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File: 1592420675924.png (117.13 KB, 331x326, 6584930870321-1.png)

No. 988449

Repetitive comments about Shayna's vagina is grounds for a 1 day ban. Repetitive nitpicks about her body and face are subject to a 1 day ban. Reposting the same photos zoomed in and edited are not milk and you will recieve a ban for nitpicking.
REMEMBER: sage when there’s no milk, no nitpicking and/or blogposting and please try to curb your enthusiasm when posting screenshots from other cam girls. This is a Shay thread.

Last thread (not much milk):
-has moved into new apartment, took over a month to unpack her things >>985228
-uses US current events to virtue signal >>980782 , >>980840 , >>981187 , complains about Republican parents >>980765 , baits her mother into being shitty for Woke Points on Twitter >>982362
-suicidal follower comes to her for support, she posts DMs publicly >>980820
-continues to get into fights with other SWs on twitter >>980846 , >>980854 , pretends to be above it for the millionth time (and virtue signals some more) >>980873 , “silently” donates money to BLM movements >>980889 , >>980913
-complains about people not forgiving her for the trillionth time/ is upset when people don’t buy her manipulation >>980965
-retweets black SWs for the first time in memory >>981176
-the old screenshots of her praising Hitler and claiming to be a nazi make the rounds again >>981566 and Shayna is upset that her new Perfect Ally Image isn’t being bought >>981679 so offers a new apology >>981975 “I will understand your desire not to be associated with me” , yet is upset that most of the twitter SW community doesn’t want to associate with her >>986427
- admits she has no life separate from sex work >>981942
- shitty boyfriend continues to insult her to her face >>982121
-confirms she’s a hardcore lurker yet again >>983196
-no one to talk to >>983341 , leaving the SW community over and over >>985206 , >>986594 , >>986780 , >>986868 , >>986880
-starts her birthday a month early >>983903 like all functional adults
-calls herself a camgirl despite not having cammed at all in 2020 >>986966
-continues to eat like shit, drink every day, smoke weed 24/7, live a sedentary lifestyle, but it’s totally the meds that have caused her weight gain.
-continues to hate women and give men passes to treat her and other women horribly.
-continues to produce horror-tier porn. mostly just makes schedules she’ll never stick to.

https://twitter.com/IRLbarbie ← CURRENT
https://www.instagram.com/itsdollymattel/ ← CURRENT

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No. 988450

Shatna has been dumped between threads and had a meltdown on Twitter. I got caps of all of it, and bit the bullet and made a new thread. Consolidated all past thread lists for convenience going back. Hope it's alright

No. 988451

bless u

No. 988453

File: 1592421175787.png (317.49 KB, 760x1097, Screenshot_20200617-151211.png)

posting caps in this format so I don't spam the thread, I have most of them with actual timestamps included too.

No. 988455

I'm so happy this thread is starting with Shayna getting dumped again

No. 988456

File: 1592421199577.png (189.14 KB, 760x927, Screenshot_20200617-132418.png)

No. 988457

File: 1592421228418.png (119.81 KB, 760x597, Screenshot_20200617-134910.png)

No. 988458

File: 1592421259293.png (103.01 KB, 760x423, Screenshot_20200617-140317.png)

No. 988459

A true hero anon, thanks. Why does milk always happen when the site's down though

No. 988461

File: 1592421432735.png (262.09 KB, 760x990, Screenshot_20200617-151628.png)

dang, I meant to include her personal account in her links. My bad. Next thread anon, her personal twitter is @irlbarbietalks

No. 988462

Maybe getting dumped will kick her ass in such a way that she won’t want to stuff her face. I

No. 988463

File: 1592421617469.png (255.24 KB, 760x855, Screenshot_20200617-151911.png)

okay, that's most of it, minus a SpongeBob gif and some more whining. other anons can fill in the gaps if they please

No. 988466

File: 1592421838563.jpeg (205.53 KB, 750x536, A7755394-1D8D-472B-A532-4698EA…)

i forgot to post my thread pic contribution in the old thread so here it is anyway kek

No. 988468

File: 1592422135237.png (99.95 KB, 760x481, Screenshot_20200617-140205.png)

Last last one. Rather than practice distress tolerance skills from therapy, she smokes weed about it.

My theory is that her boyfriend spent ONE night out with his friends (like she says, they've been together every day during quarantine). He even saw her last night, then left to have a life.

Shayna complained on Twitter about being alone, so you know she pestered him with complaints, and whined and cried about him daring to have other people in his life besides her, since she doesn't have any friends. He got sick of her shit again, and cut her off again. I'm sure he'll be back as soon as he wants sex though, and she'll take him back because she admits she has no one else in her life.

No. 988473

File: 1592423066593.png (28.37 KB, 546x286, Screenshot 2020-06-17 at 3.43.…)

literally WHO do you do everything to be there for?

No. 988488

Well? Maybe if you didn't fuck up every relationship (including with someone you claim to love so much) you'd have a relationship.
It comes off like the dude may have friends or family and Shayna is mad he "cares" about other people more then her.

Or maybe he cares what people think of him dating a mentally ill sex worker. Then again he has to be shitty if he's dating Shayna.

No. 988490

File: 1592424500824.jpeg (436.28 KB, 828x1259, C0D59225-7A3C-4A03-BF8E-55FE97…)

E begging for a car for her birthday kek

No. 988491

Yikes. She just lets men totally debase her to get them to stick around, huh? Didn't she hint this guy was 'abusive' in the past too?

No. 988492

"Drunk& High Driving Barbie" Coming to theaters near us!

It must get annoying for her boyfriend to hear how she has no one else but him & twitter, yet she doesn't try to have anyone else.

No. 988493

holy emotional manipulation batman. is she expecting ppl to chime in and say that they care about her so much? put that energy into yourself idiot, depending on someone else to fill up your space b/c you don't have any friends [b/c maybe you're a shitty person] is tiring and not healthy. but he was there to hate fuck so give him all the love, fucking puke.

No. 988495

she'd rather have him around and not want to be there, then be alone. I'll repeat this again for this thread, I pray Shayna never meets an abusive Jonny Craig Like guy.

No. 988496

>spent all of quarantine together
I can see why he left.

No. 988499

i'm so delighted that she was dumped and making a spectacular fool of herself to start the new thread off right.

does she have anal more often than vaginal sex or something jfc

No. 988500

lol this one is priceless. love this new thread already.

No. 988501

sorry shayna, your whole life will just be a sad series of you being delusional and gross men pumping and dumping you unless you actually change your life.

No. 988503

Kek. Shayna Luther King.
She’s an ANAL PRINCESS anon didn’t you know? Anal star of the year!!!

No. 988504

is getting fucked in the ass by a fat old guy a few times a week and occasionally drinking IPAs with him at a restaurant what she consider "dating"? i've personally never seen her talk about feeling loved or loving anyone, going on dates, having a nice time with them, or missing them for them, not just because she's lonely and pathetic. when she talked about whoever it was, it was always just about him saying she's cool for liking anal or being a whore, and dAdDy this and that. that's barely even being friends with benefits, what's she so broken up about?

No. 988505

Oof. Sounds like she gets into a victim mentality after being toxic and trying to be emotionally manipulative in order to guilt and make him stay. Highly sure all those guys have tried helping her and she just refused it like always.

She will post them telling her to bathe, drink water, stay off her phone while working, letting her know her work isn’t quality etc. If people do all that and then leave, its clear the issue is unfair to them and you’re a little old to act that way even with the kink/age centered relationship.

No. 988509

This, at least with Fupa they went out and did shit, this dude seems like he lays around and fucks her.
Doesn't seem to pay any bills, does not seem to love Shayna or anything.
If more was going on no doubt Shayna would talk about it on twitter.

No. 988512

File: 1592426645364.jpg (323.19 KB, 1080x1103, 20200617_144327.jpg)

Shes quite on the meltdown today

No. 988517

Pretty sure it’s all the drinking and grease you shove in your mouth Shayna but alright; if that what helps you sleep at night

No. 988519

it's really sad that she refuses to take care of herself solely for the sake of being a healthy person. maybe she's on the path to the 27 club after all, minus the fame

No. 988520

This is the most manipulative bullshit. She’s clearly posting this just to get a rise out of her ex or her orbiters to “save her” from herself. If she legitimately thought that she’d benefit from being off her meds, she’d talk to her doctor about it, not blast it on Twitter for attention. Classic Shayna.

No. 988522

This is so fucked up, Seriously. So mentally abusive, so attention-hungry, I pray someone calls her out but no one will.
She's a disgusting person.

No. 988524

>the only reason I was taking my meds was so my boyfriend wouldn't leave me for being a fucking mess
>boyfriend still leaves her
>guess I'll just become even more of a mess

almost like meds are a TOOL to help you get to a place where you can do work on yourself, and not just a cure-all for a shitty personality.

and switching meds 3+ times because of "weight gain" but refusing to change anything else ain't it, sis

No. 988530

Here she goes "Pill Baiting".

No. 988531

Waiting for her to become an anachan

No. 988532

It’s also like she’s indirectly blaming her ex for her weight gain. No accountability for how much she’s drank, ate, and lazed about. No wonder he left, at this point I’m wondering how much shit she put him through that she didn’t share with everyone else. I get that she has mental health issues, but it seems like she bit the hand that fed her.

No. 988538

she definitely won’t. way poor impulse control and way too much alcohol.

she is so pathetic. she does this every time they break up. this is like once a month since January, yes? he’ll be back next week to fuck her in the ass and eat donuts in bed. So healthy.

No. 988540

File: 1592428292882.jpg (591.59 KB, 1077x1728, Screenshot_20200617-160725_Twi…)

Yeah, ok Shay

No. 988541

I'm just waiting on the guy to finally call the police next time Shayna suicide baits.

No. 988543

File: 1592428328168.jpg (Spoiler Image,497.5 KB, 1080x1241, Screenshot_20200617-160459_Twi…)

Sure Shay

No. 988545

File: 1592428388972.jpg (434.46 KB, 1080x1679, Screenshot_20200617-160516_Twi…)


No. 988548

lol using the term "donations" right now even if things have died down a bit is bold to say the least. flippantly posting about buying $200 worth of weed, a new TV(?), etc.

No. 988549

She looks like she’s shooting the unicorn pillow thing out of her cooch in the second pic…. queen of attention to detail

No. 988550

I'd pay more for a tell all from the ex. Please come spill, fupa 2.0.

No. 988557

when were these photos taken? that's her old apartment, with the child's daybed (curved wood backboard) and the sex toy deco is in its old display, not like the new place. is it from last year's cake video? I'm confused

topkek she's given her pussy visible stank lines.

please, mystery man, swear off the stanky dolphin and share that video you took of her screaming in a drunken rage from a few months ago

No. 988563

the cake is from like 2 months ago

No. 988564

> so I can be pretty again
I thought she was totally fine with “thiccness” lmao. What a great message to spread Shay, weight loss = pretty

No. 988566

joke's on her because she looked like a rat-faced tranny when she was thin

No. 988570

Yes this was her last year bday cake vid. Before she started shooping to hell and back and when she started gaining alarmingly fast.

No. 988572

samefag sorry I thought this was from last year? Def not 2 months ago

No. 988573

No. 988580

He locked up her weed pen and told her to take anxiety meds instead and she claimed that was somehow AbUsIVe. Just like how she claimed being grounded by her parents when she was a teenager was abusive kek She has no idea what real abuse is. The only one dishing out the abuse is her.

I swear to God she threatens to stop taking her meds every single time she's dumped. So emotionally manipulative and transparent. Fuck off already, Shayna.

No. 988584

Kek the only reason she wants a car is cause we're shit talking about how she doesn't have one. I guess we're the only ones left in her life to impress now that dude bro left for the 93rd time.

No. 988586

inb4 the soyboy posts here just so he can be worshipped by women for a little while and withholds info on purpose to make anons beg, as its what usually happens.

No. 988587

wouldn't her rates be higher since she was caught driving without a license not long ago?

No. 988590

Her rates would be higher for that, her age, her wanting a sports car and the area she lives in depending how many drivers are there for the frequency of accidents.
And Id imagine this is just for her to get basic liability with a shitty small insurance company.

No. 988607

File: 1592433940390.png (653.8 KB, 608x549, dcfauo3-53084c4d-109f-4ab1-bff…)

The stereotypical sleazy car salesman is gonna have a field day with this retard lol

No. 988608

File: 1592434027089.jpg (495.87 KB, 1079x1747, Screenshot_20200617-174613_Twi…)

The comments underneath

No. 988609

File: 1592434072209.jpg (335.89 KB, 1080x1068, Screenshot_20200617-174532_Twi…)


No. 988610

File: 1592434114362.jpg (177.46 KB, 1080x677, Screenshot_20200617-174634_Twi…)

And leave your cat alone to fend for herself?

No. 988615

She's abandoned her cat multiple times already so not surprising

No. 988616

Did this stupid bitch not learn the first go around with trying to buy something (a house) with her no credit having ass? Yeah, go buy the most expensive car in the lot just to not keep up with the maintenance. Jesus Christ.

No. 988618

i don't think she can realistically even buy a more pricy vehicle period unless it's at a scammy cheap shitty dealership. she doesn't know anything

No. 988622

This car thing is such a pathetic cope lmao the way no one wants to entertain paying for it is topest kek
Again with the meds = weight denial
Shayna don't you have a therapist?

No. 988627

It's terrifying cause all she wants is a sports car. This stoned, drunk retard who's already lost her license once shouldn't be behind the wheel of a motor vehicle let alone a sports car. All she does is run off of high emotions so She's the type to drive recklessly if she's mad to get attention from her boyfriend lol She gunna kill someone.

No. 988629

File: 1592435525043.png (740.42 KB, 1624x2048, Screenshot_20200617-191057.png)

You ain't wrong lol No one wants to be this pathetic fuck's cAr SuGaR DaDdy

No. 988635

It's kind of pathetic how much she is begging for money during a pandemic and when so many people are giving money towards racial injustices and LGBT charities. Your birthday doesn't mean shit, Shayna. You are an adult now. Spend less money on weed and food and you'll be able to buy a shitty used car in no time.

No. 988638

Each time I see her I think her eyebrows can’t look any worse and she always proves me wrong

Also waiting on her making mystery daddy snap and he posts here to get back at her

No. 988643

I honestly think she'll go on Craigslist

No. 988644

File: 1592437432736.jpeg (14.13 KB, 200x200, 1F35A331-080A-436B-B2C8-565274…)

So, any bets on how long until she’s tweeting about him like they never even broke up?

No. 988647

Tonight when he wants to get his dick wet

No. 988648

“Daddy bought me white claws 😭😭”

No. 988649

i wouldn't be surprised if we start hearing about "omg daddy" within the next few days

No. 988650

sounds like he stayed with her so he’d have someone to fuck and then left the moment he could. wise choice.

No. 988655

She stopped having a breakdown so they're probably already back together lol

No. 988659

File: 1592438785350.jpeg (158.72 KB, 828x577, 8681023E-093B-4D76-8907-1C6F1F…)

No. 988661

Aka time to go get coronavirus, it’s not like the cases are on the rise in Oklahoma…. sike! They’re the worst they’ve ever been

No. 988668


AKA Shay gets drunk on a Wednesday night.

No. 988673

I wonder if she's going to find some new daddy? Seems like she's doing whatever she can to make this dude mad.
I don't know what's funnier her doing this to make him mad or imagining some asshole getting mad because his drunken mentally ill girlfriend is leaving the house and will probably fuck the first guy she sees to get back at him.

It's just really sad, I don't remember her using suicide or mental illness to get back at Fupa? Or maybe I'm forgetting either way, this shit is sad.

No. 988674

Poor "friends." Let's see how long before she scares them off with her drunken behavior, or emotionally drains them by trying way too hard … I give it one night

No. 988676

I kinda think she's lying just to make "daddy" jealous. She is probably sitting at home stuffing her face and getting high.

No. 988677

oh you mean you don’t remember her 5 hour “shower naps” in the fupa mansion?

No. 988680


I think you’re right, actually. “I JUST met some new people, and we’re going to go out and HAVE FUN! Aren’t you jealous?” She says as she hopes he’s stalking her feed. Like where did she all of a sudden meet these new people? She doesn’t go anywhere unless she can snap a picture of her dirty pussy when she goes.

No. 988683

exactly. if it was just that easy for her to make new friends to go out with, why is she waiting until now to do it?

No. 988708

She blocks everyone that calls her out.

No. 988725

>just imagine me hulking a stained skin tight amazon outfit n dirty keds getting out of this car n going into the Chik-fil-a UGH

No. 988732

Jesus. Shayna time passes so weird. But I remember now last June she wasn’t porky yet. My bad lol.

No. 988736

It's funny cause she literally goes to the club in pajamas and flip flops like the white trash she is kek

No. 988738

>Lose all the weight I've gained and be pretty again
>Be pretty again
Oh, honey. You thought you were pretty? Someone should tell her.

No. 988743

File: 1592448285782.jpg (189.38 KB, 1074x668, Screenshot_20200617-214421_Twi…)

Wow Shay

No. 988746

and she wonders why she's so porky, lol.

No. 988748

File: 1592448554279.jpg (267.66 KB, 1080x931, Screenshot_20200617-214835_Twi…)

A guy probably said this. Which is why she isn't having a break down over it. Unlike with the dolphin incident

No. 988749

File: 1592448605756.jpg (351 KB, 1080x2179, Screenshot_20200617-214614_Twi…)

No. 988750

lol ummm isn’t moose knuckle just the male version of camel toe? shayna they were saying your pussy looks like a ballsack

No. 988752

File: 1592448742827.png (149.7 KB, 3307x2480, Cycle_of_Abuse.png)

All of this. Remember how she said that she "cut off" everyone and he's basically isolated her and not allowed to vent unless it's to him? And now all the sudden she has friends? Yeah, no. She's hella lying about being out and about just to get a rise out of him. Shay always loves to take nasty public nudes when she's out but where dey at tho? These are two completely pathetic losers. Who does this high school shit. Here, y'all dropped this.

No. 988754

File: 1592449051006.png (121.61 KB, 500x522, moose-knuckle-all-fat-chicks-h…)

Oof. Every time I hear about a moose knuckle, I remember this age old meme. So, uh, congrats, I guess? Since a dude said it, she won't be offended, of course lol

No. 988755

Lol you're so true anon

Some chick commented saying "I think it means fatter than a camel toe" lol

No. 988757

Dude: "Moose knuckle"
Shay: "teehee I Kno, my pussy is so fat and cute :)"
Chick: "It means fatter than a camel toe."
Shay: "WOW. Don't you know I'm self conscious?! All girls are bitches and bullies!!!1! Seriously, like, fuck you???? Like?????"

No. 988761

File: 1592449760515.jpg (311.28 KB, 1079x1150, Screenshot_20200617-220900_Twi…)

The comments

No. 988762

8:46pm: "Gonna hang out with my new frens!"
9:17pm: "Imma go to bed"

She lyin lol

No. 988769

This thread.. chefs kiss

I usually just go by these threads to see what's happening with her but I lurked through her twitter and quelle suprise, she deleted all her emotional manipulation/meltdown tweets.
I also searched irlbarbie in the twitter search bar & some blank account was going HAM at her last night calling her a racist etc. So Shayna had to spend one night alone & lost it.. the fucking codependency is astronomical.

No. 988782

Oh she meant she was going to see the budtenders at the dispensary that probs know her by name and are casually and professionally nice to her because, well, it's their job. Ya know, "Friends" kek.

No. 988796

File: 1592459029894.png (11.68 KB, 390x470, 480.png)

shayna keeps losing brain cells, anons keep getting funnier
i'm in splits at this thread already

kek who's she even going to meet? iirc her last "friends" were just pity acquaintances she met through fupa
no one's fucking with her repulsive personality if even some balding loser won't think it's worth getting his chode wet

No. 988804

File: 1592461688547.jpg (435.88 KB, 1080x924, Screenshot_20200618-012610_Twi…)

It's not that clever of a name Shay

No. 988812

At best, it will wake her up to how much she’s wasted her life. At worst, it will serve as nothing but a mind numbing habit.

No. 988814

wtf are you on about?

No. 988824

I bet she’d drink actual bong water if someone paid her like $5

No. 988825

girl hasn't had friends since she lived with her parents, that "gonna go hang out with my real irl friends that i totally have btw" lie was gone in less than 30 minutes. that's, um…tragic. I can't wrap my mind around where all her time goes. What does she do all day besides blur away her cottage cheese and drink? Does she just like…lay there and look at twitter, and that's legit it?

totally living the life tho. happy birthday!

No. 988835

glad you preserved this bc I think she sounds drunk as fuck. Like completely wasted.

No. 988858

That tacky flask tho.
She sounded robotic as fuck too. Crazy how a year ago, she'd post up a video of her flailing around and being loud but now she just sits there like a lump and is so quiet. Does her boyfriend tell her to shut the fuck up or something? Never seen this usually obnoxious girl be so fucking quiet lol
She looks and acts like she's truly dead inside now. Just bored as all fuck and like she can't be bothered. How bleak.

No. 988872

For free if they convince her it's kinky
I'm pretty sure that's all she does. She doesn't have any skills, interests or social life, the ultimate NPC. She isn't even the main character in her own life lmao

No. 988910

File: 1592493024319.jpeg (565.75 KB, 828x1249, 5D6CABE0-92A8-4475-A60E-0A00AF…)


No. 988911

>eating pancakes and getting drunk first thing in the morning
>"b-buh my meds are making me fat!1"

No. 988913

She just wants someone who doesn't hold her accountable for her shitty behavior

No. 988920

I give it a week til she's back to bragging about him fucking her in the ass and leaving while she's passed out drunk.

No. 988922

yikes this video really is bleak. she speaks so horribly to herself, you can tell she just sits there all day and beats herself up and then DOESN'T CHANGE. she's stuck in a huge rut of self hatred, booze, weed, and junk food.

she's right though she should quit sex work. go home. do anything different.

No. 988923

File: 1592495215938.jpg (168.73 KB, 928x1613, IMG_20200618_164516.jpg)

She looks like she has down syndrome jesus christ, she's formed a double chin now

No. 988924

File: 1592495257603.jpg (Spoiler Image,161.23 KB, 922x1709, IMG_20200618_164519.jpg)

Very sexy expression shay

No. 988925

lol this actually isn't an exaggeration for once. she legitimately looks like she has down syndrome with this filter

No. 988927

She's got a bib of turkey meat for a neck

No. 988929

File: 1592495640075.jpg (19.59 KB, 405x405, DjikCbPWwAE3Rsg.jpg)

oh my god anon my sides…
she must be pregaming before brunch. not even the filter could save her

No. 988930

Hopefully the dude wises up soon because this is just a repetitive cycle. The girl is obviously a delusional alcoholic

No. 988932

He is using her for sex and free stuff and ditching her the moment she has a freak out. I'd say he is fully aware of what she is and just comes back when he is horny again. I mean, she bought them concert tickets for HER birthday and the only things he has bought her are some snacks from the grocery store. I don't think he really needs to wise up. He is fully taking advantage of what an idiot she is.

No. 988944

I don't see where anons get that the dude doesn't pay for his own stuff and he's living off her. She's stated multiple times she's stayed over his house and he's working from home. I find it hard to believe that he's just mooching off some broke ass sex worker. Sure, I can believe that he wants his dick wet and uses her as a fuck doll. I just can't get with him being some leach if he's independent and employed. It's also not her birthday so we don't have a clue about presents. Just because she got herself something doesn't mean he didn't get her something.

No. 988945

I completely just remembered she bought her ex tickets to some shit redneck comedian for her birthday. I bet he'll be back around that time frame to collect his free ticket lol

No. 988946

Maybe she'll take her "new friends" kek

No. 988947

At least this dress hides her gut, tbh. She looks awful, though. She's really eaten/drank herself into having no jawline.

No. 988949

Holy moly she looks absolutely wasted. I want to know how she drinks like she does and doesn’t feel like death 24/7.

No. 988954

It's called being a functional alcoholic

No. 988956

she's probably at the point of feeling like death when she doesn't drink

No. 988959

Very likely, anon. She also likes to cope with alcohol so she's having to drink even more to get drunk. Now she's drinking 500mg weed drinks with white claw. It's only going to get worse

No. 988960

Functional is debatable lol

No. 988961

You know what anon, you're right. I gave her too much credit kek

No. 988975

at least the eyebrows are a step in the right direction…but then again, 100 steps in the wrong direction because now she has a literal triple chin and those weird downs syndrome eye wrinkles/downs syndrome froggy mouth thing going on?? how did she get those, that's so fucking freaky.
also like that she's upgraded from skirt to cover her droopy gut to dress to cover her everything. soon she's just gonna buy a mumu to flash her tits out the top and call it a day kek

No. 988981

I think it's the filter doing her absolutely no favors and her being absolutely 0% self aware

No. 988990

File: 1592501340310.jpg (64.17 KB, 591x564, cows collide.jpg)

fucking this. like we're only getting her version of whatever happened but considering the way she acts on twitter, this dude may have done something minor, she wanted to be bratty about it, he had enough and peaced but her feelings were so hurt and no one cares.

oh, and look who is telling her to send a dm to vent lol.

No. 988994

100% agree. You have to know that everything that we know about their relationship and this guy comes from the sliver of information that she gives. She can frame things however she wants to for her followers so she gets reassurance. for all we know the dude could have told her that he didn't want to get drunk or something and she threw a fit.

No. 988995

I've been thinking about the stupidctickets she bought herself and him this whole time. Waiting for her to mention it or him to come back to claim kek. So sad to be dumped before her birthday. Works out for him not having to spend his time or money on her for it though. He's a greasy dumbass like her but hes playing the game kek

This is really hard to look at. She looks wasted and strung out and with the tits out it just looks like a mentally ill/disabled person being taken advantage of or exploiting themselves. As if someone, including herself, shouldn't let her post something this bleak. I can't explain it but it feels kinda wrong lol

No. 988996

Sorry if I missed it, but did farmers find out who he is or is this just a assumption?

No. 988998

Maybe she broke up with him lol. They break up all the time and I don't think it's because her birthday is near.

No. 988999

File: 1592501853754.png (119.84 KB, 760x701, Screenshot_20200618-133535.png)

you called it

No. 989002

File: 1592501930937.png (276.42 KB, 760x1296, Screenshot_20200618-133547.png)

"other people who might not be able to take themselves out to brunch should take me out to brunch"

No. 989003

File: 1592501969854.png (49.28 KB, 760x274, Screenshot_20200618-133644.png)

asking her discord to enable her alcoholism

No. 989004

What a shit show.

No. 989006

File: 1592502119081.png (268.85 KB, 760x897, Screenshot_20200618-133611.png)

she's been live tweeting her drinks too, including a picture of the martini. she's a fucking mess, alone at the bar on a Thursday morning drinking the entire menu

No. 989007

it’s all assumptions. only thing we know is he’s fat because she did that blowjob video a while back.

No. 989009

Like other anon said, we have no way of knowing how things really go down. Was just making a joke about the timing. I think we can say she got dumped though. That's pretty obvious. I think the only way it would have been more on her side is if she was like "YOU DONT CARE ABOUT ME WE SHOULDNT BE TOGETHER" or something and hes like "Ok, deuces" kek.

No. 989010

File: 1592502299540.png (202.75 KB, 760x743, Screenshot_20200618-134327.png)

she's tweeting so much, and all from her work account,not even her personal account. including public restroom nudes, as always.

this is probably my favorite though, someone sends her money for food and she immediately spends it on alcohol

No. 989013

Jfc. Imagine sitting there serving this bitch at 10:30 like that. If she doesn't think she's got a problem and that alcohol is causing her problems she's going to get worse. This bitch is gonna get herself hurt or killed.

No. 989014

Shes really spiraling out for attention, huh?

The car thing is funny too. Regardless of her diagnosis professionally or self, the suddenly wanting a car because she got dumped is manic af and pathetic.
Maybe shes thinking how now that hes gone (for now) she wont have someone to drive her dirty fuzzy shorts wearing ass to the club or dispensary lmao

On that note of the impulsive car begging thing… what about that laptop begging goal for that twitch streaming idea she went on about last month??

No. 989015

Seems like she's just doing a bunch of impulsive stuff right now. If she's off her meds or having a manic episode it explains a lot

No. 989016

I think that she gets some sort of thrill from people giving her money and being able to buy things. She's constantly begging to buy new stuff

No. 989017

i'm upset but willing to accept the fact that twitch-thot shayna is never happening

No. 989018

Yeah the milk would have been flowing there

No. 989020

Sometimes it does come off fake, it comes off like she's doing everything she knows will make him run back, but other times, yeah, wanting a car, always saying she wants to do these HUGE things whenever they break up does seem very manic.

I think this guy sucks because Shayna sucks but she has to know doing this shit is only going to attract even shitter guys right?
Shayna seems like she's in the type who NEEDS to get with someone right away after a relationship ends.

She does not want to be alone, even if it means being around someone whose not good for her. So it makes even LESS sense she hates her parents.
They actually love her and want the best, but she pushes them away for people who can and will leave her.

No. 989024

Wish someone would tell her to stop acting like a damn fool. This attention whore off the rails act ain't cute. Shes an adult.
But no one will. She has a hug box that will encourage her spiral, at worst and comfort her with shallow words, at best.

No. 989025

Spot on. It's why she posts that she's single immediately afterwards. She's already scouting her next potential partner and knowing her she'll move half way across the country to meet up with them even if she hasn't known them for a month. She's so incredibly afraid of being alone and it's putting her in situations she's not actually happy with.

I also see her pushing the envelope to make him talk to her. I think she stops responding to her so she tries to use Twitter to get to him. That's abusive af

No. 989027

Sometimes Shayna acts like a troon, she goes on and on about women, but 80% of her issues in life are men.
Men she panders to for work, Men she fucks, her horrible relationship with sex due to Men (she is a alleged rape victim), yet every chance she gets she'll give a guy a slap on the wrist and come directly for women.

This place is a huge reason why, but no doubt because her pre-existing mommy issues and her own stories, she always was a "not like other girls" girl.

No. 989028

Her alcoholism is gonna start doing more then just get fat and embarrassing herself; soon she’s gonna fuck something up health wise

No. 989029

Can't believe Shay managed to smoke,drink,cry herself into having a down syndrome face.

Fascinating stuff.

No. 989033

Maybe instead of lavishing her alcoholism publicly, she should give her therapist a call. But nah, fuck her mental health since the dude left! She was only trying to work on her shit to keep him around apparently. Which is really horrible. Now she's on her fallback of being cRaZy to get his attention.

No. 989035

I've heard of people using mental illness against mentally ill people, but she's using her mental illness against her partner and that's extremely manipulative and emotionally abusive. we already know that he has to basically force her to take her medication instead of doing smoking weed and drinking And it's really fucked up to use not taking meds as a threat to someone who cares about you. Idc what the dude does to upset her because what we see is toxic enough. Imagine what we don't see. Jfc

No. 989036

File: 1592505563502.png (3.32 MB, 1242x2688, 3F6471EF-E48E-43C2-8773-09790E…)

She’s still at it.

No. 989038

She has to realize this filter makes her look about as bad as she has been in a while… Right?? Or she's too fucked up to notice.

No. 989043

So she's going to go home drunk and film a video kek

No. 989044

I really think she just likes the look of the blush, partially because it's more convenient than spending time learning how to do flattering makeup

No. 989045

No one thinks being a lush is cute. This is what gets me. Anyone who’s been around an alcoholic knows dealing with their shit is absolutely miserable. It would be one thing if she was playing up the party girl angle, you know, Ibiza and designer drugs. But she just comes across as an Oklahoma Alcoholic in these.

No. 989046

Alcoholics have delusions of grandeur. Hers come across in photograph form. I bet she's a wretch

No. 989047

It already is. She has the classic signs of alcoholic liver disease.
>bloated face and body
>puffy eyes
>swollen hands with red palms
The excessive alcohol consumption combined with a diet of processed junk food will either kill her or leave her permanently disabled with alcoholic neuropathy by the time she's 40.

No. 989048

I'm just in awe that she's bigging up drinking alone to this degree. Sure go grab a meal on your own, catch a movie and learn some independence but the stereotype is 'miserable middle aged man has a whiskey alone at a bar after work, maybe until late if he's proper desperate', not 'woman who should be in the prime of her life SMASHING them back in the middle of the day'. Depressing.

No. 989052

It's sad because she thinks it's some lavish commendable lifestyle. When she's an absolute train wreck to her clientele and she thinks it's cute. The only people who think drunk girls are cute are people who want to take advantage of you. It's Thursday afternoon and she's been drinking since like 9:00. And she thinks it's normal and cool. Big yikes.

No. 989053

File: 1592507717781.png (139.26 KB, 1440x1246, Screenshot_20200618-141352~2.p…)

I guess HE bought the pen he supposedly took from her kek

No. 989054

Shayna should really just start stripping. She can drink on the job and make money for it, it will give her some exercise, she can wear dumb outfits, and it wouldn’t be recorded on the internet forever like her other antics. She’s way too much of a bitch to ever dance but I almost think it would be an upgrade compared to languishing in her apartment.

No. 989057

Where does the idea that it's commendable come from though? I can't wrap my head around it. Although knowing her addled brain, anything is possible in there.

Like, I'd be jel if maybe this was one of her many days off from a high paying job and she'd gone with a group of equally successful girlfriends but.. combined with the rest of the picture, she's just publicly mocking herself.

No. 989058

This idiot really has no shame, huh? Begging for donations is cringey as fuck even from people who actually provide decent content, even more so from an alcohol marinated blobfish.

Also no, you're never going to get an actual sugar daddy unless you clean up your entire act. Why'd anyone want to invest in………whatever she thinks she is.

kek who knew that one could gain an extra chromosome just by acting like she has

No. 989061

You must not have been around during her cam show days Kek. She would get boo’d off the stage no doubt. Girl has zero sex appeal and can not be sexy if her life depended on it.

There’s some great gifs in past threads.

No. 989068

I honestly find it more pathetic that shes getting plastered at some restaurant alone rather than a bar like normal people. That's extra embarrassing. Imagine being the waitress and bartender at this place and this absolute trainwreck stumbles in taking pics of every drink she guzzles. Oh and let's not forget flashing in the establishment's restroom. Shes really the epitome of thriving and beacon of class!!

No. 989069

Sorry, reposting because I forgot to sage.


Shayna is absolutely gawky and untalented, but I think you give too much credit to low end strippers. Most in low end clubs don’t actually know pole tricks or do anything fancy. They just dance around in g-strings and do extras with regulars. So she’d probably be fine in Tulsa.

No. 989070

File: 1592510542968.gif (Spoiler Image,974.33 KB, 238x422, 1539795588763.gif)

not from one of her cam shows but this moment is all i can think of any time someone suggests she strip

No. 989072

Oh my fuck. Nevermind, I take my comment back lmao

No. 989073

Seriously it's not even flattering. She really thinks everything she does is cute and quirky when it's just painful to watch and cringe worthy. She reminds me of those people in the early years of American idol who truly thought they were amazing and iconic, only to have the judges laugh at them and become viral videos simply for the cringe factor. Blow that attitude up by 10 and you have Shayna.

No. 989074

File: 1592510797845.jpg (212.53 KB, 720x1280, 20200618_130358.jpg)


Sorry not sure how to post the vid but wow. This is the kind of people that she has around her. They love watching her humiliate herself. The video is her obviously drunk af but the fact that shes posting things like this… big yikes. If I were that dude, I would keep fucking walking from this utter trainwreck and move on to the next Oklahoma easy pussy.

No. 989076

File: 1592510832197.jpeg (Spoiler Image,103.45 KB, 926x1537, Ea0dw0YXYAAtLXV.jpeg)

I guess when you're wasted this seems attractive. Yikes.

No. 989077

I hate the new filter shes found. It makes her look like a different but still ugly and homely af person. Looking like a fucking Kanker Sister fr.

No. 989079

This is fucking bleak.

No. 989080

This is…beyond embarrassing. How fucking intoxicated is she at this point? She's had multiple vodka drinks plus espresso, plus a 500mg thc drink and it's only 3pm. What the ever living fuck.

No. 989082

Not to mention this was when she was "skinny and pretty" kek imagine her trying that now. Jiggling her gut and showing off her double chin.

No. 989085

Someone archive this before she sobers up and deletes it, lmao.

No. 989086

I garuntee you this will be deleted in the next few hours

No. 989089

done because she definitely will and this is embarrassing

No. 989090

Right?? But she really needs a car!! DUI crazy bArBiE is so cute!

This bitch is off the rails over some gross dude and it just shows how deep all of her problems are and shes an adult now so theres no pass on it.

No. 989091

Ok I’ve never heard her talk before because I just loosely follow this thread but that was NOT the voice I was expecting someone trying to act like a baby all the time would have, looking and sounding like a 38 year alcoholic with a couple kids running around unsupervised in the trailer park

No. 989092

Bless u anon

No. 989095

Shayna wouldn’t last 5 minutes in a strip club. The girls there would rip her a new one half the time she opened her mouth.

Even with the snow app she can’t manage to look decent. It’s pretty sad at this point.

No. 989096

God the filter makes her mouth look like that horrible truth or dare movie
Plus the way she's moving her mouth makes it look like she has no teeth

No. 989097

You know what makes this even worse is that shes naked. I know shes drunk and SW is just her life but she posted this really thinking it was gonna be a sexy post? Again, this shit just feels wrong. Keep some clothes on and just go to bed Shayna. I know she is shameless and her "fans" love watching her degrade herself but this is some sick shit lol

No. 989100

Lookin’ like a fresh-faced Kathy Bates

No. 989103

This is just tragic.

No. 989104

She looks and sounds like she’s strung out on meth. Like slurring all her words with big dark circles under her eyes and doing those weird zonked our faces. This is abysmal. I don’t know if I’m praying her family doesn’t see her this low, or praying that they do, and send some sort of help.

No. 989105

She’s so drunk she’s not doing a fake baby voice

No. 989108

File: 1592512398835.jpg (177.93 KB, 1080x573, Screenshot_20200618-153021_Twi…)

He's your dad Shay. Obviously he's going to say he likes the gift. Even though it's obvious it was cheap and bought off Amazon

No. 989109

File: 1592512446179.jpg (369.88 KB, 1080x1227, Screenshot_20200618-153045_Twi…)


No. 989116

looks like my dog when he’s trying to throw up; hate to see what it would look like now that she’s fat kek

No. 989120

Im honestly starting to worry for her, she seems truly out of it and this seems different this time.
I hope she gets help, but she pushes everyone away. I also loved how she makes a big deal out of sending her republican dad something but baited her mom to expose her on twitter.

I'm really interested to see what happens around the holidays. I wonder if she truly cut her mom off.

No. 989122

just look at what happened last holiday. nothing. she drags her mom on twitter and then is fake to her face in hopes she sends her more furniture. there’s nothing of substance there.

No. 989124

Kek it was so stupid. You'd have to be a real "mountain man" to like it but even then, its fucking feminine for an outdoorsman. I guess it can collect dust at his cabin though and at this point he probably has to treat her like one of those "heres a trophy for showing up" types lol.

No. 989125

Did she post what she got him?

No. 989132

File: 1592514603618.jpg (172.49 KB, 720x1310, Screenshot_20200618-140752_Chr…)

It's in the previous thread towards the end, but I couldnt find it on first scroll. She got it on Amazon but I'm pretty sure this is it. Because her dad has a cabin or something I guess. Idk its Shayna level effort.

No. 989134


Same. I've been following for years but never clicked on a video before. Thought she would sound more like Luna. This is a new low even for her.

No. 989135

People have tried to help her and she just manipulates and abuses them until she can't get any more out of them and then dumps them for some new yes men. She doesn't want people who challenge her to be a better person, she would rather wallow and pretend she's important.

She's like a bratty kid who wants everyone to recognize how special and important they think they are, without doing anything remotely special or important or even decent.

No. 989137

Yes of course I'm Shayna's mom AMA.

No. 989138

Yikes. I thought nothing could be worse than her sharpie eyebrows and inch-thick eyeliner but she actually looks worse with no makeup.

No. 989139

File: 1592515319067.png (443.43 KB, 2048x1222, Screenshot_20200618-172119.png)

and you're the only one that thinks it's actually worth selling, Shayna.

No. 989142

This is the feeling I get as well. I think she wants someone who is star struck by her and will treat her like her orbiters do. If they're not enabling her she's "being abused" or being "treated like garbage". She basically doesn't want to be held accountable for her actions and only wants to be a drunken slob that lets men fuck her in the ass as a make up for how shitty she is. She's toxic.

No. 989145

File: 1592515958958.png (13.09 KB, 589x108, 2020-06-18 17_32_02-BirthdayBa…)

umm jesus

No. 989148

Ahhh yes the suicide baiting. Did you ever think that you're fucking unstable Shayna? And that substance abuse doesn't help with keeping your emotions stable?

No. 989149

Go to therapy Shay

No. 989154

You've posted enough "content" today Shay just call your therapist or go to bed. Do NOT fucking film yourself anymore until you sober up enough to function even by your standards.

No. 989155

File: 1592516807123.png (1.85 MB, 2048x2041, Screenshot_20200618-174609.png)

No, it really doesn't.

No. 989158

File: 1592516838142.jpeg (Spoiler Image,198.19 KB, 928x1920, Ea00S00XQAU5-de.jpeg)

her undone eyebrows look way better than this mess.

No. 989171

Tbf at least she didnt use her eye liner pen on her brows and she made them bigger. But she still insists on her liner covering her whole damn lids and its hilarious that her liner and wings are way bigger than her brows kek

No. 989173

Stoppppp I am in tears.

Uwu so cute when she uses suicide baiting. Much baby such bimbo

No. 989174

It's called eyeliner not eyeshadow and there's a reason for that please sort it out Shay

No. 989176

File: 1592518129412.jpg (148.59 KB, 712x735, Screenshot_20200618-150634_Chr…)

She keeps saying "I'm tipsy haha"
But like bitch… you're wasted. Plastered. Surprised shes not passed out drunk. Says shes doing a vid today, it's just gonna be a "tipsy video". Your posts are not cute today Shay go to bed.

No. 989181

Don't worry about her. I can't tell you how many times throughout the years I've seen anons genuinely start to worry and feel sad for her only for her to turn around and act like the biggest piece of shit. This whole thing is a show. She's done it time and again. She has the ultimate victim complex. Acts like she's spiraling out of control and suicide baits. Then whatever dude she's pining after starts being nice and showing her attention, and she's right back to talking down to people and acting like she's the greatest thing her mother shat out her asshole. She's nothing but a manipulator and an abuser. I bet once this dude comes back, all this will be a wrap. Don't feel bad for her and waste it on someone like her. Remember she's a pathetic loser who's stringing her followers along. She's not a good person.

No. 989188


No. 989198

She sounds and looks so much like Miranda Sings it's not even funny anymore.

No. 989214

i haven't heard her talk or actually communicate in a really long time so this was extra shocking, bleak and just so fucking trashy and depressing. imagine being this pathetic and humiliated

No. 989219

File: 1592520050751.jpeg (149.88 KB, 640x640, 61B75CA3-3BB6-491A-A0EE-40A2D0…)

Just saw this in the wild… big shay energy ngl

No. 989222

Can someone archive this?? I know shaytard will delete this after she has a 5th mental breakdown on twitter

No. 989229

you can

No. 989230

she looks and sounds like a toothless meth head here

No. 989235

File: 1592522374508.jpg (Spoiler Image,478.61 KB, 1080x1240, Screenshot_20200618-181822_Twi…)


No. 989236

File: 1592522414106.jpg (168.63 KB, 1080x597, Screenshot_20200618-181837_Twi…)

Annnnnnnd more suicide baiting

No. 989237


Keep tweeting, Shay. Maybe he’ll message you.

No. 989240

This picture is so much better because most of her face is covered

No. 989243


Imagine the milk if PNP and shayna moved in together

No. 989244

I may just be naive on the topic but aren’t leather pup play masks usually associated with gay men? I know puppy play is a hetero thing too but this type of mask is definitely very linked to the gay pup scene

No. 989246


she already looks like a fat troon so it fits

No. 989248

File: 1592524508493.jpg (83.43 KB, 1000x700, maxresdefault.jpg)

2020 shayna lookin like both sides of the money store

No. 989254

That crusty ballsack

No. 989255


I wish for a Big Brother type show where everyone in the house is a lolcow, and they don't know what they signed up for until they arrive.

No. 989258

File: 1592526061905.jpg (100.47 KB, 606x892, Screenshot_20200618_201916.jpg)


No. 989259

I can't follow this thread anymore lol, this is seriously just depressing.

No. 989261

Fag here, all she needs is poppers and open display of meth and she would fit in at flex spa(male here)

No. 989269

File: 1592526924969.jpeg (49.77 KB, 640x360, FA7429CF-3908-430E-A77B-40AF60…)


No. 989273

File: 1592527563391.jpg (93.52 KB, 633x831, Screenshot_20200618_204346.jpg)

Of anon here… No words

No. 989274

File: 1592527613871.jpg (Spoiler Image,199.18 KB, 1080x1062, Screenshot_20200618_204416.jpg)

Of anon…

This is her "o" face…

No. 989275

File: 1592527650347.jpg (Spoiler Image,186.48 KB, 1080x1017, Screenshot_20200618_204400.jpg)


No. 989276

jesus christ she looks awful

No. 989277

She must have been wasted out of her mind to think any of this is okay to post for your paying subscibers.

No. 989278

This isn't porn its comedy-horror. Shay go home.

No. 989280

ouch. you get what you pay for i guess.

No. 989281

Oh honey..
This is just sad

No. 989282

undertaker, what are you doing?

No. 989287

The circles under her eyes are ghastly. I sometimes wonder if she is using Adderall or some other entry level stimulant to stay up when she’s fucked up like this, because I don’t know how she even gets shitty content like this done when she’s so obviously faded 24/7. Though I guess if she had access to amps she wouldn’t be so porky. Shat’s an enigma.

No. 989299

Nah she talks about napping during the day all the time. Her sleep schedule is fucked from depression, alcohol and caffeine use.

No. 989301

File: 1592530058144.png (803.05 KB, 1468x2048, Screenshot_20200618-212708.png)

fucking KEK she's still blaming the meds for her weight gain

No. 989302

File: 1592530192416.jpg (181.97 KB, 1074x1155, Screenshot_20200619-022341_Twi…)

Jesus Christ Shay. They aren't miracle pills. You have to work on yourself. They're called mood stabilizers for a reason, not mood fixers.

It seems almost always situational with her meltdowns, aka there's a reason, that's not crazy, that's normal.

Stopping meds will quite possibly fuck you up girl. There's a reason you're supposed to be weened off carefully and slowly.

No. 989303

i like how she’s blaming the meds on all this and not the copious amounts of alcohol and weed which OBVIOUSLY are going to affect how the medications work. like jesus christ is she actually this retarded??

No. 989304

I love how she's still baiting her boyfriend. Why get better if she can't get better for some asshole she's dating and not for the betterment of herself?

No. 989305

She is dead inside

This is low. She looks like a 40yo heroin addict that just jacked up.

No. 989308

File: 1592531419727.jpg (219.12 KB, 1080x1445, Screenshot_20200619-024836_Twi…)

She literally tweeted that first tweet the last time they "broke up"

No. 989310

File: 1592531645434.jpeg (105.27 KB, 828x585, E28110AF-1891-493E-963F-EE912A…)

More manipulation

No. 989311

File: 1592531683163.png (1022.6 KB, 1855x2048, Screenshot_20200618-215356.png)

"I cannot be sober it is physically painful"

Uhhh that's called being an addict, good job dumbass

No. 989312

File: 1592531757898.png (274.73 KB, 2048x735, Screenshot_20200618-215524.png)

I'm sure continuing to manipulate him with threats of suicide and not taking your meds really helps.

No. 989313

you all notice how she never once says how he makes her feel, the nice things about him, what he does for her, she for him, what he brings to her life?
Everything is, "I'll die! my mental health! Just come back!!!"
She just wants someone familiar around her, she does NOT speak of anything that makes him special or her love him.

No. 989316

Maybe stop mixing your medication with a shit ton of alcohol? Holy shit, stating the obvious, but she is unwell.

No. 989317


Does she not care that the only reason he would ever be with her again is the fact she’s dangling her mental health over his head? It’s like holding up a gun to someone to go on a date with you. It’s not genuine.

No. 989320

Also avoiding the elephant in the room of why he dumped her (for like the third or fourth time).

I think she really needs to just not be in a relationship or anything until she figures herself out. It happens a lot that people base their whole life and worth on another person and when that's gone, life is over(not that I think Shay would ever actually bag herself). Just stop. Her life and habits have only got worse with this dude and it seems all their fallouts are based on her addictions

No. 989321

File: 1592532815694.jpg (160.26 KB, 1080x1240, Screenshot_20200619-031151_Twi…)

This reply made me laugh.
Oh yes she definitely needs to smoke more weed! And it's not your fault, it's just that time of year you happened to be born in. God astrology bitches are so dumb.

No. 989322

Also this is the only reply to all this meltdown shit she's actually liked. What a surprise it's the enabling one.

No. 989325

I hate how accurate this is, why did you have to make me associate DG with Shay anon

No. 989326

the face is rough but that dress actually looks nice on her

No. 989330

it’s just a typical walmart “none of my clothes fit me anymore” dress tbh

No. 989335

File: 1592535735621.jpeg (40.88 KB, 552x406, 69B89A1E-D193-405E-ABA6-BB9F9D…)

You’re a cancer more like a cancer to society kek . Shaytard this career path is not working for you. You can’t function like this. I have yet to see a sex worker who doesn’t have mental problems. You must suffer from mental illness or crave attention if you show your coochie online for pennies.

No. 989344

So she definitely messaged him to try to get him back, and he probably said something like, "you need to take your meds and get your life together," and she's trying to spin it so he sounds bad.

Tbh, I think the guy isn't that bad. He's a definitely on the sleazy side, but he does a lot more than any of her other boyfriends have, and even after dumping her, he's trying to make sure she takes her fucking meds.

No. 989346

she can’t even for 5 seconds see that he maybe might want her to not be an absolute mess and turn her shit around instead she’d rather guilt him about trying to give her actual advice. Like, take your fucking meds you psycho. It’s not a “you and him” issue it’s a YOU issue. Maybe it isn’t his concern anymore and it shouldn’t have been in the first place. Then you can continue crying about it booo hoooo life is so bad for ME, everything is bad for ME, me me me me.

This is the most pathetic I’ve ever seen her. Seriously, low and pathetic. I’m going to laugh if she stops taking her meds yet continues her lifestyle and gains even more weight.

She is an actual retard. “You have smoked yourself retarded”

No. 989348

posting all of this is so weird. imagine having a breakdown over a short ass, few month long relationship and then attempting to bait the ToXiC sex worker community you said you'd never ever interact with again and all 5 of your weird cuck orbiters that you also hate to beg and plead and cry for you to not kill yourself over it. incredibly embarrassing. i'm glad that dude got away from her manipulative ass.

No. 989350

yeah the constant with this guy that we've seen is that he really wants her to take her medication and have her mental health in order. He doesn't seem like a terrible guy. She just wants to make it seem that way so she feels validated because she's so shitty to him.

No. 989352

File: 1592541010702.gif (Spoiler Image,1.66 MB, 303x303, 12a46ae5-f6ba-4e66-aad8-4efd6e…)

Stripper, kek

No. 989353

I’m sorry but it’s SO weird to see her this tiny now

No. 989354

yeah it’s like new shayna ate old shayna

No. 989355

its a shame she gave up on camming.

No. 989356

>Do you like eartha Kitt?
Lmao random.

No. 989359

You know shits boring when people start asking your opinion on random shit and your butt ass naked trying to do a split.

No. 989361

We'd get so much milk and laugh worthy memes/pics if she did

No. 989364

File: 1592545193016.jpg (242.25 KB, 1080x835, Screenshot_20200619-003429_Twi…)

I hope this isn't a farmer

No. 989380

It's most likely not a farmer, people here knows she's done lots of other shit she could be called out for, and don't even think she's really racist, just idiot.

No. 989389

Holy shit lol. She's so pathetic.
If she stopped blaming everything and everyone else for her problems and also stopped with the self-pity, she'd probably have a decent man, a car, better body and no reason to be fucking wasted all the time. Or at least she would be able to aquire those things. But nah, just keep begging everyone to pamper and validate you. She's not even pissing on her own feet, she's shitting and vomiting too.

What a fucking victim complex. Suicide baiting might only work if your life is worth saving kek

No. 989400

Does she knows that drinking and getting high constantly, doing no exercise at all and eating shit food counteracts her meds or…?

No. 989403

Yikes, if she's able to mix that much alcohol with mood stabilizers she really does have one hell of a tolerance built up now.

I wonder if she even realizes she's an alcoholic at this point? And not in a uwu-party-dancing way.

No. 989411

You can’t “take meds” for BPD because it’s a behavioural maladaptation. You need therapy and you need to commit to it. Abusing alcohol is going to make it a million times worse because your ability to control emotional response is impaired. Damn it’s so frustrating to watch her going in circles getting worse..!

No. 989429

File: 1592570794140.jpeg (635.74 KB, 1242x1473, F4F024C5-94AB-454D-855A-FA2ED1…)

40 some thousand followers and this is the engagement with these posts after 10 hours.

No. 989440

File: 1592572899150.jpg (Spoiler Image,273.1 KB, 1080x1372, Screenshot_20200619_091739.jpg)

Of anon. So hot. So sexy.

No. 989441

File: 1592572938537.jpg (224.03 KB, 1080x1140, Screenshot_20200619_091648.jpg)


No. 989443

File: 1592572979384.jpg (Spoiler Image,114.15 KB, 859x600, Screenshot_20200619_091956.jpg)

I can't

No. 989444

File: 1592573010858.jpg (Spoiler Image,112.74 KB, 806x657, Screenshot_20200619_091938.jpg)

No. 989445

File: 1592573056516.jpg (Spoiler Image,113.1 KB, 881x564, Screenshot_20200619_091913.jpg)

I don't know why she insists on being an actual cow

No. 989446

File: 1592573101668.jpg (Spoiler Image,162.52 KB, 1007x591, Screenshot_20200619_091819.jpg)

People need to tell her to stop smoking pot. She's gone full re

No. 989448

File: 1592573125341.jpg (Spoiler Image,111.77 KB, 843x612, Screenshot_20200619_091759.jpg)

No. 989449

File: 1592573154909.jpg (Spoiler Image,145.4 KB, 943x612, Screenshot_20200619_091853.jpg)

The grand finale

No. 989452

This looks like something that would be edited to make someone look as unattractive as possible. And she posted this behind a paywall? Wow.

No. 989454


It's like Onision's sex doll came to life.

No. 989457

File: 1592574963550.jpg (13.01 KB, 320x273, 9de1c30b5fa8e4999fb0fee5b93051…)

No. 989459

Is that in the same location she had the cyst/abscess on her ass last time? It looks painful, I can't imagine it would be an expensive appointment to get it popped out

No. 989464

She literally looks like someone's late thirties mom and the make up just emphasizes it. At least she's off the 2013 Ariana Grande Phase she had apparently

No. 989467

Sex work shouldn’t have jump scares yet here we are.

No. 989470

That is way too fucking tight. Her waist, jesus.

No. 989472

It's literally just an inch of dildo she's gagging on.

No. 989477

Oh yeah, dry as fuck. That's the one.

I am loving this breakup saga, though. She's gone full manic.
My prediction for 2020/2021 is she starts abusing amphetamines (maybe a cheeky ADHD diagnosis?), goes full ana and when her face sinks in we see the full damage that has been done.

No. 989480

I know it's early but I want this as the new thread pic she's so fucking embarrassing

No. 989482

File: 1592578644878.jpeg (295.16 KB, 828x405, F03600C4-70B6-4E37-A1AF-021CA2…)


No. 989485

She seems like the type to never lose any weight once it’s gained, just pack on pound after pound for her whole life. Waaaaay too lazy to be healthy sized, let alone ana without drugs. She gained probably 40 lbs without having a job to worry about, enough money to shop healthy, a dog to exercise with, and her fake job required no work except “don’t get so fat that look like the Michelin man” and she still was too lazy to just go for a few mile walk every other day.

But I feel like even if she did any uppers, she’d just get the weird skinny-fat potbelly and goiter look a lot of methheads have. She eats and drinks nonstop.

No. 989486

File: 1592579172711.jpeg (234.47 KB, 542x659, 36577C5D-B684-4886-AE1B-E03487…)

shayna, honey, for the love of god start buying clothes that actually fit you. you are absolutely not a damn small anymore. there’s no way this is comfortable.

No. 989487

this is literally just retard porn. i feel like this belongs on the dark web.

No. 989490

File: 1592579739065.gif (1.73 MB, 480x424, 8B003E3F-7756-47A1-91FD-B830B7…)

No. 989491

Oh man, you beat me before I could make the gif! Amazing we both chose the same cow image, it’s just perfect kek

No. 989495

why does she make these faces? they're not sexy, they're not ahegao, and she's BAD at it

No. 989504

I wanna see this as a banner lmao

No. 989507

She makes herself look worse by squeezing into shit that too small for her. Some people dont get that. If you buy a larger size NO ONE IS GONNA KNOW because it will fucking fit you. People can see you're fat when you're buldging out of size Small shit though, then they can tell you're needing bigger clothes. It's not that hard to understand.
She should return shit for bigger sizes and just size up from now on. It would do herself a huge favor.

No. 989511

Oh this needs to be a banner

No. 989513

When the cow on the left is substantially cuter than the human cow on the right, kek

No. 989516

File: 1592582019427.png (1.31 MB, 2048x1805, Screenshot_20200619-115236.png)

This is such a horribly fitting mask, but at least it covers the majority of her face and neck.

The heavy Darth Vader breathing is pretty hilarious though


No. 989521

Those dog masks are so ugly how is that even sexy? At least with dog ears its possible to look cute. Except shayna, she looks horrible in everything. Also how tf does this even go with her shtick? This isn’t bimbo or barbie-like.

No. 989522

File: 1592583050963.jpeg (114.96 KB, 1242x857, 7E298029-55B2-4AE2-AEF8-32DA05…)

Oh god

No. 989531

Im a BIKINI BARISTA and i make twice as much as Dolly….and I only work 3 shifts a week….(nobody cares)

No. 989533

literally nobody cares

No. 989534

File: 1592584369947.png (489.62 KB, 828x405, shay-cow.png)

That moment when the two images merge

No. 989538

Most pup masks are handmade to fit a person's face, come in multiple sizes, or can be adjusted to fit. She got a cheap piece of shit from Amazon, her favorite place to get quality kink gear, kek. She claims she's such a hardcore kinkster yet wouldn't know decent kink gear if it hit her in the face. Why not spend all of that money you claim to have on good quality products?

No. 989539

If she tries to appeal to gay women I'm gonna barf

No. 989544

I hope she does the Dog the bounty hunter look.
Shayna don't forget about it, it's a great idea!

No. 989546

Lipstick not smeared around her face enough and still looks like an endearing animal c0w/10

No. 989547

File: 1592585974519.jpeg (93.71 KB, 828x226, A42D939A-2125-43B3-97E5-CEE4A4…)

Pretty sure it’s your excessive drinking and being hung over but sure blame it on not taking your medication.

No. 989549

she's really just gonna livetweet the trip down to rock bottom huh? inb4 she makes a "Rock Bottom" SpongeBob meme

No. 989550

Clearly posting hoping he'll see this and take her back. Holy fucking emotional abuse.

No. 989551

It's definitely mainly from the alcohol but it's possible it could be made a bit worse by withdrawal from the meds.

Tbh though I doubt she was on a high enough dose of anything (since she had just recently started with the psych/therapist maybe August of last year?) to cause withdrawal bad enough where she would be vomiting. She just really doesn't want to admit how much of an addict she is at this point.

No. 989553

she only got that mask from amazon for the convenience of their prime shipping. plus she'll only use it for content once and it'll never be seen again.

wasn't she supposed to have the stuff for the bounty hunter cosplay that she apparently spent $200 on by now? first we lose twitch-thot shayna and now we might have to say goodbye to "doll the booty hunter". i hope she gets her shit together!

No. 989565

Honestly that's the thing about lost everything she buys. She doesn't invest in anything quality because she doesnt actually enjoy sex or kink play, so it's just for a content vid then never seen again. A lot of chicks get or use stuff that they use regularly in their private sex lives or buy stuff that they can use for multiple vids and things. It's just being smart and frugal. Things Shay isn't at all. We still see the same dildos and buttplugs from her. I seriously doubt shes using the ropes, gags, or anything else on her wall during sex with the greasy dudes she let's raw her in the butt lol

No. 989567

Also the dumb penis pasta eating with fuck machine hasn't happened.
I would not put it past her that she doesn't even know how to boil pasta and fucked it up somehow.

No. 989569

She’s been on a couple day bender of alcohol/White Claws which aren’t strong but does anyone honestly think she’s drank even one bottle of water in all of it? No wonder she’s nauseous. It’s just baiting her ex like someone else said to make him feel guilty since she makes him feel like he’s the sole person in her life to take care of her and if she has him, she literally can’t even wipe her own ass.

No. 989570

Samefag sorry

She has no actual theme with her content because she has no kinks herself really. I know its important to have variety and not just do the same content over and over… but she basically does, just with different cheap outfits or one prop. It's the same thing most of the time. Its ugly and boring. And the things shes been buying this year are porn parody level shit. They're cheap, tacky props and laughable ideas. She thinks shes creative but it's all just bad.

No. 989571

File: 1592589486450.jpeg (111.72 KB, 785x516, DC7F0865-C9A5-4AF4-A68E-882BD6…)

honey you’re an alcoholic. you’re throwing up because you’re an alcoholic; you got fat because you’re an alcoholic; your boyfriend left you because you’re an alcoholic.

Alcoholly Mattel has been digging her grave for years and now she’s at last falling into it

No. 989575

It wasn't just white claws yesterday and the day before. Both of those days she went to a place with a bar and got multiple drinks with hard liquor, including an espresso martini. She also took a 500mg THC drink yesterday too. But yeah it's totally the meds.

No. 989576

I dont think shes made a video not featuring her masturbating with a Hitachi for at least a year.

No. 989578

So this disgusting person would rather have someone whose ONLY around because they don't want to see some idiot threaten to harm themselves or actually do it?
Does she think her doing this makes him care more? No, it's going to get to the point where he either stops caring and Shayna crazy ass may actually try something, or he's just going to call the police & let someone else handle it.

He's NOT your daddy dumb ass. It cracks me up if this guy went into this thinking it'd be some kinky "Daddy dom" bullshit, but he really met someone who wants her BF to literally be her caretaker.

No. 989585

the last time i remember shay hinting at drinking water was during the trip to mexico with fupa. she posted a pic of her hugging a gallon, only because fupa was bandwagoning on the "drink water" trend on tumblr. even she probably didn't take more than a few sips.

so yeah, big doubt she's drinking water whether she's getting sloshed or not.

No. 989587

That hitachi is so black and dirty due to her not bathing or cleaning the toy. Kek I bet it reeks.

No. 989589

My god she’s delusional. It’s not your meds, Shay, you went on an alcohol binge. The lining of your stomach is irritated. You’re probably throwing up bile. Why can’t she listen when people tell this to her straight? She an alcoholic and not a functional one either at this point

No. 989590

File: 1592591288192.jpg (5.77 KB, 300x168, download.jpg)

No. 989601

Shay already deleted that drunken video from yesterday lmao

No. 989605

She deleted most of the drunken posts. As anticipated.

No. 989609

File: 1592594417138.png (Spoiler Image,543.17 KB, 705x547, chromosomequeen.png)

I'm fucking losing it over the faces in those last photos. Also loving what she has going on with that huge ass pimple, just a little more lumpiness on the butt and it's pass of as a third nipple.
Spoilered just to be safe lmao

No. 989613

jfc weren't you already banned a few threads ago?

No. 989617

Why does it look like she's missing teeth? Is it the filter? Or are her lips swollen?

No. 989618

File: 1592595647147.jpg (80.65 KB, 1079x244, Screenshot_20200619-143953_Twi…)

And what about your cat?

No. 989619

Why is she using the butt plug to fuck her ass? Doesn't she know that can cause damage?

No. 989622

she’s going to be 30 and having to wear diapers lol.

Border >>989609 With some of her breakdown tweets and we have a new thread pic. This is amazing and only from 2 days of “content” lmaoooo.
the ass boil!!!! it never truly went away, just successfully hid under the blur tool.

No. 989640

the fact she's STILL spamming this shit on her main porn account is astounding. does she lose many followers for this weird manipulative garbage? i've never thought to check her follower count but i can't imagine it would grow much or even stay stable when this is all she has to offer

she probably thinks this makes her waist look soooo snatched and teeny tiny just like barbie !!!! call her skinny mattel

No. 989648

I was kinda uncomfortable she posted this only a couple posts after her dog mask porn. I know it wasnt intentional and I know theres a difference between pet play/bdsm and zoophile but it still seems not in good taste. She could have thought about it for just a sec.

No. 989654

this has me fucking cackling

No. 989656

she does the same thing with her actual father and her “daddy” ddlg bullshit too

No. 989676

Yeah its almost like she should have a separate SFW twitter to post her thoughts and dumb personal shit. Hmmm.

No. 989683

I’d be so ashamed if I posted a suicide bait meltdown on my supposedly “professional work account” that I’d probably delete. She’s deleting stuff so she’s obviously embarrassed, and she gets a few likes and no comments on her boo hoo posts, so it’s driving customers away AND she’s not getting her desperately needed attention so why keep doing it? Just for her ex who is absolutely not looking to see?

No. 989699

funny to think that was literally the first time they met. she played the role long enough to move in with him, and then he realized what she was really like and kicked her out using his kids as an excuse

dolly "pro tip: ask yourself 'will this ruin a boner' before tweeting anything" mattel

No. 989702

File: 1592604367089.png (1.13 MB, 2030x2048, Screenshot_20200619-180512.png)

I guess the alcohol made Shayna conveniently forget that she's made multiple videos roleplaying as a minor.

No. 989704

File: 1592604428074.jpg (247.93 KB, 1080x706, Screenshot_20200619-170649_Twi…)

No. 989707

Lest we forget this is the same bitch that decided to preach to other sex workers that the reason their sales are low is because their Twitter feeds weren't "hot and sexy" enough. Yeah…like potential customers wanna go on a feed and see a mental breakdown over some break up like the desperate loser she is and see her no-make-up-wearing down-syndrome-lookin fat ass cry over not getting a weed container open kek So hot right now.

No. 989708

Is she serious?
She got fucked with a pacifer in her fucking mouth and a teddy bear. She wrote shit about Fupa fucking her in the ass while she cried and he told her to watch spongebob and it came off like a fucking CSA story.
She made porn in a diaper pretending to be a toddler, she made porn using the likeness of an underaged character.
She sold a custom where she talked about doing porn underaged.
Her whole relationship with Fupa was her acting like a fucking child.
What the fuck is she on?

No. 989711

Meds arent gonna help her until she helps herself by not drinking and smoking 24/7 and actually doing healthy copes and shit. They are mood stabilizers. Not mental disorder cure. Also really not good to take them inconsistently/off & on.

No. 989712

She…she literally made a porno roleplaying as a 6 year old (Cindy Lou Who)????????
Uh, what her videos "Diaper Bum Baby"? "Butt Stuffed Baby"? "Daddy's Game"? Pretty much ALL of her videos are her pretending to be a minor fucking her "daddy"
She's legit retarded. She was even sticking up for people who roleplayed minors like Sailor Moon and shit. Her hypocrisy knows no bounds.

No. 989714

>No need to worry about me haha!
Judging by the tiny interactions she got on all her boo hoo posts, literally no one is worried about you lol

No. 989730

Drinking on antidepressants is literal KO, makes hangovers a billion times worse. Bitch, this ain't a happy pill that fixes your life with no effort. I understand the numb pussy but the weight gain is on you.

No. 989782

A bunch of degenerate lowlife sex workers fighting that Bell Dolphin is a horrible pedo pandering dead meme but they do the exact same thing and pander to pedos as well. Bell is just as disgusting as shayna. They both pretend to be underaged. Liking childish things are okay (like another anon says) but making it your whole personality and twalking wike dis irl is fucking weird. You’re allowed to like stuffed animals, almost every adult has one or two at least. It’s the fact y’all make CONTENT and post/sell it to men who like children or the idea of an underaged teen/child, which is disgusting. God I can’t stand ddlg bitches. Sage for sperg but shaytard is so stupid.

No. 989788

File: 1592612305184.jpeg (83.85 KB, 1242x421, 9AF6B04B-B649-4A47-95D9-EE8818…)

Why tf is Shayna Luther King retweeting this? I know damn well she doesn’t care about BLM and has not given a penny to her fellow woc sex workers. This is hilarious .>>989702
that daisy girl looks like a trans-boy going thru hormones. you can pander to pedos as an adult, you retarded incel.

No. 989789

File: 1592612467410.jpeg (Spoiler Image,250.21 KB, 1211x1606, 5FB7920B-EB27-4DCB-951D-AF1B17…)

Sage for no contributions but that daisy bitch posts literal fetish videos that looks exactly like CP. Like how is this not creepy? I feel like I’m watching a child I’m so disgusted(offtopic)

No. 989795

It’s come out before that Daisy WAS selling content underaged. She’s been included in threads on twitter right with Shay

No. 989796

That Avi looks nothing like the person down below? Is Daisy a troon? Makes sense, aren't the one always in Shayna's discord talking about their mental health and all that?

Meanwhile Shayna pops in there for dumb shit, never there for the people in her discord, funny enough she was trying to "Commission" someone to make emotes or some shit.

No. 989816

She's on shit more severe than antidepressants, probably antipsychotics.

But I swear the only time I had hangovers was when not on antidepressants and I've heard a lot about these drugs dull any drug experience which seems true

No. 989821

File: 1592615922172.jpg (344.12 KB, 1080x823, Screenshot_20200619-201741_Twi…)

Shay, you never ever retweet poc

No. 989822

She only retweets shit others have retweeted and that have a bunch of likes and retweets anyway.
Not that it matters because who cares what Dead Twitter Mattel is tweeting but, yeah we know Shayna Lurker King is "Woke" for the time being.

No. 989828

She's on a basic ass mood stabilizer and some anxiety medication. She's most likely not on a high enough dose for it to cause withdrawal symptoms on their own. but mixing any sort of mood stabilizer/anti depressant/anti psychotic, etc with alcohol is a BAD combo.

No. 989832

She’s just a typical SW basket case that went manic and chopped her hair off. Tbh she’s been one of Shayna’s longtime supporters hence the similarity in shitty videos, mental instability and lack of interaction with customers.

No. 989846

File: 1592619555801.jpg (119.58 KB, 1077x702, Screenshot_20200620-031557.jpg)

"But yeah it's totally the meds"

No. 989857

Hopefully someone will send her the money to fund her hambeast habits.

No. 989858

I hAvE mOnEy, you sure about that Shay?

No. 989864

File: 1592621024098.jpg (126.52 KB, 1073x529, Screenshot_20200619-214322_Twi…)

Yeah, cause everyone wants to see a high slob in the pool

No. 989866

Hopefully noone sends her a dime & she has to walk. Lord on knows she could do with the exercise.

No. 989890


It's almost 10PM, is her pool even open?

No. 989898

I can see her dumb ass trying to sneak in. All "sneaky Mattel" like

No. 989905

>havent taken my meds in 2 days and Im starting to feel it
>my head feels funny and I feel nauseous and sad

lol hunny no thats just a hangover

No. 989907

I’m literally crying with laughter omg and to think I felt bad for her yesterday… she does this to herself

No. 989908

She looks like Nikocado Avocado in this video

No. 989968

Same, it's probably just as >>989656 and >>989676 said but honestly, this girl is about to plummet her way down through the bottom of the deep end so I wouldn't put it past her to intentionally imply having tried zoophilia.

No. 989992

so he finally texted her back?

No. 989998

I haven't read past this yet so anons forgive me if this is already covered but

>Father's Day this weekend
>Shatty qqing last thread she hates sleeping alone wants a room tv
>Shatty qqing her boyfriend hurt her feelings
>Shatty qqing he has people he cares about more than her
10/10 it's still fupa, he's off with the kids, she's throwing tantrums, they've already fought over this 66577438x, and he's "done" because he knows the real motive of this fight is her being too immature to comprehend why someone's children need to come first
It's even why they broke up originally lmaoo

No. 990002

Yeah kinda thinking it’s fupa too.

No. 990003

Not disagreeing/agreeing just updating that Kyle’s not posted anything shady on his FB- just a weird gap in his usual 20 meme a day posting between the 12th and yesterday

No. 990026

Could have gotten zucced. Looking at his Facebook though I don't think there's any indicators on there that he and Shay are together or anything like that. I'm still under the impression that she's with some new dude and that her and fupa broke up last year. She was complaining on what Monday or Tuesday about not being important? if he has weekend visitation I highly doubt all of the sudden that's something that she's very upset about on Father's Day weekend.

I think her new boyfriend made plans or had something he was doing with friends and she got upset that he didn't want to drop all of that and cater to her. That's the most likely scenario that I can see here because she complains about not having any friends here and then immediately starts posting about meeting people and going out. That tells me that was probably to get back at him for doing the same. if you guys recall this is probably the same guy that broke up with her for embarrassing him in front of his friends so he probably thinks that he can't take her out around people anymore because she acts like an idiot.

No. 990038

File: 1592665489235.png (112.04 KB, 1184x536, Screen Shot 2020-06-20 at 11.0…)

Didn't she have a therapist at one point?

Also, why is she using twitter for Android? Does she have two phones?

No. 990040

She doesn’t like therapists because each time they tell her truths she doesn’t want to hear.
She’s had 2 phones for the longest…

No. 990056

This shit is just sorry at this point. Maybe I'm sheltered but I've never seen a woman act this way in public.
This is shit you text your friend or keep to yourself.
I'm postitive her boyfriend texted her to take her meds, but when is he going to realize that Meds aren't going to change Shayna's shitty personality?
Or that maybe it's not that she just needs meds, but she needs to stop drinking and smoking?
I know he's not her caretaker but is the pussy worth it? He must really be hard up or maybe he does Love Shayna.
Which makes me wonder, what the fuck is wrong with him to deal with all of this?
Shayna has NOT gotten better.

No. 990069

And she won't get better as long as she doesn't realize that she's the issue. No normal person would act this way online, but she does not have a single friend or anyone she could talk to and doesn't realize that she's the common denominator and not that "gIRls aRE sO mEaN".

No. 990070

That's the problem Anon she doesn't have any friends in Oklahoma and the only people she associates with are other sex workers. She feels the need to be on boohoo on her work timeline because she thinks that people actually give a fuck about her and they don't. She looks for validation from people who only want to see her naked and pretend to care for free porn and clout. The bitch hasn't had friends since she moved from Mass. She just meets people and starts fucking them.

No. 990073

Which probably means she tries to vent all of this stuff to her boyfriend and that just compounds situations worse. If she doesn't have friends to talk to you and she's not going to therapy, she's stuck venting to the person she's being manipulative and irrational to. So he probably calls her out on it or just ignores her and she goes online and blasts all of that stuff. When she does this she always posts about having no one to talk to and being so alone. She doesn't have anyone to tell her that she's the problem other than her bf. And of course she'll complain he's being manipulative or abusive by doing all of that. She always does.

No. 990090

Her brain is stuck at 14 years old. She refuses to take care of herself because she feels entitled to someone to coddle her, so no disciplining, just ass kissing, taking care of her every need and devoting their life to her.

She straight up refuses to accept that that's unrealistic and blames the consequences of that on everyone else.

No. 990091

let's never forget this same chick did a whole ass speech about how "therapy and mental health are cool" and now thinks it's super quirky to not take her meds and suicide bait and not go to a therapist and instead expect your partner to take care of all your shit.


I seriously cannot stand her.

No. 990092

File: 1592671637084.jpg (184.38 KB, 1079x585, Screenshot_20200620-114651_Twi…)

Well boohoo Shay

No. 990093

File: 1592671715420.jpg (417.3 KB, 1080x1559, 20200620_104700.jpg)

Another day another day of trying to tell others to do when shes done the same thing

No. 990094

File: 1592671754519.jpg (298.3 KB, 1078x883, 20200620_104719.jpg)

She just cannot help herself

No. 990095

Samefag but I just rewatched some of this and she's barely even talking about mental health, it's just her complaining about all the stuff she's "gone through" and her basically patting herself on the ass the whole time. Wtf

No. 990096

Aww did someone call you out again Shayna

No. 990099

File: 1592671905894.png (712.91 KB, 2048x1626, Screenshot_20200620-125112.png)

She's so embarrassing

No. 990108


The most attention Shayna ever gets on her posts is when other SWers come after her lmao. Embarrassing, indeed.

No. 990110

>>One mintue- Calling out other sex workers

>>next minute- "I don't want to live! I've been crying all day!! feel bad for me!!

No. 990112

The only way you can get "Notes" on twitter is…
40k followers account is dead as fuck.

No. 990123

>literally embarrassing
>literally exhausted
>literally wasting your time
>literally literally literally

No. 990140

I know her life is miserable but god help her if she actually had to deal with some real hardship. She’s actually got it quite good - not many of us have our parents paying our rent

No. 990141

Calling the notes she's so fucking stuck in her tumblr days

No. 990143

She proves constantly why no one should ever feel bad for her. Ever.

No. 990145

But remember she had 150k followers and someone had her face on a shirt once! Imagine peaking when you're only in your teens, yeesh.

No. 990157

God she is so annoying with her pity parties. You don’t have to tweet everytime you have a mental breakdown Shaytard. Just cry it out and put your phone away. Neck beards don’t want to jerk off to your flabby ass crying and trying to open weed.

No. 990167

File: 1592681958760.png (81.04 KB, 1196x394, Screen Shot 2020-06-20 at 3.38…)

What about just buying a plane ticket?

No. 990173

File: 1592682587262.png (203.95 KB, 760x753, Screenshot_20200620-154906.png)

almost like self medicating with alcohol and xanax is a bad idea?

No. 990175

there's a pandemic, retard

No. 990176

there are still available flights and we know she’s not afraid to catch covid.

No. 990179

I doubt her Dr RXd Xanax for her as a first med, unless it's a super shitty one. Even though she isn't honest with them they can see her weight gain from her unhealthy lifestyle. She's probably on gabapentin or something.
I think she'd be a lot more fucked up (kek) if she was taking benzos with the amount she drinks. Shay just likes the idea of being uwu sex drugs & rock n roll.

No. 990182

She's in Tulsa so it's really possible her doc is shitty and irresponsible.

No. 990185

kek she's literally admitting here that she drinks to cope which is pretty much the definition of alcoholism… who doesn't love a barely functioning alcoholic barbie!

what's funnier is that she'll have deleted all these by tomorrow out of embarrassment yet still won't have a brain cell to spare to think about her actions for more than half a second before the thought blips straight back out of existence

No. 990187

if she took a nonessential flight there’d be 300 useless sperg posts about it so maybe let’s just not.

No. 990198

Nah anyone who actually drinks with xanax will be able to tell you that barbie here is fine

No. 990220

both tweets already deleted kek

No. 990245

When she first moved back to Tulsa she posted her Xanax (or about taking some) so it's possible she got prescribed some at one point
But regardless, taking any drug for anxiety/depression becomes useless when you drink and smoke on it. Like no shit you wake up feeling miserable, you're so dehydrated you could be jerky

No. 990247

Is she just saying all this because he follows/followed her Twitter? Because he'll absolutely come back to her if she makes him feel guilty. Shayna's such an emotional leech.

That's called being a part of the community, Shay. If there's a timewaster or a scammer, you call them out so other workers don't fall prey to it as well.
I'd take 50 timewaster callouts on my feed versus 50 "I cried a river of tears and I want to drown in it because he left me!" sob stories but Shay expects the world to stop revolving and focus on her the moment the weed and booze stop doing their magic.

No. 990378

File: 1592709124218.jpeg (Spoiler Image,524.91 KB, 1242x806, 29091192-AC06-4A5E-BE53-E47B47…)

No. 990385

Totally not role playing as a minor tho amiright??? So it’s not pedo pandering!!
/eye roll

No. 990387

Not only did she post a picture that barely looks like her currently but it's not even a good picture of her.

No. 990388

File: 1592710551325.jpeg (113.83 KB, 750x801, 1AD11AF1-3D7A-4B3E-B270-D98320…)

No. 990389

File: 1592710592364.jpeg (45.19 KB, 750x250, 033C9BD3-FFBD-403E-8A7B-6F8864…)

She’s such a petty rancid bitch kek

No. 990390

She thinks that girl hates her because she called her out on her laziness to take new photos? Lol. Ok Shay.

No. 990393

>I don’t care what u have 2 say
2 minutes later

No. 990398

File: 1592711225657.jpg (246.09 KB, 1080x929, Screenshot_20200620-224625_Twi…)

She has already done a bunny video. Along with a cat one. So original Shay

No. 990400

>live on onlyfans

No. 990401

File: 1592711315254.jpg (227.94 KB, 1080x771, Screenshot_20200620-224749_Twi…)

Her busy = high, drunk, posting boohoo pity me posts on Twitter, and begging her ex to come back

No. 990405


No. 990410


Mourning her failed relationship takes a lot out of her, okay?!

No. 990419

Ughhhh I'm ashamed to even ask but, anyone know of where she got this dress? I actually think it looks cute, despite her trailer trash appearance

No. 990422

probably amazon or F21 because those are the only places she shops.

No. 990423

imagine doing daddy/little girl content on Father’s Day wtf. That just sounds weird.

No. 990427

Ew. Wasn’t she just drooling over how much she wants to see her dad for Father’s Day before posting this weird pedo incest shit? I hope she doesn’t see him any time soon because this is some weird behaviour lol.

No. 990467

File: 1592725042707.jpg (584.35 KB, 1080x1404, Screenshot_20200621-023633_Twi…)

I can't wait to see this look. She is going to look like a sausage with how tight that skirt is going to be

No. 990470

she somehow looks so gross and off putting whether she's skinny or fat, set up to lose. also her vag looks particularely unattractive in this set so… just why even post it.

No. 990517


it's not the exact same, but closest i could find using "red white pola dot low-plunge halterneck" as search terms ! - https://www.aliexpress.com/item/4000917500697.html?spm=a2g0o.productlist.0.0.1c183451ecDHpV&ad_pvid=2020062102531518954793642022420032957041_2&s=p

No. 990577


the boil is definitely back. you can tell its a boil by the way its already transferred to the other side of her buttcheek due to skin-to-skin contact/chafing. she's gonna have two raging boils on her ass soon if she doesn't address that quick.

No. 990581

She trying to look like that Marina and the Diamonds singer girl? Makeup is very similar, down to the beauty mark under the eye.

What does her dad think about this kind of shit, where she tweets about wanting to see him and then…this. Or does he not know?

lol anyways I'd guess any pedo fantasy probably gets ruined by that hairy pussy

No. 990599

Don’t disrespect Marina like that anon.
Sausage Mattel kek

No. 990622

File: 1592752457351.jpeg (149.08 KB, 640x904, D70A140E-FA9F-453B-A596-896E8D…)

The girl shops on SHEIN/Romwe when F21/amazon don’t have $10 or less items for her.

No. 990666

those pics are from tumblr when she was skinny so that's probably what she was going for since marina/electra heart was a big thing back then

No. 990684

Why tf would get dad follow her twitter what

No. 990695

File: 1592762481997.jpeg (583.75 KB, 1125x1441, 1D80B339-9F5C-4774-91F9-FD8EDD…)

Mania Mattel

No. 990697

at this point these read like yo mama jokes, how does she think she'll go viral with no sense of humor?

No. 990703

What the fuck is this

No. 990705

Very tasteless and cunty "jokes"

No. 990709

kek anons!!! that op pic is so spot on for this thread! it literally made me chuckle!

why are people liking these borderline incest posts? i was all happy about op pic then this made me feel upset and uncomfortable.

idk why i keep coming back to the shayna thread everytime i leave i feel sad lol

No. 990711

This doesn't surprise me one bit since Shat seems to think men can do no wrong but women are walking abuse-machines
Meanwhile most women hate father's day since men rarely stick around for kids, much less daughters

No. 990730

File: 1592765886526.jpeg (Spoiler Image,168.14 KB, 1188x1304, A8D8812B-801C-4851-A21F-0817FC…)

No. 990735

File: 1592766327717.gif (Spoiler Image,11.1 MB, 1080x594, C3876C95-256F-42D8-B337-A9A9B8…)

No. 990736

File: 1592766737210.jpg (163.29 KB, 1080x1154, Screenshot_20200621-201110.jpg)

Are there two fr??

No. 990740

No. 990759

I'm still amazed how a sex 'worker' can have no sex appeal

No. 990761

didn't Shayna say she was a mean girl? That people thought she was "Demented" and how she liked to be a huge bitch for no reason?

No. 990762

File: 1592768619229.png (132.17 KB, 1080x1239, Screenshot_20200621-133852~2.p…)

this nasty ass replied this to her post, meanwhile his profile pic has what appears to be his son in it.. absolutely disgusting. especially since she actually liked the reply, too. yuck, bro.

No. 990763

her ass boils are spreading, she has two already

No. 990766

I love how even her posts that are supposedly sex work related just seem ike her passive aggressively bitching about other women posting things she doesn't like.

No. 990770

That second tweet is fucked up and makes no sense.
"Oh, your dad didn't take care of you? Oh you don't have a dad? Don't worry he's doing fine in my sex dungeon!!"


No. 990795

Imagine thinking you're so witty and funny, but honestly.. she's really gross and pathetic.

No. 990796

This is really sick. ugh, that poor child

No. 990811

This looks like a home birthing video. She looks pregnant.

No. 990823

File: 1592772120098.jpeg (Spoiler Image,409.77 KB, 1242x1500, 5F2C2DC0-A323-4A0A-8D8E-ABBFC7…)

Much sex appeal

No. 990835

File: 1592773059877.jpeg (114.34 KB, 802x1024, 0D88EC88-5BD9-4F54-8C7B-3512E7…)

>Tfw you try to bounce your ass but you only succeed in shaking your spine

No. 990850

File: 1592773807105.jpeg (Spoiler Image,422.27 KB, 750x865, F9336C62-D739-4F77-975D-E96BE8…)

No. 990855

she has smoothed her pussy to the point where it now looks like it’s fused to the side of her leg

No. 990858

File: 1592774276343.jpg (22.65 KB, 278x282, 1511065637658.jpg)

The one of her on the public toilet will always be my favorite because it's like bottom of the barrel disgusting and pathetic, just like her

No. 990870

PLEASE make this the next thread pic

No. 990872

Imagine if she didn't have a relationship with her dad. What the tweets would be then

No. 990889

Yeah what the fuck?That shit looks weird and hilarous

No. 990893

File: 1592775516903.jpeg (538.99 KB, 1535x2048, EbENniiWoAAbQde.jpeg)

At this point I'm convinced she enjoys looking like Jessica Yaniv.

No. 990894

File: 1592775566389.jpeg (Spoiler Image,547.7 KB, 2048x1536, EbEQQI0WoAQ5U3C.jpeg)

No. 990897

honestly? it's not a bad look, her head looks comically small though.
But besides the small head and troon smile it's one of the better looks from what I can see.

No. 990899

File: 1592775680871.jpeg (22.86 KB, 320x240, EEB8A5E5-4EE2-49BD-81C1-F2267E…)

It looks like a chameleon hand to me

No. 990906

She looks like Jojo Siwa except less successful and uglier.

No. 990907

File: 1592776231191.jpeg (116.92 KB, 734x734, 9A47E2A6-E018-4EC7-B9F4-2DEDB4…)

bitch is wearing a jojo siwa bow

No. 990915

….. i'm actually shocked shayna are you okay?

also uh mocking people whos fathers left them/were abusive, so classy caring and compassionate. she really is an offensively careless braindead cunty piece of sheltered white trash shit lol. wow. you'd think all the racism stuff would teach her a lesson but nope.

No. 990925

Oof. It would literally take so little effort for her to improve. Get a Planet Fitness membership $10/month and do the elliptical or treadmill a couple times per week. Maybe dye hair back blonde and smoke a little less weed so you have motivation?

No. 990952

June is almost over and she's just NOW making a pride video?

No. 990966

File: 1592780873626.jpeg (Spoiler Image,484.8 KB, 2048x1536, CF22C048-47A6-41A8-B241-C24897…)

She seriously does not know her angles

No. 990972

PnP was shit talking sw's who act like little girls a day ago. If have liked to see them face off.

No. 991025

File: 1592783570920.jpg (378.26 KB, 1536x2048, IMG_20200621_165159.jpg)

Looks like her face was pasted on her neck kek

No. 991035

She needs to get a new background, it's been this way for years at this point

No. 991039

sad thing is she’s moved locations 3 or 4 times now and you wouldn’t even be able to tell they were different rooms

No. 991075

File: 1592786192003.jpeg (Spoiler Image,101.52 KB, 933x525, 8E7C7CD1-23C4-48F7-9F08-532966…)

It looks like she fell over while posing. She looks like an oversized child.

No. 991076

File: 1592786219744.jpeg (Spoiler Image,70.23 KB, 461x615, 5CE5D287-4197-4B39-8D76-39768F…)

No. 991104

Nitpicks because I was tricked into thinking she looked okay here for 2 seconds; but the flakes of skin peeling off her lips and the massive gap between her eyeliner and eye… girl just google “tightlining”

No. 991123

File: 1592789182175.jpeg (446.06 KB, 750x748, A4D7FD01-B606-4364-8180-682A94…)

why does she repost these awful pictures?

No. 991127

I honestly think this and the one other pose from behind is the only two angles she knows how to fuck herself from.

But please Shayna, continue to tell everyone how you're so iconic and creative.

No. 991128

And she still looks like shit.

No. 991130

File: 1592790278585.png (Spoiler Image,637.88 KB, 1080x613, Screenshot_20200621-214256~2.p…)

Why the fuck is she rubbing her fupa

No. 991133

File: 1592790400990.png (539.33 KB, 1080x609, Screenshot_20200621-214209~2.p…)

special needs barbie

No. 991148

A nitpick but here ears look really weird and also super tiny. What's going on?

No. 991157

Lots of creators are just now doing Pride content if at all with the protests going on.

No. 991163

all i can see are rolls

No. 991165

Anon some people just have tiny ears. That is the weirdest nitpick.

No. 991168

This thread has genuinely been the most entertaining one in a LONG time. I cannot with this bitch

No. 991214

she out grew her ears

No. 991222

somewhat satisfying to see a cute innie look ten times more unattractive than a roast beef outie

No. 991227

she has a roast beef innie tbh. it’s like a wrinkled old man’s ballsack when she doesn’t photoshop it.

No. 991229

This is the most dolphin it has ever looked

No. 991279

She keeps doing this weird “one leg out” thing and it makes her already gross ass look more flabby and square. Just do some god damn squats and drop this pose. I swear, she only knows four positions; too fat to put feet behind head but it’s the only “trick” she knows, skirt rolled up over gut to cover bakeries worth of rolls, rubbing pussy on back with triple chin shot, and leg out misshapen square man ass. Isn’t this her so-called job? All she has to do is lay in a different position and she can’t even do that. Fucking Jesus.

No. 991337

because she desperately wishes she still looked like this

she really thinks the square ass thing makes her look thique but she fails to realise you can still see it's just being pushed up/out and that there's nothing actually there. she's flat as a pancake and has more weight on her stomach kek

No. 991388

does anyone actually know where she bought the onepiece because i really like it LOL

No. 991392

File: 1592827709154.png (664.15 KB, 1507x895, Screenshot (99).png)

amazon of course lol

No. 991402

File: 1592829625355.jpg (Spoiler Image,60.62 KB, 580x278, eyes.jpg)

She should just glue some eyes on her boils.

No. 991407

Ah, here we go. She's gonna wear those pig tail extensions for 5 weeks straight like she did with the pony tail.

No. 991408

Kek I love that we've been telling this ugly bitch for years to learn how to tightline but she'll steady talk down to other girls about their makeup. Dumb bitch don't even know her shade. Still has that party clown makeup that you see on high schoolers. Next.

No. 991410

Legit lookin like an axe wound.

No. 991414

File: 1592831529737.png (1.29 MB, 2048x1145, Screenshot_20200622-090936.png)

This was the most weirdly robotic, lackluster vid she's ever posted. The forced smile makes it super obvious she's just, once again, virtue signaling. She cares about as much for LGBT plights as she does for black/POC people kek Go away, pig.

No. 991415

How big is she that those socks which are meant to be over the knees don’t even come to her knees. Porky Mattel is telling on herself

No. 991417


This is the best her makeup has looked in a long time, but I think the low video quality helps it look a bit better too. We all know it's probably caked af like this picture.

But hey, eyebrows are a better thickness and length. Eyeliner still needs help.

No. 991418

File: 1592831813567.jpg (Spoiler Image,136.72 KB, 856x623, Screenshot_20200622_091402.jpg)

Of anon

More quality content

No. 991419

File: 1592832053282.jpg (Spoiler Image,96.38 KB, 713x553, Screenshot_20200622_091417.jpg)


No. 991421

She looks exactly like I’d imagine a sex worker living in Oklahoma would look

No. 991423

File: 1592832156476.jpg (Spoiler Image,112.03 KB, 874x560, Screenshot_20200622_091431.jpg)

No. 991424

File: 1592832201037.jpg (Spoiler Image,133.53 KB, 1067x618, Screenshot_20200622_091452.jpg)

Luna slater?

No. 991427

Actually said “what the fuck?” out loud when I saw this. I refuse to believe this is how she looks now, Christ alive. This looks like she’s wearing a lumpy, dirty adult diaper. How is her ass so saggy and droopy, she’s like 23. That ain’t no “baby bimbo” body, that’s a middle aged man dressed up as a lass.

No. 991430

Kek Can't blur away reality, Shayna. She looks demented in these pics. OF Anon, you're a damn saint for having to sit through this constant tragedy.

No. 991431

is she mentally challenged? how can anyone get off to this shit? she looks like someone from little britain

No. 991432

File: 1592833725109.png (1.16 MB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20200622-094703.png)

School picture day for the special needs child vibes.

No. 991433

Why does she smile like that?? That's not even a natural smile, she has to be forcing her face to do that.

No. 991440

File: 1592834614346.jpg (34.26 KB, 362x499, 514RM1XauyL._SX360_BO1,204,203…)

No. 991445

She picks the worst angles and makes herself look much bigger than she is, she’s chubby but she can still make herself presentable & have cute poses that flatter her. She’s just too smooth brained to figure it out

No. 991453

fucking kek

No. 991461

This is some sleep paralysis demon shit right here

No. 991462

This video was so disingenuous and she sounded like she literally knows nothing about LGBT+ folks. It was just her being like "Im proud of you and you're so amazing for being gay! Good job!!!"

No. 991469

It legitimately made me uncomfortable. She forced herself to smile throughout the whole thing and sounded as if she was reading off a script she half-ass wrote in 30 seconds. And, of course, she decided to label herself as part of the community even though she hasn't talked about being bi in YEARS. She just uses these communities and their struggles for clout. It's really gross tbh

Someone should Photoshop this into a special needs yearbook. Yikes.

No. 991475

Did she mention herself as LGBT in the vid? I was cringing so hard I might have missed it.

No. 991478

I was cringing so hard too that when she said "As a LGBTQ person…" I immediately eye rolled but she was still addressing the community rather than herself. The vid was still super stiff and uncomfortable tho lol

No. 991498

Does she not know that you can shave every day? The stubble kills me, it’s so unattractive/undermines her wanna-be youthful look/sloppy as hell. We all want our pussy to look like a dolphin hobo.

No. 991499

This ain't "Rainbow Princess" this is "Downy Clowny Mattel".

No. 991513

Wahhh no don’t encourage her to shave every day again- she’s terrible at it remember. I can’t go back to the days of Boil-Infested Pussy Mattel. At least she hasn’t got open, weeping sores anymore

No. 991536


Why the fuck does she think grimacing is sexy lmfao. Like this is not "omg it feels so good my eyes are like totally rolling back," it is not ahegao, it is straight up mental retardation.

Nobody wants this shit, Shayna. Least of all bi and lesbian women. Plus we've all seen how repulsed she is by women, both sexually and on twitter kek. She lives for the approval of these neckbeard simps.

How sad.

No. 991595

File: 1592843983362.jpeg (951.35 KB, 3464x3464, B713BBB9-ACE8-4CDC-949C-3E3982…)

Is this her ahegao face? She looks like fucking slimer

No. 991597

File: 1592844105840.jpeg (Spoiler Image,260.54 KB, 828x297, A814C5B0-785A-4D92-BE0F-ABA973…)

Thiccy Mattel

No. 991610

Kek I’m ded Anon

No. 991626

i find it so weird that she released that vid for pride month…??? like i always thought i was bi with a preference for women until five mins ago when i saw the screenshots from that vid and now i'm suddenly homophobic as a result

No. 991655

She’s got a Lillee Jean smile

No. 991661

File: 1592847092691.png (Spoiler Image,1.36 MB, 1419x2048, Screenshot_20200622-132828.png)

I find it hilarious this chick will throw out whole ass pieces of furniture and get rid of/lose actual nice clothes but will tight fist these grungey, dingey, discharge-coated shorts that aren't even its original color bright pink anymore thanks to them being lain about on public restrooms floors.

No. 991662

File: 1592847148298.jpg (8.72 KB, 200x196, shayna.jpg)

same energy

No. 991666

File: 1592847349267.jpeg (59.35 KB, 446x767, 2BCE470D-CEDD-4417-BD4F-68995E…)

Sucks makeup, deleting everything and shit all over her head still doesnt hide that toady bloated alcoholic face she has.

No. 991668

Ugh. Those beady lil eyes paired with that huge nose will always trigger my fight-or-flight response.

No. 991670

File: 1592847537333.jpg (Spoiler Image,75.27 KB, 453x628, Screenshot_20200622_133117.jpg)

The face I make watching her porn on of

No. 991671

File: 1592847595519.jpg (Spoiler Image,99.59 KB, 824x566, Screenshot_20200622_133133.jpg)

My condolences to whomever has had their dick in shatnas mouth

No. 991672

File: 1592847623707.jpg (Spoiler Image,107.64 KB, 738x616, Screenshot_20200622_133434.jpg)

All I see….

No. 991684

I actually kind of think she looks cute in this picture. She looks like an average girl you'd see working in Target or something. Her makeup is just always so bad that I think her face without the makeup is way preferable.

No. 991685

Shayna, clearly blowjobs do not work for you. You look absolutely horrid and downright disgusted while attempting one. As a sex worker you should be idk trying to be SEXY and DESIRABLE.

Is her brand literally just "rock bottom" and "humiliation" at this point?

No. 991688

fuck, this is just dark. she has to be at like 40% body fat at this point.

No. 991692

Exactly, you can do it/like it and it's fine if you do not but for the love of jesus why can she only get like a half inch in?

No. 991694

same. She looks average, normal. She looks crazy when she throws all her dumb shit on thinking it'd give her a personality.

No. 991695

she looks like dewey from malcolm in the middle

No. 991698

It's disgusting. She gets the tip in and then makes a vomiting noise as if it's sexy. Gagging can be hot but when the dick is actually, you know, down your throat.

I'm sure all the little pricked idiots she's fucked love it because it makes them feel like they have a big dick.

No. 991701

Her undone eyebrows look completely fine here, better in fact. She could just go over them lightly with some shadow to darken them and maybe lengthen them a bit, super easy.

Her alcoholic drug addled brain must truly think that making them super thick and short looks sexy and ~*iconic*~

No. 991711

these are photos from last year though she's fat now anon

No. 991714

no shes just doing the classic laying on the bed pose to make you look skinnier and has smoothed her entire body beyond recognition

No. 991716

i'm impressed with shatnas editing there i honestly thought they were pics from before she started ballooning up kek.

No. 991740

I agree they’re from last year, the photos look familiar I’m sure they are recycled

No. 991751

So I assume her and boyfriend must be good now? Mark my words when he finally leaves her she's going to accuse him of abuse.

No. 991795

File: 1592859643898.jpg (639.37 KB, 1079x2179, Screenshot_20200622-155948_Twi…)

Still pretending to be for the movement

No. 991797

File: 1592859700167.jpg (185.56 KB, 1080x597, Screenshot_20200622-160119_Twi…)

Soooo are they back together?

No. 991804

I'm dead anon. Kissing dolphins! They even have boils for eyes.

No. 991805

She’s always looked bad but oh my god she’s getting worse day by day, the alcohol bloat is getting unreal

No. 991830

File: 1592863649633.jpeg (307.93 KB, 828x845, 4F404CD3-AA13-464F-B558-6405AA…)

Surprised she don’t ebeg for pink workout machines

No. 991849

Watch her make some porn it.
Funny how her mental issues clear STRAIGHT up when the guy is back with her? Im just cringing at the thought of "Dolly Mattel" aka Barbie BEGGING a guy to get back with her.

No. 991858

Manipulation Mattel™

No. 991871

>>991830 I swear to god if she tries to lewd an Apex character I'm going to cry

Maybe if you spent less time retweeting exercise equipment and more time actually using it, you wouldn't be so depressed about your looks, Shay.

No. 991882

she’d break that flimsy treadmill with her fatass.

No. 991895

File: 1592868481540.gif (Spoiler Image,2.4 MB, 640x360, C9AC763F-897A-49C0-AD11-D8DB13…)

No. 991897

Spoil this anon

No. 991898

File: 1592868704009.jpg (457.29 KB, 1080x882, Screenshot_20200622-183130_Fac…)

No. 991913

It won’t let me delete it. I apologize, someone report it or something

No. 992322

kek anon, this needs to be a banner.

My fucking sides, oh my god.

Sage b/c no milk, but I love how Shatna is hopping her fat, racist ass on the BLM train, esp after all the racist bullshit she's pulled in the (VERY RECENT, NOT 15-YEARS-OLD) past.

She buys this BLM shirt and flexes her donations to the Freedom Fund but not a fucking word about what's going on in her own state. She's in Tulsa, right? Not one fucking word on juneteenth or the Trump rally and its aftermath. She has no idea what the fuck is going on in the world if it isn't being discussed on ~~sex work twitter~~ but she tries so damn hard to appear woke while doing nothing but showing that she has once again completely missed the point, as evidenced by the "I said sorry and gave the black people money, be nice 2 me nao pls" thing.

Bitch, if you were sorry you would have deleted that 'grab her by the pussy' video instead of defending it, playing the victim when you got called out for it, and STILL leaving it up for four years to make pennies off of.

No. 992400

I was kinda wondering why the ever so woke Shayna Lurker King didn't say anything about the Tulsa rally (inB4 she says something because we said something). But hey! She bought a $10 Black Lives Matter shirt she'll wear while she fingers her nasty cunt! Truly the savior of black people.

No. 992470


She did tweet something along the lines of "I can't believe what is going on in Tulsa right now". Wasn't interesting enough to post and she deleted it again, of course.

No. 992497

File: 1592924587763.png (19.34 KB, 528x137, Screenshot 2020-06-23 at 11.02…)

queen of time and workload management. let's see if she gets one of these done.

No. 992505

she can be smart about it and just do them all in one, maybe two sessions. she doesn't have to make 20 different videos, i hope she realizes that.

way to make $300 i guess.

No. 992633

Not even that bad considering she does jackshit all day.

No. 992709

Maybe she can do a Gibby cosplay(emoji)

No. 992714

I wonder how that spontaneous "birthday car" fund is going! 3 days until her oh so important birthday. We gonna see a pic of car keys Friday?? Kek

No. 992755

she has the goal set at $3k and has only amassed $195 lol.

No. 992762

There's a group of ugly troon lolcows on Kiwi Farm who own a alpaca farm who can make that with just one gofundme,they ask for thousands of dollars and usually make a couple. Meanwhile Shayna has been showing her whole asshole for free, claims she has a "Fanbase" and she can't make $3k?

No. 992780

Its because she shows her asshole on the internet like thousands of other bitches and shes not over average hot, cute, enticing, etc. Shes average at her very best. The humiliation and unawareness that she is an absolute trainwreck has got to be her only appeal really. Yeah shes not the ugliest, grossest thing on many vids, but… she ain't hot top quality. Also doesnt help she decided after her break up that suddenly she needs a car for her birthday that was a couple weeks away.

Point is, yeah, a bitch like Shay can barely make 3k in a whole month of doing her "job". She sure as fuck ain't making an extra 3k just because she wants something kek. She doesnt have the following, nor appeal.

No. 992782

Knowing her dumbass she'll dress up as Loba because she's a femme fatale in french-braided pigtails who likes diamonds and money but is also an adult so nobody can come for her.

…Then she'll promptly be roasted for cosplaying a POC when she white AF.

Anyway if she streams Apex, somebody screenshot her KDR. I need a good laugh today.

I'm sure she'll film all 20 at once, but forget to move the list of names she's supposed to moan out of frame or something equally exceptional.

No. 992794

why would she stream apex? the only game she ever talked about playing was fortnite, also after all this time i think we can all say streamer shayna bye-bye.

No. 992806

She just tweeted about playing apex lol

No. 992821

She’s been on her shit about apex for weeks, it’s her new “thing”

No. 992825

File: 1592946492671.png (680.73 KB, 1442x2048, Screenshot_20200623-170741.png)

incoming rant

No. 992826

File: 1592946537048.png (911.56 KB, 1502x2048, Screenshot_20200623-170839.png)

No. 992828

ummmmm….. is she serious? shayna — we’ve seen (and called out) several times the absolute filth you live in

No. 992829

File: 1592946579703.png (888.18 KB, 1467x2048, Screenshot_20200623-170923.png)

No. 992830

File: 1592946708389.png (1.31 MB, 2048x2012, Screenshot_20200623-170953.png)

Sorry to break it to you Shayna, but most sex workers don't base their entire personalities and self worth on the porn they create.

No. 992834

File: 1592947305558.jpg (Spoiler Image,442.39 KB, 1080x986, Screenshot_20200623-142934_Twi…)


No. 992837

File: 1592947343262.jpg (248.71 KB, 1080x747, Screenshot_20200623-143011_Twi…)

That's just sad Shay. And it's not because you're a sex worker. It's because you have no friends

No. 992840

is she just showing the evolution of her back rolls or what?

No. 992841

Ohhh nooooo I thought this was a year difference, not 5 months. Why did she do herself dirty like this

No. 992844

oh i see, i only read this thread. i hope streamy mattel gets revived then cus i was really looking forward to it.

why does she keep doing herself dirty like this? it feels like she is trying to pander to us, if i can even call showing how much worse she got over a few months that.

No. 992849

Her face is so bloated holy shit. Why would she post this?!

No. 992868

Why does she care how clean or messy other girl’s rooms are? I mean, sure it’s better to take photos in a clean room, but who the fuck cares? Why is she always telling other SWers what they can and can’t do? Also, should we dig back a couple threads and point out the literal garbage piling up under her “bed”? Or the times she had crap stuck to her feet? She has no place to talk about filth when she is constantly filthy.

No. 992873

lmao the fucking nerve of this nasty bitch tryna come for other girls' messy rooms when she fucking SLEPT on a piss-covered rug for over a year while also taking nudes and filming on it and literally shitting out plastic easter eggs onto it. I honestly can't w/ this bitch.

No. 992899

i still can‘t believe the short period of time in which she wrecked her whole body. she looks so bloated and disgusting

No. 992909

don't forget the dirt covered sneakers on that rug too lmao

No. 992921

File: 1592952655771.jpg (132.61 KB, 1080x1292, Screenshot_20200623-234959_Twi…)

I have no words..

No. 992924

Either she's lying and she just popped a ass pimple and her ass looks like shit, or she has a red irritated ass pimple and she came up with this lie.
Or she really did this.
either way she's probably going to have a ugly ass blemish on her ass.

No. 992925

This has to be the result of the dudes who love the downward spiral lmao. Or someone was like “ew get rid of that shit I will actually pay your for it” LOL

Or she’s just lying. To let us know she knows that we see her nasty ass boils.

No. 992926


Only the few people with a fucking fetish for it would like this, otherwise this is the grossest thing to fucking post. And what are the odds the fetish people follow her. This is nasty af. She could have just not said anything. Especially since she never cares about how her ass or anything else looks ever anyway.

No. 992928

File: 1592953818279.png (472.41 KB, 1192x1112, Screen Shot 2020-06-23 at 7.07…)

Not sure if she's joking or if she can really not think of anything other than shoving a dildo inside of her…

No. 992931

Sounds like a farmer to me.

No. 992932

Which one of you paid her for this kek!! God I wish it was a farmer. I’m in tears I can’t believe she addressed her ass pimple on Twitter; like fair enough she took the money for it, she needs it but like….. why are you drawing attention to your dirty assne

No. 992943

I can't wait to see her squeeze into this

No. 992970

she probably got paid like 5$ kek

most other sex workers take their birthday off to see friends or family yet shatna is still alone yanking open her dry holes making her uwu porn on hers. so pathetic. and can't even buy a fucking dress or take a fucking breath of oxygen without turning it into omg i make PORN!11 i make porn now!! horrifying.

No. 992984

File: 1592958510957.jpeg (97.56 KB, 750x1084, 6DD9E1EE-DADD-4AAB-A9CA-01159C…)

Only a true classy woman with A LOT of taste would shop on amazon. What a fashion icon. Skinny legend.

No. 992989

That even looks awful on the model, can't wait to see how Shayna will compare

No. 993005

I am sure she has some gross weirdos following her from back when she had those giant pimples and constant irritation on her vagina.

No. 993056

File: 1592963963160.jpg (156.67 KB, 1079x545, Screenshot_20200623-205820_Twi…)

It's not because you have a fat pussy Shay. It's because you buy clothes too small for you and don't wear underwear

No. 993085

I'll never forget the time she took a selfie with 6 Big Gulps festering on the counter because she's a gross gas station rodent. Or the million times she has took pics and we could see the literal trash piling up and clothes all over the floor. Shayna, we don't say you're fucking gross for our shit-talking health. It's because you're LITERALLY fucking disgusting and live like a pig. You never vacuumed or cleaned your last apartment ONCE and legit lived, slept, and went to the bathroom on one spot of the floor in multiple apartments. You need to sit the fuck down on that nasty fucking pimple you just popped before trash talking other women.
This dress only looks good on women with actual curves. This will only accentuate the curve of that beer gut she's been working on. Good choice, retard.

No. 993110

lol @ shayna being comically unaware that usually cameltoe is caused by your pants being too small

No. 993126

Somehow this is grosser than seeing her asshole. Which is really saying something.

Christ, Shay. You have officially reached Luna-tier gross homemade porn.

Can't wait to see her try to squish that fridge body into something with an actual shape.

Shayna we know you love the Grinch or whatever but your heart is supposed to be two sizes too small, not your clothes.

No. 993140

File: 1592969028332.jpg (Spoiler Image,433.28 KB, 1080x1084, Screenshot_20200623-222335_Twi…)

How is this a pretzel?

No. 993150

everything on her is so flat and saggy now it just looks like a 50 yr old woman trying to be sexy

No. 993157

It could kinda be if she could fold her cottage cheese legs over her fat arms. But alas, she can't even actually put her feet behind her head anymore. Honestly been that way for a while. Cant wait for her to get bigger to the point where she cant even lift her own legs up to even attempt that kek

No. 993182

Yo her pussy is so blurred, I literally wiped my eyes and then my computer screen, thought I had something in my eye or something got on my laptop screen.

No. 993205

Am I high or is her face like wayyyyy more edited in the second pic than in the one on the left?

No. 993238

File: 1592977173770.jpg (Spoiler Image,424.21 KB, 1070x1066, Screenshot_20200624-003751_Twi…)

Someone who is great at photoshop, PLEASE change the signs lol

No. 993240

Is there something I’m missing? Why did she zoom in on the dress like that? To show that it has a low hem? Yeah no kidding you can’t shove a dildo in your ass with a dress that’s cut like that, that’s something most people can infer when they first look at it lol

No. 993284

I swear you could do one of those “photo every day” challenges of her just with this god damn pose alone. Except the only that changes is her weight and flexibility lmao

No. 993287

File: 1592980270282.jpeg (Spoiler Image,80.71 KB, 1242x818, CAA49BC6-8434-4CA1-BA3E-6728B4…)

Jesus… That gut is fatter than that pussy…looks like a spiders mandibles

No. 993317

File: 1592982883057.jpeg (Spoiler Image,60.01 KB, 640x360, 0248B37D-C0B9-4B1D-8B67-AB57EE…)

Shayna was so much more attractive before she gained weight and looked like Jessica Yaniv

No. 993337

She only looks good either in comparison to now or when she‘s posing conveniently to give the illusion of a defined waistline.

It seems like she looked better back then because she actually put some effort into her looks/pictures and filtered her face to death. All she does now is put her feet “behind her head” and blur the fuck out of her ass and legs.
But in general she looks just like back then, just gained weight and became an alcoholic. She could still look just as ‘good’ as she did back then, if she put the effort in. But she chooses the lowest-effort route and as long as she documents her deterioration it will pay her bills, so why change?

No. 993341

File: 1592985336533.png (Spoiler Image,729.72 KB, 1070x1066, die.png)

No. 993348

I deadass feel like I'm stuck in a time loop with how much she repeats herself, it's like every other day she's talking about how sexwork is soooo hard

No. 993387

anon i had completely forgotten about the picture on that first link lmfao
it HURTS to laugh this hard

No. 993413

Shes talking about ariana. Ive noticed once they have started following eachother, they both have thrown passive agressive tweets directed at each other but will hype each other up in the comments. I think they're both under the impression one is better than the other. Which is so funny.

No. 993475

actually just outing herself for living in a shithole aside from the 4 foot she films in.

No. 993486

Imagine.. shayna woke up one day and finally decided she wanted to change or do something about her situation? Just imagine for two seconds but of course she would never do that. How old is she again???

No. 993512

File: 1593003386980.gif (Spoiler Image,12.36 MB, 869x1200, C0BE3705-4B25-4B94-BA7B-6AE344…)

Alright this was the perfect one for a comparison to this old pic, really shows how much she’s ballooned.

No. 993513

I swear I'm not nitpicking, but how is it even possible that her legs are spread but her outer labia are still together? Are they fucking sewn together or something?

No. 993536

I know everyone ITT likes to shit on her body shape and lack of defined waist, but I think thin Shayna's body looked good. Not every woman is born with ideal proportions; frankly, not having a defined waist doesn't necessarily make someone look ugly. I think the waist nitpicking is– and has always been– super weird.

While I don't think her lack of defined waist is a problem in and of itself, it does mean that the way she carries her weight is unfortunate. I think that with her body type, the only way she can look "good" is by staying thin. Her weight gain this past year is fucking depressing. She absolutely did it to herself since she subsists on ~cheemsburgers~ and tendies and alcohol, and now she's bordering on land whale territory.

Imo, Shayna's biggest physical problem, other than the fact that she's chunky as hell, is how fucking busted her face is. There is absolutely no truly salvaging it. Perhaps if she were good at makeup and took better care of herself she'd look marginally more presentable, but even seeing old pics of her posted doesn't give me any hope.

I think probably her thighs, being much larger now, sort of keep her outer labia in place. I don't know, though. I didn't even notice that, but I do agree that it looks odd.

No. 993539

That’s just how some women‘s vaginas are built. There are people much smaller than her whose vagina won’t really show unless they manually spread it with their fingers, due to their outer labia being really plump and inner labia being really small.
There’s a whole subreddit dedicated to them (r/simps) because apparently for a lot of men they’re the ultimate ideal of what female genitalia should look like.

And shayna does have a ‘fat pussy’, so… yeah. Big labia majora. That’s all there is to it.

No. 993611

this is so autistic, please stop

No. 993616

was about to go off on this but i checked the pic and it does look pretty weird. the other anon is right though in that a lot of women just have bigger labia majoras so it has to be more spread than this to see in between the folds. in her case though it looks like she has a ball chin where the top part of the majora should meet.

No. 993625

It's also cos she blurred it to hell

No. 993712

My sides anon

No. 993836

With the photoshop she kinda looks like one of those plus sized store mannequins-large but no definition or real curves anywhere.

No. 993866

and this is even just from barely last year lmao, imagine if you had a pic from 2 years ago lmaaoooo . This is amazing anon

No. 993901

File: 1593027866061.jpg (108.92 KB, 1080x336, Screenshot_20200624-144349_Twi…)

Sure Shay

No. 993955

no, she's right! it's a sign from god that she needs to get a fucking job

No. 993994

Her tits are pretty cute now that she’s chunkier, but that’s really the only positive thing the weight gain did for her. She could still look cute if she learned her angles and how to pose and dress herself, though. Most people who consume porn don’t really care about the model’s face so she can get away with that being busted.

She’s always telling people they should pay her for advice, but she should pay a chubby sex worker to tell her how to work with her body. She keeps trying to pose and dress the way she did 30+ pounds ago

No. 993995

post screenshots?

No. 994016

File: 1593037041429.gif (Spoiler Image,1.03 MB, 1080x1964, 2B978298-4D94-4966-A15B-D66A9D…)

The evolution

No. 994037

File: 1593037878577.jpeg (432.85 KB, 822x911, EDFC69E5-75BB-42DD-BA86-FD2717…)

she’s gonna wreck her ass if she keeps doing this kek

No. 994045

It’s not even about weight imo, she could look decent even now if she just got off her ass and tried to tone up once in a while. The pure flab look from lying around at home all day doesn’t look good on anyone.

No. 994046

File: 1593038183666.jpeg (29.79 KB, 275x266, C3C255DC-6E0C-45CD-B38A-A1B6EF…)

NTA but here’s one example CBA to spoonfeed the rest, they’ve been posted in Ariana thread

No. 994050

The way this bitch talks to people but then she gets upset and pretends to want to die when anyone says ANYTHING to her.
Makes me wonder how she be talking to her boyfriend during their bi-weekly blow outs.

No. 994058

No. 994060

Good god she’s just fucking her ass with that rigid metal bulb this is not ok how doesn’t it hurt

No. 994065

That popped(?) boil looks fucking awful wow

No. 994067

Omg she’s gonna look like Ursula

No. 994079

File: 1593040295983.png (6.82 MB, 1125x2001, 26046318-BC18-4EC4-8BF8-61E548…)

She can’t hide her micro expressions, girl looks sad af doing what is meant to be her dream job

No. 994080

File: 1593040443317.png (Spoiler Image,666.5 KB, 861x587, sdfsd.PNG)

what exactly is happening here

No. 994081


Holy fuck I have never seen someone use a buttplug like that, where did she get the idea this was a thing?! I thought other anons were being dramatic when they said she was fucking herself with the plug, but Jesus. That’s literally what’s happening. I am…. horrified. Shayna, seek help.

No. 994085

Lmao she deff peed from pushing so hard kek

No. 994086


She pushed her pelvic floor so much to get that butt plug moving that she actually fucking pissed herself.

No. 994092

its an imageboard. you are supposed to post the screenshots, not just say what you supposedly saw, are we supposed to take you at your word? no, we are not. thats why you post screenshots or shutup. you can get banned for doing what you did. id suggest you look at the rules to refresh yourself on what spoonfeeding is.

No. 994093

I know we always say it, but this is NOT "bimbo". This is animu/maid bunny. And shes using that awful baby voice. She thinks bimbo just means "slutty" or something. Bimbo is usually tan, high maintenance, fake nails, plastic surgery, bleach blonde, flashy slut, etc. Pink doesnt make it bimbo Shay you absolute tard. She used to kind of have a grasp on it but now shes so far from "Barbie" and "bimbo" shit it's not even funny.

No. 994117

I'm suspecting this "anal queen" has trouble putting an actual dildo in her ass because 1) she refuses to use lube and 2) shitty low quality Amazon dildos can't be lubed with spit

And also because she has no idea how to safely fuck her ass. Such an anal queen though.

No. 994135

A sex worker of 4 years and no one's told her spit is not an effective form of lube.. at all.
And you aren't meant to fuck yourself with buttplugs. Hence the word plug. The shape is to keep it in your asshole Shay, you ain't supposed to use it like a dildo.

No. 994178

File: 1593049871373.jpg (611.88 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20200624-205048_Chr…)

…Sure Jan

No. 994180

Oof honey if you think this is a glowup…yikes

No. 994182

maybe the "glowup" is from that ugly hood to a headband with rabbit ears. otherwise i'm not seeing it

No. 994183

File: 1593050140863.jpg (Spoiler Image,890.7 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20200624-205348_Chr…)

"Glowed up"

No. 994184

File: 1593050157058.png (Spoiler Image,2.71 MB, 1540x2048, Screenshot_20200624-215457.png)

If I said she looks like she has down syndrome, it would be mean to all the people with down syndrome. She's a fucking gremlin.

No. 994186

More like blew up

No. 994189

not only is her face a different color but that face looks like she's drunk/about to throw up or is staring at a hamburger or something.
It's not a sexy look.

No. 994193

Her pussy really looks like testicles in that pose lol.

No. 994195

File: 1593052534589.jpg (136.21 KB, 1079x542, Screenshot_20200624-205846_Twi…)

One of the comments

No. 994211

File: 1593053572388.jpeg (Spoiler Image,118.97 KB, 832x898, D6ABAF45-53CC-4232-B753-48DFFD…)

No. 994215

Can we stop with the damn dolphin edits? We get it, her pussy looks like dolphin lips.

No. 994224

Chill anon. It's become a Shay meme, and she's always wanted that!
Plus, I'm pretty sure that's a porpoise.

No. 994232

More like SNOW up kek.
Like yeah she looks like a crack whore in the left one, but if she hadnt edited the other one so heavily, it would be very apparent that shes become a fat trailer park mom lol
Still buying cheap shit honestly. Still thinks her content is good. Still looks like shit.

Like other anon said. It's a blow up. And it ain't all from meds and a depo shot Shay sorry to break it to ya.

No. 994268

Chill the fuck out, I did you the favour by finding one and as I said, I wasn’t the anon who brought Ariana up, so no, I’m not going to get banned. Pnp is irrelevant here, no one wants the thread gummed up with them sucking each other’s dick when it’s already been posted here and on other threads

Anyway, THERE we go;
another example of them interacting (posted here in this thread 6 days ago, which doesn’t need posting again)

No. 994371

Gdi I just want the video. fupa 2.0, repent and post your tea.

No. 994457

>>994183 I'm getting Pheobe Tickner vibes

No. 994473


At what point does the cow become an elaborate troll? She can't be this delusional. She sees these threads.

No. 994501

File: 1593069217262.jpg (159.68 KB, 1080x532, Screenshot_20200625-021319_Twi…)

Ok Shay

No. 994683

Wow the before picture is actually worse in this than the current picture

No. 994762

File: 1593080016626.jpg (64.49 KB, 895x536, $_32.jpg)

She's starting to remind me of modeling balloons.

No. 994811

the dark circles are from her alcohol addiction.

literally every problem in her life can be fixed by not drinking (as much).

it’s funny she blames her weight and her issues on her meds and mental disorder du jour because she’s so attached to the escapism she gets from weed and drinking. she refuses to see what her actual problem is because then she’d have to change, and that’s a different and scary process.

wow shay, you’re an actual addict now. can’t wait for the aa 12 step baby porn. “hi, my name is fuck me in my cwusty asshole and i’m an alcoholic uwu feel badly for me”

No. 995152

Thanks I hate it. Did she pee a little at 0:14 or what’s happening there?

No. 995178

isn't today her birthday? she's been weirdly quiet.

No. 995183


No. 995403

Someone else said she did >>994086

No. 995431

Yeah and because shes gross and appeals to nasty dudes and shes lazy, she decided to not do a re-take. Like I know fucking yourself like that isn't a lot of fun especially when you're someone like Shay who is never actually aroused nor enjoys the sex aspect of her "job" but she also acts like she cares about the quality of her content and spends soooo much time on details and filming and editing. Coulda not had that part in it, but again, its probably for the piss fetish degenerates.

No. 995448

She's done piss porn multiple times but this time she just lost bladder control. Oh girl, what you doing? Happy birthday shay lmao, enjoy your loose bowels and weak bladder.

No. 995592

File: 1593134927261.jpg (Spoiler Image,635.84 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20200626-022655_Twi…)

Happy downy birthday.

Kek also that dress that was shown as tight round the ankles is round her knees.

No. 995596

File: 1593135267665.png (2.76 MB, 750x1334, E134E6D8-F713-4EAF-B95B-23BB2E…)

her arms look fucking gargantuan

No. 995600

she looks cheap and tacky but not really bad, the look is a mess but I don't know.

No. 995608

She actually looks really pretty here.

No. 995609

Her makeup looks way better here, softened up the wings and maybe even the eyebrows. Then smash cut to moments later where she's opening champagne with her tits out, looking retarded. She really can't self edit.

No. 995614

I feel like I’m looking at a different picture than other anons, she looks like she just came out of a coma for prom and the halter makes her body look like a mcnugget

No. 995627

File: 1593136370305.png (Spoiler Image,6.07 MB, 1125x2436, A4A73BF5-4110-42E5-8CA6-A73DCD…)

Her face when it pops cracked me up

No. 995631

She looks like an old lady at a highkey trashy wedding in eastern yurop

No. 995634

i agree. it’s like they let the chubby retarded girl be the prom queen because they felt bad for her and this is her picture afterward.

No. 995639

Yes, easily the prettiest girl in the whole trailer park. Shayna is truly a paragon of elegance and grace. /s

Real talk – her hair is a fried mess. This pose is awkward as fuck. The only reason she looks "nice" is because black is slimming, and she's not whipping out her veiny tits or asshole in this pic. There's no hiding those arms and that gut though. She looks like a chubby 16-year-old from the deep south about to go to her first prom.

It really does look like she gains weight daily. Maybe it's the angle but she looks a lot heavier here than she did just the other day.

No. 995641

At least in this video she kind of seemed self aware as to how fucking stupid she seemed? If that makes sense. Like yes she seems drunk and high off her ass but there's like some semblance of self aware humor towards the end.

No. 995643

When she isnt trying to look "quirky" or "sexy" she looks ok!! This really is the best her face has looked. Then like other anon said, she goes on to look like an ugly moron. Because she tries too hard.

No. 995644

File: 1593136655702.jpg (107.95 KB, 970x546, 4e2d8e7a-30eb-43b8-93c4-e0fed6…)

She reminds me of Hilda.

No. 995647

I think it's because she actually looks like she has a genuine smile.

No. 995665

She looks like Abby from the last of us 2

No. 995667


Yeah except Hilda is both cute and sexy, two things Shay will never be.

No. 995679

She looks like woman in her 30s at someone's wedding who then had too much to drink at the reception and got her tits out.

No. 995682

File: 1593138545513.jpeg (265.65 KB, 1168x1286, DA3D93D0-C28E-4A92-9F3D-47A780…)

No. 995688

These look like they were taken 10 years apart

No. 995699

File: 1593139086740.jpeg (101.14 KB, 828x486, DAF5BC89-821E-44EF-B195-573D2C…)

So she successfully guilted her bf into getting back with her confirmed?

No. 995701

throwback to the piss rug

No. 995707


Shes shaped like a literal rectangle kek

No. 995710

why is she so obsessed with these depressing comparison pictures? this has to be some kind of foray into her humiliation fetish. also ironically enough I think her old body looks a lot more "womanly" than her new one, at least back then she had a body with somewhat of a shape rather than that obese 12 year old boy look she's sporting nowadays.

No. 995732

probably because she’s acquainted with plasticnproud now and that’s her schtick 24/7

No. 995733

This is such a nitpick but bitch didn’t even get decent champagne lmao. The Chandon she got is knock off grocery shit, you’d think suck a high class bimbo would be able to spring for some real Moët.

No. 995739

anon you say that as if she’s not sitting there in an amazon dress and child’s dress up tiara

No. 995745

Ah, jeez lmao ok you are right. I guess I’d just expect her to spring for something decent since it’s her birthday flex and she’s such a booze hound. But yeah, valid lolol.

No. 995754

shes going to wear that dress out? She's going to look retarded

No. 995755

she looks horrible in both pictures

No. 995758

fupa 2.0 is probably just taking her to olive garden or something so she’ll fit in with the regular tulsa trash there

No. 995765

I think she does look pretty because it's an actual smile. Not that stupid Yaniv smirk she's always fucking forcing. Every damn picture is so forced but it's nice to see her natural smile. Yeah, the dress is not flattering but we all called that. It also sucks she's still wearing the 11 day old messy rat's nest bun. If she actually did something with her hair, like give herself some soft curls or waves, it would have helped the look. But, as always, it's fucking Shayna and she can't stop being a lazy shit for 2 minutes.

No. 995790

the "she looks like"s in this thread are so fucking funny

No. 995798


“One woman’s journey from Flatsy to Gutso”.

No. 995803

File: 1593142416715.jpg (Spoiler Image,421.61 KB, 1079x1137, Screenshot_20200625-223304_Twi…)

Oof. Serving alcoholic auntie realness

No. 995806

"Cause it's my fucking birthday." Um, isn't it tomorrow?

No. 995812

No. 995851

There's something about her facetuning that makes her look like she has a new face. it's really uncanny

No. 995854

She looks like a skins character

No. 995857

File: 1593146233383.gif (881.29 KB, 300x300, F40E1D08-3495-4C81-96D3-43CB41…)

Shayna is serving Jessica Yaniv vibes in her birthday photos kek

No. 995929

God I wish this actually meant she’s stopping the whole “I’m baby”, pedopandering, baby bimbo schtick finally

No. 995936

I wish she smiled like this more often. Its weird seeing her look so genuinely smiley, it makes her look more like a human and less like a dirty little hamster.

No. 995943

when a picture like this can be unironically called "good"….. i hope she knows she has some serious work to do

No. 996017

jesus that dress is just so unflattering for her body shape. i guess she thought it would help her look curvy, but she must have gotten two sizes too small again because it just emphasizes her rolls and squeezes her fat arms

No. 996121

Let's be real, shes most likely taking herself.

No. 996129

Fancy dinner huh? Imagine being at a $$$$ restaurant and seeing this walk in with its ratty bun and amazon sausage casing

No. 996136

lol i used to look at this thread for about a year and i havent checked in about another year and i think its so funny that she fucking ballooned this much in such a short time because of "meds" when she posts her shit eating/drinking habits all day

No. 996146

>dirty little hamster
Love u anon

No. 996148

these do not look like the same person at all. i'm new to shayna and going through her old threads was shocking, not only for her gross pussy (y'all weren't kidding), but because she legitimately looks like a different person.
she was scrawny and ratfaced before and now she just looks downy and fat lol. i don't understand why, when she has nothing else to do all day, she doesn't have FUN with styling her hair and making it match the outfits/videos she's making. she is SO lazy and bad at being a sex worker that it's actually insane. i can't imagine that she makes any money for how embarrassing she is on the internet.
the black dress looks horrible on her, the extension look horrible on her, and if she bought clothes that fit and worked with what she has, then she'd be just fine. like….it almost has to be more work to look that much worse.

No. 996159

skin and hair are looking healthier than they used to here but she needs to get her nails done and lose like 50-75 lbs lol

No. 996173

lol good catch. looks like the fat ugly washed up girl of the season where her storyline is she fucks every guy but none want to date her

No. 996179

Honestly if she shaved all her hair off and invested in some good wigs, I'm sure she'd look better, her hair looks bad, she needs to start over.
Thing is she's so cheap when it comes to clothes which never made sense, at least if you are going to be cheap, make it look cute.

No. 996185

File: 1593189707095.jpeg (114.28 KB, 750x542, 869A0FAC-9838-41BE-8F00-DF5D0F…)

Nola’s damnn so fancy. Fried chicken and beer restaurant. Good for her that all it takes for her to feel rich boss bitch is a chandelier kek.

No. 996194

>it has chandelier and big cabinets so fancy
….Has she never been to anywhere that’s not a dive wtf Shayna the Cheesecake Factory has all these things

No. 996220

Can you imagine taking this bitch out, she's on her phone the whole time and then she pretends to have to use the bathroom to take a selfie with her tits out (we know she will)

No. 996226

File: 1593191624832.png (Spoiler Image,80.97 KB, 208x249, 1522472471472.png)

I was going through some of the first shayna threads and found this - the beginning of her "I can put my feet behind my head!!" schtik. It's p shocking to compare this with her current "pretzel" pics, she's just a big ol pile of dough these days.

No. 996235

What's funny is that she still was never flexible enough to actually put her feet behind her head or even do a split. She was skinny and that's it.

No. 996271

File: 1593194230614.jpeg (255.84 KB, 568x728, 4A9A5C52-6A6A-427D-B5D0-E898D5…)

This gives me flashbacks of this ghoulish shit

No. 996317

Her tits look so mashed in that dress. She will never accept she’s a size large. I can’t believe she’s still squeezing into sizes too small…shit looks so uncomfortable.

Lmao she’s so white trash. She really does belong in Tulsa.

No. 996348

I've said it before and I'll say it again:
No one will know what fucking size you wear. But they will fucking notice when you're buldging out of shit that's too small for you. Buying the proper size in clothes is so important. Theres no reason to try to squeeze into Small or medium when you should be wearing a large. Please Shay it will make a world of difference if you size up and look and feel comfortable on your clothes.

No. 996350

this pose has always looked utterly retarded rather than hot lol.

No. 996417

Messy bun with a cocktail dress is deplorable

No. 996435

File: 1593204024284.jpeg (664.65 KB, 1125x1583, 8D8A1886-2090-4227-A7B4-987F5E…)

I’m pretty sure she’s not actually going on a “fancy birthday dinner” and took herself to brunch. This is so sad.

No. 996439

I hope she posts a selfie, and I don't know if I do or don't want her to actually be wearing that hideous black dress out in public.

No. 996440

>shatna getting drunk whilst also eating rich restaurant cake

she's going to puke everywhere and make an ass of herself if she doesn't slow down

No. 996441

File: 1593205045194.jpg (164.47 KB, 1079x598, Screenshot_20200626-155655_Twi…)

Cause you probably said it was your birthday. Does she not realize most places will do this?(repost)

No. 996442

File: 1593205105883.jpg (453.88 KB, 1080x1034, Screenshot_20200626-155812_Twi…)

She's wearing this supposedly

No. 996445

wait is she so sheltered that she's implying this is a special and unique thing done only for her lmao.

No. 996450

This is your big, sexy birthday outfit? How bleak. I've seen southern grandmas get more dressed up for church. I don't think Shat actually owns anything that can pass for formal, aside from her new dress; everything is dingy and cheap looking.

No. 996451

wow so she's wearing that old wrinkled yellow dress. For someone who claims to be barbie and all that, she does NOT care about her appearance. Cute dresses are so cheap. She could'nt even buy a new dress for the birthday she was talking about all month?

No. 996453

Must be some monkey brain stuff because yeah this pic looks like a monster blob that is a head, ass, and some limbs. Looks disturbing lol

No. 996455

Yes, Shay, you can get a free birthday dessert at most restaurants. You're not special hun. idk why she acts like people go out of their way for her when it's literally shit she staged or workers just doing their jobs. So weird.

No. 996456

the greasy 90's prom hair is truly the icing on the shatna cake

No. 996459

Does this hoe not realise we are still in a global pandemic? Just cos you're in president is a mighty moron and opened shit up again, any person with common sense would not go. But Shay is such a tragedy she can't even cook for herself.

There's no way she's wearing a mask at the least is there?

Enjoy some birthday corona

No. 996464

Imagining her day drunk alone whipping out her ID to prove its her birthday for a free cake is so depressing.

No. 996465

This lack of caring about others and wearing a mask/staying home (even when lockdown was implemented) seems to be a common thread between all these damn cows

No. 996470


it’s even funnier when she wouldn’t stop freaking out months ago when the pandemic first hit and tulsa wasn’t anywhere near as high with cases. it’s exploding now much like shayna in anything she wears and she can’t stop going out. so much for muh anxiety

No. 996488

Her bun is so greasy looking it resembles a dead squid. If you’re going to just totally let yourself go, at least throw some dry shampoo or baby powder in that rats nest.

She looks like she smells like a pair of old sweaty gym sneakers

No. 996491

Is it just me or does she wear one of those messy bun hair piece scrunchies all the time now? The top and bottom part of the bun look like two different colors and textures

No. 996528

Oh my god you're right. Those weren't even a good look in 2003

No. 996567

File: 1593212514279.jpeg (109.39 KB, 1125x445, CA538D1A-438E-4FA4-B6D0-F01128…)

Her birthday car fund only made $255 and pixie donated $50 this morning.

No. 996611


I remember when this dress fit her a month or two ago

No. 996634

File: 1593216676126.png (994.43 KB, 1573x2048, Screenshot_20200626-201040.png)

I see her polish plait is coming along nicely.

No. 996635

File: 1593216692280.png (140.67 KB, 1208x434, Screen Shot 2020-06-26 at 8.08…)

I guess we're not going to see the black dress again today.

I was secretely hoping that she'd put some effort into her makeup and especially her hair for her birthday… but it's still a greasy bird nest. I miss when she had the same braids for a week at a time.

It also seems like her das was the only person who actually bothered to gift her something. We all know that she shows every single thing off.

No. 996655

Her boyfriend probably decided not to take her out to dinner kek. She’s probably going to make up stuff about how she’s worried about the new cases of covid.

No. 996669

imagine this being your only options of things to do on your 23rd birthday…

No. 996730

File: 1593222767923.png (362.4 KB, 750x1334, 2A146147-D799-47F4-B6BE-A85963…)

she did pretty much say that

No. 996751

I don't know what ticks me off more about Shayna the lack of care she has towards her "Money maker" (Her body and look) or the way she suicide/mental health baits her boyfriend until he takes her back, then suddenly she's 100% fine.

No. 996824

File: 1593234191958.jpeg (116.14 KB, 1242x904, 8984C87F-CF71-4665-8B55-E68AA8…)

What friends shayna?? Damn her birthday was boring. I thought we would have more milk.

No. 996851

How does that make any sense.

>every day is Christmas when you have warm socks

We all know you don’t have friends. Just a pathetic boyfriend that enables your shitty behavior. Imagine settling for a girl like Shay. Oof.

No. 996885

Okay that’s hilarious

No. 997037

This never stopped her before or literally same day when she went out for brunch so yeah, I'm calling bullshit. Chonky mattel would never turn down a burger and alcohol, especially for her birthday. Looks like she thought she could bait her ex(?) to take her out and failed.

No. 997040

File: 1593272844222.png (Spoiler Image,1.17 MB, 1196x1354, Screen Shot 2020-06-27 at 11.4…)

I don't understand why she keeps posting pictures and pointing out how skinny she was. Does she want reassurance that she's not too fat now?

No. 997043


Damn, it's been a long ass year for her to gain so much in just a year.

No. 997045

File: 1593273229139.png (384.69 KB, 750x1334, 9BA73DB8-E452-4653-962E-1065ED…)

she apparently had an even more depressing state of events

No. 997050

All that hype for her birthday and all she did was take herself out for brunch at a slightly nicer than the usual burger joint/bar restaurant. Yikes. Also what happened to those tickets to see some comedian or whatever she said she got her and that dude for her birthday?
Car fund got a pathetic amount of "donations", no one surprised her with any gifts or anything. Honestly really sad. Shes trying to say it's because of the pandemic, but even without it all she would have done was uber her stank self to "the club" and throw up in their bathroom while trying to take nudes pulling down her too tight shorts kek all while trying to tell anyone it's her birthday in hopes of a happy birthday comment she can post the interaction of on twitter or a drink. Depressing.

No. 997062

Ok ok she got like $200 and some birthday wishes from some people on Twitter. Oh and her actual dad sent her some flowers lol. I stand corrected. She wanted 300 though and still had to spend it alone. Plus she told people to tip her for her birthday for "free porn" so that kinda doesn't count. But hey at least a handful of people on twitter acknowledged her for her birthday! That's what thriving is!

No. 997074

This is…just depressing. This was only a year ago? Ffs Shayna you're going to be 200 lbs by the end of the year at this rate.

No. 997076

I'm fairly sure she already is past that mark.

No. 997084

That’s honestly quite sad, i almost feel bad for her. Also throwing up from a few drinks is pretty normal for alcoholics, a sign that there’s something very wrong in her liver.

No. 997099

Lmao you really think she's over 200lbs? She's only 5'5" anon, don't be fucking autistic.

No. 997120

Anon she's 23 and only been drinking regularly for what.. 2 years max?

It takes a hell of a lot before you'd get a severe symptom like that to do with the liver. She drinks white claws ffs, that's fuck all alcohol. She's not got the tolerance to duff in her liver.

Smoking weed and boozing can make you sick, obviously her tolerance for weed is high from several years of abuse, probably just happens now and again with her. It's why it's suggested don't do both together in excess or yeah you're probably gonna start throwing up a lot.

No. 997135

Likely the same anon that said she needs to lose 50-75lbs, a day or two ago.
Probably an autistic Anachan or scrote. Yeah she gained weight, but not 50lbs.

No. 997144

The weight isn’t a good look on her but she looks younger to me than she did when she was skinny. When she was super thin/blonde she looked ratfaced af and legitimately like she was in her late 30’s. Now she might pass for 30

No. 997153

i think she has actually gained close to 50, but certainly does not weigh 200 that's absurd. i think she's likely gained a solid 40 now

No. 997171

She was pretty thin before, maybe 110? She does look like she's gained at least 30-50lbs in the past year which is alot but based on her diet and lifestyle isn't insane. She barely exercises, smokes weed excessively, eats takeout multiple times a week, drinks heavy beers and sugar based alcohols, and yet expects to b the same weight she was last year. Not happening Shayna.

No. 997174

File: 1593284866093.png (343.39 KB, 1198x1164, Screen Shot 2020-06-27 at 3.04…)

She feels crappy about her body, but also does fuck-all to change it like always.

Also kek at 'everyone thinks she looks better now'

No. 997175

Four months ago when she looked like this >>932524
she claimed here >>933728 she gained 30 lbs. She's kept gaining since then. She doesn't need to lose all of it to have a decent body but she's on the verge of wrecking herself permanently (if not already there). Nothing will change unless her lifestyle does, and she lacks the discipline and self-control to do that.

No. 997178

>everyone thinks i look better now

um… who thinks this? i never see her orbiters genuinely say flat out "you look way better chunky dolly!" they just pity compliment her when she whines. i guess a couple ugly male followers comment about her ass and thighs getting bigger but even then, everyone sees her cellulite and long flat wide load ass and knows it's not actual curves or whatever. she's so deluded

No. 997183

File: 1593285571676.png (140.96 KB, 1196x426, Screen Shot 2020-06-27 at 3.18…)

I like how she purposefully didn't specify that it would include losing weight

No. 997188

She’s constantly fishing for compliments by asking “am I fat?” or talking about her psychiatric meds making her gain weight and her orbiters gently assure her that she looks better or happier or that the weight is worth it for her to take care of her mental health and she took that to mean “I look better now.” You don’t, Shay. At her most skelly I would’ve argued that she might have looked better if she gained a few pounds, but now we know what it looks like and how truly unblessed she is with her fat distribution, so like. Take it back. No thank you. You look bad girl.

Which to be fair, it is really bad luck. There’s plenty of girls that look great at 5’5” and 150-170 lbs, wherever she’s at now, because they fill out in their ass and thighs and their breasts get larger. She filled out like a fridge. Unfortunate genetics, in addition to the completely sedentary lifestyle and edema from her drinking and shitty diet.

No. 997199

File: 1593286905164.jpeg (Spoiler Image,257.59 KB, 1242x1513, 2124602F-2230-4932-AE9D-350A1A…)

What the fuck is wrong with it. I almost threw up(nitpicking)

No. 997200

It's a vagina anon what's wrong with it besides the fact that it's attached to a dumptruck

No. 997201

NTAYRT. I completely agree that she is starting to suffer from alcoholic liver disease. It's not just the alcohol consumption it's her life style and diet. She drinks everyday and never gives her liver time to recover. She doesn't exercise and subsists on a diet of processed junk either full of refined carbs or fast food fried in seed oils. The only future she's going to have in sex work is as BBW Barbie.

No. 997202

Literally nothing is wrong with her vagina in this pic, can you stop.

No. 997212

she's too young for that. She's only been drinking daily for maybe a year? She's never had any serious health issues (because if she did she would make sure everyone knows about it in extensive detail) and is fairly healthy.

She's just a fat young alcoholic with no impulse control. If she continues this pattern of poor eating, drinking constantly, and smoking her brains out then yes in a few years she'll start to see some liver damage. But it takes quite alot for a healthy person in their very early 20s to get alcoholic liver disease after a year. At least try to think.

No. 997221

it tends to hit binge drinkers earlier (they don't become the alcoholic that drinks for 40yrs) but it still takes more than the 2ish yrs she seems to have of constant drinking under her belt. I'd have to agree that tinfoils that she is anywhere near that level are ott.

No. 997224

I agree with the other anons and would doubt that. But we know she's on medication for depression and bipolar and the majority of these medications have a high chance of side effects with the consumption of alcohol. So she might just experience side effects from that? Sorry, I know we're just tinfoiling.

No. 997228

I hate every single picture you take too Shayna, you stupid ugly pedophile.

No. 997230

Yeah there's nothing wrong with her actual vagina, except in vids where she dry fucks it and it swells/gets irritated
And at least now it isn't constantly covered in boils and ingrown hairs.

No. 997232

She's most likely having hangovers and other side effects from drinking and using mood stabilizers as well as smoking copious amounts of marijuana on top of it.

I hate when people on this thread try to diagnose her with shit instead of just blaming her for it.

No. 997269


Not trying to diagnose Shay but a lot of mood stabilizers do have the ability to cause damage to your liver and a lot of doctors will run blood tests to check your liver function if you’re on them for a while.

Drinking and taking psych meds are a big no

No. 997379

Yeah well mixing those definitely does the trick too. But the symptoms can come that quickly, happened to someone i knew. She probably drinks more than she shows online, that’s for sure considering the weight gain and bloated face.

No. 997400

File: 1593302561981.jpg (82.14 KB, 1080x520, Screenshot_20200628-010015_Twi…)

Oh look, after it was mentioned here she's brought it up.

Shay you go out to eat and drink constantly aka even if you worse a mask you've gotta remove it eat and drink.

No. 997434

File: 1593305594600.jpg (251.63 KB, 1076x1413, Screenshot_20200627-195149_Twi…)

She will not stick to this

No. 997435

File: 1593305641422.jpg (345.56 KB, 1079x1163, Screenshot_20200627-195212_Twi…)

What happened to not doing shit in public Shay?

No. 997438

File: 1593305714016.jpg (62.05 KB, 1079x256, Screenshot_20200627-021837_Ins…)

A comment on her birthday pic on Instagram. Is this supposed to be an insult or compliment?

No. 997439

yeah i would literally be shocked if she does more than one of these things. this is like the 5th(?) time she's posted one of these schedules and then makes and excuse on the first day and quietly deletes it

No. 997450

So i'm guessing she's back with her boyfriend because is she going to get a uber to a field, and then film this bullshit alone?
Imagine taking your girlfriend to do this shit. Then again you don't expect more from a less ass person.

No. 997460

her excuse(s) will be she got too drunk/high, something do to with her "partner", or hating the way her body looks.

i hope she pulls through with Dolly Moo-tel though, at least. it would make for a legendary thread pic.

No. 997464

>it would make for a legendary thread pic
Or potential banner material

No. 997478

>hucow shit
>mukbang feeder porn
she's absolutely going down the chubby/gainer/bbw route so there's a snowflake's chance in hell she'll ever lose the weight she's piled on now

No. 997485

An anon called the mukbang a thread or two ago I think, well done! Nice to see she’s getting her work inspo from lolcow

No. 997486

I bet she's going to jump on the muckbang trend because it's the easiest shit in the world, just eat.
But then again she'd probably do her baby talking, i could imagine her starting a NSFW muckbang thing.

No. 997489

Can't wait for 5 videos of her on her back using a plug and wand with special guest star that pink dildo maybe
That's if she makes a single one

No. 997507

I imagine it’s the same or a similar place to her roadside burnt out fireworks asshole video

No. 997518

yea she's said this before and did fuck all besides gaining weight and blaming her meds. even if she did lose some her personality is still shit and her content wouldn't change.

she did all of her videos in one day this passed week and they were terrible, and she's been harping on the penis pasta video for a while now. just do the thing and then post about it, why is that so hard for her.

No. 997582

File: 1593320828987.jpg (206.7 KB, 1080x643, Screenshot_20200628-000701_Twi…)

Hello yeast infection

No. 997584

File: 1593320922215.jpg (203.81 KB, 1079x853, Screenshot_20200628-000753_Twi…)

Then she'll sit on her ass and eat all of it

No. 997590

A little late, but y'all sperging about her having alcoholic liver disease or tinfoiling other shit… did you ever consider that sometimes people just throw up from drinking too much/certain liquor combos. One anon even said she stuffed herself with food and lava cake and shit at brunch earlier that day then drank a ton of white claw. It was probably just that. It happens to everyone who drinks every now and again tbh. Especially mixing liquors and foods and over indulging.

No. 997641

Feeder porn exists slready anon. Apparently that’s the eoute Shay is going lmao

No. 997757

'eating penis pasta with penis in pussy' made me kek. i wish she'd just go into porn parody - she can be funny as fuck sometimes.

No. 997842

File: 1593359396160.jpg (135.33 KB, 1080x854, Screenshot_20200628-162123_Twi…)

She was warned!

No. 997843

i hope her anal fissures get infected, fucking dirt nasty bitch

No. 997856

The only reason she's posting this is because she knows some sick fuck orbiter is going to get off on the thought of her asshole being wrecked.

No. 997871

Absolutely based lmao. So gross how she outs herself like this. Shayna you are going to give yourself permanent damage.

No. 997883

I think she's gearing up towards canceling her entire week's work schedule lmao

No. 997884

Well if she had used the PLUGS as intended and not tried to fuck herself with them. Embarrassing she claims to be AnAl QuEeN but cant stretch her ass or use anal toys properly.

Also she's already setting up her excuse not to work for a few days!! Kek

No. 997891

Embarrasing she doesn’t know how to properly and safely use sex toys and still keeps gatekeeping sw and of things.

No. 997910

Oh no, we wont get to see the same buttplug, generic dildo, Hitachi combo in different cheap get ups this week…

I'm seriously sick of that Hitachi though like I know she doesnt use it outside of vids, but kudos to the manufacturer for making a long lasting product. Cant she get any interesting sex toys or a different vibrator or something. Ffs. She finally put that pink dildo to rest
.. only to now use a reg one 95% of the time. Its boring af. Finally getting/using that tentacle one for two vids was the most different thing shes done. Oh and the fuck machine. That was probably the KiNkIeSt toy she has and ever will get.
Idk I know dudes dont need much to get off to, but for 4 years of camming and making content, she really has had the same relatively small collection of toys. A regular box of different colored generic dildos and some regular buttplugs and that being her second wand is all shes got. Oh and her wall decor of cheap beginners $20 bondage 101 kit and that pink bone gag kek

No. 997924

>but for 4 years of camming and making content, she really has had the same relatively small collection of toys

Which is why for 4 years of camming and making content she has a relatively small customer base as well.
The only people that support her on a more regular basis are either other trashy SWs or men that are there for the downward spiral or her ‘personality’. None of them are there for the actual porn aspect of her content.
Cheap OF thots that actually look good and make varying content are a dime a dozen these days.

No. 997925

File: 1593367987616.jpg (144.46 KB, 1080x1293, Screenshot_20200628-191241_Twi…)


No. 997939


She's coming for Luna's depressing, feel bad porn gig.

No. 997944

I mean yeah theres a market for crying while getting fucked, but I really doubt she can manage to dEpReSsIoN cry and masturbate at the same time. Its gonna be fake af. But acting really ain't her thing in general so

No. 997962

The gifs and screencaps would be great meme material. Bring it on, Shay. Just look at your dirty fat little hamster face in the mirror and I’m sure tears will flow!

No. 997980

She should pull a luna and make a video where she calls her dad.

No. 997985

This is why you use lube and don't use a buttplug as a dildo.

No. 998019

File: 1593376330752.jpg (191.01 KB, 1079x671, Screenshot_20200628-153154_Twi…)

What happened to "supporting fellow sex workers" Shay?

No. 998020

File: 1593376359612.jpg (105.04 KB, 1079x446, Screenshot_20200628-153128_Twi…)

One of the comments

No. 998021

File: 1593376389694.jpg (204.5 KB, 1079x1046, Screenshot_20200628-153020_Twi…)

Soooo is she going by herself? Or is that dude back again?

No. 998023

File: 1593376474284.jpg (194.63 KB, 1079x679, Screenshot_20200628-153353_Twi…)

Here she goes, hoping on another train to be relevant. Hilarious coming from the girl who makes pedo pandering porn

No. 998026

File: 1593376642342.png (103.3 KB, 716x497, Capture _2020-06-28-10-39-57-1…)

No. 998032

holy fuck she’s a hypocritical cunt

No. 998041

lmao can she even afford that

No. 998043

Does she think those things just happen for people who don't work for them? I'm so tired of her bitching and moaning when she has no job and workout routines are free on Youtube.

No. 998045

I thought she was against cancel culture lol. I guess it’s is only bad when SHE’S the one getting called out for sexualizing children, if it’s someone else that’s totally fine. What a hypocrite.

No. 998063

I feel bad for the poor person who has to clean up Shay's messes. Probably animal shit and pee, take out containers, empty alcohol bottles, Shay's shit and pee on her carpets. Who knows the horrors this person will see

No. 998067

And the champagne that she got all over the carpet in her work room. That has to reek. She’s not going to get her deposit back unless she cleans that up.

No. 998074

Yeah we know Shay. Shes not bi, so she doesnt enjoy looking at other girls and hates other chicks because she thinks it's a competition. Plus shes not a sexual person and wont support other SWers unless it directly and immeadiatly benefits her.

Yeah that's really nice to do during a global pandemic. Also that costs money Shay. Keep outing yourself for being a pig though.

No. 998090

File: 1593384472017.jpg (446.85 KB, 1080x1026, Screenshot_20200628-174701_Twi…)

Back with the politics

No. 998140

shayna's biggest life traumas include:
>her parents playing fox news on tv
>watching a shane dawson video

No. 998143

File: 1593388342316.jpeg (307.79 KB, 1242x691, 483A7F5C-033B-4762-BAB6-DF61B9…)

Well confirmed. Her mental health is fine cuz they got back together. So quirky.

No. 998167

Honestly shes so pathetic and weird wanting to go viral, I could see this being totally made up tbh. I picture her laying in bed just dropping food on herself like the slob she is and she thought of the snack pack line and thought it was so clever so she posted it.

No. 998175


So, cancel culture is garbage and “people can change!” only when it’s her?


I guess she thinks everyone will forget the week-long sadposting about being single. He’s a confirmed idiot to get back with such a trainwreck, any sympathy for him is gone. He knows he’s sticking his dick in crazy. But the milk shall continue to flow as long as they’re together.

No. 998178

How much you wanna bet she thought about this after seeing Belle Delphine do something similar. So Shay's copying something from someone that was already a year late.

No. 998196

Pedo Mattel attention begged and threatened to off herself on twitter enough that her ex came back to be on suicide watch, and she thinks that’s a viable and sexy relationship. 2020 is truly wild. On a side note, this guy has to be dogshit ugly. She posted pics praising and drooling over Fupa and he was a straight 2/10. Not a single pic of this guy though, nor does she ever say anything about his looks. Just that he does anal and says a lot of rAnDoM tumblr post quotes. That doesn’t bode very well for his appearance.

No. 998222

File: 1593399739555.jpg (Spoiler Image,354.72 KB, 1079x1081, Screenshot_20200628-220054_Twi…)

Why does she do her foundation so damn pale

No. 998223

File: 1593399774652.jpg (677.14 KB, 1079x1235, Screenshot_20200628-220128_Twi…)

Of course Shay would enjoy this

No. 998232

File: 1593400673271.jpg (Spoiler Image,204.7 KB, 2048x1152, 20200628_221536.jpg)

she must have been drunk while editing this one, look at her thighs

No. 998268

this is so hideous and trashy, face looks like a corpse. why would she post this? has to be super drunk.

No. 998356

File: 1593410310744.jpeg (274.69 KB, 1219x1740, A6834BCD-374A-4291-862C-69023A…)

She’s definitely fucked up on something, look at those eyes.

No. 998364

Wow so uwu quirky. God their relationship is just a toxic dump. Why bother? What’s the point of this relationship? It has absolutely no chance of ever being successful.
This dude must be so desperate for pussy. He’s just enabling her garbage behavior. She must just be around for sex and nothing else. I doubt this dude brings her around his friends (anymore).

No. 998373

Wouldn’t be surprised if getting completely trashed is the only way she can even look at herself without hating everything she sees. Sad.

No. 998379

Hey she didn't edit the fuck out of her vag either. There's actually wrinkles instead of just the weird smoothed editing.

No. 998403

are you blind? it’s absolutely been smoothed. she’s just shit at it.

No. 998405

I realized recently that whenever I make the mistake of unspoilering shay's nudes, I instinctively hold my breath and scrunch my face as if expecting some putrid, foul scent to waft through the computer screen

never properly understood "you can smell this image" prior to shay's pics. fucking n a s t y

No. 998408

Tbh I doubt there even is a guy in her life. She filmed with what supposedly was fupa 2.0 but idk. Something just seems off about all of this. Like, supposedly he was with her 24/7 due to Covid, yet there were no traces of anyone else besides her being around in any of her pictures ever. And why would she only take pictures and selfies by herself? I also feel like Shay would at least try to take some cute couple-y pictures (like, at least of them holding hands or some shit like that) to brag about her oh-so caring daddy bf, who supposedly does all this cute stuff for her. They’re both okay with him showing his dick and middle part of his body but apart from that there’s nothing to ever be seen of him?

It all feels like she’s just playing sims and drunkenly making up these stories to make it seem like it’s happening to her irl.

No. 998433

There's definitely something fishy going on but I'm leaning more towards a bootycall being mistaken as actually dating. It's already established that she humiliates anyone she's with once she gets drunk and she's been 'dumped' twice in the past few months.

Shay's probably like Momo where she's using her earnings to bribe guys into being around her and thinks that's dating when they're just using her for cash/easy sex like how Fupa used her for Tumblr points.

No. 998445

wow, imagine being a white ass bitch living in a hick town posting memes about this. Damn shayna lurker king

No. 998487

well the dude probably doesnt want to be associated with her publicly lol so i dont find it too weird there's no pics of the two of them.

No. 998523

This makes a lot of sense. I think Fupa 2.0 is/was a Tinder hookup. I think the other anon could be right-maybe he doesn’t want to be associated with her because of what happened to original Fupa (could happen to him). But also the things she posts about her relationship and what her “daddy” says just sound made up.

No. 998551

File: 1593442528506.png (673.81 KB, 2048x1803, Screenshot_20200629-105454.png)

And already shes making excuses lol

No. 998553

yeah literally nothing on that list is gonna be completed. idk why she even wants to film outside anyway, it's gonna be like 100 in tulsa all week.

No. 998554

If its gonna be that hot, I doubt its gonna be cloudy "all day" but of course any excuse she can find to not stick to the schedule. Idk why she posted one. She could have just said "These are the concepts for the new vids I'll be working on" and left it at that. She sets herself up to fail making a schedule. We all know it's just a joke at this point.

No. 998555

I finally looked up "hu-cow" because I didnt get it. But now I'm thinking she should google it too. She's trying to lean on that fetish, but she wont be doing the things Hucow entails (being milked or bred)

No. 998565

File: 1593445459550.jpg (431.47 KB, 1080x1552, 20200629_094354.jpg)

Incoming meltdown

No. 998568

File: 1593445542369.jpg (448.78 KB, 1080x1582, 20200629_094529.jpg)

Part 2

No. 998574

lmao did he literally just break up with her again? why tf is she willing to humor "moving to LA" (LOL good luck affording that, shaytard) but not moving back home?

No. 998576

her moving won't fix any of her issues as usual, but why didn't she move to LA when she was trying herself in the more mainstream porn industry? she might actually be somewhere right now then.

No. 998578

"Nobody gives a fuck about anyone but themselves"

>>998019 Her, not even a day ago kek. Shayne you don't even want to make friends and kiki with them.

No. 998579

Omg please do it. Move to LA and be homeless dumpster Barbie. You couldn't afford a studio in LA even if you wanted to, and no one wants to live with you after the shit you pulled with Dawn Willow.

You're fucking trash, Shayna. Fix your life or continue to be garbage.

No. 998583

"move somewhere my job is accepted"

Oh honey, I promise you being a sex worker isn't going to make you friends. You have to have a personality for that.

No. 998584

File: 1593446321822.png (686.78 KB, 2048x1443, Screenshot_20200629-115819.png)

Then why be a sex worker? Are all these bitches brain dead?

No. 998586

The sad thing is she did have friends yet she pushes them away when they don't benefit her. If I were pixie I would be very irritated with her behavior. She also had friends at home she was ready to ditch whenever she couldn't milk their tumblr clout.

No. 998588

So she could live with Fupa in a shitty ranch-style house in the middle of nowhere. Truly thriving.

No. 998594

It could be that at first he liked the idea of dating a ~uwu kinky sex worker~ and then tried to nope the fuck out of there when he realised how mentally unstable she is.

No. 998598

Not to photo / video sperg but shooting in direct sun is actually bad. Overcast is better for more appealing looking exposures on camera. But sure wait for that bright ass sun.

No. 998601

If it's super bright she won't have to overexpose and blur her pics and video as much
Nature will do the job

No. 998604

>complains about people being fake, using each other, and not giving a fuck about anyone but themselves
>wants to move to Los Angeles

>she might actually be somewhere right now then
i can almost guarantee that wouldn't be the case. she's not even the big fish in the miniscule pond she's already in, and she wants to move to LA under the assumption that people in the industry will want to rub elbows with her no name, problematic, bitter ass. she's not the top star in any of the niche genres she currently panders to, and she's not even nearly the most attractive or most successful girl coming from backwater, hillbilly Oklahoma where there's much less competition.

she's not personable, punctual or professional, and despite what she thinks, there's more to her shitty industry of choice than bemoaning her life on twitter and tearing up her dry asshole in front of a webcam. she can't network to save her life. she completely fumbled leveraging her previous social media following. she has no motivation to succeed and always puts in the bare minimum. why would moving locations change any of this? if she wanted any success or camaraderie in this line of work, she should have played her cards right much earlier instead of chasing Fupa's dick. she's rapidly aging out and her 60 lb. weight gain isn't helping her case in that regard either.

the smartest thing she could do is cut her losses while she still can. pack up, go home, and get professional help, Shaytard.

No. 998610

Kek, remember she bought those tickets for that comedian for her birthday. Obviously he used her one last time to go to the gig then dumped her again.

You sure do pick em Shay!

No. 998612

>i have no friends in oklahoma
what happened to
??? oh, yeah, those were a lie to get the ex back. Guess it worked!

Good thing she doesn’t have to worry about her body fluids with her dried up snatch. If she hates body fluids so much, maybe it would bother her to be puking 24/7 but that doesn’t seem to gross her out.

No. 998625

If she doesn’t want to move back in with her parents, she’s better off staying in Tulsa. Housing is crazy expensive in Massachusetts and I doubt she has any friends there.

She needs to fix herself, not keep moving around the US.

No. 998628

But like, that’s the point. You really think either of them is careful enough to pay attention that there isn’t anything from him (clothes, toothbrush, etc) in any photo she takes? Like, ever? And nobody would recognize him from e.g. just his hands or legs or whatever. Especially not if they didn’t recognize him from his dick/belly in the facial video he shot with her.
I just don’t think he actually exists/is at all present in her day-to-day life.

I think they’re talking about other people’s bodily fluids. A lot of people can tolerate their own bodily fluids but struggle with some else’s.
So, being an e-thot kinda SW actually makes sense but it sure as hell would make actual sex work be an issue.

No. 998661

So basically Shayna is saying she's a "all lives matter" person because she used to alwauys get extremely upset when people said "all men were bad", like she'd be the "Not all men" person in those cases.

No. 998665

Wow so they broke up AGAIN? This has to be the fastest break up and she goes through the same patterns.
"I want to move, I want friends, I'm manic, i'm not going to take my pills, I wish he'd come back! I want friends, my mental health is so bad! Sorry for venting to you guys but besides him I have nobody else!! I want to die"

No. 998666

yep, remember her "not all men who traffic women are bad uwu" that lead to her DMing that random girl? she has the memory and political beliefs of a goldfish lmao

No. 998681

Lmao but she said she loved Tulsa and how it was the best since she could do shit like walk around topless and the bar scene was so awesome?

No. 998715

I've been following Shay since early 2017 and I have not once witnessed her having any concrete political beliefs, only parrots whatever's trendy at the moment for a crumb of clout. Oh, and to also try to badmouth her "evil Republican" mom, while at the same time glorifying her dad who most likely has the same political views as her mom

No. 998725

Right? Theres several instances in recent threads of her TuLsA iS sO oPeN MiNdED aNd GrEaT.
Shes so delusional to think she could make it in LA. Especially now. She needs to get a dispensary job and do sex work on the side so she can actual have a healthy routine and interact with normal people. If she actually wants to be a porn star, then shes running out of time and needs to crack down on it and network, get gigs. Otherwise just lay it to rest already. She's standing in her own way because she can't be realistic and set small goals for herself and then focus on them. She sporadically comes up with shit based on her emotions/a guy like "I'm gonna get a car! A cool, nice car! Everyone send me money this month!" Without looking into dealers or craigslist or thinking about insurance or fucking anything. Like moving to the new place is her biggest accomplishment the last year or two and we dont know how much help she got and shes just now finally maybe unpacked and furnished it to an average level?

No. 998746

This shit cracks me the fuck up because like, if you go look at other SW profiles who are into the findom/uwu I'm a brat gimme ur monies schtick, they actually know how to sound cute/sexy. Shayna just sounds pathetic and greedy.

Like this "reimburse me for ____ thing I had to buy!" just screams "I'M POOR AND DESPERATE" and the fact that not only her furniture, but also her clothes and sex toys are all cheap, old, overused, and fugly just does not jive with the whole findom image. If you wanna play at this findom shit, maybe wait til you can afford a pair of Louboutins and still be able to pay your own rent that month lmao.

No. 998854


True. If they’re willing to tape this guy from the waist down and have his dick on the internet, how has she not snapped a ~*~cute my boyfriend is taking care of me teehee~*~ picture from her POV with even so much as a bit of his arm/shirt sleeve yet not where you can see his face and be able to identify? I’m skeptical. I don’t see why he’d be cool banging her on camera and her posting that (without his face) then turn around and forbid her from like having so much as an arm or leg in a quick photo?

No. 998859

gonna tell work i can't come in because there are too many clouds in the sky :((

No. 998872

File: 1593474532888.jpg (90.45 KB, 720x368, Screenshot_20200629-164607_Chr…)

Well I was going to say, what's stopping her from doing one of her other vids indoors, but she found an excuse for that too. 5 hours after saying she was gonna watch RPDR and do her make up for an undecided themed vid.
Like just shut up Shay. Make content or don't, but stop posting about it and making yourself look like a lazy idiot lol

No. 998873

>they actually know how to sound cute/sexy
This has always been a problem Shay has had. She has no idea what it means to be sexy and alluring. She has the incorrect assumption that just showing asshole and opening her legs is enough. It's not, it's debasing and vulgar.

No. 998917

File: 1593480724174.jpg (87.36 KB, 1056x1070, Screenshot_20200630-022704_Twi…)

One fucking day ago she was saying she had multiple anal fissures and was in pain.. sounds like a great idea

She's seriously gonna destroy her anus acting like this.

No. 998919

Kek remember when she was so hyped about moving into her new apartment like it was going to solve all her problems? Yet here we are again, after two month or so.
I don’t think she’ll ever realize she’s the source of her own problems, not her surroundings / meds / bf / other sex workers / whatever. Too far gone at this point.

No. 998932

Greasy pizza in prep for dry fucking your ass, sounds like a genius idea Shayna, go for it.

No. 998944

File: 1593483939358.jpg (137.69 KB, 1080x801, Screenshot_20200629-212411_Chr…)

Tinfoil but I think fupa 2.0 hit her up for a booty call that she took as them back together. Today she expected him to film her cow video and he wanted nothing to do with it, hence the spiral

No. 998948

I don't think her uwu bf and the guy in the BJ vid are necessaries the same dude.
Makes sense the vid guy could be a Tindr hookup for appearing on film. But also think this guy might be old and/or ugly and pathetic for being with Shay, but he knows about/accepts her sex work and may have made appearing in that a non-negotiable limit. After all, he did want her to have a non-SW Twitter account. He seems to have some level of decency (take your meds, eat food, won't put up with drunk & histrionic Shay) and maybe "enjoys her company" enough to accept it, but doesn't want to be part of it.

I also think he isn't actually breaking up with her, but might just be enforcing his limits and Shay can't handle it (even though uwu Daddy Dom). Or spending time with his real family, etc.

No. 998952

Anon, the digestive system doesn't work like that. She isn't gonna shit a pizza an hour later while she is doing anal play. And even if she was, it wouldn't stop her or turn off her followers who enjoy watching her humiliation.

No. 998961


Is she implying she is an IRL prostitute? I mean with the body fluids aversion thing

No. 999023

File: 1593497610737.jpg (Spoiler Image,497.86 KB, 1079x1052, Screenshot_20200630-011155_Twi…)


No. 999024

File: 1593497649824.jpg (Spoiler Image,844.67 KB, 1079x1441, Screenshot_20200630-011305_Twi…)


No. 999026

Whose fucking face is that Shayna lmao

No. 999041

Her face is edited to hell and back but her stomach looks so weird in both of these yikes

No. 999065

Pretty soon her gunts going to hang past her vagina. Will be interesting to see how she tries to make hiking up her gut sexy.

No. 999098

Looks more like a pig than a cat.

No. 999113

File: 1593509010031.jpeg (73.53 KB, 479x640, DBBE2DDA-A86B-4A47-A4E9-899F80…)

Actual doll snatch

No. 999115

Because those people choose a role and stick with it.
They’re either findom, brat or sugar baby. Shayna is trying to be whatever is the most convenient for her. She tries to be all ‘uwu can u spoil me pls?’ and if that doesn’t work out she tries to go the more bratty/dominant route of ‘excuse me, you should be sending me your paycheck without me having to ask’. But since she constantly Flipflops from one to the either neither of them is convincing.
Same with her roles for the actual contant she’s making. Is she a bimbo, a little, a pet, a fuckslave, a sex/cockhungry gf type of girl? Who the fuck knows!

If she had maintained her weight and held on to the stoner-Barbie shtick, she could be quite successful now. But at this point she’s too big to make it as a mainstream ~kinky gf type. Easiest (and possibly only) way for her rn to make it as a SW is to try to go down the feeder fetish route.

Although I’m all for her moving to LA. By porn industry standards she’s wayyyy past her prime and it will be A++ to watch her be hit by that reality, especially in a city as expensive and superficial as LA.

No. 999123

Gunty Fattel

No. 999132

File: 1593513853106.jpeg (36.06 KB, 320x303, 8BD5D51E-A13C-43D1-96CC-CD3E0E…)

That looks like paper coffee filters/dyed toilet paper that the French use.

No. 999164

she's alarmingly fat and sloppy, it's unbelievable how much she's let herself go over the past year. looks like she smells of unwashed ass.

No. 999194

i honestly think that this is a different guy from the one that she fucked on camera, but it's possible he has some identifiable tattoos on his arms and doesn't want people finding out he is dating her that way.

No. 999212

Um did she really just erase her entire stomach roll and now her whole torso looks like an aardvark’s head

No. 999227

that's what I was thinking. she erased the roll where her pants would go between her lower belly fat and her FUPA. now she has a weird kangaroo pouch from trying to imitate her old flat stomach

No. 999245

Lmfao her STOMACH girl what are you doing

No. 999248

File: 1593531767870.png (287.65 KB, 1080x1550, Screenshot_20200630-114149~2.p…)


No. 999251

File: 1593531822965.png (450.97 KB, 1080x1725, Screenshot_20200630-114200~2.p…)

She's trying to paint him as abusive now, what a shock.

No. 999255

When your fupa is fat enough to lift up, you can’t just smooth it out like that, this is giving me such deep secondhand embarrassment.
Losing weight when you don’t have a car to go get fast food with, don’t have any friends to go out to lunch or clubs with, don’t have a job to rush to and make bad meal choices at, don’t have any responsibilities to impede a simple workout routine, and SUPPOSEDLY have enough money to be able to meal prep and buy whatever clean groceries you want is SO EASY. Like, a kid could do it. It feels impossible to gain weight in her situation unless she’s eating and drinking like 6000 calories a day.
But order another whole depression pizza and eat it all by yourself, Shayna! Yummy!

No. 999257

>Had to pay rent at both places

>Wasn't allowed to post photos in the house, around the house, or with him in proximity


>I cut off my friendships for him

That was your choice, not abuse

>I'm still being kept a secret

Yes Shayna, because you're fucking trash that no one wants to be seen with. Your partner isn't around to fix you, and expecting them to be your parent isn't how relationships work.

Tbh it sounds like she was abusive and manipulative as fuck the entire relationship, and like they were both toxic people to begin with.

No. 999258

Holy shit, so those fupa tinfoil anons were right all along?

No. 999259

What about when she was with metalhead foreskin dude and she HAD to show off his metal band and basically doxxed his fatass? Fupa seemed to be broken up with her for a while now.

No. 999260

…he was dating a pedophile who films sex tapes in diapers sucking on a binkie. No shit his wife wanted him to break up with you and not have him see children. You weren’t aBuSed, you were a disgusting secret that no sane person would have dated, so you dated a mentally stunted freak.

Also, I love the dramatic “I’m SORRY! IM SO SORRY IM LIKE THIS!” pity party shit at the end. Wah wah, you’re not not a martyr for dating a pedophile that you encouraged to do gross shit.

No. 999261

Seems so. It's fucking crazy. Now she's trying to paint him as this abusive controlling person when in reality they were never good for each other. He was using her as an escape from his real life and nothing more. She was using him as a life coach and parent and expected him to take care of her over his children.

No. 999262

Not to WK Shay but she isn't completely wrong. Obviously her ranting comes off as hyperbolic but who the fuck dates a SW and tries to pretend like theyre not a SW publicly ? We know he tried to hide her from his ex and we know how much of a POS he was when they were together. That doesn't excuse Shays stupid toxicness but he was blatantly using her for unhealthy "dom" anal sex the whole time and even anons here thought their relationship was emotionally fucked.

Though it would take an even more rational person to admit they allowed that toxic environment to fester because they were the "uwu anal as a date night" kween. Its kind of hard to completely blame her ex for their toxicness when she was feeding into the narrative of "sex is the only validation/love I need from my bf" porn trope for her public audience.

No. 999264

Where's this on her twitter?

We had the same fake tweet drama on this topic a few threads back, forgive me for being skeptical.

No. 999265

>"I'm trying to move on and posting this is taking that step"

has already deleted it

and I oop-

No. 999267

I bet she deleted it because it was either a lie or if it is true he's got a bunch of dirt on her

No. 999268

Fupa probably saw this and told her to delete it since his ex might keep track
Tbh Fupa doesn't deserve to see his kids and Shayna's only good deed was possibly making it harder for him to do so.
The guy fucks girls with pacifiers in their mouths and wants to treat them like they're little daughters. It's fucked and I wouldn't want my kids around that

No. 999269

Nta but I opened her Twitter when I first saw this so I can still take screencaps of the page since I haven't refreshed it. She def said this.

No. 999270

okay seriously fuck all the spergs that were popping off for the longest time saying "there's no fupa drama!!1". naive idiots.

No. 999271

Shay should leave busted ass Oklahoma and Fupa. He doesn't deserve to be with his family.

No. 999272

Kyle, you should’ve run away a LONG time ago. Your relationship with your kids and how they will see you when they get older is more important than a dumb tumblr whore. At least find one that doesn’t post play pretend pedo porn on the internet for a chemsburger. She’s an abusive alcoholic and if you care about her send her home to get her shit together

No. 999275

I'd appreciate that, because big if true. I love that tinfoil.

No. 999278

File: 1593533716537.jpg (171.43 KB, 1300x867, fupagate2020.jpg)

the milk never stops

No. 999279

Don’t white knight Fupa. Both he and Shayna are dumb, ugly, shitty people. They deserve each other.

No. 999280

Kyle Perkins of Tulsa Oklahoma had to pick between seeing his kids and seeing Shay. He went against his ex wife's wishes and picked both. He's a pig. But remember, Shay was up her own ass with the whole "I fucked ur dad xddd" shtick. She got her feelings hurt, it's on her. She chose a disgusting fetish and the dada-baby relationship that came out of it played out very predictably.

No. 999283

File: 1593533935021.gif (6.64 MB, 416x318, abundance.gif)

Been keeping the Fupa tinfoil under wraps for a while now because I was starting to doubt it myself. But now I feel vindicated.

No. 999284