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File: 1546748105767.jpeg (Spoiler Image,139.2 KB, 363x644, E127A206-7918-435A-8851-B287B1…)

No. 765135

Previous thread.

Current Events:
>brags about waterboarding with Fupa but provides no proof
>Shayna's only platform for advertising her disgusting porn fell victim to Tumblr Purge 2018, is at a total halt in her “career,” insists she’s thriving
> Retweeting old pics to enhance her “aesthetic” is honestly an absurdly artistic representation of her downfall.
>Still as scammy as always, numerous videos have been advertised and never released, she wants to spend the money people donated for a new camera on a nintendo switch. Still begging for camera money.
>Kyle saw his kids on roadtrip for Thanksgiving, no one really knows where Shayna stayed. Their Christmas together was a joke.
>Still thinks she is hot enough to sit on camera, do nothing and still get tips.
>Never came through with any of the Christmas videos and has yet to complete the raffle, probably because nobody bought tickets.
>To get quick money for alcohol and weed she's selling her videos in a package at 62-80 cents a piece.
>Continues to deteriorate but has started doing a lot more blurring to hide her "princess parts" catastrophe
>She is falling apart before our eyes.

Follow the rules:
- no doxxing
- no vendetta
- do not include or harass Shay's family
- PLEASE remember to sage posts that don't contribute to the milk. This trainwreck belongs in /pt/. Seriously, the unsaged nitpicking and milkless bumps to the top need to stop.

http://pinkpussypopped.tumblr.com (deleted)
http://twitter.com/dollymattel (suspended)


Other threads:

No. 765136

File: 1546748191665.png (55.53 KB, 149x167, 826714CB-B231-49A3-A99C-8CE9B0…)

Damn, didn’t mean to spoiler. Here is another great pic.

No. 765137

Could they be having troubles, since they're bios are empty?

No. 765138

Someone I doubt they will break up they are codependent probably at this point

No. 765139

it could be something with tumblr nsfw stuff because i doubt shay would leave her bio completely blank. she loves plugging her twitter & MV & paypal

No. 765140

If they do break up, she'll probably post about him being "abusive" and blah blah blah

No. 765141

I just checked other NSFW blogs, including mine, and bios are still there

No. 765142

Same. Just checked a bunch and they're all still there.

No. 765143

This could also equally be a ploy for attention from both

No. 765144

Very true

No. 765145

Maybe even to get more people to buy her snapchat to get more info on their relationship status

No. 765146

Pls sage. Thanks luv u.

No. 765147

Where would she go if they broke up?

No. 765148

suck it up and go to her parents i guess

No. 765149

Then find another daddy to move in with

No. 765150

I really doubt it. Cause remember, her mom is so abusive

No. 765151

it's the only option at this point

No. 765152

plus her dad forbade her work in his house

No. 765153

So she just wouldn't work and just keep reblogging the same old shit. Basically what she's doing now tbh

No. 765154

File: 1546755101711.jpeg (65.75 KB, 416x734, D2946DEE-056E-456B-8654-421C3B…)

Don’t forget this piece

No. 765155


No. 765156


Genuinely shocked you haven't been banned yet. The mods really don't check Shay's threads, do they?

No. 765157

tbh I dont blame them

No. 765158

File: 1546783903121.png (53.73 KB, 640x548, IMG_9897.PNG)

Maybe there's trouble in paradise for the Mattels

No. 765159


I doubt that 2019 would start with a Fupa and Shay break-up, this would too good to be true omg

No. 765160

File: 1546787220393.jpeg (271.49 KB, 1242x449, E4666382-4D1A-4609-99C2-025463…)

No. 765161

File: 1546787278903.jpeg (220.92 KB, 1242x391, AAEB3BE8-D97E-466C-A4DD-80179A…)

No. 765162

Maybe you can use some money to see a gynecologist then

No. 765163

didn't have to go to the doctor, just sat around and did nothing rather than work. hurts to swallow, but not enough to stop smoking weed all the time. too sick for any kind of work, but not sick enough to do stop her from anything else she feels like doing

No. 765164

wow shay it must be so hard being you~

No. 765165

File: 1546797191085.png (3.25 MB, 750x1334, 996D6489-71F5-435A-B470-8B9D8F…)

No. 765166


wrong thread buddy

No. 765167


who tf is that

No. 765168

no wonder that hellhole of a thread was autosaged whew lad

No. 765169

wow! never would've expected an overlap of posters between that shithole thread and this shithole thread! crazy

No. 765170

She must be still traumatized from when her mom left her outside in the cold as a baby or whatever bullshit she claims. Yeah we know you have mommy issues Shay but you can stop playing the victim and get the hell over them at any time.

No. 765171

File: 1546800532078.png (478.54 KB, 720x618, Screenshot_2019-01-06-13-47-16…)

Shes staying quiet lol

No. 765172

Don’t mean to Ana Chan but oof that pudge is getting to her

No. 765173

nah i agree. esp if you look at pics of her from even like a year ago.

No. 765174

Her roots are at the point where it looks like the blonde is just clipped onto the top of her head. If only she would stop killing her hair and go back to brown for a while. I think it suits her skin tone more.

No. 765175

she makes it worse by wearing black headbands every time her roots start going to hell. incoming tweet asking for a ~hair daddy~ in 3… 2… 1…

No. 765176

At this point it's basically fact that she hates her non filtered face.

No. 765177

File: 1546816751753.jpg (362.26 KB, 1067x1577, SmartSelect_20190106-181705_Tw…)

Dont understand why she would post this when she only works 6 hours a week minus videos. Just let's everyone know how much free time she has

No. 765178

File: 1546816794288.jpg (84.27 KB, 1125x1232, IMG_20190106_181707.jpg)

No. 765179

File: 1546816816134.jpg (37.49 KB, 1125x574, IMG_20190106_181708.jpg)

No. 765180


The "heckin" thing is actually starting to make me grind my teeth together when I see it. Please stop.

No. 765181

its cause shayna picks up on trends when they are almost over; then beats them like a dead horse; to prove how 'quirky and unique' she is.

No. 765182

wasn't she at the hairdresser not too long ago?

No. 765183

nope lol I don't think she's been since the last time she had a shoot in LA

No. 765184

>most used:
>1. lolcow.farm

No. 765185

Is she even working for them anymore?

No. 765186

Dont think so; anon in last(?) thread spilled that she got fired

No. 765187

She's probably gaining so she can get a booty. Having such small hips only works if you're super short or have model proportions, but at least most hot girls take care of themselves or try to have a firm butt, if not a big one. She has nothing going on, and on top of that she's kind of "slim" but she's also just pure pudge. Maybe she's overcompensating now because a lack of curves looks grotesque on her, but all she does is sit on a floor all day so no wonder the weight she does gain turns into fat. Even in her stoner days she was at least more toned.

No. 765188

I don't recall there being proof

No. 765189

there were screenshots of a text conversation where someone claimed she got called out to LA and within minutes she was throwing a tantrum so they dropped her. this lined up with her talking about going to LA but never going on the trip, and she's listed as unavailable on the site (though anons have pointed out other models are also listed as unavailable)

No. 765190

Weight doesn't gain or lose in specific places usually. It's usually evenly distributed. She used to have a lower body fat % but idk that she's ever been toned. I think she's always walked the fine line between thin and skinny fat. Her body type will never be condusive to curves. If she gets fat she's just gonna look like Mickey Moon the fridge.. Also try to sage your body nitpicks.

No. 765191

that's not really proof tho. not that I don't believe she's not working with them anymore, just hasn't been definitively stated yet.

No. 765192

Porn anon here. If you fuck over your agency they can absolutely drop your ass or put you way on the back burner and just not book you for shoots, depending on your contract. Shay did NOT seem prepared for the realities of the biz, and now that she’s fucked over Society 15, she’ll have a rep for being a diva. S15 is boutique but not a bad agency in terms of how they treat their models so she really did fuck up.

No. 765193

>Porn anon here.

No. 765194

I mean they were pretty obvious statements whether you're "in porn" or not

No. 765195

File: 1546830418146.jpg (217.81 KB, 1080x1225, Screenshot_20190106-220407-1.j…)

does she not realize she's only like a half step away from encouraging men to be turned on by underage girls? shayna… you made a video in a diaper and one where you peed in a training potty.
also love the obligatory fake flex trying to act like she's even honoring the idea of buying a designer bag.

No. 765196

her entire fucking shtick is "uggo smol bby uwu fuk me daddi" is she for fucking real? how hard is she hitting the bottle? because the last few brain cells she has left are not firing off correctly.

No. 765197

She really trying to pretend she’s not larping as a little girl while filming shitty porn? You’re a pedo panderer, shay, wake tf up.

No. 765198

The most unaware person on the planet. She must have 5 brain cells left.

No. 765199

File: 1546840785647.jpg (67.8 KB, 1080x609, Screenshot_20190106-213702_Tum…)

He can never just give an answer

No. 765200

Gotta maintain 3edgy5u status. So deep and mysterious.

No. 765201

File: 1546841041260.jpg (407.69 KB, 1076x567, Screenshot_20190107-000258_Twi…)

Her schedule for the week. Let's see if she sticks to it

What does she mean "exclusive snapchat vid"? Snap anon, Will you be on it?

No. 765202

File: 1546842379815.jpg (138.75 KB, 1080x840, Screenshot_20190107-002534_Tum…)

We'll see how long this lasts. Snap anon, you gotta hook us up

No. 765203

I'll be shocked if even half of this gets done

No. 765204

Same; she has the worst work ethic.

No. 765205

lmao spoiler: she won't. camming five days in a row for two hours each? I'll be surprised if she cams for six hours total all week

No. 765206

File: 1546878227280.png (46.81 KB, 546x689, 2019-01-07 11_19_20-Ur Dads Fa…)

oh god. can't wait for this trainwreck of a video.

No. 765207

omg she should do a hair braiding tutorial i would pay such good money (not rlly) to see her trying to brush that rats' nest

No. 765208

File: 1546881850002.png (476 KB, 538x722, 2019-01-07 12_19_18-Ur Dads Fa…)

do you guys think she'll do the entire video with a snapchat filter?

No. 765209

omfg her hair is so crusty it's disgusting

No. 765210

If she can, yes. Why is she doing a makeup tutorial anyway? She literally does the same look every single time. Thick winged eyeliner, egregious flash lashes, eyebrows, and I think maybe some blush and concealer? It’s clear she doesn’t use foundation or undereye concealer, the bare basics of makeup. Why would anyone want a tutorial from her?

No. 765211

oh she busted

No. 765212

even the pompoms look dirty and matted kek

No. 765213

I would like to slam her face against a desk.

No. 765214

File: 1546883507926.png (734.66 KB, 926x519, 2019-01-07 12_47_40-DollyMatte…)

apparently it's even worse than just a makeup tutorial. it's somehow a makeup tutorial porn???

No. 765215

featuring 5 different shades of pink. gags

No. 765216

File: 1546885093001.jpg (329.92 KB, 1080x968, Screenshot_20190107-121606_Twi…)

Only because Fupa wants you to be a goth gf

No. 765217

How tf is she going to make that into a porn? uwu daddy I can'ts do my make ups all by my baby self

No. 765218

maybe she'll apply lipstick using a dildo

No. 765219

File: 1546885268538.jpg (464.65 KB, 1080x1190, Screenshot_20190107-122044_Tum…)

Fupa doesn't want to bring in another girl, yet he re blogs stuff like this

No. 765220

Or fuck herself with the lipstick

No. 765221

File: 1546885489532.jpg (417.92 KB, 1080x1173, Screenshot_20190107-122417_Twi…)

I know this video is old. But why. She couldn't even be a good domme in her furby video

No. 765222

Her eyes are like bulging wth

No. 765223

he has a porn blog. that's a reach tbh.
anyways them removing each other from their bios still hasn't been addressed and i haven't seen any ~uwu daddy~ stories from her lately either.

No. 765224

snap filter abuse lol

No. 765225

And he hasn't posted anything on his snapchat recently

No. 765226

She looks so old without makeup

No. 765227

She got a bunch of new clothes for Christmas and here she is wearing the same shit

No. 765228

she also has bulimia cheeks

No. 765229

File: 1546886297114.jpeg (360.68 KB, 1231x552, 76EF448C-62CB-4F27-8706-156854…)

Get ready for your eyes to burn

No. 765230

File: 1546886775119.png (306.67 KB, 551x486, 2019-01-07 13_41_22-Ur Dads Fa…)

why would she post this unflattering pic? lol jfc. (1/2)

No. 765231

File: 1546886802404.png (2.46 MB, 1499x840, 2019-01-07 13_41_34-Ur Dads Fa…)

No. 765232

The hank hill aesthetic

No. 765233

All the pink just makes everything look washed out. I really have a hard time believing she has any sort of photography/graphic design schooling because she doesn’t even understand color contrast.

No. 765234

File: 1546887545430.jpeg (197.31 KB, 1600x1201, DCFEC09C-B465-485C-A301-3E186A…)

example: this is Regina George’s room from mean girls. Yes there’s a good amount of pink, but there’s also grays, oranges, and white. It makes you focus on the pink even more. This is basic shit.

No. 765235

seeing "porno aesthetic" filled me with a special kind of sadness

No. 765236

File: 1546887737765.jpg (701.85 KB, 1080x1990, Screenshot_20190107-130126_Twi…)


I'm sure she eats this. Wheres the wine and fish crackers shay?

No. 765237

File: 1546887774168.jpg (141.46 KB, 1080x555, Screenshot_20190107-130142_Twi…)

Yeah ok shay

No. 765238

Looks like her nails haven't been done

No. 765239

I wonder how she’s going to address her crusty af perpetually dry lips in her “makeup tutorial”

No. 765240

they are but it's some kind of weird coffin shape french manicure

No. 765241

well there go camera money

No. 765242

File: 1546889651789.png (534.76 KB, 471x398, 2019-01-07 14_18_15.png)

No. 765243

Ahahah thank you anon; I needed that laugh.

No. 765244

She looks like Mathilda’s mom

No. 765245

we know

No. 765246

File: 1546894989369.jpg (299.78 KB, 1080x931, Screenshot_20190107-150205_Twi…)

You're so brave Shay

Wow, yup that's how you build a fan base

No. 765247

File: 1546895901176.jpg (1.76 MB, 1920x1920, inCollage_20190107_161805314.j…)

What's going on with her nose?

No. 765248

All i can come to realize now, is that she sexualizes e v e r y t h i n g. She has no idea how to distinguish sex from sultry or a time for being sexual and a time to be professional. She can't even perform the basic task of applying makeup, without sexualizing the idea of it…. Its so damn sad to see her delusional ass out here tattling on herself then turning around and hate ranting on the topic of what actually describes her life to a tee.

She really needs a medical professional and some damn meds.

No. 765249


can you please sage your posts?

No. 765250

She looks like a frog

No. 765251

File: 1546896967184.jpg (194.92 KB, 1080x1623, Screenshot_20190107-213520_Tum…)

Poor dads

No. 765252

File: 1546897087427.jpg (517.95 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190107-153802_Twi…)

3 parts?

No. 765253

LOL i'm spitting, she looks like a 40 year old meth head here, look at all the deep black wrinkles and the botched looking nose

No. 765254

File: 1546897179351.jpg (326.28 KB, 1080x1092, Screenshot_20190107-153909_Twi…)

It's going to look so bad. Like when she wore that black hoodie in front of the black background

No. 765255

For real, what is up with it? Looks like a beak

No. 765256

Nothing, it’s just really ugly

No. 765257

No. 765258

dads be like: why is your aunt carol texting me her ballsack?

No. 765259

File: 1546898127174.jpg (418.17 KB, 1080x1040, Screenshot_20190107-155458_Twi…)

So why buy your snapchat when we can see what you post online?

No. 765260


Ah yes Shay, please sext my dad with photos in your crusty spaghetti braids and unwashed clothing. Seriously, is she always drunk to the point where she doesn't realise how nasty she looks?

No. 765261

File: 1546899548024.jpg (Spoiler Image,2.63 MB, 4032x3024, IMG_0591.JPG)

[snap anon]

No. 765262

File: 1546900093542.jpeg (37.61 KB, 692x385, 1522539492595.jpeg)

mfw you have to put a snapchat filter on your pussy

No. 765263

I really don't get the whole "teehee I fucked ur dad" thing. It's.. Like, no one is attracted to their dad so why would they give a shit? Is she attracted to her own dad or like?

No. 765264


lol shay no

No. 765265

File: 1546900402541.jpg (Spoiler Image,168.38 KB, 1071x842, Screenshot_20190107-163256_Sam…)

What her pussy looks like

No. 765266

Lol shes charging for her "make up tutorial".

Makeup tutorial porno? Whew. Fucking sad. She could have done her "make up tutorial" live on webcam in the nude. She could have let tipper chose what to put on? or make a fun game out of it.

How can you be so bad at something you claim to thrive at?

No. 765267

It’s like purple….

No. 765268

Why is it always red and puffy

No. 765269

File: 1546901656765.jpg (995.96 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190107-175027.jpg)

Lol she was live on insta for like 5 mins. Called CST "the middle time". Said the first half of her video is a makeup tutorial and the second half she did as a "voyeur style" and just leaves the camera in one place. /accidentally/ bends over without panties in front of her mirror. Doing the shitty Cat from Victorious voice still.


No. 765270

peep the big boil on her inner thigh

No. 765271

She keeps talking about lip fillers, but she really needs a nose job first. Got damn.

No. 765272

I wrongly assumed she was doing a makeup tutorial just for people to see how she did her makeup

No. 765273

So for the voyeur part is she even doing anything sexual or is it just her putting on makeup?

No. 765274

>people have been asking to see this for years now

No, people ask you for makeup tips for some unknown reason. Nobody wanted a makeup porno.

No. 765275

File: 1546903654758.jpg (343.59 KB, 1080x1182, Screenshot_20190107-172645_Twi…)

Cry a river Shay. You're not the only sex worker to forget to hit record

No. 765276

>showing off my holes
could she make it sound less appealing? jesus.

No. 765277

File: 1546903753013.jpg (183.13 KB, 1080x517, Screenshot_20190107-172656_Twi…)

Can Fupa not afford groceries? And by groceries she means wine and gold fish crackers

No. 765278

maybe fupa's cut her off

No. 765279

So wait. She’s SELLING a makeup tutorial, something you can get from ACTUAL makeup artists for FREE on YouTube? And you can literally get thousands of them. For free. But she thinks selling it will be good business? Are you shitting me?

No. 765280

Only people who will buy are the girls who kiss her ass

No. 765281

That shirt is so fucking stretched out…

No. 765282

File: 1546904406518.jpg (381.6 KB, 1080x808, Screenshot_20190107-173949_Tum…)

This pic though. What is she trying to show off?

No. 765283

This, I'm wondering who tf she thinks her audience is for this video. Manyvids has a new youtube type thing they are trying that she could have just uploaded to. Nobody is going to want to buy that shit besides her ass kissers. (Why she even has some I don't know)
I'm thinking she's trying to get money from the anonymous people on her tumblr who were asking for makeup tutorials. They didn't mean porn, Shayna…

No. 765284

Never mind selling, who tf wants a makeup tutorial in general from shayna??.

No. 765285

File: 1546905512045.jpg (133.6 KB, 1044x250, Screenshot_20190107-175612_Ins…)

This comment on her IG live

No. 765286

I don't understand. Like the people who were mysteriously interested in her makeup are not the ones buying her porn… and the people buying her porn don't give a shit how she does her makeup. Why did she think this was a good idea?

No. 765287

File: 1546905656824.png (101.21 KB, 300x167, Cryptid-Sexual-Dimorphism.png)

Hasn't she come up with video descriptions that straight-up sounded like something a pedo would write about something in their CP collection?
It's honestly one of her better outfits, which I guess isn't saying much

No. 765288


So she didn’t shut off the camera once during this? So she literally just hits record and never adjusts it at all? Explains a lot.

No. 765289

prob a farmer

No. 765290

I watched this and immediately thought "farmer"

No. 765291

Pretty much. Especially her "daddy's game" and "Daddy's girl"

No. 765292

that daddy’s game video really creeps me out. and that valentine one she made where in the description she was like “we made valentine’s cards at school! Of course I couldn’t tell the teacher why I love my daddy so much, that’s our special secret!” …so fucking creepy

No. 765293

In the "daddy's girl" she talks about how it makes her so sad when her daddy and mom fight. That her daddy deserves so better shiver

No. 765294

I assume it's because she can't afford it but I'm still surprised she isn't begging for money to go to AVN, esp if she's "such a famous porn star going to LA for profesh shoots"

No. 765295

yeah she's an idiot. it was just like 2 girls maybe saying oh what brand of eyeliner do you use? and she's like I know makeup porn…they don't want that

No. 765296

If she went, pretty much no one would know who she is

No. 765297

File: 1546911183065.jpg (630.56 KB, 1080x1519, Screenshot_20190107-193235_Twi…)

We'll see how exciting she is tonight

No. 765298

If she puts a mascara tube in her pussy I'm going to scream out loud

No. 765299

I think someone is going to have to leak it so we can all laugh in horror

No. 765300

File: 1546912432628.jpg (64.19 KB, 1080x660, Screenshot_20190107-195324_Tum…)

Well alright then

He's reblogging her new pics now

No. 765301


Wow, he's really the gift that keeps on giving!!! In what state of mind do you have to be to think this is somewhat nice enough to show the internet?? My morbid curiostity can't stop me from watching this trainwreck. Also he literally just have 1 outfit.

No. 765302

She's live on cam everyone

No. 765303

maybe groceries means weed because of the broccoli emoji and she’s too scared to straight up post “am doing a weed!” on twitter for some reason. we know shay doesnt eat broccoli.

No. 765304

File: 1546914502651.png (2.33 MB, 1684x1426, Screen Shot 2019-01-07 at 9.27…)

She can't possibly think these faces are sexy

No. 765305

She's asked for weed money a million times

No. 765306

sorry for super ot, does anyone know where her shoes are from?

No. 765307


No. 765308

File: 1546915294303.jpg (330.38 KB, 1080x612, Screenshot_20190107-202411_Sam…)

Why does she do this

No. 765309

File: 1546915329444.jpg (Spoiler Image,309.47 KB, 1080x608, Screenshot_20190107-203926_Sam…)

She tried to shake and twerk her Hank Hill ass

No. 765310

File: 1546915357969.jpg (Spoiler Image,309.83 KB, 1080x597, Screenshot_20190107-203952_Sam…)

Showing off her shave job

No. 765311

File: 1546915397799.jpg (Spoiler Image,304.58 KB, 1080x583, Screenshot_20190107-204046_Sam…)

She made her goal to be naked. But she's not taking her skirt off

No. 765312

Pretty sure they’re from dollzkill.

No. 765313

File: 1546916213505.jpg (Spoiler Image,310.37 KB, 1077x602, Screenshot_20190107-204749_Sam…)

It looks so bad with the boil and everything

No. 765314

File: 1546916227692.jpeg (35.35 KB, 540x960, 544A5157-C90C-470D-8B60-3A8568…)

Her ass cheeks look like a simpsons character making a sour face

No. 765315

File: 1546916240522.jpg (Spoiler Image,327.57 KB, 1080x606, Screenshot_20190107-204824_Sam…)

Trying to be cute

No. 765316

File: 1546916282294.jpg (Spoiler Image,316.94 KB, 1080x615, Screenshot_20190107-204928_Sam…)

Tell Fupa he better call a Priest

No. 765317

Holy shit how did she get that giant boil on the inside of her thigh?! That shit looks like a staph infection. I’m gonna vomit.

No. 765318

File: 1546916359538.jpg (Spoiler Image,336.82 KB, 1080x632, 20190107_205908.jpg)

She looks like she's really enjoying herself

No. 765319

you’d think that after setting up this whole new cam space she’d get a damn chair. And maybe something interactive for the viewers. But no, let’s slouch on the floor and not interact instead.

No. 765320

Is this position the only thing she can ever think of? Or is she just that naturally untalented and basic that it’s the only thing she can do?

No. 765321

Whatever it is, I'm sure she'll pick it

Let's see if it grows

No. 765322

I could see a porn themed make up tutorial if you used dildos and other toys to apply the make up but knowing she never washes her shit would be horrific.

No. 765323

File: 1546917608946.png (Spoiler Image,314 KB, 623x348, Screen Shot 2019-01-07 at 10.1…)

dat sex appeal and boil next to her crotch

No. 765324

It's so close to her pussy too

No. 765325

File: 1546917934866.jpg (Spoiler Image,280.6 KB, 1080x596, 20190107_212107.jpg)

No one was talking

No. 765326

File: 1546917961760.jpg (Spoiler Image,272.9 KB, 1080x607, 20190107_212036.jpg)

Much sex appeal

No. 765327

File: 1546918592492.png (Spoiler Image,802.83 KB, 953x534, dollymattel.png)

First time watching one of her streams, she is so fucking boring. My god, how does anyone sit through this? (forgot to spoil)

No. 765328

File: 1546919572403.jpeg (143.79 KB, 719x1280, E8943D22-F9E8-478D-9464-430718…)

Pretty sure this is the only “hydration” shayna gets

No. 765329

File: 1546919602723.jpg (Spoiler Image,318.81 KB, 1080x596, Screenshot_20190107-214317_Sam…)

Taking snaps for her snapchat

No. 765330

File: 1546919626080.jpg (Spoiler Image,318.24 KB, 1080x588, Screenshot_20190107-214436_Sam…)

No. 765331

File: 1546919659121.jpg (Spoiler Image,322.55 KB, 1080x601, Screenshot_20190107-214934_Sam…)

How is this cute?

No. 765332

They were from dollskill about a year and a half ago

No. 765333

File: 1546920118023.jpg (141.94 KB, 720x449, 2019-01-07_22.59.18.jpg)

So i couldn't help but check her likes on twitter and seen this gem…. Lol

No. 765334

File: 1546920805784.png (110.66 KB, 991x806, jWr67J8.png)


she looks like the trollface from 2008

No. 765335

File: 1546921019632.jpg (161.2 KB, 1080x516, Screenshot_20190107-221649_Twi…)

Something she liked

No. 765336

No. 765337

Of course! Pay money to see still images of what you can see for free live! Makes perfect sense.

No. 765338

File: 1546929285376.jpg (Spoiler Image,313.5 KB, 719x1135, 2019-01-08_01.27.31.jpg)

To the anon who said she'd be begging for a nail daddy, she saw you lol

No. 765339

File: 1546929382313.png (86.63 KB, 720x462, Screenshot_2019-01-08-01-26-36…)

I truly wonder what she's relating this to

No. 765340


Obviously her abusive mother, anon.

No. 765341

she really should get that looked at. Thats not normal.

No. 765342

I love it when people claim abuse but don’t know how being a victim actually works. No, the first sign wouldn’t be running far away, it’s usually a very late stage

No. 765343

File: 1546933888645.jpg (422.04 KB, 1080x1257, Screenshot_20190108-015025_Twi…)


No. 765344

File: 1546934003783.jpg (Spoiler Image,897.26 KB, 1078x2159, Screenshot_20190108-015034_Twi…)


No. 765345

File: 1546934049570.jpg (Spoiler Image,841.77 KB, 1080x2094, Screenshot_20190108-015045_Twi…)


I gagged. Why is her ass like bluish purple. And her pussy looks destroyed

No. 765346

File: 1546934116997.jpg (199.12 KB, 1080x666, Screenshot_20190108-015111_Twi…)

No one is excited. No one wants to pay to see a basic makeup tutorial while famous beauty gurus post tutorials all the time for free

No. 765347

This gives credence to the anons who say she has an implant. The side silhouette of her boob is really weird

No. 765348

"perfect" meanwhile her face looks downright retarded even with a beautifying filter on 24/7

No. 765349

Of course not Anon, she put it in her butt.

No. 765350

File: 1546944546885.png (85.3 KB, 640x595, IMG_9903.PNG)

Did she announce her Christmas raffle winners last night as promised? I see she finally changed her pinned tweet.

No. 765351

She didn't. Maybe not enough people bought

No. 765352

File: 1546944782111.jpg (211.08 KB, 1080x894, Screenshot_20190108-045245_Twi…)

No. 765353

These socks look suspiciously clean.

No. 765354

Ugh god her vagina is borderline prolapsed

No. 765355

probably nobody bought

No. 765356

File: 1546951781808.png (867.24 KB, 640x1136, IMG_9899.PNG)

Tfw you are both the princess and the frog

No. 765357

her fuckin vagina exploded

No. 765358

It looks like The Clam

No. 765359

File: 1546960375363.jpg (238.81 KB, 1080x730, Screenshot_20190108-091230_Twi…)

Another contest she won't win

No. 765360

shay please keep your pussy covered if you want any votes

No. 765361

Her vagina looks like that because she shoves stuff up there but never uses lubrication, therefore she's far more prone to actually "wrecking" her vagina as in, damaging the walls and muscles within her vagina because you really aren't ever suppoosed to put things in there without proper preparation. Her vaginal opening looks stretched out as fuck for the same reason. She really doesn't know how to take care of her vagina and i mean… She could win some awards on MV if they're into sexual stretching of the vagina and the lovely residual side affects of such behavior

No. 765362

sage your vagina sperg. we all know it looks like that because it's damaged.

No. 765363

I thought she was going to get her nails done first thing and spend all day editing her makeup porno. Hmm. >>765346

No. 765364

Snap anon, what pics did she post for the MV contest

No. 765365

>>765306 demonia makes similar shoes

No. 765366

File: 1546966871891.jpg (181.66 KB, 1080x1373, Screenshot_20190108-105956_Tum…)

I hate how he calls people kiddo

No. 765367

>2019 is crazy so far
baby mama drama? dramz in the Haus Mattel?

No. 765368

Some of yall need to learn the difference between "sperging" and "post I don't like and don't want to read"

No. 765369

File: 1546968451602.jpg (Spoiler Image,357.53 KB, 1080x1261, Screenshot_20190108-112634_Twi…)


No. 765370

File: 1546968495891.jpg (Spoiler Image,477.75 KB, 1080x1369, Screenshot_20190108-112643_Twi…)

If she chooses this one, she'll automatically lose. Nasty


No. 765371

File: 1546968542931.jpg (Spoiler Image,493.27 KB, 1080x1355, Screenshot_20190108-112654_Twi…)


I don't get why she does pics and videos of her sucking dick, when she's so bad at it

No. 765372

File: 1546968583338.jpg (Spoiler Image,465.48 KB, 1080x1337, Screenshot_20190108-112702_Twi…)


No. 765373

is that…. discharge??? everything about this pic is disturbing me to my core.

No. 765374

That pic doesn't scream submissive or bimbo to me. It screams "GO TO THE GYNO YOU SICK FUCK"

No. 765375

if you showed me that pic from the waist down i would legitimately guess this was someone who has had at least 1 kid

No. 765376

cursed image

she got BV?

No. 765377

File: 1546969356844.png (274.26 KB, 549x972, 2019-01-08 12_37_41-Ur Dads Fa…)

vote prices

No. 765378

Many keks, anon

No. 765379

Has she ever seen a healthy or clean vagina? I feel like she hasn't

No. 765380

none of them

No. 765381

File: 1546977293056.jpg (305.19 KB, 581x1702, Screenshot_20190108-135207_Sam…)

She changed the pic she entered. It was a selfie now it's this

No. 765382

looks like the vagina of a woman like a week after birthing her 3rd kid honestly but with a touch of ballsack as well

No. 765383

A Touch of Ballsack™
a fragrance by Dolly Mattel

No. 765384

File: 1546978712241.jpg (541.02 KB, 1058x1457, Screenshot_20190108-141803_Twi…)


No. 765385

File: 1546978802313.jpg (943.7 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190108-141812_Twi…)


Even for a contest she has to use the hearts

No. 765386

File: 1546978882726.jpg (943.56 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190108-141816_Twi…)


LOOK AT THE BOIL. I remember when she cammed when she got home saying something bit her. That's not a big bite

No. 765387

I expect the crusty lips and disheveled hair at this point, but is that a patch of ringworm on her lower arm or maybe just dirt?

No. 765388

>>765385 she is looking a lil chunky in the stomach

No. 765389

looks like a goddamn wart

No. 765390

wow. her lips are literally fucking PEELING. chapstick is like $1. use it.

No. 765391

She's in top 5 right now because she entered a category that doesnt have many entries

No. 765392

the only reason I like this picture is because it partially covers her face. she needs to stop with the obvious filtering though, it’s really annoying.

No. 765393

Also it’s literally the first day of voting.

No. 765394

Okay why would someone pay $200 for all your vids when your just going to do a sale next week for $80? Your customers aren’t as stupid as you are shay. They’re definitely retarded for giving you their money, but they can tell a bad deal.

No. 765395

Girl do some color correction on that pussy, it’s fucking purple

No. 765396

Honestly shocked at this point that Shay and Fupapa haven’t moved over to cumblr or bdsmblr or whatever the other tumblr porn knockoffs are with the rest of the edgelord perverts. Probably cos there aren’t enough users to give them attention

No. 765397

She really must have a bit of retardation if she thinks that face is in anyway perfect or even remotely attractive jfc

No. 765398

File: 1546981773564.jpg (169.32 KB, 1080x527, Screenshot_20190108-150858_Twi…)

Oh yeah, you're totally doing something right

No. 765399

File: 1546982851866.jpg (521.56 KB, 1080x1826, Screenshot_20190108-152655_Sam…)

What's she gonna call the photo set when she loses?

When does the contest end?

No. 765400

The contest ends in 11 days. She's smoking on snapchat gloating about how she's in the top 5. She's acting like she already won.

No. 765401

lol she did that last time there was a contest and then suddenly stopped talking about it

No. 765402

According to the rules fans will decide the top 3 but the MV staff will choose the winners

No. 765403

>"these 27 photos"
>quantity: 25
Scammy Mattel at it again

No. 765404

She probably doesn’t realize how long it goes on for, kek

No. 765405

No, anon. Quantity is amount of items/photosets that are available. Not the amount of pics.

No. 765406

File: 1546985115105.jpg (240.37 KB, 1080x819, Screenshot_20190108-160425_Twi…)

Snap anon, where ya at

Oh wow Shay, you did the bare minimum

No. 765407

Just posted to Instagram story saying she's perfect and "deserves this" kek

No. 765408

That thing, needs a name.
It's like a fucking belly button, Christ.

No. 765409

Her insta story makes me wanna punch her in the face. How is she going to go for "submissive of the year" when she made a "domme" video

No. 765410

why the fuck does she talk with a lisp when she's trying to sound "cute"?

No. 765411

Because she's a smol uwu baby

No. 765412


Probably because they are jokes even among edgy kinksters. I doubt there are as many ass-kissing teenagers there as there are on dumblr

No. 765413

File: 1546993244509.png (7.83 MB, 1125x2436, 5B7C1164-A8C1-406B-AE4A-1690A1…)

For the love of God, girl, just use a sugar lip scrub and chapstick. This is not difficult shit here.

No. 765414

How can she be so full of herself that she is selling a MAKEUP TUTORIAL.

No. 765415

please sage or we're going to end up on autosage

No. 765416

(I think I saged this right. It's been a while).

Sage because irrelevant/blogpost but I haven't been able to check in for a few months and have been skimming the threads and Shay is, per usual, on a downward decline.

However, I gotta say, I'm surprised they are still living together. I didn't think they'd make it a month, let alone until Christmas or into the New Year.

Just imagine how genuinely happy and healthy Shay could work towards being if she put as much effort into as literally any part of her life as she does into "proving haturz wrong lol"

No. 765417

Oh my bad, idk anything about mv

>"took pic this morning"
Why is taking selfies on your list of a compliments shay? It's all you do

No. 765418

I'm going to laugh if tomorrow she's out of top 5

No. 765419

File: 1547001464542.png (27.35 KB, 720x371, Screenshot_2019-01-08-21-33-31…)


No. 765420

No. 765421

Snap anon, how's the intro to her new video

No. 765422

She's on cam

No. 765423

File: 1547003873404.png (1.35 MB, 1532x796, Screen Shot 2019-01-08 at 10.1…)

[snap anon finally] the new video is literally exactly what you expect.

No. 765424

>now you want to really extend the wing of your eyeliner almost to your eyebrow and then when you're done it can be neatly inserted into one of your blistered holes

No. 765425


A makeup tutorial where the camera is not centered on her face. Amazing.

No. 765426

Her boil is from picking and popping zits from ingrown hairs from over waxing with no exfoliating or moisturizing.

No. 765427

That's so bad. Why is she talking about Brittney Spears and not what she's doing?

No. 765428

Is that literally all she posted for her video?

No. 765429

At this point she should change her nickname to Ur gullible tumblr landwhales fav <3 because this is her only target audience

No. 765430

File: 1547006099928.jpg (118.42 KB, 1080x373, Screenshot_20190108-215405_Twi…)

so funny

No. 765431

This whole photo is so tragic. That ball gag/face getup is ugly. The pose.

No. 765432

How does she manage to keep track of who has paid per month for her snap/ who has paid for how long etc? Because that would require some serious bookkeeping, writing down the date each person joined and making sure to continuously check her records so she knows when their subscription runs out. I really don't think she's smart enough for that.

No. 765433

Also, there are certain countries you can't sell porn to. Africa, Asia, etc. Which she probably doesn't know

No. 765434

Of course, on the floor. Do they still not have any furniture besides the sofa / futon maybe? have we ever seen her bed ffs??

No. 765435

File: 1547013373616.jpg (Spoiler Image,329.27 KB, 1080x605, Screenshot_20190108-215633_Sam…)

It took her some time to put the plug in

No. 765436

File: 1547013441000.jpg (Spoiler Image,316.68 KB, 1080x628, Screenshot_20190108-220706_Sam…)

No. 765437

I've seen them laying on a blanket

No. 765438

Wtf with the vagina sperg? Besides from being inflamed and covered in boils, the general shape of her pussy looks fine. Not quite an “innie” like she loves to brag but it’s def not “destroyed” nor “prolapsed” nor “just given birth”. This is incel tier nitpicking come on now
>inb4 roastie-chan
Labias exist or did you bitches forget lol

No. 765439

File: 1547017522144.jpg (241.84 KB, 1080x840, Screenshot_20190109-010441_Twi…)

Life is so hard for you Shay, isn't it

No. 765440

File: 1547017571470.jpg (224.95 KB, 1080x613, Screenshot_20190109-010457_Twi…)

No. 765441

not one of the spergs but it is an ugly pussy, it truly looks like a ballsack, not even bringing up the labia, plus it looks extremely dried and shriveled (as always, that's not new milk but whatever)

No. 765442


>talks about counties

>gives continents as examples

i can smell the burgerfag

No. 765443

So she's didn't put a video out yesterday even though her schedule said new video

No. 765444

sorry you have such an ugly vagina, anon.

No. 765445


Not saying Shay's is normal by any stretch of the imagination, but having a visible labia is more common than having an innie.

No. 765446

Not the same anon, but as a nurse I’ve seen a lot of vaginas and that’s a pretty normal looking vagina and labia. Sorry you’ve never seen a vagina after something has been inserted into it. It’s not supposed to look pretty.

No. 765447

i've seen plenty and there's definitely something off about hers. also unless you are all newfags, it hasn't always looked like that.

No. 765448

It appears she usually takes photos either before or without putting something in her, gives the usual squished ballsack look. That photo looks like she just got done fucking herself with something, which was obviously not a wise decision. Doesn’t look good at all, but looks like normal genitals would after being irritated with friction

No. 765449


That was the point anon. Shay's has clearly become more damaged over time, but the fact that you can see her labia is not the thing that's off about her vag.

No. 765450

i never said it was. there are like 10 anons that made comments about it lol. i find it funny how people are like sToP sPeRgInG aBoUt HeR vAgInA and then they can't stop going on about how ~normal~ it is. just don't acknowledge it.

No. 765451

It’s mainly the intense breakouts she gets and how red and inflamed her vagina constantly is. Her first shoot booked by an agency didn’t use the washed out lighting and color pallette she does, so you could see how horribly red and inflamed it was. At 21, most women still have fairly “tight” skin there, most don’t have floppy looking outer labia. Plus her vagina has consistently gotten worse over the years, mainly from big usubg lube and just not taking care of her genitals.

No. 765452

not using lube*

No. 765453


I think a lot of the sperg outs are bc her vag issues are SO easily fixable, and yet they just get worse. Lots of anons have given advice in here about how she can improve her situation and it just keeps getting more inflamed and broken out.
It's like trying to teach a toddler how to do something and despite your patience and simple instruction, they keep fucking it up. Eventually you'll get frustrated.

No. 765454


it says when u first see the signs of someone being abusive, run away.

learn2read if you're gonna nitpick

No. 765455

Shayna seriously makes me so fucking angry. She never admits that she got lucky. She always acts like she built up some porn empire when in reality she got “tumblr famous” for being a basic stoner bitch who happened to be somewhat pretty and hipster. The only reason she even started porn is because people were asking for nudes from her, and she knew it would be easy money because she already had an audience. I literally want to strangle her and smash her face in every time I see her. She doesn’t deserve anything she’s been handed in life. Her entire life has been handed to her and she acts like she’s worked so hard. She hasn’t done shit. She hasn’t gotten better, she’s gotten worse. She still uses a shitty webcam to shoot her vids, only has one tiny light, and has no idea how to actually set up a shot. She has no eye for visual media. I really would love to see her get run over by a bus like Regina George in mean girls. Its what she deserves.

No. 765456

Calm down anon, no need to wish her physical harm, circa face smashing and being run over by a bus.

No. 765457

File: 1547050112877.png (82.28 KB, 640x751, IMG_9908.PNG)

Her pussy is probably burning extra today

No. 765458

she deserves it.

No. 765459

calm down, vendetta-chan

No. 765460

only shayna can be like ~uwu my pussy is so sore~ and think it makes her seem cute lol

No. 765461

She scammed me out of over $100 so I have every right to be pissed off

No. 765462


oh, do tell.

No. 765463

yes please share. receipts would be great too. much more understandable if that's the case.

No. 765464

Exposing her as a scammer will have much more of an effect then wishing violence upon her. Look at the way she freaked out in her snapchat rant, it clearly bothers her to be outed as a scammer. Nobody deserves physical assault, but scammers SHOULD be brought to light.

No. 765465


Are you a snapchat anon?

No. 765466

I love when scorned ex-customers that Shayna has scammed come here. Sweet, sweet milk.

No. 765467

i always feel bad that they didn't get a chance to find out what she's all about before she scams them

No. 765468

I paid for her $80 all vids special, and sent her proof of payment. She said “omg thanks! I’ll get you a link with all your vids!” 3 days passed, I never got anything. I message her, I get a “sorry I’ve been really busy.” Another 4 days pass, it’s been a week now. I send her another $30 just to get her attention. She never responds. I then see that she has me blocked on twitter, so I can’t contact her.

I know you may not believe me without receipts but as I said I do not want any of my personal info out there. Take it however you want.

No. 765469


Is there any way to demand your money back? idk where and how did you send her money? I would flag her as a scammer bc that sure ain't legal to do this kind of fuckery.

No. 765470

Someone needs to take this bitch to small claims court lmao I'd love to see her try and justify her ~uwu baby bimbo~ to a judge

No. 765471

I sent the $80 on Venmo and the $30 as a manyvids tip. Tried contacting manyvids but never heard back, and I can’t find any “dispute payment” on Venmo. I probably didn’t do it fast enough.

No. 765472


I see, but then again, you couldn't react much earlier because you didn't expect to wait so long to get nothing. Wouldn't surprise me if Shay knows that manyvids doesn't care about not providing the content that you asked for…

No. 765473

I have such a hard time feeling sorry for people that try to buy her disgusting ass videos and get burned.

No. 765474

but she's such a good actress

No. 765475

File: 1547056026246.png (54.58 KB, 546x534, 2019-01-09 12_41_21-Sub of 2k1…)

maybe because value is subjective. she acts like this is absolute rocket science. also this sperg was over literally one comment from one of her tumblr orbiters on instagram lol.

No. 765476

File: 1547056051504.png (405 KB, 608x558, 2019-01-09 12_42_40-Instagram.…)

No. 765477


I'm pretty sure manyvids will refund you, you may just need to pester them a bit. I don't know why you thought to send more money after being scammed though, seems like a bad move?

No. 765478

File: 1547056620957.png (49.39 KB, 630x633, Screenshot (294).png)

i think tips are non-refundable unless you were promised something in exchange, you could email them though but i don't think 'sent a scammer more money after being scammed' is covered.

No. 765479

lol you greasy dumbass

No. 765480

You tipped someone that didn't deliver what you paid for? Are you retarded?

No. 765481

they aren't refundable but if the users complain to the mods of MV enough or have screenshots they will penalize her account / freeze it for a time

No. 765482

I figured it would help get her attention. Shayna is the person you should be attacking, not me.

No. 765483

okay but how is this a makeup tutorial? It looks like a video of someone doing their makeup, not teaching you how to. She’s going to make people pay for this?

No. 765484

hopefully you weren't going to try to get off to the diaper video

No. 765485

sure, and while we're telling you to try to get your money back, we're also going to call you a moron for doing it in the first place

>sending $30 to "get her attention"


No. 765486

She bragged yesterday that she was 5th, but I checked today out of curiosity to see if she was still there, but she wasn't. Idk how the voting for MV works, but did she drop down that far overnight or am I missing something?

No. 765487


She's still there. She's currently #4

No. 765488

File: 1547061233308.png (Spoiler Image,825.75 KB, 1353x819, 2019-01-09 14_09_27-ManyVids -…)

she's a finalist

No. 765489

how and why?
are the other camgirls so bad compared to shay that her getting all the way up to 4th is no problem? how many other girls are competing anyways?

No. 765490

Can she shut the fuck up? She's the one telling her audience she doesn't deserve full price when she's selling her videos for 80 cents a piece every other day. And then apparently not even providing the content according to anon a few posts above. Her manufactured drama and outrage is tiring.

No. 765491

File: 1547061725622.png (Spoiler Image,1.31 MB, 1300x882, 2019-01-09 14_17_13-ManyVids -…)

there are currently 96 people in her category but it just started yesterday and ends tonight. here are the 10 girls directly behind her in votes. you can follow the voting link she keeps spamming if you want more info but it's not really milky.

No. 765492


well, they look all equally tragic imho.

No. 765493


Yeah she's not exactly competing with many others. I don't see her winning though, as some of the other girls I recognize and know that they have bigger followings and better reputations than she.

No. 765494

File: 1547063515683.png (11.98 KB, 520x111, 2019-01-09 14_47_24-Sub of 2k1…)

No. 765495

File: 1547064335601.png (53.3 KB, 640x336, IMG_9912.PNG)

Says someone whose belongings is 90%+ from Amazon and Walmart

No. 765496

File: 1547064426550.png (46.31 KB, 640x330, IMG_9910.PNG)

Still bringing up her tumblr follower count

No. 765497

lol has her 150k ever gone over 150k?

No. 765498

7k in porn bots. No way one of those is a real follower.

No. 765499

slightly OT but what the fuck is going on in kristen jade's pic lol

No. 765500

Voting ends in the 19th

No. 765501

the medical fetish that shay claims to have

No. 765502

ah my bad, for some reason i wasn't paying attention to the days, just the hours

No. 765503

yeah this pisses me off; like bitch just give people the amazon links. you arent special or cute. jfc

No. 765504

shay legitimately gets almost all of her shit from amazon though.. more lies and bullshit just to make a """funny""" tweet i guess

No. 765505

File: 1547069211680.png (632.06 KB, 866x479, 2019-01-09 16_21_27-.png)

trailer for her "makeup tutorial" is out lol it's probably the most absurd video she's made so far. idk if she was drunk or what but it's like she couldn't even get her words out.


No. 765506

Damn them dark circles are something else.

She looks like someone's alcoholic depressed mum. Well 2 of those things are true.

No. 765507

Fupa doesn't ever need to punch her in the face, she's already got black eyes.

No. 765508

peep her real profile in the mirror behind her. i'm surprised she was willing to expose herself like this kek.

No. 765509

It definitely does not end today, anon

No. 765510

File: 1547070791298.jpeg (317.98 KB, 2048x2048, AC3821AC-E068-4770-BA4B-E6F1C8…)

my first thought tbh. nose isn’t as hooked, but close enough.

No. 765511

it was already addressed >>765500 >>761667

No. 765512

that's not even close to the same nose shape, anon.

No. 765513

Ntayrt, but it is actually really similar. I mean look at the nostrils. Just ignore the nose bridge and it looks pretty identical. Especially with the chin and etc

No. 765514

she's literally only missing the bump in the middle lol besides that it's fairly similar

No. 765515

I get hating on her but these legit look nothing alike wtf are you people on?

No. 765516

Wtf was that? That was so bad. Half of it wasn't even her putting on makeup

No. 765517

No. 765518

the nostrils and general size are there but who cares i know it's just a stupid pic comparison

No. 765519

okay but seriously nobody is looking that closely at her nostrils besides the nose-obsessed anons. it's big but the shape from the side is fine tbh.

No. 765520

i agree the shape from the side profile is totally fine on shay, i just noticed that the nostrils at least look very alike

No. 765521

Those dark circles, god damn

No. 765522

Why are y’all arguing about if her nose looks like someone else’s. Literally clogging the thread up for no reason.

Anyways I am secretly hoping she massively drops near the end of the contest and we can see her have a meltdown.

No. 765523

holyshit, what a mess. Those look like some of the cheapest false lashes too. Legit like 99 cent store ones.

No. 765524

would pry only take a few paid votes to do it. a $5 payed vote is worth 50 free votes.

No. 765525

Wait does she really think Britney Spears writes her own music? Wooooow.

No. 765526

Nobody needs any "payed" votes for Shay to lose. She's gonna do it all on her own lol

No. 765527

Wonder how she feels about the girl she worked with before (sadbaffoon) doing soooo much better than her. She's 4th on MV star of the year. An actual relevant category.

No. 765528

Kinda OT but it says a lot when the top girl on for winning does beastiality fantasy with horse/dog dildos and incest.

People have fucking problems but we all just told "don't kinkshame" when if you're into such depraved shit you need fucking therapy.

No. 765529

File: 1547079747519.jpg (Spoiler Image,1022.22 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190109-182017_Twi…)

Please stop with those fucking Hello Kitty underwear

No. 765530

No. 765531

Kind of makes it even funnier if Shay loses to someone that simulates fucking animals tbh

No. 765532

What even is this pose? Five seconds before taking a shit on the carpet? She's so weird.

No. 765533

File: 1547080033585.jpg (431.04 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190109-192639.jpg)

The description is just straight up autism. There's also a fucking stand in the middle of the shot for the whole thing.

No. 765534

File: 1547080102618.jpg (834.89 KB, 1920x1080, Screenshot_20190109-192814.jpg)

No. 765535

You weren't supposed to see that! work on your acting shay

No. 765536

Her "blowjob" noises crack me up everytime.


No. 765537

The fact that the dildo isn't even visible makes it even more comedic

No. 765538

File: 1547081601881.jpg (449.26 KB, 1080x782, Screenshot_20190109-185254_Twi…)

Shay, that's how you built your career

No. 765539

Her videos are all the same. Butt plug and wand

No. 765540

One person bought the tutorial

No. 765541

I lost it when she violently gagged right after

No. 765542

haha I know omg

yeah when I want to relax after a super stressful makeup video I always give a "blow job" to a dildo

yeah people are fucking nasty

No. 765543

>oooh uhh fuck yeah
lmao i am always guaranteed a laugh when she has a new vid come out

No. 765544

okay. i'm honestly speechless. the acting and dialogue in just this short preview clip is HORRIFIC. could seriously not be more hilarious and badly acted/scripted lmao

No. 765545

It seriously sounded like she threw up in her mouth, ironically the same sound people make when they see her vagina.

No. 765546

No. 765547

And she writes out a script for each video. Which is so sad

No. 765548

File: 1547087938300.jpg (278.04 KB, 1080x623, Screenshot_20190109-201837_Sam…)

So thrilled

No. 765549

File: 1547088002241.jpg (337.76 KB, 1080x619, Screenshot_20190109-202411_Sam…)

Why does she do this

No. 765550

She looks dead inside. Also she's probably reading her lolcow thread.

No. 765551

She's supposed to be on till 10 and not naked yet. She'll prbly get off early

No. 765552

2 people have bought the tutorial and not the porn

No. 765553

File: 1547091630581.png (302.59 KB, 595x331, Screen Shot 2019-01-09 at 10.3…)

I think someone must have reported her for drinking wine on cam. She used to drink straight from the bottle; now she's telling people that if they "secretly" want to tip her to drink wine, she'll go put some in a cup and drink it.

So now she's having people tip her $0.65 to drink water, then gagging and coughing like it's disgusting.

Also just said she's "like literally looking at places in California right now." She's looking in North Hollywood (NoHo). "It's expensive but worth it, you know?"

Trouble in paradise or just bullshitting?

No. 765554

this bitch cant and wont be able to afford Cali especially NoHo. And she isnt getting pro work anymore so why would she do this?

No. 765555

There's no way she could afford it but it also sounds like there's trouble in paradise. She's mentioning moving, she hasn't mentioned Fupa in a while, they deleted their bios, Fupa stated 2019 has been crazy so far, etc, etc. Can't wait for their breakup milk! And maybe she's looking for a new daddy to live with and mooch off of until he also can't stand her ass.

No. 765556

File: 1547092041810.png (318.47 KB, 593x331, Screen Shot 2019-01-09 at 10.4…)

Claiming to wear a 10/12 in little girls panties KEK. Bitch, we see you.

No. 765557

No life behind those eyes

No. 765558

File: 1547092604230.png (269.64 KB, 593x330, Screen Shot 2019-01-09 at 10.5…)

I can't believe she is really out here slapping herself in the face for $2.25.

Also, how much y'all wanna bet she just caked more makeup over her ~tutorial look~ from the other day?

No. 765559

She keeps talking about "her boyfriend" on cam. Can you make your lurking any more obvious, Shayna?

No. 765560

So can't wait for a breakup and all the stuff they spill about eachother

No. 765561

She talks about the MV contest like she's already won. But I don't think she realizes that the MV staff pick the winner

No. 765562

to be fair; unless she 'drops' out of the top 5 she could win. She has been out to the MV loft and interacted with the mv staff and they will pick/promote whoever will bring them the most money as the winner.

No. 765563

IIRC the MV Loft thing didn’t go that well? She didn’t get along with any of the other girls, and I don’t think they released any of the “content” she made while she was there.

No. 765564

we know she didnt get along with the other girls; but she might have kissed ass to the staff. We dont know. It still comes down to who else is in the top 5 and if they have been earning more than her or not.

No. 765565

File: 1547094092612.jpg (216.66 KB, 1080x375, Screenshot_20190109-222113_Twi…)

Her new header

No. 765566

is she a furry now?

No. 765567

The top 2 are higher ranked in the MV girl standings

No. 765568

File: 1547094667033.jpg (345.79 KB, 1080x1496, Screenshot_20190109-223016_Sam…)

Contest goes to the 19th. She could drop in ranks by then

No. 765569

I will laugh and cheer so hard if she ends up 6th by the time the contest ends

No. 765570

She’s been doing her “puppy play” stuff for a while now, with the dog bone gag, cage, collar. I haven’t watched any of it tho so idk the extent of it.

She’s mangy, flea-bitten and looks like she smells, so it’s fitting either way.

No. 765571

trouble in Haus Mattel would be the milk 2019 needs. I highly doubt she's paying bills and a guy like Fupa clearly isn't into monogamy. The novelty has to be wearing off by now.

No. 765572

File: 1547096512258.jpg (885.34 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190110-000030.jpg)

It was definitely made by a furry lmao

No. 765573

so… she's Clifford the Big Red Dog basically?

No. 765574

Shayna* Clifford the Big Red Dog

No. 765575

File: 1547097694673.png (106.46 KB, 640x690, IMG_9918.PNG)

No. 765576

Lmao… That's a joke right?

No. 765577

the snap camera is the most forgiving of all social media apps lmao.. you should be able to look at yourself in it wearing zero makeup. at least she admits that she feels she needs the heart filter though to fix up her skin.

No. 765578


It sounds like she's been lurking and is very insecure about the heart filter thing.

No. 765579

She had a huge pimple on her cheek when she was on cam earlier, so “good makeup day” is a lie.

I think it’s a combination of >>765578 lurking and being insecure that we’re constantly calling out her overuse of the heart filter and >>765558 calling her out for just piling more makeup over her tutorial “look” from a few days ago.

Really can’t wait to see her upcoming move to NoHo kek.

No. 765580


>content is selling so well right now

If you say so, Dolly.

No. 765581

Nah, you're a fucking dumbass. Congrats.

Shay threads just be like that. Full of spergs.

No. 765582

Yeah why did she get furry set done when she’s not a furry?? She’s actually made fun of furries on tumblr before

No. 765583

that’s pet play, way different than being a furry

No. 765584

File: 1547131842315.png (14.34 KB, 521x133, 2019-01-10 09_46_01-Sub of 2k1…)

did she not just say she was getting her nails done like 2 days ago? is she just lying about dumb shit 24/7?

No. 765585

does she only have like $20 to her name?

No. 765586

File: 1547136333188.png (102.84 KB, 640x704, IMG_9921.PNG)

No. 765587

File: 1547136420994.png (55.52 KB, 640x315, IMG_9919.PNG)

Just shit on people with brown eyes why don't ya. Also it's not that hard to get blue contacts if she really wanted blue eyes.

No. 765588

maybe they'll throw in an extra $2 so she can buy some carmex

No. 765589


No. 765590

lol she's either getting like the deluxe spa package with like paraffin masks or she's scammin again for weed money

No. 765591

I mean this is the same girl who asked for $1600 to get a camera that’s in her wishlist for $700, she’s also asked for $1200 to get hair extensions. She’s known to scam and inflate the prices of shit to get people to buy content. This is nothing new.

No. 765592


At least TRY to hide the fact that you're lurking and feeding your insecurities Shay >>765557

No. 765593

seriously her repeating neverending boils just look like staph infections.

No. 765594

Don't give her any ideas. Sounds like something she'd do to enhance her "barbie aesthetic".

No. 765595

sage please

No. 765596

Maybe she’s stashing funds to move to NoHo.

No. 765597

Tbh I think she was just talking out of her ass… She can't even make it in Tulsa Oklahoma

No. 765598

LMAO anon, please.

No. 765599

As if she can afford a pair of Solotica, kek

No. 765600

she'd probably end up buying some cheap chinese costume contacts and cause herself eye damage or something

No. 765601

I thought he was her dad and daddy

No. 765602

File: 1547161166473.jpg (242.95 KB, 1080x1090, Screenshot_20190110-165837_Twi…)

No one wants your crusty clothes

No. 765603

goodwill doesnt even want that trash

No. 765604

File: 1547161218634.jpg (190.96 KB, 1080x552, Screenshot_20190110-165846_Twi…)

Like your racist tumblr posts? And you have no room to talk Shayna. You started camming underage and make porn that caters to pedos

No. 765605

You guys really don’t understand jokes do ya? She’s obviously just blowing it on unnecessary purchases. Come on, it’s Shayna we’re talking about.

No. 765606


Last night on her cam show she said she had a “money spending problem” and said something along the lines of any money leftover after paying for bills and things for work she blows on weed. She was specifically asking people to give her amazon gift cards so she couldn’t use the money for weed.

No. 765607

she forgot alcohol too

No. 765608

I think Fupa buys her alcohol to keep her happy pliable.

No. 765609

File: 1547162751125.jpg (421.13 KB, 1080x992, Screenshot_20190110-172340_Twi…)

Wow, she actually gave that person credit for the header

No. 765610

She never managed to sell her piss panties though

No. 765611

I feel bad for the creator for being associated with her. Eek.

No. 765612

Why? They're probably proud about it

No. 765613

She posted a smoking vid on Twitter. She looks so gone

No. 765614

Already putting her name as “Sub of 2k18” … wow that’s mighty bold.

No. 765615

It's the exact same as the 100 other smoking vids she's posted on tumblr lol you're acting like she's on heroin

No. 765616

It's been like that for a while. Sage your 3 days too late observation next time.

No. 765617

File: 1547167954368.jpg (532.69 KB, 1077x1599, Screenshot_20190110-185149_Twi…)

There's literally a cord in the way

No. 765618

File: 1547168163632.png (1.35 MB, 810x1428, Screen Shot 2019-01-10 at 7.43…)

[snap anon] She ran out of money by buying an artisanal breakfast and MV votes.

No. 765619

"Wow so caught off guard" as she perfectly positions herself to the camera with the fucking stand and wiring in shot.

How is someone this dumb?

No. 765620

>>I can't film a video because my nails aren't done
"sorry boss, can't do my job, my nails!" wtf is wrong with her, she just uses any excuse she can to not work but then begs for money after blowing all she had jfc

No. 765621

>>765585 So this anon was way too generous saying Shay must have $20 to her name. She actually has just $9.

No. 765622

So is Fupa not helping with groceries or something?

No. 765623

she's such a liar about spending money on MV votes loool. also if she actually took a shower, straightened her hair, applied CUTE makeup and put on a different outfit she would probably have better luck getting some cash. i stg she only has two outfits, one stinky pair of underwear, and one sweaty headband. try harder gurl

No. 765624

She's reblogging the old tweets about people voting for her to make it look like she's getting more votes

Also, she didn't even enter a big category like MV of the year

No. 765625

but i think fupaddy has had enough of her, and is at this point using her as a cum rag. Hes so disinterested and barely shows affection like when they first got together. Not to to forget we got his baby mama saying that hes told everyone Shay does Graphic engineering/designing. She's looking like/making him look like a failure.
Hes a middle aged man with kids, who took on a whole house payment and bills with a dumb bitch who can't even cover the cost of ONE UTILITY. shes probably red eyed and blush-faced because hes constantly showing his concern about them not making it on just his job income alone and shes probably wishing she would've just stayed in Seattle because hes going to start yelling and bitching and sges gonna shout ~uwu abuse~ once out of his sights. Calling it.

No. 765626

i fully agree, it might take awhile but fupa is already sick and tired of shay and after they're done she'll call him abusive and use that to beg for money.

No. 765627

he's probably not even sleeping with her anymore honestly

No. 765628

When was the last time they even posted anything together?

No. 765629

File: 1547172927896.jpg (Spoiler Image,84.35 KB, 1200x630, image.jpg)

Her cunt looks like a camel spider's maw
Is MV that unpopular, or is she inexplicably that popular?
He's definitely seemed tired of her since soon after she got there. He has to be regretting his decision by now. I wonder if he's keeping her around because she has nowhere else to go or doesn't want to prove the h8urz right.

No. 765630

"I have 9$ left because I bought toasts, cheese and grapes"

Also spending 120$ on nails when you look like a dirty stay at home 40yo mom with dried hair, always in a messy bun… Get your priorities straight gorl

No. 765631

Neither of them have posted anything about doing something with eachother. Shay used to post the most dumbest shit about them. But not anymore

No. 765632

She's on cam

No. 765633

No. 765634

File: 1547173727054.png (463.84 KB, 630x556, Screen Shot 2019-01-10 at 9.28…)

She's just silent and then makes random weird yelping noises

No. 765635

That outfit doesn't flatter her

No. 765636

her posture is giving me fucking scoliosis

No. 765637

Someone just tipped her 1089 tokens in one go for apparently no reason. 1089 tokens =$55

No. 765638

She’s just screaming about the tip and using her fake cute voice

No. 765639

Is it $55 to buy 1089 tokens, or is that what she's actually getting?

No. 765640

the weird part is, its not a guy, its a woman from ohio USA

No. 765641

Another 750 tip by the same person. Shes calling him daddy now

No. 765642

I wonder what Fupa thinks/feels when he hears her "working"

No. 765643

File: 1547176174593.png (714.94 KB, 600x612, loll.PNG)

No. 765644

she gets $55, i think it costs the buyer $110? not sure for buyers

No. 765645

She’s asking the big tipper to vote on her MV

No. 765646

He reblogged her last night or the night before on tumblr telling people she was online. I think he's just happy she's trying to make some money tbh lmao.

No. 765647

Please save the casual banter so we don't get autosaged

No. 765648

File: 1547176460817.jpeg (Spoiler Image,235.57 KB, 750x420, FAA92491-3C30-475E-899A-36818F…)

Cryptid Mattel

No. 765649

Her new “daddy” just bought all her videos on Mv and she’s screeching

No. 765650

farmer? or hard up loser?

No. 765651

This person just spent over $160 on shay in the past 20 min, and said "anything you want i can get for you". if you click the profile, its a woman?? its confusing. Farmer??

No. 765652

tinfoil but i think its dawn willow. she needs shay to be making money to make her look good.

No. 765653

the big spender's profile says she is 26 years old, and used to cam about 4 years ago.

No. 765654

bet mv and cb will be dealing some charge backs.

No. 765655

“Daddy” tipped another 250

No. 765656


$250 or 250 tokens?? Pretty massive difference between the two.

No. 765657

Sorry tokens. Should’ve specified

No. 765658

On MFC 1 token is 5 cent for the model, how much is it on chaturbate??

No. 765659

they tipped another 150. They’ve spent 2150 tokens on her at this point and bought all her vids on MV

No. 765660

File: 1547177457793.png (Spoiler Image,481 KB, 728x409, 28738592535.png)

I went to her room and she was aggressively licking her lips. Sexy.

No. 765661

looks like its the same

No. 765662

File: 1547177656296.jpg (Spoiler Image,302.73 KB, 1080x596, Screenshot_20190110-212707_Sam…)

Same pose as always. Idk what that face is

No. 765663

File: 1547177699847.jpg (Spoiler Image,305.11 KB, 1080x605, Screenshot_20190110-212720_Sam…)

How does she think this is attractive

No. 765664

File: 1547177731418.jpg (Spoiler Image,306.93 KB, 1074x606, Screenshot_20190110-213155_Sam…)

Hank Hill with a butt plug

No. 765665


Does she own a single other butt plug?

No. 765666

No. 765667

I gave his tumblr a look through, and he doesn’t post about her anymore. And when he reblogged her “I’m on cam” post, he just seemed bothered. I don’t know. He teblogs her posts but doesn’t add captions anymore. Her talking about moving, and looking more empty on cam last night than normal. All the signs their giving off makes it seem like they’re just done with each other. But then again, maybe Fupa is just super paranoid. We know they browse here, maybe he’s trying to keep her off his social media so we have nothing to go off of.

No. 765668


anons have been begging them to sage for like a week now, they literally refuse to and if you ask them to sage more than once, YOU get banned for infighting.

No. 765669

oh. great. i can only hope new admin has a hellweek to clean some of these threads up.

No. 765670

File: 1547178386682.jpg (Spoiler Image,324.33 KB, 1080x607, Screenshot_20190110-214341_Sam…)

Typical edge face

No. 765671

He hasn't answered any asks lately too

No. 765672


How do you know he's even gotten any? You been sending them?

No. 765673

Sounding a bit like fupa there. Calm down.

Maybe no one sends them anymore, he’s always an asshole and defensive when he answers asks.

No. 765674

No, I'm saying there haven't been any new asks on his profile. He used to always answer them

No. 765675

If he did buy them all, there would be a notification on her Twitter about a sale. And there isn't

No. 765676

File: 1547179209123.png (Spoiler Image,1.24 MB, 1920x1080, FLOWER.png)

No. 765677

Looking like a real ballsack. Jesus Christ.

No. 765678


I'm sounding like Fupa because I wanted to know if the anon sent asks and therefore knows for a fact he stopped answering them?

No. 765679

File: 1547179430323.png (Spoiler Image,1.48 MB, 1920x1080, roxylikeapuma.png)

No. 765680

Man get a clue, everyone is sick of you people not saging.

Looks like a MTF vagina, that ballsack saggy skin!!

No. 765681

i think he's just been on tumblr less in general

No. 765682

File: 1547179544722.jpg (Spoiler Image,272.98 KB, 1080x619, Screenshot_20190110-220429_Sam…)

No. 765683

No it’s the way you said it- or typed it in this case. The defensive way it came off. And then again with the way you replied just now. You seem angry, and accusing. But it’s reallg irrelevant because it was a joke in the first place.

No. 765684


Was genuinely curious and the only one who sounds angry is you, but all right, bruh.

No. 765685

nta but you sound autistic

No. 765686

nah you sounded mad it was weird

dudes just out there making bank lol yeah i hope they break up so she can start talking about how he's abusive or whatever shit she makes up

No. 765687

lmao "making bank" stop licking his ass

No. 765688

Okay that was very clearly sarcasm. Everyone who ACTUALLY frequents this thread knows he isn’t making very much.
What is with all these hostile anons. Why is everyone so touchy.

No. 765689

I wouldn't doubt he was somewhat abusive with the old shit she used to post about him, and the stuff his ex-wife mentioned regarding him. Lest we forget he's scummy too

No. 765690

nobody's hostile you just sound dumb accusing people of being fupa for asking one question and then calling them weird lol not even that anon

No. 765691

File: 1547182023510.png (57.04 KB, 640x316, IMG_9927.PNG)

No. 765692

Sorry, this is getting really fucking old now
This >>765686 not me.
>>765683 this is me.
>>765673 also me.
No one was even acknowledging the weird comment. This was about fupa “making bank” and >>765687 not being able to understand sarcasm.

No. 765693

File: 1547182202341.png (66.06 KB, 640x651, IMG_9926.PNG)


No. 765694


No. 765695

File: 1547182917277.png (61.52 KB, 640x875, IMG_9925.PNG)


No. 765696

File: 1547183013683.png (61.52 KB, 640x875, IMG_9925.PNG)


No. 765697

Why would she be proud of being someone like this? Psycho

No. 765698

oh god this is horrifying, she looks like those giraffe stage play costumes where they have the super long legs in front and have to bend down to "walk" on all fours. cryptid is too accurate

her set-up is so unflattering. gives her such washed out gray skin. having different tones of pink on all sides with white directly behind her just makes her look like a decaying corpse.

fupa is, best case scenario, just a shitty self-absorbed boyfriend. his last marriage and the way he treated his ex-wife after she had their children proves he's emotionally/verbally abusive at the very least. he also pushes shay's BDSM boundaries into possibly-physically-abusive territory (like slapping her in the face without consent in public). he's been scummy since the beginning, I remember a bunch of anons being genuinely concerned for shay's safety when she was first meeting him in Mexico/moving in with him, as he seemed like a total predator. now we know he's just a washed-up edgelord looking for a girl to beat up and hatefuck.

No. 765699

LA anon here. Noho isn't expensive. It's the valley, and unless you're in the arts district it's a cheaper part of LA.

No. 765700

File: 1547185297959.jpg (227.61 KB, 1080x744, Screenshot_20190110-234033_Twi…)

The AVN's are for actual porn stars. And yes we have seen the inside of your ass, get it checked out

People have been asking you for years? She's barely been in the "industry"

No. 765701

Fupa reblogged that cringey pic of him in a band tee and long johns

No. 765702

She could barely afford a shitty studio in Seattle

No. 765703

She's scared of people seeing her without the Snapchat filters

No. 765704

tbh a studio in seattle and a studio in noho are about the same.

No. 765705

Shayna I promise most of AVN have never seen your crap porn and the rest probably bonds over laughing at you

No. 765706

yeah but wasnt she leeching off of a sugar daddy for a while in Seattle?

No. 765707

I actually like this outfit more than the overused hello kitty panties she usually wears

No. 765708

I actually like this outfit more than the overused hello kitty panties she usually wears

No. 765709

I actually like this outfit more than the overused hello kitty panties she usually wears

No. 765710

I actually like this outfit more than the overused hello kitty panties she usually wears

No. 765711

I actually like this outfit more than the overused hello kitty panties she usually wears

No. 765712

it doesn't matter. she's not moving there lol. she's just talking out of her ass. i wouldn't be surprised if this is the end of her porn saga honestly and she goes back home. we'll see tho.

No. 765713


Sry, phone glitched when posting

No. 765714

Tinfoil, but i think maybe her agency stopped booking her because they found something on her test. If you work for an agency.m, you have to get tested frequently. She was getting work and then all of a sudden just wasnt. I really think they found something on her test or maybe they had her get her pussy checked out too and they found something.

No. 765715

Unless Fupa has been cheating on her (which is possible) I don’t think she had a test turn up positive because she went out to LA once or twice before she got dropped. Judging by her overall attitude I think it’s more likely that she threw a fit over something or was just negative in general and they decided she was too much trouble. I doubt her videos were raking in the stacks or anything.

No. 765716

If they were worried about the sores they may have made her get a swab/biopsy and a genital exam. Different agencies have different standards for testing so who knows. Plus what she has probably wouldn’t show up on a blood test as it’s probably some kind of virus. I’ll bet anything Fupa has never been tested and we know he fucks her raw. Idk just tinfoiling.

No. 765717

I can just imagine her “no I won’t use lube that’s gross! Fuck you I’m edgy I don’t use lube I’m a perfect pillow princess didn’t you hear? I’m an independent porn STAR, okay?! I’m DOLLY MATTEL!”

No. 765718

i doubt she talked to industry people like that. she was probably an insecure pushover.

No. 765719

That's pretty much what that anon in the last thread (or maybe 2 threads ago) claimed. They had no proof other than that convo from a third party talking about her, but it doesn't sound too left of field for Shay.

No. 765720

call me a skeptic, but i still am not convinced that text convo was even real. they could have at least offered a little more context, i mean, come on, we're all anonymous here.

No. 765721

yeah if you look at http://society15.com/talent/ shes been moved to the bottom with a couple of other girls, one of them has stopped doing porn according to her twitter so i think thats how they phase them out maybe instead of just deleting them off the page??

No. 765722

File: 1547229533554.jpg (487.29 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190111-125648.jpg)

Wow so epic

No. 765723

I bet someone could post a makeup tutorial and get paid. As if your crusty lips and tragic eyebrows are so hard to copy.

No. 765724


>lol ur ugly


No. 765725

File: 1547230552629.jpeg (302.82 KB, 1242x513, 42A1AB1C-14B2-486D-A5DA-D3DC34…)

Apparently other sex workers aren’t allowed to have the same customers as her, and her customers aren’t allowed to buy from other sex workers. okay, Shay.

No. 765726

it’s funny how she posts “were all sex workers, let’s support each other! I love all of you!”

Next day: “y’all some fucking SNAKES, stealing my customers”

which is it shayna?

No. 765727


She's got such a hard time keeping track of what she wants to be. "ownership" and possessiveness of certain customers is something you'd see dommes doing, not our "sub of 2018".

No. 765728

she sounds really insecure. if you were confident about your services and your videos, you wouldnt worry if your customers are also buying from other sexworkers.

No. 765729

File: 1547232023554.jpg (491.81 KB, 1080x2018, Dafuqisthisshit.jpg)

How is she gonna say this?

Then have a video description like that.

No. 765730


From her snap, didn’t bother to post the whole thing because it’s just her begging for money. Sounds like trouble in fupa-dise? “Got a lot of a shit going on thats kind of like (sigh)”

Also no the Dropbox doesn’t have my real name.

No. 765731

yeah because most porn-watching men just watch one person and nobody else. is she drunk already?

No. 765732

File: 1547232757316.png (3.31 MB, 1242x2208, IMG_1222.PNG)

Whoops might have cut it a little too close so you didn’t get her expression (see pic). I cut it off quickly for everyone’s sake because she then showed her infected boil and pussy off

No. 765733

File: 1547232922055.png (729.83 KB, 1020x916, 2019-01-11 13_50_04-Stories • …)

lmao this bitch is really on one. can't wait to see her shitshow of a depop. half of it is probably going to be old and pilling or stained.

No. 765734

why the fuck does she need $200 in weed tho

No. 765735

its probs stuff that doesnt fit her anymore. i know shes not like put on a ton of weight but a lot of her stuff was already tight/ill fitting

No. 765736

That'll probably get her an ounce of weed in Oklahoma. As a heavy smoker that's a comfortable amount but honestly she is stupid and should just switch to wax or oil if she wants to save money and stay high.

No. 765737

i mean i smoke weed too but if i'm broke i'm not buying an ounce at a time lol like have some priorities, she has $9

No. 765738

its cus shes so bored and lonely

No. 765739

File: 1547235918326.jpg (356.73 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190111-144452.jpg)

I'm really hoping she doesn't sell anything she's filmed her videos in or worn to shoots lol

No. 765740


I really, really hope she won't try to sell her pissed panties there lmao…

No. 765741

File: 1547237236891.png (16.9 KB, 522x238, 2019-01-11 15_01_04-Sub of 2k1…)

the begging is seriously getting out of control

No. 765742

Here’s the link to her Depop: https://www.depop.com/dollymattel

She hasn’t listed anything yet.

No. 765743

she's gonna end up being one of those cows that scams people and doesn't send their items and then has like 100 bad reviews kek

No. 765744

It might have something to do with availability/her not having a connect, since recreationl weed is illegal in Oklahoma. Also pls correct me if I'm wrong, but in my state it's a way bigger deal/you get in a lot more trouble if you're caught with wax/concentrates than if you're just caught with flower.

"Lifetime sub to my snap" bitch no one is going to fund your addiction especially after you write this. you JUST revoked ALL lifetime subscriptions to your snapchat. now you're saying it's still an option? anyone who believes that is a dumbass who will be inevitably be scammed just like everyone else who has her snapchat.

No. 765745

File: 1547243273203.png (472.55 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2019-01-11-16-47-21…)


No. 765746

File: 1547243323311.png (Spoiler Image,1.07 MB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2019-01-11-16-47-27…)


May have already been posted, didn't see it but willing to delete….. Those fucking yellow spots on her feet!

No. 765747

File: 1547243453447.png (Spoiler Image,1.08 MB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2019-01-11-16-47-34…)


I'd show off my backside often if my front side was already wrecked lmao
I cant with her gross ass feet and backne… Like girl… Your job requires your body to look nice, the chief called and says this isn't it and i trust him, so

No. 765748

it wasn't posted, it's just not milky or interesting

No. 765749

File: 1547244756567.jpg (50.15 KB, 1080x581, Screenshot_20190111-161150_Tum…)

so edgy

No. 765750

OMG i cant believe she didnt edit her yellow calluses out im dying that's almost more disgusting than her snatch

No. 765751

He's said before that he doesn't smoke. If this is the same person from last night still not saging your stale commentary then please fuck off already.

No. 765752

he works at a call centre.. i doubt he has $80 extra a week for his uwu stoner baby. that's why she's asking for money.
also fupa only smoked when he visited her in seattle.

No. 765753

File: 1547246940973.jpg (275.87 KB, 1080x1348, Screenshot_20190111-164832_Twi…)

Are you sad that your own daddy can't give you weed money

No. 765754

I deleted my autism. Not the anon that doesn't sage. Just a mistake.

Still looking forward to the milk their breakup brings

No. 765755

File: 1547247077996.jpg (739.62 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190111-165000_Sam…)

The clothes she's posting are saying "worn once or twice." What happened to them "never been worn"?

Also, they all look dirty af


No. 765756

File: 1547247131923.jpg (784.46 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190111-165013_Sam…)


Are these not going to be washed?

No. 765757

File: 1547247161787.jpg (848.88 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190111-165035_Sam…)

Peep her gross pink carpet

No. 765758

on the app she is confirmed in tulsa. also girl is gonna flip when she has to actually spend money to pack and ship these with tracking codes. lmaooo here come the awful seller reviews

No. 765759

File: 1547248373877.jpeg (677.11 KB, 1242x1426, 8DFF88F3-B842-4056-997A-D00A75…)

I almost feel bad for these people, but not really

No. 765760

her orbiters are a special breed i swear

No. 765761

i feel like 90% of her "daddies" are probably just tumblrites desperate for attention

No. 765762

Her female orbiters just want to be like her. They dont have any real interest in her. They are probally just trying to skinwalk her aesthetic at this point

No. 765763

she isnt even 'goals' enough to skinwalk? bleeeh

No. 765764

Some people have very low standards and in that whole DDLG act like a kid group of people she's someone seen as cute

No. 765765

She’s holding her arms very tightly to her sides in the pics so I’m wondering if the clothes have pit stains

No. 765766

Yeah oils/wax are considered a felony in most places where weed is not legal.

No. 765767

doesn't matter, she's never been known to use them anyway

No. 765768

Fishmouth Mattel at it again

No. 765769

She's really going to take these photos on that disgusting rug she uses to make gross porn on that for sure never gets washed

No. 765770

just knowing the clothes have touched it is enough to gross me out lol

No. 765771

File: 1547256987817.jpg (591.68 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190111-193542_Sam…)

New clothes posted (some are sold)


No. 765772

File: 1547257025958.jpg (693.85 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190111-193528_Sam…)

Omgosh guys it's VINTAGE

No. 765773

File: 1547257064473.jpg (681.38 KB, 1080x1721, Screenshot_20190111-193505_Sam…)


"Girls united," but doesn't want to share customers

No. 765774

Ummm… It literally has a black stain on it???

No. 765775

File: 1547257094610.jpg (575.02 KB, 1080x1766, Screenshot_20190111-193444_Sam…)


No. 765776

File: 1547257130829.jpg (571.17 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190111-193429_Sam…)


All the clothes are like the same

No. 765777

its kinda gross and unprofessional that she couldnt put on a bra for these pics.

No. 765778

Agreed. But remember, she said she doesn't wear bras because it hurts her perky nipples uwu

No. 765779

Yeah but complete strangers on a clothing selling app wont know that.

No. 765780

File: 1547257519909.jpg (69.19 KB, 1080x703, Screenshot_20190111-194505_Tum…)


No. 765781

I think the people who are buying her clothes are her "fans." But I do agree it's unprofessional and gross to not wear a bra for this

No. 765782

Are you dumb? There’s videos on tumblr of her smoking wax.

No. 765783

"worn once or twice and already noticeably stained"

damn. much like her porn, her clothes-modelling consists of taking photos on the floor. that is not a good way to showcase the piece, shayna. stand up so the bottom quarter of it isn't crumpled in your lap. cmon. that's basic salesmanship.

No. 765784

Lmao uh oh

No. 765785

File: 1547260454957.jpg (203.81 KB, 1080x675, Screenshot_20190111-203257_Twi…)


No. 765786

She must be really running outta cash

No. 765787

File: 1547260513076.jpg (175.35 KB, 1080x1558, Screenshot_20190111-203312_Twi…)


No. 765788

wow, moving on to pills from alcohol huh shay? you just really want to live that white trash Tulsa lifestyle don’t you?

No. 765789

I wonder how Fupapa feels about the mention of xanax

No. 765790

literally every week

No. 765791

You know you can just imagine them having an argument and not being able to fix it because they don't really care about each other, so they don't talk at all and then they literally have nothing cus their whole relationship is based on like sex and posting about that on tumblr

No. 765792

he thinks he's lil peep reincarnate so it probably doesn't bother him

No. 765793

he asked people not to talk to him about drugs and said he's super not into them because his sister died because of drug related reasons? something like that? I can't even remember his stupid lies lol. but yea he claimed to be straightedge because of past trauma due to xanax. that was when he was claiming to be an orphan whose uncle was anthony perkins

No. 765794

File: 1547261871816.jpg (509.3 KB, 1080x1857, Screenshot_20190111-205542_Twi…)

Get ready for a novel


No. 765795

File: 1547261897575.jpg (615.4 KB, 1080x1874, Screenshot_20190111-205603_Twi…)


No. 765796

File: 1547261961078.jpg (229.95 KB, 1080x662, Screenshot_20190111-205627_Twi…)


Could this be the end?

No. 765797

>>765796 being ur own boss can be great, but sometimes when ur not being held accountable 2 anyone but urself its easier 2 say "hey ill take the day off"

Where's your dadager, Shayna?
Tinfoil but she's hardcore begging for money right now because Fupa isn't letting her freeload anymore.
Guess her boil covered pussy isnt good enough for rent anymore lmao

No. 765798

File: 1547263248405.jpg (283.28 KB, 1080x1094, Screenshot_20190111-212026_Twi…)


No. 765799

File: 1547263278677.jpg (202.39 KB, 1080x834, Screenshot_20190111-212038_Twi…)

And where is Fupa?

No. 765800

I can’t even imagine them in the same room just hanging out or watching tv like normal “couples” (which we all know they’re not.) so shay’s in her room NOT working and all alone and it’s lateish so fupa is almost definitely home. I think this might be the end y’all

No. 765801

What the heck is happening with their relationship I want MILK. I still won’t believe they are broken up till I see it though.

No. 765802

Ok yeah. I think they’re at the end of their relationship and just keeping it on the down low so they don’t provide milk.

No. 765803

>moving to LA
>has $9

No. 765804

forgot to add:
>may or may not have been dropped by her agency
she has no plan

No. 765805

yeah that's 100% how LA would work out for you babe! lmao

>vanilla jobs
yeah when a "normal" person who is like so ttly basic has mental health problems they just uh keep working and everything is fine

No. 765806

tinfoil-They're going to keep it quiet that they're apart for as long as possible and then Shay will answer an ask from one of her orbiters and start spouting about how Kyle was abusive about 2-3 months after they break up

No. 765807

LMAO bitch no! you're just bad at your job! sex work is like being an actor in that regard: when your mental health is down you DON'T let it affect your income. you put on a happy face and fake it til you make it. you don't get to just take two weeks off because you're uwu sad.

"Our entire livelihood is based off our persona" RIGHT! and that's why successful sex workers create a work persona separate from their personal lives, so that they are able to perform for their job even when they are feeling like shit. your work persona on the other hand is inseparable from your non-work life, meaning one bad day in your personal life affects your work, which it shouldn't, especially not over and over. don't blame your shitty work ethic on your career choice. especially the bit about "not being accountable to anyone so it's easy to take the day off" you're just admitting that you're too lazy to push through and work hard.

>admitting to deteriorating mental health

Get a fucking therapist or shut up about how sick you are. don't use it as an excuse if you're not actively taking steps to fix it

No. 765808

not really a tinfoil. she's just going to have to suck it up until she finds somewhere to go.

No. 765809

nah anon, she's taking her mental health into her own hands by smoking an ounce of weed a week and chasing xanax with "pink wine"

No. 765810

Or her next daddy. I can't believe shay thought she was gonna marry fupa lol

No. 765811

Didn't his fake sister die of a xanax overdose or something?

No. 765812

Honestly the main reason I thought that wouldn’t happen was her age even before I realized how toxic they were.

No. 765813

sage, bud

No. 765814

His sister didn't die. She has been heavily addicted for years. For a while fupa and his ex were watching her kid (not sure if she lost custody). She's been in and out of jail /on and off drugs for years. She is, however, very much alive. Also, fupas biological dad is alive. His step dad died.

Don't want to post proof because I don't want to break the no family rule.

Just wanted to clarify.

No. 765815

dang yo. idk if this counts as breaking the family rule, or if it's really true. but it is truly FUCKED that Fupa would claim his sister has died of drugs if she's currently in the throes of addiction. that's just some twisted mindset he's got. like. that should be something he is terrified to even put into the air, like fear to even speak it, to prevent the jinx of it happening, if it's a real possibility. makes me wonder how much he really cares about people who he's supposed to be close to. almost proves to me that shayna is just a cum rag to him.

No. 765816

neither of them are going to want to prove the "haturs" wrong, so I feel like this is going to be dragged on a little more than were thinking. I'd love to be wrong though.

No. 765817

File: 1547268145630.jpeg (300.93 KB, 1242x1359, AEAC827F-9B68-462D-BF8C-5AE944…)

Feel like she might of got that Xanax.

No. 765818

Honestly concerned for her safety. Mixing alcohol and xanax is dangerous.

Also this ambitious movie playlist for tonight is one of someone who does meth

No. 765819

Yeah I was gonna say I thought the dead dad and sister had been debunked

No. 765820

She's prob done it before and I'd be shocked if she actually got ahold of can ax anyway. She has no friends and I doubt fupa's prescribed.

No. 765821


No. 765822

I think the "somewhere else" she needs to go is rehab

No. 765823

Im sorta tinfoiling, but wasnt there talk/proof of a possible threesome-gone-wrong?

Maybe its all connected.
He focused on his family and kids for the holidays, shayna went back to Mass.
He spent more time with his kids and she smeared the crying of children.
Shay bitches and moans about someone being invited into their home and attempting to take her fupa.
Her and Fupa both silent about each other.

Maybe hes cut his losses, maybe hes starting to realize you cant fix those who wont fix themselves. She JUST admitted that being your own boss means being lazy and not doing shit, then just turns around and begs for money.
What really is the difference between her and a bum on the street corner???

No. 765824

Rehab for weed?

No. 765825

Who will announce the break up first?

No. 765826

File: 1547270005647.jpg (351.63 KB, 1080x608, Screenshot_20190111-231243_Tum…)

The header to her side blog. What's with that face

No. 765827

Lmao no there was never proof of a threesome? Some of y'all getting crazy with the paragraphs-long tinfoiling. I'm already mentally preparing for the anons coming in that are "so concerned for her" like the ones that were giving her money last time she was so ~uwu depressed~

No. 765828

Not a threesome. Shay wanted another cam girl to come to the house and film with her

No. 765829

idk could just be weed and xanax tonight. while definitely not physically (or, for her, mentally) healthy, also less physically risky

No. 765830

same here, if the sympathy anons come back i'm gonna roll my eyes until i die

No. 765831

How much is she even making off this? Selling shit for $6, but with depop fees and shipping? At this point, just throw it in the garbage or give it to Goodwill.

No. 765832

Shipping is typically $5-6 even if it’s light USPS raised their prices.
Depop fees are 10%
I guess any money works for shayna, even if it’s $3

No. 765833

how is she going to ship these? she has no car, no friends, no money for an uber. so where’s the money to get packing supplies and pay for shipping? She really didn’t think this out, like the majority of what she does.

Good business people think things out Shay, not impulsively do things and hope for the best.

No. 765834

No. 765835

Lets not forget how she did a “giveaway” but never actually sent anything out. Astrozombies won, was supposed to be sent a bong, and NEVER got it.

No. 765836

File: 1547311262154.jpg (432.27 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190112-114037.jpg)

Depop, Poshmark and mercari just charge you a fee off the top and then give you the shipping label

No. 765837

im pretty sure he has a half sister (same dad diff mom) who died in a car accident but idk if xanax was involved or if fupa even knew/ grew up with her.

No. 765838

She will be quiet about it until she moves out and then she will be drunk on cam and spill the milk. She won’t do it while she’s living there.

No. 765839

nta but I personally don't think the anon's claims were fabricated. I'm as milk thirsty as any other farmer but, for maybe the first time in my life of believing random 'I know the cow/a friend knows the cow' anons, I really do think it was legitimate. It was perfectly timed speculation that fits the cow flawlessly if it wasn't. I am also inclined to believe that anon above the idea she was randomly just now tested for stis; it just feels more probable.

No. 765840

>worn once or twice
for a period of 2 months maybe, it's more matted than her old rug wtf

No. 765841

people need to be less thirsty. that's the issue.

No. 765842

or everyone could just be way overthinking it and she simply didn't get any more offers for bookings. she only ever had jobs with atk, lovinglyhandmade and that vr one she did with reena sky. her agency might just put performers on a hiatus if they aren't being asked back.

No. 765843

lovinglyhandmade wasn’t through an agency. They’re an amateur porn producer that simply works with different models. Apparently they met at a kink party, which I think shayna went to when she was going to that old man’s dungeon thing with his wife and getting tied up. I don’t remember the exact details but yeah.

No. 765844

Speaking of lovinglyhandmade, here’s the newest vid with her:


No. 765845

not sure if this one was posted but there’s this one too:

No. 765846

i'm not clicking those links but feel free to add screenshots

No. 765847

File: 1547324421682.jpeg (Spoiler Image,165.23 KB, 570x337, 5E098976-F700-4C90-B239-84B5F1…)

Cute shay

No. 765848

She looks thrilled to be there

No. 765849

based on the level of grow out from her roots, these were shot at least two months ago if not longer

No. 765850

Yes they were, because this guy is in Seattle. I think they had about three shooting sessions in total. He just releases clips periodically.

No. 765851

but these were just recently posted in early January and December.

No. 765852


i'm so bothered that this guy is in, like, dad sneakers and calling them "boots"

No. 765853

what? Those look like boots to me…

No. 765854

File: 1547340996812.jpg (250.42 KB, 1080x787, Screenshot_20190112-185446_Twi…)

That's not cute

No. 765855

I’m 10000 percent sure shayna is unraveling solely for show. I guarantee Fupa is sick of her ( pick a reason) and she’s trying to get his attention on social media so he pays attention to her without actually asking for it. This is like that high school friend that threatened suicide or engaged in dangerous behaviors to get your attention when you were mad at them. She did this a couple of months ago where everyone was SO worried about her mental health and he like posted about her once and she was fine. She’s baiting him and he’s not taking it.

No. 765856

true. she does this shit for either money or attention, or both and we've seen proof of this in the past. her life is always disgusting pathetic shit but she's very stuck up and deluded about it.

No. 765857

she’s a legit alcoholic now. wow, totally thriving right shay? I’ll bet anything the only time she actually enjoys her life is when she’s piss drunk and barely in touch with reality.

No. 765858

File: 1547344115198.jpg (278.91 KB, 1080x998, Screenshot_20190112-194824_Twi…)

Not sure who she's talking about

No. 765859

File: 1547344903675.jpg (435.02 KB, 1080x1990, Screenshot_20190112-194930_Tum…)

Because certain apps don't allow sex work in their TOS. Even venom doesn't allow it. So no, no one reported her. The company noticed and shut it down. Which is why I don't use PayPal anymore

No. 765860


No. 765861

File: 1547346766691.jpg (188.55 KB, 1080x792, Screenshot_20190112-203234_Twi…)

No idea who this chick is. A new worshipper?

No. 765862

Yeah exactly. Also the reason she tells people not to say the money is for porn in the notes.

No. 765863


No. 765864

She’s another 18 year old wanna be sex worker stan. aka, stupid as fuck.

No. 765865

Pretty sure venmo is owned by paypal as well so how she’s fallen under the radar on that one is surprising

No. 765866

I was about to say the same thing about having a separate persona. She's just bad at sex work and her poor work ethics are really obvious lmao
Can't feel bad for this dumbass anymore

No. 765867

File: 1547355907854.jpg (220.92 KB, 1080x634, Screenshot_20190112-230456_Twi…)

No. 765868

I think she just made it obvious she might have been doing this, not only to get Fupa's attention, but also for votes??

No. 765869

those damn HK underwear again

No. 765870

File: 1547395597074.jpg (441.24 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190113-110312.jpg)

God. She really is doing the "give me attention and money, I'm so depressed and crying!1 (but pls vote for me)" routine again. I honest to god think this is her way of trying to get as many sympathy votes as possible. Fupa come get your pathetic girl.

No. 765871

This bitch is losing her shit over $10? That's less than 1 hour of minimum wage in some parts of the country. Shay just give your diseased pussy a break and go get a job at Starbucks.

No. 765872

But anon, she's too important to work a ~vanilla~ job

No. 765873

just gonna interject to say: for the love of god, farmers, don't mass report her to venmo just bc selling porn over it might be against the ToS like >>765865 said. ik not everyone here would do that but this thread is especially shitty about encouraging reporting and cowtipping and it's aggravating as fuck

No. 765874

It hasn't even been discussed. There are tons of vendetta chan camgirls that frequent these threads and I blame them. She probably also had some dumbass customers out her on blast in notes when they sent money and she got caught that way. I don't think most farmers are worried about her ability to get money because we all know she's not getting much lol. She's literally selling her entire library for 60 cents each right now.

No. 765875

no i agree, it hasn't been discussed and i didn't mean to imply it had been, but i wanted to say it preemptively because of all the obvious cowtipping that goes on in these threads. & yeah it's almost certainly vendetta chans from tumblr doing 99% of the dumb shit

No. 765876

Actually it's even less if you take into consideration the 6 month snap sub she's including. What's she normally charging for that? 20 plus 5 a month? So subtract that and you're actually getting 6 months of her Snapchat at reg price and all of her videos for $5.

No. 765877

File: 1547404594648.png (21.44 KB, 583x278, 2019-01-13 13_36_23-Window.png)

why tho

No. 765878

barbie doesn’t have piercings. and babies don’t either. bummer,

No. 765879

> but it is truly FUCKED that Fupa would claim his sister has died of drugs if she's currently in the throes of addiction.
It's actually not at all. A lot of family members of addicts think of the addict as passed away because it's actually easier to deal with the idea that they're dead than the idea that they're a drug-addled monster. I wouldn't blame fupapa for that.
She's probably not at rehab levels yet but she's well on her way to becoming an alcoholic
Damn she really is milking this 'pity me' shit for all its worth. Shame she's using the money on weed and piercings instead of escaping Fupapa

No. 765880

Holy hell her feet are huge

No. 765881

The odds are more in favor of jilted customers tipping places off rather than fellow camgirls. None of the camgirls are going to risk having their own payments by reporting hers. But on the other hand Shay has shown how dumb she is in the past by flaunting herself breaking the rules on sites so I wouldn't doubt her payments being banned simply from her own stupidity.

>nose piercing
With what money? Or is she just going to use the needle and lemon trick like out of the movies?

>on her way to becoming an alcoholic
Farmer she's already there. When she came back from Christmas she drank before her flight, on her flight, and after her flight. She wakes up too hungover to cam. She day drinks wine and night drinks wine. She just admitted to drinking whiskey and beer from 11am and being too drunk to cam.

She's a fullblown alcoholic at this point and if she keeps this up she won't be able to stop without side effects.

No. 765882

Why not just get a tattoo of “daddy” somewhere on your body? I mean…go big or go home, amirght?

No. 765883

Bitch, any customer service job is impossible when your mental health is down. But you still get up off your ass and you do it. It's called being responsible.

No. 765884

oh god I wonder if she’s gonna do some crazy Amy winehouse style aesthetic “my daddy thinks I’m fine” bullshit

No. 765885

File: 1547414968031.png (408.68 KB, 455x810, tumblr_plagwt7B6s1qmgnx5_540.p…)

Kyles on Tinder so I think they have broke up. Or he's cheating on her

No. 765886

File: 1547415009804.png (116.26 KB, 455x810, tumblr_plagwvVYyZ1qmgnx5_540.p…)

No. 765887

lmfaoo 2019 messy af

No. 765888

Where is this screencap from?? Can you put a timestamp on it? No wayy this is too funny.

No. 765889

How did you even manage to find this??

No. 765890

I feel like this is faked

No. 765891

File: 1547415827021.png (301.99 KB, 455x810, tumblr_plahllkaal1qmgnx5_540.p…)

This is all I can get for a timestamp (britfag here) but I have Tinder gold(lol) so I just changed my location to Tulsa and he turned up in my 'likes'. I've not matched with him though

No. 765892


You could post a video showing the date and time on your lock screen and then open it on Tinder.

No. 765893

File: 1547416155513.gif (487.33 KB, 180x115, tumblr_m57qvegeEM1r0f1w7.gif)


whoops there it is.

God, Shay sitting in her room and begging for money and Fupa already out there for a new playgirl to find. Wonder if he gave her an ultimatum when she has to move out of the house. Looks like he isn't paying any of her shit either jesus christ this too good to be true.

No. 765894

i;m dead lmfao no fucking way

new milk incoming. even if they aren't 100% done, it's obvious kyle is at least looking for someone new and shay is miserable

No. 765895

omg……. i feel like it could be a fake profile tho? idk! i bet she knows and he claims he doesnt have the app anymore

No. 765896


That link just takes me to the home page. Did you use the "Share" button to create a link?

No. 765897

This is the milk that we all deserve. Bless you anon. Obviously they've broken up as shay could never be in an open relationship. It must be so fucking awkward in the Haus Mattel! What if one of Kyle's dates goes well and he has to explain why he can't bring her home. Uhh sorry my ex girlfriend still lives with me and she's home right now laying on the floor eating goldfish while fucked up on xanax and pink wine listening to Britney Spears and crying

No. 765898

No. 765899

if you changed your location why would it say he’s 7070 kilometers away? I really feel like someone just made a stupid fake profile for fake milk. Boo.

No. 765900

that just made it even more obvious that it fake. how lame.

No. 765901

Wouldn’t it still use GPS to show current location despite where you set search location? Idk I’ve never used tinder. I was really hoping this was legit dammit

No. 765902

i got really excited at first but now i kinda feel like the bio sounds super fake, you know real fupa would say at least one dark, le edgy thing in there.

No. 765903

Can’t find these selfies on his Facebook, are they from his tumblr?

No. 765904

I’ve used tinder plus to catch my bf cheating before. You can set it to any area but it will still show the distance from your true location. This is exactly what it should look like.

No. 765905

agreed, havent seen some of these pics

No. 765906

File: 1547419212472.png (79.33 KB, 585x246, Screen Shot 2019-01-13 at 5.39…)

Sounds about right??? lmao

No. 765907

anyone else have tinder plus who can corroborate this then? I'm inclined to believe it's him. I don't think he would put super edgy shit (horror movie fanatic, girls w tattoos, "swear I'm a slitheryn" are all kind of subtle yet stupid things to hint at it) in his bio because it might scare away younger women and I'm sure that's what he's looking for

No. 765908

File: 1547419696859.jpg (180.64 KB, 1280x720, Pastiches.jpg)




>drinking whiskey with Bojack

Shay's season finale when?

No. 765909

changing your location on Tinder just means you've selected a city and made your profile available to the users of the selected city. the "real" distance away from the user doesn't change, so if the farmer is indeed located in the UK, then Kyle should show as several thousand km away.

see: https://www.vidaselect.com/tinder-passport

No. 765910

That moment when you realize you live 30 miles away from this train wreck.

No. 765911

Cowtipping of course but it'd be hella lulz if anon created local-ish profile and confirm if he's active and paradise is indeed troubled kek

No. 765912


now that he knows (and Shay too) he'll probably either delete it or not match with anyone seeing as how someone might do that and he can't prove "tha haturz" right.

No. 765913

Shay is probably making fake tinder accounts to catch him as we speak lmao

No. 765914

she is probably losing her mind rn if this is new information to her. i dont like her but kyle is such a dbag for IMMEDIATELY putting himself out there again to date

No. 765915

I like how his profile says he likes girls with tattoos and he was with Shay, who has none

No. 765916

exactly. makes it even more likely that it's real. kek.

No. 765917

It won't change your location it will just let you search anywhere in the world. Makes sense to me.

No. 765918

Looks real. Unseen pics, you can't manipulate your location (unless you some hacker nerd I guess) and he can't use an excuse that it's old cos tinder deactivates your profile if you don't use it

No. 765919

It’s totally possible that a Tulsa-anon made this. But I’m holding out hope this is real.
All evidence points to that they aren’t getting along. Maybe we can find him on another dating site like PoF?

No. 765920

they really should not have moved in with each other so soon. I’ll bet they barely interact with each other in the house. He’s probably out half the time just to get away from her.

No. 765921

i wonder if he's been cheating the whole time? he has ALWAYS spent a lot of odd hours out of the house even when they first moved in and she was head over heels.

No. 765922

I don't even understand how this fat fuck with a small dick and the charisma of a rock could get a date in the first place??? Can you imagine being cheated on by him kek. Seems real to me, the distance of the tinder anon was proved to be matching too.

No. 765923

She deleted this tweet

No. 765924

I completely agree with you. shaynas a fucking moron but a tiny bit of me feels bad for her because if he is cheating, or even if he no longer wants to be with her, i still think she’s way out of his league so that must really dip her confidence.

No. 765925

HMMMMM what is going on! I'm like 90% convinced this tinder is real, the 10% being suspicion of a tulsa anon. but like >>765916 said there are pics that aren't anywhere else on there. but if it is real then why is shay deleting tweets about moving out? I would think she would put that into gear to get outta that shitty relationship. if it even still is a relationship and they aren't broken up already. I'm so curious about what is going on behind the scenes.

No. 765926

she deleted it because she was probably drunk when she posted it and realized how incriminating it was when she was sober. or she saw it posted here and realized we knew what might be going on.

No. 765927

File: 1547430982616.png (386.83 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190113-205439.png)

Her likes are telling

No. 765928

I think she's stranded in Tulsa and cannot leave without a lot of financial help; help that fupa is not willing to give. Makes me wonder what the breaking point was and if it was her fault

No. 765929

How ironic would it be if she set up a gofundme to get financial assistance to leave her living situation, just like she shamed people for doing in the past

No. 765930

Can't say I feel bad for her, she decided to move in with him so soon. Maybe if she had any sense she wouldn't be in this mess.
And if she does move out and somehow moves to L.A., there's no way she'll be able to afford living there.

No. 765931

omfg sorry if I'm misunderstanding this tweet but if she is hoping to move in with Bryan Gozzling I will be amazed. if that ever happened she would think she has MADE IT as a porn star to work with that creep.

I can see it now. although she'd probably just beg on her tumblr/twitter/instagram/on cam for "donations" rather than be a through-and-through hypocrite by setting up a gofundme. not that begging for whatever she wants at any given moment is new for her.

No. 765932

tinder anon said he showed up in her likes, meaning he must have recently liked her and that he must be using the app actively

No. 765933


I'm sure she'll spill the milk once she's out of the situation. I place my bets on bg porn next

No. 765934


I tried to find him on PoF but no luck. Maybe he just uses Tinder/talks to girls through snapchat or tumblr.

No. 765935

and kik! don't forget kik. that's how he and shayna started (and possibly still are) communicating. it wouldn't surprise me if he's got kik conversations with his girlfriend (or now ex) right alongside those of his new fucktoys.

No. 765936

Man. To be a fly on the wall in their house right now.
I don’t know why she doesn’t just give up and go home. I mean she’s already failing so bad at being a sex worker. She’s going to keep digging herself in a hole until she can’t fix her life purely because of her pride. It’s disgusting

No. 765937

I don't think she'll ever do b/g. She's been doing solo and g/g since the beginning. Also b/g doesn't pay well

No. 765938

Pretty unsurprising he’s not on a primarily Christian dating site. His tryhard ass is probably on tinder for the same reason he invited shaytard to move in with him, he’s desperate for a easy fuck. Adds up that he’s openly done with Down’s syndrome Barbie, doubt he’s trying to spare her feelings through the obvious breakup. Such a loving sweet daddy lmao Mattel wedding when??

No. 765939

File: 1547432545332.jpeg (474.2 KB, 1242x915, EEB8A140-FBCB-4E82-90EE-1D9911…)

Kek, these are both word for word posts from her tumblr, both of which got a ton of notes on there. She’s trying so hard to be relevant on twitter and failing so miserably. She’s just failing miserably at life, it’s hilarious to watch this basic white trash bitch implode her entire life.

No. 765940

Ok major tinfoil but it seems like everything went to total shit around Xmas time while shay was visiting home.
And there was some drama with her trying to get weed from an old connect? And some anon (with no evidence) claimed shay was offering sex or porn in exchange for weed, and the dudes GF caught wind and freaked (screenshots were supplied but the GF just came off as a weird psycho with no real context behind the texts except “don’t be texting my man”)

Assuming this is true, and we know Fupa loves to lurk here, he may have called her out on it. He seems like the sort of dude that wouldn’t tolerate cheating in any sort of the way, despite the fact he may be a serial cheater himself. He also may have been looking for an out, and found his holy grail.

Pure tinfoil tho.

No. 765941

I don't feel bad for her at all. She chose to move in with him so soon and chose to be lazy when it comes to making money

No. 765942

you could be right. I don't think Shay actually did anything with the dealer, I think his girlfriend was just being paranoid, but that doesn't mean Fupa didn't jump at the chance to start a fight about it and used it as an excuse to eventually dump her. I don't think Shay cheated, but I also wouldn't put it past Fupa to start a fight just to be able to say some fucked up shit/call her out on shit she does (or doesn't do) in order to burn the bridge and start the beginning of the end of the Haus of Mattel.

No. 765943

did Shayna write this post?

b/g scenes pay much better than solo work or g/g scenes.

she'll eventually have to move into b/g work if she wants to a ~~real pornstar uwu that can afford her ~~barbie princess lifestyle in addition to a roof over her head, especially since she's evidently trying to move to L.A.

No. 765944

No, shayna didn't write this. Someone who has been in the industry, me, wrote it. Gay scenes b/b g/g always make more money. That's why a lot of straight guys do "gay for pay" because it pays so much more

No. 765945

Shay always complains about uwu I'm too tight to fit anything in my pussy so that wouldn't work for b/g. Also she refuses to use lube for anal. So it would be a whole fight on set. And if things didnt work out with society15 (or whatever it's called) agencies talk to eachother, if Shay was a diva for them, she won't get work

No. 765946

B/g scenes aren’t worth shit in the pro porn industry unless it’s hardcore anal, gangbang/bukkake, or other group work.

No. 765947

Do you think any guy is gonna wanna deal with her mangled pussy?

Also, she always does uwu I'm daddy's princess shit. A lot of porn companies don't shoot that kind of stuff

No. 765948

only weirdos have ever used PoF lmao

No. 765949

She should quit her "job". Porn used to be a luxury but now it's filled with girl like Shayna selling their stuff for very low. She's been doing it for years and she never got any good money/opportunity. She needs to quit her shit tumblr life and start again tbh.

No. 765950

File: 1547434276958.jpg (235.99 KB, 1080x1097, Screenshot_20190113-205109_Tum…)

No. 765951

PoF is often used by LGBTQ+ people and I can definitely see Fupa as the type to troll for young bisexual girls who will fuck him and also have the possibility for a threesome. he's scummy enough to target girls like this

No. 765952

Lol that's some weird tinfoil you got there, anon

No. 765953

on this episode of things that never happened

No. 765954

maybe. idk you might be right, he has denied the possibility of a threesome before, but that could have been because he knows shay could never handle it. maybe I'm just mixing up his motives with onision's, prowling for freshly 18 bisexual girls. true it is probably tinfoil and he's probably monogamous.

No. 765955

I think it would have a lot to do w the fact that their whole relationship is just based on sex and idk running around supermarkets. It definitely should've just been a casual relationship and you just know he's probably annoyed at her for not joining in with bills or whatever like he works all day and she's gettin day drunk and begging for a weed daddy, I mean that would piss anyone off lol unless you know, you really did care for them and their non-vanilla line of work

No. 765956

I mean Shay is 21 and straight so

No. 765957

you right. but she has also claimed to be "soooo gay" for years (even though I 100% don't believe her,) has worked with girls before, and he has even taken part in inviting girls to come to their house in order to make content with her, so it's also not totally impossible that he would be hopeful for/interested in a MFF threesome.

No. 765958

That's just kind of a reach based on pure speculation. She only does stuff with girls for money and always looks pained and awkward when she has to touch them. But I digress.

No. 765959

yes it is speculation, but she has had two "girlfriends" in the past three-ish years as well. the first one who showed up on cam with her a couple of times (who yes shay looked disgusted to touch,) the second one she met through tumblr who traveled to europe and she broke up with recently before she met Fupa. it's not completely ridiculous to think he took note of these "lesbian" interactions and hoped they would continue to happen while he was around. it is tinfoil but he's a scumbag and it has been discussed before (recently, and not just by me) that he hoped shay would bring other willing threesome participants into the Haus.

No. 765960

Why does the file name says tumblr?

Doubting that. She was so spoiled right up until she left because her parents wouldn't let her do porn in the house.

No. 765961


I couldn't upload them off my phone for some reason, same reason why i had to use the dropbox for the video, so i just uploaded the pictures to my blank tumblr and saved them to my laptop to post instead

No. 765962

File: 1547439058956.jpg (287.99 KB, 1080x1352, Screenshot_20190113-221008_Tum…)

Cause that's healthy

No. 765963

I legit don't even understand how a 90+ minute shower nap is possible, unless she's talking about sleeping in the bathtub without the water running. otherwise, wouldn't the water go cold and wake her up? she couldn't possibly have 90+ minutes of hot water, and sleeping under a cold shower sounds like an impossible feat.

No. 765964

Shes just being dramatic and hoping someone will send her more money to make her feel better. I dont doubt shes going through something but shes just making shit up at this point (no surprise there)

No. 765965

Oh the shower naps from her last mental breakdown/cashgrab are back lmao

No. 765966

yeah she's claimed to sleep in the shower for 3 hours before so like while I doubt she actually sleeps in there for as long as she says, I think she still does do shower naps, which is weird in itself, and I don't understand how anyone could sleep in the shower for more than like 20 minutes without the water running cold and waking them up

No. 765967

i think she thinks it makes her seem quirky

No. 765968

I agree I think she thinks it makes her seem like a manic pixie dream girl. I think that's all she wants to be. not a "bimbo barbie." that's why she fails so hard, she's aiming for something else completely without even realizing it. like her new decision to pierce her nose

No. 765969

File: 1547442556967.jpg (153.6 KB, 1080x764, Screenshot_20190113-230905_Tum…)

Fupa's latest post

No. 765970

Neither of them are a catch. Fupa is an edgy average looking fat dude with some baggage and a tiny dick. Shayna looks like a homeless prostitute when she goes out, barely bathes, has a diseased looking pussy and most guys aren't into actually dating and settling down with girls who flash their pussy for cheap cash online. They should both be grateful they have eachother.

No. 765971

Neither of them are a catch. Fupa is an edgy average looking fat dude with some baggage and a tiny dick. Shayna looks like a homeless prostitute when she goes out, barely bathes, has a diseased looking pussy and most guys aren't into actually dating and settling down with girls who flash their pussy for cheap cash online. They should both be grateful they have eachother.

No. 765972

Neither of them are a catch. Fupa is an edgy average looking fat dude with some baggage and a tiny dick. Shayna looks like a homeless prostitute when she goes out, barely bathes, has a diseased looking pussy and most guys aren't into actually dating and settling down with girls who flash their pussy for cheap cash online. They should both be grateful they have eachother. >>765924

No. 765973

Neither of them are a catch. Fupa is an edgy average looking fat dude with some baggage and a tiny dick. Shayna looks like a homeless prostitute when she goes out, barely bathes, has a diseased looking pussy and most guys aren't into actually dating and settling down with girls who flash their pussy for cheap cash online. They should both be grateful they have eachother.

No. 765974

she is so boring. she tries so hard to prove to be something she's not.

No. 765975

File: 1547445657838.jpg (165.62 KB, 1080x585, Screenshot_20190114-000049_Twi…)

And what has she accomplished from it? Nothing

No. 765976

File: 1547445743087.jpg (97.57 KB, 1080x681, Screenshot_20190114-000150_Tum…)

Think she'll use her uwu baby voice for it?

No. 765977

File: 1547447731942.jpg (491.99 KB, 1080x1990, Screenshot_20190114-003511_Twi…)

So is she thinking about being a fssw?

No. 765978

she may have no idea how long she was out and the water may not have been running for all of it. she probably can't keep track of or measure time when she's day drunk.

No. 765979


That was such a leap, anon.

No. 765980

Honestly sucks for her if they broke up, seeing as she actually sacrificed living in a decent place that allowed her to have access to her porn career to move to TULSA OKLAHOMA to live with fupa.

No. 765981

anyone else get a 404 on this thread? i thought maybe it got deleted for a second lol.

No. 765982

Sage for blog post but I recently had a new water heater installed (legal requirement, I'm not rich or anything) and it heats water as you use it meaning it never really runs cold. I mean fupas house probably doesn't have this but it's not an impossible idea for her to be in the shower that long and it not go cold. That or she could have just been drunk enough to sleep through the cold water, that's not a stretch

No. 765983

Their house is run down. She wasn't in the shower that long anyway.

No. 765984

File: 1547476236636.jpg (139.73 KB, 1080x657, Screenshot_20190114-083030_Twi…)

And she has none of these

No. 765985

File: 1547477729545.jpeg (633.16 KB, 1242x1794, F029EED5-8F0C-4737-8913-48248D…)

No. 765986

File: 1547478755361.png (31.66 KB, 551x451, Screenshot (296).png)

No. 765987

File: 1547478761290.jpg (391.69 KB, 1080x1497, Screenshot_20190114-091210_Twi…)

You are a toxic person shay

No. 765988

File: 1547478814241.jpg (221.26 KB, 1080x1119, Screenshot_20190114-091224_Twi…)

Is she turning to God now?

No. 765989

File: 1547479531741.gif (1.64 MB, 356x243, yPq92qs.gif)

>90 min nap in the shower
One of many. She's fallen asleep in the shower, in her closet, even in the bathtub where Fupa had to get her out.

Shay you're an alcoholic. If you're not careful this'll be your next stop on the fame train.

Who is she vague blogging about in this? Her mom or Fupapa? Because that sums Shay up. She acts like a big bad bitch but in reality she'll sulk and cry and just go "I'll sit over here until you realize YOU were wrong and come begging for my forgiveness."

Considering she did stuff dressed as a nun I'm going to say no. She's just looking for a backup plan when Fupapa tells her to leave. Her asking about religious sex workers is like Luna Slater asking about nearby churches. Neither have any interest in religion, they just want to play the part to get whatever free stuff they can out of pity.

No. 765990

I wonder if someone pointed out to her that having her name as Sub of 2k18 made it seem like she already won it since she changed it to Vote Me as Sub of 2k18

No. 765991

Anon, I love you for this gif
“I feel like I’m walking on sunshine!!”

No. 765992

She always makes her problems everyone else’s fault. She never owns up to anything, it’s always “wahhh I’m the victim!!! Feel bad for me!!!” Take responsibility for the shit you’ve done to other people. Take responsibility for the people you’ve scammed and fucked over and made fun of. Take responsibility for being a fucking racist that got called out multiple times. Just fucking own up to your bullshit, Shayna.

No. 765993

Are we allowed to post child pictures of shayna? She shared something on Twitter of her as a kid.

No. 765994

File: 1547483238398.png (415.89 KB, 552x747, 2019-01-14 11_22_25-Vote Me as…)

why is she posting pics of herself as an actual child on her twitter where she sells porn pretending to be a child? fucking bizarre, shayna.

No. 765995

That looks nothing like her. Also, her parents were sooooo horrible and abusive remember? If I roll my eyes any harder they’re going to get stuck.

No. 765996

That looks nothing like her. Also, her parents were sooooo horrible and abusive remember? If I roll my eyes any harder they’re going to get stuck.

No. 765997


it doesnt look like "modeling" photos, it looks like an extra from school picture day when your parents bought the big pack of photos, or when you get a picture to yourself while your family is having photos done, not like a "child model shoot"

No. 765998

What's the point to posting this? Her clients don't care (unless they're into pedo-pandering) and it just serves to show her downfall.

No. 765999


It is gross to think that she's uploading child photos to the same platform that she's uploading nudes/promoting her porn from.
i think it was to "prove tha haturz wrong" because no one believed her the last time she said it, and since she doesnt separate her "work" and personal lives, her twitter porn filled was the only place she could post it for us to see.

how long before she realizes she fucked up and deletes it? kek

No. 766000

It’s also extra creepy because there are tons of pedophiles on twitter. Alot of them moved over from tumblr too, so there’s even more now.

No. 766001

It’s also extra creepy because there are tons of pedophiles on twitter. Alot of them moved over from tumblr too, so there’s even more now.

No. 766002

File: 1547488966601.png (420.87 KB, 720x1146, Screenshot_2019-01-14-12-51-47…)

Shayna dump incoming


No. 766003

File: 1547489055523.png (72.75 KB, 715x457, Screenshot_2019-01-14-12-58-47…)


Yeah shay, cause you did, right? The ONLY job I ever recall her saying she had, was her sooner days and it was a fucking apple orchard…. Like bitch, shit down.

No. 766004

Stoner days*

No. 766005

File: 1547489136206.png (382.03 KB, 720x997, Screenshot_2019-01-14-13-00-36…)


Shes trying to be religious because she has no hope or faith in anything else lol

No. 766006

File: 1547489181128.png (107.68 KB, 720x858, Screenshot_2019-01-14-12-56-54…)


No. 766007

File: 1547490094350.jpg (195.12 KB, 1080x534, Screenshot_20190114-122036_Twi…)

1. This probably didnt happen

2. If this did, she really can't dissociate her real life and her "porn" life

No. 766008

File: 1547490197045.gif (582.5 KB, 275x143, 1516740596387.gif)

No. 766009

File: 1547490237762.jpg (106.33 KB, 1080x280, Screenshot_20190114-122258_Twi…)

She just added the "submissive barbie girl" to her info

No. 766010

how many times has she "gone to the nail salon" in like the last 2 weeks???

No. 766011

and yet just a few weeks ago she was trying to convince people she was a competent femdom.

No. 766012

like 4 or so, lmao. each time she says it she probably gets too drunk to go and realizes she doesn’t have enough money so she says fuck it and begs for money

No. 766013

They're probably thinking "fuck, not her again"

No. 766014

This is literally a dance studio photo. You can talk with the silly matching outfit and pose - which is THE pose kids are directed to do in such shoots. I bet she has dance shoes on there.

No. 766015

She did talk about how she did dance as a kid. you know, like almost every other little girl in America. She acts like all her basic bitch shit is unique and amazing. It’s really not.

No. 766016

she deleted it kek

No. 766017

Good. Posting that picture was one of the most fucked up things she's done yet.

No. 766018

~such a pro~ but you post photos of yourself as a minor right alongside your homemade porn. that REALLY puts your customers in a buying mood, shayna. although I probably shouldn't even joke about it because we all know your customers are pedophiles so it probably does.

tfw u have to come to lolcow to realize and correct ur business mistakes

No. 766019

as someone who has been a dancer for years i fully agree lol, it's clearly a photo from a jazz class or possibly tap. she's trying to pretend it's a modelling shoot when it's literally a free photo for the end of year recital in recreational kids dance class. amazing, shaytard.

No. 766020

I second this. I actually was a child model and these are nothing like the shots my agency did. They mostly did headshots for portfolios. There were no costumes and we were required to wear super basic clothes like a white or black plain shirt. No hair accessories allowed either.

No. 766021

File: 1547499497503.jpeg (448.26 KB, 1242x953, C08E1CA5-BE94-4C7D-9037-16A32B…)

Really hinting at LA move recently huh..

No. 766022

File: 1547500651678.jpg (142.33 KB, 1080x1846, Screenshot_20190114-211528_Tum…)

Is fupa "quitting" Tumblr again? Or is this directed at Shay.

No. 766023

Uhhh Silicon Valley is nowhere near LA….

No. 766024


he's probably realizing how much he fucked up getting involved with Shay in the first place. let alone having her move in with him while she makes no money and drinks 24/7, or posting his face publicly with her/making porn gifs with her, lying to family about her, and having his name dragged through the mud just by being with her(for mostly good reason).

No. 766025

lol hes such a little bitch. you know he's saying bye so people will say nooo whyy

No. 766026

Well It’s still Shay talking about moving so get over it geographer jones

No. 766027

File: 1547503265178.png (116.41 KB, 720x903, Screenshot_2019-01-14-16-58-34…)

How much do you wanna bet aaalllllll these people are gonna expect her to squirt or something, and this lazy lame bitch is either A) gonna ride a dildo stuck to a body mirror B) stick dildo on her bathroom mirror or C) horribly suck a dildo stuck to her new mirror a fan bought, with horrid angles of her flat ass or her gagging on an incher… Lmao

No. 766028

But didn’t some anon just post about getting scammed by Shay? They said they bought a bunch of videos from her and she never send them, then blocked the buyer? If that were me I would report it to the payment system, trying to get my money back. That’s probably how PayPal , etc. found out she’s pedaling porn, and that’s no one’s fault but hers.

No. 766029


thats all nice and well, but sage your posts bro

No. 766030

File: 1547507631590.png (272.96 KB, 750x1334, D6E38927-E346-4B8B-9948-CA24E3…)

No. 766031

No. 766070

He’s just as bad as a teenage girl quitting social media for the 20th time.

No. 766098

File: 1547517213856.jpg (193.84 KB, 1080x570, Screenshot_20190114-195321_Twi…)

She wouldn't be able to afford it/keep up with it

No. 766099

File: 1547517349365.jpeg (232.34 KB, 1242x573, B269C0CE-B609-4FAF-95ED-F2ABD6…)

…she literally just… posted that child photo earlier today?

No. 766102

File: 1547518226501.jpeg (577.26 KB, 1242x1692, C2E337C0-C84B-4869-9DC0-57D019…)

Has a Facebook from 2018
And had a Facebook with highschool pictures on it

No. 766103

"looking 4 an invisalign daddy!!! get pics of me with my liners in and see how yellow my teeth are ;)!!"

No. 766104

a picture of you as a "child model" for a start

No. 766107

God he's so dramatic it's hilarious that a 30-something year old is posting this.

No. 766111

Lmao right? Like maybe try brushing them before you jump to invisalign

No. 766115

She thinks invisalign will fix her dissolved canines

No. 766116

I know its a nitpick but to me the problem isn't that they're not straight, it's that they look like lil chiclets lol

No. 766118

File: 1547519724732.png (179.82 KB, 1440x764, Screenshot_2019-01-14-20-32-20…)

thing is, she didn't have a mattress or friends.

No. 766120

File: 1547520387566.jpg (235.5 KB, 1080x1171, Screenshot_20190114-204605_Twi…)

This is going to be so boring

No. 766121

i think he's trying to make shay mad by posting this bc she will inevitably feel the need to explain their breakup when she doesnt want to admit she was wrong

No. 766127

Not to blogpost but most men, including ugly as fuck men, are going to end up cheating on their girlfriends even when she's out of his league. Happened to me in every relationship I was in when I was younger and at max BPD, I went after men less attractive than me thinking they would worship me for being with them and they all cheated on me or had crippling porn addictions and never wanted sex with me ever. They all called me ugly/worthless and blamed me for their actions but it's just because men fucking suck. I have a feeling Shayna is going through something similar. She needs to see a therapist because this will become a pattern for her that never ends if she doesn't get help.(blog)

No. 766130

damn I'll side w shayna any day over fupa

No. 766132

File: 1547521848575.png (8.37 KB, 442x220, 1531917564114.png)

throw back for the hilarity of it all.

No. 766134

File: 1547522452144.jpg (73.96 KB, 1080x474, Screenshot_20190114-212035_Tum…)

No one is going to send her $100 to vote for her

No. 766135

Shay was probably already ignoring a bunch of asks about their relationship status and his "bye" post adds fuel to that fire I'm sure. I wonder if Shay realized her mom was right and Kyle was only with her because of her "job"

No. 766136

Why doesn't she…. Idk…. Make some content or get on cam so people actually have something to give her money for? You can't just sit around all day and night begging and not even do anything. You're just some bitch begging on Twitter at that point.

No. 766137

He will probably keep dating early 20 year olds and she will date Fupa like guys till she hopefully grows up.

No. 766138

Let's be honest, she'll never grow up

No. 766139

Because that requires her to actually work

No. 766140

I think he was with her for her job, and at the beginning she seemed to be acting more fitting for her sweet, baby girl porn role and he seemed to think that version of her was perfect.

No. 766150

File: 1547527275426.png (66.94 KB, 581x212, Screen Shot 2019-01-14 at 11.3…)

~nOt tO sOuNd lIkE A GodDesS oR aNytHInG~

It's ok Shayna everyone know you're actually a cheap hoe from Oklahoma…
Lmao she should just be happy to have someone reach out for her shit content

No. 766155

Literally anyone can afford that.

No. 766194

Lmao this is definitely a you problem

Ofc he was only with her for her job, but she was never perfect. He likes edgy tattoo goth gf's kek

No. 766221

That false advertising tho
>I like game of thrones and mario kart uwu

He's definitely older, no mention of wife and kids or his BDSM and snuff fetishes, strange

No. 766229

Well he probably wouldn’t put any of that to steer away anyone

No. 766240

>dick suckin doggie
For fucks sakes, Shay!

There's no way in hell she needs her nails done this much and this frequently. Anyone else remember her losing her mind that the nail salon had free wine? That's your reason right there. Fupapa probably cut her off wine (which is why she's on harder alcohol) so she's going to the nail shop to get her fix because they probably give you all you want.

No. 766243


also if she wants to go off of mediterranean deities….

they eat ambrosia. the divine food. for divine folk. not fucking literal pleb-mortal nutrition that grew in the dirt.

god she's such a caricature of white trash.

No. 766247

Tbh I don't think he actually is older. Anons like to exaggerate his age but I'm p certain he's under 35. You wouldn't believe it though cus of how haggard he looks kek

No. 766252

someone can correct me if i'm wrong but for some reason i thought it was mentioned that he had his 36th b-day somewhere

No. 766253

shayna ya gonna get gout at this rate.

No. 766257

File: 1547565621087.png (43.24 KB, 640x280, IMG_9956.PNG)

No. 766259

File: 1547565873614.jpg (210.28 KB, 1080x893, 20190115_092437.jpg)

Another kiss ass

No. 766267

Funny enough she actually has a bed on her amazon wishlist. Meaning either they don’t sleep together and she needs a bed, or neither of them have a bed.

No. 766269

she literally hasn’t made content in weeks. she’s so fucking lazy

No. 766272

I’ll bet you anything he’s kicked her out of his room. She’s back to sleeping on the floor on top of that dirty pink rug with all her other nasty, cheap, pink amazon trash. She has come full circle. Not only that but isn’t the second time she’s found a man off tumblr to live with only to have him decide he’s no longer interested? How does she not see the pattern!

No. 766274

In order for Shay to go full circle, she needs to go back to living at home and doing sexwork under her parent's roof

No. 766276

File: 1547569027982.jpg (37.9 KB, 500x386, feet.jpg)

People keep asking to see her gross calloused feet

No. 766286

File: 1547571672449.png (84.33 KB, 560x799, 2019-01-15 11_55_04-Vote Me as…)

shay sperging about underage girls getting into sex work
she is also high-key admitting she was participating in the kink side of tumblr at 15 lol (1/3)

No. 766287

File: 1547571832077.png (93.1 KB, 556x867, 2019-01-15 11_55_20-Vote Me as…)

No. 766289

File: 1547571937359.png (92.52 KB, 561x839, 2019-01-15 11_55_33-Vote Me as…)

No. 766293

“I constantly have to remind myself that I’m a victim”

Shut the fuck up shayna. She really convinced herself that she had this awful childhood where she was abused and had severe mental illness and was preyed upon. When in reality she had an average childhood, grew up in a stable home, had money, got a car at 16, and had parents that basically spoiled her. I would love to see her actually homeless and being preyed upon so she knows how that TRULY feels.

No. 766295

Thats not high key. She DID admit it.

No. 766298

I hate girls that are like, “yeah at 15 I was EXTREMELY MATURE for my age”. No you fucking weren’t. You were just like every other teen who thinks they know better. The only teenagers who are actually mature for their age are ones who have had to fend for themselves. The teenagers who barely have any family to go back to, or none at all, that need to learn how to take care of themselves. But you shayna? You had a family that loved you and spoiled you and yes, coddled you. If you were so mature for you’re age, why are you such a failure st being an adult now? Oh, right, because you’re a liar who wants everyone to believe she was victimized and abused so you don’t have to own up to your responsibilities. Grow up.

No. 766305

Looks like fupa actually de activated. Probably doesn’t want questions to pour in once shayna announces their breakup.

No. 766306

approached by homeland security??
file that one under r/thathappened
i'm honestly so confused on if this story is supposed to be about how she loved him or what

No. 766307

not to WK but i do feel bad for her because this is a horrible thing to happen but i do wonder why she’s still getting herself in similar situations? sure, she’s of age now but she’s still doing the same stuff and is sexualizing her youth and then she’s sitting her saying how that’s wrong. just because she’s not 15 anymore doesn’t mean she can’t sexualize her “youth” anymore. she’s online pandering to pedophiles and pretending to be a child. also the fact she mentioned this man had a child and ex wife really stuck out to me. wonder if that’s shade at fupa?

No. 766311

>this man talking to me as a child had a child and an ex wife
>I had never felt so ashamed

So Kyle Nathan Perkins who has children and an ex-wife and talks to you like you're a child and enjoys treating you like a child sexually doesn't make you feel ashamed?

No. 766313

File: 1547575034602.png (52.07 KB, 558x476, 2019-01-15 12_52_34-Vote Me as…)

what is her obsession with spelling house "haus"?

No. 766315

also just an update that she has been bumped down from #3 to #4 in her mv awards category

No. 766316

Shanya is literally destroying herself if what she's saying is true, she is a traumatized victim, and she continues to perpetuate her pedo-pandering / porno lifestyle. If she is telling the truth, she needs some serious therapy. She's continuing to sexualize her youth and there's no wonder she's constantly numbing herself with weed and wine, taking shower naps, and now talking about killing herself on twitter and tumblr.
But there's also the possibility that this is fantasy bs to justify her narcissistic self-image as a victim. She has to constantly remind herself she is a victim so she remains in a victim mindset, and somehow thinks this gives her an excuse to dodge responsibility.
Either way, this girl is a trainwreck and no one will be surprised when she makes allegations of abuse against Fupapa.

No. 766317

can someone please link the thread where she had this exact same "mental breakdown" a couple months back and immediately bounced back as soon as she was getting attention from fupa again?
she only victimizes herself and all this mental health shit she is trying to dredge up is just for twitter asspats because that's what gets attention right now.
also it's going to be tough for her to scream abuse when she was BRAGGING about him leaving bruises on her. like. she was literally proud of it and wanted more. she's just fucked in the head and straight up retarded.

No. 766319

homeland security doesn’t even deal with pedophiles so I have no idea what she’s even talking about. The FBI and local police deal with that. Can she at least try and make her lies believable?

No. 766320

because that’s what lady Gaga did and she thinks she’s as relevant as lady Gaga. Kek.

No. 766321

She’s not telling the truth anon. It’s pretty obvious.

No. 766325

File: 1547576244417.png (12.29 KB, 519x95, 2019-01-15 13_12_48-Vote Me as…)

she literally sounds like an attention-starved 13 year old at this point

No. 766328

she’s gonna be on sextpanther one night and then throw in the towel.

No. 766329

File: 1547576613508.png (366.07 KB, 557x713, 2019-01-15 13_18_56-baby bun ♡…)

literally what is wrong with the brains of her orbiters? have they not even done a simple google search on the bitch? lol

No. 766330

I like how it's "depression and anxiety," the two catch-all mental illnesses that everyone can claim to have these days. I wonder if she's been diagnosed with either. I am convinced if she actually wanted to get better and went to a doctor she would get diagnosed with some type of psychotic disorder. she's pretty damn disconnected from reality at this point.

No. 766332

diagnosis: scam artist

No. 766334

For those of us not in the know what is this and why is Shay turning to it?

In before Shay gets jealous and goes on about wanting blowup doll lips.

No. 766339

i think parts of it are true. i can’t provide receipts at the moment because they’re in other threads and i’m lazy. but i do remember her posting about some guy stalking her and how she’s gone to the police over it. (which was bizarre because she always talked about her fantasies about being kidnapped) perhaps it’s the same man she’s talking about? and she did admit to camming underaged. i think her parents went to the police over someone mailing her a camera? if this story is true, no wonder her parents are super against her sex work. i think any parent would be but given shay’s history (assuming the stories true), they’re probably even more horrified. i wouldn’t be surprised if she’s embellishing it and fabricating parts of it but the part about an older man on tumblr grooming her at 15 is believable only because i think all of us on this site can attest to an older man messaging us online when we were underaged, telling us we’re so sexy/hot/mature. the mind-boggling part is she’s currently LIVING with someone who likes it when she acts like a child during sex who ALSO has an ex wife and children. the fact she can post that thread of tweets - i’ll give her props for that, if it’s all true - and seem somewhat self aware but yet not self aware enough to see that she’s still doing the same shit essentially, only this time she’s 21 is…. sad in a sort of pathetic way. get help, shay.

No. 766341

Is this girl trolling?? She looks a million times better than Shay could ever dream of looking!

No. 766343


Sextpanther is a sexting site. It redirects messages from clients to the girls phone, and she gets paid per message received. I'm not sure how much per message, I believe less than a $0.5.

No. 766344

>but the part about an older man on tumblr grooming her at 15 is believable only because i think all of us on this site can attest to an older man messaging us online when we were underaged, telling us we’re so sexy/hot/mature

yeah but the thing is most of us weren't out trolling for old men on ddlg/kink tumblrs

No. 766346

Wouldn’t be surprised if she wants to cash in on the “cow fame”

No. 766350

drag queens use the term "haus" to say if they're associated with an important drag queen or family. so the idea that is that she's trying to make herself so special and important by saying "haus" mattel is laughable bc she's literally the only person part of that haus and most importantly she's not even famous. i could be wrong but i think it could be accurate considering the reason why shay put "mattel" in her name is because she took it from the drag queen trixie mattel.

No. 766355

Looked it up and it said to apply you had to have a following on Twitter/IG or camsites and it sounds like stuff you can do through Snap or really any other free SMS with text/pic/video/call services. Why would she bother going to Sextpanther who's just going to cut on her profits if she wasn't desperate and hard up for customers?

No. 766358

File: 1547579713282.png (15.39 KB, 518x149, 2019-01-15 14_10_48-Vote Me as…)

okay but weren't you just too depressed and anxious to get out of bed?

No. 766365

Fupa cooking her breakfast cured her depression before so odds are this time someone sending her cash magically made her better.

No. 766367

well remember it doesn’t mean they’ll actually get it. Or at least not any time soon.

No. 766369

Honestly? If the break-up is a thing, then I'm really rooting for Shay to make her move to LA possible, because this shit would be an absolute hilarious disaster to witness. This place would swallow and spit her out again in no time.

No. 766373

I like how she's really trying to convince us she was mature at 15 by the way the guy said he doesn't usually do this, then it turns out he does it all the time. Shay yall ain't even mature now, let alone at 15

No. 766376

they deal with people who make child porn but still i dont believe her story

No. 766385

they still would never just…call a civilian about it.

No. 766387

hello this is homeland security we got em

No. 766388

What bed?

No. 766392

Really though. I’m kind of surprised she never shoots or even posts selfies from a bed. Even when her and fupa were “going strong” they never did.

No. 766393

it’s because she doesn’t have one, kek. She literally has one on her amazon wishlist and is probably hoping someone will buy it for her so she doesn’t have to sleep on her piss rug in the closet.

No. 766397

File: 1547583840119.png (17.01 KB, 518x180, 2019-01-15 15_19_31-Vote Me as…)

so she can't even afford grapes?

No. 766400

she ain't even got cheese money lmao

shayna honey, get the bus, find a walmart and buy yourself some pasta and red sauce

No. 766441

File: 1547588249984.png (82.69 KB, 571x634, Screenshot (298).png)

lol who did this

No. 766443

LMFAO cow tipping extreme. but also hysterical how shay pretends not to go on lolcow regularly.

No. 766447

jesus fuck i know the exact cringe ass anons that come in these threads that she's talking about. there was one trying to give plasticnproud life advice too because she said she thought she could "fix" her.
cowtipping anons, please kill yourselves.

No. 766449

tbh I dont think anyone cow tipped. I think shay wanted an excuse to talk about the threads and get sympathy.

No. 766450

I agree, she lurks these threads so hard

No. 766453

File: 1547589179813.png (355.49 KB, 1138x569, Screenshot (299).png)

i think they were expecting her to spill the beans on fupa tbh.

No. 766455

yall naive as fuck

No. 766456

oh my god. shit like this makes me so embarrassed.

No. 766460

File: 1547589902899.jpg (702.96 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190115-230511_Sna…)

No. 766461

the evil has been defeated

No. 766462

lmfao what a fucking saga

No. 766463

nah, there are genuinely weird bitches like this. Not long time ago very similar autist popped up in plasticnproud thread. It's some kinda twisted savior complex/being a flake themselves.
If her twitter was popular we would have an influx of newfags now but let's be real, no one cares enough about her to come here lol

No. 766466

the fact that a farmer is this cringy and pathetic is appalling.

No. 766467

so are they broken up yet, or…

No. 766469

Honestly seems like it. She never talks about him anymore.

No. 766470

But Fupa must sleep in a bed, right!

No. 766471

I'd guess they either are or are close to it. He's probably getting rid of his accounts so that shayna is left to explain what's happened

No. 766472

File: 1547590974830.jpg (232.83 KB, 1080x613, Screenshot_20190115-161517_Twi…)

Coming from the girl who constantly bragged about how many tumblr followers she had

No. 766473

do you think she will ever address it? or just act like it never happened lol

No. 766474

muh 175k

No. 766479

Removing himself from the daddy Mattel image. Bet he just makes a new tumblr so he can start fresh

No. 766484

Honestly it wouldn't be surprised if she just didn't acknowledge it. She'll just go on about how she's moving for her 'career' etc and hope everyone forgets

Yeah, if I'm remembering correctly, he made a new tumblr when he was first interested in shayna

No. 766489

File: 1547592145719.png (194.89 KB, 1080x1064, Screenshot_20190115-174145~2.p…)


No. 766490


Hasn't his facebook always said single?

No. 766491

He's always been single on facebook, never acknowledged her

No. 766493

..This sounds made up as hell. Old men grooming kids on the Internet is a real thing, but these specific details make it sound like a TLC movie. Sending pics he took of her at school? Cmon. Has Shay been known to pull completely ridiculous r/thathappened stories out of her ass?

No. 766495

well she said that one time that someone came up to her and fupa at walmart to tell them what a beautiful couple they are so..

No. 766497


i distinctly remember his birth date as 1985 from when he was first doxxed.

No. 766498

that’s what she does best. she constantly lies so that it seems like she’s quirky and has had a hard life. Except, she had an easy life and she’s basic as fuck.

No. 766500

lmao wait a second, i didn't realize it said fupa

No. 766501

anyone else notice the "Fupa Mattel" IG nickname here..? lol has he been doing that? or just as he deleted?
definitely means this site was probably the cause of this downfall, lmao.. I hope the poor fucker at least knows what it stands for smh

No. 766504


you can change peoples names on snapchat, dunno why he would do that himself.

No. 766505


You can give people nicknames/change people's display names on snapchat. I'm assuming OP changed his name to Fupa.

No. 766507

ah, that makes more sense! I don't use IG much so I didn't know that.

No. 766508

Fupa posted on his snapchat that he's going to post a rant later on it

No. 766516


No. 766518

he's forcing her to speak at this point lol her inbox is probably flooded

No. 766523

fupa just upload it to dropbox and leave the link here

No. 766524

Grab the popcorn everyone.

No. 766525

File: 1547596663143.png (Spoiler Image,458.74 KB, 607x842, 2019-01-15 18_32_03-Window.png)

i'm dead.
she's literally giving nudes away for free votes.

No. 766526

I don't get why they're allowed to give stuff away in exchange for votes. Won't that just make the rankings less legit?

No. 766534

File: 1547597355742.jpg (659.08 KB, 1080x1398, Screenshot_20190115-180707_Sam…)

Ummm isn't this the bathing suit she wore in that beach barbie porn? Why the fuck would you sell that

No. 766536

File: 1547597387004.jpg (688.23 KB, 1080x1506, Screenshot_20190115-180725_Sam…)

No. 766537

File: 1547597409509.jpg (895.61 KB, 1080x1598, Screenshot_20190115-180745_Sam…)

Looks super dirty

No. 766538

File: 1547597432916.jpg (768.96 KB, 1080x1526, Screenshot_20190115-180759_Sam…)

Again, dirty

No. 766540

I wonder if she's selling stuff because fupa's told her she's got to move out

No. 766542

File: 1547597598381.jpg (580.84 KB, 1080x1598, Screenshot_20190115-180824_Sam…)

No. 766549

Fupa confirmed they're still together he's just Annoyed that everything is about Shayna

No. 766550

I’d say Fupa deleted all his stuff because he predicts shayna will talk badly about him and he doesn’t want criticism from people

No. 766553

god hes a drama queen

No. 766555

What a fucking girl.

Waaaahhh no one likes me. They only like my girlfriend.

I bet they are breaking up or at least are having second thoughts. He clearly won’t say they broke up because he would have to talk about shay, and he clearly resents her for that.

Fucking power-couple everyone!

No. 766558

OMG those bikini bottoms literally had/have a period blood stain in the crotch. Did she manage to get the stain out or is she selling them with the stain? Is the crotch fully pictured in her photo on there or no?

No. 766559

lol really, he's in his thirties and throwing a tantrum because his girlfriend gets more attention on tumblr than him

No. 766561

lemme get this straight. Fupa intentionally made a tumblr to get with shay, reblogs her stuff to get her attention, is soon dating shay and enjoying the 'fame' he is getting from that. And is now mad(?) that people dont actually give a shit about him, only the relationship shay…

No. 766562

so hes jealous she has more followers lmao. where did he say this anon? snapchat?

No. 766563

Hahaahaha that is hilarious

No. 766564

I'm sure they won't be together much longer though