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File: 1571082986623.png (3.08 MB, 2048x2048, 1570995302599.png)

No. 880007

Last thread: >>874933

REMEMBER: sage when there’s no milk, no nitpicking and blogposting and STOP POSTING ABOUT HER UGLY VAGINA AND HER ZITS

>triple pen vid lul >>875166 spoiler, its gross

>depressed about not having money while bragging about spending $100+ on weed and booze
>realizes actual effort means something >>876046
>sigh, 12th twitter account suspended, lucky for her some orbiter makes her another @IRLbarbie
>has to make $300 by tomorrow to pay her bills (yikes, we knew all along) >>876404
>gets mad because people continue to make light of her shitty behavior >>876646
>cute boy becomes play partner >>877259
>HARASSING another SW >>877412 shay becomes mad because some other sw made a better executed post than she did and accuses her of copying her.
>makes a public tweet subtweeting the SW, calling her a “boring, uncreative ass” (wow you’re so positive shayna!) >>877419
>sends her orbiters to harass the girl, who ends up not evening knowing who shayna is and is overall positive about it >>877466
>shayna in turn, deletes the subtweet to hide her shame of being a trash talking bitch
>SW who was falsely accused is shown tweet that shay deleted of her trash talking and sad she was involved in some petty drama >>877476 >877483
>shayna does not apologize to her in any way. “I’VE CHANGED I SWEAR, IT WAS 5 YEARS AGO, I WAS A DUMB TEENAGER” (what a bright ball of sunshine you claim to be)
>butthurt about losing fake followers >>877555
>collared, who cares >>877760
>haters ruined her last relationship >>877904
>sick of the SW community because she’s “so nice!!!” and everyone else is so mean (didn’t you just harass a fellow sw?) >>878648 >>878660

- no doxxing
- no vendetta
- do not include or harass Shay's family
- no discussions about abrattypixie unless something actually relevant to shay happens between them

http://pinkpussypopped.tumblr.com (deleted)
http://themosthatedgirlonthisdamnsite.tumblr.com (deleted)
http://twitter.com/dollymattel (suspended)
https://twitter.com/dolly_mattel (suspended)
https://twitter.com/dumdollymattel (suspended)
https://twitter.com/stupidestbaby (suspended)
https://twitter.com/lilbarbiegrl (suspended)
https://twitter.com/mattel_dolly (suspended)
https://twitter.com/dollymattelx (suspended)
https://twitter.com/dollyxmattel (suspended)
https://twitter.com/dumbbydolly (suspended)
https://twitter.com/thedollymattel (suspended)
https://twitter.com/DollyMattelMV (suspended)
https://twitter.com/Dollythemattel (suspended)
https://twitter.com/IRLbarbie ←– CURRENT
https://www.instagram.com/itsdollymattel/ (deleted)
https://www.instagram.com/dolly_mattel/ (deleted)

No. 880011

File: 1571083134965.png (52.44 KB, 906x353, 2019-10-14_15-58-05.png)

shaynas crew demonizes mental illness even though their leader has it too

No. 880012

File: 1571083189293.png (32.77 KB, 567x317, 2019-10-14_15-59-38.png)

admitting they look at these threads, hey guys!

No. 880013

File: 1571083221013.png (59.9 KB, 592x505, 2019-10-14_16-00-30.png)

No. 880016

Yeah, you can 100% see that those two REALLY think all attention is good attention. They want a thread so bad.

Why even come here? You can tell they are just trying to use Shayna because they think her fake followers and this site means some type of fame for them.

No. 880018

its amusing how they tried to talk so much shit about this site, while they frequently peruse it. We know you want your own thread, but suckling shaynas teats won't get you there.

They probably think having a thread will make them popular, kek.

No. 880019

>a little too creepy for my taste
bitch you actively seek it out, i won't be surprised if people watching your every move is an actual wet dream for you

it's so weird to me how fucking much these idiot SWs want to be on lolcow. is it some kind of rite of passage? i'd personally want to scrub the internet of my existence if i was doing half the shit shay does kek

No. 880020

these dumb bitches probably still think that girl Luna is behind it

No. 880025

These people want the attention so bad, but then like Shayna they'll be blaming us for ruining relationships.

You can tell they felt so bad ass mentioning it and in a way they are fucking Shayna over by bringing up the site, I'm sure the reason Shayna doesn't bring it up and blames Luna is that she doesn't want to call attention to it.

This not even their problem and yet they are trying to fight Shayna's battles and are fucking her up in the end.

No. 880026

they make it sound like they're actively refreshing it and waiting lol

No. 880029

They are. Will probably come here thinking they are tough and do the trolling shit one of them did the other day.
This place is NOT good for business, especially not living tip to tip, twitter sex workers.

They truly think Shayna is someone.

No. 880034

File: 1571085741781.png (896.76 KB, 1125x2436, 160FE283-1CCB-499A-9076-243006…)

threads not for her orbiters but they are seething on discord about us talking about them.

No more caps for them, they don’t need attention

No. 880036

I don't understand why they all crave negative attention so badly.

No. 880041

>>880029 (samefg)
By alerting people here they are fucking over Shayna, so I don't think they deserve attention but it's really funny how they are making this thread about THEM.

I'm sure Shayna's happy that new people to her discord will know about this place!

No. 880043

File: 1571086431186.webm (Spoiler Image,4.54 MB, 640x360, 22Vac6Eau92PaY5h.webm)

This is so fucking cringy and try-hard.

She knows she’s going to release outtakes as “bloopers” later, so they all come off as scripted and fake.

No. 880057

Exactly. ditsydaisy is either trying to make Shay paranoid and bring her followers to the threads or she's just that stupid doesn't realize that she's fucking her over

No. 880059

i thought shay had made it a point to say multiple times that she doesn't fuck with people that read/post here?

No. 880060

Yikes. Imagine being so desperate for any attention you’re practically begging to be featured on a website dedicated on shit talking others, in hopes you’re going to get something positive out of it.

What was that again about mental illness??? Sorry your parents paid more attention to themselves and their happiness and crammed a phone in your faces to keep you busy.

No. 880063

No. 880065

They are literally causing drama in her on discord "trying to help" when we know it's them trying to use someone who barely has anything.

But then again, I don't feel too bad, because, Shayna's using them to sic them on people, so she can keep her fingers out of drama.

No. 880066

This is fucking disgusting. Why would you shave on your bed


No. 880067

"Oh I just shaved my pussy!! Now let me pop my irritated skin with my dirty hands and then rub it!"

now we know why her shit's always so irraited.

And thats So fucking gross to do it on her bed.

No. 880068


good god, no wonder she constantly has ingrowns. that physically hurt to watch.

No. 880070

Why would you smack the area you just shaved? You need to put some kind of balm on there ffs. No wonder she's always broken out.

No. 880071

OMG i'm in pain watching that
zero water… against the grain… dollar store disposable razor… please kill me now

No. 880074

I audibly went WHHHOOAA, WHOA at this shit. I can FEEL that cheap ass razor scraping against my lady bits and I wish to get off Mr Bones' wild ride

No. 880075

So much wrong with this video, but Jesus Christ, her “baby” voice is literally nauseating.

No. 880076

Like a true horror-cow.
On her bed, no water, against the grain and touching it with dirty hands and applying no ointment or aftercare. Amazing.

I guarantee she shaves her asshole the same way.

No. 880086

I recoiled when she didn't even pull the skin taut on the first one. Bitch you boutta lose your remaining skin.

No. 880088

File: 1571090689330.png (Spoiler Image,344.12 KB, 631x539, wtf.png)

Yes she does shave her asshole the same way

She hates bathing THAT much that she would rather shave her pussy on her bed than get near a tub. Amazing.

No. 880089

I bet she didn't even shower after

No. 880093

File: 1571091430946.jpg (1.16 MB, 3088x2320, image0 (2).jpg)

lol you can really see she lives in her living room

No. 880095

>lives in her living room
lmao what are living rooms for then? just a funny way to phrase it. we been knew though, that little hallway leads to her bathroom and the bedroom where the cat hides. Must smell so bad in that place, cramped alcoholic who admits to hating showers living with a cat and a dog, masturbating and smoking weed 24/7

really puts her "living in the basement" retort into perspective. it's just desperate projecting. she lives in a dump

No. 880100

she burps like a middle aged man

No. 880113

File: 1571095260718.jpg (354.28 KB, 1080x726, Screenshot_20191014-182044_Twi…)


No. 880114

File: 1571095290040.jpg (296.09 KB, 1080x1015, Screenshot_20191014-182056_Twi…)



No. 880117


her face literally looks like it doesn't belong on her body? is that the filter or the lack of neck?

No. 880120

I think it’s because her face inflated from all the alcohol and junk she’s been eating again kek

No. 880124

File: 1571096144168.jpg (318.37 KB, 1072x603, Screenshot_20191014-183526_Twi…)

So punny Shay

No. 880126

Did she ever confirm she hates showering/bathing in general or is it a pixyteri thing where she soaks in the tub instead of washing? Does she have any ~traumatic story about showers that leads her to not fucking washing for a week?

No. 880127

i can't remember if there was ever concrete evidence but i think it's a combination of her wearing the same dirty clothes for days at a time and her hair clearly not being washed and those bathtub photos she would take at the fupa mansion where there was only about 3 inches of water in the tub

No. 880131

there was concrete evidence of her admitting to disliking showering and bathing and avoiding doing it. it's way back in an old thread or possibly a deleted one at this point.

No. 880133

i feel like i vaguely remember her saying something along the lines of fupa telling her she needed to shower and drink water when they were at peak cringe ddlg levels but i might be misremembering

No. 880136

File: 1571097029809.jpeg (234.08 KB, 828x1358, 92A743D0-2932-4D03-ADEE-5F215F…)

Wow she really does only go out in pajamas…to a club even.

No. 880137

Has a vaccuum but doesnt use it

No. 880138

but why not get dressed up? I don't get it, she can't put on some shorts or something??

Like those look like pajamas, they aren't even nice sweatpants.

No. 880141

“Those threads” just say lolcow, dumb bitch

No. 880142

lol the average self-respecting person wouldn't even go out to walmart in this

No. 880144

File: 1571098159050.jpeg (153.38 KB, 674x895, 10BAA69C-8F3B-494C-BB00-CDFC42…)

No. 880146

Her place is staring to look like Luna Slaters

No. 880147

Is this her change of outfit? Does she really not have any other white shirts? I know she wants to show dudes her tits, but again, why a long sleeved shirt with pajama shorts?
(nitpick I know)

She doesn't have just a t shirt and some jean shorts? Is this all she has thats clean?

No. 880148

why does she put more effort to the outfits she wears in her dollar bin porn than actually going out and being seen by real people? this is bleak and it is also just pajamas, shayna.

No. 880150

Stop bringing up luna. It’s weird

No. 880151

If you want to look like a cheap whore, this is a great look. super sheer top that's easily torn, with old sweatshorts. any rapist would love you Shayna. I'm sure that's what she wants anyway. Cuz attention.

No. 880153

File: 1571098798868.png (370.47 KB, 2048x639, Screenshot_20191014-201907.png)

this is coming from the same girl who starts drama in order to promote her own shitty videos. how can she not see the hypocrisy?

No. 880154

Is she talking about her own orbiters?
ANd herself? By making this tweet she's talking about drama, she's been having drama this whole time.

No. 880155


No. 880158

File: 1571099001501.jpeg (113.49 KB, 674x895, 1571098159050.jpeg)

So I tweaked the lighting to better show what's behind her….. This is gross

No. 880161

Who raised this girl

No. 880162

File: 1571099372826.png (461.49 KB, 607x2048, Screenshot_20191014-172827.png)

Kek this could be why she raged at >>880153

No. 880164

I feel like a lot of clubs would not even let you in dressed like that.

Doesn't even have to be fancy but quite a lot of places have rules about trackies, trainers and hats.

This is an outfit most people would be embarrassed to even take the bins out in. Idk what's in her head.

No. 880165

Oof, that's not ass kissing, it's making out with her small intestine.

No. 880166

They can't grasp the simplest shit. How can you be craving attention as an anonymous poster talking about someone else?

Strange people

No. 880167


"boners" LOL

No. 880168

File: 1571100139912.jpg (395.77 KB, 1080x987, Screenshot_20191014-194219_Twi…)


No. 880169

She doesn't even have a bag in the trash, the trash is just all over the floor instead. Good God.

No. 880170

"I love you guys but I looked at Lolcow and they had a point with saying you guys are looking thristy and like you love drama. It also bring attention to all the dumb shit I do, so can you stop? thanks"

No. 880171

Long sleeve shirt and pajama shorts. So hot

No. 880174

Is this that same fucking long sleeve white top…..

No. 880175


(Same anon) Also, "Don't attack people unless I come whining to you about them"
She can send her orbiters on a search to question other sexworkers but she read here how dumb they all look and changed her tune?

So she doesn't want them to give us attention but to target other sex workers and randos on twitter?

got it

No. 880177

Yeah the one from the blowup doll video that she “threw up” on kek

No. 880178

This thread is about shaytard, nobody would get a boner from that.

No. 880180

She’ said over the summer that she doesn’t want anything to do with anyone who looks at the threads or are aware of them, it was actually really funny because she tweeted about how her “haturz” on this thread “talk to her”, we know that you look at the threads regularly, dumb ass

No. 880182

A hot mess

No. 880183

Mommy issues raised her

No. 880187

File: 1571103072985.png (1.22 MB, 2036x2048, Screenshot_20191014-182932.png)


No. 880188

That poor dog with all the trash and shit on the floor…

No. 880189

Well it’s 8:30 on a Monday, what do you expect?

No. 880191

Wasn't this a bar she went to with fupa a few times?

No. 880192

confirms she's started using her sex cage (that she couldn't have used even 10 times in 4 years) as an actual dog cage now. at least it's a big one

she really thinks we're all guys? she's lurked for so long, I'm surprised she's not going on another tirade about how awful women are. maybe she really is just that stupid

yes definitely

No. 880193

File: 1571104972939.jpg (155.97 KB, 939x498, Screen_Shot_2019-01-14_at_1.23…)

Her "play partner" coming over for the Friday fuck be like…

No. 880194


jfc anon

No. 880197

I don’t mean to be THAT anon but does she even have noodle anymore

No. 880215

File: 1571112540564.jpeg (164.17 KB, 828x1014, 1B20D4A4-7F69-4C4A-BEA3-33E348…)

Goes out to drink first thing in the morning

No. 880216

This was posted a while back anon.

No. 880218

File: 1571112947838.png (1.35 MB, 2048x1888, Screenshot_20191014-211505.png)

So classy

No. 880226

“I dislike these people who bully others”
“Omg she wants our attention so bad”
Shut up lmao just because they’re calling you out doesn’t mean they want their own thread. I’m sure everyone could do without getting doxxed by other pathetic jealous SW’s/stalkers.
YA’LL. What kinda infections you have that require ointment after shaving your kooka? Not even everyone needs any sort of lotions after shaving. In fact, that area is so sensitive it’s recommended to not put anything over it after shaving. Is this thread run by men? Or do y’all really need something to talk about so badly that you call out Shay for nothing?

No. 880227

File: 1571115396705.jpeg (653.21 KB, 2000x2000, 7A137847-A987-40D4-A2C2-1D5412…)

No. 880228

File: 1571115562589.jpeg (90.18 KB, 500x429, B585BDA1-9121-4876-9F7D-C6C15E…)

No. 880231

File: 1571115748233.jpeg (33.43 KB, 500x500, D0DAD3A4-BA6D-4EC8-8C76-339A5B…)

No. 880234

File: 1571116697382.gif (1.03 MB, 355x259, giphy (2).gif)

Okay which orbiter do we bet this is? Gummii, Daisy, or another SW?
Go back to being a disappointment, you aren't getting your own thread no matter how desperately you want our attention.

No. 880235

>collar suddenly reappears when it (doesn't) "match" her outfit
>OMG BDSM barbie~ daddy collared me i'm soo~o honored

No. 880236

Have you seen the state of it? Nobody is jealous of anything.

No. 880240

My favourite part of that is that I’m not a SW. not that I can prove that in any way. But maybe some of you should realize that you don’t have to be on one or the other side to want to stand up against the pointless bullying on this site. Do you not have jobs? Families? Something taking up your time? Or are you also all sex workers? Which makes this even worse. Just leave everyone alone ffs this is so pathetic and boring. Move on with your lives. Youre no better than her if your entire life revolves around creeping her social media just to mock her. Imagine putting that effort into your work. Give it up already. I’m ready to be banned here or for the usual response of “kek” because nobody ever seems to have a good argument as to why they’re a salty ass harasser. Go for it. It’s what you do best lolcow. Otherwise y’all would be doing something worth while with your time.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 880241

shut up

No. 880242

God id love if this site didn’t let every basement troll hide behind their “anon” title and have to actually put their names behind their comments. Wouldn’t be so bold then.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 880244

File: 1571118118566.jpg (24.22 KB, 500x415, crocker2007.jpg)

jesus fucking christ shayna
she needs to let go of her obsession with bathroom selfies/pictures, it's not cute, it's disgusting. (it is on point with the ~mattel brand~ though kek)

anon have you checked where you are?

No. 880246

You want to talk about how her trump video promotes sexual assault yet you say how badly her orbiters want your attention when they’re clearly telling you they hate you. You sound like a rapist who tells their victims they know they want it.(offtopic sperg)

No. 880247

Someone with skills PLEASE photoshop Shay and Fupa's faces onto this.

No. 880248

Do it yourself?

No. 880255

That requires skills or effort
Also wow at this thread becoming infighting central

No. 880257

nta, but it’s not infighting
it’s shayna’s discord calves or atleast one of them trying to shit up the thread with low quality bait and “snarky” responses and failing bc no one cares

No. 880260


Ok so like I’m not a vet or someone who partakes in collaring, but aren’t you supposed to wear the collar 24/7? Or …??

No. 880262

wow that sure showed us.. queen of ending lolcow

No. 880263

who cares

No. 880264

>Comparing free speech and opinions to a rapist

Rofl. Those mental gymnastics tho.

No. 880265

File: 1571123157635.png (206.96 KB, 480x480, 47816206-F833-435D-B8C0-5104D2…)

No. 880272


Her physique used to be alright - now - holy shit… that gunt.

No. 880276

She's starting to LOOK like Tuna

No. 880277

Didn't Shayna tell her oribiters NOT to come here? I guess they don't give a fuck about the person they come to defend. If they did they'd maybe, I don't know, respect her wishes?

Seems like they are addicted to this place.

No. 880281

They can't stay away, kek. Inb4 another discord lecture.

No. 880288


I do not partake in collaring, but from what I've read if you're collared it is like a wedding ring so you're never to supposed to take it off.

No. 880298

Typically when one is genuinely collared, they may have an OBVIOUSLY BDSM collar, like what Shayturd is wearing. But then they also have a day collar, which usually looks more like a necklace, to wear in public… which I’m sure she will have very soon to prove she was cOlLaRd. She’s still making a mockery of it.

No. 880299

You’re supposed to ask for permission to take it off except for bathing, grooming, etc which we all know Shaynasty doesn’t do. And of course emergencies

No. 880302

No one cares about your stupid insecure lifestyle. Shay is embarrassing enough about it, no need to flaunt your cringe.

No. 880306

Calm the fuck down anon, they were only answering a question, not exactly "flaunting their cringe"

No. 880309

Depends, I know a married couple where she swaps the collar out for a particular necklace when it's an occasion where it's not appropriate to wear it, the symbolism is still there

No. 880311

Calm down there, salty. They were giving insight as to how shay has no idea what she’s doing, when it comes to the things she claims to be a pro at. Fuck off with your pissy attitude.

No. 880320

Nta the constant bdsmfagging is embarrassing, Shay doesnt even care but the moment she does anything related to bdsm a hoard of fags have to discuss "rules" that are inherently arbitrary bc it all depends on who the person doing it is, which in this case is shayna and guess what? She doesnt care.

No. 880371

Since her orbiters lurk so much, why don’t they go through all of shay’s threads and see what such a trash person she is really kek

No. 880374

that’s what I’m wondering
there’s years of threads of her being lazy, scamming fans, being racist, lying about her past (shaved head and rape), lying to people, embarrassing her family, using people, being a gigantic nuisance

and they really aren’t looking at those instead of this one?

No. 880375

because they don't care about Shayna they care about attention and feeling apart of something.

it's the same 2 or 3 Orbiters, who only seem to be around for the drama.Also they are probably like Shayna and see nothing wrong with her behavior.

No. 880387

I can agree it only takes one person to explain it and not every anon needs to talk about BDSM. I don’t see an issue if brought up to highlight that Shay is a constant phony. I mean, we may as well never post her porn up because we all know it’s garbage of the lowest form. But we still do and all comment practically the same shit.
If this isn’t a place to discuss Shay and her gross and scammy ways, then why are we here?

It was pointed out she wasn’t wearing her collars and it was questioned. Didn’t need a hoard of anons to explain but also didn’t need some anon exploding and causing infighting.

No. 880393

There's a reason farmhands hate this thread. So desperate for milk.

No. 880399

You're misreading. I meant since this shit keeps happening etc lol.

No. 880425

File: 1571162940923.jpg (338.32 KB, 1076x1079, Screenshot_20191015-130802_Chr…)

now that everyone has gone completely off topic…

It seems going out on a Monday night and getting blackout drunk might have finally been the last straw for Shay.

No. 880428

I truly hope she sticks with this,but I doubt it. Also, you can tell she has zero friends, she's going out alone getting fucked up and who knows what happens.

People cheering her on being topless def. don't care about her.

But alcohol is ONE of the things fucking up her life & mental health, there's a BIG GLARING thing, plus her general attitude.

No. 880430

This is pretty milky. I wonder what she did, I mean it seems like it takes a lot to embarrass her. I can't see her sticking to no alcohol though, sorry to say

No. 880432

lmao like she did with her "diet"?? go get some friends shay, not some enablers who literally dont care if you die in a ditch

No. 880433

Exactly, everyone from the Cute Boy who may or may not exist, to her orbiters DO NOT care if Shayna lives or dies, thrives or fail.

She uses people and people use her.

No. 880438

Seriously, how long has she been doing this ~sex worker thing for? Four years? Failing miserably? Not even located anywhere where she could do actual shoots, barely getting on cam in fucking Tulsa?

It saddens me she can’t find an easy exit like “I’m taking a mental health break from sex work” like she is supposedly going to do with booze, or say ANYTHING and move back home. She’s not relevant and won’t be missing any opportunities by doing this. She’s not producing new content often and when she does she looks dead in the eyes. Accepting failure is tough, but it’s the only way out for her.

No. 880443

>going to stop drinking FOR A LITTLE BIT

yea she ain’t quitting. She’s going to stop for maybe a few days and be back at it on Friday. She has no self control.

No. 880444

With zero plans of using sex work to get anywhere else, like she doesn't even set goals for things she wants to buy, like a car, maybe even save up to start something bigger.

She got into sex work because she's lazy and now she's to lazy to do sex work, plus she's depressed and mentally ill.

No. 880452

She's soon gonna realise going from drinking daily to not at all is not usually that simple.

Is it a cultural difference cos in UK people get blackout drunk like every weekend. Well not everyone but I consider not remembering parts of the previous night pretty common.

No. 880462

it's pretty common in the US as well but not a Monday night…

No. 880463

I give her one day MAX. she'll probably give herself excuses like "I can have just a beer or two to calm my nerves!!!" à la Taylor with hard cider

For 22 year olds who have friends it's not necessarily a problem, but Shayna sits in her apartment alone and drinks all day every day. she probably had to drink a ton to get that smashed last night. I wonder who was paying the tab and if she just blew all her money on booze or if someone else enabled her to get messy drunk

No. 880465

so what? shes going back to her diet and gym shtick she did for 3 days? she probably fucked things up with her play partner and is kicking herself over it

No. 880502

File: 1571175067313.jpg (179.69 KB, 1080x684, Screenshot_20191015-163042_Twi…)


Lol for Shay retweeting this

No. 880503

File: 1571175098564.jpg (349.38 KB, 1080x1220, Screenshot_20191015-163102_Twi…)


Like how Fupa lied to his ex wife about what you do?

No. 880504

People don't use their real name when they do porn Shay, like you did

No. 880507

I’m pretty sure she’s a full blown alcoholic by now, she’s going to have some serious withdrawal considering she drinks every single day.
Good on her for wanting to quit, but it’s not going to happen.

Some of the only tips she gets on cam is to drink more alcohol.

No. 880509

She's not going to last a day because she has nothing to fill her time with. After 2 hours of scrolling twitter, she'll be bored out of her mind and think "you know what, a beer won't hurt…"

An empty mind is the devil's workshop, Shay. If you don't find something mentally stimulating to keep you occupied, you will go back to alcohol.

Her orbiters are so disgusting. How can they enable her self destructive behaviors and look at themselves in the mirror afterwards?

No. 880526

I give it till the weekend. She couldn’t manage to not eat like a pig for more than a week, so I doubt she’ll be able to go without alcohol for more than a few days

No. 880534

I am 110% sure it’s not the last straw for her. Unless she chooses to stop digging her bottom, it will keep going

No. 880547


For real tho.. What CAN embarrass a girl with absolutely no shame? This is the same girl that goes to these Tulsa dive bar bathrooms, completely takes off her raunchy pajama shorts AND SHOES on this dirty ass bathroom floor where drunkards shit, piss, and vomit all over, hops up on a dirty ass toilet seat, begins to finger herself without washing her hands, starts doing retard Gypsy Rose faces, and RECORDS IT ALL TO POST ON TWITTER. What the fuck can embarrass this trash goblin?

No. 880554

She has shame, she just drowns it in booze

No. 880558

File: 1571180783722.png (352.53 KB, 2048x819, Screenshot_20191015-190402.png)

I just spat out my drink. Is she fucking serious??? Hahahaha Self Awareness at a fucking zero yo

No. 880560

She needs to 1) stop gatekeeping sex work, 2) leave sex work if it makes her that miserable my god

No. 880564

Why do they act like sex work is some exclusive club? People have been selling sex for ages, There's pornstars with more pride and who are less entitled, rude and fucked up in the head then these twitter sex workers.

No. 880569

Lmao this bitch acts like sex work is for the elite. It doesn’t take a degree to masturbate in front of a camera for money.

No. 880588

File: 1571184120633.jpg (383.86 KB, 1080x1587, Screenshot_20191015-190134_Twi…)

Shay is the LAST person to ever give sex work advice

No. 880589

I mean color me ignorant but I always thought the point of sex work for people with other options is that it /is/ easier money than working a 9-5?

No. 880598

File: 1571184922192.jpg (136.44 KB, 1077x744, Screenshot_20191015-191321_Tum…)

No. 880600


that's probably exactly why she started doing sex work. easy money. she only gatekeeps because she's worried someone will take her 2 customers.

No. 880605

I also feel like she gatekeeps because the more girls who joins, means the more her , "I'm not like other girls, my struggle UWU, this life is so hard!" badge will slowly go away. She also uses "it's not easy" to excuse her dumb choices and her declining career.

She speaks from a place of privilege and I feel like she assumes every person who wants to make a quick buck off a sex work (which has been being done for FUCKING AGES) that they have other options, like her. They can run to their daddy or mommy.

Or like her dumb ass they will try to make a career out of selling nudes and wack solos, when they JUST need a little money to pay a bill or something.

I bet she'd give the same answer to someone giving a tragic reason for wanting to start.

She preaches about wanting to support other sex workers and keeping the community healthy, yet she acts like this whenever someone comes to her (for some reason) and ask for just a little advice.

Shayna literally did porn for attention and because she felt it was "easy" to do with her large following, which by the way had BIT her in the ass currently.

Now everyone thinks she's a fucking racist, because of Tumblr and her large following. Also it hasn't made it easier as all, Shayna's career is a good start for someone just starting off, not for someone what? 4 years in.

So I don't know what dumb ass thinks she can offer advice.

No. 880608

New sex workers also means new competition. And judging by her reaction to that other girl's vaguely similar photo set, she knows her content ain't shit. I just waiting to see what she's gonna do when all her orbiters and customers flake and the money runs dry.

No. 880609

It's ironic considering that some sex workers have gotten into it and done better than her financially just by learning from her what NOT to do.

>doesn't cam on a set schedule

>cancels cam sessions last minute
>posts uncensored nudes
>doesn't maintain basic hygiene
>starts fights with other sex workers
>drags unrelated things into her work twitter
>begs endlessly for free money
>undersells her material constantly

Shay's a walking example of how not to be a camgirl. Literally everything she does you can be successful if you do the exact opposite.

No. 880619

File: 1571189130875.jpg (247.44 KB, 1075x1002, Screenshot_20191015-202524_Twi…)

What about your "partner" Shay?

No. 880621

File: 1571189415216.jpg (99.34 KB, 768x833, shay.jpg)

No. 880622

File: 1571189441501.jpeg (466.21 KB, 1242x1250, BEF6590C-48CA-478D-BCB4-902060…)

WOW. That was fast. God I feel a little bad for her.

No. 880625

But she was totally in a super serious collared relationship! Hahahahaha what a fucking loser and a liar. Maybe next time you won't treat collaring like a joke and won't wind up looking like a retard.

No. 880627

Can't feel bad for a girl that fucks everything up for herself.

No. 880629

didnt an anon earlier today literally say her drinking was gonna catch up with her one day?

well lo and behold it happened

No. 880630

Wow, I applaud the fact that she's owning up to the fact she's a fucking mess. Maybe this will push her to clean up her act.

No. 880631

Lol Sucks to suck,Shay. I have absolutely no sympathy. She treats people like shit and puts herself up on a pedestal and expects life to not hand her a bad hand. Reality is a slap in the face, huh? And the reality is you're fucking insufferable and no one wants to be around you. Hole up in your dirty ass cave and cry some more.
Also, be aware, could be another scam for pity cash. THAT'S how low I think you are, Shay.

No. 880633

File: 1571190922787.jpg (451.96 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20191015-205503_Twi…)

Lol she deleted it

No. 880634

File: 1571190972786.jpg (256.34 KB, 1080x1054, Screenshot_20191015-205621_Twi…)

Boo hoo

No. 880635

she's being dramatic. she's gonna cry for pity points about how hard it is without alcohol for a few days, then she'll uber to a sports bar and order beers and margaritas for herself. same result as her healthy eating kick.

imo her gross porn is just whatever, but the photos of her wearing amazon chic in front of the mounting filth she refuses to clean even just once are entertaining as fuck for me. lmao.

No. 880636

she took the 'collared' out of her bio, kek

No. 880637

Did fupa delete is fb?

No. 880642

Nope, it's still there

No. 880643

File: 1571191524865.jpg (101.47 KB, 1080x430, Screenshot_20191015-210532_Twi…)

So she can buy some alcohol

No. 880647

It's still up you must have tipped and gotten blocked great job anon

No. 880648

Ultra kek, an anon totally predicted this >>880465

No. 880649

I fucking knew she would start doing this shit. She's going to boo hoo people into giving her money so she won't have to work (CuZ dEPreSsEd!!!!) then probably in a couple days she and "partner" will "totally worked it out! Sqwee!" and is back on her usual drinking binges.
That is… If this relationship was even real. So she can use a fake breakup from a fake relationship for… Pity money so she can continue to sit on her flat ass some more.

No. 880653

I'm surprised she isn't bragging about this. "Uwu little baby drank too much"

No. 880655

File: 1571192275187.png (403.97 KB, 570x2048, Screenshot_20191015-191543.png)

Apparently she embarrassed herself and acted dumb in front of his FRIENDS. (1/2)

No. 880656

File: 1571192321441.png (811.8 KB, 1696x2048, Screenshot_20191015-191601.png)


No. 880659

She’s probably just experiencing the mental side of hangovers, which are common after blacking out. The shame, embarrassment, depression, self-loathing, feeling as though everyone hates you, the works. Tomorrow morning she’ll gas herself back up and tell herself it wasn’t that bad, she just likes to have a good time, she’s young and everyone makes mistakes, etc.

I genuinely hope for her sobriety, but I don’t think the queen of shamelessness had her awakening. She has no friends, no one that truly cares for her or her wellbeing, no one except shady men in bars and orbiters that pay her to degrade herself in one way or another.

No. 880660

So basically we're getting half the story and she's gone from taking responsibility to playing the victim in less than 5 minutes. Amazing. And I doubt this was the 1st time she's done something stupid when she's drunk so I highly doubt he just up and abandoned her jfc

No. 880661

>I don't know how to deal with it without drinking

THERAPY, Shayna! be a fucking adult and use your brain for half a second. throwing an endless pity party and never actually changing drives people away from you, especially customers who don't give a shit

No. 880662


Hahahaha SURPRISE, play partner! The girl whose apartment has dildos lying on a dirty carpet, fucks herself with a Hitachi with dog hair on it, has paddles taped to her wall as decoration, and goes to night clubs in pajamas is really just as much as an embarrassment in front of other human beings! Try and do better and date someone that interacts with other humans and can separate real life from sex work! Good luck considering it's obvious you couldn't see the blaring red flags Shay waves around proudly.

No. 880664

I really wonder what this person thought, he got with a sex worker, with mental illness, a drunk, addicted to weed and attention, whose isolated, toxic towards women (and everyone around her), he obviously was using her for free sex and to do whatever he could.
What was he expecting? I wish Shayna would stop believing everything these dudes tell her, just because someone's nice to you and he fucking you doesn't mean he deserves everything you have to offer.
She gives everything for little in return.

No. 880668

"He can't blame you for your behavior"

Um, yes he absolutely can. It's not like she got drunk by accident. It was her choice and she fucked it up.

No. 880669


(same anon)
And I really wonder if maybe she got in a fight with someone. Then again, I really think she was with this guy when she was topless, so they don't give a fuck about her.

Shayna's the ultimate pick me and she needs to fucking love herself, from what little we know this dude was shitty he didn't care about her and he'd probably broken up with her when he got bored or got sick of the "My girlfriend is a pornstar" bragging point.

I seriously doubt he was any better anyway.

Like this girl was crying in the dark and shit, always missing rent and he could get her drunk every week but can't help his girlfriend out?

No. 880672

I really feel like she has literal kids on discord, the shit they say sounds like edgy 15-14 year olds.

So because she's drunk that means he can't blame her?

So I guess they deal with shitty behavior from men because, "I can't blame him for his behavior"

No. 880677

File: 1571193438542.png (691.21 KB, 1541x2048, Screenshot_20191015-193705.png)

They're honest to God telling her to view it as cute and that if he was embarrassed he's trash, so I doubt this will be something she learns from.

No. 880679

Yo. Imagine if this is the first time she got to meet his friends?
It's kinda a next step in a relationship (especially with dudes) to introduce your SO to friends (then the step after that being family).
Yoooo, just imagine. "Yeah, this my girlfriend." And this chick is blackout on a damn Monday, in fucking pajamas at a club, falling all over the place enough to hurt her foot and probably said and did the most cringy shit (think the cringe on Twitter times 3000 because alcohol is fun)

No. 880684

Those Discord orbiters are idiotic. "He can't blame you, you weren't yourself" - as if drinking way past your limits is any excuse for shitty behavior. She needs a fucking wake up call.

No. 880685

they don't even know what the fuck she even did but already are telling her, "it's okay, don't worry about it, you are perfect!! UwU"

These people literally do not give two shits about this girl and don't have good sense themselves.

Shayna literally has no friends and thats fucked because a good female friend (someone whose not trying to get clout, or attention from someone "internet famous" to them, or some creep trying to fuck you)
Would definitely be what she needs.

Shit, even a gay male friend, just anyone who doesn't have anything to gain from Shayna.

but sadly she chased all that away, hates women, and only idolizes men who are fucking her or giving her money.

No. 880686

SA- And again, what did this dude expect? He's probably scum too.

No. 880688

betcha $50 these orbiters have never been around a raging blackout drunk person before

I do feel for Shay though. Hangover guilt fucking sucks.
Still very curious about what she did. Or tinfoil it was something like she got raging drunk (like people get sometimes) but behind his back. Like he told her to not get drunk and she got wasted behind his back.

No. 880689

Maybe he's another one of those Tumblr doms and that was part of his "rules" for her lol

No. 880690

She needs to get rid of those terrible orbiters. The last thing she needs right now is to be around a bunch of Yes man. Would they say the same thing if the roles were reversed? A drunk embarrassing abusive man? JC this is depressing.

No. 880691

Hey. Discord fags that like to lurk here: This is called ENABLING,you dumb fucks. This is 100% Shauna's fault because she refuses to drink in moderation. If she had gotten drunk and physically assaulted someone or hurt someone in some way, would y'all still be *~*it ok bb princess dolly u deserve better*~*???? Yall really that retarded? Like, yeah, fuck this guy, he's trash because he doesn't want to be with a belligerent drunk that did God knows what to end the relationship. Honestly, HE HAS THAT RIGHT. He has a right to end things even if it was for NOTHING. ONCE AGAIN, kids! NO BODY owes you shit! Grow up, faggots.

No. 880692

I'm going with either flirting with one of his friends or getting drunk and hitting him in front of them. If she caused enough of a scene I could see it ending suddenly

No. 880693

I hope these girls don't have relationships because this is a toxic way of looking at shit. It's his decision how he wants to deal with Shayna.

If he wants to break up for now or forever, it's fully his choice and Shayna's was in the right mind (for once) understanding that.

The relationship wasn't that long anyway and the dude will probably be back when he's horny or something.

Either way, drunk or no drunk, He doesn't have to deal with Shayna's shit if he doesn't want too.

I truly hope they don't think they are entitled to forgiveness or to be with someone when they fuck up, or vice versa.

No. 880694

I mean they ain’t wrong- he probably is trash. What did the dude expect from a girl who has dildos attached to her wall, masterbates in bar bathrooms and wears her week old pajamas out for a night on the town? Dude is trash and Shay is trash. They both dug to the bottom of the trash bin and dude realized his friends were laughing at him. Shay didn’t embarrass herself. She’s upset she got dumped. Dude is the one with the shame and embarrassment.

No. 880695

They're wrong because they are saying he's scum for breaking up with Shayna when they don't even KNOW what Shayna did.

He's not scum because all the reasons we've seen, nah he's scum because How DARE HE break up with Shayna after Shayna did something she obviously felt was wrong and worthy of a breakup?

They are basically telling her not to take responsibility and blame everything on the dude.

No. 880696

i bet she did try to fight someone with her liquid courage and the need to impress his friends LMAO jesus shayna you fool

No. 880697

True, I wasn’t implying they were right about what they said overall. More so they called him trash and he is. Even if they called him trash for the wrong reasons.

No. 880699

I feel like she's the type of girl who Bros it up and who also acts super sexual and bragging about sex work.She also may get super toxic about to other women around.

Or maybe she got drunk and to impress them kissed a girl or something.


(same anon)-

I can agree that he's trash regardless yes.

No. 880700

I have a feeling she was doing her uwu so quickly crap and saying inappropriate things like she did on the plane that time…imagine her saying anal over and over to his friends or something of the like.

No. 880703

Maybe she got in a fight with a girl over something? How do you break your foot? Maybe dancing on tables? kek

No. 880705

Maybe she threw a tantrum about something and kicked something lol

No. 880706

I have a feeling she's going to tell us what she did, eventually. But it had to be bad if she doesn't even want to say what it is and is shutting down all attempts to blame anyone but herself.

Or maybe the guy is lurking her social media and she doesn't want to mess up a chance of getting him back.

No. 880712

I think we will find out what happened but it won’t come from Shay directly.

Watch, She’s going to do the whole “Ive been sober for 3 days!!!” crap to get asspats and money. Then the inevitable “I relapsed uwu life is so hard but I’ll do better”. And then “I’m a week sober!” And then act like she’s better than everyone and talk about how being sober is the best. And then she’ll start drinking again on the regular when all the sympathy and money runs out.

No. 880713

What if discord orbiters are keeping a low profile or else they'll get outed on lolcow?

No. 880763


Yeah, probably kept repeating "anal" then announced she was going to the bathroom to take nudes.

I really hope for her sake she doesn't listen to the orbiters

No. 880766

Lmaoooo none of these people actually like her, this is pretty much sabotage. I know this would be poop-touching, but I almost want to join her discord myself and try to give her actual constructive advice

No. 880774

For Shay to get blackout drunk and do something that resulted in a fuckbuddy being too ashamed of her? She had to have done something incredibly stupid for her to worry about someone "not wanting to be seen with me".

My bet's on her either getting caught trying to do porn-stuff in the bar's bathroom, her taking advantage of the topless law like she did before, or her just doing something shitfaced drunk like peeing in public. All in front of his friends.

No. 880793

File: 1571227748124.png (378.1 KB, 1210x800, dd0.png)

All of the above. Plus probably trying to fight. Plus probably trying to get him to do sexual "BDSM" shit in public.
Shay: baby voice "I want you to fuck my little holes, daddy!!"
His friends:

No. 880796

She did go out with her super serious collar on so she could've brought it up to them and outed him

No. 880797


God y'all. So many possibilities and it's sad that each and every one is low as dirt and is something Shay would totally do. Ohhh, to be a fly on the wall at a club at 8:30pm on a Monday in Tulsa, OK sigh

No. 880803

Watch, she'll check into AA for like a week

No. 880807

lmao anon she would never go to AA

No. 880808

Lol She ain't that dedicated, Anon. She can't even keep a cam schedule much less go to scheduled meetings that require her to leave her hole and be around actual other human beings.

No. 880812

The one time I wish tulsa anon wouldve been present lol

No. 880817

I've realized Shayna only does stuff when she gets something out of it. Weather it's getting drunk, stuffing her face with fast food, etc. Any time she goes anywhere it's only so she can take nudes, get drunk, or get some cheap sex. She would never go to the gym or therapy because she doesn't get any instant gratification from it.

She needs to grow the fuck up.

No. 880819

A little OT, but even Luna Slater is charging more for her porn than Shayna is >>>/pt/719200

Also, quite a few sex workers I'm following stopped posting any nude content and have only seen improved sales. Who wants to buy from someone that gives everything away for free?

No. 880821

geez, this chick and Shayna are like carbon copies of each other. Is this what happens to dumb thots who get into porn?

No. 880828

Tuna is a literal heroin addict, anon. Also, she's selling a video where she drinks piss. Eat your heart out Shay, Luna just started doing porn and its already more depressing then yours lol

No. 880830

Shaynas already made piss fetish videos. One of her first puppy videos was her pissing on puppy pads and masturbating on top of them.

Luna is an addict who makes shitty porn for the lowest tier of humanity, and so is Shayna.

No. 880833

yeah but she didn't drink it…

No. 880834

and masturbating in your own piss is somehow better? lmfao

No. 880836

i'm not saying it's better but how you could even drink your own piss is beyond me

No. 880839

Funny how this breakup is happening so soon after everyone started agreeing she's still with fupa and that the new tumblr dom was him. Tbh it sounds like she's killing two birds with one stone and trying to get rid of the anons speculating about them still being together and also getting everyone off her back about the drinking. I doubt anything has changed.

No. 880841

Her discord is literally packed with anons/Kiwi Farmers. Wouldn't be surprising if they're only nice because they dont want to be banned, kek.

No. 880854

File: 1571239934681.png (577.34 KB, 756x832, Screenshot_20191016_083149_com…)

she posted a video about noodle in the park in her discord so she still has the poor pup

No. 880860

Is that “could-be-Fupa” tumblr account still following shay? I feel like if the play-partner was Fupa and the night was THAT bad, he may have unfollowed on tumblr.

No. 880892

File: 1571246379349.jpg (782.44 KB, 1080x1440, 20191016_121815.jpg)

It's confirmed she sleeps in the children's day bed. That's just sad. I'm confused why she has two "work spaces" in separate areas.

No. 880899

We’ve literally known this since pretty much the beginning lmao

No. 880903

No. 880936

There was never actual proof/ confirmation though, especially because when she was looking for apartments she wanted a one-bedroom so she could shut the door on her work and sleep in the other room. We know that didn't last long but some anons probably thought she still had the air mattress set up in Rib's room. She may have at first, until she caved and started sleeping in the living room

I wonder what the bedroom looks like. Probably full of trash and dirty laundry, that poor cat

No. 880938

File: 1571254433753.jpg (97.28 KB, 1080x876, Screenshot_20191016-203142_Twi…)

So what's it gonna be?

I imagine Shay to be a boring old fuck and just go into a tattoo shop, look through the design book and get it there and then.

No. 880941

Here comes the spiraling to find something new to help her cope more that she doesn't have alcohol

No. 880942

Now she's going to be a sad Tattoo'd baby doll

No. 880945

Because we know she loves to change personas every single day. She also better not whine about being broke since she may get a tattoo.

And I hate how you can tell she's 100% saying shit not beause she likes those things, but because she wants likes and to go "viral"

No. 880953

File: 1571257060922.jpg (352.12 KB, 1080x1559, Screenshot_20191016-151703_Twi…)

Of course some dumbasses are going to support it

No. 880972

Shayna's orbiters are really similar to the literal kids who follow TND around, very trusting and very dumb.

No. 880988

>I’m depressed, therefore my judgement and thought processes are cloudy, and want to mark my body with something permanent.

>friends: totally agree!!! do it!!

It’s like they’re really farmers and want to see her fail…lmao. Any good friend would tell her she should wait until her mindset is healthier and not compromised.

No. 880990

File: 1571263952219.jpg (111.23 KB, 1065x533, Screenshot_20191016-171212_Twi…)

Here we go

No. 880991

Lol. Does she realise they need topping up often? She does not have the money for this shit.

Plus yknow they look rancid.

No. 880996

Shayna your lips are fine, please focus on the inside. No matter how many tattoos or lip fillers or whatever you get, it won't help depression, mental illness and your addictions.

Plus it's going to mess your face up, it's not going to look how you want. You won't be able to maintain it.

She'll probably go to some street doctor

No. 880997

File: 1571264610336.jpeg (223.79 KB, 828x767, 29EC2439-D3ED-4215-A97C-978D81…)

This is Shay in a nutshell

No. 880998

Honestly Shay just start with using some Carmex regularly and see how that goes first. No one wants to see your crusty lips enlarged.

No. 881000

People on here are better “friends” than her own orbiters are. At least here she gets good advice, honest facts, and tips on how to keep her “business” afloat. The retards encouraging her toxic coping skills are the real farmers.

No. 881011

Does she know what they cost?
More than all her videos combined, ten times over.

No. 881021

File: 1571266513618.jpg (107.75 KB, 750x1334, IMG_20191016_235259.jpg)

This is the second time I've ever seen her in a proper bra

No. 881024

not the best angle but she doesn't look bad

No. 881029

She looks like shit. Wow. Girl do something with yourself, damn.

No. 881042

I didn't realize Shay had a general on KF!

Crazy when you can count on one hand the amount of times you've seen Shay in a bra.

No. 881071

Lips would still be cracked af, she just gonna have crusty sausages?
Not like she can afford them. They'd look like shit on her anyway, she can't pull them off.

No. 881079

Lip fillers definitely wouldn’t look good on her. If she wants better lips so bad, she should invest into some lip balm.

No. 881081

File: 1571273680816.png (1.41 MB, 1552x2048, Screenshot_20191016-205414.png)

Shayna with lip injections

No. 881092

Punch her in mouth, 2 cunts with one stone(a-logging)

No. 881098

Save up for nose job instead sis…jk bitch can not save anything, money, relationships or herself

No. 881099

why’d she do this angle? she’s just not trying anymore. she’s not fat but she’s choosing angles that would make even skinny people look bad. looks like she has 0 ass and hugeee thighs. I wish she would just put in effort into her “job.” Like do good angles, color correct her photos, do something with her hair and makeup? Idk. I’m just annoyed by her at this point

No. 881100

also her lower face/jaw looks so damn huge there. why didn’t she let her hair down and put some damn lipstick on lol

No. 881101

Damn, Shayna. If you're going to waste what little money you have on Victoria's Secret shit, at least buy the right size.

No. 881106

File: 1571278506685.jpg (137.18 KB, 1080x676, Screenshot_20191016-211448_Twi…)

Uwu such an alternative "spoopy" baby

No. 881110

File: 1571279404098.jpg (401.79 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20191016-212954_Twi…)

No. 881116

Lol that's so cringe. I thought it was because she's a two faced burly bitch lmao

No. 881140

We do but it's dead because KF didn't see her lolcow potential. I'd imagine some kiwis follow her on here like I do.

No. 881146

Lolcow seems to enjoy train wreck sex workers more than KF.

This angle makes her look like a gingerbread man.

No. 881176

I said it a few threads ago and I’ll say it again. She’s on track to going inpatient in a psych hospital. Finally realizing maybe her substance abuse is a problem, break up due to her issues, the reality creeping up that she is not meant for sex work and needs to get a job but has no skills to find or maintain one. Even at a freakin’ fast food joint, she has NO social skills. Trying to “take it easy” on drinking will be a real eye opener for her. Alcohol detox is no joke. I’m predicting by the end of the year she’s gonna check into a hospital and be flaunting the bracelet on social media

No. 881195

A little more then half of the anons on this thread are females who are disgusted by shay more then anything else, not obsessed, not secretly in love with her so her and her orbiters need to stop being so delusional

No. 881203

Back when she set up the one corner of the other room for filming, she mentioned having to take a day or so to clean it out. Seemed like she was using it for storage and even after she "cleaned it" we've still only seen the one corner of it. I can just imagine the heaps of trash and dirty clothes in every other corner.

No. 881215

i can see shay going to a really cheap and dodgy tattoo studio and picking out some shitty flash design for $50. if she had any friends i could picture her getting one in a friend's basement, she clearly has no qualms about hygeine.

No. 881228

She probably blacked out ang got “raped” again

No. 881229

Sage your tinfoil. Shayna is over the top but she in no way alluded to getting raped in this incidence.

No. 881230

How dare you call it a tinfoil. I was basing it on historical trends. I really want to know what she did though

No. 881238

Unless there’s two Shayna Clifford’s living in Tulsa County, she got pulled over by Highway Patrol in July for failure to wear a seatbelt and speeding in a 2016 Hyundai.

She failed to show up for court so now there’s a bench warrant out for her arrest.

No. 881240

Lmao that’s fupas veloster, but proof please

No. 881241

Uh source? Screenshot maybe? Are we just supposed to take your word for it?

No. 881243

File: 1571324003011.jpg (135.69 KB, 1078x1077, Screenshot_20191017-095213_Chr…)

Nta but I looked it up on tulsas warrant page and here's a screenshot and before anyone thinks im doxxing this is all public information that anyone can find just by searching her name. It also wasnt for june it was in august of this year.

No. 881245

File: 1571324194573.png (922.69 KB, 1125x2001, 2DB68AC2-3C40-488C-9E76-37201E…)

Nta but it’s easy enough to find

No. 881247

Fuck shayna get your shit together

No. 881248

File: 1571324312135.jpg (192.25 KB, 1080x693, 20191017_095802.jpg)

Middle name even confirms its her kek. Shayna better be careful.
Also, this was in her discord today

No. 881250

I hope her lovely orbiters see this. Isn't your "leader" such a great person!?

No. 881251

File: 1571324428138.jpeg (880.11 KB, 1125x2237, 0E137738-FCD3-4976-8CFF-23EA42…)

Blocked out license number but it’s all public information here in the state.

No. 881252

File: 1571324512912.jpeg (405.82 KB, 1123x2240, EFDCFC16-5324-47CD-82B8-4579E7…)

No. 881253

This kind of stuff doesn’t surprise me. She a legit psychopath huh

No. 881255

Is that what thriving looks like? Damn shaynas even stupider than I thought.

No. 881258

tinfoil but maybe this is why fupa dropped her for good. alot of anons speculated it was because of that asinine and dangerous fireworks video but this was right around the same time period..

No. 881261

This is cringy and you should stop

No. 881262

Thats a tinfoil but I can see it. Fupa didnt have any warrants on him. This is so sad shayna

No. 881263

Exiting off the highway at 82 mph? Without a seatbelt also? Damn, she is really stupid.

No. 881264

If she was driving his car then it makes sense he'd be pissed

No. 881269

Lol thriving. Going to get arrested over a traffic violation. Should have just went to traffic court and paid the fine? What a loser, honestly.

No. 881270

this is fucking hilarious

No. 881271

My tinfoil is that she won't understand the gravity of what she's done/hasnnt done until it's outlined several times in this thread. I'm sure she treated the charge like a late library book fee and assumed that at worst, it would only increase in price rather than have dire consequences. Damb.

No. 881274

What dumb ass would let her use their car?

No. 881276

Nta they're saying it could be why FUPA broke up with her, not this new guy.

No. 881277


they were talking about the original split with fupa, I think.

No. 881278

>If you know where to find a wanted person, please email Fugitive Warrants Unit
um yes i'd like to report a wanted person in a musty one-bedroom apartment with dirty dildos laying around

No. 881279

apparently it was the same dumbass that thought they were in love after like, 3 months of dating and moved her in with him, then kicked her out of the house but still kept her around for pussy. kek

No. 881281

I think inside lane means she was in the far left/passing lane. makes a lot more sense than exiting at breakneck speeds lol

when she gets apprehended she's gonna call Fupa and beg him to take care of the animals for her. And she's not going to be able to beg twitter for her bail money from the clink… this is truly going to be a shit show

No. 881283

The incident happened in July and bench warrant was issued In Sept. Dumb bitch just didn’t pay her $100 fine and got a warrant. Lmao. Hilarious.

I doubt this is why he broke up with her though.

No. 881285

She'll probably ask her dad to pay for it tbh, I hope all of this is a wake up call for her.

I thought that Discord would be good for her because then she'd have somewhere to share random dumb ass thoughts with people who'd care and actually interact.

Instead, it's a bunch of equally dumb young girls or men, just kissing her ass for attention/clout.

No. 881286

such an absolutely retarded thing to have a warrant out for. literally a fucking seatbelt ticket. she couldn't take 5 minutes out of her day to take her forever21 money to the courthouse and pay this ticket? it's bizarre.

No. 881287

I really think she forgot or didn't know how it worked tbh.

I would not be surpised if she forgot, didn't think it was an big deal, or thought it wasn't her responsiblity or something.

No. 881288

Once she does her daily lurk here, she's probably going to start begging for money on twitter, or announce some ridiculous sales to get the money she needs to try to pay it off kek

No. 881289

how does the warrant work? would she have to turn herself into the police dept and pay the bond then show up at another court date to pay the ticket?

No. 881292

Yes, or they come and get her after a little while. She'll probably leave it until it's really bad, knowing her.

No. 881293

Maybe she was too drunk/high to show up to court. I'm surprised she was sober enough to operate a vehicle tbh

No. 881295

That what I'm surprised about that it wasn't a DUI or something.

No. 881297


do I read it correctly? At first she had to pay around 120$, but now it's up to 235$ ?? In the meantime she got enough money from her cucks to pay that, which she wasted on idk what.

No. 881298

so what are we betting? does Shayna go to the police station in an Uber, or in the back of a cop car?

I'm thinking she'll freak out and Uber there as soon as she begs up the money, but I'm hoping the police get to see her apartment as they cuff her.

No. 881302


Idk how lenient they will be if she goes to the city courthouse and says she wants to pay her fine and acts dumb about the warrant. They will definitely set a court hearing and she'll have to pay in full.

Warrants like this especially dont mean the police are actively looking for you or will come get you. It means if you get in trouble with the law or even questioned by the police they will see it on your record THEN THEY WILL ARREST YOU. If a police officer did show up to her house, they would say they have a warrant and it just makes everything more serious.

For example, if an officer stopped her for stumbling around topless or intoxicated, they would run her name and find she has a warrant and regardless of what she was doing just then, they'll arrest her.

Shay. You NEED to go to the traffic court or whatever and pay this. The sooner you do this, the less critical it will be. If you wait longer it won't be so easy to make excuses like "I forgot or didn't know or didnt have the money". If this is true, go be an adult. Go sober and get it over with. It won't be that bad if you take care of it now.

No. 881305

I doubt fupa would let her drive his car if she was drunk in any way. He's stupid, but I don't think he's that stupid.

No. 881309

If she insists in walking around topless, which is back to being illegal barring court challenges here in Oklahoma, she’ll be picked up then.

Or a drunk and disorderly.

No. 881324

This makes me wonder if she was banned from the bar, like maybe she got super drunk, tried to take her shirt off screaming, "it's legal" or did, to impress the dudes and then she got kicked out and put up a fight.

Regardless you are right, She should go pay this off because if she waits and it piles up, and she doesn't quit or cut back on drinking I can 100% see her getting in some trouble

No. 881330

Bench warrants for misdemeanors really aren’t that serious. There’s not going to be like a manhunt for her, but if she gets pulled over or a cop needs her information for whatever reason, she’ll be thrown in a holding cell. She could be bonded out and be free to go about her crusty business until her new court date. If she’s not bonded out, she’ll have to wait in jail until her court date, which would be hilarious. What happens when she’s tried is really dependent on the judge- fines, community service, jail time. The cops are nicer to you if you turn yourself in, but it doesn’t really affect what the judge decides, and they’re usually pissed since you’ve wasted the court’s time and resources. It’s too late to try to pay the fine and expect no consequences since a warrant has been put out.

No. 881333

Calm down it's a traffic ticket lmao let's not throw the P-word around.
The worst she'll get is a few nights in the can for that warrant

No. 881334

If she lands in county jail over this that would best insane. Is that possible?

No. 881336

I forget which disorder is it exactly but not fulfilling obligations and being this irresponsible is a trait of something can’t remeber what exactly. Psychopath or sociopath maybe

No. 881338

Sociopath is what she is

No. 881340

She’s not a sociopath lol, she’s just a brat.

No. 881342

I don’t know. I googled Sociopath+irresponsible and seemed like Shay to m

No. 881344

File: 1571334191141.jpeg (388.16 KB, 750x993, A8FFF75F-D7FD-40D2-B7F0-D75787…)

No. 881348

was she arrested for speeding and if so I would like to see that mugshot

No. 881350

no… did you even read the thread

No. 881353

Wow u catty hater bitches are soooo judgmental. How was this dumb little babby supposed to know that doin a heckin speed without a seatbelt is illegal? She’s obviously thriving, y’all are just too jealous living in ur mom’s basement to see it. This is literally CANCEL CULTURE. Wipe the Cheeto dust off ur greasy fingers and gib bail money pls

No. 881354

Yeah, like judging her for committing a crime, is like blaming a woman for being assaulted because she was wearing a short skirt.


No. 881355

Most of it but I wasn’t sure if she was arrested or not on the day she was pulled over

No. 881358

No. 881363

SA- I was being sarcastic. Shayna's orbiters love to compare calling Shayna or them out to sexual assault or abuse.

and I'm 99% sure- >>881353

is being sarcastic as well. Hence why I put the "/s" which means sarcasm.

No. 881364

More like a narcissist personality disorder. Tbh I don't think she has any mental illness and is just completely full of herself and doesn't care. She wants everyone to take care of her because she feels like she deserves it. When she's not the center of attention she sulks.

Yeah, she's not mentally ill, she's just a shitty human being.

No. 881365

so no, you didn't read it lol

No. 881369

She very clearly shows signs of some type of mental disorder. But the only person who could properly diagnose that would be a doctor

No. 881370

it's fupa's car… >>881240
why is nobody reading anything that was posted? lol

No. 881376

The only reason I say she doesn't is because even if she thought she did she would use it as an excuse. The fact that she treats it as a quirk, and a way to scam people just sickens me. It makes actually mentally ill people look like manipulative pieces of shit like her.

No. 881378

I would die if she ended up in an episode of live pd. God to see her little shitty shack in all its glory.

No. 881379

File: 1571337597309.png (526.2 KB, 750x1334, CD94B6B8-2A92-4417-9971-9BCC21…)

Just posted on insta. This angle for her double chin, Jesus Christ shay.

No. 881380

File: 1571337709225.png (2.36 MB, 2480x3508, ls92926_created.png)


No. 881381

Lmao fantastic anon, this school picture looking bdsm shot of shayna always cracks me up

No. 881388

Next thread pic plz

No. 881389

Agreed, although it needs a more recent photo
Jailhouse saga when kek

No. 881391

File: 1571339337844.jpeg (118.34 KB, 768x1024, B3EF26C6-8407-4720-820F-0FACE4…)

This says she was pulled over on 7/17, so I went back to the posts from that day. Here: >>839466

Looks like the anon who noticed she’s standing in front of a white car was right that it’s Fupa’s, kek. >>839549

She talks a lot about her Splenda daddy there too. Clearly it was Kyle Nathan Perkins.

No. 881403

Great detective work anon. It's fucked up because you can see she was drinking the night before >>839291 , and then after this happened she was sperging about some fantasy of moving a couple towns over into a house >>839553 , and then treated herself to a "fancy" night in complete with more alcohol >>839641 followed by a shopping spree the next day >>840010 >>840147

Get your priorities straight girl.

Now lets pull the receipts on what she was doing on the days she failed to appear in court.

No. 881405

File: 1571342965063.jpeg (Spoiler Image,90.15 KB, 576x1024, C873C876-C0CB-431F-85E0-3397AA…)


Good idea.

She failed to appear in court on 8/21. Those posts start here: >>856151

She was setting up her “new workspace” (the corner), taking pics for the ManyVids fashion show contest, and filming the fuck machine vid.

I wish she had shown up for court like this.

No. 881408

File: 1571343168525.png (Spoiler Image,1.54 MB, 2048x1585, 1EAC6DE7-194F-439A-A0DB-FC09AB…)

From the fuck machine video she filmed that day, while she was failing to appear in court.

>Problem, officer?

No. 881412

File: 1571343708853.jpg (425.2 KB, 1080x1634, Screenshot_20191017-150938_Twi…)

No. 881413

Correct me if I'm wrong but I think her court date was 8/14 and her offense date was 7/16 >>881252

No. 881414

File: 1571343911741.gif (2.82 MB, 640x480, F185B7E5-C035-4F95-AEC2-423045…)

Shit anon, you’re right.

So yeah, she was doing another MV contest (“food fight”), smearing ice cream all over herself, and smoking weed instead of going to court. >>853063

No. 881415

Riding a dildo makes you iconic? Um? Am I missing something?

No. 881416

This gif makes me feel dirty for some reason.

No. 881417

File: 1571344027589.png (Spoiler Image,7.92 MB, 1242x2208, 8F92F9E8-EC2A-4024-A898-AE748B…)


No. 881418

That sounds disgusting and since when was sitting down on a small dick iconic?

Bitches do that shit Monday through Friday.

No. 881419

File: 1571344134396.jpg (539.72 KB, 3000x2069, GettyImages-515636828.jpg)

She looks so much like this

No. 881420

OK so this timeframe >>881403 is a day off but it still shows her irresponsibly and lack of accountability in the aftermath. She justified spending her money on alcohol, sushi, and mom jeans instead of paying her traffic tickets.

No. 881423

File: 1571345331913.png (2.91 MB, 750x1334, 3411CC20-4220-4F84-8756-3812D6…)

9/9, notice of suspension. AKA her license was suspended.

She had supposedly just gotten back from the park with Noodle, but she posted it about two hours after an anon here mentioned that we haven’t seen the dog in a while. So who knows if that’s what she was actually doing. >>866486

She also sperged out that day about another sex worker posting about her family on her SW account, even though she posted pics of her dad, herself when she was underaged, etc.

The next day she was raging on Twitter about how much she hates everyone, muh mental illness, and how she wants to move so bad. She also mentioned she hasn’t checked her mail in weeks because she’s an “irresponsible goblin,” but she got some packages y’all! It’s too bad she didn’t check it sooner to find the notice of failure to comply. She took two “depression showers” by 1 pm and wondered if it was too early to take a third.

Shayna, the day after she had her license suspended.

No. 881426

and she's definitely been given $500 since then that she's blown on weed and booze alone, rather than paying the fines

No. 881432

File: 1571347574229.png (11.05 KB, 587x84, 1568134589937.png)

I just noticed 9/10 was also the day the bench warrant was issued. No wonder she was so uwu depressed and talking about wanting to move. I guess that's one way to avoid it, kek.

Those posts start here: >>866937

No. 881433

If she moves out of state with an outstanding bench warrant, the police can consider that an attempt to flee and make the charges worse.

I'd love to see her try and fuck everything up though.

No. 881434

This is horrible. I love how she tried to it look like the dildo appeared from her vagina


No. 881435

I'd love to know why she thinks this is some sort of masterpiece. It's boring garbage.

No. 881436

Her makeup looks like it's melting off her greasy face.

No. 881437

Lol at that nasty spit or fake cum she put on her pussy, it's just corny.
And those faces, What the hell? Everyone wants to make "the face"

No. 881438

Sometimes I think these homes forget they're creating porn not art projects. Does anyone really wanna wank off to black and white porn with circus music?

No. 881442

Lol, vomit. Shayna, you aren't iconic. Her alcohol confidence is ridiculous tbh, I can't imagine how bleak she feels when she's sober kek

No. 881444

File: 1571351629824.jpeg (432 KB, 750x1089, 1028BC7F-11A7-4780-BA43-62C7C6…)

Watch shay soak this up

No. 881445


Moving doesn't affect a warrant. Only difference it makes is if she gets in trouble or police interaction in a different county, they take her in to transfer her to the county the warrant was made in lmao

No. 881454

oh how I'd love to see a mugshot of this cow

No. 881455

Who the fuck says kooka? Also who doesn’t use lotion to prevent razor burn? It’s just common sense

No. 881468

my favorite part is "areas so senstive" yet we watch Shayna roughly mow her vagina and ass with the razor and then slaps and rubs right after shaving, but thats fine, orbiter has nothing to say about that.

No. 881478

I found Shay’s apartment and I’m not going to doxx her but it’s a shithole as expected. She’s paying $650 a month for a dingy 700 sq ft 1 bed/1 bath, and she still has to beg for rent every month. Looks like her floor plan has a washer & dryer in the unit, and even if it doesn’t, there’s a laundry facility onsite, so there’s no excuse for her to look so damn filthy all the time.

It seems like the place hasn’t really been updated since it was constructed in 1985. Ugly, peeling laminate counters, vinyl plank flooring or grimy carpet, old appliances. It’s sad.

Also, her complex has a fitness center, but of course she has to scam her “fans” out of a membership to Fupa’s gym so she can go once and never set foot there again.
Compare >>747971
with >>870028

And it’s a 13-minute Uber ride from the house he rented last year, kek. Only 30 minutes to the bustling metropolis of Downtown Tulsa!

Goddamn, her life is depressing.

No. 881499

Wow, $650 actually is a lot more than I expected in Tulsa but what do I know. Did you find it because of the comment of the newly built dog park? She should just get her stuff together and move again, staying in Tulsa is definitely not good for her.

No. 881500

She's so scammy I'm willing to bet she never even bought a membership to the gym and either went with Fupa as a guest or got a free trial. She's a professional scammer and e-panhandler, and choosing to live an impoverished life… for what? She has shit to show for it.

No. 881515

An anon already found her apartment a while back, if I remember. Not too long after she moved in. Didn't know it had a fitness center, though, she really did scam her fans with that one. Not a lot of cheapo apartment places have a gym, that's super lucky when you are in poverty but want to be healthy - absolutely wasted on her.

No. 881524

Looks like she figured out she couldn't actually stuff all that cloth into her vagina so she's badly faking it.

More importantly I've realized her preview clips are NOT good for business. I've seen other SW previews and most don't show the "main attraction" being them actually fucking/exposing pussy. Just like with posting nudes.
The best tactic is to tease, not show off everything. What's the incentive to spend money when you can watch the clip and see the money shot for free?

Like other anon said, some of these girls like her put too much into making it some themed project rather than porn intended to ya know get off to. On that note her top only fans and general customers seem to be other SW kek. Are the shitty ones like her just making porn for eachother to try to show how "artistic" they are?

No. 881530

You fucked dildo?? Iconic??? Like wtf is this tweet??

Also how about don't say the word snot in conjunction with talking about sex stuff. You ain't cute sis

No. 881534

Average rent for a one-bedroom apartment in Tulsa is $750/month, if that tells you anything about her place. The reviews keep mentioning things like paper thin walls, roach infestations, leaking/flooding and mold, outdated appliances, and dog shit everywhere. Also someone was shot at her complex last week kek.

I found it just by looking in the backgrounds of her pictures, especially the patio and ugly bathroom & kitchen. The dog park thing wasn’t really a clue, but it was easy to find. I just looked for places near Fupa’s. I remember when another anon found it like >>881515 mentioned, but hadn’t bothered looking for it until today. I was just really curious to see how much she’s paying for her hovel. She begs for like $700 from a ~rent daddy~ every month—that’s her full rent with pet fees ($10 per pet) included—plus another $300 to pay her bills. This bitch is thriving but can’t even save $1k throughout the month. What a life.

No. 881542

She tweeted a few days ago about leaks and water damage in her apartment. She said water was leaking under her bathroom floor I believe. I meant to screen shot it but forgot and now I can't find it.

No. 881548

File: 1571358510501.jpg (249.68 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20191017-182731_Chr…)

Wtf kind of shit is this shay? Pretty dark, even for you.

No. 881551

File: 1571359094911.jpg (180.9 KB, 1080x775, Screenshot_20191017-193816_Twi…)


No. 881552

"If I made porn where I stick a dildo shaped like a tentacle in me, would you watch it"

aka ALL her porn, her just sticking things in her vagina.

Then she's going to act like she's the first bitch to think of it.

No. 881566

>who would murder your mother
???? What on earth? Your mother doesn’t have to be murdered for you to have a stepmother jfc

No. 881578

Yeah, pay for more props that she’ll never use.
I’m sure it’ll be as great as her bad dragon dildo video…

No. 881588

it's some high level projection Shay is doing
She's probably super jealous of her mom/step mom for being with her Dad. This is daddy issues maxed out

No. 881589

Okay shay we get it you have mommy issues. Get a therapist, no one finds that cute you washed up hog.

No. 881592

>that sounds terrifying
how sheltered does shay think her orbiters are? how sheltered is shay for that matter? you'd think a "porn princess" like her would know that tentacle porn is almost mainstream nowadays

No. 881596

File: 1571365650117.png (1.69 MB, 2048x1485, Screenshot_20191017-222625.png)

Sounds like a great plan, have someone spend a hundred dollars on a rug for you to piss, spit, and leave your dildos covered with shit on.

No. 881598

$100 for a rug instead of her unpaid ticket. Priorities.

No. 881606

Shay could pull an Eileen Defreest and move to a different country to avoid warrents.

No. 881610

I’m convinced Shayna has the opposite of body dysmorphia. I guess it’s just narcissism? Not in the NPD way. Just general narcissism. I don’t know.

I just don’t understand how else she can look at her own photos and videos and think, Yes, this is good enough to post online. This is worth buying. All the men want me and the women want to be me. I think it’s why she makes zero effort to care for her body, deal with her horrific genitalia, take flattering selfies, wear flattering clothes/makeup, etc., yet still has this massively overinflated ego. She literally has no clue how she really looks, and the image in her head is nowhere near the true picture. She has nothing to improve, because she’s already perfect, and the world owes her for it.

But sometimes I wonder if she’s actually fully aware of this shit and just puts on an act to compensate. Still, I can’t imagine any vaguely self-aware person posting even a fraction of the horror show she puts all over the Internet.

Also, I noticed in her Discord, literally all she talks about is herself. I know it’s her Discord, centered entirely around herself, but her orbiters still carry on “off-topic” conversations amongst themselves. If it’s not about her, she completely ignores it and steers the conversation back to herself, if she bothers to talk at all.(Armchairing)

No. 881613

File: 1571369821123.png (70.36 KB, 253x270, Screenshot_2019-10-17-20-32-59…)

Lol. Never thought that obese granny's name would be mentioned here. Now that I think about it, Shayna could give old lesbians a try. Since, yknow, mommy issues. Then again, she can't even pretend to like coochie

No. 881615

Use this picture instead LOL >>881613

No. 881616

I wish lolcow had a Julia x Eileen thread.
Shay couldn't do that because she's about sleeping with ur dad

No. 881617

Jesus there is so much wrong with this image

No. 881619

File: 1571371479205.jpeg (716.45 KB, 750x1048, 2BE80A5C-2587-4CF1-9A40-1809D0…)

The delusion is strong today

No. 881620

I don’t understand what she’s seeing

No. 881622

>Still has to use a Snapchat filter

No. 881623

Shayna, your eyebrows look like tadpoles

No. 881627

imo she could trim like a good ⅛-¼ inch off the ends. they're so long they curve straight down and it gives her permanent weird mopey brows. it would help wake her face up. nothing can hide those glazed, crossfaded eyes except being sober though

No. 881632

Here eyebrows are weird tbh like she shapes them pretty cleanly but the shape is… not good. It's like an unusual anime character's eyebrows lmao

No. 881636

File: 1571375049612.png (221.62 KB, 400x300, 51E647FF-2C2E-451C-8AC9-32852B…)


Funny, considering her “normal” eyebrows look more clown-like than when she was dressed as one.

No. 881637

Kek she's complaining because no one has bought her clown vid yet. That's fucking hilarious. She "Worked so hard" on it and really put in effort and has been going on about it for weeks and not a single sale, not even her dumb ass orbiters.

But why would they when the preview for it shows you pretty much the gist of the whole vid including her fucking herself.

No. 881640

Doesn’t she still have an alien porn she has to make??? Her customers who bought the props are still waiting on that one

No. 881658

That video is her longest running scam. I think she's raised funds for props for it twice now.

No. 881672

File: 1571399191571.png (452.83 KB, 1080x1153, Screenshot_20191018-073542.png)

Yeah. Fuck women who are in actual healthy relationships, or have "normal" jobs, or just like to have casual sex.
Guess what, Shay, sex workers aren't superior to "regular" women either. Go back to ruining your trashy life and stay in your lane

No. 881675

File: 1571399714038.png (1.53 MB, 2048x1275, Screenshot_20191018-074944.png)


[A particular] Sex worker who thinks they're superior to regular women when they sit in a trash infested den with water damage, has warrants out for a fucking seat belt violation, can't keep a boyfriend for over a month, has no friends, most of Twitter and Tumbler fucking hates her, is a rat faced, skinny fat, outdated make up, crusty lipped cunt, a disappointment to her parents but likes to go off on how much better she is than allllllll the other girls.

No. 881676

Is she delusional or trolling?

No. 881679

For people who sure do go along with the narrative of 'sex work is actual work' people like Shay sure do like to pretend they're special for doing it

No. 881685

File: 1571404447179.jpg (248.25 KB, 1075x841, Screenshot_20191018-081350_Sam…)

"Thick little pussy" and the Britney Spears lyric is so cringe

No. 881689

I feel like we saw all of this in just the preview. And she wonders why no one is buying it?

No. 881695


She's delusional because she DOES get men off for free. She posts up content for free all the fucking time. She gives up her rancid pussy and ass for free to any guy that gives her the slightest attention but can't stop them coming to full realization that's she's a train wreck. But. Shay. Continue with how much better you are than the rest of us. At least most of us can keep a partner, keep friends, and keep a stable job to pay our bills.

No. 881696

Nobody wants to see clown porn she should of made it free

No. 881702

The way she has gone about posting her crappy clown porn just goes to show exactly how bad at business Shaytard really is. A couple of days ago / last week when she first released clips of her in her full clown gettup, she put up a video on Twitter that got a couple thousand views and likes. If she had any business sense about her whatsoever, she should have posted the actual porn video around the same time as the clips were going around with a crumb of popularity on Twitter. Instead she waits a week to release the video (probably took her a whole 7 days to cut and paste the clips together) and now nobody cares and nobody will buy her hideous clown porn. Poor business planning and bad decisions.

No. 881722

But wasn't Shayna fucking that Cute Boy for free? He gave her literally fucking nothing.
Then dropped her so it was ALL for nothing.

No. 881723

And this doesn't make sense, it's the number 1 sex worker bullshit, "Well you fuck people for free I get paid for it" as if, Sex Work is something that you need a degree or some kind of special skill to get into.

Anyone can SELL SEX. Anyone.

Furthermore, you've had boyfriends and men who you've let fuck you and put you at risk for FREE and you are a sex worker.

You barely get paid for the content or sex you sell, so shut the fuck up.

No. 881724

She see all of friendship/relationship as transactions, maybe that's why she's a lonely broke cunt.

No. 881729

She also retweeted someone elses post that used this gif a couple posts prior. Lmao tacky and unoriginal.

No. 881731

Oof the grammar and structure of this one is especially bad. How high was she?? This is a mess.

No. 881733

she only has people around so she can use them for something, you're right. She'll never make and keep real friendships if she constantly just sees other people as more sources of praise.

No. 881735

>"she might not be scary"

Um, her face close up is a thing straight out of a clown nightmare.

No. 881736

File: 1571417234513.jpg (2.94 MB, 6368x3888, image0.jpg)

look at all those fire hazards

No. 881737

oh, and how filthy her pot and stove is, as well as the dust above

No. 881739

Is that the pan she shoved up her ass in her terrible Tangled porn?

Also still trying to flex that Michael Kors wallet lmao

No. 881741

Stuffed animals on top of your stove. You can't be this retarded Shayna.

No. 881742

File: 1571418181081.png (2.05 MB, 2048x1958, Screenshot_20191018-130217.png)

that's not a full face of makeup. You don't even have blush, contour, or even eyeshadow on. You put on some eyeliner, foundation, and fake lashes and slapped a Snapchat filter over it. Such work. Very effort.

No. 881743

The hello kitty coffee maker doesn’t even have the coffee carafe wth.(Nitpicking )

No. 881744

File: 1571418261184.jpeg (664.87 KB, 2048x2048, 261BC13C-F0F8-4AC7-BEC8-779541…)

She posted an unfiltered one on discord

No. 881745

The difference is astounding.

No. 881753

lmfao she said she set this up for her stepmom video, but whose stepmom's kitchen looks like this? GOD she is so tacky.

No. 881756

This is a really sad image and sums up her life pretty well: pure filth with some pink stuff to try and cover it up.

No. 881757

Flammable items near a stove: a fire hazard
Her greasiness: also a fire hazard. Also she looks 35+

No. 881758

Lol the stuffed animals on the stove are confirmed proof this bitch doesn’t/can’t cook, no wonder she can’t keep a man. She wouldn’t keep them there if she actually used the stove, they’d be a fire hazard or get dirty. Her autistic Knick knacks are also proof, no spices, oils or kitchen items just an unused prop cutting board. lol this bitch is sad

No. 881761

File: 1571421069323.jpeg (65.51 KB, 750x301, E5865C6C-2DE2-4AF0-93FB-674EE6…)

“rich sugar baby step mom” with this face >>881744 and this kitchen >>881736


No. 881765

she looks like the already divorced first wife and mother of 3

No. 881766

How is she going to pull off "rich", is my question.

I also love how she feels being the "Stepmom" means something. Doesn't this dumb whore know, that getting with a man with kids, means there's a fucking mother?

No one with kids, who wants to have a good relationship with their Mother of Child, would have or want Shayna around their kids, no one with kids, will wife her.

Especially when the baby mom finds she's into Pedopandering. Which is why Fupa lied.

So I truly hope this "stepmom" shit she has spoken about over the years is just bullshit, not something she actually wants.

Most parents worth something want to know whose around their kids.

No. 881767

I honestly think it all goes back to her mega mommy issues, she wants so badly to be the one "chosen" over someone else

No. 881769

I remember her saying something about how her dad re-married that's always why she's been on that step-mom/your dad pays me bullshit

No. 881772

File: 1571422574402.jpeg (1.17 MB, 2320x3088, 49C4E9AF-92B8-4343-8DF3-86059F…)

>divorced first wife and mother of 3


No. 881778

Thats actually really gross. I know that porn does the "step mom thing" all the time, but the fact she seems to base this on her real life, makes it so icky.

It's almost like she has a fetish for her stepmother and dad's relationship.

Like she's into the daddy thing because she's actually a favors her dad in real life.

then she wants to be like her stepmom, who in Shayna's eyes, "Won" because she got a husband (her dad) and was picked over the "horrible, toxic, cunt" real mother (shayna's mom).

Maybe I'm over thinking it, but it feels gross. She has mommy and daddy issues.

No. 881792

Her orbiters are gonna end up sabotaging her. No one wants to be treated like shit the person they're supporting's "friends", Shayna.

No. 881800

Most likely. I don't doubt some of them lurk/interact here.

No. 881811

File: 1571427995828.jpg (105.39 KB, 1080x1156, Screenshot_20191018-134440_Chr…)

What the FUCK is all over this? Jfc it looks like actual shit

No. 881812

It's been like that for 6 months too, since she was living at her "friends'" house (fupa's) after moving back to Tulsa when Dawn caught on and kicked her out

No. 881813


Chick. Can you do ANY other makeup look? This shit is so played out.
Also. Is she still going with the murdering the mom thing? Like…What is she gonna do? Brandish her stupid Hello Kitty knife with fake blood and say, "Hey, stepson, I killed your mom! Heehee. I'll suck your cock better than her!" I made myself sick typing that sentence out… She'll probs take that idea now knowing that she lurks here. But REMEMBER. She's queen of originality.

No. 881815

>cheap michael kors
>plastic tiara
>$20 amazon bank
yeah, you're really thriving

No. 881816


It's already been discussed here. It's part of the picture. It's like glitter or some shit.

No. 881817

Yeah I thought it was good splattered all over it but it's just a very poor design.

No. 881818

Food* ffs

No. 881824

File: 1571429960477.jpg (414.94 KB, 1080x1015, Screenshot_20191018-151924_Twi…)


No. 881825

File: 1571430028408.jpg (835.63 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20191018-151956_Twi…)


What could the plot possibly be?

No. 881826

File: 1571430084359.jpg (778.47 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20191018-152001_Twi…)


Yeah, total "step mom"

No. 881828

File: 1571430194066.jpg (245.88 KB, 1077x850, Screenshot_20191018-152314_Twi…)

That's just sad

No. 881829

File: 1571430279444.jpg (388.24 KB, 1080x828, Screenshot_20191018-152235_Twi…)

Well maybe you should pay attention to your poor dog

No. 881830

File: 1571430318166.jpg (355.98 KB, 1080x1117, Screenshot_20191018-152253_Twi…)

Yeah ok Shay

No. 881835

Why? So at a later date you can go, "i'm sick of this shit, here's a list of every SWer who doesn't like me and I've tried so hard-"

Like nobodies going to do that, plus you don't retweet that many people anyway. What a drama queen.

No. 881837

File: 1571432491813.jpg (170.21 KB, 1068x1665, Screenshot_20191018-220123_Twi…)


No. 881845

I actually died laughing because that’s something she would plot.
Or it’s “you looked at my tits and now you gotta fuck me or I’ll tell your dad!”

No. 881878

File: 1571436555671.jpg (513.96 KB, 1080x1367, Screenshot_20191018-170855_Twi…)

What is her obsession with prenups and her thinking she would ever get anything

No. 881879

Wtf is that? She gets high and then fucks the son?

No. 881884

Super nitpick but why the fuck would she hold the knife like that, stepmom bwad muwdewew.

No. 881891

I'm not saying she's fat but there would be a better pose than the one that highlights the back rolls… a tiny ounce of effort Shay.

No. 881897

Her brows look like skid marks

No. 881899

Lol yes. This totally screams RICH SUGAR BABY. Musty pajama bottoms (surprise!), an ill-fitted bra that's screaming to be put out its misery now that it's too small, cheap kitchen appliances, with yo press on nails. Girl, gtf outta here. Meth head stepmom from Oklahoma busted ass. Of course, that poor kitchen only gets used for porn and not for its intended purpose.

No. 881903


Gotta get married before ya get a prenup, sweaty. Too bad all your boyfriends realize how much of a lazy piece of shit you are that brings nothing to the table (literally) and no man in their right mind will ever put a rock on that finger. Sorry, play again.

No. 881918

it's just her shitty porn larp

No. 881924

You get a prenup BEFORE you get married. It's a prenuptial agreement. Her larp doesn't even make sense.

No. 881929

File: 1571441094369.jpg (149.84 KB, 1080x685, Screenshot_20191018-182426_Dis…)

Fucking kek, no response about actually buying it.

No. 881958

A murder with a bread knife? Quality.

No. 881974

This is so ludacris. It seems like a parody, even though I know its not. Less rich step mom and more "3 CPS cases open because the kids teachers are concerned" alcoholic step mom.

No. 882011

File: 1571453703651.jpg (388.29 KB, 1080x972, Screenshot_20191018-215510_Twi…)

No. 882016

File: 1571454857227.jpg (217.37 KB, 1078x1355, Screenshot_20191018-221408_Dis…)

Insinuating she is going to the movies with someone.

No. 882017

SA tinfoil but with how they reply and the speed of replies i wouldnt be surprised if default name was just shayna

No. 882018

File: 1571454977185.jpg (97.64 KB, 1062x382, Screenshot_20191018-221612_Dis…)


No. 882032

Hey Shayna. If you’re paying for your own ticket and still sucking the dude’s dick, you’re doing it wrong.

No. 882064

You mean brushing your teeth with some dude’s chode?

Sad she can’t ever do ANYTHING without sex. Like, just enjoy the fucking movie.

No. 882075

the hair color is going to shit fast, it's already faded out in some spots and seems to be turning pink.

also she's filming another video but has a few others that she probably hasn't even edited but seemed so excited about them. she does nothing all day aside from being on twitter, isn't even camming and still can't get content out regularly.

No. 882090

Let's be honest no one wants her shitty content anymore anyway. What minuscule amount of attention she gets is from a handful of orbiters and like 3 loser dudes on her posts/only fans. And they arent even buying her vids lmao she's a sad joke.

No. 882094

After seeing all Laur's sockpuppetry in her thread this wouldn't surprise me anymore.

No. 882165

File: 1571496946469.png (467.26 KB, 2048x1558, Screenshot_20191019-105438.png)

Just got out of a "serious collared BDSM relationship" and is already letting new dudes fuck her. How sad, this dumb bitch is going to get AIDS or some shit.

No. 882168

File: 1571497160387.png (440.62 KB, 2048x717, Screenshot_20191019-105848.png)

Shayna once again having no shred of self awareness.

No. 882175

Anal as well. Not really something you jump straight into with someone new.

It's fupa, a lie or some absolute scab

No. 882176

Either it's the same guy, she's lying or I feel like Shayna just offers up anal to whoever.

I could imagine her giving Anal to whoever asks for it, because "UwU I'm not like other girls, I like anal"

I also love how she never talks about Safe Sex or anything.

She's probably been going raw with every person she fucks.

No. 882177

No. 882188

Why would you brag about this after talking about your breakup earlier in the week? It makes you look busted AF Shayna.

No. 882190

I'll never NOT find it funny that dude only see's Shayna Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights.

I assume maybe the person has a job, but they literally come, take her somewhere cheap, probably spend less then $20, more then likely $0, fuck her and rinse and repeat.

Sometimes I wonder if the dude she's fucking, has a wife or a girlfriend.

He literally treats her like a side chick.

(if she did anything, I'm sure it's the same guy, because it's the weekend fucker)

No. 882193

I'll never understand why she brags about her dates and quick fucks on her SW account–it's not like that's going to sell anything. They don't want to hear about another person fucking the chick that they're watching. Then again, when has Shay been known for good business moves?

No. 882195

I don’t think she’s self aware at all. This is the same girl who thinks sw are better than everyone

No. 882196

It’s all desperate attempts for attention

No. 882203

File: 1571501273943.png (577.96 KB, 1393x2048, Screenshot_20191019-120734.png)

wtf is wrong with her orbiters? Do they just follow her every move and every reply? It's creepy.

No. 882221

Some you act like photoshop is hard to use, if shayna can use it, so can you

No. 882228

Why even respond at all? Her 3 orbiters are going to leave at this rate.

No. 882230

File: 1571504256938.jpg (24.15 KB, 629x257, Capture.JPG)

she cannot take a fucking joke. Seriously, She always likes people's posts instead of apologizing and telling her 3 orbiters to fuck off.

They are seriously making shayna look worst. Not only can she not take a joke, but now simple jokes are getting her followers attacked by Orbiters.

No. 882239

Im really starting to think those three girls are trying to fuck her over.

No. 882246

Doubtful. They probably think that if they White Knight for her constantly then she'll give them a drop of clout that they think she still has. Unfortunately for them, Shaynas clout ran dry years ago.

No. 882279


Half of the time you can’t even understand what her point is. Even without all the 123 text talk, she’s literally just rambling bullshit and making zero sense.

No. 882364

File: 1571523353526.jpg (243.6 KB, 1080x1247, Screenshot_20191019-171605_Twi…)

She's so mad lol

No. 882367

One Kiwifarmer mentioned being in her discord

No. 882372

Bruh don't rat me out, now I gotta change my post.

No. 882374

Maybe stop waltzing over there to brag about pissing us off

No. 882376

It's hilarious and worth the flex, my dude. I did get kicked out of her discord tho, posted a meme forgetting my audience.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 882380

File: 1571527253513.jpg (463.36 KB, 1071x1562, Screenshot_20191019-182054_Twi…)

No one has ever thought you were funny Shay

No. 882383

This is extra funny because she was just talking about PAYING to blow someone in a movie theater lmao

No. 882385

this is embarrassing

No. 882390

File: 1571530249502.jpg (Spoiler Image,729 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20191019-191031_Twi…)

No. 882391

File: 1571530300390.jpg (140.81 KB, 1080x528, Screenshot_20191019-191046_Twi…)

No. 882393

This bitch MOVED TO TULSA to fuck some broke fatty for free, and he still dumped her ass.

But yeah, she’s so much better than us normies.

No. 882399

File: 1571530838400.jpeg (Spoiler Image,5.88 KB, 321x272, 5F35B9D1-AAA7-4629-81EC-9D49C6…)

Of all the butt plugs in the world, why would you choose one that looks like a prolapsed asshole?

No. 882431

I know i didn't mark it but I made this comment as well, >>881778

I know scumbags will fuck Shayna. I was just saying she has this "Step- Mom" thing that seems kind of similar to her own life.

No. 882438

File: 1571538408475.jpg (535.21 KB, 1080x1715, Screenshot_20191019-212459_Twi…)

No. 882451

Isn't this a sale for after Halloween?

No. 882471

I think she really truly thinks this photo was a good idea and even a little bit appealing. This is atrocious. even a professional photog couldn’t make her look good. From this dumpy ass dusty ass angle

No. 882474

all of the pink stuff next to those awful yellow brown outdated cabinetry and black electric stove is so comical to me. Not to nitpick I get living in a rented space and not being able to chose what cabinetry, doors, appliance, etc. look like. It's just funny to see her so desperately cling to the pink 'barbie' aesthetic. Maybe she should embrace being a trashy tulsa alcoholic barbie instead of this weird kawaii Tumblr bimbo thing she's been doing.

Why is she so opposed to wearing blush and bronzer? Almost everyone looks like shit when they wear a full coverage foundation with no blush and bronzer.

No. 882568

She's opposed to blush and bronzer because 1) it takes time and a tiny bit of practice and 2) I think she really wants to attempt this natural bimbo look which makes no sense because she has ridiculous thick winged eyeliner and chunky fake lashes all the time.

In the end, she's just lazy and bad at makeup.

No. 882620

File: 1571598221265.jpg (156.37 KB, 1080x512, Screenshot_20191019-233956_Twi…)

Sure, guy

No. 882631

Shes begging for another 50 so she can buy an ounce while simultaneously posting photos from about a year ago if not longer

No. 882635

Has dudes fucking her in the ass weekly, yet can't ask them for $50.

But She makes tweets like this- >>882380

Ask the dude whose fucking your ass to give you $50 Shayna.

No. 882637

has she still not paid her tickets?

No. 882641

File: 1571601855286.jpg (473.39 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20191020-150421_Twi…)

No. 882652

>telling people what they're allowed to post
>calling them dictators
>telling people they need to grow up
>still salty about shit-talking nobodies
the irony is delicious

>Is she using hate for whoever this person is to get money? and be "woke"?
yes. it's funny because it's clearly a fake troll account. but shayna's gonna put them in their place, apparently.

No. 882653

File: 1571605947322.jpg (586.37 KB, 1080x1051, Screenshot_20191020-161216_Twi…)

Did she use an old pic? Or did she rip her nails off?

Also, still trying to flex that Michael Kors wallet

No. 882658

Natural and bimbo seem like oxymorons to me, but maybe not in shay's head….

No. 882663

Well she definitely still had them on yesterday.

No. 882681

File: 1571610950396.png (40.78 KB, 791x266, Screenshot (94).png)

yep, no reason at all..

No. 882682

File: 1571610955381.jpg (325.25 KB, 810x1649, Screenshot_20191020-173326_Dis…)

It's so hilarious when her own orbiters call her out.

No. 882692

Is it me or does this seem extra scummy to beg her discord (which is basically the same 10 people, about 3 or 4 being the Orbiter bullies) for money?

And she's not even offering them videos, she's straight up asking for Donations from other sex workers and what looks like teenage girls.

I mean one of them was JUST complaining about work, and they should donate money to Shayna?

IS it just me?

No. 882693

do they think being a lazy, freeloading pig is cute? i wish that one orbiter with a seemingly functioning brain cell would have tried to talk some sense into shaytard and company

No. 882694

Same anon- TBF I don't know if they are teenagers, my point is she's developing "relationships' with some of these people and it seems it's not because she wants to talk and make friends or anything, it's just to butter them up to get money.

And it's funny how she wants to pay for advice and is so rude about giving advice to people, yet she goes to her discord for free advice from other sexworkers and orbiters??

No. 882699

she's not going to sober up from anything. The only reason she wanted to stop was because she lost the "new boy".
He apparently wanted some friday ass and took her back, and/or she has a new guy.

So she doesn't want to self approve. Just like her whole life, the only thing that motivates her is male attention.

No. 882717

File: 1571616353629.jpg (401.76 KB, 1080x1279, Screenshot_20191020-190541_Twi…)

Half the videos she listed in the category aren't even Halloween themed

No. 882740

Well, the first goth girl one IS nightmare inducing, I'll say that. The rest are just her in costumes so I guess thats Halloween?

No. 882743

File: 1571620923363.jpg (241.19 KB, 1075x1195, Screenshot_20191020-201848_Chr…)

25 people have already dropped her in a month. I'm pretty sure she reached at least 100 subs at some point because she dropped her prices so low.

No. 882748

Yeah and she also posted that weird fuck machine clip once she reached 100. once people saw it they must have bounced, kek.

No. 882794

That’s hilarious. I’ll bet people bought it when it was cheap then realised it wasn’t worth it so cancelled it. She thinks her content is so groundbreaking but in reality it’s sewer quality.

No. 882804

Anon her content is s t r i k i n g.

No. 882833

Yep she still has an outstanding warrant. But an ounce of blue dream for $130 is clearly a bigger priority

No. 882834

File: 1571662285990.jpg (252.46 KB, 1080x1021, Screenshot_20191021-075120_Twi…)

No. 882852

she has 1k photos on there too which is probably the same fucking pose derp face with different outfits that she hypes up. then you get there and see the state of her genitals and i don't blame ppl for not wanting to burn their eyes with that.

someone actually finally bought the dumb clown video, meanwhile she's been retweeting herself and not working on the other ones she was so excited about. what a boring life.

No. 882863

File: 1571668836483.jpg (Spoiler Image,329.08 KB, 1080x854, Screenshot_20191021-093647_Twi…)

This was posted 10 hours ago with nails fully intact so we can assume it was an old weed photo

No. 882864

Trying so hard to make her body not look like refrigerator lmao

No. 882874

Wtf? why would anyone do that? Haha Who she flexing for and why?

No. 882875

kek you beat me to posting this anon
honestly, who just simply lazes around their house and thinks "yknow what? i'm bored. a great exercise in entertainment and also a super, seamless flex would be to post old weed pictures. not only that, i can also beg people for more weed money right after i post said pictures. i'm a heckin genius!"

No. 882876

File: 1571673691603.jpg (182.8 KB, 1080x1522, Screenshot_20191021-165902_Twi…)

Well she could have took these before time of posting cos she is now begging for new nails.

No. 882880

What do they get from this is my thing? She's not even offering all her videos for chump change anymore, she's asking for donations.

Who the FUCK is going to donate to someone who just refuses to get a real job or do the "job" they love so much?

This sounds like shit a dude fucking you in the ass every friday should do shayna.

but I guess you fucking for free like "normal" girls.

No. 882881

Every time she attempts findom it's so transparent and fake. You can tell she's not naturally dominant and is just ticking boxes of things to say from other dommes. How are you going to brand yourself as a submissive bimbo Barbie and then attempt findom at random intervals? It makes no sense.

No. 882882

It's because she honestly believes she's a findom.

No. 882884

>"ur dick is microscopic"
>well shit, i better give this bitch some cash
the vagaries of the male mind will forever elude me

No. 882887

I can't wait for Shayna only to use her discord to ask for "donations" I wonder how her orbiters will feel when the only time Shayna interacts is when she wants to panhandle money from them.

No. 882908

File: 1571677484547.jpg (191.63 KB, 1080x822, 20191021_120401.jpg)

This will be interesting

No. 882909

Is she going to clean the Dildos and shit? I really don't know why she's telling her orbiters on her sex worker discord about her father but whatever.

No. 882920

Cue Shayna retweeting her tweet about telling her guest to not mind the dildos in the sink and fuck machine on the counter.
But seriously what is her dad going to do there? Is he coming to check on how sorry she's living or what?

No. 882923

File: 1571680300175.jpeg (336.59 KB, 828x1308, 11F1C7AF-C719-4C02-9622-555189…)

is she drinking her dumb bitch juice today? sorry i meant alcohol

No. 882926

is she still going on about tumblr drama or…?
shayna, pay your seatbelt ticket.

No. 882930

Shayna- "YOU COPIED ME!! YOU COPIED ME!! Im going to make Subtweets at you and tell my orbiters! waaahh"

Girl-"Uh I don't even know who you are but i'll follow you"

Shayna- Likes posts, never apologized or acknowledged what she did wrong.

It's funny how she expects people to forgive and apologize to her but never does the same for others.

No. 882933

File: 1571681260181.jpg (98.14 KB, 631x615, ndn.JPG)

Imagine thinking this is something that'll make someone Jelly, LOL.

it's not even a good meme, funny or clever, just dumb.

No. 882934

File: 1571681450370.jpg (32.75 KB, 584x238, djd.JPG)

I wonder why she's having aniexty? In 2020 she'll still be doing what she's doing, I bet she'll make a post about her resolution being about, 'making money and ignoring the haters" o something.

she may be thinking about people she grew up with actually having lives and living them, instead of chasing an dumb ass career, such as Sex work, with zero plans of saving up money to do anything big.

No. 882939

I wonder is Shayna has any desire/aspiration to get married. I actually feel bad for her, it must be hard to watch other people pass you by in so many ways

No. 882946

File: 1571683979040.png (145.82 KB, 1080x848, Screenshot_20191021-144951~2.p…)

her father is visiting on Halloween. oh boy. is this the first time he's visited her since she's moved out? what could this mean?

this is incorrect. the new decade starts 2021, since there was no year 0 between 1 BCE and 1 CE. 2,020 years haven't passed until the beginning of year 2021

anyway back on topic, she shouldn't wait for the new decade to get her shit together though. I can only imagine where she'll be in a year… probably sitting on her ass in the same exact place, unless her dad's planning an intervention

No. 882952

File: 1571686129422.jpg (297.1 KB, 1080x1258, Screenshot_20191021-142857_Twi…)

Just more proof of her hating women

No. 882954

File: 1571686299958.jpg (48.4 KB, 605x407, djdjd.JPG)

No. 882955

File: 1571686369886.jpg (61.54 KB, 623x511, fjf.JPG)

No. 882956

She's truly fucking trash and I have no sympathy for her. It's one thing if she advocated for women but she doesn't.

No. 882957

File: 1571686540858.jpg (40.93 KB, 635x473, djdj.JPG)

No. 882959

"Stop making it a gendered issues'

constantly rants about how all women are toxic.

Does she not get how dumb she sounds? Shayna ALWAYS complains about women, but it's okay for her as a "Bisexual" woman at complain about women who hurt her and put them all in one bucket but not okay for women to do the same for men?

No. 882961

File: 1571686887820.jpg (32.93 KB, 626x325, kdk.JPG)


No. 882964

Damn she must be desperate for niche fans, she’s going full on incel.

She’s so desperate for fans.

No. 882968

Saying "men are trash" doesn't negate that women do stupid, fucked up, trashy shit too. No one is claiming women can't do those things. Shayna is a pick me at it's absolute worst. What a bottom feeder, no wonder she lets random men from Tulsa fuck her raw in the asa till she bleeds.

No. 882972

"WOmen are toxic!!!"

but has a discord full of female orbiters who kiss her ass more then the men who are fucking her in the ass do

No. 882975

This tweet is now gone

No. 882983

File: 1571689134673.png (53.46 KB, 626x552, 2019-10-21_16-18-18.png)

nothing new, just sperging on discord about cancelling

No. 882984

File: 1571689169050.png (47.77 KB, 900x357, 2019-10-21_16-18-32.png)

No. 882987

I wonder how her dad is going to react to seeing how/where she lives>>882946

No. 882988

Not to mention the fact that she doesn't appear to give one single shit about anything the Discord orbiters have said about themselves/what they are up to/their lives, etc.
Granted I've only seen what's been screenshotted and posted here.

No. 882991

File: 1571690408108.jpg (1.13 MB, 3088x2320, image0 (3).jpg)

No. 882992

File: 1571690411338.png (517.87 KB, 760x1223, Screenshot_20191021-163739.png)

she also expects everyone to pay attention to her all the time and gets mad if they don't respond immediately. it's obvious she created this discord because she wants to be fawned over

No. 882995

One of her orbiters asked about her eyelashes, they were like, "Where are they?" and you could tell it offended Shayna because immediately after everyone came and started giving her ass pats.

No. 882996

>>882991 Christ on a bike thats so much foundation, is she pretending this is her bare face lmao

No. 882997

Nope she doesn't. They are all a bunch of bitches crying about Cancel Culture, whilst bringing up people who they are made aren't cancelled.

No. 882998

yes she said this was "no makeup". it's horrible she looks so crusty, it's almost Tuna levels

No. 883002

>>882998 lmao she clearly has foundation in her lashes what a liar

No. 883006


No. 883011

Is the full size pic upside down for anyone else?

No. 883012


Yep, I can definitely smell this picture. And I hate it. She looks like she does meth on the weekends

No. 883015

she claims they're blond, which is funny because we've seen them before and they're brown.

yes it is for me

No. 883020

god forbid someone doesnt speak in a discord server for 9 mintues

No. 883022

>shay literally skinwalking Sagittarius Shawty

Really thought that was her when I first saw this pic lmao

No. 883023

File: 1571691705040.jpeg (208.87 KB, 750x825, 88916186-19E4-4339-AB6D-FBA022…)

The insecurity really jumped out today

No. 883024

I read this five times and I cannot understand what she's saying.

No. 883026

"lmao does anyone else have problems with other models and like, get suspicious of other sex workers who share the same name as those models hahahaha"

No. 883029

Oh okay. She loves drama, seriously. But looking at her Discord you can tell they love it as well.

No. 883031

>women lie, cheat , steal, murder, rape

Is she retarded? This is the worst kinda pick me i've seen in a while

No. 883032

fucking hell. No wonder other people and SWers dont like her. she's actually a bottom feeding piece of shit.

No. 883033

who the hell says this as a supposed victim of rape?????

No. 883034

We aren't allowed to hate men, but we're allowed to hate women and call them toxic according to Shayna.

No. 883038

File: 1571693026165.jpg (56.12 KB, 617x435, mmm.JPG)

Why is she always judging other sex workers, but gets pissed when she's criticized and judged?

No. 883041

Yeah it is. Huh.

No. 883042

Same anon- she doesn't want people to tell her how to run her buiness but she's constantly telling others what she "hates" and how they should'nt complain.

As if her ass is successful anyway. She's a fucking mess.

No. 883043

and she's ALWAYS calling her customers out.

No. 883044

hasn't she done the exact thing she's complaining about like a million times though

No. 883046

it's no wonder she is so bad at sex work and makes no money. She's inherantly bad at business. I bet if she worked at a commission based sales job she wouldn't make jack shit. Time wasters are real in literally every types of sales and costumer service, and to be good at it you have to be able to weed those types out.

No. 883047

She has but everything is okay when Shayna does it, it's only bad when Other girls do it.

No. 883050

I hope he's reading this, Shay.

No. 883052

The way she types is horrendous the twitter ebonics mixed with pupper uwu shorthand and overall bad grammar makes her seem illiterate.

No. 883077

She's playing "pick me patrica" so hard, yet men still don't want to give her money and attention. Pathetic. she's just a free cum dump to them. They don't value shay. and the only dad's money you're using is your own.

Women breathe and this hoe is mad

No. 883083

I really wonder how much her father knows, but then I get a feeling her father is kind of trash himself, I feel like her hate for women started with her mother and her dad played a hand it that.
Tinfoil though.

No. 883088

File: 1571700093566.jpg (433.46 KB, 1080x1079, Screenshot_20191021-182055_Twi…)

No. 883089

after the divorce her father probably became less of a father figure and more of a "fun dad you see on weekends" while mom enforces the rules. I can understand being 16 and being resentful towards your mother for that, but grow up Shayna. You didn't have a bad childhood, by any stretch. So your parents divorced and sometimes you had to look after your younger siblings. That's not trauma.

She's the kind of person that blames everyone for her personal problems instead of trying to fix them.

No. 883090

I think you mean "35 year old mom trying to look cool for her high school daughter"

The mom from mean girls is better looking.

No. 883091

On some “boy from down the street’s retarded younger sister” shit

No. 883094

File: 1571700650730.gif (1.04 MB, 245x135, 51A81576-F13D-4896-8610-7662DD…)

Shayna’s not like a regular mom, she’s a cool mom.

No. 883095

why am i not surprised she has no bedsheet

No. 883098

File: 1571701430561.jpg (84.26 KB, 800x600, nintchdbpict000312646249-e1490…)

The resemblance…

No. 883100

good eye. sleeping on a bare mattress with a dog in a child's day bed. disgusting so grimy

No. 883105

She looks like a whole ass man here

No. 883108

File: 1571702637218.jpg (180.98 KB, 1080x701, Screenshot_20191021-190401_Twi…)

No. 883110

This is one of the worst pics of her tbh. Like yeah there's tons of unflattering and gross and stupid ones but this… She looks ugly af and idek just an actual potato. Why Shay?? This ain't even a natural look when the foundation is so caked on.

No. 883114

She’d look so much better if she learned how to do makeup to flatter her face. She has a chubby round moon face, she really needs some blush and contour to give it dimension.

No. 883115

Dang, her apartment complex got a rodent problem too? Them beady ass eyes. This photo (complete with her dog lying on a bare mattress) makes me genuinely uncomfortable. Like I see this creature during sleep paralysis. But, yeah, she's so much hotter than everyone else.

No. 883116

I don't wanna be another WheRe'S RiB?!? anons but I hate how she hypes up Noodle all the time but hasn't spoken about Rib in literal months. Is that cat even alive? Poor thing.

No. 883119

It's probably because that cat wants nothing to do with her and the dog, so she keeps it cooped up in the bedroom. She should just give the thing away.

Watch she's gonna post a bunch of pics now.

No. 883121

Christ she looks like she's not slept in days and she has a "job" where you pick your own hours.

Did she really try play this off as no makeup? It's caked

No. 883126

Quite possibly the ugliest shes ever looked

No. 883131

Dewey Mattel

No. 883133

File: 1571707011969.jpg (182.5 KB, 1080x702, Screenshot_20191021-201648_Twi…)

No. 883134

File: 1571707062556.jpg (150 KB, 1080x613, Screenshot_20191021-201752_Twi…)

Ummm isn't this everyday life?

No. 883146

No, anon. She’s not like other girls.

No. 883148

I've never had any particularly negative feelings towards Shay but this…. this did it for me. The worst of all those acts are by FAR murder and rape. And guess which gender almost exclusively commits them? Yeah, men. It's not a woman who is going to rape and then murder you. I don't think I know of even one case where a woman raped and then murdered someone (acting alone, without the influence of a MAN).

No. 883150

Agreed. It actually shocked me how fugly she looks here. She looks like half bridge troll, half greasy foot. Yeesh.

No. 883152

Lemme guess. A sheer top, pajama shorts, and slides?

No. 883159

Imagine BARELY being snapchat camwhore and thinking she has authority to speak on women's issue with men. I hope SW Twitter, women who have to actually face the worst of men, catch wind of this "women are just as bad" misogynistic shit and cancel this pick me ass bitch again. Shayna literally hasn't changed or grown one bit.

No. 883160

Samefag and correction, Shayna's gut and chemical dependency did grow quite a bit.

No. 883161

>inb4 using “sobriety” for asspats and then relapse for sympathy
>send tips to make a sad puppers happy

No. 883162

It bothers me too. Pet spergs are annoying but it's like her dog gets 100% of her attention and love. And she's a piece of shit for forcing him to live with with a dog. She never should've got it in the first place.

No. 883175


Jesus Christ this bitch is busted. I don’t understand why it’s so hard for her to drink some water and get a decent skincare routine.

No. 883179

File: 1571718851066.jpg (733.25 KB, 1080x1869, Screenshot_20191021-233212_Dis…)

Some gems from discord. She probably won't post them until tomorrow because she's tired and doesn't feel like editing them tonight. Lol 1/2

No. 883180

File: 1571718901264.jpg (727.82 KB, 1080x1878, 20191021_233253.jpg)

2/2 I'm assuming she HAS to hike the skirt up that high or it doesn't fit her anymore.

No. 883184

It's so annoying how posed she is and how flitter the photo is but she can't be bothered to shop out bruises, veins, etc. Her shit would look way more professional if she did.

No. 883187

i hate to nitpick on her face but JESUS the filter busted all over the fucking place in this picture
i'm guessing it happened because of her hand on her face? it has deformed her utterly kek

No. 883205

Nitpicky af but I hate the pigtails with a burning passion. If you look at preppy icons such as Cher from clueless or the plastics. They have their hair down with/without loose curls and it looks way better.

No. 883206

Her thighs have gotten massive holy shit. That cellulite tho. Like she always had trunks for legs but her thighs have gotten that weird dimpling and they're just huge. The fat just stops at them and refuses to help her ass out kek

No. 883216

It's because she works out, remember that one time she went to the gym? Lol

No. 883237

Her outfit looks like she is a child that is playing dress up with random items from mommy's closet. I would call her look "trailer park chic"

No. 883260

probably because she's on her ass 24/7 so it's always being squished down so the fat has to go elsewhere. Like why they tell you you can't sit on your ass for a few weeks after a BBL, Shayna is gradually giving herself a reverse-BBL

tinfoil but I wonder if Shayna cried to her dad about the warrant out for her and he's coming to OK to sort everything out for her because she's too uwu anxious

No. 883283

God she’s always had such massive feet, it’s really noticeable too when she does the *~*feet behind her head thing*~*just another thing that makes her look like a tranny

No. 883288

This is honestly the oddest nitpick to me, of all the shitty disgusting Shayness you could be grossed out or annoyed by you choose the size of her feet? Something neither she nor anyone else has any control over? Like how would you expect her to fix this or make it better for you visually? At least other nitpicks are slightly along the lines of something she could repair with actual effort.

No. 883292

File: 1571761883325.png (49.6 KB, 563x286, Screen Shot 2019-10-22 at 12.3…)

She posted about Rib just for you

No. 883293

The cat probably does that because you give your weed more attention then you do to the cat.

No. 883294

thats called having a cat. rib's probably just happy not to be locked in the bedroom

No. 883302

Pfffffftttt hahahah Thanks for letting us know your cat's alive, Shaytard. Try and be less transparent that you're lurking here hard.

No. 883305

shayna, the cat shouldn't even have access to that shit

No. 883307

He probably doesnt want to lay on all the trash around her house. Poor thing.

No. 883311

Hey, Shay, maybe give your cat the love, attention, and affection s/he deserves instead only posting about it when anons start asking. The cat deserves it probably more than your fucking dog since you decided to drag the cat all over the country with yo bum ass mooching off of multiple people throughout the years. Your damn dog has only seen the inside of your crusty den and wasn't almost abandoned by you, you pathetic fuck.

No. 883374

File: 1571775532027.jpg (46.08 KB, 607x466, Capture.JPG)

Wasn't she complaining about people giving her less then $10 or something like that?

No. 883375

File: 1571775593274.jpg (56.27 KB, 586x484, djd.JPG)

No. 883376

File: 1571775614218.jpg (12.51 KB, 584x84, right.JPG)

No. 883378


I really want to know why these bitches THINK that they are doing the world some HUGE favor and people should give them their money for existing?

Like why are they acting like a fucking charity? "Every penny counts'

For what? This isn't for a children's hospital or something that makes the world better.

It's an idiot sex worker, who is going to spend money on weed or food, not saving for a car or rent.

This shit is So annoying, because there's actual content creators who actually create things worthwhile, who don't beg and act so entitled and self-righteous.

People who actually NEED money to do shit that gives back to society.

No. 883379

(Same Anon)

I also find it funny she thinks that people are as broke as her, that they have to sacrifice something in order to give a sexworker $5.

Like, most people, have cars or money for transportaon and can afford coffee and to donate chump change.

it's not either or like it may be with shayna. It's cracking me up how she's talking about this.

No. 883380

i honestly hate her. she doesnt need both a cat and dog. people like her who get animals as accessories are human garbage. i feel bad for them both, but you know she neglects rib more

Her posts come off as so obnoxious. No one is obligated to give you money. You choose this shitty 'job' and now you're living on charity and commissions from horny men. The icing on the cake is that she's so lazy that all she does is e-beg and not make any content

No. 883381

like every fake-woke post of hers it's only acceptable until it happens to her. plus she knows porn is a luxury, so why would she think that someone has to go out of their way for it? she's probably not even tipping the sw's in her discord that she begs for weed money from.

funny, she tells twitter how broke she is every single day.

No. 883384

Only she's allowed to beg and offer little to nothing, or complain about ANYTHING. Other sexworkers and people should shut up.

I often wonder how much money Shayna would make if instead of begging, bitching, starting drama and attempting to school people, she actually…Worked?

No. 883385

I truly think Shayna thinks someone giving her a couple of bucks means they won't have money, because it's how it is for her.

She doesn't know people can toss her $50 and still have money left.

No. 883388

you guys don't need to specify when you're doubleposting

No. 883389

Sorry, I tend to overdo that.

No. 883393

File: 1571777707790.jpeg (Spoiler Image,31.86 KB, 700x700, EA14DBD8-AA4D-4253-96CD-9CE97F…)

this is supposed to be a joke and not a nitpick pls no ban mods

No. 883397

Lol what is this. She’s telling people not treat themselves or not spend money on gas because they should jack off instead

No. 883399

She assumes people can't both buy gas and buy cheap porn, ALSO, if someone can't buy gas, they could very easily just fucking look at free porn.

it exists.

No. 883400

File: 1571778293772.jpg (127.35 KB, 1074x524, Screenshot_20191022-160145_Twi…)

No. 883418

Congrats Shayna, you’re normal.

No. 883421

File: 1571779652677.jpg (166.03 KB, 1080x604, Screenshot_20191022-162736_Twi…)

Really funny coming from you.

No. 883424

Lol, The main one whose constantly talking about sex workers on twitter AND on her discord.

fuck off Shayna. Seriously. This thread is full of you complaining, shit-talking and being rude to and about other sex workers.

No. 883425

what is with her spergfest against other women and sex workers lately? did someone subtweet her again?

No. 883427

She searches her name on twitter daily and subtweets at people. She's been doing that for months now.
Having orbiters fight her battles has put a battery in her back

No. 883428

Which I find funny because she thinks she's innocent because she doesn't use name or subtweets, but it's still talking shit, trashing and starting drama.

especially when her Orbiters take it upon themselves to bully other sex workers for her.

No. 883432

File: 1571780447375.jpg (191.07 KB, 1078x739, Screenshot_20191022-164025_Twi…)

No. 883435

Oh yes, somethings wrong with everyone else, not her. Nothing's wrong with her

No. 883438

She’s a coward cause she knows she’ll get ripped apart, so she vague-tweets until people figure out who she’s talking about.

No. 883449

Congrats Shay

No. 883460

File: 1571783277794.jpg (523.41 KB, 1080x1690, Screenshot_20191022-172747_Twi…)

Get ready for more complaining and "haterz ruin everyting"

No. 883465

File: 1571783786344.jpg (37.31 KB, 627x312, 1.JPG)

No. 883466

File: 1571783859449.jpg (23.1 KB, 616x237, 2.JPG)

this is why she got upset and started whining-


No. 883468

Is she shocked men are dumb, lazy and cheap? men have been jerking it to random photos forever. plus, shay, you give your shit away for free, so ??

No. 883470

File: 1571783988597.jpeg (253.23 KB, 1026x2048, 2B086595-B53F-456D-8B28-F080E2…)

Shay please just pick one type of look and stick with it. The plugs, the nose ring, the hair, the clashing pinks, the preppy shit: none of it goes together and it’s so confusing. It’s an assault on the eyes. You’ll do better business wise if you just stick with one niche thing. Stoner vintage rock chick was better for you.

No. 883471

"Imagine men getting off to my previews which are basically the money shots of my videos i'm selling, or the countless nudes that I put on my twitter with the sole purpose of turning people on"

Also, why do these bitches act like their content is SO Special that people are going to fucking pay for it?
Give them a reason why they should be giving you money.
Just because you do twitter sex work doesn't mean you deserve people money.

No. 883474

maybe you would have more financial support if you didn't post pics of your pussy and asshole on twitter for free

No. 883477

You'd think these sex workers would be offering unique and creative erotic material the way they go on and on and act so entitled and special.

No. 883485

I find it funny she hates women, but the only people who have attempted to help her (not even asking for much back) where women.

Her orbiters are women, one with more followers then her, who constantly stands up for her dumb ass even though it makes her look worst by assocation.

Shayna literally does nothing but for herself.
Remember when she was whining about no one supporting her when her twitter got deleted? She was literally throwing the people who DID under the bus.
WHO ARE WOMEN, sex workers who have their own "buinesses", Has Shayna ever tried to help them win a contest? Help them when shit went bad?

She barely even responds to her own orbiters in her discord when they mention something personal and not about her.

No. 883486

she's not a cancer is she?

No. 883492

Yeah she is I think her birthday is at the end of June

No. 883495

File: 1571787111147.jpg (123.47 KB, 1080x528, Screenshot_20191022-183155_Twi…)

We know Shay. That's why your insides are all fucked up

No. 883497

And her outsides

No. 883498

oh look, another contest she'll bitch about not winning despite all the effort she put into the video. also she's creepy by default, not b/c she dressed up as a dollar store clown.

exactly, the more she harps on about how she deserves to get paid for existing the funnier it is as desperation sets in, she pots pix for free on twitter and pathetically begs for tens of dollars she actually thinks is draining someone's wallet.

No. 883500

I feel like she feels the more she "declares" something the more people will think it's true.

I really don't know HOW she has orbiters, she's a sorry excuse for a sex worker, she's literally been in the same place for years now.
She was popular on tumblr, now everyone dislikes her on tumblr and it seeped onto twitter.

She's the prime example how NOT to do something.

No. 883501

Lmao water is gross? Who says that?

No. 883521

Reminder that fupa had to institute "drink water" as one of his ~dom~ rules

No. 883525

File: 1571791970284.jpg (Spoiler Image,694.55 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20191022-195058_Twi…)

complains about nobody giving her money for content two seconds later posts a compilation of every picture she's posting on OnlyFans …real smart business tactic Shay…

No. 883526

File: 1571792025995.jpg (Spoiler Image,175.51 KB, 1125x1135, IMG_20191022_195358.jpg)

No. 883528

File: 1571792134961.jpg (Spoiler Image,174.83 KB, 1125x1129, IMG_20191022_195356.jpg)

No. 883530

This has to be the dumbest thing I've ever fucking seen, sh has ZERO business sense, like actually zero. WHY THE FUCK would anyone, pay for this shit? If she's showing it for free.

She posts jerk off fodder and gets mad when people take the free jerk off fodder and don't want to buy anything.

The worst thing is, A few of her orbiters show tits and get double triple the views and attention.

And probably the sales as well.

Also, she said she was "broke up with" so a relationship to her is literally someone coming, fucking her in the ass every weekend marking her up and leaving her lonely?

She's a very sorry person.

No. 883598


Hey Shay you forgot to censor this "exclusive content". Just give your OF subs more reason to dip out after this month I guess lmao keep posting them money shots for free

No. 883602

>Men who jerk it to my asshole pics on Twitter don't actually see any value in my efforts to make money or me as person? Say it ain't so!

And then she proceeds to post her "exclusive content" for free on Twitter? In an attempt to get people to subscribe to her OnlyFans?

You can't make this shit up.

No. 883641

I feel like she sometimes wants to go back to stoner vintage rock chick, but she cant afford to give away the massive hoard of ugly pink shit that "furnishes" her apartment and replace it all with black stuff instead kek

No. 883652

File: 1571835675702.jpg (Spoiler Image,464.17 KB, 1080x1165, Screenshot_20191023-080052_Twi…)

No. 883655

How is this "bimbo school girl"?

No. 883674

File: 1571840336197.png (444.01 KB, 2048x1017, Screenshot_20191023-101711.png)

Shayna, no one wants to be like you. You just buy outfits and accessories that every basic bitch has or wants. No one is taking the time to copy your "style", because your style is basic af. you could find about 10 different girls at a mall that look just like Shayna in terms of style.

When will she get over herself?

No. 883679

This bitch straight up thinks she created and owns pink aesthetic. Girl, there are people that do pink/ddlg/bimbo/schoolgirl/housewife/Barbie aesthetic 10000000x better, yet Shayna thinks she created all of them. Her basic bitch aesthetic is a mishmash of some of the oldest porn tropes in history. It's lazy, it's basic, it's boring. She brings nothing new to it and simply recycles old porn tropes over and over and claims she's brilliant.

No. 883686

Shayna has literally said before that she bought a full outfit off a Forever 21 mannequin. Nothing about her or her style is original.

She’s delusional.

No. 883692

I love how her "pink" shit has been being done by little girls since fucking forever, Paris Hilton and SO many others and she literally acts like, "pink, stuff animals, girly owo" is something she created.

The only thing she'd ever done unique is stuff fireworks up her pussy and I'm positive if that ever got to her family they'd go, "She's just retarded" because thats what everyone thought when they saw it.

not, "What a trendsetter, what a legend" nope, just, "Lol she did that? Fucking idiot"

No. 883695

It's not even like she remixed the classic, pink loving dumb bimbo, nope, it's just broke bitch bimbo wear.

and Sidenote, how sad is it, that it took "losing" a guy whose probably trash himself, for her to stop drinking?

Not the weight gain, not how it probably fucks with her medcine and existing mental illness.

Nope, but Friday dick.

No. 883710

wtf does she drink if she doesnt like water? this bitch is gonna die at 30

She posts this shit, completely uncensored. And then wonders why she's constantly banned from twitter??

No. 883717

Uh, you’re allowed to post porn on Twitter. She’s always getting banned because she’s ban evading from losing her original account.

No. 883736

File: 1571852041792.png (1.78 MB, 2048x1888, Screenshot_20191023-133359.png)

Troll face.

No. 883750

I had the same question anon. Something tells me she doesn’t consume anything liquid besides alcohol and Dr Pepper (from her burpin Barbie video) so the weight gain might not be just because booze, but dr p too

No. 883752

File: 1571853702381.png (170.08 KB, 750x1334, F3F087C7-3930-4345-A12B-05221E…)

Forgot to sage like an idiot, to make up for it heres her talking about shit no one besides her orbiters will be interested in (but still not buy)

No. 883789

Throwback to when Shay somewhat had an ass

No. 883795

except she literally never did. Just looks big cos of the angle and how she has the pants hiked up under the buttocks to appear larger

No. 883797

Also a throwback to when she was doing shoots and collabs. Now all she does is sit in a trash apartment in trash Tulsa smoking trash weed and looking even more like trash. ThRiViNg!!!!!1!#! Really moved up in the sex industry.
Also..I do remember that God awful wig tho kek At least she stopped wearing that shit.

No. 883817

Oh god the wig with the terrible wrap thing to hide the hairline. Also bitch probs posted this to feel superior to the fatty like hey she's gotten chunky but at least she's not a beast. Also to drum up that other SWers do interact with her lol

No. 883826

Tbh Kyra does 100x better than her even though she's fat. Which is hilarious to me. Shaynas business skills are so poor that a cow like Kyra rakes in more sales than Shayna, and Kyra doesn't have to beg.

No. 883828

File: 1571865342268.jpg (536.22 KB, 1080x1472, 20191023_161418.jpg)

Does this mean her friday night fuck aka fupa took her back? How long until she's back on the alcohol now?

No. 883830

File: 1571865453410.jpg (110.24 KB, 712x530, IMG_20191023_161407.jpg)

Also,this is what she posted below that. Seems like she's referring to an orbiter being mutuals or friends with one of her "haturz". If thats the case thats so petty of her, this isnt highschool shayna.

No. 883837

Wasn't she just sperging about how it's petty to block or dislike someone simply because they follow someone deemed "problematic"? Would love the find those screenshots again. She's such a hypocrite.

No. 883841

File: 1571867157556.png (732.63 KB, 1631x2048, Screenshot_20191023-174536.png)

This is hilarious coming from the biggest pick me, incel loving, hypocrite Shayna.

No. 883842

File: 1571867221955.jpg (134.75 KB, 1439x804, Screenshot_20191023-164404_Tum…)

"Ew, shays sending her rashy porn again, I'm unfriending her"

No. 883843

one tweet: it's okay for people not to like you
Next tweet: why does everyone hate me? Everyone should love and praise me all the time it's not fair!

No. 883846

So her customers are trash now because they don't want to see her beg for votes? Got it. Thought you weren't supposed to talk down to your client base, guess not.

No. 883847

No. 883852

so whenever you don't do what Shayna want you are trash, I hope her orbiters know this.
As soon as you do something she doesn't like or don't help her you are trash.

She's very toxic

No. 883854

Same Anon- She's been contradicting herself so much lately. She says one thing and sets rules for others that she doesn't even use herself.

No. 883858

I was wondering that when I saw the new ass bruises. Still morbidly curious as to what embarrassing thing she did to get broken up with in the first place.

No. 883874

The dude must've wanted some quick ass.

No. 883899

Does this bitch have an actual iq of 70? how could someone be this hypocritical and lack this much self awareness? She clearly thinks she can do no wrong. Either she's a narcissist or straight up retarded. Sperg Shay could be real.

Also I bet she'd make more money through ads if she just uploaded her vids to porn hub.

No. 883901


Seriously doubt they ever broke up. No doubt she embarrassed herself but I feel like she over dramatized it to fit a prerogative (it was right after anons were saying it was still fupa)

But honestly, every single time lc starts speculating its still him, she starts talking up how she's either single or seeing some new rando. Always looking to throw anons off the trail, but directly after starts talking as if she has a long term partner. I doubt she even wants anything to do with the secrecy and lying (who in their right mind wouldnt be humiliated by this?), its probably fupa whispering in her ear to make sure she doesn't out him anymore since Im sure he's embarrassed as hell to be with her and doesn't want it public. Either lie and throw people off or he really leaves. And what can she even do but go along with it? She has no actual goals or prospects and she uprooted her whole life for this one chode. I doubt she's happy with how any of this is going but I dont think she sees any other way.

No. 883918

File: 1571874099825.jpg (69.6 KB, 1080x690, Screenshot_20191024-003750_Twi…)

"high thighs" tickled me.

And this bitch is apparently sober?

No. 883936

Her orbiters in discord probably figure if they stick around she'll give them clout (hint: she won't), or if she turns on them, then they can turn on her for clout and publicly throw her under the bus. Similar to how two costhots did to Moo.

Shay can never have any actual fulfilling relationships, everyone will always use her now in some way for their own gain. Not that she doesn't do the same, so no pity there kek.

No. 883937

File: 1571875524927.png (1.69 MB, 1766x2048, Screenshot_20191023-200444.png)

did she take these pictures and really think "yeah these are attractive enough to post, look at that sexy face"

No. 883938

File: 1571875575117.png (2.16 MB, 2048x1903, Screenshot_20191023-200503.png)

only a delusional narcissist could look at this and think "yes, I'm fucking hot. This is quality content"

No. 883945


honestly it's not even the worst face she's pulled

No. 883948

it's not, but idk how you can be a sex worker, look at that face, and think yeah this is totally gonna get the boners poppin

No. 883949

Rat queen

No. 884047

File: 1571894044134.png (Spoiler Image,221.93 KB, 339x496, Screenshot_2019-10-23-22-11-50…)

I'm no fancy editing anon, but I couldn't stop myself from doing this. Here she is uncovered.

No. 884054

Literally art. Bless u anon

No. 884057

I cant believe she still has that goth girl video up with all the bad comments she got. This is truly fucking gross

No. 884066

Tinfoil: fupa and shay staged a fake break up to throw people off that they're still together.

No. 884093

This has been tinfoiled a dozen times already.

No. 884190

I doubt Fupa will ever fully break up with her as long as she keeps letting him fuck her on the dl. He'll string her along and she's lonely and has no standards.

No. 884194

He's obviously fucking other girls and I wouldn't be surprised if she is too at this point. She obviously goes out so she's bound to have met SOMEONE at desperate enough to sleep with her while drunk. I'm just not convinced that they are together until I see it

No. 884197

Maybe, but unless she's delusional enough to say "hehe I'm someone's puppy :3" about a dude she had sex with one time it sounds more like she's seeing someone on a more regular basis.

No. 884199

This is shay we're talking about…

All I'm saying is she could have started seeing someone just like he did. I'm not counting it out, but I'm not sold on the Fupa tinfoil until one of them slips up. We know he's going into grubby bathrooms with e-girls and that tells me he's moved on. Maybe she's doing all this to make him jealous idk. We've been tinfoilng for months about it with no milk

No. 884203

File: 1571940507750.jpg (49.18 KB, 625x483, Capture.JPG)

No. 884205

File: 1571940598537.jpg (41.15 KB, 624x457, ckc.JPG)

No. 884206

File: 1571940644006.jpg (41.91 KB, 594x442, fjfjf.JPG)

No. 884207

Google gave these out for free to Spotify users yesterday, anon

No. 884211

Lol anon you are highly underestimating the lengths men will go for sex on the reg

No. 884216

I don't underestimate gross old men I'm just tired of the tinfoilng about it and I'm starting to think she's met someone new. Maybe that's why her dad is coming?

No. 884238

File: 1571943794808.png (731.05 KB, 650x831, 61D6FFA2-C3DC-4B5B-89AD-8023DD…)

Didn‘t she always complain that she isn‘t giving away her advice/information on sex work for free? Lmao.

No. 884243

You have to pay for her onlyfans. So yea, you’re going to be paying for SW advice from a failing sex worker. Lmao.
She may as well give advice on fixing a car.

No. 884247

Seriously though, what is she gonna teach you? How to punch yourself for 5c? How to sell your videos dirt cheap? Always have a sale and beg?

No. 884249

I think it's a referral link for content creators to sign up. She probably gets a bonus for people that sign up through her link.
If she even gives any advice at all, it will be her go-to shit advice about how you have to spend money to make money. But I think she just says that all the time to help herself feel better about being broke and wasting money on pointless things.

No. 884254

File: 1571947327048.jpeg (474.02 KB, 2048x2048, F1CF707A-4077-45FA-A89F-DB570A…)

Snapchat filters doing some mighty heavy lifting

No. 884260

I hate how she even uses her dog for attention

No. 884269

It's the only reason she got the damn thing.

No. 884299

her real brows aren't that bad, idk why she insists on drawing them the way she does.

she'll be on this contest for a while, dying at all the ppl who are ahead of her that aren't even wearing a costume. and she started the 'step mom porn' almost a week ago and hasn't even finished it. doesn't come across as someone who enjoys or is motivated to do their job.

No. 884306

It's because she sucks at makeup but is delusional AF and thinks everything she does is God tier perfection.

No. 884311

Oh yeah, with the way she's been acting as of late if she loses this content 100% she's going to shit talk either on twitter or whine in her sub.

I really don't know why she does what she does to her eyebrows. Shayna is a decent looking girl who forces shit on herself that doesn't fit.

Aka, this pink bimbo shit, Sex work and this false confidence and persona.

No. 884312


No. 884363

She was always sorta frumpy, but was sorta cute before. She's really let herself go with the heavy drinking, garbage diet, weight gain, lack of hygiene, etc. Can't imagine how busted she's going to look in another couple of years at this rate. Snapchat filters can only do so much.

No. 884369

At least when she first started on Tumblr she wasn't a full fledged narcissist who thinks the world revolves around her. She was able to take her basic emo stoner chick style and make it work for her. But then she got popular and I guess felt she didn't have to try anymore? I guess she felt all she had to do was go with trends and since people fawned over every little thing she did on Tumblr. it must have gone to her head that she can do no wrong.

It's sort of sad, but it's her fault. She let internet fame become more important than taking care of herself and just living. Can't really feel bad for a narcissistic bitch who doesn't think she needs to change or fix anything about herself or her life.

No. 884372

File: 1571966919319.png (48.58 KB, 566x400, ugh.png)

She tweeted this earlier today. Notice the "ugh". She clearly loves her job. She does this time and time again and doesn't get why people lost interest. Just put stuff out in a timely manner, I don't get what's so hard about that. Instead today she got her nails done and tweeted about true crime documentaries.

No. 884396

This means she’s been using that filter for everything she does?

No. 884421

When does she not use a filter anymore? Remember when she said she was going to stop using filters and that literally lasted 2 hours.

No. 884533

File: 1572017789278.png (89.49 KB, 850x566, Screenshot_20191025_083628_com…)

apparently this is her new snap

No. 884534

File: 1572017864411.png (1.19 MB, 820x1174, Screenshot_20191025_083756_com…)

…. why

No. 884540

This is old, anon.

No. 884545

File: 1572022150170.png (117.07 KB, 372x351, B250080C-D482-4D8E-9EF7-36A15A…)

What the fuck? I am no nail expert but those look WAY too big for her nails.

No. 884546


I think they're fine. They're not good but definitely not her worst and a nitpick at that.

No. 884552

ok I wasn't sure. it was just recently posted in her discord

No. 884558


those are some ill fitting glue ons. at least two could have been a size down, the index finger nail is almost comically too big.

inb4 nitpicking

No. 884561

File: 1572025440508.jpeg (342 KB, 750x1071, 0D9BBDC3-85EF-4D3D-9811-E3AE4A…)

How sad her life is

No. 884562

Is she trying to pretend she got these done at a salon? These are press-ons, 100%. She is sooo trite.

No. 884564

File: 1572025780586.jpg (188.88 KB, 1427x1427, e6784a6a9bba56f7131a00257e36c5…)

No. 884571

File: 1572027297486.png (1.21 MB, 1242x2208, E15A37B3-2ADD-4455-AB67-28FA20…)

They’re real, sadly.

No. 884572


she probably gets them done by students in a cosmo school.

No. 884579

Those are soooooo bad. Also she keeps ripping them off and getting a new set instead of having them filled, so it’s even harder on her nails.

No. 884586

File: 1572029586627.png (48.42 KB, 720x405, Screenshot_2019-10-25-11-51-18…)

Guess she's back with the dude?

No. 884587

I see it's time for Friday night bojack and anal with a "cute boy"

No. 884594

I'd love to see them squished on that tiny bed, LUL.

Funny how she was getting at "other girls" for fucking for free, but we know she's going to be begging for rent money, but has a dude fucking her in the ass and all that every week and they don't give her shit but a sore ass and a little attention.

No. 884597

I truly feel like if it's not Fupa, dude is married or some shit.

Like he's sliding off on his wife, to get off with a thristy "not like other girl" sexworker. Who lets him do it for free as long as she has attention.

No. 884601

If he's even real

No. 884650

File: 1572041073024.jpeg (223.42 KB, 1242x1131, 04502D0E-E769-43CE-BB08-EF902B…)

She could be one step closer if she didn't decide that alcohol and greasy junk food was a daily commodity for her, paired with sitting on her ass all day tweeting

No. 884655

Nitpick but those light brownish teeth, LUL.

I don't even think Shayna looks bad with the weight she gained (she looks better here) she just doesn't know how to dress and she's has a fucked up attitude.

I don't even find her bad looking. She's just full of shit. She should work on the inside.

No. 884672

File: 1572044266062.png (144.01 KB, 720x878, Screenshot_2019-10-25-11-56-05…)

Didn't see this posted

No. 884686

Maybe your ex Kyle Nathan Perkins shouldn’t have posted some dumb ass shit saying he’s related to a serial killer. People are gonna be skeptical

No. 884707

I mean, someone did cowtip the ex wife which caused issues with his kids and apparently contacted his job. He's an idiot for getting himself doxxed like that but I get why she would want to hide the new guy. Anons took that too far and fucked up the milk. We could have been drinking that for a long time

No. 884712

File: 1572050214422.jpg (380.67 KB, 1080x1224, Screenshot_20191025-193658_Twi…)

No. 884721

He must be staying in a hotel and probably not visiting her stinky weed filled sex toy mania apartment. Does he even know she has a dog?

No. 884723

She'll prbly try to rent an air bnb or something

No. 884726

How much do y’all wanna bet he’s coming down to bail her out of trouble over her ticket/bench warrant shit?

No. 884727

>I want to spend money on my dad so he doesn’t think I’m a total broke loser. So send me money pls

No. 884732

my bet's on that, or that he's coming down to have an intervention and convince her to give up the ghost of being a ~thriving successful pr0n star businesswoman~. hopefully he can convince her to come home for a little while. that would probably be the best thing for her right now, she'd be able to have home cooked meals and not drink 24/7

No. 884741

and no one is going to do it. Maybe she should ask the man she's calling "daddy" to send her the money.

No. 884746

I bet when they go out it'll be the typical "send me money for drinks and I'll send you bathroom nudes!"

No. 884747

File: 1572057906178.jpg (274.12 KB, 1080x965, Screenshot_20191025-214523_Twi…)

Sure Shay

No. 884780

While I agree that contacting his job was too far (if it did happen, I don't remember that, only that we figured out where he worked) to be fair, the ex wife deserved to know since he was explicitly hiding it from her. Never forget the "What? He told me she was a graphic designer!"

No. 884915

does anyone know which thread this is on? I only ever started reading all these after shay moved out of that one beastiality girl's house lol

No. 884945

well the whole break-up/Colorado saga was in January-Feb, so it was only a month or two before that I think. didn't take long for his ex to put her foot down and give him an ultimatum about Shayna. thread OPs stopped linking all past threads so it's too much work for me to go that far back, but it was probably Nov 2018

it's funny to think about, she came back from Colorado right around Valentine's day (she spent it in a hotel) and literally nothing has changed since then. she stayed at fupa's some "friends' house" for a couple weeks before moving into her current shithole apartment, and she has done nothing except develop a deepndency on alcohol in addition to weed. well, except for adopt a dog, which made it complicated when Fupa made her take back the cat she had abandoned at his house.

There was also the day (I think it was actually less than a full day) where she was planning to follow Fupa down to Texas to live there.

Next February will come and she'll be in the same sad place doing the same boring thing. but y'all she's really thriving

No. 884966

>thread OPs stopped linking all past threads so it's too much work for me to go that far back
Yeah can whoever makes the next thread start linking the old threads again? I don’t get why this stopped

No. 884996

Either way it was cowtipping and it fucked everything up so I understand why she wouldn't want crazy farmers to find out who it was. And now we won't get this milk because of fupa vendetta farmer types. The ex wife would have found out on her own and we could have watched it all burn. So hopefully if we do find out who he is the autistic farmers can keep it together and let it play out

No. 885001

That was all tinfoil fupa doesn't live in Texas and anons literally put pieces together that weren't there. Stop with this shit already. I've been following these threads for 2 years and the narrative gets bent so much by people who claim tinfoil to be true with NO evidence whatsoever.

No. 885003

The tinfoil has always been wild in this thread, which is crazy because Shayna fucks up enough on her own and puts it all over social media that there's really no need.

No. 885006

She actually did go to Texas. I don’t think we ever got direct confirmation that she was there with Fupa though; she claimed she rented a car to go, and Fupa has a car of his own. She stayed in an Airbnb and then talked about wanting to move there, but Fupa still lives in Tulsa (actually Jenks if he’s still in the house he rented when Shayna first moved there).

There was some tinfoiling at the time about Fupa being there on a work trip and he brought Shayna with him, like when they first met up in Mexico. Also that Fupa was considering a move to Texas and that’s why Shayna was suddenly talking about moving there too. None of this was confirmed though.

No. 885013

She did for sure but farmers are the ones putting pieces together that aren't there and it gets passed off as truth.

If people are gonna ask to be spoon-fed don't feed them bullshit.

No. 885120

Part of me agrees. Anons wanted to cowtip because him and Shayna were doing fucked up gross DDLG stuff and he was still seeing his children and the mother had no idea about it or Shayna. Fucked up. It's against the rules obviously and cowtipping never leads anywhere good but I think most of us would agree if we were in her shoes we would want to know.
Anyway, it was a milky time to look back on even not including that stuff.
Also true, she would have found out eventually and we could've had longer fupa milk (top grossest word combo I've ever typed)

No. 885126

File: 1572131726837.jpg (499.36 KB, 2896x2896, 20191026_181442.jpg)

They both posted these pics around the same time. That's the same shirt right??

No. 885132

Looks like it. I don’t get how she can be so dumb about small shit like that lol

No. 885137

"CUTE BOY" literally the same 30 something-year-old assholes whose hiding her from his baby mom, AGAIN.
So she embrassed Fupa in front of friends and now she's back with this pedo-weirdo.

She's a fucking liar and a dumb ass. They are trash and this is so funny.

No. 885149

Anyone think her srants about "women hating on men" are about Fupa's baby mom?
Maybe he goes to her complaining about his ex-wife or tells her what his ex wife says about her.

So maybe thats what Shayna's talking about? Fupa venting about how his baby mom sucks and we all know Shayna hates other women, so she throws shots at his baby mom on her twitter?

No. 885150

It's a flannel? You guys reach on the Fupa tinfoil so badly and you can't even see the color of the shirt it could be red or some shit jfc

No. 885151

Fupa and the ex wife are on good terms apparently

No. 885154

like can we get a time stamp on the fupa photo? Something? Because on the 24th Shayna was talking about Flannel or some shit.


No. 885155

Fupa pic was posted october 21st. I'm on mobile so idk the exact date shay posted hers. Its gotta be the same shirt though it's the exact same pattern and everything

No. 885156

I just checked again and he deleted it off his facebook >>885155

No. 885158

File: 1572135331421.jpg (Spoiler Image,37.65 KB, 588x344, fjfjf.JPG)

she's back to posting weird old shit too

No. 885159

File: 1572135368825.jpg (Spoiler Image,41.48 KB, 588x420, k.JPG)

You know the pedo pandering shit fupa was into.

No. 885160

File: 1572135421717.jpg (31.41 KB, 602x339, rhrhrh.JPG)


No. 885161

Noticed this as well. Been following for years as a lurker and god. I cringe at all the tinfoiling being brought as facts. Especially with this fupa shit. I remember him having a red button up like that though. Not sure if it's the same.

No. 885162

The pattern and buttons and literally everything match up perfectly between the shirts. Def the same. Good eye anon!

No. 885164

Samefag but forgot to add that I saw it from his snap when he was Daddy mattel.

No. 885165

Exactly and now the timestamp is missing suddenly. These anons are desperate and it ruins Shay threads

No. 885167

So now it's from Snapchat instead of Facebook jfc stop reaching you're embarrassing yourself

No. 885168

NTA- But they are talking about where they saw the RED BUTTON UP, not the facebook photo.

No. 885169

it's definitely the same shirt, but maybe she just kept it. i have shirts from my ex.

No. 885171

She most likely stole/kept it.

No. 885172

If the photo is gone that either mean he's lurking (which I think he does) or it's a old photo.

No. 885174

File: 1572136186307.jpg (1.34 MB, 1440x2960, Screenshot_20191026-192036_Fac…)

Found another with the date, looks the same to me

No. 885176

He deleted his snap over a month ago anon please stop.

No. 885180

Yeah that could be it

No. 885181

NTA anon, but again, this person was talking about a red button up they remember seeing.

they aren't the person who posted the OG photo

No. 885183

I never said it was on Facebook you idiot. I said I saw him in a red button up on Snapchat. Learn to read.

No. 885185

Thank you. Idiots truly can't read. I even said it was when his name was Daddy mattel so when they were dating.

No. 885186

He definitely did. I looked at his Facebook literally two minutes after >>885126 was posted and it was still there. Now it’s gone. Mega kek. They lurkin’.

It was posted Monday 10/21 btw.

No. 885187

I may get banned for this, but I sometimes feel like Fupa always shows up to deny shit when his name is brought up, even him or Shayna.

Like people aren't even reading they are just denying shit, it looks suspicious. Im not really beliving this anymore (about the tinfoil) but it's annoying and feels like either Fupa or Shayna is here.

No. 885188

People are just sick of the same tinfoil over and over again. I personally think it's not Fupa anymore because he threw a lot of shade on social media about Shay but also what difference does it make.

No. 885189

This. And him going out with other girls since then leads me to believe they new dude isn't him

No. 885191

Agreed. I also think so because we've seen Shay act embarrassing around fupa in person and on snap. Drunk and high. Acting like a toddler in public. I'd be shocked that her being drunk made him leave her. If it is an ugly tinder dude, I hope she slips up and shows him (for new milk) or he runs for the hills. Either way, milk.

No. 885192

regardless I think Fupa lurks here

No. 885197

File: 1572138407648.gif (1.67 MB, 291x291, 1526303071084.gif)

No. 885200

He shared a few “my ex sucks” type posts on facebook and tagged his ex wife saying it’s not about her. Do you really think Shay and his baby momma are his only exes? Honestly, I’m on the side of anons who think Shay is making all of this up for clout and “cute boy” doesn’t exist at all (be it Fupa or anyone else), but using Facebook posts as evidence that they’re not together is dumb considering we know he lurks here, often deletes posts, has lied in the past about not being with her, and might be fucking with us. There’s lots of evidence on both sides, only time will tell if it’s true or not.

No. 885202

I used to doubt their was an guy, but then again, it's not hard to find some asshole to fuck you every friday.

Especially if you are rawdogging, giving anal and probably telling them, "You can do anything, im a sexworker and I'm so fucking kinky OWO"

So I kind of don't doubt there's someone.

No. 885203

I'm just starting to seriously doubt it's fupa, or just one guy.

No. 885208

File: 1572140133726.jpeg (116.96 KB, 750x313, 2F0E691D-9D9F-4732-B70E-23C8B1…)

She recently talked about ‘Daddy’ in her Discord. Would she really be calling some random dude Daddy if they just started fucking? She was supposedly just dumped like two weeks ago after some drunken embarrassing thing she did. Is she calling some new guy Daddy already? Is she back to Fupa?

I wouldn’t put either of those past her.

No. 885209

Why are some of you so fucking obsessed over Fupa? It feels like every time I go on this thread, someone is saying they’re ~ definitely back together ~

No. 885228

You haturz y’all just hating trying to cause drama. It’s obvious they don’t hang out anymore *eyeroll

No. 885269

Because Kyle Nathan Perkins is a lolcow too

No. 885272

I always thought this pic was super gross because if you look closely you can see the crotch of those panties is really stained.

No. 885287

seriously it’s so old and kinda creepy at this point

No. 885291

File: 1572158526582.jpg (1.13 MB, 1440x2960, Screenshot_20191027-005939_Fac…)

No. 885292

Oh my god, this chode made the post public again after we called him out here. I’m laffin.

No. 885319

Maybe it just wasn't loading? It makes no sense that he would make it private then public and it's heavy on the assumption he lurks. Stop sperging about fupa jfc

No. 885321

Man, the “quit sperging about Fupa” posts are clogging up this thread more than the actual Fupa tinfoil posts. Until she posts proof that she’s with someone else there will always be Fupa speculation, get over it.

No. 885355

If you can’t prove she’s still with him then why should we have to prove she isn’t? If you want to talk about him so much make Fupa thread.

No. 885368

File: 1572184331708.png (56.15 KB, 564x253, getting fukt.png)

Saturday night anal sex. To me her posts come off as desperate to convince people "I have sex" but maybe there really is a dude fucking her in the ass every Friday and sometimes Saturday night.

No. 885372

She's not the Twitter comedian she thinks she is.

No. 885376

nightmare meds?

No. 885384

she acts like a teenage boy bragging to his friends about having sex.

No one cares that you let weirdos cum raw in your ass, weirdos you only see on Friday and saturday so who knows who or what they do.

No one cares. Its 2019, no one cares that you have sex. It doesn't make you special or look cool.

No. 885385

I refreshed it to be sure and every other post loaded fine except this one. You’re right, it makes no sense, which is why it’s so fucking funny.

No. 885387

and she types so fucking cringy. She wants to go viral so bad but the shit she talks about isn't taboo or shocking.

In fact it sounds gross and makes me wonder why she keeps talking about anal sex. Does he only fuck her in the ass? Or does she still think Anal is so taboo and makes her look Kinky?
and no more collar talk either as of late.

No. 885388

I also still feel WHOEVER she's talking to, shit talks his ex, or maybe Shayna has his ex's social media and she throws subs at her when she goes on her, "Women are toxic, stop hating men because they hurt you"


She's the dumb bitch who'd listen and believe every single thing a guy tells her about a "crazy ex" or maybe this dude has kids as well.

Who knows. Just some tinfoil though.

No. 885414

>The Tumblr Effect

No. 885427

Its so fucking cringe he's a 30 something-year-old man, with 3 kids who types like a fucking 12-year-old Tumblr girl aka how Shayna types.

Imagine this being your dad and he's unironically posting shit like this, while having pedo-pandering porn and all kinds of embarrassing shit all over the web.

he needs to be ashamed of himself.

No. 885443

This girl is a scammer. Just the other day she asked for $150 because she was unexpectedly charged for amazon prime but subcriptiin price isn’t even $150 anymore

No. 885452

Do you have screenshots? (Unless I missed that) has that been discussed here?

No. 885455

Different anon, but I remember seeing that tweet and thought it had been posted/discussed here. Just checked her twitter and the tweet is gone

No. 885458

nah it wasn't

No. 885473

File: 1572206366670.png (578.96 KB, 2048x1010, Screenshot_20191027-125846.png)

Shay, we all know this is going to go just like the alien video and that toy is just going to sit around and collect dust and dog hair.

No. 885481

Shes still role playing as a csa survivor

No. 885484

I know the Fupa tinfoiling gets annoying but… it IS the same shirt. The buttons placement on the pattern is exactly the same

No. 885563

Who cares? Even if she is still with him it’s not milk at this point.

No. 885568

didn't she already own a bad dragon tentacle dildo from waaay back that she promised to do an alien porno with?

No. 885575

Her being with Fupa (if confirmed) would definitely be milk.
Im sick of the fupa tinfoil (and the people whining about the fupa tinfoil) but it'd be milk for certain.

No. 885578

I agree anons just need to stop trying to hard to make it happen. It's very possible that she's ruining someone else's life at this point

No. 885588

File: 1572225675026.jpg (313.56 KB, 1072x1059, Screenshot_20191027-202117_Twi…)

An "Art"

No. 885590

that was the alien one, tentacle one is different. so now she'll have TWO expensive toys that she will do absolutely jack shit with

No. 885597

File: 1572228214451.jpg (118.81 KB, 1080x1184, Screenshot_20191028-015930_Twi…)


Yup and she's bullshitting. One year does not cost that much and that's how it charges you. I can believe she got sucked into paying without knowing but it is not $150.

It charges yearly so that's too much for one year but too little for 2.

No. 885598

Prime is $119 a year so she’s either asking for that + weed money or it’s all bullshit. Either way, she’s lying.

No. 885599


Imagine pulling this number out of your ass and trying to pass it off as the prime price. As if everyone can’t look that basic info up. She’s not even trying to hide how much of a scam she is anymore it’s almost hilarious.

No. 885600


We saw a wee fupa in the reflection of the car she rented I believe? Or some trailer hubcaps? He was standing far back to make himself less visible.

No. 885602

It was shays sunglasses

No. 885605

That was when she came back to Tulsa and was at some beer fest. It was honestly the most hilarious slip up. Iirc he later tried to cover and said he just "ran into her" there like it was random lmao

That was on the visit to Texas.

No. 885606

It was a ice cream truck or something and you couldn't even make out a figure from what I recall. We never even saw the car she rented I don't think

No. 885618

File: 1572233265068.jpeg (106.72 KB, 1125x786, 504B1382-560E-4962-ADC3-F577CC…)

Maybe this is just tinfoil, but something weird happened to me just a minute ago. I rarely ever get new followers on tumblr. It'll be weeks and sometimes even months before I get a new follower. But within 5 minutes of each other, I just got this. Keep in mind that I do follow shayna but I've never interacted with letsplaymurder. So what's going on here? Weird coincidence, or are they both her blogs? Or are they, as we speak, browsing tumblr and following each other's mutuals?

No. 885620

File: 1572234490943.png (Spoiler Image,5.14 MB, 1242x2688, 4A9C2B1D-855D-4060-A013-549F14…)

No. 885621

File: 1572234518993.png (388.48 KB, 1242x2688, 83FD3A0D-32BB-46B2-B426-A60AEB…)

No. 885623

I'm extremely suspicious about all of this, and I feel like we're just a few days away from steaming hot milk

No. 885627

I feel like this is a side blog of hers that she interacts w so people think she actually has a man. Sage for speculation lol but she’s that pathetic

No. 885628

I feel like this is a side blog of hers that she interacts w so people think she actually has a man. Sage for speculation lol but she’s that pathetic

No. 885634

you can't follow someone from a side blog.

No. 885635

You just outed yourself anon

No. 885636

Maybe she uses a different login? Idk how Tumblr works just tinfoilng

No. 885637

Maybe he sent her that post? Makes sense if he was browsing your blog

No. 885648

Why would he randomly follow you? Are you sure you didn't follow or interact with him because I find it too big of a coincidence that he started randomly following you like that if you don't ever get followers idk if it's just me but the odds of that are crazy without cowtipping

No. 885656

I was waiting for her to get called out on this. She’s got to be on crack or something

No. 885664

for what it's worth "i'm the one they warned you about" seems strikingly similar to "youvebeenwarned".

i'm of the mindset they've never stopped dating. all of her breakups have been false flags and they've only become slightly better at hiding their relationship/his identity. there's no reason she'd be staying in oklahoma if it wasn't for fupa.

No. 885665

She’s under a lease and notoriously bad at saving so Fupas not the only reason.

No. 885715

Yeah it's like people forget she can't leave until what, spring? Shes stuck in that shit hole for awhile unless she can afford to break the lease

No. 885716

This is what I was wondering. How would he find your blog randomly like that without interacting with him?

No. 885719

File: 1572268351596.jpg (370.96 KB, 1080x1400, Screenshot_20191028-081237_Twi…)

No. 885747

Is her dad really coming to her apartment? I'd die from embarrassment. it's a mess with all her sex toys and weed funk.

No. 885750

But this is the life she chose to live so she should own up to it. She has no choice but to let her dad see just how unsuccessful and mentally unwell she is living in her unfurnished, shit-stained, musty apartment with her traumatized cat and under-stimulated dog all cooped up inside, complete with a fuck machine on the counter and dildos in the sink. This is you Shay, in all your glory.

No. 885759

I imagine her dad visiting to check up on her. Might be ultimatum time.

No. 885763

Well a tinfoil here but I’m guessing that fupa and shay know your a fucking snitch and so they wanted to test if they both followed you would you expose yourself to them by posting immediately?? And you did . If you don’t think it’s fupa with all this semi proof your probably fucking stupid . The sweater the “fast relationships” it’s the same fucking guy the Fucking tumblr that she’s helping promote just like she would fupas old acc his Facebook and all the pieces fit especially them following a poster at the same time to confirm wherever or not it’s a snake

No. 885766

this. her mental health has been garbage, her body has started going downhill–literally anyone who sees her pictures can tell that she's in a downward spiral. her dad is probably visiting to see if she needs to be brought home or not because she's obviously not doing very well.

No. 885768

I hope her dad drags her dumbass home before something really fucked happens to her.
Her life is one screw up from being a shitty cautionary tail that airs on lifetime/lifeline

No. 885769

So what are you going to change? Nothing?

Attempt to work harder at an dead end "career" that you save ZERO money to do anything more? Continue not to have ANY other plans outside of sex work and some idiot whose doing NOTHING good for you?

I bet she posted this in her Discord and they all told her, "he'd understand, he's still proud etc. etc."

Her annoying ass whining means nothing, she has done nothing long-lasting to attempt to make her mental health and living situation better.

I really wondered what she THOUGHT her dad would be visiting? Did she think she'd become rich from sex work?

All she's doing is proving her mom and everyone else right and she's going to continue to do that.

Then when she quits she's going to go, "My mom used the wrong method to get me to listen, she made me want to do it more" and not take ANY responsibility for the state of her life the last few years.

No. 885773

I agree with this tinfoil 100%… and the fact the two separate accounts interacted with that dumbass anons like back to back, I’m sure they were sitting right next to each other “internet sleuthing”

No. 885776

how would they know anon is a snitch?

No. 885778

How would he have found anons profile that "never gets followers for months at a time" if they didn't cowtip and interact. Something doesn't add up there

No. 885781

I think anon reblogged Shay, then Shay followed back and reblogged anon then dude followed anon after her.

No. 885790

From that screenshot letsplaymurder followed anon first then Shay reblogged and followed

No. 885800

This is the first time he's visiting in four years… I really wouldn't be surprised if he tries to intervene. honestly I would support her dad's decision to finally step in for his daughter's sake. she needs to reach out and ask for help.

plus I mean she always says she has a humiliation fetish sooo it should be a win-win for her kek. public humiliation as well as getting to go home and have her dad pay for everything again.

No. 885807

I think her dad visited her in Seattle IIRC

No. 885809

How depressing is that? If he knows HALF the shit he's done and then he visits and sees ALL the shit she's done over the years was for NOTHING. We already know he knows his daughter was punching herself for pennies.

Putting herself in danger, putting her family in danger, ruining her relationship with her mom, all the embarrassing gross nasty porn she'd put out there was for a small dirty apartment, with two probably depressed animals, some dusty sex toys, a children's bed and a guy who fucks her on Fridays and Saturdays.

Shayna gained NOTHING worthwhile from sex work, can't even pay her bills, is angry depressed and mentally ill.

So all this was for zero.

No. 885811

Maybe I‘m dumb, but the blog is gone now? Extrem tinfoil, but maybe it was her other blog snd she‘s scared of people finding it. Don‘t really think so but still

No. 885813

Even if it was chance before, they know now that she posted here lol idk why she bothered marking out her url

No. 885814

If you’re talking about letsplaymurder it’s still up

No. 885819

While I'm one of the anons that also tinfoils them still dating, there's no way she has the money for a cross-country move. She's barely making enough to scrape by.

No. 885823

if you read the tweets I was replying to even she says this is the first time he's visiting since she moved out.

I wonder if her dad will meet fupa whatever guy she's fucking. if he's even real that is

No. 885824

Dare I say this unexpected charge caused her to have an overdraft fee? Not that she isn't Scammy Mattel, but she is also Broke as Fuck Mattel

No. 885829

I feel he may. Shayna tends to think every guy she gets with is going to be her future husband or some shit.

So no doubt, she'll let her dad meet the man who she brags about making her bleed and she embarrassed because she's a drunk.

If it's Fupa thats even more fucked up for him to meet him.

tinfoil- I kind of feel her dad is trash, I'm sorry. I feel he's the type who'd know everything going on (if this is or isn't fupa) and will joke and smile with a guy who he knows does not give a FUCK about his daughter.

Shayna has no respect for her dad or herself, I'm positive she's going to post a picture either on twitter or on discord.

No. 885834

SA- That not to say there's much he can do, he may just be the type of parents who when their adult kids are older, they don't intervene, or maybe he's tried to help Shayna but feels she's a lost cause or she'll come when she's ready.

I, however, do feel he's an enabler and I also feel her hate for women comes from her upbringing.

I feel like him telling her (if he did), that as "long as she can pay the rent I don't care", has made Shayna Justify the hate for her mother and her choices.

Even though she's NOT paying the rent. Then again, maybe he gave up after kicking her out for doing porn in his house, he figured, "I'm just going to be there for her.

(sorry for these huge rants)

No. 885835

it's also been a week since the warrant was issued for her ticket. she could have used the money spent on buying an ounce of weed as well as this "Amazon" money she's begging for and paid it off.

No. 885836

She means to Oklahoma anon. Her Dad visited her and her ex she lived with in Seattle and went out to dinner with them

No. 885849

I hope Shay’s dad does get her the fuck out of this pointless life she’s living. She’s basically one bong breath away from losing what little she does have now. I know it’s not going to happen but I can hope a little.

No. 885860

real shit, as much as I dislike Shayna, I'd love to come back in a few years and see this thread dead because her ass is boring and cleaning up her life or Milky as hell because she's quit sex work and is doing something else.

If only she'd put the fucking "not giving up" attitude she has towards half doing sex work and Men, into something productive.

No. 885862

Or her even just her getting a part-time job and continuing sex work, just anything but doing the SAME thing over and over and over.

But I cannot like her because I hate her horrible attitude towards women. She really needs to fix that.

No. 885904

she never lived with anyone while in Seattle, you're mistaken. unless you're talking about the few nights she spent in some old guy's basement

No. 885915

She posted on her Tumblr about the whole thing. About how her dad and bf were getting along great at dinner and sharing "when I was young stories". I've been following Shay threads from the beginning and she absolutely had her dad visit in Seattle.

No. 885921

File: 1572300399788.jpg (486.05 KB, 1065x1440, Screenshot_20191028-170629_Twi…)

She made a post about the first person to send her money gets to see the pic first. Either she's scamming or no one sent money

No. 885923

Yeah didn't she move all the way across the country for him? I think she had a gf too while she lived there

No. 885924

Mhmm. Caught them fucking behind her back and said that she was way too selfish to try that open lifestyle.

No. 885933

I would not be surprised if we've seen 80% of what's on her only fans for FREE via her twitter. She might as well turn her Twitter into a body positivity account or just some were she posts nudes of herself for attention.

cause the way she does business fucking sucks. There's little to no reason for anyone to pay for her content.

No. 885935

File: 1572301819982.jpg (54.43 KB, 623x532, djdjd.JPG)

Guess she finally found out that posting pictures of her and her dog will give her more attention then pictures of her bruised ass and nudes we've seen a million times.

How long before she starts charging for nudes of her next to her dog or some shit?

No. 885939

File: 1572302224096.jpg (29.08 KB, 624x352, fmfmf.JPG)

No. 885940

YES! that's exactly who I'm referencing! She used to rant that she was never enough for him blah blah blah but her dad DID fly out and met him at dinner I remember that

No. 885968

File: 1572306875401.png (45.69 KB, 543x308, 1.png)

>Advertises this morning that she will be on cam tonight and does a poll to see what time people want


No. 885970

File: 1572307008418.png (88.82 KB, 583x511, 2.png)


>Bails out as usual because a photo set took her all day

>On verge of her daily breakdown because of drama


No. 885973

I don't know why she vague posts on her dead twitter, she could easily go to her hug box and talk to them.

No. 885974

now I see where your mistake is, that was in California before she moved to Seattle

add it to the list of excuses. "I can't work because I yelled at someone and now I feel bad for being a bitch"

No. 885981


Shes never been in California.

No. 885985

She's been in LA multiple times when she was doing those photoshoots with a porn company

No. 885987

Go the the 2nd thread. She starts complaining that she needs a roommate in Seattle because her roommate kicked her out. She got on cam with her gf multiple times and talked about her daddy that she moved across the country for. She's never had a daddy in LA. She's never had her dad go to LA. He met her ex that was around her dad's age when she lived in Seattle. Trust me

No. 885988

They were in a poly relationship and she walked in on them. Fucking and got butthurt and cried all over Tumblr about it. There's screenshots of her and the gf that moved in with them on cam too

No. 886027

I think she photoshopped her lips in the first one but not the second picture kek

No. 886060

File: 1572319732945.jpeg (214.23 KB, 1121x1989, EIA_HO8WoAUitKu.jpeg)

Her makeup looks crazy

No. 886061

again with these fucking terrible eyebrows… WHY

No. 886083

Straight outta the Oklahoma trailer park kek

No. 886093

Moon pie. Moon emoji. Lil moon man. Why does her face look like that is it the Snapchat filter?

Not trying to nitpick really wondering

No. 886180

Are the threads from the Connor days (2015/16?) archived somewhere? Hate to ask but I can't find any of the threads from before 2017

No. 886188


It’s not just you, I was on a nostalgia trip recently but I’ve been having issues finding older threads of Shay’s so I just assumed maybe they got buried.

No. 886195

I believe the threads started after she and Connor had already broken up. She might’ve already been in Seattle when they started. First 3(?) threads got deleted because people started posting pics of family members and talking about them. I believe the first thread started in 2016 originally

No. 886249

I think those were included in the deleted threads

No. 886291

File: 1572377709332.jpg (470 KB, 1440x2960, Screenshot_20191027-011244_Tum…)

I know yall are sick of the fupa tinfoils but letsplaymurder is totally him. He reblogged this pic and now it's his header on facebook. I'm done now, I swear. Maybe.

No. 886293

File: 1572377864348.png (88.77 KB, 607x476, part time job.png)

I'm sure that her considering getting a part time job has nothing to do with needing rent money constantly

No. 886311

Screenshot of the facebook header before he deletes it? They are too stupid if this is true

No. 886318

File: 1572380003789.jpg (146.46 KB, 1080x1684, Screenshot_20191029-201318_Fac…)

No. 886323

I wonder if Fupa will come and shout at us for talking about him, when it's OBVIOUSLY HIM. Rather they are togeather or not, whatever, but the account is his.

And/or he's trolling but he's lurking, and he has been. Everytime his name comes up here, I swear some of the, "Stop talking about Fupa" agressive anons are him.

No. 886324

his header image/text is simultaneously that of a 14 year old boy and 40 year old mom

No. 886326

That's not the only reason why you are considering it Shayna.

If Shayna DOES get a job, her ass is going to act like she's the first sex worker to work. I can already see the lies she's going to make. About all the Jelly girls who boyfriends know her and flirt with her.

No. 886327

lol that and people "recognizing" her from tumblr/twitter

No. 886328

Him and Shayna are both the same cornball, Fupa is male Shayna. They type the same, are very attention-hungry, users, toxic, gross, selfish and both seem to hate women.

No. 886329

Yeah, I can already see the, "Hey this guy asked for a selfie with me because he used to follow me on tumblr he he, My hard work has paid off!"

No. 886330

senpai, we can't help but notice you because you make sure of it by posting like an aggressive retard here

No. 886335

So looking into it I can see the post on Tumblr too but it was posted 4 days prior to the header on fb. I can see it being a coincidence because it appears to be popular post circulating right now. Could be him but I'm still skeptical. He posted hundreds of things in between the time the header was set so maybe he just got it from fb. Just playing Devils advocate because it's not a unpopular post and it's been around a long time

No. 886345

Lol hes wearing shays sweater, I think they've given up hiding lol

No. 886346

I think it's an old picture anon or maybe he just kept the hoodie?

No. 886351

It's an older pic but I believe he also kept the hoodie because there were snap caps of him wearing it since they presumably split for real(?) in July. Also no more pics of her wearing it.

No. 886352

I noticed that too. I think she probably left it there when she moved to Colorado because I haven't seen her wear it since then

No. 886355

It's kind of ironic that he was whinging about exes wearing shit that he brought but he's wearing her hoodie.

Shayna and he are SO fucking similar.

No. 886359

File: 1572385592328.jpg (667.37 KB, 1080x1311, Screenshot_20191029-164625_Twi…)

Why does she do this? Is she really that stupid promoting "private" content?

No. 886360

File: 1572385634907.jpg (296.45 KB, 1079x847, Screenshot_20191029-164603_Twi…)

Why would anyone want to?


No. 886361

File: 1572385669246.jpg (734.19 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20191029-164608_Twi…)

That's exactly what people want to see when they look at their screen

No. 886362

File: 1572385724951.jpg (Spoiler Image,467.02 KB, 1067x1487, Screenshot_20191029-164530_Twi…)

So she was cleaning naked? And Rib most likely scratched her because she's over the living situation

No. 886363

File: 1572385754249.jpg (Spoiler Image,416.43 KB, 1080x956, Screenshot_20191029-164503_Twi…)


No. 886365

File: 1572385810065.jpg (Spoiler Image,766.87 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20191029-164507_Twi…)


What is this face

No. 886368

Is she going to respect her dad and take down those sex toys? Nah probably not.
If he even comes over to her room, i mean apartment.

No. 886369

Has she fully abandoned the uwu babygirl uwu aesthetic and is going for alt girl now?

No. 886372

File: 1572386269718.jpg (Spoiler Image,457.14 KB, 1080x1350, Screenshot_20191029-165744_Twi…)

No. 886373

File: 1572386296672.jpg (104.21 KB, 1080x445, Screenshot_20191029-165807_Twi…)

Get ready for some new cringe

No. 886381

What is SPH?

No. 886382

small penis humiliation, she's trying to be a ~findom uwu~ again

No. 886390

taking the dog for regular walks would get her out, but it's like she only does it to post on twitter.

what's funnier is she'll do this then retweet herself about how ppl should pay for porn.

makes comment about cat scratch, ignores all the spots that will also be on cam.

guess she's abandoned the step mom thing and the other vids she claimed to have filmed.

No. 886393

It's so funny that the most effort she's ever put into anything (in a while) was that clown video and those pictures and they are doing horribly.
Also has she already lost that contest? I'm waiting for her to go off about it

No. 886411

No. 886412

File: 1572392161661.jpg (464.73 KB, 1080x1165, Screenshot_20191029-183619_Twi…)

No. 886413

The contest ends on Halloween. But we already know she's lost

No. 886423

She needs to get a proper mic. I have the volume all the way up on my phone and I can barely hear her. If she is wondering why 20 people dropped her manyvids, this is why. Horri sounds, horrible acting, horrible lighting. Overall zero effort like everything else she does.