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File: 1677817570952.jpg (786.43 KB, 1600x957, shay_evidctededction.jpg)

No. 1781399

Previous thread: >>>/snow/1777076

Shayna Leigh Clifford; 25 year old failing prostitute, porn sick degenerate, drug addict and alcoholic who spends her days posting free pictures of her hemmerhoid filled anus on twitter while begging for rent. Rejects her parents help to get an education and normal job. Hurts animals on purpose and panders to pedos by filming porn dressed as a child. Recently moved to Seattle after wasting years on an ex too ashamed to admit they were dating her and is currently looking her new Fupa 2.0.


REMEMBER: Read the rules before posting. Repetitive nitpicks about Shayna's body, face, and genitals are subject to a 1-day ban. Reposting the same photos zoomed in/edited is not milk and you will receive a ban for nitpicking. Stay on topic, derailing and infighting will result in a ban. Sage when there’s no milk. Spoiler any NSFW images. No blog posting or bragging about how you're a better whore than Shayna. Nobody wants to hear about your degeneracy. This is a Shay thread, curb your enthusiasm when posting screenshots of other e-whores, they go in the e-whores thread. Shut the fuck up about her necrotit and take it to the shaynatorium

Summary of Last Thread:

>>1777090 has an unimpressive cam session where she's fatter and more miserable than ever
>>1777176 attempts to win Jason Womack back who has presumably left her for a more enticing camwhore
>>1777294 comes up with non-stop excuses at to why she doesn't cam
>>1777367 bans one of her coomers for asking how she got so fat
>>1777351 claims she has cannabinoid hyperemesis syndrome(CHS) on stream
>>1777375 retard dance
>>1777697 claims she's quitting weed
>>1777938 goes on a skincare shopping spree which she'll never use
>>1778082 admits her and her pedo gf can't communicate unless they use twitter
>>1778810 new tiktok where she looks as busted as ever
>>1779706 posts a photoset of her retarded rape fantasy outside on her balcony
>>1779495 shayna admits she's jealous of other SWers
>>1780123 more of her gross rape fantasies on her balcony
>>1780269 retarded cowtipper anon claims to send the photos to her landlord and report her for indecent exposure
>>1780931 shay has a meltdown and claims she'll quite SW but ultimately doesn't

New TikTok: https://www.tiktok.com/@dollhausbarbie
Snapchat: irlbarbiedolly (BANNED)

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No. 1781451

Thanks nonnie

no sage because of the tard on the lose in snow

No. 1781511

kill yourself faggot scrote

No. 1781563

Thank you nonie, great thread. Bump because esquizo on snow

No. 1781571

Why were nonnies in the last thread feeling bad for her possibly getting evicted? Pedos deserve no sympathy. I hope she ends up homeless, I'd laugh. Even though cowtipping is against the rules and I wouldn't do it personally, she deserves to be cowtipped imo. Especially when filming rape porn on her balcony in full public view.

No. 1781574

And now her twitter is private again, good job cowtipping retards

No. 1781581

The fact that she’s crying because no “job” besides being a misogynistic pedo degenerate that doesn’t even earn enough to cover rent would make her “happy” (I use quotation marks because she’s clearly not happy being a failed whore) when her family have offered a home and a FULL FUCKING RIDE AT COLLEGE makes me hate her even more. And saying “I don’t deserve this”, you LARP as a raped infant for mere pennies you fat fuck, you really should have learned by now that actions have consequences

No. 1781583

the fact shaynus is freaking out over a cowtipper when she's let myriad random twitter coomers into her house and inside of her is baffling.
reaping what you sow, innit, you swine.

No. 1781591

imagine the embarrassment of knowing your landlord has seen pictures of you in compromising sexual positions that YOU posted online, exposing yourself to the public in broad fucking daylight. i would rope. she’s so shameless and disgusting i don’t even blame the cow tipper, this bitch really has hit rock bottom and doesn’t care what she has to do to scrape up rent.

No. 1781594

nooo nona she’s such a good tenant uwu they just told her to “keep it inside” as in never let this happen again, shayna is downplaying this so the haydurz don’t get the satisfaction of knowing she risked her living situation all to make some shitty simulated rape porn. she was clearly distraught and posted her why meeeee sobbing bullshit on twitter. the worst part is even if the tipper did get what they wanted, shayna would just have her parents bail her out like she always does and would find a new hovel to smoke and drink herself retarded in.

No. 1781598

File: 1677835515430.jpeg (528.44 KB, 750x1005, Shaters 1.jpeg)

No. 1781599

File: 1677835642422.jpeg (481.21 KB, 750x1080, Shaters 2.jpeg)

No. 1781603

Shaytipper possibly robbed us of her ever posting about her stranger danger apartment hookups again. Wonder if she put herself private to delete a bunch of posts now that she knows her landlords are watching her twitter.

No. 1781606

>good tenant
That's only because other people are paying your rent for you

No. 1781607

I don’t like the cow tipping because as other anons have said it makes the milk dry up, but I have zero sympathy for this fucking pedo bitch. She has these filthy men who she knows want to rape children come around to her apartment right next to a school. How does she know the diaper wearing pig isn’t leaving her apartment and going right over to that school to look at real children? Do any kids live in her building and have to walk past these men on the stairs? She has the fucking nerve to sit on Twitter acting like she’s just trying to live her life, she’s a pedo and every day of her life should be miserable.

No. 1781612

Kek not fatty saying she hopes someone suffers death or illness right after Twitter updated their violent speech policy to explicitly ban this. Bitch doesn’t know how to follow any rules anywhere

No. 1781617

How is she more upset about her whole landlord situation than she is fearful that we know exactly where she lives? Id move. But I guess that’s the positives of having a real job and credit.

No. 1781618

She was obviously never going to get evicted she lives near Seattle ffs they love degen shit like supporting sw. The stupid tipper should have tipped them off about the extra animal which would be an actual lease violation.

No. 1781620

> i’m a good tenant
this place must be a total shit hole if stomping around reeking of weed, blasting music, all the loud ass moaning and her never respecting rules is considered being a good tenant

No. 1781623

I’m fucking dying over the fact she got called down to the office to explain why she filmed herself pretending to get raped on her balcony. Welp, she did say she was into humiliation. I wonder if she cried infront of her landlord and that’s why they cut her slack. Sounds like things didn’t go as pleasantly as Shayna is making it seem if she was told to stop filming on her balcony and how upset she was yesterday.

No. 1781634

I agree. And I highly doubt the building management/landlords “love” her, they’re making money off her in a state that openly supports nasty ass degenerate whores

No. 1781640

the thread summary sucks.
>posts a photoset
uhh no. she posted created and posted two videos as well as photos of her tied up pretending to get raped on her balcony. one during the day and one at night using her “fuck machine” - both times moaning loudly with her tits and vagina out in plain view of her neighbors

No. 1781643

>She thinks I'm a tenant
>tweeted about wanting to punch her wall when she was stressed and chimping out over the cowtipper

No. 1781645

how many times do you retards have to be told that nobody cares. nobody wants a diary entry on how much you hate her. nobody needs a blog about it. nobody needs a twenty paragraph long thesis opener on Why Shayna Bad (And Also Fat And Ugly). we KNOW. go to therapy.

this fat sow is the only person i really wish had a kf thread if only so i could get away from blogposting sneeding retards like you, or so i could at least give you retard reacts to publicly shame you. holy fuck.

No. 1781649

get off the shaymu thread then lol

No. 1781653

She has a kiwifarms thread go revive it and post there instead of mini modding this thread.

No. 1781655

> had a kf thread if only so i could get away from blogposting
This is hilarious to me Kiwis are notorious for their essay-like comments that are thinly veiled blogposts. The only reason why it’s be interesting for her thread at KF to pick up is that it’d show her what truly malicious online behaviour is like and, it be by mostly men. It’d make her head explode.

No. 1781657

I'm still stuck on "and it's not like I'm doing anything to deserve it!!!" wtf does that mean? Who "deserves" it Shayna? And what is "it"? Let me guess, fatphobic catty bitches deserve to be homeless, not you

No. 1781667

I hope the fat retarded autist who reported Shaymu is happy!! Did you really think some seattle tranny fag landlord was going to evict a fellow degen paedophile? I hope you're happy with your sad pathetic little life cowtipper. Thanks for spoiling our fun, these threads will be drier than Shaynas snatch from now on.

No. 1781674

> sneed
Are you the fag who was necro’ing shitty old /snow/ threads yesterday?

No. 1781680

Shayna, the cowtipper is your stepmom. Her and your dad are trying to get you out of sex work and offline so you stop humiliating the family. Your step-sis told me.

No. 1781682

I know this isn’t real but god I wish it was

No. 1781684

just caught up on the last 48 hours events and she even tagged the outdoor rape video as 'public/outdoor' she KNEW WHAT SHE WAS DOING the entire time. That pisses me off. She cant even try to pretend what she did wasn't bad because shes even saying herself it was an outdoor or 'public' scene. wanna alog so bad

No. 1781685

Every sex worker who does public shit needs to be put on the sex offender list.

No. 1781687

Is there any way this is Shane? Maybe she's been sending him texts trying to get back at him or has been talking shit behind his back and this is his form or payback? He knows where she lives because he's been there. Maybe he's using lolcow to cover up his tracks.

No. 1781692

so re-reading this now I get why they acted how they did. If she met her property manager face to face, she was probably crying her eyes out, telling them she has "Stalkers" for years and probably apologizing.
Now would I as a woman want a woman who did some shit like that in my building? Nope, I wouldn't care about the funny business/stalkers, I'd tell her to get the police involved but that shit is unacceptable and looks bad for the building.

It's her, on her balcony doing porn, not even regular porn (Not that it'd make it better) but kidnapper porn and doing sexual acts OUTSIDE my building with no regards for anyone else. However, I can see some older woman being disgusted but also seeing Shayna break down and assume she's really sorry and really being stalked etc. and just being like, "Don't do that again, you are a good tentant, keep it inside and call the police!" If Shayna was Shane there would be zero sympathy for fucking his asshole, tied to a railing, in DAYLIGHT.
So maybe the PM thinks it's men doing this or some shit. They'll probably even check up on her. We saw how Shayna looked in that camshow, just dejected and depressed. Even her saying she said something bad about herself to Shane Sonnier Pierre. She naturally comes off as someone you just pity because of their stupid ass life choices. I don't think she feels unsafe in her house, just that now her landlord knows what she does/what she did and it may cause trouble for her.
Sorry for the long post.

No. 1781693

I don't know why anons are jumping down your throat because you're right. A-logging is against the rules and so is blogposting, and even if they weren't it's retard behavior anyway. Just point at the cow and laugh, Shaymu will cease to exist as soon as you close the tab

No. 1781695

Hopefully, She end's up on the sex offender registry the next time she does public shit

No. 1781696

that sounds right theres no way the landlord or whatever would bring up it being a stalker/harasser without her doing it. what I'm worried is that she'll now be emboldened. maybe that's how nothing happened after someone cowtipped her dad. she blames it all on her stalkers and cries about it and the other party is too awkward to do anything about it

No. 1781700

agree and
>threads will be drier than Shaynas snatch from now on
lmaooo. id nuke my twitter and fucking start over if knew there was a chance my landlords and whoever else they told was watching what i posted.

No. 1781702

Nonnas who honestly believed Shayna would get evicted are either naive or unaware of tenants’ rights in the US. It costs significant time, money & energy to evict a tenant. Most landlords don’t care if their tenants are camwhores (or even actual whores) as long as they’re paying rent on time, not causing noise complaints or damaging the property. It’s likely just not worth the trouble to evict her, nor does it benefit them to interfere with how she makes her rent. “Just keep it inside” is a pretty standard response and doesn’t mean they pity her or “love” her (kek)

No. 1781703

they are getting hate because they are
>pretending like kiwifarms doesn't have twice as much blog posting/a-logging
They could've just reported for alogging instead of going on some, "I wish kiwifarms had a thread on Shayna! I won't have to read blogposting!!!" as if it doesn't have a thread and as if all of the popular threads on there aren't full of people talking about random shit in extreme detail.

No. 1781704

I bet the PM is just like "please for the love of god dont do anything that will make me see THAT again" in her head.


Yeah exactly, that's why I think she told her to keep it all inside. Out of sight, out of mind, out of their legal hair in case she actually got reported for exposing herself to multiple children. That would be a huge headache, especially now that there is a trail of evidence that shows the PM knew about her doing it and did nothing.

No. 1781706

I didn't believe she'd get evicted but Shayna surely did, kek. "Leaving me homeless but my ANIMALS!".
Which again, shows how she knows what she did was dangerous and wrong, she really thought she'd be on the streets but said fuck it, scrote pennies and attention is more important.

No. 1781711

She’s probably gonna get ptsd over this or something. I’d be paranoid as fuck that any little sound I made my landlords would question from now on. Will she still prance around her lobby with her nipples out and a onsie on under her coat? Will she still invite scrotes over to piss on? And they basically gave her a strike on her file, so next time there’s an issue it’ll be worse. I wonder if the neighbor reported the time Ellen hit her car and went and yelled at Shayna? Lets hope her property manager isn’t a gossip. Seriously tho fuck the tipper for spoiling the milk when Shayna was just starting to go full blown manic.

No. 1781715

Oh shit, your post just made me realize she was probably lurking and thought she was getting evicted when she went down. Hate shayna but thats actually cruel as fuck.

No. 1781717

Why is everyone so shocked her landlords didn’t care? She would have to show proof of income to move in so it’s not like they don’t already know she’s a whore?

No. 1781718

this was the first time that someone not in her family was exposed to her gross shit in all it's glory. I do think this will stick with her forever, not to change her ways, but "These people hate me enough to want me and my animals homeless! I didn't even do anything! Other people deserve this! Not me, look at Vivi who tried to kiss me ! What about..about this sex worker who said something I didn't like?"
This was the first real consequence she had for her actions from a "normie". Everyone in her life supports what she does and thinks it's normal. She's done gross shit in public places for years and nothing happened. She's used to being babied by retarded women like Ellen. She accepts disrespect from degen scrotes, you can tell it stings extra hard that it was her PM, not her parents or someone who cares about her. Thats why she claims they "Love' her. No they don't, she has to pretend they do, when they simply don't want to deal with that shit or her. Just don't do it again.
Of couse she lurks and has every reason to, especially when retards come here and go
>I sent porn to her dad, I know he saw it
>I sent this to her landlord
She only cares we call her ugly, post her paid content for free and edit pictures, not that she's regularly called a pedo. Even to her own fucking dad

No. 1781720

I'm not an American so I don't know if it's the same there but couldn't she use her parents as "proof of income"? They might be her sponsors/guarantors or something like that.

No. 1781721

She didn’t get a strike on her file, the PM doesn’t care about an anonymous cowtipper email. If it was a complaint from a rent-paying tenant who witnessed it she might be in some trouble, but property companies don’t care until it affects their profit. I do agree this will make her more paranoid and dry up the milk, but I figured that as soon as people starting posting photos of her apartment. She claims farmers stalk/harass her and the defense here was always “we’re gossiping about public stuff she posts online, just close the tab.” But this actually is stalking and harassment, and it gave her a great opportunity to pity farm and avoid accountability yet again.

No. 1781723

yes this is a thing in the US as well

No. 1781724

she probably privates so her landlords dont see her made up bullshit story about them loving her and how shes a good tenant kek

No. 1781725

Yeah exactly. This is why cowtipping is bad. Fucking retard anon just gave her a reason to beg for pity points online now. Absolute idiot.

No. 1781726

They definitely put a note on her file about this that will be referenced if she stirs up any more shit. Probably passed that shit around the office and they all had a good laugh.

No. 1781728

“Did you hear a girl living here got caught filming porn on her balcony?” - Everyone in Shayna’s Crib ATM

No. 1781730

I honestly doubt it's him at this point. I'm sure he blocked her and moved on. He scrubbed most of his online presence so there's not much to get from him anymore. I think he's irrelevant now.


You need therapy.

I absolutely do hope that she's a gossip because it would be hilarious, but I bet she doesn't because she probably doesn't want people looking out for more degeneracy and reporting it to her.

No. 1781733

Doesn't Ellen for some reason…accept rent for Shayna?
Yeah she can play the victim on sex work twitter all she wants, thats all she does anyway. Wasn't like people were showering her with money and support, did any sex worker even make a post about it to help Shayna? Kek, at best she probably got some unhelpful Dm's. The real consequence for her is she'll have to wonder if people KNOW what she did.
She knows her landlord does and she takes everything nice people say as 100% true, so the landlord possibly saying "You are a good tentant" and not kicking her out in Shayna's eyes equals
>They love me, they could've kicked me out but i'm such a good tentant!
and telling her to call the police (if that happened) is them showing "Care" for her, which also leads into the, "they love me" shit. Shayna showed she has zero respect for the people who live there doing that. Im sure there's other gross sex workers doing the same type of shit, so they sympathize and live in fear because they know it's wrong.

No. 1781743

This reminds me of how, every time she goes out, something happens. "Omg you look just like barbie! can I touch your coat? She can have whatever she wants!" in order to build an image of how she is perceived by others, and at this point I think she's just trying to convince herself more than anyone else. Same here, "they love me!" sounds better than "it's a tenant landlord" relationship and makes it sound like it'll be harder than one email to get her evicted (which yeah we know). She just conflates mundane events into something special every time, if they even ever happened in the first place.

No. 1781750

Damn I wish I could have heard how the conversation actually went

No. 1781754

because she's used to social media sex work fake love and exaggerations. Online someone will come up under her post with her dry ass lips and belly rolls and be like
>wow stunning baby mmhmm you look like a fucking barbie
She was calling that one chick her "Bestie" after meeting her fucking twice, barely interacts with her, just took a few pictures laying on her and drinking. She doesn't interact with people much but especially not people outside of sex work. She feels "Special" and she has to create situations or exaggerate them to make herself feel like when she walks into a room she's not some other average looking badly dressed white woman in her 20's. No she's Dolly Mattel a bimbo barbie whose so pretty, or whose not so pretty but her amazing personality shines through!
This is what happens when you are raised on online validation. This is why troons throw a fit when they are met with reality of not passing, being seen as a woman or treated as one. You have 5k likes telling you are valid. Except Shayna has like 15 likes telling her this shit

No. 1781759

This bitch has no shame at all. If I had found myself in her degenerate situation I'd definitely be trying to move. Your landlord called you to talk in person about keeping your degenerate kiddy rape porn in doors? Shayna is now that neighbor that parents tell their kids not to talk to at all, if the weed smell, random missing link "johns" and her aversion to flattering clothes and bras didn't already do that.

They'll probably going to quietly push her out tbh. Imagine if someone's kid was walking home from practice and saw that mess?

No. 1781764

>PM lands in the office, sips coffee, opens her inbox to the most soul-searingly horrifying porn she’s ever encountered
>sighs disgruntledly, mutters “they don’t pay me enough for this shit”, calls tenant
>tenant arrives hysterical, smelling like weed, covered in cat hair, dressed like a huge filthy baby
>PM, trying to get this unwashed weirdo out of her office so she can finish her Starbucks latte before it gets cold: “Listen you’re a good tenant, pay your rent on time. This shit is kinda weird though. Just keep it inside, ok?”
>Shayna on Twitter later: “omg so u won’t believe?? what happened?? My PM came up n said she loved me, admired my fashion sense n thought I wuz the uwu cutest sexii baby bimbo she’s ever seen!!”

No. 1781785

I don't buy any of her story. What most likely happened is an email was sent to her telling this type of behavior is prohibited and to not engage in it again. The end.

No. 1781787

not a burger so correct me if im wrong but in my experience its a lot of work legally for a landlord to evict a tenant even if theyre not following the rules of their lease. her landlords probably just dont want to deal with the work of it and won't dont anything unless they get repeated complaints.
my old apartment neighbour was also a crack whore bringing disgusting johns into the building and it took 6 months of constant complaints for her to be evicted

No. 1781788

This means we all need to be sending in more complaints to Shayna’s apartment(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1781791

It really depends. Evictions happen all the time, most people just fight them and they drag out. Doing illegal stuff in your apartment, and with proof apparent, makes the case a lot more cut and dry. Filming outside like that can count as indecent exposure. Plus if she went to court, the landlord's lawyers would find all of her online nonsense immediately, which also shows evidence she's prostituting out of the apartment. It's not like she just can't pay rent, which is where a lot of eviction processes start. She's really screwed herself putting all this stuff online.

No. 1781792

no it doesn't. fucking stop it. it will only confirm to her that she's a "victim" of "stalkers". don't cowtip. you're ruining it for everyone.

No. 1781794

im sure the complaints would have no merit unless theyre coming from her neighbours unfortunately

No. 1781795

Stop replying and simply report. This thread would benefit greatly from nonas ignoring bait.

No. 1781799

I don’t feel bad, people cowtip and report others on tiktok/Twitter/Instagram all the time whether it’s to their school, parents, apartment complex, job, etc. Why should it be shocking that the publicly available shit you post under your face and identity may have consequences on the future if it’s literally illegal? If anything she’s lucky that with her illegal pedophilic behaviors that farmers who know everything about her do not cross the line more often.

No. 1781800

Samefag but I’m not endorsing cowtipping as it dries up the milk but yeah, scrotes do this to ewhores all the time. You have to consider it a possibility.

No. 1781810

File: 1677864417356.jpeg (1020.74 KB, 1170x1661, DE7A720A-40F9-452E-A8B1-28744C…)

She just keeps giving herself a new face

No. 1781815

I feel like shayna already has had her family know, so in her eyes she had nothing to lose, lolcow isn't responsible for the true issues such as sex workers saying she's a fucking nazi. So for her this unlocks a whole fear, it's not like it was brushed off either at the very least she got her ass called to the office like she was in high school to be told
>don't preform sexual acts in public, keep it inside. Before now Shayna biggest consequence was sex workers not wanting to work with her like I said. This isn't someone who loves or cares about her (despite what she thinks) so it's a whole different ballgame. Which is why she was like, "they love me, I'm a good tenant!" Because then it makes it less harsh for her to handle being told, "nobody wants to see that shit, it's not normal, keep it inside please" when she walks around thinking everyone is looking at her lopsided nipples, or legs or wondering if she has panties or of she's of age. It was reality settling in. That's why she keeps saying she has to explore other avenues.
Which makes me feel like she's not going to post about her johns or may finally request a fucking hotel room or something. Or not do that kind of shit at all.

No. 1781820

It’s not “literally illegal” to film gross kink porn in your house nonna. Pedo pandering isn’t illegal if no real kids are involved. There’s arguably not even a case for indecent exposure if no one witnessed it in person. There’s plenty of nasty things about Shayna to moralfag over without inventing imaginary crimes.

No. 1781822

her meltdown reaction and wanting to punch walls and hysterically crying shows it didn't go well like she said. i said this in OT but i wonder if the property manager lady posted about this ordeal on reddit or anywhere else.

No. 1781823

late and gay but her basically confirming that sex work makes her miserable was so gratifying to hear and for this alone i thank cowtipper-chan for her service. after sol saga she didn't learn anything and she deserved this for reenacting rape. the poor landlord who had to see this fat heifer on the porch though kek how insanely humiliating that must've been for big shaynus to be confronted(Do not encourage cowtipping)

No. 1781825

These cowtipping retards need to use their super sleuthing skills to mail the poor PM a gift card for her pain & suffering, no one deserves to be exposed to Shaynus rape porn while doing their job.

No. 1781830

I have no sympathy for shayna because she reads these threads she knows who Mike Slack is and what he did to his daughter and she still calls him daddy and she tells him she loves him. She's a bad person

No. 1781833

Hopefully, Teach her a lesson

No. 1781836

Yeah, Then she posted about "daddy" drugging and putting something her baby bottle

No. 1781837

harassment, sure. but its not stalking lmao, idk how many times we need to have this same discussion on the farms. ot but reminds me of when pixie made a youtube video about having a stalker and it was legit just a lc user who went to one of her drag performances and filmed a snippet to post here. cows act like they're getting anthrax mailed to their houses and have to bat off daily death threats just bc people online like to laugh at them

No. 1781839

Sick bitch is probably jealous of his daughter considering the porn storylines she writes and her obvious fixation on her father
Doesn’t she claim to get off on being humiliated? This should be fun for her

No. 1781843

Nonas worried about milk drying out are insane. If she was in any way normal in the brain department she would just keep her twitter private, keep the content about nothing but her porn and stop posting about her personal life. But she won’t and can’t, because she’s addicted to being an internet personality and she wouldn’t be anything without us. She saw how much her views dropped when she went private for 15 minutes, and the sully gifs and troglodyte grandpas giving three word comments aren’t enough to sustain her. For her sake (and mine because I want to stop reading her threads but the flesh is weak) I wish she would just log off and go home, but that will never happen. I wish she’d just stop doing porn and understood that she could make a lot of money being a weird wannabe influencer, doing her dumb antics as usual, getting comments and shares on Tiktok and Instagram without ever again having to shove household appliances or explosives up her asshole for pennies. But no, two days from now she’ll go public again with another bimbo baby molerat gets jackhammered by robot daddy fuckmachine in the staircase video nobody will buy. Shaysiphus is doomed for all eternity.

No. 1781848

Work on your reading comprehension and stop encouraging cow tipping, fucking retard.

No. 1781850

I literally said not to do it retard I didn't encourage it, I deleted it just in case some retard got some ideas. It's crazy how we can't even talk about anything because some idiot may take this shit but do not put fucking words in my mouth. I was explaining something. Nowhere did I say "go do this!"

No. 1781853

Let the scrotes do it is the point we're making. Ffs how hard is it to not touch shit?

No. 1781855

Being a low tier apartment in a liberal state, having section 8 welfare queens and prostitutes as tenants is semi normal occurrence. All they asked of her is keeping her pussy INSIDE and not turn tricks out of her fucking room. All she has to do is be a normal whore. Shayna AND cowtippers are just hysterical attention whores.

No. 1781856

Sometimes you forget how brain damaged shaytards really are, until you read a post like this

No. 1781857

she's very similar to german cow drachenlord in that way. he had multiple people in front of his house every single day and didn't go off the internet, in fact even after conviction he still posts on tiktok. she will never stop because just like drachenlord she earns her money mostly online, loves attention, is stupid and stubborn as hell. that's why cows are cows. if she went offline completely it would feel like a defeat.

No. 1781859

Anon literally said "you could do this!" then gets mad about words being put in their mouth when we tell them not to encourage cowtipping. This thread has been attracting some very smooth craniums, lately.

No. 1781860

Stop fucking lying, I explained indecent exposure and thats it. I did NOT say do thos, I did not encourage it, I made a fucking follow up post saying NOT TO DO THIS, the retards have fucking goge the same way we all do, me explaining ot or not won't stop a retard from being retarded. Stop lying, I deleted the post move the fuck on

No. 1781861


No. 1781873

Well I'm sorry for that but don't claim I encouraged or told people to do it, I did not.

No. 1781882

File: 1677869514446.jpeg (137.59 KB, 750x584, 4B209FB4-19CA-42E2-85A0-F34474…)

No. 1781883

It’s not in her house it’s outside her apartment. She’s full on naked in broad daylight with a loud ass machine. If she was inside and was a regular cam girl they would not give a shit. Indecent exposure is a charge. I don’t buy one bit. Why would the landlord be okay with this bitch outside naked tied up to her balcony, yelping pretending she’s abducted. If it was a man jerking off and cooming onto the payment he’d be rightfully evicted

No. 1781884

She could never be an influencer it’s why she had to degrade herself to get a crumb of attention. She’s ugly boring and fat

No. 1781886

She’s filmed disgusting videos in public before, are you new here? She used to film disgusting videos in public bathroom stalls all the time like a troon

No. 1781888

Ok well I’m saying she shouldn’t be surprised that someone did it to her considering she is in an industry where the consumer demand is all deranged males kek

No. 1781889

imo her only chance to be an influencer was back when she was still a stoner blog on tumblr. When she turned to porn, she became less and less relevant as time went on/her weight increased, which caused her to try more gross shit to get more attention. obviously that backfired.

It really only matters when her bullshit will bring consequences to the apartment itself. Otherwise they ignore shit.

sadly retard anon had to announce to the whole site that they were cowtipping multiple times, so there's no way to pin it on angry moids this time.

No. 1781902

I hate knowing that her vile incest porn descriptions are written specifically for him
he's the only one paying, so she does have to cater to him, but it's so creepy knowing that she's literally writing a script and performing just for him

No. 1781916

I still lowkey dont believe there was an actual cowtipper,but maybe. Obviously they were impulsive and retarded. Not to give any ideas, but if they actually wanted to be effective, they shouldve compiled a list of the bullshit she does that violate the lease.
Exposure on her porch, frequently, the worst being simulating abduction and rape twice for the vid. Smoking weed and vaping (some places dont allow this) having 3 pets, prostitution, the issue with Ellen hitting the neighbors car, etc.
I still find it weird according to her the manager really just brushed off how disturbing the thing was. Like it wasnt a titty flash, she was out there fucking herself pretending to be abducted full tits and pussy out. I guess y'all say some lower end landlords just don't care, but idk. The places Ive lived and lived now… that shit wouldve went down a lot weirder. And not to wk for moids, but if I dude was jacking off on his balcony and posted it, I think it wouldve been a lot harsher.
I do get that filing to evict and then actually removing the tenant with minimal issue is a thing. But I do think its been noted on her file and this is a strike.
Still cant believe how she repeatedly gets away with foul shit and all while having the audacity to think she's doing nothing wrong. Like damn at least if she was a little remorseful and learned that the shit she does isn't okay as it affects other people, it'd be one thing. But she's just so delusional and entitled she doesnt care until it affects her and maintains shes done nothing to deserve the consequences. Wild.

No. 1781919

Her stepmom has to Google her sometimes. She needs warning of whatever is going to hurple into her life in visits. I’m sure she knows that Shayna has a fetish for incest and her real father. Dad probably doesn’t want to know anything. But I am sure stepmom and sis checkin, probably share this thread with their friends and laugh at how revolting she is. I bet her step-sis is a secret Nonna.

No. 1781922

we are only getting shaymus side of the story we don't know how they reacted

No. 1781924

File: 1677874991074.jpg (491.71 KB, 1197x1920, shaylaws.jpg)

This dumb fat pedophile hog is lucky the cowtipper didn't report her to Renton police. She's also lucky for LC because she can boohoo to her apt manager about the boolies trying to ruin her life for 7 years.

No. 1781928

Also lol
>the profits made by the defendant attributable to the felony
So, pennies.

No. 1781932

Okay? But they didn't because they don't care about Shayna. She's fat and ugly and the type of moid that does that shit will only harass hot women to "humble them". Shayna is already a humiliation so they wouldn't be able to get their jollies. A retard shaynatorium escapee cowtipped.

No. 1781933

>They love me!
aka she infantilizes herself to the point where strangers are compelled to coddle her and treat her with (pardon the pun) kid gloves.

No. 1781934

Well yeah, obviously it was Shayspun. Every interaction in her life coincidentally has the people kissing her ass and validating her. Even something like this the manager ~loves her~ and thinks she's amazing and was so chill about it, by her account. I know it didnt go that well, but she's clearly over it already and is just using it as an excuse not to work because she can.

No. 1781936

Idk that cowtipper and some posts itt last came off as scrotey to me

No. 1781937

Tbh if my stepsister was a degenerate camwhore I would not be browsing a website that chronicles all of her failures. That shit is too depressing. I doubt step sis wants to see Shamu slap herself, pretend to be raped and pee on brainlet moids. But I wouldn't be surprised if she lurked every now and then.

No. 1781945

File: 1677876062295.gif (14.43 KB, 467x15, picasion.com_gV6u.gif)

No. 1781967

Shes not going to change shit. She might for a little while but even her locking her account before was short lived.

I doubt they love her as a tenant. She’s literally whoring herself in her apartment. She will be quiet for a little but she will miss the attention and engagement. Just look at her pathetically remaking a new tiktok every other month.

What other avenues could she possibly consider aside from quitting and moving home? A real job? KEK

No. 1782006

File: 1677883963697.jpeg (505.48 KB, 750x751, E368FCE5-15F1-4B2F-A69F-07FC80…)

No. 1782013

Underrated post, topkek nona

No. 1782022

not the palm tree hair

No. 1782023

>most soul-searingly horrifying porn she’s ever encountered

First week on the internet, nonny? The pain series is basically internet culture initiation. I stg this thread is full of zoomers who have never experienced 00s internet culture. I wish we could have licenses for internet use where you’re required to know the roots of this shit.

No. 1782025

Nonnas you can literally go on the most basic ass cruise sites and even DISNEY cruise forums and there are tons of otherwise conservative couples talking about balcony sex. Even at ports. Nobody ever gets in trouble. I commented saying it was gross, what if someone saw them or a kid? and not a soul agreed with me. Mostly women and people with children, pretty much exclusively normie gen x and boomer types. You nonnas are extremely sheltered.

No. 1782026

Most whores with an “incest daddy” fetish are not attracted to nor do they ever picture their actual fathers as the point of sexual attraction. They want to recreate an idealized father daughter relationship with a moid and get the love and attention they never got from their actual fathers (whom they typically despise) and the only way to get that from a moid is to make it sexual.

No. 1782030

if she wears a bra, puts her hair in a non-retarded hairstyle and looses 30 pounds she'd look like a human being for once

No. 1782031

does anyone know if prostituting herself from her apartment would break any laws/her rental agreement? there's proof she was conducting prostitution in her place with the footfag. if her landlord doesn't care about porn on the balcony would they care about that though? probably not. if i were her neighbours i'd be pissed about her letting johns into the apartment building.

No. 1782033

let it rest, i think cowtipping again rn would just prove the stalker theory to her landlord

No. 1782034

You stand out so bad with this
>omg you guys are so sheltered
Just go, people don't see it as normal, no matter how many stories you tell people here won't. It's getting weird. It adds nothing to the conversation either

No. 1782035

i'm def not suggesting anyone contact the landlord further and i will not do it, im an anon from the last thread wondering about american laws so i was just curious, sorry if it seems rule breaking

No. 1782040

I wonder if all 3 pets have current Pet Licenses with King County WA

No. 1782043

Good luck going after that. Best case scenario they just send her a bill for registration, she won’t even be fined extra for not having it. People don’t get in trouble for not having their pets registered. I’ve never met anyone that’s actually registered any pets with their county, despite everyone I know keeping their pets UTD on vaccines and vet care.

No. 1782046

Non-milk but I found this documentary that I’m watching with my sister as a joke called Fifty Shades of a Fetish Model and that old lady from Skidmark Academy is interviewed in it. I screamed when I recognized her KEK. Will report if it has anything interesting or behind the scenes footage of Shaynus.

No. 1782049

anon shayghoul doesn't even have her license

No. 1782054

Shayna seems weird with her dad. She like wants him to see her calying dudes "daddy" and be worried about flying to spanking academies and other gross stuff, she wears no bra around him. She's gross. Plus she still talks to confirmed daughterraper Michael Slack of Missouriand calls him "daddy"

No. 1782059

File: 1677889769720.jpeg (649.76 KB, 1242x1195, 2DFED1D9-58D5-4CC8-BBAB-9226D9…)

Stupid fat piece of shit has zero consequences to her shit actions she just blames her haters and her 5 brain dead followers will eat it up

No. 1782067

Wow, 100 dollars, so spoiled.

No. 1782080

File: 1677891930079.png (3.89 MB, 3465x3465, 1C2BD701-A637-4217-AD7C-3A10F0…)

No. 1782088

File: 1677892813531.jpeg (340.97 KB, 1242x982, 3E48B415-02CD-4364-AA82-5ECC00…)

No. 1782094

>”just getting started”>
>seven years of sex work>

No. 1782102

i literally don't know what she's even trying say here and this has since been deleted

No. 1782108

File: 1677893782679.jpeg (116.97 KB, 750x493, C22C645F-C92E-4181-8EDF-DE0FB5…)

yes or no will she find a new shane or will she run into him there?

No. 1782111

$100 is a lot for a poor.

Kek seriously. Shay’s porn is gross but I’m sure the property manager has seen worse. Remember when everyone was exposed to 2 girls one cup and people would film their reactions? Porn memes were so big in the late 00’s.

No. 1782113

It was clearly a joke you stupid oldfag, no cares that you were into gore clips and goatse like every other edgy Y2K teen.

No. 1782118

She’ll be back detailing her escapades by tomorrow

No. 1782125

File: 1677894592619.jpeg (292.86 KB, 1232x1067, A54614F5-D0F0-4BAF-8520-4B9E63…)

No. 1782127

She’s getting her necrotit fixed

No. 1782128

Must be her frankentit getting fixed. That’s my guess

No one does fatass, you’ll just “get sick” and bail like you always do

No. 1782130

I’m sure they also love that she is posting about them online, when their response to this situation is kind of risky

No. 1782134

File: 1677894982314.jpeg (715.67 KB, 1242x1489, B3C2968A-3D68-4D10-ADF4-602960…)

No. 1782136

File: 1677895080258.jpeg (Spoiler Image,128.5 KB, 1169x1712, 1DC519A8-8A87-4502-935A-9B95F1…)

Full picture:

No. 1782138

Wasn't she charging $100-200 for all her vids not that long ago? She's such a scammer kek

No. 1782143

The latter! I watched her interview and she apparently is super rich with 7 properties. Shaymu would benefit from some advice, she’s a gross lady and kinda dumb with bad takes on feminism but she has made decent money it sounds like.

No. 1782146

Oh yeah it’s gotta be for the necrotit

No. 1782147

SA but I meant to reply to >>1782056 and to be clear, it’s the dollar tree Jackie O who was in the documentary and has 7 properties.

No. 1782151

"Not going to talk about it" makes me feel like it's her tit, kek.

No. 1782152

She just had a sale to get all her vids for a hundred bucks?? Or maybe it was $175. Still. Her pricing never makes sense. I know those were her sale prices but she only ever sells "all vids" when she needs money which is just whenever. But in this case she's saying give her 400 "reimbursement" for all vids. Idk it's just stupid. No single person is sending her 400 bucks anyway.
Definitely tinfoil the surgery is her implant and its weird to hang out with your family after tit surgery imo but theyre probably paying for it, so I guess that checks.

No. 1782156

File: 1677896280642.png (24.93 KB, 643x176, Capture.PNG)

also if she's getting it taken out, won't it just make her difference worst? Lord is her parents going to pay for breast implants or some shit? I truly believe it's her breast implants or some embrassing health issue she somehow caused and she can never admit anything is her fault so she won't say. I really don't know out of everything this tit issue is something she never talks about. When she comes back is she going to do some grand reveal
>so I never spoke abt dis bcus its sumthin im insecure about, but as a teenager I got a small breast implant and-
Then scrotes & sex workers will all lie and pretend they didn't notice. I'm locking it in, it's the breast implant

No. 1782160

I feel like if it were her tit she would be talking about it. It's not like she can ignore her tit changing shape. I'm on team hemorrhoid removal.

No. 1782163

she has never not once mentioned the difference, the closet was "I hate my tits" once. She constantly hides it, she doesn't even talk about the veins anymore because that causes more attention.
Thats the ONE thing Shayna has been hush hush on consistenly since the weight gain. Even telling that scrote not to hit the veiny boob. Maybe it's an ass surgery, but I think it's the boob implant, or something with her boob. She also claims at the very least her mom took her places about her veiny breast, so it's something they know about. Not something weird with her asshole. I could be wrong though

No. 1782164

File: 1677896522348.png (24.9 KB, 725x137, shes got the hemms.png)

No. 1782165

She refuses to talk about her tits point blank period.

No. 1782166

Its gotta be that or something really gross for her to not whine about it. I mean, we should be able to tell when she posts a nude after it. She's having the surgery in boston and her parents are involved so its almost certainly the frankentit.

I hope it gets botched kek sorry not sorry

No. 1782170

can a more autistic nona weigh in on if she's done any anal play in the last few months?

No. 1782171

im saying if she got it fixed, she would spinning this "omg im such a bimbo im getting a boob job!" cause there'd be no way she could ignore her coomers noticing her tit(s) look different when shes back.

No. 1782175

She'd probably do that when she's back, or maybe she's simply getting it taken out and getting a bigger implant and she dumbly thinks nobody will notice it and it'll look natural. Regardless she has never talked about her breast, at all. So I would'nt expect her to spin this as a boobjob because clearly her breast issue is something she does not sexualize or glorify in anyway. It's one of the few things she doesn't share. But who knows? I can see her coming back with one bigger rock hard tit that still doesn't move going, "I got new tiddies" and telling the story finally

No. 1782177

Shayna will convince her dad to buy her new tits one day?

No. 1782178

I feel like she honestly hasn't done any anal stuff recently

No. 1782181

Agreed. I feel like >>1782164 would be way more embarrasing for her than a surgery on her tit kek

No. 1782183

Question, lets say she is getting it removed or something, can doctors make her smaller boob match the bigger one with surgery? They are shaped totally differently and the other one is flatter with tight skin, I'd assumed she'd have to get a whole boobjob, but her other breast is normal, bouncy and has a sag to it, while her other is the opposite. Just a question.

No. 1782190

i think it's something with her ass or gi, she dropped anal stuff overnight and she would be ebegging/bragging if it were her tit

No. 1782193

It's been speculated her Poland Syndrome is the cause of her fake tit. That surgery would require a fat graft to make it look more natural. If she is getting something done with her tit she's going to have a fresh scar for months. So unless she plans to photoshop every photo she does and not cam for a year until it's fully healed then I'm going to agree with Nonas saying it's something else.

No. 1782195

this reminds me of that moment on cam when she had some leakage or something that some non pointed out?

No. 1782196

You may not be able to work after hemorrhoid removal but you definitely don't need to be around family to recover from something like that? Her staying away from anal does make it seem related to that, but possibly something more invasive. Fixing her frankentit also seems likely. We'll have to wait and see if her breasts change afterwards I guess.

No. 1782211

you're retarded if you believe any of this. no one reported Shay. Shay/Ellen were posting here (release the ips, pls). the property manager doesn't know this relatively NEW tenant out of hundreds, and no professional adult woman is saying "well, I don't WANT to kick you out" and "I can tell this wasn't a concerned citizen" after looking at photos of someone filming pedophile-baiting rape porn OUTSIDE on the property. this is as true as all "the waiter patted my head and said are you sure you don't want a sippy cup?" stories.

shay hit her 7 year mark as a degenerate whore and started spiraling, especially after trolling camwhore sites and realizing she's never going to be able to compete. she hit the wall. 7 years in and still having constant money emergencies, begging for uber fair and cheeseburger money… so no money, can't compete or keep up with the current market, and none of her degenerate peers like her or want to work with her. she destroyed her asshole and can't do anal anymore and shitting in a diaper isn't cutting it.

also, pls remember how much shay loved the movie Cam. the degenerate whore in that movie rebranded with big theatrics and became someone else to "start again". this is shay's suicide from porn. she failed at being tiktok famous, failed at being a gamerwhore on twitch, failed at onlyfans and the rest of those degen sites, and has failed to make any friends in the industry. she's been calling out lolcow the last week, suddenly reading and crying about the threads and the pictures of her, and came on here to do her "Cam suicide" charade to help her try to reinvent/garner sympathy and forgiveness from peers and ebeg. it's painfully obvious

No. 1782217

Im still a there was no actual cowtipper, Shay or someone pretended so a real one wouldn't report her tinfoiler too tbh. There was no real proof ever posted and suddenly the supposed cowtipper is radio silent. Sure, they probably got banned, but its not hard to use a different browser/ips. A lot of it seems fishy. Especially since her last sad cam show she said shes wanting to rebrand. Idk. On one hand its believable some autist would cowtip like that, but it just doesnt seem as legit as other cowtippers have been previously and as dumb as Shaynus is, I could see her or Ellen or someone helping them pull this off. Shes not the best scammer and sneaky as she wants to be. But she does try. Lest we forget the Fupa saga. And that weird "I was going to an east coast photoshoot but got food poisoning and now booked wrong hotel" stunt that never was confirmed what really went down. Among other things

No. 1782219

In regard to the tickling video that she bailed on, what did she have to pay for herself? Do the fetish companies pay for the flight and hotel and transportation or? I’m wondering if she cost them the price of a hotel and two flights or if she just wasted her own money on that. I’m surprised she hasn’t been blacklisted from the industry for cancelling like that, you get a bad reputation if you’re hard to work with in porn so it’s probably the same in the fetish world too.

No. 1782223

i am suspicious as well of this whole cowtipper story. it just sounds like >>1782211 wrote, a way too convenient ploy for her to start her career suicide by pretending that she has 'stalkers'. i do know there are accounts on twitter that mock her and follow/retweet everything she does, but that doesn't necessarily mean that they are lc users. she's been obsessed with lc for a long time, but this is the most energy she's ever directed at the boards as she usually just makes snide comments. when she was 150 lbs lighter and making more money she ignored lc for the most part.

but now that she's struggling and getting fatter and poorer every week, she's become hyperfocused on lc and the users. she's angry with us because she blames us for running off shane, she blames us for 'ruining' her porn since it gets reposted here. it's all our fault her 'career' never went anywhere. she desperately wants out but cannot just cut the cord like most people would as she wants to find some way to erase her past and we are the hinge in that plan. she wants all the threads of her exploits gone because they are a constant reminder of just how far she's declined from her early days and i have a feeling she's going to start claiming people are actually coming to her apartment to knock on her door, screaming dolly at her if she takes the dog out, following her around wherever she goes, or that people are mailing her photos to her family as harassment. she's eventually going to have an epic meltdown judging by how depressed she's been looking in selfies lately, so maybe she will end up deleting everything in one manic episode.

No. 1782241

This is also Seattle, where local lefttard politics make it extremely difficult to evict someone even for a legitimate reason.

No. 1782242

The fact that she talks so poorly about her family and they know about her pedo porn and general degenerate lifestyle but they still let her mooch off of them after all these years is irritating

No. 1782272

Idk how all these women make content like they do without having severe anxiety

No. 1782285

I feel like there is a cow tipper and probs multiple but she's embellished and utilised what happen to blow up into something big, I don't think its as an out for sex work but merely a way to get the last few pennies her coomers have. she's not smart enough and no one is in her circle to come up with a plan this elaborate. her motivators are male attention and coombux she barely gets either and what better way to grift than on twitter whilst being a "marginalised" sex worker fattie with stalkers. only it barely worked

No. 1782313

troids and/or shayna are big mad kek

No. 1782314

Yeah and all the doxing photos just before the tipping seems too coincidental. Shayna wouldn’t have posted those

No. 1782315

I talked to a general surgeon once and he said people who get hemorrhoid removal hate their lives for 2 weeks afterwards. Anyone remember those gaping wounds in her asshole? Shes probably getting those repaired. I bet she will find Christ afterwards kek

No. 1782318

One of the problems with Fat Shat is that there are so many people that would have a reason to use LC to get back at her. If it was just one person that hated her, who it was would be more apparent, or even possible to tell that she was using LC to do it to herself.

No. 1782319

File: 1677912868863.jpeg (101.88 KB, 1062x470, DE51A907-F691-4B34-B12F-1F860B…)

She’s annoying

No. 1782331



No. 1782334

also, tinfoil, breast implant illness is a huge thing. that could maybe possibly explain her vomiting syndrome because she is basically an autoimmune disordered person with a foreign object in her body that is leaking/molding.

No. 1782337

File: 1677916339488.jpeg (24.35 KB, 300x339, 0C199A21-DE9F-4911-91F2-BDB6E6…)

It looks like it’s about to explode. I hope to god she’s getting that taken care of.

No. 1782342

that's….horrifying to think of. is it silicone poisoning? like, is she being poisoned slowly from the inside out? because those veins look worse than ever
I wouldn't wish that on any woman, even shayna

No. 1782344

Can’t wait for the Shayna drinking while on opiates saga

No. 1782346

I was obsessed with looking into instagram breast implant illness in like 2017 (and a huge secret tinfoiler of her having an implant at some point in her life when nonnies would shut you down in 2019 - like last year). Didn't really think about it til just now. Yeah, look into it.. very horrifying stuff. she may or may not suffer from it, but it is very interesting to speculate as we all do about everything about her lol

No. 1782347

File: 1677917362611.jpeg (Spoiler Image,225.86 KB, 1668x2077, 8027D3E8-3DF3-4E56-8B3B-D11A7F…)

not medfagging, but what the actual fuck is the swollen lymph node secreting by the necrotit?

No. 1782349

Looks like a post-op tranny.

No. 1782376

File: 1677923032721.jpeg (297.06 KB, 1179x854, 3A19ADF3-03E0-49DE-83CD-157AE7…)

One of the guys who comments on her OF posts

No. 1782378

So many male teachers are creeps. I mean it's telling why they chose that job

No. 1782379

Nonas you know what to do. Get this man fired ASAP(Rule 5.2 Do not use lolcow.farm to organize a crusade against a cow (not your personal army))

No. 1782381

What the actual fuck? Women out here getting fired for supporting JK and here’s a fucking high school teacher openly paying pedo women to pretend to be high school students getting raped? He would be no where near kids.

No. 1782384

if shayna's reading, I hope she knows these bottom of the barrel scumbags are the only people who care about her besides her family, who can barely stand her. not hi-cowing just hoping some lurking hurts.

No. 1782394

File: 1677928741104.png (758.27 KB, 1170x1042, 0774863C-CC4C-4D8D-B5D7-CDA00E…)

Found him

No. 1782399

why blur his name out?

No. 1782403

I was being retarded(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1782405

ofc he’s a fucking highschool teacher, disgusting. pedophiles hiding in plain sight.

No. 1782411

File: 1677932574967.jpeg (222.04 KB, 1284x936, 12A98528-71D6-4BC8-B7A3-C49163…)

He didn’t even bother using a new profile pic on OF

No. 1782413

would it be cow-tipping to report this man to his school?

No. 1782415

Idk, is it even against any rules? I do think it’s sus as shit but has he actually done anything that would get him fired? There’s a troon in Canada flaunting fetish wear to his students and that did not get him fired, so I doubt commenting on some pedobaiter OF whores posts warrants any action from a school.

No. 1782416

On second thought I'll just doxbin his info [LINK REMOVED]
pls no ban farmhands(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1782428

based shaytards. I hope shayna feels bad seeing this. This is who she caters to

No. 1782431

yeh itscreepy someone has that on an OF profile but where is the actual proof this person interacts with shayna? this just feels like a vendetta chan trying to get someone from the shayna thread to do their dirty work because the think someone here cowtipped. sus. this isnt what shaynas thread is about - fuck off

No. 1782432

Don’t click any weird links or dox any random people. Shayna is trying to find the cowtipper.

No. 1782433

She always somehow manages to fuck up fashion wise, this would be a decent outfit by her standards but then ruins it with the retarded hair style and crusty makeup.

No. 1782434

Nooooooo I clicked the link in >>1782416 I’m too shaytarded aren’t I

No. 1782438

I have to agree. Can we get caps of his interactions with Shay? Otherwise take the vendetta to a different thread. I support outing the creep but not in this thread if he’s unrelated to Shay.

No. 1782440

Shayna, remember while you are recovering at your dad’s that he’s disgusted and troubled by your baby raping and incest fantasies, is afraid to be alone with you, and would have gotten you a nose job if he really loved you. While you marinate on your families couch, your stepmom will be complaining about you to her close friends and planning on new ways to get you evicted to force you to quit sex work so you stop humiliating yourself and all related to you. She resents that your dad sends you money and wishes you’d get a job at Starbucks and a normie roommate.

No. 1782444

based and saved

I stand with cowtipper anon who told her landlords. I would do the same if I was more unhinged.

(in minecraft)

shayna is this like..oh my god bimbo thought but like…the consequences like of like your like actions? like

No. 1782445

Based ex wife

No. 1782446

Dubai porta potty arc when?

No. 1782450

>>1782190 100% this. If it was boobs she would be bragging being able to afford it and being totally bimbo.

No. 1782457

I honest to God don't think Shayna would do the Dubai porta potty circuit. Those women are a special breed of extreme self loathing sugar baby types who are incredibly likely to be involved with traffickers given the depravity of what they do, it isn't "glamorous" or bimbo enough for Shayna

No. 1782462

I very much doubt a rich Arab guy would pay for a woman who looks like shatna. I don’t mean to present them as discerning or something, but they pay actual insta models who are full of plastic surgery, or mini influencers a lot of money to do that depraved shit. It’s guys like pedo grandpa gray hair or your man with the jewfro that pay her and they are not flying her to Dubai lol.

No. 1782468

I know we hate shayna here but this whole post is unhinged

No. 1782470

Getting him fired for simply subscribing to Shaynus won’t actually work. He’s likely a creep towards his students but we have no proof he’s tried anything with his female students. I think that at the very least we should try to optimize search engine results by mentioning Brett Dobson, the Social Studies teacher in California, and customer of pedophile Shayna Leigh Clifford who produces simulated child and infant rape porn.

No. 1782472

You still haven’t provided any proof this person interacts with Shayna, Vendetta-chan.

No. 1782475

I’m not the same person who first posted him here, can the original nona please provide that? He sounds like a pedo based on the profile bio yuck

No. 1782480

I understand those feelings, a lot of women are victims of rape and pedophiles, seeing shayna selling their trauma to scrotes for pennies makes nonnas rightfully angry.

he isn't doing anything illegal, but watching role played pedophilia and rape of children and teenagers doesn't really show he's a good choice, IF it's true

No. 1782493

File: 1677949310955.jpg (638.97 KB, 1080x1850, Screenshot_2023-03-04-11-01-00…)

Many teachers in the US are represented by unions. It is very difficult to fire one based solely on online conduct. The original Anon who posted him still hasn't provided any caps that he interacts with Shayna, and the back and forth about whether it's worth doxing some random scrote with an OF is retarded. This thread gets terminal when Shat goes private.

No. 1782494

i think shayna is gonna get her tit fixed or something related to her guts and being an alcoholic greasy eater.
>keep up the sales!!!
lmao sure fatty.

No. 1782495

what is up with all this "evidence" that isn't linked to anything? First cowtipper posts random stupid screenshots with no info, doesn't share an actual email proving they emailed shay's front office (but she still pretends like it happened, I still don't believe anything actually happened and she just tried to get ahead of something with her own story) then we have this other faggot trying to get us to brigade a random dude with no proof that he even follows Shayna? Get the fuck out retards and stop trying to get this thread locked. It's obvious what you're trying to do.

No. 1782496

i think evidence was posted but nona was deleting fast because didn’t want the thread to get locked or something like that?

No. 1782497

These men want woman who they can brag about (I.e insta models) who the most they’ll show online are them in a bikini (normally at a very expensive location). Sadly, Shay would probably be willing to do what they will but the reason they pay so much is because these are woman who are seen by others as unattainable and they get off on making these “unattainable” woman do fucked up shit in a weird power play. When you can google Shay and see every inch of her along with her doing all variety of fucked up shit, the power of that power play is gone.

Side note; I still don’t get why Shay hasn’t started tiktok lives because if people like Chelsea Lee Art, Elf Bar, Paul Breach etc can make a living off it…

No. 1782500

I was able to see the 'evidence' when it was balconygate, and it didn't make sense at all. One was just a weird "we'll be contacting our attorney" which could be ripped from anywhere, so that's not solid proof. Like, the email would be, and they refused to give that up. They just alluded to themselves as "concerned citizen" before deleting again, but that was something Shayna already said so all that did was look like they were using her tweets to make themselves seem more believable.

With old buddy here, they posted a dox, which jannies removed, but connecting him to Shayna was never posted and I really don't see the jannies removing that. It feels like it's the same person shitting up the threads and getting other anons banned when they follow through with the bait given. I don't like it and I don't buy into it. No offense of course to you, nonnie. It's just weird as hell to me.


Like this. They just posted his profile. They didn't share any comments he made, it all just went straight to doxxing this man. I admit that he's creepy as shit, but where is the actual link to Shayna? It feels like weird brigading trying to get the threads locked.

kek she is the most attainable thing imaginable. She would never make it in Dubai. She isn't even close to making it here. They're all about appearance there and hers is jumpscare at absolute best.

I really hope for her sake that this surgery is real and it's to fix necrotit because this is legitimately concerning. I would not wish a boobie pop even on Shayna. I bet since she's about to be 26 and kicked off her dad's medical care, they have to hurry and do it.

No. 1782501

>social studies
Not even once

No. 1782539

File: 1677954827912.jpeg (448.64 KB, 1199x1660, E810F8D7-63D9-413D-A8DE-15A5CF…)

I’m not the original nona but I checked and think I may have found his Twitter. I included the top left because it’s an infant LARP, he’s into babies, and the bottom right which looks like a middle or high school girl in the face. I’m like 99% sure this is the same dude, same name and he can’t help but mention that pigtails are his favorite. Didn’t find much about him being a teacher, maybe he doesn’t mention it as much because this profile is fully public and he interacts with ABDL shit.

No. 1782541

You have to have at least 1000 followers to go live on TikTok. Shat has 51

No. 1782546

File: 1677955491969.jpeg (107.55 KB, 750x626, F41AD5D2-AD60-4263-B07C-086E45…)

Oh Shaynus why don’t you work with more men in porn then?

No. 1782548

I'm team butthole surgery. For somebody that called themselves butt stuff barbie she hasn't done anything in ages and the last time she did that one nonita noticed the double butthole situation. Anal was FatShats brand for the longest time. If she was addressing the zombie tit she would definitely be like 'teehee daddies your bimbo baby is getting breast implants all vids $100 send Amazon gc for a bigger leopard print bra'

No. 1782549

File: 1677956223775.jpeg (283.82 KB, 1494x1021, C0AA64CB-DED0-4450-A706-7F7855…)

Same anon, the Brett on Twitter lives in the same city that the high school teacher from OF works in. He’s also got a sissy fetish, kek are we surprised?

No. 1782552

yeah this guy is a total shithead but this isnt a random pedo witchhunt thread. its a shayna thread. this isnt proof that he’s “someone shayna interacts with” just cause he commented on her post and she never responded. i blame the cowtipper for lack of milk for attracting these types of brigrading retards to the thread. we’re not gonna track down and dox every random fucking creep on OF/Twitter just cause you’re unhinged

No. 1782556

I'm not being unhinged, I just stepped in and found evidence to confirm it's him because the anon who posted him here disappeared. If we talk about Womack and Mike Slack, why not include this guy as well? He's obviously a fucking pedophile too.

No. 1782557

shut up minimod faggot

No. 1782560

nta but honestly he’s been interacting with her for a long time, i remember his name.
remember when we thought that Womack and Mike Slack were just simps because she never responded but turns out that those were her “sugar daddies”

No. 1782561

Even if there were evidence of him interacting with Shayna, what does that prove and how do anons think that would get him fired? Oh wow, some moid subscribes to a porn model in his free time. As much as we hate it, none of the content Shayna makes is illegal. If the moid doesn’t bring any of that into his work, how would his OF subscription be seen as any differently than moids with a playboy subscription in their personal lives?

No. 1782562

you think he wouldn't fired for publicly identifying himself as a hs teacher with his face in view while following abdl baby porn?

No. 1782564

I’m not trying to get him fired, he can’t be fired rn because he has no evidence of being inappropriate with students as far as we know. He still interacts with her a lot and is a pedophile, why not give him the Womack or Mike Slack treatment? No cowtipping but just acknowledging that this pedophile exists, engages with her content, and has a job around kids.

No. 1782565

Nta but don’t encourage cowtipping, it’s more likely he’ll be caught with CP eventually since he’s obviously a porn addict and pedophile. I do feel sick knowing he teaches kids though.

No. 1782566

So it looks like he interacted with Shayna, if you go to his twitter acc and search to:theirlbarbie it shows his replies to her.
But honestly who cares

No. 1782567

> But honestly who cares
Speak for yourself then

No. 1782568

i didn’t knew playboy was into barely legals, high school students and minors.

uhmmm i wonder who wouldn’t give a shit about pedos…

No. 1782569

You have to actually be hot to get picked, dubai oil lord can just walk outside if he wanted to see an unwashed pig

No. 1782571


go brigade elsewhere and stop samefagging. we dont care about this random and no one is going to help you continue to cowtip.

No. 1782572

Why did you tag me I'm not the vendetta poster.

No. 1782573

You’re so dumb that’s obviously not the same person

No. 1782575

No. 1782577

i assume everyone that shayna interacts with or vice versa is a freak and a weirdo. you have to be because she is fucked up on purpose.

No. 1782578

Fucking seriously, it's starting to reek like unwashed kiwis itt

No. 1782583

Nope it reeks like Ellen doing damage control to try and not scare off any more of Shayna’s customers kek

No. 1782595

>>1782549 Yea he is fucking creepy and should not work at a highschool or have any interactions with teens. Please do not turn this thread into doxxing creeps, tehres other places to do that without risking thread removal or risking lc shutting down. This thread is for shayna, leave

No. 1782598

lol exactly my thought, no woman on lolcow would defend a scrote

No. 1782601

since when we are condoning pedos? if you’re so bothered about how you’re earning those $3, don’t come here.

No. 1782610

I hope she gets a new nose as well, she needs it.

No. 1782611

Where were you all when we did the same to Womack and Mike Slack? You must be new here if you think anons will just let a pedo high school teacher customer go unnoticed.

No. 1782615

Why do you keep mentioning “thread removal”? You clearly have no idea how this site works; are you trying to subliminally influence the mods? If someone did dox the pedo then a janny will just remove the text or post. Shay’s entire thread will not be getting deleted just because we repost a customer’s interactions with her and his OF account which states that he is a high school teacher. The same rules that applied to Mike Slack and Jason Womack should theoretically apply to this pedophile as well.

No. 1782619

File: 1677964952802.jpg (28.07 KB, 271x275, 1629005194159.jpg)

Womack is brought up when relevant and because he was her splenda daddy for a year or so. I think womack is funny personally because I mean just look at him and the comments he makes. Like dudes parents are cousins at the very least. Hes the funnier lesser appalling Shay coomers to me. Not wking and saying he gets a pass or anything. Hes gross af too.
Mike Slack has been a long long time Shaymoid and he appears to be an actual incest creep.
But the point is, even though anons ended up doing some digging, no one went to cowtip and get them fired or whatever the fuck is going on with this dude.
Theres a few other regular coomers she has that comment on her stuff but aside from capping a gross or funny comment or look at their profile, they don't get attention because honestly retarded porn aick moids are out there by the thousands unfortunately. Its not our place to crusade. If you feel that strongly, just drop his full name and location when hes relevant like is done with Womack and Slack and Shane and other significant interactions she's had.
This isn't the place to make a file for ever gross coomer that interacts with her. I think there actually is a coomer thread though, so maybe take it there or go touch grass.

No. 1782620

Counter tinfoil, someone is actually throwing in a random coomer pedo crusade to derail from speculation on Shaynus' butthole or frankentit surgery kek

No. 1782624

This also seems fake or like a vendetta. Not to say pedos arent in plain sight, but they usually have a little more tact and "iambrett" is kinda ridiculous for an OF profile name.
Why no picture on twitter where thats the only proof of interaction??
If you really think thats his OF and twitter and insta and that is that teacher, then go ahead and email the school about it. Just do it quietly and dont come here to talk about it. Idk why thats so hard. We aren't here to form a witchunt group and post about cowtipping crusadery.

No. 1782625

Read his tweets >>1782549
Yeah it's not illegal but he's a scrote

No. 1782643

File: 1677967214998.jpeg (1.16 MB, 1162x1864, E61E1139-A303-4284-8BC8-1ECCC2…)

Guys I am original anon, I posted that guy because he was literally the only guy who has commented on her OF in the past week so I was curious and clicked on him. All he said was he liked her outfit or something minor like that. I can’t see it anymore so I think Shayna hid it. Sorry. Wasn’t trying to start anything.

No. 1782646

Shes lucky she isnt just being evicted, afaik Seattle has laws against no cause eviction but still….

No. 1782656

don't worry nonna, the threads are filled with strange retards lately. you did nothing wrong

No. 1782661

It's okay nonnie. I don't blame you, I blame the people who want to rally other anons to cowtip and then call us scrotes and pedo condoners when the rest of us want to stick to site rules and not get involved. This place has smelled like shit for the last three threads.

That's what I'm saying. They can't just give us an actual picture linking them together and sperg out anyway.

YOU must be new here because brigading and cowtipping have both been against the rules since before Womack and Slack were relevant. There have been threads removed thanks to courts (Kelly Jean) so yes! there is reason for us to say STOP FUCKING COWTIPPING AND GO AWAY. Like other anon said, if you're going to do it, cool. Just keep away from the threads with your unhinged brigades.


God I miss when you'd get red texted for shit like this. Everyone who disagrees with you is scrote/Ellen/Shayna even though you're the one trying to fuck everything up. Your retarded strawman isn't going to work here. Refusing to take part in cowtipping =/= condoning pedophilia.

No. 1782683


No. 1782684


No. 1782687

are you retarded or something? if hes the only one commenting on her OF why can’t you just screenshot him commenting on her OF? Highlighting “1 comment” shows nothing. You cant convince me this isnt some ploy to try to get the threads closed.

No. 1782689

Nonna did say Shayna hid it or something because she cannot access it anymore, I guess this is to prove there is a comment that she can no longer see? But at that point it doesn't help much now. I think nonna just wanted to say "I didn't mean to start this shit"

No. 1782693

From now on anons should tone down the virtue signaling pedo witch-hunt, going after every dodgy commenter does nothing but dry up the milk. there’s sadly a limitless supply of pedos, why not go after the “MAPs” on twitter? This thread is here mainly for entertainment not to bring justice to the world. Ffs.

No. 1782699

I wonder when Shart hid that comment. If it was between now and initially posting about old pedo, it's definitely this thread's fault. Way to go tard brigade.

No. 1782701

File: 1677976484580.jpeg (881.24 KB, 1170x1468, F39BBC97-5DF9-4A01-B7A9-BF7BB1…)

No. 1782702

im posting this to protest the absolute lack of modding taking place in this thread. i held back this proof because i thought i was protecting the farms by doing so. i took several measures including VPNs and using an untraceable swedish based throwaway. i also held back this proof because i didnt want to give shayna a chance to blame lolcow. but the mods have showed me several times they are absolute fucking idiots who can't control this website. so why should i protect them? the damage is done. i also stole some milk from you all, so here's some milk back. here's your proof.

clarifications: i am the first cowtipper. the second tipper who posted the screenshot sent it to the wrong email. i have nothing to do with this recent brigade about scrotes who follow shayna. the reason i cowtipped is because shayna is absolutely disgusting for filming those two scenes on her balcony where children or bystanders could see. i didnt expect her to be evicted, i wanted her to face consequences for her actions and be embarrassed. i felt her apartment and community deserved to know. i think i succeeded. i wouldnt have known where shayna lives without the information and photos posted in this thread that the mods have allowed to remain up to this day.(Do not cowtip. Not every ban gets redtexted, don’t assume you know what moderation is and isn’t happening.)

No. 1782704

You're fucking weird lol.

No. 1782705

Shaymu is a disgusting degen but that email sounds so fucking retarded, kek.

No. 1782706

There is almost no doubt that you will be banned but I see that all your correspondence happened within an hour during the evening, and Shayna didn't find out about it the next day. So I wonder if the property manager lied to you about calling an attorney, if Shayna lied about being told about the email, there are so many questions here. She did mention "concerned citizen" so it does actually sound like she saw the email. Looks like your own cow tipping did nothing kek good job doing absolutely nothing.

No. 1782707

> several residents saw bright lights and strange noises
Shaymu ufo abduction era when?
Sorry to samefag but I'm cackling, this is soooo fucking autistic.

No. 1782708

File: 1677977465445.png (153.39 KB, 1684x536, idiot.png)

Screened it incase they delete again. Cowtipper you're an absolute idiot.

No. 1782709

the next tipper tard will have an email saying they witnessed her levitating. >>1782708
I did the same kek

No. 1782710

You do realize you didn't blur out her address in the emails right? Everyone report this before Shayna and the wolf pack can screenshot this and blame us.

No. 1782711

Something about this is screamkng fake, the more I read it the more both emails seem like they're written by the same deranged tard.

No. 1782714

Not defending the tipper, but her landlords probably had to wait until the morning during business hours before their attorney responded. Would make sense to run this by your legal team before proceeding. Considering how quickly they confronted Shayna over this, I definitely do not buy her story that they basically laughed it off as "stalkers". She probably got a stern talking to but legally they couldn't do anything else.

No. 1782715

Oh no I was only saying that it's so odd to have told her and then left it at that, but it made me believe that either they lied about an attorney completely or the attorney just told them they couldn't do anything. I feel like they would have waited until talking to them to say something to her.

No. 1782717

It sounds like they did though? Based on Shayna's story she didnt start posting about it on twitter until late morning/early afternoon. So they probably talked it over with their attorney in the morning then called her down once they got their answer. I agree though that their attorney probably said they couldn't do anything like evict her. They did tell her she couldn't film on balcony anymore though. Which makes me believe they weren't happy about having to deal with it.

No. 1782720

I think it's interesting the email and photos don't mention Twitter but Shayna specifically said that her landlords said something like "Why would they use the photos from your Twitter". More of Shaynus' lies? Or did her landlords find and look through her Twitter?

No. 1782724

Why are people assuming she has any kind of technical ability whatsoever? I'm baffled by all the anons suggesting her setting traps to get our email addresses or whatever. She's literally retarded.

No. 1782725

Definitely embellishments. I'm sure she had to explain and said "these are from my twitter" and then one of them came up with "if they were really a resident they would have taken a picture from the ground" or whatever it is that they concluded. Honestly cowtipper anon, I'm surprised you didn't use the ones shot during the day. Yet another fuck up on your part.

Sorry, I can't explain myself well tonight.

No. 1782729

oh my god everyone just report and ignore anything from "the tipper", or any pictures about it please- i am starting to believe more and more that someone trying to get the thread killed for shat. the line about the pics in the thread being used has convinced me.

No. 1782730

take your meds u sound paranoid

No. 1782733

That proton email was something kiwifarms used during the keffals drama. Why am I not shocked the cowtipper was a Kiwi-Fag? Kind of stops Shayna's big plan to backtrace the email though kek

No. 1782737

yeah theyre literally blaming mods saying if they had deleted the 'doxx' then it wouldn't have happened. sounds like someones trying to get threads closed.
replying in 1 minute to someones random comment just to call them a retard makes you sound like you're part of this….hm… why so quick to call them paranoid when admin themself said the mods were at fault

No. 1782738

kek i agree "the thread is going to be locked!!!!!!!!!!!!" like just report the posts lmao some schizoposters
proton is an email service, not really kiwifag only

No. 1782739

nonnie* not admin

No. 1782750

File: 1677979717145.png (230.15 KB, 2536x796, retardtipper#2canthideeither.p…)

oh my god anon you drank from the wonky teat as a baby. At least you are both fessing up now I guess.

Can't hide sweetie.

No. 1782752

File: 1677979751058.jpg (266.85 KB, 851x2048, Shaytell.jpg)

Nope I definitely sent it to the right place, you're just retarded and don't understand how an apartment contact form works. I did not attach any pictures because it's not an email. It's a contact form. I sent them a link to her public Twitter account. They sent me an auto-response confirmation email. That is the one and only thing I did, besides posting the screenshot in the last thread >>1780430. I did not recieve any response from management aside from this auto-gen confirmation email.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1782753

Seethe about it kekkkkk

No. 1782755

You're both retarded cowtippers. Maybe they would have believed the first retard if you hadn't piled on like a sped. Good job giving Shayna her out that it was just "stalkers".

No. 1782756

ive read a lot of threads here in my time and something suspicious is deff going on here. usually this much chaos only happens when the cow themselves is trying to stir shit up

No. 1782760

God you're retarded. Shayna is too stupid to even make a reply in these threads why do you think she can orchestrate a raid

No. 1782762

File: 1677979979446.png (12.02 KB, 672x94, 2nd handicapped is dumb as roc…)

You must get called retard a lot cause it's your only insult. Think we didn't cap this too?

No. 1782763

File: 1677980037036.png (11.76 KB, 459x119, chynas giants clit.png)

I capped this too kek.

No. 1782764

I literally do not care, you're not doing something by posting this. I thought I had the wrong place because the icons are different between mine and >>1782702 but in their screenshot it does confirm it's the same place. Retard.

No. 1782766

theres a ton of weird stuff going on within the last 2 or 3 threads so SOMETHING is going on

No. 1782770

Yeah, people are cowtipping and everyone thinks it's some conspiracy. That's it. Anons are shitting up the threads with their way out conspiracies, that's why there's "weird stuff" going on. It's not hard to grasp.

No. 1782772

between the "omg the thread is gonna be kill" schizos and the cowtippers its just annoying and shitting up the thread. post real milk

No. 1782773

Dont worry, we get it. You tried to copy the original cowtipper and made things worse. I agree there is an extreme lack of modding since the new Jannies took over though. How is the original cowtipper's post with Shayna's dox and cowtip still up? How is the original cowtipper's retarded little brother Jerry still allowed to post here crying about themselves without a ban? Strange things are happening in the Shayna thread for sure.

No. 1782774

Lmao why would I care about copying the other cowtipper? It took me forever to find her apartment based on the google earth images anons originally posted and by the time I came back to the thread, the first cowtipper had posted. You all are reaching so hard kekekekek

No. 1782775

why do shanya threads always have the most retards? is it because the retards are all failed sex workers? its not like there isn't other threads about other degen sexworkers so why does this one attrackt the most idiots

No. 1782777

Because Shay is the most popular and most disgusting degenerate on here. How can you not figure that out yourself

No. 1782779

Probably for the same reason you posted your "proof" at the same time the original cowtipper did. Not an original thought in your head. At least the first retard was able to find an actual email address. Get your attention whoring ass out of these threads you absolute fucking idiot. No one cares why either of you cowtipped, especially your dumb ass who gave Shayna a reason to blame this on her haters.

No. 1782780


No. 1782781

yeah but WHY its not like there arent other cows with larger followings that do weirder stuff

No. 1782782

Also: cope and seethe

No. 1782783

Where the fuck are the mods?

No. 1782786

Good job ruining Shayna's thread and spoiling the milk Jackass. I fucking hate cowtippers.

No. 1782787

God damn you lot are a bunch of absolute pissbabies. Touch grass

No. 1782793

Not defending the cowtipper, please dont ban me. But mods keeping up photos showing Shayna's address, pictures of her apartment in the last thread, discussion of the type of buildings near her place and the picture of the second cowtipper's search history on how they found her kind of proves their point doesn't it? Shouldn't all that be removed?

No. 1782796

You can’t see the comment any longer, like I said. And I didn’t take pictures of everything originally because it wasn’t a big deal I just thought people would think it was gross and move on.

No. 1782797

Anons can have access to that shit and still not cowtip. Also, where is her actual address posted? Afaik it was all speculation and photos of her building.

No. 1782800

File: 1677981829348.jpeg (Spoiler Image,579.12 KB, 750x1005, 62786D32-980A-4775-9591-327A8F…)

shayna referring to herself as a little girl

No. 1782806

It's in both of the tippers posts in this thread, and in last thread people mention the name of a building near her and posted pictures of the buildings. Its not just close ups of her balcony if you look back. Lots of pictures and posts. I hate Shayna too, but doxxing was never allowed before. Not sure what's going on.

No. 1782808

Feels like kiwifags got bored and decided to come show their asses on our site.

No. 1782809

File: 1677982357460.png (27.17 KB, 743x203, Grody.png)

Wish I could go back to 5 minutes ago when I didn't know what gooning was.

No. 1782811

File: 1677982758890.jpg (38.71 KB, 640x360, leavesharnaalone.jpg)

omg you cowtippers are so annoying and ruin upcoming milk cus you have no patience jfc

No. 1782818

It’s super funny when she does her blush like this because it makes her face look like death fats when their cheeks start to impede on their facial features like eyes and such like the 1000 pound sisters

No. 1782819

Or a really bad sun burn

No. 1782820

It emphasizes her witch nose and eye bags so bad. She does not have the face for e-girl makeup and that trend is old now. She can never keep up

No. 1782821

To me it looks like her face is sagging and she has a lump of skin because she has lost definition under her eyes. I think that is actually what is happening, but while most people want to hide that, she is highlighting it

No. 1782826

Her eyes look dead and this caption seems almost sarcastic

No. 1782837

isn't she supposed to fluff up those pom poms?

No. 1782843

her trying to appeal to the depraved gooner scrotes seems like a natural progression honestly surprised why she hasn't done it sooner. but they seem to only like mainstream porn stars/normal b/g and anal shit which she doesn't do.. shart doesn't fit any porn niche that she tries to fit herself into

No. 1782847

her frankentit is literally about to explode and disperse into her entire body

No. 1782848

It really looks like a tumor at this point

No. 1782854

File: 1677988616360.jpeg (10.64 KB, 275x244, 8E21BB3E-6E72-4D01-BDF7-CDFCBB…)

“i thought i was protecting the farms by doing so. i took several measures including VPNs and using an untraceable swedish based throwaway.”

No. 1782856

The blush and the frankentit are the same color… i am team tit surgery..
was she extra fucked up when she edited this?

No. 1782868

Will she ever get another cheerleader outfit? I swear she's worn this one a dozen times

No. 1782882

nonna KEK i love you

No. 1782891

File: 1677994118810.jpeg (196.05 KB, 750x953, 1C2B632A-E700-4BB1-954B-C042B0…)

No. 1782892

File: 1677994149138.jpeg (418.66 KB, 2048x2048, 58896154-A721-473E-BA47-F8F7D4…)

No. 1782895

she's finally buying clothes in her size. it's not my style but she looks a lot better in this than what she used to wear.

No. 1782896

She truly turned into Womack. They look related!!

No. 1782898

>posting on her balcony, leaning on the railing unbothered
take that, lolcow dot farm!

No. 1782904

>next time call the cops
When your "concerned citizen" larp is so retarded even the property manager doesn't believe you. Really showed her? Us? Them? cowtip anon.


No. 1782906

KEK it's so true ily nonnie

No. 1782921

That vest is too small for her. Yes it may be cropped but it looks like it’s made for a child. And her gunt is busted out of them pants

No. 1782924

File: 1678004269567.jpeg (369.15 KB, 1242x2208, 99E2C78E-B979-4858-A9B7-579B44…)

Literal twins. Makes sense since she loves larping incest and calls him daddy kek

No. 1782928

She looks less obese in normal clothes. Cmon Shanya stop with the pink pork coloured clothes, this looks so much nicer

No. 1782932

It really is cheeky for her to post pics outside immeadiatly after the incident and being told to keep it inside. I know she's not naked, but I bet it wont be long before she's taking nudes out there again. She's so smug despite being such an embarrassing failure.

No. 1782934

She’s not a kid or little in any sense. This is so embarassing

No. 1782935

I know this is retarded but it is so strange how she looks so much like him, they genuinely look like siblings

No. 1782943

The lard tard doesn't realise that it was her publicly posting images of herself on the balcony that made it so easy for the cowtippers to find which apartment building she lived in. If she didn't do this no one would know what the outside of her apartment looked like.

No. 1783002


something about her fat head emerging from the pink and tan puffa makes her look like she's birthing herself out of her neck.
or like the sweaty packets of ham she consumes are coming to take their revenge

no offense nonnies calling this outfit cute though ily

No. 1783016

File: 1678029763933.jpeg (409.39 KB, 1242x1740, 147315F0-20DC-4C2C-92C6-9D72FA…)

I still can’t get over how shaynas step sister is living her dream life, is still skinny and pretty and popular. I can see why Shaynus is a pick me(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1783020

File: 1678029888386.jpeg (78.31 KB, 738x651, A3A62D5D-C76E-4B02-A288-70F2A7…)

she posted this last night and deleted it

No. 1783023

The outfit isn’t cute objectively it’s just the best of a bad situation. The bar is so low.

No. 1783032

I figured it’s fine since face is blurred and her username and friend are cropped out. People post her dad when it’s not been relevant same with her other family members like her brother. Feels like Shayna getting worried that her sister might make it so her dad will cut off her off ? Hmm

No. 1783033

I deleted my post because it came off mini modding. Shayna posted her own dad, shaynas sister was posted because they were on a trip and shaynas brother was posted because she was posting about him as well. Idk, I just think it's weird to randomly post shaynas sister. Especially with the state the thread has been in. It's not really relevant to anything going on at the moment

No. 1783035

No. 1783042

I don't think the outfit is cute, I am just glad she's branching out from pepto bismol pink and picking colors that suit her just a tiny bit better. That blue shirt was actually nice to see.

I thought we weren't supposed to post family members unless it was relevant but the bar is on the floor for this thread at the moment.

No. 1783045

I bet she deleted when she remembered that she fucked over pixie with a Vegas trip. Every time she makes a sex work friend she fucks them over and then complains nobody wants to be her "fren" because she made a Hitler joke at 15. The lack of accountability for anything is Shaysquatch's worst trait.

No. 1783054

creepy vigilante justice faggot

No. 1783056

I bet she also deleted it because she said she had everything covered. If something “goes wrong” on this trip and she has to get an emergency hotel or go to the er she won’t be able to beg without someone saying “well you flew out for free why are you struggling so much” and then she’d have to publicly admit she’s a 7 year failure.

No. 1783065

Exactly. Wonder what this sow is going to do after sex work, What is her future after porn? She wants to do all these things with as little effort put in as possible, I can't imagine what's next

No. 1783081

The main problem is that the jacket is the same colour as her fetid skin so it just looks the same as her life jacket of fat rolls.

No. 1783088

File: 1678037728994.jpg (430.69 KB, 800x1404, current-MMan.jpg)

No. 1783092

Wait I thought she was going to have surgery, is she doing both in NE? Weird

No. 1783117

I dont think she's even had much time to prostitute. What deranged private stuff is she doing to be able to afford all these trips and things when she's done 1 sad cam, maybe 2-3 videos last month. I guess she did some sales but how many people that havent already bought her all vids pack sale before were buying that? And rent was just due. It just seems like shes barely working and not like she has a bunch of new coomers. But maybe she is working the domme angle with the diaper tards and things. Just seems like usually her begging for this and that and reimbursements and sales dont pay off as much.

No. 1783120

File: 1678043312963.jpeg (832.55 KB, 750x1084, BD547CF5-F366-43AC-89EE-5AE8E5…)

No. 1783121

Yeah she said she's having the secret surgery in Boston then staying with her family for a week or 2 while she recovers. Thats weird to do before a surgery as is especially considering the contenders are titty or asshole related surgeries. Like be responsible and just preoare for surgery like a normal fucking person.
But also to do before the surgery her parents are paying for and helping her with after, she's saying she's doing a porn shoot there. Just feels disrespectful and gross but its Shaynus so I guess there's no surprise.

No. 1783123

Is she wearing the same outfit again or is she really just going to keep posting these for weeks like her photosets?? Smug to keep posting balcony pics and bold to think coomers care to see her clothed.

No. 1783125

That dog probably sticks its fat head against the bars and dreams of running free any time its out on the porch

No. 1783126

she definitely posted this to show that her balcony is """private""" because of the tree

No. 1783132

How can anyone have such an unfortunate body shape and still think that she’s got what it’s needed to become a model or a porn star?
I don’t think too much about other women’s bodies but its bizarre to me how she considers herself a sex symbol when she looks like an old lady from behind.

No. 1783134

Oh yeah no this vest thing is ugly as fuck. It honestly looks like she's going topless because it looks like fat rolls, imo. I am just trying to say that BLUE IS GOOD FOR YOU SHAYNA GET MORE OF IT lol

take this poor thing on an actual fucking walk, it would benefit both your arteries my god. I feel so bad for Noodle.

No. 1783164

I tinfoil the sexworkers who allegedly sent Shayna's followers dms asking to unfollow were the ones she fucked over. I bet everyone following Shayna has seen the nazi thing at least once and it's getting old. Shay had to private her account to "protect her followers". From what/whom? Sexworkers have been posting in Shay threads before. Who else has a motive to get her evicted?

No. 1783167

File: 1678046583873.jpeg (1.22 MB, 1170x1653, F55C01C0-F3D3-4056-B411-B0E7D9…)

No. 1783169

Great more plastic crap for her to use once and never again. Or only use for wine, either way pointless.

No. 1783179


the body of every wine mom of 2+ in their forties

No. 1783182

It would honestly make sense. They can never integrate and the retardation both the cowtipper anons and the pedo hunt anons displayed were akin to the dramatic bullshit they love sticking their noses into

maybe this should be the niche she should chase in porn kek

No. 1783194

It's funny how much it takes for her to actually drink water, she has to either put it in a sippy cup like a retard or a pink "bimbofication" bottle with edible glitter added to the water

No. 1783211

jfc, they probably mentioned reaching out to an attorney because your autistic ass is threatening the authorities on them while larping as a fucking tenant instead of the sperg behind a computer screen you really are.

No. 1783240

>edible glitter
So more sugar and cornstarch. Seriously she must have the lowest water bill ever since she barely drinks water or takes showers.

No. 1783261


Typical Shay, sketchy af. I'd be surprised if the "surgery" is really a thing.

No. 1783281

Its gotta be because her birthday is coming up in a couple months so no more hospital trips on her parents tab. Thats why I think its the implant. Its past its time to be replaced and she wont ever afford it on her own. And if she ignores it, it's going to give her silicone poisoning or whatever happens when an implant breaks down in the body sorry Im not familiar. But im sure its not just something you can brush off.

No. 1783299

When would an ewhore be so viscerally disgusted by pedophilia? You’re retarded

No. 1783314

Oh absolutely.
I think she's been putting something off cos fear but she realises she doesn't have long left before she gets kicked off her parents health insurance and it would cost a bomb.

Also she must've had that fake titty in for about 10 years now and it needs to be replaced. Even if suggested I doubt she'll go implant free even if it was causing her sickness.

No. 1783332

Yeah this. I think they were just edgy farmers who wanted to be epic trolls and moralfags. Like the kind of people who used to troll chris chan.

No. 1783374

Embarrassing if it’s just farmers. I like following the shaythreads but cowtipping is the worst and makes us all look bad. Trying to break shayna down to make milk is retarded. She is self destructive enough

No. 1783426

Nta but I find it interesting that her implant looks like this when there’s plenty of people who never get their implants replaced because they don’t have any issues even at the 10 year mark. Kinda wonder if it has to do with her getting it as a teenager or if it could also be a result of her shitty lifestyle.

No. 1783433


I wonder what the amount of care needed for new tit vs hemorrhoid fix (that's just my small speculation) is, which also might explain why she has to go back to her parents for the procedure. I know breast reduction is pretty intense, so I wonder what fixing something like this would be. Also I was curious if this is what a popped implant gone infected looks like but I couldn't find anything close to this monstrosity.

No. 1783437

I read that older breast implants can cause inflammation/swelling frequently… and that there are a number of reasons for this spanning from cancer, silicon poisoning, to much more minor issues (more likely). Regardless of what is causing her tit thing, they are supposed to be replaced by year 10. My bet is that she is going to the same exact doctor doctor who put them in, where her parents live. The doctor or her parents may have even helped with the timeline and scheduling lol.

No. 1783446

Someone posted the recovery times from google and both said about 2 weeks, so that doesn't help narrow it down. But I think it would have to be worse than hemorrhoids for her to fly all the way there and stay that long. The recovery seems less intense like Ellen could just help her and she could get it done in Washington. I dont think she'd be as willing to involve her parents in that procedure, gross as she is. Because thats just gnarly and 100% from her porn pig lifestyle. The tit thing is still awkward because its her tits, but her family already knows about it and helped her with it before. Plus she definitely will have to take it easy and be in for hella recovery on implant/breast surgery.

No. 1783447

I wonder if her quitting weed is to prepare for this period of time

No. 1783468

Implants are kinda iffy in the same way piercings are. Some people take to implants just fine, others have bodies that just reject them no matter how well it is taken care of. If she has had it for so long but has only become a problem relatively recently then it's probably the implant getting old and needing to be replaced as most people do after about a decade or so

Her tit has been odd looking for so long thag it probably isn't an infection. I think nonnies started noticing how much worse it looks about a year ago, if it were an infection it would look so much worse by now or have gone completely septic

No. 1783483

cp bump

No. 1783494

Any opinions on the theory that she's having gallstones removed? Fits her diet and it's something uncomfortable that she wouldn't want to tell her coomers

No. 1783505

Gallbladder surgery doesn’t require such a long recovery. I feel whatever surgery could probably be (somewhat) confirmed with incisions. A cholecystectomy requires either 1 incision under the ribs (open) or 4-5 tiny incisions in different areas of the trunk (laparoscopic)

No. 1783585

NAYRT but you get bloated and can’t do shit for some time because the bloat its so bad and need to take care of the meals so i’m into this tinfoil more than the hemorrhoid one. the titty one is my second option.
plus all that “vomiting syndrome” just sounded like a typical alcoholic in denial.
but if its really hemorrhoid kek someone need to tell Layna about this.

No. 1783593

no matter what her random surgery is for, we can all bet shes going to suicidebait about 'not being able to work' for weeks if not months as an attempt to strangle her coomers out of every possible dollar they have to offer, while offering nothing in return

No. 1783595

I never thought about gallbladder surgery. When I had mine out it took like a week for me to really be able to take care of myself, and I was puking constantly beforehand, but it was far more drastic than "i'm waiting for two weeks - a month to fly across the country to get it removed" but perhaps hers was just caught earlier. (mini blogpost sorry)
You're right nonnie I was just trying to find something that looked similar to what that whole event is on her chest kek
ngl you are probably absolute right and she's trying to make it sound like her choice
That was my thought too. All the stuff I read about fixing hemorrhoids basically said they pinch it off and send you on your way. It may take 2 weeks to recover but that could just be "don't do anything fucking stupid" not "you need to be in bed for two weeks and cannot move"

No. 1783596

samefag but absolutely she will. That hundred dollars she'll post will be so daddy of them to take care of her.

No. 1783604

maybe she'll say 'ill make content when i get better' and then just mysteriously never get better yet still beg for doorddash money every day. i can imagine it now. shes never going to create lewd content again but she'll use the account to beg for money and sell all of her old videos in a bundle for $3. lord please shine your light into shanyas brain and make her realise this is probably her last chance to get out of sex work guilt free.

No. 1783613

It could be surgery for an anal fistula as that would require more recovery time than having hemorrhoids banded. I still think it's beyond suspicious that she went from having anal as her only personality trait to dropping it entirely.

No. 1783617

Oh that post surgery depression is going to hit her hard.

No. 1783620

samefag but maybe this is her chance. move back home under the guise of 'medical issues,' take her pets with her, and start over. this is fanfic but this is truly her only chance to get out of sex work without 'letting the haters win'
she could just tell everyone she has personal medical issues that prevent her from working, live with her family, and maybe being around them will be a good influence. she certainly wont drink as much or order doordash if there's already food in the house she can microwave. THIS IS UR CHANCE SHANYA.
If she stops sex work due to medical issues no one can hold it against her and say she failed or let the haters win.

No. 1783621

anon here that speculated this in a past thread. this would explain her vomitting episodes and why she wouldn't want the surgery, it will leave visible scars on her torso. they aren't big but they take a long time to lighten up. she will have coomers asking about the scars forever. i still think she's getting her tits fixed but gallbladder removal makes way more sense over ass surgery tbh.

No. 1783626

I think it's also too much commitment for her to do anal anymore. She hates sex and sex work (not new but only getting more obvious), and anal is pretty invasive. On her last camshow she only ever flashed her frankentits once, right? Maybe she's just saving all her energy for fssw now.

No. 1783633

>If she stops sex work due to medical issues no one can hold it against her and say she failed or let the haters win.
that would be a smart decision which means she won't do it. kek

No. 1783638

If she wants to be so edgy and defiant taking all her recent photos on her balcony, then she should take her profile off private. Or is she too afraid that her landlords will be watching and say something?

No. 1783643

I hate to bring them up but if she's going to NH for more than a couple days wtf is she doing about her retarded dog and cats

No. 1783644

It has always been invasive though yet she would always find an excuse to shove a plug up her ass. I think all the nonas who warned she was gonna ruin her ass trying to do anal with butt plugs were right. Or maybe she did some real damage the time she cut the inside of her poop chute with turkey baster and it never healed? I find it extra sus that she didn’t do plug stuff on her last camshow. She always shows off her disgusting dirty plugs and asshole during her shows. She was being tipped enough but she just wants all her tips to go towards drinking alcohol instead of sexual stuff.

No. 1783646

She hasn’t addressed it. Will probably put them in boarding like she usually does or potentially Ellen Degenerate will come over to feed them and walk the retardo dog.

No. 1783648

My family member was in the hospital for about 5 days after they had their galbladder removed (no complications) and they had to be extremely careful with movement after that for around 2 weeks. I think this is more likely than a hemorrhoid surgery.(unsaged personal blog)

No. 1783654

it is a fact that fat people have more ass problems than skinny people. all their weight bearing down on their anus when they try to pass rock hard pebbles of shit caused by their lack of water and nutrients in their diet. not to mention shaynas drinking and binge eating disorder - her shits probably wreak havoc on her bowels. also fat people are more sweaty and dirty so their folds and dark areas like pussy and ass are more prone to abscesses and boils. shayna doesnt shower much so shes probably festering is MSRA. her asshole is probably ribbed with hemms at this point. Shayna looks 180-200 pounds so her body and small frame is starting to breakdown early trying to manage her obesity and lifestyle choices.

No. 1783660

Shayna prolapsed. She would brag if she was going to fix or tits or gallbladder. This is the same woman who posts pictures of her “powdered pee pee in my diapee” and doesn’t give a fuck her family and landlords know she posts it publicly and for free. Why would either of those two things embarrass her? She would be going ham with the victim bullshit if it was something simple. It has to be something really gnarly like asshole surgery or a prolapse for her to straight up state she will not address it. We don’t know the messed up shit she does on her Snapchat for her really deranged customers. I know at some point someone had challenged her to take on that dragon dildo, she probably gets black out drunk and does fucked up shit for her snapchat pedos and freaks and tore her asshole or finally got the rose bud. Also of note - seems like Shane fucked her for a week straight and used the fuck machine on her ass frequently. Did Shane ruin her ass?

No. 1783663

File: 1678117959426.jpeg (Spoiler Image,484.7 KB, 750x967, 7DE242DC-2E4F-40D6-BDB7-2719E6…)

one of the old spanking ladies posted a video with big shaynus in it (she's the 2nd one) but look how huge she looks

No. 1783664

in the case of the tit or potential anus issues, it seems like she could totally play it off as 'look I'm such a bimbo committing my full body to sex work' yet she stays quiet. how will she milk for coomerbux if she wont tell anyone what its for in order to get sympathy? her reasoning continues to confuse me

No. 1783678

Who the fuck gets off to this shit? This seriously looks like a couch full of dead hookers.

No. 1783684

Ppl who get off to dead hookers, I guess

No. 1783691

Hemorrhoids can often be removed quickly and simply without the need for surgery these days. There are places you can go to have it looked at and then same day, they put a small rubber band around it and then send you on your merry way. It cuts off circulation and drops off by itself. No need for recovery time or anything like that and you can resume normal activity. It's done on an outpatient basis in a clinic

No. 1783692

I think she could do the breast thing, but if it’s an anal thing she would be way too embarrassed to talk about it just like anyone else

No. 1783694

she wouldn’t admit her bad fatty habits to the world

No. 1783696

File: 1678122820884.jpeg (223.27 KB, 1170x684, 0DB24FB0-B330-4B71-9BF5-354CD8…)

No. 1783716

She has been hinting at shifting her "business" now I wonder if its because she's known she needs to have this surgery done for a bit.
I mean she couldve just been saying that shit because she's failing and has no other options but will pretend she can just change her whore name and try something a little different. Who knows. Time will tell. Cowtipping tards are going to make it harder to get milk now though.

No. 1783724

Have you seen a prolapse… she doesnt have a prolapse. She wouldnt be posting nudes or vids at all. She just did her balcony vid splayed towards the camera.
And she wouldnt be doing this "shoot" right before surgery there with something like that going on.

No. 1783745

I know it isn’t likely but how wild would it be if she got liposuction

No. 1783766

>Have you seen a prolapse…
Have you? Or are you just basing your opinion off some pictures on a shock site? I'm feel like you think all prolapse has to be the extreme kind. Most people who prolapse have normal looking assholes until they bear down or put pressure on the anus like when they're taking a shit it causes issues cause their pink sock comes out the butthole. Its one of those things where you're good until you "pinksock" and then after that you have to retire from anal because your ass will forever do that and just get worse.

No. 1783767

Im saying even if it was a minor one, I dont think she'd be doing vids and shoots rn.

No. 1783768

File: 1678129012076.jpeg (203.78 KB, 1242x1471, 0FDCD03C-4004-4AA0-8AE3-827902…)


No. 1783769

even more unlikely but what if once she has the surgery and stuff she's like "omg i miss mass so much i feel like I just need to stay!!" etc and moves home with her parents because she's actually getting evicted and not all is well at the apartment and this is how she escapes addressing the situation entirely

No. 1783771

Weed can make anesthesia not work

No. 1783784

you sound like a moid
this is false kek

No. 1783800

weed can reduce how effective anesthesia drugs are, but as long as you tell the anesthesiologist you'll be fine. They'll know you need a little more than they would usually give someone of your height/weight/sex etc. blog but I smoked up until the night before I got abdominal surgery and the anesthesiologist just said "great, thanks for letting me know, some people don't."

No. 1783806

That’s true but typically your surgeon will recommend cessation because of how long THC can stay in your system, but we all know Shayna doesn’t take health advice

No. 1783822

I don't know if weed is the same as normal cigarettes, but in my country they recommend that you don't smoke before and after a surgery because it will mess with the healing process.
I wonder if the doctors told her to not be drunk before and after, guess we will find out in the near future.

No. 1783844

File: 1678137555516.jpeg (383.24 KB, 1284x1541, 1AA6BC98-CD6D-441B-9834-58B106…)

$150 for snacks and tacky plastic shit, typical big shaynus behavior

No. 1783845

File: 1678137626199.jpeg (222.98 KB, 1169x1856, 33BDA452-360E-41C5-99F7-F686D3…)

she even blurred her fingers

No. 1783846

File: 1678137669108.jpeg (212.6 KB, 750x717, 3FDBCE1B-5248-4BC1-8173-92DD2E…)

what kind of self own is this? he probably heard about her making fucked up porn outside on her balcony

No. 1783847

ew i know a child with that exact same suitcase. what is wrong with her.

No. 1783849

I know shes always done it, but it just seems weird to always document and broadcast your exact (probably embellished with her scammy ass) spending everywhere you go and then be like ~teehee reimburse me~

No. 1783854

File: 1678138231113.jpeg (414.73 KB, 1170x994, 26A8D3CB-9B1B-4D4D-BC60-69AD53…)

Why does she do these polls if she doesn’t even do what people vote for?

No. 1783856

File: 1678138429948.jpeg (625.17 KB, 1242x691, 987BD5EF-9A2B-4A95-A572-7D89E6…)

Shayna is fucking stupid for talking about doing another shoot >>1783020 when she canceled the Vegas trip with Pixie. I’d be mad as hell if this fat bitch canceled and I had to pay for everything. Also Pixies real face is woof, Shayna would fit right in.

No. 1783863

THC gets stored in fat cells and stays there for a long time. Just throwing this little factoid in.

No. 1783864

File: 1678139363546.jpeg (851.63 KB, 3465x3465, 5B23E887-7FD5-4DC5-9051-54B36D…)

Kek Shayna cancelled because she was intimidated by being the fattest bitch there. So I looked at their content and Pixie is the biggest catfish.

No. 1783865

>shit is this this the chick I heard was filming kidnap themes porn on her balcony? That dingy bimbo sweater checks out,what the hell.

No. 1783867


LMAO, holy shit. I kind of always thought the butterface comments about pixie were unwarranted but damn. Her fucking lips and teeth.

No. 1783873

New Shaynatorium thread (its 4 days old but you know)- >>>/ot/1513705
Just dropping for the shayheads

No. 1783884

File: 1678140834611.jpeg (159.93 KB, 406x549, 1E530629-3A67-4A95-BED8-2F3F8A…)

It’s because she edits the shit out of her pictures. Her face is always blurry. And she’s still isn’t cute. kek

No. 1783887

same omg I thought people were being mean but she’s looking like predator if he got bangs and lost his self worth (he has a lot)

No. 1783888

File: 1678141352511.png (148.16 KB, 338x407, brattylurch.png)

Da-na da-na snap snap

No. 1783891

File: 1678141590634.png (188.22 KB, 298x383, bitch has no lips.png)

Where the fuck are her lips? She got zombie mouth.

No. 1783892

File: 1678141625667.jpeg (1.34 MB, 3412x2670, 458237D0-B555-4D7D-9700-2BC5B5…)

It’s SNOW working overtime. It’s easy to clock especially when her whole face looks smooth

No. 1783895

File: 1678142372538.jpg (98.63 KB, 1058x521, suitcase.jpg)

This is a $50 suitcase for children. She could have spent a little bit more and got an actual standard sized carry-on suitcase, but I guess that doesn't fit the pedo aesthetic. Not surprised she spent $100 on snacks thought.

No. 1783896

Thanks nona. I was just about to post the same. $55 n' some change and the rest all toward her gut

No. 1783912

So she spent $100 on snacks.. at target..

Fuckin hell how much did she buy? Is she filling the kiddie suitcase with just food? Kek.

No. 1783913

Damn yeah, I could tell her face edits looked like a whole blurres mask but I couldn't have imagined she looked that fucking ugly kek.
I can't believe her body looks as nice as it does attached to that… now Im wondering if she shoops her body ungodly amounts or if she just struck lucky on body, but abysmal on the face kek

No. 1783916

Kek I actually would believe it. Shaynas carry on is just snacks and airport travel size of booze.
I mean its not like she would have hygiene products or anything and wears the same shit over and over, so this seems very likely actually.

No. 1783917

She's got a big wide honker just like Shay

No. 1783918

Where is the Nona doing the balance sheet? It’s the first week of March and she’s already wasted 100s of $ kek

No. 1783945

This is because nicotine inhalation and nicotine's contact with mucus membranes can retard the healing process. THC/cannabis have different risks associated with surgical recovery, tobacco and nicotine will reliably prolong it.

No. 1783947

File: 1678147866927.jpeg (550.78 KB, 1170x1413, CF816719-3177-4759-A64A-ABB3B1…)

She locked down her pedo account

No. 1783961

what are the weed risks?
cuz shayna's gonna have those

No. 1783979

She looks like one of those clay reconstructions they make of human remains

No. 1783982

Wow I truly would not have known that was her

No. 1783983

Fatty is well into Lady Gaga right now. Classic Shay, 15 years too late.

Nothing wrong with listening to music from any era but you can tell she's honestly only just discovered Gaga and listening to The Fame on repeat.
Her making her dumb clips and tiktoks soundtracks by it just makes her look so out of touch.

No. 1783984

I'm surprised she hasn't shown off a gross new set of hotdogs and begged for reimbursement, before her trip

No. 1784030

File: 1678158809999.jpeg (Spoiler Image,911.63 KB, 1170x1512, 577877F6-1111-4452-947B-AA9D86…)

No. 1784031

File: 1678158879914.jpeg (861.94 KB, 1170x1690, 4A2DEF81-2A52-4FB1-A94B-73AED8…)

No. 1784041

Shart needs to be studied kek, how is someone so permanently online, so behind trends? She’s always like 8 years behind everything KEK.

No. 1784043

>3 hours
Ewwwwww why would you not immediately flush that shit out of yourself asap? That's a rhetorical question, of course. Has she ever talked about being on birth control?

No. 1784045

She’s talking about her fake cum lube.

No. 1784052

nta but even if it’s synthetic cum I’d still be flushing that shit out. even lube feels gross after sex - you should always just clean your kitty up after. its disgusting she just leaves herself that way afterwards, especially considering she’s known to not shower/bathe often.

No. 1784061

File: 1678162322898.jpeg (714.05 KB, 1170x1788, 6D7AC50E-9D40-4514-B37B-313786…)

No. 1784063

Ik I'm probably late to noticing this but just wtf is that title, "Transatlantic Harlots"?! Those old people from Skidmark Academy somehow make the least sexy content ever but I guess that's what their boomer audience is into.

No. 1784064

Imagine the smell. Horror tier.

No. 1784069

Bitch blurred out her entire honker but still couldn't manage to smooth out her chapped lips

No. 1784070

File: 1678163654041.jpeg (416.27 KB, 786x867, CCE38EFC-CA2F-42B8-BA9F-FDCE1D…)

Kek the photo editing… might as well be an AI portait

No. 1784074

File: 1678164860679.jpeg (954.08 KB, 1242x1693, DEF49097-26B7-46C8-98C2-0E2A10…)

She still looks like shit

No. 1784083

>the photo
>the caption

No. 1784085

boy those hello fresh meals stopped quick af kek

No. 1784095

am i the only one shocked that she got 51 votes? 51 coomers cared enough to vote? she didn’t even get more than 2 likes on the tweet itself.

No. 1784104

she very obviously used the AI portrait from PicsArt on her face in that pic it the eyes give it away that's a paid feature too, kek.

No. 1784121

Probably 51 losers like Womack, Mike Slack etc.

No. 1784168

when she smooths her face so much at this weight she looks like those older women with too much filler and botox

No. 1784177

File: 1678182897521.png (26.48 KB, 326x347, kek.png)

No. 1784189

Kek, good to see a troon with realistic goals

No. 1784205

She looks so manly and oddly fat? She must be bulimic her face is so fat while her body isn’t?

No. 1784208

And the end result is something between Porky Pig, Elmer Fudd and the Piggly Wiggly logo. Not even AI knows what to do with her jowls and chronic alcohol bloat.

No. 1784212

This is the funniest thing ever posted on shat’s thread kek

No. 1784215

This sent me nona

No. 1784217

She actually looks really cute here.

No. 1784221

I only know risks regarding plastic surgery, which stays superficial and away from organs and viscera. THC has never been a risk, the problem is smoking deprives your healing tissue of oxygen which can lead to delayed healing and poor quality scars. We encourage marijuana patients to switch to edibles two weeks before surgery. Patients who smoke cigarettes are a double whammy because they are inhaling smoke as well as using nicotine, which constricts blood vessels, further depriving the tissue of oxygen. This is why patients may take THC edibles but are not supposed to use nicotine patches, gum, etc. I hope this clears some things up.

No. 1784258

File: 1678198267857.jpeg (353.35 KB, 1170x919, 74A582C7-DB64-4B36-B17A-B6A8D0…)

New video, same typical storyline

No. 1784261

File: 1678198345168.jpeg (Spoiler Image,608.98 KB, 1170x910, 12478482-1D4E-4D2D-A9D3-64FF10…)

No. 1784271

File: 1678201344347.jpeg (832.78 KB, 1170x1691, 6CD2B4D1-C2D7-4F0C-A95D-F48558…)

No. 1784277

Welp ladies time to start sleuthing on who this John guy is before everything gets locked down.

No. 1784282

He’s part of that weird academy thing she does with the old ladies

No. 1784284

File: 1678202807300.jpeg (1.1 MB, 1170x1670, 95D1C23C-5F32-460A-AB2A-64EFAD…)

No. 1784287

The filth on those socks she's only worn for a few hours to take her weird ugly photoshopped pictures, her floors must be absolutely disgusting. She had carpets too which have to be extra gross to do that so fast as opposed to hard surface floors

No. 1784292

I’d kill myself if a Troon wanted to look like me, it means I’m ugly and grotesque since they all think they’re hot looking like Donny from Harry Potter with ratty green hair

No. 1784293

between this and another nona upthread talking about shayna's weight causing her detrimental health problems like she's already 400lbs i'm reminded most of you are as retarded as her

No. 1784300

It's gone full circle
>trannies failed to look like women and instead have this odd agp/sissy aesthetic
>Shayna dresses like an agp sissy troon
>troon wants to look like Shayna

No. 1784307

They’re talking about pixie you fucking idiot

No. 1784308

she has such poor circulation, lion at her hands and legs compared to her shoulders

No. 1784313

File: 1678205557099.jpeg (442.95 KB, 850x637, 33B7A0DD-CD58-4D58-B36B-63A28E…)

No. 1784314

File: 1678205633103.jpeg (Spoiler Image,634.75 KB, 1216x698, 694BD974-BEC6-4F26-93EB-E367A2…)

She’s so fat

No. 1784316

File: 1678205664607.jpeg (Spoiler Image,302.71 KB, 739x662, DD88B592-0726-47AB-8DC1-7D2177…)

No. 1784318

This is why I think the majority of Shayna's followers are AGPs. She is an "attainable" goal for them

No. 1784332

Jesus, her apartment must be filthy for her socks to be that dirty. I wonder if she's ever mopped the place even once since she moved in?

No. 1784338

and calling pixie's ugly ass fat of all adjectives is retarded?

No. 1784343

Wow riveting and creative content for coomers! Laying beached whale, using the same dildo and ruining the pov/fantasy scenario again.
The concept also doesnt make sense as usual. She just wants to cram several fetishes together and hope its appealing. Why would a cam whore believably be a virgin and her acting is just so bad. I know its porn but still. Its the same bland persona every time.
"Omg ill do whatever you want… ok get out ew" is how almost all her vids go.

No. 1784351

Learn to read and comprehend ffs. They said her face looks weird and fat when her body isn't, like a bulimic. In regards to butterfacepixie.
I see it, but really just in her edited pics she posts. probably because of the layers of filter and that she smooths her face completely it removes any natural face lines and definition. She basically has to shoop on a new face to look almost ok. Like still ugly but not immediately offensive. Much like Shaynus.

No. 1784353

We love the geriatric girdle!

No. 1784355

File: 1678209730135.png (1.76 MB, 750x1334, 4D937FF7-4EEF-4687-92EC-115276…)

she always looks like an actual retard now with fanny pack

No. 1784356

>>1784287 Bold of you to assume she have not already worn these exact same socks in 6 different shoots without washing them once.

No. 1784360

I know for a fact she didn't wash that shein garbage before putting it on, because she showed that half sweater during the shein haul during her last cam show. She probably wreaks of dust and sweatshop.

No. 1784368

File: 1678210679737.jpeg (244.19 KB, 750x709, E66411C6-B351-42F3-8762-8F42CA…)

No. 1784371

File: 1678210881136.jpeg (543.85 KB, 1170x1195, A5765CAE-4F02-45E2-9C99-42FC6E…)

No. 1784377

Let it go shaynus, might be better to not attract attention to your witch nose even more

No. 1784378

The wonky nipples and too tight jeans. Outfit is a mess. She has no idea how to style things decently.
Are we supposed to believe she actually takes her jewelry out? Couldnt be to clean it or the piercing hole. Maybe she was going to change it to something less obnoxious for the boomer coomer shoot.
But really… big deal? Get it repierced and wear a stud? Is she gonna cancel the whole trip over it? Kek
I don't know about nose piercings but I feel like it will be ok until she lands and can hit a store. It shouldnt completely seal up that fast.

No. 1784379

File: 1678211451470.jpeg (530.61 KB, 1170x1101, 8C366ADF-A1E6-4EE4-9496-FD61D8…)

No. 1784389

How long has she had her piercing for? I have a pierced nose and mine fell out at night time and I couldn't find it. I waited a whole two days to get replacement jewelry and it went in no problem kek. She's retarded, nose piercings only close up after a few hours if you've only had it for a few months. Maybe it will close up and she'll be so desperate to get it back in that she'll irritate the fuck out of it and give herself a keloid. Would perfectly accent her witchy nose

No. 1784397

Good lord, either wear a bra or something not see through

No. 1784398

File: 1678213063420.jpeg (176.81 KB, 1170x371, E20F133F-EFC6-4276-8424-D68DB7…)

Deleted this tweet to post this

No. 1784411

File: 1678214058193.jpeg (628.13 KB, 750x1166, DAC4FB21-8FBA-4F3B-BAE2-7F6F40…)

she looks like she has down syndrome

No. 1784419

File: 1678214307996.jpeg (534.47 KB, 750x1011, 342CBF70-0624-4F55-BD2B-220718…)

No. 1784424

This has got to be one of the most sped tier outfits she'e ever worn.

No. 1784426

yeah, THAT'S why you get disgusted looks whenever you leave the house

No. 1784427

This is why idc when cowtippers harass her. She's an unapologetic sex pest who's proud to shove her gross body in strangers' faces and involve them in her degenerate pedo kinks without consent. She deserves to be treated exactly like the predator she is.

No. 1784429

Can you imagine wearing this in public? Actual nightmare-level humiliation.

No. 1784434

File: 1678215094772.jpeg (182.19 KB, 750x781, 862A2832-BD39-4C7B-88CD-2BF802…)

No. 1784441

her tits (covered, in a constricting shirt to prevent her floppers) are her only personality in public because she's ugly and fat and prematurely wrinkling and obnoxious in personality, how sad

No. 1784442

another reason why she deserves to be out on the streets

No. 1784447

She looks sloppy in this angled picture imagine how fucking sloppy and retarded she looks in real life. I don't even care she has her lopsided tits out knowing that one nipple is high the other low, sloppy muffin top. Crusty dry lips with crusty matching died hair. Ugly ass big ass bow, kek I imagine everywhere she goes at least one woman chuckles or thinks
>what the fuck is she wearing
Old ladies probably are wondering why she's dressed like this while younger women give her a smile before thinking, again, what the fuck is she wearing?

No. 1784449

File: 1678216491466.jpeg (842.42 KB, 1170x1295, 2C5A3FAC-6DD1-468B-8BC5-922482…)

No. 1784453

I mean if she wore a bra and had a black tank top instead of a musty white top, got a bigger size in pants, took off the bow and had her hair down, and didn’t have the retarded Barbie backpack with her nasty stuffed animal hanging out of it, it would be alright. Her outfits are ugly

No. 1784454

I would love to see her candid picture without the filters probably looks like a busted can a biscuits when she’s not posing and sucking her gut in. Topkek actual retard

No. 1784457

For real. She’s so ugly she has to achieve attention by being trashy

No. 1784459

Old lady (or normally dressed woman of whatever age)
>why is this 40 year old chubby woman dressed like that?
>wow she looks ridiculous
>I wonder where she's going dressed like this?
>last time I saw a bow like that was on my grandma's prized Cow in 1946
>where's her bra? Her nipples are lopsided?!
>omg look at this older woman looking me up and down, probably jealous my nipples are out yeah that's why she's frowning
The Older lady is probably a fucking 30 something year old woman dressed normally. Shayna calls everyone out of their 20's old.
I for once believe her story she has to cope with the looks she getting as jealously, when if I saw a woman in that ugly outfit and lopsided nipples walking with her thighs rubbing I may forget not to frown in public.

No. 1784460

Its ok to not wear a bra and have nipples. But you shouldn't do it so intentionally and with no regard to the environment you'll be in (around families and whatnot)

No. 1784465

Imagine just existing and going about your day and some gross tard sits next to you and tweets on their sex work account projecting you into their kinks and fantasies for a few likes on Twitter

No. 1784468

She doesn't understand that the reason people are staring at her is because she's walking around an airport looking like someone from People of Walmart.

No. 1784471

She thinks she’s just so sexy that all the old women must be jealous of her and her freedom to show off her body but it’s because she looks like trash willingly exposing herself trying to get attention so of course people look down on her when she looks like an ugly clown whore. People at the airport are as a whole dressed casually and comfortable so seeing her retarded outfit would of course draw looks of confusion. Acting like she’s a celebrity Instagram model.

No. 1784474

that sweater looks so fucking retarded on her. it doesnt look like an intentionally cropped bolero it just looks too small for her and paired with the giant bow she genuinely just looks slow in the head
i thought the same thing about finally believing one of her stories. women probably do give her weird looks everywhere she goes. most of them are probably trying not to burst out laughing or wondering where her support worker is

No. 1784483

File: 1678219502578.jpeg (476.88 KB, 750x936, E1727AF7-5D49-409F-B4D5-B88CDE…)

No. 1784484

She looks like she’s having a subway sandwich.

No. 1784486

it's literally two little wedges of american processed cheese foodstuff and a baby's handful of grapes

No. 1784487

She’s seriously using the laptop as a food tray.

No. 1784490

wtf why are her pubes shaved into a crop circle it looks so weird

No. 1784491

girl, you mean “scornfully” or “disgustedly”
or even “trying out to figure out the geometry of those Picassoesque sadbags”

No. 1784495

File: 1678220420638.png (Spoiler Image,478.63 KB, 739x662, sub.png)

there we go

No. 1784520

lmao nonnie

No. 1784526

So she has a working laptop she uses as a food tray… so why is she begging for a new one to cam??

No. 1784527

Kek she snitched on herself with this photo. Begging for hundreds of dollars for a new laptop so she can film anywhere. But has a laptop.

No. 1784541

>buys $100 worth of snacks at target for the flight
>still decides to buy an overpriced, cheap looking “charcuterie tray”

No. 1784543

Tilting her head up and back only accentuates the lack of neck she has.

No. 1784544

Next thread pic?

No. 1784545

It kinda looks like her iPad with a typing keyboard. But I could be wrong

No. 1784546

That’s not a laptop, it’s just a cheap bluetooth keyboard attachment/protective case for her Ipad. However, she barely gets any moids showing up to her shows so could probably cast off that to do various live shows if she wanted but she’s lazy as fuck and would rather beg for more junk she doesn’t need and won’t actually make her work more.

No. 1784561

It’s missing a little something. Her coomers sticking out from her computer screen maybe?

No. 1784564

she'd rather be her step sister and get attention for nothing but she has to act all desperate with everything out

No. 1784586

She’s a retard with money, people like that will spend 30 bucks every day on some dumb novelty or shitty food then cry at the end of the month because they have to pay for expenses and can’t budget.

No. 1784603

Fingers crossed the dumbass tries to edit her porn on her ipad and one of the "peppered hair gentlemen" reports her and she finally has to register as a sex offender. Honestly though, would being a sex offender even change anything for Shayna? She would probably wear it like a badge of honour.

No. 1784604

Ahh thanks nona. Pictures these days take a million years to open on this site so I didn’t even bother to enlarge it.

No. 1784614

kek congrats nona, i think your post made shayna take her twitter off private.

Interesting she put her diaper stuff on lock though >>1783947 she either doesn't want her landlords or dads seeing the really weird stuff.

No. 1784644

Honestly pretty sure they're just permastained to look like that even if she washed them.

Frankly the jumper-top is cute ish. But not with this outfit. Like there's so many ways you can make top like that look cute, and she does the absolute worst.
And no surprise people stare, you've got your nipples out for all to see wtf.

No. 1784657

her flag needs to say "pedopander" instead of princess kek

No. 1784661

File: 1678234534967.png (Spoiler Image,260.41 KB, 850x637, rockbottom.png)

No. 1784663

Please stop, this actually depressed me. I'm starting to feel bad for her, and not in the fun way.

No. 1784673

File: 1678235865509.jpeg (528.75 KB, 1170x964, C3BBCE42-3321-4971-B5F2-1EC6A4…)

No. 1784674

File: 1678235986047.jpeg (170.67 KB, 1170x324, 9A52DE7B-5A0D-4157-A866-379DF0…)

No. 1784676

Lmao exactly my thoughts anon
Oh good so she can get the shits again just in time to bail on the shoot. Oh sorry "food poisoning"

No. 1784677

They're staring because your tits are two different sizes and your nipples are wonky as hell. Most women who go braless don't wear white shirts without wearing pasties or something to cover their nipples, especially if it's a place where it's cold like an airport or where a lot of people will be exposed. It's possible to go braless and be classy about it.

No. 1784678

Why has she said this when she posted a couple of hours ago begging for money for her vodka & cranberry lol.

No. 1784686

>poorly styled dry hair
>top ponytail with bright pink cheap bow
>mini sweater thing in bright color
>white tank top, no bra showing her different sized breasts and lopsided nipples
>tucked into too small jeans showing off her muffin top
>ugly pink heart bag
>my little pony booking
Full face of make up but dry ass lips
>in a fucking airport
Sure shayna they are only looking at your nipples our of jealously,slut shaming and thinking you are hot. Not the fact one nipple is pointing to Jesus and the other to hell. Not the clown outfit and 15 different pinks. Not the huge bow. Sure.
I find this more funnier then anything shayna has ever done, because she knows she looks fuckinf retarded but she's deluding herself in real time it's some bimbo fantasy of old ladies jealous of the hot girl with her nipples out and everyone else in awe.

No. 1784694

could someone please tell me what shayna's birthday and birthplace is?

No. 1784699

Do not do this, nonnies. It's probably more weird, obsessed tippers.

No. 1784708

i wanted to look up her birthchart out of curiousity

No. 1784723

Kek this is funny asf I cackled thanks nona

No. 1784724

She’s a pedo sun, fat moon, failure rising

No. 1784733

Kek, dammit nonnie I nearly died laughing that caught me so off guard

No. 1784751

They're not gawking at your nipples shat they're confused about your lopsided tits

No. 1784752

one of the funniest things about Big Shungus is that she's such a pick me who's never been picked or even anyones first choice. She can't get anyone to care about her or even stick around. She's the problem KEK

No. 1784753

I think June 26th (or around that week), 1997
I don't know where she was born, but she lived in and graduated from high school in Marlborough, Massachusetts.

No. 1784755

File: 1678244884474.jpeg (183.99 KB, 1169x1889, 4C4F8187-B3BB-4630-A577-D44B17…)

No. 1784758

MTE. Honestly I'd even say girls like her are why we're going BACKWARDS with the whole free the nipple thing. YOU sexualize your body. YOU make it weird. There is nothing inherently wrong with not wearing a bra, having nipples, etc, but when you without a doubt get off to it and only do it because it adheres to your trashy bimbo image you wish to project, you're making it a sex thing and people will look down on that, especially in a place with children.

No. 1784760

What really happens when a scrote who thinks he's found a easy idiot flirts with shayna.
>hey what's up whats your name
What Shayna wants to hear
r/claims happened
>hey princess, where's your dad? You look to young and dumb to be our alone, ha ha. Wow your wearing a lot of pink, bubble cum pink, I mean bubble gum pink is your color, haha. Hey can I buy you a drink? I'll ask them to out it in a sippy cup so you don't spill it because I know you are a bimbo silly girl, ha ha. Oh your real name is Shayna? Should be Barbie you look straight out of Malibu baby ha ha. Wow hope people don't think I'm your actual dad ha ha, considering you look so young and hot. Ha ha I can't wait to show you to my friends at work, I'll out a picture of you in wallet just like a good daddy should ha ha

No. 1784763

Calling it now, she wants to go into surgery with visible bruises so she can bring yet another unsuspecting medical team into her kink. She'll teehee about it as usual.

No. 1784765

Kek she thinks they’re staring at her nipples when she looks like a fucking retard with her stuffed animal. No wonder she has to drown her brain cells in alcohol.

>they’re staring at me because I’m sexy

>they’re staring because I look like a fucking freak

No. 1784769

this look isn't even "Sexy" i just spent longer then I'd like to admit trying to recreate what i feel this outfit looks like unedited, front on in a fucking airport and it just looks like someone badly trying stick out and pull a "effortlessly cute trendy" look. Then no bra, so that just looks sloppy especially since only ONE of her breasts is perky. Then the ugly ass bookbag, and teddy hanging out. It's just "try hard chubby chick" not, "Look at this slut with her nipples out!".

No. 1784777

File: 1678247894576.png (507.97 KB, 381x501, Capture.PNG)

While I find this shit kind of ugly on anyone whose not super skinny or styled very well, you can tell in her mind she looked like this model instead of..well retarded. Like why not wear a bra to give yourself cleavage? I bet her breast difference looked even more silly, considering the cut of the sweater would make her lower breast look lower, plus her deciding to wear that neckline of white shirt under it. She probably thought she looked like vintage and fun

No. 1784781

So why can’t she use her iPad and typing keyboard to cam with? She is wasteful

No. 1784782

Nonna, if you figure it out let us know, as a fellow astrologyfag I need to know why she's such a hot mess She has to be a Cancer Sun Leo Moon I s2g, her combined blind narcissism and low self-esteem has to come from somewhere

No. 1784786

Ok but who actually orders a delivery breakfast for 1? The only time I have ever heard of someone ordering a delivery breakfast was when they were really hung over (it was me)

No. 1784818

Retarded outfit but it still look better on model, Shaynus with the size you’re at now you will never get to look like this again lol. People are starring because this is one of her more tragic outfit . She’s an idiot and with her shape she just looks unkept with no bra on. Not cute at all.

No. 1784826

This is so fucking creepy and openly pedophilic

No. 1784828

I would do a double take myself, but not because of the nipple

No. 1784830

It’s amazing how long her legs looked when she was skinny and stumpy and dumpy they look now

No. 1784832

Honestly this is just a bad outfit. It looks like something a childrens character played by an adult might wear. All she needs is clown makeup and it’s a complete look! Maybe that’s what Shayna is aiming for, a style children are entertained and curious about.

No. 1784841

I just think people would find her younger looking and less off-putting if she just wore a regular airport outfit. If she just wore jeans and a floppy sweater, she would actually look her age (the kid-inspired outfits ironically make her look older than she is). She could still have her rabbit or whatever but not look like a total fool. Someone might actually find her cute, rather than jarring like she is in those big bows

No. 1784873

Yeah it's correct
She's a pisces moon

No. 1784878

File: 1678268013613.jpeg (Spoiler Image,82.31 KB, 673x495, 34AD3A6F-F3BC-45F9-9791-CFF21C…)

She sure is proud of this retarded outfit huh. Also maybe everyone’s staring because it’s not just your nipples poking out but your whole areolas too (cropped out her ugly punchable face, which Shay should try more often)

No. 1784905

The circle of pubes is sending me.
It’s pretty normal to order food alone, especially for shut-ins. Given it’s a bad habit that will make you fat.

No. 1784948

No but they're trying to figure out why would you have your nips out at an airport like a crazy person.

No. 1784971

I feel really uncomfortable that she is literally getting off to random normal people having to see her nipples and them having adverse reactions to it.
I bet you she is going to be turned away from places (or has already) because of this shit.
I hope someone has the decency to seriously say something to her one day because its borderline indecent exposure. Especially because there is lewd intent.

No. 1784987

File: 1678286894861.jpeg (Spoiler Image,581.3 KB, 750x1076, DA774700-B6E3-4A4C-AA5C-F57979…)

have you ever seen someone so ugly she looks like she smells so bad

No. 1784992

File: 1678287671525.jpeg (827.83 KB, 1170x1703, 406FDE20-643E-49DF-8B95-7D68AC…)

No. 1785056

Literally does the same shit over and over except everytime she goes to these things she's significantly fatter then the rest of the girls. There shoots are only good for tracking shaynas weight gain in truly unedited posed video/pictures. It's basically been confirmed these trips aren't worth it money wise she spends 100's on dumb shit before she gets there and probably spends her payment on the way back.

No. 1785058

File: 1678296382999.jpeg (376.94 KB, 750x796, 3521B384-B3D0-428D-8F77-0B482B…)

No. 1785065

She does all this editing and the footage comes out to show how she truly looks

No. 1785082

Too small shirt in white of all colors to travel in cold weather across airports… just gross.
There's a time and a place if you really want to sexualize yourself and get attention from strangers and this ain't it. She wont shut up about it either and keeps posting pics like shes so proud of this retarded and ugly outfit. Even if the sweater isnt my thing, it could be styled to look decent like that pic anon posted.
That isnt the right top for it, those jeans look huge and still too small in the waist so they look awful especially with those shoes. I understand wearing more comfortable shoes to the airport but damn for all those musty shoes she pulled out, she seems to only wear these cheap white flats out anywhere.

No. 1785083

is she supposed to be the teacher here? bc she looks like one

No. 1785086

Those eyelashes and the expression/pose make her look like some crappy adult swim cartoon kek

No. 1785087

She edited her face into a blur orb jfc it looks so obvious

No. 1785099

File: 1678300780746.jpeg (1.68 MB, 1242x2208, 6639CC7E-0942-45C5-85F5-1DD600…)

Nitpick but her hair looks so fucking stupid straightened and never more than now since she got that super layered 90s inspired cut that’s meant to be blown out/sort of curled. I’m filled with rage at the sight of her 2009 straightened “growing out my side bangs” midwestern beauty school hopeful lewk

No. 1785100

the pic is so blurred it looks like she pasted someone else’s face over hers, poorly

No. 1785114

File: 1678302094950.jpeg (822.87 KB, 1170x1506, 1C6B221F-65E0-46C2-9571-F3B3C0…)

No. 1785135

Why does she look like a cashier at a shitty restaurant ???

No. 1785146

File: 1678305358063.jpeg (430.42 KB, 1170x1204, 3752EB2D-FFA0-455A-8829-AEE6A0…)

So gross

No. 1785150

File: 1678306045135.jpeg (199.7 KB, 750x1098, 3A3F6E5E-AF0C-4ED4-A1F9-168752…)

Sage for non-milk but Mike Slack’s response to her interaction with jealous old ladies made me raise an eyebrow. Above him is the dude who makes Skidmark Academy videos and works with old ladies regularly.

No. 1785153

shayna and the rest of her sex worker friends will blather on about how feminist they are but the moment daughterfucker old man Mike Slack (and anyone else like him) start talking about how gross old women’s bodies are and how attracted they are to teens, Shay and the rest of em will happily lap up any attention they can get.

No. 1785159

This is so fucking gross, she has no idea how to sound sexy/appealing. Just gross moid speak. "Pussy drool," ugh.

No. 1785164

probably not as bad as shayna would look at people with her old body type with their nipples out, she can't stand prettier slimmer people existing around her, even cancels shoots at the threat of it

No. 1785168

i hope she reads this and realizes there is a limit to when they will stop supporting her and they will move on to younger girls

No. 1785170

no way the old nonces reaction is just "hehehe" KEK both of these tweets certainly were made by people who drool non-stop…

No. 1785179

Yep I'm sure shayna gets offers to do shoots but they are things she doesn't want to do. Which whatever she doesn't have to do everything, however like it's been said, since the weight gain she surrounds herself with similarly shaped (most of the time slightly smaller) women who would be considered average/below average. I assume that's why shes always getting denied, she wants to to do spanking/adbl porn, with probably woke fat/older women who are lower level and care about being cancelled on twitter. Her options seem very fucking limited. When she was skinny she worked with women she thought she was just as pretty ass or her deluded ass thought she was prettier. She can't even have pretty women on her twitter without saying she wants to unfollow. At this point if shaynq wants to be seen with you she's saying she thinks you are ugly or her level.

No. 1785180

I think she likes working with Skidmore because the money is supposedly decent and she works with other ugly chicks and old hags and only has to get spanked and badly act in scenes for weird boomers. Its the only group social interaction she gets where her degeneracy is accepted too.

No. 1785182

Also, I feel like 10 more pounds and shayna will move on to officially filming with only women bigger then her and doubling down on the "mommy/baby" gross shit. She's already chubby and older looking, and I assume she'll move on to filming with troons kek. I feel like now shayna views pretty thin stylish women like that episode of black mirror, where you can completely block people in real life. They appear as blurs. She doesn't see them because knowing how pretty women actually dress/look will make her realize she looks fucking ridiculous.

No. 1785192

File: 1678310559099.jpeg (680.75 KB, 750x1149, F9CB18DB-0202-454F-9DE9-538166…)

No. 1785193

File: 1678310585748.jpeg (482.69 KB, 750x1016, 97C46833-893E-4517-9A7E-96385F…)

No. 1785196

She's so touch starved kek. Getting wet from being spanked by some old hags

No. 1785197

It’s giving diapers…. But the elderly kind, not the kind she’s after

No. 1785218

It’s probably because they’re older women since the alterpic woman gave her the first legitimate orgasm she’s ever had from another person on camera.

No. 1785219

File: 1678312927499.jpg (502.72 KB, 1017x884, 30308_225945.jpg)

No. 1785220

kek i love that she's going along with the boomerishness of the plotlines.. what teenager smokes cigarettes and wears a nightgown to bed anymore?

No. 1785227

Finally something that fits

No. 1785229

alternatively: she's lying because this is the kind of crap that the porn sick degenerates who follow her get off to.

No. 1785235

an edgelord form 1870

I know this is just part of her extremely amateurish sex work crap but there are some decently tailored and cute old timey nightgowns design out there. lolita brands sell some. but she's got to be low effort and make that seem ugly face in every single picture… whyyy

No. 1785242

I was the anon who watched that documentary with the Skidmark Jackie O lady, it seems that the boomer audience has the most money to cash in on. The lady (Clara Matthews) said she got lucky because she has a believable British accent which sounds like a real headmistress. If I were Shaynus I would try to get some advice from her, Mrs. Mulvaney found her niche and exploits it well.

No. 1785245

That looks like a beautiful house. What a waste.

No. 1785255

there have been multiple cases of teachers in the US who have been fired for either having been in porn in the past or currently running an OF. giant silicon breasts man was just fired, basically. If someone finds out that you are interacting with pedophilic porn of some kind online your career is dead.

No. 1785264

No contribution, catching up but how can she not see how much better she looks in this vs the bubblegum trash shit

No. 1785273

File: 1678318961246.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1 MB, 1170x1539, 15B70048-7FA0-4450-B95F-822ED6…)

No. 1785281

KEK these ye olden day shoots are so weird and hilarious like how is the coomer commissioning these even still able to get a boner and jerk it. Where's her candlestick to light her way to bed

No. 1785283

im dead

No. 1785287

Goddamn that's a big bitch looking like a polar bear that is NOT starving unlike the ones in the arctic.

No. 1785294

She’s so matronly

No. 1785295

Lipodema squidward momokun thighs

No. 1785301

Honestly if the boobs were censored this would be the best thread pic it’s so good down to me pb dead in the back kek >>1784355
The Fupa looks like an extra set of boobs

No. 1785303

Its horrible and she's ugly regardless…
but I like it so much more when she wears anything but the tardy, cheap, badly styled pedo pandering egirl wannabe shit she usually wears. If she dressed liked a stereotypical secretary or something it would be so much less offensive to the eyes and she wouldnt stick out in a bad way. But as you can tell by her r/thathappened tweets every time she goes outside, any attention even if embellished is enough for her to continue to be embarrassing.

No. 1785309

File: 1678324100180.jpeg (38.88 KB, 700x855, 5BFA6C2D-D9EA-4C80-81B1-82F624…)

She’s even wearing those granny panties that work as shape wear when the woman wearing them isn’t obese like shart. It’s crazy how the coomers requesting these videos and pictures are so detail oriented, it’s quite creepy.

No. 1785322

Looks like a badly bbq’d hotdog

No. 1785333

She has a man's ass

No. 1785338

how is her ass so large and also so flat and non existent at the same time?? that angle from below can make pretty much anyone’s butt look decent, but shayna’s just looks like an unfolded box

No. 1785360

so did womack completely drop her? did he stop following her or just publicly stop interacting with her

No. 1785369

File: 1678332635708.jpg (38.44 KB, 497x372, hY1SDkpk-YW5yDk1CbfD8YazD7VY9b…)

No. 1785384

File: 1678334320615.jpg (417.86 KB, 646x890, Screenshot_20230308_215841_Chr…)

Looks like slightly grilled shapeless hotdogs buns

No. 1785390

She has literally zero muscle tone

No. 1785393

this looks like two shoulders/arms pressed together

No. 1785394

>ass looks like an unfolded box
Nonna I collapsed lmao

No. 1785400

>my eyes turn green

No. 1785411

I beg her to do a single squat at any point in her lifetime

No. 1785426

Then explain her workout lines?

No. 1785516

File: 1678372083671.jpeg (141.97 KB, 558x1024, A64B43C0-D771-41E4-9D4E-3ED000…)

No. 1785517

File: 1678372127772.jpeg (Spoiler Image,147.24 KB, 1024x552, FB96EA3C-F926-4CBA-BCA2-E24BF7…)

No. 1785518

File: 1678372193250.jpeg (Spoiler Image,131.81 KB, 1024x461, 97EFBAB8-8268-4996-B671-CF9178…)

No. 1785520

You know that's the same unwashed cami she wore at the airport

No. 1785526

Looking like a squealing hog, jfc.

No. 1785535

Do you know what’s sad these elderly women are more professional and have nicer bodies than miss bimbo baby

No. 1785549

anon. WHAT workout lines. please let me just be missing the sarcasm. if you're serious, please point to the workout lines you're seeing.

No. 1785551

literal retard

No. 1785556

NTAYRT but she's referencing an iconic PT moment. You gotta brush up on your cow history, nonny!

No. 1785557

File: 1678377748556.png (2.84 MB, 828x1792, 5796F812-67B0-4658-B327-03FEDC…)

No. 1785558

my bad, thanks for explaining. been here for years but never followed PT

No. 1785559

File: 1678377833620.png (2.15 MB, 828x1792, C1418178-625F-4527-B8B4-5327A5…)

No. 1785564

The face you make when one breast is hitting the top of your skirt

No. 1785566

I hope they get the reference because when I made it all the newfags called me retarded lol

No. 1785572

This literally looks like the old woman is forcing her to look at her fat body in the mirror and face what she’s done to herself and it’s making Shaynus cry kek

No. 1785577

waitress at a fancy restaurant is the nicest she's ever looked tbh

why she wearin the haven't washed my hair in a week/old lady sock bun to a porn shoot?

No. 1785578

Someone edit this please art anons itt I call upon you

No. 1785582

File: 1678381292437.png (2.43 MB, 828x1792, F2F63208-D93B-400A-9058-D5A7CC…)

No. 1785583

File: 1678381328789.png (2.99 MB, 828x1792, 82F24D9F-478F-429E-B951-71FA28…)

No. 1785605

Did she finally learn to smooth and edit her lips too?? Oh nevermind, the actual pics loaded. She just made her lips bigger. Still crusty and cracked tho. She's really trying to push this new catfish face. But she posts them in between shooting vids where you can see what she really looks like.

No. 1785612

kek the way shes standing she really has no idea how to present herself

No. 1785621

hey today is National Barbie Day as well as National Shane Day. just funny tings I’ll go now

No. 1785627

She look comically huge compared to that lady lmao.

No. 1785633

File: 1678387165894.jpeg (349.05 KB, 921x2048, FF2A4485-187E-4FDF-8F99-AC1899…)

No. 1785634

File: 1678387250375.jpeg (Spoiler Image,308.14 KB, 1068x2048, 86074F6C-4139-4EC1-8F2E-9D7366…)

No. 1785635

File: 1678387319953.jpeg (Spoiler Image,246.48 KB, 972x1275, 7E21EDED-66C7-4CD4-B3CE-67FADE…)

No. 1785649

File: 1678389754427.png (2.82 MB, 828x1792, A2AF4E25-C6EB-4E75-8B14-174159…)

No. 1785651

File: 1678389797618.png (2.56 MB, 828x1792, 6BCE4563-4CD7-4D15-AE60-74866C…)

No. 1785674

File: 1678391601788.png (406.41 KB, 474x640, B67988AF-2E9F-412B-80A1-A00350…)

No. 1785678

This whole Skidmore Academy schtick is beyond my understanding of moids. Like surely this is just one rich old man's deranged fantasies, right? Could there possibly be enough coomers into the idea of old women spanking the same 15 haggard looking girls in a variety of weird outfits that seem really handpicked (like what the fuck is with these granny panties, no way shaymu chose those) in a nice old house? I can't imagine with all the porn out there that more than 2 or 3 guys pay for this shit, specifically.

No. 1785689

yeah, I guess what's weird about Skidmark specifically is that it's such an OLD fashioned type of "schoolgirl" porn, like they're all in Laura Ingalls Wilder's time, and I have never stumbled across any other porn that looked like that. Then they do random shoots in old lady lingerie, or flight attendant outfits, or nurse uniforms, and the old ladies are always there, and always do the spankings. All porn is disgusting but this seems so niche it's almost just funny to me, like what more weird ass ideas can this one boomer guy come up with for these two old women and handful of mangey thots act out?

No. 1785693

the comedian fart pose to end all comedian fart poses

No. 1785710

Edit a giant hose spraying her KEK
Flat asses! Jfc
Don't flatter her anon. Comparing her to an actual child will gas her up even though she looks like she could play a headmistress kek so does the other bitch, they really couldn't find anybody younger looking.

No. 1785712

How do either of these pictures have any sexy appeal to anyone in the whole world. They look awful. Pulling their ugly underwear like a school bullies in TV shows?

No. 1785714

Which makes me wonder if the choice of woman is on purpose? They are all averagely chubby girl next door, who all look of ambiguous age (aka I can't tell if they are 25 or 35 something, not 13 shayna). It's always exactly one black girl as well. Kek did the scrote say,"bring me some homely women"or they don't pay much, maybe some of the girls are local and aren't like shayna flying out on their own dime, because I cannot be convinced for Shayna at least these are worth it money wise. She constantly comes home broke as hell after these trips. We know she spends money as soon as she gets it and she probably spends hundreds just being at the airport/airplane. She also never ever enjoys anywhere she travels to. Just goes do gross shoots and maybe go out to eat or drinks. An anon who was a former sex worker said the place paid decently and apparently have better looking women, so he must want scragamuffins.

No. 1785720

Holy assne Batman. With that type of hygiene, I hope she’s getting frankentit surgery and not ass surgery. Who knows what new infection will form. Human Petri dish

No. 1785721

kekkkk it's like she's doing it on purpose at this point

No. 1785729

File: 1678397626473.jpeg (759.46 KB, 828x1193, F77ED8D3-3600-433D-9B3E-A073D9…)

It’s definitely some boomer moid who grew up with corporal punishment and ended up with a creepy fetish and too much money.

No. 1785730

File: 1678397705796.jpeg (790.03 KB, 828x1112, EBF52AC2-967B-45B8-8B7B-2B93AE…)

The picture they chose for Shay is so flattering

No. 1785736

File: 1678398098332.jpeg (322.16 KB, 828x494, 26CA868E-DE28-4417-B5D4-ADA4F8…)

Here’s Strictmoor lore from their website.

The following is a forward from the director of Strictmoor Academy, Sarah Gregory.

"Well, where do I begin…??? Strictmoor Academy has been such an amazing process and experience for me as well as all those who have been involved over the past few years; and there have been quite a lot of people involved. It started back in April 2016 when I was approached by a custom client whom I had made some previous films for. He had this idea for a 1950s theme old fashioned spanking film with multiple tops and bottoms, multiple scenes and storylines. It was to be a long script with about 12 scenes that would take two full days of shooting. I was down for this 100% and very excited about the new project, little did I know at that time it would become the phenomenon and brand it is today.

We both worked on casting choices and the script together. He wrote the narrations and ideas and I turned it into the script of 12 scenes. He decided whom he would want to star in it and I contacted them and set up all the details. It was a bit stressful at first, but we did it, and we did it well. That first film, called “The Seat of Learning Year 1” is also known as “Strictmoor Academy Year 1” & was released in November, 2016. From the day it was released, it took off like crazy. It was even nominated for a Fetishcon Fetish Awards for "Best Fetish Feature Length film" in 2017 and again in 2018. It was in such high demand and we knew we had something special.

We then discussed doing what is called a “mini-Strictmoor” between the bigger productions. These would take one day of filming, be about 5 to 6 scenes and have about half the number of cast members, if not less. In August of 2016, the first mini production with two bottoms and one top was filmed. This smaller production would involve girls from the previous film who had still been misbehaving and needed to be sent back to Strictmoor for further correction. That first mini was called “Strictmoor Spring Break Spankings” and was released in June of 2017.

That first year we filmed 3 productions to get a good start on the project. In November of 2016 while "Year 1" was being released, we produced "Year 2". This consisted of the same three tops along with a few repeat girls and we added a more new girls to the cast. Year 2 was released starting in November of 2017 and at the same time we filmed Year 3 which is yet to come out. Look for that in Fall of 2018! This page will be updated as and when any new developments arise. We also have filmed one more mini series that will be coming in the Summer of 2018. This process has been so exciting and amazing. The models who have been involved have really felt it was a special experience to be in such a large scale spanking production. When I approach talent now, they are very honored and excited to join the growing cast of a Strictmoor Production and as a producer that makes me feel awesome. I hope that this project and brand will continue to grow and become even better, include more amazing talent that we find in the future!"

No. 1785745

kek why did they pick this picture of Shayna? It's smack in the middle like a free space. What the hell? It's so fucking jarring

No. 1785748

Kek! Omg i know shay acts like an actual retarded child but dont post actual retarded children!!

Besides i bet that girl in this picture has friends, hobbies, does her cheer sport and doesnt sell her nudes or panders to pedos online for pennies. Which makes her way more high functioning than shaynus.

No. 1785750

Yikes, they look like two haggard old witches.

No. 1785752

just fyi this is Lauren Potter who isn't a child, she's an actress in her 30's. she would have been about 20 when this was taken. and this comparison is actually accurate because the character she played on glee (becky jackson, who she is portraying in this picture) was actually a massive bitch to everyone lmao

No. 1785753

Oh damn! I remember glee. Couldnt stand it. So it makes sense why i didnt recognize her. Plus most downies look the same to me so i wouldnt have ever noticed.

Well then i redact my statement, compare away!

No. 1785776

>Tfw you have to wipe an elderly patient’s ass because they shat themselves for the 5th time in the morning.

No. 1785786

File: 1678402650700.jpeg (Spoiler Image,377.04 KB, 1170x1535, 6B079CEF-81F0-4313-B2C0-D6786F…)

i’m so sorry i couldn’t resist

No. 1785806

I can’t believe there’s a coomer boomer who’s got enough cash he’s willing to spend on ugly homely women for his weird corporal punishment fetish. I really want to know what the secret benefactor looks like kek

My tinfoil is Shay goes in hopes that the rich boomer will love her the most and then pursue her and leave her with his fortune

No. 1785810

File: 1678406470439.jpeg (94.71 KB, 275x247, F3696BF9-A41C-49C8-972C-D8C9E5…)

Lmao it’s the tweedle dee picture

No. 1785823

File: 1678408625775.jpeg (36.86 KB, 320x349, fetchimage (5).jpeg)

No. 1785826

Lmao almost every single one is smiling in their picture but Shay looks like a drowned puppy.
Who chose this?

No. 1785827

File: 1678409306903.jpg (449.1 KB, 1536x2048, 20230310_004733.jpg)

Why this look like a weird mother/daughter picture?

Our big shaynus.

No. 1785831

Pictures of the scrote has been posted here. He is fat, and bald and has rat teeth. Ugly brittish fag i think?

If i am remembering correctly and that was him. Kek its a few threads back when she went to strictmoore high the first (?) Time. Im not going to spoonfeed you sadly i am too lazy.

Also sorry if i misunderstood what you meant by "secret benifactor" kek im a retard for sure.

No. 1785836

File: 1678410449517.jpeg (185.73 KB, 1242x771, 28038011-ECAB-4C4E-9F03-3C9E7D…)

Tweet she made attached to the phone. Kek
Damn they not even going to pay for meals

No. 1785849

Not to sound nitpicky but did anyone else notice how much larger Shay’s shoes lying to the side are vs. the older woman’s? It’s almost comical.
I myself wear a size 9-9.5, but it just really offsets the illusion/persona she tries to create that’s she’s a “little girl”. There’s nothing little about her, from her feet to her face.

No. 1785850

No wonder she got so attached to this other chick last time, they're both fug and too stupid to figure out proper blush placement

No. 1785871

I think her shoes in the past have said she’s a size 7 which isn’t big at all. Her height and weight are all you really need to know that she’s an ogre kek.

No. 1785879

Isn’t she like 5’5” or something? She’s not tall, just fat.

No. 1785882

She's like 5'7 shaymu is a longnecky bitch. When you saw her next to fupa shes like almost as tall as him and hes like 5'8-9

No. 1785883

she’s a completely average height for a white US woman of her generation, she just looks like a Sasquatch due to blobbiness

No. 1785885

File: 1678418275461.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.09 MB, 1170x1597, E2ABB71C-4438-401A-A353-865D37…)

No. 1785886

File: 1678418334179.jpeg (1.13 MB, 1170x1669, 0FC11845-CC25-4C0B-A0FC-2D3A05…)

No. 1785892

Vile. That gunt belt paired with the sweaterless sleeves makes her look extra retarded. Seriously she looks like a randomized sim.

No. 1785894

This Strictmoore shit is the lamest larp. Kinda surprised she hasn’t gotten Lana pilled with all the weight gain and rapid aging. Can’t imagine being a fucking Sasquatch and pulling whatever bdsm baby nonsense she usually does either though so

No. 1785896

I meant height and weight combined like her stature or BMI. Not just her height.

No. 1785898

I.Q.? Transmissible disease? Not winning any presidential fitness awards either are ya, champ.

No. 1785900

The way they both look near the age of the "old lady", jesus christ

No. 1785906

Looks like you’re not alone, anon >>1785549

No. 1785933

Oh my lord that is so accurate

No. 1785942

I think she's lying, she has massive troon feet with weird long finger toes kek

No. 1785948

Also how old is this woman she looks 40 larping as a cheerleader teenager? Weird idk I think even the pedo moids can’t get beyond these wrinkle lines

No. 1785966

Not the hear ye, hear ye, looking ass website kek are they going to churn butter now too?

No. 1785968

She's in her 30s, or early 40s at absolute most. I can't pretend to understand the mind of a coomer but I feel like she's at least paper baggable compared to Big Shaynus.

No. 1785971

File: 1678432751177.jpeg (241.55 KB, 943x1023, 43058320-D165-42C9-97E2-275CBE…)

Woof two ugly bitches

No. 1785972

File: 1678432823390.jpeg (Spoiler Image,138.94 KB, 1023x516, 59E69F6E-4F15-418C-8D33-92EFD5…)

Comedian fart pose

No. 1785973

File: 1678432878294.jpeg (207.84 KB, 646x1024, 79806359-3AA9-4F4C-BDB5-075071…)

That skirt makes her look hella fucking wide. Kek

No. 1785974

what is this myspace angle

No. 1785975

She’s doing the McNuggets pose

No. 1785977

File: 1678434031871.jpeg (214.28 KB, 994x1410, 836E8261-1563-478F-9215-837C0D…)

the fatter bitch project

No. 1785994

My God I miss the Shayna variation of that meme

No. 1786009

This looks like 40yo special needs porn. Yikes

No. 1786034

all three women are just so fucking….unfortunate-looking tbh

No. 1786036

oh lawd, shaynas coming. god damn is she ever big when she cant photoshop and use angles.

No. 1786038

She looks to be at least double the size of Shane Pierre Sonnier’s wife. No wonder he didn’t put up with her drama and bailed. More like a hay bale (cause shayna is as large as farm animal and must now eat by the bale to be satisfied)

No. 1786039

Shayna is not just chubby anymore. She’s “the fat friend”.

No. 1786042

What is the source image? Did they seriously make Shaynus stare at her body in the mirror this time? If so, that’s a shady as fuck and almost cruel way to subtly let her know she’s getting too big. She must be the biggest one there no? Something tells me we won’t see her back there until she gets her weight under control. There’s plenty of ugly average size women willing to take this old moid’s money.

No. 1786045

I was thinking that too, and also about how she has gotten progressively larger with each Skidmore shoot she does. Maybe gonna go back and look at past threads and make an image progression just to track LMao. Maybe I’m imagining how much more she seems like she’s gained at each one of these shoots but I kinda don’t think so. It’s like time stamps to her journey to obesity kek

No. 1786062

Why is she doing the mcnuggies pose? I think they’re all supposed to be like, hugging closely? I hope she doesn’t think that it makes her look skinny.

No. 1786066

posted earlier >>1785517

No. 1786069

Is this is a feeder porn bbw shoot? Kek.

No. 1786070

My personal tinfoil is she goes to Skidmark for human interaction and feeling desired. This is the only place she can go and have her "bratty teen/little girl" fetish satiated. She has no man in her life to give this to her, so this is what she does. This is where she goes to feel fulfilled, hence why she doesn't mind losing money on the trip.

No. 1786072

fucking kek, definitely an early contender for next thread pic

No. 1786073

Which makes me think that Shayna only gets invited to these shoots if she pays her way and is available when -they- need her. She definitely doesn't match the body type of the usual girls they actually pay to fly out. Based on her shape here >>1785973 it almost feels like pity at this point because she just "wants to be there so bad"

No. 1786114


Damn, is she the babysitter/big sister pedo figure now? I bet she was upset about not being the baby.

Ehh, Sophia and her Tweedle Dee twin are both shaped like her. Dunno if Sophia is doing this shoot but her gut is even bigger than Shayna's. I think sometimes we get a bit of body dysmorphia with Shay kek.

No. 1786119

Did this guy write 'ha' upside down? What the fuck

No. 1786121

I think it’s supposed to be the first 2 letters of “whore” actually

No. 1786131

Actually you should go look at their website. They have all the girls from all the "years" and one is a 6 foot tall or even taller girl and alot of them have been taller/fatter than the teachers. I dont think they are actually larping children in school, more like oppressed women from the 50's-60's but all pornified and to the extreme exaggeration of them being treated like less than adult because sexism? Idk.

Also think the moid who organizes all this is into the chubby ones.

I hope i dont come off as deffending anyone or strictmoor. Kek its just an observation.

No. 1786134

Can any nonas confirm where in Connecticut this Skidmore place is? Not the full address, obvs, just city/town. It's my home state & I'm so very curious!

No. 1786145

Yeah I watched some of the preview videos and the girls are supposed to be in college kek

No. 1786147

There's actually a Skidmore College in New York

No. 1786151

File: 1678467878632.jpeg (289.89 KB, 1080x2277, DB18400E-676A-4329-9C45-5B2909…)

Kek we call it Skidmore but it’s actually Strictmoor Academy
Looks like either Enfield or Hartford. Also the answer to the question from this anon >>1785948 is she’s 39

No. 1786152

ngl she looks good for 39 but she ugly af

No. 1786154

Ayrt I know! I toured the campus when I was looking at colleges! Ironically it's a really good school, which makes it even funnier that that's what we're calling Strictmoor. Skidmore Academy would be more fitting.

No. 1786157

File: 1678468633697.jpeg (573.5 KB, 2048x2048, 8A3550CB-28BE-4DE2-93B4-BF6E51…)

No. 1786159

Aside from the gunt moose knuckle what the fuck has she done to her legs?

No. 1786161

This is what complete lack of muscle under fat looks like Jesus Christ she needs to just start going for walks every day. Sage for semi blog but a close friend of mine who was a small size fatty started her weight loss journey w walks. I know I know Shaynus will never take any advice, just felt like sighing into the void about it kek

No. 1786169

File: 1678470272613.png (298.88 KB, 377x502, footleg.png)

Kek what am I looking at? Did she try to shoop her cankles out? Her foot is attached directly to her knee.

No. 1786171

I'm fucking crying. I think it's just the most unfortunate pose ever but it really does look like she shooped her foot directly onto her knee. I think it's just highly foreshortened cankle hidden in shadow that blurs the angles and makes it look hilarious

No. 1786174

If it werent for this room and this content, Id say hey this place is weird but at least its not so pedo-y. Its unclear what age the school girls are supposed to be imo. It doesnt seem like middle or elementary school at least. Its either hs or college. Maybe its left unclear and its more like a mixed age boarding school type of thing. Idk the ye olde themes are so funny to me still its wild some loaded geriatric is backing this. And Thats what attention to details looks like, Shaynus.

No. 1786175

Porky the Peg-leg kek

No. 1786179

I think the ye olde thing could be chic and cool if they did it like 60s new wave style with loads of pretty looking classically beautiful looking women. Or even really laid into the “period drama” styling. Like tasteful vintage porno flick. When they’re just picking random every day girls off the street like Shayna that don’t even look the same age or species it doesn’t really translate… it just looks like someone broke into a mental institution and is terrorising the mentally ill

No. 1786181

File: 1678472649000.jpeg (57.04 KB, 612x416, A5B9AC8E-3CC1-477E-96A2-3D6A8A…)

Same fagging but just classic softcore aesthetic “porn” like this would have such a niche market. Way better than her creepy diaper shit.

No. 1786240

bitch got a whole ham hock

No. 1786242

kek notice how the
>omg bigkitty said i look just like a barbie! Omg big kitty gave me a sippy cup!
>Omg we went to the bar and a bunch of old men were staring at us & they asked if we were old enough!!!
Type of posts never happen when she ACTUALLY hangs out with people who aren't ellen.
You know, people who may actually see her posts and be like, "Wait..that didn't happen". Kek, all her weird encounters like a GTA game never happen when she's actually being social and around people. Just when she's alone and nobody can confirm or deny,that someone told her she looked "Straight out of malibu". Just a thought

No. 1786244

The coomer moid who funds this does not care about pleasing aesthetics. He wants to see plain janes degraded themselves for his pocket change. Probably adds to the coom to see them look so homely and stupid in his little school girl fantasy.

No. 1786245

>I myself wear a size 9-9.5
Then you have 0 room to talk, giantess

No. 1786252

NTA but that nona isn't trying to sell herself as an uwu baby bimbo while having that shoe size like Shayna is so she absolutely can talk shit about her feet

No. 1786255

honestly don't think there's a strong correlation between height and shoe size, just a dumb moid meme
I'm 158cm and size 9US shoes (39/40 EU), my aunt who is 145ish cm is just a shoe size or so below me, while my giantess of a cousin (i think she is 180cm or maybe more) is my same shoe size

No. 1786262

i dont believe the shit shayna posts on her socials for her height. she’s at least 5’7. There were caps a few threads back at a porn agency putting her at 5’6 - so shes definitely not 5’5” like everyone says. but she constantly looks like Hodor when standing next to people. My guess is the porn agency was being nice and she’s actually the 5’7. Its not just height either, everything about is “biggie sized”

No. 1786265

>>1786255 Yea it seems very random. I'm a 7 US, 4 1/2 UK and 37.5 EU and I'm 5'6 or 5'7, google gives me different numbers? or 170 cm. Very narrow high arch feet. My mum got huge stompers and only a few inches taller than me.

No. 1786267

My personal theory is that people compliment her when she's out with Ellen because they think she's an actual retard with her handler if they're doing that DDLG mumma shit in public.
Nta but I will agree with you as an average sized woman with size 8.5 feet. Shoe size is all over the place. Her feet are confirmed to be around size 7 which isn't that small but not big either. I think the reason she looks so big is that the people she works with are thinner and/or shorter. I think Shat's weight distribution and her weight are what make her look so big, like the long legs and the fat in the majority of her upper body. I almost wonder if she has a "long vertical" line that makes her look taller than she actually is kek.

No. 1786284

File: 1678485396153.jpeg (443.61 KB, 1536x2048, 50EE2C1B-B836-447A-BD43-BF0CC9…)

Dear god, her lips. She’s obviously edited her face but she still has no top lip and her bottom lip is still cracked and crusty as fuck underneath the gloss. Fucking rancid.

No. 1786291

Its weird to me because it seems like they book the same ugly bitches to do the same porn scenarios each time??
Like they do a classroom/principals office scenario, a nurse office, a pedo toddler room, and the creepy basement each time. Idk how that doesnt get repeatitive and boring? Like theres only so many "plots" to have there. I would understand if it was at least different girls each time. But theyre really having Shaynus keep coming out? I know shes willing and desperate, but she comes off so unprofessional and annoying and I mean look at her. Busted face and a bad body. Shes shit at acting too.

No. 1786293

holy shit she looks so edited and stupid like a long foot face kek

No. 1786298

She poorly edited out the back roll by her water mark

No. 1786303

Not gonna lie Shayna would get more subscribers on her onlyfans / followers on twitter and get more money if she just accepted she is fat. Making videos for guys into fat / feeder fetish would benefit her more instead of this wannabee pedo pander shit.
Or maybe losing weight and getting a job at starbucks.(sage your shit)

No. 1786306

Maybe they just want to see how they all progressively gain more weight. But also, it would be particularly pathetic if the same girls decided to pay in order to “enjoy” a bdsm experience.
Then again, since these degenerates of skidmore seems to be filming a bunch of videos at times, I wouldn’t be surprised if the ultimate coomer that gives the money reviewed the content a bunch of times before finding some detail he doesn’t like, so he makes them film the whole thing again.
Those are my tinfoils kek.

No. 1786316

No because realistically speaking she's not as fat as feederism models tend to be. If someone gets turned on by fat girls, then they're going to be looking for extremely obese women such as Mama June or the Slayton sisters. Shayna is big but she isn't actually infinifat extreme obesity big. Scary fat sized.

No. 1786320

She keeps doing the classic white girl pose where she has one knee bent and all it really does is highlight how hammy her thighs are. Also, and this is nitpicky as fuck, but the fact that she apparently can't tightline looks really bad with her massive lashes and completely shooped face.

No. 1786321

Oh my God "the baby" looks like she has no teeth and does meth and has threesomes with Vivi Clouds and her Lurch. Where are they finding these ugly weathered faced whores, behind a dumpster?

No. 1786322


As one of the degens who did this stuff (I'm the anon who has been BTS at Strictmoor, I was in a rough time financially post pandemic, thankfully those days are behind me) it's because, unsurprisingly, not that many women let strangers beat them for money. So those who do get rebooked because genuine masochists/women willing to lower themselves to that level are few and far between. More classically attractive women don't need to let people physically abuse them for cash.

The guy who commissions the Strictmoor films paying for essentially the same film to be created over and over again is admittedly really weird. Esp because the budget for them is unusually high for that kind of custom clip work. It's the clip buyer paying that enables the Strictmoor people to fly people in from the UK etc. I'd love to know what he does/did for work.

No. 1786323

This is a weirdly genuine smile from Shayna. Almost shy, I think she is legit into the baby woman KEK

No. 1786327

That fucking bare mattress anons I can’t take it anymore!

No. 1786338

The random fucking dog bowl and bare, grotty mattress on the floor make this look like a serial killer's dungeon. I know it's been commented on before ITT, but the exposed pipework doesn't help either.

No. 1786342

Its supposed to be some kidnap creepy basement. Like intentionally for the porn.

No. 1786344

I'm pretty sure that's what this room is. She shot in it a few threads ago.

No. 1786374

What are the Skidmark people like? The older ladies at least seem like they'd be nice. Would Shayna's uwu bimbo baby attention whoring be encouraged there or is it a more professional setting?

I'm dying to know how these people react to Shayna being Shayna.

Glad you're out of it!

No. 1786381

How do these ugly old people make this porn with any conscience? Clearly this is the type of fantasy of a serial killer. Do they really think it's just a "kink" for these types or that it could help curb their impulses? I'm trying to understand but it makes me want to a-log.

No. 1786382

I’m surprised that she doesn’t have more of a “muffin top” at her size and with how tight the shorts are. Like they look like she barely squeezes into them, but she doesn’t have that soft overflow bigger women get. I think it would be hard to edit out

No. 1786383

File: 1678498464137.png (58.06 KB, 641x437, slaphappy68.png)

NTA but is this the guy who owns/commissions Strictmoor Academy? He interacts with Shaynus quite a bit so I assume he's at least part of the production process somewhat.

No. 1786386

Because she pulls them up do far when theyre already high waisted. Its more surprising she doesnt have a massive moose knuckle from it. I think the muffin top actually gets sucked down so she has more of a fanny pack of fat. And the torso bulges above. Shes got the busted can of biscuits look going on really. Plus in pictures she angles and sucks in like hell.

No. 1786396

Ew that looks like my dad but white.

No. 1786404

File: 1678502874229.jpeg (Spoiler Image,323.31 KB, 1536x2048, 33049A26-E510-4E93-86C8-90311F…)


No. 1786408

Can someone please mail this bitch a pumice stone?

No. 1786416

This literally looks like a corpse

No. 1786424

Yeahh.. this does look like a dead body. If it wasn't meant to then whoever was in charge of the shoot and editing needs the sack immediately cos this looks like corpse porn!

No. 1786445

I think she has an infection because yesterday she was commenting about her “pussy drooling” and had to go to the restroom, and here she has white discharge. (I know how vaginas work and that healthy discharge exists too)

No. 1786471

File: 1678511731466.jpg (29.1 KB, 250x301, 1648697326115.jpeg.jpg)

Kek, reeminds me of this image some nonnie made a couple threads back.

No. 1786487

I know we talk a lot of shit but that is actually vomit inducing. It looks like she’s rotting from her vagina and feet. Even by sex worker standards you should draw the line at taking such unflattering and sad photos, no pay is worth someone selling porn where you look decomposed and we know shay isn’t making money from these shoots

No. 1786494

File: 1678516371630.jpg (179.84 KB, 1080x810, bratz_dolls_nude__no_shoes_161…)

Obviously a much, much fatter version but her leg immediately made me think of when you take a Bratz doll's shoe off

No. 1786495

File: 1678516494038.jpeg (249.78 KB, 749x1106, 04D2AF92-A12A-41F3-980B-3B8124…)

Does anyone else think she seems happier at Skidmark than she does in Renton?

No. 1786498

next thread pic

No. 1786537

probably the healthiest thing she has eaten in months and it had to be forcefed to her by a concerned coworker

No. 1786547


The older women are genuinely nice. I'm not surprised Shayna enjoys the shoots, it seems like she doesn't have any social interaction elsewhere. The older ladies/dommes are generally more chill because they have less to prove. The sub girls can be a bit catty/competitive but honestly the vibe is generally really friendly and warm. It's a huge issue in the kink world in general that people can be very accepting/nice and it makes it seem like this wholesome 'found family' and you stop thinking about the things you're doing in a critical way. The bigger Strictmoor shoots you could almost fool yourself you're doing something legit because compared to a lot of clip work they can be quite big productions, almost like making a feature film. Really glad I don't do it anymore.

Re Shayna's behaviour unless you're being a complete lunatic you'll basically be pandered to by these people. Very nod and smile. They just want to make money and are used to working with princesses - a lot of SW people can be entitled and think they're special when they're - for eg - Shayna. The 'i'm baby' shit isn't a big deal to these peeps, one of their websites is called Mommy Spanking or something. You have to adjust your expectations of what people embroiled in an industry like this see as normal or are willing to put up with to exploit these women to make coin.

Sorry if I messed up replying, I'm not au fait with board culture. I only lurk this thread because I heard someone from Strictmoor mention it in passing related to Shayna.

No. 1786557

yeah this is uh genuinely beyond fucked up. This is by far the most unsettling post, right next to greyhair discovery.

No. 1786583

No way this belongs to the body of a 25 going on 26 year old. This looks like the body of a sick 58 year old.

No. 1786584

> I only lurk this thread because I heard someone from Strictmoor mention it in passing related to Shayna.
Someone from strictmoor mentioned the thread?? What’s they say?

No. 1786605

Lmao fuck off bitch. You’re a bunch of weirdo degenerates.(infighting retard)

No. 1786606

I think she was being quite reasonable, and if she has insider information like this it's really interesting to me

No. 1786612

Why exactly would they make her “wipe away” her wetness for a porn shoot? Knowing Shayna she was probably “drooling” chunks of white yeast during the scene and ruining the shoot and they told her to go clean herself up before they could continue.

No. 1786613

Can you tell us how much money Shayna could make during her stay? Shayna was asking for money to buy pizza. Don't they have catering?
How big is the place?

No. 1786619

Anytime any insider comes in with milk, you idiots have to start moralfagging and virtue signaling, huh? Stfu.

No. 1786622

>hey guys I'm a newfag but I want to share information with you
>fuck off, you're a newfag
This happens in literally every single thread now. Why the fuck are you here if you don't care about milk? If you want to spit vitriol at random people, there are other chans where you can do that kek

No. 1786629

A random whore who is just up some boomer pornographers’ ass?? This person never said they worked with Shayna or had any irl interaction with her. Aka no milk. Just rumors she got from twitter from other whores who think themselves better than Shayna.

No. 1786633

That's gross you let some soggy bitches beat you while you were in a 1840s moomoo for old coomers to wank their ancient, powdered semen shooting dicks off to, who told you about this site? Was it Sophia? At fatcon someone posted a candid of Shay like they were sitting right by her and farmers were suspicious…

No. 1786637


No I've never met Shayna but I have met the Strictmoor people and Shayna seems to be shooting with them regularly now, so I thought people on here might be interested in someone who has first hand experience of how they work and what they're like. If that's not considered milk then fair enough.

No. 1786654

Ignore them- some shaytards are feral, ty for the info.

No. 1786658

Ignore the aggro anons, we appreciate the insider info. Newfags think board culture is just being an out and out cunt for no reason, and the Shayna threads attract them like mad. I wouldn't be surprised if it's other Strictmoor whores trying to shut you up.
It's so crazy to see Shayna interacting with other women and seeming to actually enjoy herself. And good on the other woman for getting this big bitch to eat something even remotely healthy, kek.

No. 1786659

Spill the milk on strictmoor, we need something please

No. 1786669

Literally a decent sounding newfag and you have to say shit like that. You fuck off bitch this is potential milk and youre ruining that.
Its fine you posted fine, do you have milk? I would love the insider scoop.

No. 1786670

I'm the anon who originally asked what Strictmoor is like - thank you for your in depth answer!

Do the people who work there think the whole thing is weird too? The guy who commissions, the setting, etc.

Who at SM mentioned the thread to you and what did they say? I think I read correctly that you found out about it through strictmoor but I just woke up and could be wrong.

Ignore the anons lashing out, they're retards blinded by Shayte (shayna hate)

No. 1786671

Nonnie you are talking about pornbrained scrotes and scrotesses.

They dont think anything they do is weird or degenerate and really just want to peddle it as normal so the future generation of emotionally damaged girls chooses sex work. They hope to make it look fun and socially normal and they begin to believe the larp themselves.

No. 1786678

Thanks for the info, nonna. Ignore the vitriolic spergs. Whatever other info you choose to share will be appreciated. Honestly I'm just glad you got out of that life and hope things are going well for you now.

No. 1786737

Cope harder kek(derailing / infighting)

No. 1786745

ntayrt but no one cares as much as you do. you sound like a shitty moid with a foot fetish. they're feet anon who cares

No. 1786752

Fully agree with >>1786678

>Shayte (shayna hate)

No. 1786753


They think it's weird that he pays so much money to have the same film made over and over. The content? Not really. Sarah and her husband (can't remember his name, David?) are kink lifestylers and their entire business is making fetish content. I don't actually know much about the guy who commissions specifically the Strictmoor stuff except that he has a huge budget. I think he's American. People asking if he was x or y Twitter profile, I have no idea but I strongly suspect he doesn't have an active twitter presence. Most custom commissioners have blank profiles and use twitter just to follow kink models/degens. They're not usually openly kinky i.e. engage in kink relationships or lifestyles. They're mostly older men who went to school when CP was a thing and they formed weird fetishes about it.

Even though I'm not involved in the industry anymore I don't want to out myself because I keep in touch with some of the girls. I won't say who but I keep in touch with someone I got on with at a shoot and they told me one of the newer models had a whole hate site dedicated to her (lol). It wasn't hard to find lolcow from there.

Someone asked about price - the Strictmoor shoots (the schoolgirl vibe 1940s shoots) pay really well, maybe $7/800 a day? Plus travel, accomodation and food. Other clip work is less well paid. It depends if it's a custom commission or not, and usually depends on the severity of the punishment if it's impact stuff. Shayna begging for pizza money and expenses is absolutely her grifting. I get the feeling she asks for everything to be reimbursed as part of her 'salary'. I'm betting a lot of it is inflated or made up.

I got out after making maybe a handful of clips for a few different people. I'm not proud of it at all but also not super ashamed - I was in a really shit situation and it kept the lights on and fed my dog. The one thing I will say is although obviously the themes are hugely problematic and it's 100% scrote pandering, and the audience is all male, I never ever had to be touched by a man and I worked exclusively with women. I'm gay so that was a big deal for me. The Strictmoor shoot I did I barely even had to acknowledge the few men on set. You never have to work with men if you don't want to, spanking/CP stuff is mostly women doing stuff to women. So Shayna making clips there with some of the men is absolutely because she wants to work with men, which personally I find pretty gross. Even when I was being paid to do this shit you couldn't have paid me to let the men into this touch me.

No. 1786757

Should clarify CP is corporal punishment, sorry - all these terms are apparently still living rent free in my head.

No. 1786777

ty for the information you worthless whore who is no better than Shayna(a-logging)

No. 1786778

thank you for the information, and thank you for the clarification too. very interesting. I'm glad you're in a situation where you don't have to do stuff like that now.
it sounds like Shayna complains about her haters on set

No. 1786779

File: 1678563845805.jpeg (Spoiler Image,60.44 KB, 750x838, C4EE4233-3CA8-4DA5-91E7-25CE2D…)

Since nobody is updating on her milk I will upload her tweets, Shaynus is now flying home from the best time of her life with the old Skidmark freaks. I think she should move in there given how happy she seems.
Now she’s drunk at the airport in some chavvy tracksuit claiming people are complimenting her, it’s the same old shit but still humorous. For some reason this picture took me OUT, it’s the watermark next to her weird pussy kekkkk.

No. 1786780

File: 1678563877031.jpeg (76.47 KB, 750x748, 1A396590-3C69-4E8B-B930-6E1216…)

No. 1786781

File: 1678563920182.jpeg (30.8 KB, 750x432, 504B8E34-A3DA-4D8B-A399-858BFB…)

One of two interactions that did not happen

No. 1786782

File: 1678564008775.png (197.91 KB, 750x1334, 1529E224-B62F-40B5-AB7A-5DF849…)

No. 1786783

i wish all the cam whore haters went into the jonny craig thread lol they’re praised there

No. 1786784

File: 1678564078672.jpeg (38.61 KB, 750x476, 28734360-93A8-478E-BF59-F5D340…)

Two of two interactions that did not happen

No. 1786788

Can you shut the fuck up and actually contribute to the thread instead of putting women down who clearly regret having been in sex work? The anon already said it was a dark time and she was poor. At least it gives us milk on Skidmark and the operations behind it.
Really funny to see you and other hostile anons sitting on your high horse itt when nobody fucking updates any of the milk except for me and a few other anons so you’re basically worthless yourselves anyways KEK.

No. 1786791

I hope Shayna comes back home with an eviction notice on her door

No. 1786792

>It’s name is Floppy, like my titty.

No. 1786793

Thanks for the info

No. 1786794

the fact that there's one mysterious benefactor spending all this money on his super specific homely 50s boarding school girl spanking fetish reminds me of the documentary "Tickled". the porn industry is so weird

No. 1786796

Is she not embarrassed to post these fanfics constantly on her twitter? It's so obvious too that's she's lying. She's a grown ass woman, is she not ashamed of herself? It's like she never grew out of that stage in high school where you lie about your totally cool bf who goes to another school.

No. 1786797

Literally a worthless whore who is no better than Shayna. Some white American whore crying about how this was her only option? Sure, Jan.(derailing / infighting)

No. 1786800

no infighting please

No. 1786801

take your meds and fuck off retard

No. 1786803

Most people on lc hate cam whores

No. 1786807

It's fine to hate cam whores, sex work isn't real work etc, but stop scaring away the milk, jfc. It's not like that anon was blog posting without precedence. What she was talking about is relevant to the thread and interesting.

No. 1786808

its just that we aren’t here to talk about nonnies blogging, we are here to talk shit about Fatty Mattel and co.

No. 1786815

I love camwhores(derailing / shitposting)

No. 1786817

Then maybe she didn't need to add that she didn't feel ashamed to make pedo porn because she needed money.

No. 1786819

How the fuck is this alogging(take it to /meta/)

No. 1786822

Calling women worthless whores? Fuck off(infighting)

No. 1786823

newfag mods who don't even know what a-logging is

No. 1786824

mods a camwhore

No. 1786825

pedo panderers are worthless whores, fuck off pedo whiteknight(infighting)

No. 1786839

Nta but I looked up the company to try and learn more about it and it’s very odd. They have trademarks on their site but I wasn’t able to find any business licenses for Strictmoor Academy, Triple A Spanking. Just for SG Group which I believe came up with a random address in the UK. SG probably stands for Sarah Gregory; I’m thinking that the weird scrote pays for everything through Sarah Gregory (the youngest lady with the busted face and good body), hence why she was the one to “found” Strictmoor when we know it’s really some disgusting moid bankrolling it and not some woman’s primary interest.
If other anons have experience with looking up businesses I think it’d be helpful. I can’t imagine what kind of scrote is funding this; he has to be like 70-80 years old given the time period. Given the life expectancy stats I’m not sure how much longer Strictmoor will be in operation kek.

No. 1786840

newfag mod is also a tranny. have been banned several times since they started for “anti trans” comments. the farms are becoming a shit hole.(take it to /meta/)

No. 1786842

Mods this is obviously a moid posting, please get the redtexting/banning together(take it to /meta/)

No. 1786870

Thank you so much for the insider info. I'm glad you got out of it.

>I never ever had to be touched by a man and I worked exclusively with women. I'm gay so that was a big deal for me. The Strictmoor shoot I did I barely even had to acknowledge the few men on set.

This tells a lot about porn industry. You mention they respected your boundaries while filming like it's a rare thing. In legit jobs not being touched against will is taken for granted.

No. 1786905

File: 1678573855998.jpeg (105.27 KB, 1170x1110, 0B741E44-90F7-4D84-96AD-905BEC…)

No. 1786909

I love how every single one of her traveling stories that include moids are always men who are working, men at the bar. Men who work on the plane kek. And every good or bad experience is always random women complimenting her or leering at her (older women of course). Not once does she speak on men who aren't working, flirting or being nice. If she does it's almost always some weird ass comment. Also shayna just because he's being cute about the stuff animal doesn't mean he's into ddlg shit. Kek. I've personally seen women carry stuffed animals to dentist appointments or some shit. It's not normal but people assume it's for comfort not some weird ass kink. Shayna probably thinks he wants to be her actual dad. And no this probably didn't happen not like she says anyway

No. 1786916

kek he probably thought she was special needs traveling by herself

No. 1786919

File: 1678575112194.jpeg (183.26 KB, 1170x1505, 7E4DFFE6-DACA-4FED-A4EF-528078…)

No. 1786929

Looking extra soccer mom that thinks shes cool today

No. 1786933

This and the made up interactions and things are why I still think that last "shoot" she went out for are suspicious as hell. Its the great shaystery. She didnt document where she was going or where she was or anything that happened just faked food poisoning and ended up in some hotel and was scamming money.

No. 1786945

File: 1678578857775.png (10.76 KB, 696x141, simple shay.png)

the way she broadcasts where she is when her audience is made up of creepy men and lolcow…

No. 1786953

Kek. Bitch he wanted a tip not a relationship with you.

Not hard to identify as Shayna as a retard who carries around stuffed toys to be some tard who names them and gets attached to them.
Dude works at an airport bar, I'm sure he meets all fucking types. Bet Shay didn't tip though, she just thought he was genuinely into her.

No. 1786956

She definitely fits in with all the homeless who camp there

No. 1786958

i definitely think the bartender one is real but it was mocking her, not whatever fantasy she thinks it was

No. 1786960

File: 1678580668708.jpeg (166.22 KB, 1170x1418, E3EEB1B9-A16C-4DF6-9F42-4788AA…)

No. 1786963

Why tf do these retarded whores come up with the most idiotic fake stories? Do they think anyone actually believes this??

No. 1786967

They sell themselves online for literally $3 and no one aside from 3 literal retarded men, the absolute dregs of society, wants to see it. That’s why.

No. 1786968

Pussy looking fucking Ominous

No. 1786988

>adjusting your personality to try to appease the broke ass Uber driver scrote who you’re literally paying to drive you around because you’re too broke to afford a car
B word

No. 1786992

This pick me shit, kek. You lie to ubers because men aren't to be trusted and 80 percent of the time they default to creepy anytime anything vaguely female shaped gets in their cars, especially alone. Most of us are just out here trying not to get murdered. You aren't special.

No. 1786998

And then everyone stood up and clapped

No. 1787068

>met their soulmate
>pfp looks like a 12 year old band kid
Kek okay

No. 1787105

Are you on drugs? Nobody cares about feet like that lmao(derailing / infighting)

No. 1787110

This definitely comes across as somebody trying to deflect from the anon talking about Skidmark Acsdemy, maybe a bitter sex worker?

No. 1787112

File: 1678597422784.jpeg (200.08 KB, 1152x2048, DC76717B-5CF7-470E-A863-004B94…)

> baby made it safely 2 seattle <3
Let the alcoholic binge commence, how many days was she dry for? I wonder if her alcoholism is apparent to the Skidmark people

No. 1787129

Stop with the room temperature iq conspiracy theories

No. 1787169

I highly doubt she's been dry even for this short period of time, last Skidmark shoot she did was one of the times she got sick from overindulging (aka binging as Big Shaynus do)

No. 1787183

Peep that troon flag, has that moid jerked himself in to trannydom kek

No. 1787185

What kind of anti-trans comments have they banned people for?(derailing)

No. 1787199

No. 1787256

File: 1678626734986.jpg (159.88 KB, 1080x1147, BurntOutUtopian.jpg)

No. 1787261

The derailing in this thread is getting out of hand. Bans have been issued. Future bans for derailing/infighting in this thread will be much longer.

Take it elsewhere if you want to continue discussing the moderation of this site, feet, or the virtues of camwhoring. Stay on topic and stick to discussing Shayna.

No. 1787277

No wonder he follows shayna
> anti speciesism
Hog fucker confirmed

No. 1787279

I they have the troon flag and "he/him" is that a FtM?

No. 1787284

>Vegan antifa
nice way to say he gets zero action

No. 1787287

>wanks to $3 whores
Dworkin was right.

No. 1787289

ty farmhand it’s been the shild west in here

No. 1787295

Jfc my ovaries just withered to the size of pinheads. Of course these are the scrotes ol Shayturd attracts.
Kek thanks farmhand. Appreciate your diligence.

No. 1787309

When you click on their media tab it becomes obvious that this person literally spends all day every day on Twitter replying to people or retweeting, holy shit. They’ve been on Twitter since August 2020 and have 222.6k tweets. That’s over 7,000 tweets a month

No. 1787331

Nothing even extreme. Just pointing how a tranny has an adams apple and man shoulders, or calling a dude dressed up as a chick ugly and not passing. Guess it hit a little too close to home with the jannies.(you were warned, take it to /meta/)

No. 1787338

At one point I actually shipped this guy and Shayna (mostly for keks) because 1) he’s not old and 2) being vegan would probably help Shat lose weight

No. 1787362

Kek I can totally see Shat being the type of vegan to eat nothing but potato chips and Oreos

No. 1787365

File: 1678642406495.jpeg (377.74 KB, 1439x1315, A75C1ECC-2DF1-4AA9-969C-56570B…)

SA but I searched for some specific words and confirmed the following about “Degrowth Futurist”:
> NEET “communist” with no skills or drivers license who leeches off his Christian conservative parents
> proudly addicted to video games and porn while claiming to be a healthy person bc of veganism
> has a sissy fetish and identifies as “bigender”
> violent towards TERFs, insists that we’re all ugly
> claims to be traumatized by k-12 school which justifies not going to school and picking a career
> tranny fucker
Does this mf even pay for Shat’s content? He’s flat broke!

No. 1787368

Samefag but if you wanna a-log then look up his tweets about trauma and why he’s burnt out and can’t get a job. It is rage inducing. Many women have survived PTSD inducing events and we still work jobs and lead productive lives. Like there’s gang rape and attempted murder survivors who have fucking 9-5 jobs. What a fucking baby. Him calling himself an anarchist or whatever while leaching off of conservatives seems like great rightwing fuel for the likes of Ben Shapiro. Surprised he isn’t a cow on KF tbh.

No. 1787372

File: 1678643427636.jpeg (73.53 KB, 750x978, 1A2F947D-4105-428B-AA9F-3C6686…)

No. 1787377

God he should have been aborted. Why haven’t his parents kicked him out? Wtf what a deadbeat waste of air. We should deport all coomers like him and replace them with women from other countries who would actually contribute to society. Sage for OT

No. 1787378

File: 1678644337634.jpeg (114.67 KB, 1242x1203, 4BE62537-0982-4280-80A2-4B08BF…)

She’s not cute wtf she just comes off as retarded

No. 1787383

unironically kill yourself(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1787384

What an extraordinarily clever plan to appear productive. The first seed you plant is tweeting about sleeping in. Here it's important you mention a time that most people would find acceptable to wake up on the weekend. But how do you make yourself appear like a hard working citizen? Here comes the second step of the plan. Pretend you didn't realize it was daylight savings to give you an extra hour of pure productivity. Be careful when trying this scheme as it must be planned meticulously and months in advance. You only get the chance to do this twice a year.

fucking early morning supremacists go eat a dick

No. 1787391

Tbf i always forget daylight savings and then get panicked when the clock is way more than I expected

No. 1787394

fair enough but with the context of the tweet before that there's no way in hell you can tell me this isn't staged

No. 1787395

The cow has come full circle. Nonnies called it since the dawn of the never ending, seemingly permanent ellen saga.

"Shes gonna end up with legs like ellens."

Its happened. Lol

No. 1787404

Why do BPDchans make up stupid shit like this?

No. 1787406

Do her and Ellen even pretend to have sex anymore kek

No. 1787407

Holy shit that is the most pathetic coomer I have seen in a long while

No. 1787427

They never claimed to. Shayna only tweeted Ellen biting her and hitting her. Idk they’re both fucking weird straight pick me’s that are only friends but sexualize being faux lesbians for coomer attention. It’s gross

No. 1787526

Wasn't she and Fupa posting snapchats until late at night and way in the afternoon all the time back in the day? "Can't remember the last time I slept in…" Girl, bye.

No. 1787566

File: 1678659342104.jpeg (213.5 KB, 1170x1575, 0B8DE6B6-C766-466D-9629-3D6076…)

No. 1787584

Jfc how much sushi are they eating? A conveyor belt sushi place is lower end and should be cheaper.

No. 1787606

is she hiding her double chin with her hoodie? lmaooo

No. 1787618

Shat is 100% grifting but I don't think it's too outlandish for her and Ellen to rack up a bill like that, I went on a date with a fat moid to a basic place like that and it was about $80.

No. 1787643

File: 1678668161917.jpeg (144.68 KB, 1170x1632, B287615E-5B0F-44A1-871C-A04038…)


No. 1787646

Shayna is NOT going to look like that when she wears this kek

No. 1787648

File: 1678668290724.jpeg (133.43 KB, 1170x1349, 7CC25BD7-3DE6-41EE-A8BC-D2ABFE…)


No. 1787651

mike slack just bought her her 6th ill-fitting pink tracksuit
groundhog day

No. 1787652

File: 1678668482502.jpeg (165.2 KB, 1170x1282, C2236034-DC94-486D-8CDE-AA4A11…)

No. 1787663

> 4.4%
I wish that we could track this, wasn’t she in the top 1% at one point?

No. 1787677

File: 1678670371317.jpeg (18.76 KB, 750x367, 7A7E9627-D533-4E3A-B5CA-D0B077…)

No. 1787678

File: 1678670490019.jpeg (35.25 KB, 750x457, BA5FDD41-8F6E-4797-8EFD-281A1E…)

She really wants another Fupa

No. 1787682

File: 1678670764194.jpeg (60.02 KB, 750x536, F1926E31-1991-4DB6-A6D9-70B327…)

No. 1787686

File: 1678671148314.jpeg (64.7 KB, 749x652, 10244A52-D724-4686-B463-D0C683…)

She rewrote this one kek

No. 1787697

Yeah, isn't 4.4 really bad?

No. 1787701

lmao the texture change in head to neck, this looks like she just put someone elses face on her body

No. 1787713