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File: 1676440660706.jpeg (435.23 KB, 2048x2048, egads.jpeg)

No. 1768423

Previous thread: >>>/snow/1756585

Shayna Leigh Clifford; 25 year old failing prostitute, porn sick degenerate, drug addict and alcoholic who spends her days posting free pictures of her hemmerhoid filled anus on twitter while begging for rent. Rejects her parents help to get an education and normal job. Hurts animals on purpose and panders to pedos by filming porn dressed as a child. Recently moved to Seattle after wasting years on an ex too ashamed to admit they were dating her and is currently looking her new Fupa 2.0.


REMEMBER: Read the rules before posting. Repetitive nitpicks about Shayna's body, face, and genitals are subject to a 1-day ban. Reposting the same photos zoomed in/edited is not milk and you will receive a ban for nitpicking. Stay on topic, derailing and infighting will result in a ban. Sage when there’s no milk. Spoiler any NSFW images. No blog posting or bragging about how you're a better whore than Shayna. Nobody wants to hear about your degeneracy. This is a Shay thread, curb your enthusiasm when posting screenshots of other e-whores, they go in the e-whores thread. Shut the fuck up about her necrotit and take it to the shaynatorium

Summary of Last Thread:

>>1757511 complains about having her twitter on private, the views to likes ratio is bleak af still scared about being called out for CatGate
>>1756694 tries to scam coomers out of money for "a new phone
>>1756784 spergs about the boooooolies
>>1756809 makes a hello fresh meal and it's disgusting
>>1758602 complains about moids asking her to "pretend to be a minor" like bitch doesn't LARP that for a living
>>1758720 FSSW/Prostitute Saga?
>>1759663 has (HAD) a tickling shoot
>>1759665 >>1759667 >>1760056
Sol and Ken duke it out
>>1760120 "Elsie" the cowtipper twitter gets taken down but she needs help from "friends"
>>1760348 wants her dad to know about her sex work life and where she goes
>>1760384 posts Mr.PB after CatGate to show she's "totally not an abooser"
>>1760513 Unprivates…just to private her twitter again because of "haters" >>1760587
>>1760612 tries to start drama with bunnykat (or whatever the fuck her name is) >>1760624 bringin up the past because she is "totally the victim!1!"
>>1760988 Anon finds Shat on Tinder, she likes back >>1761010 (quite possibly)
>>1761168 >>1761304 >>1761372
Tries to do a Clown I mean a Doll cosplay(?).. you thought this was bad, just wait
>>1761233 buys a bunch of lip products that she won't use
>>1761392 she's meeting up with one of her diaper johns
>>1762575 new nails that don't look too bad, except they're way too long and her fingers look rough
>>1762598 scat era confirmed?
>>1762740 >>1762741 >>1762742 redoes the clown costume and it is WAY WORSE
>>1763215 Hospital trip #LostCount
>>1763455 Shayna the Hooker
>>1763869 Tries to scam for a new webcam when she doesnt even cam anymore
>>1763943 …off to meet the diaper john wants him to come back to her place afterwards (girl asking to be murdered i stg). and it is NOT diaper dan but some other ugly moid >>1764177
>>1764185 she got paid to pee on him and have him touch her boobies >>1481862
>>1764760 gets a disgusting shaycoochie board before she goes traveling for her tickle shoot >>1764916
>>1765261 gets "food poisoning" and bails on her shoot says shes in the er
>>1765450 somehow gets the wrong hotel booked (deduced it was two different Kansas')
>>1765454 Anons figure out where her hotel was like the little sleuths they are >>1766744 >>1766745
>>1766477 shanefoil seems a little bit more of a possibility (that she is still seeing him/tried to visit)
>>1765891 speculate that her shaynus is absolutely wrecked which could be why shes always sick

New TikTok: https://www.tiktok.com/@dollhausbarbie
Snapchat: irlbarbiedolly (BANNED)

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No. 1768425

i tried its been so long
and that thread had so little milk (hopefully more comes)
and it was hard to sit there and go through her thread i need eye bleach

no one was doing it, so i did it, sorry if it sucks

No. 1768431

thank you nona

No. 1768432

File: 1676441672661.png (421.04 KB, 470x755, 6BA82623-A1D4-4F2A-A7CC-31F9F8…)

reposting milk from the shaynatorium… disgusting. she literally put a diaper on a gross fat probably retarded moid.

No. 1768433

File: 1676441694895.jpeg (617.76 KB, 750x998, 36948281-1FEB-4B07-B1C2-817BE4…)

redneck chcolate and an ugly stuffed animal and what did you get pedo ellen shay?

No. 1768434

File: 1676441697599.jpeg (56.53 KB, 622x622, B8BC5F46-262C-4097-AEDB-A8F9CF…)

Reminder of what the mf looks like

No. 1768458

so she let him fondle her and she pissed on him, probably entirely naked and not discussed beforehand. who's betting she gave him a handjob while diapering him>?

No. 1768495

And that’s probably the most generous pic of him kek. He looks autistic and/or subhuman in every other one. Disgusting but fitting

No. 1768510


Is that…an actual shit-smear in the left corner? The pet hair is indisputable as well.

No. 1768545

File: 1676462650270.jpeg (501.21 KB, 1170x805, FAF006A4-305C-4305-9BC2-3685EE…)

No. 1768556

>pic not taken from IN the bath
still not proof she bathes kek

No. 1768565

I know the word "bleak" tends to be overused in Shayna threads, but at the rate she's going I'm not sure which is going to kill her first, The endless vomiting cycle of her addictions or some degenerate moid she let's into her home. It's crazy to think she's only 25 at this point.

No. 1768579


she's probably retarded enough to get drunk and drown in the tub

No. 1768590

File: 1676466193648.jpeg (Spoiler Image,989.37 KB, 1170x1539, DB192A65-86C1-42B0-9F5F-3254AD…)

No. 1768592

File: 1676466270983.jpeg (1.08 MB, 1170x1570, F1742277-3844-4109-BFA0-DDBE3C…)

What is that blur fail on her shin?

No. 1768606

her snatch looks painful in this picture. why it so red.

No. 1768614

Jesus fucking Christ Shayna, go to the doctor, you have a fucking yeast infection at the very least. How fucking retarded is she to not realise that her snatch shouldn’t be this red and angry and then post it as is?

No. 1768635

Tinfoil but along with the alcholism, I think she has had either long term BV or a yeast infection. It is absolutely unusually red and irritated, and probably why she was only focused on anal for so long until she prolapsed her buttplug-blown-out asshole that will need permanent diaper use soon. Add in sex with untested diseased moids and ass to vag buttplug e-coli barbie adventures. Moderate to heavy alcohol use can cause yeast overgrowth in the body because of sugar.

She also, you know, doesnt bathe, and if she does it's with a 8 month old washcloth and a uwu princess bath bomb made of Chinese glitter and lead. Like her brain.

No. 1768650

File: 1676470870880.jpeg (1.01 MB, 1170x1554, D8734684-51BE-48ED-AB5C-A6437B…)

No. 1768653

Astonishing how filthy that onesie looks.

No. 1768666

These shoes are so fucking hideous, she really does have the worst taste in literally everything. White trash hambeast.

No. 1768669

I was thinking the exact same thing nona, the confluence of degeneracy, complete lack of hygiene and treating her body like a garbage disposal unit has resulted in her most likely literally rotting from the inside out. It’s a miracle she’s not ended up with full blown sepsis yet

No. 1768715

High blood flow from using a vibrator and being highly aroused causes blood to sit at the surface of the skin. Any woman with light skin who is aroused will show that. Don't be fucking stupid.

No. 1768719

"What 7 years of sex work does to a MF"
I'd rather kill myself.

No. 1768721

the "white" of the onesie juxtaposed against the white of the diaper… disgusting

No. 1768722

>>1768715 assuming shayna gets aroused. And she is dry af. Something is wrong. I am extremely pale and if my vag was blood red I would be worried.

No. 1768727

I hate you for making me look closer but if she were aroused, she’d be moist at the very least and it looks pretty dry. Also, when experiencing arousal the labia and clitoris tend to swell and that’s definitely not happening. There’s no way she’s aroused. Occam’s razor, anon.

No. 1768731

File: 1676478945012.jpg (55.88 KB, 612x408, shayna.jpg)

I never in my life seen anyone as porcine as she is. Everything from the palour of her pimpled skin, the way she holds herself, her self inflicted slovenly living conditions, how every image she posts is tainted with filthy pink accessories and her ever increasing gunt just screams "pig".

She is getting huge.

No. 1768736

File: 1676479236347.jpeg (487.1 KB, 1242x1547, AB8F56A5-5A1C-4855-83D9-3D2264…)

Jason r Womack still simping years later

No. 1768755

Fr she NEVER posts about any gifts or anything she does for other people. I think she's so delusionally entitled but also so deep into the porn brain rot kink dynamics that she thinks sinces shes the ~uwu baby subby princess~ she doesn't have to. And when she pretends to domme she also doesnt have to give.
I mean she's a selfish person and despite going on and on about how caring, sweet, loving, and wonderful she is we know she doesnt do shit for others or give gifts much less thoughtful ones. But I do believe part of it and the way she justifies it in her mind is because she doesnt differentiate and draw a line between her porn persona and her real life. They overlap and melt together and thats why she'll never function decently and have significant, healthy relationships. Romantic, friendship, sexual,etc.

No. 1768757

Samefag the only thing she does is offer her body for weird sex things and even then she just lays there or does the bare minimum. You know its not even good sex. Other than that i bet she thinks shes such a ~ sweet, loving beacon of light~ for her twitter posts like "i just want to say i love u all n dont give up because u are great!" which is probably the extent of encouragement she offers her partners.

No. 1768760

Looks like shitty cat paw marks, so yes.
Just out of the er supposedly but back at it with smoking and drinking. Incredible.
Still think it was weird she did post from the doctors BEFORE leaving, but no context. But nothing during the trip but airport pics on the way and 1 hotel room pic. Maybe she was getting and std test per pack request before going to see Shane lol then used the er trip as a cover while meeting up

No. 1768782

she also edits her pics poorly, remember that. she ups the contrast like crazy to make the pinks stand out but makes her skin look either orange or grey and her vagina winds up looking beet red. she’s a retard, idk why everyone wants to believe she has serious medical issues. that would only further her delusion that she’s special and not doing these things to herself. everything that happens to her is a consequence of her own retardation, not some long term medical issue(s) she’s just been ignoring.

No. 1768852

take the stick out of your cunt. we've seen her pussy a million times and it never looks like that despite destroying her clit with a vibe many times before. just looks like poor editing to me, she upped the contrast and gave herself the rag.

No. 1768855

>vagina winds up looking beet red.
kek if only shaynus had years and years of experience showing off her hoo-hah to draw from…oh wait

No. 1768918

File: 1676491734319.jpeg (657.9 KB, 1170x1536, A6E483D2-5FD0-4565-9F6C-F60B5E…)


No. 1768919

File: 1676491789837.jpeg (249.13 KB, 1170x539, 2FF35969-CF13-4504-82AC-33ED22…)

2/2 Shay, you literally sell yourself for doordash and stuffed animals. $40 should be amazing for you

No. 1768920

File: 1676491845621.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1014.03 KB, 1170x1579, 93B23D13-FD08-4FAE-94E3-EF2CD9…)

Here we go again

No. 1768925


Imagine just saying that you don't do shit for cheap and then sell yourself for cheap.

No. 1768932

>time and effort
>effort for opening the camera and edit a video

No. 1768936

Kek yeah we'll see if that actually happens. Doubtful. Although seeing her do a "tickle shoot" would be lulzy af. Imagine her jiggling gunt, fucking barf.

No. 1768940

just noticed divorcee Dawn is back to following Shayna. pathetic

No. 1768941

Ok Miss "my custom vids start at $10 a min if you want to see me shit and wipe with these nails" kek

No. 1768942

Where does she get off being above $40 for a vid? She sells her own stupid concept vids for 10 bucks. Doing a short anal vid for 40 bucks is reasonable at this point.

No. 1768943

"don't @ me for less than $100!"
"all 260 of my videos for $100!"

being conservative at 3min a pop that's 780 minutes of her degrading herself. well played Shay.

No. 1768949

Not true at all, I'm as white as paper similar to >>1768722 and my coochie has never looked beet red like that. It looks like she has a literal syndrome or infection or something, but even when I had a problem with my vagina being swollen from sex in the past it wasn't visibly red on the outside.
She should take his money and give him the ending of her ass getting "wrecked" with the horrid mayochup with closeups of its consistency.
Ooh Alabama anons may get a Shay spotting after all.

No. 1768957

she says this like everyone hasnt already seen the level of “effort” she puts into her “content”

No. 1768964

$10 scote bucks says she was a cunt to this customer instead of trying to work with his budget. Like why not try to sell him a bundle of your old vids and get the $40 from the moid. But this whole interaction is ridiculous considering how low people pay her during her MFC shows and when you look back at fucked up shit she’s done for far less. Like honey, you aint in a position to be turning down work when you beg to make rent each month. This the job YOU chose. Time to work!

No. 1768989

she has absolutely no concept of customer service and it shows. a potential customer telling you what they're looking for and what their budget is, is so fucking basic. imagine messaging an artist or something asking about a commission piece, and when you find out they're out of your price range and say "thanks, nvm", the artist posts screenshots of your messages publicly saying how much it pissed them off? she's so fucking entitled and can't be polite to save her life. maybe she would be a little bit better at this if she had stayed at olive garden for a couple of shifts instead of being edgy and walking out her first night.

No. 1769001

This is so wildly unprofessional and stupid of her. Pornsick scrotes are always going to “undervalue” your services because they don’t see sex work as work, they see it as easy entertainment that whores do for funzies. Every cam worker has gotten some kind of message like this. Delete it and move on, or work with the guy to try and get a quick 40 bucks out of him.

No. 1769003

I bet this stupid moid saw all her spammy advertisements for her whole catalogue for cheap and thought he could capitalize off her desperation. Shay, this is marketing 101. Be consistent with your pricing and shit like this won’t happen.

She loves to prattle on about all the skills it takes to be a swer but she can’t grasp even the most basic concepts.

No. 1769008

fr. she could finish it within an hour, and 40$ for an hour of work is better than minimum wage so what is she complaining about? damn. also her videos are worth over 700, according to who? if no one wants to buy them then maybe they're not worth as much as she values tehm as….

No. 1769012

also does shayna ever talk about doing her taxes? if she isn't even reporting or taxing her sales then she's getting better than min wage.

No. 1769040

>260 videos
$2.69 per video
>$100 sale
38.4 cents per video

No. 1769045

>OnlyFans Takes a 20% Cut on its Users' Transactions.
>OnlyFans will send you a 1099-NEC if you earned more than $600 by using their platform. If you made less than $600 from the app, then you most likely will not receive a tax form. However, you are still responsible for reporting your income earned and paying taxes on them before the due date.
I believe she is too stupid to avoid taxing.

No. 1769053

she has no problem putting this convo on blast but not the one of actual pedos asking her to say she's underage

No. 1769059

well this is more important. That man ONLY wanted to talk about minors sexually and ONLY wanted her to say she's underaged. He ONLY told her he's attracted to minors and wants to use her as a gateway to get that fantasy.
This is waaaay more important. We need to know some scrote thought a custom from the Dolly Mattel is fucking disgraceful and he deserves to be swiftly cancelled and screamed at.
Why should she expose the "Lets talk about minors" Scrote? He's not saying her work is worth $40, which is waaay more important

No. 1769063

She is legit retarded.
>>"dont talk to me unless you have $100 to spend on 1 vid"
Then an hour later
>>"im selling all 260 of my vids for $100!!"

No. 1769065

what the fuck is she upset for?!?! Shayna, YOU made your price $10/min, not everyone is going to want a 10 min+ video from you. How fucking retarded can you get? She’s putting this customer on blast when they did nothing wrong.

No. 1769071

Kek, when I saw she was in Huntsville I got a little excited, ngl. It's so rare for cows to be in this state.
Scrote probably offered her dumb ass forty bucks because he sees she's always selling her full set for a hundred fucking dollars. Absolutely unreal.

No. 1769106

It’s funny to me how she says all’s her videos are “worth $700” as if this is completely static and no variables raise or reduce the value. Like every video she posts doing the same thing reduces the value of the other similar videos. Every video of her being a dog reduces the value of each dog video. And all her free content reduces everything. And the fact that she doesn’t resemble the videos, the videos are dated, etc. etc, they are a dime a dozen. It doesn’t matter anyway because who wants 100+ videos of the same thing

No. 1769110

Dawn lives in TN now. Looks like they both recently followed each other… I wonder if she's still keeping tabs on the thread and saw the hog would be in her neck of the woods?

No. 1769120

But she said Dawn is an abuser and tricked her and made her uncomfortable!

No. 1769128

I really want to know more about the “dates” she goes on and what she actually feels about them. I don’t care how much you’re getting paid, you can’t not be disgusted letting this thing >>1768434 grab your boobs. And she put him in a diaper? I would kms.

No. 1769138

Just like vivi kek. Seems everyone abuses shatna, poor obese cow

No. 1769141

even if it wasn’t the same thing over and over, what the fuck is a moid going to do with 100 videos? they hoard a few “good” videos and watch them on repeat. no moid would pay for 100 videos. she’s better off just upping the price for a few videos and delisting the rest for exclusivity.

No. 1769142

File: 1676512558063.jpeg (833.33 KB, 1536x2048, 21A37164-BAFA-4E0F-9F6A-902EC7…)

No. 1769143

File: 1676512606200.jpeg (179.6 KB, 1169x1759, C114B5ED-1675-434B-9956-FA8A7A…)

No. 1769144

File: 1676512662777.jpeg (791.51 KB, 1536x2048, A645B0FC-81EC-495C-97EC-42BA67…)

So damn ugly kek

No. 1769145

File: 1676512797894.jpeg (846.08 KB, 1648x2048, 95844CCE-97BD-4011-9FD7-BE01E5…)

She probably looks so retarded taking these on her patio

No. 1769147

her lips my lord

No. 1769159

>>1768918 then write that your videos start at 10min for $100, every minute more is extra $10.Jesus christ 7 years of sex work for what.

No. 1769160

I can't with the lana del ray aesthetic photo shoot on the patio, also she has no lips in this photo at all like legit paper cut ass lips i know its probably from holding the joint in her mouth but still i can't get over her no lips having ass here.

No. 1769182

>>1769143 enlarge photo to see her shirt covered in animal hairs

No. 1769188

>Hey girls, first time posting on reddit. I got called sir today. Do I pass?

No. 1769197

She thinks she's still on tumblr

No. 1769212

her top lip is basically gone at this point. she has those creepy white girl papercut thin lips.

No. 1769239

File: 1676524446713.jpeg (341.13 KB, 750x902, 9F3B43A8-2809-4C77-882B-C3519D…)

who is she trying to start fights with now

No. 1769242

File: 1676525177456.jpeg (276.14 KB, 750x605, 7FD63D37-9057-4C0B-BE93-767DAE…)

same anon but she's on one. does she not realize that's all she does on twitter all day?

No. 1769243

I hope she isn’t truly naive enough to believe that the majority of content creators (not just sex workers) are their true authentic selves on the internet. she’s really showing her ass here.

No. 1769245

I get the impression that she's still mad that she was "canceled"

No. 1769247

Take your own advice you fat pig lol

No. 1769268

Idk how someone can be such a delusional hypocrite but here Shaynus is

No. 1769269

The lighting and editing makes the shirt look like it has grease stains all over it kek
And its the poorly cut and sewn shit quality skirt for me

No. 1769275

THE FUCKING LIPS. WHY. I KNOW that shit is painful. I bet her lips split whenever she talks. She seriously couldn't slap on some fucking balm or vaseline for some pictures? Disgusting. You're such a bimbo letting your dry, withered lips accrue multiple scabs! Fucking atrocious.

No. 1769284

She’s literally not minding her own business in this post about SWs needing to mind their own business

No. 1769306


so shayna is implying that her act as a pedo pandering degenerate is 'her true self' how embarrassing

No. 1769341

i see her her dowagers hump is coming along nicely

No. 1769352

Isn't this the same girl who's had her WORK twitter locked down on private for a month cause she doesn't want her "peers" to know she dropped her cat?

No. 1769354

File: 1676548102466.jpg (283.88 KB, 536x753, 10293.jpg)

She deleted this one.
I'm 100% sure she's posted this pic before… what was her plan? Get some moid to send her money, then she'd send the uncropped version of a pic she already posted on twitter for free months ago? She has the audacity, I'll give her that.

No. 1769373

I know everyone’s already said it but the lack of self awareness here is kind of impressive

No. 1769385

Ew she's developing a buffalo hump on her neck because she's getting so fat.

No. 1769412

spoiled like milk, yeah
her hair does look reasonably nice, or at least clean, for once

No. 1769439

seeing it clean makes me realise just how dirty it is all the time, i guess i thought she just looked like that

No. 1769461

File: 1676560420058.jpeg (Spoiler Image,515.6 KB, 750x1001, 1CF34BE6-E98F-4C6C-9012-513BC0…)

she's talking about fetcon

No. 1769478

File: 1676561732829.jpg (245.9 KB, 659x1061, Screenshot_20230216_103250_Pho…)

when cows collide: radblr cow is blaming people spamming lesbian discord servers with moid porn on shayna

No. 1769511

What the fuck what radblr retard is doing this bc it definitely isn’t shayna herself. Cows colliding indeed

No. 1769552

Is this feeder lite bait?
And yeah she posted this ugly pic with her tits out just a couple weeks ago when some coomer allegedly sent her doordash giftcards for sushi.

No. 1769564

This is so retarded for so many reasons
>Sex worker mad that other sex workers (aka her competition) aren't working/making money but agruing
How…does that affect you at all? You should be happy they are fighting instead of working. That means more pennies for you and fewer sex workers trying to steal Womack.
>Bein who u rlly are
How do you know who these people really are, 1. And two…uh to some people this is a fucking job (Sadly) and "Who they rlly are" online is a persona for sex work. Unlike Shayna ,They aren't always "BigBootyHoe69420", like she is "Dolly Mattel" 24/7 and still have no personality. Like a pizza maker isn't making pizza 24/7, always talking about pizza, only have pizza maker friends etc. They have a life outside of their job.
This is like on Flavor of Love where the girls would become friends and have emotional ass drama with each other, crying when one leaves or getting mad, when they are supposed to be competing for that gross scrote.
Why the fuck do you CARE about your competition not working? YOU are not working, whining about their drama.

No. 1769638

File: 1676572897962.jpeg (271.79 KB, 750x790, 3DE8DEBB-F12A-4626-8180-BAF14E…)

my god she's so pathetic

No. 1769639

File: 1676573007447.jpeg (246.25 KB, 750x346, 16FE0B01-8CDF-48B1-9BE4-D9C6B1…)

she deleted the "fatphobic" tweet so i didn't get to see who she was calling out now
also ellen is taking shayna to the dentist for their valentine's day outing?

No. 1769652

Kek Id say shading her other partners but like… does she even have any other partners? The only other one she's had is "The Dad" and since Shane, she stopped bringing him up.
Imagine being a "poly" sex worker and you still can't get a boyfriend kek

No. 1769663

Shayna would 100% be fatphobic is she hadn't gotten fat herself. She was so stuck up when she was 18 and thin.

No. 1769676

File: 1676575276399.jpeg (205.05 KB, 750x453, A80271F0-FCA2-4819-8338-9664D5…)

if she's not lying, this is going to look so bad and embarrassing

No. 1769691

Cant believe the orthodontist thought she needed braces that badly and that she came off as someone who could upkeep them.
Her teeth aren't really all that crooked in a way that would need braces to fix them. She needs a cleaning and the widdled down ones removed and replaced. Then she just needs to brush her teeth regularly.
Invisalign or those things would be enough.
She just wants to pedo larp and thinks braces are ~uwu egirl~ but theyre going to look so fucking stupid on her and she's not going to take care of them and she'll end up hating them and wanting them removed within a month. Kids and adults don't want braces. They only get them if they REALLY need them. Except retards like Shaynus. Hope she fucks her teeth up worse.

No. 1769717

…And where do you fit in, Shayna, seeing as how you have neither any meaningful, lasting, true friendships, nor are you successful? Nor are you authentic in any way…

No. 1769722

It's baffling to me how Shayna constantly makes herself look a fool when trying to call out other people. Why are they your partners if only ONE is doing something for you? Kek. They don't look bad, you look retarded for not cutting off people who can't even give you a fucking valentines card after you let them slap your assback or something kek.
Also what did you do for Ellen?

No. 1769724

If you think her lips are bad now, wait until she gets braces and every single picture she's stretching her dry crunchy cracking lips to show them off.

No. 1769726

Fat ugly woman with a gross honker and a mouth full of metal, what a catch. She doesn't even make money off her pedo larp and now she's making herself look worse to normal men in every day life for something that won't pay back

No. 1769728

My predictions for Shaynas Brace:

Scenario #1 - Doctor will not give her older style braces cause that's fucking retarded.

Scenario #2 - Her Dad won't pay the extra cost for her to pedo-bait when the clear style ones are much cheaper. This causes drama between them

Scenario #3: Shayna gets what she wants but immediately hates them and cannot handle the pain. After wasting her father's mother, she gets them removed after a few months and "accepts" her snaggleteeth.

No. 1769733

"Pay to watch me eat"
It's now….
Its the feeder saga

No. 1769736

It’s not that serious/hard to get the og metal ones,I’ve seen so many people who are 30+ yrs old who actually need those to correct their teeth and the metal ones are made for really fucked up teeth they align them better,I hate shart but unfortunately her snaggle tooth p3do ass is going to get them for the wrong reasons when in reality she needs veneers

No. 1769744


I just had mine removed after 2.5 years. We did metal on the bottom and ceramic on top. Even with the ceramic you can choose cute color ties. However, extremely extremely painful process. The first week is brutal and this fat pig will not be able to chew and eat candy and chips, which will kill her. Something tells me she's not going to spend 15 minutes every night threading floss through her braces to keep her teeth clean, water piking and brushing after every meal (food gets STUCK!) and her teeth WILL rot in her mouth! Also, every 4 weeks is another painful adjustment. It's a huge committment. I had to pay $7,500 cash for mine, as insurance doesn't cover any of the cost after 21.

I am in retainer hell now. Something tells me she won't even make it this far. I can't see her escaping this without permanently damaging her mouth from rot from not caring for her teeth properly.

No. 1769755

how often she smokes is reason enough why this would be a trainwreck, i hope she gets them because her teeth will get way worse and i like to see a pedo panderer suffer kek

No. 1769761

She said when she initially called to ask they were really pushing invisline to her, so obviously they've had some knowledge of her snaggle situation and think invisiline is enough. Her teeth arent THAT bad, theyre just mishapen and ugly and braces won't fix that. Like her one fang is tiny as hell and seemingly decaying/disappearing.

No. 1769763

File: 1676580913745.png (334.69 KB, 420x500, shaymu.png)

She's better off just buying some gag crap like picrel. Its not like getting braces is suddenly gonna make her put out more content and make more money. She'll just end up hating them and it will become one more "reason" she isn't successful.

Shayna: "I did this for my health single tear! Woe is me!"

No. 1769769

She could have just gotten tooth gems. I’ve seen people get them along their teeth and at glance they look like braces. Idk if that’s what they’re going for but it’s significantly cheaper and comes off after 6-9 months.

She won’t clean her braces and her teeth are going to rot away. I’m glad she’s going through this retarded shit for something she thinks will make her look cute.

No. 1769775

>>1769744 Did you also have to get a little bit of tooth sanded away between them? That was absolute hell, shay would not be able to handle that. Dentist said metal brackets are more resilient so I opted for those, imo ceramics looks kinda weird, like fat teeth.
I only need retainer at night + a permanent one on the back of the 6 top and bottom teeth, which still require a lot of care! I doubt she would even wear a retainer and just piss all the money away and let her teeth slide back.

No. 1769779

What kinda orthodontist would put your braces on right away on the first visit lol

No. 1769804

Probably a bad/greedy one. Anons are saying she doesn’t need them but I’ve heard dentists recommend unnecessary braces and other procedures to people like my father in his 50s who has one slightly crooked tooth kek it’s a good moneymaker and they’re not going to say no to her if she doesn’t even ask about alternatives or second opinions.

No. 1769808

this is BS or she's seen a shady dentist. You have to get an imprint of your teeth/mouth first to get the right wire before you can get braces actually put in

No. 1769812

>>1769808 well who is surprised she is going to a bad dentist? She probably only looks at who does them cheapest since they are only for aesthetics for her anyway.

No. 1769829

File: 1676586306314.jpeg (Spoiler Image,780.06 KB, 1104x1084, 33EB3BED-E275-4E8D-9EAF-99E73E…)

kek this is gonna be a disaster and i cant wait for shayna to fuck herself over more

No. 1769830

oh lord. ik we rag on her teeth but she doesn't need braces, it's just the front 2 and her snaggletooth that need correcting. others anons are 100% correct that shay will not bother with the upkeep of wearing retainers, i give it a couple of months max until she starts tweeting about how much she regrets getting braces and that they've fucked her teeth up

No. 1769836

File: 1676587207552.jpeg (419.42 KB, 750x1097, 4A79585C-A77B-4985-BD69-EEAA9E…)

lmao and also kek

No. 1769839

Just how the hell is she going to afford braces? Maybe it's because I had braces as a child but I am so so utterly disgusted. Even if she looks like a mentally disabled woman, her intentions still show that she is an absolute PEDOPHILE. FUCK YOU SHAYNUS.

No. 1769843

it's so so so grotesque and nasty to me she was expecting her parents to pay for her pedo larp. she needs to get a grip and evaluate her life

No. 1769853

Better sign up for some ER coverage insurance while at it if she plans to be going monthly
Inb4 begging for money to make insurance payments or to cover the rest of her medical bills when insurnsce only covers them partially
Exactly, she'll continue with the once a month video and cam every 3 months, maybe it'll become less when she has to deal with the pain and rotting teeth kek

No. 1769854

File: 1676588094158.jpeg (259.49 KB, 750x923, 20D60E57-9470-491D-98EC-D80AAC…)

she's deleted every tweet about braces from today what a tard

No. 1769855

kek wrong thread nonny?

No. 1769858

Lmao so she was using their insurance. BTW Shay, usually you need to be enrolled for at least a year before they will cover major expenses like braces. Dumbass.

No. 1769859

kek, at least now she knows when she can stop her ER visits as no one will pay for them

No. 1769866

I guess that answers why he wanted to do them today kek. She clearly went to a scuzzy ass ortho.

No. 1769869

She’s not going to get braces. She doesn’t even go for regular cleanings. This orthodontist somehow sounds almost as retarded as her, it sounds like a story she’s concocted to scam for money. I am looking forward to seeing Shays health and financial problems compound when she’s no longer on her dad’s insurance though.

No. 1769876

The secret to medical bills your insurance has only partially paid is to throw them in the trash can. You aren’t required to pay that and it will be written off and won’t affect your credit at all.

No. 1769879

Braces are fucking brutal. They hurt like fuck even when they haven’t just been tightened. It’s constant discomfort. You have to buy a ton of fucking wax to stick over the wires where they dig into your mouth meat and cause cuts. At least back in the day when I had braces my orthodontist would always give me Tylenol with codeine to deal with the pain after getting them tightened - doctors refuse to prescribe narcotic painkillers for braces nowadays.

Enjoy being in alternating agony and extreme discomfort, Shayna. Oh and enjoy your rotten mouth when you get them taken off, chances are she’ll need like 5 or more fillings once they come off. If they ever even come off at all. If you stop paying for braces they won’t remove them. I know someone whose parents stopped paying on their braces and they still have them attached over a decade later - their teeth always hurt them and they’re super self conscious about it. However I actually feel bad and my heart breaks for the person I know cause they don’t deserve to have to deal with that, Shayna however, may her teeth rest in piss.

No. 1769880

The funniest part will be when she gets them off her teeth will be brown with white spots in the middle since she won’t brush regularly “pay for my whitening”saga

No. 1769886

I’m praying she goes through with this. She doesn’t give a fuck about her teeth, she just wants them for uwu cutesy pedo points. If she actually gave a fuck about her appearance she’d be doing skincare and drinking some damn water. She just sees this as the easy way out. All she has to do is spend (not her) money. She’s going to do a few videos with the pedobait braces, they’re not going to have any affect on her sales, the novelty will wear off, and she’ll bitch and moan about having them on till she scrounges up enough money to get them removed. She’s going to waste so much money on this.

If she even goes through with it, that is.

No. 1769888

we’ll never hear about this again. she never signed up for “dental insurance” and she will hope people forget in “a couple months”

No. 1769890

plasticnproud is a trashy whore but its funny to compare how she was able to manage conning a dentist into giving her free dental work/veneers and Shayhog is over here squealing over being kicked off her dad’s health insurance.

No. 1769909

didn’t pnp fuck her dentist? that barely counts as conning. she’s also a compulsive liar just like shay. they’re both obsessed with presenting the image that they can get whatever they want from men just by showing up but we all know that’s not true bc they’re both busted af irl.

No. 1769913

Kek this flAbby fat hog is going to rot her crooked ass teeth out of her head for the coom! Literal troon territory Shaynus has scrote brain

No. 1769915

Even with insurance, i feel like there will be a copay or things not covered. Not to blog but for example any insurance ive had wont cover contacts and only very basic style glasses. I assume dental would be similar. Especially some generic one shes saying she's just gonna sign up for. I feel like at best the insurance will cover the appointments and maybe necessary/emergency procedures. Not braces and extra things.
Also confirmed shes been on parents insurance.
She's going to get a wake up call when she can't just waddle into the ER every other week because of her alcoholic tendencies.

No. 1769917

She looks developmentally disabled my new Shaygoil is that she's actually learning disabled and needs to be in a facility.

No. 1769923


yeah, and after they sanded/shaved between my teeth i looked like a straight up hillbilly until they moved back together–i was furious.

also, remember having to wear the rubberbands and not being able to open your mouth? oh man, i can't wait for her to fail at this.

i got the permanent on the bottom (i hate the feeling!!!!) and have to wear the removables for an entire month 24/7 unless eating. i was told after a month i could go to just at night.(not your personal blog)

No. 1769925

>fewer sex workers trying to steal Womack.

No. 1769949

ew she’s going to have dirty crusty braces with super chapped cut up lips. it’s like a cartoon depiction of the nerd stereotype.

No. 1769962

I hope she does go through with it and end up out the money and suffers worse dental issues. But the truth is she wont follow through.

No. 1769966

Dental covers very little as a lot of dental work is just pure cosmetic and insurance companies don’t pay to make you look better(which is why they will pay for basic glasses and not contacts). So yes, she will have to still pay for them. Idk why she would need dental insurance for something that isn’t covered already . I pay for my cleanings out of pocket since it’s not that expensive. I don’t have dental insurance and haven’t for years but upkeep just fine without it.
She could do something like CareCredit and pay it off monthly. Don’t need insurance for that.

No. 1769975

ay i also have the permanent on the bottom. my dentist rages about it whenever i visit and tells me he hates orthodontists who force it on patients. it’s so hard to floss with it. i have the feeling shay might get the permanent ones too. her teeth are gonna rot.

No. 1769989

What on earth are you talking about, you can’t throw away medical bills you owe? That’s not how insurance works anon and you probably owe some big $

No. 1769993

She's already paying off her dollskill clothes on afterpay though nonnie kek
But in all seriousness Shaynus making monthly payments on anything is a joke itself. She can barely pull rent together. Id be surprised if her phone wasnt on a plan with Ellen after leaving Fupas because she can't even handle that.

No. 1769999

I hope the orthodontist makes a bunch of money off her dumbass, braces are expensive as fuck because they break if you barely eat the wrong things, you could be having a deliciously barely crunchy sandwich and you could end up having to spend at least from 25 to 75 dollars on replacing the broken/fallen piece.
It will be fun if she does a weekly
>pls snd mee money bcuz I broke the 5th bracket of the week & it'z liek 500 dollars crying emoji laughing crying emoji laughing crying emoji I will send you my 1200 videos and 2000 pictures for 50 dollars!! (Actual value 300 dollars!)

No. 1770006


I wonder if she even knows what her parents insurance covers? Normal dental insurance does not cover ortho. You have to get a higher tier plan that does, and it's pretty pointless unless you specifically plan to do that at some point so idk why her parents would just have it. It also only covers a portion of the cost… so she would still be responsible for half or more. And that's only if deemed medically beneficial. Her snaggle tooth is ugly, but probably not really a medical concern. aka it's not happening bc Splenda baby Shay could never.

No. 1770007

based and shaynarchy pilled tbh

No. 1770012

This works equally well for any kind of bill, not just medical ones, anon!

No. 1770036

in america, not paying medical bills doesn’t affect your credit score; that’s all. many people worry about it once they go into collections but it’s not until they stack up to hundreds of thousands of dollars that it actually starts to matter. unfortunately for many people in america, they do have hundreds of thousands of dollars in medical debt. those are people with serious illnesses like cancer and such. Shayna does not.

No. 1770067

File: 1676610909180.jpeg (318.13 KB, 750x1013, C21148DF-64A0-4C51-A898-834F5B…)

she deleted this tweet now. i wonder if her and ellen the elephant had a fight

No. 1770070

Ayrt and unfortunately, this strategy only works for medical bills. Anything else like credit card bills it only takes a few missed payments to get sued - plus that shit will tank your credit score. Not paying medical bills wont get you sued and won’t affect your credit. Hospitals literally put aside millions in their budgets to write off unpaid medical bills.

No. 1770080

It seems to me like she’s in a manic phase post Shane depression. She probably had one of her subs reach out and say they wanted to do something with Shay for Vday but she blew them off/ignored them. That or Ellen is asking her to not tweet about her due to the farms and Shay in typical selfish manners “forgot” about that before she tweeted

No. 1770096

I still find it mildly surprising that Ellen Degenerate hasn’t locked her twitter. Has anyone checked Shane’s social media to see if he has been active recently? He probably has another twitter account that can’t be traced back to Shaynus. Anyway, who wants to bet that she’ll make up a last minute excuse to get out of camming on Saturday? I hope she doesn’t though, the thread needs some fresh milk

No. 1770104

or she realizes how pathetic it sounds that mummy is the only one that did something for her.

No. 1770136

File: 1676621304241.jpeg (794.83 KB, 1242x1505, 56AFA540-DD75-4B13-82AC-3B5A4E…)

Trashy amerifat fondue

No. 1770138

These tweets with/about Ellen are so pathetic, it's obvious they're just friends and not dating or whatever

No. 1770144

Right? She whining about not being in a relationship for vday made that very clear. Shaynus don’t you have a mommy dommy gf wtf are you talking about no relationship lol. I wonder what Ellen thinks of her whining on twitter like that?

No. 1770147

> it sounds like a story she’s concocted to scam for money

supporting this due to the excessive amount she documented her hospital visits in the past. no sexual innuendos about having hands in her mouth or the alleged medical fetish? where’s the ~totally happened~ part where she gets hit on or ‘babied’? or some convoluted plot about being drugged & molested?

also we have all seen the horror show that is her blow job, uh, ability; now throw a bunch of metal in there.

No. 1770158

It looks so cheap and gross compared to proper fondue and you can bet it’s not made with the right cheeses and liquor. No wonder these ugly retards are so fat

No. 1770160

I really want to know what’s in this weird relationship LARP for Ellen, like how does it benefit her?

No. 1770184

go back to tiktok you self-censoring zoomer retard

No. 1770186

File: 1676633390722.jpg (Spoiler Image,138.78 KB, 1500x1000, 71q8Amr0cxL.jpg)

Pretty sure ayrt was trolling. But you're correct regarding medical bills, can confirm. After like 5 years or something, it's wiped from your record. Health care and insurance is a scam.

>where’s the ~totally happened~ part
Lmao I know, right? You mean the dentist didn't totally call her a good girl and give her a lollipop and choose a toy from the treasure chest? (Was the dentist treasure chest a universal experience or am I making a reference no one will understand? Kek) Spoilered for irrelevance

No. 1770191

it's expensive but it's fucking fine chill lmao y'all are so dumb

No. 1770194

Back to twitter, trashy amerilard

No. 1770216

her monthly payments are probably exactly why she barely makes rent each month. she definitely makes enough to live a modest life in a 1 bedroom apartment with a basic car. but she chooses to live outside her means in the 2 bedroom luxury apartment and then probably has a huge monthly bill from her couch, bed, tv, and whatever other shit she's placed on afterpay.

No. 1770218

she probably just realized this is highly offensive to any of her "sugar daddies" who were sending her nice messages and door dash cards on valentines when she was being emo and fat.

No. 1770221

Back to the Dentist, Eurotard.

No. 1770266

Pnp fucked her dentist, doctor, gay best friend, multiple clients all while having a husband. She's the most horrendous cow imo. Inside and out ugliest person on earth.

No. 1770284

Yes I remember the treasure chest kek.

No. 1770286

I think she's such a pathetic loser that the crumbs of attention she gets from Shayna is worth it. I doubt they do sexual things together, really, given how sexless Shayna truly is. I think Ellen also enjoys the run-off attention she gets from Shayna's (dwindling) simps. Basically she gets friendship & attention and all they have to do is both pretend that it's also sexual.

No. 1770307

How is shaymu flashing her soft shitty body and being boring on stream at all milk?

No. 1770309

This is honestly so true because every single time she goes into hospital she had to take a million nudes or selfies

No. 1770310

I’m certain her parents pay her phone bill I’ve never seen shayna e beg for a phone bill, just the new phone.

No. 1770331

File: 1676652546604.jpeg (479.74 KB, 750x1020, ED237F4E-770F-4D7E-AD31-886542…)

No. 1770333

File: 1676652715941.jpeg (372.51 KB, 750x799, 4FDE79BE-A4C6-48F6-9121-D9DD66…)

No. 1770337

File: 1676653073937.jpeg (239.09 KB, 750x479, 0E6F1E8D-8E4F-4793-919A-9D6A5F…)

she's on one again

No. 1770339

bitch has her work twitter privated for month and barely put out content when it was public - yet she wants to blame other people and her own past mistakes on why she doesnt see “growth”. She is so incredibly entitled for being such a lazy leech.

No. 1770347

people dont want to work with her cause she’s fat and stink and all she does is complain. if she was still skinny and took a shower every once and while she’d have no problem getting people to look past a few bitter sex workers.

No. 1770351

it's always "me! me! me!" with her. she can't even go to a shoot without being drunk and stupid and going to the ER and she bailed on her friend bratty pixie and other things like she's causing her own downfall and we're just watching

No. 1770354

I just think its funny that in Shayna's mind she probably thinks her and PnP are on the same level. And Shayna probably thinks she can "con" people into giving her free stuff in exchange for sex when this shit didnt happen to her even when Shayna was skinny. Shayna only wishes was "bimbo" enough to use sex to her advantage - yet all we ever hear about is "The customer service employee was nice to me because I was buying something." or "I got a free drink on the airplane tee hee" Like it's some flex.

No. 1770356

She doesnt even try to make new friends or to build peers in her line of “work”. How does she completely forget that there have been plenty of people who were willing to work with her despite her reputation but she destroys every relationship she’s in due to her BPD. She cant maintain friendships or work relationships and it has nothing to do with the internet or some twitter lore. Like, expand your fucking circle and try harder? Go to therapy? Build a fucking life outside sex work so have some damn self worth and don’t need to piss on speds to feel empowered.

No. 1770360

typical lazy shayna doesnt want to put in any effort and just wants people to reach out to HER to ask to be friends and make all the plans that keep friendships going. thats how it was when she was 18 and new on the scene. But shes aged out and fat now and didnt put any effort into maintaining the relationships she had growing up. Now she has no one and of course its someone else’s fault. tbh this a classic thing people go through in their 20s - the whole “friendships a two way street” thing. but i highly doubt she’ll self reflect.

No. 1770361

No one is trying to ruin her life. The other kink freaks that post their porn online with their real name or a variation, or have open social media accounts with their real name are retarded or that reads as they dont care.
The "nazi" stuff isn't even lolcow its other nobody ewhores.
It's just like hey, maybe if you have shit to hide, hide it better and don't parade online acting like some unashamed kinkfag or coomer when it clearly is sometimes to be ashamed of and keep private.

But really, neither the ewhores or these threads are why she's a failure anyway. She bails on the work opportunities she does get, doesnt make the most of them, and the content just doesnt sell well.
Coomers dont care about drama or political shit when they just want to jerk off to disgusting porn.
None of her collabs real or imagined would benefit her significantly. She's washed up, fat, stupid, and ugly. Theres girls doing better content that are more attractive. There's whores doing it cheaper. There's whores worth paying more for to the moids. Its a competitive place so bottom line yeah the other ewhores want less other ewhores around. Shaynus feels the same way though she wont admit it.
But the retarded catty ewhores and lolcow aren't ruining her big break or making her unsuccessful. Theres shitty people that are hated that excel anyway every day lol. Because enough people like them that it cancels out the people who dont, they have something going for them, etc.
She hit her porn peak years ago. She's been on a plateau because her content is stale, she's gone about as cheap as she can go, she's done bottom barrel things and bared it all, and her looks have declined severly and its not even like she was a hot girl to begin with. She was just younger and skinny. "Fresh meat". Now shes still as bitchy and entitled despite being fat and lazy and overall unpleasant to look at.

Tldr;There's no collab in her league that would make a difference enough in her whore status or financially and that's only on her.

No. 1770367

she doesn't even do anything that her coomers would like either. scrotes want to see real b/g content and more professional bdsm shoots like she used to do but she's too lazy and asexual to even ride a dildo on camera now, let alone do that. even when she makes content with that lovinglyhandmade creep she just giggles like a sped the whole time. all she does is weird diaper shit, horse girl spanking and retarded tickling shoots that only the smallest percentage of autists are into.

No. 1770368

File: 1676654773695.jpeg (226.02 KB, 1170x814, 3B711CCB-25D3-4A28-B0CC-A328F1…)

Per usual

No. 1770369

File: 1676654884630.jpeg (661.33 KB, 1170x1603, C24763BA-4954-4B92-A524-6F64EF…)

No. 1770371

File: 1676655138506.jpeg (729.7 KB, 1170x1642, 72B7A09A-4D10-4297-A5BF-B4674E…)

Shay, majority of your problematic shit happened once you turned 18

No. 1770375

Im sure the awful scrotes at facialabuse or whatever and places like that would work with her. That black guy that wanted to be her "dildoe", etc. Hell even brattypixie and that other chick were going to make content with her that wouldve been something a little different than her usual.
She's not willing to degrade herself that far and get ruined in "real porn" type shoots, she only wants to work with certain faggy fupa type moids, she wont wirk with girls objectively more attractive and above her, etc. She's posted she's told people to fuck off because they didnt want her to do the "little girl shit". Like if you want to be successful in an industry where doing whats popular or widely appealing matters, where you need to act and sell yourself thats what it takes. Get over yourself.
She just wants to do the same retarded pedo pandering shit, get slapped and spanked and whatever and never go outside the cheap pink box. She thinks she's just "being true to herself" and her retarded image, but if youre smart you can do that but also give the client what they are looking for as well. Like how she compromises to do the Skidmoore things but still shows up looking Shaytrashy. It can be done.
Alt people assimilate to get their jobs done all the time. They keep what they can, but compromise or tone it down to fit the brief. She wants to say she's a model, well models have it the worst. Theyre a canvas and the only thing they get to bring to collabs and shoots is their base form looks and the way they carry themselves and present.
Porn actresses arent known for their "brand" or what they wear to shoots. Theyre known for their faces/bodies or a certain notable vid really from what I can see. Not wearing fake nails and pink and wanting to be a baby at every place they go.
Anyway. Point is, she has thrown out many opportunities chasing chode or just being entiled or simply not wanting to do the work. Doing content with other ewhores isn't going to boost her all that much, if at all. The only collab vid that sells of hers is that one with the sadbuffon chick or whatever when they were both way younger and Shayna just actually got fucked with a strap on.
All her other collabs have been wearing the same costumes from dollskill or Amazon and pedo pandering while rolling around. She has no creativity and doesnt want to actually work.

No. 1770384

Exactly. She wants to do the content she wants to do which requires no actual fucking and little effort from her besides laying there and getting slapped. That gets boring fast for coomers. And all the kinks she does are niche or she doesn't fully commit.
I think her collab with that dom chick that put her in a cage thing was probably unfortunately popular because at least it looked somewhat on a professional level and she actually took a dildo and things. But all the effort was due to the other person and she iirc actually paid for that session because that domme actually knows what shes doing and how to make money and do decent quality sex work and content. As gross as it may be. Shayna is at a prostitution point of letting strangers in her bedroom to put their faces in her ass and jerk off on her feet. But not even make content from it. I bet coomers would actually pay to see that nasty shit. But she's too "good" to do that openly. Only private sessions where the money talks and she isnt actually in control and is doing depraved shit with randoms to make rent

No. 1770392

if she really is so DEAD SET on being a whore there are plenty of ways to whore yourself in private - it is one of the oldest professions in the world after all, women were making money and supporting themselves for years before twitter and OF. What shayna still wants is the fame and ass-pats that she’s such a COOL GIRL for doing something so OUT THERE. She thinks shes a porn influencer. She wants the world to know shes “different than other girls”. I highly highly doubt she’d continue doing sex work if she couldnt brag about it and show it off to whoever she’s trying to impress that month. If she was just in this for the money, she’d have gotten into stripping and escorting when she still had the body for it. If she was doing if for the “art” and “hard work” then she’d have continued with the professional porn. Everything she does now is out of desperation. I doubt she even knows what she wants anymore.

No. 1770393

exactly. like sarah palin porn is a good example, people fucking hated her but still wanted to see her get fucked/hate fucked. moids are disgusting. hating you just makes your porn sell better. her problem is her content is fucking disgusting and she’s lazy and doesnt want to work. literally all she needs to do is regular PIV/Anal scenes with a guy and put it out regularly. She jumps through these hoops putting out pedo shit and her wearing diapers maybe once a month and is too retarded to understand why she isnt “growing”

No. 1770398

she hasnt mentally grasped yet that she went full retard into an extremely competitive field that you age out of at 30. Shes only got what, 4 more years realistically to build her empire before she’s officially considered over the hill (nothing against the 30+ fam but youre basically retired and doing it for the extra money/side gig at that point for the loyal coomers who aged up with you in your 20s). There is no more big money left after you hit 30 unless youre an exceptional beauty and extremely focused on self care/staying fit.

No. 1770401

must kill her that no mini-whore ever come to her for advice and guidance anymore. no one wants to end up like shaynus kek

No. 1770402

She will just move onto escorting unless she finds a beta whale simp to fund her slovenly lifestyle (unlikely because even bottom of the barrel tards can't stomach her fat ass for more than a pump n dump). Most escorts are aged out strippers and cam girls.

No. 1770406

uh hey fatty, how about focus on the people who pay your bills instead of some inner-whore politics that you claim you’re above. she’s nearly 26 and still doesnt understand how to appeal to coomers

No. 1770408

It's BEEN 7 YEARS titanic gif
Bitch, give up already! you suck and not in the way you consider good.
Throw in the fuckin towel, change your name and move away.

No. 1770412

typical shayna, subtweeting a peer instead of talking it out with them or naming names. maybe no one wants to work with you cause you share private convos on your sex work twitter?

No. 1770418

I love how the thing that they won't let go isn't ANYTHING Lolcow did, the shit they hate shayna for on twitter isn't dropping her cat,pedo pandering, being a bitch to people, talking to 2 pedos who told her they basically are attracted to underaged people and want her to say she's underaged, nope.
Simply some trump shit and the hilter shit. All lolcow does is google. These people are clearly not ashamed until they realized people have eyes and can easily put two and two togeather when they see someone choking Shayna out with their ugly mug in the camera, and a username they used elsewhere.
Besides Fupaul, please tell me what Lolcow has done to ruin Shayna's sex work career? Even if we didn't exist the same weirdos would still be whining about the hilter/trump shit.
Fupaul would still not have been with her. Shane would STILL got sick of her ass. She would'nt be bigger or smaller. She cares more about us googling scrotes then her family being talked about or possibly sent shit by gross people.

No. 1770422

She wants a personal army. I legit think all this shit is towards Bratty, every time she got in a argument back in the day Bratty was running defense. Now she doesn't do that anymore. Shayna expects everyone to protect her like she's a fucking queen. I do not get why she thinks she's owed protection or defense, who the fuck is she? Kek. She loves cancel culture she just hates she doesn't have enough followers to properly have people cancelled on her behalf. Which is why I fully believe if Shayna was super popular on twitter, she'd be a huge unapologetic bitch to everyone. The only reason she hides it because she can't, she doesn't have the backup

No. 1770424

Why should people put their shit on the line for Shayna? Why does she expect people to say
>Well screw the people I want to work with/have a relationship with, I'm going to risk it all for you Shayna.
You tell people you have 24 hour stalkers, who will "Dox" aka google and "harass" aka talk shit on lolcow. Why does she expect people to instantly want to deal with not only getting cancelled by retards but also this site she claims is ruining her life and cannot be stopped? Again, who does she think she is? She's so fucking entitled. She expects people to give their last breathe to her meanwhile, lets Shane Pierre Sonnier sit on her back and fuck her for free for weeks, then beg his ass for forgiveness.

No. 1770451

Its funny because it sounds like shes not even talking about lolcow boolies this time. She's hung up on other ewhores not wanting to work with her because the twitter sex workers bring up her being a nazi and racist still. Her whole rant is just that her retarded whore peers don't like her or are scared to work with her.
Coomers dont care and people that are willing to work with her dont care about the petty drama. She turns down people and puts them on blast all the time. Customers, clients, and collabs.
Maybe people dont want to work with her because theyve seen how her other twitter collabs have ended in a dumpster fire of drama. Kendall is the only one who still acts decent to her, but you can tell their collab was an awkward failure anyway.
She has to pay for sessions with the domme chick and the bald freak to get any content worth posting.
If she regularly did decent b/g content maybe her coomers would be interested. But im sure they're bored of seeing her just get spanked and groped or just doing her repeatitive solo content.
She needs to commit to something:
Feederism, actual fucking, the diaper stuff, or prostitution. Her just dipping her toes in every disgusting degenerate barrel wont get her anywhere. Not like sex wprk in general will anyway. But im just saying. She wont do what real pornstars do because she doesnt like sex and is probably too scared/entitled. She wont get offline and fully privately prostitute because she loves internet validation. She wont just pick a fetish and full send and build herself up in an extreme fetish scene because she's lazy and thinks she has some ~uwu princess baby bimbo~ image she has to uphold.
Like other anons have said. She's aging out of sex work with nothing to show for it. No savings,no assets, no claim to fame, nothing notable. She ruined her body, mind, and "footprint" just to live a below average life.

No. 1770453

This. She's always been bitchy and entitled and puts customers on blast and vague posts about other people. If she had a following that actually cared enough to be attack dogs,she would directly @ people and it would inflate her ego to the max. She should take her own advice though and instead of bitch fighting and getting into drama all day on twitter, she should mind her business and do her stupid sex work so she can make rent.

No. 1770480

I've had braces as a teen and it took them like three visits of consultation before they put them on. Imprints, x-rays, regular dentist check up. It's not come and go thing, she's probably lying again.

No. 1770482

>She wants the world to know shes “different than other girls”
Took me wayyyy too long to realize this is why she does bottom-of-the-barrel fetish diaper content.

No. 1770508

she really doesnt bring anything to table either. she only has maybe three (?) loyal coomers who would buy the content, she isnt attractive enough and doesnt have the body to bring in new people based off a good vid preview pic, she wont do blow jobs and calls out abuse if you ask, she shows up drunk or high to the shoot if she even shows up at all. like people are doing her a FAVOUR to work with her. at best its a 50/50 split yet she wants to pretend she’s doing them a favour just by gracing them with the “presence of Shaymu”

No. 1770510

>lets Shane Pierre Sonnier sit on her back and fuck her for free for weeks, then beg his ass for forgiveness.

kek. never gets old.

No. 1770515

to add to the kink point - even when she does do kink she never has the end-customer in mind. take her “domme twitter” for example. even when she branches out she fucks it up. she makes a domme account and attempts some weak ass tweets then suddenly is like “IF YOU CANT ACCEPT IM A DOMME WHO IS ALSO A SUB THEN FUCK YOU” then cries when no one wants buy shit that only caters to her. Like fuck, Fatso, just go get a regular job and then become a coomer yourself and buy content if u dont want to actually contribute anything.

No. 1770623

File: 1676681655105.jpeg (1.7 MB, 3072x3072, 85A67E4E-7226-4B73-97C5-85B02E…)

why do these weird fat bitches always go for seafood boil directly after the aquarium?

No. 1770628

that's so morbid and creepy. fatty shatty was probably loudly pointing out to ellen what fish she wanted to eat at the aquarium. what a pig

No. 1770630

especially when her and brattybutterface chimped out at that other ewhore for having a photo of herself holding a fish that she'd caught

No. 1770635


such a retarded nitpick

No. 1770636

That’s not that weird kek, last time I was visiting my local aquarium I overheard a group of skinny girls talking about how looking at the fish was making them hungry and how they couldn’t wait to go to a local fancy seafood place for dinner that night.

No. 1770646

>luxury apartment

No. 1770650

not to white night but the aquarium in seattle is on the water front and theres like mostly seafood restaurants down there

No. 1770654

They always go to the Crab Pot after the aquarium to eat their “Seafeast For Two!”

No. 1770664

Shayna is lying. And she admitted to being kicked off her parents insurance. She can’t afford buying insurance herself. She deleted every tweet about her braces. Lolcow already figured it out because it’s obvious she makes no money and is always relying on her mom and dad to bail her out. She’s just a nasty fat hog who wants braces as an accessory to pander to pedophiles when they’re actual children/families who can’t afford to get them and actually NEED them. I hate Shayna Clifford the pedophile

No. 1770665

It seems a lil odd to me that you spend the day looking at beautiful sea life and then wanting go chomp on some dead ones straight after but I don't care for seafood so I dunno.

No. 1770666

File: 1676687447395.jpeg (219.92 KB, 1169x1520, CDB6958A-D8DE-4EBC-91D5-49D8B8…)


No. 1770667

File: 1676687551907.jpeg (1.22 MB, 1242x1850, 4B236761-E991-471A-8610-5B2985…)

She looks like a cave woman

No. 1770668

There bows are so ugly can you imagine seeing a grown woman with a big ass crunchy bow that doesn't even match what she's wearing??

No. 1770669

File: 1676687585003.jpeg (205.04 KB, 1169x1507, 3CC9D36B-F7E2-4D59-A157-1DDA64…)


No. 1770670

File: 1676687686205.jpeg (617.12 KB, 1536x2048, A2979C60-5FA8-41A8-AC2A-BAD292…)


No. 1770671

She’s not eating clown fish and sea otters, she’s eating crab and other gross bottom feeders. You go to the zoo and likely eat meat there or dinner after. It’s no different. The aquarium is by the ocean so it makes sense there are a lot of sea food restaurants.

I do think it’s gross tho just last night she porked out on fondue and today it’s buttered bottom feeders. Her diet is revolting kek

No. 1770673

File: 1676687779711.jpeg (1.29 MB, 1242x1530, 9DA6FE40-C0C4-42BF-9617-EC4B5C…)

Damn Ellen couldn’t even pay for the dinner

No. 1770674

It’s still gross idk I’m not trashyanon but I think the food looks gross it’s not even on a nice plate it’s just a bunch of nasty sea food on the table

No. 1770676

nonnie look up what a seafood boil is! you eat it poured out on the table.

No. 1770677

Her parents absolutely need to cut her off, a $200 lunch is ridiculous spending for an internet sex worker who is making a wage below the federal poverty level. What the hell will it take for her parents to stop giving her money?

No. 1770678

Kek im in total agreement that the food is gross. And I laughed at the thought of her picking her food off the bare table. Do they just dump it on the table from a bucket?
How do two people eat all that fucking food?

No. 1770680

People think she's a sped confirmed

No. 1770681

This is the most special needs she has ever looked.

No. 1770682

yes you dump it from the pot onto the table, it's a southern style seafood boil.

this isn't a nasty shatna meal technique.

No. 1770684

200$?? For shittily presented seafood? The fuck are they eating? The whole menu?

No. 1770686

File: 1676688207496.jpg (68.45 KB, 610x458, __opt__aboutcom__coeus__resour…)

to the non-us anons, this is a common style of eating seafood. it's usually done on the beach or outside, like at camp outs or family get togethers. this isn't presented poorly. it's literally how it's supposed to be.

No. 1770688

jesus her bangs…

No. 1770691

What do southerners have against using a food platter?

I’m a burger I’m just not familiar with southern traditions.

No. 1770692

her bangs and her gut out at the table

No. 1770693

I just did. It still looks trashy to me. Kek. Idk maybe it’s just Shayna everything she does is trashy. It just doesn’t seem like a “bimbo” meal. Bitch should be eating at Nobu if she’s “thriving”.

No. 1770694

Okay but it isn’t a family, that picture looks presentable. it’s two obese whores eating off the table

No. 1770695

Edging closer and closer to feeder content.

I'm not from the southern US but it's because it's an informal meal shared between a group of people and it makes the clean up easier.

No. 1770696

File: 1676688981503.jpeg (16.66 KB, 212x238, 21ACDD41-3635-4308-841B-5EC154…)

she looks like beaky buzzard

No. 1770697

File: 1676688992446.jpeg (372.5 KB, 1170x2047, 23D59182-C191-4CE2-8DBD-FF2E85…)

They’re at The Crab Pot in Seattle. Looks like bought this. With drinks it came to around $165.94, with 20% tip yep thats $200

No. 1770701

She spends money so carelessly, I bet if someone sent this to her parents they would actually be enraged

No. 1770702

>saying that Europeans have bad teeth
Not that anon but I guarantee ours are better than yours, seeing as a) the UK isn’t representative of the continent and b) America has the worst healthcare system on earth. Just look at Shayna’s predicament.

No. 1770703

File: 1676689265292.jpeg (426.09 KB, 1170x1521, 750F9174-6495-4034-A442-907307…)

interior shot of the crab pot seattle

No. 1770704

File: 1676689299064.jpeg (34.83 KB, 750x314, 4196CCF7-CD9F-4FD2-9E19-B16EA0…)

No. 1770706

she only hurts herself. she had to change a sped’s diaper and piss on him to afford this. she has to piss herself and shit on snapchat to afford this. she has to gape herself publically on twitter showing us a medical view of her hemms to afford this. bleak as hell.

No. 1770707

"spoiled demanding sugar baby" bitch u paid for the dinner

No. 1770712

I’m not a burger but I live in a main city with a massive food culture and we have restaurants that do seafood boils and they look like a fun communal dining experience (though I’m vegan so I haven’t participated), but the idea of these two disgusting fat hogs eating that much food between them is nauseating, especially after that gross dinner they had last night. Shat has one of the worst diets I’ve ever seen

No. 1770716

She must have been drunk or high when she posted these, she barely airbrushed her forehead wrinkles.

No. 1770717

I guess I wonder if you’ve ever been the zoo and what you ate there? (I find her pictures upsetting and can’t look at dead animals, but I bet a lot of people who feel confronted by it eat animals just fine).

No. 1770719

They have done this exact date before, same meal etc. It’s their little tradition. They also go to the fondu place semi-regularly

No. 1770722

Shayhog Day. Theyve done this exact thing before. The aquarium, she got a plush, they got the seafood boil at that place and Ellen took an identical picture of Shaynus looking like a tard across the table.

No. 1770723

File: 1676691465028.jpeg (1.38 MB, 1118x1594, 80DB0D0E-268E-4B7F-BCBD-ED0F4C…)

She looks hungover and physically uncomfortable in ever picture she’s taken the past month. Like she can’t open her eyes fully because she’s swollen. Maybe this is just a good picture from the last time she was at the Crab Pot but she seems so much worse recently

No. 1770724

Didn’t she wear a teddy bear themed outfit too? Idk she always dresses like an actual sped.

No. 1770727

>chins out full force

No. 1770729

Her last outfit was a pink checkered pedo overall:

No. 1770730

She looks like Kevin from the office kek

No. 1770736

Seriously, Shay and Ellen are singlehandedly keeping the Melting Pot alive in the PNW. So much better food in Seattle and I am sure even whatever burb she lives in. No one eats at the Melting Pot except first dates and people who burned Valentine’s dinners, it’s shitty food and really overpriced.

No. 1770738

File: 1676694451591.jpeg (477.08 KB, 1242x787, 02BDE037-5903-4AE9-A92E-166B49…)

Kek oh my god I can’t unsee this now

No. 1770742

File: 1676694865548.png (1.58 MB, 1209x795, bigger_shaynus.png)

No. 1770747

File: 1676695519793.jpeg (34.59 KB, 640x400, 770A353C-574F-432C-9F9A-A7BE57…)

its giving blobfish

No. 1770749

autism, but what a sad seafood boil. west and east coastoids REALLY do this. come to the gulf.

No. 1770752

She literally looks like female Womack here

No. 1770756

I don’t think she has ever looked more like Sid Sloth

No. 1770761

The Gulf is trashy as fuck. Nobody wants to got there

No. 1770763

File: 1676696580057.jpeg (319.61 KB, 750x913, 4D5A251F-4C18-4ECE-97B6-9F1F9F…)

No. 1770766

File: 1676696739766.jpeg (237.67 KB, 1242x533, 5BB9A235-4D40-4592-941C-076342…)

Okay fat ass

No. 1770767

File: 1676696798143.jpeg (513.25 KB, 1242x1370, 9E3ED050-60A8-4BB1-8281-E87E72…)

No. 1770770

File: 1676696864749.jpeg (1.64 MB, 1242x1637, C3242CF0-507B-4293-9E82-AEA729…)

No. 1770772

She’s hopeless. She’d rather be fat than watch a YouTube video at the gym??? Ok

No. 1770773

File: 1676697090196.jpeg (313.8 KB, 1242x919, CB1E4C5D-B4EA-497E-A325-3F49B6…)

She’s so embarrassing

No. 1770774

classic shayhog, talking about the gym instead of going to it. I heard people like her get the same endorphin rush from talking about and planning things as they do from doing it, so thats why they always are talking about various things they plan to do and never follow through.

No. 1770776

and yet she posts shit like this >>1768650 for anyone to see.

No. 1770777

File: 1676697484154.jpeg (512.47 KB, 828x1658, CD2F7C5F-061B-4EB3-B925-BD04B2…)

Wonder how long it will take for this cringe factory to get banned

No. 1770778

gym dudes are so mean to fat lards like her kek i'd love to see her attempt to talk to them unfortunately she knows she'd just embarass herself

No. 1770779

how many accounts has she made now?

No. 1770781

I think this is her fourth

No. 1770782

Gym bros are one of the lowest life forms and they will absolutely obliterate her, there’s no way she could handle the misogynistic vitriol those fatherfuckers dish out.

No. 1770790

She’s so stupid she should just go to the gym that’s literally inside her apartment building. I get why others would need a real gym, but whatever she is going to do she could do at her apartment. She is already paying for it.

No. 1770791

Maybe I've been watching too many vlogs in Asia where it's just common knowledge to blur out strangers faces if you're posting something online that has them in the background, but goddamn, imagine being one of the people in the bg, just enjoying your food and you get posted on some degen's twitter. Makes me legit worried if that's ever happened to me.

No. 1770794

Kinda can’t believe someone would pay so much for a such a mediocre looking place

No. 1770800

It’s expensive because it’s supposed to be a touristy thing you take your kids and older parents to when you are on a trip to Seattle and you just got off the Ferris Wheel or w.e. It’s not supposed to be somewhere you eat under normal circumstances. It’s like eating at the Rainforest Cafe or something, it’s a tourist experience that’s overpriced and people just accept it as part of their vacation expense.

No. 1770802

File: 1676700127874.webm (2.84 MB, 720x1280, I’m sure it meant ugly and pae…)

This has already been deleted from her TikTok.

No. 1770807

More like devoid of individuality and clinging to mental illnesses desperately for a personality. I hate when narcissistic soulless bitches, who are absolutely incapable of empathy, claim this shit. You’re not “cute but psycho” you’re ugly with no values, ethics, or morals. You have nothing to show for your “7 years of sex work” except your alcoholism, anal cavity injuries, and the lard on your body. I hope this pedophile degenerate’s internet sex work career tanks so badly that she has to sell her boil infected pussy on the corner of the seediest motel in Renton. Myself and others will manifest it. Good luck Shaynus.

No. 1770814

File: 1676702622945.jpeg (165.7 KB, 750x690, 33151E60-0B82-4708-8ED1-A11804…)

No. 1770815

File: 1676702639373.jpeg (671.01 KB, 1242x1667, F1807C2E-4DC5-40B6-9723-0B3E66…)

She’s so useless she’s not going to the gym so why is she asking

No. 1770817

File: 1676702665798.jpeg (191.94 KB, 750x801, E6400AFA-CB22-4C5E-ADC2-234FD0…)

No. 1770818

File: 1676702727871.jpeg (317.74 KB, 1242x1241, 512D4EE8-B6DC-41B4-A2CE-E67E90…)

No. 1770824

What if she ate less.

No. 1770826

This is so embarrassing. Why would you advertise that you realize you're gross and need to lose weight… on your sex work account? Not only that but also admitting you're too retarded to figure out gym equipment. She should start at home with simple workouts, she's never going to actually commit to going to a gym. She just wants to spend money and temporarily relieve her anxiety over being fat, but will never do the work.

No. 1770827

Exactly this, she does it constantly

No. 1770832

Spends $300+ (I’m assuming the aquarium and drinks on top of crab pot will bring it to that) on a day out with Ellen she’s literally done before… won’t spend $30 for a personal training session. Wow

No. 1770835

Totally off topic but I must know more kek

Literally just walk your fat dog and eat less garbage and stop drinking soda. It’s not that complicated.

No. 1770840

I used to feel nervous about going to the gym and thinking people would judge me for not really knowing what to do. I imagine the feeling is worse if you are insecure about your body. She should just go to the gym and do something really easy, like the treadmill, to get herself in the space. It helps a lot. Then work up to doing other things. She would probably go to my gym lol. There are lots of old people and it’s not intimidating.

No. 1770849

Bahahaha, she’s so fucked up looking. I’m always amazed at the pics she post, she truly look like Kevin there. Also didn’t she used to have a Trump supporter gym coach lol? Or was this another made up story to sound more righteous?

No. 1770876

I always say “fatherfucker” as a non-misogynistic variation of “motherfucker”, that’s all, kek

No. 1770881

File: 1676713342926.jpeg (187.26 KB, 720x1280, 6411BB8F-48A5-425A-95FB-DB0A2F…)

No. 1770882

Cute is temporary, psycho is forever (well until she dies)

No. 1770887

Uk fag, do you not get gym inductions over in burgerland?
Here they teach you how to use the machines when you sign up

No. 1770892

She humiliates herself every day on the internet. She really thinks being seen by say 10 people at the gym is worse than showcasing her flabby body for like $50 a month and degrading herself? Also losing weight is more diet than exercise, in the unlikely event that she does take up some form of exercise, she’d do like 1 hour a week and then eat exactly the same as she does now.

No. 1770906

Here we go good old
>go to the gym
>still smoke. Drink. Snack
>,buy expensive meal plans
>still snack, drink and eat whatever in between
She's not going to lose weight doing 15 mintues worth of workouts on some machine if she's eating and drinking it back in calories

No. 1770908

Fr commitmentting to dieting is step 1. No one goes to the gym and still eats like a slob. Because thats retarded and pointless.
Everyone knows you have to change your diet first and foremost to lose weight. The gym is generally for extreme fatties or people who are actually wanting to get toned and build muscle. Or other people who are serious about it and desicate the time to going regularly.
Not eating at the Melting Pot and a half a table of seafood boil back to back is a fucking start.
You can Google macros and calorie deficit and simple healthy meals at home and then stick to it. If you can't even commit to a diet, you wont be sticking with going out to a gym multiple times a week. Especially someone like her.
Also rock climbing takes body strength. Arms and core especially. She acts like she can't just ask the planet fitness staff or download an app.

No. 1770913

she’s literally just fishing for a gym moid to message her and be like “derp derp dont worry princess i will guide u my queen”. shes not that retarded, she knows how to watch youtube videos and lose weight, its just all an act to appear “ditsy”. And despite Shane P Sonnier from Salina, KS being a fatass it did look like he had recently started working out from the fetcon pics. Just more fishing for Shane’s attention.

No. 1770917

yes the most popular cheap gym here, Planet Fitness, offers free training (arms, legs, full body, circuit, etc) with their most basic of plans. You just pick what day/time you want from their app to join a class and theyre available almost all the time. Then you and however many people signed up for that slot are guided by the trainer machine to machine and they show u how and give u tips.

No. 1770941

Fat Shat cracks me up so much. She bitches about a moid who could’ve ended up becoming a repeat customer for only wanting to spend $40 on a custom video because of how much “time and effort” it takes. Yet she repeatedly makes retarded videos for a platform that doesn’t want her and nets her no sales. And then she complains that the haters and her being canceled are why she’s stuck in a rut and never advances. Couldn’t be her and her choices

No. 1770953

This dumb idiot.. The gym I go to gives visual representation of how to use the machine depending which one you use… And also the app for the gym as well gives you video demonstration of every exercise and machine they have to use. How could anybody want to act so stupid? It's pathetic.

No. 1770963

This bitch is so fucking retarded, just go a walk and stop gorging on disgusting processed crap you fat pig, it's THAT simple

No. 1770966

rock climbing is just gonna make you embarrass yourself more you dumb bitch

No. 1770972

Going to the gym would be big a mistAke for someone like Shaynus. It's very easy to gain weight/fat when you first start weight training. I can see her doing 6 reps and 3 sets on the hip abductor then thinking she can go eat a 20inch pizza to get a "thicccc" butt, kek. She really just needs to stop stuffing herself buy some broccoli, chicken, 0% fat yog, fruit and walk her fat ugly dog.

No. 1770974

she's too lazy to even go enough that she'd get used to it. i understand feeling intimidated at first especially as a non-athletic woman, but you suck it up and go anyway. shayna just wants people to think she cares enough about her health to ever go to the gym

No. 1771000

Not a “southern” thing, it’s an eastern seaboard thing; I’m from the south and I never saw it until I moved up to the coastal northeast. I think it’s really more utilitarian – shellfish is really messy, what was all the cracking, etc., plus most people dip the meat in butter and/or vinegar. So the restaurants just put down newspaper instead of table cloths and remove it all afterwards.

No. 1771005

Turn on the treadmill and get going, it’s not that fucking hard. She’s acting like she’s going to be building muscle on those weight machines which tend to be the more complex ones. Just fucking start with cardio like all fatties.

No. 1771009

File: 1676734821054.jpeg (315.29 KB, 750x685, 57738F1D-2454-4F43-BC22-F53CAB…)

she is so damn ugly and creepy

No. 1771023

literally just a yassified kevin

rock climbing with her poop scooping hotdog nails? as long as she "makes a tiktok series" of her falling off the wall then yes please. kek

No. 1771039

File: 1676738532122.jpeg (257.1 KB, 750x724, FBAB4531-D1A9-4C32-8EB4-E15F22…)

she's totally bailing

No. 1771041

Was waiting for an excuse or for her to just not mention it and act like she never said she would.
Boohoo a sore throat n a lil sniffle? Bitch take some painkillers and just do your job. She's always coughing her guts up on cam anyway because her smoking habits.

No. 1771049

Just sit on cam and be fat, broke and ugly like you always do… It's not like she's a singer or something and is performing a concert lmao.

No. 1771050

It wouldn’t be a true shaynaversary without her getting sick or bailing on everyone

No. 1771060

File: 1676740930187.jpeg (312.57 KB, 750x808, 51B2933F-A5FB-48D2-8767-A4030B…)

what is she even talking about. she's sooo lazy that she wants other people to tell her how to do her job OF 7 YEARS

No. 1771063

This is the smartest idea she's had in years. I doubt she will actually do it though because it's the equivalent of studying for ewhores and she's not disciplined in the slightest.

No. 1771064

so dumb she cant even realise she could make a fake account with a coomer name and go see what other girls are doing. no wonder she sucks at this job

No. 1771071

File: 1676743169220.jpeg (445.6 KB, 750x936, C7120466-D5DC-4C6D-9B79-BA503B…)

she's lurking

No. 1771085

you don't even need an account to watch. you can just watch anonymously

No. 1771092

>Dick in disney
But it's just her dingey room.

No. 1771096

>I'm hitting a wall
Kek long ago l

No. 1771106


a climbing gym is honestly an even worse option than a regular gym if she is scared of embarrassing herself… you really do need a baseline level of strength/athleticism for it and unsolicited advice/commentary is way more common. so many male climbers are haughty STEMlords with no filter, the "best" women climbers tend to be about 5 inches and at least 50 maybe even 100lb smaller than her, and her attempts at a "bimbo" look would be so comically out of place. she'd fit in better if she went back to her dirty stoner tumblr girl vibe

aside from that, her aversion to self-improvement, criticism, and also to having short nails would make things difficult for her. it would be hilarious if she got into it though, WA is admittedly a great state for it.

she is also heavy as fuck so it would be really funny to see her fall off a wall onto the mats

No. 1771107

I don't get why she doesn't just "retire" from camming. She definitely doesn't qualify as a camgirl considering she doesn't actually cam. And yet she acts like she still does it regularly >>1771060 >>1771071 and is trying to think of new creative ways to do it. Baffling.

No. 1771121

Just admit you are jealous. This copying cope is so retarded but at the same time it makes sense I assume. She has no personality/creativity but think everything she does is groundbreaking. So watching other girls probably does make her feel like
>Oh my god why didn't I think of this?
>omg this cannot be done with my own twist, because I'm not creative, I'd just do it the same exact way and copy!!
>her body/face/set up is better then mines! She's thin! There's nothing I can do to be better I am the best, nobody understands it because I'm cancelled because lolcow & jealousy

No. 1771123

Honestly kek. She can use the treadmill, elliptical, free weights, etc. Download an app or google basic and simple routines.

No. 1771132

i'm willing to bet she went climbing once or twice when she was younger, probably in high school when she was skinny and had her parents/boyfriend still paying for stuff like that, and remembers being better at it than she was.

No. 1771140

all she’s gonna discover is that girls who are thinner, younger and more attractive than her get more views and money kek there is no strategy involved in camming unless youre like peaking at top 1% of ewhores and want to keep it interesting for your big spenders. literally just go on cam, be nice to your viewers and show your tits/dance/toys. she just cannot handle having to be nice to be that long - camming is a long game. if you put in 5 hours 3 days a week she would have no problem earning money.

No. 1771143

dumb bitch cams for an hour and a half every couple months and acts clueless as to why she isnt successful. the answer to all her problems are - PUT FORTH EFFORT.

No. 1771145

This is why shayna looks so outdated and retarded. She hangea around a 30 something year old tard like Ellen who clearly doesn't take care of herself. Everyone she interacts with online are in similar styles of porn and besides maybe 2 they are all very average/below average. You can tell that she expects the thinner/bigger ones (like bratty/indigo) to defend her because its like she'sa charity case. Everything that has happened is out of her control.
In a way I feel it's a coping mechanism that makes her reject any stylish pretty successful woman in general. She assumes they naturally have everything handed to them instead of simply giving a fuck and ACTUALLY working hard.
Even the chicks she always work with look fucking crusty and outdated.
If she ever ventured outside her comfort zone I legit feel like she'd have a panic attack.

No. 1771147

pretty sure girls get popular by just being themselves and building parasocial relationships with scrotes by having a regular schedule. she’s always trying to find a gimmick and shortcut. but its like, if you had a social life, hobbies, or your own opinions on life you would have no problem chatting with scotes long enough to get their scheckles.

No. 1771148

File: 1676750558399.jpeg (498.42 KB, 1242x1634, 35636DCE-0334-4D10-9988-5B07F9…)

Can’t she just cam on her iPad?

No. 1771149

File: 1676750647142.jpeg (424.81 KB, 1242x1411, 14AB378E-07E8-4407-B910-63FD20…)

This bitch never feels good though

No. 1771150

It's sad that she really does make porn her life yet she hasn't done shit. Even when she did boy girl finally it was fucking boring. She put more effort into the retarded outfits/theme which again was generic. She focuses too much on wanting to be unique then the actual sex work. She hates talking to these scrotes or anyone. She barely has conversations. Shit I'd say shayna has more parasocial retards in the shaynatorium then she does coomer. She's just very unpleasant and try hard. Even scrotes see it. There's nothing to get attached too.

No. 1771151

not that she gets enough viewers for this to happen, but if she did, the ipad wouldnt be able to keep up and start lagging or putting out shit quality. something in between a basic laptop and gaming laptop would work fine.

No. 1771153

She could just be lying to get out of camming, but it seems like when her and Ellen hang out together they both end up sick right after. I know Shatna is a disgusting hog but Ellen comes off as a gross unhygienic person too. They probably touched stuff in bathrooms and at the aquarium and didnt wash their hands before digging into the bottom feeder platter. Doubt they wear masks or anything either now.

No. 1771155

based on her actions, she must agree with everyone that being in sex work for 7 years isnt a celebration or something to be proud of and show off. im glad she will retreating to her neckbeard nest to sit in darkness and reflect on her mistakes alone.

No. 1771156

She's full of shit lol
How can you go from fine to waking up with a bit of a sore throat to losing your voice in a few hours? And what she's supposed to magically have her voice back tomorrow? Bitch doesn't even have anyone to physically talk to so how is she straining it this badly?

No. 1771158

kek looks like she’s still afraid of the cat abuse allegations

No. 1771160

Sitting in a room on the pc she sunk money into is too much effort apparently. Fat hog just wants to roll around in her pork sweat in bed and call it camming.
When traveling? The only time she travels is to do gross content or fatcon. She doesnt even can once a week, why would she act like she would find the time to cam for even an hour while out doing that stuff? Cam from the ER?
She's being extra retarded.
You are a cam girl or youre not. Cam girls have schedules and thats how they are successful - by sticking to a schedule and just being enticing to watch and interact with.
Shaynus thinks sitting their obnoxiously lipsyncing to shitty music and venting about her personal bullshit until someone tips her to lazily do something is enough.

No. 1771161

Scrotes aren't gonna care if she has a croaky voice, she has a husky voice anyway. If anything couldn't she try milk it to get sympathy tips?

No. 1771162

I agree but maybe if she walked on a treadmill for 30 minutes and saw she still hadn’t burned off a single beer it would help her develop some self-realization about her diet. Kek jk she would not

No. 1771164

Maybe she should do a mime theme cam session kek

No. 1771166

so then she did lurk other cam girls lol this stinks of “i saw a popular girl camming with a laptop and now i wanna cam with a laptop. this will make me as popular as her”

No. 1771167

she literally wouldn't be able to climb even the slightest bit with those ugly nails she has on. She wouldn't be able to grab the holds

No. 1771169

the nona who said its retarded she is embarrassed to look at her phone to check her form at the gym but isnt embarrassed she posts pics of her pissing in a diaper for free on twitter was SPOT ON.

No. 1771170

Imagine having a job but every time you're scheduled ON THE SCHEDULE YOU CHOOSE youre like "oh I have the sniffles" or "im nauseous" and bail every time but still have the nerve to ask for money.
But sex work is real work and its other bitches fault that she's not successful!

No. 1771173

A lot of the rock climbing gyms in Seattle have cafeterias with beer, because people are there as a hobby and hang out etc. She would just drink beer and gain weight

No. 1771176

plus everytime she pulls this shit she isnt back as soon as shes feeling better. she bails and then its weeks/months before cams again. it makes it so obvious she’s just afraid of camming.

No. 1771177

File: 1676752298733.jpeg (993.9 KB, 1242x1660, BB8F9572-D528-4E32-880F-6715B6…)

ah shit here we go again

No. 1771178

File: 1676752328527.jpeg (516.83 KB, 1242x1644, CAAE3B62-C86F-41C5-83D9-45BC02…)

No. 1771181

i dont even know why she even advertises upcoming shows anymore. its not like anyone other than ellen and womack show up. shes back at the bottom again in sex again. just post on twitter when u actually are camming? shes actually so bad at her “job”

No. 1771183

so i dont get it, dont all her active coomers already have all these videos by now? is womack just paying for the same vids over and over again? who exactly is she advertising to on a private twitter?

No. 1771185

I fucking called it >>1770096

No. 1771186

love how she wont just post a short vid of her saying “sorry guys as you can hear my voice is gone, so sorry im gonna have to reschedule”. this is clearly just another fat lie from fat shayna.

No. 1771187

No fucking way. The absolute retardation and audacity. Using an old picture with a laptop no less.
Bailing on her sex work anniversary cam session, hasnt kept a schedule to cam in years, and cams maybe 3-4 times a year but wants to scam over a grand for a new laptop. Infuckingcredible.

No. 1771189

fucking kek, so she’s gonna give people 70 full length vids for $50 bucks but was a total cunt and called out the guy who was offering her $40 for one quick anal vid? her life is a fucking tragedy.

No. 1771191

I would really love it if an an anon calculated what percentage of her scheduled cam shows she misses. It must be around 90% because she makes those “I’m going to cam once (or twice lol) a week!!” statements and then never does. And then the ones she actually promotes she almost always cancels. How many does she actually do in a year? 10?

No. 1771192

She just had a "i need money" sale last week… you cant just have back to back sales like a mattress store scheme jfc. She's stressing rent or she's scamming for something in particular.

No. 1771193

File: 1676753112272.gif (815.52 KB, 177x275, DBE712B9-4AAE-4625-AD13-5EEC59…)

No. 1771194

question of the day:

do you think shayna would make more money if she only posted old photos and sold old videos of when she was skinny and younger?

No. 1771196

this still pisses me the fuck off how she treated her own cat. and that she did it to try to get laughs from scrotes.

No. 1771198

Kek she went back to private.

No. 1771199

What’s she’s saying on Twitter she went private again

No. 1771200

I'm always like "get a job!" But the reality is she would call in 20 mins before her shift and end up fired

No. 1771202

its an image board tardines

No. 1771203

10 is way too generous. That would be almost once a month. She cant even do that. Its really like 4 or 5 times max. It requires more effort and time of sitting there trying to get tips and she knows she's ugly and fat as fuck and we make fun of her and cap her show.
I think what little shes able to pull isnt worth it to her.
Which would be understandable except that she could make decent money doing it if she kept a simple fucking weekly schedule on popular days/times for coomers to see her and then drop in regularly.
You can't expect to make decent money when you randomly pick a day every few months that you feel like getting on that youll maybe show up for. She started as more of a cam girl, she should know this. But maybe alcohol and her shit lifestyle killed the few braincells she had.

No. 1771211

Then again she's also not all that attractive physically or personality wise, doesnt know how to be sexy and engaging. So I guess even if she had a regular schedule, it would only take her so far.
She did ok before because she was actually trying, was younger, and skinny. She wasnt a husk of a person then. By this point, she's done all she was capable of doing. Which wasnt even that much or special. And now shes just repeatitive, fat, and more worn looking

No. 1771215

A hog at the trough

No. 1771218

i wish she’d get the fuck away from ellen. ellen has clearly given up on life and its rubbing off on shayna. now that ellens given her a taste of that FSSW money she’ll never get fully into camming again. why sit there for 3 hours to make the same money as you would letting an arab sniff ur bare asshole (im joking, no sane person would choose either of these options)

No. 1771219

File: 1676754402751.jpeg (529.94 KB, 1242x1555, 98F51D0E-41A7-4DD5-813B-CAD6E8…)

No. 1771220

i didnt even know she ever went public after the initial lockdown

No. 1771224

File: 1676754555178.jpeg (272.05 KB, 1170x1061, 379EF17A-B617-421B-927D-755CC2…)

She’s following two workout accounts now on TikTok

No. 1771225

This is the Crab Pot restaurant. The most expensive "feast" is about $68 per person. Even with drinks, she rounded it up. I'm not a seafood autist so I can't tell which one she ordered but she is just a trashy beggar. as a none burger, the concept of seafood just thrown on a table to eat is wild.

No. 1771226

Scrotes on mfc wouldn’t even know or care

No. 1771228

Go back and read the read everything you said has been discussed

No. 1771238

$1300?? You can get a new one for $700 at the very least. Is the budgeting nona still here?

No. 1771239

Kek maybe shes trying to throw farmers off and she is actually going to cam. Or she got mad we were pointing out her scams and how stupid she's being about the gym and camming

No. 1771240

Sounds suspiciously like the amount she needs for rent or something else. Maybe its to scam for her Fatcon trip or something

No. 1771251

File: 1676757643190.jpeg (371.16 KB, 1179x1419, 044CDC53-4BB1-4476-AA0D-E587BA…)

The starting prices are at minimum $999 and that is before you add your specifications which brings it up

No. 1771256

Shayna hates camming now before she could tolerate it, now she has to have Womack show up. Ellen the pimp come In and get super drunk/high. You can tell she gets extreme anxiety from it. I wouldn't be surprised if she begs Womack to save pennies because she's afraid she won't make anything and that means she's not successful. Shaynq genuinely thinks she's great, yeah a little imperfect but she's amazing. In her head it's everything else stopping her from being great, not her. That's why she constantly feels she needs to spend money on trips/sexless collabs/ugly outfits she wears 30 times/blocks of description. Instead of you know, making sure her porn is actually sexual. Why the fuck are you doing niche porn expecting big ass mainstream attention/money?
Not even actual pornstars are rich or famous to anyone but coomers. They never become household names unless they are famous before hand and get into porn or did porn before the fame and became famous for other things. Kim k days are over and she was already rich fucking celebs.

No. 1771257

Kek Ikr, there is no skill to shoving a dildo up your coochie, she is just fat and ugly and dances drunkenly around like a big ugly oaf

No. 1771261

It's funny how she wants a laptop when she has a PC and an ipad. Her parents will eventually cut her off in time once she reaches a certain age and/or they see/hear the extent of her pedophilia. In regards to her ABDL pedo shit, her parents are going to put the pieces together eventually and be so disgusted with her that either they reluctantly give her money just to keep her alive but never talk to her to avoid hearing more of it or they openly tell her "we can't support this anymore" and cut her off entirely. I support the latter because at least Shaynus may learn for once. Her failure to launch syndrome is a result of her parents never making her fend for herself.
Start saving your money Shaynus since we know you can't pay for rent without daddy's deposits.

No. 1771263

She needs to stop buying shit she will only use once, she endlessly throws money into the void and complains

No. 1771265

They don’t care, an anon in the shaynatorium cow tipped her dad and sent her dad gross baby fantasy tweets and he didn’t respond. I think she is legitimately kind of … retarded and that’s why she’s cut so much slack, maybe this is why Womack flocks to her as birds of a feather flock together.

No. 1771266

Why would he respond? I'm sure he probably talked to shayna or truly thinks she is mentally ill and can't be saved

No. 1771267

File: 1676758639461.gif (1.72 MB, 275x257, C97FB649-AD82-4668-A087-B631DC…)

He’s her real daddy

No. 1771268

Wb that tweet where she admitted one of her customers was a legit pedophile and she did nothing to expose him or to report him to authorities? What she is making is simulated child rape content, I don't see how any parent can indirectly support that no matter how much they 'love' their kid.

No. 1771270

Which is why it cannot be argued what Shayna does doesn't attract actually pedophiles.
>but nona she's a fat woman she doesn't look like a child!
Doesn't matter. An actual pedophile felt the need to reach out to Shayna Leigh Clifford aka Dolly Mattel and
>Ask her to say she's a minor in a video
>talk sexually about minors
And this isn't the first time she made a vague call out saying, "OMG don't ask me to say im underaged!"
I bet you she'll whine about us calling her ugly or unsuccessful versus us calling her out for not posting that pedo's information (Whatever info) she had. She sleeps well not caring about that or shit being sent to her dad by retards. What keeps her up is the back aches from Shane Pierre Sonnier sitting on her back and us calling her ugly

No. 1771272

also, i truly believe that if more sex workers would claim it's kink, shayna would 100% be saying she's 14 or fucking 3 for videos. Didn't she post some gross shit on her dating profile, like 24 going on 13 or some shit? I remember her using a number, she also kept alluding that being with her would make people think the scrote was with someone underaged. She's fucking gross. I wish people would call THAT shit out more

No. 1771278

porn stars are not poor in anyway or else they wouldnt do it. the reason most of them have a bad rep is cause they either dont plan for future and blow all their money thinking they’ll always make that much or they waste it all on the drugs and alcohol that help them cope with well.. being pornstars. But they make good money, enough to buy houses, cars, and luxury clothes and trips.

No. 1771282

her parents are enablers. theres no way they dont know the content she produces, they are just horrible people - they raised Shayna and she is the worst. Why are people surprised her parents are just as useless? there are a million ways to support your child without allowing them to live like shayna. Notice how her parents never visit her or check in on her? They dont care. If they did they would notice her downfall, lack of friends, and shame she’s bringing to their family name. They could easily tell her ill help you pay for a modest apartment UNTIL YOU GET A JOB. They could tell her you can move in with me if you cant afford to take care of yourself at 25. Not this endless blood money just so she leaves them alone and stays away from the family they actually care about.

No. 1771285

>Shaynus since we know you can't pay for rent without daddy's deposits.

i hope her knowing she cant afford to support herself just from sex work gives her a ‘bad brain day’.

No. 1771287

i honestly think she’ll actually use the laptop. she should have just gotten one from the start. the dumb shit was the multiple ipads and iphones and gaming computer.

No. 1771288

samefag but pretty sure she also has multiple laptops. but lardass is too lazy to experiment and test if the gear she has will work (it will) and just is manically buying more junk she thinks will make fix everything. she could easily move her desktop computer to her bathroom or living room, its not fucking rocket science. if she wanted to cam, she would.

No. 1771290

How do you know they don't know the true state of her life? And if they don't care cool, why should they? She should'nt. They tried to fix her life and I do think they don't truly know the whole extent to it because…they don't want to. She is 25. They probably do throw her money when she asks for rent. THEY OFFERED HER PAID FOR COLLEGE. I'm sure they'd take shayna in a mintue. To me seems like she shuts them out. If her dad did see that shit, well I..I don't know.
We don't know when it was sent or if he still even gives her money or is probably begging her to stop. Sometimes I feel like she cuts them them off when they do it too much.

No. 1771299

she already has 2 laptops, a pc, an ipad…

No. 1771304

Y'all think shes camming tonight or tomorrow and privated to keep farmers from knowing?
Id say that's the case, but also its very likely she just won't cam at all lol

No. 1771311

Lurk moar. They've offered her every opportunity to turn it around and get her out of her own grave. Alas, she has terminal internet brain rot and is a spiteful bitch on top of it. She's the cause of her own problems. Seconding anon here ( >>1771290 ) and repeating that they offered her free college, pay her rent most times probably, etc. etc; she's just ultimately selfish and entitled.

No. 1771319

you're completely missing the point. im saying them doing all that shit is enabling her and they aren't doing it cause they care about her and want a better life for her, they're just throwing money at their problem. I've read the threads, I've seen all the "opportunities" you talk of. If they actually cared about their daughter, they wouldn't be giving her these monetary "opportunities", they would going to see her and making sure their daughter is safe. They would be cutting off her money but open and willing to help her if she stops being an alcoholic druggy who pisses on handicapped people in diapers. Shayna probably understands her parents don't actually care about her and thats why she doesn't take advantage of these "opportunities", but she's not gonna turn down rent when it helps her continue to be a degenerate. They're as bad as Shayna.

No. 1771328

I think it can be hard to have an adult child who is troubled. I think it’s normal they are worried about their daughter ending up on the street and having something terrible happen.

No. 1771330

I'm sleep deprived and this made me cry with laughter for 10 minutes. It's like her face a ballon that someone is inflating and deflating.

No. 1771335

She HAS a laptop though? And like two of them. And an iPad. And a whole ass computer. She just wants things because it makes her feel good for a second.

No. 1771336

Remember when she begged for all the things she'd need to stream on twitch and I think she got a fair few and obviously that never happened.
She wanted shit you don't even need. She has serious moron syndrome when it comes to spending.
Some people just have no sense or control and have to spend any money they have so they end up with 0 savings and a few dollars in their account until the next payment.
That is shat.

No. 1771337

I can confirm today that her dad saw the pedo pictures. I do not know if he will actually say anything to her. He might pretend that it never happened. It will probably be hard to look at your pedophile child the same way knowing that they cater to the fantasies of pedophiles who wish to drug and rape infant babies.

No. 1771339

File: 1676769375347.jpg (Spoiler Image,330.95 KB, 719x1124, Screenshot_20230219-011255_Twi…)

>Using an old picture with a laptop no less.
I think she saw this nitpick, deleted the original tweet and replaced it with this, kek

No. 1771349


No. 1771352

Most people don’t care that much about that sort of thing unless she’s actually watching child sexual abuse material or actively in contact with minors she’s grooming or abusing in some manner. Before lolcow I’d never seen people like Shayna being referred to as pedophiles, hell even in the first few years of Shayna threads people weren’t accusing her of being a pedophile due to her content. Recognizing autopedophilia and pedo pandering as on par with classic pedophilia is recent within the past few years.

No. 1771353

How do you know?
Don't tell me you cowtipped.

No. 1771355

File: 1676770506419.jpeg (81.98 KB, 750x427, 2F6BA821-AFF7-47DA-8773-A1E0DD…)

No. 1771364

Maybe he did say something to her and that’s why she privated her account again today

No. 1771374

Money is the only language that can apparently get through to Shayna (except if it's her responsibility to get it). They do care about her–she's just stubborn and spiteful, etc. You also can't make a grown adult do something they don't want to do.


No. 1771375

shayna was not in as deep as she is now. she was just doing “on trend” DDLG stuff and dressing up as underage characters like cindy lou hoo and spongebob. Its night and day compared to stuff she puts now where she full on wears diapers, colours and acts child-like, and constantly talks about wanting to be a toddler who gets drugged and raped by their guardians.

No. 1771377

File: 1676772607251.png (Spoiler Image,784.77 KB, 750x917, 44EB21C4-6128-4317-A373-1531BB…)

>most people don't care
A scrote into diaper shit killed his son when he found it. Most people aren't his dad and a lot of people don't know what Age play DDLG shit is. Most people with no context would think it's gross. Considering actual pedos have reached out to Shayna asking her to make basically Faux CP where she says she's underaged, that proves who watches her and shayna's lack of action says that as well.
This is from the shaynatourim, that nona who cowtipped said a few days ago this is what they sent. Also, I truly think the proof of how foul Shayna is lays in that pedo who reached out to her and she did NOTHING but blasts everything else.
Thats confirmation pedos watch her shit, shayna doesn't care. Just like she doesn't care Ellen told the story of stealing a pacifer from a child she's supposed to be caring for and posting it on her tumblr. If these two fat cows were scrotes nobody would pretend they were anything but pedophiles or potential pedos.
Especially since like male pedos, Shayna always dates scrotes with kids, but I digress. She's not a pedo she's just very fucking gross and enables them by not doing anything when they contact her.

No. 1771378

I get that but what are they actively doing to help her? Nothing. They are supporting her habits cause it’s easier than having hard conversations and creating boundaries. They’re just rich assholes who want ass-pats for “trying so hard” and to clear their conscious about their fuck up of a daughter. I get she doesn’t want the help, so then they need to stop helping financially. She’s is NEVER going to be in a position of “being on the streets” kek are you for real? As soon as her parents stop supporting their daughter being a pedo pandering prostitute the sooner shayna gets the reality check that she can’t afford her lifestyle from showing gaping asshole pics. And fuck, maybe that’ll force her to actually work for once?

No. 1771382

why should they help her?? I think they just send her money because she asks for rent or begs for something she really needs. They don't ask for anyone to feel bad for them because Shayna, kek. If anything they raised other kids who are successful and seem to be doing good. SHAYNA is the bad egg. As far as we know, she constantly talks about being assholes to them.
We don't even know if they truly fund her, or what she's telling them to get them to give them money. She may even be suicide baiting them. They are silent, we only know Shayna part. They also still love this retard and YES what she's doing is gross but she's not breaking any laws. They can't stop her and they love her. You are making a lot of assumptions about her family

No. 1771383

And Im talking specifically about her dad too. What kind of father lets his daughter go to the hospital every month and then still send her money to get drunk, fatter and more braindead from the drugs? He sees every time he pays for her visits. He’s willfully ignorant. But in the end both of her parents set her up for failure seeing as she has absolutely no critical thinking skills. Shayna took the wheel and made her life the fuck up it is today. But all Im saying is her parents could ACTUALLY help her if they really wanted by cutting the cord already. Its not like they’d be abandoning her, but theyre straight up funding her downfall at this point.

No. 1771386

Shayna set herself up for failure, she's 25 nobody else is behaving this way and probably get the same funding and support from the parents that Shayna gets. Everything wrong in her life is her issue. It's not her parents job to fix the mess she made even if they do throw her money when she asks (Again, we do not know what she says to them) it's her life.
She ruined it. There's no other Clifford doing this shit but Shayna

No. 1771390

>why should they help her??
first off you literally say in your response a few time “they still love her!”, there’s your reason? but im not saying they should. im saying they are funding her drug and alcohol addiction and downfall further into prostitution. I agree Shayna hasnt given them much to want to help but at the end of the day she is their daughter and they brought her into the world. they have some responsibility to care for her because they are her parents. throwing money at the problem and burying their head im the sand clearly shows they dont care and dont want to help her. if they DID they would stop sending her rent money so she could continue to put herself in dangerous situations. all ive ever said is they are enablers and just as bad as her.
>You are making a lot of assumptions about her family
You are literally are doing the exact same thing in your post. I dont see love at all, I see two people who think they can buy their way out of problem. All they give Shayna is money. If she got love from them she wouldnt be a twitter whore selling herself for a couple bucks to bottom of the barrel moids

>They can't stop her and they love her.

Except they actually can by not financially supporting her. They can still be there for her and support her emotionally without paying her rent and medical bills.If she “ends up the streets” they have enough money to go get her and bring her home (ps. this will never happen, she’d go home to her dad before being homeless)

No. 1771395

nobody said its their job to fix shayna. its their job to not contribute to their daughter’s dangerous habits and prostitution.

No. 1771397

Are you the cowtipper?

No. 1771401

No, the cowtipper is a shaytard from shaynatorium. its called a discussion nonnie, just keep scrolling if you have nothing to contribute.

No. 1771405

Wait why was this here? Did nona post something else?

No. 1771415

Its funny that she used a worse picture but still one where she has a computer. Why does a broke bitch who cams a few times a year need a gaymer grl pc, an ipad, multiple phones, 2 macbooks (iirc the one was broken though), etc??

No. 1771419

File: 1676775675236.png (11.52 KB, 463x184, schedule.png)

She could start by updating her schedule on MFC. She's had it this way for months, if not years.

No. 1771423

I still don’t even understand why she got the PC in the first place. does she even use it? didn’t she also get a steamdeck and then toss it because she couldn’t figure out how to stream on twitch?

No. 1771424

File: 1676776425499.png (626.24 KB, 518x697, Screenshot 2023-02-18 221127.p…)

Her family knows she makes "porn", all they need to see is the bonnet, onesie, baby bottle, and stupid face to see that she's larping as a baby in a pornographic scenario. What else do anons think is going through their heads when they see picrel?

No. 1771426

She plays apex or some shit on it now and then instead of working. Uses it to cam every couple months. Other than that, it collects dust, dander, and pet hair. You know shes not even shooting some conpressed air at it kek

No. 1771428

Kek. Tbh probably no one reads these things.

Looking at Mfc these days it's pretty dead. Basically if someone is online they're on the front page

No. 1771438

File: 1676777711605.jpg (195.21 KB, 1080x1911, Screenshot_2023-02-19-03-25-52…)

She also bought a series x (cos fupa) and fatass hasn't even turned the thing on in 24 days and all she's played is free games.
I think I remember her posting a screenshot of the order and it came with maybe 3 months of game pass and she never touched any of it. Idiot.

No. 1771439

File: 1676777729844.png (425.94 KB, 750x1334, D17F5D79-D703-4EBD-A0F9-681672…)


No. 1771440

File: 1676777755669.png (575.79 KB, 750x1334, E7234C23-DC65-4A39-981E-78D386…)

No. 1771443

File: 1676777858490.png (697.81 KB, 750x1334, 20B59DF6-8C4D-4436-B7CA-179F4C…)

No. 1771444

File: 1676777951675.png (597.01 KB, 750x1334, A39D695A-15C9-40C6-AEC1-AFB94E…)

No. 1771445

>i wanna make cummies in my diapee
jesus christ

No. 1771451

File: 1676778358337.jpg (286.03 KB, 1536x2048, 20230209_231136.jpg)

Kek at her abusing a literal retard.
We all know it's him.

No. 1771463

Anon, you need to get through your head that the average person will be disgusted at that pic you keep reposting over and over— all while still not seeing it be remotely equivalent to an actual real life child getting raped. Maybe seeing your child making fursuit porn could make you, as a parent, want to cut off communication if you believe it’s promoting bestiality. Not everybody will, though, because there’s no actual being getting harmed. You’re so mad at her parent’s for wanting their retarded child to be well provided off (even if she doesn’t deserve it), it’s bizarre.

Stop spamming the thread with moralisms, yes, it’s disgusting and whatnot, you don’t need to repeat yourself and you certainly don’t need to repost the same picture for the thousand time, jfc.

No. 1771464

Tbf I posted it censored, another anon posted it uncensored. I just posted it censored in case anyone didn't know what the cowtipper said they sent. I have no idea why they reposted it

No. 1771465

agree. im not into diapers or sex work, but even I can tell that is not worth $110 for 10 mins of shayna going "no :(" "pay me :)" unless the guy actually knew her and was getting off on remembering when she pissed on him

No. 1771469

File: 1676779047764.jpeg (100.25 KB, 750x599, 68315F89-6B21-4992-A997-256104…)

No. 1771471

File: 1676779114706.jpeg (851.06 KB, 1242x1506, 8E01AACF-5AF7-4D0F-BA02-90CAE6…)

>when I grow up

No. 1771472

I posted it cropped because while it’s not even NSFW (technically not porn) the implications of it are obvious given her “career”. All they need to see is the props, no genitals exposed, to know what’s up.

No. 1771474

wow such an uWu ~*gaymur guRL*~

No. 1771476

Tweeting this on the same day of cancelling camming. She really is putting herself as just a fat slob trying to make easy money who doesn't actually enjoy sex/SW at all.

No. 1771479

Nonny what all of these other nonnas are trying to say is that the vast majority of people just see this as a weird creepy kink. Gross, yes, but most people just accept that some people do gross sex shit. The old adage of as long as it’s between consenting adults, it’s none of our business, is most people’s approach to weird pedo pandering kink shit. Nobody in the real world considers what she, or Belle Delphine, or whatever other pedo pandering ewhore is doing to be anywhere close to a pedophile. It’s honestly a bizarre concept for most folks because you have to realize normies and even most terminally online folks live by the “if it’s between two consenting adults, who cares” mantra.

No. 1771491

the cowtipper and person posting the baby shits-herself picture and the person who was saying her parents need to stop paying her rent and medical bills are two different people. im the nona who thinks her parents should stop supporting their daughter getting further into alcoholism, drugs and sex work because sex work /=/ real work. i dont give a shit about the shayna's fetish for pretending to be a baby getting raped except for just as further evidence of her downward spiral and ever increasing high risk behaviour when she lets these freaks into her apartment.

No. 1771503

Nah there was plenty of dirty smelly weird orgies going on in the 60s. From the hippies to the "occultists" kek

No. 1771504

Tbf it's been multiple people who have been agreeing that her expenses and hospital visits are out of control. I guess the uglier and fatter she gets the more obvious it became that her parents must be funding her? Idk if I recall correctly it was more of a tinfoil years ago that her dad would pay for flights whereas now it's basically confirmed that he has to pay her rent because clearly she is making nothing kek.

No. 1771512

I think its more likely her parents give her cheques for emergency funds whenever she goes to visit them. I doubt her dad is sending her monthly payments - and if he is that's pretty pathetic considering the amount of crap she buys and consumes. I remember her mom gave a cheque like that once. Her dad definitely has to be aware of all these hospital visits and probably suspects something is up but maybe he's just letting it slide because he won't have to pay for anymore in a few months. I personally think he looks the other way out of guilt for being a shit dad.

No. 1771515

why would the standard changing to the be bad if she's literally into anal bukkake orgies? she's tweeted about being wanted to be taken by a bunch of dudes. she is disappointed by it because no one wants to shoot that with her lol

No. 1771520

She pretends she's into anal gangbang whatever but we all know Shays favorite "sexual" thing is the beached whale position and doing as little as possible

No. 1771528

Honestly the new "standard" only affects ugly bitches like her

No. 1771538

File: 1676786075213.jpeg (73.11 KB, 827x541, 9BCFBBBA-6352-45DC-88F8-C2FDC1…)

Sometimes I wish I were a burger just so I could easily procure a firearm. This is one of those times.

No. 1771543

if you were born in the 60s you would have missed the 60s except through the limited lens of your childhood which would hopefully exclude all that

No. 1771547

Imagine being such a brain dead, narcissistic, vapid, useless piece of shit that this is what you aspire to. God I fucking hate moids. And sex workers.

No. 1771590

I hate men like this because they pretend to be “submissive” but they are just as selfish as any other man and the whole dynamic is focused on their own sexual urges. “I wanna cum for u”. STFU.

No. 1771608

>shes not that retarded, she knows how to watch youtube videos and lose weight
Nah I think she literally is too retarded to find and follow a workout routine.

No. 1771611

I thought her fat ass was into humiliation?

No. 1771615

Are we really tinfoiling about what type of payment method her parents are using… Jc nonnies…

No. 1771616

Start by losing the weight sweaty hog xox

No. 1771617

Does shaymu pay taxes? Do sex workers even do taxes?

No. 1771618

non-burger question, how does the tax thing work? here it's automatically deducted from your pay and from items you buy (GST), when I was in the US I was baffled an item said 99c but would end up being more like $1.40-80
is she fucked? like, she's not the brightest bulb and is terrible with money so how would she even going about paying them? aren't the IRS over there absolute loose units like, they care more about tax fraud than murder?
sorry to derail but this is a very good question, IRS/family bailout saga soon or homeless bankrupt scat-streetwalker saga?

No. 1771622

Kek, you're cute nonna

No. 1771649

As long as she makes more than $600 per year on Only Fans, she'll be sent a 1099 form. She has to fill out her own taxes, but it'll be reported to the IRS regardless. Technically, she should be reporting any money received over $600 anywhere, like Amazon gift cards, Cash App, Paypal, etc. I doubt she does and the IRS could come after her ass.

She should be saving around 30 percent of her earnings for tax time. And, if you make over a certain amount each year, which isn't much, you need to pay taxes quarterly as an independent contractor or else you'll be fined.
She likely gets regularly fined if she even bothers to pay taxes at all.

No. 1771691

LMAO sure Shay, because the golden olden days you're fantasizing about were totally known for being fat friendly. She'd be humiliated out of a 60s Era tickle party just as fast as she'd fleeing a climbing gym in the current day.

No. 1771699

There are cam girls using 2011 HP pavilions to cam, why would she need a new MacBook when she bought one 4 years ago. She’s so wasteful, use her pc, all she has to do is move her webcam and pc and she can lay in bed, she’s such a fucking slob.

No. 1771717

she could even use one of her phones or just buy a wireless camera. i think she’s scamming to get her braces done tbh we all know she’s not going to cam, not with that face and body.

No. 1771737

No. 1771773

File: 1676817193654.jpeg (157.85 KB, 750x394, C4D4FED0-F23E-4807-8F0E-ADAEC4…)

she deleted this last night

No. 1771826

Are MacBooks overheating while encoding still an issue?

No. 1771829

Kek trying to convince us all her dog is super happy and not totally fat and miserable.
If a total stranger said it, it must be true!!

No. 1771830

did she just mutely uwu smile because she's so sick she lost her voice and couldn't cam? she's such a stinky liar

No. 1771838


Also, it's a lab?? I'm not a dog person but I know that every single lab or golden retriever I've ever met out and about is happy and friendly unless they're super old and uncomfortable. It's not really a brag that people think your fucking lab comes across sweet, kek. If it were a shitbull I could see her needing validation but this is like bragging that someone called a little baby bunny cute.

No. 1771850

Theres many types of taxes. The deduction from your pay is supposed to go towards your 401k which is like retirement and ss and things. It also affects your returns I think? Someone else can maybe explain that one better or google it. I have only ever been self employed personally.
The items you buy have a sales/luxury tax. Most states, but not all, have that. I think that shit is just literally for the gov. Ideally its for the state to make improvements and pay their shit. But everyone pays that if your state has that. Its just on everything you buy from a candy bar to a car.
Along those lines is property tax when you buy a property.
I dont know if rent and other things have a tax in Washington.
But then there's your actual yearly taxes you have to calculate and fill out the forms for. If you make under a certain amount you dont have to. Or you can file as self employed if youre not formally employed under a company. Theres also parts like hobby income and other shit.
Some people report more or less for their own reasons, some people have their wages documented from their jobs and just report as is. You get a return on your taxes if you're an employee whos wages are taxed. Usually people talk about this as they get a couple grand check back around spring after filing.
I have never heard overshating Shaynus mention that or "taxes are so hard im such a dumb baby bimbo wheres my tax daddy to reimburse me" so.. maybe one of her parents still claim her as a dependent or maybe she just doesnt file. Which btw on that note you have to pay to file and you do it yourself or pay more to have an accountant do it for you lol.
I dont know how OF and the other sex work sites operate and if they send reports to the irs for certain amount made or if they just send you/have a form with your earnings on it like "Square PoS" does.

No. 1771853

Honestly. Also doesnt take much for a dog like a lab to get excited and look happy to see people. Especially an untrained one that spends most of its time cooped up with 2 cats and lazy Shaynus.
Still think she made up the story tho kek

No. 1771891

Probably happy because it saw people other than Shaymu if this even happened

No. 1771906

Kek. It was free from Shay's stinky weed hotbox apartment, of course it was ecstatic.

No. 1771921

File: 1676832965672.jpeg (268.28 KB, 750x1028, 1E98F2BB-B4AE-4212-8B43-8C5007…)

she's bailing again for a week this time. she doesn't realize when she tells her coomers that she's camming this night and they buy their stupid coom coins that they aren't going to save them for her they are going to spend them on someone else who is camming

No. 1771923

File: 1676833016611.jpeg (206.35 KB, 828x660, 6895EAFB-AAD7-4C95-8490-FB236B…)

This fat, stinky retard is so fucking lazy it’s absurd

No. 1771949

Wow, shocking. Idk why she even acted like today was a possibility. Thats not how sickness works,even if that is the legit reason. When you wake up feeling sick with a sore throat or runny nose or whatever cold/flu symptoms, youre in it for at least a few days. Its not better the next day. Dumbass.

No. 1771968

Gym dudes already have their gym bimbos and they treat them like trash. I have a friend in the local lifting community and gym bros will NOT give a fatty the time of day. They need a woman who is a gym rat and their steroid reduced balls usually try to find women with low self esteem and out of their league. Dudes are also narcissists so if she tried her "uwu" stuff with them, they'd tell her she's fat and weak because she's wasting their precious work out time.

No. 1771994

File: 1676841113212.jpeg (685.88 KB, 1242x1609, 05D10790-6A9A-4CD4-A8AA-F93073…)

Her life is a fucking joke kek this gif is literally all she gets from her moids

No. 1771998

How does someone start looking so special needs in few years. Like how she went from "Just a girl" to "Special needs adult".

Girl, you can start without gym. Just do exercise at home, go for a walk. Don't need gym for that.

Who's surprised she bailed? Like really?

No. 1772000

File: 1676841810431.jpeg (246.16 KB, 1118x2048, 1650848135059.jpeg)

even ignoring the made-up interaction… She never walks that fucking dog because if she did she would tweet it every single. retarded bimbo sweater selfies etc. this bitch literally takes a selfie inside every other uber she gets and every other bathroom shes in. if she ever went to the park with that dog we would get 50 tweets about how shes getting her life together and some new made up camming schedule that she wont follow
tl;dr no ugly selfies means she did not go outside. old pic related, if she interacts with her pets its only for a selfie.

No. 1772005


"cummies in my diapee" i have never wanted to alog so bad

No. 1772006

I keep forgetting she has a dog. She could get so much good exercise going with just taking the pup out more.

No. 1772035

She lives by a beautiful dog park. It’s a big field surrounded by trees and a river next to it. There’s 17 miles of trails along the river.

No. 1772048

The standard in porn was getting raped and prostituted and contracting HIV you stupid piece of shit. NOW hot girls don’t have to do anything but do a little twirl. The rat race is only for bottom of the barrel bitches.

No. 1772133

It seems to be trade offs, the average girl has to graduate to anal gangbangs fairly quick but yeah there seems to be less organized crime in the LA porn industry. Can’t say the same for Eastern Europe or Japan though.

No. 1772168

File: 1676853371872.jpeg (643.25 KB, 1170x1889, C57FED10-D408-4DEE-A71A-D8FCD8…)

Oh yes, much hard work

No. 1772218

Shut up and just do it then. She cant even cam or put out 1 vid a WEEK. Start the goals more reasonable or just stop announcing them

No. 1772222

agree. she grasps at straws as is to find something interesting to post and the best she has is pictures of food. she would definitely post things she saw while on her walks with the dog if she actually was. i bet she takes him to the front lawn to piss/shit and thats as much fresh air as that poor dog gets. he looks happy cause he’s out of shayna’s smokey jail.

No. 1772258

File: 1676860747284.jpeg (174.57 KB, 1895x1066, 71197032-7BB2-4E07-8702-438090…)

Wicked witch of the west looking ass

No. 1772260

File: 1676860850328.jpeg (768.46 KB, 1242x1636, F3EF19E3-85CE-4332-9E02-2FCD52…)

Diaper man Dan confirmed

No. 1772266

No, theyre different diaper freaks. The brown retard has likely met up with her though. Like a week or so ago. The one she diapered and probably pissed on.
But it sounds like Diaperman Dan might be >>1771440 >>1771443
So maybe she has met up with him too?
I just remember when she posted about diapering some moid, the brown tardo one interacted but diaper dan didnt. I cant see her twitter to go through and confirm though

No. 1772272

File: 1676862151421.jpeg (1.64 MB, 3465x3465, 5847C5A5-ADC9-41A1-94F6-F38E51…)

Shayna doesn’t have the right features for this blush trend. She’s fat and ugly. (Pic reference tiktok girl all over Pinterest under blush egirl makeup search) Blush makes her look even more like Jason R Womack. Bitch should just contour and blend. She looks like a white sad potato

No. 1772275

why are her bangs so wide?

No. 1772303

Botched lips, philtrum blurred to shit, horrid lash extensions/microblading, and demon claws. Don't act like this girl is any better, except I bet she doesn't pander to pedos. If only Shayna could photoshop as well as these e-whores do, she could be pulling in a lot more. Just look at Coconut Kitty; curating an online persona that looks nothing like you is the norm now. All you have to do is have zero morals and a lot of free time. Shaynus has both but she still looks like a pig in lipstick. Tragic.

No. 1772305

File: 1676866177942.jpeg (100.03 KB, 749x636, FEFE5F15-BFC1-4D51-941F-AB7FC5…)

She posted about masturbating to the alterpic video earlier today twice. I actually believe her since the woman gave her a real orgasm kek. She definitely has not said anything like this when she’s filmed with men right? KEK

No. 1772308

Don't let the trannies see this. They'll rationalize their autogynephilia by saying "here look, a cis woman is turned on by herself AGP is heckin' valid."

No. 1772316

Her bangs have to match her body

No. 1772323

File: 1676868046619.jpg (84.5 KB, 595x596, 1676857754854.jpg)

Ken on suicide watch.

No. 1772325

File: 1676868172579.jpg (38.88 KB, 519x680, FnMDGC2aAAAQXxq.jpg)

I'm sorry, but i refuse to believe she has any desire to masturbate outside of forcing herself to for her videos. Bitch is drier than the sahara desert at all times.

No. 1772334

Ken doesn’t seem like he cares about shayna kek

No. 1772352

She should just stick her bangs in a paper shredder at this point. It would do a more even job cutting than her. I guess taking yourself to the Melting Pot and then out for a $200 seafood dinner back to back isn’t considered spoiling yourself. She’s so wasteful with her money

No. 1772367

She looks soooooo bad here, i can't beleive she posted this. She looks like a troll made out of wet clay, her eye bags are even fucking fat KEK

No. 1772369

Can’t pay her rent without begging but buys tacky synthetic child slave made shit she doesn’t need, I hate this wasteful ugly fat sped so much
As if that ethot isn’t edited to hell and back too (though I’m sure she’s still light years ahead of Shat in looks regardless)

No. 1772370

Spoiler this shit for fuck’s sake

No. 1772383

Looks like she really did (finafuckingly) look at other womens' onlyfans for tips on advertising.

No. 1772384

File: 1676879019784.jpeg (329.63 KB, 1242x851, 63F6A328-8158-43B4-8C32-764130…)

No. 1772385

File: 1676879160889.jpeg (800.1 KB, 1242x1389, 2AEAAD5F-F664-4234-BC28-13F1F1…)

She looks huge and ugly in all these pictures. At least look good in your self promos jfc kek

No. 1772388

imagine selling ur body, not only that but ur selling it for fucking 3 dollars

No. 1772389

File: 1676879690340.jpeg (139.87 KB, 1242x816, C986F09C-3253-4F32-8247-4603F1…)

Her face is so fat, she doesn’t have a neck anymore

No. 1772392

File: 1676880474392.jpeg (401.68 KB, 828x879, D5B45183-0D27-4B67-BFC1-61A2D8…)

lmao that engagement (or lack thereof). how is it possible to be this much of an abject failure and not just give up on everything?

No. 1772403

File: 1676882451855.png (2.42 MB, 2000x2500, EC662265-07C1-4386-BD33-B54303…)

CP don’t scroll

No. 1772506

This time I actually thought this was one of those Womack morph photos

No. 1772597

Crazy how she's suddenly got hundreds to waste on dinners and fast fashion,
But is also begging for a laptop, rent is due in a week, etc.
And she hasnt cammed or made content this whole month.
She wasted money on that suspicious trip too.
I guess her coomers are retarded and falling for her lies, buying her cheap ass sales. But the prostitution must be helping if not her parents.
But she's too sick to cam though right

No. 1772601

She makes 100 bucks doing some lazy domme shit and thinks she's a pro and is all hype about it again.
Then immeadiatly posts about herself being humiliated and dominated.
I know shes like ~Im a switch ok if u cant accept that leave~ but still you gotta admit thats just stupid and bad business.

No. 1772606

Coconutkitty killed herself tho

No. 1772608

lol, since when?

No. 1772619

Supposedly a few days ago. She has her own thread though. Some anons think she’s faking it but she was very unwell.

No. 1772654

File: 1676917534099.jpeg (120.42 KB, 750x477, 29126460-76B3-4EE9-9905-967F10…)

but she had such a sore throat she couldn't even talk for an hour? her coomers are so stupid

No. 1772663

A pedo pandering bitch died, good riddance. Who cares, honestly?(a-logging)

No. 1772699

I agree anon.

Why is she hunched over this is so not sexy she's so fat and sloppy.

No. 1772703

File: 1676922206136.jpg (832.37 KB, 1080x2196, Screenshot_20230220_134149_Ins…)

Can someone buy this girl a lint roller?

No. 1772706

File: 1676922278735.jpg (823.5 KB, 1080x2196, Screenshot_20230220_134156_Ins…)


No. 1772710

File: 1676922436375.jpg (777.09 KB, 1080x2196, Screenshot_20230220_134202_Ins…)


No. 1772713

>>1772703 she would never use a lint roller, probably because it feels slimy and whatever her excuse not to shower was. Rank

No. 1772715

okay so she decided to make her bangs a bit wider but now it's crooked and framing her face like a fucking bowl cut. But at least it doesn't look like some 80's sitcom cokebottle bang, so I guess it's 1% better?

No. 1772716

blurred tf out of them cracked ass lips kek we see you big shaynus just use chapstick ffs

No. 1772724

She deleted her Tinder account or made it impossible to find her

No. 1772728

File: 1676923576408.png (606.49 KB, 488x486, 1673023791149.png)

what we see here is the vicious shaycle repeating itself once again. remember the fupa hoodie she used to wear all the fucking time? this is a certified shane hoodie, i'm sure. we've never seen this piece of clothing before. given she still wears shit from her 100lbs days, highly unlikely it's not a newly obtained piece of clothing. i just went looking and couldn't find a pic of shane p sonnier riding a motorcycle all i found was picrel so maybe it was the mandela effect all along and shane never rode motorcycles KEK

No. 1772738

Maybe you got blocked

No. 1772739

man she looks pretty on her Twitter, but because she does porn now I only see her as ugly(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1772740

Could you imagine if all 130 of these threads were just the same person posting that would be kind of impressive(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1772741

She's worn it for years it's not Shane's. I wish it was but she's taken a lot of photos in that hoodie over the years. Probably the guy she was with in Massachusetts though

No. 1772749

Wtf are you on?? Also learn to Sage you shaytard

No. 1772751

oops sorry forgot I’m not on /ot/ kek and unfortunately I don’t keep up with the shayna threads closely enough to know much about her but the thought just crossed my mind as I was scrolling through this one and it made me laugh. Like could you imagine if the last 50 or 60 threads were just the same person? Real “ubisoft goes bye bye” shit kek(USER HAS BEEN SHAKER ACTED)

No. 1772752

The only way you can block people on tinder is if you have their phone number. If she “unmatched” with you after matching the algorithm is supposed to prevent you from being shown that person again but it doesn’t always work. Tinderanon is a retard anyway, she didn’t even cap Shat’s bio or other pictures besides the first one on her profile
It’s the tranny, just report and ignore
It never ceases to amaze me that people this aggressively hideous exist. Proof that natural selection has failed us

No. 1772753

Hehe shat

No. 1772757

Oh shit, I think I know the area, I go there myself at times.

No. 1772759

This face fucking gets me every time and makes me want to punch her. WHY.

No. 1772775

Back to /ot/ with your lol so randum eksdee shit

No. 1772789

File: 1676929981916.jpeg (328.24 KB, 1170x1012, 2721B07A-3A8C-4DBD-B5DD-10B5EA…)

No. 1772790

File: 1676930051106.jpeg (256.04 KB, 1170x880, A5A4A762-2573-4361-A6A4-CD26A1…)

No. 1772815

this particular video is the comedian fartiest she's ever looked

No. 1772821

No. 1772822

Kek no Mandela effect, your memory was right, here's Shane in a sad vest on a motorcycle >>1734255

No. 1772826

anyone who is not pixielocks over the age of 20 is likely working on a Monday. She's been unemployed for so long that she has no idea naked ebegging on a Monday noon in February is not the best. especially since her camshows are so empty now, its literally just some nonas and two coomers. and id venture to say her only employed watchers with money are nonas. if she does this its literally just going to be a videochat with womack.

No. 1772828

File: 1676934100288.jpeg (206.55 KB, 750x445, 49924F52-E2F8-4E03-AF0D-5BFE81…)

she can't take accountability for anything she does or says it's always everyone else's fault

No. 1772830

How many times is she gonna threaten this? Do it bitch.(a-log)

No. 1772833

I don’t get why she didn’t do a Valentine’s Day cam show lots of Moids are lonely and it seems like whores would want to capitalize on it

No. 1772834

File: 1676934991362.jpeg (276.17 KB, 1242x658, 7A99977E-920A-43B2-9317-0A6D22…)

No. 1772835

File: 1676935042302.jpeg (932.32 KB, 1242x1697, 7E2E93A1-7AB4-4DDF-AC56-F6FF45…)

Still gets me

No. 1772837

it's because she's fat, lazy, stinky and sabotages every opportunity she has by being lazy and drunk and she only wants to do pedo stuff

No. 1772838

She literally could just quit pedo pandering online for $3 and get an education on her parents' dime at any point.

No. 1772843

yesterday she was "masturbating" to her own content cuz she loves it so much and today her cam announcement got no reactions so she immediately jumps back to the suicide threats. she has actually changed sort of, back in the day she could go at least a few days pretending to be successful now one tweet flops and suddenly sex work ruined her life.

No. 1772844

File: 1676936247482.jpeg (291.37 KB, 750x862, 8240277A-85B5-4582-96D4-5A0C64…)

all she does is ebeg on twitter all day i don't understand how she gets herself to these conclusions

No. 1772845

File: 1676936428859.jpeg (188.03 KB, 750x533, C248C4CC-BDDA-47A6-8190-F0034F…)

the only people to interact with her. what a shit life and she chooses this

No. 1772856

Okay but like.. Even if the HaTuRs disappeared, and lolcow shut down today; the damage of her own reputation is already done? And guess who didn't contribute to that? Lolcow. All these threads have ever done is keep up with her constant lies, her pedo-baiting, her harassment of other individuals, the way shes acted, and how she's handled all of her actions being thrown back at her??.. The mental gymnastics of this one.

Also, I almost guarantee that these people arent saying "under the circumstances of lolcow and your haters, i cannot afford to work with you", i bet they're telling her that the actions she's displayed could damage their reputations and she's using that to avoid accountability.

No. 1772870

File: 1676938863892.jpg (108.78 KB, 1061x776, Screenshot_2023-02-21-00-19-07…)

Lmao um ok Shay. Just cos you don't see it, doesn't mean it doesn't exist.

How long til she deletes this one.

No. 1772871

I don't think she's necessarily referring to lolcow. It's other sex workers cancelling her on Twitter that's making people not work with her. And this is not WKing Shayna - she is 100% responsible for her horrendous reputation - but I kinda get her being annoyed at the constant "Nazi" rumours bc she made one Hitler joke like a decade ago. If anything they should cancel her for being a pedo pandering degenerate incest freak, but they won't, because they're all the same.

No. 1772875

Yeah idk maybe you should quit Shay and get your life together.

No. 1772877

File: 1676939273504.jpeg (249.76 KB, 750x831, BB0E598D-6578-4B2C-BB4D-245C35…)

oh boy

No. 1772879

File: 1676939307798.jpg (185.1 KB, 1080x1316, Screenshot_2023-02-21-00-24-29…)

Why she acting like it's a website just about her. There are 100s of others with threads on here Shay, you aren't special.
But yeah people just reposting your own tweets is way worse than SWs who get death threats, physically stalked and assaulted, maybe murdered. No it's YOU who have it the worst.

No. 1772882

She’s so blind to her privilege, is she forgetting that street hookers exist

No. 1772884

File: 1676939510885.jpeg (213.2 KB, 750x616, 95A07D6A-75EF-47C0-B229-C933F4…)

not her using bleak

No. 1772885

File: 1676939517384.jpeg (469.19 KB, 1242x1337, 227D0D06-B20E-4BAE-B70C-9A6FEB…)

Do it

No. 1772886

It's so funny when cows read their own threads. You just know she's bothered and insecure and doesn't hide it

No. 1772887

Well this is embarrassing.
Girl just quit the industry, delete all your social media and go develop a real life. Go home. If you are seriously willing to bag yourself over random internet anons then that's just pathetic.

But hey Shay can't commit to sitting on a camera doing nothing, she ain't gonna kill herself, you can tell she's not the type to actually commit to that.

No. 1772888

Is it just me or is she mentioning/referencing lc a lot more recently, and more directly? Wonder if the shaynatorium has gotten to her lmao

No. 1772889

These threads have been going steady for years, why chimp out now? Do you think the shaynatorium put her over the edge? kek

No. 1772890

>27 club
Where's that bald moid to misunderstand and say that it sounds like fun when you need him?

No. 1772892

it's because shane left her and she blames LC
it's so pathetic that she doesn't have anyone to tell her how cringe and embarrassing it is to suicide bait on her sex work twitter account

No. 1772894

File: 1676940005047.jpeg (276.83 KB, 1205x1002, 2168326F-36FF-4BFB-BC4B-54728E…)

No. 1772895

File: 1676940034319.gif (3.15 MB, 480x270, the-simpsons-homer-simpson.gif)

Fucking kek.
Ken waiting for his invite.

No. 1772896

File: 1676940052688.jpeg (76.06 KB, 974x1024, 0c415cf3c469ace16be2922b43086e…)

>bails on camming and posts utter shit pics
>say shes gonna cam on the weekend
>ask for a new laptop when the coomers already bought you a pc, ipad and other laptops
>cancel again
>now realizing this was not a good idea and she needs money cuz no free laptop for ugly fatties on twitter
>says shes gonna cam on a Monday at 1 pm expecting easy money
>coomers obviously don't respond cause its terrible timing even for them
>get so angry about your fake job that you dont even fucking do that you threaten suicide

No. 1772898

File: 1676940220288.jpeg (298.34 KB, 750x696, 97BC2A35-E147-4637-B747-8E34C6…)

you weren't "being a crybaby" you were threatening to kill yourself because a company didn't want to work with you. probably because of hysterics like this omg

No. 1772901

Jesus Christ.
What an absolute tard. I feel like this is just offensive to anyone who's killed themselves or had attempts
>sry just bein crybaby!!

This is not normal behaviour.
She's never gonna quit SW nor kill herself. Ever. Lord knows what her future holds.

No. 1772902

Tinfoil but I think her parents must have confronted her about the nona who reached out with the infant rape "porn". Either that, or Shat found out that they saw it by reading the thread and now she's scared because her parents now know for sure that she's a pedo.
Shat tends to suicide-bait following breakdowns from breakups with moids. The only thing that could make her lash out and threaten "killing myself" is probably money.

No. 1772907

This is so blatantly untrue. There's girls who were in non-pedo-pandering porn videos that cannot move on with their lives because stalker moids will message photos and videos to their parents constantly like that girl Mayli who has a Kiwifarms thread and people obsessed with her despite doing only 2-3 porn videos and keeping a low profile in a completely different career (art curator I think). The most 'harm' that [female] anons have done in here is reporting her to AirBnb for using someone's poor home as a porn set without permission and sending fully-clothed, censored pictures of her simulating child rape to inform her parents of what their money is actually going towards.

No. 1772916

She’s a retard, there’s sex workers that have stalkers and males that try to find their address to hurt them. Probably plenty of girls in porn that have been assaulted and even killed because of it. Some people on an image board making fun of you being fat/ugly and upping your engagement on social media is nothing compared to that.

No. 1772918

File: 1676941494172.jpeg (196.26 KB, 477x503, 0E58EC46-025B-4AC3-983B-74162B…)

No. 1772920

File: 1676942120497.png (65.11 KB, 275x252, 1675209054413.png)

Kek Which drawing pushed her over the edge? I say this one

Ah yes drinking Whiteclaws that'll totally help.

No. 1772921

File: 1676942366608.jpeg (518.37 KB, 960x700, 3E1EED7B-F6F9-42B9-8A97-74E6C7…)

Leather face looking ass

No. 1772922

Nta but is this really considered a-logging? Anon didn't wish death on her she just doesn't care that she died.

No. 1772923

File: 1676942549534.webm (Spoiler Image,10.49 MB, 1920x1080, oCT9GS1wDBVT7FR6.webm)

Her latest video preview, horrifying

No. 1772924

fresh batch of new jannies; someone isn't clear on what constitutes a-logging yet

No. 1772925

I think she does this as a way to self-harm, at around the same time she says she's suicidal…

No. 1772934

no one cares. get a diary, piggy.

No. 1772937

>>1772879 I'm willing to bet money that her dad talked to her about that diaper picture anon sent to him.

No. 1772938

and that’s the problem. Shatna doesn’t think she’s ever done anything wrong. she truly believes she’s a perfect little ray of sunshine who should be praised and worshiped. it’s pathetic how she has no accountability and is getting into her late 20s. grow the fuck up and take responsibility for your actions and your life you fucking shit stain.

No. 1772945

Prostituted women are raped and murdered every single day, stalked, pimped out, threatened, robbed, etc., but sure. August Ames killed herself because of harassment. Thousands of unnamed women who never made it big were stalked and harrassed out of the industry and have had their lives permanently ruined for being in vanilla porn. Shayna is so fucking selfish and stupid. She's a nobody. Nobody cares about her enough to legitimately harass her.

No. 1772947

something comfy about her hyping the fuck out of her videos and the videos turning out even worse than imagined every time. no way in hell she came to this shit like she tweeted.

No. 1772959

File: 1676946711010.png (219.04 KB, 410x414, Screen Shot 2023-02-20 at 9.28…)

Soo she's going to threaten suicide because her "career" is doing poorly and THEN post this abomination of a video lol??????

No. 1772968

An anon said she looked like Kevin from the office and now that’s all I see.

No. 1772977

I shouldn't get my hopes up, but I'll continue to hold onto my dream…

No. 1772979

her lips are fucking purple, wtf

No. 1772993

File: 1676950796872.jpeg (Spoiler Image,132.79 KB, 416x372, 6B881FA4-C2F4-44A4-ABAD-C38024…)


No. 1772995

File: 1676950903965.jpg (14.05 KB, 480x360, hqdefault (2).jpg)

No. 1772997

I can’t breathe holy shit

No. 1773002

> anons make fun of me
> posts videos looking like this

No. 1773011

What makes it all worse is that she's doing this to herself and not even in a bdsm setting with another person or something. Like im not a kinkfag im just saying its extra pathetic to be putting this all on yourself and looking goofy as fuck just to suck a dildo in your room to make a $8 video maybe a dozen people will buy.
I think her suicide baiting and "muh boolies" thing is just her deflecting from making an ugly, embarrassing vid like this. She knows its awful and is trying to shift the focus and soften the blow kek

No. 1773012

File: 1676952501093.png (1.19 MB, 807x540, kali.png)

No. 1773016

Imagine devoting 7 years of your life to something and this is all you have to show for it.

No. 1773019

Can you all believe that she says we have to edit her to be ugly when she provides such comedy gold on her public twitter for free?

No. 1773021

>>1772923 omg this looks like something from an underground gore film 0:16 is nothing short of extremely nightmarish

No. 1773022

File: 1676953555614.png (191.11 KB, 631x475, Begotten.png)

>>1772923 SHAYGOTTEN

No. 1773026

Don’t you dare bring Mahakali into this
Shayna, you’re an ontologically evil person. You promote and profit off pedophilia and sexual violence. You neglect and abuse your pets. You’re a liar and a bully. Your most loyal customers and the ones you publicly interact with are abusive, racist pedophiles and zoophiles, one of whom subscribed to his own daughters porn and almost certainly raped her. There are over a hundred threads full of exhaustive documentation proving that you treat almost every single person you come into contact with like shit, including your own family. You’re a lazy, greedy, selfish, entitled, dishonest, nasty misogynist and that is why no one wants anything to do with you, professionally or otherwise.

No. 1773032

Someone PLEASE take caps of her face in the video at 0:16 when shes “masturbating” and 0:17 when shes just sitting there; her faces in those shots are utterly comical

No. 1773037

File: 1676954638518.jpeg (Spoiler Image,205.97 KB, 2048x1152, 2ADC7B90-3B95-45CA-99E7-71D76A…)

this is an old picture but does anyone know if this is a common fetish? this was one of the pictures among 4 posted today that she’s using to advertise her onlyfarts. i laughed for like 2 minutes straight seeing this picture because of how tiny her head looks and even though moids are retarded i can’t conceive of why a moid would want to watch this unless his first masturbatory experience was watching nacho libre.

No. 1773039

File: 1676954931451.jpeg (681.95 KB, 1284x713, 598A2F5C-0C0F-420B-9E4E-6891EA…)

contemplating her life choices

No. 1773045

File: 1676955190476.jpg (682.46 KB, 1435x1080, Picsart_23-02-20_22-49-21-768.…)

Holy fuck, the zoom in at the end. I haven't laughed this hard since the preview she put out where she just fucking disappeared.

No. 1773047

Yeah isn’t the point of this sort of kinkfaggery that this is something extra humiliating that someone does to you? When she does this or spanks herself alone it makes her just seem retarded and misses the point completely, how can you submit to yourself kek

No. 1773049

someone should put all these clips together and make a short horror film/montage next kek

No. 1773050

So Ellen helped shayna film this? Kek wow

No. 1773065

I guess at the end of it, it does check that it's embarrassing and humiliating. Not in the kinky way she wants it to come off as though kek

No. 1773066

Why wouldnt she just have Ellen put the stuff on her? And why are the angles and dildo set up STILL failing to be a true pov??
Also hate how she always puts on the retarded gloves or repeat things like that when she does a certain "theme". Like the SS leather daddy hat when she does domme content. The gloves in this make no sense.

No. 1773079

I always assumed that coomers into this sort of thing liked it as part of a full body latex thing like that masked domme she did that straightjacket video with

No. 1773119

I imagine she sees she has a reply, gets a little excited, and her heart sinks a little when it’s just this again for the 500th time

No. 1773122

File: 1676962927989.jpg (426.7 KB, 1080x1268, Screenshot_20230220_230134.jpg)

No. 1773133

How do you fuck up cutting your own bangs this badly?

No. 1773134

Predator looking ass bitch

No. 1773136

File: 1676964423565.png (143.52 KB, 486x364, how.png)

i think shes getting into masked stuff because she can only make money with her face covered and distorted at this point

i am not a coomer but this cannot be attractive to anyone with whatever fetish this is right

No. 1773139

Literally yes it is attractive to them. Remember that men fuck cars and fish and bugs and pies and bagels and animals and their own children and dolls and dirt and buttholes. They love cooming to fucked up shit, particularly violent misogynistic porn made by some loser who could be their next door neighbor or friend's daughter.

No. 1773140

This cannot be real. Kek I would never let anything like this be seen of me.

No. 1773150

I saw a tweet going around the other day that said “‘masturbating to Serbian Film” and I honestly am not surprised Shayna hasn’t resorted to sick bait posts like that yet to get normies to call her a gross freak

No. 1773165

We know she’s lurking, don’t give her ideas. She has deleted all the suicide baiting “muh stalkers” tweets. Too late, Shaymu. Lolcor is forever.

No. 1773195

i sincerely hope this isnt the type of stuff she did when shane was there. no wonder he bailed. nasty.

No. 1773197

File: 1676976602897.jpeg (397.5 KB, 1024x571, 23AAB453-A9F7-480A-A2D0-0C9B85…)

>>1773195(USER HAS BEEN SHAKER (shay baker) ACTED)

No. 1773204


This made me say 'why is she doing this' out loud

No. 1773227

Shayna is so sheltered even in her sex work. She doesn't really meet her clients and has managed to avoid working with others. Even low level porn actresses can get real life stalker in addition to all the harassment at porn shoots. No one here does anything but comment on the life choices she made. We even discourage people from interacting with her. If she reads here, it is all on her.

No. 1773237

THE ZOOM AT THE END OF THE CLIP OH MY GOD. its like shes trying to convey some sort of 'forced to do this' vibe but if that's the whole clip, she failed to establish that in the beginning. the zoom in the end just makes it look like shes contemplating her own choices.

No. 1773250

Jesus out of everything Shayna has done with her porn, this creeps me out. I feel like she’s self harming or something because to go this low and have this be on the internet FOREVER attached to your real name is depressing. I don’t feel bad for her bc she chose this, and smugly keeps choosing it, but she can’t be happy doing this. Oh well, anything to own the haydurz

No. 1773251

Samefag, not self harming through cutting but degrading herself if that makes sense.

No. 1773260

Why doesn’t she acknowledge that she’s a filthy cunt who enables, promotes and enjoys people raping children? I don’t believe for a second that she’s unaware of why we hate her so much, she knows why. She just knows the only people who follow her are other pedos who don’t want to hear how much normal people detest them. Killing herself is too good for her, I hope she suffers about this for her whole life. I hope she’s 40 years old and has to leave every job she gets after a few months when someone discovers her past full of simulated baby rape and her coworkers want to kill her.

No. 1773261

isn't her whole behaviour some from of self harm? Drinking, getting fat, having sex unprotected, ruining your butthole, letting strangers in your flat while being alone, not showering, choosing sex work over a education that her parents would pay for, having an online history with your real name that might never allow you to lead a normal life.
After all, she is old enough, has more support than most sex workers, caring parents and could have had a way out. With all that and the suicide baiting I don't feel bad for her, I feel bad for the prostitutes in my town, some of them are still children and they don't have support or a choice.

No. 1773274

File: 1676992319375.jpg (326.86 KB, 938x1418, 20230221_083724.jpg)

Is that a laptop? It looks like on to me. She is so scummy and so are the sub humans that give her money.

No. 1773283

But why in the name of god does she have stocking over her head?

Nice laptop you got there on your windowsil.

No. 1773294

This is like the third time she asks for a laptop. She already has two macbooks that she uses as weed trays.

No. 1773298

so she can hide her face, she posts mainly shooped photos now and doesn't like releasing videos or camming

No. 1773300

I was just thinking she had monk bangs KEKEKEK

No. 1773321

I think she was trying to be funny? Remember when she said her porn is like “comedy porn”? She’s so cringe

No. 1773323

File: 1676997566038.jpeg (Spoiler Image,623.45 KB, 1170x1263, 0E2F6AED-338B-4467-8C12-C88651…)

No. 1773324

It was a custom? Well like most of her customers, she needs to report whoever asked for this to the FBI

No. 1773327

Thing is, 27 Club is people with talent and fame. She's always talked about it even in her tumblr days and saying she wanted to be a singer and other stupid delusional shit. She can't even make a break in porn. 27 club is dumb anyway, but it's hilarious she thinks she's notable. She'd be lucky to get a generic obituary online at best and a tabloid write up on "sex worker maimed and killed in own apartment, dildos found on wall next to plushes, diaper on victim" at worst

No. 1773330

The first one i could believe broke snd I do remember her saying its a ~bimbo weed tray~ now. But tf happened to the 2nd one she got? And was it confirmed she got an ipad?

No. 1773335

Once again, proving she only does vid content especially, when someone buys a custom/makes her do her job.
She just thinks since she has to film it anyway, she'll post it and make a few more bucks off of it.
It's lazy and gross she would be ok with posting one like that of all things. Even she knew it was embarrassing and weird.

No. 1773339

It’s so juvenile the way she fixates on the 27 Club. Most people in their mid 20s see how stupid romanticizing the deaths of talented young people is. It’s not cool, it’s just a waste of life. She really is terminally 16.

No. 1773341

is she on this recent suicide kick because of coconutkitty and trying to make it about herself? is she starting to feel guilt over her pedopandering? or is that too optimistic to expect her to finally feel that burden on her soul…

No. 1773350

honestly this is so fucked up. the disgusting hardcore kink over a backdrop of baby/child toys and aesthetics. so despicable

No. 1773357

I find it hilarious she expects twitter sex workers to be on a 24/7 shayna protection mission. It's like she's blaming them for not doing anything, what the fuck can they do? At least Keffals started a failed campaign. Shayna barely says anything. She does not even say what she wants these people to do? She said the harassment isn't on twitter.
What has shayna done to.try to get lolcow taken down? But retards on twitter are supposed to be protecting her and making sure she's okay? WHY?????
She wants a unpaid personal army. What do they get defending Dolly mattel? She's not famous, she's not rich and she does nothing. Yet she talks about how dangerous this site is who dox and stalk her, she expects other sex workers to just go, "hey let me get on these people radar". Not going to happen
The troons at least have sympathy and numbers, you don't have that. The women you want to defend you also have bills to pay, also are sucked into this gross world. I do not get this. Nobody wants to be told
>you could've saved me! Your going to feel so bad when I die!!!
Okay?? What can they do? Why should they care?

No. 1773362

this is so embarrassing. the guy basically gave her the equivalent of an awkward thumbs up and is just like “alright, cool thanks” and shayna is over here going full retard in the clip. then she posts it like a flex? girl he seems scared.

No. 1773365

Wasn't this something that a coomer requested for a custom video? And now she's straight up selling it for pennies? Oh Shaymu log off already

No. 1773379

As good as I think quitting her (awful) coomer-catering porn job would be for her, I cannot imagine Shayna in a normal job. She can hardly get on cam once a week, she could never get up every day and go to a job for eight hours. And eight hours where she has to deal with customers/coworkers and nobody's patting her ass the whole time? I'd pay to see that meltdown

No. 1773389

File: 1677006800705.jpeg (67.55 KB, 750x213, 92228EEF-BFB3-4051-ADA4-F4F75B…)

even her coomers think it's weird

No. 1773393

It will never not baffle me how she seems genuinely bothered by the pictures edits and people not wanting to work with her. Vs the nona saying they sent her fucking dad some shit directly calling her a pedo. In fact, shes more fake protective over Ellen then she is her parents. If you had stalkers who you claim dox and harass your family, wouldn't you never mention them?
Like it's literally been pointed out she didn't call out a predator talking about underaged people, she doesn't care. Only when it hits twitter does she care. I truly don't think she cares what we say about jer as long as we aren't calling her ugly and it's not on twitter.

No. 1773399

I don't get this at all, I'm not an ethot but presumably the allure of the custom video for the buyer is that they're specifically made for them? It's partly the exclusivity that makes it exciting for them, I assume.

No. 1773400

selling ur customs to the public is like the lowest point

No. 1773413

Because she's too lazy to make her own vids so she waits until a coomer buys a custom and tells her what to do and pays her for it upfront. Then she posts it so it looks like she actually does make content and make a few extra bucks off it.

No. 1773415

What's with all the newfags, she's always done this and charges more to keep customs private. One of the very few business decisions she makes that actually isn't completely retarded.

No. 1773419

people don't bother those who keep their business to themselves.

nah i think it's actually starting to get to her in a way that she can't ignore anymore. if anything i think the whole shane saga was what probably drove her over the edge since she was trying desperately hard to turn him into fupa 2.5 and blames us for ruining it.

No. 1773431

I'm pretty sure this was the original request. >>1753395

No. 1773438

Anon she absolutely feels no guilt. She is simply scared of losing her allowance and probably of what else her parents might be shown. I wonder what they would think of her tweets/photos/videos that reenact the Girl Scout rape/murders of three little girls for instance. Her parents are probably scarred seeing her in that baby bonnet kek.

No. 1773439

File: 1677014215092.jpeg (474.25 KB, 750x708, 297A99E8-0B7E-4FB5-A22E-2CC4CE…)

No. 1773444

>going back to bed
>at 1 pm
“Bad brain day”, more like hungover

No. 1773448

Good catch. Also holy shit last month she said she would be filming it the next day after posting that tweet implying she had already forgotten about it/put him off because of whatever bullshit reason and he had to remind her what the vid even was. Because 7 years of sex work and she cant be bothered to notepad her customs and get them done in a timely matter.
No wonder the coomer was like "great vid, thanks" and thats it. They are porn sick but they want to get off to the gross porn then move on to the next. Not pay for a custom and wait months for her low effort likely disappointing vid.
No wonder she doesnt get requests anymore. I mean theres many reasons from the quality, her appearance, etc. But she forgets and puts off the vids and will even put you on blast if you don't spend enough.
Im still baffled that she acted above 40 bucks for a quick anal vid. And right after she snarkly said "my customs start at $10 a minute if you wanna see how i wipe my ass with these nails" no less.
She's not posting any content because she doesnt have people buying customs and has to spend hours editing pictures to hell just to look almost decent. She's getting by on selling her old content for cheaper and cheaper doing "sales" and pity panhandling at this point. Cant even do 1 cam show shes talked about for weeks for her retarded sex work anniversary

No. 1773452

The audacity to make up excuse after excuse to not do the bare minimum of sex work yet "wud love new subs and sales"
Bitch for what?? She just thinks she can keep scraping by on her backlog of porn apparently and do nothing new. That horrific custom barely counts because it was shit and she was supposed to have done it at least a month ago. Has she worked or done anything at all this entire month besides ebeg and make excuses?

No. 1773453

She really had to delete and repost it to sound more retarded and illiterate tf

No. 1773456

File: 1677015267995.jpeg (Spoiler Image,323.34 KB, 1080x808, 6BDD5AF2-F626-4171-8459-CA1EEF…)

Shayna it’s not a bad brain day, it reality sinking in that your life sucks and you’re 100%responsible for what’s going on lol. Why does her videos look like a mix between lilie jean and Bjork’a stalkers videos?? She look like him too, same vibe!

No. 1773477

Didn't this bitch just say she wanted to pump out vids every other day or something? Kek she's off to a great start

No. 1773479

Wasn’t she saying she would cam?

No. 1773515

i think it's funny and fucked up that she posts her dad on her sex work twitter account but not ellen

No. 1773526

File: 1677021898389.png (121.76 KB, 252x300, yikes1.png)

gonna post some caps i got from her horrid custom

No. 1773527

File: 1677021924436.png (136.15 KB, 255x333, yikes2.png)

No. 1773528

File: 1677022020706.png (1.53 MB, 1652x885, yikes3.png)

No. 1773530

File: 1677022139275.png (1.46 MB, 1648x892, yikes4.png)

No. 1773534

File: 1677022202556.png (896.4 KB, 752x892, yikes5.png)

this one is hella funny, it looks like she's having an existential crisis kek

No. 1773535

File: 1677022255074.png (931.4 KB, 801x895, yikes6.png)

alright last one, sorry anons for the screencap spam. hope some nonas make funny edits of these.

No. 1773536

Anon these looks similar to pics already posted…and the first two and second two look the same.

No. 1773541

put on your glasses, they are slightly different

No. 1773547

oh shit, sorry nona. i didn't realize i took them off because i'm too fucking blind.

No. 1773564

The unshaved armpit hair adds a nice bimbo baby touch.

No. 1773578

I can not understand how she thinks this is better than going back home to her parents. The sick coomer that ordered this is clearly getting off on paying a woman to do something humiliating and degrading. Fat Shat doesn't even realise that these coomers hate her and get harder the more she debases herself. They aren't paying her to do this because they think she's a hot bimbo barbie, they're doing it because they enjoy seeing her hurt herself, and the hog willing obliges for less than minimum wage.

No. 1773579

shocker - she didnt lose any weight from buying hello fresh meals. She actually looks bigger.

No. 1773585

She always says she's gonna work or improve her life and then there's always excuses. But none of them her fault!

No. 1773587

oh i was kidding sorta but no worries. tbh i couldn't tell which ones were 'funnier' so i just put em all here so anons can make funny pictures or a collage if they want to. that damn webm takes forever to load and getting caps off twitter is hard.
slightly ot but it'd be funny if the next thread is "7 years of sex work edition" with a $3 price tag on the picture.

No. 1773588

OT but where is this from wtf.

No. 1773591

Three words–sunk cost fallacy. Also there's something humiliating about having to work a normal job after failing at 7 years of sex work. Especially if she took her parents' offer to go to school because she used to shit on people who go to college and claimed her life was going to be so much more exciting than everyone elses' who went to a college.

No. 1773593

File: 1677025952535.jpeg (572.46 KB, 1601x900, 190725131539-francis-bacon-unt…)

No. 1773596

File: 1677026208545.png (429.61 KB, 756x900, shat_on_sale.png)

No. 1773597

New thread pic has to be this kek

No. 1773599

These “facial distortion” pictures are so scary to me. I can’t really even look at them for humor because it is so deranged.

No. 1773603

these are genuinely disturbing. if you put a black and white filter over them they would look like photos from a mental institution in the 1950s

No. 1773605

I mean you have to diet for more than a week. And I mean actually diet not pork and pasta drowning in sauce for 2.

No. 1773607

What's with the dyke fanfics for Shat? She's straighter than a pole.

No. 1773614

It’s from these video tapes taken by a man known as the bjork stalker- he stalked the musician Bjork and he would record his insanity. The screenshot is from a tape where heshoots himself in the head and dies. Yeah nice to see in a Shay thread sorry nonny

No. 1773616

Same. She needs to quit but won’t because lolcow is 2 mean and she has to stick it to us apparently. I think the fact she isn’t doing any anal at the moment speaks for itself.

No. 1773619

kek did she poke out eyeholes?

No. 1773649

File: 1677031192775.jpeg (381.37 KB, 1242x1270, D0BE373B-A18F-4204-9AFC-095D9B…)

Jason R Womack to the rescue with door dash gift cards

No. 1773651

What do we think happened?

No. 1773652

File: 1677031293533.jpeg (816.3 KB, 1242x1454, BF6B1E75-ACF7-4797-90A1-6ECDBC…)

topkek I love how no one gives a shit besides Jason the Retard

No. 1773657

Great job anon, ty for making this
I’m praying that we get an answer on why she’s no longer selling herself as buttstuffbarbie. Maybe if she’s drunk enough on cam then an anon can get her to bring it up. I’m still wondering what the chup actually is.

No. 1773660

i have a feeling it's because of that one retard who cowtipped her dad recently

No. 1773665

I think it’s that her dad saw her pedo content. Pretty much anything else she would share

No. 1773669

My impression from this tweet is something bad happened to a family member but idk that's just what comes to my head.

No. 1773672

Isn’t the chup just whatever lubricant she’s using?

No. 1773674

Yeah probably this

No. 1773675

I think the self harm aspect relates to it directly involving her. I don’t think she would self harm if someone in her family was hurt or sick or w.e. I think it’s the pictures sent to her dad. I can’t imagine the immense amount of anxiety that must create. Uff. Good enough reason to never post shameful content online.

No. 1773676

I guess we will see if she posts less pedo stuff now

No. 1773679

it has to be this. the self-harm means it's about her, and just thinking logically, I can't even imagine how a person's dad would react if someone showed them their daughter voluntarily doing what he saw her doing

No. 1773680

Willingly talking to Jason R Womack IS a form of self harm, kek. Nice life you've made for yourself Shayna.

No. 1773689

Yea we get it. Shaker acted has been used before we don’t need the explanation. Why did anon get banned? It wasn’t funny but the redtext or even ban isn’t necessary. It would’ve been better if you left out the explanation, maybe. I think a lot of anons are confused as to what would constitute as an edit for thread pic or that needs to be in the “shaytorium.” Or are we just supposed to find the pic from there? Because anon with the choking the cat and hitting the bong drawing was banned but that would’ve made a decent thread pic.(Noted. Learn to sage though. )

No. 1773694

I really, really hate to defend a janny, but the parenthesis is obviously a reference to the somewhat recent trend of shaynons (shay anons) posting intentionally lame shitty wordplay based on shayna's name with an unnecessary explanation after it in parenthesis
I dunno if it was worth a ban, but I guess it could be for fanart/edits, or it could be a joke too and one of those 5-minute-bans because it also appears to be a reference to the shaynatorium thread

No. 1773697

Kek. Womack is like a fucking AI bot. Absolutely no emotion in that reply. Almost like he doesn't even know what self harm means which wouldn't be surprising.

No. 1773699

I think its a tempban, I doubt a janny would permaban a shaytard, they have even allowed the shaynatorium to prosper this time

No. 1773700

Kek not the cat scratches on the ankle again. You self harm daily Shaynus lets be honest

No. 1773702

File: 1677033986943.jpeg (289.65 KB, 1242x969, 3F48D5F8-A552-40CA-89A0-ACE31D…)

No. 1773705

It's defined that anon sending shit to her dad. They again, she's spoken about people harassing her family, as she claimed so I think she'd just bring it up? What other personal life does she have that's not Ellen or sex work? She's 100% be calling them out if it was Ellen or Shane or something. I assume it was her dad seeing what retarded nona sent. However at the same time I could see her saying her dad is a shit person for believing her "harassers". So maybe he really did cut all ties and doesn't want shit to do with her, or told her that he's not happy with this. Very weird. Cowtippers suck btw.

No. 1773706

self harm like filming those horrible ass videos? thats what you mean shayna?

No. 1773708

She's already evil (i.e. a pedo) but not aware of it.

No. 1773711

We say why we dislike her but she refuses to take "hey actual pedos are hitting you up. Maybe you should rethink things?" As a answer. She really thinks she's 95% perfect and we just dislike her because she's chubby and a sex worker, sure I dislike sex work and sex workers like her but people say why they dislike her but she ignores it. You had a pedo talk to you and do nothing about it. Yet you want to die over people not working with you or post personal relationship texts to hope to get someone cancelled or your own mom. But a pedo? You don't share any information you have. That's why I truly dislike you

No. 1773716

Oh and Ellen involved minors in kink. I don't care if she was lying, she's a fucking baby sitter who made up a story or actually did, post with a child she was caring for pacifier on kink tumblr for kink reasons. Another 100% look at why shayna is a bad shitty person. No matter how you slice its gross and Shayna is dating a woman who did this. Along with not exposing information of men who ask her to say she's underaged/talk sexually about Minors. She does not truly care about those who are a danger to childern or show true attraction to them. Or involve them in kink. Ellen told that story like it wasn't someone's child she was talking about, true or false she's a predator and shayna does not care

No. 1773722

100% it was the anon who cowtipped and sent her dad those pics. Shaynons… does it feel like it's been getting bleaker and bleaker in here or is it just me.

No. 1773726

File: 1677035697627.png (26.14 KB, 128x94, shayse.png)


god i hate this 2012 screamer look of hers

No. 1773727

File: 1677035735216.jpeg (719.09 KB, 1182x1155, 79536A9C-A7E3-4678-B496-07FB73…)

No. 1773728

I think it’s a special type of evil to be actively contributing to harm and making the world less safe for others, profiting off of content that relates to other women’s traumas, but still think you are a good person. God what a bitch

No. 1773732

File: 1677036043928.jpeg (142.31 KB, 1284x397, 1619735903241.jpeg)

old pic but nona… she even asked for a damn apple pencil cause her hands were making the ipad gross. and she does have it i remember seeing her use it for camming once. then never again… no wonder coomers did not bite this time

No. 1773738

Can you elaborate? Like do you think shay will actually attempt suicide (if her parents really did financially cut her off)

No. 1773744

i want her to post the text messages between her and her dad like she did with her mom where her mom sounded reasonable and boomer and shay sounded like a fucking freak

No. 1773745

Most cows seem to get bleaker around this age? It's def interesting

No. 1773749

File: 1677036614274.jpeg (362.9 KB, 1242x1118, E0E66735-7184-4213-8410-FC1BD4…)

No. 1773750

File: 1677036644678.jpeg (257.66 KB, 741x771, BEDB69E2-6B4E-4B1E-816B-9492BF…)

No. 1773755

>these people genuinely want me to kill myself
only in minecraft

No. 1773756

Ayrt, I mean she's been making posts about feeling stagnant in camming and that one tweet about how she wishes she was alive in the 60's because pornography was less degenerate, the Shane "break up", the way that she keeps putting shit off and giving way less effort, etc. I have a major tinfoil that she lied about being sick and missing the tickling shoot. I honestly believe she just didn't feel like doing it. She's definitely slowing down. She's not enthusiastic about her "job" anymore. She keeps getting older and she keeps doing the same shit. It feels like she's realizing how repetitive and shit it is (though she does not realize that it is her that's the cause of it all). She has to be realizing that she's aging out of her choice of job.

No. 1773757

File: 1677036853206.jpeg (258.57 KB, 1242x981, 47335148-5FBD-4525-8187-A4A0E1…)

No. 1773758

It says a lot about her “kink” if this is the response that happens when people find out about it. The cowtipper just sent her parents the picture of her clothed with the baby props. It’s not even porn technically yet this is a worse reaction than when she had her actual nasty porn sent to her step sister apparently (she said nothing about that kek). Just admit that it’s because your parents found out you fetishize BABIES and that goes beyond bondage or straight jackets or medical fetishes for a damn good reason.

No. 1773760

Shan Hero saga

No. 1773768

Thanks for elaborating, anon! You described it very well and I'm curious where she'll go from here.

No. 1773777

She’s like one of those teenagers who vents their personal traumas of the moment for attention and has the most juvenile conclusions like “people are mean to me and make fun of my baby rape role play porn so I should just be mean but I’m actually such an empath I could never be such a meanie weenie” guess that diaper retard can pay you a few hundred to text him but really you have no one in your personal life that cares about anything except your willingness to perform fetishes for their enjoyment. Maybe school doesn’t look so bad now after the constant mental breakdowns every day.

No. 1773779

Try to stay on top of her Twitter, nonas. I feel like we're going to be seeing a whole lot of tweeting and deleting.

Kek it took me a minute. Good one, nona.

No. 1773789

File: 1677038156987.jpg (31.68 KB, 345x437, 1541130803156.jpg)

>look up cost of sandwiches at McDonald's to joke about "oh come on, $5 will at least buy the combo lol"
>the only single item at McDonald's that costs exactly $5 is, indeed, a big mac

No. 1773792

What is Ellen’s Twitter? We should try watching that one as well >>1773779

No. 1773801

or maybe she could stop prostituting herself online for the price of a big mac.

No. 1773807

if i remember correctly, the person requesting has to add an extra $100 for it to be a private custom. So she uses the lack of that to sell it to everyone after.

No. 1773810

She would if she had no other choice

No. 1773812

That’s fair. Maybe a shaynatorium patient can bring us the best pics from the pshayche ward once this thread fills up.

No. 1773824

personal life implies its PERSONAL in that she doesn't overshare about it. she overshares about literally everything in her life, what could possibly be so bad that for once she doesn't bait her coomers for sympathy?

if her dad stops sending her money she could at least lie about it and say she lost income from a sugary daddy and use that to bait. if it was any loss of money she'd probably use it to bait coomers. if it was health related, she'd use it as an excuse to take time off instead of just posting that she's crying.

maybe shane broke up with her again but she cant post about it because they got back together in secret? shane is the only secret I can imagine her keeping.

No. 1773837

Pixielocks-core.They think evil = murderer & farmer = deserving inconvenience, therefore they are undeserving of any inconvenience. Read the book of job or something fr

No. 1773839

File: 1677041447042.jpeg (519.41 KB, 1242x1644, EBE6BEB6-D9C1-4338-829D-D43B1B…)

>big baby
Big is right

No. 1773867

Those white claws are kicking in

No. 1773871

Has she ever heard of cleaning something. She cannot be this useless

No. 1773872

shayna you dont know if youd be happy in another field of work, youve legit never tried anything else.
multiple times a week now shes been crying on twitter about how much people hate her and how she doesnt get why. if i were being charitable i'd say she just needs someone she trusts to sit down with her and tell her to take an internet break and maybe look for another way to make some money that isnt based arouund posting naked images of herself on the internet. but i know she wouldnt listen. shayna would rather make herself miserable than admit that she's wasted years of her life doing sex work. i think the person who sent her pictures to her dad was a cowtipping idiot but when she puts everything on the internet like that and she knows that pople don't like her, what does she honestly expect?

rant over, she's just been pissing me off lately with all these twitter breakdowns and subsequent apologies

No. 1773875

Yea my point was the play in words has already been made and there was no need for an explanation for it. I tried posting that like 3 times and in meta with the weird error I got w a pic then succumbed to the stupid questions thread and reported myself here because I didn’t sage. It wouldn’t post in either thread until I did stupid questions in ot and didn’t sage in this one

No. 1773879

File: 1677043414287.jpeg (235.24 KB, 1242x908, 4EC42166-795B-4060-BB97-2E1C61…)

No. 1773887

Doesn’t matter if it’s a temp ban or not some stipulations need to be made clear for what edits are allowed here for thread pics or if you need to find them in the shaytorium and like I said >>1773689 my point was the newfag jannie didn’t need to explain what shaker acted was because it’s already been used.
Yea but then you get banned for those pics not being in the shaytorium

No. 1773895

I honestly can’t think of any reason she would have a breakdown of this magnitude without her discussing the reason, other than it being something extremely embarrassing, such as her dad confronting her about seeing her weird diapershit porn. If it happened, I doubt he even went all in too, he probably just talked to her about being concerned for her and all that and encouraged her to seek professional help

No. 1773900

My guess is dad found out about the pedo stuff and/or the fact that she’s pissing on autistic diaper moids in her own home for money.

No. 1773902

File: 1677044549243.jpeg (109.9 KB, 750x766, 53B7991F-6B11-4C53-A01F-FA9214…)

As a sensitive person I am baffled that Shatna calls herself sensitive. She has no empathy for one and two the bitch is the most emotionally flat person I have ever seen kek. No depth at all. And to be more direct Shatna, your “sensitivity” is really just freakouts to anything that isn’t kissing your sad and tiny ass. That’s not being sensitive, it’s poor emotional regulation probably because you had little exposure to criticism.

No. 1773904

sensitive implies both positive and negative emotions. what she truly has is inability to take any kind of criticism.

No. 1773911

>gna film a custom vid in the morning
oh? like the custom that you were doing "tomorrow" but it took a whole month later >>1773431 ?
no camming, no videos not even the custom ones, hell not even dates with the ugly dad in exchange of teddy bears. we are losing her.

No. 1773917

Lol ok empath-chan

No. 1773926

she's such a fucking idiot, i swear. oh no, if it isn't the consequences of my actions, shat. who the fuck uploads this shit for everyone to see and expects that their family would never find out the extent of their degeneracy? you're literally contributing to pedophilia just to get some crumb of male attention for yourself, you selfish ham bitch, but your pea sized brain would never comprehend

No. 1773935

Queue her being in a cycle of alcoholism for the next several days. Wake up, depression, drink, overshare, sleep. Repeat ad nauseum

No. 1773975

Her "sensitivity" definitely skews on the more volatile side of the spectrum. She's so reactive to the smallest inconveniences.
>Boolies called me fat and stinky for repeatedly being fat and stinky? Better kms.
Literally go home Shayna lol. The way out is right there. She's her own worst enemy.

No. 1774055

File: 1677056578752.jpg (1.4 MB, 2703x2893, IMG_6882.jpg)

Cp bump

No. 1774059

Lmao nonnie shoatse.cx

No. 1774078

shayna you literally could have been a “regular ass sw “ by just using dildos and “vanilla” stuff instead of sexualizing baby’s clothes / toys / mannerisms and whatever the fuck you’re doing now. Can’t believe she seriously doesn’t see what’s wrong or she knows what’s wrong but wants to deny it. Her personal army of diaper/shitfags aren’t going to protect her they just want their next coom either from her or someone else. She fucked up and chose this.

No. 1774083

Samefag and she READS here so i can only laugh when she’s like “omg I wish I was evil …” like kek shayna, being a pedophile is evil. Helping pedos coom is evil, and I hope she feels bad about that but her narc ass only cares about “omg lolcow thinks I’m ugly boohoo”

No. 1774097

fucking kek

She completely fails to realize that having her family associated with pedo shit could be hugely damaging for them. I have no idea what jobs her parents have but being connected to anything involving the sexualization of children could easily lead to them being fired because no company wants to be in a 100 mile radius of someone that thinks toddlers being raped is hot. She has zero empathy for anyone else and a total lack of ability to understand the consequences of her actions.

No. 1774102

Troon Squad tried getting their enemies' family members fired because being terf is such a horrible crime the whole family must be punished.
I don't think it's far fetched to consider Shayna's pedo porn a threat to her family's employment/career.

No. 1774105

She’s definitely not making enough money to support herself, my guess is with her family now aware of the pedo pandering they now know that she’s not a normal OF ewhore; they gave her an ultimatum and will cut her off if she doesn’t stop so she suicide baited over it.

No. 1774113

if she was that upset over the cowtipper she would have privated or deleted the photos from the diaperdoll twitter. i dont think she cares her dad saw her in her diapers pretending to be a raped baby. probably just her asshole breaking more or maybe she finally got stretch marks.

No. 1774121

all this crying about lolcow is just a setup for the final "i love this business but i am forced to leave because of harassment and twitter whores will not support me no mo"

No. 1774126

damn these mods have no idea what they're doing. if you're gonna ban nonas contributing to the thread, at least be consistent and ban other nonas doing the exact same thing:
The Shaynatorium wasn't worth the trade off with these jannies

No. 1774132

Wasn't shayna just lowkey bragging about how her family knows what she does when people were saying folks were sending shit to their parents? She says she doesn't want to talk about it but if she truly felt she wasnt a pedo and we were tripping. She'd at least straight up do some, "it's just kink!!!" Vague announcement. She barely does that. Then she asks "why do they dislike me??"
If it's a out her dad she knows exactly what that anon sent. Calling her a pedo and saying stop funding her. Does she think that anon was just joking about thinking that?
Im so sick of this "why do they hate me? They call me ugly and edit my pictures". Again, Ellen and talking to pedos let's us know what shayna is about. Stop acting fucking confused. It's almost as if you do not care that Ellen involved children in kink directly or that scrote, because when these people basically say, "hey I have no issue blurring the lines of flat out admitting attraction to minors" you do fucking nothing.
If she's not ashamed of porn qnd it's just kink. It shouldn't even matter that her dad saw it. She should be able to explain it to him how it's empowering and she's not a pedo, oh wait she can't. She's only used to being in a community that justifies it

No. 1774134

Also if this was her mom she'd be like
>my harrassers & stalkers sent my mom a picture of me in a onsie doing ddlg porn. Instead of listening to me my mom decided to side with my harrassers & continue to disrespect me & I'm so done with her. I'm the victim!!!!

No. 1774148

i think that alone isn't enough, a confrontation with dad about diaper baby rape porn is bad but she lurks here and is confronted with being a pedo all the time. i don't think her dad knowing is enough. there must have been material consequences, him not paying her rent or her electricity bill or whatever her dad pays for her. she is a narc, she doesn't give a fuck about people just thinking she's a bad person, even if it is her dad. there's more to it than that.

No. 1774167

maybe her family found lolcow? Maybe her father saw that she posted their holidays with them on her "work" account and like some anon said above, being associated with someone like Shay in a work environment can ruin your business/career and none of her parents would be up for that. And there are also her siblings involved, would you want to be reminded of her being your sister by complete strangers? I can guess that her family gave her a last chance to fix her life and after that will drop her, which would mean no money and most likely no health insurance.

No. 1774171

Shay, you are evil! Everything you do to yourself and let others do to you is fucking horrific!?
How can she talk so much about how empathetic she is or whatever but meanwhile she’s degrading herself to the point of pissing on the floor and eating shit? We all know she hates women and children but first and foremost she hates herself. She has such disdain for her own existence she can’t even see beyond just dying in sex work. It’s so bleak.
At any moment she could just choose to stop this shit but she doesn’t because to her she’s just not worth the effort. The only person who hates Shayna is Shayna, the only person destroying her life and future is Shayna.

No. 1774172

Her parents should stop giving her money. She is basically neet and her parents are enabling her.

No. 1774178

I wonder what will Shayna do when she finally ages out of sex work? Normally the point of it is to save money and invest in something else (an education…) but Shayna doesn't have savings. And her parents can't support her forever.

No. 1774190

she can't age out of it as she doesn't have another plan what to do with her life. She will have to do sex work until she isn't physically able to do it anymore, except she gets her life together now and starts an education or starts saving money. And here we have the next problem, she can't save money if she isn't even able to afford rent every month. I also don't see that she could get a basic job, who would hire her? It takes 30 seconds to google her name and know everything about her.

No. 1774194

I don't think she will stop tbh, even if she only has Womack to pay for her shit, she will keep doing this because she has porn brainrot mixed with the drugs she usually does. I seriously doubt she will accept her parents' deal of leaving sex work and getting an education by the moment she's 30 or 40 years old, I wouldn't be surprised if she suddenly started coping saying she's a "milf" and when she hits her 60's she will cope by saying she's a "gilf" assuming she will live for that long, she's so insane and so desperate to seem young that I wouldn't be surprised if she decided that she doesn't want to get old.

No. 1774199

she’ll probably an hero, she already suicide baits like a mf over the smallest of slights and shit that is her own fault that she could easily fix if she truly wanted to, she would rather drink herself to death or take a permanent good girl pill nap than admit she’s delusional and ruining her life due to her poor choices and personality disorder. imagine if she were sober for a prolonged period at any given point, reflecting on all the humiliating shit she did for cooms that is permanently archived here, flashing her hemorrhoids on the internet for a few measly likes and MAYBE a $3 sub that she has to beg for while shitting on other women in the process. i’d have roped long ago, especially if i didn’t have a safety net like she does. maybe she’ll push herself to the brink of no return, assuming she’s not there already and then rage quit and delete her presence from the net? i can’t imagine her leaving sw or staying in it, it’ll be interesting to see what she chooses tho

No. 1774202

She could change her name and move and get some shitty online degree or whatever, there’s even some farmers who are empathetic towards her (not sure why) who would cheer her on if she chose to quit and pursue any education or get a real job. But oh well keep crying and failing shayna.

No. 1774209

I don't think Shayna is self-aware enough to ever view SW as harmful. She legitimately thinks it's awesome and empowering and that she's a cool girl by doing all the kinks every other woman is ashamed of. The MOST she will do is quit and blame it all on harassment and "bullies", disappear and work at a Walmart or something. I would say Hooters would be the perfect transition for her but she might be too fat for Hooters, I've only ever seen slim girls work there.

No. 1774214

I don't think she really sees SW as empowering and awesome, she is always drunk or on some drugs and that tells me, that she has to alter her state of mind to be even able to do what she is doing. Like nonna >>1774199 said, if she ever will be sober for a longer time, she will start getting depressed, as most alcoholics do, and then she might not be able to unsee the mess she is in. But I could be wrong and she believes that what she does is awesome and empowering, that would mean, she drank away her last brain cells.

No. 1774219

Or her infected tit that she refuses to acknowledge. Highly doubt Shayna nor her father give a shit about the diaper kink shit. Nonnas in this thread truly think normies equate what fat shat does to actual pedophilia and they just don’t. It’s a gross kink and that’s all normies think

No. 1774227

I still dont get why she lurks so much if it makes her "insane" and she is so "sensitive". Close the browser.
Unfortunately their are other ewhores and retarded cowtippers, but their interactions with her are pretty sporadic. And anyone posting to the extent she does online is going to be prone to getting people criticizing or trolling or whatever. Its funny she thinks she has it the worst and no one online has even been harassed so badly though. Also if she lurks so much, she would know why people don't like her and that what she does isn't acceptable outside of fucked up pornland. But she wants to be in denial and spin the narrative so she can get boohoo ViCtIm points and never have to reflect.
But fr, Literally just stay off the site and maybe instead of switching between here and twitter all day every day, do the job you claim to love. Rents coming up.

No. 1774235

Not the 15 y/o myspace girls tactic, "Something happened but I am not going to talk about it!!"

No. 1774264

>>1774178 she already looks 40 so I don't see how she could age out of it when she already has.

No. 1774279

Exactly. She started sex work with dreams of it being an easy path to success and a way to prove her parents wrong. She thought she would get all the attention and money she needed. Instead Womack is the best sugar daddy she's ever going to get and her relationship with Kyle Nathan Perkins of Tulsa Oklahoma was the high point of her life. Now she's only seen as attractive and desirable by low tier coomer moids and even then she has to degrade herself to get their attention and has to beg them for rent money.

No. 1774285

as another nonnie said she cant age out of sex work, but she can age out of her current style of sex work. she’s already dipped her fat foot into FSSW so she’ll probably continue that route further and further until she’s hooked on hard drugs and a shell of her shaynus we know today. bleak future that she’s choosing for herself.

No. 1774286

What's with this retarded "normies just think its a kink" and even if normies did just accept it as as kink, what makes you think her dad wants to see his daughter larping as being a baby, saying momma and daddy drugged her and its supposed to be "hot". He doesn't like that she does sex work at all. Their whole relationship is strained him giving her money could just be him giving money that he has. It's clear that they barely have the normal father daughter relationship because what she does, I doubt him knowing exactly the kind of porn she's doing, the fact people know it's HIS daughter is something he's like, "ew it's just a gross kink"

If shayna was male nobody would be saying everything she does is just a gross kink. Especially when she dates people with kids, dates a woman who works with kids.
I do not believe this narrative

No. 1774287

She's not going to "age out" she's just going to look increasingly more retarded larping as a baby bimbo the bigger and older she gets

No. 1774315

aging out means not profitable. yeah of course can continue to wear diapers at 35-40 but at point it just necessary to wear them for her health not a kink. she can still (and probably will) post her degenerate porn online but she wont be able to support herself financially just on that anymore once she “ages out”. I agree and said people can never age out of sex work in general, she’ll just need to adapt by doing more and more high risk things like full time escorting or street walking if she wants to support herself and continue “the dream”

No. 1774316

Most normies think it’s gross, but I’ve never once seen anyone accuse one of pedophilia even with disgusting DDLG sort of shit including diapers. The attitude of most is that as long as it is between consenting adults, it’s none of their business. Unless there’s proof of Shayna being predatory specifically towards minors literally nobody would care. Some eyebrows could be raised at her not outing the pedo scrote but most wouldn’t come to the conclusion that she didn’t put him because she’s also a pedo.

No. 1774324

>happy as I am now
Just been talking about wanting to self harm and kill herself.. errrrrm

No. 1774325

I don’t want to derail too much further but nona, if you think normies wouldn’t see her in a diaper talking about being drugged with a bottle as uncomfortably close to pedophilia, you need to meet new normies. Truly “normal” people, not completely coombrained and internet poisoned, see that as beyond disgusting. A kink is like leather and bondage, nurse uniforms and shit. Her father would likely lose his mind if he saw what Shayna was truly doing. I don’t know the guy but I doubt any father except Mike Slack wants to know their daughter is sexualizing being a baby.

No. 1774330

File: 1677087578289.jpeg (135.46 KB, 750x1005, 853130DF-EDA2-455C-B2BB-F9B12C…)

shayna is a gross ugly freak who didn't stop associating with Mike Slack after knowing he abused his daughter his whole life and she tells him she loves him and the world is a better place with him in it. she's fucked and gross i hope her family cuts her off and never invite her back over again. she makes family porn and sexualizes them and doesn't care
sage for old milk

No. 1774332

>DiaperYarbs cameo in the replies

No. 1774334

I don’t know why he wouldn’t freak about the diaper porn (what normal person brushes that shit off as a regular kink?) but it was most likely him finding out she’s an actual prostitute and him likely paying for a chunk of her rent. He probably told her to stop the IRL whoring or he would stop paying her rent.

No. 1774338

nothing makes me happier than these ugly degenerates showing up and commenting on her sad stuff- it really shows she has no friends or other outlets, and no options but to lean into creepy shit. I hope it hits how fucking nasty her life is with each monsters inc gif she gets instead of genuine support from a friend- she can wear as many crusty bimbo sweaters as she wants to explain she’s a moron but she is still a pedo

No. 1774349

My guess is that her dad realized that he can’t be supporting her indefinitely while she continues to make extremely embarrassing fetish porn that can be easily traced back to her real name. She’s screwed up her future beyond repair and she’s living beyond her means, most likely on her father’s dime, without any plans for the future. It’s an unsustainable situation and if he hasn’t already put his foot down, he absolutely will eventually.

No. 1774357

File: 1677089456843.png (Spoiler Image,639.92 KB, 565x753, Screenshot 2023-02-22 191048.p…)

more horrendous pics from that horrendous look

No. 1774358

File: 1677089481734.png (25.71 KB, 737x186, Screenshot 2023-02-22 190931.p…)

No. 1774360

File: 1677089538079.png (25.19 KB, 733x187, Screenshot 2023-02-22 191155.p…)

bitch really has a nerve talking about wasting money kek

No. 1774363

Literally looks like someone else’s head badly photoshopped onto her body. Why’s would she edit her head so small? Dolls usually have big heads in proportion to their bodies idgi

No. 1774366

Shaynus didn't edit her peanut head that small, she's just got a witsy bitsy little pinhead. If she could do any editing beyond what Snapchat and Instagram filters just instantly do for her, she wouldn't look like such dogshit all the time kek

No. 1774372

File: 1677090489206.jpeg (467.84 KB, 750x988, A70C4B5C-4252-490E-A377-4A726A…)

search "age play" on her twitter and read bad take after bad take. you're still a pedo if you're thinking of yourself as a child being a raped

No. 1774374

You actually would be either just as "happy" or better working at a dispensary part time and just doing OF on the side or something but go off and keep coping.
Its because shes sunk in this so she cant admit anything to herself. She can't admit its shit after going for 7 years and trashing her online rep and not interacting and learning how to just function as a normal person in society. She's got porn rot neet brain and that's clear by her "that happened" posts every single time she goes out/every exchange with people irl. And she kept herself as a shut in sex worker for so long getting used to a lazy lifestyle and hug box online that I do really think even if she was able to get hired somehow, she couldnt do even the simplest jobs. She's dumb as hell and would be awkward to customers and post about how everyone flirts and recognizes her and all these weird made up interactions constantly, then she wouldnt want to actually wake up and get ready to go in and would post online about calling in then tell her boss "im going to er for throwing up:(" until they fire her and "bad brain day" wont cut it irl.
Same with schooling. She wouldnt learn or do assignments, she'd cut class. She doesn't even have hobbies or anything she's good at (not even sw) so I genuinely don't know what she could do.
She's just a loser failure to launch type of person who will never have anything or do anything, but those people typically fly under the radar and keep to themselves. Not post their clownery next to their gaping asshole on twitter 24/7.

No. 1774375

She just doesn’t think about this, still in her delusions of being discovered and getting famous. Because of her great looks and cool personality lmao. She’s just meant to be nonnies!

No. 1774377

Anon there are convicted rapists at McDonald's I think some jobs don't care if all you have to do is mop and flip burgers for 14/hr.

No. 1774378

Kek this made me laugh out loud her small ass head kek,why?

No. 1774381

yeah, nonnies need to keep in mind exactly how much Shayna thinks she brings to the table in terms of personality. I think she knows she's not the most beautiful girl, but she thinks she makes up for it in like, weed, "jokes", and dad rock. If she could somehow become a Twitch streamer or any kind of thot influencer, she'd much rather be doing that than sex work. I think she still harbors a delusion that she'll be able to become like, a Belle Delphine level 'star'. Paying no mind to the fact that Belle Delphine is significantly prettier, was generally funnier, and is now rapidly losing her simps and popularity. Shayna probably thinks she just needs one viral 'hit' and she'll be coasting.

No. 1774385

>>1774315 you're acting like she is profitable now.

No. 1774386

She thinks her face is a 8 did she say? She genuinely does think her amazing mind personality and existence will make her famous. She's just that special

No. 1774423

File: 1677095520001.jpeg (421.4 KB, 750x988, 207D86B1-2CBD-4142-B214-4E1EF0…)

oh boy

No. 1774427

She'll bust out her grease tendrills and look like Lil Critter as zelda

No. 1774437

I really think Shaymu is going to be one of those granny hookers banging 30yo scrotes and bragging about it on a channel 4 documentary.

No. 1774515

File: 1677103740616.jpeg (205.31 KB, 2048x1152, 3DF9781F-CABD-43CF-94DE-0C64CE…)

lord give me her delusion

No. 1774516

Now imagine this with braces.

No. 1774518

File: 1677103824057.jpeg (124.64 KB, 750x823, 01E165DC-5420-433B-8327-8F5C6F…)

from here

No. 1774529

her neck is disappearing from the fat, soon you wont be able to see it at all

No. 1774548

dorito chin edit but make it fat

No. 1774562

File: 1677107656119.jpeg (280.75 KB, 1638x2048, 7D1F187E-F9B3-4356-961F-D774A6…)

No. 1774565

File: 1677107716139.jpeg (378.49 KB, 1638x2048, 4DFEB86E-D704-4D87-8F29-927161…)

No. 1774569

So. Damn. Ugly.

No. 1774572

is she high off her gourd right now? why would she post this. she looks 40

No. 1774574

underrated joke

No. 1774577

How many times do we have to see her in this ugly picnic blanket outfit that she insists on showing her wonky underboob with.

Her question was asking what outfit was more bimbo and honestly neither. I guess the first one if she wasn't so misshapen. This one is just "it's pink".

No. 1774591

What a barren apartment

No. 1774602

File: 1677110388287.jpeg (14.7 KB, 284x177, C4B35A6C-D9C3-4246-B15A-42519F…)

this pose always reminds me of one of those overly inbred chihuahuas with the far apart eyes and tongue they can’t keep in their mouth.

No. 1774622

The color difference between her stomach and thighs… wtf? It looks like she’s wearing light pink tights.

No. 1774645

Didn't even edit them yellow ass teeth

No. 1774649

I think she has some sort of circulation or posture issue that leads her legs to always look purple/pink

No. 1774657

File: 1677114194744.jpeg (454.04 KB, 2048x2048, 1EFA9D20-F3E1-4765-BEC8-36563C…)

What did she do to her face and body

No. 1774660

Her apartment looks so barren and depressing kek

No. 1774662

I dont get it. She is capable of taken somewhat nice pics and edit them like these ones, yet she posts her absolute bleak horrors and expect to get paid for that. If she only posted pictured like those, she could have cultivated a good following by now, instead of the ones where she looks like some creature or an unwashed single mom of 5. More isn't always more Shayna.

No. 1774663

Did she put gloss on and it just accentuated how crusty and dry her lips are tf how is that even possible. Her bottom lip looks a giant blister or herpes.

No. 1774664

Her legs look awful, the top looks retarded and unflattering, her lips and tongue are disgusting. The only good thing going on here is that she gave herself a meitu level mask lol

No. 1774665

Wow what a clap back to the haters, we can really see her workout lines! And not just on her midsection, but on her legs as well.

No. 1774670

File: 1677115049544.jpeg (297.43 KB, 1170x1370, 496BF34B-8E77-4ADB-AFAC-AED510…)

she cant keep her followers

No. 1774672

She really needs to fix her hair/curl pattern. As hideous as she is regardless, when she wears her hair curly it balances out her proportions just a bit and she at least looks less pinheaded.

No. 1774673

something tells me that these are the only things that fit from that clothing spree she went on last week and her being too fat to fit into clothes contributed to her twitter melt down and suicide baiting.

No. 1774674

Her tits falling out of her top aren't sexy like she thinks, they look like saggy udders

No. 1774675

her apartment looks so sad and depressing. i thought she was in a hotel or hospital at first. kitchen looks tiny.

No. 1774679

oof this photo screams insecurity. the arms covering her body to hide the buldges, the awkward face cause she doesnt feel attractive enough to pose normally, the nervous hands knowing the photos arent gonna look as good as she hopes. and why is she shooting from the bottom up? isnt her whole thing uwu im such a smol retarded baby? isnt her whole thing “i work so hard taking pictures of my asshole and have been doing this for 7 long years” and she still knows nothing about angles?

No. 1774682

damn if you’re gonna blur away your face that much at least blur out the cellulite on your thighs too for some consistency. yuck.

No. 1774684

Seriously. It would make the editing less obvious if she blurred and smoothed everything. I think just shooping the face to hell and back takes all her energy though kek

No. 1774689

Jesus Christ coconut kitty editing almost. She looks nothing like this, it’s like her younger thinner self is resurrected but only in the SNOW app

No. 1774713

It’s so ugly, cheap and tacky looking too, and not just due to the decor (or lack thereof)
This is so egregious, he followers know damn well that she looks nothing like this. She shaved off 100 pounds and 20 years. And still looks hideous, crusty and lumpy with her nonexistent lips and beady black butthole eyes

No. 1774735

File: 1677119916889.jpeg (1.4 MB, 1131x1994, 01AAAF05-0F19-4C06-9746-CE2658…)

No. 1774742

all that editing and still looking like Matilda’s mom. bleak.

No. 1774745

File: 1677120704115.png (1.05 MB, 605x1037, flopsy.PNG)

Not the one boob escaping the picnic towel top, and holy her arms are huge in this and when she turns around to chicken shake to the "touch me here hanky panky" line in the Barbie Girl song

No. 1774746

File: 1677120706044.jpeg (757.32 KB, 1170x1491, C94CF054-422E-4DE1-84E1-3F460C…)

Shay, you were literally posting about having to unfollow mutuals because they were interacting with Sol

No. 1774750

>ur acting 12
Older than you acting five, lmao

No. 1774762

Didn’t she say she was gonna cam this evening? No idea why she keeps promising to cam when she never, ever has the energy.
She can’t even use MFC anymore because it makes her feel humiliated seeing that most of her viewers are silent farmers

No. 1774779

Lmao I dunno what dodgy ass filter she used here to make her face look like Edvard Munch's the scream and her fat arms look like they're bent completely the wrong way.
The more you look at it; the more retarded it is.

No. 1774785

File: 1677123410120.jpeg (245.86 KB, 750x1185, 6194491C-9F96-4CBF-B81D-0DDF13…)

She’s finally going to start wearing lip gloss after anons making fun of her crusty lips for years. And wtf is with her blush in that picture.

No. 1774788

She is so fucking autistic. We can still see the layer of dead skin on your lips even with lip gloss, Fatty Mattel.

No. 1774791

it took SEVEN. YEARS. for her to figure this out?

No. 1774805

File: 1677124484242.jpg (413.32 KB, 1060x716, F.jpg)

Gorl you dont look like that.

No. 1774820

I think even the pic on the right is a little filtered and softened kek

No. 1774827

>the only things that fit
You're being far too generous. These clothes do not fit her, they're clearly too tight. She looks like pork meat shoved a sausage casing just like every other too small outfit she forces herself into. She needs to accept that her actual size and buy clothes that fit.

No. 1774865

These aren’t even new clothes she’s had these forever. The picnic tablecloth is years old

No. 1774932

File: 1677137289511.jpeg (599.11 KB, 2048x1863, 748B8958-A12D-48E0-B54E-5D5D31…)

Imaging seeing someone pull out their phone and this was their wallpaper, how fucking embarrassing. How is she still so fucking ugly after all the editing? Obviously not as bad as her fugly true form, she has Facetuned herself into a completely different person. I mean I would too if I looked like her. She doesn’t have a single redeeming feature on her face, each one is individually hideous. Disgusting textured skin, nasty little beady black butthole eyes, bulbous witch’s beak, crusty lips that are barely visible, rotten yellow snaggleteeth, she’s putrid inside and out

No. 1774951

The first one is clearly an out of touch boomer with no family to help set up his google smartphone. The second one is most likely a cam whore who changed her wallpaper back to a picture of her cat 2 seconds later after senpai noticed her

No. 1774953

File: 1677140786936.webm (3.07 MB, 576x1024, Mrs Wormwood.webm)

> blonde bimbo girl in a fantasy world (Globe Showing Americas Emoji) (Two Hearts Emoji) #bimbo #bimbotiktok #pink #pinktok #barbiegirl

No. 1774975

File: 1677148594231.jpeg (139.91 KB, 407x425, 61570EA1-F7D2-447E-BB0D-300C1F…)

she posted a video of her applying lipgloss, smacking her lips and obnoxiously eyefucking herself. she looked disgusting in it but it‘s 50 seconds long and i can‘t be bothered to put it on dropbox to post it here. sorry nonnas have this screencap

No. 1774982


EW WHAT the actual fuck her hammock arms are TAUT it's like her skin is straining to contain the fat

No. 1774983

No. 1774989

File: 1677152651200.webm (6.22 MB, 720x1000, Shayna Leigh Clifford Makes Ev…)

Thanks for sharing, Nona! Here’s the .webm
Where did she share this?

No. 1774992

On twitter
Also what did you use to convert? I used a site but the webm came out at 28 mb.

No. 1774993

>Omg I went out and someone said,"you literally have doll lips. What kind of lip gloss are you wearing??? And I dbdhshskbdhksjdh
Wearing lip gloss is going to be her new personality isn't it? Kek she did a whole video celebrating discovering lipgloss makes her crusty lips less crusty. Now she's going to go
>wearing lipgloss makes me feel like such a bimbo! I'm rlly thinking abt lipfillers again!!

No. 1775004

thanks for converting nonna, the way she slurps that lipgloss right up with her tongue while licking the lollipop kek

No. 1775025

once again she misses the mark. lipgloss wont do a single thing to make her crusty lips better, she needs chapstick for that. they even make 'glossy' chapstick that looks nice or has tint.

No. 1775028

I usually use either CloudConvert or FreeConvert, both .com. I notice increased file sizes in certain videos but I’ve yet to figure out why.

No. 1775029

this is honestly repulsive jfc

No. 1775046

I'm not sure whether to laugh or cry. This is just so fucking bad kek

No. 1775052

her arms are massive and that pose >>1774745
exaggerates it so bad kek

No. 1775064

Honestly the compliment thing reminds me more and more of The Office when Holly thinks Kevin is retarded and goes out of her way to compliment him like “you can DRIVE?! That’s amazing!!!!” Kek.
For one >>1770670 here she looks genuinely retarded in her most recent pic taken by someone else. IRL the quirky infantilizing ddlg mannerism add to the sped look and Ellen looks like she could be her handler. But idk some anon in the Shaynatorium claims to have seen Shayna and Shane out in Seattle and said that they looked normal.

No. 1775069

File: 1677163021613.jpeg (900.81 KB, 1536x2048, 8052851A-F0C7-41D9-8F92-B9A098…)

reposting this golden edit from the shaynatorium and voting for it as next thread pic

No. 1775089

I use to think nonas were overdoing it claiming Shayna looked special needs, but nah, I won't lie. If I saw some knock knee chubby chick with two bows in her hair, done up in ponytails, big ass bang, wrinkled white pleated shirt walking with Ellen, I'd legit think she was special needs or something. It's fucking weird to me how when she was thin, she didn't go outside looking like this all the time. Now she cannot leave the house without those ugly ass bows in her head. I imagine everywhere she goes at least once someone looks at her and chuckles to themselves or some women share a look.
Ellen probably dresses like a sloppy soccer mom, so shayna all done up in bright ass pink and wrinkled white skirts? With glowing orange blush across her nose?

No. 1775093

Even if Shayna was thin this wouldn't look good on her. I think people forget Shayna isn't really short, she's not tall, maybe average height. Even when thin she had a wide back and she was long.
She probably never looks "Cutesy" in these outfits, so i can't imagine how crazy she looks now walking around like this IRL. Also her biggest issue is she never looks well groomed. Like this is ugly but look at her hair? Ratty looking, dry, sloppy. The pinks barely match, the shirt is straining to fit her, the skirt just looks silly and stiff.
She just looks fucking sloppy and like she throws on anything. There's a 40 year old woman who walks around dressing really "Cutesy" and even if it looks retarded, with all the clouds and bright colors to ME, she looks put together.
She looks well groomed. I remember that club outfit shayna wore, with that weird brace thing, over that old ass shirt and non-matching shorts. She clearly does not care. Maybe she likes pink so she doesn't have to spend a moment trying to match clothes togeather. She just thinks everything is pink so it all matches.

No. 1775117

>she didn't go outside looking like this all the time. Now she cannot leave the house without those ugly ass bows in her head
Sex work will do that to someone. She's 7 years deep into this, it's no surprise she's gone into mental decline. It happens to most of her ilk

No. 1775135

she 1000% dresses like a troon. shes a gross mockery of 'feminine' and wears what she thinks moids want to see.

No. 1775138

I can't help but just keep looking at that octopus tentacle covered in what looks like actual shit stains..tf?

No. 1775141

File: 1677170462770.jpeg (274.83 KB, 750x798, 811BDE29-4649-40AB-A8A3-049837…)


No. 1775147


Maybe because your yaniv tranny-tier bimbo-diaper meat-sweat purple-cankle tiktoks on an app for teens, actually really asks to be bullied.

No. 1775148

Where are these supposed hate comments? She barely got any interaction from what I remember but most of it was positive and calling her “bimbo goals” for that one tiktok that went “viral”.

No. 1775152

Shay-tard cant take criticism and deletes negative comments. You will never see the "hadurs" which if she left the mean comments she could atleast use them as evidence and pity points.

No. 1775155

File: 1677171755622.jpeg (397.59 KB, 750x1005, DFE66F99-90DE-40AC-8441-FD43EC…)

she is such a dramatic loser, it's no wonder nobody wants to work with her or be associated with her. i tried looking for her tiktok account but there are like 3-4 different ones

No. 1775158

The filters are off the charts in this one. She does know her real face looks like >>1768423 right? Like i hope she isnt so delsusional she forgot what her face looks like. Mini blog but my phone comes with an auto face trimming and eye biggening setting that you have to TURN OFF when you get the phone. I kept tripping out on why i looked different in selfies than in the mirror. Gross. I feel like she had that same thing on her phone and doesnt know its a filter, just thinks her face looks that good. Kek delusions.