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No. 1670692

Previous thread: >>>/snow/1662748

Repetitive nitpicks about Shayna's body, face, and genitals are subject to a 1 day ban. Reposting the same photos zoomed in or edited is not milk and you will receive a ban for nitpicking.
REMEMBER: Read the rules before posting. Stay on topic, derailing and infighting will result in a ban. Sage (in email field) when there’s no milk. Spoiler any nsfw images. No blogposting or bragging about how you're a better whore than Shayna. This is a Shay thread, curb your enthusiasm when posting screenshots of other e-whores, they go in the e-whore thread >>>/snow/1596608

Last Thread:
>Shayna drunk/horny posts in attempt for attention >>1662754, >>1666559, >>1666706,
>Shayna posts texts from bald Winnie the Pooh sounding scrote she films with, Russell. He sent her texts to Shayna of her agreeing to a certain situation during their shoot >>1662993, trying to convince her that she can’t change her mind
>Ugly hair poof >>1663185, and makeup >>1663334,
>Posts about her Winnie the Pooh shoot >>1663719, and posts video with him in background >>1664118,
>Shayna posts picture from shoot >>1664248, looking like a screaming Nik >>1664666,
>Anon posts pictures from the shoot with Ken The Doll >>1663920, >>1663924, >>1663922, >>1664016, >>1664015,
>Shaysquasho Libre video >>1664031, Shayna looks huge in video >>1664044,
>Posts a TikTok with Ken >>1664744, He posts a video as well >>1664859, >>1665268,
>Shayna starts drama on Twitter with random degenerates that asked for a collab >>1664999, >>1665002,
>Days later she still argues about it and gets offended by some scrote’s comment >>1665766, >>1665768,
>Shayna has a busted butthole >>1664551,
>Ken doll decorates his place similar to Shayna’s >>1665408,
>Shayna’s video with the moid gets released >>1665727,
>Shayna shows video of her “foot slave” counting money to give her >>1666038, posts it on TikTok >>1666178,
>Shayna lurks her threads and gets really mad
>>1666736, >>1666746,
>E begs $300 to pay for a bdsm shoot >>1666768,
>Tweets about wanting to do full on prostitution >>1666939,
>Ken the scrote fucked another whore right after Shayna >>1667077,
>Only 9-10 people bought her porn video >>1667702,
>Does more obese dog themed porn >>1668103, >>1668243, >>1669018,
>Anon posts short version of Ken video >>1668139,
>Super Size Shaymu posts dance tiktok that gets views but no likes >>1668414, >>1668490,
>Rants about antiporn people saying they aren’t confident in their sexual performance >>1668945,
>Shayna wants a face tattoo now >>1668990, >>1669404,
>Tries to be “goth” >>1669146, >>1669260,
>Ken posts about his teen daughter finding his tiktok >>1669444, anons find his internet history >>1669464, John Kendall Cox >>1669545, >>1669549, he’s divorced >>1669569, and has charges in his record >>1669596,
>Ken is hypersensitive to smells >>1669686,
>Shayna edits the “goth” video she filmed with Ken and doesn’t like how it came out >>1669862, >>1669855,
>Shayna is inviting him to film the second part again >>1669778, even though he had unprotected sex with other women (and probably men) after seeing her
>Shay is doing a sale on all her videos because she’s “low on money” >>1670412,
>Shayna lurks again and tweets about hating her body kek >>1670361, because she look huge >>1670350,
>Shayna responds to retarded cow tipper >>1670612, >>1670608, which is against the rules, idiots
>Gets mad about a collage of “ugly pictures of her” >>1670607, >>1670608, calls her haters unhinged >>1670610,

https://www.tiktok.com/@itsdollymattel (DELETED/BANNED)
New TikTok: https://www.tiktok.com/@dollhausbarbie
https://discord.com/invite/eA8kSzuz (need ID to join)
Snapchat: irlbarbiedolly


Ellen "Patricia" Dresel:
>Shayna's "gf," Seattle/Renton, WA Nanny

Other relationships:
John Kendall Cox of Pasco Washington
>Aliases: “Ken The Doll”
>44 year old divorced moid who talks about his 13 year old daughter on the same TikTok he talks about sex and posts cringe thirst traps
>Has a criminal record >>1669596, including fourth degree assault
>Divorced and had a restraining order on him in the past >>1669569,
>Scrote she let pork her on camera

“The Dad” or "Daddy"
>The 45 year old mystery man she’s “dating,” met him on seeking arrangements, ex sugar daddy turned boyfriend

Russell Harmon
>Aliases Winnie the Pooh, Bald Scrote
>Does non sex slapping porn and vibrator porn with Big Shay

”Slave Dad”
>@bluefrodo1 on Twitter, submissive masochist “slave” of Ellen and Shay, participated in a video getting smacked around in Shay's pathetic attempt to domme >>>/snow/1362327

”Twitter Splenda Daddy” #1
Jason R Womack of Oklahoma, @okietwister85/ @womackglass on Twitter AKA "Womack"
>In love with Shayna, helps Ellen pay her rent, currently her main cash cow

”Twitter Splenda Daddy” #2
Mike Slack of Missouri, Zap_man68, @GNotold on Twitter AKA "Greyhair"
>Redneck right-wing trucker who gets off to his own daughter's porn >>>/snow/1523443
>Shayna's #1 twitter pal, replies to all of her tweets, frequently with monstersinc.gif

No. 1670704

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No. 1670716

File: 1665284351668.jpeg (Spoiler Image,499.13 KB, 1170x832, 8DD8888F-0809-4DED-BE0A-596954…)

Shay, if you truly didn’t give a fuck, then you wouldn’t be posting about it

No. 1670717

File: 1665284390510.jpeg (385.72 KB, 1170x822, 03C83F8A-23C5-4287-BFCA-8D7566…)

No. 1670718

File: 1665284446326.jpeg (Spoiler Image,875.58 KB, 1170x1395, A31E18BE-8AC7-4B82-AEE4-7F2946…)

No. 1670719

omg she's so homeless lmao

No. 1670721

She never fuckin learns.

No. 1670725

Those filthy ugly cheap shoes on the bed that never gets washed trigger me something chronic

No. 1670726

No one wants to make porn with you, you ugly fat piece of shit pedophile

No. 1670728

rent free

No. 1670729

So unbothered she posts this and 3 other tweets about it.
Yeah you do willing post pics and vids of yourself looking haggard and fat. That's what's funny. No one has to try to make you look ugly when youre spreading your nasty snatch and busted face for free online all day.
And instead of reading the thread and getting your feelings hurt and calling it harassment just… close the fucking page and stay off it, retard.
And no one likes cowtippers here.

No. 1670740

File: 1665289415690.jpeg (406.08 KB, 1170x1128, 1383B3AF-F120-448F-8460-0D3101…)

No. 1670745

And that won’t prove to her that it’s an inauthentic line that every moid says, partially to boost your ego and partially because he’s been so memed and conditioned by porn that he copies any phrase he hears from it?

No. 1670752

Moids say this to every girl, first of all. And she'll never be aroused by sex enough to relax.

No. 1670760

I am pretty sure that every guy has said this to me, and while it would be nice to be disillusioned like Shaynus, I’m pretty sure my vagina is just a regular one

No. 1670764

Shayna, sweaty, you jam that crusty dildo into your snatch everyday without lube. It’s not tight. I don’t know why you think you’re special. Your genitals are wrecked because you don’t bathe or clean your sex toys daily. It’s diseased. He’s just trying to talk dirty for the video. It’s standard dirty talk. John Cox couldn’t even keep his hard on because he wanted to fuck male ass. She really thinks she’s the baddest bitch ever and it pisses me tf off. Lmao. Like you aren’t special, stupid pick me.

No. 1670766

Tinfoil: she cowtipped herself so it wouldn't look like she was lurking the thread..

No. 1670768

File: 1665292691398.jpeg (39.98 KB, 700x483, 0D3058A9-06D4-4216-9286-9208D7…)

No. 1670770

>hundreds of b/g vids
So she's planning on fucking hundreds of low tier moids? Bleak.

It was probably another OF whore.

No. 1670772

File: 1665293409842.jpeg (Spoiler Image,616.62 KB, 1242x707, 358F22B7-6200-4639-8EF6-3D2A7C…)

Pick-me Shayna really thinks she has a five star coochie. I’m weak. Kek. She’s so brain dead. It’s not that deep of a compliment you idiot. She is the type of bitch to take those words to heart and think it makes her better than other women. Shayna’s snatch is sweaty and most likely stinks due to her diet and hygiene. She doesn’t shower. For fucks sake, Shaynus had to get a sponge bath from her “foot slave” because she’s too damn fat to scrub her back. The list goes on and on. She had boils on her ass and probably will catch monkey pox from this gay pedophile. And what will she have to show for it? 200+ threads with no house or savings.

No. 1670773

If her ass is any indicated of lower body strength, well it's weak looking

No. 1670774

It's possible but this bitch is so lazy I can't picture her going through the effort while choking through tears because "the haters" definitely didn't get to her

No. 1670795

>most likely stinks
There’s no way it doesn’t reek like a fish market on a hot day, not only because she never bathed but because constantly shoving dirty dildos that she also sticks in her crusty unwashed asshole up it guarantees BV and lord knows what else. Every inch of her greasy, grimy, lardy body must be intolerably putrid. The “slave” probably insisted on bathing her because even he was too disgusted by her stench

No. 1670799

You must be awful if you just published your first porn and you're still broke.

No. 1670800

I am not new but I don’t get why everyone says she doesn’t bathe? Is it because her skin is textured and she gets pimples on her body? Or is there more concrete evidence of poor hygiene?

No. 1670804

all it took was one pedo-passing faggot to fuck her on cam for her to want to become a real porn star

No. 1670807

>not new
>knowing why she doesn’t bathe since thread number 1

Not only has this info been available since the first threads, it’s also been brought back because of “not new” fags numerous times.

Also, peak autism and washcloth-anon which was not long ago.

No. 1670814

Anyways, her skin could do with a good scrubbing but not by perfume products. She needs something that exfoliates and then lotion. Should splurge on better hygiene instead of her fat gut. She looks just as big as she did in OK.

No. 1670817

I remember everyone saying this from the very beginning and then that dog lady saying that she took showers daily, and she knew her in person

No. 1670820

If you were “not new” and here from the beginning you’d know that Fat Shat has proudly professed her aversion to anything involving water multiple times. She claims she never sweats (top fucking kek) and doesn’t like the taste of water (or the lack of taste, rather). She’s a crusty, musty, unwashed hog

No. 1670829

“Not sweating” and not drinking water doesn’t mean that you don’t take a shower. Not sticking up for Shayna, just it hasn’t seemed clear to me why everyone says she doesn’t wash

No. 1670831

If she doesn’t “sweat” she probably just avoid moving around and therefore it’s becoming more and more massive everyday.

No. 1670833

I think I remember a time she mentioned she didn't brush her teeth for a long time, very shortly after we got to see the poop dildo, pretty fucking crazy time kek.. but yeah she's mentioned it a couple times that showering and brushing her teeth is hard for her to do regularly at times. just look at her

No. 1670840

Jfc she explicitly said she doesn’t shower because she doesn’t sweat, lurk more ffs
The caps of her saying that that she doesn’t sweat are in one of the very first threads (not the one that got deleted, it’s still up), it was in response to a tumblr ask, back when she was still skinny, so yeah, not doing any physical activity that breaks a sweat has probably contributed to her jabba-fying herself

No. 1670849

W.e I doubt anyone can find a single time Shayna has literally stated that she doesn’t shower, much less because she doesn’t sweat. That’s dumb. I doubt she showers but I never got why everyone feels it is factual

No. 1670875

because she looks like a greasy pig. Do you have eyes? This WK is dumb.

No. 1670877

Evidence that Shayna’s deformed tit is caused from her having Poland’s Syndrome.

No. 1670878

shes so fucking dumb for not investing her money into buying (even a small) house before the market went insane. honestly, when she was in bumfuck, fupaland she could have at least bought a condo and actually made on good investment in her life. Then she could of sold her condo and found something elsewhere. She just throws money at rent, movers, new furniture, taxis, ubers, food delivery. She wastes an incredible money ontop of her her frivolous purchases. She smokes so much weed she probably barely remembers the last couple weeks. She going to wake up at 30 without any real memories of 20s and absolutely NOTHING to show for it. I’d say its sad but its honestly not unique to gen z kids like her. At least other gen z kids are going to school and building real career experience to fall back on

No. 1670879

She said years ago on tumblr she hates showering because the texture of water/she gets depressed and doesn’t bathe a lot and we’ll we all know her habits so she probably showers waaaay less than she says she does. Not to mention she posts every time she does which isn’t often

No. 1670881

Not that anon but reading comprehension you literal retard, there’s evidence of her saying it, which you’d be aware of if you weren’t a newfag/wk/wilfully obtuse
This, on the other hand, hasn’t been discussed before. Not that it’s conclusive proof but it’s a plausible explanation for the plastic zombie tit. More plausible than a flu shot or whatever else supposedly caused it

No. 1670883

I can’t speak for the US but in my country there’s no way she’d have saved enough for a deposit on the meagre amount of scrote shekels she scams, and no bank would lend to her. There’s just no way.

No. 1670885

What kind of money did you think she was making lol Shay was never a “successful once” girl like some other camwhores on here like Pumpy. All she had was meaningless bots and amazon spending cash, not real estate money.

No. 1670887

i know yall hate shayna but it was (not sure about these days) 100% possible for her to have saved $15,000-$20,000 to put a deposit down on a condo. Im not saying she could slam it down from her back pocket, but if she saved for a year during one of the years between 19-23 she couldnt have easily done this if she hadnt wasted all her money on booze, weed, fupa, rent, sex toys, shein clothing, takeout, cheap furniture. Like she isnt fucking poor you guys. Even at her fattest she can afford her own two bed room apartment and looks like shes doing just fine money wise. Her issue is she acts like the future doesnt exist and is TERRIBLE with the money she’ll only make while shes still “fuckable” to moids

No. 1670892

I'm sure she was exaggerating a ton, but back when she was still a skinny, "fresh" (kek) face, she bragged about making ~50k/year from her porn. I doubt it was ever that high, but there was a point where she had a reasonable number of subscribers, and I think her OF was a bit more expensive. She definitely could have saved something, especially after doing this so long.

No. 1670894

This. Not only is there her own posts admitting to not bathing, she frequently posts images of herself with her hair stiff from grease as well as images of tp attached to her snatch and asshole. Everything about her is crusty and dirty.

The only place she could afford in Oklahoma would be a shotgun in Picher. She's been begging for rent money from her coomers for years.

No. 1670901


If she wasn't retarded and stayed skinny with some semblance of work ethic during fupaland days, she definitely could have at least bought a condo and a lemon to save Uber money. But she's fat, lazy, retarded and dependent. Yep, definitely going to turn 30 and have no idea where her 20s went. Then it's all down hill from there. Guess that's why she's open to FSSW now. Technically you don't age out of letting grimey old scrotes abuse your holes, you just get uglier and make less money from it. Plenty of old hookers that can tell you this

No. 1670902

thats bleak as hell. only $50k a year at your youngest and prime years? she was doing something extremely wrong then considering this was before the OF boom. Realistically she should have been making $80-100k per year as a “barely legal” teen with decent tits and a good body.

No. 1670909

AYRT in my country you need at least the equivalent of $100k in USD as a deposit before any bank will even consider you for a mortgage, as I said, I’m not a burger so I have no idea what the property market is like there

No. 1670910

Who tf is Pumpy?

No. 1670911

Browse the catalog

No. 1670912

Except she can’t afford the rent on her apartment, she is consistently begging for extra money to cover it. You’re as spastic as she is if you think she was ever able to afford property and she is fucking poor, Jesus Christ

No. 1670919

File: 1665321161875.jpeg (185.7 KB, 516x1442, BBD6A74A-1D7D-4F10-8C60-4610F4…)

Because you’re a sped who needs to be spoon fed, here you go. Now let’s move on

No. 1670923

File: 1665321463599.jpeg (17.07 KB, 256x256, 39C5EF2A-4AE9-477B-9F3E-E0A717…)

>once a week

No. 1670927

OT but this pic is so cute. Also
>MAYBE once a week

No. 1670933

>not to mention how dry my skin gets when I wash it more than once a week
oh this girl REEKS.
never forget the washcloth saga.

No. 1670937

File: 1665323092426.jpeg (55.85 KB, 677x172, 6524CAD9-0CBD-419C-B75A-6236B7…)

she tweeted this yesterday. does anyone else remember her freaking out every time someone asked her for advice about anything?

No. 1670938

File: 1665323161475.jpeg (350.83 KB, 828x1162, 28010C5C-03C7-425D-A9AD-EB4A84…)

concerning, because it proves scrotes will jerk off to anything

No. 1670939

She had “not an advice blog, don’t ask” in her tumblr bio
I love how she claims her skin and hair are “very hydrated and healthy” TOPKEK Shaymu you are so dehydrated your skin looks like it’s rotting off. You look like a literal corpse. Your body gets no hydration internally nor externally. You’re a rancid heifer.

No. 1670943

File: 1665323479825.jpeg (302.56 KB, 1170x673, 3CE74C09-95C2-4369-A854-109477…)

No. 1670955

>let me mooch off you pls I wanna make it big in LA

girl can dream lmao

No. 1670957

she truly thinks this is something special that men say to her and her alone, doesn’t she? sometimes I think it must be nice to live I. such utter delusion but then I remember shayna is a legitimate crazy person.

No. 1670958

Get a hotel room if you really have so many people willing to work with you in LA, no reason to stay with the person you’re working with and that actually seems unprofessional for a sex work partner to stay the night unless you’re already acquainted friends.

No. 1670960

Lmao lurking hard af. See shitthreadanon this is why you should’ve done the collage, clearly it got under her skin enough to tweet about it

No. 1670962

praises by Jason R. Womack and Mike Slack… yeah Shayna, we are so jealous kek

No. 1670972

She can’t afford a room that’s why she’s asking to couch surf and mooch off other people. Kek.
The only reason she tweeted about it was because of a cow tipper.

No. 1671001

File: 1665331930728.jpeg (236.55 KB, 828x780, 3859556D-B663-4C4D-A0E0-B73266…)

Shayna he literally didn’t want you

No. 1671003

>collage of my ugliest pics
sends me every time I read it. girl those are NOT the ugliest pics we have of you, far from it, that collage just looks like typical wednesday

No. 1671005

Not even close in the U.S., speaking as a fairly recent homebuyer. You do need an extremely solid source of income and being an online whore doesn't count.

No. 1671011

The way she lies is amazing. "The courage?" If I can remember, they were just in a cycle of breaking up and getting back together. Shayna would threaten to move and finally she did. She never once said what abuse fupaul did to her that wasn't shit that she claimed she liked.
The slapping? She loved it and wants to be slapped around now. She blamed him for her sex aversion when she has said a few times she can't have sex with random without emotions. Fupaul I'd abusive but so is Shayna, she'll never call him out for the true reasons because she still promotes herself as being a slap loving sex hungry freak.

No. 1671012

Shaymu is out here looking like a beached whale

No. 1671013

What's funny is I bet some of the pictures were screen grabs from her gross porn, but pictures she posted herself. Just her smiling. With dry ass lips. Crusty bad make up and that retarded smirk

No. 1671014

*weren't screen grabs

No. 1671015

I love how the retard you did this for is too embarrassed to thank you
I see you, retard, I know you're there.

No. 1671016

It's telling that talking about her looks makes her crash into a slumber.I'd be more concerned with people calling me.a pedo panderer, mentioning family members (family members allegedly being sent pictures) or the people I associate with being criminals or stealing pacifier. But us not thinking she'd beautiful had always been her main focus everything else is secondary. Really shows the crazy of shayna. She won't do shit to improve her looks but nobody better call her ugly, who cares about the other things being said.

No. 1671018

she’s really good at lying to herself, clearly. remember when Fupa claimed he had vids of her going on drunken rampages and screaming and breaking things? she claims she was abused because she had a specific idea of what the relationship would be. she expected a McMansion with a maid, people to cook for her, work pouring in, shopping trips weekly, all the fast food she could ever want, free alcohol, etc. and all she would have to do is “be pretty” and get Fupa’s dick wet every now and then. she didnt get that, so she started acting like a petulant child. when he gave her back that same energy, she instantly reverted to victim status. she’s a pathetic excuse for a human, and expects everything to be done for her. she truly thinks she deserves luxury without having to work for it. how many times has she claimed abuse now when things didn’t go exactly her way? 4? 5? i’m losing count.

No. 1671019

File: 1665334133965.jpg (71.5 KB, 657x499, FAT_AND_UGLY.jpg)

No. 1671024

Kek you were still sucking on his dry spooge stains in the airport on your move to Washington. Get over it. He didn’t pick you and you have to claim abuse.

No. 1671025

Wait - didn’t he encourage her to move, and actually take her to the airport to try and make sure she got on the plane? Granted, I don’t follow Big Shaynus all that closely (too depressing) but I seem to recall Fupa being WAY over her at the end, (although he was stupid enough to keep doing the booty call thing with her, which kept her thinking they were still “together”).

No. 1671027

She accused a boyfriend of abusing her because he didn't give her weed. Fupaul and Shayna re the fucking same. Except Fupaul isn't online shitting on shayna. He moved on, meanwhile Shayna claims to have moved on but every month since she left she mentioned Fupaul. Did she forget that she literally told Lolcow (twitter but nobody cares but us) that she was with Fupaul, probably hoping she'd ruin his life by making his ex wife take the kids? There's more proof if Shayna being a asshole to him online. Everything he did you can find a tweet of shayna claiming this behavior turns her on in current day. So no doubt Fupaul is an asshole, but his fat ass moved on quickly, Shayna is still whining and dining

No. 1671049

File: 1665335812619.jpeg (492.96 KB, 681x1061, 93D20507-AE52-4520-8771-56E479…)

No. 1671058

They all look like they escaped from the same psych ward.

No. 1671062

She has stated in earlier threads she doesn't shower. She doesnt like water in general. Or lube or lip product because its texture so Im gonna guess soap might also fall into that category. I think theres tumblr posts from her about it.
And she pretty much documents any time she does literally anything in her life because she's terminally online and most often wants validation abd people telling her "good job". If you read the threads or her twitter, you will see how often she does laundry (and then has it sut in a musty pile indicated by pics and the extreme wrinkling in anything she wears) plus a year ago she just "discovered" the lint tray. She posts when she showers and it aint daily, usually just if she's going out? The wash cloth that doesnt move, no soap in sight.
There was a point where she thought it was noteworthy to mention brushing her teeth in her cringy autistic day routine tweets.
There's more and I mean just look at her… visible pork sweats, fungal acne, yellow teeth, and the grossest tongue Ive seen. She uses perfumes and shit as decoration and the stay wrapped and untouched ffs. Her house and pets are filthy. And nit to mention toilet paper bits and yeast all over her pussy in most pics.
I don't know why you wanna die on this hill thinking she showers more than maybe twice a week and doesn't fucking smell. She has awful hygiene and showers less than average at the best case, very least dumbass.

No. 1671080

Not to mention she has never built credit. She has no assets. And even if she did actually make $50k a year (which she probably wasnt because she lies to boost herself and we're talking before OF wave)… she spent it on rent, food, material items, etc. She got her site payouts monthly and used them to live and yes, she wasted a lot of it. But anon who thinks she could have saved even 10k in a year is smoking more than Shaynus.

No. 1671086

That got me too. Its only bad for your skin if you're using svalding water and not do any skin care. If you do basic moisturizing or just have decent soap, you're not going to do harm to your skin. She acts like showering daily is the unnatural thing and that's wild.
As for washing your hair, its true you should only wash your hair as needed because it varies from person to person. You have to have certain hair or break it in a certain way to go without washing for weeks and not have it look disgusting. But her hair obviously gets greasy within a couple days.
I like how she admits she does nothing all day though. Yet never thinks that maybe doing nothing all day but eating, drinking booze, and smoking weed couldnt be why shes a hambeast.
Also touching germy things, pets, etc calls for washing. Masturbating and doing her gross sex work is a physical activity that causes sweat and secretions. That calls for a shower. Nasty bitch. Washing your hair once a week is passable. But not showering for a week or more is disgusting. That's very basement dwelling moid energy.

No. 1671094

Look no one is gonna WK Fupaul but this shit makes me mad. He was embarrassed to actually date her after the first year and wanted to move on, but she was stuck to him. So he fucked her and hung out on the low.
Now we dont know all that happened behind closed doors and Im sure he was a scummy moid, but I don't think he ever threatened her or actually harmed her. Being a dirty little secret was the most traumatizing shit she could claim but thats just esteem shit. Im sure they got in drunken fights where both of them would yell and be shitty. He wanted her to get psychiatric help and take meds and not vape and she thought that was abusive.
She was stuck in a shitty rut with him and it sounds like he finally was actually done with her and she still had trouble letting go and had to move states away to finally end it. And shes still not over him while he immediately moved on and got married?
But no bitch. You two may have been toxic, but it wasn't a scared for your life, completely controlled and abused fucking relationship that you had to have courage and help to leave you rotten bitch. Insulting to actual victims as usual.

No. 1671096

Did someone photoshop Jason Womack to also be bald or is that straight up the only type of coomer she can hook??

No. 1671098

ewwwww those moids

No. 1671111

She was just as shit to fupaul as he was her except we have more proof of legit malicious shit she's done or said towards him. Like saying multiple times she wanted to ruin his life. Fuck Fupaul and usually I'm on the side of the 19 he year old who seeks out a gross baby daddy. However, shayna has shown she has not learned anything. What we see as abuse, isn't abuse to her. Him not being with her forever and ignoring or fixing all her issues is abuse. Anyone who doesn't do what she wants is abuse
I legit feel if Shayna was really traumatized by any experience she'd never set up about it. What she talks about being traumatized about is people not doing what she wants them to do.
She hates her family for not excepting her work, but spends years with a man who hides her and deals with it. The people who love her the most are disposible unless they kiss her ass, but a scrote can get years of her life while also being ashamed and hiding her. Shayna is a shitty person. Every side she's shown for years has been shitty. That's why she uses her flaws as a personality, being "bratty" aka a selfish bitch isn't cute or charming to 99% of the population unless you have an talent or the looks, even then people get sick of it. Being useless isn't a personality trait. Real life wanting men to come in and treat you like baby isn't sexy. Accusing everyone if abuse when they leave or talk shit back, while claiming to lobe being treated like shit online doesn't make you a victim.
Fupaul is a man. So he'll find someone to deal with his bullshit, Shay is a woman, with a niche job. Doing niche shit, whose below average or average, with very little to offer.

No. 1671112

No. 1671118

They’re all bald. Pretty sure “slave dad” is also bald.

No. 1671124

Bald,Below average and Bleak.

No. 1671137

>hundreds of b/g vids
Prostitution saga confirmed then eh. Bleak.

No. 1671162

This is retarded but how edited is the thread picture? I feel like it'd not edited but it looks so fucked I think it Is. I remember seeing my the picture of shayna but I don't know if it was this bad

No. 1671166

File: 1665346982400.png (806.61 KB, 797x652, 1664750892154.png)

No. 1671167

>using hello kitty to illustrate wanting to fuck old moids
I really, really want to alog. I hope her and all the other sick in the head whores get what they deserve.

No. 1671178

someone do a side by side i don't see the difference kek

No. 1671182

to me it looks like they made the eyes a bit redder and the nose highlight brighter

No. 1671190

Her eyes look legitimately scary.

No. 1671193

File: 1665350546613.jpeg (243.21 KB, 1810x1080, DF1493A1-2395-4B20-8DAC-1F1657…)

there you go lazy fuck

No. 1671196

See >>1670919 and read the damn thread
They’re so ugly, and combined with this facial expression make her look like she’s possessed

No. 1671240

She deleted her lolcow callout posts as usual

No. 1671242


No. 1671249

they're deleted, what's she supposed to take a screenshot of?

No. 1671255

They all look like variations of each other kek all filthy coombrain moids look the fucking same

No. 1671264

Ladies which moid do you find most repulsive out of this bunch?

It's a tough choice but I think it might be Winnie the Pooh for me. But the voice definitely adds to my disgust.

No. 1671265

If we're going by what we know about them then it's Mike slack all day. Pedo daughter shagger.

No. 1671268

File: 1665360176269.png (177.83 KB, 618x547, w3yaea6d68961.png)

No. 1671271

This gave me a hearty kek

No. 1671272

The only place this busted up hog will be making it in LA is with the junkie hookers from skidrow and figueroa street⁰

No. 1671274

Yup, mike slack 100%, that thread was jaw dropping.

No. 1671283

They’re all fucking hideous, Womack and Mike Slack the red neck Trump supporter and literal pedophile who rapes his own daughter are two of the ugliest moids I’ve ever seen. Womack is a literal retard and mostly harmless (or as harmless as a coomer can be, they’re all harming us by virtue of the fact that they’re coomers) and the bald motherfucker doesn’t really bother me any more than every other moid bothers me but Mike Slack makes me straight up homicidal. No hyperbole. People like him deserve nothing but pain and suffering.

No. 1671285

Mike slack. Dude is likely a full on rapist and deserves to die slowly and painfully.

No. 1671286

God she's so fucking ugly.

No. 1671287

File: 1665362659100.gif (975.03 KB, 245x200, tumblr_mywz4rcUKP1toi8p4o2_250…)

Mike Slack

No. 1671288

def mike slack and sorry for blog but i was dating a guy recently and one day, from certain angle he kinda reminded me to Womack and I was so disgusted by it that I ended up ghosting him kek

No. 1671296

imo next thread we should add
106: >>1523443 (Mike Slack Revelation)

No. 1671301

Not much of a revelation considering she completely ignored it and still interacts with him
How about (Mike Slack, watcher of his own daughter's porn, Revealed)

No. 1671309

Don't know why people expected shayna to cut off someone because what they did to someone else. The only reason she cares about anyone but herself is she fears being canceled. Unless Mike Slack gets canceled by sex work twitter then maybe she'll turn on him. He is giving her money. She can cut off her mother for tiny shit, but not scrotes who jerk off to their actual daughters or women who steal pacifiers from children they are watching and post about it sexually.

No. 1671311

He raped his daughter and sent her buttplugs
I thought if there was any humanity in her at all, that would do it. I genuinely do not understand how you could live with yourself being funded by that, like that is so many leagues worse than everything else

No. 1671315

Shayna gets called a pedo every fucking day and she doesn't care but spazzes out about us talking about her looks. She either doesn't care, doesn't believe anything posted here (even if we provide.proof) or both.
She's all about herself. What woman would date a man with young children but wants her to pretend to be one while he slept with her?? If it was ever confirmed that went down, unless twitter where's started a cancel campaign. I sincerely believe Shayna would continue to take his money and not care. She does not care about anyone mistreatment but her own. I can't think of one genuinely nice thing dharma has ever done. That she hasn't posted about for assets. She doesn't care about women or childern. Look at who she surrounds herself with. Look how she behaves, she blessed to have a well off family that still gives a damn about her.

No. 1671316

Iirc fupa took shaymu to get her wisdom teeth removed or some kind of dental procedure after they were already broken up. She started gushing about how sweet he was, how he took her and picked her up and how lucky she was to have him in her life or some shit but yeah so abused, much courage

No. 1671320

Ugh so many auto correct mistakes, sorry nonnies.

No. 1671322

File: 1665366490014.jpg (174.59 KB, 1200x1200, dharma.jpg)

>I can't think of one genuinely nice thing dharma has ever done
He granted my wish last year

No. 1671325

KEK this made me actually laugh out loud

No. 1671331

File: 1665367335019.png (122.67 KB, 987x1029, 06FF3449-6344-4FCA-B1CC-6F94C0…)

Old but this is possibly the only time she’s shown any self awareness

No. 1671332

What'd you wish for?

No. 1671333

I wished that nothing good would ever happen to Shayna

No. 1671335

Me too, a good hearty chuckle

No. 1671345

im the anon and this made me literally laugh out loud, kek

No. 1671353

File: 1665368718208.jpeg (798.19 KB, 3465x2465, FD2347AF-512A-48AF-8E1C-BF3BCC…)

Same pic sent twice

No. 1671356

File: 1665368791114.jpeg (143.89 KB, 354x547, 47D5C9D9-54F8-4386-89DA-5E59BB…)

This pic for now until I get my screen recorder to work or other snap anon posts

No. 1671357

File: 1665368830596.jpeg (752.07 KB, 1242x1645, 7F6A6EB3-6C68-4E69-AAE3-74E549…)

No. 1671358

File: 1665368892814.jpeg (259.9 KB, 1536x2048, 477CA6E9-41C0-4CC0-B03A-B11147…)

Would be better if she had leggings on underneath. No one wants to see those cottage cheese thunder thighs.

No. 1671360

File: 1665368971767.jpeg (304.1 KB, 1536x2048, 5EE0D1F6-6D00-4B98-A65F-78818D…)

Amish hat vibes

No. 1671363


She's closer to dressing like someone who lives in 2022. Black is always going to look better on her than her 50 shades of dingy pink. Hopefully one day soon she'll realize not every piece of clothing she owns need to be skin tight. She's damn near busting out of that dress and she's not even that big.

No. 1671367

“Followed me from the very beginning of my online journey.” Like when you were a minor and doing Skype shows?

No. 1671368

File: 1665369723868.jpeg (1.24 MB, 1762x3397, 1B3D890C-6C6E-4D35-86DC-B048EE…)

She lives life on a loop. Same shit different day

No. 1671382

kek what the fuck is this look im dying

No. 1671383

Uh oh stinky

No. 1671387

File: 1665371624900.jpeg (68.21 KB, 640x623, 6c630c44e85f66270b346e1b289e26…)

she legit looks like the 12-year-olds from this classic picture. no style no identity just tumblr fit

No. 1671396

I was on the fence about this before for a while, but I now wholeheartedly agree with all the nonnies who have stated that Shaynus would be complacent in the sexual abuse of her own children (should she ever have any) and/or the sexual abuse of other children she is close to. She would probably participate actively in the molestation of these children. She has proven herself to be 110% a piece of shit pedophile.

No. 1671398

Droopy eyed mf

No. 1671406

Her hair looks wet from the grease. My guess is she’s going on two weeks without washing her hair. Nitpick but it drives me nuts that she curls toward her face kek how are you so terrible at the most basic of tasks.

No. 1671407

Imagining being a paying coomstomer (not that they deserve anything good in life) and receiving a picture like this. Downsy mf looking like the fucking Mole from Atlantis: The Lost Empire.

No. 1671410

File: 1665374188445.jpeg (349.18 KB, 2048x2048, 4A53ECBF-889F-4819-A045-A8AB21…)

No. 1671419

To be fair I think the reason Shaynus places so much importance on Fupaul is because he was her first serious relationship in young adulthood whereas Kyle Nathan Perkins of Tulsa, Oklahoma was already a fucking father and had other serious relationships before her because he was already like 30 when they started dating.

No. 1671422

Her mouth is so tiny, she needs lipstick to make that paper cut visible

No. 1671424

File: 1665375419842.jpeg (659.13 KB, 1146x1151, 2795989F-C376-416C-8A14-251C1A…)

No. 1671429

kek, they’re both hideously fugly hambeasts who think they’re funny but everyone else wishes they’d fall off the face of the planet

No. 1671433

This looks like that other cow Katherine Harlow

No. 1671454

Whoever made this thread thank you for the title never fails to make me laugh

No. 1671514

the picture sends me into orbit. it's so bad and so zoomed in

No. 1671531

File: 1665391891946.jpeg (501.63 KB, 828x1427, 666C04EB-23E7-4E82-9FF9-AA067B…)

Fuck she’s huge

No. 1671533

File: 1665391958930.jpeg (127.8 KB, 1080x1014, 9A993FD2-8B28-4D53-9840-BE50EF…)

Samefag, she must be close to if not on par to this era in terms of lardiness

No. 1671534

File: 1665392044170.jpeg (160.3 KB, 828x546, 89B92D3D-F6F8-4A61-9D61-92BFA4…)

>a crowd
>telling me I’m adorable
>pretty face

No. 1671575

amberlynn reid "im such a blackie" vibes in this outfit topkek

No. 1671586

there are crowds of neckbeard losers

No. 1671600

It probably did happen but we already know the type of people that participate in the kink scene. It was old, bald scrotes. Unwashed, fat, hairy scrotes. If there was any women there they were middle aged, homely pick mes or super bbw porkers wearing fet gear. Also they are all disgusting porn sick degenerates so of course they would enjoy a free show.

No. 1671619

File: 1665407549188.jpg (210.02 KB, 1080x1440, SabrinaTheObeseWitch.jpg)

What is this bodyshape

No. 1671647


No. 1671674

i dont think in all her time as a skeleton to a sack of rotting potatoes has she ever had a figure.

No. 1671681

File: 1665414954668.png (7.12 MB, 1242x2208, AF71528C-36CD-4B6E-8FFE-EB1960…)

This dress is standard for obese bitches trying to be “witchy” https://www.dropbox.com/s/x4eaqfqdw63piim/IMG_8892.MOV?dl=0

No. 1671682

It's like her fat legs just attach to her back and she has no buttcheeks lmao wtf

No. 1671706

she can’t move her body at all because if she does it would show her true proportions, kek. she’s so fucking stiff.

No. 1671711

She makes this exact same tweet every single year.
>some of you may not know this, but i used to be GOTH!
And every year womak and greyhair clap probably because theyre so old they have dementia and keep forgetting it, and that's about all. The exact same grand reveal year after year. She'll wear black for 3 days and then start trickling teasers of last minute picked out costumes that barely fit her.

No. 1671713

Combo of shelf-butt and cankles (but make it thigh-ass).

No. 1671721

underrated reference

No. 1671725

Kek at this unnatural ass pose to fake an ass. She looks like a damn shelf she has her back arched so heavily.

No. 1671728

What is wrong with her ass? It looks like cottage cheese and a plastic bag.

No. 1671744

Why are her lips so tiny looking? She doesnt have big or full lips I know, but they never have seemed THAT small. Is it the color and she was afraid of overlining? Lol
Also even for a generic Wednesday/AHS "witch" trend dress that looks cheap and like shit. The hat is also ugly on top. And shes wearing the only pair of socks she owns. Idk how those things have held up all these years and not disintegrated from the wear and filth tbh. Just buy some new socks jfc they're cheap and she could have some variety.

No. 1671745

Imagine looking smug while sucking in your stomach and squeezing your legs together to give the illusion you have a weird shelf ass instead of a assback.

No. 1671748

I don't know of she's dead broke or just retarded, probably both. Her clothes are so cheap but instead of buying new bras or new tank tops. She'd rather wear the same ones over and over. I feel like she just doesnt have any money to spare and/or clothes are always the last thing she thinks about unless it's some expensive but cheap looking costume that she wears for weeks on end

No. 1671755

File: 1665421142896.jpeg (342.88 KB, 1170x1012, 30A8229D-E570-4699-9A17-77703F…)

Suuure they did Shay

No. 1671756

File: 1665421191998.jpeg (349.63 KB, 1170x1107, 8296626C-C360-4BAB-8808-ACB292…)

No. 1671761

File: 1665421636686.jpeg (1.11 MB, 1242x1460, FAAC7E67-1148-41A2-95AB-34665C…)

>the girl from coven in question
Same nails and vibe. Kek I feel bad but at least this actress is highly functional and in popular tv shows. Unlike Big Shaynus she has “clout” and isn’t a dollar menu dime a dozen whore. It’s sad how much prettier she is than Shayna when she’s mentally challenged

No. 1671764

File: 1665421927495.jpeg (715.58 KB, 1068x910, 5ABD5AD3-8511-4BE0-8492-18BD9B…)


No. 1671767

File: 1665422224914.jpeg (893.31 KB, 2940x1451, 238514C7-A1EB-4606-9A45-ED4F2B…)

Why she bringing up beef from four years ago? Kek no one left a review because no one wants a free video. The only dude that leaves reviews is Jason R Womack and he deleted them because his dumbass had his full government name as his username

No. 1671769

I honestly don’t remember that happening. Maybe I missed it in the threads somewhere

No. 1671773

Now shes never going to take off that dress or hat. Be prepared for 5 tiktoks in it

No. 1671805

Pimp saga incoming

No. 1671806

File: 1665424723263.jpeg (15.18 KB, 250x220, 3153A534-0D14-4772-A29C-6F4CFC…)

Wednesday Addams?

No. 1671828

File: 1665427535103.jpeg (192.53 KB, 750x707, 3DC32A71-DDAB-4AD3-8CC1-C4120C…)

she's been lurking and saw us laughing at her bald loser brigade

No. 1671838

File: 1665428953443.jpeg (961.36 KB, 1170x1682, F4875EEA-75E3-496C-A9BD-B5CB3B…)

More stuff to collect dust

No. 1671856

This would be good/common sense advice if she wasn't saying this because Ellen stole a pacifier and Mike Slack was perving on his own daughter. Example 9000 of Shayna telling people. "I do not care about anyone but myself. If someone doesn't give me weed, or stops wanting me that's abuse. Meanwhile I'll date/interact with known abusers/weirdos as long as they give me what I want".
She deserves every single comment here and I'm not saying she's responsible for everything we find about her scrotes. However, if anyone with a heart/conscious saw those accusations they'd at least look into them and not want to associate with people like that. Shayna only cares if someone with more followers than her care.

No. 1671858

And I'm so sick of this "doxxing " whining. These people put their full faces online, like fuck off. Nobodies doxxing Sol or Fupaul or Womack or Mike. They choose to show their ugly faces, if they aren't afraid of employeers/friends/family or even enemies putting two and two together, why should anyone else care? Nobody is hacking the fucking world to figure these scrotes out

No. 1671864

Something really creepy about using your porn email to sign up for notification emails about a children’s store. Nasty fat pedophile.

No. 1671866

It’s not even doxxing if they do it themselves and show their fucking face on their porn account. John Kendall Cox, Jason R Womack and Michael Slack are all pieces of shit

No. 1671869

In the earlier threads. This one chick screen recorded Shayna’s adult Snapchat content and was laughing/sharing it with her girlfriend. And she was also a manyvids prostitute. Shayna got really mad and emailed manyvids telling them to take down her account like the Karen she is. But they didn’t give a shit because why would they? Kek

No. 1671873

She's lucky that her thread on KF never became popular. We just observe her being retarded from distance for amusement, KF would dox her and her coomers while sending pics of her blown out asshole to her family.

No. 1671875

It's not even like just farmers could've found out. Anyone googling their name can find their fucking bullshit. How is it my fault you want to show your face online. Follow Shayna, use your real name or the same user names across different platforms some where you share personal information? It's not even shaynas job to protect these idiots but she does. It's also telling they all have something to find that's gross. Says a lot about her following. It's only a matter of time before one of them turns out to be a legit pedo or sex offender. At this point if they are giving Shayna attention I could see her seeing proof and being like. "Pls change your name" to the scrote in dms or something.

No. 1671953

are any of us supposed to know who this random irrelevant ethot is?

No. 1671954

The chins…
Once again, things that never happened for $500.
KEK, shows that retards attract retards.

No. 1671957

That already happened, newfag

No. 1671961

yes its very strange she’d rather line the walls of her sex room with crusty, deteriorating dildos instead of investing in quality lingerie like agent provocateur or something. hell even victoria’s secret…

i guess she has classic fatty syndrome where they tell themselves theyll invest in their wardrobe when they lose weight but just keep gaining each year.

No. 1671967

you can absolutely get a mortgage as an onlyfans whore. banks dont care where the money comes from as long as you can prove you can make your payments. i doubt shayna has ever had a consistent pay cheque and any big cash-fall she gets some from random shrivel-dink pedos is quickly spent on trash or debt. there are plenty of onlyfans whores with mortgages because they probably invest their earnings in can show a profile of multiple income streams/longevity in the business. i agree shayna could have afforded a condo when she was younger but market is too fucked now and she’s probably making half of what she did when it was more believable that she was underage.

No. 1672004

I'm going to guess this is unfiltered because at that angle, the first thing you notice is her double chin.

No. 1672012

Plenty of sex workers have bought property with their hoein' money. Shayna isn't one of them and she'll never be one, because she's lazy and shit with managing money.

No. 1672013

File: 1665448005996.jpeg (357.23 KB, 1284x746, 90CEB1B9-E39D-4E1C-9242-7C13E9…)


No. 1672016

I wonder what this tea is. Think its about Shaymu?

No. 1672018

File: 1665448461037.webm (2.2 MB, 576x1024, Shayna the Obese Witch.webm)

> gothtober (Black Heart Emoji) (Spider Emoji) (Knife Emoji) #fyp #halloween #spooky #foryou #blonde #egirl #bimbo
Local archive.

No. 1672019

That abcdezzz username sounds familiar. Didn't they try to stir up shit before, maybe on another cow?

No. 1672020

No he’s talking about a partner, probably a gf who didn’t approve of him rawing guys assholes and random trashy women so he threw the relationship away in favor of being a floppy dick manwhore

No. 1672023

this shit pisses me off. freaks like Shayna and limp-dick-Moby want to blame all their relationship issues on their ex-partners when they made all the choices. they put down hard boundaries (i get to fuck who i want, you dont) that they demand are respected, but cannot respect the boundaries of others (i dont want an open relationship) without making them out to be bad people who are “bringing them down” or even citing it as abuse. you chose this path in life, you cannot force normal people to walk down it with you. you chose to walk alone.

No. 1672024

This is peak Squidward Krabby patty thunder thighs physique. Also if you focus on her nose you can see it grow as it zooms in.

No. 1672025

Kek, knowing she's doing body life hacks to get herself an ass, her thighs look red and like it hurts to hold this pose

No. 1672027

Like she doesn't have a fat ass, I don't get why she's doing this, out of all body parts she should focus on maybe she should pull at that Leopard print bra and focus on a cleveage. Trust me the men who like big asses aren't watching Shayna a d if they get tricked it's only two tweets away before they realize she has a hank hill ass.

No. 1672045

This is autistic as fuck but in another life Shayna would be on of those pick me nurses. She has that look that she’d be those mean nurses who make it their personality. She has the face

No. 1672048

This was weirdly poetic and deep but also
> limp-dick-Moby

No. 1672082

Yes - with Ariana aka plasticandproud

No. 1672108

Gross, go away.
Ugh, I saw this and got excited. I miss her threads. I remember abcdee from pnp, wasn’t she married? She probably requires condoms or some shit and he got pissy

No. 1672115

How the fuck are her thighs wider than her ass? Shaynus never fails to surprise me

No. 1672126

File: 1665460467576.jpeg (403.42 KB, 750x534, E1020F34-D296-420C-A2C9-4E156D…)

she is so annoying my god

No. 1672137

late but I just had to say I had the exact same thought as you anon, mostly for the shelf butt

No. 1672150

Same i miss pnps threads especially since they seemed to end right when her and her man broke up. rip

No. 1672166

One angry moid sent her nudes to her grandmother, it was hardly KF tier.

No. 1672180

I doubt her granny even cared, she gushes over Shat’s brother and step sister on Facebook, they’re clearly (and understandably) the favourites. The whole family probably pretends she doesn’t exist most of the time. They must have been so embarrassed with her waddling along behind them in Ireland, I bet they offered her the trip as a courtesy expecting her to say no but it backfired, kek

No. 1672184

what a soulless take

but I'm sure your life is much more privileged than Shaynus'! if Shay had opted for more conventional employment her life would have been unremarkable.

No. 1672185

why are you still talking about this. maybe she has a point, some of you desperately need to find something better to do.

No. 1672196

The Hog's relationship with her family is a major reason as to why she started sex work and why she continues even if it's an obvious dead end.

No. 1672201

it seems like a perfectly run-of-the-mill relationship that plenty of middle-class women have, and most of them don’t turn to… whatever tf this is

it’s laziness and BPD end of

No. 1672207

I don’t think her family are the reason why she’s like this, she’s just lazy, intellectually challenged, uneducated and greedy. She got a taste of “fame” from tumblr and decided that’s what she was going to do with her life. She has no personality, no ambition, no skills, there’s not one redeeming quality about her. That’s why she’s like this and that’s why she’ll never change

No. 1672209

She’s a stubborn sow and this is her way of sticking it to her family. Imagine having a college education and rent free accommodation offered to you and doubling down on your resolve to stay “thriving” by spreading your unwashed cooch and ass for literal pennies while not even being able to pay your rent. Bleak doesn’t even begin to cover it.

No. 1672211

She keeps being a whore as an act of spite towards both her family and this thread. She doesn't need to sell pics of her diseased asshole for $3 when her family offered to pay for her to go to college. She does it because she is still deluded enough to believe that any day now she's going to be rich and successful so she can prove them all wrong.

No. 1672402

it’s the daddy issues for me
nothing sadder than a daddy’s girl whose dad isn’t into her except one who goes into pedo/incest porn as a result

No. 1672419

File: 1665495307899.jpeg (905.35 KB, 2627x3463, 3030948A-1DE8-4DC6-93C5-459F03…)

Ellen trying to say she can’t eat anything because she has been having bad uwu food days. Meanwhile her thighs look like this:

No. 1672420

File: 1665495359887.jpeg (335.64 KB, 1242x1025, B2332208-C385-425B-AA9F-8633FC…)

Nothing sadder about a pick me who does anything to get picked by bottom barrel scrotes

No. 1672442

Well this explains Big Shaymu getting attention from a “crowd”. I bet they’re all the sort of people whose parents are toothless banjo-plucking siblings and spend their spare time eating crayons and fisting cats

No. 1672456


I can't tell which one of these two is more pathetic, Shayna or Ellen? Shayna's got youth (though it's technically not on her side), but Ellen has a more stable relationship with her parents… Somehow.

No. 1672459

Kek seriously. Surrounding herself by a group of degenerates and then bragging about the attention she received.
Considering the sad state of these “kink communities” I wouldn’t be surprised if Shaynus really is considered more attractive than most. They’re bottom barrel subhumans not (c)rap-chan but she is based sometimes kek

No. 1672469

Hilarious that Ellen is more of an “adventurous kinky poly sw uwu” than Shayna somehow. And she looks like… well, that.

No. 1672470

this is sadly all thats left for her now, attention from middle-age drunks and pedos in real life doing FSSW. to your average hick Shayna is a trophy wife (shit music taste, tits and a pussy, too stupid to know better)

No. 1672474

File: 1665499689423.jpeg (927.81 KB, 1122x1627, 0F073DB2-5C27-4BAC-884B-61591B…)

you know what’s so funny? that’s from shein, and i had to return it because it was insanely short and tight and uncomfortable. i can imagine her trying to get her fat rolls into that small small shirt dress. the dress is better on skinnier/small/medium people. more useless shein clothes she’ll throw out and claim “oh i donated”

No. 1672476

samefag but she’ll never be able to wear it public. she’ll be constantly pulling it down/feeling insecure lol

No. 1672505

>I've had a bad food week
Good, keep it going until you lose 20 kilos.

No. 1672560

File: 1665506111065.jpeg (564.03 KB, 750x695, FB31C77A-CE22-4EA5-99F7-AD836F…)

is she senile? why does she keep tweeting thr same thing slightly reworded

No. 1672563

File: 1665506284950.jpeg (515.62 KB, 1170x1357, 315A3BD6-3B06-4122-AE17-9F5C08…)

sooo.. what’s her backup plan?

No. 1672569

what is she even talking about? Shayna, you’ve been doing this for over 6 years and have 0 to show for it. no higher education, no car, no savings, and your family thinks your trash. who is she to be talking all high and mighty like this? she spouts bullshit about being happy and positive and then posts shot like this. it’s so obvious those “optimistic” posts are a front for her idiot coomers. she’s constantly showing her true self, a woman hating, pedo pandering, can’t-stand-any-form-of-possible-competition ass bitch.

No. 1672570

this reeks of jealousy

No. 1672572

samefag but there’s tumblr posts from old threads of her saying she only got into sex work because it was easy. people wanted to see her freshly 18 and naked, and she knew that so she tried to capitalize off it. it’s like she’s trying to convince herself she didn’t do it for the same reasons girls are doing it now.

No. 1672575

File: 1665506716090.png (228.89 KB, 2042x694, Bildschirmfoto 2022-10-11 um 1…)

Her parents are her safety net.

If you are pretty, it is very easy to make money off of scrotes, that's what she doesn't understand.

No. 1672584

Shut up shayna nobody cares. Keep seething women can make what you make in a month in a few mintues just showing cleavage or twitch or doing hot tub streams. Nobody cares

No. 1672590

I don't go here but shayna is dumb for the same reasons a lot of young women being groomed into the sex industry are/were dumb, in contrast to >>1672575 prostitution/camming/etc. actually is not that easy. For one thing people will become obsessed with you either positively or negatively (hint hint) and it opens you up to the threat of being stalked.

anyone who has ever cammed can also tell you it's exhausting to constantly watch your body, constantly fulfill the wishes of disgusting men, etc. etc. no one leaves it unscarred no matter what they say.

No. 1672606

The colour contrast between her hammy pink thighs and the foundation on her face is sending me. It looks like she's wearing pink tights in the thumbnail.
Also kek at that split second where she flicks her hair back off her double chin.

No. 1672607

She's quite literally a sex worker who doesn't like to be sexualized. Sounds like she's jealous of girls who can get away with only selling feet pics or lewds and not straight up diapered degeneracy porn.

No. 1672613

Manifesting a bedbound Shaynus era. If she keeps up her current eating/drinking habits I'd say she could become a full-on blobmonster in 5 years.

No. 1672646

remember when she e-begged for a streaming rig KEK she is literally vaguetweeting about herself

No. 1672652

The funniest part of this to me is that Shaymu has never worked a 9-5 in her life so she is in no way qualified to make this statement kek Her whole statement could be turned back around on her

No. 1672654

>Sounds like she's jealous of girls who can get away with only selling feet pics or lewds and not straight up diapered degeneracy porn.
This is exactly what it sounds like. She probably discovered that some women earn more than she ever will by selling anonymous feet pics while she has to resort to FSSW for below minimum wage.

No. 1672664

so you chose fucking as many people raw as you could, probably contracting multiple diseases just to make chump change and lose your “amazing partner” in the process? disgusting

No. 1672666

File: 1665512155324.jpeg (211.04 KB, 750x738, 2FA939CC-46D2-4688-96CB-AD8C14…)

she can't even get her losers to pay $5 a month for her onlyfans

No. 1672683

How old is her profile picture?

No. 1672700

Seethe uggo.

No. 1672711

doesnt she realize this makes her sound like old used up bitter whore? men WANT the fantasy of a girl dipping her toe (literally) into sex work because of their whole corruption fetish. men with money dont care about shayna and girls like her because theyre used up and theres nothing left to “conquer”. if you wanna see her hemmoroids or deformed pussy you just gotta go to her twitter. These posts are straight up jealously better left discussed with your FRIENDS not some coomer.

No. 1672713

she actually has NO real friends anymore. the thunder thigh fat girl shes dating is technically her “girlfriend” so doesnt count. she posts shit like this because the only mutuals/peers are online whores she hasnt met and has a very face value relationship with. how fucking sad that she doesnt have a single friend.

No. 1672716

Sounds like she’s bitter because other girls make hundreds every week for just posting feet pics and not fetishizing children. I know lolcow hates sex work but feet pic “bitches” are a lot smarter. They don’t have to have their diaper porn attached to their legal name, Shayna Clifford. She fucked a gay man and only made $650 so far not including what OF gets out of the cut. Seethe more pedophile.

No. 1672720

Hate this fat bitch and her gatekeeping when she herself isn't even a good, successful sexworker.

No. 1672722

File: 1665515304261.jpeg (895.76 KB, 1242x1386, B23C3E11-A3D1-4815-BD97-A7A867…)

Kek bitches be painting boob portraits and still make minimum wage. I’m laughing. Sex work isn’t real work!

No. 1672729

she's coping for actually having sex on camera, and probably for sleeping with people in real life for money. hence all the 'everyone KNOWS real sex workers HAVE SEX, absolutely ALL of them do it and it does NOT MEAN I'm a failure'

No. 1672733


Sad thing is, as an upper middle class blonde white girl, Shayna could have easily been a foot pic/lewds only bitch. She could have easily gone to college and sold foot pics on the side, she had enough of a reach back when she first started porn, but yet again, her being a dumb attention starved pick me got in the way of any real money making potential.

No. 1672740


Meh, I consider it real work if the sex worker actually… Works. They have to do and put up with a lot. I wouldn't call it a career though. I consider it along the same lines as being a UberEATS delivery person. Pays the bills so it's technically a job, but not a stable long term option unless you're truly a giant fucking loser.

No. 1672757

File: 1665517756663.jpeg (822.75 KB, 1170x1650, F9F45442-ECC0-47A0-B8BC-48DF02…)

This is sad and hilarious

No. 1672770

kek, what was she used for

No. 1672771

If you read the text literally right above the image, "how ppl present themselves in media".

No. 1672772

i would be so fucking embarrassed to even know who she is, let alone tell my peers about her!

No. 1672779


anyone else see this, found a weird Indian article about Shayna, detailing when she was born, her weight, her eye color and her food habits

No. 1672780

Now class, I’d like to bring your attention to Shayna Clifford. She presents herself online as desperate and without personal morals or boundaries. She thinks this will expand her potential for new clients, but her desperation actually has the opposite effect on her monthly income. So class, I present this question, do you think it’s wise to show your pussy and asshole for free yet still expect the same payout as a girl-next-door guys actually want to fuck making bank by keeping the mystery and allure alive?

No. 1672781

this brings up a good point. i dont think any og her dwindling coomers actually want to fuck her. there was no real response when she brought up the idea of doing a “fuck-a-fan” contest. like usual - crickets. guys literally just throw their sheckles at her to see her do something humiliating then quickly forget about her post-nut. she in no way presents as someone guys are pining after or would take home to mom.

No. 1672782

They really just be letting anyone into uni huh. So many better people you could use for a subject like this. Ngl if I was in class and a guy pulled up a picture of that overstuffed sausage for his presentation i would start cracking up

No. 1672784

Samefag but it appears this guy goes to Emerson. You can kinda see the name of the college in that picture. She’s gotta be more careful about posting shit like this.

No. 1672793

Probably some AI generated thing that picks facts from different websites and compiles it into one garbled article.

No. 1672794

is there proof that her family offered to pay for school & let her live w them while she was doing that or are you just pulling this shit out of ur ass as per usual

Shayna is young & naive, as evidenced by her thinking that b/c she had a lot of followers on her stoner tunglr that she would make a killing selling NSFW photos/videos? right now, she depends on perverted old men to use her in exchange for money… she's putting her own health at risk by pandering to the men who get off to 'anal porn'. literally none of this shit is ideal…

+ 99% of the replies to these thread are projection lol all of you are insecure, dumb and toxic.

No. 1672796

she was used as a bad example.. right?

No. 1672799

It would go something like this bc no way that person could come up with positive things to write about. Almost seems like she’s being trolled.

No. 1672806

honestly, you could use shayan as the basis of an entire thesis of how internet and fuels self delusion and how it warps people

No. 1672809

cough coughhhh
hey, um. what exactly are you doing with your life, anon? do you think stalking a pedophile enabling imbecile is a good way to while away time?

No. 1672810

There is proof of her saying her parents would pay for college so no, nonnie isn't "pulling it out of her ass, as usual". She said so in a discord post.

No. 1672811

>> talking about shit she posts to her public twitter

No. 1672836

It more like the work alongside a drug dealer or something, it's shady and weird and dangerous.

No. 1672841

For some reason I feel like this was a sex worker mutual. Can't imagine a coomer writing about one of his spank bank whores for college. I also can't imagine one of shaynas paying customers going to college or being college aged.

No. 1672845

Yeah. You're right, That's more accurate but shaynus' legalized brand of whoring made me want to compare SW to something else that's just meant for short-term ~legitimate~ income.

No. 1672864

Yeah this was deff some morbidly obese fat fetish sjw sex worker, no scrote cares this much about their wanking material.

No. 1672866

This sounds like Shayna, the way it types reads as one of her tweets to the void (and us)

No. 1672880

Kek I was thinking the same thing. Twitter speak galore. Apparently she forgets her old discord was public and she often talked about a lot of personal issues more in-depth than on Twitter. Like the college thing and how it offended her.

No. 1672882

I wouldn't even be surprised if she does post here.

No. 1672888

File: 1665525942295.jpeg (589.17 KB, 1242x1620, A1CA35EC-2220-4839-BDF8-1A07E8…)

No she couldn’t kek. That requires actually washing and scrubbing your feet daily and applying lotion. Unless there’s a niche for ugly crusty feet that look porcine?? Idk

No. 1672889

not this "young and naive" bullshit. yeah none of this is ideal and even shayna herself has had that realization multiple times. fact is that she has the capability to change, shayna just doesn't want to be better bc otherwise her lazy ass might have to actually do something. she's 25 ffs she knows better, she's privileged af, she has resources available to her and has been given too many chances and yet still chooses sw every time to stick it to her oh-so abusive republican mommy. shayna only cares about herself, her wants and needs and wants nothing more than to sit around, stuff her face and do nothing while expecting money and asspats, and she most certainly doesn't care about your concern. this is the bed she has made for herself.

No. 1672890

File: 1665526097435.jpeg (753.56 KB, 910x1389, 3C8F832B-BD6A-476D-88B3-43CB7C…)

No. 1672891

>uwu so young and naive
lol. haggard and stupid is closer to reality

>anal porn

The hog hasn't even made any serious anal porn for a while because she permanently destroyed her asshole as seen in the latest free twitter pics.

tinfoil: The Sol poster in the OF/twitter whore thread is Shayna

No. 1672892

File: 1665526214075.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.53 MB, 1234x1816, 268527AE-28EB-4CBC-B60C-D7DC20…)

No. 1672895

Wake up babe, bimonthly projection tweet just dropped.
Lurk moar.
She's seriously swollen… and going to lose a foot to the beetus.

No. 1672897

How does this fat bitch even have wall eyed nips. It's like her body/face has no redeeming qualities whatsoever.

No. 1672898

File: 1665526374172.jpeg (488.2 KB, 1242x1555, 78306630-1CCA-47BA-AB7E-05B542…)

She won’t shut up about Fupatty kek it’s embarrassing. Also Vince looks like Jason R Womack’s retard brother

No. 1672909

>healthy relationship
>ellen degenerate making tweet about she was a bottom for the first time in a long time and that made her genuinely happy

No. 1672929

we take closeups of your foot hair? and that color looks like the zombie skintone in the RE games….

No. 1672933

No. 1672945

She must've lurked his socials or found out some info. She is just withEllen, unless she's talking to someone else which I doubt, this seems like some,
>>"im watching him and see he's living life, so I hope he's watching me and see I'm doing better but also shitting on him!!"
Sometimes I wonder if her and fupaul still sometimes talk on the low and she makes these weird tweets when they fall out

No. 1672965

File: 1665529509638.jpeg (232.27 KB, 1170x847, 989AA1F7-339E-463A-A22C-CB493A…)

Ellen and who else?

No. 1672967

Noodle. Because they are probably watching something on Netflix at her apartment

No. 1672971

To be fair, both Shaymu and DeGinormous count as 4 whole ass bitches

No. 1672984

File: 1665530450545.jpeg (387.73 KB, 828x767, F9B1B601-73C3-49B7-B266-3C545B…)

Here you go, now please fuck off back to twitter

No. 1672994

No one is “pulling shit out their ass” you fucking retard, was it you who thought we were making up the fact that she never showers and then was conspicuously silent when proof was posted? Read the fucking threads before sperging, there is comprehensive proof of everything, that’s the whole point of these threads, to document her pathetic existence. You sound like you’re projecting.

No. 1673004

lol, you want ME to feel sorry for a grown woman that dresses up in diapers and bibs for her uwu exploitive sex work and goes "googoo gaga dada baby likey!!" while fucking herself with dildos HAHAHAHAHAH what a retard, caping for pedos on here!

No. 1673013

Imagine caping for some whale that pretends to be an infant being sexually abused, both glamorises and victimises herself being in abusive relationships all while promoting the degradation of her fellow women. You sound like a hamplanet twitter whore who suffers from complete rot of the brain.

No. 1673014

>Reddit spacing
Go back to whence you came

No. 1673028

I understand why you're saying that because some irl prostituted women have no choice in poverty (inb4 anons talk about how they grew up in Detroit and were never whores so every women who ends up in prostitution is evil etc. etc.) but as >>1672984 posted Shayna in particular had every opportunity to have a better life so there's really no excuse. I won't tell you to go back to twitter because it's actually refreshing that you try to consider economic circumstance for a change unlike others, but that just isn't a factor for someone like Shayna and she's not comparable to destitute coerced women who end up turning tricks.

No. 1673035

Funny because she wanted to get into twitch but it actually does take more effort than flopping your tits out to be successful. You have to be attractive and/or have an engaging personality, stream regularly, and stream whats popular or what people wanna see generally. Not to mention the equipment set up.
Im sick of her saying sex work is so hard. Its hard for her because she's fat, old, ugly, lazy and retarded. Not saying sex work is fast, easy money for everyone either. But jfc. You either do it for some extra pocket money or you dedicate yourself and become a "porn star" wreck yourself but get paid then you retire with the money and shame. The idea isn't to keep scraping by on it for years and years having it be your main income and having no other goals or prospects. But thats how it is for her. And street junkie hookers I guess.
Also no Im not am ewhore nor condoning SW, just saying objectively.

No. 1673038

Says the bitch who only wants to get slapped and spanked for content and doesnt want to cam or make vids. Up until a week ago hasnt fucked for content (besides fupa). Probably doesnt actually fuck the splenda dads she meets and just lets them push other boundaries and bite her and finger her. Doesnt even sleep with her "partners". God she's so out of touch and just loves to talk out of her nasty boil infected ass.

No. 1673039

A month, if that. Her pinned tweet is from january though which I think is kinda funny because shes so ugly and lazy that's probably the best she can do.

No. 1673041

Using that picture too kek but jfc this is so cringe. Even if I didnt know who she was, I would be embarrassed to be in that room because who the fuck does that. At least pick a celebrity or household name not some random whore on the internet. Im cringing even having seen just this.

No. 1673042

Get out of here, Shaynus asslicker.

No. 1673044

Okay but women can't even go on twitch and stream normal without being harassed? Because men are disgusting pigs who sexualize everything about us and then we have insecure pickmes like Shayna perpetuating the idea that we're secretly all into it because a twice divorced deadbeat dad with Deliverance eyes will stare at her uneven tits at the bar and she thinks it's flattering because male validation is the only thing that keeps her going.

No. 1673059

File: 1665538497778.jpeg (172.58 KB, 1205x1817, 2D835CD5-E041-4085-8963-8AB5D9…)

She looks like the corner $5 hooker

No. 1673060

Her hair is so wrecked it looks like a dollar store wig.

No. 1673065

What even is the look she is going for?! She’s such a melonhead when it comes to fashion.

No. 1673084

fried dehydrated split ends combined with greasy dandruff riddled outgrown roots. Yuck. Please Shaymu, prioritise booking an appointment with a salon and get your hair fixed ffs

No. 1673091

Her hair looks like when you wake up after having stress dreams and you've been rolling your head from left to right all night. What a look!

No. 1673094

All the "Shayna looks so much better in black" anonitas wya, I just wanna talk.

No. 1673103

>Shaymu is young & naive
She's 25. That's not young. And has already realized her body isn't what it used to be for the past 3 years.
>she depends on perverted old men and putting her own asshole at risk
>none of this shit is ideal
I mean, she could just walk into any food or retail establishment and get a job… Amazon is hiring on the spot.

No. 1673114

File: 1665542860612.png (6.38 MB, 1242x2208, 0E288A07-B4DF-4DB9-8C11-8CAC69…)

Is that a pumice stone in the corner of her shower?

No. 1673116

That or a bar of soap, not that she uses either unless it came from her foot fag.

No. 1673119

Oh why would you not put it in a soap dish?

No. 1673121

what the fuck is with all the boxed up products and clutter on her sink? I can’t even see all of it and it’s still giving me anxiety. does she just surround herself with crap in order to feel something inside?

No. 1673125

File: 1665543069888.jpeg (330.18 KB, 556x1532, D2393CCF-E5CE-43A6-99EA-FF9B20…)

I found one of the products such a high end bimbo!!! Kek

No. 1673126

everytime she gets “dressed up” she gives off washed up middle aged mom who lost her kids vibes

No. 1673129

File: 1665543277852.jpeg (242.1 KB, 722x961, 0B4B35E0-9120-4BE0-88F6-46D334…)

Another product. Is she actually going to use her SpongeBob pimple patches on her assne?

No. 1673132

I don't know nonnie she ain't normal, too many screws loose.

No. 1673133

Lint/possible stain on the back of her skirt, covered in animal hair, hair looks witchy and fried to shit, she’s giving me Tuna Slater vibes more and more.

Also kek at all the cheap cheap cheap cosmetics, such a Bilbo living in luxury. It’s not like she uses the sink anyway, so why not block it with heaps of useless junk.

No. 1673134

bimbo* fucking autocorrect

No. 1673137

I mean, you cant polish a turd as they say. Nothing will make her less fat, old, and ugly. The black is just less initially offensive than the clashing pinks or stained whites and trying to dress like a kid. She looks bad still, but less sped.

No. 1673138

More supporting evidence she hardly showers. Even using a fan, those boxes would absorb moisture and start to deteriorate after not too long lol

No. 1673139

All of that dusty junk on the counter and not a single bottle of hand soap in sight…

No. 1673141

File: 1665543805682.jpeg (55.73 KB, 316x415, 3A857E5A-D160-4B1C-B48A-89C7B9…)

Old but kek Shaynus, we know you don’t exfoliate, and believe us, we are all much more grossed out by it than you are. You shoop it out for your online coomers but the ones you meet with irl insist on bathing you because you’re too putrid even for them

No. 1673142

Is that… not one of the most likely places you’d find it?

No. 1673144

File: 1665543934883.jpeg (933.31 KB, 3465x3465, AB8EB4BE-431A-492C-B2EF-DDB77A…)

Not the AliExpress knock off American Apparel from 2015. How tf is she so out dated?? Autistic but how to steal her style since she’s such a fashion icon!1!1

No. 1673145

I think nona is trying to say that it’s surprising that she owns one given how nasty her yellow, warty callused feet are

No. 1673146

If you washed your ass daily, you wouldn’t have such bad boils Shayna. She does not exfoliate kek

No. 1673149

The fact that its a tube top looking retarded mess on her because she's so fat and wont size up kek

No. 1673153

I love how she calls her rancid diseased holes, disgusting hairy mound that’s merging with her gut, moldy strawberry meets lego hand labia and mrsa riddled hank hill ass “downstairs doll parts” like they’ve ever been anything other than some eldritch horror type shit. The term “downstairs doll parts” alone makes me want to a-log

No. 1673155

File: 1665544495426.jpeg (460.02 KB, 1911x2048, 57578D4E-F711-417E-920A-D9CF37…)

Shayna looks like she has dreads LMAO

No. 1673156

File: 1665544547844.jpeg (Spoiler Image,450.15 KB, 1874x2048, 3E7C44E0-DAF3-46E9-BFA9-7664DA…)

Of course she gotta show her mismatched boobs

No. 1673159

File: 1665544817321.jpeg (87.55 KB, 580x580, E2B43555-A301-4C44-BB6E-79D4B0…)

Shaymu can’t wear crop tops anymore. That beer gut is swallowing the entire shirt.

No. 1673162

>She's 25. That's not young
>t. 18 year old
Jfc some of you anons are really telling on yourselves.
KEK she looks like she's about to burst into tears. She's really porking up; her tits look massive.

No. 1673163

It’s so disgusting that she has her makeup in the bathroom that I doubt she cleans with the piss and shit particles on her face…

No. 1673167

Honestly if shatna had dreads as gross as that'd be since her hairs a greasy mess all the time she'd appeal more to stoners since weed is a personality for her.

No. 1673169

File: 1665545294588.jpeg (1.16 MB, 3465x3465, EDD6C006-6B11-4871-B136-18E595…)

Jason Womack and Mason Womack

No. 1673170

File: 1665545372375.jpeg (30.37 KB, 400x400, 162EA411-7D33-4964-9C3E-0C498F…)

She looks like a smelly surfer dude who doesn’t shower and only gets in ocean water.

No. 1673174

not young doesn't mean old, muriel

No. 1673176

File: 1665545894815.jpeg (1.31 MB, 1170x1860, 1014BD94-FA37-41A3-82B6-6C92CF…)

No. 1673181

Wason Jomack

No. 1673183

What is this disgusting shit, no wonder her and Ellen DeGenererate are such porkers

No. 1673186

File: 1665546895451.jpeg (45.72 KB, 500x368, 78985173-8B80-4903-AFCE-0D3307…)

No. 1673187

Couples that balloon together, stay together.

No. 1673194

File: 1665547156327.png (275.42 KB, 750x920, shayjack.png)

She looks like a wojack kek

No. 1673195

it's a fondue set up anon. clearly ellen and shaynus are disgusting porkers but they can actually be quite fun and delicious you uncultured swine

No. 1673201

I grew up in Switzerland, I know what fondue is lmao, this just looks like some fat burger shit

No. 1673209

It’s likely a fondue chain restaurant. It does look cheap and gross kek.

No. 1673212

File: 1665548130930.png (81.4 KB, 287x227, ohwow.png)

>I grew up in Switzerland

No. 1673213

What people who think they’re cultured eat. Like non-Europeans with their “shark coochie” boards

No. 1673223

Sometimes I love you bitches.

No. 1673225

I'm torn between being happy for her that she's spending time with female friends for once and banging my head against a wall because of course it's going to involve a chocolate fondue

No. 1673229

These two dinguses are more identical to each other than Shayna's boobs are.

No. 1673245

kek, this is an underrated reply.

No. 1673247

They went to a fondue place for Shayna’s birthday, must be their special place

No. 1673253

File: 1665552858039.jpeg (1.22 MB, 1170x1627, 512EE8A2-6C57-4249-B32B-28585F…)

They are at the melting pot in Bellevue square eating the S’mores chocolate fondue desert with marshmallow creme and gram crackers and they write notes for anyone who says it’s a special occasion and want a tip

No. 1673259

File: 1665553719457.jpeg (1.1 MB, 1242x1830, 668C7222-C59F-4B1E-A350-29C4EA…)

That ain’t you in real life though

No. 1673261

Switzerland anon you’re so lucky. Your country is beautiful.
It does look gross. Looks like they just got Hershey’s chocolate syrup and squirted it on a cheap square plate
Anons in this thread are underrated. Yes we are autistic and retarded but we are funny

No. 1673263

File: 1665554193802.jpeg (1.12 MB, 3386x2858, 388F8311-17B0-4B22-AD27-05D526…)

You know you don’t look like that shooped filtered picture, Miss doublechins

No. 1673275

Why are her fingers so red and swollen?

No. 1673278

Ah I’m not Swiss, I just lived there while I was going to school, but it is a beautiful country!
>marshmallow creme
No wonder Americans are obese, disgusting. I bet that isn’t even champagne, a place like this wouldn’t have champagne on their wine list (if they even have a wine list), it’s probably some cheap garbage that they sell at an outrageous mark-up for trashy women who think they’re classy and call sparkling wine “bubbles” or “bubbly”

No. 1673280

File: 1665556008411.jpeg (923.33 KB, 1242x1398, FCAC177E-C44D-411F-BEB5-AE379C…)

Bringing up shaymu’s aversion to showers made me remember this fantastic thread pic.

Still gives me a hearty kek

No. 1673281

Fucking kek, I audibly chuckled

No. 1673300

Meh, she's obviously doing this knowing it's embarassing because any attention is good attention in her piggy mind, intentional cows are boring(sage your shit)

No. 1673307

>No wonder Americans are obese, disgusting. I bet that isn’t even champagne, a place like this wouldn’t have champagne on their wine list (if they even have a wine list), it’s probably some cheap garbage that they sell at an outrageous mark-up for trashy women who think they’re classy and call sparkling wine “bubbles” or “bubbly”
Why is a restaurant making you seethe this hard nonna relax. KEK

No. 1673340

Nah, I’m with >>1673278 anon on this one. I’m a bartender and I HATE when women call it “bubbles” or “bubbly” fuck outta my bar with that shit!(fuck outta here with your idiotic nitpicking!)

No. 1673342

i was at bellevue square tonight god i was so close

No. 1673386


It's really serving "fat junkie Luna Slater about to hit up her Ebil Dad for perfume and xanax"

No. 1673396

Exactly. As if anyone cares and as if that means they don't know what chocolate fondue is. Retarded honestly

No. 1673432

25 is young. It’s weird how women are told they’re getting old from when they’re barely legal. Paedophilic culture.

I bet you wouldn’t call a 25 year old man old.

She’s young, even more so mentally.

No. 1673456

File: 1665579996194.jpeg (607.27 KB, 1170x1270, 4AA28362-DFEC-49E1-9B0F-629B1D…)

Shay, you get mad on cam when men make sexual comments to you. You even used to block them in the past from your cam shows

No. 1673459

wow, not surprising that she doesn't care about a moid calling another woman a bitch. disgusting.

No. 1673465

Remember when she went to film a porno with those two other degenerates who lived in a trailer and she was outraged when the guy asked her to suck his cock?

No. 1673466

NTA but you cared enough to comment hours later, so the only retard here is you
If a woman had said this she’d have sperged hard, her misogyny is so blatant

No. 1673473

She literally is the bitch described in the first tweet what……

No. 1673476

The point being made is that Fat Shat might be only 25 but she looks like she's in her 40s and she's old in the context of sex work.

No. 1673481

>I’m so pretty
Do you think she really believes that or is just trying to cope with being an ugly hog even with a tonne of filtering
Seethe, amerifat

No. 1673487

Or how she was “traumatized” by vivi licking her ear when they were supposed to be filming porn together

No. 1673488

they didn’t live in a trailer it was Vivis parents house kek it was trashy thats all

No. 1673503

25 is not "old in the context of sex work", you fucking weirdo. People of all ages do sex work (unfortunately.)

No. 1673504

Just look at the old woman from Skidmark Academy. And even she looks better than Shat

No. 1673509

God I wish we’d get some sighting of Shaysquatch and Ellen Degenerate in the wild, people must think Shat is a special needs person on day release from the home and Ellen is her carer

No. 1673513

25 isn’t old, but it isn’t young enough to be living the kind of life she is without it just being sad to see. Most people by 25 have been out of uni for a few years and are settling down into their careers, meeting long term partners, have a car and some savings. It’s also the stage in life where your circle of friends gets smaller but way more authentic. Also 25 is absolutely too old to style yourself the way she does. Basically by 25 you can no longer get away with having a messy life because it becomes cringe. Seriously, most people are starting to get married and have kids by her age. She’s not a young adult anymore she’s just a regular adult and sells herself on twitter for $3.

No. 1673517

Remember when she would kick people from her cam show for talking sexually to her? It’s almost like you’re allowed to set boundaries around anything you do and shouldnt be subjected to it. Whoa.

No. 1673519

Same fag to also say she did the same thing on her diaper account and got upset at coomers for being diaper degenerates.

No. 1673522

this is such a fucked up, predatory take. i hate whores as much as the next, but i agree that just because they do sex work doesn't mean you can sexualize them at your will. if you on their website, or getting a custom sure sexualize away. if youre jerking off to her pics and vids sure sexualize away. but it doesnt give guys the right to sexualize her on her regular socials or in real life when she is "off the clock".

No. 1673524

vivi and her skidrow boyfriend are definitely living in a trailer, it was obvious as hell from the pics they sent out.

No. 1673526

>most people
That’s patently false, unless they’re boring suburbanites. Many people of that age in big cities are travelling and enjoying an active social life and living their best lives without having to worry about shit like kids and mortgages

No. 1673527

Lmao no, in the real world everyone see's 25 as young only on the internet is age such a big deal maybe because everyone is 18 and thinks anyone over the age of 23 is past it kek. Tbh the way shaymu acts is embarrasing for any age but in reality most normies wouldn't blink an eye at her shenanigans (in public not talking about her pedo pandering twitter page) or think she's too old to wear a pink tennis skirt 5x too small.

No. 1673531

She’s clearly developmentally stunted/intellectually handicapped but besides being an out of touch degenerate I don’t think she’s that different from a lot of stupid NEETs in their mid twenties

No. 1673532

I mean take it with a grain of salt because she’s a degenerate sex worker but vivi herself said that they use the trailer for filming but live in her parents house and pay rent to them

No. 1673536

I think it’s pretty difficult to draw the line sometimes

No. 1673539

I didn’t mean everyone has bought a house and is pregnant at that age, i mean people are starting to get their lives prepared for that direction. You don’t go from young-middle age-old age. There are transitionary years and by 25 you should definitely have at least started to move away from a life of partying and being unable to pay your bills. Idk there’s a few replies like yours so maybe it’s a cultural thing but where I’m from her life wouldn’t be unusual for a 20 year old, but by 25 it would be heading into loser status.

No. 1673543

Yeah, obviously it’s going to vary based on culture. I live in a big city that’s known for being a creative arts and “party” capital of the world so there are a lot of people who do own apartments and have careers and whatnot by their mid-twenties but are still living a party lifestyle well into their 30s and even 40s

No. 1673545

For an OF whore she's far past her peak and her only direction is down. She's competing with 18-20 year olds and she can't. Her target coomers want to see barely legal women that look like teenagers.

No. 1673546

Yep, the sad reality is that for moids it’s generally the younger the better. Unless they have a MILF fetish

No. 1673548

That’s what I mean, they’re in a transitionary period where they are preparing for their futures by owing apartments and having careers, they aren’t just flailing around looking for a “daddy”. Big shaynu is living one month to the next, can’t pay her bills, owns nothing except cheap crap from China and is gaping her asshole on the internet for $3. She’s way too old to be living that life and she’s quickly ageing out of getting away with it.

No. 1673560

sure, vivi.(hi cow)

No. 1673562

semantics. nonna is right that age 25-30 the majority of people are looking to settle down. people who get pregnant and married in their 30s are just playing catchup. anyone "still in a party lifestyle" into their 30s and 40s are just humans who will have their genepool erased thankfully as they wont be procreating.

No. 1673564

and as twisted as it is, they don't want to fuck whores. they want to fuck barely legal inexperienced teens and get off corrupting them to do more and more. once they've bared all, they move on to the next fresh batch.

No. 1673574

You’re depressing

No. 1673578

why do you keep replying as though anyone gives a shit about where you live or what your social life is like. your first reply was nitpicking bc you clearly felt insecure and now it's just straight up blogging

No. 1673580

Where did I mention my own life? I said that cultures vary based on where one lives, not one single thing about how I live my own life. There’s so much projection in this thread, Jesus Christ

No. 1673584

Don’t take the bait, nona

No. 1673587

The age conversation got way derailed from the original point, which was that troll/twitter-chan telling us we should be pitying Shayna for being too young and naive to get out of sw but in that context 25 IS too old. She's had the better part of a decade to learn from her mistakes and realize this isn't a real job and do something better with her life. She hasn't been "young and naive" about sex work in at least 6 years and no one should pity her at this point

No. 1673588

They pop xans and vomit all over in there too huh?

No. 1673595

She knows that she’s wasted a good chunk of her life and is fighting a losing battle against younger, prettier girls, she’s just too stubborn to admit it. We see glimpses of that self awareness when she complains about how others are more successful than her for doing less and her gassing herself up is clearly a cope but she just keeps digging her heels in. I think she knows deep down that she’s too old to be doing what she’s doing

No. 1673601

In a funny way the whole sudden headlong plunge into baby fetish shit really is a coping mechanism, but for avoiding the reality that she's a fat stinky loser

No. 1673611

I think she knows it too and I think that’s why she keeps Ellen degenerate around. It makes her feel a bit better that Ellen is ten years older than her and still living the same life. Just look at how miserable Ellen is though, mid/late? 30’s and lets men use her for a warm hole while she writes excruciating tweets about longing for someone to cuddle. I mean…..

No. 1673627

I think a big part of her rage is she truly believed she'd at her peak at age 25, making the most money she ever will, and basically "almost retiring" at this age. I don't think she ever expected to still being doing the nitty-gritty type of SW at her age (and weight kek). She fell for the coomer trap of not realizing her "peak" was when she just turned 18. And now? She's stuck, and her only choices are to continue her downward spiral or go home to mommy for help. And one thing I will say about Shaymu, is that she is as stubborn as a mule. Thankfully for our entertainment, her stubbornness has only ever worked against her best interests.

Even if she goes running to her parents, she really fucked up her life going full degenerate and attaching her name to it. There is so much fucked up porn of her out there tied to the name Shayna Clifford compared to 95% of your average cam-hoe who just sticks to showing their tits and maybe a masturbation show.

No. 1673652

File: 1665595813265.jpeg (504.89 KB, 1242x1364, 93371748-CE2C-46AA-B4C6-8455BE…)

This bitch is so retarded just ignore them like you always do. Stop calling out the last three scrotes you have. Idiot. And that’s because that is something you ask your friends and family. No one wanting to wank off wants to decide what piece of furniture should go in your pedo room.

No. 1673654

File: 1665595920459.jpeg (511.21 KB, 1242x1415, D8563817-8CC5-42F0-B3B0-6B6C77…)

Okay Pedophile

No. 1673656

File: 1665596025940.jpeg (385.6 KB, 1242x973, D6575428-D94B-4625-BBFB-3D3C14…)

>I’m in my ~obese era~ I whisper to my king size bed as I take up the whole entire bed.
Also gross I hope you get monkey pox dumb bitch

No. 1673660

File: 1665596116973.jpeg (928.12 KB, 1242x1487, 3241171B-83CC-4DD6-AAAD-43D957…)

> Vote for Sexy smile.
Topkek says the crusty rat who doesn’t floss or brush their teeth and also doesn’t wash tongue

No. 1673663

get a side blog moron

No. 1673669

No. 1673677


25 is definitely still young adult age, and most people her age are also a giant mess, just not dumb enough to post it all on social media. 25 isn't even that old in porn. If you actually take care of yourself you can lie about your age well into your 30s. Shaynus just doesn't have that option since she's looked like a divorced mom of three who lost custody of them all and the dog since she was 22. Her frontal cortex just finished forming, so she's going to get really milky when she realizes just how much she fucked up her life in the coming years.

No. 1673678

Hello Kitty is a cartoon cat that is popular with children. When children google Hello Kitty they get porn because cheap OF whores can't stop sexualizing children's toys. I wonder why anyone would ever have a problem with that?

No. 1673679

Who wants to marry a scrote so early in life? It's the same as men wanting you when you're innocent and unable to know what you want in a relationship. Marriage should happen when women are able to be more confident in independence. You must a tradfag. With that the party life style past 25 is retarded and cringy. It's a retarded way to live. Let's not forget why Shayna is so bad. It's not because she's some 30 year old cat lady without an education and working as a cashier at walmart. That would be 1000x better than her acting like she's 16 year old in diapers. 25 years old is old to pander to pedo moids. the ones she panders to.

No. 1673684

Why doesn’t this tard make a personal non sex work account?

No. 1673689

because literally no one would follow it

No. 1673690

she has no real friends.

No. 1673697

Different women have different aims in life and different things that make them happy.

Because if she wasn't posting free asshole pics no one would care that she even existed. If coomers want free wank material they have to scroll through her blog posting and give her attention.

No. 1673704

Is this bitch actually braindead or gets so hammered each day she forgets the night before??
She LITERALLY just agreed with a moid about how you should expect to and be cool with being sexualized no matter what >>1673456

No. 1673708

File: 1665598381453.jpeg (552.06 KB, 1170x1412, 683DBBFF-76A0-4449-9637-47DD49…)

What she’s referring to

No. 1673715

I know she was trying to play it off like "oh haha you guys are so wild" but deep down she gets annoyed with that shit like any other woman would.
She's just phrasing it nicer than she did when she was going somewhere and the disgusting coomers on her diaper account posted shit like "dont forget your diaper dolly wouldnt want you to have a accident" or something like that and she flipped out saying not everything is about kink and to stop sexualizing her when she's not posting porn stuff basically because there are boundaries. On her diaper porn account. And anons pointed out how retarded she is for expecting respect or anything better from not only coomer moids but diaper degens no less.

No. 1673724

Unfortunately this kind of thing is an actual fetish.
And she markets herself as absolutely no kink shaming/hard kinks lover and she herself sexualizes nearly everything and every experience. You'll find one semi normal post in between dozens of "drug me rape me daddy" and "this happened to me and omg it was so hot n kinky" type of posts. On her porn account.
Its a fine line. I dont agree with that gross moid that all whores need to accept being objectified and sexualized because its their "job", but at the same time when they present themselves like Shaynus and encourage the worst constantly and creates this kind of environment for herself surrounding herself only with degens… then yeah.
If youre a streamer or someone doing OF on the side, then yeah youve by default opened the door to being degraded (thats the disease of porn) but like other anons have said, there's a time and place for it. If you have separated your personal or hobby or other aspects of life from e whoring. But Shaynus has pretty much never done that.

No. 1673737

Is squishmallow collection her name for her various rolls of lard?

No. 1673738

Shayna always does this. I just chalk it down to her going into a blind rage everytime someone prettier and/or more successful complains about anything when it comes to sex work. Or she just imagines some Stacy being like,
>> "OMFG, I sell feet pictures on onlyfans and I make thousands a day, but I also make that on twitch, but people won't stop sexualizing me on twitch…it's so annoying, ugghh!!"
She feels that any woman who gets what she wants simply by being pretty or doing less, should'nt complain. She has to "Work hard" and she has Lolcow on her back. They are able to use their pretty privilege and freedom to be successful. Lolcow and her looks which she's STUCK with is why she's not super successful.
Everything is someone elses fault. In a way Lolcow has given Shayna a bigger "excuse" to be a bitch to other women and a reason to think that it's "not me", it's "Lolcow" thats ruining her life & career.
Even though if we never existed, she'd still gained weight, she'd still been dumped by Fupaul, she'd still have every issue that she has.

No. 1673752

She’s really not stuck looking/acting the way she does though, which is the saddest part.

She could at least mediocrely scrub up, lose some weight, style herself better and she could at least be above average. I’ve seen way “uglier” women be successful if they carry themselves well and have personality.

But she seems to be happy being stuck in a 2010s festering cringe pile and hating on prettier women. I just don’t get it.

No. 1673764

Kek at all the hydrated, plump lips and uniform, white teeth in the contest. Then there's tiny crusty lipped rodent toothed Shaynus.

No. 1673765

With the hog, she sexualizes everything she does. She goes outside wearing horrific revealing outfits and no underwear because she doesn't care about exposing anyone else to her kinks. She does it in the grocery store, she even does it at public venues and places like the aquarium she went to with Ellen where children were present, yet she can't take it when a coomer replies to her on her sex work twitter account.

What she is doing is different from a sex worker who does what she needs to do and then lives like a normal person.

No. 1673769

And like clockwork she'll cry on twitter when she loses because its not about the picture or theme, but how popular the girl is/how much fan support.
Theres literally a contestent on there with a cartoon luigi picture (which tbf idk how thats allowed lol) that's ahead of her kek

No. 1673789


If you don't want something to be sexualized, don't post about it on your sex work account. How many times do we have to remind her she's a nobody camhoe and not a Twitter influencer/content creator?

No. 1673791

Yeh this…
Ex FSSW from years ago (its legal in my country)…
I was quite young and normal age was 30s to 40s…
One of the women that got the most clients was in her 40s.
You aren't too old got sexwork if scrotes are happy to pay and you have no other choice.

No. 1673800

Not to beat a dead horse, but l have not seen knees that fold over themselves on anyone below 200lbs. I don’t actually think she’s that heavy yet which makes it even more of an anomaly

Looks like the discarded meat trash at a deli on a hot summer night

No. 1673809

I mean unless you are a homeless junkie there are always other options. Most whores just think they're too good to work at a basic retail job so instead they want to be "a strong independent woman" who let's scrotes decide whether or not they eat or can pay their rent that week. I have no issue with sexworkers who are risking their lives actually on the street because abusive moids gave them no choice but it's hard for me to believe a for survival sex worker would come to a Shay thread and tell nonnies here how they're wrong and it's actually more normal to be in your 30s and scrotes will pay. Why are all SWers crabs in a bucket? Its so fucking weird all of you out yourselves so hard and hover around this thread to feel like more successful SWers than Shaymu. You're subtly promoting it still by saying she's not too old which btw in pornified America she is reaching the normal age range to age out porn. No woman should be selling their body to moids even if shes in the "acceptable age range" and "scrotes will pay" and if you think that it's normal and fine you've just been conditioned by misogyny to think selling your pussy isn't sad and absolutely pathetic for a fully functioning
adult woman who can be/do anything.

Also places who legalize sex work are only creating a demand for woman's bodies even more and contribute to vulnerable disenfranchised women being trafficked against their will to satiate the never ending demand moids have. Not sure why you pointed it out as if that makes you less of a prostitute who benefited from misogyny.

No. 1673833

>Who wants to marry a scrote?

No. 1673837

Fat girl angles era incoming.
With respect, nonnie, you have no idea whether the nona you're replying to was trafficked or did it of her own free will. And if she's in a country where it's legal, it's highly likely she was indeed trafficked. She's right anyway, moids have no standards and will fuck anything if they're desperate/pornsick enough.

No. 1673854

This screams "white and stayed in my hometown" lmao

Not everyone leads a picket fence life, people travel the world and live in different countries making more friends along the way and don't 'settle' into their 30s

What Shay is doing is ridiculous, but you don't need to follow some ancient unspoken societal rule to have a good life either

No. 1673861

The flyover energy…

No. 1673888

Have fun using your late 20s/early 30s to ~find yourself~, you go-getter city gal Carrie Bradshaw lmao. You'll realize too late at 38 that getting pregnant isn't as easy as it seems.(infighting )

No. 1673896

Not everyone wants kids, breeder tradthot(infighting )

No. 1673899

Holy shit. Can we just agree that women want different things in life and move on instead of turning this into a wine aunt vs tradthot lifestyle debate?

No. 1673900

lol ok dogmom. Have fun dying alone with no daughters to carry on your legacy.

No. 1673902

Have fun living vicariously through your child who despises you kek

No. 1673907

This is fridgechan, isn't it

No. 1673940

File: 1665612699460.jpg (456.47 KB, 1024x1015, poor kids.jpg)

jesus christ I cannot imagine having kids and being on lolcow in the shayna thread

No. 1673954

Out of all the cows on this site it kinda makes sense though. Shayna's pedo pandering makes her karmatic downfall a guilt-free hate read to someone with kids.

No. 1673967

I think Shaymu will gain another 20 and finally panic. Then the next era will be the yo-yo diet saga. With her gaining steadily while constantly trying every fad diet out there. She’s not even attempted to address her diet seriously yet, so there’s probably lots to unwrap there too if she ever takes losing weight seriously. I can see her having a binge eating disorder or maybe eventually trying bulemia. Then the final saga will be when she finally gains too much and turns to fat-acceptable and the deathfat saga will begin. I honestly can’t wait for the deathfat saga, she’s such a cope addict that it’s gonna be tasty milk.

No. 1673969

Hello kitty isn’t popular with kids today at least in burgerland. They like paw patrol and baby shark.

No. 1673979

Girl same re the deathfat saga. It’s kind of the only realistic avenue left considering her lifestyle. Anyone normal would have clocked their own weight gain and probably attempted to correct; Shat is the kind of person who will cover eyes about it until she’s at Dr. Now levels of dire.

No. 1673997

Theres a whole bunch of people who dislike Shayna honestly-
>>Poorfags who grew up poor and watch a middleclass woman do dumb shit for no reason, when she has the background to do anything else.
>>People with actually abusive parents
>>People in debt and can't get a hot fucking cookie from their parents
>>People who actually are Victims of CSA or sex trafficking
>>Mothers with ex husbands who are shitbags and fear they may be Fupaul like.
>> Ex sex workers who see their past self in her
Current sex workers who are jealous and/or just weird need to shut up though. On the outside looking in it may seem like Shayna gets a lot of hate & attention while being boring and "harmless".
But the people she's around and the fact she could be doing anything else is what makes it kind of understandable why so many nonnies in many walks of life dislike her.

No. 1674002

File: 1665615799830.jpeg (973.16 KB, 3195x2370, 93AD0B94-18A4-47C3-BB08-0985E8…)

I still can’t get over how horrible this cosplay was kek. She never wore it again. Jfc how many costumes as she begged for and then threw away?? She could have had decent clothing by now. If she had saved

No. 1674003

File: 1665615830843.jpeg (211.15 KB, 644x467, 794933CD-1ABC-417A-A259-39E944…)

How I sleep at night knowing Shayna Clifford is miserable:

No. 1674004

File: 1665615936269.jpeg (Spoiler Image,487.25 KB, 1109x685, 3B72F8D2-25D7-4FAE-8606-C879EF…)

Throwback to her fake sleeping for her video. Kek I don’t get why she wasn’t embarrassed showing how ugly she looks

No. 1674017

her problem is she cant stay the same weight. she just posted about finally throwing out hoards of clothes that dont fit her anymore. she has to go the cheap fast-fashion route because her waist line grows every 3 months and she knows anything she invests in will end up in the donation hoard.

No. 1674019

sleep apnea/cpap machine saga soon?

No. 1674027

i think a lot of self conscious nonas compare their own bodies to hers and tell themselves “she cant be that fat, im around the same weight and look good”. its a cope but consider this - shayna at her thinnest showed she has a very small frame and lean body. fuck, her nickname is fridge because her has no hips. some women carry their weight different and get can away with looking decent at 180-200 pounds because their bodies were built that way. anytime you see a lumpy, uncomfortable looking fat like shayna its cause her body was literally meant to be thin. shayna at 190 pounds is going to cause a lot more stress on her joints/health problems compared to a “built thic” type girl at the same weight. every year she stays obese she is wrecking her body more.

No. 1674055

none is "meant" to be overweight except maybe the Inuit or Siberians who need the insulating fat. Having exaggerated proportions or huge thighs & no gut isn't the norm among women.

No. 1674059

Late but the face is giving Big Ed

No. 1674086

Damn flyovers really are delusional

No. 1674094

Do we have any idea how much he made? I assume it was a "we both post it and keep our own profits" kind of thing. Did he manage to sell it? Or did Shay pay this man to have unprotected sex with her?

No. 1674103

I have been at the Seattle airport at the same time as her (unknowingly) and was in Tampa when she was there (not for fat con) am near her apartment often and eat at some of the restaurants and bars she goes to in Renton (/blog). I am sure I will spot her someday

No. 1674110

I wish Shayna understood the concept that most people have social media for non-sex work, and that when she is posting things from a sex work account, people are going to respond with sex things

No. 1674144

I don’t use twitter myself but it really disgusts me that porn and whoring is permitted on there at all, much less the pedo and bestiality shit that gets posted by Shaymu and people who are even bigger degenerates than her, but anyone who posts factual information/valid criticism of, for example, misogynistic trannies actively wishing harm on women or Israel being an apartheid state perpetrating genocide gets immediately banned. It’s a fucking joke. Fuck tumblr for banning degenerate content, it really was the perfect containment platform for this fuckery

No. 1674188

File: 1665631261399.jpeg (445.46 KB, 1242x1085, FC011F9A-A881-409B-A487-1E87E2…)

$500 dollars?? How many times is she going to offer all her videos?? The only coomers who like her have already bought them all.

No. 1674195

>>1674004 Why is the skin around her eyes so dark though, it's like she's dying.

No. 1674196

Wasnt she just selling all her content for like $175 or something recently?

No. 1674239

Yeah! You're not like those other girls!

No. 1674246

The melting pot is a good and fun experience and any one that disagrees is just a bitter pickme that can’t let women enjoy things

No. 1674253

Dehydration and poor nutrition, I don’t even want to think about how depleted her vitamin levels are given that she subsists entirely on cheap wine and processed toxic waste masquerading as food

No. 1674257

And on Amazon cards, not even cash. Such a high end luxury bimbo!

No. 1674266

Or y’know, you could go to a real restaurant like an adult and eat proper food and not shove this processed shit like “marshmallow creme” and “bubbles” down your Amerifat throat?(nitpicking the names on a menu)

No. 1674270

Nona please I beg of you, don’t take the bait. The thread has been shat up (no pun intended) enough I’m the anon who originally criticised the “fondue” et al, if I’d known the burgers would get so triggered over it I’d never have said anything
Sometimes I wonder if Shaynus has reverse body dysmorphia and genuinely thinks her nasty little beady eyes, non-existent lips, brown furry snaggle teeth and crusty fungus-covered skin is attractive. I know that her retarded coomers tell her she’s attractive but I think we can all agree that it’s not her face they’re referring to (not that there’s any part of her that isn’t repugnant, but you get what I mean)

No. 1674288

File: 1665647474701.jpeg (869.36 KB, 828x1530, A7054DBA-82DA-4602-A39B-5C0C74…)

She just reposted this cringey shit that was on her old account with the caption “fake body”, wtf

No. 1674291

fake body is a thing people add to tiktok captions when they’re wearing tight fitting clothes or pics of their body that they believe the algorithm will flag/ban them for. non sex workers use it too and so do accounts from clearly eating disordered/body checking people, I have no idea if it truly works but it’s a thing on there. she’s already on thin ice with one account previously banned

No. 1674301

she was already bulimic at her lowest weight while consuming a bottle or so of wine and eating a handful of goldfish crackers a day. She's just in her alcoholic blow-up phase with no intention of slowing down.

No. 1674307

To all the burgers who think I’m some trailer trash tradthot (I’m not even American, I’m European) because most of my peers have their shit together by the age of 25 is this the better option? To be a whole adult who can’t even afford a pack of fairy lights for your rented apartment that you can’t afford to live in? Yeah, this cow is a loser and so are you if you're 25 and need to beg for soft furnishings. Get a savings account nonnas, it’s not hard.(derailing)

No. 1674312

yuropoors can afford even less than flyovers, F

No. 1674357

She legitimately has the body of a Troon, shapeless and wide

No. 1674358

Holy shit her alcoholism goes that far back? I need to read the older threads, I definitely missed some insanity there

No. 1674368

Is this from when she wanted to do a photo shoot in a bath tub filled with candy but then only bought like a single one pound bag thinking it would be enough kek

No. 1674369

Well you got out and I’m happy for that. FS is different from e-whoring though. There is an endless supply of younger prettier cheaper more extreme girls at the click of a button. Prostitution is so much more of a hassle for johns so they’re more likely to stick to the old and familiar, established businesses. Online, there is definitely a “wall” of aging out, goes for the hot top girls too. Most of their fan base eventually leave and all they have left are parasocial delusional fucking weirdos who are fixated with them.

No. 1674370

File: 1665660906519.jpeg (519.9 KB, 1170x1502, 2EC5ADA7-560C-4DD8-B593-2DA8CE…)

No. 1674394

At the risk of stating the obvious, a lot of young, lazy, middle class girls get into ewhoring because they think it’s easy money and have been sold the lie of muh female empowerment, full service is a whole different ball game (literally and figuratively, kek). Prostitution is legal in my country, while I wouldn’t say I “know” any sex workers per se I have had contact with a few in a professional capacity (t. medfag) and the one thing they had in common is that they were doing it for survival. Their circumstances were/are extremely grim. I’d like to think that entitled brats like Shat would have some sense slapped into them if they encountered even an iota of what these women were subjected to but they’d probably just double down on their delusion of being a thriving hashtag girlboss. By the time they realise they’ve aged out of it it’s too late, they’ve wasted their formative years doing irreparable damage to their mental health, physical health and, in the case of someone like Shaynus who has her porn name and degenerate behaviour forever associated with her government name thanks to these threads, reputation. No matter how “woke” people like to think others are, there is still a huge stigma around sex work, even if those engaging in it aren’t doing depraved pedo pandering shit they’ll still be judged. Stupid games, stupid prizes.

No. 1674399

Uh oh looks like Carrie Bradshaw got triggered again by the realization that pregnancy over age 35 is known as geriatric pregnancy for a reason kek.
Women who knowingly plan to start families in their late 30s are just terminally retarded products of American individualism & the fetishism of female youth. You seem like the type that thinks freezing your eggs works lel

No. 1674403

Urban trash amerifags will never admit that they're wrong, nonna.
These pov 30 somethings still struggling to save a nest egg are convinced that either everyone spends 15 years "finding themselves" or they become hookers. There is no option in between where you find yourself in your 20s, then get your shit together in your 30s to start a family like a normal, responsible adult. Americans - particularly city burgers - have trouble conceptualizing any lifestyle beyond their own failure-to-launch & the bottom of the barrel e-whores that they use as a comparison to cope with their own failings.(derailing)

No. 1674430

Do we think Ellen is pimping big shaynus out? Beating her up for an audience in the weird swingers club, private sessions in her apartment with men who want to hose her down, and them going out to bars in shirts advertising that she’s a whore all makes me think they are a double act. I wonder if she takes a cut of shaynus’ profits or if she’s using her to attract scrotes.

No. 1674447

There's definitely something weird about their relationship. IIRC Ellen's name is on the lease of Fat Shat's apartment so maybe their agreement is that Shaymu has to work with clients provided by Ellen to pay her rent.

No. 1674456

Kek I bet you think it's ok for moids to be breeding at 65 yo though. Not all of us are junkie whores partying, fucking and drinking every night just because we didn't have kids at 20 lmao.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1674457

can you retards actually shut the fuck up

is she still doing those retarded Microsoft powerpoint 'fancams' of herself with awful music and terrible transitions? where did she get the idea that that type of video is trendy - like, it's not popular with zoomers on tiktok or twitter, and people on tumblr never did it either. how has she convinced herself it's a good way to market herself kek

No. 1674472

It is a weird set up. I don’t think they feel any sort of romantic attachment to each other and they have different lifestyles so what is it that makes ellen do shit like putting herself on the line to get Shaynu an apartment? She must be getting something out of it.

No. 1674485

File: 1665674865892.jpeg (26.5 KB, 272x274, 1657862218783.jpeg)

please just go emotionally abuse your toddler or take a tequila shot or go to /ot/ no one here gives a fuck about where you live or what age you and your friends do or don't get knocked up(infighting)

No. 1674488

Ummmm what lol. You realize what board you're on, right? Everyone knows that moid sperm is rotten & practically immotile past 40. But go ahead & keep coping with biological reality by insisting that it applies to neither men nor woman rather than applying to both.

Also kek at you thinking that Carrie Bradshaw = junkie whore. If that shoe fits you, dear.(ban evading retard)

No. 1674489

And double kek at you changing the average age window for kids from 25-35 into "omg so you guys want all women to have kids at 20?? And all men at 65??". Fantastic mental gymnastics, junkie whorechan.

No. 1674494

this is a shayna thread, can you go sperg about muh empty egg cartons somewhere else? maybe the manosphere?
I can’t remember what dating site it was on (or which thread, sorry nonas) but shayna was definitely advertising them as a couple looking for someone to play with at one point

No. 1674500

I think it was Seeking Arrangement? But I could be wrong

No. 1674501

File: 1665676646876.jpeg (575.09 KB, 1170x1627, 9B8130E9-559C-488A-ADF5-FD0894…)

No. 1674515

It was SA, I’m too lazy too look for it but I remember the profile kek
> his hair
Is she doing this with bald bitch Ken Doll or someone else? Not that it matters bc all of her moids are bald actually

No. 1674520

Starting to see the trend in Shay threads of irl prostitutes who think they're superior to Shay because their brand of sex work is more srs business!! Kek I thought all the nitpicking was from other ewhores

Sex work isn't real work. Cope by feeling superior to pedo pandering lardy.(derailing)

No. 1674528

what does b/g mean

No. 1674530

Link the post or it's just another variation of everyoneidontlikeisanewhore.jpg

No. 1674531


No. 1674540

File: 1665680195308.jpeg (102.96 KB, 703x266, FB52FD61-FB3C-42E8-8F85-40E613…)

why is she always saying stuff like this?

No. 1674543

Because she desperately wants to convince herself that her failure to make rent is because she's a pariah rather than being because she's fat/ugly/a low-budget whore.

No. 1674547

It doesn’t matter why, the fact is you’re still blocked and broke and friendless, bitch

No. 1674548

she needs to go to a derm and get antibiotics for that stuff. unironically shes had it for years and it needs to be done

No. 1674549

Nobody cares, why do these "people" care if random competition stops following them? Nobody shayna follows can give her a giant boost anyway. She's just retarded

No. 1674556

Is she going to put bald ass Ken in the ham wig?™️

No. 1674558

Is she putting her stinky clothes on a guy? Kek

No. 1674564

Yeah and even she knew it was embarrassing kek. She was upset about it after. I remember Princess Ponch. The whole thing was a mess. The wig and cosplay looked like garbage and she was too stupid and cheap to pull of the candy in bathtub idea. She like put a towel down and dumped a bag on it and there wasnt even enough for one thin layer to cover the towel/bottom. And also why she put a towel down as if that made it les gross/the candy salvageable??

No. 1674566

least seething yuropoor

No. 1674571

>made it les gross/the candy salvageable??
I never considered at the time but now that you mention it she probably did eat the candy afterwards.

No. 1674573

Idk if its worse to waste it or eat it. I mean its definitely disgusting with the latter. Maybe instead of candy she shouldve gone with real peaches kek at least they have skin and it actually couldve been a decent food fetish type vid.

No. 1674589

That face she's making is not cute and makes her look retarded

No. 1674608

Disappointed, but not the least bit surprised. Maybe she has an audience in trannies

No. 1674609

Thats kinda rhetorical with her. All her pics are like that because she's ugly, stupid, and bad at everything kek

No. 1674641

I live in a household with an alchy and she has that same look, I can guarantee she'll be an end stage alcoholic in her mid 30s, it's an insidious addiction.

No. 1674655

File: 1665691742391.jpeg (1.14 MB, 1242x1470, 2627B688-BDD0-47AC-A2F2-AA1244…)

No. 1674657

definitely, because trannies are pornsick bastards

No. 1674658

This is so depressing it almost made me feel bad for her

No. 1674660

With her track record she's going to want a relationship with this moid.

No. 1674663


No. 1674664

24 hours???

No. 1674667

He can't keep it up so they have to shoot 2 minute takes with half hour breaks

No. 1674700

File: 1665694918648.jpeg (1.22 MB, 1170x1702, 309C2CBB-9C81-4520-BD9E-1DCC28…)

24 hours? Is he staying the night at her house?

No. 1674707

I bet she said the footage was fucked up on purpose to have an excuse for some male company and dick again, flaccid as it may be. She lets him fuck her in her own bedroom so why not, can’t see any professional boundaries there, any normal person would check the footage right after filming so you don’t have to burden yourselves with the process all over again.

No. 1674715

That unwashed hoodie is gonna smell rank

No. 1674721

why is he saying this like it's a punishment? real great promo dickhead.

No. 1674730

Classic bpdchan move. "i'm the victim everyone hates me but i have such a horrible personality it can't possibly be organic"
I bet she's not even going to wash them pre sissifying (insert moid name here).
Good lord, they're both going to end up with new STDs.

No. 1674731

Its crazy how much he looks like Shayna.

No. 1674745

So she's probably going to put one of her ugly wigs and outfits on this scrote. He confirmed fucked one woman literally after fucking her. She's retarded and lonely

No. 1674747

Also he looks like a gay penis. Like he sucks dick for cocks and he's so disgusting to look at.

No. 1674753

Floppy fag

No. 1674757

It's that fucking facial expression. So punchable.
Lmao Shay gonna be putting hair clips in John's back hair.

No. 1674763

> Lmao Shay gonna be putting hair clips in John's back hair.
are you talking about John Kendall Cox of Pasco, WA?

No. 1674769

He does not have the nose for a piercing lol it straight up looks like a witch nose with a wart. I guess him and Shaynus have that in common kek

No. 1674776

It does sound like he's being tortured kek

No. 1674777

File: 1665701877652.jpeg (51.12 KB, 469x480, 3008BED3-7A25-4FD7-BE0A-90BA48…)

>putting hair clips in his back hair
Fucking hell nona I’m crying

No. 1674780

He gives me will bluderfield vibes

No. 1674809

File: 1665704610386.jpg (358.21 KB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_20221013-184255_Twi…)


No. 1674810

Straight up, if she sissifies him he’s just gonna look like her. The two of them are so witchy and hatchet faced she’ll just be making the hairier version of herself over.

No. 1674811

File: 1665704757906.jpeg (365.64 KB, 1170x1007, 175E3633-6D8B-496F-B229-303AAF…)

No. 1674823

I wonder if part of the “sissification” (fuck I truly hate kink) is shaving Gayfag Hairyshoulders’ back and chest because lets be honest, this disgusting moid would never. He probably thinks it’s “sexy”

No. 1674826

She's always been an alchy, but I think the craft beers in particular were something she picked up in OK from Fupa. If she had never met him, she'd probably be downing the same amount of alcohol, but in Whiteclaws & pink wine. That switch alone to craft beer has probably added at least 10 lb over the years. A tall boy of a high % IPA can easily surpass 300 calories, and we all know she's not drinking just one beer.

No. 1674829

If ever there was a moid that needed botox it's this one. Put that spock eyebrow down, smeg.

No. 1674832

he sucks dick for cock? your unbridled homophobia is rotting your brain

No. 1674838

oh no, what if he wears one of her wigs?

No. 1674843

I seriously doubt he's not going to throw on that hotdogs colored wig or the black wig she owns.
It's a meme, how do you call me homophobic but ignore the nonnie under me flat put calling this ugly scrote a fag??

No. 1674851

Riveting content!!!!!!

No. 1674874

lurk moar

No. 1674875

Back to Twitter

No. 1674922

It grosses me out that whenever she showers she has to mention it. She thinks just washing her body and ordering her fatass self some doordash means she’s had a productive day.

No. 1674934

Add to that the fact that it’s likely the only time she showers is when she’s broadcasting it like it’s an achievement. I can’t even begin to imagine the stench that must waft off this big greasy bitch

No. 1674938

Kek nonny I never thought I’d see a Will Blunderfield reference in the shayna thread

No. 1674941

File: 1665716513191.jpg (260.96 KB, 1080x1633, Screenshot_2022-10-14-03-55-23…)

Why does kenmoid have "top 0.00%" in his name?

Does he honestly think he's top shit or is it a joke cos dude clearly has no OF subscribers (or at best a few)

No. 1674945


I'm hoping she puts him in her pink birthday sausage casting with the wig that's basically her skin tone, personally.

No. 1674946

File: 1665717030289.jpeg (618.07 KB, 1170x1845, CB137A9F-DA39-4AC4-AABE-FD21E5…)

No. 1674970

Did she drop out of the MV contest already? Looks like she deleted all her tweets about it. Such a sore loser before she could even lose. Kek

No. 1674987

File: 1665722842581.jpg (139.05 KB, 240x627, mv.jpg)

She placed 29th kek

No. 1675021

Why does it look like she has a humpback?

No. 1675023

>wish me luck
Why does he have such a huge nose ring? Looks so tacky.

No. 1675024

File: 1665726739375.jpeg (51.19 KB, 463x499, 24BE92F7-2995-4FC3-B596-BF574A…)

No. 1675033

Wow I didn’t notice that… it looks more like a back breast to me

No. 1675034

Wait maybe it is a pillow. Really hard to know with this one

No. 1675062

so fucking bad at being a whore, jfc

No. 1675067

I was just thinking how unprofessional that came off. Like imagine being the one who cant even show up for a paid gig, looking appropriate.

No. 1675075

She acts like she's some sort of celebrity that deserves to have allowances made for her when in reality she's a cheap whore that can be easily replaced.

No. 1675100

Kek he’s doing the same shaymu troon smirk, they’re about to look identical

No. 1675106

and to top it off she really thinks this is a compliment of her persona or something, no shaymu, you didn't get the memo and everyone is annoyed by you and playing it off with a "lol"

No. 1675116

File: 1665746017274.jpeg (Spoiler Image,426.38 KB, 2047x1328, 4B48DD0D-A2E5-402E-94FE-3A2B57…)

everything about this is making me cackle(spoil this type of shit, sis)

No. 1675118

Damn no spoiler lmfao, wasn’t expecting to see that first thing kek

No. 1675127

Blush, highlighter, a different color lipstick…. she must really like this moid she is putting actual effort into her appearance albeit not much of an improvement, just to take his floppy dick. So sad and pathetic.

No. 1675131

GOD this hairy faggot is so putrid, imagine the smell in that apartment (or maybe don’t if you value your olfactory sense)

No. 1675164

File: 1665751661478.gif (6.02 MB, 498x280, FA75717D-3263-435C-9CF7-7E0243…)

> beautiful lovers
Get this bitch on false advertising

No. 1675166

Soy wears those black gloves too, why do they do this? They’ll stick their dick in nasty without a condom but they have to wear gloves on their hands? Retarded

No. 1675184

not the salt bae gloves

No. 1675186

The highlight on her nose is really accentuating how bulbous and grandfatherly it looks

No. 1675191

Tbt Fupa lady driver gloves

No. 1675214

Nona I’m chuckling
I can’t wait to see how disastrous this shoot turns out

No. 1675216

File: 1665756911418.jpeg (20.66 KB, 400x400, D487F0BF-3AC0-4B18-ABF3-9DABB4…)

>black gloves
Absolutely triggered, luv

No. 1675217

So I assume he came over again to refilm that scream screen. So she just let him fuck her raw again

No. 1675267

Are they not from the ghostface costume? She’s in her cheerleader outfit. The gloves are for the stupid concept for her video

No. 1675298

File: 1665764478620.jpeg (438.03 KB, 1242x1629, 57F97A35-B6A7-4735-BE31-3279B2…)

No. 1675301

File: 1665764617028.png (130.42 KB, 374x365, 87116D73-AD91-41DE-ABC4-3D6974…)

Fupaul lady glove flashbacks

No. 1675304

pedoshit good. raceplay bad. if she could apply these mental gymnastics to her real life, maybe she'd finally lose some weight.

No. 1675305

It's disgusting to me how she calls out beastiality but not pedophilia.

No. 1675311

Twitterfag standards in a nutshell, can’t be racist in any way whatsoever but abusing women and glorifying pedophilia and rape for “kink” and monetizing it is totally fine

No. 1675322

I always find it weird how POC can't choose to exploit themselves in race play content. But girls freshly 18, women pretending to be babies, women choosing to be abused on camera is okay. Like you can dress and act like a baby, get punched in the face for pennies by a scrote. But a grown man of color can't do BBC content with whoever he wants? It's so retarded and it's not like big porn studios and actors don't do "BBC" or that kind of content anyway. Really telling who they think should be exploited and can consent to it but who can't. It's all disgusting but the logic of it all. I promise you moc don't give a shit and will do interracial race play porn regardless of if crusty mouth shayna tries to protect them from it

No. 1675329

How dare she police what adult WOC can do with their bodies, shame on her

No. 1675344

File: 1665768472911.jpeg (Spoiler Image,853.91 KB, 1242x1497, 98B25A70-FA92-43E0-B07B-748D86…)

No. 1675360

No she does not refer to her biological father when typing daddy on a photo of a full frontal nude male.

No. 1675361

You never fucking know with this idiot.

No. 1675366


Girl it's a full out nude why would she be talking about her biological father? Even the most degenerate of SWers wouldn't publicly out themselves as incestuous whores. Shayna threads be giving people brain damage fr lmao

No. 1675377

All the men she likes have tiny dicks. I guess it's balance when you see her vagina.

No. 1675379

I agree the logic is missing there and as a white girl, its not her place to speak on it. Like its ok to fetishize anything else in porn, including rape, children, and yes even animals, etc. But race fetish is the line and particularly poc can't "fetishize" themselves and get their money off that? Interesting.
Shes totally fine with pet play and those disgusting animal penis dildos and wouldnt kink shame horse or dog fucking fantasy and refers to herself as having "puppy parts" and gross shit like that that's further than just reg pet play. And I mean one of her new coomer commenters posts horseporn AND raceplay so I really don't know where she's coming from. Once again, she needs to check herself and mind her own shitty business.

No. 1675386

the irony when she dresses up like a dog and refers to her vagina as “puppy cunt”

No. 1675387

File: 1665771524889.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.49 MB, 1242x1790, 60B4B371-3E7E-485C-BB6E-F9D6BC…)

Even with lipstick she looks horrible

No. 1675392

yeah if you have smaller lips, darker colors tend to emphasize that.. it’s also a matte lipstick which doesn’t help her crusty mouth.

No. 1675429

It took years for her to finally try a new lip color (and use it more then once), I guess when she came here and saw us talking shit she took something from it. Does anyone know why her breast always looks swollen and agitated?

No. 1675438

yeah, the only people who should be calling it out are other POC, even then in twitter sex work laws, it's two consenting people, exploiting themselves & each other in kink. I'm assuming she means white women using black dildos, because i hope she's not talking about policing adult degenerates doing raceplay.
Even then, if we can't call you out for pretending to be a fucking baby, an dog, wanting to be raped, drugged and beaten, and thats kink shaming, how is it right to call out two people race playing?
I'm not defending any of it, it's just retarded, in a way it's like she's saying, "Animals and POC can't consent equally" or some shit, because why bring up race play along with animal screwing?
Animals are animals. As long as two consenting fucked up adults agree to race play, who the fuck should whine about it?And the last person should be ugly ass white shayna.

No. 1675452

No. 1675454

Could just be because she pumped up the saturation on this but Christ her veiny tit looks like it's about to explode

No. 1675478

Isn’t it bestiality to fuck a sex toy made to replicate a real life animal penis?

No. 1675502

Shay! Wash your damn hair you could wring it out and fry an egg or two with the grease

No. 1675505

her nipples look like skin tags, gross.

No. 1675506

these are how hard nipples look nonnie

No. 1675519

It does look really swollen, actually it looks like the skin is tight and red. Maybe the moid smacked it? That's more odd looking than usual

No. 1675528

It literally makes no sense to say white girl cant use or prefer a black dildo when shaynus is very ok with sexualizing kids and animal things. Like if you wanna use a dark tone dildo so what? Especially if youre not putting a sexualized narrative to it lol. I mean that goes beyond her logic of ageplay ddlg and pet play being kink and great because it doesnt involve actual children or animals, just pretending to be or using items for them for kink. She got shit for a dark dildo because she wanted to profit off it for that trump video. But honestly I see it kinda weirder and exclusive if you only use a white tone dildo kek. I mean its the standard and if you just have one, sure. But you can use a dark tone one and it not be racist. You just dont fetishize and tag it bbc and shit like that lol.
I think it's like on the line. Its the closest thing to actually fucking an animal without actually doing it/being illegal. Its weird and disgusting. Pet play is lite mode, then there's furries and fucking animal sex toys, then theres fucking an actual animal lol

No. 1675547

My jaw dropped bc I am shocked by how ugly she looks. My god Shayna have some. I don’t even know, self awareness???

No. 1675565

She needs to drop that terrible smirk and find a better way to smile. Dragging your face off to one side is not cute.

No. 1675568

File: 1665789846325.jpeg (227.16 KB, 1200x1152, E1FBFCFB-8651-401B-B7D0-2E4C1E…)

Smirk sisters

No. 1675570

Man probably raises his eyebrow more than The Rock.

Is he gonna repost all his tiktoks on twitter now that he got banned?

No. 1675572

The fact that he has brought up his IRL in at least one tiktok we know of (probably had done it more) and then posts content like this shit…it gives me such gross vibes ugh he is so hideous they’re a perfect match

No. 1675618

Jfc she’s so GREASY, absolutely rancid. Her eyes are terrifying, not just because they look like literal shit, she looks straight up possessed. Imagine how much worse this would look without the filters

No. 1675623

No cow makes me want to a-log as much as this repugnant fat pedo

No. 1675632

File: 1665794187410.png (112.4 KB, 264x377, Mike_Ehrmantraut_BCS_S3.png)

No. 1675652

>bulbous and grandfatherly
I’m never leaving these threads
The way he posts this shit and then posts about his real 13 year old daughter…. resisting the urge to alog

No. 1675655

anon don’t do Mike like that

No. 1675689

Part of me wonders if she does hold racist views regarding black men. Maybe racist is the wrong word here, prejudiced or repulsed might be better, idk. It seems odd to me that the black moid from fetcon was prepared to work with her and he was better looking and had a bigger following than the low tier bald scrote she's currently raw fucking.

No. 1675724

But that guy was on the east coast and doesn’t this bald pedophile live in Washington?

No. 1675726

File: 1665803827912.jpeg (547.17 KB, 1242x1644, C6558690-E747-465A-96E1-78D895…)

No. 1675727

File: 1665803865525.jpeg (679.13 KB, 1242x1215, 861C3F78-660B-4C9E-9858-B40BF6…)

She attracts the most degenerate people

No. 1675730

File: 1665804077839.jpeg (363.79 KB, 1536x2048, 9073DA61-1038-42BB-AD86-23EABC…)

Kek not the black gloves

No. 1675735

what the fuck is a pro-am slut?

No. 1675741

Maybe she just has terrible taste in moids. Idk if not being attracted to a better looking black moid makes her prejudice (I'm sure you could find other legitimate instances, like her inserting herself into raceplay issues for clout when she's CSA larper). But this specific line of thinking is way too close to troons who say lesbians are transphobic for not wanting to sleep with them. I think everyone's entitled to their type, even if their type is only disgusting, old, bald white men.

No. 1675742

Who is this for tho? Her 3 coomers don’t want that kek

No. 1675744

File: 1665806369433.jpeg (605.52 KB, 1170x1181, 15CBDDB2-4FBC-4205-9304-47BE38…)

Him and Shay will get along just fine

No. 1675751

No. 1675753

I hate that Twitter allows this with zero consequences. This is offensive as hell to the victims

No. 1675779

I bet she wanted to be “totally dommed uwu slap me daddy” by this ken scrote but he demanded she sissify him instead. It was the only way she could get laid. Lmao bleak bleak bleak.

No. 1675786

there’s a separate person tagged so he’s probably the sissy and not ken. Ken seemed extremely comfortable being dominated/borderline raped by big shay in his twinky ghostface look though, wonder if she made him turn the tables since we all know she’s desperate to be in a victim role

No. 1675790

Anons are too brain fried from Shayna’s retardation to read properly

No. 1675795

File: 1665812989372.jpeg (798.43 KB, 902x895, ECCBD26F-5445-4EE0-B371-6EA8A8…)

No. 1675799

I don’t understand a single word of this but I’m assuming it’s just an unnecessarily florid way of saying “I’m a degenerate”

No. 1675812

there's a fungus among us

No. 1675858

Match made in heaven, hope they both die

No. 1675953


Hopefully him and Shayna both meet some psycho who will give them what they ask for…

No. 1675980

File: 1665838580892.jpg (224.28 KB, 719x1280, 1519368021254.jpg)

Saged because it's old news but I felt the need to remind everyone of this. When shayna or anons reminisce about the peak of her career this is what they're talking about. She was sleeping on the floor without a mattress, lights taped to the wall, baseboards hidden with quilt bedding. She would frequently drape unhemmed fabric over the cage to use it as working surface, like when she baked a cake for her birthday (that she threw up afterwards). Thriving!

No. 1676010

Not really a nitpick but am I alone in thinking that she looks so damn british here

No. 1676030

I know for a fact that Shayna has never experienced attraction to a black man

No. 1676031

I still can’t fucking believe that this bitch slept on the floor for almost two years

No. 1676076

File: 1665849468263.jpeg (467.64 KB, 1536x2048, EF18172F-0D58-41E6-861F-5A7B45…)

Constantly shocked by the state of the moids she allows in her apartment

No. 1676080

File: 1665849569627.jpeg (436.41 KB, 1536x2048, 135A195C-9B2E-4339-957A-7E5886…)

For once he’s not bald but with that cotton candy textured hair he should be. He looks like a literal tard. Who is this for?

No. 1676083

File: 1665849653421.jpeg (600.2 KB, 828x1247, D7EB501E-0EAD-479A-9E53-B7BB74…)

Her eyes. I’m scared.

No. 1676084

Wow Jimmy Urine has really put on weight

No. 1676085

Leonard from The Big Bang theory lookin ass

No. 1676089

i feel so honored that you liked my meme enough to save it, love you nona

No. 1676091


Wow, he literally looks like the sexual predator scrote that hangs out at the Starbucks by my job. I'm loving the Shayna prostitution saga

No. 1676101

File: 1665850458156.jpeg (187.42 KB, 439x568, 0D58E20C-040F-4013-9329-ADADFD…)

it's giving fat sister from hocus pocus

No. 1676104

She's wider than he is.

No. 1676105

I’m fucking dying Eraser looking ass

No. 1676106

File: 1665850649709.jpeg (47.74 KB, 500x500, EF60B579-DE7B-49C0-8B49-5F1608…)

I dont know why the nona deleted her Kenny Hotz comparison - but was gonna say he’s giving more Randy Lahey vibes. Kek

No. 1676108

File: 1665850744932.jpeg (1.23 MB, 1400x2100, 898E0CD5-802B-457C-991B-A24ABA…)

No. 1676113

dis the type of dry skin pasty ass bitch who think will smith “cute”

No. 1676115

Damn, fingering Shaymu did this to his fingernails?

No. 1676118

That dress is terribly unflattering on her body.

No. 1676119

File: 1665851344334.jpg (65.64 KB, 1200x797, steve_brule.jpg)

I feel like if you merge shayna and that guy you get this dude.
Oh and another scrote who knows where she lives wonder if this Is the dude she fucked.

No. 1676122

kek he looks like when you get electrocuted in the sims 2

No. 1676137

He really does look like Henry but fatter >>1676076
Jfc. I feel like for a sissification vid this is still weird and bad like idk the dude already looks gay before she does anything to him. And she hardly did anything to make it all that embarrassing? I haven't seen sissification content but I just feel like its supposed to be a lot more degrading and just… more than that. She drew thin eyeliner on the top lid, put bows on, and gave him a harness and black skirt. If not for the ckashing pink bows, id say she made him look better than she does herself which seems more embarrassing for her kek

No. 1676140

File: 1665854785376.jpg (77.26 KB, 1080x480, Screenshot_20221015-101437_Sam…)

You want friends, Shayna. Thats what people do with their friends. Not some retarded random moid they have to pay or cater kink to and let into their apartment.
Also I wish the dryer would eat those damn socks and those heels break Im sick of seeing them, especially together. She acts like she has a huge shoe collection but all we ever see here wear is those ugly stripper heels and the basic white but dirty tennis shoes. Oh and those cheap chunky sandals for all of fetcon. But she acts like she needs a shoe shelf display. We've seen her throw her discolored grimey shoes in a box she must forget about. She has those paw print socks that get stretched to an unrecognizable pattern and the rainbow ones. Then the lace ones which idk how theyve held together after all these years. She's terrible at being a bimbo whore. She should have thigh highs and fishnets and cute heels. Lingerie. But no, she'd rather by clothes that remind her of deli meat and shit thats childish.

No. 1676142

She probably realized she gets more attention with this, the engagement is higher already thanks to twitter troon coomers

No. 1676152

top kek nonna ily

No. 1676162

So sexualizing racism means you're a racist, but sexualizing misogyny, pedophilia and CSA has nothing to do with your personality or beliefs whatsoever. Incelesting

No. 1676163

He looks like he has a podcast

No. 1676168

Ugly Moid Weekly Roundup: this weeks special episode is on why failed men fall for the sissification meme, how to find a woman desperate enough to accept it, and how to erase every ounce of moisture from your hair!

No. 1676176

she cant even look good next to an ugly guy

No. 1676187

File: 1665859821605.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.25 MB, 982x1831, 2060D589-BFEB-4855-8BDD-20D39B…)

No. 1676197

File: 1665860561484.jpeg (62.17 KB, 500x750, C4DF7C5C-ABDA-4E5C-A8D9-3565E2…)

Kenny’s been having a hard time lately

No. 1676200


No. 1676201

Lardy Shaymu

No. 1676212

I love how even when she tries to make her breast and ass look "bigger" they just look weird. Swollen red looking breasts, lumpy clearly tiny ass. What's the point? Why catfish this much as If scrotes don't buy your shit knowing how you really look. To me this kind of shit looks worse then her actual body because you can tell she's forcing this shape.

No. 1676213

I've heard of Cottage Cheese Thighs, but never Cottage Cheese Tits.

No. 1676214

Holy shit she looks terrible. the shelf gut, the thighs that protrude like momos, cellulite, arms, etc., I can’t.

No. 1676215

same anon why doesn't she get her boob checked out?? I don't think I've ever seen someone's breast look like it has an infection or something like this. It just looks painful. Maybe it's the lighting or whatever editing she's using, but lord

No. 1676216

The neck, the fupa. Good god love yourself.

No. 1676217

Fr I’m >>1676214 and >>1676216
Sorry for sf but it’s looked so irritated in these last few pics something don’t ain’t right. Where’s breast implant illness anon when you need her

No. 1676220

And what's with all the shit piled by the sink? That's how you know she don't wash her ass wouldn't all that cardboard and plastic start collecting water from fog or some shit? At least from washing her hands/brushing her teeth/ or washing her face? Or does she move that shit closer because she thinks it's a flex to have cheap hello kitty stuff in the frame?

No. 1676225

I laughed hard kek I love you ladies

No. 1676237

File: 1665863557471.jpeg (433.97 KB, 1170x1175, 0B54400A-5DF9-4030-993F-CC427A…)

No. 1676250

he wants to be Will Blunderfield so bad kek

came here to post this

I think she’s self-conscious about her beady black eyes so she’s shooping them lighter brown.

No. 1676262

why doesn't this whale just buy a display case if she wants to hoard dollar store hello kitty merchandise instead of actually using the product? she clearly ain't got no skin care routine if that literal garbage is taking up more than half the fucking sink's real estate. i bet this bitch washes her body by rubbing soap on her skin. nasty.

No. 1676263

why does she spend so much time editing this shit? None of it looks professional or nice. Just like she sits around editing 25 almost identical pictures of herself, why??? And for who? What is she adding really? I don't get it

No. 1676267

Because Shayna thinks cheap products that are pink or cute, look better then actually buying cute pink decorations. Didn't she bring a purse or some shit into her kitchen to brag about how pink it is? She's retarded and has no style. Also she's stuck in high school mindset. Most people may have products they USE near the sink, but if they want display shit they'll just get some kind of shelf and display it.
Shayna still thinks it's high school where Teena are impressed by how much Victoria secret and baths and body works sprays you have on your dresser in a mirror selfie. She displays cheap shit like it's Chanel or birkins.

No. 1676270

i can’t believe she admits to drinking what is probably a full bottle of rosé alone at 12 in the afternoon. sad

No. 1676273

this is the most disgusting thing, she's really letting these absolute degenerates into her house?? she's so fucking stupid

No. 1676275

File: 1665866446689.jpeg (493.99 KB, 2048x1536, A9BC6150-092C-428D-BF82-4D5D11…)

It was a great meme nonnie. Love you too
God her video ideas are so gross

No. 1676291

Did she ever talk about it?? I’m sure she could have at least bought a floor mattress or air bed

No. 1676293

She always avoided that topic

No. 1676352

She has the titveins she deserves

No. 1676354

Maybe it's migrated & is ready to burst. iirc you have to get implants taken out & replaced every 10 or so years. And I think that she got hers in her late teens?

No. 1676355

File: 1665874408865.jpeg (486.98 KB, 1768x2048, 0B9989CF-56DA-4CD4-9A2C-A5BF41…)

They both look like sissies lmaoo

No. 1676360

Father and son doing a sissy session togeather

No. 1676361

WTF WTF WTF WTF. Moids who make ddlg content while having ACTUAL teenaged daughters at home are fucking barbaric degenerates. And this particular scrote KNOWS that his teenaged daughter & her friends watch his tik toks. It's so fucking incestuous & pedophilic I want to stab him repeatedly in his spock brow while asking what the fuck happened to him that made him such a predatory pedo so that I can target any other pedo scrote fathers polluting humanity. CPS needs to take away his kids & summarily execute him via degloving.

No. 1676362

And what's this weird face shop?

No. 1676363

I hate when Shayna edits her face skinny like this, it’s so ugly and makes her body look wider

No. 1676365

File: 1665874881475.jpeg (1.8 MB, 1242x1640, 775078CD-B909-4930-A381-793363…)

Big Shay filmed with both scrotes on the same day (im assuming because of the same hair and makeup)

No. 1676368

He really does have horrible taste in tattoos. The shitty clipart on the one hand, combined with some generic moidal dragony snake abomination that looks like a coverup because it's way too dark. I'd bet you all 5 pretty princess points that he's got a tribal tattoo somewhere. Basic bitch shit only. If he were a woman, he would have a playboy tattoo or a trampstamp.

No. 1676369

Tinfoiling that this is why she's such a flatback with a hank hill ass now

No. 1676371

why does he look poorly photoshopped into the pic

No. 1676372

Kek this looks like a meme, why does he do that ugly ass face and Shayna looks like a old ass cartoon ladybug. I think I hate this dudes smirk more then I hate Shaynas

No. 1676373

I buy Shayna being a racist tinfoil. I mean she only listens to white dad rock music. She rarely reposts women of color. She doesn’t listen to black artists regularly. She didn’t want to film with the dildoe moid from fatcon who was still a degenerate but not as hideous as John Cox.

No. 1676374

> twitter standards
Nah this is just modern society in a nutshell

No. 1676376

I love how she's convinced herself that he shelf-pussy is a 'fat pussy' and is actually attractive. It's like when fat girls cope by saying they have a fat ass. Like, no love you're just fat all over.

No. 1676380

Shaymu has to be the most troonlike woman i've ever witnessed, her behaviour and general degeneracy, her moid like inability to wash or dress herself appropiately, her rampant and unrelenting misogyny. Kek, I can see her fitting very well in the troon niche.

No. 1676382

Christ her smile. She looks absolutely insane.
Yep, she did. I really can't imagine her moids wanting to see that punchable face on the side. Woof.

No. 1676383

Why moids with nail varnish make me want to alog so fucking bad it's the scrote version of danger hair for me.

No. 1676387

I agree with you nonnie I think it’s because she filtered herself into oblivion and not him so it looks like two different photos shopped together

No. 1676389

File: 1665876657687.jpg (269.13 KB, 1080x1934, Screenshot_2022-10-16-00-28-45…)

Shay's prob very disappointed that the only comments are praising the moid and not even mentioning her.

No. 1676391

Literally none of this indicates hating black people except maybe the last point made, but even degenerate landwhales like Shaymu aren't obligated to fuck a specific race of moid to prove they're progressive kek. She just likes ugly trailer trash because thats what she is herself. This post smells like twittertard, shaynas only genuinely racist behavior is performatively pandering to anti-racist movements online to cover up the flood of sjw ewhores accusing her of being an IRL nazi

No. 1676398

Whoooooa whoa whoa - this dress FITS her

No. 1676401

She put interracial sex on the same level as having sex with animals while ignoring that she writes CSA fiction for coomers on twitter. It's not just that comment, it's series of behaviours of how she interacts with black people that starts to add up when it's seen repeatedly. I don't think she wishes harm on black people but I do think she prefers to avoid people that aren't white.

No. 1676404

Pedopandering using his daughter as a prop to pose as a 'daddy'. I'm with you nonnie.
I'm joining you nonas with the tinfoiling.
This is seriously one of the worst things I've seen in these threads.
KEK i love you all.
Why lie at this point? Makes no sense.
Fucking Christ, she has crazy eyes again.

No. 1676407

girl what is this autism

No. 1676411

You sound so fucking stupid. Anyway, she's going to go see Lizzo with her ugly girlfriend, so there you go, proof she's not racist because she's supporting a morbidly obese black artist.

No. 1676413

She literally compared interracial fetish with bestiality. That’s fucked up. And I’m all for spreading misinformation to the twitter whores who lurk this thread to feel better about their minimum wage whoring

No. 1676414

I don’t think she’s racist either and race sperging derails almost every one of her threads lately. I wish the “is Shayna racist?!!?” discussion would be banned unless she does/says something obviously and indisputably racist. She’s literally filming with two different creeps on the same day, there’s actual shit to talk about.

No. 1676417

I’ve seen black men make the same comparison because interracial porn is often really dehumanizing towards them and perpetuates stereotypes about black men being hypersexual and rape-y.

No. 1676419

File: 1665879369055.jpeg (653.21 KB, 1014x1314, FC19845F-E3A7-4F27-B29F-876422…)

Shayna looks like she came back from Nam

No. 1676421

I don't know about the shay is racists shit, if black moids want to whine about being dehumanizing in porn by other black moids/women who choose to do interracial porn. Cool. However shayna even saying anything is retarded. It's not just because she's white, it's because she's against kink shaming but two grown people wanting to dehumanizing eachother shouldn't be "shamed" in her logic. She only cares about black moids or black dildos, she doesn't care if black women are treated like shit. It's dumb and weird for shayna to bring it up along with animal fucking. Of black scrotes want to do it, then whatever.

No. 1676426

>> i bet this bitch washes her body by rubbing soap on her skin. nasty.

uhhh what

No. 1676427

> I buy Shayna being a racist tinfoil. I mean she only listens to white dad rock music. She rarely reposts women of color. She doesn’t listen to black artists regularly.
The fuck, anon? You have to listen to rap/R&B/"race music" (as it used to be called) to not be racist? She's also not obligated to give what from what you're saying are basically affirmative-action reposts and certainly not obligated to fuck a gross Black scrote over a gross White scrote.

No. 1676429

Don't trigger the skincare sperg. Last time she posted a multi-paragraph fanfic about what products Shaynus should use.

No. 1676431

File: 1665880257090.jpeg (214.69 KB, 933x1270, B7275887-3269-42C2-AF31-BD4630…)

She’s racist nazi nonnie let the twitter fags eat this info up

No. 1676450

she already tried this concept a long ass time ago though, and it didn’t work. she just rehashes the same shit because she can’t remember anything she does.


No. 1676453

File: 1665882027598.jpeg (27.94 KB, 200x310, EE507C2B-916E-46AE-A1B6-6037F0…)

he looks like rob schneider in the hot chick

No. 1676455


I see her as someone who strongly prefers the company of white people,but I don't think she's a racist for most of the reasons you listed. I can see her genuinely feeling uncomfortable around black people, because she's an embarrassing upper middle class white girl that spent highschool calling her white friends nigga or making edgy racist "jokes".

No. 1676458

hoooooly shit, he really does!

No. 1676461

This is one of the most retarded things I’ve ever read on here. Shaynus doesn’t need to fuck some ugly black moid to prove she’s not racist. Fat Shat and her fat pimp “gf” are going to see fat Lizzo, she has never posted about going to see anyone else perform live before so she obviously likes her. That’s not to say she isn't racist, but this shit alone doesn’t prove she is

No. 1676463

"Raceplay" is not the same thing as interracial. Raceplay is shit like overt master/slave-themed porn, deliberately racist and dehumanizing (not that porn isn't already those things, but it's the whole point of this type and not just incidental).

No. 1676466

Can you retards shut the fuck up about race and move on, every thread same shit. We don’t care

No. 1676472

Don’t you dare do Kenny like that nona!
This so so accurate

No. 1676479

File: 1665884138954.jpeg (140.74 KB, 828x399, 900BAEB4-8206-4708-8A1E-A0E7A3…)

No. 1676480

No. 1676481

What's that? Shayna thinks that sexualizing oppressive crimes might encourage them?
Quoth Big Shaynus on multiple previous occasions: "As long as it doesn't involve non-consenting parties then it's A OK to make porn of it."

Is she saying that black people can't consent, the same way that animals can't? topkek. Or is she seriously trying to cape in with the take that raceplay in porn encourages racism irl? Because it's true, but is also the epitome of hypocrisy coming from a rape pornographer. If kiddie porn is totally kosher in your mind, and you refuse to acknowledge that you're a pedo because you're just pretending to be a child then that same logic applies to raceplay. They're just pretending to be racist. They're expressing their kinks like you are, you sex-negative slutshamer kek

No. 1676483

That’s how I read it too; Black people don’t have agency/bodily autonomy. I mean all porn is disgusting, degenerate and harmful but is she really saying that Black pornographers don’t have a choice in what they participate in? I hope the woketards like puppihambeast drag her for this, just for the milk

No. 1676488

She won't get dragged but that's what she meant. The conversation is getting old, but the connection is obvious. Animals cannot consent and it's cruel and unnatural. PoC can't consent to their own exploitation. Yes raceplay is harmful. But it's harmful for the same way any kind of fucked up porn is. Yet shayna gladly will support herself or other women being treated like shit "with consent", dressing like babies? Saying you want to be dragged and raped? Fine.
Women can consent to that but poc can't. I think it's more so Shayna being retarded at being woke and not really caring. I bet you she added that race play shit because some chick she doesn't like was doing it. Not because she truly cares why it's wrong. She'd have hold a mirror up to herself in that case

No. 1676500

The only reason she is saying interracial POV or whatever the fuck is bad is because literally every dumb whore on Twitter parrots this because black girls get upset when they see white girls using black dildos. Just like the dumb ahegao bullshit with asian girls, now you have every woketard whore saying it's racist. She's just pandering as usual… considering she was more than happy to live with dogfucker dawn, she's just a flip floppy bitch. Is puppi in here stirring the pot again?

No. 1676523

I hate when anons gotta reply to 20 posts at once, like girl we get it but this ain't a group chat. Like laugh at the moid and move on.

No. 1676559

I love how once again she has completely ghosted on her cam schedule. Has anyone actually kept a tally of how many times she has announced a schedule only to abandon it immediately like she never said anything?

No. 1676567

File: 1665898058201.jpeg (Spoiler Image,353.99 KB, 2048x2048, 8CFFD456-6136-4CDF-AB59-4CE72E…)


No. 1676580

Kek after comments on her Amy Schumer lips, she tried overlining, but she just looks incredibly pudgy with the bad editing and how haggish her features are. She really is just morphing into a fat troon.

No. 1676581

Too much going on and none of it is cute or done well so it just looks like a badly generated filter

No. 1676586

Is her bed an air matress?

No. 1676596

File: 1665903926843.png (3 MB, 2000x1600, grim.png)

Saged for old milk but damn I knew the top looked familiar

No. 1676599

File: 1665905020411.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.15 MB, 1242x1493, BF429FD6-2180-4CBD-B6D3-704686…)

Her bulging stomach peeking out lmao

No. 1676600

File: 1665905048061.jpeg (30.49 KB, 225x225, 772DAB46-4743-4FA9-9584-3698A6…)

He’s actually this omg

No. 1676602

is he hoverhanding her butt?

No. 1676603

idk what the standards are for that kink, but is it enough to just put his hair in two bows with no lipstick, no lashes and no bra or accessories? like he really doesn't look like he got help from a woman, he could've done this at home

No. 1676612

I think it would peek out even on skinnier people, esp if you are bent over like that

No. 1676630

still desperately looking for a niche that will pay her bills I see.

seriously. She could have dressed him in a shitty halloween costume and it would've been a better attempt than whatever the fuck this is. everything she does is so half assed and ugly. Doesn't help her choice of moids are literally bottom of the barrel and honestly offensive to look at.

No. 1676637

Do you think his penis is hard or flacid?

No. 1676650

Her socks match her holes; dirty and stretched out.

No. 1676660

Sick burn

No. 1676665

pandering to the troons will get her in some serious trouble i hope

No. 1676722

bitch is ass up face down, pussy all out in the open with a man "grabbing" her, and it's still so unsexy. It looks like he's preparing a cow to give birth, not like a pornstar about to ravish his co-worker. He looks like he's trying to avoid ruining his fungus manicure by making contact with Shayna's holes. lmfao

No. 1676758

i don't have proof but she made a tweet last night that said "who should i get fucked by on camera next?" and when i clicked the notification the tweet was deleted. it's so embarrassingly pathetic that this is her life.

No. 1676761

Hope she wakes up from being drunk and sees this as a wake up call. Even with the filters she’s a fatty in the face now

No. 1676842

I don't care if she gets paid from scrotes buying it, she's literally fuxking these men for free, not enjoying AND they get to make money off of it. It's a scrotes dream, they benefit the most from this. I serious doubt Shayna is making loads of money from her videos with ugly baldie. She doesn't even get fucking pleasure from it like the scrotes do, it's all retarded

No. 1676848

Right? At least be a cash upfront whore kek. Like its possible to do all that, risk stds, her housing, her safety, etc and do (albeit very little) work and not make anything. I mean yeah a couple people will probably buy it, but its not guaranteed. But I guess thats kinda how all e whoring is. Still though.
I figure at her weird shoots she gets paid at least partial upftont, then the rest after. But Im thinking of the spanking strictmoor ones. Idk how that shit works with her and Pooh Bear moid and other ones. I wouldnt be surprised if that bitch pays the dudes tbh.

No. 1676850

File: 1665941793507.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.86 MB, 1242x1630, 134165CC-15C8-485D-867B-4407A2…)

Shayna with Mr Floppy Johnson lol

No. 1676851

It looks retarded, like something you'd catch your nasty ass husband doing on his day off of work. This moid is already into gay shit, I'm sure he would've been open to shaving his chest and arms. She did the makeup badly, of course, could've put him in a wig, and his expression is absolutely retarded. He looks like he doesn't really understand what happened - not embarrassed or aroused, just confused. Like everyone who has "sex" with Shay I guess.

No. 1676852

Shayna should just be a domme. She’s already mean big and ugly it would suit her more. And she film her sessions with her “subs”. She can peg them and slap them on camera. Lots of Moids are into that. No risk of STDS because you’re using a strap on.

No. 1676853

While it's not decent for human eyes to see, at least she's making content these days.

No. 1676854

no. "making content" aka being a trashy whore is not a job. she needs a real job.

No. 1676855

That's one of the ugliest dicks I've ever seen

No. 1676856

Congrats to them both for having some of the ugliest bodies I’ve ever seen.

No. 1676857

Like how are these scrotes not winning? They get sex, they get to be in her house so they don't have to pay for money for a hotel and they get paid when they put that shit on their onlyflops. Nine of the scrotes she has around let her come to their houses, but they sure as shit come to hers. No hotels or anything. I feel by the end of this year 15 or more scrotes will know where she lives and how she lives

No. 1676858

File: 1665942319459.jpeg (1.36 MB, 2723x3459, B18F9CF7-054B-4D8E-915C-9464E6…)

Didn’t you call a woman on tumblr “baby hitler” when you were full grown ?

No. 1676859

eww wtf it looks like he has an ulcer or sore on the right side of his dick… vom

No. 1676861

She wants to be the uwu subby princess one though because it fits her gross brand and it's the easiest. Im surprised she even did that scene where she's the dominant one with Kendall and this sissification shit. But she's desperate for money and attention.
But aside from her occasional trying her hand at bad domme content and then dropping it, she always talks about being a bottom or pillow princess, a brat but still a sub (aka wants to be bitchy and make demands but do none of the work or effort and be taken care of)
She might try it like she does everything because she has no real personality or sexual drive or direction in general, but its too much effort ultimately and not the dynamic she built herself on and wants to stay in.

No. 1676863

Jfc dude they have performance pills, just take one or dont market yourself as dick for hire. Even if hes just trying to fuck whores, he could at least get it up and make it semi enjoyable for both parties.

No. 1676865

Porn agencies don't give a fuck about twittwr drama, if you wanted to work professionally you could no issue. She doesn't though. She wants to work with ugly non threatening unimpressive floppy dicked weirdos who she knows she can be low energy with and pump out content. Maybe work with people who don't care about that dumb shit? I 100% feel like there's probably more scrotes willing to fuck shayna, get paid from it and do so in her house, Who don't give a shit. I think SHE wants to work with people with big followings hoping she'll go viral or get more exposure. Stop working with soybiys who care about being cancelled in a community where you sell yourself for mc Donald prices.
I'm not getting her point. Also, the doxxing and harassing is fucking old and false. If you want to not have consequences for what you post online, maybe practice better online safety. Maybe don't show your face all online, use the same names or use your real name at all connected to your face. She says all the time that there's so much risk in her lifestyle. So how the fuck is it doxxing to have eyes and recognize someone? Or find publicly available information? It's not our fault you idiots are easy to find, why should anyone care more then you care? Employeers and family can easily find some of that shit just by googling these idiots names.

No. 1676867

but she totally got rid of her old clothes, kek

No. 1676870

>'Waaaaaahhhhh, waaaaaaaaahhhhhhh I don't want to work (frowny face) grrr bark bark arf arf'

No. 1676871

oh no anon, that would involve actual participation on her end. remember, Shayna doesn’t want to work, she just wants people to think she is. she wants something where she can either 1) lay there and get beaten/tied up/fucked by some gross moid or 2) stand there and say what she thinks are mean things that a domme would say and otherwise do nothing. or dress up a scrote and act like that’s domming.

No. 1676872

take the hint shayna. you’re unwanted even in a community of degenerates. the only way you can get work is by working with the lowest of the low. soon you’ll be doing even more degrading things like vomit porn. you’ve already done scat porn and sold it.

No. 1676875

>hello porn agencies

Shayna you will never be able to work with an agency again after the last one. Everyone knows you were dropped because you kept refusing work. agencies talk, they network with each other. they know who you are and that you make pedo porn. no one wants to work with you.

No. 1676879

she couldn’t though. read the old threads. she was signed with a good agency and kept refusing work because they wouldn’t pay her airfare and that pissed her off, and because she was extremely picky about the shoots she did. I think she even claimed that if she wasn’t the main “attraction” then she wouldn’t do the shoot. she is lazy, and the agency saw that and dropped her. no point in having a model on the roster that doesn’t want to work.

No. 1676888

Omg the cheap polyester is shining from being stretched so far past its limits. Shayna, just buy clothes that fit you jfc. Are you that broke that you can't afford a few new $30 tops & skirts in XL? All this shehulk-ripping out of skinny girl clothes is seriously embarrassing.
I wonder if she's doing the thing that fat girls in denial do where they're like "well there's no point in buying bigger clothes when I'm gonna lose weight… soon" kek

No. 1676891

Ew he's got that geriatric full-body rosacea. He looks like he probably has hairy moles & liver spots on his back.

No. 1676898

File: 1665945553336.jpeg (178.39 KB, 1242x434, D9021A24-E7BA-4364-AF44-19AC96…)

No. 1676902

Why can't this retard do it herself?

No. 1676904

>i wish i was signed w a porn agency so they cud just set up all my shoots 4 me, tell me where 2 be & who i'll be fucking
Yes, please do this Shayna. It will definitely make your prostitution safer if you have complete strangers picked out & lined up for you one after another by ugly old gutmonsters based on their own preferences rather than yours. It's just SO much work to vet your own co-stars to make sure you're comfortable working with them! Wouldn't it be easier to let a pornsick moid make those kinds of decisions for you? We all know that porn producers only ever have the girls' best interests in mind.
But oh wait, they're going to expect you to actually WORK, ie. taking multiple strange dicks in a week & performing to their standards. Gonna have to do more than lazily sitting on a dildo a couple times a week & taking days off whenever your brain has a sad.

No. 1676908

God that is one of the ugliest dicks I’ve ever seen. He has to suffocate it at the base just to make it look like it’s not a semi soft kek

No. 1676909

File: 1665946338103.jpeg (627.44 KB, 1401x2879, EB1F769C-A961-44E9-BA93-690081…)

Shay’s real face still cracks me up

No. 1676913

because she has those ugly ass press on nails and because she is severely retarded

No. 1676914

Two disgusting hairy flabby bodies with absolutely no muscle definition and the dude can’t even get hard.

No. 1676957

Cackled at onlyflops

No. 1676967

At the time she also refused to do b/g content and look her now. Her first b/g girl content was with a low tier moid that can't even get hard. If she had done b/g through an agency while she was younger and slimmer, she would have been having sex with higher grade moids and she would have made money instead of being a dollar menu whore that makes below minimum wage.

Who is even the intended market for this content? Who gets off from watching two ugly people have sex? There is no reason for this porn to even exist.

No. 1677009

This nigga can shave his ballsack but he can’t shave the nasty ass hair sweater covering his shoulders and back?

No. 1677022

Looking at his penis he actually looks infected both on the side and bell end. Karma huh

No. 1677039

File: 1665956008055.png (1.19 MB, 900x993, shayjaks.png)

They're perfect for each other

No. 1677043

coomette & coomer

No. 1677052

File: 1665957460587.jpeg (509.05 KB, 1242x1551, A3FA6190-413C-43C8-86A7-82E81F…)

Cope harder fatty

No. 1677056

File: 1665957922884.jpeg (941.61 KB, 2329x2421, 321EB7A8-6FD6-43B8-BABF-CD587D…)

Kek The Coomers

No. 1677058

Is that why you had to pay for a balding, liver-spotted deadbeat to come over to your house and fuck you? Before & after he fucked multiple other fat whores with no condom?
Kek. Imagine paying for sex as a woman. Thriving.

No. 1677063

File: 1665958346665.jpeg (Spoiler Image,965.57 KB, 1242x974, EB24EA43-466D-401E-BDFB-F7AD3B…)

Looks like he’s inspecting her hemorrhoids She’s been posting the same pics with slight different positions. So boring

No. 1677064

His hair texture grosses me out. It’s so wiry and dry it looks like pubes.

No. 1677072

Probably to try make his dick look bigger.

Though it looks like a rancid mushroom he'd be better off hiding behind a mighty bush

No. 1677079

File: 1665960106793.jpeg (419.29 KB, 1242x1244, 4004B07C-91D2-403E-B3DB-6CF582…)

go rot in hell Shayna. this is disgusting and you’re perpetuating the idea that drunk women “ask” for it. Nasty alcoholic go shove your wine bottle up your ass.

No. 1677087

It’s like just when you think you can’t despise her more, she keeps reminding you why she deserves no empathy whatsoever. I won’t say the B word pertinent to this thread, but I’m thinkin’ it REAL hard…

No. 1677089

This kind of thing is only "hot" to degen fetish moids if the girl in question isn't an alcoholic. That's kind of the whole point. They want to make you do something out of your character that you're not comfortable with. Drinking to excess & gaping her asshole is just a regular Tuesday night for Shayna.

No. 1677093

>oh no daddy, pls don't make me drink this whiteclaw that i already cracked
>i would hate it so much if you made me drink this wine sitting beside it too
>i hope you don't make me drink the whole bottle haha woopsie
>what's that dada? you want princess to chug 2 craft IPAs?
>oh noooooo

No. 1677094

I can't even get mad at these ramblings anymore. All her fake kinks all come down to "i want to be complimented and enabled" or "force me to.do x thing, so when I have to deal with consequences I can blame you instead even though I consented."
Shayna has been saying in so many words that she does not want to live her life. She does not want to be held responsible. She wants to be mindlessly praised and told that no matter what she's a "good girl. A good person " and nothing is her fault. I legit feel that she's very annoying to be around and despite her parents wanting to save her, her family in general just don't like having her around. She legit seems like a boring annoying person.

No. 1677099

I have never seen someone besides Shayna without a single hobby or interest. She has no identity beyond cringey failed porn. Nothing that makes her interesting or unique in any way. No special talent or skill that she possesses. No hobby that she can relate to others with.
She doesn't paint, read, hike, play an instrument, collect rocks, run, swim, study, do yoga, cook - none of it. She does not have a single artistic, athletic or academic interest. And she seemingly never has. She doesn't even seem to consume media beyond rewatching Spongebob. Like, what the hell does she do all day? Just sit around drinking & smoking her time away? Even Amberlynn the bedbound inbred has hobbies she enjoys like colouring & journaling.
Shayna just has a void where her personality should be. It's actually creepy to be so devoid of identity.

No. 1677101

I know she doesn't actually mean it but what makes me angry is her tweeting this out publicly for thousands of people to read. It's harmful.

She's clearly annoying as hell.
It's prob why fupa left. He thought he got a kinky sub girl but in reality he got an overly needy cow. She only wants people to tell her to do things she already wants herself.

No. 1677111

She really let herself go yikes

No. 1677117

Even from the stories she told in her past, she seemed to just be an attention whore who doesn't do shit Worth paying attention to. I remember when she said that interior design was her passion, but it was something she said because she probably got some compliments or a few or her pictures stolen on Tumblr. Or photography, which isn't something she improved on or cares much about. She acts like editing and taking pictures is draining her life force. Everything she likes she incorporates it into sex work, then when nots not 100% successful she drops it or she's to lazy. Like gaming. She's just boring and I fel like that's why nobody but similar boring people stick around. She talks all this game on Twitter but when scrotes meet her, they realize she's not some cock hungry slut, but a fame hungry sex repulsed mentally ill narcissist, whose not even fun to be around.

No. 1677128

She’s the laziest SW I’ve ever seen. Finding people to work with is part of the job. She’s so entitled and expects people to just fall into her lap with absolutely no effort.

No. 1677132

Sorry for gross post, but she should really just do feeder porn at this point. Like anon said above, all of her 'fetishes' boil down to wanting someone to enable her laziness & unhealthy lifestyle. This exact same tweet could be made about being forcefed cheemsburgers until she can't move. She could make bank from that niche audience while also buying herself another 10+ years of lazing about & doing the only things that she enjoys - eating & drinking.

No. 1677137

She sucks at everything she attempts due to sheer laziness so Lord knows if she made feederism her career, she'd probably end up paradoxically losing weight or something. Not eating due to "it reminding her of work 24/7" or someshit, kek

No. 1677142


I hate that she feels the need to insert her ugly ass face in every shot. Focus on arching that flat ass Shayna, not your MtF quirky smirk

No. 1677171

End stage alcoholism saga in a few years.

No. 1677178

File: 1665968894069.jpeg (395.39 KB, 1242x1386, 93B8D9EB-CEBA-41C4-92DA-BCDA08…)

Ellen and Shaynus both need scrotes to praise them for taking care of themselves and doing the bare minimum of drinking water… so pathetic

No. 1677179


No. 1677180

File: 1665968950908.jpeg (877.85 KB, 1242x1189, 8E470D10-8E1E-45BD-B47B-148F76…)

Sushi date with Ellen Degenerate

No. 1677182

She always has to put her face in everything and it’s irritating. Everything is a staged picture. This guy is the same way. “I got my dick in! Look at the camera, say “cheese””

No. 1677183


Is she wearing a du-rag lmao

No. 1677184

Lol what is on her head

No. 1677185

got that goth cooking mama kerchief

No. 1677186

What the fuck causes someone who not only does but openly posts this embarrassing shit like for real what psychological trauma caused that

No. 1677187

try the salad bar instead

No. 1677192

Probably being ugly and rejected by women her whole life. That’s why she and Shay cling to each other bc they’re both insufferable pick me losers who normal women don’t want to be around

No. 1677198

ellen is still a disgusting binky stealer, but like, you can tell something happened to her, you know what I mean?
nothing happened to shayna

No. 1677203

Literally what makes you think anything happened to fat pedo Ellen? Shes just as much of a useless degen as Shay and even if she was molested or whatever it doesn’t give her or anyone else an excuse to sexualize children

No. 1677204

bitch did I say it excuses her or did I call her a fucking binky stealer? btw not being able to identify jokes is a classic symptom of autism, get tested(calm down)

No. 1677213

Nah I 100% understand wym nonnie, there’s something missing in Ellen’s brain…

No. 1677225


Maybe her parents are related, and not only by law. She's got a certain vibe to her.

No. 1677245

I've seen documentaries and it seems like porn only caters to two bodies: 1) skinny/undeveloped enough to play a child/teen or 2) curvy so you get cast as a "milf". Shayna doesn't fit either; I'm pretty sure the only jobs she'd get are really humiliating or low budget ones, and even then the comments would be brutal. I know farmers used to comment on her actual sex work stuff at times but she also has quite a few [non-twitter] reddit and porn site coomer comments that make jokes of how gross she is or how bad the videos are.

No. 1677247

Are we just assuming this bc she looks speddy in pictures? Because if you had never seen Shayna before and someone showed you this >>1676909 pic, you'd probably assume she rides the short bus too.
I don't think anything happened to Ellen, she's just ugly.

No. 1677248

I don't think she's inbred, I think something is wrong with her brain because she says shit like >>1677178 in front of the world.
No normal, functional person would do that.

No. 1677258

at the bare minimum absolute least, there must have been a guy in high school that she thought she was dating, and five years after they graduated he finally admitted she's embarrassing and he only fucked her for so long because she was easy
I agree that something happened to her, she's way too pathetic

No. 1677264

I dunno, she could just be pathetic because she’s so fucking ugly she’ll do anything for a crumb of attention from any old scrote. Then again some of her tweets (not only this one) make it seem like she’s legitimately retarded. Specifically the one about her “art” where she posted a cringeworthy watercolour mess

No. 1677274

Omg wtf is on her head? Is this a joke? No way she left the house in whatever that is.

No. 1677279

when you're amish but also a hoe

No. 1677282

File: 1665978228841.gif (672.88 KB, 338x267, DEDC3207-5F3F-4F36-9F7F-8CA102…)

I have…no words.

No. 1677288

She's busting out of those clothes like a can of biscuits

No. 1677296

She wont do feeder because she hates being fat. She's just too lazy to do anything about it. But Im sure she just thinks she can lose the weight she has and whatnot. I mean in theory she can, but I mean she just thinks its a "tomorrow" thing. One of those types. In her book of imaginary perfect plans, she's gonna lose weight, and go viral or be famous and therefor be wealthy, and then she'll be happy.
So feederism would make her fatter and make all that less likely, in her mind. Also she couldnt take the criticism and people ragging on her for being a landwhale which would start happening more on her social media, I think even scrotes saying shit like "mmmyeah love that big belly babe" would destroy her kek
Despite being fat and, lazy, and ugly as fuck, she's still very vain.

No. 1677298

Please tell me she thinks thats a hair care thing and didnt actually go out wearing it… That is actually one of the most retarded things she's worn and thought served and we all know shes a style blind catastrophe who wears the ugliest shit all the time. Im nearly speechless. And jfc I thought she said she got rid of her clothes that didn't fit. Everything she wears looks so painful and stretched past its limit. Makes her look even fatter than if she just bought shit that fit or had some room in it. Tight doesnt equal sexy, especially like this. Sexy is things that are form fitting when you have a decent form to accentuate and even if you don't have the best body, you can wear shapers and bras and things that make it look better. Or ya know, excercise and change your eating habits.

No. 1677354

File: 1665988431112.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.85 MB, 1242x1623, CCC0003F-9BAB-45B0-8836-A62894…)

John Randall Cox really loves squeezing the bloody hell out of his limp chicken

No. 1677357

a goth cooking mamma outfit could be a cute thing, just not on Shay I guess

No. 1677364

Sorry for being largely inexperienced but is this a normal sexual moment? Is it normal to hold the penis and push into the ballsack like this? My encounters look less handsy but is this normal?

No. 1677366

Eta the base of the penis isn’t where I expect it to be and my entire understanding of sex is confused plz help

No. 1677368

File: 1665992252779.jpg (35.5 KB, 540x960, d0d5b693c1cbd8e8bded8feba63147…)

this is what she meant to do but the size is off and she just cannot let go of that side part. not to mention her damaged hair in the back making any hairstyle look awful anyway

No. 1677381

As if being a nasty ass hairy backed faggot wasn’t repulsive enough his tiny, limp dick viscerally disgusts me. This motherfucker has nothing going for him whatsoever, sad!
You have to be 18 to post here

No. 1677385

Sorry for the retarded question, but I haven't been keeping up with the threads. Is she back to smoking weed? Or is she just an alchy now?

No. 1677389

File: 1665994603251.jpg (41.24 KB, 409x415, koal.jpg)

that thing looks revolting, too. is it mutilation as a result of circumcision or?

get better standards, shay

No. 1677396

I've suffered abuse as a kid and that shit will affect you for the rest of your life, but it's just idiotic to assume that these self-loathing sEx WOrKErS are doing what they do b/c they were abused. IT is never that simple. They've literally trapped themselves in this disgusting scene of their own volition. pro-porn a.k.a pro misogynistic abuse scrotes are the worst of the worst

No. 1677399

No. 1677443

kek no. He's trying to make it look less small by pulling down his turkey gobbler saggy ballsack. He also likely can only get off by deathgripping. It's something that pornsick smegs talk about often.

No. 1677448

surprised no one has talked about his little stubby fingers with disgusting rotten nail colour. Wonder if his tiny hands made Shayna think of Fupapa

No. 1677502

I'm guessing some form of brain damage

No. 1677538

the juxtaposition of the smooth shaved balls and the rancid hairy buttcheeks underneath them…im gonna be sick

No. 1677561

Shay's fingers look like they're about to fall off and die from lack of circulation. Girl those rings aren't helping

No. 1677654

File: 1666022916134.jpeg (330.71 KB, 750x966, 17F65759-4287-4D02-8C81-4DB96D…)

anyone else grossed out by this?

No. 1677655

Somehow her comment is even worse, what a despicable whore

No. 1677668

File: 1666024172290.jpeg (31.48 KB, 800x450, 0F62187C-AA6D-41CB-BC88-BDAB60…)

Kek she’s such a try-hard. She’s just copying what that sissy retard was tweeting; about getting horny to MK Ultra torturing.

No. 1677695

Here is Shayna's "Soft-Core Porn" (Starts 1:51)

She is the biggest pick-me/try hard I've ever seen. Like bitch, you're 25. Your brain is supposed to be fully formed by now.

No. 1677717

she could tweet that she masturbated to the details of a real life kidnapping and murder case and I don’t think I would even be surprised

No. 1677744

It's not placed right, it's too long, and the satin material makes it look like a hair wrap for sleeping or durag. And besides that its meant to be paired with a certain aesthetic like the girl in the pic. Kinda bohemian or 70s. Not that ill fitting cheap top and ugly too tight shorts Shay threw on. She just has no styling sense whatsoever and can't even by decent items. She looks like she dresses from the goodwill bins or a dumpster most of the time. No wonder she gravitates towards the tracksuit get ups. They probably are more comfortable, cheap, and they are already a 2 piece set.

No. 1677745

It looks like his dick has a tumor sack and the hairy balls are underneath it kek nasty.

No. 1677759

shayna must think we’re all retards.

she has never been goth, or expressed any interest towards the culture/music. to be fair, she was some dad band stoner hipster/hippie tumblr chick. she’s just a) following a trend she’s late to and b) has floppy sad titties instead of big ones.


No. 1677761

or samefag, she’s trying to impress sloppy fupa mcmoid face

No. 1677762

File: 1666031587675.jpeg (401.71 KB, 828x1396, D4C192C9-DBD6-4316-AE62-4A5EE7…)

did a single one of her coomers say anything like this when she announced her relationship with Pedotricia Ellen Dresel?

No. 1677763

samefag sorry “relationship” with pedo Ellen. also classy calling her customers scumbags.

No. 1677764

>calling her coomers scumbags while being a OF whore
Great business move

No. 1677767

That’s the ugliest cock I’ve ever seen. Wtf is wrong with the bulbous deformed head

No. 1677771

She’s just hopping on the support amouranth train bc she just revealed she’s been married to some abusive moid for 3+ years and ppl are angry she lied about being married when the guy is basically using her like a pimp. Sad situation ofc she’d vague tweet instead of sayin exactly who she’s talking about. She wants ppl to think it’s all about her

No. 1677792

File: 1666035362734.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.76 MB, 1242x1592, 0D1A7367-3E1E-411C-A36B-C9A9E4…)

She’s been milking these pictures for three days. Did they even film?? She sucks at her pathetic “job”

No. 1677794

File: 1666035784784.jpeg (394.61 KB, 1242x1293, ADEC3A2C-6D77-4805-AA2F-84E5AF…)

>Content creator
Making the same videos of you and your dirty sex toys and e begging isn’t content making dumb bitch. Also You get more attention when you are available and not “off the market”. Besides you’re not even in a relationship. Ellen doesn’t care about you and you don’t care about her.

No. 1677796

Why can't this bitch just show sympathy for the person she's talking about? Or does she only care because she feels she can relate? I bet she'll start accusing fupa of abuse as well again.
It's retarded. Nobody cares, you are nobody, you are the exact type of woman who supports men pimping out their girlfriends

No. 1677802

The streamer she’s subtweeting about is in an abusive marriage. She hid it because the guy was controlling her. Why is she trying to say she’s on the same level as her? Shayna only has two admirers: Jason r Womack and Michael Slack. She’s acting like men are throwing themselves at her. Annoying bitter obese whore. And why tf is she sexualizing psychiatric abuse??

No. 1677804

What a retard. Making another woman's abusive situation all about you is so nasty. She wonders why she only has the three coomers.

No. 1677808

File: 1666036641496.jpeg (1.01 MB, 1198x1651, AE1C49B3-0C11-4825-B374-10EE08…)

Shay, Cooms, and the Troons

No. 1677811

File: 1666036899082.png (68.3 KB, 920x614, oko.png)

No. 1677838

The difference is the streamer she’s taking about never once ever suggested she’d date or fuck a fan meanwhile other onlyfans girls do “fuck a fan” contests and I’m pretty sure she (shatna) posted about possibly doing one b4 anyways-so yes sorry it’s not rly the same at all when actively lying about being single to ppl that are just throwing money at you for sitting in a hot tub/licking an asmr mic vs lying about being single to desperate joe John dyke with your “fuck a fan” contest then just fucking the boyfriend you have anyways and pretending they “won”- imo

No. 1677846

did a janny seriously ban someone for saying bitch and autistic?

No. 1677850

What's more pathetic than that is that someone would have had to report the post to get it noticed(samefagging idiot)

No. 1677853

She is the biggest retard i have ever known, what the fuck does she think porn is?
Of course people watch those e-girls to fantasize about being with them, thats the whole point. It's supposed to be sexy escapism.

She can't expect people to keep her in a realistic mindset if she wants to peddle pedo porn.

Pick a lane Shayna you fat stupid cunt.

No. 1677858

Can you Twitterfags PLEASE learn to integrate?

No. 1677862

Please learn to type before posting here. This is impossible to read jfc

No. 1677863

I hate that the first thing I noticed was that massive boil on his ass. I guess they match

No. 1677864

I haven’t watched this since it came out but didn’t this happen to that character because she was a lesbian and they were trying to make her straight?
Shayna is a lesbophobic piece of shit.

No. 1677867

Yeah it was a conversion therapy type of thing. So it's problematic as fuck for her to even pretend it's sexy. She ought to be called out for it honestly by queer twitter for fetishizing queer trauma and abuse

No. 1677869

File: 1666041234453.jpeg (32.95 KB, 461x640, E0554802-8912-4297-A4A0-2C9436…)

What the fuck is wrong with his dick??? Why is it so lumpy? What is that huge lesion on the right side??? Bro it’s literally mushroom shaped. All anyone will barely feel is the head, no girth and mushy as fuck kekkk

No. 1677870

This is such a retarded take to push on the whole Amaranth thing jfc. Of course shes trying to make it relate to herself. There's so many other things she could have said that focused on the real fucked up issues of it all.

No. 1677887

File: 1666042505291.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.86 MB, 1242x1605, A9D5AB35-CC9F-4D8B-8EB0-E3E12E…)

Imagine how what kind of effort it took to get these photos. Kek Shayna’s big beer gut (tucked into her too small elastic fat bitch skirt) slammed against a hairy scrawny scrote. All while she’s trying to arch her hank hill ass to get in the shot along with her rodent face. John trying to lift her lard ass off him because she’s heavy as fuck but can’t so he has to cup her cellulite ridden cheeks up to help position her snatch into his limp dick I bet that room smells like unwashed ass, earring backs, and dick cheese. Kek

No. 1677890

I don't even know how else to put this but if your post was cancer, the photo would be stage three and the description is a definite stage four.

No. 1677892

Well the woman in question is attractive and successful at exploiting herself, who cares if she was forced and abused? Shayna only spoke on it because she somehow believes this shit applies to her ugly ass. There's zero reason why she can't just say her name she posts about everything fucking else. It's a jealousy thing and her being selfish. She doesn't care about anything that happens to anyone unless she can relate. I bet in her head she's twisting and turning to make it about herself and how she gets it because Fupaul borrowed money from her or some shit.

No. 1677895

His dick is exceptionally wretched, did they even do the costume porn she planned to redo? The one where she asked for ideas of how to get past the rape content ban? No one wants to watch two nobody uglies bump uglies.

No. 1677896

is there anything she won't sexualize at this point? I guess she's not being properly cancelled bc her following is tiny anyway and even the coomers are dwindling. So she has to constantly outdo herself in the fucked up shit she says.

No. 1677904

I'm honestly shocked she hasnt jumped on the Dahmer-bandwagon. She is the exact type of try-hard to say Jeffrey's kills are "too tame for her" or that she wants to be drugged like his victims or something.

No. 1677907

this niggas dick so soft he cant even get into her pussy.

No. 1677913

I cannot be the only one looking at these and seeing that he's shoving someones balls up into their stomach… Oouuf

No. 1677928

both, but she's been quieter about the weed since she started again. she also started vaping nicotine

No. 1677931

Not joking I honestly thought I was having a seizure whilst reading this word salad

No. 1677933

Moid brain

No. 1677943

she looks uncomfortably dry, gross. wonder if they even did actual foreplay

No. 1677946

Now I know yall see that purple growth on Baldie's right saggy ass cheek. Does he have some kind of gross growth? Or a tattoo there? >>1677887
It's here too yuck

No. 1677949

File: 1666046311116.jpg (Spoiler Image,23.84 KB, 241x521, Screenshot_20221017-183720_Chr…)

What the fuck is it? And it's right on her fucking bed sheets

No. 1677954

please shaynus please sis I beg you just use some silicon-based lube because looking at this dry ass picture literally just started a friction fire in my room

No. 1677956

I can't believe she's just casually mentioning she masturbated to a depiction of conversion therapy, so bizarre

No. 1677959

Did Shayna give this guy her boils?

No. 1677971

remember when you said sexworkers shouldn't get mad when they get sexualized off the clock, Shayna? By your logic, that's the same thing except radically less harmful.

No. 1677972

omg this is so gross i can’t believe this fucktard just fuck whatever she get like she’s so desperate it’s embarrassing

No. 1677976

File: 1666048216816.gif (348.28 KB, 320x180, D4105927-E433-4EF2-93D9-56AE01…)

KEK ily nonushka. I was thinking the goddamn same like. I understand some women have more difficulty lubricating naturally for many reasons but like………she needs to get over her dislike for the “sliminess” bc she must have sooooo much tearing at this point it hurts to think about

No. 1677981

JC the men that she picked…. Might as well put an ad on Craigslist giving her ass first come first serve, it would be the same type of creeps showing up. Not a flex shaynus

No. 1677986

Claims someone told her "Knowing that helped me get over you" regarding her getting a girlfriend. Anyone smell a sweaty fupa? I wonder if the her showing off thunder-thighs at the start backfired and gave Fupaul a reason to move on so quickly with his fiance? Would explain how she basically hides her now and carries on like she is single.

No. 1677998

I think the worst part about this is that that season is supposed to represent how vile and dangerous it was for women to be institutionalized. Shes so pornsick it doesn't occur to her that women for decades were forced into psych wards by their abusive husband's for being "hysterical" an actual medical term doctors used to diagnose women and the treatment they used ranged from torture to lobotomy.

>"that imagery is like porn to me"

And that's why people hate you. Not because your ugly or your cottage cheese ass has its own orbital pull but because you, as a privileged woman coming from an upper middle class family who loves and tries so hard to get you out of the abusive sex work industry and who's never experienced abuse other than a moid calling you out on your own is publically admitting that you find the systematic rape and torute of women to be pornographic. That's some real dark depressing shit to read. Masturbating to the screams of a woman who's in terror and being medically tortured should grant you the biggest wake up call in the form of "karma works in weird and mysterious ways". But I guess one of those ways is having the same body fat percentage as a mammalian sea creature and selling your butthole for a dollar menu cheeseburger but still needing to beg coomers to buy kek.

No. 1678008

No. 1678010

yeah, a scrote needs therapy for thinking he has a chance with a sex worker but you don’t need therapy for constantly tweeting that you want to be date raped. make it make sense, shayna.

No. 1678033

Why is she not wearing any makeup? She literally looks like that one annoying fat boy who likes to say that his uncle works for Nintendo.

No. 1678039

File: 1666053662725.jpeg (Spoiler Image,596.2 KB, 1242x670, CEE8F25C-AE5A-4290-8B3F-42F64F…)

She got a big ass nose lmfao what is this face?? how is this bratty? she just looks dumb

No. 1678040

File: 1666053792097.jpeg (Spoiler Image,593.09 KB, 1242x641, 48776732-6499-4D6D-A464-284E54…)

Shaynus SquareAss

No. 1678043

>women without face paint look like males!
nona. You can just say she's ugly.

No. 1678051

I'm just wondering what the deal is here. Like did she pay him to come over? Does he fly over for free and then they split the profits? Either way is embarrassing because there is no way they are making a profit with the absolute state of her sales. I can't help but feel like she is paying him to come over because she is lonely kek

No. 1678053

he’s from seattle, nona

No. 1678054

sorry but why the fuck is he grey? like a washed up corpse??? seriously look at the difference in his skin tone compared to hers, and it's not even like shayna has a "healthy glow"

No. 1678055

John Kendall Cox lives in Pasco, Washington which is only like 2-3 hours away from Shayna Clifford.

No. 1678057

Is she aware that people want to watch her have sex? Not some goofy fucking sitcom where she poorly acts like a bratty goth girl?? It's not unique and she's not attractive enough/nor is the scrote to pull off disgusting parody over acting porn that somehow is still sexy and worth buying. Thinking like a scrote who cares about this tumblr bullshit?

No. 1678059

Besides "riding " him for two seconds and taking pictures mounting his flopper, has Shayna done anything bit lay on her assback or stomach? Like this just looks like some video found in a basement of a scrote with rotten fingers trying to fuck a dirty dust covered deflated blow up doll.

No. 1678070


she said Shayna is ugly without makeup. Which she is. She's also ugly with makeup, but it helps distract from the disaster that is her face.

No. 1678092

I audibly kek’d

No. 1678107

File: 1666058863871.jpeg (Spoiler Image,194.26 KB, 621x478, 9F62090C-FE0A-4670-953A-2C0593…)

I can’t believe this bitch let this crusty ass man fuck her without protection

No. 1678111

File: 1666059019731.jpeg (553.05 KB, 1179x1135, 0CB99212-DD00-43CE-AF22-0F4A54…)

Also what is the point of the scream costume if he takes it off. I thought the point of it was that he fucks her with it on. But then again I don’t see how he could since essentially he’s in a dress night gown type of outfit. It’s still ugly without the whole costume

No. 1678116

File: 1666059248977.jpeg (647.79 KB, 1127x1535, 37E28BAF-128D-49C9-A569-9D8FE6…)

She gives away the whole damn plot lol