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File: 1675098208402.png (1.26 MB, 1158x715, CatGate2023.png)

No. 1756585

Previous thread: >>>/snow/1748256

25 year old failing prostitute, porn sick degenerate, drug addict and alcoholic who spends her days posting free pictures of her hemmerhoid filled anus on twitter while begging for rent. Rejects her parents help to get an education and normal job. Hurts animals on purpose and panders to pedos by filming porn dressed as a child. Recently moved to Seattle after wasting years on an ex too ashamed to admit they were dating her and is currently looking her new Fupa 2.0.


REMEMBER: Read the rules before posting. Repetitive nitpicks about Shayna's body, face, and genitals are subject to a 1-day ban. Reposting the same photos zoomed in/edited is not milk and you will receive a ban for nitpicking. Stay on topic, derailing and infighting will result in a ban. Sage when there’s no milk. Spoiler any NSFW images. No blog posting or bragging about how you're a better whore than Shayna. Nobody wants to hear about your degeneracy. This is a Shay thread, curb your enthusiasm when posting screenshots of other e-whores, they go in the e-whores thread.

Summary of Last Thread:

>>1748291, >>1748317 Nonas are disappointed in the lack of milk from Shayna's Acid Trip.
>>1748296, >>1748412, >>1748449, >>1748478 more photos of Shane P. Sonnier are posted showing a much larger man than we imagined
>>1748437 Nonas imagine an alternative universe where Shane picked Shayna
>>1748463 Shayna has to cancel a planned shoot due to taking Acid >>1749190 as well as her scheduled cam show
>>1748617 Shayna gives a look into her Twitter Feed. Wtf?
>>1755117 Detective Nonnies find the mugshot of Shane Pierre Sonnier of Saline County >>1748772 as well as details of his arrest. TLDR: He was driving high on meth with a gun in his car
>>1749070 Shayna's mysterious sickess (alcoholism) re-appears after her Acid trip >>1749302 and she is soon begging for cash to get to >>1749512 the hospital
>>1749347 Shayna insinuates that she shits and pisses in her diapers for sexual reasons >>1749349 Nonas speculate she is secretly doing extremely degenerate content on Snapchat she doesn't admit to
>>1750757 Shayna continues to pine for her meth daddy >>1750842
>>1750912, >>1751028 Old content of Shaynas is released
>>1751032 Shayna replaces her skirt belt with a pink tutu in an attempt to hide her gunt
>>1751359 Shayna continues to look for Fupa 2.0 on Tinder
>>1751829 Shayna tries to re-ignite relationships with her extra moid-y coomers The Dad and >>1754368 the Gimp after ignoring them during the Shane Saga
>>1751949 Shayna lowers her prices yet again. Nudes now are only 3 dollars per pop. Bleak.
>>1752164 Shayna tries to embrace her fatness by posting a Michelin Man Photoshoot >>1752209 autism nona draws on a bikini which becomes a farm favourite
>>1752333 Shayna involves herself in the a mutual's drama >>1752335 and >>1752342
>>>/ot/1481862 THE SHAYNATORIUM IS BORN. Check in at your own risk.
>>1752831 Shayna involves herself in E-Girl Drama on Twitter where a private convo exposed some semi-popular e-thots >>1752833 tries to compare her haters to the girls in the private chat >>1752925
>>1752835 Shayna fails to see the hypocrisy yet >>1753816 again >>1753736
>>1752853 Shayna asks her coomers for opinions on her wonky teeth >>1753346 and schedules an appointment for the orthodontist. Despite being recommended Invisiline she wants braces so she can pedo bait >>1753607
>>1753484 Shayna makes plans to build a website
>>1753520 Shayna looks forward to her 7th year in sex work coming in February
>>1753551 Shayna pisses on her carpet
>>1753593 Shayna deactivates her Femdom account
>>1753898 Stats Nona drops some interesting Twitter stats showing her Coomers don't give a fuck about her breakup
>>1753912 Shayna thinks its cute when her dog begs to be fed and let out for a walk
>>1754745 Cat Gate 2023 begins with a simple GIF of Shayna high and letting her cat drop from 4.5 feet because it got in the way of her shooting a snapchat story
>>1754745 Deranged Nona begins posting the GIF to all of Shayna's mutuals on Twitter forcing her to respond >>1754993
>>1755023 Deranged Nona goes too far and begins posting the GIF to Peta and other Normie Twitter Accounts. Spends 7 hours "trolling" Shayna
>>1755027 Shayna wishes physical harm on her haters >>1755040
>>1755172 Shayna lashes out at anyone who reaches out about the Cat abuse GIF
>>1755194 Shayna admits her family knows what she does and that they know she wears >>1756076 diapers
>>1755271 Shayna PRIVATES HER TWITTER for the first time ever due to #Cat Gate 2023
>>1756051 Shayna continue to show us her lack of common sense and body definition >>1756253 and >>1756348
>>1755353 Honourable Mention: Hairy Ken Doll sticks up for Shayna against Soy Boy Sol

New TikTok: https://www.tiktok.com/@dollhausbarbie
Snapchat: irlbarbiedolly (BANNED)

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No. 1756589

kek at thread name. thank you for fixing 37 nona. beautiful job

No. 1756590

Fantastic thread! And thank you for adding in those updates!

No. 1756595

File: 1675099074032.gif (10.86 MB, 416x647, Fupas Cat Gets Abused.gif)

Thank Nonnies. A few fixes:

Thread 125: >>>/snow/1742119

>>1754992 (Updated) Deranged Nona begins posting the GIF to all of Shayna's mutuals on Twitter forcing her to respond >>1754993

And reposting the infamous cat GIF because #NEVERFORGET

No. 1756599

File: 1675099270617.jpeg (341.07 KB, 750x1023, D3611D06-7478-4EEC-A99F-B588B7…)

one of her coomers questioning her

No. 1756610

Shane Pierre Sonnier. That is all. Want to make sure his full name is dropped at least once.

No. 1756613

"I know, you know, that I'm not telling the truth. I know, you know, they just don't have any proof."

Forgive me nonnas; I love Psych but I couldn't resist.

No. 1756617

Samefag. Was responding to a post where they were saying reading between the lines, Shayna is basically saying "Don't tell me, I don't want to hear it." So my joke does hold water! That's all.

No. 1756618

>literal pedophile reaches out to her
>still 100% believes that everyone into her content, are just kinksters and don't really want to fuck minors or interacts with them.
There's multiple cases of real pedophiles (the one from Glee and that one from that band) admitting shit like this to women they are interested in or prostitutes.
They do this because they are think you are are pedophile/or will tolerate pedophile shit.
Shayna should find out whatever she can about this scrote and report him. Instead she's going to make a vague post. If this was someone who said something mean to her she'd be whining more. Posting screenshots
A actual pedophile hits you up and you do nothing. This is why Shayna is hated. She doesn't even see how fucked this all is and the people she attracts

No. 1756624

Also minors don't belong in kink yet Ellen Patricia Dressal (is this the correct spelling) stole a toddlers pacifier she was baby sitting and posted sexual pictures with it. The posts are still up on her Tumblr.
Shayna Leigh Clifford was contacted by a pedophile wanting to talk about Minors In a sexual context and wanted her to pretend to be a minor for a porn video.
Instead of calling this creep out publicly (his name/information you have)or reporting him, she whines on her locked twitter about it. Great. You are really saving minors shayna.
Also I guess it doesn't click why he's talking to you like this? Almost as if he feels you are one of them aka a pedo or tolerates pedo conversations.

No. 1756629

She seems more annoyed that they "wasted her time" instead of stepping back and realizing she profits off making content for actual pedos.

No. 1756630

She literally can't survive off online sex work unless she panders to predators. She knows this, she has a way out…yet she fights tooth and nail to continue to do it. Sad fucking life.

No. 1756632

She's so fuckin braindead it hurts. Bitch you piss yourself in diapers and wear a pacifier. Talk about coloring books and drinking out of a sippy cup. You're sexualizing toddlers and you're surprised when a scrote wants you to outright say it? Anyone that interacts with this hoe needs to be put on a watchlist and castrated.

No. 1756637

Ellen Patricia Dressel - Shayna Leight Clifford - Shane Pierre Sonnier - John Kendall Cox - Mike Slack are pedophiles.
I think Jason R. Womack is just plain stupid.

No. 1756638

She's a shitty person and this isn't even the first pedo who asked her to do this. If they were saying tranny or being rude, shayna would be on a rant and asking everyone to cancel.
But he's just asking her to act like a minor explicitly, he's just wanting to talk sexual about Minors, eh I'll just make a twitter post.
She doesn't care, "minors don't belong in kink spaces " isn't the fucking lesson dingus. This isn't kink, this is a pedophile wanting to have pedophile conversations with you.
I fucking loathe this woman. Thanks for not actually calling out someone who is more then likely a pedo shayna!! You care so much about minors!!

No. 1756639

Shayna Leigh Clifford had direct contact with a person wanting her to act like a minor and talk about Minors sexually and did nothing.

No. 1756641

I guarantee she's bitching about someone who started the convo this way and wasn't paying. If Jason Womack, Mike Slack, or Shane Sonnier wanted to bring minors into the mix she would 100% do it for either the right price or straight up ass-pats cause she liked the dude.

No. 1756642

Imagine choosing to have conversations with pedos instead of a college education then virtue signalling about it on Twitter. Instead of posting the person's information and/or reporting them and quitting this shit.

No. 1756644

>shhhh it’s fine as long as we don’t call it what it is

No. 1756649

What's funny is this criticism won't make shayna mad nor will she whine about it. She'll ignore this and whine about how we call her ugly or find ugly pictures of her. Us thinking she, her coomers and Ellen are a danger to childern/other women due to their gross behavior and Shaynas ignorance of people who are a potential danger to minors (ellen/the two "say you are a minor" customers). No us calling her ugly and knowing her real name is terrible. I wouldn't be surprised if shayna has said she was underaged or acted like a minor for Fupaul or people irl.

No. 1756650

I'm convinced Womack has a handicap. He's just too stupid, you know? I'm going through old threads right now and back when he was really interacting with her a lot, he comes off so retarded. Kek

No. 1756652

File: 1675103254102.png (22.12 KB, 523x131, Everything is Exactly the SAme…)

searched IRLBarbie on twitter and found this tweet from 2020. incredibly sad how -nothing- has changed from three years ago. she's repeating the same things over and over again like it's shayhog day.

No. 1756656

Kek I agree. If it was a woman calling her out she would @ her and tell her followers to defend her. She can’t even give out the pedophiles Twitter handle and ask people to report. Nah she’ll only tell her followers to report and block that retarded cow tipper. He’s probably going to bother some underaged girl now. Thanks Shayna!! Fucking piece of shit. How can anyone still be rooting for her to go home? Her life is fucked. And always will be. The only redeemable thing she can do it delete all her diaper fetish videos and just sell regular nudes. Oh wait she won’t make money off that because her whole gimmick is doing niche kinks that deranged Moids like. No one is paying for her bikini pics or worshiping her because she’s a “bimbo barbie”. She’s just a fat ugly plain Jane who has to wreck her hemorrhoid asshole to get one crumb of attention

No. 1756657

File: 1675103991361.png (Spoiler Image, 322.52 KB, 478x805, Actual Pedo Shit.png)

So she's reposting this kind of shit on her diaper account and then trying to virtue signal against it on her main account? I spoiled it because it is extremely disgusting.

No. 1756658

samfag, forgot to mention she reposted that pedo image TODAY.

No. 1756660

It's the way she times the cat throw to her exhale like it's something to flex about

No. 1756662

File: 1675104386074.jpeg (991.71 KB, 2997x2724, 3221AEE3-ED84-41E3-B939-7E01D8…)

Kek the pedos are scared!

No. 1756663

File: 1675104609066.jpeg (586.42 KB, 1242x1696, 9CDB5405-AD7D-4BD5-935E-85C6FD…)

Shayna’s fellow diaper dorks are communicating to each other to take this shit to court lmao

No. 1756667

>>1756599 This screenshot versus what's happening in these >>1756662 >>1756663 just gave me whiplash.

No. 1756668

Ever since Catgate I've been desperately wishing someone would sit down to make a viral compilation of ewhores treating their pets like shit on camera and include Shayna somewhere in the middle so this moment can be immortalized outside of lolcow circles

No. 1756670

This is the second time she implied someone asked her to say she was underaged. This is the first time she's said they talked about Minors sexually. She only posted these things. Never called the people out, never talked about reporting. When a man is asking you to talk sexually about Minors he's a pedo.
Shayna is talking to pedos and doing nothing but making a twitter post . She's worried about some retard exposing other ddlg freaks, but not the fucking 100% pedophiles exposing themselves to her.
Not to mention shayna has talked about camping underaged in a video where she talks about "humiliating " things to get scrote off.
She does not care about Minors or pedos in their community. If she did she'd do something shayna is beyond fucked up

No. 1756674

It’s been more than two times and probably more she hasn’t shared with Twitter. She’s a pedophile for entertaining the idea and for making content dressed and acting like a dumbed down minor.

No. 1756675

I know we dont want to "DoXx" her, but I hate how she says she lives in Seattle and saying she does just supports her delusion. I dont even think she says that for safety reasons. She just wants to seem cooler and better off than she is. I vote change it to "Seattle" or outside of Seattle. Nitpick I know. But she can't even afford a non significant town in Washington. The bio itself is a bit biased in tone as well. Kinda hitting the extremes. But whatever, it's Shaynus the ugly, shitty, pedo so there's not a lot of ways to put it more neutrally kek.

No. 1756676

Did we ever get Sols full name? Wasnt it Sullivan something? Kek

No. 1756678

I doubt she even sees them as pedos tbh. Those comments she makes going, "people call us pedos instead of worrying about the real ones" well you've had pedos basically expose themselves but not do shit. I'm going to keep stressing it because it pisses me off. She does not care, there's not one excuse that can be made for her not immediately doing something. Notice she ends with some shit like "it doesn't belong in the kink community " instead of flat our saying these people are more then likely pedophiles and don't belong in society.
This isn't about the dumb ass kink community.

No. 1756681

Its probably a cowtipper but it is funny how at first youd think it was a current tweet.

No. 1756684

breaking what law lol

No. 1756687

Yeah it's not fucking revenge porn or anything. If they find their name online or just know who they are oh well. Nobody told you to post your face. Sex work is empowering right? Its a job right? It's just kink right?
Also it'd be funny if that account talked about how Shayna implied she spoke to a pedophile who was talking sexually about Minors and did nothing.

No. 1756688

She could even selfishly throw that moid under the bus and be like "There are real pedophiles out there like ___ and heres the screenshot. My ageplay kink is consenting adult blah blah, go after the real problem"
Now why wouldn't she do that I wonder??

No. 1756691

She called out those sex workers who didn't want her to act like a little girl
>called out her mom
>Shane Pierre Sonnier
>Kyle Nathan Perkins
>Sol Gribble
>that girl she blames for everything
>subs people five times a week
The reason why is because this person whose literally wanting to sext about Minors with her, doesn't bother her. After she stops talking to him that's it, it doesn't harm her.
Just possibly minors. Not Shayna Leigh Clifford. She's selfish and bee hanging with Ellen when there's proof she told a story about taking a child's pacifer and posted sexual pictures shows her true colors. Even if Ellen was lying she is talking about stealing from an actual minor and sexualizing it.

No. 1756693

File: 1675106480090.jpeg (306.71 KB, 750x932, C03ACB3D-4433-4A71-97A1-D524FE…)

opportunities???! lmaooo

No. 1756694

File: 1675106517198.jpeg (356.3 KB, 750x684, 5CDAE4C7-2116-4516-9EA5-823183…)

for $300 any creepy pedo coomer can have her phone number

No. 1756697

My money's on Womack. Even if he already has her number, he's her biggest cash cow. Grayhair simps for too many girls (including his fucking daughter) to drop 300 to her.

No. 1756702


No. 1756707

Mike Slack is broke af lmao Womack is def the most lonely sad person ever so ofc he’s the only one throwing pennies at her.

No. 1756710

Kek don’t doubt yourself and don’t give up on ebegging to pay off your phone after 7 years of showing your stank pussy online!

No. 1756711

File: 1675107827034.jpeg (369.07 KB, 750x914, 5F855042-A99E-4528-AC64-B807D0…)

she hates women and they are all evil and jealous of her!!! not the actual pedophile men but evil women! she's such a clown

No. 1756712

300 is an UPGRADE to her phone?

No. 1756713

Shay I know your reading this so PLEASE get a job at like a gas station? I guarantee that you could get a job at a gas station probably the same day as you put in an application and most of them pay weekly and you could have $300 by the end of next week

No. 1756714

I wonder if she genuinely believes we're jealous of her.

No. 1756715

She would also get attention from crackhead methed up moids like she craves!

No. 1756717

>not a home owner
>doesn't own a car
>has a wardrobe made up entirely of low quality shein and amazon clothing
>owns nothing of value
>coomer sends her one third of the value of an iphone
She's a cheap whore that's easily pleased.

No. 1756723

She does, she's said plenty of time that she doesn't even believe we truly think she's unattractive, that we try to "prove" she's ugly by posting pictures she posts herself kek. That we are trying to convince ourselves she's ugly with paused frames in her videos.
That we try to find reasons to justify our hate. She genuinely believes nobody try feels bad things about her. They actively has to force themselves like we need to be brainwashed to dislike her.
She goes through life this way. I'm sure she's still thinking of reasons why Shane really did love her and he's crying himself to sleep trying to get over her, but she's too much. Or fupaul still watches her and cares.
She thinks this thread is mostly sex workers which probably is sorta true. I just don't think it's a lot of sex workers. Maybe like 25% and I don't think they are all jealous either.

No. 1756726

File: 1675109847926.jpeg (178.89 KB, 750x467, F35DF102-437F-402F-9529-F27379…)

she's so nasty it makes me sick

No. 1756727

I feel like the ewhores know they aren’t welcome here by now, this thread is more full of people who know Shayna Clifford is an active part of modern misogyny rather than prostitutes who just hate on her for being bad at her “job” to make themselves feel better

I do agree about the rest, somehow she has reverse bdd and it’s astounding

No. 1756728

you had all of last thread and this post to suggest a better bio but have chosen to just bitch instead. if you think something can be better, you cant just whine about it youve gotta bring it to the table. just remember to repost the Seattle suggestion at the end of this thread to remind next thread nona.

No. 1756732

Why cant these people keep this deranged shit offline and just in closed circles if they’re so ashamed about their name being associated with how they spend their free time? If you put this crap online, you end up with people like Shayna who willingly profit off the idea of children being raped, drugged, tied up and beaten. No one wins. If you think it’s so harmless they should have no problem attaching their name to it.

No. 1756739

File: 1675111856046.jpeg (198.77 KB, 750x471, 255D2A22-C4F3-4833-AA88-2E0494…)

she is one of the most delusional cows i follow

No. 1756741

I think she has to turn her current phone in and pay $300 for a new one? Idk she’s to broke to just buy another phone topkek thriving

No. 1756745

So OF whores are fighting over Womack? Bleak

No. 1756746

Nice way of saying “I’m broke and I need this guys money or else. I’ll have to call mom and dad for rent money again.” If she was nice to her sex work whore friends she’d tell her “sugar daddy” to send some to her. How many times has bratty sent Shayna $100 to her cashapp or onlyfans? Shayna never sends money to her mutuals on Twitter who always stick up for her. I know she’s broke but if she was kind she’d fucking donate her pennies to the pan handling “community”

No. 1756756

She doesnt even need a new phone. She could just save it or get some decent clothes that fit lol
She's gonna need it for rent later this week anyway

No. 1756759

Shayna does not live or look like someone being spoiled. She looks like someone just getting by. Same clothes, ratty hair, has to beg for every fucking thing. Also I feel like she's going to get bolder now that she's locked her account.
Also reminder Shayna is complaining about girls not wanting to out the work in, yet she had a pedo ask ther to pretend to be underaged and talk about Minors but didn't put In the work to call him out/report him.

No. 1756761

File: 1675112912771.jpeg (873.95 KB, 1103x1483, 9CF40692-A7E3-4EB0-95A0-65159B…)

If anything she looks like spoiled yogurt . Chunky motherfucker

No. 1756769

remember when she left fupahoma and she thought she was going to be the sugar baby of some rich nerdy guy in Seattle? but she moved out long ago and literally not even the scummiest kinkfags from fucksville will date her or even be in a fake opening relationship with her? bleak o clock.
she was never pretty but she absolutely left fupahoma thinking she looked like she did five years ago. nah. shit body and shit personality and shit lifestyle.

No. 1756777

Not to blog but I once saw a photo of me at a similar size and it made me lose 20% of my body weight by going to the gym. How she literally takes photos for her job and can’t find 30 mins a day for cardio is insane to me?

Also, the funny bit is, if she did lose some weight and whatever she’d have a better chance of some ugly but well off scrote dating her

No. 1756779

File: 1675113774595.jpg (25.94 KB, 480x270, DJDZ2IvXUAAJtxc.jpg)

she should cosplay bunny, she has the teeth too

No. 1756784

File: 1675113965424.jpeg (48.17 KB, 750x205, 195ADD9F-465D-4D51-AC95-AB5882…)

she deleted this post and the one about the sugar daddies.

No. 1756792

Shayna Clifford, you’re the one with the dad bod

No. 1756799

which account was it?

No. 1756806

File: 1675115234967.jpeg (542.33 KB, 750x1294, 0CD8BA60-B7E9-4194-BC09-28ED52…)

i think this one. is this the one retard womack was sending money to thinking it was shayna?
she also deleted that video of her dancing with a knife and the ugly food she made

No. 1756809

File: 1675115507631.jpeg (482.93 KB, 750x980, 71DEBA1A-675E-4922-BFAF-C0194D…)

No. 1756812

noo nonna it's spelled dresel

No. 1756814

He sent money to it? Lmao he's such a retard is he living in a facility?

No. 1756817

File: 1675115901342.jpeg (384.61 KB, 1170x2099, 9DDA90B1-C882-4015-B74A-2A2D78…)

i am fucking screaming and dying over the fact that the official FetCon account is following the troll twitter

No. 1756818

KEK that one must sting so badly

No. 1756819

i would not eat that dry colorless pork chop

No. 1756820

whoever owns this account NEEDS to post the cat dropping gif so fetlife sees it. too fuckin funny.

No. 1756823

File: 1675116189587.jpeg (801.09 KB, 1170x1444, FAB4328B-224C-44F6-ABFE-6C6BFF…)

they already did

No. 1756829

damn really missed an opportunity by not playing it off like “fuck cats who get in my way.” / “this is what happens when my cat gets in my shot”

No. 1756832

I'm here for it. I went into a cat autist rage when Ariana shaved Tarte. She thought it was so funny. Same thing here. Why does Mr. Peanut butter get slammed to the ground for Shayhulk's entertainment? Where is the entertainment in doing shit to your pets? It's psychotic.

No. 1756833

Wish these accounts would post her various admittance of pedos asking her to do certain things and shayna not publicly calling these people out or reporting them, not saying this retard should

No. 1756843

When you live in a suburb close to a major metropolitan city, as long as you use your postcode, you can claim that as your address. I personally don't like it. She's definitely using "Seattle" to hide. I'd never just tell people I live in "the big city" unless I was trying to be nonchalant with strangers.

No. 1756844

File: 1675117187928.jpeg (465.62 KB, 1170x2161, 2E17B550-3331-4E9D-B229-2F0A57…)

was womack the wedge that drove shayna and bratty apart? looks like shaynas share of sheckles grows even smaller as the wealth is spread out

No. 1756852

Considering Shayna hasn't interacted with her in a while, too, that's even funnier. She went from Shayna's biggest fan to maybe >>1756739 and being subtweeted by Shat. But. Also. I'm bored and want milk. So I'm just hoping she blows up at some other e-thot and has a good old back and forth with screenshots of texts. A girl can only dream.

No. 1756855

File: 1675118012725.jpeg (536.92 KB, 750x1005, 85F178E6-AFD2-413B-B277-198217…)

someone from fetcon tagged that profile instead of fat shat and it has shane in it so that must sting

No. 1756868

I’ve always thought that part was so strange, she doesn’t see herself as she is. We aren’t even getting extreme or exaggerating about her unattractive features/combined with her weird body etc. I want whatever delusion she’s in.

No. 1756873

It’s her definition of spoiled she thinks not having to pay for the occasional doordash and plush animals is luxe

No. 1756886

File: 1675121729268.jpg (838.78 KB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_20230130_163434_Twi…)

Is this an actual friend or is it a fat, balding scrote with $30 to spare?

No. 1756891

not even the filter could hide her eyebags and wrinkles

No. 1756896

Kek nonnie I think you forgot vivi pedo panders too, shaynus didn't like her asking shat to clean her ass

No. 1756919

Kek! Imagine being this young, putting forth this much effort on makeup, using a zoomer filter and STILL looking 40+!!

Its funny, theres this niche of farmers who hyper focus on nitpicking shat, to the point they have given her free advice to appear younger, lose weight, fix her skin… you know the same people sitting here calling her ugly, telling her how to be less ugly… and yet shat STILL looks like this. Fat, bloated, cakey, wrinkle, old and stinky.

Shayhog day is the gift that keeps on giving.

No. 1756944

I'd rather eat dog shit and glass

No. 1756962

im an old af nonnie. is it normal for people her age to announce everytime they meet someone new/hang out with someone like this? this would make me uncomfortable if someone tweeted this when we hung out for the first time. like hey shayna, how about you brag about the long lasting friendships or relationships youve cultivated over the last quarter of the century. oh wait..

No. 1756965

the moist yeasty chicken, the terribly cut vegetables, the thin gravy drowning the potatoes, the uncooked rosemary lazily plopped on top. absolutely vomitrocious.

No. 1756967

I’m pretty sure we are in the Feeder Saga, it’s impossible to ballooning up that fast without it being intentional.

No. 1756973

shayna will never take advice from the farms BUT what confuses the fuck out of me is how she looks like… that.. when she has enough money coming into afford a two bedroom apartment on her own. and even more baffling is she is rich in time. she has all the time in the world plus its her job to look good yet she doesnt even do the bare minimum. even now she relys on what little looks and youth she has left and hopes for the best. she’d rather lower her standards in the people she associates with instead of trying to do better and be better. i never feel bad for this bitch.

No. 1756980

At least it's not the bimbo sweatshirt

No. 1756982

Has she eaten sushi every day lately? Shayhog day going on here. Drink wine, eat sushi, cry about muh haterz, smoke weed, sleep and repeat.

No. 1756986

she need priorities. she could get a really cute bachelor apartment if she gave up her dog go a good family that would actually feed it and walk it. then she could also afford a gym membership and car so she could go to the gym, buy groceries and travel for “work”. one of her most retarded choices is the constant ubering everywhere.

No. 1757007

Nona what makes you say that she has enough income to subsist on her own in Washington kek? If somebody is autistic enough I'd love to see someone create a Shayna balance sheet.i feel like we have decent insight into what she makes weekly and how she spends it, given her constant oversharing.

should I do it

No. 1757037

Yes because she thinks shes eating healthy kek. She doesn't understand portions, macros, nutritional value, etc though. And that she needs to exercise a little and cut out drinking for it to do anything noticeable.
She just thinks eating hello fresh meals is cooking and therefore healthy sushi is rice and fish so its healthy too and that means she will lose weight.

No. 1757039

Yes! Please do

No. 1757040

lol I could cook so much better when I was 10 years old

No. 1757044

Yes kek I can’t wait to see

No. 1757064

That is how iPhones work. Over time you qualify for upgrades. You aren’t paying the full price and if you wait long enough you automatically qualify for free. Do you have a phone ?

No. 1757083


i am happy she is eating real food and not just candy and doordash but this bitch needs to learn to cook meat, all her shit looks raw

No. 1757087

Its probably the most productive/worth while thing she'll do this entire year tbh. Like I guess she's trying. But for how long? And also she herself is just kinda irredeemable at this point. With all she's said and done no one should really be rooting for her. I guess the best case is just hoping she somehow gets over herself, throws in the towel, and realizes how shitty she's been and fixes it. But she's running out of time. I feel like by 30 you really should be deciding on the path you want to go down. Or by that point you're set in your ways. I don't think she deserves true forgiveness, but there can be some leniency in your 20s to fuck up and be fucked up and still maybe somewhat come back.
I have the feeling she's a lost cause though. She'll always be a trainwreck.

No. 1757101

thats not how 'phones' work thats how scam phone service providers work. upgrades are part of your contract with the service provider not just apple as a company. its entrely up to the service provider as is the scam of paying monthly at a higher price because you cant afford the phone outright kek

No. 1757124

I was just thinking the same thing. I mean I am from a culture where pretty much everything revolves around eating and drinking and children (especially girls) are very much involved in helping prepare food not just for family meals but for big celebrations, the idea of anyone not having a solid set of basic skills by the time they’re a teenager is wild to me. Does using this meal service even really count as cooking from scratch? It’s ostensibly paint by numbers but with food. She’s not finding recipes that she likes and sourcing the ingredients for them or going to the market and seeing what beautiful produce is in season and basing meals around that, she’s using overpriced perfectly pre-portioned shit and following Baby’s First Cookbook tier step-by-step instructions. Sure, it’s better than candy and cheemsburbgers but it’s still pretty pathetic for someone in their mid-20s to act like it’s a big accomplishment

No. 1757126

yeah it’s a shame she’s a fat lazy POS who can’t go to the supermarket and buy food, only waste money on a meal plan service instead of saving that money for important priorities

No. 1757127

Anyone who signs up for those rorts is a fucking retard. I fucking hate capitalist consoomerism

No. 1757138

Holy mother of blur tool lmao. Her eyebrows are so fucking tragic. Micro blading is retarded full stop but she’s revoltingly hairy, she should be able to grow decent brows. The way she always types “frens” makes me want to punch myself in the face as much as when she says “breffast”

No. 1757226

Imagine trying to sue because a twitter account told the world you wear nappies and pander to pedophiles wow the delusion

No. 1757305

do they not realize by being participants in this suit they would be effectively outing themselves legally and permanently in court records forever as diaper-laden freaks?

No. 1757332

You guys think shayna going to weigh in on the deep fake thing? I assume her brain is so fried she's probably lowkey confused and upset that women aren't happy their faces are being used without their consent in porn.
>I dnt kno somethin about the "deepfake" situation comes off anti.sex work
>hi! Pls don't use the deepfake situation to shame or discredit actual sex workers/sex work/porn!!! Thank you!!
Or she's going to try to make it about her
>as some1 who has had her face taken and made into all kinds of bullying pictures, I rlly can relate to ths situation
Or she'll say nothing because it's only women being hurt by porn sick men. The same porn sick men that tells her to her face,"I'm attracted attracted actual minors. Let's talk about Minors " and she does nothing but move on with her dad. Letting that pedo possibly go harass another sex worker and/or actual minors.

No. 1757333

*day not dad sorry I got the shaykes

No. 1757337

Honestly even not being from a culture that revolves around home cooking there is no fucking excuse to be a full grown adult and not know how to cook, it is a true marker of low intelligence and a double digit iq imo.

No. 1757366

She probably won't say shit because she'd be shaming coomers. Guaranteed all her degenerate replyguys have jerked it to deepfake porn of underaged actresses.

No. 1757406

File: 1675184523029.jpeg (214.13 KB, 750x774, A4CEAB12-AE8C-4DD7-9067-FAF589…)

unprofessional on her work account. no wonder she hardly books things and no one wants to work with her

No. 1757445

Yeah, her inability to even follow a hello fresh recipe is alarming. I've never seen them look that bad. Don't they tell you how long to cook the meat? Her shit looks rawer than her nasty ass pussy. But, it's good she's finally learning home cooking. I'm assuming she's running low on doordash funds and is feeling insecure about how big she got after the whole Shane saga. If the bitch would just walk her dog they could both lose the chunk.

No. 1757459

A real life "what I ordered vs what I got" this is nasty. If she was going to recreate the picture on the right she should have positioned things the same to at least make it look…. Similar.

No. 1757467

translation: im unreliable and dont care to improve

No. 1757511

File: 1675191360879.jpeg (221.59 KB, 750x764, 94F77B8D-4155-4C23-8B1D-D00B6F…)

she should have already been doing this to make sure minors aren't interacting with her.

No. 1757513

File: 1675191519885.jpg (1.41 MB, 4096x5120, GridArt_20230130_111430693.jpg)

Shayna is such a great friend, she bailed on Vegas and left pixie to pay for her share.

No. 1757523

File: 1675192339066.jpeg (144.01 KB, 1170x378, FFD93209-F359-406E-B90D-E3C7B4…)

It’s actually really shitty she did that to them. guess sticking up for shayna doesn’t really have any perks huh

No. 1757528

File: 1675192694484.jpeg (246 KB, 750x777, 0E208DED-3D18-4CD4-B152-1A7966…)

it says she follows her for me but it could not have updated.

No. 1757530

I'm actually shocked they were able to so quietly part ways without Shayna having a public meltdown about it. It's definitely cause she's in the wrong but she's delusional so I'd expect she'd try to spin it as not her fault somehow.

No. 1757543

Shayna's got a way of absolutely destroying any chance she'd have at a sex work "career". Pixie has been patting her ass for years and offered her a chance get a bunch of new clients on her work with this Collab, but she's too insecure with her body (that she could easily change as someone who makes their own hours), she'd rather get punched in the face by a furry. Did the same thing with dawn too. Could have mentored under a camwhore with real experience and an active fanbase, she chose fupa instead.

The bitch doesn't even want to be a sex worker, just some moids personal play thing and can't even manage that.

No. 1757544

File: 1675193857235.jpg (675.65 KB, 1920x1080, cover1.jpg)

I'm afraid it's far too late for that, Shay.

No. 1757546

File: 1675193988032.jpeg (330.58 KB, 750x807, 32A429E8-F2F7-4220-9211-BE0469…)

girl shut up

No. 1757555

>somehow making it about LC instead of the actual males creating these porn ai images
shes so funny lmao

No. 1757558

i didn't realize how many more followers pixie has over shayna lol

No. 1757561

File: 1675195001875.png (546.52 KB, 751x454, Capture.PNG)

All your shay posting needs at the Shaynatourim - >>>/ot/1481862

No. 1757564

What even is this argument?
I had a feeling she'd turn it around and blame it on women somehow since she hates her own goddamn gender so much. She's more predictable than a clock.

No. 1757566

At first I thought she was defending AI but now I feel like she's saying
>People can pick at my minor flaws and zoom in, but we can't pick at Ai's minor flaws?
Which doesn't make sense? She doesn't care about the women who are being basically sexually abused via unconsental AI deepfakes, but she MUST make it about her and talk about it, so she's just whining and bringing it back to her. Nobody cares or knows her retarded issues anyway. It's telling she's showing she's aware of the AI shit but it's not worthy of her time to talk about it even to Virtue Signal because it's about women, attractive successful women being exploited via porn. Something she never every wants to speak on.
In her eyes adult women should be happy scrotes are jacking it to them

No. 1757577

File: 1675196241834.jpeg (335.65 KB, 750x839, 49532D1C-A7B7-4559-892C-18B27B…)

i've only seen 2 accounts and no new ones so idk what she's trying to say here. i think she's still too scared to get called out for abusing her animals

No. 1757581

>i think she's still too scared to get called out
this is definitely it kek She can dish it out as much as she wants but can NEVER take the heat.

No. 1757597

How does a woman survive this long with such terminal mental retardation?

No. 1757620

Shayna. Trolls will follow you regardless. Private or public. You're just hurting your own ability to get new real followers because a majority of men are not going to follow the private Twitter of a sex worker versus the thousands of public ones. They'll
click through pages and breeze right past yours since it doesn't show shit. My god. Her brain is pudding.

No. 1757653

That is exactly what she deserves. She really had to pay for Shayna lol, incredible

No. 1757689

She’s so “bad” at her job that it’s mind numbing. She jumped on Tinder because she’s lonely but she should have started on Tinder. Any SWer worth their salt knows that tech cities like Seattle are filled to the brim with bottom-barrel moids with expendable money, all they have to do is pretend to enjoy their company and send them some nudes and have intercourse with them occasionally and they’ll get tons back in return. Shay is just too retarded (and I suspect, too annoying for even those desperate moids) to pull it off. She could have everything she wanted if she just learned how to act semi-normal. She wouldn’t even have to lose weight. But instead she has to subject herself to asshole sniffers for chump change and cheap stuffies. It’s fascinating how terrible she is at the one thing she claims to be passionate about.

No. 1757700

Why do I have the feeling that she went out for sushi with a new prospective client and she was late and this morning he told her he wasn’t interested in someone who doesn’t value his time.

No. 1757705

I feel like it's her insecurity when shayna was skinny she'd always go do shoots and with women who weren't busted/weird looking. And it wasn't all super fetish shit either.
Bratty is still smaller and has always had a better body. Now that Shayna is bigger I feel like she would'nt be caught dead with her. I have no idea why she even said she'd do that anyway.
It's clear she chooses who she wants to be around based on looks.

No. 1757731

maybe her self hate has spiraled so deeply that she refuses to lose weight because she can blame her failures on not being skinny anymore. I live in Seattle and I’ve seen the pickings out here. She could absolutely find a techbro loser who would pay her rent if she let him pork her every few days, she just won’t do it. She’ll blame her weight but there are way fatter and uglier SWers who have what she wants. It really makes me wonder how insufferable she is to be around.

No. 1757762

Kek anon I’m crying at how accurate you are, esp the first one sounds exactly like something this bitch would say.

No. 1757785

Nvm I spoke too soon, it’s even worse than we guessed. I get some of the weird screen caps from her paid porn might put potential customers off but in actuality she’s really mad because we repost and laugh at details of the pictures which she doesn’t bother to edit herself.
So acknowledging Shayna’s genital boils and Jonathan Yaniv face in a Twitter picture out on full display is somehow equivalent to normie and SFW celeb women being digitally undressed and abused without their consent. I’m amazed at her victim complex to fixate on that specifically. Like we say so much about your pathetic life in these threads and that’s all you take away from it? No wonder Shaynus attracts hillbilly men, she really has the same level of self awareness as those rednecks of tiktok kek.

No. 1757788

File: 1675201889715.png (453.77 KB, 688x385, twitter e whore community comm…)

No. 1757796

It's really odd, because there are things that she should be insecure about (i.e. her intelligence, her bad decisions, the pedo pandering) but she's not. Ignorance is bliss ig.

No. 1757802

She sexualized them, Shayna knows she's dumb but she goes
>I'm a useless, barbie bimbo, I'm so fucking stupid!!
She doesn't care a lot truly think she's a pedo, nor does she care about what we say about her lack of a personality. She only cares we talk about her looks.
If this was a thread where we followed her ever move praising her and saying how much we want to stuff her Dolphin mouth with fish, she'd LOVE it.
Nobody has told her what she does is gross, abnormal and most people would think she's literally a pedo and would'nt want to be around her, because she surrounds herself with retards who are the same or similar. As much as I hate 95% of scrotes, Shayna thinks every scrote wants what she's selling. Even if they don't, they think she's attractive enough and slutty that they'd deal with her. They don't and she isn't.
She can't find some random retard scrote to do anything but fuck her and because Shayna overshares and leaves "Hints" she'd never be able to date without bragging about dating or revoking their anonymity when they piss her off. She has to stick to the ugly coomers

No. 1757814

Ntayrt but I’m convinced she brags about friends, romantic interests, and just anyone she sees because she is so obsessed with proving to the haters that she has a life unlike us. it’s pretty dumb to advertise where you are or if you’re seeing someone seriously on your sex work account but then again we know Shaynus is dumb and she uses it as a personal account.
I have another theory that her lolcow threads are one of the only things that make her feel like an actual celebrity hence why she keeps going despite nobody paying genuine attention. Her Twitter barely gets any engagement compared to a few years ago.

No. 1757822

she's said she's stubborn and it's true. With certain things she is stubborn. She wants to prove her parents wrong, especially her mom. She wants to show her siblings she didn't need a lot of daddy's money to make or a education. She wants to show up that despite everything she's not going to stop until she physically can't. I also think she's just too far in and depressed.
Some people get to a point where they are so miserable they think there's nothing else left but to keep going. In the end things will only get better or remain as bad as they are. I don't think she sees herself doing anything else, being anything else. It's all the past and this is her present.
Shayna acts like she has no control over anything.
>Her gaining weight was because of the pills/mental illness/fupaul, she cannot change that.
I also believe she thinks we don't truly feel the way we claim about her. She just thinks she's so lovable and great in general. It's just other things that she cannot control that causes her drama. Like mental illness or wanting a "Daddy" is her just simply being a retarded spoiled woman child. She does not know how to improve, does not think she truly needs to improve. We all should accept her for whatever she is.

No. 1757824

She can brag and pretend all she wants but we know the truth: her life is in shambles and she has no friends, no prospects, no nothing. No hobbies, no joy, nothing. Sure she’s an “eceleb” in the most base sense of the word but these threads are all she has. We know she doesn’t go on vacations, we know she doesn’t have friends or a partner, she puts everything on the internet and all she has is a sad and empty apartment.

No. 1757827

Kek so they definitely had a falling out over that. Funny how Shaynus had nothing to say about that though at any point. Because she was a bitch who bailed on a con and plans with those girls that probably wouldve been fun for her, she couldve networked a bit, made content with other creators, etc… all so she could get fucked and chucked by Shane Sonnier meth head creep of Kansas. Incredible.

No. 1757830

it only says this cause shayna's profile is currently locked, it doesnt have access to read who she follows/who follows her. It gives back the data on Pixie cause her account is open to the public. Shayna most likely still follows Pixie if Pixie still follows her. Anons who are following Shayna, any chance you can check for us?

No. 1757834

i dont think shayna is stupid enough or ready yet to completely burn the bridge with pixie. Pixie is the only semi normal, semi popular e-whore willing to interact with Shayna. Pixie gets 15-20x more interaction than Shayna does, and I doubt she wants to give up the possibly of free promotion if Pixie ever retweets her. They most likely are in frenemies situation due to Shayna bailing on the Vegas trip, but e-whores definitely all give off snake vibes. Climbing a pile of dead raped bodies while trying to get to the top first.

No. 1757839

she literally bailed on Pixie cause she wanted to keep her schedule open and money available to host Shane "Meth Daddy" Sonnier coming over for his visit. The timing matches up perfectly. (I have a secret theory Shayna helped pay for his flight considering he told her had no idea when he'd be back when he left? He obviously cannot afford it, so why would he even go if Shayna wasn't begging and paying for it?).

Sweet, Sweet Karma for Shayna that not only did she spoil her relationship with Pixie, but she missed out an opportunity to network, make money, and possibly upgrade from her meth daddy on the con. Hey Shaynus, was Shane Pierre Sonnier worth it?

No. 1757843

>I have a secret theory Shayna helped pay for his flight
I agree with this tinfoil and would even suggest that she paid for all of it. I got the impression that Shane Pierre Sonnier wanted to bail much sooner but couldn't because he was depending on the hog for his flight home.

No. 1757845

she probably put in half and Shane is probably broke asf from it. Thats why she kept saying
>I don't know when I'll see him again!!!
I still can't believe this clingy retard not only got into a wolf pack, but ALSO got into a long distance relationship, with a broke man with a wife/kids & then expected she'd just be able to be okay with that and deal with not being the center of some retards world

No. 1757851

I am absolutely dying to hear Shane's side of story. Shane Pierre Sonnier we will forgive your sins if you spill the milk.

No. 1757855

i wonder if she did this last minute to try to sabotage pixie like she sabotages her own career; except she forgot not everyone is as broke as her.

No. 1757856

>She told me about lolcow
>She told me about her ex
>She said how she feels bad about herself, like she deserves the treatment she gets
>told me how she flew out to suck sol's dick
>told me how she'd been betrayed
>told me how she has trauma because fupaul
probably the same old shit she probably tells everyone. She trauma dumps. Baldi's Gaysic's was like, "What you did to Dolly" which made me believe she probably talked to him about sol. Same way she did with vivi.
She uses sex work as a way to talk to people and vent, she uses sex/work to get close to people then spews her retarded life.
I doubt she did much then turn him off with her bullshit that he didn't care about, then he probably saw lolcow + her weird ass clingy shit and left.

No. 1757858

i wonder if her joining tinder indicates she i starting the Full Service Sex Work saga )i guess its already started( But I can see her farming for johns on there. Guess she aint doing so hot on seeking arrangements.

No. 1757862

I can't think of one thing Shayna has ever said she liked about any scrote or Ellen in her life. Just that they do things for her and to her. Thats it. I love that someone so selfish and empty only attracts selfish empty people, she assumes will take care of her forever with nothing much in return but vagina and maybe she'll pay for some shit, but then she'll throw it in their faces. Oh and having to worry about her posting shit online when she's mad. Very amazing

No. 1757863

I feel like she didn't make him fully aware of these threads and what the consequences would be. At this point she has to know that any moid she posts about on twitter is going to have all of their publicly available information shared here.

No. 1757864

She didn't. She probably told him the sob story of how it affected her. She hates Fupaul and basically weaponized the fact that someone snitched to his ex and that it could effect him seeing his kids. I cannot be convinced she wasn't hoping that it got back to his ex-wife via some nonnie or that something happened to Fupaul.
And if she did properly explain I could see Shane trying to be macho like, "Man I don't care about that, it's FOC over here maine. I aint scared of no bitches on a gossip site!" or something

No. 1757873

there were a lot of sus/unsaged posts around the time they started talking and when he was at her place. I feel like they were looking at the thread together and "laughing at it". I believe Shane has posted here a few times now. He talked big to Shayna that it didn't matter and that he could handle it. Once he busted his load and realized she wanted to be a baby 24/7 and he realized it was not worth handling.

No. 1757877

100% he and/or his "wolf pack" were posting here. Funny how the Shane defending posts and other soecific styled posts don't happen anymore. Because he moved on quick. Dropped her faster and harder than she did her cat kek

No. 1757879

True. She's not clever or charming enough to make up for being average and nothing special. I bet the sex isn't worth it beyond being a "Novelity" like, "She'll let me tie her up like a hog the first date!", She really doesn't bring much to the table beyond just being someone you sleep with sometimes. I also don't think she gets that what she does isn't seen as normal nor is it desirable to 99% of people to be dating a pornstar whose not really that attractive beyond what you can find at a walmart on tuesday. Who does fucking fetish diaper pedo porn, gross BDSM AND she's fucking cheap.
She really thinks these men think she's a prize and they are so happy. They show her everytime that besides Fupaul she's a dirty secret

No. 1757895

Didn’t she have some guy sniff her butt hole or am I hallucinating (I do not want to go back to see) so she’s already doing irl prostitution

No. 1757896

I remember it because she tweeted that he asked her to shower.

No. 1757917

She also posted a tiktok of some scrote counting and handing over cash to her.
She's thick as pig shit openly posting that she is a literal whore.

No. 1757919

File: 1675212576671.gif (13.15 MB, 527x359, Meth Daddy FlashBack.gif)

Shayna's reaction when she reads this post

No. 1757923

everytime I see her weird curl I want to scream. I think the only time i've ever seen those kind of bangs is in period piece movies. Literally looks like before you curl a bang out. Why is she so outdated and retarded about everything? It's not even on purpose she just thinks bangs are supposed to look like that. UGH it actives my Shaytism so much

No. 1757927

File: 1675213000673.gif (Spoiler Image, 4.66 MB, 408x364, Cat-n Slap a Ho.gif)

Can a more talented Nonnie please photoshop in cat paws slapping Shayna instead(Lost Shaynatorium patient )

No. 1757929

take this to the Shaynatourim and delete/spoiler this, nobody wants to see unspoiled shayna getting slapped by an abusive moid

No. 1757933

File: 1675213572082.jpg (Spoiler Image, 668.25 KB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_20230131_175743_Twi…)

Reposting because I forgot to spoiler.

How many times is she going to post pictures from this "shoot?" It's been weeks by now, hasn't it? She looks so much like Chris Chan in these.

She doesn't churn out new content at half the rate she used to. I checked her Twitter and it's just retweets of all her old shit.

What does she DO all day? We know she isn't working and obviously she's giving up on putting in effort. For someone so dead set on being a diaper bimbo princess pornstar, she sure seems to be phoning it in lately. I remember old threads where she was doing new sets and customs every few days. What changed, besides turning into a butterball and scaring away everyone who fucks her?

I feel like the Golden Shayge is past us, nonnies :(

No. 1757939

Top fucking kek can you imagine being Shayna and wearing this, sorry to say, tranny outfit and having to pose like an utter retard and hold it as the timer counts down. A fully grown overweight woman pulling her ratty pigtails and sticking her tongue out of her mouth like some kind of sped you'd see on a public bus. And then you have to look at these pictures and see your sallow skin, eyebags, crusty dry lips, ratty hair, your body shaped like that all due to drinking alcohol and eating doordash and sitting on your ass not excercising and you have to edit yourself like crazy to fool coomers into thinking you're pedobait because that's YOUR JOB. YOUR "DREAM" JOB… like it's truly a miracle she has not killed herself yet because I know that if I was her these threads would have ended years ago KEK.

No. 1757940

Exactly! This is supposed to be her dream job, mean the world to her, be her creative outlet or whatever, and she doesn't even DO it anymore. She just slaps on a shein outfit and takes a few selfies and recycles them for months until coomers stop buying and she has to do it again. It's always the same pictures with her. The same everything. I'm amazed, I've never seen someone so static, mentally. As her body and face rapidly start to give out on her, her mindset is exactly the same as what it was in the first thread.

No. 1757988

No. 1758004

tards throwing a tantrum when they don't get their pudding ass poses. very comedian fart

No. 1758030

File: 1675223817842.jpeg (207.98 KB, 750x735, 1CE9B31C-724E-4EBA-B2E3-EEE8A5…)

how does she not see how pathetic she is?

No. 1758037

i know im stating the obvious but this just straight up didn't happen, like come on shayna be reasonable

No. 1758046

Ughhhh. First off I highly doubt he put his hand on her shoulder but also, I'm sure everyone else here who's worked in food service knows that he was just being friendly and needs the tips. It's fucking creepy when people get too close or think you're flirting (with THEM and only THEM!) when you're just providing friendly customer service. If you're anything less than BEAMING and accommodating to every customer you get written up or told to smile more kek

No. 1758052

This is just a weird moid-y mindset. This likely didn’t happen but it just gives off basement dweller virgin vibes.

>pretty lady at the register smiled and told me to have a nice day. She totally wants to have sex with me. I am so attractive.

No. 1758058

This is just a moid server being flirty for tips, can’t believe she doesn’t see it but then again she worked at Olive Garden for like a single shift kekkkkk

No. 1758092

The troon in the mft thread pic looks exactly like Shayna. Just saying

No. 1758113

Its crazy how someone like big stinky ugly Shaynus somehow has all these ~quirky~ interactions with people every single time she goes out. Totally real scenarios. She's just so amazing and funny and cute and sexy that literally anyone and everyone fawns over her and coincidentally plays into her bimbo/baby/barbie shit too!

No. 1758119

>it’s just part of my online persona uwu I have to pretend I’m sooooo desirable it’s all part of the act
I swear that’s how she justifies this pathetic Mega Stacy larp.

No. 1758120

It's possible that people are nice to her when she's outside because they think she's a special needs adult.

No. 1758121

She definitely lies about most if not all her interactions but moids also have no standards and will fuck literally anything, including a fat, lumpy, greasy, acne and boil ridden crusty hog with a witch nose, beady shithole eyes, rotten teeth and an unwashed ass you can smell from here to Timbuktu

No. 1758122

No shes just a delusional liar.

No. 1758123

Knowing her degenerate, disgusting taste in men, would any nonnies like to theorise what her crush looks like?

No. 1758125

What does that even mean? What customer at that restaurant isn't allowed to order whatever they want? Or did he mean she's such a pig he's used to her ordering half the menu?

No. 1758126

>I highly doubt he put his hand on her shoulder
Me too, touching customers without consent is a potential law suit waiting to happen

No. 1758128

>my fave restaurant
I wonder what white trashy greasy shitheap she’s talking about. McDonalds? Burger King? KFC? That burgerfied “fondue” monstrosity?

No. 1758133

Lately? She’s been putting in no effort since fupa left her

No. 1758135

this, you can't even start Heimliching a (conscious) person who is choking without asking something along the lines of "Are you choking, can i help you?" and getting an affirmative gesture/response. No touchy.

No. 1758176

>people are gonna hate no matter what
>might as well make porn about incestuous child rape then
pedo logic is wild

No. 1758203

Let's say this story isn't fake: …that's his job. His job is to serve you whatever food you ask for, pleasantly. The more pleasant the interaction, the better tips he rakes up. How does a literal whore not understand the interaction was transactional and meaningless

No. 1758218

File: 1675252448501.jpeg (202.59 KB, 828x581, 32C23FAB-7D81-4B70-8BFF-7547D1…)

like this

No. 1758276

Because she’s bad at her “job” and has never actually worked in her life, plus a healthy dose of Main Character Syndrome.

I think the peak days of Shay as a SWer are behind us but I feel like the milkyest content is yet to come. She’s getting more and more delusional and depressed as the days go by, countered by manic episodes that get crazier and crazier. She might not be pumping out content like she used to but it seems like her outbursts are getting stupider and more frequent. Especially with this last batch of callouts and bridge burnings. I could see her trying to do a rebrand of her SW persona by trooning out and leaping as a boy. Or any other horrible combination of things. I can’t wait to watch the mess happen.

No. 1758321

I think it's hilarious that she has crushes on people who just are nice to her. Not even random people but notice 90% of her stories are about people who are working and being nice. Like the flight attendants and waiters.
Kek, it's like she truly believe she gets special treatment but it's really her not leaving the house often and not interacting with non sex work related people.
Also imagine a world where shayna shoots her shit at this waiter. This would be the first scrote in years that she didn't meet through sex work. I think that's the biggest reason why she goes for who she goes for. How can you explain to some fucking waiter,
>Yeah I do porn. I want you to be my daddy. Like literally treat me like a baby. I do porn in diapers, with pacifiers and I let random men slap me around. My only fans like $3. I have a girlfriend, yeah I'm poly.
I think it'd really hurt her to be rejected by a normal person and being basically told, "ew that's gross, you are gross and I want nothing to do with this gross shit "

No. 1758351

Unfortunately it looks like thread 37 is the failthread I started and was banned for not checking the catalog first kek. Here’s the real link >>841938

No. 1758389

Kinda sad the Shane P Sonnier milk has run dry. Really thought that was gonna go on much longer than it did. Now she's just being boring. Maybe the acid gave her that lobotomy she's been begging for from her pathetic coomer fanbase.

No. 1758404

She sounds like delusional scrotes who think strippers are into them. I had an old school friend who grew up yo be an obese juggalo who married another obese juggalo. They would go to hooters sporting their fanciest limited edition juggalo hoodies, showing ofgf their juggalo tattoos and talk about how the hooters waitress totally wanted to date them.

No. 1758411

File: 1675274141690.jpeg (106 KB, 750x256, 35A273F6-5AF9-4498-A1C9-8DEE9A…)

imagine being so ugly that these men think they can interact with you, especially about pedo diaper fantasies. i couldn't live 1 hour as her.

No. 1758419

This reply alone should be enough to make her quit, that's fucking dismal

No. 1758427

I feel like she's very nearly all dried up as far as milk. It just feels like she's giving up? Which is kind of sad in a weird messed up way.

No. 1758438

I honestly have a feeling this all is gonna come back and bite her hard. Her and Shane met at that convention with some other ewhores that Shay has been friendly with, right? And she’s constantly causing drama in the community and being super bad at damage control. I bet it’s gonna cool down and in a month or so she’s gonna go on another tirade about it.

No. 1758440

the sex work drama might be done but she’s so addicted to attention and so lonely that she could be working a dead end gas station job and still tweeting nonstop about fake interactions and scrotes from tinder. The milk will be different but I think it’s gonna be funnier kek

No. 1758441

This greasy fuck looks like someone's grandpa attaching his real face to his degenerate diaper fantasies. Real lux sugar baby life you're living there, shaynus.

And the more she pretends she's a super successful, pretty and popular Stacy sex worker the more obvious it gets that she's the exact opposite. Like at this point it's past embarrassing. She's been lying/exaggerating these interactions since she was a literal teenager and now she's 25 and somehow already washed up. If people are being nice to her it's probably out of pity because they think she's depressed or mentally deficient. Personally, I can see the waiter touching her shoulder and saying she can order whatever she wants if she's there often enough to have a crush on him. She's probably a regular. And she's a simp so she probably does tip him well. It's sad that she's a sex worker and can't see his hustle. Shows how much she hustles in her dream job.

No. 1758444

this made me giggle nona

No. 1758524

ayrt truly sad. I'm not ready to lose the milk of Shay epically fucking her life up as a SW yet.
I wouldn't be surprised if that were the case.

No. 1758530

She is back with him. You should know her better.

No. 1758547

I hope she stays private forever and finally gives up and fucks off. Get a job at Petsmart where you belong, Shayna.

No. 1758554

please don’t say shit and not back it up, nonny this is an image board. post or gtfo

No. 1758561

I feel this way as well. Aint no way in Shayell that shayna just shut up about this major love she claimed she had for this scrote.
No they are talking and soon enough she'll be crying about him when they break up again. She "hid" her relationship with fupaul for years from the internet. Only to whine about being "hid". I don't doubt that if Shane Pierre Sonnier will take her back, she's not talking to him.

No. 1758569

File: 1675288330860.png (Spoiler Image, 8.61 MB, 1242x2208, 1636134546044.png)

Ntayrt but why are you acting like she's done with being an e-whore? There will be another Shane Pierre Sonnier, she's on Tinder which is full of the bottom of the barrel men. Sounds like she's using it for prostitution opportunities as opposed to dating though, but you know she'll be doing ~story time~ on twitter and probably show pictures.
Also I was looking back through the threads and totally forgot that she filmed content with some old man >>>/snow/1362327 a year ago, time flies. Picrel is probably one of the saddest/grossest things she's had to do to our knowledge. Yes that is toenail fungus, barf.

No. 1758571

I don’t know if I believe this tinfoil because it was obvious when she complained about her “dada” on twitter that it was Shane. She really put him on blast and we know it’s Shane. she pathetically acted like a heartbroken unhinged tard about it on her twitter. Like if she had to go THAT low to put her sad and pathetic business out there just to still be with him? Idk but at the same time this is also Shayna

No. 1758573

I'm talking about after the drama, maybe during the time she went to the hosptial, they rekindled. She was talking about Shane with all that. I do believe they stopped talking but I also don't believe they still are'nt talking and Shayna is just suddenly over it.
No, they probably are talking and she's not talking about it, because he may have told her not too. Thats my tinfoil anyway

No. 1758575

nta but that was very obviously an assumption based on her very predictable pattern of only shutting tf up when she gets attention from her chosen moid

No. 1758576

Ayrt oh I see. She just lives such a sad and pathetic life and I don’t know how much lower she wants to go with it

No. 1758594

but at the same time she loves to brag about what little attention she gets when her chosen scrote is utilizing her.

No. 1758601

Shane P. Sonnier is rolling in bottom barrel trashy Kansas pussy, he doesn't need Shayna. This tinfoil is unlikely.

No. 1758602

File: 1675290057669.png (Spoiler Image, 437.9 KB, 1114x432, 0.png)

No. 1758626

>>1758602 if only cowtipping wasnt bannable. Would be hilarious to tag her in this on twitter or something.

No. 1758694

I'm starting to believe the tinfoil that she's still talking to/dating Meth Daddy. Do yall really think she would put her Twitter on private for this long if she wasn't getting attention somewhere else?

No. 1758720

File: 1675299041039.jpeg (215.56 KB, 750x657, 4A63FAD4-032A-4CB1-B3B4-867EAD…)

No. 1758726

BREADCRUMBS ALERT. BREADCRUMBS ALERT. She's definitely going to start actually prostituting herself.

No. 1758729

this bitch will never ever be loved for who she truly is because she will never be capable of connecting with someone. so sad. keep wearing diapers you fat loser.

No. 1758742

kek, like he's going to pay you more then $100, you just want the company. Shayna is literally selling herself to not be alone and get over a scrote.
It's not even about the money and she doesn't even enjoy sex. She acts like a fucking lonely ass scrote paying prostitutes to listen to him talk about his day. Except she's very cheap. I've never ever seen a woman behave this way, like what the fuck. Even if she just gets a hookup without the $100, it's still sad. She just wants a pinch of scrote attention and knows the only way she get it is instantly offering herself up sexually to them. Hoping they'll think
>Wow this woman who lets me punch and fuck her the first time I meet her, sure is someone I want to get to know and date seriously.
>Let me get this nut and entertain her for a bit via text, before I find some other sad woman who I actually want to date and presue while keeping this bitch on the side.

No. 1758749

You'd think she'd learned after Fupaul immedeitly dated and married a woman & how Shane Pierre Sonnier just went home to his wife and easily let go of her.
That scrotes WILL waste time with a willing woman as long as she does what they want. The moment she stops and does to much, they won't fight. They'll move on and go for women they actually want. They just use Shayna. I do think at one point fupaul thought he had a dummy for life, but the sex wasn't worth it, nor was the drama and her being mentally ill.
He showed that his ugly ass is capable of marrying a woman if he wants too. So does Shane, yet Shayna does the same shit over and over again.

No. 1758814

Shay can’t have “casual sex” because she falls in love with every person who gives her a crumb of attention

No. 1758816

“With some tinder guy.” But you’re so gay and love women, right Shay?

No. 1758842

She also always seems to hate sex with scrotes. Sounds like she's really just looking to fill the void Shane left by jumping into bed with whatever desperate tinder guy she can find. Can't tell if she's going to speed up her autistic love life cycle a la Heather Steele or if she's hinting at prostituting herself like >>1758726 is thinking. Possibly even a bit of both considering she can't help but fall in love with any dude who says as much as "hello" to her.

No. 1758900

Move to Nevada and start working at a brothel, Shay! Give us something new!

No. 1758906

It is weird that she shut up about how heartbroken she is and never got into the "he used me" kind of stuff. I mean she shouldnt have even been that fucked up about a 2 month long distance thing, but that's what rational people think. Shaynus is a fucking pathetic idiot with no maturity.

No. 1758918

I mean that is how hook ups work… horny dumbasses meet up and fuck.
And she acts like she doesnt straight up pay for guys like Shane and Kendall to fuck her kek. Like yeah Kendall was for content, but you know she boarded him and bought the retarded costume. He didnt take her to mcdonalds after.
Shane absolutely fucked her disgustingly and she likely paid his flight, had him crash with her, bought food,etc. Idk why she thinks a one night stand is less dignified girlboss than that pathetic shit.

No. 1758935

>minors have no place in kink
>pretends to be a literal raped baby
The fucking mental gymnastics, I despise this fat, smelly, ugly, crusty piece of shit more than any other cow, lord give me strength not to a-log

No. 1758960

A brothel arc would bring SO MUCH MILK. Can you imagine her interacting with the other women? How far she'd spiral when she inevitably gets a talking to about her hygiene or weight? Constantly being passed over for more attractive whores? The inevitablr STD saga? Even her working at a rub and tug place would be hysterical.

No. 1758964

I don't think brothels exist at truck stops.

No. 1758965

She’s never been heartbroken, she’s just missing the attention. She doesn’t care about anything besides attention and money to aid in her quest to become a pink shein branded deathfat

No. 1758992

You're overestimating brothel standards

No. 1759061

To be fair these types of men still want damaged women, just the doormat spineless type. Fupa treats his ex wife and children like shit and barely acknowledges them. If Shay could’ve just kept her sperg outs in check he probably would’ve married her too. They’d still end up miserable and he’ll start devaluing his new wife anyways.

No. 1759072

File: 1675317883879.jpeg (110.28 KB, 750x477, ADAB4CDD-79B5-4B1A-9143-92BB25…)

also shayna >>1756599

No. 1759074

Of fucking what? Cosplay of a child? What character is Shayturd cosplaying? Anything to divert attention and blame.

No. 1759075

Why don't you go after shaynas biggest subscriber who bought his own daughter's onlyfans and has probably been molesting her since she was a child and only follows ewhores like shayna who rp astoddlers or teenage daughters.

No. 1759079

maybe her guilty conscience is getting to her? probably not because to admit fault would absolutely destroy whatever is left of her self worth but the projection is wild, shat

No. 1759081

File: 1675319572930.png (45.97 KB, 542x288, dhdhdhdh.png)

what is she talking about man

No. 1759083

KEK tbh he does seem like the kind of scrote who would say/think that. I really hope there is a little extra milk left from that saga…

No. 1759086

I mean there’s that Fucks Only Cattle picture of him unironically wearing a fedora, what did she expect? Lol

No. 1759099

File: 1675322416730.jpeg (155.36 KB, 750x717, B39DB46C-4F50-4296-9E5E-7DAA9C…)

i had to screenshot this right away bc she's probably going to delete it. shayna clifford replying "hopefully" in regard to incest

No. 1759102

bump, would rather see front-page Shay than sick porn

No. 1759115

She literally paid him for his time.

No. 1759183

I think he didn't marry Shayna because she's a camwhore. He has hurried up with his current wife but with Shayna they dated for a long time without marriage plans.

No. 1759203

But she does still have her girlfriend.. Right? Why doesn't she just go fuck her.

No. 1759217

Wretched bitch. I wouldn't spit on her if she was on fire and begging for my help.

No. 1759219

shay only has four brain cells so it’s hard for her to grasp thinking about two things at once.

No. 1759226

She already has. She lets that old man fuck her for pennies and a cheap meal. She also had some other guy coming over to do shit to her feet or whatever, and he also paid her. I'm sure there's a few others. She's a prostitute already.

No. 1759229

truth. for literal pennies and cheemsburger
I'm still wondering about the gay dude she raw dogged in the scream mask, no STd check for/from shayna though she supposedly demands one for her "dates" and johns? (correct me if I'm wrong though but I remember her saying something something std check in amongst her $3 pricing)

tinfoil: hospital saga is actually STD saga? still think the anons who theorize she performed too much anorectal violence on herself are onto something but at this stage who knows

No. 1759251

Wild guess…. Because Shayna isn't into women

No. 1759264

Can someone remind me, when she turns 26 in June does she have until the end of the month or end of the year to get on a new insurance policy?

No. 1759268

It's interesting because he seems very invested in his current wife's kid (his stepkid) and her. He also got hitched really quickly. I don't think he ever intended to settle down in Shayna.

No. 1759277

File: 1675353373692.jpeg (205.78 KB, 1169x1048, 793C81D4-FBE3-4A19-B5A4-4DBFFE…)

It could be either depending on the plan
Has gastroenterologist chan forsaken us? I miss her insights into Shat’s colorectal situation but at the same time don’t, because ew

No. 1759280

No shayna was the fun young sex girl for him. I fully believe Fupaul had no plans of marrying Shayna or connecting his name to her more then he already had. She's a woman child. Fupaul probably thought she was into the kink shit but she'd turn it off and actually behave like an adult sometimes. I believe fupaul stayed longer then he wanted because Shay made him feel responsible for him plus the easy access to sex. I'd say he even "tired" to have a real relationship for a bit. Fupaul is disgusting but shayna isn't a good spouse for anyone who wants an actual relationship. Which fupaul didn't. He did with this new girl but who knows what has her doing

No. 1759297

File: 1675354375118.jpeg (196.55 KB, 750x969, 0EB6041B-8533-427B-8D58-AC3263…)

she did delete this btw

No. 1759359

File: 1675358995388.png (948.73 KB, 1533x1405, 7525B2BB-5992-4865-B0FC-DA12D3…)

Reposting this from the shaynatorium thread. Shoutout to the Nona who made this artwork(USER HAS BEEN BAKER ACTED)

No. 1759391

bro the shaynatorium was made for a reason, retard. also this looks bad and you should feel bad

No. 1759395

learn2sage “bro”

No. 1759404

Any child can stay on their parents insurance until 29yo, but it is VERY expensive. I'm not naming what it's called though because I don't want Shayna to know how to get it. Kek

No. 1759428

Not if she gets a psychiatrist to fill out a disability extension form for mental health. Then she can do it for free

No. 1759456

File: 1675368605135.jpeg (319.55 KB, 750x816, 67E2880E-B235-4D0E-B435-571786…)

shayna got the account posting that gif of her abusing her cat deleted. i wonder if she will take her account of private

No. 1759488

kek I read that as
>asking my 2 followers to report them

No. 1759497

because certified daughter rapist mike slack wanks it to your pedobait, shayna. that's why we hate you. you ENABLE pedophilia. human beings are also capable of "going after" more than one person, so i can hate pedos and also hate pedo-enablers at the same time, just like you can chug rose zinfandel, cry about shane/fupa/sol/insert ugly moid here, ignore your pets and stuff your face with fast food at the same time.

No. 1759541

Does Shaynus realise how shaytarded she sounds admitting to cosplay of literal children?

No. 1759548

if i was a professional cosplayer or did it as a hobby i’d be extremely offended by Shayna’s comments comparing what I do for a living to her horrendous lifestyle choices.

Shayna would rather do mental gymnastics to soothe her guilty conscious than admit that she makes content for pedophiles and profits off promoting the suffering of children.

No. 1759550

shay-praying to god these end up posted in the cosplay circles.

No. 1759554

they got banned from twitter for spamming , dumbass. not cause they outed you by posting a GIf of you dropping your cat while you were drunk.

No. 1759557

Yeah, his plan for shayna the successful camhoe was a bangmaid that lives in his closet. Wouldn't be surprised if he thought he could pimp her out/live off her camwhore money, but when he realized she had none it made him realize she was literally dead weight that could potentially fuck up custody of his kids. I think if she had the ability to act normal he would have stayed with her longer. Going off his wife, he doesn't have issues with chubby women (he just uses it to neg them once they realize he's a dud and try to leave). It's sad that turd bucket was the second best man Shayna ever slept with. Real sad

No. 1759559

File: 1675376670775.jpg (557.2 KB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_20230202_152215_Twi…)

How does she think this is going to end? Every man that goes inside her dumps her at the first possible opportunity. Is she even going to find enough guys willing to both fuck her AND get roasted by the farms? I doubt it.

No. 1759560

Shayna was Fupa’s rebound after his divorce. He was going through an early mid life crisis and got a confidence boost from the small amount of attention he got from Tumblr. Shayna was his “fuck you” to his wife and shitty boring life. He used her for the short lived high of retweets on tumblr and having a woman younger than his wife want to fuck him. He 100% had no intention of ever being with Shayna long term or marrying her or having a family with her. The temporary situation got more and more permanent when he realize he was actually fugly as hell and the only girl willing to fuck him was boil-filled Shayna so he just strung her along because she gave him free sex. I doubt he ever defined a real relationship with her. He probably straight off the bat said some bullshit about how he didnt wanna settle down yet, maybe even convinced her that she would benefit in some way from the “same freedom” he should have to fuck whoever he wants. And Shayna did the classic “i can change him” and wasted years of life thinking it would become a real relationship.

No. 1759568

what was she saying again about her engagement is up? lol uhh out 40,000 followers not even 700 people viewed your tweet, and significantly less actually liked it? there is no way the majority of her followers arent bots. the math aint mathing.

No. 1759570

i honestly feel like something else is the reason why she is on private and hasnt taken it off yet. maybe the nonas got too close to something she was afraid we’d find out?

No. 1759572

relax nona. youve been in the threads too long. yes shayna is ugly cause we all know every little dirty detail that makes her truly ugly inside and out. but shes still “fuckable” to the majority of guys (attractive guys 18-25 make up a small portion of society). she will have no problem convincing a few of the absolute bottom of barrel, autistic, pedophiles in training who attend these events to fuck her. did you not see the people she hung out with and worked with at the fetish con she went to? the farmer who took a pic of her like she was a prized pig, that fat black chick who sniffed her ass, meth daddy shane, the black guy with a spawn mask. she hangs out with absolute degenerate, old as fuck, ugly ass people nowadays. and to them shes their prize sow.

No. 1759578

i wonder if fupauls daughter growing older changed how he viewed shayna and how he acted. not trying to give that fat ginger fuck any credit, but its possible he started being less attracted to shayna’s childish attitude and desire to be fucked while “cosplaying” as a baby because he started seeing parallels to his own kid. fuck, fupas daughter probably advanced more in maturity than shayna as a grown adult.

No. 1759579

26 is gonna hit shayna hard. she can no longer claim to be a young adult.

No. 1759584

she laid on her back naked and let some creepy old foreign dude sniff her feet while she was spread eagle. then a few weeks later she let him sniff her asshole while she naked. shes definitely moved onto to FSSW PIV with random johns.

No. 1759611

Shaynus is a big fat degen but there's not a single chance she'd ever do a gangbang has she even had a threesome?

No. 1759619

We should make the cat gif the first picture that comes up when you search Dolly Mattel. I want the vegans/animal rights activists to come after her so badly kekkkkk. Is anyone else interested?(not your personal army)

No. 1759623

She 100% is not serious about this, she wouldn't even have sex with that black dude who was trying to give her that #MajorWork. Then again maybe she doesn't want to fuck him because her racist sweet-n-low daddies would probably drop her the second they see her fucking with a black guy.

No. 1759628

File: 1675383158723.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 323.51 KB, 750x662, 0DD7C926-3C47-444C-85E9-7FD157…)

her nasty ass feet

No. 1759632

I'm down for this

No. 1759634

Are they a size too big or are they meant to look like that? Also those ankles gross

No. 1759639

File: 1675383939542.png (461.07 KB, 1386x711, Screenshot 2023-02-02 192532.p…)

If that anon is making a Shayna balance sheet then these are roughly $45 based on an image search. They're sold on a couple Chinese platforms but I'm going to guess she got them from Amazon.

No. 1759663

File: 1675385927623.jpeg (109.39 KB, 750x263, FE47DCDE-8BB9-486E-BC9A-0B1B92…)

No. 1759665

File: 1675386161455.jpg (308.08 KB, 1080x1850, Screenshot_2023-02-03-00-59-04…)

Ken and Sol having a bitch fight kek

No. 1759667

File: 1675386182532.jpg (290.81 KB, 1080x1882, Screenshot_2023-02-03-00-59-15…)

No. 1759684

File: 1675387104211.jpeg (581.78 KB, 750x917, EEF72E8B-49DF-459D-8FFC-656B8E…)

she's a literal ugly pedo

No. 1759685

Ohohohoshit. Please let this turn into something amazing. Extended Ken v Sol fight centered around Shat was not on my bingo card.

No. 1759687

Cosplaying underaged characters isnt inherently wrong. Its when you SEXUALIZE the character or make porn of it that it becomes wrong. Idk why that's not just common sense.
Cosplaying even a child character is fine. Putting that character on a body pillow or drawing them in hentai is fucking pedophilic and gross. Cosplaying as them and making porn or even taking lewds is pedophilia encouraging and accepting. And same with dressing as a baby or using a sippy cup or wearing a diaper. On its own is just fucking weird, but when you make it sexual, do porn, etc doing it… that's sexualizing infants. Which is, oh yup, pedophilia. Also condoning rape!

No. 1759690

Weird for a sex repulsed ~demi sexual~ to say but ok. Yet another "fantasy" scenario where she just lays there and gets smacked around.

No. 1759700

Praying Ken lurks comes here and finds the evidence that Sol groomed his wife. Please, of God is good Ken will expose Sol on Twitter

No. 1759719

This’ll totally go well, bdsm scrotes who won’t listen to consent and will just do whatever they want to her and potentially injure her (psychological stuff aside). Yes let complete strangers brutalise you, yes kween so much empowerment.

let men gather in a group with one woman and they’ll devour her

No. 1759751

I’m bored of e-whores fighting. Let’s see the gays go at it!

No. 1759785

Please I completely forgot about that dude I still cannot get over how he always mispelled dildo, kek.

No. 1759797

Ken is the only person defending shayna besides that other chick, but shay doesn't acknowledge him,lol

No. 1759804

Omg, please let it happen. It would absolutely spiral out of control and become a clusterfuck. That would be beautiful. C'mon, Ken! Light that fuse!

No. 1759816

They’re not fighting they’re doing foreplay.

No. 1759822

If she knew, she'd be simping hard and I'm not sure I could handle another Ken/Barbie's retarded sister saga.

No. 1759826

Tranny fucker vs tranny fucker let’s goooo

I find it interesting that the bald fag doesn’t even get acknowledged by shay (honestly it seemed like they had a falling out; also kek that she was showing him her and sol’s convos) yet he is defending her. I guess they didn’t have a falling out but it’s clear she doesn’t like him anymore.

Tbt if I was presented with a flaccid wiener the entire duration of sex I’d ghost you too.

No. 1759832

I feel like they must have ghosted each other, if that makes sense? I didn't watch their cursed collab, but other nonnies said neither of them looked that into it. So maybe they just both slinked away to their respective corners. I feel like there has be something else going on between those two indirectly, and he's using the Shayna drama to get at Sol.

No. 1759833

she was hoping the content with him would sell well and since it didn’t, instead of her taking accountability she’s putting the blame on him and ignoring him now. she was betting on her “first b/g” to go viral or some shit.

No. 1759842

File: 1675395615799.png (13.85 KB, 587x101, man.PNG)

No. 1759844

I know it's old news but I do think sol was the only one in the wrong with this situation lol (in this particular instance. obviously Shay is still Shay)

why would she ever post this

No. 1759848

She thinks if she says it herself, it won't hurt when she reads it here.

No. 1759851

I’ll bet every one of those 4 people who liked that tweet is a tranny or a fag

No. 1759860

this is giving fake news ngl

No. 1759861

this seems like it could be a farms edit…. Why would she post this is right
Self awareness has been strong lately.

No. 1759867

she has said this herself once, but it had a picture with it too

No. 1759868

File: 1675397474271.png (Spoiler Image, 392.29 KB, 508x751, bleak.PNG)

I mean it's literally on twitter, if I had doctored it, anybody that has access to her account could prove me wrong
full thing for context if that helps

No. 1759878

Ok but to be fair that video was absolutely retarded from the start. I didn’t buy it but from the preview she acts disinterested and keeps saying “I’m bored”. Shes already lifeless and the least sexy person I’ve ever seen in my life so her attempting to be “bored” is comedy porn as anons itt write. How did she expect that “debut” to do well? Ik she has no self awareness but damn.

No. 1759884

Is anyone else surprised that she’s stayed private for so long? Because I am

No. 1759886

I think this is the most logical conclusion. They’re both emotionally immature to just never talk or acknowledge each other again. Since she didn’t do anything against him he feels like he can wk her for clout with the swer world (any crumb of clout for a scrote just snorkeling on the ocean floor for pussy)

No. 1759893

Regarding her being on tinder has anyone thought to use Cheaterbuster? Dying for Renton anon to find her profile just catfish her with ugly daddy moid pictures

No. 1759896

I don't live too far… 7 miles ish. Actually kinda bummed I've yet to see Shaynus out here in the wild. Wouldn't be hard to spot considering what she wears

Maybe I need to download Tinder…

No. 1759905

File: 1675402193120.jpeg (211.08 KB, 1170x714, 7C1466DA-48D0-4356-B30E-0371F9…)

why'd she lose so many followers all of a sudden?

No. 1759923

Bot purge?

No. 1759924

Bot accounts being deleted?
Maybe she pays a subscription (kek) to have followers and it ran out so they "unfollow"
(Probably not but I think the thought is hilarious)

No. 1759933

She's said that exact thing at least a dozen times before.

No. 1759940

There’s a mass bot purge going on, everyone’s seeing drops in following

No. 1759953

Make the most appealing daddy dom catfish profile and find our Shaynus please kek

No. 1759954

Please make a tinder account, I'm dying to see what her profile says. It's almost impossible for her not to mention she's a "famous porn star."

No. 1759968

Kek underrated comment

No. 1759985

Oh you just know that's on there. Likely something about stealing ur dad/college funds, and anal kween too.

100k on Tumblr!

No. 1760002

At this rate it's more like she has or is catering to infantophilia she needs someone to cut her internet

No. 1760038

the fuck is up with her backrolls merging into her tit? it looks like she has a second gut for a tit that wraps around her body

No. 1760047

one of elons big things was trying to remove bots from twitter. so im totally convinced that bot accounts she bought got deleted from twitter. i have a tinfoil that nonnies calling her out for buying subs is the reason, or one of the reasons, that shes on private right now.

No. 1760049

Ty nonnie, this definitely helps.
Does anybody know approx how frequently she does cam shows? It seems to me like she does them…maybe every 3 weeks?

No. 1760052

Dying at the thought of Ken’s kids being in the room with him, asking him what he’s doing, and him responding, “Nothing” as he’s in the middle of a bitch fight on Twitter with another fag over a skank. Ken go take care of your kids you loser

No. 1760055

File: 1675429395929.jpg (348.74 KB, 1080x1876, Screenshot_2023-02-03-12-53-19…)

No. 1760056

File: 1675429435130.jpg (322.51 KB, 1080x1871, Screenshot_2023-02-03-12-53-29…)

Someone else has joined in.

No. 1760058

Not to wk but the only things Shayna is abusing are her pets and the eyes of everyone who looks at her. Kek people hate her so much, but for the wrong reasons. Insane how people hyperfocus on a edgy Tumbler post she made as a teenager almost 10 years ago when she's pretending to be a
sexual toddler.

No. 1760074

File: 1675433166166.jpg (94.37 KB, 1080x635, Screenshot_2023-02-03-12-50-30…)

Not exactly related but boy did this make me cackle.

Ken thought this was some kind of party rather than talking about suicide

No. 1760077

How about the fact someone was asking her to say she was a minor/talking sexually about Minors to her aka putting themselves as a pedo and all shayna did was make a post whining.
She didn't attempt to do anything, but if it was some sex worker saying some shit she didn't like she'd be posting messages and calling for a cancel campaign. Shayna literally spoke with a pedo and just made a
>minors don't belong on kinks guise! I will not discuss that with u!!!
It's not a fantasy or kink to literally say the thought of underaged people turn you on. That's true shit to be mad at shayna on

No. 1760080

File: 1675433970477.png (319.11 KB, 573x440, Screenshot 2023-02-03 at 2.19.…)

No. 1760081

Sol abused Shayna???? How?? All the fucker did was do content to with her, back out when he got scared and talked shit. That's. Not abuse. I hate how these retards focus on the most retarded crimes of these people. Not the fact sols wife was starving at the house and people say he got with her underaged.
Not shayna speaking with pedos qnd doing nothing. Sol didn't abuse shayna and I hope Ken keeps talking so he starts some shit, because accusing that ugly scrote of abuse will more then likely cause a meltdown and shayna will have to explain HOW he abused her.

No. 1760083

Her breast just looks so stiff, inflamed and lumpy. I've never see a breast look like that. Even women who have extreme differences the smaller breast doesn't look like it's swollen and lumpy. Just smaller.

No. 1760091

I think these twittards are using "abuse" to mean "treated another person unfairly". Shat has been shitty towards other sex workers for years, Dawn, Vivi and Pixie come to mind as fellow OF whores that have either been scammed or have lost money because of the hog.

No. 1760120

File: 1675439052318.jpeg (358.54 KB, 750x1043, 940351D2-0915-4DCF-864B-DB6CB8…)

sorry for the terrible screenshot but she deleted that post about "taking down her haters" and also the post of her calling her pussy a ballsack is true it's still on her twitter

No. 1760121

God ken is so retarded it’s hilarious. Shay really let him hit raw too

No. 1760161

remember this is Twitter we’re talking about. Everything is abuse and SWers in particular like to play the woke police.

No. 1760169

Went on Sol’s Twitter so try and find the fight. Couldn’t find it considering the amount of eye bleach I need is immeasurable.

No. 1760202

Yeah his page is revolting

No. 1760209

hey “bro” sage your shit retards(girl…)

No. 1760219

No. 1760222

Holy shit this is awful. Honestly what the fuck. I wish someone in Seattle would street fight her, she deserves a good punch in the face. kek

No. 1760226

Hey Ken - if you're here to fact check Shayna please know we all saw and heavily mocked your inability to get hard around her, you limp-dick sasquatch faggot.

No. 1760228

Shayna is a predator not an abuser. She's only abusive in a surface level sense like how she abuses people's kindness and take advantages of any family member, friend or guy that enters her orbit.

No. 1760229

his name actually is gayfag hairyshoulders

No. 1760235

I hate bringing that bitch up cause she lurks and loves to self-insert, but the Vivi Saga is a good example of Shayna taking advantage of someone and abusing her power over them.

I wont humour the "she ate all my food and didnt pay me" argument lurking-vivi always tries to bring up. But it is shitty how Shayna talks big before she meets people, and then changes in person. I get you're allowed to change your mind at any time, but the way she demonized the moid boyfriend for suggesting a BJ scene when she 1) already knew he was there and had to have talked to Vivi before hand about him 2)was with fellow "sex workers" and therefore why is that a taboo question? just say no?. Like if you don't feel comfortable setting boundaries with people in person, maybe don't go to their fucking trailer park in the middle of bumfuck, america to shoot porn?

No. 1760239

Does this idiot realize shaynus would never defend him like this? Has she even acknowledged this little sissy-fit?

No. 1760269

Why do e-whores love abusing their pets and then taking pictures of them after comfortable and be like "oh yes I definitely ABUSE you look how terrible of a life you have." Feels like those moms who treat their kids like shit but when are reasonably called out on it they default to how nice of a house/things they buy you and you're lucky you're not living like that OTHER kid. Is it the same fucked up part of their brain that sees selling their bodies for McDonald's money as impowering that makes them indifferent to the stress they cause other living beings?

PNP shaved a line down the cats that she hated's back and did the same thing like a year ago where she posted pictures of it later like Shay acting like it wasnt abusive because the cat is calm/happy now after people on twitter were rightfully fucking disturbed. She also privated and weaponized her autism to take down any reports of it even though these bitches are the ones who publically posted that shit to begin with. "Hateful content" "exposing private info" my ass. You posted a picture of you flinging your cat to the ground from 4 feet above and blowing smoke in its face. Stupid retard is so terminally online she only realizes things look fucking bad when we roast her for it here.

No. 1760275

this reeks of solposting

No. 1760283

File: 1675451736935.png (82.93 KB, 155x275, 1607888815622.png)

Samefag but PNP was an e-whore who has a dead thread in snow. Shat and her have interacted about "haters" before which is ironic considering they both abuse their animals and see nothing wrong with it. Picrel is when after she was called out for the shaved back strip she decided she would shave her cat completely and also do it to her other one. Sage for pet autism.

No. 1760286

holy fuck i forgot bad it was and that she doubled downed and tried to say it “helped them cool down” even though she lived in fucking Philly and it was like fall/winter when it happened.

No. 1760287

cats spend so much time grooming themselves it makes me shake with rage to see what PnP did to her poor cats. That poor fucking cat has no idea why the person who is supposed to protect them did this shit for NO FUCKING REASON other than she was probably having a manic, drug induced BPD episode. I fucking hate Ariana McMillan.

No. 1760298

Isn’t sols wife fat ? She should not eat for a while and shrink like her disgusting skeleton bf

No. 1760299

Sol’s dick is like a small skinny rod and it def has STDs too, the idea of him sitting here is funny because he should go home and feed his landwhaoe green card wife instead of fucking troons, yeah Ken did it with gross fat white women but a fucking troon is the worst degeneracy and Sol is going to hell, with his lesbian hair

No. 1760323


No. 1760338


No. 1760348

File: 1675458132986.jpeg (448.64 KB, 750x605, 51A201A9-EC5F-494A-9A82-B179E7…)

she deleted both of these posts about her REAL DAD on her SEX WORK twitter

No. 1760352

? I'm confused by this? Kek, if her dad doesn't ask then he doesn't want to know. I feel like she wants to flex on her dad, like,
>dad I'm traveling for work, ha ha I'm a in demand pornstar
Instead of her traveling to get slapped around while paying for it.
This isn't for her safety or wanting him to know for her safety.

No. 1760356

Same anon, maybe her dad tells her not to talk about sex work with him ever, like nothing related to it. Still, I think she wants him to know to flex and hope that he'd he'd "proud" or change his mind since she's traveling which to shayna equals success.
Like what? She specifically seems to want to tell him she's going to do porn, when she could just lie or simply say,
>dad I'm going out of town to see a friend/have fun etc.
Shayna wants her dad to know she's going to do gross shit and she's spending more on traveling then she is getting/will get from it.
She's gross

No. 1760381

im too lazy to go try and find the caps in previous threads, but she’s referring to something she’s tweeted about before. When she got black out drunk and had to go to the hospital after her Old Lady Spanking School shoot, she started asking twitter about their opinion on if she should be telling her dad where she goes to shoot porn cause he didnt know she was in the hospital (and it was spectulated she wasnt gonna tell him she got wasted and went to a hospital for being a drunk dumbass but he probably noticed the charge to his insurance to a hospital from a random state and called her to be like WTF, again?)

No. 1760384

File: 1675460165725.png (361.72 KB, 545x621, fff.png)

she's always posting pics of mr pb now kek

No. 1760391

guilty ass bitch

No. 1760393

the fact this bitch is turning 26 soon and still is so reliant her parents is embarrassing. if youre going to ruin your reputation being an e-whore and prostitute at least be making enough money to support yourself. she is incapable of navigating life despite being a grown adult. and why does she has no close friends she can share this info with instead of her dad? its gross she needs to involve her dad with her degen escapades, like some weird incest shit there wanting him to know almost.

Also this shows she goes to meet up to fuck random pedophiles, creeps, rapists, people she DOES NOT KNOW with absolute NO backup or contingency plan for her safety. Like why the hell does her cottage cheese girl not have emergency contacts incase something goes wrong? Then Ellen can reach out to her family if needed. Who wants to bet Shayna didnt let her dad know she let a basically stranger into her home to rawdog her, drug her and get black out drunk alone with for two weeks straight. How is that not more dangerous than travelling for a shoot?

No. 1760395

society’s failures are always the ones who thought they were so mature at 18 and acted like they knew-it-all.

No. 1760396

I thought mr peanut butter was ginger and white

No. 1760397

File: 1675461132583.jpeg (324.17 KB, 1151x1579, 1704121D-B976-4B7F-AF37-A5F83E…)

seriously what is happening with her losing so many followers? She just lost another 500.

No. 1760402

Purging of fake accounts/bots.

No. 1760404

Her heart broke and what? What’s the full tweet

No. 1760406

It’s the lighting and shadows…

No. 1760407

You're a fucking retard, sol is the one with a green card and his wife is skinny surviving off of rice cakes while sol sticks his pencil dick in trannies.

No. 1760411

File: 1675462289003.jpeg (433.69 KB, 1242x1178, 7DB907A6-355E-4C36-9860-DA4C8C…)

Josh topkek likes her fat ballsack

No. 1760412

what a real winner to have his wife have to beg and complain on twitter that her fridge is empty while this fucker doesnt put any effort in to support his family other than work on his “thriving porn career” that involves him fucking trannies and while wearing lace panties. cant even feel bad for his wife cause at some point you gotta take responsibility for the situation you’re in

No. 1760422

File: 1675462888478.jpeg (752.31 KB, 1154x3299, BAAAF65A-21F9-4501-829C-31DBC3…)

John Randall Cox defending Shayna Clifford

No. 1760423

File: 1675462912384.jpeg (307.48 KB, 2449x1041, 385CF429-32E4-4727-B2B5-8E7A90…)

No. 1760428

File: 1675463178288.jpeg (601.98 KB, 1518x3028, 0EA3D0A9-9293-402F-AE1B-37DC91…)

I bet it’s been four years since she replaced her toys. That’s disgusting especially because she doesn’t wash them daily. The base is so dirty. This nasty bitch doesn’t have separate dildos for anal scenes so her snatch is getting shit inside of it. Also she doesn’t know how to google things because she asks her followers for every single stupid question she has

No. 1760432

File: 1675463296927.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 498 KB, 1369x2955, 245D1289-D331-4F42-A79E-BE370E…)

I bet Daddy Clifford is so proud of his morbidly obese daughter getting naked on the internet and slapping herself for pennies

No. 1760439

part of me wants to show John Randall Cox how “not so bad” it is when nonas start digging - part me wants slap his hairy shoulder and laugh for telling Shayna directly that farms are not that bad and she’s using it as an excuse to be a lazy failed whore.

No. 1760441

How much do you want to bet that she unlocked her page because she wants people to see hairyfag defending her?

No. 1760443

Because it’s an implant and is probably trying to reject from her body

No. 1760444

I thought it was John Kendall Cox not Randall

No. 1760445

She’s not morbidly obese. Yet.

No. 1760446

Same idk where Randall came from

No. 1760447

File: 1675464438802.jpeg (231.84 KB, 1170x1177, DF27DD10-1CAD-4FE1-94C2-E5D591…)

It is John Kendall Cox

No. 1760451

What the fuck I thought it was that as well the shaydela effect

No. 1760452

This is unironically lovely peaches behaviour.

No. 1760453

The way you can see the implant shifting up even in pictures makes me feel sick. I bet it's worst in motion. I wouldn't make this comment about another woman but lord what an unfortunate body and life. Exactly what she deserves

No. 1760454

Also is she literally putting blush on her face like that or is it a filter, good lord it ugly and I wish she'd stop

No. 1760456

Bald dude looks like his breath smells like fishsticks and dicks, shayna looks like her breath smells like hungry morning breath with a hint of budussy. Disgusting

No. 1760463

Goddammit anon kek
I will never get over how fucking DATED she is in every possible way. It's like she's doing it on purpose; no one as terminally online as she could possibly be that clueless.

No. 1760496

Is she being smug or is she guilty posting like "i actually love my cat so much"
Also so much for Rib whos been with her all these years through so much bullshit. It probably hides most of the time to avoid the annoying ass dog and other cat. Plus its fur is matted and needs to be groomed and that gets said every time she posts her so maybe she's avoiding that now

No. 1760498

File: 1675469040720.png (198.46 KB, 438x324, Bacon Rolls - The Return.png)

kek. the way John Kendall Cox has to kiss bacon rolls when he tries to kiss Shanya's neck. And she's got her mouth open trying to catch stray shoulder hairs that fall off.

No. 1760501

First off, She acts like she travels so often for porn when last year she met up with Sol in Cali and Ellen took her there, did the Skidmore thing, then Fatcon, then the spanking party. Thats it. Everything else was local. Was Vivi in Washington? Point is she's not some in demand adult entertainment model. Shes doing bottom barrel shit and disasterous collabs a few times a year if that.
And why cant she just tell Ellen?
Or just leave it at "going out of town to ___ for ___ days, Ill text you when Im home" its that simple.
No parent is truly proud or cool with their kid being a whore and they sure as fuck dont want to know the details and be reminded of it. Unless theyre incest pedo freaks like Mike Slack I guess.

No. 1760503

I'm still seeing her account as locked, did she re-private it?

No. 1760505

I'd say hes simping but hes obviously not attracted to Shaynus/women and so it just comes off "oh hunny" faggykek

No. 1760509

Clout chasing

No. 1760513

File: 1675469680255.png (64.25 KB, 530x485, Screenshot 2023-02-04 12.11.45…)

No. 1760516

Fucking cowtipper.

No. 1760522

File: 1675470453850.jpg (64 KB, 720x960, John Kendall Sucks Cox.jpg)

No. 1760525

File: 1675470608354.gif (3.96 MB, 229x317, wtf is this.gif)

this man's closet is GLASS

No. 1760531

So how does she expect to attract new clientele with her account on private? Good luck paying rent with those OF subs and Twitter followers dropping faster than your cat
I’ll never get old of the roasting of this scrote

No. 1760535

why would you publicize that you cant chop a tiny piece of wood in half

No. 1760537

Good. The only thing she has in the world in her twitter account and this must be driving her crazy.

No. 1760538

Cowtipper is autistic but also Im not sure what privating helps with? The not retarded farmers can still see her tweets. Is it just that she can't be directly tagged or?

No. 1760545

I think when the cowtipper started sending the cat gif to her followers she freaked out. she may have even removed some people she absolutely did not want the cowtipper to send that gif to. i feel like this is the main reason she's stayed on private so long - she doesn't want the farms having access to her followers list.

No. 1760547

Wonder if they brought up this freak thrusting after his own daughter

No. 1760549

Can't believe shaynus let him bangus

No. 1760552

so does he know her most active follower who she interacts with daily is Mike Slack, the incest father who follows his daughters OF?

No. 1760575

Anyone catch screencaps of the cowtipper?

No. 1760583

She’s said herself that poor Rib hates the retarded fat dog and hides from it, I bet it hates Fupa’s ugly cat too. Long haired cats require effort, Shat can’t even groom herself so it’s not surprising she doesn’t brush his coat and just neglects him in general. The only time she mentions him is when she makes retarded comments about the markings on his face looking like a dick. She doesn’t deserve him. Or any pets for that matter.

No. 1760587

File: 1675474892635.jpeg (137.23 KB, 828x506, BC595742-9E0D-4E4D-8EE8-0C7FAA…)

I did a search and this is the only result so I’m assuming it was that

No. 1760588

File: 1675475018862.jpeg (287.45 KB, 828x1531, 2E09B941-6C4F-4F5D-9C4F-48A5E0…)

No. 1760589

File: 1675475298423.jpeg (586.15 KB, 828x1521, CBB5F072-7661-40FA-8343-E0170B…)

Whichever one of you cowtipping retards did this, just fucking stop it.

No. 1760592

File: 1675475554266.jpeg (749.99 KB, 828x1563, 2527D38B-94C6-4856-A1A9-BC2C09…)

There’s this too, it didn’t come up when I searched his @ but it’s on the same account, there’s probably a search ban on him it on certain words, I don’t know how twitter works wrt that shit

No. 1760601

I choose to believe Shane’s munchie wife is doing the Twitter cowtipping and using Lolcow as a shield.

No. 1760612

File: 1675476705290.jpeg (142.09 KB, 750x427, 9D18E6FB-4EF7-4B49-8EC5-54EE62…)


No. 1760619

Is it ok to report cow tippers like this? This isn't funny or creative, it's try hard and embarrassing.

No. 1760620

I wonder if she's talking about bunny Kat or whatever
I thought Jess at first but then I reread the tweet cause I'm an autistic moron

No. 1760621

Yes you can report

No. 1760623

she spazzing out about the person interacting with gay ken i can't post the caps rn if anyone else can

No. 1760624

File: 1675477726950.jpg (178.68 KB, 539x484, fhdhdh.jpg)

The account she's taking about is @katarinasphynx (don't know if that's bunny kat, I only joined these threads around the 60 mark).

No. 1760629

I still can't fathom that this man has a kid.

No. 1760632

If she's going to be so attached and reliant on her parents, she might as well go the hell home. It gets said over and over but it's so aggravating to see her squander all her opportunities.
Wow, I wonder if she's blocked him for telling her to get the hell to work.

No. 1760634

does she still think lolcow is just one person

No. 1760655

File: 1675480046663.jpg (606.61 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20230203_190647_Twi…)

There's this I guess

No. 1760658

It looks like her, I think? My brain is foggy about faces

No. 1760662

Bruh this has to be a newfag or a vendetta cowtipper like Shame’s wife as you said. as disgusting as Mike Slack is, the “naming” and identifying of her followers is wayyyy too far and would probably cut off milk for good. Mike Slack is her main supporter and has been following her even before Womack.
Whoever is doing this PLEASE stop, I need her account to be public. If you need to cowtip then make a thinly veiled troll fan account or a fake sugar daddy account.

No. 1760665

jfc shayna gets triggered by anything doesn’t she

No. 1760673

Who fucking cares if Michael “Mike” Slack of Missouri, US veteran, inbred Trump-supporting trucker and pedophile who raped his own daughter, buys her sex toys and subscribes to her porn has his full name posted on twitter or if he is Shayna’s oldest coomer. The cowtipper is a fucking retard but not for this reason

No. 1760678

keep it going it’s funny lol

No. 1760684

File: 1675482235382.jpeg (22.13 KB, 224x225, 1674024864769.jpeg)

Totally not suspicious unsaged post from a true and genuine farmer.

No. 1760686

File: 1675482696024.jpg (386.16 KB, 538x993, Screenshot 2023-02-04 2.32.19 …)

She deleted these.

No. 1760693

Whose cat is this? What happened to Ribmeat? Why would you name a CAT Mr. Peanutbutter? Shay you are so dumb.

No. 1760695

does she really just keep screenshots from that long ago?

No. 1760698


where's that nonnie who'd freak out on you lol

No. 1760702

Right Shay, you won’t have to pay for him or his flight if you do it that way!

No. 1760707

Maybe the weed is making her paranoid.

No. 1760717

>inb4 you’re told to lurk moar
It was Fupa’s cat that she kept, just like him it’s an ugly ginger, kek. All her pet names are retarded and make me want to a-log, but Mr Peanut Butter is the worst of the three

No. 1760721

Lord give me strength

No. 1760722

I mean really tho they do need to lurk harder if they haven't seen Mr pb after the whole cat dropping saga. it's literally what the thread is named after

No. 1760723

if she watches bojack and doesn't see the depravity and narcissism and darkness in that show, she's straight up lost. and ribmeat is her only cool pet name.

No. 1760724

also a fitting name for her weird breast implant situation

No. 1760728

Lolcow, a site where they make fun of me 24/7. -Shayna

No. 1760734

I’ve been here since thread 2, she just barely talks about her pets so every time she mentions them I’m surprised they’re still alive. Yes I read about the cat dropping but I didn’t realize she still had Fupa’s cat in the first place.

No. 1760745

Is this a running joke that my autism is preventing me from understanding? She clearly doesn’t have an implant

No. 1760747

One of her breast was markedly smaller than the other so she got an implant. She doesn’t talk about, although in the past she said it was caused by a vaccine

No. 1760750

here we go again

No. 1760754

File: 1675490550615.jpeg (383.72 KB, 750x943, 5CF7B801-A881-4FEA-A525-4B14D6…)

she's fighting with her fucking diaper account. what a sad existence shayna clifford has

No. 1760756

Yep, because she doesn’t want to unprivate her main account but she wants people to know she’s being defended and attempt to control the narrative

No. 1760760

Caps? How old was she when this happened? She really had the money for a singular implant?

I’m sorry to be asked to be spoonfed, I read like the first 30 something threads and I really do not recall ever seeing this. I thought that one titty was always disgusting ever since she started posting nudes. Did she get the implant before she started posting nudes? The veiny tit looks grosser than it did in the first threads but like I said it was always nasty..(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1760764

She said she got it as a kid probably around when puberty hit she had something done idk what exactly but this gets brought up every time I have no idea where the caps are though, Shayna threads have been around for a long time

No. 1760766

Read the threads ffs

No. 1760768

You could browse the threads and ctrl f specific words. Might help

No. 1760769

There’s also a site search function

No. 1760780

ribmeat is a retarded name, like something trailer trash would come up with

No. 1760781

Shut up and lurk more, we don't need to rehash this with "she doesn't have an implant" idiots for the umpteenth time.

No. 1760782

It is white trash. Like equivalent to mudflap or something kek
If you don’t know something don’t ask and figure it out yourself.

No. 1760785

cmiiw but was Bratty the person shayna was supposed to film with but then canceled because shay decide to be unprofessional?

No. 1760788

She never filmed with her. Shayna cancelled because she wanted to be with Shane. Bratty was shading her because she ended up paying for Shayna’s trip or ticket or whatever. What’s with the influx of retards. This was in the last thread maybe learn how to read

No. 1760791

Thanks for spoon feeding me nonna, I get a visceral reaction if I stay too long on Shayna threads and can’t stomach digging through these threads. I think the fact that she has a single implant should be added to the OP cause that’s fucking wild and makes her nasty tit a million times nastier. Implants don’t last forever. That seals the deal, she’s the #1 horror cow in my book. Also what a spoiled bitch, who tf gets their parents to get them an implant when they’re underage? Most women have some degree of asymmetry. Ironic that she gained weight and all the weight seems to have gone to the boob with the implant

No. 1760792

shayna has probably brought a bunch of new~shags here bc of her constant complaining

No. 1760793

Next time someone needs to be spoon fed they should ask a Shaylosopher in the shaynatrium along with all rants and unhinged posts as well

No. 1760794

it says "was supposed to" implying that they didn't film together. i was confusing bratty with another person shay canceled on and asked, take the stick out of your ass nonita

No. 1760796

I would assume it was an actual medical condition that went beyond just asymmetry. She probably didn't have a titty at all basically.

No. 1760797

What a great shaydea

No. 1760812

Shayisms are easily one of the best parts of Shayna’s threads. Truly a gift that keeps on giving.

No. 1760906

File: 1675517463249.png (37.28 KB, 591x329, hmm.png)

No. 1760910

you’re a pedo shayna

No. 1760928

for the newfags-

she has something called Poland Syndrome that cause her one tit/pectoral muscle to not develop the same as the other one. So in her youth she had an implant inserted under he pec and fat grafted from her back overtop to look natural. its why her veins pop out more on than tit.

tit talk is highly controversial in this thread. it used to be a bannable offence to bring up or discuss her necro tit. so its not in the OP because we’ve never gotten solid proof of it other than second-hand stories from people who used to be friends with her (vivi, highschool peers), and shayna has changed the story several times when telling people.

No. 1760935

the way she describes herself is laughable. she seriously doesnt realize that her twitter following can see all her unhinged tweets right? even if her early onset Alzheimer’s from weed and booze cause her to forget. She constantly calls out other sexworkers, calls out her lovers who scorn her, calls out her mom on her sexwork twitter, calls out her coomers and posts screenshots her giving them bitchy responses.

No. 1760936

if you take her self bio and switch everything to the opposite it makes a hell of a lot more sense: “Shayna: Inserts herself in other people’s business for clout and attention, is literally a cunt to anyone she cant leech off of, has wished physical harm on people she doesn’t like, and doesnt put out enough porn or content to justify her lifestyle or spending habits”

No. 1760937

she only adopted this “im so sweet and supportive” mask when she got fat. When she was skinny she would abuse her platform to attack people and was a miserable condescending bitch to anyone she perceived as “below her”. its called karma dumb ass, reap what you sow.

No. 1760938

Am I imagining it or didn't she post a while back that she got her own house.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1760940

Do you mean fupa's house?

No. 1760941

you stink of newfag. sage your shit and check into the shaynatorium to cure your retardation

No. 1760945

shayna can't afford to get cheese and crackers, how is she supposed to get a house

No. 1760950

The cognitive dissonance is real, this bitch is literally ALWAYS getting herself into drama and putting her nose where it doesn't belong, then she's like "woe is me, people are mean to me online". Holy shit.

No. 1760955

>she has poland syndrome
shit like this is why tit talk is banned, that's not confirmed

No. 1760961

neither is her having implant at all, nonacunt. its all speculation.

No. 1760971

I’m starting to feel like Shayna actually loves the attention she gets on lolcow. Trying to prove nonas wrong by being the bestest SWer is the only motivation she has kek

No. 1760975

New Fags ask questions at the Shaynatorium you can be as shaytistic as you want asking questions in this thread only makes the quality of the thread worst

No. 1760978

The Tinder profile is active. Now begins the lengthy search for our princess

No. 1760982


No. 1760984

File: 1675528400741.jpeg (16.21 KB, 236x213, 37143172-D21B-4A3F-8723-7DA997…)

Can’t wait nonna

No. 1760986

She’s always bitching about the SS people post of her bullshit from years ago but she’s going to do the same thing? Retard

No. 1760988

File: 1675529053540.png (1.33 MB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20230204-084354.png)


No. 1760990

old lady neck

No. 1760993

Post her other pics.
>old lady neck and face
I've come across men who made me think "oh he's definitely lying about his age" wonder how many men think that about her.

No. 1760995

Show us the bio and other pics pls

No. 1760996

I thought this was the faceapp granny edit from the thumbnail

No. 1761001

Great work nonna! She looks forty here (not to shit on 40 yo women) why did she pick one of her least flattering pictures KEK

No. 1761009

Got to admit, I've never used To der before heh. Struggling a little with the interface and being stuck behind a paywall that I'm not willing to shill out for

No. 1761010

File: 1675530082643.png (702.57 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20230204-090052.png)

I'm pretty sure she liked me back but uh, not sure how to proceed from here

No. 1761011

KEK that's horrific. Only weirdos probably match with her. What normal moid would see this literal clown and want to swipe right?

No. 1761012

anon did you make up a profile as a man or are you using your personal profile? i'll be really surprised if shay is looking for women on tinder and not just crusty old men

No. 1761014

Why is Shayna Leigh Clifford using her porn name on Tinder? Does everyone irl just call her “Dolly” lmao what a fucking freak

No. 1761015

Of course I created a fake. I don't use Tinder otherwise and had to download it for the first time ever lol. I don't want to share his profile yet just in case she does browse here

Just waiting for her to match me as she clearly pays for her verification etc

No. 1761020

Being verified on Tinder just means she passed a selfie test proving it’s really her on the account since there’s a ton of bots

No. 1761021

Can someone remind me what Ellen degenerate looks like? I may have found her Tinder too…

No. 1761023

caveman thing in the thread pic

No. 1761026

File: 1675531552137.jpeg (593.99 KB, 750x917, 7BCFA407-3BCC-4291-A2CA-7E7AC8…)

She really thinks she must be a good person who is undeserving of all criticism just because she doesn’t try to cancel other nobody e-whores online. Newsflash, you make content for a man who molested and creeped on his own daughter and for child/infant-fixated pedophiles in general. I hope she loses everything kek.

No. 1761027

File: 1675531566185.png (1.17 MB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20230204-091919.png)

Pretty sure this is her too?

No. 1761028

File: 1675531566726.jpeg (165.27 KB, 1169x1391, 5A3C594D-FA8A-44F3-BE68-36B77D…)

No. 1761031

File: 1675531644010.png (166.63 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20230204-092714.png)

Feck, I wish I knew I could do this on Shatna's

No. 1761035

She chose the worst picture of herself. It's almost like a troll profile.

No. 1761039

Ellen Dresel is a baby sitter who stole a pacifier from a child, then posted about it on her fetish Tumblr account. I would post the pictures but I'm on mobile qnd retarded

No. 1761050

Her neck looks normal I think it’s just that tacky flesh coloured necklace throwing it off, for all the filtered pictures she lately where she looks “half decent” why did she pick this one where she looks like a goblin cross dresser. It’s like she doesn’t want anyone of value. I still shudder at the thought of that guy she dressed up recently, imagine letting him in your house or near you. She can do so much better what’s wrong with her.

No. 1761051

kek I’m dying to see what big shaynus wrote in her profile bio

No. 1761060

ot but is it common to put that youre vaxxed in your tinder bio?? what the hell

No. 1761061

maybe delete and make another profile?

No. 1761063

yes, it is

No. 1761065

yeah it saves dealing with QAnon antivax looney tunes, plus she lives with her older parents one of whom has health issues iirc

No. 1761066

'nonacunt' has to be the worst attempt at a sassy little insult I've ever seen on this website. gave me a proper full-body cringe

No. 1761069

so i've been scrolling through the early threads, starting at the fupa saga since i sadly missed it. and it's insane that she tries to now act like she's the sweetest person ever bc she was honestly the biggest cunt on tumblr. girls would ask her for advice and she'd reply with how they're delusional if they think they can make the same amount of money as her and they're asking for free advice which she won't do. i don't know when she decided to switch up this persona, since i'm still halfway through the fupa saga but it had to be drastic. she was a bitter uppity bitch for years.

No. 1761070

Anon, a desperate horny man would swipe right that’s all tinder is. Hookup app. Most guys just swipe right for EVERYONE, because they just want to get their dick wet.

No. 1761075

God she chose that as her main pic? And she really does try to go by Dolly. Disgusting and weird af. She looks so goofy in that pic. Like an older woman trying to parody dress as an earlier 2000s teen or something. Its not even like alt girls or kawaii girls. It's just a weird ugly mess. I know moids have no standards but Id think even moids would be like "wtf?" for at least a minute. Her look combined with going by that retarded name. She could go by her middle name or something more normal with an S if she didnt want to use her real name. Its giving tranny energy where they always pick the edgiest/cringe shit to go by when they decide they want to change genders or whatever instead of being even somewhat reasonable going about it.

No. 1761080

That is true though. Losers and dudes that just want to fuck will literally swipe right on every girl just trying to land matches and go from there. They don't care.

No. 1761081

She looks hella old kek. Like stage makeup. The freckles are so unnatural looking she didn’t even blend them? The over lined doo doo colored clown mouth jfc she looks disgusting

No. 1761084

No it's not kek

No. 1761089

I think it used to be. But it's less relevant now.
Ellen has probably been on tinder and not changed her bio or anything for years tbf kek

No. 1761094

The bio and the other pictures???? I want to see how she describes herself

No. 1761109

ok congrats on your repeated covids

No. 1761117

I’m on bumble bff and a good 30% have it in their bio, just depends not the person.
Vaxed people still get Covid.
Did you not read her bio?

No. 1761125

she still is. Thats why she tweets and deletes so much. She is a mean, angry, bitter bitch who wallows in her misery.

No. 1761156

Dating apps sound like a cesspool. Wtf is the point of Bumble bff?

No. 1761163

5'8? christ these two are big bitches

No. 1761168

File: 1675546710104.jpeg (619.46 KB, 750x997, 18F66136-53E6-467E-97AD-81D918…)

brain damage

No. 1761170

I have no friends, wtf do you think?

No. 1761173

it makes me laugh to think of these two huge lumbering retards pretending to be literal babies, then I remember now disgusting it is

No. 1761178

>as sweet as can be 2 everyone possible
LMAO come on now Fat Shat, your history of being a raging cunt to all and sundry with no provocation has been exhaustively documented. Plus you’re a pedophile.

No. 1761180

as a full blown autist who cosplays creepy dolls I cannot begin to tell you how much this cringeworthy low-effort retardation enrages me

No. 1761181

Nona you can scroll through her pics and expand her bio, if you can use lolcor surely you’re not so retarded that you can’t figure out how to do that

No. 1761183

kek she shooped out her marionette lines just to draw them on

No. 1761184

File: 1675548937460.jpeg (355.53 KB, 1080x2400, 335891E6-81CF-43C4-95F5-1AD1F8…)

Samefag, but this is how to do that

No. 1761188

Doll-chan again, that was my first thought after being triggered by the fact that she didn’t even draw them on properly, everything about this abomination makes me irrationally mad. She’s so fucking bad at literally everything

No. 1761195

File: 1675549850677.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 188.1 KB, 750x1025, 3BA32786-B96F-4D05-8243-EDE3FD…)

No. 1761196

File: 1675549897018.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 428.33 KB, 750x752, 05E690BA-67B2-434A-AFD5-9CF62E…)

wtf has she done to her ass ???

No. 1761198

ahh yes the kylie jenner matte lipstick is gonna really go well with your crusty chapped lips

No. 1761200

> buys two Kylie lip kits
It’s been known for years that Kylie is overpriced Colourpop products. Why not just buy Colourpop since it’s literally the same products as Kylie’s brand but way cheaper? God she’s so stupid. She could have at least just bought lipsticks from a cheaper brand like NYX or Morphe or something.

No. 1761202

Kylie lip kits?? Kek are we in 2015 again jfc Shayna is so late to every fucking makeup trend. L.A girl lip liners are cheap as fuck and are trendy on tiktok rn. She’s an actual idiot. Literally no one buys Kylie cosmetics anymore

No. 1761211

File: 1675551580025.jpeg (315.21 KB, 750x1224, BB2F3354-1D70-4607-9F41-03CF72…)

i think she’s really skinwalking Vivi or just coincidence?

No. 1761218

Vaxed people get covid all the time you absolute moron

No. 1761219

she’s bigger each time I see a new pic

No. 1761222

>>1761196 what ass?

No. 1761226

she's so behind on trends she really bought kylie lip kits in 2023? not to mention that her idea of spoiling herself included those $8 creme shop lip balms and nyx and ulta brand products? lmao

No. 1761233

File: 1675555084334.png (53.24 KB, 1286x556, 7596238598230925.png)

$148 total, kek at $82 of lip products she won't be using

No. 1761236

She edited her head too small it looks like the bully from Toy Story took one dolls head and attached it to another dolls body. She looks huge.

No. 1761239

she looks like she's plus size now, like fr plus size

No. 1761246

nonas don't forget that not even that long ago shayna told an underaged feminist on twitter who didn't agree with her to 'just take a dick up the ass' or something along those lines. her saying she's been uwu nothing but the sweetest person possible uwu is so manipulative and retarded

No. 1761251

File: 1675556898242.png (Spoiler Image, 1.61 MB, 723x898, jumpscare.PNG)

No. 1761254

Holy shit she really spent $32 on eyeliner that at maximum will last 3 months. Maybe 4 if you consider she won't throw it away until the consistency gets weird and it's basically unusable. She's BROKE broke and throwing money away like this. Insane.

No. 1761269

Even though it's shit effort it is one of her more "creative"/interesting concepts… Except what coomer wants this?? Like if it wasnt for porn garbage, Id be like ok Great Value Melanie Martinez kek I just dont understand it from a scrote jerking off perspective besides falling back on coomers gonna coom and don't care

No. 1761271

Legit thought you were a lost Shaynatorium patient with an autistic edit at first. Good lord

No. 1761275

get out vax fag(unsaged infighting)

No. 1761278

She spent $10 on the eyeliner nona

No. 1761279

Same this popped up first thing on my page and it looked like it was stretched vertically, but no. The pale pepto color scheme combined with what looks like she’s wearing a moo moo. This is not SW.

No. 1761281

lol i have that same exact dress from dolls kill and it’s baggy on me. fat bitch lol

No. 1761288

Sorry about your awful taste, but congrats on not being a hamplanet i guess

No. 1761296

She spent $32 on the stills eyeliner and $10 on epic wear. Why she bought two is another question.

No. 1761300

There’s something so sad about a fat 25 year old putting on doll makeup and laying on her fat ass taking shitty pictures she thinks are creative, when most of her followers just want nude content for $3

No. 1761301

You sound like the vax fag and like anon said congrats on your shit taste. Pleas don’t post again but if you do SAGE.

No. 1761303

That dress is hideous looks like a sissy fetish dress for troons I hope you don’t wear that out in public

No. 1761304

File: 1675560619240.png (7.21 MB, 1638x2048, A4063E18-14E9-43C8-8FED-F88D92…)

No. 1761305

All of Dollskill shit is cheaply made and most of it, especially the shit Shaynus picks out is ugly as hell. This dress looks like an aliexpress costume but Im not sure what costume it would even be. Its just retarded kek

No. 1761306

this is such an awkward pose lmao

No. 1761309

the color difference between her chest and her arms and legs is… alarming.

No. 1761310

her chonky arm looking bigger than her head

No. 1761315

Just stop replying to the retarded zoomer that shops at dollskill and doesn’t know how to sage

No. 1761316

I can't believe you just outed yourself as tacky polyester dress wearing trash

No. 1761317

Chris chan x barb pose

No. 1761320

Did the vax lower your IQ that much?

No. 1761322

Right kek.
And jealous of what exactly? I could buy that retarded sweatshop dress… but I have a sense of style and buy quality clothes from not problematic basic bitch sites. But sure Im so salty

No. 1761325

Are you telling me that these are actually pictures she thought looked nice enough to post and they're not shaynatorum edits?

No. 1761326

if I can recall Shayna did do some shoots where they took pictures of her posing like "Modeling' before the disgusting porn. Now all her photoshoots are at her house, alone and I feel like it's because she's not even asked to pose for a picture or anything.
It's weird to me, no bikini pictures, nothing professional. Even those pictures she hired a photographer to take she doesn't look good in them.

No. 1761329

sage your shit or fuck off

No. 1761330

Even if she looked good, she has no idea how to pose or project personality or sex appeal. Lying there with your legs splayed open and the same retarded smirk on your face in every photo isn’t “modeling.”

No. 1761333

attractive women wouldn't buy that dress, only beckies who have a false image of themselves would. If you wore that dress in public people would smirk behind your back and think something was wrong with you, but that's fine because we all know it's only for you to wear at home alone anyway while you listen to melanie martinez

No. 1761335

it’s sad that you guys are getting bitter and salty over a dress. i’m asking you politely but firmly to touch grass(sage your shit)

No. 1761340

if you touched grass you wouldnt think that dress was a good idea

No. 1761345

I am asking you politely but firmly to sage your bullshit

No. 1761352

This picture makes me feel like she just got done binging one of the earlier seasons of ANTM and is trying to replicate some random photoshoot. Kek It's so bad.

No. 1761356

wow banning bc of the truth this site < kiwi farms(go back)

No. 1761357

They’d ban your dumbass there too.
ik, ik I’m done replying to the tard

No. 1761360

omg she look so big like Tuna levels of big

No. 1761367

No. I'm probably going to get banned for this but, Vivi, nobody mentioned you stop trying to make yourself a thing.

No. 1761368

File: 1675567282826.jpeg (1.11 MB, 1242x1544, C4B04514-D969-4049-A94C-D1F192…)

Shayna entered another MV content kek 1,048th place right behind “cherry cola areola”

No. 1761369

Idk how to do dolly makeup but the white under her eyes looks wrong and slapped on

No. 1761370

Damn under 1000th place. Go home shat jfc

No. 1761371

>>1761184 >>1761031
I’m begging show us her bio tindernona

No. 1761372

File: 1675567720728.jpeg (95.02 KB, 508x406, 81ADB06E-4FF6-49FE-AE87-D09FB9…)

she looks like a sissy troon with the fake ass childhood bedroom and ugly kid decor

No. 1761375

It’s insane but I think she’s worse than troon status at this point

No. 1761376

It looks like she put black in her waterline which ruins the whole illusion anyway kek

Also looks like she gave herself a brand new nose in this set

No. 1761384

At least they aren’t annoying and attention seeking, this thread is about Shayna go away

No. 1761391

why are you so upset that some strangers don't like a dress you bought, literally calm down

No. 1761392

File: 1675572807222.jpeg (196.52 KB, 750x996, F7A4D8D5-17DF-4B77-BC38-838D94…)

forever keking at what a thriving bimbo shayna clifford is

No. 1761400

She genuinely looks like the doll from Saw

No. 1761403

She reminds me of the doll character from five nights at Freddy's, but fat and retarded

No. 1761406

i love the new sissy baby pansy photo shoot

No. 1761410


She's so fucking ugly that the black on her chin reads as a goatee. She looks like a fat boy badly dressed up for a weird skit.

No. 1761416

Don't insult Baby that way anon, Baby is an ambitious and intelligent hard worker. The only thing she and Shay have in common are daddy issues.

No. 1761421

Kek, nonna…

No. 1761423

This is going to sound autistic as fuck but she has really been reminding me of fellow hideous hambeast Lena Dunham recently. I think it’s the nasty little beady shithole eyes and fat girl mouth

No. 1761424

Now this has the potential to be really milky. New Daddy Saga 2: Electric Boogaloo

No. 1761426

WHAT omg who do we think this is? It sounds like someone who is younger than Womack and Mike Slack imo. What if it’s Diaper Man Dan?

No. 1761464

Shayna would never date a sub, she likes getting smacked around by "alpha" trailer park chuds who wear wife beaters and shop at walmart.

No. 1761469

My guess is she’s going to ‘dominate’ the sub by letting him basically have sex with her, because she believes she’s in charge and she has no boundaries. She would for sure sleep with anyone if they offered a high enough number. High enough in her case being a $100 door dash gift card.

No. 1761478

I think it's definitely him. All nonas who think she is going to do anything but lazily demand money and then maybe have the gross dude sit around in his soiled diaper because she definitely won't change it herself either.

No. 1761520

File: 1675603753745.jpg (952.02 KB, 1080x2162, Screenshot_20230205_052655.jpg)

>It looks like she put black in her waterline
God this bitch is so fucking dumb

Kek @ her putting her watermark along the strained sleeve opening that's wrapped around her ham hock.

No. 1761570

like a sow about to roll over on her piglets

No. 1761576

imagine having some grown man you don't know in your house demanding you change his diapers. shayna is nasty as hell

No. 1761579

This is some Tim and Eric Awesome Show type of character/makeup omfg it's so bad but funny

No. 1761608

Shaynus serving beached whale realness. My god girl, fat girls gotta use different angles than skinny ones. She's been overweight for years now.. how is she still in denial about this shit. Also she needs to stay away from Lolita inspired shit, makes fat girls look ten times heavier.

No. 1761621

File: 1675616467183.jpg (281.35 KB, 1420x1117, Always-Soft-Fit-Night_41012252…)

this dress looks like a sanitary pad wrapper. of all the ugly pink frilly dresses she owns, she chooses the one that literally looks like plastic packaging for a doll inspired look

No. 1761651

I think it’s a necklace but it looks like she dropped a candy heart in her neck fold, kek

No. 1761656

NTA but these giant crusty teddy bears that sickos like Shay's panderers always send to her and other kidlarpers/buy for their own fucking children give me the grossest, sickest feeling in my stomach.

No. 1761679

Yeah doesnt "Diaperman Dan" comment on her stuff often and he lives local-ish?
I think its him and yes shes just going to lazily and badly dom him while hes in a diaper. I hope he pisses and shits himself and wants her to change it and she realizes how absolutely abhorrent the diaper lifestyle freak stuff is but that that stench never truly leaves her apartment as long as she lives there. Sorry for alog lite kek

No. 1761680

Kek that's so spot on

No. 1761699


This is the worst fucking kink for many reasons, but it also feels like you'd either have to be legit into scat OR deeply in love with the person not to want to fucking puke. Shayna can't even do normal sex acts with men. How the fuck is she going to stand being around a needy man in a soiled diaper? She set herself up to be miserable. I wonder how much she's getting paid.

No. 1761708

Couldn't pay me enough to deal with that literal shit. Those people are mental.

No. 1761765

The most disgusting thing isn't the diaper, it's that she's going to do this shit in her house. How many disgusting degens know where she lives? Ask these fuckers to pay for a hotel or something.

No. 1761830

Scat is one of the most degen kinks and barely anyone is willing to do it so usually Johns will pay thousands when they do find a SW who caters to that. But knowing fat Shat, she will sell herself short. probably a few hundred at the most. Kek. thriving!

No. 1761839

Considering there are nurses who have to do that with elderly patients/disabled is honestly disgusting that she and other freaks get off to peoples incontinence

No. 1761871

honestly, based off the things shaynus said she when closed her dom account, it sounds like she may be "forcing" this guy into changing HER. And cleaning up the "mess" in Shayna's diaper definitely sounds like torture.

No. 1761888

She should stop trying to do creative content and just post mundane selfies in her underwear ,lounging, etc. This doll think and some of her other recent content is so creepy

No. 1761890

It's not incontinence. These weirdos are purposely shitting and pissing themselves.

I dunno what's going through these people's heads.
Peeing and pooping yourself is not a fun time. Can't wait for when these kinktards actually find themselves in a position where they can't control it or are bedbound.

No. 1761916

linebacker shoulders

No. 1762008

Fuck the cowtipper/s for making Shaynus lock her account, I hope tinderanon has some milk because this is the deadest the thread has ever been

No. 1762029

I totally agree

No. 1762043

File: 1675658589936.png (498.17 KB, 569x738, ewwwwwwwwww.PNG)

it's a sissy hyno gif
it seems to have been deleted

No. 1762091

File: 1675663792583.jpg (392.33 KB, 530x924, lel.jpg)

some of the shit these people draw rivals the shaynatorium

No. 1762126

kek is she pandering to trannies now

No. 1762239

Agreed but it was most likely because the cow tipper was also doxing/exposing her coomers. She can’t lose out on the pennies she makes kek.

No. 1762242

File: 1675688642052.jpeg (182.52 KB, 1280x851, k9wQNyn.jpeg)

Holy shit that pic looks like the stuff of nightmares lol

No. 1762244

File: 1675688921452.gif (493.87 KB, 405x300, tumblr_mjs7wzYAy11qebd87o1_500…)

She's a Breadhead for sure

No. 1762257

Don't disrespect breadheads like that kek

No. 1762292

EW wtf Shaynus trannies have no money and are the e-beggars of Twitter and tumblr, why the fuck would you pander to them. She is so so stupid.

No. 1762300

there's no way this person is not a farmer from the shay autism thread. it's so funny she retweeted that not realizing they are making fun of her

No. 1762354

Y'all really think bratty sub shanya is going to change a moids dirty diaper? The furthest she's going to get is putting in on him imo. She'll probably take pictures as "blackmail" and call it a day. I don't think even she's deprived enough to let a moid shit in a diaper in her house and then change it for him

No. 1762359

Well, she has no problem pissing herself and sitting in it and she also likes to lick her shit stained buttplugs and dildos. She put multiple kitchen items up her ass and probably still uses them. I highly doubt she ever cleans her anal toys properly. So I don't think it's that far from possible that she lets a moid soil himself in her apartment.

No. 1762367

I mean she wont change it, but shes not above letting him piss and/or shit himself in her apartment. He might just do it without her knowing hes going to. And thats all foul enough.

No. 1762372

>bratty sub
I believe you mean fat ugly desperate whore

No. 1762431

eyes aren't hamster like enough

No. 1762451

She's likely pandering to the programmer socks trannies, those have money

No. 1762570

Viví looks so adorable here. Shayna could never be her

No. 1762571

They all look like dirty rats

No. 1762573

File: 1675733305879.png (30.37 KB, 529x182, dhdh.png)

shayna had a riveting night last night by the looks of it

No. 1762575

File: 1675733341178.png (261.75 KB, 537x452, h.png)

fresh new hotdog nails

No. 1762576

File: 1675733381269.jpg (489.47 KB, 2048x2048, FoUSxwkaAAExpjt.jpg)

No. 1762577

You wish, vivi. Go back to shooting DDLG vomit porn in your moms house, you freak

No. 1762578

File: 1675733419967.jpg (99.79 KB, 529x315, ldkd.jpg)

No. 1762584

Wasting $250 on nails when she can barely pay rent most months kek how can someone be so stupid with finances when they have no consistent income

No. 1762585

$300 for this? What the fuck

No. 1762586

Nta but yeah she looks really cute

No. 1762590

Not one dime went to cuticle oil, I guess. Yech.

No. 1762598

File: 1675734952467.png (28.1 KB, 499x230, huh.png)

aaaaaaand we're fully into the scat era now

No. 1762600

$250 for nails that she will break off in 5 days. Amazing.

Vivi is gross but I also thought she looked cute in that photo kek

No. 1762619

Tacky and will last a week if that. Her nails just never look like a nice, cohesive set. Much less done well.

No. 1762620

Shat also can edit and filter and post ok pics sometimes and if we're being honest Vivi is even more of a nobody failure whore than Shaynus and that bar is incredibly low so…
And tbf I dont think Shatna is too far off from full sending into puke porn and whatever other disgusting shit you/Vivi does so yeah, she sure could be

No. 1762621

Oh god it’s gonna jump scare some scrote

No. 1762622

Hey anon with the balance sheet–add $255 for the nails kek

No. 1762625

10 bucks a minute for custom (especially an extreme "fetish) isnt the funny flex she thinks it is.

No. 1762630

File: 1675738317204.jpg (123.29 KB, 1139x1080, 1667070331850.jpg)

you can tell it isn't a joke because $10 is a lot for her

No. 1762638

Shayna in the year 2023: "$10 bucks to see me take a dump"


No. 1762649

I actually debated sending her $10 just so I could post it to the farms, I think I am officially shaytarded

No. 1762650

you may be shaytarded, but you'd be a shween (shay queen) in this thread forever

No. 1762740

File: 1675749104699.jpg (969.07 KB, 1080x2196, Screenshot_20230206_235120_Ins…)

She just posted a redo of her doll look and some how it got worse..

No. 1762741

File: 1675749128189.jpg (956.53 KB, 1080x2196, Screenshot_20230206_235124_Ins…)

I just..

No. 1762742

File: 1675749180035.jpg (945.82 KB, 1080x2196, Screenshot_20230206_235128_Ins…)


No. 1762743

She has managed to keep that damn bologna wig longer than any man she’s ever been with

No. 1762744

You wouldn’t be the first. Someone bought her scat porn for $25 and posted it here kek

No. 1762747

Is such a perfectionist but can't lay her wig right

No. 1762748

Kek the lace wig peeling at the sides

No. 1762751

Lmao she took the advice from the farm of course. Still looks like shit. Wtf are those black wiggly lines

No. 1762756

The nail art is actually nice for once but the shape and length of them is heinous as always. And I’m certain they stick straight out from her nail beds with no apex like usual.

No. 1762760

kek, nonny you didnt need to do her like that. But it's so true.

No. 1762762

I don’t even wear makeup but that white should be in her waterline so it makes her eyes look bigger instead of it looking like some weird white eye bags drawn on underneath. She looks creepy like fucking Goosebumps night of the living dummy

No. 1762768

She could watch videos of how people actually paint dolls for inspiration of how to style her makeup but instead she again goes with something extremely dated and super unflattering. The way she's reading herself with the drawn on marionette lines lmao

No. 1762770

A bacon bow for her salami wig.

No. 1762774

Shaynus please a wig cap is like a buck or 2. Looks like shes got a turd bun going on under there. And doesnt know how to lay a lacefr9nt either. Its giving middle school first anime con energy

No. 1762781

This dress is so unflattering on her

No. 1762788

The wrinkles on her cro magnon brow forcing their way through the filter kek, she looks like old lady Pearl from X

No. 1762791

The dry cracked lips showing through the matte lipstick kek

No. 1762797

File: 1675755037858.jpeg (239.8 KB, 750x320, 21838F77-21AE-4D84-AFC8-8E02F7…)

she knows it looks bad

No. 1762831

I still don’t understand how a woman can have such distinct troon tastes, is it an effect of supreme pickmeism??

No. 1762844

Similar to troons Shayna dressed in a completely different way during her teenage years and discovered the mega feminine look while being involved in disgusting kink/ddlg bubbles. Plus brain damage from drugs.

No. 1762854

Easy, it’s also noncey fetish wear to her

No. 1762888

it kills me that she didn't look up a tutorial for doll makeup. she says she's a perfectionist but the makeup is shit - the blush placement is wrong, eyebrows are wrong, the mouth lines are shaky and goofy looking, etc etc. 5 mins of googling shay!!

No. 1762953

What the fuck did she put white over her eye bags kek

No. 1762961

Cannot fathom spending near 300 on nails when I don’t own a car

No. 1762973

for less than 300, she could’ve bought some nail art and went on youtube to follow tutorials. i thought she needed $300 for a phone but is spending money on dolls kill and makeup. PRIORITIES. broke ass hoe

No. 1762992

Yeah classic Shaynus. Either lying about the phone or the cost of nails. There still has been no solid evidence of her getting them done at a salon kek so Im still on the tinfoil theyre press ons or Ellen knows someone or something.
Its possible she pretended to need money for a phone upgrade so she could use the money on even more useless and frivolous shit because regular ebegging isnt working so well anymore. Or maybe she's just a retard who wastes money. Surprised there wasnt a "short on rent" post this month. Maybe she scraped by with her irl prostitution or her dad gave her more pity money because she milked her last hospital stay or something lol

No. 1762999

File: 1675783888882.jpg (65.34 KB, 700x467, de2bb6f1dc1f2aeb3bcdc0bbc708e2…)

No. 1763001

How did she manage to use the whole jumbo nyx pencil on her eyebags but still made her eyes and lips the smallest thing on her entire face. She took the theme doll makeup and decided to add a little "grandma gets a free makeover at the MAC counter at Macys" spice to it.

No. 1763004

Shoulda used pink instead of white to match her bloodshot eyes

No. 1763008

i know it's cringe to give the cows advice but she should use a brown colour for the mouth lines so it looks more like natural shadow and less cartoony/halloween costume. it'll draw more attention to the eyes and fit the colour palette better. but she also needs to follow a dolly eye tutorial. even some cosplay anime eye thing would look better than what's going on here.

No. 1763014

this girl looks like she smells like sliced ham

No. 1763017

You look at her and smell a fully cooked meal that takes time and preparation? To me she looks like she'd smell like the crotch of a man's workout outfit after sitting wet in the bag for a week. Ham is too much credit/kindness.

No. 1763024

File: 1675787155412.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 455.88 KB, 750x996, AA8F6D55-7034-4C2C-B91C-AEBC82…)

look at the warping in her eye! she's so shit at editing pictures

No. 1763027

What ever happened to baby Jane realness more than ever before holy kek

No. 1763048

The whites of her eyes seem more yellow than reddened, shay looks jaundiced and the white eye makeup in her eye bags just makes it more noticeable..

No. 1763054

File: 1675789166901.jpeg (225.27 KB, 750x763, 4F252CE8-6AE8-4E1D-A28F-E81D0A…)

she's so predatory

No. 1763086

>almost supporting women but only when its gross
come on shayna

No. 1763090

Idk why she's making such a big deal about it. Its a porn video. Its not a high value, big production. Coomers don't care about the look or if theres any quality to it. They want to see a naked chick getting fucked. And Shaynas coomers prefer it be pedo-y and rapey themed.
She's stressing her 2 alcohol soaked braincells too much over something so stupid that no one really cares about.
But this shouldve been a Halloween vid tbh kek

No. 1763102

Samefag like if it was a cosplay for a convention or a more pro photoshoot and she actually had a normal large insta fanbase or something ok. But she's literally spending days redo-ing this stupid doll look to suck a shit encrusted dildo for some troons and a couple coomers to throw 3-5 bucks at, wank, and forget.

No. 1763156

File: 1675793883526.jpeg (271.55 KB, 750x1012, 44F9095B-84CE-4031-8D47-8CFBB1…)


No. 1763172

>Dat thousand yard stare

Bitch, just quit sex work and go work at taco bell, you'd probably feel less dead inside, and you'd be around desperate lonely moids willing to fuck you.

No. 1763213

I feel like she keeps striking out on tinder and that plus her knowing this doll shit looks terrible is gonna lead to another breakdown soon.

No. 1763215

File: 1675797048575.jpeg (459.74 KB, 750x1022, FAADA71B-F3F1-4AEF-86D1-B518AC…)

is she back in the hospital? also her hand is a fat ravioli hand

No. 1763229

File: 1675798211491.png (17.18 KB, 585x155, it's like 130 in the afternoon…)

No. 1763236

Sage for retarded but why is she wearing a toe clip? What do they test with it?

No. 1763242

It would normally go on your finger but her retarded nails are in the way. It's just your pulse and blood oxygen levels

No. 1763254

Nitpick, her hands look fine except for the ugly nails

No. 1763255

This look honestly is better than her regular failed 2016 instathot makeup. Actually quite cute. She should stick to this style, she would suit chubby Lolita style and frilly dresses more than the tight cheap aliexpress plus size barbie look.

No. 1763256

Lmao of course, thanks nonnie! I don't know why my brain instantly jumped to 'diabetes?'

No. 1763313

>I don't know why my brain instantly jumped to 'diabetes?'
kek, yes you do anon. & no one could blame you for making this association, diabetus saga incominggg

No. 1763323

can you just go fuck shayna already? this thread is filled with shayna loving moids

No. 1763328

I wish I was joking but I legit threw up on myself looking at this thread, my body just knew phaha

No. 1763330

sage your damn blog

No. 1763333

Too much information unsaged blogpost chan

No. 1763334

The nose ring really sells that she’s supposed to be a doll kek
I hate that she locked her account when it comes to milk for this thread, but I love how she’s literally tweeting into the void to just her bots, handful of trannies, and the handful of rednecks who legitimately follow her now. Bitch no one on Twitter can read your thoughts on the age gap discourse or has to be subjected to you against their will again

No. 1763337

vivi would be decent looking without the cottage cheese troll doll body and the ddlgfag shein attire

No. 1763368

File: 1675814633402.jpg (20.9 KB, 612x363, Shayna Smell.jpg)

what are you talking about. this is sliced ham. and this is what shayna smells like.

No. 1763379

File: 1675815273850.jpeg (83.45 KB, 583x454, 9379D9CA-C186-40CE-9866-520BD7…)

That's so much funnier, my bad. I was picturing picrel. Too high quality for the hog in question.

No. 1763416

I mean you are what you eat, Big Shungus really is a blob of pink flesh full of fat and toxic additives, so cheap ham is too perfect

No. 1763430

File: 1675819213908.png (12.76 KB, 680x132, shaymeat.png)

succulent pink-wine infused ham

No. 1763455

File: 1675821492249.jpeg (121.18 KB, 750x599, A34AB384-5425-4D7F-BFC6-2192B7…)

hooker shaga in full effect

No. 1763461

I hope it's womack

No. 1763469

Its whoever sent this >>1761392 Id guess. Diaperman Dan, likely. Twitter nonnies can confirm if he lives in Washington but Im pretty sure iirc he does and has mentioned meeting up before. I mean she only has a handful of dedicated coomets that regularly interact. I bet Womack is punching the air though, poor tardo really didnt get his chance. Shaynus wasnt desperate enough in OK kek

No. 1763470

‘I’m at the doctors-feel sorry for me while I stuff my swollen face with caffeine and weed’ epitome of health

No. 1763472

File: 1675823332021.jpeg (360.04 KB, 750x971, D611827C-07D5-4C46-A5BD-11AC92…)

not the raw bacon bow and poorly smudge tool forehead wrinkles

No. 1763473

wtf her ankles, wrists, and hands look swollen. that’s not normal.

No. 1763474

>"saying Shayna is fat is fine but I draw the line at saying she has fat hands!"

No. 1763476

Shayna, if you’re a woman going on a date it should be paid for. the fact that you have to announce it’s a paid date doesn’t show that you’re a sugar baby, it shows that you’re a retard who probably pays for dates for broke men so that you can get an ounce of attention.

No. 1763503

Remember when she went out to the arcade with that horrifying scrote that she “dommed” once? She tweeted about asking for money for drinks and games. She definitely pays for a lot of stuff when it comes to men. Fucking amateur.

No. 1763510

99% sure it's due to her alcohol consumption (along with generally being fat.) I'm an ex-alcoholic and from my experience, your wrists+hands, and ankles+feet have a tendency to swell, has a lot to do with dehydration too because her dumb ass probably avoids drinking water as much as she avoids showering.

No. 1763531

Like other anons have said, it’s the alcohol. Smoking and eating poorly age you and duck your body up but nothing does it as fast as booze. It’s literally poison. She wouldn’t look so bad if she drank a little water but she doesn’t so she bloats even worse. Everything about Shay screams unhealthy.

No. 1763532

Even filtered to fuck she still looks like she’s in her mid 30s at best. She’s either gonna have to lock in a naive and maidenless scrote fast or start taking care of herself because her looks are going down the toilet faster than Shane ran away from her. She isn’t super attractive but she still has a fighting chance to land a peniswallet, her minimal looks are the only thing she has going for her.

No. 1763538

>fat ravioli hand

Unless you’re getting (at minimum) a thousand dollars , this is not the brag you think it is. Shouldn’t all your dates be paid for? Stacys don’t pay.

No. 1763539

we all know scrotes will drop money to get laid and we all know shay is desperate for peen… I mean attention. She could have all the nugs and beers she wants but she’s so detestable that not even a basement dweller tech boy will have her.

No. 1763541

>basement dwelling tech bro
Shayna has to find a guy who is in sex work himself and even then, he'd have to stop doing sex work with anyone but her. Someone with no shame, doesn't care about his family/friends or doesn't have them. Someone who doesn't plan on having any other job, who will post with shayna and/or just deal with her offline.
Unless she finds that she was always be a secret or someone who has to lie a lot to people. Maybe date a super soy scrote whose parents are pro sex work, but that doesn't mean they are pro-shayna, her mood swings, how she likes to run online and try to expose scrotes or accuse them of abuse.
Dating Shayna comes with so much even if lolcow isn't involved. YOu have to deal with her, her job, Ellen, and everything else she's about.
I think she'll continue being someone's secret fuck doll or the girl kinksters pass around but truly don't want their real names connected to her because they delete everything.
Ellen is the only one who doesn't give a fuck

No. 1763546

There are plenty of techies who don’t talk to their family and just sit on the computer all day. Seattle area is full of desperate ugly coders who will date anything, and plenty of them are liberal enough to overlook the sex work side. But you’re probably right. Shay really is thriving and there’s nothing she will do to change that, no matter how much she thrives herself into a lonely depression hole every day.

No. 1763547

Guys I think she is having dinner bought for her AND being given money additionally. Still not a big deal though

No. 1763548

Shayna's brand of sex work isn't the same shit as what a lot of people who "Accept" it think though. Dressing up as a infant with props? And she's not even getting paid much for it? Yeah, I think thats what makes Shayna different. She's not just a camgirl she's doing extra gross shit and for pennies as well.

No. 1763549

Some of them might even see her degeneracy as a bonus. The area is flush with daddy “doms” who are just losers who want to control someone for the five minutes it takes for them to get off. These dudes don’t care about having someone worth bragging about because they have no one to brag to

No. 1763556

She would have to take a 25 minute dump to pay for those nails

No. 1763559

File: 1675836345334.jpeg (163.6 KB, 750x670, 771F19C1-6710-4BC8-9C52-FE7C02…)

will she be simping over this loser?

No. 1763560

I’m really curious if a single coom will happen with all this effort she is putting in

No. 1763607

I wonder what kind of parents of a ~30 year old man would be supportive of sex work with a tagline like ”mama and dada drug, restrain, torture and rape their infant retard baby girl while she shits and pisses her diapers”
I know she blames lolcow for everything wrong in her life but seriously, there’s no coming back to normal society after posting shit like that with your own face and name attached to it. Like there’s kink, and even people with some daddy dom baby girl -dynamic in their private lives might lead somewhat normal lives, but this is just way too sick and disturbed for anyone in touch with real life and the surrounding society. Especially scrotes need to be extra fucked up in the head to admit to fetishes like that publicly, since they don’t turn it into a weird ”trend” or tumblr aesthetic or whatever. They’re just actual adult men who get off on toddlers or puppies or whatever getting molested. And that’s the only pool if moids she gets to choose anymore. B l e a q u e

No. 1763629

As if she could fucking afford quality dresses she shops at SHEIN, please log off

No. 1763647

Do you know moids? they'll fuck anything. It's not a huge gotcha to land a "rich" guy. If anything, men with money are even more annoying because they use their wealth to their advantage. I honestly don't understand how Shaynus hasn't bagged a man yet because it's literally so easy to take advantage of desperate men.

No. 1763662

In this day and age there aren’t any social repercussions for this stuff.
Being a pornstar is just seen as a regular job now by normies, even if you star in super disturbing hardcore content, you can still live a normal life with no stigma except from people deemed as pearl clutching moralfag conservatives, and you’ll probably be attacked for slut shaming too.

No. 1763663

I have a feeling she smells bad in real life and that’s probably why men always ghost her.

No. 1763671

>extremely ugly and poorly done sissification tier doll costume
>"This look honestly is better" "actually quite cute"
>"she should stick to this style" "chubby lolita"
What in the world. Are you a lost scrote from her twitter or something? kek

No. 1763681

>>1763255 If she stopped that awful white undereye I could see it working for her, fake lower lashes = less beady rat eyes. But atm it looks like her damn eyeball is falling out and it's gross.
The marionette lines make it so kids halloween instead of 'doll'.

No. 1763685

she's getting them in the style of 2000s claw acrylics so the apex is at the very end since they curve down. i think the design is fucking ugly myself.

No. 1763710

She explicitly said she hardly ever bathes, vivi said she doesn’t wash her ass and the multiple coomers she has had over at her apartment recently have asked her to shower so she absolutely reeks of literal shit, rotten fish from her nasty snatch that probably has BV from shoving dirty dildos up it and letting smelly old moids hit it raw, rancid BO from her pork and pink wine sweats and stale cat piss

No. 1763711

This is such a terminally online take. Normal people in the real world definitely care if you’ve made baby rape porn and will not want to associate themselves or their business with you if they find out about it. And if your name and face is plastered all over it it’s not doxxing or any sort of private investigator stuff to find out about it, a lot of people google their acquaintances just out of curiosity. I get that it’s not the end of the world if you’ve done something stupid like that when you were young like a decade ago, but if you have an OF post from two days ago titled ”diapered puppy princess pukes all over while punched by grandpa” it would be common self preservation not to ever contact you again.

No. 1763712

Yeah I do, most are depraved coomers but their sense of pride is often too high to want to be their reputation to be tarnished by someone like her. It’s one thing to be proud about a hot pornstar girlfriend who makes a fuckload of money, and a completely different thing to bang a fat, unwashed, broke, mentally unstable autist with a diaper fetish and let anybody know about it.
The reason she hasn’t bagged a man yet is because she seriously thinks she deserves a daddy dom of her dreams, one that would fit her retarded outdated tumblr ddlg aesthethic, and who would also act as her real dad/caregiver so that she wouldn’t ever need to develop any kind of executive functioning or take care of herself, her house or her pets in any way. She had a chance with Womack who probably would’ve done all those things just to get a whiff of her ass once a week, but for reasons unknown she thinks he’s below her.

No. 1763715

For real, the majority of sane people who don’t live their lives on twitter or tumblr hate sex workers, just because woketards have helped degeneracy become accepted by imbeciles on the internet doesn’t mean it’s a reflection of how the majority of people feel about it. Whoring will always be stigmatised, and rightfully fucking so. Women who participate in non-survival sex work are pieces of shit

No. 1763721

Dumb dumb dumb. She is going to start making dates with these men and who knows if she does anything right. Are you making sure they are who they say they are with video chats before? Are you background checking them and googling them before you meet with them? Before you meet with them do you send a picture of them, their full name, and the color, make and license plate of their car to two trusted people and give them a time frame of "if you dont here from me by ___ time call me. If i dont answer, call the police."
This is stuff i would do if i was just ou in the dating world!! Let alone the extra hoops i would jump through as a sex worker who makes OUTRAGEOUS claims of wanting to be assaulted….
But the good die young and the wicked seem to be immortal. So chances are, some poor girl walking down the street will be targeted and hurt instead some sick SA pedo like shayna. This world is twisted.

No. 1763753

"Chubby lolita look"
Kill yourself

No. 1763759

>there’s no coming back to normal society
Anon that's so dramatic. She's just a camwhore, not some homeless junkie.

No. 1763775

literally read the first sentence of that anon’s post. she’s not “just a camwhore” who gets dressed up to show her tits and maybe a slit on cam. She is a full blown fucking degenerate who panders to pedophiles by making custom videos of her acting like a kid, and she also regularly posts pictures and videos and detailed fantasies about wearing and using diapers (piss AND shit)

No. 1763779

>”diapered puppy princess pukes all over while punched by grandpa”

This cracked me up. And I wouldnt be shocked if she actually had a video titled that.

No. 1763781

agree. the majority of people are too busy with in the real world working actual jobs and raising their families and having an actual social life offline than to care about being seen as “woke” by trannies on twitter. they only care about the opinions of the people around them and ya granny and their mom is going to think a 25 year old born with a silver spoon in her mouth is fucking retarded for posting diaper pics.

No. 1763783

Yet she hasn’t gone on a tinder date yet as far as we know. Did she finally realize her tinder prospects are bleak and thus give Diaperman Dan a chance? Ew

No. 1763794

She’s already a junkie and if it weren’t for her parents she’d also be homeless. Showing your tits on OF is different from playing out actual pedophilic torture rape shit, please touch grass if you think otherwise

No. 1763797

now that's she's on private she still doesn't follow ellen or interact with her. it's obvious how embarrassed she is of ellen even though they are in the same category

No. 1763802

Surely she doesn't expect us to believe these aren't Shein press on nails?!
I have never heard of nail salon prices being upward of $200 for a set

No. 1763807

They're definitely salon acrylics, shein press ons are way thinner and flimsy. I agree they can't have been $250 though.

No. 1763810

She's really not though. Regular camhoes have a hard enough time dating and getting "civilian" jobs when it's all said and done. Someone like Shayna who does pedo pandering diaper porn with her government name attached to it is going to be ridiculed every and any time she attempts to step out of the SW world. I think that's why she won't just give up and move back home. Even she's aware that she's gone too far, burned too many bridges and wasted too many opportunities to do anything than stubbornly dig her grave deeper. Like, does she even have not sexworker/Ellen Friends? Her parents will support her but they're not going to do it "gently", she'd have to go back to living as an awkward teenager basically. No job, no friends, no money, and now… No freedom because her parents now see what she does when left to her own devices.

She wasn't one of those camgirls who just showed tits and pussy for a few months to pay for college or something.

No. 1763812

I have, but they usually look way fucking better than what shaynas got. They'd have the rhinestones, intricate cohesive designs, cuticle oil for her dry ass fingers…

For the length she's got, I'd say she probably paid closer to $100/150, max. Which is still too much for that ugly ass design and shoddy job overall.

No. 1763816

On this episode of Shayhog Day, Shayna relives her tinder arc of exactly one year ago, down to the fishing for old men and never meeting anyone. Same shit different year

No. 1763821

Couldn't have said it better myself.

No. 1763845

this was a great re read. her posting her dumbass "apology video" , posting it on MV, during BHM KEK

No. 1763854

You’re giving her reasoning and logic abilities she doesn’t have. She doesn’t stay With sec work because she knows there’s no return, she does it because being “famous’ on tumblr was the only happiness she’s ever felt and she thinks she’s just one viral post away from being a famous pornstar.

No. 1763855


No. 1763869

File: 1675883874112.jpeg (309.41 KB, 750x1006, 276CA008-2823-4E4B-92CD-293411…)

she doesn't even cam anymore she's too self conscious

No. 1763874

300$ so her paypigs can really get their money’s worth off of her drunk ass shitting herself on stream

No. 1763910

you can barely get this hog to cam once a month and her coomers know this. no one is gonna waste $300 on some junk she’ll never use.

No. 1763913

its suspected she has. post shane breakup and right after the “im looking for tinder dads” tweets she got really drunk and vaguely posted about how she went on a date to mini-golf while blackout drunk.

No. 1763925

File: 1675887644532.jpeg (84.41 KB, 1170x350, 707639E8-700E-472E-A8A9-1FF0A6…)

She gets drunk and goes out with Ellen. The fact she didn’t go on gushing about it afterwards proves it wasn’t with a moid. She can’t meet any milquetoast average Joe who shows her a small modicum of attention without talking about them like they’re a Greek god. Also she never even called it a date

No. 1763938

She had one of those ai tracking cams back in oklahoma. What happened to that?

No. 1763943

File: 1675889815941.jpeg (515.61 KB, 750x1023, 53C53BD0-50CC-4318-9727-CA767B…)


No. 1763945

This is so bleak. Disgusting. Cant even feel bad for pedo shay tho.

No. 1763946

SA but imagine the sight of these 2 in starbucks. praying for all workers and patrons that have to see these 2 pedo freaks roleplaying mama and shitty diaper boy.

No. 1763966

buckle up she's about to do the unspeakable. horrorcow territory

No. 1763969

File: 1675891828013.jpeg (167.47 KB, 750x668, 911F58BE-B5D2-4191-9AE7-02A600…)

imagine he said fat bitch and she misheard him

No. 1763972

The fact that she’s flattered by compliments from the grossest bottom of the barrel moids. They’re just glad someone said yes to their scat fetish for once, for the low price of hello kitty candy and eyeliner

No. 1763978

Oh yeah I remember that. It was a cam that followed movement and she did a test of it once and used it for one vid maybe iirc?? Another wasted piece of equipment she was too lazy and dumb to put to use I guess.

No. 1763981

Nothing about Shaynus gives girlboss bad bitch energy kek what a weird thing to say. Bitchy, maybe. Bad as in gross or incompetent, sure.
I feel like Shayna is either totally in her head and autistic and bare minimum interacts irl out at restaurants and things or shes a mostly average idiot chick who tries to present as outgoing and fun but it comes off awkward but workers and people just have to nod and be polite.
We know nearly all if not all of her "this totally happened while I was out" stories are completely made up or very fabricated. Like a very mundane interaction gets twisted into these super compliments and funny things that also happen to play into her kinks and online persona. Shes so annoying.

No. 1763997

So shayna fucking another half gay, got it.

No. 1763999

Shayna believes everything scrotes tell her and if it's negative she refuses to believe it or it's untrue and abuse. Its amazing how she's doing this to find a scrote to date. Lets stop pretending. Shayna uses sex work to find boyfriends. Once she's in a relationship she has to immediately get into another one even if it's a fake one with Ellen. Scrote compliments mean nothing

No. 1764032

Didn't she tweet this exact same thing a month ago or something?

No. 1764037

she just purchased some cheap wish knock off that basically just tried to find face and would shittily move the camera bit and i remember the footage she posted the movement was loud and shook the cam a bit. this is a way more upgraded webcam that not only tracks your whole body but you do hand gesture commands, and it will automatically blur your cam when you step out of frame, etc.

No. 1764039

even if she's doing it subconsciously, i think there's a psychological reason why she keeps trying to form relationships with guys who are clearly faggots.

perhaps her years of having to deal with disgusting moids and coomers has turned her against being attracted to the "traditional male" and she feels more "safe" approaching and interacting with pansies?

No. 1764040

Sounds like a great investment for someone who cams about 5 times a year! Womack and Mike slack definitely need this technology in their life.

No. 1764047

File: 1675900130587.jpeg (390.62 KB, 750x1000, D7891E55-E1B5-4897-9D63-82895A…)

No. 1764058

File: 1675902021799.jpg (247.17 KB, 1080x1679, strawbwunni.jpg)

No. 1764061

I bounce between wondering of she seeks men with childern/ex wives who are bisexual/questionable or of that's just the nature of the scrotes into the shit she's into. Shayba doesn't doesn't pretend that q scrote being with another scrote turns her on. The same say she never talks about any kind of true pleasure pleasure gets from sex. Never kissing. Cuddling, doesn't doesn't act like she enjoys fingering. Everything is some shit a scrote is doing to her and fetish.

No. 1764065

What is this random shit and what the fuck does it have to do with Shat?

No. 1764067

I’m convinced that whenever she tweets about flicking her bean it’s just so scrotes will think she’s a super horny bimbo slut, she’s not actually doing it. She’s probably never had an orgasm in her life

No. 1764069

File: 1675903183995.png (29.54 KB, 591x253, pee.PNG)


No. 1764076

I’d fucking kill myself if this was my life

No. 1764079

Fucking kek, I hate newfags. Have you ever been on pt? It’s called a cow crossover -lite tbh but still funny.

No. 1764086

So she let the diaper moid in her apartment then. Prob pissed on him in her bed or carpeted room. Lovelyyyy

>love my life

Kek, the cope. Shay you always talking about wanting to kill yourself. Its either about a scrote who doesn't want you or us big bullies.

No. 1764109

Oh so she's selling herself to make back the money she spent for her trips? Or to have extra movie? kek, she just wants to travel for travel sake. I also think that anon who says she keeps saying she wants her dad to know she's traveling that she does it because she's constantly in the emergency room and wants him to know just in case she seriously gets hurt. Plus I still think she wants to brag

No. 1764114

I know. I'm not even that attractive and millionaires often make passes at me lmao

No. 1764148


No. 1764158

NTA but I’m a prehistoricfag and I thought the same thing, calm down. Not everyone is a NEET who spends all day every day on an imageboard

No. 1764163

File: 1675915036969.jpeg (302.66 KB, 1242x888, 22A2B203-B769-4DCD-9CF5-16AF2C…)

It’s not diaper dan

No. 1764164

File: 1675915070394.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 380.21 KB, 1638x2048, 90A529F4-F876-4C08-B5D3-638FD1…)

Damn that’s a big bitch

No. 1764167

nta and been here forever but they're right, this shit is irrelevant. someone we've never heard of doesn't like momokun, ok. this is a Shay thread

No. 1764168

File: 1675915164127.jpeg (930.85 KB, 1242x1495, A73B2B31-B4A0-41DF-8AD3-3F53A1…)

No. 1764169

her neck rolls absolutely crack me up. every time there’s just MORE

No. 1764172

File: 1675915272227.jpeg (134.58 KB, 1242x626, 4187C5EE-8605-460A-B1C3-87A1D5…)

It might be this guy idk he was in her Twitter likes. Just guessing

No. 1764175

How much do you think Shayna gets paid to allow these disgusting men in her personal space where she lives alone? Anything under a few thousand is not enough imo. Not because what she's doing is worth that much, but having some idiot know where you sleep and doing that in your home to me seems like some deep shit.
Do other twitter sex workers do this? This is like crack whore shit. Why doesn't she make them pay for a hotel?
kek, well at least we know the chances of her dating this scrote is slim

No. 1764176

OT and I havent kept up with Momo but isn't she fat?? How can a fatty be fatphobic?? Is she fatphobic for getting lypo or saying she doesn't like being fat? Or just pot calling kettle black and hates on other fat people kek

No. 1764177

File: 1675915675796.jpeg (56.53 KB, 622x622, AED6B9E9-EAE4-4991-932C-12C29A…)

Imagine partaking in diaper play with this fat sad excuse for a man. His bio says no age play/regression too so he’s just in it for the piss and shit, I guess. What the fuck is Shay’s life?

No. 1764179

Her account is public again.

No. 1764181

NTA but hehehhe

No. 1764185

File: 1675915930630.jpeg (588.15 KB, 828x1327, 62F39F10-A497-4FAD-BBBE-0F0002…)

Yep, it’s him kek

No. 1764188

Its Shaynus so absolutely not enough. She probably thinks its so ~girlboss hehe such a domme~ to piss on a coomer, but thats still disgusting. And you know she did it at her own apartment. I would be leery letting any dude I didnt know for a while know where I live,much less porn sick freaks I JUST met for the first time. She's fucking retarded. Idk why she acts like she wants her dad to know when she's traveling to do gross porn for "safety" when she's doing stupid shit like this every other week.

No. 1764189

The sad part if she isn’t even getting paid enough to wher it would be considered “worth it” like 1k-2k a session. But damn you know she got $20 at most. Cheap hooker

No. 1764190

Imagine this no neck mutherfucker saying you a bad bitch and then smiling and posting it on twitter, kek. I'm dying

No. 1764191

File: 1675916521243.jpeg (153.91 KB, 1500x1000, A1A33784-DEA6-48B3-B856-517F0A…)

No. 1764195

kek i called him Big Shed

No. 1764199

File: 1675916835678.jpeg (219.12 KB, 956x1275, 567CEB4B-41DB-437D-90AD-EE5E31…)

>”diaper me up mommy”

No. 1764200

No shit, that’s what we were talking about lmfao

No. 1764201

Kek, even if he isn't who Shayna worked with he deserves to be laughed at. His whole ass face just out there, wow.

No. 1764208

Surely these diaper-wearing men realize that virtually no women actually like this right? I guess moids don’t actually care about that though, even if they pretend to be “submissive” they just want their fetish entertained.

No. 1764227

Her enormous mound is revolting, even when it doesn’t have nasty hair on it. I can’t get over how bad this “doll” makeup is, the white doesn’t make her ugly little turd eyes appear any bigger, it just makes her look even more hideous and retarded and the mouth just accentuates her chins and neck rolls that are multiplying before our eyes

No. 1764228

Jfc he is so fucking ugly, very on brand for Fat Shat

No. 1764230

Sure you guys have/are. It’s a perfectly fine screenshot to post with regards of someone that interacts with shay. There were obviously at least 3 people that got a quick chuckle out of it. Get over it and let me call out the newfags in peace, thanks.
Oh she’s definitely fat but it’s pot calling the kettle black and these bitches getting mad over anything most likely.
Of course not, they think they’re special, making so much money, feeling free or empowered, the cope goes on and on.

No. 1764234

Oops I’m >>1764230 I mixed up your post I was talking about the girls thinking they’re special for these men wanting degenerate shit with them and their reasonings for giving it. But hell nah these men don’t give a shit.

No. 1764236

Revolting. She’s not far from being that one chick who shits in moid’s mouths.

Bottom of the gene pool. I hope he never procreates. Honestly men like this should be stoned to death.

No. 1764242

>accuses anons of being newfags because they don’t care about someone not relevant to the thread
>calls other women “bitches”
Please go back

No. 1764248

this is a major sperg tinfoil but it looks like she might have a debit card from a Seattle based credit union. I have a lot of friends who tried to join that CU and were denied due to no co-signer and bad financial straits. Her dad probably co-signed her account Lmao he’s definitely supporting her.

No. 1764249

So she's a full blown prostitute now? It's crazy that things have already progressed this far and she's only like 25. I can't begin to imagine where she'll be at 30 at this rate. Especially given how bad her health has gotten due to her alcoholism and gross lifestyle.

No. 1764257

Walmart greeter at best, lot lizard at worst.

No. 1764320

File: 1675937717749.jpeg (497.41 KB, 1598x2048, 6FDE34AE-70DB-4138-9A7E-0C0DA8…)

No. 1764321

File: 1675937775222.jpeg (1.21 MB, 1242x1651, 6DB3943F-E8F2-440B-998F-D70B02…)

No. 1764331

She probably prefers her bfs or ‘subs’ to be as gross and fat and ugly as possible because she thinks it makes her look better by comparison. Same with Ellen.

No. 1764332

She definitely seems to have a "type" as far as fupa, shane, or even sol went. Sol was a bit on the scrawny side for her tastes, but they are all mediocre looking blondish brunette white men with bad tattoos and vaguely "alternative" style in that kind of "listens to ICP" sorta way.

I think when it comes to subs, she's just desperate for attention and will take almost anyone, though her standards seem to be slipping lower and lower with each passing month. At the very least she's pretty realistic with her standards in comparison to many other cows. kek

No. 1764351

Did she blur tool away her hole

No. 1764355

it looks sealed shut with yeast

No. 1764372

why put black eyeliner on your lower waterline if you're going for an eye enlargement look? she's truly bad at everything she tries

No. 1764398

She never brags because it's not much imo.i mean she's not hiding she's letting scrotes come to her house to put diapers on. Also I find it funny she asked him if she was like she was online.
This freak wants someone to put a diaper on him. He probably doesn't give a shit what she looks like as long as she's doing what he wants. Shayna is always trying to seem special and fish for compliments

No. 1764443

File: 1675960287305.jpeg (177.31 KB, 828x454, B80BFF41-5BB7-43B9-8821-B5649E…)

Found in the likes of the diaperfag she saw the other day (Yarbs), sounds like Shaynus may have finally found someone who can handle her stench

No. 1764477

holy shit the engagement on that kek

No. 1764490

Well, he did pay shaynus extra to piss on him. Her apartment must be smelling extra rank. She's such a retard… Don't let your creepy johns know where you live.

No. 1764497

I can’t fucking believe Shayna is a literal prostitute now. Her mom is crying at night.

No. 1764499

Strong dog fucker phenotype

No. 1764524

honestly it looks like the eyeliner from her upper lashline transferred to the lower and she couldn't be bothered cleaning it/editing it, like always kek

No. 1764554

It looks like she copy pasted someones pusser over her own

No. 1764611

File: 1675976915049.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 898.17 KB, 1170x1855, FB5D095B-3CA1-4087-80EB-566021…)

No. 1764618

I'd die if special Ed stole them

No. 1764649

File: 1675980736266.jpg (136.89 KB, 900x601, back_rolls.jpg)

No. 1764651

this is whats extra gross. not only is she letting freaks over to her RESIDENCE to wear diapers and spank their booty or whatever but she is showing them her pussy. Im about 99% confident that whatever she did with that hispanic diaper autist she did it completely naked. And she probably squated over the dudes face naked to piss on him. She gonna die early or get raped.

No. 1764654

kek i bet shane stole them. this is why you dont prostitute where you shit.

No. 1764663

File: 1675981244278.jpeg (784.18 KB, 1170x1263, 6FD6DA7E-B9C8-46E5-9281-142DA5…)

No. 1764665

File: 1675981391100.gif (3.54 MB, 454x498, A684E52E-2C4F-4148-A962-A8857B…)

He’s giving White Claw Gabe from H3H3 energy. Fuck baby fuck!

No. 1764684

And she can’t use “find my” on her phone because……?

No. 1764691

File: 1675984166936.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 525.03 KB, 828x828, 80C5AF46-4609-4680-9DA6-F7E6CA…)

That gunt, revolting dolphin mouth and fat cow mound are nauseating

No. 1764696

So who stole them: Shane or new diaper tard?

But yeah I thought they had some kind of tracking thing in them. How far can it track though? Maybe Shane took them back to Kansas and it can't compute.

No. 1764697

File: 1675984556583.jpg (286.03 KB, 1536x2048, 20230209_231136.jpg)

You can't convince me this guy isn't majorly on the spectrum.

And Shay let him come round to her place to piss and shit everywhere.

No. 1764698

my money is on them being generic Bluetooth headphones

No. 1764702

if the airpods are out of range or dead they wont show up

No. 1764703

I fucking hate men

No. 1764708

they’d show up as soon as someone tried to charge them and they “saw” someone else’s iPhone I think, which makes me think this idiot is lying for quick cash or she just lost them

No. 1764710

File: 1675986271704.png (398.5 KB, 530x393, hoghooves.png)

No. 1764727

She for sure got completely naked and pissed om this guy in the tub while he was likely naked except for a diaper. "He paid me extra to" means he probably only brought it up when he was already there and they didn't discuss it beforehand! She has no boundaries and she thinks she's being a domme but she's just playing a role to give into their kinks like they all do.
Also how did she manage to pee 9n demand I personally couldn't and I bet she was drunk or drank alcohol so she could pee it on him.
Rancid and disgusting. Shitting on him is next and she will likely see the guy again soon because once moids find one degenerate woman who gives in he will use her until she stops giving.

No. 1764728

Post it in the shaynatorium nonny

No. 1764731

This guy legitimately looks mentally handicapped. This is just sad.

No. 1764733

Anon that’s a pornsick moid why would you feel sad kek. It’s just degen men doing what men do best.

No. 1764738

File: 1675990157041.gif (2.69 MB, 500x269, 1243E9AF-B66A-42AF-9F4F-9CA6B9…)

No. 1764749

This man sets off warning bells in my head, I can't even point out what it is, I just instinctually know something is wrong

No. 1764750

i always feel the need for a hot shower after reading this thread…

No. 1764755

She let scrotes jerk off on her feet, sniff her ass and do naked massages. Her pissing on one when she's probably already naked means nothing. She said she
Slept with 9 scrotes on a live once. I believe she fucks these men but doesn't view it as actual sex. She's ashamed of having sex with The Dads, but will fuck men like Baldo Gaysics for free (also Baldi was doing sexual shit with a Troon the other day or something, saw that in the Shaynatourim kek)

No. 1764760

File: 1675992126496.jpg (1.14 MB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20230209_171438_Ins…)

shaycoochie board Kek

No. 1764761

File: 1675992227033.jpeg (1.33 MB, 1170x1632, F4A45075-EA56-48B8-9A63-A37729…)

All this shit just for her

No. 1764762

File: 1675992279374.jpeg (433.34 KB, 1170x828, D0B73D5A-5583-4CCB-9A61-63C6C5…)

No. 1764764

OT but why is his tongue so pale??

No. 1764770

Most normies dgaf about sex workers or even think about them and if they do they think they're desperate crackheads that need saving, belle de jours or insta thots flashing their fake ass on Onlyflops. No one would even gaf a fuck about shaymu if she was just showing her lopsided tits to fat rednecks, it's the fact she's a literal pederast that makes her irredeemable to society and a big fat heifer of a cow.

No. 1764780

it's giving yaniv.

No. 1764784

How's anyone surprised she's a FSSW now? It's how this shit goes for girls who "stay" sex workers. You don't stay a stripper who doesn't sell pussy longer than 6months to a year. Same with camgirls. Especially unsuccessful ones like Shayna that are rapidly aging themselves out of their chosen career path. What's shocking to me is that she's already doing toilet play. She just straight up skipped regular shit like blow jobs and vaginal sex to do shit most other sex workers won't ever do. And the ones that are willing charge way more than whatever Shayna charged. She's really scraping the bottom of the barrel, fast.

I'm also one of the anons who believes she's been selling her "sexual services" for at least a year now. She's just more open about it now because the money is making her feel good about herself and she's brain damaged. Pimp mumma Ellen is doing a terrible job though. She should be telling that dumbass to make the johns pay for a hotel in a different city. She's not dealing with the average everyday john. She's dealing with fetish fags, violence against prostitutes is already incredibly high but she's making it so easy for a super degenerate to just swoop in and make her rape fantasies become a traumatic reality. And she'd have a hell of a time getting justice, all a half decent (slimy bastard) lawyer would have to do is pull up her Twitter and argue she consented and is just "regretful".

No. 1764787

One of the funniest things she does now is trying to cover her gunt with skirts and dresses kek. everyone knows she’s fat, it just brings attention to how self conscious she is

No. 1764799

Did she make it herself or go out to a restaurant?

No. 1764802

i literally thought someone posted an unrelated fat girl. holy shit she just keeps gaining.

No. 1764814

She got the 1st gen AirPods? That’s only $100, she scammed an extra hundred

No. 1764820

Wouldnt even put it past her that she just found hers or straight up lied for the 200 because she needs extra cash for her next trip kek

No. 1764831

How did she even have time to Uber to a store and get them before ubering to the airport? She either never had actual air pods or she lied to pay for her airport alcohol and lunch meat.

No. 1764838

Yeah. I also think in Shayna's head she thinks all of this is a lead up to something big. Like one day she'll have her ted talk
about how despite it all she "made it". Imagine telling anyone what you do in blantant unbiased terms.
No "Model" or "Sex worker". No. I make porn in diapers "Cosplaying" as a child but i'm not so it's not bad. I let men into my apartment, where I strip naked and let them massage me for money. Oh and I let them do more on the fly if they give me extra. I also stick my bare asshole in their faces, let them jerk off if they pay more. I also let a man I just met into my house to wear a diaper, pee and other things. My step mom told me my dad and her would pay for me to go to school or whatever I wanted if I quit. I chose this. I also have a website that documents every tweet I make, talk about every inch of my body I show for free or payments. And talk about my life.
Like nobody who loves you would be like, "Yass queen you made the right decision" when she's miserable 95% of the time and it directly points to sex work.
Shayna is fucking these men and she's ashamed of it. It's not "Glam". I also believe she fucked one the "Dads" to help break the ice with Baldi Basics. Now she just fucks him all the time.
In her house. Thats what gets me

No. 1764841

This disgusting fat fuck consumes nothing but processed mystery meat and dairy washed down with cheap alcohol, that combined with never bathing means she must stink like literal shit 24/7. Fucking rancid pig.

No. 1764846

The way she calls herself a “model” is fucking hilarious. She’s not even an “instathot” like most terminally online attention seekers who think they’re professional models because some shitty brand sent them free garbage, she’s just a broke, fat, ugly, smelly degenerate who begs for chump change to cover her rent every month and has to pay other broke, fat, ugly, smellly degenerates to spend time with her. And even they invariably ditch her lumpy unwashed ass.

No. 1764892

they have personal electronic vending machines in airports so she probably wasn't lying about buying them. such a waste of money frfr tho

No. 1764900

Kek anon that is a BECU debit card, literally the only requirement is to live in WA state

No. 1764910

I wish we had an update from tinder nona, theres milk potential since her fake profile matched with shayna’s

No. 1764916

File: 1676011575521.jpeg (766.73 KB, 1170x1350, 8CFDDB00-8A2A-4677-A9BB-75FF8A…)

Big Shaynus on her way to get tickled

No. 1764917

>mystery meat
That's literally just mortadella, salami milano, and prosciutto anon? Though it is funny that she orders entire charcuterie boards for just herself thinking it makes her look fancy when they are meant to be shared. kek

No. 1764952

you can still get denied if you have shit credit. Every bank can do it but BECU has pretty high rejection rates for people with shitty histories.

No. 1764971

most punchable face i have ever seen
also what’s up with those bangs kek they look extra retarded
how can she even step outside without feeling ashamed of her looks is beyond me

No. 1764973

That looks so cheap and nasty it looks like the yellow sticker crap in Asda at the end of the day. I honestly think American food can be really good, but this looks like the most white trash Amerilard crap i've ever seen. I feel like I need personally apologise to the French on behalf of America.

No. 1764974

I should hope American food has the ability to be really good, given how enormous and diverse (both culturally and the terrain) the country is. I’m the anon who said it looks like mystery meat, perhaps a bit hyperbolic, my point was that it does indeed look cheap, I highly doubt it’s actually DOP salumi, just imitation garbage full of poisonous nitrates and fuck knows what else

No. 1764976

She’s so fucking hideous, I swear she has the ugliest eyes I’ve ever seen on a human

No. 1764999

Shayna please tweet something so we can stop sperging about the fucking meat

No. 1765003

>sperging about the meat
>Repetitive nitpicks about Shayna's body, face, and genitals are subject to a 1-day ban

I agree.
BUT the meat does look mystery and her charcuterie or cooter-y is not cuter-y

No. 1765012

She looks okay here, people need to stop being over the top with saying she should be ashamed to leave the house because of her face… it’s giving bddchans

No. 1765017

its sad how when she knows shes failing in life she reverts back to styles, attitudes and outlooks she had as a literal teenager. Shes trying to recreate the look that “got her famous” without realizing she only “got famous” cause she was camming underage and fulfilled some pedos jailbait fantasies. Nothing she ever “did” made her unique or stand out, she was just a fresh new teenager to take advantage of and now shes just a fat adult who wears diapers.

No. 1765022

nona i agree anons can be extra harsh but she looks retarded in this photo. if you dont find it trashy as hell and embarassing to be taking a flight in a cheap pink amazon trackshoot with no bra no panties, carrying a stuffed animal and with some retarded ass hair then you cannot be helped. she -should- be ashamed to go out looking like that.

No. 1765027

Nta but she clearly has a bra on in that first photo. People wear sweats and tracksuits on planes all the time. What is this, the 1950s? The retarded flopsy is the only thing that makes her look out of place on that flight. She’s ugly enough on her own without anons needing to exaggerate

No. 1765030

I wasn’t commenting on the outfit and weird stuffed toy (agreeably a bad choice). I was commenting on her face and so were they. “Her face is punchable” “her eyes are the ugliest thing I’ve ever seen” etc

No. 1765048

Has anyone else noticed that her smirk is getting smaller? Like she can barely muster the ability to do it?

No. 1765050

Her smile muscles are atrophying from only being used for selfies

No. 1765059

File: 1676036756811.png (124.89 KB, 308x340, 1674695267496.png)

fat distribution going straight for her face, rip. not the sad zombie tit or the ass she so desperately needs.
damn I have never seen a cow go down so hard and fast. it's legitimately almost painful to watch, this thread is getting harder and harder to check and I consider myself a lolcow veteran
shayna what the actual fuck are you doing. I think I hit peak shat

No. 1765064

Since I have class, I only eat processed meats if I know they are DOP and imported from Italy. You sound like uncultured swine just like Shayna

No. 1765102

This looks so fucking disgusting,I can't look at it. Let alone, imagine eating it.

No. 1765113

walmart charcuterie board. deli meat & kraft singles. the vodka in her drink cost more than that whole board

No. 1765118

'since i have class' nonnie i hope this is a joke, you're in a shayna thread, we're all at least a little retarded. kettle calling the pot black etc etc

No. 1765151

she’s hiding her triple chin more than Fupa tried to hide her.

No. 1765159

The only thing okay about her outfit is the fact that her tracksuit looks clean. Normal people don't just wear a tracksuit hoodie with no shirt underneath so people can see their dingy bras. Her bangs look fuckin retarded, she's a grown woman with a stuffed animal, probably smells like dog shit and piss, and you know she's too high and socially retarded to be aware. And also, all her pictures are filtered, so while she may look facially okay in the pictures, irl the story is way different.

No. 1765216

everytime i see a drunk woman throwing a tantrum at the airport on tiktok, i feel like one time it's going to be shayna

No. 1765233

She's been awfully quiet and yknow what that usually means: hospital.

Anyone know who this person she's supposed to be shooting with or where the hell she even is?
She hasn't got murdered by Mr. Tickle has she?

No. 1765261

File: 1676061976382.jpeg (324 KB, 750x822, D5B1A468-FBFA-4654-A4F3-B022E3…)

you called it nonnie

No. 1765270

Yeah somethings up, every single time she goes on these trips she gets sick somehow. Makes me wonder if they paid for her shit this time or is she really just wasting her own money and time? She can do all kinds of gross shit but constantly I'm the hospital for the smallest shit. I really think it's her tit or something else.

No. 1765271

lmao she probably got food poisoning from that gross white trash “charcuterie”, stupid fat hog
Same, even if I wasn’t vegan there’s no way I’d eat that shit. Some people really hate their bodies. Very on brand for her, toxic fat dumpster fire eats toxic fatty dumpster food

No. 1765273

It seems like Shay can’t leave her house without getting sick, maybe she’s going into withdrawals? She can’t binge drink all day when she’s not in the privacy of her dark cave.

No. 1765276

Kek what a retard. She can't even bare minimum exist. Probably hungover again or ate too much sodium fatty meats & cheese and shit. I never rule out that she pulls stunts like this to get out of work or meeting up because she's just lazy and can't be honest

No. 1765277

damn you know her wonk tit is getting out of control when she wears a bra on a flight

No. 1765282

But still, this has to be on someone else's dime, you know Shayna would be crying if she paid for this shit and couldn't do it. It makes nose sense to me. So what is she going to do?

No. 1765286

Nah she drinks at restaurants and the airport morning or day and of course at night. The only time I thought it was a withdrawl was when she was tripping last. I figured the combo of coming down/quality of the drugs and I assumed she was smoking but not drinking. Wouldn't surprise me if she drank then too. I also believe that due to mild asthma or whatever else she really shouldnt be smoking weed at all and she does frequently. More than she even posts. Same with drinking.
I think her body is fucked up with the way she treats it from the sex work, garbage food, drinking, smoking, and general lack of hygiene for herself and filthy environment. Plus meeting up with nasty moids.
I think all that and she gets hungover and is dramatic about it and refuses to just drink water and chill.
I feel like she overreacts for attention or to avoid things like working and thinks going to the er is just easier than taking care of herself and since its on her parents insurance.

No. 1765289

if tickler paid for this:
imagine paying this hog to model and she does this shit cause she cant eat healthy or lay off the drugs and alcohol

if shayna paid:
pathetic ass bitch paying to be tickled when theres gonna be no profit. and now you wasted even more money on a flight because youre fat and ate too much ham.

No. 1765322

I'm surprised at this point she's not going full munchie.

No. 1765325

def got e. coli from sucking salami off her filthy biohazard nails that she likely didnt clean well after her morning alcohol squirts

No. 1765336

i refuse to believe that a 26 year old just has that bad of a lifestyle to have to go to the er all the damn time. her hygiene would have to be EXTREMELY bad like humans can eat literal shit and not get sick from it. we have immune systems. her constant er trips have to be either attention seeking/for begging reasons or she is more seriously ill than she tells us. which could of course be caused by her terrible lifestyle overall but i know for a fact that eating junk food, smoking weed and drinking alone don't cause serious health issues in an otherwise healthy mid-twenties person.

No. 1765338

one time I got super sick at a festival after unintentionally injecting a lot of drugs. i got pancreatitis and i had gallstones and had to get my gallbladder removed.

i'm sure if she's going to the er they'd know if she were getting gallbladder stone attacks from the drinking/weed. but when i was in the hospital i had the choice to not get it removed but they told me that in the future drugs or alc could trigger attacks again. maybe she has gallstone issues and doesn't have the money to get them out or doeesn't want to forever reason - but wants to continue the drugs. just spitballing. you're right that its super weird she is going all the time, even with bad hygeine. there's no way she has THIS bad of luck with food poisioning while traveling. if it is, wouldn't rhe responsible thing to do is limit food intake to things she know is clean/okay and be uh repsonsible? that'd be expecting too much though/.

No. 1765339

same anon I mean injesting

No. 1765351

Not to blogpost but as someone with long nails (but not as long as hers by any stretch) you have to be so careful to make sure they’re clean underneath. With her lack of hygiene and those 2 inch monstrosities I wouldn’t be shocked if this was the case

No. 1765358

File: 1676072641531.jpeg (408.33 KB, 1170x1190, 93411395-1ABA-4C94-833A-80323D…)

No. 1765361

Kek, I was about to ask how tf do you accidentally inject drugs.
She is going to be fucked once she gets kicked off her parents' insurance. She goes to the er more in a month than some people do in years.

No. 1765370

at this point i'm wondering if she uses ER and Urgent Care interchangeably, because UC is by miles cheaper and i can't see how she can afford repeatedly going to the ER without begging for copay money. i've only ever seen the copay for the ER be $200+