and has nothing to show anybody for it. I’d honestly just kill myself by this point this has to be the most embarrassing life. If you’re going to be a prostitute please be a good one. Or don’t fucking bother, you’ll just end up on lolcow with people putting bets on when you’re going to throw in the towel

No. 1438486

For the future anons reading this thread in case she deletes this:

No. 1438487

fucking kek anon
she looks like she has the proportions of a midget in this

No. 1438488

omg shut up paralysis anon

No. 1438489

File: 1644378676444.jpeg (33.77 KB, 685x283, 20EF6544-E35D-407C-B34F-E67EE6…)

How the fuck did this take her 26 times to film

No. 1438492

>Every other whore whose been in the game this long has bought their own house, car, did their entire face makeover, and has fairly pricy shit lying around
Oh wow you really bought that propaganda? Since you're that stupid, I'll explain it to you: this Onlyfans shit is a pyramid scheme and what you described is the lie they're selling to recruit more girls in.

No. 1438493

I knew before it started playing it was gonna be some retarded 50s song. She's so predictable and has no substantial personality.
God so embarrassing when everyone on tik tok does shit like this but 10 times better and she would say it took her dozens of tries? She ought to do multiple takes on her porn vids, ya know, her job. But then what's the point when she will look like shit anyway.

No. 1438497

…this is so embarrassing. You're 25 Shayna. Tik tok dances are for hot skinny zoomer teens, not big body Escalade bitches.

No. 1438499

File: 1644379681394.jpeg (59.4 KB, 509x339, 79839276-C228-46A4-982A-2DA392…)

Based anon. It is the same shit with the lottery and the cryptocurrency only a few people get lucky and get rich from it. The majority of people lose money trying to get wealthy. If they do win they win pennies, like our cow Shaynus here or don’t make any profit in their investments because they’re stupid.

No. 1438502

they're called wrists, anon

No. 1438503

File: 1644379987275.jpeg (1.11 MB, 2805x2148, B5B924C6-1E18-42FB-B825-D06B38…)

Speaking of SHEIN I found shayna’s benfrank that comes with a plaid top for $21, of course she wore it wrong and didn’t iron it, so it looks more retarded and cheap

No. 1438513

How she looks vs how she thinks she looks.

No. 1438514

For someone who owns all those body/face scrubs, she sure does have horrifically textured skin

No. 1438517

thats exactly what over exfoliating will do to your skin she shouldnt be exclusively using scrubs on her face as her skin care routine

No. 1438518

Usually people find out if they’re naturals in the sex work community/lifestyle pretty quick, I think the post meant most people would never sink 5+ years into it if they were only getting less and less popular and not even able to have full financial freedom/wealth. Most moderately attractive girls who care enough to actually do the job of being attractive and compelling will be able to pay for luxuries including home and car and also have a nice army of simp scrotes who pay them thousands each month instead of a few $50 tips

No. 1438522

Ayrt makes sense though scrubs would be cheaper, peels would be way out of her price range even though a good skincare routine is exactly what this unwashed hog needs

No. 1438527

If you take away those lashes she looks like Mama June making that ugly face like someone took her sketti and butter away, the opposite of anything Barbie

No. 1438531

File: 1644381969635.webm (5.69 MB, 720x1280, jk.webm)

No. 1438544

File: 1644382406648.webm (7.99 MB, 1080x1920, stupid cupid.webm)

No. 1438546

The fact that womack replied on both of his accounts to her pic is fucking sending me .
Does anyone else have any fucking interest in her lol
She really needs to just marry that guy he’s the best option shaynus has and it’s only going to get worse for her in terms of options
I’m pretty sure something is wrong with womack though like he definitely has autism or similair because no normal human would be into shaynus. Seriously.

No. 1438560

File: 1644383905901.jpeg (407.63 KB, 1242x1155, 23AEC742-3C21-44FC-A025-37BDDC…)

Like clock work

No. 1438562

File: 1644383953415.jpg (45.07 KB, 423x572, 20220208_231755.jpg)

What is with the tweaker jaw look? Has she always jutted her jaw out like this when she talks?

No. 1438564

There are prepubescent girls getting double mastectomies just because they kin komaeda, not so hard to believe tbh.

No. 1438578

God the mental imagery of her getting a chemical peel. If she got the strong peely kind she would pick and peel the skin raw like she does with her cuticles and nails. We've seen the aftermath of her microblading/ eyebrow tattoos and she can't do the bare minimum to take care of her skin after beauty procedures

No. 1438582

File: 1644387104716.jpeg (129.2 KB, 1157x489, 3928C121-CE10-4B11-A618-6077CA…)

Her stupid video (no one cares about) still hasn’t been posted after she kept talking about it over and over. She sucks at being a whore. She could have just not said anything and no one would care

No. 1438584

It usually takes her a couple days to edit her videos, she’s lazy

No. 1438607

File: 1644392881851.jpeg (94.16 KB, 1222x1116, D9175957-E0B9-4543-9517-325EB5…)

All her coomers went to bed kek

No. 1438610

File: 1644393479974.jpeg (Spoiler Image,210.95 KB, 750x1336, 2A9834D0-5A8F-421F-A9C1-5B3762…)

Fucking gross. Enjoy your used butt plug I guess Womack

No. 1438618

File: 1644394994805.jpeg (72.21 KB, 704x215, 20E06FB2-685E-4A8E-9A19-A3ACB5…)

she deleted this pathetic tweet

No. 1438631

So… You have 0 pics together with someone you hung out with on the regular, so much that you even drove her to get her dog?

And… It's just coincidence that you hit on the stuff people sperg about:
>Yes she does have an implant in her boob.
>I don’t think I ever saw her drink water.

She uses this word to describe herself a lot. Don't think anyone else would ever call her that.

Sorry but I call bullshit lol. If you were such good friends you'd have pics together and since you know him IRL you would not have called him "Fupa".
Try harder.

No. 1438632

Gotta get up early for the senior special at country kitchen buffet nonnie.

No. 1438633

Sage for blog and OT but the more I read of Shay’s thread the more grateful I am that my sheltered ass only used tumblr for fandom and husbandoposting in high school. She’s an adult and at the end of the day no one can be held responsible for her life choices but her, but I have a feeling if she hadn’t spent her formative years having her deviant behaviour normalised and cheered on by tumblr and having disgusting moids like fupaul and soy gas her up as an “uwu sexy bimbo baby” she would a much different/healthier person than she is today.

No. 1438640

You sound like one of those "violent video games create murderers" moms.
People can do shit as teens and young adults that don't filter into their real world adult lives and smoking pot wasn't exactly "deviant" behavior.
She got into sex word because at the time of her tumblr fame she saw it as easy money. She continues out of spite and stubbornness, nothing more.

No. 1438643

Built like a goddamn gas station burrito in tinfoil. And you know it’s rancid…

No. 1438646

NTA but you sound delusional to how much outside influences can mold you

No. 1438688

It depends on the person and how impressionable they are. But Shay wasn't dragged into this, she had a lick of fame from smoking pot publicly on tumblr and saw the new rage of sex work as an easy way to cash in on her small scale e-fame.

Shay is academically dumb, but she is cunning and manipulative, well enough that she was able to see an easy "in" to what she assumed would be easy money with an established following.

It's nothing to do with her being groomed or heavily influenced by the dashboard, she used her head to try make a quick buck and it went painfully wrong for her.

Now she's too deep in the hole and too stubborn to give up.

No. 1438701

>she is cunning and manipulative
I think she tries really hard to be but she lacks the skill.

No. 1438705

The Womack sperging is pathetic and unfunny. Shayna will never give him the time of day if it wasn’t for the few measly schmeckles he gives her.

No. 1438709

Unless im mistaken, you’ve got the wrong person.
I know the artist, she shared progress pics with me. Met her through cc. They deff meant Lc as lolcow and even tagged some which was kinda an autist move but theyre a self admitted autist so…

No. 1438742

She can't manipulate smart people but she can manipulate tards like Womack and she can manipulate her parents into giving her money. Pretty much all she needs to survive right now.

No. 1438810

Well what does she expect tweeting stuff out at 11pm Pacific on a Tuesday no less? Vast majority of the country’s in bed. Though of course a work schedule is a foreign concept to her

No. 1438883

Yes she’s literally told multiple people/cows she told me when I was “friends” with her in snap b4 she went psycho bc of fupapa and accused me of contributing kek- it’s called
Micromastia And or breast aplasia there’s literally a tiktok model that refused the implant as a teen (which is usually how they fix it) and it’s actually a semi common condition that can happen Bc if genetics where one breast is obviously underdeveloped for whatever reason.

No. 1438891

Can you think of a luzy fight between her and fupa? I'm interested to know the small details of who was more retarded. Low milk season.

No. 1438893

I just like how this bitch didn't even start filming anything til like 8pm. Lazy stoner losers like her have no concept of time I swear. She's so wack.

No. 1438900

i agree more with the second anon. if shay had never seen tumblr, she'd still be a washed up whore now, except she'd be doing irl sex work and actual hard drugs. her irl influence was honestly more hardcore and tumblr did her a favour.

No. 1438909

Contributing to lolcow or to the break up? Shay claims she was abused by him, did you see abuse going on, or did she talk about him abusing her before they broke up?

No. 1438943

File: 1644436663060.jpeg (269.76 KB, 750x690, 5CC47EE4-6396-48B3-A010-F30095…)

Someone has kind of a stinky attitude. Wonder why she isn’t more success. Maybe if she didn’t use Twitter as her personal diary for every rude thought people would be more willing to spend money on her. >>1437412

No. 1438949

the business sense is off the charts here
coffee is for closers, Shayna

No. 1438950

Yeah retard you're seen as a subhuman fuckhole by moids of course they demand whatever they want and don't care if it hurts you or bugs you. They know you'll pump out more free content anyway cause this is the only thing you have to live for. Why do OF whores get mad when they're dehumanized like they didn't sign up for that for the rest of their life on addition to what women already face?

No. 1438961

yeah, i'd agree. the kind of sex work shay and her circle does is a lot more babying and safe. look at luna who actually drank a cup of her own piss on video for money for drugs. there's reason to believe her rape saga was her messing around with a guy for drugs/drug money and regretting it. shay is on twitter going "lol my sugar dad bought me a build a bear and i slept in until 2 but i have a headache so no camshow until next week sorry" there's a clear difference here.

No. 1438968

2 threads ago Shayna drank her own piss from a cup on video for money. Then likely spend said money on weed. Keep up, Shayna is just as much of a disgusting whore as Luna

No. 1438974

File: 1644438653474.png (620.88 KB, 720x720, 1638240015245.png)

It's been talked about since before she got fat and her floppy natural tit became so noticeably different from her implant tit. Other random former friends have confirmed it too. I don't know why anyone finds it hard to believe when it's so obvious when it's flopping all over the place and the other one is relatively immobile compared to it. (Her implant scar is the bottom pic.)(titpicking)

No. 1438977

It could be natural or maybe she does have a implant. Both makes sense because Shayna has never sexualized or addressed the obvious boob difference. One thing about Shayna is she'll try to turn anything into something she can sexualize. The only reason im.not 100% on it is, this is the perfect way to get sympathy. The perfect way to be special. Shit I'm sure there's sex work communities for girls with the same issue she can join. I think real or fake boob, she's not happy about her breasts. So she's not going to mention it.(titpicking)

No. 1438981

I think the confusion comes from people thinking she got like a cosmetic “boob job” as a teenager, rather then a common fix for a development issue. She was probably very self conscious about it and has no reason to brag about it online. It’s really not that wild, I had a friend with micromastia who got the same surgery. I know people are going to sperg out about it again though(titpicking)

No. 1438994

so has she lost the tiniest bit of weight or am i tripping? is it the filters she uses? i feel like she's looked fatter than this

No. 1438998

File: 1644440271803.jpg (80.96 KB, 800x450, df109202-f5dd-45a1-99b4-f10939…)

Mod confirmed to have floppy tits(derailing)

No. 1439027

Nah, I noticed the same thing on a webm earlier this week as well. She generally seems fatter on all those phone photos she posts, so maybe it depends on the lens of the device she uses + her tendency to wear clothes that are too small makes her look fatter. Then again, that lake photographer didn't do her any favours either and he's supposed to have pro equipment.

No. 1439039


I thought this too. Her belly looks smaller

No. 1439077

you guys are right; must be rationing grocery money over for weed lmao

No. 1439088

I think it's the perspective. She's leaning her lower half away from the camera which makes her gunt and thighs look smaller. Here >>1438462 her arms look bigger than her legs.

No. 1439110

File: 1644447165290.jpeg (Spoiler Image,221.18 KB, 750x1292, 20825919-8B68-4678-A4E9-3C8A7F…)

Nothing milky about her new video, same boring shit as ever, gags on an inch of dildo and then fucks herself. honestly impressed she managed to make a video with no references to children, incest, rape or piss in it.

No. 1439114

She has stretched ear lobes? She’s the definition of cheugy

No. 1439116

Is that the actual thumbnail?

No. 1439121

ddlg is cheugy

No. 1439122

File: 1644447599065.jpeg (Spoiler Image,276.09 KB, 750x668, DB93249F-2747-4942-9B73-0F0EB0…)

No the actual thumbnail makes her look just as retarded

No. 1439126

File: 1644447907448.jpeg (35.38 KB, 739x415, BCB8B3DC-4EC2-4CE6-816A-470075…)

Same energy

No. 1439129

God the thread picture is accurate af

No. 1439137

What happened to her going “blonde”? Her hair looks just as mousy as it did before she got those ugly grey highlights.

No. 1439144

spoiler this shit will you

No. 1439145

File: 1644449237750.png (Spoiler Image,1.32 MB, 1080x2020, Screenshot_20220209-152420.png)

Went to look at the page and holy shit this is depressing lol

No. 1439177

5 years of sex work and she does not know how to use literally any other position

No. 1439185

File: 1644452275076.png (371.51 KB, 1080x1534, charity work.png)

No. 1439192

omg did womack get his tax return lmao

No. 1439201

File: 1644453634378.jpeg (163.62 KB, 750x516, B618269B-A111-42AD-B42A-C56A0F…)

She’s gonna waste it so fast

No. 1439203

Seems kinda sus someone sent it at 5:37AM and they waited until 1:59PM to tell her? And she didn't notice that a lot earlier? She flaunts when she gets $10 right away I'm not buying it was for that amount or that it was from a follower. Probably her actual dad sent her money and she had to Photoshop this kek

No. 1439206

Also it’s seems like a weird amount, why not just 1200 or 1300? That’s usually how much rent is.

No. 1439207

or her mum

No. 1439212

It's because she's trying to talk in an uwu cutesy baby way.

No. 1439218

How is an ex-bulimic unable to take even 1 inch in her mouth? Damn

No. 1439219

File: 1644455889664.jpeg (202.28 KB, 750x727, 02C3A8F1-2FB6-4DEC-B958-6F6F44…)

I cannot believe she wants to work with another photographer after the last absolute disaster

No. 1439226

File: 1644456378078.jpeg (Spoiler Image,784.14 KB, 991x1300, 719B83E7-308D-4D65-97DF-A7463B…)

Her fucking wonky boobs my sides

No. 1439227

she literally buys a new bed frame like every other month what the fuck.

No. 1439229

wtf is that one on the bottom left?!

No. 1439232

File: 1644456785930.jpeg (249.84 KB, 1177x1242, 520B7730-1EF2-46C5-B688-04DD41…)

Why does she blink one eye at a time?

No. 1439239

She’s stoned/wasted and has all that greasy makeup and eyelashes. She always looks unwashed even if she showed off her Lush haul. What she really needs is to buy the cheap The Ordinary line and start off there. She needs to introduce acid into her routine, fucking crusty bitch.

No. 1439246

Already spending on unnecessary garbage. She's going to blow through this money in a week. If she had 1 more braincell to her name maybe she would think to put it into savings, but this IS Shayna after all

No. 1439250

It would be pretty lulzy if she blew through it all & then some & ended up in an even worse financial position because of the increased momentum of her spending.

No. 1439252

a week? i’m pretty certain she’s blown through it already. it’ll be gone by friday.

No. 1439260

I dunno if the acids are strong enough in that skincare range to penetrate through the immense layer of crust this unwashed hog has built up. The texture of her skin is literally the side of a salt-air damaged seaside home.

No. 1439261

And then starting next week she’ll put out a half-assed sob story, an excuse as to why she can’t put out new content, and then discount everything like she does every month because she doesn’t have money for rent. Conservatorship saga when?

No. 1439267

She's absolutely riding the high of a large amount of money being dropped into her lap and she's gonna burn through it before the weekend and then will crash and be broke and depressed again.

Womack definitely got his tax return or some shit. Incredible though. Imagine sending a crusty boring whore 1k when you could do literally anything else. Like ffs go to the strip club at least or something where you actually get something in return.

No. 1439269

File: 1644459856239.gif (497.36 KB, 400x284, 7967C40D-C34A-4EF5-A317-710D41…)

she looks like a tim and eric character here

No. 1439271

I know we say her porn is the same all the time. But jfc. Same wand and dildo and always that fucking position. I don't get why as a coomer you would by more than one of her vids. There's no point.
I think you could count on one hand her fuck machine videos. She is always on her back doing the same thing. How does she not see how repetitive and lazy her content is? Or she does and doesn't care because she's so lazy. Idk I've seen some of the other girls on mv and they have variety. Yeah they have a couple fetishes they focus on, but they have different toys, different settings based on the scenarios, etc.

No. 1439286

but she buys so much stuff. if not toys, what the fuck is she buying? it's not outfits. she barely posts outfits anymore. if i see that wrinkly white top or pink skirt one more time, i'll scream.

No. 1439292

I feel like she does buy a lot of clothes but orders them in the wrong size and can’t even get them on. She’s a stoned, fast fashion shopaholic who uses shopping as another form of self soothing since she knows her life is in the dumpster and she craves that moment of happiness when she buys shit.

No. 1439299

Kek that money is goooone. She instantly went to go spend it on stupid ass shit.

>inb4 I bought so much cute stuff on shein and 4 custom dog dildos and another straight jacket!! Teehee

No. 1439302

And another fuck machine she’ll never use.

No. 1439303

Maybe she could use that money to buy a power washer like the one her neighbour has. That’s the only way this girl will get washed, she needs to blast the crust off with a high-powered hose kek

No. 1439310

lmao seeing her already finding ways of wasting this money on complete garbage is so delish. Yasss gorl invest it on your dead end gross porn career. such a girl boss!

No. 1439313

She could be putting it towards a car, she’s attempted to save up for one a few times, begs her coomers for money for one and then scams them by blowing it immediately. She has no consent of saving

No. 1439314

can the bitch even drive kek

No. 1439319

Maybe Ellen can drive the car and hit shayna’s neighbor again kek

No. 1439323

Didn't she have tickets or something?

No. 1439324

File: 1644467824172.jpeg (Spoiler Image,455.67 KB, 894x687, 51227C1C-61E6-4A1E-A338-A2694C…)

She sounds like she threw up while doing that. Disgusting https://www.dropbox.com/s/gk559in4tlgzzoo/barf.mov?dl=0

No. 1439325

File: 1644467969497.jpeg (Spoiler Image,406.59 KB, 511x1060, CF35EF2E-F1A7-49A0-BB34-B48E59…)

No. 1439326

File: 1644468051888.jpeg (Spoiler Image,188.1 KB, 1239x690, 72E61C56-F441-4BEA-8A27-87DF6F…)

Serving Debby Ryan Radio Rebel realness

No. 1439328

File: 1644468135440.jpeg (977.6 KB, 1242x1312, 6617844C-23F7-4A57-99C7-77BBE2…)

Okay I’m done

No. 1439335

For what purpose anon?

No. 1439349

Why does she blink so many times. Her lashes are trying to fly away or something. It's not cute like she thinks it is. It's sped like and weird. Also once again failed at the pov. She tried but it doesn't make sense for her to have the "dick" off to the side like that, but then looking over and at the camera that would be the person's face. The dildo should have been in the center and her looking slightly up or something

No. 1439353

I was reading over the first thread since we just hit 100 and there's pics of her driving there. >>357700
Apparently she used to have a car too? It's pretty sad to scroll through the old pics and see how much more alive she looked. She even had friends in some of them.

No. 1439355

Imagine being this deep into sw, what five years, and not being able to cum with only your hands. She really CAN’T. She has no skills. Look at her head game ffs. Straight up fat, prude trying to pretend to be sexual.

No. 1439358

File: 1644473889898.jpeg (Spoiler Image,360.27 KB, 1789x2044, C171216C-D3F4-499C-AAF0-3CC94C…)

No. 1439365

This is one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen her do. Truly looks like a parody.

No. 1439369

File: 1644475275856.jpeg (569.18 KB, 1242x688, 0D9F5C46-156B-4347-B16C-1DF0CE…)

Idk why she didn’t cut this part out of her getting up. It goes by fast but she looks fucking stupid if you freeze this frame

No. 1439373

>“I love your tight cock”
>is holding a dildo

No. 1439374

She sounds like she’s about to burst in to tears when she talks

No. 1439375

> i love your tight cock inside of me
Wtf does that even mean? As opposed to a wrinkly loose-skinned cock, what? Even her dirty talk is fucking stupid, like does she even know what sex is?

No. 1439377

I'm still baffled by how she always violently gags from just the tip of a dildo. Is it because she doesn't wash the things? Is it because she was only used to fupa's tiny chode? So many questions.

No. 1439380

She almost looks like a Hartley Hooligan this is so disturbing

No. 1439386

She thinks dudes like that shit and she's probably been with a buncha tiny dick men and she did it to make them feel better about their micro penis.

No. 1439393

i woke my uncle up from wheezing at this

No. 1439394

She did, for speeding in Fupa's car and not wearing a seatbelt

No. 1439402

Mega pixielocks vibes

No. 1439411

I just want to know how this is worth it. how is it worth having this on the internet forever

No. 1439412

Silicone is gross and smells weird and I imagine tastes weird. I’d probably gag too. But really I think she just has an awful gag reflex.

Idk why nonnies think she’s lost weight. If anything she looks fatter.

How are men’s standards so low. At this point I think they just get off on the humiliation. No way anyone is aroused by this.

No. 1439442

File: 1644488420413.jpeg (20.87 KB, 696x126, FD226393-3596-4D29-84D3-10B3F2…)

she brings up her family so much on her sex work twitter account. i know this one is pretty tame compared to others she's posted. she deleted this tweet too btw

No. 1439444

>i hope it fels even better for you than it does for me
this bitch is truly asexual. the only pleasure she gets is from pleasing scrotes. what a sad existence

No. 1439479

For a moment I thought she was finally going to fuck herself in a different position when she got up on the bed, but no. She immediately flopped over to lay on her fatass once again.

No. 1439519

i feel like she needs to soak in a butterball from lush and then lather on a bunch of vaseline/aquaphor, but she might be too greasy for that…i feel like glycerin is her best bet since acids need water and bitch is thirsty.

No. 1439536

Please explain how being groomed into doing sex work as a minor has no effect on you as an adult. Also explain how doing sex work as a minor could ever not involve grooming.

No. 1439558

>she saw it as easy money
>continues out of spite and stubbornness

Being young is equal to being stupid and thinking you know better. Sadly, adulthood hasn't changed her. She wasn't groomed into it, she found it all by herself and pursued it because she assumed it would be easy as she already had a following.

Read and think better nonnie. Shay wasn't some groomed and abused kid. She was just fucking dumb (and still is).

No. 1439576

You must not have been on tumblr during the time Shay was. Yes, she was groomed. Tumblr was soaked with sex posi degenerate shit when she was using it as a teen, adult men were contacting her giving her shit for nudes when she was underage. How isn’t that grooming? Have you seen the state of online social media at the moment? Literal colleges are promoting sex work as a viable income for young women. Girl Scout groups are being sponsored by hooters ffs. Just because you know people that were on tumblr and didn’t go into sex work doesn’t mean she wasn’t groomed, it also means you were because you don’t see it. Society has literally groomed you not to see this degenerate pipeline being constructed around women and girls for the last 10 years. Not to say shay isn’t responsible for herself (she has the ability to get out unlike a lot of women and girls in similar/worse situations) but to downplay the grooming/sexualisation/objecticification that occurs online then and now is just being willfully ignorant and does a disservice to others. Stop falling for it.
> Read and think better nonnie.

No. 1439578

I hate Shayna too; it doesn’t make my hate any less justified to admit that she was groomed by tumblr sex work propaganda. Because Shayna wouldn’t have seen sex work as a logical next step to fame if she wasn’t brainwashed by tumblr. Any sensible stoner blog would have used their clout to get brand deals and sponsorships. Shay even said she wanted to do music. What she’s not, is, a mindbroken sexually abused victim who is incapable of choosing a different life at any time! Because she can.
Video games can in fact create toxic environments in which violent personality is fostered idiot. Although it is almost exclusive to the defective Y chromosome. Violent media, including sexual violence, do in fact serve as inspiration for psychos to explore and indulge in their fantasies. And they absolutely do alter smooth brains of teens. In the case of Shayna, she destroyed any semblance of healthy sexuality for herself, such many many many cases.
I wish we would grow out of such reductive psyop where “hurrr I’m so intelligent that nothing I consume can have an impact on my psyche.” Just look at how many seemingly normal people go full schizo because they had access to facebook. What makes someone a full cow is their inability to introspect after the fact and change.

No. 1439605

Well-stated, anon.

No. 1439628

I love how most farmers think adult men interacting sexually with children is a crime punishable by death, yet when it happens to someone you don't like "they should have known better", "they weren't groomed, they enjoyed it and brought it on themselves", and "it has the same effect on them as playing videogames!!".

Of course she's dumb, no one is debating that. I also think children don't deserve to be groomed into making porn at age 15 even if they're "dumb". And I think when a 15 year old makes child sex abuse material for an adult it's a crime and a really fucking sad and awful thing to happen to them. But I respect that you think a child is capable of consenting to being a sex object without being groomed and that experience won't have any effect on them as an adult, I hope one day I can "read and think better" enough to come to the same conclusions as you.

No. 1439648

File: 1644510011901.jpg (311.42 KB, 1080x1216, Screenshot_20220210-101940_Chr…)

No. 1439657

FUCKING DISGUSTING this bitch just keeps getting more and more rancid

No. 1439662

I mean, she's not wrong. It's kinda cringe how Shaynafags buy her porn just to find screenshots of her making stupid faces.

No. 1439664

you are ugly fatty pedo

No. 1439667


Does she just sit with lolcow open all day? Pathetic.

No. 1439676

Your selfies that you post thinking you look good… are just as bad.

No. 1439708

I mean, she looks ugly in her carefully posed and filtered and shooped Twitter pics anyway.

No. 1439718

File: 1644512752842.jpeg (525.09 KB, 1170x1425, AE45F8DC-104A-4458-AD23-06CBB7…)

Of course you will Womack

No. 1439752

she looks so much like Nikocado Avocado here lol

No. 1439758

I seriously don’t know why the fuck farmers buy her porn just to post stupid screenshots when the trailers are ugly enough and she puts everything in them. It’s incredibly autistic and weird

No. 1439764

makes them feel better about being coomers i guess, they buy her shit and jerk off and then come here and act like they're better than her

No. 1439784

she literally sounds like a fucking tranny in tweeting this

No. 1439807

It's weird until you realize there are actual pedophile coomers in these threads.

No. 1439810

Save that money for rent bitch. Lmao if multi millionaire OF thots couldn’t stop their content from getting plastered all over the internet, what makes Shay think she’ll be the exception. I support the anon who buys her content. $3 well spent for palpable seethe.

No. 1439811

File: 1644516310908.png (98.25 KB, 220x220, 6CE0CCA2-E139-4004-94C6-CF5520…)

Too easy

No. 1439821

File: 1644516717471.jpeg (340.13 KB, 1170x1010, 70862CD7-F4A3-456A-B166-5C0288…)

Why is she now taking concern over this?

No. 1439831

Hoo boy, if she got a kiwifarms thread she'd go insane.

No. 1439835

kek i guess the screenshots anons posted earlier mocking her REALLY got to her this time, we probably caught her on a bad day

No. 1439841

Looking forward to the Tax Evasion Barbie saga when Cash App reports her earnings to the IRS at the end of the year lmao

No. 1439846

File: 1644517965064.gif (19.24 MB, 600x427, ezgif-2-e93bc574c7.gif)

I mean she does have one IIRC.

No. 1439859

Hey Shat, since you lurk. Screencaps are fair game. And its not stolen content if its from the trailer on manyvids.

No. 1439863

fixing your life always works better than trying to destroy receipts

No. 1439864

She has a kiwifarms thread, it’s not active though

No. 1439866

File: 1644518617936.jpeg (Spoiler Image,91.11 KB, 750x981, A17CB9D8-54A1-4CFC-99D7-1605C8…)

I don’t think she can be more of an idiot. The cheapest plan is around 150$ per month, is it really worth the money she loses from reuploads? It won’t even cover it!! Maybe if you’re successful but she’s nowhere close. Lmao

No. 1439885

Kek next thread pic please

No. 1439890

Acting like it doesn’t bother her and finds it funny, but wants to protect her content kek

No. 1439894

Anyone that caught the pages of sperging about how DDLG/shayna’s content isn’t pedopandering was already well aware of how many creepy pedo coomers lurk these threads.

No. 1439900

>>1439648 I cant understand why cows come and look at their threads. Is it just narcissism or the need for any type of attention?

No. 1439904

Classic and fair use

No. 1439906

Not to mention, reuploads on other porn sites is advertisement for a nobody like her. She's not even losing any revenue to begin with because ain't nobody buying her shit in the first place kek.
Not a single business bone in her body.

No. 1439918

Bed frames can only hold so much weight kek

I think it’s because in the case of this particular cow, besides Womack, grayhair, and maybe Ellen, we’re her only company. The loneliness would really smack her in the face if this site went down tomorrow

No. 1439927

Cows like her would lose it. She'd realize so quick how much she's just screaming into the void without lolcow, noone listens or gives a fuck. She doesn't have an actual audience like some other cows posted here. That's death to a narcissist.

No. 1439939

why doesn't she just… do it herself? god knows she's online enough, might as well do something productive with it

No. 1439944

maybe if her content wasnt that cheap it could feel exclusive, but yeah you know for her to drain a wallet is like $3

No. 1439976

Is she stupid enough to think that Russian sites hosting OF content for free are going to give a single fuck about this? The fact that these sites exist already proves that they don't.

To even pay for this she needs 56 coomers to subscribe to her OF.

No. 1439978

Her video was free with $3 a month of rancid boring content. No one paid $12 or however much the fuck she made the price on MV she’s so butthurt it’s hilarious. Her content is cheaper than my regular Starbucks order.

No. 1439980

Yeah it sounds like a scam to me, what are they gonna do, try to take lolcow or Dropbox or streamable down?

No. 1439982

They're sending strongly worded emails to lolcow LLC lmao most they do is delete leddit posts.

No. 1439992

File: 1644526047629.jpeg (903.43 KB, 1242x1593, B8EACA1B-F1F7-4608-92F1-4B5F90…)

I can’t stand this pedo bitch

No. 1440004

Yup and this is why she doesn’t cam anymore and procrastinates from doing it when she does tweet out that she’s thinking about camming again. The few times she does, she always says something like, “I want to give a quick ‘hi’ to my haters. I know you’re in here.” Besides the one or two coomer stragglers she gets before they don’t tip and leave, she knows we’re the only ones in there watching her.

No. 1440064

Me too. Luckily she's such a filthy bitch, she'd go septic from a Victorian-era disease from never washing the rubber nipple or something. Letting milk sit rancid in the bottle some nights. She's horrid, but it plays out so favourably for onlookers who dislike her. It's such a gift.

No. 1440094

Kiwi farms is mostly men, so it probably wouldn’t bother her.

No. 1440114

Last time a moid from kiwifarms took interest in her he sent her porn to her grandma and parents on Facebook and came here to brag about it, she should be thankful she’s not very big over there

No. 1440117

lmfao, damn she's not even hiding lurking anymore. poor shayna got butthurt over the people pointing and laughing.

No. 1440130

She ever fails at being a pedo kek. Shayna, if you ate like a kid like you're LARPing then you wouldn't be 200 pounds. Babies don't eat doordash sushi platters washed down with a box of wine.

No. 1440175

I mean, it's been up her ass and she doesn't wash them. I'd be retching from the taste of shit too.

No. 1440176

She's just going to get links from here, I think I found ONE place that had scrotes stealing her content and I think that was when she was thin and I wouldn't know or want to find it again.
In fact, I don't think even if I looked I'd find scrotes passing her shit around.

No. 1440194

File: 1644540438126.png (38.09 KB, 647x299, Copium.png)

The cope.

No. 1440195

File: 1644540568740.jpeg (177.2 KB, 750x610, 3944C2BF-9E02-4700-BFE1-35CC81…)

Normal girls her age have friends that get their nails done and talk about guys with, Shayna only has that fat old man bluefrodo1 who likes getting his balls stepped on

No. 1440206

She talks shit all the time - hence why we all know how ugly she is both inside (metaphor and physical) and out.

Cope more ham hock - squealing about it on twitter makes you even uglier.

No. 1440220

Who the hell is “slave dad”?

No. 1440224

I think it's the one that sat naked in a chastity cage and built an Amazon desk for her, kek

No. 1440230

@bluefrodo1 Slavid on Twitter, the guy she filmed that weird “femdom” video with where she kept calling him daddy and the guy that build her ugly vanity

No. 1440232

File: 1644542944159.jpeg (142.43 KB, 933x1314, 182D86E6-D208-4E6D-9CAF-0F4ABF…)

This moid

No. 1440270

Anyone notice how the biggest pick me always go for the ugliest bottom of the barrel men no woman would want? Like at least be a dumb ass for a man with money, looks like redeeming qualities. If you just be a idiot pick me at least get something worth something from it.It's always some weirdo crusty scrote who normal women avoid, yet women like Shayna actively seek out. Then they STILL treat the women like shit. Im convinced she likes older scrotes and "dates" Ellen because she wants to look better then someone. With a group of women her own age who take.care of themselves she'd stand out like a fat thumb. I think if a younger handsome guy showed interest in her she wouldn't even do it. She needs to be around these losers because she thinks they'll be desperate enough to stay around. Except even they treat her like she's nobody important to them.

No. 1440287

yes, master fupa turtle. you are my manly dom daddy. rub your bald head on my warts. dude probably never got it in in his life so he resorts to stepping on pigslugs like shay

No. 1440291

This is the one that Shayna beats up

No. 1440304

I mean anons ITT may or may not make ugly sex faces and be ugly but they don’t have to live with the embarrassment of being a fat $2 whore who sucks a disgusting old man dick in a Applebee’s parking lot after getting a clearance build a bear pink squirrel.

No. 1440307

exactly, most anons arent selling their snatch's for the price of a Mcdonalds cheeseburger. this girl lacks a substantial amount of self love and respect, and she's delusional to think otherise.

No. 1440320

still looks like a gay turtle

No. 1440338

It feels like she's in the stage of her life that comes just before everyone in her life stages an intervention. I wonder if she has the alcoholic shakes yet.

No. 1440400

It's not the men they "go for", it's the only men buying what they're selling. Normal men have normal jobs & families and aren't out there buying pedicures and building IKEA furniture for obese alcoholic shut-ins in hopes of getting the faintest whiff of pussy. Successful men with redeeming qualities don't want to be seen in public with a woman who dresses like a pedo pandering clown and pisses herself in diapers for a living. Shayna's whole image and content is bottom of the barrel - why wouldn't she attract bottom of the barrel men?

No. 1440417

I think seal-chan’s “tapestry of sin” really set her off this week, it’s been a while since she’s sperged about muh haydurz

No. 1440430

She should be grateful honestly it's flattering considering how horrific Shat really looks.

No. 1440438

has anyone considered shayna might be intersex? maybe the 'clit' in her 'butt' is a prostate. if she's reading her threads, she might want to get that checked out by her doctor(she has a higher risk of prostate cancer)

No. 1440455

This is the most retarded tinfoil in all 100 threads, congratulations.

No. 1440479

It has to be the latest retarded ass dildo sucking pic that triggered her lol

No. 1440480

idk i think they have a point maybe thats why one of her boobs never developed

No. 1440502

Please go outside

No. 1440521

Seal-chan is one of the best artists lolcow has ever seen and i hope she graces us with more autistic art

No. 1440655

People are immediately discounting this, but people don’t always know when they’re intersex…she definitely doesn’t seem to have a normal clit/vulva situation…

No. 1440674

Seriously. I love her art, it’s actually too good for Shaynus
I fucking hate scrotes so much and this thread really amplifies that hatred
Anon please.

No. 1440682

please go look at a real vagina and touch some grass. you desperately need it.

No. 1440694

Looks like Shaynus' Twitter got deleted

No. 1440698

File: 1644602144007.jpg (124.08 KB, 720x1439, Screenshot_20220211-125509_Twi…)

No. 1440701

Still up for me

No. 1440702

Still shows up for me. Did you get blocked or something?

No. 1440723

I literally have one; I’m assuming almost everyone ITT does?? Intersex people exist…there’s a reason multiple female anons think this is possible, and it’s not because we’ve managed to have vaginas our entire lives and somehow never see them.

No. 1440731

File: 1644604922641.jpeg (Spoiler Image,427.54 KB, 750x995, 9B8D746A-1CDE-4F8C-89AF-A3AF62…)

She’s real paranoid about her content being stolen all of a sudden look at that watermark. I hope this photographer does her dirty by showing her true form with the unedited shots like the last one

No. 1440732

Starting to kinda see what facial-paralysis-chan is talking about here… she’s doing it in ALL THREE PICS.

Also she looks fucking shitfaced lol.

No. 1440739

Shay is so dissociated from reality she can’t even feel her face to move it. Being cross faded 24/7 will do that to ya.

No. 1440744

She legitimately thinks she’s making a cute face, it’s not that deep

No. 1440749

Dear God, please have Shart make every glamour shot expression the Yaniv smirk. May her corn heels be sharp and yellow. Please pro photographer-san use your highest definition equipment so we may count the skin flakes and shit flecks reliably. Amen.

No. 1440750

I was with you until the end but yeah

No. 1440754

Yeah she does these shoots but when she doesn't look good and lolcow clowns her, she doesn't post or talk about them on Twitter. It's really a waste of time. She thinks she's a famous pornstar that people want to see pictures of rather then her sticking shit in her dry holes.

No. 1440765

seems like she did lose some weight. if she keeps at it maybe she could look decent for the shoot, or not. wishful thinking cause that yaniv smirk would have to go too

No. 1440811

well also a lot of intersex people look completely normal on the outside and just have different internal reproductive organs and honestly a hormone imbalance due to being intersex might even explain her complete lack of sex drive

No. 1440814

nah its just the editing and shes clearly hiddin her gut on pictures with her arm a long time now. we all know why porky wont cam anymore

No. 1440816

You're really going all in on this huh

No. 1440817

If she had lost even 5lbs she would have talked about it. She's always looked less fat in her own dimly lit facetuned selfies. You'll only be able to tell once she posts a new live video.

No. 1440829

She also hasn’t cammed in forever, that’s the only time we really see her completely unedited and unfiltered. She’s done nothing to change, I don’t know how people are getting fooled by filters in this day and age

No. 1440838

I've only been lurking here a few days, hopefully I saged correctly but can someone please explain what the following words are to me…
Kek - assuming that is like lol?
milk - assuming this is gossip / tea?

Those are all the ones I can think of right now. Sorry in advance for my ignorance.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1440841

Aw, babies first imageboard. Lurk more and integrate before posting retard

No. 1440842

Kek you just posted quality milk, you sperg. You better not be a cowtipping scrote!

No. 1440843

File: 1644611861192.jpeg (257.4 KB, 750x607, 06662008-487B-4107-88AD-A726B3…)

So this only occurs to her after losing every contest she’s ever entered? Let it go, you made the choice to make Womack waste all that money on votes on a contest you never had a chance to win

No. 1440844

>online whore websites are no different than pimps
She only just realised?

No. 1440846

i dont expect anyone to believe it because it is pretty out there and i myself am not a 100% believer of this theory but i think its an interesting one we would really have no way of knowing if she is though

No. 1440866

You learn it the more you lurk don’t make posts until you’ve caught up with the summaries of the threads. You’re fucking retarded I want to gate keep Shaynus threads from new fags because I just hate when they type paragraphs of advice or tinfoil about how she was a poor uwu victim

No. 1440869

you get exposure and potential new subscribers, low iq whore

No. 1440870

File: 1644612889769.gif (2.29 MB, 498x276, 88BBD1A9-7F74-4391-852B-322161…)

No. 1440871

"why join a contest and lose" she could have just stopped it there

No. 1440876

File: 1644613096306.jpeg (341 KB, 1242x756, AB310DDE-272B-47FD-AE37-51F20B…)

Maybe the nausea will make you avoid eating so much and spending all your pennies on doordash fat bitch

No. 1440882

I see this going about as well as her diet did

No. 1440884

File: 1644613372778.jpeg (171.9 KB, 750x632, 0A250148-3D85-4815-9302-D579A4…)

No. 1440886

she's broke lol

No. 1440900

I wish finance nonnie was still around so we had some track how much an ungodly amount is

No. 1440912

lol, there's no way they would take an interest in her.

( I hate that I had to look up what BangBros was)

No. 1440922

I was the OG finance autist, I'll go back over the last couple of threads and do an add up. Do we want to know how much in donations she got as well?

No. 1440923

Yes shaynus we live in a technological society and now the pimps are digital. Still getting fucked over by men sweaty

No. 1440929

File: 1644615414977.jpeg (196.65 KB, 894x687, A90C9995-4858-4CF6-8E7C-501C52…)

>nom nom hongry and high getting munchies nom nom

No. 1440933

delet this right now

No. 1440935

squeaking of which did anyone get the tweet she quickly deleted about how many dabs she does in a day?

No. 1440971

This is so unhinged KEK

No. 1440977

New thread pic votes already
Who would have thought being dependent on rec weed that's treated with pesticides and poorly cured would give you recurring gastrointestinal issues. Doubt she'll stop though. If she's doing ungodly amounts of dabs and smoking too, then her tolerance is fucked and it will be that much harder to quit. The lethargy and cravings will get to her after a day. She has no will power, no way she could ever even cut back.

No. 1440982

He's hideous. Getting manicures with him and everything, it seems less like a sugar daddy relationship and more like.. Weird uncle who has sex with you once in a while. I'm sure he pities her in a way and knows she needs him.

No. 1440987

This guy isn’t her “sugar daddy,” this is her “slave” we don’t know what the other guy looks like.

No. 1441018

wtf anon?

No. 1441029

>being intersex is literally having half of both sex characteristics
I'm dead, hilarious, sage for tinfoil offtopic retards

No. 1441035

I bet she paid for both of them with the money that dude gave her. When has she ever hung with the slave dude? Probably only could get him to chill with her with no sex involved by saying, "hey I'm treating"

No. 1441037

I wonder what she's even eating. We haven't heard about doordash orders and cheemsburgers since some time. I'm surprised we haven't ever seen basic staple foods in her kitchen like pasta, rice, eggs, meat, vegetables etc. What is she even eating nowadays?

No. 1441041

She spent Halloween with him rolling around naked on her floor >>>/snow/1359202 she truly has no friends, no else would want to go get their nails done with her so she has to hang out with coomers

No. 1441043

Cursed. And hilarious.

>I think
Yea and that’s where all her ideas go to die. Must have blown through that 1200 tip and now she’s like oh now I have nothing for weed.

No. 1441045

Seriously, where is her "girlfriend"?

No. 1441049

Across the country whoring herself out to someone else, it looks her and Shayna’s relationship might be on the outs though >>1438044

No. 1441074

File: 1644624229455.jpeg (130.37 KB, 750x1137, 5D29972A-E364-4B69-A0D2-AC9206…)

She deleted both of these

No. 1441080

bless you nonnie!! yeah I think the donations would be funny as well. I doubt she got much

No. 1441084

File: 1644625001218.jpg (986.63 KB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_20220211-181602_Fac…)

No. 1441092

Sage for stupid but does Shayna watch Succession?

No. 1441095

What is this boomer ass screenshot

No. 1441117

Twitter was just fucked up earlier

No. 1441127

Please go back to whence you came
Anyone who uses that font needs to be permabanned from smartphone/internet use forever
The desperation of these two hideous, obese pedos gives me such enormous second hand embarrassment
This so cursed and I am ugly-snort-laughing, topkek nona

No. 1441170

> Weird uncle who has sex with you once in a while
This thread is truly something else.

No. 1441190

File: 1644636739202.jpeg (362.37 KB, 1170x1032, DCD31693-ADC4-44E4-909A-070B61…)

That’s sad

No. 1441191

I wish I knew >>1440935 because if 3 dabs is "good" then she must be going through a shitton of shatter.

No. 1441257

File: 1644648069074.jpeg (239.14 KB, 750x786, 4BC106DD-5748-4218-9144-4FB781…)

this makes me sick. she's such a pedo freak.

No. 1441294

This is beyond disgusting, how the fuck does twitter allow it?

No. 1441310

A few threads back she tweeted about watching the season finale, I doubt she has the mental ability to follow it properly and was just jumping on the latest "in" thing

No. 1441420

I think cutting down on weed in the very least is the first positive step she has taken in a very long time. Now she just has to stick to it.

No. 1441426

She won’t. If she were serious, she wouldn’t be posting it on Twitter.

No. 1441433

This is just miserable, both from her part and the part of the men who buys a fucking video of a weird ass woman, surely, talking like a chipmunk about sexually abusing a little girl.

No. 1441471

>being this proud of 11 sales
Embarrassing for everyone involved

No. 1441572

File: 1644683813815.gif (Spoiler Image,1.38 MB, 523x717, ezgif.com-gif-maker.gif)

Sage for complete autism but I don't understand why she doesn't do any shooping like most cam sluts. Sure her coomers will see much what she really looks like in her videos and streaming, although she could hide a lot of her imperfections even then with flattering lingerie and good styling, but it's about the psychological imprint of seeing a shooped advertising image. They will still be convinced that they are looking at a more attractive woman because the edited images will leave a lasting impression. Celebrities do it all the time, despite us seeing what they really look like on live TV or whatever or in paparazzi shots. When you visualize Madonna for example, chances are you don't see an old hag in your mind's eye, despite tonnes of visual evidence that she just looks like an old lady in her day to day life.(spoiler)

No. 1441612

I'm honestly desensitized to shatna's naked body at this point. I feel like her gynecologist.

No. 1441614

You’re so autistic it’s unreal. She does edit her pictures dumbass.

No. 1441636

She did edit the photos from that shoot that she posted, those are the ones the photographer posted retard

No. 1441642

looks like a hartley hooligan (rip)

No. 1441656

File: 1644689971446.jpeg (227.31 KB, 750x837, 06446C39-E607-481D-A89F-3723B4…)

No. 1441663

>When you visualize Madonna for example, chances are you don't see an old hag in your mind's eye
that's where you're wrong

No. 1441668

File: 1644691628849.jpeg (254.73 KB, 750x1500, 273FA7B2-A937-4DF6-A2D2-3B070A…)

She’s going to this event, I remembered seeing it in her likes and thinking it was weird. Satanatrix is friends with Ellen, “the old man”, “slave dad” and lovinglyhandmade, Seattle’s hottest kinksters, what a sight that will be

No. 1441688

File: 1644692906135.jpg (62.84 KB, 500x625, 32c8ef80d3ed882f1c4bf4767fd0b8…)

Yknow the funny part is that young Madonna had a similar nose like Shat and lacked several teeth kek

No. 1441689

Postponing an event on a day it was supposed to take place, a sure sign of top notch planning. Can't wait for Shay to post pics from this shitshow.

No. 1441761

kek nona same here

No. 1441806

I don’t think she will be allowed to have her phone inside the venue. Most BDSM events don’t allow photography for privacy of the clientele. She may take pics before leaving her hovel.

No. 1441852

File: 1644709727618.jpeg (452.24 KB, 1536x2048, 679DFD39-7515-41AE-A225-17FF71…)

This is the outfit she’s going with for the party apparently, miss matched pinks, boots squeezing the life out of her legs and no underwear

No. 1441855

File: 1644709802378.jpeg (325.21 KB, 750x678, 1A46F7DB-E996-488C-B507-84F7F1…)

No. 1441856

2na melt-chan

No. 1441858

File: 1644710433233.jpeg (60.61 KB, 828x183, EDED4FBC-B0E5-47F3-B93F-0CCAD6…)

No. 1441863

Ew her vagina is going to touch everything

No. 1441865

It’s an orgy I don’t think they mind

No. 1441872

We all know Shay is going to stick out like a sore thumb and not want to do anything sexual

No. 1441876

Or she's going to let some random scrote punch or bite her or some shit and then go, "this handsome hairy daddy told me I'm a lil pink barbie bimbo slut and bit my shoulder" then she's going to post a picture of her shoulder with her chapped lips in frame. She might even some 30 something year old scrote to actual date. Because we know that's what she really wants fupaul 2.0

No. 1441882

I mean, I honestly doubt that those parties are for sexy people.

No. 1441889

It’s like nude beaches. The only people who go are the ones you’d never want to see naked

No. 1441898

Shayna will be chained to snack platters until they call her in to be the fat punching bag.
God no, especially not Seattle kinksters. They're all fucking disgusting and rapey. Orgies are for old, frumpy porn/drug addicts who want to know what it feels like to be wanted by someone other than their buttfuck ugly cuck partner for a night. That shit is gonna look like one heaving, pallid mass of boil and liver spot ridden flesh.

No. 1441905

I bet she’s going to be disgusting and not use any protection. Hope she catches something from these freaks.

Can’t wait for “pay for my gonorrhoea medications please”

No. 1441920

Unfortunately for your wish in these parties people are actually very strict when it comes to wear protection. Swingers, BDSM people etc only really do unprotected with their partner(s).

Shayna is safe for tonight at least, better yet people around her are safe from whatever she got from Oklahoma lol

No. 1441921

File: 1644717707241.jpeg (308.65 KB, 1242x1015, 73D065F7-140F-4F42-9CC5-E4137E…)

No. 1441925

File: 1644717951878.jpeg (148.58 KB, 750x523, A9E36D0D-5B94-4B36-9C9C-7AEBAB…)

And what does she have to show for it? She can’t even afford to feed her weed addiction anymore

No. 1441943

>Drives to take her dog on a walk

No. 1441945

How does Shayna make wearing less clothes less sexy?

No. 1441949

She is close-ish to a few different river walks and a nice off-leash dog park… but they are a bit of a trek just to get to them from her place and almost everyone arrives by car

No. 1441969

File: 1644722734133.jpeg (1.35 MB, 1136x1225, F883E11A-2B8B-42F1-9D8D-B5AEE7…)

Seattle’s hottest kinksters kek

No. 1441974

Lol she must have got her ugly ass nails done again.. WHY

This is honestly I feel most BDSM scenes. It’s all ugly, old, fat married couples. Truly vile nasty people.

No. 1441992

File: 1644725668438.jpeg (284.07 KB, 769x1024, 79D6803A-CEAA-48A5-94C8-10D9FA…)

You forgot lovinglyhandmade

No. 1441995

File: 1644725750328.jpg (90.09 KB, 1023x713, ohhellno.jpg)

tf? Is that what that random hot pink nail is?! It looks out of place on hotdog hands. doesnt even coordinate

No. 1442046

Not the mismatched pinks jfc

No. 1442079

No wonder Shayna is confident when those are the people around her

No. 1442152

Oh god her flat boil infested arse out for all to see.

No. 1442200

She could have communicated with the photographer and told them that she wanted to edit the photos before they were published. I don't know why she didn't.

No. 1442218

I think she’s so drunk and high all the time, she’s in complete denial about how she really looks. And judging from those photos at the lake, and how she posed, I really think she thought she was going to be looking like some artsy model kek

No. 1442295

Not that bad tbh. Might be the less-bad of all her recent outfits. At least she looks like a whore wich is what she's going for, and not like a lunatic that run away from the asylum like in >>1438503

No. 1442336

Nega Zuckerberg

No. 1442381

nonna its still pretty bad with those mismatched pinks and random fluffy cuffs

No. 1442407

Do you think she does the nails to spite us at this point? Kek

No. 1442415

he looks just like bezos and you went with a zuckerberg joke?

No. 1442422

File: 1644789828945.jpeg (295.47 KB, 1208x945, 39F3F5C5-541B-4EAC-A336-FC470E…)

I’m surprised this white trash inbred hick retard named Jason R Womack knows what menudo is
Also alcohol is worse than weed Shayna, you’re a retard

No. 1442512

Let me post reeeee

No. 1442610

She literally only ever eats hangover food. Also how is she hungover when she’s a barely functioning alcoholic

No. 1442652

He clearly knows nothing about her because Shayna is absolutely the type of close-minded uncultured white trash to look at menudo and say "ew".
Only greasy hamburgers and pizza for this fat bitch.

No. 1442723

I can't believe people thought the bald guy was Canadian 90s talkshow host Mike Bullard.

No. 1442863

But she's also basic enough to get it and post pictures to show how cultured she is. Probably would spit it out since it's not salty or sweet though

No. 1442873

True, I've never seen this fatty eat Mexican food. >>1442863
Kek she'd spit it out then get Panera on Doordash

No. 1442878

It's never been confirmed that fan account is Womack, right? I can't remember seeing proof, but these threads move fast so maybe I missed it?
I never bought it was him. I know SW anons ITT think Shat can't get fans, but there's so many gross people out there. The diction used is usually too high-level compared to his comments. He wouldn't know menudo. The way they respond often seems somewhat feminine, caring and not like a coomer. The account started around the OK to WA transition, I just assumed it was Ellen (and sometimes Shay herself) trying to hype Shay up and create some buzz so she'd make more porn and money for the polycule.

No. 1442928

I doubted this so I went to check ILuvDollyMattel’s followers, and it’s following a lot of accounts Ellen interacts with and knows irl like “the old man” and a couple Seattle dominatrixes from that party which is strange unless he just went through her account and followed some of her friends. That would also explain why iluvdollymattel follows Ellen. Maybe it is Ellen’s way of interacting with Shayna without revealing herself. Either it’s Ellen or Womack for sure

No. 1442930

File: 1644858957645.jpeg (309 KB, 1170x697, 52B03A58-859E-4375-8E53-7C56AB…)

Apparently Shay went to the party without Ellen. Wonder if she went with one of her “dads”

No. 1442941

File: 1644859594199.jpeg (Spoiler Image,276.78 KB, 750x622, C57BEA27-C1F9-48A0-B1EA-E9A5DA…)

She obviously went with “Slave Dad,” the host of the party is his domme and Shayna was hanging out with him the day before. He even liked Ellen’s reply there

No. 1442991

Alcoholics are always hungover or drunk. There really is no in between when you can't stop drinking, especially if your sober reality is as depressing and desolate as Shatna's kek

No. 1443029

Inb4 the "mumma got me this for valentines" and "the dad got me a Teddy bear and flowers and taking me to dinner!" and what will Shay do for them? Nothing. Even though she just got a bunch of money she blew it all on herself. She'll send crusty thoughtless nudes out and maybe offer herself as a naked punching bag later.

No. 1443091

File: 1644871402395.jpeg (260.9 KB, 750x767, 0A01E3DD-6063-47A0-826C-18B4EF…)

No. 1443111

Literally no one says that Shay

No. 1443115

and are these "ppl"… in the room with us right now, Shayna?

No. 1443119

File: 1644873338961.png (Spoiler Image,601.49 KB, 624x924, shanus.png)

i'm drunk happy valentines shaynus, my shit art is the most thoughtful gift you're getting

No. 1443174

Listen Shat, that’s not what anyone means when they say your life is a joke

No. 1443221

anon you made her way too pretty she hasn't had a jawline in years

No. 1443245

File: 1644882351595.jpeg (164.23 KB, 750x420, 3B0DBCD6-3128-45B6-A7D0-842146…)

You wish, pretty sure he doesn’t give a fuck about you and has moved on with a prettier girl he isn’t afraid to show off, unlike you

No. 1443252

Shay, he’s been okay and happy since he dumped you for the last and final time

No. 1443258

Oh shut the fuck up. You don't want to innocently check and ~see if he's okay and happy~, you want to trigger yourself over an ugly chode that lives thousands of miles away and wants absolutely nothing to do with you. Girl, didn't you just get a bunch of money? At least cope with retail therapy instead of getting yourself angry. Shayna hates lolcow but she does the same shit with Fupa.

No. 1443269

He’s doing great without you Shayna. Leave him alone & try putting some effort into all your ~poly relationships~ you care about sooo much.

No. 1443271

the replies to that desperate embarrassing tweet. i really feel like she thinks fupa stalks her socials as much as she does his that's why she hasn't deleted it yet.

No. 1443283

She’s gonna lurk and she’s gonna see all the happy photos he shares of his new girlfriend and their kids all together as a blended family and have a melt down

No. 1443286

He's a dude that hangs out in crack head trailers with people who look like minors and meth heads. Let's not pretend he's living some great life without her. His life is probably slightly less pathetic without her.

No. 1443289

So she's dating two people get on valentine's day she wants to check in on fupa? More like she wants to see what he's doing for whoever he's seeing and she's obviously still in love with him. BTW Shayna you just accused him of being abusive

No. 1443291

This is so fucking pathetic and sad, if she were a less annoying person I'd feel sorry for her

No. 1443293

This is so fucking pathetic and sad, if she were a less annoying person I'd feel sorry for her

No. 1443294

Fuck Fupaul, but it's hilarious and sad how a gross man can use a younger woman then move on, while she moves and her life has gotten worse. Two people she's seeing yet she hasn't posted a gift she gave or got. Went to a kink party yet she hasn't talked about it.. I honestly feel like she didn't go,, she just got drunk.

No. 1443297

File: 1644886201549.jpeg (306.52 KB, 731x750, 0556CCA8-17C3-42FD-A1F4-E71519…)

sorry it didn't post my pic. the last one is so barf

No. 1443298

>>1443294 i don't know if they take their phones to ensure there's no photos taken at those parties or whatever another anon said, but i feel like if she DID go there would definitely be a few of her ~totally believable~ stories tweeted afterwards at least.

No. 1443299

File: 1644886319469.png (44.67 KB, 502x373, 2 fupas dont mix.png)

he don't want you, piss drinker

No. 1443305

File: 1644886947774.jpeg (269.07 KB, 1080x2118, B6B39E01-FB37-4BC9-B325-2C39F9…)

The state of her sheets

No. 1443306

Kek. Shay is the one scared of the vacuum clearly. Fucking grim.

No. 1443336

I still think the "dad" has a wife or girlfriend and only takes Shay out when he needs to relieve a bit of aggression. Ellen is out of town doing some degenerate sex vacation without Shay. That's why she was hanging out with the fat, bald slave and why she is alone for yet another holiday.

No. 1443342

still says his name in the reply anon

No. 1443346

We all know Kyle Nathan Perkins name

No. 1443357

Just the thing I'd expect from "noah the anal loving nerd" kek

No. 1443377

File: 1644893081601.jpeg (Spoiler Image,342.95 KB, 750x941, F6D47093-F768-482A-A468-CB6D8D…)

What kind of self own is this post

No. 1443381


just had a look at noah the anal-loving nerd’s twitter and he looks eerily similar to soy savaloy, shay should hit him up considering how obsessed she was with that manlet kek

No. 1443399

Seems like he moved on with a normal girl and is happy?

No. 1443404

File: 1644896973713.jpeg (626.17 KB, 750x1086, 844EA8D9-3725-47A9-A936-B832D3…)

Depends on your definition of normal I mean her Facebook cover photo is fupa choking her in a Walmart. He’s still trashy as fuck but he’s happy and that makes Shayna seethe. Plus she’s prettier then Shay

No. 1443409

Can we stop fupa posting plz

No. 1443416

Oh this is obviously in jest Anon stopppp

No. 1443421

Wow such an edgy high school couple

No. 1443424

He's disgusting but I bet Shayna wishes that were her. That's the saddest part. She is spending valetines day alone despite having two fake relationships. I bet she spent all her money too.

No. 1443429

Obviously. Despite all the "abuse* bs she posts she obviously still loves him.

No. 1443430

>emo hair
>outfit a 15 year old would wear
>nail polish
Gross. Please stop posting fupaul on this site. I see you sad girls posting him in the unconventional thread too. Fucking love yourselves.

No. 1443470

>I see you sad girls posting him in the unconventional thread
the stacey /ot/ user and the toiletwitch /g/ user

No. 1443475

She's fatter too. Fupaul likes them chunky. I guess it really was just Shayna's alcoholism and sparkling personality and not her ballooning that chased him away.

No. 1443478

idk man she went to the trouble to censor it so i thought i would point it out

No. 1443506

File: 1644905103470.jpeg (219.86 KB, 750x806, E7DE88AC-5507-4FE1-B860-721103…)

she's seething "best valentine's day i've had in years"

No. 1443514

And no scrotes sending her money for valentine’s day in sight. Successful and thriving sex worker, kek

No. 1443519

She's not even worth taking out to eat. I swear this guy just comes over to her hovel once a week or 2 and that's it. They don't go places or anything. Bleak.

No. 1443525

Initially he'd at least take her to the mall, now he just comes over to pump and dump without having to be seen in public with her

No. 1443533

File: 1644909580686.jpeg (120.88 KB, 750x575, 4F5A0D4C-D72C-4CFA-9261-7AF988…)

No. 1443542

Screenshots of despair

No. 1443785

kek you really captured her lunch lady arms.

No. 1443833

File: 1644938830740.jpeg (Spoiler Image,818.75 KB, 1242x1426, 43896F0D-59AA-4C77-9C5D-AF55DE…)

She has a huge honker damn even the filter can’t help

No. 1443868

i know it's a saying but the way she worded it makes it sound like she needs someone to buy her a new mattress

No. 1443897

I think it was just the standard public meet up at first and good gesture to take her out to dinner. But then again maybe Im confusing this guy with one of her failed SA dates or something? Idk. Was this guy the one that bought her clearance uggs and fingered her in the Applebee's parking lot?

No. 1443901

For a second I thought Womack did some makeup and put on a wig for valentines

No. 1443936

facial bloat and jew nose(racebait)

No. 1443940

Eh I creeped her fb and I think she's a good deal smaller than Shayna. He's taller than her too so I'm assuming she's probably 5'1 or 5'3? Either way, it's a terrible picture of a Walmart security camera lol

No. 1443948

Yeah “the dad” is uggs and discount build a bear sugar daddy turned boyfriend from seeking arrangements

No. 1443956


No. 1443977

haha wow anon that's so funny! what a funny joke!! the womackpostings NEVER get old

No. 1443987

Kek love that he realized all he had to do was bring her food once a week and that Shay thinks that's a relationship

No. 1444007

She is very clearly fatter than Shay but okay.

Gas station snacks and pink wine. He probably spends 20 bucks on her every couple of weeks. It's really sad.

No. 1444028


Does it matter? Both shat and fupapas new victim are fat, ugly and have very Lowe self esteem

No. 1444037

anon what the fuck is this image

No. 1444039

I was gonna post it in the tinfoil thread it’s from r/elsagate.

Anyways yeah Fupa is gross he used to get off to shayna in pacifiers and diapers and now he’s just a nice family man ..? Doesn’t this bother anyone else?

No. 1444041

What do you mean does it bother anyone else, it’s been discussed endlessly when they were together. Read the threads and learn to sage newfag

No. 1444115

Of course it bothers people but he's simply not relevant anymore, regardless of how much Shayna wishes he still was

No. 1444117

Well anons above are like “he’s with a normal girl who totally mogs shayna”
as if it’s not some other target for him, he’s disgusting.
“Muh blended family” that fucker should not be within 30 feet of any children

Also I forgot to sage cause I kept reposting cause of the stupid crashing table_m nonsense… I am not a newfag.(fupa posting is irrelevant)

No. 1444122

File: 1644961837522.jpeg (166.25 KB, 750x530, B5C84DF3-C9F9-4167-984F-2EC389…)

she tries to make her vague sad posting sexual it’s so strange

No. 1444140

Nobody cares this is a shay thread read the rules and stop posting about the stupid mf

No. 1444146

this is what happens when you don’t have friends, you try to use your business account for asspats
stupid plasticandproud/scorpioassheaux does the same
which honestly shows how dumb their “sex work is real work” stance is; imagine a diner putting up a sign that says ANGSTY ABOUT MY BREAKUP cheeseburger special $7.99 REALLY VERY UPSET ABOUT THE BREAKUP THOUGH

No. 1444170

The Fupa policing is just as fucking annoying. She was talking about him yesterday and he was a main stay on this thread for awhile. I swear, between this shit and people defending his ugly porker gf I feel like him or his friends are in this thread sperging whenever his name is uttered.

No. 1444173

Yeah but going to his new gfs profile and sitting here comparing the two is a little excessive to be fair. It's derailing

No. 1444179

File: 1644966659231.jpeg (161.21 KB, 750x430, 0348CC4F-CF0E-47D6-A913-11FC26…)

No. 1444190

I'm lazy as fuck, can some anon please put this over a picture of one of her retarded faces kek

No. 1444192

Kek - she can’t even fit in the dog cage anymore, let alone a playpen. It’s disgusting that she talks about squeezing herself into an item meant for infants.

You know what else makes you feel ‘smol’ - losing some fucking weight porky.

No. 1444193

I guess checking in on Fupual has her melting down. She also has yet to talk about the Kink Party, she probably didn't even go

No. 1444197

File: 1644968492783.jpeg (2.17 MB, 1242x1562, 123482F1-F00C-4FF0-AEA2-2DBFAB…)

Fr kek bitch is big

No. 1444198

Was the party cancelled or did she just not go?

No. 1444200

File: 1644968778948.jpeg (83 KB, 750x745, AB2BE073-D620-4BB5-9B7D-A8F2FD…)

just @ her Shay

No. 1444204

File: 1644969172124.gif (1.86 MB, 245x240, 9DBB6B3B-AF5D-4998-970E-D95F6B…)

No. 1444210

She never said anything, so that means she didn't go in my eyes. She'd at least made a story up like, "omg, I was drinking some pink wine and this super hot older daddy came up to me and said, "aren't you a little too young to be drinking baby?" Omgsywjebdg!!!"

No. 1444211

i fucking spat out my drink KEK

No. 1444241

She probably got absolutely hammered and can't remember and was a falling over mess based on all her saying after was how she needs hangover food.

No. 1444243

Is that a crease or has she actually managed to split that diaper?

No. 1444244

Thats a classic greasy couple you'd see on a friday night at walmart showing way too much pda at the self checkout line while youre just trying to buy a pack of tampons

No. 1444265

Any chance we can recap shays various bf's/dads/whatever in the next thread description? Everyone is always confused about who's who, except for the kind anon or two that always explain

No. 1444268

Nobody is going to spoon feed you catch up

No. 1444283

I think it’s a good idea, Shay speak is confusing and I explain it often. Whoever makes the next thread free to copy and edit this if you like
Other relationships:
>“The Dad”= the 45 year old mystery man she’s “dating,” met him on seeking arrangements, ex sugar daddy turned boyfriend
>”Slave Dad”= David, @bluefrodo1 on Twitter, submissive masochist “slave” of Shay’s, builder of her ikea furniture, participated in a video getting smacked around for Shay’s OF
>”The Old Man”= Max R Cameron, @maxrcameron on Twitter, married poly “bdsm coach,” has the dungeon in his house, ousted as an abuser in the Seattle kink scene

No. 1444290

File: 1644977306516.jpg (Spoiler Image,384.84 KB, 1575x2048, 20220216_020638.jpg)

She's STILL posting pictures from this set. The lazy cow.

Only posting cos the watermark on her saggy tit did give me a small kek.

No. 1444292

and it's confirmed she and ellen are broken up or whatever?

No. 1444293

the hair on the sock

No. 1444297

no, they’ve both just been sad posting but what else is new

No. 1444311

her socks are literally grey with grime, what the fuck.

No. 1444336

File: 1644980729719.jpeg (236.9 KB, 750x1039, 3EE34AC8-FFC8-4970-AD0A-BC683D…)

No. 1444340

lmfao well see about that

No. 1444342

I'm surprised she didn't cry about being called fatty

No. 1444343

File: 1644981974674.jpeg (431.21 KB, 1242x1071, 01448415-C4B8-4F71-9126-7CCBBE…)

No. 1444345

I'm sure she has a tweet planned for when she doesn't show up on cam this weekend too

No. 1444348

File: 1644982335137.jpeg (204.51 KB, 1202x719, 54AFD874-0FBD-48E9-982A-A9047B…)

Of course grayhair has to defend and kiss the pimples on Shayna’s cratered ass

No. 1444349

File: 1644982511632.jpeg (244.32 KB, 1064x1474, 730BF7CE-86B0-4AC5-A889-26C1AD…)

God will she ever drop the pedo shit? Is she going to be 35 making abdl content?!!

No. 1444356

This bitch need a little jail time!

No. 1444579

>from seeking arrangements
This cheap mf came from Seeking Arrangements? Jesus christ.

No. 1444620

die faggotcandyass(unsaged infighting)

No. 1444629

You just aged yourself to 35 and edgy internet poster possibly scrote in this one insult alone.

No. 1444657

if you're lucky, someday you'll be 35

No. 1444678

sorry we don't think the shitty womackposting is funny. the lot of you are more annoying than the fupaposters.

No. 1444719

When's the last time she announced she was camming versus the last time she actually went on cam?

No. 1444742

Yep, no more talking about Fupa, Womack, or anyone who is/has been involved with Shayna. Let’s stop discussing Ellen and all the “dads” then too since no one is relevant but Shay herself—it is her thread after all!

No. 1444766

Going to fupas new gfs Facebook and bringing screenshots to infight about who is more attractive/fat is absolutely derailing and it brought all the fupa whiners complaining about him. It's been in the threads for a while not to bring him up

No. 1444774

Youre acting like 99% of men on SA aren’t gross desperate predators with a little bit of extra cash looking for cheap insecure cheeseburger pussy whores like Shayna.

No. 1444815

there's a difference between bringing milk and posting pointless "haha shayna looks like womack" "fupa likes fat girls" comments, sped.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1444831

Most of the time people scroll past this shit, its the people who whine about it who clig up the thread with whine posts. One post about Womack turns into anons freaking out days later. Fupaul was relevant because Shayna brought him up.

No. 1444835

Lolcow is not an encyclopedia for milk. You are supossed to discuss and speculate what's being posted, new friend

No. 1444837

Lolcow is not an encyclopedia for milk. You are supossed to discuss and speculate what's being posted, new friend

No. 1444850

File: 1645036630966.jpeg (130.87 KB, 750x1014, 929987A6-8367-41FD-A905-493002…)

This is the dumbest shit I’ve ever heard.

No. 1444855

They do and you encourage and entertain it, dumbass. So close to self awareness, so close.

No. 1444857

File: 1645037119343.jpeg (Spoiler Image,443.08 KB, 1080x1773, 6EDDAF4A-E52C-4A46-9305-E5BF09…)

She’s so got some weird stretch marks going on near her vag

No. 1444859

kek what is this body shape

No. 1444860


Shayna u literally say your sex work persona is the enhanced version of yourself, anyone who interacts with you sexually, online or irl views you as an object. You literally objectify yourself

No. 1444868

last time i remember was before christmas when she set up that pathetic tree and empty gift boxes

No. 1444871

"It's one thing to sexualize child things and simulate CSA but I worry that some of you genuinely are pedophilic"

No. 1444875

>live tweets her whole life
>those live tweets often have
>”I want to be a bimbo baby who is always horny”
>”I just want someone to tell me that I’m too little to drink/think/use my phone”
>”I just want someone to be my dom 24/7”
Where’s the line between fantasy and her pathetic desires? Because it honestly always sounds like she wants to have a degenerate life 24/7 and not like she wants to do disgusting shit in bed and then go to work at some 9 to 5 job.
JFC she’s so fucking pathetic.

No. 1444882

this literally makes no difference, shat. the length these ewhores go to with their logic and justify misogyny never fails to amuse. all the while male coomers/kinksters don't even try to pretend that they care about consent or respect.

No. 1444885

I'm surprised she has not spilled any feets about this party, honestly. I know nobody in attendance was a looker, but you'd have thought she would have been bragging about how "hot and sexy" it was afterward. No such statements. She must not have had that much fun.

No. 1444886

*Deets, not feets. Jesus Christ, I could do with fewer images of her pointed corns in my memory bank.

No. 1444890

>discuss and speculate
>'shayna looks like womack in drag'
>'fupa likes fat girls'

such a great discussion, such fantastic speculations.

No. 1444919

She probably didn't go or got embarrassingly drunk in public again.

No. 1444981

File: 1645048868970.jpg (73.31 KB, 1080x443, Screenshot_2022-02-16-21-58-03…)

Yikes. How sad and for god's sake shay don't encourage them. It's not flattering, it's creepy

Also let's not forget dudes will also do it as a cruel joke too.

No. 1444998

File: 1645050701479.jpeg (147.02 KB, 750x437, EEA56503-86DD-4762-8A01-CDF461…)

Guess her and Ellen worked it out, now we can get more “mumma said a quirky one liner asghdhfjfdhgsfs”

No. 1445004

She think it’s an endearing “hahaha you’re so stupid babe” and not them legitimately calling her stupid because they think she’s worthless. They don’t even seem to like her! Their casual degrading comments don’t even happen in the context of their “kinky sex life”, just in a casual exchange they tear her down, how degrading. She’s so out of touch with reality she doesn’t even expect her partners to have any respect for her. Bleak.

No. 1445005

Meh this sounds made up. She walked somewhere instead of doordashing?

No. 1445011

She says this at least once a month

No. 1445020

File: 1645054218501.jpeg (776.73 KB, 1170x1992, 56242565-9457-4D7A-8F35-E7640D…)

No. 1445021

File: 1645054261349.jpeg (657.26 KB, 1170x1574, FCCB65E6-2611-47B5-8CEE-44861A…)

Greyhair absolutely vile

No. 1445023

>uwu totally not a p-pwaedofwile femboy uwu
>'dildo i guess' as though he's being held at gunpoint and made to respond
>sexualising literal dogs in heat
such high quality males! shayna is such a lucky woman!

No. 1445030

>like they use on female dogs in heat
Are you shitting me.

No. 1445031

is it just me, or there's barely any catcalling from cars happening these days, especially quiet residential areas? not to mention the way shatna looks on the daily, like there's nothing to honk for from a coomer's perspective. unless she went out braless in a crop top and that dumb plaid skirt, to which they obviously mistook her for a hooker?

No. 1445036

It 100% did not happen and she’s saying this to hype her own ego

No. 1445047

>Dildo, I guess
Top kek.

The fact a sex worker has to be recommended to use a dildo.

No. 1445050

Don't worry, Noah Thompson, there will be the same crusty dildo in any content she does. Ft dingey wand.

No. 1445061

how is she not gagging and screaming at everyone who interacts with her? how does that not make her want to quit and move along?

No. 1445073

Just the fact she’s happy about it tells me it didn’t happen. Being shouted at from a car or honked at is annoying at best and intimidating and scary at worst. Any “validation” you receive from it is not worth the feeling of being unsafe. She’s also literally a scaredy cat and gets scared over any kind of public confrontation so it’s unlikely she’d be flattered in reality. Unless someone thought she was some cheap crack-addicted streetwhore turning tricks, I doubt it happened.

No. 1445074

it’s pickme bitches like this who foster the myth that women find street harassment “flattering”

No. 1445203

One time she claimed someone yelled “dolly!” from their car as she was walking.
I’m sure from far away she looks like a cheap whore and men have no standards. It’s not an impossible story but knowing her it didn’t happen. Women get whistled at, hollered at, hey baby’d all the time and you don’t see them bragging about it. It’s gross and demeaning and dangerous to encourage or acknowledge it.

The way she wrote this makes it sound fake. Shay doesn’t walk anywhere and she would have posted said outfit that made her look good enough to get hollered at.

No. 1445226

She lives within 2 blocks of 3 coffee shops, so it is feasible that she would walk to get coffee.

Men will holler if your outfit is “suggestive”, regardless of your appearance, so I imagine she did get coffee and was thrilled by some type of attention on the way

No. 1445253

It's not really unbelievable someone catcalled her, tbh. And if course she'd love it. What's more unbelievable is her actually going out by foot.

No. 1445274

>as though he's being held at gunpoint and made to respond

anon i'm weezing

No. 1445340

>made her look good enough to get hollered at
it’s pickme comments like this that foster the myth that women should find street harassment “flattering”
but seriously, she probably goes around looking drunk and literally retarded, so she seems like an easy mark to creepers

No. 1445346

It's kinda surprising to see a take like this coming from a "~sex worker" though. It usually seems to be a big no-no among kinkfags to even slightly question whether having misogynistic and violent kinks could indeed mirror someone's actual views. To them there's absolutely nothing questionable, dangerous or harmful about men getting pleasure from hitting women as long as they just remember to hide behind the "consenting adults" shield, and only a judgmental kinkshamer would dare to suggest that "consent" doesn't magically cancel out misogyny.
I'm kinda hoping she'll be able to rub her remaining alcohol saturated braincells together just a little bit harder, she was so close. I doubt it'll happen though, as long as she's surrounded by that ~sexposi empowered sex worker uwu bullshit it'll just snuff out any faint spark of enlightenment she might have and drag her right back into the "it's fine if they consent" pit

No. 1445409

There will probably be shitting involved at some point, yes.

No. 1445423

She immeadiatly deleted it because she couldn't risk calling out her 4 coomers like that

No. 1445448

I meant look good enough in her own mind. She said she put on a cute outfit with the intention of getting attention on her walk but didn’t show off said “cute” outfit- thus furthering my suspicions that it’s a made up story now matter how plausible it may be. You also missed the part where I said catcalling is dangerous and demeaning.

No. 1445534

File: 1645127017926.jpeg (355.98 KB, 1170x818, 12A4A45B-CB12-48BA-A427-E0A5D2…)

No. 1445591

File: 1645130572991.jpeg (235.37 KB, 828x930, E4AE071A-2E81-404D-824D-FF2315…)

Kek this is the grossest little poly group/circle ever I swear. Just a bunch of people nobody wants to fuck/see naked. Sounds about right for kinksters

No. 1445620

File: 1645132988386.jpeg (197.16 KB, 1222x817, proxy-image.jpeg)

shayna's bf

No. 1445654

File: 1645135241512.jpeg (176.93 KB, 1170x733, B332AB2D-7B67-4696-B9F7-8F5DE5…)

Didn’t she just get new controllers and a pro controller?

No. 1445710

she looks 50 years old in her pfp

No. 1445732

File: 1645140298186.jpeg (332.56 KB, 750x701, 68536F2D-9B0B-4C6C-9454-D6C83A…)

Gotta make sure they know she’s not like other girls. Her life is so boring and depressing that the most mundane shit is “cool and fun” to her. She needs to get out more often

No. 1445736

She’s said he’s 45, and Fupa was like 35, “close to death” she’s so full of shit

No. 1445757

This is just normal shit young adults do.
Mailing packages, going to the record store, getting a drink at a bar. How is mailing discharge covered underwear “fun n exciting”

No. 1445774

She needs new switch controllers because her dog got more use out of chewing them up.

No. 1445793

File: 1645144493777.jpeg (139.91 KB, 750x1123, EA709606-133C-4776-B80F-5E7801…)

Shayna: wants men to degrade her, call her stupid, beat and humiliated her, puts herself in degrading situations for men everyday
Also Shayna: why are ppl degrading sex workers?

No. 1445798

>how cool n fun my life is
This big bitch is 100% crying at a brewery alone, holy kek.

No. 1445808

does she even have a record player? or is this another stupid spending habit of hers?

No. 1445810

bitch, get a fucking diary omg

No. 1445863

Knowing shaytard she probably just hopped on the zoomer trend of nailing her records to the wall as tacky and expensive decorations kek. If she owns a player its probably a shitty $40 Crosley suitcase off Amazon

No. 1445866

This is basic weekend activities and going out after work for most people…actually cool and fun lives would require caring about something, putting in effort, and doing things that require more than some 10 dollar handouts. The cope is tremendous

No. 1445867

She used to have one. Claimed a “sugar daddy” bought it for her when she lived in Oklahoma

No. 1445871

She might still have it. Its one of the few things she has made a part of her personality.

No. 1445882

File: 1645152351979.jpeg (438 KB, 1170x1237, 28D931CD-D52F-411A-AC1C-26790E…)

Lovely, can’t wait to see her squeeze herself into another one

No. 1445884

They're both fat so that shaves a few years off their lifespans. And so does being willing to pork someone like Shayna, maybe she's on to something

No. 1445887

We don’t know what he looks like

No. 1445908

yeah you're right, shayna clearly got some 6'2 well built hunk to pipe her down on the regular.

No. 1445957

No. 1445966

File: 1645159731641.png (8.91 MB, 1242x2208, C01A21A3-B895-4DDE-820B-1A73CD…)

Shaynus posted this on her Instagram

No. 1445982

This is like a comedian picture where they farted or something

No. 1445985

ah yes, the classic "comedian fart picture"

No. 1445996

If she pointed at her face, it’d be the exact same post as the thread pic, that’s so hilarious.

No. 1446011

nona what are you talking about kek

No. 1446015

I know this has been talked about before, but she already shoops the fuck out of her photos. Why doesn't she just use FaceApp and shoop herself to where she actually looks good? It would take like 2 seconds and I bet she would get much better tips from her coomers if she didn't have a man face in all her pictures.

No. 1446019

File: 1645167344161.jpeg (189.75 KB, 750x717, 15821430-7DF9-4066-81B4-64DFA0…)

get her ass kev

No. 1446022

She's hindering her career with that bullshit fetish she doesn't even like. She could make more money if she pretended to be a cougar and styled herself as a mature whore. She needs to be business oriented if she really wants to be a "sex worker" that much and stop making it about her own preferences. It's supposed to be about the comers preferences since they choose where they put their money at.

No. 1446023

She's hindering her career with that bullshit fetish she doesn't even like. She could make more money if she pretended to be a cougar and styled herself as a mature whore. She needs to be business oriented if she really wants to be a "sex worker" that much and stop making it about her own preferences. It's supposed to be about the comers preferences since they choose where they put their money at.

No. 1446038

Don’t worry anon I know exactly what you mean

No. 1446043

I don’t think it’s that she doesn’t like it. The problem is that she does like it but she doesn’t have the face or body for it and the pedo coomers who like that shit would rather give their money to the girls who do. All this nympho teen girl chasing older men type fantasies she keeps playing out in her videos over and over is like watching her trying to squeeze herself into a pair of pants that are never gonna fit her. She doesn’t even have to pretend to be a MILF or a cougar or whatever like people have been saying lately, she’s only 25 or something, right? If she just dropped the little girl thing and the bimbo thing and just made regular porn videos then maybe she’d have more success. Or keep doing what she’s doing and lose 100 pounds, that might work. But there’s already too much pedopandering porn in the world.
Sage for autism.

No. 1446044

Kek like one of those straight to dvd shitty blockbuster comedies my god

No. 1446086

Pedo coomers aren't interested in Shayna because there's 18 and 19 year olds doing the same gross shit as she is.

No. 1446097

She looks like she’s trying to copy it, how bizarre!

No. 1446136

It's the libfem delusion. They think that their self-degradation is empowering as long as they say it's a choice.

They'll put male validation first and pretend that it's empowering because they said it is. Pathetic.

No. 1446137

not to nitpick but what's going on with her hairline? it looks blurred and her forehead looks so dirty kek

No. 1446164

it looks like she (very badly) edited out her forehead. wrinkles

No. 1446212

if she lost 100lbs she’d literally be emaciated. she’s like 5’5, 5’6 and just edging on 200lbs maybe? anachans are fucking wild in this thread. go back to eugenia cooney or some shit.

No. 1446266

There is a post every few days about her dying from obesity complications. You have to be severely obese for that to happen at a young age. This thread is so dramatic and funny. The anachans are just as entertaining as Shatna.

No. 1446269

tbh i think shes probably only like 160, 170 if she's 5'6 i know anons like to rag on her for being so fat but i don't think she's actually 200 lbs or close to it if she's still fitting (barely but still) into her size small clothes.

No. 1446280

There are always anachans on this thread and I swear they come here to use shatna as some kind of reverse thinspiration.

I think shatna's body is definitely scarier for the average anachan than someone who is extremely obese because it's far more average and commonplace.

Most women could end up looking like Shatna if they eat a few 100 extra calories a day. This is a terrifying thought for someone who is struggling with an eating disorder.

No. 1446282

i think maybe she isnt that fat in numbers but god, she doesnt have a shape, shes build like a brick, and i think thats why she look mainly fat. she needs to learn how to pose now that shes a lard ass; she just keep making a fool of herself.

No. 1446287

Most women are not dramatically curvy, though. Shatna's body type is actually more average for a white woman than someone who has an hourglass figure. That's why women who are more bottom heavy need to buy curvy jeans for them to fit.

I don't understand this obsession that people have with thick thighs and a fat ass. I'm not saying these things are bad, but it's a recent thing and I don't remember it when I was growing up.

I think she looked good when she was fit.

No. 1446299

tbf she was never fit or in shape. she was just a thin teenager and has finally gotten her adult body. unless she commits to a serious workout routine she will never go back to how she looked at 18,19. she’s body type only worked because she was thin, and now she has no idea how to work with it.

No. 1446312

It wasn’t around when we were growing up because obesity levels have skyrocketed, so people need to delude themselves into thinking fat = attractive lest they actually have to go on a diet. It also has to do with the rise and influence of Kim K and others like her with their surgically augmented bodies.

No. 1446328

The point anon was making is her shape makes her look bigger to some then she is. There's tons of women her weight who carry it differently. Shay isn't obese she's just average chubby, but she has thick thighs, a flat ass and wide back. It happens. Difference is she's a sex worker claiming to be a small barbie bimbo and flaunting her body about. Plus it's not just the weight gain but it's the way she gained weight that is unfortunate for someone with her persona.
In all reality Shayna is average. Doesn't stand out, just any girl at Walmart on any day

No. 1446361

File: 1645211169234.jpg (Spoiler Image,15.36 KB, 512x384, MV5BMjFmODZlOTctNGZiYy00MDE5LW…)

I don't know how to describe it but I think I know exactly what nonnie means and I burst out laughing. It's like this dude from unfunny old MAD TV sketches. She always looks like parody when she tries the flirty thing.

No. 1446365


It's been around for a long time for people who aren't white. Nobody thinks obesity = nice ass except for obese people.

No. 1446376

Her issue is not only weight gain, it's that she has zero muscle mass because she refuses to do the minimum of exercise. Having muscle underneath the blubber would give her a better shape instead of looking like the offspring of a linebacker and fridge.

No. 1446396

you’re right, im not from the USA so maybe thats why im used to women with beautiful bodies and no whities fridge-like, and you know, you can have a waist and not being thick. sorry if u got offended nonni
repost i forgot to sage

No. 1446412

File: 1645215102632.jpeg (882.7 KB, 958x1719, BA5FA1F8-8620-4BA8-B2CA-55DCB1…)

Lol the comedian farting thing has me dying

No. 1446415

There is nothing healthy about being overweight. It doesn't matter if you have a fat ass and a smaller waist in comparison. You are still eating badly and have unhealthy habits just like anyone else of the same weight. As soon as you hit menopause the fat will migrate to your waist and stomach anyhow and that's when women get all the related health problems like heart disease and diabetes.

Just because you think you won the genetic lottery it's not an excuse to be fat.

If you want to live a long life without constant doctor's visits after 50 I suggest you change your lifestyle.

No. 1446499

File: 1645224353727.png (483.91 KB, 601x614, Capture.PNG)

Obligations like losing that belly and having a wash, I presume.

No. 1446506

Shayna wishes she were this sexy,nonna.

No. 1446526

Lol me too, I almost never used this thread but I'm glad I caught that interaction

No. 1446546

Just came across the subreddit r/drunkorexia, shaynus sweaty you should join them for diet advice xoxox

No. 1446554

File: 1645228342082.jpeg (495.92 KB, 750x949, 8E6AC24D-9F75-4F62-B954-ECE92B…)

Anon, this is a 5’4” woman (about Shayna’s height) who is about 160 lbs. I think it’s pretty clear that Shay’s at least 20 lbs more.

No. 1446558

File: 1645228572275.jpeg (428.4 KB, 750x982, 38E761C9-A1EE-4BD7-BA62-1D6FE2…)

Here’s a woman who is 5’4” and around 200 lbs, for comparison. Shay may not quite be 200 lbs yet (it’s hard to tell due to how poorly her body is shaped/carries weight) but she’s definitely closer to 200 lbs than 160 lbs.
Can we stop accusing anyone who says Shay’s 200 lbs of being an anachan now? Sorry some of you guys are fatty whores. I suggest GG crackers and r/fatlogic.(weight-sperging)

No. 1446562

That woman is obviously holding her stomach in and taking the picture of her body from above to make her body look smaller.

Shay is probably around 170 and a size M/L if I had to guess. She squeezes herself into a size small and it always looks 1 or two sizes down from what she should be wearing. Past about two sizes too small it's hard to even get something on your body most of the time.

No. 1446563

Thank you for understanding what I was trying to say lol. Just like really dumb, bottom barrel type of comedy "hurr hurr poopy diaper" kind of skit, which in Shays case really isn't too far off base these days.

No. 1446564

That woman looks fit and reasonably in shape. She actually doesn't look that bad. She's definitely leaner than shay. She looks like she works out.

No. 1446579

shayna is 166 cm which is around 5'5-6" I know it's only an inch difference but she also has a long torso and long neck so the weight is proportioned weirdly

No. 1446584

Shayna is built like a fridge, everyone carries weight differently, there’s no use in weight sperging just because she’s being boring today.

No. 1446595

File: 1645231446738.jpeg (134.83 KB, 750x1150, DF535414-B7B0-4311-B021-7A624F…)

That ugly old skirt still remains. Her boob is about to fall out of that too small shein top

No. 1446596

So you think she’s 5 lbs heavier than the first woman? I mean, 180 lbs, maybe, but 165?

No. 1446598

this lady has huge heavy tits though. shay's boobs don't weigh as much/contribute a lot to her overall weight. my guess (for funsies) is that shay weighs 150

lol i saw this right as i deleted to repost

No. 1446601

She's been wearing the same outfit for years it seems like. I'm so sick of these belly skirts. It's not flattering, it's not cutesy, it looks so stupid. She really needs to try something new. The hair, the skirt, everything is so 2015. It just looks dated and frumpy.

No. 1446602

Sa, like at least the money that scrote gave her could've went to new belly skirts, maybe printed ones or something. What the fuck did she buy?

No. 1446604

No. 1446606

nobody said that, it seems like you cannot accept that out there are healthy well build bodies, that wasnt even my point on Shayna, its not about you or me, its about the cow lmao

No. 1446609

Target plushie, a purse, custom wolf ears and tail, a new bed frame and a photographer >>1439201, >>1439219

No. 1446610

Already ripped off her nails and it's been barely a week, how does her tech still have anything to attach the acrylics to?

No. 1446613

You guys really have never touched grass if you think most white women are built like shay, frame and fat distribution has little if anything to do with race. It is genetic, but there's plenty of fat assed curvy white chicks and plenty of surf board hips chopstick leg minorities, behold the magic of diversity. Big shaynus was just cursed with a body built like the worms from men in black, but for every shaynus there's a million big booty pale instathots out there.

No. 1446647

File: 1645235493062.jpeg (266.85 KB, 1535x2048, 8885EC8B-0335-46A6-97B2-DC8BF7…)

Her new lamp

No. 1446651

Its so fucking ugly.

No. 1446654

She would own a lamp with a naked child on it

No. 1446656

It already looks grimy as fuck - did she find this in her buildings dumpster or what?

Ugly, dirty, doesn’t match with anything - least it matches her personality . . . Or lack thereof. Gets another lamp and still sits in the dark on a Friday night - thriving.

No. 1446657

Antique store

No. 1446667

Where do you live that this is average? I've lived in the midwest and texas, like the two most stereotypically fat regions in America and shayna is still below average and fatter than most women I would see on the street lol
She might become average if she took care of herself and wore properly fitting / styled clothing but she's afraid of soap and insists on wearing ill fitting shein garbage

No. 1446674

She's way more than a size above small, have you not seen her wearing her S skirt as a belt?

No. 1446697

She saw the bottom of the pink part and thought of chode and was like, "I just can't quit you…" and purchased it.

No. 1446791

File: 1645252773691.png (2.56 MB, 750x1334, 670D6FD1-78FC-4D53-991C-621475…)

She wore that ugly outfit on a date apparently

No. 1446812


Her greasy 2013 combover will never cease to amaze me. I think it gets farther every time I see it. Shayna, hey, do a center part you fucking retard. You look awful.

No. 1446829

Ken, I found this sweater top combo, it’s from Dolls Kill for $108 which is such a waste of money. I don’t understand why she wastes that much money on ugly clothes that don’t fit

No. 1446845

File: 1645260526522.jpeg (217.69 KB, 750x1422, E3CBFC15-2EBF-478D-8539-F0CF04…)

And yet she can’t let fupa go. I think she really assumes he checks her Twitter as much as she checks on his social media, that’s why she is always trying to flex her sad relationships

No. 1446848

Lmao wut. She looks flabby & out of shape. Try going on a run sometime.

No. 1446851

even a shitty mushroom lamp from earthbound would have been better than this. the top part looks like deformed pussy lips

No. 1446876

And yet on in valentines day you wanted to check in on him. Fupaul was an asshole but the only issue Shayna has with him, is he moved on and is being disgusting with a new girl. Not the things he actually did. Shayna he doesnt care. He never talked about you while you were together and doesn't seem to now. You fake dating multiple people doesn't mean shit to him. You'd give them all up if Fupaul wanted you back. She's retarded

No. 1446953

her "multiple partners" always call her stupid and slap her around and she tells twitter like she's proud of it, she really doesn't know what care and respect even means

No. 1446999

It’s like $30 on aliexpress

No. 1447022

I used to have the same body as her and I was 156. Do you actually know what 200 lbs looks like!?

No. 1447084

160+ is edging on 200 though, you’re not far away. anon didn’t say she was 200+ or something. it’s just close to 200?

No. 1447095

>160+ is edging on 200
tf is this anachan talk lmao

No. 1447100

This has the same fucked logic as "she's almost 30" at 24 lol. Let's just wait and see how long it takes for her to gain 40 more pounds, though.

No. 1447108

same here, i was 150 (same height as her). she's probably around 150-160 i'd imagine. if she actually worked out she could build some muscle and get rid of that belly/arm/leg fat but she's a lazy alcoholic. eventually she'll just balloon more at this rate. sage for weight sperging

No. 1447110

File: 1645296054602.jpeg (330.16 KB, 651x1081, 796E5A81-8D64-4755-AECA-C31942…)

When is she going to realize these types of tops only look good on girls with a flat stomach, not beer guts. Put a band t shirt for once you can show off your “uwu such diverse music taste” and cover your fat ass kangaroo pouch

No. 1447111

File: 1645296057936.jpeg (116.62 KB, 750x403, F67DD852-4CBD-4DF7-8CA9-60A41E…)

Why do it at 8pm pst most of the world will be asleep. She better start coming up with excuses.

No. 1447130

File: 1645298333960.jpeg (256.94 KB, 750x1620, B0DFBD28-E062-4748-A3A4-96A98C…)

She’s STILL angry at manyvids because she lost that contest. It’s gotta be everyone’s fault that she lost and not the possibility that she might be ugly

No. 1447154

She's not getting on cam. Let's take bets on what her excuse will be tonight.

No. 1447162

I’m betting she’ll get on but late. “Getting online soon, taking a dab and letting Noodle out to pee!!” type beat

No. 1447164

Too tired/sick or neighbor noises

No. 1447168

File: 1645302149904.jpeg (137.91 KB, 750x1236, 469C685A-A43B-4304-82FD-A81B89…)

No. 1447170

File: 1645302278213.gif (5.67 MB, 364x480, 9B965226-2D48-4E39-86FB-F8BDF7…)

No. 1447183

the way she tags lizzo as though lizzo will see it and reply kek

No. 1447186

she looks uncircumcised

No. 1447195

File: 1645304701881.jpeg (459.7 KB, 1170x850, 69C5609E-6D7A-4E0A-9AAE-F719A9…)

No. 1447203

you can tell she's not used to men doing dbit for her. Every single normal thing they do she brags about it. Like, yes Shayna, when people ask you out they sometimes plan it out. I guess she's used to asking to hang and planning it.

No. 1447206

Pick mes really praise the minimal effort that men make.

No. 1447211

Emilia fart vibes

No. 1447249

File: 1645309627845.jpeg (Spoiler Image,662.21 KB, 828x1282, 60D35B0F-5EC8-41BE-9BCB-4E509A…)

That back fat spilling over… sexy, Shay.

No. 1447254

Here's her excuse for not camming tonight.

No. 1447266

I guess this is going to be her new thing, except it won't help with her boobs, it'll only make them stand out more.
Every time I see one of these I think of Sol boy, maybe she got the idea from him lol.

No. 1447268

That was from yesterday

No. 1447277

One pair of boobs in the front, one pair of boobs in the back!

No. 1447283

why tf would she not put a bra on? she knows she doesn't have to have fatback bacon hanging out, right?

No. 1447318

She looks like a mushroom

No. 1447320

File: 1645314616355.jpeg (1.92 MB, 3464x3464, 0B348381-9C18-4572-B4B9-6F78E7…)

Got inspired and used this old meme format
Sage for autism

No. 1447324

Kek. She looks like her new lamp.

No. 1447325

File: 1645314816152.jpg (8.21 KB, 450x450, penis_plush.jpg)

I take that back, she actually looks like the aliexpress penis plush

No. 1447329

I half want to see how bad it is at the back but I also half really don't want the mental scarring

No. 1447336

File: 1645315360685.jpeg (195.32 KB, 750x1171, 454CB6E7-3804-4617-A4AA-D3BBD0…)

God I hope she doesn’t cancel because watching her drink wine like a fucking hamster would be hilarious

No. 1447364

File: 1645317247494.png (7.86 MB, 1242x2208, 6C458D71-3BEE-49FF-A498-ACE14F…)

That pink carpet or whatever is filthy and why is her cat in her dishwasher

No. 1447381

And she's cammed a whole what 2-3 times in a year? And done what else? Totally successful sex worker!

No. 1447398

kek u know it’s bad when even soyboy looks better in a corset than shay

No. 1447401

>she gets mad because she doesn’t like being told what to do and says it’s aboosive.