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File: 1688065503603.jpeg (186.98 KB, 1242x1758, shaynaa.jpeg)

No. 1855512

Previous Thread: >>>/snow/1833931

Shayna Leigh Clifford; 25 year old failing prostitute, porn sick degenerate, drug addict and alcoholic who spends her days posting free pictures of her hemorrhoid filled anus on twitter while begging for rent. Rejects her parents help to get an education and normal job. Hurts animals on purpose and panders to pedos by filming porn dressed as a child. Relocated to Seattle in an effort to find Fupa 2.0 but so far has only managed to find degen porn weirdos who eventually get called out by other twitter e-whores.


REMEMBER: Read the rules before posting. Repetitive nitpicks about Shayna's body, face, and genitals are subject to a 1-day ban. Reposting the same photos zoomed in/edited is not milk and you will receive a ban for nitpicking. Stay on topic, derailing and infighting will result in a ban. Sage when there’s no milk. Spoiler any NSFW images. No blog posting or bragging about how you're a better whore than Shayna. Nobody wants to hear about your degeneracy. This is a Shay thread, curb your enthusiasm when posting screenshots of other e-whores, they go in the e-whores thread.

Summary of last thread:
>>1842877 thread starts off strong with autistic infighting about whether or not people are allowed to complain about the quality of the thread
>>1842943 disturbing new kink dungeon video posted featuring a stuck pig
>>1843015 bitches about ‘muh anxiety’ every single day leading up to a surgery she wanted
>>1843117 still desperately trying to get her coomers to donate to her ‘recovery fund’
>>1843266 another video with grandma sarah gregory and the girl who consistently looks miserable and strung-out
>>1843542 incorrectly states that kink belongs at pride parades, something most of twitter unfortunately agrees with her on
>>1844245 continues to sperg about surgery as if she’s getting a new organ and not just a boob job
>>1844329 gives us and her coomers a lesson on how to deal with bullying
>>1844411 shayna uses a new dark-skinned dildo, thread goes wild
>>1849422 shayna luther king has a hard time being around her conservative family
>>1849859 anon blesses us with this thread’s pic
>>1850195 doxxes herself again
>>1850566 nurse gives shay a fidget toy when she realizes they’re dealing with a mentally disabled adult
>>1851150 >>1851224 mere hours after her surgery and already fighting with her mom because she wont tend to poor afflicted shay’s every need at 7 in the morning
>>1852802 ditches the parent who treats her like an adult to spend time with the one that spoils her
>>1852970 her boobs are apparently sO sYmMeTrIcAl now but has yet to post them anywhere
>>1853168 tits are probably even smaller now

New TikTok: https://www.tiktok.com/@dollhausbarbie
Snapchat: irlbarbiedolly (BANNED)

No. 1855514

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No. 1855517

figured since it's been two days id give it my best shot with this thread hopefully i didnt fuck it up too much

No. 1855519

File: 1688065823408.png (13.6 KB, 590x243, boobjob.png)

She's pissed her coomers want to see her 'new' tits despite tweeting constantly about them.

No. 1855520

Thanks for the thread anon though the previous thread link is failing.


No. 1855524

File: 1688066472608.png (5.63 KB, 592x92, fksdl.png)

ah fuck sorry i totally forgot to replace that. i'll remember for next time.
to make up for it, here's shayna being an alcoholic

No. 1855525

didn't she post talking about about showing them for the first time and who to show them to? she brought that on herself. you're posting on your work account of course people will want to pay to see your tits, all her followers are that degenerate. victim complex.

No. 1855527

thanks for the new thread op looks good

No. 1855537

Looks fine to me! Thank you, anon.

No. 1855551

File: 1688069735758.jpeg (45.63 KB, 1170x351, IMG_5340.jpeg)

disgusting is right

No. 1855567

Thanks for making this thread nonna I’ve been waiting

No. 1855568

Ugh why is she boasting about her porn like it’s something that takes time and effort like art, writing or cooking. She’s typing that like a proud artist. Please Shayna, as if dressing up like a toddler while being an overweight wrinkly butter golem and shoving black dildos in your stretched out hole is art. That’s hardly work and not anything to be proud of. You’d think with all the time she had she would’ve gotten a second job or made art or even opened a Depop account just to scrape in more money but nope! Bragging about $5 some moid sent her.

No. 1855575

Capsular contracture saga

No. 1855582

Nonita you’re my favourite for making this, may your vibes always be good and your tits always be even

No. 1855584

KEK thank you for picking this thread pic and Ty for making the thread!

No. 1855606

ty nona you’re a saint

No. 1855619

>n n n
For fucks sake you retard at least use a fucking ampersand once in a while or type the fucking word AND out. Jfc sorry for the sperg, but her posts are insufferable whenever she does that shit. You're an adult, Shayna. I know you desperately want everyone to believe otherwise and probably seethe if Amazon flashes a Gymboree ad at you because you're jealous of the toddlers on the page, but holy shit. This and the retarded ass breffast word.

>Ugh why is she boasting about her porn
She has nothing going for her and this is the cope.

No. 1855642

Is she only pissed because he sent he a ‘measly’ 5 dollars to get one photo? She sells full videos showing all of her holes for 3 dollars a pop. And like others have said she’s been talking about showing her new boobs off to someone and progression photos already

No. 1855660

Kek. Teenagers working weekends at the sonic get bigger tips. It’s only downhill from here. Can’t say she didn’t go out of her way to earn it.

No. 1855671

File: 1688085391119.jpeg (59.77 KB, 750x990, 02B94B7C-6760-418C-A93B-790810…)

i find it so cringe when she says things like sus, on god, no cap, low key. because she doesn't talk like that and has twitter brain rot

No. 1855688

File: 1688087746664.jpeg (79 KB, 750x873, 1687732684872.jpeg)

This was literally 4 days ago. She is so fucking retarded

No. 1855690

the fact that they said they would tip again to see her deformed boobs and she puts them on blast but not any of the guys that ask her to say she's underage

No. 1855702

File: 1688089098211.jpeg (106.61 KB, 1170x1666, IMG_3474.jpeg)

Just wait until she’s back home crying because she can’t pay her bills

No. 1855704

Maybe she’s saying it’s “sus” because she’s afraid it’s a farmer? I might be giving her too much credit. Oh, >>1855688 never mind, Shayna is hopeless.

No. 1855705

Shayna doesn’t spend money like someone who’s afraid of any repercussions. All the uwu I’m so anxious about work uwu are followed by begging campaigns.

No. 1855711

File: 1688090191712.jpg (211.31 KB, 2000x2000, brbiemicrobg_pink_680_alt3_sq_…)

this is how the micro purses she ordered look on a mannequin, i can't wait to see how they look on her

No. 1855720

this shit is literally going to get lost in her folds

No. 1855726

lmao why can I imagine her keeping little snacks in here like the fucking fatty she is

No. 1855735

File: 1688094671281.jpg (232.73 KB, 1920x1080, Lotysire6Pn99f8p9k47bY.jpg)

I'm pretty sure it's gonna be raffle/competition based but I just know shaytard would buy this no matter what the pricetag cos "Barbie" even though she's not played her Xbox in several months.

She's a marketers dream. Just shove a brand name/character on the product and the piggies will buy

No. 1855740

File: 1688095048216.jpeg (48.79 KB, 750x383, 923671AD-2433-4367-B577-8913F7…)

bringing this over from the shaynatorium

No. 1855758

What can you put in there? Just a wallet? I don’t even think you could put your phone there

No. 1855761

I know it's overdone but these tweets 5 minutes apart is the definition of ~bleak~

No. 1855770

File: 1688100515581.jpeg (65.53 KB, 750x660, AA4B876B-DCED-4AAB-813C-C5EF3E…)

No. 1855776

This bitch can’t afford 45$ purses…. What??

No. 1855780

File: 1688102002968.jpeg (59.72 KB, 750x1005, CABD59CA-9146-4EE3-9042-DE44F6…)

imagine having to beg for every single crumb in your life. she really is so pathetic

No. 1855785

Consoom consoom because pink Barbie!!! Buying these objects will help reinforce the personality and image I wish to cultivate!

No. 1855798

Did you post this in the wrong thread

No. 1855803

Don’t hate me nonnies but these are so cute but more of a display item can you imagine shaymus fat calloused dirty feet in these

No. 1855815

Kek, like clockwork. All the nonnies who said her mom was the only one willing to take care of her were right. So when her mom doesn't do it, she's evil and horrible, but when her dad neglects her it's just crickets.

No. 1855830

She has such tacky taste

No. 1855848

It feels like this entire collection was purposely marketed towards ghetto black women who just got their welfare check and Nicki minaj fans(racebait, derailing)

No. 1855849

she's going to look so much like a pig with these like hooves.

No. 1855862

She's got such trashy taste. Those would look cute on a barbie doll but not an actual person.

No. 1855872

Sorry for the autism but as of the day on which you created this thread Shaynus is 26 years old and aged out of her parents’ insurance KEK

No. 1855883

File: 1688133043690.jpeg (106.99 KB, 1170x1077, IMG_3481.jpeg)

You’re just so quirky Shay

No. 1855893

She’s so retarted wow. Why does she think she sounds cool by wedging words in her vocabulary that make her sound like a stoner from the 90s, that’s not very Barbie of you Shaynus. I can imagine her saying it super loud to make sure everyone here’s her in the store

No. 1855896

File: 1688135550311.jpeg (76.49 KB, 1170x551, IMG_3482.jpeg)

No. 1855899

This pink purse is wicked bimbo bruh

No. 1855910

>She’s so retarted
Kek shayfags

No. 1855918

Literally all plastic surgeons say “beautiful amazing wow” when they look at their mangled work, has she ever watched cable TV or plastic surgery reels

No. 1855921

She thinks porn is art lol

No. 1855931

Shay nobody is confused when you say it, people from other states just think you guys are obnoxious and the way you guys talk is infamous across the country for being the most annoying regional dialect and accent America has to offer, it's not that deep

No. 1855932

He's into that you fat retard, why on earth do you think he asked??
Her feet sweat is going to fog those up so so quickly.

No. 1855983

File: 1688145549159.jpeg (155.36 KB, 1170x1398, IMG_3483.jpeg)

No. 1856006

Looks like the jewelry they sell at Claire’s. None of her pieces match, nor do they mesh well together. She might as well have gotten those rhinestones out of a gum ball machine.

No. 1856011

Her hands are really fat

No. 1856012

She really does have fat person hands now.

No. 1856016

Thank you nonny, you saved us from shaytistic withdrawals.

No. 1856046

File: 1688152337038.jpeg (44.45 KB, 750x488, 8CFAD01C-11E4-4CD4-ABF1-F5400A…)

i'm sorry both of these are cut off she deleted them before i could see the full tweet 1/2

No. 1856048

File: 1688152383162.jpeg (45.8 KB, 750x347, 3F954B4B-0F14-406B-AE91-645147…)

2/2 she deleted both of these. what a fat miserable woman

No. 1856055

She just finds shit to be mad at her mom about.
>mom breathes
26 year old prostitute daughter on twitter
>omg coomers who wnna see me fuck myself with dirty dildos and only care about my sexual content, my mom jus breathed & I'm so anxious I jumped & instead of comforting me and saying sorry she laughed. I wish I was @ my dad's were I make multiple posts about hating to ask him to do anything for me while demanding my mom do everything under the sun for me emoji.

No. 1856076

I really don't understand the shoe thing. Like yeah I know she thinks being shoe obsessed is bimbo barbie girk but like… stg in all the threads Ive seen her wear white tennis shoes the most and maybe a couple others for 1 porn each and that's literally it. She wastes money on useless shit but the shoes are the worst. She doesnt even have a nice closet rack shelf or something to put them on. Ive seen people who collect shoes and display them which also still seems wasteful and pointless but not as bad as Shaynus picking out the ugliest shoes and wanting them in multiple colors despite never wearing heels or any other shoes besides the same few repeat ones in porn or out and about. Tennis shoes, those ugly chunky white sandals she got for fatcon, the ~alt grl~ rose docs, and discount uggs are all shes worn. Never seen her go out in anything with actual heel or anything "cute"

No. 1856077

You're right nona, it's just consumer bullshit, tinged with pandering to footcoomers. The stupid thing is I feel like she doesn't even wear any 'sexy' shoes for her porn, it's always the Uggs and sneakers. Like it would be really easy to wear these heels and boots and shit that she buys if all she's doing is using her vibrator on her back and counting down. Why not wear the nicer shoes? Seems even more retarded than never wearing them out, even. She just straight up never wears them at all.

No. 1856082

File: 1688155287594.jpeg (69.55 KB, 750x983, 49767289-41CC-4966-86A1-65C3EF…)

No. 1856083

It's weird, she buys so much shit but doesn't even wear half of it. She chooses to wear the same bra and ugly outfits she wore 15 times. She doesn't even wear half hee ugly cheap and/or overpriced cheap heels for photoshoots. It's kinda like how she refuses to wear lipgloss cause she bites her lips and doesn't notice her dry ass crusty lips in pictures, yet she buys so much make up that includes lip products because it looks cute. Shayna is simply a coomsumer and poser.
She buys shit because it's pink and Barbie and that's hee "brand". Not because she actually enjoys that style. She buys shit she feels bimbo barbie/cutesy women should have, only to take pictures and use as backgrounds/decor. Instead of buying cute decor. She decorates her house like shes decorating a room in 9th grade.
You know, the girls who would take mirror selfish with 20 body spray bottles and hang bags from Hollister on their wall.
She's never going to wear those heels and shes only going to wear one of those purses on the reg. The rest she'll put on display like they are birkins.

No. 1856085

Can't even match her boobs, much less metals.

No. 1856090

Oh she's annoyed so she's posting and deleting shit rambling about shit that has nothing to do with her.
Nonas, how much you want to bet shayna is going to bring up some gender shit and then is going to start shaking and crying because when her mom gives an answer she doesn't like?

No. 1856095

I thought her dad brought her to his home to recover because he’s her savior? He sent her back so soon- I don’t endorse the actions and hope the cowtippers fucking stop, but it sounds like whatever the nonnies sent to him and the stepmom changed things, he’s barely been around her and he’s her favorite parent

No. 1856096

It reads like she’s back at her mom’s specifically to be nearby for her follow up appointment but it does seem like she fawned over her dad much less than usual this time.

No. 1856110

nonbinary saga when

No. 1856114

File: 1688157578937.jpeg (80.75 KB, 750x976, CE83573D-5F3C-4691-B855-A381EF…)

she picking fights with spam bots?

No. 1856116

File: 1688157694518.jpeg (94.09 KB, 750x824, FAEAAEDE-20B1-47ED-A208-019630…)

she gets no interactions on her tweets

No. 1856117

Her pinkies are huge!

No. 1856130

Can't wait for her to get home and say
>I'm rlly embrassed 2 admit ths but, I just got surgery & I'm rly behind on rent. I'm still recovering & anything helps!
I also find it hilarious that she does this when she's mad. She is sticking to her unproblematic nice girl shit online because she chubby and hasn't built the personal army she wants. So instead of simply picking fights with people making her mad, or just ranting about whatever is pissing her off in detail, she finds inoffensive things to get mad about. Imagine instead of creating a venting private personal page to rant, you do this weird shit. Letting off steam on Twitter because it's your only outlet.

No. 1856150

Wanting it over with would be the only reason to support that. Further proof that she doesn't even enjoy sex for anything other than the male attention.

No. 1856165

At least she's finally buying clothes in a size large.

No. 1856188

“A bunch of pink things” so the justification for the eyelashes then are they’re just in a pink disposable box. What’s the point of them anyway? It’s like polishing a turd

No. 1856257

Says the fat ungrateful bitch who ran away from her ABUSIVE mom at the hospital, making her recovery her dad and brother’s problem when her surgery had NOTHING to do with them in the first place, then tweeting about it >>1851797 since it caters to her disgusting incest fantasies reflected in her shitty cheap porn and the sick fucks that get off to it ONLY because her mom wasn’t handing everything to her like she was expecting her to
She only wasted MORE of her parent’s time and money running to her dad to spite her mom if she had to come running back anyways, and will continue to waste more if she keeps going back and forth. It’s as if she wouldn’t be bitching to the void about her mom and how she can’t stand her on her sw twitter if she just prepared beforehand to finance everything herself since she’s so ~independent~ and ~not used to asking for help~, but then that would leave her in debt, and recovering alone in her smelly, hazardous apartment with the occasional retarded Ellen visit instead of being at her dad’s ~luxury~ cabin kek pick a struggle
Ntayrt this is just my retarded tinfoil but he probably second guesses everything with her now, and that’s why he bought her mom into the picture, because even if it’s a result of a disorder he probably doesn’t want to be the one bringing his daughter to her post breast implant surgery appointments and have it documented here on the farms, where it has been previously documented that she admitted to enjoy making incest pedo porn since it’s a ~reflection of who she is~

No. 1856263

File: 1688174031562.jpg (10.56 KB, 438x438, 7c92e8f00b71a1f305e27c754bbcae…)

>She doesn't even wear half hee ugly cheap and/or overpriced cheap heels for photoshoots.
>She buys shit because it's pink and Barbie and that's hee "brand".

No. 1856268

kek, nona pls

No. 1856278

KEK I was having the same fucking autism about that post ily

No. 1856303

Lol Im the op and this made me laugh, I think my auto correct turned into hee instead of her, kek. Sorry.

No. 1856307

She’s out of “work” for several weeks and ebegging more than she ever has before but she’s got money to spend on hideous fat white trash landfill, I don’t know who is more retarded, her or the smelly old coomers who still throw shekels at her

No. 1856309

Peak retardation of her to be ebegging while posting shopping hauls.

No. 1856323

my autocorrect has been doing this too! I keep having to teach it that “her” is an actual word

No. 1856336

Baffled why she doesn't separate her bad takes onto a personal Twitter account and not the one she uses for "work." Or, you know. Buy a diary.

No. 1856340

Do people from Boston not have any regional phrases other than “wicked”? The way she only every now & then uses a single word and then proceeds to make a big deal out of it gives poser vibes.

No. 1856344

Her spending is out of control. I hope we get a Shayviction “Shayniel Larson” homeless era. I don’t think she will ever learn to stop buying this junk until she’s literally on the streets.

No. 1856346

Why is she begging for cheap worthless stuff like this? It makes no sense. She has literally nothing to her name

No. 1856351

She fills the void in her life with things. She doesn't have friends, she doesn't go places and do things. She doesn't make memories. Her life is so sad.

No. 1856353

I doubt she’ll ever be out on the streets, especially not while her parents are alive.

No. 1856368

90 to crocs, 170 to shopping for bras, new jewelry
The shopping will not stop

No. 1856388

thanks i chortled

No. 1856393

File: 1688197075129.png (6.14 KB, 356x361, 34174892171871.PNG)

Sorry i was feeling autistic, her shopping spending in just the last 2 weeks, all on cheap pink crap

No. 1856398

kek please do these weekly

No. 1856403

Her consoomerism is one of the myriad things about this tacky, trashy, fat piece of shit that makes me want to a-log, she’s so wasteful, greedy, selfish and irresponsible.

No. 1856425

holy fuck thank you sm for this, i miss the old autistic anon who would break down her monthly spending so i appreciate you a lot nona, this shit is like more than half her rent aint no way she makes enough to pay for everything

No. 1856429

looking at it all laid out like that makes me wonder if some of the stuff she doesn't buy online is shoplifted.

No. 1856434

Kek we do, but a lot of slang around Boston/MA also gets borrowed from NY so there's a bit of overlap. I can only really think of a few MA specific words like pissah and jimmies. Maybe another MA nonnie can chime in. Even then some of these words (i.e. wicked and pissah) are becoming less common to use these days, at least among younger crowds. Like most people will use "mad" in place of "wicked", at least most of the time. I can definitely see her overplaying the MA slang to seem unique, especially considering that she hasn't even lived in MA in more than 5 years

No. 1856443


She doesn't have the balls to steal, nor the network to be hooked up with a booster. Chances are she's not buying most of this shit herself. If you don't see it clutched in her bloated mitt it never happened. Some paypigs prefer giving gifts instead of outright cash because they feel less pathetic when the exchange has that parasocial boost. Shayna as a dim witted materialist chooses to engage with these people for the immediate gratification of getting new garbage sent to her instead of focusing on attracting and keeping clients willing to pay more in cash because she's as addicted to the parasocial element as they are. Nobody celebrates or treats her in real life.

No. 1856448

All spent on landfill fodder. She could have bought a decent purse and a few nice pieces of clothing, instead she just bought more plastic pink shit that probably can't even contain her girth.

No. 1856451

not disagreeing with you necessarily but it doesn't really take guts to shoplift and i never said she was boosting it.

No. 1856454

There’s also the packie/package store(liquor store).

No. 1856487

And tonic for soda, which she probably drinks a lot of on top of her alcohol usage. I've never seen her use the word tonic before, being the apparently archetypal Bay Stater that she is kek

No. 1856501

She could have put a down payment on a car… not that this idiot should be on the road. But it would save her money in the long run on those DoorDash deliveries

No. 1856518

bubbler for water fountain
grinder for sub is pretty much over now, I guess

No. 1856525

Why are y'all so obsessed with her not having a car? It's the smartest thing her never sober ass has done. She should have saved that money in case one of her boobs burst during healing, or she needs to take one of her pets to the vet. Or, put it towards a better apartment.. plenty of shit she would have been better off spending that money on outside of a metal death trap (for her, because she'd cheap out, not do maintenance and drive high/drunk)

No. 1856532

nah they still use grinder in CT and I think Philly. it wasn’t really an MA thing.

No. 1856533

it’s because of the amount of times she’s talked about saving up for one/getting one. she’s scammed multiple times under the guise of getting a car. she’s attempted to make long term goals to get a car and never does. so it’s funny to continually poke at her for it.

No. 1856561

To be fair I don’t think she bought all the purses she just ebegged for them, same with the shoes (the Barbie heels and the white and pink shoes as they were a gift) the Barbie heels and purses were never “purchased” just in the cart.
Really wish anon wouldn’t make an expense sheet until the expenses were confirmed

No. 1856567

>i miss the old autistic anon who would break down her monthly spending
Kek, that was me. Since it's the beginning of the month, I might keep a tally this time around. Spending a grand in two weeks when you're not working at all is absolutely bananas.
How does everyone like these breakdowns to go? Do you want concrete evidence she bought something like >>1856561 said, or are you okay with stuff she claims to have bought. I'm of the opinion that she buys a lot more stuff than she lets on. We all know she likes to play up expenses on her garbage, but I have to imagine there are other things (mostly booze/other drugs she may be doing) that she doesn't post about.

No. 1856579

File: 1688230190666.jpeg (Spoiler Image,166.99 KB, 1170x1499, FFA1C3E2-BC37-4089-A5FE-081F06…)

No. 1856589

none of her little stories are sexy, but this is so anti-sexy

No. 1856596

Nice make something most children experience into a fucking porn fetish video. Wtf is wrong with Shayna she love sexualizing the weirdest shit. Next video is going to be fucking Santa Clause. The only reason that keeps me from raging like an autistic retard is that she will die alone in her shitty damp bong water spotted apartment and no one will care

No. 1856610

honestly any sort of spending sheet we make would be incomplete/ a guesstimate, i only logged her shopping because she brags about that, but as you said alc adds up fast along with doordash, vapes, and anything she doesn't post receipts of. I think the best route would be to add up what she gets from ebegging and make a guess at what else shes spending, then compare the two?

No. 1856621

You’re using kek unironically nonna I don’t think you have a place to talk here(autistic infighting)

No. 1856633

Some of those shoes seem to have been bought for her by coomers though, tbf. Not saying she isn't wasting a fuck ton of money and splurging on useless shit.

No. 1856636

I think it should be only things she claimed to have bought herself.
Not things bought for her off her wishlists and things. Basically things she bought from money she actually had.
Then we could kinda guesstimate a food, alcohol, weed, and misc category. She usually asks for food reimbursement and shit, so we can go off that.
I think this month and the next would be the months to chart her income vs spending because she keeps going on about how scared she is for her recovery and not working yet in typical Shaynus fashion she's droppings hundreds of dollars on unnecessary shit daily.

No. 1856638

That would be an interesting comparison. Might shed some light on how much people actually do tip her when she e-beggs? My tinfoil is no one send her shit so she makes these expensive purchases up to look like she's thriving

No. 1856643

File: 1688238669756.jpeg (31.24 KB, 750x135, 6EBECC72-B26A-45CD-840F-C49134…)

idk what this about but she deleted it

No. 1856646

Hopefully it's about her life

No. 1856649

Her mom, most likely

No. 1856651

File: 1688239394550.jpeg (Spoiler Image,275.48 KB, 750x522, E39EB874-A799-4C87-BBAD-7BFF9F…)

she's such a pedo it's absolutely not even a question at this point

No. 1856654

how utterly rotted in the brain do you have to be to come up with this shit?

No. 1856656

Are men actually into this lazy typing? Like does anyone else see that and think a spambot wrote it, or is that a weird correlation?

No. 1856658

Santa baby(sage your video titles)

No. 1856659

File: 1688240126575.jpg (121.83 KB, 1080x1181, Screenshot_2023-07-01-20-35-39…)

Think it's probably just about these new twitter changes

No. 1856660

WHAT THE FUCK holy shit she is sick and anyone who buys this is depraved

No. 1856663

i love that she constantly spergs that she is an artist creatively expressing herself and this is the end result lmfao she's such a loser

No. 1856670

i don't understand how titles are allowed like that

No. 1856685

Wtf is this bullshit?

No. 1856695

people that don't pay for twitter will "temporarily" only be able to see 600 tweets a day kek
she'll have a meltdown over the "loss" of engagement

No. 1856738

File: 1688253796501.jpeg (61.6 KB, 229x312, 7BA72D9B-F795-4BCA-ACEB-786793…)


I don’t know why she thinks these sped tier ahegao faces are sexy

No. 1856742

Didn't she also do some comedy porn as Mrs Claus?
This is the face looney tunes characters make when they've been hit in the face with a frying pan and have the stars and birds flying around their head.

No. 1856762

>teach your daughter to stop eating herself to death

No. 1856812

File: 1688263688009.jpeg (107.28 KB, 750x556, 2A094238-C400-49B2-B99D-0746E3…)

No. 1856813

File: 1688263710669.png (1.67 MB, 750x1334, FCDAE6BB-0256-4316-BD02-8DCB99…)

No. 1856814

File: 1688263760536.jpeg (243.79 KB, 750x986, 64E7DB17-0C0E-4B22-8169-6A21B4…)

No. 1856815

File: 1688263855572.jpeg (556.73 KB, 2048x2048, 16F61C7A-FCF9-4B13-B4EF-13DA54…)

No. 1856823

Auntie Shayna is drunk and sweaty at the local bar again

No. 1856824

Wtf is she on about?
Even her coomer is baffled

She is either absolutely brain-dead and has the brain of a an 80 year old or her lies are getting just too retarded.

You can't go in for a tit job and just press the "random" button for cc. Its obviously discussed.

No. 1856825

At this time, seeing no difference. I expect necrotic will look the same but just trying to make her real flopper one more like it

No. 1856827

Crazy how she got her boobs done and she's still posing this way, she could hide her gut by just taking a picture front on. I know it's too early to tell but they look like they will end up being wide and small. Just like the implant titty was.
She's going to be complaining about them. Probably about how she's happy they are symmetrical but feels they don't fit her body type now or something.

No. 1856832

kek i know it’s early but next thread please

No. 1856837

she could hide her gut by pulling up her pants

No. 1856855

crazy how she got her boobs done and is actively posting herself getting wasted. it’s been what, 2 weeks? it’s self sabotage at this point.

No. 1856874

File: 1688272353491.jpeg (212.99 KB, 750x417, 00BC8B3E-4BF4-42F3-8B25-01126F…)

she's genuinely massive

No. 1856880

Kek she’s as big as a piece of furniture. Completely grotesque.

No. 1856885

>>1856434 >>1856340
She definitely over plays it. She speaks like a yuppie only using the stereotypical slang “wicked, pissah, smahht” Boston/New England slang consist of stuff like on dogs, chips, force, deadass, hip, said by mostly younger people especially those who smoke weed in and around Boston.

No. 1856903

File: 1688278743240.jpeg (202.67 KB, 1242x1281, F1301066-0C90-447C-A8B2-9D00A9…)

Big Shaynus XXL

No. 1856916

is this edited? she literally looks older than 50 wtf.

No. 1856924

she quite literally looks like the thread pic here kek

No. 1856926

File: 1688283889176.png (53.76 KB, 458x233, FhBsvpAWAAI3lMH.png)

Her weight gain is happening so fast that she noticeably expands every thread. If she had any sense she would be targeting BBW and feeder coomers because if she's going to speed run the path to obesity, she might as well get paid to do it.

No. 1856934

Holy FUCK is this edited?! She looks more enormous than ever

No. 1856941

File: 1688286719230.jpg (Spoiler Image,171.47 KB, 973x934, 1687114671850.jpeg.jpg)

Jfc the jarring difference between the pics she posted last week (obviously from the same day she did this vid) and the reality we see in the vid here… Big Shaynus is a shocking site to behold when she can't pose and edit to the extreme. Also that shirt looks even cheaper shitty sweatshop garbo too.
We think he edited pics are bad but then we see vids of what she really looks like and it's even worse.

No. 1856942

I mean they're gonna look ok simply because she's wearing a shaping support bra. And also won't they look different after the swelling and whatnot? Did someone say theyll "drop" or something? I have no idea about the details of a boob job sorry. Also her non former necro tit looks vieny now too I imagine from skin stretching over an implant in it too now?

No. 1856946

How did she think that muumuu is was a good idea, it makes her look even older and fatter than she is

No. 1856954


Bostonfag here and not to wk but she does seems to use ‘wicked’ authentically. She probably uses it more when she’s been spending time with her family from MA, because their usage of MA slang rubs off on her.

No. 1856995

File: 1688302743706.jpeg (754.15 KB, 1170x1369, IMG_3511.jpeg)

Shay, you literally panic whenever any of your sites don’t work

No. 1857011

File: 1688307397626.png (449.54 KB, 1080x1601, Screenshot_20230702-161619.png)

"Keeping my life on track" for Shayna is day-drinking, putting on 2 lbs per week, and buying new tacky pink shit

No. 1857015

how delightful for that to be 1/200th of somebody’s daily Twitter ration

No. 1857016

If she was using it authentically, why does she always make a point about how uniquely MA it is of her to use it? Authentic slang just comes out without fore or afterthought

No. 1857032

>running a business
yeah right. as if taking nudes and ebegging all day was hard… for being such a failing whore she’s astoundingly full of herself
seriously when was the last time she actually had to face her responsibilities like bitch is incapable of paying her bills without begging on a daily basis or even maintain basic hygiene

No. 1857040

She couldn’t even make her own Space Jam era looking website herself and had to pay another whore to do it, but it’s so much work running her business

No. 1857043

Whatever filter she used looks like it gives her a faint eye on her closed eye. I thought the curve of her lashes on that one was weird for it being squinted closed so I zoomed in like an autist and creeped myself out. I only originally wanted to comment on how the state of her hair made me nauseous and instead was haunted

No. 1857052

Oh my god how did I miss this hahahaha, she looks like the anime girls everyone used to draw when they couldn’t draw matching eyes

No. 1857059

Random question but does anyone know why Shayna’s wrinkles are so bad? Even years ago when she was 20 they were pretty noticeable. Do you think it’s genetic or was it from too much smoking weed at a young age?

No. 1857066

I would say genetics and being a dry ass bitch. If her lips are always in a state, I imagine she doesn’t moisturize her face or use any products like hyaluronic acid/ retinol.

No. 1857072

she also literally never drinks water

No. 1857083

File: 1688316613507.jpeg (274.16 KB, 1017x2046, IMG_5349.jpeg)

Holy fupa, Shatman! What’s the point of posting the fat girl MySpace angle photo just to immediately out yourself?

No. 1857086

She’s less embarrassed about the state of her everything than what we give her credit for.

No. 1857090

Combo of never drinking water, dodging sunscreen, genetics and her shit diet of weed, alcohol and sugar. Basically, she's got everything working against her.

No. 1857091

Gut gonna be protruding more than her new tit job. The rate she is gaining and drinking she is literally going to botch herself.

No. 1857104

You know what, at least she's wearing the compression vest.

No. 1857112

She’s upset because she has to be a grown up at 26? Lol

No. 1857117

I was just thinking… aren't her nipples still going to be mismatched?? They became very noticeably different with the weight gain and implant deteriorating or whatever was going on.
She's also been smoking and drinking before and right after the surgery among other things. I hope when the recovery is over and they settle that they look wonky still. She deserves it. Even if they somehow end up looking good, itll just be weird to have nice tits on her dumpy body and troll face so theres that at least kek

No. 1857126

Didn't farmers notice she was smoking a nicotine vape at one point too? I mean, in addition to weed. Too bad it's not working as an appetite suppressant; she's getting all the negatives without the one positive kek.

No. 1857137

I am most excited to see the mini-melt down when she can no longer get an ego boost from pretending her tits are natural. I truly believe the main reason she kept her necro-tit a mystery for long was because she got off on chodes being like “you have the most amazing tits ever!” when she was younger and thinner. The decline in attention her tits received when she got fat clearly fucked with her ego enough to drop a ton of cash to cut off her remaining real tit and try to fix things. I predict of lots of sarcastic comments to coomers like “thanks i paid a lot for them” (even tho her parents did kek) or sperging and backhanded compliments to other e-whores with nice natural tits who get attention from men over it.

One other question for the masses… so its now been proven all those stories about she told people not to play rough with her necro tit are true. Are we gonna see Shaynus now telling people they arent able to touch either of her tits cause theyre both fake? Thank god if we never have to see that greasy bald guy paddle her tits again. Also will put an end to her weird roped up tits thing.

No. 1857140

>Holy fupa, Shatman!
i physically cringed

No. 1857145

Yes, I forget if it was an Elfbar or a Puff bar or whatever but she's definitely used nicotine vapes on camera. she probably likes it for the ~pink bimbo aesthetic~

No. 1857150

Yeah, she's going to be very nervous and nursing those boobs of hers. Gonna be funny to see her try to pass herself off as a hardcore kinkster that absolutely will NOT let you do shit with her boobs. She pivoted away from her butt stuff barbie persona, and now this. On top of everything else wrong with her, you'd think this would be a wakeup call to get the fuck out of bdsm porn but she won't. Hope a Dom pops a boob.

No. 1857151

File: 1688327571832.png (167.83 KB, 1080x768, Screenshot_20230702-212616~2.p…)

She deleted this.

No. 1857152

Yeah she's gonna be annoying about the fake boobs now as a cope. She's going to act like its part of her bimbo larp but ironically she wouldnt have done it if it wasnt basically necessary at this point and she went for "normal" sized ones. And will also do nothing else about her face or body to match the usual vibe and look for having fake tits. I think unless the surgeon did a hell of a good job, theyre gonna look weird on her because she doesn't take care of herself and isn't doing proper recovery and the bottom line is shes just a fat sweaty dirty hog. Its like that joke about putting lipstick on a pig.

No. 1857153

isn't she "dating" ellen degenerate!? i bet she deleted this cuz she realized it doesn't line up with her "gf" posts shes made before, and didn't want ellen to see this.

No. 1857161

File: 1688329443149.png (170.54 KB, 500x298, A7F1C6EE-D07A-4F1E-929C-8F1563…)

Yes she was alternating between her weed pen and this nicotine vape constantly during her last live show. She’s probably been vaping nicotine daily every day leading up to surgery and every day after. What isn’t Shayna addicted to at this point? Her dopamine receptors must be fried, she’s constantly trying to chase her next high.

No. 1857165

File: 1688330908324.jpeg (289.93 KB, 1125x2000, 5B33171D-D6AC-4F7D-8F66-CAD655…)

Her new boobs are already shifting away from the alignment of her torso. There's no way these sandbags aren't gonna be horror-tier when she finally shows them off

No. 1857168

even though shes been on about them being "soooo even now" you can see her nipples are already in two different directions in this picture. i think they're gonna look the same as before but more botched.

No. 1857172

File: 1688331653153.png (391.94 KB, 1080x1640, Screenshot_20230702-230121.png)

No. 1857176

File: 1688332019926.jpeg (582.74 KB, 1170x1516, IMG_3515.jpeg)

She’s acting like she’s the only person who’s ever gotten a boob job

No. 1857181

In addition to lifestyle factors, she has a heavy brow ridge and constantly raises her forehead. I think constantly raising her eyebrows/forehead really contributes to how bad her forehead lines are and why she had them so young.

No. 1857182

Shayna throwing shots at fupaul like she wasn't equally dirty, in fact probably unpopular but fupaul qaa just fat and ugly, shayna legit had red hot boils, using sex products straight out the box, yellow chippee plaque teeth,white tongue, ass always covered in boils and she always looks sweaty. I wouldn't be surprised if fupaul was the clean one. He was the one making YOU drink water. Kek. Or they were both dirty ass hell

No. 1857183

I noticed in her last post about them she was also standing weird. I haven't noticed that before this boob job saga, has she always had such a weird posture and way of holding her back like that? usually people have a hunch if they have bad posture, she seems to mainly lean sideways almost.

No. 1857187

File: 1688333200803.jpeg (269.92 KB, 1170x660, 0C9401F3-949E-4C7B-87D2-8AAB99…)

Lmao she can’t really think her posing was hiding anything

No. 1857191

File: 1688333946246.png (317.34 KB, 1202x1328, how low can you go.png)


No. 1857208

File: 1688337630254.jpeg (605.07 KB, 1170x1152, IMG_3520.jpeg)

No. 1857211

File: 1688337785924.jpeg (405.78 KB, 1170x796, IMG_3521.jpeg)

No. 1857220

the delusion of an alcoholic weed addicted fatty, the difference has been visible for a long time and there is nothing about her flopping around on her back that hid it lol.

No. 1857221

File: 1688339977431.jpeg (Spoiler Image,972.58 KB, 1170x1538, IMG_3524.jpeg)

No. 1857236

She uploaded many videos of her naked dancing where necrotic didn't move an inch and the other was flopping about all over the place.
RIP Ellen.

No. 1857243

Just curious, why would sunscreen matter for Shayna when she never goes outside?

No. 1857245

So what is she going to do about the massive gunt she is always trying to hide? I think that’s an even bigger insecurity for her

No. 1857248

File: 1688343860094.jpg (110.24 KB, 669x1050, esy-033162886.jpg)

No. 1857261

Why are anons calling it a muumuu when it's just a big shirt??

No. 1857266

Bimbos arent known to vape kek wtf is wrong with Shayna. Everything she does is to fit it and she does everything WRONG. she be wearing the most retarded shit: Barbie shirt, dusty pink sweatpants and SpongeBob vans shoes.

No. 1857270

File: 1688347123719.jpeg (1.14 MB, 3465x3465, E0BB64BA-BD44-4AC4-A3CA-DB6CE0…)

Cause it looks like one on her fat ass. It ain’t oversized if it fits her. Shayna loves playing delulu but she knows she’s obese she just pretends she doesn’t know

No. 1857271

File: 1688347221939.jpeg (1.26 MB, 1223x1573, 048C49A3-C25C-4E4E-9073-09F41E…)

Photos you can smell: Get some whitening strips Shayna stop using the whitening tool on FaceTune. Lazy fat sow

No. 1857273

LMAO Boiled Butt over here talking about personal hygiene.

No. 1857275

File: 1688347582311.jpeg (483.22 KB, 1180x593, 9E9DBAF6-CEA3-4118-842A-BB1C2C…)

This whole room and everyone in it looks nicotine stained and never been washed.

No. 1857278

File: 1688347832019.jpeg (Spoiler Image,371.24 KB, 1083x659, D1A71A7A-8639-428C-AB0E-E42648…)

If you told me this was the behind of a man id believe you. Jfc

No. 1857281

File: 1688348203372.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.02 MB, 3465x3052, F1161115-76B4-444C-97AC-F85FD5…)

Shayna video ft an ugly man who looks like a troon, playing drums on Shayna’s man ass
Preview on https://sarahgregoryspanking.com

No. 1857282

…meaning that they won't want to look at more one post? lmao she didn't think this out

No. 1857283

File: 1688348371719.jpeg (Spoiler Image,622.28 KB, 1223x1269, D1B35BD2-DE11-4333-B819-4EDF43…)

All the videos she makes has the worst (best for us) screengrabs

No. 1857286

File: 1688348981906.jpeg (Spoiler Image,114.6 KB, 593x1165, 03CC75B9-9A19-43DD-AAD2-C0E4D6…)

Ugly mf

No. 1857292

File: 1688349547097.jpeg (1014.13 KB, 1170x1298, IMG_5362.jpeg)

spending more money on junk

No. 1857293

Saddest ass ever and she looks so much older than she is

No. 1857301

She has zero ass. The point where her ass ends and her legs begin is nonexistent, it's two planks of cottage cheese.

No. 1857306

Ugh, I knew she would become “expert shayna” after her boobjob. She is so insufferable. Yeah, I dont want advice from a girl who couldnt stop drinking/smoking before and after surgery, and who didnt even know/care what type of implants she got; and who clearly knows nothing about aftercare

No. 1857308

kek how is she this stupid? the original post obviously is referring to that its better personal hygiene to only have one dick/pussy you fuck with versus letting various microbes inside you from fucking a bunch of different people. Which is true. Poly people are more likely to get various STDs versus someone in a monogamous relationship. Its just fact.

No. 1857309

File: 1688354032022.jpeg (Spoiler Image,311.71 KB, 853x1280, DB478F64-5BF9-413A-A228-98BDBB…)

(retard posting old content)

No. 1857311

seriously though, just the other day she was asking about aftercare tips and now wants to act like she’s a shining example of how to get surgery done right. she does all the wrong things and then thinks she’s some sort of expert, it’s wild. did she even graduate high school?

No. 1857319

What is this retard face kek

No. 1857320

Noooo fuckin way KEK I can't breathe that is insane. Her ass and thighs look like this: +

No. 1857322

Why is her hand the same color as the TJMaxx Juicy candle? This bitch gets more porcine the more pounds she packs on. Oinkna

No. 1857323

File: 1688356063289.png (703.96 KB, 850x1100, hello kitty says get a job.png)

What TJ Maxx needs to start doing so this bitch will finally get a job

No. 1857329

Kek you guys are being funny today

Forget who suspected her to be stealing but I’m starting to believe it because there’s just no way she spends this much money on sanrio shit

Is this her? She gained so much weight. She could get away with looking like a dirty white trashy girl when she was skinny, but being fat AND dirty is just something else Shayna

No. 1857334

You guys think she’s shoplifting? But the majority of shit she owns is ordered off of Amazon which she can’t really steal. I think it’s more likely that her parents pay her an allowance still, even knowing that she does diaper porn and pretends to be a baby getting raped.

No. 1857336

Nah she's such a woman-child stuck in high school she would brag if it were theft.
Probably tag her "devious licks" like its 2021.

No. 1857345

Damn, it's been so long since Shay's been skinny-to-normal that newfags don't even recognize her iconic ramen noodle hair era. Hot take but I still think her face is slightly more tolerable now. Maybe she was meant to get fat??

No. 1857395

Those damage your teeth. Brushing and having dental hygiene done from time to time is enough.

No. 1857400

She would look better with a fat face and skinny body.
She could lose weight and get face fillers. (I can say this since her "job" is based on how she looks)

No. 1857402

Yeah, her face looks a lot better now.

No. 1857410

Jfc her TEETH. If she hadn’t squandered her coomer shekels on pink plastic landfill she’d have been able to afford veneers

No. 1857411

The 25-26 year old’s I’ve met are nurses, managers, work for management jobs or at least have something they are working on in life…it really puts into perspective how Shayna’s time is going to run out and she’ll be left with nothing. I know a lot of anons go back and forth with this but every time I come back to this thread her life has gotten worse. How can someone be so delusional and stubborn? She is an obese drug addict who needs mental help and a reality check. How fucking lucky is lardy whale to be getting advice and criticism from so many anons over the years…yet she doesnt take it! Hell she isnt even smart enough to take free college from mommy and daddy and just do her porn on the side if she wants to so bad.

No. 1857469

File: 1688391982123.jpeg (188.89 KB, 1200x675, 94879E1B-9702-41EE-A10C-2BD9B2…)

this accounts getting banned anyways for some shit i posted in /shay/ but figured id post this pic here as well as some perspective for the shayna normies that she was always “big boned” compared to average sized humans due to her height. Even tho shes thin look how big she looks compared to this insex guy. Wow!(newfag)

No. 1857470

Kek shes not shoplifting. Did y’all forget she is still with her parents right now? Both of them spoil her with crap to show love instead of actually supporting and caring about her. She’s currently back at her moms house and the only thing the two have in common is their love of spending money on stupid shit. Her mom has always bought her dumb trinkets like this when Shayna visits. Even tho Shayna is a cunt to her, her mom is quite nice. And also remember, her parents are well off and take care of their other children well. These trinkets are trump change compared to the money theyve put into their more successful children. Shaynas siblings all have school paid for, cars, nice clothes, frequent vacations. So yeah, them buying some candles and toys for her when she visits isnt hurting their bank and makes their retard kid feel all “speshul”

No. 1857472

>im so happy 4 me
this sounds like such a cope and im soaked. something is wrong with her boobs she isnt telling us about. The way she said her first check up with her surgeon “relieved her fears” makes me think when she first looked at them she was disappointed with how they looked. All these tweets arent helping me think otherwise either, and she’s proved many many times she will hide things and straight up lie on twitter until she’s ready to be truthful. She isnt happy with her new tits.(wet-chan)

No. 1857480

>Shayna’s time is going to run out
Run out when? She's not 80 years old. She's not going to expire at 30 years old. She still has… Decades

No. 1857497

I agree with this age has nothing to do with Shayna’s success, the fact that she’s a sex worker and has no education or job is more concerning at her age. The older she gets the less likely she is to go to college or actually do something. It’s not like she’s expiring because she already expired the second she posted her stretched out hole online while acting like a kid.

No. 1857500

You’re right and that makes it so much worse. Shayna has the privilege of a loving family who’s supportive and doesn’t want her going into sw, she could’ve went to college or even got a mediocre office job and she could’ve still had her shit payed for. It’s just so pathetic and sad

No. 1857504

File: 1688398043446.jpeg (252.41 KB, 1170x817, IMG_3534.jpeg)

No. 1857507

You need to be somewhat talented and relevant to join the 27 club shayna. If you kill yourself you'll just be another 20 something failure to launch with a sketchy internet history.

No. 1857518

Thank you nonnie I’m sorry I didn’t mean due to being too old or something but more so set in her ways the older she gets with resume gaps & no idea how to function in the real world.

No. 1857523

File: 1688402868885.jpeg (624.72 KB, 1170x1294, IMG_3535.jpeg)

I can’t

No. 1857529

oh she's playing pretend again. get back in the gym means start smoking and drinking heavily again and she was literally on a hello fresh subscription

No. 1857540

File: 1688404096961.jpeg (500.9 KB, 1170x728, 40883994-6DB3-44A9-A771-8EE01D…)

Your original point was valid. Yeah 30 isnt End of Life but reaching 30 with no real skills? It’s going to effect the outcome of the rest of your life. As someone in their mid 30s, it sounds crazy but your body really does start rapidly changing at 30. I think if we get a deathfat saga it will be when she hits 30+ and has finally killed whatever is left of her metabolism. Anyways, picrel is some dumb shit she posted.

No. 1857551

Pretty sure the Hello Fresh lasted as long as the heavy discounts they give to lure in new subscribers. Just like her “racist” personal trainer was the initial free sessions they give out to new gym members (that’s my tinfoil anyways)

No. 1857557

Wow…Sadly I believe this. Shayna is at the point in her depression/delusion that she simply cannot see herself doing or being anything else. This has to work, she has to become twitter famous and a "known" pornstar before she's too old (aka 27 kek). I know 27 is the meme, but she did say that she feels old

No. 1857558

>get back to the gym
She lies so hard, she went fucking once. Gym won't help if you drinking the calories to cope with life

No. 1857564

I think that's less her being "big boned" and more her being like 5'6"-7"

No. 1857565

Shayna pls just get a macro tracking app I swear she’s so helpless and willfully retarded. I would genuinely love to see her somehow buckle down and change her whole life but she doesn’t actually deserve to be happy bc she’s pedo pandering trash so I guess I’ll just make my popcorn and enjoy the show kek

No. 1857567

"Become the girl of my own dreams"
"Can I pay somebody to make me become skinny because I'm retarded?" .

Looking forward to more of the same.

No. 1857575

Nta but yeah that man looks short anyways kek.

No. 1857576

File: 1688408809951.jpeg (370.57 KB, 1170x1135, IMG_3536.jpeg)

Okay Shay

No. 1857588

I am not, under any circumstances, giving Shayna credit, but I do prefer her actively disliking real children if she's filming baby rape porn. Like, good, stay the fuck away from kids.

No. 1857606

Please, lots of pedos pretend to hate children (or actually hate children but desire them sexually.. they do this with adults all the time).

Shayna is just being a bitter pickme who will never be picked to be the mother of someone's child. She's probably coping because she saw someone attractive nursing a baby or something.

No. 1857631

She literally dates men with childern, meaning either she dumbly doesn't expect their relationships to ever last long or be serious enough for her to be around his kids OR she wants to be around other people's kids. Her whole thing was being a step mom and stealing college fund. Shayna may not like kids or wnt to have one, but she has no issue dating scrotes with them which says something.
Also, I know the tweet is a joke, but coming from someone so fucking thin skin who wants to kill herself over shit on twitter and has multiple tweet MELTDOWNS when she sees people saying shit she doesn't like, she needs not to make these kind of tweets.
Hating actual kids isn't a flex when you pretend to be one to get scrotes off. You literally idolize youth

No. 1857675

File: 1688422245920.jpeg (188.03 KB, 1169x1052, 1627755267042.jpeg)

>2 years ago
>fupa leaves you for real this time
>move to seattle alone
>tweet about how you're going to get fit, go to the gym and get so many rich daddies in Seattle
>still single
>no "rich seatte dads" ever, closest thing to a "relationship" was fucking a brony for less than two weeks
>addicted to junk food, nicotine, weed, alcohol, etc, cant even cam for an hour sober
>fatter than ever in your entire life
>got fingered by a "daddy" and all you got was a cheap teddybear in return
>not even the ugly bald guy or the guy with stds can keep it up with you anymore
>even the coomers don't interact with your tweets like they used to
>no cam sessions, one video every two months, lot less pictures compared to old threads cause shes so insecure about her body now

No. 1857682

File: 1688423325124.jpeg (921.44 KB, 1170x1872, IMG_3541.jpeg)

Please don’t

No. 1857683

File: 1688423408007.jpeg (985.58 KB, 1170x1502, IMG_3539.jpeg)

No. 1857685

>To be the mother of someones' child
Fuck off tard wife.

No. 1857686

That’s a pitcher to share but it’s bleak that Shay is drinking this every day

No. 1857687

TBH being a nurse isn't much better than being Shayna

No. 1857693

File: 1688425010899.jpeg (155.86 KB, 1000x1057, D18D98E2-A2BF-42E2-9289-ABD5CB…)


Is she trying to cope with the last thread making fun of her? >>1852187 kek

No. 1857694

as if it would be hard to make Sangria…

she won't share that pitcher and she will eat the fruits as well, because they soaked up all the alcohol

No. 1857706

File: 1688426194626.jpeg (497.12 KB, 1224x1144, 232E581A-F7DC-419C-9704-E38C57…)

Stfu god damn

No. 1857713

It’s not that hard to be “the mother of someone’s child” men will fuck a literal cheese burger. They stick their ducks in anything. I’m hoping she never gets knocked up she’d be a terrible mother

No. 1857723

Oh lord, it's the anon that's hot for shayna again

No. 1857726

Shayna is the ugliest woman ever (inside and out) and is probably ten times uglier irl. I don’t get why anons think she’s just “average” like look at that big ugly nose with foundation crusted on top and the neck rolls ugh she makes me want to puke

No. 1857727

She wants to see shays shussy

No. 1857732

as if we haven't all seen it already cuz she posts it for free

No. 1857738

NTA but I think when anon said Shayna will never be picked to be the mother of someone's child they were referring to Shayna’s weird fantasy of being a step mom and taking advantage of single dads for their money and gifts.

That’s genuinely so bleak and depressing. I didn’t realize how much alcohol she actually binge drinks at once. She’ll also probably have a bowl or two of weed after that. If she just quit drinking and smoking I just know she’d lose a ton of weight.

Being a nurse and having any other occupation is infinitely better than being Shayna or doing any fetish sw

>”Like I always say; unless a child, animal, or non consenting party has been involved, block and move on”
Such profound commentary about the Twitter-sphere. When everyone thinks of Shayna, they think about her popular and profound catchphrase.

No. 1857759

why won’t people profiting off of pedophilia shut the fuck up ever

No. 1857772

I actually don’t understand how hard it is to cook some sort of meat and rice with vegetables or a salad? Just mix up the ingredient combos and you’ve got hundreds of meals.

I know she’s just larping so she can be like “guys I’m not fat because I eat bad I’m fat because of haters and medicine” but she cannot be this stupid, healthy eating is just cooking meals at home that aren’t deep fried

No. 1857783

Literally just eating more natural, less processed food. Cutting beer and wine. And staying under 2000 calories a day would help her.
Oats & fruit or a veg omelet for breakfast.
Salad or low carb wrap for lunch.
Chicken, veggies, and some rice for dinner.
But if she's too lazy for meal plans then at least just calorie counting and eating less processed sugary garbage. Thats really not that hard once you just do it.

No. 1857786

I had that barbie growing up and now I am sad

No. 1857838

She never cuts out drinking. She also doesn't count calories. She could lose weight by cutting calories and not drinking so much. She always drinks. She's never going to lose weight until she learns about calories and that alcohol has calories so those 5 surge white claws are like 100 calories each. Doesn't matter if she has a meal plan everyday

No. 1857853

I just realised she's not doing the 2020 egirl makeup anymore. I feel like that must have been something the brony guy was into with how quickly it came and went

a smart person would have done this when the trailer dropped and people were actually talking about it. she's always so late to everything

she didn't say it was hard? y'all are so annoying with how desperate you are to hate on Shay

No. 1857888

Nta but I think they're referring to her posting about it as though it were an accomplishment.

No. 1857900

Not to correct you anon but I just want to clarify that the ‘brony guy’ is Shane P Sonnier of Wichita, Kansas who did simulated child abuse sex roleplay with Shayna Clifford. The search engines will never forget as long as we let them.

No. 1857991

Surges are 220 calories

No. 1857994

the hello kitty masks she posted are from marshalls/winners, i've seen them there myself. of course there's no way we will know for sure she's shoplifting unless the police post her picture on facebook or something, but idk why some nonas think it's totally impossible. is it really unthinkable that shay would slip some cheap junk into her purse kek.

No. 1858011

File: 1688476537126.jpeg (358.72 KB, 1169x1676, IMG_5373.jpeg)


No. 1858020

File: 1688478195299.png (943.76 KB, 1080x6536, Screenshot_20230704-154330~2.p…)

She's having another manic episode where she thinks she's entitled to give others life advice.

No. 1858022

File: 1688478414765.png (477.83 KB, 1080x3599, Screenshot_20230704-154648~2.p…)

Anyone have any idea what she's replying to?(posting old milk)

No. 1858027

Imagine writing fucking advice guides for your competition while struggling every day mentally and money wise. She seethe do weirdly. Not even about successful sex workers but people not doing things she thinks they should. I think she gets bothered when any woman enters her disgusting "career" and she feels she works so hard and it takes so many years, that the idea of any woman coming in thinking they can make a quick buck and bypass her keeps her up at night.
In a way I feel she wants to discourage other women (good) by making it seem like you have to put years into this to get anything. She feels everyone has to dedicate their whole life to this shit like her. It's just so weird to me. She seems so fucking angry about how it her even run their buiness. You literally said you want to die if you can't be who you feel you should, yet you writing sex worker guides.

No. 1858032

She forgot
>•don't type like a fucking retard when you want people to take anything you say seriously
The view to like/retweet ratio on that post is embarrassing, and it's probably because the way she types is so unbelievably grating to read.

No. 1858042

this argument is so tired. it ignores all moral and ethical issues with pedo/zoophilia. i'm curious what she would say about AI CP that has become a new issue. nobody has been harmed, so following her logic it's totally fine.

No. 1858048

When she posts advice like this it feels like she's trying to reach new swers hoping they'll be Shay's friend. A follower grab. These points are places where Shay has messed up herself, it's not a helpful sw guide, just a roundabout way to talk about herself. Highly doubt she wants to help newbies out of the goodness of her heart.
>go for something you can relate to. ppl can tell when you genuinely love what you do
Ah, Shay. Genuinely enjoying fucking your family? and CHILDREN?? This woman makes my head hurt.

No. 1858049

What happened to "im the sweetest and the nicest person, people who are mean to others for no reason suck!" Like that baby is a human. The mom would be a human. This would be bullying. I though she hated bullying. Kek what a fucking idiot.

No. 1858051

It’s so funny when they seethe over people who point out their nasty kinks and pedo/zoo encouragement is still wrong and disgusting after they rant and justify with just ignoring it if no one is getting hurt

No. 1858059

Uh no she’s not because those were posted May 29th and already discussed two threads ago >>>/snow/1836360

No. 1858066

Nonnie, your body should not be rapidly changing at 30… If you actually look after yourself and didn't spend your 20's smoking, drinking, doing coke and thinking you're invincible then your body should stay relatively youthful for another 10 years.

No. 1858068

Kek right not to derail further but I read that comment and was like ??? Because it simply isn’t true for people who take care of themselves

No. 1858100

why is this being reposted as if she recently tweeted this? this is from May.

No. 1858133

File: 1688492523981.jpeg (74.5 KB, 749x349, E3B85E35-628F-43A9-A396-6EE55C…)

No. 1858135

File: 1688492648338.jpeg (312.71 KB, 750x1096, 53EBC085-57F7-47B8-B78B-EA9809…)

No. 1858138

Thanks for not being retarded. Shayna's a giant pickme but she can't even be picked by a loser in ladies gloves pretending to be a Dom, or an ex-military ponyfag. It clearly chaps her ass.

No shit it's easy. But like all the other things in life that are easy (showering daily, not being a mini land whale, not embarrassing herself on the internet by exposing soiled underwear in her filthy porn) Shayna can't manage.

No. 1858147

“Plump and perky.” Shay, they haven’t dropped yet because they’re still new. Just wait

No. 1858163

That debut photo looks like something out of a medical textbook kek couldn’t even try to make it somewhat fun and enticing. Just a full frontal shitty lighting photo?

No. 1858165

who's gonna buy it i wanna see the scarring in this stage

No. 1858173

I fucking hope no one is retarded enough to hand her $50 to see her scarred up gray boobs but I won’t be surprised

No. 1858184

debut? oh boy is she going to be upset when they drop and fluff to their final position. can’t wait for the meltdown.

No. 1858185

the screenshot literally says $50 PAID which means nonny paid for it and isn’t showing it.

No. 1858186

>plump and perky
They'll be dwarfed by her ever expanding gunt in a few months.

No. 1858189

thats a screenshot shayna took anon

No. 1858191

It’s posted by Shayna so I assume that it’s just the view she gets when she sends it out on OF?

No. 1858216

>50 dollars
We don’t need to wait much to see that mess, she won’t be able to handle putting them behind a paywall because she will want to show off her McDonald’s surgery.

No. 1858223

She had a busted tit before, the other effected due to rapid weight gain & she had same day short surgery…so not a reconstruction to make both breasts symmetrical as possible.

The posts of her in the XXL “BABY” tshirt already show her fat stomach is ready to stick out more than her boobs.
Perky and plump is the last things those things are.

No. 1858240

NGL, I don't want to keep hearing her talk about how "Plump & Perfect my plastic tiddies are" over and over. It's sounds like some shit a scrote would write in a smut fiction. I guess being "Perky" again is going to be her personality now. Even though I promise that when she reveals them they will look
>Very small on her body type
I would'nt be surpised if both her breasts have pronounced veins now. Anyway, I have a question, Nonas, if Shayna continues to gain, will her breasts grow and be identical? Or will that other breast stay the same or get slightly bigger while her normal one does what it did last time?

No. 1858246

I couldn't figure out what was bothering me about that phrase, but that was it. I don't know a single woman that would describe any part of her body as "plump;" that's 100% scrote vocabulary.

No. 1858250

You two young ones realize you can just google it and research and not just always rely on your very limited life experience, right? Seriously, not trying to be cunty, but just google “changes to womens body at 30”. Its a common fact. You cant live the same way you lived in 20s once you’re in your 30s or else you’ll get different results. And why? lol.. because of rapid changes to your body that happens after 30. No it wont be an overnight change but ask anyone at 31/32 and they’ll tell you they really did finally start to “feel their age” at this stage. I mean, no shit, if you’re healthy in your 20s you’ll be healthier in your 30s compared to X or Y person (was this point eveb really worthy of saying) but that same healthy person will need to put in more effort to get same results they did in their 20s. Examples, you have to exercise harder, you cant get away with eating as much junk, your hair and skin start to thin, you notice your joints and bones start aching, you start noticing theres a bunch of places that are now aching. Fuck if you run too much in your 20s “being healthy” you can start to develop bad knees over overexertion. We have already seen Shayna be unable to compensate for her already declining metabolism. We’ve already seen Shayna not willing to change habits she developed in her teens/early 20s even thought they would DIRECTLY AND INSTANTLY improve her life. So my original point stands, that we’re going to really start seeing the physical effects of Shayna’s lifestyle once she hits 30s. She will balloon FAST, not slowly like she has been for the past 3 years. She still has her metabolism and youth for some good years despite some people in thread thinking she’s “about to age out” or “almost done”. And honestly, I dont think her turning 30 and becoming a super-fat will stop her from showing her pussy and ass to the masses.(derailing)

No. 1858254

90% of that is because of lifestyle changes, and not actual physical things changing with your body. Even your metabolism doesn't slow down until you are in your 60s, and even then it's just by 100 or so calories. Stop the bullshit please.

No. 1858257

Google is your friend.

No. 1858258

if anything, we know shayna was meant to have a fat body. she will at some point give up trying and just let herself be fat. she was only thin back then cause she was a literal child and also, smoking weed or cigs at that age naturally leans you out for a few years. I dont believe this “shes small framed” crap. Has anyone seen her mom? Is she fat too?

No. 1858260

File: 1688507164827.png (46.02 KB, 706x416, idiot.png)

Yours too(derailing)

No. 1858312

neither of those anons, but the soft patronization in the first line rendered your essay invalid. Just take better care of yourself, Nancy.

No. 1858340

Yeah I’m not gonna feel old when I’m 30, 30 isn’t old. You must have drank a lot or ate a bunch of fast food and it’s catching up! Couldn’t be me.

No. 1858346

NTAYRT but I didn't see them say 30 is old in their essay, just that in your 30s you start to feel your age. Which, despite them being patronizing, I agree with. Your body does change in your 30s but you just adapt to it. I get their point that Shayna won't be able to given her history.

No. 1858359

File: 1688519811785.png (45.36 KB, 1006x328, shayfax.png)


No. 1858361

File: 1688519897545.jpeg (403.29 KB, 1242x1229, 05BF5BB6-F264-4D06-90AC-115F4B…)


No. 1858363

Per decade Anon. My mother has been the same weight with 3 meals a day since she was 32. I’m sorry you are incapable of eating in a calorie deficit or strength training. Sage for OT/infighting, I’ll take my ban.(Here you go)

No. 1858367

File: 1688520218967.jpeg (273.63 KB, 1242x692, D0D8CBD3-3995-49A9-8D76-92A6B4…)

Only people complimenting her are ugly men kek and troon

No. 1858368

Starting at 30 Anon. Thus proving the point your body begins to change when you turn 30. Losing 8% of your muscle mass over your 30s is going to result in some rapid changes to people like Shayna (you know, the one this thread is about, not your whore mom). Literally what is the reason for attacking the original Essay Nona for correctly stating the real deathfat saga will begin when Shayna hits 30 as that is when the real changes in your body begin per >>1858359 this government source.(infighting)

No. 1858372

I have a suspicion that anon is a Reddit refugee, purely because of that patronization. There's a certain level of smug I only ever see from people on Reddit, especially when they're wrong. I'm so glad it's hellweek.
You can tell by how W I D E she is that she doesn't have a small frame. It was just age + disordered eating (nothing but goldfish crackers and cake that she puked up) that kept her small. Even when she was thin, she had linebacker shoulders.

No. 1858417

Calm down, Jesus.
Shayna, pretty girls shower twice a day, actually consume vegetables and water regularly, and walk for 30 minutes a day at least. If you did all three of these, you'd look and feel a whole lot better. But, it's easier to smoke yourself stupid, eat nothing but fried beige bullshit and fish for compliments. I'd say I wish she'd stop complaining about being a greasy butter ball, but it is funny. She's been coping hardcore, she's probably not too happy with her boobs. Probably did want to go bigger but actually couldn't so now unless she actually loses weight, her boobs are both botched looking and relatively small for her frame.

No. 1858419

Can the “weight gain in 30s” crowd take it to the tinfoil thread in /Shay/? At this point it’s low hanging fruit to say that she’ll be fatter at 30, like no shit moron she eats garbage and is an alcoholic. Hell she might not even be alive by 30 considering the alcohol/drug use.

No. 1858451

I'm more interested in her weight gain in the short term than in her 30s. She has been gaining fast, and I feel like she is quickly approaching the point of no return. I think she is either near 200 lb, or has already passed it. And if that number doesn't work as a wakeup call for her then she's pretty much destined to descend into fatty mc fat fat obesity territory.
I predict she will be 240 lb by December.

No. 1858455

Fuck, if she wants to be a drug addict and doesn’t care about longevity or quality of life (clearly) she should pick up some stimulants. She would eat less and get more work done.

No. 1858456

THe bitch turned her own healthy dog obese I don’t think she’s ever going to get better

No. 1858496

sorry if this is spoonfeeding, but does anyone know approx her height and weight?

No. 1858505

Her weight is a topic of a ton of debate lately. Some users speculate like 200 but her height is 5’5” ish some sites say 5’4 but some farmer deduced a while ago that she wasn’t that short

No. 1858533

She is definitely not 5'4" I am. I've met her in real life and she had to be at least two or three inches taller than me.

No. 1858556

I don't think it's worth arguing over or even debating because if she isn't 200lb now, she will be soon.

No. 1858571

Imo you never see other people’s height objectively compared to yourself, so I would take this with a grain of salt

No. 1858581

Isn't she about the same height as / slightly taller than fupa? I think she's on the taller end unless fupa is actually a turbo super manlet kek

No. 1858590

>>1858571 She does look taller than 5'5 though. Or the men she is posing with are short kings. I don't think her height would be that noticeable even when posing with smaller than average men IF her build wasn't so unfortunate and if she didn't look/move so awkwardly. There's plenty of taller women that still look feminine/delicate next to shorter men

No. 1858599

You may be correct, but I was with my sister who is literally the same height as me. I saw the height difference and she wasn't wearing gaudy 5 inch clonker shoes. But that's enough. I'm just saying what I witnessed with my own eyes.

No. 1858632

>short kings
Lmfao I can't believe that gen z women are allowing themselves to be meme'd into choosing genetically inferior partners because uwu muh men's self esteem.(off-topic)

No. 1858634

You sound like a eugeniscist. Who cares, no one said you had to fuck em(off-topic)

No. 1858650

Plenty of hardcore alcoholics live until their 60s. Shay doesn’t abuse opiates for some reason so it’s unlikely she would od

No. 1858676

File: 1688574621048.jpeg (519.53 KB, 1170x1017, IMG_3585.jpeg)

No. 1858677

But she doesn't get passed around by anyone.

No. 1858683

Where did you meet her? Plz tell everything

No. 1858684

>>1858632 It was a joke lol. Millennial women are so out of touch. None of the men she's ever been near is anything but disgusting

No. 1858692

While you are a whore shanya, it's not in the fun quirky way you think it is. More like if you weren't an upper middle class white girl cosplaying as a sex worker for attention, you'd have been dead in a ditch by now type whore.

No. 1858708

I am a die-hard “shayna is 5’7” tinfoiler through and through. But I will concede and accept she might be 5’6. But she is definitely not 5’5 or below. She has a very big frame and consistency looks bigger than the women she works with, and the average height of a woman is 5’4-5’5.(no1currs about your tinfoiling on height)

No. 1858711

if mods gonna ban people for derailing over nonas talking about her age and possible outcomes at 30, i better fucking see some bans for this derail over her height. or even better, how about you just let people talk about what they clearly want to? if i wanted to only see what she posted on twitter, i’d go look on twitter. threads exist for discussion nonacitas. stop with the bullshit reports.(derailing², nice!)

No. 1858726

File: 1688579202552.jpeg (208.96 KB, 828x533, D36A49FC-F09A-49F3-9883-4D5424…)

theres a whole /shay/ board where people can discuss this shit. this thread is for milk only. if you want someone to get banned report them, if not don't complain because a few people copped a ban for blogging about health and their moms. anyways, here shes scamming her coomers by charging 10 dollars more for people who aren't on her onlyfats. also tweeting about how the barbie movies breaking her bank account, she doesn't need to buy things just because they exist.

No. 1858734

All the Sanrio garbage she's bought is one thing but imagine spending hundreds of dollars on merchandise for a film that hasn't even been released yet

No. 1858747

File: 1688581904157.png (3.68 MB, 828x1792, IMG_6913.png)

No. 1858748

I said 5’5 upthread because it’s the safest short answer, her being taller excuses her weighing more if that makes sense. But realistically does it really matter if she’s 5’8 even? Like 3 inches isn’t enough to justify her weight

No. 1858756

Anons speculated this before but he's prob 2-3 inches taller than her. Her top bun adds a couple of inches to her height for sure.

No. 1858767

Red alert, short king down

No. 1858770

who cares if a moid is short? People care about height when they should be caring if a moid is porn addicted or not.

No. 1858774

My sister and I were finishing our masters at University of Tulsa 4 years ago. Great school BTW. We've been following these threads since Shay-Gnar and we always joked how funny it would be to run into her. Sure enough we went to the Starbucks near Florence Park and there she was in her prime. She must have gotten an Uber or something because she was by herself. She was actually… quite normal if you will. We didn't let on that we knew who she was. We made small chitchat like people do in long lines. She introduced herself as Shayna, but the most embarrassing thing, and I will never forget this, is she told the Barista to put her name down as Dolly. I never had to fucking stiffle a laugh so hard in my life.

No. 1858816

Good grief lol. I have to imagine she would be less “normal” if you met her now… she seems less in tune with how people behave .

No. 1858820

File: 1688587832576.jpeg (699.89 KB, 1536x2048, 6065B42F-CF0D-4D32-BAFD-B626DF…)

She looks worse in the unfiltered pics

No. 1858826

File: 1688587992764.jpeg (599.95 KB, 1536x2048, D0B4A9A2-9C1B-40A3-8634-500326…)

Ain’t nothing Barbie about that Mr Clifford looking ass face jfc. She looks like her father in a bra. So damn ugly

No. 1858828

she'd look better if she just did her eyebrows tbh. Trying to hide her acne and spots, with this unmatching, dry, gross looking face make up makes her look hilarous and highlights ever single wrinkle and her eye bags. It makes her super dry lips stick out more. With the harsh eyebrows? Yeah she looks weird asf.

No. 1858829

She gets passed around by Ellen and Ellen’s kink friends. bleak she can’t even find her own damn friends she uses Ellen as her hookup to the Seattle scum scene

No. 1858833

File: 1688588261572.jpeg (11.01 KB, 155x275, IMG_5683.jpeg)

Looking like Womack

No. 1858837

I absolutely agree with you nona, I just love the idea of a short dude getting mad about an offhand comment in a fucking shayna thread

No. 1858838

She buys the most ugly shit ever. Loungefly backpacks, the ugliest SpongeBob vans that look like they were meant for elementary school boys, cheap plastic Barbie heels. I mean she’s never bought anything designer or of high quality. Everything is shein that will end up in the landfill because FATTY doesn’t know how to put the fork down and stop getting bigger. It’s so pathetic that it’s been almost a decade and she doesn’t own anything of value. Her parents are going to die eventually and she won’t have anyone to rely on

No. 1858842

I mean she will get their estate at that point.

No. 1858852

Both of Shaynus’ parents are weathy off aristocrat types who most definitely already have their will in order. Her dad is wealthiest and has other childen to take care off. Shayna would most definitely probably get a decent pay out (i’d wager $50,000 - $100,000 in total) but nothing to survive off with her spending habits and inability to plan ahead. Also this wouldnt happen until Shayna was in her 40s. Her brother and step siblings would probably all have families, careers and hobbies by then and be picked first to overtake any property (if they didnt decide to just sell and split the profits). Shayna is an outlier so couldnt conspire with other family member or gain sympathy from them to negotiate more. Maybe she’ll get left a sympathy old car or ATV from ol’ Pa. But she certainly cant look forward to some “windfall” of fortune when her parents finally croak.

No. 1858858

If anything her being most likely 5’7 (my personal tinfoil) would make her being 200 pounds make more sense. People freak out in these threads when you mention 200 pounds, but never take in account her height. 5’7 and 200 pounds is in the overweight range but its not obesity.

No. 1858861

I imagine she would get a lot of it. They seem to like to give her things, maybe it reduces their anxiety about her incompetence or guilt over how she’s turned out. They own 3 properties so that would be worth a lot.

No. 1858862

are you a mod? no? then shut fuck up. Yes? Then pathetic you are trying to force what is or isnt allowed to be discussed. If you dont like the topic, only a shithole would report it and cry to mods about it. No one has to be forced to use /shay/ if they dont want to. Its a “hidden board” just made for shits and giggle. Im tired of people constantly telling people to take discussion to /shay/ when there is literally a thread here for discussion. If people didnt want to discuss if they wouldnt respond. You just get shit heels who lose their argument then report it just to be a douche. This thread is NOT JUST FOR MILK. If if was, it would be dead cause Shayna isnt doing shit right now. Let people live and enjoy the thread and talk about what they want. If the milk is good enough post it and people will naturally start talking about it more. Simple.(infighting )

No. 1858863

She bought the same style bra in light blue and black yet has only been seen in the pink one. Nasty. She should’ve just bought three of the pink

No. 1858870

She looks like a 40 year old mom of five that you would find in Dollar General.

No. 1858897

idk how she always manages to give off “single trailer park mom who got her kids taken away but still thinks she’s hot shit” vibes yet thinks she’s the epitome of youth.

No. 1858924

KEK this jannie is such a smart ass, I love it.
Is she jaundiced or is that just her fucking up her foundation? She looks super yellow.
She's still at mom's house, right? Did she just waddle her ass outside in a bra to take shitty photos?

No. 1858932

i don't get why she doesn't invest in a nosejob, even one of those non-surgical ones?

No. 1858933

jaundice usually shows in the eyes first. this is probably just unfortunate coloring/lighting.

No. 1858943

I repeat—red alert, short king down

No. 1858944

I agree Nona. Also I personally find Shayna’s weight gain and health choices to be the most interesting thing about her. I’m here for it.

No. 1858948

> t. jannies better do exactly what I want
Or what? You’ll leave? Between this and some anon saying in another Shay thread that jannies better do what we want because anons “pay [their] bills” (kek) I am really confused how some of you even found this site and if you know how it works. Jannies do not get paid and mini-modding is against the rules. The bans they give out aren’t always redtexted either fyi.

No. 1858951

shayna has admitted to being 5'5-5'6 in the past. Im 5'5.5 and 170 (i know im a fatty im working on it) I look significantly thinner than shat granted I carry the weight alot better. I would guess just going off of my size compared to her she's ATLEAST 200(blogposting)

No. 1858953

I’m constantly shocked by how low effort everything has to be. It goes beyond mental illness, she’s straight up defective. She does nothing. She just exists. No hobbies, no passions, no redeeming personality traits, nothing. She literally needs people to force her to do things and take care of her to the point that she rationalized it as a fetish because even she knows it isn’t normal on some level. The fact that her body can’t even do the bare minimum of sending a signal to beg for a single green vegetable or shower shows that she’s hopeless on a cellular level. It’s wild to watch- every single failsafe that a person can have has been ignored by her.

No. 1858963

File: 1688599721678.jpeg (694.89 KB, 2048x2048, 1C87B745-CB25-46C2-92AA-F6B519…)

she posted pics/a video of her drinking on a boat on her IG story

No. 1858964

So is that supposed to be a swimsuit? I thought it was a bra

No. 1858965

File: 1688600051383.png (3.57 MB, 828x1792, IMG_6919.png)

she’s wearing jeans with it

No. 1858972

File: 1688600684761.webm (1.64 MB, 828x1792, RPReplay_Final1688600471.webm)

trying to figure out who the high pitched voice in the background might be

No. 1858976

Nta but all bans are redtexted during Hellweek

No. 1858979

She’s so busy serving 40 year old golf wine aunt with a sun damaged chest, that she forgot to crop out the jorts she had to unbutton in order to sit comfortably

No. 1858980

her parents are aristocrats? Are you incredibly poor? Her dads shitty cabin (where he lives, as his primary and sole property) costs like 400k.

No. 1858981

Tell me you don’t know anything about living in New England. Property in southern New Hampshire is crazy expensive.

No. 1858992

he doesn't live in southern new hampshire. shes doxxed their location he lives near lincoln.

No. 1858993

She's going to be disappointed when the swelling goes down and they are super tiny, they look so small and wide

No. 1858994

File: 1688603481268.jpg (4.7 KB, 149x74, Screenshot 2023-07-05 203311.j…)

No. 1858998

you can tell how crooked they are. totally gonna look botched. i predict they look worse than before.

No. 1859009

Somebody buy the boob picture please

No. 1859011

I think at least part of it is her angle and the way her arm is positioned.

No. 1859012

I am confused by her boobs and also what is happening with her stomach? Nothing fits together how I’d expect

No. 1859013

She just always looks like a damn troll doll. But that proper fitting bra top thing is at least lest offensive than the usual shit she wears. I think her tits look ok in it because it fits and ya know is meant to give support to them.
I just know her nipples are still gonna be mismatched and her tit veins are gonna still look weird. At best, the implants probably just made the shape of her boobs a bit less jarringly different. And hey at least her og implant titty wont be silicone decayed and poisoned lol

No. 1859014

File: 1688606314990.jpeg (1.02 MB, 1170x1222, IMG_3597.jpeg)

No. 1859016

Dont be retarded. She'll post them for free soon enough. No point in giving her 50 bucks especially when thats not even how theyre going to really look in the end. According to anons that seem to know more about boob jobs, theyre still swollen and puffy and yet to actually "drop".

No. 1859019

She should be banking on her new boobs more, like taking some revealing photos but not fully showing it. Like a slow reveal. Not just wam bam pay me $50 and we’ll get it over with. I wonder how many people have purchased it and what their motivation was

No. 1859020

Stg her lip dry scabs have scabs. No chapstick, no moisturizer,no scrub (that she uses)… it's actually insane to do your makeup and she must wipe the foundation off her lips and yet otherwise leaves them completely untouched. Baffling.
Also "frens boat" yeah right more like her mom or her moms friend.

No. 1859021

I’m not being retarded, I want someone else to do it.

No. 1859026

This is not the face of someone in their 20s, holy shit.
Just wait till she has to go back home and pay bills, she'll slash the price to like 5.99 as per usual.
Probably not even grayhair. I could see Womack purchasing though, if he happened to have overtime pay or a few bucks left over from his last splurge on more attractive camgirls.

No. 1859028

Fren couldn’t take a picture of her on a boat?

No. 1859029

Shayna probably gets dysmorphia when she sees pictures other people take bc she’s so used to controlling the angle

No. 1859048

your friend? you mean your mom’s friend, fucking loser.

No. 1859049

It was probably her moms bf. She has no friends kek lonely ugly

No. 1859052

File: 1688610485736.jpeg (696.84 KB, 1154x1459, BF8A4667-B4AB-4EB0-8A11-C46F05…)

Her mind is the same as a scrotes isn’t this like the same as a cock cage… she’s so nasty and you can make this for like $20 it’s just plastic jfc

No. 1859055

We all know Shay is so retarded she couldn't even make a paper hat
She'd pay $40 for a piece of paper with a staple in it if it was pink and sparkly

No. 1859075

Likw what lasting friend would she have in that city that would be like oh yeah lets go on my boat Shayna whom I havent seen in years and years thats a great idea

No. 1859084


Sorry for autism. hopefully shays lazy ass reads this copy paste from chatgpt: no cooking involved. she can literally grab this shit out of the fridge/pantry

Here's a sample 1400-calorie meal plan that requires minimal cooking and is easy to follow:


1 cup of nonfat Greek yogurt
1/2 cup of fresh berries (such as strawberries or blueberries)
1 tablespoon of honey or a natural sweetener
1 small handful of unsalted nuts (such as almonds or walnuts)

2 slices of whole grain bread
3 ounces of sliced turkey or chicken breast
1 slice of low-fat cheese
1 tablespoon of light mayonnaise
Lettuce, tomato, and cucumber slices for added freshness

1 small apple
1 tablespoon of natural peanut butter or almond butter

4 to 5 ounces of grilled or baked chicken breast or fish (such as salmon or tilapia)
1 cup of steamed vegetables (broccoli, carrots, or green beans)
1/2 cup of cooked quinoa or brown rice

1 small handful of baby carrots or sliced bell peppers
2 tablespoons of hummus(derailing autism)

No. 1859097

her sweaty self would be so gross in those. they’d be all foggy and covered in sweat. barf.

No. 1859106

I swear to chatgbt that I was just about to make a chatgbt post here, literally wtf

No. 1859110

To teach Shayna Clifford to get up off her butt, touch grass, exercise, and eat a vegetable, you can follow these steps:

1. Explain the benefits: Start by explaining the numerous benefits of getting up, touching grass, exercising, and eating vegetables. These include improved physical and mental health, increased energy levels, weight management, and overall well-being.

2. Set goals: Help Shayna set realistic and achievable goals. For example, she can aim to get up and touch grass for at least 30 minutes a day, exercise for 30 minutes three times a week, and incorporate vegetables into at least two meals per day.

3. Create a routine: Help Shayna establish a daily routine that includes specific times for getting up, touching grass, exercising, and consuming vegetables. Having a structured routine can make it easier to stick to healthy habits.

4. Encourage accountability: Encourage Shayna to find an accountability partner, such as a friend or family member, who can join her in these activities or simply check in on her progress. This will help her stay motivated and committed.

5. Start small: If Shayna is not used to being active or eating vegetables regularly, it's important to start small and gradually increase the intensity and variety. Begin with short walks outside, simple bodyweight exercises, and incorporating one vegetable into a meal each day. As she becomes more comfortable, she can gradually increase the duration and intensity of her activities and experiment with different vegetables.

6. Make it enjoyable: Find activities and vegetables that Shayna enjoys. This could include going for walks in a park or nature reserve, trying out different types of exercises (e.g., dancing, swimming, hiking), and experimenting with various vegetable recipes or cooking methods. When she finds pleasure in these activities, she will be more likely to stick with them.

7. Provide resources: Share resources with Shayna, such as websites, apps, or YouTube channels that offer exercise routines, healthy recipes, and tips for incorporating vegetables into meals. This will provide her with additional guidance and inspiration.

8. Celebrate milestones: Celebrate Shayna's achievements along the way. Acknowledge her progress, whether it's completing a certain number of workouts, trying new vegetables, or consistently following her routine. Positive reinforcement will help her stay motivated and continue making healthy choices and touching grass.

Remember, it's important to be supportive and understanding throughout this process. Encourage Shayna to embrace a healthy lifestyle at her own pace and provide ongoing encouragement and guidance.

I accept my ban(autism)

No. 1859121

Can anons tell by the photos whether or not she got the non-veiny boob surgically lifted? It doesn’t look like she has any bandages where the lollipop scar would be.

No. 1859138

I think surgical scars tend to happen under the breast, so it would be hard to see with these pictures. But didn’t she say that both boobs were being addressed surgically?

No. 1859140

Literally the only reason that she can maintain the delusion that she's "pretty" is because makeup exists. She has 0 naturally beautiful features. The only vaguely feminine features on her face are created out of thin air by makeup.

No. 1859147

It's also wild that she manages to find her level. Every person that she interacts with is somehow exactly on her level. Keeping up with Shayna is like getting a glimpse into the absolute bottom of the barrel of society. The ones without cognitive impairments who still manages to function in a way that is outwardly "normal"ish, but just barely above actual crackheads & tweakers & shit.

No. 1859153

I sometimes wish I had her self confidence. Anons are debating if she's 200lb and she's out there trotting around in a bra and denim shorts, letting her gunt and ham arms jiggle about in a boat.

No. 1859156

this is my favorite flavor of shaytism, i love you nona. she really would have a much better quality of life with even just doing 1 or 2 things…

No. 1859166

Fatties in this thread hate Shayna because she's not ashamed of being fat and ugly while they are. What's stopping you from working on your self esteem?

No. 1859167

Her alcoholism is going to have her dead in a few years why spend all that time typing she’ll never do any of that

No. 1859168

File: 1688634123513.jpeg (532.94 KB, 1536x2048, E8CBBEAB-5658-48E8-97CE-EE0B30…)

She’s so ugly why are you trying to help her we love seeing her get fatter and uglier after being such a mean girl in high school, being disrespectful to everyone around her, subtweeting minors when they get more attention than her on Twitter. She’s so ugly inside she deserves to be fat and ugly. Look at this troll face hahahah

No. 1859169

File: 1688634310620.png (6.71 MB, 1242x2208, 23086BEA-3FF8-4280-82FB-1C8E99…)

She just has no shame. Why would you want to be like her in any shape or form??? It’s not confidence; she wants attention. She looks like total shit. If you’re fat and want to show your belly go ahead I’ll be judging along with everyone else except… silently

No. 1859170

I'm not fat and never have been. I eat a healthy diet and exercise. I just don't understand how she can have such little self awareness. If I was her size I wouldn't be flaunting it, I would be in the gym working it off.(no1curr)

No. 1859178

i blame the weed. as a smoker myself i understand that it makes you less motivated and feel very blegh all the time and of course it makes you constantly hungry. shay can't go a minute without a hit of a blunt or a bowl rip so i'm guessing her habits have taken control rather than her controlling her habits. tinfoil but just guessing shay is way past caring about how she looks. she just wants money and weed and food.

No. 1859180

samefag, but if she gets the munchies every time she gets high, then she will be the next my 600lb life superstar by 2025 mark my words. how many times can one person eat brunch before spontaneously imploding? lurking over the old shay threads, you can just see the pipeline. you'd think as she ballooned she would wear less pink and skimpy things to flatter herself, but she truly does not have any self awareness nona. all shayna cares about is her next $3.84 from a sad, old divorced middle aged guy to buy forever 21 hello kitty garbage and fantasy cocks

No. 1859183

She has to pull these disgusting faces to distract from her naturally haggy face. I feel terrible for people like Shay because they truly have a miserable life. I pray she reads this thread and goes to the fucking gym Jesus Christ every photo with her body in it is progressively more hideous

No. 1859184

File: 1688638776719.gif (693.69 KB, 220x171, cruise-ship.gif)

>when shayna walks across the deck

No. 1859200

I'm kekking at the bad underarm photoshop

No. 1859223

How did she stay thin when she smoked as a teen? I would imagine the ballooning is partly due to cravings when she's high, but she did manage to smoke and stay thin before right? Does she just smoke more now?

No. 1859226

I blame the alcohol.

No. 1859228

It's not the weed that's ballooning her, it's the alcohol. She's probably ingesting 1000+cal/day through alcohol alone…add that to her eating habits & I wouldn't be surprised to learn she's consuming 4000cal/day at this point.

No. 1859235

She most likely ate whenever her parents cooked her and she had a social life and school. She has all the time in the world so she stuffs her fat ass face. And also her metabolism

No. 1859239

Because she just didn't eat back then. She just smoked and drank. Bitch used to just live off goldfish crackers and wine, but then the whole fupa saga had her stress eating. Being a stoner by itself won't pork you up that much, but she drinks like a fish who thinks water is going out of style, and I have reason to believe she regularly uses Xanax, that shit will have you lazy and fat.

No. 1859246

you’d be surprised. many long term weed users snack heavily when using, and don’t even think twice about it as the munchies. I’ve even known some people who can really only stimulate their appetite using weed. she’s been smoking for a while and i’m sure since she can now doordash whenever she wants it’s part of the reason she’s gained so quickly.

No. 1859249

why are you so obsessed with the lollipop scar? at this point you sound like some weird scrote with a kink for them. there are so many other ways to do breast lifts that don’t result in lollipop scarring.(derailing)

No. 1859252

Alcohol also messes with your metabolism, because it's a toxin and your body is busy getting rid of it before anything else can be truly metabolised. So that and the extra calories help you gain some weight without any effort

No. 1859260

Definitely agree. In a lot of instances smoking weed heavily tends to keep you at the same sort of weight, I’ve seen quite a few people that were previously heavy smokers experience an increase in weight gain after quitting. Could be something for us to look forward to if she ever did quit weed (kek who am I kidding). I’m sure her nicotine vapes also impact her diet as well, but definitely would agree her alcohol consumption is one of the biggest contributors to her gunt aside from her shovelling processed food in her mouth constantly.

No. 1859280

(AI wrote that)

No. 1859298

Begging shayna to rejoin tiktok so she can post a what I eat in a day video

No. 1859328

File: 1688671389510.jpeg (956.37 KB, 1170x1810, IMG_3603.jpeg)

Sure Shay. You obsess over Lana Del Ray and Jim Morrison

No. 1859329

File: 1688671531096.jpeg (621.58 KB, 1536x2048, IMG_3601.jpeg)

No. 1859331

This is so stupid and a cope for not having friends. Plenty of people don’t care about that stuff

No. 1859332

File: 1688671701580.jpeg (592.11 KB, 1536x2048, IMG_3602.jpeg)

No. 1859333

Well if there’s other signs/types of lifts then educate us. I’m personally against plastic surgery and I know nothing about boob jobs aside from that one anon talking about how she’s gonna have lollipop scars.
> you sound obsessed
> you’re a scrote
I’ve never talked about the scarring until now. This is an anonymous imageboard so idk how you’d be able to deduce I’m a scrote or I’m obsessed with scars or something based off a singular post. Please lay off the mental gymnastics and get better reading comprehension.

No. 1859334

is her face looking way rougher than usual the last week or is it just me?

No. 1859335

File: 1688672275367.jpeg (367.04 KB, 750x1161, DB564A4E-3C62-4C11-BA0C-C7D5C7…)

These are from earlier

No. 1859339

File: 1688672335902.jpeg (Spoiler Image,452.25 KB, 750x999, 42AD4C93-44F1-4965-B3D9-6AAEEE…)

Fishing for random scrote approval, pathetic

No. 1859341

File: 1688672406106.jpeg (32.29 KB, 400x400, 7A64E5D3-9BE6-41A3-8D94-65AD9A…)

This is the scrote she was quoting KEK

No. 1859345

Oh so she’s capable of not typing “breffast”, thank god.

No. 1859346

Her greasy scalp juxtaposed with her dry, crusty, leathery skin… woof. I almost feel bad for how bad her undereyes look but if anyone deserves aging like milk in summer, she does.

No. 1859352

Biggest cap of the century, how is she not embarrassed posting this as if she's not a very obvious landwhale kek

No. 1859356

Right? She acts like it's a lack of interest and "i don't care, I don't worship celebrities" but it's more so her being selfish and very very self involved. She doesn't have space in her brain to truly care about anything thats not about her or related to her. I know for a fact if some streamer shat on sex workers and she saw it, suddenly she'd be shaking and typing with red finger tips. Shayna not caring about things outside of herself doesn't make her better then anyone, it just makes you boring. I'd rather gossip with a celebrity obessed nona, then a sex worker who goes
>you know I'm the top 5% on onlyfans?
>Did you see what @BigTiddyMommyDommyLady said? Ugh, she's so stupid! I can't believe she said that!
>I heard onlyfans isn't going to allow floor shitting anymore, thats crazy!
>Ugh, girls think they can get by selling feet pictures and using only fans! You have to put years into this shit-
>Omg! Did I show you my new Buttplug? It's water proof and fart protective
>I hate my mom because she hates sex work and she's conserative
>My lil bro, said i needed a sippy cup does he know?
>I don't know what I should do today? Make a video pretending to be a daughter getting fucked by her dad, or put a stocking over my head and pretend to be kidnapped?
She doesn't have much to talk about, drugs, drinking, onlyfans, sex, sex work, retards on twitter, sex workers, lolcow etc. You don't care because 99% of your brain is focused on you and how you can exploit yourself to Shitboy3628 on twitter to pay for junk food.

No. 1859358

wait wait wait, what in the FUCK is going on with her leg in this pic??

No. 1859359

her knee is bent nona bonana

No. 1859366

thats her breakfast before she gets brunch an hour later

No. 1859379

Tfw she is so fat it confuses people when she poses at an angle. LOL

No. 1859388

nona I was about to come here and type this kek

No. 1859411

Her thigh are so fat that blocks the view of knee.

No. 1859422

File: 1688682695732.jpg (Spoiler Image,66.43 KB, 1170x939, 20230706_183301.jpg)

These are going to look like shit if she keeps gaining weight

No. 1859423

Everyone keeps saying they look small but they look bigger than her old ones to me. It's it swelling? Will they look smaller after they heal?

No. 1859427

Is it me or does this look edited to shit? Her stomach and looks like she took a chunk of fat off her side. When has she ever looked like? Only one boob got lifted it seems? And I know she's tilted but from this angle the veiny boob looks slightly bigger. Did you pay for this? If so she's scamming her coomers kek. This is a weird edited pictures, they look okay but who knows how they really look because it's edited and she's posed a certain way

No. 1859430

they are definitely smaller than her old boobs look at these pictures- >>1859339

No. 1859434

Wait is this the $50 picture?

No. 1859437

File: 1688684512982.jpeg (1018.35 KB, 1179x1441, IMG_5697.jpeg)

You can see her skin texture more clearly in the past few photos I guess because she’s actually outdoors. But early June to me was BAD like she looked physically in pain and hungover and droopy

No. 1859439

strange how there is just the one scar, unless it's the angle/pose. Didn't she get both of them done with new implants?

we will only know the true results after they drop and finish healing in about 3 to 6 months time. they change a lot from this point to then.

She should've lost weight or had lipo/personal trainer instead first then fixed her tits.>>1859422(redditspacing; line breaks after each sentence do not improve legibility and serve no purpose)

No. 1859440

no, she tweeted that one out

No. 1859441

File: 1688684798143.png (76.97 KB, 223x447, Droopy_dog.png)

She's morphing from Porkie Pig and Elmer Fud to Droopy the dog. She's not even 30 and she's developing sagging jowels.

No. 1859444

She looks like she needs to nap for a week. I have never seen the sagging that is happening to her cheeks under her eyes happen to someone so young

No. 1859447

Was trying to think of which part to comment on,but there's so much to say… I just…have no words

No. 1859450

File: 1688686115558.png (1.08 MB, 1170x772, Tooth.png)

Dat nose

No. 1859458

I always thought that doordash was destined to bump up the obesity levels in the general population after covid hit.
It seems too convenient that uber-for-food just started taking off when lockdowns started becoming the norm.

This. As a teen you pretty much eat what your parents make you for dinner, and maybe a small lunch/breakfast on top of that.
Teen Shayna was preoccupied with something for at least 8h per day. Sure she might have skipped classes, or not payed attention or whatever. But because she had that ~8h block of time when she had to go to a different location to do something that was outwardly productive in the presence of others, she was not so focused on eating. Nowadays she has nothing to preoccupy her brain. Nothing to distract her from her piggy cravings.
She does an hour of "work" editing a photoset and she thinks that it's equivalent to a whole day of labour. So she's like "oh, let me give myself a break, treat myself and go get brunch w mimosas". As if she doesn't do that same thing every. single. day.
Selling pictures of her gunt might make her enough money to pay rent for now, but it's never been a real job. For one thing, it doesn't provide any meaningful value to society, but specifically in terms of her weight gain, it doesn't preoccupy her like a real job does. She gains weight so fast because she has nothing productive to do with her time, and she is too low-functioning intellectually to use all that spare time for anything besides addictive substances.

No. 1859460

File: 1688687521181.jpg (87.39 KB, 709x623, 20221019_000653~2.jpg)

That's our Shat!

No. 1859461

Shayna, that's because you live on twitter.com 24/7.
If you ever ventured into the real world with people who do real-life things, you would realize that not only does no one care about whatever niche twitch streamer has set you off, but no one cares about anything even semi-adjacent to you or your degenerate lifestyle.

No. 1859463

So glad she'll never procreate. What horrible genetics to look like this at 26…

No. 1859474

it looks like they did through the armpit for the fucked up tit, and then lifted the “normal” tit and placed a small implant under the muscle. that’s why she has a scar under that breast; it’s how they usually remove tissue for lifts. they definitely look like maybe a cup size larger than before. however, they still need around 6 weeks to completely drop and fluff. then you’ll see the actual final result. you can also see that she’s using her hand to cover her nipple and also lifting her breast slightly. i’d bet anything she’s expecting they will stay perky like this. I can’t wait for the meltdown when they don’t.

No. 1859529

They still look bugger to me now

No. 1859530

The makeup doesnt even make her even ok pretty. Its just makes her less look immeadiatly like a Neanderthal troll. The only time she looks passable is when she does makeup AND edits herself a new face kek

No. 1859531

her nose ring is ripped open and wonky and caked with foundation

No. 1859535

She said they would be slightly bigger. But I think a lot of it is swelling and also just that they have new impants in them so the necrotit isn't looking so degraded and her other tit isn't trying to melt off her body. I think they just seem bigger because theyre not sagging all wonky and shit like before. Not to say they arent a little bigger. But like other anons have said, this is far from the final result.

No. 1859550

Is there foundation in her hair line? Like on her hair?

No. 1859557

File: 1688701700635.jpg (56.29 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

No. 1859558

>Rule 34 by Mercer Mayer

No. 1859573

i saw this retarded shit on the homepage and immediately knew it had to be from the shat thread kek

No. 1859592

File: 1688708426185.jpeg (Spoiler Image,229.71 KB, 720x1280, IMG_5684.jpeg)

(Spoilered because it’s old and irrelevant). When she was in her skinny era, do you think she edited her pictures to make her shoulders less wide? Her frame looks tiny here

No. 1859593

How much were these priced at btw? I can’t imagine anyone playing more than 40 dollars for it and that’s overpriced.

No. 1859595

It’s the acne and gunt for me

No. 1859597

probably not. as a teenager you are still growing and you usually reach your “adult body” by around 21-23 or so.

No. 1859598

I can't imagine her being shorter than 5'7. Her frame and the way she holds her weight reminds me a lot of Luna Slater. I think Luna is like 5'7 - 5'9? She's pretty tall and she does the same weird poses trying to look petite.(sage non-milk posts)

No. 1859599

she's going to be out here looking like the hand model from zoolander? kek

No. 1859608

God that bong looks nasty

No. 1859610

I think she is about 5’6” and rounds down to 5’5”. I think a lot of people round up or down to their preferred number. She probably tries to slump a little when getting measured as well. I used to do that myself because I wanted to be 5’2”. Every man I’ve dated rounded up.

No. 1859617

File: 1688712025101.jpeg (262.86 KB, 1169x1527, IMG_5402.jpeg)

No. 1859621

I was looking to see if anyone had reviewed them, and then stumbled upon gloves similar to these that are used for patients with dementia, and I read those reviews instead and now I’m really sad.

No. 1859623

Don’t insult women like that, they are the backbone of our society. Frugal mothers stay on top!

No. 1859627

You literally posted random celebrities with your birthday on your personal Instagram as a post…

No. 1859636

Like someone said further up… All I can see is the sweaty fog of Shatners ham hocks in these. I've never seen clear clothing items (shoes, latex shit, these mits) look like anything other than a lush terrarium. Like your body parts being pickled. Hope she gets these and the plastic barbie shoes so we can teach the greenhouse effect from the resulting images.

No. 1859659

underrated comment

No. 1859707


Fighting the hardest Shay-log of my life. She's such a sick freak. Now I'm sad too, sister nonette.

No. 1859746

File: 1688740949971.jpeg (115.67 KB, 749x642, AD9C595B-4999-4F3E-9D3E-5BA220…)

No. 1859751

Wasn't she just complaining about men a few days ago? Also can she just mind her buiness? She brings up her momma drama,where she is and who she's with, talks about politics and complains about how ugly/fat she feels. She needs to worry about herself. I do not get why she cares if other girls do things she thinks will mess up their buiness. Aren't they her competition?
What's it to her if scrotes stop following some random woman. Also even bigger point, men don't care if you hate them if rhey can literally buy pictures or videos of you doing degrading shit for less then a fuckinf door dash meal. They hate women just as much. They probably probably off more knowing some sex worker hates them/her job but still pandering to them for $3 a month. Most of the men following you do not love or care about you shayna. They follow 24000 other women doing the same thing

No. 1859752

Cue Shayna a week ago bitching about a scrote tipping too low to see her tits >>1855519

No. 1859753

But…thats all she does?

No. 1859755

negative self awareness

No. 1859756

I wish someone would screenshot her talking shit about men, her exes, and TO HER CUSTOMERS and just QRT them to her. My fucking god.(cowtipping request)

No. 1859759

But…she constantly talks about breffast, wanting to kill herself, hating her mom, etc. on the same account she uses to pander to scrotes? I wouldn't imagine any of that is particularly sexy either. Someone make it make sense.

No. 1859760

all they have to do is look through her threads here. you can find at least 2-3 examples per thread of her calling out a customer directly, bitching about men in general, or bitching about customers asking her anything.

No. 1859767

She was a teenager back then plus I think a lot of her fat just went to her linebacker shoulders instead of going to her boobs or ass. Tragic.

No. 1859779

Even she knows she’s a cow

No. 1859798

Don't invite porn sick moids here nonnie anyone stupid enough to give this cow money has made their bed so good riddance

No. 1859816

what in the name of fuck is going on with her neck

No. 1859821

Is this her one-braincell way of saving face, because she saw us talking about this itt and she realized she's a retard?

No. 1859835

I think she was posed more naturally back then. When you suck in your stomach (tense up all your muscles to try and look slimmer) your shoulders naturally sort of round up. Plus weight gain can impact your upper arms, and make your shoulders look wider too. She's obviously more apple shaped than pear shaped, so not too surprising she bulked up in her arms. She definitely is sucking in/tensing up in her fatter photos, which is making her upper body look worse. She'd probably look a tiny bit better (fat, but built better) if she just relaxed her stomach and let it hang. But she is desperate to cling onto her remaining coomers who remember her skinnier, rather than embrace a new generation of chubby chasing feeders. She really is retarded.

No. 1859845

She doesn’t obsess over those people she just wants likes or attention. I swear everything she pretends she likes like Barbie and pink is just a way to seek attention. She’s a boring bitch with zero personality. Now she’s trying to act like she’s too cool for celebrities and shit. Like most of the population doesn’t give a shit about celebrities because we have jobs and don’t get to waddle around our apartment taking shitty ugly outfit pics and begging our parents for money. She’s such a loser

No. 1859850

>You don't care because 99% of your brain is focused on you and how you can exploit yourself to Shitboy3628 on twitter to pay for junk food
Underrated rant kek everything is so true

No. 1859852

File: 1688760616611.jpeg (1.41 MB, 1242x1748, 6D52D42E-9F1D-48FD-BD3D-AE88C0…)

She got the most punchable face. Her features are so big and manly. And the beady eyes. Yuck

No. 1859859

I said it before but it's nuts to me how she doesn't even like anything she based her persona of# of. Pink probably isn't her favorite color, she doesn't even own any Barbies (nitpick I know), every part of her house that's not used for work or picture back drop, was gray, off white and undecorated. She doesn't have a true uninterest in anything she builds her life on. Even when she goes see the Barbie movie I promise she'll be wearing all her Barbie branded shit but then tell a story like
>omg I wnt to c the Barbie movie n the theater guy looked at me in all my Barbie clothes and was like, "Barbie coming to watch her own movie?"
She'll make the whole experience about her puddle deep interest in Barbie. I don't care about Barbie but it's so weird to see this. Her whole life is based on some shit she saw on tumblr in her Teens. She doesn't have a girly,pink,cute bone on her body. She is just average woman who likes food, beer, dad rock and laughing at retarded jokes

No. 1859862

Ya'll are hating on these (rightfully), but if she can't use her phone to order doordash, or buy stuff from shein maybe they aren't completely pointless

No. 1859889

i knew when she said >>1859335 she really just meant thats what she has on the way to eat a full 1200 calorie brunch

No. 1859898

Wow so this is food addiction huh?
Wow I didn’t see it until you said something but her trap in the right of the photo is so fucked? What is wrong with it? Her shoulders are also at different heights in a way that doesn’t seem like it’s an angle? Weird

No. 1859899

What’s the point if she can just take them off herself anyways? Kek

No. 1859904

She has extremely fucked up posture to the point that it’s deforming her back and giving her neck and chest wrinkles. She could reverse it with simple aerobics and yoga (or not sitting on her ass all damn day)

No. 1859908

Was about to point out an anon had called it

No. 1859924

I guess that’s what happens when you are completely sedentary and spend your day scrolling on Twitter and editing “porn”. She’s probably slumped on the couch or her bed 90% of her waking life

No. 1859925

Literally deforming herself (which she is increasingly unable to hide). Add in her non-stop nicotine & booze intake plus surgery…it’s all down hill from here. All because she is too lazy to get up off her ass and take her dog for a long walk twice a day.

No. 1859927

File: 1688773781350.jpeg (233.33 KB, 750x1208, B3861986-629A-41FE-B09C-E76EAB…)

Nta but I loved Barbie as a kid and got her magazines and boy there is a big group of adults who take her brand super seriously. Now I’m thinking of how doll collectors with an actual interest in Barbie (like Silkstone collectors, who usually also collect other high-end dolls) would probably laugh Shat and other trailer trash “Barbies” into eternity.
I really need for her and them to somehow cross paths on Twitter because the interaction between her and some self-proclaimed Barbie historians would be hilarious. Picrel is just one collection of many and an example of how seriously some people take Barbie dolls.(Derailing)

No. 1859928

File: 1688774059296.jpeg (426.89 KB, 750x1096, EF1DEA48-5A70-4A68-A93A-2A4DD7…)

She posted this earlier today and the only reply she got is a Monsters Inc gif from Mike Slack.

No. 1859929

>trying to pit women against each other
I hate Shayna but you are clearly a tranny(infighting)

No. 1859933


Calm down. NTA and I have no idea how you got that from that post. I think anon's point was that Fat Shat's interest in Barbie is surface level and completely fake when compared to women that have a genuine interest.

No. 1859955

>autistic adults who spends tens of thousands on children’s toys would probably laugh at Shay
>picrel autistic woman

No. 1859962

>>1859955 name any kind of person and they are all still better than Shayna. She’s grouped in with the lowest of low scum, pedo’s and degenerates

No. 1859972

Why would she cry about the stitches part after the appointment. Seems more like she was crying because the tit job itself kek
If that even happened at all of course

No. 1859973

Spot on; bravo, Nona!

No. 1859992

Nta but at least the autists have interests/passions unlike Shayna, Barbie or not I'm going to shit on them.

No. 1860020

Okay barbie autist, feel better now?(infighting)

No. 1860022

File: 1688785852777.jpeg (969.45 KB, 1170x1636, IMG_3630.jpeg)

No. 1860034

the fucking cross lmao

No. 1860047


Looks like it comes from Wish, already hardly fits her expanding girth.

No. 1860048

Her pork hands look so weird decorated, plus I really doubt she’s catholic kek, wearing the symbols of some religion you don’t even believe in as an accessory is very tacky.
Plus, would it have killed her to get her nails done before taking close up pictures of her hammy hands?

No. 1860050

Oh, entering her oxidation era from that fake copper?

No. 1860051

File: 1688788873821.jpeg (243.19 KB, 1125x1758, 3B2FDB4C-3ED5-42F9-9A42-172E8C…)

Shayfoil, but the two front knuckles look a bit autismo punched.

No. 1860076

No. 1860077

Think they mean Shat’s knuckles look swollen, like a 'tistic kid punching stuff.

No. 1860078

The troid accusation is retarded so I’ll let it slide but most of the people who collect dolls that I’ve seen online are flamboyant gay men fyi. Does no one else itt find it funny when random people comment on Shayna? It’s hilarious to me at the very least.
And idc if they’re autists, at least they have some sort of income to afford it and aren’t wasting it on alcohol and pot instead.

No. 1860145

Puffy, swollen pig trotters. I don't know how she can ignore the signs that her lifestyle is slowly killing her. She must feel like shit, yet keeps doing what she's doing.

No. 1860166

Nah, more like she bites them or something. If she does, surprised she doesn’t mention it as some quirky thing of hers

No. 1860213

at least shes giving her natural nails a rest. id rather see her normal fingernails than the hot dog claws.

No. 1860279


You're giving her too much credit. The break was necessitated by her surgery because you can't clamp a pulse ox over a bigass ugly talon. Plus her mom definitely isn't a fan of the hot dog MRSA claws, the previous visit she took Shay to get them swapped out for a short square set.

No. 1860282

I'm with you, it's so much funnier seeing normies react to Shat, because you know there's no agenda with them. It's pure disgust in its rawest, most pure form.

No. 1860304

She got the short nails for that Academy shoot.

No. 1860321

File: 1688834847875.jpg (541.68 KB, 1080x1207, Screenshot_20230708_114259_Chr…)

That looks like Ross jewelry for $5.99 with the orange clearance sticker half scratched off the back of the package.
If she zoomed off of her hands you can't tell me you wouldn't expect some old bitch that looked like picrel because that's the only kind of person to wear that garbage willingly

No. 1860326

why she have to be a old bitch? She looks more clean and well put togeather then Shayna kek.

No. 1860328

probably from some officemate of her mum’s who is in a jewelry MLM

No. 1860417

File: 1688845402353.jpg (Spoiler Image,539.37 KB, 1080x1352, Screenshot_20230708_153419_Twi…)

These procedures are all so cheap she could have already been doing them with the money she gets sent. She's so bad with money.

No. 1860419

File: 1688845532916.jpg (628.49 KB, 1080x1883, Screenshot_20230708_154647_Twi…)

No. 1860425

excited for a lip injection saga if she gets the money i hope she gets them way too big and looks ridiculous

No. 1860436

didn't she try this one already? doing a 'bimbofication' arc that lasted for a month and notably didn't include her exercising or fixing her diet

No. 1860448

oh yeah she recycles this shit frequently. no one bites the first time so she waits a few weeks and tries it again. she’s extremely predictable.

No. 1860450

Kek same I want her to legit go whole hog (pun very much intended hehe) and get all kinds of fillers and shit that would be hella milky and also could lead to another hilarious dating saga. Manifesting a Pumpy sausage lip situation for Shat

No. 1860455

why buy weed before flying? she can get weed in Seattle and it’s not like she’s smart enough to stealth
sure very few people get busted while flying anymore, but it’s not like it never happens

No. 1860456

aren’t laminated eyebrows completely over, and have been for a while?

No. 1860457

No one is going to spend money on something like this. If some scrotes wants to “bimbofy” a woman, he’s going to have her do a bunch of uncanny surgeries. They aren’t going to pay for Shay to do…what, exactly? Appearance upkeep?

Other sex workers use the money they make from work on their ‘enhancements’, maybe Shay should try that.

No. 1860458

yup, she did the most basic ass salon services that still looked like poor diy results that she couldn’t be bothered to maintain. she left off hair, skin care and nails from that list lol. as it’s been excessively noted, the fuck is the point of injecting those dry cracks she calls lips.

No. 1860471

Idk what the fuck you’re trying to say as not many autismos that beat the tar out of themselves and others live by themselves and operate sex work Twitter accounts but
It’s possibly russels sign? Maybe “Barbie”makes herself throw up? It’s possible that shaymu is bulimic just really unsuccessful at it as most bulimics are

No. 1860477

I was just about to say it looks like bulimia marks lmao, if it was from punching, it'd be directly on the bone of the knuckle, or in front of it, the placing of her bruise is exactly where teeth tend to hit when you're shoving your fingers down your throat.

No. 1860478

TSA has explicitly stated they don’t care if you fly with weed from one legal location to another. It’s really only risky if you’re flying to or from a location with a large border patrol presence. I just don’t understand why she’d want to bother transporting weed when she has access to recreational dispensaries in Washington. Knowing Shay, it’s possible she’s just begging for money and not actually intending to spend it all on drugs if she gets it.

No. 1860504

Maybe she wants to go back to the pussy boil era.

Also a coomer with a bimbo fetish is never going pay her for bimbofication because she's a fat hog that can't even be bothered to shower. If a man is going to spend money on a bimbo it's going to be a young, slim, blonde woman that already fits the aesthetic.

No. 1860506

Half of these procedures would make her look worse (brow lamination? lmao). They're also in the $200-500 range. This isn't a bimbo asking a scrote to pay for her glowup, this is a porky pig begging for maintenance shekels.

No. 1860512

File: 1688853851179.png (237.03 KB, 1079x585, Screenshot_20230708-180558.png)

bitch lose weight if you want to change your body that badly

No. 1860516

If she lose a few pounds and kept at it while doing these, she might have a market and niche. However. She’s also never gonna do that and instead just be like lol I’m barbie

No. 1860525

Start with washing the grease out of your hair, now that'd be a drastic change

No. 1860533

Why is she obsessed with brow lamination when hers are microbladed? If she wants fuller brows she should have gotten them tattooed on. She's such a retard.

No. 1860564

All of these are so cheap and affordable she could have started ages ago.
She has such low standards for herself, why not a nose job and veneers for the brown rat teeth? And Botox because her skin is so bad.

No. 1860570

right? but she wants quick fixes, I don't know why she doesn't get her teeth whitened at least. So I guess dying her hair and wearing it in the same ugly styles or getting eyebrows/lash exstentions etc. is what she feels is wrong with her apperence.
Instead of looking at youtube to see new make up styles, or getting her hair actually styled, or lip products that she'll actually use etc.

No. 1860597

File: 1688859445156.jpeg (640.48 KB, 1146x1306, IMG_5721.jpeg)

Only $10 now

No. 1860598

What about her hand looks like a Russell’s sign? I’m unfortunately personally familiar and have seen it on others and can’t figure out what on her hand you think could relate to that. Usually it’s a cut or pink abrasion on the middle knuckle, sometimes pointer knuckle too

No. 1860602

she’s never up to date with actual beauty and fashion trends. she’s always months late and thinks she’s a bimbo, it’s hilarious.

No. 1860616

her knuckles look like amberlynn reids. diabetes saga when.

No. 1860619

wait am i retarded or did she in fact only get the one tit done?? the stitches look like they’re only on the right one

No. 1860625

another anon explained it up thread. since only one needed to be lifted there was no need to have an under the breast incision on both.

No. 1860628

same anon but it’s this post for reference >>1859474

No. 1860637

I find it very funny. I also get a kick out of her hair styles, especially with the bangs, it reminds me of Luann from hank hill's mothers hair. It looked so outdated. I still cringe thinking of this girl who looks like she's 35 walking around with pigtails and bows. She reminds me of those tiktokers who dress in weird ways and then film people's reaction, seeing everything as hate or jealously, when no you are walking around in a mini skirt showing your ass cheeks, with chunky high ass boots in the mall near the Old Navy.
She probably thinks every younger woman wants to be her and every older woman is hating on the hot young thing all dressed up. While scrotes drool.
Her style would'nt be as bad to me if she wasn't walking around with poorly done childish hair styles.

No. 1860653

Oh but it was so offensive to her for that coomer to tip her $5 to see them

No. 1860676

I'm gonna give it a week tops before it's gonna be on her timeline for free. It's astounding how bad she is at her "job."

No. 1860697

This might have been a smart move. Her coomers aren't rich or successful, their porn addicted NEETS and bottom of the barrel perverts so three of them paying $10 is better than none of them paying $50.

No. 1860700

She should shave her head so she looks like an actual chubby baby. And shave the eyebrows like Doja did too. She would look so hip and so youthful!

No. 1860728

i honestly don’t think she’s into the actual bimbo aesthetic, especially not bimbofication aesthetic. if that were the case she would have at least talked about getting larger implants. i think she desperately wants to perceived as one because the ones who aren’t uncanny looking are considered the beauty standard and make a lot more money. there are many stories of rich, successful men dating/spoiling those conventionally beautiful blonde haired only fans girls.

all of those procedures she listed are just so she can be even more lazy with her appearance. all the other suggestions anons made involve her putting in some effort.

i think the big reason she won’t ever watch makeup, fashion, diet, or fitness related videos is because she knows that it’s very likely she’ll see a beautiful woman living the life she wants. i’m pretty sure she once said something about muting successful attractive sex work accounts because of her insecurities so i can’t see it being different in any other space online.

No. 1860755

Hey I’m the anon you’re replying to, just look
Up russsells sign, basically knuckles swell or get red from where the teeth hit them when purging. I’m not saying she’s bulimic she honestly would tweet about it if she was so. But her knuckles are red and look irritated as if she forced herself to vomit.

No. 1860758

File: 1688876434305.jpeg (Spoiler Image,256.83 KB, 1125x1758, IMG_9845.jpeg)

Sorry same fag but it’s just the redness here that looks like it,
Probably nothing but some retard up thread said it looked like she’s been punching. Which, doubt.

No. 1860761

shat used to make herself throw up a lot but it was ambiguous to whether it was an actual eating disorder or part of a vomiting fetish bc she filmed herself eating cake and throwing it back up. I sincerely doubt she’s doing it now im not trying to sound like an anachan but bulimia is a ton of work, physically forcing yourself to throw up and hiding it from family etc. i think she’s completely given up on losing weight and throwing up is just another task she’d be too lazy/unmotivated to accomplish just like the healthy aspects like following a meal plan or exercising

No. 1860763

Not milky but I'm bulimic and my knuckles are always like this, I'm probably reaching, I doubt shayna would do this since she has no intention to lose weight.

No. 1860773

File: 1688880147066.jpeg (297.11 KB, 750x850, 6B324136-7793-4747-8D4F-BD7105…)

I checked the replies because I wanted to see what people are telling her she’d look good with and this response seriously came out of nowhere KEK

No. 1860799

Oh my god kek

No. 1860802

No. 1860831

She should go back to her original stoner tumblr girl look. She would 100% get more customers that way, even if she stayed fat.

No. 1860848

File: 1688905327778.jpeg (355.11 KB, 828x687, 600CEF11-02F1-4549-AC70-17ACA8…)

sorry to everyone who suffers that must suck but shatna is not bulimic. shes prediabetic. she also has the dark skin around her armpits and her coochie.(medfagging)

No. 1860854

File: 1688906595162.jpeg (610.72 KB, 1170x1754, IMG_3703.jpeg)

Why not, I dunno, text your “girlfriend”?

No. 1860855

File: 1688906710884.jpeg (331.3 KB, 828x910, IMG_1778.jpeg)

Incoming dump, she’s fighting with other degenerates again

No. 1860856

File: 1688906747057.jpeg (539.25 KB, 828x1490, IMG_1779.jpeg)

No. 1860857

File: 1688906773517.jpeg (406.09 KB, 828x1475, IMG_1780.jpeg)

No. 1860875

She's so retarded and stunted. What does she mean he only asked her once, when it's obvious from her "gotcha" screenshot he checked back in 3 times, the last one being nearly a month ago? Can't believe she's so "proud" of being a swer for 7 years or whatever and can't respond to business dms.

No. 1860876

File: 1688909803772.jpg (107.08 KB, 946x2048, 20230709_063734.jpg)

Full screenshot of their message. I'm unfamiliar with Twitter, but doesn't that pink arrow mean there's more to the message?

No. 1860877

Yes theres more to it.

No. 1860882

How can she lose out on payment on an entire shoot that she didn’t even do? She is obviously in the wrong here and doesn’t see it. Saying she gets busy and forgot is obviously not true and very unprofessional for someone who “runs their own business”. She was clearly ignoring the situation and hoped it would go away. Glad to see her get publicly called out

No. 1860888

she’s making herself look so bad too. based on her replies it looks like she scammed a flight out of this dude, then claimed she was sick and ghosted him. now that she is unwilling to pay back what she owes for said flight, she’s making herself look like a scammer. I have no idea how you can claim to be doing this for years and not understand something that basic.

this is now the…4th? 5th? person she’s used to get a flight out somewhere, came up with some excuse as to why she won’t make content with them, and bailed. never paying them back for the flight or anything. she’s fucking scum.

No. 1860890

Is this the same flight/trip she went to that Robert Plant show with that other moid? Or am I mixing shit up. I could have sworn she was "sick" for the first day or two of that trip.

No. 1860894

I hope somebody calls her out and demands she scroll further to show the rest.

No. 1860899

oh she’s already being called out. I looked at the post and she’s already made it so only her followers can reply. she’s creating that sweet echo chamber so she can make it look like she’s done no wrong. I hope the twitter whores and producers give her hell for this.

ohhh maybe she’ll get cancelled enough that she can’t go to the next degencon, kek.

No. 1860911

>screenshot showing her ghost the guy instead of her communicating with him at all
she's so funny lol thinking she's always in the right / can do no wrong whatsoever. she's such a dense retard

No. 1860915

What in the fuck?? “You might have lost money with me but I did too so we’re equal” That’s not how a business contract work lol you’re supposed to make it work on your end after this! This bitch never had a serious job and it shows.

No. 1860917

File: 1688915186491.jpeg (314.36 KB, 1179x1503, IMG_7114.jpeg)

“the lack of professionalism is insane” kek she’s one to talk

No. 1860918

This bitch literally is speedrunning ending her own """career""""". It's crazy how she doesn't have any idea of how the real world / even porn as a job works. Enjoy the like 5 likes you get on your tweets shayna

No. 1860920

even if it’s genuine criticism, she will always claim it’s just people trying to make defamatory statements because she’s soooooo popular and perfect and everyone just wants to be her.

you’re 26 Shayna, learn to admit your mistakes and own up to your shit. this teenage “everyone is always out to get perfect little me, who does nothing wrong!” has been getting old. Grow. Up.

No. 1860922

File: 1688916025381.jpeg (417.26 KB, 750x953, C46E3D92-9B14-4DCD-9ED7-FB896E…)

Another reply from the same woman

No. 1860924

File: 1688916112805.jpeg (145.84 KB, 750x579, 1087493E-4C91-4186-8865-B15AF8…)

Earlier tweet from the Fettish scrote

No. 1860926

samefag, but this is honestly probably why she is always making porn with ugly ass degenerates. Kek reap what you sow

No. 1860932

She always gets sick during/after flights.

No. 1860936

I know he’s a degen but she really can’t be stupid enough to think this looks good for her, I don’t know how she can fathom a victim complex, she should’ve at least said she doesn’t reimburse flights, because it’s pretty clear based on the messages she agreed to pay him back the flight money? A couple hundred at best, she just spent that in a week on barbie, hello kitty junk.

I’m hoping this starts a new wave of cancel call-outs for her, they’ll finally have something new to scream about other than her being a Nazi. I hope the guy is POC or something so they can throw how she scammed a POC SWer out of income and really make her sweat

No. 1860938

File: 1688918166668.jpeg (131.96 KB, 1174x378, IMG_5209.jpeg)

Vivi, right? kek only Shayna is a ‘sex worker’ who travels to sex work with other sex workers then whines about being uncomfortable and takes an emergency flight back because she got proposed sex acts as work.

No. 1860941

This is when she left to go meet him.she got sick, book the wrong hotel and then had her coomers pay for the wrong hotel and a new hotel before leaving. She was only there for like a day.

No. 1860942

haven't recovered and it's what, like a year after the fact? how much damage could shayna have possibly done during her 4 night stay to cause financial hardships a year down the line. im happy to see shay getting called out and publicly labeled a scammer but girl. get a grip! she drank bottles and took a few xans that can't amount to more than $300.

No. 1860947

>still haven't financially recovered
That was a long ass time ago now, these bitches really make no money huh? I really hope one of the whores calling her out point out all the crap she's been buying lately. Does that retarded coombrained scrote not have contracts for the models to sign which stipulate they must reimburse him for the flight if they fail to show? It's really bleak that a few hundred dollars is a huge expense for all of these people.

No. 1860950

Didn't vivi say she also paid out of pocket for Shats flight, a bunch of food and costumes and shit she didn't even bring? Sounds like more than a couple hundred dollars for her at least, not defending but look at how she lived, she was already poor trailer trash so I can she shay having done some actual damage financiall

No. 1860953

Vivi was poor living in a shitty trailer park to begin with. She was always struggling and in a bad situation. Shayna essentially promised that making a vid with her would get her views and bring in money. Then Shayna got there, decided to be a lazy asshole and not make the content the two had agreed on, and then accused Vivi’s BF of rape. it’s mind blowing the mental gymnastics she will do to scam people and make herself the victim every time.

No. 1860954

I want Vivi to spill all the beans like she did here. Put on the woman panties. If you can admit it here you DEF can there too. She’s cuckoo for coco puffs but she has real dirt and with Twitter it will get messy. Come on vivi, you crazy whore. Do it.
>>1860950 iirc vivi also is on welfare to an extent and used her EBT card to help buy food. When you are a single, unmarried, childless person even if you are a retard you don’t get much

No. 1860955

Bless you nonnie, I couldn't figure out which trip this was because this happens so often. It's so funny to look at the posts from then where she's acting like she paid for everything and getting called out now for the opposite. Kek Never change, Shay.

No. 1860956

I think she might also be referencing how all the drama temporarily left her shutting down her SW Twitter and then rebranding. Tbh she should've just stuck with getting sober and finding a regular job, she'd be "financially recovered" by now if she did.

No. 1860957

Vivi posted about the whole situation in a twitter thread a while ago.

No. 1860960

I don't know, she seems really fucked in the head, I doubt the bitch could have kept a real job if she tried, like how do you deal with the other girl at McDonald's smelling like weed and puke kek

No. 1860962

File: 1688920567222.jpg (95.76 KB, 1080x687, 20230709_183639.jpg)

There's also this deleted tweet from earlier today. Who is the guy?

No. 1860964

You never been to a wafflehouse nonna? Vivi could work at a gas station or vape store easy, she's definitely the type.

No. 1860965

Waiting for the, "I jus got surgery & ppl decide to pull ths shit?" Post

No. 1860967

Shayna did you or did you not post a screenshot of some sex workers saying "no little girl shit" to shame them? Did you or did you not post screenshots of a sex worker contacting you asking if they could use a idea?
There countless times shayna had posted messages to shit on people. I don't think she's drunk or stupid. She just feels 100% justified when she does it.

No. 1860969

Looks like both of them will be at Fetcon. Wonder if any physical altercations will ensue.

No. 1860976

cage fight when!?

No. 1860977

File: 1688921818251.jpeg (374.07 KB, 1242x1715, 4E76ACD2-4C6A-41C5-BFCD-F3025C…)

She’s so retarded. Every single ex pro porn star has said how horrible and drama filled sets are, not to mention their managers and staff getting involved.

She really thinks she’d be a booked and busy 0 presence porn star, there’s a reason all the pro ones have OF or side hustles in the industry if they don’t OD or quit and get real jobs. It doesn’t actually pay well.

Ironic of her to say she hates the community directly above an add post for her stupid collab for double dates, with the other fatcon whore

No. 1860979

We can only dream, they’ll subtweet each other at best and not actually recognise each other in person kek

No. 1860984

Scamming angry porn rot brained moids…what could possibly go wrong!? Wonder if she will even show up or make some excuse.

No. 1860991

Kek does she really just ignore the guy when he keeps asking for reimbursement? She can’t act like she doesn’t know what that is since she begs for it every day. And she’s retarded for thinking a real porn set would be some sort of zero drama positive environment she could endure regularly.

No. 1860997


she's doing the "lmao y'all are so inappropriate, i'm not wrong!" and "wish this toxic community would let me live!" … now, saddle up, because the suicide baiting is just around the corner!

she recently celebrated a ~milestone~ sex worker anniversary and this is what she has to show for it, begging to be reimbursed for pink plastic toys, having a surgery and having no one in her life (besides her "abusive" mom) to help take care of her, and getting in fights with other whores on social media. & still pissing in diapers for pedophiles. success!

also, she lucky she didn't get her ass beat for stealing airfare and carfare to pretend to have a tummyache, she is getting off easy with just getting some tweets about it.

"sometimes i am busy and sometimes i don't check DMS!" you live on your phone and this is literally part of your job. it's incredible how terrible she is at her job all this time later. people work with tummyaches, shayna!!!!!!!!!! give them their money back you obese pedo whore!(learn2integrate)

No. 1861000

Kinda hard to do all that when you won't even show up on set Shayna.

No. 1861004

Wild to talk with an employer this way. Sure there was a problem but if she handles it appropriately, professionally, the situation could be resolved and she could potentially book another job with them in the future. Her words are so volatile over the littlest problems. This behavior does nothing to help her.
>just wish I could show up on set, get paid, go home
That's what these companies TRY to set up for you, until you cancel last fucking minute every time. It's been five years of the same cycle; excitement, failure, depression, pleading, war. You are the problem Shayna.

No. 1861006

it’s the guy from this post >>1860924

No. 1861007

she truly lives in a delusional fantasy world. 8 years in sex work and she still has no fucking idea how a porn shoot works. she really thinks she’s there to get pampered and enjoy herself, and that all she has to do is lay there and get fucked.

No. 1861010

Shaynus probably won't be able to fit in that sort of cage by the time the fight rolls around either, nonna

No. 1861020

Reading between the lines here, and that arrow in the message showing there was more convo. Sounds like she offered to re-book in 6 months, probably blaming "recovery on new boobs" as the reason. (This is after not responding to him for over a month). And thats why he tweeted the 6 months comment. And he's right, that is not acceptable. At that point, pay him back for the flight you cheap bitch. It's so obviously she gave such a long time hoping it would "all blow over". Or, she was being delusional again, and thinks in 6 months she'll be skinny, perky, have a whole new style, and be swimming in money again (big time kek)

No. 1861023

in the wrong, how? how was she obligated to pay them for a flight? they're looking to exploit her. shit didn't work out, what more is there to it?

No. 1861025

nonny, I think you’re confused. the shoot with this producer was about 4 months ago, when she did the FIRST Vegas shoot with Scott Hancock. It seems like this is the flight the scammed producer in question paid for.

The Robert Plant concert was just a few weeks ago, also with Scott. she claimed she was also going to shoot again with him as well but there’s no evidence they actually did, plus he’s since taken down the first awful vid they did. I’m still not sure why she went to the Robert Plant concert with Scott. I truly think he paid for the concert tickets, her coomers paid for airfare, and he expected behind the scenes sex which she freely gave. It made her feel special to be his pick me whore for the day.

No. 1861026

They are. Those creeps deserve being “scammed” anyway.

No. 1861027

Based on the producer's reaction, flights were included in his payment for the shoot. Shayna no showed to go on a date with another producer and then ghosted him when he tried to discuss reimbursement for the flight. She legally has no obligation to pay him for the flight, but it's extremely unprofessional for her to broadcast this like she's the victim; when she showed off her Vegas trip with no mention or thanks to this producer who is the reason she was there. She scammed them.

No. 1861028

She was sick when she first arrived to Vegas in June. She said she was going for "one last shoot before my boob job". Then she went silent for 2 days, said she was super sick, but then suddenly recovered and was able to dress up and go to the concert and post it all over her socials.

No. 1861029

Scott paid for her tickets months ago probably under the premise she would be able to make it back to Vegas on her own. She wanted to impress Scott into thinking she was successful and had money, so scammed this small-time porn producer into paying her flight back before her b-day.

No. 1861030

the producer only paid for the flight with the expectation she would show up for a porn shoot. it wasn’t a gift, it was a business expense. she didn’t show up, meaning she is now responsible for the cost of HER flight. weather you like it or not there are professional standards in the film industry, amateur and pro, which includes porn. when you contract someone for a job and pay for them to do said job, you expect them to show up and do it.

No. 1861031

anon read the threads and get your timelines right. this was just explained to you. the producer flew her out about 4 months ago, same time she was first shooting with Scott. this has nothing to do with the Robert Plant concert or anything she did with Scott a few weeks ago before her surgery.

No. 1861034

she says she’s sick after every single flight or trip outside

No. 1861035

File: 1688927790365.jpeg (1.33 MB, 1170x1632, 1675992227033.jpeg)

Shayna gave herself food poisoning eating this airplane charcoocherty board before her flight 4 months ago.

No. 1861037

File: 1688927922307.png (121.79 KB, 357x452, dumbass nona.png)

Saged for stinking old milk.

No. 1861063

Idk how Shayna can ever say she does sex work for survival, or try to speak for those women when she has this background, including scamming an actual broke "survival" SW >>1860938 to the point where she still hasn't recovered.

All this proves is that shayna's being bankrolled by her parents more than she wants people to know. Probably dwindling her portion of the family inheritance down to nothing, so she's fucked when they die. Or, they'll go into debt trying to bail her out.

No. 1861081

Can we all agree that vivi is probably just milking it and saying she still hasn’t financially recovered? Even if she spent 500 (she didnt) and it’s been like a year how can you not make a surplus of 500, even 1000, in like a year? She needs to go work at McDonald’s if it’s this bad. She’s obviously lying.

No. 1861085


Could be milking it, but it also seemed like she didn't make much money to begin with, I think she said she was on welfare and disability(?) then there was the weird rumor she offed herself over the whole thing. I for one don't think she can function like an adult let alone maintain even a job at McDonalds, so not completely out of the question that a dumb whore with literally no life skills can't get a job or make money to pay off debt, but that's just me

No. 1861086

idk why people in this thread always cape for vivi, for crying out loud her name is lolita dolores on her sex work account. literally sexualizing a little girl who was groomed and molested in a book. there is something deeply wrong with that girl. and im pretty sure she just lives in the trailer park for her lana del rey aesthetic, her parents have a house and pay her rent iirc, they didnt want her doing the sex work in their house and sent her to live elsewhere. shes not some broken little doll who needs are help shes a pedo pandering whore just like shayna. im sure shes milking that situation up, she hasn't been hit financially by shaynus.

No. 1861087

maybe but still Shayna is the worst

No. 1861092

You would be surprised how many Americans can’t pay off a $500 emergency. According to some measures most Americans can’t. Viví probably had to take out payday loans and got fucked over

No. 1861112

Then vivi is a retard who was spending money she couldn't afford. Thats what I don't get out these wk. even if vivi was poor as fuck, she is still a fucking idiot for paying for Shayna when she couldn't afford it. A retard meets a retard. No pity for either.

No. 1861124

because she thought she could make money with the promised content? not a wk but you’re just a hater kek

No. 1861127

Even if Vivi is just another retarded OF whore selling herself for the price of a Savers Menu cheeseburger, what Shayna did to her is still bad and shows what a selfish deluded fat sow she is.
Vivi paid for Fat Shat's flight and then while there, Fatty never made the content she promised and ate all the food in Vivi's fridge. I can see the cost of the flights and then the cost of a few days food fucking Vivi over for a while, especially if she used credit to get the money. The hog flew out to Vivi for free, ate all the food and then left.

No. 1861132

Right? After her texts autocorrecting to "Sage" like an actual farmers' would, I get disgusted thinking that she uses lolcow regularly and that some anon I'm talking to might be her. She is absolutely depraved and just as bad as Shayna in my opinion.

No. 1861133

Nta or a hater, I thought the laws of whorenomics also stated that you need to not rely on dumb whores if you’re a dumb whore too

No. 1861135

File: 1688937120532.jpeg (384.15 KB, 750x832, BBDD9994-80DB-4776-8C6E-CFD6D4…)

Shayna is going to cam when she gets back apparently

No. 1861138

Sure Jan. Your brother took you out to meet his friends, when it was his friends that first told him about you being a sex worker while he was in was school.

No. 1861141

She's legit too crazy to the point where she's on disability, she can't get a regular job without losing it and I doubt she'd be able to keep one.

No. 1861144

She’s said this exact thing before about fucking a fan, who gives a fuck when she already invites randoms in her apartment for fetish prostitution shit. The idea is creepy as fuck anyway, idk why sex workers willingly do stupid dangerous shit knowing how depraved and psycho men are.

No. 1861145

she's a gross pedo pandering whore, even if it's blah blah muh trauma related, but I agree she was always worse off than shayna

No. 1861147

Idk why some of you itt act like it’s impossible to work a minimum wage job or idk not spend outside of your means. If after like a year vivi hasn’t financially recovered then she shouldn’t have flown her out in the first place. Regardless tho if you can’t afford 500 spare after a year you shouldn’t be online. No one is defending shaynas actions but I’m saying vivi can’t possibly still be bitching about something that happened a year ago. If roles were reversed you guys would be roasting shat. You have to stop the copium for this “survival” whore.

No. 1861149

I'm not disagreeing or wking, just pointing out that everyone calling her retarded as an insult is simply correct like yeah she truly is that fucking stupid and fucked up in the head that she thought wasting money on Shauna was a good idea. That's why she's on disability, that's why she's dirt poor.

No. 1861151

my point exactly, she's obviously not intelligent or mentally okay enough to even keep herself alive on her own and she's pushing 30 just like shay, she's a dumb whore who should have figured out something else to do with her life but she still got screwed over by shat

No. 1861152

Every time I see this picture I want to vomit. It's no wonder she got food poisoning, that's the illest looking excuse for charcuterie I've ever seen. It looks vile. There are even any fruits, pickles, olives, nothing? But dried ass apricots. Shayna's fat ass is just eating a PLATE OF OLD LOOKING MEAT.

No. 1861154

Aren't** samefag sry

No. 1861156

Can we make Vivi a bannable topic? It's so obvious she lurks and inserts herself in the thread. I mean, read some of these posts. "Maybe she's on welfare, Maybe she took out a Payday loan". Seriously, enough with the Vivi derail. And she just happened to jump in on twitter right when Shayna was getting heat to try to worsen it? It's basically cowtipping. And if she wasn't lurking, then it proves she stalks Shayna's twitter daily.

No. 1861193

Vivi is currently relevant because she inserted herself into the latest scamming drama. It's not like the threads randomly derail to discuss Vivi for no reason so banning it would just be pointless censorship and lead to a potential loss of milk.

No. 1861201

Damn just how shit is Shay's track record when it comes to working with others?
I feel like there's been more she's fell out with than not. Not saying these others can't be shitters but it's worrying how many different people from all over have turned sour with her but she's never took any accountability.

No. 1861233

I think Ellen and the Skidmark ladies are quite literally the only people she hasn't run off yet. She uses everyone for money, then takes the defensive when they call her out. Dawn, Vivi, Pixie, others I'm sure I'm not remembering, she siphons money and makes promises, then bails. She's too busy trying to appease broke whores that will never listen to her and completely ignoring the people that have a legit reason to be against her (that is, she essentially stole money from them).

No. 1861239

Vivi barely has a pot to piss in, so I could definitely see something like $500 setting her back for a year. I agree she needs to go get a job but she's probably too mentally ill (the terminally online kind, like Shayna) to work somewhere normal. My point was though, shayna's fucking over both the broke porn creators and the established ones, she can't expect to have a good "career" when she's ruining her reputation in the industry on all ends. I hope this drama will follow her to fetishcon tbh.

No. 1861241

File: 1688947768589.jpeg (516.75 KB, 1170x938, IMG_3711.jpeg)

No. 1861244

File: 1688947824613.jpeg (683.67 KB, 1170x1656, IMG_3712.jpeg)

Not sure if this has been posted yet

No. 1861264

honestly surprised that even 10 men buy her content. i’m guessing that they only buy her shit because they think they have a shot at fucking her.

No. 1861266


That'd be the weed withdrawal kicking up

No. 1861269

I just find it funny that almost every single person she's worked with that she's had issues with are male, yet she never has any issues with Skidmark. Like most of the drama is scrotes, but she'll still swear she never had a bad experience with a scrote. Also, she probably does fuck over customers, I'm starting to wonder how much bullshit shayna does, but because she just blocks people or they aren't people with followings, it just goes away. You can tell when she feels you don't have the follower count or respect in the community, she treats you a certain way.
I bet there's 10's of moids who Shayna never held up her end of the deal, or half done something, or whatever. Moids she promised to do a video for at this time and date, then never does it, takes their money and acts like they are the weirdos (They are) because
>Uh I told u I had a tummy ache & a bad brain day, I cnnot make that video.
She doesn't know how to talk to people and you'd think with the people she's talking too she'd figured it out. Not that I care that scrotes are being scammed, I'm just saying for someone who acts like she's running a millionare dollar buiness and she's so professional, she sure does have issues with almost every one she works with.
If it's not issues, it's weird shit. She ignores red flags (Sol, Shane) then tries to ignore the drama, then when they reveal it suddenly she acts confused.

No. 1861270

Im not sure but that sounds like very little to be doing this for years and dropping as many videos as Shayna does? like 10-20 people buying these videos? Then you also weekly drastically discount everything you've ever made? She has to be getting help.

No. 1861271

She could literally do sex work like this. She chooses not to. She loves being an instigator and loves shitting on random women who are in the industry and even random ones who aren’t because she’s jealous. If she just posted degenerate porn that wasn’t crusty. I know all porn is crusty but I mean her feet weren’t yellow, she didn’t have shit on her dildos, their weren’t flies in the air while she’s breathing heavy to ride said dildos. She wouldn’t have a thread anymore. But she’s crusty envious of prettier women who don’t have to whore themselves out for attention. She can’t just “get fucked and mind her business” because she isn’t even hyper sexual she just likes attention and she’s a flake who likes to leech off everyone around her

No. 1861273

Most of their videos are fake or they fucked someone they knew. Like porn stars don’t really fuck their step dads it’s a trick to get all their moid followers to think they have a chance and keep subscribing. Shayna is an idiot and would probably invite random HIV ridden Jason R Womacks and get AIDS

No. 1861293

She can't, because sex work is Shayna, Shayna is sex work. Online Validation is so important to who she is and she knows she cannot do anything else to get it as quickly and easily as sex work. She knows she's not pretty enough to just smile and get 5k likes. She knows she's not funny/smart/witty/charming enough to do youtube/tiktok, which is why she uses the promise of sexual acts to rope scrotes into listening to her on camshows/reading her tweets/following her.
She has no talents.I feel like we could roll a Shat Dice 20 times and every alternate universe would be her seeking validation online, not improving but expecting some kind of reward from the universe for simply…existing.
I know shayna feels in her mind she's some kind of inspiring person simply because people talk shit and she won't stop showing her asshole for small amounts of cash online. One day we'll have books written about the sex worker named Dolly Mattel, who just wouldn't stop! Everyone will cry and clap. 10 episode netflix series will be made. Lolcow will be shut down and replaced with a website for Shayna. She'll be one of the people in history who lived and we'll be crying and admitting our jealously.
She'll be rich from…laying on her assback, a household name because some porn she did. With millions of followers. I guess thats her end game.

No. 1861294

They don't but Shayna will probably fuck someone Ellen knows, in her own fucking house. Or she really will fuck some random scrote, again in her house. This is more proof she just "Can't get fucked and not have to deal with sex workers", because could'nt she go to studios who can set her up with "Safe" people to work with? She's so fucking weird and she doesn't want to do this. She's forcing herself, she could do this the right way but she wants complete control aka the right to chicken out at any mintue. Which is fine, I don't blame her but she doesn't HAVE to do this in the first place.

No. 1861298

vivi probably paid shaynas flight and bought a bunch of shit to impress shayna with on her credit card then ended up in a debt hole where she can only afford to pay the minimum payments. ive seen it happen before. the 500-1000 she spent on shayna could have become $2500-3000 with the interest.

No. 1861299

File: 1688954996311.jpeg (448.81 KB, 828x1444, IMG_1783.jpeg)


No. 1861303

Fatcon is going to be so entertaining this year

No. 1861305

How is it shatmus fault that someone has worse financial decisions than Her? Please shut up about vivi. If she is still behind financially due to a year ago I don’t really care. It feels like a derail at this point.

No. 1861306

File: 1688955707531.jpeg (919.9 KB, 1242x1804, EF96AD4A-A5D8-4614-A331-BCC17C…)

She’s a BIG woman all the time, Mike Slack

No. 1861307

Vivi is retarded if she is financially unable to recover that’s her own fault. I think she meant to say was that Shayna never paid her back, and the content they never made besides those photos in the crack home didn’t make her any income

No. 1861308

File: 1688955882155.gif (167.78 KB, 220x146, 8F5734DD-9A5C-47CC-9467-5D30F0…)

Shayna’s family when she finally leaves

No. 1861309

In the context of Shayna who blames every single person in her life for everything. Fupaul for her weight gain, but also her mental illness, her mom for everything under the son. Some random skinny girl for being skinny and existing, making her feel like shit etc. etc. So in the Shay-verse, yes shayna did cause Vivi's retarded ass to still be recovering. Also being honest, the whole situation IS Shayna's fault.
Anyone with eyes could look at Vivi's social media and know she's not mental there, she had red flags all over the place. Shayna literally travelled to go stay at some random sex workers house who has a boyfriend.
Anything could've happened. I don't care if Vivi keeps blaming Shayna for the sunrising because the whole thing should've never happened. It's consequences for Shayna's dumb choices. No one cares about vivi screaming about Shayna in the void, so it's very small consequences.

No. 1861310

I thought she hated her mom?

No. 1861311

I feel like Ellen is more of a brunch/text buddy then a big part of her life, because she always acts like she's assed out with nobody. Maybe it's not even shade towards ellen or her not being caring, more so she has her own life and is only around Shay when she has time. Kek, maybe Ellen is Busy/working while Shayna sits around waiting for her to invite her somewhere.

No. 1861312

It doesn’t sound like much at all, but I also don’t trust Shayna so now assume it to be even less than that.

No. 1861313

She does hate her she just wants someone to change her bandages and give her sponge baths because she’s a lazy fat unemployed piece of shit

No. 1861315

File: 1688956496191.jpeg (304.83 KB, 1189x782, E89C1E62-64FF-49DC-BDAB-218E7D…)

She gonna laminate her brows probably

No. 1861317

File: 1688956566347.jpeg (899.29 KB, 1242x1382, 0A241D0F-330C-4AC5-98C7-777A55…)

She barely has eyebrows tho

No. 1861318

She used to always ask customers to remind her what they paid for her to do in custom videos

No. 1861319

Your profile picture is showing.

No. 1861324

Im calling it now that she chicken shits out of going, and burn the bridges with those other two women by not showing.

No. 1861326

But she lives for fatcon, it’s the best part of her life

No. 1861331

It’s true. It’s like her version of Disney World. There’s sweaty, 600 pound people on scooters everywhere too! Tbh, I’m kind of concerned for her safety with these deranged degenerates after her. Maybe her Skidmark entourage/posse can intervene if there’s a smackdown.

No. 1861333

If she goes and it doesn’t live up to the “high” she experienced last year, when some people seemed to want to hang out with her and some guy liked her feet… that will be milky

No. 1861341

She’s currently relevant and it isn’t 100% derailing or a recurrent one. She also likely still comes to shay’s threads here and there. I mean if she knew about it in the first place and came here to spill then there’s no way she doesn’t still look. I could rehash about if things about vivi that has been said but she’s clearly not the brightest + seems to have serious issues but is also just as gross as shayna at the same time. Which is something that can coexist. Though. She’s totaling milking just a lil. A teeny bit.
>>1860957 ugh I completely forgot she did. The whole vivi saga thread was a mess. I will have to look for it.

No. 1861342

Vivi is an idiot for fronting all that money but the common denominator in all of this is Shaynus. Legit no one has anything nice to say about her. She just sucks at everything. Can’t believe she’s gonna show up at that con, everyone hates her

No. 1861345

nonna, read the tweet again because that's not what happened.

No. 1861379

That did happen actually. Nonna is just saying it's weird his brother took her out to meet the same friends that found her porn when they were at school

No. 1861381

You guys are actually iliterate, it’s not his friends read the tweet again

No. 1861386

thank you nona

No. 1861389

I agree (and also this kid theoretically also could have a different friend by now, Nona’s just want to create milk bc nothing is happening)

No. 1861415

File: 1688973768489.jpg (440.6 KB, 1080x1283, Twittertards.jpg)

Finally blaming her ghosting him on her uwu surgery recovery!

No. 1861444

She took her brother to see HER friends is the point y'all are missing.

No. 1861455

Man the more she talks the more it's glaringly embarrassingly obvious she's never worked a real job in her life (save for that time she worked at olive garden at 17 for 1 day and gave up kek). Does she think in the real world employers care that she has to ~uwu hang out with her family~? God she's so retarded

No. 1861460

Ayla Assel looks a lot like Shaynus in her other photos. No wonder she called her pretty. Lol.

No. 1861463

File: 1688988584108.jpg (Spoiler Image,138.42 KB, 1080x912, 20230710_132144_Titter.jpg)

This looks bad to me, why is the horizontal scar not in her natural crease but halfway up her tit?

No. 1861470

Just keep manhandling your healing boobs to take the same picture from a slightly different angle over and over and over again fucking moron

No. 1861477

Ooooohboy her neck and shoulders are looking rough.

No. 1861478

will she use scar sheets to help that bigass scar heal
like fuck she will

No. 1861483

they don’t look perky, they look bolted on and lumpy. the curve of her right one is all kinds of fucked up.

No. 1861489

Of all user names to pick from. Vom.

No. 1861491

Right??? Whats up with that fat ring on the base of her neck? That looks painful. Lmao

Also, the scar is more than likely sitting there because thats where they're projected to drop to, they usually do what they can do keep the scar under so its less visible, but the more she manhandles them the more shes risking infection/wrongful healing but what's new with this dumbass

No. 1861493

Eww, they do look bumpy already… I would be freaked out if I were her but then again I wouldn't be drinking during early recovery. The fat ring is weird too. Is it just from the compression bra pushing her shoulder fat down in comparison? It almost looks like some fucked lymph swelling but I'm no medfag.

No. 1861494

she needs to use sunscreen in the future if she keeps on drinking alcohol, her skin will look wrinkly very fast if she doesn't, it already looks leathery. And she should get those moles checked. And the scar looks like it's becoming an atrophic one. She should just leave her breasts alone for some time and wait for the wound to be healed and then go on to proper scar treatment, but guess she won't, can't wait for her to tan her breasts as soon as the wound is closed, scars love that.

No. 1861498

>aligns self with bimbo aesthetic
>gets breast implants
>taps out at 325cc
Bimbo card revoked forever.

No. 1861502

I don't see why anyone would expect her to have much say in how big to go for this procedure. Insurance has to approve the operation, so they are going to approve the medically necessary size the doctor recommended. Her doctor was never going to say "let's just give you massive breast implants because I feel like it, plus I heard it'll match your Twitter e-whore aesthetic". If Shay wants to go big she's gonna have to pay for that on her own (so it'll never happen).

No. 1861512

File: 1688998926135.jpg (134.72 KB, 1080x855, Screenshot_2023-07-10-15-22-29…)

No. 1861518

probably because it’s currently still swollen, the stitches aren’t fully healed, etc. she still has a healing incision, not a scar.

No. 1861519

>all of boston TSA knows

no, the 2-3 workers they informed don’t care. they don’t want to buy your porn and aren’t going to clap for you being so brave going through surgery and then flying. she makes the most mundane interactions so fucking weird.

No. 1861528

File: 1689000534114.jpeg (406.31 KB, 828x872, 79818335-BA5B-48D3-A3F2-B76D5C…)

girl TSA does not care about you. also note the huge sugary drink she has. would it hurt her to drink some water and eat a balanced breakfast for once? she probably had a donut too.

No. 1861531

If she cared that much about recovering and spending time with her family she wouldn't be on Twitter constant complaining about shit and still selling content. She's reallyyyy trying to play the pity card here.

No. 1861534

At least her boobs finally look relatively big for her body. She should get a back alley bbl next.

No. 1861537

“omg you’re such a mean girl!! i’m recovering from surgery and spending quality time with my family and you just want to make it even harder for me!!!! you’re purposely preying on me when you know i’m having a really difficult time!!! everyone is always out to get perfect little me when i’m just always minding my business, ugh!”

that’s you shayna. that’s how you sound.

No. 1861539

twitter fighting as "diaper dolly" kek

No. 1861541

Ew, she looks so trashy.

No. 1861557

She look like a homeless crackhead. The fuck is this??

No. 1861568

The bar is in hell but at least she looks clean and like her clothes have been washed, probably because her mom did her laundry before she left.

No. 1861583

lmao this because i actually do gotta defend our girl a bit K think this dude is kinda ridiculous and dishonest to go framing their plans falling through as "scamming". so she is probably in the right in this little scuffle. but clapping back with the name diaper dolly renders each point automatically irrelevant and an instant self own, it's a bit glorious.

No. 1861585

I feel like if you look as him paying for her flight / travel as a business expense in a professional setting then it seems shady

No. 1861591

All this drama because two adults tried to do business together without a simple contract.

No. 1861607

File: 1689011819734.png (1.93 MB, 828x1792, IMG_7084.png)

more drinking

No. 1861609

File: 1689012117540.jpeg (273.16 KB, 1170x794, IMG_3719.jpeg)

I can’t with these “stories”

No. 1861614

the flight attendant thought she was a legitimate retard and was shocked when she ordered alcohol so she asked where her care aide was

No. 1861626

She’s just so weird, but then again, she’s probably high and that makes her delusions get worse, so it makes sense that she makes all of these weird ass stories in which she’s trying to also go viral.

No. 1861627

the TSA at Logan Boston are complete assholes, like the worst TSA I have encountered anywhere
but “I had breast surgery” isn’t a terrifying thing to say for most people and shouldn’t be for someone who spreads her vag for $5

No. 1861634

>I do gotta defend our girl

No you don't shaymu. The bitch scammed him. He did not pay for her ticket so she could site see and get a tummy ache uWu. He paid for her travel expenses for her to come work.

No. 1861637

it's ALWAYS the most haggard, old looking bitches that keep talking about how much younger they look and how they get carded or asked if they're an adult. Given this fat cunt's porn content it makes it even more disgusting

No. 1861652

all this drama because she couldnt resist airport deli meat

No. 1861655

This trip was separate from the Vegas trip, nonnie ♥ Her “scammer” trip to shoot with the Fettish moid was her
>flying out to get tickled
>getting charcuterie
>getting food poisoning
>coomer comments joking he knew her “tummy would hurt” once she got that charcuterie
>booking a hotel
>realizing it’s the wrong hotel
>asking for 150 for wrong hotel room plus 120 for new hotel room
>jst going 2 cry all nite tweet
>pic attached is her with insanely messy hair
>anon finds her hotel room
>The End

No. 1861663

yea she even said in a deleted (but posted here) tweet that it was a trip to alabama, idk where people got the vegas idea from. i swear this thread has some of the most low iq anons.

No. 1861671

File: 1689020471040.jpeg (648.01 KB, 1170x1390, IMG_3720.jpeg)

Like how only people from Massachusetts use the work “wicked”, right Shay?

No. 1861672

P for pedo

No. 1861674

He is a little dishonest, she asked “what dates are you thinking?”
Nothing was set in stone.
If she didn’t respond why would he still buy her a ticket? Also, he’s a nasty moid that films scenes that are bottom of the barrel fucking horrible.
Not trying to pearl clutch but the dude uses duct tape, and hogties the girls. I’m glad she “scammed” him.

No. 1861677

Then he says he'll check his calendar and mentions Thursday which she then doesn't respond to >>1860876

Also he didn't buy her ANOTHER ticket, he's talking about the original trip he paid for to go to alabama, idk what's so hard to understand. If she was purposefully scamming these gross men for the shit they create and fetishize that'd be one thing. But she's equally disgusting and it's just funny that they are getting into a slapfight.

No. 1861681

is that man your bf or something? just chill. you say it sounds funny to you, but you sound mad.

couldn't agree more. shay is far from perfect, but this scrote and the whoremaidens who keep trying to defend him are annoying. this man is a degenerate. who the hell cares if he got "scammed"? could have been scammed by anyone else and I would still be cheering it on kek

No. 1861684

File: 1689021782302.jpeg (944.35 KB, 1170x1679, IMG_3721.jpeg)

Now only $10

No. 1861685

Shayna is entering her goiter phase

No. 1861700

Only Shayna can look like she just went for a jog while sitting her fat ass on an airplane, good lord

No. 1861703

i think its more of her being an unprofessional fat ass idiot than it is a scam

No. 1861704

Idk why you guys always think these stories are fake. #BelieveWomen

No. 1861716

At the end of the day he paid her to go film their nasty porn and she didn't. Idk why people are being called handmaidens and being accused of defending the scrote just because we're pointing out Shayna was in the wrong. It's like every time some milky internet drama kicks up around fat shat, her parasocial farmer fangirls come out of the woodworks to defend her.

We're laughing at the whole situation but some of you are doing Tumblr level mental gymnastics to justify shayna being in the right and it's weird and pathetic. No one is rooting for or defending the pornscrote, just pointing out shaynas pattern of scamming everyone she doesn't want to fuck/further exploit at a latter point in time.

No. 1861736

they look so bolted on and weird. they also somehow look wider than before like her nipples look farther apart now i swear. i say she will be showing them for free within the next two weeks. she needs the validation more than the money.

No. 1861738

im not defending her at all, she is in the wrong and she should either reimburse him or go back out there at her own expense to film his degenerate tickle porn and make up for it.
just call it what it is though, a scam implies she purposely deceived him and benefitted from it when all that happened was her fat ass ate airplane meat and got too sick to be tickled

No. 1861748

File: 1689026869377.jpeg (556.38 KB, 1170x1260, IMG_3723.jpeg)

No. 1861755

since when is it wrong to scam pornsick scrotes?

No. 1861761

if you’re operating with a mindset like Shayna and her fellow sex workers, it is wrong to scam these men and if any other woman on her TL was accused of this, Shayna would be leading the witch-hunt. so therefore, she’s in the wrong. it doesn’t matter what we all consider wrong. Shayna knows that she would think it’s wrong, and if she has that opinion, then she should stick to it.

No. 1861768

weather you personally like it or not, porn is an industry that does have some professional standards. she thinks she’s above these standards and thinks she has any place to brag about her professionalism when all she’s been is a financial loss and nuisance to anyone she’s worked with/booked with. as the other anon said, if any other woman were accused of this shayna would be qrt’ing talking about professionalism and blah blah blah.

No. 1861780

when has shayna tried to cancel another sex worker though? she literally is always saying "as long as it doesn't involve children, animals, or non consenting parties its okay". like i know we all hate her but she really didn't scam this guy. its funny to watch this whole thing go down but idk why you're all capeing for the pornsick moid. who cares about professionalism in the porn industry, you sound like a whore yourself.

No. 1861790

>when has shayna ever tried to cancel a sex worker
>jumped in on trashing Belle
>Baldi gaysics
>the people who dms she posts.
Even if she wasn't leading the charge, shayna was speaking up hoping to get others involved. There were times where she literally asked for fucking back up. Even her subs are call outs. She's always sticking her nose in sex workers shit, she just only truly directly comes for people who she feels she can, or out her first. She loves jumping in active dogpiles. Sex workers can't even hate men on their gross account without shayna subbing. She used to snap at sex workers saying hello to her 2 coomers. Bratty pressed at least 2 sexworkers on shaynas behalf. She is sneaky with it but she's always trying/hoping to cancel someone. She just think.its justified and she's to afriad.tp @ so it's not drama or "cancel culture".

No. 1861791

i’m inclined to agree with you nonnie just because i’m imagining a large black woman flight attendant saying this to be friendly/funny. she in no way looks under 21 i think it’s just a dig at her juvenile fashion sense, it’s possible she brought her disgusting ass stuffed animal with her as usual

No. 1861799

Seriously nobody cares some gross idiot got scammed, it's shaynas thread. This girl is so preachy and judged towards other sex workers about everything. Every five mintues she is trying to dictate what other sex workers can say or do. Always talking about how professional she is, yet almost every other new work partner is drama. It can't always be the other person. It's her retarded ways, ignoring red flags and attracting retards because she is retarded. Nobody truly cares about that scrotes coins. It was milk, it was funny and it was another example or watching shayna be retarded and hypocritical.
If another sex worker did what she did she'd be writing a 5 tweet thread about how she should've handled it and then deleting it. I dont get what's what's hard to understand, and yes she should handle things differently. She's in that gross industry where she'd constantly acting like she's so seasoned and knows the ends and outs of it.
She says she's running a buiness selling her assback, so act that way. I hope that scrote gets scammed or whatever by every woman he tries to exploit so they can't exploit themselves.
People flat out saying they do and nonas keep going. "Why do you care if scrotes get scammed?? Are you a whore?"
How many times does it need to be said nobody truly cares about the scrote, just shayna being a hypocrite and having standards she doesn't live up to.

No. 1861822

But she did. He was under the impression she was going to either do her job or make it up to him. She did neither. She ripped him off. It's funny to me because she's probably already pissy about having to go back home and fend for herself, and Twitter won't be the hugbox safe space it usually is. But until she pays him off to make it go away no one would be wrong in chalking this up to scammy shay at it again. She didn't get much out of it because she's stupid, but someone who wasn't a scammer would have just paid him for his flight or stayed in town another day or two to shoot later.

Did you not forget about the whole sol soyboy drama? And Vivi? She's constantly either punching down or shading some super big sex worker that'd probably never see her show up in their mentions. If someone pulled this with her she'd sick grayhair and his sick gif collection on them. It'd probably be her pinned tweet (with her preferred payment information linked because she needs to be reimbursed)

No. 1861826

Her pupils are pretty pinned. Airport bathrooms aren't exceptionally bright and she looks blasted

No. 1861827

File: 1689032922262.jpeg (293.8 KB, 828x602, EF2564C5-7D96-4DEB-A8BC-C17194…)

ribmeat looking haggard af. why can't she just run a brush through the poor things hair. she/he (i honestly dont know the cats gender) would love it so much and it would be a nice bonding moment between owner and pet and would probably get some purrs from the cutie. i guess drugs and alcohol are more important to her than her pets though.

No. 1861835

read the threads damn

No. 1861839

ribmeat looks so sad. shayna used to call her dickface too because of the pattern on her face. I feel so bad for that cat.

No. 1861846

it's crazy how much she abandons her pets, even if someone else is taking care of them all of the upheaval is awful on them

No. 1861876

I think Ribmeat is a girl? and peanut butter is male, regardless they all (Noodle too) deserve better.

No. 1861884

Its all the other "better than shat" sex workers.

No. 1861889

It’s because she doesn’t even scam properly she doesn’t make thousands she just doesn’t go though her promises and then bitches and moans about not being welcomed in the industry. Riding a dildo for ten active followers and thousands of bots doesn’t make you a ~porn star~ some of these cheap whores don’t understand that they aren’t a star

No. 1861890

Dragging Shayna for being a flaky piece of shit doesn’t mean we like the two inch moid. We are just saying she doesn’t go through with anything and that’s why no one likes her. She’s even too lazy to whore

No. 1861905

Shaytardation can be terminal, unfortunately.
Looking haggard af.

No. 1861916

ends and outs

No. 1861922

fucking kek ty nona

No. 1861945

I highly doubt she has anyone come to check on them. she seems like the type to have an auto feeder and water fountain she never cleans and thinks that’s enough for her cats to get by. she probably just boards her poor dog at the vet.

No. 1861964

Kek no one thinks you're underage Shat

No. 1861973

Looks like she just got off the treadmill and is about to pick up her kids from the gym’s complimentary childcare. Not usually someone to say something mean, but her pretending that a flight attendant thought she was a kid rubs me the wrong way.

No. 1861982

No one cares that the tickle porn moid got scammed. Seeing someone finally call the porcine princess out on her bullshit is mildly amusing and could cause a milky situation at the livestock market that is fatcon. Both of them are attending and if this moid is still bitter over it, he could ruin Shayna's chances of finding anyone that wants to work with her or it could lead to a direct confrontation.

No. 1861985

Ribmeat's "dick" face looks like a middle finger in this pic lmao

No. 1861988

If she could just fake apologize it would relieve so much potential drama and anxiety for herself at fatcon. “I am so sorry for the delay n payment. I recently underwent surgery and had to travel and hav been v distracted. I didn’t mean 2 ignore u and don’t really appreciate the public callout tbh, but I will get back to you privately .” That’s all it would take

No. 1861991

but then she'd have to reimburse him for the plane ticket, and she's not gonna do that

No. 1862034

>>1861463 Why are the implants two different sizes? I thought they were supposed to be even now.

No. 1862045

File: 1689052368178.jpeg (408.8 KB, 750x1019, C51F82D3-6D6D-4CDE-A29E-9EB8F6…)

she's the plastic surgery authority and police now

No. 1862052

One of her breasts has tissue while the other never developed so to even them out one needs to be bigger

I hope she goes to fatcon for this alone. Can you imagine the breakdown if this dude confronted her? Or if she saw Shane and his wolf pack? I can picture her clamoring out of there trying to wade through all the leather clad degenerates looking like a sore thumb in her ham dress, cheetah bra, and scuffed shein heels

No. 1862057

She’s a pedo first and foremost tho gotta have mosquito bites to appease her customers

No. 1862063

shatna once again caping for scrotes who would never do the same for her completely unprompted, pick-mes never change

No. 1862072

I doubt she has ever even seen that as a trend, she just wants something to say

No. 1862079

Rare Shayna W

No. 1862088

She really just told on herself.
10-20 sales on a vid is pitiful when youve done it this long. Thats so embarrassing I cant believe she admitted that. Whats funnier is knowing Shaynus the Big Fat Liar that number is probably exaggerated too.
Im not a whore nor do I watch porn much but I would think actually successful whores gets dozens if not 100+ sales on vids if they're attractive and making quality vids. Maybe that's overestimating. But I would definitely think ~50

No. 1862093

File: 1689059922843.jpeg (682.58 KB, 828x1427, IMG_1785.jpeg)

Ew, gross. And the only two comments on this pic of her fat, ugly, retarded mutt(dog sperging)

No. 1862098

Don't bully the poor dog

No. 1862104

i don't care if the general consensus here is that noodle is retarded i think noodle is really cute and does not deserve this slander!

No. 1862106

She’s not ugly nonnie she’s just retarded

No. 1862112

When will you stop shitting up this thread with your schizophrenic retardation?

No. 1862117

why do you hate noodle so much what did she do

No. 1862120

I shouldn't even be replying to this because every time there's a photo of Noodle in the thread the same retard(s) complains about the "retard" dog. No one cares and you lack self awareness about your own retardation.

No. 1862150

it cracks me up every single time someone calls the dog fat, ugly or retarded because it’s such an insane thing to say about a dog, and kills me even more when nonas react like noodle is reading here getting her feelings hurt when she is far too retarded to read

No. 1862154

I’m pretty sure that it’s just shitposting at this point, someone called the dog retarded about fifty threads ago and a few shaytists have treated it as a running joke (at least that’s my take) but other shaytards keep responding to it in earnest

No. 1862157

KEK and also the
>ribmeat looking haggard af.
on this post cracked me the fuck up. >>1861827

No. 1862158

Read the fucking threads, we are not going to spoonfeed you. Noodle is beyond retarded.

No. 1862165

nta and sorry for blog but it's believable. I work fulltime at a real job and have my own apartment and other bills. I haven't been able to add any money to my savings because my entire check goes to my bills, inflation is still awful. i know because my bank gave me an end of the year notification saying i havent saved shit. vivi was already in a shithole working for pennies there's no way she made hundreds back. plus any possible addictions she may have that I can't remember

No. 1862171

File: 1689079538839.jpeg (160.28 KB, 828x486, IMG_1786.jpeg)

And she just keeps getting more degenerate, this is her most recent tweet. I think she has surpassed Shaynus atp. All the people she has “drama” with are like this, it’s like they’re in competition with each other to see who can be the most reprehensible(this is the Shay thread)

No. 1862176

thank you for this news bulletin about the worldwide inflation crisis, none of us would have been aware without your brave service

No. 1862178

The dog is cute, it’s just a joke from a few threads ago to call the dog retarted. Obviously a cute dog

No. 1862186

take it to the camwhore thread.

No. 1862193

She collected herself since posting in the Luna thread about stealing diapers to inform shaytards things are expensive

No. 1862209

You can almost make out Noodle's ID on her collar.

No. 1862211

Don't tell the Shaytards that, one of them might try to steal her retarded dog(dog sperging)

No. 1862240

Sweet baby Jesus. That dog is a full-fledged retard. Shayna needs to euthanize it stat. Her cats seem retarded too imo(anti-dog sperg)

No. 1862265

Ntayrt but this is why I wish we had a source at fatcon to post the milk. How hilarious would it be if they filmed Shay at Shane’s wife’s booth or this Fettish dude (or the Ayla woman) confronting her? We got that random candid picture of Shay last but no idea who posted it or the story behind it.

No. 1862270

Thanks anon, I don't think I can eat lunch now.

No. 1862280

Nta but the dog did nothing. This board is full of autists, some of whom hate dogs (check the Dog Hate thread in /ot/ to see what I mean).
She’s just a dumb harmless Labrador who lives a shit life since Shay never exercises her, doesn’t give her proper nutrition, and lets her scare one of the cats who doesn’t get along with dogs iirc. Noodle would be a better dog if she had a better owner but the dog spergs just hate on every dog that they can. Most people itt feel bad for her pets, as they should, because they haven’t done anything wrong and are clearly neglected.

No. 1862304

I don’t know why people think Shayna is a master scammer. I don’t think she scammed the porn guy. I feel like she is too dumb to realize how to get to the right hotel and then was too lazy to work after she got there. Does that count as scamming? I think she’s just lazy and stupid, not a scammer

No. 1862305

Ugly, retarded, smelly, shitbag mutt(touch grass)

No. 1862308


No. 1862314

File: 1689098418626.jpeg (Spoiler Image,298.05 KB, 2048x1270, 4DD583D5-F197-4F22-84FF-D24C4C…)

New tit pic on Twitter. Can anyone more knowledgeable then me explain why the scar goes up towards her nipple like that?

No. 1862330

If it was the same time as the concert there is every possibility she did scam for a free flight. Her stupidity would be in allowing her narcissism to convince her that playing the "uwu I'm sick" card would make the company swallow the loss. She is in the wrong here, they funded her for content they didn't get, she should be repaying them.

No. 1862342

>>1862314 Anchor scar from breast lift. Imagine pulling the lower part of the breast together to get a lift, then cutting the excess skin. It's a common breast lift scar. But the lower scar looks not great

No. 1862351

Her arms are bigger than her tits. How bimbo. Kek.

No. 1862361

the concert was from her vegas trip a few weeks ago. this drama is with the fettish moid who flew her to alabama to film a tickle porn in like january.

No. 1862364

File: 1689101125507.jpeg (276.86 KB, 550x1191, 37E1DCCA-E551-481E-AA19-CD2690…)

meant to post this earlier but she did indeed get an anchor scar (and possibly a lolipop nipple scar to that one anon who gets wet and always mentions it)

seeing as she did no research, she didnt know what type of implants she was getting until a few days before and she didnt find out how many CCs she got until like a week later: something tells me Shayna didnt realize they would operate separately on each tit. I bet she thought she would only have the same small scar under the tit like she did with her Poland Syndrome boob. The doctor probably “relieved her fears” like she said by telling her the scars will fade but if you google or look up anchor scars on tiktok, there are tons of women a year later with red/purple scarring still very very visible. if i wasnt a scrote id be leaking with joy over shayna paying to ensure her tits will never look the same. I bet they look even more uneven now but she can’t pretend theyre natural like before. Like bitch botched herself KEK she cried in her car after the appointment because she knew how badly we are gonna ream them!(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1862370

File: 1689101445336.png (7.68 MB, 1170x2532, 186E4DF9-3474-438D-B74E-2C8662…)

heres a picture of a girl who got a breast lift with anchor scarring and this her ONE YEAR LATER! She is going to be a true frankenstein creature

No. 1862372

no one thinks she’s a master scammer. she’s just an idiot who flaked out at the last minute, once again, and refuses to pay her dues. she treats everything as excusable on her end but if someone did it to her she would be on a rampage for weeks.

master scammers actually make money and don’t get caught doing it.

No. 1862373

stop calling it a scar. she’s barely healed. it’s an incision. if she actually takes care of it it may not scar too badly.

No. 1862382

File: 1689102147576.jpeg (443.79 KB, 1170x710, 662FA93C-CDB3-4AB5-AC26-B74B51…)

honey… shayna’s current after care for her INCISION is to plop a dollar store bandage over it and hope for the best. we aint got no issue with calling it a scar because its probably already scarring infront our eyes as we speakin sugar. ud think this wud be the time she wud be obsessing and caring most about the aftercare but all she care bout issa shopping 4 junk online and getting drunk. nigga please!!!(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1862396

File: 1689102697349.jpeg (174.79 KB, 680x678, 42A0ECFB-704C-4D5C-9A34-85D053…)

Imagine how Shayna would act if she paid a girl to fly out and then the girl bailed because “her tummy hurt”? I guess we got a preview of how deeply she’d melt down when paid for Shane Sonnier to fly out and fuck her while drugged then he ghosted her. Kek.

No. 1862398

honey…it’s an incision. calm the fuck down and take your midol. you also type like her retarded ass so sit. you probably make degenerate baby porn like she does.

No. 1862405

damn, racist much?

No. 1862411

Saged for tinfoil but does anyone else feel like Shayna has been posting in this thread recently? Someone seems very triggered and sensitive about how her new tits look and are talked about.

No. 1862413

i still think it was the black girl she roomed(?) with and did skidmark academy with. seems the type.
>if i wasnt a scrote id be leaking with joy over shayna paying to ensure her tits will never look the same
ahh so wetchan you are a man?

No. 1862415

maybe someone just found this thread

No. 1862418

File: 1689104405607.jpeg (530.39 KB, 1290x1810, 96AF38AC-F79F-4D4A-8825-620586…)

how is it $30 to put a nose ring back in? She had that one deformed in her nose a few days ago. Does she not know how to put her jewelry in and go to a piercer for it?

No. 1862424

With saged posts? Fishy as hell. Shayna must really hate her new tits.

No. 1862425

Oh that is already not healing nicely, she needs to stop tugging on her tits like that

No. 1862433

Who else scored the BINGO for "watch her return home and beg for bill money" kek

Why does her skin look rolled together and super glued?

No. 1862435

Remember how she was bemoaning her debt and had a counter going for all the debt she had paid off with coomer pennies? She definitely quit that grift and went back to the easier straight up begging for bullshit route real fast.

No. 1862447

Her phone bill and internet sounds like shayflation strikes again to me. I have really good for both and they are nowhere as expensive

No. 1862454

>1 like

No. 1862456

Didn't she literally just go to the dispensary the other day and spend a significant amount of money? Did she smoke through all of that before her flight? all that other shit should just come out of the money she "saved up" before her surgery (I know it can't because I doubt she actually saved any of the money she begged for)

No. 1862459

No offense but that chick should’ve got lipo

No. 1862461

File: 1689107907081.jpeg (80.96 KB, 750x736, B23DF928-29A2-4967-BD11-7012D5…)

new photo of shayna clifford just dropped

No. 1862462

she spent 150 a few days ago, probably edibles. 100 mg worth is like 20-30 dollars on average. she probably bought an eighth which is probably about 30 bucks and then 300 mg of edibles to eat before her flight. if mass rec prices are similar to where i am. not justifying it cuz who needs that much to get high but with the amount shayna consumes shes probably one of those people who can eat 100 mg and feel nothing.
i was thinking the same thing. but to give credit for her phone bill shes probably leasing/paying off a phone. the internet one has to be bull though or shes getting ripped off by the company. or maybe she keeps paying the smallest amount she can and its adding up.

No. 1862465

I know she has at least two phones she paying for. She bought a second number/phone to circumvent her ban on snapchat.

No. 1862469

File: 1689108848038.jpeg (370.94 KB, 1170x1707, 70A94052-0913-4D6E-86B8-C37CA6…)

at&t and xfinify have internet packages at 80-110. with modem rental and tax i can see shayna having stupid fast internet for no real reason. probably thinks she needs the fastest possible plan for when she streams off her brick once every 3 months.

No. 1862484

Regarding the nose ring, she also said it closed up in the time she was inpatient when she was suicide baiting during the Fupa saga. I know Shay lies about everything but she's also too retarded to be consistent with her lies and some people do have piercings that close up really fast, so she may actually be getting it re-pierced.

No. 1862487

File: 1689111232689.jpg (150.41 KB, 995x800, noseringpig.jpg)

She should get her septum pierced instead.

No. 1862492

File: 1689111595635.jpg (Spoiler Image,125.86 KB, 1078x776, 20230711233446.jpg)

Before atleast her incision looked like it was being held together but in this new pic it looks like its pulling open? There's literally a visible hole. Could she have lost a stitch?

No. 1862494

am trying to figure out why it looks like…well, that. did she pop some stitches? she can’t resist showing them off and it’s already fucking up the healing. not surprised, can’t wait for her to have a meltdown when someone points it out.

No. 1862495

Also ignore me thinking its june, I know its july.

No. 1862496

Idk just my opinion but the first picture has the same folding you’re talking about it just looks like it’s healing, the incision never looked super great tbh but what can you expect from multiple tit surgeries

No. 1862527

But also what friend would she even have that would be willing to randomly go to dinner with her? This is the same "friend" with a boat that is also getting married? Idk this so called friend seems to be far above Shaynus in life to be hanging out with her on a whim.

No. 1862534

Given that she gets sick 80% of the time she enters an airplane and is a flight risk, she should factor that into her decisions to fly to people and make content. She should have known there was a good chance she wouldn’t be able to handle being tickled by that guy.

No. 1862552

I'm the expense sperg, and Jesus Christ just since the 7th, she's begged for nearly a grand ($807). A hundred fifty for groceries for one grocery run for one person is fucking crazy.

No. 1862555

the fucking bracelet is so tight she's beyond fatso now

No. 1862558

I’ve had a breast reduction before so I have experience with this, I was a smoker but stopped smoking prior to the surgery following advice of the doctor. The first week after surgery the scars are very pink like this but should not be expanding like this. It’s probably because she’s still smoking and drinking. She should have been given scar cream to put on daily but who knows if she’s doing that. She also runs the risk of the scars becoming keloids which are raised scars.

Basically she’s not taking care of the scars well and she’s going to have shitty results because of this and she’ll be even more unhappy. It also takes about 6 months for the breasts to settle after surgery and will end up looking less perky/bolt on. I really don’t understand what she’s doing with that weird bandaid though.

No. 1862561

File: 1689119704175.jpeg (720.56 KB, 750x1161, DA6B7100-3D3B-40D2-88E5-A212A3…)

No. 1862562

File: 1689119752214.jpeg (Spoiler Image,310.14 KB, 750x699, 3DCD986A-58D9-4B3D-B2CF-559D12…)

ugly moid ass but how nasty she's barefoot in here

No. 1862567

It doesn’t seems so bad to me, especially after returning from a trip and having to restock on things (like eggs, produce, although I guess Shayna doesn’t worry about that). But the cost of living in Seattle is a lot and I spend way more than that sometimes on groceries here. Also I sometimes have to buy food similar to what Shayna eats for my job (snacks, goldfish etc.) and it adds up so fast. Also her pink wine is almost $11 on DoorDash in Seattle.

No. 1862573

Whitening toothpaste OK LMFAO

No. 1862579

Nearly $100 on a toothbrush + paste she won't use
What a stupid cow

No. 1862585

Her dumb ass will buy anything under the sun for any price as long as there's a Barbie logo on the box. Bleaqué

No. 1862587

Pretty sure she quotes this price every time she begs for grocery money dunno if any autist nonnies can pull up any of her previous tweets
Not seen her drink pink wine in ages. It's always white claws now

No. 1862597

I don’t understand this type of consumerism, nobody cares what your toothbrush looks like and it’s only going to be fun for like 1 day

No. 1862600

She looks like a fat sissy herself kek like the similarities of them side by side is bleak

No. 1862604

Is this the guy from those god forsaken pictures with the fake lips and bad teeth

No. 1862611

I think it is, kek.

No. 1862614

File: 1689121859428.jpg (426.15 KB, 1080x1835, Screenshot_2023-07-12-01-29-03…)

It sure is

I clicked on his page and cackled

A gofundme to save a fucking porn set, absolutely insane the things people will give money to, hope it gets taken down, this is fucked up to be honest.

No. 1862630

File: 1689122833982.jpg (236.1 KB, 1080x1366, Screenshot_2023-07-12-01-43-57…)

well done idiot

No. 1862641

nonas saying she will blow money on pink junk while in recovery were spot on

No. 1862643

File: 1689123619311.png (173.74 KB, 906x789, pinkcrap.png)

behind on bills due to 254$ for 5 barbie products (though she posted the mini purses a few days ago in >>1855702)
If any other brand released a collection tomorrow, you just know she'd be begging for it or purchase it anyway with afterpay and guilt trip begging for covering actual necessities.

No. 1862644

That is not the breast with multiple surgeries, that was her “normal” one.

No. 1862645

She thinks this sounds retarded in a uwu cutesy bimbo way, but it just sounds retarded. Like how can you be pushing 30 yet you’ve picked up ZERO adulting skills, even by accident??

No. 1862646

You didn't only buy that barbie shit, you brought a bunch of shit kek

No. 1862648

maybe i'm just a dumbass but i don't understand why she needed a lift on her normal breast? couldn't she just have redone the implant on the other to match the shape? it looked perfectly fine tbh, not really that saggy.

No. 1862665

They have the same body type jfc

No. 1862671

People who are bad with money piss me off. She's a grown adult. She can barely survive on her own. I wouldn't trust someone like her because of how much of an airhead she is.

No. 1862681

it was saggy in comparison to the other breast, and the other breast will never really sag as there’s weak muscle and not much actual breast tissue. her normal tit looked well, normal. but with the implant one being as perky it made the normal tit look extra saggy.

No. 1862687

anon is retarded or privileged enough to not realize inflation is a thing so I figured I'd remind you, dumb fag

No. 1862688

Those are the same boob, just flipped. The incision and dark spots and everything are the same

No. 1862690

So do we think she is actually this stupid or is it a “lol I’m such a dumb dolly, save me daddy uwu” act? Or a little of both?

No. 1862691

Love to hear about her destitute ass getting in debts! Please buy more garbage shaynus, def gonna make your sad life better!

No. 1862709

Yes, what I said is that the breast with the lift is without a doubt the “normal” one which hadn’t been operated on.

No. 1862720

Peak of mindless consumerism, it’s amazing how retarded people are to just buy complete random bullshit just because they like some brand name or IP, least of all when your income is not even covering bills every month

No. 1862734

File: 1689138280862.jpg (11.38 KB, 353x296, tape.jpg)

please shay don't use a cheap nasty bandage, you need to use silicone tape like picrel! You need to at least use this type of stuff to heal properly! you can buy it on amazon you lazy ass.

No. 1862735

I’m like positive her doctor put that on and she just hasn’t showered or removed it they generally tell you with incisions not to remove stuff

No. 1862737

couldn't that have been a cheap prepaid phone though? especially since she didn't need the phone plan part, just access to wifi

No. 1862739

Isn’t it the normal one she just flips her photos?

No. 1862745

its not really amazing but what gets me is she doesnt use aliexpress or temu which sell the same cheap hello kitty junk without the insane overpricing. the branded shit is honestly plain and ugly compared to the chinese tack anyway

No. 1862750

so cringy and embarrassing. it’s really annoying how she mixes the ~bimbo~ shtick with being beggar level broke. like she’s so stuck on “shopping” as a bimbo personality trait that she’s completely missed the point of it being more about actually having lots of money to spend in a sort of glamorous unattainable way.
when she has to expose herself and beg on twitter after spending $200 and then in the same sentence is all “hehe i’m so bimbo princess” it just doesn’t make sense. instead of mixing two opposing types she should just lean fully into the desperate trailer trash frumpy girl next door thing and she might actually be able to hold onto more customers
(I know she will never change tho and any suggestions of how she should are useless lol)

No. 1862774

With how little care shes giving to her recovery Im not sure why she can't just hop on a dildo and lazily ride it or wear her stupid bra thing and lay on her back and do the same thing she always does. Its not like she's doing some hardcore scene actually getting railed by some dude.

No. 1862801

Thats whats funny and weird is she buys mass produced materialistic shit. Nothing with actual value or use (at least that she would actually use) and it wont improve her life or self in any way. Just more junk to fill up her otherwise empty and void of personality or real intetests apartment. She could at least get proper decor to bring her living space mood up, get useful and practical things, use the shit she buys like the lip scrub and whatnot, or just buy high value things worth dispaying and bragging about. For all the trinkets shes bought this month she could've gotten her brows or any of those other physical "improvements" done or put towards. I get the dopamine hit from frivolous spending and shopping but jfc

No. 1862830

She could get the same dopamine hit from buying things she would actually use. The problem is that she has no hobbies or interests outside of being an Only Fats whore. The full depth of her personality is that she likes pink and likes stuffing food in her mouth so she spends her money on cheap pink plastic garbage and door dash.

No. 1862840

They’ve “banned” wet-chan like 5 times. Lolcow bans are basically meaningless.

No. 1862845

Nah she gets her dopamine from surrounding herself in pink shit. She's a fucking addict, it's that simple. Addicted to weed, alcohol, shopping, maybe food and whatever else.

No. 1862853

Shes impatient and wants the FAST lifestyle of someone who has worked for it. She sees the wives and girlfriends of successful men, or just plain successful women who have worked to build a good foundation - she see’s these women having extra mad money to indulge themselves and buy cute frilly drinks from starbucks and random movie merch for the flavour of the week. These women do it cause:

1. They have jobs or a married to someone with a job
2. Health benefits and regular doctors visits
3. Healthy romantic and platonic relationships
4. Healthy bodies and gym memberships
5. Real hobbies and developed interests over years
6. Actual furniture and decoration in their home not from Ikea
7. Driver’s License and their own car
8. Well fitting clothes that are in style

Shayna wants to speedrun life and only experience the good parts. The parts you “earn”. But she’s a lazy grifter who doesn’t know how to earn a real living if she tried.

No. 1862857

i agree. she alienates any normal fans with this extreme “i wont even fucking acknowledge you unless you are PAYING ME UPFRONT BECuze iIM A SPECIAL PRINCESS HERPA DERP” bullshit. And then caters to this imaginary group of men who if real would only want to fuck barely legal, skinny, big titted actual trophy wives or bimbos. She is truly fucking retarded if she thinks the majority of beautiful women have no personality. Only the ASBOLUTE toppest of tier women (like hollywood elite shit) are beautiful enough to truly have no personality and still be treated like queens. Theres the the whole “behind every beautiful woman theres a man who cant stand her” saying because in the real world, beauty isnt enough. Its why women “age out”. Aging out doesnt mean you cant make money anymore showing off your wrinkly slit, it means you are bottom of rung, last choice, no longer “what men want” unless they cant find it elsewhere first. It means YOU OLD.

No. 1862862

Her furniture isn't even from IKEA. It's all from amazon because she doesn't know anyone who would go to IKEA with her to pick up furniture.

No. 1862876

the first photo she posted of her boobs, she had siltape on. so either the doctor inexplicably put just a random bandage on her incision during her check up, or she couldn’t be bothered to actually buy decent supplies.

No. 1862906

Wait so people who buy pink drink are married and popular, they are gym goers who are financially stable and healthy and don't shop at Ikea? Can I buy a pink drink if I'm married and healthy but have out of date fashion? What if I have all 8 requirements but buy a rug at Ikea? Do they take my Starbucks card away if I shop at Ikea? If you need a healthy body to buy pink drink why is everyone at Starbucks fat? Help please explain American company culture is so confusing.

No. 1862909

NTAYRT but what I got from it was that the type of people who can financially afford to splurge on extras already have their ducks in a row (ie. the important aspects of their lives are fulfilled before its reasonable to buy dumb shit like trinkets and frilly high dollar drinks when you can make good ice coffee/frap at home). Sure, you can have poor taste and ugly rugs and still buy a starbucks drink but you are doing yourself a disservice when you could be spending your money on something more useful. aka the story of Shayggards life.

No. 1862911

I'm sure that anon knows, it reads as being sarcastic and bitchy. We've been having a lot of anons I'm Shays thread who are acting this way lately. Taking everything fake literally or getting mad. Everyone knows what that anon means.

No. 1862916

Okay holy shit fuck, gonna forget I hate shayna for a sec; bitch go the fuck back to your doctor, holy fucking shit, that looks like the weekend right before my mom's hysterectomy scar/incision fucking busted back open

No. 1862919

Don’t be retarded

No. 1862923

you sound insufferable

No. 1862932


No. 1862934

File: 1689177071598.jpeg (358.14 KB, 1170x925, IMG_3746.jpeg)

Shay really be clutching on to her pennies

No. 1862938

As if Shayna is not desperate too kek.

No. 1862939

if she's THAT insecure, why can't she get a real job. she'd learn a thing or two, it's not always just about the money.

No. 1862943

>it's not always just about the money.

No. 1862944

How dried up is this well that other women can’t get paid by these moids too? She always tells on herself. Shayna is so far from the playboy bimbo fantasy she pretends to be, and terrible at doing business. There’s really no point to these bitchy callout posts, if the other women are younger and prettier she’s done. That’s how it works. Maybe shayna should be doing the same to other whores since she’s struggling financially with multiple sugar daddy’s.