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File: 1650905903258.jpg (130.84 KB, 1043x830, 1650414159833.jpg)

No. 1511330

Previous thread: >>>/snow/1505674

Repetitive nitpicks about Shayna's body, face, and genitals are subject to a 1 day ban. Reposting the same photos zoomed in or edited is not milk and you will receive a ban for nitpicking.
REMEMBER: Read the rules before posting. Sage when there’s no milk. No nitpicking and/or blogposting. This is a Shay thread, curb your enthusiasm when posting sceenshots of other e-whores, they go in the e-whore thread >>>/snow/1363903

Vivi Saga
>"Vivi's Friend" shows up in the thread to spill the milk on what happened, this is the original story >>>/snow/1505628
>Shayna had agreed to make content with both Vivi and her boyfriend Delano for a full week
>Two days before her arrival, Shayna says she doesnt want to do any b/g content, Vivi tells her this was part of the agreement, Shayna says she will think about it.
>Shayna shows up to Vivi' with nothing they had planned on shooting with
>Instead of working Shayna only wants to drink and hang out, Vivi has a bad past with substance but they get drunk from morning to night, Shayna keeps popping Vivi's prescription Xanax
>On the 3rd day Shayna "randomly" decided to go home, leaving Vivi with only 1 video and a couple photos
>A few posts later, Vivi fesses up to being the one who posted the story. Goes on to confirm that Shayna does no anal, prep, just wipes shit off screen when it happens >>>/snow/1505641
>Vivi posts proof that it is her with some horrifying unedited shots of Shayna, including the boils that Shayna admitted to her she needs to have removed by a doctor >>>/snow/1505708, >>>/snow/1505905, anons speculate she has MRSA
>Confirms one of her breasts is an implant, she got it in high school likely due to uneven growth >>>/snow/1505741
>Vivi goes to twitter saying she will be posting a callout post on Shayna >>>/snow/1505754
>Vivi's answers to random questions from farmers >>>/snow/1506057, >>>/snow/1506098, >>>/snow/1506146 Shayna only talked about working with Delano over video chat so she has no proof, Shayna told Vivi's dad that he reminded her too much of Fupa
>Shayna replies to Vivi's tweet threatening to call her out with texts between her and Vivi >>>/snow/1506301, >>>/snow/1506307 Delano suggested Shayna suck his dick for content after Shayna was complaining about no longer having the dick sucking content she made with Sol, Shayna freaked out, went to her room and left the next day.
>Vivi goes back to twitter to talk about how Shayna scammed her out of $400 and wasted her time >>>/snow/1506386
>Shayna then goes on to rally her orbiters against Vivi >>>/snow/1506403, >>>/snow/1506405
>Says Delano asked to watch them film, wanted her to wear a collar, asked her to suck his dick and that Vivi grabbed her throat and kissed her >>>/snow/1506426
>Starts throwing the word "Trauma" around, again, for being asked to do sex work >>>/snow/1506455, >>>/snow/1506528
>Vivi deletes her twitter after Shayna's rabid dogs start to come after her >>>/snow/1506479
>The next morning, Shayna says she had nightmares about Vivi >>>/snow/1506739, more ranting about being traumatized >>>/snow/1506745
>Vivi comes to the thread telling us that she will be quitting sex work >>>/snow/1506784
>Elaborates more on the agreement to do b/g, Shayna didnt want to sign a bdsm consent waiver >>>/snow/1506845
>Shayna goes to Tumblr to rant more about Vivi >>>/snow/1506916
>Reposts a tumblr ask to her twitter to play victim some more >>>/snow/1507099
>Tumblr anon tells Shayna that Fupa is engaged, Shayna seethes that shes so happy for him! >>>/snow/1507012
>Airs out Vivi's dirty laundry, telling a follower about her fighting with her boyfriend, >>>/snow/1507165, says she was intimidated by him and thinks the call out was influenced by him
>Anons start to worry about Vivi's relationship being abusive, she says shes the one that pushes her boyfriend to do more hardcore stuff >>>/snow/1507378
Other Milk
>"The Dad" becomes "Daddy" >>>/snow/1508403
>Shayna becomes a fan of fellow lolcow, tranny pedophile child porn artist Aggy >>>/snow/1508662
>Shayna has another shoot with the guy who did the awful Mt Rainier photos, stomping around naked with a tail buttplug shoves up her ass, illegally >>>/snow/1509147, on a public hiking trail >>>/snow/1509062, >>>/snow/1509866
>Might be working with another whore >>>/snow/1509551
>"over 10 people" said she was cute >>>/snow/1510401
>Is short on rent and its all Vivi's fault >>>/snow/1510506
>Like clockwork, another "bad brain day" says she feels like a failure and everyone hates her >>>/snow/1511264

https://discord.com/invite/eA8kSzuz (need ID to join)

Ellen "Patricia" Dresel:
Shayna's "gf," Seattle/Renton, WA Nanny

Other relationships:
“The Dad” or "Daddy"
>The 45 year old mystery man she’s “dating,” met him on seeking arrangements, ex sugar daddy turned boyfriend
”Slave Dad”
>@bluefrodo1 on Twitter, submissive masochist “slave” of Ellen and Shay, participated in a video getting smacked around in Shay's pathetic attempt to domme >>>/snow/1362327
”Twitter Splenda Daddy” #1
>Jason R Womack, @okietwister85/ @womackglass on Twitter
”Twitter Splenda Daddy” #2
>Grayhair, @GNotold on Twitter

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No. 1511332

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No. 1511333

Hopefully I got everything, there was a lot of milk to sift through

No. 1511338

File: 1650906534968.jpeg (221.53 KB, 750x1781, 52476B47-A1E0-47D8-9E6B-F53B17…)

Ok then go home and get a different job. She does this cycle constantly

No. 1511345

she literally tweets this once a month now

No. 1511363

for once, a glimmer of insight
will she act on it and go get her stepmom to pay for medical assistant training or whatever?

No. 1511371

How many times is she going to larp this? It’s annoying that she is this un creative.

No. 1511374

File: 1650908955749.jpeg (356.91 KB, 723x1076, 70F47E53-929C-4803-9383-3526EB…)

No. 1511375

because all she had to do to get “famous” as a teenager was post half assed content, so she believes that’s all she has to do to get interaction and sales. when she doesn’t she whines and pouts and acts like it’s because everyone hates her, not because she’s not putting in the work involved. she has no idea how to market or advertise even after what, 5 years? honestly unless she changes she’s going to have that peaked in high school mindset forever where she thinks she doesn’t have to put in work.

No. 1511378

oh god shay as a nurse. gross.

No. 1511381

I mean, we already know that she's comfortable with all kinds of bodily fluids. Might be a good fit!

No. 1511388

psst Shayna, those feelings in the pit of your stomach are 100% correct. Give it up.

No. 1511389

She never learned that you can work hard every day of your fucking life and STILL never make it where you think you "deserve" to be. Shayna doesn't work hard, but she's stuck in this high school mindset.
Just like when she was saying she wants to be a "Singer" and die at 27 even though she can't sing nor play a instrument.
She thinks, "I've been doing this for years, I haven't quit, i've lost so much and I HAVE to make it. The only reason I'm not is because the mean girls in the sex work community won't help me".
It's such a twitter issue,I feel like whenever she leaves her twitter bubble and see's hot girls thriving or women doing better then her, she just tries to come up with an excuse as to why they are making it. It has nothing to do with their looks, sex appeal or scrotes actually wanting to watch them. There's people with actual talents who don't make it and work 20 millions times harder then Shayna. For some reason this basic ass sex worker who can't even put chapstick on thinks she deserves fame/love and to be a house hold name. In porn no less. As shitty as I think the sex work community is, imagine seeing one of the "Famous" pornstars from back in the day whining because, "I do all these shoots, but none of my pornstar buddies hand out my DVD's. Thats why I'm not famous".
Like what the fuck?

No. 1511390

she’s the kind that would barely pass her classes and then talk shit about her patients or sexualize them. she’d probably get a power trip and be a mean girl nurse.

No. 1511423

Her tail was fucking stupid and looked like she was taking a furry shit.

No. 1511427

That feel when people with intellectual disabilities do more for society than shayna has ever done. Most of them actually work

No. 1511454

File: 1650915286168.jpeg (996.63 KB, 1170x1399, F55064D4-ADCB-4956-B2F1-A79725…)

No. 1511457

File: 1650915724015.jpeg (557.64 KB, 750x972, 1D932A1E-A587-4B08-A4FC-BEC9BB…)

No. 1511462

File: 1650917598023.jpeg (863.54 KB, 1242x1058, FB8639B6-5AA5-40ED-BF39-42CC53…)

Tell me it’s not just me, this is all I can fucking see when she wears those damn bows

No. 1511475

how dare you post a picture of the arishok in the shayna thread

No. 1511477

Cant imagine why everyone would "hate" her in the community. Not like all her interactions with other swers end in petty drama, her constant vague posts, getting involved in shit that doesn't even concern her, the incessant uwu victim narrative and completely fake positivity. Only people with genuine mental ineptitude and issues fall for her bullshit – basically her 4-5 coomer retards. Im sure BrattyPixie knows even with her butter face, shes leagues ahead of her and is more like a rwo faced friend to her. Very few other bottom barrel whores interact with her and thats because theyre somehow doing worse than her and are again, probably mentally stunted.

No. 1511483

File: 1650919980439.jpeg (319.24 KB, 828x672, EAD1DE28-0067-44EC-94E7-73EC12…)

Thanks Shayna, you didn’t mention you had to change your profile picture after Twitter removed it for pedophilia or the other Toddler Rape post on your main account they took down.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1511484


maybe try something new. clearly, it’s not working cause you’re begging for rent money.. that’s not hot girl shit or thriving pornstar vibes

No. 1511485

Makes me sick this gross shit isn't considered against the TOS, I guess it's "Kink Shaming".

No. 1511486

Shart's stunning lack of self-awareness strikes again. People in porn can smell a scammy busted hoe from miles away. They know types like her would do next to nothing, produce maybe one useable scene then complain about needing booze and food to work. Anyone working from home in that industry knows it's also how losers like her get free trips and stay free with people. She leaves behind a massive steaming trail of evidence every time she collaborates with anyone. The alcohol and weed has cooked her brain.

No. 1511490

I think eventually she'll find a scrote and film a PIV or do a professional PIV shoot. She'll pretend it's her "First time" on camera (When she fucked Fupaul on camera and sucked his dick but claimed, Sol was the first time). The only thing she can do different, short of getting plastic surgery and doing the same shit with a different looking body is start doing actual porn with other people ACTUALLY having sex.
I think she'll get desperate enough to actually do it.

No. 1511494

She could move into feeding and BBW. I don't why she doesn't. There's coomers that would buy her doordash orders and then pay to watch her eat it.

No. 1511500

Which picture and which post did you get removed German-anon?

No. 1511518

Sorry, I don’t remember exactly, it was some of her toddler rape story and her former profile picture. If you go back in the threads maybe you see it in some of the screenshots.

I just don’t understand, especially as a woman, how you’re even able to type toddler rape fantasies out and don’t care which crowd you’re entertaining.

No. 1511530

what's with the googly eye? is it just me seeing it?

No. 1511538

File: 1650923409790.jpeg (264.92 KB, 750x853, 2A0A8B07-B896-4BA4-9B89-F88C0B…)

Kek someone had to do it. I bet he was sick of seeing trash piled up in every corner of her house

No. 1511570

Based, Twitter is way too lenient with there being actual pedos on the platform intermingled amongst depraved porn and grouped into sex workers like shay trying to attract those people because they can’t pay rent.

No. 1511593

I think shes still in denial about her size and thinks she'll be skinny again someday soon. Like all she has to do is eat some almonds and turkey bacon for a week obviously! When shes not sooo busy and bad brain days, she can totally just eat Chipotle every meal instead and slim down.

No. 1511595

Not the flex she thinks it is. I bet it was her bf "the dad" or whatever just trying to motivate her lazy ass but she couldnt be trusted to just take the money and follow through so he made her facetime it lol. Bleak

No. 1511601

File: 1650928426991.jpeg (34.16 KB, 474x355, 403A5B2E-0EB4-41D0-A9B3-DD4F21…)

No. 1511606

File: 1650928780647.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.45 MB, 1242x1808, 687C9A62-4AE4-463C-B1FD-F4D728…)

Big ass nose mf

No. 1511608

Kek wtf. The one time I wish a scrote would post it on here for our laughs. That video of her making her military cot was so fucking horrifying. Ms trenchbull looking ass

No. 1511617

File: 1650929187165.jpeg (1.8 MB, 1213x1585, D0912BFA-8C2A-4B49-AC4F-B9ED30…)

Thousand yard stare

No. 1511620

If Elon buys Twitter and deletes it I’ll eat his ass

No. 1511622

File: 1650929313341.jpeg (1.62 MB, 1242x1786, 5E9B87D0-B24F-4CBA-9E68-F83FC1…)

Gray scrote has Shayna as his phone background I hope he changed it back after he took this screenshot, because this is deranged.

No. 1511632

No. 1511635

He will change it right back to his sex worker daughter don’t worry

No. 1511639

File: 1650930089502.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.83 MB, 1242x1621, CD5831FF-E431-44D2-863D-DC02D1…)

The fucking smirk

No. 1511644

She looks more like his age demographic at least. Definitely got the face of a lot lizard.

No. 1511665

did she edit her other boob? Looks weird.

No. 1511698

Nah her tits are just busted at this point. The zombie vein one has an implant to maintain its shape and the other doesnt so its getting saggy. She needs a plastic surgery daddy at this point to get the other tit an implant. But she's a bottom barrel e whore who barely makes rent without scamming her parents or e begging.

No. 1511718


she looks like a lopsided deformed creature that just crawled out of a labratory.

No. 1511723

Getting fat really fucked her up since the implant was put in when she was skinny so it’s stuck at the size and shape her natural breast was she was a teenager to match it. Now the natural breast has gotten larger and so has the tissue around it, while the zombie tit has little to no natural tissue because it was put in due to some kind of growth stunt. So if she got an implant in the natural tit it would look even larger compared to zombie tit, and if she got a larger implant to match in the zombie tit it would look even more weird and bolted one since it lacks the natural fat of the flappy one. I think it would be very expensive and complicated to make her look normal

No. 1511741

Yeah seriously, how would you go about fixxing this? Because you have a point, the breast tissue and shape of her breasts aren't equal anymore. I notice the implant breast gets wider as she gains weight, doesn't hang much. I feel like if she keeps gaining weight, you are going to be able to see the outline of the small implant. The only thing I can think is possibly making the other breast smaller to match the implant one or something.

No. 1511742

It would take a whole proceedure, yes. And even then who knows. I mean ultimately at this point she shouldnt be trying to make a barely living off her body and looks because she's got absolutely nothing good going on. Probably why shes had to get into the diaper community and literal shit. She ought to do feeder or something like other anon said. Categories that arent so based on looks. Trying to be a "uwu baby bimbo steal ur dad brat barbie" just aint it when youve got frankentitties, lunch lady arms, a beer gut, hairy ballsack pussy, blown out asshole, infected boils on a hank hill ass, cellulite thighs of a 45 year old… all attached to a face thats a cross between a gnome and sewer rat.

No. 1511750

Okay sorry to derail but if you were offered 5 million dollars but you had to be Shayna for the rest of your life would you?

No. 1511754

I think anyone puppeting Shayna’s flesh prison could do better then her especially with 5 million dollars. Just do the opposite of everything she’s doing now and live it up as a millionaire. Stupid question

No. 1511758

File: 1650936671719.jpeg (51.2 KB, 748x595, 1616769914679.jpeg)

the shivers I got just from slightly entertaining the idea of being inside shayna's body, I couldn't, the stench alone would kill me. Those dollars are better off donated to charity.

No. 1511760

I moved your question here-

No. 1511788

retarded rat smile

No. 1511792

File: 1650939642024.jpeg (314.09 KB, 1170x945, 36907580-C5CD-4678-8ACE-3A7C67…)

No. 1511794

How would Ellen beating her ass be an incentive to want to get something done

No. 1511797

This is the worst profile photo she has EVER had, she looks like Chris Lilley dressed as a sissy

No. 1511826

Anon I laughed so hard without even knowing who that person looked like and I laughed even harder when I googled it. Kek ily

No. 1511828

File: 1650943259056.jpg (149.94 KB, 867x556, hmm i dont know if im seeing i…)

No. 1511830

I see it in the mouth area. They have the same mouth/jaw/chin kek

No. 1511831

How long do you think she has to hold her breath to get these shots? Do you think her leg shakes when she poses like that?

No. 1511848

Kek. Jamie king is much hotter

No. 1511850

File: 1650944743140.jpeg (281.97 KB, 1242x1533, 11EE3C20-26AB-487F-A481-E34A05…)

Flashing her neighbors

No. 1511863

I think those are the imbecilic photos in the multicolored Timbs with the cheap pink backpack
so, potentially flashing random hikers and park rangers

No. 1511873

File: 1650947325446.jpeg (Spoiler Image,623.04 KB, 1242x639, 5BC8D63B-1DB7-43C9-8911-3E422D…)

No they weren’t. I had a feeling they were the porch pictures on her patio and they were. All of the photos are identical. She’s so lazy she was laying down in almost all of them. Can her neighbors see her doing this??!? Or is her patio faced away?

No. 1511876

File: 1650947795578.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.67 MB, 1123x2088, 53215059-5B37-4C4C-A2C4-F199FD…)

Her eyes are so fucking beady and small. She look so rodent like. I hate myself for believing these were the hiking pics. Scammer Mattel

No. 1511877

The sides of her patio are solid (next door neighbors can’t see her) and there are large trees close to the units which provides some privacy (although I imagine if someone looked in the right spot, they could see her).

Source: pictures she has posted, and an anon posted links to her building just after she moved

No. 1511883

This new head on smirk is something else
Danke, nony
Never mind, there’s even a newer smirk and it’s even worse. She looks like she has cerebral palsy or had a stroke.
I’d rather eat a gun
This is the best thread, truly

No. 1511885

File: 1650949313764.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.44 MB, 3263x2241, 7E4BCB20-FA67-492E-A1FF-CE7C8B…)

No. 1511886

File: 1650949356129.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.37 MB, 2600x3066, BA4AA51C-2F27-4988-A8C5-958BE6…)

No. 1511888

This might be my least favorite picture so far!

No. 1511889

File: 1650949607558.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.92 MB, 2838x3465, 505D14F1-ED41-4459-BA69-4240A6…)

these photos are literally all the same I took one for the team and bought these because I thought we’d see some unedited pics so anons can stop saying that Shaynus lost weight

No. 1511891

File: 1650950139250.jpeg (87.25 KB, 750x722, 1619973686337.jpeg)

No. 1511894

It’s impossible for her to have no fupa and no double chin in one picture kek

No. 1511898

File: 1650951121154.jpeg (184.92 KB, 1809x1170, A11C0B08-99EF-4E47-A709-1C68BF…)

I guess I’m impressed that she only had her tongue out in one picture, but you can see a line where her teeth scrapped the white stuff on her tongue, she’s really dirty

No. 1511907

File: 1650952086717.jpeg (Spoiler Image,464.2 KB, 1242x1495, 346FC82B-AB77-4ABD-98F3-4EBB62…)

Comedian fart photo vibes

No. 1511909

File: 1650952142003.jpeg (200.12 KB, 1242x1297, F40C7549-8BD3-48B9-97C6-2C202B…)

Damn how ugly do you have to be to take all day editing ~muh photoshoot~ and still not posting them ?!

No. 1511910

File: 1650952180179.jpeg (612.67 KB, 982x1160, 283104F4-2C4C-4AD4-950E-9ED653…)

I don’t think the money is worth having these horrible genes

No. 1511927

Shayna will never post unedited photos of herself. The photographer might post them in his website like last time but Shayna will edit her posts

No. 1512007

She could’ve easily afforded to get new implants in both boobs if she hadn’t spent all of her money on weed and booze. You know, like an actual sex worker bimbo would.

No. 1512016

File: 1650958301620.jpg (60.34 KB, 500x560, BYy1dFRCYAAt7lI.jpg)

kek nonnas I'm crying, she's serving Ja'mie King realness

No. 1512046

The fact that she has to spend all day editing pics that already have a snap filter just to still look busted… oof.

No. 1512060

Comedy fart anon is back and I love it.

No. 1512089

gotta love the fat girl angle and her face its about to explode for sucking her gut in lol and those neck folds yuck
Shayna is totally the kind of person Lilley would mock, like she would inspire a perfect character for Lunatics

No. 1512100

File: 1650973442730.jpg (205.81 KB, 1280x960, Madagascar-dreamworks-gloria4g…)

She has always reminded me of this hippo from Madagascar. The hippo has a better ass. Comedian fart movie poster is probably my favorite meme here.
At least a million would have to go towards dentistry, dermatologist, and plastic surgery and even then you're stuck with her awful past. So probably not.

No. 1512199

someone needs to make a gif of her skirt poofing up from a fart kek

No. 1512212

File: 1650984779087.png (143.39 KB, 416x397, bmbo.png)

Elmer Fudd looking ass

No. 1512221

Already wanting this for next thread pic

No. 1512223

Holy shit spot on

No. 1512231

The eyes need to be smaller, nonnie.

No. 1512232

File: 1650986199479.jpeg (452.05 KB, 1170x1179, 963C274F-C6B1-44FB-8D20-B58289…)

Coming from the bitch who was always begging people on twitter to make her new accounts when she kept getting deleted

No. 1512240

Maybe I'm a retard, but when was it ever confirmed she actually had an implant? For a long time it was just a tinfoil but I've missed the last few threads and am still catching up. Are anons just deciding on their own it must be?

Never forget the saga where she made like 10 different twitters. Instead of saying "this happened to me so be careful" she goes full bitch, acting like she knows better than people and everyone else is stupid for doing this. What a cunt.

No. 1512241

She’s just pretending to care about their “ban evasion” but really she’s seething because she can’t brag about her measly numbers.
Who cares what others put in their bio’s?

No. 1512243

Vivi confirmed it when she came on here

No. 1512244

Vivi confirmed it, her post is linked in the thread summary

No. 1512245

who asked for your opinion? what are you the authority on besides pork sweats and shit stained dildos? It's amazing to me these cows get so little interaction and continue to give "advice" as if anyone is actually reading. just spread your asshole and punch yourself for pennies. these moids don't care.

Vivi confirmed it

No. 1512274

It probably traumatizes her to see that women who were deleted with a lot of followers come back with more followers/interactions. It's triggering to know that when people actually enjoy you, they'll follow you anywhere. Not like her, when she gets deleted she has to buy followers and her interaction which is already small gets chopped in half.

No. 1512276

Vivi, plus right before Vivi did Shayna did a video with Dickey Mouse where she was giggling like a idiot, she told him not to punch her veiny tit. In a way, that was a teaser for things to come, why can't he punch her veiny tit? The tit we just so happened to think was an breast implant? Then Vivi comes and confirms it. Even if Vivi never did, I'd think that would be confirmation enough for me.

No. 1512279

Prior to Vivi confirming, an ex friend of hers from Tulsa said so as well (also said her 'Haus Mattel' was trashed like a frat house)

No. 1512292

File: 1650990614954.jpeg (479.85 KB, 1170x1080, F3273845-09BF-4F27-BB7B-93DEA3…)

No. 1512298

she doesn’t know the difference between a brat and a domme and that’s absolutely hilarious to me. such a bdsm bimbo queen huh shay

No. 1512305


She's still young enough to be on her parents insurance right? If she got it done as a medical need thing as a minor insurance would still cover her as an adult right? Shayna you better sort that shit out with whichever parent you're under before you turn 26, because you're not gonna get a scrote who makes enough to cover it for you… Like, ever.

No. 1512318

doubtful it was covered by insurance. insurance rarely covers surgeries for asymmetry, especially if she was under 18. they consider it cosmetic unless there’s an underlying medical condition. her parents most likely paid for it because they didn’t want their daughter to feel ugly or something. my tinfoil is that the surgery she was talking about needing is a new implant since it’s been roughly 10 years and she’s having trouble finding the money for it. she’s just covering it by saying it’s stomach problems.

No. 1512337

I already said this last thread but it was in the middle of all the Vivi shit. anyways: one breast not growing at all or being massively disproportionate and needing medical intervention is NOT considered cosmetic. it's considered medically necessary even when you're a minor and is covered by insurance. source: I had a friend who started developing pretty early and had a hugely unbalanced chest in middle school. like one breast was an AA and the other was a (double?) D, I believe. this was all told to me directly by her.

No. 1512355

okay. shayna doesn’t have a D+ sized breast tho. when she was a skinny teen they were like a large B. her parents seem like the type that would do that anyway plus her spoiled attitude goes with it. bet she whined and pouted and threw a tantrum because that’s what she does.

No. 1512371

File: 1650996652727.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.03 MB, 901x1711, 9B7D425A-D95C-41EE-8C60-44D5D7…)

Wonky boob

No. 1512374

im sry but spreading your asshole for 3 dollars or pan handing has 2 be the stupidest thing u can do like ur selling ur body with not much profit & ur out here broadcasting it

No. 1512380

I was actually the anon that made the original comment but I love that its become my retarded meme legacy lmfao

No. 1512388

File: 1650998298947.jpeg (965.13 KB, 1242x1694, 22759CB9-FB69-4CD2-8F17-9CEE84…)

No. 1512390

File: 1650998492471.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.01 MB, 935x1704, 8274A893-EC40-47DF-A625-335367…)

kek she’s so insecure about her mismatched boobs

No. 1512395

She misses complaining about people stealing that one tent picture of hers on tumblr…sorry, Shay, but 2010 tumblr is over and so are you.

No. 1512409

I would absolutely believe this tinfoil but then again, even if she managed to raise the money for a surgery, she'd probably blow it in a manic episode then cry that she needs the money again.

Damn nonnies, thank you. I miss like 2-3 threads and miss something that important kek sometimes Shay's threads move faster than I can keep up and so often it's the same boring stuff she's been doing for years but this is delicious milk. Gotta read up fast.

No. 1512416

The OP does a good job summarizing the Vivi saga milk from the last thread

No. 1512422

I see it too. Her eyes look different

No. 1512427

damn sucks for her that she’s not a trooned out moid then she could get all her shit fixed for free

No. 1512448

Please next thread pic.

No. 1512451

File: 1651004067237.jpeg (Spoiler Image,93.42 KB, 600x600, B0BE654C-1159-46E9-BBF0-14A87F…)

Also Jesus, that shein dress that she refuses to wear a bra with despite it displays just how uneven her tits are.
She refuses to invest into anything of quality whether it be work or lifestyle related, and pisses her money away into DoorDash, alcohol and weed.

No. 1512454

File: 1651004377963.jpg (4.42 KB, 160x160, download.jpg)

Everytime I see her breasts or she makes that tongue smirk face, I think of this emoji. I'd feel bad and not pick on her if she wasn't a weirdo. Because it's kinda unfortunate that she has this issue. If she doesn't stop gaining weight it's going to look really crazy.

No. 1512456

Shaynus is that you

No. 1512466

im sorry im not trying to nitpick but what are those? i have never seen something like it, are they cuts? looks so weird.

No. 1512469

File: 1651006482900.jpeg (Spoiler Image,102.5 KB, 639x775, 8B5F8E34-E774-467B-AEC2-07C50F…)

samefag forgot to drop pic(nitpicking)

No. 1512472

wrinkly ballsack

No. 1512473

the consensus here has been that it’s sagging/damage from using vacuum pumps to enlarge her labia

No. 1512475

that's stupid, she only did that a couple of times. Her labia changed with her weight gain and it's just wrinkly, it used to be even more wrinkled when she was thin.

No. 1512492

Idk it was way worse when she was skinny. Pls no post that cursed image of her frowning axe wound… we’ve all seen it.

No. 1512504

Was she born with deflated ballsack pussy? That's so sad..

No. 1512505

Post it

No. 1512520

File: 1651010234419.jpeg (Spoiler Image,327.48 KB, 1064x1600, BE066017-3F45-43AA-8BB5-DFA073…)

You asked… spoiler for deflated pussy

No. 1512523

There are tears coming from my eyes. Holy kek

No. 1512524

I love how what you take from that picture is her hair do not the glaringly obvious

No. 1512525

File: 1651010544367.jpeg (628.62 KB, 750x1028, BC27754C-C5CE-4154-A2EF-60F88C…)

We’ll see about that. She must be really desperate to make rent to even consider showing herself on cam

No. 1512531

That's sad.

No. 1512533

holy fuck I need this as a patch

No. 1512535

File: 1651011800896.jpeg (Spoiler Image,588.63 KB, 750x979, A9D83DCD-AE8E-48A7-B2A1-D5B0C4…)

Her desperation is showing

No. 1512536

One of the weirdest things to be about these diaper coomers (aside from the obvious of its entirity being disgusting) is that its not like other fetishes where like, say school girl for example, they are getting off to the aesthetic and roleplay of the whore doing it and thats it. With these diaper freaks, they made like a whole "community" where they where diapers and pretend to be children and shit and then seek out others who do the same.
I hope that made sense. Just like the comments on her diaper content is always troons and hideous incels that are wearing diapers in there own pics and live these incredibly cringey lives around it I guess. And its so funny and gross because Shatna is just "one of us" to them. Absolute freaktards.

No. 1512542

WHAT shayna you have LITERALLY done this is the past you pig headed idiot

No. 1512543

it took me years to forget this… why did I opened it…

No. 1512544

damn thats a sad pussy, thanks yall i dont want mine to look like that so im glad she was born with it as the other anon said kek
her views dropped long time ago, thats sadder than her pussy. shes doing gymnastics to be into all the kinks and shes still broke, as if she dont get that her image is the problem.
everytime we won to predict all her behavior but mostly because shes so predictable and obvious, it goes in circle.
but im glad shes going on cam because i love reality checks kek

No. 1512545

Sometimes we think she's just scamming for extra cash, but other times like this I really think she is short on rent and I know she doesnt hardly work and has meager following/subs on her cheeseburger priced pussy content, but still… she shouldn't be short on rent as often as it looks like she is. She had Vivi pay for her last get out, she got paid at least 1k on that Strictmoore shoot, tips and things from womack. Pay outs on the sites, etc. Im not saying shes thriving. But with less bills than the average adult and her sedentary lifestyle.. shes short on rent. But its because she blows her money on overpriced tacky garbo the very minute she gets money, eating takeout, booze, weed, etc. Embarrassing that shes still living like this and its only going to get worse. Being a responsible adult is putting aside your rent and bill money FIRST, then if theres extra, spend it on food and other shit. And if you're doing well, you even put money into savings. Shay could never. It doesnt look like shes had hardly any customs this month even. Her OF subs crawled back to what? 500 something? After givingvout free trials and saying she'll post free anal content. Its so asinine.
Oh but its because of everyone else, not her. She just needs her big break. Definitely wont continue spiraling. And theres no pity because her parents would help her do literally anything else.

No. 1512548

I'm just confused why she thinks being in a niche community is going to help her get her big break. The biggest porn categories aren't women larping as babies. She's not attractive, her porn isn't as "Extreme" or "Unique" as she thinks it is. Her personality sucks, her body is below average (I've seen women her weight built better). She only went back to Diaper shit because her most popular video was when she was doing it. She doesn't realize she's pounds heavier and people would rather get off to her blocks of repetitive shit on her Diaper account then her actual porn at this point.
Does she think she's going to become a famous pornstar for doing this? Shayna thinks out of all the women, SHE'S going to be rich and famous? She's known for shit she said as a teen more then her actual porn at this point.

No. 1512561

she doesn’t think she’s going to become rich and famous, no. she thinks she ALREADY automatically DESERVES that. she doesn’t think she needs to do any further work and that she simply deserves fame and riches.

No. 1512567

Ew why does it look worse than it does now?

No. 1512571

maybe she thinks she can be the “hottest” one doing that stuff. because it’s all frumpy Ellens and troons that do it. it’s like being the hottest chick in a town of 100 people. when she’s compared to actual bimbos and pretty girls, she sticks out like a sore thumb.

No. 1512577

Hmmm - I would’ve guessed she was thinking about pizza and beer.

No. 1512583

OMG - I choked on my coffee!!!

No. 1512601

File: 1651019443182.jpeg (162.47 KB, 1118x2048, C8BAA96F-1A7E-4E00-B65C-0D80D1…)

I can’t breathe what is with her and ham/pork colored items

No. 1512602

File: 1651019496322.jpeg (162.17 KB, 1118x2048, 1A13433F-21EB-4045-9C3A-89EAEC…)

No. 1512604

That wig is BAD and such an ugly color, especially with that lingerie. Why…

No. 1512605

File: 1651019635094.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.36 MB, 1242x1667, C96CE6B9-469C-4702-8E0C-8D948F…)

OF anon she still hasn’t posted any more pictures from the forest? I thought Big Mumma Ellen spanked Big Shaynus into doing it? She’s just been posting these same crusty ones in her room

No. 1512607

She could have at least gone with a pastel pink…. She’s such a bimbo yet can not afford a decent wig

No. 1512610


they probably had it at least partially covered by insurance. She should get that shit settled now with them while she still can. Implants need to be replaced every ten or 15 years I think. Technically at this point it's not cosmetic because it will directly affect her health if the implant leaks or something.


This girl has no idea what actually looks good on her. She needs to stick to dark colors…

No. 1512614

It wasn’t always like that she ruined it using a pump on her labia majora

No. 1512615

i assume those wolf pictures were for her to feel special because why? Like who wants to look at a below average girl with a small ass and lopsided tits in the woods? I wonder how much she paid that guy, probably more then she'd make on those pictures.

No. 1512616

File: 1651020537775.jpeg (Spoiler Image,449.72 KB, 1242x1668, 9A347E38-410C-42A8-B82F-4AD520…)


No. 1512618

kek her face! She looks like someone's dad turning around when you ask them a question while they are trying to fix the toliet. That face. "Huh? Billy? Oh go ask your mom, you see i'm busy!"
Is that face supposed to be sexy?
This Walmart swim suit and the weird smirk, I swear this thread is funny today.

No. 1512619

that’s not how labias work. she would have had to use a pump nearly daily for anything to happen. she just has a gross unsightly pussy and always has. when she had the bush it covered it up.

No. 1512621

what in the fucks name am I looking at? what is that wig? and the too small bikini with her apron fat hanging over it. dear lord.

No. 1512622

Kek it really does look like a Walmart swimsuit Shayna is the definition of people of walmart

No. 1512623

shayna for the love of god just look up a youtube tutorial on how to style and put on a wig. please.

No. 1512624

File: 1651020901243.jpeg (1.19 MB, 1284x1647, 6BFD3CB6-AC8A-4F26-93F0-F44F24…)

“daddy did you say cheemsburgers and beer??!!!”

No. 1512625

getting wannabe belle delphine vibes from this

No. 1512626

Gross anon spoiler this

No. 1512630

>>Shane's face when his wife comes home early from Walmart

No. 1512631

Kek now her chins are looking like a dolphin mouth. Eek ek ek

No. 1512641

File: 1651022929508.jpeg (358.79 KB, 1080x1534, 6C588D41-36F1-4C93-912C-3AF694…)

Why would this retarded look be what she picked for a femdom pegging style video?

No. 1512643

No. 1512658

File: 1651024141999.jpeg (Spoiler Image,617.88 KB, 2048x2048, F8F5204F-999A-4474-94CF-4F4CE8…)

Can she twist her body even more?

No. 1512661

Love opening lolcow to a random ass. Please learn to spoiler

No. 1512662

Is it… supposed to be lingerie??
It definitely looks like a swimsuit with the pattern, ruffles, and material. Why the fuck would this be the outfit for a domme vid..?

No. 1512663

File: 1651024505552.jpeg (Spoiler Image,873.47 KB, 1170x1627, 65E09FA1-ADF0-4DF9-892A-16B988…)

I can’t

No. 1512664

Ooof Hank looks ruff since Peggy left him.

No. 1512665

File: 1651024642960.jpeg (928.25 KB, 1170x1655, 8C752161-FB9B-411E-B7CC-402936…)

She looks psychotic

No. 1512670

Is is really that hard to tick the “spoiler image” box

No. 1512672

That arm is coming along nicely, very Luna.

No. 1512673

File: 1651025061502.jpeg (517.03 KB, 850x1025, C0CA6B26-003F-4DB4-8575-0F72A7…)

No. 1512680

File: 1651025338807.gif (Spoiler Image,10.9 MB, 600x1067, A6712288-0A2E-432A-A378-3EDCAD…)

Good lord she does not have a seductive bone in her this is so weird

No. 1512682

wow she has no rhythm. sometimes I want to be embarrassed for her but I just can’t anymore.

No. 1512683

Yo a warning would be nice. Why would you repost actual beastiality here

No. 1512684

Because Shayna attracts these kinds of people? It’s not random bestiality, I just documented what her Twitter comments looked like. Kek poor hog

No. 1512687

Warning, don’t unspoiler this, it includes a screenshot of a man getting fucked by a pig

No. 1512695

File: 1651026128314.jpeg (504.5 KB, 1242x1223, D1592D2E-D30A-4353-B6A0-CFB914…)

I love how Shaynus hides the reply of a random e whore trying to promote her shit but not the bestiality video a Scrote posted.

No. 1512697

what is the fuckin context i dont understand
kek this look like these videos when they turn around and is a japanese man

No. 1512700

For late Nonnies on what just happened itt:
Someone replied to shaynas recent tweet with a peppa pig video that cut to earrape beastiality at the end. I recommend not looking for yourself. But someone posted it in here like we wanted to see it?

No. 1512703

It’s deleted now delete your comments

No. 1512720

this peanut butter foundation really is a choice

No. 1512725

LMAO what is this KEKEK this have been said a million times now but she could at least try doing parody porn

No. 1512727

Yes, you are a retard, please "lurk moar" as they say, or I don't know, read the fucking post summary, before asking something that's been talked about literally to death the last week

No. 1512739

I didn't realise you could even have a vagina that's too innie, but it really looks like something is missing and it weirds me out

No. 1512743

File: 1651029060052.gif (Spoiler Image,14.28 MB, 600x1067, 4140E477-4A4D-4C1C-82BA-6A3307…)

No. 1512748

Oh to be a fly on Shayna’s wall when she stops recording and the ‘I’m happy’ mask slips

No. 1512752

Bc she is going for bratty little child who has daddy twisted around her finger. I feel gross typing this

No. 1512757

I was just thinking, I wonder what emotion she feels while recording these. I can’t imagine things being so bleak and having to dance around like that, like I’m soooo happy and giddy and don’t think my life sucks. That would make me feel so much worse. I guess she uses substances to make it bearable

No. 1512760

So she's just full on embracing the gut now huh, not just embracing but emphasizing it… Maybe the feeder saga is coming sooner than we think

No. 1512763

Hate to be that anon, but does anyone know where she got this harness?

now imagine this without the filters lmao

No. 1512764

I’m surprised she hasn’t pandered to BBW fans yet, it’s a much more common fetish than this pedo diaper shit and would probably make her more money.

No. 1512765

It’s funny because when she uncovers herself/moves her arms, she is going for “surprise I have a dildo on lol!!”, but it looks more like she’s doing a “surprise, I’m fat and proud!”

No. 1512769

I think she does have an underlying desire to feel cute and small. I get the sense that matters a lot to her. In fact I think that desire is a huge part of her identity. So she would never do intentional BBW, despite the reality of her circumstances.

No. 1512777

File: 1651033449268.jpeg (Spoiler Image,577.48 KB, 1080x2885, 621A271A-192D-4F72-B005-FA2985…)

Magical disappearing assne

No. 1512781

She got it at the broke bitch store

No. 1512789

File: 1651034881660.jpeg (250.91 KB, 750x752, 72744CEB-3BF9-4F82-AD45-60E436…)

Yep, she’s embracing the gut apparently

No. 1512790

But its not really giving that either. She looks like a retard in a swimsuit pretending to have a dick. Its similar to Chris Chans "tomgirl" saga.

No. 1512792

File: 1651035061191.gif (1.49 MB, 480x270, 1528406114246.gif)

if she was cute she could be a marshmallow girl but she is ugly as sin a looks like a rat so feeder saga here we go.

No. 1512794

Beer gut = cute? Keep coping there, Shat.

No. 1512797

This outfit is extra troon-like with the white, pink and blue colors
I could just tell this screenshot was mid chicken dance before seeing the actual video

No. 1512798

It’s so cute how she stuffs herself with alcohol and shitty food causing such terrible symptoms she sometimes needs multiple ER visits! Yay for body positivity thanks everyone for indulging in her laziness and lack of care for herself! Maybe Seattle would have personal trainers who aren’t trump supporters so what’s her excuse now besides being broke as hell lol

No. 1512813

Coping mechanism kicking in hard. As mentioned in countless threads, she escapes her reality with alcohol and drugs. Do you think we'll see another ""gym bunny"" phase or do you think she's given up completely on the guise of working out? It'd be sad if she wasn't the one actively destroying herself at every turn she takes. Sober mirror can't be fun.

No. 1512818

File: 1651037211196.jpeg (407.68 KB, 2048x2048, D49198CC-7A1B-4D79-B1E6-42E484…)

Shayna is starting to morph into Peter Griffin with that chin kek

No. 1512819

File: 1651037625756.jpeg (Spoiler Image,767.34 KB, 676x1775, 7E905E42-BD57-46A1-A211-DD8F69…)

She literally posted the pictures and video she posted on Twitter on her PAID only fans. Like what the fuck is the point of subscribing when she never posts? Or posts the same pics for free on Twitter?? I love how you can see how bigger she shooped her hank hill ass when compared to the real life (filtered) buttne video

No. 1512842

I didn’t think the BBW or feeder route was a possibility, but if people are genuinely making her feel “cute” about her “belly” then I guess it could happen? We know she wants to feel cute and admired (not saying it would be cute).

No. 1512844

File: 1651040802998.jpeg (Spoiler Image,919.76 KB, 1242x1397, C774E14E-2C7A-4243-8DCE-3B2214…)

She’s asking for donations because she’s short on rent kek

No. 1512861

File: 1651043424137.png (191.25 KB, 460x374, 7CDB760E-64AC-47E5-A28A-591244…)

This is such an obvious Belle Delphine larp. But girl, you need to fix that wig and makeup. Anime makeup would look a million times better on her since it’d change her eye shape

No. 1512865

This is just plain sad. Vivi I hope you are seeing this and keeps you motivated to better your life.

No. 1512896

>belle delphine larp
Or maybe belle delphine is just a very stereotypical weeb porn star and actually has no originality? She’s not the first to wear pink wig, cat ears and long socks. She won’t be the last.
You should go back to her thread because you sound like a fan and that’s embarrassing.

No. 1512917

No. 1513016

when she turns her head like this she always looks like she got caught stealing something
retarded take

No. 1513036

Back to your containment thread newfag

No. 1513041

We don’t give a fuck about Belle, you skelly fuck. Learn how to sage your sped outbursts and go purge your breakfast.

No. 1513044

Can you really call buying two overpriced workout outfits, some shoes, protein powder and pre-workout powder all to go to the gym a handful of times a phase though?

No. 1513048

Some anon on Moo’s thread just called Jessica Nigri “obese.” Has Elon deleted some skelly’s Twitter account, perhaps?

No. 1513075

I think she's comfortable at this size where she can just barely squeeze into a size small and eat whatever she wants on the menu, I don't think it's going to develop past this because going full feeder means she would have to size up.
I think it was even less than a handful of times. Shay doesn't commit to anything, she would be more likely to go ana again than commit to a workout schedule or make use of a gym membership.

No. 1513110

i think it’s funny when everyone’s like ya she “confirmed” she has a singular implant. as if shayna isn’t a compulsive liar. as if she wouldn’t just say that to seem interesting and/or explain why her body looks the way it does. like, sure she claims to have one fake tit but she also claimed to have had routine stomach surgeries for a chronic digestive issue and then once she started going full nude and there was no scar, just completely dropped the story never to mention it again. i mean honestly, what doctor would put ONE implant in a CHILD’s chest? seeing as she would have had to be under 18 when this happened. all that’s “confirmed” is shayna SAID she has one implant but she’s literally just lying for fun per usual and it’s funny to me that anyone thinks it’s even remotely plausible

No. 1513130

Anon doctors do it all the time. You sound retarded.

No. 1513136

Too bad her parents paid for that tiddy. I doubt one-titty-shay would’ve been confident enough to go into sw

No. 1513137

>going full feeder means she would have to size up
She's going to continue to get bigger. She's never going to make the lifestyle requirements needed to loose weight, so she might as well get paid to turn into a ham planet which is an inevitably anyway.

No. 1513138

Oh god stfu already. The implant story is plausible and even if it weren't wtf do you and every anon bitching about it gain from constantly denying it on shayna's behalf? Who fucking cares. Stop bringing it up every thread.

No. 1513156

So why did she tell that scrote to avoid punching the veiny breast? That plus Vivis story, the look makes it seem real. If shayna really thought it made her look cool she'd brag about it on Twitter.

She's going to size up because of all the drinking and eating she does. She's not just going to maintain this weight. Her face already has alcohol bloat and look at her arms? She's not active at all and eats like a child

No. 1513190

are you mentally ill? calm down

No. 1513194

File: 1651073659076.jpeg (370.51 KB, 1170x1422, 1614D059-0C27-4044-B877-346836…)

Wow, making the big bucks Shay

No. 1513195

Men drop loads in anything willing. This isn’t a flex. If it was a four digit number it would be worth posting. She got that bargain bin snatch

No. 1513201

She probably showed her the scar and talked about it and showed her so vivi would avoid hitting it or something. It’s probably painful as fuck as my guess is why she’s sick all the time(at least one of the reasons) and doesn’t talk about why she’s sick.

Shay likely had a deformity and her parents paid a lot of money to fix it so she would have a “normal” childhood. It’s not impossible.

No. 1513203

>sometimes I want to be embarrassed for her but I just can’t anymore.
lmao anon

No. 1513211

It’s probably painful because she has capsular contraction, which is why the one boob is so high and weird looking. Implants aren’t something you can just throw into your body and forget about, they don’t belong in you, your body knows it, and they need to be replaced every ten years.
Shay should get it removed, get a breast lift and maybe some fat transfer to even her boobs out a bit, and learn to live with the underdeveloped tiddy. It doesn’t look good, it’s a health risk, and the odds of her being able to keep up with a boob job every ten years are slim to none.

No. 1513215

I feel her parents would pay for it if it became something serious. Sometimes i wonder if the small surgery was for her breasts and it wasn't something that she really needed to do right away. So she just didn't. I always wondered what the "I have to get small surgery" thing was about. She never really followed up with it. It couldn't be for the boils because they are still there and she never looked like she had gotten them removed.

No. 1513222

she has an implant, now all we gotta do is get Kyle to admit she was the shameful sidetranny;. no way that's real pussy. that's a ballsack for one thing. and for another there's no way that's not a ballsack. fr just on bgod though I can't stand this dude. he has such a disgusting perspective on everything and it's to do with how he gapes as a lifestyle tranny. he started with being the "stoner girl" stereotype on tumbler and then immediately into ddlg, not learning anything a double x indivual would learn from it, just acting ever increasingly troonlike. it's; real not that far from the "realm" ofpossibili.ty it's in its capital city. dude is a dude, we can learn to agree on it

No. 1513231

File: 1651076852719.png (533.74 KB, 1052x658, troonietunes.png)

my mayochup brings all the chasers to my Tumblr

No. 1513232

The evidence is stacked up too high for implant deniers. Vivi’s confirming it, the old friend too, Russel’s comment about not hitting it, plus the literal implant scar under it, also just looking at it in motion it’s pretty obvious. I’m sure she’s insecure about it, why would she brag about having an implant to fix a deformity when she was a kid? I’m sure at the time she got it she was very embarrassed about it and that has carried through to adulthood. I think they’re getting tripped up thinking she got a “boob job” as a kid instead of a fix for a growth problem during puberty. It’s not that crazy

No. 1513240

Just wow. I feel like I lost brain cells reading this.

No. 1513242

please let this be bait anon, get well soon

No. 1513247

I don't know if this is a joke or not, but the shameful, painful laugh I just gave. I'd believe Fupaul to be a troon with a overgrown clit before I believe Shayna to be one. Shayna has always been Shayna. Not Shane

No. 1513250

>I'd believe Fupaul to be a troon with a overgrown clit before I believe Shayna to be one.
>Shayna has always been Shayna. Not Shane
I’m laughing so much the state of this thread kek

No. 1513253

File: 1651078169082.jpeg (442.65 KB, 1170x1337, 5527891E-FF45-467E-AE26-761D44…)

Probably involves food and booze

No. 1513254

File: 1651078339046.jpeg (392.49 KB, 750x971, 41A09492-58D6-4AD2-8D4C-6C4571…)

This made me laugh it’s so weird and specific kek

No. 1513255

I hate Shatna as much as anyone but seriously, what scar? She's so shit at retouching and also in her ugly ass candid lake monster photos I didn't see any scars. Yeah she is disgusting, but not because of any boob deformity or implant or wrinkly pussy. She's a fat and unwashed pothead who can't dress or apply makeup for the love of her life. This combined with being an irresponsible attention whore AND THE PEDO PANDERING make her the ugliest bitch ever.

Anon ffs, come on, she is never ever a troon although her body is fridgy as fuck.

No. 1513256

File: 1651078441539.jpeg (161.67 KB, 750x559, CDFFFE5B-7592-446F-A681-1CC623…)

nothing like a smoke sesh with the girlies where you straight piss yourself every time you pass the blunt

No. 1513257

She was telling people around her about her implant way before her significant weight gain though. Like it was tinfoiled about because of what looks like an implant scar, veins and stiffness. It only became more glaringly obvious after the other one started growing. She wouldn't have needed to say anything about it prior, but she clearly did to her "friends" who then came here.

At this point the only thing that could confirm it any more is if she literally said it herself and then some of you still wouldn't believe it.

No. 1513259

File: 1651078983415.png (Spoiler Image,300 KB, 609x609, 1527539900254.png)

Her scar is the bottom pic, it was easier to spot when she was thin.

No. 1513260

File: 1651079108680.jpeg (Spoiler Image,213.32 KB, 1206x2208, 4D47840C-459B-45AC-948A-FE1863…)

You can see it here on the right too. Most of the time her tit flops over and covers it

No. 1513279

It always looks like one tit is trying to escape.

No. 1513284

I wonder how she feels with all the tit nitpicking and sperging

No. 1513290

you are mentally ill

No. 1513291

File: 1651080718108.jpeg (179.37 KB, 750x1616, 318B0F35-E4EF-4DB9-AACD-128D09…)

Ellen finally found a man. Now she can stop bitching about being touch starved and horny all the time. I bet Shayna is relieved she doesn’t have to worry about touching her

No. 1513294

Bad I imagine. Though, Shayna only will feel truly upset if men start noticing or stop paying her. Until then, her self esteem and worth is low but at least scrotes pay attention.

No. 1513309

What the actual fuck. She'll fake anything for attention, the chance at getting a like or a dollar.
I got nauseous thinking of the smell of piss and weed smoke and the image of a bunch of fat ugly retards in diapers sitting in a room doing that.

No. 1513313

Jfc Ellen Degenerate. Congrats on finally getting some dick but you sound mental and desperate. Guess she is though. I also feel part of this was to rub it in Shays face lol. Hope they end their fake relationship.

No. 1513343

File: 1651083922588.jpeg (273.16 KB, 1364x1080, 22D331D1-A355-44ED-A47E-0EBC91…)

Please tell me they aren’t going out in public I can see her nipple

No. 1513350

File: 1651084151301.jpg (660.84 KB, 1284x1647, FaceApp_1651083974012.jpg)

Shane has an implant, now all we gotta do is get Kyle to admit she was the shameful sidetranny;. no way that's real pussy. that's a ballsack for one thing. and for another there's no way that's not a ballsack. fr just on bgod though I can't stand this dude. he has such a disgusting perspective on everything and it's to do with how he gapes as a lifestyle tranny. he started with being the "stoner girl" stereotype on tumbler and then immediately into ddlg, not learning anything a double x indivual would learn from it, just acting ever increasingly troonlike. it's; real not that far from the "realm" ofpossibili.ty it's in its capital city. dude is a dude, we can learn to agree on it(retard)

No. 1513358

Not even pissfags would find this sexy

No. 1513359

Can you please stop being fucking retarded and go look at one of Shay’s older threads for five minutes? She was on tumblr before she turned 18 and she posted pictures of her pussy literally the minute she was legal. She’s ugly as sin, but she is a biological woman. You should seriously start taking your meds.

No. 1513360


No. 1513361

it's a bad joke, I'm not the nonnie who made that dumb ass post in the first place, I'm sorry. I know Shayna isn't a man

No. 1513363

Anon it’s a copypasta scroll up

No. 1513364

she is just shitposting, let her have her fun

No. 1513366

>calm down!
yep, you’re definitely the white knight from the belle thread. Why don’t you calm down and get a life? You’re obsessed.

No. 1513376

File: 1651086856792.jpeg (147.08 KB, 750x570, 5BFF6801-99A9-400E-A3DF-F7305B…)

I bet she calls the kids she babysits that too

No. 1513377

Can we please refrain from restarting an argument that ended hours ago?

No. 1513378

File: 1651087142669.jpeg (507.13 KB, 923x930, AECA125B-9284-4F34-8931-64550D…)

>”I may be small, but I own every fucking inch of you” - Dommy Tardell

No. 1513379

File: 1651087180498.jpeg (Spoiler Image,258.97 KB, 1224x1416, 3A92EC39-0BD0-42D9-B4B9-8FE39A…)

Dommes of Walmart looking ass

No. 1513380

File: 1651087273059.jpeg (Spoiler Image,775.09 KB, 1242x1097, CCF558C8-99F4-42AB-B8DB-4F0E55…)

Samefag but the whole video isn’t worth posting but the part of her describing herself as small is fucking funny

No. 1513381

File: 1651087274710.gif (2.26 MB, 320x320, A4D61871-1F31-49C7-90FD-19A816…)

I’m so sorry for my autism but this is all I could think of when I saw this kek

No. 1513384

Shayna she was just telling your lard ass to GET the small fries

No. 1513385

Now you know them girls aint getting no Small fries.

No. 1513386

I know she’s a lazy person and a complete mess, but I don’t understand how when her entire job is making these photo sets/videos, she doesn’t spend even 30 mins a day working out. can one of her Splenda daddies not pay her $10 a day to close her Apple Watch rings or something, or do the moids actually enjoy her content looking like this?

No. 1513387

At least some of her coomers are probably feeders. There's groups of them that watch different sex workers and report who is gaining weight so other coomers can enjoy seeing a woman get fatter.

No. 1513391

I know scrotes standards are low, but the scrotes into this are probably men into women who look "Attainable". Shayna looks like the type of girl they feel they could actually bag. She's not an extremely popular or attractive pornstar.
She's willing to do disgusting shit for free/cheap. Plus it seems to be older white men. Most of them don't care she doesn't have a ass, and she's a young girl showing off her tits/body. They'll take anything. She's cheap. She's not an investment.
Realistic her body type/look is above average for someone like Womack but below average for a handsome scrote. The men who watch her are weirdo ugly dudes themselves.

No. 1513397

File: 1651088050855.png (1.91 MB, 1960x1362, Screen Shot 2022-04-27 at 2.32…)

your cockle is mine. your mouse is mine. your as shole is mine. everything in between. everything the sun doesn't touch is mine to eat but first let me have a stroke

No. 1513404

kek she looks like shit how does she get worse with every day it's astounding

No. 1513414

Belle is as worthless as Shayna, neither have an original bone in their body or thought in their head. Die mad about it.

No. 1513416

NTA but at least belle is well known and has a loyal fan base of coomers. The internet still hates her after her constant creepy loli cosplay and her disgusting porn videos but she still made headlines. Shayna could only dream

No. 1513422

Damn that dick small af

No. 1513430

bet she cant even sit lol
idc about belle but is like she came, did it better and then laugh her ass about all this concept. and got money, like real money to buy a house and a car… i have seen sex workers taking years to buy a bed

No. 1513436

that's the beer belly of a 50 year old man who drinks and smokes heavily and eats nothing but burger king

No. 1513438

imagine having a nice thing to say about a scammy cunt lmfao cant relate

No. 1513440

Please go back to your autistic containment thread

No. 1513456

why is she just holding a random larger dildo? it’s like she comes up with this off the top of her head and does one take and says “wow i’m perfect this is a perfect video”

No. 1513462

i thought drop a load meant to poop

No. 1513465

File: 1651092820598.jpeg (342.4 KB, 1080x2326, AC9EC9BC-0CFE-4FC1-9851-D22467…)

Oh no she’s actually going out like that

No. 1513478

File: 1651093354969.png (2.92 MB, 750x1334, C7ADF792-64E0-4393-960E-9670E0…)

Her gut is trying to escape this cheap Amazon ageplay shit. I can’t imagine seeing this out in public https://streamable.com/4jgsu0

No. 1513485

File: 1651093807657.jpeg (522.88 KB, 966x811, 656A41E8-3BA4-4CDF-9124-329808…)

She looks like a clueless suburban mom ready to live it up on her one night out a year, dressed to the zeroes in her Party City Halloween costume. Her name could be Shannon, driving a minivan around while her sticky toddlers watch Cocomelon. In an alternate timeline, maybe, since she can't stand the idea of infantilizing or prioritizing anyone other than herself. At least some of the other ageplayer prostitutes can dress in a manner that's flattering or cohesive. She just loses the plot every time, and looks haggard while doing it. So fucking bleak.(nitpicking)

No. 1513498

Why do people in this thread immediately repost pictures but zoomed in like we can’t do that ourselves

No. 1513501

File: 1651094524384.jpeg (388.27 KB, 1170x2366, 9ECBA774-0D25-4C62-B532-986150…)

Gammy Mattel wants to know if you'd like a Werther's Original

No. 1513504

God the state of that banger. The days of red hot nails are over now, Shayna.

No. 1513510

File: 1651095153482.png (73.62 KB, 435x600, uter.png)

it's giving uter from the simpsons but in pink

No. 1513517

ah yes, calf socks and ugg slippers. so bimbo. much fashion.

No. 1513525

it's so gross and dirty ughhhhh clean your piece shayna

No. 1513526

You just know she would rather buy a new one than actually bother to clean it

No. 1513544

File: 1651097673121.jpeg (439.89 KB, 750x1075, 1D2AB36E-BBE3-4495-82AD-BA86F5…)

It’s lingerie from DollsKill of course. It really looks like an ugly Walmart bikini for kids though

No. 1513545

Is this where fatty got the idea of hand warmers for no reason?

No. 1513546

File: 1651097910184.jpeg (99.68 KB, 750x560, 721EF466-A720-4649-9986-A70147…)

Womack coming through to help Ellen pay Shayna’s rent. They’re going to a fucking aquarium with Shayna dressed like that

No. 1513548

Ugh, just losing like 50 pounds would at least make her decent looking. This shit is depressing to look at. How can she choose to show off how she looks for a living and look like this? I’d wake up wanting to kill myself everyday. Guess that’s what all the alcohol is for.

No. 1513550

He is such a pathetic cuck.

No. 1513552

She’s wearing a see-through top, nipples clearly showing and baby fetish clothes to an aquarium full of children and families. What the fuck

No. 1513554

This was already posted we know she buys from them it looks like a Walmart swimsuit though. Looks way better on a skinny younger looking model Still ugly as sin though

No. 1513555

The staff will probably assume that she's a special needs adult.

No. 1513556

Sometimes I thought there “I wore this for a date” where a daft they are sharing stuff they’d change out of but… no she’s genuinely going to the aquarium with her “girlfriend” who’s on a high after getting dick dressed in a cheap shein costume with timberlands? Who ever said weed doesn’t fuck up your mental capacity

No. 1513557

>Ellen Dresel charged Jason R Womack for: Dollys rent :(
Kek that’s so embarrassing

No. 1513559

The sad smiley face LMFAOOOOO

No. 1513561

The fucking messy buns, ugly sweatband, ear lobe gash, and ugly overalls with her muffin top bulging through, wtf

No. 1513565

for her to do such a mayhem everytime she goes out, this is how i know that when she “forgot to take pics of the outfit” is because she never went out, like that “social event” like who in their fucking 20s use that term.
i used to feel shame for her, but now i feel sorry for her life, must suck! it sucks so much that she has to document everytime she goes out.
also i wish Renton anon would have look at this and went spy mode kek jk

No. 1513577

I love how Wormack gives us a lil splash of milk. Telling all their damn buiness, now we know where these idiots are.
Why the fuck is he giving Ellen money for her rent again? Was it ever explained? If Womack stops orbiting Shayna then she's going to be shit out of luck because he's the only scrote giving her real money.

No. 1513580

People probably legit think she's mentally off. It's not sexy, it's not cute, even if it was slightly baggy and not up her small crack, she'd still look like a retard in that outfit. I'm sure she'll get some, "you look so cute" from concerned older women.

No. 1513581

Lmao, this is so embarrassing for everyone involved.
Womack is the biggest retard.

No. 1513582

And why can't Shayna beg? Why is Ellen doing it? It's so stupid.

No. 1513590

They'll probably have staff follow them to make sure they don't do anything disgusting and I'm sure they will assume she's actually unironically retarded.

No. 1513591

It’s speculated the apartment is under Ellen’s name and she pays part of the rent. I’m guessing she offered to as part of convincing Shayna to come back to Seattle. Right before she left Oklahoma she was talking all about her “bestie” in Seattle taking tours of apartments and picking up her keys for her. And this isn’t the first time Womack has paid Ellen for rent. He always pays Shayna through CashApp so it’s not like it’s his only way of paying her. It’s clear Ellen is the one normally paying some of the rent

No. 1513666

File: 1651107469690.jpeg (642.1 KB, 750x1029, 7A1E0C86-C5F0-4401-8C54-FD5697…)

I’m getting 2nd hand embarrassment at the idea of these two overweight woman roleplaying baby and mumma in front of the general public

No. 1513669

at least she put on a jacket over that shit

No. 1513670

It’s alcohol too..

No. 1513672

File: 1651107942499.jpeg (262.17 KB, 949x1216, 0EECBA89-E270-4BCA-BEF7-9D122B…)

Damn that bitch is big

No. 1513673

and coombrain

No. 1513675

File: 1651108112314.jpeg (154.07 KB, 1242x359, 440EACDD-5253-4217-A8C8-72373C…)

Do any instafags have an account to see what she posts?

No. 1513676

kek not quite brave enough to wear that ugly fit without a jacket huh?

No. 1513679

File: 1651108447397.jpeg (66.5 KB, 750x723, 17EB8F25-C595-47A3-BBB8-837ACE…)

Manifesting a Washington anon to run into Ellen and Shaynus in the wild, like Oklahoma anon ran into fupapa and shaytard at a burger joint

No. 1513681

File: 1651108593961.jpeg (724.79 KB, 750x935, CC4CB270-0712-4AA4-98FB-D3790D…)

Seafood boil on Womack’s dime

No. 1513684

Thought those were her new "bimbo" claws for a sec

No. 1513686

i tried to follow her once in my life but she blocked me asap and it was my personal account but she was public then, isnt she public anymore?
even her face looks big and that damn arm i cant wait for her to be on cam kek

No. 1513688

damn fucking fatasses. I love how she’s pan handling for rent money but goes out. She can’t even keep her stories straight. Why tf would you eat out if you can’t even afford rent? Too bad her coomers are too brain dead to question her lies; and ask why she’s going out when she’s “broke”?

No. 1513689

File: 1651108963494.jpeg (397.18 KB, 1259x929, 91DD0058-3329-4266-8D60-30A424…)

I’m just glad it was cold so she had to put a jacket on. No one needs to see that

No. 1513691

Womack paid the rent and for dinner >>1513546

No. 1513693

I can read. I’m just saying her lying and stories never fucking add up.

No. 1513695

I think that is where you belong lmfao getting salty over a passing snark chill

No. 1513707

File: 1651110515230.jpeg (298.43 KB, 750x617, D35E52EF-B599-44BF-AA2E-6376E7…)

Yeah with Womack’s contribution

No. 1513715

that's so weird to go see the fishes at the aquarium and then stuff your guy with seafood. what a pig

No. 1513717

Her tone in this doesnt match the "bratty" vibe she tried tragically to dress for and was going for so its even more of a mess. Also the faces and sounds shes making like she actually is feeling the dildo-cock strokes and is aroused is kinda weird. She should of used her fake uwu voice and been more playful. That was way too awkwardly serious for the clowny look she went with.

No. 1513721

Why is the headband a fucking inch tall?? I thought they were chunky novelty headphones at first.

No. 1513723

It’s funny how Shay seeks maternal nurturing from Ellen when she hates her real mother so much. This post reminds me of what she posted the time her bio mother took her to see Disney on Ice mid-Fupa saga.
There’s no chemistry or affection towards Ellen at all. It’s literally always “she took me to X and bought me Y”.

No. 1513724

Still dabbing despite her lung and health issues and admitting she needs to cut back barely a couple weeks ago. Classic

No. 1513729

There were other outfits she bought pieces of from the site where the model was wearing arm and legwarmers. But shes totally a trend setter with an eye for fashion!
God I still dont believe its lingerie its fucking ugly and retarded looing. At least Half of it is made from actual swimsuit material.
Wish she'd stop buying the tacky shit from that garbo site.

No. 1513730

File: 1651112337164.png (4.28 MB, 750x1334, ED5783FD-7249-41A8-A547-41CAD1…)

More weed

No. 1513734

Not to be a veg-fag but thats fucked up to go to an aquarium and be like "ooo cute animals/sea creatures" and then right after get a whole platter of sea creatures boiled up to eat.

No. 1513736

It’s fucking ironic that she got sea food after seeing animals at the aquarium. So retarded kek

No. 1513738

it makes me kinda sad that she dont say it that Womack is the one supporting her financially, or her dinner,he must be Supreme Daddy but shes never going to say it.
But on the other hand, Womack is so stoopid that even got catfished kek

No. 1513746

>Spoiled tf outta me
Couple dollar playboys, couple dollar records, and a maybe $8 (ugly) plush,, spoiled!! lmfao

No. 1513751

File: 1651113608569.jpeg (80.13 KB, 185x329, 8795688F-FE79-471D-947A-005637…)

She kinda looks like the gun girl who shit her pants

No. 1513752

Idk those stuffed animals you get from the zoo or aquarium are horribly overpriced kek probably dropped $20 each on those things.

Hhahahahhaa wow look how happy she looks with all that food in front of her. And of course the water that was sipped on once. All that butter…jfc. Fatty heaven right there.

No. 1513756

Kek it doesn’t even look like she touched the complimentary water she’s got what looks like an Oreo milkshake next to it

No. 1513758

alternative POV you are celebrating your wife's 46th birthday without the kids after she worked out

No. 1513762

i've always thought this. they both have this fake whiny ass voice they only do for the camera too.

No. 1513774

She definitely didnt drink the water at all. Ellens has a straw in it because she was at least intending to actually hydrate.

No. 1513775

Lol She should smile like this in her photos from now on instead of that stupid smirk or teeth pushing smile she always does. She looks legitimately happy.

No. 1513779


this one has better hair. Actually looks like what Shayna's hair could have been if she wasn't so damn retarded

No. 1513785

Why why why would you ever let some creepy coomer know where you're going/when your rent is due/what your fake girlfriend's real name and venmo is, like is your safety worth so little? This is so embarrassing. Love the sad face though.

No. 1513787

because his unemployment checks make up about 80% of her income

No. 1513794

Blogpost but I was at the airport at the same time as her, and was downtown by the aquarium today (not intentional, didn’t know she was there until now). I want to run into her sometime I’m just sooo curious. I can’t imagine this being actually existing in public

No. 1513796

File: 1651117236274.webm (4.53 MB, 480x852, “She Works Hard for Her Money”…)

Pictures were already posted but here are the stories condensed into two videos. I’ve omitted the first story which is just >>1512673

No. 1513800

Working """hard""" for Womack's money.

No. 1513801

File: 1651117595470.webm (3.34 MB, 480x852, Smoking weed as a personality …)

No. 1513802

This is why I thought the song choice was amusing

No. 1513809

Seattle aquarium tickets are $30, stuffed animals are like $20, meal from crab pot $70, + what I assumed are 2 cocktails + some souvenir type cheep items = $30x2 + $20x2 + $70 + $10x2 + $20idk? = $200+ date when they can’t afford rent.

+ the weed that she needed to use to cope leaving her apartment

No. 1513811

Does she ever actually inhale or is that too much work.

No. 1513816

File: 1651119086146.jpeg (399.96 KB, 1242x765, 19042E2D-F110-4B5C-ABE6-AF0D93…)

Whatever you do
Don’t click on this troons page
An absolute nightmare

No. 1513820

I don’t think she couldn’t afford rent. I think she makes ir (barely). I think the whole thing a way to get tips when her content isn’t generating them

No. 1513823

Kek imagine being referred to as “it”

No. 1513825

They meant the dildo

No. 1513896

This site is confusing me. but please stop photoshopping my fiancés face onto photos of this woman. Whatever they had? It’s over. I have been with jay for 3 months now. He is distraught over this filth. Please stop.

It hurts to see his image be tarnished. He is a family man and does not engage in this lifestyle. Please let him be. Post(namefagging cuck)

No. 1513898

Ma'am… Hes been throwing money at this e whore for a year now and comments on all of her posts with "love u sexy angel" and shit lmao. He very much publicly engages in "that lifestyle" so wake up and get out. A family man shouldnt use his face and name on accounts he interacts with porn on while personally thirsting after a shitty ugly sex worker.

No. 1513900

oh my god i wake up and open at 2am and stumble on this milk wtf. So sorry to tell you this girl but he sent her rent money like, today, and has been her number one financial supporter for her otherwise cheese-burger priced pussy. get out of there while you can there is something seriously fucked in the head of someone who’s been in love with a disinterested ugly trailer park whore he’s never met for multiple years

No. 1513902

How did you find this website

No. 1513904

"Its over" and yet hes sending her money for rent AGAIN and dinner dates >>1513546 . He sends her money and interacts with her all the time. He's literally her #1 coomer. Idk what to tell you besides look for yourself and do better for yourself.

No. 1513905

this has to be a troll or she’s just as retarded as him why did she put her first name kek

No. 1513906

Fucking KEK lmaoooooo

No. 1513907

Must be trolling they even saged properly

No. 1513909

someone should try to find a Nadine attached to his name/Facebook and find out, might be the reason he’s sending rent money to Ellen instead of Shayna the last 3 months

No. 1513910

You can type anything in the email field to sage, technically. I think "sage" just makes the field blank though.

No. 1513913

for the sake of yourself and your family get some dignity and braincells and leave him

No. 1513914

they wrote their email they did not sage lol

milk incoming! poor woman though..

No. 1513923

If you are really his gf he's sending money to a woman with lopsided tits who larps as a baby and writes story about CSA as a kink. He just gave her girlfriend Ellen, who stole a baby's pacifier and posted about it online in a sexual way, money to pay Shaynas rent and for them to eat Seafood.
He lusts after a woman who literally wears diapers and pretends to be a baby. Get help and get away.
If this is fake, kek key key etc

No. 1513927

Unfortunately someone has sent photoshopped images of his poor face on a naked woman, and this website was sent to his Facebook that we share. It popped up on Messenger. Very sad but I will discuss this with him.

In the meantime I would highly appreciate his face and name be left off of this website. Otherwise possibly will need to get the law involved. I am unsure who this lady is? But I will read replies and see where this leads.Regards

No. 1513928

„jay“ actually once bought a weed pipe from her which she put up her ass, he might still be using it. and that‘s the family man you‘re kissing? damn

No. 1513931

SA, NGL this could be Ellen or someone. Womack is their cash cow. I think it bothers him we talk shit about him and he complains to Shayna or Ellen. Or Ellen and Shayna are so afraid to lose the only coomer who pays well.

No. 1513932

Obvious troll. Cmon as if.

No. 1513933

hoping this is real so finally that ugly inbred pig jason womack learns his lesson

No. 1513946

ok nadine

No. 1513948

So Tammy Nadine, I'm going to pretend like this is real. How come Womack doesn't have a picture of you on his Facebook? Also, why don't you upload the picture that was sent? Just click the choose file button and click "Spoiler Image" button.

No. 1513950

If you have children, don't leave them alone with him please

No. 1513964

Random late night milk on a Thursday? Oh this is going to be rich, bait or not

No. 1513976

Nadine: he is sending her money regularly up until yesterday. The evidence is in this thread, and in threads dating back 3 months. He has been interacting with her constantly. To the point where he is notoriously one of her best clients. He had her as his phone wallpaper like 2 days ago

No. 1513977

That was grayhair with the wallpaper but yeah, if this isn't a troll, get the fuck away from him lady

No. 1513990

Girl, run away, he will make you use your money to support this freak who writes CSA stories and badly acts them.

No. 1514008

Is there anyway you can verify your relationship to him?

No. 1514013

I think this is likely a troll, I tried running the email she provided through Epieos (email search) and nothing came up

No. 1514030

>please stop photoshopping my fiancés face
>I have been with jay for 3 months now
Lmao how is anyone falling for this. As if Womack isn’t such a sack of sad shit, he wouldn’t be posting about managing to get engaged to a live woman all the time

No. 1514037

oh no, she and shayna dont even make out? I have thought anons exaggerated in the past about shayna being fake bi but this makes me believe more than ever. Jesus, doesnt even kiss her gf? just dreary

No. 1514040

What is the source of this? Where was it originally posted?

No. 1514058

Ellen’s Venmo (?) or some other money sending/receiving app

No. 1514060

I agree, this smile is actually cute on her! I think this expression flexes her jaw muscles, her face looks less round. And I even see an adorable dimple on one cheek

No. 1514079

I don’t see it anon, I just see ugly.

No. 1514096

Eeeh.. it makes her look happy and less retarded which is really nice. It also does that nose of hers a favor. She's still an ugly rat inside and out though.

No. 1514117

I'd love to know how you came to this conclusion kek. You have to type sage to sage. And "sage" doesn't make the field blank, it puts "sage" in the email field.

No. 1514118

>3 months

Also took me a second and I was like who the fuck is Jason. Weak bait.

No. 1514125

I agree it's likely a troll but in a place like Oklahoma that's a very probable timeline kek

No. 1514130

File: 1651157871926.jpeg (807.49 KB, 1170x1632, 08C0259D-8BA6-4E49-A32E-D5D9D3…)

Take your own advice Shay

No. 1514134

Does she tweet about this every day to seriously cope or is it a show for the "haters"? Also fat keks at Nadine. Bring the milk. I hope she's real.

No. 1514140

I came to that conclusion because Im half retarded lol it was late and I took a guess. I made a post where I put "test" in the email field and it actually had the same affect as sage I think? So really Idk sorry for dumb

No. 1514147

This isn't saged you retard kek, you wrote "thisis@test.com" in the email field and bumped the thread.

If you don't write sage it bumps the thread. The point of sage is to not bump the thread.

No. 1514155

I just typed Test literally and that was last night that I did that and deleted it immediately. So Im not sure if that was me. Anyway, I already said sorry for being dumb I never claimed to actually know how the coding and stuff works on the site. I know the basic rules and how to put sage in the email field though.

No. 1514163

Is that not exactly what she did to Vivi..?

No. 1514164

Kek, she thinks she "won" against Vivi, so now this is all she's going to talk about.
"This big meanie sex worker tried to make a call out on me but it failed!"

No. 1514170

she can’t be this retarded right? like this is satire or something right? right?

No. 1514177

Nah that was another poster who deleted their post. You're fine, as long as you put sage in email for non-milk posts and follow basic etiquette you can't go wrong. Keep in mind people can see what you write in the email field.

No. 1514179

I want Ellen to steal Womack. Come on Ellen, it would be so easy.

No. 1514199

Like i said, I would'nt be surpised if it was some weird Orbiter, Ellen or even Womack, trying (poorly) to get us to stop talking about him. It's telling that after we saw Ellen begging for rent money, that suddenly his "girlfriend" came to the thread?
No, someone, probably Ellen is getting scared we might scared Womack away. Or Womack is sensitive to us talking about him. If it actually is his "GF" i'd be shocked.

No. 1514202

I hate when she does this, she see's some shit going on but she's too pussy to state her opinion towards the person (or people), so she makes another identical post about how "Call outs are bad".
And she only feels this way because she's thinking of the time she was called out. Just be brave and stop throwing subs.

No. 1514210

File: 1651164320606.jpeg (Spoiler Image,138.06 KB, 750x1277, 2734AFFB-90B8-4E3F-8975-55923A…)

Oh man this trailer is painful to watch

No. 1514211

She’s referring to the Vivi situation

No. 1514214

File: 1651164499347.jpeg (163.64 KB, 750x611, 520145AA-EF5A-4521-BA70-4AD3CC…)

And yet you were still short on rent until Ellen and Womack stepped in

No. 1514216

truly amaze me how in the pictures she can hide her belly beer or make it look smaller and then theres a video with a different POV and BOOM FUCKING FATSO

No. 1514219

She really is getting chunky.

No. 1514231

File: 1651165207858.jpeg (Spoiler Image,212.32 KB, 750x420, 755E2D19-E3DD-4841-AA3B-2789A9…)

No kidding

No. 1514249

Of course she’s one of those assholes that taps on the glass with their nails.

No. 1514256

I mean Vivi was letting other swers know you're a two faced scammy cunt who doesn't want to make content with girls/anyone shes not personally attracted to. Which is fine, but don't bullshit. And dont use people.

No. 1514263

File: 1651166801657.jpeg (283.63 KB, 750x748, C7E8B7B4-52C9-44EE-8725-DB44C5…)

She’s going to look ridiculous in a baby bonnet with a giant baby bottle. I don’t understand how this is sexy it reminds me of bad comedy sketches of fat people dressed as giant babies

No. 1514266

Yeah i'm sure some boomer rednecks boomer redneck gf knows about and posts on lolcow. The iq in this thread is in the negatives at this point.

No. 1514268

That's because you're not a desperate pedophile, nonnie

No. 1514269

File: 1651167270992.png (305.5 KB, 680x312, Capture.PNG)

All I can think about is this, if someone with more talent can edit this into something funny and Shay like i'd love you forever.

No. 1514300

Fiance. Been together 3 months. What?

No. 1514311

File: 1651170627537.jpeg (154.27 KB, 720x818, B9FE5370-891B-45AF-BA13-3E20FB…)

No. 1514322

File: 1651171939608.jpeg (573.44 KB, 2911x3464, 5B4D4617-E5F4-4159-A0AF-1C49A4…)

No. 1514363

>scamming pedos
Are we supposed to feel bad for them?

No. 1514375

Yeah she has ”adorable” dimples all over her hank ass. It’s called cellulite, nonnie….. she has never had cheek dimples it just looks like a brown line on her face.

No. 1514377

Does she interact with Max R Cameron a literal predator in the community who sexually harassed women under the guise of “kink”

No. 1514386

File: 1651177600375.jpeg (330.96 KB, 1242x1018, 5BF28FF1-8D42-4FBB-A55B-6C03F3…)

Sooo Womack didn’t send enough for rent? Kek

No. 1514387

File: 1651177643122.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.23 MB, 1242x1362, 7FCAD892-BDF9-412A-9A1D-F6C8BF…)


No. 1514392

Haha right like oh the coomer doesn’t get to see the porn he wanted! What a fucking bitch reeeee! It’s men’s faults for paying for that nasty shit in the first place, let them learn some consequence and stop thinking with their dick first

No. 1514394

i cba to look for it but this image reminded me of when her and bratty butterface shat on some girl for having a pfp holding a fish

No. 1514396

What a fucking scammy whore. Womack and Ellen covered the rent I’m sure she just wants more

No. 1514398

i dont get that she always puts (if i owe you content pls DM) like girl, thats your ONLY job and you owe content? ill say she scam people and thats why she cant keep a following.
tinfoil but i bet the “scamming account” that Womack was catfished, it was her tryin to come clean.

No. 1514432

This bitch literally so fat

No. 1514456

I know she's scamming but how is she not stressed out all the time? Not being able to afford rent is fucking terrifying but I guess she just numbs herself with weed and alcohol and relies on womack or her dad to bail her out every time

No. 1514471

File: 1651182966596.jpeg (55.76 KB, 360x360, 939CFF05-96C8-4E70-9B27-BFDBD9…)

vile wig styling, it looks like pink slime

No. 1514518

She's feigning necessity. Her needs have and will always be taken care of by family or whoever she's letting suck her ballsack gunt. It's easier to milk men in a parasitic relationship out of money if you lie about your life and home being at risk because they want to be captain save a hoe. Makes them feel like they did a good deed while objectifying and degrading women.

No. 1514600

This really irks me. Like it is your job to know who bought content from you. Can you imagine if a professional did something like that (“hi if anyone bought from my Etsy shop can you send me a DM so I can get you your product, ty.”)

No. 1514623

Get a wig cap and stop piling your greasyass hair on your head then slapping a wig on.

No. 1514662

Like its that hard for her to have a journal, notes app, or even just screenshots. No one is ever like "oh if you bought a product/service from me please let me know what it was with your own screenshot because I keep no records or receipts of my own!" Incredible.

No. 1514678

Ot but that’s exactly how a lot of Etsy shops do run, or at least certainly the Etsy/indie perfumers. What a cow goldmine that scene is

No. 1514710

The funny thing is that she has shared messages of people enquiring about their customs while throwing a hissy fit about impatient clients.
They do? Yikes!

No. 1514732

is there somewhere you can elaborate on this anon? I want to know more now, kek

No. 1514735

your fiancé sends all his money to some nasty e-whore, have some self respect and leave his ass

No. 1514752

File: 1651203640905.jpeg (198.41 KB, 750x846, 8E49EE79-BEE2-412B-B08F-FFB77D…)

Womack paid Ellen even more rent money today

No. 1514754

no puede ser

No. 1514759

Jaja pinche pendejo

No. 1514769

Dang how do I hit Womack up?

No. 1514980

just make a catfish account with a thispersondoesnotexist GAN and make it fat on faceapp and have it tweet vile CSA shit while begging for shekel

No. 1514983

THIS is why you don't believe Nadine? Kek some people in this thread are really handicapped.

No. 1514991

you'd think he'd at least use an alias, he seems terminally incel

No. 1515027

are you okay

No. 1515037

Vote next thread pic

No. 1515089

File: 1651233647315.gif (170.14 KB, 360x346, 9709BB1A-6248-45F9-86C4-EEDCF2…)

Holy shit what’s going on in here

No. 1515094

Kekkk nonnies what is happening

No. 1515095

What post were you replying to? It’s deleted now. Was it Womack?

No. 1515096

File: 1651233996494.jpg (40.5 KB, 346x254, hacker-decoding-information-fr…)

Okay slow down I gotta decode this

No. 1515098

My personal tinfoil is that this poster IS womack and he fabricated this nadine person because HE is sick of being big shayna's cash cow and he is trying to make a cowardly exit instead of just tell shayna he is done with her…. but then i see he sent her more money so who fucking knows lol

No. 1515099

nothing exciting, was just some nonna who felt called out so she deleted. the post just said she doesn't believe nadine because womack is still openly paying fatnay's bills

No. 1515101

Jason Womack pays women to pretend they are children being raped and abused by their parents.

No. 1515102

File: 1651234274122.jpeg (548.06 KB, 1242x3639, 3F364024-A208-4FAD-9DE5-AB2F47…)

I swear this shit only happens in the Shaytard thread kek

No. 1515104

I think Nadine is real, and Womack was trying to bury this thread after >>1514752 was posted. Total and complete tinfoil though. The keyboard smashing injected with phrases like “bullies” and “ugly girls here” reeked of Oklahoma retard to me but I could be very wrong.

No. 1515108

File: 1651235360213.jpeg (36.52 KB, 915x216, C339BCD6-5C55-464C-B9E9-FC1AAA…)

don’t forget this one. Curious.

No. 1515113

Why? Tammy Wynette was a country music singer, kek

No. 1515114

I just thought it was of interest that “Nadine’s” full name (?) showed up among the keyboard smashes. I know Tammy Wynette is a country singer, which adds credibility to Nadine being fake.

No. 1515115

File: 1651237368722.jpeg (23.85 KB, 553x120, F59FEB20-4FE1-401C-9142-36EC98…)

>don’t look mirror haunted
I’m scared
Tammy is in the email used for the posts too.

No. 1515116

We’re on the same boat then. Sorry, I thought you meant differently when you said it was curious.
Yeah, it’s not a real email >>1514013 ran it through a email search engine (?) and nothing came up

No. 1515125

It’s not that it’s not a legit email, it’s just that it’s not attached to any accounts or anything online. It probably is fake, but it could be a “real e-mail” that was made as a throwaway for those posts. If you take “Nadine” on face value, she doesn’t seem like the type to be smart enough to make sure her email isn’t attached to any accounts before posting here.

No. 1515133

File: 1651240422787.jpeg (310.52 KB, 1170x924, 18664B03-65E5-4C3F-A5DA-861F33…)

The ass boils comments must’ve gotten to her

No. 1515154

File: 1651241745394.jpeg (554.53 KB, 828x1104, 2D4FCEA8-3260-41BD-B696-FD2BDC…)

alright ladies, let’s make predictions!
>will she cancel or just pretend she never said she was going to cam?
>if she cancels, when will she announce it and what will her excuse be?
>if she actually cams, what’s gonna happen?
>will diane nadine tammy wynette womack’s fiancé appear in the chat?

No. 1515158

my bet is for “bad brain day” with emergency room visit as a close second

No. 1515168

my bet is on Shayna, shes the one with the jsksjdnakdnks tumblr shit, its so 2011 and late.
im with the “bad brain day” anon or pretend it never happen.

No. 1515183

I don't think Womack is into the pedo and diaper shit. He started following her when she was in Tulsa and she was doing a lot less pedo pandering. He probably wants to fuck Shayna because he likes chubby trashy women that smoke weed.

I could be wrong and I am in no way defending him, he's a pathetic coomer. Fat Shat pivoting to full on pedo toddler role play instead of basic DDLG could be why he wants out. There's also zero chance of her fucking him now that's she's in Renton, even he must be able to understand that.

No. 1515185

If she doesn’t cam she is just going to not tweet about it and pretend she never said that
If she does cam this is what she’s going to do:
whine about the haters, beg for tips to drink, someone tips for something sexual but she stalls because she Isn’t interested, ass boil dancing, talks about hs and Olive Garden, leaves room, noodle comes out, spins wheel and slaps her snatch .

No. 1515188

> could be why he wants out
He literally buys thing off her Amazon wishlist, he tips her on cam, he pays for her rent.
I don’t think he wants out. Hes too retarded to understand Shayna isn’t interested

No. 1515189

neighbors making too much noise, just send me money for weed and nails anyway

No. 1515191

Shaynas cam shows are so boring. I don’t understand why she doesn’t watch other girls and get some ideas on how to do it. She literally just laughs like a sped and talks about SpongeBob. Why doesn’t she interact more? Change her set up so it’s different each time? Change what is written on the “wheel” she spins for tips, maybe do yoga or something idk anything. She’s about as entertaining as a bag of rocks

No. 1515197

She’ll probably complain about Vivi if she cams

No. 1515204

File: 1651247413644.jpeg (337.69 KB, 750x1000, 901CF51D-1A57-4D96-B63A-6D93CD…)

No. 1515214

she doesnt even do private shows so it will excuse the fact that she will do nothing until someone takes her or pay her but no.
all she have to do is a sexy dance but she cant even do that because her body language is so uncomfortable and retarded.
i wanna add that the fact that Womack is her cow, she got so defensive when another sw did eyes to him. she literally depends on Womack and the other 2 that dont do much.
Such a joke presenting yourself as the spoiled brat baby bimbo and have to beg for rent.

No. 1515218

Not just that, she went on a rant because another whore just liked a reply from Womack on one of her posts. That was iit kek

No. 1515224

File: 1651249126407.png (1.6 MB, 750x1334, DC4A0B84-A8BE-43F8-81B4-D74C15…)

On no she got an even smaller white tennis skirt.. this looks SO BAD and what the FUCK is this manic ass video https://streamable.com/ojdi55

No. 1515228

She won't change anything because she thinks she is the ultimate entertainment and that her drunk flapping and screeching "SO WHOS GONNA TIP ME COME ON GUYS WHAT THE FUCK" is deserving of endless money. Her inflated ego and inability to see her body accurately makes her feel like the hottest shit on planet earth. She's so deluded and high off Womack huffing her gunt that she forgot she's a bottom of the barrel failwhore who's content barely qualifies as original. If the same three men constantly tell you that you're perfect and they repeatedly send you over $10, you're going to believe you're Venus incarnate. That is, if you're a drunk narc bitch like Shart.

No. 1515229

Or she pivoted hard into ddlg because that’s what he’s into and he is her biggest paying coomer.

No. 1515231

she’s really ballooning up over these past few weeks. good grief girl

No. 1515237

oh no mom is back on the meth

No. 1515241

Bullshit, shat always had diaper and pedo shit. Her first threads were about her pedopandering. Womack is into the pedo and diaper shit

No. 1515246

I noticed that Womack doesn’t even follow her pedo diaper account and he never comments on her diaper pictures, only the “normal” ones. I’m not whiteknighting the guy I think he’s a creep but I don’t think he’s into the ddlg/abdl stuff, he’s genuinely attracted to Shayna.

No. 1515248

She will get on this time but will get huffy and abruptly leave. Someone will cowtip and she'll abort mission very early. Not without complaining that no one is talking/tipping.
The Aggyposting has got to stop, Shay holy shit.

No. 1515249

If she does get on, we’re gonna get a massive Vivi rant

No. 1515255

Kek the camera shaking makes it look like she’s causing an earthquake when she jumps.

No. 1515268

ot but what screen recorders do you guys use? for live stream documentation purposes

No. 1515278

The gut aint cute. She needs to stick with high waisted if she insists on crop tops. That skirt makes her look huge.

No. 1515280

File: 1651253061054.jpeg (737.4 KB, 1107x1418, 2DB44F00-3B29-44F9-BED3-439326…)

She looks horrible. The assne is going to be on full display in the back. Her dancing is not “wank” material. Like she always dances like a retard. I’d suggest she google how to twerk but she has no ass kek. Hell just google how to dance seductively. Anything is better than the chicken dance or the snoopy character jumping dance.

No. 1515281

File: 1651253167271.gif (1.4 MB, 436x472, F88D2110-0D7F-4530-B122-519FDB…)

she literally dances like this:

No. 1515285

File: 1651253487126.jpeg (329.06 KB, 750x986, 8EBDA101-2B93-410D-81BF-CDA46F…)

Kek the asl catfish with the strange IG stories made a new account

No. 1515286

File: 1651253515473.jpeg (331.47 KB, 1821x1080, 3959E1DA-310E-41FC-83C1-5EEBC1…)

No. 1515289

This is exactly how Shaynus sounds. 10/10 accurate

No. 1515290

>hi everyone !
she really tweets like she has a large audience. no one gives a fuck about you Shayna!!!! how hard is it to understand?

No. 1515293

I use Mobizen, but don't use it for Snapchat before testing it. The screenshot options tell the other people for sure. The recording option used to not notify but I think it does (for Snapchat) now. I like it for recording her lives though.

No. 1515302

File: 1651254570636.webm (3.24 MB, 720x1280, Ilari, ilari, ilarié--Oh, oh, …)

No. 1515305

webm anon my mobile user ass appreciates you converting my streamabels ♥

No. 1515308

This has to be a farmer.

No. 1515317

File: 1651256086299.png (4.73 MB, 3465x3465, 32B798E3-196F-4604-81B5-D6FDBB…)

I agree he seems to be attracted to women with big butts and clear skin. Which has got to hurt Shayna’s feelings kek. Even though she has no interest in Womack it must be a blow to her self esteem to see him calling actual beautiful women “gorgeous” in their Twitter replies. I think he’s just attracted to Shayna because she looks similar to him. And if I saw Womack and Shayna together I wouldn’t do a double take because she’s literally just as ugly and crusty as him. She doesn’t even look that much younger than him, she thinks she’s this youthful bimbo teenage looking woman but she’s aging like milk. Womack just simps for ugly whores because he thinks they aren’t out of his league. He is attracted to Gia Paige and Mia Malkova. Not Big Shaynus in bulky white diapers that cause her to sweat thus creating more assne

No. 1515320

No worries, streamanona!
> Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much more

No. 1515329

I’m confused, in the screenshot you provided to support your theory he’s calling her gorgeous? He is just one of those losers who calls everyone gorgeous, beautiful, baby and so on. If he has latched on to Sharna exclusively (no proof of this though) is probably because he thinks he has a shot. Not only was she local but she is average and was always whining about her love life. I bet he thought him trying to save her would improve his chances with her.

No. 1515334

I’m saying he calls actually pornstars gorgeous not just Shayna. She’s not on their league. She’s frumpy and shows her asshole so he thinks he found a Oklahoma gf. So he’s latched onto her because he thinks he has a chance still. He simps more for an actual pornstar who takes care of her body: Mia Malkova. Shayna probably butters him up in the dms calling him daddy which is why he likes her.

No. 1515342

File: 1651257190463.jpeg (1.12 MB, 1242x1581, 95B2E074-D408-464C-83A4-EFA7F6…)

One of shayna’s top customers isn’t into diapers. Most men aren’t into diapers. Coomers mostly enjoy mainstream stuff

No. 1515343

File: 1651257354961.jpeg (125.68 KB, 750x822, 1A5AB08F-0B6F-4F3F-B697-1C3A41…)

The way she fauns over basic human interaction is so sad. Like what else would he have done

No. 1515344

That makes sense! Sorry for misunderstanding. You’re right and I agree with you, I’m sure she’s in his DMs giving him hope.

No. 1515346

He doesn’t even follow her diaper account

No. 1515353

File: 1651258218503.jpg (32.47 KB, 445x705, Screenshot 2022-04-29 114913.j…)

No. 1515356

She does not have the body for this outfit (anymore). Sad, isn't it, she wants to be a teenager again, a cheerleader, so badly, one who is popular and loved by all, but in reality she's a cheeseburger priced pussy bitch with no friends, no meaningful relationships, who ruined her future, but is too stupid to realize it. Then again, I remember how she treated Vivi, who wanted to be her friend, and I don't feel sorry for Shayna at all. Not saying Vivi was perfect or anything; I don't think Shayna ever realized treating people badly won't make you popular, it simply won't make people gravitate towards you. Producing niche content that you aren't actually into will not make you money by the power of willing it to happen, being more likeable will .

No. 1515374

The bouncer?? At a dispensary?? What the fuck is she talking about

No. 1515375

Makes sense a disgusting cunt with no personality would chase the popular teen queen dragon. She wants to get back at everyone who rightfully laughed in her face and called her spades. She doesn't realize those people are long gone, working or starting families. She's a literal who that might come up when those people reminisce but all they'd express is vitriol. Part of it probably has to do with here as well. She thinks that if she keeps lying to herself and buying size s clothes for prostitots she'll capture that dragon and make her haters seethe. It is sad in a way. She's entombed in her past and failures clinging to the flash in the pan that was her peak.

No. 1515376

They're called security but her drunk ass thinks everyone is a bouncer like she's in a bar

No. 1515389

File: 1651260281910.jpeg (184.6 KB, 750x671, 0D251FEF-BD9C-4DB6-8FA2-ADC9B6…)

She’s gonna polish the bottle off so fast and have to doordash more like last time

No. 1515395

File: 1651260568627.gif (Spoiler Image,334.95 KB, 234x288, d4mw17z-effeb1b8-e626-4308-b1f…)

No. 1515404

File: 1651261508216.jpeg (449.74 KB, 1242x1273, F32C5B95-73AB-4A77-BF7E-A49C03…)

No one gives a shit about your hot takes, big Shaynus

No. 1515406

File: 1651261689395.jpeg (111.76 KB, 750x616, 99F673E9-6DFB-4D0A-A986-EA0EA9…)

She deleted this, reminder she has 2 Mac books and a $1500 PC

No. 1515411

File: 1651261945360.png (603.13 KB, 626x409, shaylikeoutfit.PNG)

>>She does not have the body for this outfit (anymore). Sad, isn't it, she wants to be a teenager again, a cheerleader, so badly, one who is popular and loved by all

You made me realize what Shayna's style is outdated crusty dusty early 2000's Disney character/"mean cheerleader" vibe.
The head band, the ugly ass white skirts, even her hair seems to look outdated. I have zero reasons why she thinks having her legs out 24/7 but ALWAYS wearing a long sleeved shirt/sweater/hoodie is a look. Like she looks so retarded.
I feel like this is what Shayna thinks she looks like in these outfits. I don't really find what this model has on as "Cute" but Shayna just looks frumpy. It never gives young popular school girl/cheerleader. She never does her hair or make up in cute styles.
I have no idea why she loves these kind of skirts either. Back when she was thin she had nice legs, now she doesn't. At one point she's going to have to start wearing a bra and realize that her breasts look way better that way, it'd also give her that male attention she craves. It's not like she has a big ass or nice legs, there's no reason to always have them out. Men would look at her more if she wore a lowcut top and a push up bra.
I just wish that if she was going for this style, she'd actually look at pictures and copy whatever the fuck the girl is wearing in them. She looks frumpy and sloppy in this outfit. I always found it odd that as Vulgar as Shayna is, she never dresses "Sexy".

No. 1515420

>entombed in her past and failures
Just wanted to say some nonnies in Shayna’s thread have a great way with words, thanks for making something good out of such a piece of shit.

No. 1515438

Shay used to charge random girls on tumblr in her asks for "sexwork advice." Like, literally hundreds of dollars.

No. 1515458

She never fucking goes through with anything she promises. She always cancels her camshows…. so why tf would her coomers buy her a laptop? Her iPad is probably somewhere on the floor collecting dust. She said she needed it for “admin work”, whatever the fuck that means. She also promised those wolf photos from the photographer and still never posted all of them. Her job is so easy yet she never does it. Can she cam on her iPad?

No. 1515461

Did she dirty delete this? Kek

Maybe that's her subtle "not camming tonight anymore"

No. 1515469

This, if an convientually attractive sex worker started paying Womack attention and made him feel like he has a chance, even if it's 1% of a chance to fuck them, Womack would quickly drop Shayna. Shayna is realistic for Womack, which is sad, because Womack doesn't seem to have a big ego like the other equally ugly scrotes she's had around. He knows Shayna is the best he could do as far as getting a young girl's attention irl. Thats why I feel that troll came into this thread.(I really think it's Ellen). Sex workers ARE in this thread, eventually one of them is gonna try to steal Womack for pocket money.I doubt Womack spends money on the actually pretty women he knows he doesn't have a chance with. Though he does on the Shayna-like ones. Shayna probably talks on the phone with him and everything.

No. 1515474

I really hope one of the sex workers in this thread pays Womack some attention and takes him away from Shayna.

No. 1515476

Scrotes gonna scrote who cares where his money goes to

No. 1515478

homeless shayna saga would be fun

No. 1515479

If it was Ellen she would make her and Womack’s payments private or delete them, but she hasn’t yet

No. 1515482

As much as Sex workers come here to shit on the competition, it'd be smart to milk Womack and it'd be funny. I honestly feel like you don't even have to do all Shayna does. Probably could go a year or two, having womack help with the bill just by being actually pretty, sending him pictures in bikini's and just talking to him. He seems like a idiot, who'd easily be used by a pretty girl. Shay's lucky nobody has done it yet.

No. 1515487

Shayna and another hoe fighting over Womack lmfao. Here's hoping we reach that timeline!

No. 1515490

Shoot I want him to pay my rent and I’m not a sex worker. Moids are literally so dumb

No. 1515500

Okay so I waited a week to post this because I wanted to be sure, but that washcloth hasn't moved in…nope, not just 3 days, >>1512601, not 5 days, >>>/snow/1510469, but ONE WEEK >>>/snow/1508818
I noticed for the past 2 months but I wasn't sure. We all know she doesn't shower but this kind of confirms it. We know she reads here so who wants to bet the washcloth will be gone after this post?
>>>/snow/1508401 / April 21
>>>/snow/1486323 / March 29
>>>/snow/1483894 / March 27
Then she showered sometime between March 12th and March 27th
>>>/snow/1465227 / March 12
>>>/snow/1456875 / March 3

No. 1515507

Fucking kek nonnie I love you for this.

No. 1515509

omggg anon ily

No. 1515511

You can get a dumb Scrote to pay your rent without showing your asshole just be a woman and ask for money online

No. 1515512

I feel like Shayna doesn't use soap or a rag when she washes regularly. The way she makes a big deal about using bath bombs and there's never ONE FUCKING SUD in the tub and she's sipping wine and shit, makes me feel like she just uses water and her hand to wash.
She never talks about how she smells, perfume or any of that shit. I feel like Shayna always smells like mildew, musk and weed. She doesn't use lotion or anything it seems like.

No. 1515515

File: 1651268413090.jpeg (1.17 MB, 1242x1512, 019D7E27-F47C-474E-8168-A8D41C…)

She just buys products for decor

No. 1515523

I live in a weed legal state too and have never seen security just hanging out at location lmao

No. 1515524

She freaked out, blocked some whore and went on rant because she liked one of his replies to her a couple threads ago >>>/snow/1462176

No. 1515526

Tinfoil but I think the "Shaynerd" anon last thread was Ellen

No. 1515527

Kek remember she got into a Twitter fight when some woman replied to Grayhair’s morning tweet that he tags pixie, and Shayna with a dumb boomer meme.

No. 1515529

File: 1651269467707.jpeg (415.23 KB, 1504x2517, 9B02874B-D707-4C3A-B902-36D6AD…)

Kek she looks so retarded larping as a young 18 year old cheerleader character in her porn.

No. 1515532

Even if she does use a washcloth, using a dirty one will just spread around her MRSA. Her poor hygiene and laundering habits are why she has constant active infections. Disgusting

No. 1515547

No womder she's acting like a baby again, Shayna is a young woman obessed with youth because she thinks thats what "older men" are obessed with. To the point where she's literally aging herself down to a fucking toddler to appeal to them. Little does she know they are more into her props then her, she doesn't look young and fresh anymore.
Whoever groomed her really did a number on her brain.

No. 1515548

the ugly bootleg amazon hello kitty rug

No. 1515556

Yikes what in the school lunch lady

No. 1515569

She's becoming unrecognizable. Really let herself go this time.

No. 1515572

fuck you, Enid and Janet look way less rough

No. 1515573

the fact that its still white is enough proof that she doesnt shower

No. 1515574

I lived in Seattle for a short amount of time and two of the busiest dispos had Whomp-like private security in addition to employees checking ID at the door. It's not unheard of. They might have been robbed recently or something and felt it was a good idea.

No. 1515578

She looks like fucking Jerri Blank

No. 1515612

File: 1651273582649.jpeg (158.96 KB, 722x626, FAF588E1-53CB-4286-812C-E2A50C…)

This is so rich coming from her after this past week of begging for money to make rent

No. 1515618

why is this fuxcjing scary

No. 1515620

Coming from the bitch who at her first Oklahoma apartment the lights were shut off and she was begging for money (I’d have to look through the threads for this moment)

No. 1515622

She truly doesn't understand what the word "empower" means does she?

No. 1515626

Notice, Shayna always keeps a scrote around (Fupaul and The Dad) but whenever she needs money for rent, she has to run to her actual dad or Womack, shit even Ellen helps her out. She expects people online and her parents she hates to take care of her, but not the men she lets grope her every now and again, or in fupaul's case spent years of her life on. If that aint a sign these men don't give a fuck, I don't know what is.
So cheap.

No. 1515637

File: 1651275007534.png (1.61 KB, 222x68, Capture.PNG)

drum roll please

No. 1515638

when the down syndrome student wants to be a cheerleader and the cheerleaders are nice enough to “include” her

No. 1515643

Please I need to watch this porcine creature my apologies to pigs, the comparison is offensive but she really is porcine in action.

No. 1515645

It's way too early. Shat would never appear early to her "schedule". She's usually an hour or 2 late if she shows up at all.

No. 1515653

Where is the bingo sheet?

No. 1515654

I clicked the "Online"status thinking it'd take me to like a waiting room and I was sent to a page that showed all the online cam girls. Going from Shayna looking like a saggy retard with her whole pussy/ass out with a pacifer in her mouth, to a bunch of pictures of women that look professional and actually look like they are selling sex.
It's jarring. Shayna gets professional pictures taken, just to pose like a idiot or in wolf ears, these women actually have nice pictures (not praising them just saying). I'd think i'd stumbled on some illegal retard porn if I saw Shayna without context.

No. 1515659

are we believing her when she said her pro shoot were actually taken by a professional? they are fucking taken with a phone, im sure ellen took them. same with those pictures with the grey background, we never saw a well taken picture, just a bunch of cellphone pics filtered by all the tools in airbrush. the arrnt even well framed.

No. 1515660

At the very least her hair is curly and a darker color which flatters her more. She looks awful with straight blonde hair.

No. 1515662

File: 1651276785940.png (1.47 MB, 1400x1748, 16EE3007-F70D-4B34-8CE1-8EE573…)

No. 1515665

I've never been this excited in my life.

No. 1515670

File: 1651277231576.jpeg (861.92 KB, 1170x1682, 3ED25CB6-D69A-4DC9-9E52-C5063E…)

No. 1515676

We need to add the vivi sperg to this, I can't wait to see her bitchy attitude.

No. 1515701

Sorry to PC sperg but she's literally blocking the intake fans at the front of her PC with her tubby little mini fridge of sadness. Gonna overheat that whole thing just because she can't be more than 1 foot away from booze/sugar at all times.

No. 1515723

File: 1651283050077.png (354.96 KB, 1080x1571, Screenshot_20220429-184300.png)

How much did Shayna pay this guy kek she wishes she looked like this

No. 1515727

This is so ugly, and what the fuck is with that hand

No. 1515728

File: 1651283639183.png (29.08 KB, 593x344, dollmattel.png)

hasn't posted her classic 'sry guys i have to smoke more weed so i'll be late' tweet yet

No. 1515729

I tried photoshopping this to look more like shayna but I simply could not. The snaggle tooth, the fupa, the cankles, the cellulite, the hair grease, the bad makeup, the hot dog nails…. There is too much to correct with this one. I will leave it to a more experienced anon.

No. 1515730

This is why I’ll never leave

No. 1515737

The Upper Crystal Lake pictures were taken professionally, that’s how we got the slightly less edited versions of the pictures she posted

No. 1515742

she's finally on and uhh jiggling around in her chair lmao

No. 1515744

the fucking hand warmers…. why??

No. 1515747

she just jumpscared us with her pussy

No. 1515748

Thats the best way to say it.

No. 1515752

Womack tipped 423 tokens time for the butt plug

No. 1515755

how much money is 423 tokens worth?

No. 1515756


No. 1515761

is that skirt mean to be that small, or did she buy it in extra small and squeeze into it? It looks gross and cheap. I know the joke is she buys toddler clothes, but literally looks like a second hand chubby toddler.skirt. That tight shit looks painfully small. She makes her hips look smaller and ass look more square unpopular opinion but Shayna's face looks better in motion to me

No. 1515762

File: 1651285624507.jpg (1.49 MB, 2224x822, Jason R Womack.jpg)

What do we like to screenshot?
He’s using his full name, and some nonas thought he’d wanted off the Shayna train. I bet he feels powerful with his crown icon

No. 1515763

that much for shoving a buttplug in? Damn, that's bleak.

No. 1515764

watching her do the troon smirk in real time is so crazy, like her face goes from a 4 to a 3 just like that

No. 1515765

she did all the quirky faces too. it was unnerving tbh

No. 1515766

File: 1651285771004.png (Spoiler Image,484.12 KB, 805x456, nsfw.png)

the ease with which she was able to fit this thing inside of her disturbs me greatly

No. 1515767

You nonnies taking one for the team and watching her are the real MVPs.

No. 1515768

Ah okay thanks. Id honestly never heard of it myself. But still Shay is retarded for calling them bouncers and that's assuming that her story even actually happened and its likely that it didn't. She ALWAYS seems to have some story about how guys were fawning over her every time she leaves the house and it's just not believable even though scrotes are weird and have low standards. Shes still fuckin ugly and I bet she acts awkward but more reserved in public than she pretends online.

No. 1515770

File: 1651286148304.png (6.95 KB, 374x36, ohmygodjason.png)

every time womack tips she autistically screams !OMGJASON!and jumps up and down in the air like a toddler, then goes back to dancing. fucking bleak.

No. 1515772

File: 1651286211262.jpeg (220.2 KB, 1169x1162, EC92777E-E5BC-4DB0-A520-CAA6FB…)

that skirt is awful. her coochie is hanging out of it.

No. 1515773

Dont worry her vents and fans are probably full of pet hair, smoke funk, and other filth that she'll never air can and clean from them anyway.

No. 1515774

File: 1651286290153.webm (Spoiler Image,3.47 MB, 971x548, THE Yaniv smirk.webm)

Indeed, here’s the smirk in real time (1/2)

No. 1515775

File: 1651286294531.png (Spoiler Image,481.01 KB, 811x437, uh.png)

sorry for doublepost, but. "if someone could screenshot this and upload it to twitter for me that would be great. i would totally retweet it" ok cool come here and grab it shayna

No. 1515778

File: 1651286387149.webm (Spoiler Image,4.23 MB, 974x544, Twitter Pictures.webm)

Here’s how she took her Twitter pictures, I thought it’d be fun to compare to the ones she posted, if she does (2/2)

No. 1515782

her hair is so greasy lmao

No. 1515785

Damn Jason is really blowing his load tonight

No. 1515787

Am I the only one side eyeing all the Jason R Womack dick sucking she's doing? Either they set this up or he's trying to prove to her "Nadine" isn't real or some shit.

No. 1515788


…what the fuck is this???

No. 1515790

i still dont understand how the fuck he affords to spend this much money on her. like he is either the biggest glassblowing coomer in the state of oklahoma or he just gets paid well by whatever construction company he works for

No. 1515791

anyone know how much this sorry piece of shit spent?

No. 1515792

No. 1515794

File: 1651287091817.jpeg (Spoiler Image,264.54 KB, 659x573, 6AC5D1AD-909B-434F-9926-A59353…)

She looks horrible I hate that tank top so much idk why but I want to throw it into fire

No. 1515795

she literally just dusted her vibrator off with her fingers before using it. didnt even use a rag or something. i know we all knew this about her but seeing it in real time is a completely different experience

No. 1515798

File: 1651287180837.jpeg (590.79 KB, 1086x922, C3F918EE-ABB1-4987-A39A-918AE3…)

I think he just spends all his money on whores

No. 1515799


Holy shit, is this a recent pic? I really do feel bad for her after seeing this, because holy shit she is aging TERRIBLY and she just refuses to see it and keeps believing she's some pretty teenage looking "Barbie." And I don't buy into the scrote logic that women aging badly is some sort of horrible sin, or that women owe beauty to the world. Shayna is an ugly woman and that's ok, we shouldn't expect beauty out of every woman. But most women who aren't beautiful acknowledge this and go on to do things that don't require the use of their appearance to make ends meet. Shayna has every opportunity to go to school, to get a degree on her parent's dime and make something with herself. I also don't buy into the idea that she is too stupid to do well in school, I think anyone can succeed academically if they put in the effort but she just won't do that. That's why Shayna is such a compelling cow, just the sheer tragedy of it all.

No. 1515800

she's so fucking boring lol she has no personality whatsoever just blank-faced dancing in her room drunk naked and alone

No. 1515801

Oh I was thinking it was a lot of money by how she was acting and >>1515790 was saying. Anyway, I hate the fucking finger dance she does. She reminds me of a grandma dancing.

No. 1515802

File: 1651287260862.webm (281.24 KB, 768x432, Twitter.webm)

I’m surprised she went ahead and posted this GIF instead

No. 1515805

She keeps turning to the side, she's really insecure about her breasts. She's not drunk enough not to care yet.

No. 1515806

Why would she willingly post this?

No. 1515808

Last time I watched a live she wasn’t doing this nasally high pitched voice. I wonder how she decides which voice to use

No. 1515809

I’m so bored oh my god

No. 1515810

File: 1651287467324.png (Spoiler Image,2.77 MB, 1334x750, 3B29ABE2-3DC3-4E18-BB85-DBB438…)

No. 1515812

kek nonnie
she looks like shes gonna cut her nipples off with her own claws

No. 1515816

File: 1651287730953.jpeg (Spoiler Image,275.21 KB, 785x601, 87252FBC-AFE9-4789-BFF7-00CC95…)

What’s up with her listening to shitty EDM remixes of songs? She’s listening to goosebumps remix by travis scott

No. 1515817

File: 1651287881483.jpeg (488.23 KB, 1242x670, 47BED9BD-419A-4174-A107-64DA66…)

Shaynus has “freckles” today kek

No. 1515818

Her lips are so crusty.Yeah you can truly see that she has an implant, Sometimes when she goes to get up it sort of shifts. Or am I tripping?

No. 1515819

File: 1651288100382.jpeg (Spoiler Image,82.04 KB, 1170x628, F13C4086-FCE9-4D34-9E5C-493EEF…)

Holy big chungus

No. 1515820

MummaMattel1 is definitely Ellen in the chat.

No. 1515821

Horrific. Its bad when the shitty fake freckles are the least of her worries. Those lips are fucking nasty. I dont know how anyone who isnt a mentally retarded scrote could live with crusty lips like that. And I guess she didnt do any liner to blend the tacky falsies?

No. 1515822


Probably an unpopular opinion, but I don't think the fake freckles look so bad. She at least applied them well. But it's Shayna, so of course she is wearing them not as a cute fashion statement but as a way to evoke a more "youthful" appearance for her pedo fan base.

No. 1515823

Her body shape is so damn weird and tragic. Its very manly

No. 1515824

God why is she chicken dancing in my face? She's so insecure about showing her front for too long. Her ass isn't any better. It's two inches of crack and 50% boil/boil scars.

No. 1515826

i am convinced it's because her body type just wasnt meant to be 'chubby' because she was always such an incredibly skinny person

No. 1515827

File: 1651288395283.jpeg (367.78 KB, 1030x583, 62336DB3-DA28-452D-8574-FA23B3…)

Face wrinkles jfc

No. 1515828

File: 1651288444881.jpeg (309.04 KB, 1170x1548, 9AFBC079-B41B-466E-99B0-C38C91…)

No. 1515829

File: 1651288495025.jpeg (Spoiler Image,278.92 KB, 695x628, A258339D-0A63-4997-8E8B-95ACB2…)

Shay and her two inch buttcrack

No. 1515830

my god.. horrible posture, no grace, overweight hank hill man body and a troon smirk. no wonder she's drunk and high 24/7 to cope and delude herself

No. 1515831

File: 1651288569759.jpeg (Spoiler Image,195.81 KB, 581x598, AD0CF3D6-7A75-43E7-8902-9FFDFA…)

No. 1515832

the butt naked autistic dancing makes me so uncomfortable

No. 1515834

Shayna's Boils (not talking about on her ass) but Boil 1. Womack and Boil 2. Ellen disgust me on another level. Sometimes it feels like Ellen is pimping Shayna out but she's not getting any money from it. It's the way she talks that is so gross.

No. 1515835

I hate that I instantly recall videos of hers based on the song playing. Like when she air jacked off the air to “you got to pump it up”, and when she did a weird mouth gape and looks around surprised at “I always feel like.. somebodies watching me”

No. 1515836

File: 1651288704942.jpeg (Spoiler Image,41.47 KB, 512x352, 345F27D1-0D30-4AEB-9C2F-D81DC1…)

She must be such a horrible neighbor jfc her window is open and she has no curtains idk if anyone can see her through the window

No. 1515837

File: 1651288830063.jpeg (Spoiler Image,238.43 KB, 608x534, 7D8EDC94-5FDB-4CF7-83C0-7318A5…)

She’s so boring when she sits down

No. 1515838

“That’s the great thing about sex work, it helps people…see the beauty in themselves.”

No. 1515839

File: 1651289024176.jpeg (Spoiler Image,725.76 KB, 1231x1066, FAEC286C-F247-494D-897D-271215…)

No. 1515840

File: 1651289059029.png (263.78 KB, 419x527, k.PNG)

Is this the skirt??? If so what fucking size did she get it in?

No. 1515841

profoundly retarded..someone needs to put this over a collage of her talking about how much she hates herself

No. 1515842

Yes and probably a medium kek

No. 1515844

File: 1651289246762.jpeg (51.71 KB, 556x766, 40EC8EBD-F1E7-43EA-88D3-F5246C…)

It’s giving Alvin and the Chipmunks

No. 1515845

The story she told about her uber driber asking if her boyfriend likes her nails and she said "I don't need a boyfriend, I carry weapons with me at all times.
Beyond cringe but I doubt that actually happened

No. 1515846

It looks so fucking small on Shat

No. 1515847

File: 1651289273915.png (Spoiler Image,4.12 MB, 2160x2160, MRSA Mattel.png)

POV: MRSA Mattel assaults your eyes with her angry STDs

No. 1515848

File: 1651289391079.jpg (151.87 KB, 1200x900, collage.jpg)

I hope i'm wrong, because how?

No. 1515849


Vivi confirming all of the tinfoil that at one point would get you banned is the best part for me. I bet Shay was one of those anons sperging about how her obvious medical condition was just razor bumps and that plenty of women have a weird zombie tit like her.

No. 1515850

Shes a perfectionist, but doesn't clean her dildos, doesn't gloss her crusty lips, gets on camera with huge boils covering her ass, and treats her gentials horribly.
I seriously feel like she has no feeling in her clit. From the lawn mower toy and slapping it.

No. 1515851

the implant is in full force

No. 1515853

File: 1651289564615.jpeg (Spoiler Image,972.93 KB, 1221x1851, E2F3B697-3835-4171-8E1A-C53CB0…)

I think it’s just bunched up and she put it over her gut and it’s wrinkled. Maybe it’s a size small because it looks so tiny kek

No. 1515855

File: 1651289627084.jpeg (399.81 KB, 877x682, 5245410E-F5A0-47F6-9A39-52D739…)

No. 1515858

File: 1651289700450.jpeg (223.66 KB, 750x411, 84E5CCA5-83AF-4B19-B418-741E41…)

Licking her toes for pennies

No. 1515859

File: 1651289720117.jpeg (299.58 KB, 687x524, A59CB3D6-2E2D-4B21-AED3-19F48F…)

She licking her nasty ass feet I know she doesn’t wash them during her once a month shower

No. 1515861

When she was like “you have to pay me more for me to suck on them daddy”… and then waited and waited while licking her feet and he stopped tipping. So awkward ahh

No. 1515862

File: 1651289899834.png (Spoiler Image,406.8 KB, 800x449, boring.png)

she is literally so boring. it's clear she'd rather be some uwu girl gamer twitch streamer than a camgirl in the way that she refuses to do anything even remotely close to what a camgirl does and gets paid for. its embarrassing

No. 1515864

File: 1651289991727.png (Spoiler Image,776.5 KB, 1133x675, Screen Shot 2022-04-29 at 10.3…)


No. 1515867

File: 1651290043845.jpeg (Spoiler Image,758.94 KB, 1170x1606, B096128E-9AD2-4B17-AE27-5DB848…)

No. 1515869

she'd probably make the same amount dancing on twitch with clothes on. Womack would follow her as well.
you are right, it looks so disgusting. Why not just buy mini skirts and underboob shirts instead of making cheap clothes into them.

No. 1515870

In that period, he paid her like $6.50 in tokens.
Licking your toes $6 jesus

No. 1515872

Man looking at her body makes me feel bad. She's not even that chubby, just badly shaped. She probably wasn't meant to be this big, she always had a wide back and small butt, but if she keeps gaining she's going to look like eggman

No. 1515873

Is it worth it Shayna? Is it really worth it? Jesus, her entire life is a cautionary tale. Lugubrious.

No. 1515875

shes bold as fuck to have those not only so close to those acrylics she has on, but those hand warmers and the fuzzy seat shes sitting on… no common sense whatsoever

No. 1515878

File: 1651290608374.jpeg (Spoiler Image,48.1 KB, 554x609, FA113C65-6F30-487C-9C06-8BEE1A…)

i hope she burns down her room

No. 1515879

File: 1651290610758.png (Spoiler Image,467.94 KB, 803x451, autism.png)


No. 1515880

File: 1651290661583.jpg (Spoiler Image,170.25 KB, 1080x1053, Screenshot_20220430-044828__01…)

Kek. Tubby scalding herself with wax for pennies.

No. 1515881

The dumb as moaning is so funny, Marking up her already unpleasant body for coomers and pretending to enjoy it. I hope some of that shit leaves a bunch of ugly scars she can't get rid of.

No. 1515882

File: 1651290770310.webm (Spoiler Image,16.7 MB, 966x542, The Jason R Womack Sponsored S…)

> jasonrwomack has tipped DollyMattel 887 tokens.
> jasonrwomack: I’m gonna have to go back to work here shortly
> jasonrwomack: Trying to make it exciting for everyone.
> jasonrwomack: Working the next 48 hours straight on location
> jasonrwomack: Everyone have a great night. Catch y’all next time. Love you Dolly
This video says it all, this is why he’s obsessed with her. She doesn’t talk to other people in her chat like this and I bet this retard thinks he has a chance.

No. 1515883

Kek, i'm never going to get tired of seeing her face morph into those ugly ass smiles/smirks.She makes herself look like a cartoon evil witch doing them.

No. 1515884

File: 1651290970950.webm (1.83 MB, 975x548, “Anxious”.webm)

When asked why she was anxious.

No. 1515885

How do I get these to play? They don’t work for me

No. 1515886

they want you to download them so they can install spyware on your device

No. 1515888

Just click it.
womack you don't know what you are talking about

No. 1515891

File: 1651291805814.jpeg (81.76 KB, 1085x591, A12B5E31-E6D9-44D6-8EB5-DA55A6…)

Samsies, when I click it, it just does this

No. 1515893

hope someone is recording this retarded dance number she just did, kek.

No. 1515895

File: 1651292007685.jpg (Spoiler Image,169.79 KB, 1080x1187, Screenshot_20220429-230855_Chr…)

Pretty positive Shay's regular Tom is either posting in the threads or pulling from here, because the pic below is the same one from >>1515775 it has the white line from cropping on the side and everything

(Forgot to spoiler)

No. 1515897

File: 1651292050386.jpg (Spoiler Image,141.61 KB, 1080x1844, Screenshot_20220429-230858_Chr…)

Here it is full screen - definitely the same pic from >>1515775

No. 1515898

Kek, nice catch

Hi Tom

No. 1515900

they probably use this thread to get free wank material.
He probably made this post as well. Why do her coomers seem to come here suddenly?

No. 1515901

Already was posted here >>1515867

No. 1515902

Does the same for me

No. 1515903

Use a different browser

No. 1515906

The Vivi sperging is coming…

No. 1515907

Works fine on Chrome

No. 1515909

File: 1651292974561.webm (8.84 MB, 976x544, Failed E-girl.webm)

It’s obvious what she likes about her “career” is the PG performing aspect (dancing, chatting and making her stupid little jokes), I’m willing to bet she sees herself as an e-girl/influencer/personality that does porn on the side.

No. 1515910

That's an ipad girl but I agree with you on principle.

No. 1515911

File: 1651293010387.jpeg (84.43 KB, 1170x316, 11EC9D96-8E8E-4FF0-9AD0-4A9DD9…)

There’s a high school teacher in her chat. Disgusting.

No. 1515912

No one has to download anything, retard.
If your on an OS device, you need to download VLC to play the files or switch browsers. If you don’t want to download anything, you’ll need to use a computer.

No. 1515913

shes saying shes going to Ireland in a few weeks. but she was struggling with rent days ago. maybe parents will fund it cause she said shes seeing her mom soon for the first time in a long time.

No. 1515915

File: 1651293775045.jpeg (Spoiler Image,154.28 KB, 1170x769, B43B5FE0-E1A2-4178-B892-0C8DC9…)

She finished off her bottle of champagne and is talking about how she wants to go on a Disney vacation.

No. 1515918

The way she's able to lick her lips and drink wine yet her lips are still crunchy is amazing.
Like it's so distracting, I don't even dislike hearing her talk, but her small tiny cracked lips confuse and disgust me.

No. 1515919

She's probably only visiting her mom because of the trip, I feel like she only goes around her mother when she directly benefits from it now.
She didn't talk any shit about her or anything.

No. 1515924

She really wants someone to tip her 100 tokens to drink some more

No. 1515925

She’s gonna get another drink. Good Lord.

No. 1515929

At one point I definitely saw white stuff on her skin and she like, pushed it into her vagina and rubbed it in? It looked like toilet paper. Didn't get a screengrab but fucking disgusting

No. 1515930

Now she wants to change her profile picture

No. 1515931

trying so hard not to a-log. one word: beatable. and not in the "sexual" way shat pretends she likes it lol

No. 1515932

She asked if it would be weird if her manyvids profile picture was her in a wig since her videos don't usually involve wigs… implying it's like false advertising or misleading, like shooping out your ass boils

No. 1515933

What was funnier was right after when she mentioned not wanting to dye her hair again to "keep it healthy" kek

No. 1515934

I think literally 75% of her viewers on her lame ass stream are us farmers

No. 1515936

She said OF is her main source of income and made a big deal about it. Then started talking about how she lost a lot of income when Tumblr died. Let Tumblr go already, Shay, jesus.

No. 1515937

She has really high expectations for herself. She doesn't show it, I guess she feels like she has to put something out everyday, even if it's shitty.
She sounds like she's about to cry. And she's been failing for a fucking while. Her self esteem is based on if random scrotes throw her coins.
She said porn made her feel good about herself. And we know she doesn't like peeking into other cam workers because they look better and are better. She knows she can never look like them or have thier personality. Her camshows aren't different, they are boring and 90% her talking with dry lips.

No. 1515938

Admitted to having a spending problem kek
Said she has a fear of failure …. what does she consider failure if not her current life?

Also is she lurking because an anon just upthread talked about how she should check other shows to get a feel for what she should do on cam and she's talking about how she doesn't want to steal from them. She doesn't like checking other live girls because she "wants to be me" and "not copy"

No. 1515939

She says she doesn’t want to watch other cam shows because she doesn’t want to copy ideas. She wants to do better but she doesn’t want to change her cam show style?
She says she’s happy just doing her own thing. Now she’s complaining about tips

No. 1515940

She’s having a meltdown because no one has tipped her in over 30 minutes.

No. 1515943

SA- She basically admitted she doesn't want to be apart of the community. She doesn't want to watch the other girls, but she wants them to watch, support and kiss her ass. Meanwhile, she can't even give them a peek. She see's it all as competition.
Which is honest at least, but the real reason isn't about stealing ideas, it's jealously.

No. 1515944

File: 1651295652293.jpeg (544.72 KB, 1400x1748, 9886CB3C-F31E-4B59-97A8-CAEDD2…)

(From what I’ve seen/watched, I stopped watching on/off for an hour because she’s boring)

No. 1515945

It's also why she's changing her profile picture. I feel like she was reading and saw the comment about how she stands out.
After having a melt down she wants to get off now.

No. 1515946

She also just snapped at the only scrote whose been talking to her.

No. 1515947

She says she’s gonna get off because nobody’s tipping her. She seems pissy. Okietwister I think asked her “how to make her smile again” and she said “don’t act fuckin’ brand new.” Classy.

No. 1515948

File: 1651295864164.jpeg (Spoiler Image,302.91 KB, 900x659, E8DCF843-B78C-4153-B248-17EC65…)

No. 1515950

she was so fed up with him kek. he would not stop asking her sexual questions

No. 1515951

File: 1651296013268.jpeg (340.48 KB, 805x633, B478ED6E-210F-4025-84EF-CAE943…)

Kek you can see how mad she is. Seething over the fact no one is tipping
Okie twister is Womack and he left a long time ago to go to work, which is why she’s mad no one is tipping. I think fart miester or whatever is a farmer

No. 1515952

That’s not Womack

No. 1515953

Because she thinks they come there to see her fucking talk about her personal life, I felt like her venting was honest but she thought that it'd make them give her money as well.
No. They came there to see you do sexual things and I don't think her body is enough to excite them on looks alone. She wants to talk about the past and not do anything.

No. 1515954

File: 1651296126688.jpeg (65.29 KB, 636x604, 420B0726-8792-4E0A-A6C2-7A8E97…)

If only you knew how bad things were

No. 1515955

Yes, that’s not okietwister, my bad. Fartmeister said something about being an “Okie” so that’s why I made the misconnection

No. 1515956

nah I'm p sure she mentioned that he tips on onlyfans but she was annoyed that he was roleplaying with her while she was desperately trying to get someone to tip. Thats what you get for encouraging these degenerates

No. 1515957

Seriously, she said stuff like how she feels anxious before going on cam because she feels ugly, how she wants to make her content better but doesn't know how, admitted to having a spending problem, etc etc like she makes it so obvious she's really unhappy with her life yet will weakly post on twitter about how great life is going. It's so pathetic and I'd almost pity her if she wasn't such an irredeemable cunt. Guess what Shayna, your current circumstances are just karma. You deserve all of it.

No. 1515959

File: 1651296532028.jpeg (465.55 KB, 3225x1246, 8BFAAD00-CCF9-4A3D-8604-B4BF65…)

The three horsemen of the apocalypse

No. 1515963

File: 1651296872451.jpg (Spoiler Image,387.6 KB, 1920x2560, IMG_6319.JPG)

I got a screenshot of her standing relaxed. VS a few minutes later she was posing like this. She just angled the camera lower and started holding the gut as hard as she could. I post this caused anons always say "shes losing weight!" whenever she posts a picture like the second one. She has not lost weight. This is basic fat girl catfishing.

Goodnight nonas! It was as terrible as I imagined.

No. 1515969

File: 1651297353046.jpeg (836.51 KB, 998x1396, C99EF029-F4B8-4434-967B-A21B7D…)

the faux freckles are kinda cute from far away

No. 1515970

File: 1651297506377.jpeg (164.04 KB, 933x921, 67A0DFD2-AC70-4298-A53F-5C3204…)

Shayna thinks she’s the cute uwu soft gf but this is her

No. 1515971

no theyre not

No. 1515972

Except she doesn't have any hips

No. 1515975

She needs to take more photos like this instead of using a HD camera with a flash. Looks a lot better

No. 1515977

File: 1651298071851.jpeg (585.53 KB, 1242x1402, A0303202-AB6E-4C52-8E65-A3BB2D…)

Do she shoot from her dog cage or not?

No. 1515978

File: 1651298113491.webm (Spoiler Image,1.92 MB, 964x550, What the internet does to a MF…)

This video also ties to >>1515909

No. 1515979

Hundreds of dollars? Anyone catch how much she made, with Womack’s tips she made (at most) $100

No. 1515980

greasy hair, one tit flapping

No. 1515985

Next thread pic please. Mother of god the lip crust

No. 1515989

File: 1651299447078.webm (Spoiler Image,1.62 MB, 1918x1080, Freckles.webm)

In motion
You sure?

No. 1515990

Her voice always shocks me. I just never imagine her sounding like that, in my head I feel like she should sound like some old ass smoker kek

No. 1515994

So she coming back?

No. 1515995

lol this copium

No. 1515996

File: 1651300493448.webm (1.57 MB, 1918x1080, Customer Service Mattel.webm)

A scrote (I think fartmeister) kept trying to talk to her about a script and this is how she responded. The guy kept saying shit along the lines of “can you guess what I’m doing?” Re: this “script” and I think he was hoping for her to react excited or playfully

No. 1515998

well she does heighten her voice on cam. it is naturally deep

No. 1515999

File: 1651300638337.jpg (432.14 KB, 2224x787, Message Wall.jpg)

I wonder if Lorimer has been back since 2016 and their thoughts, kek.

No. 1516000

she has a fat sounding voice

No. 1516001

I don’t know if it’s because her mannerism (and even her face) remind me so much of Amberlynn but I think so too

No. 1516015

Shes live on a camsite and has no guess what this coomer wants? how dumb is she?

No. 1516022

I’m sure she knows and just thinks flirting is above her. She’s just really bad at this, she tends to be curt with her guests and then wonders why the room is “dead”

No. 1516026

security at a clinic is not that hard to understand anon even if you've never seen it personally

No. 1516028

File: 1651306722008.jpeg (467.54 KB, 1536x2048, C9ED0D28-562A-4D8E-8E97-3429B7…)

The freckles are so bad. It’s like she tries to style herself as poorly as possible

No. 1516032

despite making a weird face, I think she looks a lot better with less editing. Her face shape looked better on cam. I think she tries to edit her jawline but ends up with a longer and kind of surprising looking face in her edits

No. 1516046

File: 1651312067690.webm (Spoiler Image,9.89 MB, 966x542, nasty-Mattel-.webm)

Here she is “cleaning” her vibrator with her hands

No. 1516048

File: 1651312470941.webm (Spoiler Image,3.48 MB, 966x542, struggling-.webm)

Seeing her remove it was something else. You’d think she’d start ordering her real size after struggling to remove articles of clothes from her body again and again ON CAMERA. I’ll never understand this, we won’t know the size you bought and you’d look less ridiculous

No. 1516049

File: 1651312676938.webm (Spoiler Image,8.86 MB, 1918x1080, unfortunate .webm)

In motion, hopefully we won’t have “she looks like she’s lost weight” the next time she contorts her body

No. 1516052

File: 1651312791173.webm (Spoiler Image,9.32 MB, 1918x1080, grandma slippers .webm)

Isn’t Shayna funny and quirky, you guys?

No. 1516065

Big Shay hits my shadenfreude bone different. I bet the upcoming economic collapse is going to be super milky for all these e-whores as low tier scrotes suddenly need their money for basic necessities.

No. 1516069


she is still overweight but compared to the last photo in >>1515959 she has absolutely lost SOME weight

it's fine to hate on her and laugh at her ridiculousness but being salty just because she's not as fat as she was last year and pretending she hasn't lost a bit is stupid

No. 1516072

Womack works in the oil fields and makes decent money. I know because I talked to him for a little bit to see if he was worth milking, it ended up just making me depressed and I stopped because he’s so clearly super lonely, desperate and missing brain cells and Shayna is taking advantage but he’s too stupid to tell.
>Sometimes it feels like Ellen is pimping Shayna out
100% get these vibes based on the fact that Ellen clearly wrote Shayna’s SA profile and seems to act as a “mummager”, probably because she can’t make any money off her dumpy ass so she’s trying to mooch off of Shay.
Rodent vagina fits Shayna perfectly.
Needs to be included in the next thread pic(cowtipping)

No. 1516076

Kek, who’s salty? You read way too much to into those catty remarks. That photo you’re pointing out has some distortion to it too.

No. 1516111

You talked to Womack ew wtf
I swear this thread is full of e whores trying to cope by saying they’re better than Shayna

No. 1516113

I downloaded chrome and I still can’t play it. I can’t play it on my MacBook either.

No. 1516129

File: 1651327055520.jpeg (Spoiler Image,446.74 KB, 881x1033, B402A1FA-A452-4AF8-9B38-6C01FF…)

No. 1516133

File: 1651327571776.gif (Spoiler Image,9.5 MB, 960x525, B55F331E-CA84-45C4-BF50-8594B3…)

Her wonky boob reminds me of those karaoke read-along spheres that bounce on each word you’re suppose to sing

No. 1516148

Same. Can anyone posts the videos on drop box or something?

No. 1516151

>No one has to download anything, retard.
>If your on an OS device, you need to download VLC

No. 1516161

If you have iPhone download the orange VLC app then copy the webm file and paste into open network streams

No. 1516166

Yes, let’s skip the option that doesn’t require any downloads to insult someone who is trying to help.

No. 1516173

GIRL PLAY INTO IT WTF. Lmao her sales skills are atrocious! Shayna you would make way more money if you played the part and didn't act like a giant cunt. This just makes it obvious that your customers annoy you, and to be fair they can be extremely obnoxious sure but what's better… "owning" them in chat (embarrassing, makes it obvious you hate your job, off putting to any other potential customers, you literally gain nothing from doing this) or making $… hmmm. Finesse them you idiot.

No. 1516174

Maybe she’s trying to make peace because it’s her moms insurance that’ll cover the tit replacement? I don’t know how insurance works in burgerland but I do wonder if this attempt to patch things up with her mom is medical related? (Not to discount that she’s also doing it because free trip overseas)

No. 1516189

Stop posting the videos they’re pointless anyway she’s just doing the same shit she always is(sage)

No. 1516191

Uh, no? Just don't watch them dummy

No. 1516193

File: 1651336420149.jpeg (761.01 KB, 1242x1500, 72A0E2B2-9923-4838-8B49-4B0C6C…)

She already has a pair of crusty pink and white dog ears. Why tf does she need more? These are $75

No. 1516203

She just admitted she had a spending problem too

No. 1516204

Lip balm, lip scrub, foot pumice, lotion… nah
Retarded ears… yup I NEED them
She’s so dumb

No. 1516218

You just told people you couldn't afford your rent??

Also those ears look dingy as hell. I don't understand her obsession with these washed out, easily dirtied shades.

No. 1516225

File: 1651338867710.png (85.29 KB, 380x139, gdfgfg.png)

the ~*sexy*~ Shayna lip bite

No. 1516231

She looks exactly like a halloween witch mask

No. 1516233

A clinic? We were talking about a recreational weed dispensary.

No. 1516237

She could at least trim her bush down with scissors jfc. I know she doesnt shave it anymore because she never learned how to do it properly and not have boils and ingrowns all over, but with the stupid aesthetic and image she clings to, the hairy muff is so off putting.

No. 1516241

For those who can’t figure out how to make WEBMs play, you can find some of the clips in MP4 in the same order that they were posted here: https://imgur.com/a/E4pH7Gh (Remember you’ll be viewing NSFW videos)
Unfortunately, two of the videos were too long to be uploaded, these missing clips are:
Jason R Womack being her #1 simp
Failed e-girl
I hope this was helpful, nonas. I still recommend you figure out how to play the WEBMs as videos uploaded elsewhere rarely stay up for long.

No. 1516244

be real though, the hair is far better to look at then her gross shaved pimple pussy

No. 1516250

I'm surprised she doesn't get waxed. Maybe the student salons she goes to don't offer it. The poor person doing the wax might contract MRSA so maybe it's a good thing after all.

No. 1516254

File: 1651340307384.jpeg (1.69 MB, 1242x1770, 6591067A-38D1-4630-95B3-E0A824…)


Dispensaries are cash only businesses (in CA anyways) most of the time. So yes most have paid security. It’s not a wild thing to assume a lot of dispensaries in burgerland have them.

No. 1516258

If she was still doing her stoner hippy persona than her unshaved look would fit in. And yeah it’s better than looking at her boils but the hitler pube haircut is weird. Why doesn’t she just get laser hair removal?

No. 1516262

KEK nona

No. 1516270

I’m dying nonny thank you that’s exactly what it looks like

No. 1516294

All marijuana dispensaries in the US are cash only because they aren't allowed to set up accounts with banks

No. 1516300

My bad I use the words interchangeably

No. 1516302

File: 1651342481973.gif (249.65 KB, 425x381, Screenshot 2022-04-29 114826.j…)

No. 1516310

Do you think she puts makeup on the boil to hide it during live cams?

No. 1516331

Scrotes are stupid. She was begging for rent money but somehow has enough to squander on dog ears she doesn't need? Jesus

No. 1516348

She literally looks the same size, anon. They are just at different angles and focal lengths. She's at best the same weight as she was a year ago and at worst fatter, the photos look no better now.

No. 1516350

She actually bought pig ears?

No. 1516380

Sorry anons, she definitely was looking smaller last night

No. 1516385

She just looked wider in those older ones probably due to the camera she was using and the clothes. Unless shes been secretly actually dieting and excercising even mildly daily, theres literally no way shes lost weight.
Idk why anons can't understand that and that editing, angles, lighting, different cameras, etc affect how you appear and insist that she magically loses noticeable weight in short spans of time.
Oh also eating before content can give you bloat, especially the garbo she eats.

No. 1516387

She has been oddly silent about DoorDash. She probably is broke and/or only spends money on cheap wine.

No. 1516390

She is faceblind to her own face, I swear

OT but this is literally not true, my local dispensary takes debit and credit. Might be state to state differences. They still always have at least 2-3 security guards, too. I have no idea how the laws are in Oregon, though.

No. 1516413

Honestly I wouldn’t be shocked if she was skipping the meals to drink / smoke less for the same buzz to save money.

No. 1516418

Okay but lets be real, fatty is probably having the "gf" buy or make her dinner

No. 1516421

i will not believe it until the beer gut disappears.

No. 1516426

Yeah but just cutting your caloric intake wont do it unless you legit go ana. At her age and weight and shape, just eating one less doordash meal a day wont do shit. Drinking sugary wine and laying around eating grocery store processed junk isnt better than takeout/wont make you lose significant weight.

No. 1516428

if she lost even 5lbs she'd be talking about it and asking people for head pats

No. 1516467

This is the most damning evidence, she would not be able to resist bragging

No. 1516468

Seconded as next thread's pic please. The awfully crusty lips, the giant stupid eyelashes, the freckles that imo don't do her dirty self any favours…this is what she looks like today after 5+ years of sexwork >>1515817.

No. 1516469

Oh god no!! She used to get waxed and I remember what her snatch looked like; she never moisturized and looked diseased.

Err - MORE diseased.

No. 1516471

And she would always talk about how 'wet' getting waxed would make her. So glad she stopped that shit.

No. 1516474

And claimed that her waxer made comments about it

No. 1516478

What I noticed in this clip and the other one, Shayna can't even look at the camera when she's thanking Womack, a clear sign of insincerity. Not trying to defend the poor simp, just saying that Shayna takes him for granted, has no interest in him, and if one day, Womack stops supporting her financially, I wonder how she's going to react. Is her world going to turn upside down? She's obviously not even grateful for the money he's sending her, just taking everything she is handed for granted, like Ellen Degenerate and her parents, too… Oh, and the "dusting off" of the wand is disgusting!

No. 1516484

Oh right - I forgot about that! I legit gagged when she posted that. Ugh.

No. 1516488

Her vag in the early threads was terrifying. She had a open sore next to asshole for months. Now it's confirmed that she does have an infection in that area it makes me wonder for long she's had it because it would explain the horrific state her snatch and ass crack all those years ago.

No. 1516491

She probably tells him she loves him in their private conversations. He tells her he loves her.

No. 1516521

I’m one of the anons who said I need a Womack to pay my rent but I can’t believe you went ahead and talked to him… wtf isn’t that cow tipping or something? Are you an ewhore?

This. Instead she calls herself “squishy” bitch you is lumpy

No. 1516537

Just rub a stick of butter and French fry grease on your ass and you’ll get Womack to pay your rent. kek

No. 1516539

File: 1651362499807.jpeg (Spoiler Image,581.9 KB, 1242x1158, A1C9E856-96D6-4691-9B72-B37919…)

She said she’ll be back next Saturday

No. 1516547

I’m sorry, but… do you guys believe she actually owns a scale? Lmfao.

No. 1516553

If she does she’s probably scared to stand on it. It’s just so sad, because with even just minor changes she could start losing weight if she just takes care of herself. It honestly makes me really sad for her, is she really enjoying the life she is living? She just seems like a lost 20 something year old that doesn’t know what she’s doing with her life. She’s going to end up back at her parents eventually or selling her body to randos on the street to make ends meet.

No. 1516577

I was going to say the same two things. I’m sure she doesn’t know how much she weighs, unless she found out at one of her ER trips

No. 1516578

what makes it worse its that there are a lot of degens who are doing this while they are in college or prior to graduate but she have been doing nothing for 5 years now, but REALLY nothing, not working on her mental health, not looking for a real career, not even improve her looks. she doesnt even have savings, been talking about owning a car since forever.
shes nothing, just a fecade with a bunch of hello kiitty throw above of a filthy grimmy good for nothing. but guys she makes THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS!!!!

No. 1516617

Uh, excuse YOU, she has a cot bed now. Remember when she started off sleeping on that pink Star blanket on the floor? Kek

No. 1516664

Speaking of star blanket, she must have euthanized that thing because I haven’t seen it in awhile. I’ll bet she washed that thing twice in its entire existence.

She probably saw that grandma that she lost that MV contest to and thought “yea that’s going to be me”.
Idk I don’t see shay doing anything other than failing sex work. Not until her parents die of old age and she no longer has enablers.

No. 1516683

It's not confirmed at all she just has acne from wearing the same sweatpants and sitting on her ass all day stop

No. 1516686

File: 1651382584616.jpeg (Spoiler Image,791.29 KB, 1242x1390, 34733303-D4AE-4A7A-A9A3-C204D6…)

She says she’s going to be live every Saturday kek sure jan

No. 1516687

Bitch its sunday

No. 1516712

Are you retarded

No. 1516728

This is one of the worst pictures she’s taken even with extreme wtf

No. 1516741

even when she was thin she had no ass or curves but man, the chub is really making that hank hill ass shine

No. 1516795

>this thread is full of e whores trying to cope by saying they’re better than Shayna
it's gotten proved time and time again. the bikini barista, the skidmark academy girl, that one girl who complained about no one buying her arts and crafts and buying her porn, vivi, that fat goth ewhore etc

No. 1516873

File: 1651415004991.jpeg (829.14 KB, 1242x1614, 07C36C39-86F6-4BAD-BD18-5BD60D…)

Once again people doing your job better than you

No. 1516875

dont forget ugly e whore savanna solo

No. 1516912

To be fair she at least owns a home, which is sad for Shayna because even fat ugly beak nosed e whores like her can still at least make more than minimum wage. It’s still bleak though that these girls have to shake their flabby bits just to make a check

No. 1516915

File: 1651418721504.png (461.37 KB, 1079x1229, Screenshot_20220501-082407.png)

No. 1516920

Is she gonna write “fantasies” about her being ill with COVID?

No. 1516922

Already figured out her next excuse not to cam, possible emergency room sega

No. 1516926

I wonder if it’s a lie to beg for more money. Not that it isnt possible for her to have covid.

Hopefully Ellen doesn’t have it and give it to her elderly parents.

No. 1516927

Dumb bitch going to the aquarium and a bunch of olaces without her mask and you know she doesnt give a fuck about sanitation or washing her hands lol

No. 1516934

She is going to milk this so much. She is vaxxed and most people getting sick lately have had a headache/sore throat/cough for a couple days but been mostly fine. I bet she doesn't work for weeks though.

No. 1516956

File: 1651422504775.jpg (439.25 KB, 1080x2107, Screenshot_20220501-135732_Twi…)

Acting like she doesn't lurk lmao

No. 1516959


wish she would lurk more and take some feedback. Her crusty lips drive me insane.

No. 1516964


Aww, she soo loves it!

And the board does too, for it thrives on the magnetism of her sulphuric scented garbage fire.

Farmers are your free clout chowder. Bon appetit, Mon Cheri

No. 1516965

File: 1651423309197.jpeg (789.76 KB, 1284x1786, 1F93CF16-CEA5-46ED-8EF8-29E605…)

Shayna you spend more time on this site than anyone, kek

No. 1516967

samefag but she always says she has no idea why people think she’s ugly and a shitty terrible person.

you know, shay. it’s been explained multiple times. you are a hypocrite, a scammer, a liar, a manipulator, and an all around ugly person on the inside and out. you’re hilarious to post about because you have no self awareness and think you deserve the world because you were popular on tumblr as a teen. grow up, get over yourself, do some fucking work and maybe you’ll find lolcow gets bored of you. but until then you’re gonna keep doing the same shit and it’s gonna be even more hilarious every time.

No. 1516968

I think you slipped in that last sentence Shay. Shouldn't be so obvious when talking about yourself.

No. 1516981

I don’t remember that happening?

No. 1516982

Aw man I guess we’re not getting those unedited shots from the photogs site, way to cowtip Vivi kek

No. 1516993

>i just literally don't understand
You have over 100 threads on lolcow.farm because you are a lolcow. What's to not understand?

No. 1517001

i dont think the photographer came here and drop the pics, some anon found the twitter page because she was following it, shes making this up just because she saw the Vivi comment on her face and is super mad because all we are talking is the fucking truth! and why send people here? Shayna theyre gonna lurk by themselves and see that you shower once a month kek

No. 1517005

Notice the only reason she's bringing up Vivi by name is because Vivi isn't online.
It always annoys me how Shayna acts like we have to be "Convinced" to think she's not attractive. She always uses this language as if she truly thinks that folks here don't find her attractive.
"No I'm attractive, they just keep drawing pictures and finding awkard poses to convince, themselves I'm not a beautiful Barbie Bimbo Baby". I always hated that. This is like the third time that Shayna has made a comment like this. Also, "pretending to be people" lets me know she lurks. She probably thinks that a Nonnie was behind the "Nadine" shit. She's probably right, but I can't think of another instance of someone "pretending" to be someone who Shayna knows.

No. 1517008

>convince themselves
Oh no, she let it slip. Her conscience pooted and projected on us. You're the one that huffs copium daily and gaslights yourself into thinking you're just as "hot" as you were at 18. That facade is barely held up by the three geriatric coomers that give you attention. They only do that cause you probably look like their estranged daughters they don't have the balls to creep on like they want to. Funny she thinks we have the goggles on like she isn't the person who cannot live her sad pathetic life without being high off her ass and as drunk as a bum EVERYDAY.
>6-7 years
That's a long time to just be continually accused of things you "didn't" do. It's almost like, if it happens that long it's not coincidence KEK

No. 1517009

Shes clearly trying to discredit vivo on here so when her orbiters inevitably come to see what its all about she'll have planted a seed that its not actually vivo. Also love that she referenced "tinfoil hat" seems like a tell that she spends tons of time here lol. We already know that bc she always slips up and refences things from here when she cams. And lastly I for one knew that photographer was a creepy fucking man. It was so obvious

No. 1517011

Thats why Shayna doesn't watch other girls. She made up some bullshit about "Not wanting to steal ideas", no. She probably compares herself to every woman in every fucking way.
I never fucking understand why she says this, like Shayna we don't like you here. The people who think you are ugly aren't doing it because they secretly think you are super hot and are just bitter angry jealous girls.
No, they truly don't find you attractive. Personally I think Shayna looks better facially during her lives, in her pictures she does those ugly ass faces, but she's average with a below average nothing special body.

No. 1517013

She's only being bold because vivi isn't on twitter anymore. Shayna for the first time can control the narrative and call someone out by name without worrying they'll say something back.

No. 1517015

File: 1651426766060.jpeg (138.77 KB, 750x570, 5E3081AE-4EF6-4CBF-BBA2-94EB98…)

I thought people who sell promos are evil. She’s getting really desperate

No. 1517020

> comments this is actually @IRLbarbie on pics of me
If that account only uses old skinny photos, people might not believe them kek

No. 1517021

bitch you put yourself on the internet for years wanting attention. no one makes you post personal shit in the same place you pander to degenerates and talk about how you want to be fucking kidnapped.

>"intentionally ugly"

don't hate on art created for amusement just b/c every aspect of your life is gross.

No. 1517026

I thought that about brain rot as well

No. 1517028

>these ppl sit around for hours, days, weeks & YEARS

Girl I read the threads for 5 minutes during my daily shit. You are nothing more than something to occupy my time with when I have literally NOTHING else to do and I’m sure many other anons can say the same.

No. 1517029

shes so desesperate! shes afraid the only coomer she has left her because we are photoshopping his face on her asshole!!!

No. 1517031

>those people have brainrot and don't live in reality
hahahahaha, really, shay?

also, seriously, fuck vivi. it was so obvious from the beginning that she was a farmer. she cowtipped and yet as soon as shit hit the fan ran away crying. ass-kissing nonnas really did enable her five minutes of fame, like she's ANY better than shat. if anything, vivi is not just a pathetic whore, but also a coward and a hypocrite. literally nothing of note happened between them, but she milked it for the measly attention and asspats. boo-hoo, shatna is unprofessional and has ass boils. big fucking surprise. we can look at them unedited boils for free every day in her videos.
it's always the fucking ewhores in this thread who sabotage the milk.

No. 1517036

The ass kissing was mostly just to milk more information out of her. If we jumped down her throat she would have ran. she was a farmer that took cowtipping to the extreme. I don’t think there’s any other way of looking at it, but at the end of the day god bless her for the milk she provided

No. 1517040

Tinfoil hats and brain rot are two phrases I see regularly on here but I've never seen Shaynus say them before. It's like she's trying to beat us with our own lingo kek must've struck a nerve through all those chub rolls

No. 1517041

File: 1651428201688.jpeg (375.33 KB, 750x2185, 7156482E-6500-407D-AF89-103D83…)

Keep telling yourself that Shay

No. 1517049

Not easy to ignore? But thought she said she doesn't read here kek get your story straight

No. 1517053

Am I the only one not understanding the Vivi shit she's talking about? Why did Vivi think that the "girl" who of course was a scrote was "bad news" and posting here? Because he posted the raw pictures that showed how Shay really looks? I don't get it. Also, she's having this meltdown because she got on camera. Her life is so amazing but literally everytime she gets on camera, she leaves in a bad mood because people stop tipping and she always starts venting about her life or fupaul. Everytime, she almost cries, but her life is so great. Even though she vents about how it's not great.

No. 1517061

Vivi doesn’t seem to be the sharpest crayon in the box, I think she assumed the photographer was purposely posting ugly pictures of her when in reality that’s just what she looks like kek. And it’s true, these meltdowns happen like clockwork after she cams. I think they’re a real reality check for her that she’s not actually hot and famous because no one shows up but farmers and she just ends up drunk and frustrated by the end

No. 1517066

Good catch, more evidence she obsesses over her threads.

No. 1517072

how great her life is? She was just begging for rent and probably will beg again this month too

No. 1517074

File: 1651431020426.jpeg (135.42 KB, 750x1056, 5EFF75D2-4354-4E0E-A9AA-02F1EA…)

Vivi was … weird can we just discuss how awful it is to read Shaynus’ threads and then draw her and tweet at her and try to collaborate for like a year? And then post about her here? I mean thank you for letting us see this unshooped puffy alcoholic eyes, yellow ass teeth, high off her ass pic but Vivi was really kind of a snake
Glad she got out of SW tho. The sex work “industry” is full of mentally ill insecure girls with substance abuse problems, it preys on them. Hope she gets better, she seemed unwell

No. 1517079

this pic is filtered btw

No. 1517081

Holy shit

No. 1517086

honestly, if shaynus wasnt so afraid of the truths being outed here about her over the years, she could totally pull of the angle of being leader of some rag tag anti-farms movement and gain a small following.

sadly, the majority of people featured here are featured for a reason they never want to be highlighted so no one ever takes lead to start a movement.

No. 1517089

Covid from Vivi? Vivi's trailer did look like a bio-hazard.

No. 1517112

File: 1651433242298.jpg (113.07 KB, 1080x351, Screenshot_20220501-165626_Twi…)

not working saga

No. 1517120

From my experience and from what I’ve seen, covid symptoms seem to really show around day 2 or 3 after exposure.

4 days ago she was with Ellen stuffing her face with 20lbs of butter and bottom dwellers, and scaring fish with her ugly mole hands. She likely caught it that day on their date.

No. 1517130

Agreed, she most likely got sick on her big day out with Ellen.

No. 1517154

Yeah they didn't mask in any of the pics she posted and seattle is having a little spike. You'd think with how fucked her lungs are she'd at least be careful and wear her ugle ass mask. No one to blame but herself.

No. 1517161

how many poor doordash employees are going to be exposed to covid because she physically cannot go one day without it

No. 1517162

"stalker fans". No one here is a fan of your porky pedophile ass. We just enjoy watching your decline because it's what a pedo panderer deserves. Waiting for the sweet, sweet day that you have to pack it all up and go home because you ruined your entire life wearing diapers and covering dildos in shit for less money than McDonald's would pay you to flip fries.

No. 1517165

With the number of farmers who buy her OF content for entertainment or to share it here, I wonder how much we contribute to her income and livelihood. I mean she had to beg for rent last month, she needs us lol

No. 1517166

Your life is horrible shay. Spreading your ass for $3 while we lurk and laugh whilst going to real jobs. And if you are so “unbothered” why do you tweet about us every month during your “woe is me I’m a failure” spergs?? Your fat and ugly. Stop pretending we edit you to make you ugly, you are ugly. That’s how you look. Kek. Stop redirecting people to this site, you fat failure. If you just posted decent pictures and promoted your OF you wouldn’t have a thread. Your whining, scamming, misogyny, pedophilic content is what got you here dumb bitch.

No. 1517169

$3 does pay much rent kek it’s not even worth it the the three farmers who have it should unsubscribe. She gives us uncensored rotten milk for free on Twitter

No. 1517172

She’s still seething about Vivi like it’s over with. Let it go. She deleted her Twitter she had nothing to gain from exposing you. You are a nobody everyone on Twitter already hates you. Why would her “spilling” give her clout?

No. 1517174

We have the one farmer who buys all of her videos to post too for some reason, definitely not worth giving her the money since her trailers are milky enough and she puts everything in them.

No. 1517177

Why would anyone have to lie about her life when she's constantly crying about how depressed she is, how no one will buy her gross porn now that she's fat, how she has no friends and everyone hates her? She says all of these things then goes back to her delusions of being a happy successful beautiful baby bimbo.

No. 1517210

Are you retarded or just a kid that's never smoked pot? I travel between Denver and MA a few times a month for work. Dispensaries are definitely not cash only. Lmao I can order ahead if I want to on some of the websites which requires a card. Stop spreading false information when you clearly don't know shit.

No. 1517220

this is retarded, nonnie, posting about the farms whatsoever is cringe and just more milk. if she really wanted to get off the farms for good all she’d have to do is stopping posting every detail of her life 30 times a day, but she’s physically incapable of doing so which is what makes her a lolcow in the first place. She acts like it’s some kind of crazy happening that she ended up on this site when there are what, 60 active threads about a specific cow? It doesn’t just happen to anyone, everything she does is specifically making her of interest. She probably thinks she can’t just stop posting because she needs Twitter to “work” but she could literally just post her hemorrhoid asshole and go and we’d get bored

No. 1517221

Why so agro? West coast dispensaries are cash only.

No. 1517236

I guess you've never been to Portland sweetie.

No. 1517246

She's probably bitter about Vivi because not only did Vivi spill the milk, multiple anons said Vivi looked less far gone than Shayna.

No. 1517261

>3% on OF
Lmao she’s asking for promo from bitches making below minimum wage, no one popular wants to talk to her

No. 1517265

Do you guys think she posts here?

No. 1517267

In Seattle it’s cash only bc they can’t work with banks, calm down. Reference: I live her and that’s how it is

No. 1517268

how is he working 48 hours straight? Womack as brain dead as shatna

No. 1517270

interesting that allegedly shayna is also being sent this thread right after "nadine" womack's supposed girlfriend was dm'd it and after vivi came here lol.

No. 1517280

bigfatshat is raging over all of the reality checks she was subjected to reading this thread hehe. seethe, trashy fatass

No. 1517285

People who work that long are usually on drugs in order to stay awake. They call him Jason Retard Wocrack for a reason.

No. 1517287

How is that false information? no one gives a shit. if it’s cash only or card no one cares

No. 1517291

This is Shaynus we are talking about she doesn’t wash her hands or ass and she’s picking at it all day whenever she films content. Her fucking apartment and body is a Petri dish.

No. 1517303

Hahahah do they really call him this

No. 1517307

If these cows don't look at this site then how do they all follow each other?

No. 1517310

Hasn’t Shayna messaged OF anon before after they bought her video and posted it here? It was her only sale and she knew it was them. But sure, you’ve only spent 2 minutes here Shat

No. 1517316

File: 1651445508366.jpeg (Spoiler Image,169.25 KB, 750x1386, DB0B8BCD-35A5-4EE0-B0FB-BE7854…)

She posted a new video, the assne is BAD

No. 1517325

she accuses the farms of brain rot? What woman with any working brain cells would actively contribute to rape culture by making this kind of porn? And after she cried about big meanie Vivi's boyfriend asking for a blowjob?

No. 1517326

kek the squidward legs

No. 1517327

It took me like 4 times to read that to get what she meant. fucking christ the brain rot in some of these hoes.

No. 1517335

File: 1651446831785.jpeg (422.1 KB, 1170x665, 9502931E-2D75-449C-A29A-F7C663…)

What is this “contour” she attempted?

No. 1517341

she looks terrible

No. 1517344

This makes her look more like a mtf

No. 1517348

this 3$ shein skirt is doing her absolutely no favours. it makes her fridge hips look even more concave than they already are, somehow.

No. 1517352

this is a statutory rape fantasy. she’s pretending to be underage. i hate this bitch.

No. 1517353

File: 1651449035047.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.69 MB, 1242x1548, 348935C8-2D07-4504-A01F-5920F8…)

The beady rat eyes she looks so scary wtf

No. 1517356

File: 1651449202518.jpeg (282.17 KB, 750x491, 86944BDF-DB3D-459D-9126-54AECA…)

What do these fat old looking ewhores who pedo pander take to make themselves think they look like teenage girls?

No. 1517357

File: 1651449206671.jpeg (340.34 KB, 630x1066, D6476FAD-1BA4-42C7-8762-147441…)

No. 1517360

File: 1651449250241.jpeg (43.08 KB, 557x567, 3EB4AA5C-41FC-4928-97B1-AD1409…)

She looks like Patrick when he tried to fit into SpongeBob’s pants

No. 1517363

wow that pink candle wax was a terrible choice. literally looks like sores and lesions on her chest. you'd think someone who regularly struggles with boils would be more conscious of that kek

No. 1517364

File: 1651449423499.jpeg (Spoiler Image,103.59 KB, 640x1000, 56CCAFC4-89F1-480C-8995-6ECB46…)

No. 1517367

Don’t post kids? Wtf

No. 1517369

It's three fully clothed teenagers, calm down.

No. 1517370

File: 1651449992476.jpeg (417.62 KB, 1170x971, 8E5C46C6-0BC0-4750-BDC3-A7185A…)

Kek what “legal actions”?

No. 1517372

kek i love how they tell her “all the things youve created and done” instead of “all the things that youve got”

No. 1517376

you could've left out the statutory

No. 1517378

Those candle colour choices did not work out like she thought. Looks like she's got open sores, burns and soot over her.

No. 1517384

File: 1651451299936.jpeg (292.09 KB, 750x935, F6E555E5-5C65-4F49-9592-8E8A5A…)

Kek I feel like she’s referring to farmers talking about paying for her OF earlier itt

No. 1517385

gonna take a wild guess and say these aren’t body safe candles (candles made of paraffin wax that don’t burn hot enough to burn the skin on contact). so now she has raised burn marks like the retard she is.

No. 1517387

Shay, outright admitting you’re a bottom shelf cheap whore is not the own you think it is kek

No. 1517398

Why did you do so? Was this when she lived in Oklahoma?

No. 1517400

Nooooooo, anon come back and spill the tea.

No. 1517401

File: 1651452999285.jpg (148.92 KB, 2154x522, 1517388.jpg)

This (picrel) is what that anon posted

No. 1517410

File: 1651453744993.png (Spoiler Image,8.03 MB, 1242x2208, 9B3A6A7C-7CCF-4E0D-8578-B5EAAD…)

No. 1517411

File: 1651453784072.jpeg (329.26 KB, 709x684, 600FEEA6-DC33-49A4-ADAD-90EFA4…)

Why she look like Jim Carey

No. 1517414

File: 1651453893605.jpeg (716.49 KB, 1242x834, 233E7CBE-19E1-4637-86AE-4E2DF6…)

Unedited from your own videos…. you’re just ugly shat kek

No. 1517418

That’s just a stock image.

No. 1517419

i cant believe shes this big lmao

No. 1517420

File: 1651454479686.gif (607.84 KB, 500x281, 7574862db953ad8482e501874d0860…)

No. 1517426

File: 1651454977290.jpg (Spoiler Image,283.5 KB, 1399x1660, 1wrZUQMA.jpg_large.jpg)

She always feels like…

No. 1517428

I just ugly laughed so hard. Ily this is spot on. Thank you nonnie

No. 1517431

so she doesn't need that $5 but she's begging for paid promo??

ok shay

No. 1517439

can't wait for her to see this work of art and have another Twitter meltdown

No. 1517440

Is it okay for her to get hot wax on her implant? She's so damn unsexy, like the special needs girl in highschool who has a manipulative older "boyfriend".

No. 1517441

rat face in full force

No. 1517445

the gut hanging over the skirt, wow. this outfit is hideous.

No. 1517447

nonny, wax is not hot enough to burn through the skin that deep. she’s fine; implants aren’t as delicate as you may think, and they’re not right under the skin. they’re usually under muscle.

No. 1517452

you captured her pure gorilla face perfectly

No. 1517453

File: 1651456658976.jpeg (8.38 KB, 300x168, bunny.jpeg)

shaynus vs other women

No. 1517456

I find it weird that someone paid for this on cam, and instead of playing to the audience that paid she’s playing to her cellphone camera for onlyfans?

No. 1517469

But then … you could say that about everyone who subscribes, surely? The motive for paying the “five single dollars” doesn’t matter. She’s effectively just insulted all her subs.

Topkek anon!

No. 1517471

Next thread pic PLEASE And maybe with the tweet of her complaining about our art

No. 1517473

File: 1651458333411.jpg (231.55 KB, 1431x335, they’re always drawing intenti…)

IA, perhaps with the Tweet covering her 2” crack?

No. 1517474

File: 1651458354673.jpg (98.56 KB, 558x832, Z.jpg)

KEK, serving ukiyo-e realness

No. 1517477

File: 1651458548043.gif (14.96 MB, 752x578, 59FDD133-AD44-4B3D-8CDC-8FF065…)

Yes so it doesn’t get spoilered

No. 1517491

Thanks nonnies!! The Ukiyo-e comment is especially flattering!

No. 1517531

File: 1651463881566.jpeg (181.56 KB, 1210x1075, 278D9427-7A43-4B80-B90D-BE86C6…)

Kek Big Shaynus is feeling insecure

No. 1517532

File: 1651463919937.jpeg (211.75 KB, 750x657, 33DFF613-C922-437B-BF5A-C0DDA1…)

Weird ways of saying “fat girls.”

No. 1517539

This 2012 Facebook “bones are for dogs” tier post kek body positive and plus size is celebrated more in the mainstream now than ever. She’s just too far into the pedo little girl aesthetic that she becomes insecure about not fitting into the dollskill shit and can’t transition into a flattering style to save her life. And meat would imply the presence of muscle, not the accumulated fat from all the doordash and charcuterie triscuit cheese snacks.

No. 1517544

File: 1651465455874.jpeg (270.82 KB, 1200x1018, CBED4023-7C02-456D-96B6-D97AB9…)

Meat would also imply ass. Baby don’t got back

No. 1517551

This, her bodytype could actually work well for for a lot of scrotes but her target audience who are into pedoplay tend to prefer small and thin girls

No. 1517557

her body type would be alot more forgiving if she wore clothes her size, learned how to properly do her makeup/hair and started to practice basic hygiene regimens. yeah shay is chunky and has unfortunate fat distribution, but if she didnt look and act like a wreak all the time she wouldn't be scrutinised as much. its one thing to be fat, its another to be fat, ugly and unwashed.

No. 1517559

Someone is very salty. What’s wrong, Shayna? Did your feelings get hurt when you saw us reacting to reality? Who’d be so upset about something that isn’t true? I thought we invented these characteristics of yours and had to lie about how you look? You’re fat and, if you truly didn’t think it was bad, you wouldn’t be so upset being referred as such.

No. 1517563

No. 1517567

Well at least she admits it (kind of). It annoys me when she acts smol or calls herself “lil”

No. 1517569

kek, she finally gained the self awareness to realize that she's fat.

No. 1517574

File: 1651469511137.jpeg (466.37 KB, 1242x1319, AEABC407-B1A7-4FB7-B90B-2CEC7F…)

why does something always seem happens to Shaynus as soon as she’s suppose to “work”?

No. 1517586

"Keep wearing ur mask" ok like you were the other day??

No. 1517588

Okay, but you're fat, Shay. Your arms and stomach are huge. You've gained so much weight that your one tit is now floppy and lower than your implant boob. None of the fat is accumulating in good places. You don't need to be skin and bones to not be fat, but you are indeed fat.