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File: 1587591128287.png (988.43 KB, 800x800, dolphinpussy.png)

No. 963665

Repetitive comments about Shayna's vagina is grounds for a 1 day ban. Repetitive nitpicks about her body and face are subject to a 1 day ban. Reposting the same photos zoomed in and edited are not milk and you will recieve a ban for nitpicking.
REMEMBER: sage when there’s no milk, no nitpicking and/or blogposting and please try to curb your enthusiam when posting screenshots from other cam girls. This is a Shay thread.

Summary of recent milk:

>changes twitter handle to buttstuffbarbie and goes obsessive over anal, even though she barely does any anal videos

>shay starts editing her photos beyond recognition
>admits that she's self conscious about her body…but uses this as an excuse not to work! what a surprise!
>plans to eat healthy and go to the gym one day, back to eating garbage and sitting on her ass the next day
>shay makes another pedo pandering vid
>shay lives vicariously through her sim, showing that what she really wants is to be an online influencer
>she gets bangs
>continues to start online drama while preaching how positive and above it all she is
>wants to move into a 3 bedroom house despite having no income but e-begging
>is she actually moving or is it all a scam? who knows?
>she's definitely not moving yet because she doesn't understand how leases work
>gets 1000$ tip, definitely not from her dad
>takes so many unflattering photos
>continues to balloon in weight
>talking constantly about being in quarantine while regularly going to the store
>shay's finally decided to accept her weight, but still only wears size S clothes and only has size S on her amazon wishlist
>shay gets ready to move, holds moving sale, is unable to work due to boxing things up
>oh wait she didn't even get the place, way to jump the gun
>but now she's super sneakily moving somewhere else. tinfoil is it's with her new bf, could be very milky
>hopefully this next thread will cover her moving saga!
>shay breaks up with her boyfriend after getting blackout drunk when he's over and being "abusive" to him - in her own words
>starts suicide baiting on twitter, because that definitely makes her look good
>female orbiters continue to suck shay's dick while shay continues to be misogynistic and shits all over women
>random girl makes a funny edit of shay's pussy, shay goes mental at her, cries and suicide baits on her business twitter
>she acts like a hypocrite on many occasions, telling other sex workers what they can't do while doing those things herself a day later
>she moves into her new apartment!
>buys so much weed, sinks further into addiction, gains more weight…at no surprise to anyone
>only uses the kitchen to make porn
>makes a shitty 4/20 porn she can't even post on onlyfans
>makes a post basically blaming women for sex trafficking, a formerly trafficked woman replies in a respectful way disagreeing
>does shay apologise and see the error of her ways? of course not!
>more suicide baiting ensues. her discord is banning people that mention the other girl
>scares another girl who replied to her into silence because of her insanity
>just acts like the big dramatic mess that we all know and love (jk). because callouts, gatekeeping and suicide baiting is what really gets men's dicks hard.

https://twitter.com/IRLbarbie ←– CURRENT
https://www.instagram.com/itsdollymattel/ <- CURRENT

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No. 963669

File: 1587591459313.jpg (275.02 KB, 720x1161, IMG_20200422_172642.jpg)

lol hey I'm the person who got into it with Shay earlier. I've been on the Luna thread before but I didn't know she had a thread here too till someone DMd me. either way here are screens from her DMing and blocking me

No. 963670

File: 1587591473602.png (30.51 KB, 598x274, Capture.PNG)

thanks for the new thread!

So the entry-level video commentary begins…

No. 963671

File: 1587591508230.jpg (267.56 KB, 720x981, IMG_20200422_172811.jpg)

No. 963672

she's gonna see this and throw a fit. good luck m8 and ty for your service

No. 963673

So she never apologized? She just deleted the post, talked shit and then sent you this?

No. 963674

File: 1587591628625.jpg (98.07 KB, 720x557, IMG_20200422_172851.jpg)

No. 963675


i could smell something like this was about to drop. She is SO aggresively convincing herself that she's the one being misunderstood when she can't stand someone sharing their own opinion in the most civil of ways… wow

No. 963676

also, "You come out of nowhere being a victim of sex trafficking and giving your opinion! My fanbase usually allows me to shit on women and never defend them or give a personal opinion that doesn't agree with mines!"
What a bitch.
"Fanbase" Kek

No. 963677

So it's only okay for her to jump down people's throats? She didn't ONCE apologize to you. She immedietly made multiple posts guilting you and not even addressing you until you called out her bait.
She's truly a shitty person.

No. 963680

Why is she so angry? Wtf?

No. 963683

>"I've never seen you comment except for this morning"
>"My FANBASE doesn't talk to me like this"

The fucking entitlement, wow. This just shows so much about her as a person. She literally expects everyone to worship her or shut their mouths.

No. 963684

Shayna you were suicide baiting. Do you really think that's okay? Do you really think that's not playing victim? Are you fucking insane?

No. 963685

not at all! what got me most was her getting mad at me for not interacting with her content before. we don't all devote our entire online persona to sex work?

No. 963687

thank you for sharing these messages! yeah because you sharing your opinion in a very respectful manner was "jumping down ppl's throats" but her suicide baiting and guilt tripping you is totally normal and fine behaviour. the posts you made on your personal account came after the endless stream of "i should never say anything ever waaahhh i should just die" self victimising bullshit that she posted.

it's interesting to see that shayna's not interested in your apology. she just wants the drama to continue, so whether you're nice to her or not, she's gonna pretend you were a complete cunt for her victim narrative. next she's gonna start calling you abusive.

No. 963688

Wow. I'm sorry she did that. I hope you saw last thread she was downplaying what happened as people getting "triggered" in her discord with her "friends". She does not care about victims of trafficking, that whole tweet was for her to call out women and defend sex workers.

She does this ALL the time. I love how you kept it classy and didn't stoop to her level. She suicide baits EVERYTIME this happens, then her followers gang up on people.

No. 963690

damn, i'm sorry she is acting like such a bitch towards you. she lurks this thread hard so be careful though, she will probably throw a tantrum about this soon.

No. 963691

You did nothing wrong and she's trying to pretend it didn't happen

No. 963692

>call out women and defend sex workers

more like call out women and defend men. for all the shit shay spouts about "sex worker solidarity" she wouldn't hesitate to throw any of them under the bus for a man.

if anon (forgot her handle) was a male survivor of sex trafficking, she would be kissing her ass right now instead of throwing a fit.

No. 963694

With all the MRA shit she spouts she should just put on a MAGA hat and go full Oklahoma white trash

No. 963695

thanks for the support everyone, I'm not too concerned about any repercussions since I have a life outside of sex work twitter and she doesn't scare me but I hope she gets it together one of these days. at least now I have a bunch of threads to catch up on!

No. 963699

hoo boy, if you're going back through shayna's threads then buckle up anon! thanks for the milk, and best wishes

No. 963703

she said fanbase lmfaooooo

No. 963712

She doesn't care about other sex workers, she only care about herself.

No. 963713

true, I was just saying she only cares because it was someone "blaming" sex workers for trafficking if someone just made a post about trafficking in general Shayna would've said nothing.
She only spoke up because she felt sex worker (aka herself) was being attacked. But you are right she does not care about sex workers only herself.

No. 963720

Just wanna say… I'm absolutely fuckin confused as to why Shayna had a total melt down over what you said??? Like, what you said was in no way offensive, insulting, or confrontational yet she had a COMPLETE tantrum over it? You even said, "Hey, not coming for you, just stating my point of view and that I'm an actual victim of sex trafficking" and she STILL lost her shit. She's truly the reason for all her problems. The epitome of girls who say they hate drama yet starts all of it.
Can't imagine what her boyfriend goes through. WAIT, she already admitted to abusing him. Funny how she wants to call out women being "misandrists" when she takes total advantage of her pussy pass by being abusive toward her partner. Thought you were MRA Barbie, Shay?? Thought you fought for men's rights? Shouldn't you chill on being an abusive cunt then?

No. 963721

because shayna is an abusive, psychotic, weak, manipulative piece of worthless shit. it's why nobody likes her, loves her or stays with her. all she has is the twitter app on her phone, online humiliation and more and more fat on her gut by the day kek.

No. 963725

I saged for lack of milk, but Shay is high-key reminding me of this kid today

No. 963727

File: 1587596082513.jpg (Spoiler Image,580.25 KB, 1080x1698, Screenshot_20200422-175430_Twi…)


No. 963732

body looks like mama june PRE WEIGHT LOSS

No. 963734

I see Shat hasn't used her new shower yet
Or even her old shower

No. 963735

surprise!! it’s your grandma’s bare ass!

No. 963738

in my opinion, you didn't have to apologize and try to appease her, but i have so much respect for you that you're the bigger person and proved her wrong in a respectful manner. fuck her for not listening and blocking you. i'm so sorry you had to deal with her shit. as an actual trafficking victim, she should have completely dropped her argument and acknowledge your side

No. 963739

This looks like she's sitting on a glass table…

No. 963744

probably going to get banned for nitpick, but what is with her tits? I have legit never seen any human with nipples that stick out that much, aside from women who've been nursing babies for years.

No. 963748

god i remember when anons theorized one of her nipples was pointing in a weird direction cus fupa bit on it hard as fuck lmao

No. 963749

lmfao that is hysterical. fupa bit her nips into another dimension

No. 963753

i thought it was the lovinglyhandmade guy that did the video with her where it looked like he bit her nipple a foot off of her body

No. 963755

Pretty sure it was the creepy guy from Insex or Realtime Bondage, not Fupa. Also the dude literally stretched her nipple like several inches from her body. The screencap was fucking crazy. I dont think it has anything to do with what her nipples look like but it was legitimately ott and says a lot about the kind of porn Shay chooses to make and the type of people she worked with.

No. 963759

i agree it didn't literally alter her nipple, i was joking when i wrote that fupa "bit her nips into another dimension" lol.

it was actually that really ugly bald creep at that porn place yeah >>963753
he legit almost tore it off.

No. 963764

The fat guy that she totally made out with like she was really into it, right? Lmao the milk was more entertaining then. Now she's just infuriating.

No. 963767

this guy was thin, had a big weird hook nose, just really ugly kek. but not fat. he's a big tough torture porn daddy dom with a creepy website.

No. 963769


this guy, now that i see him again hes not as thin as my brain recalled lol but i don't think hes the fat guy.

No. 963770

File: 1587598634714.png (Spoiler Image,740.76 KB, 688x958, Shay-litzie.png)

Sage for no milk but Jesus Christ. Not only does she look like she has microcephaly, she literally fucking looks like Schlitzie here.

(Reposted with spoiler just to be safe)

Like, even the deformed ear shape is similar, though granted Shay's is at least in part due to those fucking plugs and shit.

No. 963773

wait her photo is edited a little right?

No. 963774

It was from insex. Not sure which video though

No. 963775

Infernal Restraints was the company who filmed nipplegate

Here is the nipple biting image, extremely nsfl

No. 963777

oh shit it WAS a fat guy, my bad you are right anon >>963764

No. 963778

why does she always have her dirty feet pushed against her pussy jw

No. 963779

Thanks, I hate it. It's not the same fat guy I was thinking of that she made out with but I was pretty sure it wasn't lovinglyhandmade. She worked with Insex/Hardtied around then too and those guys are shady af.

No. 963781

Back when she used to actually cam she would just sit hunched over on the floor with her nasty heel pressed against her pox ridden snatch. Seems like its always been a thing.

No. 963784

Not only that, she also liked to pull on her tit all the time kek I remember an Anon made an entire collage of her just pulling on her tit. She's got weird nervous habits, man.

No. 963786

She also picked and popped her zits on live cam lmaoooooo I miss her cam shows. They were such a fucking train wreck and really showed how white trash she is lol

No. 963789

Ohmygod I remember that! She would scratch her backne with her gross trashy acrylic nails and then pick the dead skin/filth out from under them live on cam. Lmao I miss old shay too. Her milk is a whole different thing now.

No. 963792

Schlitzie had close friends who rescued him from a mental hospital and cared for him until his death. Shayna will never know that kind of love.

No. 963813

Dude spoiler that shit, and this was already posted >>963775

No. 963815

Get ready for this chair to be in all her new content for like the next month


No. 963818

I will never understand why, in so many of her videos, she starts it out by saying her name and what she's going to do. It's really fucking weird and reminds me of a show for preschoolers

No. 963828

File: 1587605880854.png (126.58 KB, 604x542, Screen Shot 2020-04-22 at 9.35…)

Shay is a jealous bitch to the core.

No. 963836


So, if you’re not blocked by Shayna, she doesn’t see you as a threat lmao.

No. 963840

File: 1587609169310.png (Spoiler Image,3.83 MB, 1080x1920, ED46900F-1979-4431-98A7-BA745A…)

collage of our favorite dirty rat

No. 963844

So it was a typical vibrator to the clit fingering cum show she always posts?

No. 963854

To be fair, ive nursed a baby whos done almost this exact thing and my nips are fine. Its years of abuse that diddily her doodelies

No. 963862

woah man, you forgot about the chair

life-changing, that chair

No. 963870

Ope face palm you're right anon. So silly of me! The chair DEFINITELY changed things up

No. 963882

sorry for titsperg but what the actual fuck is going on with the way her tits are growing? why the fuck do they look so… bottom heavy? lmao she can NOT gain weight in the right places can she

No. 963883

shay's the type of person that thinks vanilla bean is fancy and sooo much better than regular vanilla even though they're the same

No. 963912

…Her tits are the least fucked up looking part of her rn please try to not sound like an inbred who’ve never seen tits that weren’t your moms

No. 963913

gravity affects tits, anon. as you gain weight they will be more affected by gravity i.e. sag more and look "bottom heavy"

No. 963917

File: 1587621136333.jpg (277.83 KB, 1078x789, Screenshot_20200423-005212_Twi…)

She is super salty today

No. 963918

File: 1587621190513.jpg (Spoiler Image,391 KB, 1080x1098, Screenshot_20200423-005305_Twi…)

You can barely see the water on her

No. 963919

File: 1587621235255.jpg (673.83 KB, 1080x1471, Screenshot_20200423-005149_Twi…)

Well isn't making porn your JOB Shay?

No. 963920

File: 1587621294638.jpg (630.62 KB, 1079x1438, Screenshot_20200423-005501_Twi…)

Why doesn't she post this on her non work account?

No. 963922

Man she’s doughy, is it just me or are her hands and wrists starting to lose their definition?

No. 963931

losing sleep because she's so insecure. no one is waiting around for you, you just can't sleep because your shitty behavior from earlier is running through your head on repeat. why not be honest with your therapist for once about how you can't live with anything but constant blind validation

no it's not just you

No. 963936

At least there’s no more ass acne and rash on her vag. She definitely is looking doughier though

No. 963943

Oh there is. She just edits it all now. You can still see plenty of assne in her vids! Her dolphin nose bag is doing slightly better now that she stopped over shaving or waxing it. But the hair is jarringly dark and patchy. She hardly ever gets it in good lighting or edits it right so the inner labia area always looks rotten. But yeah, shes editing now at least to make her pics passable.

No. 963949

is the "big chungus" meme still relelvant

No. 963950

ah, yes shay, because a s tote scrolling through your profile right now is gonna stay hard with your retarded ass posts

No. 963964

Why am I not surprised there is no soap or wash cloth. Shay really is the type of person to think you get clean by standing under the shower and running your grubby hands all over your body

No. 963979

you are probably right anon, i was just recalling when a few threads ago some anons were saying that. but wew that sounds horrible.

HOLY FUCKING SHIT it's way worse than i thought it would be.

No. 963997

I was going to give her the benefit of the doubt and say this was a fake shower she took just to do a photoset and she did it at her new place where she doesn’t have her things moved over yet, but we’ve seen plenty of evidence that shay doesnt bathe so I’m not sure about that honestly.

No. 964006

File: 1587644599241.jpg (88.55 KB, 581x455, 1527987974290.jpg)

was looking through some old threads and stumbled upon Shay's dreams and aspirations (this was capped a year ago, but the post is from 5/6 years ago)

No. 964009

She has stated in the past that she hates bathing and using soap (and lube) because she hates feeling slimy.
Also back before she moved to OK to be with Fupa she went to Florida, I think, to cam with that sadbuffoon chick, and the girl was always trying to get Shay to bathe and use soap. There are some pretty funny caps of it in the older threads where Shay is standing as far back from the water as she can and making a face. God those streams were so awkward.

No. 964010

And yet she put zero energy into ever doing anything musically either. Not even an attempt to write shitty lyrics. How did she think that was ever gonna happen?

No. 964014

honestly this post just makes me sad, and makes me realize she should have gotten help way earlier in life. of course she would have never went through with the music stuff, but the whole dying at 27 and not having plans for anything else is extremely worrying. shayna completely fucked herself over, but i really hope she has forgotten about this and isn't thinking of actually doing something drastic when she reaches that age.

i don't understand her logic at all, she must be 10 times more slimy with not bathing. she probably gets used to her own smell, but how does it not bother her to feel sticky with her own sweat and whatever gunk she gets on herself?

No. 964021

Girl was a pot head hippie stoner type before the baby bimbo barbie shit. She probably loves the smell of her own funk. Looking back on her old stoner chick pics you can smell them through the screen.

No. 964041

she hates feeling slimy with soap so she’d rather feel sweaty and greasy? um…to each their own i guess

No. 964071

No one can convince me her titties are real, not with that body shape

No. 964074

Let’s this tweet appear in a whole new light… >>>/snow/939761

No. 964081

She also doesn't wear underwear, even in public, even under skirts or with coochie shorts. She has frequently worn jackets in public with no shirt or bra underneath. Girl is rank.

No. 964085

She looks like she got injections instead of implants which is why they look wonky like that. Usually too much underboob area and not a lot of upper boob is a tale-tell sign of them getting work done. IMO she should have just invested in a decent personal trainer and nutritionist

No. 964087

Shayna can't even handle somebody politely having a different opinion than her. Can you imagine the meltdown she would have after a trainer or nutritionist told her she needs to change her lifestyle?

No. 964088

File: 1587655419599.png (686.16 KB, 2048x1442, Screenshot_20200423-112318.png)

She's so fucking cringe

No. 964090

what is she even talking about? she's always the one causing problems for herself

No. 964091

I figured as much but I just wish she would focus on her main problem areas instead of her tits. If you have crusty badly done hair, scaly patchy dirty skin, ugly dirty nails, dry and badly done makeup, gross bloating and a dry vagina covered in bumps then a decent pair of tits won't save you

No. 964092

File: 1587655852467.png (67.78 KB, 719x449, Screenshot (56).png)

Ok but she always acts like she can tell others what to do because shes been doing this for like 4 years? Also shes said that exact "i can ruin your career" shit before.
This was a reply on a post about how "price-shaming" people was bad which is ALSO something shes done.

Theres never been anyone less self-aware.

No. 964096

Shayna, are you literally forgetting that only a few weeks ago you were literally threatening to ruin other sex workers' careers by saying "I have receipts on all your faves"

Go fuck yourself

No. 964097

And shes always talking about how hypothetical women are abusive to men. Zero self awareness. I hope this isnt because of the sw traffic victim disagreeing

No. 964098

there is absolutely no way in hell she isn't just referring to herself at this point. it's awe inspiring

No. 964104

Armchair but aversion to certain textures is a sign of autism… coupled with all her other weird behaviour and inability to maintain relationships with other people is interesting. Or she’s just super low IQ and a complete dick.

No. 964105

Don’t give her that much credit/diss autistic people like that. She’s just horrid. Not autistic.

No. 964106

Her behavior isn't because of mental illness or autism or anything like that. Her behavior and mentality is her own fucking fault. She became so obsessed with being an internet personality as a teenager that it's literally stunted her mental growth. She still has the mind of a 15 year old. I high doubt Shayna will ever grow out of her childish mindset unless life REALLY smacks her hard in the face.

The showering thing is probably just from depression and her stunted mental growth. Plenty of teens forget to shower frequently for a multitude of reasons. She probably just thought it was quirky for her to be a dirty stoner girl.

No. 964107

Her "I hate slimy" is on the same level as dudes who say they don't drink water bc it tastes bad
They're just nasty people who don't want to take care of themselves. Plus Shay has covered herself in cake like 3 times now. And that shit is proper slimy when you start smearing it

No. 964109

every single fuckin day. She's the worst part of the sex work community. Also, fuck all the sex workers who constantly fight her battles and kiss her ass I guess.

No. 964110

Didn't she tweet at some company about a sex worker "Doxxing" her, this bitch is retarded.

No. 964112

I cannot wait for Shayna to get in some more drama today. Yesterday she treated a victim of sex trafficking like shit, what is she going to do today?

I also love how in order to be in her "fanbase" you have to kiss her ass and never question her.

Bitch literally got upset at a victim because they came and "disagreed" with her. I wish that person posted that on twitter. Shayna is disgusting.

No. 964113

I'm 100% sure she's on the spectrum. Not full blown autistic though, but definitely add/adhd. Explains why she can't hold down a job, needs to move frequently, can't relate to most "normal" people, has severe executive dysfunction, has addiction issues, makes lots of plans and never follows through, has extreme rejection dysphoria, extreme temper tantrums over miniscule things, etc etc… If she got that diagnosed, she'd get amphetamine based medication which would help her lose weight and get her shit sorted out. It'd also help her not to impulsively post every single random stupid thought she gets. I seriously wonder what she's telling her therapist since she's not already been diagnosed.(armchair)

No. 964118

File: 1587659068505.png (28.53 KB, 606x378, ccccc.PNG)

Am I the only one who has to take a break from Shayna or my eyes will roll out of my fucking head?
I just cannot believe a person could be this retarded, I tell myself, "No she's trollin" but she's dead serious.
Something is very wrong with this girl. She will threaten to KILL HERSELF from any comment that disagrees with her even NICELY, but she's sayin this shit?
This is why bad thins constantly happen to her. She treats everyone like shit but expects everyone to love her.
She says the same thing EVERY SINGLE DAY.

She's a joke

No. 964119

File: 1587659189325.png (Spoiler Image,242.33 KB, 618x408, kkk.PNG)

No. 964121

what's her constant gripe with the "sex work" """"community""""? does she not consider herself and her toxic behaviors a part of it? afterall, she's a textbook case of Internet Whore Syndrome.

the only common thread binding "sex workers" together is being narcissistic lunatics that strip down in front of a camera for cash. she acts as if other "sex workers" are some spooky monolithic entity that solely exists to bring her down, when it's just a hodgepodge amalgamation of people with the same vices and mental disorders she has and exhibits.

looking into a mirror must be terrifying, huh, Shayna? probably still better than seeing your actual physical reflection, though.

No. 964123

If you look through Shayna replies every single time someone calls someone out, she's right there talking shit. Shes constantly sticking her nose in peoples drama, making comments and dopiling people, then she takes it back to her twitter makin "Subtweets".

She's just a hypocritical idiot. I don't know how she has any followers. She gets pissed that they have issues and then subtweets them all day long.
Why would you be friends with someone who you defend and constantly support, but any day you can have some drama and she'll be talking about "I hate sexworkers who focus on drama all the time!!"

She literally made this tweet because some other sex worker called out another sex worker, Shayna was in the call put post talking shit and then she decided to post about it on her own twitter as well.

She's going to keep getting in drama until she's actually cancelled by the few people who care.

No. 964124

Don't give her an excuse for her behavior anon. She's not autistic, she's a fucked up abusive person.

No. 964125

Add and adhd aren't autism you fucking retard.

No. 964126

i don't think add is even part of the autistic spectrum. she shows none of the traits typical for someone with even mild autism. she's just stupid, plain and simple. maybe some mix with bipolar or bpd or npd or whatever there, but definitely not autism. like this would be an insult to all autistic people in the world lmao

No. 964127

she just a horrible person who fucked herself over, having symptoms of disorders doesn't mean someone definitely has them. also like others said adhd isn't even on the spectrum so you are definitely not handled to diagnose her.

No. 964138

tbh I have that same thought a lot. She also HATES drinking plain water. She should definitely at least get checked for it.
Obviously, people with autism aren't dicks though and even if she has it, doesn't mean that's why she's a piece of shit. Same with her other mental illness and whatever she has. She is just a dumbass bitch.

No. 964149

File: 1587664835059.png (422.06 KB, 2048x1108, Screenshot_20200423-140035.png)

more pathetic bullshit

No. 964151

File: 1587665041967.png (810.51 KB, 1392x2048, Screenshot_20200422-203224.png)

I also got bored and scrolled through some old threads and came across this screen grab. Nice to see she has grown and matured 0% since this even though she always yelling and screaming about how much she's grown. She's mentally regressed even. What a loon.

No. 964153

this caption makes no sense and is cringy, what the fuck was she thinking??

No. 964157

I wish people on twitter called her out like they did on Tumblr. I think that's why she avoids Tumblr now, if she said all the shit she said on twitter she'd get her ass handed to her.
Especially the sex trafficking shit she pulled yesterday. I hope the next time sex workers get outraged about her they bring up that instead of "she's racist!"

No. 964158

That's the reason why she created a Twitter. To get away from literally EVERYONE calling her ass out on Tumblr when the "Grab me by the Pussy" shit came out. I love how today she's always talking about how Tumblr is superior but she literally couldn't handle the heat and people dragging her ass so she went to go hide on Twitter. She's a coward and can't deal that not EVERYONE is going to kiss her ass or like her. Once again, she's a fucking loon and deserves to be alone for the rest of her pathetic life.

No. 964159


Right? It's almost as if Johnny Knoxville is her biggest inspiration.

No. 964164

Just change your twitter name to butthurtbarbie ffs, would be more on brand

No. 964171

honestly I think the real downfall came when she moved in with fupa and started her drug career with daily drinking and her ridiculous amount of weed. She wasn't the brightest before than but she definitely wasn't this unhingend

No. 964195

Literally no one wants her dead. She is the only one who talks about wanting to kill herself and die. She's so manipulative. The correct answer to this question would be either how much of a miserable hypocritical bitch she is or that she's a scammer.

No. 964197

she avoids tumblr because the only moderately positive interaction she gets on her content is when it's NSFW, and since tumblr's banned porn, there's no reason for her to be on there.

she has to post her gaping asshole and pussy for her posts to get literally any traction, because people want nothing to do with her unless she's handing out free porn.

if she thought she could escape getting called out Twitter, she was dead wrong. the only thing she could do to salvage any remnants of her popularity is to quit sex work and go back to being a hippy-dippy stoner girl. she'd still have people that would have a bone to pick with her but she could at least say she's left her problematic sex work career behind.

however, we know she'll never do this because she can't survive without male attention, and the easiest way to get it is to be a camwhore that posts her content for free on the internet to laugh at

No. 964199

Where do you think she will try to go now? She has a bad rep on twitter and tumblr. Insta isn't a good platform because she can't not be naked/stupid. I hope she tries reddit again. That would be fun to watch.

No. 964205

Remember how she wanted to be a famous musician? But she can't even rewrite the lyrics to an existing song in a way that makes sense kek

No. 964222

lol anon she's always been this bad

No. 964232

Agree. She was already day drinking when she moved into that musty closet in Seattle. Fupa encouraged that definitely, but he was also the first person who could get her to take a shower and drink water. He was trash, and she definitely started eating worse because of him, but he did get her to take a damn bath at least. Damn, it’s sad how low that bar is.

No. 964242

Lmao Shat (I laughed at that typo and am gonna join the other anon(s) in using this fitting moniker) is so fucking EMBARRASSINGLY transparent.

That post where she talks about how she tells her therapist she doesn't understand why people hate her and why they don't see how she's such a good person/feels she has to always prove it says it all. I fucking cried of laughter when she used doing things like giving donations 'offering help/support' to people were supposed to be examples of her being a good person. They were definitely GREAT examples of her not being a good person and lacking the emotional maturity to understand what being a good person actually is, so faking what she thought would make her look like a good person with the goal of other people liking her.

She is so emotionally stunted, arrested development and fried brain to the max. She flips out on people (including sex victim anon) over nothing because all she cares about is what other people think of her. She's so paranoid/preoccupied with this that she's constantly on edge assuming everyone is a farmer or mean sex worker bully or whatever. She's chronically depressed from her years of drug abuse and her addiction to instant gratification that she can't even seperate events in her life/world as not being related to this (ie. if someone is making fun of her in DMs, or she reads here, then someone like sex victim anon posts something that's not ass kissing, she instantly associates them both into the same big bad. It's what she meant when she said 'my fanbase doesn't' - in her self absorbed mind, you're with her or against her. She lost it and thought that person was one of her h8rz).

She's got major brain fog from never self reflecting, being high/drunk all the time, years of shit diet and the chronic depression. So she explains herself shitty not even understanding what she really means, just what she thinks she means, and gets frustrated/confused when other people don't get what she thinks she said.

I don't even personally think the bitch has any mental disorder beyond depression and being at best average IQ. She was spoiled, got addicted to the validation/instant gratification of internet attention, clung to her half second of fame on tumblr, never was challenged to learn or grow and continued to stunt herself with booze and weed while attempting to get more validation/money by being a sex worker. She hates her mom because she's still developmentally stuck in those angsty preteen years and continues to actively work to stay that way. She's never learned true hardship other than her self inflicted bullshit and she cripples any chance of growth by denying it and furthering frying herself with her lifestyle and drug choices.

She's exactly what every single mega stoner I knew in highschool ended up like if they refused to grow out of it and coped with it non stop for every little thing. I have no doubts meds are making it all worse because the underlying issues she needs to fix aren't based in mental illness, she's misdiagnosed as displaying traits of these illnesses when what she needs is some kind of rehab that forces her lazy cellulite ridden flat ass to build structure and learn how to function. never gonna happen though, so I watch and laugh instead(no one cares)

No. 964252

Hey, Shay. Ever heard the quote:
"If you run into an asshole in the morning, you ran into an asshole. If you run into assholes all day, you're the asshole."
You constantly complain about it's ALL of the sex community, ALL women, etc. but in reality, if you're constantly running into problems with people and have a ton of fall outs and burnt bridges, the problem is YOU.
YOU are the reason for all your problems and turmoil. YOU are the reason for all the drama you claim to hate so much. It's NOT everyone else. You've regressed so much mentally that no one wants to be around you and your "friends" are actually just enablers who have to always walk on eggshells. No one respects you. Not even your boyfriend.
YOU are the problem.
You. You. You. YOU, Shayna Clifford. Wake up, faggot.

No. 964259

Write less. She doesn’t care about your awesome 3-page psychoanalysis.

No. 964275

this. what’s with all the novel-length spergs recently?

No. 964276

lack of milk

No. 964279

There's no drama so farmers make their own by writing long essays to compensate

No. 964282

Kek God forbid. Meanwhile, these threads are 85% spergs about how fat Shay is, the state of her vag, and her zombie tit that even mods hate these threads but ok.

No. 964306

File: 1587673237359.jpg (217.89 KB, 1080x889, Screenshot_20200423-152008_Twi…)

He's baaaaaaack

No. 964308

File: 1587673303201.jpg (287.87 KB, 1077x1230, Screenshot_20200423-152025_Twi…)

We'll see how long this lasts

Also, two girls in the comments are upset because they don't have the follower count to join

Wasn't Shay tweeting about how follower count means nothing before?

No. 964309

New spergy vendetta anons. It happens when she starts drama with other girls on Twitter.

No. 964312

PULLfag level of sperging, nitpicking and blogging

No. 964313

It's not even milk at this point. She probably grossly exaggerates minor things to play it up on Twitter. She literally does this all the time. I doubt they ever even break up

No. 964314

i don't get why there's a thread on her but not the other sexworkers on twitter. she isnt even that bad

No. 964316

honestly shayna hasn't been interesting in a long while. her development is too arrested for anything to actually happen it's just the same stuff over and over except she puts more weight on every time. it's not even sad or annoying it's just sorta pointless

No. 964318

Vendetta farmers kek. There's so many fucked up girls doing raceplay and age play stuff that blow Shay out of the water but people latched onto Shayna years ago and just can't stop. I pop in from time to time but there's no new milk. She might go on a Twitter rant but it's nothing milky enough anymore.

No. 964324

Learn to sage and if those girls deserve a thread make one.

It's not a contest. Shayna keeps posting shit and doing things people comment. Simple, it's her thread. There's always someone worst. I don't get the point of this, Shayna having a thread doesn't mean worst girls aren't going to get one or even that she's the worst of the bunch

No. 964328

lol the "she's not milky" anons have come through, guess it's time to pack up and move on.
just… don't read the thread??

No. 964330

True. The threads move quickly when Shayna has drama with the Twitter camwhores but it's hardly fresh milk.
I'm personally waiting for Shayna's post-Tulsa era.

No. 964339

She did and one glance at that SW'ers account shows they're still employed by that company. She couldn't even get someone 'cancelled' properly.

The lyrics don't even make sense unless she's trying to go for yet another "I'm a dominatrix but secretly a fuck pig, tell me I'm worthless!" porn angle.

Even Shay doesn't have 15k followers. Only about 1k are real and the rest are bots and fakes she bought.

There's a camgirls general also in /snow/ that's nearly dead. Try posting there to revive it?

No. 964340

Well that's at least a year now since she just signed a new lease hahaha

No. 964341

I wonder what her end game is to this? Does she truly think she'll become famous? I honestly feel like she'd rather be broke and famous, then rich and a nobody. I know this seems dumb but Shayna is very money hungry, yet it feels like money isn't her goal with all of this.
I would not be surpised if at 30 she's still chasing this dream.

No. 964348

if this actually happened he's not wrong. idk how much time she has left at the old place but she literally has done nothing since getting the new one besides show off her mediocre 'decor', getting into twitter drama and handing out pathetic free content.

No. 964353

File: 1587677769974.jpg (158 KB, 1080x594, Screenshot_20200423-163454_Twi…)

For now

No. 964354

I'm surprised she's not calling abuse for this

No. 964356

Oh she will. I can imagine a year from now she'll be like,
"I really want 2 vent about something that happened to me a year ago and how much I have grown. I was in a very abusive relationship and I thought the things the person was doing was "kinky" & normal. I think it's important 4 ppl to understand the difference between abuse & Kink" or some shit.
With Fupa I feel the reason why she didn't go all out dogging him (besides her being a pick me), is Fupa seems like the type who'd defend himself and put her on blast.

I feel this guy would do the same, but Shayna's a lot more open about blow ups. Hopefully he's holding onto that video.

No. 964362

She probably doesn't even have anyone in the group given the 15k follower count rule.

No. 964415

File: 1587685441908.jpg (108.58 KB, 1080x838, Screenshot_20200423_194325.jpg)

Damnn lol get over yourself and take your own advice you sack of shit

No. 964432

File: 1587687621144.jpg (198.06 KB, 1080x651, Screenshot_20200423-191938_Twi…)

Shay YOU ARE ONE OF THESE PEOPLE. You are constantly causing drama and then tweet positivity and love saying you're not apart of any drama

No. 964458

File: 1587692226292.jpg (142.04 KB, 1076x511, Screenshot_20200423-202309_Twi…)

No. 964459

I know there a bingo card a while back. Maybe 4 or 5 threads ago. But it might be time to make a new one.

No. 964476

File: 1587695870334.jpg (152.6 KB, 1080x592, Screenshot_20200423-213727_Twi…)


No. 964478

The level of pot induced brain damage it must take for her to think things like this are somehow sexy…

She's always a few steps off the ball lmao, like she really believes this post makes her sound thicc thighed and sexy bimbo when it just makes her sound fat and mentally retarded. ON GOD I CAN'T

No. 964479

File: 1587696503211.jpg (362.85 KB, 1080x1488, Screenshot_20200423-213744_Twi…)

Nobody wants that

No. 964488

I can smell this picture….

No. 964497

wow she really started eating carrots a couple days ago and decided it's her new personality

No. 964516

I…I just can’t take it anymore. she’s literally describing herself to a T. this woman can’t be real

No. 964519

File: 1587707841881.jpeg (115.18 KB, 828x407, B50B3AD8-6F77-4113-A6B3-39819A…)

Yes it’s really sad

No. 964527

File: 1587709319928.jpg (964.66 KB, 1600x900, shaynalol.jpg)

No. 964570

Everything about her reminds me of baby Jane and also the mother from requiem for a dream

No. 964595

File: 1587726546402.jpeg (226.53 KB, 828x1020, BE742814-D80B-4B36-B710-657212…)

Updated shay bingo

No. 964597

thank you anon!

No. 964598

Top row is filled I already have a fucking bingo, because she's that repetitive.
Predicitions for today-

-twitter fight
-suicide baiting
-"Yall really need to do X and stop doing Y"
-Calling people out for something she does daily
- Imma gamer gurl!

No. 964642


>shallow hyperfixation of the week

fucking carrots

No. 964656

Damn, she really can't enjoy the most mundane of things without making it about muh sex work. Pathetic.

No. 964670

File: 1587744860122.jpeg (89.13 KB, 749x701, D5230178-98EC-4AFC-A025-6342CD…)

The hell does this even mean?

No. 964672

She’s trying to be cool but quoting wutang but making it uwu. And failing.

No. 964713

She's not even a gamer. I cant stand her fake ass

No. 964722

File: 1587755728906.png (38.07 KB, 634x321, 1.PNG)

Her cumshows are all the same. Sidenote, she's been reposting this really skinny person a lot (i think they may be trans) and I find it funny how many retweets, likes and attention this person gets just by posing topless, meanwhile Shayna does the fucking most and gets so little attention for it.

It's so funny when you see a shit ton of retweets follows and comments, then you see Shayna with her bare asshole out, 20 likes, 2 retweets and no comments.
It's gotten so bad that I reconize almost every person who comments on her shit because they are the only ones who do.
I bet even the Coomers are bored of seeing her body at this point.

No. 964724

File: 1587756096767.png (52.27 KB, 597x465, nnnn.PNG)

No. 964725

I mean, I'm not whiteknighting here, but she does play videogames. Obviously we know she enjoys Fortnite a lot, but back in her old cam shows she would sit there ignoring everyone while playing on her playstation so. But it would be hilarious still if she started a twitch, since she'd be completely new to the gaming community.

No. 964732

File: 1587757575267.jpg (202.54 KB, 1076x691, Screenshot_20200424-144624_Twi…)

Losing customers Shay?

No. 964742

soooo… someone, obviously very upset, tweets about (what i assume is) a mean message someone had sent her, and shat mattel slides in to comfort her but let her know that she's had it much worse!
"noooo im so sry nd u dont deserve to be put through this! i've been through this 2 and if i showed ppl the meanie comments ive recieved, ppl would b so ashamed in the human race :("

No. 964748

She wouldn't have responded at all if she couldn't make it about her. Rather it's "Proving" she's a good person or talking about herself.
It's just like every time she sees people talk about cancelling she never cares what they are saying, she just has to bring up how she was "cancelled".
It is funny how somethings trigger her but not others. For example she never seems to show any strong feelings towards women talking about abuse or anything but, if someone talks about Cancelling, imply sex work is "easy", price shame etc. she flips her shit.

You'd think a victim of abuse would care about it, then again, we saw how she treats victims so I don't know why i expect anything else.

No. 964782

File: 1587765750313.jpg (476.58 KB, 1076x1423, Screenshot_20200424-170121_Twi…)

Yeah cause he sees all your suicide baiting and "I'm abused" tweets

No. 964785

File: 1587765808696.jpg (176.04 KB, 1080x620, Screenshot_20200424-170137_Twi…)

It's probably super cheap and won't fit her

No. 964803

This makes me wonder if he tells her to delete certain tweets? not even tweets about him but in general.
Then again, I'm sure if he was he'd be telling her to stop starting shit, but if he's dating Shayna maybe he's just as fucked as her.

No. 964808

File: 1587768872497.jpg (220.47 KB, 1080x710, Screenshot_20200424-175141_Twi…)

Back to blaming her outbursts on her zodiac sign

No. 964809

File: 1587768948887.jpg (233.25 KB, 500x351, sexy-woman-cleaning-floor..jpg)

>bimbo housewife
>maid costume

As a concept how do these two even connect? A maid fantasy and a bimbo housewife together doesn't make any sense.

I mean all you have to do is Google and you get a more authentic idea than she did?

No. 964812

File: 1587769006201.jpg (241.93 KB, 1080x914, Screenshot_20200424-175150_Twi…)

Back to spreading false positivity

No. 964815

not to sound like a wk at all but wearing a maid costume and doing "bimbo housewife" stuff does correlate imo

No. 964822

I think it's just my mind thinking that if you drag a maid outfit into it then you're just pretending to be the dude's house keeper for an affair or something. A bimbo housewife is just a trophy wife, she's not going to be associated with the help.

No. 964841


Could be. If he dumped her before over embarrassing him in front of his friends, he may be embarrassed by the shit she tweets and asks her to delete it.

She IS fucking cringe, so I don’t blame him but he shouldn’t be with Shayna of all people if he expects normalcy. He’s probably a sexual degenerate and she’s the only one that will take it, so they both settle.

No. 964843

File: 1587773193330.png (Spoiler Image,1.84 MB, 2048x1892, Screenshot_20200424-200617.png)

Hello Fatty

Sucking in isn't gonna cut it anymore Shay.

No. 964852


She’s having to do the contortions like Moo does where she bends the hell out of her spine and stands on one leg lmao. Doughy status achieved.

No. 964855

I kind of wonder if that "first name,last name" twitter orbiter is her bf, it's probably not. Shayna said she saw him talking to other girls on twitter (which she didn't even bring up when everything was good) and that guy follows a lot of sex workers.

I just can't imagine Shayna being okay with her bf following any sex worker but her.

No. 964856

I feel like she got one of those “kawaii” ones to start blending into the weeb community

No. 964858

File: 1587775443505.png (Spoiler Image,1.44 MB, 2048x1799, Screenshot_20200424-204357.png)

It's one of those flat and fat asses, kek

No. 964860


kek it looks exactly the same, just wider and slightly more cheesy

No. 964861

If Hank Hill gained weight in his ass, that’s what it would look like.

No. 964863

I love the dirty ass pink sweats, it's one thing to wear them lounging around, another thing to have them in a picture.
She has zero respect, like okay be a sex worker, I think it's fucked up but whatever.
At least have clean clothes on and look clean. she just does not care.

No. 964865

Anyone who goes off about zodiac signs like this are an immediate sign to stay away from.

No. 964869

Wow I’ve never seen a door handle that blurry and warped

No. 964870

The airbrush abuse and warping on the door
Shat is at Momo levels of shoop now with the same shit quality via Snow/Facetune

No. 964896

File: 1587781622801.jpeg (Spoiler Image,124.54 KB, 894x1037, A9721D82-0708-478B-8E88-EC0A1C…)

I’ve never seen her edit her body so obviously before. The warped door panels and the towel pulling in towards her stomach are obvious even at a glance. She must have been high when she edited this.

I think the door handle might actually be one of those curved ones, but this editing is atrocious either way.

No. 964897

File: 1587781760197.jpg (345.69 KB, 1080x1215, Screenshot_20200424-212854_Twi…)

Her dumbass orbiters probably probably voted in this

No. 964913

Different anon here and while I don't want to gatekeep gaming, I can see why she'd get lumped in with the "fake girl gamer" crowd. She used to play Call of Duty at most and has moved onto Fortnite. Beyond that what does she play, the sims? She's basic and won't be seen as a "true gamer" by those who seriously game tbh. I do wonder how her skill level is though. Most fps players aren't very forgiving if you play like shit and I honestly can't imagine she's any good.

Ngl, I'm a little surprised/jealous that while she's heavier, she still has those back dimples. Definitely thought that was something only thin people could have.

No. 964918

She played childrens games only on it. She isn’t good at fortnite as she crops her K/D out to only show kills. Anybody that actually plays games with others knows obvious things girls do to look like they game well. I only want her to stream so she can be torn apart by people that actually play games like we know she will. Pretending to be cute and being trash at childrens games doesn’t work even for actual attractive girls that stream.

No. 964922

Wow what a bad comparison pic. Literally the curve of the ass is the same. Everything around it just got chunky and lumpy kek

Honestly only missing "$100+ dispesary trips multiple times a week"

No. 964925

she should go back and re-read the tweet about things that aren't sexy that ppl who are following for content don't want to see. that's what the sfw twitter is supposed to be fore. also, it's pretty easy to get a sense of who she is considering her personality revolves around mundane things.

No. 964927

She's not going to get torn apart because no one is going to watch her stream. She isn't going to make it big on Twitch. She'll have 5 orbiters at most watching her…people from her Discord, and she'll quit after a week. That's if she ever streams at all, which I kind of doubt since I doubt her laptop is going to be powerful enough to handle streaming plus playing a game.

No. 964934

I bet women voted the majority, because women are the ones that think men value that sort of thing (from sex workers.)
Guys don’t care about the personalities of the women they jack it to. That’s why these bimbos can play games shittily and guys will drool over it. They don’t have to be funny, cool, smart, etc. it’s about their looks. Maybe if they’re looking for a girlfriend, personality would matter, but they want spank material, not wife material.

No. 964935

File: 1587788296016.jpg (241.02 KB, 1080x899, Screenshot_20200424-231735_Twi…)

Another bandwagon she's hopping on

Remember when she posted the one of her "pulling" the scarf out of her pussy and it got removed immediately

No. 964937

File: 1587788996305.png (2.03 MB, 750x1334, D7757C22-DA92-457E-B2C2-1599DC…)

Look what I just spotted on a shitty Facebook page. Lol.

No. 964941

bet she’s gonna try to find the facebook page that posted this to get credit for it being her kek

No. 964946

always a sad time to see her as “shay-gnar”… such a crazy downward spiral

No. 964947

Remember a while back when she called out sex Workers who were mad that their content was stolen and posted on Twitter? Welp, Shay will be a hypocrite AGAIN if she speaks out against this

No. 964984

she only made this post so she could remind everyone that she's mentally ill

shayna's gonna take this as people wanting to read whatever dumb hypocritical rant pops into her head. if she has to make text posts, she should at least stick with cutesy shit or updates on her life or whatever i've seen other girls do. not gatekeeping, suicide baiting, abusive behaviour, vaguetweeting, being hypocritical. i guarantee no one voted to see that shit.

No. 965009

are the 20 people that liked it all farmers? kek

No. 965054

File: 1587823082842.png (798.95 KB, 1534x2048, Screenshot_20200425-095733.png)

How the fuck do you get this bitch to shut up

No. 965061

File: 1587823621479.png (457.36 KB, 828x1792, 7B68D7AF-7DBD-46EF-B53C-B880A9…)

I wish somebody would call Shay out on this more. Like yeah the grinch video was horrendous but she has so many other videos that are worse and literally portray her as a child.(not milk)

No. 965068

This is the stupidest fucking "woke take" I've ever heard.

How is an adult dressing or acting like a child in any way pedophilia? Theyre still an ADULT.

No. 965072

File: 1587824899482.png (411.64 KB, 2048x726, Screenshot_20200425-102805.png)

Id like to know why Shayna sincerely believes shes the savior of the sex work community or some shit.

No. 965074

So you think dressing as a child, doing childish things in porn won't attract pedos?

No. 965075

because then pedos use content like that to groom children into doing sexual things.
Like 'Oh hey this other kid is doing it so it's fine for you too!' not saying shayna fits in the category but there are some very young looking adult women who lean into that content. it was a tactic being used even in the TCAP days.

No. 965077

at this point you think she'd have grasped the ridiculously simple concept of just minding her own business. it really ain't that hard

No. 965078

That's the narcissism talking. She wasn't even a known porn performer before she got blacklisted. She did the equivalent of those straight to DVD movies that show up in the Walmart discount bin.

No. 965084

but they are viewing adults acting out fantasies. Even if it does attract pedos isn't it better that they are acting out their fantasy with an adult who can consent? Seems like it would help stop them from actually harming a child.

Whatever, this is derailing and really has nothing to do with Shayna anyway since she can barely do that shtick anymore with her new pudge bod.

No. 965085

This bitch really believes she's some white horse riding savior of the sex workers.

It's pretty hilarious ngl.

No. 965088

it's about as slippery a slope as it comes. in your example where the pedo is using adults to act out their fantasies which in your mind is "okay because it's stopping them from harming a child", eventually an adult dressed like a child isn't enough. it encourages the behavior.

No. 965092

While some people think that that is the case, there have been studies done that have proven otherwise which you can easily look up.

Regardless, this conversation and the OP is derailing bullshit that doesn't have to do with Shayna anyway.

No. 965096

>comments u feel like u’ll never forget

wow, truly shay has suffered like no other.

No. 965122

File: 1587833812682.png (1.48 MB, 2048x1794, Screenshot_20200425-125652.png)

Looking at the first picture and how bleak and empty it is makes me depressed.

No. 965123

File: 1587833856420.png (2.29 MB, 1541x2048, Screenshot_20200425-125743.png)

No. 965125

I’ve always known this thread is full of sex workers but can you all shut the fuck up defending these bitches that dress in children’s clothes and make it even worse by being all “uwu fuck my tiny baby hole” how is that NOT encouraging pedophilia jfc

No. 965126

A single.. coffee table? Wow shay really moving up. She has gone this long living away from her parents with barely any furniture to her name. She has only JUST gotten a real bed and it was speculated her parents bought it for her. That's so sad. Thriving

No. 965128

i actually don't hate that table but the decorations laid out on it like that just reinforce how little she has. it looks really sparse. also hasn't she had those 3 things forever? you just know it's gonna end up with fairy lights on the wall, sex toys and paddles hung up and that gross piss rug on the floor. shay has no creativity in any area, but especially interior design which she jerks herself off over.

No. 965132

>this beacon of what's right
shayna literally what have you done in your entire life that could have given you even a hint of this idea

No. 965133

I've never seen anyone who thinks so highly of themselves but at the same time so little.

No. 965136

Yup! I was waiting for the plastic fake marble coffee table with the dumb walmart decorations to show up. Now she needs her marble print sheets and it can truly be her new personality!
Hilarious that she thinks its really tasteful and classy.

No. 965138

File: 1587835474510.jpeg (67.08 KB, 749x739, EWYs5InU8AA2ySk.jpeg)

found shay

No. 965143

File: 1587835886839.jpeg (421.19 KB, 1125x1831, 0113E0D3-D9C9-4803-99D7-757223…)

Anon you called it!

No. 965144

I assume she means comments on her looks, because lord knows the numerous comments that people make here and other places about her attitude, actions and hypocrisy don't bother her at all.

I would love to know what comments she'll never forget? She never really changes anything.
Putting on dirty clothes, not washing her hair, knowing her angles, bad hair colors & styles etc.
I guess she considers everything anyone says about her to hate now.

No. 965146

somebody posted it in her discord lol, but tbh she probably did see it here first lol

No. 965151

god yes.
"i am your lord and savior quick send money"
"i'll kill myself i am worthless"
"my pussy is perfect and fat"
"uwu mean comments. u'll never understand"
what the shit lmao

lol dumbass lurker
why the fuck would she just POST this on her twitter?? it makes it plain for everyone who throws her money how fucking much she has fallen
like true, she looked like a disgusting rat, but it was marginally better than her looking like a disgusting pig

No. 965154

File: 1587837727972.jpeg (884.75 KB, 1125x2085, 798FBC68-B651-4CC9-83EE-DF6F34…)

feeling a bit jealous prettier girls are having more traction than you shay?

No. 965164

She's dumb as fuck for doing this so long and still not expecting or planning for slow periods…

No. 965180

Excellent points made.

No. 965183

that wasn’t speculation. she straight up stated that her mother bought it for her

No. 965202

File: 1587846038670.png (38.35 KB, 593x469, hhh.PNG)

No. 965216

>I’m not even Aquarius

Lmao. I don’t know why that made me laugh so hard. it’s not supposed to be a meme about YOU. You just happen to be the photo. Reminds me of how Vicky Shingles has no idea what a joke is.

She’s so jealous. And her mind set makes zero sense. If other girls just joining OF can make tons of money, so can you. It’s called effort.
I’m sure frozen yogurt isn’t very popular in the winter time, but guess what? The business still stays open and people STILL HAVE TO GO TO WORK. She has no idea how life works.

No. 965231

File: 1587849437150.jpg (378.82 KB, 1080x1093, Screenshot_20200425-161113_Twi…)


No. 965233

I'd love if this became a copy pasta like the "Navy Seal" shit because it's just as fuckin cringe.

No. 965237

What tense is she speaking in?? Is the she dom in this situation? What does “your dom/me” me??

No. 965238

It’s supposed to be like he/she. A male dom or female domme since she’s speaking in second tense

No. 965252

File: 1587852551857.jpg (134.52 KB, 1077x606, Screenshot_20200425-170808_Twi…)

Back to tweeting every little interaction

No. 965258

so they get into a major fight, she suicide baits and fishes for asspats and validation that her abusive behavior is OK. she moans for days about being single and how hard her life is. then suddenly they're back together without a word and he's insulting her to her face and controlling her screentime and she's treating it like a kink again.

I'm just wondering how much lower she can go at this point

No. 965266

File: 1587855934588.jpg (512.99 KB, 1074x1420, Screenshot_20200425-180536_Twi…)

Well now she's letting him cum in her pussy

No. 965267

Everything about shayna is so try hard, fake and just corny. I know plenty of women who make funny sex jokes, but when shayna does it, it comes off like she's bragging about having sex.
She even wants attention for sex in her personal life, this girl will never have a healthy relationship with sex ever.
That must be why she's not a very sexual person, sex is always for attention, clout, manipulation and work.
She doesn't have sex because she enjoys it or wants it, like everything it's another way for her to get those validationing likes and retweets.
The dude probably just pulled out of her and Shayna's on her phone tweeting about it.

No. 965269

I mean, they’ve been dating, what, 6 months and she’s on birth control.
I’d get it if you were complaining about the unnecessary tweet about every tiny aspect of the relationship and the “I just had sex” aspect of it but c’mon, we’re all adults here there’s no issue with a creampie under her circumstances jfc

No. 965272

Aren't social medias at an all-time high for usage right now? Take the hint, lady.

No. 965277

Well it's a problem when they're constantly breaking up and she's crying abuse

No. 965282

She actually was posting about getting jizzed in right when they got together lol.. a few months back. Pretty gross regardless of how long they’re together right now.

No. 965296

Also, how do we know she's still on birth control? We know she doesn't go to the doctor

No. 965302

It's an issue because it's sex without a condom and Shat 100% doesn't get tested between partners and I can bet her various Fupas don't either
She's gonna end up with herpes if she doesn't already have it. Or god forbid worse

No. 965308

no issue with a creampie? you know you can still get pregnant on bc. the odds are low but it's not 0.

No. 965329

File: 1587862703038.jpg (274.99 KB, 1080x1137, Screenshot_20200425-195731_Twi…)


No. 965330

File: 1587862744210.jpg (302.4 KB, 1080x1133, Screenshot_20200425-195754_Twi…)


Always having to bring up stuff from HS and bashing her parents

No. 965334

so it's her parents fault she was shit in school and had shit teachers? She said herself she hated school and learning so how is it her parent's fault?
She's a fucking asshole, imagine your daughter whose showing her pimply pussy, wearing dirty clothes, threatenining to kill herself because a sex trafficking victim DARED to give an opinion, is trying to call YOU stupid.
it's not like she'd listen to her parents anyway.

No. 965336

okay shayna welcome to 5th grade state history

No. 965337

no one wants to read this, ffs. she recently said she has like a week to get her shit from the old place and so far has moved one whole box of gross sex toys and a table. wow, much progress. yet has time to post dumb shit like this for a handful of likes.

No. 965340

politics are soooooo sexy

No. 965342

her need for attention is so bad that she has a site following her every move and instead of keeping her internet shit buiness only, she can't help it. She needs that sweet validation, she needs attention.
Thats so fucking telling.

No. 965343

Does she think this makes her sound…. educated? Like what is she even aiming to accomplish with this tweet. Get a diary ffs. If she has a woke political saga I’m going to laugh my ass off.

No. 965346

File: 1587864967315.jpg (181.27 KB, 1076x604, Screenshot_20200425-203237_Twi…)

Says Shay who is always sexualizing Hannah Montana, other children shows, and made a cindy Lou who porn

No. 965347

File: 1587865010857.jpg (198.62 KB, 1080x747, Screenshot_20200425-203310_Twi…)

Shay, we know you don't tip and support other sex Workers

No. 965348

File: 1587865159841.jpg (349.44 KB, 1076x1148, Screenshot_20200425-203814_Twi…)

No. 965350

File: 1587865323388.jpg (254.51 KB, 1080x901, Screenshot_20200425-203847_Twi…)

No. 965351

I love how a bitch who turned a post about sex trafficking into shaming evil women is pretending to be woke.

No. 965353

File: 1587865401772.jpg (121.92 KB, 1080x611, Screenshot_20200425-203859_Twi…)

No. 965355

she's fucking lying.

No. 965359

File: 1587866344879.jpg (325.68 KB, 1075x1190, Screenshot_20200425-205900_Twi…)

Shes literally given videos away for tips

No. 965365

File: 1587867378960.jpg (195.27 KB, 1076x846, Screenshot_20200425-211608_Twi…)

No. 965369

this is so incredibly retarded.

>i wasn't spoon fed information!! it's not my fault i'm willfully ignorant!

she acts like she was raised in an isolated bunker in a cult and not in the average American household she was. boohoo, she had Republicans for parents. yeah, that's totally what kept you from finding out basic information on your own, Shaytard. And yet, somehow you were able to discover weed and camming all while underage and living in your Republican parents' house. Weird how them being Republican didn't stop you from that.

if she gets mad at gerrymandering just wait til she finds out about the systematic abuse and stripping of women's rights, and how the sex industry perpetuates it. oop– she won't care bc her DaDdY didn't teach it to her, and all girls are totally just big, jealous meanies anyway

No. 965381

lightning fast streams of Shayna awkwardly squatting on her mattress staring off into space

No. 965403

File: 1587875173825.jpg (Spoiler Image,498.77 KB, 1079x1252, Screenshot_20200425-225928_Twi…)

So using a cartoon character from a child's show is okay?

No. 965405

i don't understand how the line is drawn when she still adamantly defends her cindy lou who porn

No. 965420

File: 1587878320044.jpg (115 KB, 1080x395, Screenshot_20200426-001814_Twi…)

No. 965428

The warping around her ass is hilarious. She’s getting worse at this, just like everything else in her life.

No. 965449

Shayna barely knows wtf she ate the day beforehand so she definitely doesn't take bc everyday at the same moment and bats no eye that certain meds cancel out its effects. Can't wait for Barbie mom saga.

This is her hardcore defending the underage shit she pulled before that she keeps being called out for, "b-but I defended the underage Miranda Cosgrove meme guys" kek

No. 965451

wow i didn’t notice until you mentioned it but that is just blatant kek

No. 965453

she has been getting the depo shot for over a year now. she has said this multiple times. I'm not sure if you just need to lurk more or if you're a newfag who needs to lurk more. she had the matchstick implant before that. she is on birth control and has been for years.

I still think her weight gain is at least a little to do with the depo shot as it's proven to cause weight gain in a lot of women, and the fucking emotional craziness due to the high doses of hormones fits too. but that's also just Shatna, she's an abusive bitch without adding hormones to the mix

No. 965454

Omg the editing is horrific… all those wobbly wall lines…

No. 965469

shes 22 (?) and not lived at home for years. She could have formed different opinions earlier but she’s clearly right wing at heart

No. 965474

has she ever even talked about the horrible right-wing views they hold? All she goes is "they are right-wing!!"
Yeah and they took care of you and put up with you. She didn't have some shitty horrible child hood. In fact as far as we know everything that went wrong went wrong because of Shayna being a shitty irresponsible teenager as all teens can be. Except she's still a shitty irresponsible young adult, looking back at her teenage years and missing them.

All the "Abuse" was "I got grounded! They were right-wing!! My mom had to work! I had to watch my brother!!"

In fact maybe they should've been harder on Shayna, maybe she wouldn't be so fucked up, they seemed pretty lax.

No. 965475

It's really funny that this girl who claimed she overdosed, raped and bullied, ONLY talks about how shitty her child hood was due to her parents. Didn't she say some guy was stalking her? Didn't she start camming at 17 and had people sending shit to the house?
Those are legit things that are scary and traumtizing, but someone who loves to play the victim never brings them up.

Not even to make a tweet to get sympathy or be fake "woke" about them. She talks about everything else, makes no sense why those huge things never get brought up.

No. 965479

She can claim she has those right-wing views because of her parents all she wants, but what’s her excuse for still being a misogynistic bitch? Maybe her boyfriend should wake her ass up about the fact that hating other women doesn’t make her look any better.

No. 965537

File: 1587906911154.png (407.53 KB, 2048x879, Screenshot_20200426-091459.png)

A man threatens rape, she says this.


No. 965538

File: 1587907077431.png (386.21 KB, 2048x914, Screenshot_20200426-091758.png)

No it's because you can't seperate your "work" from your real life

No. 965541

>gets triggered when someone says "i survived trafficking"
>laughs off a fucking rape comment
stay classy shayna

No. 965597

It’s funny that she mentions how “right-wing” and “republican” her parents are, but never mentions anything about the incredibly red-state she currently lives in lol. Fupa and Fupa II dont really come off as liberal to me.

I wonder what it’s like to completely lack a personality.

No. 965619

I know we say Shayna needs friends but what would she do with friends? Get drunk, High, tweet every single word they say on twitter.
Talk about sex work, memes, maybe some hot takes, imagine how she'd react if a friend disagreed with her in real life?

Shit, on twitch she'd probably break the fuck down if someone dares to criticize her.

No. 965624

She sucks so hard at moving….what has it been like two weeks? Jesus

No. 965673

Yeah, she can’t do one of those because she can’t wear clothes for more than 5 minutes straight and not make every day, normal life about sex work.

Don’t worry Shayna, I’ll do it for you anyway: one has warped doors and smoothed out pussy vs fat, doughy mess with a pimply ass.

But men aren’t to blame AT ALL for the demand of sex trafficking, it’s all women, right???

No. 965677

File: 1587932680771.png (257.88 KB, 594x392, lies.PNG)

No. 965678

File: 1587932768582.jpg (266.71 KB, 1075x961, Screenshot_20200426-152555_Twi…)


Kek at the pic she chose

No. 965680

File: 1587932837177.png (56.91 KB, 581x533, oo.PNG)

No. 965681

Also won't that name get her in trouble as it's gonna lead to her porn.. and here kek

No. 965682

She posts this after literally saying she blocks other sex Workers who are doing better because she's jealous

No. 965683

Im so fucking excited for this. I love how she uses her porn name, I kind of feel a little tiny bit bad for her ass.
She's going to end up on Livestream fails super quick. I love the "uwu animal school girl" look.

No. 965684

File: 1587932935587.jpg (280.01 KB, 1080x941, Screenshot_20200426-152740_Twi…)

No one calls it "dunks" literally everyone calls it Dunkin

No. 965688

lol she is so transparently trying to transition in the animu gamer egirl waifu market. good luck when it's already painfully oversaturated, Shaytard. should've moved into that instead dressing up like a baby for pedos and getting your tits stepped on by ugly old men for fuckall.

No. 965691

I wonder how she's going to handle that? That coomers who find out she does porn, are going to search her, how are they going to feel seeing her in a fucking diaper pretending to be a baby?

Or that when you search her name "Racist" comes up after it?

I can never get over how she brags about the smallest things this dude does for her, like damn, she acts like she's never done anything with anyone.

No. 965709

File: 1587935948089.jpg (233.58 KB, 1078x833, Screenshot_20200426-161919_Twi…)

No. 965730

She hasn't kept any friends. Every time she is associated with a girl they just disappear soon after.
Remember when she posted snapchats of her outing with those girls? It says a lot that she isn't capable of keeping any girl friends. Not even any of the sex workers she has worked with or met.
Yet >>965677
Sure, Shayna.
Not like she has guy friends either. Trying to imagine her functioning appropriately around men in real life is hard. She clearly freaked out her boyfriend's friends the one time, too.

No. 965737

What kind of insult is this? vanilla bean /is/ way better than regular vanilla anon

No. 965745

It's because Shayna doesn't want friends, she wants yes men who she can keep at a distance until she needs emotional reassurance and ass pats. With friends you usually have to reciprocate that, but with yes men they'll just follow you like dumb animals. She's also really afraid of people getting to close to the real her. I don't think she's had real friends since Colleen.

No. 965746

what even is the real Shayna?

No. 965749

Honestly tho. She believes she IS Dolly Mattel. Theres nothing else there. Her whole personality is being a pick me not like other girls sex worker. And whatever thing shes fixating on for the week like anal or carrots. Shes a trainwreck and the Dolly Mattel shit is deeper than a persona at this point.

No. 965756

She probably doesn't even know at this point. If you're afraid of showing your true self you'll never want to have people close to you.

No. 965770

File: 1587941929897.jpg (312.41 KB, 1080x1020, Screenshot_20200426-175845_Twi…)

No. 965782

this bitch acts like she has a house-full of shit. she’s been “moving out” for like two weeks yet has only managed to move a coffee table.

No. 965788

File: 1587944904717.jpg (174.6 KB, 1080x581, Screenshot_20200426-184631_Twi…)

No. 965789

What dishes? She literally admitted to throwing away utensils

No. 965792

The reason it's taking her long to pack her shit is this >>965788, she's tweeting every five mintues and on twitter.
Seriously, had she not had that drama or was on twitter on day, she'd probably be moved out by now

No. 965800

File: 1587947162266.jpg (234.97 KB, 1080x873, Screenshot_20200426-192603_Twi…)

Hopping off and packing is going quite well

No. 965807

So you went out during a pandemic to drive 30 minutes just to go through a drive-thru for donuts? Talk about priorities.

No. 965809

probably for coffee, dunkin is really popular for their iced coffee. just as stupid and thoughtless as donuts, though.

No. 965813

File: 1587949377281.jpg (329.18 KB, 1080x940, Screenshot_20200426-200110_Twi…)

What "big companies" are reaching out for her?

Kek "unless my flights and accommodations are being paid 4 then it's only something that's financially viable 4 me." But I thought you were making SO much money Shay

No. 965815

Remember when she did the pro shoots and was begging for people to pay for her flight, hotel, and uber

No. 965816

File: 1587949441382.jpg (Spoiler Image,424.55 KB, 1080x1249, Screenshot_20200426-200045_Twi…)

Be real Shay, you haven't been packing at all today based on your tweets

No. 965817

why is she pretending like even if it was paid for she'd go? She's 100% okay making identical boring ass content, playing dress-up with cheap clothes & props.

No. 965818

Lmao she really thinks companies are going to pay for her flights and accommodations for a SOLO SCENE from a NOBODY?

Shayna, your delusions are getting severe.

No. 965819

If she wanted to do porn and wanted to be a big name in porn, she would take those opportunities. Plenty of other business minded ambitious sex workers would kill for those opportunities. She's straight up acting like shes too good for it. This just proves how much she doesnt want to be in the sex industry.

No. 965820


Shay, we've seen your pro shoots. They were nothing special

No. 965821

right, like remember back in winter she thought she was going to move and said something about dedicated a month to moving and we were like, why. she has nothing but time, and idk how often she's been going back and forth from one place to the other, but like another anon said, she could've been bringing stuff over during every trip and chose not to.

where are her poor pets?

No. 965822

She's lazy and knows she won't do good at it. What the fuck is this "Creavtity" she's talking about? I'm pretty sure if they want to shoot with her they are going to control what the scene is about.

No. 965823

And remember the one company she was signed with dropped her because of her bratty attitude

No. 965824

It's also extremely telling that she'll only do solo now. She can't have anyone else in her spotlight. I'll bet after she did that g/g VR shoot she was so upset that people payed more attention to her costar, an actual industry name who's popular, she couldn't handle not being the center of attention. And any time she is the center of attention people focus on how terrible she is and since she doesn't want to work to be better she's always going to be a half assed loser.

No. 965825

File: 1587950627450.jpg (156.56 KB, 1080x735, 20200426_202341.jpg)

No. 965826

It wasn't a company she was signed with, it was an agency, but yeah they dropped her because she was being extremely picky about where she worked and kept refusing work. Can't keep someone on if they don't want to do the job.

No. 965837

that blur tool is putting in WORK

No. 965838

>i'm a dumb doll uwu

No. 965840

File: 1587956102213.jpg (194.45 KB, 1079x717, Screenshot_20200426-215449_Twi…)

But it's the meds causing the weight gain

No. 965842

reddit humour is very hot

No. 965843

I always imagine her saying this shit in her normal voice. I'l never forget the first time hearing her talk, and she was saying, "i'm fucking mentally ill"

I can imagine the baby voice she uses when talking to her retarded boyfriend

No. 965849

This is deja vu because I know she tweeted this dumb shit about a different food/sex term once before.

No. 965895

i remember this, it was pretty recent too. didn't she say it about her boyfriend cooking her dinner and her just sitting there banging her fat fists on the table like a retarded buffalo?

No. 965906

She's done this several times thinking each time it'll be quirky and go viral. The ones I can remember is another type of food while her boyfriend was cooking and chanting 'anal'.

No. 965936

not to WK and not that it matters, but I'm in MA and everyone I know calls it dunks

No. 965954

File: 1587997525374.png (Spoiler Image,1.45 MB, 1101x2048, Screenshot_20200427-102447.png)


No. 965955

File: 1587997637145.png (302.29 KB, 2048x1525, Screenshot_20200427-102717.png)

And lmao @ her now dead advice page.

No. 965956

lol so she can abandon it like she did with her sfw twitter and advice onlyfans? then she's going to act surprised and start bitching when she stops getting subs and tips

No. 965959

She was so shocked people weren't flooding to buy her shit $10 advice page that she just scrapped it and made a free one. Bitch can't stick to anything.

No. 965974

File: 1588002200743.jpeg (155.33 KB, 640x622, EC83B773-B850-4F8E-A52A-5C2769…)

i found this screenshot from thread #50. i cant with this bitch

No. 965975

Free onlyfans are smart advertising, you can post your promo pics (not actual nudes like Shayna the big dummy will do) and put up paid photosets/direct traffic to an all access nsfw one.

They updated their T&C’s saying that free onlyfans accounts are not allowed to post any nudity unless it is a paid post so any free promo has to be censored/sfw but she’s a retard and will probably get banned.

No. 966005

This is what happens when you pander to men and give your shit out for free, wondering why said men wont pay you for 'content'

No. 966009

File: 1588005445097.gif (471.17 KB, 215x211, dis-gunna-be-good.gif)

>free only fans
>posts nudes immediately

I dont understand how one person can actually be this retarded.

No. 966010

Hahaha omg. This was literally like a week ago. Now here she is. Shes a fucking retard. I hope it fails or makes her other account lose subs.
If its true that you cant post nudes on a free one then yeah she'll either fuck it up or itll just be another thing only her orbiters "care" about until she abandons it because its not getting her enough attention/instant gratification.

No. 966046

It’s an updated T&C, she’s going to be obsessing over this fan count no doubt. 1000 subs on a free account isn’t hard when she’s willing to get her asshole out if you ask her lol

No. 966131

Imagine having to announce you're going to be silent for a while if you're going to put down your phone and not post for a whole 1,5 hours

No. 966173

File: 1588041631454.png (1.25 MB, 750x1334, 3707FE43-5134-4ACA-B06B-FB4A6A…)


No. 966174

File: 1588041631863.jpeg (489.18 KB, 1242x1577, 55DAD361-BC32-455C-B71D-F7B07E…)

Siqq virtue signaling Shay

No. 966178

How many pics will she take with her hand covering her gut? New pose?

No. 966184


lmao hiding that outline of her fat and belly button.

No. 966185

>rat's nest on head
>double chin
>lumpy cottage cheese thighs
>looks like she has on a loaded diaper
>sucking in her gut harder than a hoover vacuum
let's just thank god she's hiding her face.

how can someone whose profession is totally concerned with looking sexy look so frumpy and completely devoid of sex appeal?

No. 966190

why am i getting pixyteri “i’m poopin” vibes from the second image

No. 966198

This is peak boomer shit where they do one small thing for a "poor homeless" and immediately go on FB/Social media to brag about it for likes
Also how was there no contact between them, are they implying the homeless man was ordering food with no money?

No. 966202

is this homeless man she refers to actually shayna? because i don't see how this is different from him feeding her shitty american cheese quesadillas in the apartment her poor dad still pays for

No. 966203

that one plaid skirt probably finally tore in half so shay has to improvise now

No. 966205

File: 1588051082691.gif (Spoiler Image,1.02 MB, 189x252, 3CD7B824-E550-4652-8368-A9C2EA…)

sage for OT but I found some Shay gifts from 2013

No. 966206

File: 1588051118271.gif (Spoiler Image,1.15 MB, 189x252, 844FCB8D-993E-4A36-BBE8-C07C01…)

And one more.

No. 966207

Still horribly awkward - But man does her face look so much better. Always makes me a little sad to see throwbacks, just show how fast she's degraded.

No. 966211

What is she even doing here, lmao.

Ngl, she actually looks pretty cute here? Still really awkward, but she had a sort of trashy girl next door thing going. I can see why she had a brief taste of tumblr fame in the stoner tags back then. She really has aged like milk.

No. 966215

why does she inherently have no idea how to move her body lmao

No. 966217

so they've gone out breaking quarantine twice in two days? what good people!

2013? that means she was 15/16 years old in these gifs. where did you find them? seems weird (not you, just her literal pedo pandering)

No. 966261

I can’t even be bothered to explain to you how someone who is underage isn’t pedo pandering, if someone has sex with a child it’s literally rape whether the underage person was “pandering” or not so don’t be a victim blamer .. but also that’s just how 15 year olds act on the internet, without thinking. If this content really is from 2013 it’s probably the least pedopandering content she’s put out since she invented Dolly Mattel. Yeah it’s vaguely sexual when it shouldn’t be but that is just how teenagers work and are groomed to be, especially on the net.
Thanks for posting them, original anon, it’s funny to laugh and see her deterioration/eternal incoordination but other anons think before you accuse an actual child of being complicit in paedophilic activity.

No. 966266

Chill the fuck out. We all know she started camming while underage, and tried to brag about it in her paid content once she was an adult. I was just wondering if this is evidence she may have started younger than she had said previously

No. 966294

They were under her gif tag on tumblr. There’s more gifs on there too

No. 966329

Well at least it's not like she had good dance skills and lost them or something. Looks like she's always been awkward and weird. She just can't play it off as cute anymore.

No. 966332

File: 1588089420093.png (819.93 KB, 1458x2048, Screenshot_20200428-115659.png)

Way to admit how fucking disgusting you are Shayna.

No. 966338

File: 1588090532044.jpeg (70.66 KB, 750x190, C148805F-9C8F-4833-B055-DB2A58…)

No, that’s just being a slob

No. 966339

If she feels the need to talk about how gross she is maybe she can use her private twitter for once??

No. 966342

Imagine outing yourself as a disgusting pig like this. And I agree, use your fucking SFW Twitter. Telling the world that your place probably reeks of rotting food and fermented sodas is not sexy, Shayna. Fuck sakes

No. 966344

Just get a dishwasher girl and put it on like once a week or so.

No. 966346

File: 1588092891116.jpeg (230.98 KB, 750x727, 43578D51-2AD6-4648-ABB7-9AC3BE…)

Like she’d ever meet the family of her boyfriend lol

No. 966347

Like what would she talk about with them?? She has no personality outside of smoking and being a Twitter sex worker and she’s barely that

No. 966350

File: 1588093362333.jpg (184.92 KB, 1080x1677, Screenshot_20200428-180145_Twi…)

You missed the second part.

This is the second time she's spoke about eating dried old cum.

What the hell is wrong with her?

No. 966351

I can only imagine what this dude must look like or be like if he keeps going back to Shayna over and over again.

No. 966353

Remember after a vacation with Fupa when he left, and she said she cuddled and licked a towel with his dried cum on it?
Pepperidge farms remembers.

No. 966359

LMAO YES that was gold.
She also made a tweet just like that one when she went out to a bar in a dirty cum stained shirt and was proud of it? She's fucking disgusting and not in a cute sexy way.

No. 966360

I was wondering if her new apartment has a dishwasher. Her old kitchen seemed too small for one. but it's hard to get one when you rent, unless you get a stand-alone unit, but she would never make an investment like that

No. 966363

File: 1588095055630.png (713.15 KB, 2048x1815, Screenshot_20200428-133053.png)

Both of these are old tweets and posts she's done on Tumblr. She's so fucking desperate to go viral

No. 966364

"Girls are like dogs" - Shayna Clifford 2020

No. 966365

christ how many times has she made that 2nd tweet now? i feel like ive read it 1000 times

No. 966376

File: 1588096031341.jpg (86.04 KB, 275x275, 1467998748873.jpg)

Does she think the guys following her think this is sexy? Shay-nasty for sure.

No. 966398

She's so retarded, emotionally stunted and self centered she can't even think of how to phrase these things to appeal to the intended audience.

Her posts come off like a half assed spambot coded in by someone off fiverr who primarily speaks Hindi. The bot is still desperately combing tumblr for key words and randomly shitting them out at a desperate attempt at successful SEO… Except for Shatna it's attempts to go viral for internet attention.

>sugardaddy vibes

Like what guy whose not already paying is thinking: "yes! That's the vibe I want!! I've always aspired to be this stanky trash 'racoons' "sugar" "daddy"!"

I honestly have this tinfoil only orbiting women have sent her pity money and no real man actually follows her… her fanbase is like the opposite of "no girls on the internet"

No. 966406

my personal theory is that he's fugly as hell, and she's avoiding getting him and herself roasted by keeping his face hidden. he's probably so gross that even Shayna has the minimum amount of lucidity needed to realize that. we already know he's fat from her chode sucking video, and his hygienic standards are low enough to tolerate Shayna, so i don't even want to know what inbred, gargoyle-face, tooth-missing hillbilly she's dating.

she should bring this up in therapy instead of ~*the hatuuurrrz are the ones bringing my porn career down, wahhh~*

No. 966407

She is the biggest 'not like other girls/male pandering' type i've ever seen.

No. 966452

Idk where you live but most apartment units in the U.S. have a dishwasher. I don't think I've ever been to one that doesn't and that includes some of the lower priced units. Not that she uses it probably with all the eating out kek

No. 966454

File: 1588108893475.png (606.77 KB, 2048x1249, Screenshot_20200423-142721.png)

There we are kek She really thought this was so kinky and hit but in reality made her look insane and desperate as fuck. No wonder Fupa kicked her crazy ass to the curb.

No. 966459

HAHAHA! Wow, so funny! What a riveting conversation. Y'all just don't get their humor and passionate relationship. The abuse and constant breakups are okay when your talks go this deep,man.

No. 966479

After the dick sucking video, I’ve always imagined him looking like Randy from Trailer Park Boys, but with facial hair. She refers to him as an old man so my guess is he’s mid/late 30s too.

No. 966484

shayna referred to fupa as old and pretended that people thought he was her dad, even though he's only about 10 years older than her.
It's just another weird thing that she lies about.

No. 966493

ayrt, I live in an apartment in the US and don't have a dishwasher. It really depends on the area you live in, how big/old your unit is, and how much you pay in rent. It's almost unheard of in some places (like NYC for example, but other places too.)

she lived in a shithole apartment for like $600 a month, I wouldn't be surprised if she didn't have one. If she did though that makes dishes piling up in the sink even more disgusting, how hard is it to put them in the dishwasher instead jfc

she's trained at least one of her orbiters to send her money whenever she complains about feeling sad, so her twitter tantrums are definitely for pitybucks. Shatna thanks her in discord whenever she sends $10

No. 966505

File: 1588116684733.jpg (Spoiler Image,241.6 KB, 1215x1620, IMG_20200429_003028.jpg)

This tragic hoe shoved some dusty old necklace she prob found packing up her minge.


No. 966506

That blur tool working overtime

No. 966508

because she's still stuck on edgy tumblr aesthetics

No. 966520

She did this ages ago on tumblr, like literal years, and it blew up cuz ~*edgy*~

No. 966526

well we know now that she tries to shoop her ass bigger and this blur is just egregious so it’s just kind of depressing she even posts shit like this. i’m sure the necklace had a literal coating of dust on it

No. 966530

she really thinks that if she keeps recycling her popular posts from tumblr, it'll make her blow up on twitter. lo and behold, when the median demographic of the user-base isn't edgy sixteen year-old teenagers, Shayna flops tremendously. it is honestly so fascinating to see someone who can't age out of tumblr fads.

No. 966559

she's got that scar/permaboil on her asscheek (left one in this pic) that she's blurred into a faint bruised spot. my favorite part is the area directly under the rosary where she couldn't edit the cellulite out

No. 966604

Ah a child’s practice rosary. Keep it classy shayna

No. 966608

Lmao she has done this before two years ago or something, she had a whole sexy nun thing going and got these during it yikes

No. 966609

Ah yes, the purple patch she couldn't get rid of kek. She can't even edit her pics properly.

No. 966667

was wondering why in some pictures she actually looks a bit shapely, like she may have a bit of curve to her ass and waist. but Its hilarious to know its just shoddy fat girl editing tricks, nip in the waist, round out the fat lumpy ass. I almost feel a bit sorry for her. Has nobody called her out on twitter? I could see other sexworkers jumping on that sort of thing normally

No. 966757

File: 1588184336016.jpg (326.97 KB, 1080x1677, Screenshot_20200429_141650.jpg)

Shayna didn't your accounts got banned more than 10 times because you didn't follow the TOS? Then blamed it on jealous SW? Kek

No. 966759

File: 1588184396447.jpg (94.39 KB, 1080x546, Screenshot_20200429_142013.jpg)

No. 966768

File: 1588186396878.jpeg (40.87 KB, 275x229, 1588121521706.jpeg)

maybe tinfoil but since she follows/used to follow pnp, is she vague posting about her? Wouldn't be surprised tbh

No. 966769

she is talking about her if you read the responses. she even responded to her.

No. 966774

Lmao wasn’t she gonna do a 420 vid for onlyfans until it got posted about here

No. 966784

File: 1588189497961.jpg (273.57 KB, 1080x1483, Screenshot_20200429_154450.jpg)

Vague posting about it today lol… She's so petty

No. 966786

Sounds like she’s just mad other people can get away with shit.

>ReAd ThE ToS!!

Amazing advice. Shouldn’t she be charging for this valuable knowledge?
Her gate keeping and acting like she’s the queen of SW is annoying, and the industry is pretty foreign to me. I can’t imagine how annoying and aggravating this is to SW’ers lol

No. 966835

>I can’t imagine how annoying and aggravating this is to SW’ers lol

Shay's pretty much a no-one in the grand scheme of things. When she pops up it's only because of drama reasons and otherwise she probably just comes off as a gnat buzzing around.

No. 966873

not only is she a nobody, but the people who follow her (other sex workers) have to think the same, if they didn't and spoke out on it, not only would Shayna block and unfollow, but she'd make a subtweet about them.

I think a lot of sex workers who do talk with Shayna feel bad for her. They see this place, they see her constant talks of "mental health", they probably believe she's the product of some horrible republican abusive upbringing, that everyone in her life hurts her and Shayna does nothing.
They think because they've defended her, been her "friend', that she talks to them, likes or retweet their shit that she's a "friend".
Shayna is no one's friend, not even when they do things for her. If Bratty were to step out of line, she'd see first hand how Shayna works. They all will.

The message she sent to that victim of sex trafficking is how Shayna deals with conflict, she does not care what anyone has to say unless it's agreeing with her.

No. 966876

File: 1588204135130.png (204.42 KB, 1202x748, Screen Shot 2020-04-29 at 6.47…)

Bitch…. you've posted so many pics/videos of yourself flashing and masturbating in public places including drunkenly stumbling home topless from the bar and practicing your disgusting kinks in Walmart.

No. 966878

File: 1588204414668.png (85.44 KB, 1202x252, Screen Shot 2020-04-29 at 6.51…)

This will be a trainwreck.

No. 966879

I would love to see the pathetic loser girl that will sub for Shayna but I doubt such a person exists. Everything about her screams "disrespect me". In fact, I could see her literally screaming that while 'Daddy' fucks her.

No. 966881

oh yeah, sounds like a great idea. what could possibly go wrong?

No. 966900

File: 1588206951483.png (67.55 KB, 605x700, chrome_uLneOKQh4Q.png)

dont forget about this shit shayna posted today

No. 966904

lmao i love how she has no concept of domming girls whatsoever

No. 966905

i love how graphic her shit towards women is, with men it's "smol dick!! Uwu, you so stupid"

No. 966914

It just shows how much she hates women. Of course she'd enjoy "domming" other girls, it's just an opportunity to express her internalized misogyny.

No. 966920

yeah i love how there is literally zero sexual energy about any of these tweets lol they just come off like a jealous high school bitch trying to poorly bully someone

No. 966932

absolutely no woman wants to be topped by her and if they’re saying they do they’re probably also not into women, like shayna.

No. 966988

Um yikes… that just sounds like she wants to act like a pimp. I hope she does that and gets called out. Also her other horrible idea of "domming" girl is so transparently bitchy and shows shes so fucking insecure she cant even pretend to be gay but we already knew that. Stop pretending you can dom or be bi Shay, you suck at pretending to be either.

No. 966992

File: 1588223070659.jpg (Spoiler Image,832.02 KB, 1080x1721, hmm.jpg)

She's peed in public multiple times, flashed and masturbated in public places, and shot off fireworks from her butthole from property that was definitely not hers?

There's so many screencaps from less than a year ago even.

No. 967001

why the fuck does literally no one on her twitter care to remind her about that time she literally walked home topless? i love that SWs calling her out setting her off every other day can potentially be talking about this crap right here, but instead they're just "o no she so racist"

No. 967047

Did she not notice her actual dog right next to her pussy or does she just not care

No. 967079

Tbh, I'm actually curious if she can get any real girls to work with her. It would be way more fun than using props (aka giving blowjob=sucking on a musty dildo, alone). What props would she even replace them with?

No. 967083

she has that gross torso pussy thing. Also if Shayna ever works with a girl again, it'd be someone she feels she's more attractive then. If it's someone more attractive she'll whine for days about how "I feel so ugly compared 2 other girls, watching this video back, it just makes me feel so insecure" to get ass pats.
There's a reason she didn't work with Bratty, it wasn't only because she's lazy, but Bratty has a better body then Shayna. Plus shayna is straight as hell.

No. 967084

Also when Is Shayna going to get into Sissy Hypno porn? I'd love to see some honest to god women (transwoman) talk about how watching "Dolly Mattel" made them into an transbien. In fact Shayna should just find a tranny to be friends with, she'll find someone who hates women just as much as she does and that she looks better then.

No. 967086

I think this is also part of why she failed at working with an agency (as well as laziness), she knew she'd have to work with more attractive women and was too insecure to stick with it.

No. 967097

hahaha i’m sorry, torso pussy? please elaborate i’ve never heard that one kek

No. 967105

That sex toy she had, Kek, I don't know what it's called but it's like a sex toy, with tits and a vagina, but no legs.

No. 967106

She also does not know what she's doing. She said herself she's not very sexual and I 100% believe she's a starfish. She thinks all men want is a girl that offers all her holes and she has to do nothing else.

Everytime she's with someone else she never seems to want to do anything or she tries to pull that "uwu" i'm baby shit.

Sidenote- Anyone notice that she hasn't had any briuses from her bf in a while? Kind of makes me feels maybe she was off and on with a few guys at the same time.
Just some tinfoil.

No. 967122

It’s so much worse than I remember, open at your own risk
Also here it it as an amazon listing if you don’t want to have to bleach your eyes >>794161

No. 967190

I totally forgot about the torso pussy lol, did she ever even use it again aside from like one video?

No. 967204

would she really be shayna if she thought to use an expensive more than 1 time? kek

No. 967215

hahahah i remember this, on god i’m dead.

No. 967244

File: 1588276083176.png (705.27 KB, 2048x1524, Screenshot_20200430-154756.png)

Did she try this already and no one bought anything? (1/2)

No. 967245

Sage for no milk but Shayna threads provide the best memes. Like “thriving” and “on god”. Not to mention all the nightmare gifs she provide. Shay is fucking ridiculous

No. 967246

File: 1588276178368.png (1.51 MB, 1736x2048, Screenshot_20200430-154741.png)

No. 967250

File: 1588276343137.png (Spoiler Image,1.11 MB, 1524x2048, Screenshot_20200430-155142.png)

can't believe no one posted this. She's so fucking fat now she can't even sit up on her knees and ride a dildo for a minute. Are you really that fucking chunky Shayna?


No. 967251

Bitch rides a dildo like a fucking toad

No. 967256

File: 1588276796891.png (980.34 KB, 1496x2048, Screenshot_20200430-154955.png)

why does she use such low angles and make herself look even fatter?


No. 967260

Really don’t know what part of dumpy, untalented brunette screams “Barbie” to her but okay I guess. Wasn’t she supposed to start on Twitch at some point? Why is she investing hideous sweaters and not into her setup lol

No. 967261

im almost as excited for this then I am her doing twitch. Imagine this retard walking around in a sweater like this? Imagine how many "some girl was staring me down, because of my shirt, girls can be so toxic" or "some guy came over to me and said, "Wait are you really Dolly Mattel?" stories she's going to tell.

No. 967263

a smart person starting twicth would actually work with someone and make some SFW designs so she can promote her "Career" but this is Shayna

No. 967264

I can't remember the last time she has had this much engagement with her tweets. Kek.

No. 967274

anons have been speculating that she thought the streaming deck she bought doubled as a capture card and the more she delays starting twitch the more i suspect this is true. she made a tweet a few days ago that her gamer shit has arrived hasn't she? makes it even more sus.

No. 967275

File: 1588280042915.png (34.42 KB, 1111x132, Screenshot (60).png)

she wants to get a new laptop first lol

No. 967279

Her insistence on getting a laptop to game on won't even help. Sure you can game on a laptop but you can't really stream and game at the same time. There's only so much a laptop can handle, even one made for gaming.

Knowing her she's just get another Apple computer.

No. 967284

why not get a fucking desk top?

No. 967288

She can get a prebuilt desktop for under $1500 that will stream and run.

No. 967299

Broke and stupid. You’d think a person would invest in the most important piece of equipment for streaming first, the PC, but she got a tacky chair and chinese headphones instead because like everything else, they’re just props.

No. 967311

File: 1588284927861.png (49.48 KB, 589x511, eerr.PNG)

No. 967313

I knew Shay was stupid but not this stupid.

1. Why didn't you keep the directions from the first time?
2. Who doesn't check the truck to make sure all their stuff is out?

Hell whatever happened to all the stuff Dawn threw into a u-haul for her? All those stuffed animals and stuff that we never got pics of again? Shay looks like she moved into an apartment with just a box full of sex toys she never uses and the stuff that never budged off the daybed.

Even now her apartment is empty. We never saw stuff she had at Fupa's again either like that mirror. Does she just abandon shit when she changes personalities and buys/begs for new stuff?

I mean she did toss that huge-ass teddy bear into the dumpster before moving to Fupa's so I guess someone needs to call Luna Slater to go dumpster diving for Shay's goodies after each move

No. 967314

This bitch is so fucking stupid, surprised she manages to avoid swallowing her tongue. I’m sure this is just an excuse for her to not move the bed because she’s lazy but like…. just don’t post about it and no one would care? This doesn’t make you look any better.

No. 967315

makes literally zero sense for her to even get the desk, she's buying a fucking laptop, i'm not getting why she thinks a laptop is going to help her, won't see need to have a few programs running in the background, a free moniter to read chat etc? A laptop and a desktop yeah, but just a laptop?

No. 967320

I'm pretty sure that girl that helped her (Someone named Lana if i remember correctly?) just gave her all the wrong things on purpose. It's funny that she would trust anyone without researching herself first.
And as another anon said, she's most probably getting a macbook and pretty much no games run on macbooks lmao

No. 967324

if someone sends Shayna money to preorder a tshirt with her gross image on it, then they deserve to get ripped off (which i'm betting they will)

No. 967335

She couldn't even ship out her used clothing she listed online.

No. 967341

Too bad she’s too stupid to build one or it would be even cheaper at $1000 or less

No. 967349

File: 1588290048998.png (676.5 KB, 2048x1402, Screenshot_20200430-193938.png)

Shayna really thinks her problems stem from her apartment being shitty. Wow.

Moving isnt going to solve your mental illness and terrible way of living. It won't solve your alcoholism and deep hate for yourself.

In 3-6 months she'll want to move again because she'll be back to heavy drinking and drug use.

No. 967355

File: 1588290219067.png (456.87 KB, 2048x910, Screenshot_20200430-194328.png)

3 hours later: "my asthma is acting up I don't know why ughhhh!!"

No. 967373

File: 1588291992728.png (303.57 KB, 2048x827, Screenshot_20200430-201230.png)

"the people who follow you don't want to hear about unsexy stuff, they're here for porn!" - Shayna

Also Shayna:

No. 967377

File: 1588292427357.png (251.91 KB, 308x597, 1533764239182.png)

I just want everyone to remember the ACTUAL color of these shorts and note the absolute tragedy they are now. This why we call you Shaynasty, man.

No. 967380

her face looks so weird im this picture

No. 967396

She was using one of those weird face distorting big eye filters on Snapchat. Her Jessica Yaniv face just makes it that much weirder to look at.

No. 967402

she looks like an entirely different person here. and her eyes look huge. not in a good way. was she editing her pics back then?

No. 967403

oop this answered my question.

No. 967426

She can throw away all of her furniture and shit when it doesn’t suit her or she doesn’t know how to put it together but she can’t be bothered to toss out these disgusting ratty shorts, the “white” crop hoodie and that nasty heart pillow… does she never look at herself or her surroundings? You’d think someone who spends so much time filming themselves would care a little more. Gross.

No. 967442

if she disliked the old place that much she should have put more effort into moving so she could continue making content, as she pretended was going to happen and be of more quality or something b/c she had more space. but she fucked around as usual and has to put her diary like ramblings onto her work twitter like anyone fucking cares.

also rip that shitty day bed, she'll be using her counters, floors and the bed her mom got her for content. oh, and the gaming chair b/c she's not going to stream lol.

No. 967450

Shayna seems like the kind of person that thinks changing her surroundings will somehow change her and help her problems.

No. 967489

are you but a sweet summer child not to remember when EVERY single photo of herself had the generic Snapchat filter and/or the Hearts Snapchat filter on top of really heavy makeup? Seriously it was constant. It was not a good time

No. 967499

i had actually forgotten about that until now, that was a minute ago. i think i would have remembered sooner if there were hearts framing her face here.

No. 967552

Kek For real. How many times has this chick moved in the past 2-3 years? She'll find something to nitpick about this new place soon enough and she'll have a breakdown, "OMG I need to move ASAP!!1!!1!!"

No. 967568

File: 1588340155602.png (Spoiler Image,526.7 KB, 1062x971, Screenshot_20200501-093440~2.p…)

WHY IS EVERY VIDEO THE SAME??? If I was a customer I'd be so pissed. She can't even finger herself properly let alone make it look sexy.


No. 967570

File: 1588340719148.png (31.55 KB, 738x229, fdfd.png)

is that this video then lol.

No. 967572

Yup. How fucking sad. Even when she claims to be turned on she doesn't know how to touch herself.

To this day I cannot figure out why she touches herself in such a strange way.

No. 967578

File: 1588342293255.jpeg (15.86 KB, 194x259, 1524432973144.jpeg)

underrated comment. my fucking sides

No. 967583

Goals right there. Her boyfriend jerking off to his retarded girl friend, making retarded faces, sitting on the ground fingering her dry snatch for other men/sexworkers to buy.

No. 967585

I really don't think she's a sexual person at all, she just wants easy money. it explains why all her videos are the same routine

No. 967588

I honestly think attention is more of her goal, she knows she can run back home at any time, she wants fame. She really thinks she's going to become famous, which is funny, the only porn stars who gain "fame", usually gain it from being extremely attractive, doing a lot of shoots, and/or bad behavior. The most I've seen is them moving onto to do something else after porn that gained them fame.
There are a few "popular" sex workers on twitch, but most of them are male.

No. 967590

Porn will never make her famous because she refuses to do the work. She had multiple opportunities to get her name out there and make money and she instead decided to be lazy and egotistical. After her first g/g shoot she said she would only shoot solo and started refusing every offer she was given because it wasn't for a solo shoot. She chose to ruin opportunities she was given.

If at one point I felt bad for Shayna, it all ended after she did that. So many other people who actually work hard on their content would have appreciated opportunities like the many she was given. She is an egotistical, narcissistic asshole who wants to do nothing and get fame for it.

No. 967591

That makes sense, even back in her tumblr days she was going on about wanting to be famous (for being a musician). She's an idiot though if she thinks she can get fame for boring porn and average looks.

No. 967599

File: 1588345005299.gif (993.81 KB, 500x270, EB1B483D-E2F7-453D-92C7-6EB483…)

me @ shay… sage for no milk(namefag)

No. 967626

she thinks she's famous already. she's tweeted about Dolly Mattel being a household name. the delusions of grandeur are real

No. 967632

File: 1588349814382.png (427.35 KB, 752x644, Screenshot (64).png)

why does she keep throwing them away??

No. 967634

What are those stains… Ugh I don't even wanna know. How can someone live as such a disgusting slob

No. 967643

But why?? It can't be that hard to move, at least not harder than her bed. Besides it's not like she has a lot of stuff to move anyway, I hope no one buys her a god damn third one

No. 967652

So that she can beg and whine for another one.

No. 967657

Probably in huge part because Her pets have used it more than she has and its the one cloth thing she can’t wash/clean because we all know how heavily she smokes and doesn’t regularly clean leaving piles of shit around, which means it’s retained all those rank smells over time.

No. 967658

She could literally buy one of those cheap handheld steamers on Amazon to clean it. It's really sad how she just throws away stuff OTHER people get for her and expects a new one right away. If I had bought her that and saw it in the dumpster I'd be pissed.

No. 967666

File: 1588353979368.png (339.92 KB, 828x1792, 22D7BD04-415D-4BFD-9468-1107C3…)

how…sad. why does this bitch think this is something to be proud of?

No. 967728

File: 1588360933340.png (432.08 KB, 2048x952, Screenshot_20200501-152208.png)

>feels like my image is fading

How fucking bleak, is that really your life Shayna?

No. 967730

File: 1588361030296.png (809.21 KB, 1396x2048, Screenshot_20200501-152344.png)

The way she talks about mental illness…

No. 967736

pretty sure she's just decided she has bpd because she thinks it excuses her shitty behaviour, I don't believe she's actually been diagnosed with it. She was claiming to be bipolar not so long ago

No. 967737

She never had a couch in her previous apartment, I don’t get why she decided to finally get one because she moved to a different apartment. Is her boyfriend helping her buy it?

She wasn’t doing much at all before “focusing on moving”…

No. 967740

Maybe her parents are buying it for her, they bought her bed.

No. 967767

I’m seconding either her parents or the boyfriend bought it because it was on sale for around $350 or close to dirt cheap from one of those strip mall furniture outlet places where their creepy employees deliver next business day.

No. 967770

She had a one bed apartment last time, I believe this is a two bed so the day bed which she had in her living area as a bed/sofa/gross filming location is going in one bed room and the proper bed her mother bought her will go in another bedroom so she’d need a couch in the living room- not that odd that she wants one really, it’s better than having no furniture

No. 967808

The day bed is no more. She posted about getting rid of the whole thing because she left one piece in the moving truck or some shit.

No. 967818

Ohh I assumed she was being dramatic and it wasn’t actually an important part that was missing/she was just high and hadn’t actually lost anything.
But if the day bed truly has gone, there we go then; even more reason for her to buy a sofa!

No. 967822

damn she is really getting pudgy.

No. 967833

File: 1588376302277.png (1.88 MB, 2048x1822, Screenshot_20200501-193818.png)

Why is it over her cheeks lmfao

No. 967836

File: 1588376500039.png (417.93 KB, 2048x1210, Screenshot_20200501-194146.png)

She was rich enough to have a cleaning lady. Fucking wow. Tell us more about your abuse Shayna.

No. 967837

File: 1588376557651.png (461.95 KB, 2048x1244, Screenshot_20200501-194238.png)

Bitch can't even be bothered to clean her new apartment.

I just don't understand Shayna anymore.

No. 967841


I mean more that it’s normal to want one but why now finally get one when nothing was stopping her before? Like if she could have bought a couch why wouldn’t she put a couch in the living room at the old place then her daybed/bed in the sole bedroom there?
I haven’t been in these threads for a crazy long amount of time so I guess I’m confused/dumbass and don’t know - she had her daybed in the living room at her old place? So she slept in the living room on it and what exactly did she use the bedroom for there…?

No. 967848

Sorry I sounded so exasperated!!
She eventually was bought a proper bed for the bedroom - before that it seemed like she slept/worked/ate on the day bed in the living room and trapped her animals in the empty (?) bedroom

No. 967849

probably because when they're over her ears it pushes her hair back from her face and shows how chubby her cheeks are now. when it comes to Shatna it's most likely fueled by insecurity

I think she means clean the apartment she's moving out of. they're gonna have to clean ash and soot and pet hair and dirt off of every surface

No. 967852

a rare moment of self awareness if she is adjusting the headphone placement to hide her jowly face (rather than just pure retardedness). Her usual photography/modelling technique is point, shoot, that’ll do and then abuse the blur tool. She usually has no awareness that a slight change in posture or clothing would take pounds off her.

No. 967855

kek why is her nipple just out and blurred in that second photo? She’s not even topless, just flopped a tit out and let portrait mode fuck up

No. 967856


So instead of cleaning her apartment herself, she’s hiring someone to come over in the middle of a pandemic to clean? Classy.

How big of a mess has she already made that she even needs a cleaning person?

No. 967858

in the full photo she's got the top pulled down. this is just a Twitter preview

No. 967861


You’re good!
I was just confused why anyone that doesn’t live in a studio apartment would have their bed(even if it’s a daybed) in their living area when they have a dedicated bedroom. But I guess this is Shayna we’re talking about.
Even if you’re broke as shit and can’t afford furniture, at that point, one room is going to have to be empty and I suppose she chose the bedroom to be?

No. 967879

yeah those tips of 20$ after you post yourself masturbating fully naked everywhere for free on twitter is just so much money lmao. the last time you got a bigger tip was like a month ago nice try shaytard.

No. 967880

I wanna say the headphones are on her cheeks because the ears attached to her head make it hard to wear them normally.

No. 967934

Surprised she doesn’t dump/throw out noodle and ribmeat. she just can replace them like everything else she owns

No. 967936

razer sells their cat ears to put on other headphones, i don't get why doesn't just do that instead of looking retarded like this

No. 967938

I feel like she is mostly trying to cover up the weight gain in her face

No. 967954

she’s definitely using these to hide her fatass face. i’m surprised she was even smart enough to realize she can cover them kek

No. 967969

is this snow she used to give her face more shape? or did she just blur it to oblivion LMAAOO

No. 968011

aren't those ears from one of her pig videos anyway? they don't look like cat ears

No. 968015

As usual it looks like cheap shit from amazon ignoring the fact she's wearing them too far forward the whole headset looks like it's oversize. Similar to that giant wish airpod

No. 968017


They come with the cheap Amazon anime cat girl outfit she's wearing. Momokun wore this outfit many pounds ago, cow crossover. I wonder if Shayna is reading her threads for advice on how to make money while being as gross as possible.

No. 968031

So how long before Shayna is begging for an desktop? That laptop isn't going to cut it, not that I think stream for long anyway.
Also how much you want to bet she's going to open up all her streams with, "I'm Dolly Mattel" or something cringey about being a "hot gamer pornstar gurl'

No. 968036

File: 1588427831663.png (392.75 KB, 591x391, 1.PNG)

No. 968037

File: 1588427939382.png (24.99 KB, 598x226, Capture.PNG)

Imagine saying this

No. 968038

I'll bet anything she will push her porn constantly on Twitch and then get upset when she gets reported/banned because of it. then she'll go on some rant about how twitch hates sex workers and SW rights and blahblahblah.

No. 968039

And still giving me alcoholic auntie vibes

No. 968048

>And still giving me alcoholic auntie vibes
This was before the severe bloat set in and she just looked like a raisin. Now she looks like Yaniv. Absolutely wild.

No. 968050

she used to look super dehydrated and now she looks bloated. It's pretty hilarious tbh.

Also how the fuck can she think those colors work together? Red lipstick, pink hair, pink background, black hair tie, olive colored sweater? The fuck???

No. 968055

why would you post this when it’s obvious you’ve gained like 30+ lbs in just a year

No. 968069

I don't think she will stream long enough to ever get to that point. Or she will use this as an excuse because she will be too lazy to keep a stream schedule.

No. 968070

The profile pic checks out.

No. 968090

She’ll get banned for not following Twitch rules so quickly trying to uwu be soo sexy.

No. 968104

where’s her update on her “capture card” kek

No. 968106

everyone's bringing up her weight gain and bloat and whatnot, and i'm just completely unable to get my eyes off her eyebrows+eyeliner combo lmao

from shitty to unfathomable, truly shayna has come a long way

No. 968107

if she doesn't stream soon i'm killing myself shrugs

No. 968110

she doesn't even cam, so I do not expect her to do this shit. Shayna has wasted money on shit before remember that $200 she spent on that powder? or those work out clothes we never saw before?
My best hope is if she does, she has her boyfriend on, maybe we'll hear his voice and they'll do cringey "daddy" and "baby" shit.

No. 968135

I figured she just meant her parents never made her pick up after herself

No. 968156

I thought her "story" was she grew up having to look after her younger brother and do all the house chores and cleaning. Remember when ~little space~ was her coping mechanism for dealing with the "trauma" of having to grow up too fast. Now she finally admits to growing up privileged with people cleaning up after her, whether it was her parents or hired help.

No. 968182

Shayna is everything a parent does not want. You can tell by how she behaved she was spoiled, I kind of feel like it's on her dad's end, hence why she's such an MRA.
Screamed about her mom being an evil republican for years and finally admits her dad is one as well, then wasn't fupa repub?

She probably threatened to kill herself whenever anything didn't go her way.

No. 968184

Holy shit, she looked ROUGH. I've never been a nose sperg, but this picture really emphasises her big ol' honker. Also, and this is petty, she really need to learn a better smile. This half smile thing she's doing really brings out the Yaniv in her.

No. 968189


Spot-on Shayna impression, anon.

No. 968195

it's a troon smile, I guess she has doesn't like her teeth, i'm surpised she didn't get braces

No. 968259

File: 1588464341013.png (Spoiler Image,1.76 MB, 2048x1794, Screenshot_20200502-200535.png)

Excuse me sir? Your ball sack is falling out.

No. 968264

them headphones do not make her face look good.

No. 968265

also that microphone probably sucks

No. 968266

Its because they're not over her ears where they're supposed to sit. They're sitting on her cheeks because she's that much of a retard.

No. 968268

The left pic is so jarring! Looking like a 46 year old chain smoking hooker.

No. 968269

More like fat cat with a busted kitty.

Yikes. Shes not pulling of uwu anime gamer gurl at all. Someone get your special needs sister and give her her nintendogs back.

No. 968273

Lmao she looks ridiculous with those headphones sitting on her cheeks. I hope she actually does go through with twitch. She will do it at least once. She’s been talking about it non stop for months. I don’t see her doing it for more than a couple times in a whole week and I feel like that’s being generous.
She has no personality or charisma. Half of her viewers will be farmers.

No. 968280

she seriously can’t think this looks good. she literally looks like a retard trying to pull off the ~uwu kawaii gamer gurl~ look

No. 968285

I can't wait to laugh my ass off when she can't hear anything and thinks the headphones are broken

No. 968289

I really hope someone can set up some sort of timer to see how quickly she will get banned from twitch. I also can't wait for a non-farmer to wonder right on in to her stream.

No. 968292

File: 1588470912219.jpeg (288.75 KB, 1242x660, AA682B13-27EE-4804-B322-2A417A…)

She posted this exact thing a few weeks or months ago…

No. 968294

File: 1588471208006.gif (2.08 MB, 500x244, wormwood.gif)

Before she just looked like Matilda's mom and now I absolutely agree she's looking like Yaniv's long lost sister. They even share the same ballsack feature.

No. 968295

She originally posted it with Fupa, and has posted it with at least 2 other of the people she's been with.

Does she just save tweets she think will go viral? I wouldn't put it past her tbh.

No. 968296

Off brand gaming chair. Why is everything she owns some made in China wish shit? Oh yeah, because her and her fans are all some broke asses

No. 968303

Because Shayna is trash and her style is trash. She thinks if something is expensive that means it's automatically good quality. Have you seen her Amazon wishlist? Tons of the furniture is overpriced crap that won't last, but she thinks it's classy because it's expensive.

Even her name is fucking trashy, wow.

No. 968310

File: 1588475308073.jpeg (345.24 KB, 1536x2048, 200lbs.jpeg)

No. 968312

theory: being talked about on lc causes women to lose the ability to express true emotion in photos and they all end up doing this stupid smirk.
see: shat, pixielocks

No. 968313

What's up with he discoloration on her leg? is that just the lighting or is she dirty??

No. 968315

She looks like a tough and intimidating older woman that owns a bowling alley and smokes a pack a day or something. ROUGH.

No. 968324

It’s like the lunch lady made an OnlyFans. Big PT energy

No. 968328

damn what a chonker kek

she made her eyebrows all tiny and then started doing them with eyeliner and now once again they are touching the ends of her wings lol. She should just connect them and make it a trend. You know, since she’s such a trendsetter.

No. 968337

i wanna buy a custom and tell her to exfoliate her lips, put on lip gloss, fix her eyebrow to eyeliner ratio and crustiness, and stop smiling like a dreamworks character.

No. 968339

she'll take your money and never deliver lol

No. 968340

I can't wait for her to complain about that chair. I had it for a while and it fell apart and hurts like hell to sit in
She'll be e-begging for a new chair before her first twitch stream

No. 968345

There is no way she isn't actually retarded

No. 968375

File: 1588503220013.jpeg (586.2 KB, 1536x2048, 1F9D7868-9B7A-436D-B14E-B662BE…)

Can’t believe I made Shayna Yaniv before breakfast. Not a great start to my day.

No. 968377

I saw the miniature version on the front page and I thought someone just did a repost. I'm so shocked how well this works

No. 968381

COME ON!! What the hell is this. The cat outfit ever cosplay/anime sw had in 2013. She’s so lazy. Everything she purchased is the first thing to come up when you search “kawaii clothing” on amazon. She could have curated a cool, expensive taste over the years because people buy her things. But it’s all just plastic shit from China. Like she should be asking the men to buy her vl bags for the resell value. but she’s stupid and lazy.

No. 968382

The sad thing is that makeup is better than Shay's lol

No. 968387

Looking at this makes me realize Shayna never wears eyeshadow. I really hope she has a proper microphone, she overpays but half-asses it every time. She's all about how things look, yet they never look good.
I really wish she'd invest in some wigs, make up and just swich it up for once.
Also every single sex worker/anime gurl/tranny has that swimsuit, that chair and those headphones. It's like she looks up "Starterpacks" for every hobby that becomes her new personality/obsession and follows them.

No. 968394

File: 1588506833620.png (398.47 KB, 533x515, fjdjd.PNG)

seriously how long before Shayna 100% knocks off Bella and seriously sells her bathwater? Seriously though, why not just buy a pink wig instead of fucking up her hair so much?

No. 968399

I don’t follow this thread at all but have to say this one >>968375 looks much better than this one >>968310 and I think that’s pretty sad

No. 968409

File: 1588511094909.png (99.59 KB, 738x683, a.png)

i dont understand why she thinks this new apartment is gonna change her life or some shit?? nothing about her old place was stopping her from working & she didnt need to take so long to move her stuff. wonder what the next excuse not to work will be?

No. 968427

The fact that she seems to think anal is super rare and special shows how little experience she has in professional porn

No. 968430

she sticks the smallest dildos and the average sized dicks up her dry ass and she really thinks she's doing something big.
Its been years and shayna is still doing porn with tiny dildos on the ground.

No. 968438

No. 968442

It's unfortunate that it looks better than her usual

No. 968443

Bitch probably looks at the "starterpack" meme and thinks it's legit

No. 968447

She really thinks a new apartment will change her life. Wow. She's hopeless.

No. 968476

>I'm rly excited 2 see where my new living space takes me
It's going to take her 1) to twitter begging extra hard when rent is due, and 2) into a deeper depression when she realizes she can no longer blame her emptiness on her "living space"

No. 968499

Sis you moved to another (sure a little nicer) apartment in Oklahoma during a global crisis. You have no future goals or plans, you are just continuing to sell low tier, laughably bad porn content another year while your looks decline rapidly. Just hoping on another trend way late because your life is a dead end. She'll fail streaming if she actually tries. Then what?
The only consistency in her life is her addictions to weed, booze, and the internet.
Honestly really fucking sad, but some people have nothing special and will end up nowhere. But she will never admit she's one of those people and thats the issue.

No. 968500

she doesn’t bathe, so…

No. 968531

Did she get her "capture card" yet?

No. 968561

File: 1588537174013.png (Spoiler Image,473.82 KB, 760x1342, Screenshot_20200503-161752.png)

Got called chubby and is trying to pretend she's okay with it

Forgot to spoiler my b

No. 968566

File: 1588538176874.jpg (113.04 KB, 636x960, IMG_20200503_143538.jpg)

He laughed at them? Probably not something to post on your Twitter.

No. 968567

tinfoil that her bf is one of the tit vein spergs and he's putting it into real life now lol

No. 968580

dolphin noise

No. 968592

I see she’s still using the eyeliner as brow dip.
lmfao anon. Damn camel hoof

No. 968598

If this is a thing now then I, for one, am fine with it

No. 968601

imagine if a girl had commented this, she'd send her tiny discord army to personally attack and bully them, would make literally 30 tweets about how broken and depressed she is that other girls on twitter are vicious jealous bullies and that women are worthless bitches and then she'd fake an uwu bipolar episode :(((

but since it was a Big Important Male, shayna bows down and craves their approval and attention no matter what. she's the definition of an ugly hoe pick me who does the most at all times

No. 968615

This!!! She would have lost it if a girl said it and gone on rants about how fat shaming is fucked up and girls just tear other girls down and blah blah.

No. 968619

I think she did but she doesn’t want to publicly admit that she ordered something she won’t even need ever for $150

No. 968661

This was during the (very brief) period where she decided she was going to stop using filters on her photos. I think that lasted like a week.

No. 968665

Check the last thread. She posted a video on Snapchat unboxing the deck while actively calling it a Capture card

No. 968669

File: 1588556756323.jpeg (133.42 KB, 640x654, D3F6B343-01BA-4CBB-BD56-635357…)

No. People just hate how stupid you look bragging how you’re a gamer slut but you can’t even figure out how basic game mechanics work in games that average children can figure out with no issues. Stick to “thriving” in sexwork, you don’t need the distractions.

No. 968680

yeah but she can’t actually still think that’s what that device is is what I’m saying

Or idk maybe I’m giving her too much credit haha

No. 968688

God, Shay looks like what yaniv thinks he looks like

No. 968697

File: 1588568688390.jpg (Spoiler Image,379.89 KB, 809x1174, Screenshot_20200504-000447_Ins…)

I can't believe nobody has posted this tragedy yet…

No. 968698

Of course the first two games she listed are the only ones she plays

No. 968699

File: 1588568757823.jpg (Spoiler Image,613.53 KB, 1080x2038, Screenshot_20200504-000606_Ins…)

Zoomed in on the right pic

No. 968704

This was already posted twice today???

No. 968710

File: 1588574933057.gif (502.12 KB, 319x200, BA7AB8F7-5E39-4437-AB04-7F631A…)

No. 968711

not the huge flat granny ass pic tho just the other one lol

No. 968715

Her hair line is so horrifying.. She makes herself look like she's balding. She needs to lay off pulling her hair back to tight all the time.

No. 968726

Does anyone else remember when she was thin and on her tumblr captions she’d write “Pro Ana blogs DO NOT REBLOG”. She was absolutely internally screaming at this comment lol

No. 968752

Her tongue/chin area is making me feel like "… ew" and i really dont know why.. she just looks so gross.

No. 968756

Great she’s the self proclaimed ambassador for gaming women

No. 968764

Its hilarious to me that this bitch keeps updating her bio with her OF percentage every time it changes .1% even now when shes falling. Just take it off girl. Or do a general "top 3%" or something per full percent move. Shes so obsessed with the numbers its pathetic. Like the .1 really makes a difference dudes trying to get off totally care right kek

No. 968765

nothing wrong with being chubby, if you wear it well and it looks cute. sadly, that much cannot be said for you, shay.

No. 968779

lol did she lose a tooth or something?

No. 968785

Exactly. She doesn’t realise there are chubby, fat and even obese women who make $$$$$$ off of themselves because they can still put effort in. She shouldn’t be begging after 4 years for lunch money it’s just sad.

No. 968818

She just begs because sometimes it works and she doesnt want to spend "her own" money. But that being said, she also has no savings and nothing to show for herself. I dont think shes always broke. She makes ok on her cash outs, but she still wastes an excessive amount of money on weed, takeout, and booze. This new apartment is really the best shes done for herself in a long time and it wasnt all her, whether it was people on twitter, her bf, and/or parents.

Shes only 22 so she can get on track, but the way shes going now wont get her anywhere. Shes really dumb, lazy, stubborn, and delusional so its unlikely she'll ever change. She'll rot in OK, getting worse looking by the month doing her dead end bare minimum sw and spending her days getting intoxicated and on twitter. Letting whatever idiot dude raw her and tweeting every moment of her basic, sad life. Starting drama to stay relevant. Never learning anything. No skills, not actual knowledge/education, not learning from mistakes and actually developing healthily.
Until one of these things really brings her to rock bottom. Then she'll have the choice to change or still be irredeemable trash.

No. 968837

File: 1588612045936.jpg (232.6 KB, 720x1006, 20200504_110601.jpg)

What happened to "sex workers need to support other sex workers"?

No. 968840

but… it is…
you literally just show your tits and/or pussy for money. how much easier can it get?

No. 968841

Why does she mention fssw at all? They're sex workers too so what does that have to do with the tweet at all? Is she really just virtue signaling at this point?

No. 968843

File: 1588612554781.jpg (155.45 KB, 1080x1118, Screenshot_20200504_101531.jpg)

Does this means she's been streaming? If she has a view count on her twitch channel?

No. 968845

Oh fuck offffff, you absolute retard. I don’t personally agree with SW but what is she talking about? Imagine an office worker going “I wish people wouldn’t work in offices to make money when times are tough and they haven’t worked in a office before. Only people like me who are bad at office work and who’ve been stuck making pittance, not improving for years, are allowed to work in an office”.
You can’t have it both ways Shay, I thought sex work is real work, and therefore anyone can try their hand at it …like a real job. People aren’t born sex workers, you’ve not personally got a god given right to be the only sex worker in the world.

No. 968847

Lol it's so not cute to have "I like money" on your twitch page. You shouldnt go on twitch to beg. Yes plenty of people make money from streaming on twitch but the people that give them tips do it because they like the person they're watching. She's so dumb and is trying to advertise on twitch using the same techniques as sex work. She's going to crash and burn so fast.

No. 968848

It's like that InvaderVie thing. She complained to her viewers about money and lost about +80k followers kek.

Shay about to be cancelled on twitch too

No. 968850

File: 1588613541369.jpg (47.41 KB, 426x568, ewwwww.jpg)

Shaynasty, I wish you would see how absolutely disgusting this is. I never post on here but this is the ugliest face I've ever seen on a human being in my entire life. There is NOTHING cute about this. I'm staring in amazement at how someone could see this of theirselves and think it's ok to show other ppl????

No. 968851

She's probably just worried about competition or even afraid to discover that newbies will do much better than her, an Experienced Camgirl.

No. 968858

she looka like a man

No. 968859

everything about shay cracks me up. her thinking her fucking herself dry and clearly not liking it is sexy. her weight gain. her aesthetic making her look autistic with the extra weight on. her posting this same exact tweet every time she sees someone make as she says "easy money" via sw and having it as a small side hustle. she's lowkey aware of the fact she's not attractive and it is so, so funny

No. 968863

Oh that’s without a single doubt the reason she says this.
Like, none of this gatekeeping bullshit makes sense. Nobody would care if she wanted to keep girls from doing it out of concern. Because camming etc is SW after all so it still has unpleasant and sometimes dangerous consequences. But that’s not what she does.
She doesn’t want to see others do better with much less effort. Because then she’d have to face that she‘s both unappealing and laughably bad at her ‘job’.

No. 968865

Who said its a last resort? Maybe theres girls who now have the time to dedicate to it or are trying to work however they can and that doesnt mean they think its pitiful work, its just work you can do from home which is ideal rn. Shes so insecure and always gatekeeping. If she felt like sw was so valid and hard work, she wouldnt preach it so hard all the damn time. She knows its not that hard, hell thats why she does it and hardly makes an effort. She just doesnt want other girls getting in on her SuPeR sPeCiAl work because it makes her not as unique and look worse by comparison. SHES the one staying in it as a last resort kek what else could she actually do? Shes lazy and made a flimsy personality around it.

No. 968899

File: 1588619335659.png (52.25 KB, 614x410, ddddd.PNG)

Funny how so many women can just jump into sex work and do well at it and move the fuck on. Funny how she does not care about the circumstances of why someone might stoop to sex work, she literally just hates that there are girls who can do sex work and move on.
She hates sex work IS easy for some people.

No. 968900

File: 1588619597799.png (174.57 KB, 602x433, why.PNG)

No. 968905

I was following someone who decided to do a onlyfans. Made 9k the first week. She had 300 twitter followers. I was amazed but not really she’s literally a goddess

No. 968916

but i thought your new apartment was going to solve all your life's problems

No. 968924

God damn that squishy face suicide baiting retard

No. 968948

File: 1588624808317.jpg (297.39 KB, 1079x957, Screenshot_20200504-164004_Twi…)

Shay, you shop your pictures so absolute hell. You don't even look like a person half the time. Just… shut the fuck up

No. 968951

File: 1588625196541.jpeg (254.51 KB, 1125x1349, 0F77FCCF-CEB3-4FB1-AB57-826B29…)

No. 968952

look, I dont have a problem with sex workers joining twitch, I understand that.

but people who weren't gamers before all this happened are really making twitch look like a grab for easy money.

No. 968953

So what's going to be her next personality> Is it going to be anime, is she going to troon out? What is it?

No. 968954

i think because last time she said it, someone replied explaining that they cant do meetups anymore & need onlyfans for income. so shes just covering herself this time

is that not just people whove viewed her profile?

lol says miss wobbly walls and doors

No. 968956

Uhhhhh??? She literally went from never posting a pic without a face altering Snapchat filter to over blurring the absolute shit out of and editing her photos (we see the warped lines behind you, Shay, we're not retarded like you). Legit NONE of the photos she posts up are unedited. Only thing she's the queen of is projecting. Just admit YOU'RE insecure so you have to either have filters or smooth/blur tools to post one photo.

No. 968963

You’re not a physicist, or a doctor, or a teacher. You film yourself fingering your dry pussy. Literally ANYONE can do that. And yes, Shay, it’s fucking easy fast money.
She’s so salty and pissed off there’s girls out there who decided to sell nudes and are making a killing. All while poor Shay fails miserably doing one of the simplest jobs. Anyone can take nudes and sell them. You don’t need a college degree.

Her constant gatekeeping is what is going to get her blacklisted further in the industry. If she would get over her jealousy and put effort into her sad career, she could also be successful.

No. 968981

File: 1588628112620.jpg (182.02 KB, 1080x656, Screenshot_20200504-163517_Twi…)

Another tweet she constantly posts on Twitter and tumblr

No. 968982

File: 1588628156262.jpg (168.96 KB, 1080x569, Screenshot_20200504-163455_Twi…)

Here's her excuse for not streaming

No. 968984

File: 1588628297946.jpg (490.11 KB, 1080x1128, Screenshot_20200504-163841_Twi…)

No. 968985

File: 1588628338661.jpg (657.08 KB, 1080x1389, Screenshot_20200504-163705_Twi…)

She probably posted that kitchen pic to show us she has dishes

No. 968986

I can't wait for that "i love money" line to get her into hot water.

That's because sex work is a cash grab. She's only saying this as a cope because it pains her that people like Anisa are making bank on onlyfans despite only being at it for the short term and never having to resort to gaping their dry asshole for attention.

No. 968987

File: 1588628403111.jpg (261.96 KB, 1078x1054, Screenshot_20200504-163810_Twi…)

Didnt she used to have one dude with his name as "dolly's knight" or something

No. 968988

File: 1588628467430.jpg (215 KB, 1077x900, Screenshot_20200504-163440_Twi…)

Is this true? Or is she just trying to go viral again?

No. 968990

If you truly loved your father you would stop making sad and stop humiliating yourself for attention and go the fuck home.

No. 969000

she's loving the word simp now huh?

No. 969002

File: 1588629363050.jpeg (Spoiler Image,498.82 KB, 2048x2048, 33267032-C857-425D-9332-B8E9AF…)

Might I remind her and everyone that she doesn't just facetune, but outright poorly shoops out the backrolls and siderolls she's grown. Sage for repost but holy shit, the delusion.
"Insecure" and "sad" are accurate. Go for a run, tubbo.

No. 969005

Because she hops on every bandwagon

No. 969010

dont forget this shit.
the mind absolutely boggles

No. 969013

That is such a lie. I followed her back then and I don't recall that. She used to call him Dad just like she calls Lana mom.

No. 969018

File: 1588631118485.jpg (457.31 KB, 1080x1608, Screenshot_20200504-172327_Twi…)

This is terrifying

No. 969019

File: 1588631143532.jpg (195.13 KB, 1080x645, Screenshot_20200504-172057_Twi…)

No. 969021

File: 1588631169151.jpg (134.4 KB, 1080x524, Screenshot_20200504-172438_Twi…)

How does she think this is sexy?

No. 969023

First tweet is true, second tweet is not. If you know Jim Morrison even in passing you know he died in the 70s, so no one was saying "is Pam ur mom"

No. 969024

It even looks like she shooped her shoulder, wtf?

No. 969028

File: 1588631609066.png (649.72 KB, 2048x1813, Screenshot_20200504-183129.png)

How long till we get a story like, >"the guys who came up saw my sex toys that I left out cuz im such an uWu dumb baby. I was only dressed in my hoodie and shorts with no panties or undies!!! I could tell they thought I was sexy. One of them asked for my number when he left, tehehe"

No. 969030

Are you telling me Shay wouldn't pass for a 50-year-old?

No. 969039

it could not look less like her lol why even say it's inspired by her? looks like they tried to poorly animate mila kunis

No. 969042

File: 1588633251690.jpg (570.78 KB, 1080x1592, Screenshot_20200504-180035_Twi…)

She doesn't like that the grey doesn't match, but constantly wears and decorates with different shades of pink

No. 969047

Shayna: "I'm a perfectionist when it comes to decorating, I want to be an interior designer, or design porn sets."

Also Shayna: "yeah it's two different ugly shades of grey but whatever, it's grey. That's what a color theme means right?"

No. 969048

she must have finally realized she can make payments on furniture from rooms2go

No. 969061

File: 1588634636219.jpeg (831.73 KB, 1936x1936, 841F47E5-9F35-4F76-B809-34F00F…)

Gargoyles, or grotesques

No. 969062

File: 1588634867970.png (Spoiler Image,1.87 MB, 2048x1926, Screenshot_20200504-192735.png)

Why is she hanging her ass over the edge of the couch and gripping onto her table for dear life? Why not just sit on it like a fucking normal person.

No. 969063

Kek Shayna fucking Clifford, the pinacle of insecurity, faulting other women for not posting up unedited photos because apparently they're ashamed of their body's natural state, but only SHE'S allowed to post edited photos. Okay, Shay. We see you don't like your body in its natural cottage cheese with a nice pork sweat sheen state either but go off.

No. 969064

File: 1588634944117.png (Spoiler Image,2.28 MB, 1821x2048, Screenshot_20200504-192850.png)

Shayna, wash your fucking makeup off you greasy raccoon.

No. 969068

You can’t convince me the real Shayna didn’t die in a plane crash when returning from Colorado last year and has now been replaced by a man

No. 969069

because that's the only angle she can make it look like she actually has an ass and to hide her gut

No. 969070

This is a fucking travesty. She legit looks like a mom of three going through a rough divorce. Do better, Shayna.

No. 969072

this is so bad. Can’t take 5 seconds to fix your greasy ratty hair but can smooth your flat ass into oblivion. What really needed to be blurred was her face in this one. She looks like a rat.

No. 969083

Grandma nooooooo!

No. 969085

where is her neck lol

No. 969091

File: 1588636685625.png (154.91 KB, 1196x612, Screen Shot 2020-05-04 at 6.57…)

Literally like one person commented on her OF gatekeeping post and she deleted it and posted this lol

No. 969095

topkek is her ugly couch ALSO faux marble print? jfc, she really thinks a Target trend is the pinnacle of class.
she's got absolute crazy eyes in this. the mental illness is really shining through. facetune can only hide so much and put in so much work.

she genuinely looks like a faces of meth poster. if she wasn't so insufferable, it'd be concerning.
>this is your face 4 years on sex work

No. 969097

File: 1588637131534.jpeg (281.71 KB, 1242x1168, 507E36E3-404E-4434-8C8A-7679D7…)

Maybe she’s talking about this lol

Oops forgot to sage

No. 969098

File: 1588637179763.png (350.51 KB, 2048x792, Screenshot_20200504-200604.png)

That's fucking disgusting.

Thanks for letting everyone know you have a snatch that smells like musty backwoods Florida.

No. 969100

that's a blanket

No. 969101

talk about whiplash, damn. that's pretty rich coming from someone who instigates drama, blocks people before vagueposting about them, suicide baits, fakes positivity, and repeats the cycle every other day.

she must think she's the bigger person because she does it all on her main account

No. 969106

Looks like she had that snapchat ageing filter on her face.

No. 969108

is it just me or is RibMeat gaining weight too? I know she's a long hair, but damn she looks bigger than last time we saw her. soon Noodle will be overweight too, three fat peas in a nasty apartment pod

how many times you think she's used that kettle?

No. 969110

File: 1588638459193.jpg (322.35 KB, 720x1560, Screenshot_20200504-174910_Chr…)

It's because someone replied to >>968837 (pretty politely I might add) which has since been deleted.

No. 969112

For someone that has been taking pictures and videos of herself for money for years, you'd think she would learn how to make at least ONE good face. Every single one she pulls just makes her look goofy as hell.

Shay, sweaty, ahegao stopped being a thing two years ago, and please put your tongue in your mouth. You can tell she doesn't actually support any other worker, or even gets does research, because she's always a year late on every trend.

No. 969114

File: 1588638751479.jpg (195.56 KB, 1080x660, Screenshot_20200504-192951_Twi…)

Everyrhing is just a prop to her

No. 969115

multiple girls i went to school with have casual braindead simple to set up onlyfans lmao where they make a very easy quick 200-400 a month or so from it. it is extremely easy money that any chick can make if they're willing to humiliate themselves, or if they really just don't care about showing their nudes for a price.

No. 969134

File: 1588640383760.jpg (Spoiler Image,480.95 KB, 1076x1160, Screenshot_20200504-195919_Twi…)

This is probably what she'll stream in

No. 969139

She literally makes no effort what so ever. Shes giving me no neck Ed vibes, with that greasy yet somehow crispy hair

No. 969143

It looks like she's literally losing her hair. She probably isn't but the greasy bun mixed with the frayed pieces looks like her hair line is fucking receding. This is not cute wtf Shayna.

No. 969145

File: 1588642046611.png (1.34 MB, 1497x2048, Screenshot_20200504-212722.png)

Okay this bitch looks like she smokes fucking meth.


No. 969146

File: 1588642116876.png (1.03 MB, 1526x2048, Screenshot_20200504-212845.png)


No. 969149

Kek good one

Its just a really fancy blanket draped over her ugly generic middle class family couch. That cloth couch is gonna be rank in a couple months. She couldn't keep her musty busted pussy off it for 5 mins after getting it.

Uh speaking of… where is Noodle? She hasnt posted about her in weeks.

No. 969156

She has just given up on her hair, huh?

No. 969158

Who tf is okay with humiliating themselves like this for weed/booze money? At least keep these gross vids private on OF. I could never!

No. 969160

she's posted about her multiple times in the past few days. this thread doesn't get updated with every single tweet

No. 969164

File: 1588643921549.jpg (441.16 KB, 1080x1592, Screenshot_20200504-215827_Twi…)

lol guess they're budz now

No. 969165

two retarded narcs in a pod… what could possibly go wrong??

No. 969174

she looks legitimately ill here

No. 969178

sage for stupid but holy shit she took sailor uniform literally- like does she even know people use it for anime school girls or does she think its Literally sailors

No. 969190

File: 1588648084431.jpg (361 KB, 1080x1306, Screenshot_20200504-220731_Twi…)

Why does it have to be "teen" bimbos Shay? And wtf is a teen bimbo?

No. 969193

>old men n teen bimbos
i wonder if this is going to piss off other sex workers, like the whole grinch drama.

No. 969224

Also, she has claimed before she doesn't even watch porn. So wtf is she talking about?

No. 969227

So this guy watches her porn? Unlike Fupa?

No. 969229

>shayna straight out typing "raunchy old men genuinely degrading teens is so hot bring it back!!"

great job retard. a horribly gross problematic tweet, just what she needs

No. 969230

Holy kek I didn't even notice that. Imagine being this dumb. Schoolgirl shit is one of the most common fetishes for degenerates, too.

Guess we're entering the "just flop your tongue out like a bloated slug and call it sexy" era. Can't wait to see her fuzzy white tongue in every photo.

No. 969236

File: 1588654515688.jpg (531.24 KB, 1080x1081, Screenshot_20200504-235530_Twi…)

No. 969250

>i used to get paid punch my face and slap my cunt
why is she tweeting this like it's something to brag about lmfao
oh yes, tell us all about your glorious career in porn where you hit yourself in the face for literal pennies. tell us how that gives you the authority to gatekeep OF so women who don't have to violate their disgusting bunghole like you do can no longer make you feel insecure

i swear every day shayna is stumbling closer and closer to the edge. i can't imagine looking/living like this is helping her mental state, no wonder she's banking on her new ~dOlLhAuS~ so hard

No. 969273

Holy fuck. I thought this bitch was hideous a year ago, how does she manage to get uglier everyday? I’ve never seen someone this delusional and tacky.

No. 969278

lol no one cares that she's slapping her face. Does she really think her porn is extreme?

No. 969281

She doesn’t even have any real practice in safe kink, I doubt she’s heard of RACK. SSC etc. lLike she thinks cheap amazon rope/tacky $3 collars/slapping herself in the face is uber kinky. Girl is vanilla AF.

No. 969287

this is so funny because that girl's saying literally the opposite of what shay's saying. also shay only cares about success or attention, she doesn't even seem to enjoy sex at all.

when she made that video wearing the sailor fuku she called it "sailor girl gets ravaged by the kraken" or something so yeah she's been thinking it's a literal sailor outfit this entire time.

No. 969288

But anon! Don't forget when Fupa waterboarded her for kinky times and she bragged on it for weeks! Or trying out a doggy bed in the middle of the store! Or trying out DIY store pipes as a gag in the middle of the store! Of course Shay knows what safe and consensual sex is.

No. 969344

File: 1588689333343.png (789.73 KB, 1080x1184, 3pjf3p.png)

Ahh, yes, two degenerate, sore-infested hoes who live in filth and squalor and have extremely delusional narcissistic traits coming together. Nature sure is interesting. Y'all can bond and ooze pus together now!

No. 969347

File: 1588689431427.png (470.87 KB, 2048x1200, Screenshot_20200505-103701.png)

Boo fucking hoo, two people called you fat. You can delete the comments and ignore it, but you choose to be a child.

No. 969349

But a dude can call her chubby lmaoooooo

No. 969353

File: 1588689691177.png (52.67 KB, 736x395, f.png)

i guess she doesnt like the thread pic lol. p.s you are a drug addict shayna

No. 969354

File: 1588689738522.png (671.14 KB, 2048x1275, Screenshot_20200505-103801.png)

okay but you are fat. and you constantly trying to claim you're still skinny makes it look like you're terrified of being fat, which you are.

Stop with the virtue signaling crap, you hate yourself for being fat, and you're fatphobic.

No. 969355

>I only care about my own opinion!
>Lurks her own hate thread every damn day
Mmmmmmmkay, Shaaaaay.

No. 969356

How many more times are you going to let people know you lurk this thread?

No. 969357

she just hates other women lol

No. 969359

she's so dumb? she really thinks the best way of dealing with people looking for a reaction is… to cry about it on twitter? she's so strange, she just lives in her own little world all the time lol

No. 969360

it's hilarious that she can't do anything ever to make herself feel better about the shit she fucks up for herself. if she can't be fucked to lose weight why doesn't she just reconcile with her current body weight, buy fucking clothes her size and stop editing herself? it's amazing how she can never do anything to make her situation better and just wallows in self pity.

No. 969361

File: 1588690205913.png (1.01 MB, 2048x1978, Screenshot_20200505-104925.png)

Lol yes. Men have NEVER made fun of someone for the sole reason to make them feel like shit. Men NEVER have doxxed and harassed people. This bitch must have never been on 4chan kek

No. 969362

Keep telling us about how much you don't care about their opinions, Shay lol REALLY sounds like you're totally unbothered.
Did you get picked, sis?

No. 969363

File: 1588690390772.png (298.87 KB, 445x450, 1446083795592.png)

aaaaahahah fuck. she does soooooooooooo much for male approval but she doesn't even get it. neither men nor women respect her.

No. 969364

Correct me if I'm wrong but weren't her brother's friends who found out about her camming and told everyone?

No. 969366

I have a question for you, Shayna! Since you lurk and all.
But yes.

Did you get picked?

No. 969367

Maybe it's just me but her wording feels so similar to anons who've mentioned how guys were the ones to "groom" her and abuse her, but she never acknowledges that. It's honestly worrying how much she lurks here or basically directly addresses us.

No. 969368

no, girls will insult you cause its fun too. also what world does she live in where men dont try & make women feel like shit every chance they get lmao.

No. 969370

File: 1588690800235.png (52.49 KB, 733x374, Screenshot (69).png)

isnt she always trying to pull this positivity bullshit though? so what are you hiding then?

No. 969373

Hahahaha she's so bothered by being called fat, A MAN CALLED YOU FAT AND THAT WAS FINE??
>I'm not fat, big-fats are fat
>n-not that fat is a bad word uwu
>I was boolied for being skinny
Bitch when, don't fucking pretend you didn't feel smug as fuck being reblogged to thinspo pages until someone pointed it out
God I genuinely hate this bitch, I hope she continues feeling like a useless fattie

No. 969374

Even the blanket is marble printed. High class.

Also women are so scary, yet the vast majority of rape and violent crime is committed by men. I guess since a few girls called you a fatty that women are the true evil though.

No. 969375

That's literally you, cunt

No. 969376

i really do hate her too, some cows are nearly enjoyable to follow like our queen pt and are just dumb or whatever but this bitch is infuriatingly ugly and i really cannot wait until the real world hits her despite how hard she's putting her fingers in her ears

No. 969380

it just shows her privilege and that she lives in a really weird bubble

No. 969382

>I had a guy show up to my house and take pictures of my bedroom window
>I totally got raped in high school
>my boyfriend is so abusive and screams at me for falling asleep when I'm drunk

No. 969383

Oh my god, someone had to have baited her somehow into saying this. Fucking hilarious.
I feel like she thinks saying this hypocritical shit automatically erases when she said it before and she must say it under the impression to be like *~see I have grown and changed~*.. when in reality she said those exact things literally days ago and it makes her look like a clown.

No. 969385

File: 1588692807940.jpg (Spoiler Image,552.68 KB, 1073x1347, Screenshot_20200505-083231_Twi…)


No. 969388

How do her orbiters not notice the hypocrisy and vitriol she puts out daily?? (like in >>969370)

No. 969389

I'm sure they do but the cognitive dissonance and generally shitty lifestyles that the "sex work community uwu" promotes plus Shayna being a little shit scares them out being able to speak up to her. Can't really communicate when no one actually wants to do that.

No. 969391

i fucking love the delusional cows that honest to god think we sit around actively thinking about her on a daily basis. hey shayna, we check your twitter and these threads to get a laugh, it's not that deep and you make it way too easy by putting literally every tiny detail of your life and dumbassery straight onto your twitter tl.

No. 969401

She's made this post 2 other times before.

No. 969402

Yes but girls talk about the shit she posts online, did u consider that

No. 969405

Guys do too, she's a disgusting retard, making fun of her isn't gender exclusive.

No. 969407

File: 1588696692504.png (1.03 MB, 2048x1808, Screenshot_20200505-123729.png)

Really Shayna? An "older woman" is someone in their late 20s?

Youre the only one that sounds bitter and entitled here.

No. 969408

I mean Shayna plans on dying at 27 so anything beyond 25 must be considered ancient to her

No. 969411

File: 1588696794207.png (528.06 KB, 2048x957, Screenshot_20200505-124001.png)

She still thinks it's just one person that's done this.

I can't breathe, lmao

No. 969412

it was a joke, anon

No. 969413

my bad brah

No. 969421

Just had to specify “girls”. Everyone else would just say “people on instagram”. Sometimes I think she’s doing a woman hater bit as some kind of satire !

No. 969423

And when i looked, both accounts pretty much had no indication of gender but dolly mattel will take any opportunity to talk about how she hates women/"girls" as if we're all fucking 14. They're called women. You're a woman, shay.

No. 969428

Remember when she used to be soooo00o0o0o gay and say vapid shit about how much she loved other girls? Ngl this MRA stint has been hilarious, I hope she keeps digging herself into a deeper hole until she goes full tradthot.

No. 969429

So… if this person actually bought her trashy nudes/videos, and then reviewed them, is it the fact that they're negative make them fake?

Or did it not actually happen like this?

A question for the ages.

No. 969430

she went on about how fupa was SO much older than her and he's only in his 30s lol

No. 969431

Duh, who could ever dislike anything made by the most creative and sexy porn actress d0LlY mAtTeL

Bad reviews = fake reviews because it's impossible to dislike Shayna!

No. 969437

She's both told stories like >>969364 and >>969382 ? Like she's gone on and on about how she had a creepy stalker who made her feel unsafe?

Can't wait to see how she ends up going into her 30s. If you think she's fat and depressed now. kek.

Ngl, I fully expect her to end up living out of motels by then.

No. 969451

But I thought you love ChEeMsBuRgNeRs Shay?? No one actually edited the pics of her face, that ugly shit was all her and she posted them.

Yeah and she says her current bf is an "old man" yet hes also in his early 30s. Im baffled by it. Yeah its a small age gap, but its not like she's 20 and hes 45. Even thats barely old man territory, thats just a big age gap. Her idea of old is really skewed. Older than you doesnt equal old man Shay. She really just wants those tumblr fantasy kink points.

No. 969461

File: 1588702093291.png (782.16 KB, 2048x1413, Screenshot_20200505-140642.png)

I don't believe this for a second.

I believe that they charged her for the carpet but not that much, usually they would just keep your security deposit and if extra repair is needed they charge you. But over $600 for carpet in a small ass apartment is bullshit.

We all know that it was dirty AF and probably covered in animal hair, animal urine, human urine, and alcohol, but it's not worth over $600. At least make your begging believable, Shayna.

No. 969463

oh i am SO sure they charged her 700, definitely not for the carpet though. as we expected she left the place in an uninhabitable condition, probably broke some things or her animals pooped on the walls. now shay's scamming for cash like "oh nooo i can't buy a laptop and don't even talk about my other two laptops that are completely unusable. i am so poor" who does she expect to believe her anymore?

No. 969464

It probably is the carpet and subfloor because I'm guessing either her or her animals peed on the carpet. And it probably has to be cleaned completely from all the smoking she did in there several times a day. When people smoke that much it literally turns white walls yellowish, and the smell stays until it's actually cleaned/painted. There's been so many pictures of how nasty she was living, it doesn't surprise me one bit.

No. 969465

This tweet makes it sound like she's okay with older men taking advantages of teen girls. this is really gross. wtf. Hope she gets called out

No. 969468

why does she constantly need a new laptop?? isn't this like the third one she's bought in two years? what the fuck is she doing with them?

No. 969469

Wouldn't they have taken her security deposit though? We would have heard her bitching about that.

No. 969470

>either her or her animals peed on the carpet
i love how it's an actual probability that she may very well have pissed on the carpet kek

No. 969471

>girls are mean
But men are violent and literally kill women for rejecting their unwanted advances, but go off Shaynasty.

No. 969475

I believe it too. She was in that apartment less than a year? It looked trash and gross af in every photo she posted. I doubt she cleaned more than a few times. And she lets her dog run about, doing shit all. I feel bad for the landlord and future tenants unless that place is cleansed thoroughly.

No. 969476

I cannot wait til she has to resort to feeder porn because she's too lazy to lose all that weight she's been steadily gaining.

No. 969478

i wondered about this too, maybe i'll look through past threads to see what she posted about her deposit amount way back when she moved in. it's almost always a substantial amount too and they only return it after all of your house move-out charges are taken care of, good catch anon

what else does she have in her life if not constantly buying shit to fill the gaping void in her soul?
but also i suspect she crushes+rolls weed on them

No. 969479

File: 1588703482372.gif (1.58 MB, 275x275, no.gif)

No. 969480

File: 1588703994448.jpg (9.67 KB, 478x256, 95343732_290145358644934_50487…)

Whatever happened to that laptop she was supposed to give to her Discord orbiter?
K e k

No. 969483

every fucking time lmfao

>uwuwu girls will dox yoouuu
yeah guys will instead hide behind your garage and knife you down. what's your point shayna

No. 969486

This is absolute bs. This is why you pay a non-refundable deposit when you move in for apartments with a pet because they replace the carpet if any animal was in there, in case the next occupant has allergies. This must be for other damages she caused.

No. 969491

The walmart brand transformers shirt, those dainty little hands encased in the leather gloves, the lil lip bite, those jowls! I forgot how incredibly funny fupapa was, I almost miss him.

It's funny because lolcow has rules against doxing and cowtipping. Yet all these other forums crawling with scrotes were doxxing SWs left and right for a while now. Is she seriously mad that she used her real name while doing sex work to begin with? That isn't on us.

No. 969496

Why you gotta trigger me like this, Anon kek

No. 969508

Imagine going on 40 and having shit like this course around the internet, not by your inability to keep the cringe contained to your HDD but by /conscious/ choice to upload it yourself.

Kyle, your flabby face and wimpy hands ain't exactly big dick energy. Stick to training idiots at at&t.

No. 969515

Hilarious to me that Shay agrees with the Twitter user named "Award Winning Cocksleeve" that "older women are the most bitter" kek

Maybe they're just bitter every guy in a 10 mile radius can or has seen their gaping assholes for a cheeseburger and a 25 dollar Amazon card while most women that age have grown out of the "being a cumslut to men is totally muh feminism and body positive" phase and realize how damaging that shit is to promote to young women.

Anyone who's ever known her from Highschool probably Googles her name and gets a big kek from all her degrading SW vids but she probably assumes they're just "jealous bitches"

No. 969521

I've been trying to pinpoint what exactly is so off-putting about these tweets and I think it's the use of the third person in the bit about "teen bimbos genuinely being degraded for the dumb little girls they are"

Even in the best light this sounds like she's projecting her personal fetish as the "real/good" porn, but realistically (as others pointed out) it sounds like she's indirectly saying all young women are little girl sluts who deserve to be degraded and beaten. This whole rant would have been 10000% less incriminating if she had articulated it as "I love the dynamic in this type of gross porn and I feel like I don't see it as much anymore, I just wanna be degraded for the dumb bimbo I am" or something. It could have even started a meaningful conversation about that type of porn and gotten her some interaction.

Shayna if you're reading this, I do freelance social media management and photo retouching

No. 969535

who the…

No. 969554

i mean clearly she projects everything. im sure she wouldnt hate "girls" so much if it werent for her association lc = all women. im sure she doesnt even consider the scrotes that lurk and thinks this is the equivalent of highschool girls being catty in dm. this is the girl who "hates girls" but cant see she is also a girl, and the worst kind at that. i mean it has to be fucking projection lol. somewhere along the way shes convinced herself that talking shit is as bad as it gets online, so she doesnt have to acknowledge the fact shes a pedo panderer with a history of child sexualization. SHES not as bad as all those other meanie sex workers frowny face. hence why "men arent even that bad". if the men arent bad, then shes not influencing them to be worse, right? couldnt possibly be the entire core and foundation of her career right? sheer fucking denial.

No. 969558

File: 1588715126467.jpg (310.28 KB, 1026x1456, Screenshot_20200505-164529_Sam…)

Her new funding goal on MV. Kek

No. 969567

you delusional misogynistic cunt a guy LITERALLY CALLED YOU CHUBBY LIKE 2 DAYS AGO and you took it as a compliment holy fuck. jealous

No. 969568

anons: remember this picture whenever you feel insecure or you think you look bad in a picture someone else took. you will never look as bad as shayna clifford

No. 969571

File: 1588718396700.png (Spoiler Image,1.97 MB, 1364x2048, Screenshot_20200505-183945.png)

The hair piece is back, looking fresh out the moving box and unbrushed and unwashed.

Real sexy.

No. 969577

she looks like real life patrick star if he turned into a cheeseburger addicted trailer park hooker with 8 kids

No. 969578

The gaming computer has been her listed goal since before she wanted to move again. I think she’s just reposted it because she used that goal money from last time for the move instead of its intended donated use.

No. 969579

honestly, her makeup is starting to borderline Trixie Mattel's lmfao

No. 969580

She looks like she's been crying constantly for like the last month.

No. 969583

This was already posted and talked about. Pretty sure she’s telling a half truth. I believe they charged that much, but they likely took it out of her security deposit. Which I’m sure she was hoping to get back and use for a computer. And since that didn’t happen because she’s a disgusting person who lives in filth, she’s gotta beg for her computer money now. But she has to disguise it like she’s a victim so she has a higher chance of getting money.

No. 969584

File: 1588720035578.jpeg (43.16 KB, 500x375, 8AFA5443-A64F-4FD4-A26E-17AE73…)

Shay in a year probably.

No. 969586

It’s already started with the “cheemsburger bandit” no need to wait.

No. 969602

lmaoo anon, underrated post

No. 969606

File: 1588722504028.jpg (351.13 KB, 1080x624, Screenshot_20200505-184832_Twi…)

Her new pfp and header

No. 969613

Wonder if her OF rank dropped and that's why she changed it…

No. 969618

File: 1588723811888.jpeg (24.97 KB, 500x425, 39A63027-5019-4658-BA8F-547670…)

This is all I can see when she poses like this

No. 969623

This looks like her so much it's painful. Her next cosplay?

No. 969625

File: 1588724548725.png (2.71 MB, 1277x2048, Screenshot_20200505-202214.png)

I don't think that top fits, conehead grandma.

No. 969626

the closeup on that fat roll omfg

No. 969627

File: 1588724647381.jpeg (26.17 KB, 448x684, EE0E7CED-1E67-4C46-8EAC-143BDD…)

All I can think of when I see that hairpiece

No. 969629

This make believe cheap prom jewelry set…

No. 969630

>the only opinion I care about is my own
>“hey your pussy looks like a dolphin mouth lmao”

No. 969631

She didn’t drop rank, anon…too many women, who think they can just SUDDENLY start sex work, are signing up on OF and now the numbers are all skewed making it seem shes not in the top 3.11111%

Jesus, she really does look like some 35 year old trailer park queen. She’s missing those tacky nails now. I wonder why she stopped getting those gross fucking hotdogs.

No. 969632

Still can't be pressed to drink water or put some lip chap on, huh Shay?

No. 969634

it’s apparently easier to just facetune out the crusty lips instead of buying a $1 thing if chapstick

No. 969656

Where does this set come from tho I wonder how much it cosr

No. 969657

honestly i think the hairpiece COULD have potential if she didn't wear it in TOP of her ducking head like a retard and in a normal ponytail position instead. who tf wears a ponytail like a high bun anyways?

No. 969658

She saw Ariana Grande do it and thought she could pull it off too. Also shes too stupid to try anything else.

No. 969660

if she paid for it herself, probably not much. i'd wager amazon or shein

No. 969671

Her new pinned tweet video

Why must she continue doing that pose when her legs aren't even behind her head


No. 969688

She looks like Kirstie Alley. The makeup and brows are tragic.

No. 969690

Her cat is like so fuckin cute. At least something of hers is.

No. 969692

File: 1588735603287.jpg (Spoiler Image,81.53 KB, 650x960, _mz5oukllAN1qio3jlo1_1280.jpg)


Serving Divine realness yass kween

No. 969703

File: 1588738791085.jpg (Spoiler Image,395.97 KB, 1080x1087, Screenshot_20200505-231739_Twi…)


No. 969704

Damn Shay, you're looking more and more like a fridge every day. Please do some workouts before it's too late.

No. 969705

Nice photo shop by the hips, why bother?

No. 969707

divine did nothing to deserve this

No. 969708

lmao honestly the wobbly lines are hilarious

No. 969709

File: 1588739294402.jpg (26.54 KB, 425x230, 51wBbggXq2L._AC_SX425_.jpg)

Christ almighty, go for a jog, chunky mattel. It's like every time she posts a new photo, she's gained another five pounds.

No. 969714

she’s gonna end up like momokun except her tits are just kind of absorbing back into her body instead of growing

No. 969728

what are the chances that she washed those towels and bathmat before actually using them?

No. 969734

The girl who went without towels for months isn't going to notice that the unwashed towel's waterproofing chemical is preventing her from being dried. Her forehead is so visibly sloped, you can tell she don't think too good. It's not her fault, blame microcephaly!

No. 969735

File: 1588744071396.png (Spoiler Image,5.43 MB, 1242x2208, 727D6F44-B177-48A5-B647-3A640E…)

This is just sad. Did she even try? All that weight gain and she still has photoshop herself to have an actual ass

No. 969739

File: 1588745020141.jpg (88.9 KB, 720x280, 20200506_000235.jpg)

No. 969744

File: 1588746659288.jpeg (159.36 KB, 1242x1055, D28CA9C2-8F19-423D-B628-09BF7A…)

kek anon. Made a small addition to your post.

No. 969745

OOF she is such a fucking hypocrite. Every time I think she couldn’t possibly backtrack on yet another statement this badly, she finds a way.

What’s sad is not having any personality whatsoever and only posting whatever opinion will get her the most likes that week. She lost any sense of a personality years ago and it’s honestly depressing.

No. 969747

Kek this gave me a good giggle

No. 969749

Next thread pic please

No. 969751

anon this is a work of art lmao

No. 969755

Holy fucking meta wow my sides

No. 969756

Samefag it needs a dolphin

No. 969760

pleasepleaseplease edit that with a dolphin upsode down between her legs PLEASE

No. 969761


No. 969765

didn't this lying tard say that her brothers friend told her mom?
Also, a guy sexually abused you, guys regularly make you want to kill yourself and your job is guys pretending to care about you and so are ALL your relationships.
We need a based sex worker to call her out on things men do do and then watch her go, "Not all men!"

No. 969769

and she's going to buy a laptop watch

No. 969774

File: 1588752521114.jpeg (456.09 KB, 1736x2048, 7D1C7619-67B7-42B6-98E0-FE6C2D…)

Tried my best anon!

No. 969776

Nice anon

No. 969778

Learn to spoiler newfag

No. 969781

Divine ate shit. Not far off

No. 969805

this is beautiful, it better be the next thread pic

No. 969852

at least Divine's filthiness was a persona unlike Shay where there's no line between her life and sex work and refuses to acknowledge her shit hygiene and living in squalor

No. 969864

I absolutely cannot with her. Lol she used to be entertaining in earlier threads and at some points I would feel a bit bad for her but now I feel she deserves what she gets for how disgusting her personality is

No. 969873

File: 1588784283191.png (637.52 KB, 2048x1419, Screenshot_20200506-125730.png)

Instead, how about you make a video that says a big "fuck you" to the people who sent you money to HELP you, not so you could buy a fucking dab pen. Because that's basically what you're doing, you ungrateful cunt.

No. 969881

i thought she was gonna buy a laptop lol??

No. 969882

Scammy Mattel back at it again. She could have put it towards her "gaming computer" but she's not really serious about that.

No. 969884

The craziest thing about this is that she could easily quietly scam people, asking for money and not showing how it's used. But she's just being brazen about it, not even in a findomme way, she's just a self-centered dumbass.

No. 969885

What is the reason that she doesn't have to spend that much on her rugs anymore?

How can someone ask for donations to help them get 700 dollars to turn around after and say "lol thx didn't end up needing it so I bought a dab pen"

No. 969886

File: 1588785591548.png (47.45 KB, 813x357, Screenshot (85).png)

she didnt really give a reason

No. 969887

I knew this dumb cunt was scamming lol they would 100% just use her security deposit on the floors since they'll rip them up anyway. Her bullshit story of "they're charging me to clean it just so they can rip it up!!!" never sat well with me. She has transactions of who donated to her so she should refund people their money. She doesn't need another 100th way to smoke fucking weed.

No. 969890

Damn, >>969461 called it.

How pathetic.

No. 969891

Yeah i wish she would get called out on this kind of scamming. I know its the idiots who send her the money in the first place faults really, but still… some people may not have if it wasnt for trying to help her get out of a situation like that. Like some people wouldnt have given her money if they knew it was for another dab pen. Idk like i said, i know they sent her the money and cant really do abything about it, but its still greasy of her to do. Especially like anon said, to do so openly.

No. 969894

Especially during this time in the world, she should at least offer the people their money back. Since it wasnt used to bail her ass out. Like people try to be nice to her, understanding that times are hard and shes trying to be done with her old shit place. And she just blatantly is like "Well turns out its all good there so im just gonna get an expensive dab pen teehee!!"
Not cute at all Miss "I fEeL bAd AsKiNg 4 TiPs DuRiNg tHiS cRiSiS"

No. 969896

>you couldn't have told me that yesterday rly

If they told you that yesterday you wouldn't have been able to buy your fancy new dab pen kek

And why is she acting like she has the right to be annoyed when she had to spend 0 dollars of her own money to do literally anything and it resulted in her getting free money from her orbiters.

Must be a sad life to readily flash your tits to anyone who gives you $20 and a compliment to only still have to resort to scamming your "fans". Truly leaving a SWs Barbie dream.

No. 969915

File: 1588789554367.png (858.9 KB, 750x1334, E5B1F54A-BC19-40ED-B815-CDCF1F…)

why is literally EVERYTHING about “getting off” with this bitch? where do you draw the line between such mundane shit and muh sExWork career?? she seriously can’t do anything without posting it to her TL. also i’m assuming this is more of her “carpet” money she begged for

No. 969916

File: 1588789695917.jpeg (479.58 KB, 750x969, A9C49745-EA2C-42BF-BD8C-2946EC…)

a dozen donuts between two people but she’s still convinced it’s her meds making her fat as fuck

No. 969922

File: 1588790683120.jpeg (Spoiler Image,255.55 KB, 685x668, E94D49C3-5A23-42A9-8EE8-8A3C37…)

she posted this yesterday. can she at least try to make her photoshop look believable?(repost)

No. 969926

I can’t wait for her to break 170 and start making feeder porn. She’s so nasty. Wonder if she knows she can buy donuts by themselves lmfao. Fucking idiot.

Jk it’s the meds!!!!!

No. 969928


Based on her butthurt tweets yesterday about being called fat and how it “takes away from people who are bigger” or whatever bullshit she said, I can’t wait until she fully embraces it and just goes overboard gaining and gaining and spouts fat acceptance etc. I don’t think the whole bimbo thing fits if you’re 200 pounds.

No. 969939

>feeder porn
Kek I was thinking the same thing. Not sure if she’d sink that low though.

No. 969942

let's just be glad that she'll finally shower more

No. 969945

From Bimbo to Dumbo in one year.

No. 969954

It doesn’t mean she’s going to eat them all in a day? Like eating them over a course a week with two people is something heaps of people do

No. 969955

Krispy Kreme donuts go stale super quick. So unless she enjoys stale donuts, idk. I wouldn't put it past her fat ass though. Bitch would drink sugary wine and eat donuts for a meal if given the opportunity.

No. 969961

she doesn’t need to be eating them at all is the point

No. 969962

File: 1588794176914.jpg (Spoiler Image,529.26 KB, 1080x1217, Screenshot_20200506-144221_Twi…)

1. Her male followers don't want to see this shit

2. Her name isn't Barbie

No. 969963

File: 1588794221475.jpg (190.97 KB, 1080x790, Screenshot_20200506-144021_Twi…)

Why subscribe to your OnlyFans when you post half the shit for free on your twitter?

No. 969965

fat, stubby, brown-haired, loser… definitely what comes to mind when i think of barbie! when is she going to give up this shtick? it doesn’t even make any sense now with her current state

No. 969967

nobody at all wants to see this shit, not just male followers.

No. 969975

Obviously to see the other half of her shit like this guy is asking for. It's not rocket science. Posts like this aren't milk and clog up the thread.

No. 969983

Her female followers don't want to see it either. Fucking gross posting uncensored dick pics, Shayna. Especially when you've made numerous posts about how unsolicited dick pics are "sexual assualt"

No. 969984

It's also hilarious how she calls this tiny and pathetic when it's bigger than what Fupa was packing, and about the same size as her current retard.

No. 969986

File: 1588795940703.jpg (211.75 KB, 1076x819, Screenshot_20200506-151229_Twi…)

Like the lack of consent of posting this for your followers to see?

No. 969987

File: 1588796020446.jpg (635.63 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20200506-151155_Gal…)

Lol at how the shower head distorted her face

No. 969989

She's deleted the dick pics, but I'm always amazed at how she never thinks out anything before posting it.

Half the shit she posts should just stay in drafts. You don't have to post everything, Shayna. It's one thing that makes you look like a hypocritical asshole constantly.

No. 969995

looks bigger than fupa was tbf

No. 969998

why have none of her followers pointed this out yet. people are usually all over photoshopping that isnt close to as obvious as this. I mean all shes had to do is pull in her waist, you should be able to do that without it being detectable.

No. 970006


I wonder if she deletes them after what we say, or if it's because of her boyfriend.

Or she's just a moron.

No. 970010

She probably makes a post and then comes here to see if we have anything to say.

She loves these threads.

No. 970017

yeah you know she immediately runs here based on how often she dirty deletes

No. 970018

File: 1588800041411.jpg (278.99 KB, 1080x1079, Screenshot_20200506-162047_Twi…)

No. 970019

Of course

No. 970025

Did this really need it’s own post?

No. 970038

What is this bitch's obsession with carrots all the sudden? She is so cringe. Yeah Shat, fuck yourself with a carrot and end up in the ER trying to explain that one.

No. 970043

She’s been talking about fucking herself with carrots for years and did it last Easter already. Sadly this is old hat for Shay

No. 970060

what do you mean you don’t think she would sink to that? this bitch made a video fucking herself with a pan handle…feeder porn would be easy for her considering all she does is sit around and eat anyway. might as well capitalize on it.

No. 970077

File: 1588807168910.jpeg (Spoiler Image,328.91 KB, 1536x2048, 0970F0EC-3D21-4D43-AFF2-6B7447…)

I hope she keeps eating and never learns how to improve. Truly a trainwreck

No. 970079


No. 970082

you know a woman actually died from using a carrot as a dildo shayna… good luck

No. 970087

someone come get their sleep paralysis demon

No. 970089

she looks like a distorted toad

No. 970092

Her forehead is literally beaming from grease, how do her lips still manage to be that dry? Looking at this is what a bad trip feels like

No. 970099

My god this is probably the most unflattering photo she's ever taken.

No. 970101

I seriously cannot get over how comfortable she is begging for money when she posts pictures like this. Like put in some effort, Jesus. Is she just oblivious to how bad she looks or does she just not care. She has such a terrible, small minded personality and no sex appeal whatsoever.

No. 970122

File: 1588811483857.jpg (290.43 KB, 1225x1150, original.jpg)

queen of logic and consistency

No. 970129

Tbh I feel like she's pushing her luck to see how long she can get away with doing the bare minimum.

No. 970131

Obesity Mattel is above all, her worst phase yet. Didn’t even think she could get worse, but Chick-fil-a proved us all wrong.

No. 970135

Technically she's already done it. She's done two(?) videos where she eats a whole cake and "totes throws up" afterwards

No. 970138

File: 1588813264051.jpg (249.54 KB, 1080x1027, Screenshot_20200506-200113_Twi…)

Poor Noodle. Can't go on the couch, probably can't go on Shay's bed

No. 970143

No. 970145

How does she think this is sexy?

"Some dressing" bleh


No. 970146

Why does she hold her pussy back like this

No. 970152

She literally looks disgusted. That poor dog.

No. 970155

she tries to front like she’s intelligent with her “dry humor” but all of her jokes are sponge bob tier ‘dad jokes’. she’s so different and totally other. we just really don’t understand her.

No. 970156

It probably wrinkles if she doesn't

No. 970157

I know this is probably a nitpick I apologize but her hair has got me so annoyed lately like WHO

Whose job is based on looks and looks alone

leaves their hair in this nasty matted state while posting pics. seriously.

Also lol @ donutchan wking. Who the fuck saves Krispy Kreme for a week. Shit gets old and hard and stale after 6 hours.

No. 970160

this is truly a work of art.

No. 970162

File: 1588816096708.jpg (Spoiler Image,600.94 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20200506-204810_Chr…)

Does this count as feeder porn

No. 970163

File: 1588816307781.jpg (Spoiler Image,544.13 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20200506-204745_Chr…)

Sorry! Rip I forgot to spoil the pic. She sticks the carrot in her hoohaa and then chomps a big bite out of it.

No. 970164

Ew she does the same "mhm" and head nod after taking a bite of food that amberlyn reid does. I cant with this bitch she's so disgusting

No. 970170

RIGHT! At least when she had blonde hair she was doing different hair styles. She has just completely given up on her hair and it grosses me out.

No. 970172

The only time she eats a vegetable if it’s sex work related

No. 970177

So. Much. Eyeliner.

No. 970179

I almost cant tell if she even peeled it or not but those brown spots say no

No. 970182

Can't wait for her to film herself eating her own "cream" again after she inevitably gives herself another yeast infection from this.

No. 970189

This is terrible porn.

No. 970194

Skid Row Shayna - unkempt, drug addicted and mentally ill

No. 970196

all porn is terrible

No. 970200


Shaytard is hopeless. Your public persona is the first thing buyers see no matter what business you are in. In what world does anyone want to buy porn from a bloated, alcoholic chipmunk in a carrot suit? I am pretty sure no man has woken up with the insatiable desire to spend money on that shit. She doesn't market herself to men, she market's herself to syncophantic female orbiters in hopes of getting ~famous~ and leeching off them.

No. 970207

tbh noodle IS annoying. shayna doesn't train her dog or provide it with enough physical activity throughout the day. and it really doesn't help her "sexy" vids or camshows to have a dog constantly begging for attention unless she is seeking to pander to real degenerates any time soon. she just needs to give up the dog so it can have a better chance at life with more caring owners.

No. 970209

God tier! Thanks, anon

Pfff “poor Noodle” for not being allowed on the furniture, please grow up. It’s a large dog - probably the most intelligent thing Shay’s done animal wise seeing as it’s brand new sofa, and finally giving her pet some boundaries and hopefully training. There’s plenty to feel sorry for, for the pets; not being allowed on furniture is not one of them.

The head nod goes on for the whole video too! Definitely started looking like a Parkinson’s shake - very odd, tweaker behaviour. She can’t do sexy, and she can’t do funny; gross is now the only path for her to follow and she knows it

No. 970216

File: 1588826334367.jpg (347.31 KB, 1080x1269, Screenshot_20200506-233844_Twi…)

When is this "muh fat pussy" phase going to end?

No. 970218

Is this the rise of Spoonie Mattel??
Chronic pain as a new excuse not to work and for ebegging.
Hun, your knees hurt because you’re fat and you don’t use your legs enough. Walk your dog twice a day and you’ll be fine.

No. 970223

anon are you really that dense that you don’t get this old, tired joke?

No. 970225

Ok but shes letting her long hair cat up on the cloth couch. Not to mention she immeadiately rubbed her stank pussy and dirty asshole on it. Not sure why shes drawing the line on the dog not being allowed on it. You know her gross bf and her have fucked on it already. Its gonna be pot smoke and bodily fluid stained within a week, on top of cat hair and possibly scratches. People are saying its dumb because Shays logic is. That dog is beyond her capabilities to train because shes too lazy. She most likely just wants Noodle to not be on the couch because it annoys her and gets in the way of her pOrN, not because she cares about the couch or training noodle.

No. 970228

>her back and knees after carrying around that gut all day

No. 970230

Are you not aware that she regularly bases her personality around the latest media she’s seen? She literally will post a meme and then run it into the ground for the next few months c.f. Spongebob, anime waifu , Drag Race, “on god”, wrestling, Ariana Grande, fake positivity

No. 970233

okay… but what the fuck does that have to do with her becoming a spoonie or taking it literally at all? it was stupid to take it that seriously, end of story.

No. 970235

aw man, she looks so fucking dead inside.
maybe next time do this eating a cheemsburnger, you'll at least look happier shay

nta but now i'm thinking of her "asthma" and her "wheezing so hard i can't sleep" and honestly if she gets fat enough the spoony phase aint too far lmao

No. 970240

File: 1588834667056.jpg (307.76 KB, 1077x1541, IMG_20200507_025714.jpg)

I'm. Screaming.

(of anon)

No. 970242

it finally happened… her chins and her décolleté have eaten her neck.

No. 970246

Next thread pic, please! I can smell the crusty musty image from here kek

No. 970266

She's projecting so hard, because she is always preaching about sex workers supporting other sex workers until she feels threatened and starts shitting on the sex workers she was supposed to support kek

No. 970285

File: 1588852669583.jpg (121.14 KB, 720x1010, honey-boo-boo-unrecog.jpg)

Kek She's transforming into Honey Boo Boo.

No. 970326

File: 1588863455775.jpg (39.49 KB, 1080x193, Screenshot_20200507-095750_Twi…)

Her new Twitter name

No. 970333

Her eyes look absolutely deranged.

No. 970334

She really will make anything her personality won't she?

It's not even like tiddy veins are uncommon, but Shayna will literally latch onto anything she thinks makes her special. I stg she's fucking braindead.

No. 970335

How the fuck are 800+ people paying for this? I'm baffled.

No. 970338

I wonder if she makes these faces when her bf fucks her. Personally I would put a bag over her head. But, pornsick men are another story all together.

No. 970341

File: 1588865660821.png (Spoiler Image,1.81 MB, 1207x2048, Screenshot_20200507-113323.png)

She looks like someone who recently started using heroin. She just looks so dead inside.

also we've officially reached brow to eyeliner touching

No. 970343

At this point I really think she's just trying to troll. It's just a matter of time until she posts in her own thread again

No. 970345

Why does she think this is hilarious and tweet worthy…

No. 970348

File: 1588866853995.jpg (494.15 KB, 1080x1157, Screenshot_20200507-105312_Twi…)


No. 970349

File: 1588866901798.jpg (234.78 KB, 1080x907, Screenshot_20200507-105326_Twi…)



1. She's lying


2. Shay once again doesn't have a bedroom. She said her new place has 2 rooms and one of them she's using as her cam room

No. 970356

She prob sleeps in her cam room and uses the bed to cam on

No. 970360

Her cam room is most likely also "noodles room" which is probably just her trying to be quirky

No. 970368

why does she just keep buying grey furniture? just because it's all the same colour doesn't mean it'll good or even match

No. 970369

dear lord…and the hairpiece she's been wearing is very similar to ALRs hair.

No. 970375

you're giving her too much credit I think (not that being a troll requires a lot of skill but she would have to be self-aware for that and I doubt that)

No. 970377

agreed. she’s just literally that obnoxious and attention-starved

No. 970385

It’s a two bedroom place. Her day bed broke so I guess she’s not got furniture for the second room meaning she’ll just film in her actual bed/sofa and the other room will be empty or furniture (for Noodle)

No. 970386


i love how the caption is stuff me when she only gets one inch in of anything

No. 970399

File: 1588874813103.jpg (143.6 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault (1).jpg)

Is she seriously trying to become Trixie with the 28lbs of eyeliner she slathers on? It works for Trixie because she's a drag queen and queens are literally known for over exaggerating their makeup. It's not meant for everyday wear, Shayna, you fucking retard. Imagine walking around and going out in public with two huge black triangles above your eyes and cheap eye lashes but literally nothing else makeup-wise and think you look good. I legit think she's on some hard shit at this point.

No. 970400

I see she still hasn't washed that nappy ass hair. Is the only thing she's done in her precious Hello Kitty bathroom is fuck herself in it? You know you can practice proper hygiene in your bathroom, Shayna. It's okay if you don't turn it into something sexual. You'll live, I promise.

No. 970418

that's where she got her name from so it wouldn't surprise me lol

No. 970427

god these faces are fucking horrendous, she looks completely mental. this bitch has been a sex worker for years and can’t even manage to make sexy faces when she masturbates.

No. 970439

back in her "dumdolly" days i think she did the huge wings on purpose, but now since she won't wash herself she just fills in the previous day's eyeliner so the wings gradually get bigger kek

No. 970444

I think its because the brand that made Barbies name is Mattle and she thought itd be cute.

No. 970446

she changed her name when she was obsessed with drag race so I'm pretty sure that she just copied it off trixie

No. 970449

I wouldn't be shocked its a mixture of both since she thinks shes irl barbie N quirky

No. 970450

well, at least she did something right.

No. 970452

I've seen that exact cat tower before, its one of the cheap AmazonBasics one. Yeah you really spoil that cat with cheap Amazon shit too huh Shay?

No. 970453

File: 1588881687689.jpg (475.37 KB, 1080x1062, Screenshot_20200507-150123_Twi…)

No. 970454

File: 1588881722925.jpg (130.45 KB, 1076x519, Screenshot_20200507-150143_Twi…)

This doesn't make him special. Does she not realize how many punk guys do this?

No. 970457

this is all just so high school tacky

No. 970461

The cat tree is fine and it's nice she actually did something for her pets for once. I'm sure it's her one good deed of the year.

No. 970464

File: 1588883399428.jpg (521.91 KB, 1080x1049, Screenshot_20200507-152955_Twi…)