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File: 1677380310066.png (75.67 KB, 275x189, 1677262064223.png)

No. 1777076

Previous thread: >>>/snow/1768423

Shayna Leigh Clifford; 25 year old failing prostitute, porn sick degenerate, drug addict and alcoholic who spends her days posting free pictures of her hemmerhoid filled anus on twitter while begging for rent. Rejects her parents help to get an education and normal job. Hurts animals on purpose and panders to pedos by filming porn dressed as a child. Recently moved to Seattle after wasting years on an ex too ashamed to admit they were dating her and is currently looking her new Fupa 2.0.


REMEMBER: Read the rules before posting. Repetitive nitpicks about Shayna's body, face, and genitals are subject to a 1-day ban. Reposting the same photos zoomed in/edited is not milk and you will receive a ban for nitpicking. Stay on topic, derailing and infighting will result in a ban. Sage when there’s no milk. Spoiler any NSFW images. No blog posting or bragging about how you're a better whore than Shayna. Nobody wants to hear about your degeneracy. This is a Shay thread, curb your enthusiasm when posting screenshots of other e-whores, they go in the e-whores thread. Shut the fuck up about her necrotit and take it to the shaynatorium

Summary of Last Thread:

>>1757511 complains about having her twitter on private, the views to likes ratio is bleak af still scared about being called out for CatGate
>>1756694 tries to scam coomers out of money for "a new phone
>>1756784 spergs about the boooooolies
>>1756809 makes a hello fresh meal and it's disgusting
>>1758602 complains about moids asking her to "pretend to be a minor" like bitch doesn't LARP that for a living
>>1758720 FSSW/Prostitute Saga?
>>1759663 has (HAD) a tickling shoot
>>1759665 >>1759667 >>1760056
Sol and Ken duke it out
>>1760120 "Elsie" the cowtipper twitter gets taken down but she needs help from "friends"
>>1760348 wants her dad to know about her sex work life and where she goes
>>1760384 posts Mr.PB after CatGate to show she's "totally not an abooser"
>>1760513 Unprivates…just to private her twitter again because of "haters" >>1760587
>>1760612 tries to start drama with bunnykat (or whatever the fuck her name is) >>1760624 bringin up the past because she is "totally the victim!1!"
>>1760988 Anon finds Shat on Tinder, she likes back >>1761010 (quite possibly)
>>1761168 >>1761304 >>1761372
Tries to do a Clown I mean a Doll cosplay(?).. you thought this was bad, just wait
>>1761233 buys a bunch of lip products that she won't use
>>1761392 she's meeting up with one of her diaper johns
>>1762575 new nails that don't look too bad, except they're way too long and her fingers look rough
>>1762598 scat era confirmed?
>>1762740 >>1762741 >>1762742 redoes the clown costume and it is WAY WORSE
>>1763215 Hospital trip #LostCount
>>1763455 Shayna the Hooker
>>1763869 Tries to scam for a new webcam when she doesnt even cam anymore
>>1763943 …off to meet the diaper john wants him to come back to her place afterwards (girl asking to be murdered i stg). and it is NOT diaper dan but some other ugly moid >>1764177
>>1764185 she got paid to pee on him and have him touch her boobies >>1481862
>>1764760 gets a disgusting shaycoochie board before she goes traveling for her tickle shoot >>1764916
>>1765261 gets "food poisoning" and bails on her shoot says shes in the er
>>1765450 somehow gets the wrong hotel booked (deduced it was two different Kansas')
>>1765454 Anons figure out where her hotel was like the little sleuths they are >>1766744 >>1766745
>>1766477 shanefoil seems a little bit more of a possibility (that she is still seeing him/tried to visit)
>>1765891 speculate that her shaynus is absolutely wrecked which could be why shes always sick

New TikTok: https://www.tiktok.com/@dollhausbarbie
Snapchat: irlbarbiedolly (BANNED)

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No. 1777078

>breaks off in middle of sentence
"you guys need to tip me to keep drinking."

No. 1777080

File: 1677380586139.jpg (72.73 KB, 705x432, kl28aeq128.jpg)

No. 1777081

thx nonnie

No. 1777082

She told people she would put on a leather skirt and boots if someone tipped 200. Then someone came and tipped the 200 and she got pissy and bullied him into changing his request to showing her shoe collection. Now shes just showing her shoes.

No. 1777083

yeah she asked for 200 more to show the collection while in the outfit

No. 1777084

File: 1677380741978.png (223.79 KB, 434x416, why is she doing this.png)

why the fuck does she think people want to see "Uggs I got in 6th grade". Like bitch, if youre going to show your shoes at least put them on and show your fat fucking feet or something.

No. 1777085

typical scamming shatna. not to be a wk but the moid is taking is surprisingly well.

No. 1777088

“Someone tip me to drink goddamnit”
She’s like, actually pissed. Just drink if you wanna drink shay stop trying to make coomers force you to

No. 1777089

imaging tipping 200 to see her do something and she just starts showing dirty old shoes from her closet

No. 1777090

File: 1677380814196.png (328.64 KB, 699x447, shat.png)

i cannot get over how unfortunately she is shaped

No. 1777091

she cant even keep track of her scams. she keeps saying 25 to fill her drink, then she wants 25 to sip it now too?

No. 1777092

how does she have Prada shoes wtf

No. 1777093

Someone finally tipped her to drink wine and she literally just chugged down what was left in her glass. Classy

No. 1777094

she consistently makes it a mystery if youre gonna actually get what you pay for and then is mad and confused when no one tips. like maybe stop yelling at your scrotes?

No. 1777095

File: 1677380907383.jpeg (68.66 KB, 580x567, 6A46C3E6-39C0-4B8D-948C-D97CDC…)

She said she needs to clean the fur bitch throw the whole shoe away the soles are dirt black with your imbedded footprint

No. 1777096

File: 1677380938792.jpeg (101.41 KB, 920x604, 24F727C7-6A7A-4029-B836-025070…)

They’re fake

No. 1777097

File: 1677380969420.jpg (58.78 KB, 900x473, spirited-away-1.jpg)

i'm so bummed out, i hit post and realized i missed a chance to make a cookie monster edit of her in her blue era; i'm sorry babies

No. 1777098

No. 1777099

yuk her nails

No. 1777100


No. 1777101

Did anyone mention that she said she might get her boobs done soon? I wonder if she’ll do one or just the necrotit

No. 1777102

it was off cam, but her cat came in and she looks down and said "mr butters- howd you get in here" then she kicked it

No. 1777103

This feeder andrey8807 is sending me. My fave quotes by him:
"have you ever made a video where you slap tummy and play around with it? you have perfect body"
"every curve and lumpy is beautiful goddess"
"what's your favorite dessert princess?"
After he called her lumpy she started ignoring him completely. Kek

No. 1777104

lmfao she just said she feels relatively less sad and depressed than most people

No. 1777105

yeah she got mad that people politely fished for more info so it does sound likely that she at least needs the current implant replaced

No. 1777106

then she immediately started pouring herself wine without a tip after

No. 1777107

Not a single tip has gone towards her goal

No. 1777108

she's doing anything not to show her body. I think thats why she's nervous, it's not lolcow watching, she meant what she said, she hates her body. In a live she can't hide that her body and the angles won't work.
She doesn't want to come here and see 30 pictueres of her body. Why get into this job if you are insecure? You can tell that she's always saying this kind of shit about herself.
Probably is what she said to Shane that shes fat and ugly. You DONT have to do this Shayna. You could be in college or doing anything else, so save the sad whining story about hating the body you choose to display and have given up everything that matters for.

No. 1777109

i hope another nona caught it but she said "…lumpy? i see you. i see you" and def held in a rant about farmers lol

No. 1777111

she just picked up the cat and took him off screen. missed capping it

No. 1777114

yeah andrey is being pretty obvious

No. 1777115

File: 1677381273111.jpeg (294.03 KB, 802x611, 1B28B197-CBD3-41DB-8AF8-3A5531…)

No. 1777116

File: 1677381341405.jpeg (267.85 KB, 635x620, C24DBCA1-57A8-44F7-AE04-BAF06B…)

found Jason r Womacks pipe in her shoes referred to him as her old sugar daddy- ooop

No. 1777117

why is her garter belt attached to bands around her legs and not stockings? is this a new fashion trend or just her dresisng like a retard?

No. 1777118

File: 1677381344538.jpg (72.39 KB, 742x421, DRAMA.jpg)


she just found an old pipe in her shoe and she said its "from one my old sugar daddies"

No. 1777119

omg a womack glass appearance

No. 1777120

did womack make that weed thing? Did she call him her ex sugar daddy kek? Or am i just drunk

No. 1777121

she found a pipe tucked away in a shoe and said it was from an old sugar daddy, sounds like womack isnt contributing to her rent anymore

No. 1777122


No. 1777123

oh shit, womack was starting to like abrattypixies shit a lot. i wonder if he was looking forward to that collab and took pixies' side?

No. 1777124

File: 1677381418450.jpeg (41.23 KB, 449x330, 23029E6F-36B0-46B4-AC84-8721B8…)

Womack Glass
Kek I think he still sends her money but just doesn’t want to be attached to Shayna Clifford woof

No. 1777125

lol i was looking around at the other cam girls (i know nothing about what they do on cam and wanted to compare) and this one girl was talking about how wearing pigtails bring more tips and how sad that is… shayna is such a joke

No. 1777127

Jason R Womack is the only scrote who makes weed and most likely meth pipes. He has a page womack glass.

No. 1777128

she only listens to the oldest pop or the cars soundtrack

sidenote she seems way more fucked up than in other shows imo, she seemed like she was having a little bit of fun from the attention before but this one shes just obviously struggling through and miserable to the point of delaying by going through her clothes?

No. 1777129

File: 1677381490771.png (863.56 KB, 1366x560, Screen Shot 2023-02-25 at 10.1…)


No. 1777130

File: 1677381569320.png (252.29 KB, 409x471, scary.png)

POV: youres a sped who wears diapers and shayna notices you entered chat

No. 1777132

she met fupa in mexico?

No. 1777133

is she really just doing a shoe collection show off? theyre all so dirty, like there is nothing sexy about this. not a scrote, just like… what is the point of bumbling around and showing shoes?

No. 1777134

she said 5 years ago she went to mexico to meet an ex-boyfriend after knowing them for a week

No. 1777137

fucking gross, she said she liked the fluffy slip on heals cause they give "little girl tries on heels for the first time vibe"

No. 1777138

Yeah it was Fupa…

No. 1777139

absolutely bleak

No. 1777140

File: 1677381767152.jpeg (107.54 KB, 401x306, 1028FDE0-866D-4074-8CE6-E9F4FD…)

She calls these her trad wife heels they look like elderly lady shoes

No. 1777141

They’re all ugly and it’s not even appealing to foot fetishes because she’s not even modeling them?? I’m so confused

No. 1777142

File: 1677381801680.jpg (76.64 KB, 771x445, 8EwWVOXw12.jpg)

7 years in sex work and she thinks this is what men wanna see

No. 1777143

she's literally shuffling her weight foot to foot to bring all of her shoes out and stumbling drunk and talking about fupa and being borderline, i almost hope her internet goes out for her sake

No. 1777144

Not the 1960s dirty saddle shoes from goodwill

No. 1777145

File: 1677381873883.png (18.29 KB, 669x34, coom.png)

this shit has got to be destroying her

No. 1777146

she fucking hates that cat. she didnt even pretend to be happy to see it and pet it for a bit, she just wanted it the fuck away from her. probably blames the cat for the drama.

No. 1777148

This has GOT to be a farmer

No. 1777149

andrey please

No. 1777150

File: 1677381977787.png (17.19 KB, 525x46, shayna said stop.png)

she officially requested chat stop talking about her belly after this comment

No. 1777151

nah man. this is authentic coomerspeak

No. 1777152

Oooooh shit. I didn't catch that. The stream is stuttering a lot. Could that be what made her lose it the on twitter?

No. 1777153

She thinks people care about her old dirty shoes as if she’s a mega celebrity, she needs attention to do any mundane thing like cleaning her old dirty clothing and accessories from her room. Who would even keep their old Uggs and worn out shoes after multiple moves that’s crazy to me. And she spends money on new shit all the time like those pastel hiking boots and spongebob sped vans that she’s probably worn once ever so why keep ugly goodwill landfill reject things.

No. 1777154

OMG she lashed out at the coomer feeder who keeps bringing up her belly

i dont think its a farmer, i think shed kick them

No. 1777157

File: 1677382066875.jpg (78.98 KB, 838x472, Ld5j7CbONT.jpg)

newest member of the spice girls: lumpy spice

No. 1777158

Guys, I think andrey is for real. It's too gross.

No. 1777159

File: 1677382133828.jpg (175.49 KB, 1080x964, Screenshot_2023-02-26-03-26-30…)

I realise it's pretty obvious it was womack from what we all know but here's the absolute evidence.
Ex sugar daddys. Lmao what happened?

No. 1777160

Ok anon, I have most of the show recorded up to this point. Here's the gag haul: https://www.dropbox.com/s/f8qlqi9sgahc5rx/gagcollection.mov?dl=0
I'll upload the rest tomorrow, DB slow as hell.

No. 1777163

What the fuck is this live??
She knows this isnt instagram or something, right? Like its a porn cam show. She's supposed to be flirting and acting sexy to entice tips to do ya know, sexual things.
This is so fucking weird. Showing off her musty old shows, but not even her feet for those fetishists.
If I was a scrote and dropped in I would be confused and bored and leave immediately to find attractive girls actually doing camming stuff. Even for farmers this is boring.

No. 1777165

I think so too and it probably hurts her more that it’s an actual coomer fetishizing her fat self than it does when cowtippers say things to try to hurt her

No. 1777166

i think the guy who tipped 200 is in a sunken cost fallacy hoping maybe she'll actually do something sexy after but he's in a for a shock when she does absolutely nothing.he even tipped another 25 and she didnt notice or drink.

No. 1777167

Correct me if I'm wrong, but wouldn't a cam show normally have nudity or some have kind of sexy games or something? Instead she's showing coomers her dirty shoes. The list of moids jumping in and out of her stream because it is immediately clear it sucks is hilarious

No. 1777168

Happy 7 year SW anniversary Shaynus!! You're doing great!!

No. 1777169

She stopped showing off her shoes, I think she was even boring herself at this point

No. 1777170

she's craved for attention. she wants to be an instagram influencer. her delusion is insane lol. its clear she is sex repulsed and has zero charm

No. 1777171

cam shows can be a lot of things but theyre definitely not just sweating and showing off your dirty old shoes while fully clothed.

No. 1777172

nonnies please tell me she is not about to smoke out of the bowl she just fished out of her shoe

No. 1777173

File: 1677382404771.png (62.38 KB, 438x126, Screen Shot 2023-02-25 at 10.3…)

she got pizza and the feeder is excited

No. 1777174

File: 1677382437284.png (372.06 KB, 661x447, weed.png)

she is about to put her mouth on a pipe she found in a shoe without even cleaning it.

No. 1777176

File: 1677382479020.jpg (85.44 KB, 836x452, memories 2.jpg)

shes about to smoke from womack's pipe and she just tried to secretly take a selfie of her and the pipe. obviously gonna send it to him to try to win him back.

No. 1777178

Even her usual format of sitting and sweating in her chair and bad lipsyncing and talking to her coomers is more appealing than whatever this is. She gets her paddles out and looks like a proper cam girl waiting to be tipped.
Shes literally ignoring and getting mad at the one or 2 people tipping and interacting. Just get offline Shayna, this is awkward and bleak.

No. 1777179

she said her bong was too dirty to smoke out of. and it must be really fucking bad if she'd rather smoke out of an old dirty shoe pipe that she probably stuck in her asshole too if it's womack's

No. 1777180

She actually looks pretty cute considering this is her unedited/filtered.

No. 1777181

she said for 100 dollars she'll go grab 5 more shoes to show off. shes delusional

No. 1777182

is she seriously suicide baiting on stream right now after taking a hit from her bowl lol

No. 1777183

File: 1677382672066.png (47.8 KB, 912x79, Screen Shot 2023-02-25 at 10.3…)

she responded to this comment like "wouldn't you like to know?". kinda seems like a farmer but either way she's super on edge

No. 1777184

shayna: why are there so many fucking guests in here

No. 1777185

what did she say? i missed it

No. 1777186

File: 1677382727068.jpg (82.48 KB, 833x475, farms.jpg)

shaynas face when she realizes the farms are watching

No. 1777187

the thread is glitching for me, anyone else struggling?

No. 1777188

said something of the sort like "would you guys like to listen to me die" like wtf, and the coomers were like "noo dont say that"

No. 1777189

yeah she said "wouldnt you like to listen to me die? would that be FUCKING amazing"

No. 1777191

"my bubble body like the michelin man" she is really hating herself tonight

No. 1777192

threads not glitching for me, and stream is not stuttering. thats all on yall nonnies side

No. 1777193

at least she's realistic

No. 1777194

It was ok, and now it's glitching

No. 1777195

File: 1677382980338.jpg (62.25 KB, 649x360, what ttt.jpg)

ya i jinxed us. was working fine until i made that comment. now its glitchy as hell. did manage to get this though

No. 1777197

that 'skinny girl who gained a bunch of weight' self hatred hits different lmao. she doesnt know what its like to be fat long term and she cant come to terms with it

No. 1777198

Kek nona my stream froze on the exact same frame

No. 1777199

oh shit her scrotes are starting to leave cause he camera is fucked up and shes too busy with her shoes to even notice

No. 1777201

No. 1777202

lmfao bitch is losing customers because of her shit internet

No. 1777203

all while shoving her gord with pizza kek

No. 1777204

She's got pizza. Feeder andrey's gonna coom.

No. 1777205

File: 1677383209441.jpg (77.61 KB, 809x473, shane.jpg)

and the shane-baiting begins

No. 1777206

how do she manage to continually be so boring for long periods of time. coomers keep giving her suggestions and she just completely ignores. and she wonders why she doesn't get tips lmao

No. 1777208

File: 1677383259238.png (50.99 KB, 846x68, shayna.png)

No. 1777209

said she paid $150 for those and had never opened them before. probably purchased during her week long shane romp

No. 1777210

File: 1677383291594.jpg (72.01 KB, 848x493, shane im sorry.jpg)


No. 1777211

File: 1677383295858.png (335.86 KB, 700x453, Screen Shot 2023-02-25 at 9.46…)

this is literally a 2 hour shoe haul on a porn site. shes really fat and got this roller skates and admitted she doesn't know how to roller skate and just can't stop spending money.

No. 1777212

I’m convinced she just doesn’t want to do an actual camshow. She hasn’t taken off a single article of clothing. Not that I’m complaining

No. 1777213

shayna: "only my haters care, and who gives a fuck what they think"

No. 1777214

she literally just covered her bed in shoes so she cant even go over there and use that space if she decides to actually work

No. 1777215

File: 1677383453011.jpg (75.84 KB, 855x456, shaynas dirty collection.jpg)

she's finally done showing off her shoes. she spent almost 2 hours showing her fucking shoes.

No. 1777216

That poor cat. hes like oh shit here we go again while angry drunk shayna manhandles him yet again

No. 1777217

7 year anniversary as a SW!!! She’s lost in the sauce

No. 1777218

she might leave soon, the only tipper is asking to go private

No. 1777219

Lol op did you just copy the same from the last thread about what happened "last thread"
It's ok I know it was rushed out because of her camming

No. 1777220

shes complaining about having to fuck herself as if any scrote in the chat cares about her beyond that

No. 1777221

>paypig asks her to play truth or dare
>"i feel like if do truth or dare you guys are going to be like… DARE…. fuck yourself on camera…" makes a disgusted face
this is a camshow ma am

No. 1777222

File: 1677383630839.jpeg (98.79 KB, 828x563, C694C433-C4F0-4EF7-8796-C0FC00…)

Happy 7 Years of SW!!

No. 1777224

this is so sad, she basically just wants people to hang out with her

No. 1777225

she's only camming on there because if she'd did a tiktok live everyone would roast her for buying from shein and you'll get banned for showing too much.

No. 1777226

File: 1677383704142.jpg (234.64 KB, 1858x1058, bjdcj3akWU.jpg)

her skin is looking rough

No. 1777228

Kicking or a soft nudge?
Catism is coming extremely close to activating.

No. 1777229

File: 1677383820309.jpg (234.66 KB, 1895x1068, R8Krd9lFdB.jpg)

shayna talking about how her thinking camming needs to be a big production is why she doesnt cam, and she needs to come on more and just be "cozy"

No. 1777230

File: 1677383821213.png (489.74 KB, 827x502, Screen Shot 2023-02-25 at 9.56…)

shes saying she loves sweatpants and she left to show us her favorite sweatpants she washed. this is a camshow

No. 1777231

File: 1677383861237.png (471.02 KB, 827x502, Screen Shot 2023-02-25 at 9.57…)

this is it

No. 1777232

Now she’s showing off her fucking sweatpants, kek. She’s stalling so hard

No. 1777233

omg she's eating pizza, feeder arc

No. 1777234

File: 1677383891085.jpeg (415.28 KB, 943x667, B4EAF850-A4A9-4FDD-9E35-0BE9F6…)

No. 1777235

i cannot get over how bleak this is. she just showed her XXL sweatpants and is now eating a slice of pizza while coomer andrey is loving every moment of this feeder imagery

No. 1777236

not a soft nudge, but not an actual kick. just an annoyed "get out here" push with her foot

No. 1777237

Thanks anon I was trying to record but the program I use only allows 1 minute clips, what program do you use if you don’t mind me asking

No. 1777238

File: 1677383963600.jpg (86.02 KB, 847x444, water.jpg)

i think shes trying to flex by showing she drinks water but ew that plastic mouth piece looks yellowed and filthy

No. 1777239

She's eating pizza and wiping her hands off with her hair. Disgusting

No. 1777242

she ignores sexual questions but answered someone who asked her whats her favorite animal. she said arcic animals. like arctix foxes, then said otters and then puppies. riveting stuff

No. 1777243

She needs to drink lots more.

No. 1777244

threatening to kick someone for asking her to take off her shirt lmao she is so delusional but its even worse when shes drunk like this.

No. 1777245

File: 1677384145903.png (709.34 KB, 1362x440, aaa.png)

shes so angry the coomer wants to coom

No. 1777247

File: 1677384153555.jpg (83.83 KB, 845x466, 2rFSqBEYsp.jpg)

shaynas face when one of her scrotes complained they were sending tokens but she hasnt even flashed her tits yet

No. 1777248

Said she’s thinking of doing a private show, some moid is salty that she hasn’t gotten naked or anything after tips. She said to him “you better tread carefully before I kick you”

No. 1777249

"tread lightly" lmfao

No. 1777250

shes mad cause she has 67 viewers.
>who the fuck are you people? make an account. buy tokens. grow up.

No. 1777251

all shes doing is jiggling her tit and bitching about the amount of guests lmfao

No. 1777253

kek she kicked him

No. 1777254

File: 1677384243114.jpg (81.08 KB, 810x450, jN9TpGNWhz.jpg)

shes getting so mad that theres so many guests. she just yelled: SIGN UP. BUY TOKENS. GROW UP.

No. 1777255

"don't take advantage of how nice i am" LMAOO

No. 1777257

She’s so fucking salty, she shouldn’t have gotten on cam drunk. She’s being really messy and losing potential clients

No. 1777258

shes saying shes saving for a laptop because if she gets a laptop she can cam from her couch and not sitting down in her "office".

No. 1777259

*she can cam from her bed sorry

No. 1777260

File: 1677384472484.jpg (90.03 KB, 855x476, yuw9dHzfXa.jpg)

No. 1777261

she is such a lazy pig

No. 1777262

yeah she insisted that if she gets the laptop she can cam way more often… she said the same about the ipad before kek

No. 1777263

It’s so nasty that she’s just eating greasy pizza without napkins and touching her hair, keyboard, and mouse. Stinky

No. 1777264

Eating after touching all her old dirty shoes. Disgusting pig

No. 1777265

KEK “you look so happy when you talk about food”

No. 1777266

wow she’s entertaining the feeder, talking about ice cream that she likes

No. 1777267

File: 1677384670989.png (23.74 KB, 658x35, Screenshot 2023-02-25 231107.p…)

holy kek

No. 1777268

why is she keeping the feeder if she thinks he's a farmer fucking with her but kicked the less creepy coomer lmao

No. 1777269

File: 1677384702539.jpg (77.05 KB, 688x480, cTk8zn9zOd.jpg)

she finally said "youre fucking with me, i know it" when the audrey guy said she looked happy when she talks about food

No. 1777271

File: 1677384773912.png (264.42 KB, 715x355, Screenshot 2023-02-25 231242.p…)

this fat bitch is gonna be like chantal soon if she does get that laptop kek gonna get her even fatter if she doesn't even get out of bed to do anything

No. 1777272

shes just happy someone is interacting with her.

No. 1777273

did she just ash her bowl into her hand?

No. 1777274

shes so fucking gross, she just emptied the weed pipe into hand then shook her hand out on her table

No. 1777276

File: 1677384912717.jpg (88.93 KB, 836x464, rBquxMTqVX.jpg)

her bangs are so uneven

No. 1777277

File: 1677384918230.png (501.73 KB, 827x502, Screen Shot 2023-02-25 at 10.1…)

she played a shitty KISS songs like every stream and said it was her favorite. kinda touched her boobs for two seconds without showing anything. got mad and randomly yell
then went to get more weed like nothing happened

No. 1777278

File: 1677385014481.png (491.07 KB, 827x502, Screen Shot 2023-02-25 at 10.1…)

KEK someone commented her asking if she has ever done porn cause she has avoided being sexual for three hours

No. 1777279

File: 1677385019116.jpg (75.9 KB, 833x427, 9oR9v7WpE3.jpg)

shes having a sped attack

No. 1777280

she is crying laughing because someone asked her if she's done porn… why don't you just use that chance to promote your content instead of laughing in your coomers face?

No. 1777281

she said shes considering changing her name on MFC

No. 1777282

File: 1677385079744.png (512.99 KB, 827x502, Screen Shot 2023-02-25 at 10.1…)

shes considering changing her porn name

No. 1777283

she said she wants her name from when she first started camming.

No. 1777284

shes considering changing it back to shay-gnar

No. 1777286

she said she worries someones gonna steal it? the fuck

No. 1777287

shes currently replying to a request that she acts like his daughter or step daugher. ew

No. 1777288

She’s reading out lines of a dm request a coomer sent her and mocking it

No. 1777289

she said she doesnt want to say the name cause hes afraid someone will take the name before she can change it. shes probably talking about farmers

No. 1777290

i get that she doesn't want someone using the dolly mattel name but i dont think anyone would start a porn career with that name just to fuck with her lmao

No. 1777292

youre missing the point, the person would just take the username to fuck with her. theyre not gonna actually cam on it or use it.

No. 1777293

She (allegedly) washed her hair! it's a miracle

No. 1777294

File: 1677385615315.png (469.42 KB, 827x502, Screen Shot 2023-02-25 at 10.2…)

she said she took too long to cam because she was really busy, explained
>she showered
>and straightened her hair
>and put on makeup
>and cleaned her work room
this is literally what her busy day was

No. 1777295

shes leaving for 10 mins to pee, change, and do a private show.

No. 1777296

she said shes gonna go for 10 minutes to do a private then she will be back to her beauty guru roleplay

No. 1777297

basically she started late despite having nothing going on all morning and said it took an hour and half to straighten her hair, and an hour and half to do her make up and when she was done it was 5pm and her cam room wasnt set up and her pizza hadnt arrived so thats why she was late.

No. 1777298

File: 1677385747756.png (8.87 KB, 298x205, Screenshot 2023-02-25 232836.p…)

its 4 am for this guy lol she went to do private with him. I can't believe she gets mad when the coomers tell her to do shit, she sounds exactly like wings or some shit kek

No. 1777301

As someone who has no knowledge of camming and porn stars I looked at some of the other girls who were camming and there were at least two dozen women online who look like Instagram models who were nearly naked in lingerie and in the middle of sexual acts on cam. So why would anyone watch her? I'm not saying that she needs to be in a 'sexy' mood (I sure as hell wouldn't be) but if she really wants for this to be part of her income then she needs to get it together. Coomers who use that site have zero reason to visit her room, I even saw a fatter girl who was leaning into the feeder fetish who could poach the feeder scrote from her kek.

No. 1777302

File: 1677385876379.jpg (243.22 KB, 1080x1920, tumblr_o54wyoz9yj1rmiw96o2_128…)

does she really want the people who know her like this to see what she's become?

No. 1777303

File: 1677385886610.png (28.62 KB, 812x64, 000.png)

This has to be a farmer

No. 1777304

File: 1677385897975.png (467.13 KB, 827x502, Screen Shot 2023-02-25 at 10.3…)

came back. then left immediately

No. 1777306

jesus she just hopped on for a second to show she was gonna wear that disgusting grey bimbo sweater for the private

No. 1777307

she just wanted to show that shes wearing the ugly bimbo sweater for the private. doubt the coomer wants that

No. 1777310

im happy she's not that mopey anymore, it was getting hard to watch also annoying. She choose this life but asks like she HAS to do this shit. Shayna lives and acts like a trafficked methed out crackhead who has no other opitions.
>I hate my body
So why do porn? And who the fuck wants to hear that? ON A PORN CAM SITE. Then she judges her fucking worth based on if scrote dm or her some shit.
She should know scrotes coom to anything, scrotes DM anybody. They don't love you or your body, they may not even like it. You just protray yourself as a kinky slut, plus you look "Attainable" for these scrotes. So they shoot their shot.
I feel like she's constantly on this whine fest
>Im so ugly and fat giggle, laugh, then look sad, but does a retarded fake smile, lips cracking. finger guns.
What the fuck no confidence, again, she doesn't have to show her fucking body off, she could be in school or doing anything else

No. 1777311

File: 1677386185661.jpeg (61.24 KB, 543x414, 40A04D0F-73DA-46D1-A1C0-E60965…)


No. 1777314

The light blue is a nice color on her. Everything else is so bleak though.

No. 1777315

File: 1677386432889.png (1.27 MB, 1033x602, Untitled.png)

No. 1777316

Fuck, I use the screen capture function on my mac but I don't think it included audio. Here are the shein hauls anyway: https://www.dropbox.com/s/w57wur3jf8yky0d/sheinhaul1.mov?dl=0
Do anons want me to post the others? I feel stupid that I didn't get any audio.

No. 1777317

you can see a blurred version of what shes doing in private and looks like she tried those long pink shoes on for the brit

No. 1777319

shes already finished, coming back soon. she was in private for 5 mins tops?

No. 1777320

thank you OP for making this the thread pic kek

No. 1777322

File: 1677387183660.png (491 KB, 827x502, Screen Shot 2023-02-25 at 10.5…)


No. 1777324

File: 1677387423262.png (481.27 KB, 827x502, Screen Shot 2023-02-25 at 10.5…)

she just got more wine and is yet to be sexual in any way

No. 1777325

she's getting more tips

No. 1777326

File: 1677387508757.png (517.53 KB, 827x502, Screen Shot 2023-02-25 at 10.5…)

she asked for song request. then changed it to say if you tip she can dance and put the song. she has 0 motivation to be even grift them right

No. 1777327

File: 1677387550151.png (330.66 KB, 570x317, dog on cam.png)

does anyone find it extremely inappropriate to be petting a dog on a sex cam?

No. 1777328

ugh the boils and flab on her ass

No. 1777329

holy shit someone tipped for a dance and she's dancing like a wacky inflatable flailing tube man

No. 1777330

shayna dancing to rap music is too cringe for my drunk mind

No. 1777331

tag yourself im the acne on her ass cheeks

No. 1777332

some creep asking about her school days

No. 1777333

File: 1677387643437.gif (8.89 MB, 642x358, 95da7fa490e163373b88647120abcb…)

Shaynut dancing to rap

No. 1777334

"have you ever done dance while you were in school?" a scrote asks as sheshows off her flat ass

No. 1777335

she does the same 3 moves ever

No. 1777336

the tag sticking out of her shirt

No. 1777337

KEK when she tries to twerk and her ass fat doesn’t move an inch. I’m ascending

No. 1777338

Shayna struggling to grab her own ass because it's so flat despite her being fat.

No. 1777339

File: 1677387732511.png (Spoiler Image,497.2 KB, 827x502, Screen Shot 2023-02-25 at 11.0…)

danced for less than a minute and said if she had gone longer she would have needed her inhaler

No. 1777341

shes a huge cornball

No. 1777342

File: 1677387805121.png (Spoiler Image,439.79 KB, 693x485, oiqmzHCUgJ.png)

the pimples are so bad

No. 1777343

File: 1677387815967.png (473.91 KB, 544x550, Screen Shot 2023-02-25 at 10.0…)

dancing like a retard

No. 1777344

she's jealous of camgirls who can stand for four hours? as if most people can't stand that long?

No. 1777345

File: 1677387929467.gif (Spoiler Image,3.43 MB, 291x296, dance.gif)

whats a good place to resize gifs? got some good ones of her dancing

No. 1777346

she said tomorrow is her last name smoking weed. again

No. 1777347


Shayna says tomorrow is her last day smoking weed

No. 1777348

She’s saying she’s gonna quit smoking weed day after tomorrow. Sure LMFAO we’ve heard that before

No. 1777349

just said that she got sick from it. said that she has cannabis disease i didnt get the name of it but said the thc builds up and makes her sick
she also said shes only stopping weed for some time NOT forever

No. 1777350

She says her weed sickness is why shes quitting but she doesnt know if shes "quitting forever" but shes quitting "for a good while". She says her sickness is caused from THC building up in her system.

No. 1777351

For all those anons tinfoiling, she just claimed she has Cannabinoid hyperemesis syndrome.

No. 1777352

Says she has cyclical vomiting syndrome on top of CHS

No. 1777353

KEK why am I laughing so hard at this, it’s like shes trying to be sexy but it looks like a parody

No. 1777354

She said “alcohol makes it worse but when I don’t smoke weed I can drink just fine without getting sick.”

No. 1777355

this is horrendous

No. 1777356

File: 1677388198000.jpg (51.37 KB, 557x306, granny panties.jpg)

that has to be the ugliest bra ive ever seen her in. nursing/granny bra vibes

No. 1777357

File: 1677388222751.png (Spoiler Image,416.74 KB, 827x502, Screen Shot 2023-02-25 at 11.0…)

showing her non tits on a grandma bra

No. 1777358

File: 1677388258203.jpg (345.71 KB, 1080x771, Screenshot_20230226-001030_Chr…)

That's gotta hurt kek

No. 1777359

File: 1677388291213.gif (Spoiler Image,4.13 MB, 475x307, sped dance.gif)

shaynas attempt at a sex strip tease

No. 1777360

File: 1677388300745.png (Spoiler Image,470.99 KB, 827x502, Screen Shot 2023-02-25 at 11.1…)

shes wearing a weird grandma set under the skirt

No. 1777361

lol some scrote called owen said " jesus what happened to you "

No. 1777363

kek i was hoping someone caught this

No. 1777364

What does shay-gnar even mean?

No. 1777365

afaik it's "Shayna" with a heavy Australian accent.

No. 1777366

Is that a farmer

No. 1777367

File: 1677388394130.gif (10.28 MB, 816x386, e029cd40c147a4fb356e372b3dfd2e…)

Gif of her banning him

No. 1777368

is her sound out of sync for anyone else?

No. 1777369

not currently but its normal nona her streams usually drop quality constantly

No. 1777370

it happens from time to time with me, I just re fresh the page

No. 1777371

File: 1677388570820.png (Spoiler Image,507.1 KB, 827x502, Screen Shot 2023-02-25 at 11.1…)

without weird angles you can tell the clothes are tight

No. 1777372

she just farted and blamed the chair

No. 1777373

File: 1677388752191.jpg (Spoiler Image,79.37 KB, 589x524, big.jpg)

shes big

No. 1777374

kek i love that this is one of the only things you can point out cause shes so boring

No. 1777375

File: 1677388905897.webm (6.69 MB, 640x380, Screen Recording 2023-02-25 at…)

Almost the whole dance. After this she said "that was a good amount of time, if it had gone on any longer I might have needed my inhaler." She also said tomorrow is her last day smoking weed and then she's quitting for "like the foreseeable future." And then talked about her CHS and cyclic vomiting syndrome. Maybe that's why she's been in the hospital so much lately?

No. 1777376

File: 1677388961625.gif (Spoiler Image,7.93 MB, 644x360, dd4e3940b58d182d6eac4228ad7be3…)

retard dance

No. 1777377

File: 1677388967330.png (Spoiler Image,492.71 KB, 827x502, Screen Shot 2023-02-25 at 11.2…)

white tongue rn taking one inch of dildo tops

No. 1777378

File: 1677389015358.gif (Spoiler Image,5.95 MB, 542x300, bfb4e2557d5bf9f0958fd91689b9d4…)


No. 1777379

File: 1677389043329.jpg (96.45 KB, 933x518, KhOhmmURNH.jpg)

No. 1777380

File: 1677389068528.gif (Spoiler Image,6.38 MB, 546x304, c1f34368f57c8f7420e5648ec37636…)

KEK someone said "no gagging this time niceeeee job girllllll" and she scoffed and said "no gagging this time… HATERRRRRR"

No. 1777381

File: 1677389101778.png (524.92 KB, 827x502, Screen Shot 2023-02-25 at 11.2…)

she said she can drink more wine or take more of her pen. then quickly said NO PEN NO PEN! cause she just said weed makes her sick

No. 1777382

She said white wine makes “her tongue feel goopy.” Pure autism

No. 1777383

she said she makes herself throw up when she gets hiccups cause she hates them so much

No. 1777385

this 25 year old just said that she makes herself throw up to make her hiccups stop, what in the name of all that is holy

No. 1777386

and thats shes always done it but recently ellen told her its not normal to throw up over hiccups lol…

No. 1777387

File: 1677389319120.jpg (82.25 KB, 902x502, cocker spaniel.jpg)

No. 1777388

File: 1677389339738.png (508.28 KB, 827x502, Screen Shot 2023-02-25 at 11.2…)

she teased her hair and said this is giving baby goth LMAO

No. 1777389

File: 1677389369436.webm (783.41 KB, 1052x590, ezgif.com-gif-to-webm.webm)

shayna tries to twerk

No. 1777390

I just feel SAD for her holy shit, she just said that's the most anyone has ever done for her on Valentine's Day.

No. 1777391

She said something to the effect of, “with Ellen around, why the fuck do I need a dad? She’s so supportive of me, makes sure I’m safe etc” sounds like she’s having issues w her dad right now

No. 1777392

she said after camming shes going over ellens house and that shes her most supportive partner… quickly kinda backtracked and said supportive as in the sex work shit

No. 1777393

No. 1777394

kek she was just bragging how she needs to work harder like the rest of society and how shes been doing so much work lately then immediately says shes taking tomorrow off and probably the next couple days cause shes quitting weed

No. 1777395

that's the illness she pretends to have so she doesn't have to admit she's an alcoholic.

No. 1777396

someone suggested that camming might distract her from not smoking and she was like "Yeah, that's not a bad idea…" and then just trailed off and looked bummed out lmao

No. 1777397

i think she means daddy dom

No. 1777398

alright shes getting preachy about how everyone is mean and shes so nice. im out.

No. 1777399

>>1777398 She's on a roll about mean people
>can't bring up tiktok without talking about getting mean comments
>she's at a place in her life where she doesn't need to act mean (she was as a teen, but she grew out of it)
>she feels like the "why cant we be friends and make cake" girl from Mean Girls
>mean people make her feel icky
>she has empathy

No. 1777400

come back, she's talking about "peesha" (pizza)

No. 1777401

she said shes gonna need more gatorade cause shes gonna get sick… knowing 100% her drinking and weed is what makes her go to the hospital constantly

No. 1777402

Oh no, she spun her wheel and got punch. Face punch time. Ugh

No. 1777403

File: 1677390020552.png (509.62 KB, 827x502, Screen Shot 2023-02-25 at 11.4…)

shes hitting her face ugh there it goes

No. 1777404

Scrote says she's too cute to punch and she asks how to make herself uglier. Everytime she picks up that wine glass helps

No. 1777405

She’s calling out the feeder again, “I feel like this whole night you’ve been calling me fat”

No. 1777406

she told a coomer that she feels like hes been calling her fat all night but he says it in a sweet way. then says she just cant let people think shes that stupid that she doesnt realize hes calling her fat

No. 1777407

File: 1677390163033.png (491.36 KB, 810x489, Screen Shot 2023-02-25 at 11.4…)

woman who just said she has a weed related illness went for weed

No. 1777408

File: 1677390166567.png (68.6 KB, 606x122, Screen Shot 2023-02-25 at 10.4…)


No. 1777409

her dog wants food and attention and shes just kicking him out

No. 1777410

File: 1677390276362.png (527.36 KB, 810x489, Screen Shot 2023-02-25 at 11.4…)

dog keeps coming back cause she doesnt even close the door when shes camming

No. 1777411

The feeder even said he's esl and she's still singling him out. What a kind and gracious person she is!

No. 1777412

File: 1677390311237.jpg (79.9 KB, 753x427, retarded dog.jpg)

i feel so bad for her dog. the dog obviously wants something and shes just laughing at it.

No. 1777413

Aww, her interaction with Noodle is so sweet

No. 1777414

File: 1677390329402.png (536.28 KB, 810x489, Screen Shot 2023-02-25 at 11.4…)

she finally closed the door now

No. 1777415

File: 1677390364998.gif (1.72 MB, 284x158, 7971fa42889ed62f80002b70d172aa…)

P sure she said she gave Noodle the rest of her pizza.

No. 1777416

yeah i also felt bad for noodle too she clearly didn't want to be left alone

No. 1777417

File: 1677390388654.gif (1.87 MB, 282x158, 835869db0a16afa1af87bf9b876f9c…)

No. 1777418

KEK I have tears what the fuck is this. This is terrible.

No. 1777419

she says shes camming for 45 more minutes!

No. 1777421

Said she gave her the rest of her pizza after she kicked her out? wtf no wonder noodle is as chunky as her

No. 1777423

File: 1677390442751.jpg (Spoiler Image,83.04 KB, 797x438, they lopsided.jpg)

after 4 hours of streaming she finally showed her boobs

No. 1777424

File: 1677390445943.png (491.54 KB, 810x489, Screen Shot 2023-02-25 at 11.4…)

hurr durr i have a weed illness

No. 1777425

KEK i didnt even catch it cause it was so fucking quick

No. 1777426

She mentioned feeding the rest of her pizza to noodle. Potentially dangerous if there's garlic on that shit, no?

No. 1777427

>im a very STORY driven porn creator

No. 1777428

Dangerous period, a lot of dog breeds are prone to gluten allergies

No. 1777429

its probably trying to tell her it doesnt feel good or needs to take a nasty shit after she fed him human food

No. 1777430

You have to be intellectually disabled if you can't tell that guy is trolling her kek.

No. 1777432

File: 1677390723517.png (485.67 KB, 810x489, Screen Shot 2023-02-25 at 11.5…)

>"my favorite compliments are youre very funny and you have a good music taste. like pretty, people call me pretty every fucking day!"

No. 1777433

she said her 2 favorite compliments are that shes funny and has good taste in music. but she just loooovves being a bimbo right? nlog.

No. 1777434

kek dying over this cap

No. 1777435

Wow I thought the bear on the floor was Shaynus kek

No. 1777437

she said she wants her last porn video to be called "my snuff film" and laughed like it was hysterical

No. 1777438

why does she look like the Land Before Time

No. 1777439

she mentioned again "my old sugar daddy made this for me for christmas"

No. 1777441

this was because she wants to film a porn where shes having dinner and then the porn shit. said she wanted to show like having a date with her eating pasta etc. but that she doesn't want it to be too drawn out. then realized it was absolutely too drawn out. then said her biggest fear is making porn that is too drawn out…

No. 1777442

she said on her deathbed she wants to make a video called my first snuff film

No. 1777443

anyone know what comment set her off? no one was even trolling and she just blocked someone and is acting bothered

No. 1777444

File: 1677390958048.jpg (141.14 KB, 1280x720, DUCKY.jpg)

KEKKKK I see it

No. 1777445

who did she just ban ??

No. 1777446

llb50 said "a wombat made it" in reference to the pipe

No. 1777447

File: 1677390990236.jpeg (27.87 KB, 764x132, D41814D5-CAAF-4663-9000-C8F397…)

Someone asked about her pipe again and someone in chat said picrel. If you’re cowtipping pls stop

No. 1777448

some fucking cowtipper started talking about a "wombat"

No. 1777450

she said they made a comment that made it obvious that they knew who her "sugar daddy" who gave her the pipe (womack) cause only her stalkers know who the sugar daddy is

No. 1777453

she said that you think after seven years they would get bored (about us) like shes not bored to death of sex work

No. 1777454

she was on the verge of tears trying to explain why she banned them

No. 1777456

Someone must have mentioned Womack. Stop cowtipping

No. 1777457

pretty sure theres old cum lube or maychup on her vibe and shes trying to pretend its lip gloss

No. 1777458

File: 1677391201524.gif (Spoiler Image,1.59 MB, 282x158, 477dd6fee790f116c492172a6e731c…)

No. 1777459

File: 1677391260776.png (Spoiler Image,521.85 KB, 810x489, Screen Shot 2023-02-25 at 11.5…)

she didnt even take the skirt off, said she needs more tips. had the sex toy in for like 30 seconds

No. 1777462

how many of her 68 watchers do we think are farmers? its got to be at least 15

No. 1777463

I think it’s definitely more than that

No. 1777464

She looks worse than a 45-year-old street hooker. The gunt control underwear is just the perfect finishing touch.

No. 1777466

absolutely more. remember that she got mad and said we should get an account and tip. she knows its farmers mostly.

No. 1777467

File: 1677391625975.png (Spoiler Image,494.4 KB, 810x489, Screen Shot 2023-02-26 at 12.0…)

built terribly

No. 1777469

File: 1677391673740.png (Spoiler Image,486.54 KB, 810x489, Screen Shot 2023-02-26 at 12.0…)

No. 1777470

File: 1677391734931.png (Spoiler Image,450.58 KB, 810x489, Screen Shot 2023-02-26 at 12.0…)

kek she quickly moved cause the angle was so bad

No. 1777472

File: 1677391832172.png (Spoiler Image,430.26 KB, 521x483, gunt1.png)

she kept trying to find a way to hide her gunt but she couldn't and gave up

No. 1777473

File: 1677391833180.png (Spoiler Image,483.71 KB, 810x489, Screen Shot 2023-02-26 at 12.0…)

admitted that this shit keeps falling cause it doesn't fit her

No. 1777474

File: 1677391908588.jpeg (Spoiler Image,574.39 KB, 1242x711, D7597E28-77D9-4168-882D-D7F407…)

Kek she had to move her Fupa to see what she was hitting

No. 1777475

File: 1677391915051.gif (Spoiler Image,1.7 MB, 282x158, 243827fc43022bb3389238f9e0fcd3…)

paddling her pussy, eugh

No. 1777476

File: 1677391924770.jpg (Spoiler Image,85.24 KB, 791x470, thickems.jpg)

"im like fuckin' thickems"

No. 1777477

File: 1677391942118.png (Spoiler Image,492.15 KB, 810x489, Screen Shot 2023-02-26 at 12.1…)

its very obvious shes wearing the weird thing to cover her stomach and the thing keeps falling bevause shes so fat

No. 1777478

File: 1677392011363.jpg (Spoiler Image,81.22 KB, 688x488, unfortunate.jpg)

fridge body

No. 1777479

File: 1677392064279.jpeg (Spoiler Image,358.79 KB, 794x670, 943CA4DE-22B4-4F1B-9DB0-C47ECE…)

Why is she always standing like this ?

No. 1777481

she said shes totally going to start camming as often as she can now… lol see ya girls in 6 months

No. 1777482

File: 1677392212127.png (Spoiler Image,499.92 KB, 810x489, Screen Shot 2023-02-26 at 12.1…)

shes leaving. never got naked. only showed tits quickly even though she streamed like 3 hours or more. shes very insecure

No. 1777483

File: 1677392219172.jpg (Spoiler Image,99.6 KB, 943x530, lopsided.jpg)

guy tips 138 coins and she just goes "ill show my tits for that" and does the most depressing flash ever

No. 1777484

KEK. she kept trying to hide the double chin but its absolutely there.

No. 1777485

A wombat I can’t kek

No. 1777486

Yeah, it sounds like she wants to get her shit together, we'll see. Nonny, keep an eye out if she accomplishes any of these things in the next month:
Gets on cam "as much as I can" (AKA once a month, maybe)
Quit smoking weed, supposedly day after tomorrow
Flies out to more shoots
Films more than one video a week

No. 1777487

shes done at 10:18PM PST

No. 1777488

she got so weirdly defensive over the feeder guy kek "I feel like you've been calling me fat the entire night" like ofcourse you'll attract chubby chasers and feeders at your size kek

No. 1777489

Man she hates her body.

No. 1777490

It’s not weird when you think about how skinny she used to be and how deep in denial she’s in about her weight

No. 1777495

File: 1677393039499.png (Spoiler Image,497.91 KB, 827x502, Screen Shot 2023-02-25 at 11.0…)

fucking kek shes such a liar for no reason. the real schedule this month:
>another suicide bait
>make some bs story about the computer to beg for the laptop again
>mom hates me tweets
>saying shes totally happy with her fat body
>probably also saying she hates her body and skinny whores have it easier

No. 1777496

No. 1777497

File: 1677393294242.png (Spoiler Image,465.85 KB, 827x502, Screen Shot 2023-02-25 at 11.1…)

no wonder she never dared to go full nudity

No. 1777498

also carries Mr. PB out at like 4:20

No. 1777501

I wonder if womack got "poached" by another sw and thats why she tweeted about it a few threads back.

No. 1777502

File: 1677394096762.webm (17.24 MB, 1024x576, donttakeitofff.webm)

Her dancing and singing to Take it Off by Kesha

No. 1777503

yeah, the fact she said it was her "old sugar daddy" and tried using his pipe to show it to womack seemed like she wants him back. especially since she lost it with the farmer comment, as if she knew it was going to scare him away again

No. 1777504

File: 1677394433815.jpg (Spoiler Image,103.55 KB, 690x1223, shass.jpg)

No. 1777505


Shayna talking about how often she gets complimented on being pretty and then acts like a complete sperg.

(Note- first time adding to Dropbox so please let me know if it is incorrect!)

No. 1777507


Shayna punching her face, complete with a weird “nya” at the end kek

No. 1777509


Shayna speaking with a weird voice and begging for tips

No. 1777510

it was bratty

No. 1777512


No. 1777514

All those shoes and yet she only ever wears the ratty old tennis shoes and those clunky sandals. Oh and those rose Docs when she pretends to be ~alt gurl~
Seriously she doesnt wear those heels or 95% of those shoes out or even in her porn vids. She does having a spending problem and she just keeps lugging around that musty ugly collection because she thinks its so bimbo

No. 1777515

I can believe that. Could be why she bailed on their trip and why they had a silent falling out. Shayna is a bitch so I don’t doubt she was greedy & rude and maybe he confided in pixie since they were friends.
Could also explain why she started to whore herself out of her house to pay her bills.

No. 1777516

Shayna calling Zap aka Mike Slack aka Grayhair “Dad” and then mentioning how often she calls him “Daddy” and is used to it


No. 1777517

Nta but I don’t see any proof of that? His most recent tweets have been responding to Shayna; he only retweeted abustedpixie. I wonder if he maybe he wisened up and decided to stop giving half of his income to sex workers kek.

No. 1777519


Shayna dancing to an 80s song with extremely awkward dance moves

No. 1777527

God that set is so cheap and ugly looking. Its not form fitting and the huge straps look like tape.
Funny is a stretch but I guess if youre also mentally slow you could find her awkward sped humor funny…
but her music taste is objectively basic AT BEST but overall shitty so Im not sure where she would ever hear that.

No. 1777528

Literally every single thing in ugly fat Shat’s life is ugly. Her apartment, her clothes, her shoes, even her fat dog

No. 1777529

God this is depressing. Her face has always been average but she had such a nice body.

No. 1777531

I wish we could see the comments she gets on tiktok before deleting them, none of her videos have a single comment on them so every one must be mean, kek. But sure Shaynus, people tell you you’re pretty aaallll the time.

No. 1777532

I can't believe this fat retard gave her dog pizza. I mean I believe it, but it's just fucked up. People that give their dogs table scraps are dumbasses and careless, but just giving your dog slices of pizza and charcuterie boards and shit is just awful. That poor dog. No excercise and shitty garbage human food. It also looked like it needed to go to the bathroom or something and she just brushed it off and put it out the room with pizza.
And neglecting and booting the cat earlier. Like bitch close the door or get a pet gate. Better yet rehome the poor things so they can live a better life. She's not abusing them but she's neglectful and obviously doesn't take proper care of them, even on a base level.

No. 1777551

the fuck outta here moid

No. 1777559

A physique built by fondue and party-sized seafood feasts kek. You’d think her weight would plateau at some point but nope. Bitch just keeps gaining

No. 1777564

Man how can you let this happen? Like if you used to look so good (sorry, that’s what I think.), wouldn’t you stop yourself after gaining 10 or 20? That’s got to hurt.

No. 1777569

its called being depressed nonnie
she's totally lost control of all aspects of her life, no wonder she is depressed

No. 1777581

Very likely that she has an eating disorder

No. 1777595

I second eating disorders, she has a plethora of unhealthy coping mechanisms.
Weed, pills, alcohol, binge eating, engaging in risky behaviour like letting seedy scrotes into her home and doing stupid things online for attention.

Watching her live, it's so clear she's deeply and profoundly unhappy, insecure and fed up with her life choices.

No. 1777616

without context this looks so fucking autistic kek even with context it's bad all of those dirt fucking shoes on the bed and the granny bra i can't

No. 1777617

i just had a laughing fit what the fuck is this autistic dance kekkkkk her ass looks so bad too hwta is she doing it's giving retirement home salsa instructor gone wild

No. 1777621

i couldn't watch this for more than 30 seconds, it feels like i'm exploiting someone genuinely retarded. she acts like she has a chromosome too many

No. 1777643

her head is so massive in this picture

No. 1777654

I just can't understand how she deludes herself into thinking she likes sex work. She literally banned someone for paying her money to be sexual last night. That's her job. She's a sex worker. She sells sex. And yet she acted like someone paying her money to DO HER JOB was ban-worthy. On her ~seven years of sex work~ cam show.
She hates sex work, she just wants someone to talk to her, pay attention to her, and compliment her. She doesn't want to have to do her job. Which⁦, again, involves performing sex acts for money. That's what you do, Shayna. Stop pretending you're too good to do what you literally advertise yourself and your body for.

No. 1777655

GTA stripper dance

No. 1777659

She never had a nice body. She was just skinny, but untoned and boxy.

No. 1777697

File: 1677424978488.jpeg (252.86 KB, 750x723, 17643988-23CC-4DBD-966F-22CA57…)

No. 1777703

Eating disorder? She smokes like a chimney and perpetually has the munchies, there’s the disorder. When she was in school and after when she still lived with her parents, she couldn’t smoke, drink, and eat all day everyday like she can now. She lasted like two years with her hedonism after moving out before she started ballooning. Add in the fact she hangs out with a turbo fatty like Ellen. They’re always bad influences on portion sizes. We watched her lose weight when she was in Ireland and had stuff planned all day that got her out of her room without smoking and drinking every waking moment

No. 1777706

>whole """""""job""""""" is showing her tits to a camera
>saying she can't work unless shes absolutely fucking blasted drunk and high as shit
>literally job is showing tits to camera

No. 1777710

this is gonna go poorly. she smokes so much weed that at this point that it would be more beneficial for her to start with cutting down then ween off it. i dont think its impossible for her to quit smoking physically for 4 days or a week but she’s going to go back right back to her old ways as soon as she’s inconvenienced or upset if she tries to go cold turkey.

No. 1777711

she's going to be living on the toilet for a week basically
surprised she's not sunk low enough to pander to the scat fetish moids for it

No. 1777716

lol wtf are you talking about weirdo? im not saying its impossible but shitting or diarrhea is not a common side effect of weed withdrawal at all kek you mainly just feel nauseous/cant keep down food, headaches and general mood problems with anger/impatience, and then most people either get insomnia and when they do sleep they have intense vivid nightmares where you wake up in a pile of sweat

No. 1777717

For the type of porn she makes, her old body would have stood out as "nice". Most of these diaperplay pedos are fat. Had she developed one of those EDs that make you eat less as a cope for how out of control her life is, she would probably have more money and a more solid fanbase.

She can still make dough as a feedee but she's too in denial about her weight for that. But she'd probably like it better tbh, they don't have to always be naked. She could probably make decent money doing mukbangs in lingerie too tight for her.

No. 1777719

from her reaction in chat and call outs posted on twitter is sounds like shes basically a huge cunt to any scrote who into her being chubby/fat. she’s definitely losing out on money cause shes insecure and doesnt wanna face the reality of what shes done to her body

No. 1777720

she's 100% going to get anxiety-induced diarrhea coming off of weed, especially given her diet.(learn to sage)

No. 1777724

File: 1677426683700.png (93.01 KB, 300x168, 4A19D27B-716B-4A3E-A0F9-48BCE4…)

ok… ethan.

No. 1777725

uh oh, stinky(sage your shit)

No. 1777727

while she was skinny and had long legs, when she was skinny her genital health was at it's worst, she had huge fucking boils constantly, didn't give a fuck either. She still has them but it's not as extreme. However, her old body is objectively better then this one. She's all arms, legs and belly.
No fat went to her tits, hips or ass, not in a way thats flattering and for a sex worker well…thats what gross scrotes want to see. Unless they are feeders

No. 1777748

She's a fucking retard for not taking the feeder coin. She begs for rent money because she can't sell herself as a bimbo barbie and continues to be openly hostile to the coomers that she actually appeals to. She needs to work with what she's got.

No. 1777778

stop with the mayochup bullshit, no one finds it funny and you sound retarded. it’s like you want to see her fuck her ass again so you can see it. you sound like a scrote.(too mad about mayochup)

No. 1777782

people just find the idea of her being incontinent from having a loose anus kinda funny is all(learn to sage)

No. 1777788

The redtexts are getting kind of old, sorry jannies.

No. 1777790

Seconding. The whole mayochup thing is nauseating and should be forgotten.

No. 1777793

File: 1677433849335.jpeg (350.92 KB, 750x808, 6C9FFCDD-728D-4342-9D02-A9137B…)

No. 1777800

shes gonna drop the video in two months and its going to be the saddest shit that not even the coomers want and that even farmers are too terrified to watch more than a few seconds. business as usual.

No. 1777804

We can stop talking about it but I'll never stop shuddering when I pass it by in the grocery store.

No. 1777810

When shayna says she's going to stop smoking weed that means she's gonna post an edible haul within the coming week

No. 1777818

Nta but okay something MUST have happened if she rebranded and changed her name from the buttstuff barbie to whatever it is now. I am dying to know the gory details (or just the truth tbh) of what she’s done to her body. Not as a scrote but as a farmer. It’s milk. If my predictions are correct then the signs were probably there years ago for her to stop dry fucking her asshole but she didn’t want to like the “lifestyle changes” she’s “made” knowing she has that cannabis vomiting syndrome.

No. 1777826

Is anyone else dying to know what happened with Womack? Considering how emotional and nuts Shat is I'm shocked she never made this a thing publicly. She tweets about every little thing that upsets her, and I just cant imagine Womack no longer being a sugar daddy wasn't a huge blow when he told her. And also they're still chatting? The whole thing is so out of character for her.

No. 1777830

Samefag but I also just realized that the mayochup and/or shit just shows how bad she is at her job. Willingly–because it's really just laziness. Ik camming is live and sometimes things can happen but 1) her nasty shit speckles are the norm more often than not, being even in her paid videos and 2) other anons have been saying that doesn't prepare for anal the same way that people who typically do it prepare beforehand.
Sorry to sperg but not everyone who is morbidly fascinated by the gross stuff is a scrote. I personally cannot believe she really sells clips knowing that her shit is visible in them. The woman has no shame kek.
Yes I'm curious too, but I don't see much interaction with pixie so I don't know if it's really him being poached from Shaynus.

No. 1777837

I think Womack is still around. I just think he stopped getting gov assistance checks or spent his stimulus and stuff the last year or 2 so he doesn't have the disposable income to be a "sugar daddy" now and is just more like one of her few but regular coomers. I didnt get to watch the live and the videos load like shit for me lately so I didnt see how she talked about it. But that's how I think it is.
I think he just couldnt afford to pay her rent and send her money as frequently but still interacts and sends her 20 bucks from time to time. It also kinda seemed like he maybe wasnt super into the diaper stuff tbh. So maybe that also swayed him away.

No. 1777838

I think because that anon cowtipped and she knows for sure her dad knows (is my tinfoil). She wants to change her name. Start wearing different colors (like blue kek) and try to divorce himself from Dolly Mattel, if she stops pedo pandering and tries to be "sexy" or like a dumb girl next door. Then we know what's up. I really believe the name change is due to the cow tipper. Plus she really hates her body, she wasn't joking last night. She can't control the angles on a live stream

No. 1777840

I don't know why she got so mad about the person saying wombat. Womack had his name as his fucking twitter and we wouldn't know about him if they both didn't make it obvious. She let the feeder stay until the end, but then again I guess Because she didn't want the chat to be dead. At the same time she got rid of the scrote begging for her to be sexual

No. 1777842

File: 1677438314227.gif (11.16 MB, 296x170, weird_dancing_AdobeExpress (1)…)

Thanks anon for recording, I made some gifs. Hopefully they aren't trash quality.

No. 1777845

File: 1677438380517.gif (9.4 MB, 296x170, weird_dancing_AdobeExpress (2)…)

No. 1777846

Can we all agree that was the worst SW cam show she's ever done? She did not want to do a single sexual thing, even when tipped. Dumping her Frankenstein tits out apathetically and dead pan spanking her crotch was the most she did and she really didn't want to and wasn't even trying to be sexy. I didn't see the dildo suck but Im sure it was a few seconds and nothing that would get even a coomer excited.
Her dances were so speddy and awkward, not cute, not enticing. The way she talked. She spent hours pulling out her musty old shoes from the closet and opening her sweatshop clothes and never even tried to model them or make it semi-sexy.
It was all just so weird.
Like yeah, she usually scams and avoids sex acts, dances like a tard, and just wants to talk about herself. But this had an air of defeat and disgust and irritability.

No. 1777848

I thought the cowtipper showed her dad the stuff from the diaper account? I would say that it seems more like she's had more interactions from feeders and diaper freaks and it's probably settling in that she does not look like a 'bimbo' or barbie. Given that she is wearing lipgloss all of a sudden, maybe she's taking the thread's old advice that she looked better in the shay-gnar aesthetic rather than her baby pedo-pander or 'hot girl' bimbo aesthetic.

No. 1777861

i felt the same. her weird tweets about loving sex work and hating it are one thing. but seeing her cam on a pornsite while clearly roleplaying that she was on youtube or a tiktok live was VERY weird. she did not want to be camwhoring at all, like even for her this was deadpan and she hated every second of it and every comment and even the fucking watchers.

No. 1777865

File: 1677439974054.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.09 MB, 1170x1612, 8A8A23DC-E804-467D-9C6C-A94AE7…)

i dont believe tinfoil about her real dad. if there was some big blow up with her dad about the cowtipper why would she still have her diaper twitter up and the photo they were obsessed with still up? unless shes keeping it up to be defiant. i think all the “who needs a daddy” comments were about wombat. shes probably trying to play it cool so she doesnt fully lose his scheckles, but he probably told he couldnt pay for her rent monthly anymore or something. she was caught snapping a selfie with the shoe pipe so theyre definitely still communicating.

No. 1777870

she cant keep friendships or sugar daddies

No. 1777872

Ntayrt but my original tinfoil was that Womack lost his job, is broke, or for some reason has decided he can’t dedicate that much of his income to ewhores. Another theory of mine is that he got a girlfriend and has cut back on spending for the new woman in his life.

No. 1777879

there were pictures posted last thread of wombat reposting bratty. im not saying we know for sure he’s giving her more money than shaynus but ive known shayna long enough to know it probably pisses her the fuck off to know he gives money to her mutuals, especially a mutual she has frienemy beef with. she still hasnt liked any of brattys vegas content. you’d think after bailing on their plans and making bratty have to find a way to pay for shaynas share of the hotel the very least thing shayhog could do is retweet of brattys tweets about the content from it. in shayna’s bpd mind wombat not having enough to support her monthly is directly because of other ewhores “taking her money”.

No. 1777880

kekkkk how does she not realize how uneven her bangs are? Wet brain sure is something.

No. 1777883

i wonder if the cat dropping drama when all her scrotes were getting harassed was the last straw for womack. would explain why she went nuclear and privated so long.

No. 1777884

she must have been getting a lot from him per month for her to be this “cool” about losing him. she must be terrified of losing him completely if she hasnt made any comments about it until now. and when the cowtipper said wombat in chat - I was watching, and she was visibly shaken, was having a hard time getting out words, and her eyes were tearing up while she was trying to explain “im usually nice and people take advantage of my niceness - but that chatter said something to make me know he knew who my old sugar daddy was”. she probably told him to just jump on to watch her smoke from a pipe that was in her ass and then he gets doxxed again.

No. 1777886

Really, she seemed like she was on Instagram live and getting annoyed by vagene dudes telling her to open bob or something. It's like she didn't want to be sexual at all. There has always been tinfoil that Shay actually is pretty sex repulsed, and I think it's true, especially now that she's so much fatter. I think in her ideal world she'd make money fully dressed, whether it's a diaper and a onesie, some bimbo costume, or just egirl clothes. She doesn't seem to enjoy anything that is obviously sexual, which is why she leans so heavily into bizarre fetishes. I also can't help but tinfoil that something to do with her family that she tweeted about being so fucked up is making her feel more uncomfortable about her life choices. Maybe less the drama of the cowtipper and more something like a relative giving her a real dutch uncle talk - perhaps precipitated by Womack stopping his monthly payments. Like Shay bitched about not being able to afford rent to ask her real dad for money, he might've asked how she afforded it before, she outs herself as a full on "sugar baby"/prostitute, and dad wants to cut her off. Maybe it all ties together.

No. 1777889

lmao this entire scenario is too funny. She has nothing to talk about. There is literally nothing going on in this 25 yo woman's life. She wakes up every day, hits the bong, browses the internet, orders a trough of doordash slop, then drinks until she blacks out & does it all over again. Maybe toss in pics of her gaping asshole every few days. Her life is so goddamn sad. The only things that she has to talk about are her crusty old shoes. She copes by classifying it as "bimbo" so that she can feel like she has a hobby but it's literally just… normal, worn-out shoes. Nothing that says "shoe enthusiast" or "Barbie aesthetic" at all. She's so devoid of any kind of personality, any kind of fun stories or interesting life experiences. Literally nothing to talk about.
To think that this was her 7 year anniversary show on top of all that is just so… bleak.

No. 1777890

Look at that greasy ass sheen & those congested chin pores & tell me you aren't what you eat.

No. 1777892

>my hair was the only place i could hide in the group home

No. 1777894

last she mentioned the tiktok of her going to the aquarium and then eating the seafood mess and said someone left a comment "this is so funny" and said that was a hate comment
the person probably thought it was funny to go to the aquarium and then eat a bunch of seafood

No. 1777910

She said that Ellen was the first person to do something that nice for her. She thinks calling her other partners out means people feel bad for her and hate them.
No it just makes you look even more retarded and undesirable that you say you can meet a scrote in a week, then fall in love with him and say you'd die for them.
It's not even her be of a hopeless romantic, it's her being desperate for any scrote attention. Shayna doesn't mind looking pathetic if she feels it makes someone else look worse.
She's such a downer, and I assume Ellen has similar self esteem issues so they cling to eachother whining about how fat and ugly they feel, and no scrote wants to date them. Just two miserable pedo pandering who can't find a scrote to deal with them. Even if they date bottom of the barrel

No. 1777916

Her attempts to quit weed seem to happen near when rent is due. May be an act of self-flaggelation before begging her parents for rent "Turning over a new leaf!! 3 days sober!!"

No. 1777937

(Hi y’all. Still backlogging clips from last night’s stream.)

Here is Shayna ranting about a cowtipper (do not remember what they were saying in chat) and then talking about “stalkers”.


No. 1777938

File: 1677447037082.jpeg (505.24 KB, 750x1020, E0921E68-A4E8-4932-A968-90B3AD…)

No. 1777939

>>1777937 thanks clip anon

No. 1777940

kek Lip Injection, just what her crusty ass lips need.

No. 1777944

I can’t believe some random farmer hasn’t stolen it yet lmao

No. 1777946

I don’t know anything about being a prostitute but why would you say “I just burped up smoke” when you want men to pay you

No. 1777952


Proud of her for finally buying some fuckin skincare shit, but it definitely won't help her greasy wrinkly face unless she drinks some water and eats a raw, unseasoned vegetable once and a while.

No. 1777954

I love when she manically shops especially for makeup and skin care items. She wastes so much money trying to flex and thinks this shit will magically fix her issues. Kek
I laughed hard when I saw that. She's so fucking predictable.

No. 1777980

Where is she getting the money? She hasnt worked all month. She released what, 2 whole vids? One of which she said was a custom and the other sold to 15-20 coomers?
I guess she panhandled and scammed a lot this month. Met up with a diaper freak. Not much else. Just seems like she's been soending hundreds on food, fast fashion, and ulta this month…

No. 1777988

What's the point of the lip injection? Bitch if you're such a supaaa successful bossbitch thriving sexworker why not just get some fillers instead of wasting money on crap that won't make a difference for pencil lips??

No. 1777994

I buy into this tinfoil. Her parents have always known that she was doing DDLG because in the early threads, it was shown that a friend of her brother showed him her tumblr and her brother then showed it to her mother. They probably weren't aware of how gross her content had become over time. In the past she would have told her parents to fuck off if they had a problem with what she was doing, now she isn't in a position to do that because she needs them.

It adds up. She's lost her main coomer, selling herself for $3 doesn't pay the rent and she's close to aging out of her parents health insurance while suffering from health issues. Her choices are BBW/feeder, FSSW or keep the support of her parents.

No. 1777999

What do you mean finally? She always buys skincare shit then never uses it she like e begs for new routine shit all the time

No. 1778000

This tinfoil is retarded. She got upset/shaken because that anon was an obvious farmer. It’s no secret (and understandable IMO, not WK however as she doesn’t exactly help herself) that she’s bothered by lolcow, probably moreso that her actual clients on whom she depends financially are discussed and sometimes even doxxed on here, which of course is not ideal for her already failing business. If she got upset due to being reminded of Womack then she would have had that reaction when she saw his custom weed pipe.(sage your shit)

No. 1778002

During the stream Shayna took a picture with the pipe and then starting typing on her phone, she said something like "Wouldn't you like/love to know"
She brought up Womack, told everyone he was a her ex sugardaddy then got mad when someone said wombat. I almost feel like she sent him a picture like, "I found it daddy"
Maybe that tweet about something bad happening that she didn't want to talk about was, womack and her break up kek.
I still believe that had to do with her parents, however, Shayna does talk about her parents. She'd be like,
>Some shitty horrible person sent my kink porn to my dad & he screamed at me & kink shamed me-
But then again, it's her dad. She only blasts her mom. IDK just throwing shat at the wall

No. 1778004

kek yeah, she has used her eyeshadow (in general) once. She always buys all this self care shit and we never hear about any of it. Just like she put on lipgloss once, then kept going
>Blanks all sparkly because my lipgloss
When her lips were dry the reast of the night. Just like she showed brand new shoes she never wore and will probably wear for 10 mintues in her ugly shoots. She really exposed how much money she wastes. Out of all the pairs of shoes, the only pratical ones she barely wore more then once.
Meanwhile 10's of super high heels she doesn't even display nicely, she just buys.

No. 1778025

>why would she still have her diaper twitter up and the photo they were obsessed with still up?
Those 575 likes are worth more than her relationship with her dad.

No. 1778029

the tinfoil isnt that thinking about womack made her visibly upset, its that she was visibly upset that wombat got doxxed and is scared to lose him fully. if things were already rocky between them, then it probably didn't help if he was in chat to see her smoke from his pipe.

No. 1778030

looks she was lurking and saw all those caps of her greasy, bumpy skin. hopefully she puts some of that hyaluronic acid on her pimply ass and thighs.

No. 1778032

id honestly believe you if you told me she just bought this crap as something to put on her bathroom counter for pictures

No. 1778035

File: 1677456270654.webm (Spoiler Image,13.92 MB, 660x498, chrome_9j0G0TKLjJ.webm)

heres the dildo suck

No. 1778048

She looks like a rat chewing on a twinkie.

No. 1778082

File: 1677461959472.jpeg (395.76 KB, 750x948, 65465EEB-8D14-45DB-BA74-50F04F…)

wtf that's so weird

No. 1778087

>life crumbling into pieces over sex work, binge eating, drinking every night, literally got the weed disease from using so much, parents were shown the pedo porn shes making recently, very alone with no work or career prospects
>"i should really focus on my mommy kink dynamics!"
shay you know damn well you're not fucking ellen like that and just desperately want a friend

No. 1778088

>has to tweet about it and then show the post to her

LMAO shayna just learn how to communicate normally what is this shit KEKK

No. 1778089

>hi mommy I was thinking maybe we could go to Target and maybe eat some pizza after? It's so hard to say it out loud but lately I've been thinking it would be fun to watch a movie and have break & bake cookies too.

No. 1778093

No. 1778103

This is terminally online twitter whore end-game right here, when you can no longer communicate through words and rely on fucking tweets of all things to convey your thoughts and feelings, jfc.

No. 1778105

Why does this trigger deja vu? I'm sure she's posted this before.

No. 1778113

Why she holding her arms like a T. rex lmfao many thanks to the anons who record and gif this shit for the rest of us

No. 1778134

Why has nobody ever mentioned how fucking hilarious (but twisted) this comment was?

No. 1778135

Nta but maybe she’s pretending to have had a falling out with Womack for his sake? Maybe he told her he doesn’t want to be mentioned anymore on lolcow and this is what they came up with to get anons off of Womack.

No. 1778138

I thought this was an amberlynn reference

No. 1778142

why so miserable? snappy jannychan redtexts are fun

No. 1778146

i thought it was an office reference. when erin said "in the foster home, my hair was my room"

No. 1778156

Imagine losing an actual retard like womack as a sugar daddy.
Wtf did she do?
He still seems to interact with her occasionally but how she referred to him in cam and how he wasn't there for the first time ever means hes not giving her shit like he used to.
Maybe he got pissed she met up with fat retard yarns to change his diaper(kek) and she never gave him any time when she was in Oklahoma.

No. 1778159


Could be diaperbitch, or maybe he was annoyed when she paid to fly in Ken the Fag on his dime? I think Shane was the last straw- the pervy scrote was a bit too close to being Wombats exact same demographic, yet didn't have to pay - all while having a nasty harem at home. Since Shayna has no life outside of her "work" and can't help but whine about her Ls I could see him feeling frustrated/unappreciated and realized it the diminishing returns weren't feeding into the parasocial fantasy the way they used to

No. 1778170

I think we’re slowing getting to her quitting sex work or at least putting it on a back burner and doing just chatting twitch and cringey streams vs full on camming porn.

I think she’s getting worse at hiding her dislike and the delusion is fading.

No. 1778202

Womack seems like a nice guy and if I wanted an online daddy he would be a good option imo.

No. 1778203

Some whore in one of the past threads said she contacted Womack to try and lure him away but he was too needy

No. 1778207

I know we all hate on Womack, but I have a soft spot for him and think he is too good for Shayna. I hope he has moved on and is done with Shayna bc he has something else going on.

No. 1778208

He's a disgusting coomer who spends his welfare checks on whores.

No. 1778210

It's true, but compared to her other coomers he's not super into the more depraved shit she does like the violence or diapers. Just about the lowest bad imaginable but he does still clear it.

No. 1778239

>nonnies simping for Womack itt
2023 will be the end game kek

No. 1778256

This is all useless since she won’t actually moisturise or hydrate her skin, it’s a step up from st Ives but it’s a little sad she’s not got one single moisturiser/SPF lotion

No. 1778272

Nonny ? Are you a sex worker on twitter he follows kek

No. 1778326

You’re getting shit for this anon, but I understand why you have a soft spot for him. He’s quite clearly slow in the head and lonely so it makes him easy pickings for vultures like big shaynus to take advantage of him. Just remember though, he could probably have a happy life with a woman who is also slow, but people like that tend to be ugly to look at, and even though he himself is ugly he still thinks he’s entitled to a good looking (to him) woman, even if he has to pay one to pretend. That’s probably why he picked shay, she isn’t quite as ugly and unkempt as a sped but she isn’t so far away from it that she’d be out of his league. None of these people deserve our sympathy but bless you for having a kind heart.

No. 1778350

File: 1677506767166.webm (12.96 MB, 888x494, LC and Cowtipper Rant.webm)

Thank you for this gem! Let's archive it locally. Shayna almost says she hasn't done anything last seven years.

No. 1778357

But how do we know that he is slow/a sped and not just… average dumb? (I admit I don't know much about him.)

No. 1778363

While we joke about him being a sped, I don't think that he is. He works in the oil industry as what I assume is a rigger. Riggers are skilled tradesmen so he can't be that dumb.

No. 1778367

Kek she got upset because they said Wobat made her the pipe.
>“Only my stalkers know this much about my old sugar daddy uwu”
His username was literally Jasonrwomack

No. 1778386

Almost all rig pigs are a little touched in the head some way or another, they’re all basically like sub-clinical adhd kids who grew up and realized you could have a job running around outside all day and end up thriving like that. My tinfoil is the fumes and the rig lifestyle gives them brain damage though, all the craziest stories of people doing dumbshit I’ve heard are from oil rigs… It’s skilled labor but done by idiots basically.

No. 1778410

Even tards can be trained to do a job. But I personally think he's just drug retarded and not an actual sped.

No. 1778420

He has no reason to be lonely. He has/had a gf and he would still choose to spend his time and money on Shayna and other whores instead of a real woman who cared about him

No. 1778421

I don’t know for a fact that he’s a bit of a retard, but going by the interactions I’ve seen between him and shaynus, he does come across that way. Telling her he loves her, paying her rent, even making things for her all tell me that he doesn’t quite grasp the whore/john dynamics and he thought he had, or could have a genuine relationship with her. Most guys understand exactly what they are paying for and treat OF whores accordingly but he seems to really believe that there are feelings involved from both sides.

On a separate note, did someone not come into one of these threads saying they were womacks real life gf trying to defend him, or did I dream that?

No. 1778432

"Skilled labour" kek. They pull rods. Ooga booga moid lift heavy pipe. A literal monkey could do it. As with most moid-dominated jobs, it's dangerous work, physical work, but not skilled.

No. 1778442

don't forget how high and mighty she was acting when she thought shane was fupa 2.0. My tinfoil is womack was another casuality of the shane pierre sonnier from saline county kansas saga. nonas were speculating that she was probably being a bitch to her regular johns and ignoring them cause she thought she had hook, line and sinkered shane and didnt need them anymore.

No. 1778447

i think she knows that doesnt work anymore. besides, if that was her plan it's completely backfired. wombat is a hot topic again.

No. 1778448

she said during camshow she had no intention of doing twitch or regular streaming. basically she said something in the way of: "I was thinking about trying to do a Twitch channel and it's the most popular place to stream at the moment so it makes sense, but I don't think it's the right audience for me." And then the Prince guy in chat started talking about how bad people on Twitch treat camwhores and then she quickly changed the topic back to being consistent on MFC is how to grow (no shit) and about how she used to go on cam every day at 10am but that her prices back then were "way too low"

No. 1778464

this is peak autism

No. 1778465

Transcription of Shayna talking about Lolcow:

(Shakes her tits lazily as she looks down in chat. She begins to snarl and suck her teeth)
(Sighs loudly)
Just gonna have to block this person.
Thing is they were being kinda' fun in the chat. This - hmm.
(Thinks for a second)
I - I can't explain what just happened. So I'm not going to. I was about to try to explain it, but I'm just not going to!
(Finger guns)
I'm just gonna continue to be drunk, and cute, and stupid!
(Breathes in heavily)
Uh Someone- Ugh. One of these basics, dropped.. a - uh..
(Breathes out heavily)
Oh my god did you guys just see that? I burped up smoke… wow. Um.
(Shakes her head and slaps her thighs)
He- That person just said something, that let me know, that they know who my sugar daddy was that made this pipe.
(Lots of hand gestures)
(Voice starts to shake)
-and they like made a weird comment about it, and like the only people who like..
Know that much about my old sugar daddy are like my stalkers
So it just gave me bad vibes. And anytime I have like a gut-
(Voice starts to shake more)
Feeling about people I - I try not to ignore it
But sometimes I have to decifer if it's paranoia or.. geniune..um concern.
It's okay! It's okay. I'm used to it.
You'd think after seven years people would get bored. But I don't think I've ever done -
I was gonna say I don't think I've done anything for seven years,
But that's a lie, because I've done sex work for seven years!
(Laughs more)
I agree with with you…
That's just where we're at!
(shifts in her chair)
Ugh. I know. I wish I was better at forgetting.
(Adjusts clothes)
We're 115 away from me taking this skirt off!

No. 1778470

>Nta but the completion of the frontal lobe development that happens around her age (even though I genuinely think she's mildly mentally retarded) is kicking her ass.
Women develop the frontal lobe faster than men. so she would have been fully developed on her 24th birthday (turning 24 means you're entering your 25th year). so she is currently half way through her 26th year (aged 25). So her lobe is already fully developed and rotting away by this point.

No. 1778471

Omg no nonnita I vaguely remember that too lol. Someone was like "he has a family, he is not involved with this whore" basically and then farmers brought up the venmo receipts where he was sending Ellen money noted "Dollys rent:(" kek
That's gotta be in a thread from a year or so back. Maybe that actually was the start of Womack & Shaynus falling out now that you mention it.
Maybe his gf or wife did find out and set him somewhat straight on it. Plus the content she's been doing since moving seemed less his thing tbh. Like yeah she did baby rape and bdsm type stuff before, but she really doubled down on it after moving back to WA.
This is so funny now.
Also Womack, to me, has always come off as backwoods hick to me. Maybe not actually retarded, but definitely uneducated and like maybe his parents were cousins kek

No. 1778472

Nta but the completion of the frontal lobe development that happens around her age (even though I genuinely think she's mildly mentally retarded) is kicking her ass. She fucked up

No. 1778474

I wonder if she had to "break up" with Wombat to go public over Shane Pierre Sonnier of Saline County, Kansas. And now he's not taking her back even though she's groveling with smoking the shoe pipe during her sex show kek

No. 1778484

The whole “you’d think after 7 years they’d get bored” thing gets me. Does she think the anons making threads and commenting today are the same anons from 7 years ago? Sure, there are probably a few who have been following her that long and are still here from the first thread, but most of us come and go. Likewise, you’d think she’d get bored of 7 years of stagnation (regression, really) in sex work and try doing something new. Shat logic

it was even better than that, she claimed she was his fiancée and they had been together for 3 months. I forgot it was the Shaynatorium patients with their Womack/Shayna face morph edits that triggered the post topkek >>>/snow/1513896

No. 1778490

File: 1677520665901.jpg (261.57 KB, 1242x1212, 1629133214602.jpeg.jpg)

Ok so I started going through old threads but I dont have time to thoroughly sift them to find when the person defending Womack that sounded like someone close to him irl was and the receipt of him paying her rent but youd have to start in thread #86
Bonus that there are some funny Womack memes in that thread too. Like pic related and one that confirms he was her sugar daddy at that point. That was 1 year ago.
So with that info, my official tinfoil is:
Womack was her sugar daddy (probably spending gov assistance and whatnot on her) when she was in OK and he thought he had a chance of meeting up with her then and taking her mudbogging or whatever.
She moved to Seattle and he was still on the hook and felt bad for her so he was helping her with rent and commenting on all her OF content.
Then his wife/gf/someone related to him came to the threads saying to leave him alone that he doesnt associate with Shayna, but was embarrassingly and immediately shown otherwise by farmers with caps.
(Though this could have been Shaynus herself trying to throw the farmers off and get them to stop talking about him!)
At that point, things were getting rocky between them.
THEN you add Shaynus doubling down on diapers and bdsm and stuff that didnt seem to be his preferred kink
And this one I think is the final blow that sent him off:
She started hooking up with guys and doing irl prostitution sessions.
And before in OK she acted too good for that and would avoid meeting with Womack. But as soon as she moved, she got "The Dad" she would go out with, she put up on SA and would go on dates, let random moids into her apartment, did her b/g stuff, Shane Sonnier, etc.
I think that pissed him off or maybe hurt his feelings enough to be the last straw.

That concludes my Womack stepping down as the splenda daddy tinfoil.
But yeah if another anon wants to check threads 86 through maybe 90, there will be the rent stuff and the womack defender and womack pics in those. I dont think it happened after/during the Sol saga.

No. 1778495

Autistic people often hold their arms in this T Rex position. She’s so obviously autistic that it’s insane she hasn’t had it diagnosed yet. She could easily get an ADHD diagnosis too and lose a lot of weight with Adderall. But since the whole neurodivergent thing is popular on Tiktok now, she’s going to pick up on it like three years too late like she does with all the other trends

No. 1778500

Thank you, good work! It was actually further along in the WA remove than I thought. I didnt think it was during the Sol saga, much less the Vivi one. Well damn.
But there it is.
Idk why Shaynus acted like he was such an old sugar daddy, when he was paying her rent up until several months back then.
In that case, I definitely believe her b/g with Ken, the irl dates and prostitution, and then maybe the Shane thing were the last straw for Womack. Even his ego couldnt take that Shat brushed him off for irl dates but went right for those other moids.

No. 1778514

Yeah it’s sad that she didn’t get diagnosed in school

No. 1778524

It'a to cover her gunt. Notice how she positions her hand and turns around quickly to obscure the side-gunt profile.

No. 1778529

she kept saying how she hates her body, that she looked "thickems", and she even tried to beat someone to the punch by saying she looks like the Michelin Man. best part? she does absolutely nothing to make things better for herself, in fact she double downs.

No. 1778536

anti drug nona here, so stoners beware. but smoking so much weed makes her complacent with her current lifestyle of doing nothing. she frequently fails at quitting weed cause she cant stand how boring and mundane her life feels without it. she slowly gave up more and more of what made shayna shaynus to seclude herself and get high and now its one of the only things that brings her happiness other than eating and attention from men. she's a shell of her former self. i mean - she showed her shoes off for 2 hours because she couldn't think of anything better to talk about. As much as im anti-weed, i think she would have had a plan to ween off it if she was serious about quitting. shes just gonna get a temporary high of being off weed a couple days then go back to thinking she can handle it occasionally and then the loop continues. "quitting weed" is just another trick in shaynas bag of things to say she's doing when nothing else is going right in her life. shayna smokes when she's actually happy in life, and quits when she's sad as a quick-fix.

No. 1778537

Kek I laughed so hard when she said about LC "you'd think after seven years they'd be bored" and then basically admitting that she hasn't done anything interesting in 7 years

No. 1778541

kek nona have you met a rig pig before? thats like confirmation that he's retarded

No. 1778550

File: 1677524934616.jpeg (503.09 KB, 1170x948, FD49BA80-E7E7-4ADE-85A8-0518B5…)

No. 1778565

Why is she so obsessed with saying she'll cam when even her dumbass simps know better? Also, Monday seems like a stupid day to cam. She should have hopped on yesterday

No. 1778569

what a dumbass. she was awake for 15-20 mins, probably still high from last night, and feels the need to brag and make promises she knows she won’t keep.

No. 1778588

Does she not know that Gatorade is only beneficial to those who work out, sweat and athletes? Otherwise she's just ingesting sugar

No. 1778616

File: 1677530973387.jpeg (662 KB, 1170x1295, D3778282-368D-44B6-B95F-057F18…)

No. 1778619

File: 1677531235899.jpeg (291.72 KB, 750x892, 1D0FC65A-E85B-4CC9-B898-581CB9…)

coomers asking to see videos of her as a kid and she doesn't put them on blast or anything. (also we know she didn't have friends to do that with)

No. 1778622

i never thought that women could be pedophiles but this bitch proved me wrong

No. 1778624

Lol, imagine spending three hours and looking like shayna. Still have dry ass lips and looking sloppy and stuffed.

No. 1778629

It's honestly so wild how her folded leg in this pic is equivalent to if not slightly smaller than the size of JUST her thigh now. Sad.

No. 1778638

she is so bad at her job. the guy wanted to see her in thigh high pink boots and asked her to wear something pink to match. before she went private she kept saying how she doesnt have anything pink to wear and would just a pink tshirt work. then she left and came back to show she picked the giant grey bimbo sweater for the private. like bitch took a scrotes money wearing a giant baggy sweater and sausage legs squeezed into pleather boots. i dont want to say its impressive, but she certainly manages to get away with making money doing the AB SO LUTE bare minimum. guess thats why she cycles through coomers every few months and cant build a fanbase like most ewhores.

No. 1778653

One day without isn't going to make her sick, her irritability/anxiety will likely grow though and physical symptoms start after 24+ hours. She's a drama queen so when she gets sick we'll all know about it. I highly doubt this is the end of shaynus and weed. If she tapered down maybe but she can't live without substances. Imo her alcohol consumption is going to get even worse to compensate for the lack of weed

No. 1778655

female teachers fuck their students all the time, women traffic their children all the time or let moids abuse them just so they have incentive to stick around. shay is just a special example of this because she chooses to glorify and make money off it, and if what she says is true about “getting off to her own porn” then she’s masturbating to scenarios SHE made up about minors and even babies being assaulted. she’s loves the attention it brings her from scrotes, not unlike an unfit mother would.

No. 1778676

Does anyone know how much money she made from the recent cam show? I don't know much about Twitch or TikTok live but surely if she just nattered to her camera and did her hauls on there regularly she'd make a bit more than on MFC?

No. 1778677

Lol the most normal thing kids still do…

No. 1778692

File: 1677539683523.jpeg (221.18 KB, 1170x840, 5E9EAA6C-5887-46B3-B2AF-3596E8…)

Yes, continue to expose non consenting people Shay

No. 1778700

Nona - my cousins were riggers, and they’re both absolute morons.

No. 1778708

I don;t understand why you think anyone would pay her. She doesn't even get any traction on tiktok.

No. 1778713

Idk where she gets this ~bimbos are nice and fun~ when really if you look at actual bimbos and the Paris Hilton blue print, they actually come off as catty and ignorant at best. And vain bitches at worst.

No. 1778714

judging by google earth street view, there’s no way her porch isn’t visible to other people. Poor neighbors gotta witness this hog obviously filming herself naked on her porch

No. 1778720

Sounds like she’s advertising a new video for sale

No. 1778724

File: 1677543896954.png (758.01 KB, 664x700, sickening.png)

this isnt doxing cause im not giving her address, but circled is shaynas balcony and other than an old pine tree slightly blocking the view lets pray there are no children in those houses across from her. disgusting.

No. 1778725

I mean… Isn’t this the most popular thing to do among kids today? Making lipsync/dance videos??? How out of touch is this bitch? Being a sex worker doesn’t mean your life has to revolve around it 24/7, you can do your hair and shoot a 5 minute video and then actually go outside, meet people, live like a normal human being. Does she think other professions work like this? I sincerely hope she quits sex work and gets some mundane job, but makes that into an unseparable part of her identity and posts every day about how she’s being bullied in the barista circles online and nobody is retweeting her latte art or selfies with a shirt that says ”don’t talk to me before I’ve had my morning coffee”

No. 1778727

Wasn't this also the person who replied to her about how she "opened his eyes" regarding """consensual drugging""" or some shit? Now they want to watch her videos from her cringe childhood. Thanks for trying to normalize this shit Shay I hope you know every gastrointestinal pain you endure is entirely self-inflicted and most people think you're a low-rent cunt with no heart

No. 1778737

TikTok is full of kids who do that shit though. I don't even know what word I'd use to describe her anymore outside of degenerate. Camwhores shouldn't even be allowed to say the word "kid" on their sex work accounts unless is some dire circumstance.

No. 1778746

File: 1677545749610.jpeg (Spoiler Image,347.67 KB, 750x762, D7F59325-F612-41A5-8625-A76AA2…)

ewww is this a cringe post for ellen

No. 1778750

Some of you have to be legitmately retarded?

No. 1778752

Has she scrolled instagram?
Theres tons of makeup artists, gurus, influencers, and people in general who spend hours on their appearance just to take pics or make tiktoks/reels.
Its not ~just sex worker things~
And if anything SWers are on the lower end of that. They spend a lot of time editing pics like Shat because their makeup skills are minimal or not necessary and theyre only going to get so done up to fuck themselves/get fucked.

No. 1778754

Wait she really lives in such a publicly viewable place and she's going to film naked on the porch? Not exactly shocking for Shayna but still…

No. 1778756

File: 1677546950452.jpeg (230.53 KB, 750x647, 43EF3E6D-F68C-41B1-998C-356EC9…)

why is she acting like a marine ? no one asked for this? she's such a freak

No. 1778757

Uh her porch is visible to dozens of homes that may or may not have children. >>1778724 doesn't even convey how bad it is. Someone needs to take a further back picture to show how visible it is. I'd estimate you can see her for 2-3 streets over.

No. 1778761

Sounds like a disgusting kidnap and rape scenario she's trying to sell as porn. And doing that outside her apartment no less… I hope the complex or something nearby has cameras and she gets evicted

No. 1778765

Big Shaynus Sex Offender Saga

No. 1778774

Pretty sure every single video she does has been requested by a coomer. Maybe except the basic ones she does that are rehashes of the same thing.
I'm also with the tinfoil that she does worse stuff she doesn't show though because she can't be making that much money at this point. I'm sure she does more pedo stuff she doesn't even mention. Which is kind of horrifying because she has no problem talking about and posting this kind of stuff already.

No. 1778778

File: 1677549284732.png (616.87 KB, 790x350, Capture.PNG)

And what's two streets over? A school's baseball diamond, ugh. Picrel is from the roof facing west, same as her balcony.

No. 1778788

File: 1677550719254.jpeg (Spoiler Image,529.93 KB, 750x924, CFC18022-F308-44B3-9604-44E523…)

in view of everyone

No. 1778789

File: 1677550723225.png (1.83 MB, 1249x801, Screenshot 2023-02-27 211742.p…)

LOL her porch is in view of a school! She is seriously so fucking retarded.

No. 1778795

WTF was she talking about then that a bunch of frat guys moved in across the street from her? was she talking about high school kids? i'll try and find the screenshot

No. 1778800

disclaimer cow tipping is retarded but imagine if she got in trouble over this. wow pedo behavior

No. 1778804

i think she meant in the building across the courtyard the other way.

No. 1778805

She should absolutely be evicted because you can see the porches from the street (I am from Renton)

No. 1778810

File: 1677551687708.png (9.75 MB, 1242x2208, 7451534B-AC75-479F-A898-042E51…)

Shaymu’s latest tiktok basically doing the same type of boomer slideshow as last time but in a tablecloth outfit https://www.dropbox.com/s/867c2ajv2eawd4e/IMG_2835.MOV?dl=0

No. 1778812

You can’t see it from the school, at all. The trees cover a lot of the units. You can see the balconies from the sidewalk or street, though.

No. 1778814

File: 1677551839159.png (9.31 MB, 1242x2208, 30B42F83-1721-4CBB-8F74-E2CA1F…)

Why does she look like a 40 year old larping as a teenager

No. 1778816

Thank goodness Shayna is in this line of work making important content like this. (Who is this for?)

No. 1778829

File: 1677552345787.jpeg (652.7 KB, 1114x1293, 63F80709-34FA-4B9E-B122-677E7F…)

This isn’t the shaynatorium

No. 1778839

what pisses me off is she probably uses being close to highschoool in her degen sex talk with her scrotes. she probably gets them off by saying she's close to the highschool. and i dont buy this is the first time she's made xxx content out there.

No. 1778848

Is this not doxing her?

No. 1778863

Okay but do kids not walk to school? What about riding the bus? Or hanging out around shopping centers near the school after school is done? I know they probably can't see her from the classroom but they still have to get to school somehow.

No. 1778879

How long until she pulls a Pinkii and rents out a classroom for a porn shoot?

No. 1778887

she can be evicted if someone complains to property management, but since she’s on her own porch she can’t technically be charged with indecent exposure.

No. 1778894

I'm surprised she hasn't done a tik tok vid using that awful teen filter thats going around. Seems right up her alley.

No. 1778901

It's a new Gen Z thing, they want to sexualize themselves and act like it's for some greater purpose or how it's actually positive female empowerment because being a sex doll is totes good vibes and positivity!! I know Tiktok basically promotes to young girls that being a retarded sex object is appealing.

No. 1778916

Not the collage and default sounding song again please

No. 1778918

The shameless audacity to do this at a shared living complex where theres hundreds of other tenants and a street and neighborhood right across…
And for a vid thats gonna be 10 bucks and sell to maybe a dizen coomers.
Also the one shoe off makes me so uncomfortable. Its very true crime abduction story creepy.

No. 1778931

> Also the one shoe off makes me so uncomfortable. Its very true crime abduction story creepy.
You forget how stupid she is, anon, I doubt she did that deliberately kek

No. 1778936

She's stupid, but she's also fucked up and caters to depraved shit coomers like. Also it's been speculated when she watches crime docs,she probably does use ideas from them.

No. 1778940

This. I hate fat shat as much as anyone else, but how does this nonna know her apartment complex. I now know exactly where she lives. It's fine to laugh at her behavior, but this is stalker antics

No. 1778942

File: 1677562849518.jpeg (571.62 KB, 750x798, 40717EE6-A130-493B-ACAE-675745…)

gross all

No. 1778943

Tinfoil: it's an embittered Ellen (due to the fact she and Shayna are clearly on the deathbed of their relationship)

No. 1778944

File: 1677563078002.jpeg (426.18 KB, 750x974, 1FC5C62E-5BE4-4DC5-8F67-31FF63…)

she airbrushed herself to hell and back

No. 1778945

I hope she cams tonight

No. 1778952

She’s such a fucking idiot. She’s taking the “easy” route for her porn pics by traveling the least amount of distance but if property management catches her or someone complains (which could very likely happen if someone steps out on their balcony while she’s stupidly handcuffed to the railing) then she’s fucked. She has no savings and is constantly begging for rent. Moving with two animals is already hard and the rental market in Seattle is insane as far as costs go. I could maybe understand her stupidity if she had some savings/some sort of local network to fall back on but if she loses this apartment it’s game over for her.

No. 1778953

I feel like she almost wants to be evicted, then she can use the “I was making porn in the privacy of my own home” pity points to scam up some money/a new place to stay

No. 1778956

File: 1677564742901.jpeg (Spoiler Image,644.1 KB, 1887x2048, 295DA01C-FC44-466E-99F1-CDA1FB…)

She’s big and crusty

No. 1778959

File: 1677564911521.jpeg (Spoiler Image,503.2 KB, 770x692, A58CDCFF-413D-4634-8F89-54FAF4…)

No. 1778960

I know she’s done other more blatant pedo pandering bullshit (the bottle pic that someone cow tipped with, for instance) but there is something so inherently disturbing about this. She’s clearly trying to emulate an early teenager and it’s disgusting.

No. 1778963

There’s something so bleak about being almost 26 years old and you spend your whole time being young doing gross shit like cuffing yourself to your patio wearing too small clothing, bare snatch out, and taking photos with a self timer button. She really thinks one of these photo shoots is going to go viral or something. It’s really fucking sad. She needs to get a clue she isn’t going to be a sex symbol. She’s haggard

No. 1778968

She really does think she’s gonna go viral again and I almost, almost, almost, feel bad for her and her delusion. The only reason she went viral (if you could even call it that) on tumblr was she was thin and alternative and underage. That’s it. There’s nothing special about her. There are other skinnier, prettier women doing creepy pedo kidnap shit. There are other skinnier, prettier women doing diaper shit. She has no market to corner, and nothing to market it with. She’s a burning dumpster lost in a sea of prettier, skinnier sex workers and she’s too dumb to realize that her sink cost fallacy is just going to end up with her sinking and no way to float back to the surface. Bleak.

No. 1778971

File: 1677565645782.jpg (580.82 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20230227_222617_Gal…)

No. 1778976

My tinfoil is that it's Shane Pierre Sonnier or one of his troon pack members as revenge for going full BPD psycho on him and airing all their drama+ omitting the extent of her lolcow footprint/antics. Honestly seems like something a deranged troon would do.

Second tinfoil is Womack. He is salty about all the rigbucks he sent to Shanus' way only for her to move further and further away and fuck progressively gayer men. He was paying Ellen for Shaymu's rent and they did have a falling out.

No. 1778985

I'm sorry super late, but you could install iShowU Audio Capture on your Mac to record desktop audio next time. Then you just add Multi-Output Device in Audio MIDI Setup app on your computer. Appreciate your recording though, thanks.

No. 1778987

kek careful anon, who knows if her pro bimbo supporters are lurking here too.

did the anon actually post her address?

No. 1778988

not wk-ing and saged for sperg but if she's puking like she says she is, she's also likely sweating like a pig. it's also kind of an old wives' tale to sip Gatorade and water in tandem if you've been vomiting to rehydrate you and balance your electrolytes.

No. 1778989

Isn't Seattle still under an eviction moratorium or did that get lifted?

No. 1778990

File: 1677568681073.png (3.51 MB, 1738x1366, Screen Shot 2023-02-28 at 6.15…)

theoretically, you would be able to see her doing that shit from the high school driveway, depending on angle of viewing. fucking disgusting

No. 1778991

Womack is so low IQ he practically needs Velcro shoes, there's no way it's him

No. 1779007

Dosgusting and degenerate as it is, it's so pathetic that she's doing all this to herself. Like just imagining her out there trying to handcuff herself and take pics to convey this gross and stupid scenario is hilarious. Cant even get a porn sick moid willing to do it with her and take pics with. Sad af. Only time she gets male interaction irl is her paying them or them paying her to domme them kek

No. 1779009

Yikes. She's so stupid and disgusting

No. 1779010

Wearing panties or whatever she's got on bottom that actually fit would make her chub rolls less excentuated as it wouldnt push the fat upwards or cut into her sides making more lumps. She does herself no favors squeezing into medium/small things.

No. 1779012

File: 1677571921546.png (4.37 MB, 1738x1366, balcony.png)

judging by the placement of the tree behind her wouldn't her balcony be up here?

No. 1779034

>since she’s on her own porch she can’t technically be charged with indecent exposure
you can be charged with indecent exposure for so much as being inside of your own house naked with the windows open, actually

No. 1779056

This is one of the many things I don’t understand about Shaymu, how did she even get popular in the first place? I’ve never used tumblr so maybe I’m missing something but she was never pretty, even when she was skinny she had bad skin, nonexistent lips and beady black butthole eyes and looked like she stank of literal shit and stale BO, surely there were tonnes of other more attractive “alt”/stoner girls doing what she was doing. Now that she’s obese and even uglier I’m genuinely surprised she has any subscribers at all, given how lazy and terrible at her “job” she is. She has to be doing more extreme degenerate shit and actual prostitution that we don’t see or hear about it. Imagine being such a failure that not even someone as objectively hideous and legitimately retarded as Jason R Womack wants to stick around. And she’s just as retarded for not taking full advantage of him in Oklahoma, probably because she thinks she’s too good for him. And then fucks equally hideous and even more degenerate Shane P Sonnier who also dropped her like a hot potato. Tres bleaque.

No. 1779119

She was young, skinny, unconventionally attractive and willing to shove things up her ass for likes. Not many people on tumblr would show their genitals for FREE, especially when this "young". She was 18 doing the MOST.
Tumblr was mainly used by uggos so she looked "normal" to them and therefore more amateur.

No. 1779121

I don't use tiktok, so I'm wondering if she made this herself or if this a preset where you just load in the pics?

No. 1779132

It’s a preset template, song included.

Also you have to have 1000 followers before you can go live on TikTok so she’ll never get there.

No. 1779133


No. 1779138

Thing is, she could still be popular on tiktok, tumblr or Instagram or something if she had personality and a niche or unique selling point. The thing is she went viral just for being “young and pretty” and showing her holes there’s billions of young pretty women and thousands of them are willing to exploit this and their body for money & attention. She’s just in the wrong career but she really has no other choice at this point. She has no charisma, no personality, she didn’t even have the looks and body anymore.
When she posts on tiktok the younguns can see her for what she is. If she was still thin and pretty she could probably scout up a few thousand followers on that but without a sense of style or self she still wouldn’t reach anything above that.

No. 1779140

The only girls that go viral with absolutely no personality are literal model level attractive

No. 1779151

She could go viral if she fed into (pun intended) the plus size girlies and body posi crowd tbh kek, but she wants to larp as her young thin self instead of being realistic

No. 1779152

She's deranged, you're getting stomach aches because you eat the most disgusting Amerilard slop imaginable. Drink some kefir and have an apple you fat tard.

No. 1779155

Nah even the midsize and plus girls that go “viral” have a pretty face or are interesting or inspiring in some ways. I.e. can at least put a cute outfit together that fits and flatter a them - which shatna can not. She can’t play an instrument, give tutorials, styling outfits even if crappy shein shit is the bare minimum personality requirement plus or not and she can’t even do that.

No. 1779163

This is freaking me out just a little. Is someone actually circling Shaymu’s apartment complex, taking pictures??? I mean, I’m not defending anything Shay’s doing, but this is straight up stalker behavior. Scary.

No. 1779168

Isn't that from google maps?

No. 1779171

They’re cross referencing google maps and
the website that the apartment has that shows their amenities. It’s unsavory and stupid but calm down, she’s fine.

No. 1779174

She has absolutely no personality whatsoever and I feel like this is exactly why she can’t find a real sugar daddy/sad moid boyfriend. She’s a classic example of someone who was just attractive enough to get whatever they wanted when they were young so they never developed any sort of personality. But she ruined her body with her lack of self control and now she’s fat and ugly AND not fun to be around. Triple kek

No. 1779178

she wasn’t particularly attractive in her Tumblr popular days, she was just very young and super desperate

No. 1779182

shayna lets countless moids into her apartment (at least 5 or 6 at this point) for sex work if anything she's got to worry about them

No. 1779185

>this is freaking me out a little
If anyone knows your first and last name and a place/state where you've lived (even in the past), they can find where you currently live. They could find similar pictures, too, from Google street view and the like. This is not hard information to access, either. It's just a google away.

We never had to find out Shayna's name because she gave it out for free back then. She also has always been super open with her locations. There's only so much you can call creepy when they've offered up so much information.

No. 1779198

Okay, sorry. My perspective was skewed and it looked like the photo of her on the balcony had been taken from the ground — like as if some local nonnie saw she was going to do a “nakey photo shoot” and zoomed on over to catch her in the act. You have to admit, that would have been stalkerish as all hell.

My bad, carry on.(learn to sage)

No. 1779200

Will do, thanks! Hopefully she actually gets online more often, kek.

No. 1779205

I guess she is in a way using her only entertainment skill set right now - being a trainwreck but she can’t even find a way to monetise that. Being a professional troll like Trisha Paytas or ALR even takes some level of likability, awareness and sense of humour. She’s not even aware of how bad she is I don’t think.(learn to sage)

No. 1779240

File: 1677602781037.jpeg (825.75 KB, 1170x1765, D43CDA4F-0A77-4CB3-ABCB-371588…)

Guess what Shay? It wasn’t a dream. That’s your reality

No. 1779244

The people who do that are the same ones who stalk idols in Japan. Incel energy without being an incel though.

No. 1779252

Yeah this shit is fucking weird however you want to spin it. I don't care if it's publicly accessible information, if you're a sped who will really take time out of their day to look it up, it's weird. SHe's fun to laugh at, but this obsessive stalker stuff is not it

No. 1779259

Going out of your way to distribute an address that others didn't know, is still doxxing. I don't know how they aren't understanding that. The law comes down to intent and the intent is malicious here which in turn makes it illegal.

No. 1779263

I think they were just trying to show that her doing porn on her porch is extra disgusting because its got a neighborhood, street, school etc in front of it.
However, I do think her balcony is behind the bigger tree, at least.
Still doesn't make it ok and mean no one could see. I wonder if she still would if she was in one of the other apartments with more visibility.
Anyway,compare these 2:
And yeah that anon did get a bit too shaytistic about it. But her apartment was revealed when she first moved in and yes she's givwn enough info. Its not news. The anon just needed to realize which unit was actually hers and just post the 2 pics above together or something. Not a dozen different angles and diagrams lol

No. 1779265

It amazes me how unaware she has about her own behavior. She's a massive bitch to all her potential coomers. She's lied about her mom, Dawn, Fupa, Sol, Vivi, and her first boyfriend claiming they were all abusive or rapists when the receipts don't back it up. She's flaked out on multiple jobs last minute which resulted in all her sex work contacts avoiding her. That's only the stuff I can think of off the top of my head, she's an asshole. The fake nice uwu attitude is so annoying when she's a mean girl to her core. There's a reason the only person she has left is Ellen

No. 1779267

And tbf… the moids and people that would actually harm her have already been invited into her apartment by Shaynus herself.
And no the intent of showing her apartment wasnt malicious. It was to show she's a disgusting degenerate to be doing that on an apartment balcony in the middle of a neighborhood and next to tons of other tenants.

No. 1779268

Where was the address posted? I haven't even paid attention to the complex name, if that was ever posted. Anyone that wants her address can just make a prostitute session appointment and be brought over to her place. By anyone I mean the moids that would be a risk to her.

No. 1779281

7yrs and 129 threads on Shayna and you're all still pearl clutching about what's weird stalker behavior or not. Even if you think people who look up her address on google maps are stalkers, know that you're not much better in the eyes of most people. Why is this thread full of people moralizing about this? Shut up.

No. 1779285

The physical address was never posted, but anon who originally posted the pics said she was directly west of the Renton hs baseball diamond, plus all the aerial pics of her apartment. This narrows down where she lives and if someone was truly dedicated, they could figure out her complex, adress etc. Moid behavior

No. 1779287

Damn unhinged weirdos like you are the reason I don't have a presence online. Being disturbed because someone is being doxxed does not mean we're pearl clutching. Nice reach though.

No. 1779288

Why are you here? We literally dox everyone who comes near Shayna.(infighting)

No. 1779291

I'm here for the milk. Doxxing is illegal fyi, this plus the cp invasion is why this website keeps going down. Cut it out, we don't need to know the exact details of her apartment. This is how people get killed.(infighting)

No. 1779295

there was a guy in my childhood neighborhood who would stand at his backdoor behind his screen door inside his home naked hoping little kids would see him and he 100% should have been arrested and put on a list. At the time the kids just thought it was "funny" but I see no difference between that creep and what Shayna is doing and it fucking disgusts me. Kids won't report this shit, they'll be traumatized later in life looking back at how weird it was.

No. 1779297

i think you're being a bit of a piss baby but honestly this is on the mods. they will ban innocent fun with some sassy red text but then let people post a dozen screen shots of every angle of Shayna's apartment and surrounding buildings. Make it make sense.

No. 1779298

Leave then. Shane P. Sonnier of Tulsa. Kyle Perkins of Oklahoma. Ellen Dressel of Renton, WA. Shayna Clifford of Renton, WA.

No. 1779302

no, you can’t. maybe in a few states but not washington. someone happening to see you being naked in your own home is not considered indecent exposure. unless you’re in an area where you know you will be seen, like your front yard. a balcony in an apartment building you may get a glimpse but it’s not enough to be considered illegal. in most cases if someone reported they saw you naked in your own home, THEY would be the ones in possible trouble.

No. 1779305

It’s not scawwy dawxing, it’s just google and speculation, underage newfaggot. Get off the site and move to PULL.

No. 1779306

Good because you’re probably a cow, stay safe

No. 1779312

>dOxXiNg Is IlLeGaL fYi
so call the cyber police

No. 1779317

i think its funny how shayna is the cause of all these problems like how she doesn't show up and bails on work and she has lots to say and cry about it - but she does absolutely nothing to try to arrange things herself? like she lets fucking diaper wearing actual speds in her home to piss on but cant invite over bratty, or that one girl she had a crush on at the spanking retirement home. she has the money to fly people out - she did it with shane - she would make the money back if she actually tried. shes so bad at her job.

No. 1779321

Exactly, DIDN'T Shayna have only one friend, Collen? Or something, Whatever happened to their friendship?

No. 1779322

You keep missing the point that if a moid wants to hurt her, he simply needs to shoot her a message and say he has a hundred bucks or so and wants to "worship her" and she will welcome him into her apartment.

No. 1779325

Ok so no address or even apartment name was posted. So its not a doxx. If anything, that anon saying they live near that location put themselves more at risk, ironically.
Yeah someone could Google the area and find it, but they wont find her actual apartment unit number Im guessing. And again, even the autists on this site arent going to fly to seattle and harm or actually stalk her. Her own customer base that she praises is the biggest threat to her safety and she has no problem telling them where and when shes going out and posting pics and info they could use to track her… but she also just lets these scrotes into her apartment directly. And that's the riskiest thing she could possibly do and she does that all on her own.

No. 1779331

You're objectively the shittiest human being to ever use this site bar none.

No. 1779336

Don't forget about Jess, it was them 3 on the Tumblr days… But she ended up dead from a heroin overdose. If memory serves me correctly, Jess's boyfriend was Shayna's ex-boyfriend's Brother?

No. 1779342

Last she mentioned Colleen, she was trying to leave Fupahoma and was considering New Hampshire (Colleen was/is living there). She got Ellen to be her bitch and then immediately flaked on plans with Colleen and never mentioned her again afterwards.

No. 1779348

File: 1677611827450.jpeg (225.83 KB, 2047x1213, 6A2D54E7-CEB5-45E2-BB7D-8C74E5…)

No. 1779350

>all looking like speds
>shaynas hamminess
>brusies on shaynas body
>buttercup girl looks depressed /forced to do this

jesus christ

No. 1779351

File: 1677612086546.jpeg (163.54 KB, 750x657, 7B722149-6510-4C71-83AF-588252…)

not even a monster's inc gif? her coomers are so fed up with her

No. 1779356

Oh now I remember that, and jess. She flaked on Collen! When the concert was going to happen and she decided not to go or something I think

No. 1779358

one single underboob. the ever-present one floppy titty

No. 1779359

File: 1677613068484.png (6.88 MB, 1242x2208, 1A0B20FB-2964-42AB-9358-3024A9…)

That bra does NOT fit Shayna

No. 1779364

They all look trashy and depressing, but Shayna looks like they found her behind the dumpster offering BJs for dope and Big Macs.

No. 1779365

You're being too generous. Shayna has no charisma or looks, so she'll never go viral again. She's not funny, she has no talent. Uglier women go viral because they invoke sympathy, usually from the bad situations life has dealt them. Shayna has none of this, her internet presence is a joke kek.

No. 1779371

File: 1677613630930.jpeg (185.09 KB, 750x483, B9E5C8BC-B7DA-447C-9DB6-FCD250…)

don't worry the creeps noticed it as well and loved it. idc i hate shayna she's a creepy ugly stinky freak

No. 1779378

It was posted in a previous thread? I remember them finding her exact complex it came down to something about someone living in Renton recognizing her place more or less? But who actually knows. Big doubts that it’s the wolf pack tho doubt Shane would ever speak about saymu again. And I don’t think Ellen is bold enough to come to the farms. I think it’s just a case of Autism strikes again

No. 1779399

When she first moved someone found it, yeah, from info Shat gave and places around it she talked about. But they left it at that. It think it was moreso just to see what her rent really was and what her "luxury 2 bedroom" was actually like and left it at that. Yeah, unnecessary and weird, but you could say that for this entire site. There are confirmed anons who live in her city, but despite the temptation to be an autist, no one has caught her in the wild.
Im just trying to say no one is directly doxxing her with malicious intent that they or someone else would use the info to pinpoint her and harm or harass her. Shaynus has more direct options for that she offers through prostitution and "dates" anyway.

No. 1779408

File: 1677615929289.jpeg (464.18 KB, 750x992, 53BDE8B4-FDB7-43C1-977E-B85D2B…)

No. 1779409

if you google Shayna Clifford Washington, the first result shows you her address on one of those websites that spits out information from public records. It's not rocket science and barely takes any effort. Hardly moid behavior.

widest of the bunch

No. 1779412

You need to be over the age of 18 to post here.

Ghetto girl in the middle looks like she's straight out of prison. Big Shay and her rat teeth look absolutely ridiculous, per usual. If I was ever pictured with those three, I'd die before letting it be posted online.

No. 1779431

Lol that sounds so shitty. Even from a domme angle like "I deserve food more than you" it's weird. Like okay fatty you can have my mcdonalds if you really need it kek

No. 1779443

This is one of the most American pictures I’ve ever seen.

No. 1779444

This is too realistic in that it looks like a true crime pic of some chubby homely midwestern girl who got abducted by a serial rapist in the 1980s

No. 1779447

File: 1677619196761.jpeg (226.13 KB, 750x791, B9B807FC-EE30-45C8-86AB-86A64F…)

"who's been following me since i was underage and know my real name?" also kek at the did weirdos following shayna

No. 1779481

When Dropkiwifarms was a round, Shayna if she was smarter could've went to her computer, made a fucking 3 paragraph google doc about how
>Lolcow is a hate site that bully, doxxes and harasses transwomen/men and sex workers, they have ruined my life waaah waah waah
She could've been the "DropLolcow.farm" girl. She could've someone made her way into Keffals gross circles and had a pinch of fucking fame, while claiming to be the one putting herself on the line to save "Everyone".
But because Shayna is selfish and she wants a personal army spefically focusing on her and cannot fight agaisnt anything on her own, she sat back and just retweeted some shit.
That was her only chance at "fame" for 2 weeks. Truth is she's not sympathic in any way. She can't be body pos. because she hates her body and I assume she hates her bodytype on any other woman, so why would she pretend or even do it to help other chubby sex workers in some retarded way?
She's not funny, she doesn' dress nice. She has no skills, no talents. She really thinks that she's so pretty and put togeather, that folks want to watch her badly mouth shit when no, they don't.
She can't dance and it's not in a cutesy way, she looks like a retarded scrote. There's nothing to go viral off of except for her very spefic situation, which she will never be truthful about and despite what she thinks, most people aren't going to sympathize with a sex worker especially one who does the type of sex work she does.
Especially not normies. Just show some clips of her dressed as a baby, kidnapping disgusting ass photoshoots, show her talking to predators and not doing shit about it, or saying she likes a pair of heels because it makes her look like a little girl trying them on, all thats out the door.
She had a chance to use her situation to get attention, she let it flow by, nobody is going to touch the story of Dolly Mattel unless you lie about everything, then you'll have sex workers screaming "Nazi" and normies grossed out by her pedo porn.

No. 1779482

KEKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK that response I'm fucking dead

No. 1779486

There were all sorts of cows on tumblr back then who had tons of followers for no reason. I assume it's also because of the pictures she reblogged. I followed a couple people who wanted to "take off" and talked constantly about their personal life when I was just there to reblog aesthetic pictures.
ALR is a troll?!? I had no idea (sorry for ot).
The Powerpuff Girls are kindergartners js.

No. 1779488

That's an old or incorrect address. If you look it up it's some random house. I have no idea how that anon found her exact apartment aside from possibly knowing her or sleuthing the apartment layout pictures to find out which looks similar to her photos.

No. 1779491

i'm sorry you're having such a rough first day on the internet.

No. 1779495

File: 1677623596142.jpeg (493.25 KB, 750x1013, 014D4F91-AB4D-498F-A251-D71F2A…)

No. 1779496

If Shayna was still thin she wouldn't be caught dead doing multiple shoots with these girls. She was never confident, but I remember the manyvid live stream where she seemed so stuck up, on her phone, dancing like she was the hottest shit in the world. Or even that VR porn she did with that woman who I believe was a professional pornstar? You cannot convince me this isn't on purpose and she doesn't think she looks better or at the same level of these women. Thats why she has no issues taking pictures with them or filming. That shoot with Bratty was never going to happen unless Shayna remained thin longer kek. She probably fakes being sick or a sob story everytime she realizes a shoot isn't chubby average looking women, but women who actually take care of themselves

No. 1779498

File: 1677623633809.jpeg (300.09 KB, 750x699, 723767AD-A0E7-4D66-835A-A0B0CE…)

No. 1779499

tinfoil but this is her throwing shade saying that's why people unfollow her bc she's too pretty and making them insecure

No. 1779502

>i'll admit it
Shayna, did you really fucking think anyone but brain dead sex workers and Womack think you aren't insecure and mentally well?
Kek wow, Shayna is just retarded enough to think that. You can tell she's constantly watching her follower list and coming up with "Reasons" that are out of her control that makes people unfollow.
>Maybe I'm just too pretty and they are jealous of me

No. 1779505

It will never cease to be funny watching her try to accept being ugly and fat. All she wants is to be a younger, popular egirl bully with an army, yet she has to settle for the bottom of the barrel to get any interaction and I love that she resents every minute of it.

No. 1779522

omg shayna retweeted the prison bitch from the ppg pic like a tweet of her begging for rent money and then immediately retweeted 7 different things of herself to hide it. what a bitch kek

No. 1779530

can you post what this is?This all sounds like a different language to me, like some kind of cheat code for some ps2 game.

No. 1779531

nevermind, i'm retarded you are saying she retweeted some beg post from one of the girls from the powerpuff girl shoot and then buried it in her own tweets. Thats her good deed for the day, daring to retweet some shit from someone means one less tweet about herself.
Which is Martin Luther King level of selflessness.

No. 1779535

This is the same person who complains constantly that other sex workers don’t support her. Yet she unfollows anyone who is prettier, skinnier, or more successful.

No. 1779536

She knows it doesn't but she thinks she's too uwu special to dress like all the other girls. That and she hasn't realised if she wears it properly it won't look so much like gravity is the enemy

No. 1779538

im sorry kek i didn't really no how to word it but i you did so beautifully ty anon

No. 1779541

Seriously. She thinks underboob is her ~thing~ but underboob only looks good on attracrive girls who have nice shaped boobs. Not lopsided frankenboobs melting off the body. And it looks extra bad when she folds things obviously to do it or wears things that are too small anyway

No. 1779542

Didn't even notice she folded it, kek, I just thought the bra was too small. The other girls bras are tiny hers look huge and like it's at the same time too small but also too big kek.
She just looks huge next to them.

No. 1779545

She didnt fold that bikini top. But she folds other tops like the pink picnic cloth outfit one and most others for pics. With bikini tops she just pulls the cups up to give underboob and its the most retarded thing. It makes the bikini look like its up too high because it is and your boobs arent supposed to sag under the triangles

No. 1779563

She could totally monetize it if she started making youtube videos of her doing random shit and just talking. 100%. We have a shaynatorium in /ot/, she has amassed plently of obsessed haters that are basically fans at this point.

No. 1779564

Her calfs look huge, i'm shocked she posted these her legs look like those of a morbidly obese, bleak.

No. 1779566

I do think it's really dangerous. Some fucked up moid could easily come across this thread and do something to her.

No. 1779573

She invites fucked up moids to her house by choice. I’m sure there’s a minimal, if any, amount of moids specifically in her area That would come here a go find her. She posts information freely and do fssw. That’s not a means for anyone do do something but she puts herself in those situations willingly. No one’s posted her exact address. If this thread offends you so much then don’t participate in it. You’re not going to get rid of the autists that call her out for doing porn on her fucking balcony and and showing how disgusting that is, though.

No. 1779579

I've noticed this shit in multiple threads tbh it's weird as fuck. Harmful vendetta posters run around freely but little jokes or edits get banned.

No. 1779580

I'm going to Seattle soon I should try to find the building kek. Wouldn't be hard now.

No. 1779581

This comes off like someone baiting hoping this will get the thread shut down, you aren't funny retard.

No. 1779583

Yup, in Seattle!

No. 1779587

Transparent bait.

No. 1779588

Except she lives in Renton, not Seattle

No. 1779589

anon ignore these idiots and report them, why are you giving corrections???

No. 1779591

Shut up mimsy!

No. 1779594

>Ghetto girl in the middle looks like she's straight out of prison.
How? She looks like a normal person. Because she's black and has a tattoo? I think YOU need to be over the age of 18 to post here.

No. 1779596

Well shit, she lives right next to my place of work

No. 1779599

File: 1677634130346.jpeg (52.88 KB, 750x256, 938A9FC9-6675-45AE-A7B5-A9F998…)

she really thinks what she does is art kek she deleted this btw

No. 1779602

"Maximum Two (2) Pets per Apartment"
So one of her pets hasn't been reported to the complex.
Refundable Pet Deposit - $300.00
One-Time Pet Fee - $300.00
Monthly Pet Rent - $40.00

So she paid $600 initially to have her animals. Got $300 refunded and then apparently pays $80.00 a month for two of them… Not a third

No. 1779603

A refundable pet deposit is only refunded after the lease ends

No. 1779605

Literally the coomers could not care less. They want the fucked up scenario and the pussy. They don't care about earrings

No. 1779607

Some of yall really see here as human still and it shows. She's a subhuman pos that will do anything for scrote attention. Also she gets everything that is coming to her.

No. 1779615

It took Shay over a year to admit to herself and the world that she has Mr peanutbutter. She's never admitted it was fupa's cat but remember when she used to try hide its existence and farmers spotted it walk in frame on cam and shit kek.

No. 1779616

Why can’t you shaytards be normal

No. 1779619

it’s the jannies begging for freedom from the farms

No. 1779624

I love that this is basically her “calling in sick” to work, and she barely even has to do anything. Do a private show looking like dog shit with some random moid, they literally do not care, kek.
Nonas who say she couldn’t handle a real job, even if at a dispensary or liquor store, are completely right. She would be calling in sick 2+ times a week.

No. 1779626

I'm sorry you have clown hair and ugly tattoos, bitter sex worker anon.

No. 1779629

That was an actual address of hers before Renton.
>aside from possibly knowing her or sleuthing the apartment layout pictures to find out which looks similar to her photos.
You sweet summer child

No. 1779632

She’d constantly be calling in sick and even when she was there, she has such misplaced main character energy that everyone would immediately get tired of her and she’d never do any work anyways. She’d get fired so fast.

I’m curious. Would she even be able to get a job at this point? She has no interviewing skills to fake her way through a conversation. Her resume is non existent and at her age, that’s a massive red flag (she’s probably too dumb to even lie and say she was a stay at home wife, which I think is the only real feasible lie she could tell and scrape by.) Maybe a fast food joint but that’s probably about it. Pathetic.

No. 1779638

Perfect, that's not far at all and it's a lot smaller of a city. Easier to find the building. I wanna catch Shamu in the wild, I'll post pics. I leave in a couple weeks.

No. 1779643

I'll be thinking of you when we see her chopped up and splayed on gore sites nona. We won't see it on the news since they don't usually care to show stories of sex workers getting killed since it happens so often and society thinks of them as sub-human trash anyway.

No. 1779648

Literally racist lol.

No. 1779654

Tinfoil but I just don't think she has Rib anymore. Maybe Ellen has him? Unless I missed something where he's been spotted recently in the background of her actual home. It would be so easy to post an old photo.

No. 1779663

Why do I feel like you’re either shay or Ellen trolling us and trying to “prove” how “dangerous” the farms are

If you are real tho have fun wasting your vacation trying to catch sight of a goblin that never leaves her cave.

No. 1779669

I'm dead serious, and it's not really a vacation, I'm going to see a friend and we both think Shay is ridiculous. You'll see when I post the pics.

No. 1779676


Nonnie she chose this. She's not being held against her will, she's not being trafficked, or even pimped out. She has chosen this life. So yeah if she gets chopped up from one of her tard diaper scrotes she chose that, by letting them into her house to get paid pennies.

No. 1779679

Prison pants is trashy looking. Sophie is darker than her and she doesn’t look ghetto. She’s just chubby and mid. Nothing about it is racist. Go back to filming yourself in diapers, pedo apologist

No. 1779681

How are women dangerous? The only think we do on here is talk shit and laugh at how she’s fat and ugly. We don’t harass her irl. It’s probably not that hard to find a 26 year old wearing dirty flip flops, tits cross eyed falling out under her too small tank top, pink stained sweatpants, with a turd bun, walking a retarded fat dog.

No. 1779683

File: 1677639747732.jpeg (167.38 KB, 750x534, 194B5C7D-9D2E-4AAB-850C-55EFFB…)

i hope someone doesn't see her and if they do they report her (her neighbors organically and not a cow tipper obviously!!)

No. 1779685

It's not hard to put 2 and 2 together nona. None of the girls who go on here to make fun of her are going to harm her but some sadistic bored moid who comes across the threads while looking up her porn might.

No. 1779686

File: 1677640139865.jpeg (1.16 MB, 1242x1379, 454E5B7E-3407-4E80-868F-094E32…)

She literally masturbates in a crib while wearing infant replica clothing. Idk why you’re white knighting this ugly bitch

No. 1779687

She keeps mentioning the cold degrees like it's something to brag about… Yeah, your fatass is going to jeopardize your already terrible health and risk freezing for 6 likes and maybe 1 retweet from the diaper freak. Why and how does she keep doing this?

No. 1779688

Ok ew? But I still think it's retarded to say she looks ghetto and "straight out of a prison" lol. She just looks trashy like Shayna so say that instead of being weirdly racist.

No. 1779695

Tbf, I thought she was a white trash girl. Cookie monster pajamas at Walmart, 4AM, type

No. 1779696

Nta but she has ghetto prison tattoos

No. 1779697

Girl in the middle is obviously black or at the very least mixed.

No. 1779698

The way you keep defending a trashy pedo is making me really suspicious, nona… nothing about this is even racist.

No. 1779699

A flower tattoo on your torso is corny on a white woman but a "ghetto prison tattoo" on a black/mixed race woman. Gotcha.(no1curr)

No. 1779705

the one in the middle doesn't even look black lmao girl get your schizophrenia in check

No. 1779706

File: 1677641632665.jpeg (203.3 KB, 750x996, 1742CBB2-A7D7-42E8-8314-68B9F5…)

I hate her so much, she obviously will be making noise filming this kind of thing on her porch. Her neighbors probably can hear her and it disgusts me, people have right to not being subjected to your nasty whale song Shaymu.

No. 1779709

Wtf are you even talking about.
Not all of us are sleuths who can pinpoint her exact window or apartment unit in a massive complex. How tf did you even find that?

No. 1779710

Retard she doesn’t walk her dog, we all know this lmao

No. 1779713

If people were discussing where I lived because I posted doing gross porn shoots on my balcony, I wouldn't double down and do actual porn. Clearly coomer bucks are more important then anything to this idiot.

No. 1779714

fucking nasty. The basis of kink is consent and putting her spam shayhamwich snatch out there for the world to see is gross. She can’t kink right. She can’t sex work right. I hope this video flips and she gets called out by the swer community again for this horrifying pedo pandering kidnapping shit.

No. 1779715

Honestly she looks like she’s on meth to me and she does look ghetto but I’m glad you grew up with enough privilege to not be able to identify when someone looks ghetto

No. 1779717


Omg new year new Shayna, she's using lube…

No. 1779720

Okay, have fun doing you boo. It’s just… kinda cringe. Looking forward to the pictures of an empty balcony.

No. 1779721

Kek for real that girl looks trailer trash as fuck
Vivi tier, she would compliment the low popcorn ceiling and 2 month old brown bong water

No. 1779722

File: 1677642982474.jpeg (Spoiler Image,174.44 KB, 622x830, 957E7E8D-6525-4D19-BEBF-D40857…)

Literally this is the girl they’re calling black kek

No. 1779723

maybe she actually has learned something from destroying her asshole

No. 1779725

sounds like someone has a strip mall tattoo

No. 1779727

She's partially black actually, there's a point there just very pale of a mulatto is all. I think both sides should agree it's an easy misunderstanding depending on your environment.

No. 1779728

first anons dox Shayna, now they're hacking some rando thot's 23andme? good lord!

No. 1779729

This threads wild, I don't get it I have to wish physical harm on the cow to post here or not.

No. 1779730

call the police, anon! it's e-legal! now coomers will stalk her on the basis of her genetic identitty

No. 1779731

Rachel Dolezal got into DDLG?

No. 1779732

What a fucking ugly negress(racebaiting)

No. 1779737

I don’t know what’s shittier, shays dildo collection or the race posts in this thread

No. 1779738

Kek I agree, she reminds me of Latina girls in my high school more than any black girls and my high school was very diverse. She’s the loud annoying type who gets into fights, I can just tell by her ugly ass dye job that she would be attention seeking and would bully introverted kids in the mandatory health/gym classes and try to say inappropriate things to see their reactions. Ugh. I hate this kind of girl sm.

No. 1779743

File: 1677644465672.png (Spoiler Image,4.64 MB, 828x1792, 628266CC-EF56-4F9C-B687-FC6441…)

Where is she confirmed black?

No. 1779745

I could go through in detail but I'll leave it simply at having grown up around mixed neighborhoods and also her hair and nose c'mon kek
Point is calling her ghetto sparked a race slap fight so let's just call her ratchet instead.

No. 1779746

To all the nonnies who are concerned for her well-being

Let's be fair. Not one of us on here is actually going to willingly interact with Shayna Clifford of Renton WA. She most likely smells of diaper rash cream and rotten eggs, with breath like a tuna sandwich. No one wants to risk losing brain cells by engaging in conversation. Think of it as one of those drive-thru zoos. Safe within the confines of a car and the ability to see a Shamu in the wild, from afar. Of course, snapping photo documentation

No. 1779748

Like Pokemon snap but you're only hunting for Snorlax.

No. 1779749

File: 1677645129054.jpeg (518.66 KB, 1536x2048, 7F7ACB23-0BAB-4635-9D4E-0A28A3…)

rachet, ghetto, trashy it’s all the same. Idk why it’s up for debate her hair dye job is enough to speak for itself. She does porn for a living girl is trash. She looks strung out. Why does her race matter in that? People think it’s racist if they say a black persons ghetto?

No. 1779752

In short please stop wk whores because they’re a specific race. We all make choices and this girl chooses to associate with shaymu and make baby diaper porn.

No. 1779756

I'm not white knighting her I called her a ratchet ass hoe kek. Ghetto is a racist term but I do get it she's very trashy and it fits but I also get the other Nonna's view as well.
Her smug face looks very punchable so I certainly won't stop you from dragging that pedo enabling skank over the coals.

No. 1779758

sorry that you feel personally offended by the term but ghetto is not a slur so you can get over it. Ghettos were at one point associated with Jews too so is ghetto antisemitic as well? And poor “white” immigrants as well, which I’m sure would short circuit your brain. Kek brought to you by American white-black race politics.

No. 1779759

She actually kind of looks like if Shaynus had a baby with a black guy.

No. 1779760

If it's used in Poland it's very anti-semetic, why are you trying to race bait me into infighting?

No. 1779761

Jesus fucking Christ can we talk about mayochup or Shane or the fact that Shay said she was gonna get braces or literally anything else nonnies give it a fucking break and just make out already

No. 1779763

not to extend the race war but she's very clearly at LEAST half black you fucking mongaloid.

No. 1779764

File: 1677647020367.jpeg (Spoiler Image,217.56 KB, 828x608, A8DC406A-9275-4469-AE95-247907…)

airbrushed to fuck, lookin like stretch armstrong had a baby with a flesh light. Horrifying. Bleak. She’s gonna freeze her clit off for 10 dollars.

No. 1779765

Even if her neighbors can’t see her pig body they can HEAR that loud ass cheap machine from Amazon. She’s so inconsiderate. I bet she’s loud as fuck with the lawnmower vibe, the machine and her fake ass obnoxious moans. Condolences to her neighbors jfc

No. 1779766

Nobody is going to help her when that penny slut gets what's coming to her from opening her legs up to any hobo on the street for a sandwhich, god damn how can that balcony handle her immense girth without buckling?

No. 1779767

linebacker build

No. 1779770


No. 1779771

File: 1677647425920.jpeg (94.68 KB, 296x414, 47DA8944-A4C8-4A95-9205-6DE380…)

If Shayna was a man she’d be put on a sex offender list. This is so vile and disgusting. I hope she gets arrested. Nasty pedophile

No. 1779772

cursed shaiku, go touch grass and take your meds nonarita.

No. 1779773

Interesting that Shaynus has the exact same aesthetic as this girl though and has never been called ghetto. Curious.

No. 1779774

Her homer simpson lines through the ductape.

No. 1779775

she's literally simulating being raped, how disgusting

No. 1779776

File: 1677647569035.png (Spoiler Image,8.76 MB, 1242x2208, EF509B70-2DD5-44D9-844F-233E7D…)

No. 1779778

Shayna gets compared to trailer trash moms all the time. They’re both ghetto stfu race baiter

No. 1779779

But why wasn't she ever called ghetto or why haven't anons said she looks "straight out of prison"? Don't think too hard now, your brain might short circut.

No. 1779780

File: 1677647778610.jpeg (201.74 KB, 552x521, 11C42C04-7F6A-4A07-8DDA-129BA6…)

She looks like a man with a wig on

No. 1779783

Because Shayna doesn’t have shitty tattoos (yet) which you get in prison. Shayna is just as ratchet as her peers. Idk why you think you’re wining this argument especially since she’s a pedophile.

No. 1779784

You're clearly sheltered as fuck if you think that's what a prison tattoo looks like.

>especially since she’s a pedophile.

Ok? Calling a black pedophile a nigger still makes you racist, regardless of them being a pedophile you sped.

No. 1779786

But nobody called her that, they called her ghetto which I agree with, shut the fuck up. The girl next to her isn't called ghetto because she's doesn't have ratty looking hair and poorly done tattoos. Shayna gets called white trash all the time. Just move on she looks ghetto, so does shayna. Surprisingly the other black girl everyone agrees is black or half black, just looks sloppy. Go somewhere with this weak race bait/whinefest

No. 1779787

>ratty looking hair
yeah just say you're racist and move on

No. 1779788

Touch grass anon, she’s just a cringy nobody on the internet, she hasn’t done anything that affects the world in any way other than post selfies or write weird porn fantasies online. She’s not ”sub human” or deserving of death like actual real life rapists, murderers and pedophiles. She’s just a weird out of touch autist, kind of like you.

No. 1779789

>No u
Not to get involved but.

No. 1779792

This thread is absolutely being sabotaged and my I have a tinfoil that it's a coomer Ellen has sic'd on us. All the deranged moid posting and obvious violent bait and Twitter arguments so he can fondle Ellen's cottage cheese thighs while she sucks on a stolen pacifier and her elderly parents waste away in the next room listening to their deranged loser of a daughter exchange sexual favors for another stinky fat pedophile.

No. 1779793

Kek, whatever like we don't talk about shaynas shitty dry ratty hair all day or her crunchy ass weave ponytails/wigs shed wear. you are bad at this. Just going to report you.

No. 1779798

I’m hopping on the sabotage train. It’s either Ellen or diaperfag. The cowtipper who is going to “visit” Shay mixed with the retarded race baiting. It all reeks of newfag and uninitiated and they’re just trying to shit up the thread because Shay is so retarded they know she could actually get kicked out of her building for making porn on the balcony.

No. 1779799

File: 1677649076708.jpeg (Spoiler Image,356.36 KB, 750x938, C94026FC-3A6D-4911-BC2C-06DD6E…)

she is literally kicking her feet and shaking her head no. literally simulating rape

No. 1779800

Yep someone is trying to bury all the shit. This happened with Shane as well, someone came in posting retarded rants.

No. 1779801

You're right it seems like they're planning to get her kicked out for indecent exposure and thanks to that giant unholy machine it will likely be easy for them.

No. 1779803

File: 1677649288720.jpeg (187.38 KB, 750x787, A0E4E53B-C6F4-4FD9-8954-72A6F0…)

she's proud of what she does and i hope she still feels proud when she's out on the street

No. 1779805

>She's literally bothering no one!!
>doing kidnapped pedo play porn on her fucking balcony with a loud ass sex toy, kicking and screaming
I'm so tired of people acting like Shaynas just some gross retard. She still hasn't dropped Ellen someone who 100% told a story that's basically involving a child in kink play, Ellen still has this post up. Shayna does not fucking care. She's dating a predator as far as I'm concerned. Shut the fuck up with She's harmless Ellen crossed that line years ago and Shayna is still with her.

No. 1779807

schizochan/diaperfag/ellen/whoever, you can’t bury the fact that shayna is a complete and utter retard who makes kiddo rape porn on her balcony, which technically counts as “doing business” and “doing business” is something rental companies hugely frown on, even when it’s not degen rape porn. All you’re doing is trying to protect someone so utterly stupid that she’d make this shit in plain sight of a school and her neighbors. Shay could have just made this in her work room, or found a private back yard, anything. She’s playing with fire and some coomer knows it.

This might not be the final nail in the shay coffin because this bitch just won’t sink, but I have a feeling this is going to blow up in her face and someone is scrambling to damage control because shay is too retarded to protect herself.

No. 1779808

File: 1677649505963.gif (1.05 MB, 320x229, Cs3O5C.gif)

Shaynas arm after hitting the hello fresh spinach gravy ham pasta

No. 1779811

Then she says she's proud of it. Not even proud that she's made money from it, not like it's doing numbers. No she loves this shit. She's a disgusting person and I do not care who cannot or cannot see her doing it. She doesn't care if she has a 1% chance of disturbing someone's peace. What of someone say this and thought her fat ass was in trouble?
She makes porn for pedos and women abusers, and we cannot say it's a lie anymore. She said at least two pedos asked her to say she's underaged and one wanted to talk about Minors sexually.
That's her audience, fucking Greyhairnotold was creeping on his own fucking daughter.

No. 1779812

They feel comfortable asking her that because they think (know) that she's just like them and she is. i hope she cries herself to sleep every night knowing she wasted her life doing this shit.

No. 1779813

if I were her I would be crying my eyes out in paranoia that I’d get evicted for being a degenerate in public. But I’m not her so I’ll continue to live a happy and fulfilling life not making pedo rape porn

No. 1779815

File: 1677650677964.jpeg (396.6 KB, 750x1019, 92A78FA9-EBBE-4F0D-B3D1-75C22A…)

she's had problems with her neighbor before i think ellen crashed her car into the neighbors car or something im trying to find the screen shot but i found this unrelated one that made me kek
a website dedicated to harassing and doxing her she's so full of herself it's insane considering she's a fool in flip flops

No. 1779820

Ok so she deserves to be killed for being a retard?

No. 1779824

File: 1677651795145.png (10.76 KB, 230x219, 9820E67F-2909-45BE-8D10-C3F3C8…)

racial shit posting get old, schizochan?

No. 1779825

The pearl clutching lol. This is a popular porn category. Better than literal rape videos floating around on xhamster.

No. 1779827

Nah it just hides out constantly because it hates the retarded dog and probably doesnt care for the other cat. Plus its older at this point. Peanutbutter was gotten as a kitten by Fupa and her. I mean its possible, but I doubt it. She's kept Rib this long and hasnt given a shit about its wellbeing. Im sure she only reported the dog and 1 cat regardless.

No. 1779829

File: 1677652249339.jpeg (30.74 KB, 225x225, 653B5546-8428-4775-8FA8-12BCB5…)

The moids and rape/pedo apologists are really coming out of the woodwork itt

No. 1779830

Videos like hers help gross moids get off without accessing real SA videos. Sorry but idc about her fake rape scene.(derailing)

No. 1779835

Yes, very cool. Let's pander to the would be rapists. It's not like serial killers and serial rapists are known to consume this stuff throughout their lives or anything.

No. 1779837

Imagine you're the unit next to big shay's. You step outside late at night for a smoke or for a breath of fresh air and all you can hear is loud machine whirring and her smothered pig cries.

No. 1779838

Exactly, her being ghetto is not a race thing. The girl dressed as buttercup is black and no one calls her ghetto. They’re all trashy >>1779787
She has 2c/3a hair that she doesn’t care for be serious it is ratty. Please go back to Twitter.

No. 1779841

can you autistic tards go fight in the shaynatorium

No. 1779850

I remember listening to some interview from a serial killer and he was talking about how for him it all started out with porn, and over time he needed darker porn to get off, and then eventually needed to hurt people, and then later needed to kill them to get off. It’s gross that’s it’s a porn category. I know most people that like it don’t ever hurt anyone, but I still hate everyone that makes that stuff and puts it out there

No. 1779853

File: 1677654583675.jpeg (487.68 KB, 1179x893, B91A6526-E65D-40DC-A282-1BEAA4…)

This isn’t the guy I was thinking of, but I guess Ted said this too. It’s just a simple cost/benefit assessment. The benefit of that porn is cooms and making money. The cost is this.

No. 1779859

Same argument people have about CP, it's not harm reduction, it is sexual violence.. Shayna continues to be so pathetically gross

No. 1779867

>throwing a fit over perceived racism on an shittalking imaged board
>calls someone a "mongaloid"

Go stan your 30% black melanated queen somewhere else.

No. 1779872

Some of you will really wk any disgusting pedo whore just because they look off white, bitch doesn't even look black she looks like trisha paytas.

No. 1779873

No. 1779874

kys pickme loser

No. 1779879

File: 1677659075519.jpeg (576.21 KB, 750x822, AF728D00-A3E6-4E6E-BE15-C2A9F4…)

Yeah so anyway, getting back to Shat’s latest monetised foray into public exhibitionism/indecent exposure, didn’t onlyfats ban rape and kidnapping content? Or does this not count because there’s no one else in it? I wish Apartheid Clyde would just fucking ban all porn on twitter, it’s horrendous enough as it is without these degenerate shitbags glorifying misogyny and violence towards women and encouraging girls to participate in it under the guise of female empowerment

No. 1779881

A few fucked up cherry picked cases don't say anything, but pearl clutching retards always spout off this nonsense. There have been studies on this and yes, consuming this material lessened the chances of people committing real crimes. You can look it up.

No. 1779883

why are you so aggro calm down and go outside

No. 1779908

Then how would I get my laughs?

I guess it depends on how she has the content up though, maybe she’s just implying kidnapped but not explicitly saying so? I’m not gonna pretend I understand the degeneracy here. On a side note though how is kidnapping not cool but baby diaper porn is fine?

No. 1779912

File: 1677666922180.jpeg (408.11 KB, 1170x1496, 1BD2C344-390A-40C0-BE91-95FFF6…)

Share your hat, Anon. All of this happening at once is sus. The race baiting then the SA defense. I do buy race baiting with the other SWer being the girl herself or maybe a mutual coomer. Fuck if you told me this was all just shayna doing it I wouldn’t be surprised.
I feel as if OF would lose a lot of their cam whore users if they axed the diaper shit. They still somehow are able to wiggle in their incest porn somehow. Prob cuz something something mental gymnastics of it not being real incest. Yeah it’s an “act” “a kink” but it leads to real harm. Shayna keeps stepping lower and lower. After admitting to interacting with an actual pedophile, the stimulated assault is another nail in the coffin. After Fupaul I thought she could turn around but ditched that quickly.. the anons with that hope are just sweet summer children or retarded autists with a parasocial relationship. No turning around now. She’s screwed.(https://onlyfans.com/terms)

No. 1779941

>A few fucked up cherry picked cases
There are at least 112 studies showing a link between porn use and sexual offending, aggression, and coercion from today to back in the 70s so this isn’t news. And unlike you I’ll actually cite my sources https://www.yourbrainonporn.com/relevant-research-and-articles-about-the-studies/critiques-of-questionable-debunking-propaganda-pieces/studies-linking-porn-use-to-sexual-offending-sexual-aggression-and-sexual-coercion/

No. 1779944

nta but do you know which site you're on? Go back to twatter or learn assimilate.

No. 1779946

>>1779685 they could find her adress with just her name anyway. Doesn't matter. If you google dolly mattel this thread pops up and you see her real name. Not hard to put 2 and 2 together nona

No. 1779947

"Muh studies" muh midwittery, you don't need a fucking study to know porn has a detrimental affect on mental health, specifically young impressionable scrotes being exposed to violent and degrading porn.

No. 1779948

The saddest thing about this is she putting in all this effort to simulate rapw for disgusting, bottom of the barrel, coomer scrotes and she doesn't even get 1k likes for it? She's really making this vile degrading pedo shit, freezing her clit and nips off, risking eviction or worse for literal pennies… I don't think I'll ever wrap my head around it. Legit one of the bleakest cows on this site.

No. 1779955

Shaella Girl arc when?

No. 1779956

I’d venture to say at the very least that moids like that who are so into violent porn have manipulated or abused their sexual partners and pushed boundaries. Most women have stories like that, they’re treated like sexual objects because that’s what the porn is conditioning viewers to see women as.

No. 1779957

and the thought that she gives her address to those ugly guys, that will walk through the corridors until they are at her flat. I wouldn't feel comfortable living there, knowing that I could meet one of those gross coomers, it's honestly a safety risk for every woman living there.

No. 1779980

Very naive to assume predatory moids aren’t doing both at the same time, and using them to fuel each other. Nearly every woman who sleeps with moids has at least one story of a moid who got violent in bed and was clearly acting out a porn script. Not to mention real women get brutalized to make that porn in the first place.

No. 1779994

kek this description makes her sound like where's waldo

No. 1779997

literally every high school has a girl that looks just like this. Standing in her cookie monster pajamas, freezing her ass off as she skips class to hang out in the smoker's circle. I don't see a lip ring, but that's all she needs to complete the look.

No. 1780000

Just noticed the bruises on her thigh… Does anyone know where they came from?

No. 1780001

Bruh, she did it AT NIGHT too. What a fucking retard. Not only is she in plain view of the street & her neighbours, but she's drawing their eyes over with a light in the dark. Imagine walking down the street minding your business & seeing this shit lit up like a stage. She is absolutely including everybody else in her 'kinks' at this point. She KNOWS they can see her. And frankly, when someone does see her, they would be irresponsible NOT to report it to the police since it looks like a kidnapping.

No. 1780003

They came from her stupid porn shoots where she lets people beat the shit out of her for pennies

No. 1780051

File: 1677690504535.jpeg (110.59 KB, 750x409, BE329A7B-3D0E-494A-964F-57197B…)

someone replied to her rape porn with this

No. 1780056

Yeah she's lucky no one called the cops thinking they've witnessed something awful. And it's sick she didn't consider that for the general public.
Could you imagine how it would feel if you were just a normal person minding your own business and you hear a woman's muffled moaning, struggling, chains clanking and some weird mechanical noise. You would believe you've stumbled upon a kidnapping and that there's some scary dude in there.
I'd be pretty traumatised if I saw/heard that.

No. 1780060

damn look at those man hands. pretty sure thats a dude.

No. 1780065

She's mentioned not being able to post things on OF before. Thats why her OF is mostly just repeatitive pictures. She throws a vid on there now and then, but most of her vids are customs and/or she just puts them on MV

No. 1780066

Look, another attempt to derail the thread. It's getting obvious at this point, Miss Shaynus. Report and move on nonnitas

No. 1780068

File: 1677692793327.jpeg (122.45 KB, 750x939, C1A53620-228F-4F11-A970-23FC1B…)

all that for $8

No. 1780070

And she doesn't have to. Even if she didnt quit and go home… she could do so many other types of porn and get the same interaction if not more. She actually chooses to do this kind of fucked up content. Part of me thinks she likes that it upsets and appalls us and "normies" but idk if she's that smug or that dumb. But it could be both. She seems to double down a lot and it comes off very much that way. But maybe she herself is just porn sick in a weird way and addicted to attention and the only way she can get crumbs of it now is by doing the lowest gross things.

No. 1780071

File: 1677693094142.png (Spoiler Image,1.31 MB, 750x1334, 3E633386-6C05-4F61-A096-124146…)

she's looking rough also kek at the air brushed "work out lines"

No. 1780082

Statistically no one would call the cops. It's called the bystander effect and there have been cases where women are being brutalized / murdered right next to their neighbors but no one calls or does anything to stop it. The sadder reality is Shay could have been an actual woman in danger but society is selfish and naturally doesn't give a fuck about women so they would probably assume it's some weird kink shit and move along. Tbh I wish people were more quick to call the cops when it came to abuse, normies turn a blind eye and internally blame it on you for causing a moid to ape rage because it absolves them of responsibility or having to get involved. Bleak world we live in.

No. 1780091

nah the bystander effect means when multiple different people are watching a crime or a medical emergency happen (any crime or emergency regardless of victim gender) they are less likely to get help. it's also a really old theory based on a hoax

No. 1780093

She like it upsets people until the wrong people are upset, then she has to deal with how the average person views her. Also, that anon claiming normies see it as a fetish and not as pedo shit has been rent free in my head. There's been a few headlines I've come across where disgusting kinkster scrotes/women basically go to far, and you can see the disgust that people have for these people. Even in non criminal cases.
Every single time shayna is faced with someone outside of her gross bubble knowing what she does she wants to die. Same with Sol and the airing, Fupaul, Shane Pierre Sonnier. These people aren't used to be judged for what they choose to do in public. They don't know how disgusting they are seen because they keep it with those who make them feel its normal.
In what world is tying yourself to a banister on your balcony in the middle of the night, naked, with a dildo on q stick, mouth taped with a light shining on you is seen as normal or "not involving anyone with eyes who may catch that light" in your shit.
I do think shayna says certain things because she knows we are going, "eww gross" because that's all the consequence she'll get from this.

No. 1780102

Also it annoys me that shayna could get offline, change her name and have a family ready to fix every single issue for her and pay for it. The only reason she never brags much about how truly privileged she is because she's already called a nazi, imagine if the bitches whining knew this. Everytime she whined about rent or being depressed or wanting to quit someone would be like
>I'm sorry but I'm a Trans poc disabled DID suffering Trans woman who literally lives in a shack, I'm doing sex work to keep a lid on my trash can & this nazi white bitch whose parents are begging her to come home is crying about rent???? Seriously?
Like she's not in the sex work world that well of women are doing the porn she is. Nah seems to me she's in broke poor chubby below average sex work twitter. Where selling your ass for Doordarshan cards is the norm

No. 1780107

Doing this on her porch where her neighbours and bystanders can easily see is definitely fucked up, but I mostly find this to be extremely odd behavior for someone to be doing this alone. Yeah she has intent to sell it after, but it was one thing when her and Fupa were out in some cornfield away from people sticking firecrackers up her asshole - but for her to still be up these public antics on her own makes me feel like nonas saying she's going through some sort of extreme mania post-Shane were right. Whatever happened with her real dad and slenda dad wombat definitely pushed her further into the spiral.

No. 1780115

>called out by the swer community again for this horrifying pedo pandering kidnapping shit
There's a reason they've only ever tried to get her for racism and shit like that, pedo pandering is a normal part of the ~swer community~. Half of them just casually throw mention of it in their bios and occasional tweets for extra clicks even if they're not a ddlg-explicit whore.

No. 1780116

File: 1677695709330.jpg (39.57 KB, 500x727, 60f46ccbe44fc064865c8aed0d7425…)

Bro that's what I'm saying she gave me picrel vibes

No. 1780122


I'd argue its been only way to get her attention fix this whole time. When she was skinny jailbait she used face punching and ass stuffing to prove how much she's Not Like Other Girls, the depravity is just escalating in concert with her weight gain and aging.

No. 1780123

File: 1677696930868.jpeg (Spoiler Image,464.77 KB, 750x1021, C7ACD1A0-0E10-4AE0-8889-E22FA0…)

she's so vile

No. 1780134

Calling the cops will just make things worse

No. 1780138

Naaaaah I would love to see if her dad bailed her out or if it just gets written off.

No. 1780156

the gunt belt and the random fuck machine pole ruining the coomer immersion got me keking. she's so bad at everything she does

No. 1780159

I legit thought this was her with a cursory glance kek.

No. 1780167

She looks like she has a diseased rash on her face, how tf she thinks this looks good

No. 1780171

I was refreshing my memory by re-reading the Fupelahoma saga a few days ago and it was hilarious how vague they both were about timelines in the beginning. Meeting him in a different country after a WEEK.

I know anons have currently been freaking out about the recent pictures of her apartment complex, but this just proves Shay's been inviting demise for half a decade, and probably more. If one of her random degenerate moids has an intent to harm, he's not sifting through a million threads on an image board. All he has to do is hit her up on twitter, describe something gross he wants to do and it's pretty much a done deal. Unless he's Wombat, apparently.

No. 1780172

phew, she's wide. I did a double take because the shadow hides it at first glance.

No. 1780173

I hope she gets on the sex offender list.

No. 1780182

People called the cops on Gabby Petito being abused in Utah and look how well that turned out for her. Cops, the profession with the highest rates of abuse, and the justice system give even less of a shit about abused women than normies do

No. 1780189

>>1780182 Yea it doesn't work as well as it should be. But calling cops when you hear or see something suspicious is much better than shrugging and going on with your life.

No. 1780195

“Showing a link” you could all say some shit like “there’s a link between murder and water because all murderers drink water” it’s just retarded. All moids watch porn, very few of them murder and rape.

No. 1780196

Shes not a human so fitty

No. 1780208

>very few of them murder and rape
Regardless of your definition of "very few", men are obviously far more violent than women. 90% of all murders and 95% of all rapes are committed by men. It's not women doing these things. And you said it yourself, hardly any women watch porn while almost all males do. Coincidence? Hardly. There is a very obvious connection there. You're actually retarded to deny something so obvious. Now if you were trying to say that correlation≠causation, and that both violence & pornography are caused by a greater problem (testosterone) then that makes more sense.

Also moid alert kek

No. 1780210

This just reminds me of the screenshot were a moid RPs a kidnap scenario with a fat woman and says that the suspension of his van snaps when he throws her in the back. Also is she using her bra as gunt containment?

>All moids watch porn, very few of them murder and rape.
Not all moids watch explicitly violent porn, some men watch lesbian porn, amateur porn of married couples or a naked fat woman sitting a cake is also porn.

Exposure to violent porn makes moids more violent. I don't know what there is to argue about. Shat has to cater to these type of low tier coomers because she can't compete with other women in more mainstream porn. Some women earn thousands by selling feet pics. Fatty makes $8 selling simulated rape videos to future sex offenders.

No. 1780217

So by your logic, watching horror movies makes one more likely to kill people. (Which is just retarded)

No. 1780222

People generally don't watch horror movies for sexual enjoyment. Playing violent video games is the same. People watch horror movies and play violent video games because it's fun, not because it's sexually arousing. Porn is explicitly made to illicit a sexual response in men.

No. 1780223

stop engaging with the moid ffs

No. 1780224

i agree - if she was hot she wouldn’t need to move a finger but she’s hideous and old and fat.
its fine nona, take a break. go watch your healthy porn.

No. 1780225

Human v human is only a small subset of horror movies. Most of the time, the killer is a monster, a zombie, a paranormal entity, a clown etc. Even when horror films have a human killer, it's always shown from the victim's POV, showing how scary it is trying to escape, not how fun it is to kidnap people. Violent porn is shown from the aggressor's POV. You are the kidnapper.
Your argument is more analogous to violent first player video games like GT. Which yes, those absolutely do act as a gateway to further violent impulses in low-functioning moids.

No. 1780227

File: 1677707235017.jpg (511.3 KB, 750x1083, Patricia Ellen Dresel of Rento…)

stop trying to derail. And not all of them murder but a lot of them rape and abuse women. ESPECIALLY men who watch violent gross niche porn. Also, Shayna Leigh Clifford aka Dolly Mattel aka @theirlbarbie is dating Patricia Ellen Dresel Renton, WA aka @Cuddlemenow on twitter and "Itsactionsub" on tumblr, who is a babysitter/care taker of her parents, stole a child she was babysitting pacifer, then posted about it on kink tumblr with her tits out with tags like #little Girl #ageplay #binkie #scared directly involving a minor she was taking care of in kinkplay.
Never forget, keep derailing, Shayna dates her, the same Shayna whose had at least 2 pedos ask her to say she's underaged and claimed to be agaisnt "Kids in kink" but dates this woman.
She deleted the OG post but left another post up in the SAME outfit and the SAME pacifer she stole.

No. 1780228

My point isn’t that horror movies are sexual you dolt. My point is that watching people do something and enjoying it, doesn’t mean you want to go do that thing.

No. 1780230

Kek so you unironically believe that video games cause violence hahahaha. At least you’re consistent I’ll give you that karen.

No. 1780232

No. 1780233

“A lot of them rape and abuse women” if less than like 5% of the population is “a lot” to you then ok.

No. 1780235

File: 1677707608161.png (222.65 KB, 657x410, Shayna Leigh Clifford.PNG)

but you knoww what is more likely to make pedos contact you? When your name is Shayna Leigh Clifford and you say that literal pedos ask you to say you are underaged/talk about minors sexually. Instead of posting any information you have about these CONFIRMED PEDOS Shayna Leigh Clifford just makes a post on twitter.
So we do know there's a direct link between watching Shayna's diaper pedo pandering porn and being an actual pedo, becuase Shayna leigh clifford actually TALKS to them.
And apperently minors belong in her girlfriends Kinkplay because she did picrel and Shayna is still dating her!We will never forget the connection!

No. 1780236

report and move on you idiots i beg you

No. 1780238

>I just wanna simulate rape and murder
>how does that make me a bad person??
Cope harder, rape ape

No. 1780239

This is not unique to Shayna, gross men will ask many different women in sex work to pretend to be a minor. And many of them do it. Shayna at least called it out as disgusting. Some of you are so sheltered kek. How is it Shaynas fault that moids are gonna moid.

No. 1780240

Samefag to add on, if you as a normal woman spent 5 minutes on a cam site, 2 different weird men would ask you to pretend to be a minor. That doesn’t reflect on you or Shayna at all. Don’t speak on things you know nothing about retards.

No. 1780241

OF did ban violent porn (rape, diapers, knifes, etc.), but I don't think she's hosting her videos there as often, I think she uses MFC/whatever the fuck it is now. I can't remember which thread it was but it was somewhere around the Vivi saga I think.

No. 1780242

Ohhh so you're just another coping e-whore. kek, classic. Should have known.

No. 1780243

Nope but you’re a pearl clutching karen(infighting)

No. 1780244

I'm sure you know all about a pearl necklace dear

No. 1780247

Imagine making rape kidnap porn in the middle of the night, with a bright light spotlighting you on your balcony like Shayna Leigh Clifford and not giving a shit that someone may see it. So much for not involving unconsenting parties.

No. 1780253

"The recent survey on consent by the French collective NousToutes surveying 100,000 women published in March 2020 exposes alarming statistics on sexual violence. The survey reveals that 90% of the respondents have experienced pressure to have sex at least once. 81.2% of respondents report having experienced psychological, physical, or sexual violence during sex. One woman out of six has started her sexual life with a non-consenting sex act. 50% of respondent have reported non-consensual penetrative sex (rape). One of 3 women report that a male partner has imposed intercourse without a condom against the woman’s will. One woman in four has been in a situation where a male sexual partner has pursued intercourse despite her asking him to stop."
Source is in French but I can provide if necessary. If 81% of women have experience non-consensual violence during sex and half of women claim to have been straight up raped, how is it possible only 5% of men are the perpetrators? Are you male or just retarded? Inb4 "don't respond to bait", no, this kind of bullshit shouldn't go unchallenged for a minute. If I get banned for that so be it

No. 1780261

this is the shayna thread can you both take this shit to 2X, it makes the thread unreadable

No. 1780267

Fucking kek

No. 1780269

this has been reported to her landlords.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1780271

You guys are so fucking retarded and autistic and spoil the milk.

No. 1780275

What the actual fuck STOP COWTIPPING. She's self destructing JUST FINE one her own. Are you the same retard who spazzed out with the cat gif??

No. 1780277

Oh come on, we all want to Cowtip sometimes but why the fuck you'd actually do it? Fucking retard nonna

No. 1780278

kys retard

No. 1780279

She's cut her underwear for extra effect

No. 1780280

No. 1780289

I fucking hate these retards because it would have been way funnier if she had a neighbour report it or something but of course retarded anons insist on inserting themselves

No. 1780292

ffs. well nonas, it's been a fun ride. rip thread. thanks a lot you fucking retard.

No. 1780294

Well it was a fun ride but looks like a woman who sexualizes and infantilizes herself won't be allowed to be laughed at because some stickbone in the mud had to crap her pants over nudity. So glad someone was so selfish they took all these laughs away just to feel morally superior to someone lower than an actual sex worker.

No. 1780297

Are you trolling or did you actually contact them?? how??

No. 1780298

idk..I think this is all really fishy with the recent activity in the thread. someone is trying super hard to get the thread closed. how do we know the anon even actually cowtipped? i guess time will tell.

No. 1780302

You are not suppose to cow tip let alone announce your cowtipping idiot

No. 1780303

It’s really telling which nona’s have such record low levels of self esteem that they think it’s an accomplishment to take further ruining Shaynas life seriously. She does this well enough on her own and now you’ve ruined the laughs for the rest of us.

If you think you’re special for being superior to Shayna please reevaluate your life thank you.

No. 1780305

I think so too but I don't think these threads will ever be closed. If this isn't one of her defenders, or a sexworker with a vendetta, the fact someone cowtipped is retarded as fuck.

No. 1780307

It's such a newfag mindset to feel a need to display they're superior to the cow when really it's just assumed. I'm hoping this is some kind of false flag and depending on what happens I will hold my breath but it's very believable given the attitude of some that someone did just wig out and played crybully.

No. 1780308

post proof

No. 1780310

my tinfoil is ellen degenerate and crew (possibly still shane and the wolf pack) are posting obviously crossing the line stuff to screenshot and try to make it seem like thats all that happens here. like "here is someone saying theyre coming to visit me! here is someone doxing me to my landlords!". Is Shaymu scheming?

No. 1780312

Someone could say they contacted her landlord and not actually do it. You can tell lately this thread has really ramped up with clear attempts at derailing, defending shayna and trying to stop certain conversation. So who knows of its true or not. If shayna starts freaking out then we'll know at best she is freaked out or not in on it. Cowtippers are retarded, I think it's very gross what she did but there's no reason to announce anything.

No. 1780315

you're a retard for cowtipping but also can you imagine being the front desk worker and getting an email like that KEK

No. 1780327

Id honestly believe it’s just a retarded farmer, especially with the amount of pearl clutching and moral fagging about her filming the porn on her porch (probably deserved but also nonas need to relax)

No. 1780331

Time to go full degen and drive then off if so, it's the only way.

No. 1780335

Any UK nonnies here?

Just been watching Sex actually with Alice Levine episode about feeder porn and there's footage from fatcon2022
Lmao remember the pictures of those 2 morbids on mobility scooters? They're being filmed.
Sadly no Shay sightings.

No. 1780342

kek get ready for outrage nonna. people will post nonstop about how vile she is for doing this in a (somewhat) public space in front of what could be a child, but god forbid anything is actually done about it beside meaningless shitposting. nta but stupid games win stupid prizes

No. 1780343

I was rolling my eyes at the pearl-clutching earlier, but her ringlight is reflecting on a parked car behind the tree. She's more visible than I thought she was. Kinda cringe.

The only thing you've accomplished is being a fat retard. The worst that happens here is that she gets a slap on the wrist from the landlord, and that's only if they give a shit enough to track her down in the tenants list. Affordable apartment owners know that some of their renters are addicted/dealing lowlives and don't care as long as they're paying rent and not racking up complaints, some chick jerking off on a balcony is the least of their concerns.

No. 1780345

>Affordable apartment owners know that some of their renters are addicted/dealing lowlives and don't care as long as they're paying rent and not racking up complaints, some chick jerking off on a balcony is the least of their concerns.
Exactly. You can tell how many underaged retards are itt. Or just sheltered as fuck adults with barely any real world experience.

No. 1780347

To me she just doesn’t seem smart enough to come up with that idea. But then again she’s had years worth of threads about herself to read so maybe she’s learned stuff and knows what things to say that get a reaction based on previous posters cowtipping and infighting etc and what gets a thread threatened to be closed. mastermind

No. 1780350

I didn’t realize this site was supposed to be dedicated to being online vigilantes

No. 1780353

>Affordable apartment owners
Not that a makes a difference here but I wouldn't call Shayna's apartment building affordable. One bedroom are around $1700-2100, so I can't imagine how much it is for a two bedroom/two bathroom. But this is just another reason if this is real the landlords won't give a fuck, if she hasn't missed payments they don't care how you get your money.

No. 1780354

Well it is just not in that way.

No. 1780356

samefag but there is no way the people in her apartment and who run it don't already know she's a prostitute. the way she dresses with her tits and nipples out, the pedo baiting pig tails and "stuffies", the constant parade of strange men coming over to her place with loud moans when they're over. all the idiot cowtipper did was put lolcow in a bad spot and give shayna more reasons why "her haters" are the reason she isn't succeeding. an resounding failure all around.

No. 1780357

wow fuck you. if this is real you are seriously messing with her life and mental health. even if nothing comes from it put yourself in her shoes??? would you want to feel constantly watched in your house?? did you realize she can kill herself over this?? or LOSE her HOME?? She has has three pets that rely on her please consider this.

No. 1780358

here's hoping.

No. 1780359

nta but i dont care about her retarded dog, but i do care about her and her gf being proud pedos and firmly believe more pedos should be more afraid of proudly showing their faces

No. 1780360

File: 1677718842465.png (11.25 KB, 474x77, queen.png)

our queen is unbothered

No. 1780361

I keked at the three pets who rely on her bullshit. They would all be better off with anyone but Shaynus and you know it nonnie

No. 1780362

She films herself in her own home, she gives her address to pedo moids, she basically doxed herself but okay calm down

No. 1780363

weirdest post on this thread. play stupid games win stupid prizes. Nonny, she literally invites strange men who could potentially hurt / kill her at any moment

No. 1780364

im picturing her dog getting released into a large backyard like those facebook videos of zoo animals finally experiencing freedom for the first time.

No. 1780366

nobody cowtipped, relax kek they always post proof and now there’s nothing.

No. 1780368

>"She basically doxxed herself!"
>"She invites murderers into her house that could rape and kill her!"
Please stop being retarded.

No. 1780371

probably happy that she can use this cowtipper (if the cowtipping has even happened) as more shit to make lc look bad

No. 1780376

If you can't tell the thread has some weirdos camping out in it, from defending shayna and forever whining. Just ignore and report at this point.

No. 1780378

File: 1677719928724.jpg (297.53 KB, 2048x2048, FqLT87vaIAATlXm.jpg)

No. 1780381

How many times is she going to wear this shit?

No. 1780383

Also fuck the cowtipper but I love how the narrative is always, "it's just kink man!" But now she could loose her house? If she's not doing anything wrong filming kink kidnap porn naked with a spotlight on her in the middle of the night, then how could she lose anything? The visitor knows what shayna does is gross and disgusting.Im not defending the cowtippee we don't don't know if it's real at this point

No. 1780388

Until it stops covering her gunt.

No. 1780391

i mean im pretty sure you can be evicted for shooting porn in an apartment not that i really care it would honestly be pretty funny if she had a homeless arc maybe hitting rock bottom is what she needs to finally pull herself out of this hole shes dug

No. 1780394

Only if it's disruptive it turns out actually, you can do a ton of things in your own home the issue comes when it goes into other homes.

No. 1780410

There's no risk of her being homeless, no need to get upset nonnies. Maybe eviction would actually push her in the direction of going back home to her parents and fixing her life

No. 1780411

What in the actual fuck. It's one fucked up thing to take a quick cheeky picture when no one is looking, but this next level messed up and selfish. She is moaning very loudly and I'm sure that machine isn't quite. I wonder if she even remembers filming this or if she was black out drunk or something. Trying to wrap my head around it. I think the increase of high risk behaviour has more to do with her alcoholism than being slighted by rednecks.

No. 1780414

Imagine taking a quick late night stroll to let the dog piss and as you walk amongst the trees you suddenly hear some pig squealing and the repetitive clank and whirrr of a machine. You look up and your eyes catch site of a butt naked woman, getting fucked by a dildo whilst handcuffed to her balcony


No. 1780416

It almost seems like self harm to be doing all this shit when nobody even wants or is asking for it

No. 1780419

I think when she was young and skinny she probably had a lot of white knights who would step in when she started acting like this. But she's pushed everyone away and gained 70 pounds and is miserable to be around. If you say anything to her she cries and calls you out and goes insane on twitter so not even her dwindling coomers are stepping in to stop her from spiraling this time or even suggesting moaning and fucking yourself on your balcony near a highschool and families is a bad idea. How low can she go?

No. 1780424

In a psychology/neuroscience class we looked at a study which asked men and women to look at pictures of men, women, and tools (like a hammer, etc.) and mapped out which areas of the brain were activated. They did the same test on people after they watched pornography and the “tool” part of the brain lit up in men looking at pictures of women after watching porn. Sorry for derail, wanted to get it off my chest bc it haunts me.

No. 1780430

File: 1677723345418.jpg (166.13 KB, 1080x2009, p.jpg)

Same. Fuck this stupid bitch. What fucking difference does it make if a neighbor reports her or one of us. Seethe about it(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1780440

Can you delete this and stop bragging about it? If you cowtippes we don't need to fucking know, what does it do for us?

No. 1780441

It's literally one of the first rules of the farms, stop this shit. If you're going to cowtip at least have the brains not to brag about it on here retard.


Learn to sage and stop cowtipping newfag. Did you all wander in from twitter recently or something?

No. 1780444

Tbf her dog Noodle is not only adorable, but isn’t part pit bull, and seems like an absolutely lovely and chill dog. And she gets along with cats, Noodle would be scooped up IMMEDIATELY by better dog parents.

Kek no, I just forgot to sage cause I’ve been posting on /ot/ lately. I’m not a cow tipping retard, but what I said about Noodle still stands. I am worried about her cats if she gets booted tho.

No. 1780446

have fun in jail nona, revenge porn is illegal in Washington

No. 1780447

But her moral high ground? Whatever will she do without it nona?

No. 1780451

it’s a Thursday so she probably won’t be notified, if she even is notified of this, until Monday or Tuesday. We won’t get a meltdown till then, if we do. Hope it’s gonna be worth it, cow tipper.

No. 1780455

I had to make sure my lease said I could conduct business in my apartment. This could get milky if she didn't read the fine print before signing. She could get evicted from this.

No. 1780456

How…how is this revenge porn? Ntaryt but…it's porn she posted on her own Twitter.

No. 1780461

>It's possible she ran into the doorknob.
May as well just say this honestly but since you won't get what I mean by that anyways; It's a big legal grey area mess and describing it in any detail only helps the cow so nobody should so stop asking.

No. 1780462

Can you fuck off retard? It's clear you don't go here you are probably that troon or some scrote. Everyone report

No. 1780464

Well it's still Wednesday in Washington.
And if the alleged cow tipper did it early enough or hell, even last night, there's still a chance it could happen before Friday 4pm

No. 1780466

>Anyone who hates me is a man.
Coping hard

No. 1780467

sigh God some of you are so retarded. How is her retarded naked ass going to harm anyone other than herself by filming on her balcony? At least admit it's not to be righteous because she encourages assault and pedophilia, it's to cow tip, get a reaction and cause a shit stir. There are hundreds of retards right now caping for "age play" because it's consensual adults. Age play merely exists to encourage and create scenarios involving the idea of children, but they make it vague enough where you can't say you're a "minor" Shayna didn't invent this mentality and there's far more dangerous and disturbing content available on twitter. Shayna is gross, retarded and full of bleak drama so she's a staple here. All that will happen is more lock downs, less sharing and less milk. This kind of cowtipping always puts us into a dry season.

No. 1780475

Shay is literally trying to keep her milk off the internet because of shit like this. if you must cowtip at least don't post it here

No. 1780478

there’s no fucking way this is real

No. 1780479

is this supposed to be a reply from the landlord? fake as fuck.

No. 1780481

I’m fucking shaytarded, it is Wednesday. Okay we might get a meltdown by Friday. But again, it’s only if the apartment decides to do anything about this and even then it’s tenuous.

No. 1780482

What did it say? It's greentexted for me.

No. 1780483

post a screenshot of the whole email or gtfo

No. 1780484

Question can you get indecent exposure for doing what she did? Kek she was filming outside masterbating naked, just asking.

No. 1780485

Kek it's probably some gayops I'm convinced.

No. 1780486

someone keeps posting and deleting clippings of someone saying thanks for the info we're contacting our attorney?

No. 1780488

You sound like someone who’s masturbated outside

No. 1780489

kek why did this make me laugh. nta
this, post proof of everything you typed cowtipper chan

No. 1780490

how about we don't encourage the fucking cowtipper? this isn't hard people.

No. 1780494

Between someone messaging her dad, the cat thing, and now this; we've either got an influx of reddit snark page fucks with zero chill or one extremely psychotic cowtipper.

No. 1780499

Also nta and also kek'd.

It's too late, anon. We've officially gone full retard. I come here to read about Shayna failing at life, but it's never enough for some anons.

No. 1780500

this has got to be the same autistic retard who spent 8 hours retweeting the cat gif to NASA and Donald Trump. just report and ignore.

No. 1780501

where are the jannies when you need them, the autism is off the charts in here. she’s filmed outside before and anons just moved on instead of sperging for two days straight

No. 1780502

Why do all threads on snow lately have at least one psychotic cowtipper.

No. 1780505

I suspect it's another ewhore that is using LC as a shield. Fat Shat would know who it was if they used their sex work twitter account, so by posting this shit to LC it obscures who is really doing it and passes the blame to this thread.

No. 1780507

Nah I just wanted to know and because we have retards here who'd be like, "hmm let me report shayna for that next, thanks for bringing that up" or some shit I wanted to be clear it wasn't something I was going to do or think others should do. Just asking any smart Nona's if they know. This thread has gone off the fucking rails. I'm not a disgusting retard who constantly does retarded things for coomer attention and pennies, knowing she has a bunch of people watching her every move.

No. 1780514

It’s because the young teen Zoomer retards have finally found lolcow and they are incapable of integration

No. 1780520

I can get behind this theory. Because it doesn't make sense to me otherwise. So much cowtipping in such a short time with a clear obsession about ruining her life seems like way too much for the average LC user.

No. 1780531

They're in the Shaynatorium posting and deleting messages and referring to themselves as The Shaytipper. Jannies need to burn that place to the ground.

No. 1780532

Puppikumma or Vivi perhaps?

No. 1780534

Suspicious raid. They want to get the thread deleted

No. 1780536

I assure you I am not posting whatever screenshots and deleting or whatever the fuck is going on. I'm just a random farmer who felt strongly enough about this degenerate to contact her apartment. It's really not that deep. Retards(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)