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File: 1673472509850.png (606.49 KB, 488x486, 1673023791149.png)

No. 1742119

Previous thread: >>>/snow/1736432

Repetitive nitpicks about Shayna's body, face, and genitals are subject to a 1-day ban. Reposting the same photos zoomed in/edited is not milk and you will receive a ban for nitpicking.

REMEMBER: Read the rules before posting. Stay on topic, derailing and infighting will result in a ban. Sage when there’s no milk. Spoiler any NSFW images. No blog posting or bragging about how you're a better whore than Shayna. Nobody wants to hear about your degeneracy.

This is a Shay thread, curb your enthusiasm when posting screenshots of other e-whores, they go in the e-whore thread >>>/snow/1596608

Last Thread:
>shayna invites Shane Pierre Sonnier of Wichita, Kansas over to Seattle, typical cringe ensues >>1736937 >>1736939
>shayna "Dolly Mattel" Clifford of Seattle, Washington makes a twitter post implying Shane Pierre Sonnier of Wichita, Kansas drugged and raped her >>1737516
>>shayna justifies this as one of her kinks >>1737879
>>1737933 more money begging from Shayna
>>shayna gets a crappy haircut >>1738261 >>1739615
>more kinky vs vanilla cringe from Shayna >>1738764
>shayna begins to depression post realizing her useless moid is going home to his wife and children >>1739250
>more horrific degeneracy from Shayna and her moid ft fuck machine >>1740130
>shayna begins the pick me nonsense that drives all moids away from her >>1740353
>shayna complains about lolcow yet again >>1740484
>>1740617 Sonnier P Shane of Wichita, Kansas changes his facebook name and privates
>shayna claims she has "childhood trauma" >>1740823
>shayna is apparently booked to do weird tickle bondage crap >>1741351
>another Strictmoor spanking video with an extra side dish of pedo and diapers >>1741415
>1741641 shayna gets depressed because the moid won't talk to her for a few hours
>>more gross old man thirsting >>1741809
>shayna breaks up with Shane Pierre Sonnier of Wichita, Kansas because he ignored her for a few hours in favor of his family >>1741967 >>1741970 >>1741975 >>1741976
>shane pierre sonnier begins shitting up the lolcow thread, wants his shit deleted >>1742061

No. 1742122

New TikTok: https://www.tiktok.com/@dollhausbarbie
Snapchat: irlbarbiedolly (BANNED)

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No. 1742126

Inb4 someone complains, good job on the re-cap / pic op and thanks for being so speedy. Tonight’s gonna be milky…

No. 1742128

I love how she thought breaking up with Shane Pierre Sonnier was going to make him fight for her. I love how he did exactly what we said, ghost her. I love how she basically confirmed she spent money on him. I love how she thought some degenerate with a wolf pack was going to sit around and tell her to drink water and eat. Kek, they probably didn't have piv, she probably trauma dumped everything and he got tired and said, "apologize to yourself!" Aka "shut the fuck up and stop talking about me". I feel like he thought she was the fun loving slut he could have sex with and leave.
Not a mentally ill manipulative, clingy, sex repulsed 25 year old who literally wants a man to tell her how to fix her life and actually be her father. Now I feel she seeks out men with kids hoping they'll see her as one of the kids and care for her like one.
Like gross weirdos target single mothers. All that to say ha ha Shayna Leigh Clifford

No. 1742131

File: 1673473776613.png (37.7 KB, 599x260, Screenshot 2023-01-11 164756.p…)

Already regretting it.

No. 1742132

>expecting genuine care and love from some degen faggot that slapped and punched and stepped on her and forcibly drugged her
It's gotta be the wet brain. She's such a fucking retard.

No. 1742134

Wow so the inevitable ghosting and bpd meltdown happened even quicker than I thought it would. Expect abuse allegations in the next 24 hours I guess. It’s ass-backwards to let a fetish scrote into your house to do gross kinks with you and expect a committed relationship to magically follow. Teenagers in their first relationships have more self-awareness and common sense than this. She’s utterly retarded for this.

No. 1742135

File: 1673474119916.jpeg (378.69 KB, 750x866, 219ADE27-D85F-4F0D-8B8F-8CFB26…)

unfortunately she's going live on onlyfats tonight and not MFC she said she would do MFC on friday but who knows

No. 1742136

Why did she think he would want to be her “daddy” as in caring about her well-being when the thing that brought them together was a fetish con? I’m thinking he probably lied like any other moid to be able to do whatever abusive sex things he wanted for a few weeks and then left to avoid the actual relationship part. Shayna is a needy retard who craves attention from anyone and thinks she’s so irresistible that men will want to see her succeed as a person vs being used as the whore she presents herself as.

No. 1742139

She broke up with him expecting that he'd beg for her to take him back KEK shayna he is a polyfag. Isn't the whole point of being poly that the relationships are mostly just sexual and if one of the partners is annoying you with feelings you can just go to a different one? This scrote has a whole group of people begging for a piece of his time. Now she regrets breaking up because she didn't really want to in the first place, she just wanted him to care about her the most out of all of his degenerates. I'd feel bad for her if she wasn't such a piece of shit

No. 1742140

He stopped giving her his full and undivided attention and she immediately freaked out at him to fight for her. Like, girl, what did you expect? He asked for space, she started complaining about him not fulfilling his promises to her (that’s why he said “you’re attacking me”) so she basically picked a fight with him, and when he held his ground and didn’t yield to her will and respond the way she wanted him to (give her the attention back, grovel for supposedly neglecting her), she broke up with him expecting him to protest. Like what??
Someone get this bitch a DBT workbook

No. 1742142

Exactly, this is Fuckboy 101. It’s crazy how pickmes cater to scrotes so hard but never seem to figure out how they actually operate.

No. 1742145

File: 1673474527118.jpeg (153.23 KB, 827x1004, A175FB40-D6D2-49F2-98A3-4D25FF…)

Warming up to make the abuse allegations?

I don’t understand the logic here. So it’s abuse because he didn’t give her enough aftercare for her drop after their scene… but if he had just given her more attention, then it’s all hunky dorey and totally not abuse?

I hope Shay goes to sleep tonight with the knowledge that she let a stranger use her body for their own gratification with no regard for her pleasure or care for her well-being.

No. 1742146

File: 1673474585029.jpeg (285.04 KB, 827x1391, B79AC4C4-7C96-411F-A3C7-EB4ECB…)

No. 1742147

I dont get it, she told him she'd give him space then blows up when he doesn't reply?

No. 1742149

File: 1673474685920.jpeg (211.71 KB, 1170x1472, E3209B89-9A17-4204-B266-0F802F…)

is he talking about her on this site? idk what it is but it was in 2 threads ago

No. 1742150

Kinkfags have this really bizarre logic where it's totally fine and healthy for a moid to beat and rape you if they they give you a cuddle afterwards, but that exact same beating and raping is abuse if there's no cuddle. The deciding factor in whether or not kinks are abusive is if… There's a part where they behave like a normal boyfriend? Kinkfags (women like shay in particular) don't even realise that they use kink as a transaction to obtain "real" love

No. 1742151

I kinda want Shane Pierre Sonnier to defend himself, Shayna is warming up to accuse him abuse or abandoning her and saying that's some kind of abuse. She's only known him since the middle of November.
That's the issue with Shayna everyone just let's her control thr narrative nah, say something back retard. I'd love to know his defense. Not that it matters because he's a nobody, so unless she names him or @'s him this does nothing but give us something to talk about. He's for sure going to blame her for his name being on this site though

No. 1742152

Oh she is definitely going to claim abuse soon. Kinkfags are retarded. Also isn't this what usually happens? I hear all the time about how some kinkfag woman lets a scrote abuse her in the name of kink and then waaahh he just left after without snuggling so now it's abuse. It seems this is way more common than not. (also just to note, I'm not saying they're lying that it's abuse. It was abuse the whole time but they're retarded and think snuggling makes it not abusive)

No. 1742153

The abuse is they left them, she'll let another scrote choke her and beat her with consent kek, then accuse him of abuse for not loving her back. Just like she did with Kyle Nathan Perkins
Now she's going to claim to be abused by multiple exes. She's going to do the same to Ellen

No. 1742154

It's…so delusional she would expect ANYONE to care about watching her color or telling her to drink fucking water. No shit he acted different after he came, it was mission accomplished and he no longer had to put up with her bullshit. Shocked that the moid who abandoned his hag harem at the drop of a hat isn't working out to be father figure/dad bod of the year

No. 1742155

Shay just learned what post nut clarity is. Girl the lil kid shit was there for turning him on, now after he busted a nut he realized it was retarded and is cold towards her. He wasn't into you Shay.

No. 1742156

It's crazy a sex worker years in had to realize this. She thought he'd be like Fupaul spend years with her, nope he skipped that, already married and has kids. He has other ugly fuckers to fuck. Shayna really thinks opening her legs to these scrotes equals commitment and love.
Nope. Men who love you don't choke you, sit on you and have wives

No. 1742157

File: 1673475659172.png (599.56 KB, 998x662, 835BDF24-BCA5-4C6E-9DB9-45AC37…)

I was going to vote for this as next thread pic before the break up happened, but anyways I’m currently dying over the fact that shoop nona foreshadowed Shane Pierre Sonnier actually sitting on her fucking back holy shit kek

No. 1742159

this is fucking disturbing, wtf. i know she regurgitates these disgusting scenarios all the time on twitter and in her quote unquote porn but the fact that they actually play it out in real life in their real little situationship is incredibly fucked up. she acts like a kid before, during and after they fuck? they both deserve to face the wall, she 100% deserves to feel disgusting and humiliated for doing that for a scrote.

No. 1742162

It's not even a kink, she wants to be treated like a scrotes child and she does not realize that the people she goes for don't want to entertainment that shit post nut. She hates sex she hates living and doing anything, she doesn't want to give back, just take and be taken care of. Funnily enough she could get this love from her own father but because sex work isn't involved she doesn't want it. She's fucked in the brain and will never have a real relationship

No. 1742165

Same anon, or she's just redoing everything she did with Fupaul which was the longest relationship she's had. Maybe she thinks every scrote likes that shit fupaul likes and did it with him. Except this scrote has options and doesn't want to larp as her dad 24/7

No. 1742169

So you’re telling me that a degenerate scrote who she met at a fetish event acted like…a degenerate scrote who only cared about busting a nut? Color me shocked!

Shaynus really needs to get a diary instead of blasting her personal shit all over her SEX WORK social media. Does she really think her coomers want to hear about this? (Rhetorical question, I know that she’s posting this shit online because she has no actual friends to talk to and she’s a disappointment to her family.)

Sweetie, your followers are also degenerate scrotes who only care about busting a nut to free pictures of your spread anus. Any Monsters Inc gif you get in response to your relationship drama is a bare minimum effort because they want you to keep posting free hole pictures.

No. 1742170

File: 1673476722802.jpg (38.69 KB, 275x204, 1673291068599.jpeg.jpg)

Kek at this >>1740467 from 2 days ago, she actually followed through and ended it because not getting a text back hurted more

No. 1742171

Shayne Pierre Sonnier is a fucking idiot. He should’ve at least stroked her ego for a week or two after spending 12 days beating, drugging, torturing and sitting on her. He couldn’t even pretend to give a shit about her out of basic self-preservation. Now I’m rooting for Shayna to ruin his reputation.

No. 1742175

>ur gonna be my little baby for the night
>fucks her

Shane Pierre Sonnier has kids. This is seriously beyond disturbing and disgusting

No. 1742176

So he needs her to pretend to be a baby to get off? Fucking pedo.

No. 1742177

File: 1673476848280.jpeg (304.25 KB, 828x1183, EE4F322C-8D07-497A-9398-00DA27…)

>how do you feel about going back into it in the future?
this nasty scrote is already trying to prey on her while she’s vulnerable

No. 1742178

File: 1673476871287.jpg (117.86 KB, 720x663, 20230111_225952.jpg)

>your followers are also degenerate scrotes who only care about busting a nut to free pictures of your spread anus
The only honest follower to respond to any of her tweets tonight was a guy who completely ignored her emotions and went straight to sex jokes

No. 1742181

File: 1673477016533.jpeg (150.05 KB, 828x1068, FFCE7E11-A5D4-4332-BD33-B170A3…)

No. 1742184

These two tweets = Shayna’s existence in a nutshell. Acts like a pathetic moron in public and wonders why she only attracts psycho scrotes looking for pathetic morons to take advantage of. Posts free pussy & asshole pics and rape fantasies all day and wonders why men treat her like a cumdump and no one wants to be her 24/7 “caretaker.”

No. 1742186

probably said he needed some space and she figured that meant it was cool to start blowing him up about two hours after agreeing to the give space. if you give space for more than 5 hours you're ghosted

No. 1742194

This scrote is literally sat dick in hand wanking whilst writing this, kek.

No. 1742197

Cars represent freedom, and America is literally the land of the free so that is why there is such an emphasis on Shayna's lack of car considering she's American and the majority of farmers are American.

As others nonas said, it's extremely easy to get a license and basic car in America so you have the freedom to do whatever you want. It's a right of passage most people take from 16-20 because it allows you to be independent from your family and you can start shopping on your own, getting your own food, helping out your friends and family and not have to rely on a bus schedule or someone to drive you.

It's also way faster and more convenient compared to uber, bus or train in the majority of cases of when Shayna would actually need it considering she doesn't commute for work. America was built on Freedom and Convenience.

No. 1742198

I’m not saying I support Shayna because she’s a degenerate pedo pander, however, I completely support her dragging this scrote through the mud and think she’s right to do so. Much like the Sol Soy Airbnb situation, she’s the lesser of two evils in this fight and I want to see him burn

No. 1742199

topkek good job

No. 1742202

I love this because apparently Shane and his degen crew are well known and regulars are fetcon and the fetish scene in general. Shayna is already creating drama and creating a bad name for herself in the scene. Imagine being the people who were actually interacting with both of them and reading all this on her twitter? So fucking embarrassing for her that she has no real friends to have these conversations with offline. She has no one so has to resort to baiting Shane on her "work" twitter and using random trannies and pedos in the replies as pawns to continue her narrative.

No. 1742204

File: 1673479348071.jpeg (378.34 KB, 750x1018, 8154ADC8-28F7-43D5-8EC9-23634D…)

shame has changed up his twitter

No. 1742205

someone needs to redo this with him reversed like how she described. he cant even look at her when he doesn't fuck her.

No. 1742206

Why is Shatna so retarded? She's not BPD or suffering from manic/depressive phases. Instead, she's fried her brain from years of smoking weed and binging alcohol, and she's depressed because she has no friends and no support system outside of her family and hometown. She emotionally stunted because she fell into the destructive cycle that is sex 'work' and everything else I mentioned above; she doesn't give herself the opportunity to grow and mature. I don't believe that she thinks for even a second that all of her issues could be resolved by quitting this 'career' and returning to her family, where afterward she can receive education or training and make something out of herself—or if she does think for a second, it's a sunk-cost fallacy situation and she's perpetuating her own suffering so that she can prove to herself and her family that she was right all along and that she's degraded herself to degenerate coomers for a reason.

No. 1742207

did he seriously sign up for twitter just to see her nudes and bait her into letting him fuck her for 7 days free?

No. 1742210

> he cant even look at her when he doesn't fuck her
topkek and shaynus really thought he cared about her in any way

No. 1742211

I don't even think they fucked. Like he was just doing degen shit TO her but never even stuck his dick inside. That's the weirdest part of this to me kek

No. 1742213

Part of me feels like Shane is part of a weird fetish thing with his handicapped girlfriend, where she lets him go fuck fat chicks as long as he take pictures and then he brings home the "goods" for her to see. Prayers Shayna didnt let this moid document any of this disgusting pedo-play. She is feeling some massive regret and shame if she's sharing this much on Twitter.

She is baiting the farms to fuck with Shane cause she's mad at him.

No. 1742215

She said they fucked.

No. 1742218

she says here >>1742146 that they had sex and he came, so reading between the lines, sounds like they had penetrative sex or at least oral. considering he dropped the kiddy shit so fast, I dont think he was that into it that'd he just be jerking off her to colouring and a couple spanks. We all know Shayna can't give a blowjob to save her life, so logic points to her beach-whaling it while he 2-pumps his way to post-nut clarity.

No. 1742219

File: 1673480077596.png (20.32 KB, 587x154, Screenshot 2023-01-11 183358.p…)

That work ethic, like clockwork.

No. 1742222

Maybe she just needed an excuse to not cam.

No. 1742223

You two could be completely right, I just am skeptical about it because I thought I read her saying earlier they had fucked when he was just using her fuck machine thing and a vibrator on her. I probably misread it but I can't even navigate the past thread because of the retard spammer who shat it up kek

No. 1742225

>and sitting on her

I for real just burst out laughing at this. Him sitting on her will forever be associated with him and this trip.

Shane - Sitting On Her
Hairy Guy - Couldnt get hard/Hairy Shoulders
Sol - [Fill in Blank]
Fupaul - Tiny Hands, Fupa, Manlet

No. 1742226

I think he changed his FetLife name too. Cause I can’t find him

No. 1742228

Sol - got a blowjob from her and then bounced and started publicly calling her a nazi kek

No. 1742229

Yes, on their "last night together" she said that he tied her up face down and then sat her back facing away from her so that he could watch her get fucked by a fuck-machine and use the vibe on her at the same time. but they were together for like 7+ days and that was only time she mentioned that so I dont get why youre getting hard-stuck on it. It was their last day together and his dick was probably getting raw and her pussy was inflamed and stinking. So he let the machine take one for the team.

No. 1742231

she said they had sex but all these tweets are deleted from her now

No. 1742232

Shane - Gay, Sitting On Her, Brony
Hairy Guy - Gay, Couldnt get hard, Hairy Shoulders
Sol - Gay, Shayna paying to give him the world's worst blowjob, no profit
Fupaul - Tiny Hands, Fupa, Manlet

Hey Shayna, maybe you should stop fucking gays who find you repulsive in person.

No. 1742234

Tweets deleted, is she hoping to get back together or did she realize making an enemy with someone somewhat wellknown in the retard kinkfag convention communities would be bad?

No. 1742236

Is shayna playing games with shane? she posts these knowing they'll be capped on the farms, she knows shane is now going to be viewing these threads, he'll see how she's really feeling but she can easily deny it saying it's fake because we're "haters" and she ends up just happy he's giving her any type of attention. long game shaynus?

No. 1742238

She needs him to see that she's suffering because of him, but also doesn't want to be blamed for telling him

No. 1742239

I think so. She’s being REALLY open about their breakup knowing we cap her status updates here. Given he probably knows about the farms (changing and probating social media profiles) I don’t doubt she wants us to “get him” for her or something.

No. 1742240

File: 1673480967338.png (Spoiler Image,238.72 KB, 530x385, 23999432011.png)

friendly reminder she's having a mental breakdown over a man whose nails look like this (spoiler for disgusting)

No. 1742244

how was this not a giant red flag to her for what was to come? you'd think if two people were really into eachother and had one last night to be together he would be going somewhat slow, appreciating every moment, and you know…looking her in the eye maybe?

whats funny is she could probably make decent money if she just did full service sex work and starting charging the scrotes to abuse her and leave instead of trying to replace fupaul. she let some random autistic guy raw dog her 7 days and god knows what else and she probably wont be able to make rent at the end of the month. Its Sol all over again.

No. 1742246

This makes the most sense to me deffo something dodgy going on with them all.

No. 1742248

shane is a FTM tranny, it doesn't have a penis. shane can only use toys a sex machine, and thats why he pretends so hard to be a hard badass dad. making up for his shortcomings.

No. 1742249

No. 1742253

I currently live outside of Boston and there are plenty of working class people here. It's different when you actually live in the city

No. 1742256

Tomorrow night she’ll have her period I’m sure. Ol’ reliable

No. 1742258

well its certainly suspicious she did after this >>1742202 post.

hi shayna.(hi cow)

No. 1742259

Fuck rapist Shane but Shay's idea of giving someone space is 3-14 hours lmao.
She's such a simp.

I don't think even us pessimistic farmers expected this to fall apart quite so fast. Shay only interacts with scores and it's turned her into one herself.

No. 1742260


No. 1742261

File: 1673482203547.png (187.33 KB, 522x581, break-up.png)

The brony officially broke up with her

No. 1742262

Are you retarded? Read the fucking thread

No. 1742265

and did you bring it up? no. did you set your expectations? no. you expected everything to be done FOR you, Shayna. you expect everyone to dote on you and give you all of their time and attention. you met some poly retard at a FETISH CON, didn’t establish any boundaries or expectations of the relationship, and then when he used you as the stupid whore you present yourself as, you were actually surprised?

if anyone actually feels bad for her, kys. truly. she is a horrific person who blames everyone else for her shortcomings. she literally expected this man to save her from herself, to set up a routine for her, to be available to talk to her 24/7 whenever she wants, and spoil her constantly. she deserves the bullshit she attracts.

No. 1742266

>videos I'm in
I'm assuming he means content for her OnlyFans. Damn, we missed out on some funny shit

No. 1742267

should have been reposted then considering it started everything. no one reads the retarded thread titles or descriptions at this point, i had no idea he actually broke things off until half way through reading this thread cause there were no caps posted.

No. 1742269

It was in the last thread nonna. Granted there was someone spamming that thread so it was probably hard to see

No. 1742270

I feel sick. I hate that cow tipping is ban worthy and im too dumb to find his wife because… this man should not be near his children or any children. Dear lord i pray you guide this pig to slaughter.

No. 1742272

wow shayna mentioning him taking photos and video makes this tinfoil >>1742213 all the more plausible. have fun knowing his wife and thrupple are all going to be watching and seeing everything Shayna. She truly is stupid if she thinks he's going to "Respectfully" delete videos of her passed out, tied up, beat and doing weird baby shit. Wouldn't shock me if it ends up in the fet community inner circles when she goes nuclear on him and he needs to defend himself with proof. Post them Shane, you're safe with us.

No. 1742275

you only get banned if you post here that you did it

No. 1742276

File: 1673483238432.jpeg (157.42 KB, 828x1321, BAC1F211-9B04-49A6-84DE-6E8394…)

He did. He changed his name and changed his location to Antarctica kek two hours ago. So after Shayna started her Twitter rant. Still had the direct link to his profile in my browser history. Here it is in case he tries to change it up again: http://fetlife.com/users/5117082

No. 1742277

wow its almost like scrotes who want to roleplay as "daddies" controlling little girls are….shitty people??

No. 1742278

Here's some more tasty milk and context for nonas who may have missed it last thread cause of the spammer:

No. 1742280

hes the one asking her to delete videos of him. its a sol situation again where she footed the costs of letting a guy fuck her for free then ghost her. shes going to keep pushing until he has to defend himself and i cant wait.

No. 1742281

Nothing says guilty like him changing all his profiles to try and hide from Shay, her moids and us farmers.

Fucking Antarctica. Top kek.

No. 1742283

File: 1673484243792.jpeg (558.13 KB, 1170x1406, 141C4BA9-2B01-444F-9C07-2AAF9C…)

No. 1742287

File: 1673484823926.jpeg (1.23 MB, 828x1530, Shane Pierre Sonnier of Wichit…)

Ok Shane Pierre Sonnier of Wichita, Kansas

No. 1742290

nobody cares about this fat bitch and her ugly boyfriend

No. 1742291

Curious, if she is allowing him to be polly, And they dont have daughters. She probably wont care anyway. She has negative self respect i doubt she has respect for her son or his safety. I just havent seen any daughters in his photos with family which is why i assume he only has a son. Call me retarted if im wrong.

No. 1742292

File: 1673485104341.jpeg (511.96 KB, 1242x1286, 56B90A75-4ACB-4105-890F-57CB20…)

This is literally what Soy Sully Hill did on his SoundCloud account when lolcow exposed him kek >>1349909

No. 1742294

This guy is a total fucking creep, exploiting a clearly mentally ill person to roleplay his sick pedophile fantasies.

No. 1742296

are people itt really acting like he’s the one in the wrong here? you can’t be serious rn.

No. 1742297

Jesus Christ. I know its been said but there's something deeply wrong with this woman. She's the most stupid person I've ever encountered. How many times does the same shit have to keep happening to somebody before they get it? She's genuinely a soulless freak for continuing to abuse herself like this for moids who actively hate her and feeling no shame about it. She's just terminally fucking retarded, porn and online grooming gave her a lobotomy

No. 1742299

they're both wrong but he's worse. he knew what he was getting himself into and the shit he gets off to is disgusting. i dont actually believe that shayna likes the abuse or the pedo shit i think she does it for moid attention because she's a terrible person who only cares about herself and her own comfort, but i dont think she actually enjoys it for what it is, unlike this scrote who very clearly can only nut if he is beating and drugging women… and he has kids, that's horrifying.

No. 1742314

File: 1673488013714.png (273.32 KB, 462x468, shay-fail.png)

this will never be shayna

No. 1742316

Sure but who cares? I wouldn’t want to be married to this violent degenerate scrote either, the only women winning are the ones staying far away from Shane.

No. 1742321

Fucking cringe. No one wants to tell a grown ass woman to drink water and brush her teeth every day.

She should be embarrassed. I’m getting severe secondhand embarrassment picturing a grown ass woman coloring in a coloring book and drinking from a sippy cup. And she thought after they had sex she would go back to doing that?!

He probably didn’t realize how mentally retarded she really was. They’re both fucking degenerates and deserve all of this. She will never be happy and I would not be surprised if she ends up killing herself in a couple years. Those Twitter posts were a peak into her mindset and I just don’t see how anyone can live like that.


No. 1742322

Shay cares

No. 1742325

i moreso meant she'll never be the girl who is picked.

No. 1742326

yes cause he actually gets his rocks off torturing and raping women…shayna is just an attention whore

No. 1742327

>taking care of myself, maintaining my living space
LMAO this putrid fat fuck. Shat, you live in a decrepit shithole of squalor where your idea of decor is shit-encrusted degenerate “toys”, pink plastic junk from China, junk food boxes and pet hair. Your idea of “taking care of yourself” is gorging on processed mystery meat, plastic cheese and crackers marketed towards children washed down with artificially flavoured pink wine. You have no friends, no hobbies, no interests, no money. Every single one of your relationships, romantic, platonic and professional, ends like this. The common denominator here is YOU. No one can stand being around you, not even in a long distance situation. You’ve made your own crusty, unwashed, disease-riddled bed, enjoy lying in it alone. It’s exactly what you deserve.

No. 1742329

File: 1673489929602.png (3.64 MB, 828x1792, CADB33E7-9F99-40BA-BD0B-64B60F…)


No. 1742331

File: 1673490115084.jpeg (1.71 MB, 1170x1847, 460603CA-A16D-43A1-9B1B-2BDCDA…)

No. 1742332

not the crusty bimbo sweater

No. 1742333

File: 1673490172431.jpeg (432.9 KB, 1170x785, 8DD5FCDB-EE6A-4738-8D19-03E5D6…)

No. 1742334

I’m physically cringing at all of it nonita, you’re not alone. We all know that telling her to brush her teeth, drink water and wash her ass would be an exercise in futility because she’d ignore it all and continue being a smelly, dehydrated, rancid hog

No. 1742335

File: 1673490279056.jpeg (759.79 KB, 1170x1484, 216B943F-D932-482E-8C7C-51F183…)

No. 1742336

shayna is abusive in her relationships, let’s get that straight. the fact that anyone thinks she’s a victim is ridiculous. she constantly places expectations on her partners and friends but never tells them about said expectations. then when they don’t tend to her 24/7, she blows up at them and acts like they did it on purpose to hurt her, so they’ll feel bad. then she apologizes and does it all over again, exactly what abusers do. even if she’s not completely into all the fetish bullshit she does, she’s still consenting to it. she’s still allowing men into her private apartment to fuck her. she allows these things to happen so that she can get her 5 seconds of attention, and use it as blackmail later. shayna is a piece of shit abusive pedophilic degenerate with no future. she’s not a victim of anything or anyone besides her own stupid behavior.

No. 1742339

Fat Shat is about to get even fatter.

No. 1742341

She really is the archetypal fat white trash burger

No. 1742342

time to eat and drink her feelings away with the cheapest candy and wine available. kek @ the sutter home white zifandel. really treating herself tonight

No. 1742344

Well i think being abused by a retarded wino is far from the worst thing that could happen to disgusting scrotes with children who try to fuck women who act like babies and call them daddy. I will not a log I will simply wait for karma to ensure that these men die slowly and painfully.

No. 1742345

i am cry laughing at how this post >>1741656 and this post >>1742327 called out shayna to a tea. exactly what was predicated in the threads has once against came to fruition.

No. 1742346

She wishes she had any actual trauma in her life instead of being a spoiled and entitled little bitch, that's why she has to LARP baby rape & that one disgusting cocsa video she posted.
Earlier in her threads, maybe even before that she posted pictures in a car that was most likely hers. With moving around to fucking Oklahoma and back to Renton, I don't think she's bothered to get her license renewed or redone.
Pictures and videos?? So she did end up filming content with Shane Pony Sonnier??

No. 1742347

Exactly. I think Shat has convinced herself that she likes this disgusting shit because it’s the only way she can get any moid attention. She’s fat, ugly, stinky, stupid and boring, and while scrotes will stick their dick in literally anything she’s just that fucking insufferable and repugnant as a person that no one, not even fat, hideous, inbred bottom of the barrel piece of shit abusive pedophiles like US Army veteran Shane Pierre Sonnier of Wichita, Kansas can stand her. Blessed be the milk gods for this

No. 1742348

Both those posts were me, kek. She’s so fucking predictable it’s hilarious.

No. 1742352

Birds of a feather innit. She’s an abusive pedo so she attracts abusive pedos.

No. 1742353

Of course she’s not showing the texts of her blowing up his phone or telling him about giving him space

No. 1742355

don’t get me wrong, I don’t feel bad for him. but the people framing it as if he’s the bad guy here is weird to say the least. he’s married with kids in a poly relationship and met Shat at a degen fetish con. hes not exactly a prize.

No. 1742363

File: 1673492912459.jpg (20.52 KB, 512x512, images you can smell.jpg)

every man she gets with is a gradual decline from fupa and thats saying something bc fupa was already bottom of the barrel.
like sorry to a-log but the sheer stench emanating from these photos of shane and his family is nauseating, he looks like he smells like straight unwashed ass and stale urine

No. 1742366

That's not very nice of you Shane Pierre Sonnier of Wichita, Kansas

No. 1742367

Who gives a fuck about all the gifts, you barely dated and only spent time together for like one week. She keeps most of her plush on the floor anyways. And lmao at self care being buying candy, alcohol, and a little container of berries. She wastes money for no reason, then catch her saying she’s had the worst earnings month in a few weeks.

No. 1742368

Agree but nonnie that's not what a-log means

No. 1742374

Autistic nitpick but lmfao she obviously tried to look cute here by scrunching up her face so her nose looks smaller. Really sad seeing her trying to ape the retarded e-girl trends from 3+ years ago and failing to realize that no amount of makeup will make her the e-girl she so desperately wants to be.
It's crazy to me that she looks so bad at 25, all while trying to make a living selling her body to the internet.
And now she's hung up on fugly poly moid who she basically paid to come and hatefuck her.
Her life is so fucking depressing lol.

No. 1742377

File: 1673494682931.jpeg (235.9 KB, 1228x1616, 1672468468216.jpeg)

I found this screencap, I wonder if she meant he fucked her with a dildo because she did not talk about his dick even once kek it must have been pathetically shaped. Fupaul was on the smaller side iirc so I can only imagine what kind of inch worm Shane Pierre Sonnier is packing.

No. 1742393

where has womack and mike slack been during all this? she should've just shacked up with womack when she had the chance

No. 1742402

So she was giving him a list of concerns and then got upset when he didn’t respond to her after he just got home to his wife and family? Do you think he really “ghosted” her, or was he just feeling annoyed at her for being so selfish?

No. 1742407

>alright i've tried everything
>not even 24 hours had passed
you hate to see it

No. 1742408

Idk why some nonnies try to excuse shay's fetishes. Even if it's not the literal act of being hogtied that excites her, it's obvious what she desires is having no control or agency in her life and that's the why behind all the medical fetish, kidnapping, "ageplay" shit. She's absolutely a pedo because she fetishes childhood itself, aka dependence on adult figure(s) and that's way creepier and bleaker than just dressing up as a kid.

No. 1742411

Shayna should walk 3-4 blocks down the street to the 8-bit arcade in Renton. It is mostly men there if you go after 9 pm, which is when it becomes 18+. Lots of tattoos and men who are reasonably similar to her preferences. Also there’s a few women there who wear BDSM-related t-shirts. It’s gross. Shayna has been there at least once with some guy

No. 1742416

He didn’t make her a priority so she flew into a psychosis. She was right years ago when she said poly wasn’t for her. She can’t handle not being the center of attention. Ellen likely gives her every crumb which is why they’re “totes poly” even tho I can’t remember the last time Ellen touched shat since she always announces it.

No. 1742422

This is the face of a hillshire porcine peasant.

No. 1742431

(Shitting microplastics)

No. 1742436

Sorry for the thesis statement but Shayna Clifford baffles me. She has no brain cells so there’s no point saying any of this. But, I don’t get how this thread can still coddle Shayna and claim that she’s not as bad as Shane. Shayna makes porn videos depicting child abuse and tweets romanizing incest scenarios. Anons who have been victims have said Shayna’s words in her kink tweets are what their predator rapists would say before assaulting them. Shayna is a disgusting vile human. She doesn’t care about pedophilia and her contribution to catering to pedophiles. All she cares about is a easy pay-day without having a 9-5 job and moid attention. That’s why she makes money off of these degenerate videos. She’s not mad because Shane was abusive. He definitely was. She’s mad because he ignored her after spending a week with her. Like god damn let him spend time with his family. Poly couples are disgusting but she knew he had a family and was in multiple relationships. The thing about Shayna is she’s so misogynistic that she thinks men will chose her instead of their wives/exes/other partners because shes so sexy and bimbo. That’s why she claims she’s into poly because she thinks she’s the better partner. Shayna got groomed by tumblr into thinking being kinky was a way to get attention, no doubt. It is a way to get attention, from nasty men. I know all men are garbage but a prostitute who does onlyfans will never get a decent partner. Why would a man want to get clowned on by his peers for having a whore girlfriend? I wouldn’t want random people have access to my partners nude body for any amount of money, let alone $3.00. That’s really fucking sad because at least get some money out of the transaction. You make the same amount of money doing a fucking minimum wage shift. But this bitch has rocks for brains. I mean how fucking retarded do you have to be to let degenerates like Ken Randall and Shane Pierre have sex with you without condoms or safe sex practices. She should be considered legally retarded and be locked up in a psych ward for advocating violence against women and children

No. 1742438

Imagine being naked for 5+ years and you still have to beg for tips instead of having a steady income of loyal subscribers. Bleak life of a pan handler. God damn Shayna could probably make more money, fully clothed, on a street corner with her dog and a sign that says anything helps. Which is fucking embarrassing considering men have no standards and will fuck anything

No. 1742440

Reminder shayna only views herself as a victim because she hates this guy. She was just spazzing out at lolcow because some cowtipper. Fuck her, fuck Shane Pierre Sonnier. She invited this into her life and I can give zero fucks about whose "fault it is" or whose worse. They are both sacks of shit and shayna is clingy, knows this but still got into a poly relationship. Shane Pierre Sonnier is a degenerates scrote. He's abusive and so is shayna, who will only accuse him of abuse because he didn't beg her back and she will be doing the same exact shit with another scrote.

No. 1742441

Womack is the only true victim here, poor boy simps for years and then watches her get sat on by some brony fat fuck she met 2 weeks ago, why is he even making pipes for anymore, this okie is throwing in the towel

No. 1742442

I think Shayna is worse because she is stupid, the brony is a degenerate but not that fucking stupid. Shayna got played LOL

No. 1742445

She said she had a crush first. She invited him to her place, he didn't even buy her any gifts for Christmas, just 1 stuffed. She probably paid for everything. She basically spoiled him with sex and a place to sleep/eat at for a week. He didn't work hard for Shayna. Met in the middle of November by the end of December he's at her house for a week or so, fucking her, sitting on her back, choking her and drugging her. Whose fault is it but Shayna? How much manipulation can one do to someone who always gives up sex to scrotes she likes? Did the same with fupaul

No. 1742446

The idea that Shane Pierre Sonnier took advantage of shayna is retarded. She just didn't get what she wanted from using her body and thought he'd micro mangar her life like fupaul and fake love her like fupaul because she let him have sex with her. She knows he has a wife and kid, she knows she's not his main priority but she still gets into this relationship. She ruined it by being clingy and weird to this ugly ass scrotes who never had respect for her and was probably kind of turned off by Shayna at the end. I feel she knew this.
Instead she blames trauma and mental illness. Except she repeats the same thing. Nothing is her fault, not that she's fat, not the scrote she chooses, not the type of relationships she wants to have/get into. No.
Everything she does doesn't matter and people should love her and forgive her because she exists. Doesn't work that way. She doesn't see the actual abuse of Shane Pierre Sonnier. She will let another scrote do the same shit to her and not call it a abuse. Nobody is able to leave her life even if she literally breaks up with her. They are supposed to beg and grovel for someone who frankly serves herself on a platter to scrotes. He's not prize and shayna clifford definitely isn't a prize and even gets told this by the scum of the earth.

No. 1742454

topkek nona
exactly this, they are as bad as each other and deserve each other and whatever the fallout is from this shitshow. i hope one of the turboautist sleuth nonas manages to find more members of his degenerate polycule and evidence of shane pierre sonnier sonnier p shane of wichita kansas being an abusive pedophile

No. 1742455

it's so funny shane cares more about what we're saying about him than his whole week with big shaynus kek

No. 1742456

He was totally planning on completely ghosting her as we predicted, her spergout at him for being left on read and then breaking up with him was his easy out. Shungus thought he was going to put up a fight and it backfired spectacularly. She is so emotionally and developmentally stunted it’s embarrassing

No. 1742479

She’s very obviously had like zero experience with men and it shows. Who tf falls for such losers and engages in unprotected sex with them? That’s literally drug addict shit. This whole meltdown was not only predictable but hilarious to watch. Clingy ass b topkek

No. 1742480

You know you are truly sick in the head when not even a bottom of the barrel kinkfag moid wants to partake fully in your pedophilic fantasies.

No. 1742482

File: 1673512062512.jpeg (505.95 KB, 828x936, BFA2C516-E0A0-45E6-8A1D-7DA1FF…)

This fat retard can’t even make croissants from pre-rolled dough properly, these are so bad lmao

No. 1742486

>rapes and beats up women roleplaying as little girls
>gets off on choking women until they black out

>seeks attention
>is kinda dumb

Nonna, actually look at the situation and explain why you think Shane isn't wrong

No. 1742489

They’re both as bad as each other, end of

No. 1742490

No way are you just going to ignore almost a decade of Shayna’s pedophilic ways

No. 1742491

Nta but your blind hatred is insane

No. 1742494

Nta, but they consented so it doesn't matter what he did to them. If he raped Shayna for real then it would be different.

No. 1742495

Fuck off back to twitter, degenerate whore

No. 1742496

Shayna distracts herself by getting drunk and eating, as opposed to the rest of the time when she’s… also drunk and eating.

No. 1742497

You’re a retard

No. 1742498

She’s so fucking stunted that I’d feel sorry for her if she wasn’t a piece of shit pedophile who hates women

No. 1742499

She looks like Amberlynn Reid kek. Same moonface and tiny beady eyes

No. 1742500

Shayna posts child rape fantasies online and is fine with acting them out in person with random men she just met. She’s not a victim.

No. 1742502

No, and neither is he. They’re both disgusting pieces of shit who fetishize abuse and pedophilia. There’s nothing redeeming about either of them, they both deserve to rot for eternity

No. 1742508

Are you a radfem?

No. 1742509

can the terminally twitter twats go back to twitter?

No. 1742519

You forgot to add that she likes to pretend she's a little girl or a baby during sex, and that she gets off to scenarios of parents drugging and raping their child. You fucking idiot, they're both degenerate scum.

No. 1742520

Seriously. Only other whores would defend this degeneracy

No. 1742521

All sex workers are scum but the ones who LARP as children and glorify abuse need to rope

No. 1742529

Shayna is not a good person for doing her weird child larp. But don't even for a moment tell yourself that an actual violent sexual sadist who gets off on actually acting out violence on women who act like little girls is the same as Shayna larping because she's a retarded pickme who doesn't even like the things she claims to like for attention. Pretending to be the kinkiest degenerate so that people notice you is nowhere near as bad as actual pedo men who genuinely do the things she makes up for Twitter

No. 1742536

Where do you get the idea she is just pretending to be into this stuff? If a man said half the disgusting shit she says, you would rightfully think he's a pedo. But because Shayna says it… she must just be doing it for attention and she's actually just innocent and a pickme?

No. 1742547

>if a man

Shes not a male, men are different

No. 1742548

She's 25 going on 26 and has been doing this shit since she was an underaged teen. The "she doesn't like it herself" cope doesn't work anyone. No grown woman that makes porn on her own accord where she acts and dresses like a child is pretending after doing so for the seven years she's been a legal adult. She's begging a scrote to be in a 24/7 dd/lg kink relation for fucks sake.

No. 1742550

What a shit excuse for her pedophilia

No. 1742552

Why the fuck are you excusing pedophilia because she's a woman? You're vile. Shayna and Shane are disgusting pieces of shit. Just think about the fact that Shayna was pretending to be a child and then after Shane fucked her she was upset he didn't want her to pretend to be a child anymore. She is INTO this shit.

No. 1742575

Good God, nobody is "excusing" Shayna of anything. Pointing out that Shane is exponentially more dangerous than Shayna is not caping for her or some shit. It's a matter of fact that Shane and Shayna are both massive scumbags but it's also matter of fact that larping for attention and actually doing something are two different things

No. 1742577

>begging a scrote for DD/LG 24/7
Yes, she is, and a major point about Shayna is that the reason she does that is BECAUSE she is a pickme. Do you think normal well adjusted women who can attract normal moids need to do this shit for moid attention? No, they don't. Shayna is gross and does this because she's desperate. She's sex repulsed but uses kink as a bargaining tool. She is objectively a bad person for doing it, but she is different than Shane who actually does it because he enjoys it

No. 1742578

Pillsbury and sugar wine will totally help your circumstances shay, have more! >>1742202 she's gonna be laughed out of her own "community" nobody likes a fat baby that can't hang.

No. 1742579

You say that with such confidence, none of us know for a fact that she doesn’t enjoy it, it’s just speculation. And it’s a moot point anyway because she’s still capitalising on it regardless of whether she truly gets off on it

No. 1742580

I think she genuinely is too, she was groomed by tumblr into thinking “kink” degeneracy is normal and “sexy”.

No. 1742581

You say that as if this isn't a well known thing about people in kink communities. If you observe kink freaks long enough + actually talk to people who left the scene you will see that low self esteem people deluding themselves into thinking kink is a way to obtain love is common. And who takes advantage of that? The disproportionate amount of "abusive daddies" that every kinkfag has roughly a dozen horror stories to tell about them. It's one big cesspool of retarded BPD women and scrotes who are looking for a legal outlet for shit that should be illegal

No. 1742584

Why would any of us want to spend time “observing” degens in “kink communities”?

No. 1742586

Let them continue to out themselves kek

No. 1742587

nta my sister in christ what do you think the Shayna thread is if not observing a literal degenerate participating in the kink community?

No. 1742588

Hey retard, both things can be true at the same time. She is a pedophile AND a pickme.

No. 1742589

>You say that as if this isn't a well known thing about people in kink communities. If you observe kink freaks long enough + actually talk to people who left the scene
You glazed over what anon was replying to

No. 1742590

Not going to pretend a fat shut in woman is anywhere near as dangerous as a ex military raping moid, you are delusional if you think shayna is in danger to anyone but herself and this creep isn't 10 times worse

No. 1742593

You should look into the amount of women who commit heinous acts alongside males. You don't think pickmes can't be dangerous? Start with Ian Watikins.

No. 1742594

there are times when i wish i could get inside her head and see what exactly she thought was going to happen whenever she gets involved with these men.

No. 1742596

Sorry, how many popular cows are kinkfags? How many side cows have we gotten in the Shayna threads alone, all of them being kinkfags? How many of the most popular female cows specifically are kinkfags? On top of that, how many of them are ddlgfags in particular? A LOT of lolcow is observing kinkfags be it in Shaythreads, from threads, Luna at one point, and more

No. 1742597

*troon threads, not from threads

No. 1742598

Lol as if everyone follows every cow like you do

No. 1742600

I can’t speak for anyone else but having a scroll through lolcow dot farm while on the toilet at work is hardly doing a deep dive into degenerate communities

No. 1742601

>I may not show it 100% but that Shayna Clifford thread do be giving me brain damage

No. 1742603

I stg it reeks of onlyfats in here

No. 1742604

You don't have to follow every cow to acknowledge that a lot of cows are kinkfags and that its retarded to pretend otherwise. It's inherently cow behaviour

No. 1742606

Once again for the tards in the back
>If you observe kink freaks long enough + actually talk to people who left the scene

No. 1742610

Porcine pedo Shayna is dangerous because what she promotes is a lie. She claims to be thriving and shills sex work to vulnerable teenagers and women, she also encourages perverted moids by posting child rape fantasies so she can sell asshole pics for $3. She is both dangerous and disgusting. Remember when she argued with trafficking victim on twitter and told a teenager to take a dick? Moids like Shane wouldn't be able to abuse women if women like Fat Shat didn't enable them. Soy Boy Shane used her like a disposable flesh light and that's what she deserves.

Shane being a piece of shit is so obvious that it shouldn't need to be stated.

No. 1742613

NOBODY SAID shayna is not dangerous or a horrible person. What nonnies said is that a moid who is actively going out to choke random whore unconscious and drugging them to "rolepay" a sexual assault scenario is MORE imminently dangerous and terrifying than a fat OnlyFans whore. Jfc why do you all think this is caping for Shayna?

No. 1742615

Not all of us associate with degenerates who were ever involved with anything like this or spend any time observing them here or elsewhere but okay

No. 1742617

Oh my god you all need to learn reading comprehension

No. 1742619

Bruh, where in this thread did anyone say they were associating themselves with degens?

No. 1742621

No. 1742623

does shane “actually like it compared to shayna” when he was done with kink stuff after he came? and shayna was the one who was upset the kink play stopped and he wanted to just interact with her like a normal human? it seems like shayna is the one here who is fucked up. not trying to defend the guy just pointing out the fallacy of you shayna-apologists. she wanted to be a baby 24/7 and he wasnt into it. if he was, shayna wouldnt be melting down right now.

No. 1742624

Fucking where did I say I associate with kinkfags? My job involves rehabilitating abuse victims and part of that is talking to women about their experiences, a lot of which include situations where they've been abused in "kink" situations

No. 1742629

Jesus Christ you don't even know what the fuck you wrote

No. 1742631

nta anon, you cant read.
>If you observe kink freaks long enough + actually talk to people who left the scene

Observe and PEOPLE WHO LEFT, not teehee i have a fetlife and go to kinkparties uwuw with my daddy dom

No. 1742632

I work with women who have difficulty adjusting to normal relationships after they've experienced abuse. What is difficult to understand about that?

No. 1742633

Is working with kinkfags not a form of association?

No. 1742634

not to mention women like shaggard give losers like shane all “power” nonas claim he has. him being in the military at 18 because he got some ugly chick pregnant doesnt make him “more dangerous” than any other disgusting moid shes allowed into her home. Yeah no shit, men are physically larger than fat ass mattel, no is debating that. but if it wasnt for people like his disabled girlfriend with no options, or complete write-offs like shayna he wouldnt be doing any of this shit. you guys act like he is a rapist when he is literally having consensual sex with willing parties. im gonna say it guys: she was asking for it. she talked big on twitter, went to fet con and continued to roleplay as someone who could handle hard kink and poly relationships, she spoke the guy for a month discussing their plans before he came, and then she let him stay and agreed to 7 days of consensual sex with him. And she would have “love it all” if he hadn’t ghosted her as soon as he left. like the guy left a jet plane and literally never even texted her that he landed and was home safe. He wanted the FUCK AWAY FROM HER. And now suddenly shes a “victim” to dumb ass nonas.

No. 1742635

lol’ing at anons calling Shane dangerous for being ex-military when we don’t even know what he did in the military. He could’ve been in IT, a cook, journalist, etc. for all we know. He hasn’t even been out for 6 months yet so the army was fine with him getting that fucking fat. Big doubt he did anything combat related

No. 1742636

The fact that they left means they had to be part of the scene to begin with, so they’re still degenerates

No. 1742638

can you stop infighting? this thread really is cancer sometimes

No. 1742639

exactly, from his facebook, he literally joined at 18 cause he got some chick pregnant and needed money. it doesnt look like he served more than a year or two before leaving. probably got discharged for his severe autism and wonky eyes. (anyone else notice they aint the same size?)

No. 1742642

Eyes like Shaymu’s tits, kek

No. 1742644

maybe his wonky eyes make her wonky tits look normal to him

No. 1742648

No, because over half the people I work with have been:
>forced into BDSM lifestyles by partners
>are not kinkfags, but were forced to participate in kinks under threat of more severe violence
>trafficking victims forced to participate in sex work and kink shit
>mentally ill women like Shayna who do not have the privilege of rich parents or reallt anything to bail them out who are now actually caught in the real life horrors of sexwork and abuse from people like Shane
Not everyone goes into kink stuff or sex work is inherently a degen

No. 1742649

Shayna is not a victim and purposely seek out this degenerate lifestyle. She wants to be abused. She may be mentally ill but she fully did it to herself. She had parents ready to bail her out, money to get a degree and means to get a normal job but no, she’s a pedo pick me who would rather lick strangers balls and let them use her as a personal fucktoy. Stop projecting and shut the fuck up about your job, no one cares.

No. 1742651

>abuse from shane
you are all losing it and falling for her retarded porn description. shane didnt fucking abuse shanya? shayna actively participated in and created the scenes with him, and they had and used safewords. we’ve all seen shayna punch and slap herself and i can say with absolute certainty that shane didnt hit her any harder than she would herself. shayna is a fucking loser wimp who wants to act like a fucking kid getting raped by her dad. the fact that people honestly think shane really drugged her until she unconscious and then beat her shows the IQ levels on this site. Shayna literally is seeing red, so you honestly think she wouldnt be mentioning that or showing bruises or saying ANYTHING in the field of “he went to hard, he didnt stop when asked, i was unconscious “ NO DUMBASS. all she said is that he ghosted her when he left after they had a great weekend. he only complaint is that he left and shes using the “no aftercare” card for sympathy points from her equally fucked in the brain twitter followers. the worst thing this guy did in shaynas eyes is not give her a set of rules to follow when he left. this brony loser isnt anymore dangerous than ellen.

No. 1742652

File: 1673527334140.png (158.33 KB, 720x724, 9073E492-008E-469B-8D83-7EE56D…)

Just a reminder of her retardation

No. 1742653

he is still a man, men are inherently dangerous for existing. Why are yall caping so hard for him?

No. 1742654

man bad. woman good. got it.

No. 1742656

some of yall really cant handle a debate. people are responding to other anons who are caping for shayna and making ridiculous claims like shayna was physically abused by a big bad dangerous army man. if all you can do is strawman that “yeah well men in general are dangerous!” than maybe its time for you to sit this one out, sis

No. 1742658

The argument put foward was that people who voluntarily enter situations where they let moids act out sexual abuse use kink as a bargaining chip to make moids enter a relationship with them. That's exactly what Shayna did here. Nobody once said Shayna is a victim or an innocent party here, they said Shane is dangerous because he is one of reasons why situations like >>1742648 are so common

No. 1742659

No. 1742660

unironically true

No. 1742665

doesnt it seem like mute point in a shayna thread tho? how is he any more dangerous than shayna, fupa, ellen, the bald guy who ties her up, vivi, the guy she let sniff her ass and pussy, the oil field guy, the guy who followed his daughter on OF? I think the issue is people are putting Shane on some pedestal like hes somehow any different or more dangerous than anything else or anyone else shayna has been interacting with for the past 3-5 years. I personally give the guy props for the delicious milk he delivered. some coomer’s stories just fizzle out, this one delivered. its as simple as the dude just played shayna. no shit, guys are assholes. welcome to life 101. its why you dont give it up the first date. shane never respected shayna for even a moment.

No. 1742666

That would still be associating

No. 1742667

File: 1673528473186.gif (277.11 KB, 291x212, a2cbf6c8bbfacc8fe71d8920b1d825…)

No. 1742668

it does strike me odd that this same energy isnt brought up when Shayna interacts with actual BDSM producers who actively profit and sell content to the actual dangerous sexual offenders. You would think a similar reaction would have happened towards those old ladies at the spanking academy but Shayna-Apologists were nowhere to be seen. Infact those women received compliments for being thinner and more attractive than Shayna. Thats feminists for you though.

No. 1742671

Scrotes are retarded but some of you sapphics need to take your seroquel

No. 1742672

It's not feminists… It's fellow e-whores who think they're somehow better and come here to cope

No. 1742673

While I don't disagree with anything you've said, I think they should be met with the same disdain, part of it may be because this a moid she let stay in her home for like two weeks so he gets a bigger spotlight, vs her two days on a creepy school set before she goes back to her mismatched pink hoard.

No. 1742674

Maybe because the spanking academy isnt cultivating emotional relationships with retards so they can come to their house and choke them out + drug them

No. 1742677

No, she just willingly went to studios to have it done to her instead which is exactly the point trying to be made here. She's not a victim.

No. 1742682

Jesus christ, nobody said Shayna is a victim. They said Shane is dangerous and his behaviour is something that makes victims. That doesn't mean Shayna is a victim it means Shane more than likely does because of how he operates

No. 1742692

nah, they just take advantage of troubled young girls by making them think theyre safe because its a “sisterhood” when in reality theyre having them sign waivers so that they can monetize the mistakes girls make in their youth and profit off videos for the rest of their lives and sell to real life pedos and sex offenders. cool. but shane is the big bad, totally.

No. 1742694

Yeah their "all men bad, all women good" argument really isn't working in their favor here
Except they have and they're excusing her disgusting actions because of it

No. 1742695

>porn is exploitation
We know
>men are bad
We know
This is a Shayna thread and it's not the place to have this discussion.

No. 1742696

i think you meant to tag >>1742674

No. 1742697

Yeah, you're right, sorry.

No. 1742698

Shut the fuck up. You are not convincing women that rapist pedophilic scrote Shane isn’t a bad guy.

No. 1742705

It's all bad why is that so hard to grasp?

No. 1742710

You're not a feminist for caping for Shayna. They're both disgusting.

No. 1742716

That’s not what was said. Literally tried to wk Shane simply because he’s not running a porn studio.
>caping for Shayna
Where? Meanwhile
>but shane is the big bad, totally

No. 1742730

Nta nobody is caping for Shayna. Every post made in this argument so far has said Shayna is fucked up for what she does. You're ignoring that on purpose because nonnies keep explaining that Shayna is bad AND Shane is also dangerous

No. 1742746

Several actually did cap for her. Check the original posts.

No. 1742751

and youre ignoring the other side agreeing that theyre both bad too. but youre the only one trying to argue that he is somehow more dangerous than anyone else in shaynas life, and is apparently more dangerous a porn studio that is literally profiting on impressionable young women. You can take a couple really hot showers and forget you ever had sex with shane, but you can't forget the waiver you signed giving away the rights to you wearing a diaper that is now on the net forever.

No. 1742757

File: 1673535769752.jpeg (22.13 KB, 224x225, D5CAAEF4-6684-48B5-A658-543FD5…)


No. 1742761

Not everyone can take a few showers to forget about someone like Shane because someone like Shane is how some people die (ie letting a big retard into your house to perform violent sex acts on you). Everyone here knows porn production places are awful and exploitative but we're talking about something completely different here. This is a strange violent person with pedophile fantasies who is outside in the public prowling around looking for women to do these things to

No. 1742771

do you really need to be projecting your trauma in a shayna clifford thread though? like im truly sorry that it is clear someone like shane hurt you, but this isn’t the place babe.

No. 1742780

File: 1673538527456.png (Spoiler Image,693.86 KB, 870x541, ourgorls.png)

sage for pure autism but i agree, they also like all the same ugly ham-coloured cutesy frilly shit with bows. i made this a while ago to compare but they probably look more alike day by day…

No. 1742783

I never noticed how alike they are physically. Realistically I can't see Shayna getting infinifat but I wonder if she did would she be a dead wringer for Amberlyn

No. 1742793

i think we all hate all of them, it’s just jarring for the ppl acting like it would be horrible for shane to be falsely accused as an abuser. just because weird kinksters think it’s normal to literally sexually abuse a woman (especially when they pretend to be a fucking CHILD) if there is “consent”. he may have a wife but trust he’s just another moid that is still only one “bad mental health day” away from assaulting someone for real.
like clearly shaynus is retarded, so she probably was easily manipulated into thinking he would be her “daddy”. that’s borderline coercion just so that he can be sexually violent with her.

No. 1742794

Let's not rope actual survival sex workers and sex trafficking victims in with Twitter whores. Most women actually don't enjoy sex work, they just enjoy having money for food and shelter.

No. 1742797

Okay, but the point is, men don't need other men to influence them to be fuckin degenerate kinkster murderers. Most of the time when a woman goes that far off the deep end, she's doing it under the influence of a moid. They're always going to be more dangerous. UNLESS it's proven she's acting independently. Shanya is a gross piece of shit but if a different type of kink started trending when she was Tumblr famous, she would have hoped on that. Shane's likely always been into this shit, no internet grooming required.

No. 1742798

>She should be considered legally retarded and be locked up in a psych ward for advocating violence against women and children

absolutely, unequivocally based anon

No. 1742806

agreed. she is Ian Watkins level of fucked up (the men that engage with her are too). i will never feel sorry for her and she isn't a victim of the disgusting acts she BEGS for.

No. 1742808

>Realistically I can't see Shayna getting infinifat
I'd say that she will be getting to infinifat levels by the time she's 30. She is never going to do anything that would positively change her life. She's not going to stop eating like shit and she can't even be bothered to walk her dog, sticking to an exercise regime is beyond her capacity. Inififat is Shayna's future.

No. 1742811

Let this sink in: YOU ATTRACT WHAT YOU ARE.
I still can’t get over that she did this public meltdown when he wasn’t even her boyfriend KEK so sad that out there are women this thirsty and this needy.

No. 1742814

What baffles me about sadomasichism of any kind, whether genuine or not, is that it's never seen as something that needs treatment. I don't understand why wanting to roleplay assaulting someone is seen as completely different to wanting to assault someone. They should be locked away for the safety of others and themselves, not celebrated as progressives

No. 1742822

it's because it's in mens inherent sexual interest to be able to "roleplay" assault. the right to access womens bodies in almost any way is protected by moids and we can't question that societal dynamic without getting called feminazis, misandrists, prudes, terfs or whatever new word they invent to denigrate women and our ability to recognize patterns in male behavior.

No. 1742828

I hope one day you can look back and re-read this and understand how incredibly flawed your logic it is. It's 2023 and women have rights and freedoms, and they also must now suffer the consequences of that. Shayna is a grown, fully formed adult who makes her own choices just like most women. It really makes you look like a dumb ass to say "he's a man therefore he didnt get influenced into how he acts", if that were true everyman would be a deranged ftm brony in a poly relationship. Him and Shayna are just both incredibly fucked up human beings, stop trying to justify Shayna's behaviour and blame it on a man or anyone other than herself and her own choices. She did this all herself and has every opportunity not to do it or to have stopped it while it was happening. Its especially insulting when you consider actual victims who don't have freewill that Shayna has. Shayna is dangerous because she lets men get away with it (and encourages it) so they can do it to the next girl. Fucked up Shane can't act out his fucked up fantasies without the fucked up women who allow it to happen. They all need to burn in hell, its as simple as that.

No. 1742832

File: 1673542697947.jpg (77.66 KB, 720x270, 20230112_171730.jpg)

Shayna feeling the weight of all those rights and freedoms and the consequences of such

No. 1742833

While I think Shayna is reprehensible due to the pedophilia etc, I think that i get more upset about people like Shane because it seems like theres no consequences for him beating and raping women and pretending they are babies, he can go back to his wife and kids. that's really disgusting and sad to me. whereas shayna is alone, no friends, family pretty much ignores/merely tolerates her now a days, her life already seems sad and basically at its end, she has nothing. whereas this guy can do the same exact stuff and is still allowed to see his children? just WTF

No. 1742834

now this is an actual logical and fair point. ive completely switched over to team #ShanesWorse Fuck that disgusting muppet.

No. 1742835

Thank you, you articulated it better than me. Shayna is a shit person but it's just a lot to take in that Shane can be worse than her and will be protected by people saying kinkshaming is bigotry

No. 1742836

Lmao this is brilliant, I can’t believe she was binned off already. Her life is actually painful to watch. She knows fine well she has absolutely nothing about her that would attract a man so she pretends to enjoy being degraded in the hope that it makes a man want to be with her. That’s why she’s so angry that he wouldn’t cuddle her. She endures the disgusting and violet sex so that she can have the cuddles afterwards. What she doesn’t understand is that her degeneracy only makes men want her in that moment, as soon as their balls are empty she disgusts them because she lets them do those things. She will never be loved because she isn’t willing to see herself from the outside. I don’t even feel sorry for her, she thought this scrote who is married with kids was gonna come to her place and fall so in love with her he’d leave his family and assorted tranny simps for her. He just wanted to ram dildos up her ass because at least it’s a woman’s ass and not a tranny’s. All of these people deserve their horrific lives.

No. 1742839

i get the best schadenfreude when shayna realizes she did something depraved and gained nothing from it; and then melts down when she's faced with the reality that she is no longer just a sex worker doing it for cash, but she is just doing depraved things alone in her free time because she actually likes it. she is tainted goods.

No. 1742841

Nonnie that exact point was made >>1742613 five hours ago. Shane will always be allowed to just sort legally behave like a sex offender then go home and be a family man. He probably takes his kids to school every day, hosts birthday parties for his kids, is in the house during sleepovers, just normal every day situations where he's around little girls and it's absolutely vile that he's forever going to be doing that when he does what he does

No. 1742844

This is why it’s not worth being a pick me because you’ll never get picked. Idk why she’s even shocked. Stop letting men treat you like a mangey street dog and maybe they’ll stick around.

No. 1742857

WHAT breakup??? Can’t believe she considered it as a relationship in the first place. You have to be a real loser to be rejected by a dude from the hills has eyes

No. 1742858

Why would anyone want to keep her when she’s giving them shit? What is it she thinks she brings to a relationship that scrotes like brony Shane can’t get anytime they want? Their world is so full of ugly people who are willing to let him put diodos up their ass, why does she think she’s so special? She’s not young anymore, she doesn’t have a nice body, she can’t even hold a conversation with another adult without bringing pedophilia into it. It’s a bad day when even a fat brony with danger hair won’t tolerate you. Give it up shaymu, delete all your socials, go home, go to school and you might get some miserable scrote from a small town to cuddle you after sex.

No. 1742864

Again, she's not mad at the shit we saw as abuse. She's mad that he wasn't up her ass immediately after coming home and then when she broke up with Shane Pierre Sonnier she expected him to fight for her. But he didn't, because he clearly wasn't into her.
Even when she trauma dumped he seemed dismissive and told her to apologize to herself. Shayna is an manipulative asshole and of Shane Pierre Sonnier did what she wanted she'd be happy ass hell with his abusive ass. He's said nothing about her but she's going to continue continue meltdown and vent about him. And like fupaul his name will forever be brought up as someone who victimized her and traumatized her simply because they don't want her anymore. Then she'll say some shit like
>I was traumatized from using my fuck machine/choking because someone harmed me
Even though we have proof of her bragging about her treatment and defending CNC.
Fuck shayna "heavy Weight" clifford and Shane "Shame" Pierre Sonnier

No. 1742866

Nta but you’re right. I run a page for women that helps out women seek out predators, that posts anti bdsm and so many women came to me how I helped them come out of bdsm. I am 19 years old. Sorry for the blogpost, but a lot of us get groomed into it, mine was at 11, and I thought it was normal. So many girls came to me in their late teens-20’s and aaid they were groomed into it at a very young age. Multiple “bdsm” men go after very young girls with this kink and normalize it for them. Its how it works. I fucking loathe shayna, but I do think shane is a bit worse since he has actual children, Shayna is an of whore who panders to men like Jason, who molested his own daughter, however. I can understand why nonnas will go middle ground, because they both affect children and women, but you’re right that most kinkfags are women who were groomed into it or where it became normalized for them.

No. 1742869

File: 1673545297457.jpeg (536.78 KB, 1242x1342, 0D133665-FFDE-4054-B9AF-6F6A2F…)

more retardation

No. 1742873

why would she expect that level of loyalty and dedication from someone with several other partners who lives halfway across the country kek retard

No. 1742876

you’ll never get “closure” because he didn’t fucking love you, he choked you til you collapsed ffs and used you for sex in the most deranged of ways. he’s dating like 5 other people and is married with kids and she still derived that she was different or special in this situation? like yeah you got used, this happens to decent women in long term relationships all the time and she’s somehow surprised? scrotes are gonna scrote no matter what

No. 1742877

you need to go touch grass if you think >>1742833 = >>1742613 Whoever posted the latter maybe thinks they made the same point in their head, but are clearly off their meds cause their post just looks crazy and nonsensical from over here. >>1742833 actually brings up a valid point for once instead of just misdirected hatred.

No. 1742881

He literally did what she wanted. She wanted to break up with him so he respected that. Now she wants more. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes fat ass.

No. 1742883

"i still love u"

No. 1742885

Bpd bitches are so fucking retarded expecting a guy who clearly just wanted her for sex to “love her” after only a week of seeing each other. Bleak.

No. 1742886

The consequences that Kyle Nathan Perkins and Shane Pierre Sonnier will have is their names forever connected to their deeds
To Shayna Leigh Clifford.. Shayna will always bring them up. Shayna is very vengeful and just like with fupaul eventually she will try to subtly "get" lolcow on him by @ing him or posting a picture
She's miserable and has nothing but Ellen, meanwhile these men because they are men, are able to Sadly form families and friendships after beating and using a woman like shayna. Who never will learn.
She blames the men instead of herself which is why I personally never victimize her. No. She welcomes these fucks into her life and is fine with all kinds of shit, just don't leave her and don't make her face consequences.
She hangs with Ellen who 100% stole or made a story about stealing pacifiers of a child she was caring for, for kink while working with children. Her constantly being around shady men with kids who have this kink makes me.feel like she's the kind of fuck who'd ignore or take part on the harm of a child. Or using actual objects of a child she's around to get some scrote off. Fuck shayna. Fuck shayna

No. 1742887

i love how in this fantasy she still only gives the guy "a few hours" when he is asking for space. she is fucking psycho.

No. 1742889

>if he loved me as much as he said
Well done to nonnettes who theorized Shane was lying to her to make her feel special, looks like you hit the nail on the head

Kek you were fighting with that nonna and just didn't want to agree until someone else voiced the same opinion so you wouldn't be the one to back down, weren't you? You make it so obvious

No. 1742890

there is about as much proof of shane ever saying he loved you as there is of him drugging you. i highly doubt this guy said anything more than "i love when you" "i love how you". he had three fucking kids, a wife, and two tranny girlfriends - where exactly did you think you would fit in the hierarchy dumbass?

No. 1742893

Sounds like even Ellen is tired of hearing about this shit if Shaggard is resorting to spilling so much tea on her work-twitter with potential clients and known mutuals watching. The guy has already so moved on and she's screaming into a void.

No. 1742897

Praying Shane posts something about it on social media. Dammit we missed the polycule arc, they better not deprive us of the battle arc. I want Shayna and her moids to pull up like voltori and then The Wolfpack and Shaynas other enemies to pull up like the Quilettes and the Cullens

No. 1742899

Shayna is going to go mad cow disease on this idiot and like full fucking beef rage. I'm ready. This isn't like Fupaul you can tell this is really fucking baffling her that she broke up with him and he was like, "Okay, have a good day".
I hope this ends with a huge bang because it's clear she's trying to think of a way to hurt him. But doesn't know what to say.
>accuse him of rape (even though she talked about CNC)
>Dox him and delete
>check into a mental health hospital
>threaten to kill herself and Shane Sonnier Pierre will expose this on his social media
Either way she wants him to respond good or bad. Say what you want about Shane but Shayna is really showing how crazy she is. Even with fupaul that was like 5 years. She's not going to shut up.

No. 1742900

dont worry, shayna never learns her mistakes. she'll be back to her next failed poly relationship by valentines.

No. 1742901

so she 'broke up' with him because she was sick of being left on read, so she sent him something she was sure would illicit a response and get him to become grovelling back bc her bpd ass was craving his attention. and it backfired bc he just accepted it and didn't play into her fantasy version of events. got it.
she must be seething right now that it didn't work out as she intended

No. 1742904

thats a bingo. she is 100% the reason that she'll never get closure from this situation. what does she think happens when you light a fire to a bridge?

No. 1742906

you do realize we're all anonymous. how the fuck would someone be fighting with a specific anon? no one even noticed your original post, you make it so obvious, but no reason to get jealous that >>1742833 got the credit for something you autistically tripped over trying to explain. maybe take 5 minutes to breath before posting next time?

No. 1742908

I wouldn't get my hopes up but my guess is that Shane and his harem will do what Sol did. Shane will see everything said about him here, panic, and make a public post calling out Shayna calling her a nazi to distance himself from her


>"this is an anon board"
>immediately accuses me of being the poster

Idk if this makes me a bad person but I hope one day she finds someone who does fight for her because I think couples who fight openly on social media are really funny

No. 1742912

One of you keeps having their posts disappear and then reposted again slightly different. Me thinks the troon is here playing games, probably the spammers from the end of the last thread

No. 1742919

Shayna gets the slightest amount of leeway for her fucked up baby/child getting raped fetish because she has absolutely no exposure to children. she was never raised around kids or knows anyone other than ellen who associated with kids. her being chronically online allows people to dissociate with the reality of what theyre doing. its called pornsickness, degeneracy, chronically online. its why she says dumb shit like "i like rape but we should call it something else so people dont think its so bad". she did it to her self, but as i said, she gets some leeway compared to…

Shane on the other hand literally is raising three little boys right now. I praise god he doesn't have a little girl. Shane interacts with, or should interact with, young children on a weekly or daily level. Not only just children, but his own children. He is supposed to be shaping their futures and outlooks on life. Arent parents supposed to have a moment clarity when they become parents? How can any father of a young child participate in roleplaying being a father raping their kid? He is definitely the worse of the two. But it doesn't mean I feel bad for what he did to Shayna. But for the sake of argument, he is worse.

No. 1742920

Unless it's some troll shit people often post things and repost them to edit/fix mistakes

No. 1742921

let you go? didn’t you break up with him you stupid fuck?

No. 1742922

You mean the random guy with a family I just met a couple months ago who i let fuck me for 12 days straight on our first meeting didnt actually love me?

topkek, this is my favourite shayna arc to date

No. 1742923

Shayna dates people who have kids though and is friends with Ellen (someone post her real name.forgot) who has access to kids. Kinda funny how Shayna dates men with access to.kids, friends with a woman with access to kids and steals pacifiers to involve them In kink, but sees no issue with that. We must remember, we would know none of these people if Shayna didn't bring them around. All of them have the same gross kinks and just so happen to have kids themselves or around kids. Shayna sees zero issues with that

No. 1742924

And water seeks its own level. I do not get why one has to be worser then the other. Shayna wants these men and for a short time they want her. They same beef from the same cow

No. 1742925


take some fucking responsibility for your life and your behavior, ffs.

No. 1742926

Poor boy? He's participating in the degradation of women by choosing to monetize sex work. Simps and coomers never prosper nona.
Are you going to go and whinge about mutual abuse too? Where's the line?

No. 1742929

i just think theres a massive difference when someone actually becomes a parent and has a kid or kids of their own. it goes from fucked up to despicable. Shayna fucks guys with kids cause she can't do better, she can't get successful guys her own age who haven't already been around the block. I did mention Ellen, but there's been no indication Shayna interacts with the kids Ellen babysits. Shayna thinks -she- is the baby cause she has no experience being around kids to realize how precious and innocent they actually are. As a parent you should know better than to roleplay fucking a kid.

No. 1742931

the best thing he can do is to continue to ignore her. hes a fucking horrible human being, but props to him for not taking the bait.

No. 1742935

her breaking up with him actually made things way easier for him. she did him a huge favor and he gratefully accepted. maybe 50 pounds ago you were worth fighting over, but go look in the mirror, honey. times have changed, you actually have to put equal effort into the relationship looking how you do.

No. 1742936

I hate that I love this

No. 1742937

So her big thing was that he promised he'd write her a set of rules so she'd have something to do when he left right? so… did she ever even bring it up? was there any real communication at all other than sexting?

No. 1742938

I don’t understand what people expect Shane to do. Isn’t it for the best that he stays away from Shayna from now on?

No. 1742940

I had to catch up but omg this is so funny and pathetic. You let a moid you barely knew violate and use you because you thought a relationship built on kink, where you met at a kink event, WITH SOMEONE IN WHO LIVES IN A DIFFERENT STATE WITH THEIR WIFE AND KIDS AND OTHER PARTNERS would mean he would actually give a shit about you and what you want and "go to the ends of the earth" for you? Which btw the things she wants are fucking weird and dumb anyway. Who would want to act as someones caretaker? Set a schedule for what? She really needs someone to tell her to brush her teeth and drink water?? And the motivation is ~uwu daddy proud~? Gross. Grow up and get therapy, retard.

I don't want to defend him, but Shayna probably really couldn't hold off on contacting him and giving him space and she is needy and clingy. She got into a relationship with him when he already has a "family" and other partners he was going back to. Even if he wasnt trying to ghost her, like let the dude go home and settle in and reconnect with his wife. The wife will always be the priority/#1 because they share a homestead and everything else. This is why poly is retarded. But Shayna is even more so. You cant go into a poly relationship and expect to be the persons everything and take up all their time and considerations. That's monogamy. But even those expectations are unhealthy and unrealistic. Like yeah he probably didn't respond because he was asleep like a normal person, you trainwreck. They have a different timezone too.
Shane Sonnier is a disgusting piece of shit, but Shayna is too and she let herself get absolutely played. It barely took 1 day of him being gone for her to lose it kek.

No. 1742943

Didn’t he literally say he was upset and need space? KEK like shayna you said he literally did that. And she only gave him like 3 hours before freaking out again to him. Also, grown ass adults don’t tend to beg and plead for the person DUMPING THEM, unless it’s been years of being together. She is causing her own problems and I love to see it

No. 1742945

She sounds like a teenager getting heartbroken by a scrote for the first time. He doesn't love you and never did, sweaty, men lie, grow up, stop being a pick-me, and get over it.

No. 1742946

i noticed bratty pixie (or w/e her name is) hasn't interacted with shayna since she bailed on their trip

No. 1742949

i think she's piggybacking "trauma" from her relationship with fupa onto this guy. it honestly creeped me out how much he looks like fupaul. i agree with a nona earlier who said she probably expected sex and their intimidate relationship to be exactly like it was with fupa. that he'd like the same things and do all the same things she was used to. shes attaching fupa feelings to the situation which is making her go nuclear.

No. 1742951

File: 1673549279282.jpeg (643.81 KB, 1242x1336, 1966BC79-7103-41C9-A90A-8997AA…)

You literally deserve what you got Shayna

No. 1742952

Very few people want to be a "real caregiver" because what the fuck. Why would you want to look after another adult?
You don't need to sexualize and make getting some cuddles or comfort after sex part of a kink. That's just supposed to be normal.
But no one really wants to be your life coach or tell you when and what to eat, when to shower, etc. That's just weird.

I wonder if they actually did have PiV sex or if shes trying to say that now.

No. 1742953

agree, even a completely available, child-less, single guy living down her street doesn't deserve the insane expectation shayna puts on men while at the same time offering nothing in return. she doesnt take care of herself, she isn't interesting, she doesnt cook, she doesnt clean, she isn't socialable, she doesnt have any clout. she still thinks she's 120 pounds and 18.

No. 1742955

you dumped him though??????????

No. 1742956

She's also competing with Fupaul, shayna is never the problem everyone else is. She could slap someone but then get online and whine about how they didn't just take the slap and not call the police on her and it traumatized her. Remevwr she said she just wants someone to be nice even when she is mean? She doesn't want an lover or boyfriend. She wants a dickhaver to take care of her in exchange for sex that probably isn't that great to them.
Also, I think it hurts her ego more then anything. She has low self esteem thats directly tied to scrotes. So multiple scrotes can sleep with her and not be obessed/in love with her it means she's not desirable. She never talks about her scrotes as people she truly loves with personalities but caretakers. She really needs to tell them she's into being a woman child 24/7. It's not a kink or a joke. She doesn't and when they expect her to act like an adult even for a mintie she doesn't. Which is what these scrotes get

No. 1742958

Do what you going to do shayna??

No. 1742959

File: 1673549597543.jpeg (1.73 MB, 3465x3465, AE1738BF-5F9D-43D5-9AE3-3A42DC…)

No. 1742962

File: 1673549692911.jpeg (893.93 KB, 3465x3465, 30CABFE4-AD0A-4259-8004-2E0831…)

They literally have the same exact dirty thumb kek

No. 1742963

Which is why I think it's fair to say Shyana targets older men with childern and who are in roles of "caring " for other people. She doesn't care if they may be attracted to actual children qnd could be a danger to their own children. Ellen is a woman so as gross as she is, she will always sympathize with shayna and care for her, because she doesn't want real sex.or.love. she's also used to "caring" for people. Which is why so many women baby shayna in sex work. But men don't, yet we see who she loves right? She thought Shane would be like Fupaul but he ain't.

No. 1742964

>She wants a dickhaver to take care of her in exchange for sex that probably isn't that great to them.
I'm not defending big shaynus, but, mood

No. 1742968

And when I say Ellen is a woman, I'm saying shayna somehow elicits sympathy from women vs. Men. Like Bratty was fighting her battles, Ellen is doing a lot for her, her step mom. The only woman to not take Shaynas shit is her mom about her views. As soon as women betray her and are of no use she cuts them off. When it's a man…well we see how She acts

No. 1742972

My guess is that he has rules for his other partners and she wanted to feel included. If he didn't write her rules then she probably took that as a sign of rejection, probably what actually set her off

No. 1742974

My fucking sides nonnie

No. 1742975

Exactly. She wants a guy to take care of her physically, emotionally, and monetarily, but what does she bring to the table? Just being willing to do the most depraved shit sexually isn't worth that level of effort and commitment.

No. 1742977

>>1742119 >>1742940
they're both fuckin terrible, end of story its not a pissing contest

No. 1742979

Im just imagining she likely wore it at some point during their sexual activities. That sweater is a crusty petri dish of bodily fluids barf

No. 1742980

Jfc 11… I was 13. These fucking mongrels deserve, fuck I wanna alog. Good on you for starting that page and helping your fellow sisters. You're doing amazing work and I pray you all heal and thrive.

No. 1742984

I'm not justifying her behavior, but you're genuinely retarded if you think the average kinkster retard woman is more dangerous to others than she is to herself. Women tend to be self destructive when they're mentally off, while men harm others (usually people who are weaker than them… Like women).

No. 1742987

Sadly doesn’t matter the gender, there’s monsters everywhere. Like yes we see a lot more male degeneracy but at the end of the day there’s still women who’ve done the same or worse. At that point you shouldn’t even get a pass because you’re just scum, that’s it.

No. 1742992

neck himself for being a pedo kek

No. 1742996

yeah, she definitely has a type. weird mongoloid looking scrotes with pubes for a beard

No. 1742998

Sage for absolute tinfoil, but I genuinely think Shays is into ABDL. She genuinely wants to have a 24/7hr dad, not just for cash and depravity alone. Like that Twitter meltdown really laid that out. The girl pretty much wants the dad she never had. Someone there to not just literally parent her but to unconditionally love her the way her dad never did. All this depraved shit is the toll she thinks she has to pay to get that. She's still a disgusting fat scumbag but just pathetic enough to make me want to alog out of empathy.

No. 1742999

Shayna isn't dangerous because the kink shit, she's dangerous because her kinks involved childern shit and she dates men with childern not caring that, "wait this acrote wants me to wear q pacifiers during sex and draws pictures, meanwhile he has a daughter who is using a pacifiers and draws him pictures and calls him daddy…"
Shaynas the type to passively allow something gross to happen or divorce herself from it not helping anyone. She's not just being beat up in her own home on some kink shit. No her shit indirectly involves real kids. Imagine how Fupauls ex wife felt seeing her ex husband date a woman he has act like a child while having a fe.ale child and flaunting it online? Then there's nothing dhe can really do because as far as she knows he didn't harm her kids and she cant say he will because "it's just kink!!" Shit Shayna Clifford pushes?

No. 1743001

She has a loving dad the thing is Shayna wants all the attention on her at all times. No criticism, no consequences just love. I guess we can say the divorce hurt her but she's 25. Her dad is a person he didn't abandon shayna and she never said he did. Shayna has said last year she's spoiled and that's what I think they failed at or at least her dad. While her mom seemed to ground her and not take all her shit

No. 1743002

obviously sex matters because 99% of sex offenders are male and 90% of their victims are female. male and female crime patterns are very different too

No. 1743003

I feel nauseous looking at that and thinking someone would actually eat that combination of things.

What's funny is iirc Womack actually also had/has a wife or long term girlfriend.

These posts kinda smell Shane-y self post

No. 1743005

File: 1673552541822.png (15.44 KB, 682x143, Screenshot 2023-01-12 204117.p…)

had a hearty kek at her bio. maybe she should delete that part after the third moid using and abusing her and never looking back

No. 1743006

the way people completely miss the point on here is wild lmao.

No. 1743010

>These posts kinda smell Shane-y self post
it must kill shayna to know shane's in here defending himself to us instead of responding to her. no wonder she's melting down.

No. 1743011

I definitely agree w you, anon. I really think her dad wasn't there for her the way she wanted him to be. Like he was great when he was there, but she didn't get to have the little moments w him. That's why I think she was so hung up over not being able to color and watch a movie w that dude. And, lbh, why she spazzed out so badly over him not continuing to go along w it. Now that I think about it, she goes after literal fathers for that reason. And honestly, it explains why she doesn't handle competition w their literal children as well. Idk maybe I'm going a little too deep/armchairing like a grad student larping as a doctor, but I really think this bitch is that fuckup and pathetic for this to be her sole drive for everything.

No. 1743012

File: 1673553431771.jpeg (610.62 KB, 1170x1172, 039451F2-7ACF-48FB-A7FC-14F45E…)

1. Shay, no one is sliding in your DMs about this

2. “I’m looking for someone who EARNS the title of being called daddy.” Coming from the bitch calling this dude “daddy” and she “loves him” after just meeting each other back in November

No. 1743013

i didnt think it was possible to downgrade from fupa but somehow she did it

No. 1743015

Bitch you literally admitted you call every man daddy, now they got to earn it? No just get your attention and you open up like a Thanksgiving turkey ready to be stuffed

No. 1743016

Fupa was the best she will ever get and that so incredibly bleak.

No. 1743017

File: 1673553682864.jpeg (392.58 KB, 1170x767, 94686F0A-56E4-434B-BD68-F62639…)

Oh please

No. 1743019

File: 1673553730718.jpeg (719.27 KB, 1170x1762, 38FA4BE8-0AC0-4F2F-AE8B-94FC8E…)

No. 1743020

Shane Pierre Sonnier looks like Fupaul drawn from an nonnies memory. Isn't their another ginger guy she dated waaaaay back, he also had a beard and was fupaul like. Besides the other boyfriend she was in a poly relationship with and called abusive because he didn't get weed, shayna has been dating the same ugly ass scrote prototype

No. 1743022

Oh yeah he's not poor he spent a lot of money paying for Shayna's rent and getting nothing in return

No. 1743023

Kek now she's crying over childhood trauma. I bet she's going to start blaming her mom or dad, notice when shit goes wrong with scrotes Shayna always manages to spaz out at someome else. Like that Cow tipper who was like, "he's probably fucking someone else" mightve even started the drama. Shayna probably saw that and was like, "he probably os" despite him being poly and her knowing he has a wife and kids

No. 1743025

Also Ellen does everything she wants these scrotes to do but never gets her praise for it kek.

No. 1743029

Kek whatever. You know for a fact if he messaged you “sowwy” you’d take him back in a heart beat.

It must KILL HER that he didn’t “fight for her” kek. She’s totally baffled why he didn’t scramble back to her after she let him do anything and everything to her. And, yet, she will let the next scrote do the same thing. No lessons learned here.

No. 1743030

File: 1673554483108.jpeg (512.73 KB, 750x1092, 8C5BD15E-C55B-4CB4-9CFD-5386E9…)

she's bragging about $10……

No. 1743031

Hitting the Goldfish crackers and slamming down some Sutter Home is totally respecting her body.

Sounds like Womack is broke.

No. 1743032

Not that I care about Ellen, but it must chafe her ass that she does all this shit for fat Shat and doesn't get half the love or 'respect' that Shatna will give to any random moid that gives her attention.

No. 1743035

get real bitch, you call you any man who gives you $20 on cashapp your daddy.

No. 1743036

File: 1673554865535.jpeg (340.63 KB, 750x869, 2C744817-F676-4E27-BA89-4CC6C7…)

what situation??? he didn't message you back right away (probably spending time with his other freaks after being away for a week) and YOU DUMPED HIM!

No. 1743039

Nobody is missing the point. We ALL fucking know men suck. This is a SHAYNA THREAD though. This isn't about men, it's about fucking Shayna Clifford the pedo. Why do you tards come here and go "men worse tho" like so? THIS ISN'T THE FUCKING THREAD FOR THAT

No. 1743041

You broke up with him shayna….you left the situation and he let you leave. She's getting up for her, "this is abuse" reveal Shane Pierre Sonnier defend yourself!so I can kek piece of shit

No. 1743042

OT I just love that Shayna is oof at this shit but she's still making loads more than Kathy McMAhon or whatever could in an entire lifetime of findom

No. 1743043

she can't be serious. you self destructed your own "relationship" because a guy didn't respond to you after a day. you're the one who gave everything up after everything that happened. youre the one that abandoned him after you exposed him to the farms. youre the one dragging his name in the mud when he's saying nothing about you. she is absolutely crazy.

No. 1743044

>scrote chokes, drugs and sits on her
>100% normal
>Scrotes doesn't answer her calls immediately after getting home
>shayna breaks up with him he says, "okay"
This all means nothing until she names him. She's just whining that she broke up with someone and they were like, "cool". It's not giving what she feels it will

No. 1743045

I can't stop laughing that she dumped him and then is upset about it. Girl you broke up with him? He didn't dump you, you dumped him!!!

No. 1743046

she probably tried to break up with him first because she thought he was gonna break up with her cause he just needed some space. sol broke her.

No. 1743047

She's doing this because Shane is a nobody online, she can control the narrative and she wants him to respond to her in private, I just hope he does it in public to watch her really melt down

No. 1743048

i can't imagine how suffocating and clingy and weird she must be irl.

No. 1743049

If he's known in the kink community like some anons have suggested, Shayna has probably wrecked her ability to make money by visiting various degen cons in the south.

No. 1743051

File: 1673555938053.png (303.64 KB, 569x746, Moldy Ceiling Moldy Crotch.png)

I am crying laughing over the quality of coomer she attracts during these rants.

No. 1743052

yep. no more fetcon for fatty. she'll forever use this as an excuse to not go out to events anymore. "shane might be there" and bitch you're right. he will be and everyone will have known what you did to him.

No. 1743055

KEK never mind keep the hotdog nails on
Mike Slack of Missouri zapman_68 veteran of the United States Armed Forces just like fellow pedophile Sonnier P Shane aka Shane Pierre Sonnier of Wichita, Kansas is the one who molests daughters, not Jason Womack. God bless our troops

No. 1743057

Her likes are full of retards who were probably ghosted but didn't break up with their boyfriends and expect him (after a full week of seeing eachother after talking for a month) to grovel and beg for them. He said his ugly ass needed space, you didn't give jt to him you broke up with him to beat him to the punch and he said okay. You are not the victim retard

No. 1743063

File: 1673556512078.jpeg (327.11 KB, 750x895, DFF1773E-3BE3-4A44-B6F4-CDDFC5…)

the way she's still oinking about this

No. 1743066

File: 1673556564876.png (1.83 MB, 1568x904, fatty eats her feelings.png)

i love how shayna thinks everyone has as much free time as she does. the guy has an entire family and kids at home he went to. he doesn't give a shit you broke up with him, you were just his vacation. he has better things to do in his time than check in to see what shayna's posting on her twitter. she barely gets interactions when her starfish is out. shane has already moved on and shaynas over here eating her feelings and getting even more fat over some scrote.

No. 1743067

File: 1673556805113.png (79.51 KB, 528x520, ellen has cottage cheese thigh…)

And now she's back to remembering Ellen exists

No. 1743068

Shane is still friends with the black girl, the older woman shayna was claiming was her bestie and that one curly haired girl. Also this reminds me. Remember when shayna was calling that one girl "bestie " i imagine she is fucking clingy to anyone who shows her attention. Just that musty chick who smells like spit in high school who you day hi to once and she spends the whole day arm hooked in yours calling you bestie, before never speaking to you again

No. 1743071

>smells like spit
nona the way i just gagged

No. 1743074

That's literally every man who likes kink. They used to post selfies under the Disney tag on Tumblr back in the day, the memory of camouflage car seat cover lookin moids haunt me

No. 1743077

it's true, Shayna "Love Bombs" people by giving them (unwanted) extra attention because she wants something from you.
She probably trauma dumps to anyone who will listen, Ellen aka "Patricia Ellen Dressel aka itsactionsub aka @cuddlemenow" who stole a child's pacifer and posted about it on her tumbler "Itsactionsub" sexualizing it, is the only one who will deal with Shayna's sit. She did it to Vivi, probably did it to Sol, does it to her discord.
I doubt Ellen ever talks about her own disgusting problems I don't care about, because Shayna doesn't care.
Also I hope her whining about Shane doesn't stop, I want her to throughly call him out then someone who knows him to say,"So you broke up with Shane and now you are dragging him through the mud to your followers?" and watch her freak out.
Shayna's issue is NOBODY properly calls her out. In their gross world all Shane did was not text Shayna back, ask for space and then get broken up with.
Why should anyone hate him? There's reasons normal people would but not in sex work twitter. I feel this is going to be Shayna's undoing and she's going to do something retarded she can't walk back.

No. 1743079

>cleaned the mold off the bathroom ceiling
please why is this so fucking funny

No. 1743081

yes, it really puts into perspective why she cycles through short-term friends so much.

No. 1743083

Just like how she was having a full panic attack on twitter when his flight got canceled

No. 1743086

KEK the original post was saying some women can be just as bad as men or worse, not excusing shayna at all? what are you on about?

No. 1743087

him only owning a mini fridge is the chefs kiss. if you watch the video the guy is living in squalor and mold yet he still collects funko pops and pays OF whores his dwindling shekels.

No. 1743088

it's funny how she attracts male versions of herself. he is essentially complaining that, as a 40? something year old grown man mommy is making him do chores. a fat lazy pig just like shaytaan

No. 1743090

File: 1673557887799.jpeg (9.12 KB, 275x183, download (1).jpeg)

Lmao @ her being this delusuonal enough to think if she sleeps with a man enough times he'll want a serious relationship and that he wouldn't possibly tell her what she wants to hear so he gets compensated for having sex with her until he's had his fill of how mentally unstable she actually is which when weighted against her shit tier sex, there isn't anything for him to pretend he cares about her for.

Bitch has beached Shamu style sex. Just flopping onto her back to lay there.

No. 1743097

File: 1673557992639.png (45.4 KB, 133x132, shayhole.png)

reminds me of something.

No. 1743100

File: 1673558355833.jpg (36.7 KB, 720x852, Screenshot_20230112-161841_Chr…)

SHAYNA CLIFFORD AKA DOLLYMATTEL, SHANE PIERRE SONNIER DELETED HIS TWITTER. I was just saying he's following the black girl, so he's lurking the thread and cutting all ties to shayna in real time

No. 1743103

one her described sexual experiences with him is that they agreed for shayna to act like a little girl and he watched her colour in her colouring book while occasionally spanking her ass. she was disappointed that it let it sex and that after he came he didnt want to watch her colour anymore. She just laid there and expected him to be blown away by it all. She claims his tone changed after and it probably did when he realized there was nothing else to her. No cool chick under it all that he could have a real conversation with, not an understanding rational girl he could break the scene with. She wants people to respect her boundaries and limits but who is to say he had enough and needed his own space and after care (stretch i know and fuck the scrote) but still. she gives no consideration to other people while giving them the absolute bare minimum yet expects the world in return. she’ll be jaded in bitter by 27.

No. 1743105

hahaha coomers gonna coom. shane sonnier is searching for a replacement shaytard for his retarded "poly wolf pack"

No. 1743109

shaynus doing the lords work unintentionally while also fucking herself over emotionally and financially. its a win all around!

No. 1743110

and maybe i'm retarded but I don't see Shayna talking about him anymore on her twitter, the post about having a "Crush" and him responding. Sp they both decided to delete everything and it's fupaul 2.0
>pretend we aren't togeather
or he talked to her, told her it's not going to work, is reading this thread scared of the Wrath of Shaytaan and just wants to erase her completely so he gave her "Closure".
Shane Pierre Sonnier, Shayna isnt going to stop talking about you buddy. Fupaul gave her "Closure" and she's accusing him of Abuse to this day.
Also, can someone check his fatlife? I mean fetlife?

No. 1743111

I still will never understand why she has to tack on "baby" to these things or how it fits into it all

No. 1743116

File: 1673559186269.jpeg (235.64 KB, 1170x918, BB34FCDD-D365-43BF-B757-565E18…)

tweets still there but his reply is gone cause he yeeted his account. this definitely isnt a fupa 2.0 situation.

No. 1743117

“Wrath of Shaytaan” KEK please nona

No. 1743132

This is so fucking retarded and cringe. Just why… why do you need someone to remind you to do basic bare minimum things like eat and like confirm it?? Id understand someone recovering from an eating disorder or actually mentally challenged or something. She's such a needy weird idiot.
If Ellen actually cared, she would make Shatna eat healthier things. It's not a concern over when/if she's eating, bitch obviously eats.

No. 1743137

>Kyle Nathan Perkins favorites Shayna Clifford's tumblr
>Shayna reaches out to KNP
>They met up and have sex the first time meeting
>Heavy on the DDLG shit
>He makes a list of shit for her to do (drink water which she doesn't do/work out which she doesn't do)
>She draws pictures and calls him Daddy
>Eventually the DDLG shit stops
>Spend years togeather off and on
>Shayna has to move to stop herself from going back to fat ass
>November goes to some stanky spanking party thing
>November 13th at 10:43am Shayna announces she has a crush On Shane Pierre Sonnier
>Novemeber 13-15th Shane Pierre Sonnier says he feels the same
>December 29th he arrives
>takes a picture
>posts about how he made her drink out of a sippy cup and various different liquids in cups
>Claims he "told" her to do dumb shit, like wear a onsie outside to walk the dog
>Colors with gel pens
>DDLG shit/BDSM shit
>Janurary 9th he leaves
>Janurary 11th shayna breaks up with him mad that he didn't answer her and also that he didn't create rules.
Shayna literally was re-trying to do the fupaul shit,hoping to spend a couple more years of her life with a scrote.
And it failed

No. 1743143

File: 1673560183426.png (4.5 KB, 296x132, Capture.PNG)

same anon-
She knew of this motherfucker for 60 days and doing all this tragic

No. 1743148

"he ignored me all night & day 4 voicing my concerns" sounds like she started bombarding him with obsessive texts/calls as soon as he left. He was probably spending time with his family, realized she was batshit crazy when he looked down at his phone and ghosted. And yeah duh, obviously he doesn't love you Shayna. Try to keep up. I'd feel bad for any woman this clueless & retarded if she wasn't a disgusting pedo, instead it makes me kek

No. 1743149

Ellen probably likes that Shayna is increasing in girth. It makes Ellen look less fat when stood next to her.

No. 1743151

What consequences is she facing? She's not alone either, she has Ellen and those old random men who buy her trinkets. No different than Shane being with his ugly wife and the troons he hangs around. Shane lives in some hovel in Kansas and looks like he eats kraft mac and cheese with weenies for dinner. She's where she is because she chooses to live her life this way. She could at least opt to better her life with Womack's money but she refuses to better her life in any way even on a superficial level (saving up for a car or a visit to the dermatologist.)

No. 1743153

There's a lot of posts itt that sound like Shane Sonnier or maybe one of his gross partners. There were some in the last couple threads too but totally coincidentally there's way more now. It's the person lowkey defending Shane and shitting on Shaynus, that doesnt capitalize anything. Usually makes mid length posts about how unreasonable and crazy Shaynus is while throwing in some basic insults towards Shane and his pack to try to integrate kek. But the way they say things sounds very much like someone directly involved and caping for Shane. I think its very possible it's one of his partners though

No. 1743155

>She's not alone either, she has Ellen
The consequence is that she her only companion is a person she doesn't like

No. 1743159

did she delete this? I cannot find it kek

No. 1743160

It's either Shane or the troon.
The person calling people crazy/unmedicated for saying Shane is dangerous kept having posts disappear and reappear. Its most likely jannies removing troon posts and then the troon coming back

No. 1743161

I know it's ironic to say now after my post about there being Shane WK itt… but Im also wondering just how into the pedo adult baby ddlg shit Shane Sonnier is actually? Was there proof outside of his interactions with Shatna? Im not saying he isnt a degenerate piece of shit. But was he playing up the pedo kink stuff for Shatna possibly just to fuck? I dont know why he would go through the effort though is the thing because he has other partners and if its true he is active in kinkster community and going to those events, then it just seems really out of the way and extra effort to get his rocks off to a lousy whore like Shaynus. But hes also bottom barrel and Shaynus is all too willing for a scrote she fancies so who knows.

No. 1743166

Tbf I'm sure she likes Ellen just fine. She just doesn't have any romantic or sexual attraction to her. But the bi poly larp works for her and she basically needs Ellen or she has literally no one and less resources.

No. 1743173

its still there, you probably just arent logged in or need to change your settings to view mature content.

No. 1743176

So far nothing has been posted that shows he's into DDLG. All that's been shown is that he's a poly troon fucker which is gross enough. It's possible that he thought he could use Shayna to try it out and then realized how deep into pedo shit she is. He probably does not want Shayna's pedo rape fantasies associated with him at all. It's all visible on her social media so if that's the case he only has himself to blame.

No. 1743177

He didn't scrub his FetLife, did he? Has any of the sleuth nonnas tried looking for old accounts where this info might be available? We should try looking through older spank conventions or maybe kink conventions in his locale to see if we can find pictures or posts he's tagged in

No. 1743182

he probably got off the plan after having no service and got bombarded with hundreds of increasingly more unhinged texts full of baiting, apologies, crying, emotions, complaining, insecurities, over the top expressions of being deeply in love after a week, and then probably some rude shit. he realized he needed space, told her that and decided to just go come to his family to get his head together. After a couple hours she continues to go more and more psycho assuming 3 hours is enough space after spending 12 days straight with him knowing he is poly and has other people in his life. and barely 24 hours after leaving, before the guy can even process what happen, she breaks up with him and hasnt shut up about it since.

No. 1743195

She probably was texting him shit like
>Daddy are you okay?
>Daddy please answer me
>I miss you so much
>Please please please
>Sad emoji
>Im worried
>Shane please answer me, not like this not again

No. 1743196

Ok yeah. I mean Shaynus said he did some really dark and fucked up shit. There's no way of knowing if it actually happened rn, but I will give her the benefit of the doubt. That being said, he seems to be a more rape, bondage, humiliation type of porn sick moid. Which isn't better than pedo ddlg shit, but I think it puts more validity in that really being Shatnas thing. Just look at how she's still going on about having a "real cargiver" and how you have to commit to being a daddy. Plus her years of pedo porn.
I mean ultimately it doesn't matter because theyre both pos degenerate freaks, but I still found it curious I guess and was wondering if the pedo adult baby ddlg stuff had legitimate basis as far as his "kinks" go.

No. 1743199

im one of the people who deletes and reposts and did earlier cause english is not my first language so when i type sometimes i fuck my phrasing of words and it doesnt make sense when i read it after. i definitely think youre unmedicated and paranoid though without being a troon or shane. theres no edit function and you have 30 mins to delete. didnt mean to scare.

No. 1743206

whats funny is how easily shane could rope her back in with a couple texts. shes acting incredibly desperate.

No. 1743207

the seven stages of grief with shayna clifford

what are nonnies bets on what the rest of 2023 will look like for shay? do you think she'll be on the rebound looking for fupa 3.0 now that shanes fucked off?

No. 1743210

I wanna do a strawpoll kek

No. 1743212

File: 1673563352043.jpeg (100.15 KB, 676x286, 19DB2E25-D10B-4611-9C60-B70976…)

she basically confirmed this bc she regrets it. she got her feelings hurt and dumped him thinking he cared and he obviously didn't.
reminds me when she was going to work with those people and they told her "not little girl shit" and she flipped out on them. it's just a pattern with her

No. 1743213

I think after she broke up with him he just blocked her or she blocked him (to do it first) and probably has unblocked him seeing that he's not reaching out

No. 1743214

>daddy are you ok?
>are you ok daddy??
based Michael Jackson texting strategy, well done shay

No. 1743215

No. 1743216

Not buying it, troon. You never change the way you cause infights. Too coincidental that you start popping up in meta again and then suddenly there's an influx of posts calling people unmedicated and crazy right after the spamming incident last night

No. 1743218

He's more dangerous than any of them because he has military taught tard rage and strength on his side and did actually do things to Shayna sexually, other than Ellen using her as a chew toy etc. Also, it's moot point.

No. 1743220

theres a discord anon whos convinced herself and 2 other people that anytime there is infighting its THE tranny

No. 1743224

There is also a tranny that intentionally comes here to fuck with us and stir shit in the threads like last night. Funny how Blaine is only a conspiracy when we point you out in threads. ywnbaw

No. 1743225

yep she 100% has done this and had it work with fupa in the past thought it would go the same. how old is the muppet again?

No. 1743226

Im super surpised she didn't suicide bait thats new for her, or maybe she's still holding that one for later

No. 1743231

Shayna seems like the type to have a BPD meltdown and harm/kill a child over “her daddy”. I actually see in a decade or so reading a true crime article about her because she was jealous a father gave attention to his daughter that lives with them and not her for 5 mins.

No. 1743232

I can't picture shay in a fight, nevermind killing someone kek

No. 1743235

What’s her deal with being told to drink liquids and then obsessing over it and showing it off on her Twitter? I want to be her psychiatrist so bad and I’m not even in that field kek

No. 1743239

I made an post about how she talked about her Step mom asking her dad could she pour her more wine because she likes when her dad does for her, so I felt thats why she ramped it up, maybe she thinks the pouring of one liquid into another container is a sign of love. However, it could just be a Shaytism. All these scrotes/scrotette's like Ellen, are always telling her to eat and drink. When you can't get any regular show of affection I guess you have to find something.

No. 1743240

Like the weird little things like Obsession over drinks or how she buys perfume and random junk and just keeps it in boxes on her vanity/bathroom sink

No. 1743258

The only good thing about her w8 gain I'd that her nose looks less witchy

No. 1743270

imagine she gets back together with shane (she won't) she will lose all her coomers and friends giving her this pity party right now

No. 1743274

A poem
Shaynus is nasty, her ass really stinks
She cant get enough of her hideous pinks
She thinks shes a catch because scrotes give her attention
Tho we all know that theyre in it for kinks.

She looks like a pig and acts like a hog
Her bed skills are that of a dead frog
She would have some friends if she really wanted
But other women only make her a-log.

Scrote after scrote she keeps striking out
You would think shes doing it all for the clout
If only you knew how bad things really are
But for pedos like her, misery is a good route.

My poem is over, the end is near
But dont worry, shay will always be here
Most cows eventually move on and grow up
But poor old shay can only grow her rear.


No. 1743275

I am embarrassed for you.

But also, kek

No. 1743277

> He came into her apartment
He left the coom stains on the carpet

No. 1743284

same because when i don’t nonas make fun of me kek and call me ESL
nice one Luna

No. 1743289

She's just retweeting the most vulgar, explicit pics of her gaping holes now. What a trainwreck.
But speaking of, did she forget while huffing Shane's cum for a week about her "job"?? She hasn't made content because she fucked off with that moid (and before that she was mooching at her parents), now she's crying over him and won't cam. Begging for sympathy sheckles and for the coomers to buy her old content.
2023 is off to a great start for Shaynus!! I'm expecting another groundhog year tbh. Typically half assed (pun intended) repeat content sporadically made, saying she's making a schedule and follows it maybe for 1 week and no longer mentions it until its "im not making much money and Im so depressed and hate my body boohoo" posting, sad attempts at sugaring that may or may not actually be real, more random coomers at her apartment doing progressively more disgusting things. Pedo and rape fetishizing will continue. Ellen biting her, then taking her somewhere which is Shats supervised outside time basically. And she'll probably be too broke, sad, and "traumatized" to do events. Might work with the Skidmore uglies and Winnie the Pooh baldy again though. I really don't forsee anything different or major tbh. I hope Im wrong though.

No. 1743290

She could’ve been at AVN. But she canceled that and is now throwing a fit over this instead

No. 1743292

File: 1673570098362.jpeg (59.81 KB, 828x764, E4312D80-F630-414D-853E-D71EBA…)

Kek he deleted that too. His pack members’ accounts are still up though if anyone really cares to look

No. 1743293

i'll be shocked if she doesnt have a new coomer over to her house doing some depraved shit for her to "get back at" shane by the end of the week.

No. 1743294

She knows men find "young and naive" girls attractive

Just actual young girls that they can manipulate/groom that eventually "learn" to serve them in X ways; not some literal adult woman who irl should live in an assisted living facility rather than seek therapy through old guys that just wanna coom n zoom

No. 1743297

File: 1673570495723.jpg (141.51 KB, 613x644, FaceApp_1673212784549.jpg)

I'm admitting myself to Stink Ditch Academy's Shaynatorium on account of being diagnosed as clinically inshayne due to lack of fupapa snuggles, pink wine, and Uber eats gift cards. Doctors orders are 90 days; a day for every pound shat has gained since being with fupa. See you later space cowboy ..

No. 1743304

Not trying to derail but how do anons know that Shane's fiancee is disabled?
Very very based take anon
Oh my god someone has to edit the scenes from Twilight with their faces kek
> One side: Shayna, Mike Slack, Jason R Womack, Ellen, Diaper Man Dan, the vegan anarchy dude, that weird porno guy
> Other side: Shane Soynnier, tranny, barely legal gf, Velma/wife
> Other side joins forces with Soy Salvatore, Dawn, Fupaul, Vivi to defeat Shayngus and her moids
I think this is actually the tranny guys

No. 1743307

What time is she camming?

No. 1743312

She's not. She's too "bad brain too sad". She was going to just be on OF live. She said tomorrow. So probably not this week.

No. 1743316

File: 1673571522348.jpg (33.55 KB, 720x302, Screenshot_20230112-185705_Twi…)

About 8 minutes from now based on this

No. 1743325

who has her onlyfans?

No. 1743328

I don't think there's any regulars left here willing to give her anything

No. 1743331

Yeah Im sure thats why she's doing it on there. And that its way less effort than getting on mfc.

No. 1743334

I bet she'll spend most of the time venting about Shane Sonnier. Too bad to miss that, but oh well. She'll probably still be talking about it next cam show and on twitter for the rest of the month

No. 1743341

Oh yeah, good point
Happy meal price, right? Like $3.50 I think

No. 1743343

Someone please take one for the team (honestly I would just this once purely because of the current situation but I’m at work)

No. 1743344

Why is it less effort that mfc?

No. 1743347

5 bucks to subscribe if someone dares

No. 1743348

economy inflating even Shayna's prices? truly we are the lost generation

No. 1743350

how much information does onlyfans want? Don't wanna be on no list kek

No. 1743351

nevermind i'm not signing up to see shayna kek, sorry nonnies

No. 1743355

She's so pathetic. No man is worth one percent of this energy, let alone a pudgy cheater who thinks punching women makes him a tough guy.
Love that she's heartbroken over not getting a text back for one night, and that she thought threatening "I'M BWEAKING UP WIF U" would uno reverse his attention and the piece of shit who was just using her for degenerate role play went, "okie dokie" though. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes. You don't check the thread for two days and the epic love story is already over.

No. 1743367

pretty sure shaggard would be suspicious as hell if someone randomly joined today after the drama. dont worry nonas, she barely has anyone show up to the OF shows other than womack and maybe one or two other wankers so she'll have plenty left to say for her MFC show.

No. 1743368

She’s probably realizing right now how small her audience for live shows actually is when farmers aren’t showing up kek

No. 1743370

File: 1673576587127.jpeg (Spoiler Image,444.06 KB, 750x1092, 35215756-8339-4C87-B906-499031…)

No. 1743371

kek thank you Shaykspeare

No. 1743377

Yea, you still have to be subscribed to see it tho. It's just not behind another paywall

No. 1743380

I seriously doubt she ranted about Shane or anything milky, just another ugly outfit and it seemed quick. Shit maybe she's lying and trying to get a nona to sign up and get some info

No. 1743385

KEK anon I cracked up omfg

No. 1743387

If this isn’t the new thread pic and title, I’m screaming and burning lolcor to the ground

No. 1743390

I would but I’m scared to take the plunge and buy her OF because of what it would say about my life that I’m subscribed to an OF whore simply for the purposes of cringe material to laugh at and repost for “bullying” purposes.

No. 1743391

File: 1673579254600.jpeg (151.85 KB, 960x1280, 9DB5B031-26CA-4470-A488-FF71E2…)

In my experience she’s pretty dumb, as long as you make it somewhat believable then it’s fine. Can’t go wrong with doing your best Womack impression to be seem like another stupid old moid.

No. 1743399

sis, you do read her tweets? she invited him over. he re-enacted her tweets.
he probably got bored/or didn't enjoy how she really presents herself. and that makes her upset.

No. 1743403

File: 1673580453795.jpeg (681.37 KB, 1170x1844, 2D6CF946-5A3D-4E58-9471-BB8FD0…)

No. 1743416

File: 1673582425494.jpeg (298.55 KB, 1170x832, 4E141D3E-75B8-44A6-9C72-15EF4E…)

And we’re back to regular programming

No. 1743424

>I don’t want to exist

low level sui bait. it begins.

No. 1743425

I sometimes wonder what it would be like if people from any other “profession” acted like online sex workers and Shayna. “I didn’t feel like making a stupid pasta today, congratulate me for showing up and being a chef”. “I don’t want to be here so you kids better thank me for teaching dumb math”.

No. 1743427

Can't do open heart surgery, I'm having a bad brain day. Sorry can't fix your AC I don't wanna exist. My daddy and I broke up so I'm not setting up satellite cable today

No. 1743428

This is definitely why she got the bangs right after fatcon

No. 1743429

this makes me miss fupa he really was the most entertaining of the horrible little scrotes lmao

No. 1743445

File: 1673585466580.jpeg (Spoiler Image,312.86 KB, 2048x1154, 9BA2CAE4-2096-4CAC-886F-368941…)

Why is she in a dollar store tutu

No. 1743446

Kek she literally broke up with him and is like “I cannot figure out how this happened guys!!!!”

No. 1743447

Trying to lure Shane back in with these I bet

No. 1743449

Literal retard porn

No. 1743451

dios mio she looks like shite

No. 1743454

File: 1673585854180.jpeg (469.45 KB, 1242x2208, DA047D01-DCB4-4563-BB14-0E7972…)

It kills me that Shayna thinks she’s a internet famous e girl. This makeup looks so ugly in general but even more so on an ugly broad like Shaynus

No. 1743456

The frankentit looks super red or bruised

No. 1743457

Shane probably sat on it

No. 1743459

Wtf it looks so painful and inflamed? Any med nonnas here want to let us know how long that thing is going to last in there before her tit rots ?

No. 1743464

>Why is she in a dollar store tutu
to hide her gunt

No. 1743467

Girl needs a dry shampoo daddy.

No. 1743470

Literally makes me shit microplastics

No. 1743475

I wonder if he responded to all his other partners within a few hours during the time he was with Shayna, and I wonder how she would have reacted if she ever witnessed him communicating with his other partners.

No. 1743480

I love how everyone who gets involved with Shaynus ends up nuking/locking their accounts and changing their handles.

No. 1743481

fupa never did

No. 1743482

This, a lot of suspiciously detailed Shane WKing in the thread, surprised to see so many anons interacting with obvious bait.

I don’t think he’s into ddlg pedo shit either, at least not to the extent Shayna is. He’s clearly into beating & hurting women though, and will go along with other kinks if they give him the opportunity. He’s no better than her, they’re just two different types of crazy.

No. 1743488

File: 1673591424968.jpeg (Spoiler Image,747.26 KB, 1179x1328, D8FF2C01-C70A-40E0-BFA9-7458ED…)

I don’t have time to watch it now. Watched the first minute (it’s about 50 minutes long) and she was saying she hoped people would show up otherwise it would be embarrassing kek

No. 1743492

Did anyone other than the two usuals show up?

No. 1743496

File: 1673592298344.jpeg (Spoiler Image,868.5 KB, 1179x1390, 54C6F6EF-CF14-4045-A310-814E11…)

I skimmed it and only saw this 1 guy talking to her

No. 1743500

File: 1673592665171.jpeg (Spoiler Image,562.19 KB, 1179x660, 5C1B7B1C-E60D-476B-A72B-B0F3C0…)

She had some cream stuff come out of her ass and she didn’t notice because she had a fidget spinner in her butt and was screeching “woo, hell yeah a bitch” and spinning it. And then when she noticed it she scooped it up and rubbed it into her butt cheek and pretended it didn’t happen. Ok good night nonas, wish I didn’t watch it.

No. 1743506

I'm laughing so fucking hard right now.

No. 1743525

File: 1673595401862.jpg (52.27 KB, 1024x775, Dream-Interpretation-where-we-…)

Porn bump no scrolling

No. 1743527

Why and how can you say she’s sex repulsed ???!

No. 1743538

I am fucking ROLLING her self destruction spiral is in full tilt, let the milk flow.

No. 1743545

read the fucking threads shane

No. 1743548

>the one dragging his name in the mud
Based tbh. Pedophiles deserve that and much more.

No. 1743551

It flowed so hard it’s ass cream now

No. 1743563

> daddy didn't give her enough attention
Nona if this was the case then nearly all women would be into this depraved crap, kek. From what we've seen her dad has been above average in attention giving, maybe even too much so for a bpd cow like shaymu, so now she expects all degen scrotes to pander to her 24/7.

No. 1743573

A common misconception I'd that an absent or uncaring dad is common in BPD women. That's not completely accurate, it's a dysfunctional relationship with a dad. There are plenty of BPD people who go the other way and are either far too attached to their dads or had narcissistic dads that were very much present but smothering them in narcissistic obsession. Shayna seems to be too attached to her dad. It's also possible that she's actually autistic which, in women, is often misdiagnosed as BPD

No. 1743574

>Nona if this was the case then nearly all women would be into this depraved crap, kek.
I hate it when people make this "argument". You know that not everyone reacts the same way to the same events right
Shayna would get attention from her father if she could, but it's obvious that he doesn't give her attention.

No. 1743575

What autism traits do you see in shayna?

No. 1743579

nta but i always thought shayna could be autistic because of the way she will keep garbage and packaging because it has hello kitty on it. i keep stuff like that but its major tism thing and i can't see a normal human woman being like "oh damn this trash has cute characters on it maybe i shouldn't throw it away" but then again maybe she thinks that its cute for her pedo larp.

No. 1743587

Kek why am I laughing so hard

No. 1743595

daddy wasn't there to take her to the fair it seems he doesn't care. daddy wasn't there.
daddy wasn't there to change her underwear it seems he doesn't care. daddy wasn't there.

No. 1743598

Maybe but she could just be on a lot of drugs and otherwise would be functioning better. I imagine both her and Shame are into pills among other things. He was probably feeding her xani and then when he left and she was out of it, perhaps withdraw amplified her feelings of rejection. To me she fits npd but that’s jm2c

No. 1743602

It's not that deep she just has no sense of style or taste or class

No. 1743613

>the way she dresses all pink but lacks the self awareness to realise she doesn't look like the people she's mimicking at all. There was briefly an egirl cow with autism on /snow/ who was a better example of this behaviour, but it is a thing
>women with mild autism are noted to be prone to alcoholism, drugs, and promiscuity (the latter being interesting since women with autism are more likely to be asexual). Shayna is weed addicted alcoholic slut and theorised to be sex repulsed
>struggles to form healthy social bonds
>sometimes behaves inappropriately in a public setting. For example, the video she made in that bar just openly showing ass and being caught or the way she dresses like a child for kink purposes in public
>fixations. In this case pink, Hello Kitty, and anything associated with Bimbo
This is not me saying Shayna is autistic because she's fat, retarded, or immature. There are plenty of autistic women (probably some of you itt) who function just fine on their own and don't have some of these problems

No. 1743630

topfuckingkek nonna, thanks for saluting our soldiers

No. 1743648

Idk how y'all don't think he's into pedo shit. If he wasn't, he wouldn't have spent like two weeks roleplaying with shanya. He could have easily found some other crusty camwhore who doesn't do DD/LG shit to manipulate. Like, how do you even find Shayna if you're not at least somewhat into this shit?

No. 1743650

Do you believe in 'mutual abuse' too?

No. 1743664

>bpd cow
Read >>1742206

No. 1743669

>clinically inshayne

No. 1743684

how fucked up is it that there’s a large chance they had to stop a scene where shane was pretending to fuck his underage daughter cause had to make sure to call his actual kids to say goodnight? how are people like this allowed to roam society freely?

No. 1743687

File: 1673624688505.png (1.84 MB, 1170x2041, B3AAEC62-C316-4010-B259-F89D12…)

>Not trying to derail but how do anons know that Shane's fiancee is disabled?
Mostly just assuming based off attached picrel. She definitely looks frail as hell and shes using a cane. Probably has some bone deformity like scoliosis or something. At the very least she has signs of fetal alcohol syndrome.

No. 1743689

same fag, meant to say service dog not cane. but i swear i saw a photo of her once using one?

No. 1743690

She doesn't look disabled, that's just what ugly poor white people look like.

No. 1743691

damn, when you need a service dog just to handle the PTSD of being Shane’s wife.

No. 1743692

having a service dog indicates she has some sort of disability

No. 1743695

File: 1673625511603.jpeg (383.7 KB, 1170x1142, 77B5D799-D6D3-44F6-9BDD-2931EE…)

Stfu Shay. YOU broke up with him. Because YOU can’t stand not having a man giving you all of his attention 24/7

No. 1743698

Not anymore

No. 1743703

lmfaoo, I’d understand if they were together for awhile & she had to break it off to better themselves. But nah it wasn’t even a fucking relationship, they showed up and did some weird fuck shit. Dude went home to his family which she knew about & got salty when he didn’t wanna be daddy 24/7 because he has an actual child and wife.

No. 1743707

Ok, and? Her tweets are about raping children. So you agree Shane Pierre Sonnier flew out to reenact violent pedophilic rape fantasies with a near-stranger and then went back to his wife & children and tried to pretend none of it happened. He’s at least as big of a cow as Shayna.

And on a related note, I find the recent flood of low key Shane WKing really suspicious.

No. 1743711

Ayrt and I meant he’s clearly into the pedo shit just to coom and not as a 24/7 “kink lifestyle” like Shayna. He gets off on beating and drugging women who dress up like children; he’s not actually interested in being anyone’s “daddy” or “caregiver.” That was all just bullshit he fed in her ear to coom’n’zoom. Really I’m just surprised a professional whore of over a decade is still falling for such basic fuckboy tactics. I knew men would lie and tell you whatever you wanted to hear to get sex by my mid-teens. She truly is retarded.

No. 1743712

Nta but you're right, now a days anyone can slap a vest (a vest they ordered off the Internet) on their dog and claim it's their emotional support dog

No. 1743714

This “Normal is Boring” moid is somehow even creepier than her other pedo orbiters, any milk on him?

No. 1743719

She didn't even act this crazy over fupaul, it took some years for the real crazy to come out. I assume he blocked her or something. This is.some.stalker shit she only knew him for 60 days

No. 1743720

It's Friday the 13th yall. Shaytaan about to unleash on this moid today I can feel it kek. Shane Pierre Sonnier better make a new twittwr to defend himself because Shayna going to accuse him of some shit.

No. 1743722

Idk, I kind of enjoy watching the Shaytinator lure in and destroy random manlet BDSMfags via lolcow. She could easily avoid exposing these people by warning them she has internet haters and keeping their personal business offline. But instead she liveblogs every encounter on her work Twitter knowing it’ll be screencapped and archived forever with their names & faces attached. Shes a vindictive bitch and she knows what she’s doing, let Shayzilla work in peace kek

No. 1743723

i can sense the PTSD from abuse claims coming up

No. 1743724

Maybe it's what he does with his other girlfriend(s) but not fat used up lot lizard Shayna. She still sees herself as some shiny young thing like she was when she met Fupa. Fupa reveled in her minor Tumblr fame and getting to fuck a teenage "porn star" after losing weight and divorcing his wife. So he was willing to put forth some effort. She expected Shane to to see her as a prize , but she just isn't that on any level anymore. Even for the lowliest coomer.

No. 1743725

File: 1673629008246.gif (368.26 KB, 200x153, E9EDABB6-E06C-4F59-9FAF-0FC194…)


No. 1743726

Texas Chainsaw Sawyer family vibes

No. 1743728

Because Fupa dealt with her bullshit for longer. It makes Shayna seethe that Shane was able to just ignore her bait and block her on everything

No. 1743729

File: 1673629163483.jpeg (282.87 KB, 750x1035, 9279AAEF-2385-4CB7-B21E-6B5056…)

she's already tweeting and deleting l

No. 1743733

Meanwhile she defends rape and pedophilia kinks despite the real life consequences of those being popular porn categories. But go on about having sympathy and compassion

No. 1743742

She’s going through the stages of shayvenge just as quick as that moid blocked her. She’s at the sanctimonious moralfagging phase already, abuse allegations are next.

No. 1743744

Lol this is only a problem for psychos who get mad at everything and demand constant apologies.

No. 1743750

I bet you his wife just lets him do what he wants OR he knows she's not going anywhere and she knows despite it all she knows his ugly ass is going to stay with her. Thinking like a scrote everything shayna displays herself to be she's the opposite. She's not submissive like she says, she's not "Bratty" no she's an needy asshole, she doesn't love sex, she's not poly, her lifestyle just won't mesh with someone wanting a mono relationship. Letting men sniff your asshole for chump change, fucking baldi gaysics for free, flying out to suck soy dick, yeah. Even a boyfriend who "Support" sex work would be like, "What are you even getting from any of this irl sex work?"
She wanted this scrote to deal with his real life kid/wife, but ALSO treat her like another child, but he doesn't even know when he'll see her so..Shayna expects him to truly get some kind of sexual pleasure, or caring about telling her to fucking live and eat.
He probably told her he was all for that DDLG shit, but then they met up and neither fat ass was telling the truth about what they were really like or wanted.
Very few men want what Shayna wants, Fupaul was getting constant sex and his pedo ass was into that shit. Shayna also doesn't cook, clean or does anything these idiots she panders too probably want a woman to do. So whats the perk? Especially when he has a wife he can sleep with and multiple freaks?
Shayna will always be the fun retarded girl scrotes pump and dump, while marrying and courting other sorry women. Fupaul didn't want to marry him or work on him, he got married a year. Shane said, "Fuck that" when she broke up with him. It is what it is.

No. 1743751

even if he says sorry that won't be enough, she doesn't want closure she wants Shane Pierre Sonnier.

No. 1743759

Okay? Point is, he still willingly stuck his dick in a bitch that pretends to be a retarded baby. Most moids don't who just want a dumby to suck their dicks won't go for one that's pretending she's a toddler. You have to be a special kind of fucked up to even be able to get your dick hard for the degenerate shit shaynas on. Lifestyle or not, he's still into this pedo shit. Who cares if he doesn't like it as much after he cooms?

No. 1743764

Another factor could be that moids assume because she's a sex worker that she is good at sex when she isn't. They agree to her terms because they think that she's a kinky experienced bimbo that worships cock because that's what she claims on twitter. Then the reality is that it's like fucking a beached whale and they run because it's not worth it when they can get better sex elsewhere without having to go along with her bullshit.

No. 1743767

File: 1673632185355.jpeg (81.31 KB, 686x287, 1B7FEED1-46B4-4F5D-B35B-A55A22…)

omg she originally posted that she's selling videos for $50 and 20 minutes later deleted this and reposted selling them for $20

No. 1743768

She has no idea of how she pathetic she looks. I know no1curr but even if you’re attractive and good at non kinkfag sex (giving hot and crazy vibes) moids will come back largely depending on how weak willed or narcissistic they are themselves, but over time moids will get tired of your shit. On top of being fat and terrible at sex, the other bad thing for Shayna is that anons have accurately called her out for suicide baiting as she does it. Nothing about her seems genuine, she clearly just wants attention and a care taker kek. Time to move on and find a new trailer trash scrote victim.

No. 1743769

Honestly what does Shayna expect from a married man with a kid (and a job I assume)? If he did have time for her he would be even worse of a person.
I think she purposely chooses men that have other obligations because she wants them to pick her above everything else.

No. 1743772

File: 1673632453826.jpeg (543.47 KB, 1242x1448, 19CB4FA3-30EC-43BB-90A2-327BD4…)

Kek sure you did

No. 1743773

Even if a know-it-all coombrain follower doesnt have the intention to commit murder, what happens when a scrotes boot-on-trachea skills fail and he panics and ghosts the scene.

If he got caught, he would get no charges because Shayna was literally asking and pleading for depraved abuse in a public space as her career.

I hate shatna for the harm she endorses but I would never wish this on her.

Don't let this be your legacy, dumbass.

No. 1743774

she doesn’t care about your retarded advice, moron. all of you sound stupid and the defending here is crazy. i’m surprised a mod is okay with letting this go for so long. seriously all of you kyd(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1743775

*kys. and i don’t give a shit what you think

No. 1743777

Lol every time you post you push this thread to the top of the page and put it on the front page of the site so even more people who had no idea who Shane Pierre Sonnier was can see and read all about him. Thanks for showing us how much you care nonnie!

No. 1743784

File: 1673633901785.png (211.31 KB, 463x471, shaynu.PNG)

No. 1743785

At this point, she's mid 20s and hasn't shown signs of having any talent or skills. People need to let go of the idea of her shaping up. If it was going to happen, jt would have. She's still not rock bottom yet (but gets closer everyday). She won't be changing anything about herself until her parents croak and the coomers can't support her weed and doordash habits. And the change most likely won't be anything good

No. 1743788

It's what she wants and she exists to pander to pedophiles and men who hate women. I don't care what happens to her, she's never going to stop or care about anyone but herself.

No. 1743797

File: 1673635538851.jpeg (94.31 KB, 500x501, 9B944D20-1574-4465-B655-03712E…)

No. 1743800

No. 1743801

It’s disturbing how many men are willing to torture a women or flat out rape her just “because she asked”. Like if someone does that they are mentally ill and you should run in the opposite direction because either you’re being set up or you’re a serial killer in the making and who wants that? Shays going to tell the wrong guy or somethings just going to go wrong and if she survives it she’s still going to be fucking clueless as to what went wrong.

No. 1743803

Oh my god shay you “dated” for 2 MONTHS and spent a little more than a week physically together, stfu. She’s so stunted. This should not be upsetting her this much, especially since she dumped him.

No. 1743808

File: 1673636360784.jpeg (285.38 KB, 750x845, BB32B743-3AC1-46A0-9ADE-9B4FC4…)

shayna is following fat fetish guys

No. 1743814


100%. Shayna has been coddled by her fans who prop up her delusions for so many years, and has so little real world experience in adult relationships that she fully expected her "bratty" stunt to work. She has some weapons grade cognitive bias going on where it's like she genuinely forgets she's now a lonely blownout pig with a reputation for being difficult who is barely surviving off rapidly diminishing returns

No. 1743825

topkek maybe this will change the strawpoll results

No. 1743826

I remember leaving a post in some past Shayna thread about wondering how long it'll take for her to get into fat fetish and feeder porn… nice to see the fat fetish breadcrumbs being laid out and planted. Shay, you work at home. You have all the time in the fucking world to do like 40 minutes of cardio a day, easy peasy. She's so fucking idiotic. Hurr durr I'm too lazy to go for walks outside or do some jumping jacks and push-ups in my apartment so I guess I'll just sexualize my 100% fixable problem! Christ.

No. 1743834

>!!!I just did the hottest private video omg!!
>He got me 2 Door dash gift cards & told me 2 buy all my favorite candies and pink wine!! He told me to get drunk and take the candy and stuff it in my can't then eat it all on camera & I swear 2 God I have never done anything hotter or enjoyed a custom so much!!!
>@theirlbarbie- "guys there's nothing wrong with being chubby or feeder content!! I'm a
A chubby baby & through this I'm learning to love my body again </3"

No. 1743837

Anyone else feel like if shayna gets super fat her mom will finally stop supporting her?

No. 1743838

No. The bitch makes diaper porn but can still show her fat face around her family, I don't think obesity will be the straw that breaks the camel's back.

No. 1743855

File: 1673641246350.jpeg (Spoiler Image,705.26 KB, 1170x1265, 80D55098-2965-48B1-9CD9-2955B0…)

“Frens” = Ellen

No. 1743856

File: 1673641290502.jpeg (1.45 MB, 1170x1819, D3049A99-B60D-411E-B3C6-1A3601…)

This is worst than “breffast”

No. 1743885

She didn't fall for him, she doesn't actually love him, she has no idea what love is. She was high off attention, that's love to her

No. 1743887

Different anon but also wanted to add her talking about how she hates taking showers when she was still on tumblr, kinda reminded me of Chris Chan kek

No. 1743888

The strangest part of all this to me is that after only hanging out twice in public with other people around, she only talked to this guy for a month before “falling for him” and inviting him to stay at her house for almost two weeks? Who wants to bet that 95-99% of the conversations between them were just exchanging nudes or sex talk? Shane probably thought they were just sexting and that she liked giving out free nudes, meanwhile Shayna is on the other side falling in love with a random guy she doesnt know just because he humoured her weird ass pedo fetish and gave her some attention. The way she was acting before he came was definitely unhinged for a guy you aren’t official with and havent even spent real time with. Shane definitely realized half way through the trip she was bat shit crazy. The fact he immediately stopped talking to her as soon as he left (he never even texted her he was home safe) is all you need to know about the impression she left on him.

I wonder if Shayna was actually texting both Shane and his disabled wife during that month? Like they were reading her messages and forming replies back together like some weird sex shit. And thats why she felt like things were different when he arrived? I sincerely feel like Shane and his Wife are one those freak couples who play with women together to get their kicks. Shayna was just shiny new plaything and now they’ve moved on and have a ton of her nudes and videos of her drugged for their “files”

No. 1743891

I was going to say that too, plus not drinking water because she doesn’t like the taste and not using chapstick because it’s “slimy”. God she’s fucking disgusting.
Lord give me strength not to a-log. The fact that she has no crockery and cutlery besides literal children’s play sets is so fucking embarrassing

No. 1743893

File: 1673643001159.jpeg (Spoiler Image,823.95 KB, 1170x1338, 2DBB65BA-AE34-47CF-986B-2A2482…)

No. 1743900

the best part of this is that if he only stayed for a night or two maybe he wouldn’t have tired of her so quick. she literally gave everything she had to him for 12 days straight. what was left for him to want? i can only imagine how awkward as fuck those last couple days were where he was probably anxious as fuck to go home after he realized they weren’t a match. I mean, by the last day he didnt even want to fuck her anymore.

No. 1743904

File: 1673643668520.gif (496.41 KB, 272x188, gagging-dee-reynolds.gif)

Ugghhhh I'm so glad I didn't see that trash.

No. 1743928

I wish she would stop doing that face, she looks like Jennifer Coolidge without an ounce of talent or respect

No. 1743931

Kek, is she trying to do some anachan larp? There's no way she only eats that tiny bowl of granola/cereal and fruit.

No. 1743937

Christ her eyes are looking extra beady and ratty. She's all iris and it's super gross.

No. 1743950

Nonnies, the wife might be blind????? Or have something fucked with her eyesight.

No. 1743956

portion control kween

No. 1743975

is that a hershey wrapper in the corner ?

No. 1743987

File: 1673649036968.png (750.48 KB, 555x760, 1671131692670.png)

No wonder she looks stricken in that pic, she can't even see her ass popping out in the velma pic either. This is the only one I could find of her.

No. 1744000

It's It's funny to me how everyone else deletes fucking everything, fupaul didn't delete his Facebook but never mentioned Shayna. Solboy and Shane Pierre Sonnier did, but Ellen? She dont give a fuck. Her stealing that pacifier is still on her Tumblr kek. I bet there's some Facebook somewhere. Scrotes will quickly distance themselves from Shayna and tried to hide who they are.

No. 1744002

all of these peoples faces gross me out

No. 1744013

Fupa and Ellen, heinous degens as they are, are relatively normal people. They have less to lose than someone like Sol who has a reputation to maintain online so he continue to be in good standing to fuck tranny's.

No. 1744015

Its Fupa baiting all over again. Remember how she would be on the outs with Fupa and then suddenly be posting about going out with friends or dates? She's doing that to Shane now it's obvious with the "with people I know actually care about me". So pathetic. Get over it already Shaynus. Plenty of rotten bottom dwellers in the sea. It wasn't even serious or long term.

No. 1744016

Kek yes but also you forgot to mention Fupa deleted his tumblr with everything he posted with Shaynus. Because the farms exposed him for being a father and his ex wife found out Fupas new gf was a whore

No. 1744022

Lol is she trying the diet shit again on the low? With this and that totally real "going out with friends who care about me" post and Ellen showboating, she must be trying to do the petty "Im actually doing so great without you and you really fucked up by letting me go!" thing.

No. 1744028

Shay is shaytistic nobody irl never told her she smelled that's why. She's probably noseblind to her own smell, rather she's stinky or not.

No. 1744030

she just can't comprehend doing EVERYTHING to pander to coomer moids and then they still ditch her instantly. doesn't understand that the second moids see you're easy game and they can do whatever the fuck they want with you they get bored

No. 1744031

Shane has deleted his twitter and probably hasn't said shit to her, shayna thinks she's the center of every scrotes world and they are Watchung her 24/7 seething like Fupaul probably did at time. Except I doubt they do and if they do, it's not because they want to keep tabs but to make sure she hasn't went to far in her accusations about them.Shayba would say shit like I'm moving, I won't take my pills, I'm going to get a car, to bait fupaul because those were things fat ass didn't want her to do. Oh and IRL shit. Stinky Fupa is probably disgusted with shayna, because that's how men are. They can be fucked up coomers, but the moment a woman does some shit they think is bad, they'll judge harshly

No. 1744040

I agree. Shana does not have BPD. She is just low IQ, fried from drugs, and has unhealthy behaviors.

No. 1744051

you mean "shaynctamonious"

No. 1744052

Can being fried from drugs cause damage that presents itself in similar ways to autism? Because I don't think nonnas every really thought early Shayna was autistic but >>1744040 brings up a good point

No. 1744055

Something that really gets me is how shamelessly pathetic shayna can be. Some pick me's will pretend to have pride,
>I broke up with him, he said okay, i won't lie it hurts but it's his lost

And they cope about it is with fake dignity. Shayna gets online like,

>OMG he doesn't want me, I'm in shock, I'm in shock, omg, I begged him apologized 50 times, I got on my knees & prayed to my lord and shayviour & begged for him to take me back. What did I do wrong? How did I hurt him so? Why does he have to hurt me. I open my eyes & he's not besides me how shall I go on with my life? Whats my existence? What can I do to close this door, this wound he left gaping open like my second ass hole? I just want to smell his soul again. OMG why? Why? I wanna die, I can't breathe. His lack of presence in my life is sucking the air out of my lungs, all I see is him. All i want is him. All I can be is with him-

It's seriously crazy.

No. 1744063

Lmao it looks like it to me

No. 1744091

Learn to sage retard. Take your unsolicited NLOG “advice” back to to tiktok

No. 1744099

It's the spamtard again.

No. 1744134

Is Velma even the same person as Shane's fugly fiance from the escape room picture? the "woman" in the velma costume looks 50+ and possibly a tranny.

No. 1744141

10 scrote bucks says if shane ever comes back to twitter she'll post one of her PSAs: "I just want to warn people my ex daddy is back on twitter as @IFuckPonies. i'm not looking start any drama I just wanted to warn any potential subs out there that he used me and abandoned me after he said he loved me. Please be careful."

No. 1744144

it's so funny that Shayna often throws cold subs at other sex workers when they talk about drama or "call people out" but EVERY TIME anything is done to her or happens, she posts it on twitter, with screenshots. From her mom, to random fucking weirdos saying, "no little girl shit", to her personal arguments with Shane Pierre Sonnier.
Like only SHE can have drama and share it online. Everyone else should be positive, aka shit the fuck up about it. All Shane did was not beg for her to talk to him again. He's fucking married and has low standards. He can find someone else to fuck quick. I think thats what I hate about Shayna's bubble of twitter, nobody really cares what she says and they are equally braindead. So they can like posts of Shayna saying she hates drama and people "Cancelling" people, but also like her post trying to call out and cancel people.

No. 1744158

no kek, you misread what i said. he’s a nasty old scrote and even tho i hate shaynus, i also hate the bdsm moids who hit women.
i’m saying that shane deserves to be “falsely accused” by shayna because he IS an abuser, just with a fancy kink label.

No. 1744174

>go outside
says the person frantically spamming an obscure imageboard for attention lmao

No. 1744184

Please don't agrue with bait that's why they target this thread,ignore and report

No. 1744206

File: 1673664050414.jpeg (189.75 KB, 750x760, 3DC8C3DC-7A9D-4A7A-B62C-83898C…)

"loved me" she's so god damn pathetic and on her WORK TWITTER where she's supposed to be enticing and bubbly and fun to rake in the coomer bucks from womacks. how is she such a dumb fuck

No. 1744214

plus everyone on her twitter saw the entire thing go down over the 2 month period. they all know she just met just guy.

No. 1744215

I still don't understand why she thinks her coomer grandpas want to read her whine over some dude she was with your 2 fucking months. Everytime I think FatShat can't get more embarrassing she manages to set the bar lower

No. 1744218

she deleted all her tweets leading up to shane arriving and any tweet mentioning the activities they got up to.

No. 1744238

Anon are you a tranny yourself? You can tell by Velma’s thighs and fat distribution that she is a woman. And yeah I think it is the same woman as his fiancée but with a wig.

No. 1744245

Kek didn’t she do that with Vivi or Sol?

Unrelated but Soy Salvatore was the funniest saga by far.

No. 1744253

File: 1673666387436.jpeg (472.27 KB, 828x996, DFC20335-1D20-48C8-9972-658AD6…)

“the girls” aka Patricia Ellen Dresel the pedo. also hilarious that she watermarks these photos like anyone would want to steal them

No. 1744257

I do not get the bow it doesn't even match? I beg she's going to whine about Shane Pierre Sonnier all night anyway

No. 1744269

Kek Shayna stopppp he didn’t ghost you he just didn’t make you his number one priority. Idk why she picks men that have kids or baby moms. You’ll never be a priority.

No. 1744270

the 2nd one looks like she's on her 50th retake trying not to cry

No. 1744274

That crappy star design on the ass just looks like stain from afar.
She's probably in the same place she took Shane for sushi kek so I'm sure she'll have a few too many drinks and have a twitter meltdown again.

What's off about Shay is normally when a woman posts a story about a man being shitty you can see it's all the guy and the woman did nothing wrong but Shay managed to expose herself as a simping obsessed moron at the same time.

No. 1744302

File: 1673671081343.jpeg (807.57 KB, 1242x1640, 480ADC14-0E2E-4EEF-A5BE-DEDA18…)

I can’t stop laughing

No. 1744304

I don't know what it is but every time I see that gif image, I lose my shit

No. 1744305

Ellen counts for 2 kek

No. 1744306

>the girls
she’s going out with Patricia & Ellen Dresel kek

No. 1744311

Oh my God. She literally won’t stfu about this

No. 1744312

File: 1673672073318.jpeg (Spoiler Image,592.49 KB, 1170x1064, 61BF1281-CC9D-444F-8B5A-7849FA…)

Is this her way of calling lolcow out?

No. 1744322

No everyone is currently roasting that disastrous Mindy Kaling show right now and rightfully so. It’s Shayna just being a gross pedo again sexualizing minor characters

No. 1744323

No new animated tv show

No. 1744327

I love how she thinks he’s sobbing over her when he’s probably forgotten her name and moved on as soon as she dumped him

No. 1744329

You can tell she’s been crying since she’s all puffy and red eyed kek

No. 1744332

tbf, there have been a lot of iterations of scooby doo and in many of them they’re adults or college age. nothing will be as bad as the cindy lou who porn though.

No. 1744334

Thanks! I totally forgot about that

No. 1744335

She really needs to stop with the sulking and whining.
They spent 12 days together and 14 hours after he left she cracked the shits and broke up with him, she couldn't even wait 24 hours.
She has no sense of boundaries and space, even when he asked for space she couldn't even wait longer than 3 hours. It's not up to her to decide how much space someone needs, she's so pushy and clingy.

She should let this be a lesson to herself, don't say shit you don't mean if you aren't prepared to deal with the potential consequences, most people learn this when they're kids. She's chronically socially inept, the audacity to sook over people allegedly not caring for her feelings when she has no shred of empathy or seeing things from others perspective herself.

No. 1744360

Reminds me of nuts for breakfast, it’s not cute baby talk it’s literal Down syndrome speech impediment

No. 1744369

I’m gonna give Shaynus some insight that will blow her mind because she has no idea why she did this but here goes. My guess is that she pretended to breakup because she was needing attention and caused a conflict to see him fight for her. My theory is also that she was able to instigate/bait in past relationships to get attention and feel loved when needed. I know it sounds stupid to bait someone with the opposite of what you want but in certain relationships with dumb/toxic people, doing something drastic works to get a wanted reaction and I’m assuming that it previously worked with Fupa. I’m not gonna imply that Shane Pierre Sonnier of Wichita, Ks isn’t abusive or stupid in his own way but he was not the type to come closer when she pretended to push him away so this type of manipulation didn’t work as she expected.
That’s just an explanation for one of her behaviors, she doesn’t have the introspection or the objectivity to identify and improve on these behaviors unlike many people who can get help and go on to have good relationships with others.

No. 1744374

It was probably easier for her to do it when she had a nice body and was a decade younger than the dude and the guy didn't have a harem of uglies. Now she's like his age and his 6th hoe

No. 1744375

Ngl I’ve always thought she was referencing that video when she says breffast. She really thinks that comes off as baby talk?

No. 1744380

shut uupp. a femcel is a woman who wants a relationship, not just casual sex.
hmmm which i guess is how shayna is…

No. 1744383

shay.. you let him go.. you dumped him.. so he probably doesn't.

No. 1744386

I think most of us had agreed to that viewpoint. She probably most likely got drunk and all inhibitions went out and then regretted acting out while she was drunk.

No. 1744392

To add onto that, I feel like she could have mostly composed herself and Maybe could have manipulated a scrote she cares about to some degree. Her emotions were too high and so she drank too much and lEakEd her unstable dramatic side when she should have just waited and gone to bed.

No. 1744431

Honestly if she had given him “space” and at least waited until the next morning and sent a text being “I’m sorry I got a bit upset and made you feel crowded, my emotions were high and I wasn’t acting right, but I really wish that we set up some ground rules for our dynamic and hope we can talk about when we will see each other again, let’s talk when you have the chance”

But no she can’t and won’t, I don’t think any kinky/pedo would be capable or rationality.

No. 1744482

If Shane Sonnier of Wichita, Kansas reads this you may want to get checked pretty sure shayna has herpes. It’s not just shaving boils kek.

No. 1744509

Bold of you to think he doesn’t have every STI under the sun already

No. 1744510

This was already said like 20 times on the thread. She knows.

No. 1744540

she will literally never listen to lc and even if it’s actual good advice but if one of her retard moid followers say something she will listen

No. 1744542

File: 1673707586725.jpg (497.29 KB, 1080x1788, Screenshot_20230113_180230.jpg)

Old new but I noticed Shaytard getting some encouragement from an "ex-cow" and I always love me a cow crossover.

No. 1744547

Hopefully this experience illuminates to shayna that men are shit

No. 1744548

thats the best part. shayna purposely does the opposite of the valid advice offered (in jest) here. so i actually appreciate the repetitive “if shayna did x” posts cause it just ensures she continues making hilariously milky poor decisions to get back at… whoever she’s mad at that week. She is one of the most self destructive people I’ve encountered on the net. Its like she’s speedrunning herself into a gutter whore.

No. 1744564

iirc belle Delphine followed shayna too I think? It might have been a fake account

No. 1744566

lets be shaylistic, why would shayna take the advice of lolcow? She hates this site, she thinks that everything we say is just bullying (some of it is quite rude) and we are "jealous" or don't really "mean it".
>They try to "Convince" themselves i'm ugly
>they find ugly pictures of me to "Convince" themselves i'm ugly
She doesn't care that we call her a pedo, which IMO is one of the worse things you can call someone, some genuinely think that. She only cares we call her ugly or talk about whatever scrote she's fucking.

No. 1744581

because she's deluded enough to think they're going to put her befofe their kids

No. 1744591

Shay stop trying to get your flabby hank hill ass in every picture, you aren't curvy.

No. 1744608

i'm politely asking that you stop.

No. 1744616

sage for ot but i'm sure pnp found peace in whoring herself out full time kek

No. 1744698

File: 1673721408003.png (47.95 KB, 735x278, screenshot.png)

how can a bitch be this pathetic you knew him for fucking 60 days

No. 1744706

Too big of a coherent thought for her. And I can't see her typing out that much and not shorthand internet tard texting it like her posts on twitter. I guess if youre also moronic and insufferable it doesn't bother you, but me personally and other people that are at least average intelligence hate reading messages like that. Its ok to shorthand sometimes in casual situations or if you're in a hurry or something. But Shaynus looks like she actually speaks that way if that makes sense. And I just know even in serious context or attempting genuine expression she still texts like "it jus rlly hurts dat u ignore me n didnt think abt my feelings daddy" and that hurt my brain to type lol

No. 1744713

Imagine being this torn up and openly pathetic over a barely 2 months long distance relationship + a 1 week stand. From Shats ~super edgy kinkiest of them all~ live tweeting of the week the only notable thing they did besides depraved sex was go to walmart. Doesn't sound like they actually spent quality time or got to really know eachother. So like… get over it already.
I think she's still going on as a cope for the shame of getting played and used up in the most disgusting ways by a scrote who already had a herd of sows. And she's probably just upset her little manipulation stunt/reveal of her clingy bullshit didn't work how she thought it would. Those are the true reasons she's sHoCkEd and upset.

No. 1744719

I'm sure her five remaining coomers love hearing about how she's pining for another man.

No. 1744728

Its sad that she's this in deep over missing the feeling of being "loved". She doesn't miss him, she misses his attention… And that makes it all the more funny

No. 1744738

she could like go outside or find a hobby or anything but just sit on her phone, but no, must mope

No. 1744741

she knew the guy for 2 months like literally just met him. no prior friendship beforehand, stop begging for attention from complete randoms and find someone you actually know, its sad and pathetic

No. 1744750

she acting like he's fucking dead, kek. You broke up with him. You knew him 60 days Shayna, you spent 12 days with him. He'd be telling you to slap your tiddies on camera and drink water if you gave uggo a chance.
She has no fucking shame, just multiple days whining about this scrote.

No. 1744751

She expected at LEAST 4 years of back and forth before he gave up, not just 2 weeks of bliss of being choked by Shane Pierre Sonnier and drugged.

No. 1744760

That’s not enough for her though, or they’d be doing it now. She doesn’t just want to be a member of his kinkfag harem that he sees occasionally. In her deluded bpd mind she fully expected him to blow up her phone as soon as he landed, declaring his undying love for her and promising to leave his wife & kids and be her 24/7 caretaker forever. Only his complete devotion would let her mentally justify the disgusting & painful things she let him do to her. But since that was never on the menu, this meltdown was inevitable.

No. 1744762

File: 1673725693058.jpeg (1.12 MB, 1170x1560, 06F19F01-0842-491D-AE2D-D26AAA…)

No. 1744767

So fucking tacky… the Nazi hat always catches me off guard kek

No. 1744771

You'd think after years of sex work and dealing with the worse men you can imagine, she'd realized that "MEN LIE". Then again, I don't even think it's shayna being naive.
She legit think she's the sun and moon, that if a scrote says he love her, he really fucking loves her. No lie. No joke, she's just that special and perfect.
Shane smashed that shit in her face. She expects people to put up with her shit at least for a mintue. the ugliest fucker you can think of said, "Not today" and Shayna is sad he's gone

No. 1744784

Any cow with a shred of sanity left would see getting pumped & dumped (and sat on!) by an ugly married ginger moid as a wake-up call, to clean her lifestyle up and stop basing her entire identity on pedo pandering to the lowest value moids on earth. But…it’s Shayna. So we’ll just see her whine, bitch, play the victim, rinse and repeat.

No. 1744786

Um, sweaty, years of sex work has taught me empathy for men. They don't lie, that's a feminist man hating construct they use to brainwash you and turn you against loving kinky daddies. He probably has a very good reason to act how he did, with a little understanding you could break down his sad misunderstood little boy walls. Men only lie because women aren't empathetic enough to them. Feminists made Shane ghost. It's sex positive to beat up women and a sign of deep respect and understanding when you sit on someone until they're screaming red. It's very deep and philosophical and I'm not surprised you vanillas don't see it, media is lying to you, all of this is normal

No. 1744790

Shayna has no shame. I bet you that video fupaul has is her failing about screaming and saying she'll kill herself or something if he doesn't stop doing what he's doing and not leave. Remember when she got her wisdom teeth taken out and then had an agrument with fupual, she claimed she broke her sticthes scream crying about fupaul.
All of this really calls into question how Shayna really is and how far she'd go in keeping a scrote she likes around.

No. 1744792

Aella, is that you?? I love your work in “Garden Gnome Blowjob #57” girl

No. 1744795

Ah, the old “sit n git”. “Sat and scat” is you prefer.

No. 1744796

>that fidget spinner buttplug on top of her mini fridge
We've truly seen it all, folks.

No. 1744797

File: 1673727771712.jpeg (105.16 KB, 685x350, 24A1504B-1D47-4122-A481-157FC7…)

she deleted this. why is she so cringe?

No. 1744799

“Recline and decline” if you’re posh

No. 1744800

Trying to get attention from men who are probably on parole doing community service to make Shane Pierre Sonnier mad. He aint fupaul shayna he don't got years in the game

No. 1744801

KEK ily

No. 1744802

File: 1673728113365.jpeg (Spoiler Image,928.98 KB, 1170x1577, DE47B179-53F4-479B-A07C-07170E…)

No. 1744809

I wonder if Shane left that weird mouth tape over the house and now she's using it to "Signal" him.

No. 1744813

This is the year her zombie tit finally explodes

No. 1744814

She looks bigger here. There's fat spilling over the gunt cover.

No. 1744841

It’s square now

No. 1744845

this going to come of autistic but Shayna gives me Sims 2 base game sim with custom content vibes

No. 1744852

Holy shit you’re right, I can’t unsee it. I know it’s too much to ask for to have Shayna do anything productive for her own well-being but I honestly hope she gets that sorted out sooner rather than later.


No. 1744887

Holy shit her boobs are SO uneven now…….. It's going to be really fucking noticable if she gains even more weight. Her nipples aren't even related anymore.

No. 1744895

Huh? She takes topless pictures out on her balcony all the time, this just proves people can easily see her public exposure

No. 1744914

File: 1673735036818.jpeg (238.99 KB, 750x835, B7250081-3F7F-4F21-B755-E4A9CF…)

jesus christ

No. 1744915

Where are the fans on the pc tower? kek the dust that would be accumulating all over it. A fucking FRIDGE next to it? With a (probably unwashed) buttplug fidget spinner on top of where she stores food? Holy fuck I know we know this but she is so retarded.
P.s tag yourself - I’m the box of pocky on the shelf as decor

No. 1744918

File: 1673735199992.jpeg (1009.98 KB, 1206x1827, 7B9A233A-7BD2-4D99-89E1-D8030F…)

No. 1744919

If she does shrooms/is microdosing why does she want to kill herself every three days kek.

No. 1744920

File: 1673735386098.jpeg (342.11 KB, 1242x877, 8B1D7F62-5874-49BA-BF8A-DAD86E…)

She’s so retarded, of course she would keep it in the one spot she will always look. The fridge, fucking fat ass. I hope she has a drug induced psychosis and gets the rope. I imagine the rope would probably break because she’s so fat and she’d crush her dog and it would be dead.

No. 1744921

I was going to say, "why would you want to talk to someone and convince them to stay with you when they clearly don't want to talk to you" but then I realized it's Shayna. She's very desperate doesn't hide it, or pretend. I don't think Shane did anything but listen and tell her lies of love, or just said, "uh yeah I love you back" when she said she loved him.
If she had actual friends she could talk this through, but all she has is Ellen. Whose probably giving the worse advice or supporting whatever retarded decision she makes.

No. 1744924

Because all the drugs in the world couldn’t make someone happy if they’re living Shayna’s bleak life on repeat. Experiencing a Groundhog Shay Day Simulation would be depressing

No. 1744925

Tbh in her Discord she always typed normally and seemed like a decently coherent person. She's an idiot in many ways but the uwu dum dolly typing is an act. The way she acts over scrotes she falls for is more retarded than anything else.

No. 1744929

So she drinks excessively every day, smokes weed all day, and now we can add shrooms to the list of substances we know she’s abusing. Her mental state is starting to make more sense kek

No. 1744930

File: 1673735591790.jpeg (213.16 KB, 750x561, CFC4A15C-9E1C-4C94-AA95-5CF798…)

even her coomers are lowkey like you broke up with him

No. 1744931

Shayna don't listen to those scrotes, hit Shane Pierre Sonnier up, tell how you feel! Make sure to take screenshots and share though

No. 1744933

I still can’t believe this bitch produced ass discharge on live and rubbed it into her ass like it was normal. KEK

No. 1744940

This is random but I bet she bumbles and stomps around her apartment like a huge oaf. She's high and/or drunk like 24/7 no way she isn't loud as fuck bumping into walls and furniture all fucked up kekkkkk. Something about the mental image if her stumbling like a spaz is hilarious to me. Here comes cavewoman Shay, stamping and knocking into obstacles in her way to rip open the door of the fridge for her snack time, of which Ellen has scheduled for every 25 minutes.

No. 1744943

File: 1673736577566.jpeg (714.45 KB, 1170x1697, C7E02AAD-171A-47B5-B7E9-559823…)

No. 1744944

No she didn't she just kept posting about how he was taking care of her. You don't even get stitches with wisdom removal anon

No. 1744947

Not trying to derail but I had stitches from my wisdom teeth being removed

No. 1744948

Ah yes, freak out on your unclean polyamorous degenerate because he doesn't text you for one day, and then unblock and send him EVEN MORE messages after impulsively dumping him … sounds like that will go over well.

No. 1744950

searching for another fupa

No. 1744953

I genuinely find her groveling for the ugliest scrote who used her like a cheap cum rag so much more embarrassing than her literally pissing in diaper and shitting herself on stream. Get a single fucking grip.

No. 1744955

I can't imagine taking shrooms while living her life! Wtf a single moment of clarity being in Shayna's skin would send anyone down the worst trip of their life. I'd be scared I'd kms.

No. 1744956

Obv a fake account cause if it was really her Shat’d be posting it all over lmao

No. 1744958

File: 1673737394386.jpeg (55.77 KB, 480x468, C78F08B0-268B-441F-B977-2A54D4…)

I would fr jump off a bridge

No. 1744976

File: 1673738572682.jpg (193.73 KB, 1080x580, Screenshot_20210712-131402_Twi…)

Some people do get stitches, also I can swear I remember the story of her cry screaming in a uber breaking her stitches or some shit. Apparently it was this. Also while looking for this I had to skim through Fupaul saga and it's more clear then ever that SHE was the one always getting back with him. Begging, aguring and them making the first move to end it only to beg for him back, I know it was obvious. Though this makes sense. Shayna does dumb shit she doesn't mean qnd expects people to beg for her back. When they don't she starts doing her normal cycle. I'm sure she'll be suicide baiting or some shit by tommorrow.

No. 1744977

File: 1673738740609.jpeg (686.45 KB, 1179x1492, A26CEACB-EC80-4A7A-B17B-F9C92F…)

Lol Fupa was such a fuck boy

No. 1744982

i was re-reading the fupa saga recently, more specifically the thread where she went inpatient for 'overdosing all day' after he dumped her. i can't believe some nonnies keep claiming she doesnt have BPD, she used to claim she has bipolar which is complete bullshit, she is BPD to a T. she suicide baits, she's manipulative, she's emotionally unstable, she used to self harm when fighting with fupa, she's prone to addiction, she's impulsive, she had black/white thinking, she gets attached to a person severely, needs constant attention and validation… i'm not saying all ppl with BPD are bad, i have many friends who suffer from it and are great people, but she 100% has BPD like she claims but is also a bad person kek. i'm sorry if this is armchairing, she claims it's her official diagnosis so i didnt think of it as such(armchairing)

No. 1744986

Jfc you're right. Who the fuck not only uses a buttplug as a ~cute decoration~ but also puts it on a fridge of all things…

No. 1744990

It looks straight up deflated. How do silicone boobs work? Do they disintegrate or deflate or what?

No. 1744999

needing to have a mini fridge by your PC… just neckbeard things.

No. 1745002

I just realised in all the time Shane Pierre Sonnier was with her, she didn’t mention them doing any anal play once, did she? So much for being Thee Buttstuff Barbie kek

No. 1745003

she is pathetic and delusional if she thinks the muppet is gonna want anything to do with her after how incredibly unhinged she’s been over the last few days. i definitely believe the BPD tinfoil as this seems like a classic splitting episode where after he left she was in some manic state making insane decisions and posts/statements publically and now the split it over and she’s doesnt remember why exactly she was so mad to the point of self destructing the relationship. sorry honey but youre not cute enough for guys to put up with this shit anymore. its why fupa stopped playing the game and left - you got fat.

No. 1745006

I know right, that was my first thought too. What a fat fuck. Who the fuck needs a mini fridge anyway? The idea of having food in any room besides the kitchen (and dining room while eating) is nasty.

No. 1745008

File: 1673741968530.jpeg (174.37 KB, 1170x676, 7570C3CF-5F90-4CA5-8BCB-7C2299…)

nah they just did weird shit like picrel and she mentioned a few times he just stood over her while she used the fuck machine. even tho she vaguely said “we had sex” i still believe the tinfoil they didnt have penetrative sex. i know nothing about poly couples, but maybe theres some dumb rule where that is saved for his actual wife? or maybe this was a test round/audition to join into the “wolf pack” and shane decided to pass.

No. 1745012

she is going to have to lower her standard even more if she expects guys to put up with her in her current state. hurry jason r womack! nows your chance to strike!

No. 1745022

they went on a short hike so they could take that autistic picture of shayna being raped in the woods by a hooded man; she brought juice with her.

No. 1745026

File: 1673743403218.jpeg (286.7 KB, 828x934, A5693EDF-B6C6-4D62-855A-21C3CB…)

Jfc Shayna, you’re too jealous to be in a polycule. You’ve even admitted it.

No. 1745027

Lol you know it’s bleak when her pedo coomer orbiters are trying to give her sensible life advice

No. 1745028

She doesn't want a poly guy she wants a guy who will let HER be poly.

No. 1745029

My tinfoil is its like you said a rule in his polycule or he has herpes/an std

No. 1745031

First of all, youll never get all that in general but especially not from a poly porn sick scrote. And also what does she think she brings to the table to deserve everything she wants and a "perfect" dude??? In return she's giving???

No. 1745033

> his wife might have a rule for him were he cqn't have piv sex!!!
Have you ever met scrotes? Why on earth would this literal pedo coomer scrote be following any "rules" or give a shit about passing on herpes or hpv kek. Can we stop with this retarded toinfoil, it has to be one of the dumbest going.

No. 1745042

She's on hard drugs 100%, what normal person has shrooms in a fridge?
> inb4 the junkie nona's pipe up

No. 1745047

File: 1673745727502.jpeg (547.88 KB, 1170x1561, AE62309F-0163-422C-A363-15FA2B…)

Yeah, cause this will work out SO much better

No. 1745049

He probably cannot sustain an erection. He's old and fat and burnt out on kink and pornography. If your dick is broken and you can't fuck women, you turn to hard kink and sit on them.

No. 1745051

very smart. After leaving one relationship she'll get in another relationship witha poly scrote act the same exact way and have the same results.

No. 1745052

i hope she was on hard drugs tbh the milk would be endless and also i dont know any fungi lover that put their shroom on the fridge like not even the ones cultivating it i thought it kill them
Shayna what a fucking asshole instead of talking to your coomers and getting some money off of it shit ass, you’ll get more Shane P Sonnier

No. 1745053

She’s asking for a Christian Gray fantasy character while not even having enough to offer to keep a regular kinkfag scrote interested. She’s way too old to be this delusional.

No. 1745054

putting your psychedelics and weed in the fridge or freezer keeps fresher longer

No. 1745056

nonny who said she was doing gutter whore speedrun any% is correct

No. 1745059

I still don’t get how she can “speedrun” to gutter whore when she’s already been there for years

No. 1745060

>my ex
Jfc it was barely a fling. She’s so retarded. Would love to see what her profile looks like and what pictures she chose

No. 1745067

She's probably going to fuck some local scrote, become attached to him and then do the same shit over again. It'd be surprising if he's an single man with no kids though and isn't poly

No. 1745068

No it doesn't it makes the potency go down.

But also how do we know her fridge is even plugged in, could just be a dark place for the mushies

No. 1745070

I wouldn't be surprised if any Seattle based anons would be able to come across her profile

No. 1745072

kek, recovered heroin addict anon here and i doubt she's on hard drugs. just my thoughts but if she's addicted to hard drugs, her money would be going to that, not shrooms.

No. 1745073

Kek lots of people? I mean they’re decriminalized in a lot of places in burgerland and they’re super cheap. Micro dosing is pretty common where I live in California. I’d hardly call it a hard drug.

Damn. I am waiting for her to break and text him kek

No. 1745075

What does she even bring to a relationship? Dehydrated nether regions and retard roleplay. No hobbies beyond buying pink plastic, no career goals except 20 bucks from inbred old men. Constant BPD meltdowns. Thrush. Chronic fear of bathing. The smell of ditch weed and bath and body works. 100+ lolcow threads of sadness. But yeah she's a total catch, men should be lining up to date her.

No. 1745085

She used to follow her, not anymore.

No. 1745088

Can’t wait for “lolcow banned my account on tinder because I coincidentally plugged my OF and got reported or mentioned ~sex work~”

No. 1745106

Again, Shayna has never any point of time I followed her had more then 1 person IRL that she maintained a true relationship with. It was fupaul and now it's ellen. Shayna is NOT someone who seems to want to have 15 different friends. No she's someone who wants a boyfriend, to make him her life and her to be his life. But because she's not quitting sex work she has to find a scrote who'd be okay with sex work. So Poly is her only option, except again she wants to be the center of their world and have a caregiver. So it makes zero sense. I think seeing even the brony turn down Shayna says a lot. That even if his ugly bottom of the barrel ass is like, "Nope" she really needs to re-consider her situation. His standards cannot be high. The issue is her but Shayna will never see that.
So she'll be forever doing the same shit, begging scrotes and then blaming them and never looking at herself. To think her whole life has been bended into this shape because of sex work. She can't do certain things, have certain friends, date certain men because of sex work. Even people with passions and talents sacrifice shit.

No. 1745115

File: 1673751806102.jpeg (95.32 KB, 666x253, C44EFA97-02AA-477B-A420-D55D63…)

she deleted this and we all know what stupid video she's referring to. i wonder who is she's talking about or if she's just starting shit because she's drunk and stupid

No. 1745118

Vivi? Maybe?

No. 1745124

"Idk who"
So how do you know lol

No. 1745127

What video?

No. 1745128

The fat black girl? Puppikuma I think? I forgot her username.

No. 1745135


sorry i wanted to fix the link(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1745136

File: 1673755325805.jpeg (110.94 KB, 828x396, 7BE7D76E-3FA3-4E71-831D-15D127…)

Stop lying you smelly, fat, ugly hog

No. 1745137

Imageboard, retard

No. 1745143

I will never get why she makes up compliments and stories every single time she leaves the house. Actually attractive people who dress well don't get as much interaction as she pretends she does. If you're gonna lie, be realistic at least. Funny how all the conversations she gets also just so happen to play into her kinks and ~bimbo barbie~ shit.

No. 1745147

And her retarded inbred coomers actually believe it

No. 1745148

Kek I will never understand why she continues to do this shit. I mean I get WHY she's doing it, because she wants people to think she's desirable, but…why doesnt she realize that everybody knows she's lying? This bitch can't leave her hovel without making up a story.

Like yeah, I'm sure somebody took one look at obese, greasy, mismatched-pinks Shayna shopping for cookies & candy and thought to themselves "wow that looks just like Barbie!!!"
She really does live in her own little world lmfao.

No. 1745151

And she’s so fucking ugly too, it’s not like she’s a fat girl with a cute face, she’s objectively hideous

No. 1745152

I don't get her. Why do they have to be poly? Because of Ellen? But she can't seem to share. Shay gets upset when attention goes to anyone other than her, and then she pulls stupid stunts with people, like the whole "I'll break up with him and he'll come back with 'oh baby don't go' and we'll get back together and he'll understand I have needs". How selfish is that?

No. 1745155

Samefag as >>1745148 , but I wonder if she does this to cope with not getting any attention and seeing happy/attractive couples and women out in public.
I can imagine any time Shat sees a beautiful, confident woman dressed well, she weaves one of these pitiful stories in her head to make her feel less like shit about herself. It would be extremely sad if she wasn't a pedo.

No. 1745158

I don't get it because it's not like she is even intimate with Ellen. She doesn't have sex with her, and this whole breakup saga is proof that she was fully pining for the brony faggot

No. 1745159

Even if she wasn’t a pedo, it still wouldn’t be sad because she’s still a misogynistic, woman-hating, lying, manipulative, bpd, fat sack of shit and she deserves everything bad that happens to her.

No. 1745160

She could at least keep the fake compliments somewhat realistic, she looks like a drunker greasier version of a Cookie Monster pajamas girl

No. 1745161

File: 1673757838004.jpeg (210.02 KB, 1152x2048, AEC386E8-1641-40D4-BF5C-242CBB…)

Kek why is this bitch orange

No. 1745162

File: 1673757935249.jpeg (216.78 KB, 1152x2048, 1FC634DA-5999-4544-B9FF-30475D…)

Not the bangs covered in a slick of hair grease yuck

No. 1745163

Orange blush I'm guessing. It isn't her colour kek. Also why is her pubic mound always poofing out ugh

No. 1745165

Omg is that Barbie?!?
She really is giving up isn't she lmao. Legit looks like a trailer park mother of 3 who takes bong rips in front of her kids, has a new black boyfriend every 2 weeks, and threatens to fight chicks who date her baby daddies lmfao.

No. 1745167

she’s greasy and orange and the fact that you can see her deep cellulite dimples through her pants is horrifying.

No. 1745168

Her gross lumpy thighs are fucking repulsive, she looks so uncomfortable, even dressed like a hobo in a sweatsuit. People who wear a sweatsuit in public in my country are scorned, seeing what outfits she leaves the house in makes me physically cringe.

No. 1745170

She’s so fat and greasy, absolutely disgusting

No. 1745171

Look at how filthy that basin is, I’m going to barf

No. 1745172

KEK >>1739795 already predicted this I can’t
>OMG I went out with Daddy last nite & everyone was saying i was sooo cute & somebody asked my name and b4 i culd even say it they said, "Barbie?”

No. 1745173

I can smell this image and really, really wish I couldn't. The stained musty pink towel in the background is gross.

No. 1745175


No. 1745176

File: 1673759033281.jpg (293.53 KB, 1080x1870, Screenshot_20230114-210026_Chr…)

No. 1745179

She needs Shane and Fupa to think the is getting picked

No. 1745184

Oh man that cellulite is visible through her pants, how is she not embarrassed.

No. 1745186

she is 100% going to pay for tinder gold and match with some loser from wyoming or idaho

No. 1745188

Barbie? She looks more like a cabbage patch doll that was washed in the washer and then forgotten about for a few weeks.

No. 1745190

Back to paying for Twitter blue

No. 1745194

File: 1673761593548.jpeg (726.62 KB, 1170x1272, F861379C-03AE-49C6-8D4F-9401DA…)

No. 1745195

File: 1673761660490.jpeg (452.45 KB, 1170x820, 1E1ACC9E-34A5-4A07-8A05-4089B0…)

“Why r u so mad that ppl think I’m cute?” Oh yeah Shay. That’s what we’re totally mad about

No. 1745197

This one is especially fake but it would not be surprising if people legitimately did compliment her often out of pity or because they think she is special needs

No. 1745198

File: 1673761769988.jpeg (487.22 KB, 1170x978, 35661EAB-F74C-4509-8E29-5094DA…)

Can the cow tippers please stop? You make it so obvious

No. 1745200

File: 1673761823563.jpeg (1017.3 KB, 1170x1975, 499BFE60-F317-4D12-8CCF-15D0F1…)

No. 1745201

Her body in this outfit is approaching People of Walmart levels of unattractive and shameless. I could see someone taking a candid of her to post elsewhere because of how gross and annoying she is irl.

No. 1745202

Her response is hilarious. Shay, you’ve literally been throwing a temper tantrum about a man you’ve met twice. You definitely need a therapist

No. 1745203

if she's so cute why do only ugly retarded men want her (and even they don't stay with her long term)

No. 1745205

File: 1673762511162.jpeg (345.22 KB, 1216x1311, 053F6834-7B3D-49B8-857F-FD0AD8…)

Dirty deleted

No. 1745207

By producer does she mean like an actual producer or is she talking about random ass low subscriber onlyfans shit? Because I can't imagine any actual producers would give a shit

Cowtipper fuck off

No. 1745208

File: 1673762745053.jpeg (294.42 KB, 1242x1115, 5B99DC1A-828E-49FC-AB9A-273999…)

She got embarrassed and deleted

No. 1745210

File: 1673762800021.jpeg (280.29 KB, 1242x681, 00C501DE-3960-487B-A215-EB44B5…)

Stfu fat ass just delete your fucking social media and no one would bother you irl

No. 1745213

File: 1673763257308.jpeg (367.54 KB, 1152x2048, 16856521-BEF7-4C80-81E5-9402E9…)

Her sink is atrocious jfc

No. 1745217

Exactly. This bitch is so terminally online that it hurts. Even spending 50% less time on the bird app and not tweeting every irrelevant thought that comes into her head would do her and her 'brand' some good.

No. 1745219

File: 1673763593775.jpeg (449.18 KB, 1242x1676, E526E047-FA34-4C20-8F52-8402F4…)

Top kek no one cared

No. 1745222

Lol don't flatter yourself, Fatty. Nobody cares enough to stalk you. We get to sit on our asses and watch your decline because you tweet every minute detail about your pathetic life and make up funny fake scenarios.

Kek of course she deleted the Barbie tweet. She probably sobered up a little bit and realized how extremely unbelievable and unlikely that interaction is.
Cry some more, pig.

No. 1745235

File: 1673768521253.webm (1.68 MB, 720x1280, dT41tEzbCd9zrabD.webm)

is she serious

No. 1745241

Kek she probably thought farmers would take the ugly girl comment personally meanwhile she looks like Cletus the inbred cousin trooned out.

No. 1745249

Refrigerating shrooms is how you damage them and make them go bad faster… what a fucking retard.

That's why the shrooms aren't doing anything for her.

Also nice mini fridge, fatso.

No. 1745268

She already made a tiktok with this soundclip a couple of threads ago, she really does the same thing over and over again huh?

No. 1745280

She was too plastered to remember

No. 1745283

I hate that those leggings almost look see through. Go to the gym, fatty.

No. 1745288

And what about all the other photos that she herself posts where she looks haggard and ratty? I know she thinks filter and editing can fool people, but even heavily edited you can see she's just got unfortunate features and is greasy as hell. Go on Shay, post something without running it through multiple filters and editing.
She can keep going on about how we call her fat, ugly, and old. But why doesn't she ever touch on pedo, pick me, misogynistic, retarded, lazy, failure, etc??

No. 1745289

Jfc her teeth. Idk if its the retarded filter or theyve gotten worse but her 2 front ones have a huge gap plus hillbilly levels of mismatched lengths.

No. 1745295

Close the browser, dumbass. She knows its the former. No one wants her to kill herself nor wish actual harm. I guess theres a few farmers,but majority literally don't care what happens to her and some even want to see her fix her shit. Cowtippers are annoying and no one likes them. Theyre never clever or creative. She conveniently ignores the hundreds of advice posts here and ones that call her out on her awful personality, habits, and choices. Always focuses on the boolies call me fat and ugly i dont understand why i deserve this horrible stalking as if she doesnt tweet constantly and publicly

No. 1745301

Ur just fat, have no actual goals or education, no personality but really nobody wants you to off yourself. Just be better

No. 1745306

You already know is the towel both he and Shane used the few times they showered during his stay and she hasn't washed it yet nor had she months before

No. 1745329

File: 1673780685840.jpeg (729.25 KB, 828x1194, 51408068-05F0-454E-A2C7-983B7B…)

Wtf Is going on with her teeth

No. 1745330

Periodontitis from not brushing kek

No. 1745331


honestly sometimes I believe that she sends that to herself. so she can cry "uwu im being bullied" I mean yea we have autistic spergs here we all know she is milkier without the cowtipping

No. 1745355

You can tell it’s never been cleaned since she moved in kek

No. 1745357

I just find it weird shayna really doesn't think we actually find her unattractive. She keeps dating like she's Beyonce and people are funding bad stills of her and going, "see? She's really ugly, look at mid performance making this ugly face".
Nah shayna, we see more pictures of you normally looking like shit. People aren't joking when they say they don't find you attractive. It's just another thing she does like how she thought Shane was going to beg for her. She think everyone is just pretending to not think she's great or actively forcing themselves.

No. 1745358

So odd okay for her to do this bit nobody can say she's ugly

No. 1745360

File: 1673784807069.jpg (496.55 KB, 720x1480, Screenshot_20230115-131227_Fir…)

Girl get your teeth and lumpy tit fixed PLEASE

No. 1745361

*acting not dating, finding not funding, sorry

No. 1745368

File: 1673785811743.jpeg (1015.85 KB, 828x1626, 5B8D1BAD-CF4F-4512-9F1E-6E3E54…)

She has posted like 8 tiktoks in the past few hours. She looks horrific, those teeth and that skin look absolutely repugnant even with filtering, she’s so rancid (sorry I can’t post videos)

No. 1745370

File: 1673785981308.jpeg (1.06 MB, 828x1417, 8795C238-AD53-49D9-BE55-98097D…)

No. 1745371

File: 1673786029825.jpeg (1.03 MB, 828x1438, 10B99C7B-0F9B-4410-A951-805CAD…)

No. 1745372

File: 1673786114768.jpeg (1 MB, 828x1455, 82D6FD9D-08EE-456F-87AE-F68BD2…)

Jesus Christ

No. 1745373

File: 1673786294785.jpeg (883.86 KB, 828x1416, 7C6FCBC7-4967-4746-9AF4-941C6B…)

Holy fuck she’s saying she wants to be chosen by a serial killer in this one, what the actual fuck (it’s a story, a nona with the capability should post it for the archives)

No. 1745376

File: 1673786865340.png (10.33 MB, 1170x2532, 2CBB58BD-C432-4950-9CA9-45BD0E…)

You didn’t ss the best part of that video lmao

No. 1745378

File: 1673787169789.webm (3.75 MB, 576x1024, Fishing .webm)

After >>1745235 she posted the following to TikTok.
> Replying to @kiitys_clubhouse kind of

No. 1745379

File: 1673787233312.webm (503.72 KB, 576x1024, Out of Sync.webm)

> (Eyes Emoji) (Two Pink Hearts Emoji) #fyp #blonde #bimbo #pink #bimbotiktok #brat #brattysub #egirl

No. 1745381

File: 1673787325289.webm (933.48 KB, 576x1024, Yaniv Smirk in Motion.webm)

> Colon punctuaction+D #fyp #blonde #bimbo #pink #bimbotiktok #brat #egirl

No. 1745382

File: 1673787377718.webm (716.53 KB, 576x1024, «Eww» Indeed.webm)

> #fyp #blonde #bimbo #pink #bimbotiktok #brat #egirl

No. 1745383

File: 1673787425554.webm (1 MB, 576x1024, Ok.webm)

> oops #fyp #blonde #bimbo #pink #brat #egirl #foryou #anxiety

No. 1745385

File: 1673787466450.webm (1.23 MB, 576x1024, We Know You Read Them, Shayna …)

> illiteracy is hot #fyp #blonde #bimbo #pink #brat #egirl #foryou #bimbotiktok #brattysub

No. 1745386

Tried to get it for the archives but it’s no longer available.

No. 1745387

Bless you nonita! Your file names have me chortling. I love how she thinks she’s an “e-girl”, she’s so delusional. And years behind the trend as usual.

No. 1745391

is this something shane said to her lol?

No. 1745394

No. 1745400

laughing at this tiktok where a man says 'i love you' because she cant even get a retard like shane to say it hahahahahhahaha i wonder if she used this audio because she wanted to hear a man say it

No. 1745412

She’s literally making stuff up now rofl

No. 1745423

she looks so fucking miserable here

No. 1745427

imagine being shayna and having to go through the talking stage with guys? how do you even explain everything lol…

No. 1745436

File: 1673796373385.png (53.32 KB, 1143x565, NA.png)

Rats, I was too late.

No. 1745449

File: 1673799100732.jpeg (1.14 MB, 984x1651, A133E786-CFAD-41F3-BEF3-402FFB…)

She looks crazy

No. 1745453

I know. She literally downloaded tinder like a few hours before making that tik tok. It's not a coomer centric type of thing like the sites she's typically on. I don't think guys are just throwing themselves at her and "catching feelings". She'd be lucky just to get the typical "hi" scrotes that are probably just shooting their shot to get a hook up.

No. 1745456

The bad makeup/filter and the goofy outfit on top of her tardo presence really gives off clown energy kek. Was she going for clown girl because thats all its giving. But not like the cute clown girls online or anything cool. Just like a street corner pop up performance for tips in a hat. Hobo crack head clown girl.
Idk sorry she just looks extra retarded.

No. 1745458

File: 1673800248923.jpeg (841.75 KB, 828x1337, B008020A-D5BA-4E07-9BD3-7A850E…)

It’s still there for me

No. 1745461

In a world where Shayna isn't a degenerate twitter whore by her own volition she could probably kill it as an actual clown kek. The average salary for a clown in america is more than she probably makes in two years with all the pussy/butthole/degenerate kink pictures she posts and camming she does. Too bad she'd probably be rejected from clown college due to her sexually degenerate whore past in this world top KEK.

No. 1745463

Her account is still up, you just have to follow this link, not the links to individual uploads https://www.tiktok.com/@dollhausbarbie

No. 1745464

File: 1673800447761.jpeg (1.17 MB, 1242x1654, 335B9484-2AD1-471F-AAC3-37694F…)

No. 1745467

If her dad really loved her he would have gotten her a nose job.

No. 1745468

File: 1673800749589.jpeg (1.09 MB, 1242x1431, 771F7CF0-1571-4F1F-9C43-D141B1…)

She got a line of acne down her face

No. 1745469

She really has the most hideous features, her nasty little black eyes make her look especially terrifying

No. 1745470

File: 1673800866219.jpeg (1.46 MB, 1242x1739, 21D702A9-044E-4189-86D2-E8C4F0…)

Posted a Dropbox link for the archives. Here >>1745464
She looks so ugly

No. 1745471

she looks so fat and greasy, she definitely smells. imagine being in your mid twenties not having your acne under control, she really needs a dermatologist to tell her to wash her fucking bedsheets

No. 1745472

And the putrid texture on her forehead, gross. What’s going on with her brows? She’s a revolting hairy bitch so she should be able to grow eyebrows, why does she always look like she shaved them and drew them on with permanent marker?

No. 1745473

Having to look at her face close up is legitimately nauseating. Seriously pictures you can smell with all that grease and bacteria

No. 1745477

Look at those teeth, ew

No. 1745478

File: 1673801466885.jpeg (1.32 MB, 1234x1882, 48E62FFD-B39C-4DEE-AD60-1464B6…)

Her body is so fucking ugly. Why do her shoulders droop down and why is she built so wide. Her sad boobs are all the way to her elbows. She has a buttcrack looking cleavage. And the dollar store tutu? It’s not even trendy or anything? She’s not wearing a costume? This isn’t Halloween. Why the tutu? Does she not know what “bimbos” and “egirls” wear? Like it’s not that hard to imitate them. The tutu just makes her look retarded and it squeezes the fat making her look bigger

No. 1745481

I need a Seattle-based anon to find her Tinder and document here, please & thank you

No. 1745482

File: 1673801944569.png (10.84 MB, 1242x2208, B5725AEA-AA45-4C28-861D-FF76A5…)

Holy shit Shayna’s thighs are expanding more each day. Wtf

No. 1745485

I've been here since thread #1 and this is the first good suggestion for a career path for Shayna.

No. 1745487

File: 1673802426755.jpeg (31.69 KB, 424x317, A3864A20-1C32-4431-9616-BCF160…)

Bump porn was posted

No. 1745490

It seems the jannies were awake and deleted it fast as hell. Thank you jannies!

No. 1745491

File: 1673802853980.webm (17.34 MB, 1078x1670, turn your face to the wall, Sh…)

Here it is for the local archives. Thanks, nona(s).
She looks more and more like him with each pound she gains.

No. 1745494

File: 1673803147313.jpeg (740.73 KB, 2047x3072, 46C5F823-5210-4E03-B646-BEDDF7…)

Nice groundhog teeth, Shat. The “Shayhog Day” anons are even more right, she really is just a fat marmot. At least groundhogs are cute

No. 1745496

the thing about this is that it’s supposed to be done in a cheeky, non serious way. but she’s such a jealous pick me that she thinks it’s serious. she never picks up on trends, it’s kind of sad.

No. 1745504

trying to imagine telling a guy i like that i do porn for a living.. in diapers… and mostly just fuck my ass. jesus

No. 1745510


No. 1745511

File: 1673805537910.png (549.52 KB, 527x393, Capture.PNG)

No. 1745512

well, those teeth look like they are falling out. Honestly, her teeth looked bad before, but somehow they are really looking like her body is rejecting them and one morning she will have swallowed them in her sleep.

No. 1745514

wait so she's really walking about with that blush across her face? Thats not a filter? And why do that for an outfit that looks like she's about to work out in?

No. 1745523

the worst part is that it’s both. she has this heavy orange-pink blush and then she uses the bella poarch filter on top of it. I bet she thinks it gives her a “cute princess pink barbie” look, when instead it gives off “clown with a high fever and down syndrome” vibes.

No. 1745531

Wash your pillowcases you grody bitch

No. 1745533

it's very jarring going from this cute, normally dress woman to shayna with her dry hair, lips and ugly outdated sims 2 broken custom content outfit

No. 1745538

i know shay's not great at makeup but i have to say i have never seen her apply blush so badly, it looks exactly like rosacea and ages her like 10 years. i know she's going for the (outdated) egirl aesthetic but it's not working for her at all, i almost feel bad

fungal acne anon now is your time to shine

No. 1745549

That jawline acne is telling me her hormones are wack, probably from the weight gain.

No. 1745559

Ok but that straight line is also RIGHT on the line where her greasy bangs fall down onto her face. It's gotta be the combo of her never washing + sleeping face-down. The line is so distinct.

No. 1745565

Nt-fungalacne-anon, but her new interest in covering her face with cheap make-up while using dirty brushes and having greasy everything. It's gunna get real bad.

No. 1745570

blog but this reminds me of how some girl back in high school who had really bad acne and greasy af skin constantly used this dirty brush to reapply powder throughout the day and then one day i asked her if she cleans it sometimes and she was like "you're supposed to clean them? i never do that" and afterwards she started posting videos on her snapchat of her cleaning her brushes like once a week kek. sometimes you gotta shame people into acting right, but shayna gets a whole lot of tough love from us and still never listens. be miserable with your bad skin instead shatna

No. 1745583

>work around children
>good career path for Shayna

No. 1745586

They both have no life. If anything I find the obvious cowtipper much more pathetic having to use shays sorry ass to feel better about their own life.

No. 1745587

Holy mother of underbite.
I hate to be autistic about this but it's tinder, you find moids everywhere with no standards.

No. 1745588

File: 1673817445301.jpeg (1.02 MB, 1242x1343, 5A97C7FF-6F49-4825-9AAA-D33359…)

No. 1745589

Kek, so she's just reading here and talking to us now.
Anons in here are constantly wishing she could be a better person, they're delusional, this retard doesn't deserve any sort of compassion, she will never listen to anyone telling her that she has to do the bare minimum to solve the issues that she made for herself.
Like I don't get it, why would anyone think that she deserves having a better life when she constantly talks about wanting to get molested, raped, kidnapped, drugged and such? Shart is old enough to know that those things are fucking disgusting, but she won't change, not even 5 hours of intense daily therapy would make her change her ways because she's addicted to moid attention more than to any of the drugs she consumes.

No. 1745590

File: 1673817702887.jpeg (1.11 MB, 1144x1925, 1395B3A5-B9F4-402E-868E-6C871F…)

Sorry fanart but how is she so bad at presenting herself. A quick run in FaceApp/Meitu (both tbh) and she would be a lot more presentable. And it’s not extreme enough that it’s straight up catfishing, not like Coomers notice.

No. 1745593

stop it, retard

No. 1745595

this is why she has like 5 fans lol. this is what 99% of cam girls/online sex workers do, so the fact that she doesn't obviously makes it harder for her to "compete". but she's too lazy to spent 5 minutes in faceapp lol

No. 1745597

Does anyone else think that this account could be Shane? >>1745200 sounds like a moid

No. 1745598

and this is reason 86 why we need the shaytorium

No. 1745601

There's something oddly porcine about this. Maybe it's the combo of jowls and pink bows that look like floppy pig's ears.

No. 1745603

Shaytorium thread: >>>/ot/1473881

No. 1745605

You gonna catch a ban but I love you nonnie

No. 1745608

I know kek

No. 1745609

Not saying its a classy daying app. Just saying its unlikely she found multiple guys in a couple hours being like "omg youre so beautiful and perfect i think im falling for you". Theres fuckboys and desperate people on there, but not as porn brain retarded like on twitter and SA.

No. 1745612

I wouldn't be surprised if she ends up in slam pig thread on 4chan or /fph/ on /fit/.

No. 1745641

gonna start shatposting in cp threads to get them deleted faster

No. 1745647

File: 1673824876569.jpg (168.06 KB, 570x592, Why.jpg)

Dude… How can she post this

No. 1745652

File: 1673825139725.png (107.39 KB, 322x165, e.PNG)

shaytrolling the shayjave Almost Makes You Wish For a shayclear Winter

No. 1745653

NGL when she just speaks normally and smiles like she used to, she already comes across so much more likeable and normal

No. 1745659

the teeth will be looking extra rodent because of the face filter. It's supposed to make your lips thicker but she don't have any so teeth it is

No. 1745661

>>1745378 the millennial pause lmao

No. 1745664

isnt she a zoomer

No. 1745665

File: 1673826952152.png (4.51 MB, 1242x2208, 8EF0CD6A-34FC-4C62-B511-AFC9BB…)

No. 1745672

No. 1745675

Off topic, but "see what heppens when we get home."? A bit ironic of a joke for Shayna to make because she already knows. He goes home to his life and their "relationship" ends. How many times does this have to happen to her? Before she becomes self aware.

No. 1745676

kek what public bathroom is she in and also did she really go outside dressed like that?
>Omg I went out & i got some much compliments someone literally said, "You are the perfect mix between wedesnday adamns & barbie"& I just can't

No. 1745677

i love you

No. 1745678

Did Shaynus put her phone on a public toilet? That’s literally so disgusting, she is a walking Petri dish. I’ve never been so disgusted by a person before

No. 1745681

>>1745664 she's born 97 I think? So kind of neither millennial or genz, but she definitely acts like a millennial desperate to be young

No. 1745683

Nta abut zillennial is a better term for people in that group, you're too old for the current trends among younger kids and too young for fitting in among millennials. I'm also in my mid 20s and there is a population of people this age who are technically gen Z yet are desperately clinging to whatever the youngins are doing while looking cringey and late to a trend.
Is she at a Kohls? What is with this music KEK

No. 1745689

she hasn't bitched about Shane so I wonder if she hit him up or she's under some other weirdo she just met

No. 1745696

Zoomers are born in the 2000s so no

No. 1745698

AI caption: Hambeast in a Kohl's restroom wearing a hideous Dolls Kill dress 3 sizes too small ungracefully removing yeasty panties in 480p

No. 1745707

File: 1673830699188.png (44.97 KB, 587x297, surejan1.png)

Was this posted? I don't see it here (1/4)

No. 1745708

File: 1673830723219.png (237.87 KB, 592x423, surejan2.png)


No. 1745710

File: 1673830814119.jpg (129.54 KB, 1169x1399, FmjZ83yaUAIPx7s.jpg)


No. 1745713

File: 1673830910693.jpg (140.48 KB, 1169x1437, FmjZ83uaYAAQp-N.jpg)


No. 1745714

Bet you she didn't go anywhere at all and just wanted a story to go with her lame ass pictures.

No. 1745719

File: 1673831195962.png (126.75 KB, 587x440, Screenshot 2023-01-15 200321.p…)

> tried being a normal person & wearing panties out 2 lunch but i couldn’t take more than 13 mins of it
Shayna Luther King Jr stays charitable, sharing her snail trail excrements for the following patrons to use the restaurant seating. Very classy.

No. 1745722

How does a whore not know that moids will say ANYTHING to get their chode wet? They will be copy pasting the same one liners to all the fat, easy, below mid girls in the area? She's so fucking retarded and desperate to seem wanted by scrotes, pretty thin bimbos don't act like this or brag about a scrote saying they'rr hot Shayna!

No. 1745723

She probably went to the bar alone or some store because she was in a public bathroom. Kek I doubt anyone said she looked too innocent. She’s so weird

No. 1745724

File: 1673831388917.jpeg (26.67 KB, 230x309, 6065A205-E6D4-45F6-9F59-E36FB2…)

She really looks like she's part of some comedian's sketch and that she had to dress up like a caricature of a kid like in el chavo del ocho.

No. 1745727

The fucking cellulite can be seen and the skirt isn’t even that short. Those granny diabetic socks really take the cake though. She has such bad style. I don’t know any woman her age that dresses like that. The bows make her look special needs

No. 1745732

Don’t disrespect la Chilindrina like this

No. 1745733

Kek spot on reference anon. And when she wears a diaper for her nasty age play videos she looks like she’s in a comedy sketch as well. Or like a fat man in a diaper with a rattle pretending to be a baby for a funny Halloween costume contest

No. 1745735

Not to medfag but this is a great example of unironically why I think she might be autistic; how does she realize that this video isn't a bit lulzy or at least not "sexy"? The music is a joke but at the least she could redo it with some better facial expressions.
Her self-image and lack of self-awareness really reminds me of someone I know who is autistic and not coincidentally the only female I've ever known that has overrated her own attractiveness. Almost like PT?

No. 1745746

im shayusted she walks around with that blush irl. She probably looks so retarded omg, where the shayme?

No. 1745749

She just combined several things that could loosely be considered “school girl” and had no ability to judge whether it looks ok

No. 1745764

>>1745719 nonna i can't take this

No. 1745778

File: 1673834516513.webm (1.84 MB, 1080x1920, snail trail excrements.webm)

No. 1745779

Holy shit that outfit makes her look enormous. She looks like an actual sped.

No. 1745789

deflated hank hill biscuits kek

No. 1745798

Oh girl, cheap bronzer, wrong placement. It needs a lighter touch and needs to be the color you'd turn if you got a bit of sun. Needs to be lightly dusted where the sun would hit the face. This across the nose look people are doing is getting out of hand.

No. 1745801

File: 1673837370172.jpg (107.96 KB, 719x376, Screenshot_20230115_204731.jpg)

come and spill, and welcome to the drill

No. 1745802

Sage for blog posting but I used to work with special needs kids and she ticks off so many SPED boxes.

No. 1745803

I'm so confused by Shayna's choices. When did she look at herself in the mirror, looked past her eye bags, or the acne/dark spots, crusty dry lips and yellow teeth and think
>Do you know what I need? I need to start wearing bright orangish-red blush across my face. Yeah thats what I need!

No. 1745806


>funko pops

winner winner chicken dinner

No. 1745813

I'm sorry but shayna acts like someone whose never dated before. You spent 5 years with Fupaul and he probably told you all kinds of shit over 5 years, but in ONE year he got married and moved the fuck on.
What makes you think a scrote you knew for 60 days and spent 12 days with, was 100% true?? I'm starting to think the issue isn't that she's only retarded about men, but her ego is to big to even entertain the idea, that when men say some shit about her, they don't mean it becuase sh