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File: 1669072115825.jpeg (121.25 KB, 651x662, Big Shaynus Coming Through.jpe…)

No. 1706052

Previous thread: >>>/snow/1694852

Repetitive nitpicks about Shayna's body, face, and genitals are subject to a 1-day ban. Reposting the same photos zoomed in/edited is not milk and you will receive a ban for nitpicking.

REMEMBER: Read the rules before posting. Stay on topic, derailing and infighting will result in a ban. Sage when there’s no milk. Spoiler any NSFW images. No blogposting or bragging about how you're a better whore than Shayna. Nobody wants to hear about your degeneracy.

This is a Shay thread, curb your enthusiasm when posting screenshots of other e-whores, they go in the e-whore thread >>>/snow/1596608

Last Thread:
>Yet another one of Shayna's TikTok accounts is deleted >>1695479 to no one's shock
>Shayna and Ellen visit the great country of Canada to…. see Lizzo >>1695610 while Shayna continues to post stories about her dad >>1695800 beside pictures of >>1695669 her tits. Posts her trashy outfit >>1696497 here
>Shayna releases a new Kink photoset >>1695992 and Nonnies are quick to notice >>1696186 shit on her dildo again.
>Even though Ellen got sick in Canada >>1697374 Shayna decides to fly >>1696489 to a Lone Star Spanking Party photoshoot where she'll interact closely with people.
>Shayna continues to expose possible minors and innocent bystanders to her rank cunt >>1696496 while making up stories >>1696499 and >>1696614 while flying over to the shoot.
>Shayna immediately purchases a fake-blue checkmark on Twitter from Elon Musk >>1696553 only to be heavily clowned for it by fans >>1696738 here >>1696737 and >>1696989 farmers
>Side character Princess Sophia >>1696748 makes an appearance at the >>1697822 Spanking Party >>1705905 Shayna sits on her face.
>Shayna continues to expose innocent bystanders to her sexual >>1696813 deviance.
>It becomes immediately obvious that everyone invited >>1697114 to the Spanking Party must be overweight or a >>1698020 butter face >>1700200 here >>1700137 and here >>1700513 here
>Legendary Nonnie drops hilarious photo >>1697114 that immediately becomes first choice for thread pic
>The Bald Moid Shayna fucked last month continues to act like she doesn't exist >>1697343 and give his attention to other whores
>Shayna lies about her measurements >>1697371 and has to squeeze into a custom Power Puff Girl costume >>1699190 here
>Shayna continues to swear Shein quality outfits in public >>1697891 here >>1697716 here >>1698431 here >>1698591 and >>1699708 here
>Shayna gets to go 1-on-1 with girl >>1698072 she claims she was crushing on last month. Has no reaction or never mentions it >>1698081 again but Nonnies get a new >>1701912 Big Shaynus spotting.
>Shayna dresses up like Uma Thurman in Kill Bill >>1698081 yikes >>1698266 double yikes
>Shanya tries to squeeze into her Shein Pricess dress >>1698811 and nearly breaks the seams.
>Shanya fights her chance for some BBC >>1698824 in this hilarious wrestling shoot >>1698818 and >>1698882 here
>Shanya does a "Prize Pig" shoot >>1699708 with some old Nascar looking moid >>1699750 and >>1699751 here
>Shayna hints she has new a crush >>1699063 only for Farmers to immediately call its the guy who looks like >>1699853 Fupa. Shayna puts feelers out >>1700363 and Young-Fupa responds confirming the gossip
>Shayna gets a deep >>1700843 clean
>Shayna and her and degenerate crew dress up as pricesses >>1700968 and Shayna gets clowned hard >>1701100 for whatever the fuck is on top of her head.
>Shayna bails on abrattypixies and Vivi >>1702151 for undisclosed reasons. Later blames >>1705578 financial problems
>Big shocker >>1702449 Shayna gets sicks after infecting the Butter Face Spanking Crew.
>Nonnies discover Shayna's fake-tit and missing fat-chunk from her back are possibly due to Poland's Syndrome >>1702605 with more evidence here >>1703231 that finally convinces some this is the best explanation for her deformies.
>Video of Shanya possibly on drugs is released >>1704161 and Nonnies notice a striking resemblence >>1704628 to the Grinch
>In the same tweet, Shayna blames her haters >>1705578 for not being able to share how happy she is.

https://www.tiktok.com/@itsdollymattel (DELETED/BANNED)
New TikTok: https://www.tiktok.com/@dollhausbarbie
https://discord.com/invite/eA8kSzuz (need ID to join)
Snapchat: irlbarbiedolly

No. 1706056

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No. 1706059

nonnie you didn’t include like half of the summary and none of the recent milk including her new bf…

No. 1706075

okay that literally makes no sense, why would you not include the most current information in the most current thread before making/posting it?
you also deleted the whole section explaining the people who typically pop up in this thread which leads to people asking stupid questions and wanting to be spoonfed. The thread sucks.

No. 1706081

It’s not unconfirmed, those photos literally came from the same account that Shay put herself in a relationship with on Fetlife and has been posting about. It’s the same person.

No. 1706082

The Fupa-look-alike was mentioned, and if that rainbow haired faggot is actually the guy she's dating that literally happened within the last 2 hours. It's unconfirmed, developing milk and it can go into the next thread summary.

>you also deleted the whole section explaining the people

Threads summary is big enough. Half those people arent even actively contributing milk. If we don't want to spoonfeed people, why are we? They can go read the threads.

No. 1706089

small overlooked tidbit from last thread, but apparently her new boyfriend's fiancé is the one who made that sad drippy hello kitty paddle.

No. 1706094

i was wondering if shay got something from them after he mentioned making them on his fetlife. isn't it really poorly made, too?

No. 1706095

File: 1669073942633.jpeg (2.21 MB, 3072x3072, 1669065355565.jpeg)

>Shayna hints she has new a crush >>1699063 only for Farmers to immediately call its the guy who looks like >>1699853 Fupa. Shayna puts feelers out >>1700363 and Young-Fupa responds confirming the gossip

Farmers have confirmed Shayna is now dating attached picra. Confirmed here >>1705911

No. 1706102

I honestly refuse to honour these type of "relationships". This is not gonna be a "New Fupa" situation. This is just lonely people being co-dependant and hanging in packs cause no one else wants them. Sex-workers can't just be friends with other people, they need to pervert it into something like..whatever the fuck this is.

No. 1706103

damn thats tragic even for Shayna. Imagine actually dating the guys you're supposed to quietly snicker about on the street with your friends

No. 1706105

I didn't think it was possible to downgrade from Fupa.

No. 1706106

Poly people and sex workers are the same type of awful degen: people who can’t separate romantic feelings from platonic feelings. Everything has to be about sex and collecting more and more partners like ducking Pokémon cards. You can’t just have a friend, you have to try and get them to join your sex cult. And if you refuse to be part of it, you’re a traditionalist normie sex-hating fascist.

No. 1706109

this picture just told me it has 230 funko pops and 12 different OF subscriptions but that it can’t go to the gym because it’s “too expensive.”

No. 1706113

It's just the cope of acting like you are this in demand barbie that ANYONE would be glad to have, but slowly downgrading from Fupaul, a fucking baby daddy, to a man, whose ingained, has a troon in his "pack" and multiple other women, along with being fucking ugly.
Even if Soybow doesn't last long, it's a new low for shayna. I thought the fake "relationship" with Ellen to show Fupaul she moved on quickly was sad, or the finger bang in the parking lot for uggs.
Now e-dating an engaged ugly rainbow broney scrote? Shayna legit dates like kevin gibes or some troon.
Despite what we think, she COULD do better, she could date some lonely incel/weirdo who'd think she was the hottest shit since Mayochup simply because she sleeps with him and isn't 500 pounds. Moids have low standers somehow Shayna finds dudes who manage to be below that

No. 1706119

File: 1669074949873.jpeg (130.35 KB, 398x404, D7E74EDB-E96A-4634-AE62-D8A9AE…)

Naw this bitch huge kek

No. 1706120

sa- but then again, when you limit yourself to idiots with fucking every fetish in the book, then I guess who can she date? Maybe i'm over thinking it, because even some lonely scrote, with little to no options would turn down a woman doing diaper porn and shit, nevermind. I take it back, she dates who the fuck she can. I forgot for 2 seconds shayna's huge online footprint

No. 1706121

File: 1669074976004.jpeg (Spoiler Image,271.11 KB, 616x580, FD3E6CC2-7A47-4EC6-9559-4ED942…)

She’s at least 190

No. 1706124

Lmao imagine thinking that a lonely incel loser is actually better than this rainbow moid. They’re both equally terrible. Shay is dating the level of men she deserves, whether it’s fake feminist polybro brony or unwashed keyboard warrior discord mod.

No. 1706125

File: 1669075055076.jpeg (Spoiler Image,359.33 KB, 783x630, 84F820EB-DB92-4772-A760-B8CB1F…)

They’re not even fucking they are just sitting on each other’s faces and smothering each other and fighting. What kind of autistic porn is this??

No. 1706127

lmao nonny I love you, samebrain.

No. 1706128

File: 1669075212601.jpeg (116.74 KB, 456x395, C97A9284-D19D-4D66-8677-5A8CFF…)

imagine how bad shay must smell for this face to happen.

No. 1706129

porn for men who have fallen so far down that sex is not enough, and for ewhores to make who hate sex and aren't actually bi.

No. 1706155

This lol
Why do anons pretend that Shayna is better than these people?

No. 1706159

she's not, sometimes I look too deep into the shay-byss.

No. 1706162

It’s okay nonny, her girth is so immense that it sucks in all intelligence and perception around it, kind of like a black hole. It happens to the best of us.

No. 1706177

Call me stupid or maybe it's already been mentioned but…

They're both wearing Shart's clothes? Her skirt belts?

No. 1706180

File: 1669078510951.png (60.91 KB, 215x96, Capture.PNG)

Looks like it, maybe the fight was because she got into her skirt belt collection (all two of them). Maybe thats the "plot" of the Sumo Wrestling

No. 1706182

I think it’s more that all these degenerate swers have the same sense of style. Nothing but the most exclusive in Shein and Amazon polyester illfitting ageplay couture!

No. 1706202

File: 1669079421833.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.41 MB, 828x1394, 4F573581-B126-4104-ABE2-9CF654…)

The full-size autistic Velma pic from last thread still makes me laugh out loud. Here for those who missed it kek

No. 1706206

this guy must have a boil fetish. Boilfucker for real.

No. 1706216

Tuna, is that you?

No. 1706224

the best is the cropped photo that was in the collage. It legit looked like an autistic but overall kind of cute photo between a cosplayer and her wrangler. Sweet! Wholesome! I’m not into it but at least they found love!! And then the full photo came along and there’s Velveeta showing off her snatch in public in broad daylight. Hilarity.

No. 1706232

She looks like someone else who never drinks water, and will get along great with Shaymu.

No. 1706235

File: 1669081370529.png (163.14 KB, 648x672, jinkies.png)

why is she(?) bugging her eyes out like that lmao

No. 1706238

shee sees Shaytaan in her future

No. 1706240

Fuckin nightmare fuel sheesh

No. 1706241

Ugly Pale ass mfs

No. 1706251

He's about on her level imo. Fat shat doesn't even have a good personality to fall back on like a lot of other fat and ugly chicks. The only positive thing she ever had was a petite body and she demolished it. With all the pussy boils, the wonky tits, inches of filth, BPD, and anal fissures. If she made decent money from what she does maybe she could upgrade but she's constantly begging just to get by and she's content with that as long as she can indulge in booze, burgers, and bongs. Being the last one in the pack is what she deserves.

No. 1706259

Crimson chin and Tootie spotted in elevator.
…The stench.
Why does Shayna always pick moids who do the same smirk that she does?

No. 1706261

KEK this picture gets better and better

No. 1706274

Tranny’s like Velma cause her turtle neck hide’s their adam’s apple. Check the forearm, giant feet, adams apple buldge and hairy thighs. It’s a man, baby.

No. 1706286

File: 1669083318107.jpeg (257.06 KB, 1728x844, 71832673-4F0F-4568-A765-A47682…)

Is “Velma” this moid in cosplay? I can’t tell the difference between all of this ugliness.

No. 1706287

I hope for the other woman's sake shay at least freshened up before filming, don't want to imagine the smell of that room!

No. 1706330

No. The velma has a thigh and forearm tattoo which the tranny is missing. I think the Velma is a woman but just really ugly and possibly under the influence. Her eyes are freaky

No. 1706336

topkek nonnie

No. 1706337

>the teeny titties squished up to the front of her barrel bod

No. 1706384

I really hope she moves to Kansas to be with all these people

No. 1706388

File: 1669091904578.jpg (54.07 KB, 1200x675, Life-After-Lockup-Chazz-Harbis…)

It's all I can see

No. 1706391


No. 1706408

File: 1669095707858.jpeg (155 KB, 750x584, 39FFF998-1C9D-44D3-8E59-ECCADF…)

when has this pig of a woman ever worn lipgloss

No. 1706413

File: 1669096154043.gif (687.96 KB, 200x200, 8F25A0BD-AB54-4B38-A001-7FA12C…)

Blessed be the milk goddesses, I haven’t laughed this hard at a cow in a hot minute. This is an all time low for Shaymu. Fatter and uglier than ever, broker than ever, in a degenerate “relationship” with a garbage bag full of cottage cheese who steels pacifiers from babies and is a literal retard and a fat, ugly, inbred moid who sticks his smelly chode in unwashed tranny ass. No wonder he doesn’t mind Shat’s own shit-encrusted orifices. This is going to be fantastic.

No. 1706420

I feel like this is a call out post for LC because she's just read through her own thread and wants to let us know that she doesn't care.

No. 1706429

gif sauce?

No. 1706434

I honestly can’t remember, I’ve had it in my arsenal forever, it’s a good one innit

No. 1706467

The thing is we truly don’t care. She’s a source of entertainment, nothing more. If Shay randomly disappeared off the net a few of us would be minorly bummed to lose the lulz but nothing more. And the fact that we don’t care about her other than to laugh makes her seethe. She wants to create this narrative that she’s a super fun and popular bimbo who everyone loves and is envious of. In reality she’s fat and sweaty and already almost a decade past her very pathetic prime, with nothing to show for it other than a smattering of orbiters and an ass boil.

No. 1706491


Jesus Camp is the original source material. Idk who made the edit tho

No. 1706521

If only this were true

No. 1706561

it's gross how she thinks any man is a prize

No. 1706634

Holy kek, this has the same energy as the infamous "when you see da big areolas" pic from Tuna's thread.

No. 1706640

>when you see the ass boils

No. 1706647

Just went back to her very first thread and damn. It's crazy how skinny she used to be(sage)

No. 1706660

pls sage and we have this topic come up a million times already nonny

No. 1706663

File: 1669129897899.jpeg (364.88 KB, 1242x2101, 21628770-8F60-44DF-9120-E9733C…)

if only this young girl knew the failures of her future

No. 1706707

she certainly didn't know what chapstick is back then either kek. some things never change

No. 1706719

her eyeliner skills have never been good but i am astonished how far downhill they have gone since this pic was taken

No. 1706720

Na I’m not having this please nonnas tell me she hasn’t just joined a sex cult full of troons headed up by the literal soy meme? I can’t deal with her it’s too funny. What a fucking reaction to watching your ex get married to someone else when you still love him. She hasn’t just come off the rails, she’s crashed asshole first into a mountain made of ugly people. I have a theory about these polyamory weirdos. None of them can find a partner attractive enough to sexually excite them, so they join these group things hoping that the extreme sex acts will be enough to make them forget who it is they’re with. Imagine falling this far. Everyone involved in this should be dipped in a sheep bath and put on very strong anti-depressants.

No. 1706725

Hard disagree, nonna, are you blind?

She has several ass boils, a plethora of ass boils…!

No. 1706734

File: 1669137444106.jpeg (952.28 KB, 1170x1653, F885E12C-7499-4294-B3AA-0278A1…)

“Hosting thanksgiving.” To who?

No. 1706737

No. 1706741

File: 1669138234029.jpg (29.65 KB, 700x394, brianpeppers.jpg)

Brian Peppers looking mf

No. 1706742

Her retarded outfits never cease to amaze me

No. 1706744

File: 1669138331593.jpeg (959.57 KB, 3072x3072, C936AB82-87D4-4B55-8324-9C0AD4…)

I’ve been trying to figure out if Shane’s fiancé is on Fetlife and I stumbled across this woman commenting on his posts who I’m assuming is or was in his “pack”… pedos of a feather flock together.

No. 1706745

that too small cropped retard jacket makes it look like she has 4 misshapen tits as opposed to just 2 misshapen tits.

No. 1706748

File: 1669138599205.jpg (28.99 KB, 884x480, ddf7e238-794a-4a08-8c32-1842cb…)

She dresses like the retarded brother from There's Something about Mary

No. 1706749

>even funnier when you have a teen son!! Lmao
please stop reproducing. please. please god

No. 1706753

Shay in her BBW/plus size kween era

No. 1706767

where do nonnies find all these rare pics??

No. 1706778

File: 1669140092519.jpeg (Spoiler Image,728.17 KB, 1170x1130, 53881642-74B7-4A95-84C2-4D644B…)

Shay, no one will ever forget this monstrosity

No. 1706780

Older threads

No. 1706787

Let's also remember how her dumb ass never released the video except on OF due to cutting her asshole with the baster and bleeding all over the fake cum.

No. 1706789

I love how she’s wider and wider every time she puts this hideous jacket on lmao. Certainly not hosting for The Dad. Funny how she hasn’t mentioned him in a while. Guess he isn’t into fatties after all

No. 1706790

Classic example of why you never use normal objects as sex toys. Shay goes on and on about how she’s a professional sex worker and how it’s a job that requires real skills but when it comes to actually displaying those skills she’s constantly showing her ass, and not in the good way.

No. 1706793

itt people don't know the raptor jesus meme. i guess its vintage now T_T(T_T)

No. 1706797

Either his wife found out or he “rediscovered the woman he married” dumb scrote bullshit. Or he never actually existed and she just got bored of the larp/forgot about him.

But in all actuality, who is she hosting Thanksgiving for? Ellen?

No. 1706808

I think it was some scrote ellen knew or was a sa thing that didn't last because he finally realized Shaynus was just going to be an annoying waste of time and money. But also still agree it's very possible it was all made up kek.

No. 1706812

Imagine scraping the bottom of the barrel so hard that going to Applebees and getting fingerbanged in the parking lot is considered “a waste of money.”

No. 1706818

There was someone because she uploaded that video of her in his car acting like a retard.

No. 1706832

It was a joke, you know from that movie with the character El Guapo?

No. 1706848

I am still just floored at this. Why the fuck would you want to be in a weird fucked up poly thing with THIS and long distance at that. Like literally what is even the point?? They see eachother 2-3 times a year if that. Fatcon, Lonestar, and maybe one other fly out. You're telling me in all of Washington there were no gross retarded fetish moids of this level she couldve picked??
I know its been said she hangs around her kind, she couldnt land a semi normal or non ugly degen, but a long distance with that… it baffles me. Dude looks like a old dyke thats starting on T. The self proclaimed doms are always so cringey but jfc this is getting out of hand. I just dont see what the point/benefit of this "relationship" is when its a whole wolf pack of uglies and troons and it sounds like they all live in Kansas besides Shay. She planning on moving there?
Also love how they put their location in their porn linked usernames and shit. Not one braincell amongst these cretins.

No. 1706854

Shayna's story's sound so sad and trailer park to always be made up. Who thinks it's hot to get fingered and get some uggs? or a sugar daddy paying you in cheap toys? Or build a Bear being the "sugar" not just a date + money? When Shayna was posting the money that scrote was giving her, that makes me feel that if she was getting a good amount she'd brag.
She was't. I 100% believe everything about that scrote kek, Shayna's not having sex or giving blow jobs or doing much, so there's zero reason to have her around. It's not like she's a 10 and can be "bragging eye candy".

No. 1706878

It would be so funny if this dude and his “pack” are the ones coming for Thanksgiving

No. 1706894


Doordash must be having a thanksgiving special i can’t imagine her cooking food in that kitchen. why isn’t she having thanksgiving with her family?

No. 1706897

>wasn't invited
>can't afford too
>doesn't want too
If it's because she can't afford too, it's even more hilarious and a "fuck you" she'd rather spend money to do stupid ass shoots/see lizzo then see her family. Then in the end she's like, "Money is a problem" yeah because you spend money to do dumb shoots thast don't pay enough for it to be worth it. Everytime she comes home from a shoot she's saying how broke she is

No. 1706898

I wouldn't be surprised if he dipped as soon as she started fucking other johns for money. That's the thing about full service sw. You can't go back, and you'll never get the same "vanilla" gigs again. Now that she's established that she's willing to fuck for money, the old scrote can't convince himself that the reason he's not getting laid is because she doesn't do that kind of thing.

No. 1706907

I hope you’re ESL
I can’t imagine her cooking full stop, she’s going to be feeding her menagerie of degenerates preservative-laden mystery meat, radioactive plastic cheese and sugary pink alcohol masquerading as wine. Tres bleaque.

No. 1706910

nah I just don't care about how im typing in a Shayna fucking Clifford thread of all places. If I make a mistake, it is what it is. I'm sorry if it's annoying too you.
Also she's probably not going to cook, ellen probably will or something dumb

No. 1706914

illiterate tard alert

No. 1706918

All your jokes are unfunny; please stop.

No. 1706919

too too you''''re retarded

No. 1706924

File: 1669153192699.jpeg (391.89 KB, 1170x1155, B77B0FE9-1CEF-4016-B06D-E4DF51…)

And of course her “boyfriend” liked this

No. 1706937

Her new moid looks like Barney Rubble.

No. 1706938

Turkey centric charcuterie boards on her finest plastic plates – duh anon! Sparkling wine from walmart! Garnished with pet hair.

No. 1706942

KEK I see it omg

No. 1706992

manifesting this

No. 1706996

Proof that this marshmallow human owns a washer/dryer and can't be assed to wash anything she wears.

No. 1707013

she'd suffocate being laid down like that, lardy bitch

No. 1707070

Probably because no one could fit you in the boot of their car Shaymu. We've seen you try to squeeze yourself into your ever shrinking dog cage and it looks like herding cattle. Squishy boner killer.

No. 1707075

Why can I smell this scenario???

No. 1707118

Her gut is starting to puff out wider than the jacket…

No. 1707180

Why does Shayna live in Seattle in the first place? She has no friends or family there besides Ellen. And she "works" from home. She doesn't even seem to live in a walkable part of the city

No. 1707194

I’ve always wondered about this too. It would make more sense if she was still Shay-Gnar the tumblr stoner because it would fit with that ~aesthetic~ and lifestyle but now it’s just weird. It’s not like weed isn’t legal elsewhere nowadays. She really did belong in buttfuck Oklahoma; fat, ugly, broke, degenerate white trash

No. 1707207

Because going back to Ellen was the only way she could afford to leave Fuplahoma for good without going home. And the first time she moved there she leeched off of her tumblr followers to do it so she could be close to some guy. Better question is, why does she still go by theIRLbarbie? I’ve never seen a Barbie as busted and fat as that. >>1706734 You’d think the scrotes with customs she’s burned would file a class action lawsuit against her for false advertising kek. Can’t wait for that stupid Barbie movie to come out and her to get triggered when she realizes she looks nothing like Margot Robbie

No. 1707217

File: 1669182987323.jpeg (33.35 KB, 232x700, F293D512-9959-4EF3-8F29-275B7D…)

kek (though Shaynus wishes she looked like this)

No. 1707219

Yeah I was gonna say, I think Ellen Degenerate was her only ticket out of Fuplahoma besides her ebil parents. Anyone with a brain would have opted for the latter but she’s too stubborn and retarded. I wonder if she’ll up stumps for Texas now that she’s “dating” that hideous soyjack monstrosity

No. 1707220

is that a cheap, cut up turkey costume…
she's always making the ugliest faces too. wish the homegirl would cop some self respect because there is nothing redeeming, here. Not a
the disgustingly sexualized children's cartoon character pedo waiting nonsense, not her embarrassing lack of intelligence, or the abysmal way she runs her "business".

No. 1707233

Blubbery mammals prefer the colder climate of the Northern states.

No. 1707234

A Texas arc would be hilarious actually, I'm crossing my fingers for that.

No. 1707250

File: 1669187149770.jpeg (58.47 KB, 275x266, 9876BBA3-DBCF-4D24-BE86-ACAFEF…)

kek nona. texas in summer will be hell for someone as fat and greasy as her, just imagine the pork sweats (on second thought dont imagine the pork sweats, theres enough grossness already going on itt)

No. 1707305

I think the last thread said that this new degen moid is actually from Kansas. He probably just flew down to TX for the convention.

No. 1707320

Texas, Kansas, Oklahoma, all these places seem very on-brand for Shaymu (though Texas has got good shit going on, who the fuck lives in Kansas or Oklahoma by choice?)

No. 1707372

No one. I fled Oklahoma as soon as I was able. Not back to Cali where I was born, though. Almost anywhere is better than fucking Kansas or Oklahoma. If Big Shay ends up back there, it's what she deserves.

No. 1707485

Seattle is a stoner city, sure, but it’s also known for its kink community. Somewhat in a similar vein to San Francisco, with its large gay and kink community. She was probably thinking she would move back and get the same opportunities and be closer to Cali for shoots. But she turned into a land whale and can’t book anything and now is just a degenerate hanging out with other degenerates in Seattle.

No. 1707510

am I really the first person to point out this gross pigperson’s close resemblance to Chris-Chan?

No. 1707529

You got any photo evidence nonny cause I don't think the moid looks anything like chris-chan - even slightly. And you know, image board and all. They only thing they have in common is they look like they don't bathe.

No. 1707531

File: 1669222213423.png (405.54 KB, 565x329, Shanyas Protector.png)

Maybe they mean young Chris-Chan? Meaning current Day Chris-Chan is what Shayna and the Pack can look forward to him becoming.

No. 1707532

File: 1669222422461.png (1.11 MB, 1404x485, Wolf Gang.png)

The entire "pack" of degens are just various stages of Chris-Chan

No. 1707543

File: 1669222905416.jpeg (22.58 KB, 304x166, 984E82A0-345D-4807-94D6-31A4C0…)

they could be brothers
same doughy potato face, same smugass expression

No. 1707559

File: 1669224727577.jpeg (207.5 KB, 750x543, 4823ABFE-546B-49C2-8F5F-D83A15…)

how is she not embarrassed making these cringe stories every time she leaves her house

No. 1707562

The bar is in hell but Chris-Chan is the less offensive looking of the two. The other troon looks like a Dutch garden gnome.

Some moid slowed down to observe an obese owner walking an obese dog.

No. 1707565

My retarded tinfoil is that “the dad” is actually just Ellen’s dad kek

No. 1707568

We know this is a fake story because she’s taking Noodle for a walk.

No. 1707603

File: 1669227548177.jpeg (1.3 MB, 3465x3465, E8010119-276B-4A6F-96A9-AA0A48…)

No. 1707604

Another anon mentioned how she's probably looking for an excuse to move back to a state with a low cost of living since she's constantly struggling and obviously had a lot more disposable income in Oklahoma. I second the tinfoil. She doesn't care where she is as long as there's a moid giving her the bare minimum attention. Live-in polycule saga soon?

Oh my god, get fucked you lying tub of lard

No. 1707607

I don’t get why she needs to be in Seattle. No family there. She doesn’t leave her house except to travel to other states to stupid ass degenerate conventions. She should’ve stayed in Oklahoma, or moved to another flyover state. She doesn’t do anything but binge drink and pan handle

No. 1707611

honestly if nonnies could remove themselves from the situation (ie. he's so ugly id never fuck him, wtf is this living situation i'd never) then maybe this is actually Shayna being smart for once. She's not pretending she's hot shit, she's not pretending she can bag attractive guys, shes not pretending she even keep one guy committed. If she becomes a sister wife and moves into with some cult-like family, at least she will be living within her means for once in her life. Just give her a bedroom, a blanket on the floor, and some crusty dildos and she's happy.

No. 1707616

Nonna, you and I have very different definitions of "smart."

No. 1707633

kek, okay? I love how scrotes always do retarded shit but never try to talk to her or she leaves that part out because she just turns them down and thats not a good story. Definetly didn't happen kek

No. 1707637

Does "smart" to you mean "self hate"? I too believe that Shayna can't do better, but I don't think that she should, too. Idk I think you can't be happy with her lifestyle unless you have dangerously low self esteem.

No. 1707641

Most of these poly relationships are fucked up, it's not the "Chosen Family" that Shayna or others may think. Every single time it's some fucked up, messed up dynamic idiot shit. Shayna is a lazy piece of shit and this may be unpopular, But I think she prefers to live alone or at least, have a scrote live with her. So she can dictate what rooms will be dedicated to her identical porn and do what she wants. She's just bored and it's Fupaul aniexty. She has to show she's moving on and wated and kinky. Not like fat ass being married and boring.

No. 1707650

File: 1669231294291.jpeg (418.5 KB, 1170x1347, 363EE8E0-862D-40CC-BF03-646901…)

It probably kills her that she’s not the main person in that relationship

No. 1707652

File: 1669231337185.jpeg (483.67 KB, 1170x1192, 18C59988-7453-4274-A933-5D25F9…)

No. 1707657

Its crazy how its always something super ~quirky~ every time she leaves the house. You're telling me it's believable that not only does this fat, smelly, sped looking trailer trash get catcalled, flirted with, complimented, and gone out of the way for more than any woman Ive ever known but also in these very particular scenarios. Incredible.

No. 1707662

Not that this is true but if a man did that to me I would not be flattered. I'd feel vulnerable and in danger. She is so fucking stupid.

No. 1707674

File: 1669233366273.jpeg (344.96 KB, 1170x806, 67BED177-396D-40CA-AE0E-B31AA9…)

This bitch doesn’t do yoga

No. 1707676

File: 1669233422366.jpeg (772.38 KB, 1170x1566, 2D08CCB9-CE17-4ACB-85C8-A037FF…)

No. 1707688

this bitch loves eating her microplastics lol

No. 1707693

Lol the "salon" aka Ellen is putting some new press ons onto Shays rotting fingers. Also imagining these 2 fat hogs doing yoga. Yoga is generally for fit people. Its not an excercise for fatasses, its for body flexibility and control, for strengthing, for mental energy, etc. Those 2 dumbasses sharing 1 single porn rotten braincell huffing and puffing trying to touch their toes aren't getting shit out of yoga. Hit the planet fitness, retard.

No. 1707702

but i've seen some fat girls do yoga and actually do it pretty well

shay and ellen aren't doing yoga, they're going to attempt a downward dog and give up

No. 1707705

Shay will probably sit there and tweet how the poses are ~kinky~ and how she's getting so turned on and other gross shit. She needs to rot

No. 1707707

I dont get why people thing posting about the one-time they "think" they might do something is a flex? Like you'll never see this bitch posting "I've been doing ________ for the past week/month and feel great, heres some tangible results". Stoners are always going on and on with their wishful thinking.

No. 1707709

role-playing a female who meets their daily water consumption goals.

No. 1707711

it isn't even a stoner thing, it's a terminally online thing.

No. 1707714

Has Shaynus ever mention having ADHD? I know she's fat and lazy but I don't think I've ever seen her accomplish anything in her entire life. She just floats along exposing her asshole to survive.

No. 1707770

She definitely does not have it, she’s just a lazy alcoholic. I have ADHD and I think most people in their 20s and younger have generally worse attention spans due to tech addiction. Shayna is included in that.
Well one thing is for sure, an adderall prescription would help her lose some weight kek. Unfortunately it’s hard to get that legally and I guarantee that she would have issues unless she went to some quack doctor to get testing and a diagnosis (which arent cheap) and then medication, which may or may not be adderall because a lot of doctors want you to try non-stimulants first. Knowing her if she has stimulants she will be the type to not need them and go bonkers about how insanely productive she feels from the excess energy and euphoria.

No. 1707773

it’s because shayna has always truly wanted to be an influencer. she thinks her current following actually gives any shits about her routine, life, clothes, or anything beyond her showing her entire asshole and pussy. she had the slightest taste as a teen of younger stoner girls thinking she was cool, and has not been able to let it go.

No. 1707774

File: 1669239633438.jpeg (427.12 KB, 1170x1083, AF1A1E60-07E9-480E-8D2C-762DA3…)

Shay, come on with these made up stories

No. 1707776

File: 1669239674736.jpeg (618.84 KB, 1170x1567, B017B7C3-EEEE-4482-9EB7-E92EF1…)

No. 1707783

It's literally just stretching anon. You don't need to be an athlete.

No. 1707785

>that pfp
Is that Grimes after her new surgery?

No. 1707788

You can tell she doesn't get catcalled that often because of the dumbass scenarios like this that she makes up. Personally I haven't been catcalled since I was a teen cause moids purposely target young girls who don't know how to stand up for themselves ugh). She sounds like a tranny larping for his euphoria. It's not fun when a moid can't take no for an answer and he follows you back to your car demanding your number, but Shayna wouldn't know cause she has neither a car nor sex appeal.

No. 1707789

File: 1669240564582.jpeg (Spoiler Image,953.48 KB, 1284x1756, 23F4426B-B7CC-47FB-B3EC-36D0B6…)

sure, it’s extremely degenerate kink shit, but if this person dresses shayna up like this pic, it might be the best content she’s put out in a while, simply because she’ll be completely covered up, kek.

No. 1707792

File: 1669241027363.jpeg (31.65 KB, 400x400, p3XA4s-a_400x400.jpeg)

he looks more like other troon kevin gibes imo

No. 1707798

Are we sure this is even a CIS male? He looks like a lesbian. And I wouldn't be shocked in the slightest if this was a FTM tranny.

No. 1707827

File: 1669243352162.jpeg (Spoiler Image,846.11 KB, 1170x1663, 9FBE019D-4530-453F-823C-F77313…)

No. 1707840

I don’t think she knows what a closeout sale means…

No. 1707844

This can't be the same person that was in the elevator with Shaynus at Lonestar. Unless these are older pics from when they first started taking hormones. Or am I confused?
Is this person, the rainbow haired brony tard? And is that the same person from the elevator from last thread?
This >>1707792 is not a cis female. This is a transtard 100% which direction though is hard to say. The lips and nose say bio female, but the eyes up says midlife crisis moid. A conundrum indeed.

No. 1707864

File: 1669244725895.jpeg (438.57 KB, 2048x1536, ew.jpeg)

>This >>1707792 is not a cis female.
Lol that is kevin gibes not Shaynas new boyfriend. But the rainbow haired freak is the same guy from the elevator photos just with a beard. He was also the guy Shaymu and the other girls were sitting on in the bed.

No. 1707870

File: 1669244980246.jpeg (184.61 KB, 750x350, F4B090B9-56AD-46EC-A90B-8FDB0F…)

who are these oopa homeless style tier stories for?

No. 1707872

can a more talented nonita please photoshop the Velma's grandma and Dutch garden gnome's heads on this photo to give us an idea of what Shanya's new poly relationship will look like?

No. 1707900

Already been posted

No. 1707903

File: 1669247201017.jpeg (157.08 KB, 1170x335, 62B5BBE5-D23D-4E1F-9E0E-E77E8C…)

Not much tbh

No. 1707905

She's killing herself tomorrow

No. 1707911

File: 1669247756952.jpeg (953.12 KB, 1242x1656, 37E550DF-9C69-4E7F-B394-772D86…)

Not the rodent smile, greasy hair and snaggletooth bitch needs to get her teeth fixed

No. 1707912

File: 1669247851674.jpeg (239.69 KB, 1242x1005, F208155E-EDD5-4859-8C0E-8F3554…)

I guess Shayna and Ellen are having a degenerate thanksgiving dinner

No. 1707915

You forgot the ugly beady little black eyes, huge bulbous witch’s honker, non-existent top lip, butchered brows, diseased skin texture visible even with a filter and forehead wrinkles of a 50 year old alcoholic single mother

No. 1707920

File: 1669248208847.jpeg (519.22 KB, 1606x3465, CD9230A1-D8A7-4470-B308-FDF8D4…)

I thought she meant the notebook lady

No. 1707924

Those teeth

No. 1707926

File: 1669248391331.jpeg (Spoiler Image,396.08 KB, 1735x2048, 03A5F01E-1148-4521-9FD4-2AF5A0…)

Has this been posted ?

No. 1707929

File: 1669248444451.jpeg (Spoiler Image,403.77 KB, 1723x2048, 73305FF1-DAFB-4E18-95B3-3BF3A5…)

Cheap ass hotel room this isn’t aesthetic or bougie Shaymu

No. 1707951

Less than she sells her videos for tbh

No. 1707968

Whichever moid comes over will definitely have Ellen pouncing on them. Shayna, the asexual, will only join in if she feels that she needs attention kek.

No. 1707978

No. 1708016

I'm dead.
This is just making me think of the scene from Get Out where dude slow drives past the black dude playing "run rabbit run"

No. 1708089

>Custom vids $8/min so $80 for a 10 minute video
>All 250 premade videos $200
>$200 + $80 = $280
>Sells vid and premade videos for $300 on sale
kek shaytaan needs to stop shilling her body to pedophiles on the internet and go back to basic numeracy skills, her alcoholism's only accentuating her retardation

No. 1708169

It baffles me that she claims to be this sex expert, yet all she does is post photos of her fully nude, doing nothing in particular. What ever happened to the excitement of leaving things to the imagination? She'd have more fans if she actually focused on teasing potential customers rather than running around like a fat toddler who refuses to put their pull-ups on.

No. 1708173

>is just a degenerate hanging out with other degenerates in Seattle
Does Shay even hang out with anyone in Seattle besides Ellen and her clients? I mean I could empathize with her wanting to be in Seattle if she was involved with the kink community but she literally seems to have no friends or associates there. Am I missing something?

No. 1708225

I cannot wait to see the pics Fat Shat posts of whoever their guests are and trying to flex whatever garbage she and Ellen Degenerate make for dinner. I’m honestly surprised Ellen hasn’t privated her twitter account

No. 1708227

The only people she associates with irl are her tard wrangler Ellen (who I’m convinced acts as her pimp) and whichever fat, ugly, smelly, old scrotes she lets molest her for chump change. She’s not into any of the degen “kinks” she claims she’s into, she just says she is for attention and because she’s too hideous to sell any “normal” porn content

No. 1708228

it's supremely f'd to frame relationships with men as whether you "can keep him committed". shouldn't it ideally be about finding man you actually like as a friend and not just as the compulsory male to clean up after who makes you not seem like a spinster or some shit.

i know you're just hating on her but i sincerely doubt that she has to date uggos when plenty of not bad looking men who love self objectifying women exist.

No. 1708234

is she making this shit up to try and bolster her biomBo image

No. 1708236

most women are enough to make a guy stay committed to her and not need several partners to keep him happy. shayna hasn't shown of pattern of having men in real life who are committed to her.

No. 1708243

Gonna go out on a limb and say that she actually has no concept of a healthy relationship. I mean look at her situation with Ellen, when does she ever talk about doing anything for her? It’s all about what Ellen does for her. She just wants attention to have someone take care of all the adult responsibilities she’s too lazy, too broke and too stupid to take care of herself. She’s so fucking developmentally stunted it actually blows my mind. At her age most people with the means to do so have completed an undergrad degree if not a postgrad, travelled/lived overseas, got stuck into their career aspirations, developed solid friendships and have had at least one serious adult relationship but she’s done none of that despite having opportunities served up to her on a platter.

No. 1708252

She has to settle for mentally unstable losers because she's a mentally unstable loser. A halfway decent scrote wouldn't allow her to post him publicly. He'd hide her harder than fupa if she made it past a one time drunk fuck. She's doing the best she can because she refuses to actually better herself.

No. 1708258

she doesn't have a concept of a healthy relationship. I'm fully convinced that she thinks her mere presence is enough for her to act like a completely entitled cunt in any relationship she's in. Her "bimbo" personality isn't a front at all, she genuinely thinks that she's sexy and cool enough to get by on just being someones arm candy. Ellen puts up with it because Ellen is even more starved for attention than Shay is, but I have a feeling that with this impending poly drama, that won't last very long. Even Ellen is going to tire of it and kick Shay to the curb (which tbh Shay is probably wanting. She'd love it if Ellen broke up with her based on Shay dating other people, she'd get soooo many pity points.)

semi-related do we know Ellen's history with poly? In seattle, the poly and kink community is basically one giant circle. It's pretty much expected to be involved in both if you dip your toes in one.

No. 1708261

well Shayna has no qualms about inviting literal strangers into her home so clearly it’s not a problem for her.

No. 1708262

the bending of the table, kek. we see you trying to give yourself an ass shay.

No. 1708279

I was being facetious when I said I was going out on a limb, kek. She’s obviously completely fucked in the head when it comes to understand how humans interact with one another (case in point: her r/thathappened anecdotes). Like most cows with threads on lolcow dot farm she’s completely lacking in self-awareness, you’re absolutely right about her being delusional; she genuinely thinks she’s a hot, sexy, interesting, successful, high class baby bimbo uwu who men want to be seen with and who farmers are jealous of. If she realised how objectively repulsive she is both inside and out she wouldn’t be posting the disgusting “content” that she blasts all over the internet for her haydurz to laugh at

No. 1708287

ah sorry for being dense, nonna.

I’m still so in awe of her constantly posting these wild stories about being catcalled. She’s trying to make catcalling seem fun, desirable, with a weird splash of RAWRXDRANDUM. When in actuality it’s terrifying and mortifying. Moids are never catcalling because they actually think they have a chance, they do it to degrade you and to remind you that they perceive themselves as dominant and powerful. I really want one of her SWer friends to call her out about her obvious fiction but of course Shay will just go “nuh uh it toddally happened.”

No. 1708345

Right? I’ve never come across one single woman in my entire fucking life who isn’t annoyed at best and petrified at worst when being catcalled. Amongst everything else that’s wrong with her she has no concept of safety either. The way she’s continuously putting herself in mortal danger would have me extremely concerned if she wasn’t such a rape and abuse-glorifying sack of shit

No. 1708353

Shaynus turning obese, and on a track nowhere close of stopping that is one of the most well deserved thing to ever happen chef kiss

No. 1708355

street harassment isn’t a compliment, and harassers seek out women who look desperate or slow in the mind
shayna is of course both

No. 1708357

Eh, I’ve known pretty intimidating looking women who still get catcalled. Moids are just unable to keep their mouths shut. I don’t think it has anything to do with if you look retarded or vulnerable.

No. 1708362

In my country calling out to attractive women is considered normal. Attractive being the key word. But then women are also considered to be vulgar if they wear athletic clothing outside of the house/gym/while doing anything other than exercising so there’s that too. Shayna would be treated with abject disgust

No. 1708392

What the fuck does this even mean

No. 1708404

kek nona I thought it was just me because I’m ESL, I have no fucking idea what it means either, can a burger please explain?

No. 1708406

burgerlating for all the esteemed Bonnie’s in the thread-
A cookie is a slang for coochie/cunt/clam/beaver/vajoon/punani/front butt/flesh trap. He was referring to the fact that, as a mood, his kielbasa fingers are finally nice enough to pry open his partners baby slingshot and dig around. Of course this is all Shay fantasy but I just wanted to clear that up for you.

No. 1708407

Thanksgiving got me drunk posting. This is full of typos. I regret nothing.

No. 1708412

lmao bless you nona. Slightly tangential but I fucking hate how Shat refers to her snatch as a “cunt”, it makes me irrationally angry

No. 1708451

>Dutch garden gnome
!!!!!!!! Nonyshka I DIED

No. 1708470

This is how you know that this never happens to her. Any woman who experienced a guy in a car slowing down beside you and staring knows the immediate fear it causes. Twitter whores like fat shaynus fetishise things like sexual harassment because they have never experienced it in real life. I’m so embarrassed for her feeling like she has to make up these weird stories, it’s pathetic and if she wasn’t a raging pedo I’d feel bad for her.

No. 1708498

That’s not true at all lol Men catcall and harass any fuckin woman on earth, especially if she’s pretty cause it makes them feel confident for w/e reason
Shay doesn’t get anything, maybe some actual retards because of how ridiculous she dresses but that’s it

No. 1708500

I'm not entirely certain, but I think it means fingering. Absolutely vulgar and inappropriate to say in public loud enough to hear. Either this salon attracts degenerates which would explain why her hands always look like shit, or in usual Shayna fashion, she made this up too and got her nails done at home by Ellen.

No. 1708510

is there such a thing as drunk elegance? because really the only part I needed clarification on was why HE said that, but ah he got his claws groomed
the rest was a bonus

No. 1708564


Both Ellen and Shayna have used the word poly to describe their situation. Ellen openly posts about "dating" people besides her girlfriend (all moids, I think). So Shayna's Southern polycule shouldn't bother her. But I think that both of them seem really clingy with the partners they actually like; they're just too ugly and fucked to get those people to commit so they end up poly like all the other ugly, fucked up people…

No. 1708578

The thing is, Shayna doesn't like her "girlfriend". Ellen is useful, I mean, she was the reason Shayna managed to escape Oklahoma in the first place. Now, if she gets attached to this moid like she did with Fupa, even if she manages to bite her tongue about her jealousy, I doubt she's not gonna be bothered. She needs to feel special, and having a boyfriend who's only hers 1/5th of the time is gonna drive her nuts.

No. 1708600

I definitely feel like she made up something since farmers have been speculating her getting her nails done at a salon is a farce.
A picture of her and ellens hands or feet at the salon or a selfie or something wouldve been more convincing if they actually went.
Also so much for the yoga thing too kek

No. 1708604

I feel like her and Ellen are sitting on the floor at Ellen's place and Ellen said this kek

No. 1708622

They didn’t say it because it didn’t happen. I know a lot of people are porn sick but shay is so porn sick she sexualizes everything and thinks situations like this are totally normal because she doesn’t spend time outside and around other non-degenerates(the general public)

What really happened was she saw a couple getting a mani pedi(assuming this salon exists) and created a degen fanfic in her head and posted it to Twitter.
I know nona’s like to point out men are gross sex pests and this is a plausible conversation; but let’s be real. If you spend a lot of time around people and in the outside world you know what’s made up and what’s realistic kek

No. 1708716

If this really did happen, which I doubt.. that's one nasty ass scrote saying shit like that loud enough for others to hear. Not goals at all. But like I said, I doubt this shit happened.

No. 1708722

Polyamory is for when you can't land a nine so you grab a two, a one, and two threes. Perfect for Shay and Ellen.

No. 1708763

Kekkkkk this the perfect description. Poly people are always so fug and weird/gross.

No. 1708822

Her area in Renton is actually pretty cute in my opinion. She is a couple blocks from a downtown area with some restaurants and bars and an arcade. It feels like a small town. And there’s the Cedar river running through it with lots of little parks and you can walk along the river for miles. And there is a nice dog park for Noodle. I’ve NEVER seen her in any of these places though, I think she just hunkers down in her apartment unless a dad takes her to a restaurant at Southcenter mall in Tukwila. I’m sure I’ll run into her someday

No. 1708952

It's a shithole

No. 1708966


kek at these clashing opinions. anons are always implying she moved up in the world from tulsa to SEATTLE but living in one of those weird little bedroom communities without a damn car is depressing, too. washington state is super trashy outside of seattle/maybe bellevue, and i don't really think there's a lot of glamour in corporate drone indian dudes in sweatpants in the first place. maybe she should just go live in kentucky or texas or wherever that polycule is.

No. 1708983

Not to distract from this riveting discussion about burger towns but Shaymu is awfully quiet, she must be hard at work cooking dinner for her menagerie of degenerates. I hope she posts pics of the results

No. 1709015

File: 1669341545875.jpeg (563.25 KB, 828x1229, F79B231A-35B2-4CFB-8AD5-747B7C…)

lmao the fuck is this outfit

No. 1709019

She looks so fucking old, if I didnt know better I would think she was in her 40, this is so grim. Not that there is anything wrong with being 40 but this big bitch is only 25.

No. 1709033

She is wasted in that pic

No. 1709044

These last few months, she seems incapable of keeping her fuzzy ass tongue in her mouth. It's never even a "cute" tongue out; she has the entire thing sticking out like a cow about to eat its own boogers. That combined with The Smirk™ is parody levels of ugly.

No. 1709046

she looks like 2 different (ugly) people in these pictures kek.

No. 1709056

I really need to know why the flesh on her fingers appears to be rotting off

No. 1709059

It’s all that makeup she cakes on. Doubt she has any sort of skincare routine to speak of, and I doubt she even owns a bottle of sunscreen let alone applies it every 2 hours kek. Any white girl will age like milk without sunscreen, not even taking into account her terrible lifestyle.

No. 1709061

Still so curious wtf is happening with her feet that she needs to wear a pair of socks & leg warmers

No. 1709063

here feet were clearly visible in the shoot where the old lady has her bent over the knee and Shayna looked giant. My tinfoil is that she is just trying hide her cankles.

No. 1709066

posing by the front door bc it's the only clean place in her apartment

No. 1709069

cankles. her calves are nearly the size of her thighs. it’s disgusting.

No. 1709079

Praying for the day shanya sizes up and stops buying shit in white/pastels. I know it's supposed to be cream or something but the whole outfit just looks dingy on her.

No. 1709111

She’s probably been posting on Snapchat, but admin banned Snapchat anon

No. 1709118

oh shit, sorry for slightly ot but what happened? was she acting up in other threads or did i miss something else?

No. 1709125

For a cheap, retarded whore the outfit was almost somewhat ok, but buying it in a size that actually fit was where she missed the mark of course.

No. 1709126

this thread always makes me want to quit the internet

No. 1709129

First of all, what did that anon do to warrant a permanent ban? Second of all, does that anon not use a VPN?

No. 1709130

This thread makes me want to quit life sometimes

No. 1709132

it's literally in the last thread

No. 1709135

>>1709132 where?

No. 1709139

File: 1669352809237.jpeg (86.3 KB, 828x228, 7A4F3CFB-639F-4D2E-93F8-C9CEDC…)

NTA but here you go. >>>/snow/1700950

No. 1709140

Seems like a stupid and petty ban.

No. 1709141

Extremely so.

No. 1709148

Guess we need another Snapchat anon then

No. 1709150

Shaymin should do it if she's gonna ban the people who supply content for her own petty reasons.

No. 1709168

Kek I saw that post. It was something like
>I’ve been here longer than you shaymin
>if you agree, say nothing
I think shaymin was triggered because she never posts. hopefully she doesn’t ban me for posting this

No. 1709176

nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo omg that is so fucking lame

No. 1709183

File: 1669362901710.png (151.59 KB, 358x338, 1505364933815.png)

>big shaynus threads are so important that shayfags are fighting for control of LC
Strange times we live in.

No. 1709195

I have her snap and have posted recording her story from another phone. It's too late rn but I'll get grabs tomorrow. Nothing special tho, just a huge spread of food on shays counter - can't tell if they're actually having people over or Ellen & Shay are just gorging themselves

No. 1709197

Posted recordings in the past*

No. 1709214

Bless you nonita. I bet Shaynus sat around chugging her gross cheap pink wine/alcopop while Ellen did all the cooking. Either that or Ellen is just as fat and useless as Shay and they doordashed everything

No. 1709330

Doubt shaymin even contributes to shay's thread!

No. 1709344

the last time XS fit this fat bitch was way before covid hit. it's been years. let it go fatty, you need at least a large now. when will she learn? it makes her look WAY fatter, why can't she just buy clothes that fit ffs

No. 1709424

Shaynus hungry

No. 1709524

Here's her story - sorry for the slightly lower quality, can't find my better camera from a recent move


No. 1709536

Thanks nonita ur a saint.

All that beige cheesy food and not a damn vegetable in sight. I know their bathroom is going to smell awful. It also looks like a spread, and not just two fat chicks pigging out, but I could be wrong. She's not big shaynus for no reason. Most of the food looks like someone cooked it. I hope they cleaned her grody ass kitchen before and after cooking but I doubt it.

No. 1709559

shaynas music taste always make me kek as a fellow new englander. she's most definitely the daddy girls burnout stoner girl type whos bpd as fuck and goes through a lot of different phases. surprised she never got tatted up. she needs to start wearing flannels and bandanas again.

No. 1709579

You might want to crop out the bottom of this video and reupload it because your snap icon or whatever its called is visible

No. 1709612

File: 1669402145375.jpeg (Spoiler Image,608.72 KB, 1170x1259, FD02F91B-EE2E-46A0-913C-513F99…)

She really needs new material

No. 1709626

Jesus christ this bitch is big!

No. 1709637

nonnie something about you clicking through this Shayna's pictures and filming it cracks me the fuck up. I'm sorry kek, thank you thought
Cartoon evil witch face

No. 1709638


Congrats nonita, your nailbeds are 1000% more healthy looking than Shayna's

No. 1709640

She needs a new bra, new wig and I guess this is why the belly skirts aren't going anywhere, because yeah she legit has a gut now. Unpopular but this shit looks better. Let it all hang out, she looks a hot musty mess, but stop hiding the fat we can SEE it

No. 1709643

She has absolutely no sex appeal. It's impressive for someone who's been in the sex work game for +5 years.

No. 1709650

Going through the threads, just finished #32 and this is so jarring. FatShat really did fuck up everything she's ever had. She might as well embrace the 600lb life feeder saga incoming

No. 1709655

>"Shayna Clifford/Dolly Mattel #220:The Need To Feed
>Shayna admits she's now getting offers for customs that include her eating
>Shayna does a gross video where she sticks a king sized snicker up her ass and eats it

No. 1709657

Oh my god it took me a second to realize that this was a joke. Top kek, anon, you absolutely nailed it.

No. 1709671

Damn what have they done to Miss Piggy. Mustve fell on some real hard times.

No. 1709676

She needs some new amazon gift cards for the holidays. Those mesh panties are way too small its making her flubbergut look even bigger. That bra is fucking cursed and I wish she would lose it in her filth hovel indefinitely. And you can do a "dom" vid without a fucking ss fetish hat.

No. 1709680

lmao wtf is this food? it looks like literal vomit, who eats this trash?

No. 1709682

>implying their bathroom doesn’t already smell like a mortuary

No. 1709705

File: 1669406746530.jpeg (191.69 KB, 467x541, 024E8B1E-CA34-48A7-A3CC-9BF51E…)

Big Shaynus

No. 1709709

Holy fuck is she getting bigger by the hour?!

No. 1709720

File: 1669407398723.jpeg (433.08 KB, 1170x1593, 52E71A96-853D-4BFE-9043-3D96C8…)

She’s most likely got blue fingers because she’s fat. Smoking, lack of exercise & binge drinking are all also potential causes of poor circulation. Sitting around all day doing nothing but gorging on charcuterie, pink wine, Twitter and high-voltage fanny hammers is not conducive to having a healthy body kek

No. 1709742

This is legit terrible. I thought it was a shoop at first.

Shay blows my mind. She has all the time in the world to do FREE exercise like running and yoga but she doesn’t even do the bare minimum. Her job involves looking good, her dream is to be a put-together plaything bimbo and she can’t even muster the will to go on a walk for an hour a day. She really does think her pickme attitude and kinks alone will get her the moid of her dreams. Amazing.

No. 1709743

So odd how shaymus never talked about going to the nail salon until we pointed out she probably doesn’t go bc she never makes dumb ass fake stories about being there lol. Strange.

No. 1709749

Holy fuck no wonder she’s gaining weight, that’s a dinner for just her and her friend??

No. 1709763

How does she have the confidence? If I looked like that I would wear a burqa

No. 1709764

something about the way this food looks I know it just tastes nasty. I highly doubt shay seasons her food even a bit.

No. 1709766

holy fat bitch batman

No. 1709790

i think she doesn't have confidence, she just doesn't know what else to do. getting naked for money is what she does since she's idk 17? she's in too deep. no amount of blubber can give her back her sense of shame

No. 1709795

File: 1669411099288.jpg (381.29 KB, 1400x1400, Shayhog.jpg)

This picture is giving Roadhog vibes.

No. 1709824

Nonnie, miss piggie would NEVER

No. 1709834

"Say Bacon one more time.."

No. 1709842

Thanks for making me book a swim season for tomorrow even though I wasn’t feeling it. She looks like raw dough

No. 1709855

This is probably the biggest she’s ever looked. How do you ever let it get this bad?

No. 1709856

How tf did she manage to get this big? She didnt look this big in her weird spanking party pictures? Jesusssss

No. 1709857

File: 1669414268006.jpeg (40.83 KB, 680x680, 5349B6AE-A8DD-4253-8A2C-29834C…)

Jeeeeeesus. I’m supposed to be doing a rest day but Shaytaan is the ultimate gymspo. It’s the body she deserves but woooooof her gut is so…male fat distribution-esque

No. 1709859

We literally never see her belly, plus being fair the tight panties, the dildo harness thing and the angle makes her gut look bigger

No. 1709866

Yet never posts pics at this salon. Just a weird made up story.
Her and Ellen definitely just do press ons for each other kek.

No. 1709868

She became the entire thanksgiving ham, goddamn

No. 1709872

File: 1669415052320.jpeg (Spoiler Image,156.84 KB, 1179x640, DFB0E3E7-0C21-4FA9-A55C-9CC845…)

Out of curiosity I regretfully watched the Turkey baster video and there is like blood or something coming out of her ass. Also I bet exactly 0 people found this arousing. Sorry if this was covered originally

No. 1709874

yeah that looks like blood As a shayhead, I think i'd remember this idiot cutting her bootyhole with a fucking baster, i'm slipping

No. 1709875

I’m gagging, that’s so vile

No. 1709880

I know it's been said many many times but how does she post this stuff??? She is very insecure about her weight but she still somehow posts this??? It's BAD. I know she must be mortified deep down so what is compelling her to not change her diet?

No. 1709885

Let's put some respect on Miss Piggy's name, an absolutely classy woman who would never stoop to this!
>Shayna Clifford #123: thanksgiving and christmas ham edition
I love the nonnies in this thread, holy hell.
She's lucky she didn't puncture an intestine or something, Jesus. Please let that be shit and not blood

No. 1709886

How many calories would she have to eat per day to gain the way she is???? Like over 3000 right?

No. 1709889

This pic is like a bloated whale carcass trying to skinwalk Sherri Moon Zombie.

No. 1709892

Yeah iirc at the time she even said she tore her asshole doing that dumb shit. Almost like cheap plastic shit that's not meant for internal use shouldn't be used as a sex toy.

No. 1709899

File: 1669416909856.png (170.49 KB, 261x558, Catchers Mitt.png)

Why does a 25 year old's face look like a catcher's mitt? Shay-shay has entered her "Road hard and put away wet" era.

No. 1709920

The way her fat frames her square chin

No. 1709949

I can’t remember, did an OF anon ever post the video here?

No. 1709991

Could the embarassing surgery be to correct an assole tear she got from that? Feels like she stopped doing so much anal for a while, and that along with the hemorroids tinfoil definitely is embarrassing enough for her to not want to discuss the issue

No. 1709993

Same, I don't think we ever saw this. I only remember her dumb tweet about injuring herself with this and probably begging people to buy her video

No. 1709996

OT but I hope Vivi is still around reading this thread and going to eventually come and spill the beans on shatna. I just know she has more to tell

No. 1710021

I think the only type of person who might potentially find this content appealing is someone who gets off on misogyny and how far women will degrade themselves, but even that type of person would probably just be pissed off that Shayna seems pleased with herself for making this. I hate her weird content so much

No. 1710054

Honest question, if Shay ever did manage to lose the weight and managed to maintain, say a 130 lb frame, would she manage to look like she did before, or is gaining that much weight and losing it just going to make her look saggy and skinnyfat?

No. 1710055

File: 1669429461045.jpeg (477.32 KB, 1170x990, AC237B70-1AAC-4F22-B275-0D1CF7…)

No. 1710068

More fluffy shoes to get dirty within a week. I can only imagine the hideous outfits she would wear with these kek

No. 1710071

She’d have to lose the weight in a healthy way, probably slow and steady to avoid having a bunch of loose skin. Even then her body will never be as fit and tight just by virtue of time and gravity and lack of proper maintenance for at least 10 years. She’s not past the point of no return like an ALR or Slaton sister but even if she loses the weight she’ll likely never look naturally skinny again.
Those shoes look like a gross uncircumcised penis so it makes sense she’d like it

No. 1710074

She could look way better than she does now, but if she lost 50lb she would look “softer” than she used to, and it might add wrinkles to her face. Also, she would still have a lot of cellulite. But it would still be worth it

No. 1710092

Ew wtf anon.

No. 1710096

Which part is ew? The uncircumcised penis? I agree.

No. 1710110

It's a long-term number rather than a short-term one. For the past 3 years, I would say that she's gained about 30 lb/year, give or take. That's 30*3500/365 = 288 extra calories per day that she's eating past her TDEE. That's honestly not that hard to do. Especially given that her TDEE is extremely low. Lowest possible for a human that's not a vegetable. She doesn't even walk to work/to the store/a friend's house etc. When most people say "sedentary", they mean that they sit at their computer for most of the workday, but they still walk occasionally. Shayna literally ubers everywhere. She burns 0 calories per day. It's actually kind of astonishing.

Anyway, all that to say that I'm surprised she hasn't gained more. The way that she eats seems like it hits around 2500 cal/day. Her TDEE is somewhere around 1800. So either she's gained more weight than I thought (I'm putting her around 200 lb) or she's only eating at a moderate surplus of ~288 cal every day.

No. 1710115

she’s young enough that she’d mostly bounce back. i disagree with other nonnies and think that if she started lifting she could tighten her body back up again. this is all fantasy as she would never.

No. 1710116

I would say a big chunk of her weight gain has happened since the Ireland trip. She fluctuates and her puking disease worked to her advantage for awhile.
I also wouldn’t be surprised if some days she doesn’t eat a lot because she can’t afford Door Dash every day, would rather not eat than cook, and because it’s easier to get drunk on pink wine if you haven’t eaten a lot.
There’s also the concept of “set weight” where our bodies try to stay within a certain weight range and some people can get away with eating more (it’s more complicated that calories imo)

No. 1710127

For loose skin, she could get surgery with her successful bimbo money

No. 1710152

File: 1669439848454.jpeg (434.85 KB, 1170x831, 8176CE50-250C-4F54-9B7E-6E6385…)

No. 1710164

File: 1669441889374.jpeg (674.59 KB, 1170x1356, 557A73C7-E2F0-444E-8884-3EF476…)

I hate her

No. 1710166

Top tweet is deleted

No. 1710183

File: 1669443598509.jpeg (445.16 KB, 1170x1207, 0043EAA3-5E8F-440F-A1D3-B4C8DF…)

Can’t wait to see her stuffed into latex

No. 1710184

The tentative finger taps like you're afraid of what's next Nona kek I love it, good work. Also the food looks like the only seasoning used was… Butter.

No. 1710191

Gross does she even use her nasty diaper degenerate account anymore?

No. 1710193

File: 1669444715889.jpeg (716.15 KB, 1105x1409, A1EF567B-3A48-4203-991E-0212E4…)

she looks like a homeless crackhead who shop lifts

No. 1710196

No. 1710199

By “independence” she means she doesn’t want anyone to see her terrible lifestyle habits, probably drinks more than her partners know, doesn’t have the energy to be presentable etc etc.

No. 1710212

File: 1669450728682.jpeg (178.37 KB, 1125x1469, 3D1810A2-BA67-4F83-BA97-1A9E33…)

Hanna Barbera moment

No. 1710224

Do you people have any idea how bodies work? I agree with >>1710115. She wouldn't have "a bunch of" loose skin, she's not that big, and her skin is fairly tight still (she doesn't have the classic fatty stretch marks on her stomach, for example). The human body is quite adaptable. She doesn't have a lot of time left, but she's very young, she could easily bounce back, she most likely will never look the way she did because she couldn't maintain a "naturally skinny" physique anymore, but she wouldn't get wrinkles and loose skin if she lost weight. I mean, this is fanfic as we know she'll never, ever change, but she could easily look less terrible again.

No. 1710249

Not that big? Nona, are you a burger by chance? I’m not judging, I’m a burger too, but she is obese. I only ever see other americans downplay obesity like that. The cellulite she has will never go away. Now she wouldn’t be a waddling roll of loose skin, but it wouldn’t be possible to tighten herself up like her old self due to how cellulite works. Her old body is forever gone, but that doesn’t mean she wouldn’t look a million times better if she lost weight than she does now

No. 1710261

notes app retarded disgusting fanfiction of her life?? people do this on twitter?

No. 1710274

File: 1669465429415.jpeg (176.15 KB, 1170x1028, 4885E80C-50E5-4533-AB71-57FDFD…)

She took anal out of her bio and replaced it with bondage

No. 1710282


She'd never get back what she had. It would be a fast improvement of course but she's blown her skin out too far for too long now - she'd have a permanent apron of loose skin where her tire is thickest.

No. 1710283

File: 1669466998362.png (259.87 KB, 696x386, i-.png)

No. 1710297

File: 1669468781745.jpeg (612.21 KB, 1242x1200, 70FFEC79-06FF-4D7E-9D86-75D555…)

No. 1710336

Damn, imagine blowing out your ass at 25? And what is funny is that if she just used safe sex practices her asshole would have been fine. Gentle reminder your fucking asshole isn't self lubricating.

No. 1710349

I wonder if the new poly relationship is fully open and her mom and dad are Sesame Street Burt guy and Velma? She's always been looking for a weird sexual "mommy and daddy" situation. I get some people can differentiate their sex life/preferences from their real life - but considering this is Shaytard and she can't have normal relationships, it really makes me wonder what was happening in her household growing up for her to turn out this way. Was there more to her always hanging out infront of her dad with no bra/hard nipples than just her being disgusting?

No. 1710365

Maybe her dad is one of those sneaky degenerates. The swinger kind that go to key parties.

No. 1710370

I just think she was groomed by Tumblr. Before the porn ban, people posted whatever, whenever, and Shay always had loyal following of pedos when she was younger that spent tons of time encouraging her to get into sex work. Combine being young and impressionable with natural low IQ, and you get this.

No. 1710398

I don’t know if you’re right, someone close to me was skinny her whole life, got cancer at 22 and she gained a ton of weight because of the treatment. She’s happily cancer free and she lost the weight quite quickly after she recovered. She’s 27 now and she has enough loose skin that she is saving to get it removed because it gets her down so much. I think she wants some sort of breast augmentation too because her boobs went really saggy. Collagen production starts slowing down in your mid 20’s so I think it’s possible that even if she did lose it all and get to her former weight she’d have a belly apron and definitely flappy upper arm skin.

No. 1710411

Ellen DeGenerate on suicide watch

No. 1710421

sad part is 99.9% of the people who groomed her and encouraged her to be a camgirl have long forgotten about her now and probably have cycled through various generations of 16-18 year olds by now doing the same thing.

No. 1710455

File: 1669482991163.jpeg (Spoiler Image,662.69 KB, 1170x1338, 377EC193-B4D6-4789-8CE2-B8915B…)

No. 1710457

File: 1669483028841.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.28 MB, 1170x2085, 7B3D7229-981F-45AB-A3E9-CF3D97…)

No. 1710483

lmao is this lana del fatso ?

No. 1710513

>double chin disappearing into neck
>body of fat teen boy
>hot dog nails
Dare I say the…Shaynus thread-B word kek

No. 1710528

File: 1669486542876.jpeg (306.84 KB, 724x423, 8FC90723-228D-4AD6-A13F-21F024…)

she deleted both of these last night and uploaded it again today

No. 1710529

SA it was just another pedophile fantasy from big shaynus

No. 1710536

This was already posted, why did you make me read it again? Ugh I hate her so much, I don't even care if she was groomed. That excuse is like justifying a moid shooter because he was "bullied." Boo fucking hoo

No. 1710543

I went from 135 to almost 190 and gained some leg cellulite from over drinking during a long depressive stage. I got back down to og weight because I dieted and biked everyday. It was like I never gained the weight and my cellulite disappeared. I also have a history of actually exercising, unlike Shay.

No. 1710547

File: 1669487568619.webm (3.24 MB, 672x1232, ÒwÓ.webm)

Full video.

No. 1710558

File: 1669488307744.jpeg (391.44 KB, 1242x1221, 46E60D61-79D1-4FEA-B0F7-C1AFE3…)

Jason r Womack is so autistic he needs to give up Big Shaynus ain’t gonna fuck you

No. 1710559

File: 1669488363564.png (6 MB, 1242x2208, 988C5C40-CC90-49F3-B039-E6E6DE…)

Why is her fat dog in the bathroom with her?

No. 1710566

File: 1669488703248.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.3 MB, 3465x3465, B480BDF3-ACCC-4C7E-861F-A984B4…)

How drunk is she? Jfc she looks HUGE

No. 1710567

>one saggy jiggling tit, other one rock hard
>lifebelt beer gut
>zero hips
>no ass, just thighs
>cottage cheese deluxe
>dandruff filter
>retarded dancing
is this a bingo on the non-existent drunk snap bingo sheet?

No. 1710570

File: 1669488912297.jpeg (429.17 KB, 803x829, 85CAD1CC-E91D-43D1-98CE-44853D…)

She looks like an overweight preteen boy

No. 1710571

Congrats Nonna, I've dealt with depression BED/Alcohol induced weight gain and it's the pits. Glad you got yourself together; I think your body is a lot more forgiving when you're younger too.

No. 1710580

She looks like she should wear a baggy big flannel and be a pub barmaid.

No. 1710583

Stop shilling anal, you’d blow your asshole out shoving stuff up there even if you lubed stuff up.

No. 1710585

She is so childlike but in a bad way. Mentally stunted.

No. 1710587

Shes so unsightly jfc. Like if it was just an average woman who looked like that behind closed doors with her partner, ok. But just that she parades around naked on the internet daily trying to make money off sexual appeal… it always is baffling. It's not as bad as Chris Chan but it's in the same vein of it feeling like youre just watching an attention hungry sped act out while people just laugh, cringe, and/or encourage the shit show. She's so disconnected from reality from being retarded and intoxicated.

No. 1710590

She spends too much time arounds troons and shit. Its almost draggish, but even drags and queers have more flavor and rhythm. Just the music she listens to and she just has to act goofy because she couldn't move sexy or with flow to save her life. And like not everyone can dance or move like an adult dancer but god it's just so embarrassing to post yourself like that.

No. 1710598

File: 1669491550493.jpeg (248.98 KB, 2048x1365, 386A8032-AEED-494D-BC11-A5F204…)

No. 1710601

BBW saga soon.

No. 1710602

Up until this video I agreed with the anons saying that if she loses the extra ~50 she's lugging around she could do it without major loose skin but.. she's fucked. If she lost the weight in a healthy way she'a going to have loose skin, especially in her thighs and Hank hill ass area weirdly enough.

Realistically the only way someone like shaynus would lose weight at this point is through drugs or illness, so she'd look rough as fuck. Can't believe this is the body of a childless 25 year old. It's not so much the weight but the absolute lack of muscle. If all the exercise she did was walk noodle everyday like a responsible dog owner it wouldn't be this bad. Bitch literally just sits on her house and rots her body inside out all day long.

No. 1710605

File: 1669492312661.png (2.66 MB, 978x3421, What happened Shayna.png)

had to do it so this monstrosity could be shared unspoiled.

No. 1710612

shay threads are so autistic and make me cringe yet I'll never leave because I'm attached

No. 1710625

I never thought I'd say this, but shay should be considered for a promotion to /pt.

No. 1710626

Her house is so sad. We don't see much of it, but we've had a few glimpses and even the things she herself posts are sad. I wonder what the parts she doesn't show must be like. There's no decoration on the wall, nothing to show that this is a home, it's just a house. It's very depressing. Most people are excited about having a "own" place where you can decorate however you like and make it comfortable.

No. 1710654

I genuinely have always thought “she’s not that big” but hell, how can she look in the mirror while sending out tweets about videos and not think “rather than spending £20 on take out I could pay for a months gym membership” hell, I’m sure some moid would even be her “gym daddy” if she genuinely tried to find one

No. 1710683

Her titties are askew
She has no personality. Everything about her is bland and boring. She just latches on to whatever she sees is popular on the internet years later

No. 1710688

File: 1669496638886.jpeg (910.26 KB, 1170x1496, 543F76B7-95FD-4FB0-8FDF-69AC7F…)

No. 1710689

File: 1669496674819.jpeg (319.42 KB, 1170x935, 13CEB35D-8F0C-4F1E-9AB3-39B285…)

No. 1710692

that left picture reminds me of that one serial killer. She is too retarded to ever, ever see why any of this shouldn't be sexy. Shay has sold her soul

No. 1710701

She's deranged, what normal functional woman would be dreaming of this? Kek she's on some agp troon tier crap

No. 1710702

fuck also I meant right picture. It reminds me of the serial killer who kidnapped women and kept them in this torture shed thing

No. 1710709

Do you mean the toy box killer anon? Because I remember hearing Bailey what’s her face do her makeup talking about his crimes so casually and it was the moment I unsubscribed from her because he’s… so sick.

No. 1710714

Reminds me of toy box killer or of Robert Ben Rhodes with the modified torture back of his truck rig. Absolutely degenerate and gross. Shayna is a lost cause of her pickmeism makes her act like this is sexy.

No. 1710758

oh no, shes gonna be one of those SSBBWs with really small tits isnt she?

No. 1710759

>Other people: sell their souls for money and fame
>Shayna: sold her soul for $3 and doordash gift cards
All this pandering to weird niche fetishes that she isn’t even into and she still can’t afford her rent. Bleak

No. 1710760

bufflo bill shit

No. 1710764

Yes nonnys thank you. If Shay was normal she would get chills from this display, but she's so retarded and soulless she thinks she likes it. I don't feel bad for her at all.

No. 1710765

The fact this retard goes out in bows 24/7 looking 45 with 2 kids, makes feel like everywhere she goes there's at least 1 woman who looks at her like, "What the fuck is she wearing?" before going on about her day and forgetting she ever saw her. She looks crazy. And squeezing your ass, to create a tiner pointy ass doesn't make you ass look cute shayna.

No. 1710774

okay but will it make you money though? All these retarded photoshoots, for who and why? Does this shit even sell? Or does she think she's famous and people just want to see her? Even Chris Chan has thousands waiting for his next retarded jail art. Shayna has 3 coomers who MIGHT buy her next video

No. 1710790

>squeezing her ass to create a tinier pointy ass
I lost it at that kekkkk. Also yeah, there is absolutely one or more women who is horrified at the sight of her wherever she goes when she terrorizes public spaces with her presence & no doubt stench. I would probably b me jaw-dropped if I saw Big Shaynus or someone who dressed and looked like that IRL.

No. 1710806

Yeah, people talk about her clothes, but it's the bows for me. I like to imagine that she's known around her neighborhood as the weirdo, in the Bimbo Sweater, who sometimes goes outside with bows in her hair in unflattering shades of pink.

No. 1710822

File: 1669501651998.jpg (Spoiler Image,347.85 KB, 1651x2048, 20221126_142655.jpg)

Why did she blur her pussy to look like a dick

No. 1710838

I don't think it's blurred. Looks like some kind of toy (I shuddered realizing and typing that)

No. 1710847

Lol it really does look like a little dick

No. 1710848

File: 1669502622797.jpeg (Spoiler Image,338.52 KB, 1783x2047, F4E25477-0753-47FC-98C9-0BAEC3…)

Pure nightmare fuel

No. 1710851

>your parents could have taken you in and you could work literally at a gas station and it’d be more meaningful and full of life than this

No. 1710856

This is actually so terrifying. Like I can only imagine what’s going on in the mind of the man with this setup and taking these pics. Like it’s been said a million times, but the men who get off to this shit need to be on a list.

No. 1710860

This goes beyond “bleak” and truly steps over into horrifying. Agree any scrote into this is deeply sick, and any woman who goes along with it is brainwashed or a turbo pickme who hates herself. Like I feel so fucking uncomfortable looking at this it really is serial killer tier.

No. 1710864

She's getting really close to rock bottom

No. 1710865

KEK nonna it's so bleaque but i'm laughing

No. 1710874

I hate this fat, ugly, greasy, smelly, abuse-glorifying piece of shit whore so fucking much, I want to a-log so hard right now

No. 1710887

Unfortunately I think shes sitting on a flesh colored dildo…

No. 1710891

what Megan Is Missing shit is this

No. 1710893

what about this is suppose to be hot or sexy? Like, who would buy this?

No. 1710929

exactly who you would think. Like that monsters inc guy for example- the lowest of the lowest men. Men who are so pornsick they get off on "fantasy" kidnappings, rape, torture, pedophilia, etc. This is what makes Shayna "thrive"- knowing she's picked by these men. (even then she's picked like 20% of the time)

No. 1710948

This is just that one tweet she made and published a bunch of times but longer.

No. 1710954

I know her hank hill ass gets pointed out a ton, but the absolute lack of ass crack in the second from top left photo is just…wow

No. 1710985

at least someone is treating her like the pig she is. maybe she’ll learn her place.

No. 1710987

uh anon the person they are working with is a woman.

No. 1710994

File: 1669509503836.jpeg (1.02 MB, 1284x1385, BBFB8702-0F6F-4978-9BAD-B3F638…)

No. 1710995

File: 1669509543649.jpeg (350.9 KB, 1170x977, 11A61F46-0E07-4AE5-9279-D01B8E…)

No. 1711000

This bitches life is so sad

No. 1711003

I wonder how much she paid for it.

No. 1711041

Also, I the cherry on top of this frightening nightmare is the clear imagery that’s she’s trying to elicit- that she’s a young girl with pigtails. It is so hard not to alog as someone who underwent abuse. This is too fucking sick.

No. 1711044

I agree completely. Looking at this gives me a knot in my stomach. It really is one of the most disturbing things to come from Shayna- and that is saying something

No. 1711051

these threads have been the only constant in my life since like 2017

No. 1711072

I don’t feel bad for Shay anytime she complains about being fat or suicidebaits. She chose to go down this path. It’s funny to laugh at her for being a retard but it’s so disgusting (and has been said many times before) that she just chooses to enable these disgusting men’s fetishes because they can’t have the real thing. Even if they do buy her videos, it’s because they wish those videos are real. They wish she is a real baby, or they wish she’s actually being tortured or something. She loves to enable this by humiliating herself as long as she gets picked in the end

No. 1711131

Goddamn, that's a big ol' bitch. Why is she trying to be sexy when her hair looks like that??
…It's said so often but, her degeneracy truly has no limits.
We can rest easy knowing she's pickling herself from inside out and eating herself to a stroke. I feel you nona.

No. 1711163

A-logging should be allowed in this thread, she’s actively harming women and children with her repugnant rape, torture and pedophilia “fantasies”. Fuck her, she’s an evil waste of oxygen

No. 1711166

The more degenerate her tweets and content gets, the fatter and uglier she becomes. And it’s exactly what she deserves

No. 1711233

she really does listen to the weirdest music

No. 1711241

What's weird about ABBA?

No. 1711246

File: 1669525637747.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.32 MB, 1170x1666, 8D0AA185-D256-46E8-95EE-448526…)

No. 1711253

So it isn’t a scrote. I checked out her Twitter; she’s got issues, or too much money, there’s no way her OF pays for all that BDSM gear.

No. 1711256

>brown bodysuit with weird fake latex box braids
…does this look like a blackface body suit or am I reaching

No. 1711269

I thought it was an alien/cybergoth look

No. 1711273

I actually do see it. Especially with the braids- like what else is this supposed to be?

No. 1711285

It is 100% a cybergoth look.

You CANNOT be serious lol this is such an insanely dumb reach, it's very obvious alot of people on this thread aren't actually aware of industrial/goth/cybergoth.. people go out like this all over LA, as well as everywhere…not trying to WK btw

No. 1711292

I checked the twitter trying to see if this is a MtF and now I need eye bleach and maybe an adult baptism.

No. 1711303

Seriously, how provincial would you have to be to not recognise this as cybergoth? Anyone with even a passing interest in music and/or fashion would be able to identify it immediately. There’s a lot of overlap between goth culture and this kind of degenerate kink bullshit too,

No. 1711305

I thought it was a troon based on their pfp too, her whole twitter page is fucking disgusting

No. 1711306

I can’t tell where the butt ends and the cellulite lumps begin (literally I can’t tell where the butt ends and the cellulite lumps begin)

No. 1711307

The concept of cybergoth has never even slightly passed any concept that is in my brain

No. 1711308

Am I the only one who doesn’t think she looks that bad here from the front? When she turns around though, oof

No. 1711309

Sorry Nona but I think it is only you

No. 1711311

And to make it worse, she lurks here so she actually does read the posts from anons who are CSA victims but she still tries to shock us (and trigger them) even more. I’ve said it before but she is 100% a narcissist. Shayna is the woman that would look the other way knowing that her child is being raped by her husband (not that she’ll ever be married).

No. 1711312

She's not a narcissist

No. 1711314

Her hair looks like a wig.

No. 1711315

How long have you been reading her threads anon? I’d say it’s been pretty obvious for a while that she is one.

No. 1711318

You don't have to armchair about disorders you obviously know nothing about

No. 1711322

As a shrink I don’t think she is either, I mean I don’t know her personally so I can’t say that definitively but she doesn’t fit the profile of someone with NPD. You can exhibit narcissistic tendencies without qualifying for a diagnosis. She’s just selfish, greedy and a turbo pickme who hates women

No. 1711336

Nice one assuming that I know nothing about NPD or narcissistic characteristics. What’s your super duper professional opinion on Shat then, NPD expert anon?(Armchair diagnosis)

No. 1711338

She definitely has some characteristics though, the bitch has no shame whatsoever

No. 1711349

AYRT, I think most if not all cows do. It’s part of what makes them cows. Shaynus is especially interesting to me because I can never decide on whether she’s so fucking delusional that she genuinely believes she’s a hot, sexy, successful, luxury ~baby bimbo~ or she just tells herself that to cope with knowing that she’s an absolute dumpster fire of a human

No. 1711351

She's never been grandiose and she doesn't seek supply in any way, those are just two big things. she has been diagnosed bipolar and she exhibits genuine bpd behavior. If you think her superficial "I'm so hot omg" tweets mean she has npd you are retarded. People can have traits, since all cluster b have narcissistic traits. Stop killing the meaning of the word by throwing it around

No. 1711356

The way it gets thrown around on social media is fucking ridiculous. It’s a go-to armchair diagnosis that the terminally online think makes them look smart. The idea that anyone can give another person a conclusive diagnosis based purely on how that person chooses to present themselves on the internet is daft

No. 1711413

File: 1669547809864.jpeg (827.5 KB, 3465x3465, 7A2DC42D-BEB3-4F3D-AD09-6FC42D…)

Kek she really used the whitening tool on her yellow ass teeth in the pictures she posted but the lady exposed her.

No. 1711417

File: 1669548686598.gif (1.69 MB, 480x360, 367B399F-0AB5-42EB-82ED-4A5DBA…)

SPOILER THIS BWAHH. Her teeth coupled w this horrifying gear that close up = gonna give nonnas nightmares kek

No. 1711423

This needs to be spoilered, jfc. Fucking rancid.

No. 1711465

Holy fuck she's morphing into that hideous sissy scrote she let into her apartment.

No. 1711493

I really hate it when y'all post close ups of her nasty ass body parts without a spoiler. We already know the bitch is rancid with brown teeth we didn't need a close up

No. 1711531

Yall talking about the colour when I'm over here horrified by the weird-ass snake fang snaggletooth. Aren't her parents rich? Why tf didn't they get her braces for her busted grill?

No. 1711536

I was wondering the same??? Surely they could afford orthodontia and those teeth are not “cute crooked” they’re straight up ugly

No. 1711547

it’s not the artist that’s weird. it’s the fact that she listens to this type of music while trying to give off this modern bimbo vibe. if she was doing that lolicon/coquette/vintage aesthetic (not that those are any better) it would fit. she waffles constantly on what she wants. sometimes she wants to show her “true” “authentic” self, other times she wants to play a character. she can’t decide when and where and how to be an internet personality, so winds up making things like…this.

No. 1711551

she paid for the session anon, as do all of their clients. i’d bet anything shayna used the money that was supposed to go towards her vegas trip that people gave to her expecting g/g/g content, and that’s why it was cancelled so abruptly. she’s going to act like it was a collab, but if you check the dom’s website, her sessions are only paid for.

No. 1711558

NPD is trending right now. you look stupid with this armchair diagnosis. she’s not smart, nor manipulative enough to be a narcissist, for one. she fits the bill for BPD fag or HPD. she gives off Gabbie Hanna vibes.

No. 1711581

The fact that she often pays/spends more money then she recieves for this kind of shit, almost convinces me she may actually like this shit.
Then I remember, she's retarded and thinks every single video/picture she takes can take off at any moment and make her, "go viral and be rich and famous" so she thinks it's worth the money.

No. 1711682

File: 1669573161383.jpeg (444.92 KB, 1170x934, BA89F8EF-8FA9-4B91-97BF-E0F437…)

Shay, I guarantee no one is “harassing you” about when the content will be released

No. 1711698

BPD all the way. Didn't she even mention getting diagnosed at one point?
Anon is confusing the hubris she shows during her manic highs as full-time narcissism. They look similar sometimes, yeah, but she clearly cycles through low points too. The suicide-baiting in particular is a classic symptom of borderline.

No. 1711717

She said she had bipolar not borderline

No. 1711720

I don't buy it. She's ironically too up-and-down to be bipolar. Borderline seems much more fitting. They have short cycles, sometimes switching from "my life is the best" to "my life is the worst" within the span of a day. Bipolar cycles can last months.(Armchair diagnosis)

No. 1711723

She needs to stop parading around naked like a fat toddler. She'd get more followers if she left more to the imagination.

No. 1711734

and you need to stop comparing her body to a fat toddler jfc it already bothered me when you did it the first time itt. shatna tries so hard to insinuate that she's underage to her deprived pedo coomers, so don't fucking feed into her delusions by saying she looks like a toddler. if anything, she looks like a 40 year old alcoholic with klinefelters. she has the fat distribution of a male, not of a toddler.

No. 1711738

Nonnie, please go pet a dog or something.

No. 1711745

She's definitely been grandiose, there's screenshots of her tumblr saying that she wants to be rich and famous and die at 27 (she's getting one of those things, kek). I don't believe she has NPD but she is definitely narcissistic. She does also seek a supply of attention – she's an e-whore and constantly talks about seeking out 'poly' situations so she can be the center of attention, as does she make up stories about people noticing her on the street and saying shit to her.(Armchair diagnosis)

No. 1711759

I hate to speculate a diagnosis for Shay, but since a doctor diagnosed and prescribed for her, I'll go with that. But which bipolar? Bipolar II is rapid cycling with mostly depression. Bipolar I indicates at least one full-blown manic episode, followed by periodic times of either high mania or low, low depression. The difference is the mania. So do we see her display acts of mania, or acts of hypomania, which is less than all-out mania? One things for sure: she's medicating something. Just not in the smartest of ways.

No. 1711787

You came in hot w this take but I agree w you lmao

No. 1711797

nayrt but they're right. it's fucking weird to be comparing a grown pedo-panderer to a toddler.

it reminds me of when anons were trying to make 'patches' happen in pnp's threads

No. 1711864

File: 1669583860417.jpeg (465.14 KB, 1170x1266, 221956B4-E41C-4643-B4AE-0C8EA6…)

I really hope Shay moves to Kansas for this man and his “pack”

No. 1711877

File: 1669585156166.jpeg (795.63 KB, 1242x718, 107501AD-2C50-4EF4-B936-0B1695…)

Has this been posted? It’s on Princess Sophia’s MV page.

No. 1711886

File: 1669585544729.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.56 MB, 3465x3465, 24681C53-9C1F-488F-8364-C228EF…)

No. 1711889

File: 1669585879718.jpeg (1.12 MB, 1242x1395, 7E19D628-759B-40FF-9455-97836E…)

She looks so retarded lmao

No. 1711892

File: 1669585951233.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.43 MB, 2518x2803, ADF4C79F-FD04-4B71-A554-CDBDA6…)

The synopsis of the video is two retards fighting, Sophia comes in and diapers them up (ew), and spanks them. Sophia leaves the room. So Shayna and her ugly ass twin fight again

No. 1711894

That's because she is retarded, no one with fully working brain cells would do shit like this

No. 1711897

“harassing me” why does she think people asking for her content is harassment? she thinks every fucking thing is harassment if it’s anything but compliments and praise. someone could constructively criticize her work and give her tips and she would scream harassment.

No. 1711904

she’s been showing herself fully naked since she was 16. there’s nothing to “leave to the imagination” anymore. by the time she was 18 she had to do full nude previews or she got shit interaction. she fucked up from the beginning and it’s just been a steep downward spiral since.

No. 1711906

This shit makes me want to throw up, all three of these fat bitches deserve are disgusting. Shaynas the fattest of the bunch. Barbie blimpo steamed ham looking retard

No. 1711908

people with NPD don’t seek attention though; they believe they inherently deserve it and are usually manipulative enough to get it without classic “attention seeking behaviors.” People with NPD also tend to better at seeming to control their emotions. It’s all about manipulation with NPD and Shayna is terrible at that.

No. 1711909

seems like they’re having her play the mean girl more often. tbf it’s an easy role for her, the fat bully who hates other women. she doesn’t even have to act, she can just be her shitty self.

No. 1711910

cankles on full display

No. 1711959

File: 1669589209742.jpeg (Spoiler Image,318.08 KB, 1168x1411, 3B17ECBE-C30A-4E5D-8E00-B6E223…)

No. 1711960

Everyone in this thread can stfu about “is she a narcissist or no”

She has a Cluster B personality disorder and the behaviour of those disorders overlap. Look up the characteristics of all Cluster B disorders and you’ll find Shayna in all of them. People with those disorders are highly toxic and suck the life out of everyone around them.

No. 1711962

File: 1669589328533.png (419.37 KB, 600x437, 122CE27D-993C-4636-80A7-B06C27…)

No. 1711966

The way she uses the word cunt to refer to her stinky rotten snatch really pisses me off
I hate this ugly fat retard so much, this is why a-logging should be permitted in Shayna’s threads

No. 1711974

Sorry but theres just nothing that justifies this kind of shit. Idk if you say well theres no minors involved or use the "reclaimed/coping with trauma" card. SA victims and especially csa just dont do this shit. Recreating your trauma or assault in ways you can control is a coping mechanism though its still unhealthy. But when you do that, you do it behind closed doors. You dont parade around and do it for profit. Age regression is real, but it should not be exploited and fucking sexualized. Sorry for alogging but seeing these retarded failures do this shit and want to die on the hill that its totally ok and shouldnt be kink shamed because theyre consenting adults… just no. Theyre messing around being stupid whores in a room that is meant to look like an infant/toddlers room. Thats fucking weird and gross at best no matter how you spin it. Its not just shitting on people liking cute, childish things. Its these fucking freaks taking baby and kid things and using it for sexual props and backdrops for porn and creating sex scenarios out of childhood things. I dont even believe degenerates like her go into "little space" theyre just larping for the kink. And its mostly all just to feed and appeal into the misogynistic perverted moid mindset and their disgusting "fantasies". Abhorrent.

No. 1711982

it really is just the same person twice

No. 1711988

don't wish that on us it's already bad enough that we have to live in kansas

No. 1712001

I agree with you. This shit looks like a cp room that predators take their victims and force them to be photographed for other pedos. The room is so digusting. It gives me the creeps. People who like kawaii culture don’t do this disgusting shit.
Kek anon that’s so funny. Praying for you

No. 1712008

If you do age regression activities like coloring or watching kid movies to ease anxiety it’s valid as long as you aren’t fucking making content for pedos online or buying diapers and pacifiers. The agere or whatever community is just as cringy and gross as the abdl community.

No. 1712009

I seriously hope none of these fat busted up, uugly ass, cheap ass witches are ever left alone around children

No. 1712010

Again this is why it’s satisfying to see Shay balloon in weight and be miserable. She chose to die on this hill like you said.

No. 1712032

>Barbie blimpo steamed ham looking retard
Fucking had me oh holy KEK nonnie

No. 1712033

File: 1669593462443.jpeg (689.02 KB, 828x973, 44B4E2B9-5D37-4051-AD41-E27267…)

The “daddy” in question:

No. 1712039

She has to realize she's too chubby and tall to convincingly play the "baby" role, right? Tell me she doesn't look like a special needs adult who managed to grab the baby powder from her care taker during changing time. Maybe she's right. She doesn't cater to pedos with her content. She caters to the weirdos into special needs porn.

No. 1712041

Lmao for free? He’s not even your real bf Shayna

No. 1712050

File: 1669594088672.png (3.53 MB, 1242x2688, 1540341762283.png)

No. 1712053

Every goddamn time

No. 1712054

man we shit on tumblr now but truer takes were never took

No. 1712058

File: 1669595120875.png (1.87 MB, 1626x1080, edie pink flamingos.png)

serving Edie from Pink Flamingos vibes

No. 1712059

Does Shayna still have her plugs in? I knew she used to have them in her stoner phase but I assumed she took them out because it wasn't bimbo enough

No. 1712078

Yeah she put them back in

No. 1712145

File: 1669603511070.jpeg (Spoiler Image,494.68 KB, 828x948, 089412CA-A3C3-4CD8-8B97-B0EC8A…)

>only ten likes in two hours
I suspect that this shit might be a bit too much for even some of her degenerate coomers

No. 1712156

File: 1669604371368.webm (Spoiler Image,17.88 MB, 1920x1080, Despicable Degenerates ft Shay…)

No. 1712183

File: 1669605518000.jpeg (572.51 KB, 1182x1455, 35CBD053-DB0F-490C-AFD4-8A843E…)

No the original post got 1k likes (most likely all from troons, cooms, and bots)

No. 1712185

File: 1669605567400.jpeg (Spoiler Image,870.66 KB, 1242x1323, 5A7B0B17-EBC4-4274-9938-4FB8BE…)

Hank and her one inch butt crack

No. 1712186

File: 1669605601773.jpeg (210.49 KB, 1195x583, CF246D41-063A-4948-8B4B-4FE186…)

Insert Fupa gloves gif

No. 1712204

File: 1669606984403.jpeg (673.93 KB, 1284x720, EF4DD98C-C297-43A7-8756-9650DF…)

this is fucking hilarious

No. 1712218

She just does anything

No. 1712229

Reading this and knowing she just met the scrote… what, last week? There's no help for her.

No. 1712230

if I didn’t know this was shayna I would think this is a dude

No. 1712271

I've seen a lot of fucked up "age play" bullshit in these threads, but this image is the first time it's hitting me how fucked up this is. this isn't just releasing a sexual kink, this is predatory. anyone who makes girls think this is okay, is a predator and has groomed them into thinking it is okay. it is not fucking okay to pretend to be a toddler playing with other toddlers and then get fucked. that is fucking pedophile logic. shayna clifford is a pedophile.

No. 1712281

And why would anyone want to do this shit? Its fucking weird to be into dressing and acting like a baby at best and absolutely disgustingly pedophilic at worst.
Like it would be one thing to be diapered and dressed as a baby for humiliation, sure, I could get that. Not sure how youd take it seriously and it wouldnt be at least some what comedic, but ok. But it's just the room, the behavior, and everything else that takes it to a really awful level. Its the freaks on her diaper account that just live a whole lifestyle involving wearing diapers and fetishizing being an incontinent baby. That's the crossed line of where it becomes porn rotten and fucked in the head.
Same with that bondage stuff she did the other night. Its abnormal and gross, but I could give it a "this is a very particular fetish and not my cup of tea" pass IF she wasn't intentionally trying to look like a stereotype of a tween brat or whatever the fuck and push these "kidnapped and drugged and used and held hostage" scenarios with it. Humiliation, bondage, etc are a thing. But I think making porn of it all to entertain primarily coomer moids is the really gross part. I feel like some dont even do it for money, just that they can charge for it so why not.
Tldr; Shatna and these other freaks take their degenercacy way too far and thinly disguise their fucked upness as kink.

No. 1712318

Literal fucking pedophile. I hate her with every fibre of my being

No. 1712327

KEK is that an airplane seatbelt??

No. 1712336

You don’t have to be smart to have NPD dumbass, you really talked so high and mighty and yet that’s one of your criteria? Kek how sad.(infighting, derailing)

No. 1712352

I initially asked because I think Shayna’s origin story is so confusing personally. I think she has characteristics of cluster B but I wouldn’t diagnose her with a PD. Most people with cluster B personality disorders have some sort of chaotic home situation or emotional turbulence and shit coping skills that get taught to them in adolescence. Shayna doesn’t really talk about that and her emotions aren’t all that extreme (though maybe that’s diminished due to the the childish typing style) so it makes me wonder where it all went wrong. Is it just internet narcissism? If anything I wonder if she’s in a similar boat to child stars who have severe issues in adulthood after getting famous at a young age. Ik she wasn’t really famous but in her mind she was the “it girl” of the internet in her teenage years and that delusion might just be enough to develop a similar Peter Pan complex where she’s mentally stuck at that age.(Armchair diagnosis)

No. 1712394

That anon is only partially wrong about npd being smart, there are such a thing as cerebral narcissists. For most of them charm is what people believe to be intelligence. But anyways, you should probably stop derailing with this topic and infighting, it's getting to be a bit pathetic

No. 1712398

What negligence had to take place for her to become a little weed e-celeb without her family knowing.. and her doing sexual things online as a child, a sign that her parents were at the very least negligent with her upbringing. All women live under patriarchy and that affects how they see themselves. groomed to believe certain things about their bodies and "natural state", when it's a woman with unchecked mental illness and no real therapy they are bound to be more susceptible to these degenerate and pedophilic "ideals". I see all of what Shayna has done for years as self harm/self trashing, it calms the dissonance she feels from her untreated disorder.

No. 1712421

Dolly gets tortured and is ordered by mumma to NOT order Doordarshan cheemsburgers, she has to be restrained.

No. 1712422

how do three coomers pay her rent and the 200th Shein rag?

you have to be mentally ill to keep humiliating yourself like she does.

she does nothing with finesse or flair – and Even though filming porn requires no talent she's incredibly boring regardless. she's gotten fat because she is stressed. she's eating her emotions because she's not happy. though how can any same person be as masochistic as she claims to be and be in good mental health? she seems suicidal

No. 1712442

>nooo she's bipolar
>nooo she's BPD
She's a CUNT. A c-u-n-t. No mental illness!

No. 1712476

I actually think that to myself a lot while scrolling this thread.

No. 1712486

Kek I can’t, this is the first thing I thought. So glad someone already said it lmfao

No. 1712497

She's such a dumbass. She thought she was so unique and hot as a dumb teenager, so she never carved out a niche in the industry and stuck it with it. She bounces between flavour-of-the-week trending kinks to try to gain traction, but never stays long enough to gain a following or even one-or-two devoted fans in the area.

How long has it been since we even seen one of Shayna's desperate obsesesed moids? Even that ugly oil worker guy barely comments on her stuff anymore. She used to get at least one super-fan every couple months pop up, but now no-one wants anything to do with her. And each day she doesn't get attention, she falls deeper in deeper into mindset that "kinkier is better"

No. 1712531

>age regression activities
fuck outta here with that twitter lingo lmao

No. 1712578

File: 1669647541412.webm (Spoiler Image,8.58 MB, 1280x720, horrible day to be blessed wit…)

No. 1712595

Thanks Nona, i hate it.

No. 1712596

you sound like shayna. lighten up and calm down, retard.(derailing, infighting)

No. 1712627

women are fucking doomed

No. 1712628

why does he looks like that french valorant character

No. 1712654

this could be a horror movie tbh

No. 1712656

Her fat is immeasurable and my day is ruined.

No. 1712671

Jesus Christ, this should have been her Halloween special. Straight up Toybox Killer shit.

No. 1712680

The sounds she's making makes me want to a-log so hard

No. 1712682

I agree tbh, if she really had BPD or bipolar, it doesn't change the fact that she is an awful pedophile panderer. We should have less mental illness sperging in this but also less BPD sperging whenever she does something bad or cringey. Her evilness and sickening lack of morals is not BPD.
This is so disgusting, who the fuck would get off to this except for child abducting serial killers? She 100 percent knows who the fuck she is catering to and it's absolutely vile.

No. 1712700

If shay wins favorite cow for the third year in a row she should be moved to /pt/

The threads won’t be full of infighting and twitter whores so bad if they actually get banned and it’s not like /pt/ cow threads are really that much better

No. 1712701

Sorry forgot sage lol

No. 1712710

What makes this thread great is the unchecked autism though. The jannies getting more ban-happy than they already are would kill any remaining sense of fun left. The mods seriously ruin this thread more than the infighting does.

No. 1712728

Why are there wires on the dildo?? NGL I have no clue what's going on in the video. Is she enjoying it or not..? What is the scene supposed to be? I don't see anything painful so it doesn't seem like a masochistic scene. Is it supposed to be rape/torture scene? I don't understand

No. 1712737

It seems like a woman can make her actually cum but she's still going to jump on facetime with her new daddy so she can show him how many dildos she can put inside herself to get his attention so that maybe he'll fuck her.

No. 1712738

ot but has voting started yet? i havent seen anything

No. 1712763

I don’t do that shit lmao but if it makes others with trauma feel safe than idc as long as it isn’t sexualized

No. 1712764

Who cares if she’s isn’t in pt? Just let her stay because she is a snowflake and a mistake

No. 1712768

File: 1669660879714.jpeg (209.15 KB, 1242x758, 89B06D4C-94AF-41CD-9374-8324DF…)

I hope she stops breathing kek(a-log)

No. 1712789

oh come on that was objectively funny

No. 1712790

>breffast cheemsborgir in one hand, insulin in the other
she thinks her stoner persona is so glamorous and cute even when it’s actively killing her. maybe if she finally put the weed down she’d be able to breathe long enough to do something about her massive weight gain, but nooo she’d rather wheeze and hack and cough and scarf down thousands of calories of processed meat as she sits fatly on her couch, unshowered and unloved.

No. 1712798

I don’t think her quitting weed would do anything positive for her. She probably needs to be high all the time to not dwell on how terrible and gross her life is. She’d just spiral even further if she quit.

No. 1712830

File: 1669666071124.jpeg (297.44 KB, 1170x1018, 98936814-B3A1-4967-87EF-DE7644…)

Since when is she using Clips4Sale again?

No. 1712856

Same what is that weird fake shit. If shes gonna go so far as to pay for weird ass fetish sessions like that, she should just be natural and try to "enjoy" it. We know what she actually sounds like. And there's a point where its just too fake that its cringey and even moids dont think its sexy.

No. 1712902

males aren't welcome in this board

No. 1712929

Perfect demonstration of how retard jannies ruin this thread.

No. 1712932

How is this a male thing, she’s right lol
Shay doesn’t have any illness, she’s just a pick me pedo whore

No. 1712940

Omg is she actually getting an orgasm from this?
I looked too long at her coochie.

No. 1712979

File: 1669677090069.jpeg (515.98 KB, 1170x1035, 0BE710D2-00DC-4330-B0F5-68EEC3…)

No. 1712981

damn she really just spilled that huh kek. She is so miserable. Bleak as fuck though that she knows that this work is suspect and dangerous

No. 1712982

File: 1669677242279.png (Spoiler Image,1.03 MB, 1294x843, where is her asshole.png)

uhh.. where is her asshole?

No. 1712984

When did she travel to Massachusetts for work?

No. 1712985

>who the fuck would get off to this
honestly its an upgrade from the toddlers in diapers shit at this point. makes me kek that she paid for this shit though.

No. 1712986

Maybe get a profession where you aren't a complete embarrassment to everyone unfortunate enough to have any association with you? Just a thought.

No. 1712988

She got it surgically sealed shut since she blew it out so bad. Thats why she took anal out of her bio. >>1710274
Shes a ~colostomy bag princess~ now

No. 1712989

File: 1669677622228.jpeg (534.21 KB, 1170x1077, 5FE90F3F-1894-4685-A4BE-F98855…)

The thing about Shay tho, she HAS to go into detail about her “job.” She can’t be vague

No. 1712992

As if you cant fake the muscle spasms/twitching? You sound retarded.

No. 1712999

Why tf would you tell your fucking father you’re doing “shoots”? Like he already knows what you do. Why even mention it? Also never talks about your mom. Pick me Ass pedophile

No. 1713004

How hard is it to say I’m going to Texas for a week, just letting you know that I won’t be home in Washington. Love you.

Like it’s so easy to be vague and if he asks why just say girls trip. Oh wait she can’t because she’s a pedo and is attracted to her dad

No. 1713006

"Work" as if she didnt pay to go out to degenerate events where they meet up and do gross stuff. There might be filming involved that could be considered content, but still. Its not flying out to work. And nah if her dad doesn't want to know his daughter is a disgusting whore, fucking for rent, then leave him out of it. Leave a note at the apartment or tell Ellen Degenerate.
I think her dad would think its fucked and be worried shes putting herself at risk just to be a pick me failed hoe, and yeah itd be fucked up if something happened to her going out to one of these spank parties or something retarded. But then again, she literally asks for it on twitter and she keeps playing stupid games. All this to not even afford rent or anything of value no less. But she should leave her family alone if this is the path she insists on. They wont feel better knowing shes paying to fly out to get fucked or smacked around. Theyd feel better knowing she's not a fucked in the head, struggling sex worker in the first place.

No. 1713008

why say anything? you never see them, I can't imagine you call often, just don't mention it

No. 1713009

Honestly I wish her dad would stop talking to her. There’s no point of keeping in contact with Shayna. There’s no money to be had, no clout to gain from associating with her. I’d be so embarrassed if I raised this bitch and she turned into a pedophile pandering degenerate scrote lover. She’s a loser and earns no more than she would if she worked at McDonald’s. If I were her parents I’d move without telling her, change my phone number, delete social media or private it, and I’d only acknowledge her brother and the step sister as my family. Sorry but being a pedophile is irredeemable

No. 1713010

KEK she just blurred her asshole out of existence

No. 1713011

I’m still wondering where her clit is

No. 1713014

Right she can’t even say a white lie and tell him you’re going to a concert/festival with your “bestie” Ellen. She’s a disgusting bitch. No parent wants to hear their daughter telling them they are traveling to shoot porn for minimum wage

No. 1713015

>uwuuu I wud jus feel howwible if sumfin HAPPENED to me…eyeballs emoji
Legit feels like more of her disgusting degeneracy, just part of her “abduct me daddy” tweets. I would never, ever wish sexual harm on another woman, but she is one of the few who makes it REAL difficult. Fucking nasty rape fetishist pedo.

No. 1713016

File: 1669679126924.jpeg (329.5 KB, 1205x1141, 3B339ADE-DFA9-4665-8175-D8F485…)

No. 1713018

I consider her a pedo scrote at this point

No. 1713019

File: 1669679211431.jpeg (105.39 KB, 302x339, 25A5AE4F-D060-45AA-9FDD-134555…)

Damn she looks really ugly with ponytails. They just make her fat ass face look even more fat

No. 1713022

I’m surprised she’s actually “dating” someone where she’s not the main partner

No. 1713026

some women talk like misogynists. i wouldn’t use the word either but i gotta agree with the sentiment lol

No. 1713028

File: 1669679619255.jpeg (505.98 KB, 1170x1472, AF67F39B-D2F7-4A8E-8284-D181B4…)


No. 1713038

All she's gotta say is "just a heads up dad I'm not at home this weekend I'm at x state." I guess in case.of emergency he should know what hotel/city she'll be at but she doesn't have to get into details beyond "work related" or " girls trip" like another anon said. She just wanted attention again.

No. 1713045

reading between the lines here, sounds like her dad finally found out about her little trip to the hospital when drank too much at the old lady shoot.

No. 1713046

>There's no point in a father keeping in contact with his daughter
>There's no money to be had, no clout to gain
wat. shayna's a pedo, but wat.

No. 1713058

I wasn't gonna say it because derail, but I thought that too; who keeps in contact with their child or any family member for money, wtf?

No. 1713060

Just fucking lie, why does she want her dad to know exactly what her gross ass is doing? if you really care about him knowing where you are, then TELL HIM, but lie about it.
Say, "hey i'm going here to do (lie) and i'll be in X hotel."
Also, retard, if you have to ask him if he wants to know, that means he normally doesn't know so what the fuck does this change? I feel like she lowkey really wants to brag to her dad. It's not about "Somethin happenin to me".
It's about her saying, "Dad i'm traveling for woke, Super successful! I'm catching planes! I'm in demand, don't you feel dumb for wanting me to go to college and be normal?" or maybe I have Shay-Brainitis and I'm going fucking crazy

No. 1713087

I think >>1713009 meant that Shay doesn't have the money nor fame to justify associating with her publicly, but lacked the language skills to articulate their point well kek

No. 1713088

But still, why would her dad care about any of that? He'd care because that's his kid lmao. And he doesn't even acknowledge her publicly unless someone is on his private FB.

No. 1713093

I don't have the answers buddy, I'm only interpreting what they might have meant.
I agree with you though, no (reasonable) parent would look at their kid that way. It sounds like that anon is either very young or had a bad relationship with their parents

No. 1713117

If he disowned her for being a pedo I'd understand but the rest of it? She is his daughter. That's a good enough reason to "associate" with her.
I wonder what's going on in your brain.

No. 1713119

sounds like the whole, “if something happened to me i’d want him to know where I am” is a cover for “I asked him for money for these trips and lied about what it was for”

No. 1713131


that Anon seems to be suggesting that even a parent would be too ashamed to publicly acknowledge her as their kid. Having personal gain as the sole reason for maintaining a relationship w a controversial daughter is weird. Shayna's parents aren't even making money off of social media. she seems to have lucked out as a lot of other people are no longer on speaking terms of their family after doing pron. her parents must not be aware of what she's doing because if they were I can't imagine how awkward dinners would be. I would not have the balls to show my face at family gatherings if I did anything remotely as degrading as what she does.

No. 1713155

Yeah that's the nicer interpretation. I assume other things about the anon's character. But I'll stop derailing.

No. 1713159


No. 1713170

Just leave your poor family alone you selfish brat. Don’t tell them when you go to shoot porn. Give Ellen their contact in case of emergency. Pay for your own medical bills when you have puking sickness literally every time you travel. And stop posting about your dad on your weird ddlg dad-porn site. Worst daughter ever

No. 1713172

so why didn’t ken doll become her “daddy”? he’s all but disappeared

No. 1713175

He flew out to fuck some other blonde whore, but he couldn’t get it up for Shay because he’s gay. Not a match.

No. 1713180


why the hell would you become a straight porn actor if you're gay

No. 1713181

I can’t believe a Snapchat anon got banned by the admin just because she doesn’t like her. Maybe she’s still here but she doesn’t want to reveal herself at risk of being perma banned again.

No. 1713187

File: 1669689873407.png (813.88 KB, 720x1280, EF32FB66-2A42-4383-8097-8E2119…)

(unsaged fan-art)

No. 1713191

Their collab flopped as did his penis and I doubt their content got the sales to make flying out there worth it for him. Her redo idea seemed petty since she acts bored and unimpressed and ends up pushing him off, maybe that hurt his feelings.

No. 1713198

Man I bet it was so awkward for her to have hyped up her “first b/g” scene so much and it to flop like that

No. 1713204

Yeah, this is just another fetish thing for her. She always ropes her bio dad into her fetishes. Fucking disgusting.

>in case of emergency he should know where she is
Literally why. To ID her dead body 3 days after the murder?
She is like 25. Her dad lives halfway across the country. They hardly interact. This is the kind of "head's up" that you give to your co-workers, or to your friends who live nearby.
If she gets murdered by a john, it's honestly better that her dad isn't sitting at home, marinating in the knowledge that she's out whoreing around with no ability to do anything about it.

No. 1713211

This isnt' about a heads up.An simple,
>Dad I'm traveling for work, I will be in this area
Is enough if it was truly about letting him know. It's not. It's her wanting to brag to him in hopes he'd think her "traveling for work" means she's successful and he's all wrong. The fact she's bringing this to social media is even extra gross. You do not care for your own saftey, so now we're supposed to believe Shayna suddenly wants her dad to know where she is?
How many times has this idiot travelled and just now she feels so horrible because, "i didn't tell him". If you really felt bad, you'd make sure he knew. It's not like she's going to stop doing porn. So what does it matter? Might as well say, "about to go dumb some dumb porn shit, I'll be here, if you worried".

No. 1713214

File: 1669692620703.jpeg (86.51 KB, 1170x260, 9092168B-68DC-4A2E-BB26-A0C9B2…)

I was reading an old thread and I remember in the one before this, the back of Shay’s shoulder was mentioned. Well apparently this was her explanation for that 2 years ago

No. 1713215

Same anon, or she's lying and she borrowed money for these trips (Maybe even her half of the lizzo tickets) and she really feels bad, that she used the money for the trips and her dad didn't even know it was to directly fund her going to do dumb dangerous disgusting porn. Also, notice she doesn't even care if her mom knows whats up with her.
Just her dad. I'm starting to feel like he's the one who gives her money and doesn't like what she does, but isn't as vocal about it like her mom. Because her mom maybe doesn't give her money, talks shit about her job AND is a woman she doesn't care for her.

No. 1713222


>Literally why. To ID her dead body 3 days after the murder?

I don't know what would really become of it. I'm pretty sure she just brought all of this up so she could find a way to flex about how she's ~traveling~ for work again. Clearly Ellen's got her on the move.

No. 1713226

>> about to dumb some dumb porn
Made me kek

No. 1713229

Wow I really think she has Poland syndrome but wonder why she would try so hard to lie about it. I feel like if she had this weird condition she is describing she would talk about it more

No. 1713230

fucking KEK “the only other person in the world to ever have this” jfc she will say anything to feel special.

No. 1713231

it’s 100% a money thing and nothing more. there’s no other reason why she would feel guilty.

No. 1713232

Why is your Dad your safe person when this is what you do for money. Leave your damn family out of it. Why so attention needy?

No. 1713233

imo she has nothing wrong, medically. her body is just gross and fucked up and her parents probably wanted to help her self esteem and got her a breast implant to fix her fugly asymmetrical tits.

No. 1713234

File: 1669694450830.jpeg (579.86 KB, 1067x1302, 423288B0-1106-4B70-8579-81C88A…)

In case anyone else is interested, I went looking for other flu conspiracy posts from her

No. 1713237

File: 1669694753737.png (214.57 KB, 1080x1253, C83620CC-6B38-4115-B77B-D7F594…)

And one more, now I’ll shut up

No. 1713239

My tinfoil is that they really believe it was the flu shot, like fucking retards, but it is Poland syndrome. And then they did get a breast implant for her, thinking it was all caused by the flu shot.

No. 1713243

if it was poland syndrome they would have known since she was younger. poland syndrome, if not diagnosed as an infant, becomes noticeable by the time they’re like 3-5. you’re born with it, you can’t just develop it randomly. it’s why I think the whole thing is a lie and her body is just naturally gross and fucked up, not some medical anomaly.

No. 1713245

Hey anon your autism is showing. Please sage fan art next time.

No. 1713248

what’s also weird is that she never mentions asymmetry. knowing her she would say things like, “i used to get bullied so much because one of my boobs was noticeably smaller.” in order to get the most victim points possible. she only ever mentions the veiny-ness of it. she started mentioning an implant during the Vivi saga, but I don’t recall her ever mentioning it before that and before the lolcow implant tinfoils. none of the story ever stays straight so I just can’t believe any of it. tbh I actually think this is one thing that she’s successfully trolling lolcow with.

No. 1713279

File: 1669699029752.png (38.56 KB, 913x163, 11-29 001647.png)

Here she is saying she was 8yo not 10

No. 1713280

NTA but that’s not what fanart is, retard. Fanart is edits that attempt to make a cow look better. This kind of contribution is where thread pics come from. Lurk more.
I reckon her dad gives her money for more or less the same reason that Tuna’s dad does; guilt over having a spawned a creature that’s an absolute failure as a human being to the point where they’re incapable of actually functioning in the world and not wanting to see them on the street. S

No. 1713283

this looks like those awful sped up porn ads.
wondering the same thing

No. 1713285

Another nona pointed out that the reason why she never mentions the necrotit is because she wants (or wanted, back when she was skinny and a really nice body) people to think she’s all natural. I’m inclined to agree with her.

No. 1713287

It's definitely this, her whole delusion is about how hot she is and bringing attention to her frankentit isn't hot, that's why she threw a fit when someone made that shop of her dolphin pussy too.

No. 1713290

X to doubt

Literally no one else would think it's funny but you nonnie.
It's not threadpic tier. It's shitty fanart. And it's embarrassing as fuck that you spent time out of your day making that when it's not even funny.

No. 1713292

I meant to say “the necrotit that’s an implant” but you get what I mean. I really wish Vivi or one of the other degenerates who worked with her would deliver us some fresh full cream milk

No. 1713294

relax nonny, your autism is showing, sage your autism and get over it.

No. 1713297

>responding to a saged post telling them to sage bc you're just so triggered about the things you were called out on that you have to project the exact same comments even when they make no sense
Ok retard

No. 1713298

Fanart adheres to the topic at hand in image boards here. Stop being a retard

No. 1713301

mindless retarded infighting like this is why jannies are so ban happy here.(unsaged shitposting)

No. 1713302

AYRT and not the anon who drew that picture but keep seething over it not being up to your standards of artistic contribution
The dolphin pussy meltdown was hilarious, if it were a moid who said it she’d have laughed about it

No. 1713304

Oh so NOW you acknowledge that your autistic doodle is fanart kek
Enjoy your ban for infighting & not sageing your spergposts you absolute retard

No. 1713307

Let’s ignore this faggot, a farmhand will ban them eventually

No. 1713330

> “tits”
Nice word usage there Shayna. Vivi said she got the implant in high school. Tinfoil but I think she’s specifically mentioning these ages of 8-10 to try and pedo pander even more. How disgusting and insane do you have to be to sexualize and sell your former child self for internet pedophile points?

No. 1713368

wow the age range and description of her weak muscles on her right side actually match up perfectly with the Poland syndrome theory.

No. 1713389

Nonettes (myself included) have pointed out that the frankentit is looking increasingly painful (red, hard, lumpy, visible implant seam, etc) so I think this is a definite possibility

No. 1713442

Because she's mentally ill and instead of thinking about/discussing her trauma in a constructive and healthy way, she's just going to turn it into """kink""" because she only thinks with her dick

No. 1713541

Love it anon, reminds me of the type of fanart you'd kek at in some of the earlier threads, makes me nostalgic!

No. 1713547


No. 1713727

File: 1669742184816.jpeg (268.38 KB, 1170x621, 1C31479B-D1D2-41D5-A970-BA13A3…)

No. 1713741

nothing about you screams kid shat. You look like an old crack whore.

Also mods/whoever the fuck runs this now suck ass and take whatever little joy out of everything.

No. 1713755

I wonder how bad her weakness is on her one side. Its crazy she’s never mentioned being weak in one side. Only thing we’ve heard recently is the Vivi story about getting an implant, and then when she told the creepy bald guy to not slap/abuse her necro titty during their dungeon shoot. I wonder if she had some unexplained trauma related to it that makes her hide it/be ashamed about it. Only thing I can think of if she wanted people to think her tits were natural. Has she ever mentioned publicly that her one tit is an implant? So it could still be she wants to act special like she has some rare disease thats not explained when its actually just Poland Syndrome and she’s just has fucked up muscles.

Autistic Tinfoil: Maybe her poland syndrome is why her pussy looks so odd and underdeveloped.

No. 1713773

anon, that tinfoil is the most disgusting thing i’ve ever read. “underdeveloped” pussy? what the ever living fuck? what kind of pedo shit?

No. 1713775

File: 1669744402666.jpeg (279.47 KB, 750x935, CA2F81B5-BA94-4725-A42B-EF0D65…)

she's such a creep

No. 1713786

Or maybe just dont talk about your father on your sex work account and with your disgusting coomers?? Maybe drop the retarded "daddy" bullshit all together. Its very egirl cringe at this point.

No. 1713794

Spot on, nonna

No. 1713800

Start taking a shot every time you mention your mum, Shayna…you'll be alcohol- free very quickly, which will be very good for you!

Oh, and inb4 she rephrases this tweet to refer to "mumma" aka Ellen Degenerate…not that she should mention her parents on her sex Twitter at all, of course.

No. 1713807

snow is relatively rare in her area and she celebrates this rare occasion by… doing what she always does, every day.

No. 1713836

File: 1669750668373.jpeg (1.23 MB, 1170x1629, D7D75821-5991-48BB-9A4C-05D2D0…)

No. 1713838

File: 1669750714452.jpeg (1.38 MB, 1134x2208, 1E17626C-E475-49E3-8280-AEDD06…)

No. 1713840

She looks like a gay rat

No. 1713852

File: 1669751399276.jpeg (Spoiler Image,770.85 KB, 828x1505, 3C29EAFD-0BF5-4497-B152-FD824F…)

The difference in placement between her real tit and her implant is insane wtf

No. 1713875

File: 1669753733443.jpeg (581.74 KB, 1242x1575, EE793419-706D-4156-87C1-B082FE…)

Your dad don’t love you.

No. 1713877

her weird looking pussy has been discussed since the threads have started. shit looks half grown, why the fuck would your mind go to children? go touch grass nonny.

No. 1713883

File: 1669754139777.jpeg (244.6 KB, 1170x646, 065BA918-687D-4110-9C71-2ED5AB…)

No. 1713886

File: 1669754222381.jpeg (Spoiler Image,591.1 KB, 1170x1240, 83748E8D-AD49-47A5-81D7-6F5432…)

No. 1713896

all of you is fat, Whaylna, why would your pussy be an exception?

No. 1713904

Good idea Shayna. That will really ease his worries about you. Very considerate of you! Be sure to also let him know when you invite John’s to your apartment too.

No. 1713905

Anyone else see that brown-greenish stripe going up her asscrack? Bitch doesn't even wipe properly oh my god

No. 1713907

I have a slight cold and this made me laugh cough. Oh my god this bitch doesn’t wipe or wash her ass

No. 1713915

i thought it looked like that because editing but u may be right lol

No. 1713933

Based on her dildo residue, Im not gonna defend the fact that Shayna don't wipe her ass. But thats probably just chaffing from being a fatty or pre-diabetes.

No. 1713990

he worries a lot because he knows this shit has ruined any good future for her. Her parents offered to take her in, pay for her flight back, not require any rent or anything, and pay for any education she’d want in MA. You’d have to be brain dead retarded to reject that offer. But she did for a life of selling pussy pics at the price of a gas station bag of chips, ebegging on twitter for 20 dollars and degenerate scrotes biting her nipple during a bdsm clip.

No. 1713991

Send him the id and info of the random dudes she lets into her apartment where she continually reminds everyone that she lives at alone! Or when she goes on "sugar dates". Im sure he'll feel so much better knowing when and where and by whom she's fucking and spreading it all for sheckles!

No. 1713995

Jfc. Like other anons said,this is just her weird way of putting her sex work in her family's face and if he doesn't ask, then he obviously doesn't want to know.
I can't imagine telling a parent when and where Im going to get fucked and smacked around. That's so… just why. Theres no reason she cant leave it vague and just say she's out of town in such and such city for however long and say she'll text when she's home safe. That's it. I guess if they ask further, it's on them. But id still just say "meeting up with friends" or something. What a disgusting bitch.

No. 1714002

File: 1669760012948.jpeg (394.53 KB, 955x628, 1668525030254.jpeg)

yeah her dad would be more concerned that this is the type of fucking freak she lets in her house. not to mention that other fat guy she used to let come over and put together furniture while he was naked. Oh and the one she let sniff her feet and asshole. List goes and on an on.

No. 1714004

File: 1669760139360.jpeg (68.71 KB, 529x600, 4EB4B798-9A50-425A-843D-1726A6…)

For the last fucking time spoiler this shit! REEE

No. 1714011

I can swear Shayna said that showed her dad a picture of one of the dudes she was dating. I will stand firm this isn't about no saftey it's to brag. Shayna's retarded, she thinks her parents will be impressed she's dating some ugly scrote/traveling.
Again, someone who cares about their saftey wouldn't let multiple scrotes she doesn't know in her home, also wouldn't post online about living alone, where she also posts her disgusting rape fantasies.
She posts about her dad on her social media account for attention.

No. 1714015

Exactly this. And yes iirc she showed a picture of “the dad” to her actual dad. Idk why. I think she enjoys making her dad worry about her.

No. 1714041

She really doesn’t have any friends. I don’t think she gets pleasure out of anything she posts on Twitter, or says to her dad, she just doesn’t have any other outlets. I’d feel sad if she weren’t a nasty pedo but its best case she’s alone

No. 1714044

She doesn’t live with her folks does she?

No. 1714051

Really anon? Lurk more

No. 1714067

Admin will ban Snapchat anon but not the people who keep posting this monstrosity un spoilered>>1714002

No. 1714080

There’s no nudity though. And it empathizes how nasty Shayna and her scrotes are

No. 1714087

Its disgusting and no one wants to see it every thread. Nsfw applies to gross shit too, not just nudity.

No. 1714092

As gross as it is, its not breaking any rules being unspoilered. though i dont know which is worse shaynas diseased snatch or this moids diseased mouth. Good would you rather question. Which you gonna smell nonnies?? Kek! barf

No. 1714104

All pictures of moids should be spoilered imo, especially in threads that involve whores because coomers and scrotes who are whores themselves are invariably fucking hideous. I can’t speak for anyone else but I have severe odontophobia (much like anons who have emetophobia and can’t handle pics of barfing I can’t handle pics of teeth, especially if they’re rotten and attached to a fugly moid) so this particular pic is especially nauseating

No. 1714107

So I’m guessing you don’t brush your teeth in front of a mirror?

No. 1714109

I’m fine with my own teeth, and pics of perfect teeth, but crooked and stained teeth make my skin crawl

No. 1714112

Oh okay I agree like we’ve already seen his teeth enough already lol

No. 1714125

the fact shayna never has anything bad to say about her dad is a major red flag. her dad honestly seems like a deadbeat dad considering how his daughter turned out. i have a theory the whole underlying reason for her being in sex work and dating and endless list of ugly moids all comes back to her dad somehow. i wouldnt be shocked if her whole "career" was based off trying to get her dad to save her or pay attention to her. seems like he was extremely absent in her life growing up in her life so i 100% believe the tinfoil that she purposely tries to make him upset/concerned so can feel like someone cares about her. shes probably waiting for him to "save her" from her lifestyle but doesn't realize her dad isn't going to change. he's always going to actually not care and just pay for the messes she makes.

No. 1714138

I agree with this, it’s abundantly obvious from the family members’ social media that Shat’s brother and step siblings are favoured by her dad and grandmother even though the step siblings aren’t related by blood. Even before she was a piece of shit whore she was still a piece of shit by all accounts. She treated everyone in her life terribly and is clearly intellectually handicapped to some degree so her dad probably washed his hands of her leaving evil mom to be the sole tard wrangler and now he feels guilty

No. 1714144

i’m going to try to find the post, but she has mentioned being jealous of her dads new wife (aka her stepmom) and that’s just fucking disgusting. she definitely has some incestual feelings towards her own father and that’s probably a big reason why she’s so into this pedo daddy/daughter sex roleplay stuff.

No. 1714149

Never forget intentionally going to family dinner braless so her visible nipples would be a “distraction”

No. 1714153

File: 1669769633588.jpeg (294.42 KB, 1111x1176, 0574AE63-F611-480F-9F76-98DDB3…)

5+ years where’s the house Shayna?!? Topkek get fucked you vile pedophile bitch

No. 1714162

> #this is too hilarious to let die

No. 1714166

And her family is probably tearing their hair out wondering what they did (or didn’t do) for their child to choose this life for herself, hence her dad continuing to give her money. I suspect that she gets a lot more than anyone thinks she does too, there’s no way in hell she earns anywhere near enough to live on from the degeneracy she sells. She’s short on rent every single month but has enough money to pay people for collabs, flights and accommodation, fugly sweatshop child labour clothing and enough garbage food and sugary alcohol for her to get as fat as she has in such a short time. Her dad is absolutely giving her regular handouts.

No. 1714180

>All pictures of moids should be spoilered

No. 1714183

File: 1669771166390.jpeg (116.5 KB, 828x454, 216A4453-0C51-4062-AD10-DAD3BF…)

Well this is timely vis a vis the current discussion itt

No. 1714184

kek shaynus the failure can't even imagine getting scholarships

No. 1714185

Did she even graduate high school? I feel like she didn’t.

No. 1714187

File: 1669771394999.jpeg (271.37 KB, 1228x1283, 09E8141B-2DBC-4F15-89BD-7BECE2…)

No. 1714192

kek nona we posted at the same time. I hate this putrid hog so much

No. 1714193

You sure showed your mom Shayna!

No. 1714195

File: 1669771735710.jpeg (170.67 KB, 828x533, 19F08F7A-EC24-4A90-8661-EC7B3F…)

Yes, because violence towards women is so uwu, get fucked you fat fucking pickme piece of shit

No. 1714228

Alcoholism to stick it to your mom! Her mom probably just tells her shit like "we want to see you for the holidays, but you need to wear appropriate clothes" or "I just wish you wouldnt do this sex work stuff" and Shay cant handle the truth or comments. Her dad probably just ignores and avoids the subject even though he also disapproves. If her mom is really so toxic then like dont fucking call her?? Theres no obligation to keep in contact with family if they really wear on you… Unless you're trying to or do get something out of it

No. 1714232

She’s literally been posting this since tumblr. Never had anything new to say

No. 1714233

File: 1669774871416.gif (393.37 KB, 250x150, kim-k-kim-kardashian.gif)


I'm sure shes trying to get rent for next month from mom. I wish they would cut her off cold turkey.

No. 1714238

KEK I can't unsee it now that you pointed it out.
She's so obviously trying to sound like a child when she moans, I want to a-log so fucking hard.
RIP sweet angel…

No. 1714241

Why do you need your Dad to know you're off having sex with some degenerate, putting yourself in dangerous situations? Why do you even think he'd want that. Your Dad lets you live without judgement from him. Accept that silence and reciprocate accordingly by keeping your damn shit to yourself. Your Dad should not be your safe person. Involve someone trustworthy in your kink community, not your fucking father.

No. 1714249

Not even a child, like an actual infant. I dont understand why you would choose to do that.

No. 1714269

Most of the content she’s put on OF the past few weeks have less than 30 likes and a lot of them are under 20. It just doesn’t seem worth all the effort

No. 1714274

File: 1669778739931.jpeg (1.33 MB, 3465x3465, CE95C65F-9271-4E05-970A-1ADE50…)

I love looking through old threads and seeing Shayna get fatter yet still wearing the same ugly clothes

No. 1714277

Awh, mommy called to see what baby shay wanted for Christmas, and to see if she needed money for a ticket back home. But ofc, evil repub mom mentioned something about Shayna quiting sex work and going to community college or getting a real job somewhere. Can't bother to listen to that now can we?

No. 1714283

Ahhh karma. A glass best served at any temp as long as a bitch gets whats coming.

No. 1714284

its sad she has no real friends or close family she could connect with about this shit instead of her fucking father. she has no real relationships.

No. 1714290

I think it’s really sad she doesn’t realize she would look “thinner” if she just wore clothes that fit her

No. 1714363

Why community college though?

No. 1714374

I’m convinced that she genuinely believes she looks super hot uwu bimbo baby, like it’s reverse body dysmorphia.

No. 1714380

I’m not a burger so pardon my ignorance but isn’t community college for people who don’t have the grades and/or the money to go to an actual university?

No. 1714403

Generally, it's also a good way to get basics out of the way before you waste money on real college.

No. 1714450

A lot of universities recommend starting in community college to get your GED (general education) out of the way, since the university might have limited admission, but once you've achieved a transfer degree it's much easier to apply again and get in when you have already done your GED. Hope this makes sense

No. 1714520

Not sure if you're outside of the US, but you get an Associate's Degree at community college, not a GED. A GED is the equivalent of a high school diploma. I would also say that most American colleges are pretty easy to get into but the main advantage of community college is that it's cheaper and easier
There's also degrees you can only find at community colleges in the trades. If you want to be a vet tech or a dental hygienist, you would go to a community college and not get a 4 year degree.

No. 1714526

A lot of four years will only offer scholarships if you spend all four years there, but we never have to worry about that with Shat, lmao. She could only get into the cheapest of community colleges or pay to enter four years. I also love how she was so proud of never going to college and not being "thousands in debt" when millions of people are about to have a huge chunk of loans forgiven kek

No. 1714532

Idk why anyone bothers talking about college regarding her. She’s not even going to ever work a real minimum wage job let alone get any that require a qualification of any kind. She has no desire to work or do anything that she remotely doesn’t want to despite billions of people working jobs they don’t like instead of lounging around reading or doing their hobbies all day.

Shay is well past her peak and I doubt Walmart will even take her once she hits 30 due to her inability to function as a normal person, she can’t stick to a schedule or handle being told she’s not special or how would she handle an angry customer? Her best bet is going back to her dad and enrolling and un enrolling from classes until she dies living off his dime hoping he leaves her some inheritance.

No. 1714566

Shat doesn’t have the discipline to walk her dog 2-3 times a day. Idk why you guys think she would suddenly jump into a community college. Even if she was homeless she wouldn’t go to college to better herself.
Takes time and effort; 2 things she’s allergic to.

No. 1714615

>Shay is well past her peak
in sex work yeah

>I doubt Walmart will even take her

they hire literally everyone

No. 1714627

File: 1669828434297.jpeg (815.66 KB, 1170x1860, 0B5A82BA-9F27-4E4B-8B82-27EC2E…)

But all she listens to is oldies and dad rock everyone

No. 1714637

Some CCs do have GED programs, but not all. Not refuting anything else you said, just wanted to add that.

No. 1714668

kek ofc the pedophile loves listening to one of her fellows

No. 1714702

File: 1669836336063.jpeg (341.75 KB, 1170x758, 40CE4338-AC60-43DE-BF8F-145373…)

No. 1714712

>OT sperg incoming

I am super pissed that the current admin back-pedaled on the loan forgiveness. Completely. Fuckers just say shit so we'll elect them I have zero faith in the establishment. Burn it the fuck down.

Anyway Shay is an embarrassment and would likely get rejected by a 75 year old obese scrote resigned to educating her dumbass at a community college.

No. 1714758

File: 1669838914081.jpeg (470.86 KB, 1170x1425, F95917F6-5D31-4FE3-9374-504ADA…)

Please no

No. 1714782

It's cheaper and easier.


She can barely wipe her ass, higher education and a a not embarrassing and degrading source of income is a pipe dream for her and I think the only person who believes she's capable of better is her mom. That's why she likes her dad more, he thinks she's a dud and humors her instead of trying to push her to be something not disgraceful.

No. 1714799

There's plenty of people in worse predicaments than her and marginally more retarded than her who manage to turn their life around, i don't think she is any different. I don't think she will struggle finding work in a grocery store, warehouse or fast food, she just has to change her name and lay low for a year. The only thing in her way is her obsession with wanting to be famous.

No. 1714822

That's a degradation thing from 4chan. A bunch of basement dwellers getting a laugh out of the gross shit that camwhores will do for a dollar. Of course she just writes it off as a weird fetish that she doesn't understand.
Most weird fetishes that seem random boil down to the same thing. The moid is getting off on the woman debasing herself in an absurd way. She's too stupid to realize that even her coomers hate her & make fun of her.

No. 1714824

Do you know any examples?

No. 1714834

Tenshi kek

No. 1714847

Onision's pedophile wife Lainey literally did just that. Changed her name multiple times and is literally working with special needs kids now offline.

No. 1714852

she will never understand this, because 1) she is stupid as fuck and 2) because she would kill herself if she understood that the moids she thinks are validating her and giving her positive attention are actually just getting off on a mentally ill whore degrading herself for actual pennies. it's a coping mechanism, much like SA victims who turn to prostitution tell themselves that even though they have sex they do not want, at least they are now getting paid for it. she has to pretend that scrotes actually love her sooo much for being a sexy baby bimbo because she would truly have nothing if she faced the real reason why they ask her to do all this degrading digusting shit. ignorance is bliss.

No. 1714871

Anon it was confirmed Lainey lost that job before the internet even knew about it. She and Greg have managed to finally find some privacy in the present, but I doubt it’s easy to find jobs with their past.

No. 1714874

This is from someone on his friend's list - this is a locked picture

No. 1714885

Yes, because farmers have never followed or been friends with a cow on social media in guise of getting more milk. Get a grip kek

No. 1714890

They would have had to ALREADY been friends with this person BEFORE shay met them - friend count is the same it's one of like 300 people. It's you isn't it lmao defensive

No. 1714891

All she has to do is change her name and dress normally. Lets be honest, besides us whose checking for Shayna? Enough to the point that she could'nt attempt to delete everything, change her name, maybe even dye her hair, get it styled differently and try to blend into society?
She's very average, does not stand out unless she tries with her retarded outits. She also has parents who'd no doubt help her do just that.

No. 1714894

same anon, I won't say she'd be successful in it or even do it, I'm just saying she could basically go off the radar and fuck up her life in private some other way. She just won't and doesn't want to work or do anything, but lay there and have people slap and pull at her grey body

No. 1714907

Come on nonnie. Shayna could quit today, delete her social media go by her middle name and get a respectable cashier job any day of the week. And again, as a privileged upper middle class white girl, I'm sure one of her parents could pull some strings and stick her in a family friends small business somewhere. It happens to failsons and faildaughers of the middle class all the time. Once they're done being an embarrassing loser, mommy and daddy do a quick clean up job and just stick them somewhere for a few years.

No. 1714927

Where the fuck do you come from where middle class people have access to connections like that lmao

No. 1714938

I swear to god all she talks about is the cheese boob guy, high school, working at Olive Garden for one day, the grade she forged on her report card and “got called into the principals office” and everyone clapped. She never talks about anything eventful that’s happened in the present it’s so fucking pathetic and sad that all her “funniest best moments” are from high school.

No. 1714993

>high school
>she is currently like 25 or something
she’s been doing this for years and is just rolling down the hill. As anons say, bleak

No. 1715064

I just watched a stay at home mother of two little kids get a divorce, have primary custody of her kids and busted ass for a bachelor's in nursing, and she had nothing except her assistance and child support. Shay could never, she's too lazy. What she's doing now is easy money to her, whatever pitiful amount it is that she gets.

No. 1715087

Big city. If both her parents went to college one of them probably knows someone who will hire Shayna for some bullshit job they were gonna get a highschooler/college kid to do. And they both remarried so that's two more adults that may have some connections.

No. 1715139

File: 1669856470161.jpeg (Spoiler Image,239.89 KB, 1206x1704, CFF4BEAF-5255-408B-B809-56969B…)

Looking drugged up as usual

No. 1715169

File: 1669857698912.jpeg (723.93 KB, 1242x1263, 3708C0C8-C172-4559-BE03-194149…)

Alright we get it. You’re so quirky because you were “goff stoner quirky teen” and now you’re mismatched pink butterball bimbo. Shut up

No. 1715175

File: 1669857803088.jpeg (Spoiler Image,794.74 KB, 1169x1222, 595669CD-BCD5-4177-80CF-4AA796…)

TW teeth and snatch from shoot with bdsm moidette
This is so terrifying

No. 1715188

her nail beds are red and swollen to the first knuckle. that has to be painful, what the fuck?

No. 1715190

she loves showing pics of her underage self on her twitter meant to advertise porn. she knows exactly what she’s doing and it’s sick.

No. 1715192

she really needs a shirt just like that one that says “pig” instead of “brat”

No. 1715219


Eww, it looks like her implant is rejecting or something… her breast just looks so painful and swollen. Even if she doesn't have an implant in there, she still needs to get it checked

No. 1715249

>hair slicked into pigtails, trying to hide greasy roots
>despite standing in front of shower
>chola brows
>drawn so high above her natural brow that you can see the shadow of her caveman browbone below
>boobs looking like saggy flat sacks
>nude colour of acrylics only highlights how red & swollen her fingers + frankentit are by comparison
>filter struggling to blur eyebags & forehead wrinkles
I can't get over the fact that she dressed up her greasy hair when she is standing directly in front of the shower. IT TAKES 2 MINUTES.

No. 1715281

kek nonnie, I love you for this

No. 1715283

I don’t mean for her internet presence, I mean that she physically can’t work, she can’t even show up and stick to a schedule. Let alone for minimum or just over minimum wage. She has no work ethic. Walmart or McDonald’s or forever 21 would be hell for her, she couldn’t handle a busy Christmas season or closing up a store properly or even stacking shelves. An office job requires her to be professional and somewhat literate

No. 1715284

File: 1669859945534.jpeg (Spoiler Image,305.77 KB, 1528x1860, 20EC49F9-9115-41BE-9A36-AB957C…)

No. 1715293

Like you guys seem to think the thing holding her back is that she’s a whore. She hates authority, she hates schedules, she’s stupid, she’s got no customer service skills and even stocking shelves requires you to actually lift boxes, being a door greeter is off limits because she won’t be able to sit down because she’s a lard ass, check out work is no different. Office work would kill her, college is out of the question, even working for family or friends she’d likely burn the bridge by not showing up or even just messing up too many times.

What she wants to do is lay down and do nothing not even sex work and be paid millions. She can’t even walk her dog or cook a basic meal for herself

No. 1715295

Her body looks so Troon like and uncomfortable

No. 1715315

>dat sideboob-armpit cellulite
Her body shape is so weird and unfortunate. She copes with her obesity by focusing on her boobs getting bigger, but it seems like most of the fat gain went under the boob. Her ribcage & torso beefed the fuck up. Her collarbone is GONE. She's got a couple extra layers of fat wrapped around her upper body like a cylinder. It really accentuates her already barrel-shaped physique.

No. 1715336

is she using her fat to hold the saggy boob behind her armpit, so it looks even to the other boob or am I tripping? Am I the only one seeing this?

No. 1715337

File: 1669861158478.jpeg (438.15 KB, 2048x2048, C4BB34B1-05B0-4217-8CD2-84689C…)

Okay nonnies.
Lurker rather than poster here, but as a semi-nailfag I’d like to suggest a theory I’ve had for a while about her ever-inflammed fingers.
Russian Cuticle Removal. See top photo.

Whether she’s getting it done by a chop shop or Ellen; we may never know.

No. 1715341

The way it’s so hard and lumpy and and inflamed looking genuinely creeps me out, it looks like it must be painful to exist in such a swollen, bloated corpse-like body

No. 1715347

I’m sorry but my immediately post-partum body is rockin’ by comparison to what Shayna has become. I wonder if she’ll ever turn back at this point.

No. 1715350

a more tame but popular example was the “put a shoe on your head” meme from the early internet (and where the cow got her name). It was a big thing back in the day to ask a girl to put a shoe on her head and once she did she was considered tainted and used basically for caving to demands. moids are fucking dumb.

No. 1715356

What kind of retard gets their cuticles removed? They serve a purpose in protecting new nail growth from bacteria, anyone who willingly does this to their nails deserves that mrsa infection

No. 1715378

It looks like a chunk is missing from the side of her tit

No. 1715379

Jfc she’s so fucking ugly, I’ve legit never seen such hideous little black eyes on another human being before

No. 1715406

I’ve never seen someone which such intense upper-stomach bloat. Like it just sticks out. It has to feel uncomfortable to move

No. 1715433

I didn't know that was where sh0e got her name. But it makes so much sense.

No. 1715436

A lot of terminally online idiots following trends.
A prohibited practice in a lot of places, and while I’m not familiar with how things are done there I can’t immediately find anything stopping it.
Of course… our cow queen may not even be following the “trend”, and just idiotically confusing pushing one’s cuticles back with a standard manicure and actually straight ripping them off.

No. 1715439

she’s getting that fat girl fold in her armpit, kek

No. 1715449

You responded to an unrelated anon, but I'm gonna run with it anyway lol.
Another example of a degradation fetish that moids try to disguise as a separate fetish of its own is anal.
If you hang around on scrote forums enough, they go mask off and admit it. Very few moids are actually into assholes & shit. They find it just as disgusting as we do actually. They're not getting off on the scat part. The thing that they're getting off on is the fact that they can make a woman do something that disgusting & depraved. Even the men who aren't necessarily terminally online coomers but who like to demand anal in their relationships - he doesn't actually think buttholes are attractive. He's getting off on the fact that a woman is seriously letting him do something like that.

Pickmes like Shayna seriously do not understand this.

No. 1715457

File: 1669863641510.jpeg (296.11 KB, 1198x2047, 810D5A6B-96D3-4A01-A6B0-063B0D…)

No. 1715476

This meme is kinda sad when sex workers post it because it shows how they feed into the current pedo interests, like is it really better now that you’re an adult trying to act like a 5 year old instead of being edgy? It’s like they all admit to having no identity or style of their own

No. 1715482

The only moids who genuinely enjoy it are faggots and that’s the hill I’ll die on I also think most moids are closeted faggots in general, I fucking hate them

No. 1715483

LMAO what the fuck is this look

No. 1715496

please someone protect the children if she goes out in public wearing this.

No. 1715499

her thighs have so much dimpling and ridges it looks like self harm scars almost.

No. 1715500

My tinfoil is she's got a manicurist who does Russians on the cheap. Her tips might be poly gel, which is cheap to have done. To do Russians you need an e-file, but anyone can get one of those. Someone suggested Ellen might be doing them, and that could be the truth. Whoever is doing them though needs to stop.

No. 1715508

File: 1669866263267.jpeg (333.45 KB, 1170x1019, FC9CE651-C43F-47F3-BCC5-F0685B…)

This is so sad and your neighbors probably hate you

No. 1715510

File: 1669866310467.jpeg (331.51 KB, 1170x1128, 8A4226A1-B999-46CA-8A11-748EED…)

No. 1715512

File: 1669866379506.jpeg (1.17 MB, 3022x2870, 7B2DA53C-324A-4189-A374-11A099…)

Now vs a year ago. Kek get some new clothes fat ass

No. 1715519

File: 1669866572082.jpeg (1.12 MB, 3465x2905, 40B900DD-7335-46C6-8A99-FA5F28…)

Idk how it’s possible but she manages to keep doing her makeup worse than before. Wouldn’t all that time putting it on make you a bit better at it?? At least she doesn’t do those god awful half eyelid thick ass eyeliner

No. 1715524

>jfc that fat bitch upstairs is blasting the most generic hits of the 80s again
>it's fucking 2pm
>what was that thump?
>did she just wipe out & eat shit?
>is she seriously drunk in the afternoon again?
>how can one person stomp so loud?
>is she galumphing??
>"mommy, why can't I put the TV on high volume? The elephant lady upstairs always puts things on full volume"
>"I can't concentrate on my homework again"
Your neighbours just think you're fat & disrespectful, idiot.

No. 1715528

There's nobody on this planet that thinks your lonely sad ass is throwing a party, FatShat. The neighbors know what a pitiful existence Shaytaan has because she can't even muster the energy to propel her blubber suit of a body to a grocery store

No. 1715530

She has so much thigh and narrow hips that there’s not enough room for it all

No. 1715536

File: 1669867643640.jpeg (692.89 KB, 1777x3131, 0C265A09-B293-4046-9024-4027C8…)

Her scrotes are so fucking weird

No. 1715538

that’s really fucking sad to admit, Shayna.

No. 1715540

>you'll buy potato chips and ice cream
meltdown incoming

No. 1715541

File: 1669867960023.jpg (24.29 KB, 399x399, pbs.twimg.com_profile_images_1…)

No. 1715543

these replies are actually hilarious. Shayna thinks she’s a high-class bimbo and that men want to give her money so she can shop and pamper herself. this clearly shows her scrotes view her as a stupid toddler(which is already gross enough) and don’t just want to hand over their money, yet she is truly under the delusion they do.

Shayna, these people think you are legitimately retarded and like seeing you embarrass and degrade yourself. they don’t think you’re a smart, sophisticated, high class anything.

No. 1715544

Yes kitten you can use daddy’s card but don’t buy anything because daddy can’t afford the overdraft fees

No. 1715550

Her coomers want her to be a stupid toddler that they can take advantage of, and she refuses to accept that this is her brand. She can call herself a baby bimbo all she wants but she is a fat toddler gorging herself on chips and the most generic Hard Rock Cafe music possible, and that’s what comes across in her posts. She keeps digging herself a deeper and deeper hole and it’s fascinating how wrong she is about everything

No. 1715551

File: 1669868846204.jpeg (147.46 KB, 1170x337, 1E83FBB7-0722-435A-8EE1-F0C6D6…)

Which one of you was this?

No. 1715553

File: 1669868997290.jpeg (554.96 KB, 1170x1418, 4D77ECC0-9E4E-4679-9180-13DBBC…)

No. 1715556

why are the nostrils being held open??? wtf

No. 1715582

File: 1669872483254.jpeg (93.01 KB, 710x301, C6AB9202-9152-4FD4-9BF9-67EB84…)

her snapchat got deleted

No. 1715585

LMAO I’ve never used Snapchat so I don’t know how it works, is porn banned on there? Regardless, this is glorious. First Tiktok, now Snapchat, twitter next?

No. 1715601

File: 1669874194597.jpeg (261.49 KB, 828x784, 2C2EAF48-E134-4284-AA3D-302CD3…)

kek of course these two piece of shit rednecks are the only people who have commented. I love how she replied to gun toting pedophile daughter rapist Mike Slack of Missouri but ignores Jason R(retard) Wojak

No. 1715609

womack must not be sending her lunch money anymore.

No. 1715625

It's a degredation thing(learn2sage)

No. 1715639

File: 1669879339418.jpeg (798.95 KB, 1242x1185, 77C93D35-092F-48FE-882B-E20443…)

Still ugly and retarded. You look nothing like these pictures irl

No. 1715654

FAS art generator

No. 1715690

anyone knows what app/AI generator this one is ? I don't know of the ones that take pics, instead of text

No. 1715691

hilarious that she lost her pay-pig womack just so could “break out as a star” to fuck that hideous limp dick guy only for the video to bomb and the limp dick to ghost her after.

No. 1715693

trend on tiktok right now where you upload a picture and it shows you how youd look “throughout history”. costs like $15 to do.

No. 1715695

tinfoil that she purposely deleted her account because she read the threads and got pissy over nonnies sharing her shitty dollar store thanksgiving dinner. be careful out there snapchat nonnies, shaymu is watching you.

No. 1715696

she's such a braindead coomer she probably thinks women viewing her story think she's anything but fat, pathetic and a spectacle.
newsflash shaymutaan you are a carcrash in slow motion who has bitten any hand that has tried to feed you. and some of us enjoy staring into the void.

No. 1715697

literally living the same day over and over again and never progressing. her life is depressing as hell.

No. 1715700

it's shayhog day all day every day
until her asshole finally prolapses anyway, if it hasn't already. munchie hospital saga proper-style when?

No. 1715703

She payed $15 to help train an AI?? KEK pathetic

No. 1715710

She’s completely delusional, she genuinely thinks that the reason why these threads exist is because we are “haters” who are jealous of her

No. 1715715

>you'll buy potato chips and ice cream

No. 1715716

Has it been proven that Womack fucked off permanently and is done bankrolling her rent?>>1715693
You can do it for free, it’s just limited. You’ll still get some pics out of it but no the “full experience.” It of course was extremely generous regarding her jaw and wonky tits.

No. 1715723

I chuckled

No. 1715730

i moreso believe the tinfoil that she's taken him offline in a fake relationship where he thinks she's dating him for real. she seems outwardly embarrassed and disgusted by him though, so I guess, good job on taking advantage of an actual retard. pretty sure he's an oil field guy who is gone for like 22 days a month type thing. he had plenty of other whore other than just shayna though. but the whole discovery of him sending Ellen "Patricia" Dresel cash for shayna definitely seems to speak of some whole other story happening offline.

No. 1715731

The tiny, beady eyes in the bottom left are sending me

No. 1715732

might shop a shitpost in your honour about it nona

No. 1715734

It's sad because she was definitely too big for whatever size she got in both pictures, now it's just so much worse.

No. 1715735

File: 1669897178597.png (38.67 KB, 620x555, Kek.png)

i can do after work if any other autistic nonnies wanna step up we can see what she'd actually look like historically. cause you know she didn't upload the real photos of her buffalo hump and double chins.

No. 1715736

I'll do it rn if it's free. but also Skynet is real so, is this a betrayal of the one true legend Sarah Connor? sarah senpai I'm sorry for I must sin for the cause

No. 1715739

File: 1669898055803.png (33.81 KB, 964x545, shyanus.png)

you gotta pay. no shayhog through time. sorry nonnies.

No. 1715741

>cardholders name Kyle Perkins

No. 1715742

Bottom right looks like a “sexy” CGI anthropomorphized rat

No. 1715750

I love they all have fat cheeks and rodent teeth/eyes even after being ran through a computer's pixar filter kekkkk go shangled fuck your bungole with a frying pan like a real disney princess

No. 1715751

File: 1669899232903.jpeg (221.2 KB, 1106x678, 6BD21D3C-BA7E-4EBA-B833-08A6DB…)

Can’t get over the potato chips and ice cream comment kek

And another sad attempt at a viral tweet

No. 1715771

it has her fucking smirk and everything fucking kek

No. 1715819

When is shayna going to start using the faceapp teen filter? That's what this ai art reminds me of.

No. 1715829

File: 1669911038669.jpeg (286.3 KB, 1224x1091, 6DBE8272-6899-4C55-9A85-B5DD5D…)

What time does this unemployed sack of shit wake up at? 1pm? She’s so lazy and ugly I can’t

No. 1715849

imagine if she took this opportunity and did 10 minutes of yoga, or took her dog for an early morning walk, or even just scraped together some food in her fridge to cook breakfast. Imagine if she just did this every day. She’d be a completely different person and the fact that even those small changes are too much just blows my mind.

No. 1715861

She looks so fucking old and ugly in the top left shot. Looks like an extra from Planet of the Apes

No. 1715876

If your butt prolapses you just push it back in nonna, it would have to be really wild to need medical attention.

No. 1715889

Ew no1curr r-tard

No. 1715892

File: 1669917251701.jpeg (254.29 KB, 2098x869, 144C8673-5ABB-4A95-8C74-5D8532…)

sorry for the shitty quality but shayhog is snorting and fussing about her snapchat

No. 1715894

bro. its a snapchat, get over it

No. 1715899

So make an announcement on your snap using your iPad dumbass, say you’re switching platforms or getting a new account??

No. 1715900

Her life really has to suck for this of all things to "royally fuck her".Literally begging scrotes to buy her shit, meanwhile turning down a paid for college Education like she got it like that. I'm about to Shay-log because it's honestly frustrating

No. 1715901

I can’t believe she does all of this degenerate stuff and still has to beg and plead to be able to get gifts for her family to coomers

No. 1715904

File: 1669918242917.jpeg (131.86 KB, 750x620, 0C5ED099-839A-4585-AC58-38FC95…)

all this over a snapchat….

No. 1715908

Was snapchat a big money maker for her? Damn, so ONE platform gets pulled from under you and you're "giving up"? Things must be a lot more dire then we thought in the house of Shaynasty.

No. 1715909

When your a fat, lazy, attention dependant, loser whore with no real job or life, snapchat is everything lmfao what a sad existence.

I like to think about where shay is gonna be in 10 years when she cant bank on being young for her pedoporn. She isnt sexually appealing in any way not even the way she portrays but DEFFINETLY not in a "mature cougar" way the men want older women… her pedoscrotes will leave her for the next best thing if not stick around in hopes she will become desperate and old enough to start a relationship with them cough womack cough.

Im here for it nonas. Best trainwreck ever.

No. 1715911

I hate to say this but I think it's this or nothing. Shayna's so stubborn and hateful towards her family, I legit think she'd rather not exist then not do porn and become the successful rich famous pornstar, so she can prove everyone wrong.
It's nice to think of Shayna in 10 years, but I legit think she'd either still be doing this and possibly borrowing from her parents, maybe in a relationship with a abusive/weird scrote.
or just..you know.
I don't wish it but the way she acts is like, once one thing happens thats it.

No. 1715914

She is practically a narc. She is so delusional she thinks she is hot shit and the center of attention everywhere she goes. She wont kill herself. But honestly i see where your coming from and how you are thinking. But still. Its shay. She is WAY too self absorbed to kill herself. She thinks she is some gift from god. Kek

No. 1715915


No. 1715919

Shayna has both a large amount of self esteem and none at all. She acts like someone who grew up with neglectful super abusive parents and she has no choices in life. She's very selfish. Shayna thinks she's "Special" true but because someone told her that. Not because she legit thinks she's somebody. Every nice thing she thinks about herself can be pinpointed to some shit someone said, or some comment a scrote left/of said.
If nobody is praising her or giving her pennies, does Shayna even exist? Her self esteem is directly tied to social media platforms and random scrotes who glance at her in public.

No. 1715921

It hasnt been proven, though I wonder if its coincidence that she's been saying she's short on rent for several months in a row now and Jason has appeared to be interacting a lot less kek
Like other anon said… use it on your ipad? I didn't know she was still making money from a private sw snap. But seriously its snapchat, grow the fuck up. Its against tos to use it for sex work and have multiple accounts and honestly if you're an adult, you shouldn't be on it anyway. Idk imo its a very teen centric app. Theres just certain kinds of people I see using snap and they're generally younger so it makes sense theyre obnoxious lol I think its weird to use it if youre past your early 20s.

No. 1715923

He could play her brother in a ABDL dreams or strictmoor porn where they both wear diapers and get beaten by jackie Kennedy’s failed reincarnation for being a bad retard baby.

No. 1715924

Shayna is really in a predicament because unlike most other female cows on here, for how lulzy they are, most of them can find a beta provider to strap down eventually. Shay however has done too much weird as fuck degrading shit that the only males who will get in long term exclusive relationship with her is deranged Womack-tier fan, but even Womack would leave her for a younger redneck trailer park queen eventually. That or she has to leave sex work behind, change her name, and live quietly for a few years and hope whatever loser she ends up dating never finds out.

No. 1715926

Dont give her ideas for her sick coomers. Kek whats wrong with you?

No. 1715930

do it. go on, do it.

No. 1715937

Just finished reading the past threads and she was chimping out and suicide baiting at her Snapchat accounts getting deleted four fucking years ago. You would think she would get the hint and adapt, yet here we are. This is why FatShat is an eternal cow

No. 1715938

What happened to all the amazing things you have going on in your life Shay?

No. 1715942

Truly ~thriving~ LMAO. Eat shit you fat pedo fuck. Sowing and reaping.

No. 1715952

I bet this meltdown is a lovely combo of the after-effects of talking to her mom the other day, a lack of attention now that her snap is deleted, the fact that she spent money on getting dungeoned by a moidette and not going to the convention she wanted to, and it was all exacerbated by her sleep schedule getting interrupted by her fire alarm. She has no coping mechanisms beyond “smoke weed and get drunk and beg for attention online” and as other nonnies have theorized, she’s probably so broke she has to beg her mom for rent money so there’s no way she has enough for her booze or weed. The thoughts are creeping in and she has no method of self care, so the only thing she has left is suicide baiting on twitter. Truly thriving. She has no skills, no friends, no real love in her life. It’s beyond bleak. It’s desolate. She had every chance in the world to not end up at rock bottom, but she was too stubborn and stupid to realize it. And now here she is, alone and broke. Desolate.

No. 1715959

the only person who has shown any “lasting” interest in her lately is that polycule guy. I have a feeling that Shay posted about him as a last-ditch effort to show her haydurs that she’s capable of being loved by someone. But once the excitement of that wore off and it’s obvious no one was jealous or impressed she fell back into the depression hole. I wonder how Daddy emotionally supports her?

No. 1715980

Do anons think that losing her Snapchat income will make her unable to make rent, or will she just not be able to smoke and drink as much?

No. 1715984

She will beg for rent money as she does every month

No. 1715987

Holy sharpie eyebrows batman.
Damn, that might actually be a nice angle and crop. Sucks that she's a fatass pedophile.
Underrated comment.
[insert smiling emoji]

No. 1715996

Porn and sex work is banned on Snapchat and it has been for a long time, They do device/IP bans so you can’t make a new account unless you get a new phone. when Shayna started doing online SW/before OnlyFans existed, selling a “private Snapchat” subscription or just selling nudes straight up was huge with girls on social media looking to make money off coomers. It is outdated as fuck like everything Shayna does. No idea why she didn’t see this coming lmao. I don’t get how she had people subscribed to it without any other way to contact them, she didn’t keep any records? was she just having guys pay her via cash app or something?

No. 1716002

File: 1669925630449.jpeg (557.54 KB, 1170x1487, 59280A47-5B56-4445-AFE5-DECB83…)

No. 1716008

File: 1669925823619.jpeg (821.35 KB, 1170x1559, CFC72B84-5434-4FD9-A90B-D8971E…)

Shay’s “daddy” took down all the pics of the people he’s dating on FetLife

No. 1716012

Run roh Raggy rid romeone rind rout rabout rha Randy Relma rhotos??

No. 1716027

Anons on here always talk about middle class people as if they're all upper middle class people. Lower to average middle class people are not "privileged" kek they're regular wagies

No. 1716043

No. 1716046

Have to get the muh priviledged huwhites in lmao

No. 1716056

File: 1669928910005.jpeg (528.41 KB, 1170x1440, CF9635E8-D0F9-4C36-925D-A06B51…)


No. 1716058

>a dicking a day keeps the bitching away
moids deserve nothing but to face the wall

No. 1716059

File: 1669928947902.jpeg (548.86 KB, 1170x1033, 748AC56E-02DB-4CA0-AB39-F19F5B…)

2/2. We’ll Shay, it’s your own dumb ass fault you ended up in the hospital

No. 1716063

>Fucked a scrote
>Had another scrote come to her house got like $400
>Had ANOTHER scrote come to her house
>Travelled for a fucking lizzo concert/"shoot"
So she's basically just telling us that all that all that shit was a waste of time and she didn't make nothing much from it.

No. 1716064

Shat would unironically have more dignity if she was a cracked out hooker working truck stops. This is giiving snuff film BTK/toybox killer vibes, actually depressing af.

No. 1716066

>Should I tell my dad I travelled? I don't want him worried
Confirmed bullshit. She's fucking broke or close to it. Probably hadn't spoken to her dad in a while. Felt bad about THAT, or about borrowing money for the trips & lying about what she needed the money for. I know her snapchat just went down, but I cannot be convinced that she was relying only on money from snapchat to help her ass.
No rent is due, this is just extra annoying shit. She'd been whining on here regardless of if her snap was gone.

No. 1716071

are you on his friends list? he may have listed some photos for friends only

No. 1716076

This person isn't friends with him - someone up thread is though and can still see the private photos

No. 1716077

This is such BS anyway. If her valuable and loyal customers she lost on snapchat really want to get back into her DMs they would probably make a burner accounton twitter and look for her "dollymattel" tag and eventually find her. Honestly though she is just a regular run of the mill whore. Dime a dozen on snapslut and onlywhores. Proof she is replaceable even to her valuable paying coomers. Kek

No. 1716082

Shes not telling the farmers anything that wasnt already known. Shes just finally admitting it to herself.

No. 1716085

Kek, now all we need is for elon to ban degenerate ewhores from Twitter and she’ll be reduced to being a corner hooker like she was always meant to.

No. 1716087

I had no idea that Snapchat meant so much to her

No. 1716095

How were those people customers if they don’t follow you on any other platform and don’t even bother to fork over 3 bucks a month on the site dedicated to selling content? And if they care so much they could just find your Twitter or something, most whores have moved on from Snapchat long ago, it’s your own fault for not thinking of this happening. Dumbass read the writing on the wall you’re fucking over and done with, begging won’t pay for the rest of your life and you’ll only have to offer yourself to grosser creepier men just to get by.

No. 1716096

Nooo I thought she was thriving!! She was proving us wrong everyday! I can’t believe this would happen to her

No. 1716099

It was her time, she was just about to buy lolcow and this happens

No. 1716102

File: 1669931436643.jpeg (Spoiler Image,838.12 KB, 1170x1593, 4E493E6D-47DF-4ADE-A512-B5FA27…)

No. 1716104

hideously boring. Even for a twitter whore, this is depressing.

No. 1716107

God I hope so. But he probably won't, given how much he talks about his freeze peach. Maybe once twitter goes down for good she'll be forced to go home and can mooch off her parents for a couple more years. <- wishful thinking

No. 1716127

File: 1669933986740.jpeg (296.76 KB, 1170x720, 41094518-7607-4393-828A-EDE495…)

Get ready everyone

No. 1716129

File: 1669934026207.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1019.34 KB, 1170x1632, C79B571C-4BEF-470D-A5BD-81ECDC…)

I wish MV would just take this down already

No. 1716138

File: 1669934957695.jpeg (Spoiler Image,960.32 KB, 1170x1653, 997034A2-86DC-4D51-B0B0-3AC05C…)

She’s probably going to have a break down on live

No. 1716139

File: 1669934997673.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.02 MB, 731x1216, F4F1C630-CC92-4D90-BB6C-7735BB…)

Good thing the internet is forever kek

No. 1716144

Whoever the anon was that said he looks like Barney rubble spoke some truth

No. 1716147

Shayna just get a gas station job or something. Work at Starbucks. Christ

No. 1716156

Not a wk but her makeup and face blurring now is way better than it was a year ago. I think maybe the moidette she was working with gave her tips since that's when her makeup look change drastically and it fits her face a lot better than her old look.

No. 1716158

>no rent is due

It’s the first of the month, so idk about that. Rent is most likely due lol

No. 1716159

I meant-
>No, rent is due, this is just annoying..etc. etc.
Sorry am retarded

No. 1716161

She is replaceable. They aren’t going to make a social media just to find her. She doesn’t have a private snap since Snapchat cracked down on their NSFW guidelines. She just had coomers on there who only have Snapchat and she would use it to e beg for money. Now all their information is lost, all the potential money from pan handling is gone.

No. 1716162

Goddamn that tit is looking horrible. It’s getting worse and worse each time we see it, it looks so painful and congested (for lack of a better word.)

My bet is she gets wasted, not enough people interact with her, and she has a complete breakdown on cam and then the next day on twitter.

Also for non PNW anons, it gets super dark and dreary here and it can lead to mental health issues. The lack of sunlight can be countered by a good diet, exercise, “happy lamps”, and dialing back on depressants like weed and alcohol. But of course Shaytard can’t do that so she’s going to have a real rough time of it till spring rolls around and we start getting some natural light again.

No. 1716166

SWers need to cultivate parasocial relationships in order to milk as much money out of coomers as they can. Shays brand should be adorkable stoner dumb idiot girl next door but because she has no idea how to market herself she never managed to get those relationships into a profitable position. She’s a messy retarded bdsm degen who can’t stop eating or embarrassing herself, which has a market, but again she’s too dumb to actualize it. Her coomers never saw her as anything beyond the lolz she provided and she knew it, and that’s why she’s melting down so hard. She keeps coming to grips with how bad she is at her job in these weird cycles, and now it’s her turn again to realize she’s really bad and out of place at what she does.

No. 1716180

>watch me get drunk
Does she ever go a day without getting drunk, having her be sober would be more of an occasion.

No. 1716181

File: 1669943359427.jpeg (Spoiler Image,942.87 KB, 1170x1670, FD493CCC-382D-4A4F-9F07-8C9FA6…)

No. 1716185

not her rubbing her dirty feet on that and then dry shoving it up her ass. she will make $20 bucks on this max

No. 1716189

I like the use of the yellow foot emoji. Perhaps some self-awareness?

No. 1716212

This is going to be amazing, inb4 the only people who show up besides farmers are two coomers and maybe fat pimp Ellen, someone in the chat says something that triggers her and depending on how drunk she is she’ll either be a bitch or have a full blown meltdown and rage quit the live. Merry Christmas.

No. 1716216

I’m not a foot freak but the thumbnail really shows you how nasty and yellow her feet are. Isn’t the point of a foot fetish to make them look nice? I’m pretty sure there are homeless men with better maintained feet.

She claims she’s a bimbo/high maintenance but won’t do anything to maintain her appearance

No. 1716220

The way she neglects her appearance confounds me. Admittedly I’m autistic when it comes to health and hygiene but this unwashed greasy fat hog is something else. Her putrid exterior is a perfect reflection of how rotten she is as a person

No. 1716222

Her whole body looks painful and congested, it’s so bizarrely hard and lumpy, she probably has to get wasted every waking hour just to exist in it

No. 1716223

It doesn’t make sense

No. 1716240

Is Velma blind or something? The woman is staring off into the aether as if she's witnessing the second coming.

No. 1716243

There is so many beautiful women who’s willing to sell themselves online, shaynus is no competition lol. Also womack said many time he doesn’t like the retarded diaper stuff. When a redneck scrote has better morals then you…. Truly rock bottom

No. 1716260

I reckon that’s why he hardly interacts with her anymore and when he does she completely ignores him. He probably unsubscribed and/or stopped sending her tips, food cards, etc. The only actual followers/paypigs she has now are the most bottom of the barrel subhuman scum who are actual pedophiles, zoophiles and rapists.

No. 1716272

Your job likely doesn’t require you to be or present as hotter than the average person though and catering to fantasies? Like her one requirement she can’t do how do nonnies think she’ll keep a job at Walmart or McDonald’s if she can’t even do this “job”

No. 1716283

File: 1669949732047.jpeg (243.78 KB, 1036x326, D690CD90-E969-4FF2-AFAC-5C9C6F…)


No. 1716285

File: 1669949779833.jpeg (42.29 KB, 219x215, 517A8D1B-DDF3-44BD-8862-613786…)

No. 1716294

File: 1669949986784.jpeg (Spoiler Image,373.2 KB, 988x614, 2A000C58-17DC-47E8-A802-9335E5…)

She shaking the whole bed lmao looks like a dog scooting it’s itchy Ass on the carpet

No. 1716297

Anon you read her like a goddamn book! Beautifully written.

No. 1716301

Fucking KEKK

No. 1716307

>getting dungeoned by a moidette
I am fucking snort-cackling. Seriously though, this is bang on the money (or not, as it were). We are in for a very merry milkmas, nonitas

No. 1716336

No one cares about your blog

No. 1716358

What kind of people dont have any social media but have snapchat? And not buying or following her content elsewhere like OF? I just don't understand why it would matter. If they are paying, worthwhile coomers they should be subscribed on OF or buying her vids and stuff and if she means followers, mutuals, or "fans" then wouldn't they follow her tumblr or any other social media? Was she still selling a private snap? Im so confused lol

No. 1716361

Worst month "work" wise… ok then why was she going on about "traveling for work" and flew to texas and what of the content there? And that extreme fetish session she just did? And let us not forget her debut b/g vid the other month. How embarrassing to act like she's been such a successful bimbo living her slutty dreams and life is so great, was trying to put out more vids and content, etc when shes really just broke, sickly, and sad kek. Almost like she's trying every gross kink thing she can and paying for it all and no one wants it/her so she never sees the return investment like you're supposed to if you're doing it right/have something desirable.

No. 1716362

Sameanon,but also forgot her irl whoring on top of all that kek

No. 1716364

I’m assuming people who followed her on tumblr before degeneracy was banned and before onlyfats existed. Now that she’s making increasingly degenerate “content” she’s making less money from subscriptions because a lot of the content isn’t permitted on onlyfats (eg rape and LARPing as a baby)

No. 1716367

When is it not $3 though? Oh yeah, once a year where for a month or 2 she gets bold and thinks her gross, low effort, same shit different day content is worth almost the price of a regular menu hamburger ($5) instead of the usual value menu chicken sandwich kek.
There's a recession and inflation situation thats really amped up this year. A lot of these whores aren't realizing they are more disposable and lower priority as ever now.

No. 1716368

the way that feeder/bbw content at this point would actually be less niche and degenerate and more lucrative than what she's doing now… plus it wouldn't even matter that she has awful proportion because lots of feeders are into that top-heavy gunt physique she has

No. 1716380

she’s upset because all of the content she made at those cons and after all that travel and money spent, completely flopped. it was just a week or so ago she was talking about how amazing her life is and all the opportunities she has and how she thinks she’s finally “growing” in the industry. then she gets back home and realizes no one wants her shitty content and has a break down. she’s been doing this cycle for fucking years, idk how she doesn’t realize it.

No. 1716383

she’s so terrible at sex work it’s astounding. her career is literally the definition of why buy the cow if you’re getting the milk for free.

No. 1716391

You've got to imagine it fucks her up on a deeper subconscious level as well. I'm sure she put herself in these fucked up situations by convincing herself "its work" and "what the people want". Then she comes down from her porn-sick high and realizes she's just a fucked up moidette who can't justify why the fuck she just let the most disgusting do that shit to her.

No. 1716394

I know right, I mean I don’t know anything about sex work beyond what I’ve learned from this thread but it seems like she can’t even manage the bare basics of it. She can’t even stick to the most low effort scheduled shit like camming once a week, and she wonders why she’s not making any money.
I was just thinking about this, it was only a week ago that she was gushing over how happy she is, which is obviously massive cope and/or her attempt to make Fupaul jealous. She’s been paying to make all this content which no one wants to buy so she’s operating at a loss. And it’s what she deserves.

No. 1716399

tinfoil but i bet she was doing extremely weird customs or saying she was underage in videos for creeps on snapchat and that's why she was saying that's where she made a lot of her money each month. i feel like snapchat is like how kik is and only kids or pedos use it

No. 1716405

I think so too. I don’t know a single person who uses or has used Snapchat besides cows talked about on here, it’s always struck me as odd that that’s where she posts the majority of her content

No. 1716409

Not wking but snapchat is one of the most popular messaging apps. Especially in India

No. 1716419

>in India
Of course, disgusting ugly moids asking for bobs and vegana

No. 1716440

tinfoil but I can kind of see that she made a considerable amount of money off of snapachat. She always posted the full customs someone bought. There was never a moid complaining why it went public. Would make sense if her snapchat moids are only on snapchat.

No. 1716458

They’re the horny scrote capital. Lots of nasty men love adding teen girls and young women.

No. 1716461

Culturally they’re some of the most repugnant misogynists too. SWANA scrotes in general are the worst thanks to a culture of normalised pedophilia, sexual slavery and violence towards women. I wonder if that was the bulk of her Snapchat following as distinct from banjo-strumming redneck mongoloids on twitter

No. 1716498

This has been up for almost a whole day and it only has two retweets and three likes, I’m cackling

No. 1716536

must be so hard for her having to actually put in work. camming is only hard for her cause her body looks deflated. if you hate your body that much, i dont know - do absolutely anything at all to help your case. camming is literally her only saving grace at this point and the only real way for her make decent money anymore (putting the hours in as a camgirl and gaining a small following there). yet, here she is dragging her feet, bitching and moaning.

No. 1716537

Has it been a year now since we've heard any talk of her mentioning her health or desire to exercise or eat better? the most we see her do is take her dog for a walk once a month, even that is suspect.

No. 1716542

her health
>rawdogs random moids
>abused and tied up toybox killer style
>shoves unlubed objects including a frying pan up her ass while larping as a child
>cheese and pink wine and dog hair for dinner
>nary a papsmear or gyno appointment in her life, let alone an STD test (we know she would boast about being clean like not having STDs is something to boast about)
>never showering

I can find nothing redeemable about this bitch, I can't believe I used to feel bad for her. I will not alog but she is truly reaping what she sows: decay and misery

No. 1716587

Piss funny, most whore's usually get paid for fucking and charge high for filming, especially the extreme stuff shaymu is doing
Onlyflops really is the the worst thing to happen to the world of whoredom, the women using it are just getting used and abused by predatory scrotes and not even getting the usual compensation for it because it's for muh $3 onlyflop CoNTeNT that half these fat fucks can't even sell to cover their doordash and fent habits, kek.

No. 1716595

Yes, she briefly glimpsed the future and saw that the eldritch horror that is Shaytaan and was struck deaf, dumb, and blind.

No. 1716625

ayrt LMAO that is fucking gold.
Shaytaan is indeed blinding and terrifying. Lovecraft ain't got nothing on her.

No. 1716631

>She had every chance in the world to not end up at rock bottom, but she was too stubborn and stupid to realize it. And now here she is, alone and broke. Desolate.

My favorite thing about shanya is that no matter how bleak her life seems right now, it can and will get worse. She's not at rock bottom, she's still got a roof over her head, Ellen degenerate is still willing to "take care" of her. She still has coomers on Twitter that will throw her pocket change, and her parents didn't disown her.

Once all of that changes and she's reduced to selling pussy out of motels and parking lots to survive, I'd say that's her rock bottom.

No. 1716632

File: 1669999736888.jpeg (337.76 KB, 1170x682, 6AB06000-F6BA-4D94-9771-273E73…)


No. 1716633

File: 1669999910448.jpeg (622.43 KB, 1170x1481, DDE0F023-EBF1-4579-B22A-FB7694…)

No. 1716637

not parappachan topkek

No. 1716641

How pathetic and worthless these sex workers are. I'll never understand nor do I want to. Imagine how sad of a life you must have to base holidays as something you need for "Content" it's so gross and disturbing these broke bitches really live day by day trying to factor their disgusting sex work into every aspect of life.
I wouldn't be able to live with myself, I'd rather be homeless on the street with morals tbqh.

No. 1716649

File: 1670002954920.jpeg (393.56 KB, 1170x971, 8681267C-D708-4EEB-8DB2-AFD3D4…)

Shayna Luther King has to remind people she isn’t a Nazi

No. 1716650

File: 1670003008548.jpeg (Spoiler Image,846.83 KB, 1440x1008, EC6883C3-32DA-4F8A-9AD5-C1442D…)

No. 1716656

I never thought I’d be wishing the “how am I going to pay for bills and gifts” panic attacks and struggle upon someone but here I am

No. 1716657

not joe biden shading Kanye like that

No. 1716660

Ay dios mio not the virgin. Why tf does her “porn” (if you could even call it that) have to be Christmas theme? The whole point of your videos is to get scrotes off. Do they really care if there’s a god damn Christmas tree in the background? All her videos are essentially just skits. Like a more retarded version of SNL. The retarded ass script/shitty acting and then all of a sudden she’s on her day bed, mashing her snatch around with her diseased nail beds moaning, then using the vibrator on high and make retard faces until she decides she’s tired so she fakes her orgasm and ends the video with a retarded quip.

No. 1716662

File: 1670004255239.jpeg (861.44 KB, 1440x1008, 91D4852C-F25D-46CB-B355-2FECF0…)

No. 1716663

File: 1670004286774.jpeg (Spoiler Image,840.54 KB, 1440x1008, AC7F797A-7F0E-4597-B97B-89C181…)

No. 1716665

File: 1670004408683.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.25 MB, 961x1687, C72F3739-DB0A-4424-AE84-21EA16…)

Swimsuit spanking with one of the elderly strictmore ladies

No. 1716668

you wonder porn actors ever have a moment of realization, how utterly goofy their jobs are

No. 1716672

File: 1670004756009.jpeg (217.74 KB, 1242x721, 77E43E3B-6747-41BC-AF1E-F50D