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File: 1642955215472.png (816.34 KB, 921x1175, DEDD73F5-78F6-413A-8909-FDEC8A…)

No. 1424700

Previous thread: >>>/snow/1411538

Repetitive comments about Shayna's vagina is grounds for a 1 day ban. Repetitive nitpicks about her body and face are subject to a 1 day ban. Reposting the same photos already posted zoomed in is not milk and you will receive a ban for nitpicking.
REMEMBER: Real the rules before posting. Sage when there’s no milk. No nitpicking and/or blogposting. This is a Shay thread, curb your enthusiasm when posting sceenshots of other e-whores, they go in the e-whore thread >>>/snow/1363903 Do not reply to spergs. Do not mention /Fupa/Soy/Ellen/Womack/ whoever shes involved with at the moment unless relevant. Do not sperg about Shayna’s pets. Do not give Shayna your money.

Last thread:
> Shayna gets told she’s fat >>1411548, tells haters she loves shaking her chubby (fat) body and tells them to suck her fat cunt >>1411549,
>Anons find more Shayquash photos from her trip to the lake >>1411576, >>1411573, >>1411560, >>1411557, >>1411696, beer gut and cellulite on full display >>1411698,
>Anons posts SFW close up of her fat face showing how fat she has gotten >>1411816, >>1412830
>Shayna gives unsolicited advice on sex work since she’s ~successful and thriving uwu~ >>1412086, >>1417674, >>1420602,
>Shayna Luther King welcomes “girlcock” as an attempt to be woke and attract troons >>1412552,
>Spergs about “abuse” from Fupaul >>1412908, says she’s happier now >>1418960, yet brings him up all the time
>Sexualizes domestic violence >>1421555,
>Shayna’s hot dog nails are causing an infection and they are bloody >>1413120,
>Naked bathroom chicken dance >>1413323, >>1413383,
>Shayna tweets about how minors should stay off of NSFW Twitter because it’s “yucky” and talks about how she was a minor (an attempt to secretly pedo pander to coomers) when she joined and it’s not worth it >>1413749,
>Defends pedo pandering >>1418465, yet posts tweet sexualizing shit parents do with their literal children >>1419422,
>Shayna’s “house” (apartment) has ants and need to take her pets to daycare ???
>Anons are confused why doesn’t she just buy ant traps and throw old food wrappers away instead.
>Shay doesn’t mention ants again
>Gets called fat and ugly by edtwt and tweets about it. not thinking about how embarrassing it is since she is indeed fat and ugly >>1414017,
>Spergs about the harassment from lolcow >>1414044,
>Complains about one sided relationships as if she’s not a greedy leech who only cares about herself >>1414574
>Arguing with scrotes on Twitter will really get moids to buy your content >>1414912,
>Hitler coochie >>1414919,
>Fatty wears horrid too small outfits >>1415083, >>1415078, looking like Benjamin Franklin >>1417480,
>Shayna’s big nose without filters and facetune >>141749,
>Jason R Womack continues to pay Ellen on Venmo like a cuck >>1415526,
>After Shayna gets her booster shot, >>1416829, she goes to the hospital with what Anons assume is from a hangover >>1416694, >Continues to tweet for attention even though she’s “extremely” sick: >>1416753, >>1416795, >>1416994,
>Goes back to the ER taking up hospital beds from people who are actually ill like the greedy fat inconsiderate bitch she is >>1418368, and sexualizes her trip there >>1418693, >>1418475,
>Shayna wants to win ManyVids contest even though she lost every since one >>1421038, votes for other sex workers as a sad attempt to get votes back.
>Jason R Wocuck spends all his money voting for Fatty Lardel >>1424415,
>Continues to have boils on snatch and ass >>1422749, >>1422917,
>Wears same skirt from when she was skinny >>1422880, >>1422909, looking like a trailer park mother of 4
>Abustedpixie makes mermaid drawing of Shayna, anons remix it making it more accurate >>1421175, >>1422026, >>1422604,

Maychup saga:
>Says her clit is in her ass (for the millionth time) and she produces a lot of “butt cum” >>1415048,
>>Shayna posts video of her “butt cum”>>1417293, it’s brownish yellow, >>1417510, she swirls it around her asshole with her finger >>1417534,
>Butt discharge looks like Mayonnaise and Ketchup hence the thread name being Mayochup Mermaid Edition

https://discord.com/invite/eA8kSzuz (need ID to join)

Ellen "Patricia" Dresel (Shayna's "gf")
Seattle/Renton, WA Nanny

First Thread:

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No. 1424725

Nice thread anon thank you! May we never see mayochup again

No. 1424793

File: 1642963235870.jpeg (192.83 KB, 750x1201, C571FE3D-B445-4B30-852D-A22065…)

She’s still got Womack throwing all his chump change at this contest. There’s 6 hours left and she’s stuck in 8th, shes dead in the water and she’s gonna have a meltdown on Twitter over it later. She seemed extra desperate to win this one

No. 1424797

File: 1642963546110.jpeg (267.89 KB, 750x614, BE866A90-8993-4424-9CB8-077DBB…)

She’s made this tweet multiple times now. Boo-hoo, let it go being bitter won’t fix it

No. 1424804

she makes this tweet at least once a month at this point. no one feels bad for you anymore, shayna.

No. 1424807

It's been years of the same exact tweets complaining about the same exact things. She always thinks the reason why after years she's still building her audience is because "other sexworkers won't support me". It's such a cope. She thinks other girls aren't more attractive or make better content, no. Its because they have support. That's the only reason why they are doing better then her. After 4+ years she should have a audience. It's not like she's making music or something. She's doing identical porn just bigger, greyer and more swollen everytime. She has 1 simp who consistently supports her.

No. 1424810

Your audience isnt gonna get built outside the 3 coomers who give you 5$ to support your busted asshole pics and the rest are there for cheap wanks to the free asshole pics. Why is she still on the internet? why does she keep trying all the while looking the way she does(sage)

No. 1424811

She's been in 8th for days now. Shayna, when will you learn.. the only contest you can ever win is fave cow. Just be flattered you at least have that.
Like another anon said, she'd have been better just pushing actual content sales or begging for tips for no reason. At least she'd have more doordash funds.

No. 1424835

Even if she made the nominees stage the MV staff would obviously never pick her, she makes them fuck all money.

She's made less than 30 videos the entire year. What a star!

No. 1424875

File: 1642969989906.jpeg (389.44 KB, 868x777, 65B8650B-67D8-4CEA-BE60-7A45FF…)

She’s behind Mohawk Molly….the bar for this contest is so low even Dogfucker Dawn is 2nd place

No. 1424881

Dog fucker is a finalist, it’s up to manyvids to pick the winner out of the finalists. I think it would be a double whammy to Shayna’s ego if she wins

No. 1424900

File: 1642972480491.jpeg (858.8 KB, 1170x1607, C42EEA4F-5541-41F6-BB60-F34173…)

Shay, those comments you made are not the only reason why other SWers don’t like you

No. 1424902

The Trump porn, black skinned dildo, and baby Hitler comments were not made when you were 15 Shay

No. 1424935

I’ll tell you what, Shay, quit eating and start working out, take a shower and put on some age appropriate sexy clothes, go by a different name and not one person will recognize you. You could have a whole fresh start. Use it to continue to be a sex worker and join rt groups or use it to actually change and improve your life, the choice would be yours.

No. 1424938

THATS why she wants to win this one so bad. She wants to prove that she didn’t completely fuck herself by not taking Dawn’s help. She wants to prove that she’s better than her, and look, I never thought I’d see the day I’d call a dog-fucker better than ANYONE, but frankly, Dawn is better than Shay. She just is.

No. 1424966

She's entered it before post living with her and dawn has been at the top same as the situation now.

No. 1424975

Yeah Dawn always places in top 5 like immeadiatly it's hilarious. Probably because I assume she actually produces content and cams regularly and her body may be fat, but she's curvy and knows how to work it and her face isn't haggard af. I haven't seen her content since she was involved with Shay. But even if she's a weird gross beastiality bitch, she seems pretty decent at sex work and has a legit fan base. Which makes it even funnier when you compare how bad Shay is at every thing lol.

No. 1424998

She placed once in 2020 when going for anal star and that Mohawk Molly lass won lol. Seems she's won a few.

And other nominees have full on prolapses. Yikes.

No. 1425007

File: 1642978685225.jpg (Spoiler Image,276.55 KB, 1080x2128, Screenshot_2022-01-23-22-49-01…)

Forgot spoiler

No. 1425010

I’m so confused did this dawn girl actually fuck a dog or is she just that girl that makes weird porn wearing the fursuit or whatever? Bc one of those things is definitely a crime and unfortunately for everyone else’s eyes it’s not filming porn while wearing a dog mascot costume

No. 1425016

I don’t remember exactly what was said, but Dawn said some weird sexual shit about her dog and her dog was pregnant at the time too. So it came off very dog-fuckerish.

No. 1425027

It's not confirmed but she's a serious furry fag and has a bunch of dog and horse dildos. All that while having and breeding dogs. Sus at the very least.

No. 1425029

To be fair, this girl has a decent body and her face is less haggard.

No. 1425034

She also makes videos with realistic dog dildos role playing getting fucked by dogs, classics like “brother sister and doggy threesome”

No. 1425068

For a second I thought you were suggesting dawn got the dog pregnant and was about to call you retarded but I see now from the other comments that wasn’t your intention with that

No. 1425076

I was gonna say it seemed like one of those weird fantasy’s like the ppl that want to fuck dragons/werewolves/vampires but the fact they own the actual animals they make fetish porn of is a huge red flag like that would be as sus as an actual ranch hand making horse dildo porn someone call the police lol

No. 1425086

don't forget get sober because damn does she look like a completely fucked up mess in her pfp

I'm absolutely horrified at that dog and step bro thing that i need eye bleach so I can unread that. I missed the dawn saga and have put off reading it but I can't imagine anything more bottom of the barrel than these two

No. 1425100

She also had her dog turned into furry character art

No. 1425115

File: 1642985450839.jpeg (170.34 KB, 750x1050, 24CEFA00-0A1A-4AEE-B87E-617227…)

She’s fucking insufferable. This is why she will never find real love.

No. 1425127

It’s actually funny reading this, and then you remember that she always bought fupa games, food, concert tickets and seemed like the one to always pay for his shit and not the other way around.

No. 1425131

She’s trying to play both sides of the stupid submissive baby thing and also be a commanding bimbo who won’t settle for less than her standards. Neither are genuine, she just wants attention from anyone in any form.

No. 1425135

I think that narcissist thing and thinking she’s too good to cook and clean are absolutely true

No. 1425141

File: 1642987305636.jpeg (191.98 KB, 1024x1559, 890C9977-2D7D-479E-AC97-7DE23C…)

What a waste of time and money

No. 1425147

Actually making content is a great start, though it's not too late to throw in the mayochup covered towel on sex work in general.

No. 1425148

It's funny because there's an infinite amount of women who are prettier than Shayna who cook and clean because they respect themselves and their space. Bragging about it is so braindead especially when she can't afford to hire someone to clean her house like the high-class bimbo she envisions herself as.
This is just her professing her true status as a nasty alcoholic who thinks nothing of being mean to other people when her feet are black from the filth in her own apartment.
The dishes from her cooking breakfast the other day are probably still sitting in her sink.

No. 1425156

File: 1642989834341.jpeg (Spoiler Image,788.89 KB, 1170x1484, 4DA68B98-5E71-4C3A-ACB2-A6E8B3…)

Yeah, when you use heavily filtered pics

No. 1425159

Small boobs and a fat tummy? I mean…okay? Maybe love it enough to feed it food that nourishes it (instead of processed garbage) and not constantly pickling it with alcohol? Maybe love it enough to buy clothes that fit it comfortably, to bathe it, to hydrate it?

No. 1425161

File: 1642991910044.png (575.62 KB, 720x1024, A4640BFD-4730-4FF1-B25E-CF9B9F…)

Comes off so forced and just…defensive when you compare it to when she used to make these kinds of posts…

No. 1425169

File: 1642993833701.jpeg (886.59 KB, 832x1299, AACC780E-839B-491D-A902-122F6F…)


No. 1425171

File: 1642993971315.jpeg (577.55 KB, 1242x1689, C2DC581E-AF82-4BDE-A490-BEAFD7…)

I hope she doesn’t go out in public wearing that ugly onesie. It will never be socially acceptable to wear pajamas at 4 pm Shayna

No. 1425172

>arching her back for dear life and covering her gunt with her arm
Lurk more and cope harder, fatty

No. 1425175

Your last hired photographer shows otherwise.

No. 1425189

File: 1642997184583.jpeg (575.96 KB, 1170x1684, EE7D5F8D-4CFF-4279-9EE5-A05CF6…)

Oh please

No. 1425196

Guess she found that RT group she was looking for

No. 1425198

File: 1642998526759.jpeg (318.43 KB, 750x869, FFA94868-5F75-468B-AC5A-C3CAF6…)

>>1425196 no just an ugly tranny with 5 followers

No. 1425243

She should just larp as a post op tranny at this point

No. 1425257

>someone as pretty as me
kek does she really believe this? This is the exact reason why no one buys your sped porn anymore Shayna. Even your 'sugar daddy' won't drop more than $20 on some mall Chinese food for you. If pretty girls shouldn't have to pay for anything then it's no wonder you have to beg for a single tenner.

No. 1425258

>it's not too late to throw in the mayochup covered towel on sex work
Yes it is kek. She's turning 25 this year and has absolutely nothing on her resume. Not even some banal volunteer work or a sfw hobby. It's a completely blank page. Unless she wants to add "CEO of Fucking my Butt Inc". Knowing Shayna, she probably would too, thinking that a resume is just a longform tweet.
This woman is stuck on this path for life now. Or at least until Womack finally flies away.

No. 1425259

kek Shayna go on a run & film it challenge. I wanna see how bad she's huffing & puffing after normal physical activity. Too bad she doesn't actually do any.

No. 1425313

I wonder if she ever think about quitting and then realises all this content she made will be online forever so she decides to just keep going

No. 1425335

I think that’s her thought process. Might as well “profit” off of what she’s done to herself, even though she’s getting pennies for it. It’s …dare I say, bleAk

No. 1425339

She spends her entire day online too, and doesn’t make much other than a couple ten dollar bills. Shes one of the most unattractive woman ive ever seen and calls herself pretty and thinks she shouldnt cook. Total sewer rat

No. 1425380

her dad and stepmum told her they will pay for education or training
so she actually does have options, she’s just too dumb and lazy to use them

No. 1425477

File: 1643045718005.jpeg (277.37 KB, 750x1850, 1DBD1CC3-2214-4B6C-90FF-C994D7…)

No shit, you get fatter, uglier and older everyday. Time to throw in the towel. Like clockwork these contest always make her want to quit because her delusion of being the best gets shattered

No. 1425492

You have and it wasn’t a very high peak either

No. 1425493

I mean, even if she couldn’t get a nice job, surely she could get a job at a fucking bodega or something. Seattle is a liberal area. Or maybe a dispensary? They’re not exactly hiring our best and brightest…

No. 1425494

How does she constantly make these realizations of how ugly she is And how it isnt working out for her in an industry where ur money depends on how young and sexy u are and then go back to posting her disgusting blown out asshole for retarded pedophiles on the internet for free? This girl has to be the weirdest phenomenon found online and we’re at literally 100 whole fucking threads about her. Imagine being alive and knowing theres 100 threads online about how ugly and fat you are. I honestly think i’d have just jumped off a building by now after having read all this crap. How many drugs does she take to ignore how shitty her reality is and how fat and old she looks? Surely alcohol and drugs CANT numb you this hard. I honestly think she’s just severely mentally ill

No. 1425495

You have peaked. Your failing performance IS because your content is shitty and you are ugly and gray. This line of work is a dead end. You will never do as well as you did when you were younger and thinner. It’s time to settle down with Womack.

No. 1425496

File: 1643046630674.jpeg (56.73 KB, 640x360, 09EA3F25-C3FE-444E-AD58-373BD5…)

Honestly, the best thing Shay could have possibly done for herself was to marry the first man that was interested in her, because the trajectory has literally been straight downwards. Shown above is boyfriend number one, who used to make her smile and eat yummy salads.

No. 1425497

File: 1643046744581.jpeg (160.52 KB, 925x934, 616C6E74-42FC-43F1-BD87-703AF3…)

Here’s boyfriend number two, an old fat ginger cunt who still manages to be less insufferable than Fupa.
At this point, the only option she has left is Womack. Take it, Shay, because I don’t even want to find out what’s worse than Womack.

No. 1425498

Connor was on all accounts a nice guy, don’t wish that kind of hellish existence on him

No. 1425499

File: 1643046850183.jpeg (132.78 KB, 750x416, 33634731-DB91-454F-8C4D-46618A…)

No. 1425500

File: 1643046928182.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.21 MB, 3264x2724, D1621EFE-6484-4F76-8BB7-E0ED4D…)

Hmmm, why is one of these women doing better in porn than the other????? I’m gonna need to put on my thinking cap for this one.
Could it be that scrotes also have “childish beauty standards”? Could it be that almost everyone does, and that being a fucking landwhale blimp is objectively an eyesore? Hmmm…

No. 1425503

Nor do I, just pointing out that, if she maintains the trajectory she has maintained for the last almost decade, we can all count on seeing something worse than Womack taking her on dates in the near future.

No. 1425505

can you spoil that shit? we don't need ANOTHER comparison picture, we all know.

the obsession with womack dating shay is weird.

No. 1425506

Jesus christ she looks like out of that scene in gummo where those kids prostituted their retarded sister, i cant get that out of my head

No. 1425507

File: 1643047065884.gif (Spoiler Image,2.29 MB, 540x304, 420AA6A6-B18F-435A-AAD7-1BEE76…)

Yeah, I think you were a lot less critical of your self image when you looked like this. I’m pretty sure being an ugly, fat heifer makes you critical of your self image. Maybe consider that those criticisms are absolutely fucking correct and do something to fix them.

No. 1425508

womack seems to be the stereotypical “sex work buyer”, and is definitely a socially anxious retard whose incapable of socializing with women hence why he gives sex workers money in the first place. Shayna probably finds him boring and prefers the “ bad boy” type of stoner personality or someone similar to her and not just some backwoods middle aged hick hence why she hasnt given him a chance yet

No. 1425513

Please stop posting your fap folder, she wasn’t cute

No. 1425514

Literally there’s definitely a man amongst all the girls on here ripping shayna apart who secretly wanks to her in the guise of hate. There’s always that one scrote in every single thread on here whose jacking it to the cow and no doubt he’s uglier than all the cows themselves(sage your shit)

No. 1425520

File: 1643047776643.jpeg (169.78 KB, 750x1287, 98690CB0-6E8B-4562-BA65-CC78C9…)

No. 1425525

I hate seeing that gif so much now, I reuse some meme's every now and them but fuck its only ever that one gif
Its ruined monsters Inc. for me

No. 1425529

No. 1425541

She never dated that guy She did a photoshoot with him. She moved with some weird fuck who was poly and fucked her ex gf without her when they lived in Washington. That's not him. She never posted pics of him.

No. 1425544

I can't imagine having a way out of this but I'd rather give up on life because I didn't win a stupid sex work contest. This happens every year. She says she knows it's based on money but its not like outside of these contests she's doing amazing. None of this matters cause all a xoomer has to do is give her 10-100 dollars and she'll be like, "Im so grateful everytime I want to give up you guys show me…".
Not like she was offered a free education and doesn't have a family she can depend on … wait…

No. 1425546

Also, its funny how she can so easily say she wants to give up on Ellen and that old coomer she's dating. She was just whining about how "people are okay with not having me in their life". Yet over a contest she loses every year she's like, "I just wanna run away, fuck everyone but my animals"

No. 1425590

kek she really looks like a troon on the left. it looks like she's tucking her dick

No. 1425606

It's probably for the best that she doesn't waste their time and money on a degree. No one's going to want to hire her. If she was a vanilla sex worker it would be different but she has a video of her getting porked by a fat father of three with a pacifier in her mouth floating around the interwebs. Not to mention her mayochup, pussy boils, bad customer service, and that one video where they shrunk her down in post and edited her over a pot of boiling water. Not even a politician could explain shatnas internet history away.

No. 1425608


And the gag is she wasn't even doing good when she was skinny. Now she's doing even worse. I think Shayna is going to die a loser nonnies, I've lost hope for her.

No. 1425613

How was she doing when she was skinny? To be fair she still looked pretty haggard and old even then, so i dont see her making much money for that reason alone. Also her personality sucks zero charm zero qualities that draw you in cause she always played as some sort of bimbo child for pedos on the internet and honestly theres not that many pedos out there, just a niche minority. she was always retarded enough to try to appeal to a niche rather than a general audience. She really did zero research on the industry, clients, marketing, etc. She chose all the worst roads to go on

No. 1425614

Not well, but also not as poorly as she’s doing now. If you need at least hundreds of coomers to be a successful SWer, she maybe had 50-100 when she was skinny, she maybe has 5-10 now. Those numbers are super rough estimates just to give an overall impression of how she’s stacked up to her peers over the years.

No. 1425618

bitch aged out of the e-whore business 20 kilograms ago. it's only gonna get worse from here on out. better quit now, fattie

No. 1425619


lol i think i remember her tumblr back when she was skinny. She was always plain and never was beautiful or enticing in any way but its truly amazing to see whats become of her; a blown up landwhale heffer with 3 hideous fat and old coomers who shayna manages to be uglier than. What a fucking crisis I cant believe she hasnt quit yet. another blown out free asshole pic will be posted later today for sure . How does this girl stay alive?(lrn2sage)

No. 1425629

For real, though. Plain, ratty, and unwashed is bad enough, add nearly 100 lbs now to that mess and it’s no wonder even bottom of the barrel scrotes are passing on her.

No. 1425631

Her sex work career was cursed from the start. When she was younger she was dealing with her pussy boils and now she's fat and still gets the breakouts. She peaked as a teenager. Hate to see it.

No. 1425638

Why the fuck would she choose this “line of work” to go into? Like why would you bother when you look that way? And WHY the dolly little girl aesthetic when you look 10 years older than your age? None of it makes any sense she really just decided everything from her name, aesthetic, and sex work persona on a complete and utter whim. Zero rational thought or analysis

No. 1425642

Can you learn to sage already?

No. 1425644

File: 1643055262838.jpeg (72.8 KB, 700x875, 395481BF-78B6-4E62-B7AD-1974E1…)

She was ugly when she was skinny too, and about as dirty. She still had boils and pimples all over her. And I’m sorry to say, but her big nose on her fat face makes it look smaller, when she was skinnier she looked like one of those ugly dogs with the Jew nose. It’s sort of an optical illusion, now her nose just looks bulby and fat, before it looked witchy and haggard. her face has always been ugly.

No. 1425645

Her actual self is this unhygienic, amazon/shein wearing, non glamorous stoner who looks like a backwoods 5$ per bareback blowjob prostitute , looks 10 years older than her age AND she has the balls to play an image/act as a “luxurious high class spoiled dolly nymphet barbie bimbo“ . How does one look in the mirror being as fat and homely as u are and decide ur act is going to be something that has not even half of one thing to do with you? so brilliant and such an astronomical disaster and fail it’s just beautiful to watch(lrn2sage, blogging)

No. 1425647

> She still had boils and pimples all over her.
ew anon kek
why has this been up for 2 hours and not spoilered?

No. 1425655

Lately it takes around 5-6 hours for mods to hand out bans. This thread has had such an influx of newfags who can’t fucking sage these last couple days

No. 1425671

Spoiler maybe ??? Wtf?

No. 1425680

This bitch’s life is literally groundhogs day in a day or two she’ll be tweeting “so grateful 4 all my dads n supporters being there 4 me when I am down I luv myself I’m such a cute bimbo babie teehee owww mumma bit me”

No. 1425693

She’ll be playing uno reverse card in a day or two & be back to her “love all my dads so grateful uwu” & posting disgusting blown out asshole & fucked up pussy pimple pics, this girl is so predictable

No. 1425703

File: 1643059448219.jpeg (263.83 KB, 1242x1137, 1D6BA676-3EE4-4881-9E97-D0C739…)

you know big chungus is desperate for money when she sells her bundles of videos, lies and say it’s worth over $300 kek

No. 1425704

File: 1643059480638.png (Spoiler Image,5.84 MB, 1242x2208, 0F620710-5816-4E08-906D-E67EFB…)

Big ol belly

No. 1425708

File: 1643059685702.jpeg (496.74 KB, 1080x2288, C19B4FEA-BA0B-432E-8BC5-8AF3B6…)

An excellent facial expression to being out your wrinkles, good job shay

No. 1425712

When you have to constantly put your videos on sale it should be obvious they’re not “all worth over 300”

No. 1425715

File: 1643060008536.png (482.96 KB, 1182x994, Bildschirmfoto 2022-01-24 um 2…)

Fatty was featured on "OnlyFans Girls Posting L's"

No. 1425722

File: 1643060368829.jpg (29.94 KB, 333x333, fat ugly buddha belly.jpg)

Rub her belly for bad luck, pussy boils, and smelly pits.(autism)

No. 1425724

plz u can still delete this the poor Buddha does not need to exist in the same thread as Shayna

No. 1425730

Why is she discounting her better (though obv still gross) content? Discount the recent stuff, Shat.

No. 1425731

Rent is due soon so she must be desperate.

No. 1425732

File: 1643060820089.png (44.91 KB, 860x1431, 144-1448383_best-free-simpsons…)

Her body is now Homer's face(Unsaged autism)

No. 1425743

Can you fucking RETARDS in this thread learn how to use fucking spoilers? WHY do you continue to do this to the rest of us?!

No. 1425757

File: 1643062239095.jpeg (1.34 MB, 3464x3464, E1DE331A-B9C0-4DD0-967C-A39877…)

Idk what’s worse her natural expression or her forced straining bug eyed mouth open expression

No. 1425758

File: 1643062266595.jpeg (Spoiler Image,890.7 KB, 969x1516, 4710793D-2434-484C-93F9-81F0CF…)

No. 1425759

File: 1643062408035.jpeg (508.13 KB, 1242x1308, 82A17DD6-345C-49A0-A95E-700B0C…)

>deffo not straight
Kek what a pick me stop pretending to be pansexual to impress twitterfags

No. 1425760

Good lord she really looks like a 40 year old lady who works at walmart and her being dressed the way she does cosplaying as a coomers idea of a cute tween girl just makes this 1000 x more horrible. Why the fuck does she do this shit to herself

No. 1425763

Surprised she didn't spazz out about this, it's got more.comments and interactions then her posts ever get

No. 1425766

She will as soon as she finds out

No. 1425767

That bear has the perfect reaction kek why is it horrified

No. 1425772

that tweet has some great replies on it. kek

No. 1425775

I don’t understand how she has the strength to post online every single day. how do you not accidentally come across yourself in the mirror from a terribly unflattering angle, see how fat and ugly you are and just stay off the internet for one single day alone from the trauma of how ugly you look. How does someone who look like her not seem to take a single break from the internet especially as a sex worker? If i looked like her i would have had a serious breakdown and been quiet for at least ONE measly week

No. 1425782

nah, nobody hiring a medical technician (for example) is Googling them to make sure they didn’t do gross sex shit in the past
she could absolutely train for a well paying career of some kind where her sex shit would never come up
she’s just too dumb and lazy

No. 1425784

It's because YOU SUCK Shayna. Your porn is shit tier quality coupled with your completely retarded face that you insist on making in every video, I don't know how you can not only watch but edit your own porn and not realize this. Most dudes our there that are voting on these contests or spending money on porn don't want to look at a fat, greasy sped making down syndrome faces while they pretend to orgasm with a sahara dessert level dry pussy

No. 1425792

Let’s be honest she could disappear without a trace from the Internet and no one as a fan would care or miss her (except maybe some people here tbf) and as long as she’s not competing for some upper management fancy CEO or someone with actual business respect it won’t be that much of an issue besides her coworkers probably making fun of her. She should at least try to turn her life around if she feels like such shit at her current life prospects. She used to think she would become rich and famous from going viral lol maybe she finally realized that’s retarded and she’ll always be rolling around a dirty apartment violating herself for attention and a few 10 buck tips

No. 1425796

god wtf is this look? what kind of “baby” wears a onesie with stripper heels? what kind of “baby” has the facial wrinkles of a 46-year-old?

for someone who’s constantly going on about muh style, muh attention to detail, pay me 2 shop 4 u, I’ve never seen her put together a decent look

No. 1425801

She'd have to change her name but it's not impossible. She could do that, go radio silent for a while, move and start trying to work up from some shitty entry level admin job. The vast majority of people out there (except for people like us kek) aren't just gonna randomly Google people they work with, unless they've heard something about them or saw they got arrested or had a DUI or something, but that's also why a name change would benefit her.

No. 1425806

Samefag to add that all of this would require her to concede defeat and then have to adhere to a normal schedule, bathing regularly and not getting drunk every day, so maybe this is actually impossible.

No. 1425823

File: 1643065712204.jpeg (Spoiler Image,760.8 KB, 1125x1185, 584766F7-9159-47F5-B2E5-39A993…)

I refuse to believe that she looks at her content and thinks it’s 5 star quality. I legit pulled this monstrosity from one of her older videos and boy is it cursed. She has to be mentally stunted or such an extreme narcissist she thinks she can do no wrong it’s the only explanation.

No. 1425830

How can she think this looks sexy? She looks like a deranged walrus inhaling a hotdog!

No. 1425856

This is completely false. It's never too late for her to course correct. 25 is still young, it's not like she is in her 30s. Either way, there's no way in hell she will be able to sustain this lifestyle when she is 40 without having to resort to being a full on prostitute. It's better she just gets a basic ass call centre or warehouse job and keep low key.

No. 1425862

“Assholes are like opinions. Not everybody is interested in hers.”
Is my favourite reply omg

No. 1425864

File: 1643067905302.jpeg (255.82 KB, 1170x500, D5AF6456-788B-46FB-8143-699060…)

No. 1425868

This bitch always thinking of snacks even when at the brink of being beaten to death

No. 1425869

It's not too late for a normal burnout 25 year old but it's probably a little too late for one who chose to spend 18-24 punching herself naked on camera for pennies and pretending to be a toddler getting changed for some obscure age play porn website.

No. 1425878

She's so far gone mentally that getting assaulted and beaten by a man is fine as long as she gets some cheez-its and washed so she doesn't have to do it herself.

No. 1425886

Serving Abby Brown during her Melanie Martinez phase

No. 1425910

File: 1643072121484.jpeg (289.96 KB, 828x950, D0ECD379-DD1A-4B96-84BF-DF97FA…)

>implying she loves Ellen
God DAMN her belly button looks like it’s smiling. Asking why she posts ugly as sun things is a useless rhetorical question at this point.
Wow anon you’re right these scrotes are hilarious — these were the only kind of funny ones
> so get skinny???
> Assholes are like opinions. Not everybody is interested in hers.
> Sounds like she has a great relationship with her father.

No. 1425911

Ugly as sin*

No. 1425913

File: 1643072386407.jpeg (164.57 KB, 750x1257, 82B7CF5E-35E6-4E51-B06C-49AC83…)

The fucking monsters inc gif again

No. 1425916

File: 1643072622009.png (811.05 KB, 679x956, sFIpIry.png)

No. 1425917

What's funny is this look is ripped off the Dollskill model for the top, no less. Like if it looks trash on a skinny attractive girl, not sure what Shay thinks she's doing. All her looks are straight off a model or mannequin or a shein 2 piece and she has the nerve to go on about her personal style and expensive taste kek.

No. 1425921

Those roots were trash like the rest of her, but back then her curls were quite nice. She's always fucking up anything she has going for herself: upbringing, hair, body, relationships (including with family and friends)

No. 1425947

File: 1643074655852.jpeg (401 KB, 1170x1408, B5BB6B27-A68E-46ED-9F12-75303F…)

No. 1425954


why tf would you post that someone sent you TEN DOLLARS? that somehow seems more embarassing than getting nothing ..

No. 1425960

File: 1643076060451.jpeg (72.99 KB, 750x598, 44BE154D-8C71-4A45-8E6A-510E1E…)

What kind of retarded message is she sending by posting her sad 50 tip??? Why would coomer pay her a decent “wage” if she’s freaking out for such a pathetic pay out?? Truly scraping the bottom of the barrel.

No. 1425969

Maybe scroll up a tiny bit before you repost

No. 1425976

Why does she post $10 tips? Somewhere on Twitch some Twitch thot is fully clothed getting $500 thrown at her JUST for two seconds of attention. Meanwhile on Twitter we have Shayna posting her second $10 tip this month bragging about now much she loves her sugar daddies. She could've just posted the $50.You can literally ask a friend for $10 and you don't have to show your shitty asshole to strangers to do it.

No. 1426046

File: 1643084694980.jpeg (381.81 KB, 828x1292, 3F60F84D-ABE0-4576-A208-29E219…)

Kek if she thought farmers were mean she’s not ready for twitter edgelords

No. 1426061

ive literally never seen anyone with those diagonal wrinkles she has on her forehead. It's shocking to me that even with these threads talking about it for yrs she's never made a point to stop making that raised eyebrow expression. Especially knowing that it would become permanent eventually; it happened so fast too!

maybe i'm reading too much into this but it's weird she didn't mention her girlfriend. She's always going out of her way to mention "the dad(s)" but lately seems to avoid mentioning ellen at all costs

No. 1426124

she looks so much like nikocado here

No. 1426126

I think Ellen strings her along. i don’t think they’re really dating in the way Shay thinks. Ellen prob only shows up when Shay begs her or when Ellen wants to beat the shit out of her.

No. 1426167

Did oldgrey change his name or are her coomers trolling her now?

No. 1426170

She really is set on self-sabotaging, it's wild. And combined with how she's always tweeting for validation & attention. How she's either manic or breaking down like clockwork… she is one of the worst cases of bpd I've ever seen.

No. 1426171

>implying she has a friend

No. 1426195

Where’s discord anon? Update?

No. 1426229

This shit is so depressing. No wonder she just drinks and smokes weed all day. This is pathetic. Jesus, just work at Dollar General.

No. 1426268

This one is a different guy from oldfart, so possibly kek

No. 1426272

why do they all use the same stupid monster inc. gif though

No. 1426331

Because they look up hug on the Twitter gifs and that’s the first gif that pops up, kek

No. 1426390

Also because it's a small, female child and they're pedos. Fucking nasty.

No. 1426429

File: 1643129272080.jpeg (1.4 MB, 1125x1498, 86536CC9-D37B-4F78-8ADD-4820BB…)

Why does she look like this, her face scares me

No. 1426430

File: 1643129381994.jpeg (716.15 KB, 1101x1016, CF429DFD-1495-42A6-BB9A-F98A3F…)

The awkward as hell smirk she’s always adamant on making , the wrinkles, the huge witch nose, the bows in her hair when she looks like she’s approaching 40 or 45 years old, she is the creepiest looking sex worker i’ve ever fucking seen

No. 1426433

Alcohol is why. And her consistent diet of sugar and salt.

No. 1426443

The best she looked was when she was a teen on her stoner blog and it all went downhill from there. Shes straight up one of those girls u knew in highschool who were cute for that one year and after summer break somehow return obese and everyone talks about “remember when she was skinny”, Every highschool had one of these

No. 1426446

I dont get how she can look in the mirror , or look at that fucking picture even and consciously post it selling herself as someone to buy sex service from. her life doesnt make sense to me at all how drunk and high do you have to be 24/7 in order to not see the grim reality she lives and her unfortunate appearance

No. 1426466

This has been discussed to death but she was never pretty, she was skinny and that's it. She just wasn't as jarring to look at overall because she had a fairly decent body but she's always been a "butter face"

No. 1426471

File: 1643131875908.jpeg (664.63 KB, 828x912, 09858608-E78A-472A-AF37-26A930…)

No. 1426489

File: 1643132900585.jpeg (244.85 KB, 750x1383, 80ED4F84-CB84-41C2-BBC7-728641…)

It depends what she defines as sex, she hardly has PIV sex, maybe Connor, first Seattle guy, and Fupa for sure, Mia sadbaffoon fucked her with a strap on, the old man stuck his toe in her pussy, she sucked Sol’s dick, and Ellen and The Dad kinda just slap her around and finger her so I really have no idea what “sex” is to this bitch

No. 1426506

Trying to figure out who would want a free trial to this overweight old lady’s only fans

No. 1426508

I feel like she was cute enough to be considered cute and pleasant to look at as a teen in a grimey/trailer park trash way. That’s about all

No. 1426512

when you look 45 , have forehead wrinkles and are obese but remain adamant that your sex work persona has to be a little girl dolly barbie bimbo. Imagine when she’s 30 and still does this baby bimbo act and she’ll look at least 60 by then. Literally this bitch needs to get featured on a freaks tv show or soft white underbelly

No. 1426623

File: 1643144046196.jpeg (451.01 KB, 750x1247, E79DF19D-7788-469E-A561-55A735…)

No. 1426628

File: 1643144289426.jpeg (69.99 KB, 672x412, DA1DB52C-3701-49DE-81BD-853322…)

why did she say too 400 then say top $300? she's so stupid.

No. 1426630


This is going to be an unpopular opinion but I think that Shayna is very average looking. Most women are dumpy and lumpy looking with their clothes off and have a lot of imperfections. If you go to any public place half of adult women are about on the same level as Shayna face and body wise, it's just that they don't take their clothes off for all to see in jarring, unprofessional lighting when hungover or dress like a cheap auto-pedophile.

I think Shayna really needs to take the offer of her dad paying for her education. She needs to get off the weed and alcohol and move back in with her dad and change her name.

The anons advising her to marry Womack are completely retarded. As if all any woman's life is worth is to marry some scrote, even some white trash stoner pervert that adds nothing to anyone's life. Kek.

She definitely shouldn't have married any of the men she dated in the past. They all encouraged her weed habit, which I don't think gets nearly enough clout in these threads because muh legal high. I think we have forgotten about how bad being a stoner can be.

Shayna's decline is even more mental than it is physical because of the weed, alcohol and untreated mental health problems. I mean, she's a little fat like a lot of the world is nowadays but I actually think that's the least of her problems. She's barely caring for herself and she's barely able to function on a day to day basis. She is going to end up dead at a young age if she doesn't find a way out of this self destructive lifestyle.

She's the most depressing cow on here. I'm past finding her amusing at this point. I think I need to take a break.(blog)

No. 1426632

I think you need a break too and go write a blog or something

No. 1426640

I really feel for her parents. Imagine watching your daughter who you spent years investing in do this to herself and having her refuse all your offers for help.

No. 1426644

They also do it to themselves by not cutting her completely off financially

No. 1426650

Try and see it from their point of view and put yourself in their shoes. It's easy to say this from the outside looking in as someone who has no relationship to Shayna. You don't just stop loving your adult child because they become a self destructive addict and alcoholic, because let's be real, that's what she is as much as everyone here loves to glorify marijuana. They probably fear that if they don't give her money she will end up dead sooner and she will cut them off and they won't know if she's alive or dead. In reality it is a gamble. If they cut her off, she could either force herself to get better or spiral even further into an even darker or more dangerous place.

No. 1426655

…literally no one here glorifies weed. If you actually lurked before blogposting you would realize that the extremely popular consensus is that she's a burnout & a textbook example of what abusing weed does to you. Now get a diary, sperg.

No. 1426656

File: 1643145625948.jpeg (205.23 KB, 1170x582, 69F3B184-0710-4D60-B1C1-5A05F9…)

she’s slept with 5 people apparently

No. 1426662

There are definitely stoners on these threads who defend weed, anon. I remember a discussion about how she should order low cal weed gummies instead of weed fudge. How about just not using weed and getting help.

No. 1426675

I think usually the point being made there is that even IF she insists on not cutting back in any way on her substance use, she could at least not do it in the most fattening way possible. It’s funny because Shay does literally everything wrong—she doesn’t just make bad choices, she even goes about making them in the worst way possible. I agree that the point has been made to death.

No. 1426683

And they get called retarded & told to put the bong down. We don't need to add on a sanctimonious pre-weed sperg now to cape in before there's even any weed spergs "glorifying marijuana". Blogpostchan is just an edgy redditor who only knows how to communicate by being provocative.
>this is going to be an unpopular opinion
>i'm totally gonna get downvoted for this you guys, but-

No. 1426685

I definitely do think that the end is near in terms of Shayna's rebellion against her conservative parents. She is going to quit by the time she turns 30. She's already waking up to the fact that she's not getting paid much and is miserable, although she's still in denial and is clinging on as much as she can to the lie that she's living her best life.

This is a bit of a tinfoil but I think she will go full tradthot wigger nationalist in the next few years. She's already made that Hitler comment and has been complete excluded from the sex work community because of it. She's going to go full circle and become an online trad waifu for incel attention and she's going to find God all of a sudden.

No. 1426692

Have some gold kind nonita

No. 1426702

A “little” fat… we legit just BMI checked her and she’s literally overweight for her height and it’s really obvious. I wouldn’t say she’s full on diabetes inducing obese but that’s where it will be if she doesn’t stop gaining and it’s literally just because she drinks so much I’ve seen it happen to tons of girls after they start binge drinking

No. 1426744

They may not be looking for gross sex work shit, but they will be looking for someone halfway competent. Shayna has the gross sex work past, AND no work ethic or common sense. And also a lot more jobs are doing background checks and googling potential employees as a new way to justify not hiring someone.

Why would anyone pick Shayna's resume with her weird ass porn history behind her over someone who's probably better equipped for the job and doesn't have a weird ass internet history like hers? I feel like this debate happens every 3 or 4 threads and her future just gets bleaker and bleaker. At best she could land some shitty call center job and lose it 2 months later because she can't do anything without being cross faded, and being cross faded at an actual job isn't very cash money

No. 1426751

she could never pull off being a tradwife. What's more likely to happen is that she'll fall off the edge of the internet indefinitely and come back following some new years old trend. Or she'll get pregnant and e beg for money.

No. 1426757

No. 1426774

File: 1643152827469.jpeg (96.59 KB, 750x259, 21085C75-A6E0-4E1D-8FB9-123DFC…)

She’s been having a “bad mental health day” for the past few weeks. She hasn’t “worked” since the beginning of the month.

No. 1426779

File: 1643153165382.jpeg (1.58 MB, 1242x1571, AECFB60F-3601-4A9E-B0FB-B61906…)

No. 1426780

File: 1643153207119.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1006.3 KB, 1242x1347, 342CA2C1-4B17-4B05-A597-42113A…)

I hate this outfit almost as much as her Benjamin Franklin 1800’s school girl

No. 1426781

And that’s when she said she was going to cam once a week up to 3 times a week and one video a week. She couldn’t even keep one of those goals. Not to mention all the crap she bought to start twitch.

I wonder what it’s like literally doing nothing all day for years on end. I’d look like a wet rock too.

No. 1426782

File: 1643153310108.jpeg (Spoiler Image,750.39 KB, 851x1301, 8C418E59-7686-483C-984E-1D49F5…)

>Cockeyed boobs and mismatched nipples, discharge in her wrinkled vag, turd braids, big nose, cheap necklace on top of her neck rolls

No. 1426785

Wrinkles on her face, wrinkles on her pussy lips, this bitch looking like a whole ass old bag of actual shit

No. 1426797

Why the fuck does she have wrinkles literally on her vagina
How does fhat even happen unless you’re 50 or so years old? Even if you look that old, FINE, why dress yourself as a child? It just looks so tacky and is all so poorly done. I honestly think she has a learning disability or is just developmentally stunted and her brain doesnt work right. Theres iust no other way at this point because any other normal human being would have quit doing what theyre doing by now but she just keeps going

No. 1426803

Honestly all i see is a grandma looking woman cosplaying as a category out of the teen section on pornhub. If she didnt dress that way and pretend to be a 17 year old pedophiles fantasy i’d have sympathy for how old and worn down she looks in every single picture.

No. 1426806

There’s not wrinkles literally on her vagina, it’s on her vulva which isn’t that rare to see because the extra skin gets saggy. She dresses like a child because she can’t evolve past the uwu baby pedo thing because she’s not attractive conventionally so all she has is gross niches to get attention.

No. 1426810

Wrinkles on the vulva aren't a sign of higher age; they actually smooth out as women get older.

No. 1426815

So Connor, first Seattle guy, fupa daddy, Mia strapon, and Ellen, is what I'm going with. I guess she does count sex with women? Maybe she is putting out for Ellen? If I were her, I wouldn't put up with shay without getting something in return, even if it is cheap pussy, not like Ellen can do any better either

No. 1426821

For a sex worker she's pretty vanilla

No. 1426833

nearly all adult vaginas will have wrinkling.

No. 1426908

Anon, stop, it’s gross how you even thought about it.

No. 1426914

If it wasn't for sex work I feel like Shayna would be the type to try and avoid pretty much all things sexual. Like alternative time line Shayna would be a horse girl type lolcow

No. 1426915

Kill yourself

No. 1426937

Fuck, did anyone catch the tweet she just deleted about wanting to kill herself because her dog shook off her kiss?

No. 1426941

Was it like a joke or was she serious kek

No. 1426951

It said “I just kissed my dog and she shook it off I should kill myself”

No. 1426953

The ONLY job she could have would be behind the counter at a shifty dispensary or a super shitty bodega (like, so shitty you wouldn’t even drink bottled water purchased there)

No. 1426958

File: 1643162963992.jpeg (Spoiler Image,91.45 KB, 1205x1475, FJ_hcLdVUAEoaip.jpeg)

Posted on twitter. It's so filtered but you can still see the boils kek.

No. 1426984

I’m confused by what’s going on with her boobs here

No. 1426989

Gross, her pussy looks like chewed up gum that was spit out on a sidewalk.

No. 1426994

She is 100% not making enough to be living in a two bed room Seattle apartment on her own and that's facts. I've noticed she doesn't door dash or splurge on as much stupid shit as she used to in Fupaville. It's not impressive as all when someone has a "nice" apartment yet struggles to make rent every month and can't afford to fill it with decent/nice things. The only "nice" thing in her apartment was the couch she bought and she totally bought that on a payment plan or had it gifted by a family member. She makes her life so much fucking harder then it needs to be for absolutely no reason. All the people who she probably is trying to impress in her head (highschool people, former competition) have moved on a long time ago.

No. 1427003

She literally doordashes every meal. When it snowed she was panicking because food delivery wasn’t a thing and she doesn’t keep food in the house because all her meals are take out. Ellen likely pays part of her rent based on the venmo payments from Womack

No. 1427004

her tits literally look like she just mirrored her ass, this is such a weird picture to look at

No. 1427006

File: 1643166045370.jpeg (278.44 KB, 1600x1200, 0CB99D42-5C28-42DF-B9E0-74F5B7…)

Adam Sandler Click cover levels of airbrushing

No. 1427015


She can't cook and she's fat so she's definitely ordering out every meal. But she's having Ellen and probably her parents still give her money for rent and shit. It would be much cheaper for everyone involved if she just went home, but that means no sex work and owning up to being a flop.

No. 1427037

File: 1643168708496.jpeg (41.84 KB, 686x120, 873D916D-A30C-484C-8382-77AFF2…)

No. 1427038

File: 1643168728550.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.4 MB, 1154x1552, 0CF48788-663E-48C5-936C-4EF93B…)

Her ass without blurring is horrifying

No. 1427040

File: 1643168826426.jpeg (1.36 MB, 2590x3147, 9E92FADC-39C6-4678-B5E1-3B92AE…)

Ten miles a bad road

No. 1427050

holy crap it is already thread 99… i am curious as to what thread 100 will bring

No. 1427063

you know your shit is bad when not even airbrush can save you

No. 1427088

fuck off back to your gooncave

No. 1427090

She literally looks like she’s about to start/just finished crying

No. 1427097

I’d be surprised if she were counting Mia OR Ellen; she’s probably too much of a misogynist to consider sex with women “real sex”
She’s probably counting Connor, Seattle ginger scrote, other Seattle scrote, Fupa, and current old man

No. 1427099

I’m going to sound insane but whatever devils advocate. I think the bottom left one is nice. It’s rough in a way that has personality and life in it. The smile isn’t beautiful but its charming rather than offputting. The others are just awful though and in a no life in those eyes whatsoever bloated kinda way

No. 1427100

True. In a way, her horrible shoops are a gift to us all, saving us from the true horrors

No. 1427106

What a strange way to suicide bait

No. 1427111

The ginger dude was not her Seattle bf. She did a photoshoot with him and left. The Seattle guy was a Tumblr dom that went by spankingsandsodomy

No. 1427112

She also used to fuck some girl from NH when she lived in MA. She fucked Colleen. And she fucked that porn star before she got fired. I think she only counts men though.

No. 1427114


She looks like an old lady trying to copy thot makeup for the first time and got caught laughing at her own fart.
I've never seen a woman in their mid-20s look so old.

No. 1427115

I'm sorry but this looks like a gay man thirst trap. Wtf is going on with the upper half?

No. 1427117

Kek she should have went to LA to do a video with soft white underbelly instead of sol. Way more potential for Shayna to get exposure (ironic) compared that unreleased airbnb sextape

No. 1427128

Does she lift her eyebrows up in every picture, or does she have permanent forehead wrinkles? (I had permanent “stressed” forehead lines even as a kid, so maybe she isn’t intentionally pulling a weird expression? Botox fixed it for me…)

No. 1427138

Sage for OT but 65% of Americans are overweight, most of them won't end up super morbidly obese.

No. 1427139

I know the bar isn't very high but working in a shitty petrol station is better than pretending to be a child and sticking plastic up your vag for a few dollars here and there on Twitter.

No. 1427140

She lifts her brows a lot because she's self conscious about her small eyes, but it's also wrinkled when relaxed, just not much comparatively

No. 1427141

She looks like she never sleeps when that's what she spends half her life doing.

No. 1427144

>All the people who she probably is trying to impress in her head (highschool people, former competition) have moved on a long time ago.
Personal tinfoil is that Shayna's current meltdown was triggered by her realizing that she has no one irl who cares about her enough for her to suicide baiting to work anymore. She's still trying of course. But telling OldGrey "might kms idk haha" just doesn't pack the same punch as sending the same message to Fupa.
Suicide baiting used to be an easy way for her to get attention. Now there's no one left to manipulate. Her attention supply has run out now that she's chased away everyone who cared about her irl.

It's easy to say "I'll kill myself at 27 teehee" when you're still a bpd teen getting who's getting showered in coomer attention. Now that she's getting close to 27, no one is watching her anymore to care.

No. 1427145

Top left is literally Girl Womack.

No. 1427151

She's skinwalking Womack KEK

No. 1427155

She also fucked that girl (tall mean gf arc) right before Fupaul Arc. Remember the cam show where she was visibly disgusted? There's no way she counts woman on woman as real sex.

No. 1427158

It's extra sad bc the 27 club is set at that age bc that's when many public figures peak in popularity + influence. Shayna has been declining for years already. She peaked when she was under 20… and it was a negligible peak. She clings to her old tumblr blog the way that a bald old fat man clings to his high school football glory days.

No. 1427197

File: 1643189860516.png (1.41 MB, 1686x1520, airfryer.png)

No. 1427220

Why foes she look exactly like Gargamel lol

No. 1427233

This would be funnier if you could crop out her gross cleavage

No. 1427250

Why that hideous fucking smirk, why
There’s really not one thing cute about her the only way she’s been pulling teeth as a sex worker is because of the free asshole pics she posts, i dont think even womack finds her actually appealing he’s just too stupid to know any better and scrotes will really fuck anything

No. 1427251

I have to admit this is the most depressing and unfortunate looking cow ive ever seen in my life and I think people should just stop talking about her already. It must already be hard enough looking as haggard and overweight as she does and throwing her life down the drain to entertain retarded Pedophiles jerking it to a lady dressed as a kid but who looks 45. this isn’t funny anymore. gonna stop checking this thread . She is just a nightmare and belongs on soft white underbelly, she’d easily be one of the Worst cases on there

No. 1427263

so any Ideas for the #100 thread pic, It has to be special

No. 1427300

Is that you Womack

No. 1427340

Sure, Shayna is ugly, overweight and trashy but would hardly be considered the "worst case". She's not cracked out, pimped out living in a tent on skid row nor the product of incest. She's drunk constantly and rambles on Twitter but still more coherent than the truly paranoid schizos.
It would be milky if she was featured on there, more black and white photography of her for farmers to gawk at, kek

No. 1427459

I think a compilation of all the best thread pics would be good or a first thread Shayna vs now sort of thing.

No. 1427467

a slow timeline of her descent into what she is now. it'd be great if we could get someone to make a gif.

No. 1427468

Anon the 27 club is called that because a bunch of famous musicians/actors died at that age. It's seen as some sort of curse but really it's just that many were hardcore addicts who have short expected lifespans to begin with. Has nothing to do with peaking lol. Shayna somehow expected to be a famous musician despite having 0 talent and never even taking any lessons or even knowing how to play an instrument. Theres no 27 club for worn out porn stars or degenerate OF whores. She really thought having a big tumblr following was a sign of future fame and fortune which is…bleak

No. 1427525

she’s not even on efukt yet!

No. 1427568

I thought tall mean gf was Ellen?

No. 1427577

Yeah, there is something very Chris Chan about her. These threads feel a lot darker than the threads on other cows.

No. 1427605

File: 1643230228060.jpeg (578.36 KB, 3268x1647, DC254B10-4520-4255-9817-9D5834…)

How it started vs how it’s going

No. 1427609

Jesus how did she let it get that bad? She was always mentally ill but it just got worse and worse and worse every year she ballooned and got more wrinkled. I don’t think of this thread as entertaining or anything but sad and pathetic now. None of this is funny anymore

No. 1427611

It’s pretty funny because of how much she thought she was better than her classmates in high school. Fat bitch got what she deserved

No. 1427619

Images you can smell kek

No. 1427620

Exactly. Her ignorance is completely funny, that everything she advocates for and benefits from is fucked up, pedophilic, violent, etc. She only exists in this way because of disgusting fucking scrotes.

No. 1427621

She should put these side by side and call it inflation

No. 1427623

her classmates in highschool are all probably married with good jobs and here she is selling her asshole for free, collecting her second 10$ tip from a fat coomers for the month, and has a whole 100 anonymous threads to her name with her stomach churning overweight body and face attached to them. What a high achiever. She sure showed everyone , this is such a nightmare. I still have yet to figure out how she hasnt left the internet. It makes no fucking sense, you’d think she was FORCED to do what she’s doing that’s how unbelievable this all is

No. 1427628

Shayna’s life is literally everybody’s worst nightmare and she still dresses and plays the act of a bimbo whose having a fun time . Girl… we all see your wrinkles and what you really are, no body is getting fooled by it. You aren’t a fantasy woman, you’re a living nightmare inside and out

No. 1427629

This was also like a year ago, she’s gotten much worse then that

No. 1427653

The mayochup butthole leak would be the perfect content for that place. Sage for full on retardation.

No. 1427714

Damn that thing has never fit her nicely, do you think she can squeeze into it now or .. lol

No. 1427771

i think she hasn't left like a normal person would because, among other reasons, she had a moderately successful tumblr weed blog several hundred years ago. she's chasing the high of internet validation. she's tasted it before and thinks if she keeps posting her leaky stinkhole, she will somehow luck into it again. it's got to be habitual at this point. she doesn't think, she doesn't have the awareness to see she won't get that audience back ever, especially like this. a skinny stoner girl who posts weed stuff is more appealing to the masses than a naked e-whore with a bepimpled ass. only true degens would retweet/reblog porn. no peers retweet her. this won't build an audience. ever. yet she will never quit this googoo gaga i'm baby my little princess cunt my widdle baby cutie hemorrhoids hurt gaga baba boo bullshit

No. 1427845

Didn’t know this was allowed am curious on how everyone discovered Shat https://strawpoll.com/asf454sdj

No. 1427866

File: 1643247717583.jpeg (151.33 KB, 1205x1747, FKEnT6nVIAIpcq0.jpeg)

She got her hair dyed. Says she's a "dirty blonde" now

No. 1427867

omg was coming to post this. this color makes her look 40. it's so grey looking

No. 1427868

File: 1643247808600.jpeg (155.22 KB, 1205x1785, FKEnT6pVcAIDBoH.jpeg)

Officially in her Grandma Barbie era

No. 1427869

More like ashy mousey brown. Way to really drive home looking 30 years older than what you are.

No. 1427871

She also made some dumb tweets about how "bimbos have to go to the salon every month to inhale fumes to make them a dumb bitch" or some dumb shit. She deleted before I could screenshot. Guess she deleted because she knows she doesn't get her hair done once a month. She should have gotten it trimmed and styled but whatever

No. 1427875

Can only imagine how rode hard and put away wet she looks irl without the heavy duty filters working overtime. This was not the right color choice for her.

No. 1427882

>bepimpled ass
Also, I don't think it's that deep. I truly think she is deeply ashamed of herself to the point to where she feels like she can't do anything else and she doesn't want to be embarrassed by the absolute state of herself back home with her parents/people she grew up with. She has literally ruined her own life and refuses to take accountability for it.

No. 1427883

File: 1643248717330.jpg (103.26 KB, 1000x1000, 61Kpjfek3oL._SL1000_.jpg)

I'm hoping she'll slowly ease into "milf" content because nothing about this screams barbie, bimbo or youth. Just cut it short, get side bangs and larp as a "trophy wife step mom" like she did when skinny. It'd probably make her more then what she's making from this diaper shit. She looks the part. Why not go all the way blonde?

No. 1427884

She’s been looking like a 40 year old walmart cashier for like 3 years now, it just gets worse and worse with each new picture she puts out

No. 1427891

Not the fucking smirk again it looks so fucking bad in pictures cause it’s so forced and seems like again she’s trying to look child-like as a haggard alcoholic. why does she insist on making these smirks? She honest to god is so jarring to look at. The poor thing needs 600 filters stacked on top of one another to hide her wrinkles lord help her tbh If she had half a brain cell left she’d leave the internet to save herself the humiliation, but continuously fails to do anything right for herself

No. 1427894

I bet she thinks this smirk makes her look bratty and naughty but in reality she just looks like she's had a stroke and can't use half her face

No. 1427895

File: 1643249550591.jpeg (98.86 KB, 677x253, 0A97B99C-10E0-49A3-9FEA-CC2E32…)

No. 1427897

There is no way on this gods green earth she’d be able to larp as a trophy anything, much less a wife. Her career as a sex worker is just one whole nightmare bad dream to her and everyone around her including farmers and it needs to end, no more personas or aesthetic changes. Just fucking stop posting ur damn asshole and do something else with your life. She isnt conventionally attractive enough to be able to manage any convincing persona. Thats why she clings to diaper and pedophilia-ism. It really is her only chance at receiving a penny from anyone

No. 1427898

She really thinks she’s pretty lord help this delusional fatty

No. 1427899

File: 1643249888488.jpeg (485.89 KB, 1535x2048, 77F7DBB0-61AF-4758-9B2C-485EE7…)

Face tuned and filtered going extra hard

No. 1427901

This is such soccer mom hair tho why the fuck

No. 1427903

File: 1643249940993.jpeg (406.36 KB, 1535x2048, D12AD58D-F571-4114-8420-19ED14…)

No. 1427907

it's still so dry kek, you'd think her hair would at least be somewhat healthy since she never washes it

No. 1427909

Her hair stylist related to her manicurist? They really did her dirty with that color.

No. 1427911

Her face looks shriveled up like comical dehydration. Also that's such a Walmart tier tacky tracksuit why. Her hair hardly looks different in this pic just looks washed.

No. 1427914

The non existent white girl lips, the soccer mom hair, the witchy nose, THE SMIRK AGAIN. every photo she puts out is so trashy, overfiltered, tasteless, hard to look at, and its like.. i almost forget she’s advertising herself as a sex worker and isnt just some random wine aunt on facebook posting weird ugly pics of herself online to her 59 facebook friends. This is really somebody “working”. I forget this when i see her pics cause everything about her is so uncanny valley and hard to look at. Man this shit is just depressing

No. 1427915

her face looks so terrible wtf that lighting is horrendous for her features and you can literally see where she chewed the dry skin off her lip…

No. 1427921

File: 1643250678914.jpeg (429.27 KB, 1012x1133, B96F8B28-89AE-4A41-B3DF-8A66BB…)

Of course she got it from Dolls Kill

No. 1427932

Just when you think she can’t possibly get any trashier… She posts this ugly ass outfit. Why would she buy this shit?? It doesn’t match her ~aesthetic~ at all and she has never expressed any interest in Bugs Bunny. And the worst part is it says “what’s up Doc?” in rhinestones across her flat pimply Hank Hill ass. The epitome of white trash smh

It hurts me to know that she spent $100 for this Walmart-esque garbage

No. 1427933

At least she got it in an extra large or an xxl bc it actually fits her properly and doesnt look like her fat is spilling off the sides. The only improvement ive seen from her in a long time. I still am trying to figure out how this bitch has the mental fortitude to take pics of herself and post everyday while looking as she does. Not even one day or being gone off the internet, any other tubby has week long absences but she never goes away

No. 1427943

She really thinks this is a serve. Girl… lmfao.
She needs to go back to this salon and get her shit fixed. How could it be possible that she pays for beauty services that consistently come out looking terrible? Is it just her?

No. 1427947

Why has her head been looking so huge?

No. 1427952

I think I've developed Stockholm Syndrome, because I think she looks pretty here. I know the filter's working overtime, but the color is cute on her. MILFy, yeah, but cute.

Wait, never mind, I was wrong. She looks like your friend's haggard, chain-smoking, alcoholic mom who hits on all the teenage boys that come over.

No. 1427954

Mother of 3 sure, MILF no

No. 1427958

Yeah I thought she looked okay until I zoomed in and saw she has a chunk of missing skin on her lips and the make up she uses highlights every single wrinkle she has. I guess putting lipgloss on for two seconds would cause her chew off her lip or something. I just don't get how she doesn't feel that shit.

No. 1427962

GodDAMN she's ugly, every time I think I know how ugly she is without the Snap filters she lowers the bar some more

No. 1427970

i think she always has a pimple infestation on her ass cuz she is always touching her ass with her big gross nails. seek help

No. 1427986

Their clothes have always been ugly garbo but jfc the bar is really dropping so low and Shay is just eating that shit up. What happened to her being so woke and shit. She damn well knows theyre problematic because she admitted it, asked for alternatives, then immediately turned around and starting buying up all their shit. At first anons thought she was buying resells on depop, but it became clear she's buying direct and probably on payment too kek
And as usual she buys shit that looks ugly on thin and attractive models so it just looks that much worse on her crusty fat ass.

No. 1427993

she looks eerily similar to Luna

No. 1427999

No Ellen happened after the tall girl. She got with her when she broke up with her.

No. 1428000

No. 1428021

>a slow timeline of her descent into what she is now
that would probably be the best option, her degeneration

No. 1428023

>moderately successful tumblr weed blog
OT but it still cracks me up that tumblr is the only major social media platform where popular users completely failed to turn their internet clout into tangible success. Vine was only around for 3-4 years and yet most of the big names on there carried their audience with them to Youtube or have IG follower counts in the millions. Even Myspace gave us Jeffrey Star and most of the big emo/scene musicians of the day. But then again if Shayna is indicative of the type of people who had big followings on tumblr then it’s really not surprising.

No. 1428026

Thought I was in the Kathy thread for a sec

No. 1428071

File: 1643265871988.jpeg (190.42 KB, 750x1434, BD9C55D9-E3D3-44E3-88B9-94E0FA…)

She’s shooting tomorrow with Russell Harmon from lovinglyhandmadepornography again, he’s literally not even gonna recognize her.

No. 1428076

File: 1643266204597.jpeg (Spoiler Image,144.27 KB, 1280x720, 28462F46-27CB-4F0C-B39B-896016…)

This is what she looked like last time they filmed together. Far from attractive but not even the same person

No. 1428077

I’m sorry but her fucking ass & that posture kek

No. 1428083

File: 1643268082154.jpeg (Spoiler Image,113.49 KB, 1280x720, C02674B2-B9AC-411E-A5FC-FE642B…)

She’s so fucking awkward when she works with other people, like clearly uncomfortable so she acts like a sped to try to make it less awkward but it makes it worse. Plus she can’t control the angles or use filters. At least abdreams edited her pimples out and stuff, last time she filmed with this guy he put her pussy and ass boils on full display, it’s going to be a disaster.

No. 1428084

File: 1643268336422.jpeg (62.56 KB, 683x205, 7E26CA95-9806-4C6B-9CFE-D5F429…)

it's so fucking gross to me how she has to sexualize every single person she interacts with.

No. 1428087

File: 1643268545158.jpeg (132.77 KB, 750x340, 83FDD244-A767-43A5-8186-E7A4F3…)

We’re just trying to do our jobs. I’m horrified that some tranny is out there doing this to woman

No. 1428090

middle aged Facebook mom that posts minion memes HA HA!

No. 1428091

The contrast of her calling herself “dis lil baby” in that post while looking like a mother of 3 is hilarious. I cannot believe she paid money to have her hair that color, it really ages her and makes her look even more grey

No. 1428102

She really does look like a single mother who does sex work to support her and her 3 but still pretends to be some sort of spoiled baby. Girl you got 2 10$ tips for the month of January and embarrass yourself posting that thinking it’s a lot of money. you’re the online equivalent of a raw sex at the back of the car for 10$ crack value hooker who looks like a middle aged mother of 4.
Also i find it sad how she’s always so active online never missing a day to post only to profit from it from womack and old grey while the rest of her audience is there for the free asshole. Her life is so bleak in a particularly unique way because any , and i mean any one would have quit by now but this bitch just… never does

No. 1428115

File: 1643272138012.jpeg (253.99 KB, 1069x1646, 3A72F1F5-3F4B-40D3-AA06-092C3B…)

She’s always been a crusty ugly sped

No. 1428116

This haircut looks cute only if you’re pretty which shay isn’t. She’ll look just as ugly but with short hair

No. 1428118

File: 1643272556621.jpeg (892.87 KB, 1232x1062, E030E106-E2EC-4354-A069-6F9CCE…)

She’s scary to look at

No. 1428119

File: 1643272612254.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.04 MB, 877x1703, 573DFBE6-DE5E-4C31-B818-4B18BB…)

It’s always the “I’m baby bimbo” bitches that look haggard and old as fuck

No. 1428120

Kek nonnie
This looks like something you’d see at Walmart. It’s not even cute just dumb

No. 1428123

She’s so desperate to look youthful and tries to decorate it anyway she can with accessories , captions, aesthetic , but still looks like single mom of 3 even with the heavy blurring and filter, Women who just naturally look youthful and healthy dont bother constantly highlighting it and trying to make it the main focal point desperately. deep down she knows how haggard && worn down she looks

No. 1428125

I know actual moms of 3 who look younger , have less wrinkles and take care of themselves, eat healthy, exercise, and are so attractive, meanwhile shayna looks as haggard and rough as her own coomer Womack. Her last shot at success is being featured on soft white underbelly that’s really it

No. 1428170

What's with your fixation on shatna getting on soft white underbelly kek

No. 1428188

It’s Womack and his obsession with young damaged women shining through

No. 1428233

Womack anon, you aren’t funny. Stop trying to make Womackyna happen.

No. 1428234

I was thinking the same thing. Probably alcohol/sodium bloating since all she does is binge drink and eat doordash food. It's just going to keep getting worse.

No. 1428260

Dare I say it….. THRIVING

No. 1428284

We love a queen who chooses thinning black. lol progess.

No. 1428328

Nta but anons have been saying for like several threads that she should be with him. It's not the end of the world, ignore it.

No. 1428373

File: 1643307103110.jpeg (254.71 KB, 750x1349, D4A0B2F5-C9A9-4965-9558-1AF2E3…)

The way she calls other woman cunts really doesn’t sit right with be, she hates other woman so much.

No. 1428375

they way you writes is enough for every sane person to bully you

No. 1428382

File: 1643307400651.jpeg (357.98 KB, 750x969, 1E429772-D0F7-4149-8AB1-A16B10…)

This is what set her off. “Mistress gore” is 100% a farmer

No. 1428384

File: 1643307461550.jpeg (403.09 KB, 750x963, 2C8554D7-89EE-480B-85E2-08705A…)

She involved herself in the Sol drama as well, try to make it less obvious next time you go and cowtip

No. 1428390

File: 1643307863413.jpeg (383.78 KB, 750x892, 67DB79B8-2813-449E-9157-1D4B2C…)

I’m sure she’s one of the anons in here calling Shayna obese while she looks like she’s 2x as fat as Shay

No. 1428396

She's correct here, I've got PTSD from this tweet at this point

No. 1428403

How is she just figuring this out if she’s been following/interacting for like 6mo?
I hope she’s smart enough to be a catfish bc if not…..girl work on yourself first kek

No. 1428406

She’s not wrong about any of it kek but it’s the audacity to cowtip while looking like that

No. 1428414

File: 1643308960696.jpg (159.41 KB, 1080x1079, Jesus fuck.jpg)

No way that Hamson girl isn't here typing about shayna with her sausage fingers KEK

No. 1428423

it’s ironic how she conveniently always forgets about the shady posts she tweets about other sex workers. she loves to act like she does no wrong and is just a ray of sunshine when in reality she’s constantly shitting on other girls for doing better than her.

No. 1428425

That cowtipper is Ugly and cringe, but I feel like everytime Shayna has plans suddenly something horrible happens and suddenly she's not in a good mental space to work. I wouldn't be surprised of she "rescheduled". Also Bratty is so fucking annoying. She wasn't defending shay during the sol shit but when it comes to coming at other sexworkers who she feels are doing bad, she pops up.

No. 1428429

File: 1643309730222.jpeg (212.25 KB, 750x535, 08E44636-6A99-42EA-986D-1C5CDA…)

Ellen better watch out, Shayna loves to post photos of her bruises and brag about getting beat until she decides she hates you, then it’s abuse and she will never let it go

No. 1428436

>>tweets about wanting to be kidnapped, taken advantage of and beaten daily
>>I had a bad experience with my Ebil ex and it scared me

Ellen should watch out, this is the same chick who accused her ex of being abusive because he wouldn't get her weed. She claims to love all this kink shit but when they break up suddenly she realizes how fucked it is. Until she gets with with another person with the same disguating kinks person and then the cycle repeats. I'd love for her to turn on Ellen's nasty ass just so I can see two bags of cottage cheese agrue.

No. 1428441

She throws so much shade at fupa but always had such great things to say about how he was taking care of her and now she really tries to frame herself as a victim. I don't believe half of the shit she says.

No. 1428443

Narcissist always change the narrative so that they are not the abuser. She admittedly was getting drunk and acting a fool in front of people and probably was abusive towards him too. She needs to move on jfc he lives in her head rent free

No. 1428445

Ew that thing is a sex worker? Jfc men will get boners at anything,. That person looks like Divine.

No. 1428447

It's been years since he even mentioned her by name or at all in a straight forward way. Meanwhile every month Shayna makes a tweet about him. Imagine having a baby daddy ex as gross as Fupa, yet he's still able to move on and forget about you. Meanwhile you are heavier, dating two people who barely want you around and STILL not over him. She moved just to get away yet short fat fupa is still on her mind.

No. 1428453

Aaaand she deleted the post about her ex. What a petty bitch.

No. 1428454

File: 1643311086736.jpeg (179.87 KB, 750x557, A66D0AEA-2A0A-4DA2-B881-178911…)

She gets so in her feels whenever she’s about to have a shoot with another person. Probably because she starts to feel insecure so she takes it out on other people (fupa and that farmer whore)

No. 1428458

Yeah I bet she's that partner that uses you as a punching bag and then tries to do a bunch of stuff to make up for it and blames it on mental illness

No. 1428461

Guessing greasy pigtails, her two sizes too small pink skirt, her pink gag, dirty white socks and pink high heels, in the same two positions. The cherries on top are her ass acne and rat teeth

No. 1428462

Even if Fupaul was abusive(he was), I'm sorry but I don't care. We've seen Shaynas behavior and we've seen her be abusive and manipulatuve. She doesn't give a fuck about victims of abuse that she sexualizes, her disgusting girlfriend stealing pacifiers of childern she's supposed to care for and she's a disgusting selfish person. She surrounds herself with abusive people. She could be in school or even at her dad's getting herself together. Whatever happens to her is her fault. She has a way out but she rather squeeze mayo out her asshole and drink piss. While sexualizing children, following weirdos and in general being a idiot. No sympathy. They were abusive to eachother

No. 1428463

File: 1643311403410.png (Spoiler Image,492.37 KB, 558x597, cow.png)

Cowtipping shayna to give her style advice when you look like this and you're failing even harder at the same "job" she does.. the delusion kek

No. 1428465

Its been 99 threads at this, what was the point of no return for her, where most people and maybe Shayna herself lost hope for improvement

No. 1428468

bepimpled is where i kek aswell

No. 1428472

Very well said. He WAS abusive, no man should ever be punching a woman in the face, let alone going around randomly punching her in public with absolutely no warning. BUT you absolutely cannot feel bad for her, and if they were still together she would still be flexing her face bruises. She’s doing the same with Ellen’s bite marks and bruises from punching her ass and thighs. She attracts and welcomes abuse.

No. 1428473

The experience and care put into face punching kek of course you’d be afraid of having your face hit, why does she act like she was treated abusively after begging for it as a kink and then turns out to be actually traumatized. Isn't that just a sign that it’s not actually sexy or appealing in real life to be physically abused, but she still tweets scenarios where she’s a victim and wishes for nonconsenting perverted things?

No. 1428480

LBR, Pixie is in these threads too. She very obviously used to self post to compare herself to Shay all the time. Luckily Shay can't rub her two brain cells together and realize that though.

Some sort of wrinkled abomination with a belt skirt that you are busting out of, I'm sure.

No. 1428483

Because it’s her way of making herself desirable. Any sane woman wouldn’t put herself in a situation where she’s letting men abuse her for their pleasure only, but Shayna’s not like other girls. She will let you beat her and kidnap her and rape her because she’s cool and kinky and sexy. And it gets her attention and attention = love and validation to her. I wish I could find that old tumblr post where she talks about how she isn’t really into kink, but she will let someone do anything to her and she will keep coming back because she craves the attention.

No. 1428508

Supports my theory that trashy fatties love to project onto other trashy fatties with public personas

No. 1428512

Oh my lord look at this big giant hamhock

No. 1428535

Wow Shayna has the inflatable life jacket of fat, homegirl looks like shayna after she puts on her puffy hello kitty jackets. More michelin than shayna. Stay Puft kek

No. 1428562

File: 1643317512097.jpeg (Spoiler Image,140.77 KB, 750x893, 877A05D3-FC29-4057-8E05-42D4A8…)

Hmmm surprise surprise >>1428463
I wonder why these ppl are overweight… Maybe it’s bc all they do is eat and drink and smoke all day while taking pictures of their assholes like it’s some piece of art they spent 3 days on. Might as well just take a pic of their mum.

No. 1428565

put this big fat cow in the onlyfans milk thread but don't spam this thread

No. 1428585

The only fans thread: >>1363903 aka fugly sex workers against shayna thread

No. 1428592


I have commented out loud at her a fair few times over the threads but I really did after seeing this image…. WTF is with her face??? It’s so old looking and beyond ugly…

No. 1428593

that threat is dead as fuck; and she was only relevant here for the few posts that were made about her/her talking shit on Shat.

No. 1428597

File: 1643319382390.jpeg (334.92 KB, 750x757, 34294729-0877-48D9-8C8C-ECE9E9…)

She better not be wearing the fucking track suit for the video, but I’m sure whatever else she has planned wouldn’t be any better

No. 1428602

Was that clearance TJ Maxx Betsey Johnson bag a sugar daddy gift

No. 1428604

Her interactions directly with Shayna are fine, it’s these kinds of posts >>1428562
that are irrelevant and belong in the e-whore thread

No. 1428607

her yellow foundation compared to the color of her hand. she looks insane

No. 1428616

oh my god the blush she looks so retarded

No. 1428624

Serving lifeless whore stretched to her absolute psychological limit. Dumpy and radiates negative energy like Chernobyl. I hope she does it in the tracksuit cause that shit is abysmal.

No. 1428666

File: 1643323444152.gif (7.42 MB, 414x414, 0484FB58-633C-4399-9B09-D7CEFB…)

No. 1428672

Hey, it actually fits her at least. I can't believe she isn't ashamed to walk around with her rippling gut though.

No. 1428673

Why is “purple rain” playing in my head as I watch this. I feel like I’m watching a video made for the funeral of a street walker from Times Square circa like 1982

No. 1428684

SA, straight up just waiting for “in loving memory” to appear on the bottom. This doesn’t look like a collection of photos of someone with much life left ahead of them.

No. 1428721

Needs one of the horrible unedited photos from the outdoor shoot, they really capture her true form.

No. 1428748

File: 1643327948939.jpeg (255.41 KB, 1189x2048, FKJDPVYVEAAX1qm.jpeg)

Her thumb looks like a toe(nitpick)

No. 1428750

This is the best she's looked in ages, because she has her face covered. She should just keep the mask on whenever she films her "porn", it'll make it slightly less offensive to look at.

No. 1428805

File: 1643330439860.gif (13.7 MB, 414x414, 73569212-5B68-48F8-B5A3-5F4EAA…)

your wish is my command

No. 1428811


No. 1428817

i can't believe this collection of pictures is actually somewhat flattering in comparison to what exists of her

No. 1428840

File: 1643331416374.jpeg (210.93 KB, 1180x1080, 5B9F16AE-B1A0-4E9D-BABE-DA94D1…)

This is definitely a worse look then the track suit. A old looking bitch dressed as a trashy mom works a lot better then an old bitch dressed as a child

No. 1428843

File: 1643331521826.jpeg (285.69 KB, 750x670, 0DBE1CB2-C7A6-4C26-A866-98272D…)

She’s gonna pine over this guy for days now just like the did with Sol. She’s so unprofessional, it makes her look sad and desperate

No. 1428851

agree but the color looks good on her. doesn't wash her out like every other shade of pink she has in her closet. i was gonna list some other stuff that she could do better with this look but honestly it would involve redoing everything. she got one thing right.

No. 1428863

And she ripped her nails off again, jesus

No. 1428865

Remember when she used to claim she was a sub who scoffed at aftercare?

No. 1428866

This is something Chris Chan would wear

No. 1428867

The fucking hand warmers, kek.

No. 1428877

Is that the filter or did she finally put on lipgloss? Imagine doing basic self care only to impress a disgusting scrote whose going to beat your flabby Grey pimpled covered body. She's getting her spoiled meat looking body tenderized by a man who doesn't give two fucks about her. But watch her talk about him with more last then she does Ellen and the creep she's dating.

No. 1428882

File: 1643333815411.jpeg (225.86 KB, 750x808, BAFE21DF-2F25-4AFB-A187-1250A6…)

Her fawning over this man is so embarrassing he couldn’t give less of a fuck about her

No. 1428887

Jojo Siwa lookin ass

No. 1428889

It’s her kink until she realizes people jerk to her free nudes and don’t care to pay the 3 bucks so she can pay bills but sure keep being a pickme bitch who gets turned on by pervs, it’s gotten you so far in life

No. 1428899

File: 1643334373623.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.19 MB, 3265x3244, 7CEC5557-ED0F-40B0-BCD4-117F24…)

Wow to celebrate 100 threads of Big Shaynus she truly out disgusted us with the Mayochup leakage coming out of her ass. From scat, to asshole discharge, you’ve come a longggg way shay

No. 1428902

File: 1643334482781.jpeg (919.52 KB, 1066x1791, C7F48CA1-87D2-4061-A761-2CB5AE…)

Kek of course clearance dollskill clothes

No. 1428907

he's basically a coworker and she's acting like this. it's so telling how she is so desperate for any attention a man is paying her.

No. 1428910

No. 1428927

this looks like troon james charles

No. 1428942

File: 1643336916568.png (144.04 KB, 310x301, holy fuq muffy.png)

Pretty vomitrocious anon jfc

No. 1428943

This fucking sent me ty nonnie

No. 1428951

No same, it would lessen the impact to act like each of her photos are equally bad. This ones perfectly ok. Just an average looking person who’s overdoing their lashes but she looks fine. Not my type but not horrible or something. She just reminds me of those girls you knew from hs who bizarrely act like they’re gorgeous when they’re really not. It’s a weird thing.

No. 1428964

how can someone fresh from a salon visit still look like their hair is greasy?

also, why does she "side part" like this? its so messy, at least comb out the parting properly jfc

No. 1428978

File: 1643341215074.jpeg (1.21 MB, 943x1757, E2471F2A-FCE8-4D58-AA69-E5ADCD…)

No. 1428979

File: 1643341265342.jpeg (1.19 MB, 958x1783, CCF08893-4C3E-4AD1-B498-746BEF…)

I’m so tired of seeing this ugly polyester circle skirt

No. 1428981

File: 1643341331102.jpeg (1.23 MB, 969x1742, 657B4DF4-B7FA-4CC8-849A-5B0CA4…)

No. 1428984

The nipples at two different levels and gloves are retarded, though this is th best lighting she's had in a while.

No. 1428987

File: 1643341790148.jpeg (81.12 KB, 750x668, D6D07B5B-DA9A-4FDF-9274-1547D1…)

She deleted kek, dont dish it out if you can’t take it fatty

No. 1428989

Shaynus outlives another one.

No. 1428990

File: 1643341898959.jpeg (476.26 KB, 1170x1861, F8303E3E-B4E7-41D0-9C54-FE0499…)

Truly pathetic

No. 1428994

Not that fucking smirk again, why the fuck does she keep smirking like that, it just doesnt look cute and shes prob going for the uwu i am a cute virgin little girl baby but those forehead wrinkles aren’t fooling anybody(nitpick)

No. 1429000

This lady does not know how to style herself to save her life. Every look ive seen of her is an astronomical fail every single time with no redeeming features. those spidey eyelashes, the nonexistent lips, her huge nose, her facial features are just so poor and just so bad, and then her style is even worse and is the nail in the coffin because all Everyone but her , womack and grey hair see is a walmart cashier trying desperately to escape her dismal life by cosplaying a pornhub category. She’s so trailer trash type of trashy/ghetto in such a jarring, uniquely ugly way.

No. 1429002

File: 1643342792983.jpeg (206.5 KB, 750x416, 43E78261-3D60-4C9A-B8CC-5335F9…)

Looks like she only put one set of falsies on, instead of five, so that’s an improvement. I don’t know why she does that shit with her eyebrows, though, and the shape of the bows combined with her head and her witchy face shape just makes her look like an actual ogre.

No. 1429007

File: 1643342995293.jpeg (2.37 MB, 3429x3429, 74CD8A27-9139-435A-A342-D8FA0C…)

This thread has some of the best art nonnies ty for all the laughs, ladies

No. 1429008

Everything about her look is just so low quality and bad but she doesn’t see it, she really calls herself pretty when she looks irreparably horrific And congratulations for her third 10$ tip for the month of January. Really high achieving, thriving, successful and getting that bag. She’s barely making minimum wage and shows her asshole for free most of the time. A mcdonalds employee leads more of a bimbo and glamorous lifestyle than big shaynus and earns more money too, and doesnt have to show his or her asshole to ugly men for it either. She is such a loser.

No. 1429009

File: 1643343231131.jpeg (76.04 KB, 270x275, 865E3DBE-ADD4-44E5-8A5C-6ABBD2…)

why is it always the ugly troons and landwhales who ruin black lipstick for everyone else

No. 1429011

Probably blinded by validation from random thirsty coomers.

No. 1429016

I dont get why she bothers. From her twitter, the only engagement she gets is from 2 coomers who she actually profits from and 99.5% of her audience is there for the free porn she posts every single day without a day’s absence. I don’t understand how she hasn’t committed living as tragic of an existence as she does . It’s so bleak and so disgusting, everything about her , her image, face, body, style, the words that she speaks, everything is just so offputting and hideous and nasty about her. I’m waiting for the day she finally disappears as she should have done years ago. But something tells me she’s just gonna keep selling her asshole for 3$ until she implodes

No. 1429032

When she was in OK I could have sworn she'd semi regularly get triple digit tips. Now she is constantly showing off 10 bucks. I wonder how much her income has went down over the years.

No. 1429049

i'm the anon that asked for this and i love you thank you

No. 1429050

Its become extremely clear lately that she's always most fucked up when filming, whether it's solo or with others. Even her pics from her loafing "off" days she isn't nearly as off her face as when it's time to film. It's so obvious she is cometely repulsed by sex/sex work and despises doing her "job" now more than ever

No. 1429053

I’m in tears I haven’t laughed this hard in a minute ty all

No. 1429056

I love how whoever lives there’s does more skincare than her 2 different bottles of cerave

No. 1429071

Beat me to it, the Aveeno and CeraVe are big improvements from Shayna's hoard of St Ives

No. 1429072

Maybe try to not plaster name and mug on every platform if you're gonna be a cunt online

No. 1429109

imagine being over the age of 15 and using the handle "gorewhore" kek

No. 1429120

Haven't twitter tips been around for months now? Considering she begs for tips daily, this is really sad.

No. 1429121

I would be so curious to look at her monthly income + expenses since she's started camming until now. I doubt this retard even tracks her budget anywhere though, so even she wouldn't know how much less she's making.

No. 1429148

I think most of her sheer ugliness is bad styling at this point. Many people will disagree with me that Shaynus is extremely average looking but I will stand by that point. I understand she's trying to appeal to an audience of filthy coomers who like little girls (not that I agree with this, but ethics aside) but she wears that stuff in public. Even if she wore her ugg boots or fila sneakers and some black leggings or work out pants and a big grey t-shirt or sweater or a flannel, you know, a no effort, casual outfit in neutral colors she would look 10x better.
It's the dressing like a child that really bothers me. I have never been a fan of 'kawaii' fashion and I don't think any adult woman can make it cute, let alone a woman who weighs close to 180lbs and is in her mid 20s (still young of course,but definitely far away from being a teenager). The pigtails hurt to look at. For a start, dollskill is a hideous website. Everything there is tacky.

Shayna, if you are lurking here dressing like a 14 year old that doesn't fit in and thinks she's special for watching spirited away combined with a cracked out prostitute is not a good look. You look ridiculous. Please take the pigtails out.(hi cow, no1curr about your blog)

No. 1429150

File: 1643364038165.png (674.15 KB, 720x731, Screenshot_20220128-115717~2.p…)

This piece of artwork actually looks exactly like her. Unlike the rest it's not even a funny charicature at this point. Props to the artist.

No. 1429157

Its not just bad styling, her facial features are so low level tier and poor. Her heavily skin, witch looking nose, hair, tiny eyes, lips, are all the lowest caliber of female beauty. She is very plain and very frumpy and dumpy.
not unique physically, intellectually, nothing. She honestly reminds me of a female coomer like the ones who pay her pennies to keep sharing her asshole. Big shaynus, IS them.

No. 1429158

That drawing looks exactly like her. They got the size of her lunch lady arms down to a t. The roaches around her bed are a nice touch too. I can’t believe shaynus hasnt left the internet , she is way too unattractive to be such an active daily poster. You have people online making fan art of you looking like the ugly villain that people laugh at and are mortified at ur existence for 100 entire pages now. At what point does this start to get to someone?

No. 1429178

This was an anon’s edit of an art piece she commissioned from someone

No. 1429205

stop sperging over the art. print it out and hang it in your room ffs

No. 1429231

>Please take the pigtails out.
To me the pigtails make her look like a tranny. Sometimes I have to double check I'm not in the MTF thread, it's that bad.

No. 1429240

The pigtails when she looks at least 40 is what bothers me the most. She doesnt have anything youthful about her and tries so hard to give off that impression but not even bottom of the barrel scrotes notice or get fooled by it. They just jerk it to her asshole and probably feel ashamed of themselves afterwards too that they managed to get off to such an uncanny valley type hambeast. They don’t even care about the diaper or creepy niche shit. Her coomers dont even comment on it like she isn’t getting benefits or attention from dressing as retarded as she does cause i think even they can see how old and haggard she looks and that she’s completely damaged beyond repair

No. 1429242

Why do anons write fucking essays on how Shayna is not “that ugly”? Kek like no one cares what you think. Shayna isn’t going to listen to advice if she did we wouldn’t be on thread 100. I feel like hambeasts and other sex workers see themselves in her/have similar body/face features and get triggered by it

No. 1429266

yeah half this thread is girls bigger than Shayna who manage to make less than her selling pussy pictures. It's always been like that.

No. 1429276

She looks like Jill/Pixielocks here lmfao

No. 1429322

File: 1643390397870.jpeg (112.15 KB, 933x690, BF26257F-0F8B-4448-83D4-6E30AF…)

Shayna’s nail be like:(retarded nitpick)

No. 1429334

This thread is full of ugly hambeasts and neurotic, unemployed anachans, nothing inbetween.

No. 1429339

Her face looks like that of 80% of girls in England to be fair.

No. 1429343

This looks like a scene from Ms. Trunchbull's backstory spin-off movie. The movie would show all the hardships Trunchbull experienced as an ugly, fat, rat teeth loser which turned her into a miserable old hag who takes it out on her students

No. 1429356

This definitely gets my vote, too good

No. 1429360

File: 1643393959259.jpeg (733.46 KB, 1256x3398, F5E3C846-4C16-4F81-8B2E-62F443…)

Shayna preaching to her 10 active followers, she’s so annoying with her “advice”

No. 1429362

File: 1643393986295.jpeg (40.98 KB, 618x360, 864FA9EA-648A-4528-9182-2FA0B7…)

I don’t understand why she won’t do low pigtails like every porn star ever. She’d still look nasty, but with the wrinkling and protrusion of her forehead as is, the addition of pigtails just make it look like she has two large, horn-like lumps/protrusions high on her forehead where the pigtails/bows are. I mean, it’s actually remarkable just how much she resembles a full-on fantasy ogre. That’s what she should really cosplay as next.

No. 1429363

And which are you?

No. 1429369

I know she won't but she needs to try bangs. Not those huge coke can bangs but flat side bangs. She can still put her hair in the crunch bun. It'd honestly help her face.

No. 1429375

also what the fuck is up with her tits? They are botched, they look like a breastplate.

No. 1429376

File: 1643394374821.png (7.44 MB, 1242x2208, 2F66658D-A08F-4E35-9B26-325A58…)

She did do that she looked bad but it’s better than the high ponytails

No. 1429377

Ill answer that one, i think that it’s a scrote. There is one scrote in every thread no matter what cow it is who wanks it to the cow while calling her all sorts of degrading names. I think this one bad apple scrote gets off on the act of finding vulnerable women on the internet who are similar to big shaynus in how fucked up they are, and wanks it to them and becomes lowkey posessive/protective over the cow overtime while simultaneously calling her ugly and terrible names.

No. 1429378


Looks way better but still not anywhere near good. There's no saving Shayna, but that's mainly because she doesn't want to be saved.

No. 1429383

Isn't her "career" at this point just pity sales tho honestly.
You should not go weeks without a sale if you are actually working: creating and promoting your content. Camming. Making good, desirable content.
If you make 1 vid a month and spend your day ranting and being retarded on Twitter maybe posting some free nudes that look the same as all the rest, then yeah, I guess you won't make sales. Then you end up having to guilt your followers and gush over 10 bucks.

No. 1429385

Considering the vast majority of the cows posted on here are from tumblr, It isn’t a stretch to assume there is one common denominator in every thread and that is there will always be one scrote in it who seems to be jerking it to the cow. I’m assuming the scrote frequents the “me” tag on tumblr every 5 minutes looking for a new victim, but his type is vulnerable fucked up damaged young women, doesn’t really matter what they look like. Most of the comments on here are really logical criticisms on this fat embarrassment but theres always that one scrote who stands out and it’s a pornsick coomer who lives online.

No. 1429437

She literally bitches and moans all the time when no one buys her new videos. Or if her tweets get no interaction

No. 1429449

Is it just me, or is Shay slowly but surely turning into Phoebe Tickner?
> massive weight gain
> made up old ED
> covered in acne, clearly some kind of staph infection or other long term situation
> twans apologist
> fakegay for snowflake points
> embarrassment to liberals
> yet has old tweets about how great Hitler is???
> mystery medical conditions
> I can’t work because muh pain! I can’t work because muh mental illness!!
> consequently never, ever works
> permanently drunk/high
> why do I never have any money???
I could keep going. The main difference between them is that feebles has managed to sink her claws into a caretaker/bf while Shay is basically alone. Sad when even that British hambeast has more pull than you.

No. 1429453

File: 1643400179464.jpeg (705.7 KB, 3159x1453, BEE0A370-41E5-4EA7-8E67-F51EC4…)

No. 1429464

These pictures are all atrocious, and yet…I have to say it, the black is an improvement. Makes her look like an alive ugly person, as opposed to a grey, recently deceased ugly person.

No. 1429468

I mean, it's well known that Brits are ugly, so…

No. 1429477

File: 1643401974807.jpg (124.41 KB, 634x951, 37DB548B00000578-0-image-a-31_…)

Shayna has always reminded me of British actress Natalie Cassidy, especially since she's gotten chubby. Natalie dresses a lot better though.

No. 1429478

Hmm interesting theory but Phoebe actually gets social media interaction and tries to go out to events such as concerts (although she will REEE about wheelchair accessibility) and vegan festivals (well, until the allegations of the unwanted sexual contact with the girl at the UK vegan campout came out)
Shayna seems content with her Doordash lifestyle and the occasional face punching visits from her gf/ bf kek

No. 1429484

TBH a lot of cows get more attention interaction then Shayna that's NOT farmers. Kinda nuts she is going to have 100 threads, has been doing this for years and there's troons like Kevin Gibes and Chris Chan who have/had more natural interaction and growth then a girl showing her asshole for free everyday.

No. 1429573

That's because all she does is show her lumpy naked body. She's not cute enough to go viral just for being pretty and naked, she needs a gimmick. If she kept up the stoner thing and didn't balloon she would do just fine in sex work imo. But she made herself too unappealing and she keeps getting worse.

No. 1429589

File: 1643411300141.jpeg (Spoiler Image,353.18 KB, 1936x1936, 10C527BA-6F99-448A-B526-A6A380…)

Can’t remember if I posted this already, but I got a good angle for pre and post weight gain Shayna to really drive the point home.

agreed, I thought she had a symmastia lol

No. 1429590

Can this be made into a banner?

No. 1429592

>u might go days, even weeks, without making a sale
I love when she tells on herself

No. 1429600

File: 1643412281538.jpeg (185.65 KB, 750x550, 4E40E687-EF57-42B0-9BD0-036FC7…)

She can “want to” do all that stuff, but will she actually put in the effort to do anything to change her situation? Never

No. 1429605

she's lurking and probably crying into her door dash

No. 1429638

You already were the best possible version of yourself before moving to OK, and you sucked then, too.

No. 1429646

Groundhog Day but in Seattle, we need a chart with the Shayna cycle.

No. 1429662

She reminds me of gimpgirl when she posts shit like this. What is it about people who are failures in every aspect of their life that makes them want to give everyone unsolicited advice

No. 1429665

Literally caught a few hundreds likes when she did that SpongeBob porn set. Parody is what would work well for her but she’s set on trying to be sexy kek

No. 1429684

File: 1643420576440.jpeg (Spoiler Image,244.86 KB, 750x1664, E7F99B33-419D-45F6-95B6-C62E19…)

eek her lips, that looks painful. Is drinking water and using chapstick really worse then having your lips look and feel horrible?

No. 1429693

Twitter isn't Tumblr she still thinks she's going to go viral with this dumb ass shit, I'm sorry but from all my time on lolcow it seems like this shit doesn't sell. Men want to see attractive or even average/unattractive women do sexual things. Not larp as a baby or this weird straight jacket shit. Even in terms of extreme disgusting porn shayna's shit is tame and not hard-core. She does this shit with going viral in mind & making money secondly. I doubt they cate about her crusty lips but "bimbo barbie" should.

No. 1429697

File: 1643421687657.jpeg (527.29 KB, 723x1284, 06A0A716-B3F0-4316-A43A-FAB80E…)

She was panting trying to get this on

No. 1429705

Ot but god that zipper looks cheap and flimsy

No. 1429717

Lol she spent like $250 on this crap.

No. 1429718

File: 1643422843086.jpeg (1.12 MB, 1170x2152, FC33EBBC-B6A8-4351-9C64-3B05D8…)

Shay, please drink some fucking water

No. 1429727

File: 1643423624109.webm (3.17 MB, 320x586, screaming.webm)

Her breathing is something else, I’d be concerned if I were her

No. 1429729

File: 1643423766504.jpeg (378.88 KB, 1310x1231, 08A842F8-8AA2-4DEC-B2FE-8D2565…)

She went back for even more shit. A fool and her money soon parted, kek

No. 1429740

It’s why I keep coming back. Also the dumpster fire is very interesting.

No. 1429745

Actual goblin holy shit

No. 1429757

Again with the one tit that moves and the one tit that doesn't. Not trying to titsperg I just genuinely don't get it?

No. 1429758

She already started gaining on the left but the fatty apologists didn't pop up until she looked like the right kek

No. 1429761

what’s really funny is that segufix stuff is usually used for people with down syndrome and severe retardation and other disabilities when they’re in the car and stuff. and she doesn’t realize, in the slightest. kek.

No. 1429763

it’s really pathetic to use a straight jacket when you’re by yourself. it just looks really fucking miserable and sad.

No. 1429771

My thing is who is this for? It's It's a small minority she's pandering too and she's not even the top of her game with those people. She's wasting her money buying this shit.

No. 1429775

File: 1643428148183.jpeg (190.08 KB, 750x450, 3A6070C6-4614-4598-8368-BF07E0…)

Neither of the people she’s “dating” even want to hang out with her, unless it’s to use her as a punching bag. She’s alone on a Friday night getting drunk and watching kids movies.

No. 1429787

What the fuck she looks like the fucking crypt keeper.
I know she’s always been ugly, but has she ever been this…ghoulish before? Does she have fucking cancer, like stage 4 or worse??

No. 1429788

Or even better she could be camming tonight. Making some money from her “hard earned audience” so that she’s not relying on $10 tips 3 times a month. Not made a sale in 2 weeks? Get on fucking cam and earn some money instead of tweeting about it.

How is it possible to be THIS BAD at sex work?

No. 1429816

File: 1643434308189.jpeg (358 KB, 1242x897, 3D02FCD6-CEDE-4EBE-AFF5-55D0C8…)

Cow crossover
Big Shaynus is still butthurt about the whole Cindy Lou Who drama from years ago.

No. 1429817

I'll be shocked if we ever see this outfit again. Looks like she cant zip it up past her back fat at the top.

No. 1429818

Shayna must be so triggered that a porn star got a chance to make it on that popular tv show while she is still spreading her hemorrhoid acne covered ass for pennies.

No. 1429820

File: 1643434597648.jpeg (Spoiler Image,645.55 KB, 1242x670, 052CAE86-D52E-4E05-BB07-83127A…)

She looks crusty this was posted on OF

No. 1429823

This is the 2nd one she bought too. First she bought a small, didn’t fit, so she begged for a medium, and clearly it doesn’t fit either. She needs to admit to herself that she’s a large so she stops looking like a busted can of biscuits

No. 1429827

Ellen is probably babysitting and I wouldn't be surprised if "the dad" has a wife and only uses Shay to take out his aggression on because she's cheaper than a gym membership.

No. 1429832

File: 1643438595238.jpeg (138.15 KB, 750x1187, CBB234C5-385C-4480-B3A4-6A55E9…)

Does she expect them to agree with her or..?

No. 1429850

File: 1643441844018.jpeg (135.02 KB, 750x1009, CD7B40AF-6C59-429B-9AF1-00E2D9…)

She needs a friend. Or a journal. Coomers don’t give a fuck about your live-blogging about Disney princess movies

No. 1429853

This is dumb, because cosplaying a child in a sexual context, potentially with an adult and definitely for adult eyes, is way worse than a depiction of two teenagers

No. 1429861

It's funny how she doesn't look as fat here as in the photos she sells. She really picks the worst poses.

No. 1429863

This has to be the beginning of the end. She doesn’t even have orbiters engaging with her earnestly though. Her sole audience is men who want to see her hurt and miserable and won’t be quiet about it when they don’t think their needs are being met. Maybe after all these years, only having people engaging with her to talk shit will finally be what wakes her up.

No. 1429874

It really seems like she's gotten an increase in particularly condescending misogynistic incels lately and I just can't figure why (/s). It is lowkey hilarious though to read their comments that are basically like "shut up, whore, show your tits"

No. 1429876

File: 1643446694566.png (171.09 KB, 306x298, ghoul.png)

Good lord…

No. 1429879

Please don't use tone indicators. I beg of you ro keep it to twitter.

No. 1429901

LMAO this fucking sends me.
Just knowing how broke she is, and how her normal clothing budget is $12 for a two-piece set from shein on afterpay.
She's gonna wear this thing for like 2 videos before she shoves it into her closet with the rest of her mottled pink hoard.
She was just saying that she hasn't had a proper sale in weeks, and she has been fawning all over a couple $10 tips.
And yet she dropped $250 on this… thing.

No. 1429906

File: 1643449923815.jpeg (121.99 KB, 822x1465, comfyfattravels.jpeg)

yo wtf her eyebags are on another level. This looks like a jumpscare zombie.
She has that untreated diabetes look, like J Aprileo.

No. 1429909

How can a sex worker be so femcel…

No. 1429915

Her upper lip is simply nonexistent. Her neck rolls come in abundance.

No. 1429987

/s is pretty commonly used all over the internet…

No. 1430041

Kek that cheap material is going to rip as soon as she sits down in it

No. 1430043

Shayna’s the DarksydePhil of sex work

No. 1430082

File: 1643474779661.jpg (16.55 KB, 300x300, uncle shayna.jpg)

She looks so much like Uncle Fester, its wild. Her eyes, nose, lips, teeth, double chin and pasty ghoul skin is unreal

No. 1430106

File: 1643477567916.png (529.38 KB, 746x986, shayna.png)


No. 1430110

You are cursed with a gift, anon.

No. 1430114

Yooo wtf I'm screaming!

No. 1430119

this is vile, anon. it's perfect

No. 1430121


Ty for this anon, god bless you. I hope everything good happens to you. I’m fucking crying.

No. 1430126

Next thread pic omg ily nonnie this is spot on

No. 1430128

Omg anon you are using your artistic talent for evil and I love it

No. 1430155

Absolutely cursed anon, 10/10 hope u are rich and in great health, luv u.

No. 1430157

Seconding holy shit let this be the next thread pic. The likeness is uncanny.

No. 1430164

File: 1643482747299.jpeg (295.66 KB, 750x752, 711B6447-C893-4DEB-A007-184B60…)

No. 1430165

This is actually a masterpiece… the attention to detail deserves a chefs kiss

No. 1430177

I hope every single thing she claims she wants in these retarded tweets happen. I hope she meets a scrote who'd make her disgusting "kinks" come true.

No. 1430189

Vile pedo bitch. I will never understand anons who feel bad for her

This is pure art nona, thank you

No. 1430191

I really hope it doesn't, honestly Im half surprised she hasnt been fully manipulated by some scrote freak to do his bidding yet. |I suppose its just a testament to how unappealing they find her kek

No. 1430200



No. 1430206

You are a true talent of our generation, nona.

No. 1430228

this belongs into an art gallery, if I had one, I would buy it.

No. 1430231


Are you the anon that did the monokun art that ended up on t shirts? Kek

No. 1430241

Thank you nonas, Shayna is such a muse.

Yes I am lol

No. 1430244

File: 1643489032538.jpeg (Spoiler Image,405.2 KB, 1200x818, E46EB1A3-059E-433A-8FDE-16C969…)

She makes no effort no wonder she barely makes any money

No. 1430249

Sage for dumb question but what's that red thing on her collar?

No. 1430261

it’s a type of lock.

No. 1430266

There aren't many things more pathetic than sitting at home alone putting yourself in bondage because no one else wants to.

No. 1430268

File: 1643491732042.jpeg (980.09 KB, 1170x1770, C36FFF6A-3619-41CE-A50D-7C13F2…)

She’s the worst

No. 1430271

She's now literally one of those creeps that pop up when you search the name of a children's game/movie and see fetish porn.

No. 1430273

kek she's built so wrong. That one lazy-tit is only going to keep migrating further down. And she has no neck anymore. Her marionette cheeks remind me of PinkASMR.

No. 1430274

>what if my degeneracy is actually not my fault

No. 1430293

this really seriously looks like her in the face, i'm mesmerised. amazing job nona!

No. 1430317

File: 1643495160262.jpeg (145.93 KB, 750x449, DAD77A8B-6E36-48D6-AE22-4DBA34…)

She acts like she stuck there. She lives right next to a very active city with so much shit to do, she just chooses to hole up in her dirty apartment 24/7, only leaving when old men want her around to violate. Get a job, a hobby, a friend, go for a walk, take your dog out. Anything

No. 1430357

The fucking bleeding nails got me.
This is perfection and I’m glad you still doing art. You did a great job with Momokun’s art lmao. I hope Shayna makes shirts of this one too.

No. 1430360

File: 1643498104212.jpeg (44.13 KB, 667x171, 32927DF5-3E13-43AE-9337-F8F7A4…)

she deleted this

No. 1430406

How is this supposed to be sexy? She looks like a sped wearing a harness that has a leash for her caregiver to keep her from trying to chase pigeons.

No. 1430414

this is like those white trash moms who say that videogames make people into murderers.

you can't want to live life as a bimbo princess and shit all over disney saying they give people questionable morals.

No. 1430436

Oh my god, THANK YOU.

No. 1430438

her heal is too round. 0/10
jk it's great

No. 1430440

"My cabin fever is so bad from being stuck in my apartment, btw my sexual fantasy is being locked away in a cage with no free will of my own."

No. 1430443

File: 1643505284204.jpg (Spoiler Image,31.05 KB, 600x505, getout.jpg)

This pic really takes me back to old internet days kek

No. 1430444

Didn’t she just do a shoot like yesterday? How does she already have cabin fever?

No. 1430454

a fucking car?? This bitch will be lucky if she receives a $10 door dash gift card from Womack for Valentine’s Day kek

No. 1430455

File: 1643506385979.jpeg (604.63 KB, 724x1154, 9B73527C-95E2-4009-BC40-762F11…)

Uncle Fester all dolled up

No. 1430463

How does anyone stay subscribed to her, she’s been posting the same fucking photos for almost a month now.

No. 1430464

Chewing on those nasty, crusty, infected ass nails, no wonder she has health issues

No. 1430468

Isn’t this statement completely contradicting her uwu wanna be a captive bullshit? >>1430164

No. 1430470

She should get a side bang at least. Her heavy, oily pigtails make her head look huge. Megamind is spilling out of those clothes.

No. 1430479

It’s the way she facetunes to slim her giant jowls too. I (as I’m sure many other anons) constantly wonder how she looks at these pics and thinks they look good. Mega mind is sending me, though.

Seriously. She has barely worked this month whatsoever and is crying about her interaction and sales.

No. 1430491

File: 1643509720054.jpeg (895.14 KB, 1170x1481, F4F408EA-9181-4B08-B2CD-F35984…)

No. 1430517

I don't even understand why she wants a car..

Where would she go?
And more importantly when would she ever be sober enough to drive legally?

No. 1430518

How come every man she dates only sees her at BEST once a week. I'll never get why someone so clingy, lonely and desperate with low standards, never can find a low standard clingy, desperate scrote who wants to hang with her. Or who doesn't have shit else going on. It honestly comes off like these men never want to be around her for too long, not that they are sooooo busy. I'm sure if she was a the very attractive bimbo slut she claims to be they'd want to hang around her and make time.

No. 1430528

Does she know you're not supposed to eat much before a shoot? or maybe at all if you're doing anal porn?

No. 1430559

this is the thread pic we deserve

No. 1430573

She doesn't even go out to drink anymore. She just gets drunk alone. Shit's bleak. Shay needs a fetish for bettering her life.

No. 1430622

damn she be looking like big body escalade

No. 1430640

my fav artist anon is back hallelujah!

No. 1430765

That 80yo granny whoring herself out for money to look after herself and her disabled adult son has more sex appeal than her

She needs to retire this skirt that can’t feel good

No. 1430769

File: 1643555886230.jpeg (69.72 KB, 320x314, fetchimage.jpeg)

omg look at how much her back fat is spilling out the top of that skirt. I'm surprised she can even fit it over her body anymore

No. 1430775

Does fatty not think people can see how ridiculously ill-fitting her skirt is? It’s comically way too small and she already has trouble breathing. She’s gonna injure herself pulling a muscle one day getting out of an outfit that fit 50 pounds ago.

No. 1430893

File: 1643570141211.png (4.03 MB, 750x1334, FC6E3EAC-22DF-42EE-A1C1-ED9A73…)

Actually wtf

No. 1430899

File: 1643571754272.jpeg (204 KB, 750x613, CC8414BD-E78E-43DB-B714-68A414…)

This guy seems almost as insufferable as her. Every time she quotes him it’s him saying something rude to her and she acts like it’s so kinky or whatever but he just seems like an asshole

No. 1430907

Ew, imagining these 3 uggos in a car together… the smell alone…

No. 1430915

This guys is always saying the same type of one-liners, and Shay is always going “asksksodjghwtyqlk”

No. 1430932

how many times a thread do you tards need to post this facebook boomer ass picture straight from 2003, christ

No. 1430965

I'm pretty sure we just have a grayhair tier anon who can only use the one pic

No. 1430989

Some random ass old man can insult her and she floods her basement, but if her parents who are probably around the same age try to encourage her to improve her life, it's abusive. The cope of it all

No. 1431036

I never thought I would see this ancient meme again yet this truly reminds me of her. Same energy tbh

No. 1431037

Yes it's very Shay energy, but it gets posted nearly every thread. Like her sex work "career", let it die please.

No. 1431066

can't wait for her to cry abuse when he gets tired of her

No. 1431105

Wow what a fun time! Hanging out with a scrote and scrotette where they talk like you're not there and it's all insults! Doesn't sound incredibly bleak and depressing or anything. I bet they just stick around for the booze, weed, and chance to abuse someone. Hope we get to see the dad one day, if he even exists lol

No. 1431109

File: 1643592441890.jpeg (462.6 KB, 1170x991, 0D746F64-2CFF-4D83-BB7B-0A2055…)

Who pissed her off this time?

No. 1431110

File: 1643592489093.jpeg (193.7 KB, 1284x577, F5CDAF5D-2090-4FD6-B073-6490A3…)

so all those past claims of CSA were in fact lies then? nice job outing yourself as usual, Shatna.

No. 1431118

"Hard kinks" is just twitter code for pedophiles and rape fetishists. Even trauma doesn't excuse that shit.

No. 1431122

File: 1643593461797.jpeg (67.4 KB, 675x337, A2CB4AB0-0D6B-443B-A407-2BC622…)

She deleted this but how exhausting for Ellen to be her only source of entertainment and only friend. I mean its really the only reason Shay keeps fat ugly ass around.

No. 1431138

File: 1643595226331.jpeg (372.79 KB, 828x1229, B0E843E7-E5F7-4462-B093-855847…)

Presented without comment

No. 1431142

File: 1643595502720.jpeg (434.12 KB, 1242x985, FE4AD2EE-39A5-4C1A-AE71-98BB7E…)

She really thought she did something
>diapers are for adults
Yeah if you have a bladder problem why tf would you willingly put on a diaper if you can use the toilet? fucking retards

No. 1431143

Why she refer to women as bitches all the time?

No. 1431147

File: 1643595762362.jpeg (704.51 KB, 1242x1697, 8CC798D5-7655-4E26-A374-A24AAB…)

Uggo #1 and #2 defending pedophilia and rape

No. 1431161

this bitch has never had a logical thought in her life

No. 1431162

File: 1643597691708.jpeg (920.34 KB, 2941x2092, C99A26D5-48B6-4596-8D08-C09190…)

Stop wasting money stuffing your fat face with doordash and spend it on new teeth, flushed away looking ass bitch

No. 1431163

I dunno why it's so hard to understand why people find it disturbing/unsettling.

Seeing childlike activity/objects/clothing immediately makes you think of CHILDREN. Sometimes you think maybe they just have no interaction with kids at all in real life and they're just blissfully ignorant but then there's Ellen…

Why would you want to appeal to a person who finds it hotter when you dress/act/look like a child. How isn't that paedo shit?

A normal person not into that nonce-sense could see the person they think is the hottest in the world to them but them in a diaper with a pacifier tryna look like a toddler would be ew; why?

No. 1431168

Half of Shayna's Amazon purchase history is literal children's items. She didn't buy "adult pacifers"; she bought children's pacifiers, sippy cups, etc not to mention calling her gash a baby cunt. No normal person is attracted to adults dressed as and acting like a child/baby in sexual situations. Not one.

No. 1431183

File: 1643599968588.jpeg (297.55 KB, 750x776, A18CD3C0-EE5B-479A-8856-72F058…)

Keep coping Shayna, it won’t make you any less of a disgusting pedophile at heart

No. 1431192

Is she forgetting she has brought in unconsenting people, potentially children, on multiple occasions into her shit? Or that mUmMa did involve an actual child?

No. 1431194

File: 1643601300837.jpeg (404.91 KB, 1242x1149, 1CA67988-C177-4394-931A-7A1B9E…)


No. 1431208

Let's spell this out as simply as possible: association. Pacifiers, diapers, teething toys, trainer cups, are all associated with babies/toddlers. There are actions, behaviors, and temperaments associated with children. When you bring those things into adult sexual situations, you are now also associating them with sex. It is pedophiliac by nature because what's going to happen next time you see a child with a pacifier after railing your girlfriend with one in her mouth or vice versa? Exactly. It's simulation of child abuse and it's perpetrating pedophilia.

No. 1431218

File: 1643603685883.jpeg (314 KB, 828x922, CCF0D7CB-E4AF-4520-BCA6-178572…)

Surprised she hasn’t sperged hard at this person yet, he is right about people who are into this degeneracy needing to be on a list

No. 1431221

File: 1643603717732.jpeg (70.02 KB, 694x489, 6F9EF529-257E-454B-B0F6-80A917…)

Both deleted quickly

No. 1431245

So late to this but ffs Shayna buy a corset like every other fat e-girl and spare us the spare tire. She’s so uwu kinky but doesn’t even own a shitty Amazon corset. But sure, everyone wants to see you in …bondage mittens.

Oh boy maybe we’ll get a sad drunk meltdown tonight. It’s been a while since she really went off.

No. 1431249

Don't bother anon, applying logical thinking 2 the situation takes the fun out of being a pedophile for Shayna

>Surprised she hasn’t sperged hard at this person yet
It's because it's a man. She only gets really vitriolic when speaking to/about women because she hates women

No. 1431250

File: 1643608469021.jpeg (83.77 KB, 750x208, ECF7E4DD-4B96-44C2-B45F-6FCCAB…)

She is getting sad drunk. Meltdown incoming

No. 1431254

File: 1643609150611.jpeg (37.42 KB, 598x261, 90E4BDCA-95B4-404A-9551-A72EAD…)

Awww but I wanted a remake of picrel with her telling the black guy that he doesn’t understand what it’s like to be persecuted kek

No. 1431266

File: 1643611061157.jpeg (114.44 KB, 750x411, 690D2554-FE69-40C7-828D-C2F711…)

Someone with tinder plus find her profile

No. 1431276

they way shes calling 18 year old girls "kids" really shows that she knows somewhere in her brain that 18 is too young for sex/sex work and yet continues to push the idea that pedo kinks belong in 18+ spaces. also, if an 18 y/o "kid" is uncomfortable with you referring to children in your kink so much, dont you think you should take the kids word for it and, idk, not make them uncomfortable?

No. 1431278

>flushed away looking ass bitch

No. 1431284

I don't remember this but would love to see it

No. 1431287

File: 1643614110697.jpeg (114.57 KB, 957x956, 6BC7E9E6-8739-4A47-95DA-5481F0…)

This is what happens when you have 0 life outside of porn

No. 1431289

>diapers are made for adults too
yeah, but eg. most geriatric people don't wear literal kid's clothing and go goo goo ga ga to accompany the diapers so I assume you're not pretending to be one.

also these fat fucks probably don't remember that actually fucking children is illegal so ofc degenerate scrotes will rather look for legal adults dumb enough to emulate their paraphilia.


if she really thinks it's all good and there's nothing to be ashamed of, why the fuck is tubby so bothered then? the hit dog hollers etc.

suck on your own, ballsack barbie

No. 1431294

>Surely alcohol and drugs CANT numb you this hard. I honestly think she’s just severely mentally ill
Why not both?

No. 1431300

Classic situation if you know something about addiction. The addict is powerless to the drug and the family is powerless to the addict.

No. 1431305

the BPD “self diagnosed DID” tiktok era

No. 1431347

How about you don't do any of that you fucking degenerate. You're just chasing away the few people who tolerate you by trying to draw some line in the sand between shit that the rest of the world can comfortably throw into the same bucket.

No. 1431349

Logic & intelligence is for adults, Shaynus. Who would pay attention to a self-professed uwu ~bimbo baby slut~ when it comes to matters that require rational, critical thinking? You didn't even graduate HIGH SCHOOL. Let alone uni lmao. You haven't had a clear, coherent thought in a half a decade. You post all the time about how fucking stupid you are and how much you love being stupid & never want to educate yourself. And now you're trying to pretend that you can talk "logic" to adults who have real vocations outside of twitter lmao.

No. 1431350

Probably disgusted by your pedo porn obviously. Why tf would anyone who's NOT into pedo diaper porn want you bitch? You painted yourself into this corner.

No. 1431352

It's literally just because it's a man saying it. She can't call him a bitch & tell him to get fucked in the ass like she does when a woman/other SW says the same thing.

No. 1431356

She probably only got triggered into this rant because some little teeny boppers called her porn gross and it hurt her feelings extra because they're younger & hotter than her & don't need to do anything degrading.

Lol I'm ready for her to sign up & realize after sending a dozen OF links that tinder coomers get really aggro if they think you're just there for followers.
Also she'd have to face up to the fact that no one hot matches her back, but I think she already knows that.

No. 1431357

File: 1643627522439.jpeg (819.43 KB, 750x1174, 738B3F61-93B1-4F10-A49B-EF73CD…)

she's such a loser in every sense of the word.

No. 1431361

>the boys who do my homework
At the learning center for adults with disabilities? I can't believe she's still trying to pull off classroom themed porn concepts with how she looks now.

No. 1431394

Haven’t checked on her in a while and good lord.
Guess her degenerate following wasn’t into the whole bimbo/findom flip-flopping so now she’s decided she has a severe age play kink and tries to appeal to even more degenerate cumbrains. I genuinely hoped she was gonna quit, yet she somehow managed to become even more pathetic.
Just wondering what her next step will be once she realizes people aren’t buying her ‘yea I’m totally into diapers ugga me baby’-bullshit. Scat? I mean, she’s kinda halfway there already.

No. 1431423

Her life really is becoming more bleak with every passing day
I mean she could but she won’t because she’s a flaming misogynist, just like Vicky Shingles who spergs at women for breathing in her direction but licks incel ass

No. 1431434

I didn't expect such a manic meltdown just because Ellen went away. I guess it's times like these she realizes she truly has nothing or no one.

No. 1431538

She types like a pop-up ad bot from the 2000s - “cum find hot bimbos in ur area!1 - click here-n-sign up”

Imagine joining a random Apex lobby - and hearing her slurred wheezing into the mic. Just a rando joke response to her gamertag.

Did she ditch the payment plan XBox in the move?

No. 1431543

It was sitting there in a recent picture of her hovel a couple threads back collecting dust.

No. 1431582

File: 1643652366458.jpg (215.98 KB, 1080x1772, Screenshot_2022-01-31-17-02-42…)

Yeah she's on it. With her 1 game lol.

No. 1431600

>Friends: 0
>Followers: 1
That summarizes her life

No. 1431631

File: 1643658812479.jpeg (461.08 KB, 828x1040, 062376F5-01F3-46BF-B1AC-31EF6D…)

Kek I can imagine her slurring through the mic about how she’s a ~sexy successful Barbie bimbo pron star~ just for the people on the other end to look her up & see this

No. 1431653

Kek we all know she sucks at video games too - probably gets roasted constantly by pre-teens in Bronze or Unranked.

No. 1431665

Jesus christ this gremlin lady was NOT built for porn. The state of her is just unbelievable to watch. Her facial features and body are just so poor, she’s never goinf to be a successful sex worker and really needs to drop out of the profession already. What the fuck is she thinking, she can’t attract any traction without doing nasty bottom of the barrel shit and is so adamant on continuing this line of work my god just why shaynus it’s a dead end for you, you peaked at 15 on your stoner blog and then fucked up when you started balooning

No. 1431669

How do you not compare the state of your appearance and bloated body to the most rich only fans or camgirls and not think to yourself i’m probably ugly in comparison to them
How does she manage to be such a raging narcissist while knowing theres over 100 threads written about how ugly she is all over the internet

No. 1431679

File: 1643662882173.jpeg (Spoiler Image,70.86 KB, 622x800, 5F8BFB3F-1E44-46A1-B241-FD496F…)

This doesn’t look like her yet it’s still ugly

No. 1431686

She definitely edited this pic with Facetune kek. Her bulbous nose suddenly looks way smaller

No. 1431693

She'd do fine enough if she'd lose weight and get her genitals in order. Males have paid more to see uglier women degrade themselves for chump chat.

No. 1431694


No. 1431782

This is something that’s always at the front of my mind when I look at this thread. How has she not killed herself yet? How does she keep up this lack self awareness when she obviously lurks here?

No. 1431786


She has really been sperging the fuck out about “I’m not a pedophile!!!!” lately. Seems like she’s starting to realize that she is…this level of cope is excessive even for her.
It’s amazing that she thinks if she just says she’s not a complete sick fuck enough, it will become true. Or she describes herself as “sick” or “fucked up” like it’s kinky or something. This shit is way, way past “oh, I’m so dirty/naughty/bad, teehee.” The shit she’s into is straight up evil, and she can’t Jedi mind trick her way out of it. Pick something other than LITERAL FUCKING CHILDREN to fetishize. I’d respect her more if she were out here talking about her foot/clown/denim/fancy silverware/cheap scented candle/literally anything that isn’t a fucking child or an animal fetish.

No. 1431788

Like, get off to a head of fucking broccoli for all I care, stop sexualizing children, and stop trying to defend yourself for it. It’s not teehee bad, it’s fucking sick and evil.

No. 1431800

“Why do people hate me? Why are people so mean to me?”

You choose to actively contribute to and participate in a community and system that rapes children. You’re a soulless monster. No one gives a fuck about your retarded hitler takes. People are mad because you care more about coomer attention than not encouraging pedophiles. Doesn’t matter you look like an old leather handbag, you’re still normalizing arousal as a response to children’s things and sexual scripts around children (using worlds like “doll parts” as if she doesn’t have an adult woman’s understanding of sexuality and etc.)

No. 1431810

After the first controversy with being cancelled for creepy age stuff, it’s almost like she double downed on it as a fuck you but ended up playing her damn self. Because now she has legit embarrassing diaper porn.

No. 1431812

Nevermind she's playing a game that's pretty much dead and dying due to the amount of times it's been raided/servers get hacked along with overall shit support from the devs and constant ingame lag or issues.

Girl, please stop bragging on these shit dead games. How is she so late to every trend, even in gaming?

No. 1431819

100%. Like…congrats on the incontinence, you sure showed us. That’ll teach us to denounce pedophilia!!

No. 1431824

Id rather Shayna go full on with the “bimbo” fetish instead of diapers incest and pedo pandering. They are both degenerate but at least bimbofication is about grownadult women.

No. 1431833

Apex is far from dead. It's literally one of the most streamed and popular games on Twitch and Steam

No. 1431845

File: 1643675010321.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.03 MB, 1242x1555, 9A404C12-0286-49F1-8BD7-44508A…)

How many of the same photos is she going to send/ post? I’m tired of seeing this outfit

No. 1431850

Strongly agree. Bimbo is gross, but the kiddie shit is offensive to anyone with a soul.

No. 1431857

She's gotta stop wearing material that wrinkles to hell since ironing (or doing laundry at all) is simply not in her skill set.
Shayna is home all day every day and can't take care of her place or herself. Chronically online with nothing to show, not even up to date with anything. She got wetbrain

No. 1431864

this is what I’m saying l don’t get how she hasn’t jumped off a bridge yet. Anyone and I mean anyone, even someone completely full blown dementia/retarded/learning disability, would have been like oh shit, theres over 100 threads online written about me. I am probably not as great as I think I am and should stop embarrassing myself on the internet and do something else in my life because this is clearly not working out. Over 100 fucking threads! I dont think any cow in the history of humanity ever had this many threads. She’s an iconic cow

No. 1431869

okay, stop now.

No. 1431879

Wtf is this face? She looks like Ready To Glare.

No. 1431892

Wow I guess Fupa deleted her. So she's just playing a game she only started for her ex alone? Can't she find her own personality?

No. 1431904

her makeup looks pretty good here, but she needs lip balm badly
her facial expression is so goofy though kek

No. 1431905

She can take the time to put on those horrible spider lashes, but can’t do something as simple as put some lip balm or gloss on ffs

No. 1431908

Bet the only reason she tweets about Apex is some delusional hope that he’ll be interested in her again - what’s the point of the Switch and the PC then?

She knows Twitch would tear her apart - which is hilarious cause it’s cheaper to larp an ‘uwu gamer gurl’ than whatever sped ‘am baby’ shit she’s wasting money on.

No. 1431914

anon nooo I couldn't figure who she was reminding me of lmao thank you

No. 1431916

I'll pay for tinder plus just to find her. Someone tell me how to use it.

No. 1431921

I think you'd only need to spend money if you aren't in her area, don't do that anon, it's not worth it kek

No. 1431923

Majority of console players are usually younger while the PC user base is more aged up. I hope to god she doesn’t peddle her asshole Twitter in public games. She probably doesn’t know how to play using a keyboard and doesn’t know you can hook up a controller to your pc.

No. 1431924

you must've missed her being very proud of herself for buying a bluetooth dongle so she could hook her controller up to her pc

she's a moron

No. 1431928

shat is that you?(hi cow)

No. 1431944

File: 1643686241032.jpeg (315.66 KB, 1170x731, 968A023C-BBD8-4B18-9B20-7D652F…)

Love how she loves put that at the bottom so people don’t come for her

No. 1431948

This is what happens when you form your sex drive around being desired instead of actively desiring someone else. Tragic. No hope for women.

No. 1431955

No, I think it's sad when someone in this thread becomes the "something" anon. We don't need a "thinly-veiled shayna should literally commit sewerslide" anon. Two paragraph-posts about how you just can't believe big shanyus hasn't kill herself yet is gross and sad, much like gaping shaynus herself

No. 1431967

Except when fupa does it

No. 1431981

fuck off, alog

No. 1431984

I honestly cannot comprehend how it’s possible for her to simultaneously be so fucking lacking in sexuality and such a fucking degenerate who chooses to make a living (if you can call it that) by LARPing as someone who enjoys sex. I’d put money on her never having experienced arousal in her life. She can’t even tell the difference between healthy secretions and diseased discharge for fuck’s sake. She is a living example of why comprehensive sex education should be on the curriculum at every school.

No. 1431989

the pouty thing doesn't really work if you don't have lips lol I think that's why she looks so off putting.

No. 1432004

File: 1643693333483.jpeg (277.24 KB, 828x893, 0A02A0D7-5C83-4D11-B5C4-2E422D…)

Yes Shaynus, that’s because the only people who buy your porn are pedophiles. The bottle emoji in this disgusting poll really is the icing on the degenerate cake, I hate this cow so fucking much.

No. 1432008

Piss play and fingering made me fucking retch out loud, both options are terrible and disgusting, sad she has to resort to those to get any attention at all. She’s so detached from real life and normal interactions with normal people.

No. 1432010

Yep, it’s almost like your entire audience is pedophiles because you’re one of the few willing to stoop to their level and they know that better looking girls would rightfully take them to task. She has to be willfully ignorant, there’s no way she’s actually stupid enough to think that calling it “ageplay” makes it okay.
Sexualizing children and childhood is always wrong, the end. I genuinely don’t understand how anyone could feel anything other than total agreement with this statement. Jesus.

No. 1432011

You are a pedo panderer but like also, the other option is you pissing on yourself? Pretty obvious which one scrotes prefer.

No. 1432012

File: 1643694002295.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.74 MB, 1242x1538, 52C3B116-C1DD-4FB6-81A9-99A928…)

Megamind looking ass

No. 1432013

First time she has ever mentioned laundry those clothes must smell sour

No. 1432014

For real. And bitch, we know you don’t clean your toys, why you always lyin’, oh my god, stop fuckin’ lyin’, etc.

No. 1432019

NTA, It would be interesting if she had something like “anal play” as an option, as a control variable to see what specifically people want about the “age play anal”

Also, maybe add “age play piss play” just to really solidify the data

No. 1432021

Bravo, Shayna, for offering content like performing as a baby getting fucked in the ass. Profound stuff, truly.

No. 1432024

Thinking about the smell made me gag
This bitch is ill

No. 1432027

Can we stop posting every picture from this set they’re all the same

No. 1432028

She's probably got mayochup on her skirt

No. 1432110

Shaynus, ped0s loves it when grown women take part in pretending to abuse kids and be into it. I don’t think it’s possible to be more of a garbage human

No. 1432138

you don’t have to censor naughty bad words on here, twitfag. you’re not going to get banned.

No. 1432162

File: 1643730694288.jpeg (Spoiler Image,794.6 KB, 750x1540, 9ADBEF02-7850-43EF-9121-022D95…)

Big cankled Shaynus says she is top 4% on OF

No. 1432186

She owns a million pairs of tacky shoes - are these sissy stripper heels the only pair that fit now? Kek - the ankle straps really are about to burst.

You’re fat Shat - accept it already, it’s way overdue. Top 4% barely makes 2k (nowadays much less) a month - and that’s if you’re actually putting in any effort to keep content interesting. Knowing her laziness - no way she’s even pulling that much per payout, since she e-begs every month. Such a failed life she’s oddly proud of.

No. 1432187

top percent is a crock of shit. just a lie to keep the girls using their scummy site

No. 1432206

they don't want you, you fat sack of shit. rape isn't about desiring a person, it's about fulfilling a sick fucked up sexual desire and demonstrating power. how retarded do you have to be to glorify rape? all these mentally ill twitter whores degrading themselves for pennies really need to stop harming women as a whole by perpetuating this fucked up shit. god i wanna a-log.

No. 1432247

File: 1643739140057.jpeg (432.75 KB, 750x973, 96CDE5C9-E116-4A59-9D87-1DFD95…)

No. 1432249

File: 1643739342642.jpeg (221.81 KB, 750x1142, 5B54D4BD-BC22-4611-87C2-AEB8B0…)

It is really autistically good fan art, you didn’t need to tag her though but I don’t see her real name or lolcow linked in the tweet like she’s talking about

No. 1432250

File: 1643739592262.jpeg (274.22 KB, 750x732, 5319FDCB-9223-44A8-A760-9B96FC…)

Stop being cheap cringey whore, go home, better yourself, go to school, get a job, change your name, take advantage of the privileged life you were born into

No. 1432253

File: 1643739811350.jpeg (276.07 KB, 750x780, 671CC84A-3961-458F-8338-66F90A…)

It’s not even offensive fan art it’s quite flattering, she should see the one that got posted a few days ago kek, she’s right tho it is kinda cringe though to put that much work into her image

No. 1432254

File: 1643739873253.jpg (364.2 KB, 1080x1386, Screenshot_20220201-132427_Ins…)

No. 1432255

hard to imagine someone is talented and just does stuff for fun and amusement, fatty?

No. 1432256

Shayna doesn't realize that 'lolcow' is a term that predates the existence of this site lmao

No. 1432259

File: 1643740185371.png (2.69 MB, 1550x2048, E568596F-9C2D-487B-99C8-0166D7…)

No. 1432261

File: 1643740295508.jpeg (89.38 KB, 828x272, 33FE1358-8D60-4E99-B55B-B5ADE5…)

She already deleted the tweets about the drawing

No. 1432264

File: 1643740395515.jpeg (225.71 KB, 828x916, 0E76B477-43C2-4CC9-9598-018797…)

Bitch you’re ugly and weird

No. 1432265

this is the exact one I pictured lol thank you for the overlay anon

No. 1432268

So overdramatic saying drawing an ugly photo of someone who does porn online is choosing evil. Is it worse than defending ageplay at every hour of the day? Or constantly posting your fantasies of wanting to be an abused baby and getting a fucking lobotomy so you’re just a literal object for sex? Nah apparently people making fun of your public persona is totally so evil and the definition of stalking is “reading tweets”

No. 1432270

Kek. Way to out yourself porky - we know you lurk, you do literally nothing all day but scroll these threads and sob about yourself. But do you do anything about it?
Nope - clearly not.

No. 1432274

File: 1643741250224.jpeg (422.63 KB, 750x1076, FFCE9DCA-ABFA-4641-9BA6-0494C0…)

Old reliable

No. 1432279

Kek right. It’s actually good art. It really captures her ugliness and bigness especially the double chins and neckrolls. Shaynus is just upset she doesn’t have any hobbies besides spreading her acne covered hank hill cheeks

No. 1432280

Kek she is mean and ugly

No. 1432282

Kek this tweet should be a banner. Also how is looking at a public profile online being a stalker. She posts everything on the internet for anyone to see. Fucking retard

No. 1432283

We used to literally compile ppls stats vs their % lmao & if you’re in the top 50% or whatever that just means you’ve made more than 30$ or so that month. Even being top ten is literally maybe 1.5k- top 5 is pushing 2. She’d make more as a waitress being in the city she’s in.

No. 1432284

Why does she assume they don't have shit going for them? They can be a retarded cowtipper but have a good job and life. Not everyone who dislikes you is a loser with nothing going on like Shay is.

No. 1432286

Exactly. If you post embarrassing shit online, people are gonna notice

No. 1432288

whew i just got done reading some of her first threads here. shes always been milky but theres such a difference in how she talks and her attitude back then, there is such a desperation to her now. even her room seems smaller, dirtier, sadder, cheaper. why cant she admit to herself that this life is horrible.

No. 1432289

She seems envious that her “haters” have talent. She is coping by imagining us to all be fat losers when in fact she is the fat loser and we have more sex appeal due to the fact we aren’t showing our body for any one with $3. Cope harder big shaynus

No. 1432290

She has no spine it's so funny. I'm glad that those drawings are burnt into her memory forever. No amount of wax will lobotomize away the shame and intense embarrassment she felt at that moment.

No. 1432292

Hey i’m curious, being in the top 10% really means you’ve made more than 30$? Holy shit lol.
Why do ewhores even bother with only fans, they’re just making minimum wage if even that. Why embarrass urself online with your blown out genitals when you can make the same money without strangers who don’t give half a fuck about you seeing that shit
They really think that what they do is better or superior than working an actual job lol fucking schizos I swear.
The top earners are celebrities anyway and sorry to break it to you shayna but you have so far attracted 3 loyal coomers who are all retarded.

No. 1432293

She always blows this out of proportion too acting like it’s some shit that’s gone viral to embarrass her or death threats from ppl or that we’re watching her every move when most ppl scroll lolcow out of boredom whilst taking a shit- Even when it’s positive like someone taking their time to use her as a reference for art she spins it into “my haters/stalkers” just bc we aren’t kissing her asshole.

No. 1432294

No no no FIFTY (50%) is over 30$ but under 100$. Basically if you sign up and use it you’ll be in the top 50.
To be at 10% you’d have to hit at least around 900, so her being at 4% is maybe 2k but that’s pushing it. Again haven’t checked the stats since Octoberish tho so take these numbers with a grain of salt lol

No. 1432295

The best part about all of this is that the longer sex workers stay in their degenerate career path ; they end up morphing into the very coomers who coom to them and still don’t realize what’s become of themselved and think they’re sexy bimbos. Like, >>1432283
Hey i’m curious, being in the top 10% really means you’ve made more than 30$? Holy shit lol.
Why do ewhores even bother with only fans, they’re just making minimum wage if even that. Why embarrass urself online with your blown out genitals when you can make the same money without strangers who don’t give half a fuck about you seeing that shit
They really think that what they do is better or superior than working an actual job lol fucking schizos I swear.
The top earners are celebrities anyway and sorry to break it to you shayna but you have so far attracted 3 loyal coomers who are all retarded. look at the way she was when she started and look at her now. She literally became fucking girl Womack in physical appearance to a T lol. Who the fuck even talks about their day like “im gonna go smoke weed and masturbate”. These girls literally destroy themselves and end up becoming the very people they try to make money off of. Everyone hates those guys, no one likes coomers. They have no value or worth. But people like shayna is the very example of the worst case sex work nightmare come to life. I love to see it, it’s hilarious as shit

No. 1432297

Sorry i accidentally copied my last message in that post, lol

No. 1432298

Right so she’s making 2 k. Girl that’s not even minimum wage, jfc these girls really try to glamourize their bare minimum lifestyles when they’re doing worse than the average person. My sides lol

No. 1432299

No way, she went from 1000 subs at her peak to 600 before she stopped posting her sub count out of embarrassment, and now all she does is talk about how badly she’s doing on OF since they almost banned porn (totally not cause she’s fat now)

No. 1432302

1,800$ plus the 3 10$ tips she got this month puts her at below 2 k a month. Dollar store hooker, i would be so ashamed of my life I’d just delete my social medias and take my ass home and get a real job by now but Shaynus is too good for that. Continuing to share her asshole that everyone has seen over 100 million times for free is definitely a better idea

No. 1432307

>i genuinely can't imagine having a real fucking talent
Could have just stopped there

No. 1432312

Her acting this manic since Ellen is on vacation reminds me of when Fupa would spend holidays with his kids, she would have huge manic meltdowns. I imagine she’s blowing her phone up the whole time she’s away

No. 1432315

Suicide baiting I'm sure. She is such a lonely person. I have no idea why she doesn't find a few pathetic scrotes to befriend/flirt with online on the daily just to keep her company. It would require almost no effort on her part.

No. 1432318

almost no effort is still too much effort for her though

No. 1432324

Yeah, stop catering to pedophiles. Seriously. You call other people “evil” for hurting your feelings even as you perpetuate the sexualization of children. I don’t believe in hell, but if it exists, your cankles will be crackling in the flames for all eternity.

No. 1432325

You know what else is ugly and weird? Sexualizing kids.

No. 1432327

File: 1643744634056.jpeg (211.55 KB, 750x594, 7461DE18-5B8B-4678-8072-2863A1…)

Mad she can’t talk about “baby cunt” anymore

No. 1432328

I totally understand her being defensive but it's decent art, much better than anything she's commissioned for herself. Like, take the compliment that you were included along with a Jessica Nigri illustration, lmfao. She's probably sobbing over the other fabulous piece of fan art in this thread.

No. 1432330

What's funny is she's just going to point people to this site. Where we talk about how she dates a woman who stole a baby's pacifer and involved a child she was supposed to be caring for in kink. Or how Shayna told screamed at a sex trafficking victim for having having different opinion.

No. 1432333

Poor shayna she can't say Baby on a pornsite. Almost as if there's a reason for that? If only someone offered her her education or she had a loving family who'd gladly help her fix her life.
If only.

No. 1432335

This isn't even insulting, it's more flattering than the images she posts herself. She must be upset that someone dared depict her as her actual weight instead of the rake thin bimbo that she thinks she is.

Also lol at her automatically assuming that lolcow = lolcow.farm.
Rent free.

No. 1432336

I'm waiting for art anon to add the boils,wonky tits and veins to that picture

No. 1432350

This is the biggest nonissue, too bad her face is busted she can’t just use a pretty face as an attention grabber and she can’t do her wannabe baby things for the pedos who buy her disgusting videos. It’s almost like content creators have to adapt constantly to be successful and can’t just depend on one thing that’s not even widely accepted by audiences!

No. 1432380

File: 1643749084932.jpg (37.76 KB, 824x271, Screenshot_20220201-215458.jpg)

No. 1432383

Lmao they were incredibly generous, a lot of time and effort has obviously been put into this which is more than can be said for most of Shays content. Scrotes calling her stupid to her face is so hot and validating, but someone putting time and effort into a painting of her is a spiral-inducing personal attack.

No. 1432385

she's genuinely retarded, she's mad she was drawn in the context of being a cow when that's literally all she is. she's mad because it doesn't fit into her delusion of being a famous bimbo pornstar.

she should be flattered since the artist made her more attractive and put her with actually successful cows like nigri

No. 1432387

I’m just waiting for when she finally quits sex work, watching her is so entertaining because i don’t think it can get any worse and it does, she’s peak degenerate

No. 1432393

That drawing made her look about 1,000 times better than what she actually looks like, what does she even want lol. Man this girl is so mentally ill. She really thinks she’s this pretty bimbo who gets spoiled and who men gawk at in admiration and not the epitome of the darkest side of sex work depicted by an overweight haggard female with empty eyes

No. 1432398

File: 1643750625283.jpeg (327.77 KB, 1170x665, 07AA6B2D-8B15-4123-887F-0CDA3C…)

Oh please Shay. You bitch and complain about everything

No. 1432401

>What the fuck I can't simulate being raped as a baby? This is my job this is so unfair
Please go to jail. Please get arrested and go to jail. Please get your ass beat in jail.

No. 1432402

File: 1643751066581.jpeg (240.06 KB, 750x1946, 6EBE7BC2-F4DD-4703-99B3-463A09…)

No. 1432405

I'm dying. That's 3 separate coomers now that respond to her diary tweets with the same gif.

No. 1432407

Everything about her is so unlikeable that you even want to puke at the tweets she likes lmao.
This girl is truly my worst nightmare and the reason i keep coming back is because i’m simply in disbelief lol.
I’m not a supporter of sex work really but have seen lots of sex workers who were , despite being degenerates and not that attractive , elicit my sympathy/empathy and I find them to be okay people in a tough situation but not shayna.
She’s just… zero charisma, zero redeeming qualities, looks like a construction worker on meth cosplaying as a pornstar, and zero sense of beauty/aesthetic. Zero talent whatsoever. I can’t figure out this girl. How does she manage this lol even that old grey monsters inc retard is more likeable and probably has more aesthetic sensibility.

I do feel bad for her because I can’t imagine living in her shoes knowing all these people online are showcasing her the truthful way we do. This is peak nightmare

No. 1432414

File: 1643752354543.jpeg (875.43 KB, 1242x1307, DA072436-DE19-4486-804A-B20A20…)

Her life is like a groundhog day black mirror episode come to life.
>what her life consists of: buying weed, barely inhale it, drinking alcohol alone in her dumpy apartment, complain on Twitter, lurk lolcow.farm, order doordash, put on clothes that she is bursting out of and barely fit her to take pictures, highly edit those pictures (badly) and cry herself to sleep

No. 1432416

Yep. This is forever her life. Sucking shit off dildos and pretending she's a sexy baby while squelching out mayochup ass cream. She's officially hit rock bottom and the only way it could get worse is if her and the gf start grooming real girls for their sick bullshit. Only a matter of time before degenerate women start grooming younger girls irl to make porn for scrotes. Welcome to hell. This is your brain on pornography.

No. 1432423

>She's officially hit rock bottom
Nah, she's still got a whole hard drugs saga left ahead of her.

No. 1432424

confirming she lives in renton with this post

No. 1432432

Ellen lives in Renton

No. 1432443


No. 1432444

I wonder when the video with that scrote will drop?

No. 1432459

Assuming the prices are as cheap there as here and she’s a card holder- that’s literally almost 200$ worth of concentrate. If it’s all recreational prices maybe almost 500$. No wonder she has to e-beg and can’t afford her own place she’s spending half her rent every month on that shit

No. 1432480

No. 1432488

Holy fuck anon you wrecked me with “cankles crackling in the flames” i’m wheezing

No. 1432531

File: 1643763358472.jpeg (225.43 KB, 1170x576, 58FE73AF-7E1E-49E0-B033-86BF91…)

She changed her pinned tweet to this. I can’t with this bitch

No. 1432536

6 likes lmao, my favourite part about her twitter is her regular thoughts and more or less “real self”, if u wanna call it that, get such minimal engagement you’d think she was just a regular girl on the internet who didn’t have that many followers and wasn’t selling her asshole for 3$.
Her coomers truly do not give a rats ass about her and just want her to shut up and post more free butthole

No. 1432537

You're ugly and weird, Shayna

No. 1432538

Blows my mind that coomerbrain degenerates defend ageplay with 'pedophiles aren't attracted to adults pretending to be children' when in reality, pedophiles can absolutely be attracted to anybody that looks young enough to pass as an adolescent. This isn't an issue with Shayna looking twice her age, but it's one way they can blend in to our society without being flagged as a complete fucking creep. Enablers are a special kind of awful, especially if they're failing to see how they're contributing to and glorifying such a horrifying issue.

No. 1432539

can someone help me figure out why she still does this shit? Some of the pics i’ve seen of her in past threads were so traumatic to look at i thought they’ve been edited to make her look uglier but they’re actually the original photo.and the fact that she posted it on a page where she’s trying to make money for being a whore is even more unbelievable.
I always think todays the day she’s going to rage quit and delete all her shit as she should have a long time ago but the saga just continues and gets worse as she keeps getting fatter and more haggard looking

Whats the point? What does she get out of this? Money? Not really. Attention? Not really. Fame? Definitely not. What the fuck is the point?

No. 1432541

She tweets this but she commented on the artist's post with a backhanded compliment. If the artist were confirmed a man she would totally be gargling his balls. Shayna must automatically assume they're a woman and therefore justified in being confrontational with them instead of ignoring the post all together. This is not getting her any positive traction. Move on and do your work that will actually make you money. Monster's Inc. gifs from coomers that pity you aren't currency (but to her they may as well be).

No. 1432542

She freaked out about this but not the tweet that "L" account made? The one that was full of scrotes laughing and making mean comments?

No. 1432547

Mental illness and a sex worker edition of the sunk cost fallacy?

No. 1432593

Truly unfathomable why she's still doing this. This is not bringing her any money or any clout that she could somehow monetize. She can't even edit or make content for other hoes. She always manages to make a situation worse. Her parents are begging her to go to school on their dime and she won't go because she thinks she will be famous one day. NO ONE likes her online!! This is nuts.

No. 1432601

I know right? Pathetic spineless worm. She can sperg over other bitches all day but meekly squeals and scurries like a diabetic rat at men shitting on her lol. I guess Shayna can’t pretend to be turned on because she’s not attracted to women.

No. 1432615

Her internet presence is so weird and so uncanny. I can’t think of any female more degenerate and unlikeable than shayna online . Even in the pedopandering fucking sub at least those girls are just fucking confused, they’re going to grow out of it and stop in a year or so tops guaranteed. Shayna just doesn’t garner ANY sympathy. She is so unattractive and so haggard and so offputting you try and dig for one thing about her that’s kind of mysterious, elusive, or cool, but there’s just nothing. Nothing at all

No. 1432616

excuse me, the pedopandering Twitter whores thread on here i meant, not sub.

No. 1432619

File: 1643774340594.jpeg (389.06 KB, 750x976, 44F4C6F8-0F37-47BC-8B0E-8D1978…)

Holy shit she just put up an apology video on Twitter

No. 1432620

File: 1643774378461.jpeg (151.57 KB, 750x323, 7CBBBC69-B5D1-4CEC-9963-633EF9…)

No. 1432621

Such a good time to be browsing the thread.

“This video is just as important as the things I create- if not, more so.”

No. 1432622

She really thinks the edgy jokes on tumblr are the only reason she’s a failure kek. Yes shay now people will want to retweet you and shoot with you don’t worry!

No. 1432623

what in gods name did she even say as a 15 year old? I dont think anybody even cares or remembers that , no ones gonna hold you accountable for one sentence you said on your stoner blog at 15. She just needs to quit selling her ass for 3$ and embarrassing herself on the daily with her pictures. It’s painful to watch women glamourize whoredom and do this shit to themselves

No. 1432624

I know you are being facetious anon, but it's not unfathomable lol; she is simply lazy. There's plenty of jobs with minimal barriers to entry that wouldn't care if she has a disgusting mayochup filled asshole.how many anons have suggested she work as a budtender or waitress? She could even enroll in a cosmetology program and learn to do her own hot dog nails kek
It's not even like she does anything productive when she's not "working". She does not clean or exercise regularly.
The income from a real job could supplement what her 3 coomers give her. She could even have a car by now…
But we know fatty would rather demotivate and victimize herself

No. 1432625

Shayna wouldn’t last in cosmetology school kek, most schools are either lacking or very strict and she’d drop out before she gets her first client

No. 1432627

I can’t even concentrate on the words coming out of her mouth all I can focus on is her horrible lighting & yellow make-up holy fuck

No. 1432628

Shayna once again conveniently forgetting she as an adult requested someone to buy her a “dark skinned dildo” so she could fuck herself while wearing a trump mask or some shit.
Apparently though she has moved on from racism because she now focuses her hate on women and telling minors to take a dick up their ass

No. 1432630

Well, the person who gave Shayna her faded microbladed brows, angled acrylics, and now granny colored hair had to have graduated and passed their boards somehow… Maybe they'll feel bad for her and pass her assuming she's special needs kek

No. 1432634

if she really wanted so bad to throw her life down the drain to being an internet whore she should have planned it out way better and made better aesthetic choices that would steer her in the right direction and garner more traffic and interest in her.
She from the jump decided to cater to a small minority niche (pedophiles) for some reason. Why would you even do that , most people are going to hate you for that alone and it’s such a tight fucking niche.

She could have taken the L of her ddlg aesthetic gracefully and actually presented a more authentic version of herself which is just being the trailer trash oklahoma stoner she is. That would have gotten her more attention especially if she didn’t balloon, and honestly, it would have been more unique despite it sounding kinda mean.
But she did not think it through. For someone so dedicated in this line of “work”, she made all the wrong moves and all the wrong choices and ended up amounting only to being the most entertaining trainwreck cow the internet has ever known

No. 1432636

How about you unlearn pedo pandering you sack of shit? I'm sure this has nothing to do with it being the first day of Black History Month and every POS on social media is falling all over themselves to pander & be totally not racist.

No. 1432637

To quote The Office:
“The press wants a story, I will give them a story.”
“Oh, did the press ask for a story?”
“Some companies still know how business is done.”

No. 1432638

Your trump porn, dark skinned dildo and baby Hitler comments were not made when you were 15 Shay. You attacking sex trafficked individuals were not when you were 15

No. 1432639

I wonder how long she’ll keep this up

No. 1432640

File: 1643776396929.jpeg (1.11 MB, 1242x1577, 815EFFA0-7813-4A01-B29B-353C58…)

I’m cackling. Literally no one cares. She really thinks her words has so much impact that she had to make an apology. No one watches her besides us. The only reasons sex workers attack her is because they are dumbass twitterfags who want wokie brownie points for cancelling a ~uwu wacist bwully~
Also her face at the end jfc

No. 1432641

i feel like all that pales in comparison with her pedopandering diaper porn googoo gaga im a cute little girl act while looking twice her age , why doesn’t she address that and her forehead wrinkles . I feel like that’s more frightening to people who see her

No. 1432642

I think she jumped onto what was popular on Tumblr at the time, which WAS that 00s Paris Hilton tracksuit/ Lana Del Rey sugar daddy aesthetic. She got comfortable/ complacent in her sex work "career" after dating fupa. She started ballooning when going on countless cheemsburger and beer dates.
Combined with increasing alcoholism and pornsickness, we have current day Shayna

No. 1432644

She looks like Jon Lovitz lol wtf

No. 1432646

…. that was like years ago. That aesthetic was a passing fad. She’s really stuck in her tumblr popularity era. Girl tumblr is dead. Nobody goes on there, it’s BEEN dead. Not to mention everyone on there was and is mentally ill. Not exactly a place to look for trends. She should go on tik tok for that but god knows her videos would not get a single view because she cannot post her butthole on there and that is the only thing that gets people to notice her. What a nightmare

No. 1432647

this fat lazy slug really thinks she's a celebrity

No. 1432648

I cannot get over her massive ego. She really thinks she is important enough for anyone to give a fuck about any of this? Does she think she has this huge audience she has to answer to like some influencer, YouTuber? Girl, come on! Delusional. This is embarrassing. She is a literal nobody.

Also she’s making some real sped faces in this video lol, when it cuts… funny as fuck.

No. 1432649

File: 1643777110501.jpeg (839.56 KB, 1170x2220, 484E8E23-9518-48BB-A7AD-0A190B…)

This bitch literally uploaded it to MV too

No. 1432651

Everytime i think it can’t get worse, it just does lol. It’s almost like she made that video for farmers because her coomers sure as hell are NOT watching that since her tits and asshole aren’t out. The rest of her followers on twitter seem to not engage with her either so. Yeah that video will only be watched by the people here

No. 1432652

that fact that she needs to apologize for so much more especially her porn and she puts this retarded excuse on manyvids of all places. she's delusional and embarrassing omg.

No. 1432656

Yep thats it. Nobody cares except twitter sex workers, wait maybe thats why. Thats the only thing the idiots who dislike her bring up. She thinks this will make them want to work with her, allow her in retweet groups and she'd stop getting hate. Plus she gets woke points and attention. Nobody cares, nobody with a brain cares you said dumb shit. Except brainless sex workers just like Shayna. They don't even really care, they are just knocking down the competition.

No. 1432658

“I’m an ally and a safe space” shay, regardless of all the bullshit you’re a fucking pedo panderer

No. 1432661

She lost her damn mind… How drunk or high do you have to be to think this is a good idea?? At this point how is this ever going to rehabilitate her “image” lol. Maybe stop glorifying rape and child abuse? The stupid ass trump videos and telling a sex trafficked victim to stick a broom up her ass? She is so unlikeable and rude with everyone all the time.

No. 1432662

This cunt has the gross smug of someone that doesn’t really believe they need to apologize. She’s just doing this to feign any sense of learning from her mistakes.

She looks like absolute shit, sounds like absolute shit - and in the end is nothing but an absolutely shitty person.

This ‘apology’ is as tasteless as she is.

No. 1432665

Giving Trisha Paytas vibes

No. 1432666

Wow both a Pixielocks apology video and a Shayna apology video happening within the same week? Kek all cows are the same

No. 1432667

So now she has a video attached to her face admitting to the gross stuff she said, without any context? This is going to be online forever, along with videos of her sucking poop of her dildos. Wow

No. 1432668

was thinking the same nonna
also tinfoil but didn’t her and Micky have a cow crossover a couple days ago on Twitter? Is she being ‘woke’ for Micky?

No. 1432672

In all fairness, how could she even be considered a pedo panderer anymore anyway? Maybe when she was skinny on her tumblr 6 years ago but she looks like a 40 year old construction worker who transitioned and decided to hop into porn. Like , there is no way in hell any pedophile is following or paying her for content. My point is, with the state of her; she can’t be a pedo panderer. She’s just a peak degenerate sex worker who does bottom of the barrel stuff for pennies. That’s it

No. 1432674

Even though she doesn't look the part, she still panders to those types of people. Regardless of if they are watching or not.

No. 1432675

File: 1643779137669.png (190.66 KB, 559x460, B1D37AB1-78C0-4E73-811C-6D8F66…)

She must be getting desperate for rent money if she publicly humiliated herself like this. She convinced herself that the only reason she isn’t making more money is that the ~mean sex work girls~ cancelled her. Shay, no one gives a fuck about your apology. The world doesn’t revolve around you. No one pays attention to her anymore except maybe Womack kek. She isn’t making any sales because shes an unattractive cunt but she is too in denial to realize that. It’s time for her to face the music and quit sex work

No. 1432681

Fuck that actually made me cackle. The DOUBLE cursed monsters Inc gif I can't

No. 1432684

This is such a mess; when i first discovered shayna I honestly thought it had to be some sort of phase or maybe like, a bad time in her life where she needed money and would exit shortly after getting through the bad time but it was never that. She really wanted to become a famous porn star from the jump. This was her dream. It makes it so much fucking worse when you realize this is just what she wants to do and has no other interests hobbies or personality outside of showing her asshole to strangers drinking, doordash, and weed. There’s zero substance to her. Theres just nothing

No. 1432687

Is this what happens when Ellen isn't around to stop her doing the most absolutely retarded shit imaginable?

No. 1432688

She could have been ok if she had just had better hygiene, and not such a drama queen when she was filming profession porn. She truly is pathetic.

No. 1432690

She thinks her below average body and unimpressive bits will make her a famous pornstar. I don't get it. I don't understand why she thinks it'll happen. Like suddenly if she's popular her parents and lolcow will go, "Dang Shayna isn't a pedo-pandering loser whose wasting her time, she actually made it". No she'd just be a popular pedo-pandering Loser.Even if shayna got rich, she'd still be the same way. I'm 100% certain. She doesn't want to do anything but drink, eat, play games and stay in the house. I think naturally she's a homebody, doesn't live the house if she's not with ellen or some scrote. Even at her old place, when she did go out it was always on some, "fuck you Fupaul" shit and she wanted a pat on the back

No. 1432691

She achieved only one thing from all these years of her dream of becoming a famous dolly little girl pornstar and that is being the internets favourite train wreck. Can’t think of any other purpose she serves at this point. i am just waiting for her to rage quit and delete her socials. Someone in here mentioned her life was literally black mirror and that hit the nail on the fucking head

No. 1432692

There's no way she can actually believe she's relevant enough to warrant something as embarrassing as this?? And for what? Shay your 3 scrotes don't give a shit about you if it's not pics of your chapped asshole and the rest of your audience is here laughing at how much of a failure you are lmao

No. 1432694

This. It makes me think of that one ero gore artist Trevor Brown who said: “I’m not even particularly sexually attracted to children at all. Well, physically, not until around the age of 14, but even then intellectual immaturity would make them fall short of desirability for me, although 14-year-old female fans that have written to me haven’t sounded exactly stupid. I love 18-year-olds who look 12! The way things are going, it won’t be long before that is illegal too! It’s utterly ridiculous setting the age of consent, etc, at 18 and anything below that is ‘child abuse’ territory. Girls are most sexually ripe at around 17 — my wife said this! — and they are no longer kids at that age, so they shouldn’t be treated as such. I don’t have solutions, but clearly we just need a little common sense to prevail here, unlikely as that is.”

Like… these people really do incredible mental gymnastics to justify sexualizing children and children things. They'll call it anything but pedophilia.

No. 1432695

banner material

No. 1432699

I’m sure her 4 white trash followers will forgive her and accept her apology! Incoming “tHaNks fOr tHe SupPort” uwu

No. 1432700

What i don’t understand is how she doesn’t look at her peers and not see how she isn’t up to par simply because she’s not up to par because she looks horrific. She HAS to be aware of the girls who are super successful in porn like … does she not like.. actually look at herself and compare herself to them? How the fuck does a woman NOT do this? Ever woman on earth compares herself to other girls and gets depressed about how ugly they are sometimes, bur.: NOT SHAYNA: How does she not see herself, the state of her physical self? You’d think she was actually legally blind that’s how fucking unbelievable it is.

No. 1432701

File: 1643780922658.jpg (8.57 KB, 210x210, NiTQfTb5_400x400 (1).jpg)

Deadass looks like Spike from Lamd Before Time

No. 1432703

Spike from land before time was a likeable and cute character , lmao. I dont think shayna is comparable with anything or anyone, she’s her own breed of nightmare that exists on its own

No. 1432704

Probably because she's too stoned or drunk to acknowledge reality, or she does realize how ugly, fat and haggard she looks so smokes and drinks to block out the thoughts.

No. 1432706

She actually had some weird bullshit fantasy she'd be a singer and have a band and join the 27 Club and that's even more bizarre and kinda telling of the extent of her delusional brain tbh.

No. 1432711

THE EMBARRASSMENT. Bitch no one even cares except other waterbrained pedo-loving whores on twitter. Clearly, she just made this in an attempt to negate their fixation on making her out to be racist because they are literally no better or even worse cows than she is. What a hilarious waste of time as those girls do not care and will not stop, they get off on seeing groveling exactly like this Shay.
Now how about you apologize for being a pedophile rapist enabler, misogynist, ungrateful cunt and go home to your mother.

No. 1432716

Oh my god A SINGER. what an absolute delusional idiot.
She reminds me of people whose passion is acting or whatever meanwhile they have litterally ZERO acting talent whatsoever.
Her porn career has been more than dead and it isnt going anywhere as she gets older.
she needs to throw in the towel ASAP and take the L gracefully before she starts doing heavy drugs to numb herself harder and becomes an even uglier and fatter Full service escort

No. 1432720

god I really think she’s gonna end up livetweeting her life as a real escort eventually. There’s no way she isn’t going to succomb to sucking dicks and fucking strangers for rent money because womack and grey hair her last 2 coomers will probably slowly disappear overtime and she won’t be able to pay for anything on her only fans salary.
She’s so addicted to attention she would still stay online and live tweet the entire experience. I cant imagine her ever leaving the internet even if she stops making porn.
I forsee more weight gain, heavy drugs, more forehead wrinkles, and terrible ill fitting outfit pics for the near future

No. 1432724

The fact she did this on black history month is hilarious. If anything she’d be attacked for being performative(sage)

No. 1432744

That might be piss poor money for the city she lives in, but I am surprised because it's a lot of money for someone who posts the laziest pics possible. There's a ton of young girls who fell for the rich e-whore bait, so why subscribe to Shayna?

No. 1432753

noob, she's done scat

No. 1432756

I can’t decide if she’s really so fucking retarded that she thinks people hate her for being a teenage edgelord as opposed to a repugnant unwashed pedopandering degenerate or if it’s just a cope

No. 1432761

File: 1643789181753.gif (620.72 KB, 245x190, 55B9C95D-DDC2-4D85-9099-1525A2…)

LMAO she fucking does, my sides nona
I fucking hate twitter so much, “muh learned behaviour, muh allegiance to the woketards!!1!!11!!”

No. 1432773

Notice how it's only ever other sw's who agree with her desperate "I'm not a pedo, just pedo-~adjacent~" tweets. The coomers aren't kidding themselves, they know what they're doing…

No. 1432777

LMAOOOOO now she's pandering to the woke mob & making a hostage-style apology video because she really truly doesn't understand that people hate her for the disgusting pedo shit she is doing RIGHT NOW, not 10 years ago.

No. 1432779

>the reason i keep coming back is because i’m simply in disbelief lol.

same here, i stumbled into her thread a couple years back and just can't look away because i have to see how it ends.
i've never known anyone to live in groundhog day for so long!

No. 1432780

She's sooo bad at marketing herself, and yet she still thinks she's in a position to give "advice" to other sex workers. Shayna, you started out with a big following & you still managed to burn out completely in 5 years & lose all of them. You should be taking advice on sw, not giving it.

No. 1432789

This thread is making me lol hard. A singer…
I don't think I've ever heard her sing, talk about singing, play an instrument, make any kind of music, or demonstrate any interest in the music industry whatsoever beyond playing basic bitch dad rock for her coomers.
She really has no interests in life kek. This is a perfect example to show young girls on the internet what will happen to you if you have no ambition or talents and refuse to cultivate any.
I would love to see what she looks like from her own perspective. It takes some serious mental photoshopping to imagine herself as some kind of stage thottie. Even when she was skinny & young, Shayna is too common-faced. And she just radiates lot-lizard.

No. 1432797

File: 1643796843666.webm (14.61 MB, 1280x720, “This video is just as importa…)

No. 1432810

File: 1643799933146.jpeg (257.05 KB, 750x1074, D93EA74E-F280-4FBB-BA2E-3209C8…)

the replies to her kek

No. 1432821

She is so stupid. If anything, people are just going to bring up the things she did as an adult under this/recall attention to them and she’s going to be cancelled alllll over again and cry about it.
Holy shit topkek

No. 1432822

I’m fucking cackling, I bet she’ll instantly block all those people who replied. That girl’s art is based as fuck, I hope she blesses us with more shaynus related artfaggotry

No. 1432825

Am I fucking blind or did the artist not even say anything about lolcow in her og tweet?

No. 1432827

File: 1643802293843.jpeg (427.35 KB, 828x1247, E4EE10A1-0817-4885-A7B3-B4A091…)

Shayna Luther King back with the retweets to show she’s an ~ally- to degenerate trannies, top fucking kek

No. 1432831

File: 1643802711368.jpeg (600.35 KB, 828x955, 3E238004-BD5E-4D44-B3C8-578079…)

She did in her original tweet >>1432249
but then deleted it and replaced it with picrel (presumably because other farmers itt pointed out that she shouldn’t have tagged Shatna

No. 1432835

>people are just going to bring up the things she did as an adult under this/recall attention to them and she’s going to be cancelled alllll over again and cry about it

I hope so, the sperg will no doubt be milky

No. 1432837

Just because Shayna spends her whole life on twitter, that doesn't mean that most people have no life outside of what websites they use for entertainment. It's kind of presumptuous for her to think this person doesn't use her artistic (or autistic I guess kek) skills for anything else.

No. 1432842

I've never seen someone who literally sells their persona for a living be so fucking dry and boring to watch. The complete lack of personality and charisma is painful. She sounds like she's reading the dictionary when she's talking about something she's pretending to care deeply about. She's just so flat and monotone. Her genetics clearly went a long way toward making her retarded but I suspect the long standing drug use has zapped her brains ability to emote in any way

No. 1432849

i'm absolutely obsessed that the outfit she thought was most appropriate for apologising for what is in her eyes career-impacting racism is a too-tight, dirty hot pink velvet tracksuit. absolutely amazing shaynus thank you for ending racism

No. 1432855

She has zeroooooo charisma, she doesnt pull u in or make you curious about her image or anything about her personality and real self.
she repels you and makes you sick from the jump. Im sure even her coomers feel this way but scrotes will fuck anything, a lamp, landwhale, a rat, a breakfast sandwich, just anything.

No. 1432863

I watched her apology video and saw it had ONE RETWEET. Scrotes and her followers DO NOT CARE. All the views were from farmers and scrotes who clicked and exited after the first few seconds due to no nudity.
The way she talks is nothing short of a 14 year old girl in highschool who can’t express herself articulately

That took me aback the most. Once more everything she does is a massive gross fail that doesn’t garner sympathy or make me intrigued. All i feel is JUST disgust.
How the fuck does she survive in her body and mind

No. 1432907

the CEO of racism been real quiet since this dropped

No. 1432911


The artist tagged it #lolcow >>1432254 but that's a term that existed before this site was even created. The artist never mentioned lolcow.farm.

No. 1432920

File: 1643817776382.jpg (49.49 KB, 500x668, 9ya3d26u8gj61.jpg)

I've seen videos in these threads where she's more passionate talking about buying chicken nuggets than she is talking about her wrongs toward le basketball Americans kek

No. 1432922

Dick cheese alert

No. 1432928

Imagine thinking only moids can meme about racism on an image board. Inb4 thread hopeless derails to argue about race and scrotes lel

No. 1432947

Do any porn hoes make apology videos like this, as if they’re YouTubers or influencers with millions of followers addressing something that’s being spread around or some far reaching drama? Literally no one cares and she should know that apologies for racism never work because the haters still think you’re not genuine or whatever. Also I recall plenty of people/SW upset at her pretending to be underage characters in her porn but she doesn’t ever apologize for that because it’s her only selling point.

No. 1432958

File: 1643821754499.jpeg (151.07 KB, 1118x2048, E9EB07EA-45E6-43EF-BC7C-CA0079…)

The fucking bootleg aliexpress hello kitty onesie topkek

No. 1432960

File: 1643821867329.jpeg (Spoiler Image,154.16 KB, 1146x2048, AE659EFB-33BA-4AE4-8006-B5C2BD…)

She looks so haggard and greasy. Like a trailer trash middle aged mother going to Walmart in her pajamas

No. 1432962

She didn't even allude to what she she said or anything. People could think she said so much worse than the edgy "Hitler is my daddy" edgy shit lol.
Also not going to address her misogynistic remarks to sex traffick survivor and several other females that politely disagreed with her or made comments that weren't sucking her bepimpled ass. Portraying a very clearly child character losing her virginity. Exposing minors to her porn when she switched her blog on tumblr and also when she tags and comments on children's shows and things on Twitter. The scams.

Love her timing for the "I'm totally not racist guys please don't bring that up anymore I'm the greatest ally to all now" for black history month kek

No. 1432963

Goodbye Rat more like

No. 1432964

Yes, and also her apology video is an apology to the tubby liberal twitter SW whores, not her coomers. The scrotes replying to her probably agree with the shit she's apologizing for. Shay just wants to sit with the "cool" twitter whores because her brain hasn't developed past a middle school level. Twitter libs still probably wont forgive her because they love to dwell and need something to feel like the victim about kek

No. 1432965

She's got her hard drugs saga and her FSSW saga to look forward too! Maybe even a few pregnancy scares or getting diagnosed with something incurable.

No. 1432971

Can the next thread be titled something like “Shayna Clifford / Dolly Mattel #100: CONDEMNATION EDITION”

I don’t know if anyone else is heavy kek’ing over her “I CONDEMN RACISM” rant, but that was one of the highlights for me.

No. 1432977

She's definitely got a hospital saga in her near future. She's unhealthy af and keeps having to go to the urgent care for hush hush reasons.
She'd have to actually have sex for pregnancy scares. She's definitely going to keep getting fatter though.
Hard drugs are a big maybe. I think that one will be her true hellish rock bottom. She'd have to get involved with someone in that scene though and her depressing life hasn't yet completely spiraled there.

No. 1432978

Seconded. Her vocabulary is so obviously limited kek it’s embarrassing when she attempts to articulate herself. She always repeats herself and uses the same words/phrases over and over. Any other farmers remember how often she used to say “with that being said”

No. 1432981

I think the way it’s going to go is full service sex work escort saga first but by this point she’ll be twice the size she currently is, hard drugs saga, hospital saga, and then the ultimate truth. Will she succumb to the misery of her life and FINALLYYYYY delete her disgusting porn and socials , will she just simply pass away? will she make a SFW twitter where she talks to 5 people and never crawls out of that space for the rest of her life?

No. 1432983

Whatever shopping she did to her ass made it look more hawkish. She legit looks like a shapeless troon.

No. 1432985

Honestly soft white underbelly would absolutely love this bitch and would exploit the everloving fuck out of her hagged and ugly appearance to create the tragic life of an online failed “cam model” series on her. I really want to suggest her to him but shayna doesn’t deserve that type of exposure. She’s too boring and unlikeable and doesn’t deserve any level of sympathy. She did this to herself. The girls on that series actually come off the street.

No. 1432987

I hate to say this bit I feel like shayna would rather end it all then start over. It's either she becomes famous doing this or nothing. Her going back to her parents or school, isn't a option. I think eventually she'll get thirsty enough will she'll be doing straight up PIV with random pornstar scrotes. In hopes that'll make her pop. Or she'll go viral for something disgusting and MAYBE then she'll delete it start over with a new name.

No. 1432989

>>still waiting on someone to photoshop shayna into a soft white under belly thumbnail

No. 1432991

Honestly i just can’t believe she even is a living concept. She’s by far the worst case of mentally ill and unlikeable whore on the internet i’ve seen.
Like this is truly brilliant
As i said before you try to dig into her real self or her personality to try and find maybe there is something kind of cool or interesting about her that makes you curious or empathize with her, and you find absolutely nothing. She is completely dull, talentless, has zero potential. Like she is truly bad at EVERYTHING she does and I honestly think even if she went to school whatever she’d pursue she’d be the worst at it. She can’t even take the L correctly. She is completely untalented in every sense of the word. Being a lolcow for us is her biggest accomplishment because just look at all of us approaching the 100th thread on her still with open mouths in disbelief. What a travesty

No. 1432996

We need someone to photoshop her into a black and white SWU thumbnail. Please, it should be the next thread pic

No. 1433002


soft white underbelly anon stfu

No. 1433004

File: 1643825312659.jpeg (139.61 KB, 734x417, 05B512CD-4BA0-4040-AC64-1E9C19…)

Too bad no one gives a shit, you’re not gonna be martyr for ending racism after all

No. 1433015

File: 1643826267202.jpeg (260.42 KB, 1170x847, AD199B9B-C231-41B7-B9E4-02341B…)

All the comments are from your coomers. So of course they’re positive

No. 1433027

What you have to realize is that she’s still normalizing sexual narratives that are pedophilic. Even if people watching her videos don’t think she’s a child, they are getting off to a “story” (a very generous description of Shay’s videos, I know) in which someone with a child’s understanding of sex is violated. They’re being told that it’s totally normal to become aroused by things explicitly associated with children and childhood.
Yes, Shay looks like she’s spent the last 45 years in an Oklahoma trailer park pounding cigarettes and coke and cranking out kids. But once you accept ALL the things surrounding her in her porn, it’s not that hard to just swap her out for someone else. Let’s be real, no one is watching Shayna’s porn for the Shayna anyways.

No. 1433034

Underrated comment, thank you nonnie

No. 1433036

Condemnation Saga also works because…let’s be real, if that bitch was a house, she’d be condemned at this point, kek

No. 1433037

>Let’s be real, no one is watching Shayna’s porn for the Shayna anyways.
This. Coomers only watch her cause she will forever stoop to their level. Once she draws a boundary or veers away from extreme pedophilia, they will drop her like a sack of potatoes and hunt down some newer, younger porn actress to goad into doing taboo shit / borderline sex crimes for change. I don't think she understands that even on a sex work level, she is the cheapest, bottom of the barrel whore. You last resort's last resort. Great Value Barbie does not have inherent worth like she prides herself on. She only attracts the types that love seeing ugly, fat women in pain and violent situations. They want to make her suffer for being an ugly, useless woman who does porn. They can't physically beat and rape her calling her a fat pig and worthless piece of shit, so they'll pay the chump change to watch some other equally ugly mother fucker beat her. She thinks that the sweet "caring daddy" shit is the center of the whole relationship when really it's .00001% and men only put on the act so they can get back to letting them know how they really feel about her. Hope she realizes they get more out of the beatings she gets than her own body or acting. Even when she verbalizes her liking the abuse you can tell she just wants normal love and sex and someone to like her for her. She's trapped now though, that will never happen and all she has to cope is gaslighting herself into thinking these pigs care in any capacity beyond getting to hit a woman. Tell Shart that though and she'll have a Lifetime movie moment in the shower again, kek. Like her brain could even wrap around what I said…

No. 1433046

File: 1643829587923.jpeg (534.37 KB, 1170x797, 58B5B821-AEA8-4A80-B06F-CF9B25…)

No. 1433064

I feel so bad for the fact that she can’t get traction any other way other than stooping to rejects who have probably never seen a human female in their lives.
Nobody would wanna be friends with her if she was a SFW creator. She has NO appeal.
Like it’s SO easy to get followers for showing ur asshole, we ALL know that. But she has to go above and beyond + showing her asshole. You know, people have been asking how does she not see shes ugly, but this made me realize she absolutely does. She knows it and that’s why she does this.
U see her peers just existing and people In awe of their impressive styling and sex appeal and she’s just this frumpy weirdo who won’t quit

No. 1433065

She has stuffed lit fireworks on her ass and pulled has played with shit stained dildos; all with no success. there's no way she's going viral ever

No. 1433071

Her mental illness and delusion is so extreme I’m truly surprised she even has the energy to post so much. People with BPD, depression or whatever don’t post this fucking much or take this many pics of their asshole or their face.
The successful beautiful girls she hates and envies dont post as much as her and like, they could cause other girls and scrotes everywhere wants to see their content but they kind of stick to a certain schedule and keep it fairly organized and lowkey/strategic/planned and effortless.
This bitch is so chaotic, frantic in her postings, lazy, desperate. And like, with no improvement and it always failing . I really think her life would make an interesting horror film tbh. We’re all here for so long, netflix needs to pick this up

No. 1433077

>”wow I’m so surprised no one gives a fuck about me”

Truly shocking.

Her ‘influencer’ larp is one of the most pathetic things about her - she could easily just not flash her sad tits or loose butthole.

But even she knows she has nothing interesting to say in general - RIP to whatever fever dream “Dolly Matell-ivision” was supposed to be. That was probably the easiest “out” she had from sex work.

No. 1433089

Dolly mattel is also such a fucking poor persona name, so cheap and shows she put zero thought into it at all. She looks like the farthest thing from a doll, nor a barbie. She is an oklahoman trailer park trailer trash backwoods stoner, no matter how many bows she puts on her head or frilly socks and teddy bears she shoves in her vagina. I really want to hear of the inspiration behind her name but she won’t give a thoughtful answer cause everything about her is cheap and boring

No. 1433099

No the next thread pic is art anons I’m baby drawing

No. 1433106

is it just me being retarded or is the blinking fucking anyone else up

No. 1433113

no, she's crackhead blinking like crazy. it's made so obvious and distracting by the huge drag lashes she wears

No. 1433114

Tranny Twitter avatar mood

No. 1433118

File: 1643833396804.gif (Spoiler Image,4.12 MB, 484x526, 84f8c8dcd48a0f67a527bc2741cf87…)

its a little shocking to me how much more lopsided her weird tits are in videos. this collar is ugly as fuck as well it looks like a neck brace

No. 1433134

It’s from that sped set she bought with the straightjacket - supposed to be ‘medical fetish’ wear, except this is cheaply made and poor quality as usual - it’s fucked up how she sexualizes being ‘medically retarded’.

No. 1433139

Its not that uncommon for one tit to be bigger/hanging different than the other one. But i cant deal with the spider web vein

No. 1433149

File: 1643835811782.jpeg (Spoiler Image,5.76 KB, 120x176, 8C3CAB25-2744-4230-A5CF-359745…)

kek at the vagina area looking like an actual vagina, clit and everything(spoil this shit)

No. 1433150

Becoming a non-feeling, sedentary permahole is her ultimate life goal - not only because she sexualizes everything but also cause its the only way she could permanently forget her dismal life and not have to try anymore. She's too cowardly to kill herself so getting a lobotomy and being raped by nurses and doctors will do. Perfectly reflects how she thinks her only worth in life is being used for sex and doing absolutely nothing until she dies.

No. 1433152


No. 1433155

you dont got one?

No. 1433156

I'm actually shocked she posted this on Twitter, usually she saves her true unedited unposed self for onlyfans. Yeah it is really bad and noticeable. She will either delete or flip out of someone asks about it.

No. 1433158

File: 1643836090224.png (Spoiler Image,290.74 KB, 827x845, 5432456754356.png)

girl it's on the homepage… just delete it

No. 1433164

File: 1643836725503.jpeg (722.6 KB, 1170x1557, C341C48F-9314-4B19-ACF0-A1146B…)

This bitch has never been a “safe space.”

No. 1433165

File: 1643836779784.jpeg (306.37 KB, 1170x903, 13A862B9-D8EA-4DC5-947A-FF74A6…)

These are your lovely followers Shay

No. 1433167

If you don't understand that your words can be used aginst you at age 15, then you need evaluated to see if you are special needs.

No. 1433175

It's her kigu onesie crotch area, not an actual vag.

No. 1433185

Was it a safe environment when she told a minor to take a dick up their ass?

No. 1433186

The retardation dripping from this is actually insane

No. 1433191

did she forget how guys message her about customs and ask her to say she's underage? why do you think they feel comfortable asking her that? bc she's a pedo and a gross pig

No. 1433196

it’s a piece of plush fabric, retard

No. 1433197

It’s honestly shocking she hasn’t just gone straight to actual porn considering her reputation is truly and wholly tarnished now. Like fuck, she might actually make some real friends and find a guy if she started hanging around real porn star circles. Like what part of her current life is she even clinging to? It truly must be her love of being a lazy fatass who sits around smoking weed and eating all day that keeps her in this currently no-pulse lifestyle when she could actually make real money and gain a real following by going into legit porn.

No. 1433202

How fucking depressing would that be if she died before she had a chance to delete her embarrassing socials full of pictures of her haemorrhoid filled asshole and cringy sexual fantasies. What a legacy to leave your family members to look back upon with fond memories kek

No. 1433205

Once she hits 30 she’ll go hard on the “I used to pedopander but now I see how wrong it is and how men controlled me with money I’m a victim” shit and lash out at any younger, prettier girl who does the same shit she’s doing now. She’s a classic type bitch who will profit off horrible shit now just to condemn it when she no longer can.

No. 1433206

But the eyebags in the second pic…how is she posting this as a flex?

No. 1433208

At this point, I genuinely do not understand how Shayna can look herself in the mirror and feel content with her life right now. Is she too stubborn to admit her faults and quit sex work? Or is she really that deluded to think that everything is okay? I would love to be a fly on the wall. She could redeem herself if she quit now, got an education or job, and took care of herself. But that window is getting smaller and smaller as time goes on. Why can't she call it quits? She tried it and it wasn't for her.

No. 1433213

That’s one of the most pathetic parts of the whole thing—she TRIED to do full on porn. Between her gross diseased vag, ugly face, and some weird Fupa jealousy, she couldn’t make it a couple years and about 100 lbs ago. At this point, she’s older, fatter, and has a shitty reputation for being unprofessional and a train wreck—she literally can’t do pro porn.

No. 1433214

She did actual porn for a bit until her agency dropped her for being hard to work with, now she doesn’t want to do it again because she would have to find another agency

No. 1433217

She's definitely too stubborn and feels like she has to stick it to the haters or something. If she really wanted to make a go of sex work she would stop trying to push this bimbo/baby aesthetic that just emphasizes how old and worn out she is and realize her best bet is doing feeder shit. I think it's the only thing that might get her traction and it fits her lifestyle and hobbies better.

No. 1433220

She did, what, one g/g scene and one promotional photo shoot? But yeah, she was dropped from her crap-tier agency for being unprofessional.
The thing is, if she wasn’t worth the trouble when she was younger and thinner, I can’t imagine she’ll be worth it to any agency at this point. Even weird, skinny scrotes won’t work with her at this point, kek, she literally struggles to find other non pro OF whores to make content with her. She paid to suck some guy’s dick and didn’t even get to sell the content. In no world is pro porn an option for her.

No. 1433221

I’ll bet she could actually make pretty good money doing feeder porn. I think that being gross/sloppy/unwashed is actually part of the whole fetish, so…yeah, it’s pretty much made for Shay.

No. 1433225

I keep asking this, how does she look at herself? Her life is truly unbearable. She HAS to know there’s literally 100 whole threads about her online. How does she stomach this? How do u wake up and go to sleep knowing people are literally laughing at her existence every day?
She’s such an anomaly and i dont wanna hear the “drugs and alcohol is whats keeping her numb” excuse. Its bullshit
even drug addicts or alcoholics have more self awareness than this. Even drug addicts and alcoholics display qualities that make you sympathize with their situation. But NOT this one.
I think she truly is just hopeless and is passionate about porn because it gives her attention and some sort of praise, where she has not gotten ANYWHERE else in her life. Porn is all she has and its her entire personality and heart. She has nothing else in her life, to her, she’s such a boring vessel. Showing her butthole is the only thing that gives her a sense of achievement

No. 1433227

Imagine being pickme on a female imageboard

No. 1433230

She may be fizzling on her last legs in the kiddie diddler category, but the feeder category is a wide open door where the grass is unironically greener.
She could squeeze 5 more years out of her porn "career" if she made the switch now. She might be an old hag in her current category, but she could become the young, new, up & coming babyphat gainer.

No. 1433233

No one even knows what you're sperging about, aggro

No. 1433235

She’s gonna keep gaining weight and stuffing her face with take out size portions from doordash everyday anyway, she might as well film it for profit. I don’t understand how she’s too prideful to do that but can drink a glass of her own piss and make diaper baby porn

No. 1433238

100% this. She’s fat, but she’s nothing compared to some of the women that do that shit. She would have a loooong way to fall.

No. 1433242

Newfag behavior. First day on imageboard and can’t resist doing edgelord cringe for street cred or something. Embarrassing.

No. 1433244

I’m sure facial abuse would take her no problem. I’m not convinced she can’t get into pro-porn, she’s just too fucking lazy to try. As long as your willing and have a hole, you can get paid to be in porn (male-female sex while being filmed). She’s a heffer but there’s plenty of heffers in pro porn, and plenty of greasy casting couches out there.

No. 1433247


Honestly of all the choices Shay has made, it's good she hasn't kept trying to get into pro porn. With her insistence she is into hard kinks and the disturbing things she tweets all day I think she'd end up in some snuff shit.

No. 1433253

You did it, Shayna! Now that you've totally redeemed yourself, lolcow won't make its 100th thread about you and woke Twitter whores will finally accept you into their mean girl cliques and you're gonna be Uber famoos and rich now and you can finally quit SW and lay around stuffing your face while your hundreds of sugar daddies pay your bills and your family will finally love you.

Except not really. Go find a foundation that matches your skin tone, retard. You're 24, no excuses for this amateur shit.

No. 1433256

Lol this apology is so fucking transparent, she's been constantly bitching about how "it's not fair that sex workers hate me because I said this one thing when I was 15 uwu I'm so persecuted" like it's so obvious she's just doing this because she wants to clear her name or whatever, it's so fake and she doesn't look the slightest bit remorseful.

No. 1433268

omg dude, check around like thread 7ish, she did a few handfuls of shoots when she was still skinny, they were absolutely foul, and there's one where she gets shrunk on a couch and her feet just disappear into it because the editor sucks so bad, it's awesome

No. 1433269

She definitely did this video for lolcow, she spent the morning having that meltdown over lolcow and then came out with this. She really thinks that there’s nearly 100 threads about her because we think she’s a racist when we couldn’t give less of a fuck about her dumb edgy teenage joke and she cannot comprehend anyone not liking her for any other reason

No. 1433277

File: 1643845113337.jpeg (140.68 KB, 750x544, 941B3249-718E-4926-9BB9-B5A6D8…)

omg did big shaynus meet someone on tinder?

No. 1433280

It’s just her weekly hookup with The Dad so he can punch and berate her and she can keyboard mash over it on Twitter afterwards

No. 1433283

Weekly beatdown sesh with a rapey car trip to Dollar Tree afterward for some Hello Kitty garbage.

No. 1433288

>The Dad just told me to shut up AGAIN asjowkndkamqpakjs

No. 1433290

nta but wtf are u even talking about. It’s a meme, just move on

No. 1433296

omg no one fucking gives a shit, stop derailing

No. 1433308

>when he calls you a back alley sewer water baby whore and slaps your mastitis tit with a rolled up penny saver>>>>> duskjkskdjdkejdbdbdndh I love daddy

No. 1433317

I mean she doesn’t have much more years left with her unhealthy food choices and binge drinking. That will probably happen kek embarrassing. Even if she did delete her Twitter these threads are forever

No. 1433327

Her pick-me tweets are so fucking pathetic. Just scraping every barrel bottom hoping some trope sticks. Bitch can’t stick to a theme long enough for any true brand identity.

Also Kek - what the fuck is the point of the pc then? She’s so retarded she won’t bother doing basic editing on a desktop - what does she literally do all day then? Look at her hoard of streamer gear and sob over take out daily? Dumbass could just re-sell the deck/ cap card/ the whole pc setup if it’s just gathering dust and grease.

No. 1433330

File: 1643849090391.jpeg (155.81 KB, 1242x698, 12E5F58B-7106-4F10-95BC-AA1353…)

absolutely. it’s that sunk cost fallacy lol. she’s even admitted it before. picrel is from 2019 i believe. it’s just sad honestly

No. 1433333

File: 1643849323232.jpeg (337.54 KB, 750x1005, 7827CDC7-B2B8-42FC-81D0-FBDEC2…)

She’s such a bitch he just gave her a compliment, flirt it up make a sale retard

No. 1433335

This is so stupid. Every cautionary tale since the 90s has been about how your work isn’t worth your friendships and relationships, even if you’re making 6-7 figures and getting all the perks.
She threw it all away for internet fame she hadn’t even achieved by then and she can’t face the fact that it was all for nothing.

No. 1433337

Right?? How dense is she??? No one cares about your retarded hitler jokes, people are mad that you support child molestation. How has she not figured this out yet??

No. 1433338

File: 1643849858406.png (223.72 KB, 786x609, Untitled 2.png)

For my fellow SWU fans…

No. 1433339

Kek so true. She didn’t even isolate herself to be a corporate lawyer or something; she’s not living large. She’s broke, has never been successful, AND she’s all alone.

No. 1433348

The thing is: even if she admitted failure and quit this whole SW shit… where would she go?
Yes, she’s barely paying her bills, but she does get by somehow. And she has to put zero effort into her work.
Sure, if she had a regular job she’d get minimum wage guaranteed and would get to keep her dignity (or what’s left of it). But she’d have to actually work. Like she admits in >>1433277 she uses her phone to edit her porn, so she literally ‘works’ from bed. She doesn’t even need to shower as her greasy pony- and pig tails have proven time and time again.
That’s why she won’t quit. Not because she ~loves what she does. And I don’t even think she’s too stubborn and proud to admit that she failed. She’s just too far gone at this point to actually get off her ass, take care of her BO and leave the house and most importantly not get drunk or stoned off her ass on a regular basis.

No. 1433350

Perfect facial expression for it lol you’re right the director wouldn’t even label her title for the interview as “cam model” or “pornstar” just alcoholic im fucking deceased lol

No. 1433356

She's admitted that she's privileged and that her family still offers to pay for her to go to university. She literally DOESN'T need to get a real job because her parents enable her and probably pay her rent and will continue to be there when she doesn't do this online "sex work" bullshit anymore.

No. 1433362

I get the energy or whatever but saying this when people like Amber, Chantal, Tess et al exist is just kek

No. 1433364

No. 1433367

She is issuing this apology to the sex work community. She wants to be able to work with all the other pedo pandering whores on Twitter who call her a Nazi (Sol tier degens). This has nothing to do with her adult baby shit because the SW community doesn't care about her nasty ageplay since plenty of them do it as well.

No. 1433384

This is exactly it. She bangs on ad nauseum about being lonely in the community and having no one too create "content" with. I think she's honestly hoping this will clean up her image with all of those retards. I think it's only fitting that this follows just behind her most recent attempt at a collab. Hell, she didn't even get to make money off of that musty Sol video.

No. 1433415

This isn’t just a giant cope and cop out for Shayna but also a depressing look at e-whoredom. She didn’t make this non-apology for her coomers or regular lc anons who truly don’t give a shit; it’s for other e-whores who only attack her for retarded comments made a decade because they’re just as bad but don’t want to admit it. The biggest problem here is very obviously the pedopandering but they all do it to so they have to project another way so they aren’t confronted with their own demons. Shayna is a horrendous person overall and has done many awful things but recently calling her adult vagina “lil baby cunt” for coomers is exponentially worse than making a Hitler joke a decade ago underaged.

No. 1433480

She used to go by Bambi or some shit because she fell into that uwu ddlg tumblr shit. But she definitely stole the Mattel thing from that drag queen from RPDR Trixie Mattel and then added the Dolly shit because she's uncreative as all fuck. I think in the beginning of the name change she was like "I'm Barbie's little sister" because anons forget she has always been a pedo pandering disgusting bitch. Just check some of the earlier threads for better context.
But yeah,ultimately it comes down to her having no imagination or creativity, putting no effort into shit, and just pulling from other popular people and things but making it trashy and gross. Aside from liking pink, she's nothing like a Barbie - the very opposite rather - but she can't think of any other aesthetic or image to cling to so she keeps going with it out of laziness and mental ineptitude.
The Barbie thing is so done, but it's got 2 types of girls that are into it: the ones who go obsessive and everything in their life is pink and Barbie Dream house and they spend tons of money on it on top of moding their bodies and faces and hair to look like a weird doll… then there's the fat, ugly, average broke bitches who for some reason use the Barbie name despite not looking like or living like a doll whatsoever. There's no in between really. Obviously Shay is the latter.

No. 1433485

she's really just lazy and suffering from ugly girl syndrome.

No. 1433495

I don't think Shay would ever do full service sex work or b/g porn that wasn't like what she did with Fupa. I don't think she'd do actual penis in vag. That seems to be a hard limit for her and I don't think it's just because she feels she's not that level yet.
She just said she's had sex with only 5 people. And that may or may not count women lol. And she always goes on about being demi sexual or whatever and obviously doesn't know how to be enjoyably sexual.
She lets dudes she's interested in fuck her so they stick around and give her attention because she's a weird pick me. And we can tell by the way she touches herself and the porn she posts, she isn't pleasuring herself. Her constant tweets about "gonna ___, ___, and masturbate" are so fake to, again, appeal to coomers. No way is she masturbating and orgasming even once a day please. Despite her persisting effort to portray otherwise, she's just not a sexual person. She's just stupid and willing enough to show her body because she wants attention and just has a detachment from it in a weird way.

No. 1433509

Sage for retardation

Shaynus' life is just this. Empty pandering, this blankly consistent ~baby bimbo uwu stealing ur dads~; she has not progressed as a human in any way, no hobbies or anything.
To follow these threads two years ago and to come back and still see this; it's like that anon who mentioned black mirror a few posts ago. I'm flabbergasted at how little you can change in several years' time– at this point it's not just depressing but flat out soul sucking. Being herself is the worst punishment Shayna has.
Sorry again for the sperging. It's hard to follow these threads sometimes. At some point it's like looking a tomb with a live mummy in it.

No. 1433518

File: 1643865843303.jpeg (Spoiler Image,994.29 KB, 1242x926, 46EE6C2F-AA99-4BCB-AA3F-8BB4AB…)

woof her skin and hair

No. 1433519

File: 1643865938438.jpeg (1.62 MB, 1242x1736, E3056534-C7B9-41EC-BF2D-84E9AD…)

Sfw crop
The two strands of hair looks like retarded sideburns

No. 1433521

Honestly she's gross and deranged but I've also thought for a long time that she's autistic and the longer these threads go on the more I'm convinced of that.

No. 1433522

File: 1643866119088.jpeg (Spoiler Image,862.53 KB, 1242x1337, 67E4D7D0-9F4B-4123-9416-A67928…)