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No. 1505674

Previous thread: >>>/snow/1501752

Repetitive nitpicks about Shayna's body, face, and genitals are subject to a 1 day ban. Reposting the same photos zoomed in or edited is not milk and you will receive a ban for nitpicking.
REMEMBER: Read the rules before posting. Sage when there’s no milk. No nitpicking and/or blogposting. This is a Shay thread, curb your enthusiasm when posting sceenshots of other e-whores, they go in the e-whore thread >>>/snow/1363903

Last Thread:
>Still has Fupa on the mind, tweets about the anniversary that she told him she was moving to Seattle >>>/snow/1482200, and about looking at snapchat memories of him >>>/snow/1494558 meanwhile he is engaged >>>/snow/1482264
>Goes for another "domme" look in a dollskill latex outfit does not fit >>>/snow/1482365
>Went to shoot again for lovinglyhandmadepornography >>>/snow/1483894, had to beg for money for an uber to get back because she's broke >>>/snow/1484049, no one pays so she had to call "The Dad" for a ride >>>/snow/1484128
>Put out some awful pictures from lovinglyhandmadepornography shoot looking like an SCP >>>/snow/1484288, >>>/snow/1486962, >>>/snow/1492407
>More disgusting pedo pandering fantasies >>>/snow/1494074, roleplaying underage for her followers >>>/snow/1498364
>Will be working with the photographer that shot those awful outdoor lake shots again >>>/snow/1503306
>Part 2 of her shoot with lovinglyhandmadepornography is released, Shayna is extremely awkward and laughs through the whole thing, tries to get away from him, makes stupid jokes and is generally weird. Her costar points to her zombie tit and asks if its the one he isnt supposed to hit. >>>/snow/1504247
>Shayna posts a petition to take down Lolcow >>>/snow/1505609
Vivi Saga
>Vivi announces that Shayna will be staying with her for a full week >>>/snow/1486639, and buys a $160 childrens play kitchen for their collab, says it will be the most important collab of her existance >>>/snow/1495044
>Shayna flies out to Vivi's trailer in Northern California, getting drunk and making up stories about TSA finding her dildos and people buying her drinks as usual >>>/snow/1498180, >>>/snow/1498343
>A farmer finds out Vivi has herpes >>>/snow/1500008
>2 days in to her stay Shayna finally posts a couple awkward photos of her and Vivi in cheerleader costumes, and a short clip to OF, >>>/snow/1500797 >>>/snow/1500489, Vivi posts a very different unedited shot >>>/snow/1500517
>She then flies home after only 3 days >>>/snow/1501869, tweeting about how happy she is to shower >>>/snow/1502278
>Then deletes any mention and photos of Vivi from Twitter, Instagram and Onlyfans >>>/snow/1502990, >>>/snow/1505558, >>>/snow/1505629
>Vivi goes quiet, finally comes back with a vague tweet about how life happens and you gotta go with the flow >>>/snow/1505513
>Vivi, someone claiming to know her, or perhaps a random farmer comes through with a story of what may or may not have happened >>>/snow/1505628, to be continued

https://discord.com/invite/eA8kSzuz (need ID to join)

Ellen "Patricia" Dresel:
Shayna's "gf," Seattle/Renton, WA Nanny

Other relationships:
“The Dad”
>The 45 year old mystery man she’s “dating,” met him on seeking arrangements, ex sugar daddy turned boyfriend
”Slave Dad”
>@bluefrodo1 on Twitter, submissive masochist “slave” of Ellen and Shay, participated in a video getting smacked around in Shay's pathetic attempt to domme >>>/snow/1362327
”The Old Man"
>Max R Cameron, @maxrcameron on Twitter, married poly “bdsm coach,” has the dungeon she visits on occation in his house, ousted as an abuser in the Seattle kink scene >>>/snow/1371185
”Splenda Daddy” #1
>Jason R Womack, @okietwister85/ @womackglass on Twitter
>Mentally retarded orbiter who sends Shayna rent money through Ellen’s Venmo.
”Splenda Daddy” #2
>Grayhair, @GNotold on Twitter
>Old man who has a fetish for sending his money to washed up fat whores on Twitter
>Constantly replies to Shayna’s suicide bait tweets with the infamous monsters inc gif

First Thread:

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No. 1505680

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No. 1505683

Sorry for any mistakes, wanted to get the thread up while the milk was flowing

No. 1505685

To add to the summary, at the end of the last thread the anon posting info about Shay's visit dropped messages from her phone to prove she was Vivi

No. 1505693

i'm with this anon from the previous thread. shayna complains about cancelled but then does that shit? other creators should be warned of her shitty behavior. has way more basis than retards sperging about her being a nazi or whatever. you wasted a lot of money on her vivi.

No. 1505695

Shayna, Ellen and Bratty posted that shit about getting the site down because they knew shit was going to hit the fan today. Thats why I believe it's really homegirl and everything she said is true.
They are trying to get ahead of the story because Shayna's going to get exposed.

Vivi should really call her out on Twitter, for once lolcow had NOTHING to do with why Shayna fell out with someone, so she can't blame her haters or us.
I also 100% believe her tit is fake, not only from the video with Micky Mouse scrote telling her not to hit it, but also because of Vivi.

No. 1505696

>>>/snow/1505648 If this really is Vivi, hey at least you own up to the mental illness and the whole trashy thing. I can respect that a lot more then Shayna pretending to be a spoiled rich bimbo barbie when she’s clearly not. I just wish you had better proof, any pictures with her that aren’t posted would be perfect evidence

No. 1505697

Vivi, if you are reading this, expose her

No. 1505698

File: 1650397766008.jpeg (513.32 KB, 1242x1210, 4502FC2F-98D9-401B-AEEB-94D13C…)

No. 1505700

Also, this girl had to pay to get Shayna to come, but she flew out basically to suck Sol's dick. She's disgusting and Bratty is a basic mean girl for how she constantly runs to protect this girl who'd NEVER do the same for her.
Bratty is an orbiter who has always pissed me off, the way she acts like Shayna is a retarded innocent idiot that needs to be protected, I don't get why she does what she does.

No. 1505702

please do share

No. 1505703

release the kraken girl

No. 1505705

Yes, keep talking about Kiwifarms Shayna. Please make them start paying attention to your dead thread. She doesn't care about the people who alledgely "Died". This is about shutting down the fact that she pissed some one off and she doesn't want it to get out.

No. 1505706

Good point, anon. That petition is old as fuck anyway.

No. 1505707

File: 1650397933793.jpg (23.1 KB, 530x245, oh lol.JPG)

future anon here.

No. 1505708

Y’all want some of the photos we took she didn’t post? I’m not wanting sympathy from you guys I was in the costhots and egl threads for years so I know what happens when you spill on here. I had to edit her ass boil she openly admits she needs to get removed by a doctor so y’all can have unedited photos idc

No. 1505710

Again, please do share.

No. 1505712

Girl release everything

No. 1505714

I know i've seen lolcows post it at least once in their lolcow "Careers". Shayna's doing this so that if/when Vivi comes here (Which she did alledgely), people would go "Oh well this site is full of evil people who drove people to suicide! Who cares what's being said or exposed about Dolly Mattel here! These people can't be trusted!!"
Thats why if feel like Vivi should've done a Twitter call out post. Also, Shay didn't even @ her right, she never wanted to do shit with this girl. If she hadn't found out Fupaul got engaged she'd never agreed to this shit.

No. 1505716

Makes me wonder if thats why she doesn't care about getting her ass bruised so badly. It hides the boils.

No. 1505717

Don’t be afraid to hold anything back, she used you. It’s what she does. She saw how willing you were to work with her when no one else was and she took advantage of you.

No. 1505718

Is someone keeping an eye out on shayna's twitter? If she's bitching about LC right now it means she's lurking live.

No. 1505719

She really did take advantage of you, your time and money.

No. 1505721

I 2nd this, You'll get tons of traction if you do it on Twitter and you should cap everything you can before she deletes more. And then I would block her ass.

No. 1505722

File: 1650398278612.jpeg (55.06 KB, 1334x750, 74B95F4A-8B72-4336-A3C2-813378…)

vivi if you do this we won’t talk about you anymore. Unless Shayna brings you up. But for the love of god post them

No. 1505723

The choice is yours vivi

No. 1505724

File: 1650398341433.jpg (45.3 KB, 540x406, 1572918388864.jpg)

What I don't understand is what Shayna thought she was going to get out of this. A three day bender vacation? Vivi's boyfriend to dump her and get her to move into his piss-stained trailer? Did she not think the BF would tell Vivi what was going on? And now she's burned one of the few bridges she had left and is gonna get her unedited pics dumped here. Fucking bleak.

No. 1505726

She's probably not drunk enough to cry about it.

No. 1505728

I know people sometimes turn against people with milk but I’m sorry you got fucked over. The honesty and milk got you a place secured into heaven. ily

No. 1505729

>ass boil she openly admits she needs to get removed by a doctor

staph infection confirmed. MRSA ass bitch. Vivi, you need to sanitize your things, that shit’s nastier than herpes

No. 1505730

Or still sleeping knowing her lazy ass.

No. 1505732

Vivi, I'd also like to know did she tell you she has a implant, like just randomly? This isn't the first person who said Shayna just blabs about her implant.Yet, she never does it on twitter which would get her sympathy. Maybe she will now because, "A girl I worked with is exposing my medical history and my insecurities on a site full of bullies who made people kill themselves!!"

No. 1505735

File: 1650398560375.jpg (34.25 KB, 708x225, MRSA.JPG)

I'm gonna vomit

No. 1505736

probably felt it

No. 1505737

Man nonnie don't give shart what to tweet.

No. 1505738

True, she's gonna use all her poor brain power to make herself the victim

No. 1505741

Trust me, I already did including my sheets and I’m going to wash my toys again before use because gross.
Yep, she STRAIGHT UP admitted she got the veiny tit done, her mom get her a fake boob in highschool and that’s why she can’t be hit there and is so weird about it

No. 1505744

Post the unedited pics you don’t have to post yourself. Expose her fat ass

No. 1505745

File: 1650399037828.jpeg (147.34 KB, 750x979, E2CBB1FE-7B6F-4404-B6E0-6D6FBB…)

They unfollowed each other, they were following each other this morning. I think this is legit

No. 1505746

Why only one tit

No. 1505747

This absolute retard piece of shit, her family paid for her zombie tit (as a teenager nonetheless) AND offered her FREE education so she could stop being a degenerate. Unbelievable

No. 1505748

Sometimes only one tit grows in during puberty

No. 1505749

She still maintains the flu shot story but admitted she had her MOM get her a new tit

No. 1505750

nta, it was common in the 2000s-2010s to get a small implant just to balance out a pair of lop-sided tits

No. 1505751

It checks out. If it is fake, she may need to get that shit changed or something. Maybe thats one of the many reasons she's been in the hosptail.
I'm not that anon who is supposedely Vivi, but maybe because that Boob wasn't growing? It happens sometimes with women.
It's clear with the way it moves and how low the other grows, it's not natural. There's another cow who has the same issues, except she never got an implant for it. One breast is saggy and normal, the other is small and saggy.

No. 1505754

File: 1650399260785.jpeg (258.9 KB, 750x861, 58DCC66D-4BE9-476D-A885-B3F421…)

Vivi you’re a fucking legend

No. 1505756


No. 1505757

Love her

No. 1505759

File: 1650399379389.jpeg (236.05 KB, 828x809, milk drinker.jpeg)

Me rn

No. 1505761

Anons saying the Vivi trip was boring and not milky are eating their words

No. 1505762

I don't think some screenshot texts prove anything. Anyone can put the contact name as "Dolly" and just have their friend or partner message them. Or any of the other ways to fake texts. I mean yeah that's a lot of effort, but not impossible.
Would believe social media dms more.

No. 1505764

Vivi I have to applaud you. We may not agree with your lifestyle, but thanks for being honest and not shitting up the thread to defend yourself whenever we spoke about you. Please take care of yourself and stop pedo pandering. You can still make money doing sex work without diapers and shit

No. 1505765

Vivi please stay tuned to the thread. We can help you get around all of shayna's little nasty tricks she uses to garner sympathy, plus all the dirt we have like her scamming and scat vid she sold for like 75$

No. 1505766

I think at this point, it’s confirmed to be Vivi. She is posting about spilling milk on her twitter account. I don’t see any reason why she would create fake screenshots when she has obviously interacted with Shayna before.

No. 1505767

KEK this is great

No. 1505768

She'd have zero reason to start shit with Shayna. It's clear from the silence from both parties and the sudden "Shut down Lolcow/kiwifarms!! people are dying" shit that something is up.

No. 1505769

screenshot all the evidence then block her on both accounts of you haven’t already. She will try messaging you and be a fucking bitch. Shaynasty will never change. Ugly human inside and out

No. 1505770

I've never commented on this before because people get so pissy about the tit sperging, but getting a single implant as a minor when one breast didn't grow at all/as much as the other is considered medically necessary and not cosmetic. most insurances cover it and everything. I know someone who got it done in middle school because it was so wildly disproportionate

No. 1505771

well done! I hope you get the money back somehow. Please post the candids

No. 1505772

DON'T BLOCK HER she will out herself as the bitch she is and then you can say "see how nasty she really is"

No. 1505776

get her vivi

No. 1505778

I knew it was going to be an aftermilk situation. I just knew it.

No. 1505779

I agree. Post the truth, with everything that happened and watch her unravel.

Don't get nasty or insult her as it'll just be ammunition for her to call you a "meany", just post the straight up facts.

No. 1505782

Okay yeah, I was still catching up. The other things confirm it. Was just saying in general texts are least reliable for receipts. But in this case combined with the twitter stuff, it checks.

No. 1505784

Fuck yes, Vivi !!!

No. 1505786

Shit, I wanna say call out her pedo girlfriend but she'll see that as "Doxxing". Regardless be prepared for her to make herself the victim, maybe Sol will link up with Vivi and start whining about Shayna.

No. 1505790

This is the best possible choice, she only ever complains about people canceling her for shit she said, now it’s someone she worked with who has the tea so she can’t pretend it’s a hater exaggerating. I hope people listen since it’s coming from inside the sex work Twitter sphere.

No. 1505792

Classic shayna, she will call you jealous and that you are "trying to tear the community down creating division among creators". Then she'll whine that the community is toxic and ask for refunds on her wine. kek

No. 1505793

I’m all her Ellen Dresel hate but she doesn’t have anything to do with Vivi. I don’t think she should say anything about her
You’re right anon. I take it back don’t block her but do block her orbiters who will try to defend Shaynus by tweeting you. Block Abustedpixie

No. 1505794

also block the old man and womack just to be safe

No. 1505802

I think her dating an actual threat to children would be a good thing to call out, especially her hypocrisy with saying that littles working with children is gross in the past and then turning around and dating one

No. 1505806

gaddamn someone needs to make a master post that vivi can use to call her hypocritical ass out to the max

No. 1505807

someone make a poll on the next psychward sega

No. 1505808

File: 1650400706843.gif (326.57 KB, 200x150, FD6BA02C-9ABB-474F-BB8F-ECB4C9…)

No. 1505812

File: 1650400922768.png (527.64 KB, 720x619, 295459F2-4E94-4F2C-8CB2-174717…)

GO VIVI and thank you for sharing here is hug

No. 1505821

File: 1650401639021.jpg (172.66 KB, 1280x1280, 1643928460505.jpg)


No. 1505822

File: 1650401672878.gif (744.68 KB, 356x200, 200.gif)

all of us implant-conspiracy anons in this thread

No. 1505829

ViVi.. yes. Call this ugly bitch out. Don’t let her scare you in any way. She’s a fucking loser, but you saw that first hand. I agree with anons saying block her orbiters. Don’t let anyone stop you from exposing this bitch.

No. 1505833

File: 1650401978586.jpg (392.52 KB, 1080x1037, Screenshot_20220419-155910_Chr…)

Possible crossover? Hit up Sol Vivi!

No. 1505834

No, I think Sol is taking Shaynas side on this,considering he along with abustedpixie posted the change.org petition. I suspect they have both been kissing Shaynas boiled hank hill ass behind the scenes this whole time. Sol only pretended to cancel Shayna because of the woke SW twitter mob

No. 1505839

Nah isn't, I doubt he's connecting it to Shayna more so, "These people "Doxxed me" and are transphobes who talked shit about my publicly avaiable bullshit i put online and how my wife is starving while i go finger Shayna in a hotel"
She should'nt team up with him because he's gross and Shayna will see it as, "Two bitter people I linked up with are trying to ruin me!"

No. 1505841

KEK imagine the dirt this guy has on Shay, too bad he got his feelings hurt because we made fun of his corset

No. 1505846

Didn't Sol groom his wife as an underaged teen? And then during the Shaytard saga he left said wife alone in their apartment hungry having a breakdown with only ricecakes? That's why he wants us taken down

No. 1505847

No. 1505848

don't do it Vivi, is a trap

No. 1505850

I would guess that Soy would be angry at Shay for not telling him that she's a lolcow with her own threads and for making him a target of our attention.

No. 1505852

ugh, you go girl slay queen, but i just hope she won't keep milking this after her 15 minutes of fame. already seems planned tbh. well, i guess i'll go and be a party pooper somewhere else before she changes her mind

No. 1505853

Seriously, this dude has no spine and will trade on you if ANYONE finds something "problematic" you've done. Sol isn't a victim of Shayna, he's just a gross retard in Shayna's circle who can't take the heat. Despite looking like Dale Gribble, he's not bold, interesting and needs to be told what to think/get mad about by Twitter, instead of thinking for himself.

No. 1505856

listen to her vivi

No. 1505860

File: 1650402996588.gif (819.87 KB, 480x270, milk.gif)

Thank you baby Jesus and the wee donkey for bringing us Vivi today

No. 1505863

also he's a literal, actual pedophile

No. 1505864

I agree he literally doesn't give a shit about anyone, even his own wife. He would probably betray her if he needed to but she's got Stockholm syndrome real bad since he groomed her from a teen

No. 1505865

kek line of duty reference?

No. 1505867

>>1505865 You got it anon

No. 1505870

Sol is bad but maybe don't call him out. I mean, we can't stop you, but if it's something you do then the only real dort on him is that hes a pedophile and he knows it too. The only people who want to shut down lolcow are people trying to hide something and he is hiding from the fact he is a disgusting pedo using his mentally ill wife for porn

No. 1505876

File: 1650403579709.jpeg (669.6 KB, 1242x1280, 89F75BD6-E9C1-4C9F-AA26-CB727C…)

Wine and goldfish crackers

No. 1505877

Facts Sol is a beta male soy boy and couldn’t handle getting called out on Twitter and on the farms so he tried saving face by saying he didn’t know about shays “racism” when he was in her discord for years during those times

No. 1505878

She's going to sperg out soon or she's waiting for her to make the first move, and she already has her attack ready.

No. 1505879

File: 1650403752882.jpeg (185.26 KB, 1170x1303, 25F37D1D-E697-48FC-833D-5D2904…)

She’s going scorched earth. I’m getting the popcorn ready.

No. 1505883

Thiiiiiiiiiiiis this this! One of our wonderful autistic nonnies should help her out.

No. 1505887

Once Vivi post the call out he should come to her not the other way around.

No. 1505889

File: 1650404209231.jpeg (127.39 KB, 1334x750, 30901C9F-B38A-4CC7-9E7C-A5EB74…)

God this milk is good. Expose her staph infected ass, Vivi. The sheer amount of time that Shayna has been “cancelled” and still is alive and kicking is fascinating. I guess Shayna is like a staph infection that won’t go away kek

No. 1505892

Wait until tonight, knowing Shayna she’s probably going to drink herself into a rage and/or depressed stupor and won’t be able to keep her mouth shut.

No. 1505893

If someone were to do it, not anyone in this thread, I hope they stick to the facts. The pedo-pandering isn't going to get the sex workers talking, they'll see it as "Kink Shaming", but her siccing Bratty on people throughout the years, her bad attitude, scamming and the people she associates with would be nice to see. Better then the same old, "She's a wacist, wook what she said about hilter"shit.

No. 1505896

Wait and have as much info you can get, she'll get drunk and end up passing out before you know it.

No. 1505897

God, Shayna just cannot have any friends. I don't think she's retained a single one. Ellen must just be blind to being used. I wonder if Shay cited Ellen and their "relationship" as they reason she wouldn't hook up with Vivi or her bf.

No. 1505898

Yes we need more info about the implant so this can stop being a discussion in every thread.

No. 1505901

on top of my head I can recall:
Pretty much constant lying
Exposing herself to none-consenting parties at a restaurant
Something with the dog fucker girl?
Fupas video of her being drunk and AbUSivE (which we never got to see)
Literally telling her customers to fuck off

No. 1505905

Here’s the unedited ass boil pics I could find, she didn’t send any of her solo stuff to me, just the ones we had together and I know my eyeball on my thighs are stupid y’all, it was a meme play on the stupid ribbons girls get in the same spot


No. 1505908

I think Shay's worst offense is being a swindler. Thinking of that stupid computer her sex worker friend built for her with the intent of her maling hot "gamur gurl" content that goes untouched. Countless toys and outfits others purchased for her that she never uses. Now actively wasting hundreds of Vivi's money, stealing her prescription, crashing in her house and then deciding to bounce without Vivi getting enpugh content to make a return on the investment? I agree that the swindling and scamming should be reported on first and foremost, not sure why the she's wacist uwu is always the sticking point for Twitter sw's.

No. 1505909

Oh these are BAD.

No. 1505910

i think the eyeballs are kinda funny lol and they'd be insanely easy to cover up if you ever wanted to. thank you for the nightmare fuel. i'm gonna close my eyes and see that boil staring back at me

No. 1505911

Holy fuck those ass boils are disgusting, what a horrible day to have eyes.

No. 1505912

File: 1650405893535.png (Spoiler Image,458.83 KB, 398x644, Screen Shot 2022-04-19 at 3.04…)

spoilered because i genuinely feel sick

No. 1505913

Vivi has a much better face than Shayna and actually applied make up that flatters her.

No. 1505915

completely agree. her makeup is pretty and she doesn't look twice her age, unlike shaynus

No. 1505916

I never knew shayna was THIS repulsive. I wasn't prepared.

No. 1505918

I said that before Vivi came here,she facially looks better and I wish she'd do better. She's aware of it, she's not living in lala land like Shayna. I'd like to see her drop all this gross shit and do better in life, because at least she knows whats wrong. Especially if she admitted she struggles with addiction. Even though all that, she has a more pleasant vibe/face than Shayna.

No. 1505919

absolutely agree, she scams and had no remorse. she's gotten away with it but hopefully this will call some attention to her lying ways.

No. 1505920

The sheer number of bruises in unedited pics of Shaynus has me convinced her alcoholism is so bad she is just constantly falling over at this point.
So she was perma-drunk the whole time and encouraged you to be too? We suspect she has a serious substance abuse problem these days.

No. 1505921

Do ittt Vivi! And make a callout post to get Shayna even more cancelled by SW Twitter. She's screwed over multiple people who've tried to work with her at this point, and people deserve to know what a scammer she is.

No. 1505922

Read the thread

No. 1505923

Tinfoil, I think all those doctor appointments she’s had been going to coincide with her ass boils and probably getting them removed. I’m just guessing and could be totally wrong.

No. 1505926

She needs to find a new hairdresser, didn't she pay good money for this?
Everything about it looks so dated, the thin stripe highlights, the weird middle aged lady blonde, the very poorly cut layers/feathering, it's not even properly grown out and it just looks cheap.

No. 1505927

File: 1650406382758.jpeg (Spoiler Image,819.39 KB, 866x1355, 776724A4-5808-4BB8-806E-DDD5D0…)

Omg the cellulite

No. 1505928

late but love the new thread nona gives me scooby doo vibes but more retarded kek

No. 1505930

or get removed girl. they look half faded anyways. they are kinda funny though i get it. thank you so much for this blessed milk. please learn from this and give up your degen ways. you seem redeemable, you have a chance. you're at least cute enough to do more normal porn/camming. shayna could never have the levels of self reflection you do. kudos to you girl.

No. 1505931

Was that all the photos kek she looks horrid

No. 1505932

Vivi you aren’t the first girl who’s come to this thread feeling taken advantage of. An ex friend was here not long ago talking about how Shayna uses people until they’re no longer useful and then tosses them aside. It’s a pattern of behavior that she’s never going to stop because she is selfish and thinks she’s better then everyone

No. 1505935

File: 1650406706696.jpeg (Spoiler Image,158.47 KB, 539x1408, 020BD3B6-9E4C-4282-848A-232475…)

This straight up looks like a rotting corpse

No. 1505936

As an alco anon I notice things just don't heal like they used to/are supposed to. Her butt boils look like a case of that. Is the big one like a crater?

No. 1505938

Spill all the milk girl. this is your chance. This is a golden opportunity to call her out to the max

No. 1505940

Looks like more of an outie boil than an innie boil

No. 1505943

I really think Vivi should bring up the Ellen Dressel thing, specifically the post where Ellen admits to taking a pacifier from an actual baby and using it for her kink. I get that the ageplayer community is all degenerates but they’re all at least on the surface level preaching ‘don’t involve minors/unwilling parties’ and that is actual proof she does just that and also is still babysitting, goes to show Shat’s character.

No. 1505944

File: 1650407154999.jpeg (Spoiler Image,449.21 KB, 1080x1420, 9ADB023B-4353-4CAB-9341-B0A84D…)

Archiving all of them here

No. 1505945

I can barely see your thigh tattoos, as other anon said very easy to get laser removed or covered up with something cuter if you've got an idea. But back thigh tattoos are dated and you're probably better off getting something you like on your arms or tummy.

As for Shayna, well, I don't like being mean to anybody but I think her horrid personality really began to shine through. She looks absolutely disgusting, because of her horrendous hygiene and her horrible manner of interaction. I never thought she was exceedingly ugly but her behaviour makes her disgusting. I can't believe her parents offered her a paid for course and she said no. I hoped for a cow recemption arc for so long and she kept getting worse. I can't believe even Fupa is doing way better than her. Ew.

BUT, the tit mystery is solved with lovingly bald and with Vivi - the conspiracy nonnies were right all along!

No. 1505946

So, anyone wanna guess what the reaction is going to be?

No. 1505947

File: 1650407360229.jpeg (Spoiler Image,534.46 KB, 1674x1080, C276045F-50E9-4FD1-A70E-738FDA…)

Real life vs Shayna’s edit

No. 1505948

i expect reparations from all of my titsperging bans immediately we were all right

No. 1505949

File: 1650407448184.jpeg (93.67 KB, 750x218, A3698723-A94C-4A2C-9D71-1A3491…)

She’s pretending like nothing is happening carrying with being disgusting as usual

No. 1505951

Spoiler this shit please. No one needs to see Shay's nipple tier ass boil on the front page.

No. 1505952

why it looks like she is rotting?? this is horrible

No. 1505957

File: 1650407729133.gif (19.88 KB, 220x146, F5AAD5B9-5346-4BE9-8AF4-E18BBF…)

No. 1505958

The pill popping thing kind of surprises me. I really thought the insane about of weed and alcohol she consumes would be enough

No. 1505959

File: 1650407822226.jpeg (201.87 KB, 750x1313, 1C233119-5643-477B-BFFF-C194BC…)

No. 1505961

File: 1650408069569.jpeg (43.45 KB, 600x413, 93349E36-53D9-472A-8531-84BA96…)

Vivi, I think you should find one if those twitter callouts from other SWers that happen like every month so you can add you experience to it.

No. 1505962

I stillreally want to know what vivi saw in shayna and why she was so obsessed with her? Theres many many other girls being as degen as shay but looking…at least alive ig?

No. 1505963

Because it hasn't hit twitter yet, the moment she does she'll start doing what she does. I would'nt be surprised if she'd dming the usually suspects telling them her side. So they'll defend her or even try to talk to Vivi

No. 1505964

Honestly my tinfoil is that since Xanny and alcohol famously causes blackouts, she eventually woke up like 'I don't know what the fuck I did'. Would probably explain some of these shots kek. But could also explain that Shayna had a propensity for pills to begin with, just didn't know where to get them from.

No. 1505966

Yea I was almost positive Shat left because she realized Vivi and her scrote did meth or heroin and she was once in her life smart enough to gtfo, technically we’ve only heard Vivi’s side of the story so jury could still be out, but I could imagine Shay getting sloppy as hell crossfaded and on bars, Xanax and alcohol in any capacity is a horrible mix

No. 1505968

Vivi is the hero we needed but don’t deserve. Sorry for calling you a junkie, I hope you can get your tattoos and mental health sorted out so you can live a normal life. Shayna’s truly awful self will always come through, she tries to hide it on the internet but she the mask slip sometimes, and in real life there’s no hiding it. She’s a selfish narcissist who has no empathy for anyone around her

No. 1505970

You think way to highly of Shaynus, the bitch loves to get fucked up clearly.

No. 1505972

Don't give Shayna any ideas. She's not above lying about being sexually abused.

No. 1505973

YIKES…. this is such a bad look for shayna

No. 1505975

thank you vivi, you are the angel this thread has been waiting for x

No. 1505976

seconding this, im curious what in the moment made Viv realize ‘why the fuck did i admire this person’ when she met her irl lol i hope she comes back and gives more context she has a surprisingly calm/logical demeanor so far

No. 1505979

Don't get me wrong, I still think it's just been an awkward interaction where a person went overboard, but none of us know the full picture since only Vivi came here to tell the story (hint: Shayna, you lurk here anyway, tell your side, did it feel dangerous? Did they make you feel like you needed to be a certain way?)

No. 1505980

Maybe it was just how fucking ugly and haggard Shayna looks without filters.

No. 1505981

I knew she would come on to the boyfriend. She was tweeting about her love for emo boys before the trip

No. 1505982

I feel like Shayna is very awkard and wants to make people like her so badly, I can imagine her coming around and just talking about everything.
"Oh my god,I have stalkers, I have to go to the doctor because my Boils, don't worry about it and watch out for my veiny tit, I have a implant, I got it when I was young, oh my god, I'm such a nice person people don't understand it. You will get hate for working with me, but just make sure you know it's not me, it's my haters-"
I feel Shayna has social aniexty and she doesn't really listen to people, especially women. She views Vivi as someone to defend, promote and possibly have one-sided interactions with. Not a true friend or even a fellow sex worker.
Everyone she meets she wants to be the center of attention and also prove she's not what the "internet" says she is.

No. 1505983

Actually she DID lie about her ex-boyfriend raping her in HS

No. 1505985

vivi keep spilling regardless of what happens. dont let shayna guilt or suicidebait you into silence

No. 1505987

Has she tried contacting you yet? She obviously knows something is up

No. 1505988

When did she do that? I can't find anything from her in the threads about it

No. 1505989

File: 1650409524578.gif (1.32 MB, 498x298, GET HER VIVI.gif)

No. 1505990

That’s what the anon is saying, she also used to claim to be a CSA victim

No. 1505993

you are making me very suspicious as you have been saying this since the end of the last thread

No. 1505994

It was from a high school classmate who showed up in the thread, I guess she had started a rumor that she was raped and she “shaved her head” (got a trendy undercut) because of it

No. 1505995

absolute Milkmas up in here

No. 1505996

it was actually quite some time ago, I can't remember which thread but an anon who knew her in HS came to spill some milk and shared that she accused her then boyfriend of rape

No. 1505997

I've seen multiple people say something like this and it started as her claiming two people raped her at a party and no one was able to find any evidence of her saying that. I'm skeptical on this one.

No. 1506001

It was on old post on her tumblr blog about being raped https://archive.ph/tpB1L

No. 1506005

The proof was in the very early Shay threads but sadly they were deleted

No. 1506007

love the new lana del rey album cover

No. 1506015

She's much cuter than Shatna, she'd actually be pretty if she cleaned up her look a bit and got in shape. Too bad the vomit porn has screwed her from getting a legitimate job.

No. 1506017

At least it’s not connected to her real name, unlike Shayna she’s got a better shot at a normal life

No. 1506018

She made the pictures a little bit saturated she looks grey in the unedited

No. 1506019

Yeah either need better lighting or to use a light fake tan to take away that grey skin look

No. 1506020

let’s just all collectively agree to not be retarded and bring up her full name on here if it’s findable, don’t bite the hand that feeds milk

No. 1506022

Will this be the fastest ever Shayner thread to 1200?

No. 1506023

I have some questions for you Viv
>why did you want to work with Shayna? Did you think she could be fixed or something? Not trying to sound condescending just literally what did you see in her?
>How was she when flirting with your bf?

No. 1506026

It’s too bad she bailed so early, not only because it fucked Vivi over but also because of how much more milk she could have gathered. I would like to ask, what happened to the school girl content? Was she just holed up in the playroom playing dress by herself or did it just not turn out good?

No. 1506031

Vivi, did Shay mention about the threads posting about your collab when she agreed?

No. 1506032

Girl please dont Sage your posts anymore, we wanna know which ones are from you. Your shit is prime milk. Thanks for sharing.

No. 1506033

girl really made her head bigger… ooooof.

No. 1506034

Yes I agree. Just because Viv is a degenerate doesn’t mean we should drag her. Especially since she’s been nice and honest. She literally paid for Shaynas ticket, welcomed Shayna (whos essentially a stranger) into her home, cleaned her house up for her, and bought things for the collab. Shayna just drinks and flirts with her boyfriend. Probably not even thanking her in person or anything. Shayna is a no manners type of bitch. The type of bitch who will raid your refrigerator without asking and eat all your food. The type of bitch who doesn’t offer to buy anything to eat. The type of bitch to smoke all your weed.

No. 1506036

Yeah Vivi if you’re posting milk you don’t need to put sage in the email field, only sage when posting non milk. Another question, why do you think she randomly decided to leave? You said she lied and kept saying she was fine, what do you think made her bail?

No. 1506037

File: 1650413206169.jpeg (114.26 KB, 1242x819, 16C5EE1C-8149-40F0-B083-D1A8B0…)

Don’t leave us hanging girl. This thread has been so dry. We need more info

No. 1506044

File: 1650413520262.jpeg (465.32 KB, 1080x2386, 26C2B51C-0AA0-48E0-AF89-745C9E…)

“Everything is fine :)”

No. 1506045

totally off topic but the fact that your man has an ifunny account is sending me

No. 1506052

Who gives a fuck

No. 1506054

File: 1650414159833.jpeg (130.84 KB, 1043x830, 8CB1DFD8-0ECC-4D15-A352-4D01EB…)

No. 1506055

this NEEDS to be the next thread pic pls

No. 1506057

Yep, she also got pissed when she bought ipas for us, but wouldn’t pay back for the food, and my fiancé drank most of them.
In all honesty I related to her edgy bs and when she died in popularity on MFC I rose up in her wake as the REAL kinky girl Who enjoyed beating the shit out of herself genuinely.
It was when she noticed I judged her for not cleaning her asshole before anal, yeah she showers but she doesn’t enema or anything and openly admitted she just yanks it out and pulls it off cam to clean it if there’s shit on it.
I actually genuinely believed she wasn’t as bad as the thread said, I liked that we were into the same kinks (supposedly) and she had never had an issue with me just ignored me mostly. According to my fiancé she kept being super nice and flirting with him while I wasn’t in the room with them
We got dressed up, did some photos, and she got jealous my tits were bigger than hers, said that should be part of the video then said she needed to get high and drink more so we did exactly that and never did anything other than a short clip of us putting on heels.
Yep she did, and I openly admitted I had been on 4Chan/Reddit/and the egl and costhot threads on here.
I can be completely honest and say my fiancé and I had a little fight, but it only happened because she was convincing me to do my Xanax and drink insane amounts of alcohol with her, that is exactly why I don’t abuse my Xanax or buy boxes of wine anymore, that was all her idea
We know we’re degens so he decided to meme us kek

No. 1506062

File: 1650414764377.gif (700.73 KB, 463x356, milk.gif)

No. 1506068

Thanks for being honest. In the interest of that, did you try to initiate anything sexual with her that freaked her out? I wouldn’t be surprised if you guys did as you were drinking and both as you assumed had a lot of kinks in common. She talks a big game about being a freak and slut but doesn’t seem interested in anything sexual at all on camera.

No. 1506069

All I see is the uneven sized tit

No. 1506071

File: 1650415088401.png (3.42 MB, 3000x3500, 1635014985525.png)

Thank you so much for your honesty Vivi, you'll always have a special place in the heart of this thread ♥

No. 1506072

Are you going to make a call out tweet? (You should) What excuse did Shaynus give to you and your man for leaving early? Do you have any more embarrassing pics of her we can laugh at? What did she say about having sex with you guys? What was her excuse?

No. 1506074

The fact that she pressured you into drinking and taking/sharing your prescription medication is so twisted. Like she preyed on your vulnerability, only a totally sick kind of person would pull a stunt like that with a recovering addict. Holy shit, auch a cruel thing to do. Alcohol & xans can be a deadly combination too

No. 1506076

Nothing truly sexual, while I was drunk I asked her if it would be weird if we kissed and she kissed me, I never tried to have sex with her off camera though I honestly left her alone until it was late enough I felt like I had to come in and be like “hey are we shooting?”

No. 1506077

What I like about this is Shayna can't even try to make it seem like this is some jealous sex worker trying to ruin her. She genuinely wanted to work with Shayna, genuinely seemed to be a "Fan", yet shayna treats her like this. Then she may not even say anything because I haven't checked but Vivi may not have enough followers for Shay to freak out about.
It's sad because this person may have actually want to be her friend, but seems like she's genuinely into the gross kinks Shayna pretend she's into and has a boyfriend & shit outside of sex work to worry about.

No. 1506078

I just wanna say that Vivi your face remind me to Lana del Rey pre whale era (its a compliment). It seems like youre a nice person and im so mad that you pay for her plane ticket, thats too much!
Shayna gnome looking flat ass, shes pure appearance! of course she didnt bring any clothes because nothing fits her. She giving herself props for flying to do content when she end up doing do nothing and leeching off others. Dolly Mattel AKA Shayna Clifford is a broke ass obese bitch queen of the ass boils and the infected monster pussy.
I wish the best for you Vivi, you are doing better than her! she just jelous because you have people by your side, a big hug to you.

No. 1506081

Also, this isn’t the first time we’ve heard of Shayna doing pills or Xanax specifically. After the big breakup with Fups she infamously tweeted about wanting a xan. And multiple other mentions over the years.
I’m not saying Shayna is a pill popping addict or anything like that (at this point lol) but it’s an established pattern of behaviour for her.

No. 1506084

Shayna constantly cries on twitter about how she feels she has no female friends, no sex work friends, and feels socially ostracized. Vivi enthusiastically supported her, wanted to be her friend and work with her… and what does she do? Wastes her time, money, steals her meds, encourages her to drink and flirts with her bf. Pathetic.

No. 1506085

Not to make this the, "Anybody whose anti-shay we stan" club, but I do think Vivi is self aware and maybe one day she'll wise up. Either way her personality and ablity to admit her fault in a way thats not asking for sympathy or blaming someone else is nice to see.
Hopefully she finds her way into a better place eventually.

No. 1506086

Right? Burning every bridge and then whining about it.

No. 1506087

Same. Not to ass kiss or anything but you seem like a nice person and you’re genuinely pretty. I was actually getting second hand disappointment that Big Shay didn’t seem as excited as you did. Like this fat hog tweets all the time about wanting ~sex work frens uwu~ but ignores the people who actually wanted to build a friendship. One question I have that’s kinda stupid but I’m curious: did Shayna shower when she was over? I mean I can already assume no because she hates soap.

No. 1506088

You seem like a nice person, although you remind me of Lucinda, sweet girl but clearly mentally ill living with enabling family. I mean, your parents must know what you do because they must have seen your children's bedroom and you said yourself that your dad drove Shaytard to the airport?!
Yeah, I don't think she's a pill popping addict either, but she's clearly an opportunistic bum stealing another person's Rx knowing she can get away with it

No. 1506089

Vivi posted
>yeah she showers but she doesn’t enema or anything >>1506057

No. 1506093

Vivi not betraying herself as the victim makes her the better person. Soy cried and screamed when we said he’s ugly and disgusting. Viv didn’t make one comeback to us. And she admits her wrongdoings. I’m sorry but I have to stan this degenerate. Idc kek

No. 1506098

Sadly it seems the school girl shoot pics she edited before she sent them, which she said she was sending them but I had to ask for them over a day later. She actively talked about working with both of us over video chat so sadly I have no caps/receipts, but basically she decided she related my fiancé to Fupa too much because of her own shit and decided she needed to dip because of it, she told my dad this while he drove her to the airport and I had to fix the mess and tell him what she did while she was here.
I know I deserve to be judged for posting about my staples in that last collab I tried, mind you I was concussed and calling myself the big dick boy in the hospital when I took that picture so I definitely wasn’t in my right mind, but when that happened it was the same story. Girl gets me fucked I’m and abusing alcohol and my script, tells me my fiancé is the problem, mentally breaks me down after I say she has to leave and I have to regroup. Thankfully this time I was in a better place so I didn’t have a DID episode that ended up with me in the hospital.

No. 1506099

One of the biggest things that makes Shayna a cow is her delusions of grandeur, the way she sees herself as a sexy slutty blonde 10/10 baby bimbo. Vivi being opposite of that and humbling herself is the reason she is more like able then Shayna in every way

No. 1506100

Well she did say she reads here, So she's aware of how things work
>>Yep she did, and I openly admitted I had been on 4Chan/Reddit/and the egl and costhot threads on here.

Also it makes things even more fucked up, someone who admits to reading this site, probably even read Shay's thread STILL wanted to give her the benefit of the doubt. Still was a cheerleader for her, Shay was paying her dust from the very beginning tbh. Treating her like Ellen. Like an after thought.
She never does this with her male collabs. She doesn't even hype up that school girl collab, but gushed over Sol boy or those weirdos.

No. 1506101

viv did she mention anything about her ‘girlfriend’/Ellen? I’m so interested in their dynamic it’s so strange

No. 1506103

JFC I can totally imagine Shay thinking she’s hot shit as she talked to your dad about Fupa while he drove her to the airport. Girl…

No. 1506104

sorry she wasted your money on her own issues. you deserved better than that

No. 1506107

This extremely needs to be put in the call-out post.

No. 1506108

I haven’t looked at this since shat went home and WOW I’m just happy that Vivi is the hero we all wanted.

No. 1506111

wait im sorry did this girl just say DID? like pixielocks DID kek ? lmfao wut

No. 1506113

i saw it too nonnie but let’s discuss once the milk is done flowing

No. 1506114

You never answered if you were going to make a call out post? Very curious

No. 1506116

She’s referring to a post in last thread someone dug up of her suffering a “DID episode” and getting put in the hospital with stitches in her head >>>/snow/1498311 She’s clearly mentally unwell and the xans mixed with alcohol don’t help.

No. 1506117

God Shayna is such a bum. It's clear this girl genuinely wanted to collaborate with her on content and Shayna flew out on her dime, drank all her booze, popped all her pills, flirted with her boyfriend and bounced. I don't support making degenerate porn for a living, but Shayna can't even accomplish that with a bare minimum of professionalism. What a fucking loser!

I also admire Vivi for keeping her cool while anons on this thread were dragging her and calling her a meth head junkie, and only showing up with milk when it was clear Shayna had completely screwed her over. Surprisingly mature behavior for a sex work cow.

No. 1506119

Oh yeah she video chatted with her multiple times in front of me but the last one was alone and I’m pretty sure it was so she could talk about how we admitted were crazy and into hard kink kek.
I’ve been honest with y’all so I’ll keep being so, I actually was sexually abused as a baby/toddler and it extend into my adulthood including getting trafficked at 21. So yes I have DID due to extreme trauma at an early age.
I’m writing it up tonight tbh I’ve just been distracted with responding.

No. 1506121

Girl, she’s mentally ill and openly admits it. Also it’s hard to stop being a degenerate once you get exposed to adult content at a young age and groomed by the internet saying it’s empowering.

You need to call Shayna out. That’s fucked up. She wasted your time and money. Idk why she even agreed to this if she knows she isn’t a sexual person. Post the receipts, text messages, dms, purchasing of the ticket, everything

No. 1506123

Tbh you’ve said enough and don’t owe anyone here anything more including any trauma etc, those things deserve to stay personal and won’t change how these terf/swerfs here will see you. They think anyone doing this deserves abuse even CSA/trafficking survivors . Stay safe love wishing you the best

No. 1506124

how early in the morning does she start drinking? what was her response to you sharing you use 4chan/lolcow? god bless for the milk

No. 1506125

Take your time. She has no room to judge you when she pretends she wants to get raped, kidnapped, drugged and fucking lobotomized

No. 1506127

See here’s the thing. You clearly have trauma and fully participate in the kink. Shayna larps as a ~uwu mentally ill kinky sex worker~ with trauma. She always talked about how taking care of her brother while her parents were at work (clearly they were trying to pay for food and bills) and how traumatic it was and how her childhood was taken away from her. Shayna is a selfish bitch. She lied about being a victim of child abuse on tumblr for attention and used it as a way to justify her disgusting actions.
I suggest you don’t do puking or diaper porn. You can age regress as therapy but don’t sexualize it. And puking isn’t good for your health. If you really have to, just be careful.

No. 1506128

>They think anyone doing this deserves abuse even CSA/trafficking survivors .
You're retarded.

No. 1506129

Anon no we don't think she deserves these things because our thoughts on sex work or troons, I'm postitve plenty of anons have their feeling on those topics but are being understanding and kind to Vivi.
She admits she's a degen, has been through shit and we've been nothing but nice, even wishing her well.
She doesn't seem like a Shayna, she's someone who we can clearly see is a decent enough person who is struggling.

No. 1506130

Man what the fuck are you talking about? You're just making shit up.

No. 1506132

omg vivi bless you bless you bless you

No. 1506133

The anons on here have been giving Shayna advice since day 1 of these threads. She can literally get a job and go to college. We encourage her to quit and anons were even worried about her traveling to Vivis because she was a stranger. Pornography rots the brain. Anons have never said women deserve abuse. What shayna deserves is being miserable and fat because of all the shit she’s done. It’s karma for being a misogynistic hateful bitch .

No. 1506134

Really Bc I’m 90% sure in the last 5 threads or so everyone agreed that anyone participating in the making of porn where adults dress and act as kids or children are “contributing to the fetishization of minors” and everyone was like yeah those people deserve to die kek idk maybe I’m just dreaming up bullshit now

No. 1506136

just because you’re in the 2% of lc uses that would fuck a troon doesn’t mean you’re better than us fuck off to twitter or something

No. 1506137

Just stop the derailing now while you’re ahead. We’re getting actual milk so don’t start infighting

No. 1506138

And they are right to say that. Your point?

No. 1506140

Back to Twitter

No. 1506141

And here we are. Y’all act like you wouldn’t turn around and make a thread about vivi in an INSTANT for dumb dumb shit~ ie. everyone was about to jump in on the DID shit before someone said “wait let them spill more first!!”

No. 1506142

Can we not bring “TERF/SWERF” discourse into the thread while the milk is flowing please. You don’t need to derail the thread.

No. 1506144

She’s literally not milky, retard.

No. 1506145

She's not an obnoxious cow like Shayna so she wouldn't have a thread made. What's so milky about a run-of-the-mill horrorcow camgirl?

No. 1506146

She gets her makeup on first but she also doesn’t wake up until 10 and doesn’t get ready until noon, she just drinks HEAVY
I only do the puke porn out of my own enjoyment and I don’t do it every day, just particular shoots or when I feel like puking kek
Pretty obvious to me she lied about that when I opened up about my side, she was actively uncomfortable when I talked about my experience and how it affected my kinks

I’m great full y’all have been nice to me, I’m already on meds and I’m therapy so trust me I’m working on it, I just developed some weird kinks that make me enough money to pay off the rent to my parents and my meds and stuff needed for editing.

No. 1506147

really can’t blame you for any of that. honestly wish there was some kind of program similar to patreon/OF that doesn’t expect any content and would just be able to sponsor former SWs to not continue to have to do it to survive, I think plenty of us on this site would find that more fulfilling than paying $3 for nudes

No. 1506150

Good luck in therapy.

To the anon saying we'd make a thread on Vivi, no she's not really Milky. She'd be in the other sex worker threads which she already has been.
She's not like Shayna, she seems to be aware of her shit and I can respect that. Plus she's not that deep in. Feels like one of Shays orbiter is in here mad we aren't foaming at the mouth at someone giving us milk & also being self aware.
She's a sex worker, she's gross but she knows it and doesn't hide or blame others.

No. 1506151

Is it wrong of me to be seriously mad bc nobody wanted to buy my paintings/drawings/crochet/etc ever but even women buy my clips and videos now¿. Yet here ppl are saying they’d just give someone 3$(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1506152

unclench, anon kek

No. 1506154

Nobody cares.

No. 1506155

Oh yeah I’m clenched so hard I won’t shit for weeks. Really though “nobody cares” yet I’d be homeless or on meth. Pick a side either you do care about CSA/trafficked people or you don’t fucking clowns. Bye lmao

No. 1506156

Learn2integrate retard.

No. 1506157

Nobody cares, this is a cow thread not a traumadumping thread. Go vent in /ot/.

No. 1506159

Stop derailing the thread, we have nothing to do with your life choices.

No. 1506161

Wow she fried an egg in a pan (the worst way to give a dog an egg btw) for Noodle, probably the first time ever, so her fat ass had more room in the fridge for wine. He dog is soooo pampered!!

No. 1506162

File: 1650419153765.jpg (208.05 KB, 1080x1320, Screenshot_20220419-204220_Chr…)

Sol follows Vivi now but he didn't an hour ago. I feel this getting milkier by the second

No. 1506163

That opportunistic faggot jfc.

No. 1506165

File: 1650419229116.gif (25.01 KB, 112x112, 844466A7-6FF4-4CC3-88EB-A3CB2A…)

I hope everything goes well in therapy and that you can find something different that you could enjoy more than puking and degen porn. I’m being sincere, I’m sure you will find something that will give you money but that won’t make you get sick or lose your teeth.

No. 1506166

He’s just as excited for the call out post as we are. You know he’s got that notification on just waiting

No. 1506167

Everyone just stop replying to the butthurt derailing Twittard, they contribute nothing to this thread and deserve zero attention.

And Vivi isn’t getting a thread because she isn’t a cow. She’s a mentally ill sex worker who is fully aware her kinks exist due to trauma. She needs to quit making vomit porn and focus on healing, but there’s nothing milky about her struggles or else every sex worker on earth would have a thread here. Cows are delusional people who scam, lie, seek attention and do everything BUT admit they’re fucked up and need to work on themselves.

No. 1506174

The only grounds Shay has is changing her mind on wanting to have actual sexual interections with Vivi or the bf. I mean she's a sex worker and Vivi paid for everything under the terms that certain things would be done and made, but revoking consent is valid.
HOWEVER knowing what a fake scamming bitch Shay is, she would agree to stuff knowing full well she wasnt going to follow through any way.

No. 1506175

vivichads…….we won

No. 1506177

And that’s why we didn’t push it, we agreed to not push the subject of b/g or b/g/g after she said she would only keep working with me because he politely offered to help with the scene she did with Sol without the issues

No. 1506178

Has Sol sent you a DM?

No. 1506181

Ahhh damage control..

No. 1506184

Tell your moid to stop posting your drgenerate porn in /ot/

No. 1506187

For sure. It was more of the hypothetical validity… if Shayna weren't Shayna. But again, she would just agree to anything knowing in her head she wouldn't anyway. Shes just not an actually sexual person. She wont fuck anyone shes not in a relationship with. And thats probably just because its the only thing she can offer for them to stick around – be a hole to fill or a punching bag.

Its hilarious that she said its because your fiance/bf made her think of Fupa. Even if that was bullshit, its such a pathetically cringey excuse and just shows desoite how she tries to pretend Fupa was so mean and shes totes over him, he lives in her mind and heart rent free.
You're right, she had no problem having Ellen pay to fly her out to suck Sols dick and get fingered by him. I really believe its because shes not bi at all. Shes only somewhat comfortable doing one on one content with a scrote. She loves to be the center of attention and pick me penis pleaser. Only attracted to guys definitely.

No. 1506195

I called last thread she would be a cunt to Vivi and flirt with her boyfriend instead, causing issues. What a sloppy bitch Shayna is!

No. 1506197

File: 1650422983153.jpg (309.91 KB, 1125x1396, Meiko Kaji Hug.jpg)

No. 1506227

Sucks you missed an opportunity to post monsters inc hug gif

No. 1506229


No. 1506244

Has anyone gathered all of shays receipts/screencaps?

No. 1506253

This is the best day I have ever had on lolcow

No. 1506258

File: 1650429754747.jpeg (152.87 KB, 1170x344, 52FD1B7C-60F9-462B-93E6-481400…)

This tweet she made going home from Vivi’s did not age well lmfao

No. 1506259

I’m genuinely surprised Vivi is coming across so chill/humble and delivering the milk with no bullshit. Between her edgy ddlg porn persona, her association with losers like Shatna, and her DID & herpes oversharing, I just assumed she’d be a massive cow in her own right.

No. 1506267

Same. I really pre-judged her, and she is surprising me by how she’s handling everything. She speaks coherently/intelligently in comparison to Shayna and is refreshing.

No. 1506276

Vivi I know you’re busy with the callout post and tons of anons asking you questions or wishing you well, but I had to jump in!

It’s never too late and change careers, lots of entry level jobs don’t actually check your online presence and working there for a while could be enough time for it to be buried so you could get a better job. You seem to have a good heart and could do so much better than porn. Good luck with therapy + medication, I hope your life goes well. Also, idk how long you’ve been engaged with your man, but congrats. Idk anything about him but I hope he’s loving and good to you off camera. Hopefully you both can move on from shitty people like shayna and the black hole known as the “porn industry”

No. 1506277

*by career, I mean life path

No. 1506283

Holy shit my favorite part is implantfags won. Farmer autism is an actual superpower.

No. 1506286

I don’t know how farmers were ever denying it, it was so blindingly obvious with the scar and the unnatural shape and movement. It looked fine other then the scar when her tits were small and perky, but she just kept getting fatter and the one tit kept getting bigger and saggier and it made the implant so much more obvious

No. 1506292

Aren't breast implants supposed to changed every 10 years or something? Why she doesn't save up to have it fixed is confusing? That surgeon botched her, I've ever seen an implant look so bad before.

No. 1506293

friendly reminder that shaytard conspiracy theorists are currently 2 for 2

No. 1506294

the surgeon didnt even botch her, her body just changed so much so rapidly that her real boob got really saggy and it looks off now.

No. 1506296

Credit where credit is due. I thought she was gonna run away as soon as someone is hostile to her. But no she stays and she delivers. Very based. I hope things line up for Vivi so she can start to heal.

No. 1506300

Jesus and I stopped reading this thread when the trip ended because I thought it wasn't milky.

No. 1506301

File: 1650434006338.jpeg (402.94 KB, 750x2686, 0F412045-44C3-400E-B312-B8E14E…)

Holy shit plot twist

No. 1506302

File: 1650434041611.jpeg (396.34 KB, 1497x1080, 0877484B-7472-4BDE-A8EB-2C6412…)

No. 1506304

File: 1650434275943.png (15.02 KB, 80x77, F9C1D271-04EC-414D-A838-EE7590…)

Having a good time with all this milk nonnas

No. 1506305

File: 1650434340583.jpg (13.32 KB, 400x400, me1.jpg)

fuck… here we go

No. 1506306

File: 1650434357509.jpeg (282.37 KB, 750x1803, A04C841C-3727-4BBA-8695-485FCA…)

Vivi forgot to mention all this

No. 1506307

File: 1650434425796.jpeg (200.75 KB, 750x1313, 52FFF688-1DB7-4559-AB92-480938…)

No. 1506308

File: 1650434533643.jpeg (323.41 KB, 750x838, 8B02F31A-50DB-48F6-BAF7-677CAD…)

No. 1506311

>tried to get me to suck his dick
Like did he try to jam it into your mouth or did he discuss porn ideas? There is a difference I think

No. 1506312

Her boyfriend sounds like a fucking cretin, honestly. He took advantage of Vivi's shoot with her to try and insert himself. He's probably wanting to build his own harem off Vivi filming with other women. That's how most of those fucks are.

No. 1506313

File: 1650434727023.jpeg (321.75 KB, 750x1002, A543CAAE-7201-409B-A99C-F622DE…)

Vivi went private. So much for being honest

No. 1506314

She said this, I guess this was the dick sucking “offer” where he wanted to redo the scene she did w sol. So not completely lying just omitted a lot lol still sucks

No. 1506316

Kek this’ll teach us to trust someone just because they spill milk here I guess. At least this is what we expected from the visit and more entertaining than the shit content.

No. 1506317

No doubt. He posted a screenshot of his iFunny page on /ot/ and it had their nasty-ass porn on there. If he's not smoking meth that's a genuine surprise kek.

No. 1506319

>boyfriend watched us film porn

Well, yeah? He oversee’s vivi’s stuff and she said herself he does the filming and photography if you can call it that. How tf do sex workers function if even on their ‘job’ they use simple common sense things like this as weaponry against one another when shit inevitably hits the fan.

No. 1506320

I don't think there's much of a difference at all, either way it's a creep trying to get his dick sucked. Totally justified that she could feel uncomfortable even if it was for porn.

No. 1506321

Seriously. Vivi I applaud you for providing some much needed Shay milk but. Glass Houses girl.

No. 1506322

At least we got the disgusting unedited photos

No. 1506323

Scrotes gonna scrote. Mental illness girlies gonna mental. Thank you for the milk, amen.

No. 1506324

Doesn’t she constantly moo about being abducted and shit? Both these degenerates should have known what they were getting into. Shat knew there was a bf involved in filming and that miserable vivi mess should have known shat rarely works and is emotionally fucked. Both are retarded.

No. 1506325

File: 1650435218428.jpeg (18.75 KB, 734x271, DAB8859F-14A1-4133-9415-8CA0D8…)

No. 1506327

lmao since when we trust Shayna?

No. 1506328

Why does she have two Twitter accounts?

No. 1506330

Sorry to be a retard but where’s the proof that Shayna has 1 breast implant?

No. 1506331

He brought it up in discussion after she bitched about Sol for an hour + I already told you that

She was having me abuse my Xanax and alcohol? How was I supposed to remember I grabbed her throat and kissed her when the story she told me in person was that she kissed me when I mentioned it I honestly don’t think you guys understand how pills and alcohol work. I want private because i don’t wanna deal with her scrotes

No. 1506332

File: 1650435522749.gif (65.19 KB, 500x528, F517DB25-DFCC-414E-B4C5-E3EBED…)

Ayo Vivi you gonna let her talk all this shit?

No. 1506333

How did she force you to take pills and drink?

No. 1506334

no but seriously and if vivi is lying what would be the point? if she was lying she would have to know that shay would defend herself and it would all fall apart. this seems more like shayna trying to get in front on the controversy, i mean up thread people were literally saying they wouldnt be surprised if she lied about being sexually assaulted while xanned out (of course forgetting to mention that she pressured a recovering alcoholic to drink on bars.)

No. 1506335

Currently playing ITT:
Deap Vally - Lies

No. 1506336

File: 1650435668436.jpeg (39.74 KB, 480x274, 36F86E1F-7AAE-41F3-9D2B-2D1BBA…)

This is not milk, ladies . this is str8 colostrum from the cows teat..

No. 1506337

That one is for her pedo tweets and diaper shit

No. 1506341

So.. Did Vivi's boyfriend lie to her about Shayna flirting with him while Viv wasn't around?
I still don't know who to believe, shayna knew this guy would be involved and I'm not sure if he was being fully creepy about it, or if he was simply there tossing out ideas and didn't realise where the line was? Was everyone intoxicated when this took place? There's so much missing context it's hard to know what to believe.

No. 1506342

Shayna get in here and confront each other directly!!!

No. 1506345

Yeah Vivi said they discussed b/g stuff beforehand and Shay only ended up pussing out while there. Which is it? I’d like to see the texts regarding supposed agreement to b/g

No. 1506347

Conveniently those were apparently only discussed on video according to vivi

No. 1506353

File: 1650436397067.jpeg (255.41 KB, 762x429, 1624664981012.jpeg)

No. 1506355

i agree nonnie. Vivi may have omitted some information but I think shay is cherry picking here. She even says in this reply >>1506301 he asked for her to suck his dick FOR content. it doesn't seem like an unreasonable ask if she agreed to boy/girl content right up until the moment she arrived basically. and if shay was actually flirting with him, why wouldn't he ask? Something just doesn't add up here for me unless vivi lied entirely about that part. If she did lie idk why she would make the callout post in the first place if it could have been so easily refuted.

If her last reply here >>1506306 actually happened, why not mention that in the message and show it? She just mentions the dick sucking incident. There's a lot holes in her argument.

No. 1506357

I think before we side with/against vivi we should wait and see how it all plays out. Picking sides too soon is how retards are born and the thread gets messy.

No. 1506359

File: 1650436472283.jpeg (79.02 KB, 558x500, 1609466263733.jpeg)

I agree, let's not get messy YET

No. 1506360

I might have a shitty memory, but i think a few threads back before the trip, shayna tweeted something about being excited for b/g shoot? Or something along those lines.

No. 1506363

She said she wanted to do a fuck a fan contest as her first b/g scene

No. 1506364

Oh shit true

No. 1506366

Yeah… for porn? Did Shayna really think they weren’t going to perform sexual acts on camera? They discussed this before. Idk why she’s acting like they forced her to do something she was uncomfortable with. She has the right to say no but like? cmon, you literally agreed and wasted their time. I don’t trust the scrote and I personally think if Viv gets her life together she can find someone better. Someone who doesn’t support her downward spiral. Also Shayna still has ass boils, cellulite and a fake boob.

No. 1506368

Shayna is a pick me attention seeker, I believe she flirted with him. This behavior isn’t below her. She literally lives for moid attention

No. 1506369

She’s done b/g already, just not pro, and it’s not pro if it’s a fan

No. 1506371

Yeah she tweeted about that too, but i think those were different occasions? Since it was just a bit before that trip after vivi and shayna had both tweeted about the shoot? But yeah it could have been about the contest too though, my memory is shit lol

No. 1506372

Um her boobs are uneven. One of her moobs grew with her weight gain the other stayed the same

No. 1506373

For sureee, she claimed Kyle coerces her into sex every time they fought, Shayna is absolutely not above baiting scrotes and flipping the script when it suits her

No. 1506374

funny that shay "fantasizes" about being kidnapped and assaulted but gets anxiety when a dude asks her to suck his dick for content kek

No. 1506375

I still think Vivi's scrote is untrustworthy.

No. 1506376

of course the nigga is suspicious but so is shayna

No. 1506377

I think everyone involved is a certified retard.

No. 1506378

If Shayna was truly a victim of scrote behavior, do you think she would be able to resist making a callout post as soon as she gets on the plane? Why is this bitch who loves to self-victimizes only saying this now just when she clearly has reasons for retaliation?

No. 1506380

No. 1506381

oh absolutely

No. 1506383

>be sex worker
>claim to be into hard kink
>go somewhere to film with other sex worker
>get drunk and flirt with moid
>act offended when you're sexually propositioned and asked to participate in kink
She's full of shit as always.

No. 1506386

File: 1650437767399.jpeg (290.65 KB, 750x1644, 0A33C282-F37D-4AB5-A3EC-AE0BB0…)

No. 1506390

Post them let’s go

No. 1506391

unleash the beast girl

No. 1506393

post them imo. shay is just picking out parts of the conversation that are convenient for her.

No. 1506395

Post them Vivi. She's trash

No. 1506396

I still believe Vivi, Shayna agreed to b/g and changed her mind in person (which is fine) that means there was a gap between when Vivi and her bf thought it was on the table and when it wasn't.

No. 1506398

>the reason i left early was because your boyfriend asked me to suck his dick for content
not saying vivis bf is in the right at all but is that seriously all it takes to scare shayna off? im not a degen sw so maybe im wrong but if she was talking about her experience with sol and vivis bf propositioned sucking his dick for content instead (no doubt shayna was bitching, whining and going full victim complex as per usual) he may have offered to make her feel better about the shitty sol situation… maybe?

none the less i honestly think the 'he asked me to suck him off' was just an excuse to leave early. shayna, i would tell you to get a real job because you are quite literally the worst sex worker i've ever come across, but you will never be employable in this lifetime due to your online retardation

No. 1506399

>be "sex worker"
>fly out for "sex work"
I don't see what Vivi would gain out of starting drama if some serious bullshit didn't go down and everything she's said seems 100% Shayna.

No. 1506400

Shayna acted like she was deep into hard kinks, went to Vivi's on the premise of shooting hard-kink porn, was asked to do b/g content and chucked a hissy fit and left. Everyone knew this would happen when she announced she was going to Vivi's. Her receipts don't prove anything.

No. 1506401

I don't think any of us really 'trusted' Vivi or took her word as gospel. Some of yall need to learn how to bite your tongue & yass queen when people come bearing milk. You can air your opinions on their gross fetishes & shit after the milk spillage is complete. We're lucky that Vivi isn't easily scared off like others who have ran away mid-spill from being antagonized.

No. 1506403

File: 1650438645047.jpeg (1.03 MB, 1242x1433, 6EF78BD6-DF68-4E20-BBEE-141BEB…)

No. 1506404

lmfaoooo everyone complimenting Vivi when she's just as fucked up and disgusting as Shayna. You're all mad and desperate for milk.

No. 1506405

File: 1650438671965.jpeg (647.17 KB, 1242x1495, B4F1A63D-482C-49CE-95B1-C9AC9B…)

No. 1506406

vivi dont let fat shat scare you. release everything.

No. 1506408

She is more professional than Shaynus. Are we not allowed to compliment that? We aren’t encouraging her behavior but we aren’t tearing her down for no reason. She isn’t claiming to be a victim like shaytard

No. 1506409

I mean, of course. It's a scrote beating up, waterboarding and doing other shit to a mentally ill woman. The things Shayna's exposed so far doesn't seem to out there imo though and I think if she had worse dirt she would've brought that up by now.
Although seeing vivi cry and beg in the dms is funny, because Shayna doesn't deserve all that at all.

No. 1506410

see how she is NOW using her main twitter because she's got more followers there lmao

No. 1506412

File: 1650438849147.png (2.75 MB, 1242x2208, 0A322E6D-B7FF-4EE3-91C6-EE3B3B…)

It is fucked up that she deleted the content and acted like it never happened. Especially since she paid for your plane ticket and welcomed you in her home. Bad manners.

No. 1506413

when someone has said they do puke porn out of their own enjoyment, you can't really retaliate. just enjoy the showdown and the milk.

No. 1506415

Get fucked Shayna. Where's your call out for Sol when he fucked you over? Or are you only going after Vivi because she doesn't have the same twitter clout?

No. 1506416

wtf is shay trying to say here?

No. 1506417

She was so nice to Shay on Twitter for years and was always ignored. Shayna is a cold hearted bitch. We know she saw those replies and compliments she doesn’t have high engagement on Twitter.

No. 1506418

File: 1650439031151.jpeg (238.06 KB, 750x863, 0862FA19-8981-452F-8CAD-205510…)

No. 1506420

File: 1650439079368.jpeg (155.4 KB, 750x504, 82265268-D546-47D0-AF7D-6F5ABD…)

No. 1506421

Fr like excuse me ma'am, weren't you just tweeting about how you'd love to be snatched up, chained to the wall in a basement & raped repeatedly? She tweets these things while posting her blown out asshole pics on the daily, yet she's clutching her pearls and having an "anxiety attack" because a man asked if he could put his dick in her mouth? I don't think she needs a lobotomy cause her brain is missing several key connections.

No. 1506422

It’s actually hilarious how retarded she is. How tf are you going to claim to be uwu bimbo kinky porn star who ~loveees~ dick, tweet rape/abduction fantasies daily, fly out to have a sex shoot and then immediately backpedal like a chicken when a scrote asks you to suck his dick for content. Yes moids are nasty, but this bitch is such a hypocrite.

No. 1506423

Why is she acting like she didn't know Vivi's boyfriend would be there

No. 1506424

File: 1650439164264.jpg (67.95 KB, 591x534, victim 1.JPG)

here we go, playing the victim

No. 1506425

>you full on traumatised me
oh but you love to write fantasises about being lobotomised, kidnapped and forced against you will on the daily kek i hate this bitch sm

No. 1506426

File: 1650439182500.jpeg (344.35 KB, 750x1890, 0137959C-CBFB-4579-8D76-ED3695…)

No. 1506428

File: 1650439199110.jpg (41.27 KB, 599x302, victim 2.JPG)

No. 1506429

She’s right for once, her life is a fucking joke

No. 1506430

Shayna Clifford/Dolly Mattel #105: “Shaking Like A Leaf” edition
Kek fuck you shaynus

No. 1506431

oh here we go, shay is now "traumatized" over a kiss on the ear and proposition for content lmfao. i can't with this retard.

No. 1506433

File: 1650439338341.jpeg (305.39 KB, 1242x778, 28FD4CB2-E2DC-47CC-9090-F9AF3F…)

Of course Shayna’s boyfriend has to reply

No. 1506434

Listen, I hate shayna, I hate her pedopandering shit, but we cannot deny shayna getting uncomfortable with it just bc shes a sex worker. I know she talked about getting abducted, but she did it because there’s an industry for it. I don’t care if Shayna is a fat fucking retard who pedo pandered and was naked and “asking for it”, under no circumstances, should we demoralize ourselves into actually talking down on shit like this when she just posted proof. Vivi is still an ewhore along with shayna, which is why even I didn’t post anything, calling her prettier, etc, because she still would give her moid attention and will choose her moid over women. Shayna would too, but I highly expect that Vivi’s boyfriend flat out lied about Shayna when Vivi asked. ITS SUPER WEIRD she didn’t fucking mention that shayna was uncomfortable. I hate shayna, believe me. But please, this is a woman who admits to liking “degen kinks”, and gives her moid asspats and his whole fucking profile is about porn. He is A SCROTE. Shayna is pmpered, she’s awkward, I highly doubt she knows how to fucking flirt. Its why all her experiences are MEN HITTING ON HER, not reversal. This is exactly why I do not trust women who automatically say “h-he was getting hit on”, about a scrote who has no issue beating women and talking about deranged kinks of them. Shayna is not kinky, YOU ANONS KNOW THIS. YOU EVEN SAW VIVI SAY SHAYNA WASNT AS KINKY, and she would only do it to “look cool”.

There were even anons saying she isn’t as kinky as she says she is. Multiple in these recent threads. Come on. You cannot trust a porn sick scrote and his girlfriend. We know better than this.(unsaged wk-ing)

No. 1506435

File: 1650439456844.gif (594.01 KB, 220x198, 43C23D0B-C256-476E-898C-1EDC35…)

No. 1506436

LMAO. ty nonny, I was getting highly disappointed in the posters, so I needed a chuckle

No. 1506437

so what vivi said about the problem being fupa related was true? thanks for confirming her story shay you love telling on yourself kek

No. 1506438

Come on anon, Shay would 100% flirt with someone's boyfriend and try to start couple fights. She's the same bitch who couldn't let go of Fupa for years while swearing up and down he was so abusive. Her comparing Vivi's scrote to Fupa is a huge flag that she was doing the exact maidenless shit she's being accused of.

No. 1506439

File: 1650439622819.gif (1.2 MB, 498x292, morshu-fast.gif)

No. 1506440

imo its still her fault for even going there in the first place she absolutely shouldve known what she was getting into and since she cant handle this she shouldnt even be doing sw she should take her stepmom up on that offer for free college but she wont because shes fucking lazy

No. 1506441


No. 1506442

>full on traumatized
>literally the most vanilla shit that she already does in her videos & claims to be super into

She's just adding evidence to support that the "abuse" she claims her parents/Fupa inflicted on her is just her lying & exaggerating to point fingers

No. 1506443

>You full on traumatized me
Lmao shut upppp. She’s such a fucking piece of shit acting like she got raped. A girl kissed your cheek when you’re both drunk.

No. 1506444

>u full on traumatized me

The way she doesn’t know the difference between being freaked out, being actually scared, and being traumatized. Embarrassing.

Shayna you KNEW the risks of going and you even read the threads and saw anons talking about it being a bad idea. I’m not sure what’s real or not cause it’s still being hashed out, but if her side is true then she has no right to be surprised. It would be no ones fault but her own dumbass.

No. 1506445

Listen, I know, but her fucking boyfriend actually liked beating up women in shit and pissing on them. I just do not believe he’s innocent. He’s okay with beating women and videoing with other women but not cheating? It makes no sense.

No. 1506448

>you forced me to drink
>no you forced me to drink
The mental illness is off the charts! You’re an alcoholic Shayna.

No. 1506449

we need vivi to post caps so we can see what was discussed prior. i agree that just because shays a sex worker, doesnt mean she cant be uncomfortable. she has every right to deny sex acts, HOWEVER, if what vivi is saying is true, that they discussed b/g prior and there was a miscommunication in person, then whats to say this isnt shayna being a pos and looking for an excuse to leave and play victim

No. 1506450

I dont think Shayna is innocent at all, but I hate vivi’s earlier ass kissers here and acting like her boyfriend should be off the hook. I mean, he fucking likes porn of beating women, he has no issue pissing on them either and hitting them. Vivi and him are just as fucking bad as her, and just because Vivi gave us milk, does not mean we should have let her off that easily. I knew something was up, because I never trust ewhores who pick their moid over women, I never trust them who promote moids beating women and defending them. It is sick.

No. 1506451

just because i don't trust a scrote doesn't mean i trust shay either when she has a history of doing shit like this before. there is no "proof" other than the convenient texts she picked out where she says he asked for it FOR content. She didn't state she was uncomfortable with other things that she stated happen. we have no context other than that. it still doesn't make sense why vivi would call her out if she knew the "truth" could be easily refuted either. Next time you post, sage goes in the email field.

No. 1506452

>even I didn’t post anything
Bitch literally who the fuck are you kek

No. 1506453

File: 1650440006057.jpeg (101.82 KB, 750x732, 71066F02-0774-4B14-B427-D12299…)


No. 1506454

A trailer trash scrote asking Shayna “hey baby wanna suck my cock?” That’s just a Tuesday for Shay when she goes drinking alone at the nearest dive. She’d say he pushed her head if he did.

No. 1506455

File: 1650440038780.jpeg (370.05 KB, 1081x1276, 99DB5C9A-A623-4BC5-A076-AB746E…)

Here’s the full exchange, minus Vivis reply

No. 1506458

File: 1650440054573.gif (934.27 KB, 430x360, walking milk.gif)

fuck I gotta go to sleep but this milk is relentless

No. 1506459

Get the word trauma out of your mouth you spoiled, sheltered lardmonster. The nerve of this bitch to claim that being kissed off-camera is """trauma""" when the person she's speaking has experienced REAL trauma and she knows this.
Vile cunt all the way through to the core, that's Shayna Clifford.

No. 1506461

If only someone would give you an easy out like oh let’s say having your family pay for an education if you could let all this terrible shit be left behind you. But no you keep inviting this by staying in this situation lazy dumbass. It couldn’t be more obvious or more easy, people go through a lot worse to escape lives half as bad.

No. 1506462

>I have evidence of her boyfriend

No. 1506463

Honestly with how shay is acting I'm on Vivs side. The sudden shift to playing the victim and all. I don't believe anything she says for a second. Vivi please spill it all.

No. 1506464

not gonna defend the other degen BUT
>Get the word trauma out of your mouth you spoiled, sheltered lardmonster.
is the absolute truth, she doesn't know true suffering, nor hardwork.

No. 1506465

she won't because her only "evidence" is the single screenshot she already posted

No. 1506466

File: 1650440282876.jpeg (155.37 KB, 750x1178, E83EECE6-B75A-4435-8F08-DBCBDA…)

No. 1506467

File: 1650440289693.jpeg (313.79 KB, 1242x763, 0D5FCA62-B9D6-487B-82AE-DF0840…)

kek Shayna just got triggered because they reminded her of her and Fupaul. Trauma my ass. What did they do Shayna? Huh?

No. 1506468

Two messy alcoholics, each blaming the other for their own binge drinking when they get together. Both under the delusion that anyone besides them believes it. Classic.

No. 1506469

kek, i'm glad my professor cancelled today's class so i can enjoy the shitshow.

No. 1506471

File: 1650440410547.jpeg (48.05 KB, 750x742, 1600534954613.jpeg)

I'm in orbit

No. 1506472

This. If she had more 'evidence', it would've all been posted by now so she can only milk this one instance because nothing else seems to have happened.

No. 1506473

vivi pls come back dont let that bitch shayna walk on u like this

No. 1506474

Viv seems to be doing survival sex worker. She isn’t privileged like Shay. She said she spent her food stamps on Shayna’s fat ass. She clearly has problems and unsolved trauma.

No. 1506477

Anyone notices the parallels with Dawn saga?

No. 1506479

File: 1650440530006.jpeg (126.69 KB, 750x487, 8AF0365E-0BE9-4E16-B417-8EB306…)

No. 1506480


No. 1506482

Shay is uncomfortable doing anything, even rolling around with that bald man being tickled she seemed like a tard held captive. If you go for a sex work job you need to be clear about limits and fucking speak up when things are happening you don’t want. And maybe if you’re that prone to being traumatized by sexual advances because of fupabusive exes then don’t meet up with randoms for content!

No. 1506484

Maybe because you’re a big fat bully and you know you have orbiters who will harass Vivi in the dms. Trans “mom”, grayhair, Jason R Womack, Republican pandering Indigo White, abustedpixie, Dogfucker Lana Bee, Ellen Degenerate etc.

No. 1506485

Actually, ngl, she has a point here. Did shayna bring up anything about it except deleting the photos? If I remember the timeline, vivi was the one that came in the thread. I dont think the kiss was trauma, nor do I think being uncomfortable is trauma, however I think shaynas reasoning for leaving is valid. Im wondering why vivi posted all of that when they seemed fine on messages? She did seem to message shayna first, but it seemed to have gotten to her. Shayna caused her own problems, yes, but I still don’t understand why Vivi went to that extent instead of hashing it out with her. It seems petty to go onto a dramaboard and give milk instead of saying shit in her dms. Im thankful for the milk, but questioning vivi’s side a bit here.

No. 1506486

I guess Shayna has an MO. Links up with a whore with a boyfriend, makes them pay for her shit in exchange for promises of making content together, then inevitably flakes on them and cries about them preying on her.

No. 1506487

There's over 100 threads of Shayna being a piece of shit, yet now is the time to defend her? Some of you have fucking brain worms.

No. 1506488

File: 1650440822074.jpeg (430.22 KB, 1242x1186, A5AC7E05-1512-49EA-803A-0EC060…)

She’s liking tweets saying they sexually harassed her and are predators

No. 1506489

File: 1650440879673.gif (675.65 KB, 358x200, 200.gif)

Just a reminder:
>has actual sexual trauma/sexual abuse history
>does this for survival an most likely self harm
>is still a degenerate tho

>no abusive past
>no sexual trauma
>does this for attention/cause is edgy or something
>has every means available to her to get out WHENEVER she wants
>is a fucking degenerate on top of all that

No. 1506490

Maybe I’m fucking retarded but Shayna was rude the whole time thru Twitter. The shower tweet was shady af. And if she’s a bitch on Twitter I can only imagine how she was in person. She’s a moocher

No. 1506491

Like the money issue, why didn’t you ask for her to reimburse for it? (Or did you, and she already denied it?)

I’m genuinely curious. I mean no harm, but I’m wondering why you brought it to lolcow and brought up all those issues but suddenly dipped when you were the first to make it public. You knew you were going to get traction. So why did you disappear suddenly? This just makes your part look bad.

No. 1506492

>I thought we were just drinking wine!!
>leftover champagne that I didn't drink
Clearly you were drinking more than wine

No. 1506493

unsaged shay whiteknight please fuck off

No. 1506494

Because Vivi is poor, petty and mentally ill. Of course she felt betrayed and reacted in classic BPDchan fashion when her idol discarded her.

No. 1506495

File: 1650440951231.jpeg (373.48 KB, 1242x887, 6BB986DF-1B36-45EE-A267-83FDA9…)

No. 1506496

I love how Shayna didn’t deny the Xanax allegations.

No. 1506497

Just because the milk is flowing doesn’t mean you all cant just learn to fucking sage

No. 1506498

Lol, I fucking hate shay. Im just pointing out the hypocrisy. I hate both ewhores, that doesn’t mean Im going to put one on a pedestal just because she’s flaky and gave us milk. I don’t care what trauma she was put into, she should seek help, just like Shayna. Just because I’m pointing out that both aren’t innocent doesn’t mean I’m a whiteknight.(sage your shit)

No. 1506499

>doesn't mention that it was posted here first
It would be terrible if people came here and noticed a pattern of her doing this to anyone she's worked with.

No. 1506501

File: 1650441201896.jpeg (70.14 KB, 1041x1022, 1643477749904.jpeg)

sage your retarded ass shit then BITCH

No. 1506502

I bet it's Ellen Degenerate

No. 1506503

ayrt did you read what i fucking said retard

No. 1506504

Nice larp you can’t even integrate

No. 1506505

this kek, she knew about shaynas threads but still thought she was a good person because she was never directly mean to her and just ignored her, now though, she realizes shayna is as shit as farmers have always said. she was blinded by idol worship.

No. 1506506

Shayna Clifford just wants a friend to roll around on the dirty floor with while drinking 4 dollar wine and eating triscuits. For some reason the trade off for that is taking pictures with her diseased ass out and getting triggered because her asexuality is repulsed by a fan wanting to do sexual things at a sex work sleepover visit. My opinion is she knew the red flags but wanted an excuse to travel and do something at all plus if anything sketchy happened she could play victim and get more attention as win/win. Especially since vivi paid for the visit, she probably thought it would be fun to LARP as a real high demand model and leave as soon as the thrill wore off and shit got real. It’s not like we didn’t warn her for weeks leading up to it

No. 1506509

Yeah it’s weird. Also why does Vivi keep saying Shay got her drunk and kept her drunk and everyone is going along with that? Unless Shayna forced booze down Vivi’s throat that’s such a ridiculous thing to say. Even the Xanax is so fucking stupid to whinge about. So what if Shayna provided it? Vivi is the one who took it. She’s a grown woman and it’s her choice to drink and take drugs like how can she blame that on someone else kek

No. 1506513

shayna took vivis xanax idiot

No. 1506514

i see you finally learnt how to sage

No. 1506516

Shayna didn’t even provide it, she was taking Vivi’s prescription. I think Vivi just feels bad that she fell off the wagon because she was tempted to drink by having Shayna’s drunk ass around so she’s blaming it on her

No. 1506518

>shay whiteknight is pedo Ellen

Encouraging a recovering alcoholic to drink is a form of abuse because they have minimal resistance. Taking even one sip of alcohol and send them right back to square one.

No. 1506520

Did you miss the part where Shayna says Vivi forces her to drink? Unless vivi forced booze down Shaynas throat that’s such a ridiculous thing to say. Or that Shayna wanted Vivi to take xan because she wanted to leech some of her xan. Back to discord with you.

No. 1506521

File: 1650441904440.jpeg (66.59 KB, 617x497, B3492AC8-80FD-4171-A3CD-CFEBF0…)

No. 1506524

No. 1506525

File: 1650442077718.jpeg (437.61 KB, 750x866, 868FA0D5-1204-45ED-82E9-5847BF…)

Vivi has recent pictures of wine bottles just laying on her floor, she obviously wasn’t sober

No. 1506526

umm anon she doesnt leave the house to drink she gopuffs wine directly to her doorstep
anyway this is definitely my proof that shay only says shes bisexual for attention >>1506455
where is this proof shayna!
she literally said shayna wouldnt pay her back for the food she bought with her foodstamps and then got mad at her boyfriend for drinking beers that shayna bought to share
drinking around recovering alcoholics is a big no no if ive ever seen one
very insightful and intelligent response almost makes me want to hi cow

No. 1506527

Imagine stealing someone's prescription drugs then having the gall to claim they were abusing you.

No. 1506528

File: 1650442197262.jpeg (244.72 KB, 750x773, ACB925D2-7A68-4AC5-9CDE-8AB303…)

No. 1506529

This is giving very strong "all my exs are crazy bitches" energy. As if the one common denominator isn't her. If she was a professional like she likes to pretend to be, she'd be smart and have contracts with her collabs, setting ground rules and boundaries from the start.

>he asked me
>he asked if
As much as I fucking hate defending a whole ass degenerate coomer scrote. She's mad he ASKED for consent? She isn't even saying that he didn't accept no as an answer, just upset he had the audacity to ask if it'd be okay.

This is the same woman who has exposed herself to strangers in dog parks, restaurants, bars, etc. without their consent. Make it make sense.

No. 1506530

That woman is totally creepy in the face.. like she sniffs shoes

No. 1506531

I hope you’re drunk crying yourself to sleep, she’s the one pedophile misogynistic bitch I exclude from “believe women” clause.

No. 1506532

More likely dirty diapers.

No. 1506536

No. 1506537

>She's mad he ASKED for consent
This. She said no and they apologized. Fuck is the problem?

No. 1506538

Kek anon thank you for pointing out the absurdity of this. So sucking a scrote on camera is such a hard limit~ and so traumatizing! but sucking shit and yeast off a dildo is fine uwu

No. 1506541

This is the exact same as the Dawn saga. Shay was being a messy bitch and trying to steal Vivi's scrote. Dawn just put her foot down and kicked Shay out rather than trying to be nice and accommodating like Vivi, probably because Dawn as disgusting as she is had a large audience and wasn't afraid of Shay at all.

No. 1506545

So the same thing happened with Vivi, Sol, Dawn…

There's a saying - if you smell shit everywhere you go, check your own damn shoes. Yes they're all degenerates but Shayna is LARPing as some sort of extreme kink pornstar when apparently a guy asking her to suck his dick for content is TRAUMATISING.

No. 1506546

Sucks that Vivi had such a small audience, she didn’t have anyone to suck up to her like Shayna does. She only had 2.8k followers she knew she was fucked and would be ganged up on when Shayna linked her account

No. 1506555

Literally this. She's acting like he full on shoved his dick in her mouth. Shayna get a grip.

No. 1506556

File: 1650445159338.jpg (57.1 KB, 1305x286, hehe.JPG)

anon from the future again. I'm sorry girl I just find it too funny, Ily.

No. 1506558

Shayna works with degens then when degen shit happens she plays victim. I don't get it.
I was rooting for Vivi, but it's not like Shayna went to people who seemed professional and none shady. No two druggie, she could easily dug into her social media.
That Sol shit really hurt her, like they were in a relationship or something. Then she brings up Fupaul, something is wrong with Shayna. She can't even blame lolcow. She'll just go a year without working with weirdos before doing this all over again. Or maybe getting a scrote, her life is a shitty rerun.
She could literally be doing anything else then this.

No. 1506560

That's why shay mentions "thank you everyone for defending me"
Because she needs as much people as she can to quickly bury this girl. Now all we're going to get is vague reminders or call out toward this girl for years to come. Shayna is going to act like a victim and claim she was sexually harassed since Vivi is offline and nobody is going to call her on it.

No. 1506562

Can you fuck off with these no cares

No. 1506564

Good point Nona. Didn't Shayna claim Dawn and her scrote did basically the exact same thing? Hmm.

No. 1506565

The grammar itt is slowly going to hell

No. 1506566

Some of us are up far past our bedtimes to keep up with all this late night milk

No. 1506567

And I 100% believe she has a implant. From the look, the scar, to the fact she told Helium voiced scrote not to hit it. I believe about 90% of the shit Vivi said in terms of interactions with Shayna.

No. 1506569

It's like Shayna barely has anyone that comments on her shit and claims she's canceled, yet everytime something happens suddenly people come to defend her, yet she acts like she has no support. I wouldn't be surpised if she runs to discord and tells them or dms people she knows will defend her in advance when she has drama

No. 1506570

>>1506558 not to medfag but this situation is such a prime example of Shart being BPD as fuck. A misunderstanding becomes ‘traumatizing’ because she can’t regulate her emotions and she needs to constantly be the victim so she can’t analyze her own behavior.

No. 1506571

Seriously Vivi, if you’re still reading, now would be a great time to chip in to clarify things. I don’t know if you think everyone here started disbelieving you as soon as Shaynus posted, but that’s not the case at all.

No. 1506577


This is Shay's version of the Dawn saga >>777168

No. 1506578

honestly it’s probably a good thing vivi deleted her Twitter, hoping she’s using it as an opportunity to get out into the real world a little bit and not go on a downward spiral over Shaynus, she’s not worth it at all

No. 1506579

i LOVE the sound of big fat shaynus who publicly statesshe wants to be kidnapped and raped crying about being traumatized by a girl KISSING HER EAR who she filled up with alcohol and xans because she‘s a fucking alcoholic unhinged bitch. vivi is a mess but shat is irredeemable, has MRSA ass boils, licks her shitty dildos and has an implant. i love this saga.

No. 1506580

The best revenge for Vivi would be to quit the sex work and pedo pandering shit, getting help for her trauma and mental issues, and living her best sober life and actually thriving while shay continues to put shit-covered dildoes in her mouth for pennies

No. 1506582

Devastated vivi has jumped ship once shaynasty bit back. Come on girl don’t let her do you like this

No. 1506583

Idk what Vivi and her moids relationship really is like but jfc shes acting so shocked despite Vivi fawning over her majorly for YEARS. She asked if she could kiss her and then kissed her ear at some point? WOW THE TRAUMA. Her weird bf was weird. Couldn't have seen that one coming either. He looks so totally normal and must be a true gentleman obviously. She's trying to spin this so hard. Its weird to me that a lot of anons are taking Shaynas account to and immediately switching from Vivi stanning to believe this lying scamming dumbass bitch? Not to say Vivi was totally honest and should be believed either but jfc y'all. Really falling for Shaynas bullshit??

No. 1506589

vivi was obviously a liar, we all just encouraged her to talk but didn't we already know she is a druggy with infections? you guys were even worried about shay going there and getting murdered, only for now to kiss vivi's ass because she brought some rotten milk

No. 1506591

Vivi's account of events makes more sense than Shayna's. Shayna also has a history of fucking over any other sex worker she's collaborated with such as Dog Fucker Dawn. Farmers looked into Vivi's social media and found nothing that indicated that she had ever treated any other sex worker the same as Shayna. It's possible to blame Vivi for being aware of the threads and that she should have known better than to work with Shat but this does not invalidate her account when what she has reported to us is basically Shayna's MO at this point and completely consistent with what has been posted previously in these threads.

No. 1506592

im pretty sure anons were just milking the cow. no one actually likes Vivi or Shaynus. We like the tasty milk.

No. 1506594

It doesn't say anywhere 'I'm surprised you didn't leave sooner', what is this meant to prove?

No. 1506595

Hilarious that Shayna calls Vivi and her moid unprofessional when its clear she did NOT have a basic fucking conversation with them about her limits before getting on a plane and flying out to meet with literal strangers.

She got drunk and took xanax, has her pussy and apparently unclean asshole out and is “traumatized” they made sexual advances. Its doesnt sound like anyone pushed anything on her at all, she just put herself in an unsafe sexual situation with strangers and got upset when things got sexual. Shay’s a total dumb ass and I dont feel bad for her nor believe her side of things.

No. 1506601

lmaoooo so shay claimed vivi made her do all the shit shay insists on doing by herself all day at home?? sure shay, it's all her fault.

No. 1506612

It's such a pattern too of Shay's to be incredibly cheap and make people pay for her expenses, and then as soon as the money is spent she starts pointing fingers. Dawn sent the pod and flew her up to Colorado, Vivi paid for her plane tickets… this bitch can afford fast fashion stuff 3 sizes too small for herself and Door Dash every day but can't not gorge for 3-4 days and book a Spirit or Frontier Airlines flight with that money saved? It's pathetic.

No. 1506613

File: 1650454492128.jpeg (36.43 KB, 290x333, 7A445BBE-AAA2-4262-A533-9CB32F…)

>in the community where you live, work and go to school
All those bar stools and restaurant chairs she sat her bare ass down on in Oklahoma……

No. 1506616

Privileged fat pig Shayna made a survival sex worker pay for her flight to make content, ate through their food stamps, stole her meds, then went back home and screamed abuse. Bravo Shayna!

No. 1506622

Champagne has lower alcohol than wine you ingrate

No. 1506624

how did vivi lie? the texts don't even say that shay is just making shit up, did you not read the screenshot shay herself posted? she says "im surprised you didn't leave sooner" but the text doesn't say that at all kek

vivi seems like a much better person than shay (not that that's a hard bar to pass)

No. 1506627

That doesn’t matter retard. It proves she wasn’t just drinking wine the alcohol content isn’t important. Nta

No. 1506628

Why did you call her an ingrate?

No. 1506641

Bitch shut up. She spent her food stamps on you and you couldn't even get your own ride to the airport. Such successful sex worker. Was Womack over extended at the payday loan place lardass?

No. 1506643

Nta but maybe this Nona is Latina and made a literal translation, kek. In Spanish (LA, at least) ingrata can be used to refer to someone who is brusque, rough or nasty.

No. 1506648

I didn't even think of that at first, that's so nauseating holy shit

No. 1506652

Shay very much knew Vivi's boyfriend would be involved. Vivi was posting pictures of them together on Twitter talking about how excited THEY were and tagging Shay.
Shay also made tweets about sex work slumber parties where she said she wanted a friend to film with where they'd get each other off and then go get lunch. She also constantly tweets about wanting someone to forcefully take advantage of her. So her sex work friend grabbing her neck and kissing her ear is too much all the sudden?

No. 1506675

Imagine getting a MRSA infection because of a papercut or cat scratch just Bc shaynasty goes around leaving her MRSA everywhere in public (ie we see her picking at them and she doesn’t wash her hands- proof being all the unopened shit on her bathroom counters she doesn’t even have an open hand soap in her own house) that’s so grimy tbh

No. 1506685

Vivi, don't back down now! The only people that care about this are other stupid SW who you probably don't want to work with anyways. They're essentially giving you free promo… it's why butterface indigo and the rest of them show "support" (transparent bitches… would bet money they are in this thread lmao) fuck em

No. 1506688

What happened to wanting a tall dommy girl to be mean to you shayna? What happened to wanting to be kidnapped and raped by an "icky pervert" KEK

No. 1506696

It's downright hilarious to cry "abuse" and said she was made to feel uncomfortable, forced…all of this shit is supposed to be your kink you fat moron. Just admit you're a liar and a horrible e-whore and go get a job at McDonald's.

No. 1506700


In Vivi we trust

No. 1506702

vivi said everything had been discussed and agreed to, that shayna agreed to do b/g content before she got there. it’s not unprofessional of him to ask to make content when she agreed b/g stuff. I don’t feel bad for shayna at all. she wanted to collab, when you collab you WORK.

No. 1506708

Not for our prized piggy Shay. That means getting drunk, high, and watching Bisney movies.

No. 1506711

I guess Shayna expected to be pampered and catered to like she was on set with a big production company, but Vivi is a smaller content creator who paid for her flight out of her own pocket and even spent food stamps on her smh. This ungrateful ho.
Shayna used Vivi for as much as she could and then turned around and hit her with the “you full on traumatized me!” guilt trip schtick. She’s a manipulative grifter; not professional at all. That’s so frustrating and when you consider the bigger picture (Vivi is a survival sex worker, Shayna has parents begging to pay for her education) I can understand why Vivi would lash out on lolcow.

No. 1506712

it’s weird anons are just flipping to completely believing shayna, as if she hasn’t done this with EVERY other collab she’s ever done. every time, she comes home and is like “they were so mean to me!!! they harassed me and were so mean and cruel!! why is everyone so mean to me always? im sweet and perfect and never do anything wrong”. SHE is the common denominator.

No. 1506713

THIS. exactly this. she expected to be treated like a star, and when she’s not she throws a fit. she’s a spoiled retard.

No. 1506714

I don't blame shayna for leaving if her boyfriend asked her to suck him off but… I feel like Shay wouldn't have kept quiet about it if she was 100% innocent in all of this. She waited until Vivi posted more as if she was trying find something to come back with.
Then she started asking to get lolcow shut down? If everywhere you go you have issues maybe you are sorta the problem? Like seriously, who looks at Vivi and her bf and goes, "yep, should totally work with them"
I guess she only did cause Vivi paid

No. 1506717


It's such a ridiculous reason though, especially since it seems like it only happened once. In a conversation that was about the content that was going to be created while in their home. It's not exactly outlandish to ask a single question about creating content when it's relevant to the conversation.

If he brought it up randomly or asked her repeatedly, she'd have a case. But asking ONCE in a conversation where it was 100% relevant? She's just grasping at straws to make herself out to be a victim.

No. 1506718

Fuck Shayna and everything but is there any reason we are shilling this ugly slut Vivi? She literally throws up on herself for a living. You are all fucking retarded. I hope you’re just buttering her up in order to get milk?

No. 1506719

This. And youre right. Shes posted a bunch of stupid "i want dex worker friends so we can kiss and fuck our butts together and then get brunch n mimosas uwu" but she gets a sw friend and is screaming how its traumatic they made a reasonable move on her… ok

No. 1506720

plenty of anons told her that was disgusting and to try and get better so she can avoid that shit. No one has denied she's a degenerate not even her kek. But she can be a degenerate and also have been taken advantage of by Shay. We're not subbing to her we're milking her.

No. 1506727

Shatna obviously didn't make her conditions and boundaries remotely clear before wasting other people's time and money. She keeps posting about being super kinky and wanting to get abducted by "creepy old men" in her own literal words, and then instead of explaining to vivi that she isn't actually into the kinks she herself posts, she decided to let vivi spend her money to prepare for the shoot and to fly her and host her, all under false pretenses. Shatna has no concept of the value of money cause she's always been a privileged bitch that gets everything handed to her by her parents, she does sw for scrote attention and not out of need.
It's clear that these bitches live in completely different worlds, even to outsiders it's so obvious that vivi is in a bad situation and needs help. And what does privileged coddled shatna do? She sees what's going on, fucks vivi over then plays victim when called out. And I can't fucking believe shatna is winning this one on Twitter, clown world.
Shatna just recognize you made vivi pay for your shit under false pretenses and when shit got real you just fucked off instead of trying to work out something else with her to at least avoid fucking her over.
I'd never actually hated shatna up until now, I saw her as just a harmless shitshow provider, but now I see she's unironically fucking vile.

No. 1506729

Am I supposed to care about 1 degenerate taking advantage of another? I just hope this kissing vivis ass is only for the purpose of milk because she and her bf are pieces of shit who deserve to be miserable.

No. 1506731

Clearly trying to get you to understand this is pointless lol but can you please at least sage?

No. 1506733

Seattle is about to see a huge spike in MRSA cases cause of this porker KEK
Seriously. She wants all that but someone asking for oral sex is trauma. Shart is such a fucking useless wastoid. She's not even a good sex object which is like, the one thing you really don't have to try to be, but somehow she still fails. Objectively she can't suck or ride dick, she has no allure and clearly she fucking hates having any and all kinds of sex with anyone. Even masturbation looks arduous for her. I don't get it.

No. 1506739

File: 1650468129211.jpeg (349.89 KB, 1170x633, E2B132B5-8401-4475-84C6-EEE155…)

Is she really fucking serious right now?

No. 1506740

People that say "everyone is so mean to me!!" like this are the problem. First, they weren't even mean. Vivi was pretty decent about it all. She just felt rightfully used and upset and expressed that. She didn't say "Shayna Clifford is an ugly lying bitch that will take you for all you have and bail she loves sucking shitty dildos btw no one should ever work with her or friend her" lol.
Also love how her all her tweets and profile are like "TW HARD KINKS" posting about being used and toyed with and wanting a dommy girl to play with her, to be imprisoned, to be seen as nothing but holes, tossed around, etc because Shay is just the uwu subbiest baby slut… BUT a girl putting a hand on her neck and kissing her ear and a dude she knew was going to be involved propositioning pretty tame content ideas is TRAUMATIC and too far. Shut the fuck up, Shay.
Be honest and admit that you pretend so fucking hard to be a kinky e whore but that you're just a lazy, alcoholic idiot who likes rolling around flopping your tits out and spreading your ass and that's it. Says shes demi but I bet shes nearly asexual tbh and just let's her boyfriend scrotes use her so theyll stick around and take her to Applebee's. Meanwhile types up and caters to the most toxic dangerous misogynistic and pedophillic mindsets for some likes and follows.

No. 1506742

Vivi needs to work with Sol. Shayna would seethe for days.

No. 1506744

I hope anyone who was considering working with her gets to see her constantly accuse everyone in sex degeneracy of gasp suggesting sex acts and avoids her like the plague even harder. Imagine you work with someone who makes simulated child porn for a living, and that's who constantly points the finger at others? Holy shit, get blacklisted even farther, MRSA Mattel. I'm excited for the day she finally throws in the towel and moves on, because every day she postpones thag eventual ending just makes the hole deeper to crawl out of. I wish nothing but the worst for her!

No. 1506745

File: 1650468624566.jpeg (526.11 KB, 1170x1333, EEF646A5-3799-40CA-ADE9-B46CBD…)

No. 1506746

I bet any money she’ll be back to her suicide baiting tweets very soon

No. 1506747

if i'll have to read "TRAUMATIZING" one more time…

No. 1506748

Kek if she's playing it up I applaud her because this shitflinging is the most entertaining the shay threads have been in a long time. Thanks vivi.

No. 1506751

This fake, shitty bitch omfg.
Vivi trusted YOU and let you into her house excited to make content for you both to sell and put out money for props and to fly your ugly ass out. And instead you fucked off, got drunk and high, ate all their food, and refused to do anything sexual but 1 boring photoset and now youre gonna withold and delete the content and then act dumb while throwing shade and pretending to be the victim. Incredible. No one assaulted or even harrassed you by the sounds of it. You both have internet and looked into eachother. Vivi just didnt have a fake kink persona like you Shay.

No. 1506752

File: 1650469053718.jpeg (378.7 KB, 1170x1158, 8AC02763-D998-4C6E-91F5-26581C…)

Shay, it doesn’t even have to be 4/20 for you to do this

No. 1506754

I thought she was trying to quit because of her weak ass lungs, hope you have an asthma attack again you fat swine.

No. 1506756

If she made you feel that bad you could've called her out and warned other sex workers about her Shay. You aren't having dreams about this shit. Also her bringing up her deleting her account is weird. Shayna would've been asking people to block her and not work with her if she kept her account up.

No. 1506757

So saynas just gonna pretend like she isn't a fucking scammer.
If someone already paid a prostitute for sex and at the last moment the prostitute decides not to do it, that's okay but she has to give the money back. Like, she can't fucking eat the cake and have it too.
Shatna decided to ditch vivi after being asked for consent and that's all fine and good, except she should have given the money back from the start. And I mean all of the money, including props, car rides, flight, stay, food, alcohol and drugs. Otherwise shayna just scammed vivi and vivi is right to call her out.

No. 1506761

If someone did this to shayna she'd do the same shit Vivi did.i hate that we are going to have to hear about this for months now. Shayna making herself the victim. Vivi should've stood her ground. Now she makes it seem like Shayna is in the right.

No. 1506762

she says this after literally every collab where she is not completely catered to.

No. 1506767

I know right I was rooting for Viv. It seems like all these hoe mutuals shat has came out of nowhere. I don’t really lurk her Twitter but I’ve never seen those people reply. And yeah thank you viv for letting us see how horrifying in the face she truly is

No. 1506768

She literally bullied vivi off of twitter lying and getting ass pats from other sex workers. “Him being around is SUPER CREEPY” like that’s a personal opinion if someone is living with their so/ whatever and vivi literally said he helps film/edit all the pics and shit. Like if it was such an issue to be around a MAN she should have just made it clear and booked a hotel room.(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 1506770

Learn 2 Sage retard

No. 1506772

File: 1650470789001.jpeg (266.46 KB, 1170x915, C487C5CE-83E5-45A3-9A5A-264D44…)

Hmmmm like you?

No. 1506773

Deleted as usual

No. 1506776

File: 1650471042390.jpg (107.46 KB, 1080x364, Screenshot_20220420-170855_Twi…)

36k followers and only 23 of them care enough to show their support for her. How sad.

No. 1506779

she’s such a worm. It’s too bad she has some control of the narrative now, but honestly her life is its own punishment.

No. 1506780

I'm confused, hasn't Shay already done porn with this exact guy or are there 2 Sols?

No. 1506784

Asked her while she was here

Most of our interactions were verbal so I have no “evidence” on my side

Honestly this was just the perfect kick in the ass to move on from sex work and start doing other things, you’re right I’m a survival sex worker who’s even on disability, I don’t need to be in this shit anymore and there was no point in keeping my account up for her orbiters to harass me because I know I don’t need that kind of stuff in my head.

No. 1506785

She’s done content with that bald headed dude a few times and only met Sol once

No. 1506788

Sorry that Shatna used you Vivi. Please do try to get out of sex work and work out the trauma you've been through. Don't let this shit-slurping bitch get to you.

No. 1506790

>move on from sex work and start doing other things
Well that is good news, good for you. Hope you get to thrive with a satisfying job and a healthy relationship.

No. 1506791

File: 1650471677872.jpeg (48.08 KB, 630x630, EAEB5D4F-EDC1-4947-872B-07CFA3…)

Best of luck to you, Vivi ♥

No. 1506792

You can find new work or means of income without having to traumatize yourself in this way. We wish you the best in that, seriously.

No. 1506797

Ah thank you nonna I think I thought they were the same person

No. 1506798

What was the original plan you two discussed before she flew there? Which boundaries did she establish, which things did he back out once she got there?

I wish you the best getting out of that life, you deserve good in your life. Especially after all of this milk. Mwah.

No. 1506800

*she, not he

No. 1506801

If you ever decide to reactive the best attack against Shayna is 1) to point out that she agreed to b/g before she came over and your bf suggested a scene. That as soon as she said no to that you supported her decision. 2) That Shayna is a privileged asshole and knew you were a survival sex worker yet she still made you pay for her flight, buy her food with your food stamps, stole your meds, and left before making any worthwhile content. She should at least reimburse you, she won't, but she should have offered. I hope you do get out of sex work entirely and find a new healthier way to support yourself and live your life.

No. 1506802

Best of luck to you Vivi, I hope that you get a job that pays better, you get your self respect and in a few years you’ll be able to laugh at this whole situation and smile at how far you’ve come ♥

No. 1506803


>move on from sex work and start doing other things

YOU FUCKING GO GIRL!!!!!! I’ll be rooting for you, it’s never too late to turn shit around! I hope all goes well! I can’t speak for sure, but moving on from sex work would probably help your mental health a lot as well.

No. 1506807

I know this whole situation was total shit but I think this would be the best outcome for you.

No. 1506810

Wishing vivi the best but I'm annoyed shaynasty will get away with it again. No consequences for her stupid actions and others pay the price.

No. 1506812

One day Shay will be so desperate to do a collab she's going to pick a crazy couple or woman that tries to kill/harass her for real after she pulls her typical shit. A survival worker can't fight back but someone at her financial level or higher would likely not think twice about clapping the bitch for what she owes. Shart forgets she operates in a shadow economy where the worst types lurk, exploit and take in dirty money. That spoiled little backwoods boil-ridden goblin won't recover after something actually traumatizing because her only support is Monsters Inc gifs and scraps from random Twitter users. She'll need real emotional support and will of course be alone and drink herself into her usual drunken rants and meltdowns.

No. 1506814

Anon if it makes you feel better, she’s a fucking loser with maybe 3 people who interact with her genuinely, as genuine as being interested in her degeneracy can be at least. No one gives a shit about her irl and she is pretty hated by the majority of her “peers.” Anyone defending her is as brain dead as she is so there’s no hope for them anyways. Vivi won’t be the last, but at least she saw the truth for herself and hopefully is able to do other things. Seriously rooting for you Vivi.

No. 1506820

i would say that Shayna is the predator, shes always gets friendly with people who thinks shes the shit and kinda vulnerable so she can behave and get treat like a queen, then when things dont go her way she cries being the victim. We all know if this was true she would be tweeting it right away and prob calling the national guard to get her out. she got the pattern.
also why didnt she choose one of the girls on that Degenerate School shoot to work with? none of them offered to pay a ticket? the fatty is broke af

No. 1506823

Rooting for you vivi.
What’s become very apparent to me is that Ellen has a script, probably some kind of benzodiazepine and that’s why mersa mattel keeps her around. I’ve suspected she’s had a problem with them since her meth days in Oklahoma. A lot nonnies have always defended her drug use saying she wasn’t doing drugs, that she just drank and smoked, guaranteed she’s consistently popping pills

No. 1506826

File: 1650473634643.jpg (106.26 KB, 809x799, R (1).jpg)

Fuck me man I knew Shayna was going to be looking for something to spin it around so she looks like the victim. But I'm rooting for you Puke Vivi, get out of Sex Work and become something better and greater than Shayna will ever be.♥

No. 1506828

You know what GOOD. Shayna is a woman who has a family who will pay for her education and save her from this life. She dates pedo panderers with childern and women who steal pacifiers from childern she's baby sitting and posts about it online for kink.
I truly hope you leave sex work and do better. Being involved with shayna may have seriously saved you from a life of bullshit. Go to therapy, as you said you are,treat your body better and just do what's best for you. Seriously

No. 1506830

Also as degen as you are Vivi, you have more people genuinely rooting for you on Lolcow then shayna has fans. We are real people who want to see you do better, you aren't perfect. Meanwhile shayna has ugly coomers who don't care if she lives or dies, and weirdo orbiter who never support her but jump out to attack people.
Bratty, Womack and others are fucking idiots being used by Shayna. You can do something bigger and better. Leave this life behind you because unlike Shayna you can live a better life.
She has a whole family she said fuck you to, to live this amazing life with a implant, ass boils,no real friends and pretending to love it.
You can actually create a life you love.

No. 1506834

Shay is barely making any money and has like a couple people who interact with her and Womack who pays her bills. She’ll never be able to fall hard because she has supportive parents that will catch her the minute she does.

It won’t be until shay is 35, unemployed, no hobbies, miserable and obese sleeping with a CPAP and is scheduled for gal-bladder surgery, will all this come back around to bite her in her ass.

No. 1506838

Shayna 100% went there and scammed her big time. She’s screaming abuse whenever someone calls her out on her bs. This keeps happening lol. Also WHY is she acting like discussing having sex with these 2 sw on a business trip is inappropriate. Vivi I hope you get your money back. Also there is a lot of ressources for women who does survival sexwork and want to get out. Shayna outing her being in an abusive relationship and wanting to move is a fucking asshole this is unbelievable.

No. 1506839

I honestly see jailtime or public shame to the point nobody can ignore it in Shays future. She constantly involves herself with Shady people. If/when Fupail finally makes it down the ale I feel like Shayna is going to do something similar, get involved with someone truly shady and it won't be as easy as going home and Twitter drama. She's gross and will allow disgusting shit to happen around her as long as it stays quiet

No. 1506840

I’m actually fucking with this tinfoil. I don’t think shayna saw someone else’s prescription and just suddenly went grabby. I think she’s been taking some of another persons prescription (likely Ellen). She probably went “muh anxiety” or ‘bpd’ or ‘trauma’ to get it and keep it coming.

No. 1506845

She established that she wanted to work with both of us initially, a few days before she arrived I mention b/g and she says she doesn’t actually want to so I say okay will you think about it and she says she will when she meets him. Mind you she barely talked to him because her and I were just sitting in the studio being “goofy gal pals” instead of working and I only saw him in the morning at before bed. I agreed to not push the subject of b/g until she started whining about not doing her bj scene. I tried to ask her to sign a bdsm scene consent waiver where she could mark down what she was/wasn’t comfortable with and how intense she wanted thing, what they use at kink actually, she said to me it wasn’t necessary because “we’re into the same stuff” I felt really weird because I had tried to video chat her multiple times before the trip to plan thing a ahead and she never wanted until the time she convinced me to buy a bunch of costumes.

She saw me take one because I was nervous and asked what it was and I said Xanax and she immediately was like “oh sweet, can I buy some off you later?”

Thanks for being cool guys

No. 1506847

SA, Shayna has a habit of of only revealing "abuse" or "bad behaviors " from people when she wants to get revenge. Rather it's true or false people like that cannot be trusted.
She's going to do this to Ellen as well, suddenly she'll become the older woman who "traumatized" her and took advantage of her while she's in a bad place. But only because Ellen pissed her off, not because she truly felt that way.

No. 1506850

I'm not as against sex work as the other nonnas here (I understand why they dislike it and it's valid) but this is really good news. I feel bad that disgusting Shayna was the final nail in the coffin for you, but I truly hope you can move on to bigger and better things, Vivi.

No. 1506855

Shayna comes off like someone who could easily get into harder drugs because she doesn't really like what she does. She has to be under the influence to function. If she ever meets a scrote whose into hard drugs it's only a matter of time before she gets hooked.
Shayna tries to outdo people so I 100% believe she probably was like, "we are into the same shit"
Also was she complaining about the sol blow job scene? If so it really feels like she had feelings or something for him.
Or maybe a scrote fucking her over hurts her ego more.

No. 1506868

I honestly hope you the best Vivi anything would be better than sw. You are leagues above some of those gutter snipes with wanting to better your life.

No. 1506869

Yep she was complaining about Sol

No. 1506873

I hate to say it, but she's probably jealous you have a boyfriend and she doesn't

No. 1506876

Damn, so it confirms he's the first man she's truly been attracted to since Fupaul, because she never harps on about Ellen or the other old scrote she "dates". I really feel like she liked him and had things went differently they'd probably be in a fake "poly" relationship.
Her bringing him up to you is messy anyway.

No. 1506880

good luck in your endeavors. you seem like a strong person and if you're dedicated to getting better that is the best you can do!! focus on your mental health, keep taking your meds properly, and keep doing therapy!

No. 1506881

Doesn't Ellen live with her elderly parents? Tinfoil on tinfoil but if Ellen's parents have prescriptions that could be a source of drugs for Shayna.

Thank you for finally confirming the tit tinfoil after all these years. Good luck on getting out of sex work.

No. 1506883

Fuck yeah vivi, I'm rooting for you and I hope you can build yourself a wonderful sexwork free life. Godspeed

No. 1506884

This. I am genuinely so confused WHY Shayna would draw attention to this place where her piece of shit behavior has been documented for like… 5 years. Other than being a moron who will do anything for asspats and is incapable of thinking things through.
Perpetual victim. She’s absolutely insufferable. Cannot take responsibility for anything.
Good for you, girl. You might check out temp agencies while you get on your feet. This job isn’t healthy.
Couldn’t agree more. Shayna chews people up and spits them out and can’t acknowledge her own bad decisions.
Jfc that’s so much more professional than Shayna could be. You tried to establish limits WTF is her damage? She probably didn’t want to discuss them so that if she didn’t get what she wanted she could cry aboose. God.

No. 1506897

Holy shit. She is my most hated cow.

No. 1506900

> she said to me it wasn’t necessary because “we’re into the same stuff”
Idk this tells me she never had intentions on filming. She just wanted you to pay for her plane ticket so she could fuck off on someone else’s dime.

>we’re into the same stuff

>they were into harder things than I am comfortable with uwu
This is why larping as a super kinky sex worker is dangerous. There’s nothing wrong with backing out if you’re uncomfortable but it seemed like everything was on the table. It’s not like vivi claimed to be super vanilla. Her hard-kink stuff was pretty well advertised and noted on her Twitter.

No. 1506908

Ok but who remembers shaya's early "pro" vids where she insisted she didn't need aftercare and how when she was with fupa they both insisted that contracts weren't a thing in "real" kink couples because you were just supposed to "read" one another. I think it's just shay's way of always having an out and a way to cry rape. She's such a fucking embarrassment who never learns. Shes gonna end up homeless.

No. 1506909

“Get away with” what? It sounds like Vivi is taking this situation as a wake up call to leave sex work and do more positive things with her life, while Shayna is still a pedo pandering addict who dildos her asshole for pennies. Vivi won.

No. 1506910

File: 1650477324011.jpeg (438.24 KB, 750x1008, 859DF984-B49D-4DD5-B38E-68DD1B…)

No. 1506912

File: 1650477452259.jpeg (39.13 KB, 749x496, 1648949244315.jpeg)

I'll have you in my prayers Vivi. May you heal and prosper. We thank you for all this delicious colostrum milk. ♥

No. 1506916

File: 1650477565844.jpeg (178.24 KB, 1170x989, DC214B6C-8426-4F85-91E0-FE82C2…)

Dropping some new Tumblr responses

No. 1506917

I agree she’s avoiding discussing limits or consent so she can cry aboose afterwards when she feels like it. What retarded mental gymnastics do you have to go through to think that being beat by scrotes is supposed to be empowering when you don’t even negotiate before the scene? BDSMfags explain yourselves.
Shay’s karma for this disaster with Vivi is going to be running into the wrong person who will actually hurt her. I’m not wishing that on Shayna, but she’s manifesting it. Fuck around and find out.

No. 1506918

File: 1650477661925.jpeg (437.47 KB, 1170x1473, 23368BE8-2331-4AA5-9F6B-50502E…)

“She’s insane” always so classy Shay

No. 1506920

File: 1650477702862.jpeg (622.51 KB, 1170x1742, D37CD70E-C8D6-42D2-A840-28CA0D…)


No. 1506922

“She’s insane” “her life is a mess and I feel bad for her”
Shayna is literally a mean girl. This is some juvenile bullying crap. Embarrassing.

No. 1506923

File: 1650477809787.jpeg (262.41 KB, 1170x693, 7FC5747D-7804-41A1-9455-2AAF47…)

No. 1506924

File: 1650477877169.jpeg (65.89 KB, 933x693, 1597559478880.jpeg)

I must be a lady and not a-log
I must be a lady and not a-log
I must be a lady and not a-log

No. 1506926

She’s such a cunt. Shay if you felt bad for her you wouldn’t be siccing your white knights on her and making post after post seething about her. She’s a horrible person and I’m sick of watching her play the victim time and time again. She’s so predictable. It’s telling that despite the amount of followers she has, she gets minimal engagement on her sympathy fishing and “callout” posts.

No. 1506927


Shayna with her MRSA ass abscesses, who punches herself in the face for pennies, with the face and body of a trailer trash mom of 6 calling anyone's life a mess?? how does she have the fucking nerve

No. 1506928

You know what? I hope Shayna MRSA Clifford remains in the sex trade forever. I hope she is never able to escape. I hope videos of her sniffing her own turd off a dildo follow her future résumé around. Amen.

No. 1506930

Nobody outside of LC gives a single fuck, so this is just Shayna and possibly Ellen talking to themselves.

No. 1506931

classic alcoholic/addict projection. Of course HER life isn't a mess!

No. 1506932

The projection of it all. Especially coming from an alcoholic who admitted to unhygienic anal practices and has MRSA ass boils.

No. 1506933

Learning that she could very well have MRSA has been the most foul part out of all of this. She better not be going commando in public anymore.

No. 1506934

Her followers only give a fuck when drama is involved. They’re not here to support her they’re just here for her next melt down like the rest of us. People like indigo white and bratty only seem to pop up in Shayna’s life when shit is going down

No. 1506938

File: 1650478356052.jpg (85.64 KB, 960x640, Sisters of Life 5 RESIZE.jpg)

Me and the nonnies manifesting this vile future for this vile cow.

No. 1506947

Shayna walking around with no underwear is a legitimate health hazard that could kill someone. MRSA (Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus) kills immunocompromised people like cancer patients because just as it's name suggests, it's resistant to anti-biotics.

No. 1506949

File: 1650478891055.jpg (38.82 KB, 712x287, poor dog....JPG)

she most likely has infected noodle…

No. 1506951

Standards? Shay calling someone elses.life a mess? This one tit bitch is crazy. Shayna you fucked a baby daddy who immediately married a girl a year after you left. All the men you hang with are ugly old coomers who pay you in dollar tree shit. You are still pining over a shitty dick weirdo who you paid to suck his dick then he dropped you after a few twitter sex workers called him out. You are ugly, with a miserable life. You have to act like animals and babies because nobody would pay your hank hill, dropped tit ass any attention otherwise.
You have to be drunk/high to deal with the mess of your life. Shut the fuck up.

No. 1506953

Don't worry, it's coming soon. Shayna only gets past drama because it's with nobodies. She's going to piss off the wrong person with enough twitter power that the few orbiter and her fake Twitter number won't save her.
Shayna behaves this way because she hasn't truly been canceled. She would easily quit if their was no way she could come back, funnily enough I feel like Ellen will be her downfall. Shayna is the type who becomes a casuality in someone else's bullshit. She's not even interesting and relevant enough to be the main Character but a side character. The state of her life and body is already a punishment. It's so annoying seeing her never truly get called out but it'll happen sure enough.

No. 1506955

>She's not even interesting and relevant enough to be the main Character but a side character.
This is so real

No. 1506962

File: 1650479776651.jpeg (83.56 KB, 750x608, 246245F0-8BBF-4379-B401-06A2AF…)

“To me being a bimbo is literally showing that we can be powerful and sexual.”
-Boily Mattel
Does she really think she has any nerve to call someone’s life a mess when she literally pays an old bald guy to smack her? At least viv has an actual boyfriend who isnt an old guy from Seeking Arrangements. He does more than finger her in an Applebee’s parking lot.

No. 1506967

If this bitch has mrsa then Ellen probably has it and passing it to kids she takes care of. Yuck

No. 1506972

Don’t worry Shayna doesn’t let Ellen touch her, she can only bite and punch her

No. 1506973

Which still spreads MRSA. Ellen bites Shayna's thighs and ass. Ellen probably has a chronic sore throat from the infection.

No. 1506974

Yep, which is why i feel like she has some kinda group chat that she only pops into when she wants sympathy or protection. Kinda like the discord (i'm sure she's popping off in her new one). It makes zero sense how everyone runs out the woodworks for drama. They don't even do that when she's sucide baiting.
Her attack dog Bratty literally only interacts to try and bitch someone about Shayna.
I would'nt be surpised if she tips them or something before hand.
There's a cow on Kiwifarms, who married a convicted Pedo and when he molested her childern she didn't believe them. She admitted that on kiwifarms in the onision thread. She used to do these Cash App giveaways, which was literally a way for her to build a following of ass kissers and boost her numbers. Shayna is like that, she only supports people so they can support her in her time in need.

No. 1506978

File: 1650480926790.jpeg (263.5 KB, 750x1393, DAA9F629-C2E4-4CEA-96A0-744E40…)

I love how she’s acting like she didn’t plan on fucking the bf because she ‘has standards’ when it was obvious they were planning on a threesome/hardcore content from the start. See >>1457273

No. 1506981

File: 1650481218895.jpeg (317.55 KB, 750x972, E54B17D6-9DD3-4ACE-979E-83E442…)

They had already established a hardcore shot and now shayshay is complaining about the ‘weird shit they were pulling her through’. It doesn’t add up girl.

No. 1506982

She really claims she loves old guys because she wants an excuse as to why the only men who "want" or would work with her are crusty and unattractive. It's extremely obvious given her behavior with Sol, she finally had access to a blah, decent looking young guy and suddenly it was alluring to her then, but usually she's sour grapes over it and is acting like old men are the shit to make up for her ineptness at attracting the most basic in appearance man who isn't a dinosaur.

No. 1506984

File: 1650481500686.jpeg (205.2 KB, 1284x550, 2E673ABF-4197-4918-A8E9-9A724E…)

This tweet also makes it clear that they were planning on all doing stuff together. I get that Shayna had no obligation to fuck her scrote but freaking out like that over the idea of sucking his dick after acknowledging that he would be involved is fucked up

No. 1506992

Yup. Shayna deleted all the tweets because they clearly show she flew out to shoot hardcore kink with both of them, and then sat around the studio drinking and popping Vivi’s pills like the lazy bitch she is. Vivi called her out publicly on her lack of professionalism, and only THEN Shayna started playing the victim and pretending she was uwu traumatized by getting kissed and the guy suggesting they shoot content together. I get super bad vibes from Vivi’s scrote boyfriend and wouldn’t want him anywhere near me either, but Shayna deliberately PUTS HERSELF into these situations and then cries victim whenever anyone expects her to do what she promised.

No. 1506993

All her videos are the same, same hair, same moob, same ugly ass hair style, same chapped lips, same yellow ugly skin, same ugly background, same shit covered dildo she doesn't wash or clean. Same disgusting bitch who thinks she has the NERVE to judge someone else's life.

No. 1506997

File: 1650482086452.jpeg (Spoiler Image,302.21 KB, 750x1775, 0CAB2E24-AD38-41E6-BF22-178414…)

She uploaded a new gross incest video. Same boring formula as always.

No. 1506998

File: 1650482217461.jpeg (329.19 KB, 750x701, CE3FFF0E-E570-4DEB-AEC3-B299FD…)

This tweet too, they were obviously under the assumption that the kinks she goes on and on about were things she’s actually into. But she’s vanilla as it comes. She should have seen the red flags and just, either not gone or filled out the damn bdsm contract and solved all of this, but she saw an opportunity to take advantage of someone and took it

No. 1506999

How is she making any money off this shit? She literally posts the same content over and over. Dildo herself on the bed, make goofy faces, rinse & repeat. Never any new or creative concepts. How can the few coomers who support her even tell her videos apart?

No. 1507000

Oh lord I cannot believe I'm posting on here. Look, Vivi isn't exactly innocent either. Neither is her bf. Shayna sucks, majorly. However, 1st off, if she wanted to not do sw as her main 'career' with getting disability and foodstamps she would find a way. She is not in the true category of survival sex work! She lives with parents and gets food stamps while disabled. That picture of her and Delano shows they drink or he does. Makes no sense how Vivi can't be around alcohol with Shayna, but can be with her bf. They might not do hard drugs, but weed mixed with liquor can fuck a person up to the point its like they're on hard drugs. Weed is potent these days! 2nd, Vivi is gaining more traction on her porn profile on pornhub because of this drama and bs. Her and Delano are milking this to her advantage. She needed an out to delete her twitter, get a better platform as the twitter whore whose better looking than infamous Shaynerd, yet has no more content and you want more content from her when you see all her shortened "actual good porn". I think she's trying to become a true kinkstar and wants to be out of the OF fail bubble so many twitter whores are in. 3rd, she wants to truly sell the image of twitter whore whose truly worth getting off to: a failed drug addict whose so sweet, yet innocent, yet problematic, yet dirty, disgusting, yet a true BPD scum fuck who is actually a sick depraved freak and her image is reflective of her porn & image! This whore can sew, she can cook, she can hold an ugly emo bf who would do literally anything for her, yet she's a failed bpd drug addict whose life is choas & revolves around being worthy of showering $$$ to by truly being what she represents as a failed e-whore. Honestly,I don't doubt Vivi actually wanted Shaynerd as her kinkstar OF buddy to fuck with Delano, but get real. They're all depraved drug addicts who just want an excuse to use drugs and fuck. If she actually wanted to get better, she'd get off all drugs, properly medicate, and get real therapy, not a stupid porn career that enables her dumb drug addiction.

No. 1507001

If she’s so “traumatized” then why does she still have the pics of her in Vivi’s playroom posted?

No. 1507003

this would have been the prime opportunity to message Vivi and say “hey, I never agreed to involving him at all, just want to clarify it will only be you and I engaging with each other, right?” but no, she plays into it. she is not a victim.

No. 1507005

Damn and to think she could have actually had a friend in Vivi and she fucked it all up. I know these are porn tweets but it does seem like Vivi cared about Shayna as a human, which is way more than shayna gives to people

No. 1507009

you said absolutely nothing with that unsaged wall of text, retard

No. 1507011

What I also fail to understand is apparently from a tweet capped in this thread, Vivi (as per Shay's words) was begging Shay to come back to Seattle with her to get away from her boyfriend.

Is this not a red flag that things aren't okay? Nobody is obligated to help a girl that is crying out but I thought they were supposed to be friends? I would have talked to the girl more about it and at least tried to be there for her or something. It just makes me feel off that Shayna totally disregarded Vivi's cry for help and then left? She couldn't at least check up on her or offer for Vivi to come alone and stay for a few days to get away? Why can't Shay man up and say when she got there she didn't feel like making content with them so she left…fucking porky the pig has no class or empathy. Completely selfish as always and I'm not kissing Vivi's ass but I do hope she seeks further help and a career path because she is actually self aware, was totally considerate of Shay's feelings and did NOTHING wrong. She wanted to work and make content that was agreed upon, maybe tried to make a move when she was intoxicated and then apologized profusely and did not try to again. Am I missing something? What a mess.

No. 1507012

File: 1650482607860.jpeg (251.92 KB, 750x741, EA9007C0-38E3-434A-A770-08176D…)

Uh oh, someone told her Fupa is engaged. Meltdown incoming, unless she lurked here and already knows

No. 1507015

I think it's time people who come here, saying they have milk to STAND UP and just say who you are. If you are an orbiter of shayna just say that. Vivi isn't innocent, she isn't a upstanding person, but she's honest.
If you notice, here we respect honesty. It takes a lot to admit you are a fuck up, something Shayna can't do unless she wants sympathy. So just say who you are. If you want a slap fight with Vivi to defend Shayna be outright with it.

No. 1507017

Girl you admit you fucking check on him, you just brought him up yesterday. You knew he was engaged. You just are mad he doesn't care about you calling him abusive and he's moved on quickly.
I feel like she knows and it hurts her that other people know Fupaul doesn't give a shit. It's a reminder that she was nothing to him, but a long waste of time.

No. 1507018

File: 1650482898912.jpeg (Spoiler Image,347.98 KB, 1292x1080, 0D9157F4-204E-49B6-BE9C-E64AB2…)

She looks like she’s melting in that position but I guess it’s the only one she can do where she can hide her fat gut as best she can. Other then that, really fucking boring looking video don’t even waste your time

No. 1507020

It’s very weird tht you’re literally grey and dirty

No. 1507025

File: 1650483114332.jpeg (Spoiler Image,328.6 KB, 750x597, A0C928A0-6F01-4C12-9C3D-DEFDDB…)

Man face

No. 1507026

truly. this outcome is incredible because while most of us knew that it was going to be milky, the fact that shayna screwed this seemingly nice girl (with mental issues, but most of us have that and shayna surely does too) who wanted to be friends with her over so badly is something we didn't expect i guess. scamming a survival sex worker and then crying muh trauma when she gets called out because vivi fucking bit her ear or some shit and she got asked about a blowjob which she previously said she would do is truly the lowest of the low. i just hope that vivi deleted her sw twitter for good and never looks back. she might be fucked in the head, but we're all rooting for her. shayna on the other hand is unsalvageable - a piece of shit through and through. she has the worst fucking character ever. she deserves her hermit life with zero friends.

No. 1507029

>Wahhh my ex was abusive and treated me badly
>wtf u guys im happy for him!!

No. 1507032

ok so shes always tweeting about her ex whos this vile person that traumatized her and bla bla but shes “happy that hes happy” like totally makes sense Shayna kek u reacting to it shows how fragile u are when hit THAT nerve.
also, Shayna keep the “i dont know why people is so mean to me” when its fuckin obvious like u got a 100+ thread on a forum site that could actually be your fans if u were such a great person like why do u have so many “””haterz””” and 5 fans? not even an active orbiter fan for all these years, she always fuck things up.

No. 1507034

v weird that she's gonna cry into her hugbox about fupa and vivi for the next 3 months instead of tending to her extreme ugliness and ass boils

No. 1507036

Lol you guy's are blind to the truth. You're delusional. Your caught up in hating some dumb whore fighting with another dumb whore. How much traction do you stupid e-whores get off your twitter? If you guys truly didn't have absolutely jealous or blinded hate rage towards shaynerd while trying to validate her getting cancelled, you'd stop being so fucking stupid and realize Shayna won't be truly cancelled for a long time. Until absolutely no coomer (including losers like Ellen) stop helping her because shaynerd somehow miraculously never has sex appeal that applies to literally every single possible paypig in enabling her shitty lifestyle, Shaynerd will never be 100% cancelled. People still pay for her shit because no matter what older losers will pay for an ugly fake bitch to be in their life unless they have other means of getting what they get outta supporting Shaynerd.

No. 1507039

Shayna probably was talking about Sol and that blow job the whole time, not to defend Vivi's scrote boyfriend but Shayna doesn't seem to have any self awareness.
Maybe she kept talking about Sol and how she sucked his dick and she was upset the video never got posted and boyfriend scrote was like, "Well you can suck my dick for content".
Which is gross, but the fact that Shayna still has that Scrotes bootyhole flavored dick taste on her tongue, proves how crazy she is.

No. 1507040

Why are you calling her "shaynerd" you autistic ass sped? Integrate

No. 1507041

File: 1650483548260.png (550.89 KB, 750x422, 1642112897239.png)

oh no here we go

No. 1507042

She'll never be cancelled because she's not relevent, though she will eventually get shunned , shit talked and forgotten, because she's an idiot. The coomers paying for her shit do it because thats what coomers do. They don't give a fuck about her rep in the sex work community.
Shayna's not worried about losing coomers, she's worried about other sex workers shit talking her, which will make it harder for her to become "viral", if the girls with the big names don't support or like her.
She literally has a family who'd help her pay for school and would more then likely move her up out of where she is and guide her.
Also "Shaynerd", nothing nerdy about Shayna Orbiter. You are so stuck up her ass you can't even pretend to hate her properly.

No. 1507043

not to hi cow but this reeks of her kek who the fuck calls her shaynerd

No. 1507044

what the absolute fuck?

No. 1507045

File: 1650483790792.jpeg (432.76 KB, 750x738, 3BA7C494-EAE1-4EF5-BC20-2B8FD3…)

Ignore this sperg and stop responding to bait, her seething with wear her out soon enough

No. 1507046

I seriously don't care about supporting either. Honestly, it'd be great if Vivi could get off the drugs, properly medicate, and stop enabling her shitty life with Delano and sex with porn. I don't doubt Vivi is a nice woman, but I'm being honest… they're all degenerate porn people. I think Delano loves her, idk he seems caught up in the drugs & sex & noteriety of being with a hot kinky pornstar who validates him as a hot emo bf who only lets ppl get off to her if they want it. Plus Shaynerd is Shaynerd, she basically does the same thing over & over then never truly gets cancelled because new audiences come & go. Besides Shayna's 24, she's still young enough in the actual OF twitger whore secene to keep going until she looks to old to be appealing, it might take some time. Her face isn't done in like a tweakers who is in their mid-30's, but looks 50.

No. 1507049

This is the Yellow one titted one isn't it? Or ratty Bratty?, Well it's amazing how it's been years and we can see Shayna isn't a nice person despite her grossness, yet it only took a day or so for us to see something redeemable in Vivi despite her fucked up ways. I know it may be a shocker, but sometimes people can be brought up in toxic situations, do fucked up things and still not be bad people.
Unlike Shayna who grew up decently, and chooses to be this way. If her parents and boyfriend enable this shit,thats prove shit is fucked up for Vivi.
Shayna's parents don't and want her to stop, there's a difference.

No. 1507051

Who the fuck are you, expert on Vivi’s life? Unless you’ve got some actual milk then learn to fucking sage and calm down

No. 1507055

Okay Ellen. Shut the fuck up and go back to biting Shays infected ass boils.

Not saying Vivi is a saint,but this is 100% Ellen or Bratty or some other brain dead shit licking Shayna wrangler.

No. 1507056


This isn't bait. A lot of you are delusional. I know this site can't actually get taken down for the supposed doxxing plus libel & slander it puts out there. This site is like EncyclopediaDramatica, but way more ADHD, sped, and validating to people who have the brains of well functioning 8 year olds when they choose sides when you can judge both & obviously they can both suck equally. Ever thought of that?

Lol seriously, they both do abdl pedo pandering porn and Vivi has a video labelled as getting off a teen on pornhub. They all just, idk, suck. I don't understand how you guys can't realize that…

No. 1507058

File: 1650484632887.jpeg (38.62 KB, 454x353, 38EF9928-DF3C-4219-A8F6-9984ED…)

Oh shit, we dun goofed

No. 1507061

No. 1507062

Oh shit not the internet police

No. 1507063

you can't even speak english properly turn off the computer

No. 1507064

Damn you sure showed us lol

No. 1507068

File: 1650484910606.jpeg (504.96 KB, 733x955, 96202EBD-22CF-4F40-8BDC-DEF98D…)

Right here she acknowledges she will be filming with both of them. There’s no fucking way she had no idea the boyfriend would be involved.

No. 1507069

You know Ellen is a little tarded

No. 1507073

She’s definitely slow in the head, it’s the reason she’s only had the one job of babysitting since she was 11 years old and still lives with her parents. I don’t think she’s mentally capable of having a grown up job. Shayna is taking advantage of that

No. 1507074

Shayna I don’t know how much copium you take but you are absolutely not youthful looking anymore. You may be only 24, but alcoholism and being fat has ran you ragged. You do not look like a little baby, your eyes are puffy around them and red all the time. The lashes make your eyes look smaller and your big nose and thin lips are textbook mean old lady features…your big fat grey body doesn’t scream youthful

No. 1507075

Her increasing resemblance to a rotisserie chicken is shocking.

Seethe harder and learn to sage.

No. 1507076

Anyway, anyone else think Ellen probably steals pills from her elderly parents in order to fuel Shay's drug habit? We know she referred to Ellen giving her happy pills or whatever before.

Imagine being an obese, failed sub in your thirties who has to drug your "girlfriend" in order to get the privilege to bite her MRSA ridden ass. The apartment is under Ellen's name too, I'm sure. Can't even find a disgusting scrote willing to dom you so you have to play caretaker to a 24 year old who has probably never touched you with an ounce of desire in your entire relationship.

No. 1507077

One mentally challeneged woman (Shayna) taking advantage of a slight more mentally challeneged woman (ellen), who thinks she's mothering and helping a mentally challenged misguided youth.

No. 1507079

I believe Shayna is a pill popper and like her tit, it's something she doesn't feel is "cool" to talk about. It's an actual issue she has and like her boils, she tries to hide it because it's more serious then her wine drinking.
So yes, Shayna is keeping Ellen around for a reason and it's not just company. Every person Shayna's not truly attracted too is someone she's using 100% of the time.

No. 1507080


Lol yeah I'm with the fbi and this is the cyber police. Need my french cries for my wahmbulance. Jfc, bait or not, this shit is too easy to get ppl mad or saying I'm retarded or whatever helps you sleep at night. Lulz.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1507081

File: 1650485613828.jpeg (40.02 KB, 275x216, 7F62CFD9-9458-4E04-9354-2E5D81…)

No. 1507082

File: 1650485619805.png (65.45 KB, 300x300, 1353713940491.png)

No. 1507083

It’s already been proved Ellen Dresel pays at least part of her rent with those venmo payments from Womack “for dolly’s rent,” plus she payed for the airbnb for Shayna to suck dick in. She’s nothing but a paypig to Shayna but she’s too mentally stunted to see it. Instead she just bitches on Twitter about being touch starved and feeling ugly and how she can’t remember the last time she had an orgasm

No. 1507086

She's Shayna in the future except slightly less selfish. Then again, I can see Shayna doing all this for a scrote and then throwing it in their face. Like how she'd bring up giving Fupaul money when she was mad. I feel like she let him borrow JUST So she could talk shit.
Sidenote- Shayna always gets with losers because she thinks their standards are lower, but besides Ellen she manages to ALWAYS find the most egotistic loser scrotes in the world. From Fupaul walking around like the bad bitch, having Shayna chase and want to die over him, tying her up like a hog, and then making her leave to get over him. To these older guys, who barely pay her for her time and fake date her to be able to grope her for free/cheap a few times a week.
Shes yet to find that scrote who'd take candids of her and show them to their friends to brag, even if she's literally looking UNDER the barrel for men. Sad.

No. 1507094

File: 1650487007089.jpeg (Spoiler Image,253.57 KB, 1280x1386, 14FE9650-55AA-4D8D-87D8-575069…)

so Ellen got her butt looking likes this too? yikes

No. 1507099

File: 1650487387548.jpeg (240.34 KB, 750x1559, B5F4A29D-56FF-4C49-8005-82200F…)

She’s never gonna let this shit go. Also, stop cowtipping. She’s just gonna use it as ammunition and for more pity points

No. 1507105

Homegirl is a walking, talking STD. Anything sharing a toilet with her is also a walking disease now. Holy shit she is so vile, I hope she feels like shit as she falls asleep tonight knowing how disgusting she is, inside and out. She looks like absolute hogshit, and her IQ is almost like a protective barrier preventing her from realizing how she looks to the world. Imagine struggling to sell pussy? Holy fuck. bleak

No. 1507112

Victim blaming” please Shay

No. 1507115

Shay is a scammer and user and always has been. She also deals with shit the same way. All the way back to the bong give away she did on tumblr when she was just a weed blog and you had to be following her to win. She picked a girl who was cute and kinda popular; but not too popular. She never sent the bong. The girl asked and Shat was all like "Im so sorry I will send it", Couple weeks later the girl asked again and Shat said she would send it, then blocked the girl a couple days later for "harassing" her. Like a week later she posted either a photo-set with that bong/a new bong; and anyone who asked if she sent it to the winner was blocked.

She uses everyone and when she is held accountable she claims to be the victim. Look what she did with Conner and Dawn. She tried to use Fupa for his money and 'clout' but he made her be the dirty little secret and moved on. Kek She is using Ellen for sure, and as soon as they break up she will be the victim again.

Vivi, I feel bad she did this too you and is doing the same 'victim' shit she always has. I really wish nothing but the best for you. I hope quitting sex work is easy for you, and that you have a much better life in the future.

No. 1507116

this just says shes not really into it, she just want the emoney; thats why she goes with all the kinks she can.
Also, Shatna youre not a victim lmao shes still with this shit as it was harrasement or rape or some terrible thing
well, i thought bimbos were blowjob queens, seems like youre not even that.

No. 1507118

File: 1650488216693.jpeg (153.72 KB, 750x335, E202A55B-0AC8-4DE7-AA43-787B2C…)

Hopefully she doesn’t use the toilet at Ellen’s parents house or go sitting on their furniture commando because they are both disabled cancer survivors

No. 1507120

Cognitive dissonance, if she constantly talks about it and never actually says that she’s just larping, then of course everyone will assume she’s being for real.
And if she really isn’t into whole ass disgusting incest fantasies, then why even write them? She isn’t even getting any true engagement from her followers, she isn’t and will never go viral. She should just give up and go for her parents that are still willing to give her a whole ass education and a whole ass new life.

No. 1507126

File: 1650488531921.jpeg (250.95 KB, 1170x504, 4633A80E-B218-4820-B963-D71D04…)

Alright, which one of you was this?

No. 1507130

Bold of someone with the username “playgroundteddy” to be a farmer. Fuck off ddlg weirdo

No. 1507136

File: 1650489398165.png (3.33 MB, 3000x3500, 1629241487085.png)

I can confidently say that the cowtippers aren't farmers. Must be a bunch of ewhores ridding the wagon with us, that also goes to the ones who are asking "WHicH oNE oF YOus waS ThIS??" and posting caps.

No. 1507137

Best of luck to you Vivi.

No. 1507150

the only thing that could top this thread is if fupa were to make an appearance and spill some milk not that shats being exposed

No. 1507153

Sol and fupa praying and manifesting rn

No. 1507154

Wow, what the fuck did I walk.back into? Anyway best of luck Vivi! Not matter what happens, always try to find joy. Smiles go for miles!

No. 1507159

I think it’s better that fupa literally never acknowledge her again. She would be overjoyed to know that he’s even thinking about her. Even him hating her is better then him being completely moved in

No. 1507160

File: 1650490865402.jpg (189.85 KB, 600x450, 1535284359643.jpg)

Fupa pull up with the video of Shayna being an abusive drunk!!

No. 1507161

Sage for blog and no milk but good luck Vivi I'm rooting for you.
As someone who left sex work years ago and built a good life for myself, believe me it can be rough but it is not impossible and so rewarding in the end.

No. 1507165

File: 1650491328563.jpeg (317.77 KB, 750x1787, 56E2954A-F785-47D7-9F06-01847C…)

No. 1507168

shayna, they weren’t looking for a 3rd to add to their relationship. you were there to WORK, to make content! they weren’t flying you out for a date.

this proves she wasn’t flying out there to work. she wanted the two of them to fawn over her so she could play fake celebrity and take some pics. pathetic, truly.

No. 1507170

I was worried about Vivi before, now I'm more worried. Vivi if you're still reading: please come back and let us know you're ok after this call out. If your decision to quit sex work causes a fight, do come back and just let us know that you're safe

No. 1507173

We all made fun of Sol and his rubber gloves but damn man saved himself from MRSA or well.. would have if he didn't put his pencil dick in the pig

No. 1507174

Oh my God Shat, they just wanted to film porn with you. You know, the thing that is supposed to be your job? The way she is acting like a girl nibbling her ear is on par with sexual assault is nauseating. As well as just being ASKED to suck someone’s dick, not being pressured or pushed or anything.

No. 1507175

Shay, you are the last person to discuss unhealthy relationships

No. 1507177

the audacity of this cunt to think she has the right to comment on somebody else’s relationship when she was in a toxic ass relationship for SO LONG and cried about it constantly on Twitter, how she would cry about how abusive he is on Twitter then delete them whenever she would take him back. say whatever about Vivi, but I can’t stand a fucking hypocrite like Shayna. cries about being cancelled in the SW community but then is quick to burn any bridge she could have.

No. 1507178

Man Shay is such a bitch.

No. 1507179

Is shayna aware vivi was posting on here? It doesn’t seem like it

No. 1507181

It would be a mighty coincidence that she posted that petition to take down lolcow just as Vivi showed up in the thread. She’s pretty good at not acknowledging us because she doesn’t want us to know she lurks

No. 1507198

If she really was worried about Vivi having a toxic boyfriend/the potential of him being abusive, why would she air it out in public as if that wouldn’t agitate an abuser and put Vivi in more danger?
Not saying he is an abuser (although not saying he isn’t) but it just shows Shay’s fucking retarded and has never been in a terrifying situation herself where she would know these things.

No. 1507199

File: 1650492803496.jpeg (147.54 KB, 750x1286, D745D8D7-3EA8-40B1-B165-ABD5EB…)

Except your not a baby, you’re an adult who’s too drunk to be using knives. Also this is just gross why is she posting this on her pedo account

No. 1507203

>>1507165 This is fucked. Anyone who actually has history with "unhealthy" relationships knows outing private information like this could put Vivi in a potentially dangerous situation. We hope you're good, girl

No. 1507204

She can't even pander to pedos well which any retarded fat egirl can do. What pedo likes long ass claws like this?

No. 1507205

Shayna's shitty nail tech has probably spread MRSA to all her other clients because Shayna is fucking disgusting.

No. 1507206

Idk maybe this is a woketard thing but since when do people expect consent for kissing? If someone was like “can I kiss you?” I’d be instantly turned off. What are we, 13? Just kiss me and if I’m not into it I’ll say so but what now I gotta yell THATS MY PURSE I DONT KNOW U

If she was there for work- SEX WORK- wouldn’t kissing be implied ? Like that’s what gets people in the mood. But then the BF asks for dick sucking consent and she’s still uncomfortable. I’m so confused

No. 1507213

Yeah they totally victimized you Shayna! How dare people who flew you out to shoot porn with them expect you to shoot porn with them?? How rude!

No. 1507215

those nails are beyond gross, if a "professional" did that, they should quit their job. And the cut on her hand can spread a lot of stuff around, not even cleaned it for that photo.

No. 1507216


She's got a fake tit, MRSA boils on her ass and wipes her shit off her dildos because she doesn't prepare for anal. Yes, we are ABSOLUTELY jealous of this queen.

Vivi! If you're still here - what does Shay smell like? I imagine it's BO and old weed.

No. 1507217

File: 1650493533585.jpg (207.82 KB, 735x929, external-content.duckduckgo-1.…)

you absolutely know if it was some scrote she found hot it would have been 100% okay, and she likely would have fawned about it online non-stop. Giving me vibes like this comic.

No. 1507218

I’ve been worried about Vivi this whole time. Her scrote gives me bad vibes, I think he feels like he lucked out finding a mentally CSA survivor to abuse on camera for money, and I wonder if he’ll be supportive of her trying to leave sex work or if he’ll sabotage her.

No. 1507226

holy fucking shit. I just remembered when her hotdog nails looked super infected and swollen. omfg that whole nail salon is a bio-hazard.

No. 1507227

Not sure what you meant by the last sentence of the first paragraph, but hard agree with the rest. Kissing most always happens when one or both parties put out/pick up on signals. If they were drinking then it’s easy to accidentally misinterpret or put out signals. She’s acting like vivi was sober and took advantage of her, but it was a level playing field. If shayna didn’t like it, she could’ve told her to stop. Vivi even said she didn’t remember it, so I doubt there was feelings and shayna could have just pretended it didn’t happen if it made her uncomfortable and she didn’t want it to impact their relationship. Also, by not setting boundaries and planning their shoots better, she honestly brought this shit on herself. I wouldn’t normally say that since I don’t like victim blaming, but it is literally her line of “work” and every sex worker with a singular brain cell would know how important that shit is and how easily it can impact an experience when working with strangers. Literally bottom the of barrel retardation.

No. 1507228

Nah, we don't want them. Especially that disgusting nonce Soy, he can rot.

Yeah, that screenshot about knife play posted earlier gave me bad vibes. Hope she's not letting him cut her up or anything like that.

No. 1507234

File: 1650494538437.gif (1.03 MB, 474x360, 257C6594-15AA-4DD7-8A70-AEBD33…)

> Not sure what you meant by the last sentence of the first paragraph
Bobby from King of the Hill takes a women’s self defense class and learns about consent kek

No. 1507235

not trying to wk degenerate kinks but i’m pretty sure most knife play isn’t with real knives it’s just rounded down pieces of acrylic that are shaped like knives, holding a real knife while moving spastically during intercourse is another level of retarded

No. 1507242

Ayrt TOPKEK okay I thought you were just extremely retarded, I love king of the hill

No. 1507254

File: 1650495412194.png (367.52 KB, 709x599, Screenshot_20220421-015455~2.p…)

Her sweater is also gross. It's dirty and pilled.

You can get a cheap shaver that gets rid of those things.(autistic nitpick)

No. 1507255

nta but any scrote into that shit needs to be ditched immediately, he seems like the worst to orbit her yet

No. 1507264

What an absolute asshole to air out that personal shit on Twitter. Like other anon said, vivi wasn’t looking for a third, they were looking to shoot content. Shay needs therapy

No. 1507268

Really disgusting of Shayna to air personal details Vivi told her in private (that she wanted to leave her boyfriend, that she was recording their fights etc.) This guy seems obsessed with Vivi, beats her up on camera, and owns lots of guns and knives. If the situation is abusive and she’s trying to get out, Shayna could be putting her life in danger by airing this shit. All because she called Shayna out for being unprofessional. What a massive piece of shit Shayna is.

No. 1507269

It kinda reads like Shayna was expecting to hang out with a friend for a week with taking the odd nude photos together on the side. She got cold feet about doing legitimate sex work before she even set foot in the house, let alone the boyfriend offered to redo her axed blowjob scene with Sol after she 'whined about it'.

If you're repulsed by sex, why would you put yourself in a situation where having sex is discussed beforehand? Yeah, sure, you can withdraw consent at any time, but if you genuinely never had plans to fuck, why amp it up the weeks before and get upset when you're propositioned for content?

The boyfriend might have been weird and creepy, but it sounds like Vivi went above and beyond in catering to Shayna's discomfort to a point of depreciating herself in the process. Shayna deleting everything without a word and then going on to make personal potshots about vulnerable moments they shared ("take me to Seattle with you when you leave") just speaks volumes that she's not a super traumatized victim here by any capacity, just someone who got uncomfortable and played it up to avoid taking any accountability.

Sage for sperg

No. 1507274

File: 1650496732170.jpeg (Spoiler Image,882.58 KB, 1242x1397, FB77F598-0C2B-4487-8C7F-4FF2BA…)

Oh no guys Shayna is having a bad day. We should stop being mean! Kek go rot Shayna Clifford

No. 1507276

What do you expect? Her clothes are all cheap and from the clearance rack.
Forgot to sage sorry nonnies

No. 1507284

I'm failing to understand how asking a sex worker who came to your house to film porn to suck your dick for content is traumatizing. Shayna really thinks she's a influencer or YouTuber doing collabs with trendy vloggers, not a chubby e-whore filming porn with another chubby e-whore and her boyfriend.

How's anyone defending her when she knew the whole time he was going to be involved? But lolcow did call it, she got skeeved out when shit got real, wish Vivi just aired her out on Twitter and then deleted. Personally I don't really believe either of their versions of the story, the truth is somewhere in the middle, but I'm leaning towards Vivi. Hopefully she does get out of sex work and her scrote isn't as toxic as Shayna is trying to make him out to be.

No. 1507285

Yeah but are these real? Because from the picture, they do look real. >>1506998

No. 1507286

That's what I don't get. He didn't say "hey bitch, suck my dick now". He asked a sex worker, who was there to do sex work.

No. 1507287

This explains so much to me.
I’ve always wondered about >>>/snow/907031 in response to >>>/snow/907036
> never wanted [to video chat] until the time she convinced me to buy a bunch of costumes.
I’m willing to bet this is so you wouldn’t have solid evidence on her since saying a video is fake is way way harder than texts. Also, what a scumbag she is.
Same, nonna, same!
This is one of the reasons I think Shayna is such a piece of shit, she always makes her remarks appear they come from a place of concern and her being such a good person. May you never find peace, Shayna Clifford.

No. 1507288

I’m convinced she only pulls that “I’m sad baby uwu everyone is so mean 2 meee” shit because it squeezes a few pity bucks out of coomers like Grayhair and Womack every time she does it

No. 1507290

File: 1650497684594.png (2.94 MB, 750x1334, 04963EBF-373E-4BA7-912D-9AD3B6…)

Kek @ the way the filter keeps glitching out when she smokes and the day bed meant for children creaking under her fat ass. What is her obsession with this song? https://streamable.com/6wieq2

No. 1507294

No. 1507298

File: 1650498180484.jpeg (Spoiler Image,681.53 KB, 1242x914, 1563148519455.jpeg)

Jesus Christ. I had forgotten about her rotting nail-beds. She is a walking STD.

No. 1507300

File: 1650498431376.webm (4.79 MB, 720x1280, no.webm)

Just in case

No. 1507304

what a disgusting vile creature, what a mismatch of identities.

No. 1507305

Did she have to tape herself into the diaper?

No. 1507307

The best thing we can all take solace in is that fat fuck, fake tit, walking STD MRSA Mattel is just as repulsive on the outside as she is on the inside. Whoever said that she looks like a pile of melting butter said it best. Thanks for shedding some light on her shitty behavior, Vivi. I hope you're doing well.

No. 1507308

File: 1650498951264.gif (Spoiler Image,12.49 MB, 600x1067, AFE94270-0B06-4671-9C73-A77FF9…)

Glitches are my favourite. Spoilered just in case.

No. 1507309

Oh shit, you’re right! It looks like she did?

No. 1507312

how the hell does she have a cameltoe wearing a diaper

No. 1507313

no those tapes on on adult diapers to secure them

No. 1507315

because she buys the wrong size

No. 1507316

this is a fucking cardboard cut from her Amazon packages. there's no way you'd ever hold a knife like a normal person and it would cut you like this.

also Shayna has been in and out of the hospital for bReAtHiNG pRoBleMs (why??? >>1507300 I don't understand) and she's spreading her freak MRSA strains and acquiring new ones every fucking time. selfish gross bitch

No. 1507319

It looks like there's a piece of clear tape going right across the front of the diaper?
I've only seen ones which have sticky tabs on both sides rather than a bit that goes completely across and I've seen them a lot in the medical setting.
Unless these are special "sexy" diapers or something

No. 1507321

Shayna, your ugly personality and vile persona is showing in your face, even your ass is rotting because youre a putrid asshole.

No. 1507323

You bringing up that the apartment is in Ellen’s name makes me think, what if Ellen’s on disability for being retarded, like SSI? That way she can still technically work as a babysitter while still getting benefits and is able to get a lower rent on the apartment. Shat lives there while ellen had to live at her elderly parents under the guise of “taking care of them”. As other nonnies said, shat doesn’t keep people around unless they offer something to her.

No. 1507324

there’s different types. I only know this because I worked at an old folks home for a short while in medical school. some have tapes all the way around, most have the two tabs in the front. pretty sure hers are the regular one with two tabs and it’s just the lighting.

No. 1507330

Here >>1507308 you can see there’s tape right across the front. Regardless, you’d think she’d buy cute ones

No. 1507331

File: 1650499953646.png (1.71 MB, 2812x1870, Screen Shot 2022-04-20 at 8.11…)

No. 1507333

Best of luck Vivi, in all serious, degen stuff aside, you seem to have a good head on your shoulders. Sorry this happened to you, it really is such a shitty thing of her to do.

No. 1507334

This is even more disgusting and bleak

No. 1507335

She is beginning to resemble Sylvester Stallone

No. 1507338

File: 1650500785872.gif (2.61 MB, 498x223, 6D2604AF-26DB-4D71-A2CC-137225…)

No. 1507344

If I had a crystal ball it would probably show me Shays mugshot. Sage for future sperg but she reminds me so much of those groomer girlfriends who help their pedo bfs lure in victims and either turns blind eye to the abuse or actively participate. If that ever happens she’s going away for life thanks to her giant internet footprint.

No. 1507346

File: 1650502356533.gif (Spoiler Image,4.15 MB, 700x880, ff143d2575f545c29b0e8522349d8d…)

the difference between her deep dark eyebags in the real photo vs. the edited one is crazy. At least she was nice enough to slim Vivi's face as well

No. 1507349

She probably reuses them because she’s cheap and disgusting.

No. 1507351

Random scrotes asking if they can get their dick wet is something that literally every woman has experienced. That is not trauma. Being grossed out by male sexuality is not what trauma means.
This is something SO banal that every non-sw has experienced many times. Yes, men are disgusting. But her labelling that disgust as "trauma" just proves that for all of her LARPing, she's never even come close to being sexually assaulted.
In a world where 80% of women have experienced some level of real sexual trauma, Shayna Clifford the spoiled, sheltered, privileged glutton has decided to make a living off of acting out rape, child abuse and incest for any male whose dick gets hard from those things.

Congratulations Shayna. You've let everyone know that every you've made vague accusations of "trauma" towards people you're fighting with, they've all been your bpd ass crying wolf.

No. 1507355

Looks like a man with pig tails and a bad face paint job

No. 1507365

If Vivi was trying to boost herself and sell more content this is the worst place to do it considering most of the farmers ITT are anti-sex work.
Shay went out there to do a fucking job that was discussed multiple times beforehand. If you commissioned an artist to draw porn for you that you discussed and described beforehand, would it be okay for them to tap out as soon as the money changed hands and then publicly air out your messages and requests for the commission after you called them out for not doing the job you agreed on? Of course not, because that would be unprofessional as fuck. Shay has been working in porn since she was 18, if she can’t firmly declare what she will and won’t do in a shoot before she shows up then that’s her own problem. Going on twitter and crying about someone asking for a blowjob would be understandable if she worked a normal job with a code of conduct and an HR office, but she doesn’t. She’s a slovenly hermit who acts like a big bad kinkster on twitter and then shits her pants when a guy she agreed to make porn with asks her once for a blowjob and takes no for an answer. Listen to any post-career interview with Lana Rhodes or Mia Khalifa and you’ll realise that Shay has absolutely nothing to complain about.

No. 1507368

>I don’t like victim blaming, but it is literally her line of “work”
Exactly this.
Shayna is acting like her & Vivi met up to braid each others' hair and make friendship bracelets or some shit and this horrible man brought up sex out of nowhere. You're a literal whore, Shayna. Your goal in meeting with these people was to get sexual with them. You were paid money to do this "job", which you fully agreed on beforehand, and are fully in control of as it's happening if you don't want to do something.
Stop clutching your pearls as though you were randomly accosted while dining al fresco in the park with your parasol.

No. 1507370

Also she even says that she suspects that Vivi's boyfriend was behind her calling Shayna out. Do you really believe that, Shaynus? Because if you truly believe he's that controlling, why would you choose to publicly lambast the girlfriend that you SAY he's manipulating? That seems like going out of your way to shit on someone that you've just painted as a victim who needs help.

No. 1507371

I’m fine y’all, I went offline and watched the Batman, getting off twitter has been awesome for my brain and my personal life. Unlikely to go back on there

No. 1507375

Queen moves.
Glad you're okay

No. 1507378

Also want y’all to know the guns and knives are mine, I grew up a major edge lord, I thinks it’s what pushed me so deep into hard core sex work. My fiancé is actually only doing the weird creepy pain shit because I want him to and we’ve been working on why I don’t feel as comfortable making love as I do being fucked. But y’all aren’t my therapists

No. 1507383

I think you’re really sweet vivi. I hope everything works out for you and your fiancé. Shayna is a lowlife. I think you’ll do so much better off of Twitter. You don’t need that negative shit

No. 1507384


Could be. If her place accepts section 8 payments it makes sense the place is in Ellen's name and that's why Womack was sending her the payments. It has to be proven that Ellen is the one paying the bills. The only question I have is, why would Ellen do this? What does Shayna offer no one else will offer her? She could set any random e-whore with a slightly better personality and body up like Shayna..

No. 1507385

Huh. It sounds like he cares about you. Shayna must have been insanely jealous that a Twitter sex worker just like her can have a real life relationship, and she can’t. I bet she was flirting with him, saw she couldn’t sway him, and her delusions of grandeur were shattered kek Fupa could never.
Didn’t she say the reason she wanted to leave was because your BF reminded her of fupapa to your face, and then claimed it was BF asking for a bj once she was on Twitter?

No. 1507389

Good for you. I hope you end up having a fulfilling and happy life with the moves you are making.

No. 1507391

Correct lol she specifically told my dad it was my bf birthday ho reminded her of fupa and I was coming out of a hang over when my dad said this and she said she couldn’t tell my dad because “it was the only way out”

No. 1507392

"yOu KiSsEd mY EAr!!!" Lmao, shayna y'all are literal ewhores…you went there to make ewhore content. It honestly cracks me up how she's trying to make Vivi seem like a creep bc she kissed her ear? Lmao how scawy!! I dunno if our lil puffball will ever recover

No. 1507397

that’s really great that you’re getting off twitter and i hope you stop with the sex work for good. it’s really really unhealthy for you psychologically and physically. i promise that you will be much happier in life pursuing a different interest. you are smart and capable of it, i’m glad that your fiancé is trying to help you. you seem like a good person and i’m glad you had this wake up call

No. 1507398

Acknowledging your faults and actively improving on your mental health already puts you miles ahead of shayna who’s only been declining ever since tumblr stopped being relevant and continues living in a world of cope. She thinks she’s some celebrity in the making when really you’re more likely to get stability being honest with yourself and why you chose this path. I can empathize with your past, hoping you can figure things out for your safety and success in the future.

No. 1507400

Also sorry I know I'm late on the milk but see here how Shay correctly @'s her when she is talking shit but couldn't tag her right when posting the "content" they made lol

No. 1507406

Vivi pls spill on what she said about Sol. Dying to know.

No. 1507421

File: 1650507772797.jpeg (1021.01 KB, 2160x3840, 017E6C05-EADC-4219-875C-015616…)

>y'all y'all y'all

This you, Vivi?

No. 1507425

the plot thickens…

No. 1507430

Nah I'm from the south and have used y'all in multiple threads before.

No. 1507431

Casually y’all gotta stop stereotyping by how someone types. Plenty of people shorthand things as “ppl rly etc” without being from fucking twitter kek

No. 1507439

honestly im afraid of using y’all because anons went hi cow immediately. Also Shayna got that last ask deleted from her tumblr and disabled asks lol i wonder why

No. 1507440

Probably got bombarded with too many truth bombs

No. 1507443

none of those seem all that fishy to me. the first one wasn't even defending Vivi, just saying to stop sabotaging the milk before it comes in.

No. 1507444

File: 1650509909297.jpeg (71.44 KB, 353x433, 05EDBBCE-31CE-479A-A3ED-0F96E6…)

friendly reminder that this what actually her face looks like

No. 1507450

File: 1650510202570.png (1.11 MB, 926x538, Corpse.png)

No. 1507455

File: 1650510327264.png (72.72 KB, 860x696, C0B89707-8AED-4104-952F-367430…)

No. 1507458

I want to say she'd somehow look better with no makeup and without the god awful styling on her hair, but we saw how that looked a few threads back. I think it's rare for a woman to look truly ugly like this.

No. 1507462

File: 1650510759182.jpeg (41.8 KB, 612x408, namaste.jpeg)

No. 1507465

I don't know why the fuck this took me out the way it did. Just randomly seeing her real, unshooped face is so funny after her posting nothing but heavily filtered and edited photos. Her face is so round and those wrinkles and eyebags are TRAGIQUE.

No. 1507468

i totally believe she was on xanax because she looks high as a Tuna

No. 1507469

File: 1650511256481.png (236.06 KB, 624x612, why.png)

No. 1507471

This bitch is real cunty for someone that look this fucking ugly lol unreal

No. 1507473

File: 1650511591506.jpeg (983.01 KB, 1231x1351, 1DCB9470-01B5-4F78-8A31-24A9C1…)

Her dirty talk and countdown from ten to one is hilarious

No. 1507475

File: 1650511910245.jpeg (1.27 MB, 3231x2511, 4DE8A153-B1C3-431D-A239-3E48EA…)

No. 1507480

> Buzz, your girlfriend… WOOF!
The middle one on the top

No. 1507482

Her attempt at blush is quiet… something…

No. 1507483

hows her chin pointy in ones and in others, it melt down with her triple chin, amazing

No. 1507484

File: 1650512436049.jpeg (1.06 MB, 1242x1341, A267C700-B7E8-4F54-8065-6699EB…)

The absolute state of her chapped lips…

No. 1507485

File: 1650512500011.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.02 MB, 1968x3359, CF4FCE50-C71C-4886-9576-EC689B…)

>Shaynus: I love your cock in my pussy
>Also Shaynus: holding a dildo

No. 1507487

File: 1650512629958.jpeg (244.1 KB, 1234x1107, 1EA4F395-61BA-4DC5-BEC0-ACEB76…)

god damn… that face

No. 1507488

File: 1650512702453.gif (820.51 KB, 260x260, haha.gif)

hahahhahahahahaha what the FUCK(autism)

No. 1507490

File: 1650513056032.gif (4.04 MB, 492x539, 687438A1-F905-4509-A189-E826FE…)

I can’t breathe wtf is this

No. 1507493

Her face shape is goomba

No. 1507497

I wish she’d ebeg for $350 or something to get a ml of filler put in her lips and some chapstick, it would cost her $355 no more for that combo.

No. 1507498

She looks like a southern MLM hun mom who’s trying to look 20 years younger than she is

No. 1507499

The super chapped lips always get me. How can you feel comfortable at all with that, let alone posting it for the world to see? Here's a hint Shayna: get your coomers to buy you some Malin + Goetz or Laneige lip balm. The crust will disappear overnight.

No. 1507500

she got that chapped lip-thrush tongue combo. v bimbo

No. 1507501

It’s hard to see her pupils because her eyes are so dark and beady. Wouldn’t be surprised if she was a pill popper.

>when you look like your sissy dad

No. 1507505

A less than a minute comp of what Shayna does for chump change. bleak https://www.dropbox.com/s/nnqa92cjkvf4vya/3dollar.mov?dl=0

No. 1507507

File: 1650514516218.jpeg (Spoiler Image,207.73 KB, 750x1177, 2EC0C341-3301-450A-A27F-C35B84…)

Spoiler for bepimpled anus

No. 1507508

File: 1650514656730.gif (1.35 MB, 500x211, Pxaq.gif)

No. 1507509

File: 1650514660756.jpeg (Spoiler Image,539.2 KB, 1242x613, 4B6BD65B-73E1-4EB7-8262-D427E6…)

No. 1507511

I'm gonna barf. How can it be shaved and still look that bad???? The grey skintone, the zombie veins, how discolored it all is in multiple ways…
This is vomitrocious

No. 1507512

File: 1650514730464.jpeg (Spoiler Image,645.77 KB, 1217x679, F67DD47D-67B9-4F29-A2BD-730B8D…)

No. 1507513

She's 100% a pill popper, she's always talking about Degen giving her "special pills" for muh anXietY and claimed to lose medication when she lost her luggage not long ago.
Not to mention her disgusting CSA fantasies about being drugged and raped all the time. Pretty sure she was taking pills when she was in Oklahoma too.

Those chapped lips look painful, she must feel her lips cracking and splitting when she smiles, it's crazy how it doesn't seem to bother her. Put the bottle down Shayna and get some water and Chapstick you munted goblin.

No. 1507514

She's starting to get acanthosis nigricans from her weight gain. Yikes.

No. 1507515

She truly is the most disgusting person. Who thinks putting their own foot in their mouth is attractive? I'm baffled

No. 1507516

That looks necrotic..

No. 1507517

That does not look healthy

No. 1507518

I wanna know, how do you cum out of your own ass???? Like is she mistaking the combination of mucus, shit, and pork sweats as cum? Unless she’s pretending lube or fake cum is her own that her asshole miraculously produces?

No. 1507520

Totally agree on the pills there, Imo she doesn't post about pills because it doesn't fit her uwu cute stoner girl narrative.

No. 1507522

I guess you missed her chupa butt discharge that was in the last couple of threads. Don’t go looking for it, trust me it’s awful.

No. 1507553

sarlacc pit

No. 1507557

I like how the number 1 way to treat that is weight loss. Kek

No. 1507559

For real lmfao one of those posts are literally mine. Y’all is so common in the south, calm down

No. 1507569

Holy shit, just caught up on all the milk, it’s been a wild 2 days guys, far out! Vivi, I just wanna say thank-you for the delicious supply of milk, but I am also happy to hear you’re leaving SW, be safe my sweet degen girl!

Sage for blog, sperg n whatevs else

No. 1507574

Fuck this disgusting, rotting corpse of a goblin cunt, she is literally so putrid that she’s decaying from the inside out! I feel physically ill

No. 1507585

Also if it is prescription, you can lose it real fast by not using it as recommended by the prescriber.

No. 1507588

Hush Nona, that is too scary

No. 1507599

I know I need to go and touch grass but it actually makes me seethe with irrational anger that this fat, ugly corpse looking ass woman actually thinks she looks cute when she posts those clips and pics. Bitch you are so haggard, if you had less teeth you’d pass for a 43 year old smack head whore

No. 1507608

I'm sorry, I know I should leave it alone but I just can't. Champagne is sparkling wine. What the fuck are you talking about?

No. 1507622

the funniest thing about shat's pedopandering shit is that she can't even put in effort to get "cute" adult diapers. like, there are so many freaks who make them yet she just buys this shit

No. 1507645

Shes just sitting in a diaper casually to dab, huh?? Thats where shes at in life. Also for fucks sake please get a different foundation shade that isnt yellow like your teeth, Shay.

No. 1507647

I take credit for the first/top post lol not Vivi

No. 1507648

She straight up looks like an obese mother in their 40s.

No. 1507651

Im not even from the south at all and I use it because I dont always like to say "you guys" and "you all" sounds too formal or cunty sometimes lol

No. 1507667

File: 1650533420468.png (1.33 MB, 1057x1334, E20BDE29-0993-4A0E-B9D2-3C8194…)

Apologies for the utterly fucked side-by-side, but I’m new to Shat’s thread and going through her threads chronologically. It is a devistating, lovecraftian nightmare that this is and even can be the same woman. Thoughts and prayers to the parents. Same rig and pose and everything. Fucked what a couple of years can do to a person. She’s like that nasty old woman from The Twits; bitter, nasty, narcissistic and cruel on the inside to the point where it corrodes everything on the outside.

No. 1507673

And the right pic has a filter going in full force… bleak

No. 1507680

Hot take but these anons “going through the threads” and just posting now vs then photos are stupid. Comparisons every once in a while are fine, but most all of us have seen the pictures and remember.

No. 1507684

She has always looked beat, that's something that'll never change about her lolol

No. 1507694

Sorry Nona, always thought Shay was boring until yesterday’s milk, saw a new pic posted that was extremely similar yet worse to a pic praised at the time (praise being a term used very lightly here) as being ‘one of the few actually flattering pics’ of her from the first thread that is available after the deletion of her previous threads, and it just kinda stuck out that it’s essentially the same image, but it’s rotted with time. Wasn’t aware of an ongoing issue/annoyance with before/after pics. Just saw a recent pic of her was a twisted version of a better pic she posted years ago.
Also correction, it is not the same rig, just similar to the one she used in a weirdly very similar photo from six years ago. Again, posted the comparison because it looks like the same picture but cursed. Apologies if repeating her own history but worse to a specific margin of detail is just something that she does and I should have known about it.

No. 1507701

Samefag, and surely this has been discussed before, but picrel really seems like a beautiful scientific body of evidence as a physical embodiment of what pedopandering does to a person.

No. 1507707

nigga, the shit is not that deep. just don’t do it again, we don’t need a motherfucking thesis statement.

No. 1507711

The way she smokes she should use a balloon to exhale in it and reuse again. Broke bitch would save money on weed. Crackheads do that a lot.

No. 1507714

why did you write a paragraph no1 is reading that nikka

No. 1507718

why would the second one be vivi, even?

No. 1507721

I’ll write another Nona, don’t tempt.
kek you could write an entire odyssey about how inner ugliness turned this bitch into a fucking animorph based on two pictures alone, and in this essay it will be proven beyond reasonable doubt that-

No. 1507742

So is Shayna lying about Vivi's relationship with her bf (them fighting a lot, her wanting to move away, etc…) Vivi hasn't said otherwise just like Shayna conspicuously isn't denying the tit/Xanax stealing.

I'm inclined to say maybe there's a grain of truth but if someone's truly wanting to escape an ""abusive"" relationship with you it's still an asshole move to put her on blast.

No. 1507743

I’m very aware. The point is they drank more than just FLAT pink boxed wine shayna even said something about the butterscotch shit. Sparkling wine can only be considered Champagne if it comes from a certain area in France btw it’s not just the same as any sparkling wine, I doubt they had actual champagne anyways

No. 1507746

European anon here, sorry if this comes across as “ask burgerland” but is Champagne generally cheaper in the states? Because over here the cheapest non brand is like £14/16 where as cava Prosecco is like £5/7 - I always wonder this when Shay posts about champagne tbh.

Also imagine drinking flat sparkling wine the morning after. Shay be nasty

No. 1507748

Vivi mentioned her and her boyfriend fighting the day that Shayna left

No. 1507762

saged degenerate blogpost. i use real knives on my scrote, and im sure most people do. he likes his skin being grazed with them. (sometimes superficial cuts, if the blade is sharpened, but only in certain scenarios where cutting is the intention). otherwise its not easy to accidentally break the surface of the skin, because knives are quite blunt unless you sharpen them, or unless you actively push hard across/into the skin. simply holding an unsharpened knife to skin is not that dangerous. choking on the other hand is more dangerous than people think.
point being, its safer than it sounds. the allure of it is the fantasy/association with danger. acrylic is not cold to the touch. it wouldnt even be a good imitation. a fantasy has to be somewhat authentic. if someone is worried about accidentally hurting someone, blunt knives are safe. just avoid stabbing them with the tip.
and dont worry, i am responsible. i would never cause my scrote any harm. he is the best thing to ever happen to me. so vivi's scrote being into this doesnt mean he doesnt love her.

No. 1507766

dune worm anus.

No. 1507769

Lord these de/g/enerates

No. 1507772

This is a lot to type to a room full of people who don’t fucking care.

No. 1507774

Yikes, we were dying to know about your personal life. Thank you, Nona. I hope your scrote never turns on you and uses your degeneracy against you.

No. 1507777

Get therapy you fucking weirdo

No. 1507778

if you need to start your message with blogpost then don't even bother finishing it. the way you praise your scrote for this degen shit, you aren't better than the cows in this thread

No. 1507780

vivi, i dont say this as a therapist, but as a friend. i think you feel more comfortable "being fucked", because it takes a lot of true vulnerability to "make love". it takes the soul to be open, to trust another person, while "being fucked" means you only give your body. even if youre submissive and physically vulnerable, your mind is still yours. your defences are still up. maybe your mind wanders, or you treat sex as an act to play, a role to fulfill and behave a certain way, rather than something from within. "fucking" is not intimate or personal, therefore youre not leaving the comfort zone of your soul being your own fortress where you cant be hurt anymore. non-personal sex can even be a form of self harm, it was for me. im working on this too. thats how it is for me. hugs

No. 1507781

as someone who's just sat back and watched everything go down without commenting the last few days, including anons fawning over vivi while negging her lol, i think everyone here is forgetting there's three sides to every story. i think there's definitely truth to what both the girls are saying, we have texts etc. if you listen to both sides it's kinda obvious what happened. i think they both have personality disorders, fueled it with alcohol and weed, and fumbled/dropped the ball when it came to making content, and now they're both floundering melting down on eachother and throwing eachother on the bus. and for what exactly? whos the better sworker? for this delano guys attention??? nah idk.

vivi, if you're still reading, don't forget most people on these sites are cows themselves, don't debase yourself for anyone including these mean girls. you even admitted you browse here and the chans. at least you have some sense to get out of it. shay will continue to do this forever because she has to prove the haters wrong…kind of how the haters are keeping amberlynn fat. sage for soft rant.

No. 1507786

You didnt even sage

No. 1507790

File: 1650549273811.jpeg (73.42 KB, 933x689, 3DFFBBF5-D73D-4CE5-8802-694FF4…)

Why tf are you writing essays in the thread. Fucking annoying no one cares

No. 1507794

File: 1650549577043.jpeg (Spoiler Image,923.29 KB, 1242x1345, 45344D5C-D22C-4F3E-96A1-355542…)

Franken tit is a completely different shape and size compared to her other one. Kek mismatched boobs

No. 1507798

i put it in the subject line by accident XD
and im a different anon than the other one, this is my only post.

No. 1507800

If you want attention just post your social media accounts itt so we can all follow you.

No. 1507801

prosecco is cheaper in the states too

No. 1507803

File: 1650551053920.gif (1.86 MB, 498x371, announcement-megaphone.gif)

Someone come pick up your lost child before we turn them into the authorities, thank you.

No. 1507807

i was literally just stating my opinion on the situation, is this not a discussion thread? what's your problem anon?

the debate going back and forth between who's lying is ongoing when i was just saying there's three sides to every story. they're both just acting like teenage girls dragging eachother, and everyone in this thread acts like they're above it when we're all literally here talking about the same damn thing…

No. 1507810

stop bumping the thread with this shit

No. 1507811

Girl, you're too retarded to blend in here and it's pissing everyone off. Understand that nobody wants your take on shit since you're ignorant of the website you're on and can't fit in, plus it's fucking banal and contributes nothing. Please understand.

No. 1507812

did she gain even more weight? her non-franken breast never had an areola of that size, let alone overall look

No. 1507815

you're literally the only one who's mad, is this ellen or something? sage for youre retarded.

No. 1507816

its a thread about an e-whore, stop gatekeeping and acting like this is such a lively invigorating discussion.(lolcow.farm/rules)

No. 1507817

i'm telling you to sage retard

No. 1507818

File: 1650552075539.png (89.25 KB, 500x397, 1566735212679.png)

pls fuck off back to twitter gaddamn it. Gatekeeping good lord

No. 1507819

Shut the fuck up, sped. No one gives a shit about you or your degenerate lifestyle. This is a thread for discussing SHAYNA, not your pathetic lifestyle.

No. 1507820

Nobody gives a fuck about your degenerate interests, if you relate to the cow, go to the thread on /ot/ created to compare your dull life with the cow’s life. Loser.

No. 1507821

i never mentioned my lifestyle once. i tried discussing shay and was told to shut up for no reason if you look back on my posts. i don't even have a twitter? what even is going on here…

No. 1507823

Sorry, maybe I should’ve worded it differently.

No one here gives a fuck about YOU.

No. 1507824

File: 1650552376922.jpg (75.44 KB, 421x750, tumblr_ogxactwwG11rmiw96o1_500…)

i wasn't comparing, simply saying what i think happens when drugs/alcohol/mommy issues try to make sex work happen, they're both just blaming eachother… im literally trying to discuss the thread topic

and just keep getting these unecessary rude replies? if anything youu're the retard derailing.>>1507823
shay for relevancy cause children ruined this thread. rip

No. 1507827

File: 1650552466175.png (490.09 KB, 449x401, 1426455836186.png)

What is going on itt KEK stop it

No. 1507830


she looks 40 lmao. Next time she fools the uglier half of lolcow with filters and angles be sure to spam these pictures. Also, as someone who believed both the MRSA and fake tit tinfoil I feel… Vindicated. Nothing about Shayna is normal except her weight.

No. 1507833

Can we make another rule for these threads? Just like Jill’s threads need a
>DON’T psychoanalyze the cow

No. 1507841

So if the implant has been validated, am I allowed to ask if what I'm witnessing is capsular contracture? Her tit looks like its getting harder and tighter as she packs on the pounds. If it's too much titsperging, disregard my post.

No. 1507842

Yeah, what basically happened is both of these girls are mentally unstable substance abusers. One of them is a survival sex worker so she's willing to go further and actually… Work, and the other just took her clothes off on Tumblr for attention.

That's the key difference. Shayna thought she was going to California to have fun and take cute lewds, and then fuck off and do drugs. Something like her proshoots, where the most she has to do was get hit and play dress up. So naturally she freaked the fuck out when she realized she was going to actually have to do the "work" part of sex work with a man she doesn't know. It made her realize she's just another $3.99 onlyfans hoe. That's her trauma. Poor shaynus

No. 1507865

You should have lurked MORE before posting this crap and learned to integrate. The basic social etiquette here is to sage if it's not milk and never use emojis. Not all of your points are bad. Shayna and Vivi are both degen sex workers and the drama that follows often becomes as messy as their personality orders. I also agree that the Delano guy is suspect. A lot of men take advantage of female sex workers. Vivi, let me give you some real advice. We're not stereotypical mean girls, we're quick to support someone if they've been victimized by the featured cow, but a lot of anons will turn on you if you keep coming in talking about yourself. Everyone appreciates the milk you provided, so if you do pop by, then either respond to Shayna's lying or drop some photos and maybe some details on how gross and inappropriate Shayna is. Otherwise nope out of here because we hate blog posting. No matter how bitchy we are, we hope you can quit sex work, quit pedo pandering because it does hurt children, and please realize that the type of sex work you do is because men want to think of you as inhuman and laugh at you while jerking off. I really hope this Delano guy is decent for your sake because if he isn't Shayna just put you in additional danger.

No. 1507869

I think what vivi isn’t saying here is that she desperately wanted big shaynus to be her friend. I think she thought she had found someone who was a kindred spirit and had been through terrible shit like she had. Vivi, she hasn’t. You are everything shaynus LARPs as, but when she’s confronted with the actual reality of a life like yours she runs like fuck and pretends like she’s never met you. She is an utter cunt for that. She wishes she had a fucked up back story because then she’d have an excuse for being a disgusting pedo cow that can only attract degenerate old men. I don’t even think she was a pedo to start with, I think she just enjoyed male attention, but she’s falling right into being turned on by child abuse because it’s the only thing that gets her the male attention she craves. Her and her orbiters should all be swinging from a rope.

Vivi you are better than her. You need to remove yourself from sex work though or you’ll never be able to move on from your past. She is a lazy entitled rat who is too lazy to get a job. You’re not. You can do so much better for yourself. Also, I don’t believe for a second that your man was coming on to her because if he did she’d be all over him. Look at her with that bald headed pig man who punches her on camera. She constantly writes these weird lies about literally every man who’s ever set eyes on her. From gay flight attendants coming on to her with wine to men delivering things to her house. She fantasises about every man wanting her when the reality is very different as evidenced by fupa.

I wish nothing but good things for you in the future vivi.

No. 1507870

Whats wrong with that one tit?

No. 1507881

lurk moar. it’s an implant.

No. 1507882

This isn't a dig on you anon, and this isn't directed to you specifically, but I just want to point out that there isn't necessarily a unified "we" here.
I can't speak for anyone else but I'm not buying that the same sw who openly lied pretending to be a "friend" of Vivi's and then revealed herself and admitted to having been on lolcow and cgl like it's some kind of street cred has just been a kindhearted little uwu victim all along. I have no doubt Vivi has posted here before shit-talking Shayna to fit in (even if it wasn't all those "y'all" posts), all while kissing her ass on twitter. Shayna may use people, but all the people she's used have been just as degenerate and two-faced as her. Vivi's post >>1505585 read as an embarrassing cry for attention.

No. 1507895

Please stfu. And they’re women not girls scrote

No. 1507904

"We" is the general consensus of this place or mood at the moment. And I know you're not directing this at my post, but I didn't mean to imply that we see Vivi as a victim, just that most anons here would support a victim of a cow. If Vivi happens to seem like one, you'll see a lot of positive support posts like I'm reading now. Vivi can't fix the harm of adding to the community of pedo pandering, but I think pretty much every anon here believes it would be great and redeemable if she quit. And I'm not going to shame her for wanting attention or being a low key troll because I appreciate the milk. If an adjacent cow comes in here with deets then I'm going to read without animosity.

No. 1507907

File: 1650560164281.jpeg (774.33 KB, 1170x1211, DF6CDE20-7103-434A-BEF3-DE1C97…)

Not sure the point of this

No. 1507911

The implication is that she's going bimbo cross eyes while gagging on a dick.

No. 1507916

Stop replying to the Twitter retards

No. 1507922

File: 1650560922355.jpeg (279.78 KB, 1170x948, 8A5A9ECF-A1BC-4A18-B44B-69B64B…)

But you’re totally NOT a pedo Shay

No. 1507930

How do you even masturbate with a diaper on? Does she just turn her wand on max and hold it against the diaper? Am I too stupid to imagine this?

No. 1507931

I literally cannot wrap my head around this. Is the attention from the bottom of the bottom of the barrel really worth it? Porn and male attention are carcinogens

No. 1507935

That is one of those brands. Some people just prefer the all white look, if she wanted “cuter” ones they are about two clicks away on Amazon

No. 1507948

I wish there was a password to these threads to keep ugly sex workers and newfags away. You guys ruin the threads with your unsaged bullshit essay about your two cents on Shayna Clifford

No. 1507955

Can you stop with the niggaposting, this isn’t 4chan in 2004, it makes you sound like a moid retard

No. 1507973

>some people just prefer the all white look

No. 1507976

You're not stupid, Shayna just gets off in the worst fucking ways possible

No. 1507977

Champagne is wine? And I’m sure they’re talking about generic sparkling wine anyways…seriously, nonny, go take your meds.

No. 1507984

I swear to god, every time I read about how “traumatized” Shay is, just brings me closer to wishing real trauma on her lying, scamming, MRSA-infected ass. She might be the one woman on earth I wouldn’t pity if she were actually raped at this point. It’s unbelievably insulting to actually victims for her to call her own experience “traumatic.” You’re a sex worker, you flew out to make content with another content creator, they inquired about making content with you (as previously discussed). She’s retarded, but even she must have known that sex worker content would involve…sex? And work? The same bitch that told a victim of trafficking to get fucked in the ass. Shay, kys.

No. 1507994

File: 1650566515227.jpeg (413.39 KB, 1170x1194, 3E3775E6-BF18-4045-85CD-6974B2…)

Can’t wait for this disaster

No. 1507997

Shayna Clifford is the face of unemployment.

No. 1508017

Didn’t she just get her nails done??? Good lord

No. 1508028

nta but nignog pls

No. 1508030

What is with people writing dissertation length essays itt about obscure e-whore drama? Please get a life

No. 1508035

>decent looking

Excusez moi?

If you aren't seeing an actual therapist, please start doing so. You and your scrote aren't going to be able to get to the bottom of your issues. You need an actual professional for that.

Is this with the Shaysquatch photographer? I'm so fucking excited.

No. 1508039

Getting her nails does in what is likely a horrid off-the-highway-next-to-a-Petsmart strip mall once ever 5-7 days is trult her only hobby other than being inebriated and sleeping until noon. If I had her life I would probably steal someone else's identity.

No. 1508042

Imagine having a festering ass boil but prioritizing getting your nails done even though they literally never turn out good

No. 1508051

Wolf claws are black, Shayna. Jesus imagine picking white nails with her skin tone + they would yellow like a white underwear

No. 1508057

NTA but I think they meant Soy looks decent compared to Jason R Womack, slave dad, and Grayhair

No. 1508062

Are you clueless to the fact that trashy girls all over the globe call their sparkling wine champagne?

No. 1508063

He's the best looking male creature Shaywolf has been around in a while tbh.

No. 1508065

Shayna does have big thighs and they are only getting bigger, so I assume the discoloration is going to get worse. I never realized how much she photoshops her body because she photoshops her body to look "slightly" better, not to make it look great.
I didn't think she had this much discoloration yet, but seems like it didn't happen over night, she just shops it away and doesn't care about showing it in paid content.
I can imagine her getting blisters from thigh rubbage next.

No. 1508067

File: 1650572196043.jpeg (897.7 KB, 1242x1548, 23F25AF9-E917-4AEE-B79A-606EC3…)


No. 1508069

Sol is the best Shayna is ever going to get. It's not that he's actually attractive he's just "hot" from the perspective of Shayna and nonnies as busted as her kek.

No. 1508079

She has to edit her pictures so much to look average, I almost thought I was losing my vision or something. This foggy ass badly edited picture. Cut her chin down to a dorito.

No. 1508081

Idk here in England Prosecco has its own culture like people don’t say champagne they’re like “oh Prosecco brunch with the girls!”

But yeah, shock to no one it’s shay trying to fake being high class bimbo

No. 1508088

She looks like a breastfeeding mother who hasn’t fed off one of one boob for a day

No. 1508119

Yeah I think its been pretty analyzed and discussed at this point. Everyone is just regurgitating the same notion at this point. We get it, Shay got freaked out because shes not into sex or the fetishes she pretends she is. Vivi and her bf likely werent totally innocent either, but ultimately Shay is a mooching substance abuser that does anything she can for attention.

No. 1508133

Imagine being a parent to Shayna and seeing this. I would disown her and spend a very very long time thinking about where I went wrong.

No. 1508139

Didnt people already send her shitty porn to her grandma? Imagine a poor granny seeing this shit

No. 1508144

Wow that’s so sad. I bet if shayna did go to college or something she might remember that there are far better men than her hobgoblin orbiters. Any woman who says “I totally prefer older men!” Is a liar pick me. The consequences of Lana Del Rey. Old men are disgusting, their dicks don’t work, they smell, they’re stupid from an aging mind, they’re fat, they’re entitled from all these larping DDLG and coquette hoes too. I hate seeing old men be sexualized even if these girls are faking it.

No. 1508152

KEK you made me remember when some anons brought up lana, infighting ensued and one anon said something among the lines of "sure lana glamorised old scrotes but she never said sell your pussy for $3"

No. 1508153

Bro read the replies the point it she was drinking multiple types/things. She does not call any wine champagne, no one does. She said wine, champagne and that butterscotch shit that was the whole point of this discussion not what champagne is made from or what it’s classified as

No. 1508159

Honestly I see the hype. Older men are “better” because you can take advantage of their old age, and keep their money by pretending you give a shit about them. And when they finally die you can inherit everything. Men are a disease and are only good for their money. $3 whores like Shayna only attract broke scrotes

No. 1508160

Alog time! I somewhat was rooting for shayna in the past but right now, especially since she came out as a pedo… legit everyone in her life would benefit from her ODing or dying in a car crash lol. She’s legit an awful, bad person (subhuman), rotten to the core

No. 1508161

File: 1650578564278.jpeg (954.79 KB, 1230x1715, D478B86A-5C06-4751-8BE2-834AE1…)

Google mole nails and this is what they look like. So ugly.

No. 1508165

File: 1650578659633.jpeg (853.32 KB, 1242x954, C59F04BC-DF1D-4CC5-B1B2-0E5401…)

No. 1508170

Yeah, but Shayna takes whoever will take her, which are bottom of the barrel broke-ish older men. These men know they aren't a catch but the way that Shayna holds herself makes them feel like, "She's younger, she's not super attractive but she doesn't want much but company, I'm the prize".
Men would treat Shayna better, and she'd attract better older scrotes who actually want to spend money on her, if she set those standards.
Shayna could actually be a good sugar baby if she wasn't desperate and sex repulsed, She's the type of woman so thirsty for attention she probably does make men think, they are all she needs, she's happy and excited to have them around. Except thats it, her payment is attention. She's cheap and men already treat women like shit, so they'll treat a cheap woman who they feel is retarded even worse.
There are women who look worse than Shay who can get older men to do more, just by being young, available and making it known what their relationship is. These men "Date" shayna so they don't have to be expected to do what little they do. Just dinner, I kinda feel like Shayna is fucking these dudes, but it's not glamrous or something she enjoys, so she's not going to bring it up.
She probably just lays their and lets them do their business, just so she doesn't have to spend a friday alone or pay for a meal.

No. 1508171

Wtf is that black shit under her nail?

No. 1508177

i was confused at first too but its just the background u can see through her fingers

No. 1508181

The gradient is a slight improvement but I imagine as soon as you see them from the side, they’re shooting upwards off her nail.
The technical skill just isn’t there

No. 1508197

File: 1650581071680.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.38 MB, 1170x1992, C6A4252E-E9D8-4E0F-B1EB-9E69A6…)

Her edited pic compared to what the photographer posted is hilarious

No. 1508206

KEK anon i love this autism, at least the mole has being cute going for him Shaynus is just all around nasty

No. 1508207

Shaysquatch 2: Lost In New Pork

No. 1508211

she forgot to edit that left meat from her arm lol yassss skinny bimbo kween!!
i agree, i get the vibes that she actually has sex for money or dinner with gross men for a time now; its like theres a line between this CP Fatna and the “barbie” Fatna, no more camming and then no more content but its just my tinfoil.
plot twist: the guys that take her out to dinner are actually feeders

No. 1508231

File: 1650583585521.jpg (Spoiler Image,338.89 KB, 1075x609, Screenshot_20220421-162417_Twi…)

can implant anons please explain this scar/armpit roll? it's been confusing me for months, I don't think she has it on the other side and it moves so unnaturally

No. 1508243

what is that back/arm pit flab? I have never seen that in a human before??

No. 1508250

funnily enough, this is a thing that can happen when you wear bras & clothes that are too tight. bitch gave herself wings

No. 1508255

File: 1650585989005.jpeg (Spoiler Image,883.84 KB, 1170x1632, 04E17FE3-989D-49C3-9E7C-E44D26…)

Her diaper account just gets worst

No. 1508267

Wtf is with people not spoilering in this thread

No. 1508272

do you guys even read the thread? she said at least twice thats shes in therapy

No. 1508293

Now that the dust has settled, my take on the Vivi visit is that both sides have truth to them. Shayna bitched about Sol for an hour and that she was upset her BJ content never saw the light of day, and Vivi's bf (reasonably) offered that they could redo the content while she was there, if she wanted. Nothing out of line or inappropriate about that- this was a trip to produce porn- but Shayna wanted to treat it like a sleepover party and hang out and not actually work.

Vivi also probably lives in squalor and was an active participant in the binge drinking/ Xanax. Shayna did not "force" her to drink or abuse her meds lol, that is on Vivi.

Shayna probably got bored (and hungry from not being able to order Door dash 3 times a day), was grossed out by the house, got cold feet about doing actual sex work, and there likely was some awkward tension between Vivi and her boyfriend who were fighting and Shayna just decided to dip.

No. 1508300

nobody cares fatty, we are done with Vivi. move on

No. 1508302

doubt she was grossed out, weve all seen how she lives.

No. 1508306


you're right, let's go back to analyzing her back fat roll, that's so much more relevant and interesting

No. 1508314

I’d rather listen to funny “Shayna is fat” jokes than your entire thesis about the Vivi saga. It’s over, move on.

No. 1508331

File: 1650592955739.jpeg (35.93 KB, 274x210, 29EC0331-D254-4EFD-A22C-833108…)