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File: 1629228980769.jpg (Spoiler Image,978.12 KB, 1440x2555, shayzowski.jpg)

No. 1302140

Repetitive comments about Shayna's vagina is grounds for a 1 day ban. Repetitive nitpicks about her body and face are subject to a 1 day ban. Reposting the same photos zoomed in and edited is not milk and you will receive a ban for nitpicking.
REMEMBER: Sage when there’s no milk, no nitpicking and/or blogposting and please try to curb your enthusiasm when posting screenshots from other cam girls. This is a Shay thread. Do not reply to spergs. Do not mention Kyle Nathan Perkins/ Fupa unless relevant. Do not make repetitive comments about Shayna’s retarded pets.

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>continues to flaunt her middle-aged wine mom physique in bikinis >>1298395
>does a tragic cow themed struggle photoshoot in the middle of a field >>1298835, >>1299302, >>1300296
>also includes what can only be a mother goose cosplay >>1298922
>continues to record herself vibrating her thigh fat while chicken dancing >>1299374, >>1299392
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No. 1302145

File: 1629229315451.png (6.89 MB, 1242x2208, 18FE712F-72A3-4BF8-AE62-ADD7DD…)

bringing this from the old thread because she looks a mess

No. 1302146

File: 1629229475171.png (Spoiler Image,6.29 MB, 1242x2208, 1629227497544.png)

Can we talk about this? I feel like pic related did not get its time to shine in the previous thread. What is going on with her hair and skin? She's gotta be in some form of deep depression because this is nightmarish. You would think if she was in dire financial straits she would be putting in 110% effort for vids or just quit and find a day job. At this rate homegirl will be on the street.

No. 1302148

Also the strain on that one button because her bigger tit is pulling at is…something.

No. 1302149

File: 1629229668415.png (548.72 KB, 494x825, Shayna's twin.png)

No. 1302152

I'm going to get hate for this, but even Luna looks better here then Shayna does. At least she's going for the sloppy ass look druggy look.
Shayna walks around like this calling herself "hot asf" and "bimbo Barbie". Luna attempts to make herself look like something, yeah that something is usually disgusting, but she's always stealing make up, hygiene products etc.
Shayna has that shit, but just refuses to use it

No. 1302156

I think she gets her hair wet but doesn’t wash it in her monthly shower. Which is why it looks like a greasy rats nest.

I feel like since moving to Seattle her looks have gotten even lazier and uglier. I didn’t even know was possible. No make up and unwashed hair. Pajamas. Truly thriving.

No. 1302159

That breakage is giving me anxiety.

Luna only looks good by comparison in this photo because it’s filtered to hell. Luna’s crust makes me gag more than shay. Shay will get there soon enough but until then, I humbly disagree.

No. 1302164

Thanks for the new thread nonny but feel like this thread pic is gonna get spoilered. You're really pushing it lol

No. 1302166

Anon I was just about to repost this photo for the same reason. I’ve seen homeless crackheads walking around with neater, cleaner, less matted hair…and her eyes look so tiny on her piggy face, why the fuck are men paying for this? I truly can’t comprehend it.

No. 1302171

it was requested so

No. 1302218

File: 1629233826765.jpg (319.18 KB, 1079x1196, Screenshot_20210817-155451_Twi…)

Because they're into your pedo pandering

No. 1302219

File: 1629233880780.jpg (533.88 KB, 1080x1789, Screenshot_20210817-155741_Twi…)

How much ass kissing did you have to do for this Shay?

No. 1302227

This isn't even her usual pile of turds bun. Looks like she took the handle off a broom and plopped it on her head. She keeps reaching new lows, it's almost impressive. Like she's specifically doing it for attention from farmers

No. 1302232

In the last thread, it was briefly touched on that shaynus says she has roommate, and yet the roommate evidently owns no furniture and doesn't care about Shayna's meat sweats dripping all over the place
So, do we think Shayna has this troglodyte roommate, or are her parents supplementing her rent?

No. 1302247

i don't think she ever said she has a roommate unless i missed something

No. 1302250

I really thought her roomie was gonna be her ex, but I'm thinking it's her dad paying for most of her rent and things. Because why would you let shat leave her snail trail everywhere.
That's for sure who her "fren" is.

No. 1302258

That's probably the case, but there is a "fren" in the picture because someone drove her cow ass out to that field for a photoshoot. There was also the case of the door slamming while she was filming her "content", but maybe she's just being haunted by all her bad decisions

No. 1302260

As another anon in the last thread suggested, Shay probably sold her parents a sob story that she was fleeing an abusive relationship with Fupa, and has her enablers bank rolling her new place.

No. 1302264

I still think it's her ex and that's why she's ok with it. Doesnt her "ex" post kink stuff? I think they got a place together due to circumstances. Maybe the ex was living with someone previously. Shay probably gassed herself up as a super successful sex worker with tons of sugar daddies. Kinda like she did with Fupa. And like with him, she'll see Shay is a disgusting loser.

Its possible her dad is helping her with rent but… if rent is 2k+ that's a lot for him to contribute when her parents told her to move closer to them and she said no. Maybe he's helping for the first month or 2. If that's the case, she's gonna lose that place. She wont be able to get by near Seattle having to make nearly 3k just for rent and bills. Not to mention food, weed, booze, Amazon crap, etc.

No. 1302277

File: 1629238665317.jpeg (143.79 KB, 828x524, EAB6D328-B62C-4465-BDEF-83BD77…)

Kek…. the lack of self awareness.
That’s not why they think you’re a catfish babe.

No. 1302295

Catfish because you edit and filter your free content so that you look ok but then they pay for your OF and see you're actually a slob goblin with cottage cheese ass and thighs. No makeup, rolls flabbing.

No. 1302299

It's because you ARE a catfish Shayna. The only time you post pictures with your hair actually styled into something other than turd braids and have makeup on (with copius filters), is for free on twitter and then in your PAID OF content you look like a homeless, drug addicted neanderthal.

No. 1302300

You beat me too it nonnie and better than me… slob goblin kek

No. 1302317

This greasy bitch looks frumpy, like Ms. Trunchbull with her sweaty bun. How much drugs does she take to convince herself she looks cute?

No. 1302321

I guess when you're in the business of selling yourself, you kinda have to pretend you're attractive. Would be counter productive to admit you're an ugly piece of fat shit.
I believe she's just faking it. I doubt she truly is delusional enough to believe she's hot.

No. 1302377

I think she is really that dilusional and dissociated. I wouldn't put it past her to degrade herself like that for money and to fish for compliments. She used to hit herself in the face for pennies.

No. 1302381

I really don't understand why she didn't move closer to her dad. She could have gotten a small place to live and work, and mooched off of her dad for free meals and rides and other shit. She would have saved a ton of money and been able to buy a car to go buy her weed. Whenever she is presented with two paths she always picks the worst one without fail.

Also doing ageplay videos when you look ten years OLDER than your actual age?

No. 1302387

Ok what’s happening to her she look worse than ever

No. 1302393

File: 1629251569072.jpeg (144.93 KB, 805x1499, C5852B70-74BB-4D52-93FF-712794…)

she’s thriving, anon

No. 1302398

>but maybe she's just being haunted by all her bad decisions
KEK anon, the little hidden gems in these threads I swear..

No. 1302399

greasy oklahoma tranny does children’s story time at the library vibes

No. 1302401

just because we haven’t seen them doesn’t mean they’re not there. this so called bestie was able to pick up the house key, meaning she’s on the lease somewhere. also when shayna put in her application she said she immediately was accepted AND had the apartment right after being accepted? not how it works. the “application” was actually a lease that she probably signed online or had it mailed to her. she also never griped about needing first and last months rent plus security deposit, which is suspicious for her. she cannot afford 2k+ monthly on her own, and with her income it’s extremely doubtful she would be approved for an apartment in seattle without any co-signer.

No. 1302403

Ageplay??? Bitch you trying to pass as anything younger than a rough road 43 is a fantasy in itself. Ageplay the confused lonely old lady next door who never showers and walks around with her dentures out.

No. 1302409

seriously, the only ageplay she’s doing is playing a 40 year old tranny

No. 1302419

Christ, she looks like she does hard drugs. At least Luna, a literal junkie, goes the effort to do makeup.

No. 1302436

File: 1629255264619.jpeg (126.2 KB, 1242x354, B4489FF5-9897-4427-BE2D-929E05…)

But it’s the meds and ~Fupa’s abuse uwu~ that caused the weight gain right shay???

No. 1302439

how is she not disgusted with herself tweeting shit like this while looking the way she does??

No. 1302442

File: 1629255433492.png (Spoiler Image,6.8 MB, 1242x2208, 451056F3-29E2-43D8-8F76-9A68F3…)

Her dirty ass feet

No. 1302444

File: 1629255545300.jpeg (650.19 KB, 1242x1204, 7C4D832B-35CF-44CF-ABAB-6AE041…)

I really don’t know nonnie the last thing she needs is ice cream jfc

No. 1302446

File: 1629255863005.png (1.03 MB, 772x1166, 1D764798-F8A1-4DD0-8AAF-FDFFC7…)

Even when she opens her eyes all the way they are still so small and beady kek

No. 1302448

I can’t even recognize her anymore holy crap. She really does look like she’s on hard drugs

No. 1302460

this pic is killing me

No. 1302468

Looking like a severed head prop. Fucking horrifying. Imagine seeing this in someone's yard on Halloween

No. 1302469

she looks like fucking old gregg

No. 1302471

that would explain the mangina

No. 1302477

She morphs more and more into CWC Troon territory with each passing day in Seattle.

No. 1302484

File: 1629260567807.gif (4.28 MB, 400x225, BA51029F-1E5D-4640-B06E-367272…)

Oh my god why did I need to see this. The grey skin. The hillbilly maw. The ass pimples. The fucking pile of turds on her head.

Just get a real job shay. This is not ok.

No. 1302485

If she opens her arms any wider everyone duck and cover because those buttons are flying through a window

No. 1302487

I thought she was in a 'really shitty place' with money. But priorities I guess

No. 1302492

Looking once again like an Ed Gein creation

No. 1302493

File: 1629262001395.png (5.84 MB, 1242x2208, 541F3C00-7476-4C6C-B98C-AE07B7…)

No. 1302497

File: 1629262568440.jpg (25.74 KB, 960x500, edgar-the-bug.jpg)

bitch looks like she's about to ask me for some sugar water

No. 1302498

i am done with this thread KEK

No. 1302503

She looks like a neglected patient that won’t shower in a mental institution. Why would you post this!!! ?

No. 1302530

holy fuck she just lowered her personal standard even more. this is the worst she's ever looked

No. 1302531

Yea she looks rough but honestly a shower/shampoo, some makeup, hairstyling, and good posture would make her content so much more palatable. Can't even compare her to Miss Piggy the muppet kek

No. 1302535

File: 1629270677356.jpeg (665.63 KB, 975x1404, FB00288D-8CA5-437B-9417-5A68AE…)

No. 1302536


Proof that smoking weed isn't harmless; years of smoking and sitting on her ass reduced her to nothing but looking like a fat methhead from Tulsa.

No. 1302537

She looks like a plague ridden mother of 6 from the Victorian era.

No. 1302540

don't do Victorian women like that, anon

No. 1302549

This is the funniest post I’ve seen in these shit threads in a long time

No. 1302550

Lol they had lice that’s why they wore their hair in buns

Nice, we finally figured out shatna’s bun situation

No. 1302633

her fat rolls remind me of sand dunes in a desert
because they're dessert rolls

No. 1302647

Why would she use a “cute” gag and look….like that? What stops her from getting ready for work every day, like when your looks are literally your job, WHY would you post this??
Chris Chan?

No. 1302649

File: 1629287365708.png (41.46 KB, 701x529, Screenshot_2021-08-18-06-44-42…)

If we set aside the calorie content which Shaynus deffo does not need right now, look at the price of a SMALL alone! Coldstone notoriously overcharges and you know this bit h got a large. Add in delivery fee and tip which usually adds another $15-20. She got this and a weed drink today? She is gonna go broke faster than we anticipated at this rate–wow.

No. 1302676

I will never understand the weird fucking intros where she talks to her audience like they’re a kindergarten class.

>hi everyone

>this is a couch
>can you see the couch?
>i’m gonna fuck myself on the couch

No. 1302696

File: 1629293459226.gif (Spoiler Image,11.83 MB, 320x568, 7E48B097-CAEB-4319-9042-36157B…)

Different gif anon here, she must of slapped out all the nerve endings in her ass over the years because bitch’s eyes and face are deader than her chances of a happy and fulfilling life

Also her face at the end kills me kek

No. 1302699

File: 1629293842163.gif (Spoiler Image,4.22 MB, 320x568, 3118A852-A541-4427-A8F1-86344C…)

POV: you’re the last tub of THC ice cream on the dispensary shelf

No. 1302704

File: 1629294263845.gif (Spoiler Image,10.54 MB, 320x568, C3F14E50-8D33-4920-801C-9AE5C3…)

Ladies don’t you just love it when you orgasm and it looks like you’re nodding off during a hard drug induced binge!?

Her wandering eyes at the end remind me of that time where ALR ate a piece of roast chicken and her eye got stuck in place out of pure bliss kek

No. 1302717

She’s always wanted to be an influencer so she structures her porn like YouTube videos as if she were a vlogger.

Kind of sad actually because she winds up talking about things like a new couch and holding up dildos with her hand behind them before masturbating lifelessly.

No. 1302729

File: 1629296617087.jpg (Spoiler Image,536.17 KB, 1080x2220, gross.jpg)

The part with the drool. I can't.

No. 1302744

I hate myself for looking at Shayna's vagina for more than one second but it looks like she actually has an orgasm here, which is pretty impressive considering she practically buzzes her clit off with that lawnmower vibrator every video. That ball gag is not doing her any favors, it just makes her look grotesque

No. 1302751

File: 1629299584648.jpeg (110.53 KB, 828x1056, 005C4E0D-D359-410C-B2A1-8A7ADF…)

Why does Mrs. Trunchbull have one Trisha Paytas nipple?

No. 1302752

File: 1629299715778.jpeg (25.8 KB, 308x414, BB75411B-5330-4078-A0B8-58B73D…)

Reminds me of my dead grandpa.

No. 1302754

She always looks like Tony Soprano before he passes out in these gifs. I wish her getting roasted here was a wake up call, but it won't be.
The humiliation and drool thing was definitely a draw for her Tumblr audience who wanted a dumb bbygirl. But now I feel like the same gross freaks who buy Luna's porn are her current customers. You can see it by the way they talk to her when she posts "disrespectful" DMs. Watching a sad, lowly woman struggling and drooling on herself for $3.

No. 1302760

Hello gents, I’m an oldfag coomer that might meet her irl in sea, haven’t caught up on 80 pages. Any protips? Chance of win?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1302763

File: 1629300384019.jpeg (Spoiler Image,131.22 KB, 600x1062, 9873ED3F-66C7-46A4-8B52-F5D446…)

No. 1302776

I can literally hear the heavy breathing in this gif. Close your mouth Shayna please you foul cockeyed barn animal. You're gonna catch a fly in there.

No. 1302779

Fucking kill yourself

No. 1302790

>slapped out all the nerve endings in her ass
thread is really redeeming itself this morning

No. 1302795

File: 1629302966004.png (22.41 KB, 450x421, ruff.png)

This is worse than the usual sped porn. She looks like a neglected special needs patient that's just been rescued from a 1950s mental asylum.

No. 1302796

Drink bleach

No. 1302798

File: 1629303200817.jpeg (139.83 KB, 1242x295, 927EC892-13CA-47C2-A1DD-ABA560…)

>but it looks like she actually has an orgasm here
Are you being serious??? Only retard speds like Jason R Womack believe Shayna had an orgasm

No. 1302801

Sage for tinfoil but man she looks so haggard lately, like exponentially more dead-eyed than before she moved. Could it be benzo abuse or is the Fupapa withdrawal making her THAT depressed?

No. 1302808

Anons talking about men having less than zero standards were right
Literally what the fuck

No. 1302823

>Anons talking about men having less than zero standards were right
the fact that anyone thought any differently is pure naïveté

No. 1302826

Anon, have you ever even had an orgasm? like by yourself? Because the closet this woman will ever get to that kind of pleasure is a $100 gift card to doordash

at this point, she should just peddle to the feeders only. Because it'll be miles above the Lucifer Valentine inspired content she's gearing up for again

No. 1302828


She's aging like shit and hasn't stopped doing any of the stuff that makes her more ugly on the outside. She never cared about her appearance on a day to day basis.

No. 1302830

Yes of course I've had an orgasm, I know she lays there like a dead fish but I thought I saw… the pussy contractions. You can't really fake those but I'm not going back to look kek

No. 1302832

the chins, crazed junkie eyes, visible grease, matted bun, several rolls, flabby lunch lady wings. oh my god, is she just fupa-sick or is it the weed, constant doordash and alcoholism kicking in even harder

No. 1302836

I can’t believe I thought that video where it looked like she was a greasy giantess debutant in an attic doorway was rock bottom

No. 1302838

>the pussy contractions
just stop already jfc

No. 1302843

Ew anon, why were you looking at it that closely? Feel bad for you

No. 1302845

the fact that she dry fucks her ass with nothing more than spit and ass crack grease is ridiculous

No. 1302853

Why exactly is she making this shocked expression? Acting like she's never kneaded her pussy like pizza dough before

No. 1302858

File: 1629307411667.jpeg (196.9 KB, 1242x413, EC37E538-BD66-48FD-8ACE-90399A…)

Maybe you can’t breathe because you’re fat and smoke too much

No. 1302860

Another photoshoot with bandaid ass incoming.

No. 1302867

It’s probably from the forest fire smoke. All these signs that say Seattle was a mistake and she needs to move home.

No. 1302873

Nice lighting. I actually like it when its casts such a dark shadow you cant see her nasty junk kek.

Also love how she puts the blanket over the upper part of the couch for "aesthetic" trashy backdrop purposes, instead of covering the bottom part where shes putting her swamp ass and bits. Why is she hiding the couch when she said shes really happy with it and originally said she was trashing her old one because it wouldnt match her new place and vibes and this one somehow does? God she's so retarded it hurts.

No. 1302880

First of all don't examine her pussy that much. Idk why anons even watch the whole videos. Just skim it. Secondly, you can absolutely fake flexing your pussy enough to imitate an orgasm. Doubt she did it on purpose though. Probably her pelvic floor begging for mercy at this point. Let's all just agree she experiences little to more likely no sexual pleasure and has never truly orgasmed, ok?

Pfffft. Fuck, anon.

No. 1302881

is she this fucking stupid that she doesn’t realize that smoking, especially when you have asthma, severely restricts your airway? get help shayna.

No. 1302889

File: 1629309504206.jpg (441.71 KB, 1080x1839, Screenshot_20210818-125707_Twi…)

This you she taking about?

No. 1302890

File: 1629309560502.jpg (999.78 KB, 1080x1865, Screenshot_20210818-125907_Twi…)

I hate how she types

No. 1302891

As much as I like to make fun of shayna, I'm worried she is going to end up in a hefty bag somewhere

No. 1302893

This is more for male interaction then it is for money, sure she's broke, but she's doing ANYTHING to get over Fupa. All the dude is going to have to do is take her out to drink & for a few beers. If she's even serious.

No. 1302894

If there even is a real guy involved. Let's not forget it was only a few threads ago she faked being taken out for dinner at a ~fancy upscale restaurant~

She's just trying to show fupa she doesn't need him any more.

No. 1302906


How the fuck is someone who looks like this a living human

No. 1302909

Well it looks like this guy might have done his research and googled her name before going out with her

No. 1302911

how is she not constantly asleep with the amount of THC she consumes?

No. 1302918

yeah i don't buy it unless i see evidence of a real man with her

retardedly high tolerance

No. 1302927

I mean, look at her… she's barely alive.

No. 1302929

File: 1629312699579.png (378.97 KB, 591x485, Screen Shot 2021-08-18 at 11.5…)

Not even noon and this bitch is high

No. 1302948

I'm really convinced that this is Shay's mom

No. 1302954

File: 1629314348278.jpeg (209.06 KB, 1242x740, B4F7E118-C2A9-4CAB-9987-B7025C…)

> C. None of the above

No. 1302955

I feel like that anon was just trolling. And Shayna is just going to day drink at a bar alone #thriving

No. 1302967

Agreed. Proof or she's alone, pretending to be desirable.
Still, on the off chance it's real, I hope she'll be safe.

No. 1302970

Even when she's imagining outfits, they sound trashy. A tight crop top and skinnies when she's built like fucking Shay Puft?

No. 1302977

her lifestyle is so wreckless, i've been feeling secondhand terror for her and her safety. at least, with as much as she posts every mundane thing happening in her life, shaynus (and her coomers) leaves a visible snailtrail online and irl that will ensure her case doesn't go unsolved.

No. 1302997

Anon, my sides!

No. 1303002

File: 1629318342055.png (18.03 KB, 632x395, Capture.PNG)

holy shit 100mg?! That's a horse tranquilizer dose. She must be high 24/7 for that dose to be even slightly feasible. How does she afford so much weed?

No. 1303017

tbf, recreational dispensaries do not have regulations on packaging. meaning, a company can say something is 100mg, 500mg, etc, and no testing is required to make sure those claims are true. in PNW rec dispensaries are known for false advertisement, but idiotic stoners like shay don’t know any better. I can get a 25-50mg edible from a medical dispensary that’s been lab tested and verified, and it hits hard even if you have a super high tolerance. she’s like most other recreational stoners who don’t actually know shit about the product.

No. 1303018

samefag but it’s why you see people showing off their “500mg edible” and being like “bro I don’t feel a thing haha i’m such a crazy stoner!!!”

No. 1303020

>She must be high 24/7
are you new here?

No. 1303042

First option. The one that covers your disgusting stomach and ugly ass.

No. 1303051


She's an alcoholic and probably on pills too nonnie. It's not just weed

No. 1303063

What sugar daddy would want this besides Jason Womack the desperate inbred retard that looks like her kek

No. 1303070

Is this like prostitution/escorting? Sugaring is already a pipe dream kind of thing and it’s not common to find some rich guy to just hand over buckets of money for nothing. Especially with shaynas looks.

No. 1303073

yeah it’s supposed to be a cute word for escorting. she definitely does not have the looks for it though. even plasticnproud is thinner and (slightly) more hygienic and she struggles to even maintain 1 consistent client.

No. 1303075

She's lucky to get a splenda daddy to hand over his unemployment payout. She's not getting an actual sugar daddy (which still requires effort, good attitude, hygiene, and being sexual) and she's too ugly and fat to escort.

It's just a lie to Fupabait and she's just throwing it out there as if anyone decent follows her and lives in her area.

No. 1303078

File: 1629325160667.jpeg (151.04 KB, 750x726, F6A6AB79-AB85-4790-981E-F8F040…)

No. 1303080

She looks like a high school freshman about to go on a date but she’s so deranged she’d take that as a compliment

No. 1303082

File: 1629325253652.jpeg (1.46 MB, 3770x2120, 39A0DB3D-0342-4E5F-8C66-626385…)

No. 1303083

she looks like someone’s cakefaced aunt at easter

No. 1303090

nitpick but can she just fork out 50-65 bucks to get a basic haircut? those fried ends need to go.

No. 1303091

At least she’s trying. Wait until he sees whatever the fuck the last few days have been in person or after she goes “yeah!! Follow me Twitter!!”

No. 1303093

Is her vanity in the kitchen ?

No. 1303095

she can't fork out $3 for some lip chap. too busy having overpriced ice cream delivered to her fat ass

No. 1303105

>>130309 I love this thread

No. 1303119

Blush… Please. God, your face is a pancake put bronzer or SOMETHING on there. Imagine having 24 hours to get ready and this is what you've got. You guys reckon this date is real? Or even sugaring? Maybe she just found a Tinder dude and called it a "sugar" because everything is sex with her.

No. 1303120

I will NEVER understand why she refuses to wear blush or eyeshadow. Ffs. You look like a corpse dummy.

No. 1303122

my guess is it's going to be a replay of her last "date" where there was zero evidence another person was even there. maybe she can get the "bestie" to dress up like a dude and do a fakeout for fupa?

No. 1303123

She must really be desperate for money if she's actually putting the bare minimum effort into her appearance kek

No. 1303124

It looks like just the mirror is set up on the windowsill in the living room. Also the boxes behind her. Maybe instead of fucking off for 2 weeks she should finish unpacking what few belongings she has. Or maybe she's keeping them packed in case Fupa calls or she gets kicked out kek

No. 1303125

It's like… shocking to see her done up like this these days, even though it's the same look she always used to do. She's been putting us through the gulag this month

No. 1303126

Crusty lips are totes cute sugar bby bimbo vibes!!

No. 1303128

those lizzie mcguire lip glosses are in a box somewhere reeling

No. 1303129

Even if you hated the stickiness of lip gloss, chapstick, etc there's nothing preventing her from using lip scrub and just a dab of lipstain or something.

No. 1303131

she looks so…dry

No. 1303141

File: 1629328767532.png (26.91 KB, 400x273, pig.png)

Moon face Mattel. The combination of incoming obesity and alcoholic bloat are swallowing her facial features.

No. 1303142

it’s sad that “overstuffed and dusty” is such a step up for her right now

No. 1303144

sugaring is literally just a cute name for prostitution. any chick that says she doesn’t do anything and gets spoiled is a liar and is jacking off old men for cash.

No. 1303145

but also shayna defines a sugar daddy as someone who drops her a $100 every now and then. her standards are quite low.

No. 1303147

I stg she drinks so little water her lips are becoming thinner and thinner

No. 1303160

File: 1629332206101.jpeg (245.14 KB, 1242x750, BBC2D792-DDBB-46A7-8703-4D8366…)

Guessing she finally took our advice and went on a Tinder date. He probably wants to get in her pants.

Sugaring is the worst of all worlds - cheap dudes who want to prey on women who need money and want to fuck them for less than they’d pay an escort. This is not a flex. If she went on a hypothetical sugar date, did she even get paid? Ffs.

No. 1303161

File: 1629332267056.jpeg (102.57 KB, 1283x365, 0B2AFEE5-3F4D-4E29-8E0E-A3E13C…)

soak in the delusion

No. 1303164

She’s been doing this for like five years. Can’t she come up with a more plausible lie?

I’ve taken ubers solo to go clubbing with my girlfriends plenty of times and never once have they remarked on my appearance and I am not a slob. That is wildly inappropriate behavior for a driver and would probably get them in trouble. I love how she defaults to Uber driver for her “that happened” tweets every time. It’s so unrealistic.

No. 1303166

File: 1629332799216.jpeg (921.68 KB, 3072x3072, 3EDDB497-BA3E-4DC9-A236-21500A…)

No. 1303167

The pure delusion. The actual mania. She takes one shower and puts on one pound of makeup and gets one drop of male attention (allegedly) and thinks she's beautiful. A man who has to pay to get a woman to talk to him calling you better than he expected is not a compliment. It means your photos suck and he has a low bar set for himself. Please seek DBT Shayna.

No. 1303169

File: 1629333090331.gif (3.34 MB, 480x270, 172F514F-5BBD-4DC4-B19D-FA1564…)

No. 1303173

File: 1629334103365.jpeg (112.61 KB, 676x1015, 88C9AD49-EF57-4F4C-9FBF-E565DD…)

No. 1303177

File: 1629334268137.jpeg (555.28 KB, 1284x780, AB378B44-96A1-4997-B01C-E41DF0…)

No. 1303178

At least she put makeup on.

No. 1303179

Ironic that she uses her pussy to make a living, yet all she does is drink beer and eat shit.

That pussy probably reeks of fermented yeast, meat musk, weed sweats and God knows what else.

No. 1303180

what is with this headband she wears when she "dresses up"

No. 1303185

Keep piling on the pounds fatty

No. 1303189

she needs some lip gloss, blush, highlight and contour instead of the flat pancake foundation face but why does she look,,, cute compared to like >>1302145
can't she just put in this effort everyday on her of if she needs the money so bad ? the contrast is insane

No. 1303191

I worry about that too. Shes 1 step away from being catfished by a psycho murder rapist whos posing as a sugar daddy willing to buy her weed and alcohol money. Shes way too reckless with her safety considering shes a sex worker, which automatically makes her easier prey for predator men to take advantage of

No. 1303194

Ah beer, the most bimbo drink to order on a first date with a sugar daddy. She's alone that seals it for me.

No. 1303198

Are there (old and DEEP) stretch marks in her arm pits?

No. 1303202

I think she just have crepe-y skin because she never drinks water, only alcohol and mobilitea.

No. 1303207

File: 1629339454572.jpg (Spoiler Image,735.93 KB, 1440x1860, PicsArt_08-18-10.14.27.jpg)

This thread inspires some kind of autistic creativity in me

No. 1303224

Neither of these things happened. She went to a brewery alone or with her "bestie". I dont even think she would go on a tinder date at this point. But it sure as fuck wasnt a sugar daddy type of thing. She wouldnt even go out with Womack or the other OK dudes. For good reason, but still.

No. 1303233

So is she taking pics on a date or did she just out herself? And also isn't this basically a replay of when she and Kyle secretly went to that beer festival and we clocked him in a reflection?

No. 1303236

File: 1629343649883.jpeg (Spoiler Image,157.88 KB, 750x862, 82B0E683-3D5B-4C80-805C-4A65F2…)


No. 1303237

This sounds like something a farmer would write when mocking her. She is beyond delusional.

No. 1303255


"check schizophrenic doge for more of my OC" the absolute state of scrotes in this the year of our lord

No. 1303261

File: 1629345783959.png (6.23 MB, 1242x2208, C64A99A4-ACFE-42D6-ABFC-F69CA8…)

Bitch wants to be a vlogger so bad. Made a Twitter video talking about her “okay day” that consisted of “drinking edibles” and going on a “sugar daddy date”. 100% believe she met up with no one because of the fake way she’s talking about it.

No. 1303262

Oh, and getting a steroid shot IN HER BUTT (her emphasis, not mine)

No. 1303265

This look suits her honestly lol it's like the middle ground between her trying to be "bimbo barbie" and the usual "slob goblin". It's just average stoner girl and it's ok by her standards imo. Dark color, covering up her blobby body, make up, but not giving it a ton of effort. Messy bun that doesn't just look like a crusty rats nest or greasy mop. I'm sure it's got a filter and I'm not saying so looks great, it just isn't as awful and embarrassing as what she usually does.

No. 1303268

Shayna's been serving traumatic looks for so long she's got anons praising THIS. BLEAK

No. 1303269

yeah this is literally what she looked like every day a couple years ago before she totally gave up on herself

No. 1303277

I can't get over the fact she got lash extensions exactly once and then embraced the full hobo look. I can't believe I am actually hoping she goes back to the aliexpress and tragic liner again. Every time I check this thread I burn my retinas.

No. 1303278

Girl, the “I’m so hot, you’re all jealous” routine wasn’t hot when you were skinny fat. Now, it’s just sad.

No. 1303279

nitpick but why doesn't she ever have any lights on in the house. She's a fucking gremlin.

No. 1303280

She thinks it's cute along with that stupid n in lieu of the word and, along with frens. Its fucking stupid all around on the same level as tol and smol.

No. 1303286

File: 1629349386403.png (614.97 KB, 2048x1048, Screenshot_20210818-220215.png)

Topkek the delusion

No. 1303288

Taking pictures of your flabby ass and dancing around while drunk and high isn’t work. If she got a real stable job she would have a breakdown within 10 minutes, assuming she would ever get past an interview.

No. 1303290

She works maybe an hour or two A WEEK lmao Shay please this degree of fake confidence and shit is too much when you're that poor, fat, and ugly.

No. 1303303

Obviously, tweeting inane shit about her life is part of her 27 hour workday. What better way to promote your porn than posting about weed, food, and how much you want to kill yourself because your ex doesn't send you memes anymore?

No. 1303340

literal isis beheading core shit wtf she looks like shes being lit in a cave and held hostage

No. 1303351

I was excited about the milk from her sugar daddy date. But given that she shares every detail of her life - every snack, 100 posts about a couch, each dab n nap, etc - it’s suspicious how little she said about the date

No. 1303378

kek she really thinks using her work twitter as a diary counts as work. she's straight up out of touch with reality

No. 1303480

The real tell for whether or not she is actually doing something is her going zero dark thirty on social media. If she's liveblogging, she's lying about her activities.

No. 1303540

The photo on the right just looks like she has a shit ton of ugly moles on her fat neck folds. Gross. What an ugly outfit. That other anon who said she looks like an aunt on Easter is spot on. Those lips are disgusting, the retarded white headband covered in her pig grease, her disgusting texture of her skin coming out onto her foundation. Woof

No. 1303566

I appreciate you, anon

No. 1303614

she's so out of touch that she doesn't know what's shitposting and what's work anymore, sad.

No. 1303615

Have we entered the fabled Shayna stuffed in a hefty bag saga?

No. 1303617

File: 1629393790840.jpeg (98.31 KB, 958x879, D6390700-8219-4168-8296-D5F805…)

>love you sweetheart
We just might have…

No. 1303621

I mean this is nice, but she walks around in outfits like the one yesterday looking like she's wearing a sized up Toddler's First Sundress.
She doesn't look like someone being taken care of, she doesn't even look like she takes care of herself. Her clothes are outdated, the ugly headband, combover and crunch bun, chap lips, ill fitting clothes that don't flatter her body.
She looks broke.
But she's Bimbo Barbie

No. 1303629

File: 1629394466846.jpeg (119.25 KB, 1199x590, EA1AF00A-726A-408C-B9DA-F1D554…)

She makes whatever media she is consuming her entire personality

No. 1303648

these are weirdly…parental. if i didn’t know it was OF I would think these were from her mom. just goes to show her onlyfans is less of a sex work venture and more of a charity adopt-a-whore program.

No. 1303652

adopt-a-whore hahaha omg. So true though. Anyway, if it's on OF then it's gotta be Jason Womack. With the "love you" and multiple sends. Incredible he's still spending his money on her when he has 0.0001% of in person with her now. What an actual loser.

No. 1303657

I don't know what I hate more - Shayna's delusional tweets gassing herself up or her suicidal Fupa bait.

No. 1303661

okay? Does she really think the scrote thinks this or…whats the point of this? She could've said, "I want to be a pirate" and he'd answer, "that'd be perfect" because he gives no shits.

No. 1303672

File: 1629397136506.jpg (Spoiler Image,44.87 KB, 680x512, EyWDlHzXMAgNwl_.jpg)

her asshole is so blown out

No. 1303674

stop posting this its so old

No. 1303678


opps she just reposted it dumbass

No. 1303680

She just posted about wanting to do butt chugging for her next video
I don't know if anyone follows her ol

No. 1303688

I like how scrotes always blame their exes like theyre not as equally insufferable as the bpd girls they date

No. 1303701

File: 1629398695268.jpeg (216.31 KB, 1238x1407, DBBB27DE-2555-4B8C-B828-98DF17…)

You’re a cheap whore not a vlogger. Bad enough you live tweet every mundane thing as it is. No need for stupid video “updates”.

No. 1303706

well we don't wanna see it again
oh god she just gets grosser and grosser

No. 1303707

Well OnlyFans just announced no more sexual content starting October . Nudes will still be allowed it sounds like they just won’t allow any penetration. Can’t wait to see her REEEE about this

No. 1303719

Not surprising as they started off as a SFW site. Can’t wait for her muh oppression tweets kek

No. 1303722

I can’t wait to see all the whores panic especially shaynus

No. 1303723

File: 1629399650252.jpeg (336.24 KB, 1136x1813, 9911AE42-559C-4991-AFDB-BEDD77…)

Onlyfans is based af for this. Now I’m waiting for Twitter to do the same. Kek. There’s other websites shayna can join ofc but oNlYfAnS tOp pErCenT is all these whores brag about.

No. 1303724

This is going to be absolutely fantastic. She makes less than min wage, but she's still going to lose her shit over not being able to dump sixty photos of the same shoot at a single time.

No. 1303727

File: 1629399971694.png (Spoiler Image,6.82 MB, 1242x2208, B65EB4C7-0834-4BAC-BD65-55585E…)

She posted a video of her “getting ready” for her sugar daddy date

No. 1303734

File: 1629400178236.jpeg (56.13 KB, 648x694, AFA4F217-328D-456E-BB68-85B272…)

No. 1303738

File: 1629400216205.jpg (27.35 KB, 621x349, C50802FE-85D7-41AB-8A7B-5825D0…)


Shayna after onlyfans removes her account for explicit content.

No. 1303743

File: 1629400298221.png (7.59 MB, 1242x2208, 626A7BDE-30EA-4B29-918D-0D65BD…)

kek vlogger Shaynus

No. 1303744

kek she still has a deep fold in her neck while looking UP

No. 1303745

i'm glad she shows her products so i know what doesn't work

No. 1303746

File: 1629400443344.jpeg (953.9 KB, 913x2149, 79E87632-2D5D-4E93-9088-DFAB8F…)

UwU such a luxury bimbo she got Jimmy Choo from the perfume section at TJMaxx. Much rich such thriving….Why tf would scrotes who want to jack off care about the brands she’s using?

No. 1303754

Jfc Shay Puft you’re not a ~beauty guru~ on YouTube. Absolutely pathetic. She reminds me of the dementia patients my sister works with because of her delusions (but way less fun and creative).

No. 1303759

Does anyone mind uploading the full ver to watch? Maybe we’ll see more get ready with me vlogs on her OF because of them banning porn kek

No. 1303764

Hahahaha this is the best news I've seen all week. Can't wait for dollar whores like Shayna to get a real job

No. 1303769

Kek yep the $14.99 giftset that’s been sitting in tj maxx for years. It also smells like cheap old lady. People probably thought she was a 50 year old having a mid-life crisis yesterday.

No. 1303773

File: 1629401322487.gif (Spoiler Image,8.29 MB, 404x720, 75FE28C0-ED02-4C74-BC93-3971DB…)

That one boob continues to bounce

No. 1303774

kek what a reference

No. 1303775

can someone explain this I don't get it

No. 1303777

File: 1629401689421.jpeg (69.53 KB, 748x911, 99D80961-222D-4957-B1F3-C21E29…)

face of unemployment

No. 1303785

Unfortunately Shayna and all the other whores aren’t going anywhere. They are banning shit like incest and beastiality. I know shayna is a beast but she can still post her dark window nudes.

No. 1303787

File: 1629402044565.jpeg (1.21 MB, 1242x1845, AA5E430C-7D62-40D9-A87C-CA3EF9…)

No. 1303790

They already banned that. Now, they are banning pornography. If Twitter joins in on the NSFW ban these whores won’t have any where to advertise their porn even if they go on another adult website. Hey Shaynus!! I heard McDonald’s is hiring !

No. 1303791

Read OFs actual statement and not the sensationalist twitter headlines. Nudes aren’t going anywhere.

No. 1303793

File: 1629402375348.jpeg (40.2 KB, 600x444, 8FFEE38A-A6F9-4A65-A6E4-778FBD…)

No. 1303799

there's a difference between nudes and pornography dumbass. OF hasn't even released their policy regarding what kind of nudes are acceptable, but nudes typically means boobs and unspread vagoo and flaccid penises, not actual pornography where someone is getting fucked or fucking themselves.

No. 1303801

Sexually explicit content is. They need to ban all nudity though. So stupid

No. 1303803

Is it just me or is her voice terrifying

No. 1303808

File: 1629402801933.png (Spoiler Image,5.85 MB, 1242x2208, D4F4FB82-CFB4-4433-B8EE-B2413F…)

Bitch did 13 sprays of perfume, including one on her twat, then slapped it into herself. Such bimbo.

No. 1303811

Some of you forgot that shayna rarely posts actual content and has skirted by posting mainly just nudes for months kek

No. 1303813

File: 1629402973850.gif (Spoiler Image,8.66 MB, 404x720, 3D750B5C-4A39-49C6-A734-426736…)

Troon shows off neovag after making dress go uwu spiny

No. 1303814

fake fake fake. like the fake barbie bimbo she thinks she is.

No. 1303815

File: 1629403131908.png (Spoiler Image,7.53 MB, 1242x2208, 3B757CD1-CE5D-4FB9-8162-C0DC6A…)


No. 1303816

File: 1629403167074.jpeg (Spoiler Image,340.04 KB, 1241x1258, 6F8AAD87-6CBD-43B8-8411-E53212…)

Very true

No. 1303819

File: 1629403209983.jpeg (99.17 KB, 1242x657, 33A2DF2D-D1CE-4DC9-A44D-1FA57F…)

Her coomers are all retard speds

No. 1303821

the courage to wear a dress like this with her tits looking the way they do. i feel like a lot of people would wear a bra stuffed on one side if they were that lopsided.

No. 1303822

actual retard spraying 10+ sprays of an eau de toilette after using the matching body lotion. nobody who isn't a 16 year old w victoria's secret body sprays or darcey from 90 day fiance applies fragrance this way. she probably left the most ridiculous scent trail and stunk up everywhere she went, so embarrassing and trashy lmfao

No. 1303823

it's depressing at what rate she ruined her body. truly a cautionary tale

No. 1303825

the fact that she did it to that degree without a pregnancy is astounding

No. 1303828

scrotes will never be satiated by just nudes. they will look elsewhere.

No. 1303829

More like eau de toilet that perfume looks like it stinks and is expired from sitting on the clearance shelf

No. 1303830

jesus the heavy breathing, she is literally struggling to breathe. isn't that scary? i can't imagine being alone in a library with her just man breathing from doing nothing kek

No. 1303842

Honestly sfw "beauty" content and vlogs from Shay on YT would be kinda fun. Good, tacky fun. I used to think this about Ariana, too. Not because they would have any useful tips, but because they're kinda funny, intentionally or not.

No. 1303866

The way she tries to cover up her heavy breathing with that weird cooing shit at the beginning of the vid…fucking yikes. I guess now we know why she won’t wash her hair—if putting lotion on her own body is this hard for her, using shampoo must be like running a 5k.

No. 1303888

definitely more fun than watching her dry-prolapse her ass

No. 1303893

File: 1629406329064.png (Spoiler Image,212.89 KB, 404x720, double_door_samsung.png)

Excuse my autism but it's the only thing I see while looking at this image.

No. 1303895

Didn’t she used to claim to have a b/p type ED? More purge, less binge, shay.

No. 1303900

File: 1629407055523.jpg (138.46 KB, 960x960, 238882824_265402078754073_7712…)

Was able to get a higher quality image of her selfie and jesus the cake face and dry lips made me heave.

No. 1303905

She already tried it and it failed. Don’t encourage her again.

No. 1303908

Hilarious. The only way she gets by on OnlyFans is by doing the most degrading shit. No way she can make a livable wage on her terrible grey-skin nudes by the window.

Looks like she spot photoshop treated her chest and face, warped her tit her a bit, yet left in her crusty lips for some reason.

No. 1303911

File: 1629407683239.png (4.75 MB, 1125x2436, 5FDB253D-EDDB-4A0D-843C-922837…)

Shay will be chilling and tripping on mushrooms all day, and then will figure out how to deal with the onlyfans situation. Lol what are the odds of a bad trip

No. 1303913

The worst time to take shrooms is when youre depressed and displaced. She is going to have a terrible trip and I can't wait for the milk.

No. 1303918

This bitch needs to smoke some meth it’s the only way she’ll ever lose the weight

No. 1303920

I can't get over how her idea of looking nice is dressing like a middle schooler in 2012. That headband is so childish, and not in the "uwu daddy's widdle girl" way she wants, but in a special needs type of way.

She's been sounding like ALR for a while now, and it's so offputting.

I can't wait for the meltdown kek

No. 1303922

You’re so cool Shayna!1!!

Is there a waking moment where she isn’t drunk or high? She already had one her “drinkables” today.

No. 1303926

not to mention this looks like a lot of shrooms for someone who hasn’t done psychedelics in god knows how long, so it seems a bad trip is inevitable given her current life situation. maybe she’s sharing that handful with her roomie but I also wouldn’t count on it

No. 1303936

Most of them use Reddit to find coomers, Shay will probably jump on the train

No. 1303951

not an expert but that doesn’t look very ‘lil’ to me. hope she manages to type out a dumbass tweet or two before she gets overwhelmed kek

No. 1303959

soz for the nitpick but she stated that while she was waiting for her uber, "someone totally said…", so she wasn't implying that it was the uber driver though i'm sure she's made that claim before

No. 1303961


Imagine learning that all of your only 'stable' income is going to disappear whilst being fat, lonely and depressed and thinking a mushroom trip is going to turn out fun. Can't wait for the outcome

No. 1303963

I love that this is happening right after she's moved. She's gonna get evicted or booted and have to move back home for sure now kek

Ah yes, more drugs to avoid her problems, that's exactly what she needs! Get help, retard. Being so delusional and avoiding reality isn't cute and you're gonna be destitute soon.

No. 1303971

Hopefully her trip results in confronting all her bad decisions and resolving to move back home. She's already admitted to struggling financially and tame nudes without her nasty snatch spread open aren't going to fund her lifestyle in Seattle. Any sane person would realize that

No. 1303978

i can see shayna getting manic soon and going on cam and making a fool of herself yet again with the precious OF taking down penetration…
also not one it puts the lotion on the skin or it gets the hose joke? i have to make it?

No. 1303982

I'm so weak at her gargantuan ass acting like those lil baby squirts of lotion were really enough to cover her whole body. Crusty inside and outside.

No. 1303987

Im glad we were both thinking that joke kek

No. 1303988

idk, to have serious introspection on mushrooms I imagine you have to have some base intelligence to start with

No. 1303989

It looks like about 3.5g to me which is kinda like the standard starter dose for shrooms.

No. 1303995

Based junkie fag

No. 1304004

Fucking lmao I hope the shrooms make her realize some shit, her life is pathetic. But who knows, a lot of retards like shayna are incapable of introspection. They just give themselves a bad trip and gain nothing from it.

No. 1304007

File: 1629412447040.jpg (17 KB, 300x225, ff688697a4a664c1213631e4e81735…)

No. 1304035

Absolutely zero of these things ever happened. If the "sugar daddy" DID happened I can guarantee it was some crusty splenda daddy that didn't even pay up and just wanted a free date with our prize hog.

No. 1304059

She'd probably love this comparison. Speaking of, she hasn't tweeted about Spongebob in a while. Was it part of her personality that only existed to appeal to Fupa?

No. 1304076

Remember those fucking hideous spongebob and Patrick shoes she bought, wonder if they qualified for the move. Maybe if she needs money she can sell all that clothing and makeup consumer gimmick crap she always buys for no reason.

No. 1304108

still amazed how she regularly goes out in skirts and dresses with no underwear on. her pussy must be dry as fuck 24/7

No. 1304120

Yup. Idiots use it to see pReTtY cOlOrS ooo things are mElTiNg and to laugh and get a cool kid high. She's absolutely doing it to look edgy and avoid her reality.

No. 1304131

Is it partly psychological that if you believe it's gonna trip you out then it probably will.

Waiting for her stupid story of her "trip".

No. 1304133

As if anyone would pay over $2 for that shit

No. 1304140

that necklace does NOT go with those moles

No. 1304145

File: 1629424494056.jpg (188.88 KB, 1588x2664, shayna.jpg)

sage for autism but this urn will be perfect for shayna when she drops dead of an infected anal prolapse

No. 1304162

File: 1629426059778.jpeg (106.14 KB, 676x1313, 81AE223B-6EE9-4ABF-BFA7-4A55BE…)

looks like someone’s baby momma on a hard drug bender. I wonder how she looks without the filters.

No. 1304164

File: 1629426402712.jpg (28.1 KB, 644x360, Mxb496A.jpg)

sage for autism but she looks like jake morgendorffer after he ate the glitter berries

No. 1304186

looking completely strung out. She's been giving me TND level delusion vibes lately. As in her posts lately she clearly think she looks cute/hot with a messy bun and lounge wear etc like a lot of insta thots these days except instead of looking cute and casual she looks strung out with dead eyes. it's unsettling, she seems to have 0 grasp of how others actually see her

No. 1304190

damn, those pupils. sadly for all those hoping for something crazy to happy, shrooms dont really make you post or do stupid shit. they’ll just just make her sink deep into her psyche and that’ll either be good or bad for her. she’ll probably be up for awhile now though as its impossible to sleep while the shrooms are hitting you. so she’ll probably be asleep most of tomorrow and probably have some “revelation” from tonight.

No. 1304196

Must be trippin to post this looking this ugly

No. 1304201

Bets on her posting a horrible video of her trying to make porn while tripping either tonight or tomorrow?
The handful of shrooms she posted was a decent amount. I have a feeling something interesting will come out of this - at least Shayna clearly hopes so, since her life has been super bleak lately.

No. 1304219

Ego death saga when

No. 1304240

Not gonna lie kinda hoping tripping gives her the Earth shaking wake up call she needs. Probably won’t happen though.

No. 1304362

You farmers are kind of desperate for action. I mean I like that too, but she literally looks fine here

No. 1304364

File: 1629445451877.jpeg (Spoiler Image,666.08 KB, 1119x1536, 712B2860-E2EC-421A-BF97-FA2D2C…)

I am in the same time zone so she seems to be mostly coherent from her trip by midnight

No. 1304425

I agree, like okay the dress is probably 3 dollars from SHIEN but at least she's not bursting out of it. I know the bar is already on the floor for Shay but I'd take what minimal effort she put in here over the horrifying nudes she's been posting lately

No. 1304474

nonny she looks like she's wrapped herself in a dollar store shower curtain.

No. 1304523

Yeah but compared to what she posta sober it's whatever, it's okay

No. 1304538

She also looks actually like…normal. I'm sure there's a filter but there's no nasty smirk. Like not hot by any means but it's the most natural she's looked without looking like she's been on a week long bender.

No. 1304548

Anon, the AGP smirk is still there, it's just not reaching her ear, kek.

I think we can all agree that Shay never looks good, she just sometimes looks better than her worst.

No. 1304601

File: 1629476307097.jpeg (422.25 KB, 1206x1734, 37CCC103-8EA8-41CE-B6A3-730AD8…)


No. 1304602

File: 1629476446316.jpeg (184.1 KB, 1229x1068, 3F9EA990-1993-48FC-94DA-1C825C…)

$125 total from two different men… totally sugar daddies and not salt daddies!!

No. 1304612

shayna really is the only sexworker (that i've witnessed) that takes doordash giftcards as a payment and then shows it off like people will get jealous lol

No. 1304623

25 bucks ain't shit for Shayna especially kek.

So basically she's not going to do anything about it until OF officially makes the cut, then she'll have a breakdown trying to scramble to a new site or end up with nothing but twitter to advertise on and mv and shit for videos that she hardly ever makes and that's it? Good luck with that, you stupid lazy bitch. She's gonna end up having to go home fr.

No. 1304626

Most women can text someone right now and get a $25 door dash gift card kek imagine destroying your anus for that

No. 1304632

File: 1629478273913.jpg (154.1 KB, 720x826, 20210820_094815.jpg)

And a more recent posts asking for $150 to buy more shrooms. So I guess this is her new personality with "besties" influence. Instead of therapy, working out, eating healthily, working, taking care of herself, and learning how to function sober… she definitely just needs to do more drugs to avoid reality!!

No. 1304633

You really made me realize how she shows off Doordash cards like women show off purses, jewerly and clothes that their sugar daddy gets them.
She really thinks people are going, "Wow" at that shit.

No. 1304638

>muh livelihood
Lol she's acting like a coal miner that blew out their back in the mines.
Get a real job, Shaynus. Start contributing to society instead of leeching off it challenge.

No. 1304640

>we’re talking abt ppls livelihoods here
It’s almost as if SEX WORK ISNT REAL WORK

No. 1304641

It's almost impressive that she can continue to sell her snatch for pennies as her only form of income, has never learned a skill or improved herself in her life, lives paycheck to paycheck, and now her main platform is banning her from it because everyone thinks whores are gross on the low - and yet her delusions are still so impenetrable that she can trip on mushrooms and not have a single awakening that she needs to improve her life…
She has the spiritual capacity of a teaspoon.

No. 1304642

File: 1629479412643.jpeg (187.66 KB, 1242x488, 8911CDD0-87C7-4D2F-8C97-654746…)

Bitch is going to be on the street homeless with nothing tripping on shrooms thinking everything is okay here shortly.

Drugs aren’t the answer retard; they won’t solve any of your problems and running away from reality is just going to make things worse.

No. 1304644

Of course all of this will be gone within a day. Shayna is braindead. Instead of saving the money she has now just in case her subscribers don't follow her to a new platform, she'll continue to live as she always has and compartmentalize to the point that the Onlyfans situation may as well not be happening. She simply cannot plan for the future. We all saw what happened with the Seattle move when she went radio silent about it until Fupa made it a reality again and she was crying into his sweaty t-shirt.

No. 1304648

holy shit, she can never be okay with her own mind in her own skin. she needs therapy, not bouncing from one mind-altering substance to another because she's wrecked her tolerance.

No. 1304650

Luna heroin saga when

No. 1304656

Unironically the only thing that could make her happy without self improvement.

No. 1304670

Jesus, how much is she buying? $150 seems like a lot for a dose for one person, no?

No. 1304673

i'm praying for schizo shayna saga now… i'm a shroom fan myself and just a gram or two is ridiculously intense for me. i honestly imagine she's so low iq they didn't do anything but make her see some pretty colors. but i do hope she ends up a glass of orange juice kek….

No. 1304679

i would assume its maybe a half oz?? definitely way too much for one person? also of course shayna is going to get addicted to a non addictive drug, cause yes tripping all the time will help your financial situation so much.

No. 1304688

this is so trashy lmao

No. 1304699

Wow it’s almost like you shouldn’t rely on sex work as your only source of income.

I knew the Seattle saga would be milky. Just waiting patiently for the inevitable meltdown and homeless saga.

No. 1304701

This dumb bitch should be considering other options/ getting her life together. Not getting fucked up even more.

No. 1304702

The timing is honestly shocking to me. Right in time for her move and her "I'm not doing well financially rn" tweets to kick in. I see a whole lotta milk in the near future.

No. 1304714

Is this what happens when your parents continue to support you well into adulthood? Is she just always banking on that safety net? Any well-adjusted adult would be terrified at the prospect of losing their main source of income, not blowing said income on copious amounts of drugs.

No. 1304719

She’s probably buying a half oz to try microdosing to fix her depression uwu
I’m also hoping for schizo Shay saga, she’s so far removed from reality already it’s a serious possibility.

No. 1304720

Welcome to Shayna's new obsession, be prepared for her to add this to her dumb ass, "I'm a bout to do, x, y and Z!!!" tweets.

No. 1304725

I think it's that but also that she's so fucking stupid she doesn't have the capacity to understand how bleak this is. She can act big sad on twitter and use it to garner sympathy from her cooomers, but then her actions betray her. She only cares about the here and now and getting high (any way she can), while leaving literally everything else to be "future Shayna's" problem. It's the quality all the cows possess, a complete lack of understanding the gravity of the situation they're in.

No. 1304727

Which is weird about this is she has no REASON to do this. There's not some crazy trauma that happened to Shayna she needs to forget. She's not trying to escape a horrible existence. She could easily add meaning to her life and do something. She chooses not too, she doesn't do anything, her whole adulthood has been playing a part as this bimbo barbie, she doesn't have a personality.

No. 1304731

File: 1629483320884.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.31 MB, 939x1885, D6A3A4B7-2989-423F-8530-4EA838…)

Filter working more than Shaynus has her whole life

No. 1304736

File: 1629483420349.jpeg (153.14 KB, 1230x433, A5ABFFEC-654C-4D51-A461-3B9440…)

She really sucks at being a whore. She doesn’t even remember what content her coomers ordered. And she’s postponing them. I hope they ask for their money back this bitch is so lazy and incompetent

No. 1304739

It's what happens when someone has never had to take responsibility for or face the consequences of their actions. Unfortunately for her it ALWAYS catches up and at her age, the outcome isn't going to be pretty. Best case scenario is she winds up living with her dad back home with a shit part-time job. Worst case scenario? She's going to wish she was dead.

No. 1304740

>She’s probably buying a half oz to try microdosing to fix her depression uwu
that's awfully optimistic, kek

No. 1304745

jfc she is retweeting some real violent porn right now so warning to anyone venturing to her twitter. what a disgusting bitch.

No. 1304759

File: 1629484211957.jpg (249.29 KB, 810x2116, 20210820_132824.jpg)

kek 2/3 gone in lass than an hour (thinner lady looked cold, so that's a sweater/scarf/hat combo)

No. 1304765

File: 1629484371911.jpeg (367.81 KB, 1242x1153, 8ACD5E53-B6FF-40BD-AC21-BF6E98…)

I don’t get why “ooh I’m going to fuck your man and husband” is a flex? Like men fuck anything. This doesn’t make you seem sexy. A man will fuck a chicken sandwich. If you fuck my husband, I’d just file a divorce and find a new one cause he’s clearly trash.

No. 1304768

Satanic harlots

No. 1304774

shayna retweeting this like she wasn't letting fupa stick it in for free and then going to buy him dinner afterward

No. 1304788

They think it's a flex because worthless male attention is validation to them.

Also FUCK this woman for blaming this on women when it was the male creators of the site following orders from mastercard/visa.

No. 1304806

Fupa replacement in 3..2..1

No. 1304825

They paid you Shayna, it shouldn't be on them to remind you what they ordered and find the messages to send a screenshot. This is content she probably sold before she moved too. Her coomers are retarded and gross, but this is just pathetic when this is your only source of income. The only videos she puts out anymore are customs anyway. She hasnt put out anything but the same boring nudes in like a month.
Taking photos is the only thing she does to produce her own content because it's literally the bare minimum and easy as standing in front of a mirror after her weekly shower or flashing her tits in a public restroom. Those shitty photosets in the field are the only thing shes done for work since moving and she just dropped them both immediately and they were just photos. She says shes stressed because shes broke but instead of working, shes getting into more expensive drugs to waste her money and day on.

No. 1304832

Shayna wouldnt even know about microdosing. She uses drugs as a crutch, an escape. Just for the high or low to avoid reality. She would never use weed or shrooms or whatever for the controversial therapy/medicinal usage. She's really got the mental and emotional capacity of a rock.

No. 1304846

thats what they all do, they want to blame the ebil woman mad her husband is subbed to onlyfans who personally made sure this shit happened.
Shayna retweeting this is funny because she implied she was giving Fupaul money, let him fuck for free and Fupaul has barely done anything for her. She's so lonely pretended to go out with a sugar daddy for HER birthday, didn't even make up a story about him paying her for it.

No. 1304847

>boasting about breaking up marriages
>wonders why people are celebrating OF banning whores

No. 1304857

She looks like Fupa's secret lunatic he keeps locked up in his attic who got out and tries to set his bed on fire in the middle of the night

No. 1304860


Maybe the beady eye comments on here finally got to her kek

No. 1304886

Is it really a flex to boast about prostituting yourself just because an online platform bans you? They act like they’re seductresses or something like no you’re just a hole for horny gross men, and somehow you feel like it’s a good thing they’re betraying a partner and family in the process of using you. Huh somehow I don’t see that as a win.

No. 1304891

>reee respect sex workers it's a real job
>the job is partaking in men abusing their wives
We should absolutely gatekeep feminism. Some bitches deserve nothing.

No. 1304895

It seems like a majority of these sex work girls are pick mes and only use feminism to pretend it’s empowering to sell porn and try to fix their self esteem with makeup and surgery. If you don’t support those things then you’re the enemy. Evidenced by shay telling that girl to stick a dick in her ass. The insecurity is strong.

No. 1304917

all of these cheeseburger priced pussy bitches are the same, i hope they enjoy their (likely) incontinence, soulless eyes and being essentially owned by mens pocket change just like our bloated old shaynus over here. i find it funny how none of these far gone pick mes are actually like, physically that attractive. judging off that ones pfp she doesn't look like she's thriving either lol. not as bad as shay no, but i digress..

No. 1304933

Imagine boasting about moids using your body for money at the expense of other woman. Honestly none of the parties involved are empowered, they're all pathetic. Dudes having to pay for pussy, prude holier than thou wives, and degenerate whores being used thinking that just because they don't have a pimp that it's a great thing.
But anyway. It is funny fucked that OF is doing that now but honestly they're killing their own company by doing that so ya know. They'll get theirs I'm sure. But these sex workers are gonna have to find a new platform. The "strong" and stubborn will and the rest of the nobodies who hopped on the trend will just have to go get real jobs again.

No. 1304950

>cheeseburger priced pussy bitches
kek the meltdowns from these OF girls and the ensuing lashings have rejuvenated me and cleared my skin

No. 1305018

>I’ll have to resort to prostitution because I’m a worthless know-nothing and getting evangelical dick is somehow winning.

Kek this is embarrassing.

No. 1305100

Sage for ot but are you seeing caps anywhere on here or do I need a to be a twitterfag to find the salt?

No. 1305101

File: 1629507139912.jpeg (409.87 KB, 1242x869, 66C933B2-75BE-4E7F-B8FD-E063DF…)

Nothing is crumbling you goddamn retard they already took all your whore bucks and are going for a more SFW route so people can invest in their company

No. 1305102

File: 1629507177768.jpeg (639.12 KB, 1242x1668, 51220F90-7E0E-455A-ADF2-8E78DD…)

For a true fatass to spend it all on doordash gift cards

No. 1305104

File: 1629507306545.jpeg (412.59 KB, 1242x1195, 71A17785-756E-4D9B-8F90-68C656…)

Bitch says she needs a second prison mattress for her work room…. Why?

No. 1305105

Holy shit, why are you spending 250 dollars on a desk you will NEVER use?

No. 1305106

Why so mad? Did a mushroom kill your parents?

No. 1305107

calm down

No. 1305111

you good, Shay-log?

No. 1305114

you seem legitimately retarded

No. 1305119

File: 1629508213071.jpeg (921.66 KB, 1162x1722, 569B5C6A-04A8-4E16-9DBC-438347…)

Damn bitch really prefers to eat drugs like a fatass (chocolate edibles) instead of smoking them not saying mushrooms are fattening

No. 1305121

File: 1629508254437.jpeg (859.46 KB, 1182x1740, 14D58E29-D608-4BEB-AE78-C358AF…)

Damn she’s lazy such an ugly desk too

No. 1305123

are you saying you should smoke mushrooms?
mushroom chocolate fucks you up more anyways

No. 1305124

can you sage your non milk screenshots and autistic commentary already?

No. 1305128

Lol she just had a breakdown over not having money and now is paying extra for someone to assemble her desk. That 100 dollars and doordash gift card boosted her confidence quick.

No. 1305141

you really think that she would have tools at home to assemble that desk by herself? It's a wonder that she has a vacuum cleaner that she never uses, she wouldn't know what to do with a screwdriver, okay, she would use it for her high class content

No. 1305143

She bought that for $250? You can buy better desks at Ikea for $50. $250 can buy a professional corner desk. What a fucking retard.

No. 1305144

Lol the cope of these whores. Yeah OF is gonna crumble just like Patreon and Paypal. It obvious that the owners are gonna do a quick flip and sell as soon as they get investors and whoever gets it next will do a revamp and sell it to celebrities as paid mini-fanclubs. Honestly at this point they may not even need the full whores. With implied nudes and the normal people who use it to show back stage shit I think they'll survive. When will these women learn that LITERALLY nothing relies on them, they've made themselves dispensable by choosing to leave functional society and stay in their homes taking pictures for degenerates.

No. 1305145

Ah exactly what Shay needs; another addiction.
Weed high and drunk is not enough anymore. She could be going down a dark path. As well as the OF thing.

No. 1305146

Why this look like the modern choice for a desk on the Sims?
It's ugly as hell and just cheap wood.

No. 1305147

It does look like the shitty low poly furniture with jpg texture quality in TS4.

No. 1305148

where exactly is the tower gonna go that she invested so much money on? she just gonna put that shit on the floor?

No. 1305150

Tinfoil: shat took anons here saying she should embrace stoner girl aesthetic advice the wrong way and that's why she's picked up shrooms kek

I do find it curious she hasn't advertised her roomie/bestie/whomever yet. Not even really mentioned. Makes me suspicious

No. 1305151

It's pretty normal to put them on the floor actually. Not ideal if you have carpet, but it's fine. That desk looks flimsy as shit though. Probably not even MDF.

No. 1305153

My back already hurts when I see that desk, but we know that she won't spend any time sitting at it.

No. 1305154

particleboard, so bimbo

No. 1305162

The only thing shatnus has a talent for is finding the cheapest, flimsiest looking shit for the highest prices. Like, has she ever once bought something of decent quality?

No. 1305163

it’s fine if you keep it on the floor and clean it sure. but we know she’s gonna shove it under the desk and never clean it and just toss it when it collects too much dust and stops working properly

No. 1305165

this looks exactly the same as her last desk just with a hutch. what did she even put in her pod? seems to have been a total waste because she didn't put anything but sex toys in there as far as i know

No. 1305166

I really don't know how she blows so much money but only buys the lowest quality, most ugly shit. From clothes to furniture. it's so basic. No style. Just boring. And it's like… there were better options out there for way less money. If you're gonna spend that much, at least get cute shit that has some flare to it. Also is her pc and monitor even going to fit on that thing? Doubt she measured it.

No. 1305170

Pardon me, but part of your job is to remember what customers have paid for. Imagine if an online store or something was like “I can’t remember if anyone ordered anything from us, can you all send us screenshots”. She probably scams people all the time because she forgets and doesn’t have a way to track her orders. Idk this post annoys me more than she normally does

No. 1305187

Exactly. Like screenshotting the customs or content requests HERSELF in the first place or keeping a journal is just too much for her totally real work?

No. 1305188

Jesus christ. That is a lot of mushrooms for one person. I wonder how long until she takes them all.

No. 1305201

you can't really keep taking them day after day, you grow a weird tolerance where they sort of "stop" working even if you dose higher

Also, they might be really crappy shrooms. She might dose higher just to get a vague high to begin with. I get the impression she's probably sharing them with her friend, though, or they aren't hers at all and she's just mooching while claiming she needs money for it. It'd be a weird thing to lie about, but that would fit her MO.

No. 1305218

Kek shaynus please keep up ruining your life with your shitty decisions. You deserve it!

No. 1305219

so.. does this mean she doesn't have a roommate? she must be hurting paying for a two bedroom in Seattle

No. 1305226

So about 2k for rent (that’s likely low, her layout is available for $2,000 - 2,400) + $50 daily for door dash + $200 a month for bills etc. = $3,700 a month or $44,000 yearly. That’s not even including alcohol and beer and regular necessities

No. 1305227

Her parents are paying. She can't fucking afford this.

No. 1305229

Are we just so sick and tired of her bullshit that farmers aren’t posting her Twitter milk? Gonna post her tweets now. Just wanted note how abysmal her life is

No. 1305230

File: 1629524127789.png (432.42 KB, 828x1792, DF2DE2B7-D1A6-47CC-988C-E1F7CE…)

No. 1305231

File: 1629524197089.png (1.07 MB, 828x1792, FF260C75-8399-42E2-9F62-8E2D7C…)

No. 1305232

File: 1629524287661.png (22.83 KB, 599x219, 2021-08-21 01_37_21-Window.png)

at least post the interesting ones instead of the boring pointless shit

No. 1305233

File: 1629524320364.png (34.14 KB, 603x342, 2021-08-21 01_37_12-Window.png)

No. 1305234

File: 1629524334847.png (439.55 KB, 828x1792, D7CAAAD9-F749-4BB9-B2AC-EC6D88…)

Okay I get it, I’m not gonna put in the effort to document this meltdown.

No. 1305235

That’s why I sagged

No. 1305242

Lmao, get a job Shayna. Anyway she's past her prime.

No. 1305243

Ah I see we've finally reached the "grief" stage.

Really fucking doubt she was ever making enough to afford this place. Didn't anons in one of the old threads work out that she's making $2000 a month at most? She's just upset that she won't have as much for weed, booze and stupid Amazon shit since her parents have her on an allowance.

No. 1305245

I could see her barely scraping by on rent with her onlyfans coins and all of the handouts she gets when she begs- especially because she notoriously over estimates what she needs. But now that we know she moved with 0 savings, its without a doubt she lives "paycheck" to paycheck.

No. 1305249

She is definitely fucked at this point. She is going to have to move back home and live with her dad in less than a year. Nothing to show for all the sex work she's done, too. It's sad. She probably could have continued to scrape by in Oklahoma since she wouldn't have "had" to buy all this new shit and it's so cheap. It's all so grim.

No. 1305253

You should “give up” retard. It’s been the answer for years. Not like you’d be leaving behind a respected and lucrative career.

No. 1305254

>I was really excited & really started feeling like life was finally looking up for me again

Sure didn’t seem like it with immediately complaining about being broke and whining about FuPaul a week in. A couple gift cards and some drugs really made her feel untouchable, huh? Pathetic. Sounds like she’s about to reap what she sowed.

No. 1305259

File: 1629530675790.jpeg (97.58 KB, 1200x900, F5721B73-536A-4835-96B8-CA2342…)

retarded tinfoil, but what if shay actually did get a pod and was to lazy to move anything herself and planned on moving furniture with fupa for things to fall apart last minute. too broke/late to hire movers she packed a measly few boxes into the pod and left everything else in her apartment for her landlord to deal with. no way she cleaned anything and was probably planning on not getting her safety deposit back anyway.

No. 1305274

you know, i always think it's funny when onlythots say this kind of stuff, because let's be real: they AREN'T fucking anyone they don't know. if their onlyfans is more than just solo stuff, then the people staring with them are 1) their partner of several years or 2) fellow onlythots trying to get in on the other's following.

these women aren't going out, finding random clients, and fucking them. they aren't seducing strangers with money in real life. and they definitely aren't fucking anyone that they find unattractive unless it's got a big money sign on it, while prostitutes don't get the choice to be picky.

No. 1305284

Tbh I have never really seen actual street walkers who make money fucking random johns complain about laws being placed to prevent their “work”. Most of these women do it for quick fast money, whether it be for their drug addiction, homelessness, escaping an abusive environment, or losing their job, they just go about their day/mind their business. Onlyfans whores are the most privileged bitches on the internet. They love to make themselves the victim whenever they can. They don’t like to take any accountability for their own actions, like it’s not the companies fault you were too stupid to not save your money for emergencies, start a small business, or to invest, and branch out to other careers. If you’re homeless that’s your fault. I can’t believe grown ass adults are this triggered over some guideline changes. Their are plenty of degenerate sites you can advertise on. The definition of first world problems. Sage for the rant, but this site is the only thing keeping me sane. Twitter should just be nuked, pure brain rot.

No. 1305286

oh i've been assuming that's what happened

No. 1305288

People who “work” at OF are really entitled. It’s normal for a business to adjust their plans, it happens in every other industry. But OF is the lifeline for these people bc they have no other options that they are willing to consider

No. 1305298

Imagine using your real name for your SW online and than having to apply for a job outside in the real world. And every employer that googles your name will be greeted by your gaping asshole. Kek, wonder when she will realise what she has done with her life.

No. 1305299

Why does she insist on buying everything on Amazon? Is IKEA not a thing in the states?!

No. 1305306

on the contrary, if she lives in renton as previously discussed there is an ikea in her town, even. i had the same thought, they even have an assembly service. she seems hellbent on spending more money for worse shit, between this and her doordash nonsense

No. 1305310

can you get online gift cards for Ikea in the US? If not, that might be the reason she uses Amazon instead of Ikea, just easier for her and her "fans".

No. 1305339

I love how she always says “sugar daddies” implying she has multiple, despite 99% of her income being womack’s govt checks kek. Does she consider the occasional pocket change coomer a sugar daddy?

No. 1305370

>Their disgusting cave of a bedroom where they stream video games 2 an audience of 3 ppl

Hahahahahahaha what?? That's you Shayna. Except instead of video games it's you dry fucking your asshole with a buttplug.

No. 1305374

Not only everything you just said but hasn't OF warned of this for months and months now?? Why is she acting like the rug was just suddenly pulled out beneath her? I'm not even on nor use OF, I'm just some ordinary pleeb and I heard about this proposed change for at least 6 months now, if not longer.

No. 1305375

and thats her customer base as well. Broke ass older dirty men, she was dating a whole baby daddy, who she chased after for years. BumBarbieBlimpo

No. 1305383

How much do we estimate Womack sends Shayna per month? Obviously it’s chump change for Shayna with her wasteful lifestyle, but when I see him sending her hundreds of dollars at a time I find it truly shocking considering he has a wife and kids and is clearly struggling financially…

No. 1305390

File: 1629552786704.png (Spoiler Image,206.04 KB, 577x401, Screen Shot 2021-08-21 at 9.29…)

All she had to do was stop hanging out to Fupa. Or even just move to a different area of OK. Or fucking anywhere within her price range.

What kind of idiot moves somewhere double her rent when there was no increase to her unsustainable income? And as an anon said, there have "rumors" and articles about OnlyFans moving away from explicit sexual content for at least 6 months now.

And to add to the list of Shanyus' bad decisions, she now has pinned this pimply-assed video to her twitter feed. She is in a tailspin straight to the gutter.

No. 1305394

mixing alcohol with psychedelics, she really can't get any more stupid

also kek at her describing what an orgasm is supposed to feel like and attribruting it to the shrooms. congratulations shayna, you had your first orgasm!

No. 1305400

How incredibly embarrassing for her that she’ll have to admit to her parents that she has no savings (or useful belongings seemingly) from her years of sex work and thought she could afford to rent a $2000+ per month apartment from dry fucking her blown out holes.

In all seriousness Shay, your standards are already on the floor, just find some Womnack to date and move in with. She acts like this is the end of the world when it’s mostly just the end of the charade that she’s some independent boss bitch.

No. 1305415

If your entire income depends on using someone else's platform, you are not a "boss bitch".

No. 1305436

Yeah anyone who gives her money or giftcards more than once is a "sugar daddy" for her apparently. She just wants to sound successful and uwu spoiled. She's got Womack that's the only one I consider her splenda daddy.

No. 1305475

She better start eating ramen and smoking a little less if she wants to scrape by and live in Seattle still

No. 1305486

Every single decision and move she makes is wrong. It’s fascinating how one could manage that given even a broken clock is right twice a day. She’s never right. Her main source of the little income she gets will be booting her in little over a month and her first reaction is to buy an overpriced desk she will never use and then beg for gift cards for another bed. Then proceeds to complain that she doesn’t know how she’ll be able to afford rent because it’s 2x higher than her previous apartment. Insane.

No. 1305493

like 10 people have said this already

No. 1305495

File: 1629565184377.jpeg (259.68 KB, 1242x1145, B32B4E6F-BA29-44DE-B164-AFD4C8…)

I want to a-log. These whores are absolutely pathetic for thinking getting kicked off of OnlyFans, who warned this was coming, is “really scary times” when people suddenly and devastatingly lost their actual careers, homes, cars, etc. during the pandemic.

No. 1305496

Pathetic. The amount of mental gymnastics these hoes will go through to avoid getting a real ass job or learn any kind of marketable skill.

No. 1305505

Tbf, I'd have genuine anxiety about joining the workforce if I was Shayna too. Like anons have said, her real name is tied to the most degenerate content you can imagine. Any potential employers can find these threads documenting her pedo porn, flashing in public, scamming and telling people on twitter to shove a dick up their ass. If she does get a job by some miracle, her coworkers can find it too. Of course she deserves it. She can change her name but even then she'd be fucked on a background check.

No. 1305506

are non-americans incapable of googling anything?

they all should have known there would be huge payment processing repercussions after the pornhub debacle

why is she trying to act like moving somewhere out of her price range is anyone’s fault but her own? my guess even her “bestie” is already sick of her.

No. 1305508

lmfao the only reason she was making enough money to pay $2000 in rent these past couple months was because she was begging for moving expenses. this dumbass really doesn't have two braincells to rub together, does she?

No. 1305511

Imagine suicide baiting because you can’t post your blown out asshole on onlyfans anymore

No. 1305515

And that's all her fault and she has to face to repercussions. She will never get a respectable job but she can get a job. Thera are places that do not care.

She also has a "humiliation fetish" and loves to flash in public so not like she'd care if her co-workers found her shit.

No. 1305517

>She also has a "humiliation fetish"
yeah that'll be put to the test pretty damn fast when she does have to go work her first shift at mcdonald's

No. 1305525

File: 1629568778038.jpeg (Spoiler Image,492.99 KB, 1284x1102, 7C6A9092-75E9-4476-9118-88C88B…)

her new pinned tweet gives me the creeps


No. 1305526

File: 1629569059603.png (Spoiler Image,259.88 KB, 591x433, Screen Shot 2021-08-21 at 11.0…)


No. 1305530

these are old pics anon. she’s just trying to spark interest in her new platform that she’ll grab onto for dear life.

No. 1305533

spoiler you fucking tard

No. 1305551

They don’t look old. She looks fat here and i see those lunch lady arms

No. 1305558

File: 1629571974529.jpeg (213.63 KB, 1125x505, 02C09C68-C9E0-42DB-B83F-1F8CC3…)

the copium… shay you have been begging for money for furniture you’ll throw away when you get evicted, doordash, and drugs. When you can’t even afford your apartment right now??

No. 1305562

More retardation, payment processors are allowed to limit liability by banning charges for certain activities that have inherent risk. But muh freedoms!

No. 1305591

she’s been fat for a while now

No. 1305603

Poor Shay, already spreading herself thin joining pocketstars and fansly /s This is probably the most effort she's put into her "sex work career" in over a year.

I find all of this hilarious but OF is crazy to think they'll ever get the stink of prolapse SW anus off them. No respectable content creator is ever going to be able to use it without the stigma of sex work that will forever be attached to it. In a year if a regular twitch girl links to her onlyfans, people will automatically assume she's selling smut, and yeah - they're pretty dumb if they ever think they'll be the next patreon.

No. 1305606

i think they're trying to be the next patreon when it comes to nsfw content, nudes and drawn porn and tasteful lewds.

No. 1305608

What’s (not) funny is that OF is scapegoating payment processors. The real reason is much more insidious but these whores don’t care.

No. 1305610

What's the real reason then? Seems like they're shooting themselves in the foot

No. 1305613

They should have never allowed this content to begin with no one wants to associate with their child porn scandals, and the women exploiting themselves for pennies

No. 1305614

Leaked documents showed that the owners allowed and profited off of pages that were known to post illegal content. The BBC was going after them and within days of the leak they make their announcement. They’re trying to bury it and cover their asses.

No. 1305629

Shay is an idiot. There will always be loser coomers willing to pay money for pork. Literally, get on cam, make videos for many vids and advertise on ur Twitter. Make a private snap again. But no, thinking ahead is beyond her capacity. Only Fans doesn't owe any of these women anything.

No. 1305631

I meant porn not pork. But I guess pork works in Shay's case.

No. 1305634

The typo is just so perfect kek

No. 1305639

Cancer’s are notorious for giving the impression that they’re broke while simultaneously hoarding all their money. They’re superb manipulators. They want everyone to believe they are broke. They’ll use all kinds of tactics to get you to believe that they somehow need it more than you. I guarantee she’s doing better than she’s letting on. Especially since it’s obvious her parents still give her money(autism)

No. 1305642

Astrology is made-up bullshit, idiot.

No. 1305645

please go back to twitter with your unga bunga takes

No. 1305647

Things i don't understand about her:

1. Why did she throw out all of her useful things, like her old bed and couch that were nice? If she wanted to replace them to fit a different aesthetic she should have just brought them to seattle and switched them out when she had more money (of course selling them instead of throwing them out)… it literally would cost less to rent a slightly bigger pod and some people to move the furniture then buying NEW everything else???

2. Why did she move to Seattle? I feel like there's cheaper places to live that are still modern/metropolitan, sure weed isn't legal but it's accessible. I have a friend in Houston that smokes recreationally, its not a big deal.

3. Why doesn't she just stop eating out if she has money problems? Like I get that she is lazy and a glutton but there's plenty of fattening cheap at-home options that are easy to make? Frozen burgers and fries? Frozen pizza? Instant noodles? Tacos are easy to put together?

I don't think I've ever seen someone be as bad with money as she is. She has nothing to her name, no furniture, no decent belongings, no health. Probably credit card debt too. Wtf

No. 1305648

1. She's lazy
2. She's stupid
3. She's fat

No. 1305655

>credit card debt

I believe that's the one thing she doesn't have – a credit card
what a fucking shitshow that would be if/when she finally applies for one lmao

amazingly accurate

No. 1305656

File: 1629580796798.png (Spoiler Image,7.93 MB, 1242x2208, 3EE4F403-BFE4-4D9D-90E9-3C5E36…)

No. 1305658

Looking like a meth addicted mom of 4.

No. 1305660

>the one thing she doesn't have – a credit card
Yeah, she has still only mentioned debit and using Afterpay and similar services until now. She probably has Afterpay recurring charges still or something

No. 1305666

anon, please. meth addicts are skinny

No. 1305667

You should post proof.

No. 1305675

What kind of mental gymnastics are they doing to miss the point like this??? Until they find a solution to eradicate the problem of child p*rn and abuse they can’t continue funding it. Of course these cheap whores aren’t even trying to find solutions because they benefit from the abuse of others. Truly disgusting.

No. 1305697

Something about her soulless, black, beady eyes terrifies me. Like this is the face that would haunt me if I ever chose to degrade myself to men for the price of a big mac

No. 1305701

No. 1305702

Not always

No. 1305711

damn no wonder they are shitting the shitshow down. Hope they get charged for this

No. 1305717

Her jowls make her look like a marionette. Bulldog Barbie uwu

No. 1305730

She says, with an average of three people engaging with her posts

No. 1305818

Was kinda sick of being fed the bullshit about how empowering onlyfans is to women. You see the absolute degrading shit that shayna is doing for literal pennies, and we're supposed to think that that is less degrading than working at a McDonalds for minimum wage?

No. 1305840

File: 1629599958213.jpeg (125.03 KB, 1242x580, 48BDC7B8-E245-431A-9F05-D21262…)

“Medical grade bondage” doesn’t exist and all your porn is creepy

No. 1305842

The sad thing is, she’s at a point where it’s not even a penny an image/video anymore. Minimum wage (mostly) anywhere is better than this.

No. 1305858

File: 1629603326102.jpg (33.96 KB, 612x456, istockphoto-854950010-612x612.…)

Kek. Her hair looks like spaghetti.

No. 1305861

She wishes her hair looked like spaghetti her hair looks like damaged greasy straw(learn2sage )

No. 1305867

Sage for OT but this popped up in my recommended & it's pretty funny to compare Shayna's version of "Barbie dreamhouse" to someone who has the same obsession, but who has money & actually puts effort into things instead of just tweeting all day.

No. 1305881


I know this is late and I’m sorry if this turns into a wall of text, but I’m so shocked she’s started taking shrooms and DRINKS WHILE SHES ON SHROOMS. I bet she’s one of those people that smoke weed while they’re on psychedelics, not caring when other people tell her it’s a bad idea, cos she’s such a hardcore stoner she can handle it and thinks she has something to prove lmao. I bet her ‘bestie’ had to do more trip sitting than they were ready for, if they even give that much of a shit about the girl. If psychedelics can’t force her brain into a wake up call, idk what will. It’s going to get a hell of a lot worse before it gets better. WHY IS SHE SO CLUELESS. She’s her own worst enemy and it’s getting more and more dire as we go she’s not doing one thing to help herself I’m just dumbfounded by her life choices who lets this happen to themselves and thinks it’s okay?

No. 1305885

She'a in a constant drunk/high stupor surrounded by yes men. She is manic and delusional. She will never be able to grasp what her reality really is.

No. 1305886

I sincerely don't think she was high enough (on the shrooms) for any addition of other substances to matter. Some of you are taking her offshot shrooms trip way too seriously. Bitch is dumb, shouldn't be doing them and shouldn't be spending money, but that's nothing new

No. 1305894

Next thread pic suggestion is this quote with shays terrifying face as background

No. 1305895

Did we take bets on how long this Seattle mess would last? I mean, why are we the only ones who aren't shocked she can't cut the OK lifestyle out there? It's hard having to do a job and go to the store and make your own food, huh.

No. 1305896

She’ll face her reality sometimes and have breakdowns on Twitter but the minute some Womack tips her 100 bucks or pays for some delivered food she forgets all about it and sputters along drunk/high to the next day until she’s faced with the cold truth again. Any extra money means she can do things or buy things that can distract her from the inevitable hopeless future.

No. 1305900

This bitch still think that she will be famous one day because she had “a lot” of followers on tumblr almost 10y ago. She’s completely delusional, main character syndrome. Too bad that she has a shit personality and look like a troon hambeast.

No. 1305909

File: 1629614282377.jpg (82.69 KB, 683x1024, saw02_800x-1.jpg)

Your marionette comment reminded me of this horrid grey shit… except she hates blush aparently. Kek

No. 1305912

File: 1629614872044.jpeg (192.98 KB, 1242x485, 8D7DB98B-50A1-4CCA-A65C-74C57E…)

You love anything a man supposedly calls you

No. 1305944

shatna crypto saga? kek get ur boiled ass onto the deep web, the porn u make already looks like illegal silk road shit

No. 1305987

Sounds like a drunken compliment one would give their cat. But go off, Shayna.

No. 1305992

She's going to end up like Vicky. In her thirties, drinking every day, stuck in a delusion that she is famous because she had a big following one + a small current neckbeard following.

No. 1305996

smoking weed and doing shrooms is fine, might be too intense for some people, but you're absolutely right that drinking on psychedelics is dumb as fuck.

No. 1306064

weed and alcohol combined can also be a very bad idea for some people, you just shouldn't combine different drugs, except you are Shayna, then do whatever.
I'm waiting for the next step, maybe meth for some weight loss?

No. 1306084

meth is an upper, our little piggy shayna is into downers. also meth isn’t very popular in seattle, or washington in general. if she was still in oklahoma and was like a person that stayed up all night or partied or something I could see it. but she prefers staying in her home doing psychedelics and depressants like a true bimbo.

No. 1306089

If she was on uppers, she might actually get something done, and we can't have that kek the greasy stoner bimbo aesthetic has been working so well

No. 1306094

she did say she only ate one mushroom, so i don’t think she tripped much. can’t wait for the day she actually eats a good amount and starts to have a bad trip after reflecting on her shit existence.

No. 1306100

Yeah a dude could say anything to her or she'll make something up. That's such a weird, retarded compliment though.

No. 1306106

Wish Womack would fuck off. Idk why he continues to throw money at her when dude needs to fix his own life and now there's no possibility she will go "mudding" with him kek. But if she ever loses him and the couple other coomers that send her gift cards, she's gonna be seriously struggling. No frivolous spending and having to make sure she makes enough for rent. But she's still got her retarded enablers and instead of saving for when shit hits the fan, she just keeps spending it all.

No. 1306121

at this point in her alcoholism she probably has to drink alcohol often just to feel "normal", don't see why it's surprising. and smoking weed on psychedelics is nothing crazy, it never occurred to me that people do acid/shrooms and DON'T smoke too. what exactly do you think is gonna happen?

No. 1306125

> meth isn’t very popular in seattle, or washington in general
i get the feeling you don’t live in washington or you never go outside, meth is literally everywhere, especially seattle wtf

No. 1306126

I think she communicates with and send him a lot more weird/depraved customs than she lets on. Especially now that she is fupaless I can see her talking to Womnack as if she's his girlfriend on the daily just for the attention + to keep the money flowing. Dude probably thinks he's in love.

No. 1306132

I guess it’s making a bit of a comeback but compared to heroin and other downers it’s not as popular as it is in oklahoma. oklahoma has been meth country for decades(derailing)

No. 1306134

can you retards stop derailing about drugs already?

No. 1306144

File: 1629648969959.jpg (32.15 KB, 732x412, 50.jpg)

Why would she buy a desk like this if she wants to stream? She won't have room to put up a proper lighting setup. You need the space at the back of the desk. With the previous desk she at least had some sunlight lighting her face. But this will be put up against a wall.
There's legitimately no way to get around this. Her stream will look like a grainy mess.

No. 1306148

because if you haven't already noticed she has zero intention of actually streaming. she's had her computer for almost a year now and was barely even camming before she moved.

No. 1306227

Yes, exactly this. She is definitely sending him even more f’ed up content then she’s posting. Everyone has seemed to forget she sent him a piece she shoved up her ass. Disgusting.

No. 1306237

>Implying she doesn't look like a lunch lady

No. 1306238

If even Shatna is too ashamed to post it for other people to see, I don't even want to think about how fucked up and disgusting these custom videos are.

No. 1306239

if she's sending custom content to womack i would have to assume it's more like girlfriend type shit than anything else. he's always saying he loves her and shit.

No. 1306254

Ashamed? Shayna has no shame whatsoever. And she can't afford to miss out on any drop of validation from her coomers. Of course she posts all of her customs online no matter how fucked up. Or at least announces them.

No. 1306258

yeah we're talking about the person that has released scat porn, a video of her being fuped with a pacifer in her mouth, diaper videos, dad and brother themed porn, etc. she also bought a dog dildo at some point and made sure to tell everyone about it on twitter. i don't think she cares about shying away from being gross and controversial.

No. 1306305

File: 1629664624156.jpeg (Spoiler Image,233.98 KB, 1242x1251, FDF9338F-7C55-44D9-82A3-23E16D…)

This reads as a threat

No. 1306306

Can you lot think of any other insult than lunch lady or lunch ladies arms, I beg you, it's been 80 threads of it. please. Also "bleak", "axe wound pussy", "balsack pussy", "gut", "gaping asshole" comes to mind. It's like this thread developed its own prison jargon. Dogs barking, but instead of a woof there's "her life is so bleak". Love this messy ass thread tbh but half of the comments read like they are auto-generated. From a very narrow choice of pre-made overused insults. I'll take my ban jannie-chan I don't remember what my point was, I'm on edibles. Have a nice evening

No. 1306311

No. 1306317

I can't with the the potbelly hanging over the bed

No. 1306327

is this lugubrious-chan?

No. 1306331

Can you compile a revised dictionary for us, edible-chan?

No. 1306334

i can’t believe the axe wound ballsack pussy i’m seeing here. the bleakness of her gut hanging down in front of the bed almost makes you feel bad knowing she also has a gaping asshole and lunch lady arms.

No. 1306368

Something tells me you are the proud owner of a pair of lunch lady arms and the Shayna thread hits a little too close to home.

No. 1306374

I think it's quite safe to say there's no danger of her ever going to the library.

No. 1306384

I don't even know what a lugubrious means but it sounds like a university way of calling someone fat. Which would be another auto-generated response fitting in here but from a fancy lolspeak generator, not a generic one.
That's too much responsibility, I try to avoid it but thanks for considering me
funny. I mean really laughed for tens of seconds, thanks.

Saw your post pop in in real time so, just to clarify, I don't think I have lol. I'm just stoned-posting. What a classic, swift "you fat" attack though, I love you. It's genuinely cute. This reads passive-aggressive but I'm for real. Thanks for the opportunity to experience that.
Anyway sorry for derailing further with my stupid lil replies, I'm leaving for now, now(autism)

No. 1306385

File: 1629669217217.gif (823.47 KB, 470x225, 4277B022-002E-4D56-A122-4958D2…)

No. 1306386

Girl, just go outside

No. 1306390

Stop using weed. I say this with love.

No. 1306392

Go touch some grass anon

I’m sick of the autistics who want to come here and brag “my life is better than Shay because” bitch your life is better than Shay’s because you don’t have a thread here, shut the fuck up no one cares about your life/sex work/ drug use and how it’s “totes better than shay”

No. 1306402

KEK anon ily

No. 1306437

File: 1629674121393.jpeg (447.09 KB, 750x848, 9EEF00E8-2261-41A0-B6D5-12436B…)

lol okay??

No. 1306440

Barely doing some unpacking almost a month after moving. Absolute retardation.

No. 1306445

Wow so jealous of her showing off a dozen shein coats that look thinner than she ever did. It’s not impressive to anyone when she shows all her cheap raggedy clothing or shoes but it probably makes her feel accomplished to have any type of possession.

No. 1306464

File: 1629677319671.jpeg (375.06 KB, 750x784, 3E8C8AC2-C3A2-4DCB-82A4-D9D5B1…)

of course she has to make sure that tired michael kors bag is front and center. are these closet pics supposed to be aspirational? because they’re giving “all pink goodwill display”.

No. 1306468

I know its been said before, but HOW does everything she own become so dingy?? She's never even worn 80% of this shit more than once, so its not from use

No. 1306486

closet full of trash

No. 1306491

Because light pink is a dingy ass color and because she doesn’t clean or dust her house. So everything is covered in a layer of grime.

No. 1306493

My 8 year old cousin in New Jersey has a more tasteful “pure collection”. Good grief.(no1curr)

No. 1306518


like she can do that while sitting her snail trail all over her brand new sofa?

No. 1306522

Those arent all coats. Most are sweaters and light jackets. Theres a couple tacky dingy coats. Also she wears maybe 3 of those things. Which makes for the question of how the rest are equally as filthy. The cleanest thing is the pink sweater and that's because it's the newest from Shein.

Even her hoarding material clothing possessions isn't impressive. 90% is ugly and retarded and it's really not that much for someone who claims the bimbo spoiled bby lifestyle.

No. 1306523

Kek I was gonna say my grandma has a bigger and cuter purse hoard

No. 1306528

This new saga was supposed to milky and fresh. Shits boring af. And not at least in a "well she's focusing on bettering herself and life" way. She's just been fucking off with that Seattle ex "bestie" and taking dusty window nudes. Nothing even funny from her shroom tripping. The Fupa saga was stale af but I was hoping with the move, things would pick up. She's just so lazy.

No. 1306532

File: 1629682825366.png (788.97 KB, 2048x1404, Screenshot_20210822-183924.png)

She'd be proud telling her 14 year old self she does shrooms? Wtf?

No. 1306536

don’t forget to tell her about the lolcow threads. maybe she can mentally prepare.

No. 1306539

Instead of the wake up call we thought she’d get, her shroom brain translated her life as good?! My god shayna. At 14 you didn’t think your adult self would have a roof of her head that she could pay for? What made your standards so low

No. 1306540

Are you living on your own, bills paid though, Shayna? She should be scared for her future with OnlyFans booting sex workers and her life having nothing of value personally or material, approaching her mid 20s. Love the she keeps calling this person her best friend, bestie when we've never heard about them until this Seattle saga.

No. 1306541

If I told my young self that my future would resemble Shaynas I would fucking dread life. Fuck having goals, just smoke weed and do drugs in your apartment with the petty cash you get from showing your gaping asshole to the Internet. What kind of situation would she possibly be in at 14 to think that’s comforting?

No. 1306543

File: 1629683605676.jpeg (243.31 KB, 750x939, E53F6810-22A3-47EC-8BFC-E7EFAB…)

who is she trying to convince? herself?

No. 1306545

Right? That's some shit only a really abused, suicidal teenager would be happy with.

No. 1306547

Jfc the shrooms made her more delusional I swear or she's on some serious copium in denial of the reality of where she's soon headed.

No. 1306550

Absolutely manic. She was just complaining about her situation a day ago. Really thinks if she says it, it’ll be true. Shayna at 14 would not be happy to know that ten years later she’d be 40+ pounds heavier on the verge of needing diapers because she destroys her body for less than a penny selling porn online.

She doesn’t need anymore drugs; she needs a psychiatrist. Her delusions are too strong.

No. 1306552

File: 1629684166305.jpeg (342.93 KB, 750x1032, 936C995A-89E5-4E3B-867E-062627…)

admitting she wasn’t already doing all of this… grim

No. 1306554

>best fren best fren best fren
i give it another month before the lovebombing with this "best friend" stops.

No. 1306559

Shayna is literally my motivation to study because I don't want to end up like her.

No. 1306562

What a thing to announce on your public sex work Twitter business account

No. 1306566

More like it's just that "new, fresh place after moving" thing. Like a honeymoon period. You feel good in a clean and changed environment. And as for the hygiene thing, that's probably because of her "bestie" lol. She doesn't want to come off as a total slob right away. Gotta ease into that like she did with Fupa. Especially if they're living together which is still a possibility imo.

No. 1306567

It hasn't even been a month girl… Maybe save the tearful "so glad I take showers & brush my teeth now" posts for later.
I'm giving it a week before she has another bpd twitter meltdown.

No. 1306595

A week? Shit given the last couple days I give her a couple hours kek

No. 1306596

Are you kidding me? I would do anything to be like hers. All of her "problems" are fixable. Not everyone has that luxury. Keep trying, this forum is for those who have failed.

No. 1306598

File: 1629687959840.jpeg (39.89 KB, 550x633, DE0032BC-0579-4442-9FC3-07DA1F…)

No. 1306599


I’m pretty sure if she told 14 year old Shayna that she’d waste years of her life pining over an ugly man who doesn’t want her, living in buttfuck Oklahoma with no friends before moving to an apartment she can’t afford in Seattle, with not a penny or anything of value to her name, she’d freak the child out even more lol.

No. 1306618

keeping up with showers??? kek how hard can it be shatna when all you do issit on your ass? and to think that fupa still wanted to shag her. either he himself doesn't brush his teeth or men will truly fuck anything

No. 1306642

File: 1629694028615.jpeg (1.22 MB, 1620x2108, 5E9E2791-78DC-4970-92E5-2AE4F5…)

her pocket stars profile looks like a hormonal teenage boy catfishing an ewhore wrote it

No. 1306645

jfc thats awful

No. 1306646

No kek I was the “bleak” thesaurus-chan and I’m so happy it’s become a re-occurring joke itt that I’m no longer mad at the over usage

No. 1306647

her pfp makes her look like she has some kinda syndrome

No. 1306650

File: 1629694869775.png (1.12 MB, 1843x2048, Screenshot_20210822-215920.png)

"this is how you put food on your table" this makes it sound like she's struggling to feed a family when in reality she's feeding herself on $30+ on daily doordash deliveries kek

No. 1306653

Her bio is hilarious, genuinely seems like a joke bio written by a 14 year old as you said

No. 1306673

King for paying $3 a month to put food on the table LOL

No. 1306683

Love the oh so funny and clever copy pasted bio again.

No. 1306695

Shayna, honey, really don’t see- you know what never mind… bless your heart kek

No. 1306697

A man did not write this.

No. 1306718

File: 1629706413096.jpeg (332.96 KB, 750x851, 70EDC072-907E-4643-930C-387123…)

it was probably some fakeboi or something since she’s all in with the tranny community now

No. 1306719

Why does that pic look like she’s in a wheelchair?

No. 1306723

lmao it’s her quasimodo posture

No. 1306765

"I know we support trans people first" these bitches are truly so fucking retarded. Her female orbiters collectively have an IQ in the single digits.

No. 1306766

>This is just my coats

WOW, Shayna! RIVETING stuff! Please wrote a book! I'm truly invested in where this goes!

No. 1306787


kek it looks like she put a filter on her pussy

No. 1306794

The thin layer of grime over all her purses and pther possessions comes from her habitual smoking indoors. Luna has the same problem. Take it to the porch, nonitas!
I would be petrified. Shay, you regularly admit you can't afford your lifestyle! I feel like if Tumblr-famous Shay saw the profile photos of her future "daddies" she would be sick to her stomach. My favorite anon in this thread always digs up the commentors photos and puts them next to their coomer comments for some real, next level coamic horror.
>"Thank you guys for always being there for me"

No. 1306832

Nothing changed for her though?? She's high and drunk & unpacked a little of her shit, now she's writing paragraphs about how happy she is and how good she's doing when NOTHING HAS HAPPENED.
Nothing has changed but she's in a new place and she goes & gets high with "frens" sometimes. She's still depending on drugs, food and Alcohol to function.

No. 1306861

that's a TiM, anon

No. 1306934

>a really great ally
Kek what has shay ever done for trannies except for looking like one?

>queen of kink

Fucking her butt with a plug and buzzing her pubic mound with a vibrator is “queen of kink” worthy? I guess it’s easy to be delusional when you surround yourself with delusion.

No. 1306936

Publicly admitting you don't shower when your main method of making money is shoving things up your ass is astonishingly… bleak.

No. 1306938

what do you mean nonnie? she tweets once every two months how she totes hates those evil nasty prude radfems!!!

No. 1306946

I hate to sound like a dick, but what is she so relieved for? Her entire OF base was built while she was skinny. Most of them unsubbed once she got fat, and the few people that remained don’t interact with her shit, they’ve straight forgotten about their sub to her or actively ignore her. It’s kind of a given that none of them will follow her over to that new website, considering most of the people subbed to her are probably just on an auto-renew to like 50 girls and she gets lost in the pay statements. So why the relief? She doesn’t make much money, she doesn’t have enough to coast without a job for a while, and she just admitted she’s barely scraping by and in desperate need of money with her current fanbase. She’s about to be straight in debt or evicted unless she can get 2,000 new bbw/feederism fetishists to sign up for Pocketstars and sub to her before October rent is due. I’m sure 14 year old Shayna would be thrilled to hear it!

No. 1306979

Kek if this hoe is moving to a new platform I'm calling it now that she spends any meager savings she does have expecting to get a bunch of new or carry over subs that never come then freaks out

Though in the end her parents will bail her out

No. 1306988

She's already fucked up by giving away free subscriptions for a month kek

No. 1306991

This is the kind of thing someone who had a shitty, traumatic childhood would say. Why would a teenager who has ALL of her needs met, seemingly living a comfortable lifestyle in suburbia, going on ski vacations with her dad and staying in his holiday home…”dream” of a better future? Her current lifestyle is grim compared to how her life was when she was 14.

No. 1306999

kek, right? i'm sure her teenaged self was really dreaming of a life with no real friends, a completely fractured relationship with (seemingly) her entire family, and gaping her asshole for $3 whilst she was vacationing in italy

No. 1307008

Yeah like… her OF subs carrying over are going to be the majority of her subs on the new platform. And only the ones who really care like Womack and the old perv and a portion of other hella porn sick coomers are going to make the move. Oh I guess she's got a couple troons too. Like other anon said, a lot of dudes probably just drop 50 bucks on OF and sub to a bunch of cheap whores and dont pay attention. The 400-500 subs she has aren't all devoted loyal DoLly FaTtEl fans.
Idk how the userbase on those other sites are as of now. I imagine the coomers will migrate eventually, but not all and not all at once.

No. 1307012

File: 1629747957899.jpg (736.81 KB, 1080x1855, Screenshot_20210823-144453_Twi…)

I wish these glasses got lost in the move

No. 1307014

It’s because she’s just trashy. She always has been. Nothing to do with her working class upbringing… it’s just how Shayna is as a person kek

No. 1307040

I tried to get a screen recording of her snap from the weekend (but it expired) someone off camera was helping her take dabs

No. 1307048

well she's been posting nonstop about taking shrooms and hanging out with her "bestie" so that's not really news

No. 1307066

thanks, gypsy rose

No. 1307069


Is this a filter fucking with… everything? Her head is huge and everything else is small, which we know no part of her is.

No. 1307107

And add to this was she slightly ahead of the OF boom because of her former tumblr fame and starting SW before it was "popular". There is absolutely no way she can keep up nowadays in 2021 looking the way she does, and when everywhere you turn theres a freshly 18 year old, in shape, female selling herself online for cheap and probably putting in more effort. All thats left for her really is to be a kink-cam girl and manyvids ho putting out weird ass shit like scat, piss, questionable kiddy play, feederism, and maybe even those gross women who stretch their holes to the extreme. And Im pretty sure none of those type of online SWers are really making bank. Just scraping by like they scrape the feces off their dildos.

No. 1307115

She's already all that and barely scraping by kek

No. 1307116

Sincerely WHAT happened during her childhood that made her walk this path..? Did she suffer CSA or something of the sort? I genuinely do not see why anyone would degrade themselves the way she does otherwise, and I am speaking from the beginning of her "pornography career". I am so so baffled by her compulsions the past few years, as she truly goes the worst route. Her behavior is not just cringeworthy, it is genuinely concerning regarding how harmful it is lol.

No. 1307118

Extreme fetish can make money, but only if you market yourself well. And she never has. She wants to market herself in such a contrast to what she should and actually presents. Plus no matter what she does, she puts in a laughable effort, if any at all. No work ethic despite being able to make her own schedule and work at home. She started out trying a little, but after she left the Fupa house, she let herself go and has been on a steady decline in looks and effort to the point where she gave up even doing make up. You can count on one hand how many times she's been on cam this year and last. She's hardly put out any new content this year, besides pics. All her vids are the same anyway. She's washed up and so astoundingly lazy. Can't blame that all on Fupa or muh mental illness, but she does anyway and uses drugs and alcohol to stay in a stupor so she doesn't have to acknowledge her problems.

Anyway. We done knew all this.

No. 1307121

she was just an edgy, rebellious teen and never matured mentally or grew out of the “fuck my parents!!” stage. she started camming when she was underage to the chagrin of her parents who tried to intervene but it somehow made her embed herself in “sex work” even deeper. now i think it’s a sunk cost think for her and she doesn’t want to admit to us and her family that she’s a total useless failure.
if she suffered any “real” abuse as a child we would’ve heard about it already. she already tried to paint her parents as abusive for not wanting her camming in the first place, trying to get her mental health help as a teen, and having to occasionally babysit her younger brother.
it’s just delusions and low iq all the way down for shayna.

No. 1307127

Attention. Someone told her she's "Special" and when she started getting tumblr fame, she got addicted.
She knows she's not interesting enough, pretty enough or talented to get attention in any other way. People kept asking her to do sex work and she saw a way to get more attention.
It's also her being lazy.

No. 1307132

File: 1629758774641.jpeg (195.58 KB, 750x655, 5CA6615B-327B-4EE3-88F4-5DE238…)

please no

No. 1307138

File: 1629759288315.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.55 MB, 1242x1632, 0F278BBE-CDF5-4CF4-8336-847B4D…)

i can smell Shayna and her bologna blanket from here gag

No. 1307141

I see she's still trying to appeal to the necrophiliacs

No. 1307142

another corpse-like selfie ft. her feet as black as an abyss and a questionable stain on the blanket near her vagina. 10/10

No. 1307144

File: 1629759541855.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.23 MB, 1242x1620, C66D10BE-4226-4012-B3EB-91905D…)

Shayna must have took a million of these ugly snatch window nudes for as long as she could hold her lard ass leg up to angle her disgusting crotch towards her phone’s camera. She’s sending the same pics because she’s too lazy and fat to take new ones

No. 1307148

i see a literal crumb below her boob on the left

No. 1307149

she's gonna need diapers someday due to the fact that she is destroying her butthole on a daily basis

No. 1307151

i want to believe that's just a shadow on her foot

No. 1307153

the only reason she even started sex work in the first place was to hang on to her short lived tumblr fame. it’s hilariously pathetic in retrospect. people aren’t interested in you anymore? has your quick internet fame fizzled? get naked! make pedo pandering porn! people will def be talking about you again.

she doesn’t care if it’s negative or positive, it’s all attention to her and until she learns she’s going to do this the rest of her life.

No. 1307159

She is NOT the type of girl who looks good pale. She probably thinks she has “milky white porcelain skin” but she looks like a fucking bloated corpse.

No. 1307172

File: 1629762268345.jpg (Spoiler Image,143.38 KB, 634x950, tumblr_ozztaowYnc1wvai44o1_640…)

She used to be so fucking beautiful(thirstposting)

No. 1307174

umm she unironically looks like a homeless, drug addicted tranny that hasn’t showered in weeks here. not sure what you’re on.

No. 1307175

That’s a stretch, are you male?

No. 1307176

File: 1629762614871.jpeg (85.06 KB, 719x750, 83EAC896-295B-4D90-86A3-E6987A…)

yeah… such a beauty…

No. 1307178

Radical Empathy.

No. 1307180

This is such an unsexy, bleh pose and the lighting really does make it look like a crime scene photo lol what the fuck

No. 1307184

You could have at least used one of her old shay-gnar photos when she looked halfway decent, she started going downhill the second she went ddlg. Same old rat-faced Shayna here, just 50 pounds lighter.

No. 1307185

She's always looked ratty. Rodent face and unclean. Her body was also twink like then, but at least she was slim and younger so she didn't look so awful just at a passing glance. But she also had pussy boils during this time and that was horrific. Amazing she did what she did with that infected looking snatch then. Alcohol, her metabolism, and failure hit her so fuckin hard anons thinking she was attractive a few years ago is always something.

Would be bimbo of her to tan. She could fake tan, go to a salon, or just lay on her balcony or at a lake. But any of those are still somehow too much effort. So yeah, she pretends she's uwu irl doll pale bbygurl. But her skin is dirty and gross tones and most of her pics are corpse like.

No. 1307187

i pray on behalf of those crevices she has in her forehead that if she decides to do sun/bed tanning she puts some kind of spf on her face

No. 1307189

thanks for making me laugh irl anon

No. 1307197

she looks so old here. the fat she has in her face now makes her look younger. like a special needs child

No. 1307198

File: 1629764202512.jpeg (35.79 KB, 360x450, Helga's_Show.jpeg)

No. 1307199

She really has got to stop posting these araneidae shots

No. 1307218

kys moid coomer

No. 1307224

File: 1629766808904.jpeg (267.53 KB, 993x738, CC47606B-5A20-4EB8-AE6D-6DA0C9…)

I know males don’t have standards but Shayna is one of the ugliest bitches. She chooses not to photoshop her crust and dirt off. Like how do you look smelly through goddamn picture…. Facetune the oil out or shower just once, no one has to smell you irl because your fat-ass doesn’t do these retarded bdsm uwu photo-shoots kek

No. 1307230

this pic makes me want to vomit. i feel like i opened a liveleak video when i saw it

No. 1307234

When a nude brings me flashbacks to a death investigations class, please reconsider your ability to create sexy content

No. 1307267

This genuinely looks like a moid, except he only works out his pecs.

No. 1307270

File: 1629770803098.jpeg (380.92 KB, 750x905, 120CFF0B-AF41-4BC4-BD66-4C33DF…)

these look like cat scratches?

No. 1307300

Anon, she looks like a troon here.

No. 1307302

Bitch needs to clean the Doritos shards out her bed.

No. 1307304

Literally everyone ddoes this if you have slightly long nails. I did it the other night too. Not unique or amazing Shayna

No. 1307330

i wish she’d get a new picture, she reminds me of Ricky Berwick in this one

No. 1307338

Another day of her getting drunk and high and just retweeting old content. Great work ethic, Shay. That's the way to afford moving to a place double your old rent when OF is gonna be gone in a month or 2!!

No. 1307342

Thank you anon, this was my thought as well but couldn’t remember the name

No. 1307348

Holy shit I burst out laughing at this. Now we know she didn’t even shower or do laundry I don’t even want to imagine how nasty her bed really was. No wonder she got all new mattress and frame, probably embarrassed everyone would notice the stank wafting off of it in the moving container.

No. 1307353

thanks for the laugh anon! Looking at her feet she definitely looks dead lmao

the people I really feel for are the people who were stuck on the planes next to her especially the flight where she had middle seat. She's nasty , has 0 manners, and was seriously crossfaded; I'm sure she was annoying af the whole flight.

No. 1307438

You guys forgetting that Shayna is banking on SOMETHING she does will go viral and she'll get uber famous and she won't have to do SW or any work anymore and she can lie around and get high and eat all day and her bills will be magically paid. Because that's what happens when you go viral apparently kek She's literally going to spend the rest of her life making the same begging ass tweets for "reimbursement" and mooching off anyone that will throw her couple dollars. Seriously. She's gonna be 35+yrs old doing the same thing she's doing now except she's gonna be even uglier and fatter. Let's hope her parents will eventually get tired of financially supporting someone like her. Can't imagine paying for my fully grown ass daughter. You made your food crumbed bed.

No. 1307440

30+ shaynus will desperately look for a man to support her lifestyle but wont be able to handle the only womnacks who want her, will be subbed to 18-24 year olds SW accounts

No. 1307444

Fucks sake, I am truly astouded at her laziness. We live in a groomer society where every girl born after 1990 knows how to look sexy, and the best she can do is give us SVU scene photos? All it would take is some cute lighting and an actual pose and she could look reasonable. Girls send classier pics to their boyfriends for free, and she really expects people to give her money for this. Hurl.

No. 1307459

Ok scrote

No. 1307462

nta but how is this a scrote comment, it would just be delicious karma for her pedo-pendering ass which is aging like milk too

No. 1307470

File: 1629810547691.jpg (Spoiler Image,521.79 KB, 1080x1416, Screenshot_20210824-080828_Twi…)

I love how she's using old pics to advertise her new websites

No. 1307478

Scrotes never shut up about women turning 30

No. 1307485

No one itt forgot. It's just stale like most of what shat does. Why do anons try to use a cow's thread to feel superior to other anons for fucks sake.

No. 1307491

No one is trying to be superior to you, sensitive anon. Calm down.

No. 1307497

My thoughts exactly, Shanya is gross but I've seen much fatter/out of shape women take way more attractive and flattering photos than the quality of content she puts out.

No. 1307513

ntayrt but its not sensitive to point out that anons use this thread and others as teaching lessons when nobody asked. happens in lori's thread all the time.

No. 1307550

Nta but fuck off retard, you're extrapolating meaning that wasn't there to push your bias.

Schizo scrote accusation posters are the worst, most illiterate users I've ever had the displeasure of viewing on here. I don't even want to believe they're trolls because you'd have to be even more low IQ to want to bait with this shit.

No. 1307562

File: 1629823964226.jpeg (240.9 KB, 750x588, AC741F24-0757-497E-9187-C4F1E1…)

That’s how scrotes talk, Shay. Those are your clients.

No. 1307565

shayna, be happy they're even putting in the energy to lie to you

No. 1307580

Is she calling out Womack?

No. 1307583

Shay, no! Don't you realize Mack-Daddy can read these tweets??? Maybe it's for the best.

No. 1307596

kek, she already dirty deleted

No. 1307599

no she didn’t

No. 1307607

honestly she's so delusional she probably doesn't even realize that it's her "fanbase" she's trash talking kek

No. 1307616

YOU ARE LITERALLY A SEX WORKER. God these bitches are infuriating. They go into the “career” of selling their bodies and expect scrotes not to say this kind of shit? Fuck right off

No. 1307622

she also gets mad when men make sexual advances to her in DMs. bizarre that she’s still trying to do this when she’s neither into the sex nor the work.

No. 1307625

There's no way this isn't mainly shade at Womack, that reads exactly like the comments he sends her. It's like she doesn't want her doordash sodium daddy anymore

No. 1307638

I Dmed Her
The Link
To Some Of
These Threads.
Maybe Reading Them Will Give Her A Reality Check.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1307640

She literally knows about the threads and reads them idiot

No. 1307641

File: 1629831031642.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.22 MB, 1189x2027, B89D5BF1-B2FB-4170-ADB3-957CF3…)

This big bitch really just said:
I’m a horny little girl uwu

No. 1307642

What’s with all the retarded coomers and cowtippers shut up

No. 1307643

are you lost jaden smith

No. 1307645

it blows my mind that newfags this retarded even exist

No. 1307646

this is beyond rough. i thought she just said she was keeping up with her hygiene now???

No. 1307647

File: 1629831171222.jpg (417.23 KB, 1080x1854, Screenshot_20210824-135152_Twi…)

That's sad

No. 1307649

File: 1629831207938.jpg (246.05 KB, 1080x1005, Screenshot_20210824-135101_Twi…)

Shay we all know your "bestie" lives with you

No. 1307651

File: 1629831282395.png (Spoiler Image,7.91 MB, 1242x2208, AF0F436B-D088-4B4B-8B88-613116…)

Sped boy with man boobs exploited by druggie mom for crack money

No. 1307652

Until she gets "here" or "until she gets home to our shared apartment from her real job?"

No. 1307653

File: 1629831389242.jpeg (910.03 KB, 1167x1515, 3D98605D-5915-4741-B08A-B43FF5…)

Hahahah how hard is it to press record on your phone get a crusty dildo and pretend to orgasm you didn’t even try to look presentable you didn’t even leave your mattress to put on some makeup, such a fat pig

No. 1307655

Why on earth do you need to share that you brushed your teeth? What about that is worth sharing?

No. 1307656

File: 1629831638393.jpg (Spoiler Image,33.92 KB, 200x200, 22002_bosom_form1.jpg)

That weird line… She is getting to the point where they're developing into a uniboob like those plastic breast plates you can buy on Bourbon street.

No. 1307657

File: 1629831650593.png (Spoiler Image,8.42 MB, 1242x2208, 56C3623A-7D2C-4AC1-8FB4-F73183…)

Shaynus inherited those unfortunate beady rat eyes from her dad kek

No. 1307658

the fact that she doesn’t understand that waking up and brushing your teeth everyday is already implied/assumed and doesn’t need to be mentioned by normal people speaks volumes

No. 1307659

When are you releasing the rest of your poetry collection?

No. 1307661

Naked Dr. Zoidberg energy

No. 1307662

Sage for mild blog but these guys pay pretty well, they contacted me once. I can see her doing it. We all know she is definitely not above that shit plus she is worrying about rent. However she is a definite downgrade from their other models from what I’ve seen(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1307664

nobody fucking cares jfc newfags begone

No. 1307665

File: 1629832076687.jpeg (826.54 KB, 2828x2828, 49C99720-B969-47A0-ADC3-9FA3F6…)

didn’t she try to say she has like 20 pairs of shorts?

No. 1307666

File: 1629832174564.png (1014.65 KB, 969x1549, D9CF057D-EC62-4691-B4FF-8F8CE7…)

Kek the same granny mom jean shorts. Her floppy boob is going to droop down and she’s going to flash everyone at the bar. Ugly ass outfit(sage)

No. 1307667

Now that she brushes her teeth semi regularly she’s going to update her twitter every time she does it huh

No. 1307668

why would you admit to being in contact with a fucking diaper porn company…?

No. 1307671

No one cares that you do diaper porn anon

No. 1307674

She really constantly likes to diss on her customer base for a few likes from other whores/troons, huh?
She knows they're retarded losers, yet she won't be self aware enough to see these are the scrotes that give her money to "put food on the table" by degrading herself. So maybe she should shut up before she can't afford doordash lol

No. 1307677

she for some reason thinks she’s hot enough to get to pick and choose her customers when the reality is that the majority of her current “fan base” look like hillbilly cronenberg creations

No. 1307678

This is so fucking funny. Who on earth announces to their following when they've brushed their teeth?! Like I guess if you were hospitalized with broken limbs for several months it might be something to announce but otherwise this is just bizarre. Like congratulations?

No. 1307680

the fact that it takes literally 2 minutes of your day too

No. 1307684

File: 1629833315592.jpeg (18.49 KB, 225x190, 4B567578-D303-440B-BAFC-A49934…)

No. 1307686

I would say, "She's depressed and wants some attention for taking basic care of herself" which is true, but she's been doing this for years, I think it's just a weird habit of hers. She checks in with twitter, as if people on a sex work page care about her brushing her teeth, showering and playing games.
What makes it worst is she actually has at least (1) person she's claiming to be "besties" with. I wonder if she tells her this shit?
"Hey, i just got down working before 11am, i showered brushed my teeth and I'm going to play Apex for a bit, do you want to get brunch when you come back?"

No. 1307703

i think you’re right about the check-ins being habit and this point but it’s so fucking embarrassing because (like today) usually nobody even replies

No. 1307712

I wonder if she knows about lolcow being about to shut down. If it does, we should buy dollymattel.com and migrate there. Maybe sell shirts to cover server costs and collect funds for her daily ubereats. Going full Chris-chan would seriously be a better retirement plan for her than whatever the hell she’s been doing for the past two years.

No. 1307713

it’s not “about to shut down” and this may be singlehandedly the most retarded and autistic post itt. you’re on par with the diaper porn anon for even suggesting this.

No. 1307714

I’m not but I do have Twitter.
Note I specifically said I don’t. Besides I’m just saying I strongly bet that Shayna will do this. That is all. No need to be riled.

No. 1307716

You are officially uninvited from the DollHauswarming party anon

No. 1307718

this is one of the most autistic things i've seen in this thread

No. 1307719

ok rupi kaur go write another book or smth

No. 1307728

Well it might be actually. Theres a thread in meta with the person who runs this site saying they have no good options for someone to take over and instead of letting the site go to shit, it sounds like it's just going to be defunct come the end of the year.

No. 1307730

that’s still 4 months away, you raging autists

No. 1307732

What's your point? The site is still being shut down, whether it's next week or 4 months from now.

No. 1307740

it’s not even certain. at least know what you’re talking about before you start suggesting anyone migrate to fucking dollymattel.com.

No. 1307743

I didn't but thanks. Believe it or not there's more than one person here who's capable of reading the retirement thread in meta.

No. 1307745

apparently not fully

No. 1307751

Calm your tits nonita, it was a joke. We should stop fighting and appreciate the time we still have left together.

No. 1307752

Read between the lines. Nobody is going to want to take this dumpster fire on and pay for the server costs. Especially now that CP and gore are being blasted through threads on the regular.

No. 1307753

oh my god take it to /meta/, server costs have been covered for over the next year

No. 1307756

this would actually be cute if she wore more high waisted shorts to hide her fupa. so close, shayna. better luck next time

No. 1307798

She probably does have that many shorts but we all know majority of her clothing hoard is from when she was skinny. Nothing fits her fat heffer body anymore.

No. 1307801

Top kek underrated anon. Ily

No. 1307803

i'm being this close to hi cow-ing

No. 1307832

Ill-fitting sweatshop sweater monstrosity as wrinkly as her forehead. Wash your clothes after you unwrap them from the plastic right outta the Chinese factory Shayna!

No. 1307859

This lass been doing ass to mouth all this time and not e en brushing her teeth on the reg?

Oh dolly shitbreath

No. 1307863

that’s actually a disgusting revelation. she’s utterly fucked in the head.

No. 1307868

Oh my god…. I wish I could go back in time before reading this.

No. 1307882

File: 1629850396193.jpg (152.77 KB, 681x883, 1583390087874.jpg)

I wish I could unread this sentence

No. 1307884

this makes me question fupa’s hygiene too. you’re okay hooking up with someone on at least a semi-regular basis that’s licking shit off their dildos and not brushing their teeth?

No. 1307887

tbh he always gave me grimy cheesy dick & ear vibes and seemed just as gross as shayna. He probably didn't notice much at the end and was probably used to it. I can't imagine her hygiene was ever that good. Wow I feel like I need more eye bleach as I imagine this lol

No. 1307891

Definitely agree. You could almost smell him from his pictures too. When they lived together the place probably reaked like feces and stretched ear cheese

No. 1307893

They lived in an empty house together complete with a dingy carpet and mysteriously stained walls, no furniture just vibes. He was definitely not above stumbling around in the stinky dark of her old apartment, tripping over piles of shein garbage just to get his 2 incher all thrushed up. They're both nasty.

No. 1307895

they really were meant for each other. like their male and female equivalents.

No. 1307909

File: 1629855377108.jpeg (485.14 KB, 750x1079, E10FFC98-0A92-40C7-A6A9-4C8F8E…)

okay the her saying “bestie” in every tweet is getting old. if we didn’t know she had an ex in seattle i would be convinced there wasn’t even an actual person with her. it’s weird.

No. 1307914

Aww, she’s got a new favorite person! Wonder how long it will take for this relationship to crash and burn.

No. 1307915

If she doesn’t end up homeless, I’ll give it a total of 6 months. 5 months to go.

No. 1307920

why is she the tackiest person ever lmfaoo

No. 1307923

I wanted this lamp when I was like….10 years old…. this grown ass woman has no taste or style whatsoever
If it’s pink it’s ~Barbie bimbo uwu~ anon!!!!!

No. 1307924

File: 1629857731985.png (Spoiler Image,4.75 MB, 828x1792, 1D91AB0E-515B-447F-B9F1-C221F4…)

Anon, are you trying to say this man stanky?

No. 1307930

ugh i forgot this image with his little chode hanging under the t shirt

No. 1307944

The little peepee!! The shirt of shame! Imagine throwing your 20s away for that! My god.

No. 1307948

Gorilla and a Leprechaun’s son that works at Zumiez

No. 1307949

File: 1629860207702.gif (12.26 MB, 401x279, 34A78CFE-6382-4FE3-AB9B-18CDFB…)

video to her disgusting cum show she says her cunt is “tight wet and warm” barf

No. 1307951

Of all the mistakes he’s made, this might make top ten. Was he deliberately trying to make his dick look tiny, weird, and accidental?

No. 1307955

Why you y'all act like he's relevant anyways is beyond me

No. 1307957

File: 1629861644442.png (Spoiler Image,5.82 MB, 1242x2208, 59E969C0-367F-4833-BB77-841C8D…)

She looks confused and disgusted with herself as she should be

No. 1307968

Who is this? He’s really cute

No. 1307969

lmao, anon stop

No. 1307996

It’s the using the smallest possible drop of lube that gets me. It didn’t even look like even half of pump, like come on. She truly must have zero feeling after all these years bc dry fucking a dildo would cause so much irritation.(learn2sage)

No. 1308019

File: 1629869746765.jpeg (Spoiler Image,771.16 KB, 1242x897, 5A86259E-0ED6-460A-AEA1-500D24…)

I hate this so much. what the fuck . Not even going to vag sperg

No. 1308031

Underrated, thank you for the hearty chuckle anon

No. 1308052


Didn't she just roam around the field barefoot a few days back? Probably didn't shower after that.

No. 1308081

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again she is absolutely numb below the waist. How can you have a fake cock in your snatch and a vibrator sounding like it’s a stressed out bee repeatedly flying and smacking into the corner of a windowsill and STILL have to fake your orgasm to such an obvious degree!?

Girl get checked that shit ain't normal

No. 1308115

I’d rather see Fupa sperging over Womack sperging tbh. Neither are relevant anymore though so can we just focus on Shayna? She has enough fuck ups on her own that we don’t need to derail with her scrote customers. (How many times do y’all need to post about fupa’s tiny hands?)

No. 1308126

Anons, we can extrapolate one nice thing from this post! Shay is finally budget shopping for furniture instead of purchasing quite literally everything in her home from Amazon for a 100% markup. Thrifting queen! I mean, the lamp is still godawful but still!

No. 1308132

I just wish anons would follow the fucking rules and not bring him up unless he's relevant in current conversation. The fupa milk is so curdled

No. 1308133

>>1308081 is she still on her meds? Could be a factor but yea its defo not normal

No. 1308137

Jfc what's with the discharge stain

No. 1308151

File: 1629896882272.png (684.54 KB, 1242x2688, 33315956-C136-4A8D-A2E3-5C8AE7…)

Well, she'll stop her meltdown now. I was really hoping for a destitute saga.

No. 1308155

Booooo, I was enjoying all these thots having an existential crisis the last 2 weeks

No. 1308161

Same anon, same.

No. 1308189

File: 1629899632405.png (933.54 KB, 1625x2048, Screenshot_20210825-065314.png)

Retard wants reparations lol

No. 1308190

File: 1629899691486.png (913.7 KB, 1496x2048, Screenshot_20210825-065428.png)

No. 1308196

Being in the top 1% doesn't make you rich

No. 1308203

Nobody with a "real" job gets reparations over talks of layoffs or indefinite termination, especially over the course of a global pandemic. You want sex work to be considered real work, well this is what the rest of us who aren't part of a union have to deal with when employed.

No. 1308211

> keep food on the table

uh like that totes from a scrote text earlier this week? lmao >>1306650

No. 1308217

Blah blah blah, Onlyfans is the devil, rich people are the devil, they betrayed you all, but here comes the excuses as to why they are running back to the same company that can do the SAME thing again.
Nobody cares, you all look dumber then you did before Shayna.

No. 1308224

this is so fucking tone deaf. shayna, are you literally forgetting that you would update your percentage as your HEADER PHOTO every time it changed? are you really this fucking retarded?

No. 1308225

you feel like you had whiplash because you freaked out and didn’t wait until things were final. you’re a retard.

No. 1308240

Shayna Luther King calling for reparations for sex workers is comedy gold

No. 1308241

So this means Shay will now stop posting on all the new websites she joined

No. 1308242

File: 1629903757319.jpg (495.02 KB, 1080x1765, Screenshot_20210825-100203_Twi…)

I love how greyhair slyly throws shade at her

No. 1308244

File: 1629903845868.jpg (387.49 KB, 1080x1389, Screenshot_20210825-100404_Twi…)

No. 1308248

Something most smart people would have realized in the beginning

No. 1308252

I hate that coomer scrote so fucking much. How pathetic do you have to be to subscribe to multiple ugly mentally ill onlyfans whores?
That’s not their fault you’re broke and barely scraping by. Get a job, fatty.

No. 1308258

Boo hoo, lardass. You prolapse your asshole for literally less than minimum wage in the south.
Real jobs come with unemployment.

No. 1308262

she better not ever boast about how sex work is so great again. shoulda stayed at olive garden

No. 1308263

I like how she said that 98% of people aren’t in the top 1%, instead of 99%. Maths

No. 1308264

He's an old dude who gets no pussy, what do you expect?

No. 1308272

classic shaytard

No. 1308279

Yeah I guess it's good she was giving out free trials on that one site, so she wont have to refund, but what about the other? She got like a dozen or so subs on each I think. She would be smart to pick one and post on it as well as OF as a backup and second source of income, but that's too much work for her I'm sure.
So really she's just gonna have to be like "well I gave free trials and sorry to those who paid" and ideally would film and post a new exclusive vid there for those that paid, but she will probably just offer some video shes already done to them. Just dont forget to REIMBURSE your customers, Shat!

No. 1308280

Is this coming from the person who on the reg bragged about her ranking before it went to shit? She even had her rank in her bio. At least she is admitting she isnt popular enough to move sites without her coomers following her.

No. 1308283

She won't keep up with this. Just like her domme OF and other times she's said she's going to put content on multiple platforms.
But even if she did, she would just be putting the exact same content as she is on OF, so what would be the point? Idk how the userbase is on Fansly and Pocketstars, but I would assume OF has the bigger userbase. And you're not gonna get all the OF subs to also pay for the same content on another most likely not as user friendly pay platform.
I guess if she actually put effort on the other sites to get the uses on those sites to sub, but she can't and she won't.

No. 1308323

File: 1629912913968.jpg (462.17 KB, 1080x1685, Screenshot_20210825-123509_Twi…)

Your fat ass won't fit

No. 1308324

File: 1629912957010.jpg (534.33 KB, 1080x1601, Screenshot_20210825-123553_Twi…)

Sure Shay

No. 1308329

is this not literally almost the exact same one she just trashed??

No. 1308330

>*people with real jobs and education

No. 1308331

Imagine buying a bed off of amazon

No. 1308341

Says the same person who gets "paid" in Doordash gift cards.

No. 1308342

How many of these stupid, insensitive sexworkers laughed and posted "the pandemic doesn't change my job hehe" when people got laid off? Shayna herself went on literally baiting brainless men into SPENDING their stimulus on her. Pardon me, but I have no sympathy for the rug being ripped out from under you for a week– Get wrecked, Shay. You will never see financial compensation for that.

No. 1308344

She is really going to spend almost, if not over, $2,000 on crap prison cot and particleboard bedding from Amazon. Nothing would be wrong with spending that amount if you actually had the means to do it and purchased quality, sturdy wood sets.

She’s begging for the funds via gift cards and buying the worst quality for 1000% markup. Incredible how she manages to make the wrong choices every single time.

No. 1308357

File: 1629915861838.jpeg (315.33 KB, 1217x1783, A3A4545B-319A-4F34-A6F4-D15319…)

If gray hair didn’t occasionally throw shade at her, one would think he’s a spam bot account kek

No. 1308358


Apologies if this is off topic, but the majority of people in the US would not know quality even if it slapped them in the face.

No. 1308363


entitled baby. compensate me for looking at your “cum” face. i spent the weekend crying after seeing your face, shayna.(retard spacing)

No. 1308366

not more “hurr durr americans” please

No. 1308383

File: 1629917796317.jpeg (98.27 KB, 1242x680, 50615F39-530B-4411-8BEE-FB2012…)

Seems real legit to buy from a seller with two reviews kek where does she get off on thinking as an overweight grown adult woman she’ll fit into a twin size day bed? I know she has her uwu I’m baby retardation but come on, you barely fit into your king size prison cot.

No. 1308386

it’s just for her to stain up with buttplug residue in her “work room”

No. 1308393

Kek I bet it’s really badly made with cheap wood. She’s gonna crack it with her big lard ass

No. 1308396

Queue up Grandpa/Sir saga 2.0

No. 1308398

File: 1629919444606.png (767 KB, 1152x2432, Screenshot_20210825-142223.png)

Sorry forgot to load the screenshot. Pretty sure this is the old scrote she was calling Sir last time in Seattle

No. 1308399

why would he be interested in her whatsoever now that she’s 50lbs heavier and 5 years older than when she was involved with him? her only appeal then was she was young and thin lol.

No. 1308401

Because he's an old degenerate

No. 1308403

likely just some different seattle coomer unless there’s more evidence

No. 1308406

It's the same cages I'm pretty sure

No. 1308409

File: 1629920126165.jpeg (92.87 KB, 850x717, 2CA0075F-7E43-4D8A-9FF5-8D9B58…)

yep you’re actually right. picrel from old thread. she really just lets her coomers dox themselves huh?

No. 1308412

That serial killer aesthetic though shudders

No. 1308414

File: 1629920705221.jpg (484.34 KB, 1538x2048, 20210825_144426.jpg)

Looking at his Twitter, he looks like Shay's type

No. 1308417

fucking ew. she would.

No. 1308420

He also interacts with the person we found that was connected to her ex-girlfriend too. I'm going to do a little bit more digging and see if the ex-girlfriend follows him as well

No. 1308425

File: 1629921877062.png (2.15 MB, 750x1334, 1517501456922.png)

this looks like the same living room/fireplace/chair set up as the bottom right picture too

No. 1308434

Wow, she once was able to make coffee kek
Im surprised, even instant seems beyond her ability

No. 1308435

Yep. He follows the ex gf. Poly Bimbo coming soon. Again. Jfc.

No. 1308439

i’m sure this will totally not end badly

No. 1308440

This bitch is legitimately acting like going back to all of the things she was doing prefupa is going to fix her train wreck of a life. She's literally just replying a saga she's already gone through.

No. 1308441

Shayna's old, pre-OK, ore-covid life was kind of weird and mysterious. Was she implying she had some sort of threeway with this old dude and his wife? She talked about being a sugar baby for a lot of older dudes at that time and mentioned "dates" with the occasional weird, cryptic photo.

No. 1308442

i've been here since 2019 and didn't experience this era, but i think she was living with this old couple for a few days (?) as a slave, not even doing sexual things for them besides being locked in a cage. absolutely cringe

No. 1308443

she claimed to be in a poly relationship with them if you go back and read the early threads

No. 1308445

He stuck his toe in her snatch. He's fucking gross and so is she and I'm really not wanting more of this saga. She's such a fucking hypocrite. She claims to be monogamous and talked about how all of those relationships were actually harmful to her mental health but here she is. Back on the same track that she was because fupa doesn't want her

No. 1308447

Could she not buy one from that same thrift store she got the lamp or her local Salvation Army/St Vincent’s? Or even just a local fb trade page? Who the fuck goes to amazon to buy a new bed??

No. 1308448

someone who gets paid in amazon gift cards for showing their ballsack snatch

No. 1308450

the fact that these threads are actually coming full circle to 4 fucking years ago when they first started is so absurd, even by shayna’s standards. why she thought this was a better plan than moving back home and getting her life together is just a testament to her incredible low IQ and delusions.

No. 1308454

fuck this girl. she supports a website that was caught profitting off of beastiality, child porn and rape/abuse. fuck her so hard.

No. 1308455

those are all things she makes videos re-enacting, so were you really surprised?

No. 1308459


Because she likes to live in an echo chamber and instead of taking responsibility and accountability for her behavior in Oklahoma she decided to go back to what she already knows. A bubble of ppl who validate her and want to exploit her body

No. 1308460

File: 1629925085053.png (Spoiler Image,5.69 MB, 1242x2208, D4CDEC5A-777B-4895-8785-207378…)

Noodle growled at her when she did this (it’s on Twitter). When your dog is telling you to stop… it’s time to stop. how does a female have a troon body??

No. 1308470

nobody was actually asking why. we know.

No. 1308483

File: 1629927617014.jpeg (208.12 KB, 1242x2208, 445B5073-2CEA-4FE7-A21A-9C5974…)

She really does look like her coomers kek

No. 1308499

File: 1629929145042.jpeg (Spoiler Image,361.67 KB, 750x885, 2BFF13A5-EA7F-4ACB-9315-A363F4…)

try crusty and unbathed

No. 1308510

what’s extra funny is that she doesn’t realize “submissive and breedable” is basically just a meme at this point. it’s like she’s making fun of herself

No. 1308512

this bitch has dirty hairy man crack.

No. 1308519

nah I think it's a ddlg thing, controlling hygiene can be part of relationships with power dynamics but especially with ddlg because when you think about it, parents teach their kids about hygiene /vomit

No. 1308520

The fucking brown specks on her butthole. Did she forget to wipe her ass? Gross

No. 1308522

File: 1629930649613.jpeg (159.94 KB, 516x1442, EDE9383C-AE0D-4E65-83C5-90F1D7…)

nah she just literally doesn’t like being hygienic. picrel from old thread.

No. 1308525

Omg OF paying reparations… this is the funniest shit ever. She keeps telling on herself kek, are you thriving or not?? Also the only reason she complains about the top percentage is because she fell hard from being fat, ugly and posting shitty content. She never misses a chance to lecture her fellow sws. A fucking hypocrite and nothing to show for.

No. 1308526

Literal shit flecks are present but sure Shayna, brag about how you’ve taken two showers and brushed your teeth since arriving in Washington.

No. 1308532

i hate that this is known in these threads but she actually does have freckles around her asshole. no i will not repost zoomed in pics of her asshole where anons have analyzed it already.

No. 1308533

Those aren’t her freckles… that’s shit. You can tell the difference.

No. 1308535

Holy shit. I don't think it's necessarily gross to not shower and wash your hair every single day year round, like I skip some days here and there if I haven't left the house, but once a WEEK?? And even less than that for hair washing??? No words.

No. 1308536

Okay but Shaynus has a dirty asscrack it looks discolored/stained brown
I agree with Anon here >>1308512

No. 1308538

I just know this bitch smells like raw onions

No. 1308540

if you wash yourself in between, showering once a week is enough, except for warm weather and lots of activity. But we know that she doesn't wash herself between showers, so…

No. 1308542

I agree. As long as i am not in public and going through a low point I won’t shower for a few days but even when you’re depressed it feels disgusting just being smelly and sweaty, how does that not bother her?!?

No. 1308544

whatever you say

No. 1308545

there would be a bunch of bitches that don’t bathe daily hanging out in the shayna threads kek

No. 1308562

lmao, anon. I was thinking the exact same thing

No. 1308566

scrotes with standards? dream on

No. 1308572

true. just hard to fathom not seeing someone for 5 years and they come back and are doing scat porn and gained 50lbs and still finding that attractive lol.

No. 1308577

He has cages for humans in his living room. Something tells me he doesn’t care about scat porn kek

No. 1308578

hilarious response, anon is too traumatized to go back and get the pic that would confirm shayna has asshole freckles, kek

No. 1308581

Anon she has a shit fleck literally coming out of her anus. That is not a freckle. Bitch is so nasty you don’t even have to zoom to see it.

No. 1308598

File: 1629935960593.jpeg (765.12 KB, 1242x1534, B735B604-939B-45EB-838C-6EBDCD…)

No. 1308603

She will never learn will she? Oh well. Sucks for her.

No. 1308629

File: 1629940162379.jpeg (236.12 KB, 1125x928, 30AB7A17-D3BD-4906-8134-D947A5…)

Pretty sure she stopped wearing underwear when she realized she couldn’t buy them in size “small” anymore

No. 1308636

I really don't understand the commando thing for girls. Like I guess if you're planning on a quick fuck or something maybe?? Just can't imagine risking flashing your whole pussy in a skirt or dress and in shorts/pants it just sounds uncomfortable.

No. 1308642

she loves the possibility of subjecting non-consenting parties into her disgusting “kinks” in public despite her always soapboxing about being against it. it’s just purely trying to appeal to her coomers.

No. 1308656

Lurk more in her past threads, this has already (sadly) been analyzed kek shay then tweeted about it after anons noticed

No. 1308657

File: 1629942987553.png (827.68 KB, 1152x2432, Screenshot_20210825-205605.png)

There it is

No. 1308663

I called it. I knew she was moving back up there for her exes. There was way too many coincidences. She's so fucking laughable.

No. 1308664

Ed Gein Hobbit looking motherfucker.

No. 1308665

i mean it was pretty obvious, a lot of anons figured it

No. 1308670


Shayna is gonna go to brunch or some shit and leave discharge all over the seat for someone else to find ugh

No. 1308673

She was doing this all over Tulsa already

No. 1308676

Snail Trail No Bath Mattel.

No. 1308678

File: 1629945722006.jpg (73.29 KB, 730x400, pig_in_a_cage_on_antibiotics.j…)

It's going to be like looking at pregnant sow in a gestation crate.

No. 1308682

She has freckles but there’s shit too. She’s nasty. Zoom in for yourself since you can’t see it peeking out kek

No. 1308685

More like a slug trail, snails are at least cute.

No. 1308688

anons that are spending extensive time zooming in on and examining her asshole and vag… i’ll pray for you

No. 1308691

You don’t have to zoom in but some anons just want to believe everything is freckles kek

No. 1308692

i think it’s moreso that some people just aren’t that concerned with it kek

No. 1308700

ed gein/hobbit/steven spielberg-lookin ass kek

No. 1308709

This is the Shayamalan twist I follow this thread for, bravo.

No. 1308713

I know it’s Shayna and her actions rarely seem to have consequences but knowing that doesn’t stop the foreboding feeling when it comes to this creep. We joke that her pron looks like an Ed Gein creation but uh would not want… you know… it to actually happen.

No. 1308716

he’s already had the opportunity. according to his twitter he does this nasty bondage shit for a living or something.

No. 1308748

File: 1629957593076.png (648 KB, 1000x563, always-sunny-gail-the-snail.pn…)

Now that you mention it nonny

No. 1308769

File: 1629960634372.jpeg (Spoiler Image,997.93 KB, 931x1841, FAE8BFB5-1E69-4344-9050-2F7992…)

Her bathroom looks like the clearance section in TJMaxx kek

No. 1308771

File: 1629960708127.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.05 MB, 889x1825, 5E56861B-F4F0-4AA1-8583-3BFAA3…)

No. 1308774

File: 1629960845609.jpeg (Spoiler Image,720.33 KB, 845x1454, 6B768D94-59A1-4146-95D7-6BBE03…)


No. 1308777

File: 1629961256727.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.33 MB, 2485x3464, 6ABA0B1C-E358-4B54-9B29-A0EFFA…)

I knew I recognized that yellow dress. Shaynus wore this when she was getting fuped in Oklahoma when she was secretly with Fupa and making tweets every five minutes about ~muh boyfriend~. The date was so tacky, it was at a park bench and Fupa got her two roses not even a bouquet. thread 53 if you’re curious

No. 1308778

File: 1629961282721.jpeg (363.4 KB, 814x539, 448B219B-1ABB-40F0-8F62-3AF5F5…)

I’m surprised she still fits in it tbh

No. 1308779

man i forgot how bad her sharpie brow phase was

No. 1308781

It’s funny that it looks like all those soaps/bathroom stuff are still in the plastic. Weird lazy bitch.

No. 1308797

Fupa, happier, more productive

No. 1308833

I really wish she'd retire that ugly ass headband and comb over.All her outfits look like dollar store kids clothes sets.So outdated and childish looking and not in the way Shayna's pedo-pandering ass wants. It's not the cute carefree girl, look she thinks it is. If she hates having her hair down and in her face so much, why not just get a short hair cut or something?

No. 1308876

Amazing anon

No. 1308896

gd she barely fits in that thing. it looks like a long blouse with the way it hardly covers any part of her legs

No. 1308907

i'm not familiar with cheap scentss, does anyone recognize those perfumes?

No. 1308909


nice try scrote

No. 1308924

To all the anons who said she doesn’t look that big this photo really accentuates her weight gain and she looks chunkier than ever, not to mention the ill fitting dress doing absolute wonders in making her look mammoth.

No. 1308937

File: 1629991227665.jpeg (180.89 KB, 750x613, 6C072150-F0A3-4A02-A612-055D09…)

What the actual hell??

No. 1308938

okay this is her biggest lie yet

No. 1308939

>I literally hate having 2 eat food
i call bullshit

No. 1308940

File: 1629991399169.jpeg (295 KB, 750x948, 13138FA5-5CA1-4A32-BB71-17C6F4…)

She means it in a weird kink way

No. 1308941

Is she going to become a pro-ana larper now?

No. 1308942

that doesn't make it any less weird

No. 1308957

She's just on some med fetish I want a girlfriend shit that we all called before she moved out there

No. 1308959

wow I think this is officially the biggest lie fatty has ever told

No. 1308961

she was just talking about old men yesterday. she’s just throwing shit at the wall to see what gets her the most engagement from her coomers.

No. 1308968

honestly this is a much better business strategy than whining about her broken heart or her mean old mom

No. 1308973

you say that like she’s not going to continue to do that as well

No. 1308984

damn she looks more like spongebob now then when she actually dressed up as spongebob holy squarebody

No. 1308985

You… Don't have to eat three times a day Shayna…

No. 1308988


god damn thats surpassed fupa territory thats a fam: fat ass mound
wtf is going on there

No. 1308989

File: 1629996190723.jpeg (275.59 KB, 1242x770, 199806C7-C52F-40D1-BD14-B29CDF…)

No. 1308990

i’ve still yet to see the point of her getting a whole ass pod for this move. was it only like 10% filled?

No. 1308991

fupa visiting seattle with a ticket paid for by shayna when

No. 1308992

File: 1629996440927.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.19 MB, 944x1779, 7A415430-6EEE-4EBA-AA8A-856FD4…)

No. 1308993

Tinfoil but I think she's already involved with that old man. Talking about doing chores and telling him that she's ready to be locked up again. No way that's just coincidence

No. 1309003

it could just be on a “professional” basis. that old man works with a lot of different e-whores if you look at his twitter and website. she’s obv still talking to fupa if she chose to leave shit at his house. probably like the seinfeld skit where george leaves his hat at the girl’s house to have a reason to see her again.

No. 1309004

I don't think we ever saw the pod. I have no idea what would be in it. Even the dildos the questionable. Seems like she threw away everything there was to throw away.

No. 1309007

she took a picture standing in it >>1285650

No. 1309021

I agree. The headband is so tacky.

Wild that she would dare to wear it with no underwear when it barely covers her flabby ass.

She eats more than 3 times a day for sure. Probably edible for breakfast, goes to brunch, doordash late lunch, snack time, doordash dinner, snack time. All while drinking since noon.

No. 1309022

gets a gaming pc; never uses it for gaming

No. 1309025

Scamming. What's so important she left at his place that she would have to pay him to send, really??
Sounded like he was always at her place or they were out eating and drinking. The only time she implied being at his place was when he was being such an ~amazing guy taking care of her~ after the dentist. Which immeadiatly led to a huge fight kek.

No. 1309028

Then don’t, Shay. Buy a rotisserie chicken and some fruit and do OMAD. You might actually lose some weight and save some money. Who knows, maybe you could even fit through doorways again.

No. 1309029

>Hate to eat

Uhhh Shayna your gut and fupa and general all around 60lb weight gain disagrees with you.

Fuck I needed that laugh today

No. 1309038

Bahahaha Fupa’s cheap ass didn’t even bother paying for it. Gold

No. 1309039

neither a scrote nor a troon, i don't recognize the bottles and was wondering what she uses to cover up her sweat

No. 1309044

File: 1629999894847.jpg (484.27 KB, 1080x1382, Screenshot_20210825-163814_Twi…)

I love how this is considered a "flex" to Shay

No. 1309050

File: 1630000026103.jpg (222.81 KB, 1080x951, Screenshot_20210826-124642_Twi…)

No. 1309052

You'd have to actually meet up with a man. And a gross submissive one at that.

No. 1309066

why should he have to honestly? it’s not his shit.

No. 1309072

it’s the jimmy choo edt that goes with the lotion that’s sitting right next to it. why you would care to know what shayna smells like is weird though.

No. 1309083

Why should he have to pay for her shirt that she stupidly (and probably purposely) left at his house? She's lucky she's getting any of her ill-fitting shit back, honestly.

No. 1309103

because she is pretending to be so bimbo and sugarbaby

No. 1309109

File: 1630003806539.jpeg (764.84 KB, 1242x1415, 779B0A0A-1CCA-493A-AC1E-8D425D…)

Cheap ass comforters kek

No. 1309110

File: 1630003831937.jpeg (367.31 KB, 1242x984, 7D4885B0-F061-4F08-8280-BE54DF…)

Greedy pig

No. 1309116

The way she brags about tips, that aren't even impressive is impressive. You'd think after years and the way she acts, that $100 wouldn't be anything to blink a eye over. It's not her being grateful either, she's legit thinking that makes her look like a spoiled baby.

No. 1309177

File: 1630009454812.jpeg (239.09 KB, 1242x1102, C49A9C40-A68C-4D92-A01A-12ABAD…)

Both Shayna and fellow cow Katherine Harlow posted these and both need to get it though their heads that no one is going to marry them. Not even Womack.

No. 1309180

File: 1630009505581.png (1.79 MB, 1121x1491, 20210826_212139.png)

And how it looked in spring 2019(sage for no milk)

No. 1309187

out of all the shit she could’ve trashed why couldn’t it be this dress as well? tragic how stark the weight difference is

No. 1309194

I need to stop drinking… that's really the only thing she is good for, a bad example that will motivate you to get better.

Hope she will never use public transport, the idea of her without underwear sitting on the seats after 2+ weeks without washing her crotch and with her ass "freckles".

No. 1309202

shaymack shippers on suicide watch
it amazes me that she brought this ugly ass dress to seattle with her but left behind or disposed of anything even slightly valuable, kek

No. 1309204


Work room… so, these two dumb bitches have a 3 bedroom apartment in Seattle? No wonder she’s panicking, if they’re halfing rent, it’s probably significantly more than Oklahoma. I mean, I know everybody ITT knows that, but I thought they were sharing a 2 bedroom one, not 3.


I hate that stupid face she does when she’s trying to look like an Instagram model. I just think Zoolander every single time.(retard spacing)

No. 1309206


Also, this looks not as short before because it doesn’t have to stretch over her fat girl tits and her beer gut. I know she’ll try to turn that into saying she has big boobs, but just comparing the pictures, that dress looks so much better before. lmaooo you can’t even SEE the “structured” seams in the waistline because her fat rolls made it all crinkled.

No. 1309211

yes, people at a wedding super want to see kink bullshit

No. 1309215

and it looked fucking musty on her then too. she is really committed to the dollar store tulsa tammy look.

No. 1309226

There has never been a confirmed room mate.

No. 1309232

God, ANYTHING but the baby pink. It gets disgusting so fast with her. Just buy hot pink if you must ffs.

No. 1309236

i wonder why she hasn't developed a hot pink obsession when she looks better in it and it fits better with the "bimbo" bullshit she insists on

No. 1309245

she used to wear a lot of hot pink

No. 1309288

Damn, that poor vibrator has been laying on the floor collection carpet fuzz since at least 2019.

No. 1309301

There is absolutely no proof she has a roommate and y'all look fucking retarded when you talk about her having a roommate like it's been confirmed.

No. 1309309

retard anons did the same thing when they were convinced shayna was dating some new guy and there was “no way it could be fupa!!”. they just take some random tinfoil and run it into the ground with zero evidence lol.

No. 1309328

He's making her pay him back for the gas of driving the dogs and her stuff up. She "forgot" her animals.

No. 1309334

she’s posted all of the animals since she’s moved..?

No. 1309337

no hand soap… gross

No. 1309344

Her fansly account is just old photosets from when she was skinnier/less fat. morbid
She can’t even be bothered to put out new content when she was scared she was going to lose her OF income. Which wasn’t even going to be put in place until October…..She is so lazy she’s not even good at being an e-whore. All she does is beg for ~reimbursements~ for cheap Amazon garbage and doordash deliveries.

No. 1309345

It would be way more than $80 in gas to get from Oklahoma to Seattle you fucking retard. He probably just shipped her some boxes or some bullshit

No. 1309346

File: 1630024833431.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.23 MB, 1242x1552, 3169A489-4761-489B-929A-CB0EAD…)

Nice scruffy snatch Shaynus. I guess ugly pubes is better than seeing her pimples

No. 1309347

File: 1630024871804.jpeg (Spoiler Image,802.51 KB, 1242x1210, 658DB4A9-19AF-4B7A-A2CA-EC3C4F…)

Keep blurring those cottage cheese thighs

No. 1309349

File: 1630025203421.png (3.03 MB, 1841x1381, 758483929.png)

shayna walking down the aisle

No. 1309356

my vote for next thread pic
>Shayna Clifford/Dolly Mattel #88 - “Penniless, High, and Fat In Seattle” Edition

No. 1309361

painfully unfunny

No. 1309368

And your pubes running wild on your thighs? Totes bimbo and uwu cute, Shay!

No. 1309383

Freckles AND intestines? Generous of her.

No. 1309396

File: 1630030219151.jpeg (56.51 KB, 360x360, BA525D5C-41C3-4A30-80A8-7B5C7C…)

No. 1309398

Not unfunny if that’s the truth kek she is poor and fat and high

No. 1309413

nobody wants to look at this perverted old scrote

No. 1309422

Every photo of Shayna's body parts tries to scare the homosexuality right out of me.

No. 1309426

you almost have to pretend you’re looking at images from a medical journal

No. 1309438

tbh he looks like your average properly groomed dad/grandfather, which makes his perverted sex dungeon shit even scarier. sometimes its easier to pretend all of the freaks in the world are ugly, unbathed, and family/friend-less.

No. 1309457

File: 1630037681520.jpeg (315.7 KB, 750x939, EFF098B1-04B9-4D61-9B63-CB2D9F…)

w-why would she do this?


No. 1309476

I think Shayna is very impulsive and if she is posting something like this she is probably actually interested in it during that moment, rather than her testing the waters for cooler interest

No. 1309477

okay but she acts sex-repulsed half the time as it is. it’s all for show for her.

No. 1309478

File: 1630043585767.png (1.68 MB, 2048x1808, Screenshot_20210826-225210.png)

Did the sugar daddy she "met with" in Seattle already fall through?

No. 1309479

Yes because he never existed to begin with kek but we already knew that

No. 1309481

she loves to get drunk and just start outing herself on her lies

No. 1309483

File: 1630044715146.jpeg (365.39 KB, 1242x1563, BDAD2DFF-B7BE-4BFF-8F01-9A86D2…)

She is incredibly drunk/high tonight. Her Twitter right now is… very off. There’s so much, can’t post it all but like she ain’t lying in this tweet for once

No. 1309504

I know men have to sexualise every thing on this earth but when women buy into it and use it it's even more repulsive. Sex workers and their coomer brain never cease to disgust me

No. 1309510

I remember one Anon saying she reads Shaynas threads for years and did not open one spoilered pic. I really need to follow her advice, I'm gagging

No. 1309564

Sounds like her thread

No. 1309565

This is how she always used to talk during the end of her Shay-gnar clout days, honestly. If she kept this "let me be ur fantasy uwu ~" shit up and didn't constantly boo hoo on her work twitter she might have more scrote supporters

No. 1309566

File: 1630068208640.jpg (441.94 KB, 1080x1998, Screenshot_20210827-084158.jpg)

Wonder if she's tying herself up or if she's going to see that gross old man.

No. 1309568

Kek parts of this are almost banner-worthy.

No. 1309569

There's no way Shayna can do any kind of Shibari on her own with her single brain cell. Rope doesn't look good when you're fat though, since it squeezes everything together, this photoshoot will be a mess.

No. 1309601

does she think she will fit into those plastic shein monstrosities?

No. 1309618

She's got to stop wearing these puffy clothes and lingerie, they look so bad on bigger people especially. Gonna look like grandmas special occasion diaper on bottom and her arms and tits are going to look huge and saggy respectively. Get ready for Frumpy Fattel.

No. 1309620

What’s up with Shayna and bologna/ham colored clothing? She’s going to look like a pork roast in that kek

No. 1309621

I just realized that since Shaynus doesn’t brush her teeth that ball gag must smell rancid. And you know she doesn’t clean any of those toys.

No. 1309623

File: 1630078578219.jpeg (814.99 KB, 1242x1739, C3E3C485-5C8B-4282-9398-D4BE2A…)

Wow shay! That’s enough for TWO doordash orders!!

No. 1309627

She only really puts herself in situations where she's giving out free sex so she's probably never been in a situation where someone cares enough to point out her stank. Except maybe Fupa, but she'd never admit that. I don't think some creepy old dude is going mention the yeast smell wafting off her pussy or the tooth decay smell coming from her mouth when his dick is hard. Men are gross.

No. 1309629

she used to do it all the time when she was thin. i don't see her having the flexibility to be able to now that she's gotten so fat though.

No. 1309631

her "peak" of sex work being when she had huge red boils all over her pussy 24/7 should tell anons everything they need to know about scrote standards

No. 1309636

File: 1630080344029.jpeg (891.61 KB, 1949x3187, 89857A6E-E665-4B53-BB2B-F0E2B5…)

Shay & The Coomers

No. 1309639

Man, you know it's bad when the shrimp with the transition lenses is probably the hottest of the bunch. The photos really put it into perspective.

No. 1309662

i usually don’t care for these coomer edits but this one had me fucking rolling thanks based nonita
honestly i can’t fathom how girls can stay in SW when their ‘customers’ look like this and don’t even try to hide it kek truly a bleak existence

No. 1309668

kek of course both choices are the most musty shades of pink

No. 1309684

File: 1630087921616.jpeg (367.76 KB, 1242x818, FEA11D76-D609-489A-BE56-69EDEB…)

This pick-me bitch really thinks she’s the only woman who listens to Black Sabbath. She’s so fucking annoying

No. 1309687

File: 1630088227532.jpeg (431.54 KB, 1242x1300, AE33A729-4AB4-4E2A-9E24-BD4835…)

This is embarrassing jfc

No. 1309691

How the fuck is she this comfortable projecting her failures online for all time? How hard is it to just say she’s running a sale without admitting she can’t afford rent?

No. 1309692


No. 1309693

No self-respect lol can't believe shes willing to give her phone number to perverts kek

No. 1309694

Just because it fits doesn’t mean its oversized, Shay.

Not that anon, but I couldn’t unspoiler her pics in the first few threads and ended up avoiding her threads until the Fupa saga. Her flaming boil-covered axe wound with her goblin face was too much for me.

No. 1309704

Imagine that…Doordash & Amazon gift cards & random "tips" from some deviants unemployment doesn't pay the rent. Keep telling us how you have a real job. Kek

No. 1309712

Probably using a throwaway Google phone number. Or using a texting app like sextpanther. It's easy to get a fake number with 3rd party apps

No. 1309721

She's not that smart. kek

No. 1309723

It's not rocket science and it's what most sw do when they offer that service

No. 1309725

she's. not. that. smart. anon.

No. 1309736

Nta but she talked about using sextpanther before literally stop being so horny for the fantasy of Shayna giving out her real number

No. 1309743

Lmfao $400 short on the first month. I’m straight up cackling right now, ladies. How is she going to pay utilities and internet if she can’t even make rent HAHAH

No. 1309745

These online whores really should take advantage of the many free online business/economics courses because those prices do not add up.

No. 1309757

Logic escapes them, anon.

No. 1309759

"worked with"

what does she mean by this?

No. 1309761

Probably one of the people from her gross insex shoots. She just started following him

No. 1309764

i can't believe anyone would pay $300 for her phone number lmao

No. 1309767

on sextpanther everything goes through the site and simply conceals your real number with a fake one. shayna is not bright enough to be using a third party app like google or whatsapp and is most likely giving away her real phone number.

No. 1309773

File: 1630095243930.jpg (135.82 KB, 785x676, Screenshot_20210827-211014.jpg)

Ha!official goodbyes,can you now move the fuck on shay?

No. 1309776


fupa is just as annoying as shayna idk why he won't just cut contact with her lmao. she is not in your state anymore. just block her on everything and move on.

No. 1309779

It sounds like he did and she tracked him down on IG lol. I doubt he sent that in the morning like that. I can totally see him sending her the rest of her shit and telling her goodbye and blocking her though

No. 1309781

They're both so dramatic. I can see why anons never let the fupa tinfoil go because even they can't leave each other's lives for a second.

No. 1309782

>cryptic suicide text
Kek, Shayna. No, he’s just sick of you. I don’t understand why he talked to her for two hours on the phone? These clowns belong together they’re both retarded

No. 1309783

She's probably lying about that part too. She probably kept harassing him until he blocked her there too lol

No. 1309785

File: 1630095791531.jpeg (173.08 KB, 750x650, 9770FE86-E201-48BC-B75F-CB23A3…)

No. 1309789

Fupa is still taking the bait, I don't care what anyone says. She's been posting about getting tied up and that old dude, he obviously doesn't like her doing buiness with other people.
Just like they had a big fight right before she fake went out with that sugar daddy. Fupaul is a fucking clown and so is Shayna.
but we knew this was going to happen, I just thought he'd block her and just move on with life, but he is just as retarded as Shayna.

No. 1309792

why would she start saving for rent just a few days before? how tf can stuff like an overpriced daybed be a higher priority? this is just embarrassing

No. 1309799

I think she’s just scamming tbh. She knows her parents will bail her out if she needs help with rent.

No. 1309802

I think she’s just scamming tbh. She knows her parents will bail her out if she needs help with rent.

No. 1309804

I always wondered about her dynamic with her family but I think it really is a "we keep her safe and off the street" "our troubled child" scenario that Shayna is exploiting. God, she's depressing. I don't know if she even realizes this herself.

No. 1309805

She's scamming but I think every bit of money that comes in when she begs for something/money, she spends right away. It wouldn't surprise me if she barely checked her account to see how much money she has until it's time to pay rent.
Plus she's always going to scam.

No. 1309806