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File: 1648276256239.jpeg (94.92 KB, 275x247, E5150932-E690-4D6D-80A7-47B70F…)

No. 1481720

Previous thread: >>1466923

Repetitive nitpicks about Shayna's body, face, and genitals are subject to a 1 day ban. Reposting the same photos already posted zoomed in is not milk and you will receive a ban for nitpicking.
REMEMBER: Read the rules before posting. Sage when there’s no milk. No nitpicking and/or blogposting. This is a Shay thread, curb your enthusiasm when posting sceenshots of other e-whores, they go in the e-whore thread >>>/snow/1363903

Last thread:
>Shaynus wants a diaper cover >>1467396, for some reason
>Continues with her “diaper kink” >>1468178, >>1467577, whoa! dippers! exclaims a coomer >>1467871, looks huge in diaper
>Makes tweets supporting degenerate ABDL kink >>1468046, >>1468254,
>Wears a nude two piece shein outfit to her sugar daddy weekly dinner date >>1467785,
>Rants about sex workers on her diaper dolly account >>1468395, but she so ~unbothered uwu~
>Also rants on her main >>1468766, >>1468776, >>1468787, >>1468790, >>1468789, >>1468794,
>Shay posts a picture of herself with no selfie, anons are shocked to see her giant honker >>1468481,
>Anon documents shaynas weight gain since moving to Renton >>1468742
>Cowtipper makes a sock account to call Big Shaynus a gnome, Shaynus thinks she clapped back at the hater with a gnome edit of her selfies but really just proved she looked like a gnome kek >>1468830, whines about it on Twitter >>1469265, >>1469279,
>Shaynus gets interviewed for an article about bimbos >>1469130, all other girls interviewed have their business described and are called a pornstar and Shayna is a self described baby bimbo and “content creator” >>1469148, >>1469158, Shayna also says being a bimbo is a mindset nothing to do with being blonde or ditzy
>Shayna posts her hairy toes on her dirty white sheets to show off her pedicure on OF >>1470799, >>1470804,
>Pedo tweets sexualizing baby items >>1470850, >>1474068, and being assaulted by parents
>Gets hair dyed at salon, looks the exact same
>Cringe retarded ahegao faces in her coomshow >>1472972,
>Shayna goes to airport to fly to her Scudmore Academy shoot
>Fake self love tweets about her haters while at airport >>1473276, spergs about being “doxxed” >>1473285, says she’s living better because she’s flying to her shoot
>Looks frumpy at airport >>1473490, >>1473657,
>Arrives at Spedmore Academy >>1474749, >>1474787, >>1475553, in a child uniform that fits her surprisingly >>1475652, gets spanked the most out of the group >>1476095, >>1478770, >>1477443,
>Big Shaynus with Bigger Shaynus >>1476115,
> Roleplays as a flight attendant at Sped Airlines >>1478754,
>Ugly pic of Shaynus in turd braids without filter >>1475238,
>Moid flight attendant pays for Shayna’s drinks so she takes a selfie of them >>1477709, >>1477777,
>Uses shoot as an excuse to sit on her bruised flabby ass and drink >>1478696,
>Chola bandana makes a comeback as well as fake freckles and fake moles above her caveman brow >>1480680,
>Makes a fucking dumb video on Snapchat of her bending down to dad rock music like she’s in a music video >>1480660, >>1480674, >>1481140,
>One of shayna’s spanking video comes out >>1481052, >>1481137,

https://discord.com/invite/eA8kSzuz (need ID to join)

Ellen "Patricia" Dresel:
Shayna's "gf," Seattle/Renton, WA Nanny

Other relationships:
“The Dad”
>The 45 year old mystery man she’s “dating,” met him on seeking arrangements, ex sugar daddy turned boyfriend
”Slave Dad”
>@bluefrodo1 on Twitter, submissive masochist “slave” of Ellen and Shay, participated in a video getting smacked around in Shay's pathetic attempt to domme >>>/snow/1362327
”The Old Man"
>Max R Cameron, @maxrcameron on Twitter, married poly “bdsm coach,” has the dungeon she visits on occation in his house, ousted as an abuser in the Seattle kink scene >>>/snow/1371185
”Splenda Daddy” #1
>Jason R Womack, @okietwister85/ @womackglass on Twitter
>Mentally retarded orbiter who sends Shayna rent money through Ellen’s Venmo.
”Splenda Daddy” #2
>Grayhair, @GNotold on Twitter
>Old man who has a fetish for sending his money to washed up fat whores on Twitter
>Constantly replies to Shayna’s suicide bait tweets with the infamous monsters inc gif

First Thread:

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No. 1481745

Look, it's Tweedle Pee and Tweedle Dung!

No. 1482071

lmao at Big Shaynus and Bigger Shaynus

No. 1482116

thanks OP, it's beautiful!

No. 1482124

One of the thread titles should be called Chronicles of the Fattest Baby Bimbo in Renton or something

No. 1482200

File: 1648318139230.jpg (72.97 KB, 720x461, Screenshot_20220326-140520_Chr…)

I legit feel like she was happier with fupaul. She seems miserable and lonely. None of her relationships are real, the only thing that's changed is she travels to work but that's the only time she leaves the house honestly it seems.
If Fupaul wanted her back, there's no doubt in my mind she'd go back. "Broke the news" she's she's threatening to move every time they broke up and he was basically telling her to do it. She acts like it was some shocking news that blindsided Fupaul.

No. 1482208

Shay honey; he’s literally just got engaged. Move the hell on

No. 1482225

oh wow really? Is there a date when this happened? Because I want to see if any of Shays spergings happened at that time. Hilarious for her to talk about how her life is so much better right after Fupaul gets engaged to a woman literally/almost a year since she left.
The disgusting idiot played with her for years, only to take another woman seriously in a year.

No. 1482228

This is such a cope kek, big shaynus probably just found out he got engaged last week.

"Broke the news I was moving back to Seattle"… girl, he was practically begging you to leave, after never admitting to even being in a relationship with you in the first place, and keeping you and your embarassing life a secret to everyone he knew.

No. 1482261

this is too funny, as if there werent threads and threads documenting all their fall and her breakdowns everytime that he broke up with her lol this piggy is delusional

No. 1482264

File: 1648321853864.jpeg (599.82 KB, 828x954, C25D014C-6445-4855-865F-D3CC23…)

Kekkkk I’ll take the ban for fupa-posting if I have to - the fact that he has been publicly obsessing over & got engaged to this girl after less than a year when he strung Shayna along for years and never claimed her is hilarious.
Fugly ass ring and of course his engagement photo has to have a shitty snapchat filter.

No. 1482267

Does she have a black eye? Hmm wonder of her new look will be "goth" and black suddenly? She pulled out the old bandana.

No. 1482294

Probably just a weird shadow magnified by the filters but imagine it was truly a black eye. Probably gonna make Shayna rage even harder, I imagine her ~uWu~ dream engagement photo is her with a black eye and busted lip, wearing diapers and a straight jacket kek

No. 1482319

File: 1648324741808.jpeg (443.23 KB, 828x903, DF0EBC40-03A3-4E89-988C-4905AE…)

Description for Shaynus’ spanking video

No. 1482365

File: 1648327441397.jpeg (967.07 KB, 1170x1480, B7076C7E-5105-417A-9086-4E03CA…)

What the actual fuck is this

No. 1482372

She actually looks like she's attempting to look like a bimbo. It's tacky looking but it's better then the pedo pandering. I feel like Fupaul getting engaged, the bimbo article and being around women her own age is making her change.
Sadly her pedo pandering won't stop, but hopefully she let's go of the frumpy belly skirts and ugly ponytails. I know she won't. She spent a that money on her hair just to slap a wig on it.

No. 1482373

Also, kek, just noticed the mole. What's her obsession with moles lately?

No. 1482375

It almost looks good here, but you know that'll end once we see the wig edge and her rolls spilling out from under that top. Also can't tell if it's the filter or not but what happened to her lashes? Left eye looks normal, right eye looks like she has about five hairs on the strip.

No. 1482392

File: 1648328636687.jpeg (340.74 KB, 1170x979, 17CED5D5-4261-4349-B4A1-CD9CCB…)

No. 1482393

Once she films, we’ll see how it truly looks

No. 1482394

because you don't look like a special needs baby for once. take the hint.

No. 1482405

Probably mad all of her real ones are on her neck folds and ass, and not her face

No. 1482418

I know Shayna is a shitty person. But Fupa using her after all these years and then moving on with some other ugly white trash girl that quickly is a shitty thing to do. A literal pedo. Not a flex to marry a goblin law gnome named Kyle who looks like a Zumiez employee. Shay, sweaty, don’t cry over that ugly fag, cry over your shitty life and then proceed to change it. But you won’t.

No. 1482421

That’s because they aren’t attracted to a fat bitch wearing diapers trying to dom them then saying thank you daddy uwu right after. Idk how they even stick around

No. 1482428

File: 1648330707457.png (503.83 KB, 1080x1065, swisrealwork.png)

Feel free to edit, it's my first time doing it. I felt inspired after seeing this meme.

No. 1482429

Is he still wearing the pink unicorn hoodie?

>Idk how they even stick around
Free asshole pics.

No. 1482436

Add corn heels kek
Fupaul is probably broke from child support. Bum ass bitch. Had to shop for engagement rings at Walmart. Shayna could find someone better and by better I don’t mean more attractive- the bar is low especially for degenerates who like ddlg. she could find a uwu daddy dom who will actually show her off on social media and will give her attention

No. 1482439

Yeah, still looks like the same one

No. 1482454

Hasn’t she worn that hoodie since she moved? I’m retarded, so I can’t be certain. She was crying into his tshirt at the airport at one point, so maybe she did leave it behind in hopes they’d reunite

No. 1482485

Lmao love it but you know this bitch ain’t got no plants or incense

No. 1482503

File: 1648334810952.jpg (Spoiler Image,127.32 KB, 1080x1065, shat's_saturday.jpg)

No. 1482507

File: 1648334910525.jpeg (83.29 KB, 640x882, 20A96FF0-F6A6-4516-9DE3-4D48A5…)

all that filter and she still having that double chin

No. 1482528

File: 1648335793712.jpeg (173.48 KB, 1200x1186, 62FF7233-DC5A-40B6-A0F1-D99378…)

I have a feeling she is a chronic mouth breather especially with the weight gain

No. 1482538

File: 1648336100080.jpeg (204.61 KB, 1196x2048, 8F4CF7D0-19A3-464E-BF83-FA0F8D…)

Kek fatty’s beer gut hanging out

No. 1482540

File: 1648336122802.jpeg (218.26 KB, 1176x2048, 917DE66B-F7FF-4F90-856A-572670…)


No. 1482541

The fat roll on the side

No. 1482545

Looking like some troon fetish nazi

No. 1482551

File: 1648336346068.jpeg (160.63 KB, 1080x1066, 5A52E81B-E40E-431D-BCA5-718738…)

No. 1482555

she definitely is!

No. 1482557

File: 1648336477759.jpeg (1.2 MB, 2928x2009, 1FC1E4B8-9E4F-4CB6-8A51-77A13A…)

dollar store Judas Priest vibes

No. 1482576

the pink set is actually nice but what the fuck is that hat?

it's one thing that it's ugly as fuck but she rages that people judge her for her hitler/nazi comments then buys nazi inspired wear….. logic where?

No. 1482591

where can you buy this stuff, i am 100% sure the tiddies arent supposed to hang out like this

No. 1482608

File: 1648338764300.jpg (563.33 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_2022-03-26-23-48-32…)

Shat just dunno how to wear clothes. I'm sure she could tuck her titties in it if she tried but she thinks sloppy underboob is better for some reason.

Of course this garbage is from dolls kill

No. 1482622

File: 1648339724522.jpeg (860.09 KB, 1120x1815, 3256536B-604A-42D6-9260-198775…)

It looks like a wrestling WWE chick outfit
Ugly ass hat

No. 1482627

"Best" she's looked In years. She looks like she's selling sex and it's doesn't look like outdated 2010s fashion. I honestly don't think she looks that and seeing her stuff herself into too small bimbo/edgy soft goth or whatever wear, is better then the other cheap shit she wears.

No. 1482634

KEK i love this one nona

No. 1482730

>the laptop
nonny my lungs

No. 1482773

File: 1648347892365.jpeg (458.56 KB, 1536x2048, 8407BCA7-708E-4A36-A094-563C3D…)

No. 1482786

why does the skin on her thigh look so blotchy and strange? specifically around her fingers. she didn't try to apply foundation to her legs did she kek

No. 1482835

File: 1648351003026.jpeg (629.77 KB, 2828x2828, 71694B8C-888B-498E-B8FB-4A64D4…)

why are they melting? lmao

No. 1482978

File: 1648356530942.jpeg (1.54 MB, 1202x1566, 156D7FC5-813A-4660-9B1B-8487C8…)

She literally sent the same shit she posted on Twitter on her onlyfans.

No. 1483437

i think she tried to shoop out her bruises from last weekend

No. 1483439

can you use an uglier threadpic so i don't feel so ashamed

No. 1483450

did she lose weight? she looks good here.

No. 1483493

No anon, she edits all her pics to make herself look skinnier. Wait until she films in the outfit and then you’ll see

No. 1483604

her face looks bloated and greasy. she needs to learn how to pose for such a round face.

No. 1483607

the freckles look like super exaggerated dark circles. yikes.

No. 1483633

Her elbow is literally at where her pooch starts so as to hide her stomach.

No. 1483636

File: 1648395198133.jpeg (937.65 KB, 1170x1651, 9D648FD8-CACF-4102-B929-CD56DA…)

No. 1483663

she’s really getting desperate huh

No. 1483664

File: 1648397900047.webm (4.63 MB, 1896x1080, InShot_20220327_121522955.webm)

No. 1483667

This just looks stupid. Why not wear it right? Why does she never buy shirts that show underboob instead of wearing the shit wrong? I'm also interested to know who she's skin walking? This seems like a skin walking type thing
Shay has been hyper focused on the same styles for years. Suddenly she's dressing like a WWE Diva? Something is up.

No. 1483668

Why does this seem like Asmr?

No. 1483670

lmao I was just thinking the same thing. She needs to add some music or something.

No. 1483676

Maybe that can be her lane. Asmr porn.

No. 1483696

My guess is some moid bought it for her. When she styles herself it's all uwu baby shit, this is just some delusional scrote's fantasy.

No. 1483719

Literally just saw how big and wide and lumpy she is in a line up at her strictmoor shoot… only the girl next to her in thread pic was slightly larger.

No. 1483730

god she's so stupid. none of her kink pandering attempts make sense. now she's being this pink nazi leather daddy with a paddle, but SHE's the one with bruises on her ass? just like her toddler baby hotdog nails.

No. 1483834

File: 1648407612244.jpeg (498.5 KB, 1170x1200, 4A77F773-5578-45EF-93BB-C8FEA2…)

Who’s she shooting with now?

No. 1483855

Shayna pretending to have DID with multiple sex worker alters when

No. 1483857

wasnt she a dom? im confused

No. 1483875

She just does whatever she thinks is “trendy” to get her more followers

No. 1483894

File: 1648410322715.jpeg (845.69 KB, 1170x1721, 806D75FA-4154-4F3D-8CAD-4AB3CC…)

Pants pulled all the way and hella sucking in, good job Shay

No. 1483949

The funniest part about this is he dated Shay longer than this girl n never would have proposed. Just hid her. You Deserved Shayna.

No. 1484012

I see she finally figured out how to wear the top properly kek

No. 1484049

File: 1648416981555.jpeg (248.77 KB, 750x1661, 25D31A9A-56AF-43A1-B225-286436…)

She’s down bad can’t even afford an Uber ride anymore

No. 1484054

I'm so tired of that retarded side smirk. So tired of it.

Anyways couldn't she just blow the driver or something? Seems like something she would stoop low to do.

No. 1484069

If nobody paid for the Uber ride. How would she even go back home?

No. 1484082

i know she was born that way but what is wrong with her face?? she got that Abby Brown retarded face kek im starting to think that shes a true retard

No. 1484085

This hair color is not doing her any favors

No. 1484091

Did she edit her hair lighter?

No. 1484103

It’s just the sun

No. 1484111

she can't blow anything. she gets two inches in and starts to gag.

No. 1484113

Oof, this new hair colour is terrible, its way too close to her skin tone(well her badly matched foundation anyway)

No. 1484123

Fuck, she’s a mess

No. 1484128

File: 1648422651397.jpeg (168.46 KB, 750x625, A0F86531-58DA-427F-B8E1-6F7D71…)

Kek she had to call up the dad for a ride because she couldn’t afford the Uber

No. 1484136

u know none of this happened

No. 1484137

samefag but also is she sperging about moana so now when people call her a nazi she would say “bUt MoAnA iS mY fAv”

No. 1484142

it sounds like he dropped her off but didn't pick her up kek

No. 1484151

Surprised she hasn't started buying the costume to make porn out of it lol.

No. 1484158

Please don’t let that be a thing, i will spew

No. 1484159

File: 1648424956493.jpeg (85.53 KB, 735x705, 9A0A49DB-69EA-41D5-8613-05C855…)

It’s giving:
(but uglier)

No. 1484199


Could you nonas post in the last thread until it gets locked before this one? Good job OP on summary and shit but you made the thread way too early

No. 1484220

File: 1648428085759.jpeg (120.52 KB, 736x706, BA74140E-E989-4D3E-AEEE-700113…)

now i fixed it for u
ok mom this is my last one

No. 1484276

she's completely doomed. the bar is on the floor if we think that nazi domme outfit is an improvement for her porky ass

No. 1484278

To be honest, I'm kind of sick of autists ITT saying she looks like shit when she doesn't. This is probably the most interesting look she did. If you didn't know about her threads you'd probably be fine with it. The criticism loses its impact when you don't discriminate.

No. 1484280

She looks fine here with all the facetune but once you see the full look with the gut hanging out and the top squeezing the life out of her chest you realize how fucking ridiculous it must look in real life

No. 1484282

you do realise people will say she looks like shit no matter what because she is a pedo pandering degen. she could lose all the weight and look beautiful and it wont matter

No. 1484288

File: 1648433458966.jpeg (Spoiler Image,212.87 KB, 1694x2047, A9A6D55A-ECD9-4FEA-B107-9DFFE9…)

I hate this

No. 1484289

File: 1648433523183.jpeg (Spoiler Image,207.98 KB, 1628x2048, 7132BD96-DD3D-4DF2-88B8-83AE30…)

Again with the dollskill outfits. She’s such a fucking hypocrite talking shit about people wearing them muh racism uwu and ugly ass side burns hanging looks so retarded

No. 1484290

She’s ugly get over it. Big honker, rat teeth, beady unsettling eyes, and beer gut. Yeah it’s repetitive but it’s shocking how she keeps getting uglier each month.

No. 1484296

What the FUCK this is not okay zip that shit back up please

No. 1484297

File: 1648434197837.jpeg (280.23 KB, 1242x2208, E6B5C753-48E1-4CAA-9CB2-8B5EB7…)

Censored in case you don’t want to see her hairy moose knuckle

No. 1484299

shes still hideous but it seems like doing the 'professional' shoot with the hag school has made her feel like being productive for the first time in a while. i wonder if it brought in a few new coomer fans hence why shes trying a little harder than usual

No. 1484323

what the fuck is that face kek uncle fester looking ass
noni if u think she doesnt look like shit i think u are blind or what, like she havent had any improvement more than download a photo retouch app

No. 1484331

The only time she doesn't look like complete shit is when she's using heavy filters. This >>1483894 is what she looks like with less filtering. Any chance of her looking remotely attractive has gone. She looks like a fat bloated alcoholic who can't stop smoking weed and shoving greasy processed food down her throat because that's exactly what she is.

No. 1484409

WOOF. usually golden hour/in direct sunlight is when people look their best but it highlights every goblin feature and just how wet and greasy her skin is. She literally looks 80 years old with that gigantic hooked nose

No. 1484453

i dont see why she doesnt spray tan/self tan. she is so pasty and grey in the skin and the ashy caramel hair makes her forehead look bigger than it already is. if shes such a bimbo barbie youd think shed at least go platinum.

No. 1484757

Yeah because she’s totally the kind of person who scrubs and exfoliates her skin twice a week and it wouldn’t look blotchy and dirty at all

No. 1484758

File: 1648454963987.gif (1.4 MB, 640x640, F136AE34-6289-4D75-A3C8-3A88BB…)

Anons have complimented her before. I think when she colored her hair purple like 3 years ago kek. Also this outfit is terrible. She looks like mr.slave cosplaying as a gay nazi.

>fleece polyester
My skin is suffocating just looking at this monstrosity. Plus it’s so ugly

No. 1484935

I think she is trying to skin walk one of "slave dad's" dommes satanatrix or some shit like that. I think she is the one that hosted the party Shayna posted about being invited to but then we never heard any more after that about it. Either way it's kind of her look just with cheap pink dollskill shit

No. 1484950

yeah the polyester make it look so cheap and the hole on her hellokitty does no favor,seems like a micropenis >>1484288

No. 1485106

File: 1648493292334.jpeg (215.82 KB, 750x769, 69E2C159-C6CB-4F13-989E-B1F377…)

No more please

No. 1485141

Lord, she would look so much better if her hair was darker than her skin and had a warm undertone. She also looks so much better with her natural hair texture which is honestly cute so I don’t get why she always straightens and fries it? It’s like she makes every possible wrong choice and wants to look bad

No. 1485142

im still waiting for some Von Dutch or some Juicy merch like a true bimbo but shes still with the aliexpress/shein shit

No. 1485164

Fatty needs it. Lurking the thread and seeing the comparisons of her squeezing into her clothes from 3 years ago.
Juicy tracksuits are dime a dozen at the discount stores (tjmaxx, marshalls) but that would require her to leave the house kek

No. 1485247


Was just gonna say this lol she tries to sound cute and taken care of and then the next post is asking for uber money for a ride home from a porn shoot.

she -literally- had all the time in the world to learn how, and lots of fast cash to put towards a payment plan - why the fuck doesnt she have a car? like ask your splenda daddies for something actually useful.

anyone else feel like her credit is fucking horrible? i bet the only she qualifies for is shein after pay lol.

No. 1485250

Her new hair looks fucking awful.

No. 1485252

retarded anon is braindead for starting the thread early but there’s no reason to try to force people to “lock” threads. the whole point is to make a new thread and move over before its locked.

No. 1485274

File: 1648506147449.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.53 MB, 1242x1640, 6C88A521-9A8B-4AFB-9C8A-411EF2…)

Big fatty thighs but no ass.

No. 1485278

File: 1648506353413.jpeg (Spoiler Image,717.88 KB, 2593x1710, 0926E3B5-5CC4-4419-BCA8-2BCBBA…)

This angle is hella gross

No. 1485281

File: 1648506398896.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.07 MB, 1187x1052, 557433DE-EC4F-4ABF-8D03-98B81E…)

Neck rolls and coochie white bumps and boil

No. 1485287

everyone spergs that the white bumps are always tissue paper but it's likely skin tags from chafing and over shaving

No. 1485301

File: 1648507690845.jpeg (101.13 KB, 750x643, AE2BF9E0-EC69-4D65-963A-3D7FE2…)

Was the abuse worth that little bit of chump change Shayna?

No. 1485340


A car would be a waste of money for her to get because she's always too drunk to drive it herself anyway.

No. 1485405

skin tags are never white though. it’s either toliet paper or whiteheads. both are gross.

No. 1485412

They're obvious whiteheads I'd say. Ingrown hairs.

No. 1485449

File: 1648516479693.jpg (140.33 KB, 640x480, 0805atc.jpg)

Definitely this, i zoomed in. Fuckin vomitrocious. She probably shaves her vag with some crusty old razor.
>shayna's dwi mugshot saga
Bad credit and no life skills. If she could get someone to co-sign she would be able to get cheap payments. None of her "dads" value her enough to invest that much into her, not even her own real-life father. Her family probably knows they'd have to foot the bill when she inevitably wrecks it or gets it repossessed. I don't think anyone in her life loves her that much, which is pretty pathetic.
Too bad she doesn't get a pink Vespa scooter. Seeing her rolling outside with her gunt flopping over her tracksuits and stained hello kitty pj bottoms would be top kek

No. 1485488

File: 1648519048933.jpeg (263.11 KB, 1170x866, 44444459-41E3-43FD-BE77-6C6B9F…)

She’s so bad at being a “domme”

No. 1485543

Does she think watching disney movies over and over makes her uwu baby persona more believable? only seriously insane people would willingly watch the same movie 14 times in a week shay, this doesn't even make sense

No. 1485559

File: 1648523526965.jpeg (894.17 KB, 879x1338, 5009B6B1-2F6F-4555-BC33-B6B498…)

I love the fan in the background she has for her pork sweats.

No. 1485563

don’t forget the mini fridge

No. 1485613

Looks like genital warts to me. Not even sperg.(unsaged vagina nitpicking)

No. 1485762


No. 1485767

maybe if I was a sandwich

No. 1485889

The domming shit while calling the scrote "daddy" is such hilarious cognitive dissonance. Shay hates being in charge, you can tell.

No. 1485918

I don't know about warts but does look like little Bartholin's cysts

No. 1485953

has she posted some of this pictures but standing up, front to the camera showing her body? it looks ill fitting in the tits but i bet it must be strangling her hips/gut, poor little porky

totally, i think she got HPV but her bad lifestyle and bad eating plus the drink, the warts never left. that why they keep coming back and her pussy always looks disastrous.
ill take the ban for sperging/tinfoiling

No. 1485964

She has a plantar wart also. Has she hinted at surgery in the past? Possibly to remove pre cancerous cells in her cervix?

No. 1485967

Um you only have 2 bartholin glands and those dots don't correlate to where those glands are anatomically.
Looks like ingrown hair spots

No. 1485977

guys do really ingrow hairs look like this to you? like when you got ingrows in your pubis and genitals, they really look like this??? because mine doesnt. and ill be worried.

there are a lot of info we dont know but it can be, she has always been weird about her vagina and the penetration restriction, and it always look ill (well now not that bad but because she isnt full shaving like before and also edit)
i always wonder if she goes well because shes cheap or people is that fucked in the americas, VSW like her would become viral because nasty on my country

No. 1485991

Yeah, my vote is on HPV too. A huge percentage of adults get it (something like 80%), so it's not exactly unlikely.

No. 1486000

Y'all are so ridiculous. Theyre just pimples from her shaving poorly and not doing any aftercare, just putting on tight and dirty bottoms. The red spot is most likely similar to her ass pimples/boils but could be an ingrown hair.

No. 1486011

ew ew ew ew what if she got warts on her vagina from smashing her warty heels into it when she sits on the floor (i thought this was impossible and i was just making a joke but i just googled it and it is possible. disgusting)

No. 1486012

>it will always look ill

No. 1486050

Why is that ridiculous? HPV is extremely common.

No. 1486053

This. With a veil of anonymity I unfortunately did get this shit from my ex and it looked exactly like those. Poor shaving care doesn’t even make sense to me, that would not cause little wart looking bumps imo.

No. 1486061

i did too and its very common,even u can have it and not show symptoms on the outside, when your health is bad and your defenses are low it end up on really ugly warts and in men its worse and it works in some stange ways but its nothing from the underworld
ok ill shut up now

No. 1486090

The picture is kinda low res and the lighting isn't great but to me it looks like whiteheads (due to shaving) like I don't see any redness at all which is unusual for genital warts and they don't look raised enough.
Also it's unusual to have such small randomly placed warts and no like clusters or anything.
Just doesn't look warty at all to me really.

No. 1486093

File: 1648578135322.jpg (Spoiler Image,22.82 KB, 450x243, Shays Lips in 2023.jpg)

You sound misinformed. HPV does not look like >>1485281 it looks like the attached spoilered image. I wouldn't be surprised if she has or gets HPV/Genital Warts though. Her inner lips be looking crusty as hell, thats why every close up photo is blurry as hell and photoshopped. We'd all be horrified by a HD shot of her pelvic area skin.

No. 1486096

Can we stop the HPV derail? It's clearly just cottage cheese dust from her pussy as the bumps aren't visible in the other shots, so shut up about it. Its just Shaynus displaying her yeast infection like usual.

No. 1486097

Underrated comment kek

No. 1486099

File: 1648578461551.jpg (133.25 KB, 722x722, peaked.jpg)

I'm the newfag who is going through all her old threads, currently on #46 and kek what a ride so far. Anyway since this is the "I Peaked in High School" edition I thought I'd throw this collage of some of her old pics I've come across so far to drive the point home. Bonus tweet from when she was just starting to really get chunky during 2019 and made it her goal to be healthier in 2020 but we all know how that turned out already.

No. 1486109

She's never been attractive by any stretch of the imagination but holy kek has she let her body go to shit and documented all of it for the entire internet to see

No. 1486117

savour it nonna, going through all the threads for the first time was the most entertaining shit ever. she certainly never was a beauty face-wise but she looks so normal in most of these pics. where did it all go wrong? most of us here have tumblr brainworms and didn't go down her trajectory so that can't be the sole reason.

No. 1486118

goddammit she was so ugly back then. she's not good-looking now either, but makeup, filters and not having her hair that poopy brown shade is doing her a massive favour. i can't stand her pre-curly blonde pics because she looks like a human rat.

No. 1486130

This bitch wouldn't know how to eat right if she tried. She's type of cow to chug fruit punch thinking it's healthy.

No. 1486144

I feel like that shade of brown is actually decent on her. The blonde she gets is always way too close to her skin tone and washes her out badly. As always though, the problem is Shay does not wash her hair or know how to style it at all so it really doesn't matter what shade it is in the end.

No. 1486150

File: 1648581310437.jpeg (1.03 MB, 3464x3464, 422D24A8-F4C7-4DBF-8677-C265A7…)

KEK this just reminded of her blueberries and sliced turkey diet. spending money on expensive gym clothes just to end up looking like this… sad.

No. 1486151

kek the forehead wrinkles have been here forever, i didnt even remember those brown hair pics, was she born old?

No. 1486185

File: 1648582519597.jpeg (33.51 KB, 422x422, A948629F-EA81-4A0E-9CCB-E8E1F6…)

kek anon

No. 1486199

Im speaking from experience. Those little white dots are exactly what I had

No. 1486204

Oh my god, she used to have hope in her eyes now they are so puffy and bloated from being a fat alcoholic and they look sad from being high and drunk all the time.

No. 1486224

File: 1648584132494.png (3.37 MB, 1242x2208, C291A270-B161-48E7-8FFC-FBA564…)

Remember all the fucking protein powder she bought that one time too? kek what a waste

No. 1486231

and ended up going to the gym like 3 times lol

No. 1486246

File: 1648585489046.jpeg (329.19 KB, 1170x565, 2A556C07-5AC5-44F3-8733-720B32…)

Shay, YOU don’t even touch girls. If anything YOU need to learn how

No. 1486315

File: 1648590444294.png (1.23 MB, 1366x766, sausage hands.png)

Sorry anon but I don't want shanya touching any woman with her pork sausage fingers.

No. 1486323

File: 1648592172381.jpeg (200.61 KB, 1180x1080, 4C0F270E-6F6D-4B53-8D82-904E99…)

I hate the combover so much

No. 1486325

She needs some cantaloupe to go with that cottage cheese

No. 1486362

White trash troon barbie

No. 1486377

The girl is green, serving orc. I will personally be her foundation mommy and send her the correct color so I don't have to look at this poor shade match any longer.

No. 1486431

wtf is she doing with that massive chunk of hair sticking out? she looks so mentally handicapped its not even a joke anymore

No. 1486438

>>1486377 sounds like the beginning of a great poem

No. 1486453

don’t tell me you don’t know what troon means anon

No. 1486464

White trash transgender barbie, I know what it means

No. 1486495

Ah yes, a pillow princess who's repulsed by touching other girls is really going to help someone figure out how to pleasure another girl. Definitely.

No. 1486542

File: 1648608380924.jpeg (Spoiler Image,302.8 KB, 1080x1545, 71C1888B-E6C4-40E4-90B9-CCCBCE…)


No. 1486544

at least its some different angles.

No. 1486547

She has a cold sore or something on her lip

No. 1486574

>thinking those overalls do anything nice for your dumpy ass
The audacity.

At least she made the POV make sense this time for the first time ever

No. 1486577

is Ellen holding the camera? I see stomach and thighs but if it were that gross slave guy idk if shayna would use him since he's so fucking awful looking.

No. 1486579

File: 1648611661786.jpeg (1.77 MB, 1242x1642, 1C87BF8A-E6C3-4252-90E2-6F7B9E…)

The fat bitch mouth kek

No. 1486581

The overalls don’t hide her massive gut

No. 1486582

File: 1648611779640.jpeg (907.54 KB, 853x1422, 919A79AB-92EB-461C-8F9A-681487…)

You. Are. Not. Barbie.

No. 1486585

File: 1648611855195.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.29 MB, 1242x1603, 716F1DEC-B9EE-46D0-A066-005D59…)

All that blurring does is make her look like a pile of dough. It didn’t even help her massive forehead wrinkles kek

No. 1486590

Who the fuck did she work with these are awful. What is this background

No. 1486621

Omg, did she edit these or whoever took these? That shoop on the waist.

No. 1486634

File: 1648617683308.jpeg (Spoiler Image,128.63 KB, 1186x1186, 72D2961F-5B66-4FD1-8170-0AC0ED…)

This is cursed

No. 1486636


I think this is a chair? Or some other furniture… not a human, though I also thought it was for a second.

No. 1486639

File: 1648618259876.jpeg (217.77 KB, 731x699, 0AC741FB-6F73-4539-AE9B-F02F8A…)

Shayna is going to be staying with the crazy junkies for a full week

No. 1486642

I think it's the Lovingly Handmade Porn guy again, he's got a room with gray walls and metal equivalent that she's shot in back when she was thinner

No. 1486762

So you do all that smoothing on the body, but no shoop on the face? So weird. I'd love to see Shay on a reality tv show like the swan just to know if they can work miracles.

No. 1486793

that's because they are from 3 years ago when they actually fit her she got them and a marvel crop top in one her meltdown shopping sprees before she porked up

No. 1486882

why is she always wearing old clothes? isnt she a thriving bimbo? isnt her closet supposed to be huge on nice dresses and full of shoes? she always looks older but her clothes more.

No. 1486922

kek imagining her in her room waving these dildos around for herself

No. 1486962

File: 1648657512372.jpeg (Spoiler Image,947.8 KB, 1242x1627, 7C2525F5-D43E-479C-B5C8-6BDFBC…)

No. 1486985

File: 1648658458279.jpeg (Spoiler Image,702.06 KB, 1242x1685, 356FFD79-975D-4FC7-BBD6-3182C2…)

No need to subscribe when you can see all the ugly photos being “queued” up dumb bitch

No. 1486986

File: 1648658541659.jpeg (Spoiler Image,113.92 KB, 1169x1559, 75DDB016-4BFC-4551-A898-CBD512…)

No. 1486992

File: 1648658740293.jpeg (Spoiler Image,113.82 KB, 1166x1540, 79223112-7292-4960-8458-8322FB…)

No. 1486997

The "pouty" face really doesn't work for her and its like her new go to expression. Her forhead wrinkles are so prominent and the fake mole also makes her look old.
She reminds me of the deranged horny old lady from the new horror movie X for real.

No. 1486998

Looks like more than 3 most days. But also, who wants to see the same kind of pics from the same set for weeks? She takes literally hundreds of pics that only vary slightly every once or twice a month when she actually gets dressed and made up to make a vid.

No. 1487052

File: 1648662829411.jpeg (20.36 KB, 680x447, 2600B5B3-6B15-4479-B2F0-1E41A4…)

God what is that face

No. 1487069

File: 1648663461381.jpeg (1.33 MB, 1006x1843, 0D915E14-9B1C-4E16-98DF-561477…)

No. 1487070

File: 1648663496244.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.48 MB, 1171x2004, 43C76558-0E05-4CAF-BFE5-105E36…)

This looks like sweat

No. 1487074

Or like mucus, gross

No. 1487086

I hate to say it because her line of "work" is filthy and repugnant to me, but simulating the illusion of actually having sex with someone rather than the same floating hot pink sex toys she holds in her hands actually might work out better for her money wise. Surprised it took her so long to try this. She should do this instead of meeting with those crackhead next month.

No. 1487096

she always does this lol what are u talking about? theres 2 things she does: that fuckin microphone looking wand and dicks around her with the worst blowjob

No. 1487116

nah, she hasn’t done a fake blowjob where she bothered to hide the base of the dildo in quite a while

No. 1487128

File: 1648666923557.jpeg (201.79 KB, 1081x1097, 2AA2BD2F-5C8C-4199-BED1-19DC63…)

Built like an SCP

No. 1487136

Lmaooo almost made me choke on my water, thanks nonnie

No. 1487149

File: 1648668731017.jpg (Spoiler Image,47.89 KB, 403x603, catfish.jpg)

Sage for old milk but I couldn't help but post the before and after of her edits. No wonder she rarely books actual gigs she is the ultimate catfish.

No. 1487159

>>1487070 is this the result of her attempting to blur her wrinkles? she looks stiff asf like she got botox

No. 1487179

Item #: SCP-420
Object Class: Euclid
Description: SPC-420 was born without any self awareness. Despite its haggard and bloated appearance, SCP-420 sees its self as anywhere from a young child to a glamorous “Bimbo” and will attempt to disguise its self as such. An outside viewer would see SCP-420 for what it is, an rapidly aging chubby woman dressed in diapers and ill fitting skimpy clothing, but it’s inflated ego blinds it to its own true form. Attempting to break its delusion results in violent fits of rage, therefore SCP-420 should be viewed from a safe distance.

No. 1487183

File: 1648670964996.gif (1.96 MB, 615x413, 96238F94-7CB8-48F6-8EBE-899FB3…)

The anons on this thread are the funniest on this site I swear

No. 1487208

File: 1648672813052.jpg (152.88 KB, 1187x1500, uncleshayna.jpg)

She looks more like him every day

No. 1487323

Kek, I thought she had that fake jizz stuff, this just looks like lube and the position over her nose does look like snot.

No. 1487393

I feel like I should be on a watchlist just for looking at this.

No. 1487512


No. 1487556

Truly amazing, best kek I’ve got on LC

No. 1487577

File: 1648697326115.jpeg (Spoiler Image,29.1 KB, 250x301, 3464A1B6-8DD4-4FB9-840F-9D6FEF…)

No. 1487656

tbh i'm surprised by how much she looks better than usual in pictures lately. looking forward to her next inevitable downfall tho

No. 1487705

Sometimes I feel like I’m looking at different pictures then everyone else. Everything posted today has been hilariously bad

No. 1487757

File: 1648704592908.jpeg (Spoiler Image,882.17 KB, 942x1415, FEC206CA-C4D5-435D-877C-60050F…)

Why is she doing the belle dolphin rat teeth face

No. 1487759

File: 1648704617259.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.48 MB, 1113x2040, B134197E-52BF-4572-859C-BBFCAF…)

No. 1487779

File: 1648705167726.jpeg (403.73 KB, 1242x1956, D730546F-1EE1-4D81-AF5A-658244…)

Big Shaynus needs more doordash dads uwu send and reimburse

No. 1487788

KEK ty nonna

No. 1487847

File: 1648708529631.jpeg (36.28 KB, 385x552, 2AA7FD53-835E-4388-900F-9870AC…)

omg I’m so high rn I thought that was a irl rat mask

No. 1487851

YES! Specially in >>1487759

No. 1487868

Have her teeth always been the same color as her skin?

Why is she too retarded to get makeup to match her skintone? (Oh well, it's already been sperged about).

Girl you can go to CVS– I mean Amazon and get $8 foundation…

No. 1487904

a mixture of that and the alcohol jaundice setting in

No. 1488091

going for a spoiled cruel brat role reversal thing, i guess
keeeeeek she's really feeling the belle delphine in these. im actually laughing out loud.
my fucking sides, i love shaynus threads

No. 1488162

File: 1648745299724.jpeg (Spoiler Image,110.59 KB, 750x1358, 6584FE7E-E0A8-4577-89D6-3D11D7…)

“squishy” what a nice way to say fat. I’m surprised she even said that she seems to avoid any description that implies she anything but skinny

No. 1488176

Holy fuck, I thought for a split second she looked ok body-wise because she’s actually wearing clothes but then her face. It’s so fat, her cheeks look like they’re gonna swallow her mouth kek. Fat chipmunk rat looking bitch

No. 1488177

Ew her armpit looks like it has dark holes/spots because of the smoothing she did

No. 1488206

File: 1648749605919.gif (127.39 KB, 275x275, 283E4A58-FF98-402D-A9A5-CBE0E7…)

smh why would she spend time blurring her entire body but not take 2 seconds to remove her assne?! nasty

No. 1488250

lmao how high that leg can be? anything to hide the beer gut

No. 1488271

I don't like Shatna but I still hope she'll be safe with the junkies. The last thing she needs is to start hard drugs, even worse with online "friends"

No. 1488274

actually, thats what the fat fuck needs so she can lose some weight.

No. 1488275

Such a bad business move… + who wouldnt be bored to see pics from the first set after 2 days? Share a few and give the options to your coomers to buy the rest of the set idk but milking it for days is stupid

No. 1488278

Because she's late on trends and she's delusionnal enough to think she looks great. Always the same answer

No. 1488281

But the methhead lady is a fatty too. also methheads in my hometown are usually fat

No. 1488283

Bummer I thought they did coke or whatever.

No. 1488284

Not to whiteknight the bitch but what's the difference, other than the colors and the boils shop? It's not a new concept that she smoothes her skin in the free twitter pics to rope in more degenerate

No. 1488286

Go back to the ana thread nonna, going for regular walks/joggings with her dog + stopping doordashing fast food for all her meals would be enough to lose a bit of weight, yet she never did nor will

No. 1488294

Random af but which app does she use to make "curvy" watermark? (Not an ewhore, genuinely wondering for a diy project)(derailing)

No. 1488299

You can use most photoshop software/apps if you just look up how for that specific program. I used to use picsart but idk if the curved text is still free fuck these excessive paywalls

No. 1488314

File: 1648756452378.jpeg (Spoiler Image,286.04 KB, 1080x1336, BE136213-71FB-4168-9AA3-9EDC28…)

Linebacker shaped baby

No. 1488330

Put that baby in the Gridiron goddamn. Bitch is built like a wall.

No. 1488345

Just go on word, put the picture there, add a wordArt with the curved style, screenshot the picture, crop the picture however you want, and there you go, a free curved watermark for your pictures.

No. 1488377

you can do it on canva app or site

No. 1488381

how did she share this on her page? im amazed lol she looks fuckin huge, her tits look like a fat boy tits in comparision to her body lmao now to all the anons saying “i think she lost weight lol” i bet theyre shayna anyway

No. 1488383

even the fake cock went limp.

No. 1488413

i recommend phonto

No. 1488512

They're poor white trash, there's no way they could afford coke

No. 1488599

File: 1648776463216.jpeg (421.65 KB, 1536x2048, C115522B-EF90-40DA-BBAE-09FF00…)

What’s wrinklier the skirt or her face?

No. 1488602

File: 1648776743024.jpeg (561.19 KB, 1536x2048, 1D47ECEF-E818-4B2D-8C9B-D888CA…)

The dog hair all over the socks really completes this awful look

No. 1488604

She wears the same three outfits. Why is she so obsessed with ugly wrinkled white high waisted skirts? At this point I wouldn't kind if she had them in every color, it's always the same ugly one more wrinkled then the last. It's not like her clothes are super expensive just buy a bunch of skirts or even white skirts so you'll always have a fresh one until she decides to finally wash her clothes.

No. 1488605

File: 1648777487029.jpeg (105.06 KB, 707x346, 63D6B733-14A1-404D-8BA4-24E607…)

She deleted this but congrats you took the same pictures in the same tired tacky outfit you’ve worn numerous times before and a fucking adult diaper better reward yourself by getting fucked up

No. 1488607

Sometimes I can't tell if she's just genuinely a trashy pig or if she thinks just leaving the doghair on shit is part of her brand of being a stupid baby who can't do anything. There's no way she hasn't seen what anons say about her pig pen when she lurks these threads.

No. 1488609

File: 1648777832965.gif (594.01 KB, 220x198, 8492CA2D-3194-4CC0-BB8F-2F0B52…)

No. 1488610

File: 1648777848957.gif (1.93 MB, 245x240, shaynus hug gif.gif)

No. 1488612

kek nonnie great minds think alike

No. 1488613

File: 1648777931797.jpeg (Spoiler Image,811.27 KB, 740x1348, A91F26A8-7BF6-445F-8FE4-6E1AE9…)

But anon she also filmed an anal coomshow

No. 1488614

I love this thread and all of its autism

No. 1488617

File: 1648778136083.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.68 MB, 3465x3465, E015C1DB-169D-4D43-AD30-A061AA…)

The hair bows and these hair styles just make her look older idk why she thinks it makes her look youthful

No. 1488618

The first photo looks like a mentally unwell middle aged hillbilly dad trying to fix a car. He gets hot easy so he took off his shirt and cut his overalls.

No. 1488619

That thick yellow foundation is giving peanut butter baby

No. 1488625

I swear if I saw this out of context I'l think this is an extremely mentally ill woman being taken advantage of. This photo is horrid. No love deep web shit, bye.

No. 1488641

i haven’t been on this thread in a month and i was legitimately so confused about the thread pic, i thought it was shayna either photoshopped fatter or an ig vs reality pic until i went back

No. 1488664

Sage for slight autism but I wish those anons would shut the fuck up. She will edit the smallest thing or wear a fitted outfit once and suddenly they think she’s lost weight. Like wait for her to post multiple unedited photos and curb your enthusiasm jfc

No. 1488665

What is going on itt, nonnies are ya'll okay? who do I call?

No. 1488666

File: 1648782041210.jpg (57.61 KB, 618x487, girl I saw it.JPG)


No. 1488670

I'm glad someone capped it. Shit was too entertaining.

No. 1488685

Thankyou. Our cow has been really "active" lately

No. 1488687

File: 1648783105405.jpeg (897.28 KB, 1242x1658, 9A8080AF-5A2A-4E3B-BCA2-270E7E…)

Why would you want more junk that collects dust and dog hair that you don’t even enjoy instead of furniture?

No. 1488691

File: 1648783456637.jpeg (687.71 KB, 1242x1321, 684874D1-B740-4584-9DC1-049E8E…)

I have a feeling it’s the goth whore

No. 1488692

File: 1648783628465.jpeg (329.53 KB, 657x987, 5A82E6EE-6C24-4F0C-97F4-9D6F3F…)

She had the audacity to send this monstrosity in the OF DMS

No. 1488697

Kek I bet you’re right

No. 1488698

What in the hell did I just watch… how did she show off her boobs AND vag and she still didn’t give off a hint of sexiness. Girl.

No. 1488701

𝕹𝖔, 𝕴 𝖆𝖒 𝖓𝖔𝖙 𝖙𝖍𝖊 𝖌𝖔𝖙𝖍 𝖜𝖍𝖔𝖗𝖊.
𝖄𝖔𝖚 𝖗𝖊𝖙𝖆𝖎𝖓 𝖙𝖍𝖗𝖊𝖊 𝖌𝖚𝖊𝖘𝖘𝖊𝖘 𝖔𝖚𝖙 𝖔𝖋 𝖋𝖔𝖚𝖗.

No. 1488702

Is this bitch typing in calligraphy

No. 1488703

Shut up

No. 1488704

nonnies we only got 3 guesses left!!

No. 1488705

File: 1648785247968.jpeg (530.41 KB, 1206x2208, 19EA7C4C-939A-491E-ABD2-C45C7B…)

One of the gnomes who grew up with Shayna is here to give us riddles

No. 1488707

File: 1648785400530.jpeg (269.14 KB, 750x512, 6922AD01-20EB-4FCD-A4B0-CB28B2…)

Lmao sit down molester moon

No. 1488708

File: 1648785419380.jpeg (331.02 KB, 750x966, AA14D709-58E6-47BF-9315-110E63…)

What looking like this does to a motherfucker

No. 1488711

, ? ? ’ , 9926258 - .(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1488712

𝔖𝔥𝔲𝔱 𝔱𝔥𝔢 𝔥𝔢𝔩𝔩 𝔲𝔭 𝔯𝔢𝔱𝔞𝔯𝔡

No. 1488734

youre not clever fat retard

No. 1488735

File: 1648787792041.jpg (25.12 KB, 445x320, DvnCjA1VsAIarGN.jpg)

When I read the deleted posts I immediately thought of this kek

No. 1488737

I'm screaming! I hadn't read this but it sounds really dangerous and I need an update. Isn't David Lynch deep into Transcendental Meditation? He'll probably use his mind powers to make the anon's head explode like the guy from Scanners if they keep messing with his aura like that.

No. 1488741

File: 1648788811706.jpg (14.72 KB, 359x117, farmhands beware.JPG)

I found it kinda funny anon kkkkk

No. 1488748

File: 1648790209323.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.41 MB, 1152x1881, E49D97B6-8FEC-4FFA-9626-DF08F0…)


No. 1488749

File: 1648790293725.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.68 MB, 1112x2009, ACD85D73-4E01-44C7-9A44-93DE46…)

Did she really have Ellen degenerate wear a glove for this set

No. 1488751

kek I didn't know that about David Lynch, but fucking of course he is. I hope he fucks this anon up bad, long live Lynch

No. 1488752

maybe im reading into it too much but i like the implication that she decides to do anal while wearing rainbow because in her mind anal is some kind of homage to the gay community but she’s just a straight white girl whoring herself out for attention

No. 1488753

File: 1648790533966.jpeg (222.85 KB, 1411x1242, 5462C31A-4664-43FE-96F0-91BDB7…)

No. 1488754

Oh god I freaked out for a quick second because I thought she was about to blow a dog. I need a break from shay threads.

No. 1488755

what is the fucking point of making the dildo behind her look realistic but the one she’s holding’s handle is completely visible? does that dildo represent an actual dildo in the fantasy scenario? Is it attached to the teddy bear?

No. 1488757

I think she is trying to larp as a prepubescent child with the my little pony crap, and rainbows because that’s what kids like. And she’s sexualizing it

No. 1488758

No it’s suppose to be “two dudes coming over to her uwu step dads” when she’s “home alone” she’s just retarded and didn’t make effort

No. 1488760

Kek she learned since we recognized Ellen’s manicure last time she filmed with her

No. 1488762

The face your cat makes when you catch it about to vomit on your carpet

No. 1488772

saged for tripfagging but yall gay af for zooming in and inspecting her coochie

No. 1488786

Welcome to lolcow, since you’re new here you might be surprised to learn a good portion of the users are in fact gay

No. 1488843

No one gay is looking at this bitch pussy, that counts as conversion therapy

No. 1488874

Is this a screencap from a video or did she actually genuinely post this exact image?

No. 1488876

It’s an image she willingly posted kek

No. 1488917

I should've known tbh, but it's difficult to accept how her brain functions

No. 1488952

>big girl

No. 1488973

less than flattering but atleast its a new expression

No. 1489012

Does anyone follow her ABDL insta?

No. 1489033

whats the deal with them wearing the shitty gas station gloves? soy salvatore did it too

No. 1489054

File: 1648828565911.jpeg (482.41 KB, 1242x773, AD35D82E-38AE-4998-A497-0733D1…)

I hate when cows beg for likes. It just makes you not want to like it. It’s annoying

No. 1489056

File: 1648828633057.gif (1.58 MB, 275x275, 08FDA9F7-D279-4BCE-AD65-51ACFC…)

Don’t forget who started it

No. 1489058

File: 1648828775069.jpeg (Spoiler Image,759.12 KB, 1242x1252, FE490A72-6F1E-47AA-B293-A6BD81…)

She looks like a melted pile of butter

No. 1489060

No. 1489072

File: 1648829670939.jpg (Spoiler Image,115.91 KB, 700x484, shartszenpoundzen.jpg)

Literally what the fuck is that. She looks like a cartoon witch.
Nona, put that thing back where it came from. I'm haunted by this gif. Saged for my retarded edit.

No. 1489076

File: 1648830065855.jpeg (24.87 KB, 518x386, F0615C13-B188-4325-B6E8-6C111A…)

No. 1489128


No. 1489134

File: 1648833509769.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.79 MB, 1136x1920, 2FF807AF-32B6-47B3-9AC7-3907ED…)

The caked on makeup looks so disgusting

No. 1489135

You edited this so well kek next thread pic?

No. 1489136

File: 1648833572789.jpeg (Spoiler Image,386.61 KB, 1068x1952, 0B7026DD-6E7E-4634-A730-73F712…)

Big shay

No. 1489144

File: 1648834751783.jpg (Spoiler Image,52.2 KB, 640x640, 5049528.jpg)

Everytime I see Shay, I think of think of slightly cooked butter ball turkey. She's shaped and colored like one, except she's not delicious with stuffing and Mac & cheese.

No. 1489146

honestly i love the addition of the gut with the highly saturated and barely detailed toy looking dick/dildo, it looks so ridiculous. the dildo quality is just so poor in all cases that it ruins the illusion

No. 1489152

Her fingers look so fat and swollen! Is it because she’s on all fours and the blood can’t circulate enough?!

No. 1489153

not a single curve lol a fridge spongebob shaped lil fatty girl

No. 1489157

She looks like an oompa loompa with that orange makeup
Does weight gain mean gaining a gross Virginia that looks swollen

No. 1489168

Some anons were quick to praise her for finally, after five years, figuring out how to create a pov. Never thought I would type this sentence but that's a "dick on a rod sticking behind a teddy bear" fail

No. 1489185

POV stepdaddy left you home alone so you invite over a giant living teddy bear with a metal rod in its dick and a depressed overweight 32 year old nanny for some fun!

No. 1489186

Jesus Christ, did she use hummus as foundation?

No. 1489201

I’ve seen rats that look less rat-like than this.

No. 1489202

File: 1648839200770.jpeg (Spoiler Image,560.69 KB, 2114x2102, B0517398-C06F-4E04-AF3C-7857B0…)

Her latest cumshow was 4 minutes long and was the same thing she does as usual

No. 1489216

File: 1648839635089.png (Spoiler Image,9.23 MB, 1242x2208, D4676745-275E-4E98-BEFC-B3CB43…)

No. 1489229

i dont get it if shes too lazy to go to school where does she find the motivation to give herself enemas all the time and like youre supposed to fast before you do them how does she manage with her lifestyle its kind of insane to me

No. 1489232

Where did you get it that she does enemas?

No. 1489234

well her mystery is: she doesn't EVER do enemas. crazy right? have you ever seen her or at least hear her announce that she did an enema? no. so there's your answer to that question, newfag.

No. 1489240

This noony must be new around if he/she is assuming Shaynus give herself enemas. Hilarious. Only less than five threats ago we saw the mayochup porn of hers and our lives was marked forever with that view.
My own assumption is that she cuts and blurrs parts of her videos where she puts out a dirty toy or there's shit involved. I believe the shitshow never stops.(newfag)

No. 1489255

I've never fasted before an enema but I'm not a degenerate and did them for surgery. Also, there's no way she would do them, she's too lazy, we've seen the shit.

No. 1489302

You must be new around here too if you haven't learned to sage.

No. 1489315

Nta, but gay men do enemas before anal sex to prevent poo accidents. The anon above must have thought Shayna would do the same to stop herself getting poo on her toys and making the videos more gross than they already are (scrote logic is being able to shove things into someones rectum and having it come out perfectly shitless)

No. 1489452

Nta either but porn stars, male or female do the exact same and eat certain things or cut certain foods out if they know they have an anal shoot.

No. 1489457

File: 1648852448295.jpeg (209.67 KB, 750x573, F835FB42-BB8B-44AA-A8DC-EE22E9…)

All of her relationships sound miserable the only things she ever brags about is them insulting her

No. 1489458

How does this cow not have an efukt compilation by now

No. 1489464

Her girlfriend seems like a unpaid manager. How do you not know your own schedule? It can't be that fucking full. They never have normal situations. She thinks this is cute but it seems like every single person in her life gets annoyed with her and says whatever, because she'll take it as kinky and twitter worthy.
Until it's over, then it's abuse.

No. 1489475

File: 1648855182775.jpeg (123.92 KB, 750x556, 846553A3-EC29-4509-A47D-B53137…)

She doesn’t even take care of the one she’s got cooped up in her filthy hovel

No. 1489477

lmao then we are gonna see dog hairs as her pubes.
also, do we still believing in that Ellen relationship? its made for the scrotes its obvious, u know she will be posting her having sex all over, she doesnt stand the chance, she has to show everybody. and its been too long.

No. 1489487

None of this post made any sense to me

No. 1489498

Yeah nonnie over there had a stroke at the end

No. 1489502

She looks like a surprised goblin whose mutton just fell out of its mouth

No. 1489510

Kek nonnie, she does looks like a goblin getting attacked by the goblin slayer.

No. 1489520

Okay.. but shayna’s never said anything and you know she’d make it ~kinky~ she’s not a gay man or an actual porn star and she’s literally had shit on dildos. she doesn’t give a fuck. So idk why that’s even a thing and that was my question not why do people do enemas

No. 1489588

She's absolutely admitted she doesnt do any prep and even eats before filming. The hog probably just figures that if she's taken at shit any time before shooting that that's good enough. And since her porn is bottom barrel and gross and its just dildo stuff anyway, it doesn't matter. If she has a shituation, she'll just sell it as a vid for 20 whole bucks.

No. 1489744

this broke me omf, the way the dogs seem to be side eyeing her lol.

looking like one tooth patrick in the top left.

No. 1489787

File: 1648879070746.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.7 MB, 1119x1890, 1E63AC36-22EF-45FC-99B6-8CB572…)

Shayna Clifford #104: Butterball Turkey Edition

No. 1489789

File: 1648879118077.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.41 MB, 993x1822, 7C31E577-EDCE-4D71-B68D-B4DE8F…)

Full gut on display with no shame

No. 1489790

File: 1648879156736.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.44 MB, 998x1742, 54AA89BD-3710-4209-8B8D-805306…)

No. 1489798

Weeping and gnashing and a moaning of teeth

No. 1489806

This chick’s skin so thirsty

No. 1489828

Scrote alert

No. 1489888

as if no woman has heard of efukt lmao

No. 1489906

why so orange

No. 1489985

Seriously. Girl is looking like she has jaundice.

No. 1490038

No woman who browses a fucked up porn site frequently enough to know she’s not on there. And certainly not the first time it is brought up itt as a thinly veiled request for a fap folder compilation.

No. 1490067

I wouldnt call this one of her best vids or anything. She looks wretched. But at least its not the same tired shit where she gets on her day bed, lays on her back, shoves a dildo in one of her gashes, presses the huge loud wand on her entire cunt until she fake orgasms in 30 seconds. Because shes been making the exact same porn for years now. Its about time she tried some angles and actual pov (even though she still didnt get it completely right, she made an effort)

No. 1490087

i cant with her anymore. this is just horrible, why does she post this lol

No. 1490156

It wasn’t even a video just a photo set bitch is lazy the “free” video she did post was the laying back with vibrator smashed against as she makes retarded sped faces

No. 1490161

File: 1648920951085.jpeg (Spoiler Image,901.9 KB, 1242x1412, FCEB710D-6597-4E91-B824-F330F4…)

>soooo much content
uh the same five pictures from one photo set doing the smirk isn’t content

No. 1490162

File: 1648920974278.jpeg (Spoiler Image,904.59 KB, 1242x1281, 53F9150F-84D1-4FFF-A9D9-6BF659…)


No. 1490188

File: 1648922425399.jpeg (619.95 KB, 936x790, F2D2C5D3-05C6-412E-BE86-E10BBC…)

No. 1490249

File: 1648925816717.jpeg (167.04 KB, 750x1195, C8E07DCE-7755-41C5-9CBA-7F2AFB…)

Her switching between talking about “the dad” and “my dad” to her coomers who don’t give a fuck about her personal life has them very confused. They’re all commenting thinking her actual dad saw her sex toys. Just call him your boyfriend weirdo

No. 1490258

File: 1648925973343.jpeg (926.68 KB, 1242x1585, 2419F5F4-03C0-4C8D-94C8-2F07E9…)

You don’t look like that in real life fatty

No. 1490260

Guess she got sick of us talking about her nasty ass floors and needed a way to show off the new roomba

No. 1490261

File: 1648926046286.jpeg (1006.68 KB, 1242x1455, 54D25957-BD9B-44E4-B34A-BDF927…)


No. 1490264

I thought that was a cooking pot. kek her place is still grimy

No. 1490266

It’s not a bf though. I think he genuinely thinks he’s a “sugar daddy” (when in reality he’s broke) he gets to take fatty out to eat at Applebee’s and buys her clearance uggs so he can put his dirty hands on her in the parking lot and feel her back rolls

No. 1490271

File: 1648926305864.jpeg (80.95 KB, 750x209, A080F11D-F22E-4C25-A80E-A45376…)

Nope, another one of her massive plates of cheese and crackers, aka the only thing she “cooks” paired with her new autistic hyper-fixation because her new best friends at the spanking thing recommended it once

No. 1490284

I think in Shayna’s mind he’s her boyfriend, she refers to him as the guy she’s “dating” and has said the word “boyfriend” is disgusting so she calls him dad. she has him over at least once a week for a booty call, if he was giving her gifts or money she’d be posting about it, she lost her shit when he gave her a discount build a bear. I’m not so sure he sees her as a girlfriend though, just a cheap lay who doesn’t ask for anything other then affection and attention

No. 1490320

Ohh she’s starting early. It’s been a while since we had a drunk meltdown. Fingers crossed!

No. 1490321

kek is that the hello Kitty alarm clock Ellen got her? Peak bathroom decor

No. 1490330

File: 1648928572629.jpeg (817.52 KB, 1242x1567, 85A76917-C0DA-4825-973A-F23972…)

No it’s a different hello kitty clock. idk why she needs two? i know this because I have the clock and wanted to throw it out after Shaynus posted her big chungus gf got it for her Fucking consumerist. All of shaynas plastic pink shit she keeps throwing away rotting in the land fillwhenever she moves every 2-3 years pisses me off

No. 1490335

Predictions when/if she'll ever open that bathset giftbox that's been gathering dust for months now?

No. 1490339

kek the ultimate fat girl pose
all these bimbo sweatpants and she dresses like a Slaton sister.

No. 1490344

The long lost third slaton sister, Shayna Clifford

No. 1490388

how would it be any different than the multiple lolcow banners or excessive screen caps itt of her porn and close ups of her pussy with in depth commentary? get a grip nonnie.

No. 1490397

Pretty sure people aren’t fapping to compilations on efukt kek its basically the rotten dot com of gen z. the bizarre shrinking porn alone qualifies her.

No. 1490403

It won't and it will get tossed out when she goes on a meth bender.

No. 1490459

and posting close ups of her butthole and boob veins to conspire about how she has 4 different diseases kek, there's no telling whos a moid in these threads because most of you act like moids in this thread

No. 1490545

File: 1648939530292.jpeg (410.64 KB, 1170x864, 023AAA33-0E2D-4BF8-A23C-07C1FB…)

Can’t wait for this train wreck

No. 1490604

I'm already sick just thinking about it, "imagine the smell" kind of thing. I hope it brings in quality milk!

No. 1490623

>the smell

Ever since someone said Shay prob smells like hotdog water it's all I can think about whenever I look at her fatass. My face scrunches up like the photo stinks.

No. 1490634

File: 1648942330188.jpeg (150.07 KB, 750x381, DF054437-08E8-485E-9547-B71ED6…)

fupa didn’t need to help make you look like a joke you do it daily just fine on your own

No. 1490652

Why tf do they need a play kitchen? Does Vivi not have a real kitchen? I don’t get the point in being an adult and using fake kitchen toys

No. 1490657

File: 1648943076330.jpeg (578.96 KB, 1242x1449, 43B94861-884F-41A8-8F01-9D8BB2…)

Her wishlist is so gross

No. 1490758

GOD YES, let some braindead coomer buy this for them cause shat is gonna look like the Incredible Hulk with meat sweats.

No. 1490802

Kek could you imagine these 2 fatties bouncing about on that unicorn thing which is intended for 18 MONTHS+

No. 1490860

I dunno if anyone capped it, she deleted it before I got it but she tweeted that she just woke up from a “champagne nap” which is a real cute way to say she was passed out drunk all day

No. 1490886

File: 1648950765530.jpeg (315.68 KB, 1242x1307, 6A43F386-B306-43BE-AD28-6949BA…)

>no dialogue

No. 1490889

File: 1648950826851.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.5 MB, 1085x2061, 63D496D0-C474-41C7-90C1-663D75…)

No. 1490895

File: 1648950930178.jpeg (437.74 KB, 1242x1598, 8037B184-3413-4430-979A-F3F045…)

So lazy

No. 1490907

lmao and what for? they will be like 10 pics and 140 will be a variation of those kek

No. 1490920

This was already posted 3 days ago >>>/snow/1487070 I don’t blame u it’s hard to tell when shit gets reposted because she takes 100 of the same photo and posts it for weeks

No. 1490921

yeah this is quite disturbing

No. 1490922

she posted that today as if it was a new post she’s so annoying and lazy omg imagine being a coomer and getting nothing

No. 1491094

File: 1648964951753.jpeg (58.77 KB, 683x171, 1728AC7A-F1DD-4316-980C-E6470B…)

i got you

No. 1491149

File: 1648973422677.jpeg (178.43 KB, 750x1266, F9C642E4-1437-456B-95BD-714364…)

She has no coomers she’s an absolute nobody so she went ahead and bought the damn children’s play kitchen for herself

No. 1491245

lmao she is gonna get killed by these two degenerate junkies

No. 1491337

She's going to meet up with them and it'll be some drama. Especially if they met at their dirty ass house. Shaynas not clean herself but they seem slightly more dirty and creepy.
I can see some drama happening from the boyfriend. Though, shaynas retarded and shouldn't be meeting up with Twitter random. Plus she's been screaming for almost a year now about wanting to be kidnapped and all kinds of weird shit… so yeah. If she wasn't who she was I'd worry but she's Shayna. She makes dumb decisions,does dumb things and she's disgusting. Whatever happens happens. I doubt it'll even happen or anything of note will happen though. Besides gross porn.

No. 1491470

File: 1649006856551.jpeg (1.04 MB, 1170x1735, 441E1A76-9DAD-45DD-BF23-87129B…)

More crap to collect dust

No. 1491482

There is no way Shay is going there. She is absolutely going to back out last minute because of her "bad brain" and there will probably be some drama since this dirty junkie is wasting money.

No. 1491517

Her bf looks like a tweaker and I think Shay will back out considering I just know she doesn't want to touch him.

No. 1491552

File: 1649011674357.jpg (Spoiler Image,496.25 KB, 1050x1248, Screenshot_20220403-144436_Twi…)

This meetup is going to be a royal mess. Making and using homemade diapers, this is nightmare fuel

No. 1491555

File: 1649011840035.jpeg (206.15 KB, 750x1207, 9BEA6744-22D3-4779-8ACD-710C96…)

Vivi talks about them having room mates that live in their filthy home as well, I wonder what they think about having Shayna around. I can’t imagine her being stuck in their filthy “play room” for a whole week. At least she will have a miniature children’s kitchen in there for some reason to keep her entertained?

No. 1491574

she’s such a dumbass. this isnt a docking station. its just a novelty item to make you switch look like a mini arcade cabinet. the only switch game she plays is animal crossing and why the fuck would you play that on the switch monitor when you have an actual television. she’s an idiot and this will be thrown out next move. such a GaMeR gIrL.

No. 1491594

If it’s cheaply made pink garbage Shayna will buy it. And then throw it away. It’s essentially just a holder for the switch. It’s kind of cool but Fatty needs to buy furniture not more pink crap

No. 1491615

File: 1649018660868.jpeg (264.52 KB, 750x876, 9D039111-26D7-4E6F-9474-108A54…)

Child abuse is so kinky

No. 1491636

i hate this fucking old ugly fat mutant disgusting pussy piece of waste. this is too much. i hope she goes with Vivi and get a fucking disease so her pussy and ass can rot.

No. 1491687

Women like her get theirs. Inshallah she will become a cold case, victim to the kinds of men she panders to.

No. 1491694

How can these bitches fuck around these toys for toddlers and think that they’re not pedophiles?

No. 1491704

Careful nonitas, you'll get told you're a-logging for rightfully wishing death upon a pedo.

No. 1491742

Everytime Shayna posts shit like this, I wonder if she's watched a true crime show and she's pulling deprived ideas from them? The reason I say this is because at least twice she's admitted to being uncomfortable that her kinks were involved or kinks were shamed in true crime cases. She has zero personality and originality so sometimes I wonder, "what movie/true crime case did she get this idea from?" It's autistic I know but Shay seems the type. The music/shows/movies she watches become her personality and help her form opinions.

No. 1491831

File: 1649036400274.jpeg (1019.95 KB, 1242x1633, 2876A75A-A736-4619-9F97-B8B32A…)

No. 1491832

File: 1649036446862.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.48 MB, 1126x2088, C1E77823-78EC-47AE-A9F7-E7D94B…)

KEK how is this sexy? Genuinely looks like snot and/or pork sweats

No. 1491835

File: 1649036660745.jpeg (331.29 KB, 2044x775, CF51102B-05A8-4F0F-93CB-080BE8…)

No. 1491838

That’s why instead of deleting that embarrassing anal video where she shit on the fake cock; she tried to special sell it as a “scat” video and maybe had one coomer (or farmer) purchase it

No. 1491843

Corpse legs

No. 1492014

Poor circulation from sitting on her fat yet nonexistent ass all day everyday bloated corpse looking hambeast

No. 1492091

File: 1649069465179.jpeg (41.26 KB, 640x534, AE9FEB0F-299A-4153-AE22-69C3D6…)

No. 1492136

Absolute kek nonny

No. 1492155

Jesus Christ

No. 1492183

That bottom photo is one of the scariest things I have ever seen.

No. 1492267

Holy shit her legs are purple, which is usually a sign of a chronic heart or lung condition if not caused by extremely low blood oxygen. Either she's horrible at Photoshop or she's got severe health problems she should address.

No. 1492278

File: 1649089528062.jpeg (230.71 KB, 1170x782, 0B4F2B63-3644-4D9C-8FC9-FC635A…)

Keep telling yourself that Shay

No. 1492280

File: 1649089562224.jpeg (359.03 KB, 1170x1697, 4DF5027D-F2A1-475F-AC4A-04A938…)

No. 1492287


Probably a dumb scrote trying to do some roleplay and starting with a neg.

No. 1492291

obviously fupapa kek

No. 1492307

Holy shit the porn these psychos make is the most deranged shit

No. 1492355

ngl fupa was the first person who came to mind when i read this lmao

No. 1492368

File: 1649094052718.jpeg (466.49 KB, 1170x1275, BCB4928E-26ED-4D14-91C4-3DE933…)

There seems to ALWAYS be construction going on when she plans to “work”

No. 1492407

File: 1649095915834.jpeg (456.04 KB, 1080x3116, 15C968BC-F8DA-4888-98CC-A08800…)

Oh my god i have no words, her face

No. 1492422

"After losing her business due to the pandemic 63yr old Shirley turned to porn" looking like a botched granny

No. 1492431

She edited her face so badly here

No. 1492458

yknow what shay, please just go back to doing that ugly side smirk

No. 1492484


I was planning on filming today but insert X Y Z for why I can't, this pattern spans years and you're right she does frequently use construction noise as a reason.

Hey Shayna here is some solid advice you won't use. Maybe take some of the money you get sent to you for literally doing nothing and instead of spending it on cheap pink made in china bs you like I don't know SOUND PROOF YOUR GD PORN ROOM. Alternatively invest in a fucking high vis vest and hard hat and be "Construction Barbie Bimbo" and use the fucking noise to your advantage.

No. 1492508

She truly has an unfortunate face and body. She has to stop doing this expression, it elongates her stupid face and opening her mouth makes her look sped. Not a single muscle on her body, she looks like a long board with clothes. Fuck this is sad.

No. 1492519

Ewww omg she looks so old why does she pedo pander

No. 1492528

File: 1649102462130.jpg (14.28 KB, 240x320, 1505176044257.jpg)

Shayna… literally just become a receptionist… this is, I can't. How can you be so genetically unfortunate, have a way out through family and economical support and still choose to display your pork persona online for everyone to see. I am in dismay, I need a break-

No. 1492603

this is actually terrifying, it looks like she’s discovered how to use the stretch tool in the past few pics to try to look taller/thinner and it makes her face look extremely long and uncanny she looks like an SCP

No. 1492610

File: 1649107214757.jpeg (673.6 KB, 828x1195, 05E68F6A-3E5C-4B1A-9EC3-833370…)

samefag but the stretch tool and snaggletooth are not working out in her favor

No. 1492615

The fact that she pretends to care about the background noise and quality of her shitty videos is just… chef kiss

No. 1492629

>>1492368 tinfoil: every other day shaynas neighbors hammer nails on some wood board so they cant hear this retard counting down to an orgasm

No. 1492662

good Lord, thank you Shayna for being a ridiculous clown! all this thread gave me is confidence and love for my body.
also what the fuck is that photoshop its so poor. these were the pro photoshoot? lmao

No. 1492693

If by pro shoot you mean shot by an ugly guy who she met an a kink party who makes bad porn in his basement then yeah. She needs to control her own angles from now on, not that she does much better but damn every picture from this shoot was been awful

No. 1492701

I choose to believe that this is the case.

No. 1492709

i mean, if these are the good ones i cant even imagine what the bad ones are yikes

No. 1492737

File: 1649115453108.png (1.58 MB, 750x1334, E13EF032-89C8-4C03-BB61-B67DB9…)

imagine waking up everyday and having to be shayna clifford the greasiest pig in washington state(nitpicking)

No. 1492750

Imagine how bad the video is going to be

No. 1492785

File: 1649117539857.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.49 MB, 1122x1934, 21EC9240-5816-4012-A225-B9689F…)

What alcohol does to a MF

No. 1492786

File: 1649117601551.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.34 MB, 1082x1893, A6FAC443-A917-4DF5-8CB0-5D2531…)

Jaundice Mattel

No. 1492789

File: 1649117699795.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.13 MB, 1242x1249, 971A0FB5-3915-4B04-BA55-3F4EDA…)

The foundation dripping onto the cracks of her chapped lips

No. 1492790

File: 1649117728384.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.28 MB, 1242x1636, C924368A-E524-4444-934A-BF173B…)

No. 1492839

File: 1649120726964.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1004.78 KB, 1170x1612, 7D32A449-D0D8-45E1-9249-0FDC5A…)

She literally just opened it?

No. 1492840

File: 1649120730338.jpeg (23.76 KB, 385x279, 55A19452-3AA6-46CA-AF88-42CD04…)

No. 1492842

File: 1649120784200.jpeg (918.79 KB, 1170x1373, 8317708B-B8F8-4DBC-A11C-C3B1CA…)

No. 1492867

She’s still got moving boxes piled up in her living room her laziness knows no bounds

No. 1492869

I am having an optical illusion and I can’t tell if that is her arm or leg, on the left side of the picture. It keeps flipping in my mind where it clearly looks like one limb, But then switches to the other. It seems too huge to be an arm

No. 1492872

i always forget how fucking horrendous her greasy straight hair is until i see old photos of her. if only she took care of her curls, but we all know that will never happen

No. 1492880

kek took me a second to figure it out but it's her pudgy shoulder/upper arm. it looks more massive than usual cause its so close to the camera

No. 1492885

this but its still too big to be an arm, looks bigger than her legs kek Fatty Mattel
remember when the girl who took these pictures came here to talk shit about her
her eyes looks swollen like thyroid eyes

No. 1492905

I'm assuming she found out when her fat ass broke the bed?

No. 1492917

File: 1649126067731.jpeg (303.33 KB, 1170x851, 741929E7-D25B-4E0B-87E0-82E795…)

You mean thanks to Jason R Womack?

No. 1492925

I wish that girl would come back again. Im sure she had more dirt to spill.

No. 1492941

New kitchen knives for what? All those meals she doesn’t cook? Or will this be the return of those cringe knife pics she used to take in the tumblr days

No. 1492963

She said she only hung out with her once or twice. She was pretty forthcoming so I doubt she had anything else

No. 1492989

The old ones probably became as dull as herself, and she doesn't know how to sharpen them.

No. 1493101

Can you blame them though? No one should touch her without gloves

No. 1493114

File: 1649136912716.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.22 MB, 986x1790, 15FFD75C-43F9-4A88-A59C-7D53F9…)

melted dough boy looking ass

No. 1493115

File: 1649136934632.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.23 MB, 1012x1871, A22E2CC5-B029-457B-ACA3-E02107…)

I hate that snaggletooth

No. 1493158

She really just blurped some ky jelly on her face and called it a day. And nonnies here said she had cum-colored lube during the mayochup saga. As if she would ever put effort into anything.

No. 1493168

Next ask your sugar daddies for some money to fix those front teeth

No. 1493289


No. 1493304

File: 1649158329957.jpg (155.76 KB, 583x400, 400.jpg)

>scary painting bitch from it

No. 1493317

File: 1649160153452.jpg (19.74 KB, 320x350, 1642099744170.jpg)

>gastroenterologist-chan was right
shayna please see a doctor holy fuck

No. 1493347

I'm sure she'd be very proud of this as she's such a dumb bimbo,but Shaynus….you got Noodle in 2019 that makes it three years not four. Sage for stupid nitpick

No. 1493351

Idk. Her awful body has kind of placed her in the "fat ugly girl you're embarrassed about, but she'll let you abuse her so you still fuck her" category. It sort of works for her? She should play that narrative up.

No. 1493373

File: 1649166786058.jpeg (Spoiler Image,129.83 KB, 1012x764, ECCA1764-B209-4E16-889A-3B55FC…)

No. 1493382

the bottom image is going to give me nightmares holy shit

No. 1493407

Every receptionnists I've seen at work were actually nice and really useful. Shay couldnt. She would be ok working at a fast food or weed shop tho but that's about it

No. 1493451

Has she seen human jizz before? There’s like 5 ways to make make cum why is she using lube???? She took these and said “yeah this is great. Totally doesn’t look like I have snot all over my face. This is fine” and then posted them????

No. 1493472

That's been her irl dating life for the last couple years.

No. 1493481

what stupid fuck doesn’t realize a bed needs a box spring

No. 1493556

The kind that slept on a mattress on the floor for years because she was too broke/lazy to buy a bed

No. 1493560

The kind that slept on a piss covered rug because she was thriving so much she didn’t need a bed

No. 1493631

File: 1649187016177.jpeg (72.21 KB, 602x602, D07D1E5E-D2F9-4F3D-BE1B-622195…)

Am I the only one that noticed the bad layered haircut in the second picture

No. 1493654

File: 1649188674477.jpeg (226.04 KB, 750x744, C93CA638-C062-4410-BA73-C47C8A…)

She’s such a boring shut in all of her stories are basic human interaction “asfshhskdjsjsjdjdjajs”

No. 1493713

the rig she didn’t even pick out or install herself? that rig? what a thing to tweet about

No. 1493723

She couldn't even be a receptionist because that requires calendar management which she cant even keep track of what days go by.

No. 1493785

Her hair always looks horrible and choppy like that, idk if she exclisively goes to places that have no idea how to deal with curly hair/don't straighten it completely before cutting, or her dead damaged hair just breaks off in chunks. Either seems plausible.

No. 1493870

What happened to shaynas mystery illness where she was vague posting about a “long road of recovery” ahead of her. Did she forget about that or

No. 1493879

it can't be positive in any way for her to share these photos. she's only gotten uglier and fatter since then.

No. 1494074

File: 1649214283173.jpeg (194.34 KB, 750x1272, 9BD65EFA-61B7-403B-9401-3F6D58…)

so many of her new pedo account orbiters are trannies

No. 1494079

Yeah honestly. I think she just got food poisoning or something stupid and thought she'd milk it as an excuse not to work the week before her shoot.

No. 1494113

i get that it’s the point of kink or whatever but i just can’t imagine any of her retarded ideas being sexy. oh yea baby i wanna be tired as fuck and cranky and also have you treat me like I’m special needs

No. 1494153

This is vile and beyond twisted. Don’t think it won’t come back to you Shayna

No. 1494176

File: 1649222110551.jpeg (704.19 KB, 1242x1623, 9B1222B5-E622-4DF8-85A7-7FD3D5…)

her tongue omg

No. 1494189

Are the lines from where she scraped the plaque build up with her rat teeth tf???

No. 1494250

Idk why people think they are being cute when they show their tongues. Especially Shay’s is really gross looking

No. 1494370

do not google the technically medical condition known as "hairy tongue"

No. 1494371

Disgusting oral hygiene aside, she looks like she has lost some weight

No. 1494374

at least this is thematically cohesive but she really does choose to make herself look special needs and it's an odd choice when she could simply… not

No. 1494398

There's always 2 or 3 anons who say this then get proven wrong when a video is posted as if it isn't common knowledge that she edits her photos. There's no way she's losing weight without putting effort in and we'd definitely hear from her if she was.

No. 1494431


why did no one tell her to stop making that stupid ass face? She doesn't have a youthful face, she looks like a crack addict gearing up to tell you a children's bedtime story

No. 1494432

wdym anon that disgusting dish towel she wears as a skirt is stretched to the max even when she is just fucking standing. i dont think the can sit normally in this without it busting.

No. 1494492

File: 1649257038963.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.43 MB, 1077x2012, 0C8E79EF-9D7E-41F4-A95B-BAD7D3…)

No she’s still a fat rat

No. 1494507

it’s giving down syndrome

No. 1494548

Its so fucking annoying. She physically cannot lose weight without a proper diet where she is actually calculating her macros and not going over a daily calorie intake AND doing at the very least some mild exercise. So sick of anons being retarded and saying shes lost weight just because she edited the hell out of a pic and posed better. You can clearly see how much face tuning she did in these to make her whole face look slimmer. Just because she's wearing a cheap skirt that isn't literally about to burst, edits, and is standing doesn't mean she lost weight.
Just say "she's made it so she doesnt look as porky in this pic" or something if you want to throw her a compliment for doing the bare minimum as opposed to sitting like a melting butter stick on a dish.

No. 1494558

File: 1649263531246.jpeg (252.54 KB, 750x808, 7A1B51FB-F395-41F4-B6B6-E31CFC…)

He’s engaged Shayna, he doesn’t want you

No. 1494575

Evil, vile sick in the head freaks. I'm fighting the urge to a-log!!!!!!

No. 1494577

Then delete the Snapchat’s?

No. 1494588

Girl please stop this narrative. Maybe he did this when you first started threatening but towards the end? It really felt like he wanted her to leave. He quickly moved on

No. 1494590

File: 1649266001389.jpeg (Spoiler Image,315.47 KB, 750x1844, 731E1168-2FB2-4777-B269-65FFDC…)

I’m so sick of this shoot how does anyone stick around with how boring she is

No. 1494592

I think it just protects her ego to pretend he was pining for her and never got over her. She can’t deal with the fact that she let this moid do vile disgusting things to her and he never cared for her and replaced her immediately.

No. 1494594

I know she pedo panders nonstop, but at this point I think she’s too old and haggard looking to attract any actual pedos. Just random deranged coomers willing to pay $3 to watch a woman with no hope or future degrade herself.

No. 1494597

>asking her to pretend to be a little girl
>not a pedo

No. 1494608

Only in a perfect world would Shaynus be putting actual effort into her e-whoring and losing weight tbh

No. 1494610

Delete the app? Oh wait you won’t because you rely on filters to slim your face and your big ass nose fat fuck. It’s not that hard to not see memories just don’t look at them you have to swipe down to view them anyways it’s not like you can’t avoid seeeing them

No. 1494613

And why even save memories of your ex that you’re so totally over. This fat edgy tumblr daddy dom that never cared about her will forever be her one that got away. She’s gonna be 40 still pining for him

No. 1494614

she is a dumb bitch who wants to wallow in her misery. Its why she never exercise or does anything to help herself. Its easier to be a fat pig loser who her ex was ashamed of.

No. 1494618

seriously, wasted her good years on that scrote, she had to leave because SHE could'nt let go. Fupaul could let go and the sex probably wasn't worth keeping her around for, he wanted to move on with a "Clean" slate, no one saying they'll harm themselves or any of that shit. He wanted the young girl he'd used up to be HIS responsblity if she DID fuck up her life further. Her moving benefitted Fupaul. He quickly found a Fupaulette. Fupaul's no prize but even at her best looking, Shay was always treated like a cheap fuck toy by him.
And if she doesn't wise up (she won't), she'll find another fupaul and end up the same way, possibly worse.

No. 1494628

Am I the only one who thinks women like Shay who are on the "pedo-pandering" larp but don't look "young" just attract men who are into the "theme' rather then the women?
Shayna putting on a diaper, baby talking, writing gross paragraphs and making "Childish faces" is what's getting her a little more attention.
Not because SHE got more attractive or looks younger. It's because those scrotes have low standards and the ones who go for actually young puke looking adult women, wouldn't settle for any woman in a diaper. If anything, they seem to be a fan of her blocks of texts she writes more so then her pictures/content.

Which is sad, how does showing your literal asshole on your main account get less attention then posting paragraphs of gross fantasy?

No. 1494632

utterly depressing.

No. 1494635

Exactly, the pedos see her as a like-minded individual who shares their interest in kids stuff. They see her as a safe person can project their fantasies onto because she won’t judge them because shes also interested in children because she pretends to be one. And she indulges them and plays into their fantasies with her “what if mommy and daddy raped you uwu” tweets

No. 1494649

The fact she truly tells herself that NONE of the people watching her can't possibly be into the "real thing" is retarded. Normal women come across pedos, rapists and abusers without even knowing. No signs. So why the fuck does she think a woman "pretending" to be a "Child" online and writing CSA stories wouldn't attract these kinds of people?
I watched a video on two different famous pedos, Ian Watkins and that dude from Glee. Ian of course had all kinds of disgusting kinks he never hid, but BOTH found women who they felt comfortable enough to mention their CP interests to. With the dude from Glee they weren't even women like Shayna. Just normal fangirls. With Ian, it was a sex worker who reported him and nothing happened at first. So don't tell me Shayna isn't going to get a rude awakening one day. She can ignore Ellen's shit, but that makes me wonder, what else would she ignore? Especially with a scrote she actually likes? I'm sorry but Shay seems the type to turn a blind eye because SHE feels it'd make HER look bad. More so then the bigger picture.

No. 1494690

I sincerely hope Shayna never has a daughter. Sorry to say so, but I think she would be jealous of her own child.

No. 1494696

I think it would go further. She would probably ignore some scrote abusing her daughter as long as he gave her the attention she wanted. I never used to think that she was that far gone and she was just deluded but since she's moved to Renton she's ramped up the pedo pandering to a deranged level.

No. 1494715

that’s a stupid take
just because she’s bad at looking like a child doesn’t mean she’s not pedo-pandering
the theme “diapers are sexy, babies are sexy” is pedophilia straight up; that she can get a few pedos to settle for her bad make-believe because they’re afraid of getting arrested for real child sexual abuse material doesn’t make them any less pedos

No. 1494717

Exactly, she’s gotten even more disgusting since her move. And the shit they “fantasize” about is awful in that the abuse they are inflicting on this imaginary ‘child’ in the situation do not usually leave evidence that abuse happened. It makes me sick to think that she believes the sick fucks into this shit aren’t actually pedos. These monsters need to fucking kill themselves.

No. 1494722

File: 1649275028546.jpeg (540.31 KB, 1242x1244, E41C5F69-9EE7-4CD7-AC26-A210B8…)

This is rich coming from her

No. 1494732

I swear to god I'm gonna beat her with my shoe

No. 1494733

Now I would pay to see that. kek

No. 1494742

>putting others at risk uwu
Who, Shay? Scrotes who can't control themselves around a child? Why would I feel bad for pedo scrotes for reaching out to a kid?

No. 1494755

File: 1649279383739.png (454.35 KB, 615x848, Chancla.png)

Here you go

No. 1494760

Nonnie, that got a legit belly laugh from me.

Shayna. You don't belong in minor's spaces and should stay away from those since you put those minors at risk of exposure to the nasty pedophilic content you put out into the world.

No. 1494786

File: 1649280656741.jpeg (151.51 KB, 750x1346, 9A9D40A6-2EC2-47F9-A94D-F32BE7…)

I’ll take the tacky pink over the hot dog color any day. Her cuticles don’t look like they’re rotting anymore either

No. 1494807

Unfortunately the best nail job she's had in so long and theyre still tacky and not great

No. 1494834

dude dodged a fucking arsenal when it comes to shay. she threatened suicide and self-harm at multiple times and then claimed abuse each and every time he tried to leave. fupa doesn't even talk about her anymore because he's moved on and shay can't stop bringing him up.

No. 1494869

I wish he would have posted the video he had of her having a mental breakdown. Unfortunately he’s completely moved on and not childish like her still talking shit like clockwork almost weekly

No. 1494915

File: 1649288501874.png (Spoiler Image,6.92 MB, 1242x2208, BC6D6A4F-57E9-4930-B29F-56C64B…)

What is the point in taking a filtered video of your fat ass in bed showing off your lopsided boobs and pimpled vagina? It’s not attractive at all

No. 1494946

She does it weekly and they’re all exactly the same. It’s the most low effort shit she doesn’t even get out of bed

No. 1494977

She doesn’t. She’s jealous and sees them as competition

No. 1495018

the reason he didn't post it is probably

(1) he can hold it against her (tho it doesn't seem like he cares anymore) or

(2) he won't post it because HE will look like the jackass in that situation

No. 1495044

File: 1649298849440.jpeg (202.75 KB, 750x628, 648F0798-03B8-4D57-B785-0D1EA4…)

I can’t believe she’s really doing this

No. 1495050

I agree. A lot of these individuals also appear to be attracted to the idea of they themselves being a child, or at least dressing like one or wearing diapers. It honestly has nothing to do with an attraction to Shayna. I wish she could see that and pick something else to do.

I stumbled upon this book, which is specifically about men who dress as women or are mtf trans, but it is all about how they are only aroused by thoughts about themselves (being a woman, being a kid, forced feminization etc.) and don’t really have a sexual identity outside of that. I feel like Shay’s coomers are in this category (https://surveyanon.files.wordpress.com/2017/07/men-trapped-in-mens-bodies_book.pdf)

No. 1495073

Theres still plenty of days for her to back out lol

No. 1495075

Oh god I hope this happens

No. 1495081

I hope it does and shat won’t back out because of “something terrifying happened today in my complex I can’t go anymore” and we get shaytard methtard saga

No. 1495098

Sage because not milk, but an anon mentioned Shat in the Tuna thread the other day and how similar they look, just imagine if Shaytard does go through with this collab with Vivi, we may get to see Shay morphing into Luna saga kek

No. 1495120

Sorry samefag but it was more like the other week, i lose track of timing reading these threads

No. 1495138

File: 1649308188274.jpeg (Spoiler Image,775.17 KB, 829x1228, 9B518E30-0AA2-46F0-99CB-ED98B1…)

How many pics of her nasty hairy snatch

No. 1495193

Let’s be real, Shatna won’t go through with it because they’re disgusting gross people and obviously junkies. I wouldn’t be surprised if she doesn’t even say anything and just ghosts them and Vivi complains about being fucked over

No. 1495399

Notice Vivi is the one constantly bringing it up all over Twitter. Has Shay even mentioned it on her own? She talked up Soy Salvatore and all her ridiculous "pro shoots" previously but has been all quiet on the western front about this. I don't think she plans to go for real. Can anyone correct me on her saying anything about being excited to bunk with thr methheads next week?

No. 1495412

Shays been so dry lately. I feel like the engagement news really is getting to her. I feel like she may go work with those people just to put out some "work" and in her eyes it means she's thriving and showing everyone that she's really a "barbie bimbo pornstar" who after years is finally doing different types of shoots.
Or she'll make up a reason why she can't go. I think the reason she barely interacts or promotes the meetup is because it's a woman and she's afraid we'll dig up some public information about these freaks and scare them off.
You know, because it's doxxing to Google shit the gross idiots she works with put out publicly.

No. 1495451

>HE will look like the jackass in that situation
this, let's not act like the people who voluntarily fuck shayna are just innocent uwu didn't do anything victims

No. 1495468

Shay also doesn't like woman. As much as she pretends, she is really into men. Hence why she always talks about "the dad" guy and never Ellen/her 'mumma'.

No. 1495487

File: 1649348327011.jpeg (808.57 KB, 3465x3465, BDF4CA10-378D-4B10-B9AD-9C3303…)

Still no video lmao no wonder she only has a few hundred subscribers

No. 1495784

File: 1649375618922.jpeg (1.63 MB, 1170x1505, CAFB23DB-6526-40B1-8D22-F2EFCA…)

No. 1495801

retarded ass dog smh(dog sperg)

No. 1495812

File: 1649378967681.jpeg (631.48 KB, 1170x1278, 0180D284-9B6F-4125-9554-CFA94F…)

Shay, you are the last person to be giving content advise

No. 1495826

File: 1649379879158.jpeg (818.52 KB, 1242x1290, BCF1E1A3-02C8-43A6-9ABC-5B91DC…)

This fat slob takes breaks more than she “works” it’s always break time for this lazy piece of lard

No. 1495827

File: 1649379919734.jpeg (1.06 MB, 1167x1518, F230FECC-1F20-4A80-A7C1-F0A154…)


No. 1495830

File: 1649380011079.jpeg (553.6 KB, 1242x1684, 0B0376E3-3398-4844-AB42-675A02…)


No. 1495831

File: 1649380085833.jpeg (559.76 KB, 1242x1739, 5AAA4454-145E-4B1E-A71B-8DF5ED…)

she only talks about her fat gf Ellen Degen when she’s getting something

No. 1495833

Shayna the type of person to be like: I’m not racist my dog is black

No. 1495854

I don't understand why she does all this 'im baby' or 'im bimbo barbie' shit and leaves a messy hairy snatch.

Nothing wrong with pubic hair but both those wretched aesthetics call for completely bare or in the bimbo case maybe a groomed landing strip.at most. What about a Bush screams "baby" ?

No. 1495868

lmao Shayna we know youre miserable and your so called ex just got engaged and not with you hahahah you got fat for nothing
she already looking “gender challenged” with the awful editing just like Tuna

No. 1495876

she cant afford it and cant keep herself clean. This is the bitch who hates to shower and use soap.

No. 1495914

I think he could be genuinely scared she would harm herself if he did release the video (because just like us even if he hates her, he wouldn't wish for her to get hurt) + he would be the "cause"

No. 1495917

File: 1649387573382.jpeg (Spoiler Image,593.43 KB, 1242x685, 33DC94AE-7999-4A05-B386-6F2536…)

Something is moving in her asshole after she showed the gape. She needs to get that checked wtf. Your ass isn’t suppose to be so loose that you can put things without lube

No. 1495919

also shayna: “guyssss idk what to make let me know what you want to see!!”

No. 1495921

shayna if the smell of baby powder or anything relating to babies gets you “tingly”, then you’re a pedophile or a chomo.

No. 1495923

because whenever she’s shaved or waxed she gets disgusting breakouts

No. 1495928

File: 1649388102870.jpeg (114.62 KB, 437x368, 3EA401B1-CFDA-43A4-A961-92AB5C…)

Last minute of her anal video she posted just her squealing like a hog. Anons with strong stomachs am I retarded or is something clearly wrong with her anus? Like that’s not normal…. https://www.dropbox.com/s/cc6y371amertjc6/cursed.mov?dl=0

No. 1495930

File: 1649388169127.jpeg (1.82 MB, 1242x1649, 12DA737D-3E1A-4E60-8207-8CF6BD…)

I want to burn this outfit. Like it’s so ugly I’m tired of it

No. 1495931

File: 1649388219157.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.78 MB, 1242x1656, 0A686B31-0400-4461-A865-AB7714…)

Photos you can smell:

No. 1495932

File: 1649388319400.jpeg (24.63 KB, 311x354, C6D49EB4-956D-43B9-B98E-E73CDC…)

No. 1495933

you can’t tell me this isn’t a dingleberry that almost fell out of her asshole on camera

No. 1495949

File: 1649389687475.jpeg (62.89 KB, 640x728, 014044F7-3E73-4C61-9936-134602…)

No. 1495954

so wait how much money would she be making from having that many subscribers? is that minimum wage or?

No. 1495968

I humbly disagree, I think that’s a healed anal fissure absolutely do not search images if you are eating

No. 1495986

When by first glance you think her tongue is extremely discolored, but then you actually realize its just the omega double chin in hyperdrive…

No. 1496027

Sadly it’s just the end of her hair

No. 1496028

File: 1649398971707.jpeg (658.84 KB, 1242x1859, EC00FC4C-DFC5-4641-92C2-4733F0…)

She should put this on her Amazon wish list.

No. 1496033

File: 1649401130383.jpg (40.15 KB, 523x523, worn-velvet-curtain-pink-grape…)

Actual beef curtains

No. 1496045

Labia majora aren’t beef curtains you scrote

No. 1496091

ausfag here so not sure if its 5 usd or aud but…
from ONLY subscribers shes making 2475$ a month. i dont wanna pretend i know shit abt average wage in the us but sounds average to me lol, taking into account she gets more from PPV and donations too.

get a real job shayna.

No. 1496095

it would be average if that was her AFTER tax sum but…. it's not (not that she pays taxes I bet…)
also, don't forget the % that OF takes.
She probably scrapes together around $2000 USD per month. Still nothing for living a glam life, that's just getting by in this day.

No. 1496104

Yikes that’s how much you’d make waiting tables at Chili’s.

No. 1496110

that is an old anal fissure and I don't want to be a doctor anymore

No. 1496116

says the girl with a domme account, a sub account, a diaper account, and pretends to have every fetish to try and appease coomers

jfc literal axe wound this is terrifying

No. 1496156

are both girls in the OP Shayna?

No. 1496185

no, it’s from the “girls’ school” spanking thing, and the uggums on the right could really be Shauna’s sister, looks-wise

No. 1496186

No its another girl from that strictmore academy shoot but to be fair they both look so haggard they could be twins kek.

No. 1496218

That covers her rent barely after taxes/cut. She would be doing better in life if she worked an actual job on top of her OF.

No. 1496235

File: 1649435459286.jpeg (420.26 KB, 1242x1474, 178AF2C8-30D8-42D4-8834-6DD4C9…)

She’s begging for of subs kek. Keep in mind Shayna subscribes back to all her “fans” so if she was consistent on posting and wasn’t such a boring fatty, she’d have a few thousand subscribers

No. 1496245

File: 1649436423363.jpeg (730.34 KB, 1170x1054, 171D4CAD-CD88-45B7-86FF-A5CA03…)

1/2 here we go!

No. 1496246

File: 1649436462345.jpeg (643.09 KB, 1170x1169, 5A6AA56E-35A1-4BB9-951F-FFF7B0…)

2/2 can’t wait for this absolute train wreck

No. 1496249


Vivi giving off Nika vibes

No. 1496254

I mean, compared to shay the girl isn't bad looking facially. Even in this picture she looks younger and better then Shayna.

No. 1496256

Nevermind spoke to soon, I didn't see this picture, I still think she looks better though. But she looks like a sexy grandma with that hair color.

No. 1496268

I didn't even realize she fake orgasmed, it was that awful. The sounds were so awkward.

No. 1496289

they can listen to this song together, it’s DaD rOcK like Shayna loves

No. 1496293

In most pictures Vivi isn't actually all that bad in the face but here she looks like methed out, fat(ter) Lana Del Rey

No. 1496294

The smell of these two together…. Gross and lol at the shooped pic Shayna used we know you don’t look like that ugly bitch

No. 1496295

No, she looks like a fat Nika

No. 1496309

File: 1649442216777.jpeg (857.87 KB, 1170x1432, 07FC967D-6C9D-472C-879D-723288…)

No. 1496317

So she's not fucking Vivi's bf too? Kek They've gotta be grief stricken

No. 1496347

kek my sides

No. 1496350

That’s a lot of words to say “I am literally actually a pedophile”

No. 1496360

Yeah, not in Shayna's case. Please continue to defend her busted labia majora though, if that's the hill you must die on.

No. 1496394

So they're… Not having sex. Neither Vivi nor her scrote. From looking at that list, I don't see anything to imply it, anyway. Shayna the asexual sex worker strikes again!

No. 1496415

How quickly the narrative changed. They were both SO excited to get their hands on Shayna kek and she's literally going to end up making Vivi do all the work while she just lazily lays down in a video. She's using Vivi and I'm sure they'll try to talk her into a scene while she's intoxicated

No. 1496417

Also, g/g implies a scene between her and Vivi but no b/g or threesome lol

No. 1496460

I just realised that I have identical vagina with Shay. I took better care of my pubes but still(nobody asked)

No. 1496476

are you transgender?

No. 1496501

True. I miss that train wreck.

No. 1496505

No one asked

No. 1496561

Look at vivi’s arms in this pic. What kind of janky editing is this topkek

No. 1496586

Why would you feel a need to share this? Why did you think literally anyone would care?

No. 1496595

File: 1649467078657.jpg (Spoiler Image,81.93 KB, 516x504, 20220409_023257.jpg)

Ok, nobody is talking about it but I'm shocked and confused and terrified so I'm starting the conversation: what the fuck is that peeking out of her asshole?

No. 1496599


lurk harder

No. 1496638

File: 1649470930284.jpeg (47.4 KB, 540x360, DB27476E-7B09-4ABF-ADA1-175344…)

condolences to you in your time of sorrow

No. 1496642

it’s a turd, bro

No. 1496655

This is why I love this thread gaddamn it kek

No. 1496692

Ayrt. Someone said it's a healed fissure but I refuse to believe they look like a tiny eyeball peeking out of the bum hole

No. 1496714

oh my god how did i not notice that until now kek she looks like a skinwalker

No. 1496767

File: 1649485814288.jpeg (1.35 MB, 1242x1269, 86FB7058-84CE-4B17-AA8A-17EACC…)

Kek she forgot to blur out the hairy back of her thighs

No. 1496792

File: 1649487039273.jpeg (954.58 KB, 1164x1008, BE7A50FB-986D-4D2B-8E5F-BA1DFE…)

I think those are spider veins

No. 1496816

I feel like either the nonnys here have chosen to ignore something- or just don't actually know- but pedophilia is an actual condition/mental illness/ swcual orientation. Gay people don't choose to be gay. straight people don't choose to be straight. It's been factually proven that pedophiles don't choose to be attracted to children. In fact, most pedophiles don't actually ever offend. In Britain, they offer a bunch of help for pedophiles to prevent them from offending. Some services are therapy, castration, and they even make children sex dolls so pedophiles have an outlet, as they very much recognize pedophilia isn't a choice. so for all the sperging and spazzing about Shays content…what's the problem?? at least they are wanking to her shit and not hurting kids. I don't understand why that's a bad thing? and before you come crying about how fucked up pedos are and how I need to kms for saying this, do some fucking research about the actual psychology behind pedophilia.(pedo-defender)

No. 1496818

tldr; nothing wrong with pedos wanking to her shit if it means they aren't out touching kids

No. 1496842

Shut the fuck up, pedo apologist

No. 1496847

This is the worse shit I've had to read in Shat's thread in a hot minute. Please don't come back.

No. 1496850

What a weird hill to die on. You don't know that they haven't or wouldn't harm children, firstly. Secondly it's still disgusting and not normal to sexualize children things, fetishize CSA, and pretend to be a child for any reason really but especially sexually. And especially fucked to do it for male attention and feed their fucked up mentalities all while profiting of it too.

No. 1496863

If pedophilia is a mental illness, the only cure is killing those sick fucks. I don’t think they deserve help with their “condition”, I think they should just fucking die

No. 1496866

Yeah but Shayna and these individuals are in such complete denial. These are not the same people that recognize an issue and seek treatment in Britain or w.e.

No. 1496871

Also the people seeking treatment are probably not posting publicly online about Mummas and dadas drug raping their babies, smdh, leave this place

No. 1496880

File: 1649493496565.jpeg (406.75 KB, 1242x817, 22708188-ADFD-45E7-A7FF-9AE4A6…)

Kek that’s even better. Obese lazy bitch

No. 1496888

I hate british "people". In Brazil when the locals find out someone is a pedo or that they recently sexually abused an child OR got caught during the act, they either torture the pedo and shove stuff up their ass or beat them up with sticks and rocks until they're severely hurt or dead. You're in for a prize if they get so angry they set them on fire, it should be like this everywhere imo

No. 1496907

that anon's talking out of their ass. paedos here are sent to prison, not given child sex dolls ffs

No. 1496911

>comparing gay people to pedophiles
>pedophiles aren't bad
>mentioning the British treatment system
Are you a member of the UK Labour party?

No. 1496937

margaret thatcher was best mates with jimmy saville and she was a conservative prime minister, wind your neck in

No. 1496942

the longer you stare into the abyss it eventually stares back, anon

No. 1496945

Yeah I assumed since I didn't take any of what they said seriously, from start to end it's just a mess. As the other anon said, really weird hill to die on though.

No. 1497106

File: 1649528534080.jpeg (675.37 KB, 1242x692, CCEDD96C-8B14-490B-8669-6CDE6F…)

No. 1497109

File: 1649528734369.jpeg (585.07 KB, 1242x682, F0A15CE8-B720-404A-AD82-622FFE…)

I know Shayna is a frumpy bitch but this outfit looks a lot better than the too small clothing pieces she usually wears. I can’t tell if she’s wearing a bra or not though kek. The other girl looks more like a flight attendant with her hair instead of shaynas sloppy combover

No. 1497112

she isn't wearing a bra and her slumped over doesn't do any favors, she looks more manly compared to the other girl

No. 1497113

kek the slit of her skirt being in the front rather than the back

No. 1497232

Her shirts too tight and the skirt is fucking backwards this redneck bitch doesn’t even know how a pencil skirt works. She looked better in picrel because it actually fits her. The clothes look a bit better because they're a bit larger but they’re still too small. One size larger in each and actually wearing the skirt correctly would make it passable.

No. 1497235

File: 1649537341111.jpeg (1.72 MB, 1242x1619, C7CC38E5-43F2-4F8F-B646-C729D8…)

Dropped pic

No. 1497290

File: 1649542274014.jpeg (102.96 KB, 622x1050, 12D446C1-A34E-4E85-9C52-D8E4BE…)

Shayna sounds like she’s genuinely in pain in this clip in comparison to the other girl who seems more like she’s fake moaning. I think anons were right that she let them beat her more/harder and gave them less limits than the other girls.
This picture is better than most of her recent ones… she still can’t learn how to use chapstick or blush, though.

No. 1497299

I genuinely thought someone had photoshopped her head on top of Tuna's body kek

No. 1497315

File: 1649543292632.jpeg (169.18 KB, 828x1472, 2D18DA89-A06D-401B-8742-D3F7C3…)

everything is decent other than her rat face.

No. 1497321

She looks comically large next to the other women. Maybe her next gimmick can be she-hulk porn.

No. 1497330

Pedophilia isn't a sexual orientation because children aren't a gender. It's a degenerate fetish. Next

No. 1497375

the thing that really makes shayna so truly ugly and classless (not including pedo pandering) is the way she carries herself, the way she moves and stands. her posture here says it all about her real self esteem

No. 1497398

File: 1649547888687.jpeg (428.71 KB, 1242x1560, 3CCF586A-6C70-41FE-B7A4-239A2E…)

No. 1497402

her pussy is smirking

No. 1497443

her tits are too big for her to still be not wearing bras, they're going to be swinging at her gut by the time she reaches 30 if she doesn't step up her titty care

gravity exists for everyone

No. 1497452

There’s literally a cure for pedophilia now, there are no excuses for this shit. This shit encourages pedos to not seek recovery because it makes their little peabrains think it’s becoming normalized due to people like shayna

No. 1497455

They allow sociopaths to roam free doesn’t mean it’s right? Pedophilia is wrong and their attraction usually manifests through them not recognising children can’t consent and often getting off to children just existing. Rehabilitation doesn’t mean someone needs to be protected, your logic is gross and why pedophiles are allowed to find loopholes like legal child marriage or pedo simulated porn

No. 1497466

> cure for pedophilia
> if she doesn't step up her titty care
wtf is titty care? other than moisturizing what else do you do? am I retarded?

No. 1497468

Titty care just meant wearing a bra to reduce gravities impact

No. 1497471

File: 1649554138594.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.18 MB, 1242x1441, 442584F0-4FCD-4E15-99BB-DD9ADF…)

She’s so boring. All her subs will drop like flies if she keeps this up. Time to apply to Arby’s

No. 1497475

No it’s a really intense combination of psychological and physical therapy that takes a few years, iirc. But castration also works.

No. 1497479

wearing a bra makes boobs saggy
Scrote tier insult
but why does it look so huge and gaping? Is it because she’s fat? Not even trying to sound mean but like it’s literally like 0 in >>1495931 or is it because she’s always jamming it with dildoes? I mean if you neglect your body so much it gets loose and flabby including vagina right

No. 1497488

was it a scrote insult or are they literally telling her to go flip burgers? hmm
arby's is kinda popular where i reside, am unsure..

No. 1497490

Not a scrote. I said it’s time to apply to Arby’s meaning that’s the only job she’ll get because she’s dumb. Also Shayna is disgusting and anons who point out how freakish her snatch looks (due to her lack of hygiene and intimate care such as lack of underwear and shoving dirty toys up there) isn’t a scrote. Long labias aren’t disgusting nor are they an indication of being promiscuous, but I don’t understand how it looks like a hairy lego hand

No. 1497492

i think her skin all over her body is so dry and chronically dehydrated + no lube ever + weight gain has led her overall skin to look so gross lol. and her asshole is literally ripped at this point with anal fissures. so yeah

No. 1497497

> it looks like a hairy Lego hand

Kek thanks for that, I will forever see that in her images now

No. 1497513

that study was never published nor do any studies support any claims that bras make boobs sag.

No. 1497514

I'm a British therapist who works with offenders and I can say with confidence paedophiles are publicly hated and sent to jail like any other abuser. the public hates them and we don't give them sex dolls. it's absolutely not a sexuality and is not comparable to e.g. gay people. stfu

No. 1497893

Are you sure you aren’t the scrote?

No. 1497948

yes, the same rig she only uses for camming once every 4 months and doesnt game on lol although part of me feels like she cams off her macbooks seeing how easily she moves it around her room for shots. She doesnt seem smart enough to buy an extra long camera cord and the quality is usually shit.

No. 1497959

File: 1649617008768.jpeg (1.1 MB, 1170x1592, 76C68EC6-3E67-4E71-B726-B949F8…)

Get ready

No. 1497962

File: 1649617103986.jpeg (516.39 KB, 1170x1191, 4015FCFA-95BA-44B3-B33C-F4D31D…)

Shay, you are constantly arguing and attacking people

No. 1497976

not teaming up with pedo-defender baiter nonna, but i cant agree with you fully either. often they get their crimes brushed under the rug and/or get comically low sentences in britain. the system actively protects them.
sauce: there was a grooming gang in my city, while i was 14. i wasnt a victim myself thankfully, but i did get sexually assaulted by …these "people" while growing up, on multiple instances. its just "a thing that happens", and people "deal with it". aside of the few loud cases that hit the media, like rotherham, you dont fucking hear about it, ever. it just happens, and is allowed to happen. dealt with quietly, if at all.
sage for extreme derailing, but it has to be said: the british government lets pedos thrive.

No. 1497990

no way shes actually doing it

No. 1498004

sorry if I'm being retarded and this was mentioned before, but where IS vivi? like how many hours away is she travelling for these crackheads?

No. 1498018


Her profile says PNW at the top. I am scared to scroll through and find more details bc I don't want to see any puke or shit kek…

No. 1498076

she thinks she's different because she's constantly vagueposting instead of tweeting people directly.

No. 1498086

Iirc I remembered some anons mentioning Humboldt County which unsurprisingly has a lot of weed, fentanyl and meth

No. 1498150

>shay calls it disgusting
Either we should be scared, or she just means because she has to touch a girl

No. 1498154

File: 1649630222412.jpeg (1.19 MB, 1242x1696, 7F76B6FF-C4AB-4FD7-84D5-E11B52…)

Not the frumpy sweats at least she’s not wearing her pile of turd hairdo

No. 1498156


No. 1498160

is this bitch really wearing slippers in an airport bathroom?

No. 1498162

Yea they look like typical eureka white trash. Can’t believe she’s actually going.

No. 1498173

File: 1649632437940.jpeg (892.07 KB, 1170x1501, CEA8CA95-ACD0-44C8-8B77-6B565F…)

No. 1498174

File: 1649632477679.jpeg (273.36 KB, 1170x795, 08297D63-0956-49E2-A2AE-90F537…)

Can’t wait to see this all go down

No. 1498176

I wonder if she’ll become addicted to hard drugs after hanging out with them

No. 1498180

File: 1649633455788.jpeg (478.18 KB, 1170x928, A7286EEC-9CB9-403D-8AA3-717C4C…)

The stories she makes up are pathetic

No. 1498202

sexually harassing strangers at the airport for doing their jobs… just little bimbo things!

No. 1498207

She literally makes up one of these stories every single time she flies, like really the TSA goes through hundreds of peoples bags I doubt they’re so shocked or interested at all in seeing a dildo or sex things. She tries so hard to act like it’s quirky and she’s so embarrassed people see her toys meanwhile wears the Barbie slut pin and flashes in public places because she wants the attention for it.

No. 1498213

She is desperate to relive the early 2010s when sex work was "Rare" and she could pretend she was unique.

No. 1498214

This exact thing has happened at least once before with TSA, and supposedly with her moving people as well. It’s like a weird specific fetish she can’t help bring up whenever possible. If it ever actually happens, the TSA probably is just thinking about how much they hate their job

No. 1498216

Right, like even if it did happen, they are probably working an 8 hour shift and Shay is one of 100 bags they have to open up that day. She’s such a narc

No. 1498225

>>1497959 milk gods: please, please let this saga be milky.

No. 1498228

I'm betting on it. Actually kinda sad because I think >>1498174 is her famous last words. She's not used to hanging out with real people and will want to be cool and fit in. If drugs are offered, she's going to take them.
RIP Shayna as we know her. Hard drugs and alcohol will have her hitting rock bottom quick. She's going to have to become a real sex worker to fuel her drug habit unless she doesn't wise up and get an actual job.

TF is she really that fat that she brings a bag of snacks with her? Is there food in Renton that you can't get in California Shayna needs to survive????

No. 1498232

Let's just, for the sake of the argument, pretend that this story is real. Why did she pack a bunch of "snacks"? Is she that much of a hog she doesn't wanna go to the bodega across the street in cali? what's the logic behind this?

No. 1498272

File: 1649641761577.jpeg (292.65 KB, 1536x2048, received_3466682430212481.jpeg)

Photo dump incoming from SC - 1/7

No. 1498273

File: 1649641787481.jpeg (267.99 KB, 1536x2048, received_364853778989329.jpeg)


No. 1498276

File: 1649641924541.jpeg (284.21 KB, 1536x2048, received_773573314048126.jpeg)


No. 1498277

File: 1649642030029.jpeg (295.63 KB, 1536x2048, received_986211162268042.jpeg)


No. 1498279

File: 1649642144866.jpeg (263.46 KB, 1536x2048, received_516315803208673.jpeg)


No. 1498281

File: 1649642253686.jpeg (256.11 KB, 1536x2048, received_374616887862102.jpeg)


No. 1498283

File: 1649642361899.jpeg (152.02 KB, 2048x1536, received_5063913520355575.jpeg)


No. 1498287

Nta but gosh darn it, I was in the Seattle airport around the same time and didn’t keep an eye out for Shay

She looks really uncute carrying a toy around and looking like a 35 year old

No. 1498290

I love my 2 aunties sharing their travel pictures on facebook

No. 1498311

File: 1649645018660.jpeg (216.87 KB, 750x1182, 0407F964-66B4-4834-AB72-CA716B…)

Good luck Shayna hope none of her alters make an appearance on you like the last people she worked with

No. 1498320

Weird how almost every time she’s in the airport the TSA just happens to randomly select her luggage to go through out of the thousands of people who go through seatac everyday just fine

No. 1498326

they should make a porn parody of My Big Fat Greek Wedding, with Shayna as the Fat Greek

No. 1498343

File: 1649649476139.jpeg (198.56 KB, 1170x707, 4FCFF32C-07EB-4D20-BC76-6266EE…)


Speaking of her recycled stories

No. 1498351

I have never been on a flight of a duration more than a couple hours that doesn't offer free wine/beer this is not unusual or special even in economy class.

No. 1498352

Because anything is possible when you make it up.

No. 1498357

Outtake from Barb and Star Go To Vista Del Mar?

No. 1498363

File: 1649651880390.jpeg (278.13 KB, 750x749, 25CF7DE9-448D-4676-A00A-779E1C…)

Literally role playing an underage person in the replies under that tweet

No. 1498364

File: 1649652050719.jpeg (271.5 KB, 750x714, AA8242DD-6B17-4F23-9881-17F9C3…)

No. 1498366

They always offer complimentary alcohol on flights lol. She’s just too retarded to realize

No. 1498456

these people are so weird

No. 1498490

Just think, she could’ve got a free education but she chooses to do this vile shit openly online

No. 1498536

Lmao what fucking filter is that on her usually massive dick nose.

No. 1498600

I’d die before I’d let one of these pedo trannys speak to me. Shaynus is as ugly inside as she is outside. While her peers and exes are all settling down into happy and fulfilling lives heading into middle age with people who love them, she is ripping her asshole open live on the internet for men who hate her because she isn’t a baby. I love that for her.

No. 1498605

wow this is getting dark

No. 1498613

Definitely not a pedo

No. 1498614

File: 1649682138023.jpeg (688.96 KB, 1242x2072, D2FD7D74-34D9-45B9-B01F-5A2171…)

Oops forgot to include the pic

No. 1498625

I'm curious as to what happened here. This Vivi freak being a DID munchie is no surprise but what the hell would they be doing to have caused stitches? Anyone have details on this? Either way, whatever Shay does with her is going to be extremely tame as Shay doesn't even fuck her own "girlfriend."

No. 1498647

Kill yourself

No. 1498652

My tinfoil: Shayna is going to take any slight amount of attention from Vivi's bf as a sign he likes her because Shayna thinks anyone who even looks her way wants to fuck her. She'll start trying to get his attention or pay him more attention especially if she's drinking, Vivi will get jealous and that's where the drama will happen.
She got so giddy over Sol, the first man who wasn't a balding, fat, wrinkly old man since fupa, I can't imagine her controlling herself around Vivi's bf and not make it obvious even if she tries to keep it subtle.

No. 1498660

holy mother of mid

No. 1498683

File: 1649690817422.jpeg (793.93 KB, 2417x2358, 056E27F0-103B-4D6A-8229-B18868…)

how long has Vivi been following Shay? I was going through some of her old stuff trying to find milk & I can’t tell if all degenerate wannabe porn stars just look the same or if she has been trying to skinwalk Shayna for years. The first pic is from 4 years ago. I can’t find much on her other than her old porn so if any anons can dig to find more please feel free. It seems she goes by Vivi or Viivi Clouds and also used the name Baby Vii at some point.

No. 1498687


Both were tumblr famous when they were still slim, so it's mostly just that they have the same ewhore origin story and dated styles… but Shayna has always been more famous so there probably is a little bit of skin walking too kek.

No. 1498692

Use the e-whore thread this is for Shayna

No. 1498694

File: 1649691709357.jpeg (123.13 KB, 828x1034, 576E3A3D-012F-487C-9CFB-5E2C66…)

shayna after this collab

No. 1498712

File: 1649692824467.jpeg (531.62 KB, 750x1182, 9F7C67EB-176C-4D97-B456-EF49B8…)

She was called Emerald Greene too. I don’t think she was ever famous. 2k follows posting tons of porn on twitter since 2015 is pretty sad but ugly girls shitting and puking is pretty niche I guess. I found an old tumblr, viviiclouds.tumblr.com and she’s got some photos from when she was less fat on this Facebook page. Need her ex to come back and spill the milk

No. 1498726


dude take it here

No. 1498727

She's been orbiting Shayna for years, I'm the newfag going through Shats old threads and vivi makes appearances in her discord at least 3 years back the threads where you can see her comments are in the 40's

No. 1498728

File: 1649693960938.jpeg (235.15 KB, 1118x2048, 70521C0B-722F-4CA0-B2DE-861450…)

Gross she really slept in that nasty “playroom”

No. 1498735


We go through this every time Shay is involved with a new person. Why is she not allowed to be posted here if she's entirely relevant to the current milk?

No. 1498746

Her rat features are really shining through in this picture

No. 1498760

Her pyjamas are at least a size too small. How difficult is it to order a M/L? She's needs to let go of this idea that she's a size 2-4. She can't be physically comfortable.

No. 1498815

Not any of those anons, but unless it actually involves shat, it belongs in the other thread. Vivi’s origin story has nothing to do with Shay.

No. 1498816

she is so bizarre to look at. how does one still look so old and haggard under a snapchat filter

No. 1498827

>unless it actually involves shat, it belongs in the other thread. Vivi’s origin story has nothing to do with Shay
>>1498683 asked questions about Vivi specifically regarding Shay. >>1498687 is in relation to Shay. >>1498712 is in response to the anon looking for other alternate names to find Vivi under, which is the only one that's borderline, but even then… Shayna is literally AT HER (crack)HOME right now. anons who mini-mod over people discussing people who are literally currently in the presence of the cow need to touch grass. mooving discussion to the sexworkers thread killed the sol saga (along with cowtipping) let's not let that happen this time.
>>1498728 how does she post that & >>1498272
this in the same 24 hours and not feel completely self conscious about her huge honker and rat features?? in both the filters working overtime couldn't shrink and smooth what she is, and that is F-U-G-L-Y.

No. 1498846

Looking like an old decrepit fat bitch that smells like piss and warm swamp ass and has horrid cheeseburger and weed breath. Probably lsmells like vomit too from all that alcohol. Imagine using a filter and having your eyes just look like sparkley swollen beady tired eyes, that filters supposed to make it bigger they look so small it is kind of comical. And the nose.. ugh I mean it’s big but it blends in with her fat face, it’s just shaped so ugly

No. 1498850

The child molester vibes are extra strong here

No. 1498943

because the milk you're talking about doesn't involve Shayna.

No. 1498946

it's pretty obvious that vivi didn't skinwalk shayna, and that anon was just looking for an excuse to derail this thread.

No. 1499013

>>1498943 oh fuck off, what are you even on about. She is literally meeting this person. dOeSnT InVoLvE sHaYnA

No. 1499021

Her tongue is disgusting. Shayna and Vivi probably smell so bad in that room. Especially since she makes v*m content. I know she isn’t scrubbing everything down, there’s probably dried pieces of chunks. I’m going to be sick

No. 1499032

ive never seen her face look so bloated

No. 1499050

I thought I was maybe just seeing things but damn, between the neck folds, the extremely deep cheek folds, the bags under her eyes that are making her look like she getting ready for bowling, and the nose that you know is fatter under that filter. Everything about this picture is just… so wrong. Especially being taken in a "playroom."

Her drugged-up baby tweets are finally going to come true.

No. 1499151

File: 1649725974595.jpeg (230.71 KB, 1536x2048, received_2940350219584432.jpeg)

Another SC grab

No. 1499154

the spread out toes are killing me

No. 1499161

why won't she STOP with these fucking leg warmers and arm warmers? what is she doing?

No. 1499162

this image screams "homemade serial killer porn"

No. 1499164

remember when she started cutting for like a week and then stopped because another twitter swer commented about it? lowkey wonder if she's started up again.

No. 1499170

A coomer probably told her he likes them.

No. 1499172

I think she feels like it is slimming? If so, you are wrong Shayna

No. 1499191

Its her third eye opening. Enlightened bimbo with the all seeing anus

No. 1499198

File: 1649733110196.jpeg (1.53 MB, 1170x1910, 59E3CD22-798A-48D2-A405-F2B211…)

Were her teeth always this bad? Also why does she always make weird surprised faces, she looks so dumb it makes me mad

No. 1499200

>shayna goes to meet other failing SWer
>'doesn't involve shayna'

okay sped

No. 1499206

hiding her right angle corn husk heels with leg warmers kek

No. 1499216

Troop skirt go spiny vibe

No. 1499220

File: 1649735346377.jpeg (218.81 KB, 1118x2048, 971AF88B-A523-422F-BDED-A8EE63…)

The toes look so funny. Kek retard

No. 1499224

The nicotine/smoke stained blinds is all you really need to know about the house she’s living in.

No. 1499227

why are her arms outlined brown wtf

No. 1499229

not to mention the low popcorn ceiling and weird dark carpet

No. 1499251

File: 1649738001809.jpeg (75.79 KB, 1125x999, 63A9F3A3-DE69-48A4-BF00-F49C55…)

ah the warping around the window, default blindes stained with cig smoke and grime, the popcorn ceiling. Double wide trailer

No. 1499271

File: 1649738930169.jpg (17.57 KB, 500x376, 54482f53b4bd034f52bb2534276182…)

something about this radiates the same energy

No. 1499276

File: 1649739056265.jpeg (250.42 KB, 723x694, 990BF4C9-5D65-47B3-9E92-E54F78…)

They do live in a trailer. Trashy as it comes

No. 1499333

Oh God. Is something bad going to happen to Shay? I feel like she's worked with relatively safe people so far, but these are severely mentally ill methhead amateurs in a trailer.

No. 1499418

gee i actually worry for her lol, this looks like one of those "pics taken before murder" pictures

No. 1499522

File: 1649771854697.jpg (435.54 KB, 900x1200, 900px-Barb's_blankets_ebay_lis…)

top kek some nona said either upthread or last thread that this vivi chick's hair reminds them of old lady hair and i totally see it… serving barbie chan realness

No. 1499588

File: 1649777447942.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.37 MB, 1026x1839, 5D1D6771-848B-4823-A943-FBC13C…)

The only other pic she’s posted so far at Vivi’s dumpster of a room

No. 1499590

Scamming Shay at it again. This was one the outfits that was “lost” with her luggage after shooting with Sol

No. 1499619

Something about this photo is so much more viscerally disgusting than the usual for me.

No. 1499620

Are those sores on her asshole?

No. 1499632

im sorry and maybe im nitpicking but i dont think her labia minora isnt supposed to be that color or look like that, it looks like burn warts or dead skin to me, so gross. theres really something wrong with hers.

No. 1499634

File: 1649780672441.jpeg (Spoiler Image,192.61 KB, 1080x1092, BA53967F-1FEC-41BE-BF7F-A9BEA8…)

The filthy trailer background really compliments her trashy looks. Weird she hasn’t posted anything with Vivi yet

No. 1499636

Ass boils

No. 1499639

File: 1649780794204.jpeg (383.66 KB, 1170x1109, F98F2EF0-67C8-4122-9453-8D1398…)

No. 1499644

>risk of perforating your organs
>risk of losing OF

No. 1499648

They're probably not going to be making content together. Way back in the day during MV Loft saga, Shay didn't even touch any of the othwr women, she just stood next to them flashing her tits and getting sloppy drunk.

No. 1499654

Jesus I wasn’t ready

No. 1499684

I think that they’re going to be very disappointed by how boring and asexual she is. They seem to have all these plans for kinky threesomes and we know Shayna isn’t going to put out

No. 1499709

Iirc she specifically mentioned still having this one somehow

No. 1499711

File: 1649789139266.gif (4.41 MB, 640x360, 32CE8CAD-A969-40DB-9552-33C523…)

No. This was the outfit she “lost”. I know all the ham colored clothing looks the same Kek

No. 1499734

kek at the lunch lady arms jiggling

No. 1499742

I’m curious now. What thread can I find the sol saga?

No. 1499749

Thread 91 is where it starts

No. 1499809

“I’m not pedo pandering at all! My coomers are cooming to an adult in a diaper, not the thought of a child!!”
How is this shit not illegal

No. 1499956

Wait it that her clitoral hood? This is the first time I've ever seen it in all the years in this cursed thread. I've never seen one so small and so far down?

No. 1499960

>Repetitive nitpicks about Shayna's body, face, and genitals are subject to a 1 day ban

I hate Shayna but do you retards even read the rules and post before you type this useless shit out? Who cares what her clitoral hood looks like, there's much better things to cringe at

No. 1499970

Who cares the threads been slow as fuck the past few days since she’s been busy, what’s up with the mini mods lately

No. 1499979

It looks like a scary monster And her asshole is full of not nice sprites

No. 1499995

File: 1649810936111.jpeg (465.78 KB, 750x993, 491705B7-1FA2-4D86-A319-469D6F…)

Is she planning on hiding from them in their nasty playroom the whole week? https://streamable.com/snwww0

No. 1499997

File: 1649810978719.png (9.64 MB, 1242x2208, D3D3C378-968A-48B4-B34E-70F80F…)

I can smell her through the screen

No. 1500008

File: 1649811369590.jpeg (405.78 KB, 750x2047, 53D2EFBD-3397-4012-8E0F-02F44A…)

Good thing Shayna doesn’t put out cause Vivi’s got herpes

No. 1500009

What a waste of money to buy a plane ticket to take the exact same photos she is already taking, in a room that looks exactly like hers.

No. 1500029

Tinfoil: Big Shaynus ate Vivi and stole her playroom

No. 1500031

Oh shit. Nasty as fuck

No. 1500045

Should’ve saved this til after she left dummy

No. 1500049

lmao im sure Shayna got it too.
i cant believe she make believe that it was some kind of business trip and its just, the same with and even mounstrous vagina

No. 1500056

Learn English before posting please your posts hurt my head

No. 1500061

What a gross thing to talk about in public. Just take your Valtrex and live your life, no one is interested in hearing about your crotch diseases.

No. 1500079


the filters she's using today are tricking me into thinking she looks almost cute here. Good job Shayna, don't get addicted to hard drugs while you're there and get stuck as a Cali hooker okay?

No. 1500088

a slow thread doesn't mean the rules don't apply, idiot.

No. 1500089

File: 1649817401182.webm (2.22 MB, 720x1280, At Vivi’s.webm)

No. 1500090

For a second I forgot this is Shayna we’re talking about and I thought “since this is old, she probably found out when she researched where she was going and who she was meeting”

No. 1500091

anon I hope you’re having a great night, this made me ugly laugh

No. 1500096

everytime i hear her i cant get over her voice. It sounds like those uwu im so cute egirls but its attached to THAT?

No. 1500105

Her natural speaking voice is one of the only nice things about her, it’s kind of low and calming but she puts on this awful high pitched baby voice and fake giggle that ruins it

No. 1500133

File: 1649821647645.jpeg (Spoiler Image,231.35 KB, 1280x720, 95CA6EAB-17D0-4F40-88DD-DC41AB…)

Why is this making me think of those simulated love Otome games (picrel)? If there is ever a choose your own lolcow adventure this would have to be Shays character pic lol sage for autism

No. 1500161

Kek I agree, Shayna has a face for radio. Her pitch and accent would be easily hireable for voice acting work. It could potentially be lucrative for her, now that narrating Reddit content like AITA and relationships stories are very popular on YouTube and TikTok right now but that would actually take effort on her behalf. She's thriving showing her flat ass, rat face and ballsack for free on Twitter though!

No. 1500235

Why does this bitch still have a thread when it’s the same shit day after day after day after day? Why is there an interest still after five years of the same shit?

No. 1500308

File: 1649847210226.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.17 MB, 1242x930, 62D81781-0B52-4FE8-B274-3E2B7D…)

Blur tool working overtime

No. 1500310

vivi literally turned her cooter into a face, god damn

No. 1500314

Nona, I beg of you

No. 1500316

File: 1649848446742.jpeg (335.78 KB, 1470x2048, 523865B9-E316-4A2F-A8D8-783413…)

Same energy

No. 1500334

Two pedo pandering idiots sitting on a bed,

One fell over and had a DID meltdown and had to get stitches.

No. 1500344

Was it really that hard for Vivi to wear clean socks?

No. 1500345

It's even more gross to see how dirty her socks are while Shayna is practically barefoot walking in that filth, probably just like home sweet home though.

No. 1500358

Two whole hams. Wonder how many drinks it took Shay to start making some content with with funky feet

No. 1500401

damn shes actually lost a bit of weight since this one

No. 1500442

She hasn’t. Refer to >>1500308

No. 1500489

File: 1649869584535.jpeg (493.19 KB, 1638x2048, 9DE884DB-A2F8-4348-8238-E72344…)

It’s almost like they’re going out of their way to look at stupid as possible

No. 1500492

File: 1649869810337.jpeg (Spoiler Image,476.8 KB, 1638x2048, 24D82CBE-392B-4015-84C9-A363EF…)

I laughed out loud when I saw this shes got Vivi doing the retarded tongue against the teeth smile now. They had to be fucked up when they took these

No. 1500510

I don’t know if it’s the lighting or what but I seriously thought Vivi was a few months along here

No. 1500511

This expression is so fucking UGLY. Shayna started doing it when she chipped her tooth IIRC. It would be better to just own the snaggletooth. Everyone has seen it. Vivi must be so fucking fried to think it’s cute. Not the brightest crayons in the box over here.

No. 1500514

File: 1649872386451.jpeg (643.42 KB, 674x1180, 15A7673F-05FB-478E-8CD7-45346F…)

Vivi is totally built like she’s postpartum. Shay picked the perfect person to collaborate with to make herself look better, but god they look awful together

No. 1500517

File: 1649872797601.jpeg (598.87 KB, 1080x1727, 96F19CDA-00A8-436C-B188-0BA2BF…)

The awkward couple on their way to their first school dance pose really oozes sex appeal. Flex those hairy man arms Shayna

No. 1500531

I'm sorry but facially she looks better then Shayna. For once Shayna is shorter then someone she's filming with but her face looks so…unfortunate. I'm not even saying this other girl is pretty but she just looks better I comparison.

No. 1500532

Shay looks extra sped here, vivi looks skinnier because that huge arm is blocking her stomach too. All her collabs are boring as fuck, same old lazy pictures with trash outfits

No. 1500536

Vivi's face looks less haggard. The alcoholic eye bloat makes Shat look 10 years older than she is.

No. 1500537

She looks super fat here. Vivi has a bigger pot belly but her arms and legs are skinnier. Just everything about this picture is awful. Shay's upper thigh fat is starting to eat her knees.

No. 1500544

Vivi looks “naturally” fat is in weight gain due to age, poor diet ect. Shay looks like what happens when you have an average body type but abuse alcohol and binge eat so she gained weight faster than the rest of her body can keep up with

No. 1500545

Shay looks like youtuber Danny Gonzalez like a smooshed version of him. The alcohol bloat is crazy like it's squeezing her face. It makes it look so tiny. Then the comb over doesn't help. Like if you just framed her face, got rid of the extra hair and eyelashes she'd look like a scrote. Don't even need to use a face app gender flip filter.

No. 1500550

The difference in editing between the photos Shay posted and the ones Vivi posted is pretty funny too. Shayna blurred out off the pimples and wrinkles on her face that you can clearly see in Vivi’s picture, brightened everything up, slimmed her face and enlarged her eyes. Vivi’s really exposing her here

No. 1500554

i agree. also i bet that shayna thought she would be the better looking one lol.

No. 1500565

File: 1649876453348.jpeg (1.86 MB, 1242x1610, 0C7EEC48-E488-42B0-B793-97AA5B…)

No. 1500568

File: 1649876491707.jpeg (132.12 KB, 750x1333, D1B85494-8025-4540-ABC3-430528…)

She’s not even tagging the right person kek

No. 1500571

She gave herself a pin head

No. 1500592

the bleakest
two rapidly aging, dissolute adult women dressed as children in a trailer playroom

No. 1500598

Holy shit this chick is covered in the ugliest tattoos. Not in a quirky aesthetic stick and poke way. Just pure middle school doodles, like the dicks you draw on drunk peoples.

No. 1500619

maybe bc vivi isnt editing the pics lol

No. 1500658

Jesus, is she in a shady basement apartment? Why are the roof and windows so low?

No. 1500660

It's a trailer home.

No. 1500671

Jesus they both look absolutely blazed out of their skulls. Who is this for?

No. 1500682

Chomos that live in trailer parks.

No. 1500725

File: 1649889683044.jpeg (192.98 KB, 1205x1689, EEC6797F-DC01-4A9F-B5DD-071230…)

God the trailer park background suits her white trash looks so well

No. 1500727

Why does she always look like she smelled a really nasty fart

No. 1500729

Same damn shit she always takes at home. Always up against one wall and couch. Totally worth the trip.

No. 1500745

Not this outfit again! And the skirt belt is getting shorter every time, surely her minge is literally out by now.

No. 1500748

This trailer park room is bleak and creepy. They should have added curtains because those smoke stained $2 blinds aren’t cute and add to no aesthetic except trailer park white trash. Shatna is going back to her apartment with bed bugs I bet.

No. 1500752

File: 1649891325183.jpeg (405.14 KB, 1080x1596, 8768C099-681C-45A0-9309-9D0274…)

I mean this is what the rest of the room looks like. They just managed the shove the drug paraphernalia and guns just out of site. This seems like a colossal waste of time and money just to get the same awful pictures with an even worse setting then usual

No. 1500759

File: 1649891752258.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.24 MB, 1242x1558, AE3D8C07-E563-4595-AB5C-379BE4…)

No. 1500762

File: 1649891851172.jpeg (Spoiler Image,201.38 KB, 691x1228, 3E7360F4-5D90-4337-AC89-2C1014…)

No. 1500766

File: 1649891941680.jpeg (Spoiler Image,258.19 KB, 808x1396, 3480B5ED-B59C-4146-A7F0-E32A13…)

No. 1500781

Anon you forgot to spoiler this. I saw it on the front page on mobile and I thought some moid was spamming cp afain

No. 1500787

every single she does with someone is always some shit where she acts scared or some shit. She hates sex and can't even pretend to like it so she has to do these weird scenarios.

No. 1500797

File: 1649892745051.jpeg (30.97 KB, 286x340, 94C0FC8B-0F97-4147-AC6D-49A0F1…)

they do not look like children kek don’t say that they will be flattered https://www.dropbox.com/s/bsmji9gchp5y0fn/Weekendatvivis.mp4?dl=0

No. 1500799

Okay, I thought it was just a bad angle in one photo but there are now multiple shots where it looks like she got stung by a bee between her eyebrows. She's giving me Sloth from Goonies vibes.

No. 1500800

So is the creepy skeletor boyfriend taking the shots? Or is this a girls only shoot?

No. 1500829

She sounds like Gypsy Rose

No. 1500860

Holy shit, you're so right it's 1000%

No. 1500861

she belongs in a trailer park. it suits her. plus she can be the best looking methhead in the park.

No. 1500865

omg her NOSE. bitch has a jew nose and needs a nose job immediately.(racebait)

No. 1500930


For a second I really thought her thigh tattoo said spare rib

No. 1500949

does it not say that? wtf does it say?

No. 1500955

File: 1649900188740.jpeg (50.98 KB, 1200x1200, 8298C237-22AD-44E6-B85A-E75C27…)

she's built like a spitter from l4d kek

No. 1500985

Vivi was trying her hardest to spread that nonexistent ass lol it went… nowhere…

No. 1500994

lol no effort meth head white trash photos but high effort cottage cheese removal afterwards in editing. i mean it is logical

No. 1500995

I think it says "Saarebas" which is a character in Dragon Age 2. I'm not sure what else it could be

No. 1501020

shays been looking extra fucked up since the day she arrived there. and vivi also looks almost as fucked up. I agree that she probably thought she would look way hotter than vivi but hilariously she's just making herself look bad

at this point i'm convinced that coming off as someone who has special needs is intentional. Just like all her other depraved shit I think she realized that her scrotes love that shit and it suits her because she is so fucked up on weed and booze and possibly harder shit

No. 1501096

File: 1649911277285.jpeg (528.11 KB, 1201x607, ACAE42DF-EF7A-4CC2-A5BB-8A0FDC…)

Ellen Degenerate helped Big Shaynus get in her pink sausage costume

No. 1501097

File: 1649911387059.jpeg (Spoiler Image,849.24 KB, 1242x1553, AF366D8D-3266-4D92-A64E-7A2F8E…)

Samefag but why is there a gap between there?

No. 1501100

File: 1649911554044.jpeg (Spoiler Image,674.17 KB, 1242x978, 1C38A963-32F6-45E0-8BEF-AA45E1…)

No. 1501111

Oh hell no. I thought the top of her pussy was her butthole, this makes so sense

No. 1501132

File: 1649913601565.png (Spoiler Image,6.7 MB, 1170x2532, 852AEE6C-8856-4149-8606-37261D…)

I think it is her combination of having a small inner labia and quite long outer labia. There’s empty space between them. Unrelated but I noticed her outer labia kept getting stuck together

No. 1501255

File: 1649922408119.jpg (22.09 KB, 447x686, images.jpeg-7.jpg)

They're really posed like couples in those photostudios.

No. 1501452

Shat's super long, finger toes never fail to freak me out. Looks like she could easily peel a banana with her feet.

No. 1501471


Her facial expressions confirm her delusions aren't being fed in this experience.

Her face says she knows that she is not actually baby.

These smiles are forced.

No. 1501485

Anon did you edit this kek

No. 1501602

Have any of you ever seen a vagina before? Serious question

No. 1501628

if you zoom in there’s some weird editing going on. vaginas don’t look blocky, sorry.

No. 1501637

Nonnie you replied to thinks roblox pussy is natural.

No. 1501687

File: 1649966329376.jpeg (127.04 KB, 750x713, 403A462C-81FA-4A0D-A1CF-5FB6F6…)

I can name a couple reasons

No. 1501693

File: 1649966569664.jpeg (545.32 KB, 2914x1826, 41751042-CC99-4AAB-AF69-08C714…)

Lmao she’s trying to go viral, unoriginal dumb bitch

No. 1501694

The way she puts on a beaming smile while flashing her pussy is so funny to me. It's so incongruous.

No. 1501716

Sad this trip was not milky at all. I'm surprised she went considering she could have taken most of these pics in her own house for $0.00.

No. 1501740

What blockiness are you talking about? Vaginas just look weird in various positions, if you have a large outer labia is shifts in weird positions if you sit back and spread your legs

No. 1501741

File: 1649971987486.jpeg (902.63 KB, 2401x3018, EF62D86B-231E-472E-9059-9A073C…)

Kek gray hair lying to her I know mousy big Shaynus isn’t happy being fat and ugly

No. 1501743

Lol she could never.

No. 1501752

File: 1649973296761.jpeg (3.52 MB, 3999x3000, 4F71D128-FC7F-4191-B270-5BEEA8…)

I got bored sage for ‘tism

No. 1501758

Same, I expected it was gonna be a shit show but alas ‘twas extremely boring.

No. 1501768

lmfao took that as veiled criticism of shayna's fashion sense which would be absolutely humiliating coming from old twitter coomer greyhair

No. 1501771

Might just be delayed milk. I think Shay will talk shit sooner than later about how gross and weird it was. But then again she doesnt have many sw "friends" so maybe she will just bite her nasty tongue.

Also they have to "edit" the content for who knows how long before posting. Itd be funny if literally no one asked for customs or anything which is likely and she just spent money to go there to pick up some cigarette and vomit scent to add to her BO funk and hot dog water usual and have contact with another living person.

No. 1501777

thank you for this lol. vivi's head is big as fuck

No. 1501782

File: 1649975728399.jpeg (571.85 KB, 750x1032, E9330258-A829-45B9-91F4-68BE81…)

cow crossover, she would like aggy the tranny pedophile’s disgusting art

No. 1501788

I'm so curious if they did any hard drugs. I guess we'll find out sooner or later regardless…i'll tinfoil any drug use in the next few months will be because of this trip.

No. 1501790

I bet pedo defender nonnie gonna defend this too. I wish they’d neck themselves.

No. 1501796

this saga wasnt milky but it gave us this unedited face pic, i really appreciate it

No. 1501804

People always expect milk but she rarely does anything interesting at all. The only time there was milk was when the person cowtipped the Airbnb owner and Sol skedaddled so drama ensued. Besides that all she does is bitch about her controversy and complain about being criticized. Meth tinfoilers were too hopeful, it’s not like she would brag about it or let everyone know even if she did.

No. 1501808

But it’s not pedophilia. JFC how can she be so brainrotted when she doesn’t even interact with other coomers?

No. 1501820

next thread pic fr

No. 1501823

Trailer trash, the south shall rise again looking ass

No. 1501825

File: 1649981488834.jpeg (467.5 KB, 908x1254, 1CA09310-BB52-4E49-B81C-523E8D…)

No. 1501829

Thanks nona, please never draw again!

No. 1501869

File: 1649985370072.png (892.19 KB, 1080x1484, Screenshot_20220414-181555.png)

This is sped behavior

No. 1501874

Damn, is it just me or does Shaynus not seem very happy? I thought she’d be hyping up this collab more because she finally has someone who “admires” her and doesn’t hate her. I thought she’d be besties with another degenerate who is into the smoking weed and being ~quirky uwu sex workers~

No. 1501878

She hates all women. She sees them as competition. Even though Vivi is kinda an ogress junkie freak that fawns over Shay, she probably still was a fake bitch just wanting the ass kissing. Its possible Shay was even annoyed with her and just wanted to get it over with finally meeting up. I'd bet she enjoyed taking stupid airport pics and the excuse to post fake stories and live blog her uwu alcoholism than staying over and doing some content with the other bitch.

No. 1501882

What happened to spending a whole week there? It was like 3 days.

No. 1501887

probably threw a wrench in the gears when she found out vivi has herpes, genuinely smart of her to gtfo

No. 1501914

Not that shaynus is the cleanest person around, but even she has some level of standards. I'm pretty sure she was grossed out by Vivi and the state of her playroom.

This too

No. 1501918

I think she's upset to realize on some level that Vivi is on her level. She used to have cute normal friends she took "fun" lolweed pics with on tumblr and now she's relegated to a meth trailer.

No. 1501931

So she can pretend to be nice to people when she wants something from them? Very validating. The friendship definitely won't implode if their XL trailer trash offbrand Barbies smellovision porn doesn't make enough doordash money to justify the scabies she's definitely flying home with.

No. 1501966

weve seen HER vagina in that same position countless times, it doesnt look like that. She edited it. Sorry your vagina is weird looking I guess.

No. 1501967

this is an actual bimbo shayna, you could never be her.

No. 1501993

This is slightly artistic as fuck ily. thread pic

No. 1502028

these whore would be like
>who wants to look like a baby? they look disgusting with their big head
then retweet art of babies smoking

No. 1502034

Lol Nona, thank you for including the window, you did well

No. 1502127

how the fuck can this be her goal when she rolls around in adult diapers and puts a seat belt on a fucking huge plush toy?

does she really think beautiful women that make a huge effort to take care of themselves like the legit bimbo she posted pics of do shit like this?

you can't be a bimbo in a diaper.

No. 1502131

Trevor and Cory, smokes! Let’s go!

No. 1502153


I’m wheezing KEK

No. 1502185

At this point she'd look better stuffing herself into the cheaper shein/dolls kill version of this shit then what she wears now.
I'm so fucking sick of those white wrinkly skirts. Sometimes I wish she'd just look up pictures of bimbos and just copy their outfits and hair styles. Anything is better then the wrinkled white skirt, with a copped shirt, leg Warmers and two ponytail look. She looks retarded like she stole a child's outfit from Walmart and squeezed into it. It's not giving, "cutesy baby bimbo" it gives, "Who stole my 5 year Olds daughter $10 outfit?"

No. 1502187

I think it looks weird because the buttplug is causing a gap but also it all looks very red, especially the area at the bottom of her mound where the labia begin.. it just looks like a red blood spot. Could it be period blood?? Thats honestly what ot looks like. But it could be really unfortunate editing.

No. 1502207

Lol they look more like Ricky & Julian

No. 1502227

File: 1650037154357.gif (3.6 MB, 432x324, 26DF3A7E-1021-4718-8091-B6EE40…)

How dare you malign these great men

No. 1502238

File: 1650037743377.jpeg (1.25 MB, 1170x1794, 446FDA22-76E0-43CE-A972-E7BA02…)

The shoot has been long over. No clue why she’s just now posting this

No. 1502248

Honestly though this top would hide her hammy arms >>1502238

No. 1502278

File: 1650041323267.jpeg (626.37 KB, 1242x1134, B5C9A744-1708-43B4-88E4-6B2E74…)

I know Vivi is a gross degenerate junkie but I almost feel bad for her. She seemed really excited to see Shaynus, and now Shay is tweeting about how much she loves and missed her home. Like it sounds like she was so happy to leave kek

No. 1502287

yeah she treats all the women she knows like that

No. 1502294

Shay if you're lurking PLEASE invest in a clothes steamer for the love of god… I can't with the wrinkles which make the already cheap fabric look even cheaper

No. 1502298

Shay was probably really uncomfortable the whole time and I'm sure she struggled to sleep in whatever filthy corner they set up for her due to all the bugs and smell. Vivi's place really makes her room look clean in comparison. IMO if Vivi had a nicer place I think she might've been friendlier and would've stayed longer.

No. 1502308

They’ve been slowly releasing them over all their various fetish websites. They milked a lot of content out of those girls for a pretty low price considering they shot for at least 6 different sites. Theres strictmooracademy, aaaspanking, cheerleaderspankings, mamaspankings, sarahgregoryspanking, and abdlspanking

No. 1502357

holy smokes how tf did shay manage to make me feel slightly bad for a trailer trash crackwhore. this tweet is so shady kek she never tweeted anything like this coming home from other shoots. when she came back from being with soy and skidmark academy she kept tweeting about missing them

No. 1502371

Even Vivi has been weirdly quiet, I mean after YEARS of begging Shayna to come see her and saying it was the most important shoot of her entire career you’d think she would have more to say. She definitely lurks this thread, she unfollowed all the Humboldt area businesses she followed after I mentioned it to someone asking where she lived. Maybe she’s just trying to avoid giving us any milk. I do think her and her creepy boyfriend were really expecting her to be a lot more exciting and freaky and that she would have sex with them. Turns out she’s very boring and hates sex

No. 1502388

File: 1650048072233.jpeg (161.75 KB, 750x546, 4453D937-C9E2-4915-B80E-3A9F4C…)

Get a fucking hobby, or some friends. God damn it’s not cute anymore you’re an adult

No. 1502413

This just supports the claim that she went home early because Vivi was nasty >>1501914

No. 1502441

File: 1650051950020.jpeg (225.89 KB, 750x1830, 49C9E5A4-7BB6-4A4B-96A5-72E397…)

No. 1502453

Shayna saying she misses her shower says everything

No. 1502458

sage for late tinfoil but do y'all think Vivi disclosed her herpes to Shay (as is required by law I'm pretty sure) and Shay was like "lol it's fine girl" because she has herpes too?

No. 1502474

File: 1650054373948.jpeg (670.2 KB, 1242x1386, F846AE7F-5BC6-42BA-8083-7BDA45…)

No mention of posting the content she made with Viv

No. 1502477

It’s not like they were going to fuck. Shayna would just roll on her back and fake moan while her lawnmower vibe is on her snatch
That was so shady kek Shayna doesn’t even shower regularly but even she needed one after staying in that filthy trailer

No. 1502480

What’s the point of having a separate “diaper” account if she’s just going to retweet it onto her main account? Not all her followers are going to want to see her fat ass in a bulky diaper. She’s so retarded

No. 1502595

File: 1650065279916.jpg (Spoiler Image,311.61 KB, 1638x2048, 20220415_162759.jpg)

I can't with that gut hanging down

No. 1502597

File: 1650065374098.jpg (Spoiler Image,370.47 KB, 1638x2048, 20220415_162912.jpg)

Her caption is "do u like fat pussy?"

No. 1502644

Moar like fat person pussy kek

No. 1502646

Good god.

No. 1502647

Kek at the half-assed watermark on her tit above her gut. Like anyone is gonna steal it or post anything worse than what this lard ass posts herself.

No. 1502648

I cant- my fucking sides! She shooped her gut so damn bad that it coulda passed for the inside of a pink shirt had sheen wearing one. But she isnt so now she just has this unnatural looking slab of meat under her. How tf did she think this looked presentable enough to put out there??

No. 1502650


I think Shay got the fuck out of there so fast because of the herpes. And probably the hard drugs and guns they had lying around everywhere, I hope it scared her enough for at least a slight wakeup call for her own future. Shay's not too far off from a lifelong STD, a hard drug addiction and a useless weirdo boyfriend. Even Kyle was a better catch than Vivi's weird goth, and doesn't she have a puke fetish?

No. 1502656

i HOPE that seeing how that junkie girl lives has given her some kind of wake up call because if she isn't careful and keeps on the booze and weed like she is, she could very well end up the same

get a real job Shay, no one says you can't do both

No. 1502657

hivemind i should have scrolled to the bottom first LOL

No. 1502658

More like “do you like fat? Pussy!”

No. 1502669

Doesn't Shay also do puke porn? Only difference between her and Vivi is Fupa dumped her before they could rent a double wide. He also hung out in dirty druggie trailers in Oklahoma and I assume she was there with him.

I'm curious about what happened to the play kitchen and tiny toy horse Vivi apparently wasted 100 bucks on. All the pictures from the trip were shot in the same exact location with the same background.

No. 1502677

I think vivi took hers further than Shay. iirc she let her bf put his vomit covered dick in her pussy


She's going to either have to commit to being a complete degenerate fetish sex worker and prolong her career for a few more years or end up in a trailer like Vivi. She's been in the SW game too long and didn't make enough money or build a good enough reputation to do something that's still in the sex work field without having to sell her pussy. Some girls go on to open sex toy companies or their own studios… Or even just a regular ass jewelry/ thotwear shop.

No. 1502694

Vivi almost exclusively does actual shit and puke porn. It looks like she used to do normal porn but she’s moved to scat and puke after she got fat. She’s into adult baby/ diaper stuff now though because she wants to wear Shay’s skin

No. 1502737

File: 1650075787027.jpeg (200.68 KB, 750x1319, 8E676939-B474-4B65-8972-FE54C2…)

Who is this for

No. 1502747

The pedo diaper tards, and her two only fans

No. 1502751

So damn ugly

No. 1502760

She’s long

No. 1502788

A long worm

No. 1502802

File: 1650083416838.jpeg (706.27 KB, 1242x929, 5FD6988F-4897-4851-A226-6F854B…)

No. 1502805

I think if Shay didn’t have her privileged upbringing and parent financial support to this day, she would already be in similar conditions to Vivi. She has had a LOT of supports in life

No. 1502848

Farmers called it. Shayna constantly hornyposts about being kidnapped and tortured by weirdos to excite her coomer fans, but when she ends up in a meth trailer where it’s likely to happen, she runs for the hills.

No. 1502851

Idk why but she looks like a sad haggard street mime that wiggles free of her bologna colored restraints, for a couple bucks from a passing tourist. All to fund her alcoholism and budding meth addiction.

No. 1502861

Kek, what if Vivi is trying to wait to get their “content” before she blocks and spills about Shay. She was crazy enough to do this >>1498311 over a total nobody like herself, I waouldnt be surprised if she tried to do similar to Shay

No. 1502892

I bet there’s pink wine in that sippy cup

No. 1502932


Doing almost exclusively scat and vomit porn yet all you and your weird boyfriend can afford is a trailer? sex work is so empowering

No. 1502968

Shayna is also a total nobody

No. 1502983