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File: 1695352702196.jpeg (452.36 KB, 2048x1227, IMG_8361.jpeg)

No. 1902155

Previous Thread >>>/snow/1889244

Shayna Leigh Clifford; 26 year old failing prostitute, porn sick degenerate, drug addict and alcoholic who spends her days posting free pictures of her hemorrhoid filled anus on twitter while begging for rent. Rejects her parents help to get an education and normal job. Hurts animals on purpose and panders to pedos by filming porn dressed as a child. Recently moved to Seattle after wasting years on an ex too ashamed to admit they were dating her and is currently looking her new Fupa 2.0.


REMEMBER: Read the rules before posting. Repetitive nitpicks about Shayna's body, face, and genitals are subject to a 1-day ban. Reposting the same photos zoomed in/edited is not milk and you will receive a ban for nitpicking. Stay on topic, derailing and infighting will result in a ban. Sage when there’s no milk. Spoiler any NSFW images. No blog posting or bragging about how you're a better whore than Shayna. Nobody wants to hear about your degeneracy. This is a Shay thread, curb your enthusiasm when posting screenshots of other e-whores, they go in the e-whores thread

Last Thread:
>in a feat of delusion claims to be 144 pounds >>1889251
>shitting her pants for only 100 dollars >>1889323
>her "partner" got her some shitty jewelry >>1889421
>she's still a big greasy bitch with "ADHD" >>1889896, >>1889897, >>1889899
>called out by sarah gregory for being on weight watchers >>1890144
>spanking video from a few months ago is released, show's shes a big bitch (maybe she has lost weight) and reveals a ton of cringy (made up) stories from her past >>1890430, >>1890433, >>1890441, >>1890447, >>1890465
>transcript of video >>1890540, >>1890541
>full spanking video >>1890617, >>1890619
>new vent account >>1890992
>she has fat hands and cheap jewelry >>1891285
>claps back at a customer >>1891464, >>1891464
>"sugar dad" tries to end things with her and she gets attached >>1893339
>video with ABDL couple is finally released >>1893507, >>1893508
>compares her body to that of adam sandlers, an accurate description >>1893635
>retard goes axe throwing >>1893894, >>1893925
>prostituting herself for dinner again >>1894225, john only fucks her legs for only 600 dollars >>1894264, >>1894289, despite that nose is red and has no foundation as if she kissed him/sucked him off, or was snorting something
>new "blonde" hair, must've not been able to afford appointment >>1894718, >>1894724, >>1894784
>boobs are absolutely botched, potentially looks infected >>1895283
>went to a "kinky fair" thats obviously someones backyard >>1896179, >>1896180
>her mom only wants the best for her >>1896351 shayna makes it out like abuse
>fat girl sushi >>1896700
>"goff girl" pic >>1897310
>more ABDL porn >>1897484
>potentially shaynas "partner" >>1897634
>fat girl brunch that's 1400 calories >>1897657, >>1897758
>retard paintings with ellen >>1898330
>potential sugar daddy or partner >>1898388
>shayna goes out of town with ellen >>1899214, 1899372 gets sick afterwards, another mysterious case of post trip illness
>3 month update on boobs, still botched >>1900876
>threesome with dirty footed couple >>1901021

New TikTok: https://www.tiktok.com/@dollhausbarbie

No. 1902156

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No. 1902158

Good thread OP!

No. 1902176

ty kind shaynon

No. 1902184

File: 1695357721706.jpeg (Spoiler Image,482.33 KB, 750x1005, 3330B94C-1FD8-47E6-8528-4BFE72…)

she's so creepy

No. 1902186

File: 1695357769477.jpeg (232.76 KB, 750x784, C306D406-17C4-4033-88DF-ED1AB9…)

No. 1902199

shay staying relatable as always, don’t we all get off on learning about a heavily pregnant woman being murdered and dumped in the sea by her abusive partner

No. 1902201

What the fuck is wrong with her? I hate this woman so much. Not a-logging but I think she needs a close wakeup call with one of her buyers or something. I have no idea how this woman cares so little for her own safety and actively invites sexual violence but has no victimization stories/trauma. In terms of sexual assault trauma she is the luckiest pickme in the world.

No. 1902216

And this is solely one of the reasons why she doesn't deserve any empathy at all.

No. 1902217


No. 1902220

she should read about elaine o'hara before a scrotes ends up taking advantage of her and hurting her too

No. 1902222

As if this gluttonous bitch would dare risk spending more than 20 minutes unable to suck food, sugary drinks, or smoke into her fat gob.

No. 1902225

File: 1695363067255.png (Spoiler Image,26.43 KB, 648x324, but is just kink yall.png)

why did you have to remind me…

No. 1902308

Nicely done on thread creation, many thanks from a fellow shaytist.

No. 1902325

File: 1695389984462.jpeg (Spoiler Image,784.57 KB, 1170x1471, IMG_5331.jpeg)

No. 1902326

File: 1695390020888.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.03 MB, 1170x1735, IMG_5333.jpeg)

I’m not sure if this was posted in the previous thread. Sorry if it was

No. 1902330

There’s someone out there masturbating to the idea of two fat women taking a bath while burping??

No. 1902336

Lmao! Seriously. It’s hard to imagine what kind of freak would be into this. A nonna in the Shaynatorium said it’s probably geared towards feeders, which would make sense.

No. 1902348

Proudly and opening advertising that she'll have sex for $500. I'd be surprised if someone paid that much to have normal PIV sex with her ugly ass, probably more degen fetish shit

No. 1902369

Beautiful thread! Is the Need Money thread image from some mobile game ad? It looks strangely familiar.

No. 1902373

sold yourself for $500 and bragging about it, kek. Not even enough to pay her rent, or fund two days worth of food for her. Crazy shit.

No. 1902405

Gave herself a whole new face lmao
I can't believe there is even a market for this. At least this is just gross and not straight up physical abuse?? Idek anymore

No. 1902433

Truly, I hope Shayna gets her wish. She deserves to find herself bound and gagged in some smelly fat moids damp moldy basement. At least her parents can stop worrying about her when she becomes a dateline special(a-log)

No. 1902441

If she ever did end up like that, who would even talk about her positively in an episode of dateline? Not her parents, and she doesn’t have real friends or a partner. Her siblings clearly can’t stand her. She’d be just another murdered hooker to the general public, which is sad for other women who are survival sex workers in the true sense of the word, but not for someone like Shat who has had 1 million chances to go back home and start over as a normal person. Tbh she should be concerned for her safety but she’s too retarded/has memed herself into enjoying this kind of disgusting stuff.

No. 1902465

20s and pregnant, you sound like a moid
I wonder if she was truly attractive would any of this have happened? To some extent she's pandering to men who have no-one else to "satisfy" such grotesque fantasies, assumedly for the attention because it doesn't look like easy money to debase oneself like this for so long(taking the bait)

No. 1902466

Thank you op for the new thread! Threadpic is legendary

No. 1902507

NTA and also not 30 or childless kek but what does that have to do with KNOWING Shayna is into the bleak shit she’s into? How do the two correlate in your opinion? I would say they have nothing to do with each other, esp since there are over 100 threads where Shaynus has showcased exactly what she is into.

No. 1902509

30 and childless? One could only be so lucky! Lol. Bet you’re a white trash bitch who pops out kids she can’t afford to different baby daddies and has a tramp stamp that says “My keeds are my world” in airbrushed graffiti bubble letters surrounded by ugly faded butterflies.(ok)

No. 1902514

Shayna is in her “prime” and she can’t even get a date or someone interested in her. I don’t think she’s gonna be with someone anytime soon except if she get pregnant on set lol.

No. 1902526

It seems like she’s dropped her prices quite a bit. Can another anon confirm that? I swear a moid recently sent her $800 after canceling on her?

No. 1902550

this is a moid lost from the moo thread which is full of them

No. 1902569

File: 1695422633831.jpeg (351.18 KB, 828x807, IMG_8362.jpeg)

do we think this aruba trip will bring milk?

No. 1902571

There are people who masturbate to woman smashing a cake with their ass and ripping farts while they do it, why does two women burping at eachother in a bathtub surprise anyone anymore?

No. 1902574

Oh yeah. Shayna is prob going to be sold into sex slavery. Jk but this is 100% a prostitrip. I can only imagine what horrors we will see.

No. 1902590

Its shayna, she cant go outside and take a walk without us recieving milk from her. She is the cow that keeps on milking.

No. 1902620

Can't wait to see her botched boobs in Aruba. Hopefully she doesn't get sex trafficked. But Shayna might give us another milkmas this December after all. Wonder if whatever dumb shit she does will land her cow of the year again.

>If she ever did end up like that, who would even talk about her positively in an episode of dateline?

For the sake of appearances alone, I'm sure her parents would speak kindly enough of her. She's a little failure of a human being in any sense of the word, but they haven't cut her off yet, so they don't see her like that. I'm pretty sure Jess at the very least doesn't hate Shayna, so I could see her saying something nice. And Ellen would probably squeeze out a few high sodium tears for some camera time. What will be the true tragedy of the dateline episode juxtaposition between the shayna they portray, and her reality. Pictures of her hovel, Twitter feed and a few cherry picked LC posts will flash across the screen as her mother's disembodied voice laments over how Shayna always said she wanted to be a rockstar or photographer.


Sorry scrote/pickme retard, but having kids in your 20s isn't actually ideal for the average modern woman who's capable of being more than a bangmaid. Lots of women regret having kids too early, less seem to regret having kids at older ages. And also being 30 and single isn't too much of a bad thing either, get better material.

No. 1902637

Jess died years ago

No. 1902669

Who gives a shit

No. 1902675

I completely agree re: children (and that retarded post sounding moidy). Criticising women for being single, child free and 30+ is misogynistic bootlicking copium. For some reason Shayna’s thread attracts more blogposting about having crotch goblins than any other cow, it’s weird and cringeworthy.

No. 1902684

File: 1695436515683.jpeg (1.17 MB, 1170x1437, IMG_5339.jpeg)

No. 1902685

Do they do that nasty Dubai shit in Aruba too because I could see her subjecting herself to that for money

No. 1902696

Pardon my ignorance nonita but what is “nasty Dubai shit”?

No. 1902701

nta but isn't it a known thing that rich dudes from dubai (dudebais if you will) pay OF women and influencers to be arm candy? i mean normally they're good looking women that they go after so…you know…shay is probably safe.

No. 1902703

No. 1902704

Nonnas, who's going to tell her?

No. 1902705

File: 1695440142726.jpg (9.99 KB, 207x96, crusty.JPG)

Look at how dirty the other girl's feet are from walking on shaty's nasty carpet- this is part of why she refuses to take off her socks

No. 1902706

It’s exactly what you just typed

No. 1902734

dubai porta-potties. maybe don't look into it and stay naiive nona

No. 1902761

theyre definitely going because theres a place there named baby beach, barf.

No. 1902770

kek nonushka, aryt, I know that rich Arab moids pay attractive non-Arab whores to be “arm candy” amongst other things, I was assuming there’s something specifically depraved that they do, which, judging by the other replies, appears to be the case. For the sake of my own sanity I don’t think I need to know any more details

No. 1902784

Even if this is the case they don’t usually pick crusty girls like shay. unless… that’s the fetish itself

No. 1902817

IIRC Aruba has a big problem with sex trafficking with the victims mostly being South American women. But who knows what kind of shady people Sarah Gregory is connected to.

No. 1902828

Yeah… I guess no one remembers Natalee Holloway. Aruba sounds like a great place to go. Shatna sounds like a retard to leave a club or bar witha local never to be seen again.

No. 1902836

This is why I have a bad feeling about this. Shayna isn't being asked to go because she's attractive, young and likable, she's being asked because she's a cheap whore that is desperate enough to do anything and doesn't say no to moids. She will be in a foreign country with no way of getting home by herself. Sarah Gregory would easily be able to pressure her into the doing the most heinious shit imaginable.

No. 1902847

But hey, getting kidnapped and sex trafficked and abused is a dream of hers. Let her

No. 1902850


I'm not worried. If Sarah needed a sacrificial lamb to participate in some sort of truly heinous Dubai toilet situation she wouldn't pick the overconfident screech-happy pig who likes to try and cancel people online. She's going there eyes open and fully on board for whatever degeneracy they're being paid to submit to.

No. 1902903

Wasn't that Colleen? Jess is the tall one that lives in the woods or something

No. 1902906

no you got the two mixed up. jess was the one who became a heroin addict and went to rehab, and i guess died. colleen is the one who was tall and lived in the woods.

No. 1902907

Shayna is not confident in the least bit. Confident sex workers don't do the shit she does. Shayna hates herself, and she's only willing to go full throttle and screech at people who are lower hanging fruit than her, like vivi and that faggot Sol. Sarah could easily get Shayna drunk, then take her phone and passport and now shayna's trapped in a foreign country with no way to tell anyone. Did you see how sloppy she was at fatcon? I'm sure Sarah took notice. Shayna treats her work trips like a vacation and anyone with ill intent can easily manipulate her into doing the most foul, degenerate shit ever. And it wouldn't even be that much of a reach for her, the bitch basically dabbled in all the major nasty human toilet like "kinks". She'd be a great target for a sex trafficker, the only thing that doesn't make her the perfect target is the fact that she's an upper middle class white girl with parents who haven't given up on her yet.

But, she's also got stupid luck so she'll probably just get a sunburn and tummy ache, but otherwise she'll post about how she had such a great time and can't wait to go back. And also, she'll start another video "sale" and start dry begging for sushi.

No. 1902933

I can’t wait for this Aruba milk

No. 1902958

Same this milkmas is gonna be fantastic. I bet Sarah started her on the weight loss to prep for this trip and she's gonna be pissed when Donny shows up as porcine as ever.

No. 1902968

File: 1695490992149.png (Spoiler Image,553.9 KB, 912x956, fupa alert.png)

apologies in advance if this was already covered but the film that shayna and kiki got spanked for during fetcon just got released, preview is on sarah's twitter. topkekw at shay's dangling fupa

>At FetishCon, Dolly and Kiki asked Johnny if he could cane them hard, as they want to be marked. He said, "Alright!" and we decided to make a film about it! They each get 24 strokes broken into two sets of 12. He uses his special "bitey" cane which will be sure to leave lots of deep welts and bruises. The two girls are giddy with excitement for their caning. They wear cute matching outfits and are eager to start… as is Johnny!. Once the caning starts, they immediately realize just how painful this will be and think maybe they made the wrong decision but they still want to see it through competitively as a test of their endurance. They each cry out in pain as the cane strikes their bare flesh. As the title of this awesome film suggests… They should be careful in the future about what they wish for.

No. 1902971

File: 1695491434071.webm (945.78 KB, fat1andfat2.webm)

webm for off-grid nonnies

No. 1902978

i can't believe my retarded brain forgot to include the webm lol, thank you nonita

No. 1902991

Has Shay posted any updates about her weight loss? She had the app on her phone. I thought Shayna was losing weight for the Lone Star party because Shane Pierre Sonnier and his "Wolfpack" could be there.

No. 1902992

How much were they paid for being tortured?

No. 1902994

Ok let's rip the bandaid since Aruba jokes will probably reference Dubai poo whores a lot: high end escorts are given an opportunity to be subjected to some of the most vile sexual experiences you can imagine. The most notorious part of this is that they are made to eat literal shit/be shit on by millionaire arabs at parties. There was a woman who came foward about this stating that a lot of women who do this are set for life (literally paid millions) for a few months of being pooed on

No. 1903006

i think ever since sarah gregory tweeted back that it was weight watchers and we made fun of it she hasn't posted any updates. probably too embarrassed and maybe she hasn't lost any more weight.

No. 1903007

File: 1695496835757.jpg (Spoiler Image,47.83 KB, 376x404, all_thighs_no_ass.jpg)

Her rear end looks like someone dropped a bowl of jelly on the floor.

I doubt that she's even on a diet anymore. In the recent bathroom selfies that were posted on /shay/ she looks as big as ever.

No. 1903043

AYRT and yeah I honestly didn’t even think about that. Something genuinely bad could befall her there. Shit.

No. 1903071

>Sarah could easily get Shayna drunk, then take her phone and passport and now shayna's trapped in a foreign country with no way to tell anyone
Ngl that would be kinda funny

No. 1903073

File: 1695507908297.jpeg (1.63 MB, 1170x1805, IMG_5348.jpeg)

No. 1903074

Jfc that's horrifying and Shayna is squealing like a stuck pig. Yeah, she obviously really enjoys that. Totally fun you guys. We should definitely try it sometime.

No. 1903075

truly living her best life like she always tries to convince herself

No. 1903078

why does everything she eats look so disgusting. like she orders the fattiest, greasiest, grossest things on the menu….

No. 1903079

how fast do you think she gulfed that down?

No. 1903082

Drinking as usual.

No. 1903101

And a hurricane, which is basically a dark rum punch so that's shit ton of sugar. Idk how she thinks she's ever going to lose any weight.

No. 1903117


Shrimp and grits, loaded with butter, cheese, and salt. And some sad samosa lookin beignets. And a sickeningly sweet hurricane with lackluster garnish. None of the menu items in picrel look irresistibly good enough to be worth the calories, or justify a social media post.

No. 1903119

Looks more like mashed potatoes with shrimp, but yes, tons of butter etc. And a FRIED EGG on top.

No. 1903134

File: 1695516707250.png (428.97 KB, 1283x866, Screenshot 2023-09-23 8.51.16 …)

it's definitely grits, it's from Toulouse Petit

No. 1903139

jfc all these bastardisations of creole dishes sound so nauseatingly disgusting, they’ve made them extra greasy and coronary-inducing, no wonder Americans are obese

No. 1903142

File: 1695518190378.png (108.44 KB, 1168x434, Screen Shot 2023-09-24 at 11.1…)

how many times has she 'quit' now?

No. 1903144

Oh please, we invented Cajun food which is the superior Louisiana staple food of the two. Do be silent fool

No. 1903145

mysterious illness "cold" confirmed as weed withdrawals. every time she's "sick" its weed related. every single hospital visit has either been chs related or because of withdrawals. withdrawals are even worse for chs sufferers too. t. former stoner with chs

No. 1903146

File: 1695518726326.jpeg (29.01 KB, 750x135, IMG_0857.jpeg)

No. 1903147

What’s the point of having her other account when she still posts this shit to her “work” one. Your coomers don’t care

No. 1903148

Why is she even trying to quit weed anyways? It’s not like it will change her life that much, instead of doing weed, she will do mushrooms, drink, or vape.

No. 1903149

she’s so retarded

No. 1903151


This restaurant is probably tasty and pleasant af for a normal brunch with friends or family. Too bad shaynus doesn’t have normal brunch occasions with friends and family.

No. 1903155

its the reason behind all her hospital visits. she was diagnosed way back in the day like 2016/17 with CHS which makes you vomit and gives you chronic dehydration, nausea, and diarrhea. quitting weed is one of the better improvements in her life tbh. if she could just stick with it. hot showers is one of the things that make it feel better, like she mentioned in her tweet above. the only real cure for the syndrome is quitting weed completely.

No. 1903179

Exactly, for occasional dining, not for someone like Big Shaynus who consumes this kind of excessively fatty food for every damn meal. She even manages to make otherwise reasonable food supremely unhealthy with watch she adds to it and washes it down with.

No. 1903182

Dw nonnie I gotchu ♥

No. 1903186

Oh, sitting at the bar. Very bougie! Maybe daddy didn’t want to get a table so there would be some plausible deniability that he knew Shayna before he arrived at the restaurant.

No. 1903235

She should at least post photos of the food and drink before she’s consumed most of it if she’s so adamant about bragging whenever she goes to a restaurant.

No. 1903238

She says she was diagnosed. I tend to take everything Shay has ever said with the tiniest grain of salt to exist.

No. 1903241

She can't even take nice (or just not disgusting) photos of herself, I don't expect her to be able to take a decent photo of her brunch.

No. 1903252

honestly i don’t get when nonnies believe her

No. 1903254

Jesus Christ, Shay's OTT hog squealing compared to Kiki's more believable "ow," kek. I'm sure it hurt like a bitch, but there's nothing attractive about her obviously faked screeching. Moids really jack off to the dumbest shit.

No. 1903257

I think it’s the one of the only claims she’s made that I’m inclined to believe, because it’s admitting she’s a weed addict and it isn’t some uwu bimbo “flex”

No. 1903267

there would be no other reason that she'd quit weed. chs sucks and she's had it a while so i'd imagine she was trying to ignore it up until now to keep smoking.

No. 1903278

as a medfag who has seen patients with chs I agree, it’s not a fun predicament to be in, she’s been to A&E with it multiple times that we know of and probably many more we haven’t heard about, I’m not a burger but I would hope that she has been told in no uncertain terms that the longer she ignores the chs the greater the chance of developing potentially fatal problems like renal failure. Either way, she isn’t giving up weed by choice

No. 1903290

Tbh I think she just hates it. She has no interest in kink, so this is pure abuse and pain for her. Kiki actually has these degen wants, so she's able to process the pain into some semblance of pleasure, Shayna on the other hand just suffers through.

No. 1903314

I'd go for the combo. It could be that blames the CHS when her symptoms are caused by her excessive alcohol consumption. She's never acknowledged her alcoholism, so it's probably some form of cope to avoid the realization that she's an alcoholic.

No. 1903387

Imagine how bad her breath smells if she's always puking and forgets to brush her teeth. Rotten teef saga when

No. 1903424

File: 1695569515199.jpg (450.28 KB, 1080x829, Screenshot_20230924_113144.jpg)

Previous to the brunch date

No. 1903425

File: 1695569555061.jpg (433.84 KB, 1536x2048, Dolly Louboutins.jpg)

No. 1903431

it's sending me that people hate this girl so much that they're coming for her garnishes

No. 1903479

Lmao I know I genuinely loved that. She inspires very high levels of shaytred. Ily garnish-denigrating nonna, wherever u are.

No. 1903485

More ugly heels that will become discolored even though shay can't walk in heels and won't wear them outside… yay. At least have the scrote buy you shit you'll use/can resell once you age out of the type of whoring you want to be in.

No. 1903503

Dear god, at this point I'm really hoping it's performance, but those yells and the crying sound like they are genuinely in horrible pain. I don't think Shayna is capable of acting like this, so it might be real. I'm a Shay newfag (been following for the past 50 threads) so it's the first time I felt really bad for her. I know she decided to sell her body and well-being for pennies, but all I can feel is revulsion for the men who get off to it and coerce stupid women like her into this for a quick buck.

No. 1903505

Only thing is shay actively chooses to perform these painful kinks that involve her being beaten, let’s not forget fetishizing rape and incest in her free time on her personal social media. She makes light of murder/rape victims by saying the true crime documentaries make her horny. She’s not a newcomer who got tricked or coerced into this, she’s just choosing to inflict harm on her body whether it’s via someone abusing her or abusing her own body through lifestyle.

No. 1903517

You are 100% right nona, I'm aware of all those things. I hate her, but this video makes me hate seeing her in pain even more. It's additional levels of frustrating when I'm aware that this retard chose to do this instead of taking her family's offer to pay for college and that she encourages other women to do it too. Nobody should have the option to degrade themselves on camera like this for scrote pleasure, no matter the payment.

No. 1903518

File: 1695582080643.jpg (151.91 KB, 1080x722, Screenshot_20230924_150007.jpg)

No. 1903522

ahh yes, still bringing johns to her apartment. nothing bad is going to happen to her this way….

No. 1903526

kek the rotten teef saga started 6 years ago, she edits her teeth whiter now with filters but they're truly nasty, chipped, and crooked

No. 1903531

short-stem dyed roses from the grocery store that already look wilted, two massive logs of sushi doused in soy sauce and mayonnaise, and more ham-colored shoes to sit in her closet. I imagine this kitchy crap and fattening food might actually be a palatable gift if she was getting these from someone who actually loved her. From a sugar daddy this is just embarrassing though. Looks like what a highschooler would get his gf for valentine's day.

No. 1903543

Here is a list of 25 things that could happen to Shayna is she continues to bring Johns into her apartment for sex:

1. Death
a) Point Blank (Gun, Stabbed, etc.)
b) Raped and Murdered
c) Prolonged torture and Murdered
2. Rape
a) See above for various scenarios
3. Info leaked to sex trafficking circles
a) Kidnapped, Raped, Tortured, Murdered
4. Stalkers
5. Hit or Beaten if she says the wrong thing
6. Hit or Beaten if she tries to blast the wrong John on twitter
7. Address discovered by one of her John's spouses and confronted
8. Complaints from Neighbors who do not want to live beside someone doing full service prostitutions
9. Evicted if Landlords found out
10. Stolen from -
a) Physically held down while her apartment is ransacked
b) Info leaked to the wrong circles and her apartment gets looted while she posts on twitter she is away
c) Shayna passes out (Alcohol/Drugs) and has items stolen from Johns
11. Drugged & Date Raped
12. Hidden Cameras installed in her Apartment by a creepy john
13. Possessive or Jealous johns confronting eachother or fighting
14. Held at knife point or John brings weapon
15. John brings multiple men and a gang rape ensues
16. John shows up saying wife left him and he needs to stay there
17. John shows up saying he killed someone and needs somewhere to stay until the "the heat cools off"
18. Blackmailed by one of her Johns using her home info, possibly printing and posting her nudes around the apartment
19. Fraud or Scammed using her personal info found in the apartment
20. Angry John confronting her after she gives him STDs
21. Cats or dog kicked, killed, or raped by a deranged moid
22. A fake party thrown and a bunch of drugged up people show up
23. Pets stolen or poisoned
24. John forcing extreme kinks like piss drinking, poop, beating, puking, dry anal, etc.
25. John won't leave after the deed is done. What do you do when a 40 year man just says "no. im not not leaving". Call the cops and saying you were whoring?

No. 1903550

Kek nonna this is like a chatgpt response if LC provided the content.

No. 1903552

It’s kind of crazy, I never thought about some of these and it’s insane how Shayna has managed to stay alive unharmed for so long.

No. 1903573

All her johns buy her food, they know she's a fat sow and must like big women.

No. 1903591

>Possessive or Jealous johns confronting eachother or fighting
Fuck is this a common thing?

No. 1903623

> the only thing that doesn't make her the perfect target is the fact that she's an upper middle class white girl with parents who haven't given up on her yet.
I don't think this applies because she's an online degenerate. The reason that those upper middle class white girls get attention is because they fit the cute all-American girl next door stereotype. At worst, they're a sorority party girl, but not the type who says she wants to be kidnapped and raped online. Even if she did go missing, once the public got ahold of her socials, they'd all talk about how she deserved it.

No. 1903634

>16. John shows up saying wife left him and he needs to stay there
>17. John shows up saying he killed someone and needs somewhere to stay until the "the heat cools off"

Oh god. Can you imagine?

No. 1903642

>possibly printing and posting her nudes around the apartment
I know I shouldn’t laugh, but this part sent me.

No. 1903659

She would probably get off to it

No. 1903688

I’m actually surprised this one hasn’t happened yet. Like someone posting her nudes and apartment number on the apartment building’s bulletin board right next to the fire alarm inspection dates notice kek

No. 1903741

absolutely no one is paid millions (of usd) for that, lots of blatant lie. ACTRESSES draw in millions of people to the theaters like Angelina Jolie don't get that kind of payout for working unreasonable hours for months and months.

The Facebook post your referencing was about a black woman. If it was a true story and not some urban legend tier shit (no pun intended) those monsters were racist and humiliating a black woman was part of the fetish. they would never in their lives pay any more than they had to to humiliate people they view as inherently inferior (women of color).

and that's if anyone got paid the amounts discussedat all, those guys can refuse to give you what they promised and they do. unless you think that prostitution is 'real work and that there's some kind of way' and think you can get foreign police to force those guys to pay.

be real

No. 1903759

I think lolcow has given her a false sense of security. She's felt harassed for years and been doxed here multiple times and nothing has ever really come of it. Her nudes have been sent to basically all of her family. Her reputation has been set in stone in her community due to caps from here. I think she feels like "what's the worst that can happen" or something similar and that attitude mixed with the weed/booze haze and loneliness makes her not realize she's genuinely endangering her life right now. Ted Bundy was just as charming as these Johns she has over.

No. 1903775

I also believe that she doesn't realize these males do not respect her at all and don't view her as a person. Males who pay for sex probably have an even more screwed psyche than the average moid. Now that she's seriously leaned into full service prostitution something bad will happen sadly,it's only a matter of time. I just hope she doesn't die because of this and will go back home and stop this shit when the inevitable does happen.

No. 1903790

shay has been claiming to be a masochist for years. what she actually needs is therapy. getting attention because you are letting the worst men in existence abuse you is not worth any of this shit to a sane, self-respecting person. which she's not, evidently

No. 1903791

It genuinely confounds me that she chooses to do this over what her family is offering. I think of all the girls who have been trafficked into prostitution, kept enslaved at the mercy of the most depraved males and murdered and it makes me despise her so much more. If something did happen to her I’d have a hard time feeling any kind of empathy or sympathy

No. 1903793


Sorry for commenting so late but I have 100% seen the cycle of e-thots deep diving into more niche kinks once they realize that piss shit and cum don’t pay bills anymore. She’s only gonna get worse. I’m honestly expecting her to dive into feeder shit, begging her coomers to send her money to fatten her up or something. It’d make more money than her sad begging

No. 1903826

>she doesn't realize these males do not respect her at all and don't view her as a person.
%100 she legit thinks that she is in control because she's "choosing" to be abused. Absolutetly mental.

No. 1903844

Feeders make less than degen such as scat lol sorry to say

No. 1903869

File: 1695626600070.png (Spoiler Image,1.43 MB, 1150x1364, Screen Shot 2023-09-25 at 5.22…)

No. 1903877

Imagine giving shekels to this fat unwashed retard to eat her putrid mouldy lobster claw. Hasn’t she said in the past that she doesn’t even like getting eaten out? Her crusty snatch must stink and taste so foul, only a smelly old uggo would pay for that experience. I wonder how much she got for it(go back)

No. 1903882

>>got my pussy ate
Judging by her makeup rub-off, looks like she returned the favor.

No. 1903899

she really be treating these johns like boyfriends

No. 1903932

It’s kind of fitting that the degenerate convention is in Aruba which Shat thinks is luxury when it’s the cheapest (politically/economically fucked up places like Haiti notwithstanding) and most geographically unremarkable of the Caribbean islands, unique in being the only one that’s dry and scrubby with no lush tropical beauty whatsoever, unlike all the others.

No. 1904007

File: 1695652186082.png (Spoiler Image,1.65 MB, 1293x1390, Crazy Indeed.png)

> crazy how nervous i was 2 get my boobs done cuz goddamn i love them so much they're inCREDIBLE [Loudly Crying Face Emoji] [Face Holding Back Tears Emoji] [Pink Heart Emoji]
Considering how she has behaved during her recovery, I am convinced her nervousness stemmed from us noticing and discussing the surgery and not the surgery itself.

No. 1904009

File: 1695652249777.jpg (Spoiler Image,77.9 KB, 1024x576, ˌʤiːzəs ˈkraɪst.JPG)

Focusing on the picture that had not been posted previously.

No. 1904012

Jfc she’s so botched, what a cope

No. 1904014


No. 1904015

the way she seems to show off her tit scars remind of how she would use filters to make her creepy tit veins look more prominent… I'm not sure if it's similar to that or if she thinks showing off the scars is some type of bimbofication plastic surgery fetish flex

No. 1904036

File: 1695655533007.jpeg (483.2 KB, 1242x1498, 5D3A4009-65A5-4D5C-A0E2-E79A6E…)

She’s literally just dating her “sugar daddies” for gifts and boyfriend dates. This is so fucking embarrassing. Imagine willingly hanging out with some old crusty moid because you have no friends (besides Ellen). If you’re going to whore yourself out at least do it for money to support yourself.

No. 1904048

sooo embarrassing jfc. she has 2 types of customers- old married degenerates who take her out to eat before they fuck her in a motel room/their car so their wives don't find out, and legitimate handicapped retards who have never had real relationships and view her as more of a girlfriend.

No. 1904050

This fat slob is lucky she gets to see Depeche Mode, can guarantee she's never listened to them aside from the two songs they play on the radio. What a wasted opportunity, she's going to use this as an excuse to get drunk, dress like a clown and not even enjoy or remember the show.

No. 1904063

File: 1695659522534.jpeg (7.54 KB, 225x225, download (41).jpeg)

"Words are very unnecessaShayry they can only do harm"

No. 1904070

KEK I hate you for this

No. 1904084

nonnie i am with you, i was going to post this. she has never mentioned liking DM, its just part of her uwu i like music old daddies like larp.

No. 1904095

How the fuck is getting literally shit on better than a wagie job in retail? Is it because she won’t get the attention from men she desperately needs? So what about even working at a Hooters or some equally moid-pandering restaurant shit? Is she too retarded to realize you can still get male attention without sucking the shit from their ass and getting STDs from them?

No. 1904098

is she even being paid to go with him or is the ticket the payment?

No. 1904100

Hooters has a weight requirement for their waitresses that she doesn’t meet

No. 1904112

I'm talking about how her parents wouldn't chalk up Shayna's death to the game. They'd have the resources available to them to start some sort of #JusticeForFatShat campaign.

No. 1904132

File: 1695664285416.jpeg (149.1 KB, 1125x612, IMG_8260.jpeg)

Bull Ponderosa plot line

No. 1904162

The weight requirement being you can't gain weight. If you get pregnant though, it's somehow a different story.

No. 1904173

inside me I know she is seething because she would rather get tickets to see Drake but that's waaay beyond her body

No. 1904207


Sage for mild blog but they don’t have that anymore cause of discrimination laws in the US. But when I worked there, you had to be between 110 and 175 I think. The 175 was mostly for girls who are tall though, shorter girls had to be 130 at most

No. 1904223

do you have a source? weight is not a protected class that would be protected under discrimination laws. and hooters is given leniency on things that are actually protected such as gender and age.

No. 1904243

She could afford to buy the tickets herself if she just got a job instead of e-begging and selling herself.

No. 1904244

File: 1695679451668.jpeg (133.73 KB, 960x940, IMG_4701.jpeg)

Lmao no. They went woke.(derailing)

No. 1904248

It’s funny how they’ll let obese girls work there now but you still can’t have tattoos afaik lmao. Tbh yeah Shayna should just go work there, get her old ugly scrote attention craving fix that way.

No. 1904269

That’s not true. They just dressed up as Hooters girls.

No. 1904311

File: 1695686798379.jpg (598 KB, 1536x2048, 20230925_200441.jpg)

>time 2 make porn [Pink Heart Emoji]

No. 1904315

why does she make this facial expression. she looks pained. she looks high here but apparently she's not smoking pot anymore.

No. 1904324

Her forehead is about to make me lose it

No. 1904325

didn’t she just go and get her hair done? how are her ends that bad already?

No. 1904326

Why does her face look so red and rosy now a days? Constantly looks like she's hiding irration with bad make up

No. 1904340

Oily and ugly

No. 1904342

It's like she's balling her forehead into a fist. It's setting off my fight or flight response.

No. 1904343

i have a tinfoil she's turned to something other than weed

No. 1904349

The forehead wrinkling is reaching Sharpei levels holy shit.
KEK accurate

No. 1904352

i think she's been a benzohead for years. vivi said she took pills. she used to post about them in her skinny days and always refers to "anxiety meds" and "good girl pills".

No. 1904364

No. 1904368

Plus she drinks pretty much from the moment she wakes up every single day, she hasn’t posted any “brunch” photos that don’t involve gigantic cocktails, she’s perpetually drunk

No. 1904370

She just got color done, who knows when she last got a (much needed) haircut

No. 1904375

they could still discriminate on looks if they wanted to, because it’s a “performance role” and therefore legal
they just can’t get enough thin and attractive women to work there, plus redneck moids love chubstresses

No. 1904379

>22. A fake party thrown and a bunch of drugged up people show up
Is this a thing?? Sounds scary.

No. 1904395

No it’s not a thing anon has no life experience;
She’ll probably just get an STI from prostitution maybe a pimp who knows

No. 1904411

Another STI, you mean

No. 1904413

Wtf is this pic. Big olga with a yeast infection on her forehead

No. 1904432

KEK the noise I just emitted. Seriously though, her skin texture makes me feel physically ill (I say that like literally everything about her doesn’t make me feel physically ill when I’m over here dry retching)

No. 1904434

File: 1695712647274.jpeg (447.68 KB, 1818x1818, IMG_0046.jpeg)

And this is how she’s advertising said porn. Putrid skin texture aside, she looks like an actual retard. You cannot convince me that the coomers buying this don’t have a sped fetish

No. 1904448

She got new bimbo-sweater after the old ones text peeled off? How long will this one last kek

No. 1904457

It’s always wild to me that for someone who thinks their whole personality is “bimbo” she doesn’t even seem to know what “bimbo” is. She doesn’t interact with any of the popular bimbo “content creators” (we all know that’s because she can’t handle seeing women who are prettier, skinnier, richer and more popular/successful than she is). Everything about her “bimbo” larp is so incongruous and forced, it’s just bizarre. At least her shay-gnar stoner shit seemed authentic, I will never understand why she didn’t just stick with it since it’s what made her popular to begin with

No. 1904479

she scowls so much (plus crappy makeup) that her forehead looks terrible for her age. she has no clue about skincare

No. 1904482

The women in this picture are just dressed up as Hooters girls, they don’t and have never worked there. It only takes a simple google search.

No. 1904485

It’s because of alcoholism.

No. 1904501

File: 1695734035299.jpg (137.6 KB, 1006x574, Screenshot_20230926_091234.jpg)

Nice try dirty deleting this, Shay

No. 1904502

File: 1695734360611.jpg (373.66 KB, 1080x1542, pot kettle.jpg)

No. 1904504

God she is such a hater to anyone but herself. Shayna go back to sucking poop crusted old man ass

No. 1904505

Congratulations, you're learning not to put all your shit online, it took you like what, 28 years now?

No. 1904510


I mean, the "party" thing is a stretch but she could run into a scrote that sees she lives alone so he calls all his druggy buddies and turns it into their traphouse/crack den. And it's not like she and Ellen could stop that without getting the police involved.

No. 1904512

This is so full of cope kek I doubt she’ll be able to hold all her retarded fEeLiNgS in for too long. Plus she’s still talking out loud and proud about how cheap she’s selling herself for soooo

No. 1904514

She’s only 26 but looks 56.

No. 1904515

This is seriously the least likely thing to happen.

No. 1904518

For real. I think if she didn’t have her “haters” around, she’d be miserable from the lack of attention.

No. 1904519

Yeah, I'm just saying it's not entirely out of the realm of possibility for a sex worker who barely gets her clients before letting them into her home.

No. 1904526

I mean, I guess there’s always that one percent chance. Lol. She really should be more careful.

No. 1904527

If you cover her lower half, she looks like she's about to burst into tears.

No. 1904543

Coping hard I see. Anons don't even need to assume because your life is a rinse and repeat of the same depressing patterns over and over again. Also even when she tries to hide shit, some autistic nona will do some shit like when they found Fupa on her sunglasses reflection kek

No. 1904555

File: 1695744085785.jpeg (212.02 KB, 750x785, 99499528-A1FA-4FB6-B640-10A882…)

No. 1904563

you mean sucking dick for dollars on a street corner? We don't need to assume Shay

No. 1904566

Shay we don't have to assume what you're doing, you post every time you leave your filthy hovel KEK. For someone who's so concerned over stalkers, maybe you shouldn't be publicly advertising your whereabouts when you're out with a john and telling your followers exactly when you're going to be out of town. Some anons were even able to use that info to find out exactly where you live. Hardly would call that "elusive & secretive"

No. 1904570

I hope she gets an actual stalker who follows her around, sends her photos she had no idea someone was taking and makes her life a living nightmare that cops won’t do anything about until she gets stabbed by them. It’s not fucking stalking to read and talk about your public posts you fat retard(a-logging)

No. 1904575

take your meds

No. 1904617


No. 1904630

She's vaguepostong about >>1904457

No. 1904637

yeah it is a thing, it’s called cuckooing in the uk idk what it might be referred to as in the us

No. 1904643

Is she finally developing some self awareness?

No. 1904673

Based lol

No. 1904685

File: 1695756815189.png (569.15 KB, 1080x1661, 20230926_222946.png)

Well what do you know. But who throws the fake party that turns into cuckooing Shayna's situation?

No. 1904713

File: 1695758686665.jpeg (225.37 KB, 956x1182, FF0F471B-2F34-4942-85B2-FDDA28…)

No. 1904714

are they meeting?

No. 1904717

No. 1904718

Leave Doug alone!

No. 1904719

LMAO anon who is this?

No. 1904722

It’s Doug from King of Queens.

No. 1904724

File: 1695759193083.jpg (5.23 KB, 225x225, doug-heffernan.jpg)

KEK I can't believe her twin has more lips that her.

No. 1904735

Anons literally look at the food she posts when she says shes out with a partner or john and find the restaurant with menu pic posted kek

No. 1904741

We know you are selling yourself and using John's as friends/bfs, nobody cares. After years you finally have a pinch of a social life and it's only because you are selling ass to the people and hanging with ugly kinksters.

No. 1904745

He looks smoother

No. 1904749

Exactly, and then she posts on twitter that she's going to Aruba in December and that she's also going to visit Kiki in 9 days so her apartment will be empty. Some crazy moid could rob her or squat in her apartment until she comes back and do god knows what to her. Crazy that she lacks so much common sense kek

No. 1904757

File: 1695763334530.jpg (147.42 KB, 1080x769, Screenshot_20230926-172021_X.j…)

As if she doesn't do this to get out of working. Any guesses on who she's referring to?

No. 1904772

one of her john boyfriends probably

No. 1904775

File: 1695765300162.jpeg (206.07 KB, 750x799, E4A6CACA-4FBD-440C-BF4A-EC288C…)

No. 1904780

Autism Shayna 100% confirmed.(sage your shit)

No. 1904783

she's just guilting whoever was supposed to take her out.

No. 1904787

Money on Aruba or her meeting up with Kiki (tbh forgot about until the reply to Kiki’s tweet)

No. 1904788

It’s a borderline personality disorder trait.

No. 1904789

She's bipolar, she said it in a livestream and even blamed her mother for it

No. 1904792

I thought she said she had both.

No. 1904793

It’s still a borderline trait anyway even if she only claims to have bipolar. Just saying she’s not autistic like the other anon said.

No. 1904796

she has said that but it is literally physically and psychologically impossible to have both on the livestream she said her mother is bipolar and she passed it onto her. as the cunt shayna is

No. 1904798

No, it’s not. People have been diagnosed with both.

No. 1904815

Didn't she just say this morning that she was having so much fun not oversharing her retarded feelings online kek.

No. 1904821

I’d assume >>1904637 means one of her Johns could try to cuckoo Shayna. The only problem with that theory is that when they say vulnerable person, I think they’re referring to someone with developmental delays or heavily addicted to substances who’d be (in theory) easier to manipulate and probably more isolated than Shayna.

No. 1904822

>>1904796 You can pass on bipolar, autism and adhd. It's super common when a child goes for testing either/both parents will be recommended their own test, due to their own difficulties they are more likely to not see the child's issues, since "doesn't everyone do this/have this problem?"
These diagnoses are similar and this can make them harder to specify and diagnose the correct one. About 60% of women with autism also have adhd. Bipolar and adhd can have very similar symptoms which sometimes end with a wrong diagnosis, though if a bipolar is given adderall the misdagnosis should be easy to see as it should spur a manic episode. Bipolar manicness can sometimes be misdiagnosed as adhd impulsivity. There are so many more things that can be very muddy when trying to diagnose any of these and if she's only reading symptoms online and decides "uwu im bipolar" when its actually adhd/autism.

I would not be surprised if she is actually autistic, the way she acted on that recent interview with the creepy scrote felt very telling to me. Problems with plans changing, doesn't like water because its "slimy". Turd braids, hair touching neck is likely uncomfortable. Her godawful diet. Randomly pulls off her acrylics. Doesn't use any skincare, probably because of the texture it leaves. Not showering/doing the bare minimum for hygiene. Sorry if I used bad grammar not native.(medfagging)

No. 1904827

File: 1695773363834.png (733.91 KB, 694x694, DonnyMattel.png)

I had to sorry

No. 1904835

if this isn't the next thread pic I will riot

No. 1904837

Usually edits get nothing out of me but holy fuck it blends so well, if I squint it looks exact to the original image

No. 1904840

this got me good. Someone in /shay/ put some funny impact font text over it please

No. 1904841

nta but as an autist the amount of makeup she wears would make me want to claw my face off. other than that i can kind of see it because she has a total disregard for societal norms

No. 1904843

Donny Mattel lives…holy shit this is amazing, nonna. You’re an artist kek

No. 1904849

This. mofos either have assburgers or are that, just plain weird dumbasses. Not everyone has a deffective by default brain.

No. 1904850

They just say they’re autistic to excuse their weirdness.

No. 1904851

anon why you deleted? you were right

No. 1904852

yeah pretty much

No. 1904853

Sorry! As soon as I posted, I actually felt bad about what I wrote. Didn’t want to hurt that Nona’s feelings.

No. 1904854

you're too kind nonny! send you hugs kek.

No. 1904858

Don’t you ever apologize nonna, I love this right up there with the Shaytuation

No. 1904862

this belongs in the smithsonian

No. 1904870

Holy mother of keks, I know it’s early but this had better be the next thread pic

No. 1904876

This gives me an idea since a few months ago we found out what apartment building she lives in. How funny would it be to print off her disgusting nudes and slip them under the door to each unit, with a menu of prostitution services kek. I live in Tacoma its really close to her building.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1904879

anon that's kind of insane kek, but personally, if I lived in that apartment complex I would like to know that my neighbour prostitute is bringing johns IN TO the fucking complex. That shit is dangerous as fuck

No. 1904883

Thank you. What >>1904876 said is unhinged as fuck, but I agree. Moids are everywhere but if there’s some pedo pandering pick me retard out there allowing these scrotes willingly in my general living vicinity I would want to know.

No. 1904884

this is truly the thread with the most retards on this entire site

No. 1904888

What? It's relatively harmless, just kind of embarrassing that everyone that lives in her building will have seen her nasty pussy delivered to their door. She kind of asks for it for being so retarded and letting her address be known by filming outside her apartment.

No. 1904893

Last time someone cowtipped about her making porn on her balcony she lost her shit on twitter and got a talking to by her building management but claims they “love” her and didn’t care

No. 1904895

I'm not gonna go to her building manager like that retarded anon that emailed them, I'm gonna print out some of her really gross nudes, face included, write her services on the backs, and slip them under each door in her building. idk which door is hers so she'll get it too kek.

No. 1904897

Don’t cowtip, moron, just watch the trainwreck and don’t ruin it for everybody. Reminds me of fanny_traggot and how a poop-touching retard made him go into hiding, effectively cutting off the milk supply. It’s annoying and stupid, Shayna does a great job of ruining her own life herself. Let us watch and don’t spoil it.

No. 1904899

Yes but the other residents would almost certainly report it to management, if there was evidence of her using her apartment for seeing johns surely she’d get evicted, no? But yknow, stupid games, stupid prizes.

No. 1904900

There probably wouldn't be any evidence this is just for fun. She could just say someone played a prank on her or something. But she'd still have to be mortified by the fact that all her neighbors saw her gross nudes.

No. 1904902

File: 1695780477551.png (Spoiler Image,53.36 KB, 280x456, 1685154870881.png)

I'll use this one and put her service menu on the back. $200 anal kek.

No. 1904903

File: 1695780493004.gif (1.13 MB, 320x240, IMG_5790.gif)

Yeah but maybe there are people whose door you’d slip a pic under and their young kids will see it before them…or maybe there are men in the building who would then try to assault Shay (not trying to start a fight about what she does or does not deserve) idk I just am gonna go on record and say I think this is weird and cowtippy. I get the idea behind it and I get why it would be funny but there are also a lot of reasons it wouldn’t.

No. 1904910

no evidence?? Like none of the probably hundreds minimum residents wouldn't immediately react to someone putting something under their door, like there aren't cameras and like it wouldn't be glaringly obvious that it's the woman who doesn't live there who came in with a stack of papers and darts to every door, like nobody would be passing by and question someone slipping porn under doors. I know this is a larp but lord the fantasies in this thread are so childish.

No. 1904912

I meant no evidence that Shayna actually prostitutes. Idc if they get some blurry video of me but thanks for the heads up I'll wear a hoodie.

No. 1904916

SHAYNA IS FAT(non-contribution)

No. 1904918

Don't do it retard, you already posted about it here so now she'll be able to say a "website dedicated to cyber bullying me and hating me revenge porn leaked my nudes and put my life in danger". If you were actually going to do something that retarded you should have just done it without posting at all so she wouldn't be able to blame LC. I'm pretty sure they'd count that as harassment once your stupid ass gets caught. You'd be better off posting about it in some sort of local neighborhood app or Facebook page, if you actually care about the safety of her neighbors. But don't do that either, she reads here religiously. Don't poop touch.

No. 1904919

>so she wouldn't be able to blame LC
Idc if she blames lolcow lol I just want to embarrass her and have her neighbors see her nasty cooch. I don't like the pic I was gonna use I'm gonna find a nastier one.

No. 1904921

nta but if you gonna do it just paste one page exposing her bringing johns over, like her retarded ponderosa plot line tweet

No. 1904922

I'm saying this because LC shouldn't have to take the blame for your personal retardation and attention whore behavior. No one cares about you or what you care about, just don't post publicly about your cow tipping, the best part of trolling is the element of surprise, which your dumb ass already ruined, so you should just stop poop touching and also stop posting here. Ty

No. 1904939

Seems like you care or you'd just let me post in peace without autistically replying 100 times clogging up the thread.

No. 1904942

File: 1695783368753.jpg (538.12 KB, 1080x1277, 5.jpg)

self portraits

No. 1904943

holy fuck these are scary

No. 1904969

I bet most would think it was this was the actions of a vengeful ex and not believe she’s a prostitute. Your post reminds me of how a few threads back there were obvious attempts to derail the threads. My tinfoil is that >>1903543 ruffled some of sheathers and here we are.

No. 1904974

benzo drawing with a roseart bingo marker

No. 1904980

File: 1695788091341.jpg (947.58 KB, 1080x1652, 4499.jpg)

She's trying to wish up a relationship so bad.

Forgot picrel

No. 1904982

Yiu should’ve went to art school with these skills! /s

No. 1904983

I know some of the anons in this thread are shaytarded by proxy from watching this cow so long but this is just Too Much. Forgetting the first rule of lolcows: don’t touch the poop. Look but don’t touch. It’s the retard museum, you idiot not a touch pool at an aquarium. This is like the moid who sent the porn to her family and the email anon.
She does this shit to herself. Let it happen naturally. All this shit that has given us milk has been Shayna’s doing without any farmer interaction. She’s the one cow who milks itself with ease. She won’t stay quiet like she is for long, girl has never shut up for long. >>1904980 I wonder how many sugar daddies she actually has. I feel like it’s never the same one every time rn (or at least the recent out to brunch where they were sitting at the bar was a new). There was the old creep who put together furniture for her while naked then there was Applebees dude so I always feel like it’s one of them kek. She also may totally be lying and only have one.

No. 1904984

Nonnie don't do it, but also don't let your dreams just be dreams.

No. 1904986

I think she has the various John “daddies” that buy her shoes and toys for being a cheap fuck and then other daddies that are the degens she’s acquaintances with such as furniture guy and diaper guy

No. 1904987

Juggalette confirmed?

No. 1904994

File: 1695790448997.jpg (242.49 KB, 1080x1375, Screenshot_20230927_005324.jpg)

No. 1904999

I dunno why this is a flex, it won’t even last the week.

No. 1905001

I think that isn't even her full rent kek

No. 1905004

To be honest it seems like she is probably getting a decent amount of money and positive attention from men at the moment and probably is experiencing a sense of “thriving”. At the same time, there is an expiration to this and also it doesn’t seem like a fulfilling way to live. I’d hate to be Shayna, dealing with addiction, unemployment, and pandering to disgusting men, and doing sex work. I get anxiety just thinking about it. And it will just get worse, especially knowing she caters to men with age fetishes

No. 1905019

2000 bucks a month is fuck all but of all the myriad degens whoring themselves out online and IRL why would anyone throw money at this hideous hambeast? She must be doing really heinous fetish shit that better looking women refuse and/or for a lower price than others are asking because I do not understand

No. 1905021

She begs for Starbucks and Shein, I highly doubt she’s making a decent amount

No. 1905033

She has to beg for the bare necessities, she is not making decent money. And when she does come across big coombucks like this, she spends it all on shitty, pink, plastic landfill garbage.

No. 1905036

She doesn't beg for those things, it's common among sex workers to ask for "reimbursement" on their random daily purchases. It's not because they literally can't afford a $7 coffee.
It looks like she's making at least somewhat decent money, but sex work is come and go, it's not a astable income, so she will likely be broke again soon. Why anyone would choose such financial instability beats me.

No. 1905039

Literally every single thing I know about “sex work” has been learned from this thread, so I’m not au fait with is standard procedure. I think I also have a different idea of what constitutes decent money because from where I’m sitting all I see is a fat, mentally handicapped NEET who is so lazy, stupid, talentless, useless and devoid of any personality or ambition that she does some of the most depraved shit imaginable for less than minimum wage

No. 1905042

You can make decent money for a couple months and still be a
>fat, mentally handicapped NEET who is so lazy, stupid, talentless, useless and devoid of any personality or ambition

No. 1905043

File: 1695799447773.png (52.32 KB, 714x480, just work at a sex shop shay.P…)

for real. She could make 1.8k easy a month in renton with a minimum wage job.

No. 1905044

You guys are so boring for banning this anon.

No. 1905051

Less than minimum wage is not “decent money”. She could get a job flipping burgers while being all those things and would earn more as per >>1905043

No. 1905057

But she’s not just making $2000, she’ll make OF sales and MV sales and shit. She makes more than minimum wage but she has no upward mobility, retirement, benefits, healthcare, insurance, savings, stability, salary…I can go on. She would absolutely be better off with a minimum wage job because it would at least fill the gap on her resume. She’s just addicted to dopamine.

No. 1905065

Can u read? 2k a month from one person, plus whatever else she makes from selling vids/reimbursements/ect (which is probably not a lot), is more than 1.8k lol. She's not making less than minimum wage you doughnut. I hate sex work and shay but some of you are retarded.

No. 1905066

But as I said earlier it's not gonna last. It's not a consistent form of income at all.

No. 1905098

Considering Shays rent and how the bulk of her money goes basically to travel (for work), overpriced drinks/food. What she make doesn't matter, she clearly isn't living a great life. Seems like she constantly had to do prostitution to even have extra money to buy food/drinks. When she travels she has one or two cheap new outfits. All her money is basically spent on dumb shit. She would be more stable with a job plus selling herself sadly, but Shayna thinks she has made good relationships & making fast money. Right now she's on a high and this clearly shows she never "loved" online sex work like she pretended too. The moment she found something that was faster plus helped her make "friends" /fake relationships online shit became second priority.
I guess it's easy to star fish while some old scrote uses you for 3 mintues then it is to spend a hour making identical porn and taking 200 identical pictures and badly editing them.

No. 1905102

I doubt she makes much money from either OF or MV. If she was earning an adequate income from online sales she wouldn't be prostituting herself in real life. She used to boast about her OF ranking and how much money she was making, now it's complete silence.

With the increase in the cost of living, men aren't going to be as generous with their favourite OF whores when there's free porn available.

No. 1905103

Notice how she's "making all this money" now yet hasn't bought any new clothes/work outfits, jewelry, furniture, a car. She isn't even doing her nails, buying dumb expensive weed accessories, and weird alien dildos. If Shayna is so much better off now that she is literally prostituting why aren't we seeing any fruits of her "labor"? She seems to be doing all the exact same things (lunches, pink crap, cheap gifts from scrotes, etc.) she did prior to her "proud escort saga". All the money she gets from whoring goes into her sinkhole of an apartment and probably afterpay/credit. Imaging sucking an old crusty mans ballsack and having drip sweat from his asshole in your eyeball just to pay off a BIMBO sweatshirt you put on afterpay 6 months ago?

No. 1905104

When do you all think she was richest? I think Shayna was richest during her post-fupa Tulsa era when Wombat was her sugar daddy. Literally all she did was sit at home and order food, drink wine every night, and buy endless shit online.

No. 1905107

She does beg. Frequently. She literally cannot afford something as simple as a coffee most of the time because she spends all her money on other dumb shit she NEEDS IN THAT MOMENT because she has no future goals. She has no savings. Yes, she does mix in some "just bought this, please reimburse" posts. But she very frequently also posts "need to fill my fridge today, can someone send money for delivery" or "really need a coffee this morning, send money". And dont forget the "Im so embarassed but I didnt make as much as I hoped this month. I need money for rent. My life's work is now .5 cent per vid.". Both her and the black chick couldn't scratch their heads together to come up with like $100 bucks for a flight to make content. Like how much begging has it taken them both to finally make it happen? If Shayna had the extra cash laying around, they would have just done it. It's classless as hell to beg for every single one of your expenses while pretending you can support yourself financially. And if she really fucks up? "Cancels" herself further? She can't just switch to another job. She can't just move to a new country and start fresh. Once you're a whore like her, you're a whore worldwide. People won't forget her antics. And they won't let her forget them. Ever. Her only "next step" is being offline and street walking. I cannot imagine not having a steady check lined up. If I want my $7 coffee I dont have to arrange a date when some old fart who wants to be diapered. Or having to call your mom and dad at 26 years old every month to help with rent? Her life is embarrassing.

No. 1905108

kek code for: nothing interesting is happening in my life.

No. 1905110

>She does beg. Frequently. She literally cannot afford something as simple as a coffee
Wrong. She asks for reimbursements. This is a common thing among sexworkers making even 6/7 figures. I'm not saying she's rich but she's obviously making above minimum wage if she's paying her rent and feeding herself into obesity.

No. 1905111

Making above minimum wage does not mean someone can afford a $7 coffees kek are you retarded? Her monthly expenses in rent alone are like $2500-3000. Add on the minimum amount of food, health and beauty, and her other bills and she is barely scraping by. She is living above her means and CANNOT afford that starbucks honey. She is living month-to-month and if she didn't beg for the coffee she wouldn't be able to afford it.

No. 1905113

Interesting take. Most whores in the 6/7 figure flaunt their wealth instead of coming off like a charity case (shayna) because they have actual sugar daddies to ask pay for this basic shit. Or they ask for reimbursement on shit a scrote could actually benefit from like nails, hair, sexy outfits, wigs. Shayna wants to be "reimbursed" for a whopper.

No. 1905114

I also think she can afford all her bills and random cravings, but barely. Hence the begging. She's been doing this shit since she was 18, and now that she does irl sex work she's probably got a few extra bucks. She'll probably keep this up till she's 35 or around there, when you age out of DD/LG sex work or any sex work really.

No. 1905115

Shayna only begs for $7 coffees and whoppers because thats quality of scrote she attracts. It's all her splenda daddies can afford. Whenever she tries to beg for flights, hotel rooms for work, or anything of real value it takes her weeks or months to gather the funds. No one actually cares and lets not forget Shayna is extremely ugly - she must be doing some bottom of the barrel shit (literally) to have any biters IRL. Her pussy looks like it smells SOUR and tastes BITTER.

No. 1905118

they were embarrassing themselves and everyone else

No. 1905132

File: 1695816680891.jpeg (273.17 KB, 1170x853, IMG_5408.jpeg)

No. 1905138

If this fucking idiot touches the poop and spoils the milk… how absolutely retarded do you have to be to even think about dedicating this much of your free time to such a stupid act? If you're still here reading the thread I hope you feel like the utter dipshit you are.

No. 1905162

File: 1695821937574.jpeg (1.15 MB, 1170x1860, IMG_5409.jpeg)

No. 1905164

File: 1695822001496.jpeg (1.06 MB, 1170x1220, IMG_5410.jpeg)

No. 1905169

Monthly payments over pay-per-dump only benefit the moid if there's some sort of advantage. My guess is this is the last minute $500 fuck from awhile ago realizing he can save money and be more demanding about scheduling and zero notice 'dates' if he gives a monthly stipend.

No. 1905187

File: 1695823715226.jpg (355.1 KB, 874x1004, lardtard.jpg)

The smoothing filter she's using makes her face look like melting lard.

No. 1905190

File: 1695824641275.jpg (74.37 KB, 1290x697, Again?.jpg)

But her life is going to great, right? I’m pretty sure she has written this before.

No. 1905197

didn’t she buy those Barbie shoes and was begging for them on twitter but never showed them off.

No. 1905203

I will never get over her eyebrows. I know there’s so much more about her face and overall appearance that sucks but good god those brows trigger me every damn time.

No. 1905207

What kind of place like this is open till 4am?? The latest bars usually close at 2 or 3

No. 1905212

There are some places that do stay open late as fuck, knew some who who came from a fam of ~mob affiliated Italian-Americans~ and their bar had a 5am liquor license. Also some cop bars by me have really late ones. Could just be the time difference from her to where you are tho? Or she posted it a bit later than when she was there idk

No. 1905218

She should start with the wrinkles on her forehead.

No. 1905226

it's a different time zone - it was 1:40am PDT

No. 1905275

i still believe that old lady she's going to aruba with is trying to make her quit smoking weed, lose weight and save money. but shayna is so fat, retarded and greedy she can't

No. 1905282

File: 1695836056173.jpeg (438.83 KB, 750x1179, C50AC2C8-6EFC-4D89-A998-61AD0F…)

ellen and some 14 year old are following shayna on her personal account. why doesn't she block minors? this is like the 3rd or 4th time

No. 1905290

I know anons will think different but 2k monthly from one man must be like hitting the jackpot for shayna. I mean she doesn’t work or do anything requiring thought or effort all day so she’d scoff at the thought of having to work a normal job just to get less than that.

No. 1905297

I feel like this is her actual dad sending her rent money. Isn’t he the only one she just calls dad? There’s no way any man is forking over $2000 as a monthly. If anything this was a one time thing. Still think it’s her real dad paying her rent though.

No. 1905305

It's suspicious because earlier in the thread, anons were speculating about how little money she earns. Then she's suddenly boasting about getting $2000.

No. 1905315

So which is it? She's making under minimum wage or above it? Kek. You say she's making pennies and then turn around and say she's paying her $3000 rent plus stuffing her gullet with sushi and starbucks every day. All this because anon said she's making decent money right now, which will soon pass. I swear 90% of the Shay thread has actual brain rot and fails to follow a simple conversation.

No. 1905319

Shayna may be getting more rn. But her lifestyle barely changes because she probably is in debt, probably has bills and her priorities are always, "get food, pay for some dumb trip, buy alcohol, expensive nails". Its never
>get new furniture
>get hair STYLED
> buy quality clothes
> invest in looks in any way
And I would say a car but..we know that's not going to happen. So to us it's like she can't be getting much and what is she spending it on? I'm convinced she has debts, she's behind on bills constantly. Maybe she has another drug addiction she's hiding, ubers around town. Etc.
She cares even less a out her looks now that she thinks she's made lifelong relationships with John's and freaks.

No. 1905320

I never said she made under minimum wage. Practice your reading comprehension skills before you try to call out others for theirs. I said just because someone makes above minimum wage doesn't mean they can afford the $7 cofeve. Maybe you haven't lived enough life offline, but there are plenty of people like Shayna who can't afford it but want it anyways - so she begs. She's basically "house poor" except she doesn't have any equity because she rents, kek. Nobody is saying she is poor, we're saying all her money is tied up in bullshit and therefore she is barely scraping by. She has to beg for shit because after she pays all her excessive bills she doesn't have money for any luxuries anymore. Examples: Begging for coffee money, cutting back on weed cause she can't afford it, etc. Hopefully this was simple enough for you to understand this time. She is not like other s/w "in the 6/7s" who ask for reimbursement. She legitimately cannot afford it unless she begs. If she moved home, or into an apartment she could afford and actually bought groceries she'd be fine.

No. 1905329

I think the disconnect comes from Shayna coping hard over her life choices by pretending like she's some boss bitch who made a better career choice than those who chose honest work. Each year it gets more depressing as she gets a year old but stillcompares her "job" to a teenager's first go working at Burger King. There is obviously going to be a stark contrast between those tweets and the multiple daily tweets where she catalogues every single calorie she puts in her guzzle than extends her hand with a retarded "CASH NOW." between burps. I'm not sure who other nonas follow in the scene, but the majority of sex workers I've come across on social media don't beg in the same way Shayna does. You don't even have to look far. Do you see Kiki or the dogface emo girl with more followers asking their scrotes daily like Shayna does? No. Most career-whores don't need the basic shit covered and just ask people to re-imburse actually expensive items (luxury brands, high end electronics to improve their work, luxury vacations and hotels, etc) or they are "survival" sex workers who are begging for medical care or money to escape bad situations. Shayna literally wants every single thing paid for by someone else yet never has any extra money to show for it. She is living the same lifestyle as a girl in college with a part time job.

No. 1905331

I wonder if car-daddy is gone? Is he the one who broke it off with her because he liked her too much (lol). I don't see her bragging about driving around anymore.

No. 1905343

she makes over 3k usd a month from OF if she's still in the top 4% or whatever it was.

No. 1905353

I thought she lived with Ellen? Does she have another "gf"? Or is she still trying to be ~mysterious~

No. 1905355

aaand so long $2k KEK at least is not pink crap this time

No. 1905356

Nona as someone who saw porn when I was way too young and it ruined my psyche and haunted me for many years, DO NOT DO THIS. There is NO way to guarantee that will not fall into the hands of a child. If you don't give a shit about that, then think about how it could come back to bite you. If you get caught (you will), you could get in trouble for distributing pornography to minors OR recklessly creating conditions where children could be exposed to pornography. Besides, Shay is an exhibitionist, all you are doing is helping her out by enacting this retarded plan. Are you trying to drum up business for her? Please touch grass.

No. 1905363

Do you really think she spent 2k at that barcade KEK maybe $50 max. I bet she was out trying to find more clients.

No. 1905365

Are you new? She never lived with ellen

No. 1905366

isnt it also possible that she's just straight up lying and using some fake message generator site to make her scrotes pay more than they would've? maybe she tells them "oh you saw my usual rates but for you ill give you a discount of ___" and fools the moid and herself into thinking its something special

No. 1905381

I wouldn’t be at all surprised if this was the case, she makes up so many stories I just assume that she’s lying more often than telling the truth

No. 1905384

File: 1695849679221.jpg (276.86 KB, 1080x1125, b.jpg)

how many times has she seen this?

No. 1905402

goodness that poor shirt

No. 1905403

her iq must be so low to own all that crap just because it says barbie and haul it all around with her

No. 1905411

damn this is her third time if im not mistaken. i didnt even realize it was still in theaters.

No. 1905432

But that's the big question, is she still making that much money on OF? She makes less content and hardly ever promotes the content that does she upload there. It seems like she's given up on it being a major income source.

No. 1905458


Bless you for this nostalgia, nona. Brandon Quinn was chef's kiss

No. 1905464

File: 1695857596753.png (1.53 MB, 1280x1438, Tweet.png)

> bouncy boobies in the uber
> call it a boober

No. 1905469

File: 1695857780622.mp4 (1.85 MB, 1280x720, 01.mp4)

The road seems bumpier than Shayna’s legs.

No. 1905470

File: 1695857813489.mp4 (1.58 MB, 1280x720, 02.mp4)

No. 1905478

god you can really see just how dead her hair is here, she needs to get a trim ASAP…

No. 1905496

File: 1695862914664.gif (947.87 KB, 250x208, IMG_5789.gif)

Ok this is all I’ll say so we don’t shit up the thread but HEHE I was hoping there would be one nonna who knew the show. He basically gave me my Werewolf thing by being so cute on that show. Maybe I’ll go post about it somewhere in /ot/ or /m/ lmao here’s a gif for u tho u lil darling

No. 1905526

her last bleach job didn't do anything except fry her hair.

No. 1905547

The skinniest thing on her is her braids lmao

No. 1905564

did she seriously bring unopened barbie-branded cosmetics and hair clips with her to see the barbie movie (for the third time in theaters) just because it has the logo on it? the shayna autism tinfoil growing more viable

No. 1905572

Her braids look like nasty thin clumps of hair stuck in a drain wtf is she on… Never seen someone so unsexy in my life

No. 1905573

her tits are lumpy and it really bothers me

No. 1905600

File: 1695875673169.png (258.98 KB, 1293x562, El internet las cría y lolcow …)

Cows colliding. I love how the lolcow Twitter whores have made themselves a little support network. Shayna has also interacted with Ariana and Mickey.

No. 1905695

I wonder if that anon thought shayna bought the pinball machine kek. There are truly some specimens ITT

No. 1905791

Her hair is so fucking nasty, shower you filthy bitch.
Hilarious how the necrotit is still solid as a rock
Beaky would NEVER stoop so low as to interact with Shaynus but I seriously hope for milk regardless.

No. 1905795

Exactly, anons forget her trying to crowdfund her $400 hair appointment that didn't even get to half the goal and begging daily for Noodle's vet expenses that she attempted to guilt trip at the highest degree. Shayna's begging, whether they're reimbursements or not, do more harm than good for her business. Her coomers are over the BS, hence the FSSW. I'm curious what she'll do financially for the Aruba trip.

No. 1905848

this is my tinfoil

No. 1905854

does anyone remember a few threads back shayna had a "friend" that was constantly taking her and noodle out to the woods and then to starbucks? and that suddenly stopped. that was so weird

No. 1905872

fucking kek. i wouldnt put it past her buying one to impress some passing john-of-the-week. might actually fill up that barren moneypit she calls an apartment.

No. 1905935

File: 1695932760198.jpg (518.05 KB, 1080x1148, 3rd.jpg)

She looks worse with each visit to the movies

No. 1905936

File: 1695932810327.jpg (463.33 KB, 1536x2048, 20230928_162509.jpg)

No. 1905938

File: 1695932906905.jpg (364.77 KB, 1536x2048, 20230928_162511.jpg)

No. 1905940

Looks like she gained the weight she lost back with 25% going to her face. She looks so puffy and swollen.

No. 1905951

nearly 30 year old woman carrying a stuffed toy around for the aesthetic. she is soooo embarrassing. truly retarded

No. 1905952

Extremely tacky.

No. 1905957

I know it gets said all the time but it's true, she legitimately looks like a special needs adult that escaped the group home. Dry, damaged hair crudely put up in a child's hair style, clothes that are clearly too small makes her look like her intellectual functioning isn't high enough for her know how to dress appropriately and she looks nearly 40 while carrying a plush toy.

No one is looking at her and thinking "wow what a sexy kinky bimbo", they're thinking "wow what a retard" and probably avoiding getting too close to her.

No. 1905959

I'll never get over the way she poses her legs kek

No. 1905967

Nah she just looks like a crackhead who stole some kids stuffed animal. A special needs adult would probably have better fitting clothing and easier to manage hair styles

No. 1905970

this is possibly the most actual retard photo she’s ever posted >>1905957 I would 1000000% full honesty believe if I saw this IRL that this is someone who is special needs. The cross eye on top pulls this together.

No. 1905976

File: 1695937431873.jpg (873.81 KB, 1080x1776, Screenshot_20230824_232040.jpg)

>the most actual retard photo she’s ever posted
She is yet to beat this one anon

No. 1905980

fucking kek. You’re right, the tiny purse really brings it all together. I wonder what “ Barbie outfit 4 “ will bring us. Maybe some pink Lincoln log stilts

No. 1905997

File: 1695940521507.jpeg (53.99 KB, 519x543, IMG_0989.jpeg)

The outfit, the shitty shoes, the awful hair, how fat she looks really is giving Jennifer Coolidge from legally blonde doing the bend and snap/Florida vibes; picrel

No. 1906002

File: 1695941171831.jpeg (412.09 KB, 1536x2048, 1691179391671.jpeg)

Reminder of the first time she went to see the movie
It really seems to bring out her inner sped.

No. 1906014

Not the lint covered dirty microfiber sandals she wore to a pedicure appointment. How very un-Barbie

No. 1906015

I never realised how crooked her teeth were before this. She really is physically unfortunate in every way.

No. 1906034

Don't do Jennifer Coolidge dirty like that nona.

No. 1906036

She could level up a lot with some dentistry and botox for her wrinkles instead of blowing all her money on useless shit.

No. 1906038

She wishes kek

No. 1906057

I think the character Jennifer is playing is supposed to be tacky dressed and white trash, I didn’t mean to do Jennifer dirty kek

No. 1906075

This looks like a middle aged sissy troon

No. 1906083

File: 1695951317534.jpeg (333.48 KB, 750x446, E47FFE91-A2BA-4E04-B711-BCAA06…)

No. 1906093

how many empty calories and saturated fat will she be shoveling into her mouth this time?

No. 1906096

The entire outfit is a shein knockoff of moschino. not that better sewing and less shitty fabric redeem the ugly design but. If she's such a spoiled bimbo brainlet why can't she get one of her pedophiles to buy her the actual outfit? no doubt the johns would probably not pay her in cash if they're wasting money on actually expensive crap, and she can't have that.

No. 1906113

Love that she reposted it and removed the "gf" part. Wonder why kek

No. 1906124

She reposted to add the Ellen mention. iOS notifications display in reverse chronological order. Look at the timestamps.

No. 1906132


I really hope Ellen has post notifications on.

No. 1906150

sorry if this is spoonfeedy but would Ellen really care? i thought she was Shayna's glorified pimp and both are using each other as a clickbait "gf" to lure other moids in

No. 1906164

I think this is actually part of the reason why Shayna doesn’t beg for valuable items. She looks at the money spent on a luxury item and all she can see is all the drugs, alcohol and greasy food she could have spent that on. It’s one of those “is she wanted to, she would” things. Shayna has always been white trash at heart even if people think her parents are loaded. I wonder what influence she was exposed to growing up that made her so trashy?

No. 1906168

i think she loves going so much because its a “safe space” for her to wear her ugliest pink trash outfits without people her giving her their usual dirty looks while she acts like a total tard with Ellen. People probably even give her high-5s or compliment her just because it’s a trend to wear pink to see Barbie.

No. 1906175

File: 1695967213691.jpeg (430.05 KB, 750x1093, F9C556DA-F20C-43FD-8BE8-956BB3…)


No. 1906183

File: 1695967762651.jpeg (85.04 KB, 1125x583, IMG_2148.jpeg)

No. 1906202

The fact that she constantly uses her porn name in real life outings outside of maybe degen conventions is peak retardation. Like yea ok don't tell your johns your government name but maybe come up w a believable alias to protect your privacy since your whole life is a "dolly mattel" google search away? Girl how fucking careless are you

No. 1906223

maybe she just has bad taste anon lana del rey's parents are literally Mad Men loaded and she is white trash at heart

No. 1906238

so is she responding to >>1905297 ? sad that her last remaining boundary seems to have vanished.

No. 1906245

That’s why it’s always to me when the other degenerates who try to “cancel” her call her “classist”, everything about her is so gauche. I don’t think she even understands what luxury is. You can be dirt poor and still be elegant and “classy” but it takes talent to be privileged and willingly live like someone who has never left their Appalachian trailer park

No. 1906248

What boundary?

No. 1906374

Not to wk but for a fatty in a skirt who's probably drunk and high at the same time this isn't that bad of a bowling score lol

No. 1906396

Shay desperately tries to utilize her tumblr humor for these scrotes, but fails to realize that scrotes enjoyed this when she was a teenager and they could fetishize her age & size. Now that she's a full-fledged woman, the cute "bimbo" aesthetic and humor does not work and just serves as a reminder that scrotes only liked her when she was a literal teenager.

No. 1906407

lunch lady arms really came through on this bowling score kek

No. 1906471

she deleted this.

No. 1906484

Shaynus' single hidden talent is yeeting things. Incredible. She chucked that axe a week or so back and hit center and now shes bowling spares. Her hamhock arms give her an advantage kek

No. 1906501

File: 1696015109766.jpg (382.98 KB, 1080x1766, w.jpg)

No. 1906502

File: 1696015158923.jpg (Spoiler Image,214.98 KB, 1169x1629, 20230929_151730.jpg)

attached image

No. 1906507

do we think shes still off the weed?

No. 1906516

What the hell is going on with her skin?? I know anons have always said she doesn’t know anything about skincare but damn

No. 1906520

File: 1696016706861.jpg (712.9 KB, 1080x1499, Screenshot_20230929_154442.jpg)

No. 1906523

Oh my god how many times have they gone to that aquarium already, they must know the names of every single fish by now

No. 1906533

Imagine paying to have square boobs…

No. 1906537

she's serving miss trunchbull realness
inb4 seafood boil post a few hours later

No. 1906538

wow the redness on the left tit doesnt look good at all. i thought it was a shadow at first. gnarly.

No. 1906543

She’s got some bad acne going on on her face

No. 1906557

File: 1696021940300.jpeg (599.05 KB, 1170x1106, IMG_5443.jpeg)

No. 1906560

Well it's not very ~uwu baby bimbo~ to win your Daddy at something. Her johns are total losers already.

I was wondering this too. Is it a stoner thing? To watch beautiful fish swim while being high.
Or are they seeking arrangements?
Maybe this is their only date place that doesn't serve alcohol so Ellen can enjoy sober Shayna.

No. 1906562

I'm not even surprised she gets the worst and neediest moids, what does she even expect? These dudes can't have normal relationships with women, that's why they pay for them (and because they probably have weird fetishes)

No. 1906566

why would she not post this on her personal account. jfc she is just as retarded as her autistic johns

No. 1906570

I'm wondering if Ellen gets off on people thinking that she's Fat Shat's tard wrangler. The hog always wears the most sped tier outfits when she goes out with Ellen and they generally go out to family friendly attractions.

No. 1906576

It’s almost like guys who pay for sex are disgusting creeps who don’t treat women like people and feel entitled to our bodies as a product. Her posts lamenting about prostitution in any way are so stupid, any person can tell you about these guys, you have no more intel being a pro whore than someone with a brain.

No. 1906582

File: 1696025232296.jpg (363.05 KB, 1080x1181, whore2.jpg)

she continued adding onto those tweets.

No. 1906583

Kek can't wait for her to drop texts trying to shame this dude nobody knows and who is probably her john

No. 1906584

File: 1696025850577.jpeg (183.21 KB, 828x1234, FCA3F0BA-2B44-4F7E-B179-DD49F4…)

Old screenshot from last thread but I wonder if it's this guy.

No. 1906591

absolute kek it definitely has to be this moid >>1906584 she just can't help herself, but a mess of a life.

No. 1906596

She’s really in her feelings about this fucking guy kek welcome to the male species where they emotionally dump on anyone without reason as if they’re 12 fucking years old. Imagine dealing with this bs from an ugly old moid.

No. 1906603

Holy kek, she definitely caught feelings feelings for this moid. Imagine being a prostitute and thinking you're in real relationships with these men.

No. 1906605

why is she talking about a john like he's her boyfriend?

No. 1906608

Ironic coming from someone who acts like johns are her boyfriends and desperately wants a real relationship with a dude shes attracted to to do those things with kek

No. 1906612

>inb4 seafood boil post a few hours later
kek nona, I was going to say that same thing. It’s fucking insane how Big Shaynus and Ellen Degenerate have a giant banquet consisting of 57 different species of aquatic creature right after going to the aquarium. The fact that she does the exact same activities (aquarium, barbie movie) save for when she’s out with her Splenda coomers gives some credence to the autism tinfoil (though personally I think it’s just retardation and lack of personality)

No. 1906618

Lack of personality. Shes a miserably boring person. She lives by Seattle and Ellen drives. I feel like theres so many cool venues and bars and activity places she could check out. Yet its always the aquarium. Speaking of venues this bitch also has such basic and boring music tastes, you never hear her talk about local shows or otherwise unless its some concert someone else bought her a ticket for and even then its rare.

No. 1906634

I know right, Seattle is known for its music scene, living the life she does in the area she does is so bleak. She should have stayed in buttfuck nowhere and not have to live beyond her means. Absolutely retarded.

No. 1906656

File: 1696034528437.jpeg (125.96 KB, 750x477, IMG_4232.jpeg)

No. 1906657

File: 1696034558439.jpeg (227.65 KB, 750x667, IMG_4231.jpeg)

No. 1906665

Bowling league saga would be so elite—Big Shaybowski…

No. 1906669

>cue all those tweets of her wanting to be abducted and raped

No. 1906673

A rape fantasy is not conjunct with reality in any capacity. Women with rape fantasies do not actually want to be raped. The fantasy is still controlled completely in their heads and they decide when it starts, how far it goes, and exactly when it ends. It's gross that she posts that to pander to men but dont act like she's "asking for it"

No. 1906677


felt unsafe? but this is how all your 'totally legit' fantasies start off!

No. 1906681

File: 1696037029558.jpeg (463.37 KB, 750x1092, EBFEA909-3A69-4575-A358-502700…)

unloveable? shayna they are johns paying you for sex

No. 1906682

What kills me is this is the job she chose. The job is pretending to care about moid bullshit and fucking them in exchange for money. Shayna makes it so obvious she hates her uwu girlboss sex work yet is too proud to just suck it up and find meaningful employment.

No. 1906685

So much for being more “elusive”. She could have at least posted it on her sidesperg account, I’m sure her johns/prospective johns love reading this shit. Never change, Donny

No. 1906688

Let’s not forget that her parents have offered her FREE EDUCATION AND HOUSING, like how fucked in the head does one have to be to choose this over that?

No. 1906689

It’s a fantasy in your own head but it’s not a fantasy when you make graphic tweets about wanting it to happen to you, directed at any male who happens to read and fill in the blanks themselves. It’s just crazy to post about wanting to be abducted and raped and essentially murdered but when one little sketchy thing happens irl and you freak.

No. 1906690

> just calling themselves an asshole & saying they're not worthy of love is actually what's making them unlovable.
Why doesn’t she think this is perhaps a brief and fleeting moment of self awareness? Of course it could also be a case of the man trying to illicit pity, but even then, if he’s not reassured there is probably a kernel of truth to his statement. It’s wild to me that she never thinks “maybe some of these men are truly broken” (at the very least!)

No. 1906693

Exactly, regardless of whether it’s a fantasy she’s actively posting about it, no woman with any sense behaves like this because they know what moids are like. She’s literally asking to be assaulted, whether she means it or not is immaterial where pornsick, degenerate scrotes are concerned

No. 1906694

ayrt here is the thing, rape "fantasies" fall in only 2 categories: 1. for self-harm disguised as coping and 2. for scrotal attention. Shayna does it for scrotal attention and sometimes money, while doing this she is helping and aiding in the normalisation of engaging in said "fantasy". Which, regardless of how anyone feels about it, it ends in women getting abused, regardless of "consent" . Can you imagine the type of moids that want to "help" a woman "fulfil" her "fantasy" of getting raped? One of the most violent and perverse act known to humanity? An act that is used in war for controlling and demoralising both moids and women, an act that leads people to suicide because the pain it inflicts is too much to bear, an act that is perpetuated on women almost freely as not society, nor the justice system, or the family unit, hell even friends and colleagues, give a fuck. I'm not saying she is "asking for it", I'm saying that "cuz u like to play the rape n' torture victim for funsies and monies u better not come crying after one of the most horrendous crime on earth happens to you, hog".

No. 1906710

calling only her actual father "dad"

No. 1906711

jfc no one is forgetting when you keep posting this every other day. Autistic college-chan, can you stop? Nerd.(infighting)

No. 1906712

No. 1906713

Dude she legit has an infection in that boob. Thats what mine looked like when I had mastitis…why is she not getting it checked out?? Its gotta hurt so bad…

No. 1906726

underrated comment

No. 1906735

DollHaus more like the DudeHaus

No. 1906742

maybe she can’t afford to since she’s no longer on her parents’ insurance and hasn’t mentioned getting it for herself.

it hurts to look at; could not imagine taking/posting pictures like nothing is wrong.

No. 1906743

Gave me a good kek

No. 1906756

>>1906665 someone needs to make this the next thread pic

No. 1906757

I mean, it’s the uber driver, doesn’t it make sense that he would want a clear direction? Like how did that conversation even went?
>so ma’am, where are you going?
>iM goin’ to my friend’s house lol
>…Where are you going?
>… to my friend’s house
>… and where is that?
>I-I have to leave now!!!111!!11

No. 1906771

Ngl I thought the same thing but didn’t comment because I know some drivers can be sketchy and didn’t want to give benefit of the doubt. And then her acting like it’s strange he parked. Like yeah he’s working and probably needs to find another person to pick up since you canceled? I used to get rides home at night after work and had drivers both men and women watch me walk up to my house or sit in the driveway while they choose another ride.

No. 1906830

Lol. You don’t even know who you’re replying to, Nona. Maybe you need to go back to school! But seriously, who the fuck wants to live with their parents at 26 after they’ve been out of the house since 18? I know Shayna’s life is a mess, but I think she sees that as the ultimate failure.

No. 1906855

Crazy that she had a more active social life in Bumfuck OK when she would regularly go bar hopping with or without Fupa.

No. 1906860

Honestly. They always ask where youre going (for some reason? Like its right on their gps) and, for example, ive said ___ bar and they sometimes ask where thats at. Like what part of town or whatever so they can see if its familiar and it makes it easier to navigate if they have a general sense of where theyre taking you. And yeah if you just abrubtly wanna get out, theyre gonna wonder wtf is wrong with you and maybe even see if youll be ok or just look for their next pick up while parked.
I feel like she overreacted as usual. Her interactions irl are so weird and usually exaggerated or fully fake.
But yeah tbf there can be weirdo drivers.

No. 1906872

File: 1696077971577.gif (8.01 MB, 500x551, 5455D0DD-FFF5-4161-9A09-ADCD78…)

Probably just wanted to make sure she got home safe to her parents because he thought she was underage, he was a daddy who wanted to protect his dolly.

No. 1906888

It sounds like it is "their thing" which honestly, good for Shay. The aquarium is in a part of town with tons of attractions, shops, dining, etc so they're probably making a day trip out of it. A visit to the Aquarium could only be an hour or two, followed by wandering around Pike Place Market (where they throw the fish, it's the other thing in pop culture about Seattle besides the Space Needle, rain and Starbucks) and then dinner.
There's other options they could go to, but 'tism be 'tism.

No. 1906891

File: 1696081855137.jpeg (Spoiler Image,583.4 KB, 1170x1078, IMG_5466.jpeg)

No. 1906897

File: 1696082589709.jpg (92.39 KB, 981x392, 446.jpg)

The cycle continues

No. 1906898

File: 1696082685411.jpg (427.13 KB, 1080x1568, Screenshot_20230930_100434.jpg)

No. 1906899

Even so, Jen has a job at a nail salon and a backbone when she stands up to her shitty ex and gets her dog back. Shayna could never KEK she would have let Fupa keep Noodle if he wanted to and just cried about it on Twitter.

No. 1906900

File: 1696083100384.png (948.46 KB, 1104x794, shroll.png)

She's morphing into a troll doll.

No. 1906901

I know this isn't out of the ordinary for her since she has no boundaries with her 'clients', but it still cant believe she's sad posting like a teen about a john.

No. 1906907

>acting heartbroken over a crusty old john who bought you gas station sushi and leggings in exchange for sex
KEK never change donny

No. 1906916

It’s almost as though men will lie to get what they want, who would have thought

No. 1906936

She’s viewing prostitution as her avenue for dating and getting a boyfriend- men paying her for sex is potential courtship to her. This is so fucking warped and sad.

No. 1906937

There’s so much more to Seattle that they could go to. For example, I visited earlier this year and know they could go to somewhere like South Lake Union or U district. I guess there’s somewhat more homeless people in the latter area but they are so trashy it wouldn’t bother them

No. 1906944

She keeps posing with her arm covering her nipples because she's already insecure on how they look. Poor Shayna, but not really. Karma came through.

No. 1906947

nice "hazel" eyes kek. Her eyes are so puffy and her upper lashes have been so ruined by cheeap falsies that they look the same upside down KEK

No. 1906953

her eyes are the color of my shit when i'm sickly

No. 1906959

I'm about to alog this bitch is so dramatic and gross conflating her voluntary participation in whoring with lyrics about being trapped in an abusive relationship, this filthy pig needs to stay away from music made in this century I'm about to have an autistic meltdown

No. 1906978

This is cracking me up, is she supposed to have been crying in this? Her nose and eyes are so red all the time from boozing and smoking that I honestly can't tell how this is supposed to be different from her normal look. This also might be the most like Cindy Lou Who she's ever looked (despite her best efforts), with her FAS philtrum and no lips lol. This is approaching Caroline Calloway levels of "I am sad and sexy and sexual and grieving" lmao.

No. 1906994

being upset over romantic woes (or whatever the fuck this is) isn't existential depression, shayna. that's situational depression.

No. 1907002

>he was a daddy who wanted to protect his dolly
If she reads this she's going to track his ass down

No. 1907003

You are not pretty when you cry. You look like a dog. And the constant topless yet hiding your botched nipples pose is pathetic. Talk about keeping things to yourself and being mysterious lol.

No. 1907005

they look very sunken in. probably because of alcoholism.

combined with her eyes being the dullest, flattest shade of brown imaginable, it really makes her look like she has butthole eyes.

No. 1907008

oh my god she’s so dramatic. also just put a fucking shirt already on if you’re that self conscious about your botched tits.

No. 1907015

And she deleted this

No. 1907017

Why isn’t she smoking it anymore? Did her sickness come back?

No. 1907030

most likely. chs doesn't just go away the only way to get rid of it completely is to quit smoking pot. i assume thats why shes decided to quit again she mentioned something a week or so ago about quitting cold turkey. i think thats why shes been so emotional lately. i do think shes off it because her eyes have looked less red lately. probably making up for it by drinking excessively.

No. 1907032

she looks a lot like a leprechaun in this pic

No. 1907034

This is so fucking cringe she's acting like a dramatic teenager over a fucking john. Maybe her johns would stick around if she was more desirable and not so desperate and easy. Im not gonna wk a porn sick moid that pays for sex but holy shit she can never see shes at least part of the problem and that getting so emotionally and weirdly invested in prostitution and going out with johns is wack as hell.
It's sex and superficial companionship for pay. Nothing more. If youre desperate or arent what they want, theyll move on.
At least they paid. Some whores get ripped off.
Its annoying af that Shes acting hurt for being used and tossed aside by some loser scrote when thats literally what is the "job" of prostitution. If youre "good" at it you can keep regular johns, but im sure even whores on their game have johns that fuck around once or twice then bail. Its like these dudes only want sex and validation so wild
Also Im sure posting all this emotional instability and moid blasting will help her draw in more committed johns!

No. 1907057

This is the first Shayna pic that made me cackle out loud, all this over a fucking John?! Imagine taking a picture of yourself crying and naked with crusty ungroomed dog hair next to edgy song lyrics. Like what is the thought process there.
You're right, it's unbelievably cringe. She can't keep a single coomer to save her life. It makes me wonder if how she acts IRL can scare Johns away too, like when she embarassed herself in front of Fupa's friends that one time

No. 1907066

File: 1696107665504.jpg (286.89 KB, 1080x1015, Screenshot_20230930_170030.jpg)


No. 1907077

Shopping date to Ross and JC Penney for anything with a Barbie logo on the package

No. 1907086

Listen up, my-parents-couldn't-afford-my-education nona…they don't teach you how to navigate image board sites at University. I forgive your poverty and ignorance.

No. 1907099

Seattle is also an extremely dangerous city with defunded police and it’s not safe to go to those places, especially if they are near where CHAZ was.

No. 1907104

…No it's not.

No. 1907105

Tons of people go out in Seattle all the time without any problems. If Seattle is so dangerous to the point that Shayna can’t go out she should move somewhere else

No. 1907106

What a weird sheltered/privileged life you must have lived to think that Seattle is unsafe kek. It has homeless and some crime just like everywhere else. Thousands of people still go out to see music and have fun.

No. 1907107

The nonnies at the shaynatorium are so talented yall

No. 1907111

LMAO as if this fat sped even knows the meaning of the word “existential”

No. 1907113

The alcoholic nose, nonexistent lips and eyes like pissholes in the snow, this heifer is so fucking ugly, inside and out

No. 1907118

Fucking kek. Seeing all the comments here about her nasty, beady little rodent eyes looking like literal shit must make her seethe so hard. It’s probably why she did the whole “what colour are my eyes uwu I think they’re green uwu” fishing for compliments cringe recently

No. 1907119

File: 1696112964430.jpg (124.76 KB, 1300x953, common-black-rat-rattus-rattus…)

she truly has the eyes of a rodent

No. 1907122

if the big shaybowski image isn't next threadpic i will riot. i made this thread, if no one steps up i'm definitely choosing it for next thread

No. 1907123

I just made a joke and didn’t mean to offend, but I’m not the college anon, so you’re really the ignorant one. You still don’t know who you’re replying to.

No. 1907124

nonna please do!

No. 1907154

Nah the Doug one is better

No. 1907155

not really they didn't even show the whole meme in the edit so its not that funny…

No. 1907158

File: 1696119838038.png (1.54 MB, 956x1182, Donny.png)

Here anon are you happy now

No. 1907159

Giving PT

No. 1907176

pls someone put it in the BIMBO sweatshirt

No. 1907179

File: 1696128973348.jpeg (202.57 KB, 750x504, CCF10F40-8B40-4D1B-AAD0-80B54B…)

any guesses what overpriced ugly stuff she got?

No. 1907184

I honestly don’t get why she’s sharing this info. Who is this for? Us?

No. 1907186

why does she think going to the mall in 2023 and getting food from the pseudo fancy mall sushi restaurant is something to brag about? bored teenagers don’t even actually shop at the mall anymore, there’s no good stores and hasn’t been for a while. malls are dead. she has the mindset of an early 00s teen, and she would unfortunately take that as a compliment. the fucking mall is luxury sugar baby standards for her. this bitch must really hate herself.

No. 1907191

she needs to STOP bringing all her johns back to the fucking apartment, this is just trouble waiting to happen.

No. 1907194

She said they are going to his place (this time)

No. 1907196

Like that’s any better, she’s got a fucking death wish (unless she’s telling Ellen who she’s with and where she’ll be)

No. 1907197

nta but I don't think ellen would be of any help kek

No. 1907239

Do sugar babies usually brag about fucking their clients/“daddies”? Shaynus is heinous.

No. 1907251

replace sugar dad with "a stranger" on all her posts and you can give yourself the heebie jeebies

No. 1907268

I've seen multiple sugar babies show up in things like Dr Phil and a lot of "ooh look at these people and their crazy lifestyles" type documentaries and the ONE thing sugar babies consistently brag about is how they don't have to fuck their sugar daddies. The goal seems to be "I'm so hot and cool that men pay just to be seen with me n spend time with me, I'm not like u hoes"

No. 1907276

While possible for a man of normal strength, the soyboys that she has as clients would probably struggle to contain two large overweight women without the use of weapons.

No. 1907286

Overweight doesn't equal physically strong particularly when it comes to women. A short slender man can easily take out a taller, fatter woman. Weight alone does however make a body harder to dispose of after a murder.

No. 1907290

exactly, they have weak knees and are easily winded

No. 1907326


If any of the nasty scrotes she has shown on her twatter ate soy they wouldn't look so vile. Those are junk food and artery-clogging animal product scoffing down ~boys~ at best.

No. 1907330

File: 1696173206282.jpg (1.11 MB, 1600x3194, MYXJ_20231001111031693.jpg)

there's been documentaries on sugaring shit, esp as it's done on sites like seeking arrangement and ashley madison. Commonly involving college aged girls and much older predators. The scrotes get off on these women wearing the most uncomfortable feet-ruining shoes with them to grody parties and in some cases will take them to these parties because they have a shit ton of other women being exploited to show them that they can easily be replaced. So there is definite pressure to do sexual shit so you don't lose that source of income.And women who have had enough luck that they were able to do something else did not speak of the experience as a positive, It is obvious that it makes all the women involve feel like pieces of meat. the kind of scrote who is attracted to this shit is by default an exploitative,rapey creep. much like every other sexpozzer freak out there nowadays.

I would find it hard to believe that this isn't another name for an escort. It absolutely is and considering the amount of times that Shay talks about sex w her johns, this is literally just prostitution but with extra stipulations. "It only took x to make him cum" is insanely telling, first off. Shayna is too dumb to not out the encounters as transactional on her social media despite insisting that she's not an escort on her site.

I'm curious as to who would pay $300 a week to talk to such a vacuous, uggo idiot. I came across that video where she supposedly applies makeup (Why is it paywalled?) and she gives the most aggressive mean girl vibes. Do scrotes get off on sexually abusing the girls sho bullied them in hs? yikes

there's also spelling mistake on her prostitution form. "sesson"

No. 1907335

"gfe experience"…she's gotta make those USD dollars, i guess.

No. 1907344

She prefers cash, so hopefully daddy hit up the ATM machine on the way to their date.

No. 1907346

File: 1696176084441.jpg (512 KB, 667x1000, Untitled.jpg)

she doesn't have to actually work to get her measly few hun in cash whoring, though. Sure the trade off is STI risk, no retirement plan, no security along with fearing for your safety around johns who could easily kill or seriously injure you, lifelong trauma, irreparable damage to your ability to enjoy sex, have a healthy sex life, self esteem, etc but MAKE THAT MONEY HONEY!

No. 1907357

Maybe she really is a tard, she's got tard strength even though the most exercise she does is contort her fat into something "appealing" for Twitter selfies and onlyfans content

No. 1907375

Seattle nona here, there are definitely areas that are more dangerous than others and it can be extremely dangerous. CHAZ/CHOP was on Cap Hill which actually is a pretty nice neighborhood. White Center had more murders per capita than Detroit last year, so yeah parts of it are super fucking violent and dangerous, especially for women. It's not 1996 anymore, Seattle isn't the hopping music scene it once was, now it's mostly techies and homeless people.

No. 1907377

File: 1696183976534.jpg (469.12 KB, 1080x1017, Screenshot_20231001_140822.jpg)

>$600 shopping spree

No. 1907378

File: 1696184070731.jpg (300.3 KB, 1536x2048, 20231001_141324.jpg)

No. 1907380

guess and VS are what middle school girls around here get as gifts from relatives.

and she looks like she's been crying. so spoiled….

No. 1907381

what the fuck is going on with those bottoms? I'm guessing the dangling straps are supposed to attach to stockings or a garter or something, but why is there a big wad of black lace shoved between her cheeks? Also I love how you can tell exactly how old her johns are by how they want her to dress up. This one clearly jacked off to madonna in high school. Also nice job quitting weed shay, I can totally tell by your bright, clear eyes that you're suuuuuuuper sober!

No. 1907385

Meh, carrying around extra weight all the time is basically like 24/7 strength training. It's part of why fat people lose weight so much faster than thin people, they tend to have more muscle from carrying fat around all the time. Given that Shay bowls consistent spares and her upper arms are massive, I'm guessing she's actually pretty strong

No. 1907389

Oh boy! Overpriced sweatshop lingerie! So spoiled, I bet it’ll be used well and not thrown in a dirty closet with all the other consumer trash she collects.

No. 1907391

File: 1696184854248.jpeg (Spoiler Image,27.33 KB, 440x583, 1912551016.jpeg)

shes so shamelessly sucking in here its not even subtle. cant even photoshop the gut out she has to stop breathing to look even the tiniest bit like she has a figure. literally just exercise shayna you could take the picture without the contortionist shit.
jeez, no wonder we don't get her camwhoring anymore…

No. 1907399

the only people I've seen in my entire life thinking vs is something fancy are teenage girls. it's cheaply made crap that gives out after 2 washes. these days, the designs aren't even interesting.

the only men who buy it are men who want to buy their wives lingerie but a) are too poor/just don't want to fork out for decent lingerie like la perla or agent provocateur or b) have zero clue about lingerie (understandable for a man ig)

more proof that her sugar daddies are actually just salt daddies

No. 1907405

I love your hatred of non-sensible shoes Nona…wide-spread toe gang.

No. 1907409

i prefer to call em splenda daddies lol

No. 1907411

Ayrt we all know sugar babies are fucking their clients. I said they brag about not having to do it. It's highly unusual for a sugar baby to brag to other sugar babies about essentially being a prostitute when they usually try to pretend they're above whoring because it makes them feel better than other sex workers

No. 1907415

I think you mean WAS a pretty nice neighborhood?
It got torched and never fully recovered.

No. 1907424

Seriously. Maybe have some discretion. I dont think her johns want her sharing every detail and she shouldn't be so openly admitting to prostitution.
She thinks it's a flex but for most people they'd rather just work their normal job, get a paycheck, buy things for themselves
and not have to hang out with and fuck a random gross moid for $600 and some mall trinkets.

No. 1907425

Why do these bags look like they've been edited onto her bed?

No. 1907431

Whats with her face lately? Its like shes been crying a lot and editing(?) it really thin?

No. 1907433

I think it's her expression. She keeps opening her mouth in pictures to lengthen her face and make it appear slimmer.

No. 1907438

Why would we want her to be discreet?

No. 1907443

especially because she's claiming to be a sugar baby. as others have noted, they don't brag about performing sexual acts and many claim that they don't do anything sexual and that these men just pay them to hang out on their yachts for nothing in exchange because they're just sooooo beautiful and magnetic or whatever (kek). it's not something you go shouting about, especially because a lot of these chicks are young women looking for proximity to wealthy men but taking bad anna bey advice that leads them to sugaring. marrying rich 101 includes not disclosing any sex work in your past because rich men looking for wives who make them look better won't want former prostitutes. hence the obvious lies about not having sex with their clients from so many sugar babies. basically it requires some level of discreetness. you're meant to be the beautiful elegant ultimate girlfriend, so not someone who blabs about every detail of getting fucked by various different clients like shay

No. 1907448

The fas philtrum and nonexistent upper lip

No. 1907450

Where the hell did she go shopping at? The local middle-class mall? I think it would probably be better to go to a luxury mall with a Nordstrom and shop there for some quality items and bras that actually fit? Actually I'm pretty sure she went to Westfield Southcenter mall and that mall has a Nordstrom.
Shayna if you actually want to impress us then start hauling actual luxury stuff from the Bravern shops or Bellevue Square.

No. 1907454

Most decent pic she’s taken in a while

No. 1907483

File: 1696198273827.jpeg (577.55 KB, 1536x2048, IMG_5495.jpeg)

What she’s wearing to the aquarium with Ellen. Apparently she still doesn’t own a lint roller

No. 1907485

File: 1696198320038.jpeg (557.65 KB, 1170x1216, IMG_5496.jpeg)

No. 1907486

File: 1696198385970.jpeg (519.91 KB, 1170x1548, IMG_5497.jpeg)

We get it Shay, you wear black

No. 1907487

I am 100% sure this did not happen and she's been reading all the anons here saying how she's always at the aquarium.

No. 1907488

She needs to just lean into the trashy stoner slut angle, she can't pull off anything else.

No. 1907501

how many times does she have to tell this dude she wants him to refer to her as a child? it doesn’t sound like he wants to. she’s such a fucking pedo creep.

No. 1907503

Why is she dressed like a gypsy?

No. 1907508

Shockingly I agree. Her natural hair texture, as not well maintained as it is, suits her FAR better than straightened/crunchy blowout.

No. 1907514

that sweater dress thing is covered in cat fur and dandruff(??) she must REEK

No. 1907520

>gothers day (fathers day)
kek, "mothers day" would fit better

No. 1907527

yeah I don't know how shooped it is or if its edited but she looks great here.

No. 1907528

I don't believe for a second that this was washed. There is so much noticeable lint and animal hair on the dress. Does she even hang or fold her clothes, how does that much shit get on it?

No. 1907554

I think that hair pattern hides grease a lot better than straight hair, especially because hers is obviously quite thin, this style gives it more volume. Why she goes out of her way to choose styles that are objectively terrible on her is beyond my realm of comprehension

No. 1907557

She’s like Tuna, pathological aversion to anything involving soap an water

No. 1907560

Kek not the durag again

No. 1907649

cope harder fatty

No. 1907650

She looks fuckin amish or some shit.

No. 1907659

If this is real (x), he sounds so annoying and demeaning; aswell as completely uninterested in her things bordering on disgusted? Idk

No. 1907674

she couldve gotten some agent provocateur or one of those mini jacquemus bags for 600$ (albeit still tacky) but instead she chooses clearance VS and a guess bag. shayna you will forever be the tackiest person on this earth

No. 1907719


No. 1907730

File: 1696253023750.jpg (237.01 KB, 1050x960, Screenshot_20231002_092330.jpg)

Missing a lot of key info on this list.

No. 1907731

File: 1696253080108.jpg (637.83 KB, 2047x2047, 20231002_092423.jpg)

No. 1907732

File: 1696253204080.jpg (616.14 KB, 2047x2047, 20231002_092426.jpg)

No. 1907733

File: 1696253333195.jpg (699.96 KB, 1536x2048, 20231002_092601.jpg)

No. 1907738

She looks fucking huge, look at those cankles.

No. 1907744

is this not a shein halloween costume dress? It looks so incredibly cheap and retarded

No. 1907747

good lord. she's dressed how I used to dress as a teenager who was on the riot grrl revival part of tumblr in like 2014. except none of the tumblr girlies wore pleather (?) durags with their peter pan collar dresses and docs.

it's honestly kinda jarring to see someone dressed like this in 2023. the tumblr version of kinderwhore/riot grrl fashion hasn't come back into fashion (too recent) so she just looks outdated, like she's stuck in early-mid 2010s tumblr.

No. 1907756

In b4 she starts saying "oh my goth"
This bitch wearing the most basic Ross dress with cheap ass clunky shoes calling herself "goth" is fucking killing me.

No. 1907766

kek >>1906537 called it. seafood boil after the aquarium

No. 1907780

Idk why this bitch think paying rent is an accomplishment when 99% of the population does the same thing lol. The bar is extremely low.

No. 1907782

She is the female King Cobra JFS

No. 1907829

why is she posting random peoples faces on her sex account

No. 1907830


>was cancelled on tumblr numerous times for being a nazi-loving pickme

>voluntarily chose to go to a psych ward because she couldn't handle a breakup
>mooched off a dogfucker and her schizo boyfriend and got kicked out of their home after only a week for being a lazy freeloader
>was never voted for any superlative on ManyVids despite competing numerous years in a row
>turned down free college and housing to suck her own sushi-and-pink-wine poop off of dildos for the delight of actual speds and pedophiles online
>has caught feelings and been rejected by literally all of her old leathery johns
>has thrown 2 giant pink teddy bears into dumpsters

No. 1907838

what the fuck is this sped shit. I'm embarrassed for her

No. 1907849

So that seafood boil is $70 on its own. Add drinks and they probably got appetizers. That's ridiculous and I know anons say "people eat burgers at zoos" but its really not the same level of weird and fucked up as a table full of boiled and buttered sea creatures after the aquarium.
Ot but at the zoo youre not eating zebra steak or pengiun wings. The aquarium and seafood place its literally like they could scoop up a creature you were looking at from the aquarium and cook it up and serve it to you next door lmao thats just weird idc what people say.

No. 1907853

Nobody asked and no she hasnt lived off sex work soley. There's no way her parents haven't helped her with rent and more. And being at the mercy of disgusting moids being interested enough to pay you to degrade yourself so you can hopefully make money is still a fucked up dynamic.
Shes so petty and just wouldnt includer mothers day even though it fit better. But also this ",goff" shit she does i cant fucking stand. When is she gonna listen to goth music and go to clubs for the subculture? She's just gonna keep wearing the cheapest tackiest black clothes and enforcing the retardism of scrotes fetishizing goth and alternative girls with her cringe behavior. You can wear black without making a big deal about it.

No. 1907861

Nta but I totally agree with you, it's really fucked up. The post-aquarium seafood boils and how she neglects her own pets shows that she has zero empathy even in regards to animals. When you think about it, the lack of empathy is super creepy.

No. 1907862

She has nothing to say about her life from 19-26 except living “solely” off sex work. That’s sad and it’s not even true. Also doesn’t speak to the fact she started with just camming and now has to prostitute herself to make ends meet.

No. 1907868

Is her new sugar dad a tranny chaser or something? We all know that all of Shay's personalities are constructed to pander to a specific moid in her life, in this case she's unironically dressing like a tranny:
>shein wednesday addams dress, unwashed and linty
>drag queen level false eyelash game
>tryhard attempt at becoming the "big tiddy goff gf" meme irl
>kawiwi peace sign
>uwu pigtails
>AGP smirk/stank face

No. 1907871

Se's just a fat sow that can't see anything edible without imagining it being shoved down her throat.

No. 1907872

File: 1696277133974.jpg (9.69 MB, 5897x5247, Whistlers_Mother_high_res.jpg)

looks like a spirit halloween "sexy" version of Whistler's Mother

No. 1907892

File: 1696280280094.jpg (346.55 KB, 1536x2048, 20231002_165652.jpg)

Hot dog nails once again

No. 1907893

She looks like she's having fun for once. It's wierdly wholesome…

No. 1907895

ew her cuticles look like they belong to a 70 year old meth head wtf

No. 1907900

It must be a choice that she insists on the ugly color and design but damn thats a shit acrylic job and they absolutely maimed her cuticles. Her whole finger tips look burnt, torn, and dry af. What is even up with that?

No. 1907904

These look like shes used chemicals and dried out her fingers horribly on a set thats already had a week or 2 of grow out. Her nail tech is shit and does her dirty. I hope shes lying about paying $150 or whatever for this kind of shit.
Not to blog but I pay $90-100 with tip for quality and design sets that are done proper. No way would I pay that for that garbage like that. I wonder if she goes to the same place or just tries different low quality salons

No. 1907910

Are you lost? Nothing about this heifer looks "great" or "wholesome."

No. 1907912

underrated comment kek. i've suggested they date before. she could be his of age goth girl.

No. 1907916

Nothing of her nails annoys me more than the miss match between where the tip starts and her jar nail white tip does it’s SO jarring.

I only have short French tips and I’m like: please make it look natural to my nail no matter if I’m going a few mm above my normal bed

No. 1907922

this bitch might be ugly but somehow she’s able to find ugly fucks to pay for her. hee bank account must be frustrating as hell

No. 1907927

I’m in two nail shaming groups and every time someone posts her hot dog nails I get a good kek at the comments. How she doesn’t realize they’re horrendous is beyond me

No. 1907929

sage for who cares, but I know for sure you aren't asian
not judging, nothing wrong with not being asian, just sayin(no1curr)

No. 1907941

wtf happened to her thumb?! Why is it like brown, is it dried blood that pooled in the cuticle then was incased in a layer of clear hard gel? I wanna spew

No. 1907945

It's so baffling how outdated she is with her style. She's chronically online, how is she so oblivious?

No. 1907949

nothing makes me want to a log so much on this whole site than shaynas hotdog nails. it's the fact that she's been told they're horrific. she KNOWS what's wrong with them. and yet not once does she or her nail tech stop and say 'okay maybe this time we can do a nice set of acrylics with some semblance of respect for human nail anatomy.' how many times now has she gotten these shitty ayy lmao nails??? the techs at her nail salon must laugh about her behind her back

No. 1907987

She’s had these exact nails before. I’m convinced she really just get press ons and scams. There’s no way they let her walk out of a salon like this. Her fingers look like shit and they don’t even look like they’re covering her entire nail bed. And they’re always flat. She is absolutely not going to a salon.

No. 1908013

If this is the same John that got her tickets to Depeche Mode, he might just like alt girls and she’s trying so hard to fit into that.

No. 1908025

I wish nail salon deniers would realise there are shitty nail salons and read the previous threads. It has been discussed and she has posted pictures of herself going to and fro said shitty salon(s). Shayna just has shit taste, is obviously trying to save money and her entire life is Groundhog Day.

No. 1908064

shit tastes and refuses to spend money. shaynus absolutely goes to the “super cuts” of nail salons instead of building a working relationship with a tech who gives a shit and would at least try to guide her away from snausage fingers.

bonus round: most of these $25 mani/pedi chopshops engage in human trafficking. fun!

No. 1908088

Not to continue this detail but yeah my Asian Nigel was like “sometimes looking at the fish makes me hungry” all that said unless you’re vegan I don’t think you could make the argument that it’s weird.
I hate every “gothtober” she does she wears the exact same dress I’m surprised it’s even still intact. She looks so ungoth it’s painful. Can’t wait to see the rest of her new black clothes, I’m sure we’ll see the same ones for years to come.(blog)

No. 1908090


Her nails have never look professionally done but these might be the grossest ones she’s ever posted

No. 1908110

I audibly gasped, oh my fucking god

No. 1908114

can you share the comments in the shaynatorium nonny?

No. 1908152

All acrylic/“artistic” nails look tacky and vulgar but I’ve never seen any as abominable as Shayna’s. Actual nails aside, her cuticles look necrotic. I don’t even want to know what her nail beds looks like. Absolutely rancid. I hope the undocumented women responsible for this travesty are having a good laugh at her literal expense

No. 1908178

shayna for the love of god PLEASE find a new nail salon or look up a fucking photo of what a french tip should ACTUALLY look like

No. 1908180

Wtf is up with the cankles and shin fat? Shouldn't they look better now that she's slimming down?

No. 1908199

I have a coworker who taught herself how to do her own nails and they always look 100 times cleaner, creative and cohesive than this abomination of a set shay apparently pays to get done 10 times a year. The fact she has the audacity to flex this shit is mind boggling tbh

No. 1908222

I don’t agree, she posted these >>>/snow/838238 a few years ago and while not “done” these were her nails 10 months ago >>>/snow/1697715 Shayna makes horrendous decisions in regards to everything in her life, nails aren’t an exception >>>/snow/1415747

No. 1908225

File: 1696341076547.jpg (540.65 KB, 1080x1342, Screenshot_20231003-145011.jpg)

when cows collide

No. 1908235

This is why nonas have always been cackling about her 'ruining her body.' You don't just bounce back from that amount of weight gain. A lot of women I know who have lost weight eventually still have chunky arms, candles, back rolls, etc. even if they slim down a lot. Donny really ruined the one nice-ish thing she had.

No. 1908236

it doesn't seem like she's lost any significant amount of weight though. with the holidays coming up, i wouldn't be surprised if she actually starts packing even more on.

No. 1908239

>all acrylic nails look tacky and vulgar
trashynona is that you with new vocab words?

No. 1908291

Idk most aquariums aren't going to display shrimp and lobster (at least they won't have it as a selling point), they display exotic sea creatures you can't eat with ease.

No. 1908310


I mean, she still looks terrible because I don't believe she lost any weight to begin with and she takes terrible care of herself with all the fatty meals and bottomless alcoholic drinks.

No. 1908311

>slimming down
Does anyone actually believe she's losing weight when she constantly posts about getting takeout and not exercising? Add in her alcoholism and no way she's losing weight.

No. 1908314


Omfg jfc those are worst!!

No. 1908328

She may have lost a small amount of weight. I can imagine her being frightened enough to half ass a diet after seeing how huge she is the images from fatcon. I think she may have also become a bit smarter about her angles, posing and editing.

Here >>1907731 she initially looks slimmer because of the pose and because she's wearing black, then you notice the size of her legs and realize that she's still a big bitch. Another possibility is that she's started wearing gunt control underwear.

No. 1908349

At most she puked out a few pounds or waddled harder and more consistently than usual, so she's a few pounds smaller. Shayna kind of fluctuates with her weight, so she'll probably gain like 29 pounds soon enough anyways. I think she's trying to slim down for Aruba, and also she's in black which is slimming

No. 1908360

File: 1696363505980.jpg (275.34 KB, 1079x1131, Screenshot_20231003_160431.jpg)

No. 1908362

How is she not embarrassed about her dried up cracked bloody cuticles. They look so horrible. Wtf give them a rest. Why would you keep getting your nails done when they are bruised and bloody.

No. 1908363

File: 1696363652140.jpeg (735.52 KB, 954x1147, 5110788D-13D3-4331-93AD-5FF8E8…)

Trying so hard to be uwu cute and quirky. She looks old and haggard. Give it up Big Shaynus .

No. 1908364

No. 1908365

i guess nobody is talking about the amounts of $$$ she gets(sage your shit)

No. 1908367

File: 1696363956222.jpg (720.41 KB, 1000x2395, MYXJ_20231003161213042.jpg)

pic of her "poly partners"

No. 1908368

she does call herself a masochist….

No. 1908370

Doing that for $200? That's so embarrassing. She should see the number of overweight findomme women who get Hermes and luxury vacations and shit.

No. 1908373

Ew no fucking way I don't believe it

No. 1908375

first of all - disgusting. second - how do you know for sure?

No. 1908382

First, sage your shit. Shaynus is not making nearly enough money for the amount of stuff she subjects herself to. She has to constantly degrade herself. Even if she became the richest person ever from this, her spirit is and will remain broken. Shayna’s not the type of woman who can handle doing this stuff without being drunk or high, so I (kinda) feel sorry for her (and sorry for you who thinks this is somehow a great thing).

No. 1908385

Those aren’t her partners. That anon is making shit up.

No. 1908407

>doing this stuff without being drunk or high, so I (kinda) feel sorry for her (and sorry for you who thinks this is somehow a great thing).

Personally, everytime I find myself pitying this vile bitch even a little I start to remember, she chose to do this and if she decided to stop the very same day her parents (or mom at least) will allow her to come back to live with them and help her sort her life out. She's not a survival sex worker, she's just a dumb bitch. She deserves every ounce of agony in her life. a-log over

No. 1908421

She has the cuticles of a blue collar moid but she just sits around inside all day scratching her unwashed ass. It makes no sense

No. 1908426

>scratching her unwashed ass
Now that you've said that, it makes perfect sense. She's touching her rancid vag and asshole which is spreading bacteria to her cuticles. She has boils on her pubic mound and genital region, she has chronic assne and acne on her face, now she's infected her cuticles. The disgusting sow is a waddling biohazard.

No. 1908427

this is why she needs to start showering regularly instead of once in a while. preferably with an anti bacterial soap. she's always going to be covered in acne because of all the oils and dead skin cells building up and clogging her pores if she doesn't

No. 1908428

She also needs to do basic shit like wash her clothes and bedding.

No. 1908439

File: 1696373324766.jpg (823.98 KB, 1080x1753, Screenshot_20231003_184813.jpg)

What the fuck is that top

No. 1908442

Based, fake nails are ghetto and dirty
Is the cute sissy the coomer eraser head with the fucked up yellow teeth

No. 1908446

Her cleavage looks like a crusty butt crack.

No. 1908452

What cracks me up about this is that shayna is borderline horrorcow and still racks in more money than kathy. Shay making money and isnt even as nice looking (not pretty, by any means) as kathy.

Would you rather go on a date with a fat pedo pandering literal prostitute? Or a whiney balding bird woman? These men, so lucky. Kek

No. 1908462

If I were a moid going on a sugar daddy date I'd pick Kathy easily. She's annoying and looks dumb in her plastic wig, but Walmart Dita Von Teese would be less embarrassing to be seen with than a retarded bimbo hippopotamus who last bathed three weeks ago.

Plus with Kathy you could at least do something a little entertaining like going to the ballet or whatever else she does. A date with Shay would be getting greasy food or buying her tacky pink shit, then fucking in the corvette.

No. 1908473

Your final sentence convinces me that scrotes would choose that option, too. Low effort shit is right up their alley.

No. 1908474

Exactly. For a woman, Kathy would be the obvious choice, but men are nasty.

No. 1908481

Shayna’s a degenerate slampig, Kathy’s just a frumpy nerd

No. 1908493

File: 1696380699609.jpeg (347.62 KB, 640x807, 81C6F162-35C1-4DB6-8FE4-027774…)

Reminded me of this

No. 1908499


A moid would pick Shayna because she's easier to fuck. The only reason Shayna does better is because she does (the bare minimum) of sex work. She posts her rash gasg and infected tits unprovoked for free all the time. And she'll do even nastier shit for OF and hooking money. Kathy doesn't even post boobs, so scrotes don't care about her. Only other women care about her aesthetic and "femdomme" larp, and she's a woman hating pickme so she doesn't appeal to anyone outside of other pickmes, who definitely won't pay to find her existence.

No. 1908524

File: 1696386177161.jpg (255.41 KB, 1080x840, fake.jpg)

Shouldn't she post this and other things that didn't happen on her seperate account?

No. 1908531

…if this did happen (which it didn't), wasn't he saying she looks like a prostitute?

No. 1908537

This one is just… sad. This isn't middle school shayna, stop.

No. 1908545

Seems like she always talks back to homeless crackhead men who try hitting on her. Idk if this even happened but why does she appear to have such willingness to talk to random moids. Women usually see this type of stuff as unwanted attention and don’t respond to the moid, walking faster to get away if necessary. I guess she was with the sissy scrote but you know that guy wouldn’t protect her if another moid tried something.

No. 1908572

the song isn’t about a prostitute, just the movie

No. 1908578

why is she so insistent about doing weird shit in public

No. 1908585

Is that song even in that movie?

No. 1908592

unrelated but lmao i just got that, in this current shayarc, she wants to be scooped up by one of her johns like the movie KEK

No. 1908601

File: 1696399630005.jpg (436.47 KB, 1638x2048, 20231004_020606.jpg)

>started off october right n went 2 see bram stokers dracula this evening [vampire emoji]

No. 1908602

File: 1696399686262.jpg (349.9 KB, 1638x2048, 20231004_020608.jpg)

No. 1908606

Jesus she looks mtf

No. 1908611

File: 1696403763085.jpg (373.99 KB, 1080x1422, Screenshot_20231004_031336.jpg)

This is exactly why she had a breakdown over Shane Pierre Sonnier of Wichita, Kansas and other scrotes.

No. 1908627

>"just assume after a certain point lol"
this dumbass KEK

No. 1908646

is this the onceler

No. 1908655

Anons you may execute me but she looks great here. She really should wear her hair curly like this more often it looks really good. Also idk if she edited her lips but it seems like she's finally moisturized them.

No. 1908656

In the past three years and through the disasters of Fupa, Soy and Shane, not only has she learned nothing, but her choice of men has gotten worse. Internet boyfriend to porn actor to fellow kinkster to her fucking John. When is she going to realise that her degenerate men of choice will never be the kind of partner she wants?

No. 1908661

>she looks great here
If you have a fetish for fat lunch lady arms I guess.

No. 1908667

>>1908611 vile, the way this is phrased leaves you with the impression that she isn't used to having the frank discussions necessary to be responsibly poly. Wtf she's just getting ran through by people she's not even comfortable enough around to ask "what is this?" Sounds like a breeding ground for disease

No. 1908676

You guys are talking about how stupid this makes her in past relationships without realizing the implication of why she posted this is because tinfoil she’s probably hoping she’s dating her John. She seems to be seeing him frequently and she’s now thinking it’s not a money arrangement as much as it’s moving toward a relationship

No. 1908678

> tinfoil she’s probably hoping she’s dating her John
Save some of that tinfoil for me. I’ll add that this is why she’s been on her Pretty Woman bullshit for a bit now. I just cannot process this level of naïveté. Has it not occurred to her that her John might be “pursuing” her more aggressively so he no longer has to pay for her?

No. 1908688

It's probably all in her head. If her johns see their relationship with her as purely transactional, she's going to frightening them off. Johns aren't interested in having relationships with their whores. They want a girl they can pay for and then dump until next time. She somehow succeeds in fucking up every type of sex work she attempts.

No. 1908690

NTA her hair definitely looks nicer but she's still an ugly, beady-eyed, lipless sow.

No. 1908692

i never really agreed with anons who said shayna looked like a tranny but holy shit she looks so male here wtf was she thinking posting this???

No. 1908711

No it’s deku

No. 1908725

nobody is jealous of how much money she makes, it’s just crazy that she can randomly make $200, $600 and $2,000 doing absolutely disgusting shit or nothing even. how is her bank account like? is she rich? poor? is she on pumpy levels of financially confusing?(sage your shit)

No. 1908726

Well, half of her face is covered here so, I agree. Lol.

No. 1908729

She looks awful when you can see her whole face and body.

No. 1908745

>fat lunch lady arms I guess.
You sound like a moid. Nothing wrong with fat on the arms.
My guess is she likely makes enough to pay her rent, feed herself and feed her pets. However she lives outside of her means (nails, tacky outfits, consumer garbage) so she's constantly stressing about money.

No. 1908746

>>1908725 cancers are sneaky like that, they'll shamelessly beg for a cheeseburger while sat on a nest egg nobody knows about. She almost certainly had the money to cover her return flight home from the fatcon detour to Kiki's, for example. She's never complained about the cost of maintaining a 2br by herself because it's never been an issue. We can tell by her hair, shoes and teeth that she's not rich. But she's nowhere near poor, and never has been - she's got the dusty collection of expensive tech and toys to show for that.

No. 1908748


She's like the average American RN tbh. She makes enough to get by, but having to drop 1-2k on something unexpected would "bankrupt" her for a year or two. She can pay her rent and buy trinkets, but she can't afford to say, buy a new quality couch. Probably would have to put the newest iPhone on a payment plan, etc.. the crazy part is she's changing men's diapers in her bedroom but lives like an average 20 something who works full time at like, target or something.

No. 1908761

Total understood that as nurse and not average American lul

No. 1908766

lmfao, yeah I can see why. Didn't realize my autocorrect had capitalized 'rn' so it reads as resident nurse and not right now.

No. 1908769

>>1908748 burgerlander here but…that doesn't sound right. Where I live full time minimum wagers are barely keeping their head above water whilst renting out a tiny bedroom in a shared house.

No. 1908772

>the ladder

No. 1908775

I thought her dad was giving her an allowance for her rent?

I wonder how much she makes from OF and manyvids. She's unattractive and the content is bad quality so it can't be that much, but it must be enough to afford sushi and whiteclaws

No. 1908776

thats just a lc tinfoil. she said her dad cut her off no? she got that $2000 allowance from a customer, probably the one she's trying hard to latch onto right now.

No. 1908778

correct. minimum wage gets you next to nothing. it's impossible to live on unless you have multiple jobs.

No. 1908790

File: 1696427203927.gif (499.2 KB, 245x138, IMG_8432.gif)

unless her john is frank reynolds i don't think shes gonna have any luck there
i wouldn't say she looks great but that picture is an improvement as it barely shows any of her. her lips are still chapped as hell but appear less chapped, maybe she really has quit smoking.

No. 1908799

what's with the dedicated WK's lately

No. 1908801

She did a good job editing out her crusty face and that’s about alll. lips are still crusty you might need glasses

No. 1908816

I think it’s a troll or one of her friends. But the latter isn’t impossible since we’ve had obvious friends posting in the Shaynatorium like here >>>/shay/164488

No. 1908834

I'm not a troll and definitely not a friend kek.

No. 1908836

It’s okay to have bad taste, nonna. The pic is an improvement but I wouldn’t say she looks “great.”

No. 1908839

just retarded then… tragic

No. 1908842

does anyone else remember when she said goth was a hard limit for her? or wearing black or something

No. 1908844

File: 1696435975918.jpg (657.31 KB, 1592x1305, 1661645981133.jpg)

>Nothing wrong with fat on the arms.
A healthy body fat percentage for women is around 25%. Shayna is closer to 40%. She has minimal muscle mass because she's too lazy to ever exercise which means her girth is almost entirely fat. There is something wrong with it because she is increasing her risk of diabetes and fatty liver disease.

I suspect that her income is highly variable and like a retard she spends any excess money she has on hoarding pink landfill fodder instead of saving it. I don't think she earns enough from OF to sustain herself which is why she has been trying and failing to different types of sex work.

Pic is from august last year when the thread was trying to work out her earnings. IIRC at her peak she had over 2k OF subs, as of august 2022, she was down to less than 330 subs. It's probably even lower now. Notice that she doesn't even bother to shill her OF content on twitter anymore.

No. 1908846

You're brave nona coming here talking like that kek
But fr, black suits her better than pastel piggy colors. Unstraightened noodle hair hides the damage she's done bleaching a bit better too. But the tight faux leather miniskirt is atrocious, especially on her porky body

No. 1908847

File: 1696436603931.jpeg (379.84 KB, 828x820, IMG_1057.jpeg)

I- speechless

No. 1908849

File: 1696436625717.jpeg (161.71 KB, 828x1094, IMG_1056.jpeg)


No. 1908850

I lowkey disagree I know they’re not interested in having relationships with their whores but previous anon is right >>1908678 he’s just posturing for free sex. Some sadistic loser men get off on a total dependent loser woman wanting them. Even if they don’t actually want them. Wish I knew more about the John. >>1908772
Was wondering if I was the only person who noticed this, even when it’s spelled out in the previous post her stupid coomers show how retarded they are.

No. 1908858

We all know shaytaan simp larps for these vile moids but bets the john looks like an even more disgusting fat retard because why the random thirst post usually it’s just her deranged “fantasies”

No. 1908861

Why couldn’t she have used him in his role in Umbrella Academy, in which he was precious (and I hate fat guys)? Of course she picks this one. He was great as Kemper but it’s foul that she is sexualizing or pretending to sexualize one of the scariest serial killers in America. All just status quo for Shat tho I suppose

No. 1908872

or maybe money shayna gets dissipated once it hits her bank. she has to pay rent, expenses, and various other bills. even though she dresses like a broke bitch she somehow has money to buy. she’s either being supported by her parents or she’s not paying for anything

>giant teddy bears

>$60 record player
>expensive seafood
>expensive flights
>sex comic con tickets

plus doesn’t she have a roommate? so she’s most likely paying half on those bills and rent expenses.

No. 1908873

that’s all it takes huh, acting like a baby to get some dude to send you $2k monthly(unsaged + waffling)

No. 1908875

she does not have a roommate, her second bedroom is used for her pedophilic porn “set”

No. 1908895


no wonder there’s a shaynatorium. thanks for showing off your true feelings about shayna, mods! if you’re so obsessed just say so. it’s okay

No. 1908901

Well, let me rectify my statement and say she lives like the average American who managed to land a job that pays 15-20 an hour. Like, the average 20 something small office worker. She's got enough to pay bills and buy cheap bullshit, but if she needed to spend a larg sum of money at once because an emergency popped up, she's fucked and she'll be offering all of her videos at a deep discount whilst e-begging from every angle imaginable. You know, like how a normal person would try to do overtime or pick up a second part-time job.

No. 1908902

You posted back to back within less than a minute and didn't even sage any of your posts. You should familiarize yourself with the board culture and lurk more. Take complaints to /meta/ next time. https://lolcow.farm/info

No. 1908921


No. 1908933

Maybe you should try it then!

No. 1908963

kek I love you adolf admin

No. 1908976

> reads threads, presumably
> thinks all Shayna is doing is goo-goo-ga-ga-ing in her diaper and bonnet
Nothing is stopping you from joining Shayna and all the other degenerate paedophilic content creators, Nona. Just remember, it’s not stable income and definitely not real work.

No. 1908997


No. 1909000

File: 1696461317711.jpeg (255.41 KB, 762x429, Let's Go Ewhores.jpeg)

lmao the e-whores are in town!

No. 1909004

File: 1696461831099.jpeg (769.42 KB, 808x1330, IMG_1060.jpeg)

Imagine being on a diet and drinking shit like this
Anon stop shitting up the thread and take your fucking pills

No. 1909014

>Grande Iced Caramel Macchiato
224 kcal
>Vanilla Sweet Cream
230 kcal
Total - 454

The gunt is going nowhere so I guess we will be entering the impending BBW saga soon enough

No. 1909019

its probably more than that kek i work here and so often our measurements are not accurate because we have to free pour this is probably closer to 600 calories…

No. 1909024


No. 1909027

But she always drinks those types of things and is actually losing weight. I think some people are in denial because BBW Shauna is more entertaining to them

No. 1909034

She is very clearly not loosing weight. In her most recent pictures
Here >>1907731 and here >>1908601
she's still as big as she ever was. In the first image she is leaning forward to hide the gunt only for her big legs to give away her true size and in the second image the cheap plastic skirt is serving as gunt containment.

We will know how huge she is if she ever streams again. I doubt she will because even a low self awareness retard like Shayhog must realize how humiliating her last few streams were.

No. 1909053

Shayna is a degenerate pervert. she is attracted to her own father. this doesn’t surprise me at all

No. 1909059

not even brave enough to admit that she’s just attracted to ed kemper which i absolutely believe given how depraved her fantasies are. probably thinks it’s hot how he murdered, raped, and decapitated his own mother.

No. 1909060

lmfao instead of 2% milk and topping it with vanilla sweet cream cold foam, this heifer subbed sweet cream for milk. vanilla sweet cream is milk + heavy whipping cream + vanilla syrup. plus the milk in this drink already has vanilla syrup added to it. FATASSSSSSS hahahah just admit you hate coffee. also why order it stirred instead of upside down. why is everything she does so stupid

No. 1909062

The way she is attracted to him in this role and prob wouldn’t be if you showed him in any other role is… very likely. She def doesn’t anything about Edmund Kemper outside of what’s in mind hunter. Part of why Cameron got the role was because of his height for sure. They did very well with the casting but also making him look like Kemper. Just. He’s dressed and styled to look like the man, who killed his grandparents, multiple young girls, his mother and her best friend. The interview talked about in mind hunter is infamous for being a good introductory of how killers work. Christ. Not a lot of small petty things about Shayna get under my skin but this sure did.

No. 1909088


No. 1909147

Bone rattler nitpick(at least sage your infighting)

No. 1909177

She's so retarded I swear. Like idk just ask? This reminds me of that Childish Gambino song, "Are we datin'? Are we fuckin'?
Are we best friends? Are we somethin'
In between that?
I wish we never fucked, and I mean that." Every dude she's ever been with says that last line lmao

No. 1909184

I still think back on Soy. I mean he was her follower back when she first made her discord way back when. I always wonder, why the fuck he got involved with her. He had to know about this website. Like was fucking her fat ass really worth all of this? Being an orbiter from far away is one thing, but then to actually be with her while his real wife is starving with only stale crackers. Shit is beyond me.

No. 1909198

Moids are degenerate retards anon it’s not deeper than that. Soy is a porn addict who probably can’t get it off without grating his ball against a cheese grater and fucking whales like shaymu. His wife is the real baffling part, how could any woman co-sign this?

No. 1909202

There is no reason to consume nearly 500 calories of milk, heavy cream and corn syrup when a latte is around 120 calories.

No. 1909205

Seems like she's running low or ran out of the bottle of adderal she bought (my tinfoil is she got it off someone in her home town, but it could be Kiki)

No. 1909233

That’s not a nitpick you’re just fat(infighting)

No. 1909242

yes it is no one fucking cares how she takes her coffee because i see people drink sugar crap coffees like that daily. It's not like she's the only one

No. 1909249

It's not a nitpick if she's claiming to be on a diet like she has been. Other people who drink shit like that typically have decent diets otherwise.

It's not like she can't get low fat or low calorie substitutions for her weird little concoctions, but she has the palate of a toddler and insists on getting caffeine through these gross milkshake things.

No. 1909258

>>1909242 and most of them have the melting thighs to prove it? Plus it says item 1 of 2 on the receipt so we know she had an extra stuffing of carbs on top

No. 1909259

>i see people drink sugar crap coffees like that daily. It's not like she's the only one

so because the average american woman is 5'4 and 170 lbs that makes shayna being a heifer acceptable? it's pointing out the obvious fact that she does an awful job taking care of her body for someone who sells their body for a living.

No. 1909261

STOP OMG. I'm the retard a few threads back ago that said I met her with my sister in Tulsa at a Starbucks and she literally said her name was Dolly and we both almost died. I can't believe it's actually documented now.

No. 1909262

File: 1696517360237.png (39.03 KB, 255x316, slop.png)

>she has the palate of a toddler and insists on getting caffeine through these gross milkshake things
This is her problem, her choices are fucking retarded. She basically drank a McDonalds double cheese burger.

No. 1909275

even a mcdonalds cheeseburger at least has some protein and isn't 60% sugar

No. 1909278

Based admin keeping our shay thread respectable kek

No. 1909282

She has no real identity outside of sex work

No. 1909284


No. 1909309

I wonder what the key necklace is for, if anything

No. 1909314

literally scroll up >>1908439

No. 1909316

Thanks! I missed that [smiley emoji]([please.])

No. 1909321

Lol. I actually thought of you nonna when I saw this pic! I remember your story.

No. 1909325

Lurk harder; it’s the key to a johns dick cage

No. 1909343

They didn't even have PIV sex, she just gave him one of her really bad blowjobs with teeth which you know was especially bad because any sex on camera is worse due to your focus going towards what the camera is capturing.
Nta but did you actually go up to her and introduce yourself as a fan?

No. 1909369

nona, can you please repost your story? I only vaguely remember it and I'm almost certain it was many more than a few threads ago

No. 1909384

Pretty sure she gets it from Kiki, she's set to go back and visit Kiki in a few days. I think Shay is too friendless and retarded to get drugs in Seattle, so she has to fly all the way to Colorado for her hookup. Apparently that's what Caroline Calloway did for years between the UK and NY lol, I wouldn't put such retardation past Shayna either.

No. 1909391

this got me good

No. 1909394

File: 1696536306751.jpeg (1.12 MB, 1170x1674, IMG_5598.jpeg)

Can’t wait to see what milk comes from this

No. 1909405

Nonnies I'll say it again and don't jump down my throat but… She looks good here. I really think it's her hair, and possibly this shirt making her boobs look better? Idk. (Don't hi cow me and no I'm not a friend of hers.)

No. 1909408

Samefag but maybe she's editing her pics/face better now idk.

No. 1909410

I agree she actually looks cute but yeah I think she is just learning to facetune better(learn to sage)

No. 1909414

i want whatever crack you guys are smoking to think this looks good. she looks fucked up on drugs and is wearing the same probably dirty, unwashed shirt from 2 days ago

No. 1909418

Who else is ready for the mysterious sickness saga yet again? Curious to see what kind of shit she's going to pull to get out of doing any work on this trip

No. 1909420

Wtf dude her concealer is yellow and her tits are fugly and red and look like they’re gonna burst and her downturned arrow to hell nose is huge and red and her eye bags have bags that have bags and the marionette lines and I see she smoothed out her decorative autumn squash skin, her forehead normally looks like a 3D map of Utah, now it just looks like 4 faint wrinkles tho we all know there’s like 87, why does she have a nose ring, it looks like a wart on her witch nose. The absolute worst part tho is THE TINY BLACK EYES homegirl looking like a peanuts character but without the cuteness or charm just a fucked up meatcanyon rendition. She enlarged them and lightened them but we all know what they really look like, shallow swollen pools of sick cholera shit in a portapotty toilet. One of her mismatched boobs looks dead it probably is and her fat arms are as wide as her shoved together boobs. Fowl.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1909421

I agree. She doesn't need to beg coomers for drink money because she's already wasted. Bitch also looks like she's moisturized her face with lard.

No. 1909438

I nominate this for "biggest nitpicking post" in the next lolcow awards

No. 1909439

this has to be copypasta at this point; she doesn't look better here, she never looks better here

No. 1909440

she doesn't look good but she looks better than she normally does because her hair isn't in her normal white old lady dog updo and she isn't dressed in the world's least flattering shade of pink.

No. 1909441

>and I see she smoothed out her decorative autumn squash skin

No. 1909446

File: 1696542600237.jpeg (2 MB, 2500x2000, IMG_9632.jpeg)

> Fowl.

No. 1909450

It's obviously editing in some way. I'm honestly not someone who thinks she is that hideous generally but then I saw this and had to reevaluate.

No. 1909452

my favourite takes from this rant:
>her downturned arrow to hell nose is huge
>her forehead normally looks like a 3D map of Utah
>One of her mismatched boobs looks dead it probably is

No. 1909465

she's absolutely back on the weed. looking stoned as hell here. bet she'll get "sick" when she lands in colorado too aka withdrawals from not smoking during the flight or a chs episode.

No. 1909470

Genuinely posts like this should be banned in this thread ATP. How many times do I have to be forced to read the same insults over and over and over again. I get it Shayna is ugly. Nitpicks like this are banned in other threads but it's like mods have decided to abandon this thread.

No. 1909471

File: 1696545992964.jpg (301.3 KB, 1536x2048, Bugs Bunny Tracksuit.JPG)

Not that you’re wrong but the photo was probably from >>1908439. Here she is at the airport.

No. 1909472

File: 1696546041803.jpeg (857.64 KB, 1296x4765, Tweets.JPEG)

Accompanying Tweets.

No. 1909474

At least the nitpick copypastas are funny, the "guys she actually looks cute here!!" posts are worse because they provide no value except as bait to nitpickers

No. 1909476

They actually aren't.

No. 1909478

File: 1696546755747.jpeg (216.13 KB, 1001x717, IMG_6245.jpeg)

Nta but I remembered her story too and here it is

No. 1909479

File: 1696546871457.jpeg (723.5 KB, 1299x3466, Likes.JPEG)

And some of her likes.
> it's like mods have decided to abandon this thread.
They sure have.
We don’t know who is who, there’s no need to “uwu please don’t hate me for saying this again” state your opinion and go.

No. 1909481

ty nona!

No. 1909482

File: 1696547011472.jpg (7.65 KB, 172x274, 1696457057989.jpg)

No. 1909499


No. 1909505

kek ly nonna

No. 1909506

that is some fat head

No. 1909509

Neither Shay nor this Kathy are unsightly. They're both trying to pander to moids. Shay's face is very full and pancake-tier while Kathy has a witch from the wixard of oz chin.

Shay got some unfortunate phenotype hailing from the Roman colonizers, probs.If she doesn't have southern euro family.

Which explains her flat ass, odd fat distribution and general wideness. She doesn't have the trendy body type that looks like it was based off SSA women.

No. 1909512

File: 1696552369673.jpg (210.39 KB, 1152x2048, 20231005_203235.jpg)

She's in CO now.

No. 1909513

File: 1696552408454.jpg (92.32 KB, 1169x935, 20231005_203330.jpg)

No. 1909514

holy fuck she is caked in cat hair

No. 1909516

Polyester tends to be a magnet for all kinds of pet hair.
OT but the texture of that horrible thing looks like a towel. That can't be comfortable to wear.

No. 1909518

what’s the point of wearing black if you refuse to buy a lint roller. i bet she looks and smells so musty irl.

No. 1909600

For me it’s the bugs bunny theme like ? It’s not bimbo it’s not goth it’s weird because it’s such a boomer cartoon idk

No. 1909604

If this doesn’t end in tears it’ll be a miracle, she’s not had a single relationship of any kind that hasn’t been a disaster

No. 1909608

Part of what makes Shaymu’s ~baby bimbo~ LARP so hilariously embarrassing is the fact that she both looks like and has the interests of an actual boomer. Even Tuna owns some tacky Juicy Couture shit, but Shaynus just has whatever is cheapest on shein or amazon

No. 1909637

Lmao where would I go to see Shay in the wild? I'm a vegan who doesn't drink, so there's probably a 0% chance, but I'm hopeful. Would she go to the cat cafe?

No. 1909647

She looks like she has 4 lunch lady arms kek

No. 1909649

>the average American woman
Exactly. It's not interesting or noteworthy if half a million women do the same thing. Nobody starts threads about people to talk about average behaviour. There's a million things to discuss about cows and yet anafaggots will hone in on the most boring shit jfc

No. 1909674

Her face is fucking ugly even with tons of editing and angles. She has the ugliest eyes ive ever seen tbh. Not just the color, the shape, the butthole bags around them, the soulessness and intoxicated numbness, etc. Her smirk is infuriating. Her cleavage looks like she copy pasted her armpits.
Literally the only positive is that her hair looks better when its not put up in a retarded style and grease slicked straight.

No. 1909682

Drinking 550 calories of fat and corn syrup is not normal outside of America. I'm European and I think what she eats and the amount she eats is grotesque.

While not a milk fountain, her claiming to be on a weight loss diet as she continues to shovel down high fat, high sugar food is mildly milky because it shows how fucking stupid and ignorant she is. Her colossal weight gain over the years is milk. Seeing her go from being slim with great figure to being a hulking heifer is a major feature of her threads.

No. 1909686

>the butthole bags around them
Your butthole has bags?

No. 1909692

We're talking about real mods. Not the half-retarded farmhand assigned to this thread who dribbles spit all through it when someone disagrees with their posts or they get personally offended for Shayna.(take it to /meta/)

No. 1909714

Lmao! I just spit out my coffee, nonna!

No. 1909737

Trashy white girls and tweakers love track suits and Looney Tunes.
That key is so fucking degenerate. It doesn't even look like a cute piece of jewellery, it looks like she's a tard that has to wear her house key around her neck otherwise she'll lose it.

No. 1909745

Europe is virtually as fat as America unless you live in Italy which has a slightly lower obesity rate. Look at the statistics.

Starbucks, McDonald's, Costa, burger king, KFC and hesburger exist.

Can we stop all this 'no one is fat outside america' bullshit. It's outdated. Most of the world is fat now.(derailing)

No. 1909784

The complete saturation of fast food restaurants and other assorted slop merchants is not normal in Europe outside of major population areas. My nearest Starbucks is over 80km away. This is all offtopic when the point which is relevant to the thread, is that Shayna is drinking 550 calorie sugar shakes while claiming to be on a diet.
Foods that also contain 550 calories
-8 eggs
-5 rashers of bacon
-150g of ground beef
-200g of cheese
-9 tablespoons of honey
-2kg of mushrooms

Everyone else being over weight doesn't excuse Shayna being a fat sow and drinking an entire meal worth of calories in one drink.

No. 1909789

i’m just saying there’s too many shayna white knights here. why do you guys crucify binkie princess but worship shayna over the moon???? is it because shayna is pushing 30 and childless?(autism, ban evasion)

No. 1909804

File: 1696602158583.jpeg (930.36 KB, 1297x5842, Tweets.JPEG)

- Shayna asks for “reimbursement” for her and Kiki’s dinner and debuts (?) a new filter.
- One of her followers was shayfishing someone.

No. 1909805

I agree that traditional or even diner food in murrica is fat and carb laden junk (tho comfort food errywhere is unhealthy) and I'm divk of it's ubiquity but you sound jealous bc you live in the boonies. I've never had a frap and never will b/c they're unhealthy, pricey and I don't support the dairy industry or like Starbucks but they have a wide assortment of drinks and flavor combos, and dome less diabetes inducing options.(blogging)

No. 1909806

File: 1696602241251.jpg (194.39 KB, 1170x1699, «Bimbo».JPG)

No. 1909807

File: 1696602324184.jpeg (366.23 KB, 1169x3293, Shayfished «Victim».JPEG)

The «victim» demands answers.

No. 1909810

File: 1696602372136.jpg (223.93 KB, 946x2048, ivybrowning.999.JPG)

The supposed Instagram.

No. 1909811

File: 1696602475921.jpg (168.6 KB, 946x2048, @Ivybrowning999.JPG)

The supposed Twitter.

No. 1909812

I a, not a shayfan by a long shot but you seem to have your own issues there. Stop projecting your insecurities on a stranger. This isn't therapy.

No. 1909829

Kek tbh I do understand why someone would shayfish, she's not supermodel or what most coomers probably view as average porn star hot. As long as they don't send their victims any of her most degenerate shit, I can absolutely see how they'd fall for her as just some crazy nlog with low standards and morals.

No. 1909830

thank you. Also we all have eyeballs and can see she's a fat hog. I don't need you to list out every calorie you think she's ingesting as some kind of proof of what we can all see. She's fat, we get it.

No. 1909832

Is this Insta DM? Why would be DM her actual instagram account if “Ivy” has an account? Or twitter for that matter. Why is he DMing Shay? Sometimes I think she creates these catfish profiles of herself in order to scam more kek

No. 1909834

You need to sage your shit. Is it really required that Shayna have a child by 26? Why do you think like this? And it’s not childless, it’s child free! Some women want kids and some don’t and shouldn’t have them. There’s way too many shitty people breeding and you think Shayna is qualified to be a mother? You sound really ignorant. I feel like I’m explaining this to a teenage boy. Ugh, I should’ve just ignored it.

No. 1909862

she looks like a wax figure what's going on

No. 1909867


No. 1909872

crickets from the "shay's actually been looking good lately guise" crowd. Her eyes, nasolabial lines and those talons make her look like a Gringotts employee. Her hair looks like dry crunchy straw, and that angle has her looking wiiiiiiiide lmao.

No. 1909877

File: 1696611050344.jpg (180.24 KB, 1080x620, Screenshot_20231006_125027.jpg)

No. 1909884

why doesnt she just wax/lazer and make her moids pay for something that they actually like instead of 10,000 cals?? there are other ways and if she just got a better razor also it would last for more than one use…

No. 1909885

about being a what??? this fucking retard

No. 1909886

I can’t get enough of her “and then everyone clapped” type of stories. For me that’s one of the funniest things about her. Everything else is either disturbing or depressing.

No. 1909891

>subtotal: $54.85
>dasher tip: $5.50

Nothing makes me want to alog this sow more than the abysmal tips she leaves.

No. 1909893

she paying $12 for a single-use disposable razor? are her pubes made of steel

No. 1909895

this is probably a pathetic begging attempt. she's hoping her johns will send her money to get it waxed/lasered, which she will inevitably use to buy more fried greasy slop.

you know she'd tip nothing if she didn't have to post receipts. the fact that she feels no shame posting such a shitty tip only confirms this.

No. 1909901

File: 1696613583879.jpg (551.35 KB, 2048x1536, 20231006_133241.jpg)

with Kiki. Wonder why it took her so long to post it.

No. 1909902

this is a crazy tinfoil but I keep feeling like shay is breadcrumbing being a troon. I've seen trannies online get mad that real women are pretending to be mtf online for clout/to steal customers from tranny ewhores, which is actually hilarious to me. A few things as of late have made me wonder about this, like her very recently contrived goff girl persona. This post also makes it sound like she just got an amhole installed, lol. Calling herself a "vagina owner," as if such ownership was recently acquired. Also complaining about something that should be second nature to her by now considering she's been flashing her poorly shaved snatch for the whole world to see for like 7 years now. Makes it seem like she's trying to act like this is all new to her. I'm wondering if she has a john who's into tranny shit and she's going full kikomi due to her BPD need to be seen as Best Girl. If not, maybe she's realized that troon beauty standards are way lower, and Shay is getting too old and fat to compete with real girls anymore.

No. 1909909

This is the funniest tinfoil kek I think that’s far fetched as hell but god I want it to be true. Irl Shaykomi-Chan saga would destroy me.

No. 1909915

>not normal in Europe outside of major population areas.
Not sure if you are retarded or not but the vast majority of people in Europe live in "major population areas".

No. 1909919

>just wax
Please no.

No. 1909922

No, they're definitely more annoying. Shayna reads this thread like her religion calls for it, porky doesn't need to be gassed up by simpletons fooled by filters the color black. It's fair to say she looks better than usual, but she's never going to look good until she either accepts being a chunk of a woman and do whatever it is plus sized model types do to maintain whatever looks they have, or she needs to eat and drink alcohol less

No. 1909937

Ntayrt but that anon simply said the nitpicking rants aren’t funny. I agree.

No. 1909938

looking at this image made me immediately grab my water bottle and start start chugging. they look so dehydrated, crusty, and musty

No. 1909941

File: 1696619698104.png (638.82 KB, 1038x644, twins.png)

They're so similar that they look related.

No. 1909945

yeah they look like they live side by side in the same trailer park

No. 1909949

This looks like an image from a missing person poster kek

No. 1909972

File: 1696621837171.png (66.79 KB, 484x131, teeth.png)

Replying to my own post because I just noticed that even their teeth are nearly the same

No. 1909979

shut the fuck up bruh stop defending dude(learn to sage)

No. 1909980

Kiki just looks uggo
Shaynus looks a combination of dry and greasy and crusty and caked up.
Like she tried to try but still looks ugly. Lipstick on a pig energy.

No. 1909981

she gets off the fact you guys stand up and defend this bitch constantly. like i said all of you are weird and hypocritical within itself(sperg)

No. 1909990

they both look soooo glassy eyed. shays definitely dipping into kikis "adhd meds" prescription.

No. 1909997

Wasn't there a farmer who said they catfished using shay's pics a while back?? KEK wonder if this is them

No. 1910001

Dude, I know who you are you little fucking creep. Stop or I will give everyone the deets, bruh.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1910022

Sage for absolute no contribution spesh as I’m a vegan… but - uk wise we had a documentary on Ultra Processed Foods and their lack of nutritional content/fibre… I can’t imagine what hers is like compared. Minus the hello fresh trial has she ever cooked? She’d see such a dif just cooking a burger / buying a cute sushi roller kit and making it it home/ what the fuck ever even if it’s from a subscription, she’s gonna bloat if she’s not cooking. Girl must be able to shite through the eye of a needle

No. 1910023

File: 1696629500943.jpeg (Spoiler Image,462.18 KB, 2048x1152, IMG_1091.jpeg)

Despite Shaymu going to Colorado you retards are still sperging about Starbucks and calories and America just stfu.
Retard filmed spanking video with one of the most disgusting moids I’ve seen her work with.

No. 1910024

File: 1696629647589.jpeg (Spoiler Image,297.34 KB, 828x1451, IMG_1092.jpeg)

@michaelmasterso if anyone cares

No. 1910030

I wonder what the stats are that she'll ever get busted for indecent exposure

No. 1910041

Just gonna say it. If she was constantly marketing herself as a cute stoner girl and posted this, people would buy it.. coming from “lol I’m barbie”???

No. 1910047

>shite through the eye of a needle
KEKKK thank you for blessing me with this new expression uk nonna

No. 1910087

File: 1696636468738.png (3.32 MB, 750x1334, IMG_9640.png)

retweeted from that Masterson guy… just yikes

No. 1910090

She lost so much weight!

No. 1910097

whatever filter she’s using seriously makes her look 45.

No. 1910098

is the editing super fucked up or is there something wrong with her legs here? why are her ankles are fucked?

No. 1910101

File: 1696638479974.png (Spoiler Image,1.07 MB, 1080x2050, Screenshot_20231007-012137~2.p…)

No. 1910103

File: 1696638610597.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.34 MB, 1110x1658, IMG_7859.jpeg)

titty update: looking worse than ever

No. 1910104

that top has seen better days

No. 1910105

File: 1696638792595.jpg (65.13 KB, 1024x758, 1563317795878.jpg)

No. 1910108

holy shit the nipple size difference is like a quarter and a pringle. is she ever going to be able to go back from this or is she completely fucked?

No. 1910118

this looks like some kind of hidden camera special needs black web porn wtf

No. 1910120

she looks so trashy here i cannot believe she willingly posted this on the internet lol. The turd bun, slept-in gray sweatshirt, flip flops, and baggy stretch pants makes it look like she's pulled over to the side of the road on a long car trip to take a dump.

No. 1910122

>a quarter and a pringle
I withstand the unending retardation of the shay threads for comments like this, lmao. Looks like pringle tit is already a good few inches lower than the veiny one. She got absolutely botched. Now instead of uneven titties she has uneven titties with square bottoms and pepperoni nips.

No. 1910123

Holy fuck this is nearing Trisha Paytas level botched

No. 1910139

her nipples were always uneven but the surgery made the asymmetry a hundred times more noticeable. I can't wait to see how bad they'll be when she's fully healed

No. 1910140

Holy shit I would actually be so upset and sue the surgeon if my tits came out botched like that! The entire point of the surgery was the make them look even as possible and they look just as bad as they did before. She looks like she went to some back alley clinic in Turkey.

No. 1910148

Isn’t the whole point of going to Turkey the fact that legitimate high standard procedures cost fuck all in comparison to America, even American budget jobs?

No. 1910152

My question is are they botched because of the surgeon or because of the lack of aftercare? She basically immediately stopped wearing a sports bra among other things

No. 1910153

File: 1696644777626.jpeg (Spoiler Image,875.02 KB, 1170x1641, IMG_0090.jpeg)

From 2 years ago

No. 1910164

>are they botched because of the surgeon or because of the lack of aftercare?
a little out of column A, a little out of column B

No. 1910167

this really is the boobjob equivalent of the just fuck my shit up fam meme

No. 1910170

at least they do look somewhat more similar in terms of size compared to before… the nipples are just absolutely unfortunate kek. also does the pepperoni tit look a little red and inflamed or

No. 1910179

Her tits look great!

No. 1910181

can’t sue because she fucked up the aftercare. they really didn’t look that terrible fresh out of surgery. the nipples were what always looked the worst, surgery wise. it took a couple of weeks before they started looking really bad, which shows it was mostly poor aftercare. some of the choices the surgeon made were certainly…choices but made some sense based on what she wanted. she was expecting a breast lift to be like magic when in reality there’s a shit ton of aftercare involved in keeping them, well, lifted. she stopped wearing the compression garment after only about 3 weeks, then went to a fetish convention and got her new implants slapped around, squeezed, tied in rope, and rubbed on a dirty hotel convention floor. now one of them is continually giving in to gravity and taking on a square shape while the other looks like it’s slowly hardening and moving to the side. she chose not to take care of them, now she gets to live with them looking like absolute shit.

No. 1910182

The nipple size disparity was obvious before the surgery, and surely aftercare wouldn’t have made any difference there, would it? Admittedly I know nothing about cosmetic procedures but I’d have thought the surgeon would even the size up while he was doing the implants, but evidently not

No. 1910183

you have to go outside.

No. 1910184

no the nipple size is 100% on the surgeons. they could have made it smaller and chose not to. maybe they were concerned about loss of blood supply and the nipple becoming necrotic, which is actually unfortunately common when surgeons are too overzealous and take too much of the areola away. in the end they are the doctors and it was probably made for medical reasons but the result is that it looks like shit. now, if she had done really good aftercare and the implants were healing well and were more symmetrical and round from proper healing then the nipple thing may not have been as noticeable. but because there’s now so much wrong with the whole thing it just highlights the nipple problem even more.

No. 1910186

This is so retarded I beg you to stay in one of the 30 trans threads on this site. She does this pretend goth shit every single October. Every single year. She even wears the same dress retard. Also she’s bad at shaving she’s proven this time and time again. You expect her to not complain about something she sucks at? It’s Shayna. She’s hardly a “girl” in the everyday sense, she doesn’t bathe, she doesn’t do her hair, she doesn’t wear bras. Retard if she was a troon why would she complain about her period she gets bi monthly at times? You’re either a very new shay head or just retarded I’m not sure.

No. 1910187

Noooo, the areola size has nothing to do with blood supply, it's all the vessels below the skin. The reason her tit is square is because her surgeon wasn't overzealous - he left vessels at the medial margin of her breast that form one corner of the square. He absolutely could have downsized her areola, that was just lazy. The visible scars and sagginess are on Shay's lack of aftercare tho.

No. 1910188

Bless u knowledgeable nonitas, sounds like the surgeon did her dirty and it’s just been compounded by her stupidity. A botched end result really is just dessert for her being an awful person

No. 1910193

Lmao and she was just bragging about how much better they look now and how’s she so glad she got them done too. No wonder her sugar daddies drop her like a hot potato.

No. 1910194

this isn’t even a catfish. why would a catfish be following her? like you said, it seems like one of her side accounts and she got called out by a customer for lying.

No. 1910196

Didn't a nona say that she had to "pay" for surgery, so she paid for the other tit right? I assume she paid for the bare mininium? I'm not a doctor (Shaytarded) and don't know much about surgery.
Does she have to pay more for them to do more to the breasts? Or did she get a breast lift and a implant in the other tit? Do they ask shayna do they want to do anything about nipple size?

No. 1910202

she got a lift and an implant in the natural pepperoni tit. she just got a new implant in the fucked up tit. ironically enough the “medically” fucked up one is the one that looks better in this situation.

No. 1910208

Tit Nona, how can she fix her nipple? Cosemetic aereola tattoo so atleast they match? It’s scary how different they are

No. 1910219

I'm at 90% sure the only way they correct nipple sizes is by tattooing the small one bigger or by removing skin from the big one to make it look smaller

>the average American woman is fat
>um well I'm European and-
Ayrt yeah and I'm also European. I can still register that the average American woman does in fact drink high sugar coffees and is statistically overweight. The issue is that you're autistic and can not grasp that average things are not interesting. Her coffee order is no more interesting that any other 20 something American woman, so why are you crying about calories in a thread about someone who has multiple noteworthy traits to make fun of that are significantly worse that a pink coffee made by a faggot? Low hanging fruit like dating multiple nonces and having botched boobs but you want to talk about Starbucks.

No. 1910220

what you said was confusing.

Necro Tit = New Implant through old incision
Lopsided Natural Tit = Lift + Anchor Incision

Anyone else feel like she has totally different implants in each titty? It's so weird to me she went with two different styles. She wasn't in a medical emergency - why not save up so they both have same incision scars? I guess the necro tit didn't need to be lifted though. Her natural tit was so saggy they had to cut around her nipple to pull the tissue up. Still… like.. just cut around the necro titty nipple just so they look the same KEK

No. 1910231

>pink coffee made by a faggot
nta but this made me chuckle I’m also a non-Burger and don’t understand the appeal of Starbucks but I don’t see how it’s worthy of discussion, let alone sperging Back to the topic at hand, is it common practice for surgeons to tattoo a smaller nipple to match a larger one as part of the boob job “package” or is it something she’d have to request? I’d have thought it would be a no-brainer but this is the morally and ethically bankrupt American healthcare system we’re talking about

No. 1910233


No. 1910235

Ayry I'm not an expert but my info is coming from seeing breast augmented discussed in relation to restoring breasts after cancer related surgeries. It seems that while it's fairly common in most places to have a follow up where you can ask about nipple correction and get that sorted, most people just don't. Shay is a sex worker so I'm surprised she hasn't gotten a correction done. A lot of women say they never bothered with the correction because realistically speaking it didn't effect their life enough to dump money on it

No. 1910241

File: 1696663284426.jpg (151.38 KB, 969x533, Screenshot_20231007_032028.jpg)

Dr. Shayna handing out advice again.

No. 1910247

what's happening? is she calling twitter a bpdfag? kek

No. 1910284

I don’t think the implants are two different styles just different sizes, which makes sense. The problem is the “natural” breast was always going to be at “risk” of sagging again unless she wore her bra while recovering. The squaring at the bottom of the “natural” breast is due to the type of lift (anchor lift); according to surgeons this is normal and due to the tissue around the scar tightening.

No. 1910293

I’d much rather have natural boobs with a bit of sag than pay for botched frankentits. I wonder if she hadn’t porked up whether it would have just been a matter of replacing the single implant (which had to be done regardless) and leaving the normal boob alone, or at most given it a bit of a lift/adjusted the nipples if I there was noticeable asymmetry. I guess we’ll never know and be forever cursed to look at fat shat’s titastrophe

No. 1910297

It's always so funny to me when she tries to make "serious" posts or some shit, but she still chooses 2 talk like an actual fucking retard & dsnt realise it rly kills her point.

No. 1910301

>>1910087 she looks like the den mother that sex traffic victims are deposited to for brothel training. Purple knees like battle scars.

No. 1910311

Shay, you literally blamed everything on your “bpd” during the end of the Fupa Saga

No. 1910312

File: 1696686500280.jpeg (229.14 KB, 1170x805, IMG_5631.jpeg)

So edgy Shay

No. 1910313

File: 1696687070563.jpg (526.73 KB, 1080x1790, Daddy Dom Classic.jpg)

Looks like the Sol Salvatore starter pack to me.

No. 1910318

seriously. the only difference between 2 and to is one character and twitter extended its character limit so… at least she didn't post this on her main kek. i wonder if she's vaguetweeting someone instead of @ing them as usual?

No. 1910319

this is the only time shayna has ever actually been funny cuz this is so accurate

No. 1910324

File: 1696689782664.png (628.44 KB, 1344x576, foul.png)

holy shit the state of her feet in one of her latest vids she's advertising on twitter… absolutely foul.

No. 1910328

KEK rare accurate take from Shat. It also just looks like server wear to me, almost every mid tier restaurant ever.

No. 1910329

Such wastes of space these two. I'm no whore but you would think two "professionals" would be milking every minute of this business meet-up (it's business right? considering they were and still are both begging for their customers to pay for the entire trip?). They have put out zero content except for an ugly selfies of their lowest seller (their face) and some low-effort snapshot of Shayna's fat ass. All theyre doing is sitting in a room and getting high and bitching about lolcow and other sex workers they hate. I think its hilarious they both secretly find eachother repulsive and don't do sexual content together other than just stand beside eachother in photos. No kissing or physical interactions. At least the other black chick let Shayna sit on her face (her face looked regretful of doing so) and did some fake lesbian shit but her and kiki both have stank breath and are only friends for the pills.

No. 1910332

it annoys the shit out of me that people like shayna act like it takes months to edit and put together content. she does this everytime. goes somewhere and "films stuff" then a month later you get some low quality video that could have been edited in 5 minutes on an iphone. Like why aren't they live streaming together? Even if it was just on OF or something? Why aren't they posting more photos together, short videos of eachother spanking eachother or something dumb like that? Why didn't they have fun or "sexy" things pre-planned to do? They're just sitting on their asses with their eyes glazed stung out on kiki's pills and begging for money for food. Oh I know - because it took like 3-4 months for them to save money for flights because neither of fanbases care about this duo or want to see them together.

No. 1910334

she got implants in both tits, and a lift in just one of them.

No. 1910335

This image makes me wanna kms

No. 1910342

File: 1696693061737.jpeg (76.66 KB, 998x933, IMG_1877.jpeg)

Jfc not only are her foul callouses on display, she’s also got fucking plantar warts (HPV). She bangs on about how much “work” she does but she’s either too lazy or too sloppy to edit out parts of her body that are literally diseased

No. 1910346

File: 1696693475618.jpg (36.25 KB, 680x540, 93f.jpg)

She's right tbh, it's always these mfers with usernames like "DaddyBearDom" posting cringe all over tiktok. I thought this shit died out back when they were used as the cover pics for mafia Harry Styles fanfics where he buys you (you being a messy bun plain Jane 5sos fan)

No. 1910349

I think Shayna sees Kiki more as a real friend than someone to make “content” with, correct me if I’m wrong but they’ve only done spanking together, haven’t they? As in no actual porn. I mean fetish shit is obviously degenerate but getting their asses paddled together is hardly the same as eating each other out. Kiki is gross but (and I know I’m going to get pilloried for this) I’m inclined to believe that she genuinely cares about Shayna and wants to be her friend. Which would be sweet if a) they weren’t both vile pedopandering whores and b) Shayna hadn’t repeatedly proven herself to be a colossal cunt

No. 1910352

KEK, even a stopped clock is right twice a day. As much as it pains me to admit it, I actually chuckled at this

No. 1910353

Unfortunately footfags seem to come in two kinds, one likes to see "pretty" feet while the other seems to love women having dirty feet from running around without shoes. I don't think it's deliberate but some scrotes probably appreciate the grime or I guess the people into nice feet have already clicked off so you're here if you like grime (or take what you can get with pedo panderers kek)

No. 1910356

I’m the autistic teeth-chan who wants to an hero whenever that sissy moid’s rotten mouth is posted, feet are number two on my list of things that I have a sperg aversion to. Shayna’s hooves fill me with existential dread(ok)

No. 1910363

The botching was definitely her own fault, she absolutely didn't have clearance from her surgeons to take off that compression bra.

No. 1910364

its not even just that their dirty tho. its that theyre clearly an afterthought in her life and never taken care of. she has like four giant yellowing callouses on her feet and you can see her overgrown toe nails poking out. i know feet fags are into smelly sweaty dirty feet but i think youd be hard pressed to find a scrote who finds…those… attractive. no wants to suck on foot fungus except bdsm olympics tier coomers.

No. 1910366

fat people feet. wearing down at record speeds due to having to carry all that weight day after day. she’s been in the “overweight” category for at least 2-3 years now. thats hard on your frame, especially considering she is naturally thin framed.

No. 1910369

>dainty uwu baby
>bigfoot's female cousin

No. 1910371

is it just me or do they look even worse than they usually do? i wonder if she actually picked up something bacterial from walking around barefoot at fetcon with kiki.

No. 1910373

i thought the two different sized nipples thing was just unfortunate angles but holy botched batman! the scarred up tit’s nipple is like double the size of the other nipple! i wonder if the botched nipple used to be that size but it “stretched” out because the incision is pulling it at all sided and shayna refuses to wear a bra to help with the tension on it.

No. 1910378

This is what im saying… In what world would she show off those pre-op pictures of the size difference, and not ever stop to think "hm.. I didnt wear a bra all of my life because I was uWu thin and my tits were always perky" only to come out of surgery with HEAVIER tiddies, and still not wear a damn bra after seeing what the weight gain and shitty life habits did in the first place?

No. 1910385

This is rich coming from her since she doesn’t even know what “bpd” is, she says she’s bipolar but no one calls bipolar “bpd”. No one should take advice from this narcissistic retarded pedophile.
interesting bc I’d say that these cringe scrotes are her counterpart and the actual moids she throws herself at

No. 1910386

For some reason the random long toenails are making me want to barf

No. 1910392

File: 1696702951350.jpg (556.48 KB, 1080x1342, 140.jpg)

Shockingly no lint or pet hair on it. Also $140 at Trader Joes? Is Kiki going to cook for her?

No. 1910393

it's probably all wine and snacks

No. 1910394

these tits looks like buttchecks

No. 1910395

Funny how one of these whores is in her 30s and the other her 20s but you’d never guess based off of their faces

No. 1910396

the house key necklace looks retarded

No. 1910399

Right? Also on that picture it looks like the keys are on a piece of string or yarn. So bimbo. Much class.

No. 1910402

Meanwhile her personality traits are porn, barbie, and clothes that are 3x too small for her. She is the foil of this archetype

No. 1910403

isn't it the chasity belt keys?

No. 1910414

The chain doesnt match at all and she should just be wearing 1 on it directly and it wouldn't look so fucking odd and trashy, just a little weird.

No. 1910421

She definitely got that retarded tracksuit because anons were talking about how her looney tunes tracksuit made no sense.

No. 1910422

Kek, imagine she loses both of the keys and the coomer has to go get that shit removed by some locksmith or something.

No. 1910424

Kek they’re cock cage keys, they literally just look like an overgrown sped who has to keep her house keys on a piece of string around her neck. Bitch couldn’t bother making them more “aesthetic”.

No. 1910430

>juicy velour tracksuit in 2023
Just why?

No. 1910434

tiktok made juicy couture trendy again. teenagers are making it a mission to bring back all the worst trends of decades past.

juicy couture would make sense for a "bimbo" zoomer into the pink y2k aesthetic. shay is already too old for this to be cute and looks haggard beyond her years anyway so she just looks outdated like a tired middle mom who hasn't updated her wardrobe since 2005.

No. 1910449

File: 1696713971122.jpg (48.3 KB, 720x721, 84f7e49db7fc406cc8266a043d2af3…)

Shayna is the color of Kiki's teeth and Kiki is the color of Shayna's lips

No. 1910461

She looks so Italian here

No. 1910470

they look like the keys to her diary kek

No. 1910471

kek I'll never forget when a nonna said she has mob boss eyes

No. 1910487

Why can’t you guys read up thread they’re keys for her moid sugar daddy’s penis cage, I’m SURE he’s keeping it on the entire time she’s gone
Besides why would she have a diary when she just spergs out online whatever she’s thinking?

No. 1910492

If you can see it from the back, wait til you see it from the front. And by it, I mean her pendulous gut.

No. 1910501

Please read what I said. I'm not saying she's a troon, I'm saying she could be baiting as a troon for moids who are into that. It's a documented thing that some female ethots have done to get more attention, pretending to be trannies. That's why I said she was going Kikomi, it's a joke about being trans-trans. You're either very new to reading or actually retarded, I'm not sure. Also the term "shay head" is so corny and cringe, knock it off lmao.

No. 1910503

sorry nonny I was trying to be funny kek

No. 1910506

kek wtf

No. 1910520

KEK i cant unsee it now, theyre narrative foils for each other

No. 1910525

It also seems like it would be a turn off to her other johns to be flaunting the key to some random coomer's cock cage in her tit pics…like she could just send the cock cage coomer private pics where she's wearing the keys so that her other coomers don't have to think about some random dude's shriveled up weiner whenever they look at her tits. Knowing Shay she's probably just too lazy to take a necklace on and off everyday.

No. 1910527

How does she not realize that having a bright pink bare ass facing the camera like that just makes her look like an actual literal pig in a farrow lmao. The meniscus of gunt below the ballsack pussy is a particularly horrid touch.

No. 1910541

File: 1696730876562.jpeg (1.02 MB, 1478x6538, Tweets.JPEG)


No. 1910542

File: 1696731073643.jpg (634.3 KB, 2048x2048, Swines.JPG)

No. 1910543

File: 1696731234157.jpg (568.14 KB, 2021x2048, Disgusting .JPG)

No. 1910565

it’s beyond disgusting to use a gif of a literal child on your fucking porn page after a gross pedo gives you money for your pedo pandering.

No. 1910590

Shat is a hopeless pickme who can't stoop low enough for coomerbux. She is using that language b/c she wants to pander to them. It's awkward and it sounds weird.

But, so does everything she writes on her site. ~I exist for yr pleasure dADdy~ is THE least empowering thing you can say. Unlike an arguably consensual relationship where you dictate what you're comfortable with and what you want, there's zero self respect or autonomy involved in hooking.

She's pandering to the most degenerate and sadistic scrotes b/c she hates herself and is a moron. She knows that she won't make decent money doing less degrading stuff looking like what she does. BLEAQUE ASF

No. 1910605

ae they buying actual diaper coverings in the childern section? Can you imagine? Biracial Fiona from Shrek and gender flipped The Situation without the Gym, tan or laundry putting diapers up to themselves giggling?
>"DO you think I can fit thisBig Little Sis? Hehehonk honk, snort"
I bet they smell like spit and mildew

No. 1910616

i don’t know what’s worse, if the e-begging is shayflation in action or sick moids actually paying 60 fucking American dollars for a polyester ‘diaper cover’ with a floppy tail. it literally looks like one of those joke baby Halloween costumes you see in thrift stores where you carry around a giant fake bottle all night