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File: 1692205992468.jpeg (76.27 KB, 573x615, 1692048980914.jpeg)

No. 1882752

Previous Thread >>>/snow/1873964

Shayna Leigh Clifford; 26 year old failing prostitute, porn sick degenerate, drug addict and alcoholic who spends her days posting free pictures of her hemorrhoid filled anus on twitter while begging for rent. Rejects her parents help to get an education and normal job. Hurts animals on purpose and panders to pedos by filming porn dressed as a child. Recently moved to Seattle after wasting years on an ex too ashamed to admit they were dating her and is currently looking her new Fupa 2.0.


REMEMBER: Read the rules before posting. Repetitive nitpicks about Shayna's body, face, and genitals are subject to a 1-day ban. Reposting the same photos zoomed in/edited is not milk and you will receive a ban for nitpicking. Stay on topic, derailing and infighting will result in a ban. Sage when there’s no milk. Spoiler any NSFW images. No blog posting or bragging about how you're a better whore than Shayna. Nobody wants to hear about your degeneracy. This is a Shay thread, curb your enthusiasm when posting screenshots of other e-whores, they go in the e-whores thread.

>>1874073 Thread begins with her raving review on fucking the freak couple, on her own bed of all places >>1874098
>>1874625 Continues to e-beg for every expense that she makes >>1874774, >>1877712, >>1876706
>>1875095 in addition thinks it's a great idea to beg her coomers for (what's most likely) her first full panel STI testing
>>1875622 then makes up a story of said testing, proving that she doesn't frequently test for her shoots
>>1875708 posts a private conversation showing off she got $1200, possibly from Jason Womack
>>1876181 goes out swimming with the "polycule" freaks she recently let into her bedroom
>>1876280 the female of the couple posts she has covid, Shayna ignores this fact
>>1877218 reveals her new crappy business cards with matching pink sickly hand
>>1877804 begs for flight reimbursement 20 days after doing so the first time >>1867523
>>1877896 new pedicure in forever, went out in public with dirty, stained, lint-covered sandals
>>1878060 panicking about Fatcon being 2 days away while she hasn't packed or prepared
>>1878222 gets long hot dog nails again but in a new grotesque pink
>>1878459 gets drunk at the bar alone, swearing on Noodle's life that she told people she does porn, saying she's "too pretty for school" and other retardation

>>1878587 on her (non-first-class) flight, looking as drunk and greasy as ever >>1878588, >>1878589
>>1878739 arrives in St. Pete, immediately starts shooting content
>>1878896 meets up with Kiki Cali, resumes the e-begging
>>1879453 said content looks extremely unattractive >>1879455, >>1879456, >>1879458
>>1879912 her and Kiki Cali trying to larp as kids but instead look like geriatric troons in Shein clothes
>>1880465 visits LeatherByDanny's booth and thinks it's a good idea to spank and smother him with her fat rolls and flat ass
>>1880669 caught at the pool party being the only ones barefoot >>1880758
>>1880873 bitches about not being "used" yet bragged about how she would do a gangbang at the event
>>1881154 says she got the caning of her life, results look absolutely disgusting >>1881232, >>1881643
>>1881653 exposed for being a clingy bitch as she hobbles over to interrupt Kiki in a shitty promo video
>>1881709 sits on Kiki, both barefoot, overwhelming her with her stench (also seen barefoot again at the pool >>1881766)
>>1882021 Kiki Cali regrets her caning session, possibly egged on by Shayna. Due to this she lost other shoots with other degenerates.
>>1882281 Shayna once again caught dancing like an idiot by herself, shaking her negative curves
>>1882371 her bruises attempting to heal, looking like she's smeared in shit >>1882372
>>1882679 returning back to Seattle after a weekend of degeneracy

New TikTok: https://www.tiktok.com/@dollhausbarbie
Snapchat: irlbarbiedolly (BANNED)

No. 1882753

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No. 1882758

File: 1692206327140.jpg (Spoiler Image, 539.33 KB, 1080x1403, Screenshot_20230816_131930.jpg)

Warning before opening. This is vomit inducing

No. 1882759

I really think this is a form of self harm. She hates herself deep down. She’s especially mentally stuck in that phase of tumblr where young women posted their self harm pictures and scars for edgy clout.

No. 1882761

Her ass looks like a baboonʼs Iʼm sorry

No. 1882762

reading here Shay?

No. 1882765

Are those white specs pimples forming? I can't describe what I mean otherwise

No. 1882768

Did she make a post talking gushing about Kiki or how she is going to miss her so much? Weird she wouldn't after spending all this time with her. Unless I missed it. It feels like something happened

No. 1882769

File: 1692207953619.jpg (273.51 KB, 1105x1208, InkedSHAYNA SCIENCE.jpg)

She was for sure lurking, see attached for receipts

No. 1882773

Last year Shay had so much fun at fatcon she was euphoric for a week. What happened this year? She was offline for 20 hours. Did she pass out and wake up naked on the sidewalk? Maybe people didn't want to collab with her this year and it was not because of the dumbasses canceling her on twitter over the same old nazi shit. She has scammed too many sexworkers and burned bridges. Every independent whore ends up losing money because of working with Shay.

No. 1882775

It is nona. All BDSM shit is just self harm by proxy. If someone inflicted these kinds of injuries on themselves then bragged about it they’d be recommended to go into a psych ward. Getting a scrote to do it for you doesnt make it any less mentally ill.

No. 1882781

>>1882689 >>1882673 I don't know what the yeast infection treatment thing looks like, and while it almost looks like a makeup brush… im not convinced. The supposed bristle part looks kinda hard and uniform and the part that attaches it to the longer end looks weirdly skinny. Also I know its Shaynus but a makeup brush on the floor in the corner at the bnb shes leaving then also seems kinda weird. It would make more sense if it was something else tbh especially a disposable thing.

No. 1882782

File: 1692209000240.jpeg (494.04 KB, 750x989, BED99FB8-41DC-4ED1-BA87-FC7E1E…)

she deleted the first tweet about leaving and posted this one instead begging

No. 1882783

I think she got super high on multiple things, plus the AssGate23, so she probably spent the next day, nursing her ass wounds, headaches and extremely sick. Also, I bet if she was still on her parents insurance, she'd for sure ended up at the ER kek. This year was weird.
We saw more of Shayna, but it also seems like she made no true connections, barely worked, barely interacted with anyone. She came to party.
Nonas how many days before we get the
>I hate to ask but Fetcon set me back a lot of money, I'm very very low rn and anything can help, you can buy all 800 of my videos for $100 on-

No. 1882784

File: 1692209050493.jpeg (708.25 KB, 750x1256, ABAAE9A9-0266-4749-8CF6-686E22…)

she looks so bad. she must be so embarrassed and poor from fat con

No. 1882786

is hilarious to me for some reason kek

No. 1882787

how is she sitting her ass on that seat and not in veritable agony

No. 1882794

How the fuck did she ever consider this a good idea, and you know they got like $300 max for working with those freaks. Her ass is literally the color of Grimace, she's actually turning into him

No. 1882796

It's honestly less degrading to cut yourself with a razor than it is to spend hundreds of dollars of your own money on flight tickets to get yourself bruised, bleeding, and scarred by some boomer moid.
It also seemed like she didn't work with that many people compared to Fatcon '22. Remember the wrestling dude she worked with last year? I wonder why she didn't schedule that again.
She also didn't deliver on the gangbang she swears she totally wants to do KEK. It's so weird to me how she went to a convention full of degenerate moids and didn't go near a penis at all. Shayna has said herself that the b/g videos sell the best compared to the few sales her usual fetish content has.

No. 1882797

I agree with you both, I've been around on Tumblr when mentally ill girls would post their self-inflicted bruises, but Shay is topping it, these are the worst bruises I've seen so far and they will hurt for at least a week. She probably was drinking alcohol the whole time, so that would make the bruising even worse. What she really needs is therapy, but she won't take any advice and enjoys hating herself too much.

No. 1882798

Yes she kept staying up all night drinking that she ended up sleeping away her last couple days in Florida after the convention ended, as she admitted in this tweet in the last thread >>>/snow/1882661 and based on what times she finally became active online. Even her degenerate partner in crime Kiki, who was the one she presumably was partying with, could manage to get herself up and at least try to film her commitments before they weren’t into the bruises. This can also lead us to the conclusion that miss “booked and busy” had absolutely nothing booked that she had to wake up for. So much for those double sessions her and Kiki kept advertising. Truly thriving.

No. 1882800

No. 1882803

I doubt she'll complain about the pain, Shayna barely does. It's apart of her, "I don't need aftercare". I feel like she added the "I guess" because she's a follower. Kiki was complaining because she has actual shit she needs to do (further selling her body) and they actually care if her ass is briused and nasty looking. Shayna usually flaunts these briuses (like she's been doing) and the gross fuckers she works with don't care if she has gross shit on her. They don't need her to be in tip top shape and look sexy. Just lay around, get tied up, let them slap her around etc.
Nonas said that Kiki was a stripper, so I assume her ass being fucked up matters. Maybe she's whining (a little) because she has someone else who is also not happy about the expereince. Even if they both signed up for it.

No. 1882805

Honestly fuck those chicks for making me and countless other young girls see their stupid gorey pickme cries for help.(not your personal blog)

No. 1882806

same, it gives me Charlie explaining Pepe Silvia or “Stupid Science Bitch” board vibes kek

No. 1882807

No you fucking retard it was most definitely a makeup brush. The thing you think it is would not be that long and pink. It'd look more a syringe and it'd be shorter and white. It's a makeup brush that she probably forgot to pack because she's a lazy retard.

No. 1882808

What do you think her new "sugar daddy" will think about being seen with some fat ugly pig covered in bruises? her life is so pathetic i can't believe she chooses to live this way.

No. 1882811

This is the level of bruising I experienced after a legitimate violent assault. It makes me sick that instead of seeking fucking help for whatever makes her want to be degraded like this, she lets coomers get off to it and acts like it’s sexy and fun. This is deep, scary bruising. The anons who predicted the never ending dark downward spiral of the Shay threads way back in the beginning were unsurprisingly correct. She’s going to get herself into a legit bad situation one of these days.

No. 1882813

It’s not just Shay unfortunately thousands of pickmes engage in this behaviour every single day while farming the likes and RTs from scrotes and other bdsm pickmes. I can’t even say Shayna’s injuries are even remotely the worst I’ve seen, I used to be forced to see way more horrific post BDSM injuries on tumblr and twitter before they started cleaning it up.(not your personal blog)

No. 1882814

And you know she'll get all tarted up to go out inside of wearing bandages and protecting those nasty bruises. Ugh the thought of her trying to stuff her fat ass into her fugly tight jean shorts is making me wince. Those nasty oozing raw wounds rubbing against denim w/ no underwear…and you know she'll brag to the guy about what an uwu bdsm princess she is

No. 1882822

Not to nlog but I honestly hope she gets a staph infection or something from her toilet seat. Maybe that’ll teach her to stop letting scrotes beat and cover her in welts.

No. 1882827

I doubt she lurks, anyone with sight can see how fucked her ass looks. Those bruises are a legit health hazard. How did she manage to sit through a flight? How did this happen? Was it the alcohol she was drinking that made this so bad?

No. 1882829

You must not remember the boil saga. Disgusting infections did not stop her porn debut, they won't derail the shay-train.

No. 1882841

Threadpic is terrifying.

No. 1882844

File: 1692215112108.jpeg (156.97 KB, 749x920, IMG_3871.jpeg)

She totally is lurking this thread

No. 1882845

File: 1692215186537.jpeg (195.83 KB, 749x988, IMG_3872.jpeg)

No. 1882846

did she bother asking anyone though? or did she just tweet about it? i find it hard to believe that there wasn't a man willing to fuck her at a sex convention. she's just too good to make the first move.

No. 1882848

File: 1692216289447.jpeg (252.33 KB, 750x771, IMG_3873.jpeg)

She’s binge drinking

No. 1882849

File: 1692216322191.jpg (496.57 KB, 2048x1536, 20230816_160712.jpg)

She looks so busted

No. 1882851

imagine going to a degen sexual convention and not getting laid by some degen moid, especially the ones shayna thinks likes her content

No. 1882852

KEK she’s reached “side view of arm is bigger than head” level fat. Couldn’t happen to a more deserving turd of a gal.

No. 1882860

The fatcon coomers would fuck anything that moves. Maybe Shayna's STD tests didn't come clean after all or she wasn't going to film piv content in the first place. She begged for money and doesn't deliver the content she promised. Classic Shayna.

No. 1882861

File: 1692217212204.png (1.15 MB, 867x844, ruff.png)

she lurked the threads so hard

why does she insist on letting her scrotes know her exact whereabouts at all times? i know she's suicidal but gyat damn it's scary how she basically invites creepers in with tweets like >>1882844 then tells them exactly where she is and that she's going to be drunk

kek i love when get high quality photo Shayna in the wild

No. 1882862

File: 1692217230832.jpeg (244.34 KB, 1152x2048, IMG_3874.jpeg)

> gotta big ol glass o wine

No. 1882864

Her nose is getting longer and more downturned.

No. 1882870

she should just join the WWe if that's what she wants jezz

No. 1882874

File: 1692218096250.png (686.37 KB, 911x477, A WARNING TO ALL WOMEN.png)

Sex work /=/ Real Work

No. 1882876

I mean. It is sad, that’s for sure, but more in a pathetic embarrassing way for her. Holy shit.

No. 1882881

For once, her drinking makes sense since her ass is mangled and she has to push down the bleak reality that is her life.

No. 1882886

File: 1692219134119.jpeg (533.99 KB, 1169x1679, IMG_5939.jpeg)

Yeah but when they have so many other options, why would they pick her? There was no shortage of degenerates willing to degrade themselves for bottom of the barrel scrotes at this convention. And I know we like to make fun of the land whales on the scooters and call it fatcon, but not everyone there was as fat, busted looking, and as sloppy as Shayna. You can see it on the featured talent page on the fetishcon website. Almost everyone else has high quality, well lit, professional looking photos and then you have Shayna advertising herself with this

No. 1882891


It was also extremely obvious she was off her face on drugs and booze the ENTIRE time…even the degen scrotes at fatcon probably realized she was a walking rape accusation liability to them.

No. 1882897

File: 1692219908964.gif (2.94 MB, 526x640, jim-carrey-found-them.gif)

she reminds me of that jim carrey interview kek. Where he manipulates his face oddly

No. 1882898

File: 1692219968316.jpeg (688.09 KB, 1170x1835, AF4E3CD7-2740-425F-97A7-3DCDF3…)

Saged because it’s Kiki, but found an interesting comment in her tweets. She lost her Fetcon pass at won’t point and tells one of her followers that “Did not even drink” that night. It must have been awkward as hell being around drunk ass Shayna all weekend. Kiki seems like a stoner to me and maybe mix in perscription drugs but Shayna is a full blown alcoholic.

No. 1882901

Kek it makes sense shayna calls Kiki her lil big sis. Because she's smaller then her but older. Again, it's 100% shade that Kiki calls shayna that. This is the first relationship where someone isn't willing to play shaynas retarded game because it makes no sense to even pretend that Kiki is big sis because of age when Shayna looks older and bigger then her

No. 1882903

File: 1692220210286.jpeg (447.73 KB, 1170x1061, 86666691-D320-43FD-9E6E-CED0F7…)

Another Kiki tweet. They both seem like had a shit time. Shayna probably cock blocked Kiki all weekend from getting laid. But it is interesting that Kiki refers to Fetcon as a work trip where as Shayna was clearly there just to party and get trashed and look greasy. Shayna wants to be a star in that specific niche yet can’t even try to look professionally or even sexy.

No. 1882905

The say the scrote is leaning away from shayna, he simps for shayna so she didn't want to get screwed she wanted to film it. By "wanted" to I mean, she feels she should've done a scene with a scrote simply for work. She didn't want to fuck anyone. Also again, shayna is the biggest dustiest looking in the picture. Bleak

No. 1882909

Fetcon is full of aged out women who actually take care of their bodies, have their own style, and are probably way more interesting to talk to than Shayna. Shayna still thinks her youth is everything despite it dwindling quick. She just wants to exist and get ass pats but Fetcon is full of experienced people in the scene. It’s hilarious how she isn’t respected at all in the scene she wants to be a part of so badly. She literally could have just just booked a sarah gregory shoot and maybe actually earned money for once instead of blowing it just to tag a long with Kiki all weekend, drunk as fuck, and not working or making any friends/professional connections. The only other shoot she did was the one where some scrote roped her tits in bed and she only got that cause Kiki scheduled it (or at least Kiki also filmed with the same guy in the same room so put two and two together)

No. 1882911

It's such cope that shayna is whining about not having sex. She could've easily found someone to fuck her, why are anons acting like just because we see shayna as gross/fat/weird that scrotes wouldn't fuck her in a second if they are interested/have a chance. I think fetish con has so many women selling sex that it's possible a lot of scrotes there either have their sex plans set up and/or won't waste their time on average looking drunk women like shayna who won't give them what they want for a price or out of "want". People probably did approach her/Kiki etc. They just fucked off when they realized she wasn't down to fuck. Whining about not having sex at a gross sex con as a hypersexual woman with no excuse is a L.
At best you do make yourself seem undesirable,she should've added a reason why. It's sorry otherwise. We know she really didn't want sex though

No. 1882917

File: 1692221108911.jpg (396.16 KB, 1169x1860, Trouble in paradise?.jpg)

Pretty funny how Kiki hasn’t liked or retweeted this and she’s definitely active

No. 1882925

Also no scrotes were excited to finally meet dolly mattel. I don't see pictures or posts about it really. Shayna really isn't respected in her fetish circles nor well known

No. 1882937

File: 1692223060007.jpeg (1.24 MB, 1170x1681, 9C947113-65F2-4E77-A919-E568CA…)

Lol wtf is this shit

No. 1882939

I like the janky auto blur on her face that still shows her crusty lips and side forehead crease

No. 1882940

File: 1692223852870.jpeg (1.28 MB, 1290x2277, 49C0CA08-5238-40DA-9BD8-3974E6…)

Kekkkk shat should pick up this aesthetic instead of her uwu baby bimbo schtick. makes a lot more sense for her

No. 1882941

she got a boob job for this? jesus christ they're still so tiny. maybe if she lost weight it would help but god damn, she looks like an A cup in this pic.

No. 1882943

Honestly yes but I’ll do you one better: imagine if she started making like, Neanderthal cavegirl porn. Totally untapped genre kek and she could even wear a bone in her stupid ponytails. Her ooga-booga genes would shine. Sage for complete and total autism

No. 1882944

why the fuck would you admit that no degenerate wanted to fuck you at Fetcon? that’s pathetic.

No. 1882945

The whole snu snu monster girl paint yourself blue and cover yourself in fur thing is actually a pretty good niche to exploit since she can’t break into the mainstream porn market thing with her current body and face. Unfortunately she fights so hard against her natural looks and desperately wants to be a bimbo Barbie so I don’t think she’ll ever take it up even though it would literally make her more money.

No. 1882947

it’s because the bra she is wearing is way too small for her. the whole outfit is too small for her.

No. 1882949

Shayna if you’re reading this there’s actually a massive niche for green goblin girl porn, not even kidding. They don’t mind if youre overweight or weird in fact goblin girls are usually depicted as chunky and derpy looking. If you want to make money I strongly advise you explore this career path (since it’s clear you’re never gonna stop doing porn for the seeable future anyway) as your financial advisor this is the most profitable niche for you.

No. 1882951

Lol not a crumb of attention despite her constantly alleging getting hit on everywhere else by Uber drivers, bartenders, her fellow apartment tenets, and randos when she's walking Noodle.

No. 1882965

Pretty obvious that he knew when and didn't give a shit when he saw the literal carnage.
Did she stretch the pictures, in addition to sucking in as hard as she possibly could?

No. 1882970

wearing that crusty old "BIMBO" sweater until the print completely flecks off i see. and that poor bunny plush is slowly becoming grimy, the colors on it used to be much brighter.

No. 1882978

Her body is so fucked that it looks AI generated.

No. 1882980

File: 1692228988330.png (Spoiler Image, 1.31 MB, 750x1334, 2C004E45-8205-480E-96D8-EAD036…)

i'm sorry if this was posted in the last thread i couldn't find it but shayna is so fucking gross and dirty all the time

No. 1882982

File: 1692229280220.jpeg (124.78 KB, 750x938, 4DA71FF3-9378-48EC-8060-607D07…)

This is legitimately a jump scare. She is so busted what the fuck. Crusty skin, dry hair, overall haggard and so blasted she can barely keep her eyes open. Bleak.

No. 1882983

Enlarge the pic and look at the halo of flyaway grimy damaged hairs she has, I'd be grossed out to sit next to her on the plane.

No. 1882984

she didnt drink that night true but she and shayna took at least 3 tequila shots each, during a party, based on the videos posted in the last thread just for the record

No. 1882985

I know Kiki is really short, but this photo (idk who that chick is) reinforces the "Shat is 5'7" tinfoil for me. It seems like she's taller than literally every single female she works with, and men always look like manlets next to her. So it makes sense that she would be taller than average, unless by some crazy coincidence she exclusively works/hangs out with people who are shorter than average. That chick is fat and yet Shay still looks massive next to her.

No. 1882986

Are you implying that this is something that can be influenced by lifestyle factors kek

No. 1882999

being fat can change your facial structure a little (or a lot like the Slaton sisters), facial fat can definitely impact how your features look

i'd hate to call an actual woman a troon but i honestly thought that's a man, no?

No. 1883000

We know this one's for the foot freaks because the other woman took her sandal off, and I know some minor percentage of foot freaks like dirty feet, but it's so at odds with her doll concept. It's gotten to the point where I truly don't know if this is on purpose or not.

No. 1883001

Sorry wrong reply

No. 1883016

File: 1692233309246.jpg (491.67 KB, 2048x1365, So much for “she’s wearing hee…)

I don’t understand why it’s hard to fathom for some that she’s tall.

No. 1883018

And she's not even in platform sandals in this one. She's not just tall but her head,arms and everything else are huge. She has not a single curve but big arms, legs and belly.

No. 1883020

unbelievably grimey looking, shay looks like a frankenstein creation- scarred neoskin tit, fried to fuck hair, scars and fat dimples all over. i've said it before and i have to say it again..she is the MOST UGLIEST WOMAN I HAVE EVER SEEN

No. 1883021

I think its because she used to be friends with this extremely tall girl named colleen which made shayna look 5'5" or so. Also she would claim to be 5'4" so you know she was self concious about it.

I think it used to be up for debate even more back in the day. Way more nonas accept her heft and height nowadays. Kek

No. 1883027

Yeah tbh I’ve always figured she was 5’7. I’m on the taller side (5’10) and the height gap between her and Colleen who I believe was 6’1 was visually the same in those pics they took showing their height gap as me and my gf who is 5’4. Sage for height sperging/tinfoiling kek

No. 1883031

Nta but it depends because I’ve observed the opposite. I have a big nose and my nose looked smaller when I had more facial fat because bigger cheeks on the face kinda lessen the appearance of how wide your nose is on your face. But Shayna is an alcoholic and there’s apparently a phenomenon of alcoholics having large red noses. So on one hand her nose should look smaller on her face because she’s getting fatter, but her lifestyle factors (like alcohol consumption) are likely in overdrive ruining her looks. Especially considering she does nothing to try and offset her terrible lifestyle like drinking water or exercising.

No. 1883032

File: 1692237773147.jpeg (373.89 KB, 621x761, BCE0179F-9427-4A3E-B84F-C10613…)

Meemaw ahhh legs

No. 1883035

Ive never drank alcohol in my life but my nose is huge lol alcohol doesn’t affect your nose size unless you’re an old man who has been heavily drinking for like 50 years and developed some kind of thrombosis or deep skin rosacea(blog)

No. 1883037

i just noticed that the smurf is using wax to give herself a substructure to put her snaggletooth in the space where she's missing 3-4 teeth on her lower right side. how does one even lose so many teeth that young without having kids?

No. 1883040

File: 1692238485162.jpeg (314.34 KB, 750x1050, IMG_3875.jpeg)

It’s an actual medical issue called Rhinophyma, look it up

No. 1883042

That’s literally what I was talking about. She doesn’t have that lol.

No. 1883043

File: 1692239112695.jpg (144.13 KB, 1536x2048, snails.jpg)

Sage for non-milk but someone posted Shaynus' nails to a nail shaming group on facebook and the comments are popping off

No. 1883049

File: 1692239751233.jpeg (409.46 KB, 828x1178, 432096EA-798B-4F5C-85F9-EEED99…)

It seems that Kiki is only 4’11

No. 1883055

File: 1692240707244.jpeg (1.19 MB, 1170x1912, IMG_4596.jpeg)

Kiki is liking comments on this but still hasn’t interacted with the actual post

No. 1883070

File: 1692242944159.jpeg (167.5 KB, 680x942, 18F5EB79-BC91-4CD5-85B7-19E471…)

to be fair she does have a certain short girl who wore cookie monster pajama pants in school energy. idk why i picture the quintessential cookie monster pajama pants girls being short, but i do. she'll say she's "fun-sized". it just seems right. her slightly above average height throws people a bit

No. 1883073

This is exactly how I’d describe Shayna’s image, poop-bun and all. She seems like one of those girls who has the whitest upper middle parents but somehow used a blaccent in high school and ate only hot cheetos at lunch. If she doesn’t start doing Orc porn her best bet would be going back to the stoner bruh girl persona, it’s much closer to her reality

No. 1883076

> doesn’t mention shayna at all in her RT

No. 1883085

>4’11 and 110 lbs
the audacity of this bitch lmao

No. 1883086

sage for mini-blog for comparison but im 4’11 and no fucking way, she’s def 130-150 which still isn’t heavy but is overweight for the height(blog)

No. 1883088

In the last thread there’s a screencap of a video from 2021 where she could be that small. Much like Shat, it will probably take forever, if ever, for her to update

No. 1883093

She still hasn’t liked or retweeted Shat’s posts about her either, but she’s been liking and retweeting others. I have a feeling she’s going to ghost her and a milky meltdown and will follow

No. 1883101

Overweight means heavy, dear

No. 1883102

She might just be feeling a bit insecure about the butt situation and doesn’t want to retweet a picture of her showing it off originally, as it might seem rude to the people who had to cancel her shoot. Could be a smart move imo

No. 1883124

bruh imagine if she is wearing shorts and she sticks to the plasticy plane seat with her bruises

No. 1883130

I know the type of girls you're talking about. Probably skipped class and/or was late to class bc she was outside smoking on breaks. Kek

No. 1883136

White trash version of a “hot Cheeto girl”, kek.

No. 1883138

I’m not so sure, I feel like that might be giving her too much credit. We are talking about a low IQ degenerate who does this “work” because she’s too retarded to live a normal life

No. 1883161

What nona said, plus that doesn’t mean she couldn’t like it. I think she just hates Shayna kek.

No. 1883171

I think you can count on one hand the number of photos she took where she isn't sticking her tongue out of her mouth like a cow eating its own boogers. I guess since she couldn't do the AGP smirk, she just went to the only other expression she knows how to make.

No. 1883194

Shaynus hasn’t been active on twitter for almost 24 hours, she’s probably a mess after fatcon (or rather even more of a mess than her regular state) but Kiki is still liking other people’s posts while ignoring Shat, I wonder if she’s actually unfollowed her

No. 1883204

My tinfoil is she's sick but she can't run to the ER so she's trying to find an way to handle her hang overs/whatever the fuck. Or maybe she'll pop up like, "Guys I had to go to the ER".

No. 1883221

I'm gonna assume Twitter follow checkers are disabled since everything is X now??? I did try and check and it said nope but then I checked mine with someone I do follow and it still said nope

No. 1883224

File: 1692287228660.jpeg (297.9 KB, 679x1577, IMG_3878.jpeg)

Kiki unfollowed her but Shayna doesn’t seem to have noticed it yet. Kiki also still hasn’t liked the post that Shayna made >>1882845 here. I predict a meltdown incoming.

No. 1883227

My guess is that Shayna was so drunk and embarrassing that Kiki has realised she can't be associated with her anymore. Being sober around someone drunkenly attention seeking like that is torture.

No. 1883228

Like clockwork, anyone who hangs out with her has a fallout in a matter of days. She must seriously be unbearable to be around. Not even other degen women in her niche fetishistic corner can bear to spend any time with her without hating her.

No. 1883230

Truly amazing how this always happens to her, yet she will never be self aware enough to realize she needs to change something about her. It's always going to be about playing victim and how everyone is evil and using her

No. 1883234

What i think happened
>They had a conversation in privite
>Shayna will either Sub her and/or Kiki will make a call out post.
Regardless what happens, if they really did unfollow eachother, I'm positive this situation is going to be made public. I can't wait. Hopefully she comes here.

No. 1883237

does anyone else think it's kinda bitchy she included a pic of kiki's caned ass when she obviously knew that the caning was something kiki felt really bad over and regretted? she should have only posted a selfie of their faces.

No. 1883244

It’d be funny if she got too wasted to get on her connecting flight. She deleted all of the pictures of her looking like a hungover mess at the airport and on the plane, the one with the big glass of wine, and she deleted the tweets begging for drink money and saying she’s going to drink through her layover. Her connection was in Denver, isn’t that where Kiki lives? I’d bet her continuing to be a drunken fool on the plane was the final straw for Kiki

No. 1883245

Agree. I bet Kiki told Shayna something along the lines of: "I respect and love you but being around you when you drink alcohol puts my sobriety at risk as well as my business ethic" or some bullshit. Shayna is gonna flip her shit, I love it.

No. 1883247

God I wish I was a fly on the wall in that Air Bnb when they both woke up the next day after the caning. Shayna all haggard and hung over, not able to afford going to ER; and Kiki questioning her life choices after trusting Shayna and no longer giving Shayna that bubbly sister energy. Bet you could cut the air with a knife as they both tapped away on their phones silently until they could escape.

No. 1883249

Looks like Shayna isn't following her anymore either. I just checked both their lists.

No. 1883251

My tinfoil is Kiki started to read the threads once she started getting tired and annoyed by Shaynus. I think people talking about how stupid they were and the possibility of permanent scarring on the parts that bled freaked her the fuck out because she isn't used to lolcow comments like Shayna is.

No. 1883253

Im not sure how to, but could you check if Kiki is still following Sophia? If so I bet they are talking MAD shit about Shayna right now. Her twitter is @Prin666ess

No. 1883257

I think that shayna might've pressured her to do more, or even into doing the caning, when she did't want too.
OR maybe Kiki is mad at the Skidmark people secretly and Shayna doesn't agree with it, and probably told her that
>You shouldn't blame them because you don't know your limits.
I could imagine Shayna even telling her NOT to get mad at them, even if she doesn't plan to act on it. Regardless something happened.

No. 1883258

File: 1692291316917.jpeg (467.52 KB, 750x1066, 1D3F6A22-EEB1-422C-A959-FAE21C…)

it still says they are following each other

No. 1883259

File: 1692291361561.png (666.91 KB, 842x749, sophia_wins.png)

kek, sophia ditched shayna this year and actually got work booked and made connections, look at all the degenerate she tagged. And Shayna is over there bloated as fucked, bruised, and one "best friend" short. Reposted cause I'm a retard and my profile pic was showing.

No. 1883260

I swear I just checked shayna's followers and she was not following her. Or am I retarded

No. 1883262

Regardless if they are following eachother I agree with this tinfoil. Would explain why Kiki was so hard on herself about it and doing the whole "i should have known my own body and limits!"

No. 1883263

yeah I checked through her followers, she's not

No. 1883268

Everything Shayna does to other people is bitchy. She has no respect for anyone. Shay is also very stupid. I bet she didn't even think posting a pic of Kiki's caned ass could be offensive.

Too bad she can't go to ER this time. Her bleeding bruised ass needs urgent treatment. She is going to need antibiotics too.

No. 1883269

File: 1692291899682.jpeg (349.1 KB, 750x905, 7205BEE5-0880-4CD9-A46F-B1F5A7…)

maybe my app needs an update or something idk. i agree it does seem like they unfollowed. that post shayna tagged her in kiki def saw bc she was liking comments on it just not her post. something definitely happenend.

No. 1883273

It's crazy how these women doing the same shit shayna does, present themselves vs. Shayna. I'm starting to feel like the reason shayna doesn't do any pro work for normal shit, is because she doesn't get much offers nowadays. I think even when someone is interested they realize that she has so much shit she doesn't do, that it's not even worth it. It's crazy how she doesn't even book like solo pro content anymore.
It's all fetish shit, with the same people. She's not in demand and I feel she made a fool of herself, probably bitched at Kiki. I feel like the fallout happened AFTER the fatcon.
I don't think kiki could drop shayna because the rumors or anything. It's only a matter of time before one of them says something.

No. 1883277

Musk ruined Twitter. The site and the app are malfunctioning pieces of garbage now.(derailing)

No. 1883279

File: 1692292609630.png (471.12 KB, 1504x532, unfollow.png)

the site is glitching or they really unfollowed each other

No. 1883280

Shayna's not a girls girl at all, it makes sense no woman, no matter how self loathing, degenerate and pickmesish she is can stand her for long periods of time. KiKi probably realized that all the stuff Shayna says about being a hard worker who's unfairly bullied was complete bullshit, and that shay lives the life she absolutely deserves. Probably fed her a sob story about how all the other sex work girls (including Sophia) were always being mean and hanging up on her. Kiki looks like the type of hot Cheetos girl that'd stick up for an autist, so she ate that shit right up until she realized that Shayna is actually a lazy embarrassing sack of shit who's friendless for valid reasons.

No. 1883285

File: 1692293210262.jpeg (580.89 KB, 750x1122, E79095EE-2EE5-49DC-A3A3-438A51…)

it shows pixie and kiki following sophia but big shaynus is not.

No. 1883286

I just checked and they are still following each other. I don’t have the app though.

No. 1883287

Shayna uses women more then men, kek. She exchanges a service with these scrotes. You know how retarded women have been "Meme'd" into thinking having sex with scrotes or spending time with a scrote is "Manipulating" them for money. No they get what they want, you get what you want.
Shayna offers these women she attaches themselves to nothing or very little. She expects them to be her bestie, her mother, her caregiver, a friend, a fake lover,but also help her when she needs it, defend her during twitter wars, and never expect shit in return.
Meanwhile, she claims she feels like she'd die for a scrote after like a week. She uses women, she does not view friendships with women as anything but a way to help her out.
she uses men but also gives them sex so it's even. What do these women get from being around shayna? Not a friend.

No. 1883291

Oh to be fly on the wall of the group chat you know those three formed.


Shayna "befriends" women that 9/10 are social outcasts, so she thinks her companionship is the compensation. Only, she's a terrible friend.

No. 1883297

she usually just gets drunk and embarrassed herself on cam to like 10 people but she was a mess all weekend in front of people she could work with or sell stuff to and i think she's hiding. or waiting for kiki to call her out

No. 1883299

You just know Kiki completely regrets choosing Shayna over Sophia now that the con is over. She could've been busy doing solo shoots and collab content to sell. Instead, she ended up going home ashamed and with car crash victim-tier ass bruises that put her out of work.

Would love to see what they're DMing each other about Shayna right now kek

No. 1883307

The list of sex workers that have been fucked over by Shayna keeps growing. These threads need to be compulsory reading for anyone looking to work with her. There's no excuse because her threads are among the first results on any search engine.

No. 1883309

plot twist tinfoil: kiki saw the posts calling shayna a literal nazi circulating on twitter again during fatcon and that's why she chose to cut her off kek

No. 1883315

File: 1692295625440.jpeg (528.41 KB, 750x949, IMG_3879.jpeg)

Shay still is, post caps and don’t use those follower checkers because those don’t work

No. 1883320

Nah I looked through her actual list

No. 1883321

when i check twitter desktop version it shows up as them both following eachother still and the lists aren't loading properly at all. if muskrat doesn't fix his godawful site it's gonna be hard to track shatnas fall-outs kek

No. 1883328

Anon, it’s so much easier to just make a fake coomer account and follow them both so you can see it immediately when you check their pages rather than checking the entire following list or using one of those shitty follower checkers. I’m only going to trust screenshots like these for now. >>1883315

No. 1883330

File: 1692296375659.jpeg (486.91 KB, 1170x1201, IMG_4601.jpeg)

Just posted

No. 1883331

File: 1692296480878.jpeg (458.47 KB, 750x882, IMG_3880.jpeg)

I think Twitter is glitching because Shayna has been following her the entire time for me. Kiki is now following her again, I just capped picrel. BUT I went through Kiki’s likes and she still hasn’t liked this tweet >>1882845 kek.

No. 1883332

so she did get sick and they didn't fallout…but they will. By sick she means fucking hungover kek

No. 1883333

Okay my new guess is that Kiki will remain friendly online but distance herself from actually rooming/working with Shaymu. Slightly OT but I still can’t believe Kiki is 30.

No. 1883335

It’s almost like drinking a huge glass of wine and drinking all day in general while traveling is fucking retarded and she regularly gets sick from her horrible lifestyle habits

No. 1883337

Kiki probably begrudgingly took Shay in and either acted super nice but distant or straight up cold to her. There is no way she was happy to do this, Shay is so fucking cancerous and leechy

No. 1883338

It could be that Kiki is watching this thread. If she unfollowed Shayna and then saw that the thread had noticed, she could have followed her again to avoid drama or a hog meltdown. After what happened at fatcon, I doubt that Kiki is enthused by having to baby an obese alcoholic because Shayna couldn't stop herself from drinking before their flight.

No. 1883339

Honestly that made me kek too, that she’s 30. She def looks younger than Shat, but it’s especially sad to me to see someone that age doing pedo pandering shit like it’s bad enough when younger women do it. I know I know shouldn’t be a bleeding heart over hoes who chose the Hoe Life.

No. 1883341

She makes it so obvious that she reads here.

No. 1883342

I’ll bet Shayna complained about the thread to her during one of their all night conversations, she got curious, saw herself being catalogued here, and freaked out and is trying to distance herself. If something actually happened I don’t think she’d let her stay, but maybe she’s waiting until shat is home to go off. I just don’t think any of these ewhores are capable of not using Twitter to air their grievances.

No. 1883344

of course she complained about the thread, kek, I believe their conversation was just Shayna trauma dumping and probably even showing her the thread. I think she mentions it to anyone she feels "Close too".

No. 1883345

Shayna has mentioned that she discloses her infamy to everyone she befriends in the industry.

No. 1883348

Damn. I'm starting to believe Kiki is actually a sweet person. Wouldn't expect such a selfless act from a whore. Shayna would never do this for any woman. Not even Ellen. I hope Kiki doesn't have to pay for Shayna's uber just to get rid of her.

Kiki, if you're reading this, Shayna will never return the favor. Shayna has no shame. She made a trailer park woman (Vivi) use her food stamps to buy her snacks, bailed out, and forced Vivi's father drive her to the airport.

No. 1883351

She also got drunk and refused to help Dawn when Dawn's dog was giving birth and one of the puppies was sick.

No. 1883355

Earnest love for this kind of tism, nona. Ty

No. 1883356

this is just proving the fact that she can no longer afford to live at the ER anymore. And lurking much? She's doing anything to show that her and Kiki are still on good terms kek

No. 1883358

Wow Kiki cannot get rid of her can she?
Also how many times has Shayna gotten sick while flying? She literally cannot function in the world

No. 1883359

>>1883016 hulking over everyone in her signature shade of deli ham pink, tits hoisted so her purple scars are front and center. Despite refusing to be photographed from straight on she's still the widest. Not sure what facial insecurity she thinks she's drawing attention away from with the "tongue stuck out between buttery gnashers" but it isn't working

No. 1883360


I remember when she first picked up this heavy drinking habit everyone thought she was going to die if fatty liver disease. Didn't see it for her then, but she gets way too sick for a 20 something… Is that liver failure saga coming sooner than expected? She's only amped up her drinking..

No. 1883364

>>1883348 I agree. I can't help but feel sympathy for her. Girl was trynna go home to decompress and ended up saddled up with an 180lb retard with stinking wine breath because she's been raised to support other women and provide help to those in need. Once again, an interaction with Shay serves as a Life Lesson and Cautionary Tale, nothing more. Never trust a bitch with no friends.

No. 1883365

its a 3 hour flight from denver to seattle. how sick was she that she couldnt pop some ginger gravol, drink some water and try to sleep it off on the plane? wasnt she flying first class too so she would get the comfier seats or was that just for the way there?

No. 1883367

I’m guessing she was not in a good enough state to be allowed on the plane

No. 1883368

>>1883365 Idk why but I feel like this has something to do with her out of control weed addiction. Why suffer the last leg of her journey home if all it means is she's gonna alone with a sore ass, ubering to the dispensary and then the dog kennel then home to an empty apartment without food in it. Better if mama Kiki sorts everything out so she can stave off the subdrop and attention withdrawal by another day. It's not like she had anywhere to be.

No. 1883369

one of her coomers sent her $50 for airport drinks, tinfoil but imagine she got too drunk at the bar and wasnt allowed to board the plane kek

No. 1883374

Is she actually sick of just a giant fucking baby about hangovers or making herself feel like shit for being a fat add alcoholic though, ya know? I don’t think it’s all caught up to her on that level quite yet, she just wants to be babied when she doesn’t feel good

No. 1883375

Yeah “sick” my ass. If she got her uwu tummy ache like she always does when she travels, then why delete all the tweets and pictures of her drinking nonstop on the plane and at the airport to cover her tracks? I’d say it’s more likely they didn’t let her board and then she went boo hooing to Kiki about the big meanie haters who wouldn’t let her silly baby bimbo ass on the plane and how she’s gonna be homeless because she already can’t afford rent and now she’d have to pay for a last minute hotel if Kiki wouldn’t come through for her

No. 1883376

Idk. Having to figure out your luggage, Ubers, rebooking a flight, going through security again, etc. is a huge hassle. I think she truly couldn’t board her flight as she was actively throwing up or stumbling around intoxicated

No. 1883377

>why delete all the tweets and pictures of her drinking nonstop on the plane and at the airport to cover her tracks?
It's already archived here. kek. If she wanted to keep how much she was drinking from Kiki, all Kiki has to do is read this thread to know that Fat Shat is full of shit.

No. 1883379

Sooo she tweeted about "missing her already" but she was still with her???
Or away from her for 5 mins?

Is it a bit sus that her layover was in Denver where Kiki happens to live or is that pretty standard for Florida to Washington?

No. 1883386

Ayrt, I do believe she was sick at the airport or could have been like you described. I meant she probably doesn’t have liver disease and shit like >>1883360 said. She could though, I suppose, she’s been like this for a few years straight now.
Also, apologies for the typos in my original post, iPhone keyboard is straight mutilated Shayna ass

No. 1883390

Bang on. Emotional hostage situation.

No. 1883400

Can you imagine getting back home from a bad work week and having to take care of a fat alcoholic opportunistic retard at your house… sounds like a nightmare

No. 1883401

while your ass is still leaking ass pus too

No. 1883406

she defo made a dispensary stop on the way to kiki’s

No. 1883408

I travel Florida/Seattle frequently and have never seen the option of going through Denver. That said, I can’t imagine her doing this on purpose so I think it’s just a coincidence

No. 1883409

>>1883400 can't relate, but safe to say that's the bleak reality that scared off Fupa

No. 1883411

And on top of that you're having to take care of the big bitch interrupted at least one of your "work" collabs. I'd be pissed at that alone. Kiki probably wanted to go home and forget about all the shit that happened, and maybe actually do some "work", instead she's got to coddle some grown woman baby that won't shower and keeps complaining about her haters on lolcow.farm


Yeah, you're probably right. It's just that shayna's been in and out of hospitals more often than sick old people are. Damn near everytime she leaves her depression hovel, she's either going to the ER or complaining about how sick she is. And now I can't tell if it's her attention whore ways, or if her body really is calling it quits on her, considering she abuses it in every way possible and has been since she turned 18.

No. 1883414

I've flown from Florida to Denver for layovers a few times, but I was going to California so I don't know if that would change anything.

No. 1883421

Denver is a pretty big airport in the middle of the country so it makes sense to have a layover there.

No. 1883422

File: 1692305453080.jpg (75.97 KB, 639x327, 17461873918_19fe74347e_z.jpg)

Got curious and looked up a map. I think it's possible, but idk it looks like a lot of flights don't go through Denver.
Yeah, that makes sense since I'm pretty sure Cali and Colorado are right next to each other, but looking up flight maps it seems like they usually go thru Cali because it seems like it'd be shorter. I think Shayna cheaped out and it worked in her favor, because she can freeload at Kiki's and go home when she's good and ready/uses up all of Kiki's good will. (Btw not to praise this degen but she's got the patience of a saint, I definitely would have told her to go puke on the plane at this point)

No. 1883431

File: 1692306054166.jpeg (597.46 KB, 1115x1041, IMG_7843.jpeg)

I’m pretty sure she was flying Alaska airlines on the way there, so you would expect her to be flying Alaska on the way back… I’m not seeing any flights that go through Denver

No. 1883437

Yeah, but it makes no sense she'd purposely go to Denver and leech off Kiki when she can just go back home, save money and leech off Ellen. What's her motive here?

No. 1883439

I’m not defending Shay but I’m wondering if, shes had a moment of awareness. (Not at life but the fact of her asking for drinks or whatever) and done that thing where when after a long day and already being run down, a “reasonable” amount to drink just makes you go into sleepy worn out shut down so she’s deleted the drinking stuff and is just gonna claim it’s a sickness not a combination of come down, drinking after a few days of heavy partying with no sleep and her not knowing her limits

No. 1883440

kek kiki was talking about how happy she was to be going home and how she was gonna get laid >>1882903 but big shaynus came and cockblocked her again

No. 1883442

>>1883437 maybe this has something to do with the STI testing and her whining about not getting fucked. Perhaps she was expecting she'd have cash from an escorting session but the dude cancelled.

No. 1883450

I wonder if Kiki got Shayna hooked on something at Fetcon, I mean, Shayna looked different level sped out in that dancing video, and her eyes were sooo glazed all weekend. She looks blasted in every photo. And Shayna went to Kikis to try to get another hit from Kiki or to buy some from Kiki's connect OR to just straight up steal some from kiki. I legit feel bad for Kiki, she didn't have any time to prepare her apartment or clean it. Shayna spends days and hours preparing before people visit her for the first time but she just bust on into Kiki's place and would have been upset with kiki if she didnt. I wonder if Shayna's intense bruising is contributing to her sickness? Or even funnier, Shayna got drunk at the airport and tried to show off her disgusting black ass to people and got kicked off the flight or missed it cause they pulled her for questioning thinking she was a victim of human trafficking or something.

No. 1883456

>Damn near everytime she leaves her depression hovel, she's either going to the ER or complaining about how sick she is.
Nona, it's cause she's an alcoholic addict. When she is at home she is constantly using, drinking or smoking hourly if not more. And who knows what else she takes. She gets sick when she leaves her home because she has to spend more than a few hours sober and her body goes through withdrawals.

No. 1883462

She doesn't even offer anything in return anymore, just straight up begs like a bum.

No. 1883464

Yeah, but she drinks on the flights too? If she's that deep in her alcoholism, how's her liver not already fucked enough to be an actual issue? Plus, I'm pretty sure she also abuses Adderall on a semi regular basis, on top of her weed issues, shitty eating habits, horrible anal sex and BDSM practices, aversion to bathing and working out, and her Poland's syndrome and aversion to properly caring for her breasts.

Meh, maybe I'm just bored waiting on the milk to spill and for Shayna to have her post fatcon crash and fallout with the sex worker/coomer she managed to get her claws on.

No. 1883471

File: 1692309618924.png (524.17 KB, 598x627, die scrote die.png)

I hate this fucking fuck(derailing, off topic)

No. 1883476

>how's her liver not already fucked enough to be an actual issue?
Not trying to blog or medfag but my experience of dealing with alcholics IRL is that fatty liver has very subtle or no symptoms until it progresses to cirrhosis. It gives alcoholics the impression that they don't need to stop drinking yet because it hasn't damaged their liver, when in reality it has.

No. 1883484

Holy shit that would be so humiliating to be told you can’t board a plane because you’re so visibly wasted. But it’d be great for Shay because it would totally satisfy her supposed humiliation kink!

No. 1883492

If I were Kiki and she texted asking to stay with me after parting ways I would have ghosted her ass. Has Kiki acknowledged any tweets Shay has tagged her in?

No. 1883493

She liked the tweet Shay made about staying at her house

No. 1883500

She claims to have CVS. Thats "cyclic vomiting syndrome" im also not trying to blog-post or med-fag, but the only person i know with CVS told me he got it because of alcohol abuse. Its only a matter of time before its so bad she has to stop drinking.

No. 1883504

With all her substance abuse I doubt she could get a diagnosis of this. It would be too hard to rule out hangovers, withdrawal, etc. Also it’s too weird that it always happens when she’s flying

No. 1883505

>>1883450 doubt it, that only worsens the problem. Maybe she gave her an Adderall the night they were up past 6am talking, everything seemed to go downhill from there.

At what stage of healing are her breasts in right now? What would a compliant patient be doing this many days out from surgery, can any enhanced nonitas weigh in?

No. 1883513

she claims to have chs which is different. its caused by smoking weed/dabs and has two phases the prodomal phase and the hypermesis phase. i think she does have it as she was diagnosed in a hospital close to ten years ago now. also would explain why she smokes herself into having to be hospitalized so often. check out r/CHSinfo its full of stories like hers. people end up so dehyrated they need to he hospitalized. her alcohol bingeing probably does effect it too because it has cannibinoids in it and is considered one of the trigger foods for the disorder. she needs to quit smoking, there's been people who actually die from chs.

No. 1883526

Ayrt, oooohhhh! I think youre right. Sorry im a complete retard and confused the two. My bad nonnies.

No. 1883527

>Damn near everytime she leaves her depression hovel, she's either going to the ER or complaining about how sick she is
I have a longstanding theory that IF Shayna ditches sexwork she will grift as a munchie

No. 1883536

It's honestly crazy how everytime she goes anywhere, it's a trip to the ER or she's super fucked up. I think she tries any pill or drug that she can get ahold of when she's out. Maybe not heroin but I can see her snorting coke or some shit.Even when she's hung over at the house she recovers and it's not a ER trip. Like damn she over does everything.

No. 1883538

Leolardo Dicreepio

No. 1883544

Jesus Christ, being hungover doesn't mean you're automatically sick. Wouldn't saying that she's hungover from expensive wine make her come off more high class bimbo?
There's absolutely no way she's on adderall, she'd have had another breakdown about her life by now. She's too broke to head to the doctor and too stupid to follow up on the referral, not to mention the red tape hoops you have to jump through.

No. 1883549

File: 1692320605558.jpg (136.59 KB, 1465x498, Retweet.jpg)

And retweeted it. Full message >>1883330
What’s interesting about this is he didn’t ask Kiki for a round two, unless she isn’t going to the Lone Star Party?

No. 1883550

ty for the laugh nona

No. 1883560

File: 1692322220314.jpeg (24.48 KB, 150x275, IMG_7857.jpeg)

Shayna calls it “cyclic vomit syndrome” these days, probably so people don’t tell her to stop smoking. (This is from last year)

No. 1883570

File: 1692323462455.jpeg (700.62 KB, 1080x4556, Carmen Shaydiego.JPEG)

I think she flew this United flight to Denver since there weren’t any from Tampa to Denver on Alaska, and then I think she was going to take a shitty Alaska flight to Seattle (specifically AS 620 based on times from her deleted tweets). She’s broke and booked her flights last minute, so I wouldn’t be surprised if this was the best she could do. But there were also direct flights from Tampa to Seattle in the morning and at night, so either she was too broke to afford those or she deliberately chose to go through Denver. Sorry for the autism and frankenstitched photo, I’m on mobile

No. 1883573

I don’t know why but you sleuthing the head rests makes me so happy, thanks nona

No. 1883574

Bless you nonny for the free spoonfeed.

Regardless its important to take everything shay says with a grain of salt. She is always lying.

No. 1883587

She finally liked and retweeted Shat’s cluster b posts, I’m willing to bet she’ll delete everything and unfollow once Big Shungus is one the plane, kek

No. 1883591

How is this "derailing, off topic". That is the guy who caned Shayna and Kiki and no one had posted him responding to Shayna's tweet where she tagged him yet. He's implying she will be or might be going to Lone Stone again which is where she met Shane. It's milk, dumb ass mod.(take it to /meta/)

No. 1883594

lol 100%

No. 1883600

File: 1692327601869.jpg (4.37 MB, 4096x2302, InCollage_20230817_230137724.j…)

How does she manage to look worse than the creature beside her

No. 1883601

File: 1692327700139.jpg (584.81 KB, 1080x1581, Screenshot_20230817_230357.jpg)

No. 1883602

File: 1692327860851.jpeg (172.71 KB, 490x458, IMG_1917.jpeg)

Jfc if I looked like this I’d fucking kill myself. Why are her turd eyes so tiny? She looks like that ancient Woll Smoth meme

No. 1883603

she's absolutely terrible at managing her facial expressions. she exaggerates every single facial muscle to create an unsexy, cartoonish, unflattering expression. If she learned to make subtle and calmer expressions, she can look a little more decent in photos.

No. 1883606

Do we actually know who the other “partner” is? Is it that hideous moid with the rotten teeth?

No. 1883607

I'd bet it was the same mod that banned this >>1883277 poster. Jannie r u ok? R u ok Jannie??(take it to /meta/)

No. 1883609

Because she’s ugly and really looks like that and he’s doing a decent Captain Spaulding cosplay

No. 1883610

Goddamn she is looking like a fat Adam Sandler

No. 1883632

File: 1692331223377.jpeg (1.41 MB, 828x1394, IMG_3883.jpeg)

The second pic is reminding me of this gem

No. 1883666


damn, she is the embodiment of the nasty, pajama pants all day, overpowering BO, single mother in her late 30s who buys nothing but sugar with her link card and stays out all night at the bar getting wasted and may or may not have custody of her kids. it's wild how haggard and old she looks, and how her body looks worse than many women who have given birth. it really is almost sad to think of a young girl who has literally ruined herself like this until you remember she's a pedophile

No. 1883712

Omg you’re so right. She’s going to want to kill herself when she lurks later

No. 1883718

Less cellulite or boils and better balance than shay could ever aspire to

No. 1883722

this is pure alcoholism.

No. 1883740

Idk nona, she drank a lot in the airport beforehand, whereas she had to wait to get home to smoke weed. Shay has a very addictive personality, and people like her can become addicted to anything - including weed. Plus, her tolerance is super fucking high, so it doesn't take long for her to start vomiting and going through withdrawals if she can't have weed.

No. 1883784

Nah. She’s an alcoholic. She probably has gastritis from it.

No. 1883787

File: 1692362298673.jpeg (544.34 KB, 828x1430, IMG_1920.jpeg)

Place your bets on how long this will last, nonitas

No. 1883789

File: 1692362553883.jpeg (27.96 KB, 225x225, IMG_0411.jpeg)

congrats, Kiki

No. 1883790

Is this saying she hasn’t left?
> send her back
> send her back please daddy
> get this fat bitch out of my face already

No. 1883791

Kiki sounds kinda friendless too if Shay is the first "girl friend" she's had over at her place in 8 months

No. 1883796

No, she's saying it in the meaning of "send her back again to my place when both of us are well"
Or maybe she's trying to do some subliminal messaging kek

No. 1883801

Imagine if she'd turned to munching instead of sex work for her attention fix. She hangs out at hospitals enough for it but I don't think she's got the right personality.

No. 1883818

File: 1692365773558.jpeg (278.78 KB, 828x1088, IMG_1921.jpeg)

Christ alive what a bleak existence, two obvious cluster b personality disorders plus unmitigated degeneracy, there’s only one way for this to end

No. 1883830

>frontier flight

inb4 "wahhh they're making me check my luggage at the gate, $70 reimbursement opportunity daddy hehe" or "my flight got cancelled, send me $200 for a hotel!"

No. 1883834

Kiki has pinned the tweet, this is so embarrassing

No. 1883840

begging for a $98 flight feels so sad to me, shay probably spent that much solely on expensive airport booze while flying home

if either of them were more popular they could just split the cost of the flight since they'd be able to make the money back with whatever content they sell afterwards. unfortunately for them, no one is interested in their crusty baby bimbo porn so e-begging it is kek

No. 1883842

Endo? Does Kiki have endometriosis or something

No. 1883843

It would be kind of awkward for her to bring any normie, non-degen girlfriends over considering she’s got a whole room dedicated to making creepy pedo pandering porn in.

No. 1883844

they really don't fucking have $100 extra dollars between the two of them? that's actually really sad.

No. 1883846

They just left fatcon and both took a loss, be kind nonna. You can't expect money to be made on a business trip when big shaynus is afoot! I wouldn't be surprised if Kiki is begging on shayna's behalf, because she doesn't even have enough money to fly back to Seattle on her own. They're trying to make it seem like the e-begging is for her to come back to Colorado sometime soon, instead of what it's actually for.. to get Shayna the fuck back home.


Good Lord, does Kiki have Endo? Doesn't that flair up when people get stressed out? Kek, this trip must have been a complete bust for her. All she really got out of it was a mangled ass, a freeloading retard, and an Endo flair up.

No. 1883851

File: 1692372373689.jpg (47.53 KB, 490x365, ytkb57_024.jpg)

kekkk such successful sex workers searching for the absolute cheapest flight possible and still begging for it. they must not have faith that their coomers will fork out enough for first class on united again

No. 1883852

Oh, thank you nona!

No. 1883853

File: 1692372547839.jpeg (296.63 KB, 750x698, 854932C7-E5C9-45D7-9B1F-9485DE…)

she's so trashy

No. 1883856

Most sex workers are isolated like that, especially e-whores. A lot of them are delusional and annoying NLOG pickmes, so normie women don't want to interact with them for longer than needed, and they usually enter frenemy territory with their fellow sex workers. It's part of why so many of them overshare with their Twitter followers, they have no one irl to vent/talk too

No. 1883863

I thought she meant they were dating for a sec

No. 1883880

Done and done >>>/meta/61331(derailing)

No. 1883896

File: 1692378853602.jpg (Spoiler Image, 369.97 KB, 1696x2047, 20230818_131425.jpg)


No. 1883897

jesus fucking christ

No. 1883901

File: 1692379553792.png (351.8 KB, 458x371, shaynas ass.png)

the state of it…

No. 1883907

why does it look like she has shit caked in her butt cheeks?

No. 1883909

Wow so Kiki has endometriosis and Shayna really made her take care of her for being a careless drunk/addict when Kiki’s in pain. How is she not embarrassed by herself? She truly has no shame. She should be offering to fly Kiki out to her in thanks instead. It’s the least she can do.
Kiki’s either delusional or in for a rude awakening if she thinks Shayna is going to want to do any work when she’s there instead of just wanting to hang out and get high the whole time. Just ask Vivi

No. 1883910

File: 1692380729071.jpeg (169.64 KB, 750x978, 1B07C1A5-3E14-41AF-985C-1697AF…)


No. 1883912

No. 1883915

kek the comments here must've finally gotten to her. well i have to say kudos for her for losing 15 pounds. lets see if she can continue to lose weight. does she even own a scale? is it hello kitty themed?

No. 1883917

i guess jiggling around barefoot and puking all weekend will make you lose 2 pounds. how fat is she that she's supposedly lost 15 pounds but looks even fatter somehow. shayna the pig

No. 1883919

15 down, 65 to go kek

No. 1883921

for some reason, I feel like she's the type to subtract like 7 pounds because "clothes" even if she's only in her panties. I'm going to need her to take scale pictures before I believe she's lost weight, though, she probably did lose some water weight from jiggling her lard around at fatcon.

No. 1883935

File: 1692382695025.jpeg (324 KB, 750x647, 121CA430-18CD-4DE7-98E4-9A39FB…)

the shoot where they got beat is costing her so much money what a stupid idiot. also nasty calling her and kiki dumbass babies.

No. 1883937

Yea but she could just not post her ass and she could still make money, this is another bad excuse to not "work".

No. 1883939

she hasnt been home for longer than a couple weeks in like 2 months. she'll gain it back once shes home and back into her regular routine of daily brunch, mimosas and doordash.

No. 1883958

this was my thought too but remember her legs are covered in them as well, albeit not at grotesque looking (but still bad)

No. 1883962

what the fuck is between her ass cheeks kek

No. 1883963

she's definitely on adderall. The weight loss, the video from fatcon where the guy filming kept commenting on how energetic she was, the post-fatcon crash - I think kiki said she took so I wouldn't be surprised if that's a major motivation for Shay's return trip to Colorado. She has no friends in seattle so she'll have to keep going out to see kiki if she wants more pills kek. And of course this piggy awful selfish bitch would start an adderall habit during a fucking drug shortage.

No. 1883965

Kiki is a retard and I know it's always said but, I have a feeling their blow up is going to be huge. Kiki isn't going to slink away. The fact she's 30 years old and doing this baby larp is fucking weird. I'd feel horrible at myself being 30 years old and pretending to be a overgrown baby, who can't tell a scrote that I let spank me to not spank me so hard.
Why do you believe she lost 15 pounds actually? She looked fucking huge at fat con, her belly hasn't gotten smaller, she doesn't look like she lost any weight tbh. Looks like she gained.

No. 1883973

Omg I'm laughing so hard at this , thank you

No. 1883976

File: 1692386283315.jpg (Spoiler Image, 647.46 KB, 1080x1375, Screenshot_20230818_151850.jpg)

No. 1883978

Reposted, forgot to sage.
Why does she insist on showing off the tit scars.

No. 1883983

Please god let Shat decide to move to Colorado and become roommates with Kiki so we get to see that blow up

No. 1883999

I wouldnt doubt she has a weed pen thing that she puffs off whenever she can tbh.

No. 1884003

Looks like gnarly black ass hairs I guess? I dont want to start infighting over "actually butt hair is natural" and whatnot but like.. when you're selling your body and pretending to be a bimbo baby porn princess… i feel like you should be shaving that or at the very least editing it out.

No. 1884005

She keeps wearing those baggy grimey sweatpants and sucking it in so hard from certain angles to pretend shes losing noticeable weight, but we just saw vids and pics from Fatcon.

No. 1884010

Yeah, it's been said she doesn't shave because her hair is thin and blonde, and for non sex workers it's a non issue, but she's literally an e-whore and half her job is to look "hot" for pictures. Small details like shaving and not being covered in cottage cheese cellulite on top of nasty caning scars go a long way..

No. 1884015

Colorado 2 Electric Boogaloo

(That's where dog fucker dawn lives)

No. 1884017

Lmao at her celebrating her weight loss (if there was any) as if the only reason why isn’t because she no longer has the money to afford DoorDash or weed as frequently

No. 1884019

Unpopular opinion but I think she does look like she lost a little weight, even in the pictures other people posted. But she was living with her parents and I don’t think it will last

No. 1884023

No I agree nona, she definitely has, it’s obvious in the videos. But whether if lasts is a different story

No. 1884040

KEK Velma officially has better ass and legs than Shaynus. I wonder if she saw the wolf pack at fatcon hence the drug spiral.

No. 1884046

I think she lost weight last summer too during both her Ireland/weekly hospital stay sagas but she gained it back again pretty quickly and was looking awful this winter. Unless she’s on adderall as the tinfoilers say she will probably gain it back again quickly

No. 1884064

File: 1692399463056.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 23.18 KB, 417x401, 1692194468419~2.jpeg)

Pic from previous thread but girl is sporting a shield shaped nipple now

No. 1884067

File: 1692399786277.jpg (Spoiler Image, 67.56 KB, 918x714, 20230819_000359.jpg)

Think this moid tried to pull it off

No. 1884069

why would this retard let them do that after surgery? She told Mickey Mouse not to punch her breast before surgery, now she's letting some retard do this to her breasts? I know chances are nothing may happen but lord.
Even risking it, for a video thats probably not going to sell kek.
She's going to be like, "i'm sorry to say this, but because my briuses and losing work while at fetcon, I'm really short on money right now" tweet anyway.
Her and Kiki are retards who put their well being on the line to make content. You can tell they think they are like firefighters or some shit.

No. 1884080

implants are significantly more likely to reject when they're hurt early on

No. 1884106

Kek is that scrote Captain Spaulding from House of 1000 Corpses? Imagine looking worse than a horror character

No. 1884107

File: 1692405085245.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 241 KB, 946x2048, F317izPbYAAcYfJ.jpeg)

>"here’s a new screensaver 2 close out ur summer"

No. 1884111

Was this really after her surgery? Oh my god..

So I was originally imagining that the photos she took on the ground were at the airbnb's pool. But nope this is a beige tiling and the photos had gray.

No. 1884120

>>1884107 straight up looks like a troon here

No. 1884121

oh my god nonna. brilliant

No. 1884122

I believe she's down 15, she's showing a lot more facial laxity lately, and her face is melting in a particularly witchy way. Like Rebel Wilson after the initial unblimping and before the facelift.

No. 1884133

I bet that hurt like hell since they're still pretty fresh. Why would she wait so long to get her boobs fixed when she does absolutely nothing all day anyways? Lazy retard. I can't wait for her botched saga, she's treating them worse than himekia or whatever her name was. At least that retard at least pretended she did aftercare. And Shayna had better initial work done too, everything is wasted on her ass.

No. 1884137

File: 1692408762141.jpeg (894.04 KB, 1170x1433, IMG_4627.jpeg)

No. 1884139

File: 1692408801609.jpeg (1.28 MB, 1170x1818, IMG_4625.jpeg)

No. 1884140

File: 1692408860066.jpeg (314.81 KB, 1170x954, IMG_4626.jpeg)

No. 1884143

So wait is this like a “relationship” or just friendship?

No. 1884151

File: 1692410338719.jpeg (772.59 KB, 1170x1503, IMG_4628.jpeg)

I can’t wait to see what kind of fall out happens with these two down the line

No. 1884163

File: 1692411891683.jpeg (411.74 KB, 1170x945, IMG_4629.jpeg)

Regarding the post about not being able to post on OF with her bruises

No. 1884180

She's no longer a "porn star". Just straight up a prostitute. Well done, Shayna.

No. 1884183

Why the fuck is she paying for Shaymu’s trip? I predict Shayna stealing all of Kiki’s adderall.
Sugaring means less milk anons, this is not good.

No. 1884185

File: 1692415257367.jpg (209.91 KB, 1170x790, scallopedtongue.jpg)

The jokes write themselves

No. 1884199

File: 1692417784326.jpeg (189.74 KB, 777x935, IMG_5623.jpeg)

No. 1884200

i just can't. I'm glad she's happy they're symmetrical but at the same time she doesn't give a shit about her botched nipple or that nasty huge vein? help me understand

No. 1884201

What is she going to do when she is old? Retirement? I bet you a million dollars she doesnt have a savings. I bet you she isnt getting a fat inheritance if her parents die. So is she going to… start whoring for real? She practically already is with this whole "sugaring" thing anyway.

No. 1884207

I can’t believe this 30 year old woman is buying Shay’s plane ticket. Pathetic. Shay leeches on everyone who gets close enough.

I bet shay read this >>1883830 and text Kiki whining that the frontier flight wouldn’t let her bring her shit covered dildos

No. 1884235

Random thought, Shayna and Kiki would have a kind of close curl pattern… if Shayna took proper care of her hair..

No. 1884237

I should not being feeling bad for these hoes, but damn Kiki. She is so friendless and desperate, Shayna is gunna milk this girl out of house and home and Kiki is gunna let it happen with smile on her face because she gets to be
>big seester

No. 1884260

Why does everything have to be incesty? Why can’t she just say she has a new bff or girlfriend, why does it have to be “sister”?

No. 1884291

It's another type of kink relationship

No. 1884296

She's obviously just waiting to hit it big nona, then she will get 100,000 a month. Surely it'll happen next year…

No. 1884316

He isn't pulling her sewed on franken nipple in this pic >>1884067. Her new fake tit with the underboob scar is on the right side in the pic smashed up against the bed, and he's roughly grabbing her poland syndrome tit where the nipple is still intact. I mean, it's still fucking stupid to being doing bondage and bdsm play in some dirty hotel a couple months after surgery though, dont get me wrong, here's a link to the another photo from the set where she let him tie rope under her tits right where her healing incisions are >>>/snow/1879456

She is truly braindead and insufferable. The reason camming or other forms "safer" forms of sex work aren't "Reliable" is because -YOU- are not reliable Shayna. There is absolutely no reason she couldn't have cammed leading up to the con, possibly AT the con, and then when she got home. She is just lazy as fuck and too drunk/on drugs all the time to be reliable enough to make an income. Streaming is bigger than ever. She could have pulled a fousey tube and just walked around the con with one of her sex sites streaming her on her phone. I'm mean maybe cause they're all ashamed of their lifestyle it isn't allowed, but you get what i'm saying, you can fucking cam anywhere. She is the reason her income isn't reliable. Also fucking kek at maybe get a real job is you want a reliable source income ya dumb cunt.

>Sugaring means less milk anons, this is not good.
This isn't necessary true. It's not as milky at the moment because she's still ashamed of sugaring because everyone sees it as straight up prostitution whereas when they just show their assholes online for free they can try to justify as "im a camgirl" or some shit. If Shayna goes full retard into sugaring it won't take long for her to adjust her echo box into other prostitutes who make her feel better about her life choices and she starts revealing more and more about what happens on these dates. Plus, she'll need more drugs and alcohol to deal with men which will cause her to spiral even more which will lead to more milk. This is just the next step her natural progression. Didn't think it'd happen until her 30s but I guess her getting fat sped things up.

No. 1884325

I’ll admit I am puzzled by Kiki’s kindness to Shayna. I’m starting to think she’s smarter than she lets on. There is no way she would genuinely enjoy Shayna’s company without her benefitting it some way. I mean, she tweeted last thread that she ended a bunch of relationships at fetcon because of their lack of work ethic. Everyone is saying Shayna is using her but did we ever stop to think Kiki might be using Shayna? Shayna is more successful than her yet Kiki works really hard at being whore and is clearly smart and more savvy at the game. I’ve already started to see a lot Shayna’s regular scrotes commenting on Kiki’s posts saying how nice she is and that she works harder than other girls. Shayna has just been too drunk and in a haze to realize Kiki is poaching Shayna’s big spenders. Old Man Gray Hair already has her in his morning messages. It seems innocent now when kiki is letting her come over and buy her plane tickets, but now Shayna’s scrotes have a new whore who keeps up with content, doesnt fall back on promises, isn’t a huge cunt 24/7, and does all the same gross pedo shit Shayna does. This is going to be a milky falling out.

No. 1884329

i bet kiki made more money off scrotes wanting pics of her bruised ass because she was smart enough to pretend she was so ashamed and embarrassed of herself. thats the shit they LOVE. they love thinking theyre seeing something a girl doesnt want you to see, they love violating trust and taking advantage of vulnerability. i can guarantee she got requests to “explain how disgusting and ashamed you felt when you know u went too far”. whereas shayna just acted like a sped degenerate who liked it. she still doesnt understand men like innocence over blatant whoredom. its why they like corrupting young girls fresh into the scene. kiki is way smarter than shayna. even despite being 30 looks way younger kek

No. 1884330

Maybe they are hooking together as a double trouble thing. Kiki strips too right? We might get a stripper Shayna saga yet.

She's been a straight up prostitute for at least a year though, she just doesn't talk about it much because that'd ruin her "successful camgirls" illusion.

Kek, you think Kiki is using Shayna as her DUFF and poaching her coomers? It's feasible tbh. I can't wait for their fall out.

No. 1884334

File: 1692451114646.png (103.02 KB, 512x512, 2FED892E-3393-4BBF-8B76-5E1850…)

No. 1884339

File: 1692451637151.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 399.1 KB, 1368x2048, IMG_4631.jpeg)


No. 1884340

File: 1692451763904.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 315.01 KB, 1368x2048, IMG_4632.jpeg)


No. 1884344

Degeneracy aside this looks… okay. It’s so obvious someone is behind the shot and made her look presentable aka wash her hair. I’m sure she’d see an uptick on onlyfans subscribers and such if she kept up with the basic hygiene?

No. 1884348

omg I just realized they cosplayed SpongeBob and Patrick

No. 1884353

They look like hons…

No. 1884354

That same retarded pose, why tf

No. 1884358

they look like slutty pinkie cooper dolls as a dollfag i hate it

No. 1884367

This comes up in every thread. It's a old wives' tale that rhinophyma can be caused by alcohol. It's an advanced stage of rosacea, alcohol can trigger a flare up of rosacea but it doesn't cause the disease. She also clearly does not have advanced rosacea or rhinophyma, it's a very visible skin disease and she would be constantly complaining and begging about it since it would be guaranteed to interfere with her work.

No. 1884368

Who is getting off to this? I can’t imagine any bi or lesbian women finding either of them appealing enough to want to buy this shit or even look at it, troons arent interested in actual women wearing fake plastic dicks (they probably think it’s insulting or some dumb shit) and regular straight moids don’t want to see dicks hanging off women. I seriously have no clue who this is for kek

No. 1884369

File: 1692456280059.png (8.81 MB, 1170x2532, IMG_8296.png)

Such a smol widdle baby bimbo princess!!

No. 1884371

File: 1692456505220.jpeg (623.06 KB, 1170x1115, IMG_4633.jpeg)

No. 1884372

samn kiki has a gut on her, she looks pregnant here

No. 1884377

There's a whole bunch of degenerate men and troons that are into getting pegged nonna. Honestly pretty vanilla as far as scrote degeneracy goes. Obviously this isn't for women or actual lesbians though.

No. 1884378

exactly. she cries and turns to literal prostitution over not having a reliable income when the reason her income isn’t reliable is because she keeps trying to cater to the smallest subgroups within subgroups of degenerates online. If she just focused on losing weight, showering, and styling herself better she could just sell “normal” porn that appeals to the masses which would make her more money than this trailer park pedo baby bullshit.

No. 1884379

they dont just market it as vanilla getting pegged tho. they always bring in weird shit like “you’re a tiny baby and im violating your asshole after giving u a baby bottle of sleepy juice” or “get pegged by your two big sisters while u piss all over urself and we power u and u suck a soother”

No. 1884381

powder you*

samefag, but shayna just needs a regular porn twitter where she NEVER posts diaper/baby/pedo/animal play shit. I bet she’d get a lot more followers just posting vanilla pics of her bits. She scares people off showing human trafficking-tier abuse photos and pretending to be a raped baby.

No. 1884397

She would definetly get more attention but at the same time theres a dime a dozen women already doing vanilla posting that are ten times better looking than her. I bet she has a fear of not standing out enough. So instead she chooses what she thinks is a "niche" market. Its sad that in her current state, no market is good for her besides a supermarket. Get a real job shay.

No. 1884412


just a girl and her stepdad who is sissying!

No. 1884420

File: 1692462452673.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 966 KB, 1170x1856, IMG_4634.jpeg)

New clip up

No. 1884425

File: 1692463318749.jpeg (791.59 KB, 1170x1472, 82243AE1-786E-4CBD-B779-3465A2…)

Fucking disgusting

No. 1884443

Again meemaw ahh legs(learn2integrate)

No. 1884444

There are men who rape speds in facilities these men are shayna simps

No. 1884463

Starting to believe the allegations she's attracted to her actual father considering her parents insurance paid for the breast implants in reality ew

No. 1884483

Her ass looks like it belongs on a 60 year old woman. This has got to be the worst it's ever looked

No. 1884498

Damn Shayna is a big bitch tall and wide
Nothing uwu baby about her kek

No. 1884500

File: 1692476681376.jpeg (313.75 KB, 1221x651, 0C94EFDB-AB02-4805-8FDE-5A1A09…)

Mike Slack the pedophile made it his screen saver

No. 1884501

File: 1692476864586.jpeg (219.4 KB, 1800x1200, 306450E1-0F4B-4023-9A31-2E92F5…)

Two ugly haggards cosplaying as underaged girls gross

No. 1884520

At least the yellow sorta goes with Kiki's skin…unlinked Shayna and pink

No. 1884541

File: 1692483751569.jpeg (800.89 KB, 1170x1260, IMG_4661.jpeg)

Fully admitting to prostitution

No. 1884542

File: 1692483788991.jpeg (979.48 KB, 1170x1740, IMG_4662.jpeg)

No. 1884544

File: 1692483899178.png (258.2 KB, 402x372, Screen Shot 2023-08-19 at 6.27…)

OOF. so, what, is prostitution legal in WA now?

No. 1884548

What shayna thinks people see when they see her and her "sugar dad"
>wow look at this hot goth bombo Barbie baby? She has to be like half his age? Maybe 18 or younger…wow I bet he's spending millions on her
What people really think
>look at this 30-40 year old man and his 35 year old girlfriend having a night on the town! Damn she's taller then him!

No. 1884550

Is she prostituting herself for meals?

No. 1884557

She looks like at least 4 different people in photos she posts vs. photos and videos posted of her. Amazing shape shifting and false advertising for the coomers she meets in person, but I guess if they're bottom of the barrel enough to be paying for sex with the baby bimbo queen they'd be happy to stick it in just about anything 3 dimensional.

No. 1884562

I'm dying laughing that this girl has spent years showing her asshole online to live in a expensive apartment that every month she has to do drastic shit to keep up. Think about it, she's broken every single boundary she claimed to have simply because she wants to Live where she does and she can't live the way she wants without selling ass, doing g/b. I remember when she said she wouldn't do g/b because she didn't want to have sex with a scorte unless feelings were involved.
Now she's not onlybselling herself but not even for large amounts, just to pay rent, waste money on flying out to "work" but she's always broke, Doordarshan cheap overpriced bullshit.
Like if you are going to be this gross and retarded qt the very least can you do it for a lot of money? Not to live dollar to dollar? She could did that without doing this kek

No. 1884564

i have distinct memories of anons calling it out in the first few threads, too. "she'll do whatever makes her money and at some point, she won't have anything else to use as 'shock value'" and they were right.

No. 1884572

This is what disgusts me. All men that visit prostitutes and pay for sex are gross perverts, yet the men prepared to pay to spend time with Shayna because she's the best they can get must be a another level below of completely fucking disgusting. If she was going to do this she should have done it when she was young and slim so she could have made decent money from it. Now it's just a fat haggard women that doesn't bathe selling herself for less than minimum wage. Bleak.

No. 1884573

Like it'd be one thing if shayna was out here making cash, it'd still be disgusting and demeaning but we'd see results.
No. She was getting fingerbanged in exchange for fucking uggs.Just this year she's had sex with like 3 or more scrotes and only ONE of them was somebody she wanted to sleep with. Years worth of videos degrading yourself isn't enough to pay the bills. So you have to sleep with random dudes. Multiple people know where you live now.
You literally flew out for a con and what connections or buiness moves did she make? The fact she instantly has to share her bruised covered away as soon as she gets home is telling.
Also, think of the type of scrote willing to flaunt shayna and fuck a girl with big ass bruises on her ass? You know he not paying much. I wonder if she thinks at night this is what my life is. If she can't succeed in online sex work, it legit seems like shayna is willing to become a prostitute. That's fucking bleak. Her lifestyle won't get better,she will only only more quicker and every month she'd be announcing she's short on rent. It's just pointless.

No. 1884631

File: 1692488626703.jpeg (1.11 MB, 1170x1618, IMG_4669.jpeg)

Can’t wait for this milk

No. 1884632

File: 1692488682366.jpeg (765.8 KB, 1170x1284, IMG_4670.jpeg)

No. 1884633

Kek she shoops her face to a teenager's when in reality she looks to be in her mid thirties.

No. 1884662

I bet people look at her like she's disgusting or thinks she's a victim of domestic abuse. Meanwhile she thinks they see a bruised Barbie bimbo or some retarded porn brain shit

No. 1884669

Her boobs are so bad they had to work it into the canon of the porno

No. 1884699

How fucked in the head does one have to be to choose this miserable, degenerate life? How is letting smelly old scrotes assault you in exchange for pink plastic landfill and still having to beg for shekels every month because you can’t afford the cost of your ugly ass apartment preferable to doing any sort of minimum wage job? I truly do not understand. The fact that she’s not a sexual person makes it all the more confounding

No. 1884706

File: 1692493194161.jpg (55.24 KB, 351x284, Janice_Soprano.jpg)

Giving Janice Soprano vibes

No. 1884707

Imagine the sort of moid that would willingly spend money on a fat, lumpy, witch-nosed, shithole-eyed, acne ridden, yellow toothed, unwashed hog. Only bottom of the barrel obese, ugly, old, stinky losers would pay to fuck someone like her.(most extreme nitpicking challenge)

No. 1884710

The animal hair on her hat. Buy a lint roller god damn

No. 1884714

And to be comfortable being seen out with her takes a certain kind of person

No. 1884716

So why is it that “camgirls” are able to just openly talk about sugaring and having sex with their clients on the internet, while girls on the street get arrested? Honestly pisses me off. It’s just unfair and doesn’t make sense to me.

No. 1884738

How on earth she hasn't been hit with an indecent exposure charge yet is beyond me.
Lurking again!
Why is she getting it repierced? If it was her septum I'd get it because that shit closes really quickly but a nostril piercing doesn't close that quickly… if anynon wants to correct me on that.

No. 1884759

Makes it even worse to know she still has a family who cares about her despite everything and also wants to pay for her to get an education so she can leave this shit behind. It boggles the mind.

No. 1884777

What the fuck, she’s so foul. I hope she runs into abuser and rapist Shane P Sonnier of Witchita, Kansas and his harem of mutants at that degenerate convention, the nuclear meltdown will be milky

No. 1884780

It really depends on the person. Retarded blog, but my septum is still open even though I haven’t had jewelry in it for months but my nostrils close super quick without anything in them. But she’s had her nose pierced three times now… if you believe she went and got it redone. I don’t think anyone would put a hoop in a fresh nostril piercing.

No. 1884781

They probably only go to amerifat white trash chain restaurants where all the other patrons are greasy hambeasts too so they don’t look out of place

No. 1884788

There's no way they put a hoop in a fresh piercing. It looks a little irritated in the picture, my theory is that she forced it in herself and is using it as an excuse to beg for money. Cartilage doesn't close up so easily.

No. 1884794

File: 1692499503703.webm (5.76 MB, 720x1280, 948850.webm)

Trying to flex in some scrote's car

No. 1884796

Wow, so cool, white trash in Washington state riding around on the air polluted freeway.

Is the moid seriously blasting Sweet Child o' Mine? Not subtle is he?

No. 1884797

Boomers with corvettes are the worst from an ex diner worker

No. 1884799

Kek she's really bragging sbout this car, wouldn't be surprised if she decided to fuck him simply because this car. Kek.

No. 1884817

File: 1692500968170.jpg (194.96 KB, 866x1300, 66288948-beautiful-decorative-…)

Boomer dad taking the family's 29 year old obese inbred shihtzu for one last joyride before they have to put it down tomorrow

No. 1884818

File: 1692501161543.jpeg (146.04 KB, 1273x268, IMG_0568.jpeg)

Sadly she already planned on fucking him

No. 1884829

File: 1692502301299.png (549.14 KB, 504x940, Screen Shot 2023-08-20 at 1.34…)

She looks like a witch

No. 1884845

I mean she’s kind of living her dream? It’s not my dream or your dream, but this is what she wants in life I guess.

No. 1884847

Corvettes are pretty common, I see one almost every time I go on a drive over 15 mins. It’s always some ugly old midlife crisis moid in one though kek. She’s acting like she’s in a Lambo with that fucking video, anyone can be a passenger in a corvette if they prostitute themselves for the opportunity.

No. 1884856

She looks drunk again.

No. 1884858

kek at this broke ass bitch

No. 1884872

this is making me scream!!!! KEK

No. 1884883

File: 1692508170802.jpeg (1.36 MB, 1170x1973, DE6E278E-5E45-46FB-B5D4-86E062…)

No. 1884886

>>1884794 wow such a flex- a car that she doesn't even own, she looks SO dumb

No. 1884894

Tbh was thinking that maybe this will make her chill out on sex work a little

No. 1884897

"he took me on a cheap sugar date, fucked me (possibly in the car kek) and i'm happy with that and chump change, now i'm going to spend it on overpriced cheap shit and then whine as the 1st approches about being short on rent money"

No. 1884899

kek imagine listening to Guns 'N' Roses while having sex

No. 1884902

It’s a fantasy of hers to be a PASSENGER fondling the dick of a filthy scrote who owns a corvette and having sex with said man in exchange for money? It’s so funny what she brags about. She has this obsession with every generic middle aged man’s interests and it can’t be fucking real, it sounds like a massive cope to pretend to enjoy having to hang out and be a whore for old pervs. I’m sure it beats putting freaks in diapers in your apartment I guess so wow what a step up for her.

No. 1884908

Dream big big Shaymu.

No. 1884911

jesus she looks so much more tolerable and normal, even potentially endearing, when she's not forcing that green goblin expression

No. 1884914

Does "living your own dream" really matter when you're blasted off your face? She hasn't looked sober in months now… She can't bear to exist in her own lift sober. Even when she's "living her dream" she needs to drink/smoke/some combination of the two.

No. 1884927

ahhh yes the shein wedges on the dashboard and shats grimey residue already on the scrotes passenger mirrors sun visor

No. 1884935

She’s straight up advertising the fact that she’s a full service whore now, is that even legal in where she is? I’d fucking kill myself if this was my life

No. 1884937

Jfc her teeth are repulsive ewww
Can’t she invest in veneers or invisalign or anything, she’s ugly enough with her mouth closed but flaunting these disgusting yellow crooked teeth makes her absolutely hideous

No. 1884939

I’m the nona with the phobia of bad teeth and hers trigger me really badly. The bottom ones are fucking nasty too, she’s got a mouth full of decrepit tombstones

No. 1884943

It's a 2020 C8, an $80k car. Knowing the type of people Shat associates with it's a lease or the scrote took out a 12 year 27% loan on it, either way, not a flex. I guess it's easy for her to be impressed when this midlife crisis mobile cost more than she's made in her entire career.

No. 1884950

They’re such fucking hideous cars too, so tacky. She really is white trash.

No. 1884986

Having an 80k+ car in this area isn't a big brag, anyway. I live in Bellevue (nearby) and everyone who doesn't have a fucking Suburu or Tesla like a basic PNWer has an import/luxury car. It's like 60% of the road. Out of those 80k+ cars, a Corvette is probably the cheapest and tackiest option. It's funny that she calls her johns sugar daddies when actual sugar daddies in this area could be rich af. Her dates seem below average for such a wealthy part of the state.

No. 1884992

LOL nona you're right, esp Kiki and I can't unsee it

No. 1885011

File: 1692533097276.jpeg (364.79 KB, 1170x972, IMG_4675.jpeg)

Shay you literally do this all the time

No. 1885017

At this point it sounds like Shayna paid the SCROTE for the experience kek how sad that her social life is old scrotes paying her to leave after theyre done with her. You know what would be a flex Shayna? If you could get a man to want to be with you and stay.

No. 1885020

This is a bad camera angle and she's pulling retarded faces but she does look better here with the black clothing. Girl needs to fix her hair routine like yesterday. She does not know how to care for her curls.

No. 1885022

I know right? Her “sugar daddy” dates are just johns driving her to a secluded place to fuck and chuck her. I thought sugar babies actually went on luxurious dates and boat rides and shit, and had their rent paid just for giving old scrotes attention and maybe some sexy pics. Shayna just straight up fucks these guys, and just like Fupa, they keep her hidden away like a dirty secret they’re embarrassed of.

No. 1885023

Knowing Shayna, she's probably just mad that she isn't popular enough to get free fan art drawn for her.

No. 1885025

Veneers need to be replaced every 10 years and they fuck up your teeth and lead to dental problems down the line. Bad idea for someone only in their 20s especially for shat. Only Amerifags will wreck their teeth to get them to look straight.

No. 1885030

It’s honestly really sad how easy it is for Shayna to be an actual prostitute these days. I feel like before she did mental gymnastics to justify going on “dates” with Johns but now she is straight up advertising she is a hooker. It’s not a flex when everyone on twitter knows her financial situation, I mean… her and kiki were just desperately begging for $98 dollar plane tickets kek anyone with half a brain can see Shayna is only doing this because she is poor and cant afford her bills.

No. 1885032

Is she really like, 26 years old? She looks my age and I'm 40.

No. 1885035

imagine the come down after the scrote finishes his chunky old man load on her back? no condom to pull off cause he was probably bare-back in her vagina. then suddenly the scrote’s mood changes post-nut, he got what he wanted, paid her, and now he wants her out. i mean, his wife is going to be home in a few hours from yoga. “clean yourself up” he hisses as he scheduled an uber to get her back home. Shayna rushes into his luxurious bathroom to wipe the old man cum dust at her back and pull her black mumu back on as she catches a glimpse of herself in the mirror. she remembers… the fantasy is now over.. back to the reality of her empty apartment and looming bills, bruised ass and no real work. She steals the cum towel as a reminder of the luxurious dream life she just had a salty taste of. She can’t wait to tweet about what just happened. She survived another day on the streets. “Lets GO!” she hears from the other room as her thoughts break - her uber is here.(autism)

No. 1885036

Guns n roses AND aerosmith on vinyl? So either it was some cringy digitally compressed vinyl of "classic rock greatest hits" or one of them got up in the middle of sex and changed the record?? Lmao

No. 1885038

File: 1692535975398.jpeg (40.67 KB, 750x240, 1F152894-F946-4AB5-B6A0-870FE4…)

she deleted this

No. 1885043

Shay's busted face and body is unironically the reason I stopped drinking and smoking, lol

No. 1885044

You know the worst part of this? She said they came BACK. As in, the scrote picked her up and drove her around in the car and then they came back to HER APARTMENT to listen to HER shitty scratched vinyl and fuck. Shayna once again is making house calls. I hope her apartment grows suspicious of all the rotating scrotes she has over for one hour appointments. There’s no way people in her apartment haven’t figured out she’s hooking and bringing her john’s back. Also, seems like she’s moved to having guys over to her place without Ellen there for extra safety? Insane.

No. 1885045

whoring yourself out is bad enough but having sex with a rando with those raw ass wounds from a couple days ago is heinous

No. 1885046

i bet you 100 scrote bucks and a photo of my shitstained vagina if shayna ever interacts with “corvette john” again. she hooks these guys in with photoshopped photos at her best angles then they only ever use her services once after they see her in person and get a whiff of her sour pussy. i mean, her ass is probably still oozing fluid and putting off a rotting flesh smell. plus i can only imagine how bad her breath is with her tongue always looking white. imagine how gross the room smells when she gives blow jobs? real question, have we ever seen shayna go on a sugar date with the same guy twice? she can only maintain “online sugar daddies” where she can manipulate how she looks and limit how annoying she is IRL(no one, and I mean no one, wants to see that)

No. 1885048

I have this horrible feeling that this disgusting pervert has a wife ugh. Can you imagine being married to a man for 10+ years and he’s cheating on you with stinky pedo Shayna? Fuck

No. 1885050

Blame kiki. She is the one normalizing being an actual prostitute to Shayna. She was the one who roped Shayna into advertising “double dates” with anyone with cash willing to show up in florida. i mean, she gave shayna business card to give out to advertise you could fuck her for $$. Kiki’s tweet about wanting dick when she got home >>1882903 was clearly just an ad to her johns that she’s available again for paid sex. Misery loves company, and whores loves when they can bring fresh meat into the fold so they can feel slightly less shitty about their life choices.

No. 1885053

So she’s subjecting her family neighborhood to the kind of degenerate men that don’t see women as people just fuckholes, god she’s the fucking worst. Honestly how is it baby bimbo that he goes to her place? She should be demanding a hotel room, at least the kind that rents by the hour if her “sugar” daddies can’t afford somewhere nice. I hope one of her neighbors let the apartment owners know and that it breaches her contract, the kiki roommate saga could start that much sooner.

No. 1885055

I take a lot of pride as a woman to be able to support myself financially. That I was able to build a career that lets me afford an apartment of my own, clothes on back, a working car, food in my fridge and the ability to care for a cat. How can Shayna take any pride in her possessions and lifestyle when the money is so unstable and she has to let men violate her to achieve her “success”? She has to let men bruise her to the point she cannot post her body on certain social platforms because it is so horrendous. How can she feel secure when it’s like at anytime the cookie can crumble and everything she “built” could just collapse. Worst case, I could apply the skills I’ve built in my career and find a new job for similar pay. If Shayna fails at sex work, what happens to her then? What happens to her pets, her apartment, to HER? And yeah, I guess she just goes back to her parents But fuck, that makes me understand how so many whores who don’t have such an easy out hate her. Shayna does all this crazy shit because she knows her dad and mom will always bail her out. She always has a place to rock bottom out in. To some whores, all they have is the streets. I hate her so much.(not your personal blog)

No. 1885056

sry meant to post this in /shay/ but now i cant delete

No. 1885058

if shayna told her mom she was quitting sex work she would had her flights paid back home, animals paid to fly back, a car bought for her, school paid, free rent, doting loving parents supporting her, probably a job lined up and the whitest of white privilege bestowed on her.

No. 1885063

File: 1692538977615.png (1.67 MB, 750x1334, B6BD0690-9D6F-4DB5-9418-A10B79…)

it looks like a wrinkly old man leg ewww

No. 1885082

i'm convinced whoring herself out is her form of self harm

No. 1885105

I agree nonnie. Most of the dumb shit she does is self harm. The bdsm, the whoring, the binge drinking. I’m so glad she stopped punching her own face all the time because that was hard to watch- straight up mental asylum levels of self harm. The come down after fucking a john is probably so bleak.

No. 1885125

Agree. I think she truly thought her parents would drop everything in a crusade to save her their whole life and she figured she’d eventually stop with just a wild child label. But that didn’t happen, they just focused more on their other kids and own personal relationships and throw her some cash to keep her a secret cause she’s an actual prostitute now. Then she thought fupa might eventually love her enough to marry her and save her from her whoredom, but he just threw some cash at it to keep her a secret until he found someone better. Now she is just floundering trying to find some white knight to solve all her problems. None of these “sugar daddies” aka johns are going to want some sort of long term relationship with her. And her openly bragging about fucking guys for car rides in the same breath as asking for food and rent is going to scare off any actual guy who would want to settle down with her. She already narrowed the pool by posting every inch of her body and sniffing a shit dildo and baby diaper shit and bloody ham ass shit, but now the pools even smaller because she’s actually fucking hooking. do you think she uses a dental dam or protection while she lets these old fucks eat her pussy? no. do you want some old fucks sloppy seconds? no. do you want the entire internet’s sloppy seconds? ah hell no. she’s probably dumb enough to trust these guys when they say “dont worry honey, the wife snipped me, i cant have kids”

No. 1885200

She needs to save up and get her teeth fixed jfc. And ffs put her tongue away she looks like a literal tard taking a whole vid like that

No. 1885201

Isnt sugaring suppossed to be more subtle?? Why is she so excited about it and openly sharing they fucked? Shes acting like a fucking weirdo and like this was an actual date with a partner and not a random old scrote that bought access to her body.

No. 1885206

Because she’s retarded

No. 1885207

Having a Corvette isn’t even a flex. It’s a stupid car that old ugly men buy during a mid life crisis or use their retirement money. Maybe if you blasted Guns N’ Roses in a non rented Lambo or a Rolls Royce I’d be more impressed. Shayna the sad hippo who stuffs her face after getting used by Moids for pennies has to pretend this is a date and that the moid genuinely likes her and isn’t using her for cheap great value sex. If you’re going to whore yourself out AT LEAST get a house or a car out of it. Jfc she has the cheapest sugar daddies.

No. 1885210

Also i know the bar is practically non existent, but we've seen her b/g content and she looks like an absolute terrible lay. Awkward and uncomfortable and just lays there. She's not good at pretending to be sexy. Her bjs are awful. If a scrote isnt into her weird crying, csa rape larp shit, then she doesn't know what to do.
I mean this bitch couldn't even get laid for content or "pleasure" at a degenerate sex convention. The way she talks about this prostitution date it almost sounds like she did it for free or just for some sushi like jfc.

No. 1885213

Shayna has been sugaring since she moved to Seattle because she couldn’t afford paying rent in an expensive state by e begging. Her square acne ass photos might have helped pay rent in fuplahoma. Degenerate Kiki isn’t even the problem. Shayna is. I’m sick of this thread making excuses for Shayna. It’s not a form of self harm. Shayna always loved having the attention of Moids since high school. She’s not a “girl’s girl” she never has been. She deserves everything that’s happening to her misogynistic ass.

No. 1885219

File: 1692560371746.jpeg (1.47 MB, 3465x3465, 287AB651-9C74-4B14-976B-7694CB…)

She’s gotten so huge kek before and after pics always make me laugh. Her arm looks like a leg

No. 1885222

>>1885219 I mean look at that face, at what 18? She already looked haggard as fuck. But yea at least she had a waist, that's it though, she never had an ass and everything else was average, her vulva got destroyed so not even that she had, tits we already know was not a plus.

No. 1885229

She looked like a crackhead. now she just looks like a fat crackhead

No. 1885231

What are you talking about that her vulva got destroyed? Die, scrote. Her vagina and mound is fine.(sage your shit)

No. 1885233

Lurk more and sage retard, she literally destroyed it with a pump

No. 1885237

You can’t destroy your vagina with a pump, retard. Stupid scrote knows nothing about female anatomy.(sage your shit)

No. 1885241

File: 1692561734693.png (Spoiler Image, 326.24 KB, 684x576, shvg.png)

Die newfag. She wrecked her own vag with her disgustingly low levels of personal hygiene during the pussy boil saga and when she worked with Insex. They used a pussy pump on her to abusive levels and she then refused aftercare. The difference before an after the Insex incident can clearly be seen if you bother to read her early threads.(nitpicking)

No. 1885242

What state of mind do you have to be in to show your pussy in this condition?

No. 1885245

Imagine the kind of self-hatred one needs to turn their own body into a misogynistic hate totem

No. 1885247

File: 1692562388640.jpeg (576.49 KB, 1170x1471, IMG_4695.jpeg)

No. 1885248

Maybe stop obsessing over womens vaginas and tend to your own rotting maggot infested axewound, freak.(infighting)

No. 1885255

>>1885237 You can but ok. She literally stretched it out so much with that stupid ass pussy pump, there are pics somewhere but it makes me nauseous to see so I'm not gonna find them. Now she has insane loose skin in the area, coincidence I think not. Or well skin was loose before she ballooned anyway.(nitpicking)

No. 1885256

Who cares if her pussy lips are wrinkled what about her Actual vagina the inside? What about her asshole? It's stretched out so much that there was a puss lube discolored saga, If she does Fisting she will prolapse for sure I CAN'T wait to see that saga.(nitpicking)

No. 1885257

>if you like sports cars, i have a nice ride today, a convertible

so he doesn't even own the mid life crisis mobile? bleak

No. 1885258

how does one own an entire wardrobe of cheap shein garbage yet not have a single pair of leggings that fit(sage your shit)

No. 1885261

File: 1692563580348.jpeg (26.29 KB, 500x334, IMG_5412.jpeg)

No. 1885271

When your LEGGINGS don't fit over your fat, that seems like a big problem. I would never admit that to a coomer, I would just say I only have cute skirts and tight jeans bc I'm such a little slut uwu~ or whatever. Her lack of tact and "sexiness" always gets me!

No. 1885273

>my butt has grown
>has negative ass
Kek, all that has grown is her ugly gunt and her bingo wings.

No. 1885274

Lol, so at least she's getting a hotel. The fact he said lulemon makes me wonder if he is always buying cheap girls that shit or if he has kids/a wife. Ewe a creepy scrote with a leggings fetish

No. 1885276

He didn't even play into it kek the way she responds let's you know she's not used to scrotes doing anything beyond pumping and dumping. She is working overtime to make her selling herself seem glamorous and worth it. Nobody os impressed by a ride in a car,leggings and a hotel. Tell us how much you are being paid?
On othersides of the internet girls are getting their bill paid, ugly Birkins, channels or trips. All of it is gross but why is she bragging about this?

No. 1885277

Kek, maybe he's just trying to make sure she doesn't leave a snail trail at the Applebee's he'll be taking her to.

No. 1885278

Or maybe he hates how she dresses a and wants her to dress normally kek. I still think it's a leggings fetish.

No. 1885286

Kek she sounds so unsexy
>all yours daddyo

No. 1885287

it's extra apparent that she never mentally developed past her teenage tumblr phase when you see how she texts

No. 1885288

this stinks of scrote-posting. no woman would refer to a vulva as an axe wound.

No. 1885292

i don't think this is the same guy as the one who took her in the corvette. i think this is a new john who either saw her advertising her hooker services on twitter and bragging about the other guy's car OR she has something on her SeekingArrangements profile about how she likes sport cars and men just use it as a pick up line. I bet she posted that photo of her in the car on her seeking arrangements lol. if it was the corvette guy she would be trying to show off how he wanted her for more so quickly.

No. 1885293

especially considering they said "daddio" back in the 60s/70s. not "daddy-yo". she's such a dumbass poser.

No. 1885295

in comparison, it would be would be the same as a girl who called every guy who messaged her on tinder for a date her boyfriend kek

No. 1885297

Leggings fetish wouldn’t be far off.
I always feel like there’s three types of scrotes that are sugar daddies. 1) old creeps with weird fetishes and low standards. Either has money or lives outside his means. 2) dudes with nice jobs and money that should be going to their families and 3) dumb scrotes with little money but wanna look like they have money. Shayna will get 1 (with living outside his means) and 3 with ease. This is all that I have observed from girls who do sugar and talk about it. I bet maybe car daddy works at a repair shop or dealer ship and takes them for joy rides when he can get away with it.
>>1885247 she’s so painfully unsexy and cringe. In movement and with words. Christ.

No. 1885299

The way he said "I have a nice ride today" makes me think yeah, it's not his usual car. If you had multiple cars you'd say something more like "I'm in my convertible today" or "which of my many, many cars should I (or driver) pick you up in?" He's either like you said, a dealer/employee, or he rented it for his perv adventure.

No. 1885302

File: 1692567343927.png (Spoiler Image, 1.32 MB, 828x1792, IMG_7870.png)

No. 1885305

OT but this reminds me of when Lillee Jean was "featured in a french magazine" as well lol

No. 1885306

Isn't prostitution illegal where she lives? She is a regular whore, calling herself sugar baby?

No. 1885307

It was daddy-o, shayna wrote daddyo not daddy yo. So technically she was closer than you.

Sometimes anons proudly display how wrong they are to nitpick the smallest shit

No. 1885308

Yes it is, she got her passport photo taken yesterday too

No. 1885318

> Caption written on Instagram stories “Nude Magazine/ France”
>Omg I was featured in a French magazine!!!!

She’s so retarded
Did she go to the met gala too?

No. 1885319


i feel bad for saying this because it would hurt me if anyone felt this way about my daughter, but forgetting all you know about her and just taking a look at her whole being–hair, face, skin, body….god damn is she dog-faced ugly. like, really really really unfortunate genetics. this is the kind of turd you can't polish, i think even if she surprised all of us and stuck to a diet and workout routine and got thin again she'd still be truly utterly disgusting to look at. bummer!

No. 1885320

File: 1692569003873.jpeg (736.9 KB, 1242x1189, C8D6FD49-C707-4F3E-9A7B-D2712C…)

>Created by Picsart
Kek this isn’t a actual magazine it was probably made by some other photographer in France and now Shayna thinks she’s hot shit

No. 1885328

The two message convos are from two scrotes Green text bubble = android. Blue message= iPhone. Android scrote is the one with the corvette. The most likely scenario is he rented it/ or doesn’t own it because of the way he says he has it for today, as anon says here >>1885257
After Shayna got her passport pictures taken she got in the convertible. Like >>1885308 says. iPhone scrote seems to have more money >>1885274
because he’s taking her to Lululemon even if it’s just for the cheapest biggest leggings they have and getting a motel. Instead of just driving around listening to old man music for ten minutes and going to her crusty apartment to have mediocre sex

No. 1885330


does lululemon even carry plus size in store?

No. 1885337

A Marriott and a pair or $80 leggings, wow. I’m sure he is going to ruin them with crusty old man cum before she can even enjoy wearing them.

No. 1885341

File: 1692570148262.png (1003.44 KB, 1431x902, Capture.PNG)

To be submitted into a magazine all you need is to submit. There are entire sites created for it (Kavyar for example) so it is not that hard to get published.

No. 1885343

So shayna is having sex with multiple men in shorts periods of time purely for money. Sad.

No. 1885346

And not even a lot of money at that. Just gifts like $80 leggings, joy rides and food. She’s honestly whoring herself out because she’s lonely and wants dates

No. 1885348

File: 1692570621931.jpg (119.42 KB, 1169x1046, donny mattel .jpg)

>Donny Mattel
Fucking kek

No. 1885349

I’m cackling

No. 1885358

No. 1885359

No. 1885360

I wouldn't want to post this to my socials if I was larping as a baby bimbo princess. This looks like the body of a 40+ year old woman.

No. 1885362

File: 1692572494845.jpeg (371.23 KB, 1554x2048, F4AUw-rbIAAhsRj.jpeg)

New from twitter.

No. 1885364

File: 1692572532826.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 323.66 KB, 1367x2048, F4AUw-qbcAAsRND.jpeg)


No. 1885367


It does look like some kind of magazine

No. 1885368

shay looks so wasted

No. 1885371

File: 1692573465745.jpeg (258.18 KB, 1058x1092, E33E8872-FDDA-494D-A7D2-E9D634…)

it’s not an actual magazine that’s sold in stores. It looks like one person made it. It’s not that hard to put text over a picture kek and make a book out of it. 4k followers isn’t a lot. Knowing Shayna she’ll probably think she’s in a Vogue magazine because she’s so full of shit

No. 1885373

interesting how these are the caning marks that kiki regretted, they dont look too bad and she isnt bruising. meanwhile shay is bruising ALOT worse (not sure why, alcohol abuse? or that shes white?) yet shes eager to show it off and is proud of them.

No. 1885375

File: 1692573550864.jpeg (912.13 KB, 1242x1479, 4F1985B2-E115-4AC6-B76C-773C6F…)

Her makeup looks like shit. Bitch needs to wash her face instead of layering on foundation everyday

No. 1885377

Inb4 Shay lurks and sees your post and says all the anons are just jelly old hags and she’s totally stealing our husbands

No. 1885378

File: 1692573707586.jpeg (1.39 MB, 1182x1756, D88BA564-3205-4286-B49A-F8ED9A…)

Not the trashy Walmart outfit. Kek I thought she was such a uwu ~Girly Barbie~. all she wears is the crusty ass sweatshirt that says bimbo, and sweatpants. Now she got on the $10 nickelodeon hoodie.

No. 1885384

Imagine wearing short pants in public with all that on her thighs

No. 1885391

$200 cash
lol looks like she already spent her splenda daddy earnings

No. 1885396

File: 1692574876480.webm (9.59 MB, 720x1280, Sweet Shay of Ours.webm)

From her Instagram.

No. 1885397

File: 1692574911823.jpg (206.48 KB, 1170x2080, Lashayna Lapso.jpg)

No. 1885400

Jfc, she never stops drinking. Nice file name, nona! Lol.

No. 1885401

Alcohol dilates the blood vessels and increases blood flow (and a few other reasons posted before) which can lead to bruising more if actively under the influence

No. 1885403

she's always so fucking filthy

No. 1885405

Makeup isn't going to help that face. She needs retinol, hyaluronic acid, moisturiser. Too bad she's too retarded to look up and follow a skincare routine.

No. 1885409

I just noticed but she's starting to get traction alopecia from scraping her hair back in the retarded yorkie hairstyles.
That fucking retard is going to lose a leg if she keeps putting her shit up on the dash.

No. 1885415

File: 1692577653519.jpg (81.18 KB, 1011x523, Screenshot_20230820-202925_One…)

Dirty deleted this

No. 1885417

Nitpick but anyone who has been to Rainier knows that it isn’t impressive to get a pretty photo because the area is exactly that: pretty. Photography wise, this photo is absolute shit. You aren’t even drawn in to the subject (which is sadly Shayna) and I don’t think it’d look any better with a different girl instead of her. Even if you removed her entirely, there’s nothing special or impressive about it—anyone who hiked a bit and had a camera could get something like this.

No. 1885418

A part of me wants to believe she deleted this because she realises she sounds at best clueless (?) fortunately I know better and understand she did this to avoid the backlash she’d face for her privilege and she doesn’t care about those who feel (are?) forced into sex work.

No. 1885419

>One drove me around in a rental and now the next one is going to get me cheap leggings then take me to a hotel to fuck!
You're prostituting when your parents are still offering free college and everything else that comes with just fucking going home to them, but sure shay! This is truly being spoiled!
She's really trying to nlog survival sex workers. It's almost as if most full service sex workers don't have rich parents to fall back on whenever they want. I wonder how horrified her parents would be if they knew she was out fucking strangers now for cheap bullshit. Knowing your daughter has better options than this shit, but won't take it would drive anyone insane. She's such a sheltered vile pick me.

No. 1885424


She does it for fun not survival.

No. 1885437

File: 1692581788521.jpg (144.05 KB, 1080x611, Screenshot_20230820_213823.jpg)

Things that definitely will not happen

No. 1885443

Imagine believing anything a moid say especially moids who you've only met a few times and who are literally buying sex from you. Nonas stop with the "self harm" shit. Shayna thinks she's that girl. She truly thinks she's special and was put on this earth to do something very important and that's why she deserves fame/attention.
I'm sure she sits down and thinks of her life but not in the way we do.
It's not,
>Why am I doing all this for moids? What is my life?
>Oh my God I don't deserve this! I'm so amazing and special! Ugh the only reason this is happening is because lolcow/my haters!
Also the shit about feeling bad for people who feel they have to be in sex work, instead of the women forced into it,groomed into it or are in situations where it's the best option due to low education etc.
Is fucking sick. Shayna is a sick delusional person

No. 1885444

Imagine voluntary selling ass for CHEAP to men because the thousands of hours of porn online isn't paying the bill. Then pretending like you love it do much. Shayna is doing ehat she always does. Trying to convince herself and others that what she's doing is amazing. Why? Because it's something she probably wouldn't do if she could live off of online porn comfortably. She's ashamed of this shit and thinks if she keeps riding this high of "it's not so bad" and sharing it'd look good to others therefore trick her into feeling better

No. 1885455

pls next thread be donny mattel edition kek

No. 1885456

You’re exactly right, nona. She has always said that she wanted to be famous even though she has no talent whatsoever. Like none. It’s kind of fascinating, I’ve never encountered anyone as completely devoid of substance and personality as her. She has no hobbies or interests beyond smelly old scrotes, tacky pink shit, alcohol, weed and the degeneracy she calls “work”. I don’t think she’s self harming because she’s so fucked in the head that she genuinely believes that she’s a hot, spoiled, bimbo sugar baby living her dream life. The only motivation she has for anything is attention and validation from moids. If she wasn’t such a colossal piece of shit I might even feel sorry for her, alas

No. 1885460

I don’t think she is ashamed because I think she is so delusional that she doesn’t even feel shame full stop. She shows off her stank unwashed, yeasty snatch and shit encrusted blown out asshole on the internet for free

No. 1885463

Shay was groomed by online creepers though? Society itself grooms girls from a young age for sex work, especially now, so why even mention grooming? She sadly has whatever combination of stupid causes someone to be memed into making life destroying choices but she was still groomed. Of course she’s going to claim she’s totally into it and nlog, what else is she meant to do? Admit she destroyed her life/genitals/future prospects for meaningless/violent sex, gross nudes, a loss of self respect and a loveless lonely existence?
That said she’s created her own hell nonna, she’s suffering the consequences of her choices and they are bleak.

No. 1885464

kek she just said she lost 15lbs but still can’t fit into leggings?! also pretty sure she was bought leggings a few threads ago when she went to the gym for one day and then filmed a personal trainer porn

No. 1885465

Possibly unpopular opinion right here but I think Shay would’ve ended up in some sort of sex work even without the internet. She is someone who thrives attention like that.

No. 1885466

I meant she thinks she's special/better than women who aren't prostituting for "fun" and need to engage with these lowlifes because they don't have easier options to run to whenever they want. How tone-deaf and extremely pickme/nlog that tweet was just really jumped out at me. "Sugaring" for fun and not survival seems like a concept only very young native (or otherwise privileged) women would claim (and believe). Sorry if I wasn't clear nonnie.

No. 1885472

How many times has she “quit”?? Her life is so bleak she needs to be stoned to not cry

No. 1885474

OnlyFans destroyed an entire generation of women and has made moids more depraved and porn sick.

No. 1885478

Yeah she definitely thinks she’s way “better” then those “bitches” because she enjoys the moid attention. She probably gets all excited to actually see these ugly old men give her attention with her cringe fake ass bubbly “personality”

No. 1885494

File: 1692588976086.jpg (320.43 KB, 1080x1476, Screenshot_20230820_213811_Sam…)

from her website. who thinks these guys are actually paying her 500/hr?

No. 1885498

>show the world and everyone in it how lucky you are to have me by your side
Jesus fucking Christ the DELUSION, even fat, ugly, stinky geriatric moids are too embarrassed to be seen anywhere with her besides the back seat of their hire car

No. 1885501

She really is the human embodiment of a Spencer's Gifts.

No. 1885502

She definitely is setting up these dates through SeekingArrangements so I doubt these moids ever see her website. If she was making $500 an hour she would definitely brag about it on Twitter. I wonder how many genuine inquiries she’s had through her site.

No. 1885508

Admittedly I don’t know anything about “sugaring” versus straight up being a prostitute, but the implication these “sugar daddies” have many previous encounters with other sex workers sounds a lot more like dudes who fuck prostitutes than what I assumed was the more ‘intimate’ and occasional sugardaddy thing. Its like a guy may have a couple “sugarbabies” in his lifetime but a john will have fucked dozens of whores.

No. 1885513

cost of living is catching up to her, even being a prostitute isn't covering her dispensary expenses. wonder what she will cut out next, probably won't last though.

No. 1885515

Not that I have any first hand experience with “sugaring” or know any “sugar babies” personally but from what I understand this isn’t even it. She’s a literal cheap whore. “Sugar babies” are basically kept whores. If she was a “sugar baby” she wouldn’t have to literally beg for rent money and doordash “breffast”. A john who pays for your strip mall all you can eat white trash buffet and build a bear before sticking his disgusting old man chode in you is still just a regular john. Shayna, calling him “daddy” doesn’t make him a “sugar daddy” you fat, stinky retard. Go an ask some actual “sugar babies” what they get in exchange for access to their vagina, I guarantee it’ll be a hell of a lot more that your ugly, tacky, Chinese-made toxic waste

No. 1885518

The fucking audacity

No. 1885520

sugaring is prostitution but with extra steps. almost like a GFE prostitute. they can buy the "sugarbaby" gifts, take her out, and engage in conversation more than a john would with a typical prostitute. many SBs claim they don't have sex but it's a front probably for legal reasons and to pretend they still have some dignity, it's all but stated outright that sex is a part of the sugaring. i imagine there's a lot of overlap with SDs and johns, SDs may just have a bit more disposable income and are looking for a "companion" for an outing on top of sex.

pls. seconding this.

No. 1885522

with a higher number of women opting to do some form of "sex work" i think the number of girls trying to do sugaring is increasing and since shay is so hideous it looks like she knows her price lol. but honestly i think sugaring for many is just a facade, it sounds better than "prostitute" since looks like many young women have been duped into believing it doesn't involve sex. prostitute, sugarbaby, whore, it's all the same.

No. 1885526

File: 1692596423977.jpeg (638.44 KB, 750x1188, 1147A040-B009-4236-AB90-AC5125…)

wtf is this?

No. 1885527

File: 1692596453546.png (1.56 MB, 750x1334, EFCAFC13-E4C0-4136-A191-F6DCD2…)

No. 1885532

File: 1692597425487.jpeg (335.53 KB, 1170x971, E32B2458-6CE2-425E-BD5C-ECD79C…)

Shouldn’t someone who has been making porn for 7 years already know the going rate for doing porn shoots? Jfc how retarded is she

No. 1885533

Shayna attempting to go pro again would be amazing milky kek. It also seems like she wants to do basic boy/girl versus fetish shit. Nonas isn't that a whole different battle ground? Those goofy faces and the fake baby voice?

No. 1885539

Anything would be better than that current dishwater color she currently has

No. 1885544

she looks better with the darker brunette hair she had a few years ago, wish she would stop trying to make the blonde part of her personality, it's never suited her

No. 1885554

File: 1692602179244.jpeg (287.07 KB, 1170x1882, 341718DC-5889-4471-8A80-3E5104…)

She deleted the post already. She’s probably getting more desperate for money since she’s actually considering doing real porn. As if anyone would hire her kek

No. 1885571

Absolutely vile

No. 1885575

you’d think if she loved doing this so much, she would have done it when she was at her skinniest and most popular…. it’s almost like she realizes she spent the best years of her life chasing after broke tumblr incels and wasted years on a fat deadbeat who had to lie to his baby mama about her.

No. 1885596

Wow, we are at the end of it. I think her paypigs got tired of her e begging for bill money, whilst claiming she couldn't work while recouping from her boob job. Begging and camming when she was supposedly "recouping" during and post surgery. Begging for paid fare to KMart sex worker con. While selling herself there. The list goes on.
These girls are dying out now that the cost of living is up and beta scrotes lost all their covid gimmies to crypocurrency scams.

No. 1885615

caw caw beaky lookin mf

No. 1885618

>garter suspending her thigh-muffin top so that it sticks out further than her ass

No. 1885621

File: 1692614765529.jpg (85.06 KB, 1024x763, pf7ugxtoyhv41.jpg)

Man, I know this is the Shay thread but I cannot stop staring at how ogre-esque Kiki's face is without makeup. Her body is not that bad (relative to Shayna), but her face is just sooo jarring in comparison.
It is so wild to me that she chose to go to a sex convention dressed up completely, hair done, fuzzy heels, but barefaced. No makeup at all with a full fetish look… it would be jarring on an attractive woman. On Kiki, it's downright shocking once your eye reaches her face. It doesn't help that she's so high that her eyes are getting that downie look.
She looks like a long-lost zoomer shrek sibling.

No. 1885625

RE: the self harm discussion from earlier - her wearing shorts with her legs like that is just a different flavour of the bpd girl in high school who purposefully wears short sleeves to show off her scarred up arms, hoping that someone will comment on it. Transparent attempt at getting attention, most embarrassing.

No. 1885629

This is such a weird, roundabout conclusion to come to based on a throwaway scrote comment. That's a very generic john compliment that they are giving to every woman. Men flatter when they want to get things out of you, simple as. I'm trying to parse out her logic here. Man tells me I'm special and different > so most sex workers are not special or different > it is because they're sad and unwilling > I'm sad that people sell sex when they don't want to.
Shayna is the type of girl who believes it when scrotes tell her she has "omg the tightest pussy everrr".

No. 1885633

She's got that porky pig complexion that will never look good blonde. The yellow of the hair just brings out how pink her face is. It looks really good if you crop her face out though lol

No. 1885636

Why bother using an hourly rate when it's going to amount to an hour or 2 of work at most? No one is watching a 40 minute porn video. And it's not like it's a recurring job. Filming takes a small part of one day. I feel like they just state it as an hourly rate as a way to feel better about selling themselves for cheap. Rather than saying "I can barely afford rent, but I scraped together $400 today for half an hour of traumatic sex", they spin it as "ooh I'm making $800/hour!"

No. 1885645

File: 1692619598256.jpeg (787.26 KB, 1170x1203, IMG_4701.jpeg)

No. 1885656

She's calling them a troon.

No. 1885669

Nah, if the internet wasn't around, I don't see Shayna being able to handle irl sex work. She'd be a hoe, but not a paid one. I do agree her life would be tragic, but she'd find some other way to fuck it up, like getting pregnant at 19 or a drug addiction. She got into sex work because she's an attention whore who got groomed by scrotes online telling her they'd pay for her nudes.

No. 1885682

The fact that she hasn’t ever gotten pregnant is the only plus about her. Everything else about her screams “desperate to baby trap a scrote” yet she never has and talks about never wanting a kid. The only Shay-lver lining kek

No. 1885685


Show you…..

All your shoes? We all know how that ended last time, no thanks!

No. 1885686

oh great now we'll have a fat ramen noodle saga

No. 1885691

>hey daddies!!! lil dum baby binbo needs $300 to get her roots done again!!!! will show asshole!!!!

No. 1885695

She's too much of a lazy narcissist to be bothered baby trapping a scrote, and I'm grateful for it. I'd probably have to tap out of this thread if Shayna ever got pregnant, her life is fucking tragic for no good reason. Her kid would be fucked unless her one of parents went and got full custody as soon as it left the uterus.

No. 1885698

Shay paid Kiki to make the website so I presume she wrote it all and Shay probably doesn't even know what the hell is written on there

No. 1885701

TA, and yeah same. I would not be able to watch the car crash anymore if she did get pregnant. Thank god for her extreme laziness and narcissism tbh

No. 1885702

File: 1692628098040.jpeg (227.25 KB, 750x1129, C92165A1-3462-41CF-B442-8E01DF…)

kek 0% funded.

No. 1885707

kekw i was about to post this, it's so satisfying seeing karma fall hard on shaynus. all her retarded coomers who kept falling for her e-begging scams have dried up and even as an irl prostitute, the most she's got is a pair of leggings and spare cash from scrotes. her life is so bleak

No. 1885719

that's some quality realistic Shaynus fanfiction nona

No. 1885723

Someone needs to educate her on what ‘fren’ actually means or she’s never gonna beat the Nazi allegations

No. 1885732

she's gonna fuck up her hair, 100%. if she needs to crowdfund to get the initial blondeing done, she's definitely not going to be able to afford the touch up every 4-6 weeks. she's going to try and push it longer and end up with too much grow out to do one application. she's probably also going to go to someone cheap as shit who doesn't know what they're doing and will overlap the bleach. the breakage is going to be disastrous.

No. 1885742

This. I know it’s like beating a dead hog (kek) in these threads but there are so many things Shat could do to make herself less blisteringly ugly and she’ll never ever do even one of them. She won’t wear the right color foundation or start using tanner (imo she looks better tan), she won’t eat healthy or even healthier. She won’t quit weed. She won’t drink water. She won’t let her hair be a flattering color or take care of it to try and recover her curl pattern. She won’t exercise even at the bare minimum, like daily walks. She couldn’t even do aftercare for her new boobs properly. Sorry 4 rant I’m just so sick of her sometimes bc she has below zero willpower. She needs to just go home, get into therapy for real, and let her mom take over her life til it’s somewhat less bleak. But she won’t do that either lmao honestly am just waiting for her deathfat saga or her murdered by a John saga.

No. 1885748

File: 1692634246156.jpeg (164.85 KB, 750x744, IMG_3893.jpeg)

No. 1885749

File: 1692634296418.jpeg (541.36 KB, 750x1287, IMG_3892.jpeg)

No. 1885750

File: 1692634344190.jpeg (348.39 KB, 750x949, IMG_3894.jpeg)

> viscous animals

No. 1885752

Why would you post that you dont give a fuck about your customers to your work acc? Stupid as bitch

No. 1885753

she just has to fuck a few more strange old men next week and she's made rent!

No. 1885754

Mr PB looks like he can’t wait for her to die. I feel so autistically sad for her pets.

No. 1885755


Idk, most people wouldn't recognize that as a dog whistle for neo Nazi's or whatever, she's been typing friend as 'fren' for years and I've only ever seen people in this thread bring it up as some dog whistle thing this past year. I think she's fine in that regard.

No. 1885757

his food and water dish is probably empty, poor thing

No. 1885758

She's so irritating I get why she dirty deleted. She definitely does not do this shit for money, she has absolutely no hustle, and as seen in fatcon, the Vivi saga, and even the sol saga, she gets in the way of other people's money too.

I bet she deleted because she's afraid of that one SW that called her out when she cancelled with the tickle scrote. (Side note: it'd be hilarious if it was the same tickle scrote KiKi was working with)

No. 1885761

I feel like this is her payment from the corvette John which would be way less than 500/hr that is listed on her website considering it seems like they went out for drinks at the least. Also, is she not getting the money in cash the night of??? She just trusts these moids to send payment after the fact.

No. 1885769

>viscous kek
uhh shayna they're probably staring and looming over you because you need to FEED AND CARE FOR THEM. I'm the same as >>1885754 I feel so bad for them, what the fuck

No. 1885788

Lol the nerve of her to post screenshots like this while she still begs for spare change and reimbursement for everything from her coomer followers. She’s so dumb. If you were a coomer like grayhair or Womack who has no chance of fucking her, why would you send her anything after this? Meanwhile Kiki’s still begging for money for Shat’s flight

No. 1885793

Yeah I don’t understand her pretty much posting she’s going on dates with guys. I feel like unless the moids that follow her have a cuck fetish, the whole fantasy of being an OF girl is being a “ready-to-fuck/kinky girlfriend” or in some cases a family member in a gross way. Especially with Womack, since he seems like he’s always wanted to meet up with her.

No. 1885798

Her place is so depressing. No pictures, paintings, nothing. She seriously has zero personality.

No. 1885802

I've followed these threads for literally years, you posted this 3 mins ago, somehow the most poignant and depressing thing a nona has ever pointed out. besides the listening to dad rock cause she froths her dad bit
it really is some sort of modern tragedy. but then again, "sleepy juice" bitch can get rekt and reap what she sows. (sow as in sowing seeds not sow as in pig, yet somehow both? she is a fascinating specimen)

No. 1885803

she would never have a baby because she would be jealous of the attention it got. in her perception SHE is supposed to be babied and treated like a toddler.

No. 1885809


We've pointed that out everytime she moves. Lolcow had to shame the big bitch into getting a bed and a TV stand back in the day. To me, the saddest thing is that she doesn't have ANY hobbies. Like, at all. Other bimbo type girls can claim fashion as a hobby, because at least they've got clothes that fit and flatter them. Other sex workers have hobbies too. Even crackhead Luna Slater will draw some outsider art or post word salad poetry. Shayna just sits around and smokes weed. She doesn't follow fashion houses, she's never talking about TV shows she's interested, she has an Xbox and a gaming PC that probably collect dust. She doesn't do right by her pets, she's not into skin or haircare, she's just a blob of nothing that posts rancid nudes and lets strange men sniff her ass. How does one become this devoid of a personality? It can't be the weed, because plenty of stoners still have hobbies, same with the booze.

No. 1885811

File: 1692641126415.png (4.46 MB, 2160x3832, (•̀⤙•́ ).PNG)

Kiki re: Shayna and their budding (?) friendship and Shayna’s response.

No. 1885813

Right!! I do not understand how someone w as much FREE TIME as she has always had doesn’t pick up even ONE hobby. It’s pathetic and kind of intriguing to be honest. I’m positive child-Shat had SOMEthing she liked doing, right? But she has no interest in art, fitness, reading, getting actually good at makeup, skincare, cooking, etc etc NOTHING. It truly does boggle the mind she’s completely devoid of personality other than the pink crap and the increasingly degenerate sexual acts. I wish I could IRL bully her, alas

No. 1885815

File: 1692641423709.jpeg (553.3 KB, 1242x2095, irony.jpeg)

>years ago complained about people asking for donations to move, and no one who isn't sober should ask for donations
>her life now is begging for donations for every little unnecessary thing she does daily
lolcow dot farm remembers…

No. 1885817

ayrt, nicely said. it is genuinely baffling she does….nothing? stuffs her holes for money and then what? she "lives" the bimbo larp with the shitty decor but does she even like pink? does she like the music she cranks for the old decrepit fucks? does the act ever stop? like if her deepest darkest secret is she turns off guns n roses and puts on taylor swift and cries herself to sleep it would be more endearing than drink/stuff holes/hurr durr/sleep/repeat. I've genuinely never seen someone so devoid of personality but so actively terrible personality-wise.

No. 1885819

Iirc she was into photography

No. 1885820

And didn’t she used to decorate bras at one point?
If any Nona is autistic enough to go back to the beginning, I’m pretty sure early Shat had a few hobbies. At least two.

No. 1885821

"can someone go back and dig to see if she had hobbies?" is how this reads sorry nona lmao
her only hobby is denial at this point

No. 1885822

>oes she like the music she cranks for the old decrepit fucks?
no she doesn't. she once posted her spotify wrapped and the 1# artist she listens to is drake KEK

No. 1885824

i wondered when she did that awful "roller girl" scene with scrote hancock why she never roller-skates if she has a pair. it's fun, great excercise, and she should have no problem falling on her ass and getting bruised. but even if they are hers (and not just a prop that guy has multiple girls shove their feet into) they're probably the cheapest ones she could get in pink on amazon.

No. 1885825

in shay's mind pink cheap decor and bdsm gear on the walls is a personality lol

No. 1885827

I actually reread the threads from the beginning earlier this summer (I know, I know) but honestly besides doing photography in high school she really has never had a hobby other than smoking weed. It’s sad as fuck kek

No. 1885829

genuinely so sorry to ask to be spoonfed, do you remember what thread? that is weirdly telling. why is that so utterly hilarious of her?
ayrt that's what I remember too, a lot of nothing besides bad unwashed porn.

No. 1885833

kek don't sweat it nonny, I believe it was at least a year ago, I'll go look it up.

No. 1885838

Definitely the thing that keeps me coming back to the Shay threads besides the induced-through-osmosis brain damage is how empty and vacuous she is as a person. As some other nona said a lot of thots online have some kind of personality or hobbies but Shayna is truly an empty vessel. It's creepy, like I almost can't imagine her existing outside of Twitter and a convention specifically dedicated to perverts online. Whenever she talks about going out to eat I imagine she rushes back home as soon as she possibly can. She's an awful person but even awful people have opinions on things or do something other than sex.

No. 1885839

File: 1692643066635.png (1.15 MB, 1192x2232, Pedos Supporting Pedos.png)

No. 1885842

File: 1692643900643.jpeg (365.92 KB, 1242x1240, A1F83169-3E42-42FD-A495-056A7D…)

Y’all remember when Fupa used to pay for her phone bill. Kinda weird and disgusting because they also roleplayed and dad and daughter.

No. 1885847

File: 1692644545678.jpeg (209.57 KB, 1242x1587, A4465E1F-2109-4601-8212-C782D7…)

>hot blonde bombshell
>hair is poopy brown
Her teeth look so gross here and she looks huge

No. 1885848

She says this every month, you had to sleep with 2 scrotes to pay these bills. Now you are probably broke with no extra cash. In a way this is smart in Shaylogic. Just fuck those two every month to get the bills paid. Knowing shayna though and scrotes, I have a feeling they may be one offs or they will pay her less and less as time goes on. The fact she doesn't have some scrote paying at least one bill on monthly basis right now is crazy.

No. 1885849

it's not impressive knowing what we know. Kek, if she was some gross walmart working hooking on the side now and again, it'd be 1% better to get some scrote to give you this much. But it's been like 7+ years. Shayna was agaisnt sleeping with randoms now she's forced too because online sex work isn't working. It's fucking sad.

No. 1885850

Is she allowed to hang stuff on walls though? She's on a lease

No. 1885853

Every single decoration in her house is to please moids/be background for pictures for moids. Her house is 90% a pornset and the 10% thats not covered in shit for "Work" is boring and grey. She is Donny Mattel, there's no more Shayna left. Vacations are with gross coomers and work. She leaves the house? It's with her fake girlfriend/pimp ellen who she met through sex work or rotten teeth scrotes..she met from sex work.
What she eats? She has to beg for money on her sex work twitter, every single thing in her life that isn't sex work is grey, with no charm or personality. Now that she's filming in her bed, even that is starting to look more pink with stuffed animals. Shayna's favorite color probably isn't even pink.

No. 1885854


Yeah, like wtf does she even talk about when she's with her sex work peers? Did she just spend that whole time she was under Kiki's ass talking about nothing other than BDSM, drugs and shit talking other sex workers? What did she talk about when she went on that family vacation with her step sister? Hell, what does she even talk about with her Johns? They're lonely and desperate, so they'd probably enjoy a conversation with a living breathing human woman, and the main difference between a sugar baby and a regular prostitute is that they give you the girlfriend experience, how does Shayna manage? I honestly don't even think she likes the dad rock shit, she just never left 2014 Tumblr where they all pretended to like the oldies for cool points.

No. 1885857

File: 1692645588040.jpeg (540.87 KB, 2048x1536, 04BDC38C-2B72-404F-8F97-E284DF…)

The only time she has “passion” is decorating her child predator sex dungeon. Looks like an illegal CP set. Like a pedophile bought stuff in hopes the child he abducted will be less nervous as he assaults her on camera for his buddies. It reminds me of one of the messed up SVU episode. It makes me ill if I think about it too deeply.

No. 1885859

Whenever someone from her irl sphere comes on here, they mention that Shay doesn’t waste a second to tell anyone about her online hate club so I imagine a lot of stories about lolcow which ironically drives them to the site and leads to them posting about her.

No. 1885860

File: 1692645909417.jpeg (1.52 MB, 1242x1575, 51C20968-28BC-492C-9772-6D05E0…)

Her old room wasn’t even as depraved. It was just the crusty poop stained Amazon couch, the old dead granny goodwill curtains, and her degenerate signs that you’d get in the target kids section.

No. 1885861

File: 1692646124634.jpeg (394.68 KB, 1654x2048, 930595BC-5080-4CE4-8846-AAD9BB…)

Not true she has one thing hanging in her “regular adult” bedroom the jelly fish hanging from the fire sprinklers
Idk why she needs such a big bed. Actually no I get it because all she does is sleep and fat ass has no hobbies. So just a xxxl giant bed in bed and nothing else in her bed room

No. 1885862

>She is Donny Mattel
Kek I will never stop laughing at this new gem we were given

No. 1885875

File: 1692647896593.jpeg (199.43 KB, 1242x1150, 01DBF5B8-B51C-40A8-8AE2-1D7417…)

It’s amazing how we though we was huge in 2020 but looking at her now. God damn. Also I don’t get why she is reposting this on Twitter. She sounds retarded with her signature HURRDURR HONK laugh

No. 1885879

File: 1692648233158.jpeg (149.95 KB, 1219x598, 2C707AE4-94E5-4DF6-A69B-28B4BC…)

She really thinks she’s cute and endearing she sounds like a autistic man.

No. 1885882

I thought I had shit on my screen…wtf is that nasty brown stuff splattered all over her retarded "girls just want to have funds" poster? Bitch if you want funds so bad get a fucking job. Also kek that her broke ass has to rent so all this stuff looks hastily slapped together because she can't have pink walls or cute flowery wallpaper or anything. It's just a trash heap of grimy pink shit against the sad beige walls.

No. 1885886

File: 1692650908233.jpeg (283.67 KB, 750x734, A908D7A0-9BA4-452B-9B78-A20809…)

she's so delusional. she can't comfortably afford to pay rent and she has to have sex with diaper freaks for money

No. 1885887

She literally got worse. When she started she used to make decent money just from sexy photos. Now she e-begs, does diaper/incest/pedo porn, and irl prostitution to pay the bills.

No. 1885904

She's just on a high because her bills are paid and she's traveled some.

No. 1885908

she’s coping so hard right now. 5 year ago fucking gross old men used to be an OPTION; now she has NO OTHER OPTION if she wants to maintain her cost of living.

No. 1885912

this is so sad. she has absolutely no plans for the future. just making it to the next day seems to bring her the greatest pleasure. whenever she gets on one of these highs i truly think she believes the money will never end.

No. 1885916

the juxtaposition of the childrens toys and the cage and sex toys on the wall is so fucking terrifying. like you said, looks like something out of SVU… she should be put on a list for this for sure. if she just liked plushies that would be one thing, there's plenty of adult squishmallowfags and plushie collectors, but using it for her "porn set" and pedo pandering activities its so sinister.

No. 1885922

File: 1692654262503.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 923.53 KB, 1170x1546, IMG_4708.jpeg)

No. 1885924

her new nipple looks like it's starting to rot off

No. 1885931

Her breast seems to be broken out in small pimples.

No. 1885944

Shayna definitely doesn’t exfoliate or wash

No. 1885949

Omg this is repulsive. Why does every pic she posts get worse than the last!? I want to throw up, look at those chest zits. And the nipple is just absolutely grotesque.

No. 1885954

Ha okay sure. If this really happened she’d probably cry and scream just seeing how fat she is 5 years later.

No. 1885956

Literally it takes 2 minutes to use the blemish tool. Whats with all those angry little zits anyway??
I think her nipple is always gonna look weird on the one side and the under scar looks kinda fucked up and indented on the sternum closest end.

No. 1885957

not rotting off, but the whole breast still looks really reddish-purple, angry, and inflamed. her skin should not look that angry after two months. she has body acne on one breast and the other looks like it wants to explode. she probably thinks they’re almost healed, too. kek.

No. 1885962

Heavy on the copium and delusions lately. I seriously doubt she loves prostituting for food and rent. I do believe she loves the attention and fantasy she creates around it though. Shes just relieved she got a couple scrotes to pay for services and has some cash rn. But she never thinks ahead and that that shit is temporary. She'll be lucky to get repeated bookings. Despite the bottom barrel freaks she's luring in, I just feel like even for them she's probably annoying and a terrible lay. Theres semi normal looking and acting girls out there who take care of themselves and are good at sexual things. They may not be as cheap as Shaynus, but Im just saying. I feel like no one can put up with her for long and most everyone wants to keep her a shameful secret.

No. 1885971

Does she even clean them properly?? Looks like the doctor sewed salami on her boob

No. 1885975

I'm willing to bet that she will have repeat customers, but they're into really depraved shit that other girls don't go for. Shayna is the type to let a scrote do whatever he wants to her. She let that scrotes cane her black and blue, while Kiki, who only had light scars, was embarrassed and lost work due to her injuries. Shayna however, is doing her irl work just fine. The scrotes she gets are probably turned on by her scars, and on top of that she does the pedo larp and is fine with diaper play. Which means she's in theory, comfortable with piss and shit. I'm not saying she's being used as a human toilet on the regular or something, but I am saying that she's probably willing to go further than a lot of other SWers, and she's probably much cheaper than the other extra degen SWers.

No. 1885983

File: 1692659102388.jpeg (412.92 KB, 1400x1988, IMG_3897.jpeg)

> I do believe she loves the attention and fantasy she creates around it though.
Mte, anon. She likely sees herself like Anna Nicole Smith or Holly Madison. She thinks the world sees her on her prostitution dates like picrel. The thing is, when you really think about it, this lifestyle of delusions could go on forever as long as she keeps hooking and staying boozed up & drugged out. What would it take for her to snap out of it? Is she ever going to be forced to accept the grim reality of being fatter, poorer, and debasing herself for less money than she did 5 years ago? Or will this fantasyland of being a baby bimbo barbie just continue until she dies?

No. 1885989

Did she really not believe she'd be able to ever pay monthly bills 5 years ago? She never was a successful cam girl. Her FSSW honeymoon phase is gotta end badly and I'm here for it.

No. 1885993

No it doesn't, retarded nonnie.(infighting)

No. 1885998

File: 1692661405914.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 549.13 KB, 750x1173, B6975D9B-E549-428A-AD13-0D331A…)

No. 1885999

File: 1692661438805.png (Spoiler Image, 1.1 MB, 750x1334, 4A8961D4-C176-4597-A614-2F3FD7…)

no words

No. 1886004

Idk being fat with no waist and a flat ass is so unfortunate but deserved for a vile person like her

No. 1886010

File: 1692662686287.jpg (257.38 KB, 1080x1189, Screenshot_20230821_200555.jpg)

>overdrawn checking account, yet still begging for shekels

No. 1886012

God, if five years ago Shaynus saw this she’d throw a whole fit like that other nonna upthread said ultrakek and ultra deserved.

No. 1886017

Anynonny who has been here long enough knows that this isnt her dream. Her dream was to find a rich, sucessful man that is twice her age to marry her and make her the perfect baby bimbo house wife who is a step mom to people her own age. She used to say it every other fucking day. She is living the walmart version of her own dream and its hilarious.

No. 1886025

File: 1692664495386.jpg (640.24 KB, 1132x2534, Tweet.jpg)

No. 1886028

File: 1692664615871.png (8.59 MB, 3647x2160, Shayna’s Dust and Mould Collec…)

One of her hobbies is accumulating tacky pink trinkets to adorn her bathroom.

No. 1886029

is that a bar of soap!? she better fucking use it!!

No. 1886030

It’s a bath bomb, she would never buy soap, nonny.

No. 1886031

Shayna buys Lush items with some regularity and has never that I can recall mentioned using them. I genuinely believe most (if not all) the stuff she buys >>1886028 is purely for decoration purposes.

No. 1886033

She bought the soap, it’s the handbag shaped item propped against the hand soap bottle in front of her Barbie hair clips.

No. 1886038

I wonder what else she bought that she isn’t showing off? Sure she didn’t overdraw her account on $20 of lush

No. 1886039

Can't wait for the soap to get ugly and grimey from being left on her bathroom counter as decoration, and for her to maybe use the bath bomb and subject us to her impending yeast infection because she doesn't shower/rinse herself off after her monthly bath time soaks.

No. 1886045

she bought two soaps actually. she better use that shit in the shower, and after she uses the bathroom. i can't even imagine her washing her hands after she goes poop.

No. 1886053

I wonder how often she cleans her bathroom

No. 1886054

I think we all know the answer to that is (gag) never kek

No. 1886055

Fr she never talks about doing monthly shopping trips for basic essentials or cleaning products. Bitch rarely does laundry when she has the luxury of her own washer and dryer in her apartment

No. 1886061

She has never once followed up and said "omg [insert product] smells/feels/works amazing" or anything like that. She just sets them on the counter like in the pic. Its cluttered and retarded looking. She clearly never opens or uses the stupid shit she buys. Shes the worst type of mindless consumer.

No. 1886062

ayrt and holy shit you’re right. I never thought about the cleaning supplies thing. She never ever has posted “send money, need to buy more Lysol/Clorox/Toilet bowl cleaner/Mr Clean Magic Erasers!” Nor has she tried to crowdfund a Dyson or one of those vacuums specifically for people who have a lot of pet hair in their home. I’m gonna be sick I’m haunted by this now kek. Also she’s such a POS for having in unit laundry and using it so rarely/poorly. Bet she doesn’t even know about OxyClean or different types of detergents for dif clothes. My soul is screaming.

No. 1886097

Does anyone remember that Shayna picture of her big ass in the bathtub and she had a wine glass like she was trying to be aesthetic but she looked bigger than the entire bath tub?? Kek it made me laugh so hard when I saw it

No. 1886109

File: 1692674872300.jpeg (555.68 KB, 750x1175, 3098BDCB-A16C-4C8E-AE48-A14F27…)

lurking as always

No. 1886112

Kek it’s like she can’t help but confirm our suspicions

No. 1886118

not the horizontally stored vinyls….. shayna is a repulsive FREAK.

No. 1886130

Jesus fuck I’ve never seen acne like this on TITS before??!

No. 1886156

They say that to every girl Shayna.

No. 1886170

Why is that a problem ??

No. 1886173


No. 1886178

It can cause the vinyl to warp and can ruin the record. Not that she actually uses them since we all know she's just listening to Drake on spotify lmao.

No. 1886180

I'm like 99% sure this dumb bitch doesn't have an actual bank account. You can't overdraw on cashapp. Unless she has credit cards, but I feel like she would ebeg even more than she already does if that was the case.

No. 1886186

doesn't she use afterpay for all her pink crap?

No. 1886197

knowing Shayna's broke ass it's a possibility

No. 1886201

She didn’t say she overdrew on cashapp. She’s saying to send it to her on cashapp. She can’t just give out her bank route number… I wouldn’t be surprised if she did and got scammed she’s a dumb bitch

No. 1886239

File: 1692698488603.jpeg (173.74 KB, 828x500, IMG_1927.jpeg)

LMAO she’s such a fucking liar, everyone knows you’re a raging misogynist, you fat pedo pandering sack of shit

No. 1886249

Already deleted. Kek. She knows damn well her larp isn't believable. She can't hold a friendship or relationship for shit and at this point Ellen is just someone she falls back on whenever she needs to mooch and prove she's such a "woman lover"

No. 1886251

>>1886239 right you're so close to your "blown out middle aged chick who catfished a teen boy for 4 years on xbox live" looking GF that you just now remembered exists after a long weekend of rolling around barefoot on convention center floors and barebacking middle management in a rental. She's coming down off her travel high.

No. 1886297

File: 1692711923324.jpg (111.54 KB, 1080x711, Screenshot_2023-08-22-04-19-48…)

She deleted PT 2 of this so I guess she failed miserably.

No. 1886299

Lmao fuckin loser. I wish she would quit weed for real just bc it would be interesting/something new besides the Shayme old song and dance we are used to. Plus she’d prob lose some weight. She should also quit booze but she’d prob die of withdrawals (unsure if appropriate to kek at the thought)

No. 1886312

File: 1692713875901.jpeg (1.28 MB, 1170x1653, IMG_4715.jpeg)

No. 1886322

I never understood the logoc of quitting weed just to be full blown alocholic instead. Swapping booze with weed is what alcholics do to get sober from drinking, I've never heard of a weed smoker swapping toking for drinking to be an alcholic which is much more destructive

No. 1886324

really leaning into being a full blown alcoholic. Why not start with the problem that's actually affecting your health? All this will do is making her drink more, take more pills (if she does) because she is addicted to all of it. Dumber than dirt as per usual

No. 1886326

and smoke more nicotine. she had her vape in her hand in like every picture at fatcon

No. 1886328

Right? Clearly she cannot cope with the reality she has created through her own sheer stubborn, lazy stupidity, and she can’t go a day without getting fucked up. It would be sadder if she was ever a good person but I’m pretty sure she was a piece of shit as soon as she hit puberty.

No. 1886345

Why does she own a turntable but it's not hooked up to any speakers? It literally won't play music like that. I don't think she even uses it. It's like everything else in her apartment, decoration for a personality that is a performance for others. (Reposted bc linked to wrong post am retarded)

No. 1886348

You don’t remember when she used to wash her pussy and ass with the mint crystals or whatever they have? Lol

No. 1886354

File: 1692718244033.jpeg (286.32 KB, 1169x1417, IMG_5985.jpeg)

And yet not even this guy fucked her at fatcon

It can connect to speakers wirelessly through bluetooth

No. 1886367

Kek this looks like a theme park caricature. I'd actually love to see someone draw her in that style. Next time anynonny is at a fun fair please please please get a Shart-oon drawn of our barbie bimbo princess
I got a boob job almost exactly a month ago and can confirm Shayna's stitches are NOT looking good. They seem like they are in the early stages of infection. Probably a result of all the germs and poor habits of fetcon, but her incisions shouldn't look like that at one never the less two months. She needs antibiotics quick! You can see the swollen areas where it almost looks like it's opened up. This is baaaaaad, Shayna….

No. 1886372

ugh, her boobs look horrid, bitch is going to go into septic shock or something when the infection really starts to amp up. How does someone who grew up upper middle class live like such trailer trash?

No. 1886374

File: 1692720663843.jpg (Spoiler Image, 362.48 KB, 1287x1382, Tweet.jpg)

Shayna is planning (?) to make content with Sarah Gregory (Strictmoor) at Lone Star Spanking Party.

No. 1886375

File: 1692720752097.jpg (Spoiler Image, 365.78 KB, 2048x1365, Macroglossia Mattel.JPG)

Shayna and Sarah Gregory. Spoilered as both are wearing lingerie and Shayna’s butt is out.

No. 1886377

File: 1692721035240.jpeg (967.32 KB, 1170x1270, IMG_4718.jpeg)

No. 1886378

i know it gets pointed out almost every time it's visible, but i seriously cannot get over the shape of the front of her thigh. i've never seen someone accumulate fat in such a bizarre silhouette.

No. 1886380

Wouldn’t surgical incision infections develop within the first few days (weeks, at most) after surgery? Her surgery was 2 months ago.

No. 1886382

It’s very Momokun-esque, only shockingly with less muscle.

No. 1886405

You can introduce pathogens to a healing wound at any point of the recovery process. Like by drunkenly rolling around on the ground at a grody fetish convention, for example. If they prescribed her antibiotics post-surgery, Shayna probably wouldn’t be taking them anymore either.

No. 1886414

Didn't she meet him in real life? Why didn't he simply like this towards her? This is cringey.

No. 1886421

>barebacking middle management in a rental.
>Shayme old song and dance we are used to.
underrated comments

No. 1886433

Yeah, he’s the “dildoe” guy. She met him last year at Fatcon and took pics with him again this year. I think she’s just not into him. I’m sure he’d give her that “major work” that he promised if she obliged. Lol.

No. 1886452

Guess he's not fat,white and short enough for Donny. She definitely has a type ginger goblins with kids though I'm sure Mr.Dildoe is just as gross.

No. 1886466

She really needs to stop sticking her tongue out like that, it looks like a dog's dick it's so off putting

No. 1886469

>Shat’s tongue looks like a dog’s…
Kek um what nonna are u ok??

No. 1886479

Ntyart but sorry I agree. At least , I can see what anon meant

No. 1886501

Not to derail but I had a more minor opp and got an infection in the wound for a lot less than rolling around fetcon with healing wounds. (For the records before nonitas start, it was a small leg incision and 2 weeks later swim in the pool did it)

No. 1886511

File: 1692740933797.jpeg (459.1 KB, 1170x1078, IMG_4736.jpeg)

Sure Shay

No. 1886515

I don't doubt this is true. Those "agencies" just try to scam you anyway, they don't care who it is.

No. 1886539

File: 1692742905929.jpg (236.19 KB, 1046x877, Screenshot_20230822_182312.jpg)

Not sure what's more bleak- the initial tweet or the retarded coomer response

No. 1886543

i hate to defend shaynus but is it not more likely that she just includes that in her grocery begs rather than specifying she needs more toilet bowl cleaner to her coomers

No. 1886547

Her self esteem is so low that not getting her validation from random men is grounds for suicide. I know she says she's joking but it's coming from a genuine place. If she's such a progressive neobimbo like she identifies as, she should really learn how to love herself without some strange man's approval. But this is Shayna who posts pictures of her homicide crime scene photo ass on the internet so it'll never happen

No. 1886552

TA and kek I mean, for any “normal” e-whore I would say yeah most definitely, but Shayna is…so filthy so I genuinely have concerns. She’s no Tuna but she’s pretty grosky.

No. 1886561

File: 1692745500671.jpg (31.85 KB, 978x262, DELUSIONAL.jpg)

Deleted before I could even open the notification

No. 1886565

K E K an actual weight loss saga would be soOoO milky but I know it’s not real…sigh…

No. 1886569

This would be a really interesting plot twist!!

No. 1886573

Waiting for the loose skin saga

No. 1886576

Shayzempic saga when kek imagine her buying some shady off brand version pls

No. 1886578

Her new tits are just gonna end up fucked up all over again if she loses or gains. They’ll end up lopsided once again

No. 1886584

What is she even doing for weight loss though? She hasn’t mentioned eating healthy or talked about maybe possibly wanting to go to the gym or cutting down on alcohol. The fact she’s not talking about it specifically just randomly mentioning a couple times she’s losing weight seems like she’s hiding something.

No. 1886587

Maybe she’s taking adhd meds (not her own) or something? I’m inclined to think it’s all bullshit bc she’s a lazy turd butttttt you raise a good point.

No. 1886588

it could honestly be ozempic? her being sick enough to miss her flight recently could be a side effect, although granted we know she's prone to getting sick in general

No. 1886590

I was mostly joking but like…god that would be milky as fuck. Even better, if she starts mysteriously losing weight and anons start arguing about what it is and then eventually ozempic tinfoilers could experience the elation the titfoilers got when she finally admitted about her implant. I’m getting ahead of myself with wishful tinfoiling kek

No. 1886595

shay is too retarded and broke to get an ozempic script, especially now that she has no insurance

No. 1886596

What if she can't afford as much food/alcohol as before?

No. 1886597

True but couldn’t you just see her getting one of those cheap as hell unsafe knock-offs hehe

No. 1886601

if anything this makes the most sense imo, also thinking that’s why she’s suddenly wanting to “cut weed out of her life”. she’s too broke for anything right now. she even mentioned her bank account being overdrawn kek.

No. 1886604

This is the only way it’s happening tbh

No. 1886608

Pharmfag, Shay wouldn't get an Ozempic/Mounjaro/Trulicity rx without a diabetes diagnosis, since most insurances won't cover those medications without a prior authorization and proof of a diagnosis. If she were on something, it'd probably be Wegovy. Fat Shay eating herself into a diabetes saga would be unbelievably funny, though.

No. 1886612

File: 1692751250560.jpeg (607.24 KB, 1170x1292, IMG_4743.jpeg)

No. 1886613

This bitchhhh I rolled my eyes so hard they hurt. There’s being in your late twenties liking hot older dudes like Jeffrey Dean Morgan and there’s Shayna who pretends to (or actually does??) like the absolute ogre looking nasty old men she sleeps with and does disgusting fetish stuff with for money lmao oh, and all while imagining herself as some sexualized child. I have to laff

No. 1886615

God she's insufferable. The irony is that at 26 (and looking about 40) she's probably too old for rich moids like Leo Dicap and other age gap weirdos, that's why the best she can get is mid-life losers who rent corvettes and buy her leggings

No. 1886616

She claimed she has insurance that started at the beginning of the month >>>/snow/1866645

No. 1886625

She probably sells herself to 50 year old, but isn't most of her dating history 30 something year olds? Whenever she actually likes a scrote they aren't super old. Kek, this is another cope because her youth is what she clings top, she said she thinks that her age is so old. I imagine at 30 she's going to think she's a old lady and start lying about her age

No. 1886629

She's also too ugly kek, shell never be the older man's eye candy because she dresses like a joke. Like you know those episodes of sitcoms where a older woman tries to dress young? She jokingly comes out dressed like shayna. In bows, tiny skirts, pink etc.
Except shayna legit thinks she looks underaged or in her teens.

No. 1886631

Imagine how old she’s gonna look when she turns 30 holy shit kek

No. 1886632

She’ll die before she hits 30 probably get murdered by a john

No. 1886633

Being a woman that’s into this sucks because at a point you realize these men aren’t just into an “age gap”. They are into teenagers and girls in their early 20s, even as they themselves get older. Shayna has already aged out of a lot of these men’s interest range

No. 1886635

Shayna you are in your late twenties, well on your way out

No. 1886636

Bleak but true damn nonianna. That will be a sad saga.

No. 1886637

Does 26 count as late 20s?

No. 1886639

File: 1692754396735.jpeg (19.38 KB, 226x223, 62A783EA-8630-46D0-9FAD-9ADE36…)

It’s past mid, not old by any means but if your whole thing is being a teenage jailbait thing you’re aging out.

No. 1886642

She also doesn't look very young kek. I wonder if she did do pro porn would she be mad if her gross manager or whatever told her that she should do "Milf" gross porn.
It still cracks me up that she calls shayna "Little Big Sister" but i'm realizing that it's because despite these being grown as women, neither want to be the "Older sister" flat out kek. So the 30 year old is only calling the 26 year old, "Lil big sister" because she doesn't want Shayna to call her big sister, despite knowing Shayna is taller/fatter/older looking. She wants to maintain she's a liddle baby, even if she looks like a adult version of the shrek babies in the face. It's honestly kind of funny when you think about it. Neither can't stop the larp but both don't want to be called, "Big". Retards.

No. 1886645

I often imagine shayna and some 40-50 year old walking around the mall, Shayna with two ponytails, white bows in each, maybe in her favorite combo, a cropped caridgen, with no shirt under, nipples out. With a wrinkled white skirt and some white sandals. Her face is a totally different color then the reast of her.
She's had dark eyebrows and dark eyeliner with huge eyelashes, but dry ass crunchy lips she's chewing on. She's doing a little waddle as she walks, one her twitter writing a post about how amazing her life is.
The dude is some bald fucker with a beer belly, wearing old man shorts and those old man sunglasses, a button up shirt and a watch his wife brought him. I'm sorry but her hair styles with the bows is something that annoys the fuck out of me. She looks so frumpy and retarded especially knowing she's tall and wider. Even actual petite cute girls can't pull of some of the looks shayna tries, so I imagine she gets some looks, especially from women when she's out and about in those outfits.

No. 1886646

she reminds me of Kim from Kath & Kim lol

No. 1886649

This pickme pandering and always posting her pathetic tastes to defend horrible shit like wow you’re so kewl and different for daring to prostitute yourself to old fugly moids I’m sure it’s a natural preference and not ingrained in you via early social media brainwashing and porn addiction. Age gaps aren’t bad because I like them! Rape porn isn’t bad because I like to do it! BDSM is okay because I like to get my ass whipped until it bleeds!

No. 1886653

File: 1692756393566.jpg (76.84 KB, 576x613, A7DY35QZB3MMAERXTIFTHVXAHM.jpg)

I have no idea who they are but i googled and kek'd. The worse hairstyle is the crunchy two ponytails with the bows. I know that shit looks retarded kek. I wonder why she doesn't get tired of the look? It's not cute, it makes her look autistic, especially since the outfits are never put together well and she often looks disheveled.

No. 1886686

>I dnt give a shit about the context
LMAO translation: I am reading celebrity news, but for some reason don't want to admit that I do that, even though it matches the bimbo airhead aesthetic

No. 1886714

File: 1692766131472.jpeg (171.83 KB, 750x410, A4DDBB53-BC02-489C-BC61-53BFBF…)


No. 1886715

She's speaking like she donated whatever pennies she made on her fuck trump video to BLM. Has she ever used the black dildo again beyond that?

No. 1886716

Oooh rare activism Shayna spotting! Love her very serious takes on race and social politics, she always follows through as well: dry humping a black girl on a convention center carpet and actively keeping her from making content/money because of her own deep seated insecurities. Mwah!

No. 1886719

File: 1692766988452.jpeg (284.3 KB, 1158x1123, 2B96B037-D17F-4C0C-8513-43F0A2…)

Shayna only likes short troll men like Mike Slack gayhairsoold and Jason r Womack she’s fucking weird and possessive over them. Like she wants to be the only onlyfans bitch they subscribe to.

No. 1886720

Nah she’s calling her lil ( because she’s a little bit younger) big ( because Shayna overweight) and sister (for the deranged incest fetishists)
They both look like orges so they could pass as sisters!!

No. 1886732

Call me retarded but the woman on the right looks like an evil degen wish.com version of mitski. nega mitski

No. 1886733

sorry for asking to be spoonfed but she didn’t ever upload the collab with the ABDL freaks did she? is she too ashamed or what kek

No. 1886742

Unless I missed something not yet, she hasn’t talked about it since being with them iirc

No. 1886749

File: 1692773394575.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 1.73 MB, 2560x1709, flabby1.jpeg)

hank hill ass is so nasty

No. 1886750

File: 1692773452747.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 1.9 MB, 2560x1709, flabby2.jpeg)

No. 1886751

File: 1692773503157.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 838.22 KB, 1367x2048, gut_stealth.jpeg)

No. 1886753

I can’t even figure out how she stood to have her ass have this appearance

No. 1886756

File: 1692774717790.jpg (766.94 KB, 1080x2884, Screenshot_20230822_184222_Bra…)

Phone posting so sorry for pic spam but I made a fake SA profile to update nonnas on her profile. It says she's a premium member so sounds like she's paying for the site? Pathetic

No. 1886757

File: 1692774775407.jpg (213.02 KB, 1080x2423, Screenshot_20230822_184241_Bra…)

Hasn't been online since 7/31 so wherever she's hooking from, it doesn't look like it's SA

No. 1886758

File: 1692774802692.jpg (268.18 KB, 1080x1720, Screenshot_20230822_184300_Bra…)

No. 1886760

KEK ‘non smoker’ ‘5’5’ ‘curvy’ my god shayna the lies

No. 1886769

To me that 5'5" means she's definitely taller…you know she'd put shorter if it were believable like her blatant smoking/drinking lie

No. 1886772

5’5” is the girl equivalent of 5’11” for guys. It’s what they put when they want to seem shorter/taller, but know they can only pad out the margins so much before being clocked.

No. 1886773

I’ve never seen a room of more undesirable people. This event looks so bad too like some phoenix nights shit

No. 1886779

phoenix nights kek I can see that

No. 1886803

Do you think she sees what we see when she looks at these photos? Like does it dawn on her that she's grotesque and hamlike, or is she delulu enough to think 'it's just a bad angle!'?

No. 1886804

From her own POV, she has a slimming filter on. Complete with millisecond glitches where she accidentally sees her real self, then goes back to the funhouse mirror version.

No. 1886805

she literally hates talking to her moid fans lmao

No. 1886824

I know it’s been said to death but the STATE of her. Not an ounce of muscle tone, just flab and dimples from the neck down. It really is a trip to go thru the threads from the beginning and watch her devolve into the body she deserves. This is one of the least flattering things she has ever worn imo and that’s saying a lot kek

No. 1886851

it just makes me kek because imagine how retarded she looked in public trying to break her back to make her puny tiny ass look bigger?
Like it's crazy she has negative ass, it's just tiny and so low. It's like no matter how much we see Shayna we never truly see her until videos/pictures like this where she's not posing. It baffles me how much her angles/edits do for her.
I still don't see this weight loss, but I remember back in her "I look like ariana Grande" phase, her face was a lot chunkier then it is now.

No. 1886852

File: 1692797192673.jpeg (536.07 KB, 1170x921, IMG_4759.jpeg)

No. 1886863

>non smoker
>literally smokes weed and vapes nicotine

No. 1886868

File: 1692800365569.jpg (415.98 KB, 1371x2703, Holly Michelle.jpg)

> Holly Michelle
Shayna’s lack of creativity never ceases to amaze me. You’d think she’d used the popular Mattel franchise Monster High as inspiration^ to come up with a proper spooky name with some fun pun or turn to Dragula, so the alter ego’s new name also has similar origin stories to Dolly Mattel. ^Please note I said inspiration, as taking the actual names of the characters would be vile since I believe they’re teens.

No. 1886869

File: 1692800427847.jpg (473.63 KB, 1475x2148, Shayna Luther King.jpg)

Further context.

No. 1886870

>2g - 0g gauges

No. 1886877

this is so bleak idek any other words for it. they look like a bunch of special ed adults at a middle school dance in the gymnasium. that one guy literally looks like the fat basement dweller from the world of warcraft south park episode

No. 1886879

>Former alt girl

Shayna plz, you were a poser among all of those other posers. And a shitty one at that.

No. 1886896

she's catfishing hard kek not a single unfiltered photo

No. 1886907

File: 1692806065280.jpeg (544.31 KB, 750x1174, B8EE4EB6-2817-49A7-B6E0-4D56EB…)

old milk but i found this in my screenshots. that's how that getup she's wearing is supposed to look

No. 1886909

LMAO I had totally forgotten it was a gift from Mike Slack the actual incest pedo. Bout to make a side by side with this model pic and Shat wearing it IRL

No. 1886916

she could pay out of pocket. there’s plenty of sites advertising ozempic for something like 70 dollars a month. whether she’d be able to get it filled is another issue.

No. 1886921

I don't understand what she's trying to say? It's literally just one size difference… And 2 and 0 gauges are fucking small, wtf is she smoking!????

No. 1886925

File: 1692809401637.png (4.83 MB, 1170x2532, F9338F9A-8F04-4CAE-93C7-37C1AC…)

If you go go throne.com/dollymattel it shows you what items she has been gifted and by who. It also links to the items. This pink shit is just some cheap Amazon brand AvidLove and is selling for $25-30 USD depending on size. I agree with the Nonas who question why she buys lingerie on fucking Amazon. Why not ask for quality outfits when it is literally “work” related. Guess she just loves the cheap whore aesthetic. Also kek at picrel, that shit is not supposed to riding as far her fat ass as it was during the con.

No. 1886926

File: 1692809544933.jpeg (710.42 KB, 1170x2158, C6967F26-9C23-423F-9B70-880407…)

riding up her ass**

Attached pic is some of the items she’s received. She’s gotten 16 gifts purchased so far.

No. 1886929

The two pairs of ugly ass chunky landfill shoes from Womack I’m snorting

No. 1886932

File: 1692810988615.jpeg (37.39 KB, 750x334, 0B7A0BD6-6552-4895-A63D-97FE59…)

she deleted this

No. 1886936

File: 1692811430775.jpeg (214.96 KB, 750x486, 677B68AD-123A-4906-931D-B30B15…)

she's so cringe millienal humor

No. 1886963

God that bio is so boring. Its giving no actual personality and the first sentence sounds extra retarded. Also kek "goals"
What goals could she possibly have besides suddenly become rich and famous while doing nothing notable or extraordinary and having no skills or talent. Not even good at porn. An absolute joke. Making a lot of high demands and sounding needy for someone who only brings terrible sex and their fat ugly gross self to the table.

No. 1886968

File: 1692814722870.jpeg (323.47 KB, 1170x1799, 129DF540-F931-4980-A344-31822A…)

And here is her “leaderboard” for scrotes who have donated. Can we identify any of these splenda daddies?

Daddy John - ?
Daddy Mike - Mike Slack
jdubb - Jason Womack
Brodie - Curly haired adult baby guy who looks like the dude from Eraserhead and put Shayna’s gag in once and showed his horse teeth?

No. 1886969

And she's a zoomer too I'm pretty sure.

Images you can smell

No. 1886970

She's a retarded zoomer

No. 1886971

I think Womack is into feet and is the main buyer of the weird foot centric content she posts. Pretty sure the reason she showed off her shoes on MFC for over an hour one time was for him. The same show she found an old pipe of hers in her shoe and started texting him and sending photos of her holding the pipe, then showing her shoes was all she was focused on. He probably texts her phone when she’s live with comments on what shes doing to avoid the wrath of lolcow cappers.

No. 1886973

File: 1692815182298.jpeg (708.65 KB, 1170x1837, AB6EC220-9B95-4372-B23C-83A48B…)

No. 1886975

Notice how there are NO PHOTOS of Shayna interacting with men at the con? The only time she’s near them was in a professional sense like that twitter promo for the old leather dude and when she posed with a black on the red carpet (and he was leaning away from her kek). She just literally smothered Kiki all weekend and stuck to her like glue. So fucking embarrassing she wanted to get laid but couldn’t find any volunteers while half naked and down for anything.

No. 1886978

the difference between 2g and 0g is a larger jump than the sizes that come before it. the previous sizes increase in diameter by 1 mm or less each time, and the circumference increases by 2.5-3ish mm. 0 is the first common size that exceeds the previous by 2 mm in diameter, and the circumference increases by over 6mm. you can buy tapers in in between sizes so the increase isn't so abrupt. you need to search for them by their diameter in mm, not by their common size. eg the size between 0(8mm) and 2(6mm) would be 7mm. she's too stupid to look at a size chart and figure that out, though. she'll just blow out her earlobes the same way she did her asshole.

No. 1886991

holly michelle is what fupa used to call her. she didn't even make this up.

No. 1886992

Moar like holly michellin man kek

No. 1886997

File: 1692818648016.jpeg (257.57 KB, 750x831, 1F2C8BC8-4FAC-4F6D-990F-9D1EFD…)


No. 1886998

noodles big day out! a 10 minute walk into the woods, just far enough off the trail for shat to think she's out of sight and can tie noodle to a tree and take pictures of her fat shapeless ass for half an hour and then a 10 minute walk back to the car.

No. 1886999

>Taking nudes while walking her dog
Fucking ew. It’s bad enough she’s gonna expose herself on a public hiking trail and potentially scar someone for life, but why her dog have to go? Fat bitch could go with Noodle and then come back later to do her little “photoshoot” and burn some calories but we all know that ain’t happenin’

No. 1887000


but not without first stopping to grab an 800-calorie drink that basically amounts to a hot milkshake

No. 1887002

>my partner
>his car
have i missed something? sorry for spoonfeeding but i wasn’t aware that she had a partner other than working nanny Ellen Patricia Dresel of Seattle, WA

No. 1887011

I seriously doubt this or that scrote is very retarded. Or nonas are right, it's not his car, maybe shayna managed to snag some low standards car dealer ownership scrote

No. 1887012

also, Shayna gets a car, what does she do? Drive to take nudes with her dog…alone in the woods. She's also letting scrotes know that she's going to be on a trail, alone and naked. What a retard.

No. 1887015

she seems to have met some scrote and now he's her "partner" like 50% of her sugardaddies who stick around for a bit become.
She's not dating him because we know how Shayna acts when she likes someone, he's basically someone paying for sex for her and she wants to make it seem less like prostitution and more like, "He's my partner!"

No. 1887021

At least the dog is getting some fresh air. That's the only positive. I wonder if she's going to bring Ellen along too, otherwise I guess she's planning on tying noodle to a tree and forcing her to watch Shayna debase herself in nature instead of on the children's day bed at home.

No. 1887022

there seem to be two dudes she refers to as “my partner.” one is someone she shares with gross Ellen, the other is some loser she found on Seeking Arrangements

No. 1887024

For the amount of dumb shit the woman constantly does, I'm beginning to think she's got main character plot armor. Either that or the saying "God protects children and idiots" is very, very true.

No. 1887026

yeah idiot good idea to call a human baby an animal right in front of their new parents, they wouldn't get pissed off about that at all. she'd get an ear full

No. 1887027

File: 1692822826007.jpeg (764.8 KB, 1290x1226, 90C3E361-05B4-4FFA-BC27-E5D9AB…)

this is taken from the passenger seat right?

No. 1887031

holy shit, that is giving “the oldest mom in the middle-school pickup line.”

No. 1887033

kek at those pufffffy eyes. Totes stopped smoking weed guize!! She looks like she's about to burst into tears. Also tall iced caramel macchiato + cheese and fruit box = 670 calories. Fatty probably think it's healthy because it has fruit in it.

No. 1887035

It's a protein box, she's bulking.

No. 1887039

i feel so sorry for noodle, having to be subjected to the mess that her naked body is.

No. 1887042

Shayna is just lucky. That's why, god forbid, if she were to ever have a horrible experience with a moid, I think it'd either knock Shoyna out of her delusion. The only reason she is like this is because she could deal with the consequences. Which is
>Lolcow will talk shit, but nothing will happen
>Some retard may cowtip but over all nothing will happen
>I'll have a slap fight on twitter but nothing will happen
So imagine if she lets someone into her life who actually causes harm to her? or just some random weird (hopefully not) does something? Shayna is not the type of pick me thats "Strong" enough, to get past looking at the true disgusting nature of the men she panders too and go deeper. She's the type of pick me that only "Loves" men and panders to gross freaks because so far, thankfully no one has done true harm to her that she reconizes as harm and she can't handle.
She has meltdowns over twitter fights.

No. 1887044

Sometimes Shayna acts like a alien or a woman who was a hermit whose documenting her return to society. She's bragging about being in a car with her dog and ordering starbucks. To her at 5+ years of sex work, this is a peak.
Not her own car, not owning anything of worth. This.

No. 1887045

she's only doing this because the Donny Mattel Magazine shit, it'd be hilarious if someone catches her. I wonder if she's going to start public flashing in places again because she got some attention.

No. 1887050

I'd agree with you but Kyle Nathan Perkins of tuska Oklahoma treated her like dog shit, yet she's still a pickme. She got fucked over by sol savator or whatever that pencil shaped scrub was, still a pickme. Shane saga? Still a pickme. Allegedly got raped in highschool? Still a pickme. I'm not sure what a scrote would have to do before Shayna wakes up and realizes that all of the men she interacts with are the worst humanity has to offer, and that the average man is only vaguely better than them half the time.

No. 1887054

>whether that Daddy be dominant, submissive
I honestly don't get why she insists on referring to a potential submissive as a "daddy" it's so weird. I'm not a BDSM fag but I'm pretty sure sub men don't want to be called daddies

No. 1887056

Proof she still identifies with her relationship with him even though they broke up years ago and she hasn't been "in love" with a single one of her "partners" since kek. Shleak

No. 1887063

They are saggy and disgusting probably smells like ear cheese. Gauges that big as ugly Shayna is disgusting. I hope she never gets ear surgery and they are loose and flapping in the wind

No. 1887066

They'd just have to do something that Shayna can't cope with. Shayna has been lucky so far, think about who she panders too. Gross men who get off to watching her put bruises on herself and pretend to be a baby/sister/daughter. Men who actually creeped on their own kid.
So far, what has happened in Shayna's dating life has been bad, but it could be a lot worse. She could actually snag a manipulative daddy dom, who actually takes control of her life and physically abuses her in ways that aren't consenting. Whenever Shayna deals with any true conflict she acts like her whole life is over. She's a crying mess.
So I just think so far luck has been on her side, god has not given Shayna nothing that she could'nt handle yet. And she should be thankful for that. She can take having Fupaul chip her tooth in kink play. Fupaul was bad, but Shayna's feelings seem more hurt, I don't think she believes what we think is abuse is abuse. The abuse is he moved on and never looked bad.
The abuse was, he wasn't "Nice" when she was being mean. The abuse was rejection. She literally tried to get another Fupaul.

No. 1887072

I think what that nonna meant (not trying to put words in your mouth tho!) is something LEGIT horrific. Like a violent assault by either a stranger or someone she knows, something that she thinks is oh so sexy to write her little degen fanfic video descriptions and tweets about but that she would NOT want to happen to her in reality. I doubt Fat Shat wants to be abducted by some freak for real and kept in a basement. But I can see where you’re coming from too, she has plenty of reasons already to stop caping for males but she’s too retarded. She needs like real horrible consequences or something ig

No. 1887078

Yeah, I won't go into details because I do not wish harm on Shayna or even want to put that into the universe, but you got what I meant. So far Shayna hasn't gotten more on her plate then she can consume. She's just been lucky, the same retard Luck chris chan has.
Even if he experiences bullshit because his choices, it just rolls off his back and everything isn't as bad as it COULD be despite all that has happened.
Shayna is messing with gross ugly moids who have a abuse fetish/youth fetish. She lets twitter people into her house, she turns tricks out of her house. She will document everything she's doing and who with all the damn time. Think about it, this woman has a thread of people watching her every post. Yet she literally doesn't care about posting any of this shit. She doesn't seem to care much about her safety. Though she melts down dramatically whenever things bad happen. That lets you know that she'd probably be a puddle if something truly bad happened. Not sorta kinda bad, mildly bad, but fucked up bad.

No. 1887099

I think Shayna would like to be abducted and kept in a basement if she liked the moid. I think she is that deranged.

No. 1887101

Only if they give her weed and alcohol and feed her snacks

No. 1887108

Dogs and babies are what you pretend to be while getting fake raped in your cringe porno movies, I think she is legitimately jelly

No. 1887113

Ok well I’m obviously not talking about some Fupa 3.0 kek I mean some stranger or some John she just met that night, who obviously is not gonna give her charcoochie boards and pink wine and internet access. That being said, you’re probably right, if it was some guy she was “dating” she’d prob be into it unless/until it became legitimately intense and scary and she realized she couldn’t just get off the ride as it were.

No. 1887115

Sage for borderline autism but it’s not even her joke, her response here was someone else’s viral tweet she shared a few threads ago

No. 1887117

Twitter is completely broken for me so I can’t provide a pic (sorry I know it’s an image board) but the alexknightabdl people posted a picture of themselves in Shayna’s weird child bedroom advertising that they do payed sessions for clients who want to be dominated by them. Like not for content, just for personal enjoyment. So I think Shayna did that

No. 1887118

File: 1692830265886.jpeg (569.08 KB, 2048x2048, FB9733A7-2BD9-40DB-8CD4-A8492A…)

No. 1887119

not even the strongest of filters can hide the sheer haggardness of her face

No. 1887121

Why do her eyebrows look skinny and overpenciled like she took makeup advice from a teen girl's magazine from 2002

No. 1887124

I don’t understand how she does not care that you can see where the filter stops working on her forehead wrinkles. It’s like this in so many of her pictures

No. 1887125

Her boobs are a better ass than her ass will ever be, sad.
You know, I wonder that literally all the time. I don’t get the thin eyebrow trend that came back around but she’s not even doing that right. She is doing legit “popular/trashy girls from the 00’s” eyebrows and has been for quite some time. Yet another baffling mystery in Shaystory.

No. 1887132

why does only one boob have acne, it was also this way in >>1885922 but it looks worse now

No. 1887134

Bitch, go back to bed for like 5 years. Those eyes bags are making my face hurt by looking at them, ew. WTF?

No. 1887136

all she had to do was stand normally, kek.

No. 1887139

File: 1692832955238.jpeg (2.27 MB, 1290x1504, BD88F4D9-1307-4B32-955C-1D2B22…)

why does she always wear the rattiest shit, the boots look like those cheap old Walmart ugg knock offs. Surely they aren’t nice to hike in. Does she not own normal sneakers?!

No. 1887141

File: 1692833056918.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 2.1 MB, 1290x1994, 9D9DB36B-DBF5-4EDE-9BAE-B9047C…)

fully nude in public again

No. 1887142

I’m very surprised Noodle can be an off the leash dog without just taking off. She’s got zero training.

No. 1887144

I know lol but I mean if a stranger kidnapped her she might develop a crush on him. Stockholm syndrome.

No. 1887145

Nona please, does she own ANYTHING normal? Her entire existence is a cheap, tacky, porcine, sweatshop biohazard. She’s probably leaving a trail of microplastics through the woods

No. 1887146

Two fat, ugly, retarded bitches, kek

No. 1887147

ah yes, out in the forest; the perfect place for poorly healing wounds to fester.

No. 1887149

Nooo noodle is a Heckin precious dooggo she can do no wrong!

No. 1887152

nonnas who remember, did she EVER paid her DUI?

No. 1887154

I love how she has to stretch her body in all these weird ways to hide her belly

No. 1887155

This is so unfortunate, also very illegal.

No. 1887156

Not milk, but it still astounds me that shat has multiple pets despite barely having 2 shekels to rub together and basically never leaving her apartment. She really is a clinical moron

kekek anon

No. 1887159

does anyone else feel like she's trying to get beastiality coom bux?

No. 1887160

If she gets caught would she be charged with indecent exposure? I imagine if there were kids around she’d be in real big trouble

No. 1887161

File: 1692835412699.jpeg (707.82 KB, 1170x1614, IMG_4768.jpeg)

No. 1887162

File: 1692835481149.png (51.8 KB, 200x200, IMG_1212.png)

Jesus Christ the thighs on this unwashed hog. Does anyone actually believe that she’s lost weight? I think that she was bigger around the time of picrel but I can’t see any recent changes

No. 1887164

I know it sounds psychopathic but I would love a Shaynorexia saga. Other nonnas are prob correct tho she prob just can’t afford to eat out every meal and get endless weed.

No. 1887167

I mean technically wearing anything plastic will leave microplastics. Like wearing a Patagonia fleece will shed microplastics too

No. 1887168

>Noodle tongue all over her mouth
I think about the phase right after she found the filter that made her look like the first photo in that set all the goddamn time. She was feeling herself so hard and kept making cringe TikToks and it was so fucking funny.

No. 1887169

>pay 4 me & noodles starbies
Meanwhile Noodle’s shit was free and she’s begging for $13 lmao

Hey Shat lip balm has 0 calories, please beg for some next

No. 1887178

(sry, had to delete and repost, got the numbers wrong)

Her starting weight was 164.5lbs, so her BMI was 27.4, she looked and still looks heavier than that, probably no muscle mass at all.

if she quits weed, she will drink more alcohol to be able to handle her life. So more calories through alcohol, whole stuff that alcohol does to your metabolism and all that, there will never be an anorexia saga. Except she stops eating completely and consumes like 1,500 calories in vodka a day.

No. 1887186

Shayna isn't the type to prioritize her own safety. Doesn't she have a history in the deranged niche BDSM scene? There's plenty of potential for something to go wrong there and scrotes into BDSM get away with rape all the time.

And if she's actually inviting johns to her place that can backfire easily. It's weird that she hasn't gone back home a long time ago. …the sped vibes she gives off are no doubt what make her so suitable for the most disturbing sexualized abuse crap she has to redort to. she and any scrote who gets off to seeing disabled women be beat up until their skin is black need to be locked up. forever.

No. 1887187

100% she can be charged with indecent exposure and endangerment and knowing her she would play the "but officer i was doing my job as a sex woker uguu" which I don't think will do her any favours.

No. 1887189

im sorry but as much as she drinks, I don't think she's losing weight the healthy way, she hasn't seemed to figure out that all those drinks have calories. She's probably eating less and drinking more.

No. 1887190

i would love this too. maybe she will do like >>1887178 says and just drink all her daily calories. that'd be some good milk. she was skinny before she can do it again she just needs to develop an eating disorder again (she must have had one to some extent before) to do so. has she mentioned anything about not smoking today?

No. 1887192

File: 1692837339457.jpeg (78.55 KB, 828x194, IMG_8086.jpeg)

i'm really rooting for her with quitting smoking too. she's a horrible pedo pandering freak but CHS is hell and i wouldn't wish it on another person.

No. 1887193

Lmao I’m so glad there is another nonushka who thinks this would be a fun plot twist. Agreed, she used to subsist on like goldfish and wine, she has the foundations there to have a drunkorexia saga. God this is one of the worst combo of things I’ve ever said on this site kek

No. 1887197

I think for Shayna a big part of it is that "daddy" implies someone she can lean on for a very one-sided relationship when it comes to bills, chores, cooking, and responsibilities. So even if she has to domme the guy, she'll do it if she thinks she can lure a man into being her home care aide.

No. 1887199

Also if you suddenly quit smoking weed every day, your appetite disappears and it's very easy to go all day without eating. I used to smoke every day and when I quit, I literally didn't eat anything for four days. It comes back pretty fast though, she might lose weight since she has no appetite but she'll put it right back on once her body gets used to not smoking everyday. She'll never learn healthy habits, just go on and off various substances until she gets results that she can live with for the time being.

No. 1887200

She wants us to believe she weighs 145????????

No. 1887201

I think she's on adderall.

No. 1887202

there’s no way she’s only 145, considering how tall she is that just seems really unlikely to me

No. 1887203

I agree, it would also explain the crazy eye bags. She's always had them but they look awful now. She's probably not sleeping much at all.

No. 1887204

She's definitely closer to the 180s or 90s. I'm the same height as her.

No. 1887206

This is very true. It’s a good way to lose some water weight for a normal person who isn’t also an overeating alcoholic like her. I think adderall tinfoilers could be onto something, but there are a few things it realistically could be if she is in fact losing weight. I keep going back and forth like, maybe she’s just lying bc why wouldn’t she kek

No. 1887207

So does anyone believe she’s 145 lbs? How would that be possible? Her legs and arms just seem really big to me, I can’t imagine that is correct? Also what does she mean by “processed food”? Pretty much everything is processed, including the sliced turkey and hummus referenced here, as well as her caramel drinks and that protein pack from Starbucks.

No. 1887210

Sage for dogfagging but that body language from Noodle is kinda sad. Usually dogs on a hike with their owner would have their tail up more, or wagging. It’s just straight down, and she doesn’t look excited at all. I also notice a lot of grey hairs on her face for how young she is, which is also concerning. Her life is probably just constant boredom and anxiety, what a shame.

No. 1887213

File: 1692840533923.png (106.17 KB, 985x619, bigshaynus.png)

absolutely no way. She's 5'5" at the shortest, 145 would give her a BMI of 24.3 which is in the normal range. She's obviously overweight, so there's no way that could be true even if she had no muscle mass at all. I played around with a BMI visualizer and even though I used to smh at the "Shay is over 200lbs" tinfoilers, I have it set at 191 and damn if it doesn't look just like her.

No. 1887214

yea idk why shes lying to herself and her coomers its so weird? shes taken at least 30 pounds off her actual weight.

No. 1887215

She's not "cutting out processed foods"
She's just not eating. It's why she TW for EDs.

No. 1887218

there is no way she is 145. Im shats exact height i think (5'5"-5'6") and im 165 and I look much much slimmer than her. I've been 145 at our height and looked relatively thin. Unless this hog really has the worst fat distribution humanly possibel(not your personal blog)

No. 1887219

i feel like she’s not using an actual scale and is somehow trying to estimate her weight… 145 my ass

No. 1887225

Losing 3.5 pounds a week isn't healthy and a diet like that is unsustainable.
I agree she's probably on Adderall. We know she has no work ethic and she's having way too easy of a time dieting and quitting weed compared to how her earlier attempts have gone.

No. 1887226

Neanderthal woman of the lake returns, this time she's harvesting nuts in the forest.

No. 1887235

You are right in that the diet might be unsustainable but if you are overweight like she is, usually the pounds melt off at first. She also must be constantly bloated and retaining liquids so at first if she doesn't eat the usual take out (even if her idea of not eating processed food is totally incorrect) she is going to see her weight going down. She is still Shayna so she won't do anything by healthy means tho.

No. 1887237

does tweeting about going out for alcoholic drinks count as social drinking?

No. 1887239

Two big bitches woof

No. 1887240

File: 1692842968157.jpeg (439.04 KB, 938x873, 7678D7D5-C43E-49F2-824E-ECF927…)

neck rolls and fat bitch gaped mouth

No. 1887241

Ana diets aren’t sustainable. Especially for a fat greedy ogre like her. She’ll gain double once she quits.

No. 1887245

It's interesting that while she has 'daddy mike' (gag) buying her pink bullshit/retard porn, she's never once referred to him as a 'partner' of hers.
Shane Pierre Sonnier of Wichita Kansas drugged her when he visited in January (and she didn't remember anything that happened afterward), but no wake up call at that point.
I'm not believing her until I see her fat ass on that scale with 145 showing up clear as day.
If she was better at her job, she could spin it as she's looking for a house husband.

No. 1887249

If she's actually stopped smoking, good for her. Now quit drinking everyday so you can have enough mental clarity to sort your shitshow life out a little.


She's no stranger to Adderall so it's possible she finally got her grubby claws on some. She's bought shrooms before, the guy who sold her that would probably either know a guy who sells Adderall, or he's the guy that sells it. It'd also explain her not smoking weed, and going on a "diet" (she can't afford the Uber eats).

Fair enough, but I was just going of her PoV, from everything she's said. She used to say she was raped, since highschool apparently. Anons (including me) tinfoiled that the military brony assaulted her. Any other woman on the planet would have had her wakeup call with the canning. I definitely don't see Shayna leaving sex work without an assault and abuse story but I don't think it'd like, ever wake up how primal and vile scrotes are. She'd just be the type that ends up dying by their hand, or internalizing all of that damage and taking it out on other women, while desperately searching for scrote affection and approval. Hope I'm being clearer now, because you guys are right. Worse shit can happen to her, but I don't see her ever being pinkpilled. It'd be a pleasant surprise, even if she's gone so far off the deep end i could never take her seriously.

No. 1887251

Is being naked in the woods really illegal in america?(derailing)

No. 1887252

Public nudity is illegal yes.

No. 1887259

damn even her dog is fat and retarded

No. 1887262

Americans have such a weird relation to nudity cant believe being naked deep into the woods is illegal there

No. 1887266

I don't want to run into Shaynus naked in the woods. I hope she goes to jail.

No. 1887270

That’s gross. Stop it.

No. 1887271

notice how none of the foods she listed require any preparation/cooking. bitch hasn't touched her gaudy hello kitty kitchenware set since she ran out of HelloFresh discount codes.

No. 1887276

>Americans are so weird, what do you mean you don't want to run into some fat, sweaty hog taking nudes while you're trying to enjoy nature

No. 1887285

I’m 5’10 and currently weigh 145. I used to weigh 180 and if I had been her height instead, I would’ve had a stomach and legs that look like hers. There’s no chance she’s under 150, I would guess she at least was around 190, being generous and saying she really dropped 20 and is probably closer to 170. When I used an app to lose weight, it was hard for me to put the actual number in even though it was due to post birth weight that was really difficult to lose, not a lifestyle like Shaynas. Sorry for blog posting it’s just insane to me that she is trying to lie with legs like those. Also kek what happened to her saying she loves her body? I thought she said she liked herself more with more weight

No. 1887295

Tbf not all states. Public exposure and indecency are. Idk about Washington but Oregon allows public nudity but imo its a tricky law. Like you can be naked but not for arousal or to illicit others arousal. Basically not sexually. Like if you wanna go skinny dipping and youre not being inappropriate about it, that's okay. I personally see both sides of the argument but generally think being nude in public like in the cities and things is weird.
That being said, she is posing for sexual reasons and being proactive. So even if nudity was allowed in Washington, shes still crossing the line into indecency.

No. 1887305

i'm rooting for her too with the weight loss and quitting weed. now if only she'd swap the alcohol with WATER, develop an optimal skincare/hair care routine, stop getting acrylics, get a normal job… i'm sure she is already planning on getting new clothes. hint shay: pink is not your color. unfortunately i'm sure instead she will just get a bunch of injectables that will make her look busted.

No. 1887308

As if she could eve afford injectables? She’s gunna stay a busted whore forever.

No. 1887310

Samefag ever*

Instead of injectables, Shungus should invest in a way to fix her nasty rat teeth.

No. 1887344

Why do people actually cheer for Shayna to be a better person? She’s not. She’s shown her true colors over and over. She’s fat and ugly. It’s funnier if she stays that way. Even if she’s skinny she’s still ugly and has bad hygiene and bad fashion choices.

No. 1887347

I hope she gets even fatter(sage your shit)

No. 1887369

the dog has seen some shit. but honestly who's pet hasnt seen them naked, its not that weird

No. 1887371

if she ate a few more cheeseburgers and got lipo she'd be a clone of momokun. her thighs give cottage cheese itself insecurities

No. 1887372

Hate this. Now I can’t see anything but nega Mitski. This is so retarded nonnie but I’m dying laughing. Hope you’re having a good day wherever you are

No. 1887405

I know chubby nonas are disquieted by her weightloss era but I'm here for it. I'm confident that Shay's dwindling industry success will be largely unaffected by the slim down because she's just that bad at what she does. Bring on the smug before and after posts! Mike chubby chaser slack is gonna love it

No. 1887411

I’m not chubby and I haven’t said anything about her weight loss attempt but I get annoyed seeing comments saying they’re “rooting” for this pedo/rapist pandering pickme cunt. If anyone in this world deserves support, it’s not Shayna. She’s the type to sell out women and children for her own gain and has demonstrated her disgusting and self-serving behavior over and over again. I feel like some of them must be newfags who don’t yet understand how atrocious of a person she is.
And I agree with you that weight loss won’t do very much for her dead career. She’s aging out of her niche, which she’s never really fit in anyways, and she’s always been hilariously bad at her job. I wonder what exactly was the catalyst for her weight loss? Was it just Kiki’s adderall at Fatcon or does she hate irl prostitution so much that she’s finally committing to losing weight to gain more internet coomers?

No. 1887431

File: 1692879789957.jpeg (1.26 MB, 3411x2730, IMG_8677.jpeg)

New fupa-esque manlet she wants to film with, looks exactly her type

No. 1887433

Yeah I just wanna see how much older and more haggard she’d look if she started abusing stimulants and lost a bunch of weight quickly lmao. I don’t know that there’s a cow I detest more than Shayna because of the way she disgustingly panders to pedos and tries to make child rape/incest content for those freaks. I don’t want a healthy weight loss for her, I want her to be skinny and miserable bc it’s a fun change for us ITT to read about as opposed to her being fat and miserable, which she’s been for the last several years kek. That being said, a death fat saga would also be hilarious

No. 1887440

unironically, this is the best looking guy she could ever pull.

No. 1887441

This was already posted three days ago >>1885645

No. 1887453

File: 1692882540976.jpeg (174.68 KB, 1290x491, F3660822-286A-4CE8-AE6F-C358AD…)

she’ll start to lose her regular chubby chaser coomers

No. 1887459

she’s lost maybe 5-10 pounds, after having stayed at her mum’s where she wasn’t drinking a bottle of sweet wine a day, and you are all acting as though she is really going to slim down this time

No. 1887465

She’s already lost Womack, he doesn’t even like her tweets anymore, she’s down to Topkek here, smelly MAGAtard geriatric daughter rapist Mike Slack and that diaper pajeet

No. 1887466

This dude is so out of her league, which is monumentally depressing kek.

No. 1887467

Spare us our vision and please do not let this collab happen.. that man looks like he's made out of rubber and gets his distressed jeggings from the juniors section at Ross

No. 1887471


No. 1887487

Maybe this is daddy John from >>1886926

She went from 15 lost to 19 lost in 6 days? >>1887161

No. 1887489

Really letting everyone know that she walks her dog so little that she has to combine ithe task with porn in order to get off her lazy ass and do it.(sage your shit)

No. 1887502

Omg same anon I’m that height and weight. when I was 180 I looked pretty similar to the Cato pillar rolls in the OP pic(no1curr)

No. 1887508

kek i know nonnie but even shein sells cheap sneakers. theres probably even ones with hello kitties on them!! i just imagine shes walking on the sides of those knock off fuzzy slipper boots, the bottoms of them falling off and any muddy patch in the trail just soaking right through them. ugh

No. 1887512

She never got a DUI she got tickets for no seatbelt and speeding

No. 1887530

I remember like 3 years ago she tried to diet and was posting pictures of her breakfast every morning (because the moids who follow her porn account totally care about her pictures of blueberries, almonds, and turkey slices). She lost a little bit of weight … then became way fatter. She's since ballooned. It's a shame because she wasn't hugely overweight back then, more pudgy and untoned. If she'd kept up with dieting and actually exercised for a few months she could have lost a lot of weight.

No. 1887538

Bold of you to assume she's actually going to slim down, we all know shaynus can't stick with anything for too long KEK

Look at how all of her attempts to get it together and keep up with her self-imposed filming/camming schedules went…

No. 1887553

He looks like Buck Angel

No. 1887554

KEK thank you nonna I knew he looked like someone. Tbqh I think Buck Angel is far more objectively attractive tho lmao

No. 1887565

he’s so fucking ugly with his thin hips and the hat is vile “spitters are quitters” lord please smite us off the earth

No. 1887568

Shayna would tower of him no problem

No. 1887571

I wonder if she read my post about phentermine kek, would explain why she gave up weed. Phentermine can cause that kind of rapid weight loss.That or she's on vyvanse or adderall.

No. 1887573

i feel like the old lady she's going to aruba with told her to lose weight and stop smoking weed so shayna doesn't get them thrown in jail for weed

No. 1887574

That trip is in December right? No way Shayna would actually prepare herself for a work trip months in advance.

No. 1887582

File: 1692897133062.jpeg (810.52 KB, 1170x1203, IMG_4777.jpeg)

No. 1887584

File: 1692897479416.jpeg (231.01 KB, 750x1152, 014AA262-24E0-4A14-B6F8-019