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File: 1569880396700.jpg (272.33 KB, 1630x1080, 1569512713657.jpg)

No. 874933

Last thread: >>868478

REMEMBER: sage when there’s no milk, no nitpicking and blogposting and STOP POSTING ABOUT HER UGLY VAGINA AND HER ZITS


>nobody wants anything to do with her aside from 3 orbiter sex workers
>begging for nail/hair salon trips, even though she was begging for rent money an hour ago
>buys protein powder even though she went to the gym once and never again >>868628
>cries that nobody likes her
>drinking and smoking continues, drunk every. single. day
>Shay, the hypocrite, creates a “callout” post against another cam girl for sharing her porn >>869058 >>869062
>rants about it when no one cares >>869117 >>869120 >>869121 >>869124 >>869126
>her orbiters excuse shay selling UNDERAGE porn as she was being groomed (she was not), cuz she was a child
>went to the gym once (with no underwear!), walked for 15 mins on the treadmill, then took pics in the bathroom
>mental breakdowns everyday because she is boring
>11th account gone! >>870657 when will she get the hint?
>gets some dumb follower to make her a new acc @dollythemattel, buys some more followers
>says she will make a cam schedule, same thing she said two months ago but never did, doesn’t post it
>snapchat deleted as well
>”all my stuff keeps getting deleted :( i can’t work i’m sooo depressed. Send me money so i can go get drunk”
>begs for money for groceries, an hour later begs for weed money, spends $100 on weed and asks for reimbursement >>872315
>a day later begs for electricity bill money because her power got shut off >>872476
>once again, a day later begging for money to get her hair done >>872977
>becomes her true self >>873122 a cheap clown
>doesn’t do promised video she begged people to subscribe for, because shes taking a “mental break aka shes lazy as fuck”
>gives up on her diet after what, like a week and a half? >>873462 >>873957
>gets her hair done purple, still crispy as ever >>873537
>finally gets on cam >>873590 leaves after a couple hours of making nothing
>goes as white trash, or as shay, to the fair >>873916
>begs for money to go drink again, eats some fat donut (bye diet!) >>874468
>walks topless home >>874385 disgusting.
>”cute boy” taking her out for free sex basically
>makes a discord >>874640 will never actually use it

- no doxxing
- no vendetta
- do not include or harass Shay's family
- no discussions about abrattypixie unless something actually relevant to shay happens between them

http://pinkpussypopped.tumblr.com (deleted)
http://themosthatedgirlonthisdamnsite.tumblr.com (deleted)
http://twitter.com/dollymattel (suspended)
https://twitter.com/dolly_mattel (suspended)
https://twitter.com/dumdollymattel (suspended)
https://twitter.com/stupidestbaby (suspended)
https://twitter.com/lilbarbiegrl (suspended)
https://twitter.com/mattel_dolly (suspended)
https://twitter.com/dollymattelx (suspended)
https://twitter.com/dollyxmattel (suspended)
https://twitter.com/dumbbydolly (suspended)
https://twitter.com/thedollymattel (suspended)
https://twitter.com/DollyMattelMV (suspended)
https://www.instagram.com/itsdollymattel/ (deleted)
https://www.instagram.com/dolly_mattel/ (deleted)

No. 874941

File: 1569881440125.jpeg (69.09 KB, 750x231, E226E1F3-A015-4B96-B93C-A978E8…)


No. 874952

File: 1569882744563.jpg (170.93 KB, 1080x599, Screenshot_20190930-173222_Twi…)


No. 874953

File: 1569882773819.jpg (475.56 KB, 1080x1082, Screenshot_20190930-173254_Twi…)

No. 874955

She needs to stop making those faces, when you are zoomed out she looks "fine" but then when you look closer all the makeup thats caked on her face makes her look older.

Also offtopic, but she wasted SO much money on that powder and I hope she didn't pay for a gym membership.

No. 874968

You know that her dumbass did

No. 874969

File: 1569884940615.jpeg (40.5 KB, 254x254, 4A4A587B-792F-47E6-94D0-DF51E2…)

No. 874976

File: 1569886022270.jpg (168.29 KB, 1058x831, Screenshot_20190928-022344_Tum…)

A few days old but some laughs from her Tumblr

No. 874978

I guess she means her dad and who pays for her time?? They pay for shitty content, you don't have people using your shitty text service package or none of that shit. I wish she'd stop lying.

No. 874986

Either that or she’s a full blown prostitute now.

No. 874987

File: 1569889153431.jpg (383.05 KB, 1075x1262, Screenshot_20190930-191906_Twi…)

No. 874988

I love how she's pretending she's going to be doing this all the time. You were drunk as hell, making a video for your sex account.

Also, are the laws different when you are video taping yourself?

No. 874989

File: 1569889380485.jpg (159.43 KB, 1079x562, Screenshot_20190930-192249_Twi…)

No. 874990

Shayna really believes drunk sex workers can just walk down the street topless now and film videos for their clients

No. 874992

Does she really think that someone would give a shit to do that? She’s really in her head and is always the victim smh

No. 874993

She's just trying to milk the fact she walked topless because she got a tiny bit of attention from it.
Even though she was drunk as fuck and putting herself in danger.

No. 875004

File: 1569892621221.jpg (627.41 KB, 1080x1337, Screenshot_20190930-201641_Tum…)

Your ass is still flat Shay

No. 875012

Her ass just has more cellulite now, along with the rest of her body.
She's always been pathetic and nasty, but she really let herself go and fucking fast. She's not super fat, but she's just really not looking good since she moved to OK.
She's ruined her hair and is continuing to ruin her body/face.

No. 875013

Lol girl, you were also about 20 lbs less

No. 875014

jeez why does she repost old photos? it really just makes it even more obvious how awful she looks these days. these pics have no filter and they're still 10x better/sexier than the shit she posts now, she looks like an actual person and not like a wax doll (not in a cute way Shayna, like in creepy dead-inside way)

and she's even wearing highlighter. I don't get it! what happened! she was gross then, but at least she had a work ethic and seemed to be enjoying herself. but then she took a sharp turn into alcoholism and it's just wrecking her looks and motivation and therefore career

No. 875017

File: 1569895993227.jpg (208.94 KB, 1080x1525, Screenshot_20190930-211244_Twi…)

So does she just go to dinner without any money and wait until someone sends her money to pay?

No. 875018

She probably already paid it but wants money from people to replace it.

No. 875020

It’s funny how all of a sudden shay-tard is all about uncircumcised cocks yet she doesn’t even have dildos emulating them ? If she really loved them don’t you think all her dildos wouldn’t be the same basic non foreskin type . She doesn’t even have a porn catering to her supposed favorite style of cock

No. 875026

they have those?
serious question i don't go to sex shops or look for sex toys that much tbh

No. 875028

Yeah idk if they have them in conventional sex stores but I know they have them online which should be no problem for shay Since all she does is throw her money away on online shopping anyways

No. 875029

File: 1569898329461.jpg (16.88 KB, 480x320, ybrw.JPG)

thought the dark hair would make her dopey, stumpy eyebrows less noticeable. unfortunately not.

No. 875034

Sorry, could you explain? I’m just confused with picture. I’m dumb

No. 875035

It’s facial symmetry, basically, her large nose does nothing for her shapeless eyebrows and her hair really makes it obvious

No. 875037

Did she really order fifty dollars of food and alcohol or is she scamming again?

No. 875048

I mean, a meal shouldn't be more than $25 for a single person and that's eating heavy at a mid tier place. But I'm guessing she wastes money drinking where she eats and drinks from restaurants are way overpriced so even 2 cocktails can be like $20. Could just be her $40 bar tab and a $10 burger too. Or yeah, could just be scamming.

I wonder if she even tips restaurants and bartenders. She seems like the type that wouldn't tbh but then demand people tip her for absolutely nothing.

No. 875086

It's hard for her to come up ok tips, so I can't imagine her tipping people with real jobs

No. 875088

She has to beg to cover her meals. There's no way she's tipping for anything with that extra money can buy her more weed and alcohol.

No. 875100

She probably doesn’t tip whoever does her hair at the beauty school she gets it done at

No. 875114

File: 1569935495261.png (66.37 KB, 1381x468, wellwouldyalookatthat.PNG)

No. 875115

File: 1569935514220.png (2.82 MB, 1242x2208, 6EE1D691-CAB4-4EF1-B6CB-A8174F…)

No. 875117

File: 1569935632938.jpeg (Spoiler Image,312.29 KB, 1125x1926, 2FE1A432-E093-4C55-B90B-7DFE62…)

No. 875119


Jesus Christ that’s terrifying
Thank you only fans anon for always bringing in the milk

No. 875120

i don’t like to comment on shayna’s appearance usually but holy shit her pussy looks so upset?? how is she not ashamed about how terrible and baggy it is?? is there anything she can do to make it look healthy again because this is just sad(vagina sperging)

No. 875121

cant view cuz germanfag. is this article about shay specifically? im confused. did she dox herself on twitter when she put that quote from the police officer?

No. 875124

Tulsa appears to be maintaining its ban on topless women in public for the meantime.

No. 875129


Does she.. Not know what triple penetration means? In porn that normally means three dicks in an ass or vag, or 'divided' (lol) over the two holes, mouth not included

God i feel dirty for typing this all out but as a SeX wOrKeR she should know this shit

No. 875154

maybe she's really damaging her body by shoving shit up her urethra. i mean why not.

No. 875160

uh I don't think you can fit a dildo up your urethra so unless she's using a catheter tube I doubt that's happening, kek

No. 875161

holy shit who made that new Shay banner it's hilarious

No. 875166

No. 875172

lol i almost started gagging watching/listening to her suck on that dildo. it sounds so disgusting.

No. 875174

File: 1569950282780.jpg (Spoiler Image,116.04 KB, 1200x662, Mp0HSo5.jpg)

oh wow, the color on her hair is actually really bad, it's blue or pink in certain spots, how tragic.

this 'lingerie' or whatever set is not flattering for her, she looked like she was brushing her teeth with the pink dildo and as usual the video is super cringey with the fake moaning and demonic possession faces.

thank you anon for providing the content, i need a bleach bath now.

No. 875175

File: 1569950286648.jpg (15.95 KB, 256x198, Capture.JPG)

Some of the faces she makes, makes me feel like this is a parody of porn.

No. 875176

File: 1569950335025.jpg (Spoiler Image,18.05 KB, 275x230, wtf.JPG)

Like who thinks this is sexy? Then she was rubbing the small ass dildo against her teeth.

No. 875177

But despite the disgusting porn, that hair looks SO much better on her, the color is way better.

No. 875178

I bet her house is so stank, probably seems like pussy, ass, and weed all the fucking time.
She probably doesn't wash those toys and uses them and puts them right back in the open.

No. 875186

File: 1569951361315.png (Spoiler Image,1.12 MB, 1136x640, IMG_0759.PNG)

She looked so disinterested the whole time it was actually pretty boring. Also the amount of dildo to teeth contact made me cringe

No. 875199

File: 1569953267244.jpeg (Spoiler Image,89.57 KB, 833x358, 165AE30F-75FF-4D52-8C4F-545505…)

I had to

No. 875204

File: 1569954564826.gif (9.1 MB, 640x195, Screenshot_20191001-132658_Chr…)

I cannot stop laughing at this. Does she not realize how stupid this looks?!

No. 875209

File: 1569954699806.jpg (296.8 KB, 1078x637, Screenshot_20191001-132253_Chr…)

I was one who likes the darker color, but her hair is so fried the color doesn't stay/can't even stay in her hair. Like what is going on?

No. 875210

I guess from far away it looks good lol. It really streaky

No. 875212

Why did she stick her tongue out? I feel like she does this just for "goofy outtakes" or something later.

Like this is a joke, this isn't porn, this is a idiot making a parody is what I'd think.

No. 875216

It looks like she's trying to make hentai facial expression

No. 875217

This would make a great banner.

No. 875218

I think I'd rather have a flat ass than look how she does now.

No. 875227


I’m pretty sure there’s period blood on the dildo. All of those 8 minutes were completely boring and so sad amateur porn for someone who’s been going on 3 years of thriving as a sex worker

No. 875230

Lol at her only putting in 2 inches in each hole and then she cums in under two minutes

No. 875242

File: 1569957998262.jpeg (Spoiler Image,64.76 KB, 458x452, 96FC1F55-5238-4BE8-81BD-9B13F8…)

I’m fucking confused guys. This is the first time I’ve ever dared to watch Shays shit, the whole time the dildo barely got past the head, 2 inches deep maybe?? and she was moaning like an idiot? What the fuck?? And it was really clear that she was irritating her vagina the whole time from lack of lube.

No. 875243

Was that supposed to be her cumming? When she made the series of the dumbest faces ever? I didn't even know. It looked like she was just done suddenly after 1 min of having them hardly penetrate her.

So was that the full vid? I hadn't really seen one of her full vids before. Wow. So those cuts are just part of it? And wtf was the fumbling intro? "So um yeah like… I'm here to…" There was more bad bj than there was DP. Nothing about her acting is engaging or sexy. I'm sure there's dudes that can get off to anything and all that, but… For something that was in the making for a week or more, this is really bad. Like other anon said, she calls herself the princess of porn and goes on about how she's such a star and then shits (literally sometimes) out the poorest and grossest quality solo amateur porn ever.

No. 875246

and is it me but doesn't the dildo seem to just flop in? Every time She does this it's like it's just plopped in, I can't describe it.

She always looks cold as fuck down there.

No. 875247

Shay so badly wants to be Belle Delphine. Belle does the ahegao faces and sells lewds of her doing it. Shay just looks creepy af trying lmao

No. 875248

People hate on the BD a lot but shay would need a lot more money, quality and drive to do what she does, shit even Trisha gets more attention from her disgusting lewds.

And all Trisha does is eat and start drama, Shay's been doing this for how long? She'll never be on BD's level.

No. 875250

It's just too out of place on Shay. Like it was actually jarring in the vid and confusing. She can't pull it off. She doesn't have that kind of fan base or anything anyway. Idk what her deal is about it lol

No. 875254

File: 1569959278629.png (Spoiler Image,1.78 MB, 1404x736, 463786.PNG)

Those blowjob noises are pure nightmare fuel. People spend money on this shit?

No. 875268

I'm not the target audience for porn because I don't watch it but this was so horrible and awkward, why would someone pay for this? It started off badly with her awkward talking and rubbing her dry panties against her dry pussy looked painful. When she started using the dildos it was even worse, the one on the fuck machine rarely went in past the head and she was struggling so much with giving a BJ. Ive never sat through one of her pornos before and I'm shocked that anyone can pay for this.

No. 875269

Her orbiter shows her tits and gets more likes, retweets and comments then shay walking around topless & drunk and putting herself in danger.

That should tell shay something right there.

She puts so much bullshit into aesthetic, buying a bunch of cheap ugly shit and how "hard" she works on her porn, just for it to get little to no attention and still look bootleg.

When someone's tits is getting more attention then you're porn you have a issue

No. 875275

File: 1569961539217.png (226 KB, 576x423, F5223681-66E1-4BB6-B93E-473B2B…)

I refuse to believe she thinks this is appealing. She looks horrendous.

No. 875278

Those noises she made when she was gagging made me want to throw up

No. 875279

Even in the beginning she already sounds disinterested and bored. She sounds like, "well I said I would do this so I guess I have to now…" It's like shes not even trying.

No. 875282

that is a real grandma face she’s making there

like the buffet just ran out of crab legs

No. 875283

It's like one of those twitch emotes, Kreygasm but Kreygasm is better

No. 875295

On the bright side, her hands look much better in this vid. Losing the demon claws was good.

No. 875303

She clearly doesn’t actually edit her videos like she says she does. I think she just adds cuts/music to them with a light filter, gives herself the “i’m successful and a hard worker” talk and posts them.

No. 875305

File: 1569964827972.jpg (Spoiler Image,373.78 KB, 1080x628, Screenshot_20191001-161418_Sam…)


No. 875306

She always looks so Loose, I hate to say it. Maybe that's why the guys she's with go for the ass all the time.

No. 875307

What's it going to take for her to realize this isn't working?
Low sales won't do it. Lack of engagement doesn't phase her. Anyone else would watch this back and have a moment of self doubt.

No. 875310

File: 1569965415235.png (603.07 KB, 2048x1859, Screenshot_20191001-142844.png)

After the horrors we've seen here today, I doubt your producing anything "cute" Shayna.

No. 875312

All these years and I think the most Shayna has ever gotten from someone was that child's bed.

No. 875338

I’m embarrassed for seeing this. All these pictures and gifs of her “triple penetration” gave me so much anxiety lmao. It’s soooooo bad and she’s just throwing this content out there for anyone to see.
I’ve never been able to get myself to watch her videos because anons do a great job of describing the horrors. And the photos/gifs make me cringe hard enough.

Is she like this during actual sex?? I wish Fupa would just come over here and spill the tea. We all know he wants to. Dude craves attention like a 16 year old girl. No wonder he never watched her porn. He’d probably never be able to get hard again.

No. 875351

She sounded like sea lion. Arf arf arf!

No. 875355

She doesn't even know how to properly touch a penis, jeeesus christ. It hurts me and i don't even have a dick

No. 875357

File: 1569972305617.png (50.03 KB, 587x222, Screen Shot 2019-10-01 at 7.22…)

No. 875360

I don't know if it's period blood or if she hurt herself…

No. 875368

“Im gonna pretend I have depression so I have an excuse to do nothing but smoke, drink, eat junk and sleep all day again”

No. 875378

If this bitch doesn’t do something to fix her life, by this time next year I can guarantee she’ll either be homeless or back at home with no job. The trash porn she puts out is so boring, unappealing, and dry, she’s eventually gonna lose all the fans she has. They’re gonna get tired of seeing the same saggy vag and horrid faces she makes when she fakes her orgasms. Not to mention that her tweets are very annoying and make no sense. Any orbiters shell have left will be the same 3 pervy old men that are into her nasty porn.

No. 875379


There's no reason why she can't pump out more of this shit content. Editing to such a minimal, choppy manner into an 8 minute porn… I mean come on. She always acts like she's filming or editing to make it sound like she's doing her job but then if you follow her tweets it shows how much of a lying lazy bitch she is because she's always got some excuse or forgot or goes out and fucks off. Then finally a week or two later release ONE single vid. It's pathetic. Her work ethic is non existent. Spends more time begging, taking selfies, and blowing money than actually doing her job which is CAMMING and making real content to sell.

No. 875381

1k for no reason lmfao girl who are you kidding? Even if you were a full service sugar baby, that's more than you will ever be worth sorry to say, Shay.
She couldn't even make porn consistently enough to sell a "lifetime" of porn for that not to mention her parody horror porn quality kek

No. 875383

She's really out here sounding like the vacuum from teletubbies in these videos, with not one editing transition to be found….

No. 875392

Her audio is the absolute worst. How does she not understand this simple fucking crucial thing? I've never seen a porn or video in general where I have to turn it up to full volume to still have absolute shit audio. It's almost always the opposite, especially with porn. Jfc Shay

No. 875403

File: 1569978174292.jpeg (497.15 KB, 2048x2048, 177A4F45-2BEB-4AF1-B723-55CFDB…)

the absolute nerve of her to run to twitter demanding people’s money when this is the content she shits out. i also cracked the fuck up when i noticed the middle and top middle faces are judging eachother kek

No. 875404

File: 1569978225879.jpeg (Spoiler Image,471.83 KB, 2048x2048, 8E56AB75-55AC-45D1-9F0F-6EF578…)

sorry for samefag but i couldn't not add the dildo edition

No. 875405

I'd love to look back here in an few years (maybe months if we're lucky) and see that Shay is doing something with her life, but I seriously doubt such a thing will happen.

No. 875406

This is fucking hilarious actually lmao

No. 875407

File: 1569978843251.jpeg (149.29 KB, 750x1242, BF44675B-F68B-4D43-8846-BE20B9…)


i swear i’ll stop now please don’t ban me

No. 875408

These are the faces you make when you’re choking on spicy food. The fuck, Shay.

Just stop.

No. 875409

Def next thread pic lmao

No. 875410

This is the longest she's gone without updating her twitter in a while. She must be passed out? Yikes

No. 875412

"Randomly" haha, she actually means "rent is coming up"

No. 875417

There is so much fun to be had with these reactions… bless u anon

No. 875418

What a masterpiece.
Vote for next thread pic.

No. 875419

Yea she dropped off the earth today. Does anyone know if she's posted in discord?

No. 875428

She’s probably just smoking weed and playing fortnite all day and can’t come up with anything stupid to tweet

No. 875434

File: 1569982301426.png (37.12 KB, 1190x231, shay.png)

she uploaded on discord in the morning not so much today.

No. 875437

I understand that she's trying to get the belle delphine coins but when you look like a 40yo troglodyte instead of a tiny animu fairy… It's quite horrifying.

No. 875452

File: 1569987531824.png (Spoiler Image,1.23 MB, 1304x2048, Screenshot_20191001-203801.png)

God her Twitter feed is bleak

No. 875453

File: 1569987659730.png (Spoiler Image,460.93 KB, 1080x1857, Screenshot_20191001-203710~2.p…)

Samefag but I found this after searching her name and…

No. 875460

i feel like it's a combo of having porous hair and bad application/cheap dye. like it was mixed but not very well and and that's why it's more blue in some places.

it definitely was poking more than penetrating, like even the dildo was turned off lol.

No. 875465

File: 1569990621628.png (12.08 KB, 600x121, orbit.png)

No. 875466


the scrote’s username is “infant abuser”. this is what pedo pandering gets you shayna, these are your adoring fans who want to give you a thousand dollars for no reason!

…or repost pictures of your sad ass onto their profile calling you a “meaningless whore”

No. 875468

oh lord she has that almost too drunk/high to function face the whole time, not cute. So much cringe

No. 875480

I can't stop laughing at this. Definitely for next thread.

No. 875483


No. 875491

File: 1570000192836.png (317.28 KB, 282x522, 456567.png)

She actually looks pretty good here tbh. Funny as she's trying to talk shit about her old pics when her new ones are all grotesque as hell.

Literally all I could see every time she made that ugly gagging face.

No. 875505

Cinematic parallels

No. 875535

Someone should make this look like the Brady Bunch title screen for the next thread pic.

No. 875548

File: 1570018956151.png (3.62 MB, 1600x1219, 4E393187-8AF7-4C2B-94B7-B30380…)

spent more time than I’d like to admit on this

No. 875550

well hopefully not that much time because there are generators that could shit one of these out in 5 seconds lol

No. 875558


this is beautiful anon. maybe a hidden fupa as well? it’s become a thread pic tradition kek

No. 875559

No. 875562

File: 1570026273234.jpeg (371.15 KB, 1242x1092, DF4B5237-B1EB-4670-A0CA-E0FF62…)

Maybe stop spending your money on stupid shit

No. 875565

The head is the only part in there, her fake expressions are so always so ridiculous but especially when she barely takes it inside

No. 875573

Lol, rent was due yesterday. She'll have another few days before its considered late. Shes probably scrambling again like she does every month when bills are due. Instead she blows every penny on weed and alcohol and then panics when its time to be an adult and pay your bills. Please grow up shayna, before you end up homeless.

No. 875579

Should say The Shady Bunch kek

No. 875591

She spent a bunch of money on bullshit and on props for porn she hasn't made yet because "uWU i'm depressed to work" what the hell?

We already said she'd do this but who would send her money, seeing that she's been out living life and happy until rent time.

This is really getting ridic, every month like clock work.

No. 875601

Change The Brady Bunch to The Shayna Bunch or The Dolly Bunch

No. 875602

The Shady Bunch was better tbh

No. 875623

The "Shay-dy" bunch?

No. 875630

File: 1570040394852.jpg (145 KB, 1080x452, Screenshot_20191002-131055_Dis…)

The ass kissing going on in her discord is gross.

No. 875634

Lol, "Shay is down because she has no money, let's not pay her (because even we don't want to pay for her content) lets just kiss her ass!"

I have a feeling that Shay's going to whine about people wanting to support her with lip service and not paying her.

No. 875635

File: 1570040931388.png (432.36 KB, 1242x2208, 99806BBC-2809-4F83-B84F-754738…)

What do you think is the longest she ever gone without lying?

No. 875641

I don't think she's lying, women get beeped at all the time even if they are fully covered up. I think she's lying about not liking it though, if thats what you mean.

No. 875642

File: 1570041291740.png (555.66 KB, 1242x2208, F08B0E17-1206-4314-A984-C8965F…)

Samefag but Jesus at this point when shay says she’s “editing” it’s like when a little kid says they have a stomachache to get out of something, and it’s just as obvious. Why do her orbiters put up with this? Why does she even HAVE orbiters? Everything she attempts to be can be found better executed and more regularly elsewhere.

No. 875645

She wasn't lying about fixating on something and not letting it go. Thats why she won't quit sex work, she keeps thinking over the rainbow there's some pot of gold, that their obviously isn't for her.

No. 875647

>I GUESS I’ll do my job and try to make money since I complain all day everyday how uwu depressed and broke I am

No. 875664

Probably honking because your dumbass is in the middle of the street jaywalking

No. 875666

yeah, it happens a lot but yet again it’s nothing to be tweeting about since it happens to other people in their normal lives like there’s nothing special about it, it’s kind of degrading to be honest

No. 875667

All of her orbiters see her on a pedestal of popularity and shit that she’s not, they just want an interaction with her and it’s pathetic

No. 875686

She deleted this tweet.

No. 875691

This isn't even you, it's edited you.
She bruises so easily, I'm sure she got drunk and fell somewhere but she'll make up a "Cute boy" story

No. 875692

File: 1570051404854.png (2.37 MB, 750x1334, E2D7747B-CE0D-427E-954C-85D65B…)

Is the bruise from a “cute boy” ?

No. 875693

kind of looks to me like her dog might've jumped up and scratched her

No. 875706

Lmao after the last vid she posted I saw the level of editing she really does on a complete vid and it's pretty much nothing but bad cut & splice. Also the fact that she always acts like shes filming or editing is bullshit. If she was actually doing those things as often as she says, she'd have more than 1 shitty vid a month.
I mean, it took me a bit to realize the number of times she says shes filming or editing really didnt line up with her content production at all. So I assume her orbiters are even more dense and probs willfully ignorant.

Ever since someone said she looks like a troll doll, I cant unsee it. The purple hair really does bring out her troll facial features lmfao the nose. Oh and the lil gut. She just needs a bedazzled jewel over her belly button. I might edit a pic tbh it's so funny

No. 875707

File: 1570052964297.jpg (399.98 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20191002-164834_Twi…)

She deleted this, kek

No. 875750

She blocked me on snap so, no more screenshots until she gets deleted again

No. 875751

Lol wow that sucks

No. 875755

She deletes people who screenshot. Mobizen is a recording app that wont detect it though, for next time

No. 875761

She's on snap eating a poke bowl saying she's gonna do her clown video this week and get on cam tonight

No. 875767

I don’t care enough to download an app just to screenshot her story, but thanks for the help

No. 875777

File: 1570064385381.jpg (101.63 KB, 1080x368, Screenshot_20191002-195928_Twi…)

Oh so edgy Shay

No. 875779

File: 1570064460623.jpg (Spoiler Image,793.67 KB, 1076x1717, Screenshot_20191002-195843_Twi…)

No. 875782

File: 1570064643520.jpg (65.1 KB, 1080x251, Screenshot_20191002-195908_Twi…)

What happened to her "glucose padre"?

No. 875785

what is this angle of her butt?

No. 875787

File: 1570064915070.jpg (54.84 KB, 1080x721, Screenshot_20191002-200725_Twi…)

Yeah, cause this totally won't get your payment app shut down

No. 875788

File: 1570064939946.jpg (242.51 KB, 1080x834, Screenshot_20191002-200740_Twi…)

We'll see

No. 875793

Ugh seeing her old hair color, makes me grateful she went darker that shit looks terrible.

No. 875794

File: 1570065858731.png (160.12 KB, 492x498, Screenshot_20191002_182346_com…)

1/2 none of her links on mfc are up to date kek

No. 875795

File: 1570065892193.png (119.08 KB, 761x431, Screenshot_20191002_182352_com…)


No. 875799

The man ass angle

No. 875807

File: 1570068604898.jpg (152.73 KB, 1080x718, Screenshot_20191002-210932_Twi…)

All those followers and only 12 votes

No. 875808

They probably know it's a waste of their time because she's not going to get tips, therefore, she won't get naked.

No. 875817

Yeah before she just went offline, she was sitting there for 20 mins w/ no tips

No. 875819

omg she's back to camming from the floor. wonder what's wrong with the day bed.

No. 875823

Because it’s where she’s sleeping

No. 875834

File: 1570072251513.jpg (103.39 KB, 1080x366, Screenshot_20191002-221047_Twi…)

Something to be proud of

No. 875835

wow her fans would rather see her punch herself in the face and probably laugh with their friends around an computer then see her body.

Wtf? She's proud of that? How much is she being paid? lol
I'm sure the people who want her to do that aren't getting off, they just want to see what they can make a camgirl do for chump change.

No. 875839

File: 1570074149209.jpg (Spoiler Image,122.07 KB, 1080x617, Screenshot_20191002_233223.jpg)

No. 875840

File: 1570074175440.jpg (Spoiler Image,237 KB, 1080x1020, Screenshot_20191002_233250.jpg)

No. 875841

I bet that dildo is so stinky and has never been sanitized.

No. 875842

She looks like a god damn eunuch

No. 875843

her face, tummy, and arms are so pudgy! take care of your appearance if you're gonna go on cam, gdi!

No. 875844

File: 1570074797467.png (229 KB, 500x279, 33661442-1368-4FFE-93E8-47CDEA…)

No. 875845

She's saying she "only needs to make 200 more tokens so people should tip her 200" Jesus

No. 875847

tbh Jay looks more like a woman than Shay does.

No. 875848

Aaand offline

No. 875852

File: 1570076728236.jpg (396.76 KB, 1280x1704, 413322dc-451f-4375-91c8-c0bcc5…)

I don't usually like nitpicks on appearance, but why would she post these photos of herself? I think this is the worst I've seen her look tbh..

No. 875853

File: 1570076753785.jpg (374.37 KB, 1280x1704, ccff053b-67a4-48a7-9288-6ab610…)


No. 875854

She looks like current day Deena from Jersey Shore kek

No. 875856

File: 1570077360280.png (Spoiler Image,907.6 KB, 878x500, goodbyehorses.png)

No. 875858

lol wow goodwork anon

No. 875861

*chefs kiss

No. 875872

Kek, make her tits more veiny and this is absolutely perfect. Great work, anon

No. 875874

File: 1570079370134.gif (569.57 KB, 220x165, 11F3725D-4C92-42B0-9C05-3C7000…)

Holy fuck my sides are goneeeeeee

No. 875877

Oh fuck lmao I wasn’t prepared

No. 875881

File: 1570080286216.jpg (152.73 KB, 627x1318, Shaytroll1.jpg)

I'm retarded and keep fucking up this post. Just trying to share my shitty Shay Troll edit lmao

Anyway, not the best but you get the idea. Similar nose and the eyebrows are literally the same.

No. 875882

tiny fupa head will never not be funny

No. 875885

So she just wipes the foundation off and then sleeps with the eyebrows and eyeliner on? Or just didn't put any on today? lmao girl what

No. 875897

I think she’s just greasy/sweaty and her foundation is halfway melted off.

No. 875904

Oh my god thank you for that edit I’m fucking dying over here

No. 875906

She looks like a midwest teen mom from 2009 lmao.

No. 875908

File: 1570087889700.png (Spoiler Image,928.14 KB, 878x499, asyouwishanons.png)

No. 875926


No. 875956

Just like old times

No. 875957

File: 1570105020569.jpeg (146.14 KB, 750x1096, 4292DCCD-3FBC-45F4-87C3-829CDE…)

No. 875958

File: 1570105045237.jpeg (141.16 KB, 749x1088, 2984A961-2F43-4EA1-B176-3A5D39…)

No. 875960

I really don’t believe that she can cum rather that be squirting or just cum, like she’s never done it in any of her videos and that one time that she supposedly ate her cum with a child’s spoon in one of her videos, was a scam because that was not cum it looked like yeast from a yeast infection, if she keeps bringing up that she cums during a hook up or after a cam show, eventually someone’s going to ask her to make a video where she actually cums not just moaning over a tiny dildo

No. 875962

Im waiting for someone to ask for a video and ask that she actually puts the dildo in kek

No. 875963

Yeah I’m pretty sure she’s someone who literally can’t orgasm. Even when she fakes it it seems like she has no idea what shes doing, and it’s never convincing. What a sad existence

No. 875964

Truly, you are not only a muse if inspiration but a true artist humble enough to take criticism.

Terrific work!

No. 875966

No. 875967

File: 1570107865961.jpg (206.62 KB, 1075x704, Screenshot_20191003-080358_Twi…)

Another excuse

No. 875968

File: 1570108385339.png (3.33 MB, 2001x1125, 032D08F1-67A2-4383-A618-A14749…)

the beer gut’s in full swing

No. 875980

she's gaining weight as rapidly as momokun at this point. shayna, please stop eating whatever the fuck it is that is doing this.

No. 875983

We all know her weight is a nitpick. But nobody can look at her old threads and say this bitch hasnt gained 30lbs simply since she's been in tulsa. That place has been the worst for her, it's brought nothing good and she is only hurting herself by staying there. She has to see the difference in her own body, its embarrassing when she posts old photos and looks completely different. I mean shay look at >>693793 just a year ago when she first moved in with fupa. This is so sad.

No. 875988

I mean her diet is absolutely trash (donut cheeseburger followed by more donuts in one day, what happened to your ~new healthy lifestyle~ Shayna?) but she's definitely always eaten like shit. She's gaining weight now because she's become an alcoholic in the year since she moved to Tulsa. I'm trying to remember when we first noticed she was drinking all day every day… She may have been hiding it before, but it seemed to start ramping up in February, after her brief Colorado stint. So so many empty calories, and if she's chugging white claws every day, she's going to balloon very quickly.

No. 875991

I think it's funny how she keeps saying "1 (One) alcohol" lately to try to act like she's not an alcoholic or something lol.

No. 875993

Didn't she already make a video like this, with a stupid ass name? Find me finger fucking or something like that?

No. 875994

No. 875998

Lol ok so this proves she can film and edit a vid in an hour or two. This is just as bad quality and effort as any of them. So tell me again why she only gets one vid out a month on average despite saying shes filming or editing like every day??

Also sad she couldn't reach her goal so she has to go film a vid of the fantasy of it basically so maybe people will pay her kek. She really sucks as a cam girl.

No. 876002

File: 1570115857695.png (1.56 MB, 750x1334, 2E1F0486-A3D4-4D74-B274-EC0C0C…)

She’s on cam

No. 876003

Please get lingerie that suits your body and isn't so tacky Shay. This thing isnt dark or alt or cute it does you dirtier than your feet. We've seen it too many times, it's ugly and boring.

No. 876008

File: 1570117322389.png (452.14 KB, 1201x2048, Screenshot_20191003-084124.png)

She's in a burping private.

No. 876016

File: 1570118086376.gif (15.36 MB, 330x504, 20191003_115254.gif)

God that was go miserably awkward to watch

No. 876022

she just showed it off on cam and said, "how do you get a bruise like this and not know where it came from?"

No. 876025

From being intoxicated Shay. If you weren't drunk and high all the time you'd know.

She probably walked into a table or something dopey

No. 876044

i think when she says cum she just means orgasm
is that an optical illusion or is her ass a literal straight line lol.

No. 876045

I also doubt she has any feeling in her clit, she just shoves that toy against it all the time.

No. 876046

File: 1570122589748.png (94.96 KB, 1188x446, Screen Shot 2019-10-03 at 1.08…)

Yes. What a concept! And she still never delivered on putting a regular schedule together or anything like that. She's also begging for someone to buy her lunch again so the healthy eating lasted even shorter than I thought it would…

She could just position the camera higher and wear things that fit properly and it wouldn't be so bad. I don't understand how she can be in the industry for so long and don't know her angles or flattering lighting…

No. 876048

How much did she make? Chump change? I just love how her depression disappears (and so does her mental illness) when she has a little money in her pocket.

No. 876050

This sounds like a response to that tweet ditsydaisy or whatever made about her not too long ago kek.

No. 876051

I thought about that, lol.

No. 876054

can you change the other faces to noodle and ribmeat and add some crusty dildos? this is wonderful though.

giving herself asspats all over twitter for doing what she should be, happy that ppl are buying her content. if she did this more than begging she probably wouldn't have to whine for every little thing, but she also can't hold onto money so she'll be back at it soon.

No. 876069

Need to censor it so we don’t have a spoilered OP pic. This needs to be displayed for all.

No. 876075

Agree. It'd be perfect thread pic, maybe add some dirt stains or shit stains over her nip/crotch so it wont need to be spoilered

No. 876083

censor them with tiny fupa heads again

No. 876091

File: 1570130719438.jpeg (Spoiler Image,319.81 KB, 828x462, 1AB7572A-E99F-44D5-8E62-738B4F…)

Pepperoni ass on full display

No. 876092

But why? I just don't get it. Why doesn't she spend money to fix the issue she's having, it's one thing to do porn, it's another thing to be punching yourself in the face for pennies and walking around with obvious issues with you're "parts" that you are showing off.

No. 876094

File: 1570131081867.png (Spoiler Image,547.62 KB, 878x499, shaytard.png)


Not the original anon that posted, but tried my best

No. 876100

this right here.

No. 876101

troll dolly mattel
i feel like this is the closest she's ever come to have her brows and wings meet. complete the circle, shay!

No. 876105

File: 1570133175803.jpg (189.6 KB, 1080x788, Screenshot_20191003-150550_Twi…)

Be prepared for horrible cringe

No. 876107

File: 1570133606462.jpg (165.9 KB, 1075x588, Screenshot_20191003-151311_Twi…)

No. 876109

We have some real artists in this thread

No. 876113

She always doing "comfy" shit aka lazy trailer trash. I wanted to see the "sexy" because it's funnier to see what garbo she thinks is sexy.

No. 876128

omf thank you, the expression on rib is killing me.

oh look, she's already put the clown video off to the side in favor of lazier content.

No. 876133

Of course she did, its shayna. The clown vid would take Effort, preparation, etc. She'd rather just burp and put on pjs because thats basically her normal day

No. 876141

Anon, my sides! Top kek.

No. 876151

File: 1570143633883.jpg (259.27 KB, 1072x893, Screenshot_20191003-180004_Twi…)

No. 876158


Also that's her idea of constant lol. Bitch when you work an actual job you usually do 6-12 hours.

There are people who do regular 12 hour shifts with 1 30 minute break.

This girl is fucked when she can't scrape by on sex work and daddy's generousity anymore.

No. 876161

This is a pretty normal schedule for successful cam girls.

No. 876191

File: 1570153203256.jpg (198.44 KB, 1080x672, Screenshot_20191003-203952_Twi…)

Why? We see her do this on cam all the time

No. 876192

The bra in this set is literally one of those anime weeb girl type designs meant to show of larger breasts but she doesn’t have any

No. 876193

But doesn’t she have manic bipolar? Not arm chair psychology, but I think she said so on Twitter back in July when she found out that she has bipolar so yes, she literally can be manic stfu shayna

No. 876196

She's foolishly proud of making money for embarrassing herself. In her eyes, she's pulling one over on everyone for making "easy money." She's ahead of the game because people are paying her to be stupid. Anyone else would have a scrap of self-awareness and pride.

No. 876197

yes? that's what she's talking about, she complains about "can't do anything today I'm mentally ill" like every other day. where have you been lol. she talks about her pills/doctor/depreshun all the time

No. 876199

I know that she bitches about it all the time I meant that she has specifically said that she’s manic before so instead of saying “maybe I’m manic” trying to make a joke, she should just shut up about it

No. 876213

File: 1570164115381.jpg (702.74 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20191003-234116_Twi…)

Well that was quick kek

No. 876214

I almost kind of feel bad for her a TINY bit, she had just started working, lol. Man.

No. 876224

File: 1570167150005.jpeg (447.58 KB, 1125x1462, 0B368A65-82CE-4885-8FD2-A32DA5…)

discord update: orbiter giving her an account


No. 876226

File: 1570167218884.jpeg (384.22 KB, 1125x1304, C3C86DB2-1548-4104-B92E-57F5D9…)


No. 876228

cycle repeats

No. 876230

File: 1570167413148.jpeg (148.1 KB, 1125x400, 9737CB1D-E155-43B8-B711-2EC02E…)

(3/3) orbiter telling her to get the fuck off of twitter but she’s dumb so she’ll just keep losing accounts

No. 876234

yes and every few weeks all the money and promoting she does is down the drain.

No. 876240

i want to get off dolly mattel's wild ride

why is shayna so disgustingly thankless? or rather, why do her idiot orbiters let her treat them like this? "oh well i'll give you some videos whatever" by her own admission her career hinges on getting a new twitter account, the least she can do is be polite instead of acting like an entitled brat

No. 876243

File: 1570168070407.png (460.14 KB, 1080x1839, Screenshot_20191003-224454~2.p…)

>>876226 so I looked her up again and um

No. 876244

File: 1570168114059.jpg (131.65 KB, 1080x1920, IMG_20191003_224505.jpg)

Pt 2

No. 876247

yeah, because MV/OTHER SWers can do something to ppl talkiNg shit on twitter? just like they cared about the luna bitch?

No. 876266

File: 1570169602942.png (870.64 KB, 1125x1691, image0.png)

new twitter, got photo from her discord

No. 876279

I give it 24 hours before she's buying followers and then she'll be suspended yet again. She doesn't even need a Twitter to promote herself. She needs to cam. No one on Twitter is paying for her content, that's all cam viewers.

No. 876282

The Barbie thing is so SO played out. Nothing about her is even remotely Barbie anymore. That needed to die after she stopped be blonde and only wearing pink. She's nothing like a Barbie. Ffs she can keep the Dolly thing but just drop the barbie thing. Ditch the Mattel thing too on that note. She really needs that real rebranding in general.

Also shes not even close to being an alt girl lol but it's hilarious to see her try to be so ~Goff grl~ off and on. Like all the other pathetic washed up e-whores.

No. 876293

Maybe since this one has been around for awhile it'll actually stick around.

No. 876309

If “tumblrs dead” then she needs to just stop using it, stop rebloging her old shit, stop answering asks and just delete it, no one likes her on their anymore and most of her large following just hate follows her or are stupid orbiters

No. 876310

When making her brand she could of really gone with the whole doll thing but make it her own not a preexisting brand of dolls made for children which ironically is meant to inspire them to have aspirations in life lmao

No. 876312

They think she’s the shit and just want her attention, she’s a user though so she doesn’t care

No. 876313

lmfao why is she fucking threatening people like this? she has no pull anywhere and nobody gives a shit if people don't like her. her orbiters are only around to siphon off of the little attention she does get.

shayna, you're the master of looking bad. nothing you do looks good. she should stop making content and find something else that doesn't involve showing her mediocre face and body all over.

No. 876314

It’s so sad how her orbiters are willing to do anything for her and shay just doesn’t care, honestly fuck shayna

No. 876315

File: 1570190727745.jpeg (41.68 KB, 750x229, 88338391-3900-4E3F-BE89-4FADDC…)

“Tumblrs dead”

No. 876320

Does anyone have the Discord link? I didn't manage to catch it from her now-suspended twitter.

No. 876331

File: 1570194746736.jpg (268.9 KB, 1080x2007, Screenshot_20191004-075744_Twi…)

Response to that post

No. 876337

Why does it feel like her orbiters lurk here?

No. 876338

There's a cap of it in the last thread

No. 876342

Maybe for a month or two. I mean, six months if you're asking Shayna kek

this person clearly missed the part where Shayna sent a whiny DM and then immediately blocked her so she… couldn't respond privately

No. 876369

Because they do. I feel like some of Shayna's orbiters think her having this place is "publicity" and they truly think they have something to gain from Shayna.

This girl pops up because she wants to show up here and thinks Shayna's struggling ass will do the same

It's kind of funny, when Shays whining about bad mental health, when Shayna's social media gets shut down, these bitches aren't around.

But as soon as there's drama they pop up to defend Shayna, but they aren't sending her money, they aren't trying to help her mentally when the bitch loses it every week.

It's the same two people. They want a thread here SO bad

No. 876373

File: 1570202993530.jpg (62.39 KB, 750x562, IMG_20191004_112644.jpg)

Came across this one on the "If you follow Dolly.." list. It's like seeing Shay in a few more years and extra pounds. Right down to the poses and pedobait videos.


No. 876375

Is this a parody?

Also, Linking this chick has nothing to do with Shay, I get it's kind of funny, but let's not give Shay a reason to be like, "See? People are copying me but telling people not to follow me…" rant.

it also comes across like a kind self post by this girl or a oribter.

No. 876376

I linked it at the bottom of the recap of this thread

No. 876378

The fuck does this have to do with Shayna? Plenty of sex workers make videos like this, it's not like Shayna broke the mold on that.

No. 876381

Seriously. Shayna, be a Monster High bitch instead, so you can justify looking fucking butchered and dead all the time.

No. 876385

Anon it's not that deep, Barbie is a pretty blonde girl, who are stereotyped as being dumb and shallow, and she's a literal plastic doll with proportions that would make her unable to stand if she was a person. Her logo is pink. There you go.

Shay has tried to be both a bimbo and an uwu little princess uwu, which doesn't work in the first place, and now she's just doing whatever, I doubt she puts any thought into it anyway.

No. 876387

Anon it's not that deep, Barbie is a pretty blonde girl, who are stereotyped as being dumb and shallow, and she's a literal plastic doll with proportions that would make her unable to stand if she was a person. Her logo is pink. There you go.

Shay has tried to be both a bimbo and an uwu little princess uwu, which doesn't work in the first place, and now she's just doing whatever, I doubt she puts any thought into it anyway.

No. 876396

I kind of went on a tangent, I guess what I was trying to say is she constantly brags about her aesthic, about people "copying" her, about how she's so creative and unique, but her whole Gimmick is the most basic thing there is to me.

I know Shay REALLY doesn't put much thought into it. She just pretends too. It'd be one thing if she remixxed it and did something different but she's doing something thats been done a million times before.

and now that she's dyed her hair she may go "Goth barbie" but won't put any effort into changing her background.

No. 876399

File: 1570207685575.jpg (27.38 KB, 584x214, Capture.JPG)

She says the same thing, does the same thing, it never ends.

No. 876402

DOES she want this job though? She seems absolutely miserable all the time, is clearly struggling to make ends meet, drinking and gaining weight, and her relationship with Fupa ended at least in part over it. She's barely on cam and her content is half-assed. It's completely unclear why she wants to be a sex worker of all things.

No. 876403

SA- I'm Starting to feel like a year from now, we'll be seeing Shay on her 50th twitter account making these SAME tweets.

No one wants a job of struggling and defeat unless it's TRULY something they are passionate about.

Shay's not a musician, a artist, an actor. She's doing this, harming herself and wasting her money & time every day for something most people do to get extra money and move on from.

She's crazy that she still feels being a twitter sex worker is a "career". Every video she puts out she's making it harder for her to live a life outside of sex work.

No. 876404

File: 1570208138471.jpg (39.95 KB, 590x389, l.JPG)

Wow. I'm not even going to say "we called it" no, this is just her life. This is every month for her.
It's a tradition.

No. 876405

File: 1570208238695.jpg (17.64 KB, 589x127, 1.JPG)

No. 876406

File: 1570208270350.jpg (32.58 KB, 597x277, jj.JPG)

No. 876408

File: 1570208306131.jpg (16.73 KB, 581x88, jjjj.JPG)

No. 876409

Same cam show as always. Loud music, complaining that she's not getting tips, and just sits on her phone either texting or taking pictures.

No. 876411

But she needs $300 by tomorrow night!! You'd think she'd be working her literal ass off!

For these "bills" that she knows are coming every month, but never saves any money for.

No. 876430

File: 1570210877667.jpg (26.53 KB, 625x266, jjjjj.JPG)

She's working but…I feel these videos are going to be just if not more, rushed and crusty then her normal videos.

Has she even done the clown video?

No. 876432

Oh, they do, they’re probably too scared to post or defend her but I mean the threads come up when you google her so an orbiter has surely lurked here before

No. 876433

Can she stop calling herself “the brattiest Barbie” because there’s nothing bratty or Barbie about her

No. 876436

Sex work is her end all be all, she doesn’t want to do anything else even though she had endless opportunities when she was living in MA, it’s sad because a lot of people don’t have the opportunities that she had and she could of done anything with that

No. 876437

I think Lana and that other Orbiter that she never did that Collab with who has a girlfriend (last time I saw) showed up here before to defend.

It's so obvious when her orbiters are here though.

No. 876443

File: 1570211761907.jpg (588.88 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20191004-135544_Twi…)

No. 876447

I would really love for her to tell us what she expects to be the grand finale of her career? She's not making much money, people dislike her on twitter AND on tumblr. Her career has ruined her relationship with her mom, she's always "late" on "rent", she's self-medicating with alcohol and weed.

Does she expect that she's going to go viral, (which won't equal fame, in fact, it'll probably be for something gross & then she'll get harassed when people find out who she is) Does she think she'll be given an award? Does she think the pats on the back for pushing to do this job will give her praise?

She's not saving up for anything, she seems like she wants this to be her lifetime career. She's not going retire from twitter sex work at 45 and have a bunch of riches or money. I really don't know what her endgame is.

No. 876448

Stop cowtipping, it’s not milky.

No. 876453


Are you new here? This account has been trolling her for a while and posting shit.

No. 876455

nta but that doesn't make it any less obvious that it's a cowtipper

No. 876473

There's a difference between being bratty and just being annoying and delusionally entitled.

No. 876477

That account has also been cowtipping for a while.

No. 876480

File: 1570216641944.png (616.48 KB, 1178x2048, Screenshot_20191004-121622.png)

Kek word got out

No. 876481

File: 1570216718951.png (936.12 KB, 1863x2048, Screenshot_20191004-121637.png)

No. 876485

Question people here who follow Sex workers, do they get their profiles deleted as much as Shay does?

No. 876489

No; but most of them dont blatantly break the twitter TOS and buy followers.

No. 876490

Lol, no. Maybe a sw'er will lose an account once, and its normally over a tos violation and they take precautions for it not to happen again. Shayna here likely holds a record

No. 876492

I can’t name anyone, sex worker or not who has been banned as much as Shay. Twitter is a lot more lax on SW compared to other apps like Snapchat and Instagram. Most chicks I’ve seen only have to make one new account and they’re left alone.

No. 876494

No one is dumb enough to buy 50% of their followers like Shay is, plus she puts adult links and words in her bio. Shay takes no precautions.

No. 876498

File: 1570219317382.jpeg (264.47 KB, 1068x1061, 20DA9995-832F-4D60-A000-DBD7FC…)

Went back to old thread to compare fupas. She is isn’t fat at all but she has had gains from all the alcohol in her stomach and arms.

No. 876499

She's not fat but she's def. gained weight and does not how to dress or hr angles.

No. 876515

File: 1570223011297.jpg (548.81 KB, 1077x1167, Screenshot_20191004-160224_Twi…)

Yes, let's put a dirty bike on the rug you sit naked on. Awesome

No. 876516

At least she's putting in the effort, for like 5 people to buy this.

No. 876517

Anons called it when they said she’d only use it as a prop for a vid or pics lmao

No. 876520

Ye this is dumb, in what scenario would someone bring a a bike indoors, especially onto carpeted areas.

No. 876521

File: 1570224840179.png (36.6 KB, 597x312, 2019-10-04_17-33-34.png)

oh no no no…

No. 876524

"I DON'T CARE ABOUT FOLLOWERS" Shay has said this 1 million times, so have other Sex workers said, "not to use the number of your followers to judge people"

No. 876525

File: 1570225237712.jpg (28.98 KB, 592x148, Capture.JPG)

Nah, the one "cute" guy, comes to just fuck her in the ass and ignore her the reast of the week, Doubt he cares and doub Shay apologizes.

I know this is a "joke' but she's pretending like people come over to her house.

No. 876527

It’s like fucking clock work.
>lose twitter account
>show saltiness by attacking people with a small following and claim numbers don’t matter in the same breath
>cause drama with SWrs
>realize again no one cares about you
>buys followers the next day

No. 876529

Same anon- I really wonder if those sex workers who hate people using their follower counts and trashing people for their follower counts call her out.

So true, she's going to start some shit, probably call out people, try to get them "cancelled" those two bitches will come & defend her, then her twitter will be deleted.

Funny how she thinks people are using her for Clout, bitch your social media is always fucking getting deleted. Everytime you buy followers you lose them.

There's ZERO cloutsto gain and the people talking Shit about Shay, don't gain anything from it.

No. 876530

Oh and she'll try to do the whole, "I'm telling Manyvids" shit again.

She's mad that when you search her name on twitter there's people talking shit. She feels like it'll work again but it won't, it'll end up the same way as last time.

No. 876531

deleted the top tweet already

No. 876534

Of course she did, she's a scaredy bitch and realized she hasn't bought enough followers for her to look like a force to be reckoned with in her 'followers=importance' mind. Probably forgot she's supposed to be a positive SWer and let her true trailer trash slip out. No one is scared of you, Shay. Just waiting on the day she has a full blown meltdown and links this thread to her followers whining about the boolies on here shit talking her when she's never done anything wrong in her life.

No. 876541

File: 1570227953981.jpg (87.8 KB, 1080x557, Screenshot_20191004-232413_Twi…)

So cringe that she tweets this on every new account. It's not gonna take off and it's fucking stupid. Stop

No. 876573

She's trying to type like a tough bitch that'll fuck you up despite being a pasty doughblob, and it's so funny.

No. 876577

That's not even quirky, that's just lazy. Literally just put away 5 items

No. 876583

And she's already got a bunch of noface followers on this new account. She doesn't learn

No. 876584

Ew, who wants to come into her trash on one side, day bed on the other apartment? That’s such a stupid joke she made though like no guy cares about her sex toys and shit strewn all over her apartment especially if she’s his Friday night fap

No. 876585

If she had her old body and new hair, she’d be decent at least

No. 876586

File: 1570233969755.jpg (167.41 KB, 1080x576, Screenshot_20191004-185205_Twi…)

No. 876587

Yeah, any sane, logical person would think they aren’t welcome but not “fuck anyone who isn’t me” shayna

No. 876590

If she’s making a teen porn type of video I swear to god

No. 876591

File: 1570234147085.jpeg (62.77 KB, 749x696, C48E7C75-B37A-4AE5-BF2A-24C536…)

No. 876592

She reblogs this on tumblr all the time too and she really needs to be stopped

No. 876593

If she continues this endless cycle of a new Twitter every couple of weeks into next year, someone’s going to have to tell her to stop, seriously, this is insane and it’s only going to get worse

No. 876594

File: 1570234905614.jpg (269.11 KB, 1072x932, Screenshot_20191004-192051_Tum…)

No. 876595

File: 1570234958360.jpg (281.3 KB, 1077x1063, Screenshot_20191004-192007_Tum…)

Coming from the girl who tried to cancel another sex worker

Also Shay, you were not 15 when you made the "baby Hitler" comment and made the Trump video and made the dildo comment

No. 876597

Lol anything but apologising. If she is that regretful and shit why not make a sincere apology. Her reaction just proves she doesn't feel bad about these things, she's just mad cos she's being called out.

No. 876606

File: 1570237971223.jpeg (197.78 KB, 1125x1333, 6CF2239B-B8FD-47DB-9808-54C6D8…)

we all knew she wouldn’t have rent money, she spent it all on booze and weed what fucking trash

No. 876608

shayna… 75+15 is 90…

No. 876612

File: 1570238840866.png (212.86 KB, 1080x1871, Screenshot_20191004-182141~2.p…)

Looks like she tried to set her unwashed cam girl minions on that girl. Lurk much

No. 876613

File: 1570238873936.png (298.5 KB, 1076x1610, Screenshot_20191004-182304~2.p…)


No. 876614

File: 1570238960764.png (308.55 KB, 1037x1832, Screenshot_20191004-182214~2.p…)

3/3 (I meant 3 in the last 1 pardon my stupidity)

No. 876615

lol of course the cowtipper has to put their two cents in

No. 876618

She's so fucking stupid. Always pulling the "I was a child! I didn't know any better!" card. Now she was 15 when everything happened. How would you be making the Donald Trump porn at 15, since you've apparently stopped all your bullshit antics as soon as you became an adult? She wants to remind everyone 24/7 that it happened so long ago reeeee! But she can't bother to sit her pimpled ass down and make a real apology and accept what an idiot she was and is. I think it's far past too late for that, though.

No. 876624

Twitter hates her along with every other sex worker on the internet. Why doesn’t she just take the L and give up already? It’s obviously not working for her.

No. 876625

holy confirmation bias, batman

why even bring up followers if she's basically saying people with a range of follower counts don't like her? kek

No. 876626

Because her whole life is proving everyone else wrong.

No. 876628

If I see these no-name, sub 10k follower sex workers tweet about "clout" one more time, I'm gonna scream. Celebrities have clout. Certain Youtubers have clout. Some random thot on Twitter does not.

No. 876635

Can you fucking read? Shays followers were saying she was only calling Shay out for clout. She never said she actually had any.

No. 876645

Link to discord has expired anon

No. 876646

File: 1570247397364.jpg (859.39 KB, 1080x3403, 20191004_224622.jpg)

I'm sure this will change nothing but go off shay

No. 876651

this is her most coherently-typed post in a long, long time, and it is still so horrible to read kek.

Shayna, no one owes you forgiveness. People are allowed to dislike you for the things you've done that have hurt others, people are allowed to talk about disliking you to their followers. it comes with the territory of saying so much shitty stuff on the internet. there will always be people who hate you, and despite your words, we've only seen you go downhill since you started sex work. where is the growth? your stomach?

No. 876652

File: 1570248466306.jpg (84.64 KB, 1080x323, Screenshot_20191004-230653_Chr…)

This is coming from the girl with over 10 suspended twitters and counting lol.

No. 876658

why is racism the only thing e-thots mention when they come for shay? that whole shitshow is just so old and irrelevant if you look at her current shenanigans. not trying to excuse what she did but it isn't the reason she's still a terrible person

No. 876661

Lmao Shay you don’t have any room to talk about anyone needing a therapist.

No. 876663

File: 1570250757227.png (604.71 KB, 1288x2048, Screenshot_20191004-214543.png)


No. 876669

If this bitch has any quality to offer it’s the fucking audacity like she really said she was pumping out 3 videos today supposedly all completed and have been since 2 days ago but we haven’t seen anything and she’s out here begging for money like maybe you should fucking drop your videos and earn it

No. 876676

File: 1570255785092.jpeg (338.05 KB, 1125x904, B82686BB-A40A-4DDC-ADA8-064B7E…)

I really wish she would stop talking.

No. 876679


she keeps trying to go viral with her tweets and it’s so embarrassing, if anyone is seeking “clout”, it’s her. who dedicates their whole day to desperately copy and pasting the same six jokes over and over? she’s posted the same shit on every single twitter no matter how many times she gets suspended

No. 876680

Oh yeah shayna, you are totally up there with those award winning directors for filming the exact same video hundreds of times over.

On a side note, she has no idea how to use her discord server and it's so annoying she can't even be bothered to watch a youtube video on how to work it. Why would you jump into something when you know literally nothing about it?

No. 876682


>Why would you jump into something when you know literally nothing about it?

kek you answered your own question anon, this is shayna we’re talking about. she started out as a stoner blog and to this day can’t use her bong or even smoke in general without going into an ugly coughing fit

No. 876683

Lol nta but you’re right. Smoking weed is her best “talent” and she still doesn’t inhale smh.

No. 876712

Can you read? Shay has been constantly talking about people using her name for clout.

No. 876715

I sure can but can you? Because that’s not what anon was referring to.

No. 876722

I see somekind of fupa developing here

No. 876744

She was 20 when she made the Trump video, and I’m prett she was also 20 or 19 when she made the baby hitler comment, she wasn’t a child, she may act like it but she wasn’t

No. 876745

She’s so stupid

No. 876747

She keeps reposting the dumbest shit. At this point I think she has a Word document with all her tweets saved up and hoping that one of them will go viral… This is lame

No. 876749

The bitch who never cams and sits there fully clothed when she does is running for this? Why? There are cam girls who cam everyday for hours who are worthy of this not shayna’s lazy ass

No. 876750

Kek, a word document

No. 876751

Its more likely that it’s the notes app on her phone

No. 876757

She couldn't even win one of those side mission photo contests on MV with a larger (fake) following on her other Twitter. What makes her think she has a chance against actual porn stars? At least this will make some good "no one ever supports me!!1!1!!" rants in the future. Way to set yourself up for failure, yet again, Shayna

No. 876767

She’s so delusional she probably feels like she deserves to win.

No. 876773

File: 1570298671237.png (174.31 KB, 1080x1303, Screenshot_20191005-110342~2.p…)

Sugar daddy = dad paying bills.

No. 876774

File: 1570298829050.png (96.37 KB, 1080x696, Screenshot_20191005-110556~2.p…)

Kek that she retweeted this

No. 876784

What's wrong with her self awareness though?? How does she not feel embarrassed to RT these strong, positivity posts that literally call out the very things she does? Amazing

No. 876785

You don't have a sugar daddy Shay. You haven't for a while, if that wasn't just Fupapa. You don't even have what it takes to be a real sugar baby.

No. 876789

File: 1570303712536.jpg (489.22 KB, 1080x1277, Screenshot_20191005-142806_Twi…)

No. 876791

This is exactly why I don't take any of these whores seriously when they're whining about people interacting with Shayna. Most of them are just as pathetic and disgusting as she is, but they feel the need to virtue signal. The coddling of these degenerates itt is quite transparent, kek.

I remember a few (days? Weeks?) ago when she was going off on someone who said sex work was partially responsible for a porn star's overdose. Every time she complains about her situation, it's clear to me that she was trying to convince herself during that rant more than she was trying to convince the person she was talking to. She is miserable.

Because they're just as dumb and drama starved as Shayna's dumbass.

No. 876792

Difference between you and him, is he made the world better, yeah he may have said some shit but whatever, you said some shit and don't do anything for anyone but yourself.

Also, this just proves that people can grow, you cannot grow.

No. 876793

I really think it's because its the only thing they know. When you google Shayna "racist" comes after it, She also halfway apologized for it and then a bunch of orbiters keeps coming and lying about it.

No. 876797

Like clockwork, she is scrambling to make rent for her dumpy, cheap little apartment, so she’s pretending to be some kind of findom goddess. It’s literally the only time she does this.

I still don’t get how she thinks findom/femdom fits into her ~uwu most submissive widdol babby bimbo princess~ schtick.

No. 876798

Every single time Shay's twitter gets deleted this dumb ass, takes her anger out of other Sex workers who don't like her, making people look into the reasons why they don't like her.

Which will be either here or Tumblr.

No. 876799

No one's ever going to send you their paycheck Shay. Ever.

I don't care if they are 700 pounds and dick is the size of a fucking baby carrot. They can watch hotter, better, cleaner, nicer girls or watch humilation videos online for FREE.

No. 876802

Shay really did herself a disservice posting all those old pictures on tumblr, it just shows how much she declined and she wasn't much then, but she put SOME effort into her look, her background and her job.

It's like she's a 30-year-old dumb ass looking back at her peak, except she's in her early 20's, looking back at just a year ago or 2 years ago.

All the hate she has online for her isn't worth the chump change she gets. It's just not and she's too dumb to realize it. I won't be surpised if her parents just give up and leave her to fend on her own.

because i'd be so ashamed to have her as my child. Professional Porn sucks, don't get me wrong, but I see that as a job, these twitter sex workers are more entitled and lazy, then people who do ACTUAL porn.

No. 876808

what a literal joke.

No. 876819

It always cracks me up when she says $200-$300 is someone’s paycheck

No. 876822

she knows the best way to change people's minds about her is being nasty, condescending, basically going "no u," and saying it's all their fault she can't ~grow~ while halfheartedly apologizing. genius. /s

No. 876823

She's such an idiot, All she has to do is just say, I've grown, i'm not that person anymore.

As soon as you make an apology and start blaming other people, it sounds insincere. I think thats why people don't let it go. She never just says sorry.

it's always, "SJW!!! LEAVE ME ALONE!! I was (insert shrinking number) years old!!"

If she was to make an sincere apology, not only about that but other shit, then all she'd have to do is post that whenever people talk shit.

but she won't. She's a dumb ass.

No. 876824

She's not sorry, she's sorry people won't forget

No. 876830


GOD I'd love if Shayna goes full anti-sjw alt right MRA thot route. She's stuck in this half ass limbo of wanting to pander to gross misogynistic men AND tumblr self righteousness, which is why no one likes her. She'd get more audience, albeit cancerous, wearing her MAGA hat unironically. Too bad she's all bark and no bite.

No. 876832

people who read that callout post and maybe don't know her/haven't made up their mind will see her reply where she is immediately attacking the person who made it and decide, at the very least, that she's an angry toxic person and avoid her. she's really not doing herself any favors.

at the end of the day, it's all meaningless tumblr thot drama anyway kek.

No. 876835

lol true, but meaningless Tumblr thot drama is Shays "career" kek

No. 876846

I wish someone would call her out on the "iT wAs 7 yeArS AgO!!1!" bullshit because that means she's saying she made the Trump video at 15 years old. I mean, I guess we know Shay's time reference is very skewed. (Like when she thought she had a Twitter for 6 months and it was really like 1 or 2 months). Then she can be reminded that she DID admit to calming underaged and preach about minors in the industry.
I legit can't with this hypocritical bitch and how NO ONE will call her out on her inconsistencies.

No. 876847

it's because no one really cares much about her.She's a nobody and she for whatever reason thinks that her tumblr past "fame" means something but doesn't even mean anything on tumblr anymore.

Hence, why she's reposting old Tumblr pictures because she just wants attention.

30 people liked that post last time I checked.

No. 876848

I wonder why that orbiter and her never linked up? Does she even interact with her anymore?

And whats this "clout" that she thinks she has? Her twitter is deleted every month. I really want to know what someone has earned (besides Fupa) from interacting with Shay?

No. 876849

(Same anon)

She has nothing to offer anyone, she can't even get the attention SHE WANTS, So what can she give others?

No. 876853

She needs to stop trying to play off her begging as financial domination, especially since her whole thing is the uwu soft submissive girl shit, it just doesn’t work

No. 876854

She probably figured out Shay’s bullshit

No. 876856

I find it really interesting that this thread started off with comments jokingly telling her to quit sex work to now with comments seriously telling her to quit for her own good

No. 876860

File: 1570317517448.jpeg (120.55 KB, 750x590, 3E909CC5-3AA9-4D94-A3C5-CBC817…)

She has been using this Twitter for all of two days and it’s already partially shadowbanned.


No. 876868

File: 1570318705675.png (848.91 KB, 750x1334, 1E5617DA-A488-4238-8382-53B5A8…)

Girl, stop with this wannabe femme dom shit, you’re supposedly a sub, not a switch, not a dom, a stereotypical sub sw, nothing wrong with that but stay on brand and in your lane

No. 876869

File: 1570318768482.jpeg (162.19 KB, 750x918, D487D018-1A67-43FC-AAF1-1B5305…)

Shut the fuck up, if tumblr’s dead stop using it

No. 876871

File: 1570318836817.jpeg (89.17 KB, 750x443, C476F77A-1CF7-4641-9EA3-E6486C…)


No. 876873

I’ve always hated her eyebrows, way too dark and too much product, “perfect” lmao

No. 876876

? this doesn't even make sense, why can't she just say thank you? her eyebrows are drawn on anyway, so they aren't her natural looks.

Going viral on tumblr means NOTHING Shayna and "OwO mental illness" is so sexy to see on a sexworker acount.

No. 876881

File: 1570319282563.jpeg (95.9 KB, 750x466, 684283D1-FDB2-4266-8F42-A679DF…)

This random guy on tumblr reblogs shay’s shit all the time and she reblogs his just as frequently too, his blog reminds me of fupa’s before he deleted it, wouldn’t be suprised if the guy running the blog is a wannabe fupa who just wants shay’s attention

No. 876882

File: 1570319368555.jpeg (480.48 KB, 750x879, 52134DA2-2397-4158-A02E-6AB663…)

One dollar per video? That’s just sad

No. 876883


Shay's going to get fucked up one day messing with these sickos because she's desperate and think it adds to her "aesthetic".

She loses her mind over twitter bitches but she needs to fuck be thinking about, all the "rape me, beat me, I like being fucked up owo" shit she posts online and the men who watch it.

She doesn't try to hide much of her location and makes it clear she lives alone. All it takes is one crazy dude.

but I guess toxic bitches are more scray to Shay.

No. 876885

She’s not really into that shit though, she’s so vanilla

No. 876888

File: 1570319911688.jpeg (65.56 KB, 750x286, C537E0D4-A476-4BE5-A883-B7E54B…)

So the weekend hookup isn’t paying for the uber

No. 876889

And she's reckless, she'll get with someone, let them do whatever to her. (like with fupa).

She has zero respect for herself and she thinks that makes her "Sexy" but it's just fucking dangerous. She doesn't care about the men she fucks or meet online.

No. 876891

She’s not a real submissive, she has no limits, no boundaries and if she did, she’d talk about it at least once like on twitter or camming

No. 876892

Why would he? I'm sure this dude if he even exist is a scumbag. She's going to let him fuck her anyway, he doesn't have to treat her with respect.

No. 876893

He keeps rebloging her posts, especially pictures of her and commenting stuff like how cute she is and what he wants to do to her, not like the standard creepy tumblr dom but like he obviously has a crush on her or wants to use her

No. 876894

Obviously a fupa wannabe who saw what it takes to be with shay and is imitating that

No. 876897

and if given the chance, Shay will not give a fuck and wait after a few months to meet up and maybe move somewhere to be with him.

No. 876902

She must really live out in the boonies if it costs $25 to get to big ol’ Downtown Tulsa, kek. Damn.

No. 876905

Search bans are usually due to having a marked NSFW account.

No. 876917

They aren't handing you they paychecks Shay, they're throwing their pocket change at your sorry begging ass.

No. 876918


No. 876919

File: 1570325900687.jpg (234.04 KB, 1080x1170, Screenshot_20191005-203813_Twi…)

That's not something to be proud of Shay

No. 876922

She’s so pathetic lol

No. 876928

>begs every day for money
>receives money

Wat. Does she even know what spoiled means? So by that definition, every homeless panhandler is spoiled lolllll

No. 876944

I know she’s trying to do some humiliation shit but when she made the comment about micro penis losers I thought about the mirror pic fupa took with his dick peeking out from underneath is his shirt, ew, like girl you do attract micro penis losers, we know, but known of them want to give you money, they just want to use you

No. 876947

It would be hilarious if someone photoshopped a slightly blurred version of the fupa mirror picture with her tweet about attracting micro penis owning losers

No. 876949

File: 1570334101807.jpeg (155.78 KB, 750x1074, 65B7C946-01DD-41FA-9436-0DC050…)

“Rinsed” lmao

No. 877000




No. 877001

I wonder if she thinks people are seriously impressed that men send her small amounts of money. She really brags about $60 thats as good as gone as soon as it gets to her dumb ass.

No. 877002

I thought she "walked back to her apartment" topless last week after going out?

No. 877017


My sides

No. 877023

File: 1570371886617.png (Spoiler Image,3.22 MB, 1125x2436, 2840C202-3F2D-49ED-A3FC-9724E2…)

she got her dads money and chump change yesterday, woke up and felt like hot shit because she begged for bills money

she also looks greasy

No. 877029

Shay's actually worst off than she was when she started.
The worst thing to me is if she ever leaves this "career" alone, the bitch won't have ANYTHING to show for it.
Not one thing. She's not paying her rent on time, she still doesn't have a proper bed or furniture.

She's in a small ass apartment, she spends all her money on food, weed, and alcohol.

No car, nothing, she's saving her money for nothing.
And it's not like Shay's having a blast doing this, nope, the bitch is depressed weekly and everyone hates her.

She literally has nothing but proof that a year or two ago, her ass had a little bit more going for her then she does now. She's only going to decline.

Sex work has done NOTHING postive for this dummy, but I have a feeling she's going to keep at it until something really bad happens.

And instead of blaming herself/her actions, I bet you one day Shay's going to be "anti-sex work" but for ALL the wrong reasons.

No. 877053

Idk how she doesn't wanna kill herself looking at girls like Ashe Maree or Kati3cat, tumblr famous like Shayna and managed to stay popular with devout legion of orbiters. They never have no worry about losing their twitter or ig. Shayna spent YEARS humiliating herself and is empty handed.

No. 877059

I feel like she thinks she'll be seen as some hero or something. Or maybe Shay really thinks she can't do anything else.

It's just sad how blatant it is that she's super depressed.

No. 877081

File: 1570382737502.jpg (52.99 KB, 621x404, gjg.JPG)

I love how one mintue she's trying to do Fendom, the next she's saying shit like this. I find this shit so gross btw.

I hate all the bitches who do this nasty, "treat me like a baby" baby talk shit.

No. 877082

File: 1570382975740.jpg (44.92 KB, 574x498, fjfj.JPG)

No. 877083

File: 1570383003214.jpg (33.51 KB, 399x499, fff.JPG)

No. 877084

File: 1570383056434.jpg (36.97 KB, 477x513, vjvj.JPG)

No. 877085

File: 1570383200544.jpg (17.91 KB, 587x95, fhfhf.JPG)

The smallest things amaze her.

No. 877089

Lol another classic notepad quote she’s posted on every social media platform she’s had since the beginning of time

No. 877090

I want to be able to read this without wanting to rip my eyes out :\

No. 877093

It’s a common reaction like, how distant from reality is she?

No. 877094

Right? It’s either submissive little or humiliating femdom, pick one

No. 877100

She's gonna keep packing on the pounds until her weight gain becomes too painfully obvious to ignore, and she's still gonna wear the same ill fitting small clothes she's been trying to squeeze herself into. She has no idea how to dress herself.

No. 877104

File: 1570386935305.png (88.99 KB, 1194x352, Screen Shot 2019-10-06 at 2.35…)

The different is that she's not saying it as a sexual/submissive things but because she doesn't want to be an adult and does not want to have responsibilities. She wants someone to pay rent/cook/clean/do her taxes and tell her what to do so she doesn't have to use her brain. You can't fuck anything up if you don't need to do anything except for "bE bABy"

No. 877105

Why does she always wear these stupid boots when she tries to be "alt"?? Are they even real Docs or just knock off? She has so many shoes supposedly but she only wears ugly sandals and these boots that never match anything. Then pairs them with those same under the knee socks that make her trunk legs look even stubbier.

No. 877111

Okay so she wants to do what she already does everyday then?

No. 877113

File: 1570387623088.png (1.59 MB, 750x1334, 0B2A0BFD-F122-41EB-B2BC-CACFF8…)

Pretty sure they’re these amazon knockoffs

No. 877119

She made fun of fupa for wanting a mom he could fuck just because she didn’t want the responsibilities that come with living in a house but she wants that from a guy too like shut the fuck up, I mean fupa was paying for the house, the least she could of done as his live in girlfriend was clean and cook

No. 877131

My favorite part of their relationship is how they out scammed each other. They both were two idiots, who got with each other for different reasons. Shay's was for "attention" and for someone to take care of her/complete her "Sex worker persona".
His was to have someone he could use to get all his gross sexual fantasies out of, someone dumb and young.

I feel she truly thinks that some guy with money is going to take care of her while she does nothing.

When it'll never happen.Shay's whole thing is "You can do anything to me" which may attract someone for a bit, but once they get bored and see you have no other uses, she'll be left with a fucked-up body, mental health, and self-worth.

She gives so much of her body to porn and these men, and she gains NOTHING of any value in the end.

Look at Fupa? She did all this shit for him, just to end up alone and worst off. He also was trashing her.

No. 877180

Yeah, it’s sad, she’s so stupid and doesn’t think towards her future at all

No. 877239

File: 1570407055071.jpg (207.56 KB, 1080x1027, Screenshot_20191006-191024_Twi…)

Did Shay send this to herself? Cause that's how she types

No. 877240

File: 1570407079060.jpg (181.22 KB, 1080x686, Screenshot_20191006-191040_Twi…)

Oh please

No. 877243

So findom is clearly her rebrand. This will be a whole new storm

No. 877245

Shayna all they would have to do is ignore you for five minutes and you'd strip down and put your legs behind your head to get their attention back. Dumbass.

No. 877247

The countless nudes on the internet say that. Also the whole fupa situation. Or how you give away all your vids for something as simple as someone making a new twitter for you.

Or how you fuck and give every dude you fuck anal with no condoms (because thats safe) You don't value yourself Shay and no one else does because they see you don't.

No. 877256

File: 1570410951232.jpeg (62.08 KB, 750x277, F01B1ECF-C9B6-4F4D-B6BB-B85522…)

She posted this on tumblr too, lmao

No. 877258

It’s really funny that she copies and pastes the same shit from twitter and posts it on tumblr

No. 877259

File: 1570411008542.jpg (Spoiler Image,397.1 KB, 1080x730, Screenshot_20191006-201602_Twi…)

So instead of a "cute boy" is now a "play partner"

No. 877262

I know there's people with this kind of kinks, but it's sad to see someone do this just to keep a man around and get attention.

As I said before, in the end she's left with a fucked-up body, they just move after they use the dumb bitch who lets them do whatever.

No. 877263

and honestly? looks like she has a ass rash and is trying to cover it up, lol.

No. 877267

It’d be kind of hilarious if it’s actually nobody and she’s done this to herself just to put on a front lol

No. 877269

I really wonder how long shay knew this person before she brought him over her house and let him fuck her with no condom?

No. 877270

She says “play partner” likes she’s into kink and she fully trusts the guy she’s supposedly with, I really doubt she’s discussed limits and other important things like that if there really is a “play partner” having paddles and whips and shit doesn’t make you kinky, knowing how to use them correctly and safely does lmao

No. 877271

She probably trusts any dude that gives her attention she craves. I feel like all you have to do is show interest and she'll be trying to suck your dick or talking about how she's "not like other girls, I LOVE sex"

No. 877272

A lot of people that are into kink are into the bruises and marks it leaves, to each their own

No. 877273

That’s not how kinky sex works though, if there’s no trust and consent, it’s just abuse

No. 877274

She’s so obviously disinterested in not only kinky sex but sex in general though, she’s just hurting herself by letting random guys beat her up

No. 877277

I just hope she doesn't meet someone fucked in the head

No. 877278

That's so depressing. Sometimes I almost feel bad for her. Almost. I don't understand why you'd rather live like a depressed, drugged up prostitute than swallow your goddamn pride and admit you've failed. She has nothing, as an anon said earlier, she isn't saving up for a car, for college, for a house. There's "living in the moment" and then there's being straight up stupid. I wonder if she doesn't believe she'll live very long and it's why she's so reckless? On top of being an idiot, of course. I truly wish she'd fucking wake up. I don't particularly dislike Shayna, she's too pathetic for me to even muster a negative feeling.

No. 877280

She has shared that she wanted to die at an certain age on Tumblr, (26 or 27?). Depression and mental illness can do that though, she may feel tomorrow may not happen or matter if she thinks she's going to be dead in a few years.

No. 877283

Gross lol

No. 877285

yeah she said she wanted to join the 27 club. But in that same post she was fantasizing about how rich and famous she would be before she died… you've got a lot of work to do in the next 4.5 years Shayna. You're only getting further from your goal with each passing year.

No. 877287


she probably knows deep down that her options are limited. either go back home and asking mommy and daddy to help fix her life and deal with the humiliation all her stupid choices have caused her, or make camming work.

If she wasn’t so stupid she could have definitely made enough to live comfortably being a e-thot, she started at the right time.

No. 877288

It hides her butt acne at least lmao

No. 877311

I can’t believe this girl punches herself, pees everywhere, and looks like a complete moron for a living all while just barely getting by. She needs to reevaluate her life choices

No. 877312

She has a normal, supportive family so I’m not really sure what went wrong with her. I wonder what she would have been like had she never had a tumblr

No. 877319

>So instead of a "cute boy" is now a "play partner"

No. 877320

This is what happen when you buy your sex toys on amazon

No. 877321

All her toys are cheap and basically toys. Everything she buys is basically garbage

No. 877325

File: 1570428287882.png (13.33 KB, 432x145, Capture.PNG)

>talks to fans
>4 hours later

repost because i forgot to sage

No. 877372

What’s with her and amazon? If you’re going to buy sex toys, make sure that they’re good quality,at least that’s what anyone else would do

No. 877412

File: 1570459224769.jpeg (339.21 KB, 1125x2077, E1169113-CCF4-4EF3-8184-7E5EE6…)

tldr: some other SW made a similar caption and she’s mad she’s not popular as she thinks she is


No. 877413

File: 1570459313227.jpeg (312.44 KB, 1125x1996, A06D8217-36DA-42FD-B3F8-40CECF…)


No. 877415

File: 1570459472100.jpeg (236.56 KB, 1125x1967, FC66063E-3198-4DEF-9D5E-743178…)


No. 877416

File: 1570459637953.jpeg (256.58 KB, 1081x1906, 291910CF-B8AA-4365-AAD8-022D90…)


No. 877417

File: 1570459733509.jpeg (125.3 KB, 1125x349, DF3CA1E8-816F-42E5-AE47-EB296F…)


No. 877418

i hope Shay calls her out and gets roasted lol

No. 877419

File: 1570459789597.jpeg (164.24 KB, 1119x728, BEBB8C6C-C56B-4A4F-A101-64D6BD…)

finally, a public tweet about it

No. 877420

>5 page rant because some popular sex worker captioned her photos “calling your dad”

I want to find this funny but she’s so pathetic and sad I can’t find it in me to laugh. Jesus, Shay. How sad your life has to be that you’re actually salty someone had the audacity to caption 3 fucking words that you yourself once used.
I just can’t with this bitch.

No. 877421

i love how shes such a punk shes afriad to call someone out with more REAL followers.


she probably wants a orbiter to find the person and bother her

No. 877423

She’s the epitome of basic and uncreative. The fuck is she even talking about. She doesn’t have a creative or original bone in her body.

And she’s also been caught blatantly copying others too before. That whole fishnet body suit/knife picture. Like come on shay. I know your life is dull and sad but stay in your lane.

No. 877426

Lol what trend setter? She is the physical embodiment of Tumblr 5 years ago. Nothing she does is fresh and interesting, it’s all passé and played out hahahah. Her self awareness is my my favorite part of everything to do with her

No. 877428

This is coming from the girl who completely ripped off someone's look for her goth girl anal vid from last years Halloween?

No. 877429

I’m 100% sure I’ve seen people do the “calling your dad” shit before. I think brrtgrrrrrl or whatever has

No. 877432

File: 1570462459829.jpeg (788.27 KB, 1125x1313, 18DBA572-338C-4AB3-AFA8-EF4667…)

No. 877433

lol shay's just mad because this girl is actually cute

No. 877435

File: 1570463023040.jpg (191.76 KB, 1080x1732, Screenshot_20191007-164311_Twi…)

No. 877436

File: 1570463075731.jpeg (656.98 KB, 1125x1311, 0F8ADE40-7D5F-462A-B3EF-CB2C6D…)

The photos Shays referring to are old as hell and look like they took 0 effort. I doubt that girl even knows who Shay is.

No. 877437

This confirms Pixie is in here or at least lurking on a daily basis.

No. 877438

it means shays shit talking other SWs in private to her to have her show up on her post like that bc bratty has more followers

No. 877439

There’s literally zero similarities. And the other girl is actually cute and doesn’t look like an unwashed goblin. The captions are different. The only similarities are the color pink, a phone and the word dad. Hardly creative genius.

No. 877440

Thanks for the clarification Pixie

No. 877446

File: 1570463664816.png (1.03 MB, 1906x2048, Screenshot_20191007-115254.png)

I'm so unique and special everyone should give me credit for my overused ideas!

No. 877447

File: 1570463666167.jpeg (156.76 KB, 1125x419, 32FCD5F0-07AB-455A-A5E4-063516…)

poor shay, having everyone laugh at your failure of a career and constant begging for money is an obsession

No. 877448

File: 1570463683396.jpg (565.22 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20191007-105438_Twi…)

Sure Jan…

No. 877450

I don't think she realizes that the more she tells people how much it's bothering her, the more they're going to do it. People don't want her in the community and she's letting them know exactly what ticks her off.

No. 877451

Want to know why everyone’s so “obsessed” Shayna? It’s kind of like a car wreck. Have you ever seen a car wreck so bad that you can’t look away? That’s what it’s like to be “obsessed” with you and the wreck you’ve made out of your life.

No. 877460

she deleted the top tweet

No. 877466

File: 1570464986038.png (244.93 KB, 1080x1601, Screenshot_20191007-121308.png)


She dirty deleted it because she's a scared bitch since apparently this girl will give her a follow. What's wrong, Shay? What happened to you being hard and WaNNa FiTe? Afraid this girl with an actual loyal following with drag your nasty, trashy ass?

No. 877467

Kek this is why shay shouldn't have a discord. It's public and all her shittalking is going to get exposed

No. 877469

File: 1570465105019.png (800.93 KB, 1214x2048, Screenshot_20191007-091808.png)

Someone's feeling bold on Twitter today for sure

No. 877471

lol she ninja deleted it w/o apologizing she really hasn't changed at all

No. 877472

Amazing that she's so retarded that she genuinely believes she's "staying in her lane" then in the same breath attempt to slam another SW down out of pure jealously.

No. 877474

> Just wanna be the bad bitch I was meant to be!
> Dirty deleted a tweet trash talking and accusing another SW of copying her stupid DDlg style when said SW gives her a follow for support.

No. 877476

File: 1570465627553.jpeg (258.67 KB, 1125x956, 4CD2831A-A1D2-46B7-898E-7B4F56…)

“I don’t want to start any drama I wanna be positive and mind my own business” - shay after accusing someone of copying her and subtweeting her

No. 877477

ughhh SWs on twitter annoy me so much but this poor girl doesn't deserve shay starting shit. no one deserves any interaction with shay actually.

No. 877478

File: 1570465827944.png (654.1 KB, 1211x2048, Screenshot_20191007-092912.png)

Already some Shay related shade under the post. How does she not realize that causing drama like this and acting publicly entitled is going to blow up in her face

No. 877482

Her entire looks is a knockoff of someone else’s. Shayna is delusional. She’s not bimbo Barbie she’s crackhead Barbie

No. 877483

File: 1570466096719.png (386.12 KB, 1195x2048, Screenshot_20191007-093437.png)

Shay is probably fuming that this poor girl wasn't immediately canceled

No. 877485

I feel bad for her. She doesn’t need all of the messiness and negativity that Shay carries with her wherever she goes. Shays post only got a few retweets so I doubt anyone is copying her.

No. 877486

Fucking wow, Shay. Shit like this makes me wanna walk away from this thread. Because I legitimately can not see how a dirty bitch like Shay sleeps at night after she builds herself up saying she has a bright, positive personality and who wants nothing but love and success for other SWs then turns around and does this shit. Sits there trash talks this 19 year old girl just because she has a similar style. SHAY YOU FUCKING PIG, you didn't come up with DDlg/brat/bimbo style. Holy fuck. You sit there and complain about people not leaving you alone and "bullying" you, and THIS IS WHY. This girl did nothing to you and even wanted to follow you so you turn around and cause drama FOR HER even though you bitch and complain every goddamn day about people doing the same to you???

No. 877487

She wants to be forgiven but I swear this girl has never forgave anyone for anything in her life

No. 877488

She’s just gonna blame her behavior on mental illness as usual

No. 877489

Compilation of how positive Shay has been the last 30 days…


No. 877490

Bitch is manic today

No. 877492

Lol So SWs aren't allowed to shit talk/accuse/cancel Shay. But Shay is allowed to shit talk/accuse/cancel them.
Wow. Very grow up. So mature now. Such positivity. Wow.

No. 877494

This is very weird?

No. 877495

She told told people she was special?

No. 877496

File: 1570466957709.png (548.19 KB, 2048x1898, Screenshot_20191007-093859.png)

Ya she's just gonna get dragged more because she brought this up

No. 877499

File: 1570467286937.png (85.6 KB, 1080x343, Screenshot_20191007-125147.png)

So you decide to be a spiteful cunt and attack some random 19yo sexworker minding her own damn business? Ya know? That thing you were supposed to be doing? MINDING YOUR OWN BUSINESS?

No. 877502


Hpw do her orbiters not see this? Shay's a fucking shit starter and gets her lackies to bother people and that one Orbiter Bratty shouldn't even be involved!

if they don't care about her scamming they SHOULD care about the fact she shit talked someone, got a ugly orbiter to bother them because Shays such a fucking punk, and now it's because she's broke??

Didn't she get upset when that Lana girl used mental health as an excuse but Shay's using, "my accounts! I'm broke"

Shay starts SO much shit, it's crazy. I hope she keeps this up and every Orbiter who jumps to fight her battles, get drug down with her. Shay will not and HAS not done the same for them.

She was literally upset this girl looked 100% better than her.

No. 877503

>I’m not making any money right now so I’m going to try to fuck with someone else’s

No. 877504

EVERYTIME her account get deleted Shay starts trouble. If Bratty is lurking here and Lurks hard enough to find this bitches page to bully her, bitch you need to look at how this makes you look.

You are protecting someone whose blantantly starting shit because they are miserable, dumb ass.

No. 877506

so is Bratty or Shay going to apologize to this chick or what??

No. 877507

Lol Legit looks like Shayna is salty that that Baby Toothache girl has the face and body for DDlg whereas Shayna sits in her dingy, trashy apartment packing on the pounds, zits all over ass, wearing pajamas to clubs, and looking like a straight up retard trying to pull those ahegao faces. You need to take SEVERAL seats, Shay, ya nasty bum-fuck- Oklahoma piece of trash.

No. 877508

Lol first of all Shay, you took that pic at least a year ago if not longer, so it's not like you JUST oh so creatively did a photoset with that concept. Second, you're not the only one who has the I'm ~bbygurl taking ur dad's money and attention~ gimmick and you never have been.

But of course in her mind, everyone is just soooo jealous of her and her… uh… "success" and "fame"?

Bitch probably didn't even see the profile of a crusty nobody like her honestly. Shay is way off.

Even her orbiters told her not to start drama and call attention to herself, but the stupid cunt just can't help herself.

Also really petty of Bratty. Get the fuck over it, you're all unoriginal hoes pandering to whatever gets you money & attention.

No. 877509

The delusion is unreal with her. She keeps insisting people dislike her because of things she said as a teenager, when in reality she gives people more reasons all the time to dislike her. She starts drama and complains and begs more than she actually works. It's always everything but herself holding her back from being successful. She claims it's the haters, it's her mental illness, it's her twitter being suspended, it's other jealous sex workers copying her, but it's actually just her miserable self. Guess what Shay, you're in fact NOT FUCKING SPECIAL. Although I can't help but picture she went out muttering "I'm special" to herself like she did that one time on a plane (?) repeating "anal" quietly to herself

No. 877510

Cutesy where? Little lmao definitely not anymore. Only daddy in her life is her own father sending her pity money so she's not homeless. And we all know the Barbie thing is just dead and dumb. Should have died when she changed her hair since it has zero to do with her now aside from stealing and filthing the Mattel name.

No. 877512

WTF? this isn't even about some shit you said at 19 dumb bitch, stop trying to make it about that.

And that's the problem, people told you were "Special" for nothing when you were a child and you aren't.

Someone who felt they were Special, wouldn't be having unprotected sex with every boy they fuck after not knowing them for long.

Someone who felt they were special, would take care of their body and value themselves, someone who felt they were special, wouldn't allow men to ABUSE them, use them up, but have an fucking STRONG hate for women.

Someone who felt they were special, wouldn't call their mother an cunt because she hates her daughter does pedo pandering porn.

Someone who felt they were special, wouldn't be sleeping in a child's bed, always late on rent, self-medicating, doing the same thing days in and days out expecting different results.

Someone who felt they were special, would try to be the best they can be at what they are doing. Take their health and bodies seriously.

You don't think you are special Shay. You tell yourself that because it helps you sleep at night.

I have NO issue with sex work, but it's blatant that sex work is fucking tearing you apart. You aren't a bad bitch, you aren't a good person, you've become bitter, misogynistic, shit starting and a fucking asshole.

You do not value yourself. Your depressed and you are doing all this to prove us and Mommy wrong. Meaning you are hurting yourself, fucking with others and making a fool of yourself. You aren't EVER going to be famous for this. Nothing is going to come from this. You aren't saving for anything to come from this.

No. 877515

She keeps using the "teenage" excuse because she doesn't want people to look into other shit she's done. I also feel she thinks saying Teenager excuses the Custom she did as a ADULT, talking about her as a child and talking about underaged Camming.

She won't even @ the girl because she's scared. By the way she still hasn't apologized and she's making dumb tweets as if she did nothing wrong.

They bothered someone and Shay went on a "Woe is me rant" it's really crazy and I hope she continues this so that people will see the bitch she is.

No. 877516

Except you don't keep your head down. You're the biggest hypocrite and you literally just posted drama shit on your discord then made a vaguepost tweet about it because you literally could not shut the fuck up and move on without saying anything about the dumbest shit. Then wonder why all the "meanies" come for your stupid ass.

Don't be dramatic to try to get asspats, no one wants you to kill yourself or die. Everyone wants you're problematic, failing, lying, drama having ass out of the SW comunity and tbh some people here actually feel sorry for you and want to see you get your shit together and if you could do that, there would be no drama or no reason to laugh at you here.

Literally her discord orbiters told her to not say anything and move on, that the drama is not worth it. But she can't be rational.

No. 877520

Bratty deleted her comment so it's safe to say neither of them plan on apologizing and just pretending it never happened.

No. 877522

Bratty retweeted her and called her cute. Guess she feels bad.

No. 877523

Looooooool Bratty doin a dirty delete too?!? Wow, guys! We got a couple hardcore, badass bitches up in here! Don't fuck with these ladies, am I right!

No. 877526

How about an apology? I bet that's going to make Shay upset because she probably still feels that she did something wrong.
I just find it funny that Bratty was lurking here, JUST to find this girl and bother her.

Shay thinks she's slick, like she probably hated that Bratty actually @'d the girl and asked her straight up about it, because we knew Shay wasn't going too.Shay was just going to vague post her like she always does.

I hope Shay's mad that Bratty's retweeting her.

No. 877527

This cycle is literally insane. She will tell people to not be like this then turn around and be just like that.
If you're not making money, then work harder like all those tweets you posts and rt say Shay. Don't tell people not to fuck with you then go and fuck with outher people. YOURE the one who has to get by on pity scraps. It's going to hurt you more than it will hurt the other person. It gives people more reasons to dislike you. That girl's post got hundreds of views and 25+ shares. That girl is getting boosted, you're getting dumped on. Way to go.

>>877520 It's out there now. They can delete all they want but they fucked with someone nice with a following and it got seen and supported. Like I said, that's what's so stupid, what did they hope to gain when they had the most to lose?

No. 877528

People are negatively attracted to you for two reasons.

1. You are a negative person

2. Maybe it's a sign telling your ass the chump change and humilation isn't worth all of this.

No. 877532


I'm fascinated by the fact that in her 22/23(?) years of life, she has just stumbled upon consequences.

Shay that's not the kind of dumb that's cute, and definitely doesnt go with a femdom, Boss, baby image you're trying to cultivate

No. 877533

then she goes off and retweets how complaining about sales or at fans doesn't help get sales. she does this constantly, saying it's "illegal" for her not to get tipped or bitches when her pix get little interaction. if she spent more time making content and less creating drama and whatnot, she'd be selling more.

your sales are down b/c you don't produce content consistently or get on cam regularly. like she gets all happy when she does sell vids or gets tips but the goes right back to begging and posting caps of every time someone sends her a few bucks acting like they're handing over all the money they made that week.

No. 877534

File: 1570470357974.jpg (33.21 KB, 627x273, djfj.JPG)

Shay LIKED THE POST but didn't say sorry. So did Bratty, If she came at her publically she should apologize publically, I don't want to hear about "I reached out privately" that because Shay can't stand to be a good person.

No. 877535

SF- And she doesn't want to cause attention to what she did, but bitch we have the discord messages, the deleted tweets, and everything.

You fucked with this girl and now you are trying to clean up your mess and pretend it never happened.

If Shay felt she copied her, why would she even care what she had to say?

because shay wanted to cause drama and bother someone better looking them her and doing what she does better. Why not publically apologize?

Just like she wanted Luna to do? This person made ONE picture and Shay got so triggered by it.

No. 877536

File: 1570470609248.jpeg (Spoiler Image,60.03 KB, 597x1060, EBTHZhQXoAcax_g.jpeg)

Hahahah Shayna, stop being mad that this girl can pull off the style you've been try hard-ing at for years now! Salty about the fact this girl doesn't have to cake her face in 20lbs of makeup and played-out eyeliner? Salty she runs her business better than you at the age of fucking 19, you fucking retard? Girl barely posts up nudes and still gets more likes and retweets while Shayna's nearly blown out asshole gets barely a like. I fucking can't hahaha Shay, go take some more heavily filtered pic making that dumb puffer fish face you be making hahaha

No. 877537

and worst part? I bet this girl is going to be done with this shit in like a year, maybe she'll save up to do something bigger, maybe she'll go to school etc.

its been 4 years for Shay. FOUR fucking years of getting worst and worst in every way possible.
No friends, shady men who just want to fuck her, nothing to show for all the pain she's put herself through.

Seriously Shayna, go the fuck home. I don't even find this thread funny anymore, I come here legit disgusted and confused by Shayna.

No. 877540

File: 1570471230548.png (283.33 KB, 595x345, 9a2.png)

Legit tho. Baby Toothache DOES run her business better. The most NSFW shit she has is her tits. If you wanna see her completely nude and fucking herself, you have to PAY for it. Like…ya know..how sex workers are SUPPOSED to do. Shay just posts that shit up for free, and everyone knows it so why pay?! Shayna tryin to act like she OG can girl but doesn't know basic 101 sexworker business practices. Lay off the fucking weed.

No. 877541

Shay stirs up shit and whines about how she's broke, yet hardly puts out new content or does anything worthy of getting money. She barely gets on cam, and hasn't posted anything to her OF since Oct. 3. Bitch is delusional thinking she deserves money for just ~existing~

No. 877542

She’s actually cute, looks her age, knows how to work her target audience and seems like a nice girl. Shay is seething.

No. 877547

"Medium Pinkish" is Only synonymous with Shay I guess? and what set up did they have?

Let me guess, stuffed animals? string lights? Pink shit? you know shit that people who DON'T do sex work sometimes have in their rooms?

I know a fucking YouTuber who has a similar background as that, Guess she's copying Shayna too.

Or the thousands of other sex workers who she got HER Style from.

Shay puts fireworks in her pussy, but there's twitter sex workers who get paid just for flashing a tit or porn stars who get paid more then shay in 2 weeks, in a day from just fucking. Who also maintain dignity and have lives.

Shay, you do the most for nothing and then you do the least for cash. You've been doing this for years and have nothing to show for it. You lost more then what you've gained.

No. 877549

Yeah not to derail about this Baby girl anymore but a few points just to show how washed up Shay is and the difference between someone doing well in SW business and someone struggling and failing like Shay.

1. She retweets other SWers constantly
2. She posts cute/sexy lite lewd photos and maybe a a tits only nude every now and again
(not her full gaping asshole or flashing her vag every other post and tits/ass EVERY post)
3. Has clear prices for her services at the top of her profile
(doesn't constantly do sales because she's scrambling for money, giving her content away, or changing the price from post to post)
4. Posts are about sex things only to entise customers
(Not drama or every stupid little thing that happens or fake stories or venting/complaining or anything personal)
5. Has been doing this for ONE YEAR, seems happy, looks good, seems to be doing good, probably not going to dedicate her life to this
(not since they were underaged and has nothing to show for it, living in filth, begging, looking haggard, binge drinking and smoking weed all the time, refusing to call it quits)
6. Regular interactions, nice following/orbiters, has one account, etc.
7. Has a gimmick and sticks with it - little sub
(doesn't change style or kink/role every other day depending on what will get the most attention/money)
8. Decent face, natural makeup/hair, looks clean, different tasteful attire, takes care of body.

There's probs a lot more, but these are just a few things that really prove that Shay needs to stop. She's hardly better than a crackwhore on the street at this point. Always talks about being a bad bitch and being so pretty and good at her "job" but when you look at any other SWer, you see a shocking contrast to how they run their business and why they aren't begging for rent money or demanding to reimbursed for dinner. Girl had her 15 mins of fame on the tumblr wave.
It's done Shay, it's over. You're bottom of the barrel and only getting older and worse. Your behavior doesn't help.

Anyway, we should probs drop it about the Baby chick and leave her out of this nasty thread lol.

No. 877551

Yea, Toothache kinda looks like peak Bella Thorne before Bella decided to fuck herself up with plastic surgery.
Another thing about Toothache, is she retweets and supports A TON of other SWs. Shayna legit said that SWs have to pay her for her to retweet them. Take notes, Shay (from a teenager which is sad), that's how you're SUPPOSED to support your fellow SWs.

No. 877552

Shayna screeches about positivity and ~supporting other sex workers~ but the SECOND she sees a similarly-captioned-but-superior-in-every-way photoset from another SW, she immediately tries to get them canceled.

remember that littlesativabug (iirc) photoset with the floral-print knife that Shayna saw and immediately ran out to buy a floral knife to copy, but swore up and down it was a coincidence?

she clearly feels threatened by other women and sees everything as a competition. but she's so bad at her job she knows there's no hope for her to "win" by playing fair, so she tries to tear them down with her attack-orbiters instead. all while gaslighting them saying that "I'm a hard-working SPECIAL angel who loves girls and supports everyone and spreads endless positivity!"

the mommy issues are unreal in this one, I'd love to meet her mother and see why Shayna's this bent out of shape about all women now.

lmao this is too accurate. inb4 Shayna tweets that she's going to "change things up and keep more-revealing content exclusive for my onlyfans and paying customers" like she says every month or two

No. 877554

Ok but right before she posted that photoset, she literally had a poll asking her followers what theme her pics should be and majority voted for "bratty" so like… Shay is just that delusional that she really thought this girl saw her nobody nasty ass and thought to copy her fuckin kek

No. 877555

File: 1570472943055.jpeg (432.43 KB, 1125x1280, 91C9EC2B-32AD-4D47-B3A8-C6C418…)

She’s really butthurt about all of this.

No. 877557

you mean how many fake followers you would have purchased?

No. 877560

22K was the most she ever had. The fake follower purchasing decreased each time because she didn't have Dawn or Pixie helping her as much lmao.
As far as real followers that would support you, well, you'd have to be a genuinely nice person Shay.

No. 877561

Yes a big following with the same amount of interaction. The number matters so much to her, it's crazy.

Like yeah you have 15k fake followers and robots, but you get 4 comments and 15 retweets on a good day and thats when you are retweeting the same tweets over and over again.

It bothered her the girl had 30K and looked better then her. That was all.

No. 877562

She’s dumb enough to think that adding up those numbers equals the total number of followers she could have, when in reality they are just the same thirsty losers who were already following her. Only difference is less and less of them care to keep looking for her accounts when there’s much better content from other girls on Twitter.

No. 877565

My life is a joke becuase twitter followers. Her priorities in life are all fucked up. Still no apology to the girl she tried to "Cancel".

Someone who was sorry would'nt just like a post, they'd retweet the picture with a apology.

No. 877567

how dramatic. In a parallel universe we'd have a thread on her instead of Shayna. I wouldn't be surprised if she posted underage nudes or "lewds" just like our flake considering she's only 19 now according to another anon.

also this >>877536 is kinda psychotic, I wonder if its one of the girl's neckbeards? It's always a wild ride when Shayna drags someone else through her trashfire (like dawn and fupa).

No. 877568

That reminds me. Shay said this girl has 30k but in reality she only has 13k on Twitter. What’s up with that?

No. 877569

Ya know I actually thought the milk was going to be a bit dry for a while. She wasnt posting on her new Twitter much and this thread was dead for a day or two. I thought she was finally going to be careful with this account. But bitch just can't help herself to save her life. Back at it again.

No. 877573

it's so weird to see her say "follower counts don't matter, stop caring about the number!!" and then the next day "I deserve to have more followers than this, I could be at 30k too, it's Twitter's fault that people are turned off by my erratic behavior!!!!"

Shayna, how can you look at your life and still think you're someone special to be admired? or that anyone would even want to copy you? you're a cautionary tale of how NOT to be a sex worker, nothing more. living in a dump with two sad animals, alcoholic and burnt out, not taking care of yourself (and it shows), with no ambitions or will to improve.

what's your five-year plan? what's your ONE year plan?

No. 877575

The tweet was obviously sarcastic, she's boring ass hell and doesn't seem to be going down the desperate road as Shayna did and is.

She's literally some chick on twitter actually trying to make money from Twitter Sex work.
We don't know if she did sex work underaged and I doubt someone like this would ever have a thread here.

Funny how you came to nitpick her response to Shayna bothering her and people comparing her to Shayna. But not Shayna.

I admit the fawning is over the top, but thats what Shay gets for bringing some rando to everyone's attention just to bully her.

You kind of sound like an orbiter.

No. 877576

Shayna doesn't even have a one week plan. I doubt she thinks past tomorrow.

No. 877577

Smells like a salty cam girl….

No. 877578


Lol try one hour plan. Maybe she'll have something and then not do it because of ___. Unless its drinking or eating kek

No. 877582

File: 1570475126838.jpg (34.49 KB, 614x365, djd.JPG)

WHO THE FUCK IS AFTER SHAY? TOS? Why do people fall for this, "it's other people's fault" it's like she's a fucking child blaming her imaginary friend for shit she obviously did.

No. 877584

File: 1570475208436.jpg (23.87 KB, 626x221, djdjd.JPG)

No. 877586

File: 1570475318142.jpg (21.78 KB, 610x244, k.JPG)

So Shayna admitted earlier that she was pissed because her accounts being deleted and she tried to cook up some drama, hoping people would feel bad for her and she could steal followers from someone.

Just like she did with the Luna girl.

Shayna thinks she'll go viral for calling people out, you know cancel culture which she "hates"

what a joke.

No. 877587

File: 1570475479942.jpg (37.34 KB, 599x357, dkd.JPG)

No. 877589

Did she ever get pills? Or does she take them?

No. 877596

Stop already. Luna is as or more fucked up. Sick in the head ass bitches

No. 877598

I don't care about Luna, I'm just talking about how Shay starts drama (like she did with the luna chick) to get attention.
PERIOD. Every time her account gets deleted, she gets mad at someone and calls them out, to get her orbiters riled up and to make people pay attention to her.

I don't care to know, want to know or need to know about "Luna" outside of the situation I'm talking about with Shayna.

The other day Shayna was taking her anger out on tumblr on someone.

No. 877599

Shayna has all kinds of issues. Somekind of sociopathy mixed with narcissistic rage lol

No. 877608

How about you get off twitter and go film or get on cam you lazy bitch

No. 877609

I guess “special” is one way to put Shay into words. Just not the special she’s thinking.

No. 877612

File: 1570478649860.jpg (418.43 KB, 1080x1421, Screenshot_20191007-150348_Twi…)

Oh please Shay

No. 877613

It's like she's constantly finding reasons to excuse her behavior so she doesn't have to change.

So is she going to stop smoking weed and drinking? Is she going to seek treatment?


No. 877617

What a cunt retweeting this to justify why she's such an attention seeking bitch. You stir shit up because you have nothing to do with your life. She hates women because she's constantly seeing how they're doing better than her while she has to embarrass herself for 15 seconds of attention. She does all this demeaning shit and she still barely scrapes by. Give up Shay. You're not cut out for SW. You failed. Pack up and move back in with the only daddy that throws pity money at you- your biological father. At least now he knows you really do punch yourself for pennies, so there won't be too much tension in the house.

No. 877619

It really does bother her that so many women, in and out of sex work, can do so little but get so much attention.
Yet Shay has to go to extremes to get attention. Not even like she NEEDS too, she could've gotten an normal job, went to college, maybe kept her generic "all pink barbie" bullshit going and maybe stood out in a way that wasn't, shoving fireworks in her pussy, getting slapped while getting fucked with a pacifier and all the other gross shit she's done.

I wish she knew that she could be special in ways that weren't harming herself. She doesn't have to prove shit to anyone but she badly wants too.

As I said before, If she felt she was "special" then she wouldn't need the validation constantly. She'd value herself. She tells herself this so she can sleep at night.
She wants everyone to know and love her (which is impossible) and being a "Quirky" girl on a campus or at a office isn't enough for her.

So I guess she wants to be the "Quirky" sex worker who ends up in a psych ward or something. I wonder what it'll take for her to realize this shit isn't for her?

No. 877621

Same Anon- Also the whole "Club 27" thing is such dumb basic thinking. I truly feel Shay feels that like celebs who died at that age, that by the time she's that age, she'll be famous or infamous, and when she dies the whole porn world will be shaken.

No. In fact, they'll probably blame porn, drugs and mental illness. It won't be big news, it'll just be, "Man, remember Shayna? She's on the school website? Yeah, she went into porn, was addicted to weed, alcohol and attention and she ended it"

That's really it. It'll affect her family and people who knew her and not in the way she wants it to. It'll just be a story of a lonely girl, who made bad choices and refused to get help.

Hopefully, it never gets to that point.

No. 877630

Luna more fucked up than Shay? That's an interesting take.

No. 877639

But anon we totally want Shay to kill herself right?

Why do all cows think farmers want them to commit suicide when people actively say they don't or and kinda throw out helpful advice.

Hey Shay, it's simple, if you stop being a problematic cunt these threads will die. You're suicidal cos your own life and decisions, not this website.

No. 877640

Seems like she is fully spiralling today, the drama that backfired, the hate she has got from it, and the manic tweeting about followers and how special she is… maybe we will get a proper twitter meltdown today

No. 877648

Shay thinks farmers want her to an hero because she reads the threads and realizes how everything said here is true. How she was privileged and she managed to fuck it up because she wanted to follow a trend on Tumblr. How she almost lives in squalor because she can't manage to do her easy job and get money. How she can't even afford to change her ways because she uses "mah mentul illnuss" to excuse her shit work ethic. How she's so starved for attention, she'll start drama and play victim the whole time. How she needs to buy followers, sell her "porn" for pennies, piss on herself, literally beg strangers for attention to even be noticed. It hits too close to home and realizing this makes her think she's got nothing to live for.

No. 877657

She is an egocentric narcissistic fuckwad though

No. 877659

The photoset in question is from over a year ago when she got her iPhone X and wanted to show it off, she’s posting old photosets from tumblr to gain attention, did that girl even follow her? Probably not, get over it

No. 877660

No ones after shay, sure no one likes her but no one is trying to end her career or sabotage her, there’s a difference, the threads are to discuss how embarrassing and dumb she is lmao, her orbiters are just as delusional as she is

No. 877663

She’s not a trendsetter, her content is the most boring porn I’ve ever seen, she’s literally the least creative person I’ve ever come across, this tweet is so funny to me, it really shows how delusional she is, the dd/lg lifestyle and aesthetic is trendy but it’s not her trend, string lights, stuffed animals and amazon dildos aren’t original, they’re associated with her because it’s in all of her videos. Pull your head out of your ass, shayna

No. 877667

I thought pixie was smart and got her ass away from shay, too bad I was wrong, defending shay gets you nowhere because she’s always in the wrong in these situations

No. 877670

The girls trying to make her feel better in this tweet are right, a lot of sw’s with the dd/lg aesthetic do the whole dad thing, shay just overuses it so she thinks it’s her brand

No. 877672

Shay’s so jealous, this girl is pretty, dresses nicely and is good at makeup, everything shay’s not. She needs to get over herself

No. 877677

Too many people dislike her on twitter for her to ever have a large following, even if she wasn’t getting banned all the time, she’d still be starting shit so her account deleted or not would always be associated with that drama and negativity

No. 877680

She has the nerve to ask, "Why is everything so negative?" because every time something bad happens you act negatively.

No. 877681

You’re so right, she’s like a burning four car pile up in the middle of the highway, it’s tragic and you want to look away or help but you can’t do either

No. 877697

File: 1570489185518.jpeg (Spoiler Image,121.05 KB, 770x685, 65BCD672-32B0-4A2E-999D-52A23F…)

never forget

No. 877700

Ugh god why I wish I could forget

No. 877702

I really hope that doesn’t kill herself but she’s killing herself by continuing to do sex work, she’s not a happy person and it seems like she’s only nice to her oribters to a point, I feel like if one of them were to come to her with something they needed help with that she would be helpful at all, she’s not pleasant, she’s whiny

No. 877703

nope, have we ever seen her jump into their "drama" (If they had or have any) and help them?

All her orbiters are users anyway, just like her. Shay's not happy not because of the "toxic women" but sex work and the consequences that happened ONLY because of Sexwork.

I'm sure Shay may have been a mess in her own regard, but every single scandal down to this very thread is because of SW. I'm starting to think maybe she doesn't have anyone.

But then again, i'm 100% sure her dad won't let her back until she quits and then he'll have to help her clean up her life, while not trying to solve the issues SHay has with her mother.

No. 877706

Is there anyone here who’s been following shay on tumblr for more a little more then two years and remembers when she talked about how she’s herpes positive on there? Not a tinfoil because I remember it very well but not down to exact details, it was an ask that she received, I don’t remember what was asked exactly but her answer was about how she is herpes positive and then added some very half hearted positivity about living with herpes,I always think about that when other anons nitpick about her vag because it really looks like herpes sore near her vag in this, not ingrowns. She posted a screenshot of a video with her vag out in the middle of an outbreak on the same herpes post I think she even made a photoset from that video too

No. 877708

the only mention of Herpes from Shayna I remember is her getting mad because a Sex worker said, "X is the Herpes of (X)" or called something bad "herpes" I can't remember.

No. 877714

Repost because I deleted this and then decided to post it again
Is there anyone here who’s been following shay on tumblr for a little more then two years and remembers when she talked about how she’s herpes positive on there? Not a tinfoil because I remember it very well but not down to exact details, it was an ask that she received, I don’t remember what was asked exactly but her answer was about how she is herpes positive and then added some very half hearted positivity about living with herpes,I always think about that when other anons nitpick about her vag because it really looks like herpes sore near her vag in this, not ingrowns. She posted a screenshot of a video with her vag out in the middle of an outbreak on the same herpes post I think she even made a photoset from that video too

No. 877716

I can't believe she still has this video up for sale, does she have no shame? It's horrendous.

No. 877718

Anon, I vaguely remember her posting that

No. 877720

If Shayna really has posted about being herpes positive before as you say, I'm surprised farmers in this thread have managed to forget that even though we all generally suspect something is not right with her genitals

No. 877723

File: 1570493707536.jpg (533.93 KB, 1080x1674, Screenshot_20191007-184715_Chr…)

Didn't see anyone post these, thought it was interesting because Shayna HAS charged people for retweets?

No. 877724

File: 1570493762260.jpg (523.2 KB, 1080x1482, Screenshot_20191007-184951_Chr…)

And more shit talking her mom.

No. 877726

shay has fucking charged people for retweets with her small as interaction and fake followers is she serious?

No. 877727

I'm sure thats not all she said and adults CAN outgrow being bipolar, Shay was probably fucking using it to excuse her fucked life choices.

I guess her dad's side is all fine, no drama no issues, but her mom's side (the fact her mom lost her parents as a child and Shayna constantly treats her mom like dirt) is the scum of the earth?

And Also Shay's doing not ONE thing to solve being Bipolar, she doesn't take her medicine and probably drinks and smokes while on them

She doesn't take it seriously so why should her mother? Who she called all types of names?

No. 877729

SF- Also, Why is she armchair diagnosing her mom's side?

I believe without a doubt, that not only did Shay make her mom a villain but so did her dad, she acts EXACTLY like a child who had a parent who was always excusing her and blaming other parent.

I would NOT be surprised if her dad blamed her mom for divorce, blamed her mom for Shayna having to be a big sister etc.

If her mom's side is mentally ill shouldn't Shay be more sympathetic? instead of getting upset that mentally ill people have trouble getting help?

Especially since as a mentally ill person, she struggles every day?

No. 877731

File: 1570495188815.jpg (Spoiler Image,463.91 KB, 1080x1041, Screenshot_20191007-193752_Twi…)


When will she introduce this person?

No. 877733

File: 1570495227082.png (1.72 MB, 2048x1464, Screenshot_20191007-203929.png)

Collared my ass, she has no respect for BDSM. If you want to use it as an aesthetic, fine, but don't pretend like you respect collaring or BDSM.

No. 877735

collaring doesn't happen after a few play sessions, but go off with your Amazon bought $10 collar, Shay

No. 877736

Do u mean outgrow the traits of borderline, anon? Not to nitpick, bipolar is an organic disorder so while you can definitely learn to cope, I wouldn’t say growing out of it is possible

Shay is still retarded regardless and this fishing for sympathy points with her boo hoo bipolar ~diagnosis is pathetic

No. 877737

File: 1570495371112.jpg (858.22 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20191007-193805_Twi…)


When did she take this? I thought one of her paddles broke? But all of them are on the wall

No. 877738

Also, this collar isn't new. She's had it for a while and has pictures wearing it

No. 877739

BPD is a personality disorder, you can't outgrow that. BPD behaviors/symptoms can be similar to what happens (emotionally) during puberty though, if that's what you mean by "grow out" of it.

No. 877740

File: 1570495449566.jpg (Spoiler Image,755.4 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20191007-193801_Twi…)


No. 877741

Yes, I meant. Sorry I wasn't clear.

No. 877742

Unless she has two of that one on the bottom, then she is a liar (shocker) Also good catch Anon.

No. 877743

She used a old collar and is pretending that some "Dude' put it on her. She's such a liar and I wish she'd give that ugly shirt a rest, it looks small.

No. 877744

I was wondering about this too. So does she have 2 of that paddle or is her dumb ass keeping it and just flipped it over so the cracked side is against the wall?? Lmao

No. 877745

No. 877746

Lol she slightly cleaned up her background

No. 877748


because she's not into BDSM, she's into whatever she can do to keep a "man" around and get attention, off and online.

Ask me? She meets weirdos who she lets beat her ass, there's no rules, nothing, just creeps who meet a girl willing to let them do anything and want to do whatever they can before they get bored with her, or Shay gets too clingy.

No. 877749

Nah she just made it hella cluttered. The wall has way too much going on it's almost a fire hazard. Her table is covered in cheap crap. Her day bed still has nasty faded pillows on them that she probs still hasnt washed since she rubbed her nasty vag on them.

She probs posted this because we saw that Babytoothache girls room set up and it was cute and tastefully done unlike Shays "living room" sad ass set up.

No. 877750


I should've said, "She moved shit from one place and hung it on the wall"

No. 877752

i think she just sits alone in her sad dirty apartment thinking these scenarios up

No. 877757

File: 1570497465929.jpg (206.59 KB, 1080x865, Screenshot_20191007-201710_Twi…)


No. 877760

File: 1570497739598.jpg (535.85 KB, 1077x1188, Screenshot_20191007-202124_Chr…)

So she's dating herself?

No. 877762

Eternity collar or nothing you vanilla bitch. Thought you were uwu hardcore kinky trend setter. Why you wearing $10 fake leather amazon shit that is already going out of style kek

No. 877764

I was about to say the same thing. The LENGTHS she's going to. I bet you just bought those in a 2 pack on Amazon for yourself

No. 877765

I thought she was a princess findom 2 days ago…. I get being performative and stuff for money but Shes just all over the damn place.

secretly hoping it’s a real person and another dumpster fire human that we can see some milk from. Or she really is lying. I feel like if it were a real person she definitely would have made real content with them already (not pics of fake facials and broken paddles)

No. 877767

Obviously, I don’t know the context or tone of that conversation she had with her mother but it sounds like her mom was trying to support her with her bipolar diagnosis but doesn't know how, it also sounds like her mother comes from the generation of adults who don’t know how to deal with mental illness but like I said that’s her generation as in a lot of people who are the children of baby boomers and gen x deal with this issue so it’s not something she should single out her mom for

No. 877769

What a tacky collar, she already has these and has worn them before, which makes it sad that she’s trying to play it off as the collar that her “play partner” gave her, if there is a play partner, he would of gotten her a new collar to make it special, not some cheap spiked crap she already has

No. 877770

kinda hope someone posts the pictures of her wearing/buying them from tumblr on these bc its wild how shes playing it off like its "the boy"

No. 877771

File: 1570499441558.jpg (760.35 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20191007-205030_Ins…)

Here she is already wearing that collar before

No. 877772

File: 1570499543978.jpg (266.02 KB, 1080x1108, Screenshot_20191007-205214_Twi…)

eyes roll to the back of my head

No. 877773

Being collared means that you’re in a steady relationship, a Friday fuck isn’t steady, it’s being used, wannabe kinky bitch

No. 877774

They don't look alike?? I don't doubt she already had them but this is not the same.

No. 877775

Her new one has spikes, this one doesn’t.

No. 877776

File: 1570499755101.jpeg (583.99 KB, 750x1049, 8E782DFB-C426-4C53-B7DE-D978A4…)

The stuffed animals bags against the fairy lights is such a fire hazard, yikes

No. 877784

yesss I don't believe there's a real person, even just based on this picture >>877771 of her alone in the same bathroom where fupa went with that blue-haired woman. she's petty enough that she would have taken pictures with someone else if she had someone there. but I would definitely welcome a new saga with another TumblrDom nasty boyfriend she's found. just hope she doesn't get killed

Imagine walking into an apartment full of trash and clothing and weed stench but there's this terrifying pink-sex-toy-decorated child's bed in the corner. with a young dog waiting to come inside from the tiny patio and a cat that hides 24/7. and a half-naked woman drunk and high off her ass being really fucking weird about just existing in front of you

No. 877786

LMFAO WAIT SHES ACTUALLY GOING WITH THIS?? She really gonna act like it's real and that she's in an actual kink relationship with this random creep that may or may not exist?? Good GOD. It's just the flavor of the week with her trying to score internet points and do whatever gets her attention.

No. 877787

This one would be better but it's still just one that comes with the beginner bondage set she bought forever ago that includes cheap rope and paddles and a blindfold and shit.

These other two are cheap fashion collars. The pink spike one is tacky as hell. If a dude really did get those for her he's a broke ass moron. But it's more her tacky taste that she probs spent her Amazon cards on. It's just such a poser thing though. Like other anon said, being collared means y'all are serious. I'm not even heavy into the kink but this bitch is so dumb it hurts.

No. 877788

These are both old and she's worn them before. Plus collaring is a pretty big thing in the BDSM community, it's not done after a few dates.

No. 877789

I get why she wouldn't want to reveal him after the Fupa saga. And maybe he doesn't want to be public either because shes just a Friday night fuck lmao. But I'm only going to believe it if theres pics with the dudes hand or her wearing his shirt or something. After this year I fully believe she's off her rock enough to carry this sad charade when it's really just her being mental alone.

No. 877791

File: 1570502672302.png (1.67 MB, 2048x1543, Screenshot_20191007-224416.png)

you're an embarrassment to the BDSM community you greasy cunt

No. 877792

Kek the hole paddle is the one that was “broken on her ass”. Can’t not lie eh Shay? Ps no it wasn’t, you barely have marks Shay. If it did break that way it was from improper handling and being cheap.

No. 877793

Lol at her trying to "discretely" show off that hickey/welt on her shoulder neck area. Also really rubbing in the collar thing now because it got a reaction.

No. 877794

You can tell these must've just come from amazon or wherever she ordered them.
Also, it's funny that I'm positive she brought these herself, even if she is with someone, we know she brought these for them.

Which is fucking sorry, lol. I sense a picture of her on a leash with a mysterious hand.

No. 877796

Her eyes are so dead.

No. 877797

I think her eyeliner may actually be touching her brows today.

No. 877808

File: 1570505180640.jpg (244.21 KB, 1080x1397, Screenshot_20191007_232554.jpg)

Yeah… No thanks

No. 877810

she looks like a fucking toad

No. 877812

she allwys looks so sad

No. 877820

The craters around her eyes…Jesus christ Shay drink some fucking water for a change.

No. 877832

File: 1570510316050.jpeg (442.07 KB, 1125x1320, 3811E94B-39A2-40B8-A2F6-8671C4…)

She’s really trying to milk this one for all it’s worth.

No. 877834

Which means she’s trying to sell something that isn’t really there. Who’s she trying to convince?

No. 877839

Us because we were just speculating that she wasn't in an actual bdsm relationship but that it was just her or some abusive sack of shit lol

No. 877843

I guarantee she was just using "collared" to mean "wearing a collar," with no understanding of what it actually means in the BDSM community, and when people started congratulating her she backpedaled so she wouldn't look like an idiot for not knowing what collaring meant.

an actual collar is only supposed to be put on/removed by your partner, or with their permission. It should be something high quality that can stand up to being worn every day. These are going to fall apart within a week.

No. 877844

File: 1570517985141.jpg (28.3 KB, 794x596, il_794xN.2012204541_skv8.jpg)

She got them both from the same etsy seller, 8thsincreations, for $15 and $17 dollars respectively.


https://www.etsy.com/listing/625816570/purple-bound-heart-ring-choker-purple?ref=shop_home_active_36 (there was no listing for a black one but it's obviously this same design)

No. 877846

I knew something was off when she said that he got her two collars supposedly, like why should a collar match your outfit if this guy is obviously doing what it takes to get you naked? But as mentioned before I’ll only believe that there is someone until there’s direct proof like a hand or something

No. 877848

Collaring is a big deal some people regard it as a marriage type of commitment, she’s embarrassing herself by being unaware of this

No. 877849

Shay will probably show a hand, but I still don't believe the person she's with knows more about this shit then she does. Could be someone just going along with this dumb bitch just to fuck her.

Shay brought the collars, they must've just came today, she got dressed and put them on to take pictures. I bet on friday, she'll have some pictures when he comes for his weekly fuck.

Probably a loser like Fupa, happy to have someone to fuck and beat up on. Doesn't care about rules or anything.

Just taking advantage of a high idiot.

No. 877852

Yeah that's why I thought it was extra dumb she said she has two to interchange. She's not supposed to be taking a collar off. Its meant to be a commitment. So I guess when she forgets in the next day or two and we see pics of her without it, it'll prove she's a phony and a retard. The pink one is just so bad. No one is sleeping and whatnot in a fucking spiked collar.

No. 877856

can you all bdsmfags stop gatekeeping, wearing a collar wrongly isn't milk lol. Milk would be showing that ~dom~ of hers… knowing her bragging self, even if the guy was private she would totally post pics for example of his hands on her or something. I agree that he's most likely made up - will be super fun when this somehow gets proved

No. 877857

Exactly, being an uwu real bdsm kinkster is just as embarrassing as being like Shay.

No. 877861


why are y'all rooting for this pedobaiting woman?

no one find it creepy how doesn't even look 19 and dresses like a fucking 8 year old?

yeah she's such a successful businesswoman, making money by further normalising the sexualisation of what children look like, and things associated with children.

go her! so much BETTER than shayna, who tries the same but is just too ugly to actually pull it off!

y'all been drinking wood varnish?

>inb4 ur just a jelly shaynasty whiteknight

No. 877871

I think it's more that anons knew it would get under Shayna's skin. This was a prime example of Shay being jealous of girls that are smaller, prettier, and skinnier than her, as she's admitted to before.

No. 877882

No one's saying she's a "successful business woman", my dude. Just that she runs her business better than Shay. It was just VERY obvious Shay was hating on a younger and prettier girl. Also, this is old milk and just derailing. Move already, Anon.

No. 877888

Not really, being embarrassing is trying to embarrass others, they were just trying to explain what she was doing wrong

No. 877889

“ uwu real bdsm kinkster” y’all vanilla’s think you’re so tough lmao

No. 877892

Not those "vanillas" you're replying to, but being into BDSM doesn't automatically make you tough just as being vanilla doesn't make you a weak pussy. FUPA couldn't even take some online hate and I have no doubt he's into some kinky shit.

On that note, I doubt she's with anyone, but it would be more entertaining if she were. Worse for her mental health, but she gives no fuck. Do you think she's above having some orbiter pretend they're her dom?

No. 877893

Sexual taste doesn’t make anyone tough, That’s not my point but derailing with trying to embarrass others for being kinky is stupid, just move on

No. 877894

"Them"? Not "he?"

No. 877895

the chokers methinks

No. 877904

File: 1570542094463.jpg (325.31 KB, 1080x1464, Screenshot_20191008-084120_Twi…)

Sure shayna, that's what it is.

No. 877905

Fupa got himself doxxed because he loved the fucking attention. He used you for popularity, Shay, stop blaming us for his and your downfall.

No. 877906

lol fupa loved every minute of attention tho

No. 877907

also – they don't have to show their faces at all, lol…

No. 877908

LOL OK but Fupa doxxed himself with his 'I'm Anthony perkins nephew' bullshit. Also because he showed his face as well as having a cringy tumblr.

No. 877909

fupa also shit talked you afterwards, not even about Lc

No. 877910

maybe he should have kept his crusty ski mask on

No. 877911

Knowing Shayna she won't be able to help herself in "Proving" her new "dom" and will show him off eventually or at least parts of him. Don't worry guys, the milk will flow soon enough.

No. 877914

I can’t belive anyone would even touch her this bitch is nasty

No. 877915

there are a lot of desperate, nasty men out there

No. 877916

sorry, should have clarified, IF he exists kek

No. 877919

The only reason Id believe shes seeing someone is because im pretty sure thats a hickey on her neck. With that being said, I 100% dont think its a new boy and absolutely believe its still fupa.

No. 877920

Exactly what I was thinking. It’s happened before when she tried acting like she wasn’t seeing him anymore and some tulsa anon caught them standing in some line together.

No. 877924

Lol Is this the guy that came in her asshole? This guy legit looked down while fucking her and saw all those zits all over her ass and thought she was worthy enough to be collared? Ohhhh myyyy. He must be as greasy and nasty as she is. She basically already lives in a man cave so… congrats, dude. You collared a chick that can't separate her sex work life from real life. Wow, such a prize.

No. 877925

Yeah especially if it's for content like the person asked her or for her "I'm such a ~bdsm bby~" pics. Definitely don't need to show a face. Tbh I think even orbiters and shit would try to figure out who he is. Not just her "hayturz". But no one will really know if she doesn't post his name or social media names.

He's either not real or one/both of them are too embarrassed of the other to post with each other kek. I feel like if he exists they're not serious like she's pretending. Shes the Friday night fuck so he wouldn't want to post with her.

No. 877929

No one full doxxed him? He gave away his own name and people only wanted to know what city he lived in because Shay was moving to/living with him. They were public as shit about every nasty thing lmao.
Then the ex wife found out. But no one tipped her, that was her own shit and since they were posting all their gross shit, yeah she saw it.

I don't think anyone contacted his family?? He talked about his sister being a junkie or something and being related to Anthony Perkins. It's a rule that we don't involve family members.

Stop making excuses Shay. He real or nah? Pics or it didn't happen.
Even your orbiters are curious.
Just be smart about it and don't show his face or social media.

No. 877930

People did go and contact the ex wife just saying

No. 877934

What in the fuck is this retard trying to say with that second tweet? I thought I was having a stroke while reading it. Also, this is grand coming from the pathetic failure that used to charge $100 to "give advice" to other sex workers.

I wholeheartedly agree with this, specially because in the post she bitched about being a big sister, she basically crucified her mom for going back to work, so I wouldn't be surprised if she blamed her mom for everything and her dad egged her on. It's tinfoil, but if true, he deserves the monster he created.

She truly chose the absolute worst aesthetic for herself, she looks so gross and washed out in light colors (even fatter).

Drinking water isn't gonna help those, only fillers would.

I wish the Tulsa anon who spotted Shayna and Fupa ended up stumbling upon Shayna and the new possibly fake dom, kek.

Yup. Someone did tip the wife.

No. 877935

It’s so obvious that it’s fupa since “Friday date night” is still and has always been a thing since she’s been in Tulsa

No. 877938

Ah ok my bad. I couldn't remember. I mean I think she would have found out anyway so it's a shame someone did that. But like that's not his family lol. Its an angry ex.
Maybe she shouldn't hook up with 30 year olds that have kids from a previous relationship lmao.

But again, no one contacted his family. That would be weird. They're both adults lol no one is going to tell on them to their parents kek

No. 877940

File: 1570548931952.png (68.57 KB, 582x305, Screen Shot 2019-10-08 at 11.3…)

She's claiming that other people are responsible for breaking her and Fupa up. It's amazing how it's always someone else's fault. I'm pretty sure she's still with Fupa though.

No. 877941

File: 1570548953918.png (930.82 KB, 2048x1785, Screenshot_20191008-110016.png)

It's all the haters fault guys, it wasn't her being a lazy slob and expecting to get pampered 24/7 while not working, of course not.

No. 877943

Fupa talked about how he was "Gaslit" didn't even talk about the Doxxing shit when he was calling her ass useless.

Fupa got with you to use you, make a fool of you. She's a dumb ass if she felt this was going ANYWHERE.

Just the type of dumbass a gross 30 year old man, going through high school again, needed.

Fupa played part in flaunting himself, so the internet made big bad gun toting Fupa scared? The same place he met you?

She's such a liar

No. 877944

shay: "i wanted to show them off and people couldn't handle it so they broke us up uwu"
fupa: "bitch lied and misled me"

why the fuck is she so devoid of self respect? like she's willing to lower herself or lie for the kind of man who'd leave her alone all the fucking time and toss some pennies when he wanted a friday fuck? jesus christ shayna

No. 877945

If fupa was a woman Shay would've be sending her orbiters to her social media. She's a fucking pick me. She's not bisexual, no, she hates women, and lets men do whatever to her because she's a dumb bitch with mommy and daddy issues.

No. 877946

She's with someone but she's still begging for money for things when she's WITH HIM on the Friday or Saturday trips. Even if she's scamming it comes off sad.

It's either a young abusive asshole or an old one. Either way, he's using her mentally ill, addicted ass for sex because she's a vulnerable pick me. Who has no respect for herself.

Also, what did Fupa think? That his ex was going to let a bitch bragging about wanting stealing her kids money around her kids? I have no doubt that one of the reasons why they broke up.

I don't think Fupa planned on letting her see his kids anyway.

No. 877953

Shayna isn't vulnerable, at this point she knows exactly what she's getting herself into. It's not like she's naive and needs to be protected. She's 100% a pick me ass bitch who will do anything to seen appealing to any man. She'd let a dude roofie her drink if it meant she'd get attention. She just has no self awareness and refuses to take accountability for any of her behaviors, especially ones that harm her. She just wants to blame it on everyone else.

No. 877957

She seems like a person that would roofie her own drink just so she could have a sob story to tell in the morning.

No. 877959

I could 100% see Shayna fucking with Onion that'd be the fucking MILK of the century lol.

No. 877964

File: 1570553158974.png (1.79 MB, 1125x2436, 51B771E4-FD3C-413E-B6AB-23FC95…)

She fucked up and forgot to block the username on this one

No. 877966

"draining wallet" Yeah, I'm sure the $50 this dude is giving you is "draining him"

Imagine being a sex worker and the only thing men pay for is meals and nails, things the dude whose cumming in your ass, probably giving you STD/STI won't even do.

I wonder if this dude, knows that for free he could probably fuck Shay if he acts nice enough.

No. 877967

>thank you so much microcock pig

Rofl. Is that supposed to be humiliating or something?

No. 877971

I really wonder whose impressed by this? It has to be teenage girls because I know female twitch streamers, who just get on camera and dance and make what Shayna makes in 2 weeks in one day.

No. 877977

What a dumbass. You don't thank subs for serving their purpose. She's such a pathetic wannabe Dom.

No. 877980

Last time she was on cam, she said she had to stop getting her nails done because her thumbnail literally fell off. Does this girl ever learn??

No. 877985

She's like on her 20th social media, and goes through the same thing every month, so no, lol.

No. 878004

There are plenty of Doms/Dommes that thank their subs. I agree that she is a pathetic wannabe and doesn't know how to be a Domme at all but this is a weird nitpick.

No. 878010

File: 1570560475917.png (1.85 MB, 750x1334, 46B68195-2D0D-4FC5-89A9-0ABEE5…)

Why the fuck is she reblogging this shit
Shay, you’re not edgy popping pills and shit that is the last thing you should be doing

No. 878012

Posts this- >>877612

but then is like "uwu drugs"

No. 878015

I would not be surprised if she has a xanax rx from her doctor and has been popping them. Anons keep saying she looks dead in the eyes

No. 878016

Glamourizing drugs while asking for people to have sympathy for her.

No. 878019

>thinking powerleveling bdsm faggotry won't be ridiculed in this thread
Imagine being this new… Love how I can tell immediately that yall weren't even here for the Fupa saga

No. 878029

Every time shay starts shit with SWrs on Twitter, a bunch of newfag gatekeeping cam girls come here to school us all. Literally no one fucking cares. Just laugh at shay and how bad she is at her job and life.

No. 878032

If she's mixing alcohol and benzos she's dumber than I thought

No. 878035

That diet was fun for literally one week tho huh?? Checked the gym out once. Drank creatine that one time. Really put that $200 spent to get get healthy to great use! The 3 powders, work out attire, gym fee, groceries, etc.
And not another word spoken about it. Lost in the void of her previous account kek.

No. 878041

She doesn't stick to any phase she tries.

Remember when she watched WWE for 2 days and bought the network lel. She's prob forgot to cancel and is forking 9.99 a month for something she doesn't use

No. 878045

she said on cam that she got press on nails for her clown vid too. imagine her scamming someone out of $60 for some $8 press ons kek

No. 878047

File: 1570566786936.jpg (355.76 KB, 1536x2048, IMG_20191008_213238.jpg)

And here they are

No. 878048

lmao, they look so tacky and cheap

No. 878049

File: 1570567392919.jpg (232.66 KB, 1080x1845, Screenshot_20191008-214137_Ins…)

I'm thinking this is where she goes. I don't seen here but I see some almost identical to ones what Shay has had previously

No. 878057

>I don't seen here

Christ what am I on

No. 878059

It was low key a good thing that somebody tipped the mom, he told her that shay was a graphic designer so he could still have the kids at his place while shayna was there

No. 878062

Let's be honest, we knew the gym thing would be a passing phase too. Why go to the gym when you can accompany that greasy food with cheap wine? Kek. Don't think she'll every care about her body (a product of public consumption, as weird as it is to say) until she gets into an anachan phase where she'll vague post about starving. Why to waste her money though. Not like it's a new concept for her.

No. 878064

It wasn't their place to tell her but like I said, they're dumbasses so it's not like she wouldn't have found out about their bs eventually. Fupa choosing his kids over her was only half the reason he distanced himself from her anyway. She's just delusional and wants to make excuses to not have to show she's seeing someone real.

He posted all his own nasty chode and fetish shit himself lol. No one outed him more than himself.

No. 878066

It was so funny how he was trying so hard to gain popularity on a dying platform

No. 878067

She’s greasier than usual in these. She looks smelly

No. 878070

Her little ass suited her back then because she looks kinda toned. Now, everything grew on her except her ass lol

No. 878084

File: 1570577693121.jpg (196.91 KB, 1080x1024, Screenshot_20191008-183454_Twi…)

No. 878093

File: 1570582306363.jpg (205.31 KB, 1080x773, Screenshot_20191008-195127_Twi…)

Says the girl who sends nudes in order for people to buy things for her

No. 878094

Is her Twitter gone? It's saying it doesn't exist for me. I was just looking at it an hour ago.

No. 878095

When I go to it it says cannot load tweets. Fucking KEK

No. 878098

its gone 3 2 1 …..snap meltdown

No. 878099

File: 1570583400646.jpg (47.11 KB, 860x346, Capture.JPG)

No. 878100

clicked her page from google got this

No. 878101

File: 1570583440883.jpeg (579.47 KB, 1125x1384, 4FEEB73C-BFD6-45BD-AFAD-E69B87…)

Same for me kek

No. 878104

File: 1570583919170.png (64.88 KB, 530x412, Screen Shot 2019-10-08 at 9.18…)

Much sad

No. 878105

guess shes going to start drama

No. 878106

She's sad she won't be making it to 1k after she's been buying 100 followers a day :(((

No. 878109

File: 1570584979460.png (26.41 KB, 442x123, Screen Shot 2019-10-08 at 9.35…)

what about… being active on MFC and mv???

No. 878110

No. 878112

Big doubt. She'll probably try again instead of just stop wasting everyone's time

No. 878115

I know it's mainly because she's ban evading, but it would be really funny if it was orbiters of that girl she was harassing the other day reporting her.
Either way, that's what she gets for starting drama for no reason and being a hypocrite lmao.
Like we always say, if she just cammed regularly and focused on content, promoting on her discord or adult websites. She can use her fan twitter page and tumblr even to post schedules. But then she can't post the same 5 tweets she wishes will go viral, bitch and complain, get into drama, and poor girl flex every time someone sends her $15.

No. 878122

File: 1570587737809.png (632.53 KB, 1806x2048, Screenshot_20191008-192135.png)

Kek she was begging someone to buy her weed in her discord earlier

No. 878123

Can any of the lucky anons drop an invite to her discord/server??
Sis never updated it despite wanting her 'customers' to have a place where to find her

No. 878126

File: 1570588660988.png (96.63 KB, 700x467, Screen Shot 2019-10-08 at 10.3…)

She should get a job at amazon since she like it so much!!

No. 878128

Her dollymattelSTAN "fanpage" on twitter has the invite.

No. 878130

File: 1570589970404.png (213.94 KB, 571x1796, Screenshot_20191008-195722~2.p…)

Kek she's talking about joining reddit now, please do it Shay, they'll eat you alive

No. 878131

File: 1570589991821.png (491.04 KB, 651x2048, Screenshot_20191008-195731.png)


No. 878132

>dont get quit sex work and get a boring , regular job

these sex workers are truly braindead.

No. 878134

>my boyfriend doesn’t allow me on reddit
Lmao who are these people

No. 878142

"what would you even do though"
tfw even your asslickers know you're literally incapable of functioning on a normal basis in regular society kek

can someone explain this "budtender" shit to me because it's creeping me the fuck out

No. 878143

These girls gotta get backbones and not let their BF's control them.

No. 878144

It’s just a cheeseass weed dispensary version of bartender

No. 878145

that is a sad spiderweb. bet they'll be partially grown out by the time she actually makes the video.

>running my own business
literally where, she posts videos on other sites and just links them. then there was that one time she collabed with someone to put her face on shirts no one bought.

No. 878146

whoa. thank you anon! i thought the dude was shayna's natural consequence for pedobaiting lol

No. 878160

The seed of quiting is on her mind. Kek Shayna, go work at a dispensary. Maybe you can even be trained to work in a green house. Or a sex shop. Those are pretty ~cool girl~ jobs that probably won't care about your rashy asshole on the internet.

No. 878162

I remember an anon saying that one day her eyebrows and eyeliner were going to meet and it looks like that day has finally come. Far sooner than I thought it would lol

No. 878168

hope she does come to reddit, she'll have a r/trashy post in a mintue

No. 878169

"boring regular job" she must have fucking children in her server.

also,maybe strip? but Shay's too fucking lazy and would get her ass beat the first day or quit because she'll be jealous of the other girls and attempt drama.

plus she can't dance

No. 878171

I feel like she would get eaten up by other dancers/drama. Not to mention she is terrible at sales which is basically what stripping is

No. 878173

now i can't stop thinking about shay making these >>875403 faces while stripping at the pole and i am SENT

No. 878178

she'd probably try to bring that pedo pandering shit there and they'd kick her ass out.

In fact, Shayna would last one night, probably break some rules, barely dance, have asscne and then whine about how, "toxic women" are and who they were jealous of her.

She may even bring up tumblr or pretend she is famous on the internet.

No. 878179

She's too lazy to do that. Thats too "regular"

I'm still shaking my head at the dumb bitches who are supposed to be "fans" and would rather watch her fail, fail and fail again, then her actually find a stable job.

It's not like she could'nt work a day job and sell nudes on the side for extra money.

These dumb bitches are half the reason why Shay's so mentally fucked, no one tells her to ever try anything new, it's always some ass kissing and back patting around the harsh truth.

Just like the "I'm special" shit she falls back on.Whenever someone says the obvious they are haters and want to see her fail.

but people telling her to legit keep going are truly laughing at her ass and/or as dumb as her.

No. 878180

I was going to comment she should strip. But then I remembered how much shay hates putting in effort, hates other women, and she dances like a broken flailing-arm-tube-man. Stripping/dancing requires a lot of energy and strength. And Shay got winded on the treadmill after 15 minutes.

She would be better off as a budtender or a bartender. But again- those jobs require effort.

No. 878182

It'd be so fucking good for her to just do that, she could dress tacky, meet people and just live a normal fucking life and STILL doesn't have to quit porn.

it's like it's all or nothing with her and pure laziness.

She's also NOT special,not in the way she thinks. It's not like people where she live thinks she's a celebrity or some shit.

She seems like she hides she does porn, maybe not to men who may think it's "Cool" because they want to fuck her.

She's not special online and since she wants to be special so bad, maybe if she worked somewhere, she could bring that pinky tacky shit to the workplace, then she'd stand out in an small enviroment and not be hurting herself.

No. 878184

she also has 0 work experience other than that month she spent at Olive Garden before she walked out. highly coveted dispensary jobs are gonna be given to more qualified people every time

No. 878189

She's entitled as well. She's literally that basic white girl that thinks she's too "good' to work a regular job and would be asked to do something normal and then throw a fit.

No. 878197

I find it funny that Shayna brags about wanting a man to take care of her, but meets dudes who either promise her that and can't/don't want too, or just don't take her seriously. Like she meets everyday dudes with normal jobs, or probably losers who can offer her nothing.

(why take care of her, when you can fuck her all you want and go on about your business for free)

Shay's constantly settling in life, but then has these moments of, "I'm a bad bitch, Oh I'm a real-life princess, I love my life and JOB!"

No. 878222

Just makes me think back on when she recently retweeted some post that sadbuffoon girl made about how she sometimes wishes she could have a regular job like everyone else. And that people are sooo lucky that they get to go to work for eight hours and space out/do nothing until they go home and get a "easy" paycheck. Like, how out of touch can you be? kek.

Working a counter at a sex shop isn't an awful idea, it's basic retail and probably requires little to no skills. But she's also dumb as a rock and doesn't take care of her toys or know how to use lube, so there's that.

Imagine being as old of her with zero skills and zero experience. Also googling her legal name links back to all of her various lolcow threads, on the very first page of the search.

No. 878228

shay is just so pissed because this girl pulled this off so much better than she did. she has nice makeup, a cute face, doesn’t have those nasty talons on and actually seems like a nice person. also it’s funny how her prices for snapchat are so much lower than shaynas?

No. 878232

>running my own business
inb4 Shay gets sucked into an mlm from being in the middle of buttfuck nowhere and having no concept of what running a business really is

No. 878248

The girl who doesn’t inhale is not going to get hired at a dispensary

No. 878250

“Universal supplier of happy times” lmao the bipolar depressed bitch will never bring true happiness to anyone

No. 878263

exactly!!! she'd be lucky to land and pass an interview in a mall retail store. she really doesn't have anything to offer. teen girls in high school have more to offer.

No. 878266

The only happiness she can bring is to people who haven't fucked up the way she has. fuck man, imagine living her trainwreck of a life, that's enough to make anyone feel better about their situation

No. 878268

Her Twitter is back up.

No. 878271

File: 1570630626956.png (1.25 MB, 1312x2048, Screenshot_20191009-071644.png)

Her Twitter is back and only has 9 followers k3k

No. 878274

File: 1570631234474.png (185.11 KB, 763x1573, Screenshot_20191009-072542~2.p…)

No. 878275

File: 1570631266277.png (1.06 MB, 982x2048, Screenshot_20191009-072557.png)

No. 878276

They probably deleted all of her bots.

No. 878277

Did some creepin on Fupa's facebook and saw he deleted the comments about Shay gaslighting him. kek. He's been lurking here.

No. 878279


Now I feel like this new guy is just fupa

No. 878282

Dammit the count went back up

No. 878290

File: 1570634921273.jpg (20.9 KB, 581x246, Capture.JPG)

No. 878293

File: 1570635074466.jpg (51.8 KB, 574x469, fhfh.JPG)

No. 878294

File: 1570635100850.jpg (17.74 KB, 578x172, vv.JPG)

No. 878295

She's already deleted this one. Did you see what the outcome was?

No. 878297

it's on the stan account, it's still up. I love how it's timed for 6 days.

No. 878327

File: 1570642126043.jpg (43.71 KB, 589x349, Capture.JPG)

You can tell that even if Shay's close to a MRA, she's so used to be treating like shit from men, that the smallest acts of kindness given to her from a man always amazes her.

Or she just feels everyone's out to get her or jealous.

No. 878328

File: 1570642194892.jpg (34.01 KB, 592x486, jdjd.JPG)

No. 878329

"unexpected" Lol. I thought she was so spoiled and people sent paychecks?

No. 878330

All the things to get her by for a while. Lmao as in the next week or two if that before shes back to begging and being depressed

No. 878331

I imagine if her twitter was deleted she'd be whining about mental health and starting drama.

No. 878333

I guess the gym is like Twitch, somethings she's too lazy to do.

No. 878340

B-b-but anon!!!11 they dooo send their whole paychecks to her and shower her in wealth like the ethereal goddess she knows she is! You know her splenda daddies can only steal a few 10s out of their moms wallets a month, cut them a break, shit anon! You’re just jealous that she’s spoiled by panhandlers!!1

No. 878349

File: 1570644763538.jpg (101.34 KB, 720x439, 20191009_111151.jpg)

Again, she always says she's editing multiple things, but like where??? What vids?? Her editing is the lowest tier splicing ever and that's all she does. Why isnt she posting more than one vid a month??

Also how long has she been talking about this fucking clown video?? People get bored of waiting and stop caring Shay, it doesn't build hype. Just put it out or don't. Dudes will move on and jack it to something else.

No. 878350

psst, this has already been posted anon

No. 878351

My bad, missed that

No. 878352

She's also said multiple times in recent weeks about making a schedule and never has

No. 878356

This was already posted but yeah. She'll be begging for a "weed daddy" once the weekend is over.
Will we see the return of the 7 day diet since she actually bought a few bags of groceries?
Inb4 she goes out shopping thinking she earned it/deserves it and don't forget Friday Fuck Night is approaching plus a weekend of binge drinking and $45 dinners which brings us another week closer to the next month when rent and Bill's are due kek no money management whatsoever.

No. 878357

Right? You'd think she'd be embarrassed to post a cam schedule since she only ends up making it to one night, late, or sometimes none at all. Best is when she's too lazy to even actually post the schedule and it all ends before it even begins kek

No. 878365

Why do I get the feeling that Shay never tips people?

No. 878367

File: 1570646453114.jpg (73.98 KB, 1080x632, Screenshot_20191009-193942_Twi…)

Speaking of her possible herpes recently, she retweeted this.

No. 878382

yeah because literally 80 percent of the population fucking has herpes. it’s NOT a big deal. look it up. then get some actual milk

No. 878385

Either shay is visting the thread or someone with herpes got offended kek.
Also nta but it is milky in the sense that it was discussed in the thread literal days before she retweeted a post about it after not mentioning her herpes for a long time. It just proves she lurks here

No. 878430

Yea there’s a difference between genital and “cold sore” herpes. You can catch genital if you engage in oral during an outbreak, it’s rare but happens. But just because you have “cold sores” doesn’t mean you have genital herpes which is what these tweets are about and 80% of the population DOES NOT HAVE

No. 878432

jesus christ you guys please can we not start this std shit up again?? it’s been done to death and talked in every single possible circle and back. post real milk. retweets are boring.

No. 878433

File: 1570657817752.jpg (Spoiler Image,180.17 KB, 750x1334, image0-19.jpg)


No. 878434

No. 878435

the most unflattering picture ever

No. 878436

her ass looks so flat

No. 878438

shayna please start going on longer walks with your dog or something… you have the thighs of a 50 year old woman and they did not look like that a couple years ago.

No. 878441

No. 878444

The tone of her voice is just all over the place like usual. And I laughed when she strained to lift her leg up. She likes to act like she’s flexible but girl couldn’t straighten that leg up to save her life.

No. 878446

Dog's not been out in weeks I swear. Since her life is so hollow she announces everything she does and not much about even getting an Uber to the dog park lol.

No. 878451

oh you mean like regular ppl who actually know how to responsibly spend their money? no mention of bills and lol at "for a while", which means she'll be begging tomorrow.

every time she brings her arms close to the camera i was horrified by whatever is all over that hoodie.

also she bought that dumb clown costume like two weeks ago and still hasn't made the video.

No. 878453

File: 1570661185404.jpg (423.78 KB, 1080x1141, Screenshot_20191009-174410_Twi…)

Please Shay

No. 878454

Lol she like literally had to take a breath before doing it

No. 878455

>I hope you enjoy it fake laugh

Oh boy it's horrible

No. 878456

Why is she using hashtags like a Facebook mom #stop #now #shayna

No. 878458

remember she got mad about $10 tips? these bitches act like ppl dont work for thier money

No. 878464

It’s really sad, as massive of a piece of shit that she is, she doesn’t deserve to live like she is but she doesn’t do anything beyond begging for money to fix that, but she also doesn’t deserve to have her pets, another anon mentioned it before but her dog could of gone to a loving family with kids and a large yard to play in and her cat could be living with a loving family but they live with fuckwad shayna, that’s what’s really sad, she’s probably gone days without feeding or taking proper care of her pets which is really upsetting

No. 878466

shayna is one of my favorite cows but one of the saddest to me. bitch literally did not have to turn out this way. Even if her lifestyle is sorry, I don't really feel sorry for her.

she choose this.

No. 878470

Stop. No one fucking cares. This has been over discussed to death in multiple threads.

No. 878473

My point is that she has herpes so stop nitpicking about her vag, it’s gross, it’s irradiated we know, shut up about it if you don’t want to know why it looks like that

No. 878479

Again, no one cares. Stop playing doctor when you probably don’t know shit. It clogs the thread and no one cares when it’s discussed literally every thread.

No. 878486

It’s less feet behind her head and more just arms in front of her legs lol just looks like a baby getting an awkward diaper change

No. 878488

Her bruises and the bottoms of her feet make it look like she was sitting in a dirty diaper, jfc

No. 878490

It really does this is just nasty

No. 878500

Stop being an ass

No. 878501

File: 1570669045860.jpeg (469.29 KB, 750x1099, 2D75CBFD-FE89-41CD-8548-3A7B8A…)

I cannot with that tag

No. 878502

File: 1570669113300.jpeg (199.99 KB, 750x1108, C2BC1D1E-0ECF-4957-91D5-6F4769…)

Flirting with the wannabe Fupa on tumblr

No. 878503

File: 1570669177513.jpeg (89.87 KB, 750x321, 0941E65F-13DF-44A3-AF14-FBC26E…)

That’s actually so pathetic, her tumblr has gotten shut down before but she got it back after a day

No. 878504

File: 1570669241449.jpeg (142.6 KB, 750x495, 99BAD5E5-E980-40E3-85E4-B4CAF8…)

It’s called common courtesy

No. 878506

posts the same normal shit on her tumblr as on her twitter, she acts like a teenager

No. 878507

Uber drivers would do anything to get that 5 star rating.

No. 878520

It's truly sad she gets so excited about something so normal and not at all special. Seriously. Uber/lyft drivers almost always do this, every time I've gotten one from the grocery store they do this. It's just social convention, isn't it? Men feel obliged to help a lady out with her groceries, it's not deep. But she gets so little social interaction because she never leaves her little gremlin cave that it probably made her legit cry. It's almost too pathetic to find funny… Almost.

No. 878523

File: 1570674658118.jpg (310.36 KB, 1078x1273, Screenshot_20191009-213056_Twi…)

No. 878525

Stop derailing over something no one cares about, or read the god damn threads to see how much this has been discussed already.

No. 878526

Space…. doesn’t… mean it’s inside something? Lmao her brain is fried.

No. 878538

You all realize this page is fupa yes? He posted recently on his snap story he wanted to come back to tumblr but was worried people would figure out it’s him. The page has also reblogged several things he tried to make famous on his youvebeenwarned page, like the Texas chainsaw massacre gif That said something about If you love someone you never let them go. The page posts the exact same style of things, all the lil peep reblogs, the way they speak. I think it’s a ploy that they don’t know eachother to help him build a following but it is very much fupa.

No. 878540

Not to mention, the new page had a tag line reading “I’m the one they warned you about” and fupas page was “youvebeenwarned” lol how obvious

No. 878542

The style of the page is eerily similar to fupas and dolly can’t be bothered to give anyone the time of day but is suddenly all up in this user.

No. 878543

wtf is happening to her? i’m scared lol like it’s actually shocking. she used to be kind of cute and have a nice body but this is one of the worst train wrecks i’ve ever seen

No. 878544

posts like this really drive home the fact that she's isolated
She needs some people her age to talk to that don't want to fuck her, not like that'll ever happen of course

No. 878545

Please stop revealing yourselves, newfags

No. 878546

Ugh I totally thought about this but I didn’t want to say anything because I personally find a bunch of the Fupa tinfoiling annoying. But why would he make it so obviously him? He is just as empty headed as Shay.
I don’t have tumblr so I can’t see the account.

No. 878547

Lol we’re all on the same page. Who tf cares what she’s referred to as? Same shit

No. 878548

If we are going to go down the fupa tinfoil rabbit hole, I don’t think shay and fupa ever parted ways. Wether or not they’re still romantically involved is another thing but they’ve both been far too quiet about the breakup for their emotional capacity. I think the reason he’s pretending it isn’t him is because he doesn’t want to be doxxed, he misses the tumblr fame and even tho shay has a hell of a time keeping accounts up he still clings to their tumblR famus days and that’s exactly what every interaction between shay and this “letsplaymurder” smells like. It’s almost like we are back to last year watching them interact.

No. 878550

If we are going to go down the fupa tinfoil rabbit hole, I don’t think shay and fupa ever parted ways. Wether or not they’re still romantically involved is another thing but they’ve both been far too quiet about the breakup for their emotional capacity. I think the reason he’s pretending it isn’t him is because he doesn’t want to be doxxed, he misses the tumblr fame and even tho shay has a hell of a time keeping accounts up he still clings to their tumblR famus days and that’s exactly what every interaction between shay and this “letsplaymurder” smells like. It’s almost like we are back to last year watching them interact.

No. 878552

Because it’s not her actual name and it makes me want to roll my eyes into the back of my head

No. 878553

I get where you’re coming from but dawn isn’t her real name either yet nobody cares when she’s referred to by her SW name.

No. 878554

So does it bother you when everyone calls Kyle, Fupa?

No. 878555

If she's back with Fupa, I'll be even more disgusted with her then I already am.
Fupas a 30 something-year-old man, with kids, who has videos of him doing pedo-pandering shit, with a idiot 22-year-old, mentally unwell sex worker.

All it takes is someone he knows to google his fucking name. I often wonder do these people even think about their kids? Fupa put his face out there first, his baby mom would've found out eventually.
Someone who knew Fupa would've connected the dots. He's a idiot.

Just like Shayna.

I'd love another round of Fupa & Shayna, but I got kind of sick the first time when I found he had kids and had these "kinks'.

No. 878557


His ex wife learned about it due to cowtippers you idiot lurk the fuck more

No. 878558

How about you READ dumb ass-

>>Fupa put his face out there first, his baby mom would've found out eventually

No. 878561

Does this mean that you'vebeenwarned person that was a top voter or whatever when Shay was trying those MV contests could have truly been the Fupa?? Lmfao

No. 878562

… ya maybe?

No. 878563

There is no way she tips others. She doesnt have a kind or giving bone in her body. For fucks sake she scammed a girl who 'won' a tumble give away and never sent her the bong.

No. 878565

I don’t think OP is saying they’re together, but it would make sense. Shay has no reason to be in Oklahoma, and handled that “break up” with far too much grace. They’ve both been extremely tight lipped about the whole thing, and when it all ended the first time they made it clear that it was due to some outside factor not wanting her around. I wouldn’t put it past it them to pretend. When they argue maybe fupa takes a few jabs on fb with those memes or stories about the “ex” and shay makes some sad tumblr posts about her ex.

I know there’s absolutely no milk here and it’s all tinfoil, but it is plausible and the new letsplaymurder page is a thinly veiled attempt at hiding who he is at best. He will slip up soon enough

No. 878569

Anon you are responding too-

I find it soo funny and sad, this grown ass man, cannot fight the urge to stay off of tumblr and get the attention, that if this is all true, he's just fucked everything up again or he's going too.

If thats him, thats probably the sorriest part to me. He has a job and kids, yet he wants to hang around literal teenagers and Shay on Tumblr.

He's the male version of Shay.

No. 878570

Wouldn’t it be the ultimate scam tho? Based on his snap story revealing he wanted to remake his biggest reason for deleting and not wanting to come back was that cowtippers doxxed his work. Recently on fb he said something about needing a haircut for an interview because he looked “bummy”
Maybe he lost his job? Or came extremely close and that’s why he managed to stay so quiet for so long. Shay and him tried to reconcile in Austin and something clearly happened to make the trip go awry.

If he’s saved face with his job or got a new job maybe he’s feeling bold. Fupa thrives on attention as much as shay does and they are a match made in heaven.

No. 878573

Dawn’s real name was never exposed here and Fupa is a name that came from here, not one that he tried to force on everyone for “aesthetic”. Nice try tho.

No. 878575

Dawn isn't relevant anymore and that saga is done for now and probably forever.

No. 878577

People sperging about "WAHHH IT'S SHAYNA NOT DOLLY" are honestly just as bad if not worse than the stupid vag spergs and the herpes spergs and the BDSM spergs and all those. There are far worse issues than whatever dumbass name she wants to call herself. It's been going on for literal years now and I'm so tired of it.

No. 878578

Ya can we get some new people posting on here other than the same 3 petty SW’s who have nothing better to do with their time than pick fights with people who are literally on the same side as them? This thread is getting boring because of people like you.

No. 878581

It’s getting boring because of Shays repetitive and sad life kek. But yes, totally agree about the obnoxious faggotry going around. Best to report and ignore. They’ll get banned, stay salty and go away.

No. 878582

Pretty sure she's still there because leases are a thing. Anons keep forgetting that.

No. 878586

If she really has one, she said it was going to be up relatively soon. I think last twitter account ago.

No. 878597

Do you really think a lease matters to her though? Wouldn’t be the first time she packed up and left. Shes either there because she cant afford to move anywhere else or because of fupapa

No. 878630

She deleted this kek

No. 878648

File: 1570720501774.png (763.24 KB, 1938x2048, Screenshot_20191010-081405.png)

We sure woke up cheery

No. 878650


Same shit different day, I bet she's in her discord trying to get her orbiters to bother people.
I love this because she's showing how drama filled she is.
And how much of a coward she is, she refuses to fucking ever call people out by name.

No. 878652

She probably can’t call them out by name because they probably have dirt on her too

No. 878654

File: 1570721786624.jpeg (1.33 MB, 3024x4032, 9FD9B064-3FEC-4F61-9087-3E003C…)

ah yes the usual dirty morning picture and sperg, a classic

No. 878655

has she ever taken off that band-aid? shaynasty.

No. 878656

She always looks like she smells like hotdogs and her breath smells like baby shit.

She looks gross.

No. 878657

Where exactly is she trying to get them to bother people? She hasn't posted there yet today

No. 878658

>>I bet she's in her discord trying to get her orbiters to bother people.

No. 878659

Did she get her depo provera shot? Last time anons questioned her bandaid positioning so now it looks like she took a pic at the doctor's office. That bandaid is gonna stay there for a week now

No. 878660

File: 1570722201123.jpeg (635.95 KB, 1125x1562, D2CAC93E-E17A-4D6E-A047-513491…)

here’s a continuation of that tweet

she’s seething every morning because literally everyone hates her

No. 878661

File: 1570722485847.png (388.63 KB, 2048x708, Screenshot_20191010-084723.png)

Full sperg

No. 878664

File: 1570722672644.png (104.18 KB, 1080x514, Screenshot_20191010-081627~2.p…)

Maybe this is what set her off? Idk

No. 878665

i hope not, can they please get updated on the lore? Like how she got an orbiter to bother some Swer about "copying" her and didn't say sorry?

No. 878666

How long is it before one of her orbiters are under this posts?

No. 878668

File: 1570723375524.png (673.65 KB, 1370x2048, Screenshot_20191010-090018.png)

Aaand more ft. Orbitor

No. 878669

Since October began this bitch has constantly started drama, along with this orbiter.
She must not have anyone to talk to, is she was here to make money, why does she care so much about what people say?

The dudes (the small amount their is) who want to buy her porn don't give a fuck about her drama, they just want fucking porn.

No. 878670

Yea I honestly have no clue why she's so pissed off this morning, she came out the gate at 80% pissed. From what I can see no one's posted about her in the last 24 hours.

No. 878671

Support you out of fear? What? No one is afraid of you.

No. 878672

should have stopped tweeting at “why do i even bother”

why DO you even bother shayna

No. 878674

The first thing she does at 8 am is complain, Shay truly loves complaining with a passion

No. 878675


Funny seeing her use the words "nice & friendly" when she is anything but that. If you really supported the other women in the sex work community, you wouldn't charge them for your shit advice, you would retweet other SWers to support them, and you'd probably actually have a following because of that. You're a joke, Shay. I know you follow these threads–grow the fuck up and take responsibility for the way your life is because YOU are the reason you turned out this way. Not your parents, not Fupa, not the kids who 'made fun of you'. YOU did all of this to yourself.

No. 878684

What has Shay ever done for other sexworkers? She has a friend with 100K followers that she could've done a collab with but Shayna was too fucking lazy to make it work. She had sexworkers take her under their wing, try to help her and she screwed it up.

She has about 3 or four bitches, who think they have something to gain (they don't) who defend her, but she barely retweets them.

Shayna only wants support but doesn't give it.Shayna is so fucking selfish and gives the bare minimum expecting others to give them her their all.
Her mark on the world, if she doesn't change, will be a tale of caution.

A story sexworkers use to warn newcomers.

Someone whose selfish, lazy, toxic, angry and who is harming herself & taking out her depression on everyone around her.

and she's not Nice or Friendly, we JUST saw how she spazzed out on that chick, but when she does something people aren't supposed to call it out and instantly forget it. It's only cancel culture, when it's being done to Shay, not when Shayna's doing it.

We are "SJW" and Toxic, but she can talk mega shit and not say sorry to the person she affected.

No. 878694

That’s why shay is the worst and why I feel zero pity for her. Some cows I feel slightly bad for sometimes. But shay…shay deserves zero pity. I hope she finds rock bottom soon. Bitch needs to come back to planet earth and learn a life lesson. She’s such an entitled privileged cunt and does -nothing- for anyone else. And if she did, it would only be to benefit herself.

No. 878698

File: 1570727744363.png (371.63 KB, 1044x644, Screen Shot 2019-10-10 at 1.14…)

I guess if you don't kiss Shay's ass 24/7, she has no need for you. This is why people don't bother to be nice to you, dumbass.(rule 5.3)

No. 878699

lol why even try to interact with her though

No. 878700

She's very toxic and unhappy and projects that shit onto others.
Thats the biggest risk of interacting with Shay, she gets these idiots feeling bad or thinking they have something to gain, but she'll never do the same for you.
She uses people.

No. 878701

I don't normally. Also, no cowtipping was done at all, just felt the need to mention that because some anons love to call it out any chance they get. All I said was that she was essentially pot calling the kettle black and then I was blocked, which doesn't surprise me because it seems like she hides nearly every negative response to any of her tweets. With that being said, I'm sorry for the lack of milk on my end from now on since I can't view any of her twitter sperges.

No. 878702

interacting with a cow is the definition of cowtipping

No. 878704

No, it's not.

> Do not alert a subject to their thread or take any other action to lead them to lolcow.farm (cowtipping).

Never once did I mention the threads nor the website. Reread the rules before you try calling someone out.

No. 878710


>4. Do not harass or brigade against any subjects posted. (cowtipping)

>5.3 Do not brag about or announce having personal contact or interactions with a cow.

No. 878711

If you interact with a cow don’t come here
to tell us about it. It IS cowtipping and enjoy your ban I guess.

No. 878713


Guess you didn't read a couple lines beneath that.

> 5.3 Do not brag about or announce having personal contact or interactions with a cow.

No. 878715

whew lad here it comes

No. 878724

please sincerely fuck off.

No. 878725

Man. She really is a broken record. Same shit, different day. She literally repeats herself day in and day out. IvE CHaNgEd!!! Okay, we get it, you "changed" (kek) People still DON'T OWE YOU SHIT. You are not entitled to SHIT. People will feel how they feel whether or not you've changed or not. You really not ready for the real world if you think EVERYONE has to like you. Grow up and be a woman. "Bad bitches" don't give a fuck about what other people think about them and rant over and over on fucking Twitter about it. You chose this profession, you knew there were catty bitches everywhere, fucking suck it up Jesus Christ.

No. 878730

shay IS one of those catty bitches though and she doesn’t realize that. she refuses to accept that she isn’t a top tier pornstar and lives in a fantasy.

No. 878733

File: 1570731435180.jpg (57.86 KB, 631x594, fnfnf.JPG)

No. 878736

"talking to her personally" why does the goals always change for when people are able to dislike or criticize things Shayna does?

So we aren't allowed to judge her for old things, we aren't allowed to talk about the new things she does, now we have to talk to her (and probably get no response) before we make a fucking opinion?

Did Shayna talk to that girl about the picture she posted before putting her on blast??

fuck off you dumb orbiter. You'll never get a thread here and you are leeching off of someone who wouldn't do the same for you.

No. 878738

File: 1570731698917.jpg (24.77 KB, 585x205, ffjfj.JPG)

and also like clock work every single fucking time we talk about how selfish Shayna is or she starts drama she retweets something to try to make her look like she gives a fuck.

No. 878754

She has a fresh discord link up for the anons who were asking about it.

No. 878760

File: 1570736070114.png (478.24 KB, 2048x2014, Screenshot_20191010-123346.png)

Apparently she had more salt in her

No. 878767


Bitch relax lmao jfc she's really on one today. You don't have enough people or anyone really in your REAL life to even treat you like shit. Unless you're talking about the dudes you let raw fuck your ass and smack you around. But we all know you would neeeever talk about men like that.
Just all those internet bitches! They're the ones ruining your life! /s
Look in the mirror you dumb, delusional bitch lol.

No. 878769

Stop being desperate for milk.

No. 878771

I thought she get turned on from being treated like shit?

No. 878773

File: 1570737717822.png (523.87 KB, 2048x1151, Screenshot_20191010-130130.png)

She's just on one today

No. 878774

"Why is everything to negative"

Focuses on the most negative shit, when she should be focusing on being a "bad Bitch" and money.

No. 878787

File: 1570740314603.jpg (821.32 KB, 1440x2960, Screenshot_20191010-154422_Tum…)

No. 878790

A whole new potential trash fire

No. 878806

File: 1570742273929.jpeg (160.13 KB, 750x1083, CCE7A17D-7A2F-42FD-8A92-C4E682…)

More toxic and overly aggressive behaviour from shayna and her ass-kissing orbiters
This thread of tweets is from her latest smoking video (the one where she can barely get her legs up… not even close to over her head)

No. 878812

A bunch of ugly whores ganging up on ppl, this just makes Shayna look bad lol

No. 878813

File: 1570742815910.jpg (51.35 KB, 800x450, Untitled-design-19-4.jpg)


"I don't understand why no one likes me!! I'm literally like the sweetest, most positive person! Why does everyone treat me so horribly!!!!"

No. 878814

She's such a femcel, notice how she always makes sure to add gender when it's a female.

Also, I'm so sick of these orbiters constantly defending her, do they not have lives and jobs to do? All they do all day is hang under dirty Shay making sure no one fucks with her.

it makes them look like assholes and drama-filled, not good.

No. 878817


The ditsy bitch and the gummi girl follow her around all day and only comment on negative shit hope they are being paid for it!

No. 878818

They so badly want that lolcow clout.

But also, I think these girls are just dumb and naive and don’t realize that she has her actual father to fall on for money. And that she’s not as successful as she like to make people think she is. Shay is literally the definition of the worst friend. So the only reason she has orbiters is because they want something from her.
She knows this. It’s why she bitches all day long. You are what you attract. And you’re not a good person shay. So you’ll never attract good people.

No. 878819

File: 1570743507698.jpg (178.02 KB, 1075x546, Screenshot_20191010-163659_Twi…)

except you make MAYBE one video a month. so I guess shes just talking about other sw'ers, not herself because this in no way aplies to our shaynasty.

No. 878821

This is very valid in the fact that she likely pretends her dad doesnt send her half her bill money every month and just says she makes it herself lol

No. 878823

Nah, people on youtube do this shit all the time in VLOGS, I even know someone who burps on youtube. Yall bitches are NOT special nor creative.

As I said, I know females who are fully clothed on twitch and make what you make in a week in a day.


No. 878825

File: 1570743801976.jpg (212.25 KB, 1080x791, Screenshot_20191010-163941_Twi…)

Why would you tweet this?

No. 878826

Her downing a 2L of Coke before she films anything makes a lot of sense

No. 878827


I remember a dude full on saying, "Wow you're ugly" when she posted that cringey video of her "trying" to pull off the band-aid the last time she got a butt shot. No cussing him out at all though. And that video was pretty disgusting, Shay. All trying to act like (and failing miserably) smol lil girl too dum to pull band-aid off :< when you're breathing all fucking hard, sweaty and greasy, with that 20+lb weight gain. Yeah, you're fucking dumb, but not the you're trying to portray.

No. 878831

Shay lacks any kind of personality to be a successful twitch streamer or YouTuber.
That’s why she’s in a revolving cycle as a failing sex worker.

No. 878834

For some reason she thinks she's so interesting that if you put a camera on her people will flock.

Again, Shayna just thinks her existing means she deserves shit she doesn't.

No. 878835

But you know that this orbiter wants to be friends with shay so isn’t agreeing with this tweet contradict shay’s point? She’s basically saying that she’s not playing nice, get a clue

No. 878837

She has no friends though and being a bitch doesn’t justify her loneliness, she’s just a loser

No. 878840

I see she got her birth control shot the day before her weekly Friday night fuck

No. 878843

Watch her make Tik Tok’s smoking weed and awkwardly dancing to Black Sabbath, like there are seven year olds on that app

No. 878844

File: 1570745471607.png (41.25 KB, 808x304, Screenshot (65).png)

didnt she try to say she shaved her head coz she got raped? lol

No. 878846

She's such a fucking liar

No. 878849

What even brought this up?

No. 878850

What?? People have been rocking half-shaved hair for years and getting shit shaved in your head isn't fucking "out there" the shit has been a thing for fucking years.

What is this dummy talking about?

No. 878851

someone said her pussy looks good bald & hairy and she said something like 'i thought you were talking about my head hair'

No. 878853

Same anon-

Lol, "Creep people out"

No. 878854

She jumps at literally any opportunity to talk about high school.

No. 878858


she is so boring. imagine boasting to strangers about mundane shit you did in high school because you didnt get enough attention from your friends and parents.

No. 878859

seriously this reads like something from, r/imverybadass.

"I shaved my head" "i got something shaved in my head, so weird, so creepy!!"

No. 878860

Do you not know how sexual turn ons work? Kind of weird for you to bring this up honestly

No. 878861

File: 1570747017044.jpg (Spoiler Image,328 KB, 1080x750, Screenshot_20191010-173639_Twi…)

It's already on the internet Shay. People can just Google you and see it

No. 878863

The whole concept of making porn and having someone pay for it is fine and dandy but all of these random uncreative bitches think it’s easy money and get stuck in a hole, only the really good, creative and passionate sw’s make a lot of money from making their own content, it’s not a job where you can lay around all day and cry on Twitter that you don’t have enough money to be ripped off by your weed dealer, she’s been doing this since she was 18, there are girls who have been doing sex work for a year that are most successful then shayna. They’re appealing, creative, passionate, everything she’ll never be.

No. 878869

smells selfposty up in here

No. 878871

yea, noticed that as well, good catch anon

No. 878875

File: 1570749367525.jpg (473.64 KB, 1079x1563, Screenshot_20191010-181612_Twi…)

No. 878876

Shouldn't she be working?

No. 878890

Nice job whichever dumbass cowtipper that was. It was even discussed in this thread that the collars were different lol

No. 878891

At this rate with all of these negative tweets Her account is doomed.

No. 878892

File: 1570751951861.jpg (378.15 KB, 1080x1544, Screenshot_20191010-185626_Twi…)

No. 878893


Kek "do anything". Most people wouldn't even pay $5.99 for a peek jfc

No. 878895