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File: 1637293195172.jpg (283.87 KB, 1242x2058, 1637108144984.jpg)

No. 1371468

Previous Thread >>>/snow/1371423

Repetitive comments about Shayna's vagina is grounds for a 1 day ban. Repetitive nitpicks about her body and face are subject to a 1 day ban. Reposting the same photos zoomed in and edited is not milk and you will receive a ban for nitpicking.
REMEMBER: Real the rules before posting. Sage when there’s no milk. No nitpicking and/or blogposting and please try to curb your enthusiasm when posting screenshots from other e-whores. This is a Shay thread. They can be posted in the e-whore thread >>>/snow/1363903 Do not reply to spergs. Do not mention /Fupa/Sol/Ellen/whoever shes involved with at the moment unless relevant. Do not sperg about Shayna’s pets.

>Continued twitter drama from the previous thread with whores calling her out from all ends, Shayna is a "confirmed nazi" >>>/snow/1363081 her fake orgasms are racist >>>/snow/1363104

>Shayna fails to continue ignoring the onslaught of angry whores >>>/snow/1363681 having a huge melt down that lasts for days >>>/snow/1363693, >>>/snow/1364106, >>>/snow/1364402
>Calls Sol the fuck out for saying he has no idea what he was getting into by posting screenshots where he acknowledges her past and says he will do it anyway because money >>>/snow/1363807, >>>/snow/1363870, >>>/snow/1363873, >>>/snow/1364000
>The next morning she decides the best way to deal with her sadness is to do mushrooms with Ellen >>>/snow/1364703 and get drunk >>>/snow/1365548
>Obviously that goes well as she drunk tweets about wanting to die >>>/snow/1365571, >>>/snow/1365578 and her life being shit >>>/snow/1365593
>To cheer herself up, like any well adjusted person, she posts her pimply asshole for validation >>>/snow/1365652, >>>/snow/1365713, >>>/snow/1365743
>Posts a picture of her hand with bloody knuckles >>>/snow/1365274 alluding to punching a wall in an autistic rage over the twitter drama >>>/snow/1365315
>Her feelings are so hurt that she cancels her two upcoming shoots with Insex and Lovinghandmadepornography >>>/snow/1365587 (totally not because shes a lazy bitch who can't follow through with plans)
>Shayna goes goth for another date with "The Dad" in a dress straight out of the Shein bag >>>/snow/1366561 he slaps her around in his car again >>>/snow/1366799
>"The Dad" seems to be less "sugar daddy" and more "daddy," taking Shayna to Ikea to buy a TV stand after farmers notice her TV on the floor >>>/snow/1366983 watching movies and cuddling with her multiple days in a row >>>/snow/1367282, >>>/snow/1368349, and of course, beating on her more >>>/snow/1368501
>Shayna joins a RT group with another pedo pandering whore >>>/snow/1369519 retweeting her once and then never again because she can't handle prettier girls then herself
>Ellen Patricia Dresel's OkCupid profile is dug up >>>/snow/1369735. Occupation, Nanny.
>Ellen forces Medfetish queen Shayna to go the doctor, where she finds out she will be needing a small surgery >>>/snow/1370163
>Instead of spending the day filming goth diaper porn as promised (wait, wasnt goth a hard limit a month ago?) >>>/snow/1370564 Shayna instead finds the power of snapchat filters so alluring she spends the day dancing around drunk like a sped to shitty music on snapchat >>>/snow/1370617, >>>/snow/1370670, >>>/snow/1370664
>Spends the night at "The Old Man" (@MaxRCameron)'s house in a cage >>>/snow/1370958 and the following morning having her thighs beat by him >>>/snow/1371166
>A simple google search reveals Shay's good friend Max R Cameron to be a known abuser in the Seattle BDSM scene, who ignores safe words and pushes woman into non-consensual acts >>>/snow/1371185, >>>/snow/1371187, >>>/snow/1371191
>Following Shayna sexualizing Ellen Patricia Dresel's job as a nanny >>>/snow/1371212, Ellen's profile on a popular childcare website is found advertising her service under a different name >>>/snow/1371252
>A little digging through Ellen's tumblr reveals a whole lot of creeping things considering what she does for a living >>>/snow/1371273 and that she once took a pacifier from a one year old as she babysat, had a little photoshoot on the job with it, and then shared it with her daddy and tumblr following talking about how much she liked it. >>>/snow/1371279, >>>/snow/1371288
>Warning to Seattle, WA parents doing their research, do NOT trust babysitter and nanny Ellen Patricia Dresel to watch your children >>>/snow/1371415 https://i.imgur.com/Q1Yxcrf.jpg


Ellen "Patricia" Dresel (Shayna's "gf")
Seattle/Renton, WA Nanny

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No. 1371472

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No. 1371475

Sorry there’s a couple grammar mistakes in there, it’s late

No. 1371477

File: 1637294060610.png (7.63 MB, 2500x3840, 48DE8FFC-2B94-44BE-81D3-4449EA…)

Reposting Patricia Ellen Dresel of Renton / Seattle Washington’s degeneracy front and center!

No. 1371478

I hope Ellen “Patricia” Dresel of Seattle never works again. I would literally fucking kill her or any caretaker around my children if I found this shit out. Idk how she lives with herself. I hope her and Shayna fight about this.

No. 1371480

Really nice work on this anon. Would be a shame for Patricia Ellen Dresel if this graphic ended up in any local nanny/babysitting Facebook groups.

No. 1371482

Anyone with sock accounts be sure to follow Ellen before she shuts it all down

No. 1371483

All the choice memes that got posted last thread and this is the OP pic you choose?(sage your shit)

No. 1371487

Everyone voted for it, sage your seething

No. 1371488

I didn’t make it, copied over from the end of prev thread, but man, you’re right! That would be such a shame for Patricia Ellen Dresel, nanny in Renton, Washington.

No. 1371493

Kinda funny how everyone shayna dates is involved with childern (or has them) and they are into pedo-pandering bullshit.I wonder what the connection is? A person who has a sexual attraction to adults acting like babies, who takes care of babies and steals their personal items to post sexual shit online about & with on in pictures.
Ellen Patricia Dresel reminds me of those serial killers, who steal from their victims to have a keepsake. Or the serial killer who'd dress up in his female victims clothes and take pictures. It turned her on to steal from a child she was supposed to be taking care of. Then send it to some disgusting fucking scrote and brag about it on tumblr.
I honestly think Shayna is going to say this is kink, ignore it or just think it's US trying to ruin Ellen's life. I don't think for a mintue she cares or understands how this is 100% sick and perverted. She's too far gone.

No. 1371495

File: 1637296048111.jpeg (888.98 KB, 2243x2699, FD233DDD-BA63-4991-B4C5-63E7AD…)

The old dude scares me

No. 1371502

I’m so sad this didn’t make it for thread pic nomination, it’s beautiful

No. 1371503

File: 1637296609212.jpeg (93.69 KB, 750x256, E6AA9590-7DEA-4317-8728-455C95…)

Everything she has ever said about her new man makes him seem absolutely insufferable, but she posts about it like he’s so cool and kinky

No. 1371505

File: 1637296757332.jpeg (407.39 KB, 1242x791, 0FD25194-CA62-469D-A77B-D027C9…)

Absolute moron Ellen Dresel of Seattle area/ Renton,Washington, uses her legal working name to review an ABDL products on Etsy.

Her review is on page 9 of shop reviews and linked to this item.

No. 1371526

fucking gross. I really hope one of the parents of the kids she watches finds this when doing a background check. There's no way I'd let my kid around a freak like that. Especially alone!

No. 1371534

early nomination for next thread pic kek

No. 1371537

why do you guys always love shit pictures for shay’s threads? we don’t need her ass spread in the thread pic, it just gets it spoilered anyways.

No. 1371548

Wow this dude sounds like a cunt. Looking forward to her slipping up so we can put an ugly face to a name.

No. 1371551

Mental and physical abuse of women in the name of sex/kink; how revolutionary. They're both stains on society.

No. 1371615

Patricia Ellen Dresel of Renton / Seattle Washington is a sick fuck. Taking care of kids since she was 11. I don't want to think about the potential damage she's being doing to kids in Washington all these years…

No. 1371618

File: 1637325050131.jpeg (Spoiler Image,841.81 KB, 902x1585, E6AF2F69-7208-4930-951D-9EFE81…)

> “I filmed a video for you guys, SPECIAL.”
Why does she always shout in her videos? kek and the countdowns are so unsexy

No. 1371620

File: 1637325191015.png (Spoiler Image,7.35 MB, 1242x2208, 400DB120-3519-44B4-9E19-BC2CDE…)

That triple chin kek

No. 1371621

File: 1637325236963.jpeg (407.91 KB, 1002x691, 223535D0-3305-4059-B718-F6D58F…)

No. 1371622

File: 1637325306464.png (6.58 MB, 1242x2208, 79E443FA-DA39-4E1A-8895-6C17E4…)

She looks high and retarded laughing at her own “jokes”

No. 1371625

File: 1637325564017.jpeg (898.18 KB, 946x1363, E85C9EB8-0B9C-4616-B086-210AB1…)

>Pov you’re Ellen Dresel from Renton Washington
“Mumma where’s muh breffffast?”

No. 1371627

Shay has always been disgusting, but this pedophile Ellen Dresel from Renton Washington is beyond the fucking pale. She LITERALLY Tweeted about her gf taking care of kids in a sexual fashion on her SEX work Twitter.

No. 1371628

File: 1637326043185.png (7.39 MB, 1242x2208, 8342A627-33D5-4F72-94DA-B9658F…)

She’s gotten so wide

No. 1371631

File: 1637326364617.jpeg (524.94 KB, 1075x1006, 2D40A9F0-DA40-4F3E-A99F-6846F5…)

Cotton cheese moved down towards her thighs woof her and ellen look like they’re the same age. It must be so embarrassing to be as big and ugly as Ellen and be mistaken for a late thirty something year old

No. 1371632

File: 1637326408681.png (5.88 MB, 1242x2208, E1CA0F13-00F3-4A4D-90C0-C01433…)

No. 1371638

Great contributions guys, just want we need to start the tread, screenshots of every icky face she made on the latest video.

No. 1371639

lol this bitch is manic from all the attention she's getting

No. 1371640

Jesus this angle is brutal

No. 1371654

this one really accentuates her caveman brow. lovely.

No. 1371663

Weird to see Amberlynn in a Shayna thread

No. 1371670

File: 1637331983413.jpeg (97.25 KB, 1242x430, 6BC7A3C7-A267-4A80-8617-322A89…)

Would it be her thread if it wasn’t full of retarded screenshots we could just see for ourselves? Meanwhile there’s stupid Shayna casually tweeting about her nanny gf Patricia Ellen Dresel of Renton / Seattle, Washington being a caretaker to “small cute things” aka something actually milky and horrifying. Also calling this big bitch tiny kek

No. 1371678

this was posted and discussed in the last thread lmao

No. 1371683

It’s about to get reposted and discussed ad nauseum as retarded cow tippers try to work up the nerve to contact one of the families Ellen works for. Get ready for more Ellen-foiling.

No. 1371685

I know that, just don’t want it to fall off bc Ellen is disgusting and Shayna needs to know how stupid it was when she lurks.

No. 1371686

As if “Shayna fat” isn’t discussed ad nauseum

No. 1371688

Cotton cheese?

No. 1371706

What's with her stupid labels? Bimbo, Goth, she doesn't even know what she is talking about.

No. 1371716

File: 1637337678077.png (Spoiler Image,7.29 MB, 1242x2208, 68968C42-FC1B-4D05-A8E4-4DB690…)

I meant cottage cheese aka cellulite

No. 1371718

These parents need to do their own quick Google search, if the care about their kids and not just trust the nanny sites for a basic criminal background check.
Obviously convicted pedophiles and shit won't even be on the site. But it doesn't weed out the freaks and ones that haven't gotten caught yet. Obviously she shouldn't be around kids, but the parents are really too lazy or uncaring to Google so I guess that's on them. They can have this grown degenerate stealing their kids pacifiers and sharing content with it online.

No. 1371722

She just had to add "quirky" and wear those floral Docs. "I look fucking hot" did she forget the filter was off? I mean I guess it's slightly more effort than usual but she's still incredibly annoying, unsexy, fat, and ugly. The bar is in Hell. She just brought it to the 7th circle.

No. 1371727

File: 1637339034682.jpeg (218.94 KB, 1214x1390, 5FB89B7E-2F72-48D8-87C1-E6DA59…)

No. 1371734

File: 1637339209911.png (7.7 MB, 1242x2208, 356E2DAE-5CCC-42CE-B438-DF2A40…)

Anon you’re trying to tell me this is unsexy??

No. 1371738

ew she looks like she has a diaper rash

No. 1371743

She looks like a My 600lb Lifer who just opened their Krispy Kreme delivery.

No. 1371766

File: 1637342514497.jpg (135.43 KB, 638x577, kek.jpg)

plenty of time on my hands today, nonnies. graphic design is my passion.(don't post fanart)

No. 1371768

She probably does have a rash. Maybe she’s getting that dark stain that obese people get when they can’t wash their ass crack correctly. Starting to look like moo more and more

No. 1371770

File: 1637342807389.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.04 MB, 1170x1733, C39CDB6B-A00E-4883-B599-6AD3DF…)

She legit looks grey

No. 1371776

Pictures you can smell

No. 1371777

probably because she has poor circulation due to being completely sedentary. she'll acquire heart disease and/or diabetes before she turns 30 at this rate.

No. 1371780

No. 1371781

Looks like a corpse on the autopsy table. She needs some sunshine and vitamins in her diet ASAP

No. 1371787

Yeah this needs to be posted to warn parents. A child could be abused by this person if they haven't been already

No. 1371790

File: 1637343921318.jpeg (176.99 KB, 750x1125, 3C655AA9-ADB7-4809-8A05-7D329D…)

Either Ellen’s care account was reported or she deleted it but either way it’s gone now

No. 1371795

It truly does.

If I saw this picture out of context I would think it was a dead body.

No. 1371800

Between the chokers, chins, fat girl mouth, and her nasty hair she’s really starting to look like Amberlynn Reid…. but ALR has a better nose, kek. Absolutely dire.

No. 1371804

File: 1637344462483.jpeg (98.74 KB, 670x259, 552E6ED6-9369-4BDB-9A2A-22FCA1…)

fatty deleted this of course

No. 1371805

She’s still on this huh? Let it go it was stupid but u look even stupider for getting so butt hurt

No. 1371807

File: 1637344696870.jpeg (264.35 KB, 1242x1318, 56630ECE-75A6-4739-83FA-551C3D…)


No. 1371808

File: 1637344733627.jpeg (416.03 KB, 1162x1432, C7F27505-14ED-4385-9E63-78AD9B…)

Old man beat up Big Shaynus with his cane

No. 1371809

File: 1637344904910.jpeg (61.78 KB, 1005x312, 316BAE53-EDD1-4F95-80BB-EB87A1…)

Not even 24 hours ago someone said feral in the previous thread. She’s lurking and either consciously or subconsciously copying.

No. 1371810

She’s really letting this borderline rapist male abuse her

No. 1371811

Most likely deleted it. Care is shit with taking action.

No. 1371812

This girl is going to get murdered one of these days for some PF Changs noodles at the mall. Fucking bleak.

No. 1371814

I'm not getting why she lets randoms bruise her up but never talks about payment or anything for it? I truly don't believe she enjoys any of this shit, she just likes she'll be able to get likes and attention from up, but would'nt money be better? If your going to let men treat you like dirt at LEAST be paid for it. It's literally her job.

No. 1371817

Also did she go to build a bear? Whats up with these scrotes promising to take her but she never ends up going? If she had we'd for sure gotten some gross pictures.

No. 1371821

File: 1637345245690.png (219.19 KB, 1080x1217, Patricia Ellen Dresel of Rento…)

I went and search Ellen's named and Google auto filled it for me, and lolcow is the second result

No. 1371826

Straight up sounds like grooming only she’s a 24 year old adult. Probably part of their sick “kink”.

No. 1371827

If u use lolcow google will always bring it up higher on the results

No. 1371828

Kek I just searched it on different browsers and it came up that early for me as well. Deleting her Care account made this thread a top search result, good job Ellen Dresel of Washington.

No. 1371830

Self-harm. She's a depressed, self destructive alcoholic who refuses to get treatment or adopt healthier habits. Letting scrotes abuse her in parking lots is no different than cutting, only we have to pretend her version of self-harm is uwu brave & empowering kink due to our retarded sex-posi culture.

No. 1371833

Don’t think that’s necessarily true because I’ve been on devices on different networks in places I know people weren’t visiting it and results are about the same. Regardless though someone will see it when they google her name.

No. 1371837

And that’s what makes it so dangerous. Mentally disturbed individuals are being allowed to set the landscape of a sex positive society. Anyone with a normal functioning brain can see how what she’s partaking in, no matter how much she enjoys it, is not empowering or positive yet the normal functioning humans get told they’re wrong by brainrotted psychos. It’s beyond fucked.

No. 1371839

File: 1637346084806.jpeg (901.28 KB, 3039x3072, A2E13264-453C-49C4-A760-17D0C4…)

Googling just Ellen Dresel came up with this couch surfing account that she hasn’t used in 9 years, but it connects her face to the posts here.

No. 1371841

Why would Shayna get paid to get beat up? She’s the “submissive” one, she doesn’t get paid to get beat up. She is suppose to be the one who “enjoys” getting beat up. And she does enjoy it somewhat because she’s getting male attention. She’s not in it for the kink, she’s not into any of this shit she just wants attention because she’s a bpd manic bitch. And it’s like having her “daddydom uwu bf” again.

No. 1371843

File: 1637346248474.jpeg (161.47 KB, 750x416, D9CB7E68-56E2-4A93-89B2-186C13…)

Why does she post her schedules when no one cares until she doesn’t actually do any of the things and has to apologize? If it’s some kind of self motivation thing it doesn’t seem to work

No. 1371845

Well she calls one of these dudes who beat her up her "Sugar Dad" so I'd think she'd be getting gifts and payment.

No. 1371849

I think that’s the dude she beat up and had build the desk. Right? Or was the scrote who bought uggs Max R Cameron? How many old dudes are there?? There’s “the dad” and then “old man”

No. 1371853

Yup. You can go on Twitter and see these online SWers are nearly all mentally unbalanced substance abusers. You can see how many terrifying scrotes they attract who want to genuinely harm & humiliate women they see as beneath them (well they really see all women as beneath them, SWers are just easy targets.) And we're supposed to pretend this shit is empowering and market it to teenage girls? Fuck that.

No. 1371855

3, “the dad” is the sugar daddy from seeking arrangements, max is “the old man” with the dungeon, and @bluefrodo1 is the submissive masochist

No. 1371859

How do we know the dad from seeking areangements isn’t made up? Honestly that’s so fucking sad that Shayna’s sugar daddy could only afford Shein hauls, Applebee’s 2 for $20 meals and Nordstrom Rack ugg boots

No. 1371862

Shayna acts like someone who had extreme trauma in her early life. Someone who never got a hug or I love you from her parents. Someone who was abandoned by her father and is trying to find a new one. She lives like someone who was raised by uncaring addicts. Except none of that happened. She chooses to be this way. She could even find a dude that may actually like whoever the fuck she is. She could get what she want, male attention, drinking, eating and just sitting around the house all day with a scrote.
Except she goes for ugly old men, who barely give her anything and who don't view her as a prize. Just someone they can beat up on. She really think she looks like a young barely legal hot barbie bimbo on these dudes arms, but in reality she looks older then her age, chubby and people probably think she's their wife or a cheap crack prostitute.

No. 1371866

If she made him up she’s doing a terrible job because she could be saying he’s showering her in gifts and money but instead she’s bragging about Nintendo switch controllers and getting slapped around and bullied. She’s a cheap punching bag and men have bad taste

No. 1371873

feral/ "going feral" has become very common internet slang tbh i don't think it's that deep.

No. 1371875

> she could be saying he’s showering her in gifts and money but instead she’s bragging about Nintendo switch controllers
That’s all she can afford to show off. If she tweeted about being showered in gifts anons would call her out. And since Shayna loves “owning” lolcow she can’t prove it with a photo because she can’t afford a luxury haul. At least, she can afford a controller and can take a pic of it to show the haterzzzzz if anons question her. I mean do frugal sugar daddies exist on seeking arrangements? I thought that site was just a bunch of bots and fake profiles

No. 1371876

>How do we know the dad from seeking areangements isn’t made up?
we don't know and he probably is kek

No. 1371878


Hmm, but we know Shaynus has a limited vocabulary and likes to repeat words that enter her lexicon. Hence the recent overuse of wicked as an adjective. All seems rather too much of a coincidence that Patricia Ellen Dressel of Renton Washington would take down her care account the same day it's posted here, and Shatna would use a word that was just used here too, if they weren't permanently lurking and reading everything here.

No. 1371881

The only man that has ever given her a decent amount of money is Womack. I honestly feel like she doesn't really ask for anything other then dinner or going out, then these dude think, "Well if she's not asking then, I'll just use her until I get bored". She doesn't seem very professional and she's not a hustler irl. Online she can beg and scam, but irl the power of dick attention intoxicates her. She probably thinks, "Wow he thinks i'm so hot! I can't wait to post on twitter about this!!!"
She's lonely and her "Frens" and "GF's" aren't real relationships. They are all placeholders until she can find a new scrote.

No. 1371882

What makes you think he'd spend more money on Shayna even if he had it? She advertises to the world how cheap her services are. And maybe she made him up, but she wouldn't have to. Cheap deranged moids who'll commit sex crimes on a woman for the price of fast food are a dime a dozen.

No. 1371890

Love the file name anon, appreciate your dedication. Fuck Patricia Ellen Dresel of Renton, WA aka nanny Patricia D. of Bellevue, WA

No. 1371891

>Hence the recent overuse of wicked as an adjective.
that's not new, anon. she's from new england.

No. 1371894

File: 1637349394836.jpeg (444.27 KB, 1242x801, 6C5B99EB-9D96-4A22-BDED-3E586E…)

I thought this was puppikkuma

No. 1371899

File: 1637349538287.jpeg (Spoiler Image,616.12 KB, 1867x3464, 6F30CA44-4455-4AFE-8A7A-8AD4E0…)

it looks like a scrote’s hair ballsack

No. 1371900

File: 1637349580318.jpeg (208.75 KB, 750x798, 48BEF74A-0EC6-465D-9B39-7BC94F…)

why does she put stuff like this on her sex work twitter account?? the pedophiles and other degenerates don't care.

No. 1371901

This straight up looks like necrophilia why is she the color of a corpse

No. 1371902

Of course she defends the guy who died that was a pedophile

No. 1371906

Damn, I actually did a doubletake because I thought it was her too.

No. 1371928

This braindead ho thinks she knows more than the judge who heard all the evidence lmfao she probably only read the overreactionary Twitter post with fake information about it and is now triggered that there was actual justice not solely based off of Twitter tard political opinion that conservative bad

No. 1371941

She only tweeted that because her troon “mom” on Twitter posted something similar

No. 1371970

Figures. I assumed it was due to the backlash she received from the other sw so now she's trying to be in people's good graces.

No. 1371972

File: 1637356756733.jpeg (317.26 KB, 1170x759, BCD4C545-9E2E-4A3F-8B84-F5FBF9…)

No. 1371973

No anon, it’s more likely that this thread is chock full of Twittertards and yasqueens who use words like feral

No. 1371974

She’s a god damn idiot. Politics is a big turn off especially if you’re suppose to be selling sex. Way to lose potential customers, and you wonder why you’re making bread crumbs Shayna!!!

No. 1371975

lmao where the fuck would she even go? Shayna please, these performative low iq takes will not make scrotes follow you

No. 1371983

She could move to Cuba, it would be amazing for her, the beaches, the communist government. I think she would finally lose some weight.

No. 1371994

Every other aspect of her life is paid by random dudes who see her genitals online so why not just save for it or make yet another moving sale? she’s just parroting the talking points of USA being bad and it’s impossible to move because it’s expensive despite not looking into the process at all, she just saw a viral Twitter post that said so which makes it fact.

No. 1372030

Okay anon, that doesn't mean she isn't copying from these threads; twitter try-hards or not

No. 1372033

when you don’t have a personality you have to latch on to arbitrary labels

No. 1372037

also why would she need a journal when she uses her twitter as one

No. 1372043

It’s new for her. She started saying it after some scrote pointed it out. She was using hekkin constantly in its place before.

No. 1372046

File: 1637363435137.png (397.37 KB, 750x1334, D75BB8A5-B2F0-4011-9ADD-66FB02…)

no it’s really not. i don’t get why anons are trying to argue the stupidest points lately. she periodically overused it multiple times over the years. it’s one of her 3 personality traits besides spongebob and weed.

No. 1372065

none of the people criticizing the verdict even watched the video or the trial. they're all just repeating twitter tards.

No. 1372095

Does she think other countries' immigration fees are charged by the U.S.? Dead from the neck up.

No. 1372114

I mean she can’t move to countries without paying for expensive visas (to her) and some countries like Norway or Australia allow people in based on a tier system of being a benefit to the nation which Shayna is not.

No. 1372134

Okay but she’s blaming that on the USA. Renouncing American citizenship costs a month’s rent. Amounts outside of that is on the other country, not the USA.

No. 1372138

File: 1637375676163.jpeg (160.8 KB, 750x680, FBB81782-E16A-4CB6-8DFC-940EA6…)

imagine being such a shut in freak that you add a different color to your wardrobe and think it's an alter ego

No. 1372144

watch out she's pulling a pixielocks

No. 1372146

So what scrote in her life does everybody reckon is into ~GoTh GiRls~ because "goth" was her hard no like a month ago?

No. 1372147

File: 1637376712624.jpeg (316.29 KB, 828x1190, 600137C7-5BC5-403D-AED2-112B94…)

How is she so delusional?

No. 1372149

File: 1637376886645.jpeg (136.26 KB, 687x1222, F07E6C82-FE1E-4979-A452-86A4CB…)

>the faces

No. 1372157

This amount of lying to herself is going to put her in the ground before any unhinged scrote wow

No. 1372163

True, her being goffic now must be because one of her nasty scrots likes it, perhaps the "dad." She has no personality and everything she does is for attention, so it can't be an inspiration she had on her own

No. 1372179

File: 1637381579380.jpeg (157.56 KB, 750x499, 2A3EB0B1-0EC4-428F-A46D-140CBB…)

>baby fuck toy
she deserves the miserable life she has given herself, and a lot more for encouraging these awful degenerates

No. 1372205

File: 1637387050312.jpeg (65.18 KB, 750x436, D1173ED3-B837-4B72-BC3E-FECDA1…)

No. 1372252

incoming girlboss era

No. 1372355

Her chin looks like a ventriloquist dummy. Fat Slappy.

No. 1372379

File: 1637427087564.jpeg (308.17 KB, 1242x740, CA817688-FF08-4D41-9A7C-FE7721…)

No. 1372386

File: 1637427547198.jpg (49.18 KB, 1080x295, Screenshot_20211120-085150_Sam…)

Oh God, here we go. "The Dad" is clearly into goth/alt and she's such a pick me. It's so retarded especially after her saying doing a goth vid is a hard limit barely a month ago. Yet here she is because it's gotten her attention and some scrote likes it.
I'm all for her wearing less pink, but not this poser alt/goffic shit. Those people have enough problems with moids fetishizing them and idiots who think they are alt/goth/etc just because they dress that way. And Shay dresses and assimilated badly no matter what style she tries to pick up. The fishnet gloves being worn with the pinky in the thumb hole and the plain shein get up while listening to dad rock has been enough lol.

No. 1372402

already posted and discussed anon

it’s embarrassing. i feel like she’s trying to skinwalk a teen egirl rather than appease a scrote, probably both tho

No. 1372416

File: 1637431673438.jpg (64.44 KB, 536x610, bkevg3-l-610x610--shay gnar-tu…)

she literally dressed goth/alt all the time like does she have amnesia or something? and wasn't goth a hard limit. like is she a multiple…i have a weird mix of pity, sadness and disgust for her, but i can't look away

No. 1372418

File: 1637431962088.jpeg (281.71 KB, 750x741, D0904F6D-C028-4C94-8ED4-BD49C2…)

Cow crossover, taking advice from another pedo

No. 1372436

>like is she a multiple
that's not a real thing

>i have a weird mix of pity, sadness and disgust for her, but i can't look away

you sound retarded

No. 1372437

File: 1637433405517.jpeg (82.48 KB, 750x234, BB3E0B46-212D-465D-8322-F90662…)

It looks like she might be going to see her family for thanksgiving. Hopefully she wears a bra this time. Also I hope we get one last cam show before this site does dark. They’re such a hot mess. But we know her track record with following through with those promises

No. 1372440

>>You'll keep attracting gross enegry
She welcomes gross energy, she seeks it out. It's her whole thing. From abusive ugly old men, to weirdos like Sol who suck/fuck troon peen/bootyhole raw and then turns his back on her, to Ellen.
Ellen Patricia Dresel who stole a baby's pacifer to take sexual pictures to send to a scrote & then bragged about it online. Shayna attracts negative/gross energy because thats what she puts out.

No. 1372457

the “goth is a hard limit” thing was her trying to get more money out of a scrote, not amnesia or any other soap opera shit

No. 1372466

Honestly do it, Shay. It's not a terrible idea for her to diversify her wardrobe because her current look is played. Whoever said she should get some bodymods and wear all black is probably right. It would distract from her… Everything else.

No. 1372468

How are we going to make fun of Shayna with our fellow nonnies? The roasts here and amazing

No. 1372470

File: 1637435447289.jpeg (77.05 KB, 971x971, 66B7D2D9-6A57-4BA6-9839-1083C5…)


No. 1372474

File: 1637435488728.jpeg (Spoiler Image,71.74 KB, 844x844, 8C7FB4C1-E862-46B6-A814-1E1592…)

Fat ass sissy dad bod

No. 1372476

File: 1637435600205.jpeg (590.16 KB, 1242x1378, 968AE384-A5D3-44CF-816E-66DBAD…)

The caucasity

No. 1372477

I thought exactly the same, are we having a DID saga?

No. 1372478

File: 1637435690719.jpeg (424.63 KB, 1242x791, 2583F611-0854-49B9-AD75-D4DF91…)

No. 1372491

Good lord I thought that was just an unflattering screenshot a farmer took but she actually posted those

No. 1372492

File: 1637436462798.jpeg (697.03 KB, 1242x1143, 83F038C8-E39D-43AC-8912-9C2541…)

I’m not a regular mom, I’m a fat mom

No. 1372496

Yeah that’s why you cover your stomach with your hand shay?

No. 1372499

I'll never get people who pose/edit pictures and then make comments like, "I'm so hot, I look so good", You mean you think you look good, sucking in your belly/hiding it with you arm and twisting your body so your hank hill flat ass looks decent? It's honestly sad and kinda crazy. In both pictures she's hiding her belly, but she LOVES how she looks now that she gained weight, when before she'd post her body front on no issue.

No. 1372501

Wow she looks like a pile of melted butter here

No. 1372504

File: 1637437372233.jpeg (87.83 KB, 263x587, BD6CD17F-E356-4DA7-A900-0A718F…)

Her ability to cope is incredible

No. 1372520

Legitimately couldn't tell if the mirror was filthy or if those pants were pilling.

No. 1372537

is no one seriously making any effort to save this site? just no one wants to take it over?

No. 1372563

Attend townhall tomorrow

No. 1372566

She looked like a long Island cougar mom before, but at least she was thin. I'm not one of those people who thinks everyone should be thin, but shay is definitely one of those people who should lose weight lol

No. 1372574


The cellulite thru the fabric god it's like a Luna post

No. 1372589

I’m seriously impressed with how she’s able to squeeze herself into these outfits.

No. 1372601


They're supposed to fit lose girl. Coping Queen

No. 1372602

Same, I actually think lots of people look cute thicker but on her it just looks sloppy and (combined with her overall sloppy aesthetic) it’s a no for me. At least if she was thin she could somewhat fit the trashy porn bimbo archetype she’s aiming for. The “middle aged soccer mom who got sex trafficked” look she’s rocking now is just unfortunate.

No. 1372605

File: 1637444672411.jpeg (70.8 KB, 1173x332, 3812238D-BE11-4DAF-8A54-78BBB0…)

No. 1372617

Anons got their wish, it's finally feeder era time.

No. 1372625

mfw the sex work anons, advice anons, the Fupa/Womack anons, or the dumb dog anons post & start infighting.

No. 1372629

doubt. she has one of these "body positive" episodes every couple months since she's gotten fat. it will be followed within the next week with her boohooing about the skinny girls on her TL triggering her.

No. 1372665

File: 1637453736788.jpeg (574.17 KB, 750x1041, 73793F41-9465-43C6-9622-2F9F2D…)

No. 1372667

File: 1637453881084.jpeg (155.72 KB, 798x699, A01C4BC3-3AEF-4888-A4B5-8184DF…)

The gut spilling out of the 3 year old track suit she got when she was a size small IN PUBLIC ON A DATE

No. 1372668

just cover your belly shay, your outfits would like a million times better if you didn't have your gut hanging out

No. 1372670

Also u can see “the dad’s” bald head in the reflection taking her picture

No. 1372675

Holy shit that belly is a full on spare tire. Shay is serving straight panniculus. Girl when you read this thread please google “abdominoplasty” and thank me later.(sage)

No. 1372676

jesus fucking christ… she did not actually go out full bare gut and pose like it looks good. she has like reverse body dysmorphia if she thinks this looks okay in any way.

No. 1372677

where the fuck did all these pick mes come from caping for some fat scrote? You guys realize you don't have to go full retard just because a cow is on the other side of the issue, right?

No. 1372682

We aren’t caping for a fat scrote we are literally calling Shayna out on not knowing the law and not even listening to the court hearing. She’s suppose to be “stupid bimbo” why is she spewing politics?

No. 1372683

ew what the fuck she literally looks like an obese blob in this image

No. 1372687

File: 1637456900836.jpeg (299.27 KB, 1080x1338, 63281233-E491-4D8A-9A1D-0D499C…)

No. 1372689

She is straight up delusional!!

No. 1372691

God, her old rat face looks infinitely better than this moon-faced Big Chungus, and that's something I thought I'd never say. I know some anons are tired of the side by sides, but comparing old outfits to how they fit now is just consistently incredible.

No. 1372692

hard to even believe now that she was ever as thin as she was on the left with how badly and quickly she let herself go

No. 1372693

can’t we just get back to ragging on stupid shit Shayna does and scams(actual milk) there’s only so many ways to write ‘shes fat’ ‘she has wonky boobs’ ‘she’s ugly’ like we know. We get it. Shes actually one of the only cows who constantly posts cringey stuff, lets make fun of it together. I’m stoned so I forgot how to sage byeeee!(autism)

No. 1372697

nobody wants you here

No. 1372701

Damn I though Shatna didn't self post here. kek

No. 1372704

Fuck off.

No. 1372711

File: 1637459614781.jpeg (135.77 KB, 750x278, 58AE054F-47F5-42CB-8074-FED1A5…)

All she does on cam is get fucked up, dance around like a sped while lip-synching, bitch and complain about her life and then bitch out coomers watching for not tipping, cry, and occasionally pretend to orgasm after 15 seconds with her vibrator.

No. 1372712

File: 1637459712226.jpeg (147.97 KB, 750x430, 3674C837-6227-424A-A63B-B4C8E3…)

No. 1372717

sounds like he had zero interest in interacting with you, dumbass. this isn’t a quirky cute moment it’s just embarrassing kek.

No. 1372721

She deleted the 2nd tweet quickly and just left the first one so it seems less sad lol

No. 1372722

Extremely mundane basic human interactions are special to Shayna. What a pathetic existence.

No. 1372723

File: 1637460878360.jpeg (912.08 KB, 1242x1526, D97F7D65-6F11-4974-ADDC-F845CF…)

No. 1372732

all the malls around me are basically empty carcasses so I have no idea but does Nordstrom actually sell drinks?

No. 1372733

lmao the cope
im so sick of her current tracksuit and trashy pink clothes from shein era bc not only does it not suit her but it's just… the same boring outfits coming from her. she does nothing interesting w her wardrobe, she doesn't even follow trends it's legit just the same boring cropped shirts, skirts and pants

No. 1372741

That poor childrens mask straining under the weight of her 3 chins. She's gone to the mall more this month than most have in yrs!

No. 1372742

Yes Nordstrom’s usually have some food amenities. The San Fran one has a restaurant and an eBar. I’m guessing the one in Seattle has the same deal.

No. 1372748

typical fucking fatty with the giant sugary drink. she must consume like 3000+ calories per day. this bitch is going to develop serious health problems unless she gets her shit together soon

No. 1372759

I bet the iced coffee was all that the splenda daddy could afford from Nordstrom kek

No. 1372782

bro the leg kick entrance FUCKING SENDS ME(newfaggotry)

No. 1372791

So she goes to the mall with her Sugar Daddy to go to Lush and Sephora, he probably paid for whatever make up she brought and her drink. Then she takes a uber back home, wheres the gifts?

No. 1372793

she only gift she wanted was the crumbs of male attention

No. 1372823

she has to be taking the piss

No. 1372835

My Christmas wish will come true

No. 1372838

File: 1637474431744.jpeg (Spoiler Image,349.85 KB, 750x685, 65DEA0E1-A950-4499-B60D-EC753A…)

Oh gross her legs

No. 1372848

Missed opportunity for her to post this on thanksgiving. Looking like a hormone injected turkey roasting in the broiler

No. 1372860

File: 1637477280143.jpg (38.69 KB, 500x375, chicken.jpg)

She looks like a Costco rotisserie chicken.

No. 1372879

Looks like a troon amputee. 120ccs kneeces feces.

No. 1372889

File: 1637480254874.jpeg (80.36 KB, 750x202, F86575AE-17B1-4D2A-B6BE-E1C23E…)

Not looking forward to her writing incest tweets from her families home

No. 1372906

File: 1637484121635.jpeg (348.11 KB, 1242x823, 3ED33653-698F-4581-A143-8CC4CD…)

People have been really losing their shit on planes recently and if she gets caught by anyone doing any of her bullshit, especially during holiday travel, Bye Bye Dolly

No. 1372907

File: 1637484454096.jpeg (123.49 KB, 452x678, EB25F1A2-BBEE-4323-A19D-FAD5CF…)

Gas station roller food

No. 1372927

File: 1637488686290.jpg (11.37 KB, 290x190, hamnet-02.jpg)

she looks like she's arguing with a sock puppet

literally picrel

No. 1372969

File: 1637497356920.png (939.99 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20211121-232200.png)

No. 1372970

File: 1637497447574.png (1.1 MB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20211121-232210.png)

No. 1372972

The cellulite through the pants and complete lack of neck. Shayna get help

No. 1372973

how can someone be this fat and none of it go to her ass?? the average skinny girl has better fat distribution than her, its embarrassing tbh

No. 1372977

Why does she have pancake mix in her bathroom?

No. 1372985

i swear the same towel was hanging there last thread already, it must reek of her cheese sweats

No. 1372989

It's a makeup brush set

No. 1373026

File: 1637508376181.jpeg (145.59 KB, 1202x1012, F960C0D9-2B97-4156-BDB8-AB8096…)

She looks like she’s dead

No. 1373027

File: 1637508428398.jpeg (143.73 KB, 1242x1143, C1599763-4974-4AE1-A1B0-E77E02…)

She looks like a dead hog hanging like that kek

No. 1373028

I thought she was wearing a loose tan sweater before I clicked. It's just her hanging skin and fat.

No. 1373040

its a box its rubbish theres another that you can actually see is empty next to it its so weird she does this

No. 1373045

Quasimodo looking ass

No. 1373054

big ed wearing juicy

No. 1373056

why does she look like a fat dog with no neck

No. 1373060

she was tensing her body so hard to try to make it look like it has a shape that she lost her entire neck kek

No. 1373061

seriously i thought this was someone with amputated legs at first

No. 1373088

Kek. First we had the mortuary pic >>1371770
now the abattoir.

No. 1373095

Wait what happened to her big shoot she was supposed to be going out for a week or two ago? Anons speculated it was HardTied or LHM again.
Isn't this just in the old man's basement?
And speaking of shoots, where the content from the Adult Baby stuff? Did she post it somewhere we missed or where those 2 photos it?

No. 1373096

Some weird fanfic where an orc finds a Juicy tracksuit and discovers social media

No. 1373098

anon, it's literally in the thread OP
>Her feelings are so hurt that she cancels her two upcoming shoots with Insex and Lovinghandmadepornography >>>/snow/1365587 (totally not because shes a lazy bitch who can't follow through with plans)

No. 1373100

File: 1637517582217.jpeg (823.34 KB, 1242x1430, 4A5D09F4-A82B-4245-B56D-519073…)

Of course fatty still has a fridge in her work room for food and not skincare

No. 1373101

She really took the same empty boxes of snacks and soda from her old place to Washington just to clutter up her desk again?

No. 1373111

Yea she filled her pod with make up she never uses, literal desk-garbage and her shein clothing. But threw away a perfectly good bed and mattress and all her other furniture except her two TVs and coffee table. She’s fucking retarded.

No. 1373113

kek. her fat literally goes everywhere BUT her ass. she has weird pools of fat throughout her thighs, a spare tire, lunch lady arms, chins, jowls, even her nose has gotten huge.

No. 1373118

Oh yeah. Sorry about that. I forgot lol. Because of the boolies hurting her feefees, of course.

No. 1373121

She also threw away a perfectly good desk that looked just like this new one out of pure laziness even though she had an entire shipping crate. Wasteful bitch keeps literal garbage and throws away barely used furniture that could be at the very least donated.

No. 1373129

File: 1637519873566.jpeg (516.27 KB, 1242x635, EF48F58B-3BD7-4D97-878C-3859EE…)

No. 1373130

File: 1637519907221.jpeg (580.97 KB, 1242x666, 8682B5A0-EE91-4EFD-ADD4-51C479…)

No. 1373131

File: 1637519973989.jpeg (243.94 KB, 668x666, A8FDB4E9-B895-477D-9A4E-1DBE7A…)

She got arms bigger than her boobs kek

No. 1373136

File: 1637520117390.jpeg (Spoiler Image,427 KB, 1027x734, E747E49A-9EAD-4D53-8027-4D5611…)

No. 1373142

File: 1637520704160.jpeg (300.02 KB, 733x670, B695D6B2-6E00-49E0-8863-7ADCD2…)

No. 1373143

File: 1637520725911.jpeg (323.13 KB, 737x671, 94DD890D-3724-4333-90E3-040F0C…)

No. 1373147


No. 1373150

File: 1637521054848.jpeg (781.66 KB, 1006x1386, 5902233F-8C60-4FC9-9A92-3982C3…)

She’s so big

No. 1373153

can't you just post a collage or something

No. 1373158

Yeah, or make gifs, we don’t need this shitting up the thread every time she posts a video

No. 1373164

I have an urge to dust everything in that photo

No. 1373180

File: 1637523975949.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.33 MB, 3350x3408, 3BC63DB7-1C99-43E3-94B0-804CCF…)

I don’t know how she has the audacity to go to her family thanksgiving when she’s doing this for pennies… that’s embarrassing. she doesn’t even have a car to show for it.

No. 1373196

File: 1637524800732.jpg (99.23 KB, 698x900, gut overhang.jpg)

the audacity is right. yikes.

No. 1373201

??? Who drew that picture of Shayna?

No. 1373203

How does she manage to live in the dark even during broad daylight?

No. 1373216

Does she fucking put baby powder on her old snatch??

No. 1373226

Shoutout to new admin for keeping these threads alive. Looking forward to checking in to see Shayna at 300 pounds still doing this shit years from now

No. 1373237

ngl this visual really helped me understand being a "busted can of biscuits" like nothing else has

No. 1373238

mentioned this a few threads back kek when I realized her ass has actually gotten smaller her glutes have completely atrophied

No. 1373256

Even with her obesity on full display, I can't help but be distracted by her thin, grease slicked pigtails.

No. 1373257

it looks like diaper cream…(sage)

No. 1373271

File: 1637534400772.jpg (71.44 KB, 400x610, Thefuturenow.jpg)

Ultimate hambeast saga

No. 1373277

I LOL’d.

No. 1373292

I think I’m retarded because I just broke down in laughter over this. I hate you nonnie kek

No. 1373318

omg you morphed Shaytards face in there so good

No. 1373323

File: 1637541046490.jpeg (1.01 MB, 1170x1708, 672BA60C-F0F4-4319-8F82-F93487…)

No. 1373324

I love that we know for a fact shatna reads here and this art piece is here. I wonder what her moms going to say when she rolls into the house all heavy breathing? Who wants to bet she’s gonna complain about her mom making a comment on her weight?

No. 1373329

I honestly feel like if she has any grandparents or older folks who don't give a shit, they'd probably make a comment. It's honestly sad, you don't see Shayna in years, if you know whats up, you know that she blocked out her whole family basically for this "job".
Then she rolls up and you can just see the depression. All she can say is, "I moved". She doesn't have a car, or anything to show for years of work but being more mentally ill and getting bigger. I kinda wonder if she does actually see family members her age who have their life togeather or semi togeather and how that must feel. Then again, she probably views them as "normies" or some shit to cope.

No. 1373333

File: 1637542825321.jpeg (Spoiler Image,562.7 KB, 1080x2568, C0763D84-F2B1-4E42-927C-ECBB97…)

Her scalp is so dry. So much dandruff.

No. 1373336

Who tf calls a dog daddy, does she belong to cesar milan

No. 1373337

If she’s a dog why did she draw obvious cat whiskers? She could be one of those sharpei dogs with the wrinkly fucked up skin though.

No. 1373338

That's alcoholism for you! Makes your skin dry as shit cos dehydration unless you drank like X3 as much water as the average person should but I don't think she even has 1 small glass a day.

No. 1373340

This is horrifying, this legitimately reminded me of Siam from Silent Hill.

No. 1373347

File: 1637547340975.jpeg (857.22 KB, 1242x1523, 2F34CEF9-4DC3-40C2-8FBB-5B8244…)

I can’t

No. 1373352

why would she wear a silicone bib?? or honestly even a bib at all??

No. 1373358

jfc the bottom right. she’s disgusting.

No. 1373364

File: 1637548948618.png (69.15 KB, 760x291, A60BC548-E743-4471-8FD3-0178CA…)

This is from last time she went home for thanksgiving. Her grandma is gonna roast her to death. Idk how she is going to look grandma is the eye after that scrote sent her porn to her as well as her mother on Facebook this year.

No. 1373368

File: 1637549217429.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1000.27 KB, 1054x1080, E06457B7-A392-4B72-A599-29FE76…)

She thinks she looks cute “pouting” but she makes the ugliest stank face it makes her moon face look fatter

No. 1373370

Lol. Hope brutally honest nan is there again.

She'll call her fat. Family like that have no filter.

No. 1373371

File: 1637549319979.jpeg (759.47 KB, 1169x1080, 607B5A52-CE7E-4484-BB97-64629F…)

Her makeup is atrocious

No. 1373387

File: 1637551745873.jpeg (254.37 KB, 1170x776, EB255609-E09D-41F5-ACB7-499C5F…)

But having your nipples out at the dinner table is fine?

No. 1373389

Kek I forgot about based gramma. I’m guessing all this weight coping is because she knows Gma is gonna roast her about her weight. It’s been like 60lbs since she saw her family last, aside from her dad.

No. 1373390

Your whole online persona is “Butt Stuff Barbie” and they know it. Literally doesn’t matter dumb cunt. Stop taking about your family on your sex work account.

No. 1373411

is it just me or has she gotten fatter lately?

No. 1373416

this is an incredibly stupid question, it's not like she's been just been maintaining her weight with the amount of food she consumes. do you think she ever stopped gaining weight?

No. 1373423

she just keep accumulating chins jfc

No. 1373438

The only option at this point is for Shay’s parents to demand she move home and get her life in order or stop paying her rent. All she does in Seattle is sit at home pigging out and getting high. It’s not like she can’t do that at home while saving her parents $1500+ a month.

No. 1373442

She’s 24 going on 25… that’s not going to happen

No. 1373451

File: 1637556970331.jpeg (109.29 KB, 361x1187, BA29A764-0B50-4CB7-BD0D-C7DBFC…)

Her tucking her neck inward doesn’t help her chins situation at all kek

No. 1373455

File: 1637557211895.jpeg (127.44 KB, 1242x1015, DCA1613C-6B66-42D9-BFAA-94F460…)

No. 1373463

File: 1637558146484.jpeg (255.98 KB, 1206x2208, 2BAD9A87-1204-4AB9-A72C-9B244F…)

Classic drinking before a flight and wearing a horrendous embarrassing outfit

No. 1373467

File: 1637559119707.jpeg (121.22 KB, 1078x514, 240202EB-824F-4859-B1F6-E4FD06…)

Every time she gets on a plane I think about this

No. 1373473

her parents have been divorced a long time
they each may not know how much the other one is giving Shayna

No. 1373481

And the hotdog nails have returned.

No. 1373490

I predict this yr her alcoholism and excessive weed intake is going to ruin things. Shes transitioning to vodka lately and thats usually when alcoholics REALLY go off the rails. She wont be able to laugh it off as typical mild overinduldging due to being with family. I mean she's at a point where she always looks extremely crossfaded and is clearly slurring her words in her work vids. Id love to see a last min intervention but that's a major stretch. Otherwise hope she wears a bra, doesnt make any incestual tweets while there, and that gma roasts her ass to a crisp over her nails, grease, floppy tits, innapropriate illfitting wardrobe, etc. I also wonder how long it'll take for them to put 2 & 2 together that she's now a full blown prostitute but the super cheap kind. I give it 1 night

No. 1373500

File: 1637563660400.png (104.72 KB, 920x885, 97418502-555F-40A8-A555-1D6FD8…)

LMFAO she looks like a Closer from Silent Hill 3

No. 1373513

File: 1637565516432.jpeg (406.29 KB, 750x1087, A29C018F-AD6B-4475-BE5A-D8B0CF…)

it's so disgusting she can't separate family and sex

No. 1373515

File: 1637565586137.jpeg (378.32 KB, 750x805, 732BCF16-D9F7-4A74-BBE1-5DED66…)

Of course she’s showing up at her family’s home with her nips out. Never change Shay

No. 1373528

Those buttons look like they are holding on for dear life. Why. Why. Just buy a fucking medium. This looks absolutely ridiculous.

Thank god her nan roasts her. She needs someone honest in her ear.

No. 1373529

Talking about sitting on an old man’s face and her dad in the same sentence…. how lovely.

No. 1373540

are you implying a medium would actually fit her? lol

No. 1373544

File: 1637568535282.jpeg (164.13 KB, 750x441, 332DF4F0-EF44-444C-8E53-DA7D60…)

every man she meets is just dying to fuck her huh

No. 1373546

File: 1637568608369.jpeg (Spoiler Image,331.73 KB, 750x687, D675F8C4-6F0E-44E8-BF03-AA343B…)

No. 1373552

I feel like a lot of people have been denied flights for indecency, why never Shayna?

No. 1373565

File: 1637570090094.jpeg (149.15 KB, 1242x330, 060B2C8C-1EE6-47D0-9DE5-BEE9E6…)

kek sure Big Shaynus

No. 1373615

do you think shayna will be too drunk to see the obvious shock and horror crossing her family's faces as she steps inside their house? no bra, clothes way too small and smelling like hog sweats.

No. 1373628

Along with the rotting, that ring finger is looking bad

No. 1373633

>sissy hypno wallpaper

No. 1373661

File: 1637587663352.jpeg (720.17 KB, 1170x1473, 0D41E544-5B89-4FEC-BE69-D81B0A…)

Wtf is up with Ellen biting Shay all the time?

No. 1373669

she mistakes her for a fat wild roasted hog thats why

No. 1373676

Is her nail bleeding again

No. 1373678

they think it’s kinky or something

No. 1373681

Next thread pic tbh

No. 1373699

I wonder if she'll parade around her family's home showing off her bite mark

No. 1373700

At the very least she's pulling her pants all the way up to her natural waist and not giving us older millennials flash backs of the 00s, a dark time where even fat people were forced to wear 'low riders'. It's a start.

No. 1373708

of course she will. this is Shaynus we're talking about here. She cares about literally no one, has no decency whatsoever, and wants to fuck her own dad. she will have her nipples and cellulite on full display.

No. 1373716

the lips are fucking sending me

No. 1373718

File: 1637595674654.jpeg (355.32 KB, 1242x1281, D1A44D45-9151-47EE-957F-A5DE37…)

No. 1373725

It’s a chain that tastes the same everywhere dumbass

No. 1373731

If I was her I would be embarrassed to even maintain any sort of relationship with my family at this point. I would literally just ghost them. It would be less humiliating if they thought I was dead.

No. 1373745

you must have missed this pic kek >>1372665

No. 1373746

that’s illegal. a flight attendant on the job cannot pay for drinks for a passenger.

No. 1373752

Absolutely, there's no way it really happened. She never thinks twice before tweeting completely implausible stories

No. 1373754

her delusional fantasies are bizarre. she comes up with these insane scenarios every time she goes out in public, it’s embarrassing.

No. 1373781

You’d think if she genuinely got so much male attention/compliments irl she wouldn’t hide in her shithole apartment with her ugly “mumma” and the few nasty men she lets punch her for dinner at a chain steakhouse. You’re an ugly shut-in and people can see and smell it, Shaynus.

No. 1373790

Because it sounds more exciting for her dumb coomers. Her life is genuinely boring, so she has to make stuff up. Her fanbase aren't exactly a group of fact checkers.

No. 1373798

It wouldn't surprise me though if all these scrotes were paying her this sort of attention. She dresses and presents herself in a way that 100% invites it. Scrotes see her and see an easy time. That's all there is to it. They often don't care if a woman is extremely ugly. I have personally witnessed women fatter and more busted than Shayna get a tonne of sleazy attention in public for showing skin,visible nipples ect. The fact that she sees this as a compliment is the sad and depressing part.

No. 1373803

there actually isn't a single dunkin in the state of WA, so it could be something she's genuinely missing. granted, it's garbage that you could get a better equivalent of at nearly any local establishment, but whatever

No. 1373816


I wish she'd stop with these ghetto ass french tips. Her technician isn't good, just stick to solid colors Shay you'll look less cheap

No. 1373828

>They often don't care if a woman is extremely ugly. I have personally witnessed women fatter and more busted than Shayna get a tonne of sleazy attention in public for showing skin,visible nipples ect.
Anyone who's ever had a DUFF knows this. I always hated the term, but damn if it didn't fit perfectly with this obnoxious obese girl that used to be a 2-for-1 deal around the bars with my normal friends. She didn't even have a nice personality to make up for being 300+lb. Guys don't care though. Especially not bar guys. They came to 'score'. They go home with literally anyone, whatever they can get. The rest of us were uninterested in sleeping with strangers, so whenever a fuckboy came up to us, we'd just pass him off to her lol. She'd brag non-stop about getting with a different dick every night so it worked out.
Some girls really just don't put it together.

No. 1373848

I believe that a gross old scrote might buy her a drink at a bar if she was sitting there dressed like a trashy slut with her nips out. I do not believe for a second that a flight attendant on the job would ever buy her a drink though

No. 1373861

I don't know why people find it hard to believe that Shayna, whose always walking around with her lopsided nips out and her belly out, would'nt get scrote attention. ANY AND EVERY WOMAN get scrote attention. Shayna just thinks it's special and means she's super duper hot. She barely leaves the house, she only cares about validation. She doesn't think she's attractive or hot, unless she feels scrotes do.
Her self esteem is based on likes, looks and retweets. Shayna is probably seen as very average or maybe below. She's a woman. Scrotes are gonna scrotes. Chances are the men who are doing shit ARE just crusty old man or thristy young dudes. I also feel like if a dude looks at Shayna once, she starts thinking, "Damn I'm such a barbie bimbo!"
Shayna regularly brags about attention. Not money, not anything else. Just attention.

No. 1373870

Not sure about the US but I recently traveled in Canada and the flight attendant gave me 2 drinks for the price of one, literally threw an extra little bottle of vodka at me and wouldn't take it back when I tried giving it back to her

No. 1373886

Maybe he bought her a drink because she was glassy eyed from being an alcoholic and he mistook that for her crying. Or he thought maybe she was struggling financially since she looks like poor white trash. That's the only way I could imagine it being true.

No. 1373902

No. 1373905

he felt sorry for her and slipped her an extra bottle, if it even happened
male flight attendants are 90% gay, so it would have been a soft-hearted twink taking pity on a disheveled hobo

No. 1373909

File: 1637612060635.jpeg (Spoiler Image,376.59 KB, 750x751, 70991523-DEC7-490B-9AA8-257741…)

oh Christ, her moaning and nearly vomiting on an inch of dick made me nauseous

No. 1373916

kek the cat whiskers

No. 1373919

Seattle is super pretentious when it comes to coffee so that’s not a surprise kek

No. 1373922

Thank you admin

Shayhead supremacy

No. 1373924

this is what i get out of 90% of the male interactions she speaks of. they literally feel sorry for her because she looks borderline homeless.

No. 1373925

imagine posting this kind of degeneracy while with your family

No. 1373954

File: 1637615785156.jpeg (998.08 KB, 1170x1556, B70424CB-CDA0-4FD7-A81D-388575…)

No. 1373956

File: 1637615828218.png (37.28 KB, 1865x191, totes bi gais uwu shayna knigh…)

What are the odds of her running over to /ot/ to defend herself? kek

No. 1373958

shayna, please. like you'd ever eat an apple.

No. 1373959

she wants them for cider lol

No. 1373964

File: 1637616725715.jpeg (518.22 KB, 1242x1932, 0F86C43B-F62D-45B0-BD0F-F3F517…)

A farmer on /ot/ got Ellen banned, she didn’t delete the account herself

No. 1373966

And doughnuts lol, she's always talking about cider doughnuts

No. 1373972

You can't even see the image anon

No. 1373978


You can lead a shaytard to fruit but you can't make her eat them.

No. 1373979

that place has amazing cider donuts
it’s also near her mom’s, not her dad’s, though maybe her dad’s mom still lives around there?
very shayna to be all “can’t wait to see my dad” if she was primarily visiting her mom

No. 1373983

Link to thread?

No. 1373989

Personally I don't think that Ellen will get into any trouble. At most it will be a small talking to about taking pictures at work and keeping clients confidential. They won't give a fuck about her 'kinks'. That stuff is mainstream nowadays in America. They'll just have a short word with her about appropriate behavior at work. I could be wrong, though, we will just have to see what happens.

No. 1373990

File: 1637618125019.jpeg (127.43 KB, 750x674, F4DD077B-5DEF-4F96-824C-8E3E46…)

Shayna loves to rub her degeneracy in her family’s face, she’s gonna make sure her bruises and bite marks are on display
It’s on the “real opinions on cows” thread

No. 1373993

She doesn’t work for care, she just advertised on there. All they can do is delete her account

No. 1374002

sage for blog but jesus christ, this is a town next door from my parents. next thing you know she'll be barhopping in clinton which is a frightful reminder of how local of a cow she is, i always forget she's from the ma boonies.

No. 1374018

was that last year or the year before?
she has gained so much fucking weight
also, if you had literally any interests other than booze and weed and cheap food and coomer attention, you could change the subject to something more interesting like travel or sports or cooking or home improvement

No. 1374019

It was the year before

No. 1374027

File: 1637621065154.jpeg (359.17 KB, 1080x1113, 7CE85428-AF40-4D73-B532-138541…)

That was 4 years ago. This is what she looked like in November 2019 when she last saw her mom’s family. A little chubby not no where near what they’re going to see today

No. 1374033

It looks like she's wearing proper clothes here unlike her current wardrobe of two sizes too small shein. I feel so much secondhand embarrassment seeing what she wears in public.

No. 1374036

I almost thought this was a current picture that she edited, cause her head looks like her head now but her body looks tiny, then I read what you wrote. I've noticed even when she was thinner she always wore long sleeves/cardigen cropped shirts. Like how she used to go to the club in her favorite cropped white long sleeved shirt and pink flimsy shorts.

No. 1374037

in the US it’s illegal for flight attendants to pay for a passengers drink. i’m not sure about canadian flight laws but a 2-for-1 deal seems like a promotional thing.

No. 1374040

can’t believe I had grown up in the same town she did

No. 1374043

okay who knows the actual story and semantics without actually being there though? it’s honestly not that deep. she lies all the time.

No. 1374044

nobody cares which of you retards live near her

No. 1374054

Isn’t this doxxing then the entire addresses of where she is right there ???

No. 1374057

who cares, it’s fun sharing stories of how much of a trainwreck she was and became since leaving Marlborough. Everyone I know who went to high school with her knows what happened, she really has no shame coming back here and to her family after all the rancid shit she spews

No. 1374060

do you want a gold star kek

No. 1374076

File: 1637628098355.jpeg (1.14 MB, 828x1536, 62096D10-BDCF-489C-9C84-1BDB2B…)

The fucking flip flops combined with sweats, very luxe and high class bimbo princess goals.

No. 1374077

Wtf is this outfit ?? With the beer gut spilling out yikes

No. 1374078

File: 1637628464139.jpeg (60.47 KB, 450x370, 32BC9C50-25BE-43D1-A4B5-FD12DD…)

What Shayna thinks she looks like vs how she actually looks like:

No. 1374080

Earmuffs, a crop top, denim jacket, sweat pants, and flip flops for New England in November. Also her tits look like flapjacks from the side.

No. 1374095

She's obviously too drunk to feel the cold.

No. 1374096

She truly is frustrating, she buys SO many shoes and continues to only wear these flip flops her feet are nearly spilling out of. Even the fluffy UGG slides would be tacky but a step up from this.

No. 1374097

You can take the girl out of Oklahoma but u can’t take the Oklahoma out of the girl

No. 1374102

This thread has gone beyond just being a source of entertainment for me. Her feet literally look purple from the cold. It's almost at freezing point in New England and she's walking around the airport in flip flops and a light jacket. This isn't normal or healthy behavior. I know that nothing that Shayna does is normal or healthy, but this is next level bullshit. She's so high and drunk she's forgotten how to care for herself in the most basic of ways.

I wonder if her family are staging an intervention for her right now. She literally needs help.

No. 1374112

I don't get why some of you anons get so bent out of shape when someone gives an actual anecdote about a cow. I'd take someone that actually knew the cow talking about them over tinfoiling and picking apart every little obvious lie she says.
She legit looks fucking homeless, holy shit. I've deadass seen bums in downtown Atlanta that looked better than this. Fucking incredible.

No. 1374118

you need to google what anecdote means. "omg i cant believe i grew up there too!" is just blog posting and adds nothing.

No. 1374125

>it’s fun sharing stories of how much of a trainwreck she was and became since leaving Marlborough
Isn't the same as "haha wow can't believe I lived near a cow!" We'd probably have more people giving info about what she was like and how the rest of her school still views her if people weren't so aggro the second they see someone use the word "I."

No. 1374126

Well her dumb ass posted it herself on twitter

No. 1374133

It looks like she just threw the most random things from her closet together. Something a townie in the sims would wear, kek

No. 1374138

File: 1637634090779.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.05 MB, 1284x1798, 881E87EA-61E6-4A82-A7EC-65099D…)

saged but its hilarious that these were posted one right after the other. the huge change in both her body and face…bleak.

No. 1374144

nta but then just like share something interesting then? a story, some proof, anything?

No. 1374147

Brooo she’s so embarrassing how powerful is her delusion??? I’d kms showing up to my hometown like this, it just says “mom dad look how depressed, used up and empty I am!!!”

No. 1374148

File: 1637634717177.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.21 MB, 3252x3348, 47B473CD-3D45-4B97-B1AD-CCEB36…)

Shayna went from a skinny girl to a pile of melted butter
Shayna has always been a beady eyed and snaggletoothed bitch but comparing now to then is shocking and just makes her “past” self look way better looking than her current self.

No. 1374162

god this is sad, how can she seriously convince herself she looks good at this weight? she never even talks about wanting to lose weight. shayna get your shit together before the diabetes diagnoses rolls in.

No. 1374165

It would be so easy to do a normal cute casual outfit for a flight, just throw on a baggy sweatshirt and some comfortable sneakers but no she chose the most retarded shit and looks terrible, keep in mind there’s a filter on this too kek. She probably always wears these small ugly tops to show her nipples through and be able to flash easier in the bathrooms to post on Twitter. And I’ve literally seen deranged women yelling psychotic nonsense on the streets that have more style and coordination than her

No. 1374169

I'm still appalled and shocked at what she wears in public and to a fucking airport no less. Jfc. I mean all her outfits are slobby, illfitting, and cheap, but this top… the level of inebriated she has to be to not be embarrassed. It's not just how low class and gross it is to have your nipples that apparent in a tight white shirt in general public settings, it's the buttons stretching to their max unable to even keep the top properly fastened. I just… can't believe she wore it outside.

No. 1374172

My thing is her breasts are small and lopsided. It happens some women have lopsided breasts, BUT if she wanted to show off her nipples she could easily find a thin bra, that'd give her some support, clevage and show off her nipples. It's like, one nipple is up here and the other is down there, it just looks odd and sloppy. Not what she thinks it gives.

No. 1374175

either share a story or shut the fuck up because you have contributed nothing and are shitting up the thread

No. 1374179

She could at the very least pull the sweats up over her muffin top and tie them tighter to make them kind of high wasted, that’s what most chubby girls who wear crop tops do. But maybe since her torso is shaped like a box and her hips and ass are less wide then her waist they wouldn’t stay up

No. 1374214

I’d give them a gold star, I like hearing from people with some connection. Why does it bug you?

No. 1374219

Her awful juicy tracksuit and some sneakers would have been a better look for going to the airport. She’s going to take two steps out of the airport and freeze.

No. 1374245

They haven’t shared anything but “I live near her”. No one cares. Either share milk or shut up.

No. 1374246

Oh how quickly you’ve forgotten the “racist” personal trainer saga lol

No. 1374249

i literally did forget about that kek can she go one day without lying and making up stories only drunks like her believe

No. 1374253

Ngl I wanna hear more about what high school shay was like but I’ll browse past threads

No. 1374257

I would too but so far nothing has been shared besides anons blog posting about how everyone they knew turned out better than shay, as if that was news to us.

I would hope she’s going to her dads only for the fact that she treats her mom like shit.

No. 1374357

so what happened with the "small surgery"? another lie for shayna slaton to get door dash gift cards?

No. 1374360

Jfc, her arm is as wide as her legs used to be

No. 1374405

a lot of surgeries are being pushed out right now unless like other anons suggested it was like a wart or ingrown toenail removal kek

No. 1374417

File: 1637681016965.jpeg (118.22 KB, 750x549, 1636503732693.jpeg)

you lost the chance of making this the thread pic tbh

No. 1374419

what happened to her tits? why are they so lopsided now? they didn't seem to be that way before. maybe "dad" punched them too many times?

No. 1374420

These type of posts get posted every single thread now

No. 1374423

you're only 4 days late

No. 1374424

the zombie tit just doesn't move and the other one got all saggy. that's it.

No. 1374440

File: 1637683808157.jpeg (572.76 KB, 1170x1192, 10CEA14D-E2EC-4001-A405-D059FB…)

No. 1374447

Bitch is so lazy, she fantasizes about someone else choosing her own emotions. I don’t get how this is supposed to be sexy.

No. 1374463

File: 1637686780229.jpeg (322.01 KB, 1170x1044, 84960E56-90E0-4193-9FFE-238CBA…)

No. 1374467

No one wants to be you Shayna. You goddamn fat retard you just make it so easy for people to steal your FREE content

No. 1374483

These tweets are deleted now

No. 1374510

This is Shayna for “I have so many deep regrets that I can’t/don’t want to work out with a professional and I wish someone could just take them away from me.” Therapist saga when?

No. 1374512

She was claiming to see a therapist back in Oklahoma

No. 1374526

File: 1637692601501.jpeg (107.75 KB, 750x299, 39A944A7-4BC4-4C49-9EA7-B10443…)

home has got her in a weird mood. these kind of tweets she’s putting out this morning read as her weird form of depressive suicide baiting but in a sexy way

No. 1374530

she's probably feeling guilty/shameful tbh, I know I know, but imagine when she actually has too look them in the eye in person; would totally explain her sloppy depression progressing

No. 1374556

I don't think it's a reach to think that not having anything going on or anything to brag about is probably depressing or she's just bored. I'm sure we'll get tweets about how shitty her mom os and the amazing conversation she seems to ALWAYS have with her dad about her mental health. The last time she saw her mom and possibly other family members, nothing has changed but her weight and she moved. No car, nothing. I'm sure she'd love to brag about the dumb ass shoots she'd done acting like a baby and flying out to suck a dude's dick & then never being able to release the video.
I just think she's bored, maybe she'll ask her mom about current events so she can possibly say something, "Problematic" so she can post about it.

No. 1374563

File: 1637695665303.jpeg (304.17 KB, 1170x935, 4C59E630-15D8-43DF-91E6-C83360…)

No. 1374570

It’s because the weirder and more embarassing the fetish the more fetishists will take what they can get. But by all means, much success. Happy thanksgiving with your family Shitna.

No. 1374582

File: 1637697039739.jpeg (Spoiler Image,423.33 KB, 750x721, D545F772-A4E2-4C07-AF7F-72BB01…)

Keep your weird saggy tits in your top on your families property please!

No. 1374611

Holy shit her face looks at least 45 here. Her selfies lately are really screaming “I have a mental illness”

No. 1374612

What in the Claire’s vomit is she wearing

No. 1374624

What kinda tard wears a fleece with nothing underneath?

That must feel horrible.

No. 1374632


Home for the holidays off to a shitty start huh Shay? If I where her I'd just stay in Seattle. She has nothing to show for her sexwork and everyone around her is constantly judging how fat, smelly ugly and poor she looks now at varying degrees of severity. Did her mom bribe her with something?

No. 1374645

look above the zipper in the first pic, she's at least wearing a t-shirt or something

No. 1374665

>Did her mom bribe her with something?
she prob just wants to stuff her face with thanksgiving food

No. 1374704

File: 1637703591519.jpeg (197.92 KB, 750x710, 230DA1A4-305D-42E6-91C5-E923BA…)

Another set of hot dog nails bite the dust

No. 1374708

As always, take her "sexy fantasy" tweet, delete the sexual content and her cry for help magically appears!

No. 1374723

how old is she now, 24? mental illness usually blooms to its full potential in your midtwenties

No. 1374742

Literally every single photo she’s posted of herself in the past few days has that heart dandruff filter on it

No. 1374745

Because it covers up the actual dandruff she’s been sporting

No. 1374817

She seriously has really good parents. I can't believe they still want anything to do with her Porky Pig Mrs. Trunchbull looking diaper wearing ass.

No. 1374818

File: 1637709292240.jpeg (259.22 KB, 1242x1156, 2725524A-1841-4977-81B0-A2ED3F…)

Her personality is so “copy and paste dime a dozen e whore”. Everything she “likes” is just to get attention from men. Bisexual = straight but pretends to like girls for male approval. not saying bisexual isn’t real, but pick me women like Shayna love to pretend they are despite only having serious relationships with scrotes

No. 1374819

That actually makes them terrible parents. They should cut her off.

No. 1374822

Nah they seem like good parents who love their stuffed sausage daughter unconditionally and want the best for her. She's the shitty daughter and shitty human. Even if they didnt enable her she would be fucking trash.

No. 1374832

Love shouldn't be unconditional, cut your adult child off if your kid a completely degenerate pedo-pandering waste of space.

No. 1374838

This reads like the logic of a fellow rotund sw lurker who wishes their parents were as enabling as shat's.(infighting)

No. 1374843

This reads like a really bizarre projection.

No. 1374868

I agree with you. They shouldn’t support what she does imo, it’s disgusting, but they’re her fucking parents?? I can understand it
>love shouldn’t be unconditional
Never breed you unhinged psycho, and no I’m not a SW or any other sort of degenerate(infighting )

No. 1374869

if anyone’s parents still support them after putting out fucking DIAPER PORN they don’t deserve respect tbh. like where do you draw the line..?

No. 1374870

>unhinged psycho
kek, permissive parenting is pathetic. Don't breed, the world doesn't need anymore aimless disgusting diaper wearing retards like Shay.

No. 1374876

I made the post above yours and personally could never which is why I don’t want to have children, don’t even want to risk it kek. I don’t respect her parents, I feel sorry for them. However this is not the thread to discuss that, back to Shat etc

No. 1374881

As far as her parents know, she does porn. They don’t know the extent of her degeneracy and I’m sure they don’t want to know either. Obviously they could find it if they tried but what parent would want to know the details. I’m sure they think she shoots porn in the traditional sense that any boomer would assume that she has sex on camera for money and that’s it.

No. 1374885

Anon, learn how to use that word properly. You tried to deliver a burn with a lack of reading comprehension.

No. 1374887

out of curiosity I went to abdl dreams to see if they had posted the vid they took with her. they took down any posts they had with her and haven’t posted any vids with her. it’s been about a month since she went there. it’s a tinfoil but i’m guessing they saw the shitshow with Sol and cut things off?

No. 1374889

didn’t some cowtipper send a video to her grandmother on facebook like a month ago?

No. 1374890

It’s hard to imagine a pedophile diaperfag studio has an issue with shay but I guess anything is possible.

No. 1374891

I'm not even ayrt, you just sound weirdly pressed about nothing. I swear, anons in the Shayna thread are the most aggressively autistic on this site.

No. 1374893

Make sure to think of me in 20 years when your children are all NEETs, sex workers & junkies who are grifting you into your bankruptcy.
~love is unconditional~ uwu(infighting)

No. 1374895

File: 1637718563375.jpeg (147.84 KB, 750x489, F772B7DE-4575-42DA-8511-F2B34D…)

She interacted with them today so there’s obviously no beef. They hadn’t posted anything with her yet and I think if they do it will likely be behind a paywall on their website

No. 1374897

And her mother, but yeah that did happen. Anons itt are new if they think her mom and grandma don't Google this bitch to "check in" on her every once in a while, and they likely see a glimpse of her social media.

This is true, but look at how the sw community chimped out. I wouldn't put it past any of them to have messaged the dude about it. Probably don't want to risk losing potential clientele.

Sure, anon.

No. 1374898

that’s her interacting with them. they removed posts they had with her on her page, and haven’t interacted back. models who were there after her have had their vids & photos posted to their clip sites already. there’s something weird going on, and I think it has to do with the drama surrounding her.

No. 1374900

You literally posted a one sided interaction.

No. 1374906

I don’t think she would still be pining for them and sharing their content if they had a problem with her. Bitch can hold a grudge especially with other woman and 2 of the 3 owners are female

No. 1374908

Feels like shes used this caption 5 times already.

No. 1374910

seems like they didn’t directly tell her they had a problem and are just covertly removing her photos posted by them and not posting vid(s) or photo sets made with them. probably in order not to start shit, they know she will blow up and threaten to kill herself.

No. 1374911

They haven’t posted her themselves yet but they still have the pictures Shay posted retweeted to their Twitter. Probably still trying to figure out how to edit out all the ugly

No. 1374912

why is this literally luna's place right now

No. 1374915

File: 1637720074407.jpeg (157.06 KB, 1284x428, 110C3F6E-DF0A-418B-9630-F0C0C3…)

can someone explain why she posts this exact same tweet roughly once a month

No. 1374917

this must have been deleted because it’s no longer on her page?

No. 1374919

File: 1637720296056.jpeg (268.33 KB, 750x827, F51D66EE-F3A0-40C2-BD5E-3BF9D7…)

Yes it is

No. 1374921

Probably because it got notes on tumblr once

No. 1374922

File: 1637720542689.jpeg (362.17 KB, 750x1058, 434DF9C6-476A-4E52-80EB-47BE09…)

They liked her tweet about making more diaper porn today

No. 1374928

hmm. the whole thing is def a bit sus. I guess we’ll have to wait and see. maybe it will lead to some good milk

No. 1374931


Maybe it's because she's fat and ugly

No. 1374939

File: 1637723286067.jpeg (82.59 KB, 750x239, 4070C971-121C-4D42-B07F-F6B235…)

Her tweeting about her dad on her sex work Twitter is so gross. She calls every guy she fucks dad. Coomers won’t be able to tell if she’s talking about her dad or “the dad”

No. 1374945

i agree, anon. shay's parents seem 100% like this. it breeds things like this. it's wild that when humans aren't regulated or guided in any productive type of way they often choose to live deviant lives based on sex and attention. the human psyche is weird.

No. 1374953

She doesn't have a life outside of being a sex worker etc. Most people know how to keep both separate, but shaynas built her whole personality around her "job". On top of that her lack of professionalism why would scortes who came to see you naked want to know what you're feeling this morning, your girlfriends job or see your grossness her lack of self awareness is astonishing.

No. 1374955

yes. it's been known for a long time that she has an inappropriate fetish about her own father. it's obvious. are you new?

No. 1374971

She's been doing that for a long time now, wasn't she tweeting incestual things last year while staying at her dad's place? I'm sure I'm not the only one in this thread who whole heartedly believes she would fuck her own father if she was given the opportunity, she doesn't hide the fact she wants to.

No. 1374973

Shayna wouldn’t fuck anything unless it was benefitting her someone. She isn’t actually turns on by her dad or anyone else, she just uses sex to gain money, attention, etc. and the whole disgusting dad/incest fetish shit is just to get attention.

No. 1374978

File: 1637726484712.jpeg (383.03 KB, 1170x1227, 79023303-DB71-4DBB-A0B5-425D3E…)

No. 1375012

her mum calls her out on her nowhere pointless trajectory in life every few months and then Shauna rages about it on Twitter
don’t know what her dad thinks about it
her parents are divorced and it seems not amicably, so they probably just blame each other

No. 1375025

normally you'd put a bitch down if she was suffering like this

No. 1375027

should still be the norm, tbh.

No. 1375115

At this point I just assume the opposite of what she tweets, if she says she likes sleeping naked, she actually means that likes wearing clothes to sleep and such. What amazes me is just how can someone create a whole personality for fake social points that are not even that much to begin with.

No. 1375231

File: 1637769672247.jpeg (280.36 KB, 1170x935, 1E98C97C-6CA5-41E6-8DBE-3D2F66…)

I hate how she calls it “Dunks”

No. 1375233

File: 1637769716941.jpeg (374.59 KB, 1170x1088, D40399B1-50E2-489E-8E66-B6FDDD…)

She always tries to make her dad seem bougie for having a cabin

No. 1375288

File: 1637783550827.jpeg (357.27 KB, 1170x776, 1A7881E2-A867-4E60-AADB-716503…)

Her only personality traits

No. 1375301

Coffee scrub on her FACE? No wonder she looks so damn old lol

No. 1375332

This is the bitch that exclusively uses various St. Ives scrubs as her skin care routine

No. 1375377

coffee can be good for the skin in masks.

No. 1375390

Its really funny when the anons here act like they're better than shatna when you know they've at least once purchased the coffee scrub from lush. There are plenty of legitimate things to clown her for, but this is just retardedly nitpicky. We all know shat looks haggard because of years of drinking, smoking, and shit diet.

No. 1375405

File: 1637794380047.jpeg (266.56 KB, 1170x506, B6B9274F-94FC-475B-BC65-8688B9…)

This bitch is really going to get kidnapped one day

No. 1375406

File: 1637794437778.jpeg (256.82 KB, 1170x830, 2A46C6E1-4565-434B-95A5-614BB4…)

Incoming tweets about her embarrassing herself

No. 1375407

>tranny flag
Why am I not surprised.

No. 1375440


I bet all of her siblings will at least consider a lifetime of sobriety after seeing drunk Shay in action. I wish she'd become a vlogger tbh I love watching messy bitches in action

No. 1375467

What a weird thing to get up in arms about. Do you use coffee scrubs, anon? You're definitely right about that being the least of her concerns with regards to that leather she calls skin, though.
Kek, we remember what He Who Must Not be Named did with drunk Shay. Big Shungus over here has probably steadily been drinking through the day on top of this.

No. 1375469

what would she even vlog? laying around in her hovel playing animal crossing every day?

No. 1375472

File: 1637802426931.jpeg (Spoiler Image,398.32 KB, 1832x2048, 9284E22A-1A5C-4072-BA08-C27677…)

more dandruff doggy. the makeup is so half assed just like everything she does

No. 1375475


She could make story time videos about her sexwork career and abusive ex, and abusive online trolling community dedicated to ruining her life Trisha paytas style

No. 1375548

>Trisha paytas style
shayna lacks the depth, charisma, and sense of irony

No. 1375552

The tards in Shatna's thread always out themselves whenever she gets criticized for something they also do and take it real personal

No. 1375561

Literally no one would watch. She can’t even make porn videos without taking a uwu break. She’s lazy asf and wouldn’t get enough views to make money off YouTube.

I don’t blame nonnies for those autistic spergs I mean doing anything similar to that disgusting slob is embarrassing

No. 1375580

This and she wouldn't have followers if she wasn't a sex worker period. Like yeah she had a decent amount on tumblr being a stoner teenager, but those days are way past. If she didn't get her coochie and tits out 24/7 and pander to nasty porn sick scrotes, she'd have literally nothing and be more of a no one. I think she knows that too and that's part of why she won't let it go and move on

No. 1375594

“how do you do fellow bostonians, this dunks is wicked”

No. 1375746

File: 1637857820586.jpeg (648.64 KB, 1242x1444, 132D60FE-6C81-4C60-8476-002B7D…)

Her cock eyed boobs just flopping around her family’s faces what the hell is this retard’s problem

No. 1375747

>puddle of melted giggling bimbo
Well Shay you’re a puddle of melted butter

No. 1375757

Shes truly got no shame. I dont know how low you have to be to brag about forgetting a bra but not a bag that says anal on it.

No. 1375789

Yeesh that top one. Granny has definitely been roasting her fat ass kek. I know Shay is barely literate at the best of times but it looks like someone’s been drinking a lot.

No. 1375818


She's fucking retarded. Her Dad isn't in Boston, just like she's not actually in Seattle.

No. 1375829

She's serving bpd white trash drunk whore more than high-class bimbo porn star. Such a fucking loser.

No. 1375859

"Even the people who pay for my time won't buy me what I actually want" is a brag now? This is so sad.

No. 1375870

File: 1637875154197.jpeg (1.15 MB, 1170x1855, 09A5DFD3-6C94-49EF-8E76-23177E…)

Here comes her new personality

No. 1375876

I hate that she can’t even manage, on one day of the year with her family, to untangle herself from her trashy slut persona, put on a bra and stop tweeting about her anus for a single minute. What do they even talk about? Outside of porn she has experienced nothing. God I would love to be a fly in the wall in that house right now, you know she’s gonna hit the wine pretty hard.

No. 1375884

File: 1637877032425.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.06 MB, 1242x1534, AD321209-8A01-4771-8E43-2EE3E9…)

Let’s talk about grandma on thanksgiving while showing your gross mound

No. 1375885

>my dad had this on the arm of his couch so I took a picture to pretend I’m reading it

No. 1375887

File: 1637877177282.jpeg (260.92 KB, 1242x555, F33B6FAE-8898-454B-B037-4C5695…)

Yeah because you look like a fat ugly pug

No. 1375895

She wishes, those dogs are taken care of better than she’s ever treated herself kek they probably shower and brush their teeth more than she does too

No. 1375896

Pugs are an ugly cute though! don’t compare them to Big Shaynus

No. 1375898

File: 1637877820060.jpeg (634.47 KB, 1242x1230, 39431B4C-C2F2-4C68-8108-407CA2…)

Like this fat ass take a bath let alone shower.

No. 1375899

File: 1637877867257.jpeg (Spoiler Image,101.86 KB, 700x617, 5D4024F9-7ECF-4589-B611-CF4DF8…)

They’re an abomination anon. Their existence is torture.

No. 1375900

kek exactly right anon. the book doesn't even look like it's ever been opened

No. 1375902

File: 1637878088848.jpeg (202.88 KB, 935x1200, 54CE0043-1537-4504-AA76-942C38…)

Shayna would be a bull terrier but an obese one

No. 1375904

File: 1637878140434.jpeg (40.54 KB, 540x360, B53812D1-1FB4-44FB-A8A8-757875…)

They are adorable.(pug-derailing )

No. 1375908

Shayna we all know you read at a third grade level. If it was a copy of Judy B Jones I'd believe you read it.

No. 1375911

All these freak dogs may be cute but they’re a genetic nightmare and have so many sicknesses and things wrong with them because of being bred to look a certain way, it’s really sad honestly. These things can’t even breathe right. Which is something they have in common with her, plus the fucked up skin(derailing )

No. 1375935

they're cute in pictures but if youve ever been around an older one irl they're absolute nightmare level bags of leaking snot that lose their teeth and go blind years before they kick the bucket.

No. 1375937

I find it strange that she screenshots every time someone gives her money and some messages she gets on Twitter, but she always types out these special messages that she gets from dads. I think she makes up a lot of stuff

No. 1375956

File: 1637886072756.png (249.83 KB, 376x475, Walter.png)

No. 1375958

dumb bimbo fantasy drops as soon as dad pays her a bit of attention, hmmm

No. 1375973

File: 1637888985071.jpeg (336.63 KB, 1242x1186, AF61292F-070F-4DA3-BA4C-D5D473…)


No. 1375975

what the fuck

No. 1375977

Am I retarded for not understanding this. When I sit, my legs are closed and nothing down there opens. What does this tweet even mean?

No. 1375979

I think she's just hearing general fat movement sounds.

No. 1375981

Thanks anon, I'm tipsy at the moment and felt like I was having a stroke reading her tweet.

No. 1375988

yeah probably the sound of her rolls flopping down on top of one another

No. 1375997

the fact that she's not wearing a bra or panties around her family. i wonder if they will even want her to come back next year. i feel like her siblings are talking so much shit about her between themselves and to their friends.

No. 1376001

Ugh, that more sounds like, and I cannot believe I am about to type this, that her snatch is so unwashed it's sticking together.

No. 1376004

File: 1637892855224.jpeg (202.47 KB, 1242x507, 7D11B86C-D5B3-4020-80C6-983A2A…)

She already left?

No. 1376006

how is she so twitter coombrained that she couldn’t even go a day without looking at some depraved porn while with her family

No. 1376017

Shayna… that's just because you're fat

No. 1376020

she’s really out here bragging about the sound of a Kraft single grilled cheese being torn open coming from her body

No. 1376021

>me when my new insurance won't cover my antipsychotics and I don't shower or change clothes for three weeks
she's not ok

No. 1376026

File: 1637896538922.jpeg (235.49 KB, 1170x557, A651F2A4-5D5B-497F-85F0-3AF7B9…)


No. 1376033

It writes itself.

No. 1376034

Weird that we’re not getting the updates about her aboosive family. She must’ve gotten roasted to hell and back.

No. 1376037


sis really just went for Thanksgiving dinner huh? Hope grandma spent the day telling Shayna how fat and sloppy she looks now. I hope she was lying about the no bra thing

No. 1376040

File: 1637902169428.jpeg (228.39 KB, 1170x835, D1482F5A-3D48-439C-B17A-066BA7…)

Shay, you’ve never had an orgasm a day in your life

No. 1376070

I want her to play kingdom hearts in heaven so bad

No. 1376164

Kek anon ily

No. 1376171

Imagine not only typing this message and posting it on an account tied to your real name, but doing so on Thanksgiving while spending time with your family.

No. 1376193

File: 1637938034064.jpeg (Spoiler Image,942.56 KB, 1205x1579, 737D556E-0067-4D4A-8016-A55542…)

Fatty changed her pinned tweet

No. 1376194

File: 1637938089910.jpeg (429.07 KB, 1242x1041, B33DBECB-7632-4C27-864D-F5AD4B…)

Blonde big shaynus saga?

No. 1376197

Can’t even go see her family without doing her sex work shtick.

No. 1376200

lmao the filter makes her look actually kinda decent in the first pic, it surprised me

No. 1376205

So is she actually advertising herself as a drunken slob now? If it weren't for the beer bottle in the first pic, she may have looked passable, but the messy hair and blank expression paired with the beer bottle make her look wasted, which she probably is.
She looks just as wasted in the second pic. The shoes on the bed are also gross.

No. 1376237

could it be because it changed her face entirely? kek

No. 1376250

it's because she saw farmers comparing her old pics and her new pics and she thinks if she's blonde again she will totes look the same again or her family was shitting on her ugly pile of poop on her head.

No. 1376275

File: 1637952822865.jpeg (Spoiler Image,310.14 KB, 750x512, 538CD1E3-58D5-4883-A9C3-419B34…)

God I hope this isn’t her families property

No. 1376278

File: 1637952906649.jpeg (Spoiler Image,863.14 KB, 1080x2438, 9ACEDD84-6C24-4C4C-8F41-94805C…)

but some random persons property isn’t any better. this hog has 0 shame

No. 1376289

Still has the nerve to wear this trunchbull bun

No. 1376295

File: 1637953544743.jpg (219.86 KB, 1280x720, free_range_shay.jpg)

This looks like an advert for outdoor bred pork.

No. 1376299

oh of course NOW the uggs make an appearance

No. 1376302

File: 1637954749427.jpeg (919.78 KB, 1201x1586, 7D5D2448-4A21-4BFB-8002-22B739…)

Special needs

No. 1376303

She really has the balls to wear that awful cropped puffy jacket that doesn’t even cover her stomach fat out in public (also she deleted an unfiltered version of these pictures and reposted them with the stupid dog filter, I missed the screenshot)

No. 1376304

File: 1637955337894.jpeg (294.42 KB, 1242x751, 52F60EF8-5D1F-4A43-AAA0-CB6FEA…)

She really thinks her bitchiness is just uwu being a brat

No. 1376305

I wonder who took these

No. 1376308

a tripod most likely???? are you serious

No. 1376309

>”I love being naked outside”
>in late November
>in New England
this isn’t even trying to be sexy anymore she’s actively putting her life in danger for crumbs of coomer attention. Do you think either of her parents know about her hospital stint earlier this year?

No. 1376310

She probably just brought a Bluetooth remote shutter and shitty mini tripod, or leaned it against her bag or something. She’s hiding her hands in both pics.

No. 1376323

File: 1637956858276.jpeg (179.03 KB, 750x403, 8BD89234-1B06-4321-881A-24FF5B…)

I truly cannot see in any way how this is supposed to be sexy
She deleted ALL of this, everything she tweeted in the past hour

No. 1376327

Sexy power lines. I hope this isn't just in her parents backyard somewhere she thinks is secluded enough. The grass is mowed, so it clearly is someone's property.

No. 1376328

If she spent the same amount of time exercising as she does dirty deleting and tweeting she would be skinny

No. 1376333

File: 1637957571893.jpeg (177.66 KB, 750x476, 21A33AFB-ADC2-44AB-B238-89B441…)

No. 1376339

Shay you will never be “lil” but you already are a cow and a pig

No. 1376349

File: 1637958181251.jpeg (162.46 KB, 750x1225, 69C8A41F-926B-49DA-B91D-64C19D…)

No. 1376357

How is her spelling consistently getting worse, she’s gonna be typing like fucking lucinda at this rate

No. 1376359

File: 1637958794461.jpeg (327.99 KB, 1242x992, 93527045-93E4-42A9-993E-D18D5F…)

No. 1376363

What’s her excuse gonna be when she pussies out as usual

No. 1376366

File: 1637959445975.jpeg (372.9 KB, 750x819, ED05AF73-E630-4977-8AF2-13174E…)

She might be onto something

No. 1376381

People are spending time with their families shay. No one cares about you.

No. 1376409

This, holy shit, did she forget that its a holiday weekend? Talk about entitled, but I'm sure she'll take pride in it because its bRaTTy.

No. 1376412

File: 1637964379944.jpeg (1.14 MB, 1242x1453, 397EBD1D-BC0B-4C23-A278-D6A6A4…)

No. 1376413

File: 1637964439461.jpeg (456.33 KB, 1193x1505, 5FF9908B-7F78-43B7-91DC-CABD50…)

No. 1376414

File: 1637964490675.jpeg (451.88 KB, 1242x1166, 576A03CB-B470-45B6-BE8D-0122D4…)

This retard probably looks so scary just staring at people and singing with her big ass beer belly hanging out of her shein hello kitty cropped jacket

No. 1376415

Visibly cringe

No. 1376417

the last tweet, dear god she must be an horrific sight in real life. imagine being that old man getting visually molested by her kek

No. 1376422

File: 1637965151374.jpeg (779.38 KB, 1170x1653, CFAF9F66-B18A-47A3-8B4C-C73F38…)

Please no

No. 1376429

File: 1637965762196.jpeg (344.84 KB, 1170x679, 02844976-E5B5-49A4-BCC0-F9665C…)

No. 1376439

File: 1637966557014.jpeg (99.4 KB, 750x254, AB9805A8-D3FE-4567-9979-714F22…)

She is so out of touch with reality if she expects anyone to believe any of this

No. 1376440

File: 1637966601599.jpeg (169.47 KB, 750x473, AECE5326-725B-4171-A7B8-0B2286…)

No. 1376441

be disgusted because civilized people don't have serious conversations with pigs that let their spare tire hang out in public. unless it's regarding the spare tire. trash.

No. 1376444

Oof, that jacket with the pilsbury dough boy gut

No. 1376446

Literally no one thinks you're underage Shaynus.

No. 1376448

File: 1637966799364.jpeg (338.34 KB, 1170x750, 2951021C-4A60-49BF-92D8-505820…)

No. 1376450

kek. she has visible creases in her RELAXED forehead.

No. 1376460

She’s so fucking embarrassing what a delightful presentation of cringe every time she goes out. We have the thirsting over random old dudes, looking like shit and being drunk at the airport, and trying to show off her underage kink by saying tee hee they checked my ID and I ordered off the kids menu. Bitch it’s because you’re fat and all you eat is chicken nuggets and Mac and cheese, boring bland trash food.

No. 1376464

Already posted

No. 1376468

File: 1637967469508.jpeg (181.65 KB, 750x503, 18AFB94A-21AD-4840-B55A-5BDD90…)

Why is this so exciting. Why must she live tweet everything every single thing that happens when she leaves her hovel

No. 1376471

File: 1637967597797.jpeg (98.03 KB, 750x247, 30CED5B1-47D5-498C-BD57-E0DFA2…)

Why would this be hot??? It’s fucking gross. “It’s so hot when people think I’m fucking my dad”

No. 1376472

avoid eye contact

No. 1376476

Literally nothing sounds more unappealing than having to fuck ugly as sin Ellen or vice versa

No. 1376477

Carts don’t smell also why tf did she take that shit on the plane

No. 1376490

worry that the attendants lost track of their passenger with severe down syndrome

No. 1376493

sweety it’s not that cold. she has enough fat to warm her, she won’t get frostbite. her life isn’t at risk, kek.

No. 1376495

I’d tell you to drink water cause that forehead be looking like Rocky Dennis’.

No. 1376498

Wonder why some trashy girl put on so much makeup for a flight but didn’t even bother to cover her hefty stomach

No. 1376506

id be nice cause id legit assume you have some type of autism. i would ask you if you know where your caretaker is. then shay would tweet some shit like
>"a girl at the bathroom just told me i look like a barbie bimbo little omg"

No. 1376507

File: 1637969872237.jpg (532.7 KB, 2896x2896, 20211126_203131.jpg)

Pov a wasted retarded troon stares at you from the corner of a bar while singing classic rock

No. 1376512

Mixing meds and copious amounts of alcohol. Sounds smart.

No. 1376515

Too skinny

No. 1376517

The absolutdd inebriated pickme behavior of this dirty bitch. Hope she flirts with the wrong old man and gets a stern talking to by his wife. except she would probably get off on that at this point

No. 1376548

JFC live tweeting your alcoholism is so not cute. Her whole feed is disturbing. When you look like a bloated corpse and your only personality trait is being wasted all the time you are way past “teehee party girl.” I think she thinks drinking is glamorous but she legit looks sick.

No. 1376550


Probably more like "should she really be drinking this much?"

No. 1376583

They probably were staring because she looks like white trash who belongs at the greyhound bus station, not the airport

No. 1376608

File: 1637979546933.jpeg (327.34 KB, 1242x833, 7A22B506-44FA-44C8-BFA0-4433D3…)

The flight attendants do no want to fuck you shaynus. They are only nice because they think you’re a retard

No. 1376614

File: 1637979752419.jpeg (761.54 KB, 1242x1469, 5E2A0DE9-5012-4750-B539-C93352…)


No. 1376617

jesus she is a one trick pony

No. 1376619

The amount of bathroom tit selfies in the same exact pose this bitch does is just astounding. No wonder she bleeds subs.

No. 1376627

File: 1637980257308.jpg (628.73 KB, 1988x2030, dirtyshirley.jpg)

No. 1376628

How tf is she gonna edge on the plane like what does that mean when you’re sitting elbow to elbow with random strangers

No. 1376668

omg nonita i'm fucking keked out

No. 1376675

Now this is perfect

No. 1376679

Next thread pic
I think she means paw at her snatch in the bathroom and pretend she’s about to cum

No. 1376895

Kek it’s beautiful anon

No. 1376900

Pinch my nose and wonder how a hobo got enough money to fly.

No. 1376906

File: 1637997864925.jpeg (373.87 KB, 1175x1255, EF47E4C8-9461-41D3-A7CA-01F717…)

No. 1376916

What a disgusting grown woman. She is clearly into the false idea of men thinking she’s underage… and also goes about filming videos dressed as a baby and writes erotic ideas about being molested by mummy and dada.

She can’t pretend her porn isn’t pedophilia when she is literally personally invested in being perceived as underage

No. 1377029

File: 1638027824614.jpeg (74.08 KB, 250x323, 51FA84A6-AC5F-4BEA-96FD-BEF366…)

No. 1377044

>omg i know right???

That's all she wants. Is to tweet superficial shit and make rotten old moids think she's perfect. She's the perfect example of a pick me. Boring basic bitch pretending to like the boring shit old men like so she can pretend like she's a fantasy. I get so much second hand embarrassment from this woman.

No. 1377055

I never heard a woman sound/look like such a unhinged transvestite.

No. 1377115

Sorry for the aviation autism but a compliant passenger is a sober one who shuts up and behaves and most importantly is able to safely get their own ass off the plane in an emergency even better if they can help others do so as well. She would be a nightmare and I'm continually shocked she hadn't been denied boarding due to her outfits or level of intoxication. Which leads me to think that people really do think she's special needs and would rather say nothing & and "risk" her dying than potentially cause a meltdown and tbh I don't blame them

No. 1377125

File: 1638041984553.jpeg (424.47 KB, 1170x838, 238AA1A5-F75C-46F3-89B7-27634B…)

I can’t with her

No. 1377128

i can't wait until she does her triannual mfc stream so we can see the progress towards 600 lbs

No. 1377132

Ew. Why doesn't her family just disown her already?

No. 1377133

File: 1638042482387.jpeg (174.31 KB, 750x532, 0B8506BC-2ABC-4134-A4C0-0FDDE4…)

The people voted for her to cam today. The odds of it actually happening are slim but there is a chance

No. 1377143

She will be too tired from flying and flirting with old men.

No. 1377148

File: 1638044404427.jpeg (587.1 KB, 1223x1449, E5F18D39-0F4E-4259-9A30-A75977…)

Shayna Clifford/ Dolly Mattel #100- “My 600lb Life” Edition

No. 1377155

the 100th thread better have a better title

No. 1377181

Shayna Clifford #100: 100 Days of Shayna
Shayna Clifford #100: Stoned, Alone, too Asexual to Bone
Shayna Clifford #100: Sweepwess in Sweattle uwu
Shayna Clifford #100: Smoke, Tweet, Cry, Repeat
Shayna Clifford #100: Washed Up in Washington

No. 1377183

I like the fourth one.

No. 1377199

same but they are all pretty lame so i guess it works for her

No. 1377206

thank you for censoring this, more anons should censor her since we all know what it looks like by now

No. 1377214

Guys please correct me if I'm wrong but for someone who advertises herself as "ButtStuffBarbie" she hasn't film any anal content in a long long time. This and the "minor surgery" she needs makes me feel hemorrhoid saga is real.

No. 1377216

>>1377214 since shayna has no shame I wonder if she wouldnt just be like ''wow guys ive done sooo much anal ive literally got a hemmoroid haha im so hot''

No. 1377233

She would 100% do that and use her “med fetish” as well if it was in relation to anything near her ass.

No. 1377239

Ffs this "pussy so fat that…" shit reminds me of all the your mom is so fat jokes

No. 1377257

Her content is very porksweat potty playtime

No. 1377262

>porksweat potty playtime
kek, I'd like to nominate this for next thread title

No. 1377263

You don't need surgery for some roids.. or a fissure which is the most likely anal injury.

I think if her butthole was in such a bad state it needed surgery you'd be able to see it from the outside.

But there is something suss that she won't say.

No. 1377265

Seconded kek

No. 1377267

>>1377263 you can definitely need surgery for them I know several people who needed it. Mainly older men. But I'm also in a free healthcare country so maybe Americans generally wouldn't pay for it?

No. 1377277

File: 1638067478430.png (Spoiler Image,9.95 MB, 1242x2208, 15616C47-DE52-4E53-B5C6-C34801…)

No. 1377279


No. 1377282

She's also wearing diapers a lot. It makes me think she has ruined her ass and is having some leakage. You are not supposed to ram things up your ass. That part of your body was not designed for entry. She probably has a prolapse.

No. 1377283

She looks like an escaped mental paitent. KEK.

No. 1377287

Nta but as an anal degenerate with ibs never once has “leakage” ever been an issue and visible hemorrhoids always reduce and go away within a month at the most there’s no way she’s doing enough damage for a fissure or prolapse you literally have to try for that. If anything her warts are sus and the doctors want to biopsy it for HPV or cancer reasons

No. 1377288

File: 1638069498376.jpeg (160.37 KB, 750x484, E321054A-BCD2-40DE-8BFA-B8CD78…)

Her nose is one of her worst features it already looks like it’s been broken before

No. 1377291

Oh Jesus.

Thus whole video compilation just made me think "teletubbies".

If any anon could edit the soundtrack onto https://twitter.com/theIRLbarbie/status/1464783245833224196?t=d2kiRgPITAy0RsU3I-odNQ&s=19 I'm sure it would be beautiful.

No. 1377300

I wouldn't be surprised at all if her terrible diet caused a fissure, anal or no anal

No. 1377310

File: 1638072353504.jpeg (255.96 KB, 750x766, AD833492-94E8-4C38-994F-F98AA9…)

She’s not getting on cam tonight but we already knew that

No. 1377315

>”uwu guizeeee should i cam this saturday or sundai?”
>coomers vote saturday
>”ok sooo im gonna cam on tuesday hehe!”
absolute retard
also kek’d at “debut”

No. 1377324

File: 1638074033010.gif (Spoiler Image,17.37 MB, 600x1067, 1B2F64A1-C999-499C-9AE4-8D2CA3…)

Hog in the fog 2

No. 1377327

this looks like a horror movie preview

No. 1377333

So she snorts her own discharge and passes out from the stench?

No. 1377343

Deranged mentally ill woman you look away from in the bad part of town

No. 1377356

she's wasting her life and her youth by being a pedophile on the internet. she's only getting older, lazier and fatter. where will she be in 5 years when she's 30 or almost 30.

No. 1377371

File: 1638085557858.jpeg (223.02 KB, 400x674, 617122E0-FBEB-42DE-BB91-38645C…)

No. 1377372

File: 1638085682348.jpeg (Spoiler Image,382.43 KB, 750x740, 38047ADE-333D-4C43-9FCC-694933…)

What an awful thumbnail

No. 1377374

File: 1638086061910.jpeg (115.43 KB, 750x304, E9707561-60AB-4788-B6C1-83D703…)

These kind of tweets are her depressive fucked up kind of suicide bait but trying to make it kinky

No. 1377376

File: 1638086882517.jpeg (593.25 KB, 1242x728, 61B37BB5-441B-4D5E-8967-6D0428…)

Hot dog nails and cellulite covered legs from the front and back ~much bimbo barbie uwu baby~

No. 1377378

File: 1638086894354.gif (Spoiler Image,5 MB, 600x338, D37E5151-6AD2-4C26-9C33-BD3D83…)

The way her one tit hangs down while the zombie tit stays up makes it look like she has one boob

No. 1377383

File: 1638087604134.png (7.62 MB, 1242x2208, B0CBFA65-E667-487C-A288-1670C8…)

She looks like a literal retard. What normal grown adult woman would wear this in public? Like the sweats could be an exception (still ugly) indoors or on a lazy day, but not with that toddler Kohl’s clearance rack looking puffer jacket. Just ugly. And the ear muffs make her looks special needs.

No. 1377385

File: 1638088014363.png (8.4 MB, 1242x2208, DFA527DF-5CA7-4DFE-AB2C-083BD0…)

No. 1377392

File: 1638088567495.jpeg (Spoiler Image,198.29 KB, 1003x629, 824F0AF7-A3C9-4616-9547-578736…)

The way she gets undressed/dressed is very seductive kek wtf

No. 1377393

File: 1638089055587.png (Spoiler Image,10.78 MB, 1242x2208, 7B4BBC88-688A-4CFC-855A-61CD5B…)

The heavy breathing and the farting noises her muddy uggs make while she’s stomping around naked.
She really does look like a mental patient that escaped kek

No. 1377396

File: 1638089645651.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.43 MB, 1204x1119, AD57CA1A-51F8-40C7-94F7-7B661D…)

No. 1377397

File: 1638089726627.png (Spoiler Image,11.18 MB, 1242x2208, 8B5FA702-BEEC-4AC5-B738-29A630…)

Big Shaynus looking chunky

No. 1377399

File: 1638089807771.png (Spoiler Image,11.27 MB, 1242x2208, 5150BBFF-96AC-4D44-9DE5-60736A…)

No. 1377401

File: 1638090548740.gif (Spoiler Image,14.02 MB, 600x1067, E58307A3-1C1F-4CBF-A299-8C5CE6…)

She oozes sex appeal

No. 1377402

File: 1638090772814.gif (Spoiler Image,12.06 MB, 600x1067, 564F3D8F-7F2D-4802-857B-A3C14C…)

Walking like she’s going to wake her parents up to tell them she just threw up

No. 1377405

File: 1638091637957.gif (Spoiler Image,17.23 MB, 600x1067, FB9D3EEF-1771-4D38-ADC3-962187…)

>pauses to think about what retarded pose to do next

No. 1377412

File: 1638093024283.gif (Spoiler Image,16.57 MB, 600x1067, 424C646A-C032-4C8E-B0E9-F8011B…)

what a tragic shape to have. and she presents herself so awkwardly which makes it look even worse

No. 1377416

The fact that her OF isn’t a social experiment to see how awful/unsexy of porn you can make that scrotes will still buy is truly baffling. Wtf even is this? What is she doing with her arms besides hiding her gut? And what’s the point of that when she lets it flop around anyway >>1377412? I have so many questions.

No. 1377417

she really thinks she is so "uwu quirky and cute uwu". Holy fuck this is so awful. and just highlights in how bad of shape she is in.

No. 1377424

Oh my Glob she should change her handle to IRL lumpy, looking like lumpy space princess with her purple bruises and lumpy body.

No. 1377429

One silicon tit confirmed with her weight gain. Uncanny Valley Titty with the Normal Hanging Titty

No. 1377430

Holy shit her fupa is now its own roll

No. 1377437

File: 1638100566729.png (59.43 KB, 275x238, 1638070254908.png)

I know she loves to brag about not wearing underwear but. No socks? In ugg boots? Shweaty.

No. 1377454

It’s not confirmed you fucking sped, do you know what “confirmed” even means?

No. 1377455

She looks like a fucking Chav

No. 1377457

She is really past the point of no return with her body (no shit). It would take her at least 2 years of daily hard work and diet to come anywhere close to looking normal again and not like melted butter. And we all know she has the drive of a car crash, so I can only see her getting maybe twice this size before we hear the word “diet” and “exercise” come from her lips again.

I know we’ve all said it, but she should have just gone the feeder route and made bank. By the time she finally does it, she’ll be too fat and her only option will be going super-size bbw.

No. 1377467

File: 1638109013889.jpeg (504.88 KB, 828x1036, 837B6ABF-0C75-441F-A819-0B7736…)

Goddamn her teeth are fucked

No. 1377478

File: 1638111209651.jpeg (Spoiler Image,635.6 KB, 714x944, 4E270F85-235A-4CEF-AA5E-580DDF…)

oh…my god she looks horrible in every single one but something about these two just send my sides into orbit HOW DOES SHE LOOK LIKE A 50 YEAR OLD CHUBBY MAN

No. 1377484

Jesus, she’s DRUNK drunk

No. 1377510

nah she’s just too fat to hold herself up, even squatting kek

No. 1377511

I’ve seen 40+ year olds in better shape than this. this is disgusting for someone not even 25. holy shit.

No. 1377512

oh my god this is horrible she looks like deli meat

why does she do this where she goes to random outdoors locations and strips fully naked to dance and take pictures? she doesn't do anything 'sexy' to justify it, her body looks terrible and worse yet she is exposing random people to this shit for absolutely no reason

i think two years is a stretch. if she started eating healthy and exercising again we'd see improvements in a few months. she will never resemble her old physique again but i think with one year of a good diet she'd look good. it's all conjecture anyway since she doesn't care enough to fix her weight gain and never will

No. 1377518

She is touching the grass with her bare hands and then rubbing her vagina which is extremely unsanitary.

No. 1377520

Her genetics and fat distribution are so unfortunate. She shouldn’t have a belly apron at her size and age unless she had children. I get it, she’s 60 lbs overweight but she’s in her 20s ffs.

No. 1377531

lmao do you guys remember that anon who claimed her dad is so well off? couldn't even afford some braces

No. 1377533

Shaynus and her dad have matching yellow rodent teeth and matching big noses

No. 1377534

it's seriously bizarre. it's like her skin and fat automatically went to that crepe-y type that people in their 50s have. she's fucking pickling herself with the alcohol.

No. 1377535

braces? anon, shayna admitted to barely even brushing her teeth.

No. 1377536

File: 1638119974706.jpeg (284.41 KB, 1221x1321, A37BD6B9-517E-4D28-A87C-7FDEBE…)

No. 1377537

I can't really describe why, but this gives the strongest foreverkailyn vibes

No. 1377549

File: 1638121578726.jpeg (559.28 KB, 1242x1364, 3CE67AA8-948C-4AA7-A963-D049B5…)

Shayna Luther King back at it again

No. 1377553

Alcohol is part of it the biggest part is she is basically smoking nonstop all day. A lot of stoners dont put themselves on the same category as cigarette smokers, but when you smoke as heavily as shay does every day it’ll make your skin lose elasticity. If she didnt smoke as much she wouldnt look so… melted.

No. 1377555

High risk HPV doesn't cause warts. Warts are a different viral strain.

No. 1377558

Shayna does look very British. I think Clifford is an anglo Saxon surname. She looks like a west country chav. She would fit right in in Exeter or Bristol.

No. 1377559

I can't believe she actually uploaded these pics and videos. All this time with Ellen is turning her into her. Shes got the body and cellulite of a 45 year old mom of 5

No. 1377561

There are two types of British women, horse faces who carry marks and Spencer's shopping bags and chavs like Shayna.

No. 1377562

Chav makeup

No. 1377575

she dresses exactly like a west country junkie. it's uncanny.

No. 1377577

She looks like the type to play grime out loud on her phone speaker on the bus in Bristol.

No. 1377587

File: 1638126893832.png (Spoiler Image,8.55 MB, 1125x2436, ABA6E4CA-6FC5-488D-A1EF-E0C926…)

Do you mean Grimes?

No. 1377588

it's a music genre

No. 1377589

Her zombie tit has a fat roll?? Dear lord shaynus.. how can she look at these and think ”oh yeah, so sexy”?? She has no sex appeal, at all.

No. 1377595

File: 1638127726378.png (970.89 KB, 1280x672, shat_in_plymouth.png)

Drug addict hanging around the wrong end of Plymouth is exactly what she looks like.

No. 1377596

File: 1638127759617.jpg (88.07 KB, 680x816, Vicky-Pollard-Little-Britain.j…)

Now that you all mention it she does bear a striking resemblance to Vicky Pollard from Little Britain kek

No. 1377639

File: 1638129904115.jpg (15.52 KB, 320x180, refbatch-P5150174-15-may-2013-…)

this is giving me fat refbatch vibes

No. 1377657

File: 1638131071752.png (1.18 MB, 713x715, shay.png)

>>1377562(off-topic retardation )

No. 1377660

File: 1638131146918.gif (Spoiler Image,9.63 MB, 600x1067, C927248A-4A86-4037-8A14-A6645F…)

If you close your eyes right before big shaynus hits, your brain will think that you have died. Some people find calmness in this.

No. 1377684

My fucking sides anon

No. 1377686

File: 1638133725315.jpeg (94.55 KB, 696x246, 82D2CE8C-C16D-4DDC-99E2-74D30A…)

i think she meant never but she sounds so stupid. and clearly has never experienced any kind or trauma.

No. 1377692

File: 1638134242913.jpeg (Spoiler Image,237.94 KB, 1169x1926, A04003F5-22ED-4C7C-8BE4-7169E2…)

this split second where she looks like she’s trying to shit is so fucking funny

No. 1377709

plym anon here this made me lol, she fits so perfectly

No. 1377712

File: 1638135792512.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.14 MB, 1242x1319, 28AE7228-25C6-4CA0-82DC-FD7A13…)

ugly dog with cat whiskers wtf

No. 1377718

Shayna Clifford, the Porky “Porn Star” Edition

No. 1377719

those ears are so dirty, why does she have to be so filthy

No. 1377739

I know she's only leaning into the NE way of speaking because she's back home but holy hell, she should've left it there lol. There's nothing more boner-killing than some Boston white trash saying wicked in conjunction with something sexual. Like 'ohh yeah zaddy, that's wicked haht, tell me I'm your little schweethaht' kek

No. 1377740

You CAN opt out, Shayna. You know how.

No. 1377743

What the fuck Shayna lmao.
What are these T Rex arms?? Is she legit just covering her gunt & she does it so much now that it doesn't occur to her how tard-y it looks to walk like that?

No. 1377745

she always seems to have a scalloped tongue, wtf is she doing that makes it enlarged all the time? drink some water shay

No. 1377746

She was probably holding it so it didn't wobble as she walked.

No. 1377747

Good lord, I always think she can't get any uglier, then she surprises me again.
Her go-to makeup is almost comical at this point because of how it looks like a filter that you can still see behind. Even when she's in full drag makeup, her wrinkles and porky face folds come shining through, and keep getting worse. It's like a weird digital mask that you can still see behind.

No. 1377761

This bitch would watch a documentary about sex trafficking and flick her bean and be jealous she wasn't handpicked by criminals who absolutely don't care that she's just a ~cute innocent little baby~

No. 1377786

This is shocking. Her body has never looked worse imo. She needs to stick to carefully posed and edited pictures because these vids are jarring. Her body looks like it belongs on someone in poor shape in their late 30s or 40s. This shouldn't be the body of a barely mid 20s. The sagging tit, the lumpy gut, and honestly I think her crater thighs and tiny short ass are somehow worse. It actually looks like the body of an older man with tits. God just stop Shayna. Get healthy or give up on all this.

No. 1377824


Why does she awkwardly try and cover her tits like she isn't ass naked? Does it hurt when her gravity defying boob jiggles or something?

No. 1377840

I think shes self conscious of how one bounces and the other stays completely still. She holds the zombie tit to her chest a lot

No. 1377858

When I was Shays size I'd hold my self in the exact same way when I was naked in front of someone else

Oozes insecurity

No. 1377863

Insecurity and trying not to flab and jiggle her fat and saggy body while attempting to waddle run. But with the level of coomers she caters to and all the other embarrassing shit she does regularly idk why she doesn't just let it all flab out. The scrotes would probably be into it.

No. 1377877

File: 1638150230771.jpeg (399.15 KB, 1242x1358, 68CE79DD-2E70-440D-88A9-AC0EEB…)

No. 1377880

File: 1638150353120.jpeg (85.75 KB, 321x417, 7CCFE614-E305-4676-BC32-091284…)

No. 1377882

Something totally new and interesting then!

No. 1377886

At least she’s touching grass tho

No. 1377887

Its giving mentally retarded woman coerced into doing sex crimes on cam for candy vibes

No. 1377895

she looks so much like a foot here holy fuck

No. 1377938

File: 1638156137610.jpeg (Spoiler Image,148.77 KB, 750x1190, 59C44B70-633D-496C-B4C2-90D5D7…)

I guess Ellen couldn’t get to her in her sleep. also gross, her dry ass pussy rubbed the paint clean off her dildo

No. 1377941

i actually think shay looks pretty sometimes but goddamn she looks like a naked molerat here

No. 1377945

Girl oh my god no one's "cum" should be that putrid color. Please stay hydrated, Nonas.

No. 1377946

i don't think that's paint coming off, nonnie. fucking disgusting yeast discharge yuck.

No. 1377948

Wait that’s suppose to be her “cum” ? I seriously thought the toy was tie dye for a second…oop, yikes

No. 1377949

Oh fuck you’re right, that’s so much worse

No. 1377951

File: 1638157119066.jpeg (357.75 KB, 733x785, 2B133A95-25C8-42C6-90EE-486278…)

> i actually think shat looks pretty sometimes
I think you need glasses nonna

No. 1377963

Does she not realize that woman don’t produce semen when they orgasm? Those are straight up globs of discharge. That isn’t normal

No. 1377964

i’m going to be sick. it looks like room temperature butter.

No. 1377970

>the paint rubbed off
Oh you sweet innocent nona. If only you truly knew the horrors.

No. 1377973

i actually think shay looks pretty sometimes

No. 1377976

Imagine turning away potential coomer dollars to try and win favour with a crowd who have already decided that they’ll never accept you. She does business like a balloon sculptor with hook hands.

No. 1377977

I think my brain was protecting me from the truth

No. 1377979


Images you wish you couldn't smell

No. 1377989

exactly. im against sex work but at least the strippers and prostitutes ive seen know they’re getting bottom of the barrel species of men and can’t be picky. black strippers deal with racism constantly and probably wish they could just not serve them like shayna luther king can. smells like…privilege? or maybe just yeast and silicone paint.

No. 1377991

Wow that's nasty. Discharge shouldn't be yellow tinted like that. And God is she really that retarded or does she just assume her coomers are because that's neither "wetness" from a pussy turned on nor is it female orgasm fluid. Straight up unhealthy discharge she scraped from her dry rancid snatch. Jfc.

No. 1377993

she probably used some fake cum she has lying around. I don't even think it's cum mixxed with yeast or even lube mixxed with yeast, it's not her "Cum" at all.
It's problem fake cum, or something else. Or she legit posted her dildo covered in lube, dirt and yeast, looking crusty as hell. This could almost be a meme at this point.r/thathappened, or on one of those trashy joke reddits.

No. 1378007

kek so performative, barely anyone here actually follows her.
i've only been following these threads for 2 years, so sorry to ask but does anyone remember if shayna ever tried privating her SW account to escape the boolying from evil stalkers on lc (aka us kek)?

never even been to europe but i died of laughter. i only know of chav girls from the internet back in 2010 but she looks too accurate with the orange foundation, the painted eyebrows, the ridiculous eyeliner & fake lashes, the messy bun, the weird and cheap pink outfit, her bad teeth and of COURSE you can't forget the crusty, nude-lipstick-looking lips.

No. 1378009

If she ever did, her being private wouldn't have lasted long. She needs every crumb of attention she can get.

No. 1378012

gotta hand it to her, shat never talks about the uk ever and yet she's killing this bongland cosplay. she looks like a young british female delinquent caught on camera footage after she and a group of scummy chav friends stole from a store.
praying for a shayna in bongland saga.

No. 1378013

Remember, She didn't cum for 5 days and likely has a bad case of diaper related thrush. That or she's turning into a Boston cream donut

No. 1378042

File: 1638168724768.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.73 MB, 1242x1556, 6C4B5885-A0B6-45CB-BD6C-CEFE22…)

No. 1378045

Her knees look like baby groots

No. 1378048

Knee fupas coming in nicely

No. 1378090

No. 1378097

File: 1638182016027.jpeg (Spoiler Image,314.86 KB, 750x656, CAE298D8-4BAD-4A83-BB63-18BB75…)

what the fuck is going on with her boobs here?

No. 1378101

I noticed it was looking extra bumpy and weird too, you can tell she's self conscious of it by the way she constantly covered zombie tit here >>1377660

No. 1378133

Oof. She really needs botox

No. 1378144

She really has fucked up her totally not an implant breast. It’s a totally different shape now, almost square, and you can see the texture in the sides and underpart. She has one normal woman’s breast and one fat man’s breast.(Tit sperg)

No. 1378149

>That or she's turning into a Boston cream donut
you fucking got me, nonita. it's never too early to laugh.

No. 1378172

We've been over this so many fucking times. She has a narrow palate. It could've been fixed by a dentist when she was younger, but now it's probably too late. She'll always have a scalloped tongue because it's always smashed against her teeth, regardless of her chronic dehydration. Now please shut the fuck up about it.

No. 1378176

she looks like the kind of girl on council estates that would shout at you for looking in her general direction. "yummy mummy" of brayden, hayden and okayden who got took off her by social services and makes a living off universal credit while selling body shop by shayna on the side

No. 1378185

she didn't get an implant. shut the fuck up. every time you speds try and bring up this theory that she got one and she didn't, she's just got weird tits.

No. 1378194

I hate the implant discourse. She doesn't have a breast implant. Her breasts have just grown to a different shape and size. It's not uncommon for women to have asymmetrical breasts, especially when significant and rapid weight gain comes into play. Y'all need to stop.

No. 1378196

you can literally see the implant in the photo, when she runs, it doesn't move the same way and she has a scar underneath that breast. boobs come in different shapes and sizes but they don't keep one rock hard and show an implant under the breast tissue and dent like that nonnie

No. 1378200

The really weird thing is that the zombie tit looks more like a man’s pec implant than a female breast implant, now that she’s put on weight.

No. 1378215

Shayna is hideous but those are expression lines, not wrinkles. They're completely normal and not a good reason for botox unless you want a frozen face.
I think the tit sperging is from sex worker cows, some of which are probably in our thread of failing OF whores. Surprisingly these creatures are even uglier than Shayna and even worse about e-begging. Anons have speculated that they're down so unbelievably bad that they might actually be jealous of Shayna (KEK).
I don't really get it personally but I mean…Shayna's one perky tit is still a perky tit which might make some bitter twitter whore like the asianfishing bad-bodied dog fucker "Puppi" seethe.

No. 1378226

how weird does her tit have to get exactly before the minimods will let people mention it? I don’t see anyone sperging out about how her pancake ass is totally in the normal range of human asses.

anyway, if one of mine slowly started looking like this I’d get screened for breast cancer yesterday, that dimpled texture ain’t right.

No. 1378229

Not a sexworker, but I have never heard that breasts could have completely different shape and texture aside from being sizes. The boob situation is so jarring after her weight gain that people sperging about others pointing it out is more annoying than titsperging itself. I mean her boobs are one of her main selling articles and we’re supposed to ignore the fact that one looks like a square mini basketball and the other like a half filled water balloon?

No. 1378233

Agree. Anons who get mad when people are rightfully confused about her abnormal tits are just coping for their abnormal tits.

No. 1378236

File: 1638206871129.jpeg (456.59 KB, 1170x957, 0948C975-C685-48F1-85B9-ABB739…)

Just further proves she never went inpatient

No. 1378238

she is really fucking terrible at…whatever this is that she does all the time on twitter. there is nothing that she is good at, is there? i mean besides being bad at everything. kek

No. 1378249

What makes a grown woman so desperate for attention that they act like this on Twitter

No. 1378260

Same girl that complained when fupa took away her weed pen and told her to take her pills and claimed it was abuse. She also "went" to a mental hospital for a short time even claiming that was oh so traumatic for her.

No. 1378269

At least Botox would freeze her muscles so she wasn’t constantly raising her eyebrows and creating rivers on her face. Plenty of young people get Botox just to prevent expression lines and make their skin smoothed out.

No. 1378270


Right? Her hard lumpy boob is concerning me. No one can tell me that it's normal in the slightest, the tit doesn't move and is standing at attention while the other one is saggy. If any anons got something like that going on, go get it checked and then tell us the name of this strange condition

No. 1378289

it definitely moves, just not the same as the other one. it’s probably a muscle thing or the skin is very tight. it’s just how her boobs grew.

No. 1378300

you both need to look at more tits

No. 1378306

implants typically go under the pectoral muscle and can create a "shelf," you see it in troons all the time.

No. 1378308

The only thing that's concerning is you and other anon's lack of knowledge about human anatomy. Take it from a nurse who's seen thousands of breast, lumpy breasts are normal, difference in shape and texture is normal. Thinking that everyone who disagrees with you have Shayna-tits is immature a fuck and doesn't make you more right

No. 1378312

Thanks for ruining my toast for me anon.

No. 1378314

Let’s just stop this never ending tit argument now because it never accomplishes anything and it always goes that exact same way. She might have an implant she might not but we will literally never know.

No. 1378317

>Thinking that everyone who disagrees with you have Shayna-tits is immature a fuck and doesn't make you more right
Says the cunt who assumed anyone who's only ever seen normal tits is for some reason a sex worker.
Does that medicine taste… like your own?(infighting )

No. 1378322

Where tf did she pull Dragon Tales out from, literally no one is going to find that cute, nostalgic, or quirky

No. 1378324

lol nona, Big Shaynus is just deformed. accept it and let it go.

No. 1378327

File: 1638215449015.jpeg (Spoiler Image,33.97 KB, 460x458, 7AA31333-0A81-41C0-8991-21459F…)

For all the boob spergs

No. 1378330

We get it, you have wonky boobs. Why do anons always get so offended when we make fun of Shayna’s franken boobs? We know most boobs are slightly uneven Shayna’s boobs are two different cup sizes. They look awful especially because she’s a porker

No. 1378333

Thank you
Some boobs look like Shayna's, it's unfortunate af but true so can we just move on. She's gross we all know that. Imo if she'd had implants we'd probably have heard about it and she'd have made it into some creepy medical fetish tweet

No. 1378338

File: 1638216248564.jpeg (Spoiler Image,357.58 KB, 1023x1033, 1D178B03-CF7A-4A4F-8B46-E334C9…)

No. 1378341

kek. i love it. i'd love it more if the frankentitty looked more like a moob, as it does.

No. 1378342

Anon I love you(sage)

No. 1378347

"lets move on but FIRST let me tell you why this hurts my feelings"
there's nothing to move on from, the milk is drying up. Shayna's fat and has ugly boobs, the occasional annoying medfag diagnosis her with yeast aids or a boobjob, she larps as a lesbian, and is a pedo. that's all these threads are ever about

No. 1378350

When has she ever claimed to be a lesbian? All she talks about is men. You can hide threads you know.

No. 1378352

her bisexual larp if you want to get nitpicky. I don't mind the thread at all, I'm pointing out how stupid it is to come on lolcow to be offended.

No. 1378353

File: 1638217663758.png (Spoiler Image,534.29 KB, 750x656, tit-sperg.png)

No. 1378354

There's not one pair of tits in this image that are like Shayna's. Different in sizes, yes, but one that's rock hard in place and the other naturally saggy because of gravity? Nah, I don't see one like that there. Just accept there's something wrong here

Having to have only one implant is embarrasing as fuck, anon. Lmao(Tit sperg)

No. 1378355

Top kek

No. 1378356

Time well spent

No. 1378361

File: 1638218442703.jpg (116.14 KB, 653x684, titsperg.JPG)

anyone remember picrel? she did apparently brag about her fake tit and created sob stories for sympathy points, but who knows the validity of it all.

No. 1378364

yeah this could have just been some kind of weird fanfic though

No. 1378371


these actually made me laugh out loud, the art anons in this thread and the LJ one are our of pocket

No. 1378376

Everyone has already made up their mind on the tit situation and anything that gets posed as proof can have a counter argument. Even the implant scar is just a stretch mark or whatever the fuck. Arguing about it is pointless

No. 1378389

I wasn't the anon who said that, I only made that one post about it. More than one person disagrees with you.

No. 1378430

Lmfao I never said it hurt my feelings can you not read? It's the infighting that's tedious and shitting up the thread

No. 1378491

>I think it's very clear Shayna needs a Papsmear and a Therapist


I guess one good thing we can take from this is Shaynus has mostly isolated herself away from people and therefore isn't able to wreak havoc on other people's lives like she used to. The only people who dare to hang around her now deserve to face her crazy because they're equally as fucked up as her (cottage cheese girlfriend and her porn sick coomers)

No. 1378493

ban me for derailing, but I’m actually concerned that some of you don’t understand breast self-checks cause asymmetrical changes in appearance/size and dimpling are real signs you need to get things checked out. Shay’s probably fine but please look up what is normal and abnormal for your own good lol.

No. 1378495

That is actually fucking VILE.

Go on Shayna, if it's really "sexy cum", go on and suck that dildo dry. She wouldn't dare because she knows as well as any other female (and most males) just by looking at it that it's not cum and its just old yeast build up from deep within her disgusting sour dough pussy. This photo legitimately made gag.

No. 1378496

Oooh what if the ”small surgery” is for her boob?

No. 1378507

this shit is so stupid. Shayna is quintessential American trash. What is it with Americans saying anyone fat/ugly/bad teeth is european? Do you think the rest of us aren't aware of what the average American looks like? The cope of it all.(bait)

No. 1378509

Go and cry into your Waitrose essential wine triggered britfag.

No. 1378550

Sorry for the PLURfag but can't we all just get along, nonnies? <3

No. 1378552

Those are exactly why people get botox. Botox isn't really even a treatment option for wrinkles that aren't caused by expression.

No. 1378578

Sage but also the fact she used to tell other models during her tumblr days she had an implant bc one breast didn’t develop.

No. 1378615

File: 1638240015245.png (620.88 KB, 720x720, 1527539900254.png)

Shayna has consistently had a scar under her non-moving tit. If you go back to her old threads before her fat made her tits sag and so now the scar is under her tit and not as visible(both sag more just one less than the other) you could see the scar clearly. Picrel bottom pic is Shayna.(stop )

No. 1378618

At this point it really doesn’t matter. It’s not milky. Half anons think she has an implant and the other half think she doesn’t. Even if it came out that she did in fact have an implant, the only thing that would come out of it is anon’s saying “told you so” for like 2 days.

She has ugly tits. The end.

No. 1378637

if anything she may have had some type of pectoral muscle surgery. with the timelines she gives and how underdeveloped her boobs were even at 15-16, no ethical surgeon would have given her an implant for any reason. if she needed it due to some kind of medical deformity they would have waited until her breasts were done growing. she also would have had the implant when we originally saw her on tumblr. it wouldn’t have kept growing as she got older, the implant would have stayed the same size.

it’s a stupid tinfoil that, if you think about it and/or do some simple googling for 5 minutes, you could figure out it’s not true.

No. 1378638

if you get fat and your breasts grow the implant boobs would still also grow around the implant.

No. 1378639

yes, but her breasts were still developing when she claimed to have gotten the implant.

No. 1378641

so anyways is this bitch getting on cam or nah

No. 1378647

She said tomorrow, image up thread

No. 1378648

Musty ass scat dookie spattered boots
You can witness the collagen in her mushy thighs busting into seams

No. 1378653

oh fucking barf, nonnie.
>go on and suck that dildo dry
i nearly vomited. sick. kek

No. 1378671

Some wise anon a while back said that if she had an implant she would let everyone know every five minutes and milk it for all it’s worth- she overshares everything, we would know by now lmao

No. 1378714

Anon this is the woman who made a video oh herself putting a spoon up her vagina and EATING the discharge off of it

No. 1378717

File: 1638254352498.jpeg (123.75 KB, 750x769, 77EE5AE9-019A-46AB-80C3-66D702…)

So much for sugar daddy she’s just fucking this guy for free

No. 1378720

she cares more about attention and people doing things for her than money. that's why she got back together with pedo ellen before she even moved back to seattle bc she can't be alone. this ugly weirdo is paying attention to her that's why she's letting him hit it for free. she's such a loser.

No. 1378721

He’s not your boyfriend Shayna. It doesn’t matter that it gives you butterflies when he calls you a “pretty whore” (barf). Nothing you are doing is intriguing or seducing him. He’s only telling you what you want to hear because you’re easy. Most girls understand this by 17-18 btw.

No. 1378729

File: 1638256954264.jpeg (Spoiler Image,989.5 KB, 1242x1390, C7BB2417-7AC2-4741-9559-44D629…)

She didnt fully smooth some of her thigh cellulite kek

No. 1378731

Lmao sure he did you probably crushed him like a grape you fat hog. Is this the poly dude with a wife or the chode hairy fatty who was naked building the plywood amazon cheap desk?

No. 1378737

Neither, this is “The Dad” she met on seeking arrangements who we haven’t seen or figured out the name of yet. I bet he’s married that’s why she’s hiding him “The old man” Max R Cameron is the poly one and bluefrodo1 Slavid is the submissive she filmed with

No. 1378866


Imagine bragging about someone's pudgy dad using you as a Fleshlight.

No. 1378932

If you're the same anon who nicely explains this every time someone asks which gross man Shayna is referring to, I just want you to know that I appreciate your selfless service to your fellow anons.

No. 1378965

it hasn't actually been confirmed that this is a 3rd dude though. he might not even exist tbh.

No. 1379020

We saw his bald head in a picture he took of her a couple of weeks ago

No. 1379064

is the other naked guy not bald?

No. 1379074

File: 1638296048416.jpeg (127.73 KB, 750x302, 8C3C4D06-2471-4C5F-94B3-904D39…)

But it’s abuse when fupa did it. medical fetish queen shayna. I guess this is better then her fetishizing and being weird about her actual doctor

No. 1379079

I think it's pretty clear she was having episodes and trying to create a false narrative during all that

No. 1379080

Wait, what. I thought her 'good girl pills' were her meds. Is she popping pills at random times of the day now? I can't keep up with this shit

No. 1379087

But she has such a “med fetish”

No. 1379088

They’re her anxiety meds, I guess she’s just too retarded to take them when she’s feeling anxious unless someone tells her to

No. 1379094

and now I've flashed back to an actual psychward where they actually force and deny you medication, including insulin, you lying fucking stupid heifer; go back to making shit-dildo porn, it's less disgraceful

No. 1379099


That's because those were boring every-day antidepressants/mood stabilizers. Not fun pills she can pop and feel like an uwu dumb girl. She's abusing her Rx just like she abuses alcohol, all day long to keep from having any awareness of her life choices.

No. 1379100

she literally looks like she's going to ask us if she looks bovvered

No. 1379163

File: 1638299663868.jpeg (49.65 KB, 280x343, 11409A56-CD01-43D3-94B4-1A5638…)

KEK she looks like Vicky Pollard don’t she

No. 1379164

The good girl pills are most likely benzos. Kinda scary knowing she's a drunk-ass too. Bad combo.

No. 1379165

So glad I’m a stacy that has the bra advert tits. Life is good.(no1curr about ur tit delusions)

No. 1379175

No one cares

No. 1379176

And I'm so glad I'm a frog with perfect round tips on my toesies. STFU and get back to the milk you narc

No. 1379186

you are probably like shay that thinks shes a bimbo good luck

No. 1379194

only people that are ugly as sin would post something like this here tbh

No. 1379203

i love your perfect round toesies, froggynon.

No. 1379214


No. 1379217

I will never get why she still brags about fucking these low-status balding chubsters like it's George Clooney or Mads Mikkelsen. She kind of blew her cover with these old dudes when she started posting their flabby bodies lounging in her IKEA furniture. She's ugly but my god she could still do better than these guys.

No. 1379236

>She's ugly but my god she could still do better than these guys.
i doubt it

No. 1379248

Yes thank you nonnies kek I’m the same retard who keeps asking because I’m genuinely confused whether or not she actually has a splenda daddy

No. 1379283

I’ve been trying to figure this out. I feel like if she had a benzo script she’d brag about it openly since she always talks about her drug use. I guess this could be considered “openly” but idk, she seems like the type to name drop. Could be something boring like gabapentin and she’s trying to seem edgier than she is.

No. 1379307

Obviously she could be making him up and taking herself out and had a random take her picture but I believe some old scrote from seeking arrangements would take up the offer of a desperate discount no-limits whore he can beat up who expects little to no reward for it.

No. 1379317

She mentioned anxiety pills when she "lost" her stuff on the train. I wonder if it's a benzo prn. She's mentioned taking it quite often lately so I guess we can all guess where this is headed to - benzo addiction saga. Anons have noticed she's been looking extra fucked up lately could def be it. Hope she doesn't od because that shit cant just be narcanned away and anyways she lives alone

Oh I could def see this too lol. I feel like a dr wouldnt prescribe her benzos just by the fact that she always mentions being wasted at appointments and thats def alchy behaviour

I guess we'll be finding out what this "minour" surgery is since we unfortunately see every inch of her. Interested to find out tbh because I'm betting its à self induced problem

No. 1379333

Xanax is part of the benzo fam and dished out like candy from what i hear about the states

IIRC she has mentioned xanax in the past, but its so common its hardly brag worthy

No. 1379335

File: 1638307458592.jpeg (91.84 KB, 750x293, 8FDC9CF7-E431-4360-B690-2C74A8…)

gif anon here, will be documenting for farmers that won’t be able to make it. that is if she can’t come up with an excuse not to show

No. 1379359

>Xanax is part of the benzo fam and dished out like candy from what i hear about the states
they're actually pretty conservative with it for younger people. her going into an office reeking of weed and half-drunk would make it a lot harder to get a xanax rx. it's probably made up like everything else or something less "cool" like >>1379283

No. 1379361

Thank you for your service

No. 1379362

>dished out like candy from what i hear about the states
not true at all, kek. if she had xanax currently she would definitely say so

No. 1379374

File: 1638308611855.jpeg (1.95 MB, 1242x1511, 1ED15D55-A5BB-4750-BED4-0F06F6…)

No. 1379375

File: 1638308637276.jpeg (Spoiler Image,2.15 MB, 1242x1534, 3ADFD2B0-5901-466A-9D05-EAD06C…)

No. 1379376

Ngl I hope she doesn't cancel, I haven't seen Shay live in years, imagine her folds!

No. 1379382

File: 1638308855024.jpeg (253.77 KB, 1554x1016, 61806972-9E53-4A5B-BEAC-9A9EB0…)

Nailed it

No. 1379388

lol her nail tech must love this drunk dipshit who doesn’t care how ugly her nails look or how badly they’re applied

No. 1379389

To get a decent man she needs to have a tolerable personality, she doesn't.

Why the fuck did she get nails that hideous colour again instead of going for the nicer pink on the left?

No. 1379391

She's still doing that thing with the super low white part whyyy

No. 1379393

I honestly can’t take the elongated nail bed anymore lol this crackhead really thinks that’s what long nails look like? Does her nail tech have special needs?

No. 1379394

her nail tech has to be intentionally sabotaging her at this point

No. 1379397

How can she posted these edited pictures like no one saw how her tiny cottage cheese ass looked in that video. She nearly blurred her ass crack away here

No. 1379414

I’m convinced her nail tech just knows they can slap any crap on shay’s fingers and she’ll think they’re the best ever, so why try?

No. 1379415

I'm gonna say it: She doesn't have a nail tech. Anons keep on saying she has one, but all we have to go on is Shay saying she gets her nails done. It's lies. These are shitty stick-ons she's buying for extra cheap, I 100% have never believed for one second that she has a nail tech.

No. 1379430

what company would MAKE these?

No. 1379447

You know, I might support this tinfoil. The nails are too big for her bed anyway but her Halloween ones (if I’m recalling right) weren’t as poorly made as the hot dogs. Maybe they’re all shein buys, acrylics shouldn’t rip off at the rate hers do

No. 1379478

File: 1638311069111.jpeg (447.56 KB, 953x939, CB891090-5FF6-42C7-9C2C-680FF3…)

The crust/dry skin peeling off is so nasty. Why are her French tips ALWAYS an ugly nude hot dog color???

No. 1379484

File: 1638311203311.png (261.66 KB, 864x325, 2021-11-30 17_25_38-Amazon.com…)

maybe… but why? i think she is going to some cheap place and specifically asking for this style. maybe she thinks she's on some new shit that hasn't caught on yet? it's hard to say with her low iq and delusions.

No. 1379536

I think it's more likely that she goes to a shitty salon that doesn't specialize in nails but rents a booth out to someone. Her nails look like glued on tips with acrylic on top, but the manicurist can't actually do a deep smile line since they are used to only doing short nails. she doesn't live in an area where super long nails are popular, so it would make sense that the salon that does her nails botches them every time.

No. 1379555

it’s literal living proof that she cannot.

No. 1379679


She looks like Bigfoot

No. 1379691

File: 1638317451161.png (1.21 MB, 1400x1740, shaynacambingo.png)

I updated the bingo card a bit for tonight's (potential) camshow

No. 1379693

I have a feeling one of Ellen’s local friends does their ugly nails for cheap/free, probably whoever the third girl that Shay/Ellen was smoking with that one time. Ellen has posted several times about getting local younger girls’ nails done, she seems like such a groomer. Ellen definitely wrote Shay’s SA account & seems to help kind of pull the strings with Shay, I wouldn’t be surprised if she does that with several girls and encourages one of her girls buying her shitty nail tech stuff on Amazon

No. 1379694

Forgot a space for her whole dank apartment being completely dark except for her computer screen.

No. 1379700

File: 1638317747179.jpeg (208.52 KB, 750x524, 31711BA4-99E0-4E4E-ADBE-DB07A0…)

She’s basically describing lolcow kek. Her cam shows are so fucking boring who the fuck does she think she is

No. 1379704

That is not lolcow we don’t want to see her fuck machine and disgusting moans. We only want to make fun of how fat and ugly she is without filters and facetune

No. 1379706

>invite all their friends over
the sad, degenerate men you attract does not have friends

No. 1379708

I'd say nix or combine the two about tips, cuz with "eerily illuminated by only the screen" would make it fit to a T, every show is gonna have multiple bingos lol

No. 1379714

I’ll update with everyone’s suggestions before showtime, keep em comin

No. 1379716

that would be more like
>"u guys wna watch sharts stream n try 2 get her drunk enough 2 chicken dance and cry about her ex?”

No. 1379759

anon the wrinkly face in the background made me laugh ty

No. 1379787

Fucking kek, you don’t even have to try to make her do that. She does that involuntarily after a bottle of wine.

No. 1379808

File: 1638321577809.jpeg (1022.06 KB, 1170x1588, A0667280-328D-4876-A033-41ED8C…)

No. 1379820

Well we can already check “dark room” off the bingo card

No. 1379858

Agree, 99% not a benzo probably like seroquel or gabapentin or one of those strong antihistamines.

No. 1379871


She looks like the type to hang out in the local park with a plastic bottle of Blackthorn. One of those big intercity parks in the southwest where you find all the alcoholics like Eastville park. She's been banned from all the local pubs at this point for stripping and pissing everywhere and even the local pub drunks mostly ostracize her. The public are so used to seeing this drunk strip naked in the park at this point that they just think themselves "she's at it again" and walk on by.

No. 1379901

idk luna somehow gets klonopin and her ugly ass junkie bf somehow has a script for xanax. anything’s possible with the right doctor shopping.

No. 1379919

do we really think shayna has the energy to shop for doctors versus just making something up

No. 1379931

and why exactly should people tip to watch that?

No. 1379946

Literally why didn't she get the pink like the reference pic?? The hotdog nude color is so fucking ugly it's practically her skin tone which makes the nails look even weirder. It's not something to "brand" on. Those pink ones would've been actually kinda cute.

Looks like she's gonna have to take a break from them soon though. Her nail beds are getting chemical burns and shit again. Her set she had before Thanksgiving had like a red bloody sore on the one finger. Almost like getting an entirely new set of acrylics every week from a shit salon is terrible for your nails.

No. 1379975

File: 1638326026248.jpeg (152.03 KB, 1170x275, 6402FD9E-F63E-42BB-B868-61DAF1…)

Says she’s online with her webcam off

No. 1380005

The weirdest post. No one does watch parties with their friends for porn or camshows kek.

No. 1380025

Kek. Shayna thinks dudes meet up together and have a group wank over something.

No. 1380030

Kek, maybe some toothless truckers projecting her porn onto the side of an abandoned gas station somewhere. The grossest drive in theater ever.

No. 1380033

Not surprising. She's never had a normal interaction with males her own age. Literally never.
Even when she was a teenager she was chasing after geriatric old fucks who had hit the wall decades before. She has no concept of what attractive men her own age do or think. I'm pretty sure that's the only reason that she's stuck with chasing age gaps. I doubt she's really attracted to "the Dad" or whoever's grey-haired beer gut. It's just that attractive men her own age are far out of her reach. They have skinny exes, their options are open, and they can be brutally rude to fat drunk slobs like her who try to act 'cutesy' and think having a vagina is all you need. Old men still think she's below them, but they bite their tongue & tell her what she wants to hear because they're just happy to have a warm hole for the first time in years.

No. 1380038

link plz?

No. 1380041

No. 1380042

i'm a retard, that didn't even occur to me. thank you!

No. 1380059

3 hours and still nothing. She must be getting drunk like always

No. 1380062

She said 9pm PST, she’s on the west coast now. We got another hour at least. I hope u weren’t actually waiting all that time

No. 1380068

kek i swear some of the anons itt are even more retarded than shayna

No. 1380069

Thanks for the hearty kek nona, love your work.

No. 1380073

File: 1638332810571.png (1.47 MB, 1400x1748, bimbobingo.png)

heres the updated bingo card

No. 1380119

File: 1638335096762.jpeg (76.19 KB, 750x257, E6A55D93-3BD9-4D3B-A41F-FBEF82…)


No. 1380124

Girl, it's 1am on the east coast. Half your country is asleep.

No. 1380127

yeah shes retarded for starting so late. no one is gonna show up and shes gonna rage quit

No. 1380131

especially on a week day. she should have done it on Saturday like her ugly flies voted for

No. 1380134

saturday would have been the best day to do it. she's just retarded

No. 1380138

She’s on y’all

No. 1380140

Shes live
remember to try not to double post anything

No. 1380142

It’s midnight on the east coast, pacific is three hours behind

No. 1380145

"as someone who lives in delusion" sounds right. shes super anxious, drinking wine and high

No. 1380146

My bad, didn't get a screenshot. But she deleted her tweet saying she wants to straighten her hair so she'll be an hour late, becuase her hair is not straightend kek.

No. 1380149

is she wearing a choker or is that another neck roll

No. 1380150

>36 guests
how many of them are farmers… i wonder kek

No. 1380152

File: 1638336322443.jpg (23.47 KB, 404x236, 0000.JPG)

what a greasy shit show. And that tacky 80s metal?? YUCKK

No. 1380154

Damn, this is my first Shayna stream (newfag) and it just struck me how… normal her voice is? She sounds completely different in my head than what I imagined her sounding like from her retarded tweets kek. With a few smarter life choices she really could have just been a normal girl.

No. 1380155

Why is her music taste so atrocious? I wanna kermit

No. 1380161

Lip syncing way too long because she has nothing to talk about.

No. 1380162

File: 1638336533327.jpeg (518.08 KB, 629x770, F83135B7-DA98-43EE-9BB3-F15EE3…)

No. 1380166

she's basic chubby average girl. She kinda acts like Lillie Jean, she doesn't have sex appeal and could honestly get like 40 viewers if she just rambled on twitch and danced like a idiot.
The baby voice is also annoying, but her hair always looks better when it's curly and framing her face.

No. 1380169

When she took the choker off and said "I think it looks cuter without, but what do you guys think?" and everyone said put it back on and she was like "but my neck is so pretty!" I laughed out loud. Yeah the nasty moles and greasy neck rolls are really attractive Shay.

No. 1380170

File: 1638336876215.gif (10.65 MB, 638x444, 11d022a00e6e9ad1b6f5b6070dab54…)

"i've never deep throated because im too busy throwing up"

No. 1380173

File: 1638337043010.gif (11.56 MB, 706x450, fc25a72b55e40a6be6c1aa3538ac1c…)

she keeps fucking with her choker

No. 1380174

Kek she’s really feeling herself in that aliexpress playboy costume

No. 1380175

File: 1638337115684.gif (Spoiler Image,9.53 MB, 596x436, bbf3deff2b703674707555deee9fde…)

sorry my internet is super slow tonight I keep missing shit. titties are out

No. 1380177

she has no charisma this is so awkward

No. 1380178

She moves like a teenage boy that’s woken up in a girls body

No. 1380180

she opened her window cause she was hot while shes blasting her trash music. Hopefully someone calls for a noise complaint

No. 1380181

File: 1638337417697.jpeg (Spoiler Image,614.26 KB, 828x1085, A891F08E-A602-432C-BB21-18B094…)

No. 1380184

File: 1638337524947.jpg (192.33 KB, 1200x900, collage.jpg)

A bitch be like "I have such a great ear… mind.. for music" and act like her music taste is amazing but her spotify look like this. Like she doesn't have the music taste of a retarded 14 year old. There's nothing on there interesting or different. It's all generic and her playlists are messy and shite. Sorry to be a music fag but idk how she could really think shes cool for this.

No. 1380185

File: 1638337583254.gif (Spoiler Image,12.02 MB, 718x450, d92d0d1bf2869da086a79ff54ef033…)

one of her sugar daddies paid her $100 to go blonde this winter. we will see about that

No. 1380189

Kek $100 is maybe half the cost of her going to a salon to go blonde. Of course she’ll use some shit and do it wrong and fry her hair. Cant believe how much her “daddies” lowball this retard.

No. 1380190

lol she really thinks this isn't a basic normie playlist

No. 1380192

File: 1638338091786.jpeg (Spoiler Image,678.98 KB, 782x1054, 04FA9D44-46EF-47C8-AA19-E96259…)

The sow crawled back into her cage

No. 1380194

File: 1638338178222.jpg (Spoiler Image,233.1 KB, 1078x586, Screenshot_20211201-005501_Chr…)


No. 1380195

File: 1638338253205.gif (Spoiler Image,12.54 MB, 768x438, a78a8d0cb647ada40e6fed65973d85…)

No. 1380196

Why is she wearing this? Not easter bitch and you're not a playboy bunny.

No. 1380198

I can believe it, she brags online when she gets $20 for doordash and thinks shein is "high fashion".

No. 1380199

she looks so huge!! i can't believe she's willingly showing herself like this for probably not even $20!

No. 1380200

File: 1638338432469.gif (Spoiler Image,12.08 MB, 788x434, 4d6a17c8c011a3933806d34cc02c1b…)

that ass pimple at the end looked ANGRY

No. 1380201

Can people please remember she's in PST time zone so it wasn't even 10pm when you posted this. Not to wk her but unless she's living on an Amish campground, nobody is going to make a noise complaint over music before 11pm

No. 1380202

why does it seem like she's getting emotional about the question of, "why did you stop"
Her set up is the exact same as it's always been. She's acting so awkard about it.

No. 1380204

File: 1638338538165.gif (Spoiler Image,7.99 MB, 524x442, 52543b4b16308f6ebc03865ff4e6f0…)

(if anyone wants to capture her in motion, use gyazo gif)

No. 1380205

Aliexpress halloween clearance must’ve finally arrived

No. 1380206

actually makes sense lol

No. 1380209

This fat bitch legit said “I don’t like water it doesn’t taste like anything” KEK WE CAN TELL

No. 1380212

bbwlover you're such an obvious troll. try harder

No. 1380214

File: 1638339013217.gif (Spoiler Image,11.07 MB, 670x440, d211e9339b053f5966aae1ec1a7914…)

shes drinking straight from the bottle now. she got tipped to drink water and instead drank gator aide because she doesnt like to drink water

No. 1380216

File: 1638339056523.jpg (247.03 KB, 1909x566, fatty.jpg)

kek bbwlover

No. 1380221

who wants to bet she won’t even get her tree decorated this stream wtf she’s just asking for more people to pay for alcohol and wants to get high later

No. 1380222

Her poor liver and kidneys. I mean we could already tell she's dehydrated af but drinking as much as she does while taking whatever the fuck her "good girl pills" are is gonna leave her needing dialysis before she hits 30

No. 1380226

File: 1638339411598.gif (Spoiler Image,13.71 MB, 786x446, be38a1c0ec27e5190122c29c3ce39e…)

she almost puked trying to suck a dildo. kept burping and coughing it was disgusting. "i've probably thrown up…. too many times for money"

No. 1380231

kek i didn't get a cap before she blocked the person but someone asked if she had a dick

No. 1380233

File: 1638339528573.gif (Spoiler Image,11.16 MB, 614x444, 5f6b8d9feae969b18c054a739ae1b8…)

"i already wanna cum!" after 10 seconds of this seizing

No. 1380236

File: 1638339767643.gif (Spoiler Image,13.12 MB, 794x444, 252ad65d05a158c78b0a2562472f4a…)

stalling because she got tipped to edge

No. 1380237

File: 1638339904188.gif (Spoiler Image,11.55 MB, 666x446, 633adf4a2a5104ddcb4563c7efb8b5…)

still stalling

No. 1380239

File: 1638340145706.gif (Spoiler Image,13.93 MB, 720x446, 25cc2acfa16d084bec5fee04d19bcd…)

shes gonna keep that dress over her fupa the whole time

No. 1380240

The sounds she makes gagging on the tip of that dildo are so revolting, how the fuck do scrotes get off on shit like this?

No. 1380241

she looks so dumb and shes so out of breath & she barely did anything

No. 1380242

File: 1638340327858.gif (Spoiler Image,13.8 MB, 732x446, dbf7b96a566c3c00770f1d5c86ac53…)

how does someone gag that much on just the head of a dick

No. 1380243

i've never watched shayna cam before or been on myfreecams, but something i've noticed going on for the first time is that she is incredibly fat, ugly, doing weird degenerate shit and making absolutely retarded faces compared to the other women streaming right now. absolutely no sex appeal and just a complete freak show. clicking on a few of the other girl's chats, they are fit/in shape, many of them are pretty and good looking, and they aren't sitting in a dog cage and pounding wine. it's all degenerate coomer shit but absolutely jarring how awful she is compared to the rest of the women on there.

No. 1380245

her mound at the end looks like a dog's festering wound

No. 1380248

File: 1638340567258.gif (Spoiler Image,11.58 MB, 772x432, 7197a16d1ff428197330f0bcda78b2…)

stomping around to christmas music now

No. 1380249

File: 1638340655824.gif (Spoiler Image,10.19 MB, 666x446, 9338097e21fb0138b7c60669e375d5…)

shes had it covered this whole time, thats the most shes shown it and it looked awful

No. 1380250

she went from 80 something to 62, I have NO idea why she thinks people want to see her put up a tree fully dressed. They aren't here for your personality, this isn't twitch. As I'm writing this she has 57 viewers.

No. 1380252

File: 1638340882235.gif (Spoiler Image,11.56 MB, 774x446, d05dd79908e46f4bd4e128f1960abf…)

she got too hot and winded trying to set up her christmas tree for a minute and had to take a break

No. 1380254

she wants to be an influencer/streamer/youtuber so bad. unfortunately for her the only kind of fame she has is the most bottom of the barrel coomers and farmers laughing at her.

No. 1380255

I left because I wanted to see if what >>1380243 said was true (it is)
Laughing at the thought that all these viewers are farmers lurking. The struggle of a chubby camwhore set to slow christmas music really makes this feel like some sad performance art

No. 1380256

File: 1638340934846.gif (Spoiler Image,9.35 MB, 656x442,