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File: 1581078784368.jpg (276.53 KB, 1935x1290, 1579627880879.jpg)

No. 929239

Repetitive comments about Shayna's vagina is grounds for a 1 day ban. Repetitive nitpicks about her body and face are subject to a 1 day ban. Reposting the same photos zoomed in and edited are not milk and you will recieve a ban for nitpicking.
REMEMBER: sage when there’s no milk, no nitpicking and/or blogposting and please try to curb your enthusiam when posting screenshots from other cam girls. This is a Shay thread.

Summary of recent milk:

>shay still claiming authority on keeping minors out of nsfw spaces, seems to forget she exposed minors to adult content after she changed the nature of her years-old tumblr blog

>shay makes awful alien porno she's been planning for years, squeezes into outfit she bought 40lbs ago.
>bad dragon alien dildo covered in possible dog hairs and tooth marks
>her boyfriend of 6 months leaves her and she kicks off on twitter
>her therapist gives her a variety of new coping mechanisms for her "bipolar" including deleting twitter's app when she's "manic"
>of course shay doesn't do any of this and continues to rant and harrass people and threaten to kill herself on twitter
>shay is upset she wasn't nominated for mv awards anal star, so she nominates herself
>changes twitter handle to buttstuffbarbie and goes obsessive over anal, even though she barely does any anal videos
>shay starts editing her photos beyond recognition
>admits that she's self conscious about her body…but uses this as an excuse not to work! what a surprise!
>plans to eat healthy and go to the gym one day, back to eating garbage and sitting on her ass the next day
>shay makes another pedo pandering vid
>shay lives vicariously through her sim, showing that what she really wants is to be an online influencer

https://twitter.com/IRLbarbie ←– CURRENT
https://www.instagram.com/itsdollymattel/ <- CURRENT

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No. 929243

File: 1581080318859.png (37.25 KB, 760x200, Screenshot_20200206-155541.png)

thanks for new thread, anon. and double thanks for adding past thread list back to the OP. the bit about her nominating herself for the MV awards is strange, though, that's not how it works.

anyway. she's got a new twitter to get banned

No. 929245

You can nominate yourself, anyone can and then they pick the winner out of the top 5. It gives a chance for complete nobodies to enter

No. 929250

Why give away free content like this? Also, look at her struggling to keep her legs up


No. 929252

File: 1581084176610.jpg (Spoiler Image,431.21 KB, 1077x1045, Screenshot_20200207-080333_Twi…)

No. 929253

File: 1581084591599.jpeg (150.91 KB, 409x491, 88133B0B-AA19-4C96-A6CC-B55846…)

No. 929255

File: 1581084979262.png (65.26 KB, 601x545, Screenshot (214).png)

looks like shes finally gonna stop shitposting on her work account. also lol at the tweet about the bed, can she own a single thing without making it into something she can make porn with

No. 929256

File: 1581085889001.jpg (566.81 KB, 1080x1421, Screenshot_20200207-083153_Twi…)

No. 929278

Isnt she moving in like a month…

No. 929281

i wonder how much money she'll waste on thousands of fake followers for this account. making a 2nd account means that she's now doubled the amount she spends on followers every month.

No. 929290

This fucking retard literally deleted all her tweets and is now frantically trying to repost all her pics, kek.


No. 929296

she looks like a fat womanchild in her 40s and 75 IQ. she can't possibly look at this 'photoset' and think 'yes i will post these and TAG A NORMIE BRAND' just… wtf.

No. 929297

Did she ever end up getting on cam the other night?

No. 929301

Anon this is an imageboard not a link dump

No. 929302

You'd rather I screenshot it all and dump tons of images, clogging the thread? Fucking retard.

No. 929309

Hahahaha oh anon

No. 929310

nta but maybe post a few choice screenshots showing how all her posts are from today or something. if you considered it milky enough to not sage then why not post a couple images?

No. 929312

Who fucking cares it's just her reposting her pics

No. 929320

File: 1581097996213.png (142.05 KB, 760x575, Screenshot_20200207-125351.png)

this is the only tweet she kept after her mass deletion

No. 929322

I wonder why? Why did she even do a mass deletion in the first place?

No. 929329

File: 1581099108527.png (50.89 KB, 719x375, shayna.PNG)

No. 929330

it's going to hurt when she see's no one cares and she's going to have to buy fake followers. If no one cares about her normal ramblings on her sex work account, what makes her think they'll move on to another account to care about her rambles?

I also feel like she's going to start a lot of shit on this new account. It's going to be the place where she throws shots & starts drama but no one will see it, so it'll just be a bitter bitch screeching about "other girls" on a even deader twitter

No. 929331

File: 1581099551007.png (6.17 KB, 289x136, watching this.PNG)

I can't wait for this to be like 2k in a few days and STILL no interaction. Just like her main profile.

No. 929333

she really doesn’t know how to style her bangs, huh

No. 929334

does shay lurk the thread ? if she does, PLEASE shay buy the large heatless hair curlers and curl your bangs with one of those.

No. 929336

honoured that my half assed photo was chosen for the thread pic. I laughed making it and I laugh every time I see it, it makes me feel less bad about following this mental deficient mess

No. 929339

I’m beginning to think she cuts them herself. They’re long and have no shape, would look better longer at the edges

No. 929349

They're also cut on a slant. She most likely did it impulsively in her bathroom, kek. Don't know why she doesn't brush them out after she curls them. Maybe her hair is too greasy.

No. 929354

lol you’re just beginning to think that? i don’t even think great clips would let you walk out like that

No. 929435

More like she didnt post about her hair appointment and a "surprise" coming and then beg for reimbursement which confirms she did it under impulse. She never does anything that costs money without begging to be "reimbursed"

No. 929437

File: 1581116728823.jpg (616.89 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20200207-170534_Twi…)

yeah its quite interesting how the ONLY tweet left was a reply from her kek. Definitely not a coincidence

No. 929491

File: 1581126044358.jpg (157.06 KB, 1080x694, Screenshot_20200207-194106_Twi…)

Get ready for suicide pitty tweets when she doesn't win

No. 929494

File: 1581126743771.jpg (510.12 KB, 2048x2048, IMG_20200208_015123.jpg)

Noodle looking like she been abducted

No. 929495

File: 1581126827925.jpg (1.01 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20200208-015405_Twi…)

Seriously, what the fuck is this fringe?

No. 929498

File: 1581127487568.png (Spoiler Image,1.05 MB, 1080x1834, Screenshot_20200207-210224~2.p…)

our little porker

No. 929499

File: 1581127519135.png (993.2 KB, 1080x1913, Screenshot_20200207-210239~2.p…)

ugly. That's what it is.

No. 929500

I don't know she doesn't look that bad with that hair style to be honest.The bow is ugly but the hair is decent. Maybe i'm looking at it with my drunk eyes tho LOL

No. 929504

Reminds me of shoeonhead lol.

No. 929508

It looks like she missed a chunk of hair on (her) right side, how can she think that looks fine

No. 929510

Nah this look is awful. This huge pile of hair on top of a round face, + the bangs that never look good on a small face + the horrendous, huge pink bow = absolutely no no.

No. 929513

She would have looked good with long face framing bangs (the ones cut on a downward angle), elongating her face into more of an oval shape. but why would Shayna actually think something out? Doing it impulsively is way better.

Shes trying her hardest to look like she did 2 years ago and it's not working. So fun to watch the trainwreck though.

No. 929516

her bangs really said “G”

No. 929518

jasmineblu and the rest of 2012 tumblr are shaking

No. 929519

File: 1581129905560.png (1.18 MB, 750x1334, CF0704D5-5FBA-48EC-905A-1478A0…)

lol ew

No. 929525

Those sideburns are killing me lol

No. 929528

Seriously they're so weird, she could have just done some bangs that kind of blended in with them, no?

No. 929529

Looks like a message she would send herself.

The hair color looks nice now that it faded a bit. Maybe it’s the filter but it’s flattering to her skin tone. Gives her skin some color.

Those fucking bangs tho…jfc. Why are they so long to begin with? This is the kind of hairstyle you look back on and be ashamed of.

No. 929530

again with the jessica yaniv smirk

No. 929539

File: 1581132088743.jpg (498.54 KB, 1080x1497, Screenshot_20200207-212201_Twi…)

"Most consistent" kek

No. 929544

File: 1581133476379.jpeg (541.09 KB, 750x1187, 7B5093D5-DD7F-44D0-B117-7CA601…)

shayna…this ain’t it, girl

No. 929554

she looks like lena dunham

No. 929557

we've been saying this for how long now and she's just getting around to it, lol. she's not going to keep up with it b/c work and you can see how little interaction she actually gets on her posts.

omf these 'bangs' are so bad, she took one slice of hair in front and chopped it, curling to make it seem like it's fuller than that. she also looks like she's strangling that poor dog.

No. 929570

Cutting your own bangs isn't rocket science. Where the fuck did she get the idea that it would look good.

No. 929586

She sent herself asks on anon back on her old tumblr. Wouldn't put it pass her to do the same on twitter

No. 929591

File: 1581145943213.png (477.12 KB, 1125x2436, 9C5ED19F-A806-4054-9C61-0C9685…)

“Potentially sensitive content” is one word for it….,

No. 929675

Is that mole at the corner of her mouth new…?

No. 929705

Personally I think this is a cute look on her. She looks better with darker colors and hair esp without those ratty braids she leaves in. There’s so a lot she needs to work on but honestly Shayna drop the whole Barbie thing you’re not even close

No. 929706

File: 1581181428167.png (Spoiler Image,774.45 KB, 760x1376, A2A5EAD5-65BC-48C7-B919-79A9EE…)

I think she always had some kind of bump there but it never stood out like that. She either stopped putting concealer on it or drawn over it to make it look like a mole (spoilered: old pic for comparison)

No. 929709

Underrated joke lol

No. 929714

Most consistent at being a trainwreck and not following a schedule. That's just called predictable though. Kek

No. 929751

File: 1581190887949.jpeg (272.52 KB, 1407x2002, Screenshot_20200208-113904-01.…)

She's visibly cringing because she knows she won't win MV anal star. The fake pos in this vid makes me wanna gag. Like she gives a fuck abt anyone but herself.

No. 929753

File: 1581191225120.png (15.29 KB, 596x114, Sure.PNG)

No. 929755

File: 1581191387697.png (22.75 KB, 598x191, tutuiii.PNG)

No. 929756

File: 1581191483533.png (36.09 KB, 603x341, 1.PNG)

No. 929757

File: 1581191550303.png (27.08 KB, 603x216, 88888.PNG)

No. 929758

File: 1581191624920.png (34.91 KB, 586x338, pppp.PNG)

No. 929761

>(who arent findommes)
if other findoms are anything like shayna, i think all of them are giving a bad name to sexworkers lmao.

No. 929767

Shayna reminding us that she had/has sex, I'm so shocked. No wonder she hasn't been mental health baiting, she either got old boy back or got a new loser.

Funny how dick clears mental health breakdowns right up!

No. 929772

i’m in utter shock that anal wasn’t mentioned

No. 929778

File: 1581193930972.png (359.35 KB, 2048x566, 1580152210871.png)

Shayna: omg I'm unfollowing anyone who posts drama, I'm sick of seeing bitterness on my timeline
Shayna three days later: you all have bad attitudes and suck at sex work

double hypocritical because she does this shit ALL THE TIME. remember this tweet >>>/snow/924629 from just 12 days ago? pic added for those who don't wanna click through, sage for old milk. this is a very tame example of the manipulative shit she constantly says to her followers

No. 929790

File: 1581197277519.png (Spoiler Image,259.69 KB, 607x571, hdh.PNG)

I want her to win in hopes we'd get some milk from bitter sex workers who rightfully call out her bullshit "anal" content & put more focus on shayna & all her fuck shit, but I want her to lose to watch her whine about it and the postitive act she always has disappear.

I feel bad for feeling that way kek, she's probably not going to win tho.

No. 929817

A little off topic, but this take is milky within itself if you want to get into the ethical problems that exist within the sex industry that cam girls who come from privileged and loving homes sweep under the rug.

Shayna literally conforms to many negative stereotypes of sex workers.

No. 929822

They don't care about anyone but themselves. Being mean to customers make sex work look bad. Sure.

not the million other things that makes sex work DANGEROUS and Shayna & these mentally ill bitches with plan B's push it to be this amazing empowering shit.

No. 929838

Is she ALREADY letting another new loser NUT in her?????? Fucking Christ.

No. 929843

did she even place high enough to win?

No. 929850

STD when?

No. 929889


She was a dumb ass for letting Fupa and the old dude do it, so I don't expect her to NOT let some other dude do it.

But we don't know this could literally be that Old Dude, she probably baited him back into being with her.

No. 929904

Yeah, top 5 go to the final selection by MV, and I think she was #5. I highly doubt they'll choose her though

No. 929907

File: 1581219716007.jpg (585.36 KB, 1080x1867, Screenshot_20200208-214153_Twi…)

Lol at using old pics. She will not make that much

No. 929918

What was it she said when she moved into that ratty ass den right after being bumrushed out of the fupa motel ….?

>> i only worried about the upfront and didn't think about the long term.

Yeah, okay goodluck moving and mooching for every cent of your bills again.

No. 929947

lmao this is embarrassing because she’s literally 30+ lbs heavier now… it looks like a different person

No. 929978

Of course this girl didn't save money haha, she's all about instant gratification. She impulsively buys booze and weed when she gets her hands on money. Instead of working through mental health issues, she blames her mom and uses her fuckbuddy(s?) as an emotional crutch. She won't stick to a diet or gym routine.
If she had some sort of discipline, she wouldn't be the Downward Spiral Dolly we come here for.

No. 929985

She really set up a whole new bed that doesn't even have a mattress yet only to move within a month or so? S2G For every nut thats dropped in her, she looses some cognitive ability.
Most likely she isnt gonna move that quick because her work is based on internet panhandling, but I find it hysterical that she actively seems to WANT her life to be difficult.

No. 930024

She isn't going to win. MV will choose who makes them the most money and it certainly isn't Shay. Just like she didn't win any other time she's entered. She will never be good enough to win any award unless it's for most disgusting or biggest pick me

No. 930092

File: 1581278922951.jpeg (333.32 KB, 1240x963, 8F6F84B7-5739-43F2-AE06-DCE074…)

So… Let me get this right, because i could be absolutely crazy, but that means she dropped $400-$1,300 on a goddamn mattress…. But can't save/doesn't have $3,500 to move in less than 30 days?

No. 930100

Why buy a bed but not think to also buy sheets and a comforter? This is not difficult.

No. 930102

she probably financed it

No. 930108

She’s too busy already saving up for that gaming computer.

No. 930122

Yeah Shay keep spending money on shit that you dont need when you say you're moving in a few weeks. People actually moving dont set up and buy more furniture to haul. They save their money for said move and actually pack their shit.
Cant wait for her to get stuck in that shithole another year. The only way shes moving is if her parents bail her out and give her the money to move.

No. 930126

tinfoil but she's not moving, everything she does and says is just for scamming ppl out of more money. No doubt she is living in a shithole but tbh I think she is fine with living there, if she really hated it she would be gone by now, certainly wouldn't be buying all this crap while still there. she's really pissing me off lately, always playing the victim, grow up shayna omfg
(also wont go on about it but uh she needs to give her dog to a better home, its actually hell expensive to own and properly maintain a dog, what a stupid fuck)

No. 930168

she adopted and keeps the dog for purely selfish reasons, like everything else she does. she lost the cat and couldn't stand to be alone in her apartment, so she got a puppy. that dog could be in a family with kids with a back yard and daily walks, but instead she's grown up in a trash- and smoke-filled apartment with absolutely no training or structure, sharing a bare mattress on a child's daybed with her unwashed owner.

No. 930173

File: 1581289157587.jpg (240.57 KB, 1080x1025, Screenshot_20200209-165950_Twi…)

No. 930176

lost the cat? she still has ribmeat, or are you referring to a previous one?

No. 930189

a few threads ago an anon posted that ribmeat had been reported missing on facebook during the same time noodle was adopted

No. 930190

File: 1581291422613.jpeg (1.01 MB, 3464x3464, 8868CBF1-4F0C-437F-8CC6-991EB1…)

you can still see the posting for those that missed it

No. 930191

Not that anon, but a tulsa native seen rib show up in a lostNfound facebook page and at the point it had been discovered, she had been missing for like 3/4 months and shayna never spoke a word about the situation.
Its some threads back, but yeah she totally lost rib and got noodle "to cope" and then rib showed back up on her lol

No. 930193

Whoops, samefag but proven to be only a few days or so above.
For some reason I thought someone threads back said she had been gone longer than that

No. 930195

was this when Fupa still had her? iirc February was when Shayna got kicked out of Dawns

No. 930196

ooh i see. god she really shouldn't have pets, she's already shown that she is completely irresponsible, but this is just the cherry on top.

No. 930197

File: 1581292367994.jpeg (373.65 KB, 1242x705, FFCD8BF4-5A97-4EC8-8503-5A1D19…)

No. 930200

File: 1581292692178.jpg (Spoiler Image,729.25 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20200209-185754_Chr…)

of anon

No. 930201

Her vagina looks as big as her face. She's done this pose a million times but something is so off here.

No. 930202

her legs arent even close to being behind her head. also her face looks like she can smell herself

No. 930203

i'm not even gonna say anything about her pussy and ass cus we can all see it, but she doesn't even have her legs behind her head.

No. 930207

since when is behind the head two feet in front of your face?

No. 930210


She's either photoshopping the hell out of her pics or finally did something about her infected vagina

Sorry if I'm not replying in threads correctly. New poster(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 930211

lmao the newfaggery, there's a guide in the rules.

No. 930213

are you honestly questioning whether or not this pic is touched up…..? half her body is blurred out

No. 930215

File: 1581295398024.jpg (403.13 KB, 664x1200, 1577479309731.jpg)

I know someone who always said her face looks similar to Pixielocks, even when she was skinnier. I never really seen it but oh my god she looks just like her now.

No. 930218

LUL they do look like they could be sisters,Kek

No. 930223

File: 1581296809995.png (2.75 MB, 1334x750, CFC559C0-464F-44C8-AF9F-07781C…)

no surprise but she didn’t win lol

No. 930230


No. 930231

so if the winners recorded a "thank you" message to be included in this video then shouldn't it have been more than obvious to shay that she didn't win?

No. 930236

iirc they have all of the final 5 record the thank you video

No. 930238

File: 1581298829272.jpeg (190.22 KB, 750x908, 92192FDC-D968-4C51-A3EE-0D4DDE…)

is she really that deluded?

No. 930240

I can imagine her rocking and saying, "Your like Lana Del Rey, Your like Lana Del Rey" on her bed crying.

No. 930261

File: 1581301484495.jpeg (1.25 MB, 3464x3464, C0CAF326-F16C-4765-9E53-80FF5F…)

she looks like an actual drug addict without the foundation sloughed on and facetune/filters

No. 930266

She is an actual addict tho

No. 930274

File: 1581303688480.jpg (320.58 KB, 1080x1057, Screenshot_20200209-210222_Twi…)

No. 930277

tuna inspired look

No. 930278

I can’t tell if it’s the photoshop/filter, but she should go to her gyno stat. The color of her vag plus the yeasty discharge is a sign of some kind of infection.

No. 930281

can everyone please stop talking about her yeast and needing to go to the gyno? you’re looking way too hard lol

No. 930317

If an award doesn’t define your worth/ability, what’s the point?

No. 930321

from the pink pillowcase, she clearly purchased the sheets and put them directly on the bed without laundering them. It still has the creases from being packaged. Also the blank wall and broken window blinds paint a dismal picture, I wonder what tacky shit in 5 shades of pink she'll toss up on the walls this time

No. 930329

it's also such a weirdly backhanded & snarky tweet, "congratulations those who won, you deserve it! but an award doesn't define your worth and value"
also man her self image must give her whiplash, saying she's disappointed but not surprised then saying she loves hearing about herself, shut up and treat your fkn bpd hoe

No. 930386

Bleak af. Showing off her new bed (that any normal person would have already had) to her 4 orbiters
Also I had no idea her skin was in such bad shape. And her eyebrows barely exist at this point

No. 930387

this is genuinely flipping me out. how did i not see it until now? they look so similar.

No. 930393

i've never seen anyone apply the blur tool to a vulva as indiscriminately as shay does. it's jarring, especially when you can see every little imperfection on her face. her head is beginning to resemble a bowl of oatmeal; the fat is settling unevenly in her face.

poor thing can't do her trademark move any longer. in other news, the size of her asshole is rapidly approaching that of the holland tunnel. good job, i guess.

No. 930411

File: 1581343202520.jpg (Spoiler Image,438.49 KB, 1080x1248, Screenshot_20200210-080043_Twi…)

No. 930414

She’s really starting to look like Lillee Jean.

No. 930415

who does she think this impresses? just having her pussy out doesn't make the picture sexy, it does the opposite actually.

No. 930421

Jesus the FaceTune on that first pic! She looks like a different person even just compared to the second one. Her abuse of the blur tool and warping her face to be unrecognizable makes her look like a mannequin or something. it's horrible.

No. 930425

She really did fail at the “casually” sexy exposed pussy shot. There’s so many ways she could’ve made it look like she just flopped on the bed without showing her BilboBaggins face. She looks like some drunk girl that got left by her friends and just laid across the hood of a random car to try and nap.

No. 930427

lmao that's so accurate anon. she'll never be able to pull off the casually sexy look, at least not in the near future, because she doesn't have a single sexy bone in her body. she is clearly unconfident in her body, but she doesn't try to change that and she never seems to look into how other sexworkers set up their shit.

No. 930430

uhhh why does she randomly have her pussy out with her shirt pulled down all the way? this is such a weird picture lol

No. 930431

I think it's a minidress that's pulled up, not a long shirt that's pulled down

No. 930446

I hope her mom feels dumb af for enabling her and buying her a bed when she chose to be irresponsible and not buy one for herself and now she's going to use it for porn

No. 930457

File: 1581352211818.jpeg (320.17 KB, 1242x638, 5F22A818-5F9E-4B69-AC58-991B20…)

Imagine though anon….. That big ass smile and those happy feelings about a new bed…? Was because of her "evil ass mom"

And heres a hilarious kicker,
She's been talking about going to therapy right, before she went on a massive deleting spree of her tweets? Shes even begged for $ for rides and whatnot? Apparently its been "2+ weeks" since shes been there

No. 930458

File: 1581352303968.png (47.79 KB, 167x121, llmfao.PNG)

this is the face of sex appeal

No. 930461

how the fuck is she going to save anything if she can’t even afford $50 for therapy? does she really not understand how pathetic and poverty-level it is to beg for that?

No. 930462

doesn't she only go every month anyway?

No. 930465

what in the ever loving fuck is happening to her eyebrows here

will exchange porn for therapy, kek. i've never seen someone so utterly bad with money

No. 930469

Does she really not see how disturbing it is to trade a porn video of her for money to go to therapy? Who besides the lowest common denominator of men would look at that post and get turned on? I dont even follow this cow but from what the little you can see passing by this thread everything in her life revolves around her doing porn. Even that nice new bed her mom got her.

Most sex workers can separate their irl lives from their internet porn lives. It's kinda sad she constantly needs to talk about doing anal and showing her asshole to the entire world even when doing relatively normal non sexual things.

No. 930472

I thought she just went a week ago? I know her sense of time is really bad because she’s never sober (remember when her 2 month old Twitter was deleted and she thought she had it for 6 months? Kek) but she had been tweeting like she’s been going once a week. So she’s either lying then or lying now.

No. 930473

Yeah fupa had been posting rib on Snapchat with his new kitten during that time too. We also confirmed he didn't live in the area the lost and found article mentioned as well

No. 930475

Tinfoil but I think farmers posted these lost and found because that zipcode isn't even by where fupa lives. I searched 74127 and that's north west Tulsa and we found out they were living in Jenks. Fupa was posting videos on snap of rib during that time and Shay was in Colorado. None of it adds up.

No. 930476

that old mini dress (good eye) is definitely now just a long shirt

No. 930477

This says rib was lost for one day in Feb and she got noodle in the summer. It was may/June I'm pretty sure

No. 930481

At least she doesn’t look like Yaniv for once.

No. 930484

I spit on my keyboard kek

No. 930487

it's the FaceTune. She doesn't look like Yaniv because she doesn't look like herself. The FaceTune squished her face into a more normal shape, and by doing so removed even more of her tiny eyebrows.

No. 930521

File: 1581365236303.png (45.16 KB, 598x366, 3.PNG)

No. 930522

File: 1581365276672.png (22.22 KB, 595x235, 44.PNG)

No. 930524

File: 1581365398049.png (16.3 KB, 599x121, 55555.PNG)

She's so easily impressed and thristy.

No. 930529

lol what is she moisturizing her face with? pizza grease? shayna. we can tell you haven’t touched lotion in ages.

No. 930532

imagine being impressed with common courtesy… Shay please up your standards.

No. 930540

File: 1581368302483.jpg (Spoiler Image,449.25 KB, 1079x1436, Screenshot_20200210-145832_Twi…)

No. 930542

Putting a heart around something doesn't make it automatically heart shaped

No. 930543

This literally looks like something a troon would post on one of those trans reddit showing off their neo vagina.
It's just fucking weird.

No. 930545

LMAO why is that so spot-on

No. 930546

File: 1581369265816.jpeg (332.64 KB, 1242x625, 0A3D3FB5-51F2-4F06-A1A6-7BBBE0…)

So now its something else instead of bpd or borderline??? Good god, suppose shes got blue balls Now as well?
Make up your mind Shayna, what ELSE could be wrong lol

No. 930550

>now I have 2 beds

And to think two years ago she was sleeping on a furry pink rug. Now she has TWO beds - a child’s daybed some perv bought her off amazon & a nice big bed her poor mother bought her even though Shay thinks she’s the devil. Idk guys, I think she is truly thriving

No. 930552

I think her mom only bought the frame anon. That's why it took her 2 fucking months to finally use it kek

No. 930555

her poor mother probably thought she at least had a mattress to put on it

No. 930574

File: 1581374763322.png (310.99 KB, 750x1334, 56320068-6794-4F80-B0F2-2F55D2…)

lol miss nO dRaMa is getting into it again

No. 930575

File: 1581374907043.png (247.42 KB, 750x1334, C5B12730-A4F5-4468-94F5-02E3BA…)

No. 930577

File: 1581375041946.png (279.86 KB, 750x1334, BC5794FC-C817-498E-B762-25DC78…)

>not that there’s anything wrong with being asian
lol what a bizarre way to phrase that. the girl trying to start shit with her is obviously a cow. she honestly can’t even resist inserting herself into drama with the most blatant bait.

No. 930591

honestly that harapinku bitch is a cow herself. she’s SEA and bitches and whines like she has any idea what east asians go through compared to her.

No. 930592

yeah that's what i was thinking anon. i would never defend shay in a million years but this girl sounds like a total idiot. to be fair, shay took the bait though when she could've just ignored her like anyone else. guess that therapy is really working for her lol

No. 930594

i hope this isn’t cowtipping but i told her it really isn’t her place to be offended in east asians place and she called me a coloniser, cracker and white person lmao.. if she wasn’t so infuriating i’d actually wanna see a thread on her crazy ass

No. 930595

lol running to her Discord cumbox to make sure the insane asian cam girl isn't right

unrelated, but the idea of asian women getting defensive over their ownership of tentacle porn, pedobait & ahegao is cracking me up…truly a battle worth fighting.

No. 930596

File: 1581378139798.jpg (Spoiler Image,471.13 KB, 1080x1535, Screenshot_20200210-174304_Twi…)

No. 930597

i'm disappointed she didn't mention the butt lip

No. 930598

LMAO, god this is gonna be some good milk when shayna yells back. she sure is good at not getting into drama lol.

No. 930599

File: 1581378405034.jpg (Spoiler Image,118.58 KB, 902x1200, EPVTHsCU4AAIPmS.jpg)

can't mention it because she's guilty too

got a real battle of the OF all-stars brewing here

No. 930603

File: 1581379148078.jpg (245.28 KB, 717x1035, Screenshot_20200210-155944_Chr…)


No. 930604

I hate when people call other people jealous. it's so annoying and it's such basic bitch thinking, it's "There's no other reason for them to dislike you, must be jealous!" Which I truly think Shayna feels about women.

No. 930605

No one's bullying her, they are talking shit. Stop making this shit about "social justice" which you LOVE when it benefits you. Fuck that other girl because she's saying some bullshit, but you are not being bullied.

Someone's just talking shit and it's getting to you. Obvious bait from someone whose a fucking idiot themselves.

ignore and move on.

No. 930606

File: 1581379444571.jpg (253.17 KB, 689x1093, Screenshot_20200210-160251_Chr…)

No. 930607

File: 1581379490174.jpg (131.83 KB, 719x546, Screenshot_20200210-160356_Chr…)

No. 930608

Where is the butt lip? Her bottom lip looks normal

No. 930609

damn she is almost a refreshment for this thread lmao. not because she is particularly attractive, but because she is able to make a normal expression at least.

No. 930610

Oh yes, bitches arguing is what made sex work become "incredibly toxic" and "gross", privileged attention hungry dumb asses talking about how "friendly" Sex work was in the comforts of their house, while sex workers are getting fucked up and fucked over everyday.

and I love how she keeps going, "Yall" bitch YOU DO THIS SHIT TOO.
It's really triggering her this person called her ugly.

No. 930611

things that should stay on her side account. like she really thinks ppl who buy her porn want to see or even care about this shit.

No. 930612

I was talking about the general matte butthole color of her lips, can't deny they are a better shape than Shayna's but still that is the sickly color of an asshole

No. 930614

She looks like Patrick Starr

No. 930615

I love it when a new cow enters the cringe. Shayna's aesthetic is DDLG Barbie stuff, not kawaii or anything remotely j-fashion or anything. I don't even think she's aware of that culture. lmfao.

No. 930616

isnt she the one that butted in & brought it on herself though?
that asian chick called sadbafoon ugly & then shayna ree'd about it. sounds like she is the 'bored, drama hungry tyrant' tbh

No. 930618

this is all hilarious. this girl doesn't remotely look east asian, for one. so no one's copying "her whole life". and shay's rant is basically just her on a broken record. "sex work is toxic, not because it's dangerous or anything but because someone called me ugly" lol

No. 930619

Lmao at her bitching on her "work" account. This is lame Shayna

No. 930622

lmao, at this point i take patrick over shayna.

No. 930625

This is the same girl who out of no where started shitting on other sex workers camera quality, and literally bullied that sex worker who she thought copied her.
She runs to her discord to get a personal army it's so obvious. She hopes someone takes it upon themselves to go find the person thats hurting her, and defend her.
At least Patrick came at Shayna straight on.

No. 930629

shayna's gonna get as fat as this girl pretty soon lol

No. 930631

This person is arguably more of a cow than Shayna. What a mess.

No. 930637

Yeah jfc her Twitter is just a bunch of salty posts and her talking shit about white ppl kek

No. 930638

shaytard everyone calls you ugly and makes fun of your bizarrely horrible brows because they are genuinely hideous. it's not because everyone is ~jealous~ or just scrambling up insults, you do in fact, look incredibly bad.

No. 930640

File: 1581383154177.png (343.58 KB, 750x1334, 62B5D50C-48C5-4D5E-9154-5357AE…)

apparently her therapist is telling her not to smoke so much weed. not that it matters because she also said her therapist told her to stop drinking and she hasn’t slowed down whatsoever.

No. 930647

jfc 20 cones a day? she wouldn't even be getting much of a (good) high anymore. smart thing is to switch to joints or like use her fuckin vape she already has.

No. 930648

If she moisturizes then she must literally never drink water or any liquid in general because her skin is horrid kek but honestly doubt she moisturizes.

No. 930650

>why is everyone so mean

this bitch is pathetic, she inserts herself into drama then cries "this community is so toxic" when someone shoots back at her. take your own advice and stay out of drama or grow thicker skin. OR best of all just get a better job, shaytard

No. 930659

File: 1581385943036.jpg (111.04 KB, 1080x466, Screenshot_20200210-195226_Twi…)

Anyone have any idea why she removed her MV link from her info?

No. 930663

Cones? Hey fellow kiwi/aus anon!

We all know that she doesnt really hit the bong, she packs tiny bowls and sinks them immediately without even creaming, and then exhales without pulling into the lungs or even holding it there like you should when ripping straight greens. Im not surprised she thinks she needs that many cones, shes used to the method and thinks her tolerance is higher than it is because shes been smoking for years. I agree with the anon that she should go back to joints.

Sage for weed sperg.

No. 930672

File: 1581387531767.jpg (Spoiler Image,712.34 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20200210-211908_Chr…)

photo dumping a shit ton of old pics on onlyfans now.

No. 930724

"The abyss that stares back" should be the title of this one

No. 930728

File: 1581398252429.jpeg (Spoiler Image,54.62 KB, 600x400, images (2).jpeg)

Is it just me or does her pussy kind of look like there's a beige tarantula living there?

No. 930729

I'd hate white people too if I looked even remotely like her kek

No. 930732

File: 1581399573759.jpg (141.81 KB, 1080x637, Screenshot_20200211_003951.jpg)

Wow I'm sure that this HILARIOUS interaction actually happened!!

No. 930736

It’s just because you have no charisma, Shay.

No. 930738

File: 1581401286099.png (Spoiler Image,2.88 MB, 1242x2208, A0D3D53F-BC1D-4516-8A9A-0BE81A…)

Girl, please stop. You really need to assess your self image issues because watching you morph yourself this bad is gonna have serious consequences on you mentally later on. But truthfully, I’ve seen too many jagged jaws, faked hips, smoothed skin, and now drawn on dresses….. JUST NO.

No. 930739

She reminds me of TND's mom so much in a sense that she claims to only want everyone to be nice and essentially "can't we all just get along" type fluffy kitties and puppies bullshit but yet she is one of the most toxic fucking cows ever

No. 930742

File: 1581401608406.jpeg (831.45 KB, 1242x1551, 006DA6FE-170F-4AF3-ADB9-7083A4…)

Accidentally posted this censored

No. 930753

Meds will not fix your constant bad decisions shayna

No. 930767

That's the fucking weed, you idiot. Smoking weed every day for years will make most people anxious and paranoid, if they're prone to depression and mental illnesses.

No. 930774

Her poor therapist is trying to tell her that but she will never stop with the weed and alcohol because

1. she's incredibly dumb and

2. as per >>930640 , everyone she surrounds herself with is incredibly dumb. "Switch to gummies!" wow what a genius idea Meow-Kitty! That solves none of the problem!

No. 930784

It’s not the mood stabilizers that have made you gain weight shayna, it’s that your diet consists entirely of cheeseburgers and alcohol. Weight doesn’t just magically appear in your body ffs, you have to actually put calories into it for that to happen.

No. 930786

File: 1581418876956.png (32.14 KB, 598x303, Capture.PNG)

"Hey guys Im making a second account to talk about my personal life and not clog up my sex work account with my ramblings about mental health and drama"

No. 930787

File: 1581418919902.png (13.64 KB, 590x119, 44.PNG)

No. 930788

File: 1581419013158.png (325.32 KB, 596x535, fkf.PNG)

No. 930790

Imagine being a sex worker who has countless nudes, videos of you pissing on cakes, acting like a fucking toddler, being slapped by manchild's with smol hands, treated like shit by men and spazzing on women for the SMALLEST offenses, Bullying people, sucide baiting for losers to come back to you, and then crying because someone called you fucking ugly?

I thought she was a barbie, that everyone was jealous of her? I do sense she's having man issues because this is the only time she acts like this & brings up her mental illness but seriously?

it's always the bitches who talk the most shit and who have no shame who are the first crying when someone gives them a tiny bit heat.

Stop talking shit so much Shayna, stay in your lane if you are so senstitive, how come you always fucking with people? You get a boyfriend that you claim to care about but admit you are a huge bitch to them, but then you crying about being called ugly and being alone?

It makes ZERO SENSE.

No. 930824

right lol, somebody else was like 'nooo but we love your weed vids' when she was talking about cutting back. they want to see her fail more than people hear i swear

No. 930826

weed-anon could you explain to us young ripe non-smoky children wtf you just said?

No. 930831

lol her boobs look the exact same except now she looks like a fat 12 year old boy with moobs and her ass is a mess of cottage cheese. what on earth is she on about? she’s never worked out a day in her life, so no, you’re not going to be skinny and have an ass.

No. 930847

another orbiter tried to give her suggestions on how she could cut back on smoking and she ignored them, then posted the SpongeBob tweet a few hours after the conversation ended (which by the way, got a whopping 37 likes total from her combined "15k" followers.) I think you're right, some of them want her to fail, but the ones who actually want to help her get ignored all the time.

She doesn't want advice or encouragement to be better, she wants a hugbox where they tell her she's perfect and never needs to change anything

No. 930854

I'll admit she got some fat in her ass after it settled every where else. But her thighs are craters and it still only looks like I normal ass in the right angles.
Idk what shes talking about with her tits tho. I dont think they've gotten much bigger, her whole torso bloated up and made her tits look like a fat child's.

No. 930867

Nta (and some of the terminology I don’t get either, but I think that’s just because weed anon is from a different region) but I just wanted to point out to those who don’t smoke, that shay does it completely inefficiently and is probably why she smokes so much.

One of her leaked snapchat vids she’s talking about how “she is the mentally ill”, she’s hitting her bong and she doesn’t inhale. She’s holding it in her mouth (barely), then blowing it out. This does not get you stoned, or nearly enough to produce the feeling she’s looking for. So she keeps hitting it again and again, not inhaling, wasting her weed.

Sage for weed sperg.

No. 930875

ooh okay, i guess the important part is just the fact she can't even smoke properly and is wasting money. but god, i can't believe i can be even more disappointed in her, she is addicted but at the same time doesn't have a fucking brain to hit her bong properly. she should have noticed the difference when she started using that instead of blunts though.

No. 930876

Sad thing is she'd take looking like a fat child as an compliment, "Phat Babby Dolly is so soft UwU, Daddy loves her sofy body UwU"

I still waiting for her to start calling herself, "ThicCBarbieIRL" or something.

No. 930877

When you pull weed smoke into your mouth, you have to then inhale it deep into your lungs to actually get high. She just pulls the smoke into her mouth and then lets it out without inhaling. I don't even understand how she gets high from this.

No. 930896

Who cares if shay smokes weed

No. 930897

I’m not weed anon but I smoke weed and I understand what they are saying. She doesn’t pull up a lot of smoke. You light the bong by the bowl piece, pull the smoke up the bong by slowly breathing in, lift the bowl piece from its place, and then suck all the smoke you’ve “milked” from the bowl into your lungs. She probably holds it in her mouth and not her lungs because of all the tumblr smoking pictures she would take. You can’t take a picture smoking pot normally, you have to hold it only in your mouth so it comes out thick and cloudy for the picture lmao.

No. 930977

File: 1581451928874.jpg (Spoiler Image,732.46 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20200211-151249_Chr…)


No. 930986

This is some special needs kind of shit. Like, genuinely something someone who’s legit mentally handicapped would do.

No. 930996

lol is that portrait mode blurring everything? what is going on with her feet?

No. 931001

i don't even question her dumb captions anymore, i know it just her trying to be ~quirky~. but what the absolute fuck is that pose?

No. 931012

yea idk what kind of delusion juice she drinks but her boobs have become less noticeable as she gains.

has she given up on her bangs already is she posting old pix?

No. 931026

She looks like some kinda five nights at Freddy's character.

No. 931029

File: 1581458060669.jpeg (193.27 KB, 384x721, 8055A53A-0A86-4C75-8DA4-133F74…)

No. 931032

All you weed spergs need to chill. Not trying to blogpost but I work in legal cannabis and have for years. None of you know what you're talking about. Shayna smokes shitty weed and smokes the same shit over and over and over again. Nothing to do w the way she smokes. She should stop smoking completely and lead with a clear head. I won't derail any further- but none of you know wtf you are talking about. Let's end the weed sperging now.

No. 931036

anon calm your tits, someone asked for details and they answered. saying you work in a dispensary over saying you've been smoking it for a while kinda implies that you don't, so i'm kinda leaning towards taking the word of several weed smokers who all pretty much said the same thing instead of having really varying answers.

No. 931038

tulsa anon, I’m 70% sure I saw Fupa and shay together in his white car the other day
Sage for tinfoil

No. 931039

So is she back with the old guy who dumped her or what. Seems yes, due to anal sex and daddy posts again. Doubt it’s a new guy.

No. 931040

Type sage in the email field. You didn’t sage.

No. 931041

her brain needs physical fucking activity is what it needs. any doctor (even google) will tell you the average weight gain for most medications is 10-20 pounds. after a certain amount of time your body regulates the change from the medication and adapts. obviously its different for everyone but you wont just balloon up continously on meds unless your own habits have something to do with it. id love to know where the hell she thinks fat comes from? if people were prescribing meds to fix mental health issues with side effects as fast and serious as this, thered be a borderline epidemic in the health field. opiods anyone? she needs to get it the fuck together and fast.

No. 931043

I apologize I will do it correctly in the future. Thanks.

No. 931044

still doesn't do it correctly lmao.

No. 931045

how is she ~kinky anal princess~ but needs to outsource ideas for her & her boyfriend to do.

it's probably the same guy, they just break up every other week.

No. 931047

ive heard the bit about holding the smoke in your lungs being more damage than productive to the high, but its entirely true if you dont inhale the smoke into your lungs, your lungs wont absorb any thc. thats kind of the point of smoking it to get high. you gotta actually absorb that high from somewhere.

No. 931048

File: 1581459277600.jpg (654.82 KB, 2048x1152, IMG_20200211_221410.jpg)

>best idea gets filmed And posted

Um, all these require another person. I'd love to see her shove her own head down her grimy apartment toilet though

No. 931049

any bets on how long its been since shes cleaned her toilet? shes bold, thats for damn sure

No. 931050

maybe her bf will make an appearance?

im pretty sure she wont do the 'kidnapped in woods' one, unless shes gonna pretend her apartment floor is the woods.

No. 931060

Genuinely hate these "I'm a so and so so I'm smarter and righter and all of you are stupid compared to me" posts, no one cares what you do or what you've learned. People are simply answering based on experience, get off your high horse.

No. 931062

I wonder if she still considers this "feet behind the head"

No. 931063

Bro that was all cringe as fuck and gave no real input, shut the fuck up wEeD eXpErT. How the fuck do you even know what she’s buying, she goes to a dispensary anyways lmao

No. 931064

100% She does, she is delusioned into thinking she's still skinny enough and flexible enough to pull it off

No. 931068

The real cringe is the nonstop weed sperging about how she doesnt EvEn InHaLEE thoooo!!!!

No. 931069

The REAL cringe is people thinking they're the only ones who get to comment on weed shit because they're eXpErTs

No. 931070

Holding weed in longer doesn't get you more high. You're just depriving yourself of oxygen. That's why you don't hold in when you dab and still get high af. Can we stop weed sperging now jfc

No. 931071

anyone can say whatever they want here. this is an online image board. I am just letting you all know as an industry that employs over 200,000 people… the industry stance as a whole is that "holding in your smoke" "inhaling properly" is all a bunch of bullshit. I breathe in air it goes straight to my lungs. You take a breath and try and keep it in your mouth instead of going straight to your lungs. It went right to the lungs didn't it? The second air hits the lungs oxygen diffuses across the blood barrier. It is the same with THC and all the other cannabinoids. It diffuses almost instantly. Holding in smoke deprives your brain of oxygen and damages your lungs. If smoke is able to be drawn out of a glass piece, inhalation is happening. Smoke is getting in the lungs. She posts pictures of what she has purchased. It is low grade weed. Also smoking the same thing over and over again floods your receptors and makes it continuously more difficult to get high with all the same components swimming around the same receptors in a huge crowd. I promise the shitty weed and smoking the same old mids every day is the issue for her.

No. 931072

Holy shit can you shut up about how much of a weed genius you are no one gives a fuck

No. 931074

I will gladly shut up. I hope the rest of the weed spergers follow.

No. 931077

YOOOOO RETARD, how the FUCK do you think people fucking smoke cigars Jesus Christ if your gunna sperg at least use your fucking brain

No. 931078

How about we all agree that she sucks at getting and smoking her weed and move on?

No. 931079

My thoughts exactly. The blurred out legs and broken-looking toes.

Also she may have a bed now (with the grossest cheapest-looking bedspread ever) but with the bare walls and lack of any other furniture, not even a beside table, it looks like creepy and sad as hell. you can tell the room is completely empty apart from the bed. no better than if it were just a mattress on the floor.

No. 931085

Super KEK. Can't even dignify this one w a response. Too funny

agreed lets focus on the fact our cow apparently has a "daddy" again. I wonder if shes sucked in a new loser or if its the same fuckboy as last time.

No. 931087

I'm convinced this entire time all her "daddies" are either all fake or all fupa or a mix of both. How the hell is she supposedly meeting these guys? She never goes out and then suddenly they're just there

No. 931094

No. 931102

Nobody cares, jesus christ. we get it, you smoke weed. No wonder the mods hate this thread.

No. 931107

sorry to sperg yall. honestly thought it would put an end to all the "she doesnt even inhale/get high" sperging that has been a constant for actual fucking years throughout these threads. I am an idiot for thinking any of my insight would result in anything other than butthurt bitter anons. this is the first time ive given my perspective on this topic specifically and holy shit never again kek

now lets actually move the fuck on.

No. 931111

File: 1581464758640.jpeg (37.83 KB, 583x250, A3F66F07-7EDC-4E14-B3F0-6D5C4E…)

just stop jesus

No. 931116

1. You don’t have any insight
2. You are repeatedly shitting up the thread with you bullshit.
3. You don’t have to post every time you want to fucking defend yourself.
You obviously haven’t posted on here much either or else you would get you are solely shitting up the thread right now with your defensive bullshit SHUT THE FUCK UP FOR THE 100x

No. 931117

same goes to all the fuckers replying too. literally everyone shut the fuck up. you are all annoying and all shitting up the thread jesus fuck

No. 931121

Dude now you're literally just sitting here talking to yourself while shitting up the thread, maybe take your own advice and shut the fuck up

No. 931128

damn, did you get your weed diploma at cannabia university? fucking shut up, you are the one dragging out this weed factoid talk.

No. 931132

oop, they deleted their cringy comment about being the top weed scientist.

No. 931133

File: 1581465870064.jpg (86.89 KB, 704x333, Screenshot_20200211-160511_Chr…)


No. 931136

She's already done the head in toliet thing, she mentioned it in her "most embarrassing things" video and said she lost an eyelash or something

No. 931137

feeders usually have fart fetishes too right? she is really finding a good target audience for herself.

No. 931138

Kidnapping scenes require time to work out properly. She'll probably do it half ass as per usual.

No. 931139

that was on accident because I didnt sage. This is the last time I am addressing this. didnt dirty delete. but what I did say- since you care- was that I manage a dispensary and have been smoking daily for over ten years- in reference to the person saying I probably dont even smoke. also have a degree in biochemistry. and ik youre trolling but cannabis universities are actually a thing. if shayna was smart she'd buy herself some classes and get a job as a budtender. Guarantee some college courses for cannabis will be popping up in OK eventually if they aren't there already. itd be work she would actually enjoy and having an education in cannabis would make up for her lacking work experience. even tho she has zero fucking work ethic.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 931140

lmao is this a copypasta

No. 931141

File: 1581466447804.jpg (Spoiler Image,783.37 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20200211-191400_Chr…)

of anon
hair looks so wirey and greasy

No. 931142

File: 1581466480684.jpg (Spoiler Image,466.35 KB, 1080x1224, Screenshot_20200211-181528_Twi…)


No. 931143

Pls what does it say in the second one? I can't understand it

No. 931144

I wish I couldn't read it, but it says "swirly fuck" as in head in toilet while getting fucked

No. 931145

swirly fuck, as in having her head in a toilet while its flushed

No. 931153

Her snap story is too long and pointless to post. But here are highlights:

She did her full makeup routine

Admitted to plucking her brows short

Yelled at Noodle because she's not allowed on her new bed

At one point you see RibMeat on the bed and Noodle comes in which makes Shayna yell "leave her alone! You're not even allowed to be in here!"

No. 931156

It's hilarious that she posted her makeout routine on snapchat when she has a video you can buy on MV of her doing the same thing

No. 931159

File: 1581467792451.jpg (376.26 KB, 1080x1344, Screenshot_20200211-183609_Twi…)

What made her post the list. Is this a new guy? Or the same one?

No. 931161

what is this weird sparse pube thing she does on and off? like either grow it out or shave it. i remember an anon awhile back saying that it looked like someone had shaken a pepper shaker on it and that’s the only way i can describe it now.

No. 931162

if she really broke up with that dude i doubt she got another boyfriend so fast, so it's either the same dude or she is making this up.

No. 931163

i think she is trimming it badly. i'd say she should just shave it off entirely if not for the fact that she can't shave properly and would get cuts and blisters all the time again.

No. 931170

She used to get it waxed regularly, and after a while it may start to grow in differently. She might be shaving as well which makes it look weird.

No. 931171

I don't think either of them were ever boyfriends. I'm 100% sure it's just fuck buddies and she calls them daddy.

No. 931188

File: 1581471916037.jpg (525.81 KB, 1080x1138, Screenshot_20200211-193741_Twi…)

No. 931191

lmao shayna it’s not 2013 tumblr anymore

No. 931213

Probably a mix of the waxing and the scabbing/ingrown hairs from her shaving before causing damage to the hair follicles? She used to have a full bush at one point during her peak tumblr stoner era, but it looks so weird and patchy now when she lets it grow.

No. 931220

Her snapchat right now:
-her starting with that cringe ass baby voice and dropping it quickly
-taking out the nappiest braids I've ever seen
-doing her make up on her bed and touching her hands with the foundation then touching her hair and her new bed
- her caking on foundation with no kind of blush or contour or anything besides powder and setting spray
-her spending way too long on her wings therefore making them ENORMOUS (more than halfway to her temple)
-also spending too much time on her eyebrows but keeping them minuscule and sperm like
-she's panting almost the whole time
- her yelling at her pets to get out of her room (like seriously dude why even have them?)
-finishing her makes up to put on an outfit that "hides" her weight gain and doesn't match in the slightest
- gets on her knees on her bed and flips her hair back and forth in a way no one but her thinks is attractive
-smokes her stank ass weed

No. 931224

that's what happens when you buy your followers. why is she even asking for ideas, no one is going to see her do it [if she even really is] and the most we'll get is another surejan.jpeg twitter story.

there is nothing cute about these images or that description, make it stop.

No. 931225

Whoa wtf why did she post this??? NOTHING is sexy or cute. Everything looks ugly, fat, and/or unattractive. It's not quirky. It's special needs. Her bag looks big and the pubes are weird, her tits look veiny and deflated, her face is literally retarded, her legs look fat, weird feet, clothes dont fit, etc. Yikessss

No. 931242

same reason she thinks it’s cute to consider leaving a fart in one of her videos

No. 931244

File: 1581482972491.png (295.11 KB, 750x1334, AC1A5111-4D4A-4999-9809-E97B96…)

why is this kind of hilarious

No. 931245

File: 1581483041145.png (337.11 KB, 750x1334, AE9106DD-EC65-474C-AA3B-016D4D…)

No. 931250

Unpopular opinion, but I honestly think she looked better with blonde hair. I dunno if it's because of her weight gain but the darker hair makes her look older.

No. 931252

it’s because of the weight gain but keep in mind her hair only looked good blonde the day she got it done and would immediately go into the crunchy ratty braids after going unwashed for days

No. 931253

Lol good. At least someone will get some use out of it this way.

No. 931256

It’s funny she chose this guy when he’s been cancelled by every other sex worker out there for stealing content and not crediting artists lol

No. 931260

I agree, I think the problem ks that it's a very dated and un natural color. It was cool like in 2008 and now only old ladies or karens are doing this purple ish look

No. 931275

Doubt. She’s such a shitty liar, you’d think she’d learn after all these threads but nah, that’s scammy mattel for you

No. 931289


Why are you talking about crying over a bicycle on your work account? What does this have to do with sex work? Why don't you just make content worth paying for so you don't have to beg for money with these retarded sob stories? Imagine if anyone in any other line of work did this, say like a comic artist, or a professional model?

No. 931291

Have you seen digital artists on social media, so many of them beg and give sob stories, same with the craft people on Etsy.

No. 931300

She never used it except for a photo prop anyway. She probably sold it.

No. 931321

If she really used it, she would have posted pics. She probably had to put it outside because she needed room for the bed and shes practically literally retarded and didnt lock it up like anyone with a bike knows you have to. Bike theft is very very common, even the tires.

No. 931335

why tf did she bother wearing clothes in this. we all know the chub is there, shay. you're not hiding anything or fooling anyone

No. 931351

i wonder how she is picking up so many fuck buddies, especially with her current look. maybe i'm just overestimating the standards of our lovely spaghetti dicked boys she's been known to date.

No. 931355

File: 1581518130035.png (819.3 KB, 1200x1200, masterpiece.png)

she gone cucked

No. 931356

i'm pretty sure she isn't. i'm guessing this guy either: doesn't exist, is fupa or is that guy she was dating before (if that wasn't fupa). the whole time i've believed it's fupa, because shay never goes out or meets anyone. if she was going on tinder dates, she would post about them. she overshares about her whole life, there's a reason she's not oversharing about this guy.

No. 931370

I know this is incel rhetoric to some extent, but it’s true that almost any girl that’s at least average looking can find a guy to fuck with if she wants to.
Shay isn’t pretty. But realistically, when she’s not dressing or acting full on retard baby like she does online, she’s average-looking (at least for where she lives). And even if she wasn’t, there’ll always be someone desperate enough to hit that.

There’s a reason though why they don’t become anything more than a fuckbuddy. And I assure you, it’s not by her own choice.

No. 931373

It's ironic to me that she'll have fuck buddies she brags about fucking raw, doesn't get herself tested, and then shits on non-sex workers who "have sex for free" as she and so many of them like to snivel. she's having unprotected sex with people and not getting tested, does she just think she's better because she's a sex worker? She's so fucking delusional.

No. 931376

i feel the same. especially after her posting her “friends” at the bar on her snapchat and then crying about getting stuck at their house with no money the next day. she really has an issue of oversharing when new people are in the picture because she interacts with so few irl.

No. 931407

LMAOOO fucking hell anon i love this

No. 931416

If she's fucking fupa it's sad that after all this time Shayna runs to discord or twitter to vent ot talk about how she's crying and shit.

I think this dude is some desperete dusty "Dom" who knows Shayna is mentally ill, lonely and thristy and wants a quick fuck.

No. 931431

File: 1581532523714.png (619.18 KB, 546x556, 111.PNG)

No. 931433

File: 1581532593188.png (15.62 KB, 600x129, ttttt.PNG)

No. 931434

Looks like a trans person trying to show they have tits

No. 931435

File: 1581533016213.png (348.47 KB, 573x548, 5555.PNG)

It must hurt that animated camgirls are more successful then her.

No. 931443

>is it a program or a person
i…. really???

No. 931444

Does she want to target the anime community now but realize there's competition

No. 931447

I loled this is the most accurate statement

No. 931448

I actually watched ProjectMelody the other night and it was incredible how this fake AI cam girl was more engaging and had more personality than Shay does
I'd say she should stop camming but she hasn't cammed in months

No. 931459

here's the OF vid with the fart at the end. the whole thing is so bleak. the lighting, retarded faces, the noises.

No. 931463


No. 931467

I can't stop laughing, what an absolute shitshow. Her double chin is top notch and her delusion is immeasurable!

No. 931469

sweet jesus we need a new gif banner of these horrifying faces

No. 931470

Yeah anons have said it before but this one convinced me her demographic is dudes that like to watch nasty girls degrade themselves. Like I get humiliation fetish and stuff. But this is different. like the more bleak it is, the more they must get turned on.
Nothing about this is actually sexy. The angle, the faking, the grunting. Pork sweats. Farting. I mean she really is appealing to a whole new lower demographic. ~Thriving~

No. 931471

What's that white stuff on her butthole

No. 931472

my guess is toilet paper

No. 931473

have we hit rock bottom yet? my body was physically recoiling while watching this.

No. 931481

also shay goes to trashy bars fairly often, it's easy to snag some ugly fat desperate fuck buddy style guy there lol. it's very very clear that not one man she's ever been involved with is a handsome lawyer for example

No. 931482

I think rock bottom for Shay would be doing Scat porn for cheese burger money. Which, I don’t think is too far fetched.

No. 931483

File: 1581541239870.jpeg (Spoiler Image,503.24 KB, 2048x2048, 0C03D1B4-1A3A-4321-BC94-77B93D…)

What. The absolute fuck. Is she thinking putting out content like this.

No. 931484

Is someone training to be a weeb ethot lol

No. 931488

she looked like a granny struggling to open a jar of pickles

No. 931490

this is, no exaggeration, the worst thing i've ever watched in my life. i'm embarassed and humiliated for the fact that my very own eyes had to witness this and that my ears had to hear this. gonna go puke now

No. 931491

Speaking of cheeseburgers…

Remember it's the meds that totally make her gain weight!

No. 931492

File: 1581542834767.jpg (201.74 KB, 1063x1277, Screenshot_20200212-212638_Twi…)

Oops, forgot pic

No. 931495

It must really hurt Shayna that there's bitches on twitch fully dressed, getting attention dancing and she's considering makin porn where she gets her head stuck in the toliet by some dusty dom for fuckin less then what they make in a day.
There's even sex workers making vanilla porn who make twice as much as Shayna but aren't doing extra humilating shit for pennies.
It's honestly depressing because she keeps getting grosser and grosser and her porn is STILL broin as fuck.

No. 931496

It's sad she only leaves the house to eat

No. 931497

can't believe this retard will bitch and cry every week about how fat she feels and how she's ~totally~ starting to diet and go to the gym tomorrow and she also blames her meds for her 40 pound weight gain yet she also shamelessly posts the reality of what she eats and it's the greasiest highest calorie fat gaining shit on earth.

No. 931507

This is the saddest, most ridiculous and unappealing attempt of porn I‘ve ever seen.

No. 931509

Each months I tell myself it couldn't get worse for her then here we are. She looks like a fat fucking retard (yaniv/foreverkailyn hybrid). I feel so sorry for her family, there is no coming back from this.

No. 931513


I am honestly scared to watch it because her life is depressing, and it is sad watching this girl degrade herself for junk food and pennies.

No. 931520

Same. The cringe is too much for me sometimes. I just wait for screen grabs or gifs lol. Only a couple times I’ve actually watched clips on her twitter and I was embarrassed to have watched it.
It’s literally like watching retard porn.

No. 931530

I usually do the same, but I was compelled to click for some reason, and it was fucking bad. she looks dirty, her hair is stiff with grease, and the faces she makes are absolute horrorcow material. screengrabs don't do it justice how awful it is to see her in motion.

Can't wait to hear her cry about her weight on her business twitter and beg for money to "cheer her up" in the next 48 hours

No. 931537

File: 1581551070527.jpg (264.79 KB, 1076x961, Screenshot_20200212-174504_Twi…)

No. 931539

This is… not true. Why would a bank default to some bimbo valentines themed card.

No. 931544

What she means is she ordered a pink card and then lied to make a quirky tweet
This is like when the bartender totes gave her pink princess napkins because she was so cute

No. 931555


No. 931556

right, she mentioned it a couple of times, alleged she was going to make porn with it and then it wasn't spoken of again. she should've just sold it, or she did and is just posting for pity/subscriptions like always.

by who, noodle?

No. 931565

She also claimed to have done a photo shoot with it. But no photos have been posted

No. 931571

File: 1581561033323.png (44.3 KB, 591x176, Screen Shot 2020-02-12 at 9.30…)

No. 931572

*lazy and addicted to bullshit

Why would she have to put EFFORT into anything?? Silly therapist.

No. 931581

why the hell is she going to therapy then? she's only wasting her time and money if she's not going to do what her therapist suggests

No. 931603


If she actually got better, she could no longer blame her mental health for all the shit decisions she makes and why her life is so shitty. Therapy is the illusion that she’s “trying.” Like you said, she doesn’t realize she’s wasting her own money by not taking it seriously.

No. 931606

lol she didn’t do that but what she did do is say she was going to kill herself when her internet went out kek

No. 931609

?? No. That’s not how any of that works. They don’t hand you a card when you walk into a bank. And some bank gives you a couple options for designs. But they don’t choose for you- and if they do it’s the banks default.
I’m surprised this story didn’t end up with everyone standing up and clapping.

Yea I’d be scared too if I was shay. Having to be alone with your thoughts and realizing what a bleak and sad life you live. Whew.

No. 931627

File: 1581578844410.png (230.15 KB, 564x383, BOK_pink-card_EMV_mockup.png)

I'd bet money that it's this shitty debit card because all of the trashy girls around here have it. But you have to get the pink one mailed to you so…

No. 931683

at this point i wouldnt be surprised if she ordered a custom design, forgot she did by the time it arrived & then was like 'omg how did they know i like pink???'

No. 931684

this bitch doesn't shower, how is her ends already so faded?

No. 931768

File: 1581617779022.png (335.1 KB, 2048x515, Screenshot_20200213-131652.png)

Shayna it's fucking 12 in the afternoon, and you're already tipsy? Jesus.

No. 931775

File: 1581618855047.png (27.64 KB, 610x277, jjjjj.PNG)

No. 931776

On her "work" twitter too. What a mess.

No. 931778

File: 1581618977663.png (20.74 KB, 597x204, rrrrrr.PNG)

No. 931779

Of course. She gets like two people interacting with her on her “sfw” account.

Is she just trying to throw something against a wall and see what sticks in an attempt to go viral? And the tipsy excuse is just her way of saying “if nothing is funny that’s why and I’ll delete later”.

No. 931783

Sorry I am late about this but lmao Lana del ray won many awards I don't know what is she on.

No. 931795

I would say this is sad but it's just normal for her. Sex work is fucking over EVERY thing in her life but she refuses to fucking do anything different.

She loves sex work, yet she's always drunk, in drama, high or just depressed. Then she acts like she's the world a favor by showing her cunt and sex work is "such a important job, we are so brave, we risk everything for what we do!!"

Even SHE knew she wasn't interesting enough to move on from a basic stoner bitch, to some thing else. She wants to be famous, she wants to be a personality.

You are no good looking enough, you're not interesting, you do nothing to be interesting and you've declined more and more.

Get some fucking help. Why is being a dumb bitch cool now?

No. 931906

File: 1581640373495.jpg (428.68 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20200213-183305_Twi…)

Well this orbiter is back to talking to her

No. 931908

Shayna: omg I'm a game gurl, pay me to make gamer content, someone buy me a gaming computer to game on
also Shayna: wtf is rocket league

No. 931954

She wants a gaming computer to play literally 2 whole games. Has no idea about games that have been around for years. A part of me wants her to stream just because I know she’d get trolled by internet mouth breathers

No. 931955

shitty color on bleached hair. she keeps pining to be blonde and i want her to do it to see how dead it gets.

i think she's actually realizing ppl don't care about her stupid side account, she's still putting dumb shit on her main one like last night when she was talking about having "chimken nuggies". i know she's always done the dumb ~baby uwu~ typing thing but the putting m into words it doesn't belong thing seems kind of new and i don't know where she picked it up from but it physically hurts to read. funny she deleted all but one of the tweets now though.

No. 932052

File: 1581693001802.jpg (Spoiler Image,611.04 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20200214-150954_Twi…)

Kek, just what she needs, a big box of chocolates.

No. 932058

Y'all know she bought them herself and is gonna eat them while crying over her sims game.

No. 932060

jesus that’s like 60 chocolates right there

No. 932063

I'm really confused about what I'm seeing in the bottom right of the first photo? Lol what body part is that? Anatomically its just not making sense to me

No. 932066

Those damn “antidepressants” making her gain more weight I see… definitely not the high ass box of chocolate.

No. 932067

looks like her arm and a bit of her leg

i can't help but laugh at the fact that she's trying to hide her body with the bear but she's so scrunched up she kinda reminds me of a midget

No. 932073

i couldn't for the life of me figure out what's going on there, it's such a bad photo. it cuts her off at weird parts, making it look like she has another arm sprouting from her shoulder behind the bear.

No. 932075

I don't know why i find this so funny. Is she saying this is from her BF/Daddy yet? Or will she post about some cheap brunch or dinner later?

No. 932077

File: 1581696671260.png (12.38 KB, 542x87, Screenshot (217).png)

i guess she is, but thats kinda sad that shes apparently never had a valentines day present ever?

No. 932086

File: 1581697403538.jpg (83.32 KB, 1070x599, Screenshot_20200214-162410_Twi…)


No. 932090

so she's going to eat a piece of chocolate with her dry stank fingers?
That's boring as fuck. I can imagine the long-ass description -

"It's valentine days and Dolly is horny and lonely! Her daddy left her some chocolate, which she then proceeds to eat, getting more and more turned on by its chocolatey goodness! Eventually, she finds herself sticking her chocolate-covered hands into her pussy flavored Dolly Hole, after cumming all over her fingers. Dolly then gets another delicious piece of chocolate with her cum soaked dolly flavored fingers and EATS IT. Nomnomnomnom. She licks her fingers and smiles waiting for daddy to come home for some more valentine fun!"

No. 932091

Lmao anon. I now want Shayna to straight copy-paste this into one of her videos.

No. 932092


Add the word desperate before dolly hole and this is spot on

No. 932093

File: 1581698650724.jpg (133.49 KB, 1074x1241, Screenshot_20200214-164425_Twi…)

Lmao.. er

No. 932094

so thristy

No. 932099

she had a serious boyfriend through high school who had a steady job and seemed to really care about her. I call bullshit.

No. 932103

Did Fupa also get her some V-Day gift? Like a bear or some shit

No. 932104

unfortunately Tumblr is a garbage hole website and there's no way to view her archive, so it's impossible to know without scrolling back through years of pink shit

No. 932108

there is an archive for every tumblr blog, but who knows what actually remains on there after the purge.

No. 932109

there is an archive, but it is impossible to access it unless you're the account owner. Her blog is dashboard-view-only and there is no way to view the archive from the dashboard view. I know this because I just tried. Hence calling tumblr's UI garbage. keep up

No. 932113

I am SO SORRY MODS PLEASE I’m so sorry I know this is a nitpick but it really fucking looks like she has a fucking dick in that second picture and I can’t stop laughing. she gained 40lbs in her pubic mound and it hangs. I can’t.

No. 932115

I got banned for a day for this post >>930543 and I don't regret it, thats what it looks like sorry not sorry, Kek.


I think they were broken up on valentines day, but i'm postitive someone has gotten Shayna a gift, rather it was when she was in school & a teacher/student handed out cards, her parents, thristy dudes sending her money gifts, she's def. lying, or thats my tinfoil.

No. 932120

Pretty sure she just bought it for herself from a tip someone sent after she begged for them to fund her gift.

No. 932122

You can't gain or lose weight in your pubic mound, at least not from a few pounds. That's her actual lower stomach where she's gained alot of the flab, that's what's hanging down. please learn anatomy.

No. 932124

nta but it literally has pubes on it

No. 932126

File: 1581705956058.jpg (46.85 KB, 603x369, rich.JPG)

You can get a thick one but a rich one? DOUBT, It's valentines day and seems like she's just shit posting until dude decides to show her some attention.

(aka take her to get a drink, fuck her and go home)

No. 932127

File: 1581706041952.jpg (15.9 KB, 600x109, hhhhhh.JPG)

Why does she even have that second account?

No. 932128

Even still you can't lose or gain weight in your pubic mound. It could just be more noticable from the pooch in her stomach so now it shows more? it could also be cos she's trying to pose differently now that she's chubs. it does look weird i agree there.

No. 932129

you can gain weight anywhere on your body, anon. chill the fuck out.

No. 932131

there's no fat storage in the pubic mound lmao, you sound like a scrote.

No. 932135

nta but have you never seen a fat girl's pussy? just stop

No. 932136


Shayna isn't that fat. She's gained what, 20 lbs?

No. 932164

imagine caping this hard for absolutely no reason kek

No. 932165

File: 1581711096230.png (Spoiler Image,572.16 KB, 507x582, Untitled.png)

It took me a minute to figure it out but I think it goes like this.

No. 932170

are you stupid? when you gain weight it can absolutely be stored in your outer labia and pubic mound.

No. 932173

Ok so her stomach is right between her thighs? Sure, learn anatomy chan.

don’t know why you have to argue over this dumb shit, I said what I said because it’s literally her pubic mound hanging. It has pubes on it. Her thigh is covering her stomach. Then 5 more posts after it arguing over it. Jfc.

No fat storage in pubic mound lmfao shut UP

No. 932190

Extra hilarious considering the multiple videos of her rubbing her "clit" and missing it entirely

No. 932192

File: 1581716156310.jpg (Spoiler Image,2.2 MB, 1920x1920, Polish_20200214_163500945.jpg)

she absolutly did not "finger her cunt", she rubbed her mound for 2 seconds, and the did whatever THIS is.

No. 932195

she's one of the many people who go to therapy thinking it's a magic cure for bad thoughts, are too afraid to put any effort into changing their behaviors, and come away from it going "i guess my brain is just broken and now i have a handy bad brain diagnosis to further excuse being a shitlord."

i predict at some point she'll make a big deal about how she has to go off her meds because of weight gain before she ever stops being a garbage eating sloth. her meds don't seem to be doing anything for her anyway.

No. 932202

eurgh she could've at least shaved (hope she washed too).
the amount of bacteria in pubic hair. thoughnot surprising when she ate her own filthy discharge

No. 932208

I’m sorry but…. grow up kid…hair and bacteria have no positive correlation. If anything hairless vaginas are more susceptible to infection because hair keeps particles OUT.

No. 932211

it's hilarious how people keep sprouting about their academic level anatomy knowledge here when they are so wrong lol. but she does barely shower so she's probably pretty dirty there too.

No. 932236

If hair is meant to stop bacteria from getting somewhere, the bacteria will collect in the hair as that is their function. If you wash, you'll be fine. There's no correlation between washed hair and bacteria.

Since she's always unwashed, her pubes are undoubtedly teeming in bacteria like the rest of her.

No. 932245

kid? you're retarded, she already has trash hygiene and sweats like a pig, yes pubic hair is generally safer from keeping off infections but bacteria thrives in moisture.

No. 932254

You couldn't even refer to the right anon lmao(Infighting )

No. 932256

Did she just rub with her whole hand or something

No. 932270

File: 1581727839425.jpg (Spoiler Image,633.83 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20200214-184935_Twi…)


No. 932272

File: 1581727868295.jpg (Spoiler Image,548.14 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20200214-184928_Twi…)


That blur though

No. 932273

File: 1581727890276.jpg (187.46 KB, 1080x776, Screenshot_20200214-185116_Twi…)

No. 932281

that's… not what that means, shaytard

No. 932291

File: 1581730598483.jpg (267.43 KB, 1080x871, Screenshot_20200214-193707_Twi…)

No. 932296

Her stupidity knows no boundaries. It's almost impressive.

No. 932310

File: 1581734489587.jpg (Spoiler Image,927.61 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20200214-214138_Chr…)

once again just posting ten of the same image on her of. she works so hard.

No. 932331

Gotta admit, if she didn't have her hair in those ratty ass braids™ (and she weren't Shay lmao), this would actually be a decent photo.

No. 932335

Lol this is such low tier Wal-Mart effort. Like, she just takes some photos of her ass in the air next to some chocolate. That’s it.

No. 932363

When has she ever tho?? Like seriously. I havent completely read all the old threads but I've never heard her say that Mia chick got her into porn. Shay always acts so self made. Like shes so cool for choosing sex work because shes a pick me who rebelled against her meanie parents. But really just hopped on the trend from stoner to tumblr camwhore.
What are they even on about?? Literally Shay has never posted about it on Twitter ever. Idk about tumblr.

No. 932383

Never heard her say anything like that about Mia either, surely she would have mentioned something when they were on cam together that time.

No. 932413

She has said that before but I'm not going to find it for you.
Hard Disagree. Her face looks rat like.

No. 932447

She didn't, at all. They made vids together once and Shayna thought it would give her porn clout since Mia is fairly popular. But no one really bought the vids.

No. 932472

File: 1581789331366.png (818.48 KB, 1514x2048, Screenshot_20200215-125506.png)

Shayna: "when you prove your content low, it makes you look cheap and low quality"

Shayna: "I price my content cheap because I want to reach a wider audience but if you want to charge $30 I guess that's fine?"

The passive aggressive vibes I'm getting from this. Just wow.

No. 932479

File: 1581790775815.jpg (508.86 KB, 1080x1434, Screenshot_20200215-122022_Twi…)


No. 932481

File: 1581791000677.jpg (121.26 KB, 1080x426, Screenshot_20200215-122031_Twi…)


No. 932482

File: 1581791022749.jpg (Spoiler Image,463.22 KB, 1078x1282, Screenshot_20200215-121957_Twi…)

No. 932483

Isn't "baby bimbo" kind of a contradiction? Bimbos are basically stereotypes of hyper sexualized women. And then the baby thing in porn is usually for more petite girls with smaller boobs and more babyish features I guess? Just don't understand how baby and bimbo correlate at all.

No. 932484

File: 1581791088395.jpg (199.95 KB, 1080x849, Screenshot_20200215-121850_Twi…)

Sure Shay

No. 932485

imagine the sores she'll have on her pussy from getting waxed BI WEEKLY. What a fucking retard.

No. 932486

That's…not how it works at all Shayna. Your gut got bigger and now it's probably harder for you to lean over, kek.

No. 932487

File: 1581791439139.png (341.68 KB, 2048x565, Screenshot_20200215-133112.png)

I guess she forgot she can't get her feet behind her head anymore

No. 932499

File: 1581793684631.jpg (137.28 KB, 750x883, original.jpg)

For some reason she doesn't seems to know what a Barbie or a Bimbo is because she lacks serious hygiene and she belong in a trailer park.

No. 932519

Using her older pictures like this to sell content should be considered catfishing.

No. 932522

File: 1581798450091.png (1.42 MB, 1685x2048, Screenshot_20200215-152737.png)

LMAO she's really going to try and market herself as "thick" now. I'm fucking dying.

Shayna you are not thick, you're just pudgy in the wrong places.

No. 932523

this is so funny. she's being so passive aggressive. like "you girls that charge $30 aren't appealing to a wide range of buyers like me and my cheap gross ass". she's clearly so jealous of girls that customers will spend $30 a month on.

No. 932524

File: 1581798594755.png (Spoiler Image,2.72 MB, 1534x2048, Screenshot_20200215-152956.png)

learn how to pose your pudge body, Shayna. this ain't it.

No. 932535

If you have to contort your entire body to make your ass have any sort of shape, you aren’t thicc. Just flabby. I get angles and all to flatter what you have, that but those aren’t it.

Your face has always been a travesty, and you don’t have the genetics for an ass. Sorry. Some people just don’t. But you had a decent slender body type and tits weren’t bad. Now you’re a shapeless mass, with a cottage cheese texture.

She’ll go with the whole “thicc” image until she gets so massive her stomach and arms get covered in red stretch marks.

No. 932552

File: 1581804100412.jpg (693.79 KB, 1080x1846, Screenshot_20200214-214333_Twi…)

The comment(Repost)

No. 932554

i hope that isn't a farmer

No. 932567

File: 1581808438603.jpg (Spoiler Image,471.37 KB, 1080x1168, Screenshot_20200215-171445_Twi…)

No. 932568

Every person who hates on Shay isn't a farmer

No. 932576

if this was another thread i would say they are, but with shayna we've seen several times people shitting on her who obviously weren't farmers. they are also not saying anything that someone who doesn't read the threads wouldn't say.

No. 932593

i'm usually skeptical and think everyone is a farmer with blank accounts on twitter, but if you look at this one's likes, i think it's just some creepy pornsick man.

No. 932598

shay you're fucking delusional you look revolting, no part of you and especially not your pussy is "bomb" lol.

No. 932601

"it's all fun n games until I whip out this dry ass pussy"

fixed it for you Shayna.

No. 932602

that pose looks so unnatural, yikes

No. 932624

File: 1581816829169.jpg (498.77 KB, 1080x1713, Screenshot_20200215-193414_Twi…)

Shay should NOT being giving eyebrow advice

No. 932626

File: 1581816861702.jpg (266.48 KB, 1080x1001, Screenshot_20200215-193314_Twi…)

No. 932629

>did something similar

Lol no. You didn’t do anything similar to what she’s wanting to do. In fact, you did the opposite. You shaved/plucked back the front of your brows instead of the tails.
Literally no one should take eyebrow advice from Shay

No. 932640

If your pussy was actually bomb, men would want to fuck that instead of your dirty asshole.

and I oop

No. 932641

it's genuinely unbelievable that shayna doesn't see how hideous her makeup is. her eyebrows and eyeliner are a crime against humanity.

No. 932643

File: 1581819695516.jpg (Spoiler Image,1.01 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20200215-212149_Chr…)

breaking news: more of the same ten photos on of

No. 932644

File: 1581819778184.jpg (Spoiler Image,761.8 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20200215-212330_Chr…)

by this logic, Shay owes me money because this pic made me gag

No. 932648

either that's a freckle on her foot, dirt, or a wart/corn. Ew.

No. 932658

man, i am 100% convinced this bitch is never getting on cam again. the hardcore blurring/shooping going on here is insane, i feel like we're not even close to having an idea what the fuck kinda shape she actually is in right now

No. 932664

she has multiple pieces of dirt on her feet if you dare to blow the pic up lol. not breaking news or anything because we all know her carpets are never ever, under any circumstances vacuumed.

No. 932667

She needs to buy lingerie that fits and be realistic about her size. She should check out actual lingerie stores instead of cheap amazon ones and get sizes that fit or even go to sites like Yandy. Her posing won’t help if she looks like she’s busting out of it. In terms of plus size/fat girls she’s not that big however her posing just makes her look 20x bigger than she really is. She needs to see what curvier/bigger girls are doing and take nots BADLY!

No. 932673

File: 1581827320100.jpg (266.95 KB, 1075x824, Screenshot_20200215-222901_Twi…)

Who's talking about her now?

Also, she's so delusional

No. 932674

File: 1581827348962.jpg (161.76 KB, 1079x679, Screenshot_20200215-222840_Twi…)

I'm assuming we should get ready for a gross pig porn

No. 932675

She didn't win anal star, when will she stop with the "butt stuff Barbie"?

No. 932680

oh my god. she needs serious psychiatric help. people only talk about you because you look shockingly horrifyingly bad, you post retarded uneducated shit on the regular, you cause and instigate drama, and you're the most delusional sad lifeless bitch on earth.

i can see her sobbing hysterically while staring at herself in the mirror screaming "I'M DOLLY MATTEL AND I AM A HOUSEHOLD NAME! AN ICON! EVERYONE LOVES ME AND ONLY JEALOUS SEX WORKERS TALK BAD ABOUT ME! I'M A STAR!"

No. 932683

The ugly lumpiness of her face is painful. You can be chubby without a lumpy face of melting wax. Her faces always look like she cried before hand and her face got puffy.

No. 932684

She disinterestedly tosses a dildo over to Noodle to chew on so the dog will stop begging for basic affection/attention.

No. 932687

no one would subscribe to her onlyfans for that price. i'm confused as to how she even gets big tips [if they're real] but supposed there are desperate/dumb dudes who don't care how busted her stuff is. what's funny is she said she'd end the sale and of course she didn't b/c she's allegedly saving up to move in like a month which i don't see happening.

wait what, where did you see this? that's so bad for the dog and gross b/c she'll use it without cleaning it.

No. 932689

Lol I thought the same anon read the post they’re replying to.

No. 932702

She has less than a month right? She’s not moving. She hasn’t even talked about looking for a new place or talked about how much she’s saved up for her goal. You know she’s spending any money she gets as quickly as she gets it.

Also, she has a large breed dog. I don’t know about Tulsa, but trying to find a place to live with a dog, let alone a large dog, is usually hard as fuck. Or they want a fat deposit for the inevitable damage.

No. 932734

File: 1581854613841.png (73.5 KB, 807x470, ggggggggggg.png)

she said this in her discord, seems like she isnt prepared at all, so if she does move anywhere, it will be another shithole

No. 932742

when did she start saving up for the move? cus she has one more month and i doubt she will get enough to move anywhere more decent, or even pay for the first few months.

No. 932747

File: 1581857837206.png (63.01 KB, 594x542, Screenshot (223).png)

she posted this thread about having a moving sale on the 8th. The goal was 3500 by March 5th and she hasnt tweeted about it since

No. 932749

oh damn that gives her less than a month now. i assumed she meant like 15th-23rd or something since she said mid march. she really won't be getting enough money, we all know at least half of what she collects will be blown on booze and weed, but she never accounts for her own idioticness.

No. 932756

Probably no one. I think she genuinely WANTS someone to talk about her so she can get the attention and seeks.

No. 932766

the word you're looking for is idiocy, kek

I genuinely think she means lolcow. She's a nobody anywhere but here (and she's here because she's so deluded about not being a nobody), plus to her any attention is good attention. Having multiple banners of her stupid faces pop up sometimes when she comes to lurk probably makes her feel like she's made it and is now a ~household name~. Shayna, we are laughing at you. at least, we're laughing when your life isn't so sad even we don't find it funny anymore. and we don't even call you 'Dolly', so no, you haven't made your name stick ANYWHERE

No. 932769

excuse an idioticness esl anon here, i completely forgot that word lol.

but also i agree, she definitely means us. there are some people on twitter who every now and then come out of the woodworks to shit talk her, but no one besides us pays regular attention to her.

No. 932771

She posts stuff like this weekly. She wants her name in people's mouths. She wants to be famous and doesn't care if it's through negativity. She's a narcissist who will do anything to make herself think people are thinking about her. If she could she would wrote tabloid articles about herself because she's that obsessed with attention.

No. 932778

The sad thing is she probably saw one tweet and is losing her shit. Just like she did when she was called ugly, she has such thin skin to be this bad bitch sex worker who has shown every inch of her body for chump change for years.

No. 932861

File: 1581894219761.png (317.06 KB, 1242x2208, 860456D4-0F30-46BD-B32D-B0FA61…)


No. 932864

File: 1581894340559.jpeg (841.11 KB, 1242x1459, 711262DA-4EDD-4914-A20C-9C03E9…)


No. 932865

File: 1581894524472.jpeg (570.19 KB, 1242x1634, 6E026217-9ACB-4F07-9EA2-7378FB…)

Ohhhh how Nobody wants to see fupas gross pudge smacking Shay in the face while she incoherently munches him like a pudding pack lmao
But something tells me it’ll be a fake dildo instead yawn

No. 932868

i'm sure shay's posted "bj" videos on OF before though? with a dildo of course, but you're right anon i'm also sure this will be a dildo. i feel sorry for any guy who puts his cock in her mouth. he'd have to have a tiny dick because she can only fit 2 inches in and she bites it and shoves it in the sides of her mouth i just don't get it.

No. 932872

damn anon that's a terrifying description… accurate, but terrifying.

I doubt she's going to get 50 more people to pay for her onlyfans anyway.

No. 932875

File: 1581900814489.jpg (Spoiler Image,715.91 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20200216-195256_Chr…)


No. 932876

i will never understand why she doesn't fix the discoloration on her feet.

No. 932877

Almost self aware. But ultimately looks like a retard since she has on many occassions told people to pay if they even want to talk to her and has straight up called out potential customers for being "timewasters". Oh also says the bitch who says people should send her 1k and big money for existing.

No. 932883

reappearance of our old nemesis, the greasy barcode bang

No. 932884

File: 1581901123930.jpg (Spoiler Image,326.38 KB, 1536x2048, IMG_20200216_195708.jpg)

I've no problem with people not shaving their pits. but on Shayna it just looks musty and gross.
also her fucking marionette chin in this pic yikes

No. 932886

this photo literally makes me feel sick

No. 932893

these 2 photos look like 2 different people. shay is such a catfish. one photo she appears to have a chin (thanks facetune) and the next she has multiple chins

No. 932903

File: 1581905200631.jpg (550.42 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20200216-210255_Dis…)

she treats her orbiters so badly. when Shay cries about having med changes or boy issues, her huge ego has to be enabled and coddled immediately by twitter followers she doesn't even know. but when it happens to someone else, she says some dumb, passive shit like this

No. 932906

File: 1581905663885.jpg (Spoiler Image,230.2 KB, 1080x1831, Screenshot_20200216-210921_Twi…)

LMAO she's only 500 in

No. 932908

She's literally making less than minimum wage workers
When will she realize this just isn't for her? Or at the very least try with her sex work, she puts no effort into her body at all which sucks because she has a good frame

No. 932911

this is coming from the suicide baiting bitch Shayna? The chick who guilts dudes who leave her?

No. 932912

Yea we get it, begging for money is a full time job for you shay. Lmao. I love how she writes out some fake woke paragraphs about begging for money and how enlightened she is. It’s so embarrassing to read.

No. 932913

She's talking about people coming into her inbox anon…

No. 932919

whew damn that's some bad advice. ghosting someone isn't a coping mechanism. in healthy friendships & relationships, there's communication. really shayna is in no place to give anyone friendship advice because she doesn't have any friends. and it's obvious why.

i bet she's one of those people who makes excuses for abusers that she doesn't even know. like if someone came to her and said "my bf wants to know where i am at all times and doesn't want me to go anywhere without telling him" she'd say "he probably has anxiety and that's how he copes, if you love him you'd let him cope". she's clearly justifying this person's ghosting because she does it all the time and worse.

No. 932920

I really can't believe she's trying to give people advice on eyebrows and relationships/"coping mechanisms" of all things….. next she'll be giving work out tips and health advice

No. 932926

How does she not have money saved up for this from OF/MV income? Like. She knew this was coming… why wouldn’t you be planning ahead.

No. 932990

Because she’s an idiot and expects money to just be handed to her. Give her a couple of weeks and she’ll be really panicking, I personally can’t wait.

No. 933021

What a bitch, this comes from the same person who called someone her "World" after a few months of "Dating" and constantly comes to the discord for emotional support, yet she's telling this person some passive dumb ass bullshit.

Shayna's the kind of friend who halfway listens and tells you some vague bullshit when you are venting because she doesn't care, but will call you a million times and spaz out on you if you aren't there for her.

She's right about being selfish and not knowing how to be a "Friend".

No. 933042

File: 1581943998194.png (1.77 MB, 2048x1888, Screenshot_20200217-074905.png)

Love the fact she's digging waaaaay deep into her archived, old photos and posting SEVERAL old pics a day because she's 1.) Too fucking lazy to make new content and 2.) Too fucking insecure about her current body state. Congrats on the catfishing. Shame she's already peaked and she's only 22. Sucks to suck, Shay, you fucking pig.

No. 933048

she probably read earlier in the thread that she hadnt mentioned her moving sale since starting it & posted an "update", tbh i doubt she even has 500 saved

No. 933086


This is cringe. Like when middle-aged women who are wine-drunk attack you with stories of how hot and popular they were "back in their day" and then bombard you with photos you have no interest in seeing. Like, um… congrats? You USED to be human looking?

Shay, just go on a fucking diet. For fuck's sake.

No. 933097

File: 1581957394397.png (1.86 MB, 1484x2048, Screenshot_20200217-113504.png)

No one does Shayna, you don't even look like that anymore. You were dropped from your agency for being a bratty cunt, and you have no work ethic. When you're paid to be an actress on a porn set you have to, you know, WORK.

No. 933098

lol i forgot she looked extra manly during that shoot

No. 933099

jesus fuck her face made me jump back in surprise

No. 933101

File: 1581958700309.png (1.87 MB, 2018x2048, Screenshot_20200217-115719.png)

No, you miss being skinny. Don't kid yourself.

No. 933103

she went from looking like a troon in the face to a bloated auntie.

No. 933104

Like her face in that second picture was busted but at least her body was better back then. Also why would they hire you based on old pictures of your body? They can see right away you don't look like that.

No. 933105

her old pictures of her in clothes get more likes quicker then her new ones without clothes. Wow

No. 933106

Said she's gonna make piggie porn today apparently. Which is…ironic now that she's a pudgey, sweaty, fart-y, bloated, heavy breathing pig as of late.

No. 933108

They did her makeup and hair and I'm pretty sure they put fake tan on her. It makes her face look fucking weird.

No. 933109

Cause even she knows she's ugly as fuck now. Back when she had that body type and blonde hair, she never did "throw backs" and took new photos/selfies every damn day. Did lives and got on cam. She's hiding in her den of an apartment getting fat and littering her Twitter feed with old as fuck photos. Pathetic.

No. 933110

And she never learned how to put work into anything she does because she just relied on her skinny body. That's why even when she was thin her stuff still majorly sucked because she was coasting on having a big following and a nice teen body. Now she wants to continue coasting but has neither of those things anymore. It's pathetic to watch really.

No. 933115

At this point she should just give up and work at mcdonalds or something, if she refused to go home. At least there she will get the attention she desperately wants, earn proper money and talk to people. It's obvious she is never going to try with this sex worker shit and she shouldn't because it just allows her to be surrounded by yes men who encourage her bullshit.

No. 933118

Tinfoil: Shaynas feet are yellow because she has liver problems from her excess drinking and possibly being on medication. Yellow skin is never healthy and if she keeps it up she will balloon bloat and be yellow all over

No. 933119

I would honestly be proud of her if she did, and so would her family.

No. 933122

File: 1581962821421.jpg (830.79 KB, 2048x1152, EQ8iKLwXsAM5PqZ.jpg)

she posted a schedule for once

No. 933124

Doubtful, her feet have always been grody. She was most likely one of those kids/teens that walked around outside barefoot alot, giving her unfortunate yellow callouses. She seems like the kind.

No. 933125

jaundice would first be noticeable in the whites of the eyes, not the bottoms of the feet. jaundice also takes a significant amount of alcohol abuse.

No. 933126

She's going to wipe it all away and forget about it.

She's done this several times now and never sticks.

No. 933127

how many bets she won't follow it? She's literally posting for asspats and nothing else

No. 933128

Lol anon jaundice doesn't work like that. And you'd be seriously ill to suffer from it. Also as other anon said the most noticeable part is your eye whites going yellow.

No. 933130

That blanket is reaching Luna levels of filthy.

No. 933135

i bet she'll only do two of these things, and getting on cam will not be one of them

No. 933137

For once? She’s done this a million times and she never sticks to it. In reality she’ll do maybe one thing out of everything on that list. Maybe zero.

No. 933143

File: 1581967555832.jpeg (279.31 KB, 1242x567, 2A7DE702-2DB9-4372-9E94-9E95A8…)

Why use google when you can just pull up an app???

No. 933144

File: 1581967626386.jpeg (829.47 KB, 1242x1822, 8FCF5EAA-CA11-4A66-9CEE-B359E1…)


No. 933145

File: 1581967718484.jpeg (472.6 KB, 1242x832, CCA7A60D-C8FF-4CF9-A504-14774F…)


No. 933146

File: 1581967796066.jpeg (451.03 KB, 1242x1115, F9970B68-05BB-4095-8DD8-2E4604…)

girl got called racist for being white and making hentai porn
Shay offers her $.02

No. 933147

Never really seen people get clout for "being the person to cancel someone." Usually it takes more than one person "cancel" somebody. People get cancelled for their own actions.. not just because people call them out.

No. 933156

Oh yes because every time someone calls someone out, they are doing it to "cancel them" and are after "clout' instead of, I don't know? Exposing the wrongdoing of someone with influence who has done something to them or someone else?

Also, you love cancel culture Shayna! You are always telling people what they can and cannot do, can and cannot say, always jumping into people's buiness.

Also no one cancelled you Shayna, you were never fucking important, no one besides us and other wacko sex workers know you exist. I have no idea why she hates Cancel culture when she's so irrelevent that the little people who bother her you actively have to search in the depths of hell to find them.

No one gained "clout" from calling out shayna fucking clifford. You love cancel culture just fine when you think you can get someone to shut the fuck up & not call you out or you want to shit on them.

No. 933159

you know shayna is a mentally stunted filthy shut in when she thinks this stained, gross dirty blanket is aesthetically pleasing and just thoughtlessly photographs it and posts it publicly. embarassing

No. 933163

Obviously you’d gain clout from cancelling and calling out Shayna from the US’s sexiest and hottest city, Tulsa! Shayna is soo cool across the internet for “smonking” and having super cute expensive Amazon.com fashion tastes. I mean everyone is STILL talking about how hot Shayna is! From 4 years ago. Be less jealous of her anon. You wish you could live in a lowest possible cost apartment complex lounging on a children’s bed and not actually afford to move until youre donated enough change by people who have no idea what your current actual body or face look like. (Sarcasm)

No. 933169


It’s funny she thinks she looks good here, like it’s her glory days. When in reality, she still looks like middle-aged floozy mom that gets drunk at the bowling alley and chain smokes constantly. She looks horrible there.

No. 933171

the last thing this retard needs is a pair of botched tits but i sincerely hope she goes through with whatever half-baked plastic surgery plans she has for the glorious milk that'd come from it

No. 933203

shay's so wrong, no one gains "clout" for calling people out. normally if someone calls out a celebrity for their bad behaviour, they're actually attacked by the celebrities fans so it harms them in the long run. the whole thing about someone being called racist for being white and making hentai porn is so funny though. these camwhores have no problem with someone being an adult and making porn depicting themselves as a kid but god forbid a white person makes hentai lol.

but yeah shay gets so triggered by any mention of cancel culture she has to write a 10 page essay on it. how many times has she talked about this now? on her business account as well. guess the other account's being abandoned because her only followers are creepy males who want to see her ass, not read her spouting off.

No. 933214

File: 1581981170747.png (1.25 MB, 2048x1538, Screenshot_20200217-181159.png)

She made a new depop for some reason.

No. 933218

None of this shit is happening. I highly doubt she really enjoys fucking herself that much to put herself through that that many times a week.

It's just a way for her get try and bait for some interaction. However, if she did have money, I believe she would be getting all types of body augmentations to fit her tacky bimbo aesthetic. It's probably for the best she is a failure as a cam girl.

And here she is lowkey holding onto her glory days she had when she was a cute tumblr weed girl. It's the same shit every day with this girl.

No. 933220

Most likely never sent out the stuff on her last account.

No. 933221

lol theres cat or dog hair on most of the items

No. 933237

File: 1581984958930.jpeg (677.92 KB, 1242x1614, 6A873473-C02D-4191-9D61-3DB617…)

not milk but why wouldn’t she find it a no brainer to do bondage for this scene… bc like… hog tied? it’s on theme…


No. 933240

Why does she talk about cancel culture like it effects her in her line of work. Most men that buy and consume porn don’t give af if said girl making porn is racist or problematic. She acts like she’s an influencers and that being cancelled will hurt her business. But maybe it will because I doubt many men are buying her content, and it’s more or less girls who into the whole ‘sex workers supporting sexual workers’ thing

No. 933243

I subscribe to the idea that she couldn't actually care less about sex work, but only does it because she will never be able to relive her previous tumblr fame pre the ddlg bullshit and be an influencer, because she has no real personality that anybody would find appealing.

No. 933258

Her face was way too orange in this but at least she was somewhat looking like the ~Bimbo Barbie Brat~ title she clings to. One wouldnt think someone could fall from such a low point but just look at her now kek

No. 933387

File: 1582041868142.png (16.06 KB, 592x148, 2020-02-18 11_02_29-ButtStuffB…)

lol is she really waxing poetic about her embarrassing casting couch shoot? and i get she really wants "on god" to happen for her, but does she honestly have to say it every other sentence? it's super disingenuous and you can tell she's forcing it lol

No. 933399

was Stevie Wonder her photographer?

No. 933401

does Shayna not realize that photographers are supposed to be nice and make you feel comfortable and confident? I don't think she does, I think she truly believes that every compliment she gets is genuine and not just trying to make her feel better about how fucking rancid she is.

No. 933428

File: 1582051424040.png (17.52 KB, 583x195, 2020-02-18 13_43_08-ButtStuffB…)


No. 933431

I'd think she'd find a Wikipedia article to educate this guy on how to safely "Choke" (which is dumb as fuck and dangerous no matter what), but I guess because it's a man, Shayna's going to go the edgy route and try to impress him, instead of preaching at him if it was a woman.

No. 933432

File: 1582052483730.jpg (55.68 KB, 599x506, fjfjf.JPG)

No. 933433


>>You hate sexworkers


No. 933434

File: 1582052764559.jpg (26.86 KB, 602x150, hhhhh.JPG)

No. 933435

she ordered them way too late, she should always consider delivery mess ups when getting something for a specific time.

No. 933436

yet the people who fit into her conclusions in the top tweet will continue to live just fine

No. 933437

She posts this exact thing, word for word, every few months. I swear to god she’s got a whole note pad filled with shit she repeats constantly. And everyone has to remind her OF COURSE he said shit like that to you. He’s trying to make you feel special and cute.

Always saying dumb shit to seem super edgy. She’s so cringy.

No. 933439

File: 1582053773746.jpg (189.71 KB, 1080x1554, Screenshot_20200218-192007_Twi…)

>You don't have money like this guy.

Dude has just over a grand lmao. Of course Shay thinks that's a decent amount of money.

No. 933442

i know it's been said so much but the whole "pay for your porn" shtick is so stupid and tired. am i expected to pay for sex if i want that even though the average person can go out and find it for free if they really wanted to? these people just don't want to admit that the industry and culture are harmful on all levels and the main people reaping it's benefits are the men consuming it, not the "content creators".

No. 933448

Shayna herself is proof how easy sex is to get from bitches like her. Shayna's selling herself so cheap these days, not only in porn but in real life.
I don't know why she even whines about people not buying porn, shit if the right dusty dom meets Shayna at the right moment, they'll be fucking her in the ass raw in a week, and they'll be your "World" in a few months, all for FREE.

No. 933468

shaytard your desperate low IQ is really shining through here. can't believe she doesn't grasp how porn photographers are paid to say shit like this to flatter whoever the model is so they can get as revealing shots as possible.

No. 933471

some days the shayna thread gives me a fucking headache because the cringy bottom of the barrel trash she attracts and indulges in is just too retarded lol

No. 933472

File: 1582061174834.jpg (213.69 KB, 768x1024, ERFiXy4WoAEWtgn.jpg)

could just be the photo but her hair looks faded af

No. 933473

oops didnt mean to reply to you sorry.

No. 933475


Thats the guys credit card balance, not his checking or savings account. The number is going up, he has $1k+ debt.

No. 933476

Bruh this pic looks like the facebook profile of girl from your lower middle class high school who fucks the weed man, she just asked if you're selling your adderall prescription.

No. 933479

She's looking extra neanderthal here
I'm pretty sure charges go in reverse order with the most recent at the top so it is a checking account.

No. 933480

Most statements out the latest charge at the top, so no it’s taking money from his total savings. Check card i.e. checking account

No. 933481

File: 1582062872664.jpg (Spoiler Image,317.5 KB, 1064x1600, 1532543797007.jpg)

Sure Shay, he definitely thought your pussy was fat lol… Did she really forget her LA shoots got posted on thread? Her delusion is insane, its like she just sits in bed all day to tweet these made up situations

No. 933482

"Fat pussy" was a nice way of saying it looks like a ball sack

No. 933484

Looks like Emma Hollywood post op ,but even HE looks better.

trying not to get banned

This is not a flattering picture at all

No. 933485

oh yikes i forgot it looked that bad lmao

No. 933486

holy fuck i have never seen this picture before. worst one yet. fat? more like deflated ballsack. i'm scared

No. 933487

I have legitimately never seen labia like that. I mean everyone should love their individual parts and labioplasty is abhorrent but.. I'm morbidly intrigued.

No. 933489

How is this any different from some like wings of redemption demanding a $10 salary from his viewers? As a low tier internet hoe, you are providing a service that nobody asked for, not to mention that she posts all her shit for free all over her twitter anyways, for it's not like your paying for something special or anything. People are not obligated to pay them in that regard and this is fucking pathetic. If you want a wage, go get a real job.

No. 933492

i've never seen a pussy crunch up like that from sitting wtf. the beef curtains wouldn't even be a problem if not for the fact that her entire pussy looks like it's frowning.

No. 933502

She has a whole $24 worth of shit on there. Must be getting desperate.

No. 933503

File: 1582066747449.jpg (229.85 KB, 1080x1394, Screenshot_20200218-225750_Twi…)

What kinda retard is she.. why would she not try it on beforehand. Also this thing must've cost like a dollar kek

No. 933504

God I didn't want to have to relive that. It looks like a great grandma's mouth after she died and they took out her dentures.

No. 933505

They did her SO dirty at those photo shoots omg. She did like 2-3 with them and a video. Every one was horrifying. You can still see the vid for free on pornhub, idk if they upped the contrast or something but they made her pussy look blood red and it's disgusting

No. 933506

Her eyebrows look like shit lmfao

No. 933507

File: 1582067425502.jpg (329.17 KB, 2048x1435, IMG_20200218_230944.jpg)

Ahhh, the I can't button my shorts up anymore look.

No. 933509


"tranny fanny"

No. 933510

I've never seen that shirt can't wait to see it five more times.


"Hey reddit! I'm just a happy girl whose proud to show off her new bits! I'm 3 months post op! How does she look? winky face emoji"

No. 933519

once again… what are these 1986 bangs? just give up already

No. 933526


Why is it blurred on just that one spot?

No. 933534

She has that weird fat shelf people get from a C-section

No. 933541

I will say this hairstyle actually flatters her. Has the whole 90s Sailor Moon look going on.

Too bad her personality is still shit though and that'll ruin any looks she has going.

No. 933546

2020 is going to be the year that Shayna slowly gets into cosplay and anime, she'll start with a tweet/go on discord going, "hey can you guys recommend some good animes?"
She'll get "obessed" with the most popular one.

Then she'll pick an underaged character from it and do an porn, then she'll have some drama from stans of that show and/or busy body sex workers.

Or she'll get harrassed by those bitches who hate to see white bitches love anything from Japan. I can see it coming, it's perfect for Shayna and it'll ease her into her next stage, "gamer porn girl" but that one won't last long because she's not hot enough, tough enough or interesting enough for twitch.

No. 933553

you're blind

No. 933573

I can't wait for Shayna to try and become momokun lite!

No. 933577

Lmao. Thanks for the laughs anons. That photo actually caused me mental anguish for a minute.

>my eyebrows came out good today
No. No they did not. Ease up on the product too. You’ve got like half a pencil on those fuckers.

No. 933586

File: 1582083525043.png (323.76 KB, 609x474, thot cop.PNG)

Once again she's too late for a trend, Literally every ethot is "obsessed" with anime. There's even that 3d anime girl projektmelody that's super popular on chaturbate.

No. 933588

It's pretty hard to get on something early when you have no personality or hobbies or interests besides what you think will go viral on Twitter.

No. 933591

File: 1582085674030.png (1.37 MB, 750x1334, EB543B19-FB28-4A78-AAB0-79CB5C…)

ummm what is this

No. 933596

I can’t tell if she has a loogie or if her tongue plaque finally reached the tip

No. 933598

Shayna acting like she doesn't specifically just ask for paypal money constantly

No. 933601

Plaque. I doubt she even has a toothbrush. If she did, some “SW friend” or “daddy” would’ve told her to use it to exfoliate her dry, crusty unsexy lips by now.

No. 933603

File: 1582087112681.png (3.55 MB, 750x1334, BF6F261A-39DC-44F0-A35B-2BAA20…)

it’s her single yellow bottom tooth

No. 933605

File: 1582088010220.jpg (423.37 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20200218-225232_Chr…)

How many times is she going to "change her meds"

No. 933606

So gaining weight actually looks better on her in that regard I guess.

No. 933609

"wah wah feel bad for all the cheemsburgerns i'm carrying on my waist"
yes shay but what about this >>933122

i don't understand, how the fuck can she write dozens upon dozens of tweets about how she's so hot and so amazing and beautiful and all that bullshit, but everytime she sees a task that she herself set up she goes into full "omfg my own fat sweater is triggering me" mode?
not to mention stupid scrotes will throw money at her to "feel better queen" but not call her out on this? man, to be a completely useless piece of lazy shit but be able to survive because you lick men's asses every now and again kek

No. 933610

oh my god when is she going to stop complaining about her weight gain in relation to her meds? she talks about cheeseburgers, fast food and getting drunk every single day but can’t be bothered to consider that might have more of an impact on her weight than some pills.
go. on. a. diet.

No. 933620

I don’t even care if her bangs are a knitpick anymore. What the fuck is up with her bangs. You have to be out of your mind on drugs or alcohol to think this is cute. Maybe Shays meds mixed with alcohol really is frying her brain cells. Between these bangs and her eye brows….I just don’t get it. It’s delusional.

No. 933623

Set an alarm then?? No wonder she never gets anything done. Also surely you should have a pre-set appointment for something like that, not sure how that works in US

No. 933626

Yikes her teeth. Someone who supposedly makes 50k a year can splurge on some $50 white strips.

No. 933632

File: 1582093087639.jpg (453.98 KB, 599x1178, 20200219_001733.jpg)

More trash on Snapchat

No. 933633

Honestly to god I think this is the worst picture she’s ever taken and that’s saying A LOT

No. 933634

She looks like a trans girl who’s been on hormones for 6 months. Yikes

No. 933636


i wouldn't say it flatters her. i'd say it's distracting since there's like 3 different things going on.

No. 933638

There are 3 different things going on with just her hair. Sis is a train wreck.

No. 933640

Didn’t she like… a week and a half ago or whatever.. say she never does or uses or imitates anything Asian. She LITERALLY is doing sailor moon hair down to the fucking bangs that obviously nobody in real life wears. Trying to look like an anime girl. catching up to her stupid not even ahegao bs. She is so annoying.

Kinda second the tinfoil about cosplay. Maybe she sees all the other fatasses like momo getting away with it +scamming and she wants in. Too bad it’s too late because her holes are all over the Internet.

No. 933648


Fupa be looking rough, girl. Also not sure which is more dry, her face or her vagina. Her eyes are always looking like crêpe-y assholes.

No. 933651

Other than those bangs, her hair's really cute, but her outfit makes no sense with it. It's basic and boring, not cutesy or animu. She never fails to disappoint, does she?

No. 933663

seeing those dimples on her tongue and thinking of how dehydrated she must be really adds another level of disgust to this picture. Please Shay, drink some water, your body is BEGGING you

No. 933690

I've always wondered wtf is up with her tongue, looks like mini bite marks on the edges (sides)?

No. 933700

for the millionth time - her tongue looks like that because of something called scalloped tongue. it happens to people with a narrow palate/jaw because your tongue rests up against your teeth.

No. 933703

i sometime feel bad for shayna for shit like this, she seems to have gotten quite unlucky on the genetic lottery (gets massive amount of stretch marks easily, veins being prone to stand out on her chest, not having any curves so only looking good when skinny), but she doesn't in anyway try to make herself look presentable in any aspect that she can control. she is also a massive bitch and doesn't get that people will point out her flaws more frequently because of that.

No. 933706

File: 1582123639450.png (Spoiler Image,1.35 MB, 1429x2048, Screenshot_20200219-094647.png)

No. 933708

ah shit, here we go with more of the same two poses

No. 933710

That buttplug looks ludicrous.

The tail being solid seems like it would just get in the way (Shay can't do her usual "legs behind head" with that.
Also it's gonna fall out, it's way too thick.

This video gonna be full of edits and then she will probably ditch it and go back to the classic hitachi

No. 933711

Special needs child dresses up as Peppa pig

No. 933718

excuse me what the fuck? is that dildo modeled after an ACTUAL PIG PENIS? pretty sure there are furfags less degenerate than this. holy fucking shit.

No. 933719

anon…. it’s a buttplug with a pig tail on the end… what on earth are you on?

No. 933720

that's a butt plug that has an end like a pig's tail you fucking idiot lmao. how the fuck would she even put that in if it was a dildo?

No. 933721

anon that's a buttplug shaped like a pig's tail

No. 933724

Why do you know what a pigs penis looks like, anon?

No. 933728

File: 1582131396203.png (839.56 KB, 1677x2048, Screenshot_20200219-115538.png)

Kek, she's really trying to claim that ALL of her weight gain is from meds.

she's also gained over 30 pounds. WOW.

No. 933730

She always gets so close to looking averagely pretty, especially when she takes advice from farmers. But then she fucks it up in some other way. She doesn't do herself any favors with the angles she pulls. It's contrasting to see other camwhores look so "put together" and then there's Shay, still taking pictures like a newly divorced mom of 4 trying to get her sexy back.

No. 933732

it’s shocking to me how little responsibility she’s willing to take for even something as mundane as weight gain. like she obviously knows she eats like trash because she’s mentioned it multiple times and asked for money for “healthy groceries” 5 or 6 times now. but she still somehow fails to mention that part of it when it comes to her medications??

No. 933733

I'm glad she knows the massive weight gain was only due to her medication rather than her shit greasy fast food diet, first class sedentary lifestyle, constant drinking benders and just poor self care overall. There's no way the latter activities have anything to do with it.
Kek when she's a few months into her new medication and she's confused why she's still gaining fast, despite not having any changes in her lifestyle.

No. 933747

Somebody said she's getting a provera shot? Wouldn't it also be part of her rapid weight gain, since progesterone makes some people crave greasy salty food? It also makes sense to me why she's feeling manic and dysphoric, but since it's Shay she will blame it on mood stabilizers and being bipolar boo-hoo.

No. 933750

i haven't even heard about this shot before this thread, but at this point i think her own shitty habits are the main cause, the shot and pills are just making it much worse. even if she has strong cravings we know without this stuff she still would make no effort to resist them, and she also doesn't make any effort to eat things that have less calories.

No. 933755

depo provera can have really serious side affects for some people. It's probably one part of the reason, including her psych meds, sentient lifestyle, fast food, and alcohol. But she wants to blame it all on one thing so she doesn't have to take responsibility.

No. 933761

Maybe this will get her to start looking for something else. If an ugly cartoon taking attention away from her won't, idk will other than eviction and she's literally homeless

No. 933776

File: 1582137886094.png (332.67 KB, 750x1334, 60CB345A-4A35-4194-ACD5-6B7A1D…)

No. 933777

What about using your own mental illness for pity points and to control how other people feel?! Dripping with irony here.

No. 933783

people might take you seriously if you actually had some self awareness and didn't actively use your mental illness to manipulate your fanbase.

No. 933784

Her boyfriend must've called her crazy ass crazy. Also i thought mental illness was "Cute" didn't you have a nice little pill holder?

And what if mental illness is the reason they are acting a certain way? I know Shayna for you, it's hard to understand because you use it every time you make a bad decision, but sometimes people genuinely do act out because mental illness and helping them means calling it out.

Crazy I know.

No. 933785

File: 1582138990951.png (366.65 KB, 2048x854, Screenshot_20200219-140157.png)

She writes this post, then deletes it, then suicide baits on her other profile. ffs Shayna.

No. 933786

Yeah it's confirmed she's having men problems

No. 933787

the suiciding baiting is more disgusting and pathetic every time she does it. guessing more boy problems again.

No. 933789

Yea…do what every one else does when they’re having a shit day and DO YOUR JOB. And grow up and stop fucking this loser you give everything away for for free. Work on getting money to move and get a car.
I wonder what it’s like revolving your whole life around cheese burger money and a fuck boy? I can’t relate in the slightest.

I think she’s posting this on her main because she posted a big ol schedule that she isn’t sticking to (One thing so far. Shocker) and is just giving her ~muh mental illness uwu~ excuse to not do shit.

No. 933791

File: 1582139846141.jpg (98.77 KB, 1080x735, Screenshot_20200219-191629_Twi…)

Kek, on the work account again.

No. 933793

i think she deleted it already lol

No. 933794

lmao @ her boyfriend and/or fupa calling her retarded

No. 933795

I think she fucks up and then comes to her orbiters for reassurance that she's not the bad guy. Her ego can't handle being wrong so any time she gets into it someone that's what she does. She's insulating herself from any wrongdoing

No. 933798

Don't love when shayna always goes for the, "you are calling me a name!" to deflect from whatever she did wrong.

No. 933800

File: 1582140571965.jpg (16.44 KB, 593x105, ttttttttttttttttttttt.JPG)

Why does she do this? It's the same thing everytime. She goes back and forth with this guy, shares on twitter & i feel like he hates that.
If he's so fucking horrible then stop being a pick me and dump him.

No. 933801

this made me sick to my stomach
I don't know if she's trying to sound like a child or retarded but either way I'm nauseous https://www.dropbox.com/s/zvfleusss8aap2l/20200219_142809.mp4?dl=0

No. 933802

File: 1582141613354.png (125.53 KB, 307x321, 4a3ov7y1q4iy.png)

No. 933807

she's a narcissist, that's why. She surrounds herself with yes men and if they don't appease her she drops them.

No. 933810

It's so lazy, lmfao. and why is she doing that insufferable baby talk? she legitimately sounds like a retard "I have a taaaail" please come up with some actual dirty/sexy talk, Shayna

No. 933812

ntayrt, but animal science/vet school will in fact teach you things about animal reproduction. Not everything is so shady, anon

this is my guess. the shot is the only form of birth control that's been proven to cause weight gain in a lot of people, and anecdotally causes a lot of emotional issues for some

I think most likely she's acting manipulative and clingy and whoever the man is called her out on it. the BPD is really jumping out of these tweets. 0 accountability for being shitty herself, just looking for validation without giving the full story

that's what happens when you find all your self worth in dating shitty men. don't complain about it, just move on and work on your own issues or every relationship is gonna be a mess

No. 933827


I mean, she acts like she makes the best decisions. She’s a [wo]manchild. On top of that, like someone else said, she filters what information people get, so of course it looks like poor Shayna, her man is calling her retarded yet she doesn’t tell the whole story. She didn’t even say exactly what she did wrong that one time with the last guy when she got drunk and embarrassed him. I’m surprised she even took that much responsibility on that one.

No. 933828

whats the point in censoring one letter if you can still read what the word is?

No. 933832

Yeah it's like she's trying to convince herself shes not the f toxic one.

No. 933833

File: 1582149047475.jpeg (121.35 KB, 602x511, main-qimg-2e1bffbf2a2bfeb45fd0…)


Isn't she wearing the pig tail upside down?

No. 933847

File: 1582151840110.jpg (Spoiler Image,301.22 KB, 1752x986, IMG_20200219_223606.jpg)

Why are certain letters backwards?

Cock hog, fucking kek, that's not very sexy… Is it?

No. 933857

it's backwards to make her look like more of a "bimbo", get it? but cock hog sounds absolutely retarded

No. 933883

How is that not legitimately hilarious? Cock hog sounds like what men would say in a group rape/murder and not in the sexy way. Pls pls Shayna go for “ham planet” next.

No. 933886

>ham planet
my sides anon

No. 933889

File: 1582156579473.jpg (Spoiler Image,156.79 KB, 740x585, 20200219_185218.jpg)

this is the saddest pic I have ever seen. it reeks of sheer bitter depression. go home Shayna. make amends. get a job.

No. 933890

What about the classic "HamBeast"?

No. 933895

why'd she make her hair that cute if you can't even see the buns behind the ears.

No. 933896

oh jesus christ, someone come get your grandma from the swinger's club

No. 933902

Not sure I'd call this hair cute, her pigtails look pretty greasy and flat and there's just way too much going on in general. She should have left the rest of her hair down if she was doing the buns not crazy bangs, buns, and pigtails all at once.

No. 933905

I love how she's talking about being fat and manic and how she needs to get her meds changed. Then, instead of waking up and going to the doctor she gets high and makes pig porn. Maybe it's time for her to start begging for someone to send her money for an uber so she can get to therapy again.

No. 933916

So. Is she just gonna recycle old video concepts and make them 10x worse? I thought she was so innovative and creative with her videos tho!

No. 933927

File: 1582161488288.png (259.3 KB, 1200x2250, porky.png)

i sincerely can't deal with the fucking bowtie, she looks like porky pig and not in the sexy way that she.. tried to go for?

No. 933979

I’m seriously as convinced as other anons now that she just likes humiliating herself at this point… I mean why would you do this when you’ve been complaining about your weight gain and you know it’s going to be an easy way for your many critics to humiliate you… I seriously cannot understand it.

saged for confusion sperg and absolutely no milk… sigh this gets worse everyday

No. 933986

you didn’t sage…

No. 933995

File: 1582169678581.jpeg (297.59 KB, 1242x596, 5E449C9C-E4D3-4CC1-A94C-CBC29D…)

This picture >>933889 plus this statement seriously delivers vibes of when Cartman doesn't want to get a shot so he strips down naked, covers himself in oil and screams like a pig….. Lmfao

No. 934017

so she just finished the video that was supposed to be out yesterday. And she was supposed to cam yesterday, and be right now as well. think she'll broadcast tomorrow for 1 out of 3 days? place your bets now

what's the point in publicly posting your schedule if you have no intention of sticking to it? she and Taylor Dean are reading from the same book

No. 934035

File: 1582175942744.jpeg (1.42 MB, 3464x3464, 32446D3A-4D91-4A46-9D45-1F8064…)

random stuff from discord i just now saw from last night including shayna naming some of her medications, saying she switched prescribers, that her meds “counteracted” her bc, wanting to die, etc. sorry for formatting

No. 934040

so she's switching to abilify now? lmao that shit is notorious for making you gain weight even with a decent diet and exercise regimen, let alone with shay's lifestyle

No. 934041

i can confirm, abilify fucked with my metabolism so bad i went from 110 pounds to 150 pounds in less than 6 months and i wasnt even eating shitty. i still havent lost all of the weight i gained years later. she is just going to balloon up even more. also fucked with my sex drive but i think thats not a problem for shay anyways since she doesnt really seem to enjoy sex anyways.

No. 934046

>>934035 The medication she mentioned she’s been taking, oxcarbazepine, isn’t even known for causing weight gain, it’s actually known to be pretty neutral in that sense. Source: I’ve been taking it for years as an anti-seizure medication.

No. 934047

It is not unreasonable to expect people to pay for their entertainment
Porn is a form of entertainment
you pay for your cable/ Netflix/ Hulu, it’s not any different(no1curr )

No. 934051

Any ideas what it was prescribed for in shays case, anon? Anti anxiety like other anti seizure meds?

Isn’t abilify pretty hardcore for psychosis? I wonder how bad hers organically is and how much is from smoking so much pot? Obviously we’re not in her mind but just from knowing people who’ve taken abilify it seems to be prescribed for more serious cases?

No. 934054

It's used to treat bipolar. And she could be on a low/threshold dose of abilify, which also treats bipolar/manic depression, though I doubt she was honest with her new prescriber about how much weed she smokes all day every day. that would be the first thing they would tell her to stop. the years of constant daily substance abuse will negatively affect her moods more than any meds will be able to improve it.

No. 934057

fuck im sorry i really thought i did.
I did this time lol

No. 934104


your one liners in this thread always kill me anon

No. 934105

my favorite part is how she completely ignores the fact that someone else is even responding jesus lmao

No. 934116

It is different for those in every population and culture with regularly active sex lives. There’s so many factors differentiating just watching a tv show purely to sit and have my mind entertained vs the many aspects to porn/sex.(no1curr about your views of porn)

No. 934117

Lol so her therapist tried to connect with her and she didn’t actually speak honestly to her therapist.

No. 934153

they also prescribe abilify for things like depression if your regular drug alone doesn't work. normally it is intended for psychotic illness, but can be prescribed for other issues. i don't even think shay is psychotic tbh. she wouldn't stfu about it if that was the case

No. 934158

ahhahahha sage for ot but lmfaooooo at that orbiter saying zoloft made them sleep 24 hours a day

No. 934170

it's so obvious she wants her discord to only be about her. after talking about her meds for a while, the conversation shifted to her orbiters talking about doing things in life after high school, and she left the conversation immediately. then returned a little later to whine more about feeling sad.

No. 934173

She was never diagnosed with BPD though? I'm almost certain she's lying about her diagnosis yet again.

No. 934174

It's also really really bad to drink alcohol on Trileptal.

No. 934189

She really thinks this lazy shit is post worthy.


No. 934190

File: 1582218402090.gif (Spoiler Image,4.83 MB, 600x338, ezgif.com-video-to-gif.gif)

She looks like an idiot. She needs new ideas, I hope she does do some problematic porn to get the old hens clucking and not this rehashed bullshit.

No. 934207

she was out of breath just wiggling a little bit jfc

No. 934226

Tinfoil: she didn't find the place to move yet, tried to manipulate Fupa to take her back into his house and he got mad

No. 934234

i wouldn't put it above her to try to run back to him, especially since we know he still pays her phone bill. but she also suicide baits over every little thing that bothers her so that might not be what happened in this case.

No. 934246

File: 1582224340288.jpg (Spoiler Image,349.17 KB, 1536x2048, IMG_20200220_184513.jpg)

Jesus, this is not flattering..

No. 934262

is this her new bed in the other room? she looks awful

No. 934286

That plug looks like it's going to fall out of her ass

No. 934300

imagine basing your entire “career” on sexualizing children and animals

No. 934312

She really lives on her new bed now. Every new wankbank picture and even the piggy shoot. In a bed her poor mother bought her. Bet she eats on it too. And never washes the sheets.

No. 934318

File: 1582231268497.jpg (Spoiler Image,530.88 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20200220-153933_Chr…)

who on gods green earth would post this on of for paying subscribers?????? I'm … I'm at a loss for words

No. 934321

i can’t even begin to explain how painful this looks

No. 934325

aw yes red inflamed pussy lips not from arousal but dry shaving and dirty denim being smashed between them.
I bet she does not have any feeling in her clit, especially since she mashes that toy against it and shes' DRY AS FUCK every single time.

No. 934334

tfw the blur tool is so abused the lines between your arms and legs, and tits and stomach are faded out to an unnatural degree. so uncanny valley

Jesus fuck that looks so awful. I think you're right, she must have no feeling in her clit anymore from mashing a vibe wand on it all the time. Denim would be painful as fuck to have jammed up against it if it had any sensation. no wonder she doesn't seem to enjoy sex and "her clit is in her butt", she's overstimulated to the point of lasting numbness

No. 934355

"my clit is in my butt"
Why does shayna always talk about shit the way a troon would talk about it?
She does not know how to be sexy or "a bimbo" she just sounds dumb half the time.

She makes porn so fucking boring and her porn is so…basic. I have no idea why people buy it.

No. 934357

Cmon shay work on your angles, how does one who’s not delusional think this looks like anything except for a tucked back ball sack

No. 934364

File: 1582236135576.png (61.92 KB, 1070x342, Screenshot_20200220-170016~2.p…)

"I will learn eyeshadow"

Girl are you kidding? You don't know how to put on eyeshadow? Something most girls figure out when theyre 13?

This has got to be one of her bad jokes, surely.

No. 934369

She's the queen of tacky cheap props kek she could never do cosplay stuff. I know she likes to spend as little money on her "work" as possible and shes trash but good God the things she buys for her porn props… then says shes such an aesthetic qween and pays attention to detail.
This is as bad as the bunny hat thing an Easter or two back lmao

No. 934371

if you've seen her makeup on a daily basis then you will know that's not a joke

No. 934388

You could at least sage your nitpick. Her inability to properly apply makeup is the least of her problem.

No. 934392

Her makeup has always been a talking point in the thread. Mainly her delusion that she thinks it looks creative and amazing, and now she admits she can't even put on eyeshadow properly.

No. 934393

nta but we all knew this lol it's not a revelation

No. 934434

when you're not sure if it's grease or styling product making her bangs look like that. this is also why she should've made the parting longer, she'd have fuller bangs without having to do whatever the fuck this is.

incoming 'i'm sick' excuse to not do the rest of the thing she put on her 'schedule'.

No. 934444

Goddamn that pig nose covering her lip exentuates her jaggy teeth. Why does she not know how to properly prop and pose for anything. She makes the most unflattering choices.

No. 934446

Based off of the dingy pink blanket with the white stars or whatever that she’s had the past like 3 years, you are correct she doesn’t wash those sheets. She also most likely saves a lot on laundry by never wearing underwear apart from the same 3 pairs she recycles, including the Hello Kitties. Hey Shayna, squeeze into those Hello Kitties if you still have them. I wanna see how badly the leg holes dig into your ham. Or you can just bust the seems apart for a super creative video idea.

No. 934448

File: 1582245875616.jpg (Spoiler Image,74.45 KB, 1080x596, Screenshot_20200221-004238_Twi…)

The shit pig vid is here


This was her "super cute concept" she couldn't wait to share? Kek.

No. 934451

Another dumb concept

"Did you call me a pig?" Kek

No. 934453

File: 1582246216431.jpg (585.41 KB, 1080x985, Screenshot_20200220-184955_Twi…)

No. 934455

So all she did was stick a plug up her ass and use the wand then? Wow, so creative. So different. What a visionary. /sarcasm/

No. 934457

File: 1582246445513.png (561.04 KB, 1080x705, Screenshot_20200220-195314~2.p…)

she didn't need the nose or ears, tbh.

No. 934458

so is she roleplaying that her dad is Alec Baldwin leaving her a nasty voicemail? the pig thing + dad really makes no sense. I would imagine the slut pig or whatever would be something a group of jealous girl bullies would do. Feel free to use that idea, cock hog!

No. 934460

this makes so little sense… you can really tell she comes up with this shit when she’s drunk and high because whew

No. 934465

File: 1582248153623.jpg (310.03 KB, 1591x1590, IMG_20200221_012103.jpg)

She's made this her profile picture on twitter lol..

No. 934466

did she shoop out the elastic holding the pig nose on lol

No. 934467


She really has zero rhythm.

No. 934472

I did not notice until you said something anon! That makes it even more funny

No. 934473

When will she change her "Buttstuff Barbie" name to something pig related?

No. 934475

File: 1582249249411.png (249.45 KB, 472x452, blurredlines.png)

Looks like she just blurred out the elastic. I am baffled as to why she would even bother.

No. 934477

>>934453 but it's totally the meds causing the weight gain right Shay?

No. 934478

File: 1582249288426.jpg (55.9 KB, 1077x361, Screenshot_20200220-194046_Twi…)

Her new header pic, kek

No. 934480

File: 1582249507781.jpeg (38.37 KB, 740x370, 8DC3E9D6-CB4E-4474-B04C-82CBAF…)

They would be a power couple

No. 934488


This is so funny 'cause he was a dominant sadist dating an actual bimbo.

No. 934495

only two days after she scheduled it lol. think she'll get on cam in an hour?

Good job cutting back from the weed, Shatna, your therapist must be so proud. She'll probably drop her now that the therapist has stopped telling her exactly what she wants to hear, and is instead suggesting she change the horribly unhealthy shit she does. Shayna can't be around people who point out her flaws for long

No. 934497

File: 1582253211529.jpg (386.96 KB, 1080x1294, Screenshot_20200220-204635_Twi…)

No. 934504

she says all this with the avatar of a pig right next to it, like….. ???

No. 934510

File: 1582254643887.png (11.68 KB, 390x470, 480.png)

>think she'll get on cam in an hour?
kek she's barely been following her schedule as is. she can't stand to make more than a few dollars so ofc she doesn't bother with camming anymore

No. 934517

LOL this bitch really filmed herself just snorting away.

No. 934518

File: 1582256638912.png (65.22 KB, 760x231, Screenshot_20200220-224207.png)

why the fuck is she using a sleeping emoji in these tweets? also another example of how hypocritical she is, with these tweets just 12 days ago >>929755 and >>929756

sorry I forgot the /s for anons who thought I was being serious. Just checked, it's been over two months, despite her "scheduling" at least six cam shows (that I can remember off the top of my head) since the new year.

No. 934521

she thinks that about pretty much everything she does and then we get…this. she couldn't even keep the pronouns consistent in the description, writing "he" in place of "you", like she doesn't have plenty of time to proofread and fix any errors.

wants to be paid to "be baby" but also wants to be an "adored" bimbo. i agree w the anon who recently said this combo just doesn't make sense, it's one or the other but trying to be both is just a sad attempt at mashing opposites together. say she did get breast implants and lip injections, she seriously believes she could still project the ~am baby uwu~ crap.

No. 934532


All of which makes me think like the one anon mentioned, that she must enjoy degrading herself because it is really inconceivable how she seems to not feel badly about how much her life sucks. She has nothing of value or worth, it's just her laying on her musty medieval bed while she shoves things into herself and overly exaggerates herself having "orgasms".

No. 934565

File: 1582265652938.jpg (167.21 KB, 1080x720, Screenshot_20200221_011226.jpg)

Damn, in bed with her secondhand Ugg boots. She's truly rancid and clueless.

No. 934569

File: 1582266065525.png (3.91 MB, 1242x2208, 01C3C704-CDED-4C77-86E1-7C92EB…)

Someone tell me what’s baby or bimbo about these nails… omg…and attention to detail my ass

Saged bc nitpick but omg seriously Shay, fix these.

No. 934570

Just saw this when I creeped her page and what is her fixation with wearing the uggs… Like is it a fetish for some guys or something bc I’m so confused why she insists on wearing these in multiple shoots. Btw saged

No. 934575

i think she associates it with being a 'slutty teen' or a 'bimbo'

No. 934577

she sat around and took selfies in these, probably rolled around in her bed and walked around her apartment and this was the result
shayna: WOW these shorts don’t fit me they’re cutting off circulation to my flaps, let me take a photo of this.

No. 934583

Wait is she just doing this shit right in front of a window with opened blinds? New levels of disgusting

No. 934599

it's probably the only 'brand name' shoes she owns. just like how she kept showing off her MK purse, she has to show off her musty junior-high mall-tier-couture boots.

No. 934618

ew no wonder all her shit looks Luna level nasty in no time. Not to mention ash from her fucking blunts and missing the ash tray as we've all seen from the rare times she actually has gone on cam. God I wish she would actually do it again soon I live for those nights lmao

No. 934651

thanks for the kek anons, it really just fits so well lol.

No. 934679

please don't give her ideas. her press on nails looked horrible

I guess she didn't get a "nail daddy" yet

No. 934703

They look like actual baby nails, she got you there anon

No. 934742

File: 1582302386533.jpg (284.18 KB, 1080x1675, Screenshot_20200221-162402_Twi…)

Another tweet and delete sperg gatekeeping sex work bollocks

No. 934743

File: 1582302409958.jpg (287.85 KB, 1080x1695, Screenshot_20200221-162410_Twi…)

No. 934745

File: 1582302724060.png (717.2 KB, 828x1792, A0D7E860-2832-432C-A50F-88A440…)

Aww she’s sperging cause some girl made a joke about becoming a stripper to afford animal crossing direct

No. 934747

for the love of god shayna don’t expose your deranged sad excuse for “porn” to the nonconsenting civilians that happen to walk by your window

No. 934748

lmao i love how shayna and other disgusting nobodies try to act like they have a phd in showing their pussy for money. it IS easy work compared to a 9-5 and that's the fucking appeal of the whole industry. like??? it's especially rich coming from shaytard who begs for more shit than does actual work (and the work she does do is so low-effort it's actually painful/embarrassing).
also i don't think someone going by the name "buttstuff barbie" really has a foot to stand on as far as speaking for strippers. at least most strippers can maintain a shred of dignity.

No. 934749

File: 1582302805095.png (1.57 MB, 828x1792, 68611B7C-C282-4869-A5FD-83C5FE…)

This is who and what she’s mad about

No. 934751

File: 1582302838443.png (477.99 KB, 828x1792, 26A511D4-DFDD-41FB-9187-6AE347…)


No. 934752

your avatar is showing but if that's really you, you cute

No. 934754

File: 1582302933533.png (1.48 MB, 828x1792, CC7C1A28-29BA-41CC-93A1-E069D7…)

I saw these and screenshot them but I think she hid the replies or something because I don’t see them anymore.

No. 934755

your avi is showing

No. 934761

girl, hide your damn av

No. 934765

"It's sad to see sex work normalized"

Shayna you sound like a fucking retard this ain't it.

No. 934769

File: 1582303349237.png (28.46 KB, 598x429, Capture.PNG)

she deleted this tweet after

No. 934771

Is she serious? Sounds like she's jealous there's cute college girls who can show a tit, and make what she makes in a week in a few days.
And she's gatekeeping stripping? Something she's NEVER FUCKING DONE? So people have to do sex work forever like her dumb ass? it's all or nothing?

this is my favorite-
>>Im just sad to see sex work normalized

not because it's harmful, it hurts women, it's fucked up and the young girls who aren't ugly white bitches with parents to fall back on, end up committing suicide, ACTUALLY disowned from their family and all kinds of horrible shit.

NOPE, because people think taking nudes are easy and all it takes. Newsflash dumb ass IT IS.

She's just jealous there are women out here who don't make sex work their every fucking thought and whole life. They actually have fucking dreams and want to make a quick buck and move the fuck on.
Because they can, unlike Shayna who is a fucking loser. These tweets really pissed me off.

No. 934781

If they are selling nudes or doing sex work THEY ARE WORKING FOR IT dumb ass. Why is she so fucking triggered by this shit?
You are NOT special for showing your ugly face and body on the internet. Literally ANYONE can do it.
Women have been selling sex for YEARS and more successfully then Shayna has ever been.
Sex work is bullshit, but it's usually not something people do for a living unless they are pornstars.
And guess what? Most those people end up addicted to drugs, dead and extremely fucked up. If they don't kill themselves after a few years before they get to that point.

Oh once again Shayna's bullying somebody and starting drama I hope they roast they fuck out of her dumb ass

No. 934793

File: 1582304191374.jpg (46.12 KB, 611x372, hhhhhhh.JPG)

The same WOMEN who just shamed people for not wanting to do sex work forever? Who told people it's wrong to make a quick buck if you can and move the fuck on? Does she not understand how dumb she sounds?

I can't tell if the person she's talking to is being sarcastic or is THAT dumb. Are sex workers now acting like this is a cult, that you either have to spend YEARS like Shayna or can't have the choice to do what you want with ur own body?

She's fucking disgusting.

No. 934800

she's sperging at just the thought of someone being a more lucrative sex worker than she is, hilarious. the vast majority of sex workers don't make it the crux of their entire lives and personality like Shaytard did – it's simply a financial means to end for a need or a want. moreover, the fact that she can't tell it's a joke– and yes, Shayna, hoeing yourself out for money is a joke because it's pathetic and the not the super srs business you bemoan it as being– goes to show how detached she is from interacting with normal non-cumbrained human beings. go back to begging losers for weed and nails money in exchange for musty pictures of your misshapen body instead of picking fights.

No. 934817

File: 1582304933253.jpg (23.13 KB, 617x209, fjfjfjfj.JPG)

This is why Shayna is mad, this person has so many followers (and actual interaction) without showing her gross snatch.

This pisses me off because she's such a little bitch. She says all this shit, soon as the person reacts she does some, "Ha ha mmhmm sure" scary shit.

Imagine being this fucking senstitive and blowing up on someone for what THEY want to do with THEIR bodies. Imagine putting so much of your worth into what somebody on the internet says/does.

No. 934823

File: 1582305196428.jpg (44.45 KB, 606x418, kkkk.JPG)

No. 934825

Damn these tweets just scream jealousy. Sorry that there's hotter girls that don't have to punch themselves in the face for pennies.

No. 934831

File: 1582305635383.jpg (52.95 KB, 655x465, begging.JPG)

No. 934837

lol the audacity of trying to get an award from mfc when she cammed like 6 times total last year

No. 934838

she is setting herself up for failure lol. also ot but who the fuck does awards for the previous year in march of the next one?

No. 934866


Anything she wears makes her a slutty pig since she’s so fucking fat lmao.

No. 934902

File: 1582312345100.jpg (676.18 KB, 1080x1652, 20200221_131006.jpg)

What the hell did she do to her -natural- eyebrows is the real question.

No. 934914


Even lil GameStop booty can throw it better than her

No. 934918

> Imagine being this fucking senstitive and blowing up on someone for what THEY want to do with THEIR bodies.

Not only that, but the video in question was also just a girl like jokingly saying that because she wants a videogame. The reality of it is that she probably COULD walk into a club, audition, work for a night and take home way more than shayna makes in a week.
HOWEVER, this girl probably knows that going to a club and gyrating all over disgusting men with your tits out in order to purchase a videogame isn’t even worth it nor is it cute. Shayna instead is better because she mashes her gross dry pussy and blows out her asshole on the internet (for four years mind you) in exchange for keeping her electric on in her apartment. Is this really the point she’s trying to make?! I’m dead.

No. 934919


We say that all the fake makeup and too tight clothes and overdrawn brows are fucking bad but Jesus CHRIST. I’ll take that anyone over this. She looks like Jess before she died from a heroin OD lol

No. 934921

> Shayna instead is better because she mashes her gross dry pussy and blows out her asshole on the internet (for four years mind you) in exchange for keeping her electric on in her apartment. Is this really the point she’s trying to make?! I’m dead.
this is so spot-on lol she’s fucking deluded

No. 934923

damn she barely has any eyebrow left, wtf did she do? they should have already grown back at least once since she started this shitty style, so why the fuck does she keep plucking it?

No. 934927

that over-plucking is going to be permanent soon.

No. 934929

She's always had super thin (natural) brows like that, look at her old pics.

No. 934930

File: 1582316961161.png (916.22 KB, 748x704, 2020-02-21 15_28_45-_snow_ - D…)

nah anon they werent that bad

No. 934934

They've always been naturally thin but now they're extreme meth head style thin

No. 934935

yea she plucked a good chunk of the back, some from the front and thinned what she already had, those are not natural eyebrows. unless her hair is falling out along with her eyebrows lol.

No. 934942

No I mean her OLD pics, early tumblr shit. Her eyebrows have always been thin but now that she plucked/shaved the tails it's even worse.

No. 934946

why is the girl who continues doing sex work despite being offered a home with her mother numerous times mad about OTHER WOMEN taking jobs away from sex workers? she started sex work before she had even moved out no? the story of her life can be summed up with "middleclass girl who moved out to be a sex worker and refuses help from her family despite complaining about not being able to pay bills". shes just a walking projection of everything she thinks she hates kek

No. 934949

what difference does it make from a year ago vs 4 years ago?

No. 934961


I finally watched the video and I cannot believe she really went into a rage about a JOKE. I've never seen someone so fucking weak and insecure in my life.
Even if it wasn't a joke, SO THE FUCK WHAT. She's really upset she has been doing this for years and there's girls who do this for a week better then her & move the fuck on.

No. 934983


Youtube is free.

No. 935001


ugg boots and converse shoes in porn is usually to cater to a fetish.

No. 935026

>most captivating personalities and creative artists

so everyone but shay. she also had the audacity to bitch about asking for things but "don't wanna work for it like a real adult" right after saying she wants to get paid to be a baby/bimbo and e-begging for another dog crate even though she has [had?] one.

No. 935052

File: 1582331598353.jpg (763.33 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20200221-183203_Sam…)

This is what she's running for

No. 935053

File: 1582331641689.jpg (Spoiler Image,277.6 KB, 1080x735, Screenshot_20200221-183241_Twi…)

When is she going to stop with this "uwu my pussy so fat" schtick

No. 935057

Good question. I’ll tell you why.
Her gut has become certified fat. Her boobs are too pointy and even with weight gain still someone small and disgusting. Her ass is flat as shit. Her face is dimple-y, her chin doubled and her neck huge. The only possible thing she has to latch onto that might be a possible incel-guy fetish would be something barely related to a “fat pussy.” She is repulsive.

No. 935104

She's literally only doing it because it became a popular thing on sex work twitter. She just wants to be part of the trend as per usual.

No. 935131

unfortunately the only thing i can think of when she says “fat pussy” now is that deflated ballsack picture that was posted a few days ago from her LA shoot

No. 935140

Yes, Shay, women are what's wrong with the sex industry. No men.. Never men, and never yourself.

No. 935149

File: 1582340958238.jpg (483.67 KB, 1080x1537, Screenshot_20200221-210844_Twi…)

This is probably the same screenshot of the $200 tip she posted before

No. 935157


I’ve seen this look good in porn, y’know this angle of it from the back, whatever. But her’s literally does look like a guy sitting on his balls. And not in whatever good way she could try to spin that to sound like it’s hot.

No. 935340

File: 1582384973978.png (253.21 KB, 760x879, Screenshot_20200222-102107.png)

she's admitting that her weight gain is from eating way too much for her sedentary lifestyle and not just magically gained from the medication alone.

cut to a month or two from now when sh hasn't lost any weight and can't understand why

No. 935350

"not hungry for hours"
shayna you're not supposed to just be constantly eating

No. 935351

lmao "I hope I just stop eating" you gonna start pretending you have an eating disorder now fatso? Just eat like a normal human instead of gorging on Uber eats 24/7.

No. 935408

File: 1582396125817.jpg (46.79 KB, 574x454, fjfjk.JPG)

No. 935409

File: 1582396147594.jpg (30.73 KB, 595x359, nnn.JPG)

No. 935410

It's so annoying seeing this mentally ill fucked up person who constantly spazzes at people for the smallest shit in the world, pretending to care about her own and othes mental health.
Especially since she refuses to slow down on drinking and smoking or changing her lifestyle in anyway.

No. 935415

I love when Twitters use whatever the display name is to respond to people. It just proves they don't care and just look at the name and not who the actual user is.

No. 935416

Oh man she got some attention from a tweet that wasn’t an orbiter. Incoming hours of word vomit about mental health and the sex industry and all of Shays ~struggles

No. 935515

File: 1582409247002.jpg (137.68 KB, 1080x400, Screenshot_20200222-160703_Twi…)

Yeah, cause that is SO sexy Shay

No. 935536

File: 1582412010879.jpg (437.19 KB, 1080x1081, Screenshot_20200222-160459_Twi…)

Her hair looks so greasy

No. 935542

I’m amazed it took her this long to figure out how to edit her photos without having to use tacky Snapchat filters.
RIP heart filter.

No. 935571

is she wearing fkn shit hair extensions

No. 935573

File: 1582417468209.jpg (601.41 KB, 1080x1828, 1547872300916.jpg)

here's some motivation from just a year ago for Porky Mattel

No. 935594

at least the hotdog nails are gone

No. 935621

no anon, her hair is that fried

No. 935625

File: 1582421971045.jpg (365.36 KB, 1080x1264, Screenshot_20200222-193905_Twi…)

No. 935663

File: 1582425658500.jpg (98.64 KB, 1031x1280, Screenshot_20200223-023459_Twi…)

How depressing that this is her goal of available money.
Maybe if she had any control she could've saved up a lil something but she'll just use it on booze and weed.

Weedheads are so sad, they think they're above other drug addicts but they have the addiction so much longer and think it's fine. Yeah you ain't gonna die but your brain is fucking fried.

No. 935677

That's her daily goal, not the one overall. I think she's still saving for moving out.

No. 935699

She could be working at mcdonalds making a lot of this real. Yeah maybe no butler and just a normal tub but RN she barely has a bed

No. 935707

File: 1582432987010.jpg (208.74 KB, 1079x781, Screenshot_20200222-222637_Twi…)

But it's TOTALLY her meds that caused her weight gain

No. 935716


I don’t think bimbos sit and listen to Billie Holiday. Strange nitpick but that doesn’t compute to me. I feel like bimbos wouldn’t be sitting listening to the classics, is… she confused on what a bimbo is? She’ll sit and list all these stereotypes but it’s like she doesn’t even know wtf she’s talking about.

No. 935721

File: 1582435598423.jpg (Spoiler Image,478.67 KB, 1080x1089, Screenshot_20200222-231944_Twi…)

Pretty funny that her top sellers are super old ones

No. 935758

i agree anon but saying 'sitting in a clawfoot bath listening to charli xcx' doesnt hit as hard to be fair

No. 935822

Not only her, but also her setup has gone really downhill, she really has stopped putting in even an ounce of effort. Her backgrounds en lighting looked way better in these old video's, especially if you look at how dark en dingy her background in her newest pig video is.

No. 935859

File: 1582476945603.jpg (399.6 KB, 1080x1276, 20200223_105401.jpg)

Starting early today.

No. 935861

i cannot take a single fucking word she says seriously with that pig picture next to it

No. 935864

if shes so mature then why does she have screenshots of drama that probably doesnt even concern her? and lol at her trying to be threatening
also shes already deleted everything but the first tweet

No. 935866

After those tweets I wouldn't doubt if she posts on here. Even though she hates this site she acts just like us. Top kek

No. 935877

"twitter drama is stupid unless it's me and I'm using it feel superior"

No. 935880

Shayna, this is just as catty and retarded. If you want to seem above them you wouldn't post dumb baiting bullshit like this, you'd leave it alone. But you just showed how much you enjoy drama and having dirt on other people.

No. 935886

Hahahaha exactly. What a dumb bitch.
Publicly announcing you’re above the drama while claiming to have receipts on everyone but too good to show them?

Either grow a fucking spine and post them or stfu.

Nice to see she’s putting her SFW account to good use/s

No. 935925

File: 1582483804534.jpg (176.3 KB, 1080x1209, Screenshot_20200223-184852_Twi…)

Ah, what's the issue today then?

No. 935927

If she truly felt so awful she wouldn't be able to even stomach the idea of weed and alcohol

No. 935930

Shay this is why you’re fat. Also way to post this on your “work” account

No. 935938

File: 1582484748723.jpg (179.46 KB, 1075x937, 20200223_130425.jpg)

She just refuses to do anything to change it. Even if the meds help slow the gaining, it would take her own effort to shed the weight.

No. 935939

1 nobody on twitter says something.


I love how the main bitch whose whining about unfollowing people with drama ALWAYS is in drama.

Bitch JUST got done bullying some girl for making a joke and she's back at it again. Worst thing is, it's the same shit she keeps saying over and over.

No. 935941

Please call out these problematic sex workers because you want people to cancel, harass and bother them instead of you.
Thats not fucked up and bitch made at all. I love how she's calling people's name but this same dummy was about to a hero about being called "ugly" and a "bitch" before.

She should get, "it's okay when I do it!" Tattoo'd on her face.

No. 935953

File: 1582487245384.jpg (174.77 KB, 1074x805, 20200223_194609.jpg)

She's proper on one today with tweet/delete

No. 935955

probably boy problems, I swear I feel like everytime she has issues with this dusty dude she finds someone talking shit so she can let out her anger.

No. 935964

File: 1582488527835.jpg (435.39 KB, 1067x1583, 20200223_200648.jpg)

She's just being overly salty about being blocked by other sex workers.

Who the hell cares?

No. 935966

File: 1582488563424.jpg (448.64 KB, 1080x1663, 20200223_200710.jpg)

No. 935969

Maybe they blocked you because the constant drama that you post? You know, just like announce you do every other week?

No. 935983

Why does she care so much that people have her blocked that she resorts to drinking? Does she just need admiration and validation that much??

No. 935987

Again, not on her personal twitter and on her "work" twitter
Maybe they blocked you bc they just want content and not bullshit

No. 935991

File: 1582492146661.png (36.74 KB, 591x332, Screenshot (227).png)

what a surprise

No. 935995

Imagine if she just stuck to a working schedule instead of eating take out every night.

No. 936017

File: 1582497194425.jpg (334 KB, 1080x1082, Screenshot_20200223-163232_Twi…)

No. 936019

Is she renting a house now?? how can she come up with 1,300 monthly if she cant even come up with 500?

No. 936024

I think that's the deposit

No. 936031

i bet it's a trailer or something lol what is the point of her having a house when she can barely furnish a 1 bedroom apartment? it's going to be totally trashed and her dog is just going to be left in the yard 24/7.

No. 936033

Using her dog for sympathy…the only true reason she got noodle.

Yes please get that dog a yard to run around in, cause shay can’t be bothered to walk the poor thing daily.

No. 936085


>afford animal crossing direct

Never change, Shayna thread.

No. 936100

get a fucking housemate like every other normal person you stupid bitch. the only reason she wont is because she doesn't want anyone to actually see how gross her living sitch is or to be held accountable for any cleaning etc
she is getting more vapid with every bong she rips

No. 936109

File: 1582511221659.png (Spoiler Image,1.91 MB, 1449x2048, Screenshot_20200223-212556.png)

Still trying very hard to peck at the remains of her tumblr fame. Give it up Shayna, you had your five minutes. Move on.

No. 936131

Key word is "was" Shay, you will never be that popular again.

No. 936138

yo if she does that she's gonna have yet another reason not to cam

No. 936142

Why even gloat about this, I'd be humiliated to remind everyone that I'm a has-been at 21. Is Shayna okay? This bitch isn't just spiraling, she's falling off a cliff.

No. 936157

She probably could have continued to be “esthetic inspo” had she kept her face out of her images.

No. 936181

It fucking irritates the hell out of me how often she complains about her meds making her feel shitty. Stop drinking alcohol you dumb bitch, for the love of god. I guarantee it interacts negatively with her meds, on top of alcohol being a depressant in general.

No. 936198

It’s incredible how shaytard thinks she was some special one of a kind goddess everyone knew on tumblr lmao there were numerous NUMEROUS blogs ran by literal 13 year olds that also got 2k, 3k, 4k notes on lots of their posts. Like back in 2012-2015 it was easy to be popular if you had a niche and posted edits or trendy selfies often. nobody actually remembers you and you were a nobody even on tumblr moron.

No. 936235

This. It really wasn't hard to be ~tumblr famous~. She wasnt THE TOP TUMBLR BITCH like she loves to think. Countless girls just like her and better. Doesnt make you special hun. Imagine if people went on about being MySpAcE FaMoUs still.

No. 936273

She is so fucking dumb. You can't lose the belly and keep the butt. That's not how fat loss works. The only way for her to get a bigger ass while staying skinny would be to lift heavy weights, and there's no universe in which she has the dedication to do that. Even if she did, girl has some unfortunate genetics. Get ass implants or shut the fuck up.

No. 936322

i'd feel so sorry for anyone that ended up living with shayna though. let's not subject any poor random person to her mess & grossness & fake orgasm screeches.

No. 936342

are any of these even from the 'height' of her tumblr popularity? i thought she got followers from being a stoner?

No. 936345

The height of her popularity was before she decided to start selling nudes. The only reason she did was because people were asking her for nudes and sex work was becoming trendy on Tumblr. Like 2014??

No. 936361

lol she never said she was going to keep her ass and not her belly. she said she WANTS to. learn to read before you nitpick

No. 936363

what makes me laugh uncontrollably is that there's still twenty things completely grimy and disgusting about each of these pictures, all of which was dragged for ages in past threads. how fucking far do you have to fall that this starts to look good in comparison kek

>nitpicking a nitpick
anon why

No. 936380

everytime i see her post pics of that kiddie pool video she did i get flashbacks of it where she showed her period and shit stained bikini and then proceeded to SELL IT.

No. 936393

kek, she tries to grab her ass but there's nothing to grab


No. 936401

because it's retarded when farmers act like they are so superior to the cow but can't even get their shit straight

No. 936404

File: 1582562770396.png (391.35 KB, 828x1792, 634882B3-26B2-431C-B84D-BA51E7…)

I’m lol so I really should have hid my avi from the last post but I didn’t think anyone would truly look for me but apparently the cow herself decided to search for and message me but like why? What is she getting from that ? like is she really this fucking stupid tries to say she’s alll about being happy and spreading joy but she’s literally looking on this site and then reaching out to the “haters”

No. 936405

File: 1582562841684.png (Spoiler Image,2.36 MB, 1966x2048, Screenshot_20200224-114540.png)

they are all the S A M E

fucking learn to delete photos and keep only the absolute best. i hate that she claims to have "so much content" on her OF when in reality it's the same pic 10x to make it seem like there's alot of content. It's such a rip off.

No. 936408

she probably thinks she owned you or something when it just further proves that she can't stop caring about drama. her entire self worth is based on what other people think of her and since even her orbiters don't care about her she has zero self confidence.

No. 936409

LMAO shayna you fucktard. is self-cowtipping a thing? all you did is confirm that you're still lurking, so much for ignoring the haydurs and drama. btw how's that weight-loss going, porky?

No. 936411

well there you go if anyone had any doubts that she's checking this thread on a regular basis. would not be surprised if she's also posting in other camwhore/sw threads kek

No. 936413

File: 1582564300990.jpeg (269.47 KB, 750x724, B92B42AC-7D4D-4A99-9411-275525…)

Funny….. "Dont tell us what to do unless youre paying for it to happen"
Does she NOT UNDERSTAND that a lot of these girls use sex work to pass free time….? Nobody needs to "pay off a vacation" just so you can have a couple free mental days.
You're sustaining just fine off your old af content, realistically shay, you could go without posting for a few months and honestly, nobody would even notice or gaf.
You're so self absorbed and the sad part is…….
Because you edit your clothes on now, you edit your entire body, you spend days covering yourself in a blur tool, youre now hiding your face but it doesnt help the gut, you lost your brows and we're still waiting for you to find em, and goddamn girl… Out here looking like The Box Ghost…. Don't ever think you can come for people when you're probably the brokest person looking through your own threads

No. 936415

kek, shay nice job outing yourself as a lurker in your own threads.

No. 936417

Tell her to fuck off and thanks for the confirmation she's lurking. It's not cowtipping if she came at you first.

No. 936419

How did she even find you from just an icon?

No. 936423

I think anon follows her or she recognized her from somewhere.

No. 936426

So she trawled through her thousands of followers just to find her lmao. How embarrassing.

No. 936427

sometimes the cow tips u…

No. 936428

I’m not even sure she might’ve recognized my pic but I don’t follow her on twitter and my name isn’t the same as is was when I used to follow her it’s like a new account so I’m not sure how she actually found it

No. 936438

You know exactly how she found you, because you self posted. >>934754 is you, @nnana42020 your backup account, you even changed the profile pic to your face you retard.

It's funny to know she lurks but you are dumb as fuck.

No. 936439

I wish she'd stop speaking for other people. As you said, most people do sex work as a way to get extra money, they don't make it their whole life and full-time job UNLESS they are doing proper porn.

I know it pisses Shayna off that there's girls who can fucking hop in and out, get money they need, move on, pay bills have a life, job, friends even go to school etc. but it happens Shayna.

Everyone isn't like you. They don't put everything into something that some girls do for extra money in college. You are not special you are DUMB for making this a career, especially since your looks are rapidly declining, ur attitude suck, ur content suck and there's actual animated cam girls who make more money than you ever will.

The reason she hates that people don't make Sex work their only job and life, is because she has and has gotten barely anything to show for it. Imagine fucking up ur relationship with ur whole family for this miserable life.

Also you have ALL the fucking downtime in the fucking world. Stop acting like you are working 9 to 5 on porn.

No. 936441

Im not the anon, but didn't >>936428 say she posted with her avi showing?

No. 936443

File: 1582567361103.png (955.74 KB, 750x1334, 3F8D320F-2FC3-4ABD-B345-46D98B…)

nta but yeah the screenshots she posted with her avi were self posts of what looks to be her other account. here’s the profile pic now.

No. 936445

How embarrassing. Anna do better you deserve a ban from here now too.

No. 936448

Nice catch. I didn't even notice her username there. (I'm dumb don't come for me)

No. 936459

File: 1582569072429.jpg (Spoiler Image,189.67 KB, 1080x1642, Screenshot_20200224-182855_Twi…)


No. 936463

uhh well it looks like shit from both angles so i’m not sure what she was expecting

No. 936470

Wtf this pic is really distorted. neither way looks good

No. 936482

I love how she thinks she's so bad and scary. Try better Shay, since we all know you'll see this

No. 936484

I guess blurring the obvious double chin is much easier than losing the weight.

No. 936495

dudes idk she’s been in seriously rare form these past few days. Anyone else feel like she’s going to stage a half assed suicide attempt and then end up tweeting from the ER lol “pay for baby’s ambulance bill uWu daddy” kinda shit I mean Jesus Christ

No. 936502

>blurred her vag to the extent that it looks like it belongs to prepubescent child
New low

No. 936507

People really pay for this kinda content?

No. 936513

the thing is, shayna herself could have had that life had she been willing to get her ass off the daybed and find a job. even at mcdonalds, like another anon already suggested. at least she would have had some sort of financial security

No. 936514

Just throw the whole thing away.

And no one needs to tell you what you already know, Shay.

No. 936557

File: 1582582960776.png (56.33 KB, 585x581, Screenshot (234).png)

the picture was just somebody sending her $150.

No. 936569

File: 1582584986237.jpg (296.69 KB, 1080x1339, Screenshot_20200224-165547_Twi…)

No. 936570

wtf is this bitch even gonna put in a house. houses are so much more work and upkeep? I have a feeling we will see new lows in the disgust department if she does move in.. she can't even fill or keep clean her tiny depressing apartment

No. 936586

I’m curious how big the house is. If I was renting a house out, I would never rent to a lone young adult. I would just assume they would trash it and use it as a party house. No roomies? Just one person in a house? Unless it’s a small little cottage I just don’t see her getting a whole house.

No. 936588

File: 1582587447727.jpg (254.72 KB, 1080x1920, 2020_02_24_11_35_11.jpg)

On snap she's called it an apartment. She's just referring to it as a house for some reason.

No. 936591

frankly im confused as to why shes getting even an apartment. Before I had a steady income, I had to put parents as guarantors even for the scummiest place I lived. would putting camgirl down as a job really secure a place? she clearly doesnt make much. the scrimping and begging simply for the deposit shows this so why would anyone agree to let to her

No. 936598

File: 1582588383998.jpg (134.01 KB, 1080x521, Screenshot_20200224-175207_Twi…)

No. 936603

Are you UK anon? Cos I have the same thoughts but I got no idea how it works in the US.

Unless you could prove you make above a certain amount and not scraping it but she's all over the place and always scraping it. I mean she doesn't even cam anymore.

Begging isn't a job or sustainable

No. 936608

it's the same in the US, i am nearly certain nothing she rents is in her name. it'll never be "hers."

No. 936609

Yeah I’m thinking it’s likely in her dads name. She ultimately has no proof on steady income.

No. 936610

That's really the only way she can do it. Most places require freelance people to show 2 years of federal income tax and bank statements from the past 2 months to verify you can pay
And I'm sure Shay's bank statements are very very sad

No. 936613

File: 1582590700701.jpg (285.6 KB, 1080x1040, Screenshot_20200224-183049_Twi…)

Notice how she doesn't mention RibMeat for this move

No. 936614

the last thing she needs is more space lol

No. 936617

File: 1582591912049.jpg (216.45 KB, 1080x693, Screenshot_20200224-185133_Twi…)

No. 936623

lmao yeah i’m sure it’ll never be back on sale

No. 936624

Shes way too fucking impulsive. She said the same shit about the current apartment she lives in. She said how perfect it was and how much she loved it right after she looked at it and went for it. She doesn't think anything through, this is something you need to seriously think about. And if it falls through we all know she's going to fall into another depressive state and threaten suicide and say how much she hates living and blahblahblah.

No. 936630

it's probably a free-standing duplex, which is why she keeps referring to it interchangeably as a house and apartment. no more glamorous or upscale than the current unit in the complex she's in.

i can't wait for her to move in and be immediately broke again. she's doing all this moaning and whining just to ultimately end up wallowing alone in another decrepit, unfurnished apartment in Bumfuck, Oklahoma, yet again. she'll have new excuses not to produce content in her new place as per usual. this whole moving debacle is just a way to avoid addressing the root of all her problems: her shitty choices and behaviors.

No. 936631

She also won't have enough to bring all her stuff and is too lazy to pack it all up anyway, so expect begging for months so she can "furnish her new place".

She's so insufferable.

No. 936636


I hate this cunt so much. Why does a shitty excuse for a sex worker need an entire house? A girl who’s single, has NO other source of income than sitting home all day on the internet and failing at every little thing she does… needs an entire house? I’d understand maybe if she was a hard-working young adult and was actually productive/responsible (no, Shay, scribbling a ‘schedule’ on a whiteboard like a retarded child isn’t being productive.) and trying to establish themselves, and had a steady, reliable income, but she is no where near that. She’s a fucking bum that wants the illusion that she’s doing good in this world and isn’t a fucking failure. Look guys, I have “my own” house! Like someone else said, it’s just going to look as pitiful as her ratty-ass apartment. If she hasn’t bothered to furnish an apartment for the time she’s been there, what makes a house any different? More empty space that she won’t even use because she’s sad and alone and has nothing to her name.

Oh, also lmaooo hi Shayna, since you’re so fucking salty to be reading here to the point of messaging someone that posted here. That’s what successful, toootally unbothered people do, sit around and lurk in threads about themselves, huh?

No. 936637

File: 1582593778391.jpg (Spoiler Image,346.17 KB, 1798x2048, IMG_20200225_012213.jpg)

Oh girl even with the blur and shoop this is a mess.

No. 936638

her hand looks frostbitten, her arm looks like an elbow-less noodle, and her fat rolls look like some polyjuice-potion-transformation shit with those lumps. it's genuinely amazing the level of cellulite she's developed so quickly. no wonder she won't cam anymore.

Also can see she takes bong hits in the new bed. all this effort to change your meds over and over, but absolutely NO effort to cut down on the weed like your therapist suggested? wow mental health warrior over here huh, everyone pity her, she's trying so hard to improve /s

No. 936642

File: 1582594966804.jpeg (1.15 MB, 1242x1863, 327E37A2-AE13-47ED-ADAC-B550E0…)

Not to nitpick but wtf is this ??

No. 936644

Really trying to suck in that gut and keep those old angles aren't you Shay?

No. 936645

Back rolls and what looks like a rash, lmfao

No. 936650

Definitely don't think Shay should get a new place because all she's going to do is whine for more money, but how are anons going to bitch about her animals not having space yet when she gets more space, y'all bitch that she won't have anything to do with it?

No. 936654

God can you even imagine being so alone? In the middle of fucking nowhere, with NO family anywhere nearby, NO friends, NO coworkers… like, NO interaction other than the occasional fuckboy who doesn't give a fuck about her. I literally cant even imagine that level of solitude.

No. 936657


What's so sad is, she could make the chubby look work for her if she just wore the right clothes and used the right lighting and stopped giving herself miss piggy makeup.

There are sex workers with worse bodies who do so much better than her because they know their angles. But she's so determined to be the skinny aesthetic version of herself that she doesn't even wanna try and make her box body work.

Like being fat has nothing to do with her lack of sales, she could be decent looking if she just stopped being so goddamn stuck and stubborn.

No. 936684

having a yard doesn't mean dogs don't still need walks. She doesn't walk her dog now without a yard, she's not going to start once she can just lock it outside for hours on end.

her current strategy is "pretend I'm as thin as I was a year ago and blur my photos to inhuman lengths, or refuse to do anything because I can't hide how unfortunate I look now"

No. 936687

I understand this but at least Noodle will have a yard and won't be right on top of Ribmeat. It'd be better if Shay didn't have either of her animals, but at least they'll have a semi-better living situation. Not trying to white-knight, just finding the nitpicking a bit hypocritical

No. 936700


One of the anons you replied to: wasn’t trying to nitpick because I’m glad her dog will at least get to walk on some grass, and instead of being pushed out onto a tiny balcony when she’s streaming, it at least has a yard to roam around in. But I don’t think having a yard even 15 feet away will motivate her to play with Noodle any more than she ever has, because she’s lazy. My criticism was more aimed at her sorry ass but I am glad for her animals. My problem with her is she always sets these goals as if “once I get A, B and C, then I’ll be able to do D!” and then when she does, she never follows through. So she says “it’ll be great to have a house for my pets, and a yard for my dog!” when really she’s going to neglect them as she always has. She never actually follows through doing anything, and instead always blames not having the money, or the tools to get something done… oh, but once she is able to get this or that, then she’ll show everyone she can do it! She always moves the bar.

No. 936729

but then she can't brag about how she has ~so much content~ and it's ~such a good deal~ and how ppl should drain their wallets for her for being so giving lol.

right, she'll need a post moving sale, then there'll be more holiday sales, b-day sale, i need a bunch of crap for my new house sale. ah fuck it, she just puts it cheap b/c she knows ppl won't pay more and just calls it sale, so sad.

No. 936809

i’m partially convinced she only moves to have a reason to beg for money

No. 936901

File: 1582654067699.jpg (19.41 KB, 360x360, ERo3XyrW4AY2dQW.jpg)

This image is very unsettling to me. I feel like once you start to look like a 40 year old washed up alcoholic chain smoker, it's time to drop the baby/little girl schtick

No. 936903

Her bangs are so gross it's hilarious. She doesn't brush them out it anything, she just curls them and sprays them with hairspray so theyre crunchy and stringy, and she clearly cut them herself. She'll probably call it iconic like she thinks her eyeliner is, kek.

No. 936904

the fucking bangs oh my god.
shayna i know you read here and this is NOT the look you're going for.
it looks like they were curled with a fucking hot can of white claw.

No. 936908

lmao I wouldn't put it past her to do that

No. 936912

they look like they're not even attached to her head, they're so straight across. this is how NOT to style bangs. even worse than clip-ons.

the one positive thing I can say is her hair has started to grow again now that she's not frying it to death. it's longer than it has been in years. too bad it still looks gross, greasy and gray, though.

quick, Shayna, better bring it up on twitter.

No. 936913

at this point, she should just get clip-in bangs

No. 936944

Her hair is so fried and gross. Can't believe she went to the salon and got her hair totally bleached just to get it dyed a darker colour than she came in with.
Gotta admit tho, the funniest thing about these bangs is what they look like from the side.

>looks like they were curled with a fucking hot can of white claw
Beautifully accurate description anon

No. 936953

File: 1582663924763.jpeg (256.78 KB, 750x871, 66774206-2039-4349-B4F7-6BAE3F…)


No. 936954

File: 1582663970278.jpeg (136.64 KB, 750x393, CA857112-4A67-45F3-9DF9-F71747…)

So no….. Nonnies, she CAN'T feel it lol
Why tf would you sell yourself out like this?

No. 936955

How can someone get the nerve to beg for money to move but then the next day come up with the millionth excuse for why they can't work. Like just say you hate your job and move on. It'd probably be easier than coming up with yet another excuse.

She's never looked like she enjoys sex/masturbating or that she's had a real orgasm on camera so I don't think we can blame meds here but nice try Shay

No. 936957

She can’t feel her clit because she doesn’t know where the fuck it is

No. 936968

Getting sick of this "new meds" talk especially when her ass is probably drinking and smoking on her medicine anyway

No. 936988

she absolutely is. she just posted a video of her hitting a bong on twitter yesterday and was talking about day drinking the day before.

No. 936999

File: 1582670594685.jpg (Spoiler Image,312.97 KB, 1439x2144, IMG_20200225_224253.jpg)

What is this…?

No. 937005

her right shoulder looks weird, like it dips in weird and makes it seem really tiny compared to the other one.

oh look, more sloppy blurs. i like how she keeps pushing her boobs together b/c they blend into her weight gain if she doesn't.

No. 937017

File: 1582672302741.png (126.22 KB, 602x662, Screen Shot 2020-02-25 at 6.08…)

Shayna inserting herself in another sex workers business again. The image in the "cancel the male species" tweet was a screenshot of a $1 tip on only fans. Apparently the other sex worker is a findomme

No. 937018

File: 1582672354671.png (162.21 KB, 602x663, Screen Shot 2020-02-25 at 6.08…)

She tried to tell Shay she's worth more than $1, little does she know she used to punch herself for pennies

No. 937019

File: 1582672393127.png (104.24 KB, 605x450, Screen Shot 2020-02-25 at 6.08…)

No. 937026

proof she really doesn't understand findom at all

No. 937030

her fucking face is blurred into the background. it helps to edit pictures with your eyes OPEN, Shatna

>I'm not trying to tell you how to run your business!!!
>don't tell men that $1 tips aren't enough
>stop shaming men omg

No. 937031

I cannot wait until a sex worker tells her to shut the fuck up and mind her business.
I can't wait for this shit-talking to truly back fire on her.

No. 937032

It's really not her business and she's fucking over other sex workers, talking shit.I think all these twitter sex workers are idiot lazy bitches, but Shayna is always talking shit and pretending to be positive.

I cannot wait for someone to fucking call her out.

No. 937036

File: 1582674958955.jpeg (160.96 KB, 750x382, F5E89650-AF87-47B4-A832-C48F50…)

Lool nobody wants that

No. 937038

File: 1582674993825.png (651.71 KB, 2048x521, Screenshot_20200225-185354.png)

This just proves Shayna knows Jack shit about findomme but will still preach and gatekeep on subjects she's knows abso-fucking-lutely nothing about. Stay in your Lane and mind your business, you fat pig.

No. 937045

what's her target audience here? serial killers?

No. 937050

Didn't this idiot JUST admit she failed at her findomme attempts? The lack of self-awareness is astounding

No. 937065

File: 1582679133056.jpg (379.41 KB, 1067x1195, Screenshot_20200225-190221_Twi…)

No. 937066

>"i'm not here to judge someone else's business"
>"mind your business"

she's really on one tonight. is it the new meds?

No. 937067

She's such a cunt she feels like she can butt in anywhere. You're not tumblr famous anymore Shayna, no one cares about your hot takes.

No. 937069

File: 1582679594581.png (1.47 MB, 1448x2048, Screenshot_20200225-201040.png)

Ah yes, coming from little miss "i have receipts on all your faves but won't show them" Clifford

No. 937070

File: 1582679716727.png (558.65 KB, 2048x1120, Screenshot_20200225-201425.png)

Her MRA ass just hates to see men shamed, boo hoo. She doesn't mind shaming other women every chance she gets though.

No. 937074

>b-b-buh wuh bout da meeeeeeennnnnnn??????????

it’s like clockwork with this bitch I s2g. she’s run in so many circles that anons predict what she tweets before she even does. the sad part is, we do it to mock her. that’s what really makes her a cow.

No. 937077


“I hate to see men shamed boo hoo :( ……. hey guys, come over here instead and pls give me money, I need that $1!!!”

1. This is the same bitch that was complaining a few threads ago about how she puts sooo much effort into her outfits and her videos while all these “low-quality SWers” are getting more attention than her. 2. Men that are paying these girls aren’t fragile and don’t need to be defended by some lame-ass pick-me girl that really is just trying to vulture the measly dollars and pennies that she can get.
3. If this girl is a findom, then it’s all an appealing bit of the schtick to be degrading, I’d assume. Even then, it didn’t sound like she was “shaming” anyone, it was a pretty harmless sounding caption, and sounded like a joke. But like whoever that SW said herself, how is it going to work to degrade a client for mere dollars? Doesn’t seem like that’s the point of the whole financial thing but whatever.

No. 937079

Nothing wrong with supporting men's rights. God knows they need it after the (lack of) fallout from the Amber Heard case.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 937083

lol those guys get off on being shamed, shayna you idiot. so you're basically ~kinkshaming~ them (not that i think that's a real thing, but she does). way to show how supa kinky you are.

No. 937094

File: 1582683013757.jpg (441.3 KB, 1078x1075, Screenshot_20200225-194348_Twi…)

The new pfp

No. 937095

I hate how this sheltered white girl tries to use Ebonics lol “on god” though, her saying “issa a” is like saying “it’s a a”. This is to be expected from a bitch growing up in some yuppie northern town to bumfuck juggalos and live laugh love soccer mom Oklahoma

No. 937096

File: 1582683041832.jpg (Spoiler Image,466.68 KB, 1080x1061, Screenshot_20200225-200754_Twi…)


No. 937099

File: 1582684037359.png (11.8 MB, 5125x5065, Screen Shot 2020-02-26 at 12.5…)

that bear's seen some shit

No. 937100

sorry double post but wtf is going on with her ass is that shitty photoshop