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File: 1583073478215.png (1008.37 KB, 1167x1278, 1582851066716.png)

No. 939312

Repetitive comments about Shayna's vagina is grounds for a 1 day ban. Repetitive nitpicks about her body and face are subject to a 1 day ban. Reposting the same photos zoomed in and edited are not milk and you will recieve a ban for nitpicking.
REMEMBER: sage when there’s no milk, no nitpicking and/or blogposting and please try to curb your enthusiam when posting screenshots from other cam girls. This is a Shay thread.

Summary of recent milk:

>shay still claiming authority on keeping minors out of nsfw spaces, seems to forget she exposed minors to adult content after she changed the nature of her years-old tumblr blog

>shay makes awful alien porno she's been planning for years, squeezes into outfit she bought 40lbs ago.
>bad dragon alien dildo covered in possible dog hairs and tooth marks
>her boyfriend of 6 months leaves her and she kicks off on twitter
>her therapist gives her a variety of new coping mechanisms for her "bipolar" including deleting twitter's app when she's "manic"
>of course shay doesn't do any of this and continues to rant and harrass people and threaten to kill herself on twitter
>shay is upset she wasn't nominated for mv awards anal star, so she nominates herself
>changes twitter handle to buttstuffbarbie and goes obsessive over anal, even though she barely does any anal videos
>shay starts editing her photos beyond recognition
>admits that she's self conscious about her body…but uses this as an excuse not to work! what a surprise!
>plans to eat healthy and go to the gym one day, back to eating garbage and sitting on her ass the next day
>shay makes another pedo pandering vid
>shay lives vicariously through her sim, showing that what she really wants is to be an online influencer
>she gets bangs
>continues to start online drama while preaching how positive and above it all she is
>wants to move into a 3 bedroom house despite having no income but e-begging
>is she actually moving or is it all a scam? who knows?
>she's definitely not moving yet because she doesn't understand how leases work
>gets 1000$ tip, definitely not from her dad
>takes so many unflattering photos

https://twitter.com/IRLbarbie ←– CURRENT
https://www.instagram.com/itsdollymattel/ <- CURRENT

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No. 939320

Who's the hero up early making new threads? I love you. Shay and ana?! Its gunna be a good day

No. 939327

File: 1583076028199.jpg (189.29 KB, 1080x929, Screenshot_20200301_101509.jpg)

Shayna you're a pedo pandering cunt. You are part of the problem when you fetishize kids. Also wtf keep this off your work twitter

No. 939328

haha thanks anon, admittedly it was 2:30pm in my country when i made this

No. 939329

but exposing minors to your creepy porn because you don't want to start your follower count over isn't harming them? ok shatna

No. 939332

Did she seriously fucking take photos with flash of her crotch in the back of an uber in the last thread???

No. 939340

She literally makes porn that centers around the concept of exploiting innocent children. WTF is she on

No. 939341

Didn't this hog make a video where she pretends to be a baby getting g fucked in a diaper?

No. 939342

i wouldnt put it past her but hopefully it was just her bf's car.

No. 939362

Nta but bless you all the same

No. 939385

It looks like the back seat though, and it'd be odd for her to be in the back in her bf's car

No. 939407

I can’t believe shayna has 50 whole threads and still stuck in snow

No. 939413

people that don't participate in her threads hate them kek

No. 939439

File: 1583095530648.jpg (195.91 KB, 1077x784, Screenshot_20200301-144346_Twi…)

No. 939440

File: 1583095558992.jpg (490.68 KB, 1080x1403, Screenshot_20200301-144409_Twi…)

So who's this guy now?

No. 939444

lol. Shayna hasn't been around a good man in years. No normal person would want to be treated the way she is by men, she has such a warped view of what a healthy relationship looks like

No. 939449

No, that's something a broke person does when they don't want to order proper food with their drink.

No. 939451

this photo screams musty old diner. sex works has really allowed you to live a very chic and high class lifestyle, Shayna. queen of the Cracker Barrel

No. 939452

nta but why?

No. 939453

Not surprised she’ll take whatever she can get. We know you hate women, Shay. Enjoy being a pick-me your entire sad life.

They were definitely back seat photos.

People who hate Shays threads will argue that it’s 46 threads of nitpicking her goblin face and sad old man vagina. And they would be mostly right.

No. 939463

No. 939464

File: 1583099982955.jpg (31.45 KB, 729x786, FB_IMG_1583099847723.jpg)

Just saw this on fb and immediately thought of Shay's stupid ass. Can a Photoshop anon please slap her under that ugly wig?

No. 939467

File: 1583100908024.png (399.12 KB, 729x786, fat-pussy.png)

No. 939471

A lot of people feel like Shayna produces little to no milk beyond doing the same dumb shit all the time. To me, it is milk because of how easy it is for her to just stop everything and go home, yet she insists of embarrassing herself on the internet for fame. People also complain about all the sperging on her appearance, which is fair enough.

No. 939477

the fat wet pussy thing is a meme on twitter right now and not because of shay but her and her orbiters are dumb enough to think otherwise.

No. 939489

File: 1583106278988.jpeg (232.14 KB, 750x719, 8DEF0F69-ABFE-4A01-8EF6-F6C1AC…)

lmao where does she find these people?

No. 939493

1. don't you love how she never talks about men hating, abusing and hurting women?

2. Bitch you will never love a good man, because no good man will ever be with you. Only losers fuck with you. Every man you've been with so far has always wanted you to act like anything but yourself.

So fuck off with this "pick me' bullshit, you are a "rape victim" yet you out here dismissing people who have good reasons to hate men.
Then again, she does pander to men who want to watch her degrade herself and act like a child, so of course she's a "pick me" MRA Barbie

No. 939506

Lmao. Yea sex workers are the unsung hero’s of our time. Thank god for people like her and Shay, spreading their asshole and putting content on their OnlyFans for the greater good.

Nothing against sex work, but people who delude themselves into thinking they’re anything but jack off material…girl please. Unless she is saying this particular sex worker ALSO has a job in helping the mentally retarded…

No. 939515

File: 1583112333007.png (Spoiler Image,1.94 MB, 2048x2010, Screenshot_20200301-202444.png)

trying really hard to hide her pudge body

Hint: this ain't it, Shay

No. 939526

File: 1583113078874.png (28.57 KB, 410x128, Screen Shot 2020-03-01 at 8.35…)

She deleted this >>939440 tweet. I also noticed she tweeted earlier asking who was paying for brunch. Like is old man not paying for you sis or

No. 939531

Sage here, but i think she means actual sex workers that have sex with handicapped people as they want sex to, like as in someone who is disabled might have a harder time finding someone and has needs.

But no need for them to go all social worker pedastle

No. 939556

what if she just took a picture of somebody's cup they left to make this tweet lmao

No. 939560

That doesn’t make it ok lmao. Mentally retarded people should not be having sex. That’s so fucked up dude

No. 939581


Sorry for the bad link, it was first and I'm on a dumb phone. But yes, there are sex workers who work the the disabled and handicapped, because they have sexual needs too. Sometimes they do have a background in care/social work. They are actually requested by carers for their clients in some places. It really is an awesome sort of thing. Of course, Shay & her orbiters are not that quality of person.

No. 939626

Tbh I wouldn't be suprised if shay or her "sexwork" pals would end up scamming disabled men

No. 939634

Its just another grey area where once again sex is treated as a human right when it literally isnt, the only time it really makes sense is when a disabled couple need assistance to do the do (yet surprise those people arent sw’ers bc all they do is assist in positioning the couple/making sure nobody dies) , but theres nothing praise worthy about jerking somebody off because they’re disabled.

No. 939645

Hate when whores bring this up as proof of their noble contribution for society while 99% of SWs don’t fuck uwu disenfranchised disabled people sooo. And “providing sex” to the mentally handicap is unethical, just say you rape retards for money.

No. 939738

File: 1583157580487.jpg (528.97 KB, 1080x1453, Screenshot_20200302-075915_Twi…)

Cause this is exactly what you need Shay

No. 939761

File: 1583161622237.jpeg (380.74 KB, 1227x1102, 951BBB3C-B836-4F7C-AD5D-C9C145…)

I can smell the must from this tweet… disgusting

No. 939767

Why does she think it is a redeeming quality to “supposedly” stink up a club with your own vaginal funk? Considering she doesn’t shower and her hygiene is poor, the smell would be sour. Like men’s balls after the gym. /gag

I don’t believe for one second her rancid puss fumigated the club. But why she’s trying to sell this idea suddenly is gross and weird. (FYI shay, even full nude strip clubs don’t smell like pussy. Go to your obg)

No. 939771

File: 1583163629238.jpg (93.18 KB, 1080x681, Screenshot_20200302-153853_Twi…)

Why does she out herself like this?

Is anal phase over?

No. 939784

Old Mood Stabilizers: dry pussy, no sex drive, impossible to cum

new Mood stabilizers-dry pussy, no sex drive, impossible to cum

No. 939785

She tries so hard to link everything she does with something sexual. This just isn't it Shayna. Maybe she likes looking retarded?

No. 939794

for some reason reading her tweets like these make me as physically nauseous as actually seeing her photos

No. 939797

so her new mood stabilizer makes her piss herself? that's a really bad side effect, unless she is just blaming it on the pills lol.

No. 939805

>needed and been around forever

I really hate how somewhere down the line men tricked women into thinking showing their entire asshole to the internet for free is "just being body positive guys"! And that SWs somehow are the most feminist because "it's a necessity" for strange men on the internet to see naked women. Like what kind of misogyny rebranded as women empowerment is that?

How could you look at the kind of self destructive behavior Shay has and not see its directly related to her unhealthy relationship with porn and sex? She can barely go a month without publically showing her vagina or getting naked in fitting rooms just so strangers can give her 10 dollars for lunch. Her only hobby is getting drunk and degrading herself on camera. Its depressing af and not "a noble and needed respected career uwu".

No. 939809

File: 1583168378741.jpeg (867.92 KB, 3464x3464, 201FF028-36EF-4608-B19E-F10790…)

Anyone else notice the banner change.

No. 939810

With the amount of money she's making to be in the top 4%, I just don't understand where it all goes. Weed, alcohol, and take out can't really be draining her bank account like that…. can it?

No. 939811

Wouldn't be surprised if that bill alone is over $200 a week tho tbh, all those things are stupidly expensive

No. 939814

File: 1583169052774.png (18.65 KB, 716x82, Screenshot (246).png)

i'm not sure its based on earnings, pic related is from OF FAQs and just says 'account perfomance' then on another website found

>Since it has not been announced how they measure this scale, it can be based off of earnings OR followers OR possibly some formula that includes both! This ranking is completely private to your dashboard and is not shared with other models or customers, which is a great way to implement this feature to minimize “competition” and unfriendly attitudes.

could it be based on the amount of stuff she posts?

No. 939816

It’s so vague that it could literally mean so many things. My guess is it’s the 400 same photos she posts and she knows this. Which is why she posts SO MANY PHOTOS. She probably noticed that alone was changing her percentage- since apparently it changes daily according to this. And we know how obsessed with numbers she is so I have no doubt she checks the % all the time.

No. 939819

yeah shes been updating her header every time it moves up .1 %, is this gonna be her new ~i had 150k followers on tumblr~

No. 939821

i love shays 50 threads but times are so less milky now… it’s actually frustrating lol everytime I check back it’s just discussing how bad she looks. Which is really bad lol but I wish something would happen! She got smart about not doxing her dudes (if they are even real) and somehow has managed to keep a roof over her head. The “sales” she makes are not enough to sustain the way she lives, and honestly I wish her parents were as awful as she says they are because at least then she would suffer. I’m convinced the only reason she’s gotten this far, like financially and across the country, is because of them. And they still pay for her shit!!!!!! They have to!!! And more than just a random bed… I’m so over this girl and the opportunities she pisses away all because she’s literally a spoiled brat. I want something actually bad (and not made up for attention) to happen to her, because she fucking deserves it.

No. 939825

why the fuck would you want to try to meme that you have a vagina that smells so bad it would fill up a room……?

No. 939830

My only guess is that she honestly thinks it's hot or something

No. 939842

She thinks "making the room smell like pussy" is the same as a room smelling like sex afterwards
When it doesn't. If a pussy can smell up a room, that pussy is rank and not a good thing.
It just makes me think of being on your period and how you can smell yourself and it's horrible

No. 939851

tell that to shay. if both parties are retarded, does it cancel out?

No. 939853

OF ranking is by total sales over time, so she's only so high because she's been on the platform longer. With newer and more popular models coming through she will drop rank unless she's consistently making sales.

No. 939854

If shay wants to rape speds for $65 a pop then go ahead. Wouldn’t be her worst business venture

No. 939884

Also it's 3 fuckin dollars

No. 940077

File: 1583198411442.jpg (578.99 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20200302-201845_Twi…)

you can tell from these tweets that she actually just sat on her ass all day and tried extremely hard to not tweet for 16 hours until it was painful just to seem like she has a life

No. 940078

File: 1583198593037.jpg (Spoiler Image,652.94 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20200302-202218_Chr…)

she says she got her hair done "all day today" all day??? but .. it looks like this? what fucking salon

No. 940079

If this isn't a before picture then wtf. Even getting your hair completely bleached, dyed and cut usually takes under 3 hours.

No. 940082

she literally looks like a big toe here

No. 940084

I used to think the fat child's body critique was just nitpicky, but this picture…damn. Dolly for your own sake look at how other girls your size pose, I'm sure they're not doing this.

Or better yet, stop doing sex work and get a normal job at a McDonald's or something. You can still get male attention by just being the cutest girl at the drive-thru, and you don't have to show anybody your "fat pussy".

No. 940089

wonder how big she'll get. do you think she'll ever grow up and go home?

No. 940098

Maybe they just did a blunt cut of her deadends and washed it?
Other then that, I can't see a difference.

No. 940100

"salon" is generous, i honestly bet she got a trim at whatever nearest cheapo place she could find. kind of surprised she didn't beg for $150 to cover it (what a decent salon would cost) and then use the remaining $130 after the cut for weed.

No. 940101

File: 1583201022981.jpeg (212.05 KB, 750x721, 253975D2-5EB9-4B08-A65B-34E502…)

supposedly what she had done.
i bet the stylist did her bangs normal and she was upset they didn’t look like a roll of quarters like how she photographed them once she got home.

No. 940105

she's so overweight and her head and limbs are so disproportionate it looks like she's suffering from a form of dwarfism

No. 940111

>so less milky now
Yupppp. The real milk was during her live cam shows. Can't filter the reality that is the fat, greasy, yeasty, drunken slob that is Shayna on live.

No. 940140

Girlfriend needs to MOVE. She has absolutely no muscle tone anywhere, my lord. Even just doing some YouTube yoga or something would be a start. But she won’t.

No. 940142

I never understood comparing people to big toes until I saw this pic of her… definite big toe

No. 940148

omf we've been telling her to leave it be and let it grow naturally for how long now but a ~salon~ says it and she finally listens. also idk if it's the lighting in the pic she posted or what but i don't see any "ombre ish thing" or light brown highlights.

No. 940163

File: 1583208892723.jpg (99.11 KB, 718x481, Screenshot_20200302-201349_Chr…)

"Ambitious" super kek. Ya or shes just manic rn. The only time she ever does any work.

No. 940179

I’m surprised she hasn’t tried getting on “the naked philanthropist” (the girl who went viral for selling nudes for donations to aus fire charities) new onlyfans girl reality show, La dream girls. Where you get to live in a mansion with her and create content, sounds like sometbjng shay would jump all over.

No. 940194

She doesn't care about anything but herself and she doesn't even bother to "work" more than 3h a week. I don't see this ever happen. Also she just turned into bobby hill with a wig.

No. 940209

Not to ever advocate age play but for the first time she could actually pull that toddler shit off - shame for her that she doesn’t actually ‘work’ anymore

No. 940214

>Also she just turned into bobby hill with a wig.

this sent me. thanks anon

No. 940241

still a long way to go but next thread pic nominee

No. 940297

Are these other swers taking the piss? They have to see how awful her content is and how fake her 20 orgasms in a minute are.

No. 940336

maybe they admire her bare minimum effort monthly last minute rent begging aesthetic

No. 940343

The only difference between Shay and other swers is that Shay has a thread

No. 940346

Bullshit. That would mean each one is LESS than 5 minutes. That's not a show that's a pathetic clip of you [most likely] using a Hitachi and pretending to orgasm.

No. 940351

File: 1583252712242.png (716.18 KB, 2048x1870, Screenshot_20200303-112351.png)

has Shayna not yet realized that she looks like a non passing trans woman? Especially with her horrific makeup and fridge body?

Here's the answer Shay: the waiter thought you were a man.

No. 940353

File: 1583252923660.png (941.63 KB, 1490x2048, Screenshot_20200303-112809.png)

It's only ever cancel culture when it's you, right Shayna? This whole post just makes me furious.

No. 940354

omg lmao, i can't wait for her to check the thread and have a freak out on twitter when she realizes what he meant

No. 940356

File: 1583253039418.png (819.2 KB, 1512x2048, Screenshot_20200303-112931.png)

Sorry to break it to you but it's really not like that for most sex workers. Most girls that have an OF either have a second "vanilla" job or are a full time sex worker and don't only use OF for income.

Not every sex worker is retarded like you Shayna.

No. 940357

especially with her deep man voice she has when she's not doing the fake high pitched ariana grande impression

No. 940358

this doesn't even apply to her anyway because she could literally go home to her parents at any moment but chooses to do "sw" to get back at her haturzzz instead

No. 940359

File: 1583253201282.png (506.43 KB, 2048x1317, Screenshot_20200303-113304.png)

Does she realize women don't have prostates or…

No. 940361

imagine if she had a trans phase to try to pass up the fact she doesn't look good and does try to lmao

No. 940389

so what's the situation here? Is this freak trying to get "unexperienced" girs to fuck them? I assume it's a Troon (I think i notice the name), fuck Shayna but if she's speaking out about this (if that's the situation) then I'm with her hypocritical ass.

Even if Shaynas gross as fuck. Also Shayna please stop pretending like you had 100s of sexworkers shit on you and cancel you.
No one cares about you but us.

No. 940391

lol it's the girl that was sending nudes to raise money for the australia wildfires. she posted some video yesterday wanting to recruit new cam girls for a "reality show" where they live in a mansion and do sex work or something? i don't exactly know. but that's what it's in response to.

No. 940393

Oh so Shayna's jealous that she's not picking an "vet" like her to be one the show? I thought it was some creepy shit but seems slightly less creepy now.
Why do sexworkers like Shayna who literally sexualize childern items, pretend to be a child, shit on women constantly pretend like they care about other girls?

No. 940395

i think the people criticising her are concerned that she's trying to take advantage of inexperienced girls but idk

No. 940397

Hmm then they have a point. I doubt Shayna cares, I feel she's just jumping on someone she probably is jealous of and we know she loves to talk down to people.
So there's a reason to be concerned but Shayna isn't doing it because she cares it my point

No. 940398

When Shayna does something wrong people should'nt call her out or attack her, but when others do wrong she jumps down their throat with the "mob" she claims she hates any other time.

No. 940401

File: 1583257432916.png (225.38 KB, 598x770, vgfgfgf.png)

she pretended to care for 0.5 seconds but then started making fun of the girls friend lol

she should just admit she loves drama

No. 940405

Someone calls Shayna Ugly- Spazzes out

Shayna picks at someone- "it's okay because-"

What a ugly, troon looking gross bully

No. 940406

Something no one brought up but I bet if this was a dude doing what this person was attempting not only would Shayna not say anything but she may have even defended it in the name of "stop cancelling people!" i think she didn't like this person in the first place.
And we know she loves to be shitty towards women, even if what she's saying isn't really all that wrong.

No. 940415

Smart people have savings accounts, and also a plan B or a back-up plan. Literally ANYONE ANYWHERE can lose their job and their livelihood. Like…what the fuck is she talking about lmao. An Uber driver could get into an accident and total their car. And now they don’t have a job. See? You’re not a fucking frail uwu sex worker so oppressed.

Also, your mom or dad will take you in the minute your sex work career dies. So shut the fuck up.

No. 940458

I love how she acts like she isn’t ridiculously privileged. She tries so hard to come across as this poor unfortunate soul but damn she’s as transparent as a window.

No. 940487

No. 940488

File: 1583275130623.jpg (Spoiler Image,416.68 KB, 1080x1076, Screenshot_20200303-163710_Twi…)

Her new video coming

No. 940490

File: 1583275229629.jpg (Spoiler Image,458.86 KB, 1080x1262, Screenshot_20200303-164011_Twi…)

Weren't they planning on making content together awhile ago?

No. 940491

File: 1583275252060.jpg (Spoiler Image,337.93 KB, 1080x962, Screenshot_20200303-163944_Twi…)

No. 940492

File: 1583275288757.jpg (159.84 KB, 1080x681, Screenshot_20200303-163923_Twi…)

That money will be blown

No. 940498

OT, but god that is bratty pixies face?? Woof. She fits in well with Shay.

No. 940500

I don't think she went to the hair salon at all, let alone 5 hours lol.. it looks exactly the same, maybe a tiny bit shorter. I reckon she self cut it and had a shower for once

No. 940552

The makeup is fucking sending me lmfao

No. 940558

File: 1583283269573.jpg (Spoiler Image,64.33 KB, 1053x596, Screenshot_20200304-005339_Twi…)

No. 940564

So she's 'trading in' her computer and then saving up to buy a new one, with no computer to edit/work/upload on in between?

That's not trading in, Shay. That's "I'm broke and had to pawn it"

No. 940568

tbh, I was slightly impressed that she did something besides her normal look, even if execution isn't great, and even if it only because she is going side-by-side to another SW.

No. 940571

If this is supposed to be "puppy play" why is she talking?

No. 940572

Get ready for the "I can't work because I have no computer uwu poor me" tweets

No. 940584

She has two computers though. Her oldest laptop started to over heat or randomly turn off so she got a newer one. I'm assuming she sold the oldest one and will most likely pretend to buy a new one. When she was still camming she literally used her oldest Mac book to roll joints and shit.

No. 940594

File: 1583288927643.jpg (498.47 KB, 1080x1866, Screenshot_20200303-202835_Twi…)

No. 940600

She admitted recently that she films and edits on her iPhone
And it isn't like she cams anymore so does she even need a computer

No. 940602

Wait she's really trying for a dom angle here. With petplay. Something strictly submissive. This is fucking bizarre and hilarious.


No. 940604

Still biting the dildo I see

No. 940629

that’s the grossest shit i’ve seen in my damn life

No. 940654

File: 1583294621294.webm (Spoiler Image,8.95 MB, 1694x960, DumSluttyMutt.webm)

Dumbest shit you'll see today. Dolly Muttell, dumb slutty mutt. The second hand embarrassment is strong here.

No. 940656

i’m fucking dead at being able to see her zitty ass at 0:16 and then she must have realized later that there was some kind of video body smoothing she could use later and you don’t see it unfiltered for the rest of the video kek

No. 940665

Yeah that's a weird take. Shoulda just done the classic pet play sub thing and not had so much try hard ill fitting dialogue.

No. 940676

About 24 seconds in it really looks like she is jerking off a dick.

No. 940724


Is that one of Noodle's actual toys in her mouth at the start?

No. 940746

She hasn't had a suspension for a while

No. 940798

I dont understand why she would do a cuckhold scene while doing puppy play. It makes 0 sense at all.

No. 940805

if she crams random ideas together, she only has to film one video instead of two.

No. 940822

File: 1583333964839.jpg (Spoiler Image,446.7 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20200304-095719_Twi…)

well what do you expect? your videos are all exactly the same but with different outfits, and you post it all for free on Twitter anyway. why would anyone pay for that?

No. 940866

Probably because she was flagged on her device and has had a new phone (and possibly phone plan under her on-again off-again fuckbuddy) for a while now

No. 940900

File: 1583347217027.png (344.14 KB, 1080x1426, Screenshot_20200304-133918~2.p…)

more proof and now explanation of her retarded vendetta against women in her life.

No. 940901

File: 1583347276831.png (123.94 KB, 1080x480, Screenshot_20200304-133905~2.p…)

here's what she was replying to

No. 940902

double post, but let's just remember this is coming from the girl who consistently tries to shit on other sex workers claiming she has "shit on all your faves" and price shames and other bullshit.

Don't throw stones in glass houses Shayna.

No. 940904

Not to be that anon but how the fuck is women being catty worse than men seeing/treating you as a literal commodity they can buy for the same price as a large big mac combo?

No. 940905

Was it women that sexually assaulted her and groomed her when she was underage…? No?? Didn't think so. OH maybe those stories were just some of her many lies though

No. 940921

Most if not all of her life struggles are self inflicted in her desperate pleas for attention from the internet. I don't see any man caping for her or trying to help her out anywhere (except from her dad). They just want to see your pussy, nothing else. Pretty sure most of the people who encourage her bullshit are the few woman in her discord who suck her zitty ass. But that's not enough for her. It's clear she's desperate to be perceived a certain way and gets frustrated when she can't control the opinion of others. She wants everyone to bow down and give her "positive" attention, when she doesn't really deserve it. She hates women because they are the only ones who call her out on her shit and won't treat her like a cinnamon bun. Go the fuck home bitch, your parents will shower you with all the attention you want. Sorry for my sperging.

No. 940924

It was a man who brought you out out Seattle and into bumfuck Oklahoma where you're now stranded because he never gave a fuck about you and had to lie about who you actually were shay. And a woman is trying to help you get out of it anyway she can (your mom) hell even another woman tried to help you (dawn) and shay fucked that up too.

No. 940928

it's not.
and the sad thing is this is shayna is literally incapable of seeing that that's the real gag.

No. 940937

So because some women bullied her ALL women are bad, but she has an issue with people saying all men were bad…because…what?
bitch you were raped by a man, but whatever go off

No. 940938

wow imagine saying this to women who've been hurt by men, "yall think it's a man that raped you, harmed you, made you feel like shit but it's really women who are the bad guys! so shut the fuck up!"

No. 940939

exactly when she feels like shit she runs to women sex workers/ women in her discord. Not the men buying her porn that she protects so much who do NOTHING for her. Reminder this is a girl who claimed she was "raped" but seems to hate her mom/other women more then the dude.

Its okay for her to hate women but not okay for women to hate men.

No. 940940

she has an issue with people saying men are bad because a select few give her attention and throw a couple dollars at her to show her pussy on the internet

No. 940943

at least we look at Shayna as a person, those men DO not. people keep saying it but she's more likely to be seriously harmed by some fuck boy she invites into her pussy then anything lolcow can do. In fact I'd say we care about this bitch more then her orbiters/sex workers friends do, because even if we can be mean people here give her sound advice.
We don't kiss her ass and feed her lies

No. 940949

I don't see Shayna as a person. More like an annoying goblin that lives in a toliet.

No. 940950

File: 1583355176381.png (2.24 MB, 1834x2048, Screenshot_20200304-155211.png)

She's…she's not serious about this right?

No. 940952

kek should've said i

No. 940953

No she won't she doesn't even cam, then again, please stream so she can see how amazing men really are

No. 940955

File: 1583356004320.jpeg (266.93 KB, 1241x1482, FE66574D-3CA2-4084-BEB4-929664…)

"extremely smart/aware"

… whatever helps you sleep at night.

No. 940960

damn she's been trying to hop on the gamer thot train for months now. has she not figured out that she can stream from her ps4?

No. 940964

pretty sure most of those kills are bots since fortnite fills games with them now to help people play better

No. 940968

what is this dunning-kruger barbie lmfao

No. 940971

She would be ripped to shreds by gamer dudes on twitch and still somehow manage to blame it on women

No. 940972

Just because you have retarded thoughts going through your head a the time, it doesn't mean you're smart. Plenty of retards have alot on their mind, like Hannah montana and SpongeBob quotes. Right Shay?

No. 940975

Tbh streaming from PS4 to comp usually is super laggy, if you're referring to remote play (Shayna wouldn't understand how to use a capture card or a green screen or anything you would need to actually stream)

No. 940978

Saged for fortnite autism, but the current lobbies are overflowing with bots. That and she looks like the type of person to steal her teammates kills. I hope she starts streaming though, she can’t even handle twitter, the “gaming” community would tear her apart.

No. 940981

Gaming PCs are around $2600-$3000 what happened to her moving? She is so impulsive. Don't buy a gaming PC if you're not into games it will devalue the moment you have it and won't be able to sell it off idiot girl

No. 940996

You can get a gaming PC capable of most games + streaming for ~$1500 anon. We need to encourage Shayna to blow her rent so I can see her get rekt live again!

No. 941010

File: 1583362431714.png (616.37 KB, 1645x2048, Screenshot_20200304-175341.png)

So, more dildo chewing? Cool.

No. 941019

>people are dying to see it

Weren’t you just bitching a few hours ago because no one bought your stupid puppy play shit? Congrats on doing your job tho.

No. 941022

i love how she's baiting by saying "dick" like it's going to be boy/girl when she's just going to be sitting on a ratty old blanket, gut on full display awkwardly chomping and gagging on 2 inches of musty dildo

No. 941030

If she was to build it herself she could get a decent computer that would do everything she wanted for less than $500. I know she won't but the option is there if she ever wanted to learn how to do something useful.

No. 941049

so is she camming for the first time in 2020 tonight or? she's scheduled can shows at least half a dozen times so far and has yet to actually show up

No. 941054

I don't think she means live camming, just "on camera"

No. 941055

>"it's xxxclusive"

winds up selling it for a $3 OnlyFans subscription

No. 941057

File: 1583367382425.png (2.13 MB, 2048x2018, Screenshot_20200304-191505.png)

based on the setup, it's just gonna be another dildo chomping adventure.

If it's a dude, idk what idiot she got that would want to sit on a pink children's day bed with stuffed animals while getting his dick chomped by a goblin.

No. 941063

File: 1583368411365.jpg (256.16 KB, 1080x362, Screenshot_20200304-183254_Twi…)

Her new header

No. 941065

File: 1583368483225.jpg (678.94 KB, 1080x1631, Screenshot_20200304-183137_Twi…)


No. 941066

File: 1583368509459.jpg (110.69 KB, 1080x328, 20200304_183430.jpg)

No. 941067

OF anon, come through

No. 941069

she's such a moron. people at Best buy are going to poach on her idiocy and get her to pay $2k for a shitty computer, bet. She could just research these things, I don't understand why she just goes out and drops money and gets upset when it's not what she needed/wanted.

No. 941070

i’m convinced at this point the plan all along was to use her “moving money” to get a computer. remember she was literally just talking about doing that a few days ago and one of her orbiters told her it would be better to just save the money to move.

No. 941072

LMAO PIXIE IS UGLY TOO FUCK sage for autism I understand why she never had her face in pics, she looks like Venus with down syndrome.

Tbh at least Shayna is kind of trying now? I feel like we really hit a low point over the last 6 months and she's starting to improve. Shay honey, if you put dry shampoo on your Amazon list I'll send you some.

No. 941078

OK but she couldn't even trim off the extra plastic bits on the letters?

No. 941081

I highly doubt she's even leaving the house. She posts this then refreshes her cash app between checking here and twitter

No. 941100

File: 1583371949568.jpg (283.91 KB, 1080x1259, Screenshot_20200304-193228_Twi…)

No. 941102

File: 1583372008725.jpg (174.37 KB, 1080x773, Screenshot_20200304-193308_Twi…)

She sounds like a pleasant person to take to dinner

No. 941103

She used to post her gagging on Fupa's little sausage on her Snap, now she wants $100 to scam people into buying a dildo vid?

No. 941109

>>Big Money


kids get more then this on their birthday or for allowence.

yes what else would a man talk to you about over dinner? You're day, interests? Thoughts, dream? nah just sex because thats all you are to them. I bet the dude gives one word answers to everything thats not sexual.

No. 941115

The funniest thing about this is, maybe about a year ago she claimed if someone paid her $1000 she would make a video with her dude. Just wait, no one will buy this $100 video, so it'll be $75, then $50, until she gives up and sets it for $3. The video will be nothing new, especially when most camgirls have at least one b/g video for $10-25 or on their onlyfans.

No. 941119

File: 1583372928815.jpg (143.44 KB, 1079x697, Screenshot_20200304-194725_Twi…)

Cause you have nothing to offer Shay

No. 941128

File: 1583374645969.jpg (273.4 KB, 1080x1199, Screenshot_20200304-201719_Twi…)

No. 941140

This idiot really thinks her dick chewing content is worth $100

No. 941148

She's probably going to fall into a weedcoma after her Applebee's dinner, never film the video and scam this stupid motherfucker out of his $100. Can't say he doesn't deserve this.

No. 941170

File: 1583379793598.jpg (163.43 KB, 1080x862, Screenshot_20200304-214129_Twi…)

No. 941171

File: 1583379803917.jpg (Spoiler Image,217.92 KB, 1075x593, 20200304_224209.jpg)

this looks like a fever dream or a nightmare

No. 941172

File: 1583379939202.jpg (452.16 KB, 1080x1305, Screenshot_20200304-214300_Twi…)


No. 941173

File: 1583379981018.jpg (188.85 KB, 1080x577, Screenshot_20200304-214402_Twi…)


Oh PLEASE Shay. You argue with people so you can have your orbiters praise and back you up

No. 941175

File: 1583380163648.jpg (Spoiler Image,511.31 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20200304-224711_Chr…)

the way she grips the dildos with her weird clammy, stubby hands is so unsettling

No. 941176

Shayna please just realize you don't look cute making this face. You look mentally handicapped.

No. 941177

Coming from the same bitch who said "haha I have receipts on all your faves! All your faves are problematic and I could show you but I won't because I love stirring up drama tehe!"

Nothing about Shayna is positive or respectful.

No. 941178

God forbid she does a second take of anything.

No. 941180

File: 1583380586574.png (1.04 MB, 1739x2048, Screenshot_20200304-225506.png)

So Shayna claims to hate cancel culture and claims she's not a bully, but here she is actively participating in the bullying and attempted cancelling of the woman who raised thousands of dollars selling her nudes to donate to Australia wildfires.

But sure, you're totally a positive and respected member of the sex work community.

No. 941182

but isn't this EXACTLY what she was planning on doing with dogfucker dawn just one year ago? but fucked it up because of her own retardation and lies?

No. 941208


Legit fat, chubby baby hands and wrists. Or bloated cadaver hands is somehow less off-putting.

No. 941215

KEK did the dude ghost her or something? Can’t even get a guy to fuck her on camera, what a great sex worker

No. 941224

File: 1583391762786.jpeg (396.22 KB, 2048x2048, ESU1AMGWkAE4bEA.jpeg)

OF anons come through, is this her fake jizz again? Lmao at those eyebrows

No. 941228

Fucking must be, my eyes are watering just looking at that strand on her eyelash if it were real cum

No. 941235

It looks fake

No. 941241

this reminds me of when she applied lube like a fucking lotion to her entire face and claimed it was a facial kek
it has got to be fake

No. 941244

Def the bad dragon lube, we know she has a bottle of it and it always looks this white.

No. 941306

she also JUST learned a tip about mixing the bad dragon lube with water to make it less sticky. I hope she's not trying to pass this off as really real

No. 941315

Getting real cum in your eye really stings and you'll end up with a red eye so on that basis I'm calling fake.

No. 941326

can she do ANYTHING and not look like she has straight up down syndrome?

No. 941345

oof imagine paying $100 for a video of her sucking a dildo which you can get for $5 on her manyvids. i wonder if she tried to make it look like a dick or if she just held the end like she always does. scammy shay at it again.

No. 941349

her entire face looks fake, the fake cum doesn't even bother me as much as everything else. god she can't take a good photo for the life of her.

No. 941354

File: 1583430293185.png (Spoiler Image,1.58 MB, 2048x1768, Screenshot_20200305-124407.png)

Lmao that dude is a complete retard. Hope he had fun getting his dick scraped in front of a pink children's daybed.

No. 941356

LMAO a whole 4 inch. His nut sack is half the length. Shayna properly pandering to her demographic.

No. 941358

You called the price drop to $75 >>941115 anon

No. 941359


I'm surprised she hasn't went on a rant about how she loves uncut dicks with how much she loves to overshare about her partners

No. 941361

I'd probably change my name and never speak to Shayna again if Shayna was my daughter, there's something so fucked up an gross about her. She's literally a fuck toy to this dude, it's crazy how you can just tel that he gives no fucks.
Probably ony came because she said she'd suck his dick, buckled up his pants and left her mentally ill ass.
with his linty ass shirt you can tell he's a dusty fuck boy.
she truly disgusts me.

No. 941364

Look at that gut too. rofl he probably smells like cheese

No. 941374

if this isn't fupa, she definitely attracts a "type" lmao
dude didn't even pull his shirt up…?

No. 941377

Oh she did a handful of threads ago
Pandering to MRAs who call it genital mutilation

No. 941382

makes me kind of laugh that she was talking about how they were talking about him "cumming in her face" at dinner, makes me feel ike everything this dude does for her he needs to have a sexual favor in return.
Also, how much of a cuck are you? Your girlfriend uses everything in her life as fodder for porn, even YOU when you said you wanted NOTHING to do with it at first.

Then again, makes sense, everythings about sex to this guy it seems, so I doubt he truly cares what Shayna does as long as he's getting his dick sucked.

This also must be the guy that said the internet was right and threatened to turn off her phone but went back for the sex and she's letting this retard cum on her face.

No. 941383

File: 1583434873251.jpg (Spoiler Image,428.19 KB, 809x1860, Screenshot_20200305-130049_Chr…)

Why does it say "itsdollymattel"? And why did she screenshot her own tweet and tweet a picture of it?

No. 941384

fupa was the one who threatened to turn of her phone and she already broke up with the other fuckboi. i think this is another fuck buddy since the other dude didn't want to go on camera at all and i doubt she could change his mind.

No. 941385

I was thinking it was the same guy because she bragged about his uncut dick before

No. 941388

its a screenshot of onlyfans, thats her name on there

No. 941391

Thank you kind and sweet anons.

No. 941392

i'm to the point where i think maybe shayna has such little personality outside of sex and sex work that she encourages this type of relationship. the dude is obviously a scumbag, but honestly what would she even talk about with a guy other than sex? weed? i don't think we should be so quick to assume she doesn't like the relationship dynamic because she's literally THAT brain dead.

No. 941393

that’s actually a pretty nice dick tbh. i agree that this is a new guy (different from Fupa and various fuckbuddies).

No. 941394

i could see her immediately getting rando losers into kink, she is that pornsick and pick me.

No. 941405

That's literally what it is though anon

No. 941435

Tbh I’m happy to see this is a new guy so all the Fupa anons will finally shut up about him.

No. 941440

here's the part of the vid she posted. beware it's extremely cursed

No. 941441

who even cares that much kek

No. 941443

why did it just dribble out like that…

No. 941444

she looks retarded and I laughed because it felt like even he was like, "hurry up and give her a few drops of cum so i can go play PS4" I've never seen something so..boring and unsexy in my life.

No. 941450

File: 1583442430331.png (Spoiler Image,201.86 KB, 437x247, dddd.PNG)

and i Love how his dick looked somewhat decent sized in >>941383
but just looks so smol and uninterested in the video.Kek at that belly and her face.

No. 941456

trick of the lighting, or he got soft after shayna touched him lmao

No. 941471


Woof that outfit.

Also who's birthday? Fupa 2.0?(imageboard)

No. 941472

The way she rubs it in between her eyebrows is so awkward…

No. 941474

File: 1583444449334.png (2.54 MB, 2048x1820, Screenshot_20200305-164016.png)

Fatty bought this cake so she could depression eat it herself and have an excuse, bet

No. 941478

Not the thread to discuss this
Upside to small dick dude is he probably feels big when Shayna gags on half an inch

No. 941480

"happy birthday boyfriend! let me put this on my porn/work twitter in a bra so other men who don't give a fuck can see!"
I bet you he's spending his birthday with family and friends and will stop by for some dry puss/ ass and go home.

No. 941483

I was wondering why that guy has his shirt pulled so far down over his mound, the video shows obvious compression wear… Is this Fupa or Fupa 2.0 ??
Pathetic. Low test coomer confirmed.

No. 941485

File: 1583445048410.jpg (202.94 KB, 1080x855, Screenshot_20200305-154941_Twi…)

No. 941486

No. 941488

File: 1583445218651.jpg (Spoiler Image,447.21 KB, 1080x1251, Screenshot_20200305-155328_Twi…)

No. 941489

Jesus she looks so huge

No. 941492

File: 1583445715912.png (101.55 KB, 192x273, ddddd.PNG)

is this the outfit from that shoot she did a while back? The fur one (also yaniv smirk)

No. 941493

Why is his sack so huge

No. 941494

was fupa circumcized?

Strega Nona and the Night of the Orzo Dick
(I would call it spaghetti but it's not long enough)

No. 941509

File: 1583447860275.png (Spoiler Image,2.9 MB, 750x1334, 1531115956242.png)

he wasn't
I went back to previous threads and found this picture of fupa's dick, just for comparison. and he also had compression tanks just like >>941383

No. 941517

lol wait it looks kind of similar

No. 941521

For half a second I thought I was watching a 'cringe blowjob' compilation on Efukt.

No. 941523

File: 1583449089886.jpeg (Spoiler Image,190.67 KB, 1125x624, F0A54230-E829-4261-B39D-60B2EF…)

No. 941525

wow she is actually going for the retarded girl angle.

No. 941532

What a waste of money and time for a recycled retarded idea.

No. 941534

The green frosting looks like baby shit

No. 941544

Wow. No plastic sheet. Right on top of the bedding.

No. 941548

It looks like fupa has foreskin tho..

No. 941554

uhh yeah… that's what not being circumcised means

No. 941555

>was fupa circumcized?
>no he wasn't

you're not reading what was written. no one is saying he doesn't.

I'm still not convinced Fupa ever left the picture for more than a month or two at a time. he was paying her phone bill only a few months ago. why would she not be looking to move out of Tulsa?

No. 941593

why are there so many anons bothered by fupa tinfoil? literally who gives a fuck?

No. 941597

Because it gets really old and this clearly isn't him and some anons just can't let that go. There's such a lack of milk that they bring him up anytime she discusses a guy and then we just hear about fupa tinfoil

No. 941598

Oh god I didn't even realize. She'll probably wipe it with a paper towel and call it clean

No. 941602

Probably because the cost of living in Massachusetts far exceeds what she's able to pay for. Basically she can live like a piece of shit a lot easier in Oklahoma because of the cost of living

No. 941607

vag + sugar = yeast infection

No. 941614

Look the same size to me, same color pattern, same pubes color. Not saying it is, but js she def has a type.

No. 941617

it's more like she attracts the same shitty fuckbois all the time with how she has no personality besides sex and porn.

No. 941619

Green frosting was a BAD idea

No. 941620

why would you do this right on your blanket….?

No. 941621

I honestly think there are some people in this group who only stay because they want to see Fupa's dick again or some shit

No. 941622

Do you study Fupa's dick or something? That's fucking weird my dude.

No. 941624

I could see her letting Noodle lick it "clean"

No. 941626

she's done this exact bit with this exact song before. Shayna, admit that you've run out of stupid, gross ideas and go home. this isn't art it's just really really sad

No. 941629

I'm glad it's not just me that thinks so. The fupa anons are fucking weird

No. 941630

I think this recent dick has a different shape, but I don't really want to go into detail.
Oh god no, let's hope Shayna is not that gross.

No. 941633

because his penis is tiny

No. 941639

Nah that's a decent dick. He's just got a abnormally big sack.

No. 941641

it's like.. slightly below average in length (i think i'm not studying that shit anymore) and its fucking shaped weird lol. sorry anon. but i don't know, it's a bit of a conspiracy: small dick or massive ballsack? his sack might be giving shaynas a run for its money kek.

No. 941650

File: 1583455874362.jpg (341.91 KB, 1076x1346, Screenshot_20200305-185038_Twi…)

Lol like a TV is an important thing to have

No. 941652

File: 1583456082488.jpg (579.72 KB, 1080x1871, Screenshot_20200305-185048_Twi…)


No. 941653

File: 1583456110305.jpg (496.68 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20200305-185058_Twi…)

I guarantee that one of her female orbiters sent this

No. 941655

Right. Cause your mom never gave you those things. Lmao.

Are her mommy issues so deeply seeded that she hates all women?

No. 941656

oh my god is she this desperate for male attention that she needs to be defending them 24/7? newsflash, shaytard, they literally give zero fucks about you. they aren’t purchasing your disgusting “content” because they care about keeping a roof over your head, you’re nothing more than a commodity.

No. 941657

File: 1583456216771.jpg (452.45 KB, 1080x1199, Screenshot_20200305-185019_Twi…)

But isn't there somewhere in the thread where she had people tip her to answer the door naked?

No. 941659

this is unironically so embarrassing

No. 941660

This is cringe and stupid as fuck but also her OF name isn't on it so what is she trying to achieve?

No. 941663

LOL this is so fucking embarassing. i pity any poor normal person who has to come to her shithole place for whatever reason. nobody wants to pay for your nasty chunky big body with zits, ugly face, fried hair, horrendous blowjob skills etc etc. and people with actual jobs don't spend their days looking for new porn stars/camwhores to jerk off to?? shay, you've lost your mind, you're so deluded nowadays.

No. 941665

delivery drivers are gonna be laughing and telling their coworkers and friends and wives/girlfriends about the mentally insane fat retarded chick they had to deliver to lmao she needs to seriously not do this

No. 941672

She’s completely lost her mind holy shit. This is…so sad. Honestly. Lmao. I can’t deal.

No. 941673

File: 1583457613731.png (255.54 KB, 750x1334, DB4D719B-6C87-4A00-B9E1-85E1E9…)

i thought all your weight was going to your boobs, shaytard?

No. 941677

Is she fuckin dumb wht if some incel is a delivery guy and then sees her OF and knows where she lives…

No. 941679

biggest cow plot twist: shayna murdered by incel delivery driver

No. 941680

Let's hope this was just something she set up to take a picture of for twitter

No. 941706

File: 1583462175711.jpg (Spoiler Image,366.69 KB, 1080x1279, Screenshot_20200305-203556_Twi…)

Why? It's literally like every other one she's made

No. 941715

File: 1583464767218.jpg (299.56 KB, 1080x1299, Screenshot_20200305-211903_Twi…)

Didn't she already have shirts made? And they didn't sell?

Also, she's probably not paying this person

No. 941721

lol yep i don't think a single person bought them

No. 941728

File: 1583466552792.jpg (163.23 KB, 1077x737, Screenshot_20200305-214733_Twi…)

Is she talking about those girls she posted on her snap before?

She'll get drunk and forget to post the vid

No. 941787

Why would anyone want to buy, not to mention wear a shirt with some random cam girls name/face on it? I doubt her 5 real followers will buy anything.

No. 941799

She’s completely delusional and thinks she’s some famous big-deal ~porn star. She thinks people want posters of her on their wall because they bought her porn once.

Her fake stories of men paying for her snacks at the mini mart and everyone claps, or men shouting “dolly!” Out the car window as they drive by, or delivery guys being speechless when she answers the door. She’s living a narc fantasy.

No. 941800


I always love the messy, awkward edits she makes. Like at 0:13-0:15 she can't even say a full sentence without having to cut it together.

No. 941861

I know it’s splooshing of the cake, I’m also pretty sure that’s what this fetish is called. (Side note: I’m also pretty sure it’s common with larger camwhores to do this and plays into the feedee bbw kink)

It sounds like she farted during that lol, so sexy shay /s

No. 941866

Kek at this acting and dialogue. Some of her worst. But "gobble on your dick" describes her bjs perfectly tbh

No. 941886

She didn't even @ the girl lol

No. 941890

Probably because she’s scared of the girl getting more clout than her OR she’s afraid that she’ll spill that this girl is being paid by her to do so LOL.

No. 941893

she always acts so aloof and sarcastic, like she did the same thing in her pig video. "why would i sit on it? sure, i'll sit on a cake for your birthday" like she may as well just roll her eyes because she's acting so unenthusiastic.

also i swear she's done the cake thing twice before this, so she's just recycling old videos again & again.

No. 941895

File: 1583504041083.png (99.06 KB, 1180x324, Screenshot 2020-03-06 at 14.12…)


yeah men spending $3 to jerk off to you degrading yourself is so very wholesome lmao

No. 941899

Shayna that’s everyone who sells a product. It’s not a whore thing.

No. 941912

File: 1583507964987.jpg (Spoiler Image,196.77 KB, 1920x1080, IMG_20200306_071831.jpg)

Absolute fucking nightmare

No. 941914

You could get the same validation and pride selling knitted socks on Etsy to hipsters.
But keep degrading yourself to men for the price of value meal, I guess.

No. 941926

But that’s not half as liberating as shoving things up your ass on camera! /s

No. 941933

I'll never understand why she takes on a rude disgusted tone. "You want me to sit on it?!"

isn't this supposed to be like you're the viewers girlfriend? Why would you sound offended and disgusted when he asks you to sit on his dick?

No. 941939

She's either fucking up a whack attempt at being a "domme" as usual or fucking up a whack attempt at being a brat. Just comes off as bitchy and lazy.

I think her attitude from her last vid carried over and she's just too stupid to realize it's not sexy.

No. 941969

She seriously looks like a pill and alcohol addict. And who the fuck puts on eyelashes with no other makeup? Tryna make herself look more cracked out I swear

https://twitter.com/IRLbarbie/status/1235992762392117251?s=20(this is an imageboard)

No. 941970

File: 1583519177861.png (Spoiler Image,1.01 MB, 2048x1160, Screenshot_20200306-132600.png)

No. 941972

She actually filmed videos looking like this. No fucking shame huh Shayna?

No. 941993

she looks legitimately 40 years old

No. 942010

ooh god she really relies on that editing. this is kinda sad, i feel the same way that i feel looking at luna slater's porn

No. 942017

this is subtle horrorcow, only there if you look, the clubby fingers, the desaturation filter, how the pixels of her face vaguely suggests an archetypal whore, it really IS our privilege to have it captured to view for free

No. 942053

This is just grim, bleak and depressing.

No. 942055

>>941969 fucking christ, she literally acts like a nonverbal autistic child in this

No. 942060

File: 1583535217952.png (2.71 MB, 1760x1510, retard1.png)

Please be patient I have autism

No. 942061

File: 1583535270092.png (3.29 MB, 2798x1534, retard2.png)

So bleak. Why post this? It isn't cute.

No. 942064

god she looks like laineybot here

No. 942065

i should clarify: like a fatter more drugged up laineybot.

No. 942068

Why does she look so confused about it? Pretty normal thing especially around her apartment apparently. Dunno why she thinks this is funny.

No. 942072

>Reposting the same photos zoomed in and edited are not milk and you will receive a ban for nitpicking.

We get that she's not fun to look at, but if someone wants to see her face, they can just watch the video that's already been posted.

No. 942076

Not that it makes it any better, but she was saying on Snap that she's sick

No. 942116

LOL ok shay. Not wearing makeup for once (other than stupid eyelashes) and being high as fuck doesn’t constitute “sick.” If that was the case then she’s always sick

No. 942117

I wonder what the next step is for her. She gaining at an alarming rate. There really seems to be no future for her. I find her less and less entertaining and more and more grim. Sad thing is; she’s not even close to rock bottom. Is that what it’s going to take before she gets her shit together? So many people have tried to help her and they’re just enablers

No. 942118

>She gaining at an alarming rate. There really seems to be no future for her.
BBW porn.

No. 942119

The only thing I think that will help her is if her parents financially cut her off.

No. 942128

File: 1583542954881.png (83.45 KB, 598x431, Screen Shot 2020-03-06 at 8.00…)

She claims to have been supporting herself with sex work since she was 18 yet here she is saying it took her years to make sex work a living source of income. What is she talking about? She is on this senior veteran sex worker know-it-all kick lately.

No. 942129

File: 1583543031021.png (127.81 KB, 601x500, Screen Shot 2020-03-06 at 8.00…)

2/2 - Also claiming to make hundreds of dollars hour. Yet she is stuck in a shitty hole in the wall apartment in bumfuck Oklahoma. um ok

No. 942133

Not the anon that posted but… That was a link to a Twitter video. On an image board. The anon was being helpful in case the video gets deleted.

No. 942146

The more she gets triggered about people saying "it's easy and fast money" the more she shows that she is ashamed that for a lot of women IT IS THAT.
Shayna you do NOT make it look easy, I'm here to tell you. It's been what? 4 or 5 years for her? She still does not have a car ro anything to show for it whatsoever.

It kills her there are women out there who can do sex work for a month, get what they need and never do it again. Shit some can do that in a day.

She feels that any woman who uses their body for money HAS to become a sex worker full time or they are invalidating her as an "hard working sex worker" when there's always smarter, prettier and more hardworking bitches out there then you Shayna.

Everyone doesn't want to ruin their lives trying to do twitter sex work for years.
Some people actually have lives. Sorry sweetie.

No. 942152

>>claims she makes hundreds an hour

yes shayna looks and lives like someone who makes hundreds an hour. This person begging for money to move, this person who was begging for a computer, this person who dresses as she does,has hair that she has, has the make up looks that she has, has the house that she does. Sure. It's almost WORST if she's telling the truth because you are living like that but making hundreds a hour? Damn. and your job is all about how you look yet you aren't putting money into it?

The fact she can't think of any other job shows how fucking sheltered, dumb, drunk/high she is. She really thinks she's special.

No. 942163

Where did you hear the fart? She kept a fart in a recent video so i wouldnt be surprised.

No. 942177

This is just…really really sad. I can't even explain. It's just depressing.


No. 942181

It's deleted… did someone screenshoted it ?

No. 942184

No. 942186

No. 942187

File: 1583551126881.jpg (49.1 KB, 1080x226, Screenshot_20200306-211755_Sam…)

The tags for the video

No. 942188

Anon I’m rolling lmfao

No. 942189

She looks like a 35 year old pill addict who is shocked DCF is taking her children

No. 942205

File: 1583553911240.jpg (538.27 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20200306-220350_Twi…)

"She wouldn't be alive today." Oh PLEASE. She's still being financially supported by her parents who have been offering her a FREE place to live

No. 942206

is coughing fetish a thing???

No. 942207

No. 942228

File: 1583556499991.jpg (Spoiler Image,477.97 KB, 1080x1274, Screenshot_20200306-224808_Twi…)

You can tell this is EXTREMELY edited

No. 942294

Jerking off is one thing, but being actually involved enough with internet whores to follow them and pay them… yeah, no, any self respecting woman should not date men like that

No. 942295

the editing is obvious that it looks as if her butt hole is outside her cheeks and she has no butt cheeks just butt hole and i hate it

No. 942303

I love how this Coomer is basically saying Shayna is so fucking weak and fucked in the head that she'd DIE if she wasn't doing porn or if porn didn't work for her. Thats not a compliment Shayna, thats just this nigga saying you are weak as fuck and have nothing else to live for.

"a best friend" what? This shit is creepy. Funny how sucking cock verbally gets her more interaction then showing herself sucking cock fake and real. I bet most the people liking this shit don't/won't buy her porn.

Also we SHOULD make fun of men who pay for porn, because we know for a fact they aren't doing it because Shayna makes good shit or is worth the money, it's weirdos like this, lonely people who think she gives a fuck or cares about them. That she'll notice them and become their girlfriend. There's so much free porn out there that there's not one reason to buy porn, period point blank. If you are spending money on porn you deserved to be mocked and WILL be mocked.

No. 942328

Her MOM gave her a bed to sleep on after her dad visited and reported back the sad condition she was living in. What is she talking about lmao. I also hate how she acts like she'd be living in poverty without men who buy her porn or some shit.

No. 942413

File: 1583603927136.jpg (172.22 KB, 1080x1147, 20200307_125728.jpg)

honestly probably from her digging in her asshole all day and never washing her hands, seeing as she doesn't go out enough to have caught something

No. 942419

maybe don't go out drinking when you're sick? it's not going to help

No. 942427

haven't checked in on this thread in months but she looks like a different person! what the hell, sad

No. 942431

“Probably from digging in her asshole all day”

No. 942432

So go to the doctor? Don't fucking go on Twitter you retard

No. 942443

shay seems to get sick a lot more than the average person. i swear she's puking at least once a month. could be her shitty diet or could be she's faking to get out of work. also could be a dramatic overexaggeration and she's only thrown up once a little bit.

No. 942447

I mean she doesn’t use condoms and loves cream pies…

No. 942451

she's always drinking, i'd assume it's from that

No. 942475

So what is twitter supposed to do about it? Lol. Most people are asleep. I’ll never understand people who do this.

Incoming hospital bracelet picture.

No. 942477

When has she ever mentioned being creampied (vaginally) or liking it? She's talked about it in her ass but that's it. And she is on birth control, she's on the depo shot cos she's talked about that too.

No. 942494

File: 1583613257464.jpg (364.98 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20200307-143251_Chr…)

This comment fucking kills me, but beyond that, I love how Shay says she's super sick and throwing up followed by saying she's going to take a 125mg edible. She's so brain dead kek

No. 942497

ehhh she probably cant afford to go see a doctor anyway.

No. 942498

File: 1583613426778.jpg (77.29 KB, 810x424, Screenshot_20200307-143609_Chr…)

Also love her response, like accidents don't happen and people don't get pregnant "only doing anal"

No. 942500

I just had a horrible horrible thought of what Shayna would do porn wise if she was ever to get pregnant. Thankfully, Shayna has said she doesn't want kids, but with how fucked in the head she is I can 100% see her keeping a child to trap a dude, but I doubt that dude would be trapped.

Ugh, seeing Shayna and Pregnant in the same sentence makes my head hurt even if it's phrased in a very very unlikely "what if?" situation.

No. 942502

Uhh anon who do you know that has gotten pregnant doing anal? Because that would be a medical phenomenon.

No. 942503

With the amount she drinks and smokes that baby would be dead, mate

No. 942505

Not that anon, but, sorry for being graphic, it's not impossible if cum drips out. Some women did get pregnant after their partner just jerked off and got semen on their vulva.

No. 942513

I really don't think that's going to happen to shayna.

No. 942516

that's a very uncommon thing though and shayna has takes that birth control shot.

No. 942517

I love that she isn't mention BC or condoms. Just "I do anal"
Could be an STI since those can make you feel flu-y but most likely just her body hating her for her shit diet

No. 942542


Bone. Dry. Vagina. Lmao.

No. 942565

File: 1583622807836.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.25 MB, 3152x2364, A6112863-C526-4EB6-9A10-67FDA8…)

sorry ladies my hand was forced

No. 942570

Bless you anon

No. 942574

this is amazing anon

No. 942575

Covid-19 confirmed in Tulsa. Better hope you didn’t catch one at those dirty ass bars Shayna.

No. 942576

No. 942583

It's probably a combination of shit diet and alcohol consumption. Gastritis and vomiting isn't uncommon in chronic alcoholics.


No. 942588

She was tweeting about loving them a few threads ago with one of her BFs. I think the one she publicly embarrassed.

No. 942590

one of the laziest vids she's put out, wtf. the angles are so bad she looks like she has no neck and she should clean herself better before putting her genitals on display b/c no one wants to see tp stuck to her butthole.

No. 942591

File: 1583628254434.jpg (Spoiler Image,582.02 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20200307-194247_Chr…)

i can smell the pig sweats more than usual in this vid. Shay, instead of doing whatever this is, please go to a fucking doctor

No. 942592

File: 1583628519715.jpeg (93.91 KB, 750x441, 4A7F0613-EB9E-40C8-AD0A-C05816…)

No. 942593

File: 1583628540588.jpeg (141.87 KB, 738x772, 4D4FB4E0-7B73-4FAF-8484-EAB7B2…)

No. 942594

he's doing that because he's tired of you getting stoned and sitting on your ass doing nothing every single day, you addict dipshit

No. 942595

lmao hysterical. yesterday she wouldn't shut up about how amazing men are and today now that one has "wronged" her they're also horrible just like women. she's such a flaky see through moron.

and what the fuck does she mean by "harassing"? literally makes no sense. she knows she's an insufferable irrational brain dead cunt and for the billionth fucking time is putting all of the blame on someone else while playing hardcore victim. love how vague all of this is, she gives zero context or real details besides claiming she's the innocent perfect victim as always and that someone else is manipulating and harassing her, she pulls this pathetic act daily online and now her boy toy who uses her for anal is getting it too kek.

No. 942597

Wow someone shows actual concern for her well being and this is what she does? She doesn’t even have followers to justify posting all her business online like what the fuck shayna. This dude sounds like he for someone reason cares about this stank how

No. 942599

File: 1583629535619.jpg (395.97 KB, 1080x1337, Screenshot_20200307-190404_Twi…)

No. 942600

She's been making all of these fingering videos lately and it's weird because she doesn't know how to touch herself without making it look extremely uncomfortable.

No. 942601

This ain't it sis. Don't make your boyfriend out to be an abusive asshole because he's looking after your well-being. Smoking weed won't fix your anxiety. You DO need to admit your problems are your fault.

This dude is actually trying to help her and she's calling him abusive for it. I really can't take the idiocy.

No. 942602

Can someone explain to me why she’s boohooing? Is she saying it’s abusive that he’s telling her to take her meds and not smoke weed as cope?

No. 942603

Yes that is what someone would say if they cared about you because they want you to take your meds and take care of yourself.

No. 942604

She's saying that him telling her to take her meds and not letting her get her weed pen is abusive because he's trying to manipulate her. It makes literally 0 sense.

No. 942605

she calls literally anyone who points out her retarded gross lifestyle and actions ~big spooky aboosive manipulator~ even her own mother kek. she has severe brain damage and narc issues.

No. 942608

wow she's disgusting but at this point? Dude seems to be okay with her crazy when he can use her body so i don't know if I feel bad for him. Again she's sucide baiting and thinking twitter cares.
I'm also going to remember how SHES the only woman who can criticize men.

No. 942609

One after after she posts a vid for sale of him cumming on her face. Almost like having no line between your work and real life is bad for a relationship?
Also lol at her throwing a tantrum and calling him abusive for asking her to take her meds and maybe not smoke a shit ton of weed

No. 942610

also why does this dude care so much what she says online? We don't know who he is, it does not affect him. I get why someone wouldn't want this online but it's kind of weird

No. 942612

If he didn’t care he would never have bothered in the first place. She’s an idiot.
She ends up wanting to take them anyways. What a tantrum throwing child.

Shayna someone begging you to take your medicine isn’t abusive. Wtf.

No. 942614

gee i wonder why someone wouldn't want their mentally retarded asshole narcissist partner posting how abusive and evil they are and tweeting over and over how he's making everything her fault and "crying on the floor" etc lol. probably just doesn't appreciate shayna's psychotic lies she's clearly telling. this mystery man isn't a good guy by any means but we know how shaytard tells these identical fantasy tales about everyone including her own mother.

No. 942615

True, Im that anon and i was just going off the fact that no one knows who he is so it does not matter but you make sense.

No. 942617

i guess my point was there no face or name but then again in her tard rage she could post a picture.

No. 942619


Not to blog but I'm in the concessions business doing fairs & festivals. I make 1-5k a day and don't have to spread my ass open on the internet and e-beg kek. But it's called actually working, Shay. You only make a hundred an hour when some idiot incel tips you to humiliate yourself and that ain't a regular thing.(no1curr)

No. 942629

File: 1583632667626.jpeg (585.33 KB, 828x1214, 5473B434-9BB0-4F50-83BF-5650A7…)

Y’all she’s retweeting thinspo

No. 942630

File: 1583632808206.jpg (329.79 KB, 1080x926, Screenshot_20200307-195811_Twi…)

It's hilarious how MV uses this super old pic to advertise her account

No. 942631

And didn't she always post on her tumblr she didn't want thinspo blogs to retweet her pics?

No. 942632

File: 1583632899851.jpg (Spoiler Image,450.07 KB, 1080x1692, Screenshot_20200307-195744_Twi…)

Cause you're just so clever Shay

Doesn't she realize most people go to work sick?

No. 942633

that plus most sex workers don’t fetishize something as mundane as having a cold

No. 942634

The more she talks about him the more I don't agree with you because he seems to call her on her bullshit and try to get her to take her meds when she needs it. If he didn't care, he'd just leave. Not sit on the floor and try to reason with her

No. 942635

This is insanely tone-deaf with the current climate where the issue is people CAN'T call in sick to work bc they'll lost money/their jobs
It's been a big subject of debate with Covid-19 on the rise and general flu season

No. 942639

She's literally had like 2 regular jobs her entire life. She wouldn't have any idea that regular people to into work extremely sick, constantly. It's tone deaf but this is Shayna we're talking about.

No. 942663

She's starting to develop cankles, yikes.

No. 942664

Oof, I didn't even notice that

No. 942669

omfg. she seriously has such unfortunate genetics, like, she's not even that chunky yet she's completely covered in cellulite and now also has (not almost, but fully has) developed cankles.

she's always been curveless, but at least before she was skinny enough to play it off as underdeveloped pedo-pandering for her work. now she's aged and bloated and crusty all over. I feel like we'll be seeing a huge decline towards (if not hitting) rock bottom by her 24th birthday a little over a year from now.

No. 942674

maybe i'm too high but she resembles Amberlynn Reid in the face here

No. 942702

She does have unfortunate genetics, but a lot of that also has to do with the fact that she’s completely sedentary. Most people, even if they don’t exercise at all, at least have jobs or lives that require them to move around somewhat. Shay literally stays in bed all day and only gets up to get more weed, food, or booze.

No. 942722

That's not to those are warts

No. 942724


No. 942856

File: 1583700113785.png (Spoiler Image,1.03 MB, 2048x1154, Screenshot_20200308-163905.png)

She's fat and flat in all the wrong places.

No. 942870

I've noticed that most other cows have an anon or two who are strangely fond of them or who think they have potential to improve and want to see it happen. Not so for shayna. Does anyone even like Shayna Clifford?

No. 942875

She doesn't even like herself.

No. 942876

she used to have anons like that but she’s gone out of her way to expose herself lurking here and still has only changed for the worst, so i think everyone just kind of gave up

No. 942877

Hit the nail on the head.

No. 942879

it's probably because shayna has hit such a low point that even the most hopeful of people have given up on her improving herself. i think there's always a way for anyone to improve, the problem is shayna will never do it herself. she either needs to get a harsh slap from reality, something that finally gets through her thick skull, or someone has to be dedicated enough to force her to be better even if she kicks and screams the entire time. by herself she is a short sighted self destructive idiot who will never get anything done.

No. 942885

This. There were some that saw potential when she was still teetering on the verge, but she's slid so far downhill so fast she might as well be on a sled. There's no optimism left.

No. 942899

I think those anons realized that Shay is a lost cause. She will never see the error in her ways and will forever chose to be a victim in life. She’s one of the biggest hypocrites on this site in my opinion. I’ve never seen a cow sperg out about several topics and then, literally in the next breath, do exactly what it is she’s “so against”. Attacking SWers for cheap content, protecting minors from SW, gofundme’s/handouts, cancel culture…it goes on and on. Some cows might have something they preach but don’t practice (like icky vicky’s pretend love for other women) but Shay is the extreme. It’s weird.

Also, shay is extremely privileged and acts like she is helpless or unloved. Which is far from the truth. She has parents that would take her in RIGHT NOW rent free. And a father who pays her bills. That pisses off a lot of people- especially those who actually have nothing and parents who likely disowned them because of their job.

No. 942940

Honestly I used to have some hope for her, but the more I paid attention to her the less I had and the more I got annoyed. I believe sex work is real work, but she’s constantly begging for money so clearly it’s not working for her, if she is so passionate about being a sex worker (which she does not seem like it) then she should keep doing it but on the side, and get a job so she doesn’t have to constantly complain about being poor and begging, shit is fucking annoying, I’ve seen less needy homeless people, in fact one of them I see sometimes sells bottled drinks and has said he doesn’t want donations. So Shayna please I know your lurking, get a second job or just stop begging for money

No. 942941

File: 1583723322601.jpg (570.9 KB, 1080x1859, Screenshot_20200308-220759_Twi…)

Nice to know she takes Noodle for walks while she's drunk

No. 942960

You really think he'd stick around if she wasn't a cum dumpster willing to indulge all his gross fetishes in exchange for a greasy hamburger and a pat on the head?

He begs her to take her meds and holds her weed pen hostage because it's the only way to make her slightly less of a psycho. He's willing to stick his dick in crazy, but he wishes she was less annoyingly crazy.

No. 942991

Also: good job, getting drunk while sick. Not like the weed alone already was a stupid idea.

No. 943026

File: 1583762583756.png (291.99 KB, 1517x1872, Screenshot_20200309-095855.png)

Lol Coming from the girl that was basically accusing her boyfriend of abusing/manipulating her like one day ago.
That Anon was right. The speed of which she preaches about a subject and then goes right on to do that exact thing she was condemning gives me whiplash. She's fucking brain dead and I wish Twitter would just kick her dumb ass off.

No. 943032

Is she brain-dead? Does she have memory problems? Does she really think people don't remember what she posted one day ago? Can't with this cow.

No. 943035

And of course she's only going on a tangent about this because the tweet starts with someone accusing A MAN of being an abuser and according to Shay men can't be abusers.

No. 943036

Unless it's her own boyfriend apparently.

No. 943038

Speaking of which, why has she been able to keep this twitter for so long? What happened to her accounts being banned over and over again?

No. 943060

She always makes it come back to her and how much of a victim she is. It's pathetic narcissistic bullshit. Get over yourself, Shayna.

No. 943061

File: 1583766919145.png (1018.92 KB, 1580x2048, Screenshot_20200309-111430.png)

KEK. you think she's gonna come full circle and start throwing herself into fat fetish porn? She's already talking about fatphobia being used against her.

I fucking can't this has to be a joke.

No. 943063

"My mood stabilizers made me gain weight! It's not from me constantly drinking cocktails and getting takeout!"

No. 943066

File: 1583767292259.png (502.11 KB, 2048x1034, Screenshot_20200309-111948.png)

HAHAHAH okay but?????? You're constantly bitching about how people haven't forgiven you after you apologized and say you've ChAnGeD?! Yo, I'm convinced. She's fucking retarded and probably the biggest hypocrite to Grace this fucking site and that's saying something. Fucking scum.

No. 943067

File: 1583767492166.png (346.72 KB, 2048x688, Screenshot_20200309-112411.png)

A rare moment of clarity and honesty from this fat cow.

No. 943068

….fatphobic? is she serious right now?

No. 943070

Isn’t she like 5’6”? I have a hard time believing she only gained 25 lbs. I know a lot of it is bloating from the alcohol and her shit diet and that’s why she carries the weight in the most tragic way possible, but 140 isn’t even overweight.

No. 943072

she’s either under shooting it, actually has no idea and is guessing, or just has so little muscle mass that she is literally carrying 30 extra pounds of straight fat around

No. 943073

"waah waaah my mood stabilizers!"

obviously they aren't working for you, shay. you've gained weight because of your shit lifestyle, not because of your meds.

No. 943074

She's just about 5'5"

The only reason I know is because it used to say it on her model page when she was with an agency, who did all her measurements when she was there so she couldn't lie about them.

No. 943075

File: 1583767958135.gif (1.8 MB, 527x250, ded.gif)

>mood stabilizers made me gain 30 pounds
>mood stabilizers

did she just call herself doughy i can't stop laughing

No. 943077

I'd love to see the comment that set off this rant. I wanna laugh too..

No. 943078

the word is chubby. you got super chubby, shayna, and it looks terrible on you.

No. 943079

File: 1583768199553.jpeg (85.82 KB, 672x416, 82F8EFF4-9B3F-4071-A6F8-41C7D4…)

i wouldn’t be surprised if she’s over 140 as she used to claim on her mfc profile that she was 105

No. 943080

after all the embarrassing shit she's done over the past 4(+?) years you'd think she would have learned this lesson sooner

No. 943082

File: 1583768825456.png (288 KB, 2048x896, Screenshot_20200309-114417.png)

She's really on one today kek
I don't know if Twitter shows who voted for what but I'd die if people voted that she was hotter when she was thin. No one's gonna be really honest tho. We all know the real answer here, Shayna.
Women who weight 140 can be hot but the fact that Shay has zero curves, fat boy tits, lunch lady arms, doesn't work out at all resulting in her "loaf of bread" body with a shit ton of cellulite is not attractive.

No. 943083

Another problem is that she refuses to try different poses with her new body. She doesn't want to put the work in and wants her body to be effortless like it was when she was 18/19. She's going to continue to flounder if she doesn't start finding new ways to pose.

No. 943087

>other women aren’t victims, I AM A VICTIM UWU

Girl…are you for fucking real? You are constantly posting old photos of you when you were skinny. Of course people are going to compare…you’re giving them the fucking ammo.

Learning life lessons from cartoons like a true retard.

Her constant need for validation and reassurance on the internet is pathetic.

I honestly think I need a break from Shay. Her hypocrisy and idiocy is too much for me to handle sometimes.

No. 943089

"dont say "when you were skinny" thats fataphobic! But also, be honest was I hotter when I was skinnier?"

She's a piece of shit and she's really losing it today

And NO one cares about what she's been "Cancelled" for she bring it up so fucking much. I feel she truly thinks that trump shit ruined her career, not her.

No. 943091

The fact that her old, reposted photos she tries to catfish with gets more likes and interaction than current photos should be enough answers for this delusional pig.

No. 943093

Someone should take one for the team and vote on it so we can see the results and laugh

No. 943095

She's truly a piece of shit. This is a "rape victim" by the way, a victim of abuse from her trump loving mother, a victim of "cancel culture"

Yet here she is, sticking her nose in some shit that has ZERO to do with her. Trying to tell people what to do.
Comparing someone being accused of rape/abuse to the shit she's been through, which NO ONE knows about or cares about because she is a nobody!
Didn't she say she had shit on a lot of female sex workers? So if Shayna exposes that we should 100% believe and cancel, but if another woman talks about abuse from a man? Shayna has an issue with that.

She's truly disgusting.

No. 943096

She deleted it lol. Also it's fine to vote, twitter polls don't show who voted or for what.

No. 943098

nah, it says on the bottom there're 23 hours left of the poll so we'll see the results soon enough. i think we should keep our hands out of this, i wanna see what her orbiters vote on since twitter polls are anonymous.

No. 943099

We won't see it if she deletes it

No. 943100

File: 1583770930133.png (18.24 KB, 593x229, Screenshot (251).png)

i screenshotted after >>943093 asked, wasnt sure if it was considered cowtipping but ill post since she deleted it

No. 943101

I'd pay actual money to witness the absolute meltdown she'd have if people answered honestly. But alas, she surrounds herself with ass kissers and enablers.

No. 943104

i was already sending that message when the anon said she deleted it lol.

i shouldn't be surprised even when having anonymity they still answer coddlingly, but i'm still surprised a 100 actual people follow her to vote on this poll.

No. 943120

File: 1583774453122.jpeg (382 KB, 750x782, 4569C72F-7908-4BB2-9869-5D206F…)

she’s so deranged

No. 943123

how about you safe up some money and you know.. pay for this?

No. 943129

She can't even do the bare minimum required to make her videos look better. It wouldn't cost money to iron her fucking backdrop, actually exfoliate and clean herself, get some cheap things to do a decent background for her photos and videos. She will blame anything for her shitty work and complete lack of creativity.

No. 943130

File: 1583775966744.gif (438.68 KB, 500x264, FB67C05B-0542-4F54-AE73-D72A0B…)


No. 943134

she's such a pickme and it's gonna get her in some serious shit one day.

No. 943138

she started hating herself for gaining weight, making the equation between extra fat = bad, but wants to cry fatphobia against her? bitch maybe stop acting like your life is over because you drank half your size in booze before you scream fatphobia

No. 943142

and she's not going to change either. she'll run to twitter whining about the experience, then she'll continue to go out her way to shit on other women when they share their own experiences.
she's constantly policing what people can say or do, but she hates SJWs? I've barely seen a man or a male sex worker defend her ass either.

Only women. I'm just waiting for someone to tell her to shut the fuck up, because she does this every week.
Ads her two cents when no one fucking asked. She loves drama.

No. 943151

She definitely weighs more than 140 unless she carries her weight really really badly, I weigh around that and I am shorter than her and she looks much larger than me especially in the waist and face.

No. 943155

i feel like it's not really that she weighs a lot more than she's saying, it's just that she has ridiculously unfortunate genetics so she looks like a square from every angle, and her face has just taken on a really bad shape from the alcohol bloating.

No. 943158

she really truly wants to use a classroom to make child sexual abuse roleplaying porn.. disgusting. also amazing how she doesn't see how gross that is

No. 943160

File: 1583780956616.jpeg (189.64 KB, 1242x431, C99706E1-E734-42DF-89D9-B0065A…)

Not sure if this was posted, jesus christ she’s so insensitive. People are dying Shayna, they probably wouldn't but your porn in the first place.

No. 943166

This has to be a fucking joke, no wonder why she's a nobody, who would want to give her any money when she says shit like this unironically?

No. 943181

For someone that is always Wking men and freaking out everytime someone is disrespecting Johns lol….

No. 943190

Thats a horrible Joke for her to make. reminder this is the same person who lost her shit about someone "joking" about "stripping" to get animal crossing.
I'm sure some of her regs have to be other sexworkers. Trash as fuck, joke or no joke.

No. 943196

sage for no milk but im the same height as her with similar body type (no curves, kind of boxy instead of having an hourglass shape) and definitely do not look that awful at 140lb. its not the body type or carrying weight badly, she's flat out lying about how much she put on

No. 943199

can you guys shut up about how much better you look than her? lmao the cringe is real.

No. 943201

Ya know, the really shitty thing about Shayna is if she really wanted to, and she truly cared about her mental health. She'd just go back and move in with her parents. It seems like they honestly care about her wellbeing to the point that they're basically paying for her to live away from them and keep up this facade of being independent.

I know she probably wouldn't, but it'd be best for her. Go home, attempt to be normal. Get away from the internet and sex work but she can't because it's ingrained in her and has become her identity at this point.

No. 943205

I honestly think that they've told her if she moves home she has to quit. Shayna can't live without the internet and she's with some fuck boy. She would'nt know what to do if she wasn't getting attention for something and I really believe she'd start being fucked up in some other way or off herself because it'd be hard to start over after living as she has.

No. 943217

Yeah and if that's the case I doubt they are funding her at all. I hear anons talk about them supporting her and Shayna has flat out said they don't approve of her decision and don't financially support her. She's barely scraping by more than likely but it's possible that's why she's staying in Oklahoma because she can financially support herself there because of cost of living

No. 943220

You sound like every screenshot of her mother we've seen kek. And from what she's said, her mother denies that she could be mentally ill and her Dad doesn't know how to handle it so I don't think moving home as an adult is the fix here. Maybe getting a part time job or working towards a degree, yeah. But moving home isn't going to fix mental illness

No. 943234

Moving home would mean that she'd have to take a break from sex work, which is something she can't do while living by herself. She doesn't have the self control to work 8 hours a day, when she can make the same money in 5 minutes by degrading herself in another gross video. Taking a break and ultimately quitting sex work would show her that there's more to life than camming, and that only very few people in the world knows who she is. Not having to worry about paying the rent or buying groceries for a few months, and having actual, non sexual, sober human contact would do wonders for her mental health. She needs to hit rock bottom to understand this, and it's wild that she keeps sinking lower when most people following her thought her rock bottom was two years ago.

No. 943239

her dad doesn't care and her mom obviously feels sorry for her or else she wouldn't have bought her a whole ass bed

No. 943247

Her parents very clearly care about her. Her dad sends her money when she needs it, has sent her care packages (like apple cider and hello fresh boxes) and her mom bought her a whole ass bed. She has two great parents who clearly care about their kids well being, and she'd rather stay in a dingy filthy apartment with no food and two animals.

No. 943253

File: 1583796544138.jpeg (74.72 KB, 504x556, F8210B9E-9223-4ADF-8D46-7BE015…)

She’s so stupid, you still have to work in exchange for a tip Shayna. You can’t just lie around all day and expect one.

No. 943276

She's also very clearly posted "tip this amount and get this!" Which is WHY she gets so many tips. It's just purchases.

No. 943280

File: 1583799957163.png (380.4 KB, 2048x892, Screenshot_20200309-202501.png)

First she posts this

No. 943282

File: 1583800013033.png (628.17 KB, 2048x1933, Screenshot_20200309-202329.png)

And then she tries to go for a domme angle with this? She sounds so fucking retarded. What submissive man wants a domme who self identifies as a baby who can't take care of herself?

No. 943285

File: 1583800779714.jpg (445.98 KB, 1080x1693, Screenshot_20200309-193920_Twi…)

How long will she use this excuse?

No. 943286

File: 1583800811009.jpg (Spoiler Image,505.62 KB, 1080x1495, Screenshot_20200309-193903_Twi…)

Those nasty feet

No. 943287

File: 1583800857448.jpg (308.45 KB, 1080x1871, Screenshot_20200309-193826_Twi…)

How long is she going to keep this up

No. 943288

If we're being real, that's the cleanest I've ever seen her feet. Even if she used an edit or blur tool on them which she most likely did, they don't look yellow and crusty like usual.

No. 943290

>most likely did
lol anon. she doesn’t post pics now without blurring literally every part of her body out

No. 943291

File: 1583801350815.png (352.28 KB, 2048x512, Screenshot_20200309-204820.png)


She literally complained about it all day and then goes out and gets Chipotle. The lack of self awareness is astonishing.

No. 943292

why even tweet this? On a work account no less, no one cares,she's so lonely

No. 943316

Those were Christmas presents anon

No. 943318

Kek at Chipotle chicken and rice being fat food. Her problem is the cheeseburgers and alcohol

No. 943319

I've never seen her post that her dad sends her any money at all. He sent her fucking cider for Christmas. He probably won't give her any money because he knows it's gonna get blown on drugs and booze.

No. 943322

Are you really retarded enough to think she would just get plain rice and chicken? Also it's fucking Chipotle, it's not health food.

No. 943324

You'd think a parent that didn't care at all about their child wouldn't bother to send them nice Christmas gifts. But alas.

Don't feed Shayna's delusion that she has terrible parents, she'll just believe it more. Her parents do seem to care about her and tons of anons speculate that her dad sends her money sometimes.

No. 943325

Shay is quick to use beaten to death meme formats, as usual.
She really need to choose a better photo for her fAt pUsSY posts. We've said it before, but it legitimately looks like she's just squeezing a ball sack between her legs.

No. 943326

I'm not feeding into a delusion and I don't think she's got terrible parents. I just don't take speculation from anons as fact. I've been following this thread since the old one and I've seen countless tinfoils end up being false. I think she's got parents that care and she's stated as much(screenshots from texting her dad etc), but they will not support her financially if she's a sw and that's why she moved. She'd rather scrape by than live comfortably with her parents.

No. 943335

File: 1583809207617.jpg (169.39 KB, 1080x1699, Screenshot_20200310-025643_Twi…)

Tinfoil but maybe Shayna's bf is in this band as she has never expressed anything about local music nor does she go to local gigs. Also tweet is now deleted. This ain't just some random local band she likes. Something is fishy.

No. 943336

File: 1583809248603.jpg (180.73 KB, 1080x1573, Screenshot_20200310-025655_Twi…)

No. 943338

lmaoo definitely her bf's band. She just couldn't help herself.

No. 943340

She semi-outed herself bc she posted about someone sending her the amount she needed for rent basically (and other amounts that were large) but it was via paypal which she doesn't advertise and never has. Plus no comments like "for dolly"/etc
So the general consensus is that her dad was sending her money. Her Dad seems to just give her money and her mom sends her big gifts or takes her places (ex. Disney on ice)

No. 943341

File: 1583810275057.png (1.05 MB, 1351x2048, Screenshot_20200309-231714.png)

Keep milking how sick you are, shayna, while refusing to go to the doctor. Next week you'll have another excuse.

No. 943342

I don't think posting that makes anything definite. Looking at their fb page they play free shows at the bar she goes to.

No. 943344

She probably calls her dad crying and whinging when she doesn't have the money for rent. That is of course after she melts down on Twitter about it. Then he sends it to her and she's magically okay again. We've all seen the cycle.

No. 943345

it’s quarter of her recommended daily calorie intake (if she did light movement and exercise which she doesn’t anyway) without ANY extras. Add any cheese and guac and it’s like half.

No. 943346

As if Shayna isn't the kind to pick up a dirty dude playing at a bar.

No. 943347

If you're talking about the 1k tip, that was cashapp. And she posted the conversation from snap with the poor fucker who sent it.

No. 943349

That anon def said PayPal.

No. 943352

No this was probably 4-5 threads ago. Like it was obviously not cashapp or whatever. it was paypal, hence the tinfoil
When they eventually break up we'll find out. She'll say the band is shitty or end up going to a new bar

No. 943353

While I'm inclined to agree, none of these people resemble the fat guy she posted on OnlyFans the other day. I think some anons are so desperate for milk right now that they are immediately jumping to any conclusion possible. Occam's razor can be applied here

No. 943356

Yeah that's a $200 tip I just looked at it. The cashapp was 1k

No. 943357

File: 1583810756028.png (3.64 MB, 1910x2048, Screenshot_20200309-232437.png)

They look like the kind she would go after tbh

No. 943358

File: 1583810764714.jpeg (591.92 KB, 1125x707, 28FC7E66-8660-43BD-B04C-DCF494…)

You don’t think plaid shirt could be Fupa 2.0? I hate to tinfoil but I’d love her to have slipped up like this

No. 943359

THIS quote again. Does she not realize people have to go to work sick a lot? You have to work a full shift to get just an hour of sick time. She’s so delusional and has obviously never worked a day in her life.

No. 943360

is she really trying to milk sympathy as if sex workers are the only people who don't get sick days? restaurant workers and retail workers are forced to work sick most of the time. i'm sure they'd love to post shit on twitter and whine when their sick instead of working 8+ hours on their feet and keep the happy ass kissing persona they have to keep on for customers.

No. 943361

I think she uses a PayPal for people that live in Europe because they can't cashapp or venmo. Just a theory because I've had to do that before

No. 943365

File: 1583810990836.png (368.38 KB, 2048x710, Screenshot_20200309-232854.png)

>almighty porn princess of Tumblr

Sure Jan.

No. 943366

I’ll bet on the guy with glasses on the far right.

No. 943367

The dude with the dumbass beard on the far right seems like the kind she would go for. Or she could go for the older beardy on the far left.

No. 943368

I thought that too but he's married. I think we're off on this one

No. 943372

Yeah, a quick stalk shows negative on all them being fb friends with her. Unless she no longer has Facebook?

No. 943374

Where there any identifying factors in that god awful blowjob video?
Lmao your 5 minutes of fame is over Shayna. You’ve peaked. You’re done.

No. 943375

Yeah that gut kek

No. 943376

I don't think she uses fb

No. 943382

She also said he’s an old man awhile back too when they were ordering drinks

No. 943383

File: 1583812084363.png (4.03 MB, 1242x2208, 18D4AD27-F046-4318-A4A7-144C73…)

Don’t know if this is hers, but it’s inactive either way

No. 943384

Yeah I'm just not buying that it's anyone from this band. None of it checks out and I think anons are reaching hard on this

No. 943386

Seems like more a fun tinfoil based on her habits than a hard reach, tbf. It's better than the egregious fupa tinfoiling from all the old threads.

No. 943389

i agree. the no fun allowed anons are getting old fast.

No. 943390

I'll give you that. It seems like tinfoil ends up as fact in this thread a lot though so I think its important to call that out because thirsty farmers are desperate rn

No. 943405

Yeah I don't think she ever actually used that but idk

No. 943411

It’s honestly refreshing. I’ll take some fun speculation of Shayna banging ugly band dudes over Fupa tinfoil any day.

No. 943423

File: 1583818027403.png (438.76 KB, 750x1334, 6EF63866-1D9E-4E56-BBDC-6E0326…)

lol… i bet

No. 943437

here she goes again with the " the thing about being a sex worker…" tweets, that are not fucking unique at fucking all to sex work and show hoe sheltered and dumb she is.
You'd think Shayna was pumping out fucking 20 videos a day, not just retweeting old tweets, taking 15 pictures with 10 of them being identical and talking shit/getting into drama.

The past few months Shayna has been doing the same thing shittier each time.
The same video ideas but looking worst/doing wotrst. The same tweets but more tone dead and confusing. She's literally contradicting herself everyday now.
She has SO much downtime and she DOES and WILL not do fucking anything if she's having a fit, so stop acting like you have some strict scdule or goal for the day. You take days off because you feel "fat".

No. 943438

she was a fucking nobody even in peak tumblr days, i don't get how she rewrites history like this. it's such a big sad delusional cope lol.

No. 943440

Wasn’t she going to do her dolly mattelevision every Wednesday and it lasted exactly 2 Wednesdays lol

I’ll give this exactly 1 Wednesday.

No. 943567

File: 1583854966042.jpeg (585.82 KB, 1125x1490, 98E50DE6-484F-4275-8937-7FF687…)

She gotta defend pedo-pandering now after she got called out so bad for that grinch porn, huh?

No. 943573

I don't know why this is so confusing for her. Those movies/shows are not made for people to jack off to. Pedo pandering porn is. Next question

No. 943574

Newsflash Shayna, normal people are weirded out by that stuff. The condom scene was meant to be off-putting and gross
But also lol at her comparing fake 17 year olds to her sucking on a pacifier, pretending to be a baby getting fucked

No. 943575

this got me really incensed for a bit until i remembered in her brain this stuff is actually on the level of porn lmao
like how sex-obsessed/braindead/both do you have to be that you don't realize the boundary between cinema/tv shows and onlyfans?

No. 943576

she's such an idiot. i don't remember any part of mean girls where we see regina getting her ass drilled by her bf or a close up of her pussy. same with those other 2 movies/shows she mentions. also daenerys' age is changed in the show to make her older, and she's raped as a young teen in the books.

a depiction of 2 17yr olds having sex, shown in a non-graphic way with no nudity is totally the same thing as a grown woman sexualising a child, wearing a pacifier and acting out a fantasy where she's fucked by a father figure. yeah definitely the same shay /s

No. 943594

File: 1583857164498.jpg (534.27 KB, 1079x1568, Screenshot_20200310-111853_Chr…)

She already has enemies in OK, besides Fupa I'd assume.

No. 943596

File: 1583857206767.png (1.93 MB, 1990x2048, Screenshot_20200310-121939.png)

She really loves digging up her past drama. She's talking about Dawn.

No. 943597

File: 1583857256966.png (704.81 KB, 2048x1472, Screenshot_20200310-122053.png)

No. 943601

File: 1583857399467.png (522.39 KB, 2048x590, Screenshot_20200310-122303.png)

Trying to convince people she's being forced to live in her apartment. What a fucking retard.

No. 943603

File: 1583857459362.png (41.87 KB, 591x339, Screenshot (254).png)

not dawn lol. not sure who else it could be lmao

No. 943604

except shay is the queen of making herself look "big dumb" by doing the very same thing every day

No. 943606

File: 1583857569204.jpg (95.93 KB, 1080x876, Screenshot_20200310-162449_Twi…)

Here she goes again, miss "I hate drama and call outs".

Also the tweet isn't deleted, she probably blocked her lol. Lying cow.

No. 943608

The only other fem I can think of her knowing was whoever the girl was who was with her when she adopted noodle. That was about a year ago. Probably her, whoever she was.

No. 943617

File: 1583858640666.png (166.03 KB, 1104x534, Screen Shot 2020-03-10 at 9.43…)

why are you lying, shay? she never deleted the comment. sorry someone is calling you out on the fact that you use people.

No. 943623

Tv Shows aren't fucking porn dumb ass, also they aren't really having fucking sex. This is so fucking dumb on SO many fucking levels. Is she serious? People aren't supposed to be jerking off to fake fucking sex between actors, porn is meant for people to jerk off, when you base porn on a fucking child's likeness thats fucking gross.

She's a fucking retard.

No. 943626

File: 1583859967349.png (311.78 KB, 613x554, 1.PNG)

No. 943627

File: 1583859994415.png (21.38 KB, 597x184, 2.PNG)


No. 943640

File: 1583860744941.png (41.98 KB, 598x462, 33.PNG)

Bitch you aren't relevent. You JUST got a proper bed, no car, no funiture, you'"claim" you are making "hundreds a hour" but you can't even get decent hair styles, clothes, back drops or make decent porn. You've gained like 50 pounds, you don't leave ur home, you have a fuck boy who breaks up with you every week, you have NO friends, ur family are disgusted by you, you are addicted to weed and alchol and NO ONE fucking likes you.

You are a NO ONE. You'll never be famous or respected. Shut the fuck up.

She really blames whatever those sex workers did for her own fucking decline. It's not all the reasons above why she's doing worst mentally and physically then ever, it's those dang sex workers!

You have NOTHING to show for YEARS of degrading urself. Even people at mc donalds have more in a YEAR then you do.

No. 943641


Is caring about them the same thing as wishing they don’t die from Coronavirus so they can keeping giving you money, Shayna?


No. 943647

She only thinks she's relevant because of lolcow, kek

No. 943648

Is she talking about herself? She ruined her own life and she's not relevant anymore, so…

No. 943655

Yeah she's talking about that skinny girl that took her to get noodle. She posted pictures of the girl on snap last year. She had really short hair. I guess they had a falling out kek

No. 943658

Funny how she so freely talks shit about some girl who probably hasn't thought about her in a long time. That bitch needs to come here and spill the tea on Shayna.

No. 943666

File: 1583865293074.png (652.82 KB, 2048x1365, Screenshot_20200310-143412.png)

Has she already forgotten that someone paid her to make a PUBLIC video about the "humiliating things she's done"?

Remember Shayna, the one where you admit you did porn as a minor?

No. 943676

They aren’t relevant because that was years ago and people eventually grow up and move on. Like…what? Is being relevant in her mind the worlds best accomplishment? Cause bitch you ain’t even relevant. Just fucking stupid.

Lmao WHAT?! She’s already done this….why would she think it’s a hater? And no hater is going to pay hundreds for you to do what you do on a daily basis- drink and say dumb shit. Her new meds are burning her last remaining brain cells I stg.

No. 943683

Every mintue she's spending "owning" the haters could be used making actual content and doing anything else productive. The more she does this the more content she's giving Lolcow and haterz

I guess she thinks she's defending herself, but she's really making herself look like a drama hungry crazy person.

No. 943707

KEK this is hilarious. Shay you should have gone for it. Get paid to do what you already do on a daily basis.

No. 943710

is she joking? this is the person who’s pissed on cakes, pissed on the carpet she slept on, shoved plastic eggs up her ass, and sucked on pacifiers while fingering her disease ridden vagina for a measly amount of money

No. 943759

File: 1583877777548.jpg (556.91 KB, 1076x1585, Screenshot_20200310-170258_Twi…)

No. 943760

kek, pretty sure you gotta leave your house to catch it shay.

No. 943763

File: 1583878331515.jpg (231.1 KB, 1076x837, Screenshot_20200310-170233_Twi…)

It's called the FLU Shay

No. 943765

inb4 she starts asking people for money for her coronavirus test

No. 943771

File: 1583879541163.jpg (425.61 KB, 1077x1213, Screenshot_20200310-173224_Twi…)

No. 943774

She will probably be told she has the flu and lie telling people she has the Corona virus

No. 943779

"god blessed me with perfect eyebrows" eyebrows look like this `

No. 943781

Damn I didn’t realize her eyebrows were literally gone lol. Stop drinking while on meds, Shay.

No. 943785

File: 1583880955767.jpg (189.29 KB, 1079x661, Screenshot_20200310-175601_Twi…)

No. 943786

She shaved them herself lol

No. 943803

File: 1583882942435.jpg (553.26 KB, 1080x1329, Screenshot_20200310-182838_Twi…)

No. 943808

Watch she'll get back and be right back on the bong despite her claiming she could barely breathe

No. 943809

File: 1583884497092.jpg (172.15 KB, 1080x846, Screenshot_20200310-185441_Twi…)

No. 943811

File: 1583884533067.jpg (299.12 KB, 1076x1423, Screenshot_20200310-185454_Twi…)

No. 943813

She brought a Barbie backpack with a stuffed animal in it to the doctor's office? IRL pedo-pandering? jesus christ, creepy as hell.

No. 943819

File: 1583885580385.jpg (283.6 KB, 1080x978, Screenshot_20200310-191243_Twi…)

Needing some sympathy

Also, if her mom is such a terrible person, why did she call her?

No. 943821

they probably thought she was asking for money kek

No. 943825

How dare they be busy and have lives? How dare her abusive horrible parents NOT be available for their poor poor abused respectable daughter. How dare they.

She's such a fucking entitled bitch.

No. 943827

shay seriously has the weakest most pathetic body. she barely leaves the house, does nothing, interacts with nobody besides her part time boyfriend but her immune system is so compromised by her horrific diet, non existent exercise and dehydration that she still manages to get a bad flu (assuming she really is very sick.)

No. 943832

Don't forget digging in her ass and pussy and then doesn't wash her hands

No. 943836

File: 1583888256044.jpg (203.17 KB, 1075x721, Screenshot_20200310-195720_Twi…)

Wasn't she supposed to be taking a break cause she's "uwu so sick"

No. 943837

File: 1583888295677.jpg (252.8 KB, 1080x939, Screenshot_20200310-195634_Twi…)

I wonder what changed

No. 943838


No. 943839

Damn how she let go of all that abuse she suffered from her? being grounded once,taking care of her brother because her mom worked, having her mother not want her to do sex work, buying her a bad.
What the fuck? I'd never forgive my mom if she was that abusive.

No. 943841

No. 943842

What changed is she’s super sick and her shitty boyfriend won’t take care of her, she’s alone and has no one, and she realizes she wants/needs the unconditional love of a mom.

No. 943851

File: 1583889568976.jpg (130.85 KB, 1080x607, Screenshot_20200310-201923_Twi…)

Get ready for begging

No. 943853

File: 1583889692986.jpg (180.25 KB, 1074x773, Screenshot_20200310-202110_Twi…)

No. 943861

sage for no milk but a weak immune system is super common for camgirls since they never go out and arent exposed to germs on a regular basis. thats why they all get sick after avn xbiz etc>>943827

No. 943867

You didn’t even sage. Type sage into the email next time.
Or just look over the rules altogether.

No. 943879

Where did the bf part come from did I miss another tweet Storm lol.

No. 943886

The dude who spackled on her face is supposed to be her bf, but she sperged about him the other night and it's clear he ain't there giving a shit about her being sick.

No. 943887

sorry, i had saged and then the page reloaded bc shitty interned

No. 943892

She does that shit all the time. I'd assume the guy has a day job so unless she's complaining about him not being there I'm sure she's just trying to get sympathy with all the boo hoo posting. I thought she was bitching about him not taking care of her or checking in or something

No. 943896

How much you wanna bet that she saved that mask and will make a porn with it?

No. 943898

File: 1583895490222.jpg (448.2 KB, 1080x1418, Screenshot_20200310-214630_Twi…)

So her complaining about being sick and begging for money is considered working "hella hard"

No. 943908

File: 1583895978476.jpg (389.6 KB, 1078x1341, Screenshot_20200310-220004_Twi…)

Major KEK. "Internet personality"

No. 943910

"We don't get days off because every day is a day off"

No. 943917

she has so much false idealization over being a nobody


No. 943922


Yeah I don't even get this. Literally working for yourself doing something like this particularly, you are more fortunate to pick your hours and you actually can take a sick day. Your content is still out there to be sold. You can still make money. Like honestly doubt they're missing much by not posting a fresh pic of their asshole. She's so privileged. Meanwhile people out in the "real" world are at risk of losing their jobs if they dare call in for one day. They lose their pay. And if they do go in, they put the public at risk.

Literally what the fuck does she mean. Sorry but the sex work she does is nearly the least demanding shit ever. And it's not like she gives a fuck about schedules or quality of content so it just makes her statements like this extra fuckin rich. Whens the last time you cammed, Shay? Funny how she had the nerve to post about the cam awards when we can count on our hands how many times shes been on the last year.

No. 943946

Every time she reminisces about tumblr it gets sadder. She’s the exact definition of peaking in high school.
Why is she saying “flu” so many times? It’s like she wants everyone to know it’s in fact not coronavirus lol

No. 943957

We get it bitch you were *~tUmbLr FamoUZ*~
Write that shit on her gravestone

No. 943986

Her obsession with her tumblr days is so depressing. There were numerous 13 year olds getting thousands and thousands of notes and followers on tumblr back in the day (I was one of them even lol) I just cannot grasp how she’s so delusional and believes she was the only younger teen, not even that young honestly at 15, that got attention on there in the 2010-2015 era.

No. 944003


The fact that she's a sex worker by choice makes this even more tonedeaf imo.

If she was actually succesful a sick day wouldn't be the end of the world? First of all she would at least be living paycheck to paycheck rather than day to day.

And her old content would still bring in a steady stream of money I'm sure. When people are actual fans they are typically willing to help entertainers get through a rough time in any way they can.

She's just vad with money and scheduling.

No. 944123

I think it’s because it’s her only “accomplishment” in life. As sad as that is. Most people get jobs and save enough money to buy their first nice car, or get a promotion, get a bachelor or masters degree, go travel the world, or start a family, volunteer and do some good in their community…but ol Shay here has her tumblr “fame”. Oh and that one time that porn photographer told her she had a fat pussy. Those are her life long accomplishments so far.

No. 944124

File: 1583943500806.jpg (540.6 KB, 1080x1055, Screenshot_20200311-091722_Twi…)

She wants to make sure we know fupa 2.0 is doing the absolute bare minimum for her

No. 944127

no but isn't he abusive and tells her she's crazy while crying on the floor?! lord, the whiplash!

No. 944128

File: 1583943957672.jpg (200.46 KB, 1073x1420, Screenshot_20200311-162421_Twi…)

>Made ramen

What so he put the kettle on and poured it in a pot? What a guy! Such hero.

No. 944130

honestly anon, if i were dating shay i would probably call her crazy too.

my bet is that she got all of this for herself.

No. 944135

At least the dude is trying to get her to eat. Lord knows she'll last curl up and die if she's left to take care of herself

No. 944137

Yeah she's def the abusive one here. As much as he's probably gross af for tolerating Shayna, she doesn't deserve him. Making sure you're taking meds and eating isn't an abuser. You're just a fucking brat who uses people

No. 944149

I hate when she says stuff like this. There are actual internet personalities that came out of tumblr making serious money. Even 16 year old tiktokers make a lot of money, have sponsors, travel, etc. She's a nobody who struggles and has to beg everyday. Actual internet personalities don't have to do that, Shay

No. 944154

her standards for men and for her partners are so fucking low they're beneath the dirt. congrats, he went to CVS and bought you $12 worth of shitty snacks.

i highly doubt his intentions are pure and that he actually cares about taking care of her. i'm sure there's some nasty kinkshit at play here considering he bought her princess goldfish and other kawaii ugu snacks. incoming "Daddy bought me snacks and cummed in my butt uwu" post. filth.

No. 944155

ew, don’t put a bowl full of noodles and broth directly on your bedspread. she’s so nasty

No. 944163

This dude does the barest of miniums and she's like, "dhdjdkeje he spent $20!!! He brought me snacks!!! He made me noodles!!! He took 20 mintues out of his day before making my sick ass suck his dick to repay him for the small favor!!!"

This is why i don't believe he does much for her, because every time he does ONE fucking thing she brags about it.

No. 944169

Yeah, i'm not sold he's not a fuck boy asshole using her for quick easy sex. So what he asks her to take her pills? Yeah, because he doesn't want to have to deal with her bullshit.Also, he doesn't make sure she fucking eats. Shayna eats on her own. Don't fall for the, "he's my world, he's my favorite person, I don't know how to eat! I'm unstable without him!" When shayna's always smoking and drinking on meds and she's always unstable.

If this dude is supposed to be taking care of her, he's doing a shit job, stuffing her with junk food and only caring about her mental state because it effects HIM.

If he cared he'd be trying to get her to cut down smoking, drinking, trying to get her to get out the house etc.

We know he doesn't because if he did Shayna would 100% be bragging about it. If anything Shayna's doing worst with this fuck boy(s) "caring" for her. She's more isolated, unstable, angry and unhealthy then she ever was.

No. 944170

i think what most anons are trying to get with that is that he is nowhere near as bad as shayna is describing him (especially when she fluctuates between liking and hating him constantly). he's absolutely not perfect, but he's definitely not abusive.

No. 944171

This is like the last thing you should be eating if you’re sick…a bunch of refined sugars and garbage. She should be eating rice cakes and bananas and some apple sauce, fucking avocado toast or eggs.

My meds are making me fat uwu

No. 944174

I actually just noticed the Applesauce in the baby food pouches. princess goldfish and baby food pouches? Ugh. This is def some kink play snack shit.

No. 944179

but honestly in his cumbrain he's probably thinking "why do more when she's happy with the minimum?" she's so desperate for attention i'm still having a hard time deciding which of them is worse

No. 944186



I didn't even notice that. He's doing a great time making her fat tho, I mean the medicine. It's ONLY the medicine.

No. 944227

the fat in her cankles is plenty to survive off of for weeks, she'd ultimately die of dehydration kek

No. 944280

Her caveman brow ridge is really coming out here

No. 944295

File: 1583969802688.jpg (230.51 KB, 1080x709, Screenshot_20200311-183628_Twi…)

No one would buy it if she raised the price

No. 944297

File: 1583969860671.jpg (309.85 KB, 1078x1269, Screenshot_20200311-183612_Twi…)

When all she does is post the same pictures

No. 944298

File: 1583969892148.jpg (147.02 KB, 1079x743, Screenshot_20200311-183545_Twi…)

Shay, when have you EVER tried to help sex Workers without dragging them?

No. 944299

File: 1583969925781.jpg (155.25 KB, 1080x711, Screenshot_20200311-183533_Twi…)

"Romantic", more like comedy

No. 944301

It's throwaway money. People will spend this amount on a sandwich and that's for a few minutes of consuming it. People will pay that even if the just curious or farmers cos it's absolutely fuck all.

No. 944302

File: 1583970112947.jpg (152.56 KB, 1076x441, 20200311_184152.jpg)

No. 944303

File: 1583970162032.jpg (220.46 KB, 1076x820, 20200311_184142.jpg)

Doesn't she realize that there are MANY Dolly's in porn? Especially ones more famous than her?

No. 944304

File: 1583970189773.jpg (Spoiler Image,362.39 KB, 1080x1210, Screenshot_20200311-184038_Twi…)

What the actual FUCK is going on in this pic?

No. 944306

Her name is an awful choice because when you Google it the majority is Trixie Mattel and dolly parton together lol.

Except these threads of course.

No. 944313

File: 1583972490207.jpg (Spoiler Image,479.69 KB, 1080x1244, Screenshot_20200311-192059_Twi…)

Back to spamming with old pics

And it's hilarious that she thinks anyone would spend their child's college fund on her

No. 944379

ahahaha, yea it's so ppl can afford it and not b/c you know they won't pay more. also there's plenty of free porn that's probably better than what she puts out but wow, she'd doing such a kindness sell her stupidity for three whole dollars.

is she humble bragging about being infamous, lol. that's not a quality worth having.

she has never in her life 'financialy ruined' or 'drained' anyone, we've seen her tips and i'm always suspect of anything over two digits. no one has ever taken money they have saved for their children to spend on her, idk why she's so stuck on these things while living the way she does, begging for petty shit.

No. 944386

Someone should tell her college costs a lot more than $3 a month kek

No. 944389

her cringy embarassing retardation and delusional narcissism is really popping out tonight, i'm guessing because she's sick and looks even worse than usual so it's a huge cope lol

No. 944432

> "I have so much dirt on these sex workers!!!!!!!"
> Spergs about how SWs should conduct their own business; ultimately acts like spokesperson of all SWs
> Shit talks other SWs regularly on her own work account, broadly and personally
> Is generally unlikable
"Why does everyone hate me? I retweeted like 2 girls today."

No. 944436

File: 1583989263815.jpeg (200.36 KB, 750x712, 63FEABC7-04D8-4F40-BDC1-F2369F…)

another hot take from shaytard
this is in response to one of her discord orbiters saying she would do sw but is a teacher and wouldn’t want to lose her career

No. 944438

i'm curious as to why she thinks the world can't do without her nuggets of wisdom

also now i kinda want some stupid bitch to throw away a respectable, stable career in favor of showing your pussy online. like if you think shayna's advice is worth taking, it is probably what you deserve

(disclaimer: don't actually do it you stupid ho)

No. 944457

I'm surprised she didn't rant at the person how "ITS NOT EASY MONEY!!!! It took years for me to get where I am!!!" or some shit.

No. 944465

I've known a teacher who got fired just for doing burlesque in her free time.

No. 944466

except this literally happened to a chaturbate coupe a few years back. hotforteachers. ended up taking it to court and got a cash settlement but still lost their teaching careers. she's so out of touch with other sex workers and reality itself it's ridiculous

No. 944513

File: 1584016647481.png (57.96 KB, 780x360, Screenshot (257).png)

not sure what "big companys" she worked with but lmao looks like she actually lost money doing her 'pro' stuff.

No. 944517

She would probably make more if she wasn't showing her face

No. 944532

File: 1584022102853.jpg (457.85 KB, 1080x1592, Screenshot_20200312-070649_Dis…)

This is too hilarious not to share.

No. 944536

Oh yeah. I can imagine this being true actually.

Hey, be careful with this one, she's y'know… "special". >>941171

No. 944538

well yeah they wouldnt recruit many people if they told the truth

"yeah youll get a couple of skeevy gigs at most, wont make any money, arent gonna get famous since theres no shortage of more attractive girls willing to do 'more' than you."

No. 944543

it's also pretty funny how she completed ignored her orbiter's dumb story. i have no idea why they even talk to her when she only talks about herself lmao

but they were blatantly lying to you shay & they tell every girl that. she's both narcissistic and so gulliable

No. 944565

File: 1584027285720.png (214.57 KB, 1080x1253, Screenshot_20200312-113042~2.p…)

She changes this story so fucking often. First it was the flu shot and she claimed it weakened her entire right side, and she had to get a breast implant. Now it's a chicken pox shot and they "never figured out what was wrong"

It's such a lie. If your nerve endings died you would have no feeling in your breast or right arm. If your tissue stopped building your right side wouldn't have grown since you were 10. She is really really retarded. It's just from the skin on her chest being pulled tight from getting boobs. LOTS of women have this, hers is just more prominent. But of course she needs a fake ass pick me story for it.

No. 944566

just last year she told the flu shot/mom took me to the hospital and DEMANDED version of the vein saga, jeez Shayna

No. 944572

Plenty of women have visible veins in their chest. You can literally Google it and find articles about it because it's THAT COMMON. It's just because she's pale and has a narrower chest and larger boobs, the skin is stretched tight. So many women have it idk why she makes up these grand stories about it.

No. 944574

>larger boobs

No. 944576

lmfao i was going to say.
>shay: muh sex work though
>orbiter: muh laundry though
truly, members of the same discord

why do i feel like she thinks her stupid tit veins add to how SpEsHuL she is? it's no secret how far up her own ass she lives, i think she changes the story so often because it makes her feel great for any part of hers to be talked about, even if it's just… tit veins
what a thrilling life she must lead.

No. 944582

ew, legit anything else. These sex workers are so brainwashed to think this is normal.

No. 944602

Sometimes I get the feeling that the laundry girl is a farmer because she talks about school and Shayna shuts up the whole time until its something she can make about herself. I also think saying she wish she was a sex worker is bait. But who knows, maybe shes just that dumb, especially if she orbits Shayna.

No. 944611

Why is she still going on about all this dumb shit on her work account? Didn’t she make another account for her dumb ass spam? And still starting drama and victimizing herself over the “haydurrrs” ? Jesus she’ll never change.

No. 944616

File: 1584035041561.png (64.04 KB, 591x567, 12.PNG)

No. 944619

File: 1584035140330.png (13.64 KB, 585x107, fjfjf.PNG)

She's been doing the same shit over and over more than usual lately.It's really sad how little she has to show for the years of doing this.
can't even spend money on better props, backdrops anything. Same ideas with a slight twist.

No. 944634

File: 1584038243195.jpg (Spoiler Image,220.46 KB, 1080x1648, Screenshot_20200312-183512_Twi…)

She tweet deleted this.

It's public porn from street to library. You'd be rightly "cancelled again".
Few people replied saying it was gross and wrong and I guess that's when she deleted it.

No. 944639

Coming from Shayna who, not even a year ago, was bragging about walking around recording herself drunk and topless in Tulsa

No. 944645

These people actually wound up getting arrested

No. 944650

she's literally the dumbest most unaware easily fooled moron i've ever seen. hopelessly stupid

No. 944652

File: 1584040032133.png (59.5 KB, 681x522, Opera Snapshot_2020-03-12_1906…)

No. 944662

If anything her flat ass would be “canceled” because she looks nothing like the girl in the vid and people wouldn’t be amused in the least (just embarrassed for her). You can tel she wants to look like the girl in the vid so bad by the bitterness in her tweet

No. 944663

and she said she was thinking about changing her name to this. It probably was a joke but Shayna is that out of touch with reality.


Okay can someone explain to me why Shayna thinks she's "cancelled", how many people are talking about that old as Donald Trump shit? Does she REALLY think that the few oddballs who care about that means she's "Cancelled", when she STILL somehow has fans/orbiters who are sex workers?

I sometimes feels she thinks everything bad that happened to her is Lolcow/ her being "Cancelled", oh and that ONE girl who leaked her content.

So yeah, we make her drink/smoke on meds. We make her pick fuck boys and treat them like shit. We've given her mental illness, we've made her make bad choice after bad choice,we've made her isolate herself. We've made her chase this dream of being famous.

being "Cancelled" is her catch all for, "i did nothing wrong" shit in an way, it's her saying that the shit she did wrong she's not sorry for. We/twitter are the ones who are wrong for not forgetting not her for doing it.

The shit is annoying. Let it go. People here at least, aren't shitting on you because that trump shit, you do shit daily that makes you come off like a judgemental, depressed, jealous woman hating bitch.

No. 944749

File: 1584054191322.jpg (Spoiler Image,481.45 KB, 1080x1299, Screenshot_20200312-180253_Twi…)

Why would she put "teenage" in a post that shows and talks about her pussy?

No. 944756

File: 1584056136717.png (247.51 KB, 720x1059, PicsArt_03-12-05.32.40.png)

'Kay, but why would someone want to pretend to be her while linking her actual only fans? (the "catfish" had a tweet basically promoting her actual only fans) Seems stupid someone would want to catfish her yet wants her to have all the money?

No. 944765

because she's an unabashed pedo panderer is why.

No. 944777

I hate hate hate the Britney pedo-pandering, considering she was 16/17 at some of her raunchiest shoots. Go away.

No. 944780

I have this weird feeling that she did it herself

No. 944795

She's obviously squeezing her thighs together for her ~fat pussy~, and I just have to wonder how bad that is for her outer lips. They're already abused as is.

No. 944798

she's so fucking weird for this shit. she looks like a retard with tourettes.

No. 944805

It's not playing

No. 944806

What in the actual fuck. She looks like she was undergoing an exorcism or trying to stop a massive sneeze attack

No. 944809

It looks like that because she has to hold her breath and tense up to orgasm. Lots of women who don't know how to have a regular relaxed orgasm will do this. I used to when I was younger until I let myself relax and have a real orgasm.

These are known as tension orgasms and they kind of suck, tbh.

No. 944811

Bold of you to assume she's actually having a real orgasm

No. 944816

What is with that high pitched whimpering?

No. 944817

Uhhhh tell me more anon

No. 944818

ehhh with a doxy wand it's pretty hard not to have some sort of orgasm, those things are more powerful than a Hitachi.

No. 944822

a tension orgasm is just when you hold your breath and tense up your muscles. It makes you orgasm pretty quickly but it's just a short burst and its gone. It doesn't linger like a "true" orgasm, so it kind of sucks.

It's like using whippits, you get that quick burst of a high and then it's gone.

No. 944827

My god this video is horrifying. Who would seriously get off to Piggy Mattel squealing like a hog? Those facial expressions are the stuff of nightmares

No. 944833

File: 1584067632760.jpg (93.22 KB, 1080x378, Screenshot_20200312-214638_Sam…)

Her tags on her sextpanther. How is she going to label herself "submissive" and then have the other domme roles?

No. 944844

i mean good for her that she's making vids more often now but if they're all going to be one horror show after the other…
i wonder how many farmers fall off the thread every time she posts a video. this is vile lmao

No. 944854

sorry for OT but how does one unlearn that tensing habit

No. 944859

anon shall i point you to the more wholesome (and topic-appropriate) g > vagina general?

No. 944860


just take your time, relax and experiment with what feels good for you. i can only do it that way if i'm using my imagination.

No. 944919

File: 1584093225099.png (404.47 KB, 499x801, Capture.PNG)

>#284 cam model

Yeah she's not even making enough for the payout threshold with a rank like this. I can't imagine she's good to text with either considering how her Discord looks.

Her spergy description makes it even worse

No. 944920

stop tinfoiling on "not making payout" if you don't even use the platform- you can get as low as mid 350s and still hit payout regularly. agreed her description is awful though, i'm surprised she ranks that high.

No. 944921

I'll amend that then to that she's scraping by especially considering how she likes to brag on her ManyVids and OnlyFans sales.

No. 944930

she has 532 subs on onlyfans, they pay out 80% so that's almost $1700 from that (assuming people renew, but it's been around 500ish long enough that it looks like plenty do). $250ish from SP based on rank and haven't seen stats for manyvids to estimate. she's not rolling in cash like she thinks she is (and could easily make more if she got off her lazy ass and cammed) but she absolutely makes enough to pay her own bills and stop begging if she had any self control- the constant weed, alcohol, and fast food are taking a giant chunk out of her income though.

No. 944934

she's got this awful looking toy, and she's recently acquired that mask from her visit to the hospital…
oh god she's going to make disgusting coronavirus por is she not

No. 944946

good. people who expose their kinks to the nonconsenting public are trash (looking at you, shaytard)

No. 944947

same anon

No. 944977

File: 1584108298228.png (14.32 KB, 592x109, bbbbb.PNG)

how about you report these accounts? Instead of bitching about them?

No. 944979

File: 1584108377495.png (29.34 KB, 592x257, jjjjj.PNG)

No. 944981

File: 1584108623488.png (41.21 KB, 599x349, Capture.PNG)

No. 944982

cant breathe, better film a cumshow

No. 944983

How long before Shayna makes a vague post about Idubbz gf? She has almost 3k only fan subs, 1 video and 9 photos, I can imagine her whining about how hard she's worked for years and bitching about her since there's a lot of talk about it.

No. 944988

File: 1584109059117.png (Spoiler Image,219.83 KB, 620x432, wqq.PNG)

So whats the point of her having this second account? As a back up in case her old one gets deleted? Because not only does she post non-work on her work twitter (and drama) but she's posting gross fucking pedo pandering porn on her SFW account.
There's NO reason to have it.I guess when not talking about sex work she has NOTHING else to share.

No. 944995

She literally just started the account retards.

No. 945005

ummm shayna you don't just magically get over the flu in 3 days

No. 945021

File: 1584116363026.png (265.28 KB, 2048x604, Screenshot_20200313-121841.png)

Then why post it? That's fucking gross Shayna. I'm sure your subscribers love to hear you hack and cough while shoving your grubby fingers in your ass.

No. 945022

(samefag) I think she's doing this to "prove to the haydurrzz" how sick she is so she can get sympathy. It's a Shay thing to do.

No. 945049

this is fucking rich coming from the woman constantly sexualizing minors. you’re the one bringing them into NSFW spaces, bitch.

No. 945056

Who the FUCK is fapping to flu porn in the middle of a pandemic? It's amazing how she can find rock bottom in any situation and just keep digging, jfc.

No. 945071

File: 1584125711600.png (263.13 KB, 424x1114, 1584123358722.png)

I meaaan

No. 945074

Are you new to the internet? Lmao.
Shay may be scummy and a low life, but she’s not the only one.

No. 945075

Yeah but it's not like these people are actually sick while filming. Shayna is literally filming porn while she has a hacking cough and thinks thats somehow sexy. Her wheezy moans really get the juices flowing.

No. 945077

I think you should stop trying to apply logic when it comes to coomers and Shayna.

No. 945104

On OF does it automatically charge you for the next month unless you manually go in and cancel? Or do you have to opt to renew every month?

No. 945141

I didnt even cowtip and I still got banned from her server. Based.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 945143

That means that you're the person she just booted for the coronavirus conversation they're talking about. You just outed yourself she didn't randomly decide to kick you off of her discord

No. 945145

screen caps?

No. 945147

File: 1584138342537.jpg (604.56 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20191228-092251_Sna…)

I didnt say she banned me for no reason. I said I didnt get kicked for cowtipping. I'm kicked now, so it doesnt matter if they find out? Or it could idk. I'll take the ban here too if I must.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 945151


I agree with Anon you acted like you got banned for no reason when you were clearly booted for the stuff you were posting in the thread. I wouldn't be surprised if you get the ban here too. Why can't farmers just let her be the trainwreck she is without involving themselves

No. 945152

File: 1584139085095.png (2.03 MB, 760x7757, Screenshot_20200313-182500.png)

seriously. it's the literal definition of cowtipping, interacting with the cow in the hopes of stirring up milk. stupid and pointless and I hope they do get banned for bringing it up here.

She deleted the posts already but I managed to snag em anyway. sage because it's really not milk at all. just tinfoiling from the cowtipper.

No. 945167

Oof. Now that’s cringe.

No. 945172

File: 1584143853887.jpg (Spoiler Image,398.43 KB, 1080x1056, Screenshot_20200313-185707_Twi…)

She claims to cum from anal, then why the vibrator?

No. 945173

IIRC by default it's a one-month non renewing subscription, but you can change it to auto-renew in settings.

No. 945194

File: 1584147979102.jpg (135.44 KB, 1080x596, Screenshot_20200313-200613_Twi…)

No. 945196

File: 1584148006072.jpg (231.74 KB, 1080x834, Screenshot_20200313-200550_Twi…)

She seriously can't go a day without weed

No. 945208

how the fuck is she smoking weed with the flu? that shit is disorienting enough without being high

No. 945212

She went and got 2 packs of edibles

No. 945215

yeah and she said she had been smoking weed..?

No. 945218

File: 1584154384911.jpg (218.29 KB, 1076x730, Screenshot_20200313-212334_Twi…)

Does she count putting it in warm water as "cleaning it"?

No. 945219

Honestly, NOTHING will stop her from smoking

No. 945221

Probably doesn't have a high fever. She wouldn't be able to get out of bed by herself, much less go anywhere to get weed, if she was seriously sick.

No. 945229

File: 1584155733378.jpg (635.12 KB, 1079x1239, Screenshot_20200313-215430_Twi…)

She lurked

No. 945235

a popsicle and candy made with weed… the picture of health

No. 945249

Her thumb looks like a toe.

Whatever happened to diet attempt #23? All she seems to be eating lately is candy, chips, and other garbage tier snack carbs. She's bound to put on another 20lbs at this rate.

No. 945252

Well cause she's so "uwu sick and dying" anon

No. 945288

Maybe this is what she means by her meds making her fat… bitch just eating edibles.

No. 945320

She wants a gaming pc for under 1k lmaoooo keep dreaming

No. 945383

File: 1584197855511.png (765.47 KB, 1374x2048, Screenshot_20200314-105609.png)

Shayna is so fucking tone deaf

You ever think that maybe, just maybe, people are talking to companies like that because they want CHANGE? And if you're an independent sex worker you don't work for anybody, you are not an employee. How fucking dumb can you get Shayna?

No. 945386

ummm is she seriously caping for RANDOM COMPANIES now??

No. 945396

Wow it’s like she really doesn’t have a grasp on reality. She throws a temper tantrum if MV isn’t hanging awards to her and always critiquing others “businesses” even though she literally can’t run one and can’t even afford to save for rent on her own each month LOL

No. 945398

How has she been doing this for 4 years and doesn't understand that she's not an employee at ManyVids or OnlyFans? Is she really that retarded? You don't get chosen and hired, you just send in your info and you're allowed to post your shit. You give them money to host your content. I'm started to believe Shayna is actually mentally challenged at this point.

No. 945402

So here she is vaguely calling someone out with her bitch ass. I wish she'd mind her buiness.

sometimes I do wish Shayna was actually popular and someone who had a lot of interaction on her dead twitter account.
Because if she was, then she'd get called out for all the tone-deaf bullshit she regularly says.
She's a MRA and a boot licker. Probably doesn't even fucking understand why the person calling the company out is responded that way but she has to comment because she has no buiness of her own.

>>it's no wonder some of u have 2 run ur own businesses

Wow, this is so fucking stupid in SO many ways.

No. 945403

Also, this same bitch is constantly throwing fits when she can't get her money from Only fans.
I wish she'd actually @ the person/people she's talking about instead of doing this, it's so fucking weak and petty.

No. 945405

File: 1584202330092.png (22.95 KB, 582x226, nnn.PNG)

wow the hypocrisy

No. 945413

Lmao, how the fuck is saying, "you have to run your own business!" an insult? Just because you're content to let others walk all over you for literal pennies doesn't mean everyone else is.

No. 945418

Because she’s an actual moron who doesn’t understand how the real world works. She’s literally had everything done for her. The concept of having to do things yourself seems beneath her.

No. 945427

Gaming pcs for under 1k aren’t even that rare, you can get build a decent one one for like 800. Although youre right, its not like she’ll be able to really stream on that and with the addition of monitor and shit it’ll be well over 1k

No. 945430

this is assuming shay would buy parts to build one–she's probably going to blow money on a prebuilt one IF she even gets one in the first place.

No. 945483

She's looking for a gaming LAPTOP lmao bitch couldn't be assed to go on reddit for a second of research

No. 945529


Hypocrisy is right. She’s complained about people doing this to her plenty of times.

No. 945579

File: 1584231498928.jpg (299.43 KB, 1080x1109, Screenshot_20200314-191816_Twi…)

She's just asking for another scandal

No. 945584

Every bandwagon she jumps on she always make the WORST video, it's going to be the same as ALL her videos. Her talking at the camera, maybe coughing, "uwu you won't sneeze on me if I suck your dick? You won't give me the virus if I let you fuck me in the ass? uwu, Okay but please hurry up!"
Or some other dumb shit that the dude watching is going to skip because they DO NOT CARE.

No. 945588

It's not even the popular bandwagon either.
Most sexworkers are doing a "quarantine sale" instead of making Corona porn. But Shay's stuff is always on sale so she has nowhere to go there

No. 945609

File: 1584236156859.jpg (354.39 KB, 1080x1941, Screenshot_20200314-203547_Twi…)

Hilarious that she retweeted this

No. 945645

File: 1584240453019.jpg (218.1 KB, 1080x937, Screenshot_20200314-214657_Twi…)

What happened to her not being a domme?

She's already shoved fake eggs up her ass and fucked herself with a carrot. What's the next idea?

No. 945691

File: 1584245689934.jpg (319.02 KB, 1080x1321, Screenshot_20200314-231440_Twi…)

Lmao yeah right. She can't even stick to a cam or work schedule

No. 945695

Yea laptops are around 2-3k at least especially if she wants a decent SSD/HDD, at least 1TB, and nvidia. I bet she wouldnt even know what any of those things mean.

No. 945700

this sounds so sad lol
it always sounds like one of those stock loyalty mails companies send buyers, what's even marketable about this?
she's just avoiding putting up a real photo banner because she knows just how horrifying she looks these days

why the fuck did i call it >>944934

No. 945710

File: 1584248094638.jpg (229.74 KB, 1077x865, Screenshot_20200314-235358_Twi…)

And you live for people calling you out

No. 945711

File: 1584248120758.jpg (198.77 KB, 1076x929, Screenshot_20200314-235417_Twi…)

Just wait till she drops fans and her percentage

No. 945764

She's driving me insane with this gaming laptop shit. If she thinks she can find a laptop that runs any of the modern video games for under 1k she's a moron. But we kinda know that already after all these years.
Not like she's gonna play anything else than fornite anyways

No. 945784

She acts like it’s hard. my OF is $15 with 130~ subs and I’m in top 10% like girl, it doesn’t mean you’re an “uwu sex work queen” it just means you have more traffic. My monthly earnings currently is like $800 without tips. It’s supplemental income at best. She’s not raking in cash for a weekly paycheque.

No. 945785

It’ll be buttstuff barbie makes her own choc (shit) covered eggs or some shit like that since it gets worse and worse each year.

No. 945823

thank you for proving multiple tinfoils about SWs coming in this thread to dunk on shayna because her pathetic existence makes you guys feel better

No. 945828

lol there were countless other ways to phrase this without bragging but yet you just had to, anon. no one cares about your onlyfans.

No. 945841

Not a SWer but Shays pathetic dumpy life makes me feel better about mine when I’m having an off day rofl
But it’s always been known there’s tons of SWers here. Not really a tinfoil.

No. 945846

yes, anon, you are so much better than shayna. you both show your puss for easy cash so stfu lmao

No. 945847

File: 1584287829318.png (129.56 KB, 296x296, Annotation 2019-09-24 104909.p…)

damn, good thing you're better than the girls who think theyre better than shayna…

No. 945865

File: 1584290581869.png (752.81 KB, 2048x1898, Screenshot_20200315-124219.png)

maybe its because you're not funny and no one likes your content except desperate neck beards.

No. 945866

>other sex workers
who said that, except for us? or is she talking about the sw in this thread

No. 945867

File: 1584290739089.png (780.32 KB, 1645x2048, Screenshot_20200315-124508.png)

Incoming "other sex workers are sooooo mean and I've never done anything wrong!"

No. 945868

File: 1584290797383.png (925.01 KB, 1282x2048, Screenshot_20200315-124639.png)

No. 945870

Why does she keep repeating herself over and over again. Her orbiters must be tired of her shit at this point

No. 945875

>>right now

Bitch when has pedophila or racism NOT been a big serious issue? Esp. Pedophila? I wish she'd shut the fuck up.

She does not care about racism or pedophila, she only cares because she's been accused of brushing shoulders with those things.

shayna you should follow male sex workers and have them orbit you, oh wait, they don't do that shit at all. Women are cool when they are fighting your battles and patting ur back telling you "it's going to be okay' but any other time?
Girls are so mean.

yet you get pissed when people say "men are men/bad?" She says the same shit everyday.

No. 945878

I also love how she's assuming everyone who accuses someone of those things are doing so because they dislike them. Not that those people showed any signs of racism or pedophilia.

No. 945879

"girls are so mean, not like men who make up the majority of abusers & rapists in the world. men are the best & if you generalise them you're a bitch. but i'm just gonna generalise all women as being mean bitches because some girl might've said something somewhere and it sounded like it might've been targeting me"

No. 945884

File: 1584292070712.jpg (45.89 KB, 524x499, 3sp7ei.jpg)

(forgive me for using this meme but thier isn't a better way to describe shayna)

No. 945886


No. 945889

literally no average "normie" person is praising the hoes that are making fucking corona virus porn, shayna seriously thinks people just casually go "wow thank you so much precious camwhores for ~uwu normalizing~ this pandemic virus, you sex werkerz are saving the world!" no shaytard, men jerk off to whatever they see and have no appreciation or deep thought about it at all. like.. she is DELUSIONAL. so out of touch with how "normies" think.

No. 945890

gee moron i wonder why you and other girls who make a living off of showing your holes on camera for 3 measly pathetic dollars are immature simpletons

again shayna thinks a few fellow camwhores on twitter = all females ever of all time.

No. 945891

god she literally talks about the same shit everyday. ur so boring shayna!!! sing a new song. better urself and stop worrying about what other e-thots think about u.

No. 945892

So, making corona porn is normalizing it, but making pedo porn isn't normalizing pedophilia? What? Corona isn't a serious issue to you? Why does corona need to be normalized? I just… I want to understand

No. 945893

Her life has been about internet validation since she was literally 15. All she has is what other people think about her. She has no personality besides what she thinks can make her go viral. The only way she can stop caring about what people think is by removing herself from the internet, but we know she won't.

No. 945895

How on earth would making porn about the CV “normalize” it? It’s not like this porn is broadcasting on major tv networks. I don’t understand her rant. And it’s not a taboo subject like PEDOPHILIA. Which she does try to normalize and is a bigger issue in the world than a overly sensationalized virus.

No. 945897

File: 1584295238779.png (322.83 KB, 2048x764, Screenshot_20200315-140017.png)

So, a disgusting sickly cough and a voice that sounds like an elderly woman who smokes? Sounds sexy.

No. 945898

these are good points. Shayna will never get it, I also have no fucking idea what she means by "normalizing".

Every day she bitches about being cancelled and everytime she does it, I'm confused if she's talking about here, which only talks about what she puts out or…some random sex worker who cares enough to make a tweet about Shayna.

I know it's both, but when have we "cancelled" Shayna?

No. 945948

File: 1584304399379.jpg (218.79 KB, 1076x701, Screenshot_20200315-153249_Twi…)

No. 945949

File: 1584304452872.jpg (452.25 KB, 1080x1181, Screenshot_20200315-153306_Twi…)

So she's not going to talk for the ENTIRE video?

No. 945950

File: 1584304484486.jpg (163.53 KB, 1080x626, Screenshot_20200315-153318_Twi…)

No, you're not doing it because you KNOW people will go after you for it

No. 945951

File: 1584304524203.jpg (Spoiler Image,599.32 KB, 1080x1568, Screenshot_20200315-153233_Twi…)

Didn't she already do a fairy type video years ago?

No. 945956

File: 1584306238433.jpg (323.81 KB, 1080x1315, Screenshot_20200315-170055_Twi…)

I know this was posted earlier but these voting results…

No. 945959

that hair style and colour actually looks quite nice on her, surprisingly

No. 945960

isn't her natural hair this kind of dirty blonde too? always thought she should go back to that cus not only would it be easier to keep healthier with no bleaching, but it didn't look bad.

No. 945961

I wouldn't be surprised if it sells better than videos where she does talk, her dialogue is so bad.

I'd be interested in seeing her without the heavy FaceTune. Looks like she's taking pointers from Moo when it comes to her jawline

No. 945962

yeah her real hair is so fried and ugly that the wig looks way better lol she should wear it more often

No. 945965

Yeah she blurred it so much in the top pic she made it disappear into her neck
She really would look better with a more natural color, letting her real hair grow out into it

No. 945969

its brown

No. 945975

File: 1584311180712.jpg (362.06 KB, 1080x1144, Screenshot_20200315-172606_Twi…)

No. 946006

Is it normal for SWers to never talk about anything in their lives without involving sex/genitals/cum?

At least now, since she lost that stupid contest, it’s not anal anal anal. But jfc…she’s so void of a personality that sex is all she has. Which is something every living creature does. She doesn’t even pretend to be good at anything else. Even icky vicky pretends like she’s a sword swinging vixen that can tattoo.

Shay? Can have sex.

It’s like that episode of family guy when the whole family gets super powers from radioactive sludge. Everyone gets really cool abilities and then there’s Meg who can only grow out her fingernails really long.

No. 946007

File: 1584316284177.jpg (Spoiler Image,508.39 KB, 1080x1286, Screenshot_20200315-184955_Twi…)

No. 946008

File: 1584316326981.jpg (Spoiler Image,424.12 KB, 1080x1055, Screenshot_20200315-185021_Twi…)

So is this supposed to be a kidnapping thing?

No. 946013

It's as normal as talking about your job, hobby or any other one aspect of your life 24/7. She literally has nothing else going on in her life than her sad desperate holes.

No. 946018

the fucking backwards writing is so cringeworthy every time

No. 946024

i mean when she does it's super cringey so this might be a very small improvement.

even though this is edited/filtered, look at the difference between these pix and the tardy profile pic. she should do relaxed facial expressions a lot more often.

No. 946025

File: 1584318561587.jpg (297.35 KB, 1076x1095, Screenshot_20200315-192905_Twi…)

Probably because all of her junk food is gone

No. 946028

seriously? me and dozens of others went grocery shopping and dealt with zero bread, zero eggs, absolutely no milk or potatos etc and nobody was ~literally shaking and sobbing~ like our sheltered, out of touch shaytard. this is so embarassing. it's because you never leave your house shay, you have issues.

No. 946030

maybe if you had a career, education or literally any experience that prepared you for any semblance of existing in the real world you wouldn't be left so shell-shocked everytime you weren't existing in your ~*seks werker~* bubble.

also top keks at throwing around the idea of flippantly making porn parodying the pandemic for quick thotbux, but when the actual consequences of a deadly virus affect you, your fat cankles are shaking in their boots. get fucked, Shaytard.

No. 946031

Her hands look like man hands

No. 946038

nah, I feel like junk food is the only thing left on the shelves

so I don't think any of this is actually affecting her at all, now I think about it

No. 946042

File: 1584321480818.jpg (196.92 KB, 1080x781, Screenshot_20200315-201727_Twi…)

On today's episode of "what didn't happen"

No. 946045

lol walmart workers couldn't give two shits less about the way people look after what they've been through this weekend

No. 946050

things that never happened for $400

No. 946052

……. i would actually bet 10,000$ that this did not happen. nobody, especially not a walmart cashier, tells a total stranger some tumblresque bullshit about "you're so cute i wanna be you!"

No. 946070

File: 1584324826878.jpg (143.14 KB, 1080x673, Screenshot_20200315-211320_Twi…)

No. 946088

>sensory overload over empty shelves
That isn't what sensory overload is

No. 946096

File: 1584330946950.jpg (Spoiler Image,467.16 KB, 1077x1360, Screenshot_20200315-225522_Twi…)

No. 946098

File: 1584330968683.jpg (344.77 KB, 1080x2007, Screenshot_20200315-225538_Twi…)

Her new Twitter pfp. What a catfish

No. 946103

her vag looks like a hoof. this pussy ain’t kosher

No. 946117

File: 1584334793272.jpg (Spoiler Image,431.99 KB, 1077x1360, 1584330946950_mh1584334739485.…)

omg looks like a giant fat dick

No. 946128

Breaking news: Shay's vagina looks like a vagina

Smh no wonder mods banned vagina spergs, it's like you guys have never seen a human vagina in your life

No. 946133


I guess most of them are 14 and straight.

No. 946146

File: 1584343719771.png (1.51 MB, 1182x1086, Screen Shot 2020-03-16 at 2.25…)


yiiiiikes(namefag, offtopic)

No. 946166

From what I've seen it's not really normal. Even on 'work accounts' SWers will incorporate their normal lives by retweeting memes or related content or just give random updates on them traveling, their hobbies, or just stuff they bought recently for personal use. Shay is one of the few that seems to never have anything to say that isn't sex, drama, substance abuse, or mental illness.

Then again what else would she have to talk about? She doesn't go anywhere, she has no hobbies, and she has no friends that aren't sex partners.

No I can actually see this happening. It's called Shay getting high before she goes to Walmart, nearly crying in the middle of the snack aisle, and then giving herself a pep talk through the security camera at the self-checkout.

No. 946168

The only difference between Shayna and other sex workers is that Shayna has lolcow threads. Don't think your better, you still humilate yourself for scrote change like she does.

No. 946207

File: 1584368377266.jpg (Spoiler Image,760.81 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20200316-101916_Chr…)


No. 946208

File: 1584368482075.jpg (Spoiler Image,920.55 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20200316-101925_Chr…)


No. 946218

what the fuck is this tasteless shit

No. 946222

Man she's so desperate in getting attention. At this point I think she would get a clue when you stick a firework into your vagina and no one fucking care. Damn that's almost sad.

No. 946226

File: 1584371150692.png (69.56 KB, 782x421, Screenshot (2).png)

yeah that $3 is gonna save lives

No. 946230

glad to see the knife-on-pussy pose is back
3edgy5me shayna

No. 946232

this is so repulsive I throughly regret opening this thread while eating

No. 946235

File: 1584372505267.jpg (516.7 KB, 1280x925, tumblr_inline_p9s2nvFo0N1ttrj3…)

She's really out here looking like Eddy with that neck.

No. 946253

File: 1584377452030.png (876.92 KB, 1457x2048, Screenshot_20200316-125023.png)

who. the fuck. cares.

No. 946254

"Please believe I've changed! I'm going to say something shitty and stupid later but I've changed!"

No. 946259

Even if that did happen, which I'm totally sure it did, I hope that cashier knows she's still much more successful than Shay.

No. 946262

File: 1584379267957.png (1.5 MB, 2006x2048, Screenshot_20200316-132026.png)

More basic pussy rubbing and Hitachi bullshit. Idk how she considers herself a fetish model, she's vanilla as all hell.


No. 946270


Yeah, no, I fully understand now the hate people have for this thread.

Shayna was a mistake.

No. 946285

so… if she's a kidnapping victim, with tape over her mouth, why is SHE the one holding the knife????? never adds up

No. 946295

File: 1584388571526.jpeg (Spoiler Image,833.94 KB, 1242x1054, EAFB5DB4-5F6C-4167-BC7F-CFD81D…)

Happy… st Patrick’s day….

No. 946296

is this a joke

looks like utter and complete cheap trashy shit, she looks like she went dumpster diving behind dollarama and just took every st patricks day item and slapped it on

No. 946297

I can't with that bow

No. 946298

File: 1584389128719.jpg (467.46 KB, 1080x1536, Screenshot_20200316-150405_Twi…)

Again, something that DIDN'T happen

No. 946299

This must be the outfit she was e-begging for a few days ago. $100 and the best you could come up with is Dollar Tree Mattel.

No. 946300

File: 1584389164711.jpg (186.21 KB, 1080x601, Screenshot_20200316-150348_Twi…)

No Shay, just @ you

Other sex Workers have lives and actually leave their houses

No. 946303

The most fascinating thing is how her makeup skill continues to get worse over the years. That eyeliner is basically her entire eyelid now kek

No. 946304

Mmm subjecting non-consenting people to your kinks, especially in a work place, how sexy

Why does she constantly forget that escorts, strippers, etc exist. Not all sex workers make a living on the internet dumbass

No. 946311

shay is such a martyr for sex work… truly inspiring

No. 946315

"I'm like, soooooo sick you guys!!"

Mmmmkay Shay.

No. 946318

Literally no smart employee would give the key to the owner's HOME to a random stranger. Especially not a random stranger with a Barbie backpack that has nothing in it besides a dildo and a stuffed animal.

No. 946333

File: 1584393664464.png (1.48 MB, 1971x2048, Screenshot_20200316-172013.png)

Her trying to stretch her leg is the funniest fucking thing.

Girl you're not obese, this shouldn't be difficult for someone who brags about getting their legs "behind their head" all the time.


No. 946343

does she realize so many people are neets and shut ins and work from home etc and that not EVERY GODDAMN THING EVER is aimed at ~sex werkerz~

No. 946352

File: 1584397001535.png (109.29 KB, 1086x388, shaythephilanthropist.png)

why do i get the feeling that she's doing this as some attempt to go viral instead of out of genuine compassion for others? a few bucks could literally mean like $3 as well.

No. 946353

File: 1584397256246.jpg (357.2 KB, 1080x1147, Screenshot_20200316-171932_Twi…)

No. 946355

It's not even St. Patrick's day

No. 946356

Or be a fucking adult and stop telling others they need to take responsibility for your retarded rants.

No. 946357

Because nothing she does is genuine. It's either virtue signaling or trying to go viral. Or both at the same time, like this. She saw other popular sex workers doing it and thought "oh people will think I'm nice and generous if I do this"

It's all about what other people think of her.

No. 946359

the real facts are that much more people dislike shayna and only a few actually like her, nobody loves her besides her parents and nobody really hates her because she's too pathetic and unimportant to truly hate.

No. 946362

Anyone wanna gif it? I hate watching her videos and I don’t want to give her views lol. Shay gifs are always the best and the absolute worst.

No. 946374

No. 946375

She literally sounds fine. She is just lazy and doesn't want to make the customs


No. 946376

File: 1584407492507.png (309.28 KB, 2048x490, Screenshot_20200316-195346.png)

Yes Shayna we all know you over edit.

No. 946377

This actually sounds nicer and softer than her regular voice, but it does sound scratchy and irritated. Not sexy at all.

No. 946378

She can make this but not customs that people PAID for?

No. 946379

No, she's fine

No. 946380

File: 1584407630537.png (1.2 MB, 1991x2048, Screenshot_20200316-195412.png)

She could pass for early 30s. No one would believe this is a girl in her early 20s without her heavy editing.

No. 946383

That's the part I don't understand.

No. 946384

Y'all will complain about her making lazy content while she is sick, but also complain if she's not making content while she's sick? Fucking pick one, retards.

No. 946386

She looks so much better than I've seen her in a year during the very last 2 seconds of this video when she gives the camera a kiss. She smiles for real, and doesn't look miserable. But only for .5 seconds.

No. 946389

Well sick or not her content is always shitty

No. 946390

File: 1584409353760.png (2.08 MB, 2048x1830, Screenshot_20200316-213951.png)

More proof that she won't do something unless she thinks it will make her go viral.

You don't go from the Sims and stardew valley, to playing CoD. They're two way different kinds of video games. If she had any personality or things that she liked, she would stick to games she actually likes, not ones she think will score her internet points with the gamer boys.

Women like her are the reasons girl gamers get called fake all the time.

No. 946391

she is definitely playing this because she thinks she'll be popular, but it's retarded to think people can't enjoy a big range of genres lol. no one only plays shooters or farm simulators, just like how no one only watches action movies or comedies.

No. 946393

I didn't mean people can't enjoy different stuff.

It's just, who goes from playing the Sims and stardew valley to suddenly being interested in a game like CoD? You'd think she'd try something like Skyrim or Red Dead maybe before CoD, if she wanted to try different genres, ya know?

No. 946396

Chill, its a f2p br

No. 946399

Anon clearly doesn't game as a hobby. Tons of people switch between games, even within hours of playing a different genre.
I get shay is a retard but this is the dumbest nitpick I've ever seen.
There's a thousand other things to rip her apart for other than
>she's not playing the same genre she was a week ago!!
t. gamerfag

No. 946400

This is Shayna we're talking about though.

The only reason she's playing is because she wants uWu real gamer points and asspats from neck beard gamers in their basement. She's only doing it because she wants to be like Lana and Vivi, two of her orbiters who are popular on twitch and as gamer porn girls. She's just hopping on a trend as usual.

This is literally a thread ABOUT Shayna. You'd think it was obvious I'm talking about her and not using it as a generalization.

No. 946402

her stomach looks like a fucking face, i can't.

long over detailed description is long and over detailed, dead at the cum leaking out of her "like a waterfall" and putting the tape on her to keep whatever's left in.

No. 946404

Do people still play COD lol even her bf has shit taste

No. 946431


I mean, it's the most watched game on Twitch right now so I'd say so.

No. 946453

Bold of you to assume that she’s actually sick…

>with that being said
Does she think this phrase makes her sound insightful?? She never uses it correctly and her jerky, shovel like hand movements make her look full autist. Mostly
Unnatural person I’ve ever seen in front of a camera

No. 946461


“restaurant he owned” in reality: a restaurant he was a dishwasher for at best, if he even existed in the first place, of course.

No. 946466

How come this is the first time we're hearing this story? She posts everything online, even the shit that makes her look bad. She really thinks this tall tale passes for anything more than fiction she dreamed up while diddling herself in her current hovel? Shayna please.

The fuck is this look. Did she raid the dollar store for a st paddys theme?

No. 946502

you don't have to "ease" into a genre or wtf you are thinking. have you ever consumed media? you can go from watching horror movies/shows straight to romcoms if both genres peak your interests, you don't need to watch black comedies or some shit in between to get into it.

No. 946506

do you all know what you sounds like, gatekeeping gaming computers and video games smdh

No. 946520

Shay really needs to update on this. Someone who currently has corona posted on Twitter their symptoms and it was all pain when breathing that even inhalers and medicines just made worse.

Not that Shay could get corona since she only goes out to crowded bars and practices no hygiene… oh.

No. 946551

File: 1584457177266.jpg (271.32 KB, 1080x902, 20200317_095755.jpg)

Can't wait until she sees how basically everything is gone, or the store is only doing limited items.

No. 946552

just get a pallet of goldfish crackers and a dozen bottles of wine and it'll be business as usual for you, shayna

No. 946565

File: 1584459602628.jpg (326.81 KB, 1080x1882, Screenshot_20200317-103840_Twi…)


Lol she says she's trying to help people, but only sent $10

No. 946566

File: 1584459648985.jpg (383.16 KB, 1080x1865, Screenshot_20200317-103850_Twi…)


"I hate that I can't send more." No, you just don't want to

No. 946567

Why did this person cover Shay's cash app $? It's literally on her Twitter

No. 946568

Just outed herself that she does in fact survive on takeout. But its the meds that make her fat! And she needs money for basic things like weed and cheemsburger!!

No. 946599

It's so fucking transparent what she's doing. Yes it's a kind (very very small gesture) but we know she's doing it JUST for attention, JUST to go viral.
Why Shayna? Do you think if you go viral you REALLY won't be cancelled? The more people looking at you means the more people who'll actually speak up when you are on ur fuck shit. She wants fame so BAD but she does NOT understand how weak willed she is. How if she actually had a bunch of active followers how many of them would come at her ass for the shit she pulls.

No. 946605

File: 1584466476237.jpg (1.31 MB, 1080x2220, 20200317_122902.jpg)

She can't send more because she spent $75 on shit she doesn't need and will never reuse again.

No. 946618

The only other person I've seen have such an innate lack of personality that no matter what they did they'd never go viral or manage a real audience online is himezawa

I really do not understand the delusional world Shayna lives in. We know her flat ass reads here so it's not like she doesn't see the honesty and criticism to just not be aware of it.

I think part of why I love reading her threads is that I'm so fucking baffled by her stupidity and blandness. Like she seems to sincerely have 0 interest or personality yet she clings to these ideas that bring her nothing for an image she can't cultivate. The only fascinating trait she possesses is how extremely unfascinating she is… I know you all know what I mean but it's so uniquely shitty there's gotta be a specific term for it.

No. 946620

for the last time, your impulse buying is NOT YOUR CUSTOMER'S RESPONSIBILITY.

you're not a findom, this shit doesn't work for uwu submissive babies

She loves to pretend to be a findom but then shits on other models for trying new things.

No. 946621

To put it simply, Shayna is painfully average, with no capability to ever be anything but.

No. 946622

calling shayna average is just far too generous.

No. 946626

This has to be one of those things some other language has a perfect word for that English just can't properly convey on it's own.

No. 946657

i refuse to believe she spent $75 on that green eyesore of a 'costume' a couple days before a holiday. show the receipt, not that you just went into the store for a pic. she's shamelessly begging as usual b/c she thinks she deserves money for doing nothing.

No. 946662

File: 1584473515733.jpg (111.61 KB, 675x1200, whathappened.jpg)

Let's not forget this is what she used to look like. I'll cut her a little slack, she has potential to be quite cute. But for her to leave her hair alone, go on a diet and stop drinking so much, do her makeup how she used to and buy nicer quality clothes would be too much to ask of her. Sad, but she did this to her damn self.

No. 946663

but the discussion wasn't about looks it was about her personality/life/actions anon. we all know she could LOOK average with effort but her life and brain is pitifully below average lol.

No. 946673

File: 1584474373729.png (295.26 KB, 2048x869, Screenshot_20200317-154537.png)

fucking kek.

No. 946674

Shayna doesn't have the creativity to cosplay. She tried Harley once and failed miserably because she's probably never even seen the character of Harley Quinn besides internet memes and in passing.

You usually like the characters you cosplay.

No. 946678

File: 1584474916887.png (Spoiler Image,3.56 MB, 1919x2048, Screenshot_20200317-155433.png)

looking gray, lumpy, and washed out. Yikes.

No. 946681

a functioning member of society

No. 946685

I (and other anons) called it, get ready for Anime Fuck Doll Mattel, she's going to badly start cosplaying.

Next up- "hey guys since I'm stuck in the house, can you recommend any good anime shows?"

then she'll get into an very popular one and do a bad cosplay and bad porn using an underaged character.

No. 946687

kek, she may look decent with clothes on but this was her pussy boil phase

No. 946691

Gaming, anime, and cosplay?

Yeah I'm 100% sure this is because she wants to go viral, not because she actually enjoys it.

No. 946722

I'd love to know one thing that Shayna enjoys that she hasn't tried to make it her personality, porn or a way to make money or get attention. I can't think of anything.
Every interest she has she makes it into a personality and yes, Anime, gaming and even cosplay are very common, but we know Shayna does shit with going viral, getting attention and making money in her mind first and foremost.

Just like porn. She'd do shit she does NOT enjoy JUST for attention and money. She wants a gaming laptop because she wants to start doing twitch, for what? Attention/fame.

So if Shaya gets into cosplay and anime, it won't be because she has an genuine interest, it's because it's something she can sell, get attention from and HOPE to go viral. It's popular. Shayna's enjoyment of things is always the last thing she thinks about when she wants attention imo.

No. 946728

The only thing she genuinely ever showed interest in was the doors, Jim Morrison, and weed. Not much really, but it was something.

Then she became popular on Tumblr for a picture of a weed chocolate bar and some bong pics and threw any personality she had out the window to trade it in for Tumblr aesthetic.

No. 946745

Oh absolutely. Most people would cosplay a character they love as their first attempt at it. Sure cosplayers take requests and all that, but it's glaringly obvious she just wants neckbeards to tell her what they want so she can make money off them.

No. 946756

File: 1584485375949.jpg (352.61 KB, 1079x1431, Screenshot_20200317-174803_Twi…)

No. 946757

File: 1584485427634.jpg (123.34 KB, 1080x531, Screenshot_20200317-174818_Twi…)

Easter porn will probably be her shoving something up her ass

420 porn will probably be her fucking her ass while she takes a Bong hit

No. 946758

File: 1584485468193.jpg (589.03 KB, 1080x1699, Screenshot_20200317-174840_Twi…)

That lol moment when the drawing is better looking than her

No. 946764

> people being laid off across the board at alarming rates
> people can't buy essential items
> items that are available are price-gougeed
b-but pay for my tacky dollar-store-tier props to make my shitty, unnecessary porn u guize

No. 946775

File: 1584489808849.jpg (247 KB, 1080x928, Screenshot_20200317-190227_Twi…)

So I'm confused. You pay $3 to get her OnlyFans and then you get what for $50? What happened to her wanting her content affordable during this hard time?

No. 946776

File: 1584489852764.jpg (222.96 KB, 1076x836, Screenshot_20200317-190143_Twi…)

Yes Shay, your birthday is totally what you should be worried about right now

No. 946777

File: 1584489894015.jpg (338.84 KB, 1080x1099, Screenshot_20200317-190206_Twi…)

What happened to that work space she set up in that one bedroom?

No. 946781

i know she was fucking deluded, but????
bro there is so much shit going on right now, nobody gives a fuck about your mundane ramblings and small apartment right now.

No. 946785

makes a tweet about how it's ok if ppl can't subscribe to/buy her content, then asks for money for who knows what. like, just b/c she says she bought props/costumes doesn't mean she did, she probably spent the money on stupid shit and will pretend someone gifted it to her.

for $3 you get the subscription which probably just includes pix and some videos. the rest is what you're getting for $50 and she won't keep up with it b/c she's lazy and already behind on her custom content.

No. 946787

"I just said I had to go to Urgent Care cause I was SOOOoooOO concerned and now Corona virus but I hope it doesn't ruin my birthday or my moving plans. Send money, thanks!"

Sometimes I wonder how she's even real. She's like a parody of a Karen or something.

No. 946790

File: 1584492115129.jpg (317.42 KB, 1080x1086, Screenshot_20200317-194133_Twi…)

And she just now realized this?

No. 946791

this is literally what she said when she got a 1 bedroom apartment instead of a studio. That she'd be able to "shut the door on her work" and use the main room for living.

No. 946796

lol and only 2 weeks late to the party
guess that's what happens when you're in your own bubble of narcissism 25/8

No. 946813

I'm glad she didn't go shopping earlier because you know she would have been panic buying all the essentials just to let them rot/sit around in her tiny apartment

No. 946818

File: 1584497617170.jpg (525.45 KB, 1080x1468, Screenshot_20200317-211255_Twi…)

Yeah cause she needs those big boxes of cookies and goldfish

No. 946819

File: 1584497650958.jpg (241.32 KB, 1080x934, Screenshot_20200317-211237_Twi…)

Shay, you were literally just out shopping

No. 946820

File: 1584497697950.jpg (634.96 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20200317-221256_Twi…)

this person is genuinely unable to function and take care of herself. jesus fucking christ, all you have is time shayna, learn how to cook or somesomething.

No. 946821

What the fuck this is gonna last her a week tops. Bacon, goldfish, cookies. Shayna. What the actual fuck. You're 20+ years old holy fuck are you mentally challenged for real?

No. 946824

lmao all i see is carbs, candy and bacon

No. 946826

File: 1584498472313.jpg (Spoiler Image,957.69 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20200317-222636_Chr…)

editing somehow made her ass look even flatter

No. 946837

Yeesh Moo tier editing

No. 946838

right, but it's her meds that are making her gain weight lol.

No. 946839

yeah kek not a single vegetable in sight

No. 946844

File: 1584503043478.jpg (1.09 MB, 1080x1718, Screenshot_20200317-224332_Twi…)


No. 946846

File: 1584503238012.jpg (Spoiler Image,1.02 MB, 1080x1737, Screenshot_20200317-224342_Twi…)


No. 946847

File: 1584503268363.jpg (557.71 KB, 1080x1478, Screenshot_20200317-224631_Twi…)

No. 946849

File: 1584503361703.jpg (448.1 KB, 1080x1412, Screenshot_20200317-224854_Twi…)

Of course you are Shay

No. 946851

Those FEET

No. 946852


i will never understand the absolute delusion shayna possesses to think tweeting her crusty nudes at non porn-related entities like luxury clothing companies and rappers is a good idea

No. 946853

Best photo she's taken since her weight gain. Wearing something with elastic that fits is a good start

No. 946854

She genuinely has no rhythm or sex appeal.

No. 946855


Let me guess, Shayna saw a picture of Toga

No. 946856

File: 1584504181214.jpeg (207.87 KB, 1290x1935, F12B0046-D6B0-4E0D-A1D4-BDC394…)

who looks at this and thinks it’s okay to post as advertising for sex work. She looks so miserable (let alone unkempt, exhausted etc), she looks at the camera like she can’t wait for this clip to be over

No. 946857


Kek, she just retweeted a bunch of old stuff to hide these

No. 946858

Wtf are those bags under her eyes

No. 946864

File: 1584505299033.jpg (422.45 KB, 1080x1419, Screenshot_20200317-231951_Twi…)

She is one of those people who can't stop living in HS

No. 946866

Wow. She photoshopped so much, her belly button is just…blur

No. 946869

You can see her suck her stomach in at the end of this as she turns and sits back down.

No. 946873

File: 1584507407989.jpg (496.37 KB, 1080x2007, Screenshot_20200317-235457_Twi…)

Of ALL people, Shay should NOT be giving medication advice

No. 946881

Is this advice? Doesn’t sound like it to me.

No. 946882

the one anon who said she'll buy a shit ton of goldfish crackers and junk was spot on

No. 946884

Am I crazy or is there some kind of secretion in her asshole?!

No. 946891

"having a panic attack" for shay is just a mild to moderate anxiety attack.

No. 946923

Does she not realize 2015 was 5 years ago?

I mean if there's food shortages I can understand just grabbing what you can but this is the same shit Shay gets every time she claims she's going to "eat healthy and get fit" so odds are she bypassed all the actual healthy food still in stock for this stuff.

No. 946930

I’m surprised she hasn’t started begging for money to buy the new animal crossing game yet

No. 946932

10 bucks says she shoves her bong up her ass

also would put money on shay getting covid, as long as she stays inside it'll be the funniest train wreck + she will get hell fat

No. 946934

I absolutely cringe for her every time she mentions her high school glory days.

No. 946946

Exactly. Does this bitch not know we're on a verge of a shut down? A lot of people are losing their ACTUAL jobs and are terrified if they can keep a roof over their heads and/or be able to feed their families. I seriously doubt they wanna "reimburse" some fat ass, washed up Twitter whore $170 during a fucking crisis. Meanwhile she's mostly concerned about her stupid ass birthday that she'll celebrate alone again and showing her nasty cunt on Twitter for attention. Wonder what she'll do during a shut down and she can't go out to get weed and runs out of junk food. She's not equipped for normal, every day Life let alone a national state of emergency. Dumb fucking bitch, I swear to God.

No. 946963

she’s so trashy oh my god

No. 946967

File: 1584538549274.jpeg (Spoiler Image,31.15 KB, 334x528, 1858217D-E7BE-48D8-933E-67AE46…)

why does her asshole look like that

No. 946988

File: 1584544547471.png (582.82 KB, 1197x2048, Screenshot_20200318-111442.png)

once again, this is not sensory overload. Seeing a bunch of articles about corona might give you anxiety, but it's not the same as sensory overload.

Stop fucking using buzzwords so people will feel sorry for you.

No. 946991

File: 1584545204738.jpg (382.62 KB, 1080x1279, 20200318_152620.jpg)

God damn that's sad/pathetic

No. 946994

basically, she has to look at her followers every day to make sure the people she thinks like her, really still like her.

What a sad existence.

No. 946996

she uses "sensory overload" to mean "anything that makes me uncomfortable." like people whispering to themselves (which she fucking does and is a hypocrite for judging), being in a supermarket, or looking at the news.

yes, it is frowned upon to force others to touch your hands when the biggest thing recommended right now is not touching other people's hands. so stupid

No. 946999

How can she not so how much this way of thinking is destroying her life?

No. 947007

Wow. Thats really sad. So this is why she's always whining and shit, every time she checks, someone unfollows her and she starts throwing those weird subs while she tries to figure out why they unfollowed her.

Which is funny because she's said many times that she unfollows people for drama, yet in the same breath she feels everyone should stick around no matter what.

She really needs to realize these people do NOT give TWO shits about her.

No. 947012

and why waste all that money on nails? She takes them off days later. It's a waste of money.

No. 947013

File: 1584548893236.png (652.35 KB, 1602x2048, Screenshot_20200318-122522.png)

Another day, another scam.
She will NOT get on cam. What even happened to her laptop? Also, super inappropriate time to be begging for $800 but stay trashy, Shay.

No. 947055

She sold her laptop a couple of threads ago.

No. 947105

File: 1584560162573.png (368.84 KB, 2048x839, Screenshot_20200318-153515.png)

God damn she is retarded.

No. 947117

Is she not moving anymore??

No. 947118

has shay ever played any of the past ac games? the only reason she would probably want to play it is because of how popular it is

No. 947121

holy shit

No. 947141

File: 1584566460900.jpg (480.98 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20200318-162028_Twi…)

Her new pfp. Back to being a cat fish

No. 947142

File: 1584566490290.jpg (Spoiler Image,1018.41 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20200318-161745_Twi…)

That editing

No. 947143

File: 1584566514012.jpg (Spoiler Image,547.29 KB, 1080x1117, Screenshot_20200318-161804_Twi…)

Yes, put your dirty ass boots on your bed

No. 947144

File: 1584566543384.jpg (Spoiler Image,477.28 KB, 1080x1223, Screenshot_20200318-162013_Twi…)

Shay you are definitely not tiny and that is not a big cock

No. 947145

No. 947162

That unsexy head shake thing and the horrible pig gag fuckin kek

No. 947165

In the left pic she looks like she's on drugs trying to figure out if the camera is on

No. 947167

File: 1584569928496.png (Spoiler Image,1.94 MB, 2048x1161, Screenshot_20200318-181707.png)

Why even bother doing blowjob vids? That fucking noise she made is going to haunt my nightmares

No. 947170

I will say this looks a lot like her old stuff which wasn't good, but it was somewaht more effort then she usually puts. I'm talking about the background and her look, yeah it's cheap but it's better then her normal shit.

No. 947172

i don't believe she was even going to considering that a couple weeks beforehand she was still looking a places. after ppl gave her money specifically for moving she just stopped talking about t.

No. 947187

Yeah, agreed. At least it's not the usual "just showing my ass and vagina is enough, right?" kind of shit, dirty hair, same make up and all that. That blowjob sound though.

No. 947191

File: 1584574588832.jpg (178.94 KB, 1075x605, Screenshot_20200318-183530_Twi…)

No. 947198

File: 1584575400987.jpg (39.59 KB, 386x500, ruben.jpg)

>renaissance style
I think she means Rubenesque

No. 947233

I hate how fucking predictable she is. People called it 15 days ago >>940572

No. 947238

No. 947246

File: 1584581400724.jpg (576.85 KB, 1080x1869, Screenshot_20200318-202941_Twi…)

No. 947247

You stupid bitch STOP GOING OUTSIDE. I swear shes left the house more than ever during a time where people are supposed to stay inside. And shes sick with something. Worst kind of person. Try working dumb bi