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File: 1608516162585.jpeg (659.88 KB, 2196x1730, AFE44B90-BEC2-48CF-8E6B-06208E…)

No. 1111610

Old milk:
> Like clockwork, posts a weekly schedule and makes excuses on why she cannot adhere to it >>1093969
> Invites ~a friend~ to come over and tape her up >>1094249 and posts her bruises as a fellow anon predicted >>1094206
> Anons speculate whether it is in fact Fupa by cross-examining the photo with a previous picture of Fupa’s chode
> Shayna calls out her ‘clients’ for wanting a relationship with her >>1094523 however gets angry and defensive when her ‘clients’ interact with other sex workers.
> Her twitter gets restricted for 12 hours. Cries to her orbiters on discord about how she can’t live without twitter >>1095254
> Consequently proceeds to beg her orbiters for money because she "can't work" without her twitter >>1095314
> Defends herself for not adhering to her previously-posted schedule >>1096481
> Posts about how she is making a cam comeback on Friday >>1096799 Spoiler alert, she ~just didn’t feel like doing it~ >>1099532
> Cries about other SWers interacting with her ‘customers’ >>1096934 and cries about another fat SWer consoling Splenda Daddy Jason Womack on twitter >>1096945
> E-begs for rent reimbursement, again >>1097299
> Films an ‘unboxing’ of things she ordered on amazon, out of breath while opening these packages while sitting on her ass >>1097659
> Cries over an anon screenshotting her snapchat, “ruining it for everybody” (aka, 5 people) >>1097694, >>1097704
> Cosplays as Jessica Yaniv, nails it >>1097765, >>1097788, >>1097804
> Posts videos of herself looking mentally challenged while dancing in her bathroom and brushing her teeth >>1097805
> Posts another bathroom video of her jiggling her fat while out of breath >>1099163
> Asks SWers to post their amazon wishlists so she can purchase the cheapest things in the name of ~Christmas~ >>1100738 gets upset about a fatty promoting herself using pictures of herself in lingerie >>1101738
> Shows off her singular saggy breast in a video of her in the bathroom >>1101983
> Still hasn’t streamed on, let alone used, her $1200 gamergirl PC despite getting it over a week ago

Recent Milk:
>>1103018 Shayna fetishizes Santa Clause and wants to “give” him her “ass” and “mouth”
>>1103163 wants to be reimbursed for the gifts she bought her family
>>1103780 tries to cope when anons call her a whale
>>1103969 buys a dick cage anons speculate it’s for Fupapa
>>1103988 keeps eating high calorie weed junk
>>1109176 Shayna wants a car - yet again
>>1110032 anon finds recent tickets Shayna got. Tinfoil that she drove Fupa’s car and got in trouble with Fups and now she has to get her own car
>overall whiteknighting pornhub and acting like she’s the victim
>waits until the week of Christmas to film any content she promised
>still no dog cage fuck machine video

No. 1111612

Voted thread pic in lolcow awards

No. 1111613

i think the op is good anon

No. 1111614

No. 1111619

Forgot to add:
>Made father/daughter incest roleplay porn with her two dildos >>1110126
>Claims to be ~unbothered~ by the hayterzzz >>1110713 yet sperges and dirty deletes subtweets at lolcow claiming that we are “obsessed”
>Onlyfans anon shares a disgusting picture of Shay looking like a retarded poodle >>1110720
>Over a hundred scrotes liked Shayna’s video but didn’t retweet it so her orbiters and her retweet it over and over to get it to the amount of retweets she wanted to give her neckbeard fans a free video >>1110751

No. 1111621

File: 1608517676561.jpeg (326.27 KB, 772x630, 50667E06-8725-420F-A493-77233B…)

No. 1111628

looking rotund as ever

No. 1111634

don’t post last thread’s milk on the new thread. otherwise it’s fine.

No. 1111642

When you're fat and only talk about food, weed, and porn constantly it's really not cute to have your tree covered in food ornaments.

No. 1111644


Incredible scenes. You got bitch tryna untangle Christmas lights, completely missing her arse in shot so it's just 1 cheek, royalty free Christmas tunes and the sad fact it's the 20th of December and she only just decorating the tree.

Man who faps to this shit?

No. 1111645

im traumatized from seeing her cellulite and dirty asshole

No. 1111649

this is so awkward

No. 1111655

File: 1608520713321.png (Spoiler Image,533.73 KB, 810x888, missing-ass.png)

This is depressing. She has the ass for a 40yo women with five children.

No. 1111657

File: 1608520904579.jpg (Spoiler Image,167.56 KB, 1080x611, Screenshot_20201220-221611.jpg)

Reposting her cottage cheese looking ass with spoiler, sorry.

No. 1111658

Does this happen when you only get off your ass to open the door for ubereats?? I know some cellulite is normal but this much…

No. 1111659

Her wig makes her look like Yolandi Visser at the end wtf

No. 1111665

File: 1608521922584.jpg (113.91 KB, 1000x562, af0337ece4bb3feeb9b84dccdf7ef4…)

She just keeps serving Kim from Kath & Kim vibes

No. 1111666

watching her fumbling with the lights and trying to be “sexy” with the ornaments is fucking sending me. wtf is this and why did she think it was anywhere near sexy?

No. 1111668

Nah it's more her body type I think. Even when she was skinny she had no ass at all. I assume she gains weight mostly in her upper body kek unfortunate really

No. 1111672

I’ve never seen anyone touch themself with less interest…

No. 1111677

File: 1608524312858.jpeg (267.17 KB, 1241x1417, 8952FE5E-F9FD-4CCF-82C0-A81669…)

I thought Shayna’s mom was abusive and toxic kek abusive moms don’t do this

No. 1111678

File: 1608524389546.jpeg (1.7 MB, 3464x3464, F9FE156F-AB59-4C0B-BBDE-E55522…)

No. 1111679

the dollar store drag queen look is not working

No. 1111682

File: 1608524998134.png (1.81 MB, 676x1313, 750E842C-9726-497E-B20E-CC3ED3…)

You can tell she thinks she’s hot shit kek

No. 1111687

why don't you go home so you can have your ornaments without any chance of them breaking?

No. 1111689

Honestly amazed she added music. Theres that certain angle that makes her ass look atrocious and it was jarring seeing her ugly face. If she had edited out or been more aware of the angles and kept her face out of it, it wouldnt have been bad for a free vid. Then again the way she moves and randomly flashes and stuff is also awkward. Idk. I guess I'm just glad to see a vid with little to no dialogue and her not fucking herself or jiggling like a fat retard lol

No. 1111690

No I meant the craters and actual flab, not just its flatness kek

No. 1111691

I'm so fucking confused about this rabbit theme she seems to have.

No. 1111692

File: 1608525809266.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.05 MB, 1125x1710, 0FC5E670-0417-458D-BDD3-51BBB8…)

she’s bigger then we all think

No. 1111693

why did she put that retarded shine sticker on her lips lmao

No. 1111694

Oof that angle makes her bottom half look absolutely massive. Weirdly disproportionate. Looking like an actual ogre kek

No. 1111695

To hide the cracks and dryness of them probably

She looks like a giant. Like really big and tall. She’s not a uwu baby. She makes Erin/Nina look petite in comparison JFC

No. 1111696

Death by snu snu

No. 1111697

File: 1608526212376.jpg (20.18 KB, 600x510, tumblr_m1hfee3Fg81qjm55w.jpg)

We say it every time, but christ lmfao. The trout mouth looks especially bad when she doesn't even have a fucking chin, kek. Looking like Ed from Ed, Edd, n Eddy.

No. 1111700

This was bad, but why is she putting more effort into a free video than any of her custom videos or regular videos for sale……. She doesn’t even do this many angles or change up her “set” for MV

No. 1111709

looks like someone took the annual christmas dinner ham, slapped a satin doily on it and some gag ears then posed it in front of the tree and filtered the living shit out of it.

No. 1111711

Right? She never adds music or changes the lighting in her regular vids. It's always Porky Fattel on her flabby back shoving the same dildo in one of her rancid holes, then finish with the lawnmower sounding wand. The camera always in the same position.
We've said it before, but her content would benefit from her cropping her face out tbh. The parts of the vid with her face in it were the worst parts.

No. 1111713

Oh fuck, I thought the right side of her back was her other arm. I genuinely think she’s at the point of no return. I can’t see her ever losing a single pound. All she has to do is eat under 3,000 calories a day, something that takes an enormous effort and most people can’t even reach without feeling sick, and she spends it doing legitimately nothing but snorting up DoorDash burgers and Frappuccinos like they’re air and staying completely still in her musty ass apartment while making pedo content and defending pedo coomers. Absolutely dreadful. Putting money on deathfat Shay by next year tho kek

No. 1111718

Dont drag me but I don't think these look terrible, it's actually a huge step up from her usual content
But then….then theres this >>1111682 like why
She was so close (as far as the photoset goes)
Did yall notice the music in her video too? That's new. Sounds just like the few recent videos belle made. Shes lowkey trying (and failing) to skinwalk her lately istg

No. 1111721

More like six months! I swear by the time a new Shay thread has been made, she’s put on another 5 lbs or so. And they’ve been moving a little slower by her rate this year, which is still pretty fast considering.

They don’t, but I think it’s because we are so used to her looking like some Appalachian nut living in a shed that any time she puts in a bit of effort, you notice.

No. 1111723

Her trying to do elegant and cute tippy toe stuff with her huge stomping cankles killed me.

No. 1111727

I actually like these. The color palette is nice, she’s started editing her face a bit more and she’s actually wearing clothes that fit. If only she would continue in this direction, but seeing as she is the queen of self-sabotage I don’t think this will become a recurring trend.

No. 1111728

Hi I'm back ♥
How are the Shaytard fans doing? Still kissing her ass?(autism)

No. 1111729

to like anything shayna puts out is sad, i’m sorry

No. 1111731

>I actually like these. The color palette is nice, she’s started editing her face a bit more and she’s actually wearing clothes that fit.

Are you blind anon? That costume was way too small

No. 1111732

KEK that comment sent me anon thank you. She really does have big calves and cankles she’s not even small enough to be on her tippy toes she’s taller and wider than her puny tree. Her arms are almost as big as a normal sized women’s thighs

No. 1111733

she really set the bar this low huh

No. 1111735

why do camwhores always cheap out on their wigs if they supposedly make so much money? buy a lacefront shayna, this shit looks like a helmet

No. 1111736

Snow bunny? Not really Christmas but whatever. I like the color scheme and don’t come for me but I don’t hate the photo on the right. It’s easy on the eyes and she doesn’t look like mtf or a retard. That outfit is way too fucking small tho and it looks painful. She occasionally shits out a photo that isn’t bad but I feel like it’s been a few months.

Woof. And then I see this and this is an image I can smell. She looks like she smells like unwashed ass with her grey skin and dry cake face.

No. 1111739

Sorry for my shit taste guys. I actually have little to no standards, hoping to improve that in the upcoming year.

The belle delphine thing doesn’t seem too far off. Most notably the winking while pretending to lick something. I wonder if “ms. sex workers shouldn’t copy each other” has started taking notes from someone that’s actually successful.

No. 1111750

lmao i appreciate the honesty

No. 1111753

the concept of time is lost on stoners as bad a shay. they think they are progressing but dont realize how slowly they are moving to the rest of the world. 6 months can pass and to someone with weedbrain like hers it can feel like a week. to her it probably feels like she just got her pc the other day. thats why things always sneak up on her. shes not working in real time like the rest of us.

No. 1111756

Dear god, vomited a bit. At this point she’s reaching Moo level of fattness, though shatna can only dream of being able to afford lipo.

No. 1111757

her christmas tree is in her work room? not even her living room? that's sad. just puts her tree next to her sex toys hanging on the wall…

No. 1111759

File: 1608539582550.png (Spoiler Image,1.75 MB, 1996x1080, Screenshot_20201221-032751~2.p…)

not one curve to be seen yet she calls this an "ass"-et ummm

No. 1111769

Why does she think uploading an image that shows off her back rolls and how absolutely massive her thighs and arms are is a good idea? She just ends up looking enormous.

This. You can see how awkwardly it bunches up around her rotund middle and the neck collar breaks the line between her head and neck making her face look like a dinner plate.

No. 1111771

File: 1608542753525.jpeg (190.05 KB, 1103x805, 2E23732E-7126-4686-9CB0-E4A611…)

I wonder what Ari thinks about that nose

No. 1111772


and that arm omg

No. 1111773


her upper arm is three times the size of her wrist wow

No. 1111783

nightmare fuel

No. 1111784

Only if her wrists were visible anymore. How does one let themself go so much? She must have a feeder kink or something considering she doesn’t even seem to mind how unhealthy she has become.

No. 1111786

the poster child for untreated depression
gained 100 pounds in a year, won't go outside, spends all day talking to herself (on twitter), won't bathe, consumes a pound of weed per day, publicly humiliates herself on the regular, won't see her family, only fucks men who tie her up like a honey glazed ham and hit her in the face
if you ever find out your niece or something thinks she wants to do porn, just show her this shit
also, please feel free to remind me of anything I missed

No. 1111802

Her ass is literally a straight vertical line… I will never understand why she won't edit her photos to give herself curves or blur out her boob veins, it's not like she's meeting customers or anyone else ever irl.

No. 1111817

Soooo is she ever going to stream or use the computer for anything? Hasn't it been almost 2 years since she claimed she was going to start streaming? I really think she needs to start a youtube channel and just start doing mukbangs. It's low effort and she can pump out a video every day.
She could easily do nude eating, it's better then what she's doing now, attempting to be sexy.

No. 1111818

her arms look like a skinny girls legs lmao

No. 1111842

Sage but, my only guess is that she's supposed to be a "snow bunny" but, I don't know.

No. 1111863

She's a dead ringer for Miss Piggy in that wig and outfit

No. 1111880

The whole reason she went for the streaming set up and new computer was because her orbiters convinced her that it would be a return on investment from camming/streaming, and she convinced herself of the same thing. Little did they know, somehow, that she's fucking lazy and it's just going to be a $2k dust collector. I wonder if GreyOldMan or whatever is disappointed that princess porky hasn't cammed yet since he's the main one I remember telling her to go for this kek.

No. 1111899

I actually agree these pictures aren't terrible, but the only way she could really redeem herself is would be if she tagged them #BBW cos that's the category she fits into now.

No. 1111904

I could shop Miss Piggy's face onto that but honestly it would be an improvement. I have no idea what the fuck she did to her face to make it look so bad in that image.

No. 1111907

No. 1111914

File: 1608566939503.jpg (438.55 KB, 1079x1061, Screenshot_20201221-100848_Twi…)

Oh please

No. 1111917

it is a lace front, you can see where she cut it. she just has no idea how to lay it and style it so it looks like shit. another waste of money.

No. 1111918

If sex workers weren't so brain dead I'd think she was making fun of her

No. 1111924

It's starting to feel like she's actually retarded, just the way she moves around in videos and the things she thinks are acceptable aren't normal or right.

No. 1111937

the only thing grande about these photos is her lunch lady arms

No. 1111939

Honestly someone should write her on her OF and tell her she needs to take control of her body and health now. She’s young, her metabolism is likely still on her side and she could be a normal weight within months if she tried hard enough.(encouraging cowtipping)

No. 1111945

>what is cowtipping
Stop suggesting talking to her or her family.

No. 1111959

she's high af anon also lol why is she trying to do belle delphine expressions? the vid is bad,disgusting and weird

No. 1111962

her vag always looks so wrecked, nothing can be done to save it from the hell she’s put it through with all those dry jams. she barely ever uses it but it’s still like the black hole in there lol. that heavy breathing is singularly unappealing too. very piglike/barnyard animal sound—more like fat girl exertion than sexy

No. 1111964

Not suggesting we contact her/ her family but I’ve seen her be called out a fuck ton on tumblr by randos so is it really cowtipping to tell her to get her shit together just because we’ve seen these threads/website?

No. 1111969

Yes it is, kek. Just don't do it, it's cringe and embarrassing. She reads here, if she wanted to change, she would. People on Tumblr have called her out from being in/exposed to communities they're in with her, not from the outside. Cowtipping is against the rules and leads to spoiled milk, it's not a hard concept to follow.

No. 1111970

yeah I’m sure a concerned message from a weird stranger will totally set her straight. Just leave her alone.

No. 1111971

yes, retard. she reads here anyway.

No. 1111972

File: 1608573070447.jpeg (Spoiler Image,115.54 KB, 676x990, 67F3BBDC-AB71-4DD0-85DA-3401CD…)

That face

No. 1111974

File: 1608573101975.jpeg (118.27 KB, 676x985, 01BB04FA-61EB-48C3-9D45-DF97B0…)

No. 1111975

yes interacting with cows at all is cowtipping iirc. after all we're here to laugh at shay being a trainwreck, not to life coach her

No. 1111976

Why would you want her to leave and get her “shit” together??? Shayna deserves this life. She’s a horrible person. Wtf is up with all the white knights that are feeling bad for Shaytard

No. 1111977

uh, is it just the filter or have the boils made a return?

No. 1111978

What face? All I can see is a camel's filthy hoof

No. 1111980

must be the anons from the “women i’m ashamed to say i’d fuck” thread on /ot/

No. 1111981

srsly can we just stop about who her supposed ‘orbiters’ are? lol orbiters, it’s farmers telling her to waste her money on shit and it has been forever because shayna is basically chris-chan levels of durrrr wat do? the level of ‘teehee, it’s not US doing it’ is pretty ott and pull tier frankly

No. 1111982

saged but heh more like belle is unknowingly doing and saying things parallel to shay, if you look at her thread, she is also terrible at being sexy doing "porn" and pretends that she gets off on the "degrading" comments her coomer simps are disappointed in her lol. i hope belle gets fat too.

No. 1111983

It's an unfortunate light reflection kek, you can see the spots continue on the floor.

No. 1111985

she has actual orbiters that send her money on a daily basis if you look in her discord tho

No. 1111987

because they actually don't make very much more money than prettier girls who work minimum wage kek. the "making porn makes you money" thing is a total scam. look how much the porn businesses make off of these girls, wayy more than they get paid themselves lol

No. 1111989

This is one of the best photos she’s put out in months, and it’s not good.

No. 1111990

Has she edited her left thigh to be less fat and then forgot to edit her right thigh?

No. 1111993

> the only thing grande about these photos is her lunch lady arms
Kek underrated comment

No. 1111998

the vid says christmas but that face is halloween

shayna don’t you ever touch blessed charlie brown christmas vince guaraldi trio for your disgusting trashporn ever again

No. 1112004

why her head looks so tiny like momokun pics? are they using the same chinese app or what

No. 1112006

lets not fool ourselves into thinking bellend is successful kek all her fans hate her right now because she can't even give head right to her OWN bf

No. 1112008

Belle is a crusty bitch under all those snow filters but she is still more attractive than Shayna. But they both got crusty feet and don’t know how to shake their ass

No. 1112010

She literally has orbiters like Jason Womack, fat toilet dude, and GreyHair, who I distinctly remember being one of the people suggesting the computer rig as a ROI, though kek. Her only interactions are not farmers, and any farmers who do interact with her (outside of OF and Discord anons ty for milk) are cringy cowtippers.

No. 1112011

somehow, shayna is even worse at giving head than belle is

No. 1112012

File: 1608574809864.jpeg (573.58 KB, 1242x1512, 85EA3AB4-2A14-4AA9-B576-048046…)

No. 1112021

Way to alienate a majority of your potential customers Shay, most people have personal twitters where their friends or coworkers follow them and don't need them knowing about the fugly girls they like to jack it to. Can't she just be happy someone added her?

No. 1112022

Why does she even care about this? Who cares.

No. 1112024

File: 1608575430331.gif (Spoiler Image,9.13 MB, 360x640, B22A9BDC-BB24-4E41-9490-9F8420…)

She looks like a sissy dad

No. 1112027

Maybe it hits too close to home since her own on and off again manlet fuck buddy Kyle Nathan Perkins is also afraid to acknowledge her publicly.

No. 1112031

why you so obsessed with trannies anon? every single thread, seriously

No. 1112032

File: 1608575776085.jpeg (563.42 KB, 1080x2179, 4287BC49-548F-4E38-BB96-F19DDA…)

Are you done sperging

No. 1112043

This is what I meant by the free vid being decent by Shay standards (aside from the face and some unfortunate asd shots). She wasnt jumping and jiggling around like a fat retard. It's when she starts trying to hard with her body, that it loses all sexiness. When she was just hanging the ornaments up candidly, it was passable. Combined with the lighting and overlaying the music. If she put effort into the production quality (lighting, sound, angles, being less scripted and stiff) and didnt have her face in frame, do minimal dialogue, her content would improve imo. She still hasnt learned her angles really though and refuses to do more than one take. It's a lot to ask from a retarded, lazy stoner though, so itll never happen.

No. 1112053

This reminds me of Chris-chan dancing naked in his bedroom.

As people get fatter they appear more androgynous that combined with Shayna's obsession with tacky pink clothing and her severe lack of personal hygiene make her resemble a tranny. Also info for newfags: Shay named herself Dolly Mattel after seeing Trixie Mattel on television.

No. 1112057

shay said a long time ago she hates BJs, and i really think belle doesn't like them either lol. it's always these "omg im such a whoreee!!~~ i luv makin pr0nn~" bitches that dont actually know how to fuck or even enjoy it. says a lot about why it doesnt make sense to sell your intimacy, even online. nobody likes their job, even "porn stars". cant imagine turning intimacy into sport or a job.

No. 1112063

How is it even possible for a 23-year-old vulva to look like a furry oven mitt? What in the name of God is bimbo or baby about this?

No. 1112070

she has the sex appeal of a ham sandwich

No. 1112072

I respect that you said something about her face instead of the more obvious tragedy here

No. 1112075

The way she bites her crusty lips is so cringe. Why does she keep doing these videos dancing like a toddler?
Then she's showing off her flat ass, so it makes it even more funny when she arches her back to create ass.

No. 1112082

File: 1608579445051.jpeg (Spoiler Image,356.69 KB, 2048x2048, 6A8EEA8E-E9A0-4025-9EB5-EDD730…)


No. 1112087

Reee permaban these shadow stans and unintegrated newfags now !!

No. 1112088

File: 1608579857225.jpeg (635.94 KB, 1242x1523, 3D6CE26D-BD13-4D11-8C76-65AE74…)

Shayna must be broke broke

No. 1112091

File: 1608579928811.jpeg (910.01 KB, 1242x1605, 1F66D994-F2D9-410D-BD44-D831E5…)

At least Fatty is self aware

No. 1112094

File: 1608580126511.jpeg (231.68 KB, 1242x2208, F1059424-7E38-4550-8379-8A47B9…)

She’s going to look like the thread pic if she keeps eating take out kek

No. 1112107

Genuinely shocked she's put out a photo that doesn't look terrible, like she looks like she actually tried to make the photo look visually appealing.

No. 1112108

This is WITH a Snapchat filter on her…..oh my god.

No. 1112119

woah you're right, i feel like the smart business move there would be to be like to respond positively… but thats how you get creeps and

>>1112057 is right, what is shay going to do once she ages out of the career? are there 30-40yo camgirls???

No. 1112120

File: 1608582372319.jpg (277.46 KB, 1078x1177, Screenshot_20201221-132515_Chr…)

No. 1112124

Oh no, I feel mildly sorry for her kek

No. 1112127

The thing is if Shayna could go visit all she'd do is bitch about her mom and I'm sure someone would make a comment on all the weight she's gained.

No. 1112129

Just realized she’s going to be completely alone on Christmas. How depressing…

No. 1112140

File: 1608584192125.jpeg (140.13 KB, 1024x512, 21F8FEF0-D72F-4F87-8DAF-2DEEF8…)

the last 20 threads in a nutshell

No. 1112149

This is perfect, thank you anon

No. 1112150

That was probably the most exercise she's had in weeks

No. 1112176

And she's gonna have a massive meltdown because HOW ABSOLUTE DARE fupa spend time with his kids on Christmas day!!1!! Just like how she did on Thanksgiving.

No. 1112183


This is the best Instagram vs reality ever. Also love how her head is smaller than her thighs bc of the Snapchat filter.

Can’t wait for suicide bait on Christmas because she misses her “shitty, toxic, abooosive” mom so much. The gift that truly keeps on giving.

No. 1112186

I really wonder if Shayna thinks she'll ever meet his kids or anyone important to him. She met his friends and then embarrassed the fuck out of him, in fact I think Fupa's embarrassed of her and blames her for everything that happened, even though his dumb ass played part in this.
She's really wasting her time with him, he's using her and she's using him.

No. 1112189

File: 1608587685978.jpg (12.01 KB, 147x300, ndnd.jpg)

why does her face look so strained? It's like she's trying to get a poop out or when you tell a toddler to smile.

No. 1112248

IIRC an anon contacted Fupa's ex and informed her of what Shayna was. Fupa told told his ex that she was a graphic designer. I think his ex then kept the children away him until he distanced himself from Shayna. It was in the early threads.

No. 1112250

omg the music or whatever that is sounds like wet bubbly farts

No. 1112260

Kek glad I'm not the only one who thought it sounded like she was ripping ass throughout the vid.

No. 1112270

That's correct anon. She was in the dark about everything and was extremely disturbed by what she saw on both of their tumblrs

No. 1112286

the first time you hear it is in the beginning of the vid when she first spreads her cheeks and shows her dirty asshole and i legit thought it was a wet fart

also her asshole looks like it's permanently open now which i don't think is normal

No. 1112290

I thought she had a plug in at first…yikes, it’s just a black hole now

No. 1112295

i am genuinely shocked she didn't shove any of the ornaments up her ass

No. 1112298

File: 1608597196420.jpeg (Spoiler Image,99.5 KB, 750x619, 3830A2C9-0139-456F-A2CE-FEB5B7…)

she should link up with momokun. they both have the same weird tiny square ass.

No. 1112299

christ i thought this was the twin towers blowing up

No. 1112316

lmao underrated comment

No. 1112318

oh god now you gave her an idea

No. 1112325

i’m absolutely cackling

No. 1112341

File: 1608600236741.jpg (186 KB, 1079x765, Screenshot_20201221-192335_Twi…)

Nice Shay

No. 1112344

lol keepin it classy

No. 1112354

fursuit saga when

No. 1112362

if it was going to happen it would have already when she was with dogfucker dawn

No. 1112379

Technically Dawn was commissioning her a fursona and she has the ears from it.

No. 1112390

Why does her ass look like she’s constantly clenching it as hard as she can? So goddamn unfortunate. Even when she’s standing and relaxed, it looks like she’s clenching for dear life, about to shit herself KEK

No. 1112458

sage for silly thought but the snowflakes falling here reminded me of that heart Snapchat filter Shayna likes to use that makes it look like she has dandruff (e.g. >>>/snow/1073372 )

No. 1112468

Reading the old threads because the milk has been dry lately, and she's always posted literal incest

No. 1112475

wow she actually used to have less depressing prices, $9.99 for a single video and now she lets scrotes access an entire gallery for not even a third of that. thriving!

No. 1112522

This has already been said before, many times. She's so unoriginal

No. 1112583

Oh my fuck anon I laughed so hard it hurt, bless you

No. 1112607

Makes you wonder how much lower she is going to drop her prices before she just gives up entirely.

No. 1112623

File: 1608657109244.jpg (464.83 KB, 1079x1314, Screenshot_20201222-111053_Twi…)

These are going to look so tacky

No. 1112625

File: 1608657194842.jpg (521.48 KB, 1079x1322, Screenshot_20201222-111130_Twi…)

No. 1112635

Ew this shape is terrible. It reminds me when latex balloons lose their air and you’re left with this weird oblong remnant.

No. 1112636

File: 1608658202169.jpeg (Spoiler Image,600.86 KB, 1535x2048, 85B714A7-5436-489C-80BA-3FC55C…)

those little rodent teeth

No. 1112639

How could she be using social media for her “business” for like 5 years and still not understand the guys trynna jack it to her clown porn don’t want to see the Christmas card from her dad

No. 1112640

bitch please just go home and get a taco bell job, this is so fucking sad

No. 1112642

They’re literally just coffin shape acrylics anon, lots of people pick that style, such a moronic nitpick

No. 1112643

File: 1608658416505.jpeg (709.46 KB, 1536x2048, A98F6042-C348-458E-B63B-5FD8B7…)

I will never understand why she doesn’t crop her face out of it nobody wants to see her turkey neck

No. 1112647

her teeth are so weird. her two front teeth are like beaver teeth and all the rest are tiny and ground down.

No. 1112651

am I seeing things or did she edit herself to be more thin? I barely recognized her on the front page

No. 1112652

honestly I assumed these were old, she does look significantly thinner

No. 1112654

I’m honestly surprised she didn’t participate in that trend of people filing down their teeth with nail files

No. 1112658

Yeah her hair looks kind of faded purplish here (though it’s hard to tell tbh) and her tits aren’t as lopsided. She either figured out how to use body filters or it’s old.

No. 1112662

She was leading the movement, as usual people saw her being a fashionista trend-setter and started filing their own teeth to match.

No. 1112666

she probably edited, you can see the blurring around her gut in >>1112636 also she is wearing stretchy black pants which are going to help a lot, like farmers have been saying forever

No. 1112672

i don't hate these pictures, has she finally got clothes that fit and don't get her extra rolls? i'm proud but for how long

No. 1112673

Yeah this. She managed to get the right combo of angles, leggings, and editing to not look gigantic finally. Her tits dont always look incredibly lopsided, that also depends on the angle.

Anons thinking she dropped 30lbs in a day or something kek.

No. 1112677

Kek she’s still fat as hell but those pictures are more flattering but of course she had to ruin it with her British teeth

No. 1112679

this is marketed as a children's card, so it's befitting of shayna's mental capacity.
i know because i've bought this exact card for a six year old, and i plucked it straight from the children's section of cards.

No. 1112686

File: 1608662273116.png (1.91 MB, 2410x956, Bildschirmfoto 2020-12-22 um 1…)

that editing though

No. 1112687

or they do because she literally markets herself to pedophiles by addressing the viewer of 3/4 of her videos with "daddy"

No. 1112688

You can tell she tried to blur her double skin into her neck so you can’t tell how obese she is
We can still see your double chin turkey neck shay

No. 1112692

definitely shooped out her multiple chins lol

No. 1112693

>leggings so tight you can count the thread count because of how sheer they've become encapsulating her girth
>poorly shooped yet still clearly visible double chin
>sHe LoOks ThiNnEr!!
the bar for Shayna is so low

No. 1112694

shay you know damn well that you don't have any lips

No. 1112698

glad i’m not the only one thinking this

No. 1112701

File: 1608663646526.jpeg (995.01 KB, 1242x1515, 7C352912-2CAE-48D3-83A0-88DACA…)

What do you mean anon? Shayna has the most luscious plump lips and she has a permanent chocolate stain that makes them look even more full.

No. 1112706

File: 1608664498807.jpeg (Spoiler Image,357.38 KB, 2048x1152, 5ED75292-87BA-4AEB-94AF-28DA9A…)

No. 1112709

This is pretty flattering tbh

No. 1112712

best picture she took all year.To bad she doesn't look like this. Does shayna really think her ass is her most flattering feature now?
She really thinks she has a fat ass.

No. 1112713

File: 1608665041285.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.17 MB, 3464x3464, 6D45F208-A205-4386-A168-3093EC…)

She can’t edit reality kek

Cottage cheese pig

No. 1112728

yeah anyone can look flattering with enough facetune

No. 1112770



Sorry - I’ll get my coat…

No. 1112771

File: 1608670976537.jpg (23.4 KB, 450x500, g4K1jT.jpg)

No. 1112776

Tragic that pepe the frog has a better ass than Shatna

No. 1112832

Ngl this is a good pic, very flattering. Probably the best i've seen of her since i've followed this thread

No. 1112839

most of her body is covered kek

No. 1112842

File: 1608676910290.png (130.93 KB, 1766x366, Bildschirmfoto 2020-12-22 um 2…)


can't even get a divorced, balding, fat, unsuccessful man to want her.

No. 1112843

File: 1608676940752.jpg (97.94 KB, 1057x401, 20201222_154147.jpg)

At least shes aware shes useless

No. 1112847

Lemme add this was the first tweet she posted before she deleted it for

No. 1112848

the fact that she has to make multiple drafts of the same unfunny, unappealing comments is kind of sad

No. 1112854

I can swear the first tweet she wrote said, "Instead i'm cute" and that was it. The tweet isnt going viral Shayna.

No. 1112855

I forgot to add that it just said, "instead i'm cute" with nothing else.

No. 1112856

File: 1608677432507.png (7.91 MB, 1242x2208, C9087119-24CE-4486-B496-704617…)

Kek delusional

No. 1112859

Is she really too retarded to realize she could save drafts of the tweets rather than sending them all and dirty deleting??

No. 1112860

Will this dumbass ever get it through her head that no one feels like cooking and cleaning all the time but sometimes you need to put in effort and do things you don't feel like doing to get results? Being useless as an adult, even a mentally ill one, is not cute.

No. 1112861

File: 1608677833190.jpg (21.58 KB, 360x450, yztzacc4w8351.jpg)

No. 1112871

Shayna became a whole new cow since she turned into a fatass, I don’t know how to explain it but it’s crazy how she’s turning out. Just an unemployable unattractive fatty now with no social life.

No. 1112872

That made me chortle out loud thank you anon. Sage for stupid

No. 1112886

Honestly, faceless shit suits her so well. She should rebrand, work out and just stay be a faceless porn account. Kills so many birds with one stone. She could lose some fucking weight, she could start over/get away from her currently sunken ship brand, and honestly, she can milk that uwu pink aesthetic shit all she wanted because her 'attention to detail' would take away from the monstrosity of her face.

Sage for literal dumbassedry but sometimes I wish she had two brain cells to rub together and at least TRY something completely different instead of complaining on Twitter every five seconds.

No. 1112891

Shayna and pixie should just be faceless because they both have hideous faces that don’t match the uwu image they try so hard to spew out. Like @pupgirlfriend on Instagram she is butterface as well and ruined her whole shtick showing her face

No. 1112913

that whole idea is fine except for her wonky tits and pussy woes

No. 1112919

File: 1608681804904.png (210.22 KB, 750x1334, 52B41276-F303-4B0D-B8D9-F4A578…)

fupa must’ve come over to the dingy porn dungeon for a conjugal visit

No. 1112921

File: 1608682068243.jpeg (405.03 KB, 1242x1199, 325B8506-39AE-45F1-A483-3E66C6…)


No. 1112928

I hope they vote for the box one

No. 1112929

>which video should I do that I’ll beg money for to buy the outfit and then never do it.
Fixed it for you, shay.

No. 1112936

File: 1608683109136.jpeg (218.31 KB, 1242x1212, 7F9764C6-3B3D-4AFC-B872-35CECA…)

No. 1112937

14k followers and only 42 votes

No. 1112938

File: 1608683193999.jpeg (450.43 KB, 1223x1102, 15DEA3EC-7D60-4FE2-946D-08B721…)

Is she lesbian baiting

No. 1112943

she's trying to dip her toe into LGBTQ+ woke pandering so that she can get attention, it is pretty smart. Pandering to troons can bring in some money.
I imagine she'll start saying shit like, "Cis" soon. Everything she does is for attention.

No. 1112953

>in b4 Shaytard puts her pronouns in her bio

No. 1112954

>inb4 inb4 her pronouns are She/They

No. 1112958

"Girl dick is so much better than boy dick, it's pink and sparkly" is coming soon.

No. 1112963

Sometimes I wish admin would just ban “advice” to cows. What is the purpose? It’s not fun to read, clogs the thread, cows don’t listen and it’s always the same shit over and over and over again…. and it’s just plain annoying. Just accept the girls a mess, does not want help or shitty advice, and laugh at her antics with the rest of us. I’m sorry I’m just so tired of reading advice threads that seemingly never end.

No. 1112964

>inb4 her pronouns her she/bimbo

No. 1112967

I second this

No. 1112980

She has to “imagine” getting fucked by a big dick and pouting about it because we all know Fupa’s chode isn’t even touching the sides

No. 1112981

KEK, spat my drink out. Thats too funny

No. 1112996

Bitch looks more like Alf than an elf

No. 1112999

File: 1608689693459.jpeg (92.63 KB, 1080x1080, 52511259-267A-454A-A4AE-181A68…)

I snorted anon she really does

No. 1113002

File: 1608689777463.jpeg (74.96 KB, 1313x676, 699D984B-C945-46E9-AF10-613F1F…)

I’m getting dumdolly flashbacks

No. 1113003

File: 1608689824917.jpeg (86.08 KB, 1313x676, F64E05EA-1655-4E11-99BF-FD41AA…)

No. 1113004

did she put on that outfit again just to take a picture of her ugly nails?

No. 1113008

ugh i really forgot how much the long nails add to the trailer trash of it all

No. 1113037

File: 1608693132007.jpeg (351.66 KB, 1536x2048, E0B7C67F-97AD-4D71-B8E1-F5048D…)

No. 1113038

File: 1608693175986.jpeg (463.75 KB, 1534x2048, D0AC83A9-FD4A-4FBB-BEB9-C53B2B…)

Alf in a box

No. 1113039

Quick, someone throw it all in the garbage!

No. 1113041

File: 1608693271632.jpeg (154.33 KB, 1242x951, 6B70B68C-A46E-4860-AC16-551E99…)

Maybe because all you wear irl are second hand frumpy uggs

No. 1113043

She looks like she belongs in an illustrated copy of Wind in the Willows.

This is going to be more like a Christmas ham cosplay than bimbo in a box.

No. 1113047

no she’s just trying to go viral in the nsfw twitter community kek

No. 1113049

Those press-ons make her look like she has Jim Carrey's Grinch hands

No. 1113053

The last time she had fake nails didn't she keep ripping her vulva open while fingering herself on cam or am I misremembering that?

No. 1113069

Major auntie methany/chicken feet vibes here.

Also love how people always suggest blush and bronzer to her but that somehow translated to eyeshadow and faux freckles a la pnp in her fried brain

No. 1113092

I wonder where she managed to find a box to fit her ginormous self in kek

No. 1113099

File: 1608697270047.jpg (258.48 KB, 1080x1223, Screenshot_20201222-222038_Twi…)

Her heart explodes over $40

No. 1113101

File: 1608697294550.jpeg (353.13 KB, 1242x1029, 126598CE-6784-41C6-AAF5-29927F…)

You’re still ugly and always will be though oof

No. 1113105

This sounds like greyoldman
He’s probably bored at the retirement home for retards

No. 1113107

yeah and you'd feel even more confident if you exercised for an hour every day and cut back on the cheemsburgers

No. 1113111

Kek the fucking cankles

No. 1113132

Hold on hold on hold on…

Did she really shave a chunk of her legs off to make them look skinnier? Also looks like she shooped her ankles. Or am I seeing things? she’s getting creative, I see…

No. 1113150

40 fucking dollars just for dinner for one person. jesus fatass

No. 1113159

Yeah that’s definitely a two person take out price. so she’s either spending a lot (like “fancy” places) or she’s ordering a lot. Either way I wish she would hurry up and do the feeder porn/mukbang shit we all know she is going to do. Do you think that will finally get her in PT?! kek

No. 1113161

Still better than her bitten nubs.

No. 1113171

she'll get into /pt/ when she inevitably starts a youtube channel and becomes a dollar store trisha paytas

No. 1113178

File: 1608704977540.png (87.07 KB, 650x238, shay_pig.png)

No. 1113203

She gives off major toothless hooker vibes, the kind who get excited because someone got them a happy meal and some cigs, and yet in her head she thinks she’s some based courtesan dripping in rubies.

No. 1113213

Remember, she orders on ubereats and shit. There's delivery fee, taxes, tip, etc. A $25 meal become 40 real quick. She's so fucking stupid ordering food, it's such a waste of money.

No. 1113224

Do you know what she just reminded me of? Meg Griffin. Can't wait to see her peter/meg incest porn y'know cuz she lurks.

No. 1113269

Remember when she sort of cared about her appearance and would have a fucking panic attack if her nails/lashes weren't done? Like that shoot where she started crying because one of her eyelashes was loose.

No. 1113298

This is so aesthetically unappealing. I don't know what I was expecting from "bimbo in a box," but it's… literally just an ugly brown box. Not a cute Christmas box, not a present, no theme, nothing creative. She looks like she fell into >>1113038. Like I knew it'd be bad, but with her, it's ALWAYS worse than I think it'll be kek.

No. 1113350

File: 1608738707545.jpg (573.54 KB, 1079x1845, Screenshot_20201223-095124_Twi…)

Kek, cause they're extremely photoshopped

No. 1113359

tbh she'd make a lot more money that way

there's more people out there who want to laugh at shay than want to watch her fuck herself

No. 1113363

Sooo who is this for? Other sex workers? What are her customers (men) supposed to do with this? She really thinks it's Tumblr, and she focuses more on attempting to making "uwu cute" idea then making actual porn. I just cannot imagine being a scrote and having all this free porn with better looking girls, and buying Shayna's identical shit, it really confuses me.

No. 1113381

File: 1608741680395.jpeg (256.88 KB, 1242x462, 645B4F39-DD5E-4C43-837F-4D3169…)

No. 1113394

Shayna gets on camera with dry ass lips, red hot boils on her ass/pussy, wigs to her eyebrows and she has the NERVE to criticize other people? She can't even keep herself well groomed & attractive.

No. 1113402

Shayna, I don't say this with love, but if you would just like wash and style your hair, buy clothing/lingerie that fits you, and learned how add color to your complexion, your appearance would be 63% better.

No. 1113404

um this bitch has never cleaned anything in her life

No. 1113406

File: 1608743219772.jpeg (228.92 KB, 1242x380, 20C1DACD-A179-4670-98D6-733B0E…)

so wild

No. 1113407

and does she think men care? I mean look at some of her worst content. Men brought her shit when it looked like she has genital herpes.
They don't give a fuck if a pretty girl is naked and has a filthy background.

No. 1113412

She’s gonna be high and mighty about this with the amount of filthy stains, beat up ass furniture and horrible clutter she’s shown? It’s not like she “just cleans up her floor”, she never shows it and films on a stained ratty couch and when she has shown it, it’s been fucking disgusting. Worry less about how much cleaner other people’s houses are and more on your grease dripping hair, rat teeth, triple chin and barrel gut.

No. 1113418

File: 1608744593519.jpeg (1.55 MB, 3464x3464, 8F4363FF-AB63-4C81-B7DC-7F5CAC…)

Kek coming from a bitch who doesn’t shower and has pork sweat furniture

No. 1113424

she's been putting out even more of these blatantly fake/exaggerated stories lately kek

No. 1113443

holyshit the crusty dildo im baffled

No. 1113454

Ahh why didn't you spoiler this, that dildo is fucking gross.

No. 1113455

the audacity

No. 1113460

Actually revolting

No. 1113470

File: 1608750353707.png (6.16 MB, 1242x2688, A44A2B58-3A67-4114-822F-133175…)

lol i remember I have proof she owns a vacuum But this was a year ago.

No. 1113471

File: 1608750402552.png (7.08 MB, 1242x2688, 892F1EC9-B13B-4ED5-9E3D-E046BA…)

Obviously she doesn't use it of course

No. 1113475

damn I forgot how dirty her house was, the nerve of her.

No. 1113477

File: 1608750951594.jpg (621.96 KB, 1079x1605, Screenshot_20201223-131531_Twi…)

No. 1113487

i wish he’d fill it with some blistex

No. 1113488

sorry but this is so funny the vacuum is so far out of sight

No. 1113506

File: 1608753067307.jpg (247.95 KB, 1079x983, Screenshot_20201223-135024_Twi…)

No Shay, all your videos are like that

No. 1113509

Kek you’re hilarious anon ily

No. 1113529

File: 1608754046984.jpeg (1.35 MB, 3464x3464, 8C14A28E-DC7C-4D87-BD06-2828BE…)

She shooped her lunch lady arms kek she must be really insecure

No. 1113576

File: 1608756166079.png (437.16 KB, 586x550, Bildschirmfoto 2020-12-23 um 2…)


No. 1113577

File: 1608756266306.jpeg (Spoiler Image,283.36 KB, 598x598, D8D8B4C9-BAE2-4A99-800A-6B9FA4…)

Bimbo in a box can’t even suck dick kek

No. 1113580

peak trailer trash oh my lord

No. 1113581

File: 1608756489418.jpeg (999.4 KB, 3464x3464, 0E9445B4-9AAC-4069-A284-68B15B…)

This looks like a shitty class project where you just turn it whatever the hell you filmed because you just want to get it over with

No. 1113593

File: 1608757012680.gif (1015.18 KB, 640x640, A79CA899-F260-4414-8AA0-3F1115…)

Did she forget to edit this out kek

No. 1113633

File: 1608758418415.jpg (296.05 KB, 1079x1414, Screenshot_20201223-161936_Twi…)

It appears that she did it on purpose… yikes

No. 1113656

File: 1608760177228.png (469.13 KB, 598x598, BURG.png)

No. 1113657

See? She should just market herself as parody porn. I don’t understand brain-dead Shay.

No. 1113661

She should and imagine how milky that'll be? She's start bigging up herself for how "Funny" she is and spazzing out and accusing other girls of copying her.

No. 1113671

she basically already does this

No. 1113689

File: 1608762293596.jpeg (351.99 KB, 1242x1115, 4BF6FDF7-B823-47BA-A9A3-79A4F7…)

No. 1113693

sitting on your chunky ass tweeting all day must be exhausting

No. 1113694

And the fupa-spending-time-with-his-family-on-the-holidays meltdown begins.

No. 1113702

KEK i just noticed her foundation oxidize like shit and she doesn't use concealer for her raccoon undereyes what a fail bimbo and why she bought that cherry eyeshadow palette? ah yeah to collect dust what a wasteful uglybitch.Sage for dumbnitpick

No. 1113715

Please incorporate this into the next thread pic

No. 1113717

Why does she always look like she's eating the dildo? I can't imagine how teethy her blowjobs are.

No. 1113762

Speaking of, this bitch could have used that UD palette she got recently for this look >>1113581
but chose to still have dry-ass, boring eye makeup. Never change. Must be soOo exhausting slathering a paint roller of foundation on and just sticking some eyelashes on top.

No. 1113809

Bold coming from someone who looks like they've never used a vacuum in their life. It's easy to have a "clean corner" when you barely own anything or when you shoot all your content on a stained couch you cover with a musty blanket. Like who is she tryna vague post about?

No. 1113876

Anyone who is making more sales than her.

No. 1113904

Yet if another sex worker told her this exact statement, she would have a temper tantrum, and then run to Twitter to cry about how shes so bullied.

No. 1114015

File: 1608798082745.jpeg (210.66 KB, 1242x2208, 46BD3D6E-418C-45E7-8F24-D8ACEC…)


>in b4 $1 total for 30 days sale

No. 1114019

No. 1114044

i'm kind of shocked that someone hasn't clapped back at her yet whenever she posts tweets seething about other sex workers. you'd think it would have happened by now but shay's so irrelevant that people don't even want to make callout posts about her

No. 1114117

Oh god she really is going to try to raise her OF price. It's just to compensate for he declining sub numbers. I hope these retarded orbiters and coomers take a new years resolution to limit their porn intake and she loses tons in January kek. Not sure how she thinks she can charge 5 bucks when she cant keep steady subs at 3. Idk if shes been keeping up on her 3 cumshows a week, daily dm nudes, and all the other shit she says you get, but if you charge more, people will expect more or at least follow through on that.

No. 1114188

$3 is the cheapest you can go, I'm sure that's the only reason she hasn't lowered it further

No. 1114208

Oh god, that information only makes this funnier. So the only whores cheaper than her are the ones offering nudeless free onlyfans? And here I was assuming that she was reserving going down to $2 and $1 for when shit got really grim.

No. 1114209

File: 1608833509672.jpeg (258.42 KB, 1242x455, E55E130C-181B-4C76-B2C1-58ACB7…)

No. 1114214

Well can you imagine being a prettier more successful sw and clapping back at this goblin? I don’t think it would a good look lol. Let this talentless ugly hack seethe in her crack house.

No. 1114223

File: 1608834720139.jpeg (404.31 KB, 1242x881, BF221A7A-6A06-497E-B900-DDFB93…)

She doesn’t even give noodle a walk

No. 1114227

How often do you think noodle shits in the house and the litter box get cleaned?

No. 1114236

File: 1608835543375.png (Spoiler Image,1.96 MB, 1440x3040, Screenshot_20201224-134334.png)

the wet butthole look when you're known to not use lube is so grimy. it looks like she's shat herself

No. 1114237

Probably explains why it looks green….

No. 1114239

Is that the only outfit she could afford this month? Jfc

No. 1114246

i don't get why she tries to school others on how to improve content by paying attention to small details when she's the one smoothing her nails into her ass

No. 1114249

Makes me die that a bus ticket costs more than all of shay’s nudes & videos

No. 1114277

What evidence do we even have that she never walks noodle. I mean I wouldn’t be at all surprised but This is the sort of nitpick reaching that makes this sites posters look bad.

No. 1114301

File: 1608840813056.jpg (405.71 KB, 1080x2179, Screenshot_20201224-141300_Twi…)

No. 1114308

Mainly because she broadcasts every damn time she breathes. Whenever she takes Noodle to the park, we get a series of tweets about it, but I can't even remember the last time she went.

No. 1114318

She is really going to spend this christmas alone lmaoooo ordering the same disgusting sad greasy food this is so funny

No. 1114319

File: 1608842674369.jpg (486.99 KB, 1080x1975, Screenshot_20201224-144403_Twi…)

It's because they're lazy. Like you

No. 1114346

How about a salad? Or some fruit? Even a burger with extra lettuce and tomato?

No. 1114356

Fuck that’s so depressing. Just sitting alone in her grimy hovel eating Walmart canned Alfredo sauce, scrolling Twitter endlessly, no one is answering her texts. Even hobo crackheads at a soup kitchen on Christmas’ Eve are having a less lonely and bleak time.

No. 1114357

Sage for autistic pet nitpick but last time she posted noodle it looked like noodle didn't have flea collar on. can you guys imagine shay sitting in a flea infested apartment because noodle bought home fleas from one their rare trips to the dog park.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1114359


how does someone with so much time on their hands have absolutely no ideas for content. like she could just livestream herself trying to cook a turkey with her tits out and this would be less depressing then bragging about what you’re going to doordash….. like so many people are gonna be alone this christmas due to covid and she isnt even doing her fucking job and making the best of it when she doesnt have any commitments at all.

No. 1114361

Flea collars are worthless and that's a reach of a nitpick. Pretty sure she just has a pink collar for Noodle that she occasionally wears. But on that note, Shay is definitely one of those people who somehow just lives with fleas and wont make the effort or spend the money to get rid of them.

No. 1114367

File: 1608848303962.jpeg (446.42 KB, 2048x1152, 498EC821-64E4-48E4-9962-557E9D…)

Nitpick but god damn that dog bed Is covered in hair does she even brush noodle yikes

No. 1114368

looks like shayna shed her pubes all over it

No. 1114369

normal people give their dogs preventative pills or a topical treatment kek.

No. 1114383

The tweet said "I just got back from running errands & it appears as tho she wanted the presents now"

So this retard got back from petco and just threw the toys on the ground or coffee table or something and probably went to go dab or gorge or the errand was the liquor store meanwhile Noodle grabbed the shit because shes untrained and unsupervised. Noodle could have choked on the netting or shit they came in or that cheap tennis ball she already destroyed while Shay was either out on a booze run or being a fat retard in another room. Jfc.

No. 1114385

>so many people are gonna be alone this christmas due to covid and she isnt even doing her fucking job and making the best of it when she doesnt have any commitments at all.
Honestly, this should have been the time for all these ethots to make some serious bank. All these lonely coomers with nothing but time on their hands could have been their cash cows, but of course Shay can't think ahead. She was making stupid tweets about people spending their stimulus checks on her, but if she knew how to play her cards, she definitely could have gotten some simps to do just that.

No. 1114386

File: 1608850458076.jpeg (293.45 KB, 1242x1646, D6EA3FA5-986F-43DA-B28E-4F75B1…)

How much of an alcoholic do you have to be to make spiked hot chocolate?

No. 1114387

File: 1608850636278.png (8.37 MB, 1242x2208, 717D6658-0532-45A9-8E4A-A7509B…)

iM nOt pOsTiNg oN sNaPcHaT

No. 1114394

File: 1608851547826.jpeg (366.71 KB, 1242x1101, 51719BEA-BBD1-4227-A15D-C8546E…)

Like clockwork

No. 1114395

I don't understand how she has any costumers at this point. She is so lazy in every way. Its always one excuse or another with her.

No. 1114401

why does it look like that, does she have a disease or something

No. 1114402

No anon, she's just a lumpy retard who doesn't understand lighting and shadows.

No. 1114405

Iirc she already had her period for this month. Shes posted about it every time and its been pretty consistent usually the second week of the month.

Shes really gonna fake a period to get out of filming content shes been saying shes gonna do all month? Like just say you're taking the holiday off or something because at least that's somewhat valid. Someone with all the time in the world gets so little done each week. She exhausted herself spending the last of her money at the liquor store I guess.

No. 1114406

… anon spiked hot chocolate is an extremely common drink. Usually a chocolatey creamy or nutty liqueur mixed in. If anything I associate a dessert mixed drink during the holidays with casual drinkers. She may still be an alcoholic just lol why this example

No. 1114407

Hey "anal qween", you can hide a tampon string and try a different angle while shoving something in your nasty asshole. But the period is a fake excuse anyway most likely. So lazy. Cant wait for her to lose tons more subs next month.

No. 1114415

isn't this supposedly like her 3rd period this month

No. 1114418

File: 1608853079669.jpeg (647.24 KB, 1242x1387, 6B42DC4B-D33A-42E9-9A27-45AC79…)

I think so kek

No. 1114423

File: 1608853370316.jpeg (493.94 KB, 1242x1381, AEFDAFF2-8DFC-42DB-AFF0-61AB0F…)

She’s so annoying. Paris is more successful than Shayna ever will be nobody cares if you don’t like her anymore. Like stop using Twitter for every single thought that goes through your pea sized brain Shaytard

No. 1114424

Really wish this dollar store knock off would stop calling herself a bimbo.

No. 1114426

File: 1608853574791.jpeg (341.47 KB, 806x667, 84A3684D-D8D7-49A3-B1C3-5CAF85…)

She is a bimbo anon. the blueprint. look at these manicured and flawless hands.

No. 1114432

File: 1608854189108.jpeg (433.18 KB, 1242x834, 4E72FD18-1F82-4B56-B0BA-6D396B…)

she must be real lonely without Fupa

No. 1114433

File: 1608854298386.jpg (60.31 KB, 750x495, EescBX6XoAAs-0-[1].jpg)

How fucking dare she call Dolly Parton a bimbo. Being pretty and blonde with naturally big boobs doesn't make her brainless sex doll, Shayna. Do these stupid twitter bitches not understand that to Dolly Parton's generation, being called a 'bimbo' is like being called a dumb slut? I guess that's what they all want to be called anyways so it doesn't bother them. Bleak.

No. 1114438

Get a menstrual cup ffs. Also I doubt coomers want to know or even care.

No. 1114440

File: 1608855148076.jpg (67.19 KB, 375x500, iu15Y2BQV7.jpg)

I don't think Dolly would care. I haven't watched this other than a Youtube clip, but it's a 1982 musical where Dolly is the madam of a brothel

No. 1114441

I forgot how she used to pick her fingers/how her nail tech used to completely destroy her fingers. disgusting. she went to a nail school right? it showed

No. 1114443

Also Dolly has spoken on how her image was inspired by seeing a streetwalker as a child and thinking they were the most beautiful person ever, so she wanted to look like her. I have seen another movie which has Dolly playing her inspo streetwalker and gifting the child lead character some shoes for Christmas or something. She's very pro-sex work and bimbo tropes
Sorry for ot

No. 1114447

NTA but at least she has a talent and pulls off the "look", Shayna looks like shit and is even more untalented.

No. 1114465

>naturally big boobs
Sorry anon, but do you think Dolly Parton's tits are real? That is hilarious

No. 1114466

I was wondering wtf was up with her fingers here? Christ.

Kek you read my mind anon. "Naturally big" Ok…

No. 1114470

You know what’s less embarrassing than faking your third period of the month instead of following your schedule of spreading your big crusty asshole for a few cents? Just not doing these big “OMG LOOK AT MY SCHEDULE!” announcements so you don’t have to take the L of being too fucking lazy do the only useless thing you can do.

No. 1114473

File: 1608858542225.jpg (367.61 KB, 1080x1441, Screenshot_20201224-190842_Twi…)

Oh please

No. 1114474

use a menstrual cup you idiot

No. 1114476

Woman can have naturally big boobs anon. But yes, Dolly Parton has said she has had them done

No. 1114477

i wonder how much shayna had to pay for that girl to write this

No. 1114481

it's not like anyone cares anyway, tbh we are the only people saying anything about her not following up on her promises. I don't even know why she announces it.

No. 1114487


I don’t think she ever heard of a WILD concept called filming content in advance. Anyone who have to put out content on the internet films it weeks if not months ahead of time so you never run out of material and engagement. She’s such a lazy dumb cunt who has no idea how to work it’s mind boggling.

No. 1114496

dolly literally said when she was a little girl she wanted to grow up to be like the town tramp

No. 1114506

Yea anon is exaggerating. Dollys aesthetic is definitely similar to the modern bimbo / Barbie thing. It’s just that her overall quality of character, personality and talent is so above shatna that it feels so uppity for shayna and kinda mean to ms Parton to put them in the same category. They do kinda share a genre. Just not the same league

No. 1114509

File: 1608862131583.jpg (Spoiler Image,20.96 KB, 500x679, tfgfsbbbdfbfdsbfdsbfdsfd[1].jp…)

Fair points and yeah, Dolly Parton absolutely did capitalize on being a big tiddy blonde who loves men, appeared in Playboy, etc. But grouping her in with Paris Hilton and twitter 'bimbos' that just want to be famous for their fake asses and lip filler is insulting to someone who's at least talented and has a personality other than being a dimwitted sex object.
She's had pretty big boobs her entire career. Obviously what she's got going on now, in her 70's, isn't natural but she's never been flat chested. Picrel spoilered for autism

Anways I'll stop derailing over Dolly Parton and her tits. I'm not even a country music fan I just got triggered seeing her being 'claimed' by nasty ass bargain basement Shayna.(derailing)

No. 1114528

>naturally big boobs
are you retarded?

No. 1114539

No. 1114545

I laughed way too hard at this. Somehow it doesn't sound so awkward in the context of Dolly Parton but Hi I'm DoLlY MaTteL just doesn't roll off the tongue

No. 1114576


Lets see

Dolly Parton: net worth 600 million, movie star, triple-platinum recording artist, Grammy winner, enormously celebrated, owns multiple theme parks literally dedicated to her, has never even posed nude, famously perfect body (enhanced or not), owns Marilyn Monroe's former mansion

Dolly Mattell: Sells pussy for 3$, lives in a rancid filthy apartment in Oklahoma, fat blubber whale physique, makes borderline special needs humiliation porn to pay for cheeseburgers and weed

No. 1114596

They’re clearly talking about Dolly Parton, not Shayna. No one in this thread actually refers to Shayna as “dolly”

No. 1114614

File: 1608884025473.jpeg (541.13 KB, 1242x1422, 92EA2217-FE57-4E57-8F44-F43040…)


No. 1114619

>someone who needs it more than I do

No. 1114674

She is really so, so stupid. But she’s prob either high or wasted when she’s typing this shit up, bet she doesn’t even remember.

>Woman can have naturally big boobs anon.


No. 1114705

rofl these men are pathetic. Is Womack still around?

No. 1114715

File: 1608904631327.jpeg (270.82 KB, 1603x979, 3FF5D91A-3852-4855-A105-BBE4A0…)

he went private for a while around the time that fake profile of him was created & he tweeted about it (picrel) & it seems he’s now suspended, but active on that Twitter in the screenshot

ot but merry Christmas farmers, lol

No. 1114723

File: 1608906692426.jpg (Spoiler Image,322.14 KB, 1080x2186, Screenshot_20201225-093000.jpg)

I found the perfect subreddit for Shayna kek.

No. 1114731

The cringe. Get a therapist instead of dumping that shit on a random twitter whores tweet kek.

No. 1114767

I find it funny she retweeted a post form pixie basically saying not to ask for tips on Christmas because some people are heavily being affected by the pandemic and it's the holidays. Here she is begging on Christmas kek funny how pixie will gang up on people who dont agree with her yet shes silent on shay's lardy ass.

No. 1114774

who the fuck is Pixie anyway to make that dumb ass posts? Her and Shayna are just alike, always trying to tell other whores what to do,like someone gives a fuck.
It's been a shitty year in GENERAL, I doubt the couple of bucks they'll throw at Shayna or Bratty will do anything.
Especially shayna, $3 change.

No. 1114778

File: 1608916683763.jpeg (780.91 KB, 1242x1471, DB8BFA97-4091-4101-A9A4-DC9D4C…)

Anon literally posted his tweet he’s active and off private he changed his name to macdaddyglass but we all know his name is Jason R Womack >>1114209

No. 1114801

Actually on OnlyFans the lowest you can charge is $4.99 a month, so she’s charging below the min price they have set in place

No. 1114804

How is she only charging 3$ if 4.99$ is the minimum ? genuine question

No. 1114805

She always has her account/subscription price on sale

No. 1114810

I don’t see why anyone would subscribe since she advertises when she decides not to go through with her “schedule” and makes excuses after excuses

No. 1114835

File: 1608924614587.jpeg (Spoiler Image,369.87 KB, 1535x2048, C9BDF340-5BCE-405B-9F18-BE4562…)

The same photoset from before she’s so lazy

No. 1114836

File: 1608924639014.jpeg (Spoiler Image,373.46 KB, 1535x2048, C832EC56-D17F-4258-A05B-3AE6E7…)

That fish gape mouth is so ugly

No. 1114838

You’d think after being a sexworker for five damn years she’d learn to point her fuckin toes. Jesus.

No. 1114843

I know some women just have more visible veins than others… but WHY would you not shoop that out, it's obvious that the rest of her skin is filtered and blurred. It looks like a fucking zombie bit her tit.

No. 1114844

Looks like she has no teeth and left her dentures on her bedside table kek granny mattel

No. 1114881

File: 1608930357979.jpeg (399.36 KB, 1242x1127, 77489AE0-B48A-4723-B50D-61189F…)

What a loser. This is making me embarrassed for her. Just get off Twitter and don’t expose that you have no friends or family to be with

No. 1114884

File: 1608930967924.jpeg (848.17 KB, 1220x1495, 25C7B968-9EC6-41BA-A1D7-27D21B…)

No. 1114885

I'm so confused on how she spent 150 on her animals when all she got is one shitty stuff champagne bottle, 2 balls, and some cat nip.

No. 1114887

$4.99 is minimum subscription price but you can do sales that go as low as $3

No. 1114902

File: 1608933486312.jpg (254.35 KB, 800x600, bobbyhill.jpg)

No. 1114907

Already ripped off the press on nails?

No. 1114909

File: 1608934327212.jpg (198.18 KB, 1080x853, Screenshot_20201225-161103_Twi…)

But your mom is abusive. Right Shay?

No. 1114910

I wish someone cared enough to point out how Shayna Luther King was just calling her mom racist. Imagine putting your own mom on blast trying to go viral just to do this.

No. 1114916

I didn't realize these were Christmas movie titles at first, I thought these were porn shoots she wanted to do lmao. Shayna we know you lurk pls make my Christmas and do Christmas themed Spongebob porn

No. 1114922

File: 1608936931582.jpeg (409.34 KB, 1280x960, 5D3EC77D-69CC-4EDA-B251-1134A3…)

dumb contribution

No. 1114926

KEK this is gold thanks blessed anon

No. 1114942

Nice to know her cat is still around but I thought lavender was highly toxic to cats? Or is it only lavender essential oil?

No. 1114943

File: 1608939099592.jpeg (270.55 KB, 1242x808, D6340E52-2A87-4F02-8E9F-F197A9…)

Got inspired by you anon
Shayna after she raises her OF prices

No. 1114955

File: 1608939849786.jpg (34.24 KB, 400x264, mole.jpg)

Those nails are truly horrific

No. 1114956

A lot of people aren’t spending Christmas with family because of covid and you damn well know that. Most people I know aren’t spending Christmas at home. Comments like this are what people use to discredit this site. Stop it. You are grasping for straws when there’s plenty of legit complaints you could make about the bitch - but her not going home for Christmas is not one of them.

No. 1114957

Ok, but even when she did go home for the holidays she would complain about her "toxic" and "abusive" mom. So she complains either way

No. 1114959

Literally everything is open over here. Malls, grocery stories, restaurants. And I live in a liberal state. It’s just embarrassing to tweet every single thing you do in a crusty ass apartment. Fupa is too ashamed to bring her to his family holiday get togethers. She could just not post at all.

No. 1114961

I think anon's point was that it's embarrassing that she is sharing that information on her sex work twitter. Shayna doesn't understand that coomers follow her account for free asshole pics and don't care about anything else.

No. 1114977

No contribution but womack cracks me up so much. Imagine being that much of a loser male that you simp over Shayna, absolute embarrassment of a human

No. 1115034

File: 1608952088606.jpg (246.44 KB, 1080x1038, Screenshot_20201225-210713_Twi…)

She posts all this, just waiting for her next "I hate my mom" posts

No. 1115038

File: 1608952645165.jpeg (382.45 KB, 1242x1058, AFB12EAE-1FED-46CC-9DB0-9A0AA3…)

so abusive uwu

No. 1115039

topkek at her dad sending her a coffee maker as a passive aggressive way of telling her to stop spending $100 a week on coffee deliveries. iirc she had a nasty hello kitty novelty coffee machine anyway, maybe that was before her most recent move

No. 1115041

i wouldn't put it pass Shayna to ask for these things in pink TBH

No. 1115082

liking a color is not a personality, blobbo

No. 1115087

I wonder if her mom got the pants and jacket in a true size or a small

No. 1115088

How funny would it be if the first clothes that actually fit her are something her mom bought kek I doubt it will happen though

No. 1115119

I'm wondering if she asked Shayna what size she wears (and Shay I'm sure lied) or if she assumed Shay is the same size she has been and hasnt seen how horrific Shay looks lately kek

No. 1115130

I think this was a farmer tbh. The comment was removed.

No. 1115215

i imagine her parents avoid her internet presence like the plague so they probably have no idea about her looking like a hippo. watch her try to portray her mother as aboosive again when nothing she got her as a gift fits her

No. 1115248

I bet they were too small, it’s shayna after all. Also doubtful she even got anything considering she posta everything on twitter.

No. 1115324

Lavender is extremely toxic to cats in both plant and oil form. It’s highly advised to never give your cat anything with lavender in it since their livers can’t process it. Granted it’s not lethal but who knows when you’re constantly poisoning your cat.
Saged for ot

No. 1115412

File: 1609008608682.jpeg (100.89 KB, 750x515, 64DF8C35-B57A-4ABA-B4F3-76EA95…)

She’s so fucking trashy and cheap.

No. 1115425

It's really crazy how Shayna & others expect people to give a fuck about Pornhub and "Sex work" when they say shit like this. I know it's supposed to be cute, but seriously, you can't be "Shayna Luther King" one minute, retweeting tweets from Bratty about not begging during the holidays and then post this shit.

but it's not like anyone's sending Shayna much anyway.

No. 1115431

File: 1609010324284.jpeg (1.23 MB, 1284x1128, 875140BD-6F7E-4658-92C1-FB45A4…)

ahh more filth to bring into her apartment.

No. 1115452

Speaking of filthy unwashed dogs, I noticed Shay never used her new pink dog cage. I can only suspect she didn’t fit in it kek.

No. 1115474

File: 1609015314567.jpg (Spoiler Image,206.61 KB, 1192x1200, pig.jpg)

It's probably because she looked like an anti-factory farm PETA advert.

No. 1115503


No. 1115525

i hope her wish comes true and that one of her tweets like this goes viral just so she gets roasted by normie scrote twitter, the replies would be glorious

No. 1115535

Yeah but then people would accuse the comments coming from farmers

No. 1115561

File: 1609028586739.jpg (Spoiler Image,475.17 KB, 1080x1317, Screenshot_20201226-182237_Twi…)


No. 1115563

File: 1609028707968.jpg (629.83 KB, 1080x1849, Screenshot_20201226-182252_Twi…)


No. 1115565

If only she really meant Closeout as in she was finally throwing in the towel and quitting this horrendously embarrassing shit. Closing her cottage cheese fatty legs would be great for everyone including her kek.

No. 1115604

Her add-on’s and the prices made me kek.

How do you charge $10 for anal and $15 for body graffiti? Makes no sense. And then another $15 for her to suck the crust and (I won’t even say it for fear of vomiting) off her dildo?

No. 1115633

lmao @ the literal year old pictures

No. 1115682

File: 1609043881745.jpg (429.55 KB, 1080x1667, Screenshot_20201226-223746_Twi…)

Oh wow, a whopping $5 Shay

No. 1115690

What makes her think her content price should even be raised? She really hasn't done jack shit even pretending her period started just to avoid making 2 videos she promised. I cant wait for her to lose followers again and for the meltdown that ensues.

No. 1115706

Scrambling to lock down 30 subs before she loses a bunch anyway next week kek. The price increase isn't gonna help her. It's just going to compensate for the loss of subs, but only for a couple months. I wonder what 2021 will bring in regards to her weight/appearance, her living situation, and her "career" in e-begging SW.
Honestly I feel like this year may be her last unless she goes full feeder/fatty fetish, but even then I dont think she'll break through in that niche. There's nowhere cheaper for her to go really –location or selling herself. And she's barely getting by and it's been clear her OF has been on a steady decline. Not much longer til she wont be able to make enough for rent. Her couple simps and Bratty wont support her forever. She either goes home or idk I guess begs even more or finds a gross dude to shack up with. Not sure what the end game is exactly. She's got no savings or anything of value. Looks are declining rapidly with no signs of slowing down.

No. 1115715

File: 1609050425168.jpeg (428.45 KB, 1242x1381, BEA44350-73F2-42C9-991A-ACC318…)

Lmao I was doing some research to see if there was a limit for how long promotions could run in case that was why her prices were increasing and I found this. She’s gonna be really fucked raising her prices because it will cancel all auto renewal subscribers

No. 1115733

Major fucking kek

No. 1115739

File: 1609055025977.jpeg (133.82 KB, 1242x669, 37F83900-B078-43C3-A901-F0B6BE…)

She’s really desperate kek

No. 1115747

Delete this before she sees and realizes kek

No. 1115794

she really is just… straight up e-begging for a living now

No. 1115795

This would only happen if she changed her price in her settings. Her price is already set to $5 and she runs a $3 sale from that. The sale ending doesn’t change any auto renewers.

No. 1115896

did shayna do the give a away?

No. 1115943

File: 1609092146886.jpeg (84.61 KB, 796x605, E4C6809F-13F5-4E54-BC42-A5A127…)

Sage for no contribution but found this online and thought of shatna(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 1115975

Stupid nitpick but ddlg you aren’t role playing as their daughter(no1curr degenerate)

No. 1115977

I was just wondering that as well. I don’t think she did. This bitch never does anything she says she’ll do for example the puppy chow fuck machine cage video

No. 1115987

File: 1609096076436.jpeg (414.96 KB, 1242x1230, 9EED4E2D-2C8C-41AF-B30C-75C610…)

Lazy bitch. Shayna we all know you do not even clean.

No. 1115989


seethe, degenerates. it is the dad/daughter dynamic and no mental gymnastics will change that.

No. 1115990

No1 cares dumbass.
stop shitting up the thread

No. 1115991

wait, wasn't this bitch going to do Christmas content in January?

No. 1116090

File: 1609105989575.jpeg (835.21 KB, 828x1314, A642DAEA-5A43-4274-AF13-8D54B7…)

Watch her never use this

No. 1116096

lmao she had to take a picture of it after anon mentioned it >>1115452

No. 1116101

The musty disgusting star blanket. Throw it out already jfc

No. 1116103

Will she even fit? She really is going to look like a Peta commercial pig in this.

No. 1116107

along with the pillow that is so crusty it looks like she dropped it in a mud puddle at some point

No. 1116109

this looks like shit, dirty looking dented pink pillow, the lace thing hanging on the wall looks dirty and the cheap tacky lights, plus all the different color pink.

No. 1116111

and how long has she had that star cover? She can't spend $5 and get another cheap blanket

No. 1116133

i'll never get over how hideous shayna's 24/7 surroundings are. no wonder she's so lazy and depressed kek.

No. 1116137

what's weirder is that it seems like she goes out of her way to make stuff look gross. iirc her new place looked semi-decent when she posted pics of it while moving in. now it just looks like the same dingy closet she was living in at fupa's.

No. 1116141

omg I just made the connection that she doesn't own a washing machine

No. 1116162

File: 1609110205354.jpeg (1.72 MB, 3464x3464, 64EC000E-439D-4849-91C6-2348AB…)

Sage for dumb collage comparison

but the pillow isn’t suppose to be dirt brown it was originally pink

No. 1116166

she literally just pollutes and shits up any space she moves into

No. 1116169

File: 1609110439041.jpeg (1.33 MB, 3464x3464, D2632322-30E2-43FD-A17A-51AB52…)

She has had it for years, she got it during her skinny rat twink era

No. 1116171

how tf does that even happen

No. 1116185

She had it even when she was living at home

No. 1116193

imagine buying a thousand dollar gaming rig before a washer and dryer

No. 1116202

File: 1609112602983.jpeg (298.12 KB, 1213x905, BD150578-0DC9-40D7-A665-52413F…)

I guess our pal Jason R Womack got tired of her ass already kek

No. 1116209

She smokes inside 24/7/420, that's how

No. 1116210

Weed smoke shouldn't leave stains like that its not cigarette smoke Shay is just dirty and doesn't care to take care of anything she buys or thats bought for her

No. 1116220


while i agree she should spend her money on useful things like a new fucking blanket and decent non-amazon clothes that are her size - you cant just buy a washer and dryer for $2,000 and also have it delivered and installed into a 1 bedroom apartment you’re renting anon. kekworthy nitpick..

No. 1116222

I mean doesn’t she not have a laundry room in her complex? Pretty much all apartment buildings have one for people to do their clothes. She’s just too damn lazy to do her laundry. She is just a dirty filthy pig. She doesn’t shower or wash her sheets so that’s why it’s so discolored. I don’t know why she doesn’t have black blankets it would hide her filthy. All her pink stuff has a dirt brown tint after a month

No. 1116225

I mean she probably spills her dirty bong water everywhere because she’s so drunk and disgusting. Weed can make things dirty not the actual smoke but the crushed up keef will make your place look nasty especially if you don’t have a vacuum

No. 1116229

File: 1609113992012.jpeg (456.41 KB, 1242x1271, 79DB4828-7F9F-41A8-99BD-8C5B5C…)

She’s back to hating the “ sex work community” again jfc shut up

No. 1116230

>you can't just buy a washer and dryer for $2000
You literally can.
How is is this even a nitpick.

No. 1116231

shayna we get it you hate sex workers

No. 1116236

It was more of a joking critique of her being too dirty and lazy to wash her shit, but okay

No. 1116238

Anons take every single comment seriously and sperg it’s annoying. yeah I know she could buy a washer and dryer for that price or maybe a bit more but with all the money she wasted she could of definitely had a washer dryer and a car. But nah she would rather be a fat ugly alcoholic loser

No. 1116248

especially when she just spent $1.3k on a computer she’s not even using kek

No. 1116259


have either of you ever lived in a rented apartment or home before! ffs

you don’t just call your landlord up and say “hey lol got a washer dryer install plz” - it’s either in the unit or home or it isn’t.

No. 1116261

number one, learn to integrate, number two, you have no idea what shayna's apartment rules are, there are plenty of apartments that have in-unit hook ups where you can install your own equipment
stop showing everyone how retarded you are

No. 1116263

[hi, cow]

No. 1116276

ok but so is shay's apartment so shitty and so cheap that there literally isn't a fucking laundry room? there should be, most of the time, in fact majority of the time a washer and dryer in the building.

No. 1116293


nobody’s debating she’s an absolutely filthy cunt with no sense of self respect or hygiene but the sperging about washer/dryer install in a rental unit is absolutely hilarious.

No. 1116296

File: 1609122025509.jpg (226.79 KB, 1080x1434, Screenshot_20201227-201852_Chr…)

Hey Shay, it's not all bad, you're up for 3 lolcow awards!


No. 1116297

File: 1609122065312.jpg (110.72 KB, 1080x1292, Screenshot_20201227-201915_Chr…)


No. 1116299

File: 1609122158066.jpg (135.65 KB, 1080x1118, Screenshot_20201227-201943_Chr…)


No. 1116301

You can rent them for like 30/40 bucks a month. No excuse.

No. 1116320

how very Luna Slater of her.

No. 1116338

And she’s winning kek

No. 1116339

File: 1609128301540.jpg (445.96 KB, 1080x2179, Screenshot_20201227-220457_Twi…)

No. 1116354

File: 1609129390566.jpeg (776.08 KB, 1242x1256, 8E50E9E3-3F3C-4316-8F76-DF5E11…)

No. 1116357

File: 1609129577618.jpeg (412.85 KB, 1242x1101, E4374647-A0BE-46AE-B545-C4B9D5…)

Dollie Deathfat is still interacting with Shaytard’s lard ass, even though shayna subtweeted her and called her a leech. Also Jason R Womack is liking her tweets, so he probably sends her his money as well

No. 1116361


No. 1116377

File: 1609131543984.jpg (131.8 KB, 1080x794, Screenshot_20201227-225852_Twi…)


No. 1116378

File: 1609131582262.jpg (315.71 KB, 1080x2179, Screenshot_20201227-225900_Twi…)

2/2 kek

No. 1116395

who the fuck is this and why should we care

No. 1116397

He suicide baits more than shay does. Jfc dude go see a therapist for your porn and pity addiction.

I mean for the right price I’m sure you could get a toothbrush BJ and a death grip handy.

No. 1116398

Stop giving her attention

No. 1116402

The person Shay accused of stealing her Splenda daddy Jason

No. 1116448

well he is into anal

No. 1116458


This has got to be a self post.

No. 1116622

Things that didnt happen, but if they did theyd be nasty. Dont drink sugar juice or anything besides water and then immediately give a bj, especially if you're gonna put it in your vag.

No. 1116966

File: 1609203487896.jpg (441.79 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20201228-185609_Chr…)

She can't even sell out on her $3 subs, what makes her think she can up her price to $5?

No. 1116969

File: 1609203919792.jpg (113.77 KB, 718x457, Screenshot_20201229-140357_Chr…)

More bullshit schedules she'll never actually accomplish.

No. 1116970

Right? The fact its taken her like a week to secure what, 30 people?? Fuckin kek

No. 1116974

Hows she gonna secure the mittens by herself? And the fuck machine will not work through the cage. She'd have to set it up at the entrance with the door open, but that also seems awkward. Can't wait for the "well vid didnt work out like I planned :(" and give nothing but some edited pics again.

No. 1116985

File: 1609205165657.jpeg (281.18 KB, 1242x1287, 37950362-9285-4FBC-B153-303895…)

She asked Jason R Womack to promote her onlyfans kek how embarrassing

No. 1116990

File: 1609205338283.jpeg (458.51 KB, 1230x1111, E2F0D358-AA0B-4451-B55E-31666E…)

No. 1116997


you would think a model and online marketer would be able to change her christmas profile picture and user name with it being dec 28th. all she does is sit around twitter all day, why is she still jolly mattel? no new years content? or is she gonna forget until a few hours before midnight and stick a blowhorn up her asshole? sex work is so easy and yet she always fucks up the basic aspects of it.

No. 1116998

File: 1609205964580.jpeg (642.38 KB, 1242x1062, 3384832B-1331-4537-9F34-877DBA…)

This won’t be cute and quirky when you lose subscribers and don’t have money for rent, Shaytard

No. 1117005

File: 1609206501089.jpeg (499.66 KB, 1242x1410, ED50E836-4A69-4377-A556-D77F3C…)

And only one month behind schedule-if she actually follows through. Honestly, at this point I don’t know how she can call herself a “sex worker”. It’s like something she does a few hours a week when she’s not stuffing her face with takeout or drinking her body weight in pink wine.

No. 1117010

its been a month now since dropping 2k on a custom built PC >>1092325
and still it sits and collects dust. has done absolutely nothing with it so far except so show her fats tits in front of it for a few pics. don't smoke weed kids unless you wanna turn out like dolly.

No. 1117117

How is this even real, Womack’s existence is comical

No. 1117118

Thanks, mom. No shit that didn’t happen.

Sage for infighting, I’ll start the year with a van thanks

No. 1117125

File: 1609223460789.jpeg (520.87 KB, 1242x1314, D54CF7F7-AFD6-4C22-874D-E0B44B…)

She was lurking kek

No. 1117126

File: 1609223507679.jpeg (658.97 KB, 1242x1490, 412CAF27-4CE0-44B8-8A50-50D4B1…)

No. 1117128

File: 1609223625939.jpeg (649.63 KB, 1242x1279, C2BC4D97-B42F-4645-9F8F-4CD9F4…)

No. 1117129

Are other men following him? Who is he promoting to? The other sex workers he follows? Womack trying hard to get that moldy strawberry.

No. 1117136

she always brags and claims she throws away money casually on "cute stuff" yet her apartment remains almost empty with the same old ratty revolting 3-5 year old trash/clothing in it kek. she lies and tweets things like this to pretend like all her earnings aren't spent exclusivly on alcohol and weed (and excessive fatty amounts of takeout, of course.)

No. 1117178

she sleeps with her make-up on on it, that's how it happens.

No. 1117204

>moldy strawberry

kek anon, too accurate

No. 1117253

>she sleeps with her make-up on on it, that's how it happens.

Wait… I thought that bed with all the toys behind it was just her sex room. Please tell me she has an actual bedroom and bed she sleeps on. I've seen her looking like a drown rat in bed with her dog naked before with a musty blanket, but I never thought she could be laying in the same bed she sucks butt plugs on.

No. 1117303

Anon, this is the same chick who slept on a disgusting pee covered rug in her Seattle apartment and didn't get an actual bed until Fupa came to visit

No. 1117321

File: 1609259993603.jpeg (1.25 MB, 3464x3464, 1581301484495.jpeg)

She has an actual bed now. She finally got one like a few months before moving in to this newer apartment.

No. 1117332

It was a gift from her super aboosive mom.

A different anon used it last thread and now I just can’t unsee the resemblance.

No. 1117342

File: 1609261983310.jpg (298.48 KB, 1080x2027, Screenshot_20201229-111015_Twi…)

How original. Waiting for this video to not happen

No. 1117378

Eww she really needs to wash her face. Her skin is horrible

This was already posted anon

No. 1117421

File: 1609267338027.jpg (312.56 KB, 1080x1253, Screenshot_20201229-124214_Twi…)

Always classy

No. 1117459

Imagine begging for people's stimulus checks.. classy fat bitch

No. 1117501

File: 1609272921398.jpg (362.17 KB, 1080x1691, Screenshot_20201229-141453_Twi…)

No. 1117532

File: 1609276151573.jpeg (1.28 MB, 3464x3464, 73EC6CC6-DFF7-4002-8E29-16532C…)

This is so embarrassing… imagine having an inbred retarded grown man advertising for you. He doesn’t even have followers he’s speaking to a brick wall. The only followers he has are bots and other fat sex workers who want his paycheck

No. 1117558

I would'nt be surpised if Shayna wrote up some cringey sugar daddy contract with this dude and one of the demands was, "Like, retweet, comment and promote all my content"

No. 1117583

>stunningly beautiful woman
Someone's only got to look at her twitter profile pic to know he's full of shit.

No. 1117593

File: 1609281545070.jpeg (612.5 KB, 1105x1290, 85C79141-A7B3-4759-A3F4-E5D127…)

What do you mean, anon? she’s stunning

Kek that lazy eye though

No. 1117604


ot. Not contributing anything, but she looks kind of looks like chloe from dance moms with the wonky eye

No. 1117606

Do not compare that beautiful talented girl to this rat anon

No. 1117660

How does Shayna not die of embarrassment from this. Much less anything else, but damn.

No. 1117672

File: 1609287992317.jpeg (143.92 KB, 750x665, 6DBD84BA-D082-4CFE-9221-120370…)

Sure Shayna, because you’re such a charming and nice person! Everyone around you is miserable

No. 1117674

File: 1609288210273.jpeg (63.75 KB, 578x319, 654660C6-43F4-42A2-95AE-07FFED…)

Shayna, your attitude stinks. And so does your ass. Go shower and get off Twitter. Nobody likes you besides mentally retarded coomers like Jason R Womack

No. 1117677

File: 1609288720137.jpeg (522.65 KB, 1242x978, 0E549A18-2B9B-47A8-8943-D176ED…)

This is embarrassing to post. Who cares?

No. 1117678

File: 1609288770281.jpeg (383.22 KB, 1242x1014, 8DC347B0-498F-4960-B8A6-37E277…)

This bitch is so lazy TOP KEK

No. 1117680

>unexpected plans
Too fat to fit in the cage

No. 1117685

Fupa is done hanging out with his family so she’s gotta drop everything (as if she was going to do anything at all this week) to be his cum dumpster.

No. 1117700

She’s got that alcoholic skin/acne. It’s gross

No. 1117704

oh god please don't do miss chloe lukasiak like that lmao. she had a disease that caused it, shayna just has shit genetics. i know it doesn't matter but anyways kek

No. 1117706

this, christmas is fully over and fupapa has a boring schedule again so he's now back to throwing shatna breadcrumbs

No. 1117715

File: 1609292599564.jpeg (627.06 KB, 1242x934, EC12C906-263C-4283-A60F-AC219A…)

No. 1117717

File: 1609292735191.jpeg (287.89 KB, 1242x917, 504050EC-7A83-48B5-A47A-C6CB34…)

She has time to make useless retarded tweets but not enough time to do her “job”

No. 1117731

File: 1609294294641.jpeg (Spoiler Image,509.14 KB, 2048x1151, D6850BC5-A348-4B65-B630-082363…)

No. 1117732

You can barely tell that her socks are suppose to be paw print patterned. kek she’s so fat she stretched them out with her large calves and cankles

No. 1117733

Kek she barely fits

No. 1117738

who's overweight son is this

No. 1117746

She have the picture taking button thing in the mits or is Fupa taking these? Also didnt think she'd get the paws on herself, but maybe they're loose. Or Fupa helped lol

No. 1117763

Shayna needs to pick an ED fast girl this body is gross how in the world your muffin top is still visible even tho u r lying on it?

No. 1117779

says the girl who was just bitching about her followers and subscribers interacting with other sex workers.

No. 1117783

God her tits look like the monstrosity from the MTF threads. Fat boy tits. The one good feature she had.

Ngl she fits better than I expected kek

No. 1117807

File: 1609300596655.jpg (241 KB, 1080x1285, Screenshot_20201229-215610_Twi…)

Well it's a fucking dog cage from Amazon Shay. A lot of people probably have it

No. 1117810

File: 1609301062115.jpeg (341.56 KB, 1242x1026, A336B628-F4B4-4CA2-80C9-876624…)

Fupa bought her fat ass some food and probably took those dog cage pictures ew

No. 1117811

File: 1609301092248.jpeg (602.63 KB, 1242x1471, B555982F-D53C-480C-BA04-C49818…)

fake positivity shut up lmao

No. 1117813

File: 1609301335615.jpeg (219.57 KB, 1242x540, E1F6F341-9471-4834-9634-6FBCED…)

Oink oink oink
Lardy Fattel is really not going to fit in that cage if she keeps eating. Not even an anachan but looking at her makes my appetite disappear

No. 1117822

she really is going all in on being a fat girl now huh

No. 1117837

You could have eaten that naked and filmed it and made it a payable video on your OF.
Simps love gross fast food.

No. 1117850

i’m going to legitimately be gagging once it finally comes to this

No. 1117874

File: 1609305425846.jpeg (91.75 KB, 1280x776, 7CE5EC09-20AD-4BCB-889F-EDC76F…)

this looks like a catboy Bobby Hill cosplay, what the fuck is going on in this picture? she looks godawful.

No. 1117941


That cage isn’t doing herself no favours; it just shows how fat she’s gotten.

No. 1117959

What cracks me up is that Shayna is really telling on herself by admitting she has so little customers or DMs that she can look and answer all of them.

For someone who’s done porn for so long and been featured in legit movies (nothing high caliber but at some point she was paid a little bit more than pennies), you’d think that after 5 goddamn years, she’d have a consequent following.

Even average insta artists with 10k followers usually don’t have the time to answer all of their DMs.

If she was a serious cam baby or porn star she wouldn’t even entertain answering creeps like Jason Womack unless he was dropping a few grands on her. He probably pays her $3 a month + $50 here and there and she calls him her Sugar Daddy. Embarrassing.

(>serious cam baby or porn star)

No. 1117963

She could be making a decent living, if she actually had the drive to hustle and maybe valued herself more. She’s so desperate for male approval though. I don’t even see why she does porn because she could make more money just talking to simps…with her clothes on. But instead she’s drilling herself up the ass for less than what a teenager makes at McDonald’s salting fries.

No. 1117987

Like Shay has any health workers following her disgusting ass. I know "everyone" watches porn, but I doubt they're anywhere near the e begging fatty nasty twitter whore side of it. She's a nobody, why does she post things like this as if the target audience would see and it would be good lol

No. 1118117

this is so cringe and somehow the double-spacing makes it even worse

No. 1118167

based redtext

No. 1118193

based glitter text

No. 1118281

File: 1609366646626.jpeg (223.46 KB, 1242x581, 8B3E014A-C416-4084-A9E0-6CC3FE…)

Wtf is wrong with this fat bitch

No. 1118285

If this really happened I think she would blast the girl publicly. She doesnt have the self control so shes probably bluffing to try and scare girls off from poaching her splenda daddies.

No. 1118290

She un retweeted it. It's not on her profile anymore

No. 1118293

Just looked up that account and it's on private

No. 1118313

File: 1609371162250.jpeg (1010.56 KB, 3464x3464, F3B5EC03-2140-4E84-AB78-2E416B…)

Feeders follow and interact with Shayna
Kek she’s officially a landwhale/hambeast

No. 1118337

File: 1609373286971.jpeg (589.07 KB, 1233x1992, F43021A6-A260-4645-A481-BCE36D…)

out of curiousity I wanted to see if she had any coomers on her abandoned reddit account and the chubby chasers have definetly taken notice

No. 1118340

>Ass juice
Wtf does that mean literal shit??

No. 1118348

File: 1609374355518.jpeg (300.13 KB, 1118x976, 32122C89-3234-4DE3-96AC-D7FC41…)

No. 1118349

Interesting how she saw the words "child" and "molest" in the same sentence and none of her two brain cells rubbed together to make her think hmmm maybe retweeting this isnt a good idea considering the amount of people call me out for pedo pandering. Truly retarded it's kinda amazing.

No. 1118355

awww did shayna have a bad day with fupa? what happened to those supposed “friends” you met at the dog park or whatever your fake story was? and why all of a sudden do you want to go back to your mean aboosive family?

No. 1118358

Remember when she said all her problems would be solved when she moved from her shitty apartment to her middle class apartment? Pepperidge Farm remembers.

It’s almost like…your problems can’t be solved by running away from them. Hm. Nahhh. That can’t be it. Moving to an area she can’t afford to be close to her boot-licking and racist parents is clearly going to solve all her problems!

No. 1118371

It's crazy the ONLY way she thinks she can get over Fupa is literally moving away. Even if she had "friends' Shayna would only call them and hang out when Fupa broke it off.

No. 1118376

>come on guys and gals

He reminds me of Jimmy Saville. Not a good look.

No. 1118387

she's gonna start another "donation goal" to break her lease and then not go through with it, calling it now.

No. 1118389

The messed up thing is that she probably could have gotten a month-to-month lease, or even 6 months at the end of her last apt because she was a single tenant who paid rent on time and why wouldn't they keep her around in a complex with 100's of units. She may pay $50 more a month… Butter, she had to move into the complex closer to/same as Fupapa so it was easier to borrow his car and monitor his presence. And easier for him to drop by just enough to get his chode wet & mostly keep her from putting him in blast.

No. 1118393

I'm fine with it as long as she swears off drinking and smoking, like she said people fundraising should do a few years ago. but she could never. she also says she's going to move home every time her lease is almost up and then never does. I bet her parents would bail her out of her lease if she cried to them about wanting to come home.

No. 1118397

I can't wait for her New Year's resolutions, which will be getting back camming, streaming, getting her body right and positivity, or she'll make a post about how she feels having a New Year's resolution is problematic or something.

No. 1118403

File: 1609378325350.jpeg (506.71 KB, 1242x985, 02081B01-3571-4F22-9EA0-02C76C…)


No. 1118406

Size kink?

No. 1118407

I think she’s throwing shade at fupapa because he’s a petite manlet who wears women gloves. And Shayna probably looks like a whale next to him

No. 1118408

File: 1609378518069.jpg (442.8 KB, 1079x1860, Screenshot_20201230-193508_Twi…)

The comments lol

No. 1118413

File: 1609378812298.jpeg (644.27 KB, 1242x1629, 8C31A8D1-FD8A-4532-AA3B-471D1A…)

Bet those sweats are tinted brown and smell like ass and meat sweats. barf

Also kek at the comment
No1currrs shaytard

No. 1118416

he probably still came by to fuck tho and this is her attention ploy. It’s really like clockwork at this point!

No. 1118418

since when does she have a size kink? she literally got a BD dildo and refused to use it because she claimed it was too big.

No. 1118421

File: 1609379574682.jpeg (104.01 KB, 827x1404, AADA1DC1-8B76-461F-9CD2-230ADD…)

Wah-wah. Same old boring shit, at this point the “fupapa doesn’t love me!1!” back and forth milk is getting stale. Waiting for her to realize she can get more attention by spilling. Or for Fupa to spill the milk on Shaytard as revenge for all the shit she’s tweeted about him being aboosive.

No. 1118424

It never fails to crack me up how quickly she dirty deletes. Kek. Get a diary dumbass. She probably never deleted any pics of Fupa. She’s too obsessed with him

No. 1118430

File: 1609380599301.jpg (204.17 KB, 1080x2179, Screenshot_20201230-200934_Twi…)

Another dirty delete

No. 1118461

So I’m guessing the puppy video >>1117678
Isn’t happening yet again
Surprise surprise
Scammy Mattel

No. 1118464

on this episode of "Kyle Nathan Perkins Reminds Shayna He Doesn't Give A Fuck Unless She's Blowing Him"

No. 1118466

When will these two fat idiots stop this stupid song and dance, it's getting old

No. 1118474

Seriously. It's one thing to be retarded and toxic privately, but to make a full on clown show by posting about it on social media then deleting it like high schoolers is something else. No one cares. Fix it or shut the fuck up and accept the bullshitery.

No. 1118477

But anon, Fupa said hes not gonna come over on new years eve!! Shes devesated! Deleting all their pics, fuck everyone!

No. 1118478

File: 1609384248242.jpg (260.12 KB, 1080x847, Screenshot_20201230-211045_Twi…)

Oh please

No. 1118479

yeah you can definitely afford boston shayna, go for it.


No. 1118481


>lil me

Bitch where ur fuckin yuge

No. 1118484

File: 1609384717058.jpeg (477.16 KB, 1242x922, 5DE823CE-F821-4743-9DB3-2CC280…)

It’s because you weigh 200 pounds, fat bitch

No. 1118486

Like how drunk do you have to be to do this? She constantly describes her alcoholism as 'uwu tipsy' and cute. Nah, you're full on drunk, which is so sad.

No. 1118487

her saying she is drunk is like tnd saying she was high during some period of time. like yeah bitch we know and we knew then too probably even before you

No. 1118488

she fell in the shower hard enough to pull the curtain down with her? she's lucky she didn't crack her head on the tub. "tipsy" is her code for sloppy drunk

No. 1118490

File: 1609384986846.jpeg (Spoiler Image,71.16 KB, 676x941, 785CA5BF-621B-4780-AD61-F0992B…)

No. 1118491

File: 1609385010606.jpeg (Spoiler Image,787.38 KB, 1242x1232, B5156D0E-BF81-4A5C-BBE8-E48947…)

Sutter Home? Classy.

No. 1118492

File: 1609385047388.jpeg (Spoiler Image,68.02 KB, 671x845, 69C85DF9-CF17-42DB-9FCE-6A9EF9…)

No. 1118495

File: 1609385196024.gif (230.18 KB, 220x180, 42A08745-EB43-4F8C-93B1-82131E…)

Imagine this retarded tub of lard falling in the shower and the shower curtain falling on her is making me laugh. This is something you would tell your friends and laugh about it like hahah I’m so retarded and drunk. But, no, instead she has to try and make it “cute and quirky” by saying she was uwu tipsy and a bimbo. This just further proves she has no friends to talk to. So sad and pathetic.

No. 1118498

File: 1609385456581.jpeg (275.03 KB, 1075x932, D0DA12BB-DA9D-42FC-B189-5C657E…)


No. 1118499

fupa alert, fupa alert

No. 1118505

Does this bitch not have lightbulbs in her house? I can just imagine her house being dark af with her naked flabby ass roaming around the house naked and afraid.

No. 1118507

She probably forgot to pay the power bill or the lights burnt out and she can’t afford new bulbs

No. 1118508

she probably unironically thinks these are dramatic artistic portraits

No. 1118513

She really tried to make this photo "classy" at least put the cheap wine on actual glass and dont let the shadow sit on your monster fupa crease ohgod KEK

No. 1118514

>with her naked flabby ass roaming around the house naked and afraid.

thanks for the hearty chuckle

No. 1118516

File: 1609386936753.jpeg (187.42 KB, 1242x313, 310A97BB-71ED-4440-A9E4-C449D2…)

No. 1118521

Is she watching love after lockup or something? Sheesh.

No. 1118522

she signed up for this hell, but isnt she the one who like s "proud pick me" LOL

No. 1118523

id be legitimately afraid of a man bigger than her, thats mobility scooter shit stain walmart core

No. 1118542

File: 1609389128478.png (300.54 KB, 760x1315, Screenshot_20201230-233025.png)

love island

No. 1118549

Hasn't this bitch BEEN broken up with? You can't break up if you weren't even in a relationship again.
Fupa texting you the bare minimum amount of validation you so desperately crave in order to get you off your cottage cheese ass, waddle over to his place and suck his chode does not qualify as a relationship, Shaytard.

No. 1118561

I guess she can't afford a bunch of led bulbs and the power bill. also keking at the idea of her being on naked and afraid

No. 1118575

File: 1609392902637.jpeg (235.79 KB, 750x875, 75AE5F8E-5208-48A4-948D-E57F84…)

No. 1118591

wow this shit is sad. she has no identity of her own, even stuffing her face with junk reminds her of fupapa. Shay this is normal shit people figure out in their 20s, you don't need some gross mid-30s chode to teach you how to organize your pantry

No. 1118600

>my ex
I don’t know why this made me laugh. They’ve broken up countless times and then the minute they “break up” she calls him her ex. He ain’t your ex until you’re good and done. And you keep letting him wet his turtle head in your moldy strawberry.

Sage for nitpicking.

No. 1118603

maybe fupa finally noticed old shay was eaten by this huge overweight cottage cheese ass beast and say bye for good??

No. 1118609

Fupa likes fatties. It was suspected she was gaining weight (and dying her hair pink) to appease him but her laziness/covid/addictions all caught up with her and now we have lardy fattel and her fat boy tits.

No. 1118632

she really needed fupa to introduce her to the idea of a snack drawer? how inept is she ffs

No. 1118642

half of her posts were removed for spam kek

No. 1118647

sucking in that gut like her life depends on it

No. 1118732

File: 1609419287038.jpeg (664.1 KB, 1242x1432, C63A1A68-0BF3-4884-A4ED-696395…)

> And you keep letting him wet his turtle head in your moldy strawberry.
Revolting but accurate, anon.

No. 1118759

So basically her New Years Resolution from this year kek "Wait till I lose weight, start streaming, and get my mental health in check and it's over for you bitches!!!1!1!" Fast forward 12 months and she's even worse and scraping rock bottom. Fatter, lazier, and more psycho than before. Bless. Imagine being so damn dependent on a man who's so ashamed of you he has to keep your "relationship" secret.
Fupa, just spill the milk already.

No. 1118764

Fuckin kek, anon. But I agree.

Shayna will probably win Cow of the Year again (the only thing she ever wins at, jesus christ) because of the Fupa reveal and her absolute psychotic mental breakdown, but other than that, she's been stale as shit when it comes to milk. Same shit over and over. She barely makes videos (and when she does they're a cringe fest cause it feels like watching retard porn) and all she has done this year is sit on her flat ass and bitch and complain about shit and cry about her sad excuse of a relationship. Nothing will ever top the Fupa reveal unless Fupa himself wants to reveal shit. But that probably won't happen. Guess he's more mature in that aspect cause I'd lose all patience the minute she starts spouting off about how she was/is abused.

No. 1118832

Shayna is boring and does the same shit everyday but it’s so funny to see her slowly deteriorate and get fatter and even more ugly. She’s a straight up bitch. The definition of a bitch. She thinks she’s better than other women, defends men any chance she gets, will bitch about what other sex workers do because she’s jealous, will make diaper pedo pandering porn, and will BLAME victims of rape/sex trafficking. I will never understand how anons feel bad for this fat piece of shit. She has shown time and time again that she hates women so why should we feel bad for her? Sage for dumbass sperg but this cow irks me

No. 1118857

Imagine if some version of this post wasn't made twice a week

No. 1118866

>My ex is relevant in everything I do
>I ate greasy, disgusting food that ruined my body and then drank some gas station wine and I jus miss him sooooo much, you guis uwu

Wow. Their relationship is, like, so deep and passionate. We'll just never understand, anons.

No. 1118868

Well anons won’t stop feeling bad for this lard of shit it’s annoying and they need to stop giving her advice it’s clear she doesn’t want it. Let’s just laugh at her.

No. 1118873

File: 1609435250204.jpg (530.48 KB, 1080x1735, Screenshot_20201231-112049_Twi…)


No. 1118879

I really want to see those videos Kyle Perkins filmed of her freaking out. she's admitting here that she loses her shit and makes herself look bad when things don't go her way. it's all still just empty words though, she's a lot like TND in that tweeting about her plans is the only thing she needs to feel better without actually doing the work to be better

No. 1118881

>I’m just going to passively smile when someone treats me like shit
>I want to be strong
Kek what a retard. Good luck with that, shay.

No. 1118884

File: 1609436451338.gif (1009.82 KB, 312x176, zVNgbGB.gif)

You are gonna need therapy girl
there is no other way
take it from a fellow bpdfag doing dbt, you need outside intervention to change your brain

No. 1118891

she’s literally winning every category she’s in. she should be happy, it’s the only award she’ll ever win.

No. 1118892

It’s so funny that she moved to county hell and basically been abandoned by a gross looking guy that she’s obsessed with. I know she’s gross and smelly looking but fupa is her equal so I wonder why he decided to ditch her

No. 1118893

she really thinks she’s the victim in every situation when most of the times she’s the instigator. what a narcissist.

No. 1118898

the thing is though is that she gets treated like shit in response to her horrible behavior and attitude. she’s so entitled and thinks the world revolves around her. if people aren’t focusing on her and trying to fix her problems she flips out. it’s not like she’s some vulnerable person getting abused by bad people because of a bad situation. she’s privileged and entitled and is the true abuser.

No. 1118899

she doesn’t have BPD. I don’t even think she is diagnosed with anything. some days she claims to have bipolar other days she claims she has BPD. it’s whatever suits her narrative at the time being.

No. 1118906

File: 1609437693991.jpeg (203.04 KB, 1242x383, 1437E37B-AEF2-4C76-B77A-69A666…)

No. 1118911

she’s genuinely so mentally retarded she thinks BPD and bipolar are the same thing. I think that’s why she says one diagnosis one day and the next day a different one

No. 1118912

File: 1609437966999.jpeg (Spoiler Image,55.87 KB, 675x765, AF7F8556-075C-4B00-9DBB-25C947…)


No. 1118913

File: 1609438011353.jpeg (Spoiler Image,377.94 KB, 1840x2048, 7261696F-234A-48F2-BDDE-A6A9AB…)

What a fat bitch
Drink black coffee Shaytard there’s no calories in it

No. 1118916

And she didn't even need to pimp it out next to a picture of her ass on Twitter like the other competitions she enters! See, Shay, you can be successful.

No. 1118917

She probably thinks BPD stands for Bi Polar Disorder

No. 1118918

Wait didn’t she say her dad got her an ~uwu pink~ coffee maker for Christmas? Because this is a black coffee maker and a pink mug kek(nitpick)

No. 1118921

I thought she said the coffee maker she got was pink? I may be misremembering, but kek. To be fair, it probably is black coffee even though it's flavored/cinnabon brand, but she clearly adds tons of cream and sugar to it >>1118912.
unless you meant she should just keep it black, in which case my bad

No. 1118924

The way she worded it sounded like pink coffee maker >>1115038
But idk she probably didn’t mean it

No. 1118926

Shut the fuck up Shay. You say you get broken up with three times a month. Just a few weeks ago she said some shit about it being so hard to move on from someone you still love or some shit.
Put down the wine box and have some self awareness for once, Shay. How hard is it to see the pattern?? Shay wants to be more to Fupa but he wont let her and has his own life. She probably begs and clings or flips out and he tells her to fuck off. She runs to twitter and drinks wine and tweets about it. Says she wants to move, get a car, or is going to hang out with made up friends. "Uwu my broken heart i just do everything for someone who is my world and i just get hurt" bullshit. Dirty deletes. Somehow the idiots make up, have a Friday fuck date, she goes back to begging and the usual gross cringe. See ya next week for the rerun!
Like at least admit it and keep it to yourself jfc. Its extra embarrassing to post about it every time. I remember girls like her from high school always broadcasting their shitty relationship online. The weekly "its complicated" status change kek. Fuckin clowns.

No. 1118931

Literally this kek

No. 1118934

She can't even keep track of her lies or she was so drunk/high she meant the coffee mug.

No. 1118936

File: 1609438858287.jpeg (1014.67 KB, 1242x1323, 1D4CE4EC-B4F4-468D-8D9B-3B8CC7…)

Does this bitch think she’s a rodent or something why tf does she have a water bottle made for small pets? So weird.

No. 1118939

1. She is a rodent
2. She hasn't been hydrated a day in her life lol, she hates drinking water

No. 1118940

File: 1609439025397.jpeg (685.3 KB, 1242x1095, 2FD8610F-F8BC-47C5-ACF5-641767…)

“Kawaii” kek

A Belle Delphine skinwalker telling another Belle Delphine skinwalker (bambiskii) to buy fat Shayna’s musty content

No. 1118941

I’m keking so hard this fat bitch is too big to even try and drink from the rodent water bottle

No. 1118943

What are those white fluffy things in the mug? marshmallows or something?

No. 1118946

File: 1609439246842.png (45.32 KB, 486x246, Bildschirmfoto 2020-12-31 um 1…)

fucking ugly degenerate

No. 1118948

File: 1609439355836.jpeg (656.15 KB, 1172x644, E24C67EF-F852-453C-AB69-DF8018…)

She is still posting on Snapchat. She didn’t even delete her snap… the best part of the video is that she’s heavily breathing the whole time kek she will probably repost it on Twitter “fleets”

No. 1118951

Realistically, how long could they maintain this type of toxic codependancy relationship? Does she honestly think that fupa loves her and will marry her? What would she do when fupa found another broad to fuck? Or if they are stuck with each other, do they seriously think that they want to continue doing this until they die?

No. 1118952

Looks like sugar cubes to me.
Kek what a dope. I'm now imagining that noodle has been having to drink out a rabbits water bottle her whole life.

No. 1118955

This is fucking disgusting

No. 1118957

Am really hoping she makes a tinder in 2021

No. 1118958

I think she’s one of those toxic relationship types. In every case ever since Connor every guy she’s been with realizes how nasty she is and end up calling it off and doing everything they can to make her go away

No. 1118961

File: 1609440144514.gif (1.63 MB, 360x640, 0BEC79F3-A9A1-42CC-B7A7-789D77…)

Her drunk ass accidentally flipped the camera

No. 1118963

Going through the first threads since I joined mid-saga and is this the same cage?? She also has the water bottle here.


No. 1118966

Jeez looks like my sleep paralysis demon making a coffee for the late shift

No. 1118969

No she gave the old cage to noodle (I think) and bought a new one for herself. But she’s so fucking huge she can’t fit anymore.

No. 1118971

File: 1609440586263.png (79.55 KB, 360x640, frame.png)

No. 1118975

she looks like a fucking man(stop)

No. 1118978

Oh, okay. Thanks for the spoonfeed.

No. 1118979

I love how you can barely see her but just can tell that she hasn’t bathed in months. I bet that shower story was made up to be quirky and cute. That rats nest she calls hair is disgusting and full of oil and dandruff

No. 1118989

Does she just straight up live in the dark?

No. 1119027


oh my god she’s standing naked to film her fucking coffee machine

the image of a drunk or hungover naked shay with her fat boy tits in her grimy apartment hunched over to record her keurig of all things while swaying is too much for me, this bitch has hit rock bottom

lord take me now

No. 1119028

is she naked? I guess it makes sense, she just walks around naked so she can be ready to take some boring as nude every five mintues.

No. 1119032

File: 1609444141271.jpeg (140.75 KB, 750x533, FB7BD5DF-939E-44CF-84AB-A45206…)

she’s claimed to have both on several occasions

No. 1119042

Okay fr. What's with the fucking darkness?? The only time we've seen her with lights on is for her porn. And even then idk. I'm confused as to how shes in the dark, but then the counter looks normal. I guess a little kitchen light under the cupboards or something?

But this bitch lives like an actual cave dwelling goblin. The power bill can't be THAT expensive jfc. Weird shit.

No. 1119043

Fucking bleak

No. 1119045

Maybe she keeps in the literal darkness because she thinks that “if I don’t see it, it doesn’t exist” like her fupa and her miserable life.

No. 1119049

It's because the camera is pointing at the kitchen light. The sensor in her phone auto calibrates the exposure based on the lighting conditions. It's made the rest of the image dark so that the light is correctly exposed.

No. 1119052

maybe she's too hungover to put the lights on since all she does is drink

No. 1119058

Ok, but that doesnt explain why the pics of her 2k pc dust collector are always in a room with no lights on, the pics last night, etc. Seems like shes trying to keep her bill down or shes some weird goblin that's too stoned and drunk to work a light switch most of the time kek

No. 1119060

I still think the image of this retarded fat cryptid stumbling around in the dark, naked and breathing heavy trying to take pics for Twitter is hilarious and also disturbing

No. 1119061

If she’s drinking all the time wouldn’t the lights bother her? Having it dark may help with any hangovers or how nasty she feels when she smokes too much.

No. 1119064

File: 1609446867138.jpeg (705.94 KB, 1242x1119, 4FA3250A-9781-4D62-81AB-681E40…)

Did Jason r Womack die? kek he hasn’t been simping in her tweets lately
Also two likes nobody cares about your sale Shayna. It’s time to mark it down even more….
> $5 for every single video and free year of onlyfans

No. 1119079

he literally was 2 days ago >>1117532

No. 1119080

if Fupa likes fatties, then why would he have gotten with her when she was actually thin? he doesn't like fatties. he likes women with low self-esteem since those are the only ones who will date him. it just so happens most fat women have low self-esteem and many women with low self-esteem are fat. he may be retarded but he can still put 2 and 2 together to prey on women.

No. 1119099

Wonder if people will actually pay for her OF since she can't practice the poor business model of posting free nudes to her Twitter. Maybe Twitter cracking down on sex workers will actually be good for her in a roundabout way.

No. 1119126

File: 1609451873212.png (Spoiler Image,2.05 MB, 1440x3040, Screenshot_20201231-165714.png)


No. 1119127

File: 1609451972109.png (Spoiler Image,2.18 MB, 1440x3040, Screenshot_20201231-165731.png)

this is supposed to be erotic, somehow.

No. 1119131

Too lazy to put on makeup so she just hides her busted face behind her hands. Top tier work, Shay. You really hustle.

No. 1119134

i usually don't care enough to post throw away comments like this, but she is so fucking ugly in these it's ridiculous. you can't call this porn, there's nothing appealing about this.

No. 1119139

The sheer laziness is truly astounding. This is the same girl that goes on paragraph long rants about how hard she works and how top quality her content is. Then shits out this photo set that's 2-3 weeks late with no makeup and hair a literal shit nest. Literally just threw on 4 things and was like, "lul yea, that's good enough and will shut that one anon up that pointed out I haven't done anything with my cage. GET THIS SHIT BEFORE IT'S $5 AND TOTALLY UNATTAINABLE YALL"

No. 1119140

>>1119127 The moldy strawberry is getting progressively worse, and fucking kek at her covering her face, like she knows how bad her porn is and even she doesn't want to be associated with herself lmao.

No. 1119142

it looks like she was wasted and fell down into her dog's cage on accident and is desperately trying and failing to get out which probably isn't far from reality which is depressing

No. 1119149


This is it. The end of her puppy porn is looming over us. One more order of extra greasy hot cheeto fries with a diet coke and noodle will have yet another cage/crate. 5 more pounds, girl. 5 more.

No. 1119173

Her disgusting pile of shit on her head. The turd braids are at least slightly better

No. 1119175

File: 1609455359547.jpeg (599.77 KB, 1242x1036, F181D6A2-8F1D-47FE-96FC-935645…)

No. 1119177

File: 1609455405203.jpeg (694.22 KB, 1242x1177, 53BABA66-DB5D-4888-9383-933F66…)

Alcohol isn’t a healthy way to cope shaytard

No. 1119192

Aw, Noodle is such a cutie but where in the fuck is Ribmeat? Does she take her photos or something? I know she mentioned her recently but still, that poor cat.

No. 1119198

File: 1609456872827.png (755.84 KB, 760x1814, Screenshot_20201231-181828.png)

she talked about her earlier today. not every single thing gets posted from her discord, you can always join too

No. 1119209

she posted it on twitter too. cat spergs be gone.

No. 1119216

Thank you, I apologize, I don’t really bother with her discord all that much!

No. 1119223

it's not our responsibility to post every time she mentions her cat kek

No. 1119232

She has three separate stomach rolls…. Honey

No. 1119237

>she’s so antisocial
No dumb bitch she’s scared of your hyper dog because she doesn’t get exercise. Noodle goes crazy around the tiny apartment and it probably freaks Rib out. I don’t know much about cats but hiding 24/7 doesn’t seem too healthy.

No. 1119244

sorry for incoming alcoholism sperge, but those boxes are 3 glasses of wine each which throughout 1 night would be decently drunk for a regular person but she seems to regularly drink 2 which would be 6 glasses of wine aka she is basically admitting to constant binge drinking "NIAAA defines heavy alcohol use as more than 4 drinks on any day for men or more than 3 drinks for women." Plus the champagne.

I'd love to see her get help tho the downfall is entertaining I admit. I'm sure even if she got help she'd be just like tnd same trash slightly diff flavour

No. 1119246

it's not normal. cats are territorial animals, they thrive when they feel in control of their surroundings. a cat that hides all the time does not feel safe or comfortable. not gonna get too autistic about it, go watch some jackson galaxy on youtube for peak cat sperg, but both pets deserve better

she probably drinks even more and just lies about it, I'm amazed she's as shameless about it as she is

No. 1119259

File: 1609464249906.png (322.56 KB, 444x640, wineo.png)

you can see on her pic there is a pic of 3 wine glasses. People often are way off about what is actually 1 drink

No. 1119279

9.5% for wine is low as shit though.
That's like 2 thirds of a bottle of low alcohol wine. It ain't crazy. She's only at the beginning of her journey to becoming a fully blown drunk but since she's always high I don't think she's gonna reach the levels a regular alcoholic would.

No. 1119287

If she’s going to be drinking multiple tiny boxes of wine each night why not just buy a big bottle? Wouldn’t that be more cost effective or does she just need an excuse to go to the store everyday to get more and get out of the house

No. 1119304

I bet she buys the small containers because she justifies it as “oh I won’t drink all of it one night like I would a bottle of wine hurhur” but then she gets drunk and posts a dumb Twitter ask of whether or not she should drink more full knowing all of her “supporters” who don’t give a fuck about her actual physical or mental health would tell her to continue partying. I almost feel bad for her but nah I don’t

No. 1119316

The boxes are likely super cheap. A full bottle of wine is like 14% alc/vol and these are 9. Sutter home is bottom shelf cooking wine. She probably drinks them because she thinks they’re cute. Or that she looks cute drinking them.
Such a ~bimbo kek

No. 1119333

File: 1609474101433.png (Spoiler Image,1.53 MB, 750x1334, DB0D2820-497C-4CF1-8EB7-A23510…)

No. 1119336

I don't buy it. She doesn't have the money to afford a therapist on a holiday.

No. 1119337

File: 1609474626997.png (169.02 KB, 262x352, foree.PNG)

good to see the forehead wrinkles are alive and well

No. 1119338

the holiday around here only started at 5p.m., people worked their normal workday. maybe it's the same where she is

No. 1119342

is that the jacket her mom gave her?

No. 1119359

File: 1609478306975.jpeg (600.42 KB, 1242x1131, 4572DAAF-AF73-4ABB-8C75-A28F47…)

Shayna, you need to do a lot of things sweetie. Looking forward to seeing her gain another 60lbs in 2021 lel

No. 1119360

File: 1609478540465.jpeg (Spoiler Image,528.08 KB, 1536x2048, 507796FD-51BC-4309-904D-A90CBB…)

Lardy Fattel looks like she fell over and decided to just take the pic

No. 1119361

File: 1609478578003.jpeg (Spoiler Image,509.26 KB, 1536x2048, C89D0BF9-1FD8-467B-B3A6-DC25C7…)

So ugly how is this even a party outfit

No. 1119368

dry lips as always

No. 1119375

Deadass thought she had a blanket draped on her and was really confused. It really did look like she fell over kek

No. 1119376

she really looks like she just gave up in these. whatever it takes for content i guess

No. 1119377

I don't get the full eye make up, with the dry ass lips, like it makes zero sense to me, why she wouldn't at least throw on that ugly puke colored lipstick on.
It just makes my eyes focus on her eyebags.

No. 1119384

File: 1609480857601.jpeg (185.14 KB, 1242x700, 2E32C6DF-4133-4AF5-964A-6BE076…)

No. 1119386

Kek it’s because it’s star patterned. She needs a new blanket it’s disgusting

No. 1119387

File: 1609481126589.jpeg (Spoiler Image,442.13 KB, 1242x991, E9F50AA2-7549-42C7-8712-C3DC83…)


No. 1119394

The angle damn. Also it ain't hot, Shay. It's sad.

No. 1119395

File: 1609481975182.jpeg (537.22 KB, 1009x1235, 8D02C774-087E-4D0C-9D04-4F443D…)

No. 1119396

File: 1609482324396.gif (Spoiler Image,11.35 MB, 640x640, 6747CFF2-2521-4C26-BAD4-3B5C36…)

I can smell her through the screen. Also that ugly yellow callous foot is disgusting

No. 1119397


No. 1119399

You can see the parts on her thighs that she forgot to blur out I think I see stretch marks unless I’m retarded and I’m seeing things. Oof also she has unfortunate nostrils they are so wide. Overall an ugly nose that even if she got a nose job she’d just end up looking botched like MJ

No. 1119402

she looks like such a lump

No. 1119408

is she capable of taking a pic without showing off her nasty vagina or asshole? does she ever just take pics in regular fitting outfits?

No. 1119409

this is actually so sad and pathetic. being so alone on new years you don’t even have someone to facetime with or anything so you resort to kissing yourself in the mirror to feel not so lonely.

No. 1119411

The top strap on those shoes is at the biggest size possible and it's STILL squeezing the life out of her legs.

No. 1119430

yet she didn't let the other straps out all the way lol. the only possible reason being she wanted that stripper look and again just looks like a holiday ham. she'll never learn.

No. 1119449

The brows!!!! She just took a brown sharpie and thought it’s cute

No. 1119460


lol she didnt even do a 10 second count down? she just threw up some clip art and kissed a mirror. she hyped this vid up so much im dying

No. 1119634

>>work more and regularly
>>live some place ReAlLy CoOl

Sweaty, please…

No. 1119637

File: 1609523441326.jpeg (143.1 KB, 1242x329, 03D2992D-E0FA-4939-A8FA-F1ED5E…)

This is why you’re fat Shayna

No. 1119639

What in the 4 mini box wines is this?? Imagine kissing your mirror at midnight and trying to act like it's cute and not weird and depressing. Guess Fupa really did have other plans, thus the 153rd breakup sperg. Kek

Also that mirror is pretty dirty for someone who goes off on other SWers about cleaning up their backgrounds and shit.

No. 1119644

God how is someone so bad at putting outfits together? This looks retarded. The jacket blanket is weird lol did her kom really buy that for her? I hate when she wears those shoes because like the jacket, she doesn't have the edge, style, and/or hotness to pull it off. Things like that are for full fits. This ain't a look.

No. 1119646

File: 1609524532346.jpeg (1.17 MB, 2304x4096, A72634A7-C0A6-40D8-B8B5-27D270…)

she’s going off in discord right now because apparently someone’s been cat fishing with her pics/vids for 2 years kek

No. 1119649

it's hilarious how catfish manage to do her own job better than her. this is what, the second or third time this has happened?

No. 1119659

She is so pressed over it, just ready to throw herself into hysterics over some dumb shit. I wish this was milkier. Also who the fuck would want to catfish her dusty ass?

No. 1119664

The way she edited her head in these pics is sending me

No. 1119668

Dude was dumb enough to fall for a catfish. Talked to her for TWO YEARS. Hes heart broken because she doesn't look like Musty Fattel? Like did the feelings only come from attraction to her appearance? Seems like an incel. I'd be embarrassed, not heartbroken. Kek.

Also go Shay, the protector of simps!!

No. 1119670

Topkek she’s so bad at her job that the catfish probably made more money than her. And also the farmer who scammed Jason R Womack by pretending to be Shaytard with a 0 follower account. God this is hilarious and depressing

No. 1119671

Its like she tried to take the advice of not showing her face in her content. But then left the zombie tit, multiple stomach rolls, and stubbly lobster claw vag to focus on instead kek.

No. 1119672

File: 1609526961685.jpeg (698.24 KB, 1242x1215, 38746301-DCC6-4B7B-A1CA-82EDE3…)

Bitch shut up you’re just upset someone did a better job at selling than you. Men are retarded coomers so these aren’t going to help stop girls with two brain cells who scam

No. 1119673

File: 1609527132634.jpeg (716.01 KB, 1242x1204, C809F2ED-89CF-4C2C-947F-49E687…)

>but what about the man’s feelings uwu
Ugly pick me fat bitch who never will get picked

No. 1119675

I can’t believe this bitch has the audacity to call anyone ugly when looking like an obese caveman kek. It’d be so easy to catfish as her. She’s hideous so nobody would suspect it. She posts every nude on twitter, so ofc someone else can easily scam her balding retarded simps.

No. 1119676

Maybe she wasn't even posing as a sex worker? Some people just catfish because they're ugly, lonely, and or stupid.

No. 1119677

Based catfish.

No. 1119678

>an obese caveman
Anon my fucking sides

No. 1119680

Nah I just think ugly incels deserve being scammed

No. 1119682

Its almost like people are retarded and maybe shouldn't be so caught up on someones appearance. Ima advocate for catfish chan like they put in work for years. Conversations with the retarded dude. Like we don't know if they were scamming for money or just genuinely trying to have a relationship with the dude. But either way, they probably worked harder than Shay did all year kek

But yes, catfishing is pathetic and dumb. But so are the idiots who fall for them.

No. 1119688

>cat fished for two years
Further evidence that Shay's simps only pay her because they're so fucking dumb they can't find free porn on internet.

No. 1119694

Why is she so concern about the guy's feelings?? anyone would be more concern how their face is being used on weird shit like what..? is always the pickme bitches with their tard logic.Give him a free year on your onlyfans now..jesus christ

No. 1119696

She’s a fucking moron. She posts all her stuff for free on Twitter and never even bothers to watermark her shit. What did she think would happen.

No. 1119698

Why exactly would someone use her pics instead of someone more attractive? Is there something I'm missing in regards to scamming people?

No. 1119701

See the incels that buy her porn have low standards because they themselves are fugly. And like other anon said, it's more believable of a catfish to use someone who is average looking rather than a really hot girl. And Shay has tons of non watermarked explicit and non explicit content that's easy to snag.

No. 1119822

Exactly. Picking someone who is average looking is a smart move. And even better when you pick someone who posts thousands of nudes for free on twitter. People who get catfished are idiots. Especially if it’s been going on for 2 years jfc.

No. 1119830

File: 1609541656699.png (146.1 KB, 501x449, oink.PNG)

Sure you did.

No. 1119839

File: 1609542253376.jpeg (342.67 KB, 1242x687, F7EE64C2-14AE-4C64-9F68-676D79…)

PUT DOWN THE FORK. Jfc this bitch never stops eating.

No. 1119840

such a dumbass.

No. 1119841

File: 1609542344863.jpeg (367.33 KB, 1242x845, 037ABA7D-350D-45AC-9953-8C6201…)

Pt 2. I want to see what her idea of expensive champagne is, because if she had anything half decent you know she’d be flexing it

No. 1119850

she probably got a $10 bottle of Korbel's and thinks that's "expensive" compared to her usual 99 cent boxed wine.

No. 1119852

The seafood is sushi and it's only expensive because she probably orders 3 or 4 whole rolls for herself and delivery fees add up. As for the alcohol… shes never bought anything past the generic shit. Sutter Home ain't fancy, Shay. She buys Sutter, cheap bottles of rose or pink wine, she bought that generic champagne for her birthday, and white claws.
I don't know how someone could not only be delusional but then post about said delusions so fervently as if she lives a life anywhere near luxury.

No. 1119855

You can think you're a rich brat all you want Shay, but it's obvious you're a musty barely scraping by goblin. Laying around intoxicated all day and splurging on stuffing your fat face as soon as you get some simp change isn't luxurious.

No. 1119858

She's so pathetic and nowhere near hot enough to even act like that. She looks like a bridge troll with how fat and crusty she is.

No. 1119859

anyone else wanna bet this fatass thinks buying vegan food will help her lose weight?

No. 1119863

File: 1609544557486.jpeg (Spoiler Image,657.11 KB, 2048x2048, 2B81595E-0FD2-4676-8871-DA0679…)

No. 1119864

File: 1609544585488.jpeg (110.02 KB, 1152x1152, F0BF1B45-8B15-4E25-949A-B5A6B0…)

No. 1119865

File: 1609544626367.jpeg (236.77 KB, 1147x877, 60B4CAA7-B93E-4F7A-99BA-223367…)

No. 1119868

“A rich brat”
That can’t even afford a pedicure or afford nail polish to do her pedi at home
She probably can’t even reach her feet, fat bitch

No. 1119869

annie's isn't vegan, it's just organic

No. 1119872

fuck you made me laugh she does look like an overweight teenage boy. She really needs to lose weight because her body doesn't handle extra weight gracefully plus she's fat.
What a sad excuse of a bimbo tbh

No. 1119875

I just noticed her holographic heels have a stain on the side. How the fuck… you can tell by the bottom of the soles she’s never worn these outside, how tf do you get random stains on everything you own? She’s so disgusting. Nitpick at this point but it’s really gross.

No. 1119898

Not that it matters but the Annie’s cinnamon rolls actually are vegan

No. 1119900

File: 1609547130001.png (2.75 KB, 277x41, 2021-01-01 19_25_27-Organic Ci…)

not a vegan brand though is the point

No. 1119902

May contain doesn’t mean it contains, it usually means it was produced in a facility that uses that product as an allergy warning to the consumer

No. 1119904

Who gives a shit what's vegan or not. She's clearly not vegan if she's ordering sushi.

No. 1119909

File: 1609548141414.jpeg (265.84 KB, 1242x1398, 075959E3-77D4-45C6-86BC-177218…)

Shayna by the end of 2021

No. 1119915

Beefcake with her beef curtains

No. 1119922

Doesn’t matter, she still planned to eat 3 whole cinnamon rolls to herself as part of her breakfast kek

No. 1119926

i wonder how the catfish felt when she started rapidly gaining, kek. and why is she referring to this guy as her subscriber? am i missing something? i thought he just found out she existed?

No. 1119960

the whole catfish story is weird, so did the catfish never see Shayna spazzing out about Fupa or with Fupa?

No. 1119965

They just talked on a different profile probably used a different name so he never knew about Shayna. Because let’s face it “Dolly Mattel” isn’t a household name she’s not a famous porn star. They probably just talk on different platforms like Kik. Sage for sperg

No. 1119978

oh okay that makes perfect sense. It had to be troon or someone in a bad place, I just can't see anyone without a dick picking Shayna out of all people to do this.

No. 1120025

Lol at her not being able to afford Moët, which is literally low end of passable champagne. How on earth does she even feed these delusions?

No. 1120026

File: 1609567121983.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.4 MB, 3463x3464, 2A370ADE-25FE-457D-B936-02D182…)

is she drunk again?

No. 1120029

Watch the catfish be a girl whose 10x hotter than Shay but just wanted an easy way to cash out coomer money without degrading herself.

and Shay is definitely an obvious choice. If a guy gets a message from an actual hot girl, he’s going to question if it’s real and ask for video evidence.

No. 1120045

When ISN'T she drunk anon? Or high?

No. 1120052

She looks like one of the ugly, lesser Titans from AoT sorry not sorry kek

No. 1120114

File: 1609581594042.gif (730.98 KB, 245x200, 72CFD92C-D784-45EF-9EAD-A6CB32…)

No. 1120119

the catfish is most likely a man who drains money from other men. it also makes perfect sense to use Shayna. She’s pretty enough for stupid incels to fall in love with and ugly enough to be unsuspicious. They know a pretty woman would never talk to them, so they need some goblina in high heels.

No. 1120130


honestly i dont think in todays society it would be hard to sell yourself as a desperate, failing onlyfans girl who is “ashamed” of her lifestyle but shes all alone in oklahoma and needs a friend to talk to cause shes so bullied and her parents are bad etc etc. Her dramatics make her perfect to catfish with because she gives plenty of excuses on her social to ask the victim for “help” when needed.

No. 1120162

>a rich brat
Shay,you're an obese goblina who drinks sutter home and orders cheap sushi on doordash kek. How can someone be this delusional. She's not even pretty to make up for being this fat, nor is she pleasant or interesting at all as a person.

No. 1120170

Her hair actually looks really nice in this.

No. 1120265

> She met his friends and then embarrassed the fuck out of him,

is there a link to more detail?

No. 1120272

nta but read the old threads

No. 1120302

This is used all the time in Shay threads, and it continues to take me out.
It's in one of the threads from when she first moved, but the gist is that she went out with Fupa, got sloppy drunk, and managed to embarrass him. I don't think she said specifics, but anons speculated she tried to do some sexual shit, because that's literally the only character trait she has, and the only thing she can talk about.

No. 1120310

File: 1609609056831.jpeg (Spoiler Image,360.78 KB, 750x883, 7CF557E2-40C3-4AB8-94FE-DD629C…)

Oh my god the way her stomach hangs off her body

No. 1120345

She's starting to get a beer gut. It looks hard. Soon she's gonna look 8 months preg.

No. 1120352

File: 1609612712698.jpeg (454.84 KB, 1242x965, F88A4E23-BC5C-4735-971B-D518C7…)

She’s so bitter

No. 1120359

She forgot to mention that she has a talent.

No. 1120360

Iirc it was one of her first big meltdowns/the beginning of the weekly break ups kek. But yeah, it was when she moved back to OK after the Dawn/hotel homeless saga kek.

No. 1120364

Why… why would she ever compare herself to a celebrity who has been in the entertainment industry since she was a kid? Or a celebrity in general. Like no shit she doesnt have to post nudes for attention. Shes worked as an actress and shit and has an actual massive fanbase because she has talent and is attractive. Shes a Disney kid or whatever.

It's just not even the same in any way. What was her point? Being bitter over a celeb getting more likes than her seems extra crazy and petty even for Shay.

No. 1120365

Imagine being a dime a dozen e-whore with no value thinking you should or could ever be on the same level as a talented, beautiful celeb.

No. 1120367

yeah this was petty and retarded. I feel like if Zendaya was naked or trying to sell sex she'd be praising it and not making backhanded comments.

No. 1120370

File: 1609614750417.png (88.44 KB, 1182x312, Bildschirmfoto 2021-01-02 um 2…)

you are an ugly, fat hag though

No. 1120390

She always wants a man to "take care of her" but she gets with men who don't take care of her and don't have much money. Shit, she's been baiting killing herself to get Fupa to stay all last year

No. 1120414

File: 1609618797868.jpg (297.23 KB, 1080x1504, Screenshot_20210102-141955_Twi…)

No. 1120428

is there a category called "eating ur own shit"?

No. 1120438

you might be in consideration for “most weight gained in a year”

No. 1120440

You’re about to win 3 lolcow awards so I mean take what you can get kek

No. 1120450

aww but shay you’re on your way to winning at least 3 lolcow awards! just realize that this is the only place you’ll ever be famous

No. 1120452

why would you go for submissive of the year when you constantly attempt to do domme shit? stupid ass.

No. 1120468

imagine being a young woman who has actually accomplished a lot
i mean, just try imagining it, shayna, and then doing something instead of eating, getting high, and being jealous

No. 1120512

Yeah her whole thing is being a "brat". Shes only a sub because she's lazy and wants a dude to "take care" of her so will do whatever a dude wants sexually just for a crumb of attention kek.

No. 1120517

I guess she could go for fetish since shes appealed to chubby chasers and the disgusting coomers who like incest shit a lot this year. Speaking of, I would love to know how much of the video content she did this year was all on her own vs how many were customs she got paid to do that had instructions. We know she'll try for the anal star though.

Really theres nothing that stands out about her content and it all kinda blurs together in my mind. All of if is her horrible dialogue, awkward unsexy movements, too small outfits, then she uses the generic dildo in her ass or vag, fake finishes with a wand. The only difference is the god awful dialogue with the small range from disgusting incest pedo pandering to "I'm a dUmB BiMbo wHoRe"

No. 1120626

File: 1609635920972.jpeg (80.28 KB, 828x587, B978C9A4-EA08-4FAD-8FCD-53971B…)

Dumb edit

No. 1120630

this bitch thinks she's special for shoving things up her ass

No. 1120753

File: 1609649562955.jpg (315.91 KB, 1080x1381, Screenshot_20210102-235123_Twi…)

but its the meds right

No. 1120755

its hard to pick up a hobby if you've literally never had one in your entire life

No. 1120756

I'm not gonna lie, I had to look up what that was.

But that's very like Shayna to be jealous of other people knowing how to basically arrange large amounts of food onto a platter, like that's so fucking hard to do.

No. 1120769


Nitpick but this type of tweet shows exactly the type of lazy person she is that she knows EXACTLY why she never picked up a hobby (the bong) yet still says she’s “jealous”. Even when she’s trying to be cute about it, she constantly makes herself upset comparing herself to others when she knows damn well how to fix her fucking problems. LAZINESS, ENTITLEMENT AND DELUSIONS OF GRANDEUR.

No. 1120772

It’s literally just something you do. It’s just arranging food on a board. What a weird thing to be jealous of. And I’ve never heard of someone “getting into it”. It’s just something you do. That’s like being jealous of someone who organizes their shoes according to style.

No. 1120778

File: 1609653392459.jpg (280.39 KB, 1080x2179, Screenshot_20210102-235628_Twi…)

I wonder why she deleted this

No. 1120799

Probably to avoid getting canceled since there's an FtM this season and Twitterfags tend to take anything that could be construed as twansphobic and run with it

No. 1120809

File: 1609661745251.jpeg (1.13 MB, 1242x1739, 251FA737-42CB-429A-86B1-E466E1…)

All her followers are broke ass old men who only reply with gifs instead of with a cash app deposit kek that’s what happens when you’re fat, ugly, and worth $3

No. 1120810

File: 1609661830286.jpeg (224.88 KB, 1242x518, 78D0FD66-E06A-496B-932E-FB6B6F…)

this is disgusting

No. 1120816

I wanna know who gets off to her porn at all, it’s awful

No. 1120818

I feel like getting off to shat has to be some kind of self degradation fetish all of it's own. Like a sort of advanced masochism or self hatred where you get off by forcing yourself to watch her goblin content lmao idek

No. 1120846

She's said this before, so she's probably just trying to go viral yet again.

No. 1120885

She is basically on the verge of obesity, she could still turn things around but she probably emotionally eats because she is chubby now too.

No. 1120910

Don’t forget all the alcohol and edibles. It’s no wonder she’s gotten so fat, still she can’t seem to understand how that happened. Keep on stuffing your miuth Lardy Fattel.

No. 1120914

I think they just want to see a dumb bitch humiliating herself.

No. 1120936

I actually loled at this, thanks anon

No. 1120944

charcuterie isn’t a hobby you moron

No. 1120973

File: 1609691494886.png (732.15 KB, 1242x2688, 0E8C24DF-B118-413C-8089-A2C456…)

Shayna: why doesn’t the sexwork community like me? Sexworkers should support each other sobs into white claw

Also Shayna:

No. 1120976

Yet…. she complains when people dont retweet her stuff. Shes probably just mad she has to see skinner and prettier women than her. This tweet oozes jealously

No. 1120979

So she's going too delete people for..for trying to help out other girls and sharing content they like? Maybe she's just mad they aren't doing this for her.
She's such a bitch, no wonder why the "Community" does not like her.

No. 1120982

Wow great advice from a failed sex worker. I’m sure she knows how to run her business better!/s

No. 1120983

File: 1609692621033.jpg (260.36 KB, 1054x1011, 20210103_094951.jpg)

Added onto that tweet. Why does she have to announce shes unfollowing people? She just makes it worse for people to have things against her.

No. 1120984

File: 1609692682068.png (56.57 KB, 606x478, hdhd.PNG)

my thing is WHY DO YOU CARE? First she wanted to have people pay for advice, then she was asking to pay people for retweets, now she's bitching at how other people choose to do their own buiness.
What does it matter to her? Them possibly making less sells probably makes her happy. She just wants to bitch and talk down.

No. 1120985

Also pretty sure she’s bitter because she was kicked out of every sw group possible and no one would even agree to have her on their pod kek.

No. 1120989

It's almost like people who want to watch free porn on twitter don't give a shit about your sad power dynamics behind it. Imagine doing actual porn or fucking men for money and having your job compared to someone shitposting on twitter…

No. 1121008

She’s seriously so fucking annoying. She’s preachy and whiny and has a superiority complex at the same time. I roll my eyes every time she opens her mouth.

No. 1121011

One of your top supporters is another sex worker, Shay. Shut the fuck up. Clearly projecting because most of the sw community excludes her from their groups and only troons and some fellow fatties like her now. This isnt even advice, this is complete shit talking.
Like anon said, she should be glad if the other girls arent doing good, but the fact is they are doing better than her. Because they support eachother and mind their own e whoring business.

No. 1121013

I feel like that's not all that uncommon. But anyway, Jason Womack, is that you? Kek.
As unsexy and gross as her porn is, we always forget the coomers are more gross.

No. 1121024


Kekking at her revealing actually revealing how unsuccessful she is when she is retweeted. Like honey, the men on your profile arent there because they think you’re special. You’re just another set of tits and ass and one who gives out free content at that. Retweeting DOES work for girls who are actually attractive and can take good photos to lure in new clients. What a lardo.

No. 1121037

File: 1609697184086.png (Spoiler Image,3.21 MB, 1440x3040, Screenshot_20210103-130452.png)

1/3 w h y does she make that face.

No. 1121039

File: 1609697210551.png (Spoiler Image,2.9 MB, 1440x3040, Screenshot_20210103-130506.png)


No. 1121040

File: 1609697261455.png (Spoiler Image,3.21 MB, 1440x3040, Screenshot_20210103-130548.png)

3/3 enormous legs and the moldy strawberry. possibly the most unflattering photo

No. 1121044

what the fuck she looks like a 45 year old mom who has completely lost her mind and isnt allowed to have contact with her children

No. 1121045

Remember when she used to constantly put both legs behind her head

No. 1121054

File: 1609698559125.jpeg (136.36 KB, 828x1180, 1CFF7094-4E8E-401F-B67E-83CE53…)


She literally takes these photos with “pissing off” lolcow in mind. Not for clout, not for scrote attention, not even for money. She really thinks “I’ll show them” and it’s so obvious because she has zombie tit front and center, thin/dry/no color lips, black hole eyes, bad brows, and 3 day old unwashed hair. It’s just… all the nitpicks, on purpose. Jesus.

No. 1121056

because she has dry thin lips and thinks it looks like a pout. when in reality it makes her look like a retarded mouth breather

No. 1121058

wow you can stick your leg up in the air. such flexibility. very yoga.

No. 1121059

I don’t understand her pussy honestly why is it so gigantic and dark and fuzzy and doesn’t even open when she spreads her legs(nitpicking)

No. 1121067

I don't know why this picture is so funny to me. It's the face, she's so smug kek.

No. 1121069

Sorry to samefag but other than discord (or maybe even more) we are definitely the most engagement she gets. Too bad it’s all negative haha. I know it’s been said before but if she lurks then just like, imagine the contrast. The things you put out there on your “ass pat” platforms get you crickets, and you’re constantly getting roasted here.
I feel like if I were in her shoes, I would take the hint that if A LOT of people disliked me, maybe I’m the problem. But then again she has two brain cells and they’re drunk on sutterhome.

No. 1121076

and her bottom lip looks like it has a crack in it from being so crusty. She has on a ugly ass toddler looking coat, the under shirt does NOT go with the look and then her face is so colorless. The dark eyebrows, big lashes and a dry bare mouth.
This whole look is a fail.

No. 1121090

File: 1609700445984.png (Spoiler Image,1022.38 KB, 1440x783, shay-spider.png)

A few threads ago an anon said it looked like spider's maw and now I can't unsee it.

No. 1121106

i might be totally misremembering, but didn't he actually say he does that?

it's just because she has a fupa from her weight gain and the perspective of the picture is also making it look bigger in this case.

god this made me loose it, i don't know if i should laugh or be terrified of this silent hill style monster.

No. 1121107

who made this lmao it's too good the way it just pops up on the screen when you hover over it… i'm scared

No. 1121119

File: 1609702713393.jpeg (121.41 KB, 1103x1200, 9B25E563-1889-44FF-907E-E2CB58…)

Shayna has thin ass Amy Schumer lips kek

No. 1121120

Not wk but flavored k-cup coffees are zero calorie, the killer is all those lumps of sugar in her mug there

No. 1121121

She’s such a bitch. Every time she retweets someone she retweets every single nude she posted so you can’t see the other sex worker’s post.

No. 1121123

File: 1609703306172.jpeg (607.4 KB, 981x982, C77BC595-998E-4AFF-B003-1B5E4E…)

Such attention to detail

No. 1121128

you mean white girl Karen lips.

No. 1121132

File: 1609703888608.jpeg (678.18 KB, 1284x1255, 521E0DA0-BF3B-4830-ACEB-8FA09F…)

“I just care so much about other people’s problems that it’s so overwhelming. please praise me.”

No. 1121133

File: 1609703914707.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1002.48 KB, 3076x3347, 421B9642-FC37-430A-91C6-6887C0…)

That snap filter working overtime
She’s still ugly even with filters

No. 1121138

here we go, pretending to care about trump and that other shit, when really all she cares about is Fupa and her pretending to move so she can get away and/or convince him to come back

No. 1121142

this is the best i've seen shayna look in a few years filter or not.

No. 1121143

even with the lopsided titties

No. 1121148

That was me lmao, I remember because I got banned for vagina nitpick

This makes it all worth it in the end though, bless you anon

No. 1121160

Who wants to bet that Fupa is a trump supporter

No. 1121165

She seems to have taken a shower for once, which helps. As does the filter choice.
If she could be bothered with basic hygiene and photo editing, she wouldn’t be such a complete eyesore. But that would take time away from eating, getting high, and bitching.

No. 1121166

He’s registered to vote as a Democrat.

No. 1121176

File: 1609709034415.jpeg (364.68 KB, 1242x1160, B1537493-7DEB-414E-9942-7F90A5…)

No. 1121177

Lurk more newfag he’s a democrat and posts his liberal views on his Facebook. Fupa is retarded like Shayna and spits out all the woke statements Twitterfags say

No. 1121194

she should really just get her hair japanese permed because straight hair is much more conventionally attractive on her. curly hair can be so beautiful when it's taken care of well, but all she does is slap her unwashed hair in a bun or two greasy, limp pigtails. i don't think BiMbOs are usually known for having curly (and brown) hair, either.

No. 1121195

She's such a fatass and not even ashamed of it kek. I thought she was a rich brat yet she cannot even buy herself grilled cheese for lunch? Sad

No. 1121196

I wonder what Shayna’a finances look like with her getting food dash all the fucking time. Does she not have a car or know how to drive?

No. 1121200

idk if her license is expired or not, she has an outstanding warrant for something traffic related. No car though unless I missed something.

No. 1121217

She ubers everywhere and posts about it constantly, asking people to reimburse her.
What is with the influx of new fags today?

No. 1121237

File: 1609713705632.jpeg (1003.42 KB, 1242x1549, 15FE8E1F-49FA-4ABE-BC2A-889976…)

Gag she’s never worn these in any of her videos though? I’m confused

No. 1121238

the warrant is for driving on an expired license and other traffic shit
shayna is a complete trainwreck

No. 1121241

I guess you have to pay first, then she wears them for x amount of days and/or in a video. Hoe, them panties ain't worth that much alone and DEPRECIATE in value by having your booty and dolphin pussy fluids added. Waaay to high on price. How tf these panties worth so much on or off of her compared to getting ALLLLL her content for the price of two mcdoubles n a small fry? She's still selling subscriptions for 3$ no? Not even her most loyal score would cough that up, surely? A really popular porn star, oh yeah, but Flabby Fattel? Nope.

No. 1121246

Kek agreed. I don’t know who she thinks she is. Jason R Womack might pay for them but that’s really nasty why would you want scrotes sniffing your nasty fishy discharge vagina fluids with a slight stain of blood on them from your ass pimples.

No. 1121261

we've been through a lot.. but this is genuinely THE ugliest and fattest she has ever looked. hands down.

No. 1121263

i bet they smell like the the inside of a mcdonalds

No. 1121264


You forgot to add the shit stains that will definitely be included

No. 1121270

imagine thinking shatna has a car

No. 1121334

File: 1609719210288.jpeg (531.14 KB, 1242x1268, 91332AF3-B8C6-4347-BB45-F40CCB…)

Same shit. Different day. 1/2

No. 1121336

File: 1609719247343.jpeg (363.73 KB, 1242x647, AC299BDC-9272-44C6-9A38-003C01…)


No. 1121345

she says all this as if it hasn’t already been said 10x and is still yet to happen

No. 1121357

This "I'm going to move" shit is so stupid, because if Fupa said he'd take her back even if she did move she'd be right back with him.
All she can do is say she'll move because I don't know how big she can go after the hospital stunt.

No. 1121360

she should fake a pregnancy kek

No. 1121383

Don't even put this idea in her head anon

No. 1121399

File: 1609723892558.jpeg (Spoiler Image,86.98 KB, 674x1118, B015F0B8-ECA7-46F5-BFEE-57D6E2…)

No. 1121400

File: 1609723915849.jpeg (Spoiler Image,93.53 KB, 674x1084, F371A53A-7AF8-4F16-A040-77E2A0…)

No. 1121405

File: 1609724100663.jpeg (194.39 KB, 1242x1739, AF5B2B36-D1F3-4F81-A3AC-C71F3B…)


No. 1121411

If someone told me she had a progeroid syndrome, I'd finally understand. That is one rat-faced mug, and it looks like her vagina was made out of male cadaver flesh. Looking at her body causes my brain to go into fight or flight, and that's when I begin to understand why she smokes and drinks herself into a stupor.

No. 1121413

Her eyebags literally have second, smaller eyebags. Wat.

No. 1121414

my fucking sides

No. 1121418

While the alcohol bloat and Yaniv smirk is still there, so does look so much better than usual. There's no painted on eyebrows or crusty stale foundation. She actually looks like a woman in her 20s instead of street prostitute in her 40s.

No. 1121435

this is some backpage 10$ hooker level shit

No. 1121439

No. 1121443

File: 1609727413267.gif (Spoiler Image,1.99 MB, 360x640, 9A7F474E-B4A8-423B-900E-09A72E…)

This is an Imageboard anon

No. 1121444

No. 1121446

File: 1609727500198.jpeg (515.61 KB, 1242x1197, 307F6083-366D-4142-88A9-B4358E…)

No. 1121453

Damn she lost more than half of her subscribers. Also she looks completely retarded on those pics js

No. 1121454

File: 1609728395640.jpg (31.59 KB, 274x295, 1380707_1401422480471_full.jpg)


frank gallagher realness

No. 1121463

Did… did she smooth her asshole out

No. 1121466

Yeah she airbrushed her shitter away, now she looks like the barbie doll of her dream with no genitals.

No. 1121478

Why she doesn't have weight loss as her number one goal? lmao

No. 1121482

Why her eyes look like puffy buttholes

No. 1121483

470 subscribers times $3 is $1,410 per MONTH. Wow that is bleak.

No. 1121485

A place she’s proud to call hers? Is this not hers or something? There is no way in hell Fupapa is paying her rent

No. 1121487

The filter working harder than Shay ever has

No. 1121489

She looks like a little boy. Like a dumpster crackbaby Sprouse.

No. 1121492

No, it requires sound for the full horrifying speddy effect

No. 1121495

Finally a reveal of her current sub numbers. Honestly more than I expected for the new year lol. But since she claims shes gonna raise it to 5 bucks, I'm sure she'll be down to 400 or less soon.

No. 1121542

I think shes just saying shes not proud of the place shes in now.

No. 1121569

Which is funny since shes been bragging about it since she moved in. She used to refer to it as a house. Recently a condo iirc. She always talks about how cheap rent for how great it is and the lUxUrIoUs faux marble counters and shit. Kek

No. 1121584

>goblin content
Fucking kek anon

Pretty sure you lost a bunch of your subscribers because you don’t even do the 3 cum shows a week that you advertise for. And also because you’re a fat ass now.

Damn that’s depressing. If she worked a regular job on top of that it wouldn’t be too bad. No wonder she is poor.

No. 1121594

Jfc i lurked at previous threads and not too long ago she had over 1k subs
if you click here >>976765
She is going to be at 200 subs if she doesn’t stop taking “the day off”

No. 1121618

I was trying to find the last time she mentioned or showed her subs when she said "over 500". I know it was only a month or so ago. She was averaging losing 50-100 subs a month for a while, working her way steadily down from 800. I expected her number to be lower this month, but maybe she kept some by securing spots at the $3 price or something. She'll keep losing them though. Like how long into this year until shes got 200-300? Even at 5 bucks a pop, that's not gonna cover her rent kek.

No. 1121620

So much for buying those pet play items and dog cage. She took a handful of pics and it's been over a month since she said she was gonna make a vid eating that thc cereal or the fuck machine through the cage. Makes me really think she only releases vids when they are customs. Basically when she HAS to. She always has "problems" when she says she went to film her vid ideas (I mean, she is really dumb). And yeah she still procrastinates the customs and eventually sloppily shoots them all in one day. Sounds like customers even complained or she did them wrong so she had to refilm some.
And yet she really thinks she deserves tips and to get interaction on the level of a celeb AND has the nerve to tell other girls how to run their business. Its baffling.

Not to even mention the untouched pc prop/dust collector.

No. 1121638

No wonder she has to post and beg for every thing she wants now. She only makes enough to cover rent and food. By the end of summer she won't even be making enough for that anymore, she'll have no choice but to move back home eventually if she keeps putzing around..

No. 1121709

Where the hell is her arsehole

No. 1121728


Lol at the dodge tool use over her asshole and pussy. The dirty strawberry comments must be getting to her. Just shave your ashy pussy already. You're a sex worker. This is your job.

No. 1121737


I know damn well she only took this picture cause farmers where saying that she’s too fat to put her legs over her head.

Stop lurking the threats and take care of your animals for once.

No. 1121741

She proved she cant though. She can do one foot behind her head, which most anyone can do and I bet it was a huge struggle for her. The other one with both her feet up you can clearly see they are very much in front of her head. Like ok, you can lift your hammy legs up off the grimey floor, congrats. If shes lurking she could at least not prove us right kek

No. 1121802

File: 1609775897384.jpg (501.38 KB, 1080x1496, Screenshot_20210104-095719_Twi…)

At least she's seeing the resemblance

No. 1121812

anon i was so taken aback when i hovered my cursor over the spoiler KEK

No. 1121815

File: 1609777946095.jpeg (Spoiler Image,61.72 KB, 1079x606, 1856B4CE-CEBA-4935-B0F4-C1B7B9…)

No. 1121833

The fact that she retweets weird zoophilia crap like this and pretends to be a dog getting fucked seriously weirds me the fuck out.

No. 1121836

kek she keeps posting pics with this filter that makes her pussy orange

No. 1121837

File: 1609781019301.jpeg (864.24 KB, 1242x1476, B9B42AC7-FDFF-4D47-BE49-C30D92…)

I thought your mom was an ABUSIVE republican shaytard?

No. 1121838

Does this retard not have a purse?

No. 1121839

I wouldnt be surprised if she lets noodle lick her snatch while she’s high out of her mind when Fupa is ignoring her

No. 1121846

We always knew her mom would bail her out at some point. Remember when she would shit on her uwu abusive mom for offering to let her live in her house rent free?
Why is she flipping out about a check? It’s not cash. Even if you did lose it, you mom can cancel the check and write a new one. Why is she such a moron.
Just put the check in your wallet or purse or on a fucking table. Why is this such an ordeal.

Doubt. Shay is not a sexual person despite her making it her personality. She has no kinks and has no sex drive. She uses sex as a means to make money and to appease men. She talks about “fucking her butt” which is really code for “sitting on my ass and eating junk food”. Unless she has to film it, she’s not doing anything sexual.

No. 1121855

>I can't cash it or I'll use it and it'd supposed to go towards moving
Absolutely fucking pathetic. Put it in a different savings account and then hide the account from view if you really can't prevent yourself from spending it while in view. But holy fucking shit, that's gross.

No. 1121858

lmao this is truly the the mentality of a successful, thriving professional! seriously, the bitch must be broke as hell if she can’t even set aside a single check.

No. 1121860

If she keeps it in her purse she will end up spending the money.

No. 1121866


Just more evidence to add to the pile that she has absolutely no savings after years of degrading herself (more so than most porn stars making serious money) for years now. It's really sad.

No. 1121870

This just further proves that Shayna is a spoiled privileged brat who can’t even be successful in the easiest profession in the world, sex work. And her mommy has to send her money she makes from doing actual work. Shayna likes to boast and brag about how she went from a waitress at Olive Garden and now has a successful “business” selling her pimpled pussy pics, when really she can barley afford rent and is basically still relying on her parent’s paycheck.

No. 1121873


samefag, but it will be interesting to see what she packs when she moves because it's honestly depressing how little she has to show for putting a permanent stain on her future. she has a dog, a couple boxes of sex toys, some bongs, and a couple boxes of clothes that wont fit her anymore. Oh, and some yellowed furniture.

No. 1121876

Don’t forget the gamer girl uwu PC that is collecting dust on her shitty Amazon desk

No. 1121883

Wow her mom gave her money to move and I bet you she's either going to lose the check, not move and spend it on bullshit.
Her parents probably think she's considering moving to better herself, not that she's doing it to escape the baby daddy she's been dating off and on for years.
That she talks SO much shit about her mom online and shared those texts to call her racists trying to go viral, all for her to accept her moms money. Shayna really is a fucked up person.

No. 1121886

Can we not start this shit again

No. 1121887

Not spending that cheque on door dash must be killing her.

No. 1121895

Give her six hours.

No. 1121931

File: 1609788265662.jpeg (Spoiler Image,127.38 KB, 828x839, 846E1DBC-D533-4C35-80EA-F6A1DA…)

Oh my god

No. 1121943

File: 1609788685542.gif (4.11 MB, 400x200, 9CC28DF9-04CA-45C6-9300-A727EB…)

No. 1121945

Please spoiler this

No. 1121952

File: 1609788976281.jpeg (696.01 KB, 2048x2048, 604A79B3-D14A-4DAF-AF81-6F76F1…)

Noodle has what appears to be dried up eye boogers on her fur. Poor baby she looks miserable.(nitpicking)

No. 1121981


Watch her do some dumb shit like buy a car

No. 1121985

sage for vetmedfagging

some dogs just have more eye discharge than others (they make pet wipes that help)

as an aside i've noticed her dog is usually whale-eying in photos (being able to see the whites of her eyes), which is indicative of stress/anxiety. she's probably not being mentally/physically stimulated enough.

she could benefit from some kong toys, longer walks, clicker training, etc. it's hard being a medium-big dog in a small apartment, even harder so when the dog's young & a high-energy breed. i feel bad for her pets. she keeps them fed and watered but i don't think she is meeting their behavioral and social needs.

No. 1122022

OF takes 20%, so 80% of $3 x 470 subs is $1128. shayna is making less than $1200 a month lol. i wonder how much the check her mom wrote her is

No. 1122038

She hasn't washed her hair in at least 4 days, that is why she is wearing the hat. This is so disgusting.
See >>1119360

No. 1122042

bold of you to think she cares enough to do any of this, we already know she cleans bi-yearly, the bar is as low as it gets.

No. 1122092

That filthy couch/bed. Buy a lint roller Shat. They are like 2.50 each.