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File: 1711690133539.png (1.54 MB, 1026x647, 1710159487845.png)

No. 1980824

Previous Thread >>>/snow/1970047

Shayna Leigh Clifford; 26 year old failing prostitute, porn sick degenerate, drug addict and alcoholic who spends her days posting free pictures of her hemorrhoid filled anus on twitter while begging for rent. Rejects her parents help to get an education and normal job. Hurts animals on purpose and panders to pedos by filming porn dressed as a child. Recently moved to Seattle after wasting years on an ex too ashamed to admit they were dating her and is currently looking her new Fupa 2.0.


REMEMBER: Read the rules before posting. Repetitive nitpicks about Shayna's body, face, and genitals are subject to a 1-day ban. Reposting the same photos zoomed in/edited is not milk and you will receive a ban for nitpicking. Stay on topic, derailing and infighting will result in a ban. Sage when there’s no milk. Spoiler any NSFW images. No blog posting or bragging about how you're a better whore than Shayna. Nobody wants to hear about your degeneracy. This is a Shay thread, curb your enthusiasm when posting screenshots of other e-whores, they go in the e-whores thread

Last Thread:
>Shayna continuing to shit on her customers over $200 on her public account >>1970053
>Overly flattered that her sub john brought her to meet potentially other degenerate 'frens' >>1970203
>Shamelessly shows off her crusty, shit-stained dildos in her bathtub while Ellen has friends over >>1970412
>New cowgirl video with Scott Limpcock, showcasing her world-class sped acting >>1970622
>Gloats that three kids complimented her overly wrinkled Shein pants >>1972182, >>1972183
>Debates getting bangs >>1971950, and then gets one singular thick bang >>1973312, >>1973314, >>1973371
>Another guilt-tripping, rent-begging post offering to sell her videos for pennies >>1973612
>Wears the same ugly outfit twice, showing that it's now too small for her >>1973882
>Goes to the Seattle Fetish Ball, using their 360 selfie booth >>1974449
>Her making this video in turn reveals Ellen in the background, going by the not-so-secret alias Mistress Selina Berlin >>1974490, >>1974503, >>1974504, >>1974511
>Complains about body aches, not realizing that it's possibly implant sickness and excessive alcohol use >>1975189
>Scott Limpcock gifted her lights that she doesn't need, Shayna installing them all directly onto the ceiling >>1975693
>More bitching about custom orders, expecting her coomers to pay on her time, not theirs. Great business move calling your customers ungrateful >>1976078, >>1976119, >>1976131
>Too lazy and broke to cook or order Doordash to the point of having her own friends to make her dinner >>1976403
>Overshares she was caught smoking a blunt in a gym storage trailer, further proving she peaked in highschool >>1976847
>Claims she's a perfectionist business owner >>1977087
>Acts disgusted by the Quiet On Set docuseries, forgets she makes pedophile content >>1977900
>Ironically posts a new pedo video, her tits looking as unruly as ever >>1978124, >>1978235
>Desperately grasps at attempts to make a viral tweet, comparing her sex skills to a Boeing >>1978667
>Wears the same ugly ass outfit for a bdsm shoot with the bald scrote with the Mickey Mouse voice, expressing how hot it was >>1978980, >>1979037, >>1979079
>Accidentally reveals she only likes creepy old guys because they keep a roof over her head and fill her pockets with UberEats cash >>1979264
>Very comical and awkward video showing her thrashing around like livestock in silence >>1979363
>Finally receives the ugly pink bra she begged for weeks ago, backfiring by making her look twice her size >>1979609
>Complains how hard her job is being on social media because her feelings get hurt, while also wishing she didn't have to eat as much despite eating five meals a day >>1979630
>Randomly heads for Vegas for what seems to be a more personal trip to see Scott Limpcock, disguised as a work trip she'll make no money from >>1980076
>Goes out with Scott, bragging he bought her (under $50 worth of) Shein clothes >>1980463, >>1980465, >>1980476, >>1980509, >>1980513

New TikTok: https://www.tiktok.com/@theirlbarbie

No. 1980825

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No. 1980827

File: 1711690367482.jpg (881.55 KB, 1080x1902, Pork loin.jpg)

She must be staying at Scott's place, makes sense why she didn't beg for flight or hotel money.

No. 1980829

File: 1711690475234.jpg (655.95 KB, 1218x1704, Haggard.jpg)

A recent shoot, this is one of the worst photos of her yet. Flipped it so it's right side up.

No. 1980830

File: 1711690548110.jpg (Spoiler Image,447.96 KB, 1153x2048, What.jpg)

Her boobs look painful.

No. 1980832

File: 1711691090533.jpg (Spoiler Image,451.89 KB, 1192x2048, What2.jpg)

No. 1980841

Is that a necrosis happening on that titty?

No. 1980845

Bitch looks like Steve from Blues Clues

No. 1980854

Holy shit these are all so unflattering kek, where do I even start. The sped face looking like she's taking a dump. The painful bruised tit in the second pic (and again, the face). Or the very unfortunate lighting in the last one which accentuates her eyebags to the max. I assume she didn't post these herself?

No. 1980857

Is that her waterbottle in the background? I just figured she pulls moisture out of the air like a cactus to avoid dying from dehydration.

No. 1980867

We have said time and time again to so many different photos “these are the worst pictures of her yet” and “these are horrid” but these three take the cake. Legitimately the worst ones. Holy crap.

No. 1980877

File: 1711709483646.jpg (Spoiler Image,188.53 KB, 1300x906, hogtied pig.jpg)

She is so porcine.

No. 1980880

She looks like an actual corpse here. And her boob is bruised from being hogtied. I can only imagine how the implants are being shifted around.

No. 1980887

File: 1711730545854.jpeg (Spoiler Image,521.26 KB, 1666x2048, EA3EA013-CF9D-4297-B38D-8F501F…)

she truly hates her body and herself to do this

No. 1980891

File: 1711732104070.jpeg (105.11 KB, 620x620, IMG_4383.jpeg)

Her face looks like she’s mid truffle shuffle

No. 1980893

File: 1711732499967.jpg (26.23 KB, 474x474, dog food chub.jpg)

The way her fat is ready to burst out of that outfit makes her look like a dog food chub.

No. 1980896

Nooooooooooo the implants are going to be wrecked noooo stop this time for real

No. 1980898

File: 1711732798005.jpg (19.83 KB, 258x386, Mr_Blobby,_2009.jpg)

Her boobs look like Mr Blobbys feet

No. 1980900

is she supposed to be cosplaying a dead child here? fuck

No. 1980911

this looks like a photo of a dead body from r/eyeblech. what. the. fuck.

No. 1980940

Looks better than usual, the suit is smoothing her out
Aaand back to terrible. Looks necro-ed.

No. 1980962

File: 1711745174070.jpg (364.53 KB, 1153x1138, 1711690548110kk.jpg)

Flipped pic. I have no words. Every time I think Shaynus can't get grodier, well dagnabbit I eat my words every time. Are we done with the failed baby larp and moving onto pandering to necrophiliacs? Who is aroused by this???

No. 1980968

I scrolled past this thread on /snow/ and I thought someone posted gore for a second. Bleak.

No. 1980969

This is so fucking disturbing, it looks like a crime scene photo

No. 1980971

File: 1711747640305.jpg (811.66 KB, 1440x1008, 20240329_212434.jpg)

The pink ham legs kek

No. 1980973

File: 1711747751577.jpg (257.98 KB, 1152x2048, 20240329_212531.jpg)

Jump scared me with this. Why so dark, it looks scary. Kids face paint is better than this shitshow

No. 1980976

File: 1711747818238.jpg (245.49 KB, 1152x2048, Ugly af.jpg)

Looks worse with teeth.

No. 1980977

File: 1711747853574.jpg (594.21 KB, 2048x2048, HammySuit.jpg)

The outfit

No. 1980978

This has to be the most unflattering picture of her that's ever been documented here. How hammered is she that she thought this was ok to post?

No. 1980979

jfc it really highlights the mangled tits, and she looks like she has a dick.

No. 1980980

This really accentuates her nasty little black shithole eyes, so fucking ugly in every way

No. 1980991

>Who is aroused by this???
Men into double chins and neck rolls I would assume.

Why does she have a crotch bulge?

No. 1980995

Jesus, her posture is so bad. She manages to make just standing straight look dumpy.

No. 1980999

it’s hilarious that this is one of her better looks, since nearly her entire face is covered

No. 1981009

File: 1711754574223.jpg (365.5 KB, 1080x1652, towel.jpg)

No. 1981013

the fuck is the jacket hanging on a piece f art(?)

No. 1981015

It's a mirror so the fat old scrote filming isn't the second least appealing thing caught on camera.

No. 1981025

I'll say it every time, damn I feel so bad for shats pets.

No. 1981027

File: 1711757207943.jpg (220.41 KB, 1170x1740, Enough.jpg)

>took off my makeup & we’re goin out 2 sushi but my face still has pink stains leftover from the face paint aljfbtlwbgbkwlfje [crying emoji, two hearts emoji]

No. 1981028

File: 1711757359064.jpg (139.13 KB, 1080x633, IMG_99321.jpg)

Because it lets you ignore the fact that you have lingering debt to take care of when you're home.

No. 1981051

Imagine being reliant on fat, ugly, smelly old moids for serotonin. It’s the only time she feels “hot” because no scrote pays any attention to her unless it’s transactional. Even then it’s only the most rancid, bottom of the barrel degenerates who can’t get sex unless they pay for it and their welfare checks can’t afford anyone less hideous than Shayna. I bet Scott Limpcock didn’t even cover her flights, he just paid her in porcine Shein toxic waste and will give her a cut of whatever sales they make from their “content”. Beyond bleak.

No. 1981066

In 3 days she will be cry begging for rent money.

No. 1981094

No. 1981124

working those myspace angles for dear life

>i love doin things every day
keep telling on yourself you lazy cow

No. 1981150

File: 1711778867887.jpg (55.02 KB, 504x766, FDRdofMWEAY_8BN.jpg)

Why does she have this retarded makeup on for this shoot? Sure, her outfit is full of butterflies but on any person it would look like shit regardless, let alone her. Her porn videos with Limpcock are already awful and this time the sped makeup will make it worse. It reminds me of picrel kek

No. 1981176

File: 1711786533490.jpg (151.08 KB, 640x800, britneyhalloween.jpg)

The way she looks here is giving me the energy of a low-effort parody halloween costume, like picrel

No. 1981184

this could actually be shayna in a couple of years

No. 1981221

kek nonita, you beat me to it, I was gonna say inb4 the obligatory “uwu in a really bad place financially right now and need help paying rent, gib shekels in exchange for asshole pics uwu” tweet as soon as she gets back to Renton

No. 1981224

Shayna "my eyes are hazel" Clifford

damn yeah give her 3 years and she could recreate this photo quite accurately

No. 1981225

Tbh i think the butterfly makeup isn't bad, it would look pretty on a kid or as part of a costume on a woman who isn't about to pose for what will probably the tackiest pictures. It's not the first time she hangs out w this gross moid and he he hooks her up w a kind of decent MUA. Now watch her try and reproduce this on herself to beach whale it in her crusty cage when she gets home kek

No. 1981226

>would look pretty on a kid
That's exactly the problem.

No. 1981231

>she hangs out w this gross moid and he he hooks her up w a kind of decent MUA
But if she's with small gulp Scott, why is one of the women from skidmark >>1980971 there?

No. 1981243

The terrifying butterfly photo is a BTS of what she's doing now. The skidmark photo is from something that's been shot, edited, and probably just released. Can take a while for clips to come out after they're filmed.

No. 1981258

Because she is so fat

No. 1981262

and ugly

No. 1981271

File: 1711819495750.jpg (621.4 KB, 2160x3728, Sex Work.jpg)

With her content being so overly childlike in the worst way, do we think she's transitioning from "baby bimbo" to just full on pedo? Pic related is from the start of her career to one her most recent videos. She doesn't seem to be pushing the bimbo part anymore.

No. 1981273

It didn't suit her at all, but trying to be Barbie was still better than what she's doing now

No. 1981276

The ugly textured skin, the red ear with crusty smelly ear plugs, the horrible bangs, the crusty gross mouth breather neckbeard mouth, the yellow teeth. She’s so offensively ugly. How on earth is this attractive? She looks dead. Like she accidentally killed herself making content. If she keeps drinking like a fish this is what Ellen the faux dominatrix and the sissy man will stumble upon once they unlocks her apartment and finds her like this.

No. 1981278

The red pimple on her thigh is killing me

No. 1981279

Wash your face fatty. Kek she does makeup like you would do when you were still learning in high school. She really never has successfully improved in her life. Her looks, her weight, her makeup skills, her income, she’s stuck in the same place for years. Her only two accomplishments are holding onto the niche popularity she got on stoner tumblr, and being able to scramble enough dollars to move out her parents house because she decided being a whore would pay off better than going to college. She’s always been a burnt out loser. She peaked in high school and even back then she wasn’t anything special. Just an obnoxious basic bitch who never applied herself and thought she was above everyone.

No. 1981280

I think she's realised that moids don't care, it doesn't sell and she's never been able to pull it off. Being an authentic high end bimbo is something she will never achieve. It's takes effort, such as showering on a daily basis and exercising to staying in shape and it requires money to purchase expensive salon treatments, make up and designer clothes. Every time she's tried the result is always either Dollar General barbie knock off, peak mom of five in a council house or just outright hideous.

No. 1981286

This is probably the exact face she makes while blacked out drunk on the bathroom floor. Unsexy

No. 1981326

File: 1711832242928.mp4 (3.16 MB, 848x480, 1000034575.mp4)

How does she claim that it takes her a long time to get ready for a shoot? Those bleary rat turd eyes have bags under them. Her hair is a mess. Her outfits are ugly. Her eyes look like they're tracking a script off camera. And her acting is so pathetically unsexy.

No. 1981343

She puts so much effort into the “production” supposedly that I’m surprised she never tried to actually make a non-nsfw social media so she could attempt to become an influencer.

No. 1981345

File: 1711838795356.jpeg (400.41 KB, 1536x2047, IMG_1181.jpeg)


No. 1981346

File: 1711839119778.jpeg (407.39 KB, 1536x2048, IMG_1182.jpeg)

No. 1981357

It takes awhile to get drunk enough to do her "job" with her intolerance

No. 1981359

File: 1711841580060.jpg (65.8 KB, 500x500, 1000034534.jpg)

Deli ham. Color of her outfits, complexion of her skin. The skin under her eyes looks like shit too. She looks even more frog-eyed when she makes that stupid trademark smirk. At least this time it's not one of those tacky dropship gunt-umbrella skirts. Limpcock spent all of about $15 to $20 on that childish heart-shaped purse she had. Amazon reviews said that all the crystals are falling off the handle and the handle. And that the purse felt incredibly cheap. Everything about Shay is cheap, plastic, and sickeningly pink. My only hope is one day Mattel sends their legal team after her for making pedo bait content under both the Barbie and Mattel trademark names. Please, please let there be a miracle…

No. 1981363

Ugh. She looked much better with the bangs up >>1980976 I’m surprised they fit them in a ponytail holder, they’re so short.

No. 1981365

File: 1711844773627.jpeg (134.82 KB, 982x1200, IMG_3997.jpeg)

Big Shaybus vibes whenever I see her pics(take it to /shay/)

No. 1981371

she did that hilariously short lived matttel tv or whatever the fuck she called it in an attempt to show off her personality, but since she has none it was abandoned and never mentioned again much like so many ideas that were totally going to elevate her porn.

No. 1981372

Kek from thumbnail the hairband makes it look like she legit has a tonsure

No. 1981386

Why do people shit the thread up with every single photo that reminds them of the cow? Do you people not have access to the shaynatorium?

No. 1981388

This looks edited?? Kek(sage your shit)

No. 1981391

Frankly, she should just stay in Vegas. No way it can be more expensive then Seattle, who cares about climate since she doesn't leave home, enough men at absolute rock bottom she could pick up for money, and she could whore legally at least part time and it would be vaguely safer.

No. 1981455

Since she's already whoring herself in Seattle Idk why she doesn't just go all out and rent space in a brothel outside Las Vegas. Considering sex work is her "career" and basically only hobby she really half asses it

No. 1981459

just as the prophecy foretold

No. 1981460

I doubt that she would be able to compete with professional prostitutes.

No. 1981475

she leans into the little girl shit because she is unhappy with her size and the fact that she is getting older and pretending to be a child makes her feel small and young. it's the same sort of coping as when she goes on trips and rambles about how much she loves her life and what she does for a living only to arrive back home and become too depressed to do anything.

No. 1981512

wtaf. not trying to be edgy or disrespectful at all here, but this legitimately reminded me of the bianca devins necro photo.

No. 1981521

File: 1711902623766.jpg (Spoiler Image,380.81 KB, 1153x2048, TWINE PORK.jpg)

Was the point of this shoot to be as porcine as possible?

No. 1981522

File: 1711902706381.jpg (Spoiler Image,392.61 KB, 1153x2048, Swine.jpg)

Also these seem to be the complete unedited versions, kek

No. 1981536

File: 1711903808852.jpg (35.8 KB, 480x360, pork joint.jpg)

She looks like a dressed pork joint.

No. 1981554

Those bangs..

No. 1981568

The lighting and colors are kind of nice, could have been a nice setting had it just been a regular picture and not ShayBound

No. 1981579

File: 1711915213379.jpeg (1.72 MB, 1170x1841, IMG_9443.jpeg)

Not sure if this has been posted. This is from her “puppy boy”

No. 1981581

File: 1711915482496.jpeg (818.13 KB, 1170x1324, IMG_9513.jpeg)

Has it always been known that Ellen is married?

No. 1981605

ummm no ?????? If she truly is married, then it's bizarre that the moid isn't involved with their weird lesbian set up but might also explain why Shay doesn't seem to be incredibly attached

No. 1981606

File: 1711921241484.jpeg (1.27 MB, 1170x1798, IMG_5882.jpeg)

Kek the high res zoom in really shows the state of her skin. That weird thing on the corner of mouth is sending me

No. 1981617

Jfc crater face

No. 1981621

File: 1711925774098.png (17.79 KB, 597x240, married.png)

this is the only other tweet where she mentions a husband. I doubt she's actually married, probably just a weird nickname for one of her 'partners'

No. 1981622

Her skin makes me want to cry it looks so uncomfortable and dry and dirty…and the caked on makeup…have her pores truly breathed in a decade???

No. 1981624

Idk crater face is a stretch imo. She’s obviously very dry (among other things)

No. 1981629

And tiny crusty lips, how is she not in pain? They look like they’re on the verge of splitting open and bleeding

No. 1981630

>muh green eyes!
Such ugly beady little black rat turds, truly hideous

No. 1981640

File: 1711932486774.webp (26.93 KB, 345x337, IMG_1201.webp)

The husband in question

No. 1981642

this just looks like Shayna if she was a man.

No. 1981666

Yeah I don’t buy it. Doesn’t she live with her parents?

No. 1981685

File: 1711949367790.jpg (631.32 KB, 1668x2048, Fail.jpg)

No. 1981713

File: 1711962460833.png (116.83 KB, 1080x785, Screenshot_20240401-095620~2.p…)

Dirty deleted within 4 minutes of posting about 10 minutes ago.

No. 1981715

Wasn't she staying with that scrote? Did something happen?

No. 1981716

I wonder what happened. Maybe Scott Smallcock told her she was fat.

No. 1981717

KEK, like fucking clockwork. Maybe next time ask the scrote to pay you with actual money instead of aliexpress clothes and food

No. 1981726

See now this smells so creamy but we can’t get the actual info unless she spills or small gulp does…I second what >>1981716 said, he probably said something about her weight/appearance/stench

No. 1981729

I can see Shayna being emo about how awful she has been looking in HD for these photoshoots (crater face) and Scott Smallgulp not catering to her or treating her like a baby because he works with so many models and he probably was like "well… thats how you look honey" kek

No. 1981730

Did Shayna get too drunk and embarrass herself again? Make a complete fool out of herself in front of Thimble-Dick's friends? It's Fupa all over again.

No. 1981731

Maybe Ellen just found out that we’ve unmasked her and Shay is crying because of that? Or more likely Scott Limpdick and the other person she filmed with both have time to shoot on the last day so she was left alone with nothing to do and a measly $203 down the drain (which is like $2k in Shaydollars).

No. 1981734

File: 1711970239559.webp (35.62 KB, 640x853, IMG_1064.webp)

She had better fucken spill, we are long overdue for fresh, full cream leche

No. 1981735

She didn't even make it 3 days before the e begging. Bleak as fuck Shayna.

No. 1981737

Already deleted(the post you are replying to literally says that)

No. 1981739

File: 1711971783438.png (169.49 KB, 590x882, mv-club.png)

More info from her MV

She has 211 subs on MV at $3.75, which would be $791.25 a month. Not even enough for her rent.

Under the Club tab you can also view her sales which is bleak. Most of what sells is her older content. Her latest video was bought only twice. Overall she sold 24 videos in a week. Which is around $280. If we could find out how many subs she has on OF it would be possible to estimate how much she actually earns.

No. 1981744

her OF seems dead, she's not even advertising it anymore. take $200 a month as an uninformed guess on how much she makes on OF (uninformed bc i'm not a whore)

No. 1981747

fatty got cellulite on her arms kek i'd kms if pictures like this existed of me, forever saved on some fetishist moids harddrive next to necrophilia porn and bestiality in a folder called porcine whores

No. 1981750

If she has 200 subs on OF that would be $1000 a month, probably less because most moids probably subscribe using the offers she posts. So her total earnings from MV and OF would be around 2900. Her rent alone for a 2 bed, 2 bath apartment has to be at least $2,500, which would leave her with less than $500 for bills and food.

No. 1981751

OF takes a cut of 20% so it would be $800 with 200 subs but i highly doubt she still has 200 coomers paying for her shit.

No. 1981755

Which apartments is she in? Because even here in a basic cali town highest rent is $1,550.
But also seattle is a big city. $2,500 for rent is criminal. Girl should just pay that on a house.

No. 1981758

File: 1711981070148.jpeg (320.17 KB, 1125x1760, IMG_1573.jpeg)

She’s paying $500 over average for a two bedroom in Renton WA. I found this statistic on Zillow. Hope she moves when her lease is up.

No. 1981762

Nonnies posted Shat's apartment location and rental price not long after she moved. It's probably gone up since then, since landlords in the area tend to add $100-200 a year. She's paying a LOT for no reason. I never understood why she ended up in Renton and having to Uber everywhere. It would've been 1000% times more convenient to live in Seattle proper or Bellevue, and the prices are often better. I'm always interested in how badly Shat manages her finances and life.

No. 1981763

True and MV will take a cut as well, so $800 OF, $630 MV subs and 890 in MV sales would be $2320.

Her exact apartment is known. I'm not going to post it but currently in her building there is a 1 bath studio apartment for $1,855 a month and 3 bed, 2 bath for $3,397, so her rent for a 2 bed, 2 bath would be somewhere between that.

No. 1981766

Ew wtf she lets the moid stay at her place whenever he wants? Doesn’t he have a key to her place? That’s so dangerous. Say what you want about Fupa/Kyle. But I think Shayna made better choices when she had a situationship. She didn’t let weirdos into her house she didn’t have sissy fetishists come raid her closet and probably jerk it in her cage

No. 1981767

I’m dying to know what happened. I think nonnies are right, she probably got too drunk. I also think something happened like Scott got overly pushy with something sexual and she freaked/dipped out. She’s done this before with the scrotes like vivi and her bf. It’s like reality breaks through and Shay has some clarity of the situation she’s in. Trapped in Vegas in some porn moids apartment and she’s too broke to enjoy the city without some dude paying for mid tier dinners.

No. 1981769

She truly looks special needs

No. 1981778

my tinfoil is that she was getting too into her 'relationship' with small gulp, he said something that brought her back to reality and she flipped out. She's been gushing about this scrote and calling him daddy and he doesn't even seem to acknowledge her online lol

No. 1981780

I feel like she hated the pictures/videos and doesn't want him to post them.He got mad and was like, "I let you stay in my pace, make up and brought you the best shien has to offer and I can't even post what we have done???" Or something retarded.
I feel like he probably told her something bluntly and Shay can't take that. Either way it's two retards

No. 1981781

He’s probably pet sitting, easiest way for her to not spend any money while neglecting her pets again

No. 1981782

perfect type of dress to let the anal leakage escape without leaving stains

No. 1981783

File: 1711989806878.jpg (34.53 KB, 800x800, shayboob.jpg)

KEK her frankentit looks like a plasma globe

No. 1981785

Ew, she really was sleeping over that nasty porn moids house. Shouldn't her hotel fees be compensated if she's flying out to film porn with him? Or did she really think he liked her?

No. 1981786

>Or did she really think he liked her?
Definitely. Maybe she confessed her feelings for him?

No. 1981788

No way did she really try to date her john?

No. 1981789

File: 1711991697192.jpg (744.46 KB, 1080x1737, Milky.jpg)

No. 1981791

What in the bpd is this? Kek a few hours ago she wanted to stay there for longer.
Whatever happened was either her fault for being retarded or something sinister but I have no idea of what could even be considered something "bad" to shayna knowing that she loves to type weird ass fantasies about getting kidnapped, humiliated, insulted, hurt and so on.

No. 1981792

She was rejected or something dumb like that. Maybe she got too drunk and couldn't work. Its either something mundane, something the moid did and she doesn't want to talk about it until there's distance between them. Or something she did and she's waiting for him or whoever is involved to say something first, then she'll be like, "I wasn't going to say anything!" And unless the story with texts and a crying voice recording.
Kek, maybe her boobs look really fucked up and she's blaming him. I still think she didn't like what they filmed and he we off on her for wasting time/money.
Or this is a April fools joke at us.

No. 1981794

i wonder if the 'work' opportunities that she extended her trip for fell through and that old degenerate told her she couldn't stay at his house any longer.

No. 1981796

in the deleted tweet she mentions sobbing her eyes out and the new begging post omits that, i feel like she definitely embarrassed herself as usual

No. 1981797

File: 1711996231467.jpeg (201.39 KB, 736x1205, 1ED8926C-22FA-407C-A64E-EF80BB…)

she's using an old pic from instagram for this post. what is she hiding?

No. 1981798

>I’m safe now
I’m not sure whether I should be vaguely concerned or think she’s full of it

No. 1981801

Someone keep her notifications on in case she deletes something milky after she tweets

No. 1981802

This is really idiotic and risky to do…no way she hadn’t heard the horror stories from other SW about clients and collab guys being notoriously manipulative and pervy? These guys essentially make their money off of sexually exploiting the most vulnerable people available, you can’t trust any of these porn moids have your best interest in mind. She has no basic concept of self preservation, I know she has those gross fetishes but I doubt it’s a real life thing she craves. She’s lucky she’s not getting dumped in some alley.

No. 1981805

File: 1711998479047.jpg (412.25 KB, 1536x2048, 2r.jpg)

So curious what happened between Limpcock and her for him to banish her to some shitty hotel.

No. 1981806

How to fuck does she even sit down? Her jeans are so tight, the pockets are bulging out to make room for her gunt. Maybe small gulp Scott suggested she wear a size XL. She also looks completely dead eyed and wrecked.

No. 1981807

I think it’s Occam’s Shayzor in this case. She has a pattern of getting overly attached to these porn scrotes and they realize she’s clingy and boring so they bail out in an extravagant way.

He probably saw her tweets calling him daddy, asked about it, and she responded “UwU you took me to a concert and bought me clothes were DATING lol” and he wasn’t impressed by her cutsey nonsense and told her to gtfo.

No. 1981809


Little gulp probably tried to do some degenerate kinkster sex thing with Shayna off the clock, and since she's a sex repulsed sex worker she rejected his advances and he told her to GTFO of his house is my guess. She's going to eventually get cross faded and tell her "fans" though.

No. 1981815

tinfoil: she built up this entire delusion in her head. thinking Scott was her sugar daddy or some shit and that she was exclusive and special. She always does this when her delusion finally comes crashing down, when reality finally hits that she’s not special to them in any way. She expects special treatment and when she didn’t get that, flipped out and probably screamed abuse and threatened to call him an abuser on social media. She has done the same shit with every single person she’s collabed with, and never once does any self reflection as to how she is the common denominator in every situation.

Scott is a stupid moid but it’s doubtful he actually did anything truly heinous, especially when this is Shay’s known pattern of behavior. She’s stuck in perpetual victimhood.

No. 1981817

My guess is, either she caught feelings and he told het to get lost, or the pther filming gig fell thru and she is upset bc she extended her stay by paying for a hotel room which she thought she was gonna make back.

No. 1981820

shay this is what happens when you choose to surround yourself with the worst demographic of men

No. 1981823

File: 1712004898937.jpg (39.71 KB, 437x598, 130775871946.jpg)

i'm 50/50 thinking this is a step up from the usual. on one hand she's groomed and the skirt hides her ugly legs. on the other she should wear a cardigan to hide those lunch lady arms and go with any color but pink. anyway pic related

No. 1981824

this moid makes a living by collaborating with women who are so personality disordered and afflicted with pickmeism that they willingly have sex on camera for small amounts of money, i imagine he deals with clingers suffering from daddy issues on a frequent basis kek

No. 1981826

She deleted this too. Brace yourselves nonas, I smell a meltdown

No. 1981828

Agreed that was my thought too, little miss polyamorous got jealous of Scott and some other skinnier chick

No. 1981831

Milk tidal wave incoming. She’s such a victim that she can’t keep anything off the internet. It’s only a small matter of time before she’s back alone in her tiny dirty apartment with no one to whine to but coomers and Ellen. Shay thrives on attention and will do anything to get it.

No. 1981832

This could be it. Fatty thinks she's his prize sow, then he spends time with other women while she's around. Big Pig Clifford has a mental breakdown while he's confused because he never saw their relationship as anything beyond filming sped porn and taking her out for food and drinks as co-workers.

It's also hilarious because she's burnt another source of income.

No. 1981838

I hope other anons have Twitter notifications on, the milk is COMING but will indefinitely be deleted as she sobers up.

No. 1981839

File: 1712008299677.jpeg (234.63 KB, 1170x684, IMG_1202.jpeg)

The cryptic John who replies to her all the time is calling her out for staying in an expensive hotel KEK

No. 1981843

Very coveted high class sugar baby kek can’t even get her coomers to cover the bill. They just send her google results

No. 1981845

File: 1712009597280.jpg (1.01 MB, 1080x2120, Screenshot_20240401_180927.jpg)

Definitely something happened between Scott and Shat. All these posts are now deleted, pic related is the only one she kept up, if you see the timestamp. She's still following him though.

No. 1981846

I can definitely see him sitting her down like “Look, I don’t want to lead you on. But this isn’t anything more than professional”. I mean, Scott-filled-a-Thimble isnt even the sugar daddy she is referring to, right? I thought it was some other old moid who bought her the shein dress and dollar store purse.

No. 1981847

Scott Reedy aka Scott Hancock aka Scott Thimble Filler aka Scott Limpdick is known in the community for faking STD tests. Maybe Shayna caught something from him. She has been sucking and fucking his dick raw.

No. 1981848

she's been referring to big bleak girls Scott as 'daddy' for a while now. >>1980463 she called him her daddy when showing off the 40 dollar shein outfit he gave her when she arrived

No. 1981849

ah okay thank you nona i totally missed that she tagged him as the one who spent the $15 on her outfit kek i bet shayna realized she was fucking a guy for free who had no intentions of it being long term. maybe scott wouldnt give her a return trip date and left it open and it triggered her bpd?

No. 1981850

good call nonny. she already fucked him over once by making him take down the blowjob video his website. now she’s done it again and probably didn’t like facing the consequences of her actions.

No. 1981852

this is how she talks when she blacks out and embarrasses herself in-front of people.

No. 1981853

File: 1712010448959.jpg (968.45 KB, 2731x4096, 20240401_232358.jpg)

One of limpdick's recent girls in the same outfit Shay couldn't fit in properly.

Kek I wonder if Shay even gets to keep the ugly pink shein dress.

No. 1981857

You got me wondering if the outfit was from his shoot wardrobe and she was meant to give it back but she took it all wrong and thought it was a personal “sugar baby” gift from “daddy”. Maybe him asking for it back is what kicked off the meltdown.

No. 1981865

She’s still got the “dinner with daddy” post up

No. 1981868

Guys…. I hate to even suggest this…. but what if Shayna got too drunk/high and passed out and woke up to either Scott Reedy or one of creepy older friends taking advantage of her. It honestly shocks me how often she lets herself get black out drunk around men she hardly knows. Even in her day to day whoring, she gets high and drunk to cope and that seems just as dangerous. I hope she’s at least pre-drinks and isnt drinking with Johns.

No. 1981871

File: 1712015412644.jpeg (398.98 KB, 1170x1032, IMG_1067.jpeg)

How accurate are these test things? Because according to this one they’re not following each other anymore

No. 1981872

bitch has no hobbies or semblance of a life; so when a guy enters the picture he becomes the best thing happening in her life and gets super fucking clingy. On top of her expectations of a man being to take care of her every need and put her on a pedestal regardless of how bad she looks or how badly she acts. that fantasy is just that, a fantasy she sells online for coomers to cum to in under 5 minutes and move on. shes gotten it into her head she can actually find a relationship like that IRL and can’t cope when she gets the reality check that she actually has to bring someone to the table if she wants to be “picked”. its so funny to me that a girl with her tits out and asshole on display can never find a man who wants anything more than to fuck and chuck her - what a shocker!

No. 1981873

File: 1712015436837.jpeg (405.16 KB, 1170x997, IMG_1066.jpeg)

No. 1981877

if she wants a boyfriend or another situationship, why doesn't she just go out and find one…? she is constantly trying to make these weirdos into fupa 2.0 and it all falls apart because they just see her as a coworker/glorified walking bootyhole and get annoyed when she starts whining, drinking, and slobbering all over them. she lives in seattle, there are plenty of betacuck losers in their anarchy sweatshirts walking around who wouldn't care all that much about her being a "sex" worker prostitute with bad hygiene and neglected pets. why she insists on trying to force these perverts into relationships with her is beyond me.

she gleefully would post about it on her twitter and claim it was "so hot" that daddy and his frens were fucking her while she was sleeping uwu. she's a desperate braindead touch starved pick me.

No. 1981879

shaynus comes off as one of those girls who tests people’s love by acting out and expecting the person to fight for them. spoiler alert: they never do

No. 1981882

plus theres videos all over the internet now of her giving him the worst blowjob of all time. i bet $50 she never got paid for any of the videos she filmed with him either. i hate shayna but i wouldnt be shocked if he actually lead her on just to get free content and sex.

No. 1981886

File: 1712016782067.jpg (471.36 KB, 3840x2160, searchit.jpg)

Still following.

No. 1981887

File: 1712016990172.jpg (726.62 KB, 1079x1349, Gross.jpg)

No. 1981890

this site is broken because of twitter api changes and says no for everything now

No. 1981891

I'm thinking
>Shayna's extra work was through people Sheincock knew. Shayna met them and didn't want to do it. Sheincock got mad/annoyed or expressed he was disappointed. So shayna left or he told her to leave.
>Shayna met some sexworkers on twitter, she met up with them and it didn't work out. She came back crying to Sheincock and he didn't care, so she left because thats abuse to shayna.
>Sheincock invited people over and it made Shayna uncomfortable. Like maybe he invited a male friend and said, "He's staying over" or some porn buddies.
It seems like with Shayna she really thinks she has a bigger/better relationship with people then she thinks. Especially men. She probably thought Sheincock was going to be her "Filming buddy with a dick" and their relationship could turn into more. Then something happened and she realized, "holy shit, I barely know this dude, and I'm alone, he could hurt me, he doesn't care about me" or he hurt her feelings.
Or maybe the scrote doesn't have anything to do with this. Kek, it'd be funny if he got arrested or something. Maybe that wasn't his place and he didn't tell Shayna or something dumb happened.

No. 1981896

idk i think she's kinda cute(its amazing that you can post while being blind, but learn to sage)

No. 1981897

elon doesnt allow developers to use their API for free anymore so most of these kinda sites no longer work

No. 1981899

oh please she wasn’t “lead on.” she’s not some naive newbie, she’s been doing this for a while. it’s no one’s fault but her own that she accepted payment in the form of a cheap dinner instead of actually getting paid. she does it because she thinks it makes her special and different. sure it’s porn but she still needs to have some sense of business and professionalism if she wants to work with other people. every. single. person. she’s worked with, it has led to this. she fucks up every relationship and never admits she’s the reason.

No. 1981903

>it’s no one’s fault but her own that she accepted payment in the form of a cheap dinner instead of actually getting paid.

it's really bleak when her pattern is written out clearly. she takes herself out on these imaginary dates, thinking that her sucking someone's dick badly and going to the local dive bar to eat shitty cajun food will encourage these losers to fall madly in love with her. these men see she's desperate and lonely and still use her anyway for the cheap disgusting sex that they don't have to pay for since she's fine degrading herself for the price of some tgi friday's mozzarella sticks. then of course once they get what they want and get tired of her stinky behind and alcoholism, they start treating her like shit and here she goes boohooing and crying on twitter again. not only does she not see that she's the lcd in all this drama, she never seems to understand she's the cause of her own suffering and that she could easily change things if she really wanted to. but she won't so it's just a matter of time before she finds someone else to emotionally leech off of.

No. 1981905

File: 1712020642686.png (1.35 MB, 1038x1144, hideous-a.png)

>kinda cute

>shitty cajun food
I thought her latest food fad was family sized platters of deep fried sushi with mayonnaise? As she can't afford door dash, it's got to be this that's packing on the pounds.

No. 1981906

yeah she does love to scarf down those big platters of "zooshee" with half the kitchen sink sprinkled on top kek. i just remembered one of her pimp daddies taking her to some of those biker bar places where people get punched out by the jukebox to eat a bland seafood boil and alfredo swimming in split cream sauce lol.

No. 1981911

A least a seafood boil is mostly protein. Shoving greasy alfredo and deep fried sushi down her throat is why she's fat. Her utter lack of any knowledge regarding nutrition is tragic.

No. 1981913

No mention of Shaynus on Limpcock’s twitter either, once again she has almost certainly put herself in debt for her “work” instead of making a profit. Or even breaking even. How is she this bad at her “job” of 8 years?

No. 1981919

Isn’t it drowning in butter though? Plus there’s other high-calorie shit in there like sausage, potatoes and corn. Literally everything she eats is so fattening. She can’t eat anything that isn’t smothered in grease.

No. 1981924

It’s boiled in seasoned water but there’s butter to dip it in. One could eat healthily at a sea food boil but you’re right, she probably stuffs herself with sausage and potatoes because cracking open a crab leg of whatever requires effort.

No. 1981928

My tinfoil is she shat mid restaurant food alcoholic diarrhea mix, all over his bed and dick in some poorly prepped anal adventures.
And got kicked out. That, or she just reached the BPD time limit on close proximity with another person and went on some sort of insane rant when he did something normal like spoke to another woman in any capacity

No. 1981929

Right, like she could have some crab and crawdads without the butter and a nice fresh green salad (not some creamy monstrosity) and that would be a nutritious meal but she insists on eating like a sped with an underdeveloped palate (because she is a sped with an underdeveloped palate)

No. 1981930

KEK nona this is so disgusting but it made me snort-chuckle, and given that we’ve all already been traumatised by her no-prep adventures in ass fucking it is an entirely plausible scenario

No. 1981931

Andouille is pig intestines soaked in wine, which I don't think is particularly fattening and the alcohol would cook off, unless cajun andouille is different.

No. 1981935

File: 1712026816440.jpeg (178.39 KB, 1170x1328, IMG_8185.jpeg)

nta but he’s deleted every tweet, interaction, and retweet of her/blocked her. he liked all of her tweets from this trip and none are in his likes anymore

No. 1981936

Cajun andouille is similar to a hot link, it’s just a fatty, smoked pork sausage, not like the grey pig intestine and tripe sausage from France

No. 1981937

He hasn’t blocked her, they’re still following each other. I suspect a block might be imminent though. If she doesn’t have a sperg for the ages over this I’ll eat my shoe

No. 1981941

I really wonder what went down. If he did something seriously fucked to her, she should call him out and make others aware. It's likely that she just embarrassed herself somehow though

No. 1981945

Going through the effort to unlike a bunch of tweets seems so childish and silly to me. If you no longer with to be associated with someone why wouldn’t you just block? This is making me lean towards them making a mountain out of a molehill.

No. 1981948

he may also be waiting to see if she goes on a meltdown. i don't get it either but i can imagine that he's probably waiting to see what she says, if she says anything, maybe to try to refute her claims. if they start to talk it's going to be a he said she said type situation, whatever happened.

No. 1981952

He’s already had a call out in the sex worker community as someone who lies about his STD tests in order to “work.” I bet he pulled something ultra shady with Shay and she flipped out. Tbh if he did something dangerous I hope she calls him out, not just for the milk but to at least warn other women who choose to participate in this “job.”

No. 1981958

The bleak downward manic spiral after she hangs out with someone. The Sarah/Ellen saga is inevitable.

No. 1981959

sadly she will not warn other women about this man. he could be a literal axe murderer selling the skins of his victims on the black market, and she would never say anything even if she saw it happen firsthand. even if he hurt her himself, beat the shit out of her, took advantage of her against her will, she would never say anything…this is the same woman who thinks it's okay and admirable to proudly display men sniffing her nasty unwashed butt and all the other disgusting crap she gets up to that she doesn't tweet about. but let a woman like her mother just breathe in her direction or be slightly less fat than she is and all hell breaks loose. it's a lost cause hoping she will ever not be a scrotestruck bitch.

No. 1981960

I disagree. You’re right that she doesn’t give a shit about other women, but she loves being a victim.

No. 1981961

yes, she loves to victimize herself. but what i meant was that she would never speak out for the benefit of other women if a man was abusive, even if he actually did attack her. she would just make it about herself as usual or try to sugarcoat it as being sexy as she always does. but she would never do it for the benefit of anyone else but herself.

No. 1981999

So did she have a bad experience on one of these "amazing work opportunities" that she extended her stay for? She always squeels, so we'll all know what happened eventually.

No. 1982006

Tbh i think she might. Not because she cares about other women's safety, but because she likes drama and attention. Calling out the right pornsick moid would get her tons of attention and pity on Twitter, and she loves complaining and being the victim so she wouldn't pass that up. If the dude was an unknown abuser, she'd vague post about how sad and hurt she is but not mention him by name, though. She is a giant pickme at the end of the day.

No. 1982010

that smug wet bandits joe pesci face that she attached to a tweet that could be about anything, ugh.

No. 1982017

she dresses like a sexualized high school girl on purpose and that's the most heinous part of this
her grotesque and ott bimbo shtick would be more palatable if she didn't look like a completely unremarkable fat woman with plaque covered teeth. she's trying to seem confident all this crap when what she's working with is substandard. anyone making money off being demeaning themselves for scrotebux is unfortunate but at the very least the more attractive women are actually getting some kinda worthwhile income. It sounds like Shat hasn't benefited from doing this shit for like 8 years, and she peaked when she was covered with acne and thin/small.


No. 1982027

I'm 90% sure that Snott Pedocock tried something funny that shay wasn't interested in doing or he got nasty with her over something. Whenever something goes wrong between a woman and a scrote, the majority of the time it's the scrote being a scrote even with Shayna.

I mean Snott is already a walking cascade of red flags. Everything about him seems like trouble.

No. 1982030

File: 1712073398707.png (52.45 KB, 258x186, Screenshot_20240402-235416~2.p…)

Is this the creep?

Fuck me he's so fucking ugly

No. 1982033

Nona that's because you've put dolly when her @ is theirlbarbie

It's all still there.

No. 1982037

OMFG looks like a thumb

No. 1982038

He also has the ‘models’ wearing the same outfits, I wonder if he washes them. Is it normal for a pornscrote to buy stuff for a “model” and take her out to eat, to the Robert plant concert etc.. if shatna took it that he likes her, I wouldn’t blame her. Maybe I’ve got autism and don’t pick up on social ques, but he seemed like he liked having her around while it lasted.

No. 1982039

File: 1712075158353.jpeg (693.54 KB, 1170x1860, IMG_7385.jpeg)

No. 1982041

I could see him enjoying her presence (if “enjoy” is the right word for it) just because he has no idea how social media works and as such, has no idea what a pariah she is in most SWer circles. Imagine, Old Man ScottCock finds a relatively younger and blond chick who will not negotiate flight payments for herself, is thrilled with bad concert tickets and shitty food, and adores being dressed up in tacky SHEIN costumes. An easy and cheap lay. He takes her out and parades her around, thinking he found a new main actress for his awful films, before realizing she’s selfish and stupid and everyone hates her.

Maybe it wasn’t a big blowup fight that happened. Maybe he just IRL ghosted her and got super cold with her so she’d leave.

No. 1982043

Here it comes. I bet she’s having ~brunch~ all alone somewhere and getting blacked out. When she gets drunk she can’t hold back, and she can’t help but get drunk.

No. 1982045

Kek shay was calling that scrote "daddy" and squealing about her $40 chinese wholesale clothes. She is the EPITOME of low self-esteem. Also it sounds like he was negging her and calling her fat and ugly.

No. 1982046

It sounds like he gave her reality check and tried to make her do something that she wasn't comfortable with.

No. 1982049

I imagine he told her to lose weight, and to stop drinking if she wants to be in his films.
Or he didn’t pay her enough.

No. 1982050

That's the interesting thing about scrotes. They can look like Snott and have the audacity to 'neg' women.

No. 1982051

He has women bigger than Shay in his 'films'. I doubt he said that.

No. 1982055

File: 1712076388283.jpeg (607.57 KB, 1170x991, IMG_7436.jpeg)

So you left a wealthy man’s house for being manipulative? Isn’t her whole thing “fatnap and smack me around daddy” ?
I think he told her to lay off the cheemsburgers and booze.

No. 1982057

>>1982046 she’s already doing puppy/baby/diaper/child abuse stuff! How much worse can it get?
>>1982050 the ugliest moids will neg the worst.

No. 1982059

Her grammar is atrocious and makes it seem like she's being facetious.

Protip shay: none is gonna take you seriously if you keep the juvenile antics up at all times. The way she talks makes this sound like it's an act.

No. 1982060

They're usually the most likely to do it because they're ugly and low quality themselves. It still probably won't give shat a reality check. Hopefully there is good milk coming.

No. 1982062

Wealth? This guy was taking you to Robert plant KEK and buying SHEIN outfits. The dinners looked midtier. Maybe if he was buying her designer and going to more expensive events but this guy is not wealthy. She makes so little that anything above that feels wealthy.

No. 1982063

And it's ironic that she talks about the powerplay between literal victims of sexual exploitation like her and the moids involved. It's just buyer's remorse. She wants to make money by purposely involving herself with exploitative and abusive degenerates, agreeing to rp misogynistic violence, claiming to get off to CSA and rape…and then being dissatisfied that she's being used and abused by misogynists. How is she so stupid that she can't understand her own complicity in all this.

No. 1982064

I hate to say this but she really screwed the pooch on this one, not many producers (I use that term loosely) want to work with her because she attracts negative attention and isn’t professional. Going on a Twitter rant, passive aggressively isn’t a good look, especially when she gushed over softcockscott before this outburst, like damn girl how many times are you going to work with people then claim abuse!

No. 1982066

>Maybe if he was buying her designer and going to more expensive events but this guy is not wealthy.
It's probably more a case of why spend more when he doesn't have to. Shayna is cheap and easily pleased. She flew to Vegas for $50 worth Shein garbage, average quality restaurant food and cheap drinks. Everything about her exudes "cheap", it's basically her actual brand at this point.

No. 1982072

Kek this moid spent $250 at shein and let her stay with him and she talking about, "wealth". What power does he have? Every month you still broke, at least be butthurt about moids paying your overpriced rent or something. She's impressed with with little and constantly gets involved with creeps who would be seen as a creep to anyone with a brain, but then acts like they are highly manipulative and wealthy dudes who had her under a spell.
Maybe stop mixing buiness with pleasure?? And I'm positive she trauma dumped to this guy, and he sees her as a cheap easy screw and film. Shayna gives her all to these idiots then acts surprised surprised they think she's a desperate low self esteem retard they can use for videos/sex.

No. 1982073

Shayna doesn't expect men she's interested in to go above and beyond at all. The man who did the "most" for her in the beginning was Fupaul, but what he did was short lived kek. Then she was letting hIM borrow money and bragging about being on his phone plan.
What little this moid did is seen as a great act of love for shayna. She needs to stop treating sex work to meet moids to date. You can tell every Sugar dad is potentially a BF to her.

No. 1982076

wdym gives her all? aren't her dealings with these scrotes purely business? I have no idea what she's getting out of it but the dinner and travel seem to suggest that someone here is anticipating a profit. there's no way that a sow like Shat would become best friends with a Twitter pornographer and that he would just invite her to his home and take her to dinner out of the goodness of his heart. there have got to be financial motives.

he probably decided to be honest with her and ahe didn't like it. she doesn't have a huge Twitter audience or that many subscribers so she doesn't have a ton of leverage and he probably reminded her of that and it hurt. she talks as if she's totally delulu and that these scrotes aren't looking down every single one of the women they use but the reality is that this is who she's involved with. scrotes who don't value her.

No. 1982079

The porn industry is full of abusive scrotes. Why are you so surprised?

No. 1982081

Skidmark academy and her pimp momma Sarah Gregory probably pay better than this chode tbh. Shayna will be fine, there's plenty of greasy questionable porn studio's that'd happily destroy her body even further if she'd actually buckle down and do her sex work job. A couple of Twitter whores calling her a Nazi won't stop shit. Just like scott already got revealed to be a nasty std ridden pervert and still finds new young dumb women to work with..

No. 1982083

Crazy she mentions "someone with no self esteem", meaning she genuinely does feel really bad about herself and is aware of the state of her body. Everyone saw this from a mile away doing any tiny bit of superficial research into this guy, and yet the "luxuries" he dangled in front of her still reeled her in. Scary how she fell for a level 1 henchmen, she could fall for a legit pimp at some point. I guess elen degenerate already does that

No. 1982084

Look him up under his real name and he’s a wealthy Vegas realtor. So much for daddy Scott getting her an apartment in Vegas. Not posting screenshots because muh doxxing gross scrotes à la sensei Ricky

No. 1982085

I think by “gives her all” they don’t mean in terms of working hard; they mean Shayna can’t separate a business relationship from a personal relationship. She has done this shit with every single person she’s worked with, because she expects to be treated special. She expects to be treated like the perfect porn princess girlfriend and when she finally comes down to reality and realizes the other party is treating their relationship as business (as they should) she screams abuse. All because she set up this whole fantasy relationship in her head.

No. 1982086

and the reason that works for Shayna is there's no moid, if Sarah was "Shad" or something that relationship would've ended. Shayna's biggest issues is she constantly befriends/dates people in the industry. Everyone is her bestie, every dude who pays her for sex is her "Daddy" and she has to post about it online, every person who is a little nice to her, becomes something to her. Thats why it's important to have a life outside of your Job. Though, I guess when your job is literally selling your body is probably hard for highly emotional, thristy people like Shayna to disconnect.
Sex work is all she is now. All he friends are sex workers/johns. She could maintain the same relationships the same way by NOT getting so weirdly involved with these people. Someone needs to tell her, you don't have to be fake besties with everyone.

No. 1982090

File: 1712083677682.jpeg (919.46 KB, 1170x1716, IMG_5889.jpeg)

Are we not allowed to post big bleak bitch softcocks personal social media after the sensei ricky fiasco? His real name Scott Reedy is all over Google because of his STD scandals.

No. 1982091

Remember when Shayna was like
>You can call someone out without picking at them for having STD/STI's and their looks
Starting to wonder if it's because she's fucking with this scrote. Plus ellen's, "I have no issue working with people who have STI's/STDs!!"

No. 1982092

With the Robert Plant concert and him buying her clothes, she definitely thought that she had finally been picked by some moid.

“Finally! My pedi pandering baby diaper doggy fucking antics are paying off and I finally found the daddy of my dreams! He loves me because I’m so cute and sweet and innocent looking but hehehehehehe I’m actually a FREAK and that’s why he loves me and will spoil me!!! I’m finally an international bimbo superstar uwuwuwuw.”

No. 1982098

File: 1712085320315.jpg (24.58 KB, 170x200, scotthancock_m_scott.jpg)

Omg Snott looks like a TIF here

And that was a few years ago before he completely hit the wall.

No. 1982099

File: 1712085403539.png (529.23 KB, 720x1600, Screenshot_20240403-031556.png)

No. 1982100

Bless you nona.

No. 1982102

Why are we not surprised. In this new day and age of onlyfans stuff, there’s a million scottrotcocks out there. Sadly, this isn’t a new practice either. Even when porn companies had protocols and regulations it was still wildly profitable to sweep the STDs and known drug abuse under the rug, and keep the production going.

No. 1982103

Hm, I don't see any evidence he is wealthy. He's listed as a realtor but it is very easy to just get a realty license, you never even have to sell a house. My guess is he does just about well enough to buy a girl a Shein outfit, one or two steaks, and midprice tickets to a midrange concert.

No. 1982104

>Reedy books models for $250 – 300 blow job scenes, the women report — sometimes along with an off-camera “private” full service session afterward. “A package deal” is how one described it. The talent are often untested local providers.

Hes such a cheap ass!

No. 1982107

and this is why I don't care what went down with him and Shay, or if he was in the "Wrong". Shayna constantly rubs shoulders with people who have fucked over others (alledegly) never expecting it to be her. She does not care about the reps these men have with women or in the industry, as long as she feels they won't do the same to her. She's the type of person who needs someone to spell out to her they are exactly who everyone says they are. What makes me even more annoyed with Shayna is I feel like some of the reasons she moves this way is, "People have said things about me, and it's not TRUE! So I'll give people who have been "Cancelled" chances!". It's not just her being a pick me retard, she walks around thinking she's so special and nothing said about anyone "nice to her" is true, until she finds out. She also regularly tone polices how other sex workers call out creeps, just to do the same.

No. 1982108

Scott Reedy of Las Vegas, Nevada probably finally did some research and is trying to do damage control by distancing himself from Shaynus. Too late now though lmao

Why would anyone agree to this? You can make the same amount of money if not more just finding Johns around casinos without having your face immortalized on the internet. Making porn is soooo empowering though

No. 1982109

I assume it's desperate women like Shayna who think the "exposure" is worth the price, these people reguarly sleep with other sex workers for free, the videos being the "Payment" on both ends. So I assume to people like this it's a step up AND they think it'll be professional looking or some shit.

No. 1982110

THIS! She was told about this before working with him the first time, and she ignored it. I’ll look through the threads to see if I can find it but she went on some rant about people only saying that because they wanted to bring her down or some shit. She’s not new to this and should know better but constantly puts herself in these situations. At this point it’s her fault, she sets herself up for it and then plays the victim over and over.

No. 1982116

the comments on that article are sickening and whoever wrote it sure sounds like a charmer. It's some pro porn degen trying to suggest that the industry doesn't drive women to suicide. The comments basically echo this and one guy says that OD should not be counted as suicide because obviously none of those women resorted to drug addiction to cope with the abuse, humiliation and wear and tear on their body that they sustain in order to make enough money to live on from this horrible industry. pornsick degens need to face the wall.

No. 1982118

Basically he found an endless source of cheap/borderline free prostitutes. Just like Sensei ricky, the my little ponyspanking guy with the motorcycle, sol, baldy gaysics. I bet there’s forums where moids trade this amazing “secret” way of getting free sex from girls with daddy issues just by having a male “sexworker” twitter account.

No. 1982119

how did Nonas find that she was gonna be with Scott tho? and I wonder why she's involved w Scott at all. she probably doesn't get any other offers… or else other collaborators are even shadier. yikes

No. 1982120

Honestly, thats why all these men go into sex work, it's to get their dicklets wet. And being honest, they always win. If their dicks can complete they get a nut, they get to sleep with endless women, and film it and get to share it. Men only "Win" in sex work.

No. 1982122

the whole date, from outfit to dinner, was barely 100 usd.

No. 1982124

>I wonder why she's involved w/ scott at all
I know some nonnies may disagree, but Shayna does seem to be "Picky" in what moids she works with. I don't think she doesn't get offers, I just think she doesn't take every offer. I legit feel like she chooses what moid to work with based on who she could see herself dating and/or being attracted to them. She tries it out and if it works out, then she wants to go to them and hopefully make them like Sarah or Mickey Mouse voice. "Safe" people she can pump out content with. She wants a male porn partner, so she can make identical videos with. She clings to anyone who has anything going for them and doesn't mind having her around. So it makes perfect sense she'd be involved with Scott.
She really did he was going to be her "Daddy" who she can use to film shit with and probably date.

No. 1982127

afaik Shat has shown no intention of wanting to date any of these random moids, and her visible relationships are essentially asexual. she's involved with men who want to use her as a prop in their fetish. I think her involvement with Scott Limpdick is basically her trying to seem more mainstream. I just don't think that she realizes just how big of an indicator of a dying "career" her associations with scummy porn scrotes is. this guy is the epitome of trash and potentially dangerous. imagine catching HIV from these scrotes if you're not some SWer on prep. The fact that she keeps going back to these men is proof that she is completely delusional and an idiot. but then again she also thinks that pandering to pedophiles and helping erode their inhibitions is fine, too. honestly, she's going to have a downward spiral sooner than later and it will be totally unsurprising.

No. 1982135

idk if she wants to actually date them, but she's so fixated on male validation that she cares more about these scrotes than they do her. She doesn't get that her customers and guys she works with just view her as one of many whores

No. 1982136

She deleted this and deleted most of the recent Vegas posts on her main that refer to Scott/“daddy”. Still follows the guy tho lmao

No. 1982137

she's just as scummy and narcissistic as these scrotes, too. The way she talks makes it sound that she's full of herself and she thinks that she's somehow exceptional. her past efame for looking like a trashy, disheveled stoner really went to her head.

No. 1982138

correct me if i'm wrong but doesn't broadcasting all this shit (even on a personal twitter) to somebody who might potentially buy your content give them an idea of how you're going to do business and thus put them off interacting with you? she goes back and forth between slamming the people donating to her crust fund then love bombing the 5 coomers she has left. at this point she'd be intelligent to watch what she says to maximize funds while she can.

it's just common sense. i wouldn't want to shop at a cute cafe where the owners were blasting customers on social media all the time. coomers probably dont want to drop 5 cumbux on a clingy fat retard who throws a tantrum every time she meets up for "work". like why doesn't she grasp this

No. 1982140

She’s definitely spiralling, just wait until she has a few cups of box wine, she’s going to spill, I can feel it

No. 1982144

I remember when she used to make shit up about people recognizing her in real life. She's deluded herself into thinking that she's actually famous lol

No. 1982146

Yeah that’s depressing, it’s so easy for men to profit from sex work without having to do degrading and objectifying things. They just film hookups and make money from it without a care in the world. Being a male is easy mode in every way when you really get down to it.

No. 1982147

Previous now forgotten "bestie" Kiki worked with him before Shay so she is probably the reason why.

No. 1982150

File: 1712096255248.jpeg (926.62 KB, 1170x1860, IMG_0984.jpeg)

i wish she would kek.

No. 1982154

Immediantly phishing for a new splenda "daddy" I see. Never change shayna.

No. 1982156

i think shayna does the "besties" thing with every person she meets/works with in her "industry" is because she genuinely is lonely due to being a shitty person. she doesn't have any actual friends, there's no divide between business and friendship, especially because she "works" in porn. the lines can't be blurred enough but shayna manages to make it more confusing for herself. she's NGMI

No. 1982157

File: 1712098549708.png (13.05 KB, 1422x69, tres bleaque.png)

LOL, $300 max for that humiliation and she probably had a "private" session with him after.

No. 1982162

Damn, she had so many dramatic fall outs with people over the years, Dawn, Sol, Vivi, Scott, then people she dated like twice with Fupa, Shane…

No. 1982167

She really is just one little waddle away from being a lot lizard at this point.

Didn't her and Kiki have a moment too but just kept it more lowkey? So far the only person who seems to be a permanent fixture in her life is Ellen. It's really no surprise there's drama when you consider the caliber of people she gets involved with.

No. 1982168

Don't forget gayfag hairy shoulders Kendall.

And clearly something happened with the Sophie girl and Kiki. It was never aired but they went from all over each other to basically no contact.

No. 1982171

I'm still curious as to what happened between her and Kiki. It seems like it got weird after they filmed all together that one time? I feel like Shayna probably got jealous about Kiki and Ricky and probably thought Scott was going to be her own Ricky.

No. 1982173

I think Ricky was pissed about being posted on lc, didn't want to associate publicly with Shay anymore, and Kiki sided with her bf.

No. 1982177

I agree, it was Kiki telling Shat “don’t post because the owner of the mojo dojo casa house will be mad or else I’ll share xyz” with him encouraging it, if not orchestrating and threatening legal action- imo Shat and Kiki did genuinely liked each other on some level, but he put a stop to it and Kiki has no options in relationships beyond fucking old men, pimping out her mom, and watching him fuck other women so she was fine with doing whatever he wanted.

No. 1982181

File: 1712106884101.jpg (152.8 KB, 538x628, 1704177728149.jpg)

There's someone in that group that posts here at least occasionally. First there was the picture of her by the pool at the fatcon party and then there was this image of her lent against the wall at skidmark. Neither image came from social media and wasn't posted anywhere else as far as I'm aware.

No. 1982186

This image was posted by one of the losers she works with. The one by the pool wasn’t. I don’t doubt she has people she has encountered that come on here to talk shit

No. 1982189

File: 1712108541592.png (67 KB, 630x432, OF.png)

Whatever the hog is doing, she's still watching her OF and posting content.

No. 1982190

There's really no way for us to know if anything actually happened or if Shayna had a BPD moment and it was all in her head. She has a history of splitting on people, but she also tends to mingle with bottom of the barrel scum that no sane woman would touch with a 10 foot pole. I'm guessing it's a bit of both. Meanwhile her pets are being watched (and who knows what else) by a disgusting fetish-brained tranny who wears collars and pretends to sleep in a dog cage. Let's hope he wasn't too busy cooming to take Noodle for walks, wouldn't want her to get another UTI.

No. 1982192

KEK the smug wet bandits face

No. 1982199

Praying for a day when sissy hypnosis porn videos spawn a new and desperately needed genre of suicide hypnosis porn.

No. 1982200

nonnie where the fuck do you live in California that that's the high rent? I used to live in the same city as Corpse Husband (kek) and the cheapest rent in that area was $2100

No. 1982205

i like you nonners

No. 1982212

yup. when shayna goes scorched earth and thinks shes in the right, she will actually encourage lolcow to “do its thing” by over sharing

No. 1982214

Ayrt. To be fair, i live in the valley. Fresno county/kings county areas are as ghetto as it gets. That being said, shayna could still probably find cheaper if she didnt think she needed her own office for her degen porn.

No. 1982215

Shayna lives above her needs. She can’t afford her lifestyle. If it wasn’t for her parents help she’d be on the street. She has no sustainable income. She can’t predict how much she will earn. It all depends on some coomer whether he decides she’s worth his money. I don’t get why she doesn’t live in a small apartment and give away her pets. She has to beg for money on them both.

No. 1982220

Anon! Shut the fuck up, I live in kings county too! That’s crazy, I usually only lurk but had comment after learning that.

No. 1982224

The dumb sow could move into a smaller apartment in the same building. Why fuck is she paying for two bathrooms when she doesn't even shower? She's a fat retard that never considered what would happen as she got older. No house, no car, she owns nothing of value, just garbage bags of too small, polyester Shein sausage casings that she's still paying for on afterpay.

No. 1982229

File: 1712123310057.png (722.83 KB, 1080x1064, 1000007671.png)

Fatty Shaynus is seething.

No. 1982230

File: 1712123720733.png (56.99 KB, 978x279, mv-begging.png)

Piggy must have been lurking. She's now trying to bribe coomer moids into reviewing her videos.

No. 1982232

File: 1712123913750.png (175.61 KB, 600x864, mv-tips.png)

She also received $260 in tips, which covers her hotel room for one night.

No. 1982241

kek so i'm guessing he was going to take shayna until the fallout happened and now he has to find someone new

No. 1982244

>crust fund

No. 1982270

This must be such an exhausting way to live, it’s hard enough to watch. The bestie to sworn enemy pipeline is real. Limpy might be the first person in a while who’s fully deserving of her rage though, depending on what weird shit he tried.

No. 1982279

It’s weird that they’re still following each other and she’s still got that greasy ass “dinner with daddy” tweet up, maybe she’s waiting until the degen content they made has been posted so she can make a couple of shekels before she goes scorched earth on his ass, seeing as the other times she has been in similar situations (eg Soy Salvatore) they didn’t release the videos so she lost money on it

No. 1982283

File: 1712141687421.png (106.83 KB, 720x1315, Screenshot_20240403-185248~2.p…)

(do not cowtip)

No. 1982284

File: 1712141736858.png (106.25 KB, 720x1263, Screenshot_20240403-185147~2.p…)

No. 1982285

I don't know if I believe him. Scrotes always lie when they do abusive shit to women.

No. 1982286

what would it be even possible to do to shaynus that she'd find abusive. The worst shit is shit she says she loves.
The stuff that would actually hurt her is "being abandoned" aka normal behavior like… Idc it's hard to parse his tard style of texting, but it comes off like she fucked off then wanted to come back round at stupid o'clock am, drunk. And he probably was pissed which is reasonable.
He's obv a skeevy retard (you'd have to be to go near her) but I can pretty easily belive she's more likely to be the one at fault.

No. 1982287

Almost all of the time when something goes wrong between a woman and a scrote it's the scrote that is in the wrong, even with Shay. He won't even say what they argued about. Shay says all that crap about wanting to be 'abused' or whatever but beyond being spanked and doing fake rape scenes she would be the first person to go into a panic if a scrote tried to do something that she wasn't into. Until I am convinced otherwise I believe that he did something scrotey.

No. 1982288

He's also talking and trying to explain way too much. And the whole "she disappeared with another guy" thing seems shady.

No. 1982290

Don’t cowtip, Clifford the Big Pink Hog is milky enough on her own without us interfering with the livestock. If she sees this (and she probably will because we know she lurks) she’ll be less likely to post about it publicly

No. 1982291

It doesn’t seem very Shayna-like tbh, she gets attached to one person and clings to them until something blows up, if she did go off with another moid it’s probably because Limpcock did something that made her genuinely comfortable, seeing as she was gushing over him being her “daddy” less than 24 hours prior

No. 1982293

nayrt but I agree. “I don’t remember” = “I don’t want to talk about it because it’s better for me to leave that out”. from this, it sounds like Shat tried to ditch Scott for another gross guy, something didn’t pan out with both Scott and the other gross guy because they were being scrotes, it caused a fight and she made the situation worse when she got drunk to cope, she got a hotel room that was half leaving a bad situation, half tantrum. I don't doubt either dude being pushy and creepy, but I do doubt Shayna reacting to it. She nlogs over doing gross stuff other whores won’t do with men they wouldn’t touch, I just don’t see that being the trigger (let alone keeping quiet about it) and it sounds more like Scott held his -hospitality above her head, about her ditching work with him/using him (lol) so he was a dick and she flipped the fuck out.

No. 1982294

i think they let the johns use the 2nd bathroom.

i remember those tweets as well. she was really vehement on defending him and acting like people were just pulling accusations out of the air to hurt her. and whenever someone would confront her she just buckled down even more.

after reading the texts i am beginning to wonder if he made a comment about her appearance and she broke down and became overly emotional as usual. i do believe that they got into a fight over something incredibly stupid and childish, which is why neither of them are saying anything because they know it sounds epically retarded. i notice she gets really bent out of shape a lot when men in particular comment on her appearance, like the infamous bar staredown from earlier this year that sent her into a tailspin. i can tell that he’s the type to straight up ask her do you bathe regularly, why is your hair oily? why are you wearing jeans so tight your liver is sticking out your mouth? lmao.

No. 1982296

Yes! I knew it! There was a second “daddy” in Vegas

No. 1982298

But then why did she end up staying in a hotel instead of staying with the other moid?

No. 1982303

Shay probably fucks married moids, so I would absolutely believe some crusty fuck took her out for mid-tier garbage food and drinks, then dropped her off at Smallgulp's house. When he was like, "where tf were you all day?" she got mad and blew up. He's definitely lying about his part in everything, but there's probably a crumb of truth.

Come on, Shayna! You gonna let him spread lies about you? The fact that he's telling this to some random is interesting.

No. 1982304

Samefag (sorry, jannies), but I wonder if her "daddy" here is the guy she went off with. If it were Scott, I'd imagine she'd be open about him buying her shit and taking her out to restaurants, but she's been so cagey with whoever she went out with.

No. 1982306

It would be funny if it was the other moid that took her out for slop and swill because it means that she fucked and sucked Small Gulp Scott for $50 worth of Shein shit.

No. 1982309


To shayna's credit, it's probably better she doesn't tell the porn moid she decided to room with she's fucking other ugly old men for money and dinners. It's none of his business, he's not her friend and she was probably trying to rope him into being her sugar daddy too. If he knew, he'd definitely be using it against her in an argument, just look how quickly he told the anon (who i think is also a sex worker that's worked with him, not a complete random) that shayna was off with another guy.

Man, Shayna is the cow that just won't quit. Just when you think her milk has dried up for a while she does something retarded and funny.

No. 1982310

I understand this fallout is somewhat milky but do you have to cowtip? I don't believe anything scrotes say and he isn't saying anything we haven't already suspected. She lurks here so it'll lessen her chances of meltdown, but then again maybe she'll see this and jump on twitter to defend herself. Limpcock doesn't even seem to care about what transpired, kek.

No. 1982314

Or people shes worked with, not that surprising after vivi came on here to post.

No. 1982335

0 days without autism in the shayna thread, of course he’d say nothing happened, why would you contact him

No. 1982343

>"I dont remember"
Never thought I'd defend Shayna but that confirms limpcock did something shitty.

No. 1982346

Tinfoil that cowtipping nona is another sex worker and knows Scott personally given the lack of sage and the fact that he responded to questions about Shayna at all

No. 1982347

Kek yeah he doesn’t remember but manages to remember it was stupid.His texts make no fucking sense.

No. 1982354

seconding this. he somehow can’t remember a fight that happened yesterday? he’s so full of shit kek.

No. 1982357

Or both of them were drunk. It's a repeat of what she did to Fupa. They would both drink, she would get wasted and then they would argue over it.

No. 1982359

"I don't remember, it was something stupid" → I remember it exactly and did it on purpose, so I can't pretend to be innocent now.

He didn't expect her to have a BPD meltdown about it however so once he realized his mistake (he's not dealing with a professional person, just a sloppy idiot) he kicked her out.

They're both shitty. He's a shitty moid and almost definitely started it by being creepy or negging her or something. She however is Shayna and couldn't be mature about de-escalating conflict with a 'coworker' while staying in his home on a 'business trip'. So she flew off the handle until he cut his losses and booted her. She ruined yet another 'business relationship'. Two idiots.

No. 1982365

This is the same tard that let Shane what's his tits drug her and then spank her and do god knows what else while she was passed out. (I don't think he did anything but scrotes gonna scrote.) And then was crying and stalking him for a month. Its crazy you think this gutter trash deserves any sympathy just because she is a woman, news flash sister she is not on our side or for women. She is only in it for her, and scrote attention.

No. 1982370

>Business relationship

Sex work isn't real work. There are no 'business relationships' and nothing is 'professional'. You are shaylusional if you think like this.

No. 1982372

Don't you mean what she did with Fupa? You make him sound like a victim. All these scrotes deserve worse than Shay. I hope she trashed Scott Clapcock's apartment and gave him AIDS.

No. 1982376

Same. Unless Shayna did something extremely retarded or violent, there's no way I'd side with a porn scrote before siding with her. His answers in dms are suspicious as fuck, too.

No. 1982382

I'm surprised this guy even replied like how is this professional behavior?! It's not like this person is shayna's family either.

The way he's talking definitely sounds like he's being cagey and avoidant. he probably did do something sketchy and Shat had a fit. She travels to weird ass places to get beat and tortured until she's black and blue and still doesn't take any steps to ensure her safety. literally insane shit.

No. 1982384

I'm not siding with either. Imagine knowing this moid was accused of lying about std/still tests, then going to stay with basically q stranger. Shayna doesn't care about other women. Seems like two retards met up and acted retarded. Whatever he did shay had enough red flags to avoid it. We can't care more about shay then she cares about herself.

No. 1982389

They're just saying that it was most likely the porn moid who pushed the boundaries, which is true. It's in his nature as a moid to be the problem, but as usual shayna flipped her shit and overreacted instead of actually carrying herself with some level of dignity.


Don't act obtuse for the sake of infighting. We're all anti-sexwork here and everyone else understands what that anon means.

No. 1982394

Getting drunk and screaming at someone is abuse. Both of them were pieces of shit in that relationship. Let's not start the years old infight of who was worse.

No. 1982397

Idk I hate porn scrotes as much as the next person but I’m willing to consider the possibility that he’s being weird with his responses because anon was being weird with asking. I know we’re used to cows who will air out drama at any opportunity, but he’s not a Twitter whore and after what happened with the STD callout and Shayna’s own documented history I think his answers here are to be expected.

No. 1982399

get your head out of your ass. business relationship refers to a specific type of relationship, regardless of weather you think the work is valid or not. it’s significantly different than a personal relationship and you sound like a person who doesn’t know how to separate the two. Just like Shayna!

No. 1982402

i’m not understanding why so many anons are in the Shay thread defending her behaviors. she’s done this shit with everyone she’s worked with. just because he’s extra gross doesn’t make her right. she literally defended him when she was told by multiple sources that he faked STD tests. WHY DOES ANYONE CARE IF SHE GOT FUCKED OVER?! especially for her own shitty behavior!

No. 1982403

That nonnie being weirdly confrontational is not the issue, This guy responding to try and deflect.Responsibility and criticism is suspicious in itself. Moids seldom do this if they want to cop op to their shit. He's brushing off her fit as another "shat thing" or a personal quirk b/c He knows he fucked up. He's probably f'd up many, many times before and he's never going to hold himself accountable or else he wouldn't be raping women for a living. Only an idiot and a desperate idiot that would involve herself with these men never mind sleep over at their place. The fact that he mentioned another scrote Shat left to be with supposedly (how did he know?) tells you that he really just views these dumbasses as things to be passed on from one scrote to another.

No. 1982419

AAYRT- I’m just saying this conversation is proof of nothing. And even so, there’s no need to dick ride Shay just to spite a moid. How about they’re both garbage and deserve each other, whatever happened. There is nothing it could be that she didn’t bring on herself.

No. 1982425

she definitely referred to scott smalldrippingcock as her “daddy” and he was the one who bought her the shein outfit cause she tagged him in the photo saying thanks, this was discussed earlier. i personally think its the guy she went to dinner with, where it was shayna looking like a sped when they brought something to the table. A nonna screencapped the dudes face who was with her and it didnt look like scott.

No. 1982426

My tinfoil is that something bad happened with the second John Shayna spent two days with. She could have reached out to Scott to come save her but he was busy and didn’t really care in the way Shayna was expecting him to. Would explain Shayna saying “I’m safe now” and also how Shayna and Scott didn’t unfollow eachother. Like Scott was a dick, but Shayna also had insane expectations of him and overestimated her importance in her life. I mean, the guy straight up says he knows nothing about her life other than some shoots.

Which is also funny because Shayna like went to a concert with this guy and has spent time with him off set. Shayna must be boring as fuck if he found nothing memorable about the stuff she talked about at the concert.

(new john timline: met up with him one day, sleep with him that night for cash and i guess crashed with him either in a cheap hotel or his house, then the next day they hung out a bit before something bad happened?)

No. 1982427

The second moid is the one who scared Shayna so she couldnt stay with him. Shayna probably reached out to Scott to come get her and he was busy filming with other brunette girl that was posted earlier and he didn’t care enough even though she was probably screaming at him about how cant her care about her safety and shit.

No. 1982428

kek imagine if it was kiki who posted the caps?

No. 1982429

here, here! whatever happened, shayna deserved worse.

No. 1982431

This is actually not that insane of a tinfoil nonna…I’m seconding this theory kek

No. 1982433

that is so unhinged kek i’m here for it.

No. 1982436

To add to what you said.. I think we all need to remember: Shayna got herself into this situation she can get herself out if she chooses to do. She will always choose to make it worse or put herself into shittier situations as she has done for years and years now. Only person that will stop is Shayna. I get that Scott is a gross moid who uses women like play things but let’s not use that factor to defend Shayna. It’s not that Shayna can’t. She won’t. She actively chooses this life, nonnas. Shayna has been offered opportunities to get out of this years ago by her parents and denied it. She “loves” this job. She tarnished her own name with doing this job and could never get another unless she changed her name but even that wouldn’t matter. She’s in this until she crashes and burns. Shayna chooses this. She chooses the shitty food, she chooses the alcohol, she chooses the Johns, she chooses the skid mark academy, she chooses Sarah, she chooses the gross “sissy” dude and ellen. She chooses this. She’s beyond saving or defending.

There’s so many probabilities in this situation. We won’t know the fully story from Shayna for sure. Unless smallcock comes forward about the situation and doesn’t do some moid-y deflection like he did in the cow tip messages then she will say smthin. I am leaning towards Shayna wanting more than just business like Scott seems to treat it. Though the addition of a possibly different “Vegas daddy” is curious. Maybe we need to give Shayna more credit for keeping things like that on the low. Doubt it tho. Sounds too spur of the moment. Some rando scrote she was somehow in contact with offered to help her get out of there and she leapt at it. Alcohol was totally involved in the situation. It’s Shayna. That’s a solid factor regardless of the conflict. Alcohol is somehow involved always.
>>1982428 his DMs are open to public but I doubt he would reply to a burner or someone who clearly wasn’t also a SW… or someone who didn’t know Shayna clearly so… i buy it. There’s also the possibility of a girl from skidmark among our midst honestly. Vivi maybe. She’s made a not so good name for herself… but Kiki is totally believable more so then anything else.
>shane what’s his tits

No. 1982450

File: 1712182678544.jpeg (1.03 MB, 1170x1992, IMG_1048.jpeg)

she’s leaving vegas.

No. 1982452

that hairstyle is so ugly kek

No. 1982453

Of course she couldn't forget the obligatory airport alcohol. She must've been struggling to not post constantly for the past few days.

No. 1982456

Why is she going back? And kek at her bangs.
Anyway, so if we are to believe even 1% of scott's story, Shayna filmed something with Scott, probably fucked him or had some sexual contact with him, and if a second moid exist, you better believe she fucked him as well.
I just find it funny, Shayna was involved with supposedly two people, doesn't know either that well. One let her stay with him, the other she did some retarded shit with (if thats true), then when it all came down, that second dude could'nt pay for her to stay at a hotel?
Or did she fall out with TWO men?
Not to mention how dangerous this all is, but I'm beyond giving a shit what happens to Shayna with these moids. She doesn't, nor does she care if anything happens to any other woman. She's a true retard.I don't know what it is about this situation but I always disliked Shayna but today, somehow my dislike has grown.
Maybe it's because she does the same thing over and over again, she's a very lucky woman. I truly hope for her own sake her luck never runs out, I do not wish her harm.
It's just the idea of this chap lipped, chubby retard, going through all these retarded, dangerous shit, with the ugliest shadiest men alive, for what??
She's not even getting anything worth anything, it's one thing to live this life and actually eat the fruits grown in the disgusting garden, but she's not.
She gets nothing. SO it's just pointless. She's not even enjoying herself, literally having meltdowns around strange men.

No. 1982464

wait…shes going back to Vegas after all this? for what?? and who the fuck is she staying with this time?hahahaha I can't with her

No. 1982466

did you nonnies get infected with Shayna’s retardation? it clearly says “bye vegas, back to Seattle” and the anon who posted it even said she’s leaving Vegas.

something about this thread makes people retarded, I stg.

No. 1982467

Made up with Scott already and going back to see him for the B-52 concert is my guess. They'll be in Las Vegas in 2 weeks.

No. 1982468

Nona the tweet literally says "can't wait 2 come back in a couple weeks", I'm afraid you are the shaytarded one here

No. 1982469

>can't wait to come back in 2 weeks
She literally says she's coming back in 2 weeks

No. 1982470

nonna have you had your annual shaytardation exam yet?

No. 1982471

it also clearly says she can’t wait to come back in a few weeks. get well soon, sweet retarded nona.

No. 1982472

Kek holy shit. Not to derail but, hi neighbor! Stay safe! Kings county is fucking cray!!
How are you nonnies so fucking brazen? But yeah no you cant trust what scrotes say, especially porn scrotes. They respect women the least.

No. 1982474

This actually sounds probable… It ties everything together.

No. 1982478

Yup. Whatever happened Shay has caved to limpdick's apology in return for him taking her to see the b52's.
They're obviously just using each other.

No. 1982492

Oof she’s losing the remaining collagen in her face at alarming rates. Soon the only thing keeping it structurally sound will be the lard.

No. 1982493

Any hair Nona’s itt can answer if this is a clip in bang or if her hairs clean since she got to Vegas?

No. 1982501

File: 1712200435268.jpeg (997.7 KB, 1170x1466, IMG_1054.jpeg)

she’s back.

No. 1982502

I feel like one of her partners gave her some old shit they had or maybe i'm too Shayded (jaded).As much as shayna likes to brag about how she's a great person, she never brags about the things she does for these "Partners".

No. 1982503

Come on anon, she definitely has posted a “I lov my girlfren” post one time.

No. 1982504

I would be really annoyed if someone got me surprise furniture, it’s such a personal choice and you usually live with your interior decorating for a long time. I imagine she must have specifically asked for these items

No. 1982517

She's destitute and has no taste I'm sure she's gonna take anything

No. 1982519

Looks like Ellen and that ass pimple of a tranny went to the dollar store and got her some snacks and then ordered some shit tier AliExpress furniture. Low effort.

No. 1982521

well if that's you personally feel i imagine you also don't relate to shayna buying almost all her furniture off of amazon (i.e. the iconic daybed) so it's all cheap poorly made worthless garbage

No. 1982543

It's bleak that her friends feel compelled to buy her furniture because they know that she's incapable of doing it herself.

No. 1982552

>new storage for my records
Aka she finally listened to those of us who sperged over how she was storing her basic bitch vinyls topkek

No. 1982554

Women can't abuse scrotes in romantic relationships unless they are physically or mentally disabled. Fupa was neither. Scrotes who say they were abused by women are pathetic 99% of the time. Fupa is not an abuse victim, he's a creepy old man who deserves everything he gets.

No. 1982557

File: 1712226808757.jpg (39.44 KB, 415x340, zD85GGhGPhuBDFcf3545Fj-415-80.…)

Wtf is this hairstyle? Conehead era meets Dylann roof.

I'm dying of laughter.

No. 1982558

I mean they can abuse scrotes if they are in a position of power over them or if they have a deadly weapon, buy yeah, Shay never abused Fupa. Scrotes are by default in a position of power over women in romantic relationships unless there are special circumstances. A woman drunk yelling at a scrote isn't abuse. That's some pick me bullshit. Fupa was also a 30 something father in a relationship with an 18 year old girl. He deserves worse. I hate all these scrotes way more than I could ever dislike Shay and the only people I feel sorry for is their families.

No. 1982561

If Shayna had actually abused him I would buy her all the retarded pink shit on her onlyfans wishlist.

No. 1982565


lol fatty has to wear her ring on her pinky sausage coz she’s too cheap to get it resized. Not that it’s even gold though.

No. 1982567

Getting drunk and screaming at someone is verbal abuse. It could also have been emotional abuse depending on what was said and maybe even physical abuse if she was drunk enough to get violent. This inane argument is basically semantics and not much else. It doesn't matter what the power dynamics of the relationship were, it doesn't invalidate an incident of abusive behaviour from being abusive. I have no doubt that he also abused and manipulated her. There's no need to defend either of them. It was a dysfunctional relationship between two immature retards that met on tumblr.

No. 1982571

>anal kingdom
why do people like her always gotta fetishize children or family activities? also Shayna wishes she was that skinny fit woman in the picture.

No. 1982572

Shaynus would never hurt a precious male scrote.

No. 1982574

Some sex worker that lurks should post that Shayna’s hair is a white supremacist dog whistle for her nazi ideology that dates back to her antisemitic tumblr days. Kek I love when those retards cancel each other(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1982580

Abuse is about power. You can't abuse someone you don't have power over. Fupa obviously had the power in that relationship.

No. 1982593

Nta but how did Fupa have power? He was broke so certainly it wasn't financial power. Not sure what else.

No. 1982594

verbal abuse might use the word "abuse" but that doesn't mean it's actual domestic abuse the way you're using it… also verbal abuse isn't raising your voice in an argument, especially if you're talking the verbal abuse an abuser does which is a very specific kind. it's not just them yelling at you, it'd be a walk in the park if that's all verbal abuse from an actual domestic abuser was. Domestic abusers weaponize their attacks and it's a calculated action or it's their usual tried and true methods of wearing you down that come out when mad, they're not messy drunks crying at you what is probably an incoherent mess
by that logic shayna is an abuser to everyone instead of just being a messy drunk. voices often get raised during drunk arguments and yeah it's not right just cause you're drunk, but to conflate that with real domestic abuse is a slap in the face to real victims. she wasn't just getting solo smashed then going on tirades against sober him, she never displayed any behaviour of abusiveness in the relationship outside of those moments and they started coming after he'd been actually abusing her and effectively raping her by using her porn persona against her (remember all those tweets about disassociating to spongebob while he fucked her ass painfully while she claimed it was ok?), kept her a hidden secret, and controlled her "career". they'd argue and she'd just scream the responses instead of talking just as he was (and who knows who'd raise their voice first). she just did not abuse him except if you're going to pretend all instances of the word abuse, like drug abuse for example, is the same as spousal/domestic abuse.(derailing)

No. 1982599

Are you actually retarded? He had more money than shayna, he moved her into a McMansion he rented out bought and had her move states to his turf. She had no car, barely any money, no friends or family, and Kyle took on the "Dom" role in their relationship. He basically had all power over her, to freely slap her around in Walmart parking lots. But enough about kyle, let's just wait till she gets home drunk and starts spilling milk.

No. 1982602

File: 1712242789799.mp4 (Spoiler Image,11.42 MB, 480x852, Fake Bitch.mp4)

Due to the Vegas trip this wasn't posted here. Her baby voice speaking to her 10 fans is so fake. Even when she's trying to play a character she can't help but let her retarded mannerisms appear.
Spoilered for degenerate buttplug.

No. 1982603

this isn't even charming, she is just trying to come off like some special ed teen. sick. i hope the scrotes who get off to this suffer

No. 1982604

>he'd been actually abusing her and effectively raping her by using her porn persona against her
There's no evidence that this wasn't consensual.

>disassociating to spongebob while he fucked her ass painfully while she claimed it was ok?

Part of her anal queen and abused child/toddler larp. If she was genuinely traumatized she wouldn't be posting about it to twitter for coomers to read and get off to.

>kept her a hidden secret

This only happened after someone on LC cowtipped and contacted his ex-wife. She then threatened to stop his access to their children.

She just keeps becoming more fucking ugly.

No. 1982605

File: 1712244501285.jpg (50.37 KB, 573x577, Screenshot_20240404_102608_Fir…)

why tf does she intentionally extenuate her double chin for the first ten seconds of the video
just flopping her head back from side to side

No. 1982606

that autocorrect is too perfect to delete the post and re-make lol

No. 1982607

i agree with you, but there's no point in arguing with blackpilled farmers, they don't want their mind changed and will just deny, claim you're defending fupa, or some kind of pickme who thinks abuse is okay. don't ask me why because it defies logic they probably just need to go outside

No. 1982611

She always reminds me of Ariana Grande’s fake ass voice whenever she talks like this kek

No. 1982638

>getting a pervert who gets off on pretending to be a slave puppy to watch YOUR DOG

No. 1982639

Not to mention, he made them live in a 24/7 D/s relationship. There was a infamous video in one of the earlier threads of her making a suggestion about where they go to eat and him shutting her down because he was the Dom and gets to make all the decisions. If he lorded that over her for something so minor then he 100% had the upper hand in that relationship. Not to mention being much older, and all the things other nonas have mentioned.

No. 1982646

Not to scrotefoil but although these threads attract the worst of the worst, this is particularly egregious. Wtf is wrong with you

No. 1982648

File: 1712250387436.png (571 KB, 720x1060, Screenshot_20240405-010255~2.p…)

I'm dying

Some farmer I'm guessing has posted this all over her page(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1982650

Like wtf this is some hardcore ride or die pick-me NLOG bullshit or Fupaul lurks in these threads. Please, have some self respect whoever you are. You sound like an MRA troll.

No. 1982651

What's your logic? avoiceformen.com?

No. 1982654

jesus christ that grammar kek. i wouldn’t be surprised if shayna herself posted that.

No. 1982655

>Shayna abused Fupa
Come on now

No. 1982656

>he made her
you fail to realize Shayna was actively seeking this kind of relationship on Tumblr. she wasn’t lured in by false pretenses and then when isolated, he forced her into a D/S relationship. She bragged about it constantly until they started to drift apart. The defending of Shayna the last few days has been wild.

No. 1982660

she literally flew out to meet him kek. she could have left at any time, her parents have always been willing to let her come back home as long as she gave up "sex work". she could have called them, packed up her bags, and darted out of there while he was working his shitty AT&T job. they are both shitty people, being female doesn't absolve shayna of any wrongdoing. ffs she makes porn that caters to the types of creeps who stand outside high schools and actively defends them. shayna is actively still in this lifestyle, she has likely been trying to get another fupa situation for years.

No. 1982665


It's not defending Shayna to point out that all the scrotes she associates with are abusive and their word shouldn't be trusted. She's scum and she hangs around even scummier men, i don't understand why you guys are having such a hard time wrapping your heads around this.

No. 1982666

any one of us could be just like shayna but we made better choices in life. i just don't feel that she's a victim when this cycle she puts herself in has been screaming at her for years and she has options. if any one of these porn scrotes tried to hang with most nonnies we would avoid them because we have better self preservation instincts. she not only flocks to them, she defends them when they're called out like when scooter tooter faked an STD test. at this point i don't care what happens to her, she's 27 and knows better

No. 1982667

>self preservation instincts
Bingo, I'm worried how things have deteriorated if I'm honest, especially the occasional pics that look like a corpse being beaten, who tf gets off to that? Its been a slow and not very noticeable deviation from the original cute stoner vibe

No. 1982669

i'm also having a hard time thinking of women that are worse than shayna. i'd say
>women who let scrotes abuse children
>women who make porn that's shayna tier
>women who make porn in general because they drank the coomer kool aid
she's a BPD mess, it's been evidenced several times over the years she's manipulative, self-centered, and an emotionally unstable alcoholic. she doesn't even have real friends. unpopular opinion but abusive relationships that go both ways exist. on the other hand women like shayna are exactly what degenerate moids deserve kek. i'm glad their only option is an overly attached "porn star" who never made it, who gets drunk and screams at them over small things.

No. 1982670

>she could have left at any time
Theoretically so can most domestic abuse victims. I don't see how this is ever a point worth making.
A pedo pandering shitstain can still be abused and a victim in different circumstances, especially by a snuff watching rapey man that crossed her boundaries and executed complete control over her life. There isn't a single domestic abuse victim who didn't in some way get themselves into their mess and choose to stay for whatever time they did with their abusive partner, but that still doesn't make them less of a victim.(derailing)

No. 1982673

not many DV victims have parents openly telling them they can come back at any time, or make tumblr porn blogs asking for daddy to bruise them and take advantage of them in the back of a van, defend coomers, or continue down the pipeline nearly a decade later moving the goalpost to mumma and daddy drugging baby's bottle of milk to molest her while she takes a nap… yeah, don't care what happens to her. she's not 18 anymore and has moments where she almost figures out that she's gotten herself into a horrible situation before changing her tune and defending the porn industry and gooners.(derailing)

No. 1982675

>>1982436 she also chose to looked like:

Ffs Shay, even she can do better than this spedrun to dumpy trailer mom

No. 1982677

File: 1712255381347.png (209.74 KB, 1178x567, shaytardation.png)

remember shayna thinks she's above us, and we're a bunch of uptight bitches to her that need to corrective anal rape. she doesn't want help.

No. 1982678

And no one wants to help her. Some of us are just pointing out that the men she associates with are actually scummy and abusive. I don't feel bad for Shayna anymore, she's made her bed and has to lay in it now, but anons are trying to imply that Fupa wasn't an abusive chode are insane. If it was any woman but Shayna we'd all be on the same page. He's trash, Scott smallcock is trash, the ken doll fag is trash.. all of em. Trash. Neither shayna or the porn moid should be believed. Everything any of them says about anything should be taken with a damn near lethal amount of salt.

No. 1982679

I'd say she looks like one of those groomed shih tzu dogs but that's an insult to dogs, so I'll just say she looks like shit

No. 1982680

File: 1712256403760.jpg (272.82 KB, 1080x992, Clockwork.jpg)

Like clockwork, back to ordering food and meeting up with random moids immediately after claiming she had an interaction that made her unsafe.

No. 1982682

remember that she posted this about a minor

No. 1982684

File: 1712257013289.png (Spoiler Image,7.63 MB, 2500x3840, 48DE8FFC-2B94-44BE-81D3-4449EA…)

Shayna has been a victim to things but who cares? What we think she's a victim of she clearly doesn't. She's besties with this freak, a freak a child care provider, who either told a fake story of a 1 year old girl, putting a pacifer in her mouth and how #Little it made her feel and posting it online with her soggy clevage out on kink tumblr, OR she actually did this shit.
Shayna has been ignoring this for years, regardless of what Ellen says, it's her, she wrote this shit, that should be a line drawn, but Shayna does NOT care.
So if you ask me, this is proof enough she'll ignore certain disgusting line blurring things from people who do things for her, she only cares when SHE is harmed.
And harm to shayna could simply be, "Fupaul doesn't want to be with me anymore! Shane drugged me and sat on my back! But the true crime is this man I met once before doesn't want to talk to me anymore!"

No. 1982685

Did you expect anything different? She has to pay rent, these trips always leave her broke.

No. 1982689

She's such a classic cringelord, when she did the RAWRRR thing it reminded me of the sped invader zim wolfkin kids at school. If she wasnt a pedo panderer i would find her autism charming.

No. 1982699

>sugar dad
$10 says this is the puppy troon getting his payment for looking after her pets.

No. 1982718

Ellen is only 32? Holy shit, that's a rough 32.

No. 1982719

That bit with the spikes made me think she's trying to skinwalk someone else because it was so fucking weird and out of character. The early 2000s "lol random xD watch me put in this buttplug :DDDD" tier humour coupled with her corpulent body and forced baby voice. Bizarre.

No. 1982724

File: 1712268722658.jpg (212.56 KB, 1543x1536, 1648171301432.jpg)

What the fuck… she has definitely molested a child before. Holy shit, I can't believe she's a babysitter.

No. 1982729

This pic is a bit old, I remember seeing it in threads a couple years ago back when she moved back to Seattle. She's still only in her mid 30's though.

No. 1982741

she really seems under the influence of some type of substance in that vid. the squinty eyes, weird movements, the cadence of her voice. she almost sounds like Orsen Welles in that infamous champagne commercial.

No. 1982750

I wonder what her logic behind supporting creeps like Limpdick is, beyond the fact that she thinks she's getting ~~exposure~ via collabs with someone putting vulnerable women at risk?

Shay makes so many faux pas that it's hard to sus out and rhyme and reason behind her actions.

No. 1982754

BPD as a diagnosis is literally how to diagnose trauma 101, it's in the same vein as the "hysteria" diagnoses from the psychoanalysis era that were used to delegitimize actual incestuous abuse victims b/c their fathers were rich and bankrolling freud.

y'all are just too spiteful or scrotey to care how these stupid ~diagnoses~ are simply used to stigmatize women b/c controlling victims and making them easier to deal with/the effects of their abuse less disruptive to other people was always psychiatry's purpose.(armchairing)

No. 1982760

Nta but this site has a lot of retarded cluster Bs who call every cow BPD. It’s the pot calling the kettle black because these people themselves have prominent black and white thinking and plenty of unhinged ramblings to suggest that they’re crazy themselves. But they don’t have the BPD diagnosis so they’re totally sane right? Kek. Most people in my BPD treatment program would not air out all of their shit online to become cows of the internet, they were depressed people with addiction issues and childhood abuse/rape stories and families that scapegoated them from childhood. Shayna reminds me more of the narcissists that I know than anything else because she’s 100% the type of woman to look the other way if her kids are getting molested by her scrote. The many people I met with BPD are not like that. I think Shayna’s addiction issues started as a way to make her semi-negligent parents pay attention to her but then became an outlet to escape her shleak life. I don’t think she self-harms and that she abuses substances to escape the reality of her situation.(blogposting)

No. 1982772

She's literally posted about how she got a "bipolar" diagnosis when she was in Tulsa and was taking meds at one point. What she didn't specify was if "bipolar" in her case means BPD or bipolar disorder.

No. 1982778

Anybody who says they have BPD is retarded. Stay far away from them. Everyone who’s close to a BPD freak has a life of hell due to the unstable mess borderlines are. Same goes for bipolar and NPD, but borderlines are very open about their self destructiveness and attention seeking.(at least sage your armchairing)

No. 1982796

Completely agreed. They dehumanize men so hard they don't believe any man can be abused, even little boys. I like to think that forums don't radicalize people but you can read it in real time. Women can't have any kind of power in relationships? We are all simply just too weak? they'll bring that same sentiment onto their little girls, who knows what they'd do to their little boys. No more arguing with delusional people who don't go outside, they can stay in their creepy mentally ill hugbox and feel special for it. Laughing at Shayna is important and brings us together though-to be on topic I believe she for sure had crazy meltdowns on Fupa that no human would want to endure… but I think he 100% deserved it for being a nasty pig, I never forget him having that weird Tumblr. same with Hancock and all the other weirdos she's lashed out on(derailing)

No. 1982803

>They dehumanize men so hard they don't believe any man can be abused, even little boys.
NTA but they do believe scrotes can be abused they just don't give af about how timothy's wife nags him when he forgets to get the milk since men have always beaten, raped and killed women over the dumbest of fucking reasons and therefore you'd have to be retarded as a woman to give a single fuck about them being abused since it's mostly by other men. I do go outside everyday and am enrolled in a STEM phd programme btw you're just a brain dead pick me pandering to the violent rape gender.(blogposting)

No. 1982813

Power levelling in a Shayna thread… Beautiful, tell us more.(infighting)

No. 1982819

File: 1712302597703.jpg (314.41 KB, 1536x2048, Tryhard.jpg)

>had a rly good nite w my sugar dad. pink is my fav color ever but goddamn i look so hot in black wtf

No. 1982820

File: 1712302753746.jpg (399.64 KB, 1536x2048, Hair.jpg)

The bow is comically high on her head.

No. 1982827

I bet this outfit squeaks like crumpling a bag of chips.

Sage for autism, repost for spelling.

No. 1982831

>I love PINK but I look so good in BLACK
How many times is she going to say this?

No. 1982839

Why is she holding her crotch like that? Is this pose supposed to be sexy?
Sage for nitpick, I’ve never seen a woman pose like this before, it must be a tactical hand placement to cover her gunt pouch in the most unflattering and unnatural way possible

No. 1982848

until someone agrees with her kek

No. 1982856

The fupa saga is still so funny, because it's a perfect example of expectations vs reality of these types of relationships. Shayna thought she was finally getting picked by the uwu daddy dom of her dreams who BOUGHT (rented) her a HOUSE and she would be set for life. Instead she got an abusive, controlling manchild who was ashamed of her "work" and actually had real life responsibilities of having a job and kids that he (rightfully) prioritized over her. Fupa thought he was getting an uwu kinky sex kitten to be his bangmaid, instead he got an alcoholic BPD gremlin with zero life skills and the "kinky sex" was just her starfishing while letting him slap her as spongebob plays in the background. Fupa is a piece of shit, and I'd argue at the time of their relationship he was a way bigger piece of shit than Shayna, but with the power of hindsight, they really deserved each other.

No. 1982859

This is a beautiful post without a single incorrect opinion kek I agree, Shayna was the lesser of two evils w Fupa at least in the early days, but she’s certainly become unspeakably horrendous without his help.

No. 1982861

What? Saying she got a bipolar diagnosis is pretty cut and dry. Why would you think that could possibly mean borderline personality disorder?

No. 1982862

she actually looks very good here,kek(non-contribution without sage)

No. 1982875

File: 1712321974867.png (183.4 KB, 867x312, pin-prick-pupils.png)

Piggy finally posted an image where her beady little rat eyes aren't as dark as winter in the arctic. Her pupils are small but I don't think it would count as pinprick pupils.

No. 1982878

File: 1712322770269.jpeg (65.52 KB, 296x232, IMG_1099.jpeg)

they still look like disgusting little rat turds when you don’t turn up the contrast like you have, nona

No. 1982879

nta, but she's stupid; she may be confusing BPD with bpd

No. 1982890

File: 1712326643029.jpg (135.45 KB, 674x1152, 1698545589852.jpg)

same pose as last time she wore this lot lizard look. She has no idea how to dress or pose her body in a flattering way

No. 1982894

File: 1712328286456.jpeg (Spoiler Image,7.86 KB, 184x137, IMG_8192.jpeg)

She’s covering her massive cameltoe that makes her fat look like a troon with mooseknuckle is my guess. Her cheap plastic pants are so tight and hiked so high they’re parting her homer simpson mouth like the red sea. You can see the start of it with how much the tight pants are contouring her gooch and nonexistent ass

No. 1982896

She's posing touching her junk because she sells sex. No, it doesn't look good, but I don't think it's much deeper than that, nonners. A bad pose can be a bad pose.

No. 1982897

She's just trying to cover her panties so she can post the pictures without getting flagged for obscene content most likely. Why she chose to pose like that in a miniskirt? No one knows.

No. 1982902

my first thought was she's doing it to hide her gut bulge

No. 1982905

File: 1712332138137.jpg (631.06 KB, 1079x1346, Pictures you can smell.jpg)

No. 1982912

her eyes look so empty. like there are really no thoughts in that pea brain of hers. and not in the uwu dumb bimbo way she thinks, in a genuine-imbecile-who-shits-their pants way.

No. 1982913

the bow and hair is giving Jojo Siwa. yikes.

No. 1982917

If only she put the bow a little bit further back. Does she think that if she can't see it in the mirror herself then nobody else sees it either?

No. 1982934

god. imagine the sound of cheap pleather chafing against itself mixed with shayna's really gross mouth breathing/loud nose breathing all night? her johns must be fugly as shit.

No. 1982936

Another reason for twitter whores to call her a nazi because she wears (fake) black leather.

No. 1982940

another 90s goff cosplay for her over 60 splenda daddy? lol

No. 1982941

Why's she keeping all of those clothes in the bathroom? If this was anyone else I'd say they're gonna get fucked up from shower steam, but i know Shayna doesn't bathe. Is her washing machine that she doesn't use in the bathroom or something?

No. 1982947

she’s just too lazy to take them into her bedroom from where she hung them up after taking them off for a (very occasional) shower

No. 1982948

she looks better in black than she does in pink, but that’s a looooooooooow bar

No. 1982950

the skirt is practically a gunt belt, her entire ass must have been out

No. 1982952

Kek nonnie I don’t think she has to worry about her hank hill ass hanging out of anything

No. 1982962

i wonder if 17 year old shay was shown this pic of her of where she'll be in 2024 as a failed camgirl prostitute if she could have been stopped

No. 1982969

The fact she's a straight up prostitute slaps me in the face sometimes. When I come into the shayzone, I often except whatever reality is being thrust onto us by Shayna. Though, I have moments were I read posts like this and I'm like,
>She's dressed in cheap leather to go fuck some old retarded moid, where she pretends like he actually cares & she's his "pride n' Joy".
Shayna is literally a prostitute. Thousands of hours of porn online, she's had sex/sexual contact for "Work" with Baldi Gaysics, Sol Gribble, Shein Cock and Keks moid. Not to mention the 3 or 4 "Sugar dads" She's had that she's definitely fucking. Then Shane. She went from someone who didn't want to sleep with moids on camera because she didn't have feelings…to now selling her assback.
and she's doing so JUST to get by. It's not like she's living some amazing life, every trip she takes she's broke afterwards and she barely does anything "fun".
What the fuck.

No. 1982970

I was trying to see if she had pinprick pupils which are a sign of drug use. Her shithole eyes make it difficult to make out her pupils.

No. 1982972

>is her washing machine in the bathroom?
yes >>1972775

No. 1982996

>is her washing machine in the bathroom?
Is that not normal or something?

No. 1982999

it’s probably some Euro-fag and they’ll say Americans are disgusting for having their laundry in their bathroom.

No. 1983003

Not a Eurofag, but no, I wouldn't say it's normal. Usually there will be a closet or small room for laundry appliances. However, in my experience having lived in 6 states, the norm is that apartments do not have in-unit laundry. It's probably just another thing that is jacking up Shay's rent, like having two bathrooms.

No. 1983009

As a yuro, a having a washing machine in the bathroom is normal if you dont have a seperate laundry room?

No. 1983017

Does anyone remember when she said that she only had sex with 10 guys (I think after Baldi Gaysics aka John Kendall Cox) around a year and a half ago? I really wonder what that number is now with all the prostitution dates she’s been going on.

No. 1983019

i think so too, she's only changed her mind because she needs the money. she only pretends to enjoy it because she needs to stick it to the haters.
i remember her saying she's only slept with 10 or so guys a while back too and i was shocked. maybe she doesn't count BJs/other odd sexual favors like letting that guy sniff her ass or feet. hilarious she chose this fate after mocking girls in high school for deigning to go to college. she was a mean girl who thought she was gonna make it big and now she's obese, lonely, poor to the point she has to have sex with old fat men for money, and only infamous on one website with 5k-8k users where she has a board dedicated to her.

No. 1983031

We've watched in real time EVERY SINGLE boundary she had, rule she had slowly be beat down, until she's fucking men for money like it's nothing. Thats why I won't be shocked if she starts doing Scat or feeder porn. Or one day she may actually be desperate enough to do a gangbang. I don't even doubt shayna HASN'T blurred lines with her "I ask me to say i'm underaged!" , I wouldn't be surpised if one day it leaks out she's done some real sick shit for money. She'd do anything to prove us/her parents/haters. She seemed so proud to be the first of her siblings to move out, and probably that she never "came back", which makes me feel like it's some kind of one-sided competition with her siblings.
To make it, no matter what, to prove to them she can be this disgusting thing but still make it, be better.

No. 1983037

It’s normal on the East Coast in poor people apartment units under like 1kish? Like that exact washer dryer model or similar is a like 20+ year staple lol. Landlords jack up rent by installing the nicer washer dryers

No. 1983040

it's funny too because i'm sure the only reason she cared so bad to move out at 18 was because she thought it was abusive and unfair that her parents had the most normal expectations of her of getting a real job if she wasn't going to go to college after high school.
can see shay doing that soon tbh
she has basically admitting to doing it at least once but maybe she would go even further with it
>feeder porn
this is tough to say because she's insecure about being a big girl
and yeah she's retarded for thinking that her refusing to make statements like "i'm 14" makes her porn any less creepy. i'm sick of SWers wearing diapers and saying "b-b-but the point is i'm an adult woman being ~humiliated~ by having to act like a baby!" who fucking cares if you aren't saying things like "i'm 8" when you're wearing clothes very much associated with children and talking like a child. mentally sound people will judge all of that shit the same: that you're a freak.

No. 1983059

Nta but she’s had moids offer her to “star” in her totally desired gangbang. Given how she hasn’t done one I think she doesnt actually wanna do it (I don’t blame her). Actually I think she’s more tame with penetrative sex with moids on camera than we consider. Sure she does the ddlg and depraved fetish stuff but her videos with Scott Limpdick were blowjob, PIV, and then finishing with another blowjob and a single drop of ejaculate on her face. I know she filmed like 2 other videos with him, did the so-called “ButtStuffBarbie” do anal with him? I don’t recall her doing that with John Kendall Cox or Sensei Ricky Delgado either. Frankly I don’t blame her bc these guys in the industry are disgusting creeps and predators, however, she talks big game on Twitter about gangbangs and anal while the actual videos with moids are sparse.

No. 1983060

File: 1712368235870.jpeg (716.3 KB, 1170x1632, IMG_1101.jpeg)

Sissy troon “sugar dad” confirmed?

No. 1983062

i dont think a sissy would like to be called ''sugar dad'' lol

No. 1983063

File: 1712369357614.jpg (219.22 KB, 944x1248, Project housing.jpg)

Yeah I asked about that in the last thread, the machines are mere inches from her tub. Seems like a major hazard. Water could easily get out of the tub and seep under there if she doesn’t close her curtain all the way or even if there’s just a leak in the tub. She pays over $2 grand a month for this. Also where tf is her shower head, on the opposite side from the faucet and drain??? Suddenly a lot about her perma greasy hair makes sense

No. 1983064

I don’t think so. She calls that guy her sissy puppy sub or something like that regularly and about putting a cage on his dick.

No. 1983066

She has too many products in her shower for her hair and skin to look that crusty. Is she even using them?

No. 1983088

it's normal to have washer+dryers in the bathroom, I dont know why nonnies are having a hard time with this concept. a lot of apartments only have one communal laundry room for all the tenants, so having her own will cost more. brits have washers in their kitchens sometimes which seems stranger to me, a bathroom is fine lol.

No. 1983089

what exactly do you think will happen if water "leaks" from the tub though?
Washers are full of water and even their plugins are high from the ground so I don't understand this nitpick at all?

No. 1983097

you guys are so fucking retarded sometimes kek. this is shayna’s smaller bathroom that is next 2 her kitchen/front door. she has two bathrooms. the other bathroom is bigger and is connected to her sex work room, and is the room where she has the pink hello kitty shower curtain. this is such a nitpick lol en suite laundry is a luxury and so is having two bathrooms. its super common to have one there. like… washing machines were literally made to handle getting wet. do you really think they wouldnt consider that when building it considering the whole point of the machine is to swish around a giant load of water and have wet as fuck clothes pulled out it. major kek nonnie.

No. 1983098

shes stated before she has both bipolar and BPD. no way am i going to find the screencaps but she tweeted it a few seperate times before learning that BPD has a massive stigma and everyone with it should shut up about it. but anyone could have guessed it

No. 1983099

bitch needs to learn about tights. get those cottage cheese monsters out of my vision

No. 1983100

ummm you must have missed when she posted the vid of scott dribble cock fucking her doggy style with no condom. shayna looked like she was disassociating the whole time, it was sad.

No. 1983109

He's just saying he thinks she looks hot (i.e. she's giving him a boner which the cage restricts). He's definitely not the sugar dad, he's her sub.

No. 1983186

>"Water might get into the appliance made to wash with water"
You're more retarded than Shayna

No. 1983192

I used to leave my alcohol-free mouthwash on top of the washing machine and the little bit of leaking that happened caused the paint to chip.
maybe if the washing machine is constantly being splashed with water on top where it's not being wiped off the paint can chip eventually but I have no experience with this and it's probably unlikely from this angle.

No. 1983196

Yeah seriously where do you nonnies live? My washer/dryer are in my kitchen bc that's where the hookups for them are. Not ideal but it beats going to the laundromat also not everyone can afford a place w a laundry room y'all sound like spoiled brats lol

No. 1983202

Even if it's alcohol-free the mouthwash =/= water? Come on now nonny

No. 1983204

Let's not have a derail/infight about having a washer/dryer in the bathroom please

No. 1983215

File: 1712421023056.jpg (578.08 KB, 1079x1204, Id.jpg)

She lost her ID. More like it's expired.

No. 1983220

So she dressed like a sped for her ID photo? Kek.

No. 1983228

King Cobra JFS has been mentioned here before, they’re the same in a different font. I’ve just realized his new gf Jessica is how Shayna is going to look (and probably act) in the next ten years.

No. 1983292

Why does she always have bags under her eyes like that? She seems way too young to have such prominent eye bags.

No. 1983295

Alcoholism. Drinking can cause eyebags and she drinks so often.

No. 1983318

they could be genetic, some people are just predisposed to them

No. 1983320

the fact that this smut hound moid saw how she looked in that footage and kept bringing her back for more anyway tells me all i need to know about his character. i don't care how much game she talks about pleasing daddy and loving her sex work career, that was not the face of someone who was the least bit comfortable with what she was doing. even he must have thought it was terrible considering he took it down. shayna may be an adult but she's also a retarded substance abuser who is constantly drunk and if his story about her having a huge screaming fit meltdown that she couldn't calm down from is even halfway true then it just goes to show that she's incredibly emotionally immature for her age and he's a huge creep for repeatedly hooking up with her

No. 1983337

File: 1712441693932.jpeg (123.91 KB, 1170x428, IMG_1237.jpeg)

oh god.

No. 1983339

Fuck no. The pedo pandering is going to be crazy.

No. 1983344

it is confirmed she does have bipolar from a previous tweet mentioning her dislike of her bipolar symptoms. i wonder how medicated she is for it, if at all considering most drugs for anxiety and mood swings interact with alcohol (if she did care, that is)

No. 1983348

It won’t happen. She’s already tried it and wouldn’t do it because it was so expensive. There’s no way she’s going to be begging for money for rent and getting braces.

Unless she does and ends up with rotting metal wires because she can’t afford the upkeep.

No. 1983349

It's not going to happen

No. 1983352

imagine the pain (and smell)

No. 1983358

shayna is the type of girl to pass out with her makeup on more often than not, plus she probably cries herself to sleep several times a month which can be super rough on your eyes. mix in no hydration, no eye cream, no skin care at all, no spf, smoke entering her body from constant bong bits. doubt she gets anywhere near 8 hours of sleep a night. it would make less sense if she didnt have giant eye bags.

No. 1983359

i hate dumb ass people who like to brag about shit that hasnt even happened yet. like fuck, she hasnt even called the doctor yet and she’s acting like its a sure thing.

No. 1983363

washers and dryers are protected from water because the plug is several feet off the ground. Have you nonnies never heard of a washer overflowing? You just think that's instant death? kek(sperging after farmhand warning)

No. 1983367

It won’t happen. She’s already tried it and wouldn’t do it because it was so expensive. There’s no way she’s going to be begging for money for rent and getting braces.

Unless she does and ends up with rotting metal wires because she can’t afford the upkeep.

No. 1983368

That won't be okay at all, not only is her pedo larping going to get grosser, all she will do is look older, greasier and she will smell even more. Plus knowing how retarded she is, she will always have food between the wires and so on.

No. 1983374

hot take: do you think one of the reasons shayna wants braces so bad is because it will give her an excuse to not give blowjobs? she can be her true starfish self for her johns cause they dont want a dick scraping. also i agree with nona who said her mouth is gonna stink to the high heavens.

No. 1983375

anons i think she thinks getting braces will make her look young and skinny but she will look even more like she’s from a group home.

No. 1983378

Braces? With her hygiene? Kek good times ahead for sure.

No. 1983380

Shay always does shit like this - brags about something she's planning on doing as if it already happened. My guess is that her broke, uninsured ass will never go through with this. She's just saying it for the upfront attention (e.g., coomers telling her how cute she will look), and also controversy from other whores. Like, why wait until next week to call the dentist when you could just pick up the phone and do it right then?

No. 1983381

I don't think so. The outside of the teeth don't come anywhere near the dick when you give a blowjob, so having braces would not affect the ability to give a blowjob. She probably just got negged by Scott about her Pumba teeth and now she's feeling insecure about them.

No. 1983383

At this point she should just get veeners kek, her teeth are disgusting looking.

No. 1983384

File: 1712455194597.jpeg (1.2 MB, 1170x1860, IMG_1240.jpeg)

buying more ugly rugs for her bathroom.

No. 1983385

File: 1712455195740.jpg (1.18 MB, 1079x2430, Glutton.jpg)

Yeah Shay, demand food from your followers. That'll definitely keep them around.

No. 1983386

some of her teeth are already so rotted that they’re naturally filed down to fit them. She should beg her parents for some veneers.

No. 1983388

I got braces as a severely depressed 12 year old and the fact that my brushing technique was ass and that I basically just didn't floss because it was annoying with the braces, I have now some vaguely bumpy teeth texture on a tooth or two due to plaque buildup around the metal that was attached to teeth.

Y'all are just exaggerating but it is genuinely not a good idea to get traditional braces if you don't have the best brushing and flossing habits.(blogposting)

No. 1983389

Her decor is so tacky. Why can’t she stick to a bathroom theme or not post it? Like I get it not everyone’s bathroom is going to look “sparkly clean” and picked up but she brags about how cute it is when it’s just mismatched like her outfits. Why don’t you buy some cleaning supplies, slob?! They have “the pink stuff” floor cleaner it’s pink and you can use it to clean instead of buying more rugs to cover the dirt.

No. 1983390

shark coochie board my god

hbu du not eat garbage?! boil a freaking vegetable you giant potato of a woman.

No. 1983391

Her neck and fat face says to skip dinner

No. 1983392

maybe the john she threw a hissy fit over said something about her teeth

No. 1983393

File: 1712455648653.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.15 MB, 1170x1860, IMG_1241.jpeg)

our alcoholic princess

No. 1983394

Not the wall bending kek

No. 1983395

File: 1712455829506.png (Spoiler Image,53.36 KB, 280x456, 1695780477551.png)

ya sure are!

No. 1983396

>buying packaged ham and cheese and then putting it on a plate is effort
I don't even know what to think anymore.

No. 1983398

She deleted this already, kek.

No. 1983399

It's more effort than opening a takeout container and digging a fork in there. by the sounds of it this woman has no real life skills. she doesn't cook, she doesn't clean her own damn toilet…
her entire lower stomach area is fuzzy because she's edited it…. there are ways to make the editing way less obvious but apparently she doesn't know how to do that.

No. 1983405

File: 1712460974480.jpg (699.37 KB, 1041x1610, Ironic.jpg)

Keep wishing.

No. 1983409

File: 1712461254990.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.41 MB, 1170x1860, IMG_1245.jpeg)

she’s drunkposting.

No. 1983410

She says this but then will make a total of 0 attempts to try and achieve it

No. 1983411

File: 1712462270881.jpeg (190.14 KB, 1170x613, IMG_1247.jpeg)

No. 1983413

i fucking hate her so much.

No. 1983416

Her left boob looks like a big toe here

No. 1983417

Those split ends barely even cover her nipples anymore. It's time to lay down the straightening iron and get some kind of curl cream. Just one more case of Shayna trying to be something she's not instead of embracing her curls.

No. 1983418

File: 1712465661939.png (62.25 KB, 187x163, image.png)

how did she get these? this isn't a location for spanking or from ropes

No. 1983419

File: 1712466222329.jpg (594.65 KB, 3840x2160, 20244301.jpg)

>ok i’m actually surprised im doin a pretty ok job at this rn

No. 1983421

does anyone know what happens if you get braces and can’t afford the upkeep? they don’t forcibly remove them but I imagine you get a ton of debt that you’d have to pay off? I think she’s better off with veneers like other anons said, her tiny little teeth are hopeless kek

No. 1983422

what upkeep? you basically just see an orthodontist every so often depending on what problem you're addressing. she doesn't need braces she needs better dental hygiene.

No. 1983423

Did she really buy vinyls just to tape them to a wall?

No. 1983424

kek uhh they're not even flat against the wall?

No. 1983425

seems pretty obvious theyre hickeys from scott dribbledick or her other john fucking her doggy

No. 1983426

File: 1712469235083.gif (6.31 MB, 450x241, E0D93E31-993D-4BB6-8B26-0E9DF3…)


No. 1983430

I think they're on clear shelves, she mentioned drilling into the wall

No. 1983431

and your dentist will say, "ma'am, this is a dental office, go tell it to an orthodontist." have fun paying 8k out of pocket and going back every 4 weeks for painful adjustments, pig!

No. 1983432

yeah, can you imagine this drunk lardo trying to thread floss under the braces every night? mouthrot would be inevitable with all the snacks she eats now piling up and stuck against her teeth. no way is she gonna waterpik after every meal.

No. 1983435

File: 1712471813615.jpeg (825.47 KB, 1170x1267, IMG_1107.jpeg)


No. 1983441

I can already see the tweets begging her paypigs for money to cover follow up appointments when she breaks a wire or a bracket pops off

No. 1983447

Gotta have something to lay on while you're black out drunk puking your guts out as often as she does!

No. 1983455

Who the fuck gives a hickey there? It's like her underarm flab/armpit area.

She also deleted this

No. 1983463

>drill holes
Doesn't that violate her tenancy?

No. 1983465

reee leave alice in chains alone she never brought up liking AIC until some stupid john wanted to fuck her to them, she's such a poser for pretending to like certain music for pickme points when drake is her #1 on spotify for years. she never does naked drunk chicken dances to drake because it won't attract her old stinky moid johns. she's so fake

No. 1983469

Christ almighty. I bet Scott Tinycock is devastated that he won’t be able to make terrifying content like this ever again.

No. 1983474

Probably the best photo she's ever taken

No. 1983476

Purely by virtue of the fact that she’s not in it, kek. Seriously though, the way she thinks she’s stylish and classy and tasteful when she’s anything but makes me believe that she really is intellectually handicapped

No. 1983480

oh sweet summer child

No. 1983483

Sorry if im slow but what does she mean by cunty?
>Purely by virtue of the fact that she’s not in it
Kek this is true but she also usually takes shitty pics of her dirty rooms too. This one actually did manage to look nice.

No. 1983485

It’s retarded Gen Z slang adopted from misogynistic faggots, like “slay” and “yaass kween”. I don’t know what it means exactly though. Like they say “serving cunt”, what the fuck does that mean?

No. 1983486

I mean there’s no degenerate porn props or pedo paraphernalia visible so that’s something, I guess

No. 1983488

it’s similar to sassy just derogatory, but it’s not necessarily feminine. it’s hard to explain but these terms started in the black ballroom scene with vogue dancers, so she’s really not complimenting herself when she says things like this because they aren’t meant to compliment women to begin with. this is the second or third time i’ve seen her say things like cunt or fish, so i assume she must be either watching rupaul or ballroom battles cause it’s always just pops up randomly with her like she has brain worms or something.

No. 1983489

That’s what I meant when I said misogynistic faggots, it’s jargon used by trannies who hate women and associate vaginas with fish. She probably picked it up from either that drag race shit or the degenerate troons she associates with

No. 1983494

Ew, she's always bruised. It makes her look half dead and she's not even 30 yet.

No. 1983495

Serving cunt= passing as a woman
That's seen as positive for obvious reasons in black gay ballroom culture and it spread to the non black drag queens as well. Now women will say it to other woman without realizing that its actually meaningless to us and just a weird thing to say.

No. 1983503

File: 1712499500730.jpg (400.44 KB, 1080x1682, Porn for the undead.jpg)

If this happens it will be one of the funniest videos yet.

No. 1983504

File: 1712499650024.jpg (235.1 KB, 1080x761, Wtf.jpg)

Finally realizing she's not eighteen anymore

No. 1983509

No shit Shayna… Most people are attracted to people their own age, it's not some big revelation.

No. 1983511

File: 1712501154938.jpg (155.5 KB, 736x1308, bffbb77ad7273733d5097f968e0e4a…)

Her bathroom decorating consistently looks like this, but somehow less cohesive and impressive

No. 1983513

You have to go back every month or so to see the orthodontist. What happens if she can’t afford the payments? I imagine that the ortho office people would confront her about being late on her payments.

No. 1983515

It’s funny that no one commented, your followers are pedophiles Shay. This post reeks of cope, you’re not getting hotter you’re only getting bigger

No. 1983517

she thinks any scenario that gives her an excuse to buy more clothes is hot kek

No. 1983518

I imagine they’ll tell her she needs to start actually brushing her nasty brown peg teeth before they will even consider sticking braces on them

No. 1983521

File: 1712504098990.jpeg (302.15 KB, 1501x1080, IMG_8255.jpeg)

Anyone else notice she’s switched to using her other bathroom for a while now, whereas the one she bought these rugs for is the one attached to her bedroom (as seen in her apartment tour video and pics she’s posted after) she would use all the time for a while after she moved in? I had a tinfoil that she really is that drunk, gross, and lazy that once the first one became a septic pigsty, she just picked up her shit and moved it to the other one rather than cleaning it. But it looks clean, so it seems she really moved to the other bathroom so anons couldn’t keep track anymore of how little she showers by seeing when the last time her wash rag was moved in her selfies topkek. Also her laptop on the sink in the second pic is seconding me

No. 1983522

Pancake mix in the bathroom, nice.

No. 1983528

Its empty makeup boxes…. Not that its really better lol

No. 1983531

No. 1983535

File: 1712507805406.jpeg (Spoiler Image,821.95 KB, 1170x1828, IMG_3253.jpeg)

Just wait until her plastic surgery era hits, Pigala Hamderson inbound.(take it to the shaytorium)

No. 1983544

File: 1712509030882.jpeg (28.26 KB, 308x385, 1712504098990.jpeg)

nta, but "fluffy pancake mix"

No. 1983547

File: 1712509445811.jpg (327.77 KB, 1200x1600, s-l1600.jpg)

It's a box for cheap makeup brushes kek

No. 1983548

File: 1712509479020.jpg (435.86 KB, 998x2114, Screenshot_20240407_100344_Sam…)

Learn to use google nonny. Its a collab with sanrio and spectrum.

No. 1983554

tinfoil but I think she might have gotten a roommate. Nonnie talking about her moving bathrooms got me thinking that it might be because her hypothetical roommate is using the other one. Also semi-explains the new furniture and lack of e-begging for rent

No. 1983559

Adding to this foil, she also hasnt been boarding the fat dog either. But she could also be having the sissy troon house sit for her. Or he is the roommate.

No. 1983565

File: 1712514324204.jpg (177.9 KB, 1080x755, Broke.jpg)

No. 1983569

i read that as flabby pancake mix.

No. 1983575

everyone is "gna" be so sad if they don't see her awkward dancing and spkanking gross, jeans and a tshirt middle-aged men while making the most uncomfortable and unnatural facial expression you've ever seen.

No. 1983577

I'm sorry but it seems like Shayna is even BROKER then she was when she was just doing porn online, kek. The more irl shit she does, the more she sells her body, the more broke she seems. She cannot afford any fucking thing, yet she's literally traveling to "Work" it makes zero sense.

No. 1983579

She never makes money on these ‘work’ trips, just gets further into debt. I’ve never seen someone so irresponsible with their money kek. Whatever she earns irl prostituting clearly just goes on alcohol and doordash trash food

No. 1983605

I would rather take the L than Google every item in shayna's bathroom

No. 1983619

Not gonna lie, I also feel like we'd miss out if she couldn't go this year.

No. 1983627

Hopping on the “troon is the roommate” tinfinoil. Or someone very similar from the same circle of degens at least.

No. 1983638

It's probably because she's pissed off too many people that attend fatcon.

No. 1983640

I love how her bathroom counter “decor” is just Ross perfume and $3.99 makeup brush boxes that say pancake mix on the front. So bimbo, so high end. She can’t afford some Chanel perfume and maybe a cute soap dispenser?? Nasty bitch doesn’t wash her hands before and after rubbing her dirty snatch for private “customs” sent to grayincesthair and sissy sugar dad

No. 1983642

What if she runs into Shane P Sonnier

No. 1983643

She says this now that she’s older. But used to make posts about being so hot and young and how she’d be the young 20 year old step mom to the hater’s dads or some bs. Wrinkled bitch is aging badly. She even looked old at 18.

No. 1983646

>>1983385 looks like a fast food worker here

No. 1983648

All this bitch does is go to fatcon and spanking parties every year, remember when she’d cam occasionally and it would be milky? Now every day is shayhog day and she loses more and more coomers

No. 1983664

Isn't the second bedroom her set for filming though? Unless her sissy really is fine with sleeping in the dog crate, it would be tricky to have a roommate.

No. 1983680

if you look at her back compared to the black wall you can literally see where she edited half her back off. its insane (thats why she deleted so fast)

No. 1983703

>Wrinkled bitch is aging badly. She even looked old at 18
Kek I actually went back through some of her old threads for more pf the lore and was kinda shocked how rough and hoe much of meth head she looked like at 18 lol. I think the bleach blonde really washes her out. She looks better with dark hair.

No. 1983710

I’m not that committed to the tinfoil, so I hear what you’re saying, but hypothetically there could be a normal bed on the opposite side of the room? Since they’re friends with shay they’d be degen enough to not care about living alongside a porn set

No. 1983713

nah we’ve seen shayna sex room and opposite if her falling apart daybed is her “gaming PC” and desk set up. You see it a lot in her weird porns where she sats the camera outside the door and is “caught”. And i highly doubt she would be sharing a bedroom with someone, or that he’d be sleeping on the couch all the time. but most importantly, shayna isnt smart enough to do something that would help financially like getting a room mate. if anything, she just has given him and cottage cheese ellen a key to her place and lets them “use it” or possible sleep there while she’s gone. i agree with the point about her dog tuna not being boarded lately despite her being away on multi-day trips. i feel so bad for her pets. having someone come in once a day to let them go piss is not a life when it happens month after month.

No. 1983721

>her dog tuna
I'm calling the dog Tuna from now on, it suits her better

No. 1983724

I don't want to be rude but I don't really think anons who don't understand tenant wear and tear should speculate on whether or not hanging shelves constitutes violating a lease. I don't think that was you, necessarily, but some of you sound very dumb in this thread. No, drilling holes and hanging shelving without punching unnecessary damage into drywall typically does not violate a lease.(derailing)

No. 1983734

why is there no soap on the counter… this bitch really is a hazard to everyone in the renton area. bitch first touches her pets, then her rotten snatch, then puts diapers on some sissy faggot and proceeds to go eat a seafood boil after visiting the aquarium without ever washing her hands in between. people who don't have soap at home simply don't wash their hands. really confirms her already obvious hygiene problem

No. 1983735

tag all the dumb posts instead of trying to instigate a fight by being vague(report and move on)

No. 1983755

She's more broke than ever because her dad has finally cut her off
who is she even gonna go with, hasn't she fallen off with pretty much everyone she hung out with at the previous fatcons kek

No. 1983762

I think at this point she's plague-resistant. Good for her, bad for everyone else.

No. 1983770

>She's more broke than ever because her dad has finally cut her off
You state that like it’s a fact. She would be spiraling constantly if that were true and wouldn’t be traveling. She had her quarterly freak out at the beginning of the year. We are due for another one soon.

No. 1983772

drunk, drilling holes in the wall at 9-10pm, im sure her neighbours must really love her! im also shocked she owns a drill

No. 1983790

She's drunk by noon.

No. 1983799

No there isn’t. But it would be funny if Shayna had a squatter she couldn’t get rid of. One she met from fetish events. She’s so stupid I feel like she doesn’t care having strangers over.

No. 1983802

i know, she's drunk pretty much 24/7. i'm just saying 10pm is late to be drilling holes in the wall when you live in an apartment

No. 1983845

File: 1712607006124.jpeg (Spoiler Image,688.5 KB, 1170x1081, IMG_2864.jpeg)

Absolutely disgusting. Shayna trying to go viral by posting a picture of her asshole and saying its the eclipse. barf.

No. 1983847

Tbh, if she's doing this it's probably because some other Twitter loser did it already, so it's yet another failed attempt to have a viral tweet. Which honestly means nothing, there's a bunch of shit that goes viral daily, she wouldn't get more sales just because some people retweet her ugly shit and comment retarded one liners.

No. 1983850

>the dimple in her butt crack
Pilonidal cyst incoming

No. 1983853

Vile. Look at her nails and hand, So bimbo am I right? This picture reminds me of her 4th of July clickbait with the fireworks up her booty hole GROSS

No. 1983864

Not her putting the water mark on the butt plug and messing with opacity so it looks like it’s engraved on it…
>>1983853 her hands are a mess like the rest of her. Dry. Crappy brittle looking nails. Does this girl own lotion? At leastv

No. 1983875

File: 1712617321333.jpg (1.11 MB, 2160x2160, MYXJ_20240408185527566.jpg)

deep set eyes in general get these kinds of lines. I saw a photo of Victoria Beckham the other day and her under eyes look a lot like this.

No. 1983877

File: 1712617638661.mp4 (15.81 MB, 480x1014, Oink.mp4)

>omg i forgot 2 show u guys the new evil lil toy i got !! its awfully & painfully incredible

No. 1983888

Perfect for the cow she is. All jokes aside tho, I’m kind of horrified that you need an actual screwdriver to install/remove this torture device.

No. 1983889

this is just a pig taking a vid self harming.

No. 1983890

File: 1712620144633.png (2.47 MB, 1170x1992, 1000035023.png)

Oh Shay…bulls typically wear rings through the nose. Not cows.

No. 1983893

Shay should get her septum pierced kek

No. 1983899

The troon stays at her place while she's gone to watch her pets, and sleeps in the dog crate. he posted about it, there's a cap upthread but i can't be arsed to find it. He's not a roommate, he just housesits for her for free in exchange for her indulging his degeneracy.

No. 1983900

File: 1712626072287.jpg (166.64 KB, 1080x591, 8766.jpg)

>image obsessed
Silly indeed.

No. 1983902

just watch, someone will yank too hard on this and rip her nose up. atp i think she wants to be kidnapped and held hostage by some hills have eyes clown cause the fact you need a screwdriver to remove this made me ill. just yuck.

No. 1983907

Pick me’s never get picked. Good thing you enjoy humiliation, though, so I guess it works out.

No. 1983912

You guys said this last time, it didn’t happen. Doubt we’ll ever hear about him again the farms scared him so bad with what they dug up on him in a weekend. Guy probably has a lot to hide how fast he ran.

No. 1984000

File: 1712657034358.jpg (99.9 KB, 1300x953, pig ring.jpg)


No. 1984005

File: 1712657643503.jpeg (730.18 KB, 1170x1431, IMG_1113.jpeg)

The schnozz on her

No. 1984012

Wouldn't frequent pulling on her nose mess it up?

No. 1984014

No, why? Her nose is real kek
Unless some retard moid yanks on it hard enough to tear the nose-meat, but they'd probably have to want to disfigure her to do that

No. 1984034

Someone mentioned that she doesn't cam anymore and I think that's our fault. Her only viewers were farmers, no one was tipping and I think she was confronted with horrible pictures of herself later. At the degenerate real life events she's surrounded by other degens and everyone looks worse irl than they do in pictures. When she did cam I felt bad for her because it was basically snapshots of her at her rock bottom and drunk/high off her ass to deal with it. It's sad.

No. 1984036

I hope she never takes something like this to a convention or a shoot. If things go wrong it needs to actually be unscrewed and screws into a particularly sensitive spot so god knows some porn scrote would just yank it without caring and rip the flesh from the cartilage like most of the scrotes in her old dungeon videos would. Then she'd be in an awkward spot and in pain but stuck unscrewing it instead of being able to pull it off immediately when something goes wrong.
Also the handle looks like it's typical cheap trash and this seems like the worst kind of fetish gear to get from some random chinese factory. For how much of a supposed kinkster she is, she's never once bought something of quality. Not that good quality would make them less horrible torture implements you could trust random men with, but at least they'd be a little less dangerous and injurious. Especially in an amateur's hands like hers who thinks not telling people that she's at her limit (or that she has any) makes her "the best girl".
it's funny she's always called herself a slut for pain but realistically, she's always been so obviously out of it for all her torture shoots. Half the time she manages to look terrified regardless of the hopeless amount of weed she likely smoked before her shoots. The only thing true about her larp is she likes to be spoiled for existing, and nothing about torture is being spoiled but she keeps pushing for it cause she thinks going for the lowest common denominator means she's got the best chance at being picked. It's forever fascinating

No. 1984039

Could lead her to get a nose job kek

No. 1984045

At first I was thinking she might want a nose injury so she could get a medical reason for a nose job but she's no longer on her parent's insurance and probably doesn't have any herself considering the total ending of the ER saga recently so she'd actually be fucked if it happened.

No. 1984048

While I do think the amount of farmers watching her streams and documenting them did have an impact, I think the biggest reason for not streaming is because she didn't make enough money. Her streams were terrible, she either sat in her pink plastic desk chair with her fat rolls on display or chicken danced in a dark room as she drank white claws. Moids visit MFC so they can tip women to get them off. Shayna's streams weren't arousing, they were just cringe and weird with low production values.

No. 1984050

I think if a “normal” person were to use that thing I’d be like oh, that’s super kinky and weird, but I guess harmless overall

But given the type of insane scrotes Shayna associates with, the first thing I thought upon watching that video of her putting it on was “Oh god, some dude is gonna literally rip her nose in half.

No. 1984052

Basically this. Shayna stopped camming because she hated it. She's always been extra self conscious of her body, she's always hated most aspects of male sexuality, and she's always been a lazy bastard. The farmers, especially the retarded ones who can't help but cowtip, definitely didn't make the experience better but she dropped it because she wasn't making anything and she wasn't getting praised, just sexualized in the most blunt and explicit ways. Her IRL johns probably pretend to see her as a human so she ends up falling in love and letting them fuck for free, and she likes that so she'll probably stick to IRL hooking longer.

No. 1984055

I love how she makes it out like she came up w this porn stereotype all by herself and is the first and only one doing it.
She says silly, I say retarded but tomato tomathoe

No. 1984066

Beautiful, anon.

No. 1984078

She was obviously trying to use camming as a substitute for having actual friends/socializing. She wants to be spoiled for being alive, and she has no opportunity to just hang out and have fun (all of her gatherings are based around sex work. Ellen doesn’t count.) So in her weird little brain, acting like how she’d act around friends on cam for coomers and farmers is close enough.

No. 1984080

she is delusional. she truly thinks she deserves the same treatment as someone who eats health and works out and actually cares about their appearance in a job about selling your appearance. she thinks she can be one of those girls who just “sits there and looks pretty” and can angrily yell at people to tip her or she’s leaving - except this shit only works (rarely) within her super small kink community. MFC actually have RELATIVELY normal scrotes… or idk, less insane scrotes, who just get off on attractive women doing sexual things to themselves. Yet she always brags about her work ethic when she was a skinny teenage crackhead on MFC but I guess all the booze and weed has given her early onset dementia, because all that common knowledge went out the window.

No. 1984084

I imagine Shayna wakes up everyday and walks to one of her bathrooms, looks in the mirror and before she has her morning cry, she rants-
>"I'm special! Nobody works as hard as me! Yes, I don't have the perfect body, but my face is a 8/10 and I'm CUTE! I'm bubblegum pink and innocent looking but I LOVE to be strapped down and bruised! I live for this SHIT! I don't have to be like other girls! DaughterFucker99 sent me a DM on twitter, saying he came 4 times to the 5 mintue Custom I made! Said I'm the most hardworking barbie bimbo he's ever met!And these bitches think they can STEAL CUSTOMERS FROM ME? I deserve everything! Look what I have to go through! Lolcow on my back! My mom and dad don't understand! Fuckers like Kyle and Shane, treat me like shit! They should be fucking lucky they even have a chance! I've looked down at one of my Sugar Daddies I was riding and i could SEE IN HIS EYES I WAS HIS WORLD! I have an amazing tight pussy! He knows it! Everyone does! All it's going to take is one more video! One more dick! I just need to dye my hair! Or get braces! I need lip injections! Yep thats it, I just need one more thing for me to be at my FULL POTENTIAL but these motherfuckers are on my back!I cannot catch a motherfucker break, but when I do catch one…It's going to be my BIG ONE"

All this to say, she genuinely thinks she deserves the world for being in it and showing her body and being Dolly Mattel.Despite not putting any real effort in her appearance, or in anything in life, she truly thinks she deserves just as much if not more than other girls.

No. 1984094

She definitely has some sort of monologue like this going through her head every day, and then she takes one shot of vodka “for giggles” and then more and more to make her shaylusions easier to cope with. Depressing.

No. 1984099

I hate to say it but I’m so rooting for one day her just to realise that she can get the same serotonin boost she begs for from men in little doses by going to the gym…

She could have even more if she ate well and cooked for herself but let’s not get ahead of ourselves. It won’t happen. Unless she has a gym bro to latch on to

No. 1984101

File: 1712697696240.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.05 MB, 1170x1501, IMG_9648.jpeg)

Wtf Shay

No. 1984103

is shay taking blood pressure medication? my feet and legs look like this colour due to them. she didn't look so… pink and discoloured years ago. can this be from gaining weight?

No. 1984104

she probably popped his hemorrhoid

No. 1984106

She’s probably still gonna wear those cock blood stained dollskill heels in public isn’t she

No. 1984113

can she get her account deleted posting stuff like this? not encouraging cow tipping at all just wondering if that it's against TOS

No. 1984116

>>1984103 circulation problems from being overweight and sedentary can lead to discolouration like this too. I think it's a combination of her weight and refusal to drink water or move any more than is absolutely necessary

No. 1984117

This is messed up.

For both of them. Why would anyone want to be kicked in the genitals until bleeding and why would anyone want to do that to someone?

I think shat will just do anything for a bit of money but the moid is most likely paying to be assaulted. Bleeding out your dick is…. Something.

No. 1984121

File: 1712705075510.jpeg (244.95 KB, 1132x1465, 1693168145443.jpeg)

>DaughterFucker99 sent me a DM on twitter, saying he came 4 times to the 5 mintue Custom I made! Said I'm the most hardworking barbie bimbo he's ever met!


No. 1984123

How low can you go.. how low.. how low.. can you go… like seriously.
I think we have actually hit the bottom for Shayna. We can’t go any deeper. I am taken a back by this. The nose thing too. wtf is that.
>>1984034 it’s a combo. Ours and Shayna’s. She never did anything but sit there, drink maybe slap herself or chicken dance. She would get out right wasted in front of our eyes. Complaining about no tips or interaction… or viewers really. We were the only ones who watched. Troll nonnas would make accounts to fuck with her since she turned on the accounts only function. It was like people watching a wasted girl at the bar you are at who needs kicked out. I just keep thinking about how at irl events this is what they are seeing. Maybe a condensed version. Yet people are def seeing her get trashy drunk.

No. 1984124

this is literally just abuse disguised as bdsm. unless they talked about it before and were very clear about it, it’s just abuse. if someone made her bleed during a “scene” she would instantly be going on twitter crying and complaining about how they abused her and she can’t trust anyone again and blah blah. I will always stand by the fact that Shayna is an abusive pig who doesn’t give a shit about anyone but herself.

No. 1984130

File: 1712706551289.jpg (97.1 KB, 825x615, 20220103_111126_IMG_4754.JPG)

for the love of god shay please say sike

No. 1984131

>this is literally just abuse disguised as bdsm
all of bdsm is disguised abuse

No. 1984132

she's based for abusing a moid kek

No. 1984133

File: 1712706854999.jpeg (Spoiler Image,2.05 MB, 1290x1974, IMG_4718.jpeg)

It gets worse

No. 1984135

File: 1712706889881.jpeg (Spoiler Image,2.29 MB, 1290x1753, IMG_4719.jpeg)

No. 1984136

File: 1712706914747.jpeg (Spoiler Image,2.12 MB, 1290x1709, IMG_4720.jpeg)

No. 1984137

File: 1712706972812.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.89 MB, 1290x1703, IMG_4721.jpeg)

NSFL- sissy troon is fucking grotesque

No. 1984138

wtf are those drawings on his face? he should at least pluck his eyebrows if he wants to look feminine

No. 1984139

l can’t believe she’s the ugliest one in these shots kek

No. 1984140

Im pretty sure it’s a D on one side and a G on the other.

No. 1984141

Kek he is the best looking guy she has been with

No. 1984142

File: 1712707473066.jpg (19.57 KB, 480x341, 1579487917386.jpg)

Dear Lord, imagine needing to go along with this so you pay your rent. The state of her life is horrific.

It says D O G with his open mouth being O

No. 1984144

she looks more like a man than he does.

No. 1984145

It would only be based if the moid wasn't into that but he probably, if not, surely coom'd so it's retarded and pathetic in many ways.

No. 1984154

I hate shay and find her ugly, but these posts are blatantly false observations

No. 1984157

Kek this is hilarious. I wish she filmed it.

No. 1984160

Hot new contender for worst thing she's ever posted

No. 1984162

I can smell this picture

No. 1984163

give it a month and shay will probably be in love with this guy the way she was in love with Scott Limpcock, Shane my little pony guy, Sol aidsguy and that one bald aids guy etc. She cannot help herself everytime and she always get rejected

No. 1984164

I know I should be more disturbed by the disgusting retarded moid getting his dick beaten bloody, but Shayna's facial expression and hair is what really disgusts me. Also the facts that she's willingly became friends with this freaks and lets him stay in her house around her animals when she's not around. I don't care if Shayna broke his balls, in fact it's a good thing. He looks diseased and I doubt she's being paid for this in actual money, maybe, "You watch my animals/your my friend now and we can make this content!" type of bullshit.

No. 1984165

Hmmm, he seems obviously gay or such a AGP into humilation he's not into Shayna at all, he just found a retarded woman who'd let him stay in her home and dress up in her clothes, while doing this gross shit. If Shayna wanted this guy she'd be calling him a "Daddy". I sincerely doubt this will go anywhere except MAYBE some type of drama.

No. 1984176

No it won’t get deleted. The pictures of her bloodied and bruised bbq pork chop ass from Fatcon and videos she posts of her getting beat are far worse than this

Shane never went to Fatcon anyway idk why people still think this it was the lone star spanking party they met at

No. 1984179

File: 1712717112159.jpeg (Spoiler Image,874.94 KB, 1170x1571, IMG_1634.jpeg)

she’s back in vegas on sunday.

No. 1984186

I feel like we need a bingo card

No. 1984191

i made a monthly bingo card in the shaynatorium & could probably create a smaller one for the vegas trip. i’ll post it if i do.

No. 1984195

why is she going to be there for over 2 weeks? what the hell is going on? seems sus.

No. 1984198

What the fuck.. it looks like his dick and balls have zero blood flow and are about to fall off. I can not believe people to do this for fun let alone sexual pleasure. What a subhuman.

No. 1984199

It would trigger her so much if he troons out, larps as a barbie, gains more followers on X and becomes more feminine with a better body than her kek. I mean you can hate him nonnies, but he already has a better nose profile, better teeth, fuller lips and definitely better eyes. Let’s hope he does that, anything would do to make the fat pedo retard seethe.
But I wonder who this content is for? Her old pedo coomers definitely don’t wanna see an abused sissy. So… it’s for her one coomer with ugly teeth and hair? Forgot his name.

No. 1984200

Maybe she’s whoring herself out there. I know it’s illegal in Vegas but I imagine it’s one of the easiest places to get johns with lots of money to piss away.
She’s done with Scott small-gulp so she must have another connection out there.

No. 1984201

My guess is prostitution. I think Vegas is a hotspot for booking johns.

No. 1984203

what the fuck is she even spending her money on when she goes on these trips? Like if she goes and stays with a john and maybe works, she's still going to be broke when she gets home. Holy shit whats the fucking point? She doesn't even do anything fun, she doesn't go on shopping sprees or nothing. What is the point of all these trips besides for Shayna to be around people? I thought the goal was to make money? None of this shit does anything for her.

No. 1984205

it's funny shay used to post constantly all the stuff she got from online shopping sprees, now she can't even afford it anymore, probably why she squees so hard over $20 shein gifts from johns.

No. 1984206

what's crazy is he's honestly pretty average/normal looking which makes him a 9 by "men featured in shayna lore standards" purely by virtue of not being repulsively comically hideous

No. 1984207

it’s to piss her mother off so that when she goes home for christmas or whatever, she can brag about how many 3” bazooka dicks she’s choked on or how she’s totally on her way to becoming the next millionaire filming shitty barely legal porn in someone’s claptrap home for less than what you could make blitzing frappuccinos at starbucks.

No. 1984208

Maybe she’s getting ready to move. Does anyone know when her lease is up? Maybe she’s scouting John’s, “friends” and apartments

No. 1984210

Basically the picture in the same outfit x4. At least it accurately shows her skill range. She can do lifeless doll or lifeless doll.

No. 1984211

These shoes are so fucking ugly. I never get why she loves them so much or why she wears them inside. Then again that nasty troon has his nasty bare sack on her bed so I don’t think much grosses her out.

No. 1984214

looks like nonnie was wrong!

No. 1984215

claptrap home lol

No. 1984221

It's a troon too
I can support a troon choosing to get "abused" by a woman for the coom over abusing women himself but it's still gross for a woman to cater to a troon's fetish. Kind of funny though that she's tried the "dom barbie" schtick for so long and the only person who has ever taken it seriously is a damn barbie troon who sleeps in her piss covered cage.
Also somewhere deep down in the pit of my stomach I seriously think Shayna isn't requesting proper payment from this troon and thinks she's getting something out of "trades" with him. Like letting him stay in exchange for "caring" for her home and pets, or sessions like this for free cause she's posting them online and using him as a "model". Meanwhile he's getting literally everything he wants for absolute free and there's no benefit to her like outreach here unless she wants to be a troon dom for the rest of her life.

No. 1984222

unless you're a sadist and incapable empathy being asked to abuse someone is traumatizing. Shat is giving herself lifelong psych problems in exchange for absolutely nothing. shleak asf

No. 1984223

Please nonnas. If that sissy faggot heard you compliment him like that, he'd coom himself. He's just as much of a shit pile as Shay. And it's not blood on the heels. It's probably lipstick from the scrote being told to kiss her hooves.

No. 1984224

File: 1712730395092.jpeg (758.33 KB, 1170x1543, IMG_5908.jpeg)

Kek Is she referring to the troon sissy guy as her bf now? Also bonus reference to her personality disorder.

No. 1984228

True, she probably has to get high to do it like she has to for her own sub scenes. She should probably factor in the price of weed required to shoot her scenes and fuck her johns into her price. Cause for how cheap she sells herself, I wouldn't be surprised if she doesn't break even in regards to weed and alcohol consumption for each product. Especially when you take her sales into account

No. 1984234

no trooned out man could ever look more feminine than a woman. weird ass post
seriously calling fat shat a doll? why are you in here complimenting the tranny and shayna. they would love both of these posts

No. 1984237

There is some weirdass tranny support going on there.. He’s as ugly and disgusting as Shayna. I know you guys love to hate her but it doesn’t mean you have to lower yourself and compliment a sissy faggot who’s fetishizing women and dreams about getting abused

No. 1984239

are you guys on crack? he's fucking repulsive. He looks like Mike Matei and his skin is hairy and filled with pimples.

No. 1984242

Actually Shay, I really needed to read this today. Thank you so much. Cow.(sage your shit)

No. 1984247


No. 1984248

It wasn’t to compliment her, that’s her notorious persona she does every time she does a ‘professional’ shoot and even re-did the Scott limpdick video as the SAME shitty lifeless bimbo doll persona. And she’s not even good at it.

No. 1984249

Also that other post isn’t mine. I’m not complimenting either of them nor trying to start a fight. Her stupid bimbo doll act is retarded and boring and all she does now that she can’t get her legs behind her head anymore and if she or you takes that as a compliment then whatever.

No. 1984250

Who gives a fuck about some worthless scrote. Scrotes don't care about you and they are all pedos. Your Nigel and even your dad has fantasies about fucking 14 year old little girls. We should all be kicking scrotes in the nuts like this.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1984252

100% this is where shayna’s shoe got bloodied. i do not believe for a second she was actually kicking his dick.

No. 1984256

please tell me that's a birthmark on his knee or some debris from her filthy floor please don't let it be shit please

No. 1984260

Unexpectedly based of her. A demonstration of the only acceptable way to interact with male genitals.

No. 1984266

it's a bandaid

No. 1984284

>self proclaimed ''femboy''
>cant even shave hir hairy armpits and legs

No. 1984287

File: 1712750223654.jpg (298.51 KB, 1080x1456, Screenshot_20240409_231048_X.j…)

Seen this on her femboy page. This case was the one of the sec cult where they tortured and dismembered the blonde girl??? "Don't see the problem here" this made me feel so uneasy

No. 1984293

eww what the fuck. I know shayna is a retard, but a lot of male serial killers are crossdressers, so i hope she sees the redflags and leaves the scrote.

No. 1984299

kyle perkins had snuff on his tumblr, she will scream "kink is fantasy" until the cows come home, ignoring that fantasy or not, the sadism is real.

No. 1984304

do you have proof nonnitas?(spoonfeed request)

No. 1984306

some of you newfags are seriously braindead, who the fuck is going to post snuff porn on here and why are you defending fupa of all people? and just google keywords and you see at least half a dozen threads referencing it. there's literally a gore gif that his pre shay ex posted someone reposted, you think he's not into that?

No. 1984307

nta but lurk moar, seriously

No. 1984313

>a lot of male serial killers are crossdressers
a little off-topic, but we've come to a very weird point in history where this common-knowledge fact is no longer acknowledged, and dumdums like shayna genuinely aren't even aware of it

No. 1984314

I can't remember what the posts were or when but there's been times I've gotten the impression this freak is one of her "partners". This basically confirms it imo. Which means she's most likely doing this deranged shit for free…

You can see that her skirt is unzipped in this pic kekkk

I know he's probably just being edgy but this is fucked up. Men like this need to be weeded out from society.

No. 1984316

File: 1712758905074.gif (Spoiler Image,259.11 KB, 795x491, 2BIG4skirt.gif)

No. 1984317

Kek where was this talk about "empathy" and "traumatization" when it was Shay getting kicked and punched and bitten and slapped by any number of gross moids? But now that it's a moid getting hurt it's suddenly psychopathic not to give a shit? He chose this retarded life, this is a rare Shay W, getting paid to kick troons in the dick. Too bad he gets off on it.

No. 1984319

fucking this
Ooooh fucking poor pigman getting beat up by a fat girl, lmfao stfu, you think if he didn't like it, he wouldn't just clock her and walk the fuck out? It's a man, shayna didn't fucking over-power him and force-feed him hentai for 20 years and make his dad never hug him

No. 1984320

Her lease ends in July so that may be part of it nonny the only reason I know this is because Shay moved across the country at the same time I did

No. 1984326

Is the troon itt or something? I don’t understand all these weird recent posts wking this ugly serial killer moid. He’s gross, she’s gross, they’re both greasy unwashed degenerates who get off to violence & abuse and need to be housed in a mental institution. There’s nothing to psychoanalyze beyond that.

No. 1984327

Seek help tranny fucker(infighting/scrotefoiling)

No. 1984329

I think it explains the frequent trips well tbh. She’s trying to get some kind of foothold. In her little piggy mind, she knows she can’t count on Scott Limpdick for any sort of support or community (a rare intelligent thought of hers) so she’s probably looking for John’s and other kinksters to mooch off.

No. 1984331

I think she made up with limpdick just to go to the B-52s concert

No. 1984332

There are definitely some pickmeishas in this thread and they only come here to compare themselves to Shay and they like to imagine that they appeal to pedo scrotes more than she does.

No. 1984333

File: 1712764213907.png (950.47 KB, 720x1304, Screenshot_20240410-234818~2.p…)

I honestly like this picture of Shay she looks in her element beating that scrote around. If she quits the pedo pandering and starts abusing scrotes fulltime instead I might actually start to like her. I think this is the only a way a woman can go when she sees the true nature of males.

No. 1984339

I can’t tell if you’re the same bdsmfag posting repeatedly but ew, no. Shayna is a desperate hooker doing whatever degenerate scrotes want her to do for cash, not a based Stacy abusing moids for her own pleasure. It doesn’t matter whether she’s beating up her johns or getting beaten up by them - they all see her (correctly) as a sex toy whose main purpose is to service their dicks and cater to their fetishes, no matter how disgusting. There’s truly something wrong with your brain if you see that as a win for women or even Shay in particular.

No. 1984341

File: 1712766222944.png (210.76 KB, 880x738, norffc.png)

She's starting to look like the norf FC wojak.

No. 1984343

Shay doesn't care, she probably watches true crime for ideas for her porn! The only way Shayna will learn that moids who are dangerousare dangerous is when/if they harm her.
It's probably some weirdo moid, I also don't care that Shayna lets moids beat her up because she calls it "kink" not abuse. Nor do I care she made this moid bleed and fucked up her cheap heels that Sheincock got her.

No. 1984349

KEK nonna this is banner material.

No. 1984351

She’s a fuckin pedo you retard, wym « start to like her »? Even if she switches to bdsm it will be for men pleasure. Liberal feminism has fried so many brains.(infighting)

No. 1984353

He’s skinny and the clothes don’t look too tight for him, has a decent nose and jawline. He looks like he smells bad and he has bad hygiene but in the Shaynaverse he’s the most decent looking man she’s encountered. He’s still a freak but he does Shayna’s larp better than her.

No. 1984354

he's basically shayna in male skinny form he's ugly, get some taste nona

No. 1984355

it's well-established that there is a nontrivial contingent on women on this site with absolute dogshit taste (Joshfags et al), so can't you guys just take your thirsting for this subhuman moid over to /shay/ and let us make fun of him in peace

No. 1984356

She’s basically the moid’s trainer so he can be a proper sissy bimbo. Shayna’s room is a dream come true to these sissy pedohiles. They love being in diapers and looking like adolescents. If she was a true “girl boss” she wouldn’t have to kick men for money they’d just give her money and not ask for anything. If she was pretty she’d have brand sponsorships and do modeling for kink products. But she’s a disgusting loser and her image is tarnished from her own doing. The nazi saga, every time she said she wanted to cosplay as an underage character for her porn, the performative $20 blm donation, the trump dildo saga, everything bit her in the ass. Because she doesn’t think things through and she’s not smart.

No. 1984358

I’m saying this to make Shayna (who lurks) feel bad and get jealous that she’s not as good looking as her counterpart . Kek they’re both ugly. I don’t know why you take those comments to heart. I hate moids it’s funny to make Shayna mad tho

No. 1984361

I doubt it, she keeps decorating and hanging things up

No. 1984363

Sol aidsguy what even happened to him? anyone know? google has nothing, hopefully it's okay to ask here.

No. 1984364

already been posted multiple times, lurkmoar

No. 1984368


Yes it was retard >>1984224

No. 1984369

>>1984366 it was posted here five hours ago retard


No. 1984370

Maybe i'm wrong…maybe the femboy is her boyfriend? Or it's that other yellow toothed moid, we saw how Shay acts about moids she's actually into. The way she says this makes me feel like this boyfriend isn't a "Shane' situation it's a "ellen" situation, where she "dates" someone she's friends with.
Or she means best friends, am i the only one who finds it weird how Shay gives everyone in her life spefic pet names? Does she really think moids/sex workers on twitter care about figuring out whose who? It feels like it's for us, lol

No. 1984381

File: 1712775839952.jpeg (236.81 KB, 750x711, 2FEC099A-C382-4343-9D64-5C93B3…)

all this and she still can't get picked

No. 1984389

sorry nonna i was on mobile and fucked up the quoting. by you i meant both posters, it really sounded like i thought you're the same poster

No. 1984402

File: 1712783023951.gif (2.66 MB, 512x640, 97015D01-38EF-4575-92AB-7EB66C…)

>sanity & intelligence i thought i had

she cannot have typed this with a straight face…

No. 1984403

Interesting point.

QUESTION FOR THE NONAS: do you think if shayna was making the same or slightly more money than she makes now - would she still be hooking irl and letting weirdo bruise her til she bleeds?

No. 1984404

what part of shayna’s body do you guys think would be the grossest to have to sniff?(take it to /shay/)

No. 1984405

shayna sees it as a “networking opportunity” but ever notice how guys never really rebook her? she doesnt have “regulars” anymore. the only one who actually pays for her in person is the creepy pale bald guy. her pussy breath must be rank smelling.

No. 1984407

I've been thinking that, it's like new guys most times she posts about meeting anyone. It sounds like she rarely has someone come back for seconds and I am not surprised in the slightest

No. 1984408

Maybe she's thinking of moving to Las Vegas because she can't afford to live in Seattle. The average price of a two bed apartment in Seattle is $2,227, where as it's only $1,448.

I doubt she would. Her aim in life is to get paid to do the least amount possible. If she could live off posting beached whale vibrator videos to OF and sex toy reviews on social media, she would.

Her genitals. I have the face Sophia the other sex worker made when she had to sniff the hog's snatch as a part of a skidmark shoot burned into my brain.

No. 1984409

No. Shayna clearly wanted to be "high class" porn star and influencer, not a cheap irl prostitute.

No. 1984410

she is getting picked

No. 1984411

what kind of ghetto LA neighborhood do you think Shat would move to? She freaks out if an uber driver looks at her funny.

No. 1984412

The $1,448 is the average in Las Vegas. I didn't finish the sentence.

No. 1984419

I want to say her pimply swamp ass but I feel like that's too easy. so I'll go with her breath. it'd be like the force of a thousand tonsil stones smacking you in the face.

No. 1984422

Full agreement with all of you. The girl was paid in pennies for punching herself in the face and now she kicks her part-time male-maid in the dick? A glow-up. She could even get rid of some of her anger and frustration this way. And this one is not old, not fat, objectively less ugly then her other scroties.
I'm ready for this era.

No. 1984426

kek do you think LA and Las Vegas are the same place?

No. 1984435

lol i got confused…. 1.4k seems super low regardless. not even studios go for that in the decent places.
she's going to stop referring to herself as an object…
the awkward slapping she does it's just embarrassing, none of that is hurting her… but the fact that she does that shit at all is just weird. pretending to abuse some mottled skin having anorexic is still not as degrading as having some rapist dong in you, so. I wouldn't call anything she has to resort to "better" but there's gradations of risk and humiliation involved and unfortunately there's a lot worse than what she's done.

No. 1984446

File: 1712797912263.jpeg (Spoiler Image,246.52 KB, 1170x1702, IMG_3027.jpeg)

looks like Ellen will be in vegas too

No. 1984449

could she not have brushed her hair for this picture.

No. 1984452

If you're going to be a findomme, shouldn't you at least be somewhat smart? If you want to be a successful findomme, anyway. Men are stupid but like if there was more effort on her part maybe her and Shayna wouldn't have to beg for every single thing lmao

No. 1984453

File: 1712799791155.png (705.38 KB, 500x700, tumblr_lxjuy8n5xw1qzy531o1_500…)

upon closer inspection his skin isn't just weirdly discolored, He's covered in freckles and/or acne.

why tf are his genitals dark purple… so nasty.

the single non-pudgy dude Shat makes content with turns out to be this… what a lucky ~spoiled baby bimbo~!

No. 1984461

File: 1712803558658.jpeg (121.1 KB, 1170x279, IMG_1122.jpeg)

I hate her so much

No. 1984462

She’s so aggressively ugly it’s insane

No. 1984463

Idk why she didn't just crop her ugly ass face out of the picture instead of going through the effort of blurring it.

I don't think she'd refer to him as her bf if he's paying her to degrad him dressed up as a woman. He's been around for a while and she's barely referred to him.

She always let men abuse her, and i think if she was making the same amount of money, she'd still be broker than ever because her alcoholism has gotten even more severe than when she was at her peak. Even the successful OF thots tend to end up doing IRL sex work

No. 1984466

I still can't believe there's anons out there thinking that she's redeemable at all.

No. 1984476

How can you consider it a win when she’s doing it merely with the aim to satisfy/please him? She doesn’t think they’re deserving on mistreatment, in fact, she thinks she’s above all women who refuse to debase themselves for the pleasure of men.

No. 1984481

Hahahaha incredible how she’s always pandering and talking to men yet none of them wants to date her. She’s so fucking gross even fat ugly retards don’t pick her. This is hilarious. Always telling on herself

No. 1984510

She's doing it for him, he is still in control and getting off on it. She hated this shit and does it for the larp. How is that a win? Doesn't turn back the clock and delete any of the up close shots of her asshole from the internet, it's just a step further down into more niche degen shit.

No. 1984513

If she were to have moved to LA she should've done it 5 years ago when she was still signed to an agency. Could probably have gotten a hovel in the valley somewhere, close to the porn scene. Her entire "job" history has been one massive fumble after another.

No. 1984538

File: 1712837332156.jpeg (744.19 KB, 1170x1832, IMG_1225.jpeg)

No. 1984548

no one needs validation for being gross

No. 1984556

Kinks are never valid. And it's probably worse for someone with a history of trauma to relive it through kink. That's not how you heal, that's how you get worse. I miss the days when you kept your degenerate fetishes to yourself

No. 1984559

File: 1712842706785.jpg (475.22 KB, 1080x1755, 1000030093.jpg)

No. 1984561

So was she abused or not? What a liar.

No. 1984564

She was with a guy(fupa) almost twice her age. And she was taken advantage of but it all stems from her own idiotic choices and thinking. And it probably wasnt that bad he probably just didnt give into her bullshit or spoil her and wasnt obsessed with her like she thinks men should be.
Either way, she is a liar and a hypochrite 1000%

No. 1984565

File: 1712843152496.jpeg (Spoiler Image,357.02 KB, 1290x712, IMG_6341.jpeg)

Yes they’re referring to themselves as gf/bf.

No. 1984583

fucking KEK this needs to be a banner holy shit

some anons will say anything if it means putting down shayna.

not only that, but it's not like she's quitting the irl hooking and pedo pandering and switching to abusing moids. she's still degrading herself and getting abused by other scrotes. it's not based to do degrade yourself for money period.

she's probably not talking about herself in >>1984538 she's just pandering to moids. there's no way she would be able to give up any kind of attention for being a victim.

No. 1984585

is she even getting paid by this guy? If so, it's fucking weird to call your client your bf and let him stay at your home. But if she isn't getting paid, that's even worse lol. She admitted multiple times that she hates sub men and being a domme. She must be getting really desperate for male attention if she's seriously dating a sissy

No. 1984586

I don’t think anyone is suggesting the troon isn’t grotesque. He inherently is. It’s just a matter of pointing out that despite the bar being hell Shayna continuously manages to be beneath it. Shayna is the ugliest but don’t worry he is also irredeemable and disgusting.

No. 1984587

the least self aware pickme larp in action…. she's batshit to want to pander to violent predator fantasy having moids and this is so embarrassing.

when she's freaking out b/c she thinks some uber driver's stalking her hearing her tweet about wanting to be kidnapped is too stupid for words. she's not even consistent!

he calls her that. she's never called him her bf. imagine being so desperate that you'd PAY a prostitute to pretend to be interested in a relationship with you. "hurr she has no choice but to participate in my self harming kink, she must love me!"

No. 1984590

she did call him her bf. >>1984224 was posted the same day she posted the pics with the sissy at her apartment, so she probably meant him

No. 1984592

we have no idea who she's talking about there, nona

No. 1984593

you're right it could be someone else, ngl I just assumed since she hasn't mentioned another guy lately

No. 1984596

So I guess she's letting Scott limpdick take her to see the b52's then.


No. 1984602

isnt he 19? not that its a bad thing, but kinda wild seeing her go from ddlg larper whos into post wall scrotes to dating a teen

No. 1984622

Notice he's also starting to write like her, I think? "this is gna become"….

It's kinda cute in a deranged psycho way…. at least until he starts skinwalking her. Because he will.

No. 1984634

File: 1712859691342.jpg (224.9 KB, 1080x769, Fatass.jpg)

Shay you eat more times in a week than you do spending time working.

No. 1984642

Spoiler alert when you’re at her weight eating is in fact not a necessity

No. 1984643

File: 1712860965489.jpeg (140.83 KB, 1170x765, IMG_1931.jpeg)

kek. “tense relationship with food for a month” but was devouring charcuterie boards & alcohol like a week ago.

No. 1984644

It’s honestly really funny seeing Shay get boxed into the role Ellen got boxed into for her, but with this sissy gay moid. Older fatter woman is forced to play the “dominant” role when she really wants to be the DDLG little and neither of them are attracted to each other but they pretend to be for fetish reasons.

No. 1984646

Kek she’s so broke she doesn’t even want to pay for food before going more broke in Vegas.
Why is this fatty LARPing as if she has an eating disorder

No. 1984648

File: 1712862533296.png (465.71 KB, 586x710, Screenshot 2024-04-11 150524.p…)

complaining about one of the few coomers she has left on main, yet again

No. 1984653

>I don't want to waste my money before Vegas
Kek, this says a lot to me.
>1. Waste her money
Bitch you don't have to eat a whole platter of Sushi, you don't HAVE to spend $50 a meal
>2. You are a prostitute
is $50 or so a lot for a meal for one person! YES! but you are literally selling your assback once a week and 7 days a week virtually online. The fact she sees buying food as something thats "Wasting money" and she can't do that before going to vegas, lets me know her ass isn't getting much. If you already have everything figured out, AND you are going to hang with a moid/work, would'nt you be making money in Vegas? Or is this just some retarded vacay she and Ellen are going too? I'm assuming this is something moid/work related, so how much is she getting paid that she can't even spend money to buy some bullshit? MOney is THAT tight for her? Whats even the point of selling your body then?

No. 1984664

i have sympathy for women suffering from body image issues but considering that shayna brags about flirting with married men right in front of their wives and acts as if they're automatically more attracted to her because she's younger and therefore more desirable than those dusty old hags they married i suspect that she would be quite mean if she was still the size that she wants to be. if she feels bad or insecure about her body then maybe she should consider how damaging her own moid-like comments and misogynistic pick-me behaviors (including posting shit like this >>1984461) are towards other women.

No. 1984667

Kek the fact Shayna is calling this dude her BF and he benefits so much more from the relationship is hilarous. IF the femboy is her fake "BF", he gets too, stay in her home with her animals alone, play dress up in her clothes and do whatever the fuck else, while shayna ALSO seemingly does his sissy shit for him, sure he cleans and may hang some lights, but he gets a nut and basically free sexual services/dirty clothes.
Meanwhile, Shayna has to go sell her assback to afford the apartment she lets a scrote run around in while she's breaking the bank to travel to do retarded shit. MEN ALWAYS WIN with Shayna. All you have to do is pretend like you give a fuck for her, and if she likes you she'll let you exchange dumb shit, for sexual acts.

No. 1984675

>I don't want to eat
She looks like she's never not wanted to eat in her life.

She's tense because she's too retarded to cook herself a basic meal and now she can't afford family sized sushi platters and charcuterie boards.

No. 1984676

i wonder whats in her fridge. i imagine it being completely empty aside from liquor, juice to chase the liquor, and mouldy takeout leftovers.

No. 1984680

I'm starting to wonder if Shayna has some other bill/debt she's paying off? I know it's funny to believe she's being paid nothing or very little, but maybe she is going to get like 1k and all that money is going to a bill/debt or something she neglected. She seems really broke and desperate, more so then usual

No. 1984681

Kek, what could she possibly believe is an ugly and ungodly combination of clothes when she dresses like a sped?

No. 1984689

It would be a bad thing for a 26 year old e-whore to date a 19 year old. She wouldn't be a pedophile but that's some predatory shit. this scrote in particular is a lost cause though and also, Shayna would never date anyone younger than her, especially a tranny in the making. She's always gotta be the "youngest and cutest" in the room.

No. 1984695

Imagine being the scrote who made the request. If this is real I bet that he's either starting to resent her or laughing his ass off because she can't say no to stupid requests as this is her job.

No. 1984697

The funny thing is that even if you're obese, starvation diets are such a bad idea. The majority of people overeat after they try to fast or whatever the hell and it's not sustainable, It's probably the biggest way to regain any weight loss from depriving yourself of what you need to go throughout your day. not to mention how your metabolism lowers significantly If you deprive yourself of food. If you're one of those people who eats because they're bored the biggest difference you're going to see is just cutting out all the extra servings and snacks. I don't think people realize how much they're overeating if it's a habit.

No. 1984698

File: 1712870580086.png (Spoiler Image,200.54 KB, 512x389, bleak.png)


No. 1984701

File: 1712870722281.png (17.61 KB, 102x102, old lady.png)

No. 1984703

i think it's weird to call a eoman in a nonsexual relationship with you your gf nonna. fupa was rights whwn he warned her about the sketchy people she knew when she was with him like Ellen, she probably wouldn't be where she is if she hadn't been involved with them. I just can't imagine letting kinksters ruin your life. she must be gullible or stupid…

No. 1984711

Moids don't know and don't care about what twitter says about their porn/kinks/whatever, her "John positivity" posts are as useless as they are harmful. They literally just want their porn and no personality or opinions from the girl beyond the porn persona. There's a reason she's got no fans regardless of how much she gets on the ground on worships them.
The worst is that she didn't even change. It's not like she's actually got fans that she couldn't swap over to vanilla shit after fupa but nope, still pandering to the same men and spontaneously making posts to make sure their feefees aren't hurt by a rogue feminist opinion that maybe being a sadist and getting off to women in pain means you're fucked up and should stay away from them and this material.
There's no doubting fupa abused her at every turn, but she's literally still pandering to men like him exclusively. It's like she sees the connection between his violent "kinks" and his actual violence plus realised how it's like to be treated like her porn fantasy 24/7, but explicitly gets high and repeats what might as well be mantras at this point that no, the kinks are fine actually. When they're clearly an indication of a serious problem, especially for an idiot like her who sets no boundaries and engages in her/their fantasy to no end

No. 1984724

What moid even wants to see this? Isn't the whole point of slapping that someone else does it to the woman, so it actually hurts and is out of her control? Even as a humiliation thing it makes no sense because it's nowhere near as humiliating as the other things she does on a daily basis kek

No. 1984739

File: 1712875978509.jpg (68.3 KB, 236x164, 787d2828503f564f8727fe710d466a…)

Shes just an ultimate pickme. Shes too dumb to realize she isnt pretty enough for this industry and that other succesfull camwhores dont crave and pine after male attention, but instead put effort into being slim/fit, putting on anti aging creams, and finding their true niche. And though all of it is disgusting and degenerate, atleast real whores know how to make money. Shay is juat a picke me hoe. Whores get paid, hoes fuck for male validation. Thats the difference and that will always be shays major malfunction.

No. 1984750

It's humiliating in the sense that she looks retarded

No. 1984751

Hey hey, no worries. I appreciate the effort if you clarifying rather than infighting. I guess I also forgot people used to use the term ‘doll’ as sort of a compliment for girls. Now it seems to refer mainly to blow up sex dolls and only brain dead pick-me’s consider that a good thing. I think it’s hilarious Shat redid the whole fucking video with Scott Small-squirt only to do that SAME exact role when he didn’t even seem into at all the first go-round. She really thinks she’s a great actor.

No. 1984752

More like her clothes have been more than a bit tense because of her relationship with food. She’ll be posting her usual deep fried sushi slop within several days, bet. “Omg look what my Vegas daddy bought me for dinner!”

No. 1984753

Oh this used to be one of Shays signature things when she regularly cammed. That and putting her legs behind her head like a pretzel. Every. Single. Time

No. 1984758

Thought this was Jillian for a second.

No. 1984760

Ok miss recycles the same 5 ugly outfits over and over

No. 1984763

File: 1712880599453.jpg (47.95 KB, 1080x331, Screenshot_2024-04-12-01-07-41…)

Deleted this quickly.

Apparently something is "bad" right now.

No. 1984767

tinfoil: shayna is mid month and freaking out about money and that is why she is going back to dribbledick even though he clearly disrespects her on usual. like, the guy spilled the beans to some random stranger about her kek without batting an eye. he doesnt give a shit about shayna and shayna is desperate and needs money bad.

No. 1984792

File: 1712885933224.jpg (231.8 KB, 1080x981, Aspirations .jpg)

Should first make use of that gym membership.

No. 1984793

She's 26, right? I'm not saying Shayna is super old in general, but for the type of men she panders to, she's too old to still be a cute baby bimbo. The coomers go for younger girls.

No. 1984795

I genuinely wonder where Shay pictures herself being in the next five years. The baby bimbo schtick doesn't suit her to begin with, and it's only going to get sadder as she moves towards her 30s

No. 1984803

Makes me wonder. Does she post EVERYTIME she makes a sale? Or only sometimes? Because if its EVERYTIME, then she doesnt make many sales at all… and thats bleak.

No. 1984806

Feel like this is more misguided ED vagueposting, but who knows.

No. 1984812

File: 1712891582910.jpg (429.85 KB, 1536x2048, Retarded pose.jpg)

No. 1984824

She's so close to realizing she has serious issues with food. And not just this last month.. It is one of the things that I pity her for. Being stuck in a disgusting fat body (especially when your "job" is to get naked) without the tools/knowledge to fix your issues with food is a horrible way to live. And her reliance on takeout also harms her financially. I wish we'd get another Hello Fresh arc. I know most of us want her to be miserable because we think she deserved it but I think Shayna would be more entertaining again if she was happier with her body.

No. 1984826

I find her interpretation of a "bimbo" truly baffling. When I think of the bimbo aesthetic I think of someone like Paris Holton in her 20s

Here she is on a cheap tacky day bed covered in stuffed toys. Which is more of the aesthetic of a current day NEET failure to launch.
I get that she thinks it makes her look like a young girl for the pedos but in this pic she's wearing what she imagines is her "bimbo" outfit but inexplicably pairs it with legwarmers…. A think that no stiletto-wearing adult woman would ever do. Why? She has cankles but they aren't so bad that she needs to hide them, I've seen so much worse.

I feel like she knows deep down she needs to let go of the adult baby shtick because she looks like she's in her 40s but she knows her coomers are only interested in her when she's emulating child abuse so gets insecure and has to have an element of that in the picture.
I can't get over how bad the legwarmers look lmao.

Ateast she's finally admitting to herself that she looks better in heels than wearing these clompy flats that make her look like she's a sped wearing built up shoes.
No harm in normies wearing flats if that's what they like but if you are going to try and be a bimbo sex object get a fucking pair of heels on your feet.

No. 1984829

Going full chainsmoking anachan would genuinely be healthier than what she's doing now, maybe she'd cut down on drinking too since her tolerance would be lower

No. 1984841

Oh she's definitely lurking, showing us the zipper fully zipped on the skirt after >>1984316 made the rounds. I for one won't believe it until I see a full body high res walkthrough of every seam! Get on it shaynorita!

No. 1984845

It's her own fault. If she was planning on being in sex work for the rest of her life she should have chosen to be something else other than a ~uwu baby bimbo~ because she was always going to age out of it by her mid 20s. Coomers into it aren't going to pay to see an obese woman, close to 30, squeezing into to too small Shein clothing when they can pay to see actual 18 year olds. Shayna's appeal to moids was that she was young and slim, now she's neither and her number of coomers is constantly declining.

Finally we get to see the skirt zipper. The strategically placed arm still makes me believe that it's cutting her in half and it's probably so tight that she can't breathe.

No. 1984873

>in the next five years
Kek I think nothing will change in that period of time. She will keep scraping by and catering to deranged troony sissy coomers. Imagine Shayna in her 40s-50s. What the hell even average/successful whores do at this age?

No. 1984878

They become Madame's and Skidmore spanking grannies. Shayna is too dumb and ugly for either though. So she's either going to have a come to Jesus moment in her 30s because she's too haggard and fat to be a baby bimbo or she'll die a crack whore in her 50s.

No. 1984880

She will probably have to move out of Seattle to somewhere cheaper or share and apartment with someone. If rent keeps increasing she's not going to able to afford to house herself without doing more and more degrading types of sex work.

No. 1984885

What could possibly be even more degrading then what Shayna does today/did when she was skinny? Only scat kek

No. 1984886

Nayrt, but more like, 5 dollar sucky sucky and 20-50 dollar fuck me sessions. Street walking and actual survival sex work.

No. 1984889

Somehow we need to explain this in every single thread: no she doesn't. Those are automated posts.

No. 1984913

shayna would have the hardest time accepting and dealing with having a roommate. it would be hilarious. to start, she’s have a hell of a time finding someone who would put up with her filming content and moaning, second they’d have to accept she uses her home as a hotel to fuck her johns in, and they’d also have to accept a giant retarded dog and two cats as part of the deal.

No. 1984933

File: 1712944092687.jpeg (266.28 KB, 1170x733, IMG_2004.jpeg)

ew shay.

No. 1984936

licking dried cumstains from fupa's shirts wasn't enough, huh?

No. 1984938

Kek, it seems Shayna understands the basics of men, "All they want is sex" so she protrays herself as a sex doll with no brain, but she also doesn't know they ALSO expect you to be a maid/emotional support/deal with their shit/cater to them etc. etc.
So she thinks this weird shit, makes these men gush and think, "Oh so cute, she's so obessed with me! My little bimbo barbie!"
but instead it's just a signal to pump/dump and/or they think she's so retarded and love sick they can "mold" her into whatever.
What they don't know is Shayna is just as selfish as them. She expects them to get drawn in with the promise of all the sex they want, but to ALSO respect her as a person deep down and fix her life.
They expect her to actually be a brain dead sex doll, who'd do whatever they want in and out of the bedroom, and they can discard whenever. It's hilarous.

No. 1984952

bpd behavior

No. 1984954

it's astounding how she posts this self-degrading shit while getting absolutely nothing in return except for maybe being briefly noticed by coomers before they move onto the next girl on their timeline. she wants to be picked so badly but fails to realize that the only kind of moid she is ever going to attract with this desperate behavior is the degenerate type who sees her as someone easy to exploit and take advantage of.

No. 1984956

I know this idea would take her to realize how overweight she is, but why doesn't she try and cater to BBW lovers if she's still going to try and sell that trainwreck of a body to gross moids. Besides pedos that's the only people I feel like she can also try and cater to unless they somehow have standards high enough to not accept Shayna lmao

No. 1984957

because she’s an insecure autopedophile.

No. 1984991

File: 1712957337795.jpeg (1.39 MB, 1170x1860, IMG_2046.jpeg)

No. 1984994


No. 1985002

File: 1712958332747.jpg (220.14 KB, 992x918, Idiot .jpg)

Obviously lurking again because she edits a mundane post to justify putting herself through pain as actual enjoyment.

No. 1985021

Can someone explain what that is? I've seen it said before but i'm too scared to google something like that.

No. 1985022

I’ll spoonfeed you before anyone is mean, it just means someone who sexualizes themselves while imagining themselves as a child. Basically someone who gets off imagining that they are a child being sexually abused/exploited. It’s pretty awful.

No. 1985025

Thanks nonnie, makes sense. Just get scared googling anything with the p word, ya know.

No. 1985034

what this sow is doing right here
with the pigtails which are associated with children. one waitress did a little experiment where she wore pigtails for a set number of days and her normal pony or whatever the hell she did for the rest of the time and she got so many more tips where she tried to look like a ~barely legal coed~ (which is what gross old fucktards like)/child.

It's not about getting off to the idea of yourself as a child necessarily, it also includes being comfortable with presenting a childlike facade because you expect people to be attracted to it. but we all know Shat is far beyond that, she powders her vag while using a dildk, wears diapers and baby bonbets in her PORN. She's a sick woman and she's going to end up somewhere truly dark eventually. Wonen like Aileen Wuornos who end up in prostitution from an early age like this dumbass did usually have histories of incestuous abuse in the home, abuse, instability. Shat isn't an orphan I'm sure if she had been abused, her parents would have at least helped her get some therapy. But no, she chooses to be disgusting and humiliate herself. she's going to end up in the same awful situation Wuornos did and she could have avoided it. I think this is why so many nonas hate her.

No. 1985035

lollll If she was a real bimbo she would have left the previous nonsensical tweet up. but she does care about seeming incompetent or else you wouldn't have deleted and rewritten it lol

No. 1985038

gay moid behavior. I have legitimately never seen anyone talk like this but gay moids, and those guys talk about it regularly it's not a ploy to get attention as far as I know. honestly like…. ever since I found out that pheromones are not something that people can discern chemically I felt so vindicated. Why the hell would anyone like someone's smelly bo? I can understand being neutral about how the body smells but if someone has been sweating they're not going to smell that great.

No. 1985042

she has a pretty long face and nose, can we convince her to get a nose job? kek

No. 1985043

The frog eyes make her look haggard as fuck.

No. 1985044

It's one of the reasons I dislike her, she chooses to live & present herself like a crack baby who was never loved/hugged. Then she cries and begs for money, whining about her depression as if she has no fucking choice in life. She CHOOSES to do this.
If only people besides us knew she has a family that would pay for her to go to college or do anything else. In fact my tinfoil is the only reason Shayna never tries to do a "I'm a middle class girl with family who could pay for me to go to college, but I choose to be a BIG SLUT BECAUSE I LOVE IT!" is because she's so depressed/broke and isn't successful.
The ONLY reason Shayna pretends she's some super caring politically correct person is because she doesn't have the reputation/army to be the huge bitch we all know she wants to be.
I also feel like thats why she didn't go mask off on that Scott scrote. She can't burn bridges like that and/or she's probably somewhat wrong/could fuck herself over if she tried to expose him and he has proof of some shit on her. It's easy to leave things as it is and/or forgive him or whatever.
Because the fact that he MAY have spoke to a retarded nonnie and spilled the beans would've been enough for Shayna, to go the fuck off, like she has done with moids/vivi who made the first move.
When Shayna feels she's in the right she has no issue posting messages and exposing people. With Fupaul/Shane she straight up said she wanted to make them suffer (kek).

No. 1985045

Makes total sense. I didn't know there was a name for it. Belle Delphine is definitely one of them too.

Off topic but I feel like pigtails aren't necessarily pedo thing. I've seen older ladies rocking low pig tails and it was cute.

No. 1985060

nta, low is fine, rule only applies to high

No. 1985074

>The ONLY reason Shayna pretends she's some super caring politically correct person is because she doesn't have the reputation/army to be the huge bitch we all know she wants to be.

it’s true. when she was on tumblr and had her little tumblr fan army she really showed her true colors. she loved being a mean girl and having people defend it for her. now that she doesn’t have that she tries and pretends like she’s all sweet, even though she constantly ruins friendships and business relationships.

No. 1985091

this sounds scrotey as fuck. shat's face is square and broad. in the skidmark photos it's very obvious.(scrotefoiling)

No. 1985228

File: 1713034547429.jpeg (Spoiler Image,985.12 KB, 1290x1615, IMG_4751.jpeg)

No. 1985229

File: 1713034599178.jpeg (1.28 MB, 1290x2133, IMG_4750.jpeg)

No. 1985230

Shayna was never abused. (of course I can’t prove it, but I’m guessing by the way she acts and dismisses victims). She is just a spoiled bitch from the east coast who was too lazy to get a real job and has an addiction to the quick and easy way to get moid attention, which is to get naked online. Men thirst for anyone online even fully clothed women who don’t post anything sexual. But getting naked or dressing revealing will attract all types of creature. Aileen was a lesbian who went on a killing spree after being raped and abused. Shayna hates women and she would never kill men. The only two things they have in common is prostitution. But Shayna actively chose to be a prostitute, Aileen did it for survival. Why do anons always try to act like she was abused? Maybe she’s just a fucked up person. Shayna would start trafficking women if some Fupaul character told her to.

No. 1985232

File: 1713034650794.jpeg (615.54 KB, 1290x1155, IMG_4749.jpeg)

No. 1985233

File: 1713034786096.jpeg (846.25 KB, 1290x1445, IMG_4752.jpeg)

No. 1985234

Kek, the "raised catholic to masochistic whore" pipeline stays strong, catholic girls are messed up in the head

No. 1985235

No one is going to find her outfits cute. She’s never going to be “that girl”. Her main character syndrome is annoying as fuck. She’s one of the most obnoxious cows. I can just imagine her in public laughing like a stoner dude and talking about SpongeBob and asking her “partner” (Ellen, Eraserhead, or Sissymoid) to take her picture in front of the poster. God Shayna and her polycule must be a sight for sore eyes.

No. 1985250

Yeah I'm shocked no one has mentioned that her parents are republican fundies. That in itself can cause trauma. Sexual shame is generally what causes 'kinks' and fetishes to develop. It wouldn't surprise me if this is the case with shay and if her parents are the sort of people who have a Madonna whore complex, are homophobic, anti abortion ect.

No. 1985256

I'm glad she's at least out of her Tulsa sweatpants-all-day depression attire era, but her acting like a tween planning an outfit for the movies is really telling of how much social interaction she gets in her day-to-day life. She really thinks it's an ~occasion~ lol

No. 1985259

Every time Carmela runs at Tony, it's because he's done something truly awful (usually cheating or being cruel to his kids). That's such a wretched thing to fetishize but I dunno why I would be surprised that Shat likes something creepy and unsexy.

No. 1985260

if a moid did this to her she would be calling for his head online

No. 1985268

She's trying so hard to make a viral Tweet recently and it's just not happening

No. 1985274

The only trauma fat Shat has is that her parents knew not to indulge her bullshit. So many of you nonas want to give her some kind of tragic backstory when she doesn't have one. She's just a spoilt upper middle class white girl that discovered drugs and Tumblr during her formative years and never matured beyond that. She's said herself that she considers her mom to be abusive because she made Shay watch her younger brother, kek.
She's coming off much more desperate for some sort of viral Tweet than usual. Must be panicking and trying to lure in new coomers with her 2012 Tumblr humour.

No. 1985275

yes, i'm sure it was so traumatic and hard to have middle-class right wing parents, poor shayna. get a fucking grip, nonnie. She has no trauma, she's just a gross person. I hate that people always wanna excuse others with trauma and mental illness but the truth is some people are just fucked up in the head like Shay.

No. 1985276

Exactly. And she grew up in the NE which has very different kinds of Republicans than the South does

No. 1985280

Lets not forget her parents didn’t disown her for smoking weed and making porn under their roof, they literally offered to pay for her schooling in hopes she would choose something better for herself. They are milquetoast right wingers and Shat grew up spoiled. She wouldn’t have stfu if she actually experienced genuine trauma from them but instead we have only ever seen her complain about her parents having the audacity to be critical over their whore daughter choosing a deadend career abusing herself for men. If your version of trauma is growing up with parents who have a bit of a stick up their ass and it turned you to extreme pedo porn the problem isn’t them. Its you.

No. 1985290

>pig in a blanket
Silly Shayna, you personally can do that with or without clothes!

No. 1985304

she's so unfunny. her iq must be 70.

No. 1985305

Anne Rice was raised by catholic nutjobs and she wound up writing terrible smut that derives a ton of inspo from her religion. anything that you spent years reading and learning about is inevitably going to become entangled with your sexuality and the shame religion instills does the opposite of what it hopes to in most of the cases from what I can tell.

No. 1985321

She does not come off as former catholic turn nut. The most her family did was maybe go to mass on Christmas and Easter. Her family was part-time catholics at best.

No. 1985324

File: 1713063749752.jpg (Spoiler Image,454.32 KB, 1536x2048, wtf.jpg)

>daddy’s little butt slutt bunny

No. 1985339

if she were smart, she’d just lean into “daddy issues” because men love that shit. but she’s so fucking hateful of other women that she can’t help but roll her mom under the bus for literally doing nothing but not wanting her daughter to rely on a very unstable job.

No. 1985340

File: 1713066955739.jpeg (393.4 KB, 1170x1081, IMG_1140.jpeg)

kek Big Shaynus spotted in the wild amongst the porn bots underneath a post about Lana del Ray

No. 1985352

What's even the point of the floppy ears if she has pigtails? Such attention to detail, very perfectionism.

No. 1985356

i swear this is her first time ever mentioning being catholic. they were "chreasters" for sure, if even that. it's not like she ever had to go to church on sundays and go to a catholic school. she's just larping for her 1001 fetishes in a desperate attempt for attention. i guess going to church on christmas must be part of her childhood ~trauma~

No. 1985359

I feel like that too, but it's also not that weird for someone from her home region to be Catholic. It IS weird that she never mentioned it much, since it's an obvious kink for a lot of people especially older guys. Another flop Shat decision.

No. 1985362

She definitely made this shit up in another attempt to go viral. She probably went to mass ONCE with her family during Christmas and now lies and says she was catholic. So transparently fake.

No. 1985392

Her parents aren’t fundies and it’s not like catholic schools are full of nuns who hit you with a ruler anymore. I’m like 7 years younger than Shayna but my catholic school experience was pretty tame, we had regular sex ed that wasn’t shame based or abstinence only. The most we did was pray before meals, had bible study class and did mass once a month. People with religious trauma would not act the way Shayna did as a teen, they’d be put in troubled teen programs, have social media and all their weed stuff taken and disowned once they turned 18.

No. 1985396

her parents are total goobs, and i mean that in a nice way lol. like her family is the literal personification of peanut butter and jelly. she had a normal upbringing, other than the divorce which seemed to have gone smoothly despite her incessant whining. she did not have a terrible life - she wants one, but that’s not the same as having one. no they weren’t perfect obviously, but if they were so terrible why do they still talk to her and encourage her to get her life back together? abusive parents don’t offer to send their kids to college fully paid, nor would they continue to check up on their daughter who chooses to be a struggling rent a center prostitute while being humiliated online.

i know it can be hard to understand why shay is the way she is but she was in no way ever living some hard knock life. sometimes people just have terrible kids even if they themselves are kind and decent; she’s what you call a bad seed. people like this, you can do everything right and they blow it all away to live a destructive life. the only way her parents really failed her is letting her grow up and become the spoilt, entitled, selfish piece of shit she is. that is really the issue with her and her family dynamic from what i can see.

No. 1985401

I’m still not convinced the bangs aren’t clip on. They’re like a different color than the rest of her hair and her hair is parted so weird here to cover the top of them.

No. 1985406

what if she did get bangs, but she's layering with a clip-in because her hair is thinning? It shows in front first and she'll be 27 this year, 28 is when a lot of women's hair starts thinning, and she's in poor health

No. 1985409

We could get a PCOS saga. Obesity, acne and thinning hair are symptoms of PCOS and she already as the first two.

No. 1985412

shit good point, based on her feet, she has bad circulation too, that certainly wouldn't help

No. 1985420

fundie meaning fundamentalists and afaik typical modern day catholics aren't. her parents especially aren't considering they got a divorce and didn't send their daughter off somewhere for troubled teens when she was tumblr famous for smoking pot and started camming at 17. convenient she brings up a "religious upbringing" when it pertains to her stupid kinks. shayna doesn't have any idea what an actual religious upbringing is like kek

No. 1985423

File: 1713102110243.jpg (Spoiler Image,20.88 KB, 301x259, 1713063749752~2.jpg)

Wtf Shay, get a doctor to look at your botched ass tits.

The bunny ears are hilarious. Looks like she's got a pair of kid's socks stuck on her head. Oh and yeah those bangs are definitely a clip in, can see it clearly in these pics

No. 1985432

File: 1713104162095.jpg (370.73 KB, 1080x1857, Screenshot_20240414_071310_Sam…)

I can see why you think that but they arent. If you look at picrel you can see the hair coming out of the scalp. She just decided to do a hideous combover on them. Lol

No. 1985459

I love that her bangs are so ugly that people can't believe they're real.

No. 1985463

Me too. It’s usually the other way around, someone trying to convince everyone that their fake hair is real. Shayna’s ugliness defies all logic and reason.

No. 1985465

Aw she almost looks actually cute here. Lil sleepy pudge, sucks that the gnarly mole on her neck ruins the whole picture lol

No. 1985476

File: 1713111354113.png (335.3 KB, 638x640, eyes-of-a-frog.png)

She looks like a frog in drag makeup.

No. 1985484

How are her tits folding over on themselves??

No. 1985493

File: 1713115165352.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.05 MB, 1170x1860, IMG_2148.jpeg)

she’s leaving for vegas.

No. 1985496

I wonder if this is really a vacation with her “gf” or if Ellen means business and it’s going to be an attempt to prostitute to a bigger audience. I could see Ellen bringing her own money to let Shay gamble and paying for them to hang out on the strip since we know Shay is broke as hell.

No. 1985510

Eugh, her nipple being all scarred up on one side and then just kind of melting at the bottom is so gross… it's like every ugly thing that could happen at once. Her and Ellen are equally unfortunate so I wonder what kind of awful johns they're working for. There are so many pretty but desperate women in Las Vegas, so only a real freak would be ok with Shat & Degenerate.

No. 1985517

what errands could this fat NEET bitch possibly be doing? A nail appointment and errands takes all day for her kek sure

No. 1985528

Wait a second….What the fuck is going on with her tits right here? It looks as if she put her right one over her left one and kinda…switched their places? What??

No. 1985532

it looks like her boobs are unevenly placed on her body, like maybe one of the implants is bottoming out, and the boob that's higher up is folding over the lower one?

No. 1985537

File: 1713127189820.jpeg (161.3 KB, 828x630, IMG_9998.jpeg)

she's definitely seeing the b-52s with biggulpguy or whatever he's called. i guess they really did make up. i really wonder what went down.

No. 1985539

When you are fat and/or your boobs are big and saggy they tend to do that. She’s just not smart enough to hide it in her pics.

No. 1985550

She’s still following him on twitter too

No. 1985553

idk man. ive seen a lot tits big and small, skinny and fat and honestly never seen someones cleavage fold over eachother like that. its either a photoshop fail or what >>1985532 said about the tits being really uneven now from the one bottoming out

No. 1985555

File: 1713134041631.jpg (168.78 KB, 1169x1647, Barf.jpg)

No. 1985562

this is why you shouldn't blindly trust anything some smutty moid says just because you want milk. if she's so crazy then why has he brought her back? either he was lying about her behavior or he's fully aware that she's unstable and is continuing to hook up with her anyway. neither are positive indications of his character or make him appear trustworthy.

No. 1985564

so proud of he cocktail wiener nails but can’t be bothered to address the wretched state of her lips.

No. 1985573

God, why does she always ask for these monstrosities when getting her nails done?? All she has to do is google french tips to see what they’re supposed to look like. She continuously gets them like this and then shows them off like she’s actually happy with them. I would cry if the nail tech sent me home with those

No. 1985575

Baby bimbo but can't even put lip balm on. Why doesn't she at least get a nude pink instead of hotdog color? Everything she does is so confusing and stupid

No. 1985584

Looking extra fat and British

No. 1985587

This, I stop trusting everyone who does that, which is mostly men. They think they're so smart and convincing too.