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File: 1626879858290.jpeg (1.3 MB, 3359x3464, 9ADA5B43-6731-40C9-B0EE-910F52…)

No. 1281545

Repetitive comments about Shayna's vagina is grounds for a 1 day ban. Repetitive nitpicks about her body and face are subject to a 1 day ban. Reposting the same photos zoomed in and edited is not milk and you will receive a ban for nitpicking.
REMEMBER: Sage when there’s no milk, no nitpicking and/or blogposting and please try to curb your enthusiasm when posting screenshots from other cam girls. This is a Shay thread. Do not reply to spergs. Do not mention Kyle Nathan Perkins/ Fupa unless relevant. Do not make repetitive comments about Shayna’s retarded pets.

Recent Milk:
>Shayna panhandling her way to Seattle >>1276013, demands her customers pay for her renters insurance
>Shayna still hasn’t finished packing her apartment >>1276096, continues to slack off, >>1276097, 18 days Kyle.
>Shayna packed 2 whole boxes, >>1276223 and now needs a food break, >>1276219,
> Shayna showcases her discolored dirty shoe collection on tiktok, >>1276215 , which gets barely any interaction.
>Shayna continues to subtweet about Fupa >>1276415, >>1276417, >>1276297, >>1276837, >>1279056, >>1279098, >>1279287
>Shayna demands more furniture for her new apartment from her Splenda Daddies aka grayhairnotold and Jason R Womack >>1276712,
>Shaynus cleans her bathroom >>1276757, surprise it’s still filthy, >>1276763, >>1277843,
>Diabetes breakfast for Shayna which is just sugar doughnuts and a high calorie coffee milkshake >>1277190, >>1277235, which explains her ongoing weight gain, >>1277650, >>1277684
>Shayna tries to sell her snatch photos on onlyfans, >>1277270, no one buys them so she posts them for free on her page
>Shayna gets drunk at brunch >>1277953, when she’s suppose to be packing, >>1278057, continues eating like a hog
>Shayna “donates” her filthy clothes >>1278332, and wants to donate her dishes >>1279133
>Shayna tries selling her disgusting couch for $500, >>1278477, >>1278843, >>1278847, an Anon discovers Scammy Mattel is using an old pic of the couch to try and sell, >>1278881
>Shayna wants to throw away all her items, including dishes, because she thinks her coomers will continue to throw money on this ungrateful wasteful bitch, >>1279123, >>1279811, >>1279576, also demands doordash gift cards because she is getting rid of her dishes, >>1279242
>Shayna still thinks it’s cute to be mentally retarded. She didn’t know you were suppose to clean the lint traps for her clothing dryer, >>1279146, >>1279164, >>1279166, Shows up to appointment late because she went to the wrong place >>1280369
>Shayna talks about her abuse and trauma from Fupapa and his lady hands, >>1279883, 1279934, despite saying he’s such a good guy, >>1279926
>Shayna posts a video of her stripping at a bar in true Grimace style >>1281473

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No. 1281547

File: 1626879949194.jpeg (1.13 MB, 1171x2181, EDC97E48-93B1-40D0-823D-6939FB…)

No. 1281548

Didn’t want to accidentally lock the thread with a comment but
Kek incredible anon, fucking got me

No. 1281551

As someone in the last thread said, it looks like she's got her ass hanging out in a booth, and presumably hanging over a table. I'm not trying to encourage any cow tipping but this restaurant should be aware of this. Great way to expose your other patrons to ecoli with this hog flailing her leaking anus all over the place…

No. 1281561


Doing crap like this literally paints a target on your back. Especially when you are so wasted and out alone…and we all know this twat has no friends.

No. 1281563

Ahh just finished my summary. Anyways, dumping in honor of the mods:

Shayna Clifford/Dolly Mattel #85: Unhinged Anons, How It Feels Like to Snort Powdered Milk Edition

>>1275978 >>1276097 fupa-bait thread starter
>>1276218 reposting her ghetto tiktok on twitter due to low interaction
>>1276277 professional grimace impersonator
>>1276297 >>1276415 >>1276417 tried and true fupaulwhine with monster's inc response
>>1276459 more blogposting
>>1276757 bathroom packing shenanigans
>>1276885 poly sperg
>>1277018 kylie acting like half his age and brain mass
>>1277190 more calorie stuffing
>>1277684>>1277760 ominous bath omen
>>1277921 >>1278913 did fooploops caught the bug?
>>1277942 more embarassing outings
>>1278477 >>1278881 scamna gotta scam
>>1278672 jesus christ
>>1278950 mark of fupa and anons descent to madness
>>1279123 >>1279146 shayna p[laying retard
>>1279287 petty
>>1279514 d
>>1279576 >>1279585 shayna thee natural hobo
>>1279718 >>1279745hehe
>>1279883 >>1279934
dum bitch
>>1280094 >>1280097 fuck
>>1280423 ahhh

No. 1281578

thank god you didn’t do the thread

No. 1281586

File: 1626883990957.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 408.92 KB, 1242x1989, 69BA97D7-4676-4E4F-BD25-1A7CA8…)


Prepare yourselves, ladies. It’s unfortunate.

No. 1281587

File: 1626884086247.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 401.79 KB, 1242x1622, 28A9002D-1D53-42AE-A5A3-C33149…)

This one was the worst of the two. I won’t subject you to both. She looks like she wandered out of (or was conceived in?) backwoods Appalachia.

No. 1281588

What happened to her "don't expose to non consenting parties"?

No. 1281589

she has to take any opportunity she can to flash her lopsided tits and rat teeth for whatever reason

No. 1281594

I hope there was no reason for the manager to check the cameras. Theyd never do anything about it I just worry for their stomach

No. 1281595

File: 1626884982715.jpg (8.39 KB, 206x275, Hurrdurr.jpg)

She looks so autistic here. Her bulbous chin and jacked teeth are revolting.

No. 1281596

If they saw it while it was happening she would have immediately been kicked out. They could lose their liquor license if anyone saw it and complained

No. 1281604

This is a great point. What an asshole fucking move. Liquor licenses are NOT cheap. I hate this bitch so goddamn much. The perfect storm of stupidity and main character syndrome.

No. 1281606

a business would not lose their whole liquor license because of one retarded customer that they don't have control over. some of you find the weirdest points to try to make.

No. 1281610

Omg she is so obviously busted and drunk. I wonder what it'll feel like for her to have a roommate again who may see her sloppiness firsthand. She's gotten so much worse since those two were seeing each other.

No. 1281613

Tried Googling to see how trashy this bar is. But I can't find it

No. 1281615

The rat face she had when she was skinny really shows through in the first photo

No. 1281620

Doubt it’s really “cum” . I’m sure that’s just the last 3 letters or some shit. Maybe it’s scum.

No. 1281627

File: 1626887898908.jpeg (41.22 KB, 526x275, 79C0F5B1-CF69-4817-BD72-31FCCE…)

Found it, shatnus is a god damn tard. Anon who said it probably said "scum" was correct.

No. 1281630

i wonder if she did some embarrassing shit like this that time she went out with fupaul and his friends that lead him to dump her. i mean if she’s willing to flash her pimpled ass and floppy tits at the bars booth when she’s buzzed, i can only imagine she shitshow she becomes when she’s piss drunk.

No. 1281633

File: 1626888264822.jpeg (253.12 KB, 750x1192, 1BFB227A-5C54-4FE8-81A7-4348AA…)

yep you’re absolutely right. found picrel on their tagged instagram pics for confirmation. censored innocent bystander.

No. 1281634

I love how she constantly has to smoosh her tits so the other doesn't drop. Also she's doing this for 100 likes yet she has thousands of followers.
She's retarded

No. 1281638

Lol cool it. It’s not that serious babe.

Stop and admire the scenery. Such as Shayna’s slow motion morph into a country cousin.

No. 1281639

When she's out all she wants to do is flash and make "content" that she barely gets above 100 likes on. I feel like when she's with someone she ramps it up.

No. 1281641

No. 1281643

Well yeah how else will she show off as being a super serial pornstar. I wonder if she went alone or if she treated Fupa for a night on the town.

It’s a euphemism for an inbred hick. I was making a joke. Google it and stop being so aggro. It’s embarrassing and annoying.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1281655

> anon, seeking clarification, utters a single word: "what?"
> stop being so aggro
unhinged anons indeed. it's not that serious babe

No. 1281656

File: 1626890631221.png (Spoiler Image, 1.29 MB, 737x844, dumbcunt.png)

You cut out the person's arm on the far right.
How did she not get kicked out for indecent exposer??

No. 1281663

File: 1626891691238.png (15.61 KB, 590x234, 2021-07-21 14_20_03-Window.png)

the fact that it's been 2 hours and it's barely at 80 likes…

No. 1281668

File: 1626892027964.jpg (279.79 KB, 1079x1423, Screenshot_20210721-132651_Twi…)

No. 1281669

holy shit, this dummy really couldn't count 10 days herself? lmfao

No. 1281670

Fucking retard couldn't even count the days herself

No. 1281671

wouldn't be surprised if it's her trying to seem uwu bimbo

No. 1281672

This ugly fucking bitch is tempting fate. She's lucky one of the men at the bar didn't proposition her for sex thinking she was a hooker and then murder her by the dumpster when she refused. I don't support cowtipping but how nice would it be to have her banned from the restaurant

No. 1281674

Are you okay? Please seek help nony.

No. 1281676

>10 day Kyle!!!

I fully expect one last love-bombing before she leaves.

Called it. Nothing is as-is with Shay. She could have punned off of scum but she thinks “cum” would have been funnier or something.

No. 1281682

she's supposedly moving in 10 days so i don't think that would really matter

No. 1281700

>but she thinks “cum” would have been funnier
The only three letters she should be stood in front of H, A and M

No. 1281716

File: 1626895261705.png (Spoiler Image, 278.7 KB, 586x727, 2021-07-21 15_20_39-Window.png)

who in the fuck gapes their ass at the table in a bar? i'm-


No. 1281717

File: 1626895296721.png (Spoiler Image, 231 KB, 595x734, 2021-07-21 15_12_35-Window.png)

No. 1281718

It looks like she's in a strip club or a back room or something idk

No. 1281725

Crusty braids and lop sided tits, wow so brave and stunning

No. 1281731

Imagine gaping your asshole in public for 100 likes on twitter kek

No. 1281738

File: 1626896268662.png (Spoiler Image, 3.11 MB, 1244x1612, whorepig.png)


No. 1281739

You hear a dude sneeze and she looks nervous. I hope this dumb bitch gets caught one day

No. 1281741

Fuck I knew it was Whittier bar. So glad she will be out of my city soon so I won't have to worry about running into her (again) while she's tits out.(no1curr)

No. 1281744

Tinfoil but this is a cry for help to fupa “come save me I’m drunk putting myself in danger”

No. 1281745

i'll pray for the poor soul that finally ends up happening upon this in the wild

No. 1281751

Befriend her 4 milk(encouraging cowtipping)

No. 1281752

You'd have to pay me

No. 1281753

File: 1626896761103.jpg (437.09 KB, 1080x1803, Screenshot_20210721-144554_Twi…)

No. 1281755

kek. TYFYA (thank you for your autism), anon

No. 1281775

File: 1626898032744.jpg (265.08 KB, 1080x1825, Screenshot_20210721-150643_Twi…)

Is Shay going to claim this is a new "sugar daddy"?

No. 1281776

kek yeah it really is remarkably bad

No. 1281789

File: 1626899214849.png (11.06 KB, 600x104, 2021-07-21 16_26_38-Window.png)

No. 1281799

indecent exposure is a felony in Oklahoma. the potential penalty ranges from 30 days to 10 years in prison, up to $20,000 in fines, and sex offender registration for 15 years. and she's posting evidence that proves beyond a reasonable doubt that she committed this felony by (a) willfully; (b) and in a lewd manner; (c) exposing her vagina; (d) in a public place. what a shame it would be if she got herself arrested in the days leading up to her move.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1281804

Maybe she really does have a humiliation fetish after all. Because this is deeply embarrassing.

No. 1281806


I can see her getting canceled over Twitter again by sex workers for this; im just waiting at this point

No. 1281807

Stop encouraging cowtipping

No. 1281814

No. 1281820

File: 1626901195194.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 498.81 KB, 1242x1034, F873316A-A792-493F-B52C-6A907C…)

Shayna is raising her OF prices back to $5. She is going to lose subscribers

No. 1281824

this was posted already. thanks for tricking me into watching it twice.

No. 1281868

That wide open, dark abyss she calls a vagina certainly goes against the lil girl pedo image she puts out there.

No. 1281869

i've been lurking through old shayna threads lately, anyone else think she will go through another "i'm an uwu lesbian no dick in me" phase? old dog can't learn new tricks right?

No. 1281871

It was posted because Anons forget this is an image board and Twitter links won’t work when Shayna gets her Twitter account banned for the 100th time

No. 1281873

I think it's possible since she's going back to Seattle to be with her ex gf. I can see her shitting on fupa and getting back with her and telling us alllllll about it

No. 1281875

File: 1626904137927.jpeg (710.1 KB, 1242x1206, 1B5B336B-47BF-4C90-B6A3-D99EB6…)

If you watch porn to the extent that you pay for it, you’re a dumbass and you need help with your coom addiction. Men who aren’t complete garbage don’t pay for porn and don’t watch it often

No. 1281878

Nope. 70% of her personality is based on things she puts in her body, Dicks in her ass, Dildos, buttplugs, food, weed and alcohol.
All she talks about is "Daddies" and she hates women. Not going to happen, I can't even see her being Fake Lesbian with a troon.

No. 1281883

Nah. She really wants male attention, and anything lesbian she does is with men in mind. Have you seen her painful lesbian porno in the old threads yet? It’s pretty tragic.

No. 1281887

Or the painful Screencaps from her cam shows with her "girlfriend"

No. 1281888

File: 1626905130655.jpg (137.39 KB, 1080x431, Screenshot_20210721-170519_Twi…)

Waiting for her to go off about this

No. 1281896

She's a pillow princess. She likes tall girls that make her feel uWu smol but doesn't actually like performing sex acts on girls it seems like. I saw that show and have seen her content. She got repulsed when she had to eat her ex gf out but never had any problem with her gf doing stuff to her. I hate that shit.

No. 1281909

she looked miserable in the VR porn

No. 1281911

And let's not forget when she did that MV lounge thing and all the other girls were totally annoyed with her

No. 1281914

Absolutely hilarious. Watch her make some point about how porn stars do have sex. She’s not one of them so it still doesn’t apply to her, though. That or she’ll dirty delete and block bc she’s a retarded coward.

No. 1281915

When she has to initiate it, she is. She is only attracted to women that want to use her body and beat her up. She is not interested in reciprocating at all.

No. 1281919

she’s just fake bi for tumblr/twitter points. i doubt she likes any of the interaction. she’s a self-described “actress” after all.

No. 1281922

File: 1626907245745.jpeg (375.21 KB, 750x1022, 42FC1FE5-4FD2-4EA5-961A-390A97…)

No. 1281924

maybe people thought she was special needs or something

No. 1281928

I wanna cow tip so badly. this is actually disgusting, spreading your shit flaked asshole on a public restaurant booth. the restaurant deserves to know.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1281930

File: 1626907525508.jpg (462.09 KB, 1080x1834, Screenshot_20210721-174428_Twi…)

No. 1281932

She posted on snap that she’s taking both cats with her but isn’t the orange one fupas?

No. 1281934

Seriously, anons lately are shit at OPs.

dOn'T dO sExUaL tHiNgS aRoUnD nOn-ConSenTiNg pArTiEs

No. 1281937

Yep. She likes attention and to be used. She's just only physically sexually attracted to men. She'll let a girl fuck her if it gets her attention and money.

No. 1281938

i’m going to go out on a limb and tinfoil since she now has both cats (seemingly permanently) and say she convinced fupa to adopt the cat and keep it with him when he didn’t actually want it and that’s how she ended up with it. her dumb ass probably equated it to them adopting a child together or something.

No. 1281942

Yeah I could see that. He took care of Rib meat for her too

No. 1281945

It's a bar and based on the screenshot that one of the other farmers posted, I doubt they would even care. It seems to be a skeezy place. Also, don't cowtip

No. 1281948

it’s a literal crime though

No. 1281956

Yeah if someone calls and the cops show up and you're naked but they're not going to go to a girls Twitter and see that and arrest her from an internet complaint. Don't cowtip.

No. 1281957

Her “best” content is free tho? Why is she being so salty.

No. 1281959

Porn is free, dumb fat bitch. No one wants to pay three $1 dollar bills for your nasty ass porn. Shayna doesn’t even make fetish content or anything that would make a coomer considered buying.
This scrote wasn’t complaining though. Shayna and e whores like fatgirlhunter are so easily triggered it’s amusing.

No. 1281960

i think thickgirlhunter was talking to shayna lol

No. 1281963

I don't even know why she has an OF in the first place. The screen caps I've seen from there are all her looking the absolute worst she ever has, bloated gut hanging out with no attempt to hide it, literal shit dripping out of her ass. Anyone who has actually ever paid to see that shit must just immediately cancel their subscription. She's a bait and switch in the worst possible way, considering her "bait" is homeless meth addict special needs aesthetic

No. 1281964

File: 1626910263607.jpeg (434.59 KB, 1242x1489, C12D4079-A0C2-4B26-A283-D3A091…)

$300 for a 20 minute video ??
Kek I love how gray hair didn’t even say he was going to do it

No. 1281966

I wish sex workers would stop that shit to be honest. People like free shit and Shayna's porn isn't unique enough and she's damn sure not attractive enough to be whining about people wanting free shit.
You can find a Shayna at every walmart and on every pornsite. Theres nothing special about her or her porn that you can't get for free or find someone who looks better who does it for free.

No. 1281967

Yeah I don’t know why the ugliest and the fattest women like Shayna make onlyfans. Then again men fuck anything and everything so it makes sense. It’s still embarrassing especially if you unintentionally shit all over your sex toys for less than a McDonald’s meal because you’re too lazy to douche the cheeseburgers out of your asshole. Her high school classmates must get a kick out of this I know I would.

No. 1281968

>$300 for a 20 minute video ??
that won't even be filmed for 10 days at the earliest

No. 1281975

Shayna probably unironically thinks that any classmate who doesn't see her lifestyle as "striving" are just jealous of her. They could be making more money then her, have an loving partner, good job they love, kids, family and friends, just a nice comfty life and Shayna would be accuse them of being jealous of something.

No. 1281978


Don't track her & don't cowtip. But do snap a pic if you see the cow out in the tulsa wild

No. 1281980

The best was when an anon saw her and Fupa at a burger place together

No. 1281981

It sounds like that 'sneeze' was someone saying slut.. Like back in school when youd pretended to sneeze and say something mean..

No. 1281982

Just watched that part back a few times and you're right anon. Plus with the face she makes after

No. 1281987

She's so out of it/just plain stupid that she forgets to zip her 5 dollar shorts back up and there's just one little button cutting into her fupa while the rest of it oozes out of the zipper. A healthy and sober woman. It's not dangerous at all to pander to dudes who are into this shit.

No. 1281992

As if they'll post again after getting jannie-b& when all the fupa-spergs & noodle-spergs still run free.

No. 1281997

Risking a life on the sex offender registry for twenty dollars. Sad!

No. 1282000

Respectfully jannies, why do I get a ban when autusm about fupa and noodle runs rampant in these threads? I was just confirming the bar she was at.
Inb4 ban again

No. 1282005

It probably had to do with the second part of your comment. Lolcow doesn't care at all about personal opinions or how you think you feel about something. But the amount of completely autistic nonsense that gets posted here without consequence is quite remarkable.

No. 1282007

File: 1626915471108.jpeg (648.88 KB, 1633x2760, 1D453F53-39C3-448D-847A-86AF33…)

I don’t see how laying with your fat rolls and fucking yourself with a butt plug in too small clothing is creative. The Aaron scrote got blocked by Shaynus for simply responding

No. 1282010

$300 for two cats to be vaccinated? Has she never had them vaccinated before? Yearly you’re supposed to at least get the rabies shot done and that’s only around $35. When I take my cat in for her yearly medical exam and shots they only do rabies, I don’t understand why or how the vaccines could have been $300?

No. 1282011

Just dip out bb. Let the jannies deal with the thread being overrun with the type of posters they encourage.
The Shayna threads are already the asshole of this site & the reason is bc the mods allow tards to infight for 50 posts, then randomly ban the 51st person that says "hey, can yall shut up & get on topic".

No. 1282013

File: 1626915781738.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 532.98 KB, 1242x943, 556B8A04-88A7-43BA-8302-DFB2ED…)

Now she is saying it costed $380 to vaccinate her cats….she is begging for a reimbursement on onlyfans

No. 1282016

I love how you can tell she's by herself too kek Imagine going to a dead bar on a Tuesday night by your lonesome to post up Fupa bait and looking like an absolute ass clown while doing it. Truly unhinged.

No. 1282017

File: 1626916653357.jpeg (216.8 KB, 828x506, 356777FD-3024-4706-A54F-E53EEB…)

How? Unless she got a medical exam as well but even then exams are usually $40 depending on what clinic you go to.

No. 1282020

Shay always blows up the price of things so I'm not saying she isn't lying but if she's flying with the cats then she probably got them examined as well. Pretty much every airline requires a certificate of health from the vet, and the exam+certificate can be pricey.

No. 1282024

I moved from Alaska to Texas via flight and it cost me roughly $100 to get an exam, vaccines, and a paper say they’re able to fly. My guess she’s just adding in the cost of the Uber to get there and the fast food she paid for while waiting for them to get done at the vet.

No. 1282025

Yeah the sneeze was definitely a dude calling her a slut lol, also did she delete from twitter? Doesn't show for me anymore

No. 1282027

The bar she went to sounded empty as fuck. Every bar Is loud as fuck especially with music playing. Shatnas life is truly depressing and makes it seem like she’s in some alternate reality where no one wants to interact with her at all kek

No. 1282036

I mean is it totally possible she also had flea preventatives given to her? Considering she totally wouldn’t do it on her own. Maybe a shave? I am very confused by the total considering that shouldn’t break 200 for both if anything

No. 1282037


Didn't catch that at all! Holy shit, so clearly whoever this was could see what she was up to and in close enough range to be heard over the music. Why do people just let shit like this happen without doing anything? She spread her ass cheeks open and was shaking her nasty butt all over the booth table.

Kinda surprised she didn't start fingering herself with some cutlery or a bottle of ketchup tbh.

No. 1282038

It does sound like it and the faces she was making in that video were so weird. I also hate how she adds seconds of her drinking, she does it on purpose and I don't get it. Nobody is impressed by her food or drinks. It's weird how it comes off like she thinks people are like, "Wow look at what she's drinking/eating" it's not interesting.

No. 1282044

Kek it totally was. And she was acting like she was in the bar just doing this shit. Like moving slow and watching for people. And she seemed shocked when the guy “sneezed” slut at her.

Amazing. She’s a fucking disaster.

No. 1282045

i think you guys have just convinced yourself you’re hearing that like the yanny/laurel meme from a few years ago

No. 1282046

I've listened to it multiple times and it sounds like "SHLUUUHHHHH!". Which could be "slut" if you were trying to say that while genuinely sneezing, I guess, kek.

No. 1282047

File: 1626919290504.png (1.66 MB, 1279x2048, Screenshot_20210721-205939.png)

The booth she's sitting as is in the back right by the bathrooms/bar pos. Literally everyone in the bar could probably see her.

No. 1282049

That was 100% cough slut

Turn it up and listen harder. Look at her face when he says it.

No. 1282053

i know you guys really latch onto these tinfoils but a random dude sneezing that loud would startle anyone that was naked at their table, let’s be real. if someone was bothering to cryptically call her a slut they would’ve just had her thrown out or actually accosted her. it doesn’t make any sense that someone would see it, draw attention to it and then leave it at that.

No. 1282058

This. It's milky enough that she was flashing her asshole and filming it in close enough proximity to another person that a sneeze would be audible. I can't believe she's stooped this low

No. 1282059

As much as I want it to be true. I agree. It can be taken as the comedic cough word but it’s only a sneeze. Does she also not realize that they also probably have security cameras as well. She’s such a stupid faggot and not in the “cutesy” bimbo way. She is going to get herself into some kind of fucked up trouble one day.

No. 1282063

He definitely says slut

No. 1282064

show me a world where a man sees a drunk girl alone in a bar getting NAKED and coughs the word slut instead of going up to her and trying to get involved or being absolutely disgusted? this isn’t middle school…

No. 1282066

Kek how is it that it’s not possible in your world that some dude who’s been drinking, happens to look over at disgusting shay spreading her ass at a phone, and doesn’t resort to high school antics like /coughslut/

No. 1282067

people that aren’t chronically online aren’t used to seeing e-whores full gape in public. it would have absolutely elicited more of a reaction if she’d been noticed. does this really need to be argued?

No. 1282069

Well it puts people in too awkward/shocked of a position to do anything. Tbh if I saw something like that, I’d tell my friends but not say anything unless I let out an audible sound of surprise.

No. 1282070

Samefag now that I think about it, I’d probably tell an employee, but yeah not say anything out loud to her though

No. 1282071

Tell me you only hang out with skeezes w/o telling me you only hang out with skeezes

No. 1282072

People here really don't get out much do they… this is exactly something some drunk guy would do. Regardless of how much it did or didn't sound like it. It's drunk male behaviour.

No. 1282075

how do you go to /ot/ and see everyone talking about creepy men coming up to them day and night but suddenly itt it’s odd that one in a bar on a tuesday would react any way other than passively to a literal naked girl in public?

No. 1282078

Shayna is ugly

No. 1282080

KEK I’m sorry but drunkenly taking pictures of her butthole in public is the funniest thing she’s done in a long time, she continues to outdo herself

No. 1282083

Lmao thank you for your contribution

No. 1282086

Classic Shaynus
Anon was right though. She looked like a hooker that was looking for someone to rent her for the night

No. 1282091

I wonder who she was with/if she knew she was doing something illegal, because her eyes kept darting over to our right, like she was trying to make sure no one saw her. I 100% believe she was trying to do this in a corner or something, and didn't expect someone to walk by and call her out, kek.

No. 1282096

Nonnie spitting straight facts. Imagine being too ugly for a dive bar in Oklahoma.

No. 1282120

Farmers' hatred of Shay trumps their hatred of creepy moids. They'll deny that moids gonna moid just to own her kek

No. 1282137

Not everyone is a fucking creep jfc. It's literally plausible some dude might have been at his favorite bar winding down after some shit ass shift, looked over and saw this fucking rat goblin spreading it's nonexistent ass.

Surprise, dudes have standards and shatnus is pretty fucking low on the scale, like scraping the bottom of your shoe looking for sustinence and eating the mud nasty.

No. 1282147

File: 1626931633599.jpeg (350.98 KB, 750x1102, 1D9AECCA-7093-41B1-80A5-C08EC0…)

>Surprise, dudes have standards
do they?

No. 1282155

2:53 pm lol

No. 1282156

>better than sloppy
>just take one look at anything this girl posts or films while drunk
>tell me it’s not sloppy
>seriously humor me

I hate men

No. 1282158

that was her posting the video from the night before after 100 likes

No. 1282163

I feel like if he had said 'slut' then she would've posted about the fact.

No. 1282166

nta but this is really nasty to do where people eat, what a bizarrely entitled thing to do

No. 1282168

That last comment, jesus christ. And she panders to rapey scum just like him. Trash.

No. 1282171

File: 1626935025610.gif (13.82 MB, 600x735, hambarstrip.gif)

it was definitely for her and she did notice and was scared an amused by it, you can see her do her tranny smirk afterwards..

No. 1282184

I just wonder what the person thought whdn they saw her, if anyone saw her. I bet the last thing they thought was, "this girl is in the corner alone taking nudes for $20 and less then 100 likes for 5 scrotes to comment on it on twitter"
I don't know what's worse, Shayna doing this alone in the corner for so little attention/money, or doing this with Fupa or a "friend".
I truly think this is the only thing that turns Shayna on, flashing in public places/bathrooms while drunk.

No. 1282200

File: 1626944805189.png (Spoiler Image, 28.3 KB, 464x539, imsorry.png)

She looks like a cross between the soyboy wojak and mcnuggies meme. sage for autism

No. 1282203

File: 1626945309639.jpeg (46.13 KB, 798x644, F49B925C-9A37-4BEA-BC32-0041F7…)

The day she gets caught and gets put on the sex offender registry can’t come soon enough. She may get off easy currently with her degenerate behavior and being a bad person overall because no one gives a single fuck about her, but her time will come. It always does.

>Hi! I’m Shayna Clifford your new neighbor. Required by law, I am here to inform you that I am a registered sex offender.

No. 1282213

Generous of you to assume that she will follow the law and decalre that she's one.

No. 1282217

What about muttering "slut" at Shayna is in conflict with their supposed "standards" lmao

No. 1282231

If she didn’t luckily the neighborhood would still know. Thanks Megan’s Law!

No. 1282261

It’s like you all want the entertainment to stop or something. Sit back, stop worrying about taking her down and just laugh at her dumb ass. Bored of the moral outrage itt.

No. 1282271

Nonnies appeared to forget Shay's drunken topless al fresco jog from the early days.

No. 1282278

She’s taking herself down. No one here is “worried” about doing it for her. It’s the inevitable.

No. 1282279

>moral outrage
It’s normal to condemn a whore for exposing herself in public, especially places where children can be present. I stg some of the anons here are worse sex workers than Shaynus trying to feel better about themselves.

No. 1282284

no one is taking their child to a dive-bar that has a sign saying “scum”

No. 1282286

Are you new here or are you purposely igorning the other times she’s exposed herself at a place where children would be present?

No. 1282287

A bar necessarily means it's going to be at least 18 and up. Please, for the love of god twitterfags, stop trying to cowtip. You're worse than the people who tried to get animal control called on Shay.

No. 1282288

>discussing a cow on LC is now considered cowtipping

No. 1282289

no, i’m saying in this instance, dumbass.

No. 1282290

The “steakhouse” she went to definitely wasn’t 18+ retard.

And by your logic suddenly it’s okay to flash your shit at unconsenting adults because they’re 18/21+ at a bar? Damn the sex workers are out strong here coping this morning.

No. 1282291

Obviously I wasn’t. Learn to read dumbass.

No. 1282293

where did i say that, cunt? i literally only said “people aren’t taking their kids to a dive bar”.

No. 1282294

Chill out already no one cares

No. 1282301

Yeah ok and she didn’t flash at a steakhouse lmfao so why bring that up and ah yes, the typical everyone annoyed by pointless derailing moralfagging is an e-whore defense kek

No. 1282302

She did in the bathroom with someone in the stall behind her

No. 1282311

ladies, can’t we all get along

No. 1282337

File: 1626966899063.jpeg (67.91 KB, 275x206, 304CA16A-64BD-47CC-8E44-7C6B28…)

No. 1282341

Yes she did flash in the steakhouse. She was in there so long the lights went out on her. If you think a discussion on a cow flashing in public is derailing you’re very lost.

No. 1282343

File: 1626967570005.jpeg (756.19 KB, 1284x1122, 8B812EC7-A757-4388-A0C6-C47E7B…)

I really can’t get over her ugly ass jessica yaniv smirk she thinks is so cute

No. 1282344

Some of these replies have gotta be bait at this point

No. 1282355

File: 1626968669453.jpg (249.87 KB, 1080x801, Screenshot_20210722-104409_Twi…)

You don't support any girls

No. 1282368

Fucking anons infighting while Shaynus ACTUALLY WASHED HER HAIR FOR ONCE.

No. 1282378

so ironic that she posts this shit when she herself is the mean girl

No. 1282391

it’s a 2 day old post

No. 1282416

I don't get why she doesn't leave it curly. Bigger hair could make her look a millimeter smaller or at least emulate some well-fed woman being painted in the 1600s look.

No. 1282424

she used to, so i think she legitimately fucked up her curl pattern with this braiding it while wet routine

No. 1282426

She washed it nonetheless instead of putting it in a bun as she always does, even though it will be greasy again by now.

Agreed, I thought her curly hair was cute but I guess it isn‘t very bImBo so..

No. 1282429

she washed it and then immediately put it into the turd braids

No. 1282440

File: 1626977975265.jpeg (163.38 KB, 1242x481, 998EA04B-4A42-4235-830E-58F2FD…)

I thought she already had the appointment but showed up at the wrong place. So she missed her first appointment because she’s a retard? She barely has any eyebrows anyways.

No. 1282441

That’s because her hair looks like shit kek
Turd braids will always make me chuckle

No. 1282446


I can’t wait…

for them to be exact same. No noticeable difference, probably.

No. 1282460

Didn't she just very recently get them micobladed? Why would she need them done again?

No. 1282472

that's how it works…even if you take care of your brows (and kek we know she did not), it's standard practice to have a follow up appointment

No. 1282475

she got them laminated. microblading is when they tattoo the eyebrow hairs, laminating is just a strengthening treatment to make them look fluffier and full. not sure where she got them done but they did a shit job the first time so they probably won’t look any different.

No. 1282479

Naw, they were microbladed a couple threads back. Probably because she doesn't have enough brow to bother laminating lol.

No. 1282480

File: 1626983205748.jpg (370.79 KB, 1080x1729, 1621982235926.jpg)

Dropped pic AND forgot to sage, awesome.

No. 1282481

This response to what he's saying makes no sense. He's right. If she was actually putting out content where she was being railed instead of sucking the same sorry ass shit speckled dildo, she'd probably make a little more money.

No. 1282499

File: 1626986245426.jpeg (1.27 MB, 3432x3414, 99F91A51-BDA8-46B7-B362-EF754E…)

Shayna has 9 more days and she still needs money for her move. Get your shit together and stop spending money on brunch, alcohol, and doordash, fatty. She looks homeless here. https://www.dropbox.com/s/19bnb0jv7k3n5we/turdbraids.mp4?dl=0

No. 1282504

File: 1626986385455.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 1.27 MB, 1135x2193, CD3A4325-EA45-47C7-B90C-2FABF7…)

No. 1282505

if only she wasn't out blowing money on $500 twitter art and badly microbladed eyebrows

No. 1282506

File: 1626986615459.jpeg (684.84 KB, 2684x1531, CDF99026-470B-4376-BEAF-7E9FAE…)

Looks like she’s in a doctor’s office bathroom or something…she’s so hideous

No. 1282507

buscemi looks different here

No. 1282508

File: 1626986929894.png (7.72 MB, 1242x2208, E138364B-1E37-4419-B9F8-7195FA…)

No. 1282510

I can't stand that fake voice and laugh she does

No. 1282511

Is she wearing the same tank from the bar?

No. 1282512

She only has like ten outfits so that wouldn’t be a surprise

No. 1282513

she sounds so out of breath for no reason too

No. 1282516

She’s such a scammer kek if she needed money that bad she could have not done her brows because it has nothing to do with her move?? She’s so retarded

No. 1282518

eyebrows should be the last thing she's worried about when she looks like that. she needs to get hair hair done, stay away from the turd braids, and put on makeup again. she makes pigs look beautiful tbh

No. 1282519

File: 1626987337609.png (Spoiler Image, 225.86 KB, 350x518, Screenshot 2021-07-22 225503.p…)

her gut is fucking huge but what else is new

No. 1282521

File: 1626987442844.jpg (114.02 KB, 1252x1252, sad-pepe.jpg)

The alcoholic eye bloat makes her look like pepe.

No. 1282522

File: 1626987519787.jpeg (64.17 KB, 612x612, CB5C851C-18A4-4E04-9094-1CB57C…)

Hogna looks like a mix of a pig and a rat
She looks like picrel: beady eyes, big nose, and fucked up yellow teeth.

No. 1282527

These pig comparisons are very hurtful to all pigs involved.

No. 1282533

File: 1626988961790.png (Spoiler Image, 586.64 KB, 568x1097, piggy_piggy.png)

Shayna always blends so well with pigs in Photoshop.(spoiler your autistic fanart)

No. 1282537

you couldn’t at least use a spoiler on this autism?

No. 1282544

File: 1626990516833.jpeg (656.24 KB, 2409x3288, 16CBB5A6-5D2B-492E-8D19-77E5FF…)

No. 1282545

No. 1282550


No. 1282569

File: 1626995518342.jpg (63.58 KB, 775x550, kek.jpg)

i can't anon

No. 1282577

the very finest eyebrows from 2009 right there, Jesus

No. 1282588

File: 1626998394741.jpeg (409.16 KB, 1242x1138, B79B12B2-ECFB-4C75-9207-71B495…)

Piggy got out of breath packing so she needs a uwu gamer girl break

No. 1282604

Way better than what they were though. At least these two are in the same area code.

No. 1282610

File: 1627001311864.gif (1.89 MB, 500x200, 918472DB-5A16-4167-9250-79BD00…)

Her tits are like the eyes of that crab from Moana.

They look slightly better. Still awful tho.
At least if thin brows ever come back into style again in the next couple of years, she will be ahead of the game.

No. 1282631

File: 1627004860236.jpeg (13.29 KB, 225x225, FC1605E5-68DB-450D-8994-C0BB19…)

>I want closure with my ex
>9 days Kyle Nathan Perkins
>I still need money to move
>I’m rly stressed n sad n sentimental abt packing up n leaving
Fupa baiting hard and also leaving breadcrumbs in case she doesn’t wind up moving. Almost the weekend… let’s see how badly she fucks up.

No. 1282633

you have so much on your face to work on before even thinking about brows. get a nose job or something damn. it also looks like she has basically no eyelashes now which would be hilarious if they just fell out from not taking proper care

No. 1282652

This thread still makes me laugh sometimes

No. 1282663

She's going to try to get "closure" from fupa, I would'nt be surpised if she goes quiet on social media and then makes a tweet about how they spent her remaining days togeather talking and getting "closure". Then when/if she actually moves she's going to be fucking miserable crying about missing Fupa and being lonely.I really think she'll move on to the next Fupa-like male that gets her attention quickly, because she's not going to want to be alone for long.

No. 1282699

File: 1627012668133.jpg (219.24 KB, 1079x956, Screenshot_20210722-225731_Twi…)

What about those big teddy bears you tossed in dumpsters?

No. 1282701

I think it'll be a gf first then maybe she's back to the old man with the dungeon she used to fuck with before him.

No. 1282704

This barely having 80 likes after 24 hours is sending me. Not even coomers enjoyed it kek

No. 1282705

you're really set on this lesbian thing

No. 1282707

Barf why is big shaynus trying to act all small and uwu “cute”? Nasty pedo

No. 1282708

acting fat and stupid doesn't get her anything

No. 1282753

I know the snap filters are working overtime but her face has looked so different this past week. The effects of her diet, alcoholism, and smoking are hitting her face hard. She could probably reverse some of it but we all know she isn’t changing her lifestyle anytime soon. Her poor body.

No. 1282763

I thought she was meant to stay a skinny neandertal crackhead but seeing her turn into a fatass is killing me kek

No. 1282765

Still a Neanderthal though with that brow ridge kek

No. 1282773

File: 1627028177842.jpeg (18.84 KB, 224x223, 3EC4699D-946C-486C-9CA4-31CF39…)

i wonder if when shanus gets to seattle and is around other people will she like realize how far she's let herself go? i can only imagine her besties face when shay waddles up to her out of breath and smelling like a landfill. i am happy everyday i don't have that pigs life. picrel: muncher is shay in 3 years max

No. 1282786

Nine days, and look at that full ass closet.

No. 1282807

she's probably going to throw most of her stuff away, it's not like she possesses anything of worth anyway

No. 1282826

Yeah I full on expect her to spend the next week fupa baiting and “enjoying her last week in OK” then spend 2-3 days freaking the fuck out and whining on twitter that she doesnt have time to pack everything and sobbing about having to trash anything thats left.

No. 1282851

She’s aged greatly like overnight. She looks different (and no it’s not because of the snap filters working overtime and her brows). The acholism, poor diet, and smoking is really doing a number on her face; eyes and nose especially.

No. 1282873

Not the same anon but that's her trend. She seeks out girls after her relationships.

And, she's moving back to Seattle with her ex gf. I think it's pretty self explanatory

No. 1282875

Looks like a food pantry

No. 1282890

I think that’s a food pantry. If shay packed away all her boxed processed snacks she would surely waste away.

No. 1282907

Absolutely. So will her family. Like there’s a difference between staying noticeably quiet when someone gained a few pounds and then there’s the “I can’t possible stay quiet about this because this looks like the monster that ate the monster that ate Shay”

No. 1282912

Agreed because it’s likely been a while that they’ve seen her in person, like her family.
However, Seattle is not LA. I’ve lived in the Sea/Tac area for the last 4 years. There are ugly fat trannies and nbs everywhere. Not to mention body-positivity has convinced every fat chick it’s okay to wear a crop-top.
Unfortunately she won’t be the worst looking person around. Her style will make her stick out like a sore thumb though kek

No. 1282936


Well Shayna herself knows she's gained weight, she's cried about it before on Twitter so I don't think it's delusion or not knowing how bad it's gotten. She's just a lazy piece of shit and prioritizes this dumb bimbo act over learning how to make herself healthy food and taking care of herself and her personal hygiene. You can tell she also treats eating out for every meal as some type of bougie/baller status.

No. 1282951

File: 1627061017375.jpeg (966.82 KB, 774x1579, DCA05105-B76D-4BDC-A8B7-F5B71B…)

serving rodent realness

No. 1282957

Busted as always, but she should wear her hair like this more often. Much better than the turd braids.

No. 1282959

Glad she stalked the thread and took curly anon's request.
Also, Shay, I promise you won't die if you wore one shirt that covered your gut. It's not a good look.

No. 1282962

File: 1627061802338.gif (3.54 MB, 480x349, 2001F90C-6F78-4560-BD48-D00C0B…)

I agree her hair looks better without the turd braids. Also what’s up with those fugly mom jeans?

No. 1282967

Lmao Mom jeans are the only things that can fit her dumpy body now. Especially when her gunt is bigger than her ass.

No. 1282970

File: 1627062587968.jpg (38.59 KB, 735x768, 7565a8fb35b85440dc8c512161f271…)

Why this bitch looking like Quasimodo?

No. 1282976

how are her eyebrows even thinner now after her appointment? it looks like she is penciling them in like in the 1930s, but not in a good way

No. 1283010

her eyebrows look photoshopped on kek the person that microbladed them did her dirty

No. 1283013

Steve Buscemi butthole eyes looking as butt-holey as ever

No. 1283038

Are the turd braids not how she gets the waves?>>1283010
I thought it was just me, they do not match her face or hair at all

No. 1283054

No and yes. Shayna had natural curly hair, look at the old threads. Not going to repost an old pic to shit up the thread. But she fucked up her hair from bleaching, and dying if blonde so now she has to do her turd braids to get waves.

No. 1283102

File: 1627079228753.png (830.55 KB, 2048x1524, Screenshot_20210723-152551.png)

Did she just admit she leaves trash laying around her apartment kek

No. 1283107

her tweets come off like a to do list, again, who cares about this shit? I'd love to know what makes her think to tweet dumb shit like this? Is it for us? Does she really think the coomers, the same coomers who didn't even care about her flashing about the bar, care about mundane shit in her life?

No. 1283123

File: 1627083005344.jpeg (285.49 KB, 750x590, 3C43E7E0-D91B-4CC0-8ED0-8EAE2B…)

It’ll be the same shit in a new shitty apartment, not sure how or why it would be cuter but I guess it’s best to be in denial and delusional sometimes

No. 1283125

It’s kind of sad that the only time she’s doing something functional is when she’s moving kek and always because she’s made a bad decision

No. 1283139

She thinks everything will be 10X better in Seattle, the issue with OK is only Fupa. Not her lifestyle, not her addiction issues or even her mental health. Nope just Fupa and OK. When she moves all her issues will 100% go away.
She'll be motivated, over Fupa, more successful then ever hanging out with frens!

No. 1283141

The reality of her financial situation may also start to hit her. Tulsa is a much cheaper place to live compared to Seattle. Life might not seem so good when she can't afford daily door dash and two person charcuterie boards when she eats out.

No. 1283143

Same old same old. Last time she wanted to move apartment to have a “work” room yet she doesn’t work lol. There is going to be another excuse once she gets there. Shayna the problem is you and not your location

No. 1283147

>Shayna the problem is you and not your location
The only time she admits she's somewhat the problem, is when she suddenly acknowledges her mental illnesses when her and Fupa break up. Even then, she's blaming everything on being mentally ill or even her horoscope sign.
Other than that, nothing is her fault. It's always the location, mean girls, her mother, society, fupa and mental illness.

No. 1283160

File: 1627088603256.jpeg (193.1 KB, 827x1001, 142BF480-4DB6-42BE-91F2-78B0B1…)

No. 1283161

jesus the second hand embarrassment is real. this bitch really is so pathetic..

No. 1283162

Holy shit 5k?? On what?

No. 1283164

Anyone else remember the hilarious flop that happened her first roundabout in Seattle??
She literally cried and pleaded saying she needed out of there because the weather is rainy and overcast like 70% of the time and it was negatively affecting HuR mEnTaL HeALf…

Pepperidge Farm remembers.

No. 1283168

File: 1627089277345.jpeg (945.26 KB, 1242x1644, B6EDFEA3-9C4D-4781-BF7B-07C539…)

aaaand no one gives a shit Shayna besides gray hair

No. 1283170

Annnnnnnd she's not moving

No. 1283171

i hate to be the "She lurking" anon, but maybe she read some of the last posts here and realized that moving isn't going to fix shit.
Plus she's lazy and she's not going to magically get over Fupa when she moves, she's just not going to be able to go back so quickly.
I feel like she's not going to go or Fupa called her or some shit

No. 1283174

File: 1627089796233.gif (4.35 MB, 400x225, giphy.gif)

absolutely cackling that we've called her not actually moving this whole time

No. 1283175

Did she even put her things in boxes? She said she packed her bathroom and work room but she never took a picture of the rooms empty? I think she’s just bullshitting and never even packed anything. All she packed was just her nasty stained shoes

No. 1283177

Damn does old hair fucker just perch on twitter all day ready to hit Shaynus with this gif?

No. 1283183

Ugh. This would be milky if it wasn’t so pathetic and predictable. Just go to Seattle bitch. Fupa doesn’t want you.

No. 1283184

oh my god girl why the fuck is he even your "ex" if you still base every decision in your life around him. this is so fucking pathetic and boring, i thought we'd finally get moving saga and some new variety of milk but no its the same old bullshit. DUMP HIM!!!

No. 1283185

File: 1627091714699.jpeg (300.29 KB, 735x1831, 34001426-407C-4AB4-AA99-ECEE87…)

He does this to all his favorite discount whores kek

No. 1283196

Why is she fucking up her whole life for Fupa. He’s not that great. It’s honestly better to be alone then with a guy like him

No. 1283199

Only man that gives her an iota of attention in real life so she’s based her entire life around him. Dumb as hell but that’s Shayna.

No. 1283200


with all due respect, shut up. she's not fucking up her life FOR Fupa. her personality fucked up her life and that has literally nothing to do with the degenerate scrote. she's a really fucked-up individual, how is she going to do/be/have it better even if she is alone? this whore tried to ruin her own fucking mother for a little internet attention. she's the kind of woman who would poison a child for attention. please never forget that she viscously hates other women, and fans the flames of pedophiles and womanizers. ask yourself why you would give sincere advice to a fat slob with no life skills who is complicit in the endangerment of children just for fast food and weed money

you all love to say "dump him" as if this matters. this obese gremlin is a loser, a burnout, and will never amount to anything because she's a toxic, evil narc. i hope her mom and dad both get tired past the point of no return and go no contact with her and leave her to rot alone in her cheeto dust and anal drippings

No. 1283201

copypasta potential

No. 1283202

Who could have ever predicted this, aside from every single person here who has read her thread for more than two and a half minutes.

No. 1283211

Like fucking clockwork. How is she gonna get herself out of this one? Imagine if she just never mentions it again until her next moving sale in a month

No. 1283225

File: 1627097328386.jpeg (55.2 KB, 600x338, A420A5F7-9CBA-4E48-BC78-16A749…)

Nonnie spitting facts. Fupa is just a scrote who never grew out of his fuckboy teen-early 20s phase. Fupa is the least of her problems. It’s her own dumbass fault for still dealing with his bullshit. She had two years to get rid of him and move on. With or without Fupa, Shayna is still selling her pussy for less than minimum wage. No savings, no investments, no house, no property, no experiences/ profitable skills to put on her resume. Nada. I don’t see how that alone doesn’t terrify her. Once her parents pass away she is going to panhandle until she passes as well. Very morbid. I have no sympathy for a pedo-pandering hateful ungrateful bitch.

No. 1283228

That’s true anon. She was on a path to destruction before Fupa was around. I would feel pity and sorry for her if she wasn’t such a pos

No. 1283233

Tbh in a weird way fupa just was a weird fast track into her descent to madness.
How obsessed she is with that lil man goblin is so weird to me, yeah move on and dump him but leave it to shayna to literally throw herself at a moid who doesn’t give a fuck and be obsessed. I mean she did approach the fucker after all

No. 1283234

She never ended up going to that music festival with Colleen, did she?

No. 1283235

it's in October anon, someone asks like once a week and the answer never changes

No. 1283240

File: 1627099326835.jpg (234 KB, 1080x1124, Screenshot_20210723-230153_Twi…)

Is this how she tries to seduce Fupa?

No. 1283245

so predictable. her fried brain and fupa worship is a big yawn

No. 1283252

File: 1627103076603.png (431.14 KB, 1154x794, withallduerespect.png)

No. 1283258

kek anon

No. 1283267

This is beautiful anon, thank you

No. 1283289

This came a lil earlier than I expected. More fupa baits incoming I bet

No. 1283316

Love you
Love this

It's the little things that makes this my most actively checked thread. Beautiful

No. 1283332

I know I'm late, but I love this as much as I hate it.

No. 1283341

kek wtf

No. 1283380

File: 1627136347168.jpg (219.38 KB, 620x1169, 20210724_091834.jpg)


No. 1283391

shayna: it makes me so sad 2 put plushes in a dark box uwu
also shayna:

No. 1283409

Is that the pink Christmas tree that she begged her coomers for?

No. 1283421

sure is lol. the fact that she shamelessly posts pictures of her throwing out the pink shit her coomers bought for her bc she’s too goddamn overweight to get off her lazy ass and property pack is hilarious

No. 1283428

Kek. That's why you actually work for the things you buy. You can appreciate them that way. Shayna doesn't give a shit because she just spreads her asshole and doesn't know what a hard earned dollar is.

I can't wait for the frequent melt downs as Fupa continues to let her move while she's soooo in love with him.

No. 1283433

I should be bored by now that everything she does is predicated by anons calling it weeks in advance but somehow it makes her even more milky. Never change you big fat cow

No. 1283444

And there's the universal sign that she's actually moving. Never believe her stories until you see a giant teddy bear in a trash pile.

No. 1283471

File: 1627144694120.jpeg (238.94 KB, 1242x859, 6A749CF2-F73D-4F94-A146-FFB003…)

No. 1283472

File: 1627144779748.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 723.71 KB, 3104x2682, 31F49DCA-CB90-4533-BB1F-87DAC1…)


No. 1283475

File: 1627144894862.png (Spoiler Image, 5.22 MB, 1242x2208, 1C9B8690-A31B-42D1-BD26-014052…)

No. 1283479


Clean your labia folds holy shit, I just threw threw up a bit in my mouth… and the fucking sound her disgusting snatch makes when she first bends down, christ.

No. 1283480

Oh my god, this looks like a fat mans beer belly and ass but there’s a pussy? yikes
The thing that bugs me the most about this is that she won’t even like… give her old stuff to Salvation Army or anything? Donate it ANYWHERE? She absolutely does not give a fuck about anyone besides heeself, it’s all posturing and performance. Not saying that a big pink bear can save or change a life, but at least it will get used and won’t add to the landfills. She fucking sucks, man. I’ve been avoiding this thread for a bit but Jesus. The throwing perfectly good items away shit really bothers me.

No. 1283481

What size is the smallest pod? If she’s literally just packing her clothing and TVs and sex toys, how does she not have room for this shit? It’s so bizarre to me to see someone throw their stuff away like it’s nothing.

No. 1283482


Looking at this image upside down she literally looks like a bloated pregnant corpse. That beer belly is insane…(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 1283483

jesus christ does she really plan on doing this forever? sex work has a time limit. also curious to know her monthly income.

No. 1283485

File: 1627145734305.jpeg (347.16 KB, 1242x851, 6B4F245E-E204-49C5-81B0-3AEAEA…)

No. 1283490

I was wondering why her vag looked so red and irritated in the 2 pics above this one and then see this. Bitch has a full fledged yeast infection. Does she not look at her pictures before she uploads them? This is absolutely disgusting

No. 1283494

I know we already know she’s a horrible person, but imagine if you were the coomer that bought her this. That’s one way to lose a customer…

No. 1283503

She probably thinks throwing away all her coomer gifts publicly adds to her "oh well, guess u can't afford me hehe" bimbo aesthetic

No. 1283508

Imagine being her mom who brought her a brand new bed with mattress and 2 years later she wants to throw the whole mattress and bed in the trash. Retardation.

No. 1283511

Pov a Lovecraftian horror monster is trying to eat you

Shaynus' porn is so surreal and disturbing it's almost an art

No. 1283515

If she actually does look at her pics before posting, her dumb ass probably thinks her yeast infection is just her "wetness." Just like how she ate her pussy boogers without hesitation a couple threads back. Barf.

No. 1283516

its so sad how she treats the things around her, be it people or objects

No. 1283526

her wastefulness and entitlement aside, I would think that a big stuffed animal would be a good thing to have in a moving pod. like she could wedge it between some boxes to try and keep them from shuffling around too much.

No. 1283527

this is like some kind of torture POV right before you're about to be murdered

No. 1283529

jfc, even a cheapo mattress will last you 2-3 years and every person with a working brain will hold on to a good mattress as long as possible since it's not a purchase you want to be making every year or so. And yet I'm 100% sure this gigantic retard is getting rid of hers just because Fupa won't be there to lug it into the POD. Literally too dumb to function.

No. 1283539

No she definitely can’t do it forever but she seems to live life very delusionally and like she’s expecting to die in a few years or something which she mentioned years ago that she didn’t want to live to 25 and/or die at 27 and if she does live long enough to see sex work evolve out of the Twitter community/onlyfans sales e-whore thing she obviously won’t know how to handle that

No. 1283540

There is absolutely no reason to throw out the shit she is throwing out. If she just laid off the food and weed she would have no problem at all affording movers to literally do everything for her seeing as she’s so clearly incapable. The fact she thinks its okay to just throw shit out because it wont fit her new apartment’s aesthetic, whatever the fuck that means, makes me excited to see this dumb bitch’s demise when reality hits her in Seattle. The delusion is real that she thinks she can afford , or that a coomer will pay for all new furniture and everyday items. This move is gonna be a shitshow and i’m here for it with popcorn.

No. 1283544

isn't this a gift from the womack coomer??lmao what a bitch to her loyal fan and main source of income.

No. 1283548

This wasteful idiot.
It cost me 2.5k to get a small container move and movers for approximately the same distance as Shaynus. I kept most of my furniture. A Salvation Army truck I called pickedup the rest. Sometimes I wish this bitch would lurk, we're full of great advice down on the farm.

No. 1283549


Just making an assumption, that she has parents that are decently well off and get things for her, it probably is a pretty decent mattress, too. Which all of us here that are actual adults and buy our own shit (or at least are respectful enough to their parents if they provide us with stuff) know mattresses aren’t cheap. Yet she’s just going to chunk it because she doesn’t know the value of a fucking dollar since she asks for “reimbursements” like it’s all nothing to her. Not even in the “bimbo” findom way, either. In the spoiled, privileged white girl’s parents handed everything to her way.

No. 1283550

She could've even afford a real bed, that's why her mom pity bought the one she's trashing. She really lacks the cognitive ability to think ahead in even the vaguest of terms. I don't know if she even thinks her coomers will buy everything for her, I don't think she even thinks about it. Just compartmentalizes it then drowns it out in liquor, junk food and weed when it surfaces and the anxiety of reality hits. Her IQ has to be sub 100 jfc

No. 1283552

fucking kek this reminds me of those videos of dudes pretending to beat up the camera and then ass slamming it i can't believe she's serious

No. 1283553

Kek anon did you not hear of the hardships she persevered?! Being forced to babysit her little brother for a couple hours after school! True suffering and neglect.

No. 1283561

I just hope her mother never buys her anything again after that. I mean I wouldn't if I got a huge pile of ungrateful shit slapped in my face like that. I'd say I hope Shaynus will be back to sleeping on a rug once she realizes her spending habits don't line up with living costs in Seattle, but that's not going to happen because her dad loves enabling her for some reason and won't question her when she tells him some sob story about not being able to move the bed by herself.

No. 1283572

Maybe I'm as stupid as Shayna is, but where does she exactly say she's throwing away the stuff in this pic? As the tree and everything is in boxes I'd figure she packs it up and takes it with her?

No. 1283577

Thinking that Shayna actually uses her brain, come on now, nonita! Besides, didn't she say that she's throwing her kitchenware away? So it's not like she has anything of value or breakable…

Jason R. Womack down bad, if it's true, lmfao!!

I think she's the type that if she reads something here that makes sense, but she didn't think of it herself, she will not do it, purely out of spite. To show the "haters" that they don't mean anything to her.

No. 1283578

She literally always does this with her pink Teddy bears. Throws them out before a move. It's foretold

No. 1283600

File: 1627157083370.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 1.08 MB, 2397x3447, 50023D3F-828B-4844-80C9-FC20E3…)


No. 1283601

File: 1627157192632.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 1.22 MB, 3276x2318, 9D766B75-76A2-4355-AF42-E946CA…)


No. 1283602

File: 1627157405299.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 511.9 KB, 1005x2905, EC79ECC8-4CBC-4381-A754-91566A…)

3/3 Shaytard’s onlyfans content

No. 1283604

It’s a Fatty Lardel tradition

No. 1283605

File: 1627157628433.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 783.12 KB, 1242x1285, F8F18D46-EB0F-4B77-B0BA-446E3E…)

Bologna wig

No. 1283606

I feel like I have already seen this picture, hasn’t she done a million pictures in this wig and outfit basically taking the same picture? What’s the point haha

No. 1283610

i've never seen a pussy this crusty and ashy, can she wash herself before shooting porn ffs

No. 1283622

Bumping fupas with Kyle gave her a yeast infection. A true bimbo.

No. 1283654

Eww that thing is definitely looking yeasty. I bet she's never been to the gyno

No. 1283656

>"there goes another pink teddybear"
>The same one before it went into the trash, there is not "another" one to be packed

There's still the chance she just worded it retarded, but considering every. Single. move has involved her posting a pic of a big teddybear getting thrown out… I'm inclined to lean towards the latter, regardless of the box. I wouldn't be shocked if she doesn't have trash bags so is just using her Amazon boxes as temp garbage storage at this point.

She also named the things she planned to keep and said she'd throw out the rest, and I can't imagine her prioritizing that dinky pink Xmas tree. But you really never know with this retard

No. 1283665

You know, for someone who documents every mundane thing she does, I don't think I ever read about her going to a gyno… Maybe she doesn't think she needs one; otherwise why draw the line at posting about a visit to the ladies' doctor, when she posts about stupid shit all the time? (Not that going to the gyno in itself is stupid, I mean she could put a spin to it saying the doctor complimented Shayna on her nether parts or something)

No. 1283668

slight tinfoil…
but i don't think she ever got a pod. why would she be getting rid of literally ALL of her furniture if she was?
she could definitely fit her christmas tree and teddy bear in a pod.. she doesn't actually have that much stuff.

and if she DID get one, she said her apartment complex wouldn't let her store it there while she packed it.. she probably cancelled it and basically threw all that money away.

i think someone (her dad or her "bestie") is going to drive her up there and that's why she's having to downsize so much.
she hasn't even mentioned how her pets are getting there in a while. does she even have carriers for them?

No. 1283669

if she was smart, she could have used the teddy bear as padding in a box for fragile items, like her monitor and other computer accessories.
but knowing her, she's just gonna throw it all into a box and not even bother trying to protect her stuff from breaking.

No. 1283672

samefag, sorry.
but i bet she's gonna pull a "guys i just CAN'T feel good about putting my pets in cargo so i'm going to drive instead!"
and link to some news story about an animal that died during transit/in cargo.

No. 1283673

she already claimed she bought a plane ticket there

No. 1283687

File: 1627167358357.jpeg (131.64 KB, 1151x1151, E3uDFHgWEA0Typi.jpeg)

she never posted an itinerary though, just this generic ass screenshot

No. 1283689

Is something hanging off between her big toe and second toe??

No. 1283693

dead skin? kek

No. 1283720

>she mentioned years ago that she didn’t want to live to 25 and/or die at 27
Lol that's precious. She's too chickenshit to suicide, but I am not surprised that she uses it as a mental crutch bpd-style. Why bother thinking about the consequences to your own decisions when you can just plan on giving up if things get too uwu tuff?

No. 1283737

She said that back when she said her goal was to be some world famous DJ/musician and join the 27 club.

No. 1283738

Back in her tumblr days, she'd probably say that line about dying at 25 or 27 to be edgy and because her idol Jim Morrison shipped himself off to junkie heaven at that age. Now however, I genuinely believe she's fried her brain beyond any mental capacity to think ahead or have dreams and ambitions. She's destined to vegetate in a trailer park somewhere, with some deadbeat Womack type guy to keep her company and I'd be terrified if I was her.

No. 1283751

ew what the fuck is that on her toes? i can’t tell if it’s a giant shred of dead skin or some liquid??

No. 1283753

my guess would be thread from that diseased pink blanket that's sticking to her toe because of how sweaty it is

No. 1283777

File: 1627180916569.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 121.31 KB, 750x798, 0B00E5AC-770A-4807-9208-E5BE65…)

Still terrorizing everyone in OK with her fat middle age tranny bod. I hope someone calls the cop on her one day lol.

No. 1283785

this rancid bitch. she doesn't wear undergarments because she cannot exist for one day without the fantasy that she's an e-famous bimbo running in the back of her mind, meanwhile the people around her in public are treated to the smell of yeasty pussy and ass sweat. undergarments aren't an optional personal choice, they're a courtesy to those around you so they don't have to clean up your discharge from the barstool. i truly don't think shaynus believes other people actually exist

No. 1283788

The way she's holding her upper body makes it seem like she's sucking in, yet her fupa is still overhanging. The inflatable shirt of fat cannot be contained any longer.

No. 1283790

Fucking disgusting. I bet she sits with her legs spread out too. Imagine the odor

No. 1283796

Her body looks worse that way. I hate to compare a woman to a troon constantly but it does make her look like a chubby sissy/troon with big shoulders, moobs and makes her lack of hips stand out more. Trying to create a shape by sucking it in makes her shape look more busted. She should just let everything hang. She's not going to do anything to fix it and she doesn't care as long as she's making money, so why suck it in? She clearly does not care about how she looks.

No. 1283798

and sucking in doesn’t do shit for her anymore anyways lol. it might’ve made a slight difference in pics 30 pounds ago but we all know what your body actually looks like shaynus. just give in to feeder porn and let it all hang at this point.

No. 1283803

dang, out with fupa again after all that crying, lol.
she is so predictable.

No. 1283804

she absolutely would go out wearing panties, shay doesn't have the confidence to take herself out in public in a dress like this with no knickers, especially after the shock of almost being caught in that bar. She probably just dropped them for the photo.

No. 1283806

it kind of looks like it could be someone's place and not a public restroom. do we have any fup pictures of him in his bathroom? sage for retarded speculation

No. 1283807

File: 1627186601975.jpg (164.87 KB, 1080x810, Screenshot_20210724-231603_Twi…)

No. 1283809

here's your proof haha >>1283807

No. 1283810

I was literally about to say that door looks too expensive to be in a Fupa shack.

No. 1283812

>restaurant fettuccini - already well over 1000 calories of greasy carbs covered in dairy
>lemon sorbet - around 3x the daily recommended sugar intake
>appetizer - just get a feeder funnel already

Now she's going to go home after this 2000+ calorie meal and drink another 1000 calories of alcohol.

No. 1283813

bold of you to assume she wasn’t drinking with dinner

No. 1283814

File: 1627187851402.jpg (146.9 KB, 720x960, IMG_20190922_170959.jpg)

Place is called Prossimo. Check the door.

No. 1283815

She sound like such a white trash lol describing food that isn't a chemsburger

No. 1283816

why does she feel the need to share all of this? it’s almost embarrassing how she has to run to twitter every time she goes out to a “fancy” restaurant

No. 1283818

File: 1627188327003.jpeg (57.88 KB, 650x867, lol.jpeg)

As predicted this is not a fancy restaurant lol. Always pretending she's living the high life yet she makes pennies

No. 1283820

Whatever, nonny. You’re just jealous she can go to a place and pay $35 for pesto jumbo shrimp. This is Oklahoma high class.

No. 1283822

I would bet $50 of Amazon moving boxes that her "appetizer" was a full charcuterie.

No. 1283823

Kek I bet the waiter recommended she go with the half after she asked for the full in her nasally baby voice.

No. 1283824

Since we know she looks at the threads and sometimes posts to “clear her name” or whatever I bet she gets pissed when anons figure out her bs lmao like don’t get your panties in a twist or cheap dress since she doesn’t wear any

No. 1283825

She's 100% with fupa, be prepared for a tweet about how he treats her so good and she's getting closure.

No. 1283827

I'm also thinking about how much of a Cuck you have to be to know every time you go out with your girlfriend(or ex), she takes a nude to flash scrotes when she goes to the bathroom. Not only for free but very little attention. Her mind isn't even on Fupaul, its on twitter validation. I honestly feel she doesn't wear underwear out JUST SO she can take nudes for scrotes.Shaynas life revolves around fupa, food, likes (over little) and the five scrotes who orbit her. That's sad

No. 1283832

My god I thought the yeast was smegma, though I wouldn't put it past her as she never showers

No. 1283836

Nothing classier than going to a *~fancy~* Italian restaurant with your on and off ex in bumfuck Oklahoma, ordering fettuccine, calling the palette cleanser yummy, and flashing your nude body in the bathroom for online.

There’s a fancy Italian word to describe you: baldracca

No. 1283838

samefag… replace fettuccine with fettuccini since she’s an uncultured swine who can’t even get that right

No. 1283841

File: 1627193108529.jpeg (176.92 KB, 1242x950, 0D992671-299F-428E-91BF-E2962B…)

Even the food she consumes at restaurants looks bleak. How did they manage to make alfredo appear sad lol

No. 1283845

They probably make it look like this to appear more photogenic.

That’s a huge portion of pasta tho jfc

No. 1283846

>more photogenic
It ain’t working lol and yeah that’s a lot for a regular person but would be considered a snack for Carbie

No. 1283849

Oklahoma is top tier in obesity rates. Even the “fancy” restaurants have to cater to the death-fats I guess.

No. 1283853

she's going to need to ask a flight attendant for a seatbelt extender when she leaves for seattle! you know that fatass is taking home leftovers too

No. 1283854

She's that girl on the plane that shows up drunk from the airport bar, then pulls out a giant takeaway box as soon as the seatbelt light goes off.

No. 1283886

File: 1627206050086.jpg (417.71 KB, 990x778, palettecleanser.jpg)

>>palette cleanser

No. 1283924


That dress looks soo cheap and thin.

No. 1283937

File: 1627216039423.jpg (152.24 KB, 879x493, 1549593163334.jpg)

With the help of my infinite autism this morning I found the original trashed pink teddy. The comments and excuses literally 3 years ago for the giant Amazon teddy graveyard are the exact same as now: "I don't have space in my POD!" three years and zero personal growth, Shaynus.

No. 1283943

File: 1627216807908.png (76.32 KB, 618x406, Screenshot_2021-07-25-07-19-15…)

A comment from 2 years ago

No. 1283947

why does she brag about throwing them away like this??

No. 1283950

I shudder to think how big her carbon footprint is from all the plastic trash she buys and then cycles through every 6 months, not to mention the amount of takeaway packaging she must produce from buying door dash x 3 times a day…if everyone had a lifestyle like Shayna the planet would literally be a wasteland

No. 1283953

So she’s out with Fupa again? Fucking hell I can’t take this ground hog day shit any longer. Someone please remind me of the date she’s supposed to be moving?

No. 1283981

If you could give Shayna advice/a written roadmap to change her life for the better, what would you tell her?(autism)

No. 1283984

This has been answered hundreds of times by many anons over the years

No. 1283988

she’s supposed to leave on july 31

No. 1284016

File: 1627228602299.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 64.26 KB, 636x760, 45CAF1A0-2D93-4380-A9E0-B15527…)

shut up retard. this has been answered in every fucking thread. There is no help for BoilStuffCarbie. All the Anons have given her advice she doesn’t take it. It’s too late now because she’s shaped like a brick of cheddar and has a bloated beer gut

No. 1284017

I wouldn’t give her advice but I will tell anons on this thread to get a hobby

No. 1284021

Are you serious?

This is like a special combo anon or something. Illiterate newfag attempting to derail/be spoon-fed with bait Shay anons can’t resist.

No. 1284023

Shayna has nothing real to live for. No friends and no internet fame. Fupa doesn’t care he just wants to get his chode wet. He stopped caring a long time ago, Shayna is fucking annoying and is always bitching about something

No. 1284048

Yea and peep the pink teddy in the background of her cam room. She’s thrown away 3 of those fuckers. I stg if she get another one…

What about the tan bear? The super big one? Is she keeping that one? She failed to mention it so I’m guessing the pink teddy in the garbage was specifically for us.

No. 1284060

If he fell for her bait yet again he's just as much of an idiot as she is. These two fatasses were made for each other. They are living in a simulation where they must act out everything posted by anons in a lolcow thread

No. 1284089

File: 1627237233781.jpeg (551.73 KB, 1685x2164, C3ECDE56-580D-4E20-9D73-489D04…)

Why does Shaynus feel the need to always retweet SFW and minor’s content on her NSFW hemorrhoid Twitter?? Like you’re interacting with underaged teens and they are exposed to your nasty Twitter page
Also Shayna don’t wear miniskirts. I promise you, no one at the white trash Tulsa buffet wants to see a fat pig covered in cellulite squeezing their gunt into a cheap sweatshop polyester skirt

No. 1284107

Unbelievably disgusting that she does this. So basically it’s fine for her to leave her snail trail all over an establishment’s seating, potentially spreading yeast infections to other customers and fucking minimum wage workers who have to clean up after her. Truly reprehensible.

No. 1284149

Omg this stupid bitch. This is so beyond unacceptable. Anyone, including children can walk in on this! I hope one day the karma comes back to get her good.

No. 1284234

Not to mention she’s allowing her vagina to touch surfaces that are potentially dirty. Fucking rank.

No. 1284244

File: 1627251251914.jpeg (226.57 KB, 1242x1501, 858BA872-98CF-4E07-8E61-127EF9…)

This is what drugs, alcoholism, an unhealthy diet, and lifelong attention seeking do to your brain. Shayna is a walking warning ad.

No. 1284260

The sad thing is, he is known to have a foot fetish… but I doubt she knows that…

No. 1284261

Shat is nasty, but this tweet is also cringe as fuck and reads like an esl coomer hentai artist.

No. 1284265

I feel like her pc is going to get broken in transit because she didn't pack it properly and she's either not going to realize or just not care

No. 1284270

Anyone who’s watched his movies can figure that out. He hardly hides it.

Doubt she cares. She will just beg for another one and then spend the money on another MacBook.

No. 1284275

File: 1627253759830.png (10.72 KB, 436x82, Capture.PNG)

She posted on discord yesterday, nothing much, just a moving countdown.

No. 1284276

File: 1627253791090.png (11.25 KB, 438x108, Capture.PNG)

No. 1284279

When moving a computer it's recommended to pack the tempered glass side panel separately so that it doesn't shatter. She also needs to remove the GPU because it's weight can shear off the PCIe slot and warp the motherboard during transit. It wouldn't surprise me if it was DOA in Seattle.

No. 1284287

do you know where you are? men do not have standards. they fuck the space between couch cushions at best and rape children and animals at worst. your cringey little fantasy about a random dude winding down from work is embarrassing to read

No. 1284296

pickmes like to tell themselves that men have sexual standards because then they get to feel special when someone rails them. femcels tell themselves that men have (impossible, like H cup boobs and 15 inch waists) sexual standards because then they don't have to feel like it's their fault that they're femcels.

No. 1284300

Hush nonny, don’t be so mean, anon still thinks there’s decent men in the world. She will be awaken soon.
Agreed. The only standard most straight men have are not fucking with troons. Most men would find shayna obnoxious, retarded, unattractive, and smelly but that wouldn’t stop them from fucking her kek.

No. 1284305

>replying to a four day old post
And this is why we can't have nice things like man hate and gc threads elsewhere on the site.

No. 1284311

girly who hurt you today

No. 1284312

File: 1627258110781.png (5.26 MB, 1242x2208, A90E44E9-434A-421F-AE97-5752FE…)

Hey Shayna, Billy Ray called he wants his mullet back, kek. She looks retarded. https://www.dropbox.com/s/9iagg5ib9cxaupc/mulletrealness.mp4?dl=0

No. 1284314

File: 1627258304188.png (Spoiler Image, 5.3 MB, 1242x2208, D7DB66FD-33F4-47D5-92DB-43AE55…)

Shayna serving hank hill realness. All that cellulite and no ass, how…..dreary.

No. 1284315

Damn, she's so out of breath.

No. 1284317

I know it's been said before but she really does have a ass like 9/11

No. 1284319

girl.. this looks like a maternity dress on you

No. 1284320

Shayna worships her stupid father so much she expects everyone to laugh at dad humor

No. 1284321

Why the fuck is she breathing so loud?

No. 1284323

File: 1627258779961.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 876.93 KB, 1978x3347, C1014BD3-1191-4E66-BC9F-D8D842…)

She is still sending photos to the onlyfans dms with her dumb switch and ugly bologna wig.

No. 1284324

File: 1627258816953.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 720.73 KB, 3405x2069, 1BDAEDC8-B58D-4F0C-B86C-359C2A…)

She still doesn’t know how to sexily strip from her clothing

No. 1284326

she really has no sex appeal. the way she’s swinging her arms around and biting her lip… she legitimately looks retarded

No. 1284329

The autism in this thread is unmatched. Kek

>inflatable shirt of fat
I just laugh instead of cringe at her nudity now.

No. 1284330

File: 1627259465969.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 567.82 KB, 1581x3235, F51245FC-7D8A-4E22-A4CF-D4E954…)

No. 1284331

The first one was better, nonny.

No. 1284340

what the fuck does even mean

No. 1284342

Kek I will never get over say manually jiggling her flat ass

No. 1284347

KEK the absolute state of that sped face

No. 1284351

She really is shaped like a fridge. Most fatties at least have SOME shape to their rolls before they reach a deathfat stage but shat just looks shapeless.

No. 1284352

Sage for stupid nitpick but this menu design is ugly as fuck lmao

No. 1284358

Anon in another thread said her ass looked like the twin towers

No. 1284362

File: 1627265388281.jpg (68.87 KB, 800x600, FotorCreated_t800.jpg)

probably autism or terminal onlines who think that all "sex workers" look like okayish looking photoshopped camgirls and have no idea what street prostitutes/trafficked women who see 30 johns per day look like. if anything, shayna would be fucked by more men because shes unattractive and thus can't afford to be selective

No. 1284368

So much attention to detail. Loved the thud as she threw her headband on the counter and heavy breathing over the bathroom fan, expert sound design. Mmm mm mmm. Love you dilly

No. 1284369


Her legs look like Hotdogs.

No. 1284376

File: 1627267117045.jpeg (65.33 KB, 750x215, 971481EC-2B2E-4931-8E49-E14480…)

No. 1284379

I had to double take this because top middle looks a lot like Shart upon first glance. Same J Yaniv smirk.

No. 1284385

enjoy your ban, scrote

No. 1284387

Who told you anybody cares if you’re sporting a boner or not while reading this thread moid. talk about retarded.

No. 1284388

This pod is such a big deal to her, how sad

No. 1284389

>incel moids standard-larping

No. 1284390

>moid in Shayna thread
>"I haven't fapped! I'm just laughing! I totally didn't find her through a fap-out in the first place!"
lmao x2

No. 1284391

Probably been here longer than you, since stamina rose went down. But okay anon. Whatever floats your boat and makes you happy.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1284393

u ok babe?

No. 1284401

If you're so proud of yourself for integrating why did you delete your post?

On topic, Shayna is ugly

No. 1284402

Because I know leaving it up would just be a lightning rod for femcels to scream about dudes. I'm shutting up and going back to laughing at this retard, it'd be nice if everyone else did to.

No. 1284412

honestly great proof that you should assume moidry behind every "muh femcels" or moid wking post

No. 1284418

kill yourself Y chromie

No. 1284419

Please hurry and move Shayna, the anons are going to combust before any milk arrives

No. 1284429

File: 1627274102112.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 909.89 KB, 1242x1286, 2795A452-0D45-4C6A-B551-7EF70D…)

The absolute state of her sex toys

No. 1284430

File: 1627274185880.png (Spoiler Image, 10.34 MB, 1242x2208, 60C38EBE-327A-4677-9275-5AF183…)

I know those boxes smell like straight up ass and shit. Nice retarded dog hair Big Shaynus

No. 1284431

File: 1627274231505.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 681.94 KB, 1779x3275, 893F9940-B217-437B-8F00-21A730…)

You mean this one nonny?

No. 1284435

Leave it to shayna to throw a bunch of glass anal toys into a plastic bin with zero thought of them breaking during the move

No. 1284440

Shayna’s crusty dog hair and shit-covered butt plugs breaking and being trashed is one of the most merciful things that could happen during this move, though it would just be an excuse for her to e-beg for more.

No. 1284444

anyone else notice that the balls part of the dildo in the upper right is shiny like there's still lube on it

No. 1284445

> oh no :( whoever moved my pod broke all my toys during the move. Pls reimburse $200 4 a custom 10 minute video of me breathing like a fat hog uwu once I get moved in 2 Seattle!

No. 1284446

It’s probably pork sweat or a combo of fecal matter mixed with old lube from her anal coomshow

No. 1284453

I hope that every single one of those dildos is 100% silicone. Storing dildos of different materials together can cause chemical reactions that degrade them and make them melt, or even worse, make the surfaces porous. Let's be real though, she doesn't know or care if shit particles are locked into her toys

No. 1284458

Aren't sex toys supposed to be stored very separate from one another or else they'll melt together? It's the heat of summer and she's sending her shit halfway cross the damn country in a pod. Not to mention >>1284453 it being hazardous even if they don't melt together JFC.

No. 1284475

Something something kids with ass cancer. She almost certainly doesn’t buy silicone and just buys stuff off Amazon. She’s incredibly careless on every level of her life so I don’t know why this would be different. But yes. Extremely gross.

No. 1284478

Yeaaaa those are gonna melt together. I've seen it happen before and it's disgusting.

No. 1284485

File: 1627285918278.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 621.07 KB, 828x1399, C97C8507-F3C6-4A4D-832B-19CA9E…)

>inb4 shay’s dildos fuse together to create a rat king

No. 1284532


No. 1284538

kek, my sides, she's so awful.

No. 1284584

Fucking digusting. How is she not ashamed that half her glass dildos have yellowed from her rancid asshole. All that amber glass was once clear. Seriously, barf at the state of her sex toys.

No. 1284587


Her gut is gonna extend out further than her tits by this time next year.

No. 1284596

It already does

No. 1284598

Not seeing the gross dog dildo, wonder if she ever even ordered it

No. 1284669

>shit stained dildo hoard

You can literally smell this photo

No. 1284685

Who jerks off to porn, Googles the person afterwards and then posts in a chan thread about them

No. 1284703

Stop talking about that anon

No. 1284712

File: 1627313005524.jpeg (237.65 KB, 750x992, 165CC33E-4C44-4DE5-AD57-6883A9…)

No. 1284730

idk why she’s trying to pose as some ~kinky nympho~ when she only ever uses like 3 different sex toys, and one of them is the musty lawnmower vibrator

No. 1284738

i assume you're new because years ago lolcow used to have a lot of moid vendetta about the camgirls who didn't respond to them in chat kek. even today you'll find occasional moid posts asking for more nudes of a cow but go off

No. 1284746

bold of you to assume she uses lube

gibby fattel

No. 1284757

imagine having this many toys and you never even get wet or orgasm…i truly pity her at times.(no one cares)

No. 1284807

File: 1627324811653.jpg (145.71 KB, 1080x708, Screenshot_20210726-134011_Twi…)

No. 1284828

I hope all your shit breaks you fat ugly retard. And I hope grayhair dies of old age/natural causes and Jason R Womack gets unemployed, again, so nobody gives you money to replace your shit. Stay miserable in Seattle, you obese disgusting pedophilic fuck.

No. 1284834

You good anon?

No. 1284862

File: 1627329653853.jpg (Spoiler Image, 489.39 KB, 1080x1655, Screenshot_20210726-150036_Twi…)

Well if you didn't spend your money on that "fancy dinner"

No. 1284865

File: 1627329687006.jpg (161.34 KB, 1080x789, Screenshot_20210726-150127_Twi…)

No. 1284867

Kek why the hell would someone pay $3 for one nude when that's what her entire onlyfans costs

No. 1284869

More like would someone pay any amount of money to see her disgusting face and body when she already spams it all over Twitter for attention

No. 1284872

>why the hell
perfectly summarizes the Shaynus experience

No. 1284910

I still can't wrap my head around how or why anyone looks at it for free

I mean there's so much free porn out there? Even if they like the bottom of the barrel "I have a chance with her" appeal, there's a thousand other 'sexworkers' that could fill that niche with better/more consistent quality?

I don't want to live in this bleak world any longer.

No. 1284921

Do we really need to have this discussion again? They're men. Men don't have standards. They don't care who that pussy or ass is attached to as long as it makes their peepee hard

No. 1284924

lol you really don't understand that men are mostly driven by impulses, though i don't blame you because it's a frightening realization that will probably make it impossible for you to see your male relatives the same way again kek

No. 1284931

File: 1627337242453.jpg (194.45 KB, 1080x653, Screenshot_20210726-170718_Twi…)

She's really this fucking stupid

No. 1284932

File: 1627337275167.jpg (205.35 KB, 1080x814, Screenshot_20210726-170748_Twi…)

Crusty shorts and a crop top as always

No. 1284957

Weed and alcohol has truly fried her brain

No. 1284974

File: 1627340539207.jpg (498.55 KB, 1080x1116, Screenshot_20210726-180214_Twi…)

No. 1284977

Yay can't wait for the shit flakes to fly

No. 1284991

all her dildos will have melted together by then

No. 1284994

sickening she calls them "children"

No. 1285016

It’s literally a joke calm down anon

No. 1285025

No shit Sherlock

No. 1285027

File: 1627348065855.jpeg (303.06 KB, 1182x609, 61858CCE-73B0-4CFB-B279-08487C…)

These directions from a deathfat/feeder reminds me a lot of how Shayna treats her body

No. 1285032

what in the actual fuck (i mean you're not wrong but also wtf)

No. 1285048

I like how I spot a $100 Lovense vibe that she's never used the entire time she's been in Oklahoma because she couldn't figure out how to use it with tips.

Though I am disgusted that she's using clear bins for all her sex toys and I highly doubt that bin of glass ones is going to survive the move.

No. 1285071

It honestly reads like something someone made as satire to sarcastically point out shats habits

Ugh I'm about to join the anachans after enough time in her threads.

No. 1285087

nah that bitch don't eat fruit

No. 1285153

instructions on how to slowly kill yourself

No. 1285184

first thing thats made me laugh all thread thanks 9/11 anons

No. 1285432

File: 1627410368558.jpg (100.39 KB, 1080x327, Screenshot_20210727-132559_Twi…)

Can't keep her kinks out of anything

No. 1285434

>Hurr hurr i like dads and im your dads fav uwu
She’s so fucking annoying

No. 1285461

Does anyone even still mention twilight? She really is permanently stuck in Tumblr days from a fucking decade ago

No. 1285463

Twilight is crazy popular on tiktok and with Gen Z at the moment. Also, Netflix has all the movies atm in the US.

No. 1285469

Half of Gen Z is making fun of how cringe the movie was. And the other half worships it. Like hambeast e-girl ang3lthigh who got this big ugly twilight logo tramp stamp. Twilight has been uwu trendy but Shayna Clifford is late to the trend as usual

No. 1285471

File: 1627414179075.jpeg (824.54 KB, 1242x1374, AA6A9FDF-57A1-450C-939F-F18B8E…)

Big Shaynus ate the old ‘skinny’ twink Shayna

No. 1285484

File: 1627414732911.jpeg (413.43 KB, 1242x1389, 1AA5D792-40E2-451A-B59F-C4DD01…)


No. 1285486

Who's driving? Who are they staying if Shay isn't leaving until Saturday?

No. 1285490

Why does she have so many dildos if she only uses the same black one in all her videos

No. 1285502

By who? I'm pretty sure shes putting them in cargo which is why she got them all checked at the vet. She might've even said that they were checked and ok to fly. I can't recall. Is there a pet transporter service that goes to other states? Can't imagine Fupa would do that for her or her "bestie" in Seattle. If it were her dad, she'd say so. Seems sus.
And yeah are they going to the new place if so, without her? That would definitely imply she's moving in with someone who's at the other end to take care of them until she gets there. Either she's lying and putting them in cargo which is awful or she is moving in with that ex girl which is hilarious.

No. 1285504

File: 1627416027802.jpeg (683.04 KB, 1629x3464, 34EDC794-2882-4423-8B6D-9B8FED…)

Sage for autism but you can see Fatty’s reflection in her retarded dog’s eye(dog autism)

No. 1285506

There are pet transporters that'll go all over the country but we're very expensive. Hundreds of dollars. She also claimed Ribmeat got transported to Tulsa but we found out later that was a lie and Rib was shoved under her seat.

If she takes Rib, Peanut, and Noodle on a plane it's likely the cats will be crammed into one carrier under her seat and Noodle is in cargo.

No. 1285507

Kek how did she get caught in that lie? Did she take a picture and out herself because she forgot she lied?

No. 1285508

If I remember correctly she complained later on about having to fly with Ribmeat making noise in the cabin. If I can find the screencap I'll post it.

No. 1285510

She claimed that the person she paid to fly with Rib just so happened to have gotten on the same plane as her, so she heard Rib crying the whole time

No. 1285511

Christ. She’s such a terrible pet owner. For someone who claims they are “thriving” she sure moves around a lot to different dumpy low-class apartments…. Why can’t she just stay in one place?

No. 1285512

Because she chases dick or lives with females she hates before they get fed up and kick her out.

No. 1285514

I’m aware. It was more of a rhetorical question. I don’t get why she moves all the time it’s a waste of time and money. Chasing chode isn’t worth it.

No. 1285517

I see she still hasn't managed to sell that filthy couch of hers lmao Yes, continue to let your dirty animal lie all over it nbd

No. 1285552

File: 1627422097014.jpeg (155.99 KB, 750x557, ABEEF42E-7078-4E96-85EF-5B5556…)

I really hate when this bitch gets on her “girls supporting girls” bs like it’s so ingenuine like simone biles isn’t a superhuman entertainer she’s an Olympic athlete but like shayna would have any idea of what it means to work for something and be the best at it

No. 1285553

you have downs syndrome(dog autism)

No. 1285554

File: 1627422181783.jpeg (225.55 KB, 750x835, 000A5CC5-350B-44B0-9759-F0FF7F…)

Someone shut her up

No. 1285556

You’re a real loser for making fun of her dog like that shayna’s a tard but this is just a dumb thing to post(dog autism)

No. 1285559

This bitch probably feels like she's the Simone Biles of porn

No. 1285563

Funny how Shayna was quiet when it came to light Biles and the other girls were being molested by their doctor. She’s such an disingenuous person.

No. 1285564

oy vey just what this thread needs, noodle whiteknights.(dog autism)

No. 1285567

look, the molester was a dad, she can’t speak bad against a dad

No. 1285570

She is very cute, nothing retarded about her whatsoever. Kys if you think its ok to hate on a random good dog for no reason(dog autism)

No. 1285571

Noodle is a retard dog(dog autism)

No. 1285573

Can we not start this shit about the dog again

No. 1285575

This. The only noodle mentions I wanna hear are when it comes out shes sent the pets in cargo but begged for coin to send them “spoiled”.

Wouldn’t be shocked if this idiot isn’t shoving the two cats and the automatic feeders and box in the pod at this point.

Feels unreal she’s meant to be moving this weekend but has shared no pics of the pod etc… if this all turns out to be FuPaul bait I don’t get how she’ll recover.

Next fundraiser “sale” is gonna be her replacing her fused and broken sex toys isn’t it? Also her excuse to not work. “Uwu send me $30 for a dildo so I can send customs”

No. 1285582

File: 1627424890610.jpg (415.89 KB, 1079x1757, Screenshot_20210727-172810_Twi…)

No. 1285583

Didn’t she just say that the pod was shipped the other day? She’s still packing it?

No. 1285590

scroll up and you'll see >>1284807 it was delivered yesterday

No. 1285598

I’m just stupid, I misunderstood and thought by delivered she meant that it was delivered to Washington

No. 1285603

She’s just saying this bullshit because it’s trending on Twitter and she wants engagement that is the only reason she acts like an ally and a woman supporter. Shayna is full of shit and I hope she gets harassed by based terfs again that was hilarious

No. 1285605

Probably because Shayna “has” a “doctor medical fetish” and a “rape fetish” she’s disgusting

No. 1285607

there's one anon literally obsessed with throwin in "retarded dog" every cgabce they get even on the most irrelevant meaningless posts kek. i've seen it at least 8 times now.

No. 1285611

We just have to ignore them, and they will fuck off. Or maybe a farmhand will round them up eventually.

No. 1285613

File: 1627427761370.jpeg (299.17 KB, 1242x1023, C6A29D27-6D56-46D3-8C8E-1A085A…)

Broke bitch behavior

No. 1285615

Yep all her nasty dildos and ass plugs are going to melt and get fucked up

No. 1285627

File: 1627428792782.jpg (234.17 KB, 1080x796, Screenshot_20210727-183249_Twi…)

No. 1285628

File: 1627428850791.jpg (321.07 KB, 1080x1114, Screenshot_20210727-183341_Twi…)

I love how she has to point out she's single

No. 1285635

Can’t wait until she makes another grand revalation like water is wet

No. 1285636

Translation: 3 more days fupa!! Come smoke with me and beg me to stay uwu

No. 1285637

File: 1627429650874.jpeg (180.18 KB, 1242x1128, 57198C41-62E0-44E9-8202-2B5593…)

No. 1285639

I wonder what kind of awful conditions shayna keeps noodle in that makes her so whale-eyed all the time

No. 1285641

No. 1285644

because she stays fucking up and decides that simply relocating will change things
you know damn well she doesn't drink water, old man

No. 1285646

Oh wait, I thought you were a bad ass domme that could handle stupid men and whip respect in them? Right

No. 1285650

File: 1627433323647.jpg (Spoiler Image, 532.22 KB, 1080x1205, Screenshot_20210727-194807_Twi…)

No. 1285651

File: 1627433386888.jpg (202.41 KB, 1079x629, Screenshot_20210727-194839_Twi…)

Kiss her ass a little more

No. 1285653

File: 1627433427280.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 576.94 KB, 2047x2048, 66B88351-73E7-49B1-A6FF-FFFB4D…)

No. 1285654

File: 1627433465367.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 511.99 KB, 1928x1928, 5A6DF3BE-D117-4227-B62A-89694D…)

Those granny shorts are really not helping kek so ugly

No. 1285655

>I can see the headlines. "Shayna Clifford, cow of the year, arrested for indecent exposure". "Although it take the police over 20 minutes to complete the arrest, as they were vomiting by the disgusting stench coming from her ass and snatch "

No. 1285656


Her greasy ass face and yellow teeth are the highlight of this photo.

No. 1285660

File: 1627434531561.png (526.75 KB, 482x615, shaodw.PNG)

This is cracking me the hell up, the fucking silhouette of her tongue.

No. 1285667

one of the least terrible photos she has taken in a long time
still quite terrible

No. 1285670

She’s really just in her pod, exposing herself to the public. Disgusting.
Sexualizing everything because you have no personality and it’s the only way to get any attention on the internet.

I don’t pity her one bit. I’m excited for her to finally leave Tulsa and realize she’s still fat, ugly, poor and miserable.

No. 1285673

gee, I sure wonder who could've possibly been taking these pictures for her

No. 1285674

File: 1627435590702.jpg (359.91 KB, 1080x1508, Screenshot_20210727-202614_Twi…)

Shay, we all know you can't suck dick if your life depended on it

No. 1285675

>struggles to get 100 likes or keep subs for $3 a month

No. 1285678

Stop sexualizing childhood

No. 1285679

actually…if she thinks that giving head is supposed to be like drinking out of one of these, that would explain a lot.

No. 1285680

Fupa Fotography

No. 1285683

Sage your shit. Shut up about the dog

No. 1285685

I love how he negs her constantly and she doesn’t reply kek

No. 1285687

Yeah you're right, that dog does look retarded. Looks like it suffers dogtism. Stupid looking retarded aspie mutt.(dog autism)

No. 1285688

Notice how she's been unusually quiet lately too, busy with Fupaul of course. Like fucking clockwork. How can she live like this? Groundhog's day.

No. 1285691

Not defending her, but she's doing this for the bimbo act, nona. She knows dogs don't actually have accents. Don't give her the satisfaction.

No. 1285692

She said nothing about childhood Anon….

No. 1285695


No. 1285697

It's gonna be nuts when she moves and realizes that nothing is going to change. I feel like she's been hanging with Fupa, he's probably telling her they'll remain friends and he loves her etc. etc.
Whats funny is, she'll fall for it, think that he'll truly be there for her while she gone, just to realize the first time they have a fight or he finds someone else, he's just going to stop talking to her.
Their will be zero reasons for him to keep in contact with her because he can't have sex with her or see her. So hopefully she's not falling for that trap.

No. 1285698

Um okay

No. 1285699

Nta but she really didn't mention childhood? If you think those gatorade bottles are for children only you're mistaken? They're for everyone.

No. 1285700

ayrt… they are a part of most people’s childhoo. She’s implying she’s good at sucking d because she sucked on those growing up. She’s sexualing something that shouldn’t be sexualized.

No. 1285703

They’re obviously not but given that she’s not 50 and we have literally never seen her buy them as an adult, she’s referring to when she was a minor.

No. 1285705

What’s with all the Shay defenders lately? Are they new and haven’t read the threads or fellow sex workers who do gross shit just like her?

No. 1285712

File: 1627438113523.jpeg (432.88 KB, 975x1073, 0648B504-0761-4CB3-A68E-854618…)

Shayna better move kek. The nonnies in this thread are bored and are trying to make sexualizing Gatorade bottles milk…

No. 1285714

Wasn’t talking about you retard

No. 1285715

This, jfc. Sports drink bottles have nothing to do with pedophilia. Did someone get linked their lc thread and now we have Twitter spergs infiltrating?

No. 1285716

Lol I’m not the one who posted it so tell them it’s not milk and get over it

No. 1285719

stfu already. why keep replying to something that literally does not matter? god you all are just as bad as shay.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1285728

This explains so much.

Autistic-shay-anons should be on the ballot for worse poster at the end of the year.

No. 1285739

Love packing up my belongings in unlabeled boxes with 1 piece of tape holding them together in 100 degree heat in flip flops and jean shorts with no underwear. jfc everything she does is so hopeless and nasty for WHAT.

No. 1285740

Yes, especially ever since her ~*fancy*~ dinner. They're either going to fight the night before she has to get out and she'll be sperging about her abusive ex or he's going to lovebomb and she'll announce that she's staying a little longer because her ex is such a kind man… just like every other time. Groundhog day is everyday for her and she just won't learn.

No. 1285742


No. 1285763

God they probably fucked in the pod. Like many consumable items and services, the pod has become part of Shay's bpd identity and I'm surprised she hasn't made Pod Porn yet.

No. 1285789

you’re no fun

No. 1285802

i wouldn’t be surprised if he blocked her number and all socials the minute she’s on the plane back to seattle lmao

No. 1285849

Nice bait. Had me going there for a second nonny. I was thinking it was the weirdest crossover ever. Niche thing to post about tho, Joel is such a standard boring long form breadtuber.

I’m gonna assume this was a shitpost because no one cares about her enough to get 1k likes on some dude’s clapback.

No. 1285894

Always cracks me up when she tries this totes srs nao, u guise and tries to sound intelligent and deep when she can't even spell out the words 'for' and 'you'

Literally no body cares what you think, Shayna. You're a dime a dozen OF whore. "You know what? This completely irrelevant Twitter whore that gets 2 likes on her hot takes and gapes her asshole for free and sometimes for $3 is right. My views have been changed and I'm more open now. Bless up."-Said no one ever.
Your "funny" tweets won't go viral and neither will your "deep" tweets. You can go brush your teeth now.

No. 1285899

She literally doesn't care about other people, old dude. As long as she gets her weed this narcissist couldn't give a fuck less.

Can't wait till she blows off moving due to love bombing and they have a fight the day after and he leaves her ass for the 494th time and she implodes and has a MenTaL bReaKdOwN.

No. 1285939

She is likely using a pet transporter service. It was about $400 for 2 cats by car and $700 for 2 cats by plane. Dogs cost quite a bit more bevause they require more stops. It's probably why she's going broke rn along with this POD she refuses to fill completely.

No. 1285950

File: 1627476805256.jpeg (341.04 KB, 1125x1370, BA38C243-2768-4B42-ABA4-47E503…)

Farmer shout out or?

No. 1285954

Peak OK white trash behavior. He's so fucking revolting.

No. 1285955

her pod looks huge why the fuck isn't she taking her sofa?

No. 1285958

Can someone explain to me what the DMs comment means? I’m stumped…

No. 1285962

It's a dumb flex like you're trying to talk to this girl in her private messages, meanwhile I'm actually out with her… Man I can't believe I had to explain that hahah sorry anon

No. 1285963

Is he speaking publicly about Shaynus or is this yet another post about "Bug"? Man's got his his hands full these days. Bug and Fug.

No. 1285967

>bug and fug
top kek thank you anon

No. 1285973

who cares

No. 1285977

is implying he is getting a BJ while driving

No. 1285984

I think it he’s being metaphoric, ‘I’m telling her to move’ literally meaning Shayna, he’s telling her to kick rocks. ‘Let hand turn’ meaning he’s doing his own thing. Not sure though. Just how I saw it

No. 1285988

anons itt spending too much time in shayna's thread they're almost becoming as retarded as her

No. 1285989

You've obviously never had someone blocking a window while you're turning into traffic kek. I don't think it's about sex at all

No. 1285990

I don't even think it's that deep

No. 1285995

File: 1627486395914.jpg (202.41 KB, 1080x865, Screenshot_20210728-103316_Twi…)

No. 1286002

Totally agree, what a stupid post to try to attain some metaphorical meaning out of. Fupa's just trying to brag about actually being with a chick other dudes are thirsting over in DMs… That's literally all it is and I doubt this is even has anything to do with shaynus

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