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File: 1531381266180.gif (5.26 MB, 352x640, spazgnar.gif)

No. 634221

Previous thread: >>614734

>finally bought a bed after sleeping on a piss stained rug for months

>edgelord bf has flown out to visit her, still chatting back and forth on tumblr like edgy tweens
>posting "fucked up" photos and videos on snapchat, so far Fupapa's fingers in her mouth and his chode
>"daddy punches so hard", leaves no real marks on her, confirms tumblr dom status
>still hasn't filmed the promised alien porno despite having everything she claimed she needed
>more clips/videos from hardtied and lovinglyhandmadepornography have come out, just as crusty and cringy as everyone expected she'd be
>trying to charge $100 for advice on sexwork
>still allowing minors to follow and comment on her social media
>continues to beg for money while spending it on things she doesn't need
>finally growing her pubes out to hide her infected vag

Follow the rules:
- no doxxing
- do not include or harass Shay's family
- remember to sage posts that don't contribute to the milk



Other threads:
>>>/snow/538195 there really is a lot of golden milk in this thread

No. 634222

Archived info:

(welcome to her blog-y she hates her mom -if ur new)

(how they found her blog)

(ask how her parents found out about her camming)

(how her mom doesnt understand her n how she shoved misogyny down her throat and how she doesnt get that shayna wants to be a cam girl n how her mom send her emails/txts for schools and jobs- boo hooo soo abused by an awful bitch)

(this literally makes me want to vomit- asked how her mom found her blog- she literally says "she’s the type of person to try and dig up dirt on me so she has an actual reason to be mad at me other than just being a bitch"-wow shayna)

(wow such a shitty mom… makes up but then proceeds to still bash her to her followers)

(y she is courageous for sticking up to her mom- lulz)

(barf- y she's a strong person bc of what she went thru w/ her mom)

(y her blog was private/ brother backs up mom)

(tells asker u dont need parents- more about her mom and how she compromised their lives- her mom lost her poarents when she was only 12)

(how thes dumblr loser minions perpetuate her delusions and warped thinking)

asked y her mom is such a bitch and how they better be blessed w/ a child like her


how other pples mom like her more

(how her mom is jelly)

(more boo hoos and how her mom told connors mom about the camming)

(her justifying her blog to her mom)

(ultimatums from her awful parents… blog or us)

(ask about suicide, her experience w/ her parents n what they were doing pushed her)

some other archived links from the deleted threads:

This ones long, talks about her childhood and rape
(section highlighted is of an ASK where she mentions kinks to overcome rape)
(mentions rape & mentions shaving her head)

Her eating disorder

Her weed allergy

No. 634242

OP pic should've been ramen noodle shay

No. 634250

what the fuck was she thinking with this gif? the fucking jumping? she looks like a special needs child

No. 634296

I love how this isn't even dom-ish at all. Looks like an autistic child at the dentist's office. Keep lurking and try harder next time, fupa.

No. 634304

File: 1531398799289.jpg (1.14 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180712-083354.jpg)


No. 634317

full video with audio for your cringe


No. 634333

she looks like a cheap crackhead whore and she's dating a blubbery manchild with rapist tendencies. what a pair.

No. 634339

The combo of the undereye bags and wrinkles with the insane talons and hair that looks somehow greasy and dry is offputting.

No. 634344

He could have actually slapped her, touched up her face a little, gagged her, done SO much more than what was done. Oh he’s wearing leather gloves and stuck a fingertip in her mouth while she licks his gloves, the bdsm edginess is just so serious I don’t think I can handle it guys.

No. 634346

such a sadist

No. 634347

My partner isn’t even a sadist but hits me harder (when I ask) than this dude ever will. Pretty pathetic after how much they amped it up.

No. 634349

this is like someone's bulimic auntie

No. 634351

File: 1531404220940.png (Spoiler Image,636.74 KB, 494x716, 2018-07-12 08_59_57-@youvebeen…)

she also posted some weird photos of fupa ?fingering? her on tumblr. you can tell how hard she's trying to hide her vag.

No. 634353


Is that a wart on his finger? kek

No. 634362

lmao, jesus

No. 634363

is he trying to embarrass/expose her with these pics he's been taking? I haven't seen her look good in a single one, but this pic takes the cake. She looks horrible.

No. 634366

Honestly I genuinely consider maybe we're being too hard on her, maybe her makeup added the lines under her eyes… I;m older than shay and remade faces just to see how the face scrunches and NOTHING gives you that many wrinkles, even with a shit ton of power under your eyes drying them out. Shay, drink some fucking water and moisturize, you have more wrinkles than my grandmother.

No. 634371

>being too hard on her

i don't think so. farmers have been saying the same things about her for the last year (what thread are we on?) and she still looks worse than ever and is putting less effort in than ever.

No. 634376

This is not sexy or even aesthetically pleasing. This is a weird ass photo.

No. 634377

looks like a hand emerging from an armpit

No. 634380

Oh I totally agree, she's trash, I just thought maybe it was possible for the face to contort enough to make that many wrinkles on a 21yr old make ANY sense. Of course the minuscule bit of faith I may have had was dashed at the realization that she really is just that fucking crusty.

No. 634381

yeah i wondered the same thing when i screenshotted it. i was zooming in trying to figure out wtf was going on with her undereyes because they literally look like the wrinkles you would see on a 50 yr old woman.

No. 634386

I'm under the impression that Shay is also doing drugs of some sort to achieve that level of wrinkles that young.

No. 634389

File: 1531407419202.jpg (146.15 KB, 1080x1509, crusty.jpg)

I zoomed too, like wtf that can't be her undereyes, she is 21 years old, I scrunched and twisted and made weird noodle faces TRYING to get wrinkles this bad and it's impossible, it's entirely her skincare and general lack of self care and hydration that caused that. Not makeup, not a funny face, not a filter, that's just her naturally gross face and probably why she always uses filters to smooth her skin and change her eyes.

No. 634393

Why her eyes got wrinkles

No. 634394

it's honestly to the point that it looks like the wrinkles were inserted with photoshop. just doesn't even match the rest of her face.

No. 634417

Adderall? Seems like the type to have a prescription or something

No. 634420

Holy shit her eye bags…

No. 634423

It’s also very clear that she doesn’t wash her face often, never moisturizes, and sleeps in her makeup just to go over it the next day.

No. 634441

Honestly I didn’t even comment to shit on her, I feel bad and this is actually not normal. I want to see her get better. She deserves better than this— literally everyone does

No. 634448

Try not to feel bad about this shit. This girl has lied and manipulated people to no end, sexualizes children, lies about rape and abuse, and has done/said multiple racist things. She's a bully who has no one to blame but herself for the situation she's in. She looks like that because she refuses to take advice and take care of herself. No one is doing this to her. She could be living with her family going to college, she CHOSE to be this.

No. 634453

Ya I guess you’re right. It’s just hard because I’m empathetic, trying to imagine what it would feel like to live that way. But u right, she chose to be this, just as we all chose to be as far from this as possible. Every time I come here I drink some water and moisturize lol(read the rules & usage info)

No. 634457

she thinks her life is glamorous lol she lives in one giant deluded bubble

No. 634458

his hands are tiny

No. 634459

File: 1531411397619.jpg (103.86 KB, 1065x768, 123456789.jpg)

Shayna is a great reminder for why you should take care of yourself, drink water and moisturize or end up like this.

No. 634462

Looks like the fucking movie poster for the shining

No. 634463

Probably instead of washing her face she uses shitty makeup remover wipes. That would explain why she always has remnants of the previous day's makeup on. And those things will pull at your skin real bad and could maybe cause wrinkles to get worse. Also, her situation…down there… makes me believe she's had a dermatological infection for months, maybe a year?That will drain your body and make you look super ill. If she went to the doctor (GP and OBGYN) and started using an oil cleanser + moisturizer + eye cream her appearance would improve somewhat…

No. 634465

Lol she might be able to improve it a little bit from the looks of it she's already done a lot of damage. It'll be even more obvious in like 5 years time.

No. 634466

Also has to do with her bad diet and rolling around on the piss/shit/mud covered rug that she slept on for so long, probably lack of sleep from above issue, constant drinking/smoking (do we know if she smokes cigs?), and the constant yanking and hitting of her face probably fucked her up a bit too.

No. 634471

I didn't say she could reverse the damage lol, I said she could make it look a bit better. She could also get filler under her eyes. She should really spend all of the $$ she isn't making there. Even using a retinol would help to resurface those wrinkly ballsacks.

No. 634479


Where's her upper lip? her face is so fucking weird.

No. 634485

The fact that they’ve been laying on that nasty pink carpet has me fucked up

No. 634486

The only time my under eyes look even remotely similar to this is when I’m dehydrated and having really bad allergies / a reaction to a product. I can’t believe these pictures were posted intentionally. Really uwu smol babey bimbo of you, Shay.

No. 634491

Handy dandy little guide for the newfags who aren't sure how posting works https://lolcow.farm/info

No. 634520

Fatty must really want to make shay look bad considering that he posted this pic of her looking like a 40 year old crackhead who likes to wear pink

No. 634527

File: 1531416419607.png (383.57 KB, 457x563, Screenshot_2018-07-12-10-26-20…)

It gets worse the more you zoom in

No. 634579

File: 1531420956030.jpg (289.5 KB, 900x1600, 1531398799289_meitu_1.jpg)

Fucked about poorly in Meitu and removed some of the lines and she looks much cuter with darker hair, actually would make her look younger if she kept her dark hair and had a more light and youthful hairstyle.

No. 634583

Thread 11

Shays been my favorite cow for a while, especially after Pumpy dried up, but I feel like the milk is ending.,.

No. 634601

The fact that she has forehead wrinkles that deep at 21…wow

No. 634602

wait until she goes to LA on the 17th.

No. 634604

She always does something new to add to the milk, she’s almost as milky as Mariah at this point

No. 634605

Lol yes for her photo shoot, I wonder how many pics she’ll post from that.
She’s still only posted ONE from her MV shoot, kek

No. 634617

lmao this edit did her no help. sorry, anon.

No. 634628

Her eyeliner is fucking ridiculous

No. 634631

can we please sage pointless comments so we don't get put on autosage right before shay goes to LA?

No. 634635

The neck crack in OP really fucks with me. Like an actual horror film

No. 634648

Jesuschrist shayna we know you're broke n' shit but you can still drink some water and at least put some spoons in The fridge to aliviate those undereye bags

No. 634656

How can a 21 year old have such deep and noticeable wrinkles like this?

No. 634663

File: 1531427389125.png (126.92 KB, 741x924, IMG_2887.PNG)

This is the most forced picture I've seen so far lmao poor kitty

No. 634667

that cat looks like "why the fuck are you touching my head?"

No. 634668

Is that finally a bed?

No. 634669

I think she got a couch aswell so that's probably it, no clue why she keeps throwing that piss rug on it though

No. 634674

“I’m touching the cat are you happy now?” Is all his body language is reading

No. 634681

That cat is obviously awkward, if The cat isn't in his lap then there is no Bond and just a forced picture
Maybe because The couch isn't Pink barbie aesthetic enough

No. 634683

Think about how much that poor animal has been witness to…

No. 634693

Lmao this is such a sad thought actually

No. 634698

File: 1531429537898.gif (1.43 MB, 531x270, pink1.gif)

LMAO some new gifs of fupa trying to be edgy with his gloves while he sits on a pink couch. i can't.


No. 634699

File: 1531429553239.gif (2.52 MB, 531x270, pink2.gif)


No. 634700

File: 1531429575467.gif (1.48 MB, 531x270, pink3.gif)


No. 634705

File: 1531429746574.png (199.88 KB, 490x379, 2018-07-12 17_08_11-@youvebeen…)

this is so stupid and her caption is even worse

No. 634706

File: 1531429797236.png (553.81 KB, 397x620, 2018-07-12 17_08_53-Filth — Da…)

No. 634707

that outfit really doesn’t match.

No. 634708

She has such a boxy figure when she's not all posed and edited.

No. 634711

Did any of you post/see the vid where he says “this is what happens when you mess with sadists” while squishing her face lightly?

So…messing with sadists gets my face squished lightly and half a fingertip in my mouth? Really sounds like something that will take me over the edge.

No. 634713

File: 1531429973430.png (1.07 MB, 596x798, 2018-07-12 17_12_53-Filth — Da…)

the state her hair is in is sad

No. 634714

I hope the anon from the last thread is happy because now I can't stop laughing and thinking they're little lady biker gloves
The only one I like is the top right because she's not dressed as a pink bimbo + you don't see her face lol

No. 634716

Can someone explain what is supposed to be sexy, or intimidating about this? I can’t figure it out.

No. 634718

They really look like ladies gloves based on how short they are at the wrist.
It wouldn’t surprise me, t-man Fupa with his clit dick thinking ladies gloves are intimidating.

No. 634722

My boyfriend has lifting gloves that stop at the wrist but those don't look like the right material. I feel like those gifs would be more on the mark for their ~*kinks*~ if they were more heavy-duty and longer, up to the elbow, like he was cleaning up blood/body. Or even surgical gloves would be better.

No. 634734


i think fupapa stole some boogie female teachers leather gloves.
So edgy

No. 634738

He claims they’re pure leather but they move like vinyl

No. 634739

Also he'd also have to actually, you know, do something with his hands other than just put gloves on them.

No. 634740

oh and flex like he’s going to throw a punch, that’s his favorite move

so ~*edgy*~ much kink

No. 634742

He seems a bit obsessed with his hands, gifs of them and always shoving fingers in Shays mouth it's gross.

No. 634744

He's been there since last Friday and its obvious she has not washed her hair yet. Yuck

No. 634748

God I hadn't realized he'd been there so long already and they haven't really done anything. He shoved his fingers in her mouth a dozen times and ate out her disgusting boil covered pussy and that's it. So hardcore.

No. 634755

Are they planning on actually shooting anything or is his dick too small

No. 634757

I know they uploaded a few pictures I think of him fucking her in the last thread but that's it.

No. 634761

Right? Literally it's been a week and it feels like its only been a couple days with the few things they've posted. The followers who bought her snap must feel so scammed lmao

No. 634765

I can't help but wonder how much time they must spend just sitting around bored and maybe smoking, Shay doesn't seem like the type to have planned stuff out for them to do beforehand.

No. 634767

File: 1531432559287.png (42.61 KB, 179x115, nausea.PNG)

Yup, it was linked here. Shay's snaggle tooth makes me feel sick in that video. Also, Fupa trying to sound hard and "black" is hilarious ("you're cute but you play too much" in an exaggerated accent that clearly isn't his normal one).

No. 634776

I'm sure she had nothing planned for them to do. I mean other than the "gross" things she planned to do with him (which never happened), smoking and laying on her couch is probably all they've done

No. 634777

Beta males are clueless, she's got all the basic signals of being sexy (makeup, blonde hair, etc) so he thinks she's hot. I'm sure she's the most attractive woman who he has dated.

No. 634781

File: 1531432913263.gif (1.69 MB, 498x282, tenor.gif)

No. 634795

He doesn’t even say “you’re” he just says “you cute but you play too much” stfu Midwest Fupa

No. 634801

He acts and speaks like a damn high school teenager would. Its cingey

No. 634820

We don't really know what all has happened because she's keeping it posted on snapchat… Lmao

Imagine being so in love with someone….. The only place you show them off is Tumblr and Snapchat kek!
Don't worry Shay, on the plane ride home to his family, he'll delete all of your pictures and keep his sightseeing photos from his dates with you to show off to everyone.. You're not completely useless hahaha

No. 634854

I thought we had a Snapchat anon? Posted the fupa dick pics? Maybe I'm wrong.

No. 634878

This is honestly so sad Shay is truly nothing more than a pump and dump at this point lol
Anons have posted snapchat stuff yeah I wonder where they are or if there's just nothing interesting happening

No. 634918

Nothing says dom like basketball shorts, shitty hot topic shirt and tiny fem driving gloves

No. 634939

He must really be embarrassed walking around with a child looking sex worker who can't even color coordinate her outfits correctly

No. 634943

This haggard ass hoe does not look like a child. she looks like an adult trying to be one. Don't flatter Shay like that lol. We all know that's what she is going for, and she fails miserably.

No. 634969

File: 1531440173262.jpeg (1.06 MB, 1242x1931, D25194C9-21BA-4E04-A22E-E92FB3…)

Family portrait

No. 634970

He looks…so thrilled

No. 634971

I’m just noticing… her arms so hairy for “bby bimbo”

No. 634974

Are you really nitpicking her fucking armhair?

No. 634979

For a girl who gets rid of all other body hair, I’m just sayin.
At least they’re not dark.

No. 634980

she's said before that she doesn't shave her legs because the hair is so blonde and sparse…

btw nice double post newfag

No. 634982

Been here since the first thread but okay
I’m sorry I was wrong?? I take back my nitpicking.
I deleted my old post for using the wrong form of there but nice try

No. 634984

If he actually loved her he would maybe kiss her cheek or grab her thigh?? God he really doesn't wanna be there lol

No. 635000

File: 1531442838507.jpg (23.25 KB, 225x298, ngt667ss.JPG)

No. 635004

Uhhh… Where tho?

No. 635006

I thought we were going to see how gross and kinky you were? I guess it’s now changed to just “basking in their cuteness”.

It should be basking in their basic-ness. Because let’s face it, they are a basic af vanilla af couple trying to play daddy/little girl on the internet to look interesting. How pathetic.

No. 635038

Not sure if that's a strand of her hair on the glove or a strand of something else lmao. Her hair is so fried it could probably be that

No. 635045

I’m gonna claim self posting. she loves attention no matter how she gets it

No. 635077

File: 1531448916639.png (Spoiler Image,208.15 KB, 365x456, Screenshot_2018-07-12-18-37-53…)

Fupatty ate this

No. 635080

File: 1531449270371.jpg (71.61 KB, 500x375, 2dhgu3k.jpg)

it looks like a small infected tongue's poking out of her vajay

No. 635081

Every time I see it, it looks worse. It looks like a chemical burn here.

No. 635114

Pretty sure that futon doubles as her bed and couch. Her apartment is a studio, isn't it? We never see any other room. She probably doesn't even have room for a bed and a couch. Especially with dumb shit like her giant dog cage taking up so much room.

No. 635116

I feel so bad for fupapa since shay doesn't shower.

Imagine how often she changes her panties. Imagine that pussy cheese build up.

He put his face in that. Boils and warts and pussy cheese and all.

No. 635120

File: 1531452204659.gif (210.78 KB, 250x188, tumblr_lon3mjdXIG1qf53t1o1_250…)

idk why the fuck I even clicked on this but she needs to get her ass to a gynecologist, none of that looks right

No. 635133

File: 1531453376662.jpg (Spoiler Image,76.68 KB, 500x410, awful.jpg)

No. 635139

That is literally better to look at than her disgusting vagina.

No. 635174

No reason to get wet, it's not like he does anything with them. Doesn't rollplay any rape fantasies, choke her with them, slap her with them, etc. Him wearing the gloves is the same as him putting on socks before sex

No. 635207

File: 1531462310272.jpg (Spoiler Image,64.28 KB, 1285x586, Capture.JPG)

just a reminder that every dildo shay has shoved in her sasquatch is bigger than fupa's

No. 635293

Didn't fupa tell her to keep in a buttplug to "prepare" for him lmao god

No. 635395

And of course, nothing. Not even the buttplug lol

No. 635400

File: 1531492877585.gif (4.08 MB, 398x256, B4E44BD4-2AB1-4FFA-B396-65340A…)

I’ve used this gif 300 times in shays threads but there’s really no other way to describe my feels

No. 635405

File: 1531493274328.gif (380.59 KB, 200x200, giphy.gif)

No. 635439

That deer is more intimidating, tbh

No. 635441

File: 1531495118535.png (Spoiler Image,726.62 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2018-07-13-11-16-56…)

How does one find this attractive??

No. 635443

Plz stick your sausage fingertip in my mouf so we can be KIOINNNKKYYYYY

No. 635445

less attractive, more like vanilla af

No. 635482

Didn't Shay mention how they would do a cam show aswell? They most likely won't do it though kek

No. 635498

They have had the most vanilla boring sex after talking up all the "gross disgusting" things they promised people. Plus the stuff she DID show was grainy terribly lit with no close ups. I'd be pissed if I was one of her customers, not getting what they were swindled into thinking they were gonna see! Doggystyle sex, him eating her out and barely sticking his tiny hands in her mouth. And they claim to be sadist and masochist lmao when I play with my man like that I have bruises and broken blood vessels and a busted lip, and he isn't even a sadist like Fupapa tries to claim to be. These two need to quit talking all that talk if they're not gonna walk that walk. It's just embarrassing.

No. 635531

you’re not allowed to have men on camera on MFC. if she said that she was blatantly lying.

No. 635594

Bold of you to assume she owns dinnerware that isn’t plastic

No. 635604

File: 1531510757610.jpg (3.02 KB, 93x143, bender2.jpg)

thank you for spoilering this. her asshole looks infected. everything looks wrong. this is fucking vile

No. 635612

she has a chaturbate

No. 635617

File: 1531511913748.gif (1.28 MB, 531x270, https://78.media.tumblr.com/f5…)

This is just so stupid to look at lol

No. 635619

looks like a fuckin parody gif making fun of ddlg lmaooo

No. 635621

He barely put his hands on her why does she immediately gasp for air like she's dying??

No. 635622

What the fuck is this lmao he barely even touches her neck ? Atleast put some effort into your stupid tumblr kink gifs shay

No. 635625

File: 1531512403932.gif (1.26 MB, 531x270, tumblr_pbtlvgZB4z1rmiw96o5_540…)

No. 635633

Nothing about this is sexy. Sad, really

No. 635634

i like how they didnt even both cropping out the shit on the floor on the left (is that a plastic bowl?)

No. 635635

Aren't you supposed to squeeze the sides of the neck? He's just pushing against her trachea

No. 635636

The poor slob has to fuck in shapewear. No pair of expensive leather gloves is going to erase that.

No. 635639

File: 1531513276490.jpg (43.02 KB, 860x286, Capture.JPG)

doesn't even know how to choke safely, they both just look beyond stupid.

No. 635644

Hahahaha. Just loosely puts his hands around her neck and she's acting close to death

No. 635649

Seriously, it’s all I was thinking when I was watching those gifs. He’s not doing it safely at all, but she is overreacting so much. There’s no reason for her to act like she has absolutely no air the first second he starts choking her. That’s not realistic at all.

No. 635653

I feel like they lurked on here and saw how much shit everyone was giving them for only posting vids of Fupapis sausage fingers going into her dirty mouth and decided to do some lame choking gifs

No. 635655

Hahaha dipshits cant even practice their own kink correctly! Fupa that is not how you choke someone. And omg Shay just looks like a crackhead with the over the top act she's putting on. Those fucking leather women's driving gloves on his tiny girly hands kek the cringe is so real with these two

No. 635656

I wonder why these losers haven't posted gifs or videos of fupa punching shaytard in the face

No. 635657

I wonder which one of them is more obsessed with this site, seems like they both check it a lot.

No. 635661

Because everyone will see how he punches like a prepubescent kid and can barely leave any marks on her. That mistress lady she did vids with before left her more marks and bruises than lardass has

No. 635666

I bet she shoves her dirty dishes under her couch after eating like a dirty slob

No. 635698

Could be for the cat but honestly I'm sure she just uses her floor for a table. She barely got a bed, I doubt she has a table.

>Flashback to Shay using the dog cage with a blanket over it as a countertop

No. 635706

No. 635737

He barely has his hands on her throat and she’s like “omg I can’t breathe!!!”

She’s such a horrible actress I stg

No. 635759


It's almost as dramatic as her moaning when the other girl had the vibrator on her clit, kek. Girl can't act for shit.
if she had more natural reaction's to things it wouldn't be so ridiculous

No. 635800

This idiot really doesn’t know how to do a blood choke, yet talks about it like he’s a pro. you would never cross your fingers like that for a blood choke, as the area between the thumb and forefinger plus the palm would wind up pressing down on the trachea. How can he act like he’s such a sadist when he can’t do a simple maneuver like a blood choke? Fucking google it it’s so simple.

This idiot sounds like a fetishist who’s only seen sadistic fetish porn and thinks he can do the same just by watching it. It’s classic for fat fucks like him to take porn too seriously anyway.

No. 635806

why is the quality on this such shit? He said he has a google pixel 2, and she says she has the iPhone X. Why does this look such low quality?

No. 635811

File: 1531527403467.jpeg (274.41 KB, 1242x923, 891918A2-B2D3-43DC-856F-8A7AED…)

Aaaaaand the first 3 he’s done. Just wow. Could they be anymore of a dumbass attention seeking couple?

No. 635815

No. 635821

Shes choking for air the second his fingers touch her throat. This is the fakest shit I've seen so far.

No. 635824

well his left hand is definitely pressing on her trachea but before he even starts the choke she’s gasping. bitch says she’s a porn star but can’t even act for shit. you have to be an actress to do porn, she’s so fucking dumb it’s unreal.

No. 635831

she always manages to look like a retarded crack whore, and her acting is garbage lol.
fupa also has tiny ass calves in comparison to the rest of his lardass body. stop skipping leg day, rapist.

also, who leaves bowls on the fucking floor?

No. 635834

lol he’s gonna keep doing arm day and his body is gonna wind up looking like a comic relief cartoon character, kek

No. 635841

they literally both look like they stink, Shayna of dollar store perfume, piss and B.O from not showering and Fupa old cheese, B.O and mustiness. A match made in heaven. That apartment must smell even more rancid than usual.

No. 635846

tbh I’m pretty sure Fupa showers more often than Shay. He probably sweats like a pig and smells yeasty when he takes his pants off.

No. 635851

File: 1531532485244.png (1.52 MB, 750x1334, 2533F40E-DD3F-4239-8BC5-C034D8…)

Cute Shay.
May I recommend Invisaline now that you have a bed?

No. 635852

Did she forget her eyelashes on her right eye?

No. 635854

It’s so sad that she caught him on camera literally expressing to her that he doesn’t even like her that much.

“You’re cute but you play too much.”

You play to much as in she started recording and licking his weird gloves and he’s like “seriously bitch you are immature as fuck I’m just trying to show the internet how hardcore we are.”

Does anybody know what fupa does for work? Cause apparently he’s a sex worker now lol

No. 635855

Nah she just can’t put them on correctly so one is facing forward while the other is facing up lmao

No. 635856

There is no way.. zoom in hard… she’s missing eyelashes wtf stop getting wasted before you even have your make up on for the day girl

No. 635859

Her content is mediocre

No. 635860

What ever happened to the gun play? Im looking forward to the accidental shooting

No. 635862

File: 1531533455812.jpg (18.89 KB, 680x243, itsrightheremissnitpicky.JPG)

sage your eyelash sperging. the other eyelash is there, look closely. I highlighted it for you.

No. 635864

What about her teeth? She needs new ones asap

No. 635865

I couldn't agree more. She doesn't make enough money to afford them, and she doesn't save money either because she drinks and smokes too much. So she's fucked unless she applies herself and gains some self-discipline.

No. 635866

Get your eyelash nitpicking ass out of here.
We can see that there may or may not be eyelashes there you don’t need to highlight something that we can clearly see.
I hate these new people the last 3-4 threats. These threads have gone downhill honestly.(learn 2 sage)

No. 635867

w t f

I was not eyelash nitpicking. . .I was clarifying that the eyelash was there because another anon who didn't sage their crap(much like you) was claiming it wasn't there.

how long have you even honestly been here if you don't even know how to sage…?

No. 635869

This girl squirts milk 24/7 it’s amazing >>635867
No fighting

No. 635870

Get her teeth fixed? She prob doesn't even brush them

No. 635871

Nobody’s mentioned but she’s obviously had them whitened recently those things are usually bright yellow

No. 635874

Probably bought some white strips. Though I can see shay as cheap enough to use bleach for her teeth (and not for cleaning the rest of her place)
Also Jesus, twice I mention they haven't done something and they fucking do it right after. I should demand payment for my services, but god knows they've made nothing off of this. (Hope they follow gun anon's suggestion next though haha)

No. 635896

Who, the cat or Fupa?

No. 635924

That filter may hide her double chin but it doesn't hide those bulimia cheeks when she smiles

No. 635934


Fupa chokes a bitch like he's never choked a bitch before.

No. 636017

I mean he probably hasn’t, just look at him

No. 636034


write sage in the email field

No. 636062

She looks like a fucking chipmunk

No. 636139

File: 1531583761519.jpg (885.75 KB, 1200x795, 05.jpg)

No. 636140

File: 1531583789679.jpg (Spoiler Image,380.81 KB, 537x810, poster_noplay.jpg)

No. 636142

File: 1531583818655.jpg (Spoiler Image,961.67 KB, 795x1200, 01.jpg)

No. 636144

File: 1531583842031.jpg (Spoiler Image,972.4 KB, 795x1200, 02.jpg)

Don't do crack, anons.

No. 636145

File: 1531583876093.jpg (Spoiler Image,548.06 KB, 1200x675, ewwww.jpg)

No. 636146

File: 1531583903607.jpg (633.65 KB, 1200x675, 04.jpg)

No. 636147

File: 1531583928207.jpg (Spoiler Image,520.51 KB, 1200x675, 06.jpg)

No. 636148

What the actual fuck is happening with her hair. Those bangs are atrocious.

No. 636149

File: 1531583955974.jpg (Spoiler Image,566.59 KB, 1200x675, 07.jpg)

The stretched out hello kitty underwear kek

No. 636151

File: 1531583991208.png (582.31 KB, 1280x650, 78A22823-856F-4615-9686-79BC58…)

No. 636152

File: 1531584002470.jpg (Spoiler Image,1014.69 KB, 1200x796, 08.jpg)

My personal favorite kek

No. 636153

File: 1531584043512.jpg (Spoiler Image,999.85 KB, 795x1200, noass.jpg)

No. 636154

File: 1531584079010.jpg (Spoiler Image,979.25 KB, 796x1200, 10.jpg)

Once again with the bumpy red pussy promo. Why don't they photoshop her crusty cunt?

No. 636155

File: 1531584145925.png (Spoiler Image,1.47 MB, 1133x645, okay.PNG)

No. 636156

File: 1531584244423.jpg (Spoiler Image,551.6 KB, 1200x675, 11.jpg)

No. 636157

File: 1531584271818.jpg (Spoiler Image,504.1 KB, 1200x675, 12.jpg)

No. 636158

Holy shit she looks so bad. So oily, yet wrinkly and crusty.

No. 636160

File: 1531584325178.jpg (Spoiler Image,529.03 KB, 1200x675, 13.jpg)

No. 636161

File: 1531584340424.jpg (Spoiler Image,489.08 KB, 1200x675, 14.jpg)

No. 636163

His teeth..ugh. Proves how low her standards are. Shit tier "porn"

No. 636164

File: 1531584543431.png (Spoiler Image,39.14 KB, 1178x272, kdkeskdjjfl.PNG)

No. 636165

Lmao they did her so wrong putting this picture of her cracked out face

No. 636166

Jesus fucking christ is he trying to actually bite her nipple off??? That shit doesn't even look like its pleasurable at all

No. 636168

File: 1531584662063.jpg (Spoiler Image,731.81 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180714-091042_Sam…)

Much kink

No. 636169

..How is that attractive

No. 636171

File: 1531584775383.png (707.96 KB, 1086x578, hellodarknessmyoldfriend.PNG)

No. 636172

File: 1531584834830.png (Spoiler Image,1.02 MB, 1094x625, hellosweaty.PNG)

No. 636173

>youthful soft skin
>cute little panties that make her look innocent

She looks like a 30 year old crack mom who had to borrow her daughters underwear

No. 636176

File: 1531584914568.png (Spoiler Image,1.09 MB, 1086x608, thisismylastresort.PNG)

No. 636180

File: 1531585098026.png (Spoiler Image,720.8 KB, 614x1083, cutmylifeintopieces.PNG)

Shay, you embody the essence of a crackwhore who has seen far too much.

No. 636184

File: 1531585214533.png (Spoiler Image,606.13 KB, 1082x619, pussypopped.PNG)

Yes, put the closeups of shay's nasty pussy in the preview hardtied

No. 636185

File: 1531585325235.png (Spoiler Image,886.3 KB, 1104x624, becareful.PNG)

my fucking eyes fuck

No. 636187

File: 1531585398475.png (Spoiler Image,818.28 KB, 1089x618, youngandbeautiful.PNG)

No. 636189

looks like they put two condoms on… can't blame them

No. 636199

this looks so stupid. wtf

No. 636201

right? it's so creepy

it's not, but i guess males think this is hot? it looks painful

No. 636210

File: 1531586697156.png (254.37 KB, 480x480, Screenshot_2018-07-14-09-44-44…)

So many wrinkles

No. 636213

What the shit is the haggard doing with her mouth? Put your diseased tongue back in your mouth shay. Its not cute.

No. 636214

File: 1531586942218.jpg (29.73 KB, 640x480, 1429959998863.jpg)

Dear fucking god what's the point in shaving your pubes all the way when you have pimples/ingrown hairs all over down there? That's so nasty.

No. 636218

After seeing >>636147 I was like "oh wow she's actually tried to fix her pussy" and then
are brought to light :|

I know an anon mentioned in the last thread that it seemed like they tried to desaturate the video to hide her blisters, etc, so I was wondering if all their videos have this dungeon vibe?

No. 636230

File: 1531587782981.png (9.46 KB, 288x265, Capture.PNG)

Fupa is gone now.

No. 636232

Holy hell this looks like the poster for a horror B-movie. Tell me WHO would possibly get turned on by looking at this

No. 636238

Shayna “I don’t do penetration” Clifford, everyone

No. 636241

I truly think that they purposely try and make their models look their absolute worst

No. 636244

She really looks like a teenage twink in this picture. Wow.

No. 636245


you have to admit tho, it's got to be hard to try to make her look decent

No. 636251

I rlly think this has been the worst we’ve seen from shayna in a fuckinf while my god my poor eyes

No. 636270

File: 1531589926822.png (564.05 KB, 328x929, sureeeee.PNG)

checking out lovinglyhandmade's tumblr and found this.

nah dude, you're just a creep.

No. 636278

She's tall af with long ass beanstalk legs and has giant hands. There's absolutely nothing smol about her

No. 636280

It looks like her ingowns/pimples are spreading toward her inner thighs. How could anyone fap to this?

No. 636304

First thing I noticed in this
Is how tall she is with those heels on it just illustrates that even more

No. 636306


Her body proportions are not that of a ~smol wittle girl uwu~
This coming from someone who's 5' /shrug(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 636314

It looks like they had to use an incredible amount of lube to put the dildo in her

No. 636325

Those poor shoes are destroyed, I hope they were cheap ones. They look like the kinda shit that Dolls Kill would sell for some stupid price but knowing her its bargain bin.

No. 636326

File: 1531593839763.jpeg (Spoiler Image,159.74 KB, 451x528, D1EB6451-BFA8-49B0-B897-BFCB9F…)

what the fuck is this though..

No. 636329

I'd rather look at her infected pussy than this, holy shit. He's about to tear that thing off.

No. 636333

what the FUCK is that

No. 636337

File: 1531594562172.jpg (134.84 KB, 380x380, 732.jpg)

No. 636341

File: 1531594716344.jpg (19.24 KB, 216x246, kek.JPG)

lmao why didn't you just ask your Fupa daddy to get your nails done why he was there? he probably couldn't afford it either, kek. wasted all his money on the plane ticket.

No. 636343

and the victim game begins! he only left an hour ago, at least wait a few hours before playing the distressed victim card, Shay.

No. 636363


they probably didn't even make half the snap sales they claim they did

No. 636371

nobody cates

No. 636372

That’s why she had to extend the sale, kek

No. 636375

File: 1531597463520.jpeg (Spoiler Image,328.4 KB, 626x562, C5C44E42-6117-4B15-8F58-55FA31…)

i fucking forgot to spoiler this and i’m so sorry to anyone who saw it without consent, legitimately a terrible thing to bear witness to

No. 636385

That scar on her titty tho.

This girl… Im so sorry for her parents.. She's on her way to LA and they're going to eat her alive. Nobody is going to work with someone so disproportionate, no key features, and yellow ass hair and teeth… Why is she forcing this onto herself? Why is she pushing for such deep humility?

No. 636389

File: 1531599509748.png (137.21 KB, 720x588, Screenshot_2018-07-14-16-16-35…)

Why the fuck is she so strung out for needing to be accepted in front of nonconcenting citizens?? Why does she need to be validated in front of others? Why cant she be validated ny her partner? Wtf is going on in her life that she apparently dies without affection and attention?

Girl… Just go home, your mind is not ready nor old enough to be away from your family.

No. 636399

I know it's just a porn shoot, but her outfit is fucking hideous. Nothing matches??

No. 636400

Man he's gone already? I was hoping on good milk but it was mediocre af sigh, I give them another month before he's tired of her

No. 636417

File: 1531603856530.png (1.89 KB, 377x50, rb.png)

She's selling reblogs now.

No. 636419

What a fucking scamming whore. She doesn't get many notes on her shit unless she reblogs it constantly. It wouldn't be worth it to pay for that.

No. 636420

Holy fuck she must be desperate for funds

No. 636421

This is sad. What she described is literally normal and how any s/o should act. Especially for someone long distance like they are, I'm actually surprised they didn't do way more. Her expectations are very low, it's kinda depressing.

No. 636423

Probably just going through attention withdrawal with Fupa gone and we all know money is the only thing she wants.

No. 636424

I think I would feel bad for her if I knew she was a great partner who deserved a fantastic love. But if she attracts garbage men who consistently treat her like shit, then she needs to address what it is about herself that attracts that.

No. 636426

She deleted this already. Ha! The only thing left is the original post she wrote under.

No. 636434


They legit put clown music to her promo vid. How appropriate! KEK! I can't stop laughing. With her hair and outfit, and weird facial gestures it was nothing less than comical.


I seriously haven't seen a single shoot where her genitals looked anything other than a war zone. Even with this shoot's particular lighting and a gloomy filter effect, nothing can mask the boils/pimples/warts? that cover her privates.

No. 636437

I'd say maaaaybe 20k of those followers actually care and want to be following her and aren't minors. And that's like a generous estimate. Everyone else is either a bot, not supposed to be following (legally), or isn't even aware of it anymore

No. 636446

Isn't that Spongebob music? Maybe Shayna requested it herself, lmao

No. 636448

there’s girls who can with less than 1000 followers and make 15k a month. Shay is a joke and she knows it

No. 636464

She's been on tumblr for about 6-7 years. Most of that number is already drastically cut in half for inactives, which is being generous, For her length of time and genre/aesthetic changes, the number of inactive accounts are more closer to 50% - 60%. Then factor in bots and spam accounts which are exponentially higher in porn/kink/nsfw blogs and content.

The engagement on her posts are very low, extremely low even if she was left with 30%-35% (40k-50k) actives and that's not factoring double accounts or minors. Don't forget she was a smoking blog before, so her count isn't even a representation of the amount of true audience/target demographic. For someone stating they have 140k, she has the engagement of a blog who has 10k-30k, and Shayna is extremely active on Tumblr. So your number is actually on point.

No. 636465

i'm crying this looks like a buzzfeed unsolved episode LMAO(sage posts like this)

No. 636468

Definitely! Shayna has shit for people skills. There are several other girls who net the same as her if not more with way less. TBH, her content may be aesthetic (basically pink) to reblog for tumblr, but in reality as Fapping content, they'll leave ur pussy dry, and ur boner non-existent.

No. 636485

File: 1531608008232.jpg (100.55 KB, 1078x926, Screenshot_20180714-183922-1.j…)

the pathetic levels are through the fucking roof
and lil peep? is she on heroin now too?

No. 636490

File: 1531608611990.png (169.46 KB, 748x841, IMG_2914.PNG)

I wonder what these rules are gonna be lmao please tell me fupa included a showering rule

No. 636496

The rules are prob all shit that benefits fupa.
>>text me 5 pics a day
>>don't talk to other men outside "work"
>>be ready at all time for phone sex

No. 636503

Her dumbass doesn’t realize that shes committing to a unhealthy relationship

No. 636505

Clearly doesn't include showering or brushing her hair as she didn't the entire week he was there

No. 636513

You’ve been together for a month wth

No. 636518

I really don't believe fupa wanted to afford anything for shayna beyond some cheap meals onto some cheap restaurants… he doesn't pay for her nails, for some good hair stylist, some good clothes… nothing for her, she's just a piece of fuckable meat
this is kinda sad actually, it looks like at her age she never ever had a healthy relationship

No. 636527

probably irrelevant but it just really feels like she wants so much more than he's willing to put into things.
she's "spoiled" by going and eating noodles and playing pinball but he won't take her to have her hair or nails done.
when they were in Mexico all they did was get drunk in their hotel 24/7 and other than the handful of outings that they had in WA, I'm sure they just sat in her nasty apartment getting high so he could even deal with her.
in everything that's been posted he looks bored and uninterested but she's so smitten by any little bit of attention that she can get, she doesn't realize how used she is.
They met up and fucked after barely knowing eachother, which he's probably done with other followers seeing as how his job makes him travel. She's not special and he doesn't treat her like she is either.
someone younger, prettier, cleaner and kinkier is gonna show him attention and he's gonna drop Shay and chase her.
like his female following base is only growing thanks to Shay, so it's not unrealistic.

No. 636536

I think that fupa thought this was going to be an easy free nudes and sex deal for him. We can tell he doesn’t care as much because he’s never even said he loves her lol. I feel like he’s trying to make the best of it while being uncomfortable because she’s so over the top with her feelings for him, and he knows dumping her will cause a giant scene. Fupa dumped that one girl for shay it’s only time until he finds another “kinky” girl

No. 636546

If you guys feel sorry for her, just go back and read her old threads. She's been a leech and attention-obsessed longer than she's been doing porn. I think she WANTS a co-dependent relationship. I don't even think it's about affection or getting what she thinks she deserves. It's so she can freeload in a new boyfriend's place for free while she sits at home and smokes weed with her unwashed pussy.

No. 636548

File: 1531613539244.png (1.27 MB, 1440x1440, Screenshot_2018-07-14-19-10-32…)

does she just take pics in dirty clothes or what?

No. 636550


deleted my reply bc forgot to sage.

I don't feel a bit bad for her whatsoever, I just think she's an idiot.

No. 636551

I think that looks like her nipple

No. 636553


shit you probably right, my bad. it just looked like something on her shirt

No. 636554

Ya the freakishly dark one. Saw someone on kiwifarms say it looks like she glued a pencil eraser to her aereola.

No. 636568

she claimed it was three months last month

No. 636580

Her nip is completely bent and squished. That cannot be comfortable

No. 636609

that’s what happens when you wear clothes made for pre pubescent girls. Gross.

No. 636620

They just posted a disgusting gif and it looks like he’s never even fingered anyone his whole life

No. 636626

File: 1531618700421.gif (Spoiler Image,1.73 MB, 300x300, 1C9B779B-1E70-4F09-9ACA-B1FC28…)

No. 636627

Post a screen cap you tease

No. 636628

File: 1531618725502.gif (Spoiler Image,1.71 MB, 297x297, 89AB6641-831B-4DF8-8B0F-B7E0C8…)

No. 636629

Nevermind, unpost that screen cap please.. I'm throwing up in my mouth

No. 636632

File: 1531618823670.png (1.8 MB, 1242x2208, 5193DF88-C33A-4F4C-994D-406DCB…)

she is so desperate

No. 636638

Of course they're on the rug.

Assuming Fupa has on no underwear in this, we can add ball sweat and shit flecks from his ass to the list of secretions that are on the rug.

No. 636639

it's obvious no one buys her MV videos if she needs snapchat money

No. 636655

yah she’s soooooo ~*smol*~

No. 636658

his face is like, “OooOO0 a girl let me put a finger in her vagina! I’m gonna tell all my friends how far I got with a chick!”

No. 636661

Ew the acne-ridden chest
Bet they both smell like sweat and Fritos

No. 636670

lmao his giggly man boobs are killing me

No. 636671

File: 1531621083189.jpg (117.55 KB, 892x1280, rules.jpg)

the water one lol

No. 636675

Imagine how dry she is down there. I've never seen her get wet once, that can be a sign of something wrong and adds to the list of things she needs to sort out with her genitals too.

No. 636682

6.5 hours of sleep, only 50 oz of water. She should be drinking more than that with her dry as fuck wrinkled face but I’m also confused with this bed time and wake up call stuff. Like…. let her sleep more she just got a bed and she needs to make up for the time lost to look like less of a meth corpse.

Of course she wants to keep them private. These are embarrassing and mean that she literally can’t take care of herself. That’s so unattractive. She needs a mom not a boyfriend.

No. 636686

Lmao that's only like 2 1/2 bottles of water

No. 636714


LOL!! I bet you #4 is shower. He knows how bad her skin and wrinkles are. All the water in the world wont help her.

No. 636719

For someone who "uses their blog to marker their porn". She never posts her "professional" shoots. Days to Weeks usually go by after being called out by people, and then she'll finally make a post with a lil text and a link. Compared to her incessantly blogging the content she does herself where she hides her boils and pussy warts from the promo pics, and it's too late once you bought it. This is literal SCAMMING and false advertising.

She beg for weeks in preparation for the shoot, posts selfies in the outfits, and even on set, reblog those 1000x, but NEVER the final product. It's bc she legit looks soo disgusting in it.

No. 636722

Her pussy look hella gross in every video she's ever done (amateur or pro) The screenshots of her genitals from each and every one of her vids/shoots in the past threads have proved this. There hasn't been a single video she has done where she didn't have an outbreak.

Wait until she starts working in the LA porn circuit and it goes around professionally just how her pussy looks in person and on camera. She will ruin it herself.

No. 636724

File: 1531627264669.png (823.52 KB, 1440x2400, Screenshot_2018-07-14-23-00-26…)

kek, when you look in the DollyMattel tag

No. 636729

OT from insex is like Fupa's twin, except OT is way better looking than FUPA and with actual dom experience. KEK!


I used to be really surprised that Shayna would pick Fupa. Idk why I would have thought that she'd be with a hott guy, not someone who was overweight, hideous face, and just sub par all around. Even his tumblr makes me cringe. I've seen her hit on guys from tumblr before. Usually hipster, hairy, but at least somewhat attractive. I just find it ridiculously hilarious that he's what she landed with.

Then again, her being with Fupa pretty much confirms that she herself isn't much to begin with. They're kinda perfect for each other, for her always acting conceited and elitist it's just really funny.

No. 636730

That's not enough water to get her pussy wet. I bet he realized how dry she is down there and used drinking water as a rule so she'd take care of herself a little more

No. 636742

File: 1531629476287.jpg (23.11 KB, 600x289, toby.jpg)

Her porn shoot outfits seem to be getting worse. What even is this look? Are those the only socks she owns anymore?

Jesus christ. Why?

I mean. Couldn't she just slip out of the shoes to escape the bar? Seems really dumb and looks even more dumb. Funny that she wrecked her hideous shoes though, and bonus points for the same dirty, old, piling pair of dollar store otks.

Why does she look like Toby from "the office" here?

No. 636745

File: 1531629649824.jpg (523.63 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180715-003514.jpg)

>im gonna bring him 2 my hometown & have my Daddy meet my dad

omg her parents will be petrified

No. 636762

possible that she signed some kind of nda or royalty clause in her contract preventing her from posting it. its likely that she doesn't own the full rights to the videos, insex does, they don't want her making money off the videos/pictures on her own when they produced them, brought the equipment etc. Shay just gets a cut of the profits.

No. 636763

That's the nipple from >>636145
Maybe it'll be permanently deformed.

No. 636764

ok but why doesn't she fly to his place instead of dragging him around her hometown across the country on HIS birthday? what could possibly be worse than the pink piss palace that he doesn't want her there?

No. 636769

Most likely lives in a trailer park if I had to guess at this point

No. 636770

She'd still visit even if he did. She slept on a filthy rug on the floor of her dirty studio apartment for how long? Shay doesn't really have very high standards.

Definitely think she's just a secret from his regular life for whatever reason. Be it a girlfriend, wife, or another reason. He does clearly live with other people given all the product that was in his bathroom.

No. 636771

If fupa has a secret wife or he's hiding her from his sister/family I'm going to die

No. 636775

Holy shit. When was that shoot filmed? Around the time that we started noticing her one abnormal nip? Maybe it IS permanently damaged.

No. 636782

Meant that she doesn't even post links or promote them… AT ALL. You would think for being her porn, she would want people to go look at it or buy it, yet she rarely, or doesn't ever. It's bc of how awful she looks, especially the state of her pussy.

No. 636794

I'm leaning more towards this theory lately, notice he won't show the upper half of his face in pics or videos?

Then again I'd be embarrassed to be seen around her too.

No. 636796

Either he's hiding his identity because he already has a relationship with someone else or he's simply embarrassed by her. He clearly doesn't want his face plastered all over her social media

No. 636797

She's speaking ahead as if he's not gonna get tired of her by then lol

No. 636824

why not wait at least a year to see if the relationship is worth the trouble of introducing her father to it? they are moving this so quickly kek.

No. 636861

He's only giving her 6,5 hours of sleep ?? She's gonna look so fucked kek

No. 636866

i know everyone always says it but she needs to learn how to shave right. i try to shave whenever i know im gonna be having sex, but honestly u cant do it all the time and i dont think she gets that. ingrown hairs happen but if u dont mess with them, they can go away or can be treated. they can be eadily avoided to if ur using the right tools and a gentle hand to shave down there. if she wants to shave, it'd be better for her to stay away from the front side and only shave where it really matters, but honestly, we have pubes for a reason and as nice as it is to he shaved, you're better off waxing. she seems to like not having hair so just wax. i know she likes sugaring but what she needs to do is not shave for a bit. i'd tell her to only shave if she really needs to, but she's wrecked to the point of no return. it's not gonna be looking any better. i bet her pubes are worse than her normal hair and thats really something(sage posts like this)

No. 636878

Is this the reason her one tits has been looking so bad?

No. 636879

I wonder how her father is gonna feel about his daughter calling a man in his mid 30s “dada” kek

No. 636885

The more I look at that picture (which is pretty hard to do) the more I wonder if that is why one of her nipples has looked weird lately. I almost feel sorry for her until I remember how fucked up she is as a human being.

No. 636892

Shayna needs to see a doctor about the darkening of her nipple. That is in no way, shape, or form normal unless you are pregnant.

No. 637006

File: 1531664596141.jpg (34.67 KB, 720x720, 2018-07-15_10.21.44.jpg)

Uh oh you guys! shes taking lingerie, heels AND there's even going to be a hair and makeup artist!

I can't wait to watch a professional cringe over that fried birds nest hahahahaha

Im so ready for a great laugh, $100 they put concealer over her pussy?

No. 637010

Samefag but watch her get there to realize all of her lingerie and heels are cheap and unimportant. Shes going to choke and cry.

LA?! With Amazon lingerie???
That's the equivalent to white trailer park trash, right there haha

No. 637037

I wonder if they can make her look somewhat attractive.

No. 637050

File: 1531667302865.jpeg (22.49 KB, 232x191, 03703267-074F-498B-886E-595D4C…)

Well shay, when you constantly talk about how hot it is when a guy drugs and rapes a woman in her sleep, and how you would love to be kidnapped in a dark alley and drugged and raped, you should expect creepy motherfuckers like this in your inbox.

No. 637065

If my throw up grew legs and walked around it would look like her. she looks like vomit to me

No. 637068

she’s all the garbage pail kids IRL

No. 637078

That’s a very accurate way to describe her. It would be amazing if someone drew up some sketches. Where’s our in house artist at? That person usually does a great job

No. 637079

File: 1531669079127.png (81.22 KB, 300x300, tumblr_inline_pa6bs3xSdi1vcprk…)

>omg apparently my shoot is gonna have a hair & makeup artist???

No. 637084

File: 1531669274404.jpeg (3.47 MB, 1242x1736, 92A755B9-3A1F-4682-B8E8-C3B539…)

>>637068(sage posts like this)

No. 637092

Nah this is all wrong – shaytard has at least 3 inches of black root overgrowth in her hair

No. 637097

File: 1531669880018.jpg (173.87 KB, 1080x1249, Screenshot_20180715-115116-1.j…)

wtf. she thinks she's some kind of ddlg beauty and the best doesn't she?

No. 637135

photoshop anons please do your magic

No. 637157

>She has daddy issues and would sell her body for him
>she has no self worth and kept chasing after someone who was a dick to her

No. 637173

Belle does have the most character out of all the princesses, tbf

No. 637184

not to WK but it says in bed BY 11: 30, so it's at least 6. 5 hours of sleep minimum. Which gives her the opportunity to go to bed earlier. But yeah I agree I bet the other rules are like "must take a shower at least once a week" and, "must eat at least one vegetable a day (not french fries)"

No. 637186

This made me laugh bless you anon lmao

I feel bad for the hair stylist who has to untangle that nest yikes

No. 637195


She is hands down, the worst actress in the world lol she couldn't fake enjoy sex if her life depended on it

No. 637279

File: 1531677799084.png (2.57 MB, 859x1200, shay's next photoshoot.png)

No. 637286

Amazing, incredible, truly the masterpiece we all needed in our lives.

No. 637299

Limited edition

No. 637301

Even got the claws and her eyeliner

No. 637344

Biiiiittttcchh can this be the next thread pic ?

No. 637370


No. 637407


why 6am??? ngl, you couldn't dick me hard enough or good enough to get me up that early. why does she hate herself so much?


he should have told her to take a fuckin shower

No. 637423

Prob cuz 6am her time is like 8 his time. Still retarded tho

No. 637446

Lmfao this pretty much proves that the only time she wants to be drugged, passed out, and raped is when she wants to make herself out to be a kinky edgy tumblr bitch for fatty

No. 637458

Welp this is amazing. True art right here.

No. 637472

File: 1531689265486.jpg (1.41 MB, 1920x3414, inCollage_20180715_171504412.j…)

No. 637474

File: 1531689291244.jpg (540.67 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180715-171217.jpg)


No. 637476

File: 1531689352034.jpg (238.95 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180715-171235.jpg)

>promote you on Tumblr

is this the explanation for the random busted girls she's been reblogging/commenting on lately?

No. 637478

Also this bitch is straight up trying to charge $100/HOUR?! Girl, you're not even successful by tumblr porn standards.

No. 637482

File: 1531689613810.jpeg (87.52 KB, 750x472, C8347385-A9F1-40C0-9617-D42408…)

Lol he quoted himself from that video of him sticking his fingers in her mouth with his lady gloves.

No. 637490

She also offered to reblog/promo posts for $10 so it could be either.

No. 637524

File: 1531694046510.png (437.79 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2018-07-15-17-34-29…)

he literally doesn't even wanna watch her porn and that's hysterical to me

No. 637529

>i dont intertwine work w/personal real life relationships

okay shaynasty. you posted GIFs/pics of you and your lard-daddy on tumblr and Snapchat (people PAID for access to your Snapchat that you overhyped on your tumblr). you definitely intertwine work and personal "real life" relationships.

No. 637532

samefag but why wouldn't she want to share her ideas for content and the future of her business with the person she claims to love so much and wants to introduce to her dad? She claims she is ~so creative and inventive~, and normally people who love each other do share details about their work life with each other. Idk, maybe I am weird for thinking this. It just seems like he doesn't give a fuck.

No. 637537

Yes fupa, that's totally what sadistic daddies say because you're definitely one.

No. 637542


"I put my fat warty finger in her mouth and fingered her like three times."

So much for that gross porn, eh?

No. 637546

Maybe she meant they were doing literal gross porn instead of kinky gross porn

No. 637565

He's SoOOoOo SaDiStiC you guys!!
Just caught up with this thread and I can't believe all he did was finger her and shove his fingers in her mouth! What a DADDY DOM

No. 637578

this girl is fucking hilariousand will provide endless milk for generations to come. I can’t belive she still making a joke out herself and I guess she can’t help it?? She really thinks what she does is cool on any level? I don’t get it

No. 637649

File: 1531703323519.png (Spoiler Image,710.6 KB, 1236x563, dumbassbitch.PNG)

She really thinks Fupa is going to get her a nice house!?!? This girl needs someone to grab her by the shoulders and shake her sleepy naive ass awake! Fupa isn't buying shit for her, he never has and never will. This idea that they are going to be forever together is beyond retarded. They barely know each other, they don't have shit in common outside of their "kinks". She is truly in for a rude awakening when Fupa dumps her ass.

No. 637663

Why does she think he could afford a house? Why does she think they’re moving in together? I just feel like she is jumping waaaayyyyyy too fast into this and making all these assumptions! Also telling people to retweet and like so he feels “obligated” or however she put it? Ummmmm

No. 637666

She gets more cringe everyday. Something is seriously wrong with this girl

No. 637667

It honestly is like watching a train wreck, I cannot look away. Every day is another red flag in some way shape or form

No. 637670

Bitch he can’t even afford to get your nails done or take you on a fancy date. But yeah I’m sure he’ll buy you a mansion. What a derp.

No. 637672

But anon, they’ve been together 3 months that’s like SOOOOOO long sarcasm

No. 637673

When they are together they seem extremely vanilla. They both claim to be so kinky but it kind of seems like they just think having sex at all is kinky, their boring vanilla sex

No. 637674

Ahaha yeah do you know how much a 4 bedroom house would cost? Also would this mean she will leave Seattle and move to- Midwest? Not sure where he lives. A 4 bedroom house is a LARGE house. To afford one most places I would say a couple needs to be fairly well-off, which they are decidedly not

No. 637681

They're both gross. They're perfect together.

She's someone who chooses to be in adult ent. and do porn, yet has to constantly hide their pussy in cam shows. And aside from being a compulsive liar, she is KNOWN in the community for having the most disgusting vagina. How much worse can that get on top of the mounds of milky shit she's done. Noone that knows about Shay wants her. And she even said it herself, almost everyone she meets or gets with, drops her, after they get to know her. She always cries about feeling inadequate. So she doesn't have many options.

He's obese, cringey AF, and has no redeeming traits about him, but he seems to accept the fact that his girlfriend is a laughing stock, and seems to also enjoy the attention albeit negative he receives on tumblr. So let them be disgusting and gross together. They're kinda perfect for each other. Think about it, what other girl would want to be with him? And what other guy would want to be with her. He's willing to touch her toxic boil-infected pussy, so Happily Even After.

No. 637701


LOL!!! This is a scam. Anyone that's ever seen her on cam or visited her room, knows that SHE'S the one in need of advice, and is the last person to be ever telling someone what to do, let alone charge for it.

No. 637731

File: 1531707991352.jpg (435.35 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180715-222342.jpg)

>beat the shit out of her


No. 637742

File: 1531708914528.jpg (31.3 KB, 607x602, 4jj.jpg)


Shayna is disgusting and responds with a photo of a MINOR with bruises on their face. Stop putting minors into your kink.

No. 637746

For those wondering, it's gif of Natalie Portman from Leon the Professional, when she was 11 yrs old. ELEVEN!!

So inappropriate. Who the fuck responds with a photo of an eleven year old child with bruises on their face when talking about their sexual encounters.

No. 637752

File: 1531709398499.jpg (56.15 KB, 526x471, j48t.jpg)

Let's see how many of those followers are from the past year vs. the 7 years she been on tumblr. 7 years is a very long time, showing the past year of new followers would give a better idea of her active follower count.

No. 637753

even if it’s a character in a movie don’t use one where it’s a minor that’s been abused wtf Shayna

No. 637760

File: 1531709652745.jpg (54.9 KB, 549x831, eww.jpg)

No. 637763

This is a new low even for these 2. Fucking disgusting.

No. 637778

baseballs on her cheeks? Bruised lip? um, where? bruised lips and swollen cheeks from being punched don’t go away in 24 hours.

No. 637796

Lying through her teeth as usual

No. 637817

File: 1531712917885.png (18.23 KB, 288x442, no.PNG)

these two are not goals. . .
Shay was always bad, but damn has she gotten worse.

No. 637821

File: 1531713148813.png (600.25 KB, 431x629, fave.PNG)

Here's another pic Fupa posted of Shay from when he visited. She is crusty and dresses so funnily irl.

No. 637822

wouldn’t her nails be basically scratching his dick or is it really that small

No. 637823

Their actual kink must be making people cringe until their faces fall off. How is this dude 30-40 years old????

No. 637824

Wow, so ~baby bimbo barbie~

No. 637831

God she needs to shave her fucking head at this point to save herself

No. 637848

Guys, Shay's breasts and nipples have always been this different. One nipple has always been darker, is larger than the other when erect, and is super-sensitive. Years ago Shay explained how she was working on overcoming her dissatisfaction in having breasts that are different in appearance. Even her fans are aware of it - she's had men in her cam room giving her credits to abuse the more sensitive nipple. There are screenshots of both her explanation about how her boobs have always been like this and one of her "fans" joking about making her twist her sensitive nipples in one of the threads here about her but I'm on mobile so finding them would be a bitch.

Doesn't mean this isn't a problem - she really needs to see a gynecologist asap for a variety of reasons. But those veins and difference in nipple size and color have always been an issue for her.

No. 637908

File: 1531724005964.png (248.06 KB, 492x1036, Screen Shot 2018-07-16 at 2.51…)

Theyre talking getting married!? After meeting each other twice!? White trash stupidity in its purest form

No. 638035

File: 1531742088766.png (85.39 KB, 1195x756, why.PNG)

No. 638037

File: 1531742219530.png (20.83 KB, 439x362, kek.PNG)

Bruises make Shay look even dirtier than she already is, mate.

This reads like two mentally ill people who need to get help. Whatever happened to safe, sane, and consensual in the realm of BDSM? A lot of what Shay and Fupa talk about isn't safe, sane, and/or consensual.

No. 638038

File: 1531742286803.png (8.21 KB, 457x217, okay.PNG)

No. 638039

File: 1531742436570.png (263.64 KB, 426x884, yuckkk.PNG)

Neither of you are cute. There, that's settled!

No. 638042

File: 1531742571628.png (21.66 KB, 491x450, soclever.PNG)

No. 638044

File: 1531742682817.png (15.59 KB, 450x278, umokay.PNG)

All this fat blubbering idiot can afford is weed, bubble tea, and food?

So it's okay for her to beg for money on the internet for weed and nails but the person who claims to care about her can't help her out?

whatever happened to "I'm gonna fuck ur dad and take your college fund" Shay? Kek, she's so fucking weak. Fuckmeat Shay.

No. 638056

This is like something from her fantasy posts yet when someone sends to her its a no no?

No. 638058


Oh so they are putting her crusty pink rug as their maid of honor? Lol

No. 638101

LMAO she would mention it

No. 638125

I feel Shayna would be willing to get married just so she can use it to beg for money/gifts on tumblr. Probably why she wants to have two weddings lol

No. 638129

lmao have either of these people ever been in an adult relationship before?
>That's something that she handles
um… clearly not tho. look at the state of her. i don't know what kind of self-respecting "daddy" could look at her and think she is even half "handling" it.
never been in a ddlg relationship, but i'd have to assume if my bf saw me begging for money for nails on tumblr he would at least try to help me save face by paying for them himself. jesus.

No. 638132

File: 1531753877945.png (10.22 KB, 263x311, 2018-07-16 11_10_56-Mozilla Fi…)

>my customers are as broke and pathetic as me

No. 638139

File: 1531754117639.png (8.48 KB, 411x214, 2018-07-16 11_13_12-Filth.png)

No. 638157

I'm sure he thinks an ounce is a "stupid amount of weed" lmfao

No. 638161

not that i think any of this will happen, but wtf at having her cast run around covered in glitter?

actually we did and it looked as gross as it usually does. why don't you post proof instead of just typing about it.

No. 638162

yeah uh we actually did see her face. numerous times. From pictures you posted, Fupa.

Did the stupid rub off on you?

No. 638167

When you need your dumblr followers to pay to simply talk to you because you're so broke. She makes its so obvious she doesn't make enough money off her porn and snapchat. The fact that now she's begging people for money and have them pay $10 to get a shoutout just so she could get her nails done is beyond pathetic. Successful porn stars, even amateurs like her, don't need to beg for cash to get simple things like getting nails/hair done and buy weed. Didn't she ask for money to get her hair done before her MV trip to Canada and never managed to get it done? If she had money but just wanted to beg for it online, she would've still been able to get her nasty roots fixed. If she doesn't start taking care of herself to make her image and porn more appealing so it would sell, she's going to end up asking her followers to pay for her rent.

No. 638196

File: 1531758237483.png (14.79 KB, 409x294, 2018-07-16 12_24_07-Filth.png)

No. 638198

as if shay isnt so desperate to show off her bruises normally lol she would've posted a pic already if that was true
inb4 either of them post some piss poor photoshopped pic of her face with "bruises"

No. 638207

He referred to himself as a sadist in the video of him doing that though? How are they both so terrible at lying

No. 638208

The bruises were so light they looked like dirt stains. He seems really defensive kek.

No. 638210

Awwww looks like fupa doesn't like getting called out for being a poser and a liar

No. 638213

File: 1531759368676.jpg (185.87 KB, 1038x2048, DiPVzIaU8AAdSAV.jpg large.jpg)

Our white trash rotten pussy queen is heading to LA soon! Can't wait for this milk. Enjoy her heavily edited face until then anons.

No. 638214

samefag but I literally cannot believe this bitch is going to LA with her hair looking like that. She is going to look terrible compared to everyone else.

No. 638216

Soooo where are those bruises exactly?? "Still fucking bruised" Sureeeee

No. 638218

omg she's like soooo bruised~~~

No. 638219

It's like he forgets that people can see the pictures they post of her

No. 638222

Bring the 30 yr old guy who she met online and says shit like this >>638037 to meet your father? Yikes.


>invite no one except a photographer

The first thought I had reading the first sentence was that she didn't even know a single person that would come. Who is she kidding with that line? Transparent, we know you have no friends. Also, Shay looks atrocious every time someone else takes her photos. Imagine the "photographer" being, "no ma'am we can't use the snapchat filter.

No. 638224

Posts pictures and videos of face YOU HAVEN'T EVEN SEEN HER FACE!

Such a rock solid defense, looks like our Shay is rubbing off on him with the lies.

No. 638225

Annnnnnnd back comes the dumbass headband because her roots are horrendous atm

And she thinks she's going to stay afloat in La??? HAHA!

No. 638226

lol looks like she forgot to rub on the purple blush on her cheeks

No. 638232

File: 1531760381693.png (15.5 KB, 412x316, 2018-07-16 12_57_38-Filth.png)

i'm so confused if
is supposed to be the evidence he's referring to. just looks like her normal dirty mug.

No. 638234

I don't remember her getting any bruises the last time they met up, when she had no shoots to go to.

No. 638235

I wonder how many soyboy faces she’ll make at her photoshoot

No. 638237

50k a yr and always boasting and bragging that she's perfect and ~better than you~ and that people pay her to advise on style an fashion, yet she dresses the way she does? She wears clothes from like 7 yrs ago, cheap shit from amazon, f21, and thrift stores. She owns like 3 things from "dollskill", yet she always mentions it when she talks about where she shops. She rarely shops, and the one time in several months that she does, she shows off her "haul" of like 4 ugly things.

She dresses so white trash and looks like shit always. I've never seen her in a cute outfit…ever. She looks the way she does yet she says she "prides herself in her looks"? Delusional

No. 638238

not even 30 year old, anon.
that to me feels more like 35-39. as other anons mentioned in past threads, his bio used to say "early 30s" and he removed that kek.

No. 638239

well Fupa if you’d ever been in a bdsm relationship or if you’re a real sadist, you’d know that ass bruises usually go away within 1-3 days. Facial bruises take at least 3-7 days to heal.
Good try though.

No. 638244


> wants to be contractually comitted

>literally just shit on people who have contracts

No. 638248

File: 1531761148803.jpeg (524.06 KB, 1020x1920, F6454374-F623-4FC1-9E10-B09BAA…)

Check out that fat lip and those cheek bruises everyone. Such a sadist.

No. 638251

So fuck up her face but not her butt bc of the shoot? KEK!

He's all over the place. FatGothBoy is a joke. There were zero bruises, Fupa. Maybe it was dirt? She rarely washes so… And if you're saying she was "swollen", no, her cheeks are always fat and puffed.

He really is a joke. I can't believe he calls himself a "dom"? He is pure cringe. His tumblr is pure cringe and reeks of pseudo dominance.

No. 638253

Lol he's also just made rules for her which is a similar thing

No. 638268

The both just try wayyyy to hard. Shayna needed to go more “extreme” with the whole porn star bimbo baby shit so she found Fupa who claims he’s an “extreme” sadist and loves horror and gore and blood and shit, when in reality he’s just a fat fuck who barely knows how to touch a vagina. They’re both delusional and if they ever get passed the tumblr persona they’ll realize what shit stains they are on society.

It’s pretty sad that a man in his mid 30s feels the need to 1)be on tumblr at all 2)find a significant other on tumblr and 3)uphold an extreme sadist daddy persona that’s sooooo experienced in bdsm

the delusion runs deep with these two

No. 638307

File: 1531765291512.png (267.88 KB, 236x1050, 2018-07-16 14_21_35-Mozilla Fi…)

nobody wants to give her money is the thing kek

No. 638344

>When you can't tell how busted up her face is because her face already always looks busted

No. 638361

lmao at his big monkey hand
idk what the deal is with wanting to look like a battered wife, it's not funny or sexy and it makes everyone she encounters uneasy. i always worry when women come to my job with bruises on their faces

No. 638410

she just straight up looks dirty. It looks like she tried to take bronzer and give herself “bruises”

No. 638412

File: 1531771623714.png (12.14 KB, 406x278, 2018-07-16 16_07_18-Filth.png)


No. 638430

There's really no end to their bullshitting

No. 638455

"There was many bruises!" LMAO Shay's followers are as trashy as her. Also lol @ fupa for being so defensive

No. 638465

Fupa really loves to flex that special ed understanding of how the housing market works. As if he thinks he can intimidate anyone, let alone figure out who any prospective buyers are over Real estate websites to do so. Kek, they’re so mentally deficient it hurts to watch.

No. 638475

>till his lungs claps
It's collapse, Shay. Christ.

No. 638513

but remember anon he’s like super duper rich and can totally intimidate buyers! Kek.

No. 638535

File: 1531782278093.jpg (432.35 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180716-190401.jpg)

part of me feels like Shay doesn't know that lmao

No. 638538

lmao. mannn, this is gonna break her heart

No. 638568

right, what kind of logic is that? then he goes on to say her lip was purple but that's ok for the shoot? watching ppl lie this much is painfully funny.

No. 638597

he usually brushes his tumblr anons off but the fact that he's getting so defensive about the bruise thing is hilarious.

No. 638607


it's because their entire facade of being this super kinky sado-mas couple is falling apart around them kek

No. 638626

File: 1531787185149.jpeg (74.42 KB, 750x655, 808B196C-88FB-4E7E-8101-487FC5…)

You guys called it

No. 638631

Lmao r.i.p.

No. 638634

Hahahaha you called it anon. It’s kinda sad that her reaction is so easily predictable.

No. 638637

I don't know why this is making me giggle so much and this is just what she posted for everyone to see imagine the tantrum she's throwing to him.

No. 638638

I doubt she’s saying anything to him, it’s more like her to silently sulk and passive aggressively post about it on her social media.

No. 638671

Yeah… This is so old. Please sage ancient milk from past threads.

No. 638675

It's really sad that these losers have equated BDSM with a bruised face. There are so many layers to a BDSM relationship, and so many different kinks and scenarios you can do that don't even involve punching your partner. They're giving such a bad image to the scene it just depresses me. A BDSM connection is more than just how many bruises you can put on a girls face.

No. 638709

This stupid bitch really thinks he's taking their "relationship" seriously. The only reason he keeps talking to her is because she's probably the first and only tumblr whore who agreed to meet with him in person to have sex.

No. 638729

File: 1531794897703.jpg (520.88 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180716-223332.jpg)

Lmao Shay's already broke after her Uber ride

No. 638730

File: 1531794925506.jpg (393.48 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180716-223236.jpg)


No. 638731

File: 1531795005112.jpg (786.87 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180716-223612.jpg)

facetuned soyboy does L.A.

No. 638734

Cool and fun? Is she out of her mind kek!? Nobody is jealous of her. People are laughing at her and how embarrassing she is.
She sits on her ass all day long smoking weed. She went to LA broke. She's fucking a 30 something that treats her like a piece of meat and likely has a double life. Who would want her life? Who honestly sits there and thinks, I'm jealous of Shay?

No. 638735

File: 1531795354180.jpg (1.26 MB, 1920x3414, inCollage_20180716_223846433.j…)

Fupa seems to be groveling after
Reblogged that same post of his "fav pics of dolly" with all those busted shaytard pics

No. 638738

upgrades from sleeping on an old dirty rug to a futon
>anons are jealous of my big life moves

No. 638739

….. Some of us live in La without having to show our genitals?? So.. The point here?

She acts like she's the only person to ever visit here kek
We just like watching the dumpster fire grow hahaha

No. 638749

>I'm always down to beat her ass

Correct me if I'm wrong, BDSM anons, but that doesn't seem quite healthy for a kink relationship. We already know Shay doesn't accept professional aftercare, so there's no reason to assume she would in her personal life. If she's willing to be a 24/7 punching bag with no downtime, she's going to seriously fuck herself up mentally.

No. 638750

Jesus girl, take the fucking bus then. At least only take a cab when you really need one like if you want to be on time or it's late at night
Yeah, such a secure man who doesn't need to be "edgy" all the time. One who totally doesn't freak out and lie when people confront the serious lack of bdsm or sadism coming from him. As well as the lies he and shay sold that it'd be worth buying her snapchat for the "kinky shit" they'd do. Not to mention he put on a damn pair of gloves to try and look threatening

No. 638759

>everyone's jealous of my big life moves
>also i can't afford a single uber ride help me out

No. 638765

Anyone notice fupa's Tumblr slowly transitioning from gore/horror to some weird lil peep/drug addict/cloutlord wannabe mix? Fupa – lil peep was 21 when he died, you're not an embodiment of him whatsoever lmao

No. 638791

Typical cow logic is so fucking funny.

Shayna, when I want to visit LA—when I feel like it, not for “work”—I just book the shit and go. I don’t have to wait for a sketchy porn company to hire me and then beg for weeks on the Internet to fund basics hair and nails. I can afford Ubers once I get there. And I don’t have to get fucked on camera for any of it.

But yes. Soooo jealous.(no one cares)

No. 638811

Bitch, the company you're working for has a website that looks like it was designed in 99, and they can't even afford to fly you. I would rather kill myself than being known for not showering and shoving dollar store easter eggs up my ass

No. 638875

File: 1531810790971.png (2.3 MB, 1440x2461, Screenshot_2018-07-17-01-57-54…)

how can she seriously claim that she's living a dream? cause her entire life sounds like a nightmare to me.

No. 638885

Love the liquified background.

No. 638938

I feel like she's saying this to convince herself at this point. There is nobody besides the weird looking ddlg girls that she reblogs for 10 dollars that actually idolizes her or is envious of her. She has to know that by now. Or maybe she is just that delusional.

No. 638956


Her name is literally synonymous with having genital pimples, boils, and warts, and known to be a complete joke online for having the most disgusting pussy on top of being known as a liar and scammer.

I would be mortified if I was a producer and I saw the perpetual state her pussy and ass are in once she came on set. Porn is a business of fantasy and sex. Nobody has a fantasy of pussy and ass boils, pimples, warts? sores? Whatever tf they are. I feel bad for the other talent she has to work with.

No. 638963

File: 1531826221747.jpg (619.07 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180717-071407.jpg)

No. 638965

File: 1531826248162.jpg (425.83 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180717-071601.jpg)

What career tho?

No. 638966


She looks kinda cute in this pic

No. 638969

Yeah because it's facetuned to hell and back lmao
Re: >>634304

No. 638984

Shayna's thirsty, I've seen her hit on several guys on tumblr. I've seen her reblog some guy's photo with some thirst af comment, or something cringe she prob thought was clever or witty hoping to catch their attention. They never responded though. KEK

Who would ever say "I love her boil covered ass and pussy"?

No. 638985

File: 1531829839784.png (7.35 KB, 591x204, dreamlife.PNG)

I always laugh when shay talks about normal life experiences as if she is so special to have these things happen to her. shows how little human contact she has outside of fupapa.

No. 638987

File: 1531829970821.png (12.98 KB, 303x378, fuckedup.PNG)

so eDgY uwu

No. 638988

File: 1531830026196.png (8.79 KB, 301x344, somanyflights.PNG)

Acting like a frequent business traveler now kek. The imaginary life she has created for herself is extensive lmfao.

No. 638989

File: 1531830097574.png (10.9 KB, 291x325, hahasoedgy.PNG)

Such a tryhard cunt lol.

No. 638990

File: 1531830146604.png (10.2 KB, 306x326, bwahaha.PNG)

She must have sent this to herself kek. literally nobody thinks that fupa has big muscles.

No. 638992

File: 1531830354007.png (23.33 KB, 454x388, yikes.PNG)

Yeah, can't wait to see if you two idiots last long enough for that to be a reality.

Does he know anything about the power exchange beyond punching Shay in the face?

No. 638994

It's kinda scary how she constantly blows up these mundane occurrences like they're special or something. It shows how deep her delusions run, things any other person wouldn't even feel compelled to share. Yet she does.

If you you think about it, she has the grossest looking puss, the last thing that should be in adult ent, yet she holds on to this fantasy of fame and being a pornstar. Her time doing sex work, she has gotten an ebarassing reputation of continuing to make porn when she has open sores and outbreaks.

She brags about herself and material things, yet she doesn't posses any traits or meterial possessions that one would want. It took her months to even get furnishings for her apt, or even a bed to sleep on. Her delusions are grandiose and they're actually quite frightening. Like there's a huge common denominator for the people on the outside, and that's the conclusion she is delusional. For her, it's probably something compleltely different in her head. SCARY!

No. 639010

they've really pigeonholed themselves with the punching/slapping/bruising shit. like, obviously there is so much more to bdsm than leaving bruises, but that's what they were both obsessed with talking about. it's not that i don't believe he hit her – it's how both defensive and braggy he is about the conditions it was under.
also where the fuck do these tumblr WK's come out of the woodwork from??? they're just as delusional as fupa and shay and probably actually intensify it for them.

No. 639012


Yes and no? Aftercare can be a very personal and intimate thing so I can see why a porn star wouldn't want aftercare given by a stranger at a studio. In that case, after selfcare like taking a bath or hot shower, eating a healthy meal, staying hydrated…. are important. I'm in an ldr with my dom and after we both usually just hang up and drink water, have a snack, then come back and chat for a bit to cool down if it's a bit intense.

It's not impossible for someone to give self care after a scene but also we all know Shauna is an unhealthy dumbass.

That and well, not all subs even like aftercare. But usually those subs are older, more experienced and emotionally secure+stable. Shayple isn't any of those things.

No. 639013


Big moves, yeah… Because the agency is so cheap they won't even pay for your ticket to get there. That's so fucking sad I just can't

No. 639015

>hang up and drink water
are you talking about phone sex? i'm confused.

No. 639020

omg like such a jetsetter~

No. 639037

I think they might have meant 'hang out'

No. 639072

File: 1531838688374.png (13.17 KB, 260x439, 2018-07-17 10_42_11-Mozilla Fi…)

anyone placing bets on how busted shay's still going to look with a pro mua onsite? i feel like the hairdresser is going to cringe into next year when they see the state of whatever the animal living on top of her head is.

No. 639083

it's so funny that's she's trying to charge people $100 for sex work advice and yet she can't even afford her cab rides and has to beg for money from her followers. like anyone would waste any money on advice from someone who clearly makes nothing from sex work. if you want people to spend their money on your advice, you've gotta at least pretend you're successful shay.

No. 639086

“My wings are so signature”

If only for the fact that they are a hot ass mess that looks like a child tried to draw them on, then sure.

No. 639099


Wasn't this entire trip just to take some pics of her for the website? Or is she really going to shoot some videos when she is there?

No. 639105

Yeah it's just the shoot to get promo pics

No. 639118

Curious if we'll actually SEE the pictures this time unlike with MV photos.

No. 639122

Even if she doesn't post them, I assume once they've been edited etc the agency will post a few online

No. 639124

there's honestly no hope for her if she thinks she does a better job on her makeup than a professional could, kek.
shay, if you end up looking a fucking mess in the long-run, it's you not the makeup artist.

No. 639126

I honestly hope they do a good job and she finally realizes her crazy up to her eyebrows liner ISN'T a good look.

No. 639128

her saying it's her "signature" makes me feel like she's going to hate anything different. but hey, maybe she'll surprise me for once in her life.

No. 639130

Oh yea it's much more likely she throws a fit over them not "doing her makeup right" or changing her look too much and it'll be fucking hilarious

No. 639133

i'm curious what they try to do to salvage her hair? maybe they've been keeping up with her social media and have the bleach for her roots already on standby lmao.

No. 639136

>>639133Getting makeup and hair isn't so extreme so I doubt they'll do her hair with like bleach and shit, probably just try to hide it as best they can

No. 639137

I doubt she’ll throw a fit in front of them. If anything, she’ll post about it on tumblr lately about how they “forced” her to do her makeup like that and how she was utterly voiceless. She’ll just play the victim game instead of telling them “hey I don’t really like this look”

No. 639138

That's assuming Shay has ANY sense of professionalism, which she doesn't. She'll probably be grumpy and bitchy in all of her photos because she doesn't like her makeup and hair.

No. 639139

maybe they'll put a hat on her lmao

No. 639140

Dumb bimbo Shayna forgot to get her roots bleached for the second time in a row before a photoshoot, but she's sooooo rich guys.

And Fupa didn't want to "bruise her too much" because of her shoot, but couldn't pay for her hair??

No. 639143

File: 1531844329193.png (537.94 KB, 516x619, 2018-07-17 12_17_06-good morni…)

the make-my-ass-look-bigger-than-it-is pose lmao when you can see her ass on the leg she has stretched out is flat as all hell

No. 639145

File: 1531844403415.png (86.87 KB, 744x457, a232.png)

From the agency website
I wonder if only doing girl-girl is her choice or a fupa rule. Either way it's gonna reduce her chances of getting hired

No. 639147

Holy contortion batman, even in the other she has her hips pushed sooo far back trying to give herself some kind of waist and arching her chest up to show her ribs this is hilarious

No. 639148

Look at her neck stress and wrinkles too, just about gave herself a double chin she's bending so much.

No. 639149

wtf? g/g only? has she not seen how uncomfortable she looks on camera with other women? she's giving herself even fewer chances than she would've already had and a woman is going to be wayyy more critical about the state of her vagina than a man would be. yikes.

No. 639151

5'5 with size 7 feet. SO LITTLE GUYS!

No. 639154

lol right, and basically all her cam work is pandering to daddy kinks so it makes no sense to only work with women

No. 639168


So she's going to have to beg again to get out to LA?

I don't know of any reputable company of any nature that doesn't fly its workers out. I'm embarrassed for her.

No. 639172

the entire concept of this is absolutely fucking crazy. "look how many bruises i put on my girlfriend's face!" what the fuck?

No. 639181

File: 1531846079701.png (11.48 KB, 405x245, 2018-07-17 12_44_24-Filth.png)

who did this? lmao

No. 639207

Pretty much, if she gets hired to do a shoot it's likely to be in California so she'd have to fly out again

No. 639227

What woman would want Shay's talons in her? It's so weird that she would do girl on girl only when all porn she has done with a girl is unsettling and uncomfortable to look at. She can't even pretend she's enjoying herself or that she's attracted to women.

No. 639232

that's true. didn't even consider the disgusting nails in a girl on girl context. does she think she's going to get a bunch of work as a pillow princess? lol she's not even nice to look at.

No. 639236

It's bizarre because I have very similar measurements as her (102 lbs, same height and bust, only one inch off the waist, size 6 foot), and I look totally different. I know everyone holds weight differently due to body fat and muscle, but it just looks off.

Anyway, lots of intro girls start with g/g, don't they? They'll do b/g later as a tool to gain publicity ("my first boy/girl scene!")

Yeah, this is weird as fuck. Wouldn't they want to shoot a scene while she's out there? Couldn't they consolidate the trip?

She's already begging for money because she can't afford Uber rides. Anyone know the general going rate in LA? I haven't been there, but I used to live in a major metro area. It can't be more than $20-$30 depending on where her AirBnb and shoot location are located, even less if they're blocks away. She should have planned better in terms of location if she's spending too much on transportation. If she's leaving her AirBnb to buy food/groceries - UberEats that shit! Order takeout! Do an online grocery order and cook.

Why would she waste so much money on a business trip.

>lol she's not even nice to look at.
Maybe they'll use that really flattering lighting they use in porns like BLACKED

No. 639240

She probably thinks that if she keeps playing the 'baby' act they'll just let her lie there in all her scenes lol

No. 639243

>Anyone know the general going rate in LA?
I just priced it out in the app and from the airport to the Marriott in dt LA it's like $25-30. So if her airbnb is as far away as she acted like it was it could have been extremely pricey. I don't even live there and just priced it out in 5 seconds though, if she came with less than $500 in her pocket she should have definitely researched stuff like this beforehand.

No. 639246

it’s not weird that they didn’t book her for anything. If no one asked to book her for a shoot, she won’t be booked. So clearly no one wanted her for a vid shoot while she was in LA. Sucks for her?

No. 639250


So does that mean that when she is done with her photoshoot, she will just return home and wait for a call that she got booked for a video?

And if she gets booked, she has to spend all that money on travelling again and losing more money than earning?

No. 639252

sounds like shay logic to me

No. 639253


I think they didn't even want her for the shoot she's doing now, they told her she'd have to buy her own plane ticket etc hoping she'd refuse then. But she didn't and this is gonna be a mess

No. 639254

Maybe the agency or whoever booked them pays for the travel at the point, or they get reimbursed for their expenses.

No. 639261

I can't see a company being willing to pay for shayna's flight/accommodation when there are so many girls just like her who live in LA and would just be paid for the shoot.

No. 639264

I didn't mean Shayna in particular, I just meant how the process is supposed to work

No. 639266

File: 1531850194585.png (12.96 KB, 259x429, 2018-07-17 13_54_36-Mozilla Fi…)

oh god, this might be worse than i expected. can't imagine what lingerie that she had to "dig through boxes" for is going to look like when we see what she considers a cute new outfit.

No. 639271

Probably depends on whether or not they think investing money will pay off

No. 639278

File: 1531850737381.png (11.86 KB, 260x396, 2018-07-17 14_04_33-Mozilla Fi…)

she's answering a bunch of asks rn. get the cringe while it's hot.

No. 639315

File: 1531852997801.jpg (88.84 KB, 1242x787, k.jpg)

why so hostile, shay

No. 639320


I mean, based on the shit you post Shay…yes. There is literally nothing else going on in your life except for you subpar sexwork struggle and getting high

No. 639341

Lol same, I’m also Shayna’s age and own a queen sized bed. #ShayisGoals though, I wish I had my own fupapa(no one cares)

No. 639345

i think you'd also be hard-pressed to find an anon on this website with as busted a pussy as she has. go off tho, shayna.

No. 639360

what is it about shay that makes people feel the need to blogpost so much????

if you need to announce to the thread that you’re better/cleaner/richer than her, you’re literally on the same level as her.

No. 639372

except nobody here is trying to make a living off of it, kek.

No. 639394

>shay not being an around the clock sex-obsessed retard
I mean, that sure is how she presents herself though.

No. 639401

i think the agency that shayna applied for may drop her after seeing the her pussy, mop hair, busted skin and concerning veiny tit or really get hard on her about it and tell her to get check out + take care of herself. just by looking at all the other models then at her, she looks way more busted

No. 639412

the only thing she really has going for her compared to the rest of their roster is she seems like she might be younger than most of them. however, we all know shay's age doesn't necessarily translate on film lol.

No. 639419

samefag from reply post. shayna is one of the younger ones but they have a couple of 19 year olds and girls who are 20 and i noticed how unprofessional shaynas photos on the site compared to the photos for the girls her age.

i don't think she even has had professional photos done before or at all. i wonder if the agency will do that?

let's hope they can shoop her into looking decent

No. 639422

meant to reply to >>639419

No. 639431

i'm assuming that's what she's doing today although looking at the lighting in these photos, i'm not sure how forgiving they will be. all their talents' photos are touched up though, so there's that at least.

No. 639442

OT but some of the OC she's been reblogging for $10 or whatever is more awful-looking than the average nudes a regular, non-sexworker would take imo

No. 639456

What's the agency website

No. 639459

No. 639470

File: 1531862101082.jpg (Spoiler Image,4 MB, 2644x2612, dolly mattel portfolio open so…)

Each photo is a frame from different videos. This is Dolly Mattel's porn portfolio. This is really mortifying. Each p

This is the type of quality of talent her agency represents? I wonder if they've even seen her videos. She always has a breakout. I've yet to see a video where she doesn't.

No. 639472

some of the other girls on the page are pretty popular (or i recognize their names) and have seen other photos and videos. they all look pretty good out of professional photos yet..

hope she at least looks decent with the shoop because the videos will not do her justice.


i honestly don't think the agency has seen her pussy or her cam videos at all. the other girls have decent videos themselves but shayna on the other hand has radiation poisoning from her life choice of "career" on her vagina.

No. 639475

Lol her trying to be a findom again cos she needs money lmfao

No. 639478

She got professional photos done at the MV Loft, but never posted them because she looked busted af

No. 639479

Just how much are they going to photoshop? To the point where production wont know what exactly they booked until she arrives on set?

She might have grown her pubic hair out to hide it, it's been really long in her recent content. Also, they might just tell her to keep her bottoms on, or take shots where her sores aren't visible.

How deceptive though. I'm sure production would want to know what the talent's genitals looked like. I would be incredibly angry and offended if Dolly Mattel came to my set, seeing what her pussy looked like after I booked her.

No. 639480

god the duct tape one gives me such a complex

No. 639482

especially considering some of these girls have their vaginas out in the promo pics on the s15 website and they look perfectly fine lol

No. 639493

I just don't understand how she's actually gone through and edited these videos and thought it was ok.

There's pretty much a fetish for everything but I've not heard of anyone into a diseased looking cunt.

No. 639498

did they get posted here? i don't remember seeing them

No. 639501

Some of these girls look pretty busted too. Athena's ass is pretty bad, but nowhere near Shay territory.

No. 639510

I'm sorry but what kind of porn agency would hire someone whose vagina is THAT busted and covered in sores. There's no way any sane female would want to do a girl on girl scene with her and have to touch or put their mouth near that infected ass pussy.

No. 639516

Katy kiss has the smallest nipples I've ever seen. Pretty much no areola at all.

No. 639525

File: 1531867606000.jpg (52.49 KB, 646x410, dontdodrugs.jpg)

Jesus fucking christ what trailer park meth lab did she crawl out of

No. 639527

holy shit she looks 30

No. 639530

wow so they're really not rolling with the little kid look she aims for

No. 639532

Ooof they really packed on that foundation even being that grainy you can see she has a cake face.

No. 639533

She just aged to about MILF age. Her wrinkles! Also where is this video?

No. 639536

Looks like it was on tumblr. I can't find it though, maybe she deleted

No. 639537

I checked too, definitely no video though, for sure deleted it.

No. 639540

The video didn't actually play and was stuck on buffering so I guess she'll reupload an actual working one soon

No. 639542

No. 639543

Bless you anon

Her face doesn't match her body and even in that quick shot you could see her ass boils.

No. 639544

She looks OLD

No. 639545

honestly anon. some of them look busted but they don't look as busted as whatever shayna got going on with the trailer park mom on meth look >>639525
i wondered if they would just by looking at the other models i guess the answer was: No

No. 639565

File: 1531869718784.png (470.31 KB, 595x439, uwusmolmethbaby.png)

fucking tragic for her age.

No. 639568

before fuppa went to see shay i was scared she was going to end up dead but im glad they are both all talk and no bark and i'm really sorry shayna decided to live this life but what can you do.

No. 639573

She straight up looks like a 36 year old with 2 emancipated teenagers that lives in a dirty ass trailer and does meth with her lover. How can you look this bad at 21 that you need makeup that heavily caked on to your face?

No. 639574

File: 1531869979544.jpeg (57.45 KB, 640x480, D19BA03D-51A5-4D8D-B920-0A5D91…)

She looks like Mrs. Wormwood older sister

No. 639577

File: 1531870363621.jpg (50.82 KB, 360x708, shayboils.jpg)

No. 639579

Wow she looks even older in normal professional makeup.

No. 639590

That's the Konami code. Its original use was to give you 30 extra lives in Contra. It has nothing to do with hitting. Does he think that's a shoryuken or something?

No. 639617

that outfit is, fashion wise, at least 2 years old; and it is basic AFFFF.

let me pay Shay $100 to shop for me I’m sure that will work out well.

No. 639619

this is way too on point. I’m uncomfortable.

No. 639631

File: 1531873289463.jpg (24.69 KB, 250x250, tumblr_inline_myyfvziKis1rpr1t…)

Since she's signed up to a "pro" porn studio in California that should mean that they'll REQUIRE her to take an STD test regularly, right?

No. 639650

File: 1531874323337.jpg (102.34 KB, 1080x775, 20180717_193729.jpg)

I wish we could see their reactions when she shows up for shooting. If this is even true

No. 639654

Oh my god no wonder why she was worried about not having her signature look done on her. She looks like she's fupas age.

No. 639655


Makes me wonder why she didn't stick to doing photoshoots? At least then the bumps would be easy to shoop out.

No. 639656

When you don't have on buckets of eye makeup and a snapchat filter and you age 20 years

No. 639657

They're gonna pay her to put her panties back on once they see the pimply mess hidden under them

No. 639679

File: 1531876287894.jpg (32.95 KB, 227x320, wut.JPG)

so, any good agency is going to speak with the performer before booking something outright. is her fan base really this vapid that they believe this bullshit? even if she did get booked for 2 shoots, what kind of agency wouldnt contact her first, and just spring it on a performer randomly? it doesn't work like that, unless you have a shitty agency cough cough

No. 639682

she always talks about how insecure she feels before doing these things. then later acts like shes the hottest shit in the toliet to cover up. shes so transparent.

No. 639683

The term my mom uses for a look like this is “ridden hard and put away wet” and I never really understood what it meant until I saw this.

No. 639698


I wonder what her rate is. LA is over saturated with adult models. They're a dime a dozen. There are a lot of attractive girls, and a lot that aren't.

Shayna's problem is her genitals, on top of being not photogenic. It's all about the finished product. If her sores are visible when she shows up on set, she will ruin her rep just like she ruined it on tumblr/ camming/ manyvids. It wont matter if she's willing and cheap, nobody is going to want talent covered in open sores and boils like Dolly Mattel.

No. 639704


The absolute state of her vulva in the mesh undies video is absolutely atrocious… that's gotta hurt so bad. I saw another anon mention this, and I agree, but that's probably why she is high 24/7.

I'm newish to Shay, where did she admit she doesn't shower regularly? I went thru the 1st thread on the site but couldn't find anything.

No. 639710

File: 1531878731923.png (978.23 KB, 750x1334, A0925B66-F7FD-4130-AF5B-0F7A8B…)

She is so selfish. Consider this: they don’t deserve to hear about the trashy porn their daughter is making. Especially given the state of her genitals and just how awful her content is. No matter how open minded they are. What kind of fucked up person even wants to tell their parents about the porn they’re making? I definitely don’t and we have a way better relationship than shayna does with hers. But I guess since the world revolves around her and because it hurts her, she doesn’t care that it hurts them. She just tried to make people feel bad for her but just ended up look like an entitled immature brat.

No. 639715

She gets noticed by an underwhelming sketchy agency, has to fly herself out to the location, and it suddenly all goes to her head and she thinks she's going some place big. Dang girl. Take it down a notch lmfao.

No. 639717

Like… Do something worth bragging to your parents about then? There are many people much much more successful than Shay that still don't get acceptance like from their parents. Wtf is she on about? uwu luv my diseased pussy Tumblr porn and my 40 yr old "dada".

No. 639723


It depends on the talent available and their rates. She's from out of town and not in LA often, so she can only get booked for particular days. The agency will try to push promoting her this week while she's there. Especially since there isn't very many Fetish/BDSM on her agency's roster. This is their time to capitalize and work with studios that specialize in BDSM etc, since not a lot of their models do it.

S15 calls themself a "boutique" agency. If Shay is their Kink talent, they will surely ruin their reputation for booking models with open sores on their genitals like Dolly Mattel in the Kink community. No reputable studio will want talent and models with warts, pimples and blistering open sores on their pussy and ass hole.

No. 639728

She can't because she lied and claimed she was ABUSED as a child and endured so much trauma at the hands of her parents. Just for some attention from random people on the internet. She pushed this narrative constantly until people kept calling her out for lying and it came out she was never abused at all.

That's what she chose.

No. 639740

Yeah, I'm pretty sure the video was released a couple weeks ago at most.

No. 639793

I think it's the second or third thread where theres screenshots of her on tumblr admitting she doesn't shower for weeks or only once a week because she hates showering and doesn't think she has to do it so often cause she's home mostly all of the time.

No. 639798

Did S15 seriously not take the time to watch at least one of her videos? I'm sure if they saw how disgusting her genitals look, they would've never signed her on in the first place. But know knows, maybe they'll force her to get tested and have her fix her hygiene if she wants to continue working for them.

No. 639799

I'm still curious about all of the content she had people donate to see and now has never made or posted the content. like does she think people don't pay attention to that kinda stuff and she can just get away with it?

No. 639838

File: 1531890183165.png (Spoiler Image,254.29 KB, 399x429, Screenshot_2018-07-17-21-58-58…)

People actually fap to this rank ass pussy

No. 639844

Even the knife is cheap, why spare any expense on this tweaker truckstop skank named Shay?

No. 639848

Ur just jealous of her big life moves anon.

No. 639858


shayna's vagina looks like the type of thing you would find on shock websites back in the day, it's so hard to look at..

No. 639863

Looks like the stuff you would find on efukt…actually has anyone checked if her porn is on that site at all?

No. 639864

I know there is no consensus on what has caused Shay's genitals to go all Toxic Avenger, but it looks like she straight up has molluscum contagiosum. I think this is the correct online diagnosis because if it was caused by herpes, the other porn studios she's worked with would have caught it in testing. The rules for testing are the same for every porn shoot done on a set with actors. Insex would have caught it if it was sexually transmitted disease like genital herpes.

The porn industry does not check for molluscum contagiosum because it is not considered a sexually transmitted disease. One of the best ways to spread it is through sexual contact but it can also be spread just by shaking hands. Lots of day care workers get it from the kids they watch. So since it is not a sexually transmitted disease, and since it's more unsightly than it is a direct threat to health, no porn studio would get in trouble if they hired her as long as she has a clean bill of health irt herpes, hepatitis strains, HIV, chlamidya, syphilis and gonorhhea. Additionally if there is no penetration with a penis or exchange of bodily fluids, even actors affected with screened diseases may still be able to film scenes.

That doesn't explain why even a bottom of the barrel porn studio would want a blister-covered Shay in their videos. She about as sexy as a baked potato, cannot act or engage in convincing sex play, and she's covered in lesions in her genital region. It's baffling why any agency or porn studio would let her through the door.

No. 639877

I looked to see if Shay was on efuckt. Didn't find her. Thought about submitting her to the site but didn't want to cowtip. She would fit in real well there.

No. 639881

I've thought about how Shay probably touches her vagina with those long ass talons and likely doesn't wash her hands afterward. If she does, she probably doesn't clean her nails properly. I sincerely hope somebody in the industry sees what she has got going on and blacklists her or something. She could spreading that shit around just by touching people with her talons.

No. 639905

well we'll know if she does more porn with fupapa and he's got the bumps

No. 639907

She also more than likely doesn't clean her toys after using them. She shoves them in her stinkhole with shit specks and then her pussy

No. 639988

File: 1531917516892.png (28.17 KB, 287x748, pokeahh.PNG)

No. 639991

File: 1531917564114.png (8.37 KB, 442x220, getyouaman.PNG)

No. 639994

File: 1531917712453.png (147.26 KB, 505x574, why.PNG)

The gif is the guy shaking his head no.

still, he could have probably just ignored this one but he prolly wants Shaynasty to see how in-demand he is kek.

No. 639995

File: 1531917779355.png (13.42 KB, 466x300, morelikemajorpersonalityflaw.P…)

No. 639996

File: 1531917836447.png (10.43 KB, 464x253, deeeeep.PNG)

he is so deeeeep

No. 639999

lmao. handling difficult situations in a healthy way? where tho? smoking weed, masturbating and crying on tumblr about how her family doesn't love her?

No. 640003

File: 1531919105321.png (15.38 KB, 565x505, hmmm.PNG)

This could be a huge tinfoil/reach but I was checking out Fupa's ex's blog and found these anonymous messages that were sent to her right at the top of the page.

These seem like things that an ex or something like that would say to someone they once dated? For some reason my gut tells me these could be him. But I could be very wrong.

No. 640014

he's a creepy 40 yr old dude that runs a tumblr porn blog. i'm sure he's in an out of tons of young girls' asks.

No. 640016

anon i thought the exact same thing. i didn’t wanna read too much into it but it seems like it’s him. for someone so insecure and jealous, i’m surprised shay hasn’t shown her ass about this lol

No. 640037

File: 1531925156246.png (15.36 KB, 310x447, shehasneverlooked12.PNG)

Shay is up early. Fupa's rules working on her kek

No. 640038

he finally says he "loves her"

No. 640039

File: 1531925256208.png (22.24 KB, 306x578, what.PNG)

Glad I am not the only one who caught that. I am sure once she finds out, she will have a breakdown on tumblr.

Shay seems to constantly be having those. Pic related.

No. 640040

How… do giant black wings and fake lashes look twelve in any universe???????? That's drag level makeup dude, she looks 30.

No. 640042

File: 1531925625549.png (8.68 KB, 470x231, kekekek.PNG)

Did shay send this to him lmfao

No. 640044

File: 1531925692536.png (12.41 KB, 442x275, idle.PNG)

Why are these two being idolized so much? I am genuinely confused. Their relationship is the embodiment of a red flag.

No. 640045

Yea what twelve year old has that much makeup, fake talons, and those disgustingly intense wrinkles. And who WANTS their significant other to look twelve??

No. 640046

Honestly th saddest thing is the illusion both of them are under about their lives. Edgy sex daddy with weird kinky weirdness! We r soooo dark and edgy and twisted no one gets it! Easy to make that fantasy on tumblr. But reality is sad depressing people who need to fake the image of being edgy because they’re a) Middle Aged with probably no real career to speak of, trolling on a sad site for creepily younger women and b) young person who chose a super fucked up and unstable path after high school because it was easy and she had a large tumblr following

No. 640050

File: 1531925952050.png (77.37 KB, 639x820, courageous.PNG)

These people must not know what courage really is. I see why Fupa and Shay are the way they are now. They have idiots like this supporting them. Weird fucked up dd/lg echo chamber.

No. 640051

Like her shoot in LA probably makes her think she is a professional actress now but it was likely filmed in someone’s house on a dirty carpet. Just because something is videotaped doesn’t mean it’s pro

No. 640052

File: 1531926017003.png (6.66 KB, 571x103, whatttt.PNG)

Don't mean to spam these, but again. I simply don't understand. What has Shay accomplished?

No. 640054

File: 1531926192055.png (Spoiler Image,1.78 MB, 1388x896, rancid.PNG)

Another new lovinglyhandmade clip feat. Shay's sore covered pussy.


No. 640055

she turned her weed tumblr into a “sEx WoRkER” page, maybe she thinks that’s a career? Haha reminds me of that butterfly meme- “is this a career?”

No. 640056

File: 1531926340093.gif (Spoiler Image,2.9 MB, 480x270, tumblr_inline_pby3uxjcro1rr03k…)

Gif from the weird looking guy's tumblr

No. 640070

>Been together for less than four months
>Already talking about having hit "rough spots"

No. 640073

>who WANTS their significant other to look twelve??
that was my immediate first thought lmao. so…. he wants a girl that looks 12? nice.

No. 640074

I like how quick she was to pretend to overlook that her "Dada" doesn't want to marry her. You know all her posts about the wedding and interior decorating their house were for real in her mind. I wonder if he was joking about the house too.

No. 640075

sometimes i feel like other sex workers/people on tumblr gas her up ironically because they know how gross she looks compared to most others

No. 640086

I think retarded 13-16 year olds and delusional adults with a ddlg kink are the ones who support and praise her for every stupid thing she does. No straight minded person could look at her life and think she's doing big things.

No. 640092

Honestly when she posts about “big things coming” or “doing big things” I’m just like….. this is so sad because she likely will not ever do big things because of her absolutely destructive choices. If I were here I would change my name and appearance and literally start ALL over

No. 640111

He's not interested when she doesn't look like a child lmao

No. 640115

“I can be penetrated with a huge black dildo on an insec set, but this little tiny jelly dildo?! AHHH ITS HURTS SO BAAAAAD IM SO TIGHT AND SMOL AND UWU”

so fucking transparent and such a bad actress.

No. 640124

File: 1531932298041.png (960.75 KB, 516x1076, 2018-07-18 12_43_48-a baby off…)

is this the only shirt she owns???

No. 640127

Will she ever clean or replace those 2 dollar shoes? Probably not

No. 640132

shaytard, if you're reading this, i saw these exact shoes at five below the other day for $4. pls find it in yourself to "splurge" on some new fucking shoes.

No. 640154


I can't believe she saw her face in this and thought that it was okay to post and its like she find's one outfit that she thinks she looks decent in and then only ever wears it.
ei. the awful pink combo in 90% of her shoots.

No. 640157

well we all know she thinks her pussy looks fine so i'm not really surprised anymore

No. 640174

File: 1531936501623.jpg (13.22 KB, 236x122, photos.JPG)

No. 640194

Is this the airbnb? The carpet looks ratty.

No. 640197

Lmao. I bet.

No. 640204

File: 1531939643527.png (197.42 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2018-07-18-14-39-49…)

We know her snap fiends hang out here, wanna share the humor???

And its very clear shay only sees people as money objects, hence why she has no friends. Its not them shayna, its you. My friends are just that, friends. If im eating so are the ones who starved with me. Get outta here with that "not even my besties get this shit for free" everyone gets it for free. Your snapchat videos/comical videos have found their way to pornhub/x rated sites… Everyone sees it for free.

Hell, people can search any of your aliases and find any of them on sites BESIDES manyvids and see your gross boils, infected labia, gushed out anus and your ramen styled hair.

Its the internet.

No. 640206

Someone should compile all the links to her leaked porn from her “pro” shoots

No. 640218

File: 1531940526753.png (91.86 KB, 261x638, 2018-07-18 15_01_32-Mozilla Fi…)

No. 640219

File: 1531940537470.jpg (37.99 KB, 499x750, tumblr_pc2skyrCsc1rbth7u_500.j…)

No. 640220

you can totally tell they photoshopped some sores on her inner thighs around her panties too kek

No. 640223

Holy shit oh my god she looks so old and her face is orange and her roots are awful and the pose is so awkward wtf

No. 640225

Soyboy face #1

No. 640226

Why is her neck so thick its as big as her head

No. 640228

They really should have done something to give her SOME KIND of lips, they're invisible

No. 640232

This picture makes her look insecure. She’s holding her arms in a way that covers her stomach, and looks like she’s attempting to push her boobs together to make them look bigger. She’s one of the only girls on the agency site who is actively trying to cover herself up in some way.

No. 640233

Her face is so derpy she looks like a mom

No. 640235

It's laughable how much editing it took for her to look normal, but you can't fix that super unflattering pose she put herself into.

No. 640236

i like how she's trying to charge to see the rest as if s15 isn't going to upload all the "acceptable" ones to her profile on their website eventually

No. 640252


she has the body of a lanky awkward teenaged boy and the face of a 40 year old single mother of three. Yikes.

No. 640269


this entire pose is just so stiff and unnatural.
Also would love to see the unedited photos, but at least her eye make-up looks nice for once.

Another thing that makes me wonder are her nails. I can't imagine that that they let her have those claws when she is about to shoot a girl on girl video.

No. 640280

File: 1531942517421.jpg (35.85 KB, 640x480, uDiVfdzh.jpg)

No. 640281

Did no one help her pose? Her head pose is all jacked.

No. 640283

it’s funny how even the hairstylist was just like “fuck it put her hair in a ponytail it’ll look the least horrible, we’ll fix it in post.”

No. 640291

And why wouldn't she get her roots done? She should want to look her best.

No. 640292

i'm imagining 100 outtakes way worse than this and them trying to find a couple that look okay lmao

No. 640294

She couldn't get enough money from her followers to get it done.

No. 640295

And we all know Fupa isn't going to pay for it.

No. 640299

I saw >>640218 and thought, "Eh, she really doesn't look all that bad" and then I saw >>640219 and holy fuck was I mistaken

No. 640300

if mine looked that bad and i was going to a fucking PROFESSIONAL PHOTOSHOOT i would have at least attempted to fix it myself, like damn, she looks straight out of the trailer park.

No. 640308

She probably figured they'd let her wear that hideous pink headband because she has no idea how professionals look

No. 640311

File: 1531943343936.png (12.18 KB, 262x399, 2018-07-18 15_47_36-Mozilla Fi…)

lmao she really thinks she's something now. hopefully they don't ask her to take her panties off. i'm sure there would be audible gasps.

No. 640347

LMFAO she looks so old wtf also why the awkward pose

No. 640409

She looks god awful holy shit. Her hair looks trashed, that makeup makes her look OLD, her neck looks fat, and that pose is so awkward. You can even still see dark spots from the boils over the sheer part of the panties lol

No. 640435


Remember when someone replied a photo of her pussy on twitter under her agency's welcome tweet, and it got deleted?

That's her pussy. That is what is under there. This: >>639470

No. 640445


Do these companies know her STD test is NOT fresh. She fucked her 30-40 yr old boyfriend she met on the internet since the test she took for her agency.

No. 640455

My god, how can she stand to wear a beret in July? The heat in LA must be brutal.

Her hair is so painful to look at.

No. 640458

i'm sure she would lie if asked. what is kind of funny about that is if you go to s15's twitter page, most of their other models that are available right now put a DISCLAIMER that they are freshly tested.

No. 640488

I feel so bad for the person who had to photoshop this… What a job, they better have decent pay.

They should have given her a little more colour though, she looks washed out.

No. 640490

This is extra annoying I paid for her private snap 3 times and she kept deleting and remaking it and wanted me to pay every time due to others “screenshotting and posting pictures here.” Tinfoiling a little but I almost think she was self posting in order to have a reason to remake her snap and have people pay multiple times.

No. 640493

Yeah this looks like milf porn.

I understand why she was nervous about normal makeup. Her ridiculous wings do make her look younger because it's so ridiculous and bad that only an edgy teen would go for it.

No. 640495

Are you serious? What a fucking scam artist. Whether her pics are being posted somewhere or not, you're a paying customer. Fucking ridiculous, Shayna.

No. 640499

I spent some time in LA. I’m here to tell ya- there are A LOTTT of girls who want to be in porn. It’s competitive as fuck to be in pro porn and not just a cam girl. I just don’t see her getting hired in anything for a large audience. It just isn’t marketable, for a variety of reasons. It’s painful to watch, it’s painful to listen to- her material is cringe

No. 640502

Also the photo- wow that is some heavy editing!!! The eye makeup looks strange on her face and the airbrushing on the skin is VERY heavy …. gosh

No. 640508

Wonder how long it will take for her to do actual penetration in porn.

No. 640514

File: 1531956436383.png (Spoiler Image,94.47 KB, 499x750, 1531940537470.png)

I've made some bad life decisions, here's one of them

I figured atleast one anon might have a laugh

No. 640515

File: 1531956733065.jpg (43.34 KB, 453x635, stringy.jpg)

Her hair looks so stringy and thin here. And the lower eyelashes she started doing make her look creepy as fuck.

No. 640517

bless you, I hope this is the next thread pic.

No. 640528

kek… I second the nomination for next thread pic

No. 640537

File: 1531958954478.jpeg (327.98 KB, 640x1092, 3FEBFE6F-671D-4742-B75E-00CDB4…)

No. 640539

it’s also clear that they encorporated over exposed lighting in order to give a brighter look to her skin. It washes you out but you can fix it in post. Unfortunately this photographer didn’t use editing to give her any color so she just looks washed out. I guess it’s better than having bright red sores in between your legs and wrinkles on your face?

No. 640542

She already has, a bunch of times with insec/hard tied and in her most recent vid with lovingly handmade. She does vaginal penetration but acts like she doesn’t so she can be an ~*uwu anal bimbo baby*~

No. 640543

File: 1531959200172.jpeg (291.58 KB, 640x749, 7700DBCA-8524-4572-B778-50CA15…)

No. 640544

Lol this and the garbage pail kids edit need to be the new thread pics

No. 640546

Lmao that's pretty fucking bad as I've seen people get 16 on those before at the age of 25. At least she can't say it's just us, kek.

No. 640549

Lmao wait are those real??? Like anon put it in the age app? I’m dead, but it’s so true

No. 640556

File: 1531959798723.jpeg (245.72 KB, 640x1094, 997C46D5-D228-45FA-9057-99EF39…)

Yeah, they’re real.

No. 640559

You would think that for all the emphasis she puts on youth and wanting to look young that she would take care of her skin and body and hair but it’s seemed to be the opposite

No. 640564

Holy shit, I wonder how many hours did the photographer spend to shoop this uggo. Look at the amount of skin smoothing, jesus christ. Also this foundation is like four tones too dark, but atleast her eye makeup looks pretty nice?

No. 640566

I am kinda feeling like they edited her torso somehow? Something looks off around the neck area. I’m no expert though.

No. 640567

She’s always going on about her ~big doll eyes~ but she has such tiny, beady eyes IRL.

Can someone download and post this video of her looking absolutely special ed meeting Fupa Daddy at the airport? https://youvebeenwarned.tumblr.com/post/176035812096/i-was-too-excited-to-keep-filming-but-this-was

I would, but I’m on mobile.

No. 640571

With her selfies there’s definitely a lot of editing and widening of the eyes and angles. She does look completely different in non-selfies

No. 640588

File: 1531961351574.jpg (34.98 KB, 501x141, qwet4yhrtjikul;oi.lj,khm.jpg)

So Fupapa calls her Holly Michelle apparently???? Where the fuck did that name come from??

No. 640592

anything to keep himself extra detached. Don’t call her by her real name, don’t even call her by her stage name. Just give her a random ass name.

No. 640593

She looks legit special needs

No. 640596

because it sounds like "dolly mattel". does fupa even know her real name? lmao

No. 640600

Got ya anon.


She is almost wearing the same exact outfit as she did here >>640124

This bitch is so funny.

No. 640601

File: 1531962184157.png (Spoiler Image,906.43 KB, 1024x768, CF9205B1-8AE0-4B06-8292-B15A8E…)

You were too nice for the hair

No. 640606

File: 1531962454848.jpg (65.23 KB, 452x579, tumblr_pc34bdsYr31wkuxmh_480_M…)

I never realized how freakishly long her neck is

No. 640609

in one breath says everyone's jealous of her AWESOME LIFE and the next says she's crying all night alone. get a grip.

the up at 6 am rule thing is funny to me because she made a tumblr post about a month ago bragging that she was naturally a morning person and always wakes up at that time kek

No. 640614

The girls who are paying ten dollars to have their pics reblogged are all so damn fugly. They fit right in with Shay kek.

She's surrounded and enabled by some nasty people.

No. 640615

I don't want to be cruel because I know I'm no prize. Her body looks pretty good in this. But that makeup and hair is really doing her no favors. If she could go lighter and paler on her foundation, less eye makeup, and get a softer haircut in her natural color, she would look loads better.

It's sad that her styling choices are what's holding her back so tremendously (not to mention her general bad health and putting all her eggs into one sex-work basket.) I wish she would go to a gynecologist, or even a PCP. I would love to see her seek therapy for her poor life decisions and alcoholism. She needs to dump Fupa in the trash where he belongs.

I want to feel sympathetic for Shayna because she obviously needs help, even though she's not a good person. But the problem is she doesn't want to change.

No. 640616


Is she wearing this outfit to her go-sees? I hope she does that little hop for them, too.

No. 640620

File: 1531963028958.png (9.72 KB, 454x229, okaygirl.PNG)

Better people deserve our advice and sympathy. I understand where you are coming from, because I felt that way too. I still do from time to time. She should definitely get some therapy, because that is the only way at this point that she will gain insight about her poor choices and behavior and then learn to change.

Fupa says they are as serious as it gets. Why do I always get the feeling he doesn't really mean that? He always seems so disingenuous.

No. 640621

Sympathetic anon, I get where you’re coming from. While it is no doubt amusing to see some things she does, I want to see her get better. I want to see her turn her life around and dump that guy and just want better for herself. But sadly you can’t help someone who doesn’t want help.

No. 640624

Anon I don’t know why but I also feel like he isn’t really IN this. Remember that post when he just gushed over that one girl? He does NOT do that currently. I don’t trust him

No. 640625

File: 1531963281324.png (1.19 MB, 750x1334, lu5.png)

She actually pretty hulkish. She has really weird proportions. You only see it when it's vids or pics taken by someone else besides her(photo related), or like her pro porn. She obvi only posts selective shots of herself. She us actually a lot taller and larger than she portrays to be. A lot larger.

No. 640627

she looks like gypsy blanchard

No. 640629

File: 1531963591373.png (18.53 KB, 473x297, liar.PNG)

samefag but it doesn't help that she is surrounded by people on the internet that just cheer on all her bad choices. she would do well to get off of tumblr and leave sex work behind.

I honestly have some hope that once she matures a bit more, in a couple of years or so, she will feel much differently about all of this. She will likely regret putting all of this stuff on the internet in a couple of years.

Here is Fupa lying about how well he and Shay fit together. He pushed the whole "part-time goth gf" shit onto her. Reblogged photos of her with that tag that were super old and everything. I agree that Shay looks a lot better in anything but pastel pink and especially nice in darker colors, but that's no way to approach someone you claim to care about.

He actively tries to change her, and often. And not for the better. Stop lying, Fupa.

No. 640631

I have also noticed him trying to change her. I don’t like him and I think she needs to fight her way out of this hole she is in, but being with him is just going to delay that. Or suppress it. Not trying to take responsibility away from her, but I think he is a manipulative and toxic influence

No. 640632

She was like 16 in this pic and she looks about 27. I guess she just has a problem of looking 10 years older than she really is, sad.

No. 640635

Is this from Seattle? Or is Fupa in LA? It's mortifying that she's booked to shoot this week without a fresh test.

Her head looks unusually small, or her body rather large, bur I'm pretty sure these are her truer proportions than in the photos she posts herself. Her makeup def ages her by decades. Her deep set wrinkles just give a false confirmation that she's closer to her 40's.

They couldn't do much with her hair because chunks fell out in the back from when she did it herself. Putting it up like that helps hide how butchered it is.

No. 640637

I feel like she’s gonna go the way of Binkie Princess. Just deeper in the hole, deeper in her delusion. With different men catering to her, throwing her away once they use her up.

No. 640638

File: 1531963836842.jpg (76.97 KB, 374x810, tumblr_pc348wgvpp1vtr738_540.j…)

Here's something Fupa posted that we haven't seen her post publicly.

I completely agree. She needs to get away from him as soon as possible before anything else.

No. 640640


he has this tone of "haha jk" or acting like he was just trolling with everything he says about/to her on tumblr. like the wedding and buying her a house. it sucks. it's like someone who's really nice to you in private but makes fun of you in front of others. and then he'll make a bunch of cringey in-character posts praising her like a dad would. like you could just be a normal boyfriend for once and your relationship wouldn't seem so bizarre, but nah, trolling her followers is their bonding activity.

No. 640644

This really shows how small her eyes are, her eyeliner has to take up half her eyelid to try and enlarge them and even that isn't enough.

No. 640649

File: 1531964279994.png (8.18 KB, 298x281, nud.PNG)

Do any of you lovely anons have access to Shay's private snap? She says she has posted the nude photos taken at her shoot there, and I am morbidly curious to see how they have touched up her fucked up vagina.

No. 640654

Her nose looks bigger here to me. She's really fucking herself constantly posting ultra-filtered catfish photos of herself. Makes her look 100x worse when you see candids of her. Which is weird to me for someone who wants to be on film professionally.

No. 640657

An anon upthread said they had it and she changed her handle to charge more cuz her pics got leaked here >>640490

No. 640658

File: 1531964788601.png (9.98 KB, 517x259, nofupa.PNG)

Fupa says they will be together forever. Dude, you shot down Shay publicly when she was talking about marrying you. Yeah fucking right.

Ahh incredible. Didn't even notice, thanks. Society 15 will post them soon enough I would imagine.

No. 640670

Yeah I can't wait to see the misleading shoop they pulled off after seeing how blurred her undereyes are in the one already posted.

No. 640692

I’m calling it now, big name companies who shoot you once and toss you: Naughty America, Bang Bros, Lubed, Hookup Hotshot or Filly Films. Most likely NA or Filly, I don’t think the other do girl/girl. FTV might shoot her but i think Rob would find her look horrifying.

No. 640700

Lmao I'm sorry but every time anons try to add hair or make Shay look better she always looks 100000% more down syndrome-esque

No. 640705

It was just a mock-up job, anon. Sorry.

No. 640720

Why is it whenever farmers want to improve literally any cows appearance it's badly shooped brown hair literally no exceptions?

No. 640721

Cracked out and regretting her life's choices?

No. 640732

it almost looks like they used a head from a different picture

No. 640736

File: 1531969890254.jpeg (147.87 KB, 614x1043, BEEFCC9E-2DDF-4C5C-A0BA-900C4B…)

No. 640779

I wonder if she would ever work with Facial Abuse, or if that is too much even for her.

No. 640809

I'm sure she would agree to it because she thinks she's such a tough BDSM baby~ and then regret it five minutes into filming. I could also seem them roasting her about her infected pussy during and her crying.
Someone should suggest it.

No. 640847


nah. aren't they known for being one of the shittiest porn companies? i don't see her lowering herself to that unless literally nobody else will work with her. as amusing as shayna can be, i don't think seeing her in a video like that would be milky, just depressing

No. 640862

File: 1531977951837.png (677.96 KB, 720x1126, Screenshot_2018-07-19-01-23-17…)

I just don't see how someone would want to work with her.

Shes an ugly little dork who heard she could have potential by an ex boyfriend so he could get her naked and now she's shoving fake eggs in her ass along with fry pan handles…

No. 640867

File: 1531978276233.png (Spoiler Image,783.39 KB, 720x1142, Screenshot_2018-07-19-01-29-05…)

But hey, she fits right in to the

"misfit-drug addict, touchingmy pussy for cents" crew lmao

Looking really professional, jealous of these biiiiig moves

No. 640871

giraffe neck thoo…

No. 640873

All of them are so average. . .
Maybe this is where Shay belongs then kek

No. 640876

Why hasn't she had her hair done since dating fupatty?

No. 640878

This definitely seems like a budget tier agency.

No. 640891

I'm willing to bet that they're just going to fail out of the industry within a year, like most girls who get into it

No. 640896

requesting this for the next thread pic

No. 640905

Everyone is dressed and posing like normal young adults, and then there's Shay, mouth wide open and wearing a child's shirt. She looks like a sped that got dragged along.

No. 640934

dam, hunky futch gf goals

No. 640990

Ugh I so agree with you! I've been saying this since day one. I think the fact that she needs help mentally AIDS in her poor life decisions that make her look like an even worse person than she may have been without all of the projected anger and insecurity she seems to love to throw out to other people. The girl really needs help, physically and mentally. Shayna wouldn't be the ugliest if she would learn how to take CARE of herself. She just treats herself like trash and in return, allows others to treat her like trash as well. If she would give up this whole "I'm so small teehee punch me in the face daddy" stuff, she may actually be able to be successful. This starts with fucking admitting that you're PROBABLY AROUND 5'5 Shayna. I never wish bad on her bc that's not my steeze but I do wish she would take care of herself. She's 21 and still relies on others to take care of her, poorly.

No. 640996

Of course she’s the only one with s soyboy face. She really doesnt get out much does she?

No. 641022

I know there pics out there where she looks over 40

No. 641024

File: 1532008041616.jpeg (1.16 MB, 1242x1839, 298FE429-7132-450D-9CD2-E02E95…)


No. 641050


Did she think dinner included an audition?

No. 641060

if bryan gozzling lowers himself to touching her diseased cunt i swear to god. dont even manifest this please

No. 641061

File: 1532012551778.png (168.57 KB, 611x496, kekkk.PNG)

Shay can't handle walking and driving around LA for six hours. Pretty out of shape, can't imagine she had to do anything laborious.

how is she going to do porn with this stamina lmfao?

I can't wait for the people at these shoots to see what she looks like irl.

No. 641062

File: 1532012687107.png (16.07 KB, 448x417, wow.PNG)

Fupa's passion for Shay is unparalleled.

No. 641082

The actual clip was pretty cringe iteself

No. 641087

Leave him alone cant you guys tell it’s the first relationship he’s ever been in. Seriously though this guy is so creepy they make a perfect couple

No. 641089

File: 1532014491974.png (Spoiler Image,683.67 KB, 1149x559, deargodno.PNG)

The girl who posted this pic of shay looks busted af. She has teeth worse than shay, they are brown kek. I wonder if she posted this pic to be shady lol.

here is the full version of the latest shit Shay did. Be careful with this link, I had adblock on and still ran into some popups:


btw, this maniac put horrid bites all over Shay's body. Pic related.

No. 641090

Her nipple disgusts me honestly..

No. 641097

File: 1532015262637.png (Spoiler Image,901.6 KB, 1011x543, yikesss.PNG)

Skipping around, found this gem. The fatty touched Shay's infected pussy KEK. Goddamn I feel sick.

No. 641138

She's got those bumps that some dudes get around the edge of their bellend

No. 641156

I hate her nipples already but when he BIT AND PULLED IT I mentally screamed for her. all of her noises sound like crying anime girls

No. 641159

i think what you're seeing on her inner labia (where his index finger is) are fordyce spots, which are actually normal and harmless. the atrocity lies within everything happening around that lol

No. 641167

File: 1532019377798.png (17.34 KB, 518x185, 2018-07-19 12_55_19-Filth — I'…)

uh oh fupa's going MIA
maybe the anon asks really have been getting to him? kek

No. 641193

File: 1532020820505.gif (1.8 MB, 380x204, tenor.gif)

I don't get it, are men that desperate that they'll think her pussy is hot? Can anon explain why she keeps getting jobs/attention, granted these shoots appear kind of cheap and greasy.
I've never seen a porno where a chick has had such infectious downstairs

No. 641202

I’ve seen porn where at worst the chick has some red spots that are very clearly ingrown hairs, but Shay is on another level of infectious disease

No. 641205

A lot of companies will hire girls who've just got into porn so they can advertise that they've got new girls. Most of them don't make a decent living for very long though

No. 641217

She looks like fucking Amy shumer here lol

No. 641242

File: 1532024979565.jpg (12.02 KB, 370x370, god.jpg)

that is both horrifying and funny as shit

No. 641246


Are you kidding me. If this: >>639470
showed up on my set, I would be enraged with her "agency" sending her, and she would be blacklisted. She's not even just low grade talent, Dolly Mattel's genitals are just plain unacceptable, on top of lying she has a "fresh test" when she has been fucking a guy she met online since she got it.

This reminds me of how obnoxious she was on the MV trip, and how everyone kept rolling their eyes and looking at each other and laughing.

No. 641269

Like every other shoot with Insex, this video lacks close ups of her genitals. The glimpses you do see are atrocious, she has scars and open sores. She is the only performer on their roster where they hide her pussy. Rather, in porn in general.

Still, they most likely keep her on bc she has a bit more exposure compared to some performers. Although she has zero folowing on twitter or IG, she already sells via MV, and is active on tumblr (even tho she's become a joke and known for her pussy sores in the sex work/ kink community/ even the old stoner girls community, and multiple customers on MV have complained after purchase). The only logical explanation of why they still feature her.

Insex stopped showing close ups of her genitals bc of the shitshow that was her first video. They've become creative with their shots and editing and the positions they put her in, to be careful not to show any shots of her pussy to make the production salvageable. But it's become very obvious of their intention.

No. 641285

Porn stars don’t show their genitals at a go-see just putting that out there. Like you don’t walk in and get naked or something.

No. 641290

That's why anon would be enraged when she showed up on set.

Seeing what her pussy looked like after she got booked.

No. 641303

yup. i don't get how she doesn't seem concerned in the slightest that she's basically the biggest catfish in porn as far as her pussy is concerned.

No. 641305

File: 1532028983608.jpg (Spoiler Image,524.93 KB, 2985x1797, wtf.jpg)


Looks as if there might be makeup placed on her pubic area again. If not, her skin looks very cakey. The two images on the left are earlier in the video, her boils and sores are very visible by texture, it's really disturbing.

Then later on, on the right, you can see how bad they really are after it might have been rubbed off. You see the warts? or bumps on her labia. As bad as these are, this is probably the best her pussy has looked in a video… lol!

No. 641312

ughhh and this is at like 50% saturation lmao can't imagine this horror show in full color irl

No. 641317

File: 1532029418713.png (11.91 KB, 510x268, 2018-07-19 15_41_40-Filth.png)

No. 641318

File: 1532029437489.jpg (Spoiler Image,599.87 KB, 2985x1797, wtf-saturation.jpg)

Here you go, saturation is set at normal.

What is she going to do without the very dim lights, and filtered edit.

No. 641346

File: 1532031163051.jpg (26.83 KB, 460x460, funny_salted_slug_pun_cartoon_…)


Her inner labia should not resemble [pic related].

And did he bash his fingers?

Also >>640280

No. 641350

lulllzz you guys Fupa posted his snap.

It’s @skimaskdad kek

No. 641369

Crap he actually added me back kek gimme some good milk fupapa

No. 641374

why is more than half of the infernal restraints videos just a girl struggling for the majority of the video? In shays last video there’s over 20 minutes of JUST her struggling, with only about 10 minutes or less of actual porn (penetration, vibes, fetish shit etc). Do people just get off to watching an ugly girl struggle? I don’t get it someone explain.

No. 641381

To actually watch it in its entirety as porn, who watches this?
It's so fucking long and as you say most of it is just struggling. Is anyone out there having a 45 minute wank?

I find in the preview videos they basically show all the parts where something actually happens. It's like people are paying for the struggling filler. Seems fucking stupid to me.

No. 641387

Even on a sadistic level, just watching a girl pretend to struggle is boring.

No. 641405

god damn that's an angry vagina

No. 641409

Ohh look at fupass acting all mysterious again, desperately hoping for asks about where he's going.
Sorry to break it to you, NOBODY GIVES A FUCK.

No. 641415

File: 1532036540377.png (499.56 KB, 597x890, 2018-07-19 17_40_17-Dolly Matt…)


No. 641416

File: 1532036559305.png (464.17 KB, 598x896, 2018-07-19 17_40_26-Dolly Matt…)

No. 641417

File: 1532036576223.png (539.05 KB, 611x894, 2018-07-19 17_40_35-Dolly Matt…)

the assne kek

No. 641418

File: 1532036591948.png (595.21 KB, 602x901, 2018-07-19 17_40_47-Dolly Matt…)

No. 641420

File: 1532036622694.png (521.37 KB, 1001x671, 2018-07-19 17_41_15-Dolly Matt…)


No. 641421

File: 1532036686902.png (Spoiler Image,763.63 KB, 606x898, 2018-07-19 17_39_58-Dolly Matt…)

reposting 2 because i forgot to spoiler the nude ones
all from s15's site

No. 641422

File: 1532036701426.png (Spoiler Image,558.4 KB, 591x894, 2018-07-19 17_41_02-Dolly Matt…)

No. 641423

This one is way better than what she shared on her tumblr, is she blind?

No. 641425

All of these are so edited, particularly her skin, how are people supposed to know what they're really hiring

No. 641427

She's also added boy-girl to her profile now lol, didn't take long

No. 641428

why did they not bother to edit her bumps on her vagina? it's like they gave up halfway through editing it im so confused

No. 641429

Kek, you can see where they gave up editing out her pussy pimples.
There’s no way she’s gonna go far, she has ass acne too.

No. 641430

her tits are out but yet all i can focus on is her false eyelashes coming unglued

No. 641431

Even with heavy editing her sores are visible. So fucking gross!

She'll get blacklisted soon! All she has to do is pull her bottoms off on set.

No. 641434

she seriously looks at least 35 in this pic. the caked on makeup, fucking hell

No. 641437

she seriously looks at least 35 in this pic. the caked on makeup, fucking hell

No. 641438

why did they basically give her no lips? was this an aesthetic choice or something?

No. 641439

File: 1532037043158.jpg (24.81 KB, 681x460, 222444.jpg)

and her profile also says that she's 20 and lives in Massachusetts?

No. 641442

just posted this but you beat me to it.. so confused about it saying Mass and not Seattle???

No. 641443

she probably couldnt get booked so was like "fuck it ill do whatever as long as you book me. please book me"

No. 641444

lol they got rid of her titty veins
Those faces kek shay please

No. 641446

Lmao but fuck they didn't even totally shop out the scarring/bumps

No. 641447

I'd say she might be moving but since they also have her age wrong I'm guessing the agency just doesn't pay much attention

No. 641449

no, thats where she is available. local (LA/Seattle) to Mass, she is available.

No. 641451

lol they also strategically made sure you couldn't see both mismatched nipples head-on

No. 641452

It says that she's currently in LA but is local to Mass, as in she lives there. They haven't mentioned Seattle

No. 641453

The other girls have multiple fully nudes with their pussy from different angles. She's the only one with one pussy photo, and even though it's already from a side angle, her outbreak is just frightening!

I feel so bad for the photographer, and every studio who books her not knowing she has flaring pussy boils and scars.

No. 641456

wtf is that face??? thats some pedo troll face at its finest.

No. 641460

I wonder how that's gonna work out for her. In her cam work she can sit 10 ft away from the camera but there's generally a lot of close ups in regular porn

No. 641464

She legit looks like she's 40 in these. Her face is so old! What's worse is in person, and on camera, you can see her deep set wrinkles. She's lucky these were edited.

She should change her specialty to MILF porn,

No. 641465

no, that is where she is available. it doesn't mean shes local to Massachusetts. it means shes available LOCALLY AND all the way TO MASSACHUSETTS.

theres other girls on the site who have things that say "local to connecticut" and are located in LA. it means they are willing to travel locally AND to a certain coast. weather it be locally and all the way to the east coast (which would be available coast to coast) or for example, only available in certain areas.

No. 641474

its weird that they have yet to change her profile picture on the Society 15 site, don't you think? all the others have their professional photos as their main profile pics, are Shay's just too damn embarrassing?

No. 641478

Weird. Usually when I've seen "local to" disclaimers it's meant they lived there. Whatevs tho

No. 641479

Looking at how all the girls profiles are written I'm almost certain that's not correct but whatever

No. 641498

File: 1532038763405.jpg (5.06 MB, 1920x3414, inCollage_20180719_181715991.j…)

Were these posted already? One of the girls shaytard was bopping around LA with. Stills from the other girl's insta stories.
In the autistic one with her legs up she's saying "HIII. THIS IS ME IN LA. THIS IS HOW WE DO LA!"

No. 641502

What’s the snap name??? I can’t find it.

No. 641505

this could be cute if she didnt look so uncomfortable and stiff. look at her fucking neck lol

No. 641506

it wouldn't surprise me if all she got booked for was milf porn.

also, i went to the S15 site and Shay's profile does not stand out at all. maybe they didn't change the prof pic because of that? they just want publicity out of her but don't really care about her being booked?

No. 641507

lyssa.chole on insta

No. 641508

the chick's insta handle is literally on the screenshots

No. 641509

How the fuck was I supposed to know it was Insta? shut the fuck up, faggot.

No. 641512

Her tiny head and tongue almost poking out of her mouth.

she looks old and retarded kek.
oh shay, you don't do sexy well whatsoever. give it a rest.

No. 641516

samefag but Shay has been really quiet on dumblr today. Did something happen between her and fupa? Was Shay lurking here and perhaps noticed the weird anons that (maybe) fupa was sending to his ex? Something is going on between Shay and Fupa. Shay is being way too damn quiet. Fingers crossed she breaks up with him.

No. 641518

File: 1532039394460.png (3.17 MB, 1920x1080, 2HTuXKU.png)

No. 641522

fupa also said he was taking a break from tumblr. so, something's going on imo

No. 641524

Could have something to do with her deciding to do boy/girl

No. 641530

I bet he said some shit like I support you and you can promote your b/g work but I don’t want to be around to see it.

No. 641531

I said it was in her insta story in the op, calm down

No. 641536

i'd believe it cause men are stupid af, and he's def not a mature 40 year old

No. 641537

this cow is so milky she goes through threads in 10-14 days. Damn.(sage posts like this)

No. 641583

has fupa added anyone else? he actually shows his face on snap lol. i would take screenshots but i don’t wanna lose insight yet.

No. 641589

File: 1532042505992.png (19.24 KB, 220x392, IMG_2968.PNG)

I was surprised he showed it lol, I don't wanna give myself away either so here's the preview
Not much sorry

No. 641591

Download a screen recording app, it'll save ur life

No. 641592

I believe the term is bug chasing, some guys are into gross diseased genitals

No. 641598

He looks more special needs than her.

No. 641599

I thought that was just for HIV

No. 641600

Anon, bug chasing is a gay fetish for fucking HIV-positive dudes.

No. 641613

This is just tragic. Her face doesn’t look right

No. 641616

I really think they fucked up by for some reason covering her lips in foundation making them look smaller, and not making the makeup around her eyes more sultry. They went with a weird “natural” look that just leaves her washed out and old looking, as opposed to young and fresh faced.

No. 641617


Or her lips could look that way because the bitch barely drinks water. Probably a mixture.

No. 641618

File: 1532043898962.png (17.52 KB, 444x290, haaaaaaa.PNG)

Whatcha feeling manic for, Fupa?

No. 641622

This guy has more issues than shay

No. 641645


She declares that she's strictly no penetration, and only solo, g/g. First day in LA, and she throws that out the window. Lol. I'd say watch her start escorting/fssw, but she's already done that, and called it "sugaring".

No. 641647

File: 1532045425793.jpg (166.66 KB, 1008x756, DigcRNHVMAAtygg.jpg)

Dear god she looks so greasy in candids. When I see what she really looks like, she loses all potential to be cute.

No. 641658

She has her underwear on in every picture, does she get the hint yet ?

No. 641662

looks like she’s doing super scummy casting couch or some shit.

I’ll bet you anything they’ll use her as a b/g anal whore, use her up and then throw her out.

No. 641665

File: 1532046177473.png (458.47 KB, 1504x860, Screen Shot 2018-07-19 at 8.21…)

Fupa has removed Shay from his description.

No. 641675

File: 1532046351258.png (30.69 KB, 816x266, Screen Shot 2018-07-19 at 8.24…)

Samefag but he's still in Shay's.

No. 641677

omg, is his "MIA" hiatus is just a way to ghost her and try to get out of this relationship?

No. 641680

I was about to post this I wonder what happened lol I guess we were right. It's probably why she hasn't been super active rip

No. 641686

she’s still reblogging stuff of him.
Lmao I wonder if it is because she does work with guys now.
What happened to his whole “it’s her work I have no say it” schtick?

No. 641689

I’m screaming. There’s no way he would’ve answered that ask so personally either if he and shay were still together. I’m so embarrassed for them. I need to know exactly what happened.

I wonder if she added b/g after or before this fight.

No. 641690

File: 1532046745434.png (200.31 KB, 640x1136, 74C3E352-1F26-43CC-8B40-608BA4…)

Uh oh watch out Shay… looking at her blog, he’s interacting with her a lot. Moreso than Shay right now.

No. 641699

Any milk on his snap?

No. 641700

File: 1532046990910.png (113.03 KB, 954x782, Screen Shot 2018-07-19 at 8.35…)

Oh my God, dude.

No. 641706

Nope last thing he did was record himself while driving asking for no screenshots

Maybe shay broke the bedtime rule and now he's heartbroken /s

No. 641748

I wonder if she agreed to do b/g and didn’t tell him till after and that’s why they’re having a falling out rn

No. 641752

is this his ex or whatever?

No. 641757

File: 1532048766674.png (140.71 KB, 1011x433, Screenshot (172).png)

As if we needed more proof he lurks here, Shay is back in his bio

No. 641759

If I were her and that was the case I would've just referred him back to >>639181

No. 641760


No. 641763

She had a diff handle but I wouldn't be surprised if they were somehow connected. 2 lazy 2 look into it tho. There's only so much Tumblr porn gifs I can look at before I'm over it lol

No. 641768

File: 1532049208490.png (975.09 KB, 640x1136, F280765B-2764-4475-A985-E3FF27…)

He’s reblogging normal pics of others girls too, rather than the regular porn he posts. I usually wouldn’t take this too seriously, but he tends to put his whole life online.
Also he fact he’s always spamming pics of Shay, but hasn’t reblogged or liked her posts once since her trip… yet has the time to post other girls.

No. 641771

Damn, did her eyebrows have a fight?

No. 641779


Part of me wonders if this was a stunt to get us talking so they could jerk off on tumblr about all HTE HATERZ. I would almost respect the troll. But I'm not sure either of them is clever enough for that, and it's a little tinfoily.

No. 641787

I feel more like he was trying to let it slip under the radar then saw us post it and is damage controlling because he knows Shay lurks too kek

No. 641789

somebody else has probably beat me to answering this, but when I worked in a dungeon in my early 20's, on my profile the boss lady decided to lower my age to 19. The younger guys think you are, the more attractive you are to them.

Disgusting, but for the sex clientele, generally true.

No. 641790


Maybe, but, I mean, they're all over each other's blogs so she was bound to find out. One of her followers would have asked about it or something.

(I'm a new poster, but I think I'm sageing right)

No. 641791

File: 1532050124554.png (77.37 KB, 640x1136, 296B6A74-D644-441B-B0DA-424454…)

Hmm I wonder who this could be…
If its her, this is so pathetic and clingy.

No. 641795

Def reads like her

No. 641801

Yep you saged correctly fyi

No. 641802

She’s so insecure, kek

No. 641812

For real.

Talk about blaming the victim! Shay, your boo did the reblogging. Most people don't force people to pay them for the privilege.

No. 641817

File: 1532051272635.png (138.89 KB, 1094x1332, Screen Shot 2018-07-19 at 9.46…)

Jesus, I can't tell if these are just Shay or her underage fans.

No. 641836

It sounds like a butthurt child, I can't tell either tbf

No. 641906

i don’t have screen caps because i didn’t think it would be milky but for hours today shay’s last post was the reblog of her getting fingered by fupa. this was posted this morning and now it’s gone. there’s trouble in paradise y’all. i’m almost certain it was shay on anon on that girls blog earlier. kek. la travels did not let us down in terms of new milk

No. 641940

It's totally her, it's missing all the shit spelling but I'm pretty sure half of that is her faking it for her blog's kid theme anyways. Her actual childishness is there. Love how she's actually calling this girl a skank of all things. Yeah, cause if her daddy goes after any girl who starts any form of conversation with him it's totally the girl who's a skank and the issue here

No. 641974

yeah, i saw that post up a few hours ago in the middle of all this, and i thought maybe it wasn't what we thought it was, but i guess it was!!

No. 641996

I can also confirm this. Her most recent post was posted before that too, so she’s just deleted it and has added nothing else.

Trouble in paradise.
I wonder what started it? Probably Fupa saying the marriage thing was a joke lmao

No. 642003

she schedules her posts ahead of time, especially if she's reblogging herself. (fupa mentioned filling his tumblr queue as well when he said he was going mia. a lot of anons were confused why he was posting once per hour while visiting her, but he wasn't really, just scrolling through and queuing shit up at night.) the fact that she went to the trouble of deleting it from the top of her page is telling.

i think she just blew him off tonight since she actually had to be active and social for once, and he's throwing a little hissy fit about it so he can get attention elsewhere. probably trying to make her feel guilty behind the scenes.

No. 642035

Tinfoiling, but my best guess is that she promised fupapa that she wouldn't shoot penetration with other guys, as in not just toys? And she's gone back on that promise and now he's extremely salty and acting very high school about the whole ordeal. The passive aggressive posts, the halfassed hiatus, reblogging other girl's pics, adding random girls on snap, temporarily removing Shay from his bio, etc. He's trying to punish her for going back on her word.

No. 642053

He’s such a child, doing this passive aggressively all through tumblr. Isn’t he in his 30s? This is high school bull shit.

No. 642092

i know this reply is 8 days old but i just want to say, my mother is 50 and she does not have wrinkly under eyes like that. it's even worse than a 50 year old.

No. 642100

no one gives a shit

No. 642101

??? are you retarded

i'm pointing out that this hoe's under eye wrinkles are much more disgusting than even a 50 year olds. don't be a brainless cunt(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 642103

If you’re gonna reply to old irrelevant nitpicky shit, fucking sage.
Don’t bump the thread if you have nothing to contribute.

No. 642107

File: 1532068520239.jpg (Spoiler Image,442.61 KB, 4000x3000, collage.jpg)

could they be…any less original with their poses? p.s. all these models look weird(spoiler NSFW )

No. 642115


>One of these things is not like the others

Is dropping one's panties standard fare for a portfolio profile pic?

No. 642119

This pose just makes them all look like they are cold or something. I feel like it's extra awkward given Shay's splayed out legs?

The other models look a little less awkward and the black girl is actually super cute. All of their styling looks pretty alright while Shay is literally orange in the face.

No. 642165

Do these ''professional photographers'' not know the basics of body language and posing?
Crossing your arms like that signals insecurity and makes you less approachable. That's the opposite of what you want to appear as if you're a camgirl/escort/whatever. They all look uncomfortable because of the arm placement.

No. 642208


I'd be weary of photos like this looking thru an agency's roster. Looks like they're hiding track marks or something.

No. 642212

Those don't even look like Shay's teeth lol

No. 642215

Idk what their situation is, but if you start a relationship and obviously converse in depth about your career and your limits, (not doing penetration, b/g) then change it on your significant other while you're already in LA already booking and shooting, that's really grimey and really disrespectful.

He mentioned he supported her, and even offered his advice on productivity. But decisions like doing b/g impact relationships and puts him at several risks including health he isn't ready for or willing to. Her job is separate from them, yes, but she declared and made it a big deal of what she would never do in porn.

I'm sure his support was unwavering before she was going to fuck other guys. If that's the case, you can't really blame him if that is what's going on.

No. 642217


Also, She's shooting without a "fresh test", she was fucking Fupa before she left and the companies she's working with this week don't know that, she's putting other performers at risk. Now apply that thought to all the talent she interacts with. It's scary. Her pussy alone would be a red flag not to touch her, but now, he wont know if it's her usual sores or something else.

No. 642218

Given the timing, I feel that's likely the cause of the issue. When the girls went to visit companies she probably got asked to do B/G and immediately backtracked on her girls only thing

No. 642224


The first girl she worked with from Insex is also with S15, she changed her second name though.

No. 642238

Lol, looking at that Kendra girl next to Shayna….. Makes Shay look even worse

No. 642261

call me an ana chan but does shay look…. kinda big in these pics? so much for being a ~smol baby~

No. 642264

don't be legitimately fucking stupid. of all things, shay does not look "big" whatsoever in these pics. jfc.

No. 642281

Do you mean taller?? She doesn't look heavy or anything but the angles show how not short and little she is, she looks like a normally proportioned girl, not the little thing she portrays herself as.

No. 642289

she's 5'5" and put 5'5" in her s15 profile. she forces herself into the "smol" corner because she chose this stupid baby gimmick. i don't think she's trying to catfish anyone about her size. let's get back to her real atrocities: the wrinkles, hair and pussy.

No. 642291

Lmao stop nitpicking dumb shit while the real milk has been steadily flowing the last 2 weeks.

No. 642306

File: 1532097644840.jpeg (104.3 KB, 592x556, 15BED18B-5726-45D5-AAFF-485292…)

I don’t think she looks fat, but there is no way she’s 5’5” 105 lbs, like her S15 profile claims.

No. 642308

i bet almost all their models have lower weights listed than they really are tbh same with the fact that they listed her age a year younger than she actually is (although to be fair her bday was really recent so who knows)

No. 642310

File: 1532098125646.png (Spoiler Image,1.49 MB, 1067x708, 2018-07-20 10_46_54-potandpuss…)

just found a couple gems on twitter

for real – unspoiler with caution lmao
from @potandpussy

No. 642311

File: 1532098163291.png (Spoiler Image,1.09 MB, 591x872, 2018-07-20 10_47_18-potandpuss…)

this one's not as bad but still rough in general

No. 642320

meth aunt is showing off her pussy again

No. 642321

Lmao zoom in and the entire top of her vagina has been shopped kek

No. 642323

What is happening with her pubic mound? It looks like they tried to blend it into her stomach and super weird

No. 642335

File: 1532099900124.jpeg (Spoiler Image,130.54 KB, 800x1200, 43F72773-163D-442F-81C8-C3EA9F…)

Drugged out housewife look going on

No. 642342

File: 1532100110866.jpeg (Spoiler Image,614.09 KB, 750x1244, 0B1406B1-1908-43E0-9C68-768392…)

gross, but you can literally see the bad photoshop in this. You can see the redness and disease still and some weird blurring around her mound/stomach. dodgy

No. 642347

It looks like they just gave up with both of them. They left her ass pimples in this one >>642335

No. 642352

Definitely a milf porn, right?

No. 642355

File: 1532101280703.jpg (Spoiler Image,95.49 KB, 736x1104, 6a561670a7664203bd4a92964223fc…)


I know this is cliche, but honestly this is all I can think of.

No. 642374

God this fucking bright red inflamed color

No. 642375

File: 1532103188212.jpg (187.02 KB, 1280x649, soyboy1.jpg)

soyboy in LA pt 1

No. 642377

File: 1532103217106.jpg (Spoiler Image,174.81 KB, 1280x649, soyboy2.jpg)

soyboy in LA pt2

No. 642378

her nipple is trying to run away

No. 642387

There is like… a stray white hair on the couch near her ass they didn't bother to edit out in post production, either.

No. 642389

She's already outfit repeating and it's only been 4-5 days.

No. 642390

lmao i noticed that too
wtf are these people on?

No. 642395

File: 1532104827142.png (15.15 KB, 512x308, 2018-07-20 12_21_12-Filth.png)

okay but what about the "stupid amounts of weed" when you were in seattle with shaytard?

No. 642397

At least Shay isn't the only girl with genital flare-ups on that photographers twitter, im not going to post her bc its not related to shay at all, but another girls face and genital area are both filled to the brim with flares so it seems that they'll work with/edit a great deal of any girls

No. 642400

i looked through them too and was like "welp, guess shay will fit in there after all"
i feel like i've seen a lot of porn (amateur and pro) but have never seen anything on the level of some of these girls? but i guess if i saw >>642310 on a thumbnail i would scroll past it with the speed of light anyway

No. 642438

Also didn't they get hammered together in Mexico?

No. 642457

Yes lol they're both shitty liars

No. 642459

File: 1532109474321.png (37.04 KB, 511x858, 2018-07-20 13_56_57-Filth.png)

anon asks continue to irk fupa

No. 642460

Also they smoked a shit ton of cannabis together at Shay's smelly studio. So yeah, what >>642457 said: stupid liars who always leave a trail of evidence digitally via social media so it's always easy af to catch them in their bullshit.

No. 642461

Then why did he remove her name from his bio kek? And them promptly return it after lurking here?

No. 642465

>are you mad at dolly? :c
totally shay asking that

No. 642481

his taking a break from tumblr didn't last that long I see

No. 642485

he probably thought his snapchat idea was going to be a bigger hit than it was lmao

No. 642502

File: 1532112565901.jpeg (150.88 KB, 640x572, F63360BD-63F4-4716-BFB9-E24D39…)

She’s so insecure and immature. She couldn’t just respond to this, she had to make the tumblr version of a subtweet. Such high school shit.

No. 642504

File: 1532112704644.png (939.08 KB, 640x1136, A4C59BC4-AA15-4D0E-8D37-4FD73E…)

Samefag sorry but he hasn’t been liking ANY of her posts lately. Not even this one.
He has time to like the other two girls posts though.

No. 642512

lmao is that just a shadow or is he wearing pants that are like 2 sizes too small?

No. 642519

File: 1532113882022.jpg (295.42 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180720-121006_Chr…)

Nice Hot Topic shirt, fupa.

No. 642540

File: 1532115376059.png (28.66 KB, 509x611, 2018-07-20 15_35_25-Filth.png)

No. 642542


this is a major tinfoil but what if fupa’s ignoring shay because she gave him an infection?

No. 642545

So much for not showing his face on tumblr

No. 642547

I feel like he is about to dump her. I’m seeing a lot of red flags. Honestly though it would be doing her a huge favor

No. 642551

File: 1532115877539.jpg (278.98 KB, 1280x961, tumblr_pc6f1itZ2h1rmiw96o2_128…)

you forgot the best pics anon

No. 642552

File: 1532115901520.jpg (260.11 KB, 1280x961, kawaiidesune.jpg)

Awww so kawaii uwu

No. 642558

My god that’s so lame
>how do you do, fellow kids

No. 642560


No. 642563

he has like the head/neck equivalent to cankles

No. 642566

oof her hair
i gagged a little
don't even want to look at her pussy lol

No. 642567

File: 1532116289333.png (1.47 MB, 1001x773, 4827.PNG)


No. 642571

Um his ex seems to pop up a lot on his timeline and I saw some exchange about him “wanting to see the damage” about someone doing something to her…. I don’t think he is over her

No. 642572

i wish. but if this were the case wouldnt this have been a problem when they first met?

No. 642573

Fupa's ex is sugarpiehoneyboo

the dumbest-baby girl or whatever is not his ex. But I agree that there is some weird energy going on between those two, they seem to talk a lot.

No. 642574

Ohhh I was mistaken! But yeah I thought that because of how they were acting towards each other…. glad someone else picked up on that

No. 642575

File: 1532116583730.jpg (255.73 KB, 740x1180, shay.jpg)

It's prob because you're used to seeing her selfies where she chooses the angles, and almost always has a filter. She obvi only posts the most flattering photos of herself. So when you see photos taken by someone else, it's really jarring to see how she really looks.

She definitely has really weird proportions though. On top of having huge cheeks, a naturally really puffy face, she has a really long, large, wide neck. She is also much, much taller than she lets on.

These photos were from one of the original threads, but they show her truer size and proportions. These photos also match her s15 photos, where her gawkish head/body proportion that makes her body look hulkish. Definitely not the smol stature she likes to pretend she is.


No. 642577

File: 1532116622954.jpg (285.59 KB, 777x1482, 2.jpg)


No. 642585

in other news - shay is also a giraffe

No. 642592

Lmao didn’t she used to claim to be like 5’3?
She puts on this whole IM A SMOL BBY GIRL but she’s pretty tall. I love how she always wears heels in her solo videos but has to wear those trashy sneakers in public to look shorter.

No. 642602

File: 1532117691553.png (612.47 KB, 518x815, 2018-07-20 16_14_00-Filth.png)


No. 642609

Yeah, she lies a lot, she's lied about everything including her height. It's weird. I remember her saying she was like 5'4 when answering an ask, back in her stoner days. Then when she got into dd/lg, she started saying she was 5'2 or smaller, even with people calling her out. Then after being discussed on an earlier thread, she caved a little and started saying she was 5'3, or 5'3 1/2, even though that was still a lot shorter than in reality. Now her measurement on her agency page has her at 5'5. She would still try to push that she was 5'2 though when she forgot and couldn't keep her lies straight, just another example of her deep delusions.

If she lies about height, and being abused, imagine all the shit she lies about. It's actually really frightening. If there was a list compiled, it'd be rather long.

No. 642615

He fucked up a lot on airbrushing her pubic area. This is just ridiculous. Also, if he's going to airbrush her boils and sores out to the point he airbrushes out one of her stomach rolls, he might as well have edited out those ass pimples and boils.

She looks 40 here.


I still can't get over the fact how someone with these genitals wants to be in porn. Her pussy is so gross.

No. 642622

File: 1532118852447.png (232.14 KB, 640x1136, 64A31F1F-4541-44D0-9272-783FE1…)

> >641690
Huh, he deleted his long response to this girl… someone’s got a guilty conscience

No. 642627

i feel like we have been giving shay so much fuel with screenshots lately and i am so here for it.
shayna… even you can do better than fupa, come on now.

No. 642648

As much as I love the milk, Fupa is a nasty middle aged man child who’s addicted to tumblr and has no business with a 21 year old girl he’s probably cheating on.
I’d rather see Shay without him, as awful as she is even she deserves better.

No. 642668

File: 1532120889113.jpg (561.7 KB, 1220x2252, barsnpills.jpg)

He says this, yet he reblogs photos of xanax all the time along with a lot of other drugs, lean, etc. I'ts a staple on his blog… touchy subject… right… he glorifies it.

This is just proof he's a poser, and just posts shit he thinks makes him look edgy. Cool tumblr bro, you're so hardcore. Same thing with being a fake dom. It's past comical. What a loser.

Photos he's rebloged in case he deletes since he likes to lurk. Just like how he deleted her off his bio, then put her back on.

No. 642671

We've always known he was a poser. Fupa just log out dude

No. 642680

Yep, who says…

( >>642395 )
>I'm not into pills, i don't take drugs, one of siblings died in a car wreck on xanax… so it's a really touchy subject for me

whilst reblogging photos of xanax left and right and glorifying it

No. 642706

He lies so often he's forgetting what he lied about. He and Shay are really well suited that way.

No. 642707

She is too young to be going down this path. With a person like this. She still has a chance in life, maybe with a LOT of hard work. He on the other hand, like y’all have pointed out, is MIDDLE AGED and trolls tumblr for young women. It’s predatory. It’s also indicative of the fact that he cannot get a woman any other way, let alone an age-appropriate or local one.

No. 642771

These pictures of her really scare me. She looks like a COMPLETELY different person.

No. 642773

lel are you twelve? early thirties isn't middle age. but i do agree she'd be better off without the wannabe edgelord.

No. 642776

Not even close to 12! Thought he was like 37? Either way, the maturity difference between someone who is 20-21 and someone in their thirties is immense.

No. 642778

Not if she told him it was just acne and ingrown hairs, and he either didn't get infected the first time around or the symptoms just started showing up.

No. 642780

File: 1532128640309.jpg (36.27 KB, 547x207, zsdfghjk.jpg)

He replies with a ton of info to everyone but Shay just gets emojis, sad.

No. 642783

File: 1532128676520.png (39.8 KB, 438x724, okay.PNG)

No. 642784

File: 1532128708937.png (44.35 KB, 429x863, okay2.PNG)

jealous of what

No. 642786

File: 1532128747582.png (21.74 KB, 488x505, okay3.PNG)

Goth Fupapa

No. 642787

File: 1532128790632.jpg (269.01 KB, 1019x1920, lardyidiot.jpg)

The gym isn't doing him many favors.

No. 642790

Funny to see Fupa doing so much damage control today.

No. 642795

You should read this link so you can properly use the board, specifically number 8 https://lolcow.farm/info

No. 642811

Tbh she has the ugliest nose

No. 642812

Out of all of the things wrong with her… you choose her nose?