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File: 1641609692363.jpg (317.74 KB, 1080x1256, 1641590394919.jpg)

No. 1411538

Previous Thread: >>>/snow/1395092

Repetitive comments about Shayna's vagina is grounds for a 1 day ban. Repetitive nitpicks about her body and face are subject to a 1 day ban. Reposting the same photos already posted zoomed in is not milk and you will receive a ban for nitpicking.
REMEMBER: Real the rules before posting. Sage when there’s no milk. No nitpicking and/or blogposting. This is a Shay thread, curb your enthusiasm when posting sceenshots of other e-whores, they go in the e-whore thread >>>/snow/1363903 Do not reply to spergs. Do not mention /Fupa/Sol/Ellen/Womack/ whoever shes involved with at the moment unless relevant. Do not sperg about Shayna’s pets. Do not give Shayna your money.

In the last thread..
>Shayna starts to get desperate for dick, despite "dating" 2 people, having not "had a dick in her tiny baby cunt since July" >>>/snow/1395412 begging over and over on twitter for filming partners (penis owning) >>>/snow/1395409, >>>/snow/1400023, >>>/snow/1407768
Continued boohooing over "mystery" health problems relating to her lungs despite her "medical fetish" >>>/snow/1395692, perhaps a sedentary lifestyle, shitty diet, dehydration and constant weed consumption might be to blame
>Was planning on getting on cam, cancels because of "a really scary incident with a neighbor harassing her" >>>/snow/1396352, she goes on and on milking it and vague posting about how scared and anxious she is >>>/snow/1396391, >>>/snow/1396399, how she "no longer feels safe living there" >>>/snow/1396376, >>>/snow/1396727, and how she can't get on cam
>Discord screenshots reveal what happened >>>/snow/1396755 her neighbor came to her door angry, films her and calls the police because Ellen may or may not have hit his car (likely she did as a farmer finds she is a shitty driver has been to court many times for traffic violations) >>>/snow/1407270, >>>/snow/1407566 Alludes to getting a retraining order against him >>>/snow/1399180
>Filmed a video in an atrocious rainbow bodysuit drinking her own dehydrated piss out of a cup >>>/snow/1398303
>Copes with being unlovable by tweeting that normal labels in relationships like "Boyfriend" and "Girlfriend" disgust her and she would be repulsed by someone calling her their girlfriend >>>/snow/1399446, immediately refers to Ellen as her girlfriend >>>/snow/1399875
>Gushed about her "relationship" with mystery guy The Dad and how he "constantly spoils her" (bought her a stuffed animal that was on sale) >>>/snow/1399878 they are now officially "dating"
>Had to beg on Christmas Eve for someone else to buy gifts for her pets >>>/snow/1400293
>Did Shrooms alone in her apartment on Christmas >>>/snow/1401682
>ABDreams puts out another awful faux child porn clip with her >>>/snow/1402284 where she flails around like a mentally disabled person getting a diaper change
>Another moment of self awareness where she threatens to give up porn because her life is shit and her "career" is going no where >>>/snow/1402644 only to receive the validation she craves and everything is fine again >>>/snow/1402660
>Ellen is trying to make Shayna into her cuck >>>/snow/1402738 wants to find a man to fuck her after she beats Shayna up #CuckGf
>It snows in Seattle, Shayna is fucked because she can't order doordash and doesn't keep food in her home to cook like a normal functioning adult >>>/snow/1402924
>Goes on a tangent about people calling a fellow twitter fatty who said something twansphobic fat and ugly >>>/snow/1403403 shits on her coomers for not reading her stupid rants >>>/snow/1403421
>Posted two hideous and filthy outfit choices for New Years Eve (despite staying home to film porn instead of going out) >>>/snow/1404532
>Apparently believes that being a nice and positive person is the only requirement to being a bimbo >>>/snow/1405169
>Her New Years Resolution is to be nicer to herself, despite already doing the bare minimum, and to stop giving herself goals and expectations >>>/snow/1406574 also to put out a video and get on cam once a week (yeah right) >>>/snow/1406663, also apparently considers going on twitter to be valid labor intensive work >>>/snow/1408550
>Ripped off her acrylic nails leaving almost nothing of her real nails left >>>/snow/1408560
>Complained about her coomers asking for free content >>>/snow/1409432 after bragging about giving her coomers free content if she likes them >>>/snow/1409445
>Wore just a hoodie that exposes her cottage cheese thighs, no pants or panties, for a date >>>/snow/1410621
>A farmer finds the photographer who did her outdoor lake photoshoot, he posts some of the worst candid HD unedited pictures of Shayna imaginable >>>/snow/1411405, >>>/snow/1411446

https://discord.com/invite/eA8kSzuz (need ID to join)

Ellen "Patricia" Dresel (Shayna's "gf")
Seattle/Renton, WA Nanny

First Thread:

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No. 1411539

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No. 1411548

File: 1641610396371.jpeg (153.66 KB, 750x897, 4AF7AC19-4A98-4FB9-BAC6-2C018D…)


No. 1411549

File: 1641610422948.jpeg (357.27 KB, 750x892, 80298291-EA1D-40C6-8AA4-1F9345…)

she's going off on people who say she's fat or something but her last reply made me gag. she's so gross and pathetic

No. 1411553

I think she's talking about this again because those unflattering pictures.Also she glamorizes and sexualizes mental illness all the time. So the way I see it is these people are the same as Shay. Both are mentally ill, both hate their bodies, both project that shit onto others.

No. 1411554

File: 1641610752831.jpeg (55.54 KB, 750x312, 44BE6537-0278-40DA-8AA0-29E382…)

True, no one is envious of looking like a wild hog kek. At least she knows that

No. 1411557

File: 1641611152175.jpeg (Spoiler Image,302.64 KB, 750x1101, 148F8A10-9A7B-4A3C-A8CA-7B5250…)

More shots of the hog in the wild from the photographers website, holy shit these are bad

No. 1411560

File: 1641611294982.jpeg (Spoiler Image,344.85 KB, 750x1102, 2FB315A0-DA9F-49E4-A039-107D09…)

No wonder she kept these on the down low

No. 1411562

Reminder that Shayna had no problem reposting thinspo when she was skinny. Now that she's fatspo though, it's trggering u guise

No. 1411563

The rippling on the water really compliments the rippling on her massive bag of cottage cheese thighs.

No. 1411564

KEK those backturned claws & her pawing at a log makes it look like she's anteater-kin

No. 1411565

I feel like this photographer is doing her no favors my god.

No. 1411567

oh dear…

No. 1411569

lmao it looks like you could fit 2 hands around her lunchlady arms

No. 1411571

Her belly button is huge, like a big black hole waiting to suck things into its giant space

No. 1411573

File: 1641612011377.jpg (Spoiler Image,480.18 KB, 1100x734, p3355757084-5.jpg)

her weird ass ruins the scenery

No. 1411575

File: 1641612153451.jpeg (417.5 KB, 1170x1194, E62FF336-73D9-46FF-BF09-1B9873…)

Obviously it’s affecting you cause you won’t shut up about it

No. 1411576

File: 1641612232631.jpg (Spoiler Image,345 KB, 1100x734, p3355754839-5.jpg)

her tit looks so fucked up

No. 1411577

Btw both of her tumblr accounts have been flagged and you can’t view them on mobile

No. 1411578

>reeee i'm being held to beauty standards
>is literally a whore who made her body her job & livelihood

No. 1411579

I was gonna say her leg dents are deeper ripples than the lake kek

She shouldn't look like that at 25

No. 1411581

File: 1641612428258.jpeg (168.43 KB, 750x475, EC1F2682-E159-48FC-996E-974608…)

Is this supposed to be a flex it sounds depressing

No. 1411582

I don't mind the fact that you're fat and ugly so don't worry! It's more that you're stupid, a useless pickme and you have no future.

No. 1411584

What's with the "in an easy access outfit" part lol like you're gonna get drunk and chicken dance alone at home? Ok?? It sounds more like a cry for help or cope. Why did she phrase the outfit that way though. Like it sounds like she's implying she's gonna be in danger or risky slutting it up but she's just in her apartment.

No. 1411585

This looks like an accidental shot when she was getting ready to pose or something, holy shit. She's fucked but this is a whole different level of unfortunate. Photographer did her dirty which I didn't think was possible.

No. 1411586

>you don't pay my bills
No one does

No. 1411587

she really does use heavy filters on all her own content huh. even when it doesn't look that filtered, the weight difference is way too obvious in these pics

No. 1411590

Lol it's sad cos I can imagine what she thought these pics would look like in her head but the reality is not kind.
I bet she's gonna be mad about these being posted by the "photographer"

No. 1411597

This looks like the thumbnail for a Soft White Underbelly video.

No. 1411603

GOD she looks like a national geographic recreation of a neanderthal woman why the fuck would she publish this im fucking baffled

No. 1411605

It really is a Shayme, isn’t it? I would have liked this photo otherwise

No. 1411606

File: 1641614869031.gif (464.58 KB, 201x275, 195D58BC-5419-4EBD-B4B7-DC19C9…)

>get drunk and chicken dance alone at home
Also this thread pic. These modeling photos. I’m legit snickering, thanks for the endless laughs, Shaynus.

No. 1411608

Jason Womack erasure

No. 1411610

If this doesn’t make her want to kill herself lose weight idk what will

No. 1411613

The random wamack posts still kill me ty

Also good lord those photos are horrendous, no wonder she’s drinking alone over them

No. 1411616

She is fine bc she doesn’t have childish beauty standards

No. 1411618

I know it's been said countless times but I can't believe this is a woman in her 20s. She looks at least 10 years older than she actually is. I know her face as always been kind of wrinkly but the alcohol abuse and poor diet are hitting very hard. Ellen is probably cheering on the inside watching Shay rapidly becoming her body twin.

No. 1411620

why are you whiteknighting her, she’s a fucking sex worker. Her body is her business, she needs to wake up and give a little bit of a fuck about her body

No. 1411624

elaborate? she pretends to be a little tiny baby 24/7 of her life and does literally nothing else. more like she's such a deluded narcissist she still sees herself as a thin loli, not the cottage cheese ridden linebacker tranny lookalike she is lol.

No. 1411625

it is funny how she was supposed to do a camshow friday night but has effectively cancelled it. that doesnt sound like something someone would do if they were not bothered.

No. 1411626

they are joking, i think this is something she said in defense of her new body lol

No. 1411628

oops you're right, didn't memorize shat's rambling

No. 1411635

i'm so ashamed that i still think she's kinda cute in a gross dive bar hookup way
people like me must be how she always has a girlfriend

No. 1411636

File: 1641617921493.jpeg (1.79 MB, 1242x1572, 0064EA40-A609-422B-8F34-53E385…)

KEK she probably imagined these photos coming out a lot better than they did. She didn’t even try. She’s just there. It’s like bad acting.

She’s definitely looking like an aardvark in these NatGeo centerfolds

No. 1411637


I am just bad at jokes. Shayna posted that the mean girls calling her fat have childish beauty standards, suggesting that she herself does not share in this

No. 1411650

File: 1641619179720.jpeg (153.44 KB, 750x441, CB072AEB-CE0A-4822-8D3C-428BB8…)

lol even getting drunk and filming herself dancing is too much work and she had to think of an excuse not to do it

No. 1411651

GROSS nonnie. Love yourself

No. 1411652

30min of yoga every day would literally change her life. But, there’s no point in blog-posting about it because man-bear-pig refuses to listen to reason.

No. 1411653

speaking of tumblr it's interesting that once she disabled anons she's no longer getting a flood of compliments in her asks. Kind of like she was just submitting them herself or something. Really makes you think.

No. 1411669

Holy shit, this is like those edits of celebrity face close up photos on the red carpets that are super sharpened to show every possible blemish and skin texture. It’s pretty horrendous, shouldn’t photographers notice how unflattering it looks and soften/filter it a bit? Maybe shay didn’t pay enough for that.

No. 1411671

yeah this photographer should retire immediately lol. the angles, poses, everything is just humiliating and beyond careless.

No. 1411673

Anon please, he was just working with the subject at hand

No. 1411674

I don’t know much about photography but I think these would be nice photos if she shopped was out

No. 1411696

File: 1641625783190.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.61 MB, 1366x2048, D5585336-4E6A-410B-8B77-BA7472…)

Reposting these from the photographer from the other thread cause they’re too funny, it literally looks like there’s shit dripping down her leg

No. 1411698

File: 1641625913104.jpeg (Spoiler Image,2.46 MB, 2048x1366, F71C648D-2A48-4963-A606-003AB4…)

His Twitter is @sensualight, Shayna liked them on there but didn’t retweet for obvious reasons

No. 1411705

This is a terrible pose, looks like she's holding her dick to pee and someone took a sneak photo

No. 1411709

can't see them on there or his site, wonder if she asked him to delete

No. 1411714

I still see them on both Twitter and his website https://www.sensualight.com/p376985802

No. 1411717

Lmao Twitter is terrible so sometimes likes still get shown on followers home pages. I guess she doesn't know that.

No. 1411733

File: 1641629641734.jpeg (125.72 KB, 1084x1084, 95F6BFC1-648A-4766-ACD8-A2DFCD…)

Time for a new foundation that’s less jaundice-y

No. 1411734

File: 1641629846858.jpeg (160.43 KB, 750x417, EB88DF7A-1F2D-48E2-B116-E57D78…)

She’s lucky she’s ugly

No. 1411735

“Fatphobia” “my fat cunt” (yikes)
I’m calling it now, she’s hitting at LEAST 400 lbs. The diabetes saga can’t be far off.

No. 1411737

I didn’t think it could get worse until I zoomed in. How do you let yourself look like a 45 yr old at 23?

No. 1411740

Funny how those beauty standards weren’t so “childish” when she felt she met them.

No. 1411741

Please don't compare aardvarks to Shaynus, Nonners. They have done nothing wrong.

No. 1411743

What a scrote take anon.

No. 1411749

Ah yes the fully grown woman who wears Barbie and Hello Kitty branded juniors clothing, never showers or washes herself properly, drones on and on about how people totally think she’s very underaged in public, and refers to her vagina as “tiny lil baby cunt” does not have childish beauty standards but the ones who want her to shower and drink water do. DELUSIONAL.

No. 1411759

kek she's so hunchbacked

No. 1411791

The wide angle lens for this shot was a choice.

No. 1411816

File: 1641641568516.jpeg (205.02 KB, 483x455, 8CFA8D87-D5B1-4AD6-B7A0-04E371…)

dog…. what the fucj

No. 1411842

File: 1641645112551.jpeg (60.74 KB, 427x427, aM7109oa_700w_0.jpeg)

Dear god, is this photographer a farmer? How is it even possible to become even uglier for her? It is just getting worse, sisters

No. 1411847

Even the middle-aged models on that photographer’s Twitter don’t look as bad as her… The guy did her dirtier than any art anon ever could, and she probably paid him for it. I wonder if this is any kind of an eye opener to her

No. 1411848

She looks like she’s tucking her dick between her legs

No. 1411849

Why the FUCK did she subject herself to this

No. 1411858

You should try throwing up Shayna and I don’t mean from alcohol

No. 1411868

File: 1641649469475.jpeg (105.7 KB, 640x636, B6B72315-76D2-4623-B6D3-41B8D8…)


“Childish beauty standards”
Do you see the levels of fucking dirt here on her skin this is hands down the nastiest photo she has posted of herself - she’s grown a second armpit somehow and that brown area is not a shadow

No. 1411874

She seriously looks trans here.

No. 1411876

File: 1641650577987.png (1.11 MB, 1080x1352, Screenshot_20220109-010127.png)

No. 1411877

File: 1641650757785.jpg (Spoiler Image,545.86 KB, 1536x2048, 20220109_010115.jpg)

Photoshop working overtime on those cottage cheese legs

No. 1411895

how much do you want to bet us talking about her cankles got to her? nice legwarmers shay

No. 1411896

she made the cheek furthest away from the camera look bigger than the other. shayna, honey, we are fucking begging you to get it together.

No. 1411910

yoga? this woman needs HIIT twice a day and a very restrictive diet

No. 1411929

File: 1641657041104.jpeg (664.62 KB, 2385x1570, 66A8DABF-F726-4A1D-B160-72B7A5…)

I felt inspired, sorry

No. 1411934

this is so autistic but I love it kek

No. 1411935

She looks like my 60 year old aunt wtf

No. 1411942

why is she dressed like she adheres to childish beauty standards?

No. 1411953

File: 1641659796619.png (2.4 MB, 1936x1936, Photo_2022-01-08_11-34-20_AM.p…)

Her transformation into Nikocado Avocado is going well, I see.

No. 1411976

Foot still looks like it belongs to a corpse wtf is that skin tone? Are the shoes too small? Does she have bad circulation?

No. 1412017

File: 1641665466004.jpeg (76.53 KB, 1080x253, 878DD697-8B88-4BF7-A89A-4A4E3D…)

She literally used to, I can’t imagine what’s stopping her now.
Also kind of hypocritical of her to freak out about this sort of thing when she used to post proudly about her “very destructive” ED all the time.

No. 1412020

This is the mess you get when you try to combine uwu baby pedo bait with bimbo Barbie. It doesn't fucking work. This shit is so weird. Also the arm and leg warmers were a choice but a bad one. The arm ones especially are retarded.

No. 1412046

File: 1641668297475.jpeg (33.52 KB, 600x576, ABD03704-41EC-4767-A15F-D3BAE1…)


No. 1412051

Kek at the arm warmers too - what the fuck is this outfit even? Been lurking the Looni thread for inspo?

No. 1412054

Nta but obviously a joke, don’t know why people take “shayna ugly” comments so seriously

No. 1412059

File: 1641669356380.jpeg (123.45 KB, 703x324, 9198A10D-C745-43AF-A780-FEC2B7…)

the irony of big shaynus telling people they should quit their jobs.

No. 1412086

File: 1641670645945.jpeg (162.24 KB, 750x1013, D736D119-3D27-45A2-BF8A-C8C833…)

No. 1412096

If you had any good “content” other sw wouldn’t be stealing your content lol. She has 0 confidence in her shitty work.

No. 1412102

File: 1641671722663.jpeg (570.29 KB, 1242x1642, D6367917-D789-4FC9-95BC-657C5C…)

Jason R Womack won’t be pleased to see these

No. 1412103

File: 1641671834101.jpeg (449.46 KB, 2048x1152, DCAF1E3C-EF8F-4494-A9E4-2E043C…)

No. 1412111

she is so territorial of her scrotes. i guess i get why, they’re all broke ass bums and shay needs their five dollar tips.

No. 1412153

Do other sex workers give a fuck about this or is she just insecure and grasping onto her bottom feeding coomers by her fingertips bc she’s already so close to broke

No. 1412156

You didn’t gain a sex work following organically, you gained it off the back of your weed blog and that’s why only like 5 people still like you

No. 1412157

she probably tries to tell herself she’s not like other white girls and totally has a yellow undertone and not a piggy pink undertone, kek

No. 1412162

Don't forget about her crusade about others pOaChInG her customers kek

No. 1412176

idk but i feel like she's projecting and probably does this to other twitter whores

No. 1412211

I think the comments about her crusty yellow heels got to her

No. 1412235

File: 1641680675849.jpeg (138.88 KB, 702x429, 672B6DCD-0A07-49D6-B1E1-DD5639…)

No. 1412242

Maybe if you weren't a haggard bitch and lazy people would like you, Shay. Your reputation will forever proceed you, even if lolcow never existed you'd still be a repulsive cow.

No. 1412260

Lmfao at the lines from her clearly too-small socks DUG into those cankles

Ever since that anon posted that she looks like Gavin Free I just can’t stop seeing it. Thanks for all the laughs, nonnie

No. 1412267

File: 1641682714650.jpeg (613.29 KB, 1170x1652, A25949EA-D244-42DE-A8AC-BBF245…)

No. 1412271

File: 1641682964422.jpeg (527.02 KB, 1170x1431, B1D9EF14-7737-48FA-8A3A-25D4B3…)

No. 1412272

No education making a living off of porn? Wow good for you! Social media is a wasteland

No. 1412275

if you meet one or two assholes a week, you’ve met some assholes
if everyone you meet is an asshole, the actual asshole is you

No. 1412276

File: 1641683172245.jpeg (307.29 KB, 1066x2048, 4702BAB0-8D69-4549-B0F0-80A2EB…)

The only “woman” she interacts with is a man

No. 1412278

Imagine having mutuals with a literal dog fucker; really shows how degenerate she panders her porn to.

No. 1412285

What’s the excuse to not cam gonna be tonight?

No. 1412288

File: 1641684275439.jpeg (126.64 KB, 750x363, 3034820A-EEEE-48D6-A2F8-8A459B…)

What the fuck, why can’t she tweet like, normal sexual fantasies, her brain is fried

No. 1412299

shayna you act like you know everything and are the most important person in every “community” you want to join. people notice your stuck up bullshit behavior and don’t want to deal with it. you never try to learn, you just insert yourself and say you’re a part of the community and when they don’t accept you you flip a shit and act like everyone unfairly hates you. change your entire fucking personality.

No. 1412300

haha cow crossover. Lana Bee is hysterical, she used to make threads for herself.

No. 1412304

kek she even tucked them under her heel i'm dying

No. 1412306

she doesn’t even have a pink undertone lol. Her skin is straight up gray

No. 1412308

in pics it is but she def has a piggy pink undertone like every other basic white girl. if she got foundation with a pink undertone she wouldn’t look jaundiced.

No. 1412339

File: 1641687622803.jpeg (Spoiler Image,280.65 KB, 1080x1140, 0ED06358-7CE2-4333-B78B-6AA2EF…)

Those fucking sounds and those horrible faces, what the FUCK?? How could anyone get off to this?? https://www.manyvids.com/Video/3299970/20-MIN-CUMATHON/

No. 1412355

File: 1641688296403.jpeg (614.67 KB, 1206x643, B8952965-56F3-4F9B-9BB6-25DF14…)

horror movie shit

No. 1412356

Why can’t you just say “pink”?

No. 1412357

the right foot mashed into the too small shoe I'm dying. Stay losing troons.

No. 1412373

she looks so dry and crusty. this is what pink wine, sprite and no water does to a mf

No. 1412389

I can’t get over how much facially she looks like Onision holy shit

No. 1412397

you mad i’m calling shayna a pig, nonny?

No. 1412399


Her nails have gone from looking like hotdogs to looking like the nasty parts of the pig that said hotdogs are made of.

No. 1412407

No. 1412412


he looks like a straight dude in 2005 that lost a bet or is being hazed by his frat.

Her nubs look painful and irritated. Shayna, bitch… Just paint your nails with some cheap glitter polish and go. Ties into the baby barbie vibe way better than the hotdog nails. Plus you'll have more money for weed and door dash. You don't even have to do a good job because your a diaper whore now, the bar is in hell

No. 1412422

File: 1641692760538.jpeg (247.68 KB, 1170x845, A244F341-661C-4A66-9AED-63EA87…)

She posts this exact same tweet at least once a month

No. 1412428

Shame all your “fans” absolutely radiate broke vibes. I hope you’re enjoying scraping together the odds and ends that your broken coomers pull together for you.

No. 1412433


HAHAHA these whores are all so braindead. Lana you've been milking the puppy persona (hello it's literally in your handle) ever since you got with Shane and you're only now throwing him under the bus now that you guys split. Fucking pathetic… and Shay you willingly shacked up with a known dogfucker, stfu

No. 1412439


No. 1412441

She looks like Liz from Wentworth.

No. 1412452


If she was relevant she'd be called out on this tweet for "body shaming" kek

No. 1412454

lol bitch is mad she's getting pennies for her snatch when she used to get dollars

No. 1412455

File: 1641695262203.jpeg (416.09 KB, 743x953, 3E5C28F7-BE2B-4D37-9049-72A748…)

Not even one week and she’s already failed her New Years resolution of getting on cam once a week. Amazing

No. 1412456


No. 1412457

Guess that’s why you’ll always be a loser.

No. 1412460

i’ve never seen anyone with as little self discipline as shay. it’s almost impressive how little effort she makes towards anything.

No. 1412461

she looks yellow to me, even in her unfiltered pics

No. 1412475

She really doesn't seem to realise that by sperging about this so often, she makes it obvious to everyone that this is a legitimate threat to her. No wonder it keeps happening

She's absolutely cried about poor coomers being bodyshamed for the size of their dicks before to prove how NLOG she is kek

No. 1412482

File: 1641698478573.jpeg (190.48 KB, 750x595, 8F503D2F-B489-4C2A-8287-72C09B…)

All this begging ain’t working, the desperate look isn’t cute, no one wants to work with your fat ass. Give it up

No. 1412487

Things people with real jobs don’t say:
- Sorry for not showing up for my job at the clinic! I have an irrational fear of someone getting sick!
- Sorry for not showing up to teach my class! I have an irrational fear that my students won’t reach end of year targets!
- Sorry for not making it to the restaurant! I have irrational worries people won’t like my service or give good tips!
- Sorry for not showing up at the salon. I have an irrational fear of someone not liking their haircut!
- Sorry I didn’t walk your dog! I was afraid he wouldn’t like me!

No. 1412507

So that bondage company she worked with before aren’t interested? Top kek.

No. 1412510


amen anon.
once again proving sex work is not real work

shayna wouldn't last a second in the real world

No. 1412511

She canceled on both insex and lovinglyhandmadepornography last minute because she was having a bad brain day or some shit. she had the opportunity to work with other people and SHE fucked it up.

No. 1412514

Because you are fat, weathered and look like shit on film? It's not that hard to figure out, sweetie.

No. 1412527

KEK fucking roasted

Goddamn I should have waited to make my retarded edit with these faces!!!!!

No. 1412537

dildo on the floor next to dog cage, so bimbo

No. 1412552

File: 1641706259184.jpeg (283.19 KB, 1170x572, 33FF5F06-93D5-4348-A9BA-2876C3…)

And it begins

No. 1412554

File: 1641706300359.jpeg (692.58 KB, 1170x1473, AB5348C5-5DC0-4279-9DDB-381E8A…)

She’s gonna have to face tune extra hard now

No. 1412555

Damn she's really pandering to trannies now. She probably could find some agp weirdo to do degenerate things with. I just don't get this bitch. Like at what point do you realize this shit isn't for you and you stop?

No. 1412558

”Why doesn’t anyone want to fuck me?!” is such a hot SW baby boss thing to say

No. 1412566

File: 1641709285446.jpeg (95.11 KB, 750x297, AA9CB1B2-25D4-421D-A608-419925…)

Just make a tinder and shut up

No. 1412567

Kek is chrisChan-tier for some reason. Next she will say that she wants a girlfriend free dick.

No. 1412574

Who did Shay shack up with?

No. 1412576

They’re talking about when Shay lived with Dawn for a very short period of time

No. 1412578

Dawn Willow, a furry who made porn where she acts like she’s being fucked by dogs and most likely actually fucked dogs as she bred them. The Dawn saga was a whole thing you’ll have to read the threads

No. 1412579

File: 1641711501800.jpeg (435.74 KB, 1170x932, 4119A119-2F2A-44D0-83A1-5C818D…)

No. 1412581

She says this, but we all know how obsessive and attached she gets to married twitter creeps after touching their pencil dick one single time.

No. 1412620

we also know she’ll let flabby old weirdos scroll through their Facebooks naked on her bedroom rug, for free or cheap

No. 1412627

Does she actually sleep in that thing? How does she fit?

No. 1412638

its a day bed, her actual bed is on a wire prison frame with no headboard

No. 1412684

Proper grammar would truly benefit her jfc

No. 1412703

That isn't the problem with your content, sweaty…

No. 1412704

I hate headboards. You bump them in the night and they make a tonne of noise.

No. 1412707

Why do troons wear club wear to the grocery store? Most women wear jeans/sweats/leggings and an oversized sweater or tee to the grocery store. They definitely don't wear heels.

No. 1412741

Also why can’t they ever find anything trendy or at least styled correctly if it’s not following current trends. They always look like they’re playing dress up badly

No. 1412758

Trannies and trannyfuckers like Saul the Pencildick are just about the only people left that would fuck her. THRIVING

No. 1412759

Because they’re retarded. They don’t know how else to be a woman other than what they’ve seen on tv and the internet. Also because they probably feel the need to overcompensate so they don’t get MiSgEnDeReD

No. 1412769

Even worse, that looks like a toy aisle to me, not a grocery store. Though are you really asking why an AGP is wearing club wear to the store? It’s part of his fetish.

Dog fucker or not, I still think Shay’s a massive idiot for fucking that up. Dawn let her move in rent free and was even promoting Shay to her much larger audience and helping her improve content. If she had any concept of saving, she could’ve built up a decent nest egg for herself there and then got out. And she threw it all away to stay with Fupa on the down-low. Shay’s a pedophile who constantly sexualizes kids anyway, so who the fuck is she to be pointing the finger at zoophiles? As if she has any morals and isn’t at the bottom of society too.

No. 1412795

>Dogfucker or not

Excusing animal rape to dunk on Shays life choices is the most sperg thing I've seen in this thread kek. Gonna go out on a limb and say not living with a woman who fucks her own dogs and has a creepy scrote living there that probably enables it probably wasn't one of the worst choices Shay has made in her life.

No. 1412801


Actually was probably wise of her to leave, Dawn left her CO home about a year ago to live with some other scrote in TN and has been stuck in ongoing legal battles since. She hinted that he was quite abusive. I would love to hear that fabled audio that Shay claimed to record when she was kicked out

No. 1412803

you don’t use a ring & soft boxes for just a small bedroom, you fucking moron. one soft box for the entire room would have been fine. god she gets more retarded as time goes on. can’t wait to see how greasy and sweaty she gets under those lights.

No. 1412820

File: 1641741567644.jpeg (1006.6 KB, 1242x1700, 6B71BA49-23A0-42AF-81BA-4B6032…)

And these are what shayna’s “fans” look like

No. 1412825

File: 1641742149098.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.47 MB, 1165x2070, 4CD00C88-4E45-4E0B-8A6A-995C0C…)

Shaynus assne outbreak

No. 1412826

File: 1641742175066.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.35 MB, 1242x1628, B285BCF7-5264-44B8-B3C4-8D0D8C…)

Her face is so fucking fat jfc

No. 1412828

File: 1641742262537.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.06 MB, 1242x1636, 6B927774-9D25-4F38-A358-E66B11…)

Shaynus and her wide nose

No. 1412830

File: 1641742343742.jpeg (93.17 KB, 552x595, 77068C03-2568-483B-A6EC-1BCB2B…)

SFW crop

No. 1412870

Oh that lighting is not doing any favors

No. 1412886

Why does she shave around the opening of her vag but leave the rest hairy? It looks really weird. Why not just keep the whole thing hairy or shave it all off? Also her perineum is ultra shiny, it looks like a bald man's head.

No. 1412890

As an anon with chronically dry lips I don't understand how she can stand it. I have to have a chapstick or some lip gloss with me all the time including when I'm at home. I can't cope when my lips start peeling and feeling like paper. It's the most disgusting feeling.

No. 1412907

don't disrespect liz like that

No. 1412908

File: 1641748864923.jpeg (485.4 KB, 1170x1110, 1FB9A983-D2D5-4DFD-B296-A11604…)

Oh please Shay. You are not 100% innocent with that whole relationship

No. 1412911

File: 1641748901932.jpeg (468.17 KB, 1170x1016, AE010AC1-D6B9-494C-8AB0-C42963…)

No. 1412914

blog but i do that too because the hair on the labia annoys me and i think it looks nicer than a full bush. with her wrinkly ruined labia that looks like a cut up ballsack hair would make it look less terrible

No. 1412920

everything she says about exes is so bpd. so exaggerated. get fucking therapy and stop talking about it every other day.
I'm getting really pissed off with this feral shit she spouts. starting to wish she would get bashed properly so she would shut the fuck up.

No. 1412932


Cuz when she shaved/waxes it all off it irritates her vag boils and she gets an outbreak

No. 1412935

File: 1641750621511.png (Spoiler Image,8.64 MB, 1242x2208, 47200B84-7062-4023-8FCF-1D57F4…)

She looks like a rodent

No. 1412970

The sped rodent look is STRONG in this one

No. 1413028

File: 1641755210915.jpeg (435.95 KB, 1242x1157, 4150C056-CEF2-4DCB-B99D-4CE53D…)

No. 1413042

I bet she means the gay clubs/bars fupa used to take her to. Unless she means she went alone to a club kek, depressing.

No. 1413048

Jesusm she can't even open her eyes anymore. That is some alcoholism for ya.

No. 1413049

Anon, are you Male? Some of us do that because the labia hair can be annoying or so a partner can eat out without getting it in their teeth. It's also less sweaty during period.

No. 1413064

We all knew Fupaul used her up. She constantly gives abusive degen scrotes full access to her body.She lets them do whatever they want, pretending she's this ultra kinky slut whose into it to keep them around. Then when they start getting bored/realizing that she's not into it and realize, "Wait, this mentally ill woman I'm using for kinky sex is actually a person".
Then they keep her around for easy sex, she suicide baits, uses sex as bait and the degen scrote feels "responsible" and still want to have sex with her to get off.
The thing is Shayna didn't learn from this. She's doing the same thing. Letting degens bite and bruise her body JUST to keep them around. Then she accuses them of "abuse" but never says what they are doing.
All the reasons we think Fupaul is Abusive Shayna will never admit because it was called "kink" and shit she "Claimed to "enjoy".
So she talks about him making her take her medicine, him screaming at her during arguments.
Facts are Fupaul used and moved on to a "Normal" seeming relationship. Leaving the mentally ill woman he dated to use for kinky sex no self-respecting woman would let his fat ass do. I'd feel bad if Shayna wasn't such a shitty person and she wasn't going to repeat the same mistake with another scrote.

No. 1413073

File: 1641757639394.jpeg (116.45 KB, 696x393, 67D9D5D6-EFF3-48CD-937F-5B87C7…)

How the fuck does she still have moving boxes around her apartment

No. 1413120

File: 1641760162533.jpeg (Spoiler Image,132.86 KB, 1205x1787, 5E90B673-2B66-441A-B173-98F2D7…)

Excuse me what the fuck is happening to her finger tips

No. 1413121

yeah what the fuck is that

No. 1413125

Whatever that is it looks painful.

No. 1413126

I'm trying to figure out if her nail tech is just horrible or if its bad because Shaynas nails are so messed up this is the only way they can do it. Probably both

No. 1413140

How does she have no jaw yet still too much chin, what a perplexingly unfortunate looking human

No. 1413148

Her thumb looks like it rotting off

No. 1413150

I think must go to a cheap shitty tech who doesn’t care about her shitty hygiene, if she rips her own nails off or if fingers are rotting off as long as they’re getting paid.

No. 1413156

Her ring finger looks gross too

No. 1413183

>non consensually yelling

No. 1413193

you can see her real nails… tf

No. 1413219

File: 1641766313794.jpeg (227.36 KB, 1170x549, AFC1CE8C-7ABB-4D8B-A5DD-8789BC…)

Shay, you don’t even sleep with your “sugar daddies”

No. 1413222

yeah, a sugar daddy is when he fingers you in a parking lot in exchange for applebees and a pair of uggs

No. 1413227

I think you mean fingers. More than one. Cause I see two fingers that look like they’re rotting. Barf

No. 1413229

No. 1413232

>>You want a bf
Shayna you let your sugar daddy finger you in the parking lot in exchange for some bugs. He pays you in dinner, build a Bear and attention. Your actual dad or you is paying your bills.Even when you were with Fupaul he only put you on hos phone bill. He didn't put in for anything. Your sugar daddies didn't been get you shit for Christmas. Shit the sugar daddy/boyfriend you dated didn't get you anything. Stop making this tweet. Nobody cares what a cheeseburger pussy priced girl has to say about "sugar dating".

No. 1413234

File: 1641767061442.jpeg (443.89 KB, 750x1079, 157E987C-5581-4B23-A5F0-CF7C32…)

The thing is, attractive woman do get money and they don’t have to let men beat them up for it. You’re just ugly.

No. 1413240

So sex workers on Twitter who all e-beg are mad that some women don't have or want to let men use,abuse and view their bodies for chump change? What they are doing has nothing to do with crusty ugly ass Shayna. She's just mad she has to do the most and "pretty thin girls can just smile and get thousands of likes"

No. 1413246

So you hate cheap headboards

No. 1413248

File: 1641767929471.jpeg (491.06 KB, 1170x1412, 21BDDCFF-C337-4749-BF9A-1830B9…)

Lmao Shay, that is NOT giving “sugar back.” My God

No. 1413251

she doesn’t understand the sugar daddies expect sex back, does she?

No. 1413267

I'm definitely not male. In my experience menstrual blood gets all over that area, not just around the entrance, especially if you are a pad user. I'm not interested in having anyone's face down there so that's not something I have ever considered, I guess.

No. 1413269

We get it anon. You are special and high status because you don't own cheap furniture.

No. 1413278

Isn't she always tweeting out shit like "kind of messed up people aren't sending me money for just existing as my adorable self"?

No. 1413297

Why are her nails always ball-bag pink?

No. 1413323

File: 1641772436952.png (Spoiler Image,6.07 MB, 1242x2208, 4FEBD1A5-BF42-4B58-A0D7-206D92…)

No. 1413326

I think it's kinda the standard as an adult? You either shave it all (and who has time for that really and like why unless you're a stripper or sex worker), shave nothing, or you do the half and half lol.
Shay learned 1 thing so far and that's that she'll have awful boils and pimples if she shaves her full groin area but also probably laziness. Otherwise I'd say she should be full shaving since she pedo panders and clings to the uwu bimbo image. She just has unfortunate large and wrinkly ballsack looking labia and doesn't do a great job landscaping the rest.

No. 1413335

This is so embarrassing to read. She's so retarded. That's not giving the "sugar back" lol tf. Also we all know what kind of sped vids those are she's describing.
The "sugar" in the dynamic is sex or money depending on how the term is being used, Shayna, you gigantic dumbass. You're not giving them money or material items and I doubt you're even putting out pussy. You act like he's your bf, gushing over any crumb of attention.

No. 1413338

All the time lmao.

Wonder if that girl is secretly throwing shade or just another classic Shay follower aka doesn't read 90% of what she says.

No. 1413342

Ey yo! Nonnie over here don't like having her pussy ate!

No. 1413343

File: 1641773448793.jpg (Spoiler Image,40.79 KB, 656x369, nesq5k3oeagniclzg.jpg)

I need to take a break from this thread, these videos drop my sanity so fast I feel like I'm in amnesia the dark descent.

No. 1413345

Dear god, what a mess.

No. 1413352

No. 1413359

You know she dances exactly like this at the club too kek just imagine wonder if she forgets she's not taking a nude vid and tries to spread her asscheeks too

No. 1413378

File: 1641775602913.gif (Spoiler Image,6.29 MB, 320x588, 2d7deb4bdaf050ef7236f2f8a88153…)

the way her zombie tit stays completely still while the sad other tit flaps around is wild

No. 1413383

File: 1641775739028.gif (Spoiler Image,5.48 MB, 318x592, 53e5a0dd07ef8e94dff09220746c3e…)

pretty sure you shoulnt be clenching your ass cheeks together tightly when attempting to shake your ass

No. 1413387

wouldn't you… give sugar (sex) to your bf, though? this makes no sense.

No. 1413389

File: 1641776121995.jpeg (Spoiler Image,766.16 KB, 995x1551, 08671A73-45A1-4397-8CF5-BD9819…)

even the filter can’t save her at this point. featuring the sped rodent lip bite.

No. 1413391

>>1413267 either way if ur taking the time to carefully shave ur labia wouldn’t you just finish and get the rest of it too? I don’t think I’ve ever seen someone grow out bush but shave just the labia like tht either tbh like why flip flop if she wants to shave there why not make a cute design with the “bush” she had left? It would look batter and more maintained than the awful patchy regrowth she has from constant waxing

No. 1413392

I wish she would stop with the Chicken Dance. She looks like she's Hula Hooping. She doesn't bend her legs or nothing. She just shakes side to side.

No. 1413394

Why does she dance like she’s a raggedy wet dog shaking mud off itself?

No. 1413395

The way one tit obviously HANGs a full few inches below the other one with the implant/scar and ppl still try to say both her tits are “natural” like sure everyone’s boobs are kinda uneven but this is concerning if there isn’t an implant like maybe that’s the awkward thing shes going to the doctors about?

No. 1413397

Oof, she reminds me of that creepy old lady corpse in the bathtub from The Shining

No. 1413398

Phobe thicner another Lolcow is waaay bigger then Shay and has the same issue. Her tits are bigger but one is a lot smaller. I feel like with weight gain, maybe the other may catch up.
Or maybe she'd end up like Phobe, breast differences happen hers is just a lot more noticeable. Your going to get yelled at for bringing this up again though Nonnie.

No. 1413408

She’s been going to the doctor about her lungs not her tit. Let’s not start the tit argument again.

No. 1413415

File: 1641777694682.jpeg (684.83 KB, 1242x804, 9B7BF3C1-BAEC-4836-BF39-2BD356…)

Doesn’t matter. Its not milk, regardless of the answer.

No. 1413418

File: 1641778093863.jpg (Spoiler Image,179.23 KB, 600x330, the-shining-1980-bathtub-zombi…)

kek anon

No. 1413420

She looks like she has learning disabilities here. Like not full blown tard but you know they are slow af and can't even spell words that are presented Infront of them.

No. 1413425

Living for this reference anon.

The dark descent would be a great title for Shay's biography tbh.

No. 1413426

i really thought when the butt boils started up she’d attempt to put herself together a bit to get rid of them but they’re getting worse and multiplying.

No. 1413452

The boils migrated from her pussy to her ass

No. 1413495

File: 1641784646248.png (Spoiler Image,820.09 KB, 664x1382, Shayna Afterdark.png)

Same anon, she even has the same body type as the grunt.

No. 1413500

File: 1641785107842.jpeg (112.12 KB, 828x568, 49B50436-D5EB-45CE-B467-CA0DD2…)

shayna in the near future kek
sage for autism

No. 1413538

Idk this video game but I can completely picture the top left image doing the chicken dance butt wiggle Shayna does

No. 1413539

I can't tell if this is a genuine fetish image or something making fun of fetishes. The line is so thin…

No. 1413558

lol as if big shaynus doesnt want a bf who spoils her. its her literal dream. too bad she looks like she crawled out of a desert armpit and no good man who would be the type to spoil his gf would ever try to date her. honestly, at this rate she deserves to be alone… she is utterly undateable>>1413219

No. 1413559

He kinda dances the same way too, but he has a better ass than big shaynus

No. 1413572

Just when you think she can't look worse, she posts this. Jfc.

No. 1413580

File: 1641795780012.gif (1.97 MB, 320x241, 2A35598E-7147-4EAB-93FB-8B42D3…)

i’m sure this comparison has been made before but she is giving some serious buffalo bill vibes

No. 1413586

she just has never had a boyfriend who actually gave her the time of day.

No. 1413589

One day she’s going to end up like brat grrrrl the wrong John will take advantage of her and boom she won’t even be able to remember her own name or worse she ends up dead.

I don’t think she understands how dangerous all these tweets are even though if a man as so much as comes near her she has a panic attack. What’s she going to do when a guy decides her consent means nothing

No. 1413592

Neither of them realise what sugar daddy is. It’s just a long term regular escort that you spoil lavishly and they fuck you a few times a month. She’s not even got a Splenda daddy.

No. 1413601

how do you feel for being in the same line of work as this ugly gremlin(take your meds and sage)

No. 1413621

Are you lost? Retarded? Who are you talking to?

No. 1413640

keep on coping. The same man that is subscribed to Shayna's onlyfans is probably also subscribed to yours. If you are a sex worker and you shit on Shayna you are the lowest of the lowest.

No. 1413642

I'm a normal person laughing at a retarded dry crusty bitch embarrass herself on the internet with her real name attached to everything she does.

No. 1413648

Sage for obvious reason but I’m not a sex worker in any sense of the word and i have a “sugar daddy” who is not my boyfriend and gives/spends thousands on me every month. This is what most women mean when they say the want a sugar daddy but it’s incredibly rare, and the kinds of girls who are already out there offering sexual services aren’t going to find someone who will give them shit without sexual favors in exchange. You dug your grave already,(blog)

No. 1413652


No. 1413654

wow girll you rockk. He's a scrote. He sooner or later will try fucking you or maybe he will murder you when you turn down his marriage proposal. Women that mess with scrotes like this have no idea(unsaged shitpost)

No. 1413655

no one cares you stupid bitch

No. 1413657

Sage because no one cares, but god I am catching up on threads from 5 months back and I can not believe how big she has gotten since then. It's kind of tragic, I was hoping she would lose weight but as expected she's gotten so much bigger. She's gonna end up selling bbw porn in a year and a half from now.

No. 1413676

I need to stop clicking spoilers while I’m eating dear god

No. 1413749

File: 1641822939535.jpeg (956.59 KB, 1170x1683, 8FBCD9A1-69EC-4AAE-A1DC-0E3048…)

Why does she always have to bring this up?

No. 1413753

I hate the way she does her makeup with her huge honker. she looks like the fat single Latina bitches with 4 kids that roam this city with tacos in one hand and some knockoff purse in the other while trying to fit into clothes 5 sizes too small

No. 1413767

I feel like she is constantly bringing this up to make herself seem more "desirable". She was absolutely not "mature for her age" back then. She isn't even mature for a 24 year old. She has no concept of anything remotely regarding adult behavior, and she should not be giving advice about this to anyone, let alone minors. She's a pedo for fuck's sake.

No. 1413790

I know what she means I guess but lol @ the pharsing "[people] want to be safe from minors"

No. 1413798

now she’s an adult pretending to be in ‘little’ and ‘puppy’ spaces. keep telling yourself YOU aren’t one of the ‘yucky ppl,’ shay.

No. 1413820

File: 1641832618802.jpeg (331.39 KB, 1170x1036, 93E088B2-6D6C-4460-BFB9-D4040B…)

Well maybe if you kept your place clean

No. 1413824

stop complaining, better get those ass beauty standards already

No. 1413828

Yuck I doubt she’s vacuumed or kept her floor clean in the apartment the entire time, probably spills crumbs all over and leaves her doordash on the floor while she shakes her cellulite around for her unemployment sugar daddies

No. 1413833

Ants die in the winter. She's keeping sugary drinks out too long and probably food too. What a fucking slobbbbb

No. 1413835

She's full on admitted to leaving plates with rotting food stuck to them in the sink for literal weeks (though she got rid of her dishes so I'm guessing it's just Door Dash To Go boxes) Plus all the sugary drinks whose cups she just leaves around. She's too lazy to take out trash so probably has multiple bags just lying around or has Ellen take it out for her. She literally has NO cleaning supplies and/or appliances. I'm not surprised she has some sort of bug infestation.
Why is she asking money for coffee? Ask money for an exterminator. You think crying and ignoring them, the ants will just go away? Lmaoooo fucking useless, this one.

No. 1413839

How tf does this dirty bitch manage to get ants in the dead of winter???

No. 1413842

I kinda feel like it's roaches or fleas or something besides ants. Ants don't thrive this time of year in the northwest and ants are pretty easy to get rid of yourself. You clean up all surfaces with dish soap, throw away anything that's attracting them, and put some ant bait out in crevices. There's tons of at home remedies like cinnamon or borax and honey too.
Sounds it's something worse that requires a bug bomb or exterminator and that would be fleas, roaches, bed bugs, etc.

No. 1413843

Living next to trees and giving them food. Ants look for sugar and decomposing matter. She's just living in a pigstye lol

No. 1413853

Last sentence feels like I’m reading it off a handwritten cardboard sign. Fuckin bum

No. 1413860

Shay is a primary example of how poisonous SW culture / internet porn really is. I don’t think Shayna is a victim now as she is an adult woman who consciously makes the decision to participate in and produce pedo porn, but I can’t help but feel sympathy for the child she once was. She comes from a normal but yet still divorced and dysfunctional family, and obviously did not get enough attention from her permissive parents so she started to look for it on the internet. As a minor she was exposed to porn and arguably groomed into the narrative that SW is empowering and will get her all the attention she could ever want, so she started moving in adult spaces, seeking inappropriate relationships before she was even 18. I recall that she started doing SW before she turned 18, doing Skype shows for gifts off her Amazon wish list. One scrote even sent her a camera to make porn with, which resulted in the police becoming involved. I think her mother tried to save her and help her turn her life around, but Shay was too stubborn and too deep into the brainwashing to come back. Once she turned 18 she immediately and officially started her “career” as a whore, moved away from her mother, and threw away any chance at a decent life for herself before she had even hit her 20’s. Since then her life has been one wrong choice after the other, as others on this site have pointed out it seems like Shayna is remarkably asexual and what she really gets out of presenting herself hypersexual degenerate, is attention. At one point she was a minor looking for the love of her parents in creepy old men who took advantage of her vulnerability. Now she is an adult in her mid 20’s who turns down every offer of help thrown her way in favour of continuing to throw her life away.
What’s really condemning is how she perpetuates the same false narrative of “SW is empowering!” That she fell for. Shay is evil in the sense that she gave in to her inner demons and let’s them rule her life. She was hurt as a minor and now perpetuates that harm to other minors as an adult. She exposed minors to porn through her original tumblr platform. She has told minors they need a dick up their ass. And contrary to her Twitter sperg yesterday about sugaring being actual work - Shay is 100% the type of bitch to post “I get paid for just existing”. I’m sure there are screencaps of her saying exactly that in old threads. She is a hypocrite and a pedo.

No. 1413876

We really didn't need an entire thread recap

No. 1413884

eww, this is reminiscent of a creepy ass old dude grooming an underage girl like “I’ll be here the day you turn 18!” like can you not encourage young girls to do SW? don’t care how ~*~ safe and uwu consenting ~*~ you want to try to make it. shit ruins lives and the only people that deny it are the ones that are still sucked into glorifying it and coping by thinking it’s empowering and cool.

No. 1413894

Honestly nothing magical happens the day you turn 18. 18 year olds are naive and prone to manipulation too. I don't think women are really aware enough to avoid manipulation from scrotes until maybe mid to late 20s. I'm not sure if it's age or experience that creates the awareness, maybe both.

No. 1413902

wait am I missing something, why would she need to send her pets to daycare for ants? what does that accomplish? if it were roaches or bedbugs and you needed to fumigate or whatever it would make sense, but…?? just clean up and put pet-safe ant traps out

No. 1413910

>I get $ for existing
Ugly whores are alwaysss so bitter lmao stacys exist, they don’t have to gape their asshole or even pay personal attention to discord pedos for chump change

No. 1413917

File: 1641842067138.png (Spoiler Image,6.53 MB, 1242x2208, FFA43187-2EA9-4FF2-BC54-6D8B7D…)

The crust underneath the hot dog nail on her thumb…. gross

No. 1413919


No. 1413920

File: 1641842191147.png (Spoiler Image,7.81 MB, 1242x2208, 3DC0B6B4-2D08-4CC3-97FF-2610D0…)

Her body shape is so unfortunate Jfc

No. 1413926

why do her pussy lips always look like a shriveled raisin

No. 1413939

>if you’re a minor reading this
why the fuck would they be? i know that she’s a ‘big time sex worker’ or whatever with all of her 10,000 bought followers, 3 degenerate scrotes and her token tranny, but it is NOT that fucking hard to ensure minors aren’t following you. nasty bitch

No. 1413970

Lies. She literally just posted her pets at home on Snapchat

No. 1414016

Ants in winter? What the fuck

No. 1414017

File: 1641850852712.jpeg (335.92 KB, 1170x935, DB3AD54C-556C-4FD0-A984-CC8D1B…)

They’re not wrong

No. 1414018

yes shayna, you post incest porn, and you're fat and ugly

No. 1414020

You deserve to be called fat & ugly because you’re fat & ugly, Shay. You being a shitty person who proudly makes incest and diaper porn catering to the lowest tier of society just makes it even easier to call you on being beastly.
All those lashes but absolutely no lips.

No. 1414021

Seems like a good argument to me? And you are fat and ugly. What’s the problem?

No. 1414022

Kek she deleted this. I wonder what account said this.

No. 1414044

File: 1641852952733.jpeg (527.84 KB, 750x1063, EF76718D-455E-4C55-9C02-60E3C1…)

lmao what's the account making fun of her

No. 1414050

KEK what is going on???

No. 1414051

You can’t view her tumblr anymore so I’m not sure if that’s where the “hate” is coming from

No. 1414052

>2 online threads
Uh, sorry but this is the thread number 98

No. 1414056

I think she means sites. KF also has a thread on her I think but I never go there so not sure.

No. 1414064

she's just doing her usual retarded "to" as 2 she doesn't mean the number lmao

No. 1414068

I don't think she even knows about kiwifarms, she better be thankful those scrotes don't take a interest in her. She'd end up on Null's stream kek.
I think she meant "2" like "to" sites, Links "to" sites aka Lolcow.

No. 1414073

File: 1641855146291.jpeg (433.6 KB, 1170x1179, 033C218C-E167-4958-8680-AEF1F9…)

No. 1414078

Last time a kiwifarms scrote took interest in her he sent her porn to her grandma and parents, she’s lucky its just us instead of them

No. 1414095

Your own accounts are proof of you being a shitty person. You don't get anonymous people talking about what you post because you're a good person posting good things.

She knows this though because she can't face reality; she has to be crossfaded 24/7.

No. 1414096

>it's quarter of 3

Lmao and this is pre dab?? She must already be drunk.

No. 1414099

The first sentence, yes she has a point the second is just stupid.

These threads wouldn't exist if you weren't so problematic and say/do bad shit. She cannot accept her behaviour is the cause of it and just thinks it's some random witch hunt.

No. 1414126

File: 1641858297780.jpeg (804.95 KB, 1170x1525, A9FB45E8-7249-4D19-88CC-00C039…)

Wtf is this outfit

No. 1414144

Just quit already and wear clothing your actual size. Pulling the skirts up high to hide your fat gut will never negate that it’s there, and getting larger by the day.

No one finds a hog wheezing for breath in cheap lace sexy.

No. 1414146

File: 1641859830619.jpeg (859.35 KB, 1170x2120, 63C29932-7CDE-421D-B23D-949AA3…)

Or just scroll through her twitter, nudes everywhere

No. 1414157

Wasn't she bitching about how people shouldn't cancel others like this just a second ago when it applied to her no ass?

No. 1414169

why is she sending a message to minors on her PORN PAGE? for ADULTS? does she not see the irony omg

No. 1414193

That means the nest is somewhere inside the building

No. 1414197

File: 1641864136302.jpg (110.34 KB, 1080x611, Screenshot_2022-01-11-01-17-21…)

Is the hook holding on for dear life or is she using a bra extender?
It's definitely looking discoloured

(Pic from fupa mansion times)

No. 1414205

Key word: ‘hook’

Doubt she was able to get more than a single loop to hook in - anymore and it’d probably snap on exhale. Her mid-section is a full on tire.

No. 1414229

File: 1641869708119.jpeg (Spoiler Image,204.9 KB, 2048x1152, A182DE1E-0DC1-47A4-B682-2AD060…)

Is she wearing blush for once? Or is that the filter?

No. 1414234

File: 1641870259535.jpeg (134.21 KB, 1242x1634, 3D60ABA6-0464-40B5-9E43-D66BFD…)

>Zero replies yet she “has” 32.8 followers
Sure Jan kek Big Shaynus must have gotten embarrassed because I don’t see it on her page

No. 1414239

sage but the giant blue vein on her tiddie scared the shit out of me(learn2sage)

No. 1414242

it's the filter

No. 1414250

File: 1641871573480.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.44 MB, 1242x1618, C2D6051D-BC98-46FE-B5F2-1B45D9…)


No. 1414251

File: 1641871606824.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.48 MB, 1242x1573, 06AB464A-9E3F-4F9B-BEB5-81E9FE…)

No. 1414253

ReadyToGlare face

No. 1414255

Lookin’ like a glazed ham that’s about to cry

No. 1414256

kek she wants to be a zoomer e-girl so bad. Too bad the pedo boomers that make up 99% of her audience see tumblr jokes like this and just think she's illiterate, not funny.

No. 1414267

File: 1641873825648.jpeg (150.25 KB, 750x985, 940A93CA-362D-42E3-A974-8048A0…)

No. 1414275

I'm more convinced it is roaches or fleas and she's saying ants to obviously save face and not look completely disgusting. But it's possible it is ants and she has no idea how to actually function in reality so she called an exterminator or something. But you'd have to really try hard to get ants in the winter. It's not impossible, but it's unlikely.
Sounds like it mightve all been either a scrapped scam entirely or she was too embarrassed and dirty deleted.

No. 1414296

This pic is just the embodiment of "when the dab hits" she looks fuckin gone. Like she fell down kek

No. 1414329

Ants that are outside die in the winter, but many homes have ants specifically in the winter time bc of the cold conditions outside. Based on the very frigid Seattle conditions a week ago, I think she maybe does have ants

No. 1414342

File: 1641881416176.jpeg (38.41 KB, 816x456, 5E397268-511A-464B-9E79-58F27B…)

Her mouth is upside down

No. 1414352

You read my mind thats exactly what I saw looking at that pic

No. 1414372


No. 1414485

lucan pls stop browsing this thread(unsaged autism)

No. 1414490

File: 1641909177614.jpeg (Spoiler Image,259.12 KB, 1536x2048, 865F21BC-1D05-4AC8-8721-4ACC34…)

This will be Shayna in a year, right down to the uncanny valley lopsided odd sized tits(derail)

No. 1414495

That’s too generous. Shayna’s hair will never look that nice and she still won’t be wearing blush in a year kek

No. 1414499

that lady looks clean and has a waist
despite the unfortunate belly and stretch mark situation, much more attractive than Shayna

No. 1414536

why are you posting and trying to drag a random woman? also, do you know what the uncanny valley is? because the way you're using it here suggests not.

No. 1414544


No. 1414560

It’s so funny when cows go on about this. We don’t care about everything you do, everything you say, everywhere you go. We just read what you POST. You literally have full control over this situation and it’s your choice to keep broadcasting your stupid life.

No. 1414574

File: 1641919771502.jpeg (563.91 KB, 1242x1649, 8D84FF55-02F6-4FFF-9FB1-8BE868…)

All she does is whine and act sanctimonious. Shay, it’s your personality.

No. 1414583

Stop white knighting for hookers. She looks like she has given birth which makes it even more embarrassing. If you get nude and post it on the internet for everyone to see then people are free to say whatever they want.

No. 1414585

From the neck down she looks even worse than Shayna. She looks like she's had children which makes it all the more embarrassing that she's doing this sort of thing. Who cares that she 'has a waist'. She still looks sloppy and gross. I find it funny when fat women try and act superior to other fat women because of their uncontrollable fat distribution. You haven't achieved anything by having a lower waist to hip ratio compared to some other fat chick, you are still a greedy pig.(no1curr)

No. 1414588

No. 1414595

What does this random flabby thot have to do with shayna?

No. 1414596

look, you’re not wrong, but I’m sure you can understand how bringing up random e-whores here always feels sus, given how many sws post here and have an agenda.

No. 1414616

File: 1641922890142.jpeg (776.54 KB, 1170x1673, A7BD6939-0668-4E78-832F-78800E…)

Annnnd I wonder who this is about

No. 1414628

Is she talking about Ellen or the old scrote she's dating Or both? It does seem like the dude she's dating barely ever meets with her. Probably because he's not getting sex. Shayna seems to think that these older men genuinely like her and will be happy with just hanging out and talking to her all day. Or use her as "eye candy".
Clearly the people around you don't like you as much as you think. Stop trying to force relationships with people you meet from sex work or lonely depressed women using you for the same reason you are using them.

No. 1414638

Could it be that people only see you as an object that serves the needs of degen men and diaper fetishists?

Lobotomy Bimbo kidnap-and-drug-me barbie (now with soiled diaper!):
Its the only image you constantly project of yourself so go have an ugly identity crisis and change your life. Maybe you'll have more access to better people… But, by all means, keep gettin them coom-coins dawg

No. 1414642

She has so few people in her life you could count the amount on a war veterans hand.

And guessing Fupa?

No. 1414650

she’s what, 25? and still hasn’t realised that outside of sex or gaining money/a following , her coomer scrotes and ewhore friends don’t give a shit? ugh shayna you’re an adult fucking woman.. are you autistic and incapable of understanding social cues?

i also hate how she phrases these whiny posts, it’s so bpd. she’ll complain and whine then say something equivalent to „blah blah, if u dnt pander 2 me constantly i dnt wna talk to u “ , as if it makes her sound uncaring kek

No. 1414664

Word, what’s the thing about being careful who you pretend to be? Because no matter how much she protests that it’s just a persona, being a dumb cumslut bimbo lobotomy barbie is the image she projects of herself both professionally and personally…and, surprise, people treat her accordingly.

No. 1414678

File: 1641926686511.jpg (85.25 KB, 1073x930, Screenshot_20220111-103541_Twi…)

This was posted just beforehand.

No. 1414691

It sounds like she’s talking about someone she knows online rather then real life

No. 1414693

I mean does brat pig still talk to her?
It's not like most of these dumb whores are willing to be called out as her friend.

No. 1414695

Yeah she was complaining about women with Shayna a few days ago. I do notice that she doesn't defend her like she once did, in fact no one does anymore. I remember Bratty was her attack dog.

No. 1414701

File: 1641929998598.jpeg (287.79 KB, 1170x935, C1301E9D-FEA6-4583-8EBA-45D906…)

It’s called buying pairs that fit

No. 1414704

File: 1641930555683.jpeg (48.55 KB, 684x199, 0765C9A9-3B84-4E50-8722-CC2C9C…)

the persons name she retweeted…..

No. 1414710

She is going too far

No. 1414713

File: 1641931351025.jpeg (89.86 KB, 600x350, 506F503B-A492-4874-97C1-9C9428…)

Rip to all the cheap pairs of panties that shayna will stuff her fat walrus mouth looking musty obese depleted ballsack labia and her torn apart cavernous asshole into, as her disgusting grey thighs look like a sausage in a rubber band of pink bows. Her PH balance is probably off from eating so much junk and restaurant food all the time not to mention the alcoholism.

Her face looks smooth compared to her lumpy misshaped body

No. 1414721

the cope calling her ballsack wrinkly neovag reminiscent hole a "fat pussy". like everything about her is fat yes but her vagina should be the least of her concerns

No. 1414735

Shayna is disgusting what's new? Sometimes I wish one of her dumb tweets went viral to the normies or became a meme. I'd love to see her react to how normal people see the shit she does. Like that "she says I'm a bad person cause I make incest porn" tweet. Or how she turned down a free education. I think if her kiwifarms thread was active it'd bother her more then this one, because it'd be mainly scrotes saying how gross and unattractive they think she is

No. 1414783

I wish she would close her damn mouth for these pictures, it makes her look even more like a mouth breather.

No. 1414790

File: 1641938029730.jpeg (124.63 KB, 750x557, DBD0617D-8283-48C2-84D4-C5FDAA…)

This one too. The accounts names she reblogs from on tumblr are disgusting too

No. 1414836

Remember when she was resting her unwashed, blown out anus on an Air BnB couch without so much as a sheet between her and it?

No. 1414854

It's like she's so dumb that she doesn't realize every retarded thing she's done is documented for all to see.

It's not conspiracies big shaynus, you're a pretty awful person in the grand scheme of things.

No. 1414874

Yes, Shay, bra=improvement even if it’s an ugly ass bra like this

No. 1414876

File: 1641945932081.jpeg (530.65 KB, 750x1082, 87E4F084-3891-4245-8CB5-C3DFF3…)

No. 1414882


Aka she commissioned this shite again. Think this may the worst one yet as there is nothing in it that remotely looks like Shay in any way.

No. 1414883

I’ll bet you’d be even happier if they hadn’t used an old reference pic from when you were skinny.

No. 1414885

WTF even is this? She used to LOVE thinspo back before she gave up watching her weight and turned into a landwhale. Posted it on her blog all the time. Talked about throwing up constantly. Didn’t she even do a video of her where she eats a cake and then pukes it back up?
She can try to pretend that the Evil Thinspo Blogs are hunting her down and harassing her, but the fact of the matter is, if she hadn’t gotten so fucking fat, she’d be one of them. The only reason she’s body positive is because now she needs body positivity.

No. 1414886

File: 1641946615939.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.41 MB, 1060x2030, 48972BDD-85FC-4D30-9B8A-A4EDF3…)

She’s really been using a shit ton of filters

No. 1414887

File: 1641946665449.png (Spoiler Image,13.37 KB, 518x113, 3C231E3C-273B-4561-BF4B-B522FE…)

Even old Shay knew that what current Shay does is disgusting pedopandering, and old Shay was a pedopanderer herself.
It’s especially ironic when you consider what Ellen has done.

No. 1414906

File: 1641948465058.jpeg (126.96 KB, 750x405, 1F22F9F1-7812-4564-8D01-15B2BB…)

That’s literally Ellen’s whole thing she’s described. Her brain has been fully rotted by now, she has 0 morals, but she can still somehow tweet about “protecting minors from adult spaces” while writing fantasies about parents drugging and raping their kids and dressing up like a baby and pretending to be molested. And hanging around a 30 something nanny who gets off to beating her while she’s pretending to be a baby and also pretends to be a baby herself. The mental gymnastics in order to justify that shit

No. 1414912

File: 1641948871923.jpeg (463.18 KB, 750x2789, DC3FB0F3-429E-4417-ACF2-86C19A…)

she got so upset at this guy who was making a valid point because that’s exactly what she does

No. 1414913

jfc someone call the authorities before these feral hogs start attacking small kids in the yard again

No. 1414918

File: 1641949155194.jpeg (Spoiler Image,426.32 KB, 1738x2047, 102A49A4-2D5C-49B5-8D8C-73124D…)


No. 1414919

File: 1641949184929.jpeg (Spoiler Image,394.21 KB, 1730x2048, D5EDC114-5396-42EE-9298-732960…)

No. 1414922

How many times can you use the word “woof” when you post her pictures? It’s so overused in this thread

No. 1414923

File: 1641949350015.jpeg (331.22 KB, 1170x1002, 59E898BB-98EA-4EA2-9329-289A89…)

Well why didn’t your dumb ass film the video yesterday when you were already dressed up?

No. 1414924

this is peak troon

No. 1414925

wait why does it look like her fupussy is completely separate from her body

No. 1414929

If you are going to make retarded faces at least make sure your lips aren't dry and cracking

No. 1414931

i was so confused why her nipple looked glossy but it's a watermark that you can't even read because of the resolution so what's the point

No. 1414932

I never forgot the anon who said her snatch looks like Tarantuala jaws. I need to stop going on shaytards threads it's making me straight

No. 1414933

She looks so much like Amber in the face here. I could hear her whaaaaaaaa?!

No. 1414936

File: 1641950223714.jpg (164.48 KB, 1096x1600, download (32).jpg)

Hitler snatch

No. 1414945

Just leave it at fat and try buying some XL instead of trying to squeeze into children's hello kitty underwear. That's probably part of why her ass is so hank Hill looking. Poor genetics, sitting on it all day, and squeezing into too small bottoms.
Also since when does she wear underwear anyway? Isn't going crusty commando her thing?

No. 1414953

File: 1641951946831.jpeg (506.5 KB, 1792x1792, D62A8C68-7CA6-4EDC-9CBE-AABEC1…)

Sage for ‘tism

No. 1414955

thesaurus anon, you're being summoned

No. 1414956

I nominate “barf” as the replacement term

No. 1414959

eyes need to be smaller

No. 1414960

if anyone remembers what thread the cake thing is from lmk bc that sounds absolutely insane

No. 1414961

File: 1641952637186.jpeg (267.74 KB, 942x1117, FE1F98FF-A9F7-4D91-B4E9-E9A099…)

Shaynus “baby hitler” Clifford

No. 1414962

Kek @ both of these whores getting super fucking defensive because they know they're catfishes themselves. Cayfishing has always included broads like them that use filters that completely change the way they look. Not our fault you've given yourself selfie dysphoria and can't even look at a real photo of yourself.

No. 1414963

Okay lugubrious-chan.
She really needs to stop making this "sniffed a fart face" because it just puts that snaggle on full display.

No. 1414964

She pissed on a cake in the past - has she done vomit content too?

The lows this bitch will go to - what’s next? Period play like Moo just did? Beyond sad and desperate for a crumb of attention - good or bad (mostly bad)

No. 1414981

File: 1641954260386.jpeg (157.21 KB, 1242x630, AD2FA5DD-C0D2-40CC-A2EF-7BF775…)

She makes it so obvious these ugly drawings are commissioned when she doesn’t credit the artist. If it was fans drawing her this shit, she would say that not just “somebody”.

Also Shayna you literally walk around with things that say ‘anal’ and ‘slut’ on them.

No. 1414991

Why the fuck is there a photoshop drop shadow on her hand over her mound wtf????

No. 1414993

No. 1414997

File: 1641957252934.jpg (10.64 KB, 320x240, 152a.jpg)

Her minge looks like a pube version of Moses from South park.

No. 1415004

File: 1641958637147.jpeg (314.57 KB, 1080x2360, AB3F6814-2E27-4D2C-A01E-D5B8F1…)

Oh my god.. the nose highlight, the failed cellulite blur, the taking a shit on the floor pose, she must be drunk posting this

No. 1415008

What's happening? this is tripping me out kek

No. 1415009

>>1415008 I think its because of the sheer amount of blur. Looks like its been run through an app 4 times.

The random blurred skin next to cut off forehead wrinkles is sending me.

No. 1415010

File: 1641959317254.jpg (48.16 KB, 620x349, jamie1.jpg)

Ma'am, you look all of 40. You are the only one who looks at your haggard alcoholic face and thinks "that's a young woman", let alone "kiddo".

No. 1415017

>all that blur
>forehead still looks like ET’s

No. 1415027

The compression makes it look even worse lmfao. It looks like she has a full on U shaped browbone. Living out her Spongebob dream, Shay-gnar became Shay-gar.

No. 1415030

Lol dude are the comments getting to her?

No. 1415037

her face looks like a pasted-on mask. fucking vicky shingles could do a better job

No. 1415038

I hate how the nails stick straight out from her nail bed, it looks so fake. Real nails have a slight curve downward instead of being pencil straight attached to your finger

No. 1415044

Sorry for samefag >>1415037 but I have to comment on this. Holy shit, the reading comprehension is just not there. The person is literally expanding on Shay’s point in a pretty articulate way, not being rude or really even disagreeing with her. They’re not even accusing her of the things they’re describing. But the words don’t even reach her brain, she just jumps straight to being a huge bitch and lol u mad-level insults.

idk, I’m just really struck by this interaction, it truly displays what an ignorant, mean and stupid person she is.

No. 1415048

File: 1641963733452.jpeg (154.07 KB, 750x484, 66114F7B-CAC7-466A-A749-FB3AA3…)

butt cum…? your butt shouldn’t be producing “cum.” she also thinks her nasty discharge is cum, so I don’t want to know what the fuck is coming out her her asshole

No. 1415052

is she bragging about shitting herself

No. 1415053

I'm putting myself out to pasture, this is too much. It's been nice nonnies.

No. 1415055

File: 1641964796587.jpeg (233.14 KB, 1170x828, 41E22C9A-22A9-419B-AA4F-420B09…)

You’re right, you should’ve

No. 1415061

Same. See you on the other side!

No. 1415062

…. she’s also conflating clit with g-spot on top of calling shit “butt cum”.

No. 1415063

File: 1641966085078.jpg (36.28 KB, 445x503, u need jesus.jpg)

>butt cum
d…does she mean diarrhea?

No. 1415064

File: 1641966123169.jpeg (135.34 KB, 1242x768, 972CFC76-9858-4FB9-B442-7EAAA6…)

Should’ve kept this there too

No. 1415078

File: 1641967276691.jpeg (1.21 MB, 1130x2101, 596D3C0F-01F8-4217-97FC-D93B32…)

Second hand embarrassment
For the archives: https://www.dropbox.com/s/02qjqys3gy3p5l5/shaypuft.mov?dl=0

No. 1415080

File: 1641967567034.jpeg (591.09 KB, 1284x3388, F2CB636D-4AB6-47CA-A839-A0C92D…)

Serving molerat realness

No. 1415083

File: 1641967681886.gif (2.54 MB, 605x960, 2508034D-DB26-44DE-B23E-FC9CFA…)


No. 1415089

Nothing wrong with weight gain but her body shape is so unfortunate. No curves, no hips, no distinguishing features that show she’s a woman. Those clothes certainly aren’t helping. Almost makes you feel sad for her. Almost.

No. 1415118

File: 1641972590151.png (1019.77 KB, 676x1232, am baby.png)

This is so embarrassing. She sized out of that skirt AND the next size above that.

No. 1415120

Homegirl is blitzed. Look at how glassy her eyes are jfc. She’s young now and her body can tolerate a lot but if she keeps drinking like she does she’s going to be in for a world of hurt. There is no way she doesn’t feel like absolute shit 24/7, assuming she’s not starting every day with hair of the dog just yet. If she is, yikes.
What the actual fuck lol.

No. 1415140

I think this is her body perceiving an obstruction and sending anal slime to lubricate and exit the foreign object

No. 1415150

You wake up early to make a pancake breakfast for your girlfriend shay, and she storms up and stomps her feet and declares “I WANT A BAGEL”

No. 1415156

I'mb currently passing away at the thought of shayna milking her hemorrhoids…

No. 1415162

File: 1641978940968.png (887.79 KB, 682x1236, Screen Shot 2022-01-12 at 03.2…)

troon smirk level 9

No. 1415164

for me idgaf about her weight gain at all, it's the fact she refuses to wear clothes that fit her

No. 1415175

keep your strange fanfic to yourself

No. 1415176

File: 1641982992496.jpeg (194.36 KB, 787x595, 183215C6-06DC-4F1A-9BF9-38F4F0…)

I’m gonna be sick. What is gods name could she possibly be referring to besides sloppy shit?

No. 1415182

mirin her iris coloboma

No. 1415209

I guess that means the incontinence is here just in time for the start of the new year

No. 1415251

File: 1641992033172.jpeg (42.46 KB, 277x556, F1486699-1095-4351-88AA-EB4036…)

It was in thread 9

No. 1415264

File: 1641992935291.jpeg (653.65 KB, 1170x1577, C9402851-5E5D-4E5C-951F-A05F6A…)

No. 1415269

i actually don’t wanna live anymore, truly

No. 1415299

1) your clitoris isn’t what produces cum
2) saying you have a clit in your ass alludes that you’re a man

I stg I think her retardation can’t get worse but then it does.

No. 1415316

Exactly. I know it’s beating a dead horse at this point, but if she at least wore clothes that fit her and didn’t make her look misshapen, it wouldn’t be so bad.

No. 1415326

I wish the fuck I wasn't a gastroenterologist right now, assuming it's not a pus-leaking injury, she's fucking producing extra rectal mucous, after intentionally obliterating her asshole, that means she's fucking full of internal hanging hemorrhoids, she's probably so fat now because she hasn't taken a shit in two years

No. 1415328

So she had an eating disorder? Honestly, no matter how much I dislike somebody, I'm happy for them to be free from an eating disorder. It's better for her to be overweight than to be purging. I wonder what made her decide to recover though, especially since her body is in the public eye.

No. 1415330

It's definitely rectal discharge but that in itself can be a result of anal sex. Or IBS. That doesn't mean she has a hemorrhoid.

No. 1415331

I don't think she ever had an eating disorder because she never stated that she did. If she did, she would tell the public. I think she just developed a slower metabolism in her 20's

No. 1415334

Why did you make me read this

No. 1415335

Could, yes, absolutely. In most people, that would be my first assumption, even.
But most people also don't dry-fuck themselves in the anus on the regular, or light bottle rockets out of it, or show the world pictures of it gaping open with hemorrhoids, indeed, already visible externally
To put it extremely kindly, Shana is a special case

No. 1415336

Anachan newfag always projecting. No she never had ed. Just murdered her teenage metabolism with poor diet, alcohol and sitting on her ass.

No. 1415337

How is she breathing? That skirt looks painful to wear.

No. 1415339

She posted thinspo and "talked about throwing up constantly" according to the other comment. Then she posted a pic with a cake and talked about throwing up. Read between the lines.

No. 1415340

It was less disgusting when I thought she shit herself, thanks for that

No. 1415353

I think she was throwing it up because she was binge eating that cake

No. 1415359

File: 1642006638929.png (512.26 KB, 828x1792, 85BC8145-4B75-4AFF-8574-12C596…)

Kek I love that when I posted that about “bleak” I got roasted and now it’s kinda a joke. Very wholesome.

Classic and timeless word choice anon.
I personally enjoy “beyond the pale” and “scurvy”.

No. 1415364

First of all she didn’t post thinspo. She bragged about being used as thinspo. The puking incident was the one time she made the cake fetish video. All the other instances of throwing up is from binge drinking.’

No. 1415365

Don’t run your mouth when you’ve been here for 2 threads.

No. 1415398

I swear her legs are looking chunkier, will this woman ever stop gaining or will we have a 'Shayna, my 200kg life' edition?!

No. 1415425

I don't know why she does this pose so often. It reminds me of the 'recitation hand clasp' and is not sexy at all.

No. 1415430

Analfag here- she’s tryin to describe the natural lubricant your intestines make to help facilitate a shit. Normally preparing for anal involves washing inside the asshole with water to ensure this doesn’t happen? She’s outing herself as a nasty that doesn’t wash again smh

No. 1415440

This pose and all these stupid smirking over exaggerated faces is her either TRYING to emulate tik tok girls, or being subconsciously influenced by tik tok thots. Tik tok is used by onlyfans girls to advertise themselves and make those stupid jumping and stripping down clothing items “on/off” videos for Reddit. Surprised she doesn’t know this and do it herself, but she is extremely lazy after all.

No. 1415491

File: 1642019481786.jpeg (426.95 KB, 600x1153, FB8B9D72-3AA9-4213-8200-CD30DF…)

Here’s the thread:

First 20 threads are full of shit like that.

No. 1415494

File: 1642019574648.jpeg (40.79 KB, 275x275, 9087C33C-E231-4734-AF92-81C383…)

Added bonus Shay ED bullshit.
I honestly don’t know how she’s let herself go so far. She clearly knows how to lose weight—see pic rel—so why doesn’t she just put down the fucking fork?


No. 1415496

>Analfag here

No. 1415497

File: 1642019649012.jpeg (301 KB, 652x769, A8069C19-0646-4159-82AE-40EB79…)

Final post, but seriously not sure how she thinks she has the moral high ground against these thinspo blogs that are “targeting” (aka laughing at and being motivated by) her fat ass.
This was three years ago, btw. Not when she was a teenager.

No. 1415506

kek she's so obviously lying with her bullshit high school stories, it cracks me up all the time

No. 1415507

File: 1642019926057.jpeg (117.04 KB, 275x273, 68428EA8-ABAA-433B-BA57-6C1017…)

Oh god please tell me this isn’t the same skirt
If you really love your fat body so much, Shay, then for gods sake just buy clothes that fucking fit it. You love “shaking chubby body”? Fine. Just make sure your clothes actually fucking cover it.
For someone so rabidly anti-ED, she sure does seem to be trying to make everyone around her puke.

No. 1415508

File: 1642019955308.jpg (88.55 KB, 581x455, 1527987974290.jpg)

sage for old milk but I was looking at thread 20 that anon linked and this screenshot made me kek. this is from 8 years ago.

No. 1415511

The anorectal violence poster is a shaytard

No. 1415513

this is so insanely cringeworthy, her whole existence is actually but this post puts it in perspective. why she ever thought she would make it in the music industry with no musical talent (or any talent really) is beyond me. those tumblr-james morrisson-sex drugs and rocknroll-unwashed stoner loser-brainworms still infest her to this day.

No. 1415518

I’m the anon that said she posted thinspo all the time, please enjoy the proof posted above and read the earlier threads yourself if you want to act all high and mighty

No. 1415521

The pic on the right is older, Shayna has never lost weight, only steadily putting it on

No. 1415523

Wrong, the pic on the left is from the “first” thread.
Can anons please verify shit before saying it?

No. 1415526

File: 1642020986636.jpeg (124.75 KB, 750x1349, A6B78EC0-D60F-4643-BD57-EA561B…)

It’s so strange that Womack pays Ellen for Shayna, I mean he has to have other ways to pay her, why through Ellen? I’m starting to think the tinfoil about Ellen paying some of Shayna’s rent to be true, I mean why else would she be allowed to pick up the keys to the apartment? She payed for the Airbnb after all, she’s clearly Shayna’s paypig, but like, why? She can’t have that much money just nannying and she appears to live with her parents herself

No. 1415527

I think she was just legit too lazy to feed herself, this was before doordash was a thing and after her first Seattle boyfriend broke up with her. Then she quickly ballooned back up after getting with fupa because he was around to get food for her.

No. 1415529

Maybe she has money to help Shay with rent since she doesn’t need to pay her own rent? If true, she’s a pathetic simp in a league all her own, but I don’t think that would surprise anyone here

No. 1415532

Yeah why the fuck is he sending Ellen money for Shaynas rent? She trusts Wormack to know her fake GF? It's obvious he's the first man she's ever had spend a decent amount of money

No. 1415536

File: 1642022053364.jpg (94.66 KB, 1080x804, Screenshot_20220112-161356_Gal…)

No. 1415539


anon are you literally blind? there is nothing similar about those two skirts except that they're both check, they're not even the same colour pink(sage)

No. 1415560

File: 1642024201905.jpeg (176.87 KB, 750x1319, E78FD84D-6712-487B-B38C-494B77…)

Ellen is so passive aggressive with these gifts, the alarm clock to keep her lazy ass from napping through the day and now the water bottle to get her to drink something other then gatoraid, sprite and alchohol. And then Shayna posts them as a flex because she’s clearly missing the message. Maybe get her some moisturizer next.

No. 1415590

She's an alcoholic now anon, that piles on the pounds even if she wasn't living on doordash trash ass food.

No. 1415599

I swear I saw a water bottle just like this at the dollar store. It's just the "mumma" larp. The same shit with Fupaul, she buys her cheap "useful" gifts because, "she's a dumb baby and momma has to buy her a alarm clock, and water bottle so she can drink water!"
Shayna isn't grateful for what people do for her so she brags. She thinks its proof she a bimbo baby whose spoiled.
Even though half the shit she gets is always cheap shit. Other girls are flashing clothes,bags and shoes. Meanwhile shayna flexes water bottles and cheap toys.

No. 1415603

Omg this is so embarrassing. Especially knowing that she couldn't even achieve her one vapid goal and turned out to be a fat nobody.

No. 1415605

kek anon, this made me chuckle

No. 1415610

This in the middle of a collage should be the next thread pic kek

No. 1415625

She’s probably banned from Venmo for taking sex work payments and maybe that’s how Womack prefers to pay knowing that it all goes to her (no onlyfans fees)

No. 1415627

File: 1642028910611.png (12.9 KB, 110x101, E7CD0264-F57C-4207-BD96-F9331E…)

>I’ll be spending my time getting big

No. 1415640

File: 1642030149701.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.9 MB, 1242x1625, EF493BBF-96AA-4D69-B912-3EED94…)

Those lights really show every crease on her old face, woof

No. 1415641

she doesn't wear panties when she goes in public…

No. 1415653

Oh my god.. her fucking nails are bloody. That made my stomach turn, why are they bloody?? They weren’t bloody when she pulled them off in those pictures of her nubs but now they are after the hot dog nails got put on? Nail anons please explain

No. 1415671

Sage for nail sperg, but I used to get mine done all the time. They literally file/buff your nail beds before using any type of glue or acrylic on them to smooth the surface and prepare it. It's like a drill thing, and it tears your nail beds up if you get them done too much. Plus, her literally ripping her nails off it brutal on nails, and she chews them. So she got them done again with barely any natural nail bed, and her shitty cheap nail tech doesn't give a shit about her and probably hates her kek(shut up about her nails)

No. 1415673

This is horrifying. She looks like The Mask if he were to be greyish-pink instead of green.

No. 1415687

Looks like they stuck the nail o to a scab. I never seen nails look like that.

No. 1415688

This is so embarrassing for her lmao it gets worse with each year

No. 1415693

You all know this thread is nothing but other sex workers that have tried to befriend her and or terfs

No. 1415698

Lol no it's not.

No. 1415699

iirc, whilst living in Tulsa, she stopped wearing acrylic nails because she started developing a reaction whenever she’d have them done. She kept saying she was upset as it was part of her brand

No. 1415701

You forgot swerfs

No. 1415704

Christ . . . It’s been said to death - but she really looks more and more like a troon with each new photo. Fashion sense included.

Is that why she has to have her sad tits out all the time? Do people mistake her for a fat sissy troon on twitter now if she doesn’t go full spread?

No. 1415705

>and/or terfs
Just the or.

No. 1415714

File: 1642037003568.png (2.08 MB, 845x917, shayna.png)

Jesus what the fuck is going on under her nails? Nasty.(acrylic nitpick)

No. 1415720

janke nails saga when

No. 1415726

The crusty lips and shabby rotten skin under her nails is really something.

No. 1415734

I just want to know why she was so into the singer/band idea because when has she ever shown that she could sing or expressed interest in music related things besides bragging about having such amazing music taste when really her music catalog is very generic and shallow. It's a lot of basic dad rock and then basic tumblrina with Lana and Britney. It's laughable. But that response reminds me of a kindergarten kid being asked what they want to be when they grow up and they just say whatever they think sounds cool, despite having no idea about what it actually entails or having the skill for yet. She's so fucking wack. Being a vocalist in a band or a musician is a far cry from spreading your ass online for doordash gift cards. She doesn't have any hobbies period, but iirc has never mentioned playing an instrument or even playing singstar or some shit even loosely related to that for that being her big dream. Even in hs she just did drugs and took photography. Maybe after Highschool she realized being a musician takes effort and skill.

No. 1415737

The new lighting is NOT good for her holy shit. Everything is too illuminated and defined and it just brings attention to all the gross things and bad features.

No. 1415740

acrylic nitpick? zombie fingers is new dude, it's worthy of note

No. 1415745

>Reposting the same photos already posted zoomed in is not milk and you will receive a ban for nitpicking.

No. 1415747

File: 1642040409489.jpeg (414.14 KB, 750x842, 1CFA954C-84C7-410A-BF06-74091B…)

First, a nona spotted her in a nail shaming group
We then began to nitpick because they were rotting
They got worse
She discussed retiring them (picrel)
She took it back and decided to look for alternatives
Luna’ed it up a few times

No. 1415752

Thank you for the comprehensive nail history anon, I forgot how fucking bad they got before she stopped, she needs to give them a fucking rest again. She’s just as delusional about the state of her nails as she is about her weight, she refuses to see how bad things really are because it interferes with her warped view of her life.

No. 1415764

File: 1642042529480.jpeg (183.79 KB, 750x1411, 3346D236-D4FA-4AC0-8FFB-A814CC…)

this is sick

No. 1415774

has there ever been one day when she was at an attractive weight?

No. 1415786

She’s just built all wrong, plus with that face she’s never really been “attractive,” just, better in comparison

No. 1415794

What mod is tripping so hard over the nail chat? They’re literally bloody, crusty, and damn near rotting it’s something to be talked about. You gonna make a rule no nail sperg next? What’s next no shayna sperg period? I hate when whoever adds boring wannabe quips to the red text too often it loses its je ne sais qouis

No. 1415855

Nail sperging is fine it's just because they posted a zoomed in of a pic that was just posted earlier. And they red text it as a nitpick. Same thing happened to me last week lol. So talking about the nails is fine, but using a repeat photo that's just cropped and zoomed in is against rules as stated >>1415745

No. 1415858

Is this shopped??

No. 1415861

I’m sorry that Shayna didn’t want to be your friend.

No. 1415979

I know someone’s probably said before but why she doesn’t get a few sets of various press ons is beyond me. They don’t have to be the drug store ones. Can get custom ~bImBo~~ claw length monstrosities off Etsy etc. that way she could have ones for her different “looks” and not have these hotdog nightmares

No. 1415995

I want to wash her face so badly I can’t take combo of both grease and crust anymore

No. 1416002

Kek is that you bikini barista?

No. 1416053

I wish she’d drink some water or get Botox if she can’t at least hydrate her skin through water. They literally have injections that hydrate the skin it would do her like 20% improvement than now

No. 1416082


While I agree a solid 25 units in her forehead would help her look less decrepit
…cmon. it's the same girl displays unopened toiletries instead of using them. Our Lady of Perpetual Chapped Lips isn't shelling out 200$ every 3 months for anything other than psilocybin, hell I don't even think she has more than two pair of fake lashes. Very bimbo!

No. 1416089


STG, this looks like a scene from some “Cabin Fever”-type movie where one of the characters is trying to be seductive, unaware they’ve been infected with a horrible, deadly plague.

No. 1416152

speaking of hard drugs, I find it very surprising she's still only at the booze and weed phase

No. 1416170

and mushrooms, but yeah

No. 1416184

File: 1642089656992.jpeg (482.35 KB, 828x664, E46C1B1D-CA6D-46EE-9726-5595A9…)

So is she ever gonna address the infestation in her shitty apartment? kek I thought all her pets were at daycare due to “ants”

No. 1416237

Once, while being called out
One of the Twitter whores claimed she was on heroin, kek

No. 1416259

Lol Shayna lies about everything to get attention. I wouldn't be surprised if she once claimed she "totes done heroin, u guise! Sew scawwy" just like how she claimed to have been raped, is a CSA survivor, had schizophrenia, and had a "very destructive eating disorder" due to skipping a couple meals and it conveniently being during the time when every damn Tumblrina had a fucking ED acting like they were gonna be the next Felice Fawn. Girl is pathological liar and the only thing she has said that is true is that she has rampant BPD.

No. 1416288

lmao owls are seen as omens of bad luck / death

No. 1416299

This is the type of thing that normal people send to their friends and loved ones instead of broadcasting to the void.

No. 1416331

Yeah the vendetta posting was strong in that one though kek. She wasn't on heroin she just drank all the time and didn't eat anything other than cheezits and sushi

No. 1416472

It's cause she has no friends

No. 1416564

She’d never do hard drugs like heroin or meth because it means 1. Not being able to go to a dispensary and 2. She’s scared of needles and I think she’s too stupid to snort or smoke other drugs 3. She doesn’t know who to get it from

No. 1416565

Yeah her BPD is undeniable at this point. She's a fucking wreck and she's showing no signs of getting better. I wonder if she stopped taking her meds she was "being forced to take"

No. 1416628

she's shopped her celulite and added a tiny watermark that no one can read. She needs to shop it more though honestly, she looks fucking vile.

No. 1416683

That watermark cracks me up to no end. For who, for what? lmfao

No. 1416690

>watermarks pictures
>”I wurk hard!!11!1
>continues to post the same, sad, free nudes for 1-2 likes

Absolutely thriving.

No. 1416694

File: 1642126863987.jpeg (458.48 KB, 1242x1399, FB439111-1CB7-4818-AC99-943DE4…)

Like clockwork

No. 1416729

File: 1642130553644.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.11 MB, 1170x1692, 578985B2-9D46-4AEF-A67F-973320…)

God no

No. 1416753

File: 1642133007880.jpeg (658.16 KB, 1170x1837, 53E484B1-4D3B-4759-8AD5-8A466B…)

No. 1416759


No. 1416760

You have to have sex in order to get pregnant nonna.

No. 1416763

>prob has self induced alcohol poisoning
>hold up, I need to tweet about it


No. 1416767

She posted that she was getting her booster. I haven't heard of anyone throwing up as a side effect tho. She's probably eating greasy DoorDash and drinking while sick and that's making her throw up

No. 1416784

Nausea/Vomiting is definitely a side effect that I personally got lucky enough to experience from the booster

No. 1416788

>Womack’s comment
Like cuckwork


No. 1416795

File: 1642138651234.jpeg (319.53 KB, 750x1033, C201C63E-E00A-4569-99BA-CA4D9F…)

Um ok this however isn’t a booster shot side effect I’ve heard of. The green river killer is shook

No. 1416797

Diabetic neuropathy

No. 1416801

diabetes saga when?

No. 1416803

Alcoholic neuropathy maybe?

No. 1416807

How is she posting this if she can't feel her hands

No. 1416808

with her tongue duuuh she is a super talented bimbo

No. 1416826


No. 1416829

File: 1642142867762.jpeg (210.94 KB, 746x716, 95411204-247B-42B1-9491-D415E2…)

Booster shot side effects

No. 1416856

She always has a ‘crisis’ right before she asks for people to buy her shit. Isn’t it funny how it usually coincides with her bitching about her poor sale numbers on Twitter?

No. 1416858

Same fag but this is what I mean >>1415064

No. 1416861

Maybe it's just because I caught up to the threads recently, but it seems to me like her begging with fake incidents (like the ants) has increased and has been a total flop

No. 1416884

She’s taking after Luna begging and lying her way to getting money

No. 1416957

one day she's going to have a real crisis and no one is gonna give her a dime, wonder if she would finally call it quits then

No. 1416971

The first thing I thought of was Cannabinoid hyperemesis syndrome; if you smoke daily, as shayna does, you have a bigger risk. You basically puke your guts out and the only thing that helps is a hot shower and to stop smoking weed. She probably also didn't stop smoking and drinking after she got her booster, so you could say this is 100% her own fault

No. 1416974

She’s already claimed to have had this and been hospitalized for it. The doctor/nurse made her nasty unwashed ass actually take a shower and she magically felt better

No. 1416994

File: 1642166893438.jpeg (303.34 KB, 1170x723, 049AF1F7-5A3D-417C-AB6A-2D40D9…)

No. 1416995

File: 1642166986157.jpeg (415.42 KB, 1170x960, E17FF6D3-C19A-4FC4-A859-03573A…)

No. 1417046

I guess she has some bills coming up or needs weed. "Some random virus" yeah sure.

No. 1417069

Yeah I don't know of any viruses that cause your feet and hands to go numb. She's definitely lying.

No. 1417081

Kek she’s probably dehydrated as fuck.

No. 1417082

that virus is called being a dumb bitch, never cleaning shit, living in an infested apartment, sitting on public seats bare-assed, never drinking water and smoking way too much weed. how can a 24 year old constantly be in the hospital for dumb shit like she is. will she ever learn and start drinking water? i guess not

No. 1417090

Is it me or does her profile picture look like a troon?

No. 1417095

File: 1642177281390.jpeg (83.88 KB, 750x358, 9B59FA14-25F2-438C-B3DC-F23197…)

Wouldnt shock me if she caught one of these.

No. 1417107

File: 1642178438032.jpg (65.1 KB, 1125x1125, kekw.jpg)

"Ok get better" is making me lose it

No. 1417156

kek why does she have monthly hospital visits

No. 1417157

Sounds like alcohol poisoning

No. 1417170

Because she’s retarded and a slob - literally can’t take care of herself out of pure grand delusion. All of her health problems have easy solutions to start on - but she’s so fucking dumb she thinks being a useless twat of an adult is somehow “cute”.

She’s getting fatter by the hour and looking more corpse like with every picture - I feel sorry for the hospital staff, she probably smells /looks/ and sounds like some homeless waste whenever she checks in for dehydration/ asthma.

No. 1417174

Her parents are complete fools to keep footing her self induced medical bills and insurance.

No. 1417252

Soon enough she’ll be 26 and kicked off their insurance and then what? She can’t afford that but she’s “thriving” kek

No. 1417262

she's gonna get lumped onto state Molina and die tbh

No. 1417265

What a fucking whiner. Sometimes this can happen when you have the stomach flu/are vomiting. Hospitals are full to the brim with COVID patients. Ask Ellen to drop off some Gatorade/pedialyte and saltines and fucking deal. Every adult on earth has been sick/hungover/whatever and had to deal with it on their own, it is just part of life. What’s next, a doctors trip for a splinter? Calling 911 about a scary shadow?

No. 1417266

“Anti nausea” isn’t a drug. They maybe gave her omeprazole or something, but let’s be real: she was dehydrated and the IV fixed it, that’s why she’s feeling better. If she just drank a couple bottles of Gatorade, she could have done the same thing at home.

No. 1417269

File: 1642190691347.jpeg (381.42 KB, 750x848, 1DF8AD10-5A3E-4E3F-BF41-A19233…)

Constantly spoiled by this man, she says.

No. 1417276

Uh… antiemetic drugs are absolutely a thing

No. 1417284

yes promethazine is one of them

No. 1417285

Zofran. They give it to you when you can’t stop puking or keep fluids down.

Kek I was thinking just this. Her hands and feet were likely tingling because she was puking constantly because she’s chronically
Dehydrated. Put down the sprite and drink water you prune.

No. 1417288

File: 1642191776166.jpeg (Spoiler Image,318.21 KB, 750x1796, CF170ADC-6159-4C4F-A69E-E11999…)

She put out another awful incest porn. I truely hope that the yellow/brown stuff she shits out at the end is in fact fake cum and not the “butt cum” she was bragging producing instead of using fake cum about the other day. https://t.co/Ntn5lPCZ41

No. 1417293

File: 1642192276851.jpg (Spoiler Image,120.76 KB, 999x562, Screenshot_20220114-203014_Chr…)


No. 1417296

>tweets about how she’s practically dying
>rush rush rush ER time again!
>guy brings over frozen sugar and a 50 cent card
>”OMG guys I’m so loved and spoiled!!!”

Real prince charming right here. Kek

No. 1417298

File: 1642192654492.jpg (82.5 KB, 680x680, f5753870a40ccef114a6cb88e7f485…)

This may be the most disgusting thing Shayna's put out in years, and that's saying something

No. 1417299

You know shit's bad when mayochup is coming out of your ass

No. 1417300

Jesus I literally shuddered, stomach churning and horrific. I’m going to get some fresh air and stare into the sun

No. 1417313

File: 1642193759810.jpg (5.89 KB, 320x180, mqdefault.jpg)

Enough. Yellow-cream ass goo is the line. Absolutely rotten.

No. 1417322

I hate this, and I hate you for posting this, just a spoiler isn’t enough.

No. 1417332

This is genuinely worse than most of the gore I’ve seen spammed on here. >>1417299
this will haunt me for the rest of my life

No. 1417340

i hate this unredeemable whore with all my heart. THIS close to a-logging

No. 1417346

…why is it reddish? is that from the discharge hemorrhoid-chan was talking about? >>1415326

No. 1417349

I’m literally trying not to vomit

No. 1417354

Yeah, so promethazine is a medication. “They gave me anti-nausea medications” is not the same as “they gave me anti-nausea” as if anti-nausea is a thing. I’m just pointing out that she’s a dumbass.

No. 1417356

Ahhhhhh it looks like something from Dr pimple popper

No. 1417359

Wow, how’s she gonna pretend she’s not making incest porn after this

No. 1417363

Yeah the big head looks manly and the gaudy cheap baby bimbo clothes aren’t helping.

No. 1417364

In the UK it's often just referred to as "anti sickness".

But it's usually something given if your nausea is caused by some other medication you're on is it not?

No. 1417380

Sigh. I bet she'd find an audience on 4chan gross-out and /d/ threads for laying eggs or something. This is the first pic I regret clicking in these threads.

No. 1417381

That makes sense. I believe they’re more commonly called anti-emetics here in the US

No. 1417382

File: 1642197401776.jpeg (263.3 KB, 750x1496, 34E2EF5D-78DF-49AC-AFF9-EA9999…)

Why do these pedo pandering whores pretend to care about minors safety? It seems like they’re jealous that they aren’t actual children anymore, which is fucking sick

No. 1417391

File: 1642198061125.jpeg (306.42 KB, 750x2158, FCAAE128-1112-4E4C-A8CB-071A17…)

No. 1417394

>It seems like they’re jealous that they aren’t actual children anymore
Ew you’re literally right… these people are fucking deranged.

No. 1417409

Twitter isn't stopping this either. I was subjected to read this foul shit when I wasn't trying to.

No. 1417455

>getting big
She did do that tho kek

No. 1417458

She trying to make us all go to the er too with non stop puking. Jfc for real what the hell is that?!

No. 1417476

File: 1642205329872.jpeg (Spoiler Image,637.87 KB, 1242x1471, F03FAFDD-ECD2-46A7-A60E-EA3CD7…)

She’s e begging on her onlycucks page

No. 1417477

File: 1642205593407.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1018.91 KB, 1242x1517, CB9660AD-4276-4119-BBC6-1F80DC…)

For fucks sake…. wash your ass shayna

No. 1417480

File: 1642205723769.jpeg (1.06 MB, 1242x1522, 2E68CDDA-0C00-491D-8177-62627D…)

Serving troon realness in that skirt belt fupa cover kek why is she wearing a Benjamin Franklin type shirt from the 1800s

No. 1417487

File: 1642206009648.jpeg (967.28 KB, 1242x1401, 843C2A35-94D3-43BC-A104-02E893…)

Big Shaynus really said: “please don’t ground me dad uwu”
Like she isn’t looking like a rough mid 40s fat trailer park mother of five
She needs to get some different porn scenarios because she isn’t a 19-20 year old anymore jfc

No. 1417490

So do men enjoy looking inside of vaginas like obgyns or does she just do this for fun?

No. 1417492

File: 1642206239402.jpeg (1.42 MB, 1242x1851, C1B6F98E-08CB-4815-A092-9E9BA9…)

her skin looks horrific

No. 1417493


Praying that she never makes an attempt at speculum porn.

No. 1417497

Damn this big bitch look like Gargamel kek

No. 1417499

She bragged about her man buying her that dildo with a camera in it from a sex store, I’m terrified for the day she releases colonoscopy porn.

No. 1417501

File: 1642206972657.jpeg (Spoiler Image,293.26 KB, 1242x1343, BB324DED-B5FC-46C8-BD90-44A942…)

She really looks like a fat 300 pound slob who needs sponge baths daily

No. 1417509

File: 1642207310685.jpeg (825.64 KB, 1108x921, EF68C231-8260-4653-8A71-634669…)

I know it’s a fucking “dumb” and an autistic on-going Shaynus thread joke but shooping cheemsburgers on screenshots of shaynas gagging on her crusty dildo will always make me kek

No. 1417510

File: 1642207382382.jpeg (Spoiler Image,931.8 KB, 1242x1149, ACDAEB43-52DE-4D4C-ABBA-6EFC7C…)

Im surprised she didn’t eat her ass discharge on camera

No. 1417511

At least Epstein Barr has been proven to be activated by Moderna and Biontech shots so there's a tiny chance its not actually shaynas fault. Doubt it though, she's probably just sick because of her disgusting lifestyle

No. 1417514

File: 1642207791382.jpeg (56.77 KB, 640x484, 71886987-A334-4350-8032-988EA3…)

what the fuck

No. 1417515

The fucking falsie lashes peeled and fallen off are sending me - paired with the lop sided “one eye blinking at a time” alcohol face droop.

Kek wonder if she fucked up caring for those salon lashes she had so much her eyelids are practically bald without falsies. Feels like she sleeps with the damn things on at this point. Gross pig.

No. 1417519

I'm late but oh my fucking god how does she have the balls to put this online???

No. 1417525

File: 1642208275507.jpeg (620.35 KB, 1242x603, B7AFB589-D3BD-4E58-A394-CE9D53…)

I know scrotes fuck anything but how tf is this big bitch able to get any money sent to her. She’s so ugly inside and out

No. 1417526

File: 1642208349217.jpeg (197.37 KB, 1141x600, 5D809CB8-C833-4C3A-AEB4-6F2475…)

I know the answer men are gross and find anything attractive but still I’m baffled that coomers pay for this shit

No. 1417534

File: 1642209487615.png (Spoiler Image,3.52 MB, 1242x2208, 8731712D-B88E-4D6C-856B-0DE63A…)

If you need to vomit
Trigger warning: poop

No. 1417543

I'm traumatized, I JUST finished eating I feel like I'm going to throw up. I really want to know what the actual fuck that is, how does she think that's okay to post online?? How does she have any followers left?

No. 1417544

Its likely fake cum that’s mixed with shit, but she did brag about her “butt cum” so maybe it’s whatever the fuck that is

No. 1417547

She is the nastiest bitch I have ever seen on the internet

No. 1417555

Well…. she wanted to be ButtStuffBarbie…. that’s definitely butt…stuff. I’m so fucking nauseous right now, what the fuck?????

No. 1417568

I'm fasting for health reasons and looking at these images made my cravings go away. So thanks for posting this but also fuck this disgusting pig.

No. 1417576

File: 1642213608393.jpeg (923.65 KB, 1242x1385, 2AC2332D-B147-4B25-9541-9F484E…)

Where the fuck am I? Is this hell? What the fuck did I just look at.

No. 1417577

Yeah scrotes will fuck anything and have appalling standards, but it’s not like Twitter and OnlyFans aren’t over saturated with far better looking ewhores with better content. That’s what I don’t understand, how she gets any money when there’s so many better options available.

No. 1417594

she is the G. G. Allin of camgirls though

No. 1417598

>>1417594 this is so accurate I kekd

No. 1417599

If gastroenterologist-chan is still here, can you tell us how long she has before she's gonna have to wear diapers for real

No. 1417607

File: 1642216217372.jpeg (27.4 KB, 500x522, B60FF5D7-1C8E-48FB-B200-75BF07…)


What the fuck . . .

No. 1417614

File: 1642217099565.jpeg (18.92 KB, 474x355, busted.jpeg)

Everything hangs now. Her one boob been hanging but her gut hangs over her bottoms now kek

No. 1417616

Same, nonnie. Shay’s thread is better than a whole bottle of adderall.

No. 1417631

Ew, the way she rubs it around and plays with it. I bet she would have put it in her mouth if she didn’t have the gag thing tbh

No. 1417646

She's going to the hospital again next week with a MRSA infection from playing with her poopy asshole with her bloody stump nails. Her acrylics gotta smell rank.

No. 1417650

Let’s not forget she has open sores on her finger tips right now. Pretty sure you shouldn’t be putting wounds in contact with your shit

No. 1417663

This bitch won’t stop until she’s physically rotting.

No. 1417670

With her nasty fetishes, I totally expected her to take the gag off and put it in her mouth kek. Absolutely vile. She’d probably do it for a $15 DoorDash gift card kek

No. 1417674

File: 1642224782315.jpeg (256.95 KB, 697x1486, 7F0632E9-2F40-48FB-862C-232E50…)

No. 1417696

According to google
Causes of anal discharge
Mucus-based discharge may be caused by: Infection due to food-poisoning, bacteria or parasites. An abscess due to infection or an anal fistula – a channel that can develop between the end of your bowel and anus after an abscess, and it has a white/yellow or red colour usually as she was saying she had been feeling very ill most likely she could have an infection from poor hygiene etc touching outside ground and rubbing vagina using unclean toys etc. I hope it is fake though.

No. 1417700

>5 or 6 years now
>built my audience
>audience peaked before her OF and has now dwindled down to a few stragglers

No. 1417703

>says all this while actively failing as an ewhore

So annoying how she’s always telling other people what they can and can’t do. Why would you need to build your audience first before getting an OF? Why not both? She’s the last person to offer advice.

If anything she should direct people here. These threads are always full of good advice kek

No. 1417708

this is so fucking foul, it looks like chikfila sauce

No. 1417714


Why does it look like thousand island dressing?

No. 1417715

Maybe you should work less hard on your onlyfats and work out… fatty

No. 1417716

A spoiler isn’t enough I hate you just for posting this.

No. 1417719

This fkn bitch… my heart surgery was just cancelled because the ERs are overwhelmed due to covid. Some people aren’t even getting treated for broken bones and brain tumor surgery right now and she’s in the ER for what sounds like a massive hangover.

No. 1417726

She 100% has an abscess or fistula, my moneys on the latter. Jesus, between playing with her own shit with her bloody finger stumps, her massive lung damage and wider health issues thanks to smoking daily, and the fact that she’s been using dry toys on herself without prep for years, it’s a miracle she’s still alive and mobile. At this rate the only thing in that old tumblr ask about her life that’s going to come true is her joining the 27 club. I know her parents are morons but at this point I feel for them. Imagine burying your own child because of self-inflicted anorectal infections.

No. 1417727

The only things on this site that have made me legitimately disgusted and horrified are the nikocado anus pics and these shay pics, I have learned my lesson.

No. 1417735

You don’t have to actually work that hard. Two years ago I made an OF and did it for a month to see and I had 20 fans within the first week just by advertising a pic on Reddit. She just has shitty content. Also I don’t do OF anymore cuz it’s fucking embarrassing and went to college instead.

No. 1417738


ER worker here; nope. ER is overwhelmed because we have limited staff, wanna guess why? There just aren't enough vaccinated staff left to entertain all the people coming in because they're paranoid they have covid. No one is being turned away, that's an insane lie. We splint most fractures, what the hell are you talking about "treating broken bones"– most fractures are splinted, and the people are discharged after patient teaching, you lunatic. Also, surgical unit has nothing to do with the emergency department; surgeries are still going on as scheduled. Why are you lying? Shayna sucks but don't blame her, blame the system. We're used to frequent flyers in the ER, that's what happens when you have either medicaid or really great insurance given to you by your wealthy parents.

No. 1417743

I am still constantly haunted by Shayna sticking a spoon up her pussy and eating a spoonful of discharge

No. 1417745

I have no doubt that she cleans her toys. When I bought my first toy from lovers lane they sold me like $40 in cleaning products because the fear they put in to me about bacterial infections

You know this bitch doesn't bath and leaves her toys around for the dog to chew on. I have no doubt when she does these ButTtstUufBarBie videos with the same two anal plug she takes them out, sets them by her computer bed or floor or whatever and just pops them in the next time she wants to make $3 on a new video

No. 1417747

I don't use sex toys but if they're silicone can't they just be boiled like a menstrual cup?

No. 1417748

You think she cleans her toys? She hasn’t cleaned a thing in her life.

No. 1417751

The pedo pandering account shes engaging wjth is calling out another of their accounts to direct attention to it.
Shanus is interacting with a person openly promoting child rape and murder.
I'm not trying to vlog or derail but ill take a ban if needed. I have a 5 month old daughter and my heart is full of rage and fear after reading the account tweets.
Shanus can never receive enough butt boils or ass infections to make up for this.

No. 1417752

She’s had photo shoots of literal grime, dog hair and crust on her dildos. She doesn’t clean them.

No. 1417756

File: 1642234487748.jpeg (208.8 KB, 828x660, B9643C33-E061-4ECE-9285-DD088A…)

She's so incredibly unfunny.

Many people are being turned away, told no ambulance can come and surgeries for anything that won't kill you in 72h are being cancelled in many places/countries. Idk how it is in the PNW or Seattle right now, but what a stupid thing to fight anon on considering you claim to work in an ER.

Can't really imagine anything else. When she moved, she just threw all the toys into a big (transparent) tub, she doesn't even have nice storage for it and I doubt they're being kept in a clean place. She' also has some cheaper toys where she should really check if they've become porous over time. This discharge pic just made me sad (and disgusted).

No. 1417760

i swear she had posted this exact same thread at least once before.

No. 1417780

I need to bleach my eyes because of the ass-mayo. Wtf I have never thought I would actually regret clicking a spoiler. So fucking so nasty.

No. 1417802

So is her ass mayo the reason she was at the doctor's for an "embarrassing" reason she wouldn't elaborate on?

No. 1417807

no, she's calling it "butt-cum", she's not embarrassed of this catastrophe at all

No. 1417856

It was bad enough without the video but I can't believe she almost rubs the shitty pus into her vagina while she's playing around with it, absolutely horrifying

No. 1417871

File: 1642251537622.jpeg (40.9 KB, 499x500, 00A8C1E4-AF4C-4492-8F10-012C29…)

ANONS ANONS ANONS ANONS WAIT. I thought this is some fake cum she brought?? ARE YOU TELLING ME THIS IS LITERALLY HER ASS DISCHARGE??? No. That can’t be. Am I misunderstanding. It has to be really gross looking fake cum right

No. 1417876

probably but fake cum isn't fucking orange-brownish there's definitely some doodoo in there

No. 1417879

File: 1642252303033.jpeg (353.82 KB, 680x680, 1469451396624.jpeg)

If it is fake cum, how long did it have to be in her ass for shit to dissolve into it to the point it started turning brown? Both possibilities are equally fucking disgusting.

No. 1417904

Why would you ruin Chick-fil-A sauce for me.
I made the mistake of reading this thread yesterday after running for the bus on a full stomach and I s2G I almost fucking puked. And I've been here since like thread 4. Shayna u repulsive beast, get off the internet until a gyno manages to disinfect you.

No. 1417921

Analfag here. Like I said before this stuff is supposed to come out clear?? The yellow orange color is really concerning and does suggest there’s some kinda fissure or hemorrhoid. I think I’m going to vomit too now the whole area looks red and infected I’ve never seen someone not wash their butt before filming anal but didn’t she also literally sell a video where she had shat on her dildo on accident?

No. 1418008

File: 1642267398212.jpeg (306.03 KB, 828x1159, 6978FB1A-7F07-4CC0-8E74-0DFA61…)

You don’t have to wait, Shay. You’re already saggin.

No. 1418015

Even in the most innocent explanation of whats coming out of her ass, this is still a complete new low for her and the year just started.

I wonder if young Shay just entering sex work ever imagined she’d have to drink her own piss and film herself pushing fecal matter out of her asshole and playing with it to make rent.

No. 1418025

Well, that's not really an easy thing to guesstimate, but HOLY FUCK EW it's an infection. I'm not gonna place bets, but there is for sure an infection(s) somewhere in her colon/rectum
If I was placing bets, I'd guess either fistula, or an internal dangler popped, got infected, an abscess developed, now it's ruptured, and this bitch is literally gonna go septic

No. 1418028

call yourself analfag one more time i swear to god

No. 1418047

no one cares that you shove things up your ass, sped.

is lord of the rings something her new "dad" watches? is that why she's suddenly obsessed?

No. 1418057

Okay but seriously this happened and then the next day she was vomiting for 12 hours and off to the ER with obvious food poisoning. So this is literally like a symptom of her food poisoning and she is trying to pass it off as something sexy to be proud of because of her “asshole clit”???????? I can’t handle this thread no more

No. 1418091

This anal discharge is a clear sign of IBS or colitis. She needs to get it checked out or at least stop drinking because unchecked you can lose your colon or even die. This is super abnormal and I have never seen someone so ignorant and out of touch with their body

No. 1418132

Fans are something YOU really have to work for, Shayna, it’s different for hot girls.

No. 1418231

She’s been silent all day which is unusual, think she went back to the hospital? Or just sleeping?

No. 1418265

Cross-faded blackout nap

No. 1418291

I’m convinced it’s fake cum. Call it coping but I don’t believe even shayna would put this online when it’s real puss coming out of her

No. 1418300

It’s gotta be fake cum but it ain’t JUST fake cum, that stuff is supposed to be white. It’s cum lube mixed with doodoo and whatever else is festering up there

No. 1418311

Saying this, but yes, they are a thing, and oral-dissolve Zofran is quite inexpensive and easy to aquire, if you have the need for it. It does not have the side effects other anti-emetics do.

No. 1418355

Ya’ll asked if this was real or if she put something else up there don’t be mad when someone’s tryin to tell you her butthole made that itself

No. 1418367

>inb4 dying of sepsis

No. 1418368

File: 1642293003848.jpeg (128.94 KB, 750x400, B869CEE4-0C12-4A37-ABC0-0CBFEC…)

Yep, she went back to the hospital. Discord anons got any details?

No. 1418389

We all knew it - it was a matter of time - all that unsanitary dry fucking finally evolved into an dangerously embarrassing, and completely preventable, consequence.

People are legitimately dying in ERs right now - and she’s retarded enough to feign ignorance as to why her ass is spewing literal pus.

Go the fuck home Shayna - before you’re legit no longer welcome, that option is waning thin already.

No. 1418390

Kek the ass pus is deserved, let that colon rot baby get da fuk outta hea!

No. 1418392

She didn't eat it on camera but you know she didn't wash her hands after filming this. Does the ER nurse know she's making it worse by taking her poopcum fingers from ass to mouth or eating food with the same nasty fingers?
I want to die.

No. 1418395

File: 1642295909780.jpeg (354.09 KB, 586x996, 556E5321-01F8-442D-820F-6F3CDB…)

I love that Dog Fucker Dawn is a finalist in the contest Shayna is trying desperately to win, she’s gotta be seething seeing her at the top of the page every time she refreshes

No. 1418404

Can’t figure out for the life of me why she insists on entering these contests still. She’s never even like placed high in them has she?? I hate this rancid cunt.

No. 1418410

Stop self posting no one cares

No. 1418414

She stopped entering them for a long time because she would have a melt down whenever she wouldn’t win, I don’t know why she started again now that she’s uglier then ever

No. 1418420

She is the type though who wouldnt cut out or restart a scene of something embarrassing like that happened though. Notable mentions beings the shit caked under the head of the dildo she sniffed on cam and didnt cut out of the vid, and the time a chunk of yeast infection came out mid scene and she just ate it off her finger and pretended it was “cum.

Im not shocked her cum lube turned a yellowish brown being inside her asshole and she just didnt give a fuck enough about how fucking disgusting it looked.

No. 1418429

No, a couple threads back she had the same tawny ass discharge. There was less of it though, and I think she ate it. At the time, I thought she had learned to use lube but now I think that other anon is right about it being a cyst or a fissure.

No. 1418453

She tweeted on the day she filmed that video about not having to use fake cum because of all the “butt cum” that she produces >>1415048 …but god I hope she was lying

No. 1418465

File: 1642303632828.jpeg (328.89 KB, 750x814, 44ECE6F9-D853-4F46-A379-D396CB…)

God what an insufferable retard. Sexualizing childhood is straight up pedophilic and there’s no fucking way to defend that

No. 1418469


this is making me want to a-log so bad

No. 1418472

Simulating pedophilia isnt justified just because you’re not a literal child wtf. plenty of them probably tend to watch “ethical” porn and fill in the blanks and context themselves because dumb whores like shayna willingly create content for them with all the intent there besides being literally underage? It’s still encouraging and normalizing pedophilia for those that watch it…what a disgusting bitch, is she tweeting this from the ER

No. 1418475

File: 1642304595095.jpeg (238.44 KB, 750x824, 12F6F7C6-3454-4567-9A81-770C16…)

Ugh, gross

No. 1418483

Those guys really are pedophiles and the closer you are to 18, the more they will like your pedo-style content. Pedophiles can have common sense and not want to get arrested.

I went through a dumb internet phase where I liked “daddy doms” and they all loved that I looked “almost like an actual kid!” (I was 18/19, long time ago).

No. 1418486

This dumb bitch really brought her anal brat purse to her ER visit for her leaking asshole, lmfao. Idk why I’m surprised. Just when you think she can’t get any dumber, Fat Shat always finds a way to reach new lows. It’s like Shayna’s Law at this point.

No. 1418487

I really really hope she's lying about that. The poor doctors don't deserve this bitch pushing her sick fetishes on them.

No. 1418507

Didn't at least 2 dudes ask her to say she was underage? Wasn't she creeped out by that? If she's an adult and NO PEDO WOULD EVER watch her porn as a substitute or even along with the real thing, why didn't she do it? She's an adult right? They aren't pedos for wanting an adult woman larping as a child to flat out say, "Im underage!" because she's not. Going by her own rules, those men aren't really attracted to underage people and using her. They are attracted to women who larp and say they are underage. It's just a kink! So why did shayna think it was gross?

I seriously wish these idiots would stop defending what they choose to put out into the world, who they think is watching it and why. When clearly they know whats up. It makes her feel bad when people accuse her of pedo-pandering and call the men who watch it names because SHE KNOWS THERES SOME TRUTH TO IT.

No. 1418509

die in hospital you fat stinky zombie ass looking pedo
as if onlyfans whores couldn't get any dumber

No. 1418511

if these people aren't pedos then they wouldn't find someone roleplaying a child sexual in the first place.

are there any non-pedos that find it sexy and can explain why?
the answer is no…

why is an adult woman dressing as a kid and stating she's underage sexy?
because you're a pedo and want to fuck kids.

("you're" being the general population of degenerates she panders to)

No. 1418515

The sepsis must be making her hallucinate.

The most desperate of narc cunts sexualize their lack of basic hygiene way too much.

No. 1418532

Can't believe this fat bitch is taking up a hospital bed during a global pandemic because she's too retarded to remember to drink water.

No. 1418613

So it's definitely an ass infection problem… I'm from the EU where suppositories aren't necessarily a big deal but I've heard they're really rare in the U.S. I can imagine they'd be useful for whatever the fuck is going on with her ass, though.

No. 1418635

I am going to be brave and controversial here and say I don't think she has any significant problems with her butthole. Suppositories are given when a person might throw up the medication too soon for it to take effect. They dissolve in the rectal cavity and therefore it needs to not be damaged. A doctor would ask for this and probably check the sphincter pressure. What I assume Shay has is either food poisoning from poorly refrigerated takeout or alcohol poisoning.

The buttcream is most likely a combo of old cum lube, shit and bad lighting plus whatever bacterial culture has amassed on her sex toys. Absolutely fucking vile of course but Shay is patently unsexy, so that's nothing new.

No. 1418669

She is regularly sucking on her own feces and you are arguing why she is in the hospital lol

or maybe you're just a coping pedophile, shatna

No. 1418693

File: 1642334681112.png (26.01 KB, 593x260, i'm gonna alog.PNG)

i don't get how she can get sent to the ER for being a perverted freak and… still continue to be a perverted freak

No. 1418705

I just want to know what was actually going through the doctor's mind during all this, imagine you see all this unfolding in front of you

No. 1418749

We are living through a pandemic, hospital workers are overworked and exhausted, and she says retarded shit like this. She deserves her failing health, truly.

No. 1418768

Sage for ot but most people who have Covid at present are sick with omicron. It's not really serious even for old people, it's just a cold. I would say we are out of it now. I mean even when covid was supposedly really bad a lot of hospitals still weren't that busy.(coof derail)

No. 1418772

You don't get pus coming out your ass because you don't drink enough water, anon. I think this is possibly more serious than everyone is speculating.

The whole 'butt cum' assumption was retarded of her.

People are saying that she shouldn't be in hospital but I have a feeling that this could be quite serious. Yes she's there because of her own depravity but I don't think she should be denied treatment and she should be in hospital if she needs to be. I honestly hope she sees what she's doing to herself after this.

Things aren't supposed to go inside that hole.

No. 1418778

File: 1642345229516.jpeg (225 KB, 750x925, 43A66BE2-EBC2-4967-8399-6930C1…)

Uhh, what anon? Omicron is definitely still very serious right now. Especially in Washington - see attached from Jan 6th. Omicron may be a lighter version of Covid for most people but when places like Washington are seeing 15,000 new cases in one day there is going to be strain on the health care system because people are still needing emergency care.

Has Shaynus ever even looked into having a family doctor so she doesn't constantly have to use up a spare bed in the emergency room every time she stubs her toe?(continuing the derail)

No. 1418786

I read this as buttercream and some how that is 100% more vile

No. 1418791

Yes. They can now imagine children in these adult scenarios with your help! Good job shaynut. Help pedo get off.

No. 1418824

you must live alone in the woods because anyone who lives among other people can clearly see that we're not out of it. do you really think thousands of people are dying daily from "just a cold"?
sorry for OT but I hate this ignorant shit.

No. 1418844

Anon I'd love to live under your rock. I'm just coming out of COVID, it was like having the flu and pneumonia at the same time. I had my vaccinations. These assholes out here like one I know personally that aren't being vaccinated are the ones like he is, right now, in the ICU, but all they can do is keep him on oxygen. All ventilators in this 5 county area are being used. You can't get a regular old test anytime soon, I was just told that I probably have it, quarantine myself, and if I had severe respiratory problems to go to the ER. I coughed myself into a blackout at least three times, and that's not a respiratory emergency. So yes, it's still very real and very scary. I swear I don't know where some of you nonnies live. Saged for somewhat of a blog post, but come on now.

No. 1418870

So she’s basically a porn sick munchie at this point?

She always comes up with the most stupid ‘kink’ fanfics - and they always read like some edgey virgin pre-teens diary - just starved for both natural and sexual attention of any kind.

No. 1418875

Hospitalanon here, you’re dead wrong. Covid caused a lot of hospital staff shortages in many states which leads to longer and longer ER wait time which then leads to overcrowded waiting rooms which then leads to exposure and then people just walking out before being seen. For shatna to go in at this time, if she didn’t have the variant before she might have it now. If the infection caused her to be septic they would’ve admitted her or taken her to another facility that had a bed, instead she’s tweeting this shit >>1418693 they more than likely gave her a doctor referral to follow up instead of wasting more ER time.(enough)

No. 1418916


Fatties like Shay don't like having family doctors lest they trigger them by making suggestions like "eat less" "move more" "stop smoking" or "drink water" when met with complaints of chronic pain/shitty lungs/leaking orifices. They abuse emergency services specifically because professionals in those settings only treat the current ailment.

No. 1418933

File: 1642358313839.jpeg (276.88 KB, 750x1848, B5769632-4355-4FA5-BE96-24A797…)

Yeah she’s never gonna stop talking about this. I’m convinced the “medical kink” is just an excuse to talk about how poor and sickly she is for attention

No. 1418949

>but they didn't

No. 1418956

There's a covid thread in /ot/, don't derail this one.

No. 1418960

File: 1642360247841.jpeg (173.4 KB, 734x1247, 3411511C-179E-4B0A-9471-B1F4F5…)

Fupa will forever live in her head rent free. He clearly moved on, in fact he never cared about her she was just an easy outlet for his degenerate fetishes, but she’s never gonna let it go. If you truly don’t feel sad and angry, then why keep bringing him up?

No. 1418961

She will use that faggot as a crutch to avoid being proactive in her sad life. That’s all.

No. 1418971

No one cares Dawn.
Truly. No one who is over muh ex, is posting about them weekly. Did you stalk his social media again Shay?

No. 1418984

File: 1642361481016.png (239.91 KB, 510x416, Screen Shot 2022-01-16 at 11.2…)

screenshot from her "butt cum" vid kek. I bet she has a new species of staph under her nails.

No. 1419000

This is the most pathetic thing about her - she actually thinks all this dramatic suicide/ kidnapping/ medical baiting - will magically cause the scrote she pines for to chase after her, sweep her into a romance, and magically reset all the damage and delusion.

He doesn’t love you - never did. Get the fuck over it and move on.

You’re the ‘crazy-ex’.

No. 1419012

damn, that finger is blue from the infection. looking at it makes my skin crawl about as bad as looking at her mayochup leaking anus does

No. 1419020

I love that the reply to this is basically "don't care pp hard".

No. 1419021

It’s not about ethics, it’s about not getting caught, you stupid bitch. Pedophiles that are caught go to jail, so something like this, that skirts the line, is an appealing option for some. You may not pass for a child, but you’ve spent most of your adult life trying to, way beyond just pacifiers and diapers—emphasizing how “smol” and cute you are, wearing kids clothes, talking like a baby, lying about your size to seem smaller and more childlike…

No. 1419023

Same anon, I will acknowledge that no one is mistaking Big Shaynus for a child, and that probably the greatest harm that she is causing is normalizing this behavior/fetish (which is still a significant harm) BUT if she could pass for a child, she absolutely would. The thing standing between Shayna and creating porn that pedophiles would fucking love is fatness and shitty skin, not having the moral backbone to not cater to pedophiles.

No. 1419037

Fupa hasn't brought her up by name in years. Even when they were together. Yet since the new year she's brought him up 2 times. The people In her life aren't treating her any better then him, maybe Ellen. The scrote she's dating doesn't seem to hang with her much either. She has someone lonely and who pities her (Ellen) and a scrote who she sees Maybe once a week, who shows up and brings her dollar store food. She has more people in her life but it's the same old shit.

No. 1419039

File: 1642365085201.jpeg (354.56 KB, 1170x804, EDBA5FFF-6FAB-4D7A-87D8-7698B2…)

No. 1419040

File: 1642365133863.jpeg (354.82 KB, 1170x759, 0F0C4DA7-F229-4788-AAED-D876CA…)

She’s so fucking stupid

No. 1419041

Her thumb is so irritated it looks swollen and red. She's basically red, Grey and swollen.

No. 1419042

I doubt they've gotten past it. They have just given up on you.

No. 1419046

I'm sure they've just given up. They know you are retarded. They know you will cut them off if they don't support it. I think they are just happy to KNOW the face of the man you are "dating". They know how she lives her life, they worry and her sending them pictures of the ugly idiots she's dating is a way for them to keep track. Just in case something happens. Your mother/dad isn't proud, jealous or accepting. They are tired and want to know what weirdo is in their daughters life.

No. 1419049

It's so Shayna to avoid hospitals any other year BUT when there's a global pandemic and hospital staff are overworked and hospitals are full of and prioritizing covid cases, she's going in every couple weeks for mysterious reasons she won't actually elaborate on. Incredible. And all she has to do is practice good hygiene and not be a fat blob who smokes and drinks constantly. I know that's a lot for her, but I'm just saying that her problems are 100% self created and thus she could fix them herself and not using her parents insurance for extended and frequent hospital stays.

No. 1419056

She conveniently forgets she’s supposed to be “dating” Ellen when she says these things, she’s only 8 years older. Same thing when she said she’s disgusted by calling a partner boyfriend/girlfriend and then immediately called Ellen her girlfriend, it’s clear in her mind she’s only thinking about the man.

No. 1419058

Why tf is she sending pics of her and her sugar daddy to her mom? Weirdo behavior.

No. 1419061

She’s “dating” him now, I don’t think he’s a sugar daddy anymore, she’s giving it to him for free since he’s her boyfriend

No. 1419062

What happened to the "small surgery" she claimed she had to get? Whatever is going on its clearly something she KNOWS is self Inflected. If not she'd cry about it and beg for money.

No. 1419063

If not pedophilia… why sexualize children? Sexualizing child things, and aspects like "baby cunt" and using pacifiers and larping as kids/teens, using child items and shows and things for kink…
Just because it's not actually illegal/a child makes it all ok, huh?
The mental gymnastics to justify sexualizing children and childhood is astounding. They really think they're doing no harm by feeding into "raping my little daughter" fantasies just because it's only simulated, not the real thing. The absolute denial. Porn fuels these men and their disgusting ideas and urges.

No. 1419066

> They really think they're doing no harm by feeding into "raping my little daughter" fantasies just because it's only simulated, not the real thing. The absolute denial. Porn fuels these men and their disgusting ideas and urges.
Exactly. Years ago the concept of incest porn would’ve been considered taboo and disgusting. Now it’s basically the top category on every porn website. You cannot tell me that doesn’t fuck with peoples brains & perceptions of what is normal, especially young men with developing brains. Endless hours of simulated incest porn being at anyone with an internet connection’s fingertips is absolutely dangerous and the normalization of it is so sick.

No. 1419076

Not to mention she’s doing the baby roleplay thing in bed to please someone who works with actual little kids. How could you be cool with your partner getting off to you simulating a child being molested and then heading out to spend the day with the same age kids you’re emulating? How are you not making the connection there that you might be contributing to a potentially dangerous situation?? And that’s just in her own home, think about all the random men with young daughters that watch her porn. How could you live with yourself let alone actively defend that?

No. 1419089

That's because YOU'RE nearly 10 years older, Shayna. It's not rebellious to date a 34 year old at 24. You're gonna have to do better & date 60 year olds if you wanna keep sticking it to mum & dad.

No. 1419092

I mean she dated a man who kids around the age he was making her act. I truly believe Shay does NOT care who the people around her harm. She doesn't think, "hmm this woman has worked with children and stolen a child's pacifier for sexual reasons…hmm" or "hmm this man has young children but wants me to act like a young child". Notice every person she dates ends up being some creep with access to children or had access to childern. Yet they get off to her acting like a child. Shayna doesn't care. Someone here was saying they felt Shayna was jealous that minors were getting attention and didn't want them in the "community" not to protect them, but some weird disgusting jealousy/competition. She does not care about anyone but herself. Red flags don't exist until she's harmed. I truly believe shaynas the type who'd turn a blind eye to illegal shit a scrote is doing as long as he treats her well. She's disgusting.

No. 1419094

Right like she really thinks there's nothing wrong with a guy like the old trucker coomer that has a daughter he helped get into sex work watching all her dad & daughter incest porn? Nothing weird or gross about that at all? I guess by her logic it's ok for him to fantasize as long as he's watching someone like her who isn't his actual daughter. Even though you know the sick fuck probably thinks about his own while watching Shay and just uses Shays scenarios as wank fodder fantasies.

No. 1419102

Exactly. How many young women got sucked into trying bdsm because they kept seeing that shit all over their tumblr dashboards, peppered in with regular girly stuff as if it's a part of a cute girly ~aesthetic~?
Is it any coincidence that Shayna tried to normalize bdsm & ddlg to tumblr teens as well? She thinks that there should be no consequences to her actions because she's just 'doing her own thing'. But she's not existing neutrally. She's making the world a worse place.

No. 1419104

another point is 99.9% of these women have these sexual fantasies from some sort of abuse they either endured or were brainwashed into thinking they wanted to endure. why should people blindly support women dealing with their trauma this way and continuing to have an unhealthy relationship to sex?

No. 1419118

She’s in speaking terms w her mom again?

No. 1419127

Only when she thinks her retarded life choices are a flex.

Both of her parents are ashamed of her, her whole family is ashamed of her. And now that she’s fattened herself up like a blimp and getting more desperate online - she’s likely become the classic “relative we don’t talk about” at all the family events she’s never invited to.

No. 1419141

File: 1642370970080.jpeg (10.35 KB, 306x165, 519BB481-2349-4C80-A0D7-474A68…)

I’ll take my autism ban thank you(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1419165

File: 1642372363063.jpeg (Spoiler Image,797.69 KB, 1170x1338, 91549121-8EC5-4A57-9D96-753706…)

Is “Goon” like her new favorite word now?

No. 1419183

I don't get it. Does "goon" mean something outside of it's conventional meaning now? Or is she just a retard crack baby as per usual?

No. 1419185

"goon" replaced "coom"

No. 1419212

Kek wasn’t she just posting this week about how everyone was ignoring her and letting her down and she was sick of being the more involved friend all the time?
Tinfoil but i don’t even think she’s been in hospital. Last time she was there she was taking nudes in her hospital bed and bitching about the nurse not putting in her IV right, but she was still in degen medfet mode this whole time. Give it a week and she’ll be e-begging to cover her “medical costs” kek. Munchie saga when?

No. 1419232

She’s always been a bit of a munchie, she used to love taking about all her mystery medical problems as a kid and how she spent so much time in the hospital, that’s where her whole “medical fetish” thing comes from.

No. 1419233

doesn't gooner go a lot further than coomer and refer to a subculture of men who legitimately constantly watch porn, have like 7 monitors for it and naked pics all over their walls? I swear I've seen some degenposts about this

No. 1419239

You’re thinking of those horrifying posts from /r/gooncaves, but it’s basically just a coomer (porn addict)

No. 1419258

I think there's also an implication of edging for massively extended periods of time instead of just jerking it until you cum.

No. 1419261

File: 1642384572291.jpg (36.23 KB, 626x400, 240-2409394_photo-wallpaper-ar…)


lmao this is all i think when she says this

No. 1419279

You’re the closest here. It refers to after edging that any stimulation is enough to get the guy to cum and make stupid faces like ahego basically. Which is why she’s using the gif lmao. So think of going as literwlly male ahego lmfao

No. 1419287

Never thought I'd see my gunners posted in a shat thread, just kill me now.

No. 1419358

File: 1642393273323.png (4.44 MB, 1242x2208, 2445164C-ECD3-4BBE-B804-B059A6…)

No. 1419360

It’s so funny to me how she knows she can’t get any real engagement on content unless she’s nude so she flashes her tits at the end real quick when she clearly doesn’t want and there’s not even any place for it which is why it’s just randomly at the end

No. 1419363

nta but in aus we call casks of shit wine "goon" and this just makes me imagine her voting for herself while drinking straight from the goon sack

No. 1419364

I can't even picture that dr seuss shit but it sounds accurate and hilarious

No. 1419373

how does this look identical to momokun

No. 1419394

Her nose is so swollen Jesus. I’ve never seen it look more bulbous

No. 1419406

Next thread edition please
“Shayna Clifford/Dolly Mattel #99: Red, Grey and Swollen”

No. 1419417

boo hoo bitch stop drinking for one day you're an alcoholic

No. 1419422

File: 1642401508436.jpeg (224.98 KB, 750x667, 753ED168-C707-412B-9D55-C58FB9…)

This is so not cute when you’re a grown ass ugly overweight woman

No. 1419434

This is some day out for the special needs kid type shit. Why does she think she’s cute when she’s a sweaty lard arse? To me she’s the female equivalent of a fat, sweaty neck beard

No. 1419438

I agree with you. Gooners are those insane people who are so addicted to porn they aren't in tune with reality anymore, they lose everything to porn and yet losing everything is exactly another thing they get off on. there's been one who literally believed theres a sort of "porn goddess", tried to find him again but couldnt. it's a rabbit hole. I didn't expect Shayna to know about them or use the term, but I guess it makes sense. She's trying to seem kind of hypnotic in that post sort of how gooners are attracted to findoms for the same reasons I stated above.

No. 1419460

Posts like this really solidify the fact that her self-perception is way off. Like in this fantasy, she probably pictures herself to be 110 pounds and look how she did when this weird fetish peaked on Tumblr 6 years ago. Meanwhile, she looks 10 years older than she really is, is completely out of shape, and comes across like a single white trash mom who frequents the truck stops and local bar too often.

No. 1419475

Gastroenterologist-chan was asked, not analfag. Embarrassing.

No. 1419489

she imagines herself a child. true autopedophilia

No. 1419494

If she's been to the ER, wouldn't someone at least tell her "you should get that checked out"?

No. 1419498

shayna, this isn't cute

No. 1419518

she’s so sick in the head

No. 1419561


Let's not pretend that it would make it any less revolting if she was still a size xs.

I'm done with this. You can't call it anything other than pedophilia at this point. You don't somehow get a pass for promoting pedophilia for looking closer to the part. The coomers that follow idiots like Shayna probably have indecent images of children on their devices.

As a parent of two toddlers I want to throw up.

Shayna has mentioned in the past that she word for word 'hates children'. Yet she wants to be a child and she wants adult men to sexualize her.

No. 1419562

This is so untrue. I wish people would just fucking stop perpetuating this bullshit myth to justify adult pick me whores pretending to be children. 99.9% of those degenerate porn fucks (by this I mean the ones who are doing it willingly and aren’t forced into it) are not CSA victims dealing with their trauma. Have you ever met an actual victim? They don’t recreate the horror to entertain more pedos. At the very best what these women are are former “rebellious” teenagers who figured out they could get all the attention they couldn’t get irl by sexualising themselves online. The vast majority of them mature, realise what they have done and are horrified by what the attention was. These women are the dregs who didn’t care that the attention was from actual pedos because they are too lazy to get a job. Sorry to go off on you anon, but spreading this shit is providing cover for the likes of shaynus and all other pedos and it needs to stop.

No. 1419605

anon KEK

No. 1419627

I’m partial to Mayochup Edition

No. 1419636

From a CSA victim, you are correct. Most of us are just trying to survive and heal from the sexual trauma not use it for clout or to victimize others.

I’ll take my ban now

No. 1419653

If I ask for a doctor's opinion, I don't want a ho's answer

No. 1419664

You use of "internal dangler" in reference to a specific type of hemorrhoid is giving me real "Scrubs mortician eating a sandwich while rooting through the corpse unphazed" vibes, I appreciate your honesty

No. 1419666

File: 1642438037429.jpeg (127.84 KB, 750x1058, 5CDA6CF7-9790-4486-9794-69DA92…)

Apparently she doesn’t get tipped very often

No. 1419680

old because i'm catching up with the thread but
>why is she wearing a Benjamin Franklin type shirt from the 1800s
top fucking kek

No. 1419692

When she said “50’s school girl” she meant 1750’s

No. 1419700

60 bucks . . . For more Hello Kitty cheap shit from F21 or whatever.

She gets excited for pity money like some hobo getting a dollar - this isn’t even sad anymore, it’s downright bottom barrel pathetic.

Who does she tweet these for anyway? She’s boring, insanely stupid, and shitting pus.

Either go full feeder or gonzo already - why stick to an aesthetic you look like steaming shit in?

No. 1419715

File: 1642441425545.jpeg (245.56 KB, 750x1595, 308886A1-F006-4572-893B-67B06C…)

She’s been buying for votes for other girls in the manyvids contests going on right now in exchange for them buying votes for her back. She’s spending her own money to try to win instead of relying on her audience to vote for her like girls with actual fans do. She went up to 6th place overnight so it just might work but it would be hilarious if she spent all that money just to lose like always

No. 1419718

File: 1642441562017.jpeg (Spoiler Image,386.08 KB, 750x757, D5FDA1BD-8089-43FF-8D34-3DFD39…)

She’s one spot away from finalist, keep buying those votes Shay and maybe you’ll finally feel something

No. 1419721

this screenshot just made me real sad. i wish less women would degrade themselves like this for quick money and attention.

No. 1419806

Sometimes her account comes off like a parody account. Literally gushing over $60. This is why these men never do shit for her. They know by now they can give her 10's of dollars every month and she's acting like it's hundreds. They know 10 seconds of attention is payment. It's just stunning and brave to be so cheap,Grey and thristy.

No. 1419810

This is sad. What's even sadder of she does win she's going to make a speech thanking her "fans" knowing her dumb ass had to pay out of pocket. Just like her fake followers it won't matter. She can win but it's not because her fans. It's not because she's "better" then anyone.

No. 1419868

The girl before her only has rewards for $50+ votes. She is ahead of Shayna by only rewarding people who spend more than $50 on this contest entry alone. Shayna is rewarding every single person who votes for her likely with nudes/videos & is giving her ass mayo video to anyone who throws $5 towards her entry and she’s still losing. Depressing.

No. 1419871

sorry for derailing even more nonnies, but it’s common for sexual assault victims to fantasise about their assault or develop paraphilias due to it. some of the twitter whores probably have been assaulted or abused at some point. of course their actions are still disgusting, but it’s not correct to say that some sexual trauma survivors DONT have some kind of unwanted paraphilias due to that. but then again, normal people keep it offline and get therapy or never participate in what these degenerates are doing

No. 1419917

File: 1642452663164.jpeg (297.21 KB, 1080x1738, DBFBD0B8-5A69-4ED2-8BF5-F13455…)

Watch her buy all these things for twitch streaming all over again and then not do it, again. I wonder if she threw the stream deck away in her move or not

No. 1419918

whoever does her nails is to nail art what shayna is to sex work

No. 1419922

that percentage is so rare, though. also having fantasies and suffering from traumatic memories that might get mixed up with the person's desires is not the same as living a life of kink where you act, dress and talk like a child and beg to be abused while doing it

No. 1419928

I can't with her, she already has a controller she can just put a case or sticker on it that's pink. She's so wasteful.

No. 1419940

She managed to use design lab to create something ugly as fuck.

Also if she actually plays semi regularly those white thumbgrips are gonna get grimy.

No. 1419943

Consider me shocked she didn't get an engraving saying ANAL or something.

No. 1419945

it will develop filth through osmosis from her constant state of being unwashed and jamming her rotting fingers in her hazard holes and using it as another porn prop.

No. 1419952

Ready for those grips to turn a lovely shade of cream brown in Tuna record breaking time.

No. 1419970

The other girl isn’t even nude she’s just covered in slime grow up

No. 1419976

breh… just visit the profile and you see top quality porn like

>Anal Gape Training

>Shrunk Man Fart Sniffer
>Cheesy Dick Lick And Creampie

All these women are providing disgusting pedo, beast, incest porn.

No. 1419980

File: 1642458838974.png (1.27 MB, 2070x676, Bildschirmfoto 2022-01-17 um 2…)

Nonnies, I usually don't look at e-whores other than Shayna, but out of interest I was looking at Dawns site und just look at this huge difference in quantity, followers and price. When will Shay notice she fails at porn because she is hideous :((:()

No. 1419989

If you don't think photos like that of you existing forever is cringe and humiliating, I'd love to know what you're up to. Kek.

No. 1419990

Lol, this is so sad.

No. 1419999

i can’t even begin to fathom what some of these words mean strung together. I don’t think i will look, nona, but thanks for the offer

No. 1420001

Stop self posting

No. 1420004

Its like, she’s so deep in her delusion that she cannot comprehend that she might not be appealing to men anymore. She’s always like “I put in SO much effort why don’t I have subscribers” but like, the quantity and quality and her “personality” will never ever make up for the fact that people simply don’t want to see it. I don’t keep up with any other whores either so it’s interesting to see how she’s doing compared to her peers

No. 1420012

She’s practically handing it out for free at this point, at least price yourself in accordance with inflation so it doesn’t give the impression you’re cheap trash. I doubt most people who buy porn all the time are so much on a budget they need to spend 3 bucks instead of 10, she’s only making pennies off the few people who care to watch her ugly niche fatty cringe shit porn

No. 1420015

Pretty funny too that this is WITH the added audience boost she got from having a tumblr following. She likes to brag about being 'famous' on tumblr, and she gives advice to young girls that they should start an OF with an audience already established. It sure seems like her initial audience hasn't helped her viewership lol.
Or maybe her numbers would be even more dismal if she had never started as a stoner blog? Bleak thought.

No. 1420021

fuck off, I literally live on another continent

No. 1420023

None of the things you just listed have to do with minors animals or family members?

No. 1420032

too stupid to visit her profile? second on her video list is literally called “Have Sex With-Your Sister”. I just picked some other random video names

No. 1420042

It’s incredible to me that woman can claim doing porn is “embowering” while putting themselves in such degrading positions in order to please the most degenerate men. This “fetish star of the year” contest in particular is filled with the most disgusting ones, I wouldn’t recommend scrolling through the contestants, but at least Shayna is in the right place.

No. 1420063

Funny how that anon thinks Dawn would go through the effort of naming the file in German. The Dawn self-posting accusations are so old at this point. That saga was almost 3 years ago

No. 1420064

The fart ones made me cackle but the cheesy dick one… Oh Jesus Christ woman.

No. 1420070

you really came here of all places to defend the deranged porn "ideas" e-whores have?

No. 1420078

because she leaves up and recycles old content. the way the “fan club” works is you’re supposed to have monthly/bi monthly exclusive vids and pics that are just for members of the fan club. if they don’t see it that month then they miss out. she has no idea how to run a business even after doing this for 6 years. it’s beyond embarrassing at this point, it’s pure incompetence. she could be making money off exclusive content yet for some reason chooses to be lazy and plaster photo sets of 50+ unedited photos and call it content.

No. 1420079

File: 1642465437072.jpeg (Spoiler Image,855.1 KB, 1219x1504, 25ACF1D4-493C-4518-92D1-7E08EB…)

Her back looks so dirty wtf

No. 1420101

What the fuck man - She straight up has the skin of a cadaver.

The circulation in the right arm is so fucked and almost blue - gonna straight up putrify and turn into ‘human soap’ while standing.

No. 1420107

calm down anon it’s mostly just her shitty lighting. if her arm was truly blue/purple from poor circulation it would be painful and she wouldn’t shut up about it.

No. 1420116

She already complains about nearly everything - literally tweeted about losing feeling in hands/ feet recently - though who knows what’s true or not anymore.

Shutting up for a bit would probably do her some good - but she’s addicted to Twitter so that’s a lost cause.

No. 1420129

File: 1642470651962.jpeg (519.46 KB, 1242x1479, FC4CDEAD-C334-4CA7-AE79-479511…)

Her fake sympathy tweets are so repetitive. She just wants likes and retweets

No. 1420130

File: 1642470736515.jpeg (363.04 KB, 1242x855, 594CD71C-ED12-4B03-839E-1F54C6…)

Panhandlers be like:

No. 1420140

Tbh if she was based she would suck these moids dry out of their life savings and convince them to "coom" themselves to death. Not happy that she's encouraging porn addiction but frankly if she and other women can turn their lives into financial ruin, leading them to (a-log), then I'm here for it.
Also bc goons aren't supposed to leave their gooncave right? They're supposed to get off to porn and nothing else for their "porn mommy" aka not touch actual women (and children assumably), which is a win for us.
Hope she goes the "porn mommy" route and stops with the pedo shit but gooner tend to like actual porn stars from what I've seen on that subreddit gooncaves.

No. 1420146

Ntayrt but I wouldn't even trust that percentage. Those statistics tend to be reported by "sexologists" at places like the Kinsey Institute, which full of degenerates that want to normalize abuse. "Sexologists" have little to no background in actual stats and research and famous ones like Kinsey have advocated for child porn and pedos fyi. It isn't wrong to say that some women do not have abuse fetishes, because some do not. But that anon shouldn't act like the majority of CSA victims do or that all pedo-baiting whores online are CSA victims. Willing to bet a number of them are like Shayna, who is not a CSA victim but is simply desperate for any attention she can get.

No. 1420167

File: 1642474081278.jpeg (442.93 KB, 1170x1308, D8ED2E78-D2F4-4A7F-87E8-0B9B10…)

These are your “supporters” Shay, kek

No. 1420168

You cost less than one coffee per month and you still bleed subs.

No. 1420176

Love how she implies other people work hard for money so she doesn't have to. Coping hard pretending to be happy and filled with doordash and disease more like.

No. 1420190

kek, when is she gonna realize that they don’t actually care for her, even the ones that pretend to would drop her if she wasn’t posting free nudes on the daily. Except maybe Womack he’s got issues. Whenever she has the monthly break down and threatens to quit, they only feign care to keep the free porn coming and it works every single time. I don’t know what she would do without the constant validation and serotonin burst that she’s had from random men online since she was a teen.

No. 1420208

> filled with doordash and disease

Nominating as next thread title.

No. 1420234

>drink water
>wash ur hands
listen to your own advice

No. 1420398

> at least price yourself in accordance with inflation
isn’t that what she’s been doing? her prices keep going down the more she inflates, kek.

No. 1420528

Top fucking kek anon

No. 1420540

File: 1642525805429.jpeg (Spoiler Image,977.75 KB, 958x1568, AC5B6705-2132-4973-AD5F-C70822…)

The fucking cottage cheese on her lower thigh she forgot to blur out KEK also are these the only socks she owns besides the stretched tf out paw print socks

No. 1420544

File: 1642525946824.jpeg (788.53 KB, 706x1456, 237EBD9C-5171-4391-8AA1-38B5F9…)

She really is trying so hard to not to fully relax her giant stomach because it would rip open all her clothes. Damn bitch get a size large, at least , even though you’re an xl now

No. 1420558

File: 1642526722462.jpeg (380.41 KB, 1242x2208, A0B1F427-FBD1-49D4-B726-B7C49F…)

That’s all fupa underneath that ‘busted biscuit belt’ she calls a skirt

No. 1420562

does she not see the facial expressions in these pictures and how horrid they are? Delusion.

No. 1420572

She thinks she looks like a smug anime girl but in reality she looks like a sad crone clinging desperately to her youth.
The hairdo really doesn't do her any favors, makes her head look long as hell.

No. 1420591

I’m not defending anyone that makes porn I was just saying that it makes you in specific look retarded to say someone’s making pedo/ incest or things with animals when it was farting

No. 1420602

File: 1642530568137.jpeg (458.58 KB, 1170x850, 83797BA3-8512-4137-A6BE-94316D…)

Shay, you literally do this shit all the time

No. 1420639

This is hilarious coming from her, given that she does shitstir for engagement, but she still doesn’t have any

No. 1420669

File: 1642535488847.jpeg (450.65 KB, 1704x2046, 5E512AB2-3659-4113-BA28-0B4B5A…)

Those fucking lunch meat colored hair bows look so stupid on her giant fat face.
Looking like she got ham slices sitting on her head kek

No. 1420671

File: 1642535578607.jpeg (191.52 KB, 1242x1064, D4AB04ED-A152-4C49-86EB-181A44…)

According to the Mayochup Clinic:
Big Shaynus has facial paralysis sage for autism

No. 1420674

File: 1642535639042.jpg (59.35 KB, 600x450, cartman.jpg)

I hate when she does this retard face. What is she even thinking?

No. 1420676

>Mayochup clinic
I fucking love you ladies.

No. 1420684

The hair makes her look like something that belongs in the MTF thread.

No. 1420696

File: 1642537395683.jpeg (137.78 KB, 750x366, 0E704F2B-8CD1-445C-BD6A-53D973…)

She’s trying to get people to pay for her weird pedo rape and lobotomy fantasies

No. 1420698

File: 1642537528179.jpeg (809.99 KB, 1170x1466, 3F70287A-FC84-44C9-B412-9BD84C…)

No. 1420700

Doesn’t she realize that everyone can read captions on OF without a subscription?

No. 1420703

probably not, but as soon as she lurks she will.

No. 1420709

She looks yellow-grey now.

No. 1420711

20 dollars to order one bowl of soup from Panera on DoorDash or you could buy literally 20 cans of soup to cook yourself on your stove or in the microwave you lazy bitch.

No. 1420717

File: 1642538091732.jpeg (153.1 KB, 1170x394, BFD9FC3B-283A-4148-8978-9A65CF…)

Kek anon

No. 1420899

File: 1642550069727.jpg (996.72 KB, 1012x1816, Screenshot_20220118-125545_Gal…)

She's too sick to work, but totally fine to go out for a walk yesterday.

No. 1420925

Why does it have the little reddit man on the bottom right?

No. 1420996

The way her "partners" have to keep her from becoming a barely sentient blob though. Making her drink water and go for a walk. Jfc.

No. 1421016

NTA but that's the Mobizen logo nonnie, a screen recording app.

She's so wasteful. She'll beg for $20 for one shitty bowl of soup instead of just heating some up on the stove, and then 5 minutes later she's whining about needing more money.

No. 1421038

File: 1642560555284.jpeg (180.52 KB, 750x823, 1E4636A2-C251-49EC-86FF-03B5D4…)

More whores that have entered other categories in that manyvids contest that she’s buying votes for in exchange for their vote in return, She’s being super fucking shady though and deleting the automatic tweets from her end that says she voted for them, I missed the screenshot before she nuked them. At least the other girls are being transparent, she’s trying to make it seem like she’s getting natural votes when you look at all the accounts that are voting for her, they’re all running in other categories.

No. 1421040

File: 1642560782787.jpeg (174.27 KB, 750x597, 99F73B11-73C8-47F8-A4C2-79D234…)

Here’s one of the automatic tweets that went out from her account after she exchanged votes with this whore before she deleted the evidence, what a sad and desperate thing to do

No. 1421047

True, it’s bagged soup they add with water or heat up. I’m sure there’s plenty of local places in the area but no she has to spend her handouts on the shittiest possible chains fast food.

No. 1421064

It’s not even a ‘nice’ picture of the view or anything - just a dirt path and some raggy bushes.

She’s not even being taken to nice places worth bragging about - just a normal, uninteresting walk to get fresh air.

She really has nothing going on in her life.

No. 1421086

You guys are WRONG, you can get soup inside an entire bowl of bread, and a side, for only $7.50 and it is better than any canned soup(derailing)

No. 1421089

I love the kind of derailing that happens in this thread when Shayna is being boring

No. 1421095

damn nonny, i'm sold

No. 1421130

Making it unlikely that her fatigue is not from a “flu” like she says. The heavy drinking is going to always make the morning feel like shit. I wonder if anyone has pointed out her binge drinking habits?

No. 1421175

File: 1642572990116.jpeg (430.93 KB, 750x1079, 346611E2-8BF3-48B6-8018-AF924B…)

The only thing she got right is how dull and grey Shay is

No. 1421237

kek the fucking delusion

No. 1421258

Her having a mermaid tail is the most accurate thing about this image

No. 1421283

Seems like she just drew some random doodle and went "yeah sure it's you" kek

No. 1421331

File: 1642599941613.jpeg (30.56 KB, 827x207, 3D8B36BF-08E3-4D67-90D2-59CA8D…)

Or she’s got massive beer goggles. Loving the two random white streaks in her hair

No. 1421333

Waiting for an art anon to add her veins and gunt to this.

No. 1421334

Even in the drawing Shayna’s positioning her arms to hide her beer gut. Good job Pixie!

No. 1421339

did she say anywhere that this is supposed to be shayna or is it just fattys delusions speaking? nothing in the mermaid even resembles her??

No. 1421422

Good question, I’d assume she told her? Otherwise, how embarrassing. Only resemblance to me is a sort of “pretty” version of the Yaniv smirk

No. 1421424

File: 1642608012186.jpeg (370.18 KB, 1458x2068, 12A77557-EC93-4F77-B698-42E539…)

Apparently she did

No. 1421425

File: 1642608113253.jpeg (412.83 KB, 1088x1936, A97BE5F7-AB01-48B0-B900-4116A5…)

Yaniv smirk

No. 1421555

File: 1642616001619.jpeg (Spoiler Image,177.79 KB, 750x1582, 8905FAA1-FC79-444E-8555-7EBD7D…)

kek at the one response

No. 1421608

Sexualizing domestic violence? Utterly tasteless

No. 1421621

Her dad is going to have to fly out to identify her body after some scrote takes this as an open invitation. Makes me sick.

No. 1421624

a better translation would be: "do you want to get that pork face you have beaten? beg you fucking pork"

which makes it funnier

No. 1421650

Is it just me or have the comments on her posts gotten more degrading/misogynistic/violent lately?

That's all just from this thread. And not to mention the way Ellen Degenerate and her "Dad boyfriend" talk down to her and give her hints about not being such a slob.
I mean it's to be expected of these disgusting incels, but it just seems like she's gotten a lot more of those types of comments lately.
Though I can't imagine why. Couldn't be how she presents and talks about herself and posting more escalated fantasies to be edgy.
You can tell though that she pretends she has a humiliation kink (and with the God awful embarrassing content you'd almost believe it) but she only let's people irl talk down to her because she needs them/the attention. Her interactions she posts with coomers are always so bitchy. I'd think all these "shut up, whore" type comments she's been getting would get to her. But sex work is totally empowering!!

No. 1421729

it's exactly how fupa talked to her/he would openly smack her in the face in public etc.

No. 1421737

I mean she truly brings it on herself

No. 1421740

It does seem like she's beginning to attract scary degens who get off on ugly girls getting humiliated. I think it started with the diaper porn. She's delusional enough to think that they come to see her "cute chubby body" and "uwu bimbo positivity" when in reality they fully realize how gross she is and it's just what happens to make their pp hard. I guarantee these scrotes imagine stuff about her that's way worse than any insult that lolcow anons can muster.

No. 1421754

File: 1642625201653.jpeg (635.09 KB, 1170x1266, 9E30C9BA-F28A-415A-9CC7-F114CB…)

No. 1421755

File: 1642625250773.jpeg (504.06 KB, 1170x1597, D9AD8191-5600-46A9-B2A1-6FB18C…)

No. 1421822

File: 1642629209649.gif (1.06 MB, 498x372, 2B39590A-2652-45E0-8314-EF36F0…)

Remember this segment on Maury that was considered completely absurd and fake? This is now Shayna Clifford showing her asshole for panera soup everyday. Thriving and brave!

No. 1421874

The irony of posting these two within time of each other. I get that catfish/fake profiles doesn't mean she scams on her accounts but she has no forethought to not put them next to each other lol.

No. 1421920

Shayna: "throw your money to the wind and take a chance on getting scammed by a catfish idk what else to say"
Also scammed can just use the same links. There's definitely ways she can prove it's her without doing the dumb picture thing (which she demanded her discord serve do btw) she's just lazy and stupid. And when she's bottom barrel, she should probably try a bit more to bring in any customers she can get like it's so hard for her to snap a selfie or post some other proof such as " my official email is ____ and I'll send you an email from it rn" or any dozen other things that take 2 minutes.

No. 1422005

File: 1642640921296.jpeg (284.91 KB, 750x958, 2D1FDF39-DF6E-401F-8804-04C73C…)

she’s filming with lovinglyhandmadepornography again, he liked the tweet (unless she pussies out again like last time)

No. 1422020

Why does this sound weirdly creepy? Like him playing with her is more personal fun than professional. I mean, fuck it. These are degenerates and she surrounds herself with the worse of them.

No. 1422026

File: 1642642270175.png (910.56 KB, 921x1175, mermaid.png)

Ask and you shall receive

No. 1422033

If you replace the stuff in the basket with soap, a water bottle and the alarm clock Ellen gave her for Christmas it makes the caption from the original picture funnier.
>She doesn't know what these shiney things are, but the human men on the surface give them to her every time she sees them

No. 1422038

This is really good anon wtf? Shay doesn’t deserve your talent

No. 1422039

amazing, anon! I think she still needs her awful "signature" wings and her face needs to be about 2 shades different from the rest of her body, if you're still looking to tweak it

No. 1422042

Bless you, nonnie. The fucking mayochup got me.

No. 1422043

Lmao yeah I forgot, she asked her discord members for their govt IDs but asking for one selfie to verify she’s not a catfish is such an imposition.

No. 1422044

Greasy slicked hair too kek

No. 1422060

Perfection in the details. You got the weird "M" shape of her eyebrow, cheap spider lashes and marionette lines

No. 1422101

File: 1642649484404.jpg (435.28 KB, 921x1175, 3589034750348098-239.jpg)

I had to add her wings and her signature waxy corpse skin tone.

No. 1422104

Not to shit in your fan art of the fan art but the eyebrows were more accurate on >>1422026

No. 1422151

File: 1642656868649.jpeg (201.75 KB, 750x732, 5C714CB2-C2AB-4BF2-BD1B-12B364…)

she's so fat and bitchy it's no wonder that they aren't voting for her

No. 1422155

Even with all the begging and buying votes off other girls she’s dropped from 6th to 8th

No. 1422163

she looks so unwashed.

No. 1422326

Ah yes, when paying for votes doesn't cut it, passive aggressive guilting your small group of coomers is the final tactic to still lose some contest that ultimately means nothing lol

No. 1422583

File: 1642706920201.jpeg (Spoiler Image,131.69 KB, 750x1182, A3BF3033-EDD8-4A6C-8CFD-4E3586…)

What is this face and filter I hate it

No. 1422604

File: 1642709489108.png (816.34 KB, 921x1175, mernaid2.png)

Edited with your suggestions. May I suggest the new thread name be Mayochup Mermaid Edition?

No. 1422613

This is definitely the one. chefs kiss

No. 1422641

>mayochup mermaid
fucking kek

No. 1422655

File: 1642713684348.jpeg (687.92 KB, 1170x942, F04F0B4D-B2D4-4AE9-BA1E-486235…)

No. 1422672

Eat a vegetable fatty

No. 1422674

The amount of butter and salt on those eggs is gross, she uses so much salt it’s all over her stove

No. 1422675

All her tacky cheap pink kitchenware that never gets used kek why does her girly aesthetic have to be represented by measuring spoons and spatulas

No. 1422679

i know this gets brought up a lot but there is no fucking way she doesn’t feel like shit constantly. to just eat poorly all the time is bad enough for you but to pair that with constantly smoking weed + cheap alcohol….. fuck i can’t imagine living in her body

No. 1422700

Sad, greasy eggs less lopsided than her moneymakers.

No. 1422705

At least the portions are somewhat normal for a breakfast, sadly it’s ruined by all the salt. Bacon is salty enough and the grease to fry an egg if you need oil or butter is enough.

No. 1422706

Other girls be out here earning scholarships & shit & Shayna can't even win a contest for pissing in diapers. She can't even succeed at being a degenerate lol.

No. 1422709

2 eggs, three pieces of toast and one slice of bacon. What weird portions, but it doesn't matter because I'm sure she ate more after that.

No. 1422724

Derail but lol where is the 3rd toast??

No. 1422725

Is this her once a year try cooking for herself thing that doesn't even last a week? Lol

No. 1422734

Shay ate it duh

No. 1422739

That stove looks incredibly clean for her standards. I’ll bet this is the first time she’s used it. Same with those pans. They don’t even look seasoned.

>the pooling butter


No. 1422742

File: 1642722221163.gif (18.54 MB, 600x1067, 95AB32E6-4B29-47E5-9F64-6D27E3…)

She still looks tacky as fuck, but the curly hair and the bra are an improvement. She just looks so much more greasy when she straightens it, and the curls hide her dandruff better. How she manages to have both a dry flakey scalp and greasy hair though I have no idea

No. 1422743

File: 1642722335341.jpeg (252.87 KB, 1242x1004, 01119817-DB1E-4875-A3F6-732E4A…)

Kek they would roast you

No. 1422744

File: 1642722387093.jpeg (184.46 KB, 1118x2048, 661CD80F-72DF-47B5-86A1-3B13AF…)

Nevermind I hate it. She even wore blush but it looks awful

No. 1422748

Ripped her nails off again too

No. 1422749

File: 1642722512481.png (Spoiler Image,5.12 MB, 1242x2208, 2F09CF6E-D1B2-434E-8F81-86024B…)

The discharge and the giant boil on her crusty coochie

No. 1422750

What the fuck is this “look” ? at least she’s wearing a bra, but the bra is black and she’s wearing a white top….

No. 1422756

This hair is a improvement, her straight hair is so limp. She doesn't even bump the ends or anything, it looks like straw. I know this is filtered but big curly hair looks better on her. She looks like a fat wet duck with straight hair

No. 1422757

What's the point of this picture? You can barely see anything…except for that huge flat bump/wart

No. 1422760

I guess she is starting to realize her tits are sagging and she needs a bra. Also are the hand warmers to hide her fat wrists?

No. 1422763

I know people are roasting her for this, but I’m actually flabbergasted. Round of applause for Shay. Didn’t think you had it in you, fatty. Learn to boil pasta while you’re at it, show off your jarred marinara and penne skills.
Like, I know everything on there is drowning in grease and salt, but Jesus, at least it RESEMBLES a reasonable breakfast, especially when compared to the milkshake and mini doughnut combo she was breakfasting on daily in Tulsa.

No. 1422764

It was actually a screen cap from a video kek

No. 1422765

Literally the only actual bra she has. And that white lace bralette thing she's still trying to squeeze into.

What's going on on the left bottom part of the bow? There's a weird black streak

No. 1422767

Damn, I’m gonna say it: I think she found her fucking look. No doubt she looks trashier than ever—she used to get compared to Mathilda’s mom in earlier threads, and that comparison has never been more accurate than now—but at least this looks/feels trashy in an intentional, styled way, if that makes sense. Anons have mentioned before that leaning into a sort of trashy, trailer park aesthetic (instead of trying for bimbo baby, failing miserably, and instead serving meth mom in a onesie realness) would serve her a bit better, maybe she actually listened.

No. 1422769

Did she empty a can of cooking spray before making the eggs? Is that why the egg yolks look so oily?

No. 1422774

File: 1642724482148.jpg (122.5 KB, 1036x1382, High class bimbo.jpg)

Kek gross. Reminds me of when she posted picrel

No. 1422777

Showing off her depressing tits by way of a dark bra and a light shirt is a MAJOR improvement compared to the braless underboob-but-just-one-boobs-worth-of-underboob-because-zombie-tit look from before. A sheer white tee or even a sheer deconstructed button down would obviously be an improvement over the tank top, but, I mean…it’s Shay, she’s trash.

No. 1422795

underrated comment

No. 1422808

this gives me trisha paytas vibes. and not in a funny way.

No. 1422811

Is that… a herpes flare up?? Or bad ingrown? Not to blogpost but I have trich/derm & ive never had an ingrown or scab look like this? It looks like one of those red raised mole or birthmark but it’s never been there before ?

No. 1422814

I want to cut that red thing off of her so bad, my OCD is going off

No. 1422815

Whatever it is, she should not be filming with that guy next week until she gets tested. Could be hpv. But she did have full blown intense pussy boils last time she worked with him so his standards are pretty low it seems.

No. 1422816

That’s what I’m sayin everytime I see those dr Sandra lee videos I can’t help but think about how someone could let something that vile fester without going to a doctor sooner to get it fixed/extracted

No. 1422818

If she keeps gaining by the summer we'll see her in her favorite white long sleeved crop tops but with a bra. Or she'll just walking around with one nipple high and the other low and flopping everywhere. I feel like she wears a bra when she wants to film herself front on and can't angle it. Giving herself a cleavage makes her look less shapeless.

No. 1422824