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File: 1670174216532.png (1.42 MB, 1095x1401, 1668959456036.png)

No. 1718262

Previous thread: >>>/snow/1706052

Repetitive nitpicks about Shayna's body, face, and genitals are subject to a 1-day ban. Reposting the same photos zoomed in/edited is not milk and you will receive a ban for nitpicking.

REMEMBER: Read the rules before posting. Stay on topic, derailing and infighting will result in a ban. Sage when there’s no milk. Spoiler any NSFW images. No blogposting or bragging about how you're a better whore than Shayna. Nobody wants to hear about your degeneracy.

This is a Shay thread, curb your enthusiasm when posting screenshots of other e-whores, they go in the e-whore thread >>>/snow/1596608

Last Thread:
> Shayna joins Kevin Gibes' twin brother's polycule ("wolfpack") >>1706095 who she met at the spanking convention; his girlfriend appears to have psychic abilities >>1706235
> Shaynus smothers her so-called friend with her rank snatch >>1706121 in one of many 'porn' videos she releases
> Shayna hosts Thanksgiving with Ellen Dressel >>1707912 >>1709015 and as expected, there is not a green vegetable in sight >>1709524
> Looks flabbier than ever in new femdom pegging video, wears the bologna wig >>1709612 >>1709705
> Self-hating anon rewatches the turkey baster video and screencaps Shayna's anus leaking blood >>709872
> Shay takes 'anal' out of her bio likely due to wrecking her asshole >>1710274
> Cringe dancing with full body shots and jiggling >>1710547 >>1710566
> Shat pays for a nightmarefuel latex torture shoot >>1710688 >>1710822 >>1710848 >>1711246 with some freak @alterpic; a woman gives Shayna her first orgasm
> Brags about humiliating herself for 'daddy' >>1711864, a literal brony in a wolfpack >>1712033
> Pedo pandering video with Skidmore academy weirdos >>1711892 >>1712033
> Degen latex freak @alterpic releases the outcome of Shaynus' visit >>1712204 and the noises she makes are pedo pandering unsurprisingly >>1712578
> Spergs about her dad again on her whore account >>1712979 >>1713775 >>1713875
> Talks about her mom and flexes her alcoholism >>1714183
> Spotify wrapped: pedos supporting pedos >>1714627
> More pictures from the nightmarefuel alterpic shoot >>1715175
> Shayna's snapchat is deleted >>1715582, she whines >>1715892 >>1716056, suicide baits over the deleted snapchat account >>1715904
> Begs for money >>1716002 >>1716059, which anons suspect is why she was contacting her dad >>1709524 >>1713215
> Kelvin Gibes takes down the pictures of other people on his fetlife account >>1716008 but farmers save everything >>1716139
> Is now broke (by her definition) after the 'worst month of her career' >>1716059 because of >>1716063,she decides to go on cam >>1716127 >>1716138
> Hog releases footjob and anal video that showcases her corn feet >>1716181
> Performative woke-ism from Shayna Luther King the pedophile >>1716649 whose biggest customers are redneck Trump supporters
> More Skidmark Academy content with granny >>1716650 >>1716662 >>1716663 >>1716665
> Necrotit is looking awfully irritated >>1717022
> Cam show happens >>1717037 and legitimate fart coomer is there why she's so fat >>1717140
> Her so-called biggest fetish happens and she ignores it >>1717182 >>1717191 >>1717198
> Shows that she stalks our threads by bringing up the bloody asshole turkey baster video >>1717194
> The SHATTENING happens >>1717203 >>1717204 >>1717211 >>1717213 >>1717215, the only pic we get is >>1717245 >>1717376
> Ban evades on snapchat and is shocked when the account is immediately deleted >>1717455, blames us and her followers >>1717462 >>1717466 >>1717479 >>1717502
> Someone reports her for suicide baiting >>1717555
> Apologizes for her meltdown the next morning >>1717727

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New TikTok: https://www.tiktok.com/@dollhausbarbie
https://discord.com/invite/eA8kSzuz (need ID to join)
Snapchat: irlbarbiedolly (BANNED)

No. 1718264

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No. 1718281

File: 1670175556326.jpeg (209.61 KB, 828x1007, C728CC5D-107E-45AD-856F-4D6828…)

back to her regularly scheduled degeneracy after having a breakdown yesterday i see

No. 1718283

Wtf is this low effort nonsense, most of the links are broken for starters. There’s still time to delete it, I wish farmers would stop making threads when they don’t have the patience to make them properly

No. 1718285

I didn’t make it but it’s not that bad.

For future reference nonnies; you’re supposed to put a comma after each link else they will be green.

No. 1718339


Last Thread:
> Shayna joins Kevin Gibes' twin brother's polycule ("wolfpack") >>1706095 who she met at the spanking convention; his girlfriend appears to have psychic abilities >>1706235
> Shaynus smothers her so-called friend with her rank snatch >>1706121 in one of many 'porn' videos she releases
> Shayna hosts Thanksgiving with Ellen Dressel >>1707912 , >>1709015 and as expected, there is not a green vegetable in sight >>1709524
> Looks flabbier than ever in new femdom pegging video, wears the bologna wig >>1709612, >>1709705
> Self-hating anon rewatches the turkey baster video and screencaps Shayna's anus leaking blood >>709872
> Shay takes 'anal' out of her bio likely due to wrecking her asshole >>1710274
> Cringe dancing with full body shots and jiggling >>1710547, >>1710566
> Shat pays for a nightmarefuel latex torture shoot >>1710688, >>1710822, >>1710848, >>1711246 with some freak @alterpic; a woman gives Shayna her first orgasm
> Brags about humiliating herself for 'daddy' >>1711864, a literal brony in a wolfpack >>1712033
> Pedo pandering video with Skidmore academy weirdos >>1711892, >>1712033
> Degen latex freak @alterpic releases the outcome of Shaynus' visit >>1712204 and the noises she makes are pedo pandering unsurprisingly >>1712578
> Spergs about her dad again on her whore account >>1712979, >>1713775, >>1713875
> Talks about her mom and flexes her alcoholism >>1714183
> Spotify wrapped: pedos supporting pedos >>1714627
> More pictures from the nightmarefuel alterpic shoot >>1715175
> Shayna's snapchat is deleted >>1715582, she whines >>1715892, >>1716056, suicide baits over the deleted snapchat account >>1715904
> Begs for money >>1716002, >>1716059, which anons suspect is why she was contacting her dad >>1709524, >>1713215
> Kelvin Gibes takes down the pictures of other people on his fetlife account >>1716008 but farmers save everything >>1716139
> Is now broke (by her definition) after the 'worst month of her career' >>1716059 because of >>1716063,she decides to go on cam >>1716127, >>1716138
> Hog releases footjob and anal video that showcases her corn feet >>1716181
> Performative woke-ism from Shayna Luther King the pedophile >>1716649 whose biggest customers are redneck Trump supporters
> More Skidmark Academy content with granny >>1716650, >>1716662, >>1716663, >>1716665
> Necrotit is looking awfully irritated >>1717022
> Cam show happens >>1717037 and legitimate fart coomer is there why she's so fat >>1717140
> Her so-called biggest fetish happens and she ignores it >>1717182, >>1717191, >>1717198
> Shows that she stalks our threads by bringing up the bloody asshole turkey baster video >>1717194
> The SHATTENING happens >>1717203, >>1717204, >>1717211, >>1717213, >>1717215, the only pic we get is >>1717245, >>1717376
> Ban evades on snapchat and is shocked when the account is immediately deleted >>1717455, blames us and her followers >>1717462, >>1717466, >>1717479, >>1717502
> Someone reports her for suicide baiting >>1717555
> Apologizes for her meltdown the next morning >>1717727

Did I fix it

No. 1718359

File: 1670181336799.jpeg (308.22 KB, 1170x737, D38167C1-F96E-48E1-B595-0182D7…)

No. 1718373

Thank you nona!

No. 1718402

I wonder what her new years resolution will be? Jk, I think she's too fried to even remember people have those sometimes.

No. 1718404

>best&most successful
she forgot fat. the fattest version of herself

No. 1718410

Lol like what other choice is there if she wants to keep her crusty heels dug in on this sex work bs.
Also love how she says last month was so awful for her and yet she made posts about being so happy in life and thriving and all she did last month was do weird "road trips" and "vacations" around with Ellen Degenerate, see Lizzo in canada, do the Lonestar thing with that Sophia girl and do weird shit there, some "photoshoot" we never saw anything but her mentioning, that weird bondage degradation session, etc. Is that not living her stupid slut dreams? Like pick a lane, Shatna. Getting close to the realization that all that shit isn't gonna pay what basic bills she has nor improve her quality of life, mental, or physical health lol.
I just think its funny because she fucked around for an entire month and realized it set her back and she will not benefit from it monetarily. She did "content" at the lonestar and whatnot, but shes making shit no one cares about like face sitting and wrestling around or getting spanked for the hundreth time and shes basically working for other people that are in charge of distribution and sales. That creepy fetish session she just did might be the more coomer appealing content, but who knows what she paid to have that session and if she shares profits with the chick.

No. 1718442

I'm really confused how this has been a bad month for her aside from losing snapchat? Did she lose a main paypig or something? She's done more work lately than she some years total kek plus she has her new "relationship" which you'd think would give her some kind of high. Shayna please give us more deets if you're gonna cry about it on twitter, we deserve to know

No. 1718448

it seems to me she's been spending more money to travel and do things then she's making. Everytime she travels she makes a
>Living my best life
and then a day or so later
>Things haven't been the best money wise
Nonnies also said she may have paid for that session with that lady. We can tell from how everytime by how she's been wearing the same shit EVERY trip. She can't even afford to buy any new clothes and I doubt a lot of shit fits her.

No. 1718458

like what part of “my top supporters are aging, white, hickville truckers” made her think they’d pay to watch her wrestle a black guy in a Spawn mask?

No. 1718471

File: 1670189377360.jpeg (244.31 KB, 1170x896, 9BED5E33-A182-4669-86E4-67F891…)

i feel like the whole “i fuck random moids” thing pissed off Womack. she has no idea how to keep her paypigs happy. she purposely does shit like picra to the people helping support her. so now womack is the third best daddy? not to mention shes brought up multiple times she might be into a fucking a fan, yet you know she gives womack excuse after excuse why she wont fuck the guy even though he pays her rent. something tells me her big loss of income has something to do with him. first she tried the “im suicidal” route and now shes into the “ill figure it out!” route. so either womack caved or she realized has to go back to pretending shes in a relationship with the retard.

No. 1718474

Honestly her life is boring

No. 1718505

File: 1670191176424.jpeg (844.66 KB, 1210x1252, 1CBB207C-8C0E-4ED3-A259-0A7A9D…)

What are you talking about? Jason R Womack aka Okietwister85 was tipping large amounts of coins on her live. He’s still talking to her. Just not as publicly. She can’t e beg to her “loyal” coomers older fans who had her on snapchat to talk to her. (Assuming they are married and have to keep their socials low key so they talk to her on that app) I’m guessing she had no other way to contact those people and that’s why she’s freaking out kek

No. 1718509

File: 1670191251353.jpeg (118.71 KB, 385x389, 62C15CBF-1B23-42DA-BB62-7C2ECE…)

Oof the desperation and bleakness in this tweet

No. 1718516

File: 1670191898977.jpeg (700.56 KB, 1242x1540, 3B14E15A-9871-4FC0-84D3-EB3127…)

Two grown women having meltdowns over a banned account. Embarrassing. Get a job

No. 1718521

The rule is simple, no explicit content or promoting porn and they act like it’s so uncalled for. You should fucking expect that and have backups, also have people on multiple platforms if you’re worried about contacts kek Snapchat doesn’t care that coomer #473733 will never find you again

No. 1718535

Everyone’s gotta stop acting like her parents are saints lol. Look at how fucked up Shatna is. Clearly something went wrong and they raised her poorly, because if they did a proper job she wouldn’t be doing any of the shit she’s doing now. People don’t just up and decide to do what Shatna does if their family life is great and they’ve been brought up right.

No. 1718543

Very common in lolcow threads: "parents raised the cow badly, but the cow should respect them anyway"

No. 1718549

The people who seethe over Shay not appreciating her parents probably come from even worse families, so to them they must seem amazing.

No. 1718550

Isn’t her half sister pretty normal? Idk if she has any other siblings

No. 1718558

Right. Snapchat wasnt made to be a sex work messenger. They figure your precious contacts are friends and family and people that you would have their numbers or other social media. Not weird ass faceless porn sick coomers. And like… follow the rules or get deleted. The world doesnt revolve around making exceptions for people who think theyre special.

No. 1718563

File: 1670195154731.jpeg (Spoiler Image,831.61 KB, 1170x1482, 35F4B82A-F728-4DC1-BF27-C45B48…)

No. 1718565

This. Sometimes I accept the porn accounts that randomly follow me so I can report them (kek petty) and also if it seems like it’s a real girl and not a bot I tell them to have some self respect and that coomers will use and discard them for the next younger girl who starts putting out porn content. Snapchat is not meant for porn and “””sex work””” and it’s gross that people use it for that. Sorry 4 sperg.

No. 1718571

File: 1670195735262.jpeg (1.23 MB, 1170x1632, EF69A266-D083-4F1F-9348-5C9E81…)

But she barely makes money with these events. Right Shay?

No. 1718599

What the fuck is that.. it might be DOODOO

No. 1718617

Shayna, why not ask for their contacts outside fucking snapchat? Maybe I'm retarded, but why would you not think ahead in case something like this happens? Retardna moment

No. 1718618

This goddamn tard has had her snapchat deleted multiple times already for violating TOS. And as far back as 3 years ago (though I just can't be assed to check if it happened before that). Point being - she already KNOWS that snapchat doesn't allow sex workers. And on top of that she KNOWS that they will eventually delete her account for it. To not even save her paypigs' contact info is just terminal stupidity.
There's no way that these johns are going to notice & re-connect with her on their own. She's just one e-whore of many to them. She has let it slip about her own disorganization on SC - she asked (more than once) for people who paid for a custom video to message her & remind her. This bitch doesn't even know how to make a spreadsheet for the people who pay her.
I know it's a bit of a running joke in entry-level jobs that people will put useless shit like "proficient at microsoft excel" on their resume, but it's wild Shaynus can't even say that. What a failure of a human.
She can't even fathom making an income if it doesn't involve inserting herself onto platforms that explicitly state they don't want her there kek

No. 1718619

One hundred dollars a day

Almost seems like it would be worth it to get a minimum wage job that pays 12 hr - work the 8 hr shift and get the check. Then at tax time she could even get an extra 1k lol

No. 1718624

I would normally agree with nurture over nature, but I think there is still 1% of the time when a person is just a bad egg. Shayna is that. She has tried to "expose" her parents online multiple times, and they just seem like normal ass people. Even when she is controlling the narrative & painting them in a bad light.

No. 1718630

"Trade show"
kekekekekekekek. The way that these whores try to legitimize their "work" by concocting degenerate conferences in which they all foot the bill instead of being paid by a legitimate company just sends me.

No. 1718636

Kek my Euro ass was confused why tf is she flying to Russia until I read "FL"

No. 1718641

File: 1670200061145.jpeg (727.89 KB, 1170x1860, 6A2E357E-61C2-421E-9ED0-C07E19…)

No. 1718647

File: 1670201153870.jpg (277.53 KB, 1080x1074, lol.jpg)

Only fat fetishists like Shayna.

No. 1718649

you know the best way to make money? not give out your nudes for free.

No. 1718651

all her siblings turned out to be productive non-fat parts of society, Shayna is the only one selling her ass online for less then a cheap mcdonalds door dash meal

No. 1718653

same anon- Shayna is the issue, if she had ANYTHING horrible to say about her parents she would've said it. All she says is
>Got grounded
>Could'nt use the internet for a bit
>Had to take care of my brother
>They are trump supporters!!!!
Her siblings are in college, healthy looking and seem happy.

No. 1718656

actually, she used to claim that her parents made her grow up too fast bc her mother went back to work after her brother started going to school and so shay had to get them both ready in the morning. she also claims she was raped at 15 but i've been following this thread for two years and she's never brought this up again. here's the post: https://archive.ph/tpB1L

No. 1718658

Let me guess, you would have made it two days later? Whatever bitch, you make it next time. You’re fucking welcome.
Thanks anon I tried because it was nearly a day later and no one made the thread

No. 1718663

Thanks anon for fixing my mistake, appreciate it

No. 1718668

At some point she has to realize that if you can’t make enough for rent from sex-work platforms and you have to ban evade to scrape the “majority” of income off an app that kids use, then YOU NEED ANOTHER JOB. It’s funny that she really thinks it’s just this month that will be rough for her, what is she going to do when she’s older and fatter? I feel bad saying it but there’s prettier, younger girls who get actually fucked on camera by multiple moids—she’s insane if she thinks she’s some sort of catch in this industry. I think part of the reason she avoids normal porn videos and tropes and caters to unsexy, bizarre fetishes is because deep down she knows she’s too fat and haggard for mainstream pornography. It’s sad but she’s getting older and it’s unfortunately all the more downhill from here. She clearly doesn’t want to prostitute herself more IRL or else she’d not be talking to her dad and explaining why she needs money.

No. 1718675

File: 1670204595804.jpeg (424.65 KB, 1170x981, C244C9C9-2E1B-49DE-88D5-9A6DDD…)


No. 1718677

File: 1670204724018.jpeg (646.79 KB, 1170x1259, 9031EB0C-84F0-435C-B85A-5985FC…)


No. 1718679

Shayna did her first boy girl in 2022, but her meltdown about her snap chat was more interesting and her leaking poo juice. Kek, imagine doing something you clearly don't want to do for money/fame and it still doing nothing for you

No. 1718680

idk i think its pretty clear she is aware and actively killing herself. all these poor decisions are her just not giving a shit about herself and life. she alogged herself on twitter and its still up. shes too dumb and lazy to do it any other way.

No. 1718682

I fucking despise this disgusting unwashed hambeast whore with every fibre of my being, goddess give me strength to abstain from a-logging. Rape romanticising piece of shit. She is subhuman scum and she deserves everything that’s coming to her.

No. 1718695

To rest her holes? She does hardly anything on cam shows. Its rareshe gets tipped enough to actually fuck herself and its not like a rigorous, long session of it. She's masturbating at her own pace and with her chosen toys for a couple minutes. More like "working" 2 days in a row is too much effort.

No. 1718712

Meanwhile her anticipated collab was literally just her laying there ignoring any sort of sensation kek she’s so fucking stupid and disgusting if she thinks rape kinks make her special somehow, I’ve noticed it’s basically only sexless people who have to make up these elaborate roleplay situations while normal people just enjoy the moments of pleasure with an attractive partner

No. 1718716

Honestly this post explains a lot. I do feel for her having to go through what she had to as a kid, being raped and severe drug abuse when you’re 15 and under is gonna fuck with you & nobody deserves that. Then to add she was constantly unsupervised which makes sense why she was doing drugs and bad shit. But it adds up to why she’s the way she is now. Instead of finding a proper outlet she internalized her trauma into kinks and became a degenerate constantly acting out/spiralling. Now that I don’t have any pity for.

No. 1718721

She never brings it up because someone who went to school with her revealed that she fabricated the rape story as a cover for the fact that she got caught cheating

No. 1718723

She smoked weed it’s a drug but you’re acting like she was home alone fending for herself and brother not knowing when they were next going to eat and the lights were off. Her childhood was mild, yeah it wasn’t great but it wasn’t bad or a reason for her to become this, plenty of people have had childhoods like this and live normal lives. She’s just a spoiled brat who doesn’t realise that she’s nothing in this world

No. 1718724

She kept up the facade that she was a virgin forever, lying saying she only plays w toys and that’s it. Like nonnie said earlier she did her first B/g this year. She’s an idiot she likes to capitalize on rape fetishes and pedo shit, but maybe she’s so dumb she figured exposing that would break the image she’s trying to make.

No. 1718725

If you read it she said she was drinking and doing pills, specifically klonopin. Not good for a 14 year old to be doing. Could be all made up bullshit to make people feel bad but Def wasn’t just weed. If it was just weed she wouldn’t be this fucked in the head haha.

No. 1718726

I honestly agree with >>1718624 that’s she’s the 1% who is just a piece of shit for no reason other than she’s a spoilt brat with delusions of grandeur and a room temperature IQ. She’s incredibly stupid, uneducated, ignorant, etc. so stupid in fact that she has no idea how to function as an adult or even remotely independently. She boasts about being independent but she’s far from it. Fat bitch can’t even keep a roof over her head without panhandling.

No. 1718732

Her step sister is the same age and doing just fine in fact she’s currently in Montreal with friends after she was at Shatnas dads cabin for a bit, like Shayna and her have starkly different lives and I don’t think it was because of Shayna’s parents, I think even if she stayed she would’ve been the burn out loser of the family.

No. 1718735

They have different parents though. So who knows how much dad/mom is in her step siblings lives compared to hers.

No. 1718737

File: 1670212170436.png (565.04 KB, 1080x1194, Screenshot_20221203-144747.png)

She absolutely had this happen multiple times years ago, this was from #32. A few of her orbiters tried to explain how she was banned and why her new accounts kept getting deleted but she opted to blame the hayders and have her tumblr followers create new accounts that would automatically get banned as soon as fatshat took them over.

She has known for years that Snapchat isn't a viable source of income but she wants to do easy stuff and victimize herself when it doesn't work out

No. 1718744

>if you paid for my snapchat then pls contact me
>what is a spreadsheet
>what is the notes app
>what is paper & a pen
>am baby

No. 1718745

Judging by social media Shat’s family are very involved in the stepsiblings’ lives; Shat’s own grandmother full on fawns over the cute stepsister while making no mention of Shaynus whatsoever. Stepsis also posts a fair bit from dad’s cabin. My tinfoil is that they never wanted Shaynus to go on the family trip with them, they asked her out of politeness never expecting her to actually accept and then ended up stuck with her

No. 1718755

Her trying to claim that her childhood was abnormally hard because her mom started working is such bullshit. SHE WAS 9. It's just another way for her to blame her regular-ass mom for her own failures.

If anything, she is insanely privileged that her mom was a SAHM up until she was nearly in middle school. She also specifies that her mom waited until her brother was old enough to go to school himself before she re-entered the workforce. Does she seriously not realize how abnormally lucky this makes her family? Most moms get less than a year of mat leave for a newborn. It's practically unheard of to be a SAHM up until your kid has reached school age, let alone 2 of them.

She also unilaterally blames her mom for this when her dad was doing the exact same thing for much longer - leaving the family alone while he went off to work. Why does she not blame her dad? He also left her to "fend for herself"? Oh, that's right. Because she's a misogynist.
She thinks that her mom should have stayed at home cleaning or some shit while both kids were at school, and that her dad is the only one who should be making an income. Even after her parents divorced. That should have made it obvious to her that having an independent income as a woman is invaluable. If her mom had never committed that horrible crime of re-entering the workforce, she would be financially screwed. Have some fucking gratitude Shatmonster. Christ.

No. 1718759

Thank you anon, you are so right. Like having a SAHM mom is not an option for the vast majority of kids. And it’s really normal for siblings to helps with younger siblings, she needs to get off her high horse.

No. 1718760

>welcome to therapy, what is your trauma?
>my mom got a job when i was 10

No. 1718763

I’ve honestly never come across a woman who hates other women as much as this repugnant sow (besides Vicky Shingles). Her jealousy is palpable. She’s so deluded that she genuinely believes she’s exceptionally attractive and desirable and can’t figure out why other women get more attention/praise/money without having to take their clothes off

No. 1718764

imagine being so retarded on this website all of you have to be continually reminded not to nitpick or a ban will happen. nobody is nitpicking about her stinky ass vagina. stop being a no fun femcel you jannies, this is why this website is dead. nobody comes here

No. 1718767

And goddess forbid we regard our working mothers as inspirational role models who can have a career while still being a parent and teach us that we don’t have to be reliant on moids for security

No. 1718768

Nonita what are you referring to?

No. 1718772

Her stepdad is still heavily involved in her life she recently went to lunch with her mum and him, it’s just another sad truth Shayna refuses to admit her dad has a successful daughter and Shay can’t admit it’s not her

No. 1718775

The fact that her blood relations (dad and grandma) care more about/are closer to her stepsister who isn’t related to them by blood is just embarrassing. Imagine being that much of a failure and shame to your own family.

No. 1718777

Her stepfather though. Not her actual father. Her step dad raised proper children, shat says she likes her bio dad but with all her weird pedo daddy issues who knows what happened there.

No. 1718788


All this time I thought that her step sis was really her half sis. Damn. That is really some salt in the wound if they're not even blood related when he favours her so heavily over Shayna. Not only did Father Clifford replace her mom, but he replaced Shayna with a better daughter.
I wonder if her shitting on her mom all the time is her way of trying to get herself back into her dad's good graces.
>hey dad, mom is being such a bitch lately
>you know how she is haha
>it's ok, you can totally disrespect my mother to my face
>i'm not like your other daughter
>i'm the COOL daughter

No. 1718790

Give me a breaaaak. The only drug that fucked her up was clout lmao

No. 1718811

Because she rams those toys in her dry, unaroused snatch. Also she really likes to delay sex work as much as possible and one of her recurring things is pretending she's sooo tight. I doubt that the latter matters much when her pussy looks like a ballsack though.

No. 1718812

File: 1670220391646.png (355.26 KB, 590x883, Screenshot 2022-12-05 010453.p…)

This is so fucking gross and I hate sex workers for shamelessly subjecting pets to their degenerate, despicable activities

No. 1718816

She hates women because her dad chose other women (step mom, step daughter) over her. That’s why she’s into the whole “I’m stealing your dad from you” role play bull shit.
She takes her frustrations and hate out on her mom because she can’t do it to her dad.

She’s a pick me because her dad didn’t even pick her.

No. 1718817

Clean your pets crusty eyes! And why do these nasty whores leave their sex toys out on their raggedy dirty blankets for animals to find and walk all over, I’m not even a germaphobe but that’s stank behavior. Is it that hard to get a storage box or put it in a drawer

No. 1718819

This cat look diseased wtf is wrong with its eyes

No. 1718823

What the fuck, I know cats are dirty but this thing looks absolutely putrid, who looks at a mangey animal and thinks “yes, this is cute, let me post it on the internet like it’s something to be proud of”? Jfc these degenerate whores are deplorable

No. 1718828

Fr like poor animal, clean it’s eyes don’t give it yr crusty sex toy so u can put cat hair up yr clam hatch

No. 1718829

The amount of disease that must get passed back and forth between crusty whore and crusty pet, fucking disgusting. Granted I’m a germaphobe but anyone with a functioning brain can see how repugnant this is, plus I’m pretty sure letting your animal play with something that has bacteria from your unwashed ass and cooch all over it constitutes animal abuse:

No. 1718831

Cat literally shit and piss in a box then dig in it. Imagine the ecoli just festering. Yuck.

No. 1718834

White color animals tend to get tear stains on their fur, it happens to all of them but it’s more noticeable on the white face. Some owners don’t take the few seconds to wipe it but that’s not surprising seeing how they treat their own bodies

No. 1718848

And they “clean” themselves by licking their fur, barf
>that’s not surprising seeing how they treat their own bodies
Exactly. Imagine the stench of a place that houses both unwashed whore and animal, to to mention what mutant strains of bacteria it’s breeding. No wonder Shaymu is always sick

No. 1718849

it's the first line of every OP
>Repetitive nitpicks about Shayna's body, face, and genitals are subject to a 1-day ban.

No. 1718850

File: 1670226035730.jpeg (394.93 KB, 828x1133, EB07AFCA-A5D9-4AEE-B1DB-33ACE2…)

You make porn LARPing as a toddler/child that gets drugged and raped by its parents you fucking fat cunt, you haven’t got a fat boiled ham hock to stand on when it comes passing moral judgement on others

No. 1718852

I mean, she’s not wrong. A hypocrite sure but broken clock and all that.

No. 1718853

Kink shaming much?!?! /s
And she just posted about how she thinks it’s hot to have a fake safe word that’s violated KEK the hypocrite morality police is here. CNC is abhorrent but realistically your sex partner should pick up on cues and body language at all times, safe words aren’t a necessity because most people just say wait stop or make obvious signs of discomfort. Whatever, it’s retard degens fighting each other based on some made up kink rules about the correct way to simulate rape as a fetish.

No. 1718854

god look at her once again trying to start a fight, vaguetweeting one of the few people who did her a favor by engaging with her 7 likes ass posts will she ever learn. bet the person in question is a woman too, nothing new.

No. 1718855

Anyone who participates in “CNC” needs to be locked up. Shayna Clifford is a literal pedophile who promotes violence against women and children, she’s the most repulsive, irredeemable cow on this site

No. 1718857

File: 1670228067147.jpeg (152.87 KB, 828x472, A6578A27-545D-4791-B4BD-4F1269…)

She can’t even reply to the retard who posted that comment and of course she hid it

No. 1718859

Does she even like CNC? Or sex in general? Didn’t she have a mental breakdown when she went to go film porn with that trailer trash couple because the guy asked for a blowjob?

No. 1718863

And apparently they’d agreed to the boyfriend participating in their “content” beforehand too. None of the sex shit she does is for her own pleasure, it’s entirely for the most rancid bottom of the barrel depraved old fat, smelly, inbred scrotes. She’s even admitted that she doesn’t like sex more than once.

No. 1718865

She's actually right here, never in the history of time has a moid successfully picked up on female body language and he certainly won't while all the blood has gone to his weiner and he's in a horny tardmode.
The person she's quoting "never gone seriously wrong" ok hun, how serious is "not serious"

No. 1718868

>never gone seriously wrong
I was just thinking the exact same thing, this implies that it has gone wrong for them (which is honestly what they deserve for being a degenerate who gets off on rape)

No. 1718881

shayna is hilarious that when her audience count is dwindling she still has time to fight with people and lose more of her audience kek’d never change shayna

No. 1718940

It’s even more sad when her step mum and step sister aren’t even playing her competitive game. She could’ve had a cool family dynamic and she ruined it. In another life she’s on that trip with her step sister and she’s actually got a healthy life, shame it’ll never happen

No. 1718981

So her mum going back to work when she was 9 is what caused the trauma that turned her into a pedophile? Yeah ok ugly, that’s totally understandable please continue to legitimise child rape. What a fucking monster she is. She suicide baits over not being able to sell her shit porn on kids apps, but sleeps well knowing she’s a fat pedo.

No. 1718984

“I mean, the doctor restarted my heart on the third try, it wasn’t that serious.”

No. 1719013

can she not read either? the person states THEY don’t want a safe word. they’re not going around telling people not to use safe words. jesus christ shayna you are so fucking stupid. trying to drum up some drama to get noticed, once again.

No. 1719037

File: 1670251192468.webm (Spoiler Image,12.71 MB, 1080x1384, “By eating all of the food tha…)

Local archive of video posted in previous thread.

No. 1719039

File: 1670251402976.webm (Spoiler Image,13.28 MB, 1080x1920, “Worships my asshole”, FSSW Sh…)

Local archive of video posted in previous thread.
She mentions her sex work so casually is so disturbing. Do we think she has any security measures in place in case her “foot slave” decided to attack her?

No. 1719061

Silly nona, dont you know that women are the only ones who will be mean to you, bully you, or hurt you? Men are uwu hot safe af… her thinking probably idk why she is so stupid. Noodle is just as stupid looking as any other lab/lab mix (dont come for me i love stupid dogs) so chances are she is pretty screwed… sad part is someone could rape her and she would just get "uwu turned on subspace" about it or think its a CNC moment. idk, who knows really maybe she will try and play the biggest victim game afterwards. Probably try and grift off it "im so traumatized i cant even work send me money whhhaaa"

No. 1719063

She LITERALLY said having a fake safeword makes her horny??? The audacity of that fat ugly bitch. Also on the topic of how she became miserable, 1) she wasn’t raped 2) she didn’t have an abusive childhood 3) no one forced her to get into sexwork. She did all by herself, stop excusing her shit behavior and projecting your hardships on her. She deserves everything awful that comes her way.

No. 1719073

uh oh stinky

No. 1719080

remember when she claimed to be traumatized from that other whore nibbling on her ear and her boyfriend asking fat shat if she'd suck his dick? yeah

No. 1719084

Still wondering who told her "leaking" was a hot word to use to describe her fat ass not fitting into her underwear.
>literally pulling filth off her foot and throwing it on the ground

No. 1719090

I bet, after she declined both of their sexual advances they stopped making her a priority or the center of their attention. Once she no longer felt important or desired to them im sure thats when she was finally "uncomfortable" enough to leave. Her story of feeling uncomfortable because of sexual advances was probably not far from the truth but still totally twisted to make her the victim in the situation. She is nauseating.

No. 1719121

she didn’t want to work. that was the problem. she expected to go over there, be treated like a trailer trash princess, and go home. when Vivi was expecting her to work and make content, that’s when she claimed sexual harassment and all that other bullshit. she’s a lazy sack of shit that wants to be pampered, it’s that simple.

No. 1719138

She did the same thing to Dawn. Dawn thought Shat was actually being abused and paid to ship Shays stupid ass over to her house with the expectation that she would work (camming) when she was 'ready to'. Shayna never worked, lied about her involvement with fupa, and when Dawn flew her ass back to fupa Shayna implied that she 'wasn't safe' at Dawn's because Dawn's boyfriend lived in the basement. Shay even lied about how Dawn didn't mention the dude until right before.

No. 1719145

the Dawn situation was absolutely mind blowing. Shat could have seriously boosted her career working with Dawn, since at the time Dawn was very popular. She could have even helped Shat business wise, how to market, keep spreadsheets, etc. Instead, once again, Shat took it as, “I deserve this, i’m perfect and don’t need to do anything because everyone loves me.”

Shayna has squandered so many opportunities in her life because she truly believes things should be handed to her. Whenever she is asked to do her part, she flips out and acts victimized. She’s that roommate who leaves dishes around, expects everyone else to clean the place, barely pays rent, always has an excuse for everything. aka the nightmare roommate.

No. 1719147

samefag but wasn’t there a point where Shat said Dawn asked her to help with some puppies (Dawn had informed her that her dog was pregnant before Shat moved in), and she absolutely flipped out simply because Dawn asked her to help?

No. 1719168

Shaynas gotta be one of the biggest cowards I've ever seen. It's the internet, if you're that ass blasted, just quote tweet the whore.

No. 1719198

Oh she totally is. Whenever people post about her she’s always like “these cowards can’t even say it to my face”

No. 1719204

Low key, Dawn is a major degen, but Shatna really could have learned a thing or two and been better off. Shatna has wasted every 'decent' work opportunity, she has been given.

No. 1719226

Oh come off it. There are literal pedophiles (ones who actually have molested children and ones who watch actual CP) on this site. There are tons of troons on this site. Shayna is a gross cringey trainwreck of a person, but she’s far far faaaar from the worst cow on this site.

No. 1719232

because she's lazy and expects every woman around her to have sympathy/baby her and not expect her to do shit. I think she thinks having this threads makes her a perma victim forever. That every single woman she comes in content must treat her like a small fragile baby and sympathize. I find it funny how she's genuinely surprised when scrotes show her a pinch of attention, but she 100% expects women around her to act a certain way.

No. 1719253

Nta but she's the worst active one. The ones with dead threads don't count

No. 1719265

I’m >>1718855 and that’s what I meant, I can’t think of anyone who is regularly posted about who is as vile as Shayna (though I’m sure some of the random twitter and Reddit trannies posted in the mtf thread are just as bad if not worse)
Dogfucker Dawn is a disgusting degenerate piece of shit so the fact that even she didn’t want to tolerate Fat Shat’s fuckery speaks volumes for how useless she is. She’s a lying, lazy, misogynistic, entitled, subhuman literal retard

No. 1719284

If Chris chan is still active Shatna gonna have to up the ante

No. 1719330

He's in jail for raping his mom, so. Chris Chan has and always will be the king tard of lolcows though.

No. 1719339

Sounds like that anon didn't read the kero the wolf ft zoosadists threads.

No. 1719347

File: 1670279056879.jpeg (444.12 KB, 828x1046, F36BF76B-CF3C-45FB-A394-862415…)

Posting about her pets on her whore account again, sexualising the fat dog and letting the filthy ass cat with its shit encrusted paws and nasty matted saliva encrusted fur on her kitchen bench where food is placed is fucking nauseating

No. 1719350

I completely forgot about that thread, it’s ancient milk. No one will ever top Chris Chan though

No. 1719361

Well it’s not like she cooks food anyway, the only thing she does is place triscuits onto a plate with slices of cheese and twists open a bottle of wine

No. 1719374

That’s why I said “where food is placed” and not “where she cooks”, kek. Imagine the state of those bench tops, I doubt they’ve been wiped down at all since she moved in to that fugly apartment

No. 1719399

Ew we know she doesn’t clean her counters. Why are whores always so bad with general hygeine

No. 1719400

Goes back to her mommy and daddy issues. Her dad probably spent a lot of his time at work/ignoring his fail daughter, while her mom took care of her and her stupid needs. Since shanya permafried her brain, all women serve the same purpose as her mother (opposition, caretaking) while all men are her dad (nonchalant, sparing with his affection).

Basically, she's fucking retarded.

No. 1719407

But from what Shayna said her mother seems to be the strict one and she judges Shayna for her "work", while her father is more… tolerant I guess.

No. 1719418

File: 1670284225201.jpeg (801.82 KB, 1170x1517, E845F71E-76C7-4BDB-ADE5-F15013…)

No. 1719420

File: 1670284290956.jpeg (814.69 KB, 1170x1267, 18C83345-4E9A-44F0-B57E-9EC795…)

No. 1719421

Yeah, that's why she hates her mom and by extension all women. Her mom was the "strict" disciplinarian parent, that also did most of the childrearing. So Shayna, who pretends to be a baby, views all women as her caretaker, and men as the ones she reveres. Dad is "cool" and "understands her". Because it's easier to say that when you're not dealing with the person's shit. like her bio dad being the primary breadwinner then remarrying and replacing fat shat with her stepsister.

No. 1719427

kek doing some more "footworship" that incudes fucking "asshole worshipping" aka, literally doing full service sex work.
My new tinfoil is she let the foot slave fuck her after she went to the bar,before she fucked Baldies Gayics.

No. 1719448

You cannot honestly believe Big Shay's lies about being raped and starving herself and having a fucking klonopin addiction.
THANK you. Whole-heartedly agree that Shay doesn't have a Freudian excuse other than entitlement being her actions. So annoying to see retards come in and whine about her ~~trauma~~.
Is that vibe even washed? Sweet Jesus, how much more disgusting can these bitches be?

No. 1719449

>Baldi’s Gaysics
Nonna I ugly kek’d

No. 1719466

File: 1670287255422.jpeg (328.02 KB, 1536x2048, 6F5E1781-F2AF-42CC-8030-DD5AF1…)

No. 1719471

i rarely lurk in here but i always thought nonies were too harsh with her looks, she's isn't obese and i think she is kinda cute
i know she is dumb, misogynistic and a sw and that's why you hate her but come on, she isn't as ugly as you claim

No. 1719474

Whatever filter she’s using is helping make her look more youthful until you notice the blown out butthole eyes

No. 1719475

this is edited to hell and back, her nose is edited, her skin texture is gone but if you’ve seen her unfiltered you’d probably think otherwise lol she may not be pre-diabetic regarding weight but she is unhealthy as fuck riddling her body with alcohol, weed and fast food. that’s why she’s in the hospital like once a month. her implant is probably rotting too.

No. 1719481

role playing 60 pounds ago huh

No. 1719482

File: 1670288193348.jpeg (21.97 KB, 275x275, D6813852-3521-426A-BF49-F95300…)

That’s because of the ten different filters and crusty makeup. That doesn’t look like Shayna kek

No. 1719484

I truly think this is what she sees when she looks in the mirror. That's the only way she's able to cope with how she looks, because she's so delusional about it.

No. 1719485

File: 1670288312154.jpeg (Spoiler Image,20.02 KB, 182x180, 1638A9DD-81F7-412B-A5EC-A39BDC…)

When she whitens her snaggle tooth instead of brushing or flossing spoilered for tooth anon

No. 1719490

kek thank you nona, I appreciate it
Jfc she’s given herself an entirely new face, this doesn’t even look like her apart from the ugly beady turd eyes

No. 1719492

File: 1670289014865.jpeg (21.62 KB, 223x275, 3B2384FE-9E16-4BD4-A3CE-E2C47E…)

>not ugly

No. 1719494

No way is someone coming up to her fat generic dog to pet it every time she musters the energy to bother walking her ffs.

No. 1719496

KEK obvious tooth shopping.

No. 1719498

>not ugly

anon did u see the thread pic and the video it’s from? lol

No. 1719503

It’s not even a cute dog and it’s probably badly behaved too

No. 1719507

Well you happened to be here to see some pics where she did something different with her hair and spent extra time filtering and editing her pics to look somewhat decent. Please refer to her cam show and other pics last thread for what she really looks like

No. 1719508

im dying at the sims filter lmaoooo fat shayna get over your obese self!

No. 1719510

topkek, she lurked the thread and stole nonnies idea to use the teen filter on faceapp.

No. 1719511

File: 1670291339978.jpeg (71.82 KB, 758x923, 8F7861C5-7492-4E9F-93CD-3337E9…)

Never forget what she look like completely sans makeup and filters lmao

No. 1719513


I would tentatively agree. if she took care of herself I agree that she can look pretty, but she's really not been kind to her body/skin/etc which means the filters have to do some heavy lifting.
I first started following Shay threads because I thought she was kinda cute, but years of not taking care of herself has made her face melt into something really unfortunate

No. 1719530

Her hair like this actually suits her unlike the usual retarded hair styles she does.

No. 1719532

>When you bump into Shayna and the smell hits you.

No. 1719555

File: 1670295074702.jpeg (20.4 KB, 474x266, 78894215-0009-4820-B37C-30122E…)

i'll never forget the anon that said she looked like the guy from jersey shore

No. 1719559

File: 1670295311426.jpeg (60.92 KB, 1000x1000, A6714003-D755-4966-B03D-0116C5…)

She looks like she bullies children into eating entire chocolate cakes as punishment for stealing a slice

No. 1719561

No. 1719563

LMAO I forgot about this, she truly does, toppest of keks

No. 1719569

The way I read this as food slave kek

No. 1719582

File: 1670297046890.jpeg (505.01 KB, 1218x990, 1D3E269A-A6B9-4DC2-8027-92EACF…)

No. 1719583

File: 1670297074685.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.19 MB, 1235x1515, 6403468D-5483-4D03-8444-AA96C5…)

$15 doordash gift card

No. 1719586

File: 1670297254560.jpeg (Spoiler Image,880.24 KB, 2267x3386, EF013B3E-86AC-48D6-AFF0-0787A3…)

No. 1719588

I genuinely haven't laughed at this godforsaken thread in months until I saw this

No. 1719589

>I rarely lurk here
>but I thought I’d pop in and say how she’s kind of cute in these photos that are filtered and edited to look absolutely nothing like her

Are you high?

No. 1719594

Your reading comprehension….. Anyways Shayna was probably neglected in some way by her parents if she really rebels this hard against them for years and years

No. 1719598

She’s really leaning into the nazi angle these days, making the only two black people she knows smell her stinking asshole

No. 1719600

I can tell that scrote is one of those horny “open bob show vagin” indians

No. 1719609

How is she not having sex for money? I know anons have mentioned she probably was but omg! Her boobs and ass are out and he isss face deep in there. Even for x amount of money I can’t imagine having crusty fugly moids come over and does whatever she claims this is. And to post it like some flex? You’re fucking gross shay.

No. 1719615

Her bf was there to help and Shay was camming while Dawn was trying to get her to help. Catch up. Dawn isn't a victim.

No. 1719620

This pisses me off so much because women in unsafe situations who resort to prostitution get arrested, but here this lazy fat privileged white girl gets to post in on twitter with likely no consequence. Fuck

No. 1719628

File: 1670301444622.jpeg (102.92 KB, 694x267, 228C21F2-F3E1-4CDE-98CB-E5522B…)

she deleted this kek

No. 1719632

>be moid
>can only afford Z-tier hooker
>oh well, any hole is goal
>she asks what body part of hers is sexiest
>penis nose? no
>beady eyes? no
>greasy hair? no
>linebacker shoulders? no
>walleyed tits? no
>lunchlady arms? no
>Family Guy pimple lookin pussy? no
>Hank Hill ass? no
>"haha ur personality ofc"

No. 1719637

that’s the answer every male uses when they really want to say you’re ugly. kek, you’re fucking gross shatna.

No. 1719639

when did anyone say Dawn was a victim? the story was that Shayna flipped out on Dawn when Dawn asked for some help with her dog giving birth and the puppies weren’t doing so good. apparently Shayna then chose to cam and ignore her, then turned off all the lights and pretended to be asleep when Dawn came back from the ER vet. that’s pretty shitty just from a humanity standpoint. Shayna could have at least given her some support; Dawn took her in and funded the whole thing.

No. 1719641

File: 1670302943839.jpeg (388.83 KB, 1170x919, 650D19D7-812F-4EAD-8D6D-3B709B…)

No. 1719644

That’s why she only attracts old, fat, ugly, stinky scrotes with weird fetishes, thru probably go to regular whores for sex and Shat when they just want to look at crusty callused feet and unwashed blown out asshole, kek

No. 1719645

>getting hard on violence against women
Rot in hell you fat, greasy, hideous piece of shit

No. 1719648

Guys that never get hard and therefore ruin your first b/g video! blushing covering face emoji
She just says this stuff because she’s busted and can’t attract with her appearance so she has to hope some psycho moid will like her as a depressed ugly punching bag because some other girls have standards and she wants to pick up the stray freaks that get blocked by more sane sex workers

No. 1719667

File: 1670305868793.jpg (Spoiler Image,347.29 KB, 884x1112, 20221206_004805.jpg)


Is that the same ugly shirt the perverted troon teacher has?

No. 1719678

What the FUCK is this monstrosity?! Surely this can’t be real

No. 1719681

Gross he’s all up in her ass with his face and her Mayochup. I hope he isn’t married.

Le bleak

No. 1719723

look up shop class troon, wild shit going down in canadian schools

No. 1719730

Kek, I guess admitting it on camera was the first step, next she will admit a little more, "I let him worship my pushy by sticking his dick in it hehe, I jerked him off and let him cum on my face hehe he worshipped me"
To pretend this isn't flat out prostution. Shayna is the girl that cheap dudes go to hoping they can keep adding a little bit more to do a little bit more so they eventually are sexxing her in her own house for $300 or less.
She's such a retard, putting her own personal safety at risk to let these men know where she lives and alone.

No. 1719736

File: 1670313501945.jpg (458.34 KB, 1079x2340, Screenshot_20221206-005539_Sam…)

Skinny Shayna's old pics are being used for sex app ads now.

No. 1719738

100% real and 100% supported by the school board as well. Fucking trannies

No. 1719739

Oh god lardnas gonna look like rotisserie pork if she ever does this.
When she lurks shes gonna feel herself and say how much of a SuCsEsSfUl SeXwOrKeR she is that a companys taken (old) her pics for their ad.

No. 1719745

Nonnie why did you see a porn ad?

No. 1719750

Really anon? Rule34?

No. 1719757

this is funny but why would you tell on yourself like that

No. 1719759

While hilarious I do believe it’s her workout shirt from the gym saga kek

No. 1719791

>kinda cute

Shat is one of the few women I have encountered that look disgusting when they smile or open their mouth in general. Aside from the gross teeth, it makes her honker look massive.

No. 1719809

Shayna is genuinely one of the ugliest women I’ve ever seen. There’s nothing redeeming about her. The dry, cracked, almost non-existent lips, the janky, putrid yellow teeth, the bulbous, beaky nose, the nasty little shit colored eyes and the bags that make them look like buttholes, the greasy fried hair, the acne riddled skin, the diseased dolphin mouth snatch and blown out asshole, the cockeyed tits, one of which looks like it’s necrotic, and her body that is composed entirely of painful looking hard blubber coupled with grey skin that makes her look like a bloated corpse, absolutely disgusting. And her personality just amplifies how hideous she is, inside and out.

No. 1719814

Damn anon tell us how you really feel. You certainly covered all the bases and paint quite the picture. I would love for Shayna and ProJared to get together with how delusional they both are in their looks. They’re both in/near Seattle, right? A girl can dream lol

No. 1719823

definitely a new low. so gross I wanna take 30 baths.

No. 1719835

Idk if you’re a newfag but if you’ve been here since the beginning you would not say that lol
Keep copping with w/e ~*bad parents*~ story you have

No. 1719873

Got paid HOW MUCH tho is the thing……..

No. 1719903

Late but her butthole eyes kill me. Even with all that filter she looks wrecked.

No. 1719931

They look extra buttholey in those pics. Looks like she’s been crying a lot. Probably over losing her snap kek

No. 1719966

This. Whatever reasons nonnies may come up with for how/why shaynas parents fucked up, aren't what she sees anyway.
Her liking them depends on if they support her job. Her being around depends on if they will tolerate her because her job. If they supported her job, none of the "I had to watch my brother/trump.suppprter" shit would ever be brought up. Just like how nothing Fupaul did was abusive to her until he broke up with her qnd got married.
Then suddenly she's traumatized by this or that, despite letting strangers do more to her then Fupauls fat ass has ever done. While also letting them in her house.

No. 1719984

why do all these whores look equally greasy and unwashed? I feel like any Shay adjacent lacks basic hygiene

No. 1720009

Pimp momma Ellen turned shaynus into a real working girl. Called it. I feel like she lies about not having sex with Johns to prove a point to lolcow about how she's a sugar baby and not a dollar tree hooker.

Bet this moid just threw her an extra $20 on top of whatever he paid, and she thinks it's a flex. Her pattern lately has been let dirty unwashed scrotes into her house to "worship her" after bitching about being broke on Twitter. It's so transparent at this point.

No. 1720038

File: 1670347733357.jpeg (424.9 KB, 1170x693, 6013CAF1-7452-4103-A089-D888C4…)

Oh please

No. 1720088

wasnt dawn the dogfucker? who gives a shit about her dog it was probably being used for some weird fetish shit.

No. 1720137

way to miss the point of it just being a kind thing to do. Dawn let Shat into her home, paid for her to get there, etc. The least Shatna could have done was give her some support during a hard time. Unless you’re a sadistic murderer, seeing a puppy die isn’t exactly easy to swallow.

No. 1720148

Yeah, who cares about the dog, just let the innocent animal die amirite?

No. 1720152

>who cares about the rape victim dog

No. 1720160

>coomer to shayna: i bet you're into anal
>shayna: teehee, how did you know?
>i can see it in your eyes

No. 1720167

i bet Fatty Mattel wanted to fuck Dawns boyfriend but got rejected as always because she’s a hideous piece of shit

No. 1720180

File: 1670353724686.jpeg (1.12 MB, 902x1671, 8882AA1D-9B00-4F5A-AA5C-66D108…)

Tinfoil Shayna is going to start doing scat content. She already lets a stranger sniff her bare asshole and give her sponge baths for chump change. Other dommes (as gross as it is) shit in their slaves mouths but get paid more than Shayna has made her whole time doing sex work. Shayna sucks at being a domme. She’s undercharging for meets that should be more. Source: lurking through other dommes on Twitter and what they charge

No. 1720196

File: 1670354764290.jpeg (669.55 KB, 1490x2219, B70C3A22-A432-427E-8B35-7AE2A6…)

Other dommes/whores: Jimmy Choos
Shayna: snacks

No. 1720199

File: 1670354919174.jpeg (273.75 KB, 1580x1242, 411F3C9C-31E8-4D8B-AEAB-D65222…)

No. 1720204

I…what? So out of pure curiosity - if a coomer wants a girl to shit in his mouth, is it like, the grosser the better kind of thing? Are they hoping to catch a fat log? Or do they get extra turned on if it's like, a runny diarrhea extra gross shit? Inquiring minds need to know.

No. 1720205

yuck, is that bitch in a Planet Fitness?

No. 1720207

tinfoil: shayna actually isnt struggling this month. she's just trying to the hide the income she is receiving from offline FFSW.

No. 1720208

jesus fucking christ i never wanted to think about that

No. 1720221

File: 1670356367141.jpeg (Spoiler Image,790.49 KB, 1242x1086, 528A758D-03E1-4668-ABEA-B7F4D6…)

Moids like to eat it I guess, idk. They pay money to eat it as well. Um I guess it’s better than pedo pandering but yuck

No. 1720223

File: 1670356435752.jpeg (246.56 KB, 1169x1673, 253FCC11-1D09-487D-B921-91ACC7…)

No. 1720225

this domme shit is so fake when it comes to the $$$, so hundreds of dollars for a guy to smell your ass and you're wearing some no name dropship Amazon leggings? I know it's OT I just hate to think any nonas lurking think that this is ever a lucrative career path. Nobody's in a mansion because they let a fat guy be their toilet.

No. 1720229

Her wearing that bimbo sweatshirt has the same energy as Nikocado wearing an “I identify as skinny” shirt at this point

No. 1720231

File: 1670357507052.jpeg (53.82 KB, 1100x619, 160927210830-tk-ah0927-super-1…)

you didnt have to do this to us

No. 1720232

File: 1670357763494.jpeg (161.76 KB, 1170x392, 255030CF-9AC5-4A19-988A-155C99…)

No. 1720258

No. 1720263

she let someone sniff her bare asshole???????? did i miss something!

No. 1720290

Yeah that looks like the fungal acne you nonnies talk about.
Also what is that on her lip? It don't just look like crust

No. 1720305

I was thinking this too
Jfc her skin texture makes me want to throw up, she’s so diseased. And look at that giant herp on her lip that she tried to hide with the filter

No. 1720306

Even though they're both haggard and disgusting looking, the domme has a better body, better hair, and enough self worth to charge more. I think shaynas John's would pass her up if she charged more than like ~$200 a session. I noticed the domme had her john sniffing ass in public and with clothes on, while Shayna let her john do that while she was fully naked, in private. Even when she's whoring herself out she does more for less. Love that for her.

No. 1720308

My tinfoil is, she was struggling this month and had to ramp up her irl whoring to make up for those flip 'collabs' of hers.

No. 1720313

Planet Fitness is gross and they'll let any subhuman in. Don't go there.

No. 1720316

The Oklahoma pictures are so funny, she looks like a fat little boy. She looks like she was crying all night kek

No. 1720324

The fact that she pays other people to make content with them and every single time it fails to sell ergo she’s operating at a loss makes me cackle. She’s funding her own failure. Couldn’t happen to a nicer person.

No. 1720328

I love this picture, two ugly retards. I wish she’d post more makeupless content, her true form always makes me kek even harder than her atrocious edits

No. 1720329

Fucking ew but the way you phrased all of this absolutely killed me, nonna. A fat log sent my sides into orbit, I wish we could be friends.

No. 1720334

Probably herpes. If like over half the population has it, you know damn well this nasty bitch has it too.

No. 1720335

sage for OT but does this e-whore have a fucking potty to make it easier to shit in a container to ship it? i'm laughing so fucking hard imagine she has friends over and they ask why there's a potty in her bathroom and she's just shrugging it off like 'oh yeah that's my work potty'

No. 1720378

Do you think women who shits in men’s faces for money has friends? Maybe friends with other shitheads

No. 1720382

Crusty crackled lips with skin flakes, baggy saggy eyes, sharpie eyebrows, poor skin texture. Ah yes so beautiful. She’s just slapped a thinning filter + 6 smoothing and correcting ones on. This is the “best” she’s looked and it’s not even her authentically

No. 1720383

This is why she’ll never have a normal relationship with anyone platonically or romantically, she thinks this is normal when this guy probably has 6 pending HR at work

No. 1720393

ok knowing that there's both a ton of pajeets and johns on seeking it's certain that she's the type of retard to think some schmuck offering her a couple hundred for basically sex is equivalent to uwu successful sugaring

No. 1720436

File: 1670371363483.jpeg (762.31 KB, 1170x1422, 62D8539B-1B55-4D54-ABC6-9496AB…)

No. 1720509

File: 1670373990444.jpeg (512.63 KB, 2048x2048, 98C485DC-7BCD-4DE5-A8C4-5DCEF7…)

why she always snarlin'? She has an awful case of dogmouth kek

No. 1720532

i didn't see the moid back there at first. I'm crying blood now.

No. 1720553

omg anon i'm dead

No. 1720605

looks like she discovered FaceApp

No. 1720631

Literal sped, when she’s in public with Ellen people must think she’s on day release from the group home with her carer
I bet the majority of attention she gets is from ugly, smelly “bobs and vegana” scrotes

No. 1720633

Because she's a boring basic bitch who has this 1 of 2 go to facial "expressions" in every single picture. Thinks shes cute and quirky, but really looks like a sewer rodent made taxidermy.

No. 1720639

This is fucking disgusting. He isn't sniffing your asshole, you're letting a john eat you out in your apartment. The fact she is completely naked and his arms around her makes it so much worse. "Sniffing my ass" would be more like a, yoga pants situation.

How can she make a such a big deal about how she her first boy/girl scene with the limp dick guy, like it's some amazing feat. Yet casually posts a picture of this fucking creep with his face buried in her snatch.

This 100% convinced me that she has met up with Womnack/OkieTwister and probably fucks him for cash. There's no way she's letting this dude in her apartment yet still keeping the pay pig retard at a distance.

No. 1720645

there's certainly more of them in seattle given the asian tech nerd population so maybe she is earning more than she did in tulsa

No. 1720649

And how desperate must a moid be to pay a fat, ugly, stinky hog to eat her unwashed vag and asshole that are covered in boils and literal shit? Either that or he has a fetish for greasy hamplanets who don’t bathe

No. 1720658

And they’re unwashed perverts who have no respect for women (especially white women) so they’re a match made in heaven with Shatna

No. 1720695

File: 1670382433108.jpeg (317.93 KB, 1129x938, B0B2CAFA-3A9A-44EF-872C-52434B…)

No. 1720699

No. 1720700

That’s so embarrassing

No. 1720703

I can not comprehend what the fuck I'm seeing here. This person shit in a toilet, manually put that shit into a water bottle, packaged it like a gift (so a box with no refrigeration), and is mailing it to a hotel with 0 precaution to keep it fresh so a kinky man can eat it. Is that what I'm seeing here?

No. 1720707

Holy hell this is so embarrassing, surely she’d make more money if she were on welfare (I’m not a burger so correct me if I’m wrong but in my country she’d be better off on gubmint gibs than whatever the fuck this humiliating, degenerate, pathetic, meagre, panhandling situation is)

No. 1720708

I wish you put this entire post behind a spoiler. The idea is just so foul. I hope she gets arrested for endangering postal workers if she's not making them meet up with her somewhere to pick up the … Package.

No. 1720711

Idk I know anons say she maybe just pretends to be broke when she's doing ok to milk more coomer bucks… but I dont think thats the case anymore at least. Its embarrassing to repeatedly say youre strughling with money like she does and I don't think she'd admit it unless she had to. I think she used to bluff when asking for "reimbursements" and was running lowkey scams lol. But she doesn't even ask for that stuff anymore. Its literally just selling herself cheaper and cheaper and doing lower and lower shit and she still says she's struggling kek.
And I think its funny how she tries to cope and lie like this >>1719583 is a flex. She's letting a random porn sick coomer into her own apartment to stick his disgusting face in her unwashed ass and coochie and there aint no way thats all hes doing. She doesnt have the boundaries. Its apparent by how these things keep getting more explicit every time. Shes desperate. It would be pitiful, if she wasn't such a piece of shit with other options.

No. 1720718

Lmfao 350 a month is definitely less than they give a single mom in FOOD STAMPS. Dollar store whore. For less than $12 a day, you too could have the gf experience while also feeding and clothing a poor starving idiot. Cue Sarah mclachlan’s “in the arms of an angel”

No. 1720722

It's honestly baffling to me that Shayna had a couple close calls with seeing reality in 2021, maybe 2020, and still chooses whoring over an all expenses paid college education. People would kill for the opportunities she's squandered.
Speaking as a burger, there's a ton of red tape around applying and actually getting benefits that will help you out instead of just $25 on CHIP, for example. Also, she probably is more than a little… snooty? about going on gubmint assistance. She would definitely at least be self conscious about it, even though nobody but her would really know/care or be content in her delusion that she's a thriving bimbo. That got long but I hope it ended up helping

No. 1720730

I'd say she should try and apply for foodstamps since she's most definitely a broke bitch now, but she can't use that for door dash meals so there's no point for her.

No. 1720733

Is this not a massive biohazard?? I hate degenerates so much. The poor mail workers and hospital workers who had to touch that.

Omg I think she is. What the hell, imagine walking in to work out and you witness THAT happening. I'd demand a refund

No. 1720740

You have to have kids to get welfare here

No. 1720746

Just wondering, does anyone remember where Shayna's mentioned that her parents were willing to pay for college? I've heard this bought up a lot and I'm curious
If her income is low enough she should be able to qualify for food stamps in Washington

No. 1720751

I can’t remember when it was initially posted but I reposted the caps a couple of threads back, I purged my camera roll so I no longer have them but you don’t have to go too far back to find them

No. 1720775

File: 1670389804323.jpeg (469.99 KB, 828x961, EA922089-B19E-4AE0-87AE-87FAAE…)

Look at that gunt, good lord. It’s a whole ass spare tyre

No. 1720779

File: 1670389948655.jpeg (759.29 KB, 828x1369, 601C7CDC-2610-4478-BDC6-0E755D…)

The tweet this pic is from, I hope the dentist is wearing a full hazmat suit because they’re going to need it, getting up close and person with her festering, rotten gob

No. 1720785

Very flattering picture of her caveman forehead here

No. 1720788

File: 1670391307412.jpeg (540.83 KB, 1242x1748, 92EB9670-4576-4DB4-8221-F6642A…)

I’m surprised her and ken the moid aren’t besties. Kek he seems desperate and I thought she was into ugly men with shitty tattoos

No. 1720789

I was hoping she wasn’t going to get braces at the dentist. But I know she didn’t or else she would have tweeted about them and how she looks like a kid (barf)

No. 1720790

He's so pathetic kek

No. 1720793

If Shat got braces she would be in so much trouble because they are so much upkeep and require good hygiene to maintain

No. 1720807

$100 per WEEK?? Dude… I know it's Shayna but goddamn, have some self respect. I'm no expert in prostitute pricing, but from what I've seen $300/session is a bare minimum! This is just sad..

No. 1720812

This is the most normal her face has ever looked.

No. 1720814

100% she didnt test this guy for STDs, but probably was letting him kiss and lick her asshole. herpes saga when? really “thriving” now that Fupa isnt there to stop her from doing this stuff. i agree with nonny saying ellen is pushing this and is probably in the room with her. I at least hope Shaymu doesnt get completely naked alone with moids and let them near her genitals. I guarantee we’ll see another photo like this in the next month but the coomer will be naked too.

No. 1720815

Wtf that’s so cheap it’s sad, literally less than 15 bucks per day for sending some scrote your porn and messaging him as if you’re in a relationship kekkkk guys will spend more than that on a fucking appetizer at a restaurant. She’s really throwing herself at anyone that has some spare change. A sugar daddy doesn’t have to be convinced to spend 10 fucking dollars, if they like a girl they’ll send hundreds of dollars on a whim.

No. 1720819

Thats not even a girlfriend experience, thats the thot (sorru for scrote term) experience tho kek. I thought it would have good morning/night texts, chatting, etc. Shes just trying to sell her low tier custom content and trying to lock them into it for a week at a time.

No. 1720828

Wish she’d stop using these cheap shitty childrens bows for her hair, she looks like an orangutan with ribbons in its hair. Seriously pulls all her hair so tight on her head making her look fatter and mishapen.

No. 1720846

Bitch can't even be fat correctly. Shes just misshapen and lorge kek

No. 1720943

If she's this broke why doesn't she pivot to doing feeder/BBW? Coomer moids into fat women would pay for her door dash orders and then pay for her to film herself eat it. It would be less humiliating and she's going to keep getting fatter anyway so she might as well get paid for it.

No. 1720947

Because she still thinks she's the Cute Bimbo Princess Baby Diaper Domme Skinny Queen.

No. 1720960

I’m not well versed in fatty porn (or any porn for that matter) but judging by the hamplanets who were posted in the onlyfats thread from that degenerate convention they seem to have a sense of humour and they’re extremely self aware, I mean I feel like they’d have to when they’re catering to that kind of fetish. Shayna is neither funny nor self-aware, even though she thinks she is with her painful attempts at “going viral”

No. 1721021

I don't think she'll do this until its last resort because she isn't comfortable being fat and she still thinks that's she's going to be skinny again eventually despite doing literally nothing to work towards that. I think thats part of why she wont get rid of her too small clothes and her delusions when she squeezes into them. She's one of those "oh these will fit once I lose some weight" types that never lose it lol.
But yeah. She sometimes acts body posi and ok with being "chubby" as she puts it to cope, but most of the time you can tell she's uncomfortable with being a trash sack of expired cottage cheese.
I think given a couple more years, she might though. It will start to be one of the few niches left for her if she wants to stay in SW.

No. 1721039

Anon are you retarded? Just scroll up

No. 1721045

Literally every “successful” whore has said if you want men to give you a shred of respect never let on that you’re broke or struggling otherwise they’ll take even more advantage. John’s prey on vulnerable women.

No. 1721046

Whores have even said men will give them more money when they act successful because they hate beggars

No. 1721055

File: 1670425351521.jpeg (197.6 KB, 828x846, 453B4EA3-7DCA-45C8-ADD5-036717…)

She commented it on Discord almost exactly a year ago. This is from thread 96

No. 1721057

>it feels so hurtful that my parents can see a visible decline in my mental and physical health from my job where I pretend to be a baby getting raped, and have offered me a way out to better my life.
>I feel so invalid uwu

I know it’s old milk but god she is so fucking insufferable and it’s why I dont feel an ounce of pity for her.

No. 1721105

i’m glad this little privileged idiot is broke and suffering. at some point we’ll see her back at daddy’s house before 30. imagine bragging about making hundreds but at the same time crying about not being able to afford lip filler and bolt on tiddies

No. 1721112

ya these dumb bitches think they have it figured out, but 99% of them end up back in their parents basement by 30 with nothing to show for their “fame” except a digital footprint thatll prevent them from getting good jobs and make all future relationships awkward as shit. with no car, no property, no social circle, and in shaynas case she didnt even shit out a “little miracle” baby to give her life some sense if purpose.

No. 1721115

honest question: if shayna denounced sex work today, admitted she was wrong, and promoted the horrors of being a whore instead would yall like and support her? is shayna redeemable?

No. 1721120

Lol no. She would have to do a lot of working and straight up apologizing to women as a whole for anyone here to think she had a single redeeming quality. That’s just my take tho, don’t wanna speak for everyone really.

No. 1721121

Shes not though, and will never admit she was ever in the wrong.

No. 1721125

no. it's going to take years and years of active effort and change to ever make up for simulating child rape for shekels.
if she really pulled off your little hypothetical scenario i wouldn't even believe it was genuine, just a cope and last ditch grab at gibs and attention.

No. 1721129

This. I would probably just figure it was totally disingenuous and she was just trying a different angle to get sympathy bux

No. 1721141

i wouldn't like her but i would support her. i think anything in that direction would be 1000x better than what she's doing now.

No. 1721147

It's so fucked up to consider an offer of free education "invalidating and hurtful"

No. 1721179

If she were to quit sex worker and get offline there would be nothing to talk about. Also she would quit/denounce it not because she realizes it's fucking her life up. But because she has exhausted every single avenue she possibly could. I see shayna becoming the type to attack other sex workers for not giving up sex work like her, instead of the men/other surrounding factors. Shayna will never see how she lives wrong. Just something she's no longer to do because lolcow

No. 1721183

She’s way overpriced herself here. Who’s paying $350 per month to see the same ten pictures every day? 3x her in too small clothes, 3x her mashing her festering vagina with a Hitachi wand, 3x shoving a dildo up her asshole and 1x her cross eyed pulling the shit covered dildo out. Even gayfag hairyshoulders isn’t that desperate.

No. 1721194

File: 1670434467888.jpg (9.5 KB, 198x243, DP-JoHzXUAA6jZR.jpg)

Her feet give me Zoidberg body vibes

No. 1721195

Nope, she’s a pedo and the only thing I would support is her inserting herself into a woodchipper. I know a lot of anons here think she only pretends to be one for coomer bucks but we’ve all sat and watched her orgasm over the thought of babies being raped by their parents. It has corrupted her brain and she now associates those things with her own sexual arousal. There’s no redemption for someone like that and I hope to god she never has kids. The pickmeism I could forgive because male approval is very persuasive to young women, but not what she has become.

No. 1721203

>is taking your college funds
>literally turned down actual funding from her own parents for college
You can't make this shit up. She bragged about moving out first, her whole lifestyle depends on of dudes will toss her sympathy bucks. At best maybe shayna will accept help for a bit and quit. Before crying abuse and truly pissing her parents off, and truly being on her own.

No. 1721268

File: 1670437764819.png (103.43 KB, 532x808, z.png)

No. 1721274

I dont believe this shit for a second. She is, has, and always be a shitty person. She is a scammer and lazy. She ever reach out to the people who she never sent out the bongs to for her tumblr "follow" contest? She ever 'reach out' and apologize to all the people who she took money from to ship out clothes, and never did? Her being a pedo-panderer is just the cherry on the top of the shit pile that is Shayna Clifford.

No. 1721280

File: 1670438542949.jpeg (522.74 KB, 1242x1493, B3294073-3268-4002-BA68-1BFDD2…)

I remember when an anon pretended to buy all her wishlist items and she threatened to kill herself because it got erased from her list

No. 1721282

File: 1670438594465.png (147.65 KB, 1284x1060, D2F7E9D1-57D1-475C-A993-4DD9D5…)

Damn, Shat is really down bad. Picrel for context, her pricing from the very first thread.

No. 1721291

Blah blah blah, there is no sex work community. You'd be in the same damn place if they didn't hold onto that hilter shit because the people she's worked with DO NOT CARE except for Soyboy. She's acting like she couldn't do what she wanted when the truth was she wasn't desperate enough to do the thing she does now. It's clear the cancel mob means nothing. I wish she'd let it go

No. 1721312

I love how she thinks some nobody whores on the internet calling her a nazi is what ruined her life. And what "career" did it ruin? Like really what actually significant sex work opportunities did she miss out on?? Far as I can see she missed out on some collabs with other whores that she wouldve bailed on or vid would flop anyway and she didn't get to be in their dumb ass retweet groups. Which may or may not have gotten her some very mild exposure for a brief moment.
Sorry but she'd still be a broke, disgusting hog now even if that stuff hadnt been a thing. Coomers really dont care and the other whores had little at best to offer in support. Yeah they were retarded for that shit but Shatna doesn't really deserve "friends" and supporters so can't say Im sad for her.
She always wants to blame everyone else to avoid taking responsibility for herself. She will never admit that her actions, her getting fat, her aging, her shitty work ethic, her lack of consistency in content, the type and quality of content, etc is the real reason she's a failure and has burnt out in sw.

No. 1721313

Gagging on a plastic shit encrusted dog hair dildo for the price of a big Mac.

No. 1721320

Notice how she never really uses any of her old toys? Despite hoarding them to try to impress people with how many she has. Her dildos probably have a short expiry date due to poor/no aftercare. Probably reek of years-old shit and smegma.

No. 1721337

She’s retarded for not saving her money and putting the fork down to do that collab with butterfacepixie. I mean she clearly has more engagement than Shayna and she could have used her clout to gain some followers. But Shayna was scared of looking like a ham planet next to her skinny frame.

No. 1721339

I know it smells funky. Every time she travels she puts all her nasty hoard of sex toys in her luggage bag to take a picture and say to her Twitter coomers “uwu I’m so kinky teehee such a naughty Barbie blimpo”. And then take it all out and pack her regular shitty clothes and a few toys. She never uses the toys she packs so I’m tinfoiling that she never brought them with her in the first place she just wants to make up stories of the TSA people seeing her bdsm gear

No. 1721353

File: 1670442821528.jpeg (570.7 KB, 1536x2048, A6D6B850-610E-44C9-BE23-617283…)

Ugly fat bitch choking on her double chins

No. 1721364

how did i miss that? anyone know what thread that was in?

No. 1721374

File: 1670444583785.png (4.24 MB, 2026x3406, 002114654.png)

No. 1721381

kek the dom looks so small the shayna

No. 1721403

idk if i’m supposed to feel sad that she doesn’t have any clothes or laugh. expensive bimbo lifestyle nonnies. go buy some shein cheap bitch

No. 1721411

>moids pfp
pls DO NOT appropriate Jotaro culture like this

No. 1721429

Weird seeing straight scrotes with Jotaro cosplays/pfp because hes gay as fuck.

No. 1721438

File: 1670448306185.jpeg (4.41 KB, 300x168, images (19).jpeg)

I hate that I can't just type it because jannies hate emoji use but the latex moidette looks like picrel meme

No. 1721444

Big shaynus really needs to let go of this uWu baby nonsense she's pulling. She towers over and weighs more than all of the women domming her. She looked absolutely ridiculous in that ABDegenerate shoot here >>1720775 .

She must be smoking pure copium to keep this act going. She always looks like she should be the Dom because of how bulky she is. It's always the fat ones isn't it?

No. 1721449

Nona, it's a very good thing she didn't choose to have kids. She's a fuckin pedophile who simulates CSA/COCSA for a living. She's also narcissistic. I wouldn't ask a child to live in that kind of house.
Kek. Looks like Mumma Dresel forgot to give Shaymu her meds again!

No. 1721456

File: 1670449700690.png (1.24 MB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20220404-013144.png)

For someone who calls herself a baby bimbo a lot, she sure doesn't look like one. This was the first picture when I searched "baby bimbo". Shay looks too messy and is too lazy to maintain herself at this level.

No. 1721460

t. Fujo

No. 1721466

File: 1670450251977.jpeg (657.95 KB, 1242x1330, BA0745B1-D213-4937-85C7-9FB9A2…)

It was in thread 61, here’s a link to the post >>1075808

No. 1721473

>very dark and serious tweets
>"buttstuffbarbie" username above them

No. 1721492

What's the difference between say my name 3.99 and say my name 4.99?

No. 1721498

File: 1670452205272.jpg (277.9 KB, 1080x1894, Screenshot_20221207-162802_Chr…)

No. 1721505

I know it's low hanging fruit to say this but they look like trannies

No. 1721507

The mondo bun on her head with the prom king crown still destroys me kek

No. 1721510

It's the tone of her makeup vs her shoulder for me

No. 1721511

File: 1670453214521.jpg (222.12 KB, 1080x1339, Screenshot_20221207-162725_Chr…)

No. 1721519

gtfo fujoshit go to your containment thread on ot or g or wherever that cursed place is

No. 1721525

>la dispute thigh tattoo

whores are not allowed to like la dispute

No. 1721538

Both their teefs are brown

No. 1721542

What I don't getbabout Shayna is apparently she walls around in these I'll fitting outfits, gunt hanging out, but then in pictures she tries to hide it showing her very flat ass back. I legit think she started wearing the Cheetah Bra because she realized she'd he get more attention from cleveage then showing her flat ass. I do not get why she thinks she has a ass worth showing. Everytime I see it I'm reminded of a textbook.

No. 1721567

the old lady dom looked more in danger of getting her bones crushed from shayna’s weight than shayna looked while getting spanked

No. 1721576

i get the vibe that pixie is the SWer that Shayna compares herself to. She seems to be the target of lot of Shaynas vague tweets. Shayna is at her absolutely heaviest and ugliest right now and she strikes me as someone who wouldnt go see a frienemy unless shes “doing good” and “looking good” to keep up the fantasy that she actually IS doing good and looking good.

No. 1721596

land before time looking fuck

No. 1721597

Shayna's very competitive and it's funny because you can't "Tell" by how she carries herself. Of course we know she thinks she's the most creative hardest working sex worker ever.
I believe she makes sure she works with women she thinks she looks better than or are on her "level". So she won't "Steal" aka compare herself to them truly.
Notice at Fatcon besides dancing and helping with the Booth, she doesn't seem as lively as she does when she's around the uggos from that gross school girl thing. Pixie being thin with a decent enough body, is enough for Shayna never to truly want to work with her. Plus like 99% of the women she's around, Shayna's probably also taller than her.
Side-note, Imagine dating multiple people, but wanting to die over snapchat. I'm sure that makes Ellen feel good, I'm sure she vents to Ellen but that doesn't matter. Whats matter is if scrotes online and other sex workers sympathize with her. Who cares about her "Real life" relationships. Shayna takes advatange of everyone around her in some ways, while giving nothing. Only sorry weirdos women like Ellen stays around because she's Shayna in the future. Scrotes always get tired of her ass and leave her in the dust. Tragic

No. 1721605

File: 1670457909152.jpg (7.69 KB, 228x221, shayna moment.jpg)


No. 1721615

?? her lips are tiny

No. 1721702

kek i think they are saying shayna's body shape looks like that when she wears the ham hock dress

No. 1721724

I'm losing it why would she post this pic for her coomers to see? Kek

No. 1721728

i fucking loathe the ugly ass lip thing she does, isn't their a picture of young fupaul doing that? It's so ugly and goofy looking

No. 1721772

She's got the James Charles special going on, I don't get how a "bimbo" fails at every level. Literally none of the other girls seem to have this problem too, so it just makes her stand out even more. Clowncore fits Shayna.

No. 1721788

I think this is why shes not going to that con in January. She was all about these cons and events. But I looked it up when her "collab" with Pixie and that other whore got posted as not happening and that convention is for actual porn stars and adult entertainers. The pictures on the twitter were all skinny and attractive porn stars that were going to be getting awards and stuff. Even Pixie and these other crusty cam whores dont really fit in lol. I mean im sure there will be uggos and onlyfans thots, but it is way different than Fetcon that was just a cesspool pf disgusting degenerates. Still a gross porn sick gathering, but idk it just came off as classier and more legit somehow with a higher tier of whores and their coomers kek

No. 1721796

No job. No friends. Nothing going for them. So much of losers that having to make your amazon wishlist again is a huge inconvenience…. i wish that was my biggest problem. I wish having my socials deleted was my biggest problem. This bitch really got the worst first world, self inflicted problems ive ever fucking seen.

No. 1721841

Original anon, yes about her being a fuckin fridge, but also that her setting powder/foundation creates a white cast in pictures taken with flash. Same thing happened to James Charles in that one meme pic of him. (sorry for makeupfagging)

No. 1721872

File: 1670474289795.jpeg (888.76 KB, 1242x1264, D0E143E6-5320-44E9-8635-66BF0A…)

No. 1721873

File: 1670474361328.jpeg (270.9 KB, 1242x819, 45BC9901-30A6-4DBC-913E-41BC07…)

2/2 Shay and her wolf pack gonna have a crusty christmas get together

No. 1721875

imagine the smell of all those degenerates in one room

No. 1721878

Shayna is fat and she stinks.

No. 1721879

Jfc I know it gets repeated ad nauseam but fat, ugly, degenerate Shaynus, her fat, ugly degenerate “mumma” and her fat, ugly degenerate coomers truly are literal retards, this is so tragic. Other people are posting photos of their beautifully decorated gingerbread houses and chocolate yule logs and she posts whatever the fuck this is

No. 1721882

Absolutely fetid. I wonder if she’ll get so drunk that she posts pictures of them all on twitter

No. 1721884

Depressing. Merry Milkmas.

No. 1721885

this is what normal people would do with regular friends, Shayna.

No. 1721889

I think she has forgotten what friends are and what is like to have friends. And not just people providing a 'thing/service'. Bleak

No. 1721912

It would be nice if shayna quit sex work together with that other girl thanks to the power of friendship

No. 1721934

Wow you are right, she literally doesn’t have a single friend or relationship that isn’t her sex work. And all of her social media is her sex work. She literally doesn’t exist beyond sex work wtf

No. 1721944

Nonas I am having a mild existential crisis tonight. Who is Shayna?? How can “Buttstuffbarbie” literally be all there is to a person

No. 1721946

It’s like if a policeman only had social media where they posted police things and only went to police officer functions and dressed up as policemen in their free time. Or if a teacher only had social media where they were talking about the alphabet or something, nothing else existed of them

No. 1721952

if you were trying to sell part of yourself online would you really want to show part of yourself that didn't fit with this character you've created? anything that could possibly alienate they pornsick scrotes is a no-go. I feel like Shay has a lot in common with the Japanese idols who can't make any of their relationships public because that would destroy the completely unrealistic fantasy of them as available to their obsessed neckbeard fan base.

No. 1721953

porn not part of yourself

No. 1721960

Nah she just never mentally developed beyond highschool and has porn brain rot. She doesn't have the minimal intelligence, creativity, and commitment to get into any hobbies or do anything with herself.
And comparing her to a high tier like idols is a joke. At her bottom barrel dime a dozen whore level, the coomers genuinely do not care. Especially since she's running with the whole poly and prostitute stuff now. She's available and desperate and they know that.
She is the character she created because she curated it as a 17 or 18 year old and never grew or developed an actual personality. She could have at least made the character more interesting and attractive but she's also stupid and lazy to a fault.

No. 1722108

Oh, anon, you are giving Shayna wayyyy too much credit. I agree that if she were smarter, that’s what she would be doing, but there is way too much milk in these threads for her to be making any real attempts at cultivating a persona. Years of sad fupaposting, suicide baiting, sharing her weird/gross medical problems, family interactions…
Shay probably has BPD or another serious cluster b disorder that prevents her from developing a whole and authentic sense of self. Coomers are where most of her validation has come from since she was a teenager, so the persona she has developed is in alignment with what has gotten her the most coomer validation over the years. She mistakes this for having a sales strategy/marketing skills, failing to realize that, for other ewhores, the sales strategy is an act that they can put on or take off, with a real person underneath. With Shayna, there is no real self underneath, only deep emptiness. She even admitted it in a last thread—this is all there is to her. Lugubrious indeed.

No. 1722121

Shayna IS Dolly Mattel/Dolly Mattel is Shayna. She has no interests she doesn't exploit/sexualize or mention on her social media. She gets mad she can't "show off" her fake boyfriends. Everything in her life has been connected to sex work, I can think of those two random chicks she took a picture with at a bar, of the only non-sex work connected people she's been seen with in YEARS.
I dont blame her either, what does Shayna have to talk about? Sex work, the games she plays sometimes, Netflix documentaries? Sex work? Lolcow? Being cancelled? Boring disgusting stories from cons (sex work), vent about how she's depressed because her sex work career isn't going how she wants etc. Maybe complain about her family,because again, they don't accept sex work.
Who else would want to listen to that as a friend? Which is why everyone around her is involved in sex work/want to get sex from her so they WILL listen somewhat.
Shayna is as deep as spit on the sidewalk.

No. 1722123

In fact the only thing she hides seems to be embrassing shit. Her families pleas, her boob situation etc.
I legit feel like she only admitted the "He worships my asshole" thing, because she wanted to start admitting MORE of what she's doing but making it seem "girl boss".
>He's my foot slave
>He jacks off on my feet
>I get naked and he worships my body
>He massages my body and worships my body
>He puts his whole face in my asshole
And soon to be announced
>Oh my god, he worshipped my body by inserting his penis in my asshole and licking it
>He's paying me X amount of dollars for sex
I would'nt be surpised if the next stream she does (whenever that will be, probably New Years) she announces that

No. 1722139

Shaynus is too much of a friendless loser for that. I agree that smarter camhoes won't get into their personal lives on their sex work pages though.

No. 1722162

I hate the fanfics you dumb anons write. She’s never going to quit sex work. She isn’t redeemable. It’s too late for her. When she logs off her hugbox twitter and enters the real world, she’s a laughing stock. This bitch wears diapers and pacifiers for her porn. That’s disgusting. I can assure you that people find her disgusting. That’s why she’s always cooped up in her disgusting hovel. She’s not normal. She’s equivalent to a nasty neck beard who eats Doritos all day and jerks off to anime. Just enjoy the shitshow. Shayna is garbage I don’t see why you’d want her to redeem herself. Shes not a good person

No. 1722164

File: 1670516123149.jpeg (71.23 KB, 933x509, 1F27A7EA-661E-4C80-8CF4-E0616F…)

>It would be nice if shayna quit sex work together with that other girl thanks to the power of friendship

No. 1722181

Some over baked, stale looking, undecorated Christmas cookies. How impressive

No. 1722193

>literally gassing them

No. 1722195

she really can't do anything. no skills whatsoever. that's why she tries to LARP the "bimbo lifestyle" lol it's her cope

No. 1722208

Is this not just a reply to
But in the form of one of those “totally happened” stories? Kinda seems like it.

No. 1722298

File: 1670525625261.jpeg (299.77 KB, 1170x546, 4A6FEBC8-CF2D-473A-BEB0-22A6B5…)

Shay, that’s not your “mental illness.” You just expect every single person to shower you with unlimited attention

No. 1722300

File: 1670525692971.jpeg (211.55 KB, 1170x559, CD4C48BB-7488-443F-9C53-34BE44…)

Back to sexualizing children shows

No. 1722302

File: 1670525762356.jpeg (336.41 KB, 1170x1009, 6386DF58-33CC-47C8-B2D7-29560B…)

You do catfish though. You edit the hell out of all your pictures compared to how you look in videos

No. 1722307

File: 1670526213986.jpeg (62.73 KB, 690x284, A6784165-84DE-49EB-8D73-FEF1B6…)

she deleted this earlier. she wakes up so miserable and ugly

No. 1722310

Literally what

No. 1722314


Iconic self-own.

I nominate this screencap for threadbpic/collage hall of fame

No. 1722321

Oh so like those baby getting drugged by their mom and dad posts?

No. 1722324

They're probably calling her a catfish when they see her old videos compared to how she looks now

No. 1722330

why does she talk about this offhandedly, like she has no control? “thats crazy man!” uh no, it is a personality flaw easily fixed with therapy and self-work. people who actually care about other humans beings and themselves actually try to make progress towards bettering their mental health instead of sitting on twitter dwelling on it. On her work twitter of all places. Bitch get a friend.

No. 1722338

Catfishing is presenting yourself untruthfully, so literally everyone who is a catfish is a catfish OF THEMSELVES.

No. 1722339

it must kill her that there arent enough people in her life who care about her and are actually her friends or family to make it worth while to have a personal twitter/social. i think ellen is her only real friend. shes an attention whore tho, her brain is just wired that way now. she could 20 best friends and 5 close sisters and cousins, and she’d still wanna brag to the abyss, then show her prolapsed asshole for good measure. she’ll never leave the net.

No. 1722398

Because she's retarded and addicted to being a victim. It's why she won't quit sexwork and go be a normal degenerate that works at a sex shop. Where's the victimization supposed to fit in when you're getting a stable paycheck and interacting with humans daily?

The only thing that'd make shaynus quit attention whoring online is if a scrote she felt was worth it told her to stop. And even then, she probably wouldn't last long until she either gets dropped on her ass or spirals out and cries abuse.

No. 1722408

holy shit imagine feeling that insecure in your relationships. this is the kind of neediness that drives ppl away, when's she getting therapy?

No. 1722411

she does have a point. absolutely no one who's posting these threads regularly should be proud of themselves

but Shay desperately needs to discover what shame is herself

No. 1722414

Even her jokes don't make any sense

No. 1722443

If she's having sex with men she could easily become pregnant and decide to keep it. At that point I hope some local anon calls CPS and shows that the metric ton of pedophilic pornography she's produced.

No. 1722452

you don’t need old videos tho, she’s still looking like a catfish if you compare her recently pics to her recent videos

No. 1722455

She is probably way too unhealthy and too boozed up to get viably pregnant I fucking hope

No. 1722457

I’m really not stupid enough to understand what she’s trying to say here, ironically she’s too stupid to understand what they’re trying to say to her. Kek

No. 1722472

If she's so pretty why is she broke?

No. 1722473

File: 1670535902486.jpeg (448.05 KB, 1242x1462, 109DF957-D8B7-4EB0-A6F8-A65FAB…)

The hungry hungry hippo ate all the damn cookies kek

No. 1722476

Shame is unhealthy. If you feel bad for posting then stop posting. I don't give a fuck.

No. 1722516

Thankfully, she's not good enough at sex to get pregnant. Based on what we've seen when she was attempting to hookup with the abuser faggot, it will be a long time until she has babies. Sorry for sperg but she's also vain as hell and doesn't want childbirth 'ruining her body'.
good God, I think we jinxed it. She might get pregnant to spite the thread and her parents

Feeder saga when? I know she uses twitter as her diary, but it sure is a choice to not have a non SW side account/private. If some moid comes up and asks for feeder content she'll be so mad.

No. 1722529

>not good enough at sex to get pregnant

No. 1722534

agree, plus she mentions everytime she cleans her apartment or goes to a restaurant, if she had some secret exciting life and interest she would talk about it

No. 1722553

So Ellen went from “mumma” to “mommy” status

No. 1722554

Shayna is the type of bitch to look the other way when her child is showing signs of being abused by her moid boyfriend. Or to not believe her child when they say they’re being molested. I hate this disgusting pedo pandering bitch

No. 1722559

She's finally taking our advice and starting her feeder saga, thriving!

No. 1722571

File: 1670540655252.jpeg (312.04 KB, 1242x715, 5351A09D-C378-436F-B0B2-AC86B9…)

If you’re a doll, then you’re chucky. Ugly bitch

No. 1722578

i bet she gets high on weed and starts rambling stupid shit on twitter. i feel like her moids (some) realize that the posts are one dimensional and soulless, hell i’ve seen legit pornstars engage better with their fans

No. 1722588

These tweets count as work for her. I find it hilarious she whines about the sex work community but she barely interacts with any fucking body, unless she's having a break down or complaining. She isn't friendly very shut off and talks at people/makes retarded sex posts for attention.

No. 1722606

Theyre unfrosted crappy premade dough sugar cookies… fatty chill

No. 1722607

Why did I read that like bad hs emo poetry kek

No. 1722624

she really is awful at her job. the only time I see her interacting with people on twitter, it's to shit talk them, subtle tweet, cause drama. If its not drama then its just "lol" or "thanks!". She has no idea how to maintain relationships irl or with her customers.

No. 1722756

Ugly people catfish. Pretty people don’t catfish. Why is this a brag?

No. 1722766

Ima hypnotize her and make her eat vegetables and take care of her dog

No. 1722774

KEK reminds me of the beginning of the Fupasaga where one of his rules for her was to drink water everyday.

No. 1722785

Loved how she cried abuse when he tried to get her to go to the gym, get therapy/take meds, not use her vape, drink water, etc. Not saying hes not a piece of shit and was toxic and gross because moid but it's funny. Especially because she sometimes would blame him for her weight gain and look at her now. He did take her to cheemsburgners and taphouses, sure. But I feel like she truly ballooned when she left the Fupa Mansion and never stopped.

No. 1722901

File: 1670580270962.jpeg (449.54 KB, 828x1151, 7B23E86D-F61D-4E65-80D4-E73E01…)

I want to a-log this fat piece of shit so fucking hard

No. 1722904

She literally had a mental breakdown over being politely asked to suck a dick, yet she thinks she wants this?
You’re too tubby to be kidnapped, Hogna.

No. 1722906

File: 1670580677873.jpeg (410.94 KB, 828x971, 786F0B82-AEC8-49A0-9138-D716DE…)

What the fuck

No. 1722912

File: 1670581221827.png (767.56 KB, 828x971, shaypig.png)

This would be more accurate and even then it's an insult towards an intelligent animal.

No. 1722918

Didn't she share this exact kind of post a few threads ago? I also remember someone making a similar edit to this one kek

No. 1722923

As someone who experienced violent stranger assault in my home, I very politely wish Shatna would you know what very painfully in a puddle of her own vomit. She is bottom of the barrel disgusting.

No. 1722929

This fucking fat rat. I saw a story about a little girl who was abducted from her garden and murdered by a delivery driver in Texas. I’m all the way in Europe and it was news here so I know this scumbag has seen it and she’s posting shit like this? Lord give me the strength not to a-log. She’s the worst of humanity and if coming here to rant about what her fantasy lifestyle does to real women and girls is shameful then I bathe in that shame.

No. 1722936

She seems to think all these ideas (assault, torture, etc) are all fun and games until she actually gets into a situation that goes slightly wrong, like how she wants to have "mumma and daddy" at the same time or whatever gross shit but couldn't even handle doing anything whatsoever with Vivi and her boyfriend.
For whatever its worth nona I'm so sorry that happened to you and that disgusting people like Shayna try and sexualize it.

No. 1722958

I’m truly so fucking sorry for what you went through nona, this is exactly why I hate Shayna so fucking much. It makes my blood boil that women and girls experience horrific violence at the hands of males and this fat fuck attempts to normalise it as being “kinky”. If hell exists I hope she burns there for all eternity and then some. Disgusting subhuman waste of oxygen and resources.

No. 1722976

What gets me is Shayna is a fan of true crime documentaries, and I'm sure if we went back to her giving wack ass reviews,we'd probably see some of her "fantasies" match up with common things that happen in those documentary. Like she talked about the In Clear Sight (I forgot the name, I think it's this) where- retarded parents allow a disgusting man to sleep in their daughters bed. Kidnaps her twice. He seduces the mom/dad. In the documentary he brainwashed her into thinking she was a alien.
Didn't she make a tweet going. "Trying to calm down by watching true crime docs" or something? I cannot be convinced she doesn't subconsciously or on purpose base her fake fantasies off of actual crime cases she's watched. I mean, she has zero personality or creativity. Everything she consumes becomes apart of her personality.

No. 1722977

Thank you nonitas. Therapy has helped a lot but Shaynus enrages me so deeply. Oddly enough though sometimes coming here to her threads and seeing nonnas like you and others absolutely shred her for her disgusting fetishistic ways is somewhat cathartic. She is primordial ooze and I can’t wait til she’s 400lbs.

No. 1722980

She says it for attention. This idiot claimed last year that, "I used to think this was kinky. But when you are in a situation where it happens it's different" or some shit. Yet look at her now? If someone doesn't get her weed it's abuse. Shayna just thinks that everyone watching her will 100% play by the rules, oh they won't hurt you. They aren't actually violent. The reason shayna does this is because so far she hasn't truly been harmed by a man. Fupauls abuse was seen by us but not by her, because she only got mad when he broke up with her. She WILL get in another relationship based off nothing but kink and expect these scrotes to truly love and care for her. She's very lucky in how she lives nothing has happened to her.

No. 1722996

She makes me sick. She's not even into the shit she posts about, this bitch literally chimped out when vivi kissed her on the cheek? Her posting this stuff is even more rage inducing. I've never known someone try to be a pickme so hard and not get picked

No. 1723010

She went to Vivi's trailer park to shoot sex content, and when her boyfriend asked if she would be into b/g content with a blowjob scene she immediately freaked out and called them unprofessional. I've never understood why she couldn't have just said 'No thanks' and continued on with what they planned? She can't even handle being asked a question let alone trying to indulge in some rape fantasy.

No. 1723016

File: 1670596076833.jpg (101.39 KB, 1000x563, beluga-whales-rescued-vegan-pl…)

Maybe 200 pounds ago Shayna. Imaginary captor would need one of those whale nets

No. 1723025

i really don’t get her sometimes, what is so hard about giving a simple bj? especially as a so called sex worker? and she wants to call herself a “porn star”???? it isn’t like they were asking her to do anything super crazy either. she is only happy to receive sex from others which is so incredibly selfish. she is just odd as fuck and a walking paradox. like why be in this industry if you can’t do your job right? and then she wonders why she can’t get anyone to look at her “porn” or pay for her shitty nudes.

No. 1723029


Feel like she made a huge deal out of that because of Sol, Vivi said that she talked about Sol to her, so it's clear that her flying out, sucking his dick and all the drama really bothered Dumbna. All the disgusting scrote did was ask the disgusting scrotte who came to their fucking house, to film content to work with him to film content.
She said no and he didn't pressure her or anything. I seriously don't see the big deal about it. She doesn't have to suck his dick, she wasn't forced too. She felt uncomfortable but he didn't push her onto it.
>Whats so hard about it
I mean, she doesn't have to suck his dick.Even if she said she wanted too and later said, "never mind i'm good' there's nothing wrong with that. Acting like it was some kind of harassment is retarded.
ALSO, why go to someone's fucking house, you met off of twitter, seeing MULTIPLE POSTS of them togeather talking about you, knowing he'd be there and what MAY be suggested, but then acting like a victim when shit goes wrong? Nothing that neither said happened was anything more then just Shayuna feeling Uncomfortable and leaving.
Wasting everyone's time. Instead of explaining to Vivi that she clearly wasn't going to say shit, which is why Vivi was so pissed and felt used.

No. 1723043

Shayna is sex repulsed. She only chose to whore herself out because of the attention she was getting. She's also too retarded to do anything else, girl can't even make pasta on her own.

Being sex repulsed but useless at anything other than sex will lead you lash out at randoms who expect you to come do the job you signed up for I guess.

No. 1723057

She's a performative literal retard. I wish she had enough clout on the internet to be publicly destroyed for her awful "kinks" that aren't even real because she's a prude deep down. But its a small win that not only is she a good for nothing, friendless loser, she also has been in the sex industry years and has failed miserably. No one knows who she is, or cares.

No. 1723058

>what is so hard about giving a simple bj?
well if you've ever seen shayna gav on 1 inch of dildo before you'd know the oh-so freaky seduce-your-dad nympho herself finds it incredibly hard

No. 1723078

i mean it isn’t my fault her dumb ass still can’t figure out how to suck on a dick, top fucking kek. you would think after all these years flopping about she would get better at her “job”… but it is the other way around. she makes my brain hurt whenever i venture into her threads to see what she has been up to, because everything she does is either a retarded epic fail over something incredibly simple that most other whores do without effort, or just incredibly ironic in its stupidity. like other anons said, all she has to do is politely decline a job/scene she doesn’t want to do and keep it moving. but nope, she has to have a fucking nuclear meltdown over giving a random scrote a bj when she will then willingly hop in bed with whatever ugly ass man will breathe in her general direction for more than 10 minutes. that’s why i find her so paradoxical; she puts the bare minimum into sex work and has clearly reached the point where she is over it, but chugs on because the two shreds of pride she has left are invested in proving everyone wrong and pretending she’s going to snatch a hot older man who will indulge all her desires.

No. 1723127

tell me you hate yourself and are severely depressed without telling me you hate yourself and are severely depressed

No. 1723160

Nona I am so sorry for what you have been through.. it infuriates me to know that women like Shayna will do anything for attention and even go as far as to sexualize something as traumatizing like this. I know there is a special place in hell for people like her.

No. 1723161

Thats because Vivi is female and that was her scrote. If a moid had kissed her neck she wouldve posted to twitter how hot it was. If it happened at one of her degen meet ups, she wouldve just declined the bj but bragged later that some perv wanted her to suck him off.
But because they wanted to make sex content with her and they were already a couple + Shay was at least not attracted to Vivi, she flipped out. Shay only wants to make content where she gets to flop over and beached whale or get spanked or smacked in bondage aka do basically nothing and lay there and make retarded noises.

No. 1723170

"getting beach whale'd" is a perfection description of shayna's sex life.

No. 1723201

wut lol. Shame is a perfectly healthy & necessary emotion. If you do something shameful, it is absolutely healthy to feel shame. What even is this take.

No. 1723202

…Shayna… calling someone a catfish is literally calling them ugly. How does she constantly embarrass herself so hard?

No. 1723206

Remember when Shayna wrapped empty boxes last year to put under her christmas tree? pepperidge farms remembers.

No. 1723208

> she's not good enough at sex to get pregnant
That’s not how it works but okay lmfao

No. 1723213

Nayrt but it is unhealthy to regularly engage in things that cause you to feel shame. If you feel shame from posting here then the healthy response would be to stop. That's the purpose of feeling shame.

No. 1723224

I love all you shayfags that pop up with autistic little tidbits about her life no joke it's always something funny as hell.

No. 1723226

That's exactly what I'm saying though. Everyone needs shame. It's a healthy internal indicator of when you should stop doing something destructive/gross. Without it, you end up like Shaynus.
Idk, maybe that's what the other anon was trying to say. The way she worded though makes it sound like she thinks people should never feel shame. Like one of those terminally online people who call everything "xyz-shaming" as a way to dodge responsibility for doing xyz. Like "help, I'm being NEET-shamed!! Stop whore-shaming me reee"

No. 1723228

4 days late, but why does it look like she sharpened her eye bags. This bitch really edited everything but her ball sack wrinkles. Shayna is a rare breed of stupid

No. 1723231

>Thankfully, she's not good enough at sex to get pregnant.
KEK my mind is blown by this. I absolutely need to know how you think sex works or how pregnancy occurs.

No. 1723233

File: 1670616103406.jpeg (790.04 KB, 1123x887, 33A06139-3957-4550-B01C-411CC4…)

reality vs face tuned

No. 1723237

With respect to rats… you can put a bow on a sewer rat, but its still a sewer rat. Filters and editing can't fix ugly.

No. 1723243

Kek, I think even an olympic powerlifter would have a job slinging that fat hog over their back.

No. 1723248

Looking like a single mum of 4 ready for a night oot in newcastle

No. 1723277

Shayna, if someone actually wanted to kidnap you, they're not getting very far.

No. 1723291

File: 1670619695723.jpeg (411.34 KB, 828x791, 2EDC4FE9-D140-4C4A-B804-A67774…)

Ffs Shat, stop posting your pets on your porn account and brush your long haired cat’s fur, this is fucking neglect

No. 1723307

It looks like a mop ffs

No. 1723333

File: 1670621159311.jpeg (220.1 KB, 1170x1759, 62A16FF2-0F8A-4740-9BDD-8C5359…)

this shit is so disgustingly dirty, I know it prob smells like mildew from sitting at the bottom of a trash bag

No. 1723371

Even if I wasn’t aware of the fact that this fat retard never bathes I’d assume she stinks, she always looks so greasy and grimy. Legit pictures you can smell. Spicy BO, bong water, cat piss, mildew and literal shit. Disgusting pedo whore.

No. 1723377

you know how that old, tight crop top you have from high school that you wore every other week for years smells under the armpits? like it's freshly washed but it never got washed with sanitizer or hot enough to kill the sweat bacteria inside the fabric? i just know that every single one of fat shats ill-fitting tops has that smell in the armpits. but with her hygiene and the way she always buys two sizes too small, she doesn't have to wear them for years. a few times and there's yellow, encrusted sweat bacteria in the armpits. sorry for the detailed rant but i have to think about that every time i see her in too small clothing that chafes her armpits

No. 1723382

Omg I thought anon edited this! She’s giving me white chicks vibes with her over editing. Can’t fix ugly, truly unfortunate.

No. 1723389

Umm…no, I don't know that smell

No. 1723390

Wow I hate you for making me think about this.

No. 1723408

So should every woman who does porn have to do a “simple bj” for every man who asks? There’s a way to criticize shayna and her antics without sounding like an absolute incel

No. 1723416

Not that anon and I don’t know if this is what they’re referring to but Shayna apparently agreed to make “content” involving Vivi’s scrote before she arrived at the degenerate trailer

No. 1723428

She abused the airbrush tool, reminds me of the famous Adam Sandler Click poster.

No. 1723429

Mr. Peanut butter looks good, but Ribmeat could use a combing and bathing. The fur looks greasy.

No. 1723435

Any woman is allowed change her mind and not give someone a blowjob if she doesn't want to you fucking retard scrote.

No. 1723439

Her pets have such retarded names, animal names that start with “mr” are especially cringeworthy. That aside, the long haired cat needs to be taken to a groomer, it’s a disgrace. It’s probably extremely unhappy trapped in her putrid apartment. Having three pets in an apartment is revolting in itself, not only is it dirty (even more so given that she’s a filthy slob who never cleans) but it’s unfair on the animals

No. 1723442

i agree with >>1723435 - but this wasn't even what the issue was. if i remember correctly, they were all spitballing content ideas and he threw it out there as a suggestion and shat acted like it was sexual harassment.

No. 1723450

Yes. But I think theyre trying to say it's not like she didn't know and it was totally out of pocket. She tried to act like it was a huge traumatic shock. Same with Vivi kissing her neck or whatever. Like she agreed to make content with them and could very well see Vivi was interested in her. Knew the moid would be there and involved. But acted like she got assaulted by Vivi and disrespected by being asked if she wanted to suck the dudes dick. Yes even as a whore you are allowed to have boundaries and comfort levels and you can say no. But she was just so absurd and dramatic about it all and it's especially retarded when you see how she is with coomers on their own that she lets in her house and ass apparently. Bitch just had a problem with Vivi because female and didnt want to work. She couldve been professional but she chose to take the drama route.

No. 1723453

She's said herself Rib hates Noodle and hides. Like admitted she practically lost Rib for a couple days and the cat ended up being in a cupboard or something hiding out. It needs to be groomed badly. I think it was ok when it was her only pet, but hates the dog and probably isnt keen on the other cat. Bitch has too many pets for an apartment and being disgusting, poor, lazy, and stupid.

No. 1723457

File: 1670628837855.jpg (655.27 KB, 800x1286, BaconGreaseFattel.jpg)

Can't be unseen

No. 1723466

Shay is retarded and dramatic about everything. That doesn't give you license to act like a rapist scrote.

No. 1723475

Labradors have the temperament of an autistic toddler so her fat dog probably terrorises the fuck out of the cats, and there’s no way she has properly socialised the cats so you’re probably right about them not liking each other.

No. 1723479

I think she just wanted to get out of making anything with those two degens, she was happy to take their booze and drugs but was too lazy to film anything so she lost her shit as an excuse to go home without filming. Didnt vivi say that she was flirty with the moid too? I mean she could have been making that up but knowing how much shatna hates women and does everything she does purely for scrote attention it wouldnt surprise me

No. 1723482

I wasnt the original anon but again, I think that anon and myself were just saying it wasnt as shocking and bad as she made it seem. No one is saying she wasnt allowed to change her mind and say no chill the fuck out. Its the way she painted it and her overreaction thats the issue, Not that she acted like she was fine with it all and changed her mind there. No one is saying people cant revoke consent or be uncomfortable. I literally said even as whore you're allowed to have boundaries and say no regardless of circumstance so fuck off. No one is shitting on her for saying no, its how she handled the whole situation and how she tried to paint it.

No. 1723493

Read this post retard >>1723025 it's completely indistinguishable from something a rapist scrote would say.

No. 1723495

Look you're either retarded sis, or mummy ellan/shart.

Shaymu blows everything out of proportion.

No. 1723499

Anons aren't saying Shay was required to put out for an ewhores dusty scrote, they're comparing her psycho ass "I want someone to rape me" tweets to the ridiculousness of her getting offended when a scrote asks her to suck his dick. It's fine if she didn't want to touch moids past their expiration date but just a month ago she was talking about how she was using the forced electroshock conversion therapy scene from AHS as porn to masturbate to. Shes promoting violence against women in almost everything she tweets but then goes over to some porn den slum where gerd queen and her used napkin boyfriend shoot sweaty unappealing puke porn all day and gets upset when she sees the grime reality of the shit she posts. It's not Shaynas fault for promoting, cultivating a circle full of degenrates and legitimately asking scrotes to do the most vile shit to her, it's of course the OTHER mentally ill and probably traumatized prostitutes fault for doing exactly what she's been doing while Shay interacted with her.

That's why these stupid ewhores are so insidious. They advertise and normalize the most wicked evil shit from the comfort of their neet dens but the moment they come into contact with an actual totally fucked up and mentally ill sex worker they all of a sudden remember it's real life and get uncomfortable but they will never self reflect and realize it's the entire fucking shit "industry" and not just bad actors. They cry sexual harassment and then turn right back around and profit off of the idea that sexually harassing women is memeable, funny and normal to jerk off to. Anons don't just hate Shay because she's a fat stupid cunt. She's a fat stupid cunt because she promotes incest, rape and is a pedophile.

No. 1723501

dude she went to the puke porn trailer with the intent to film porno, she literally calls herself a pornstar and fantasizes about being a raped baby. It us not outrageous to ask her for a bj. Yes she should absolutely be able to say no, but she literally flew out to the pornhole and ate their foodstamps under the guise of shooting horrifying ddlg babyrape guns pushed out of the camera's view porno.
That was the whole point of her trip. Shooting porn, that is what they agreed on.

No. 1723506

Oh her new body hack is wearing clearly too small clothing and using it to restrain her lopsided boobers so they can look even/perky for a picture?

No. 1723514

Exactly. She went there to shoot porn with both of them. Of course she’s allowed to change her mind but the moid asking her to suck him off wasn’t out of the blue and her acting like it was after she went to that crack den for the explicit purpose of shooting porn with both of them and making a huge scene on twitter is pretty “unprofessional”

No. 1723524

>Shayna is all talk and a lot of scrotes sense that
>a lot

For every 100 scrotes that know Shaynus is living in a fantasy world there are a handful of actual moids who's paraphillias will be emboldened. Shes not providing creeps and outlet for the "sexual frustration" she's giving them a taste of something their brains are hardwired to be compulsively obsessed with and as soon as they get sick of watching a fat full grown woman in a diaper and pigtails talk they'll move on to something that's more realistic to them. That's why what Shay does is legitmately a-log inducing and scary.

No. 1723534

I thought Shaynus was supposed to be trying out a new, regular weekly cam schedule kek. Can't even stay on top of that

No. 1723547

leave the toon out of this

No. 1723569

Tbf I was actually replying in response to this comment >>1723416
Not >>1723025 I guess the first bit can be read a bit off hand, but maybe theyre trying to say sucking some dick for content shoudnt be a big deal for someone who claims to be a slutty bimbo porn star and has been at this shit for 5 years. No its not required and she shouldnt be forced or expected to if she doesn't want to, though. She did act like it was so crazy and rude of him to put it on the table though after they already talked about making content. Idk I wasn't replying or adding to what that anon was saying anyway in the first place lol

No. 1723572

I completely forgot lol

No. 1723587

sure, but then to claim they abused her is absolute bullshit. also if you’re going someplace to film content, aka do your job, it’s pretty unprofessional to dip out at the last minute. it’s like an actress getting on set after agreeing to everything and then saying “nah I don’t want to do this anymore” and when asked about it, she tells everyone she was abused and victimized.

No. 1723595

File: 1670639378246.jpeg (348.85 KB, 1242x1558, E94267CC-109B-4A4B-95C0-DCB5A1…)

i dont get the great debate here, i thought it was obvious as hell she just used the dick sucking comment as an excuse to get the fuck out of there. she clearly just thought vivi and her moid were disgusting. like look at the picrel, theyre in a dirty cheap ass trailer. vivi does legit squirting piss and puke porn in there on those nasty blue carpets. both the trailer and vivi/moid probably smelled fucking gross. like one of those, its been so long they dont notice it, type things. shayna saw an opportunity to escape and took it.

No. 1723598

why are yall acting like shayna went to a professional shoot. kek. she went to a trailer to meet some crusty druggies because no one else will collab with her. when she got there she realized they were nasty and changed her mind. im team shaynus on this one. vivi is fucking grody.

No. 1723605

you are weird. Shayna was literally finally amongst her people there, crusty, stinky, degenerate druggies. Literally the only thing Shayna has on Vivi is that she doesn't puke on camera, but Vivi also has like legit fucking crazy out of her mind mental illness. They are equally nasty if you give Vivi the mental illness buff. Plus Shayna has a family that wants to help her, Vivi is clearly like an orphan or some shit.

No. 1723607

>the only thing Shayna has on Vivi is that she doesn't puke on camera
Vivi doesn't shit on camera, shayna does lmfao, they're even as far as that's concerned

No. 1723621

File: 1670641946939.jpeg (937.07 KB, 1170x1412, AD2FF1E2-E15B-4DF0-8FCC-50292B…)

Still has that ugly ass tree

No. 1723628

Yeah when Shayna recorded herself pissing while sitting bare-assed on a filthy public toilet in a bar, stuck her finger in her snatch and sucked the piss from her fingers, she reached maximum degeneracy in terms of hygiene on cam. The difference between her and Vivi is the difference between Coke and Coca-Cola.

No. 1723647

And yet Shayna thinks she is so much better than Vivi. So much ego with nothing to back it up.

No. 1723652

Lmao this lonely ass retard who is gonna have presents down there? Ellen and her? Kekkkk bleak
Remember when farmers called her cute and kissed her ass kek disgusting, her and her herpes bf trying to have threesomes with other random fatties I bet you it’s only girls that they’re open with like the pickme vivi is

No. 1723671

The major difference between Shayna and Vivi is that Vivi has some self awareness, she knows and readily admits she’s a mentally ill degenerate, Shayna thinks she’s a classy spoiled bimbo who is just uwu kinky. She’s probably jealous that Vivi has an actual scrote too, I can see her getting to the trailer and seething over not being the centre of moid attention

No. 1723673

there's also the flipside that it was unprofessional of vivi and moid to present workspace that was just an unsanitary hovel. if you actually READ the texts between them >>1506302 vivi herself says her bf was unprofessional and shayna says she was under the impression she was only going to be working with vivi. i get that the dude just asked a question, but nobody knows the context in which he asked. she obviously got duped into thinking she'd have space away from this guy, and probably showed up to a messy shed of a trailer with this moid constantly lurking because he literally has no where else to go except outside to kick rocks.

No. 1723674

I remember farmers kissing her ass because they wanted the milk but I don’t remember anyone calling her cute. She looked extra hilarious standing next to Shaymu too because she’s even taller and more manly looking. If you showed me a picture of the two of them together without me knowing who they were I’d immediately assume that they were “teehee skirt go spinny” trannies

No. 1723676

Also shayna claims that Vivi came onto her sexually (off camera) and then asked Shayna to save her from her boyfriend lmao >>1506426 Vivi was a fucking mess. There is no defending her here.

No. 1723677

Isn’t the trailer on one of their parents’ properties too? Like they live in the parents’ house and only use the trailer for their revolting porn. I’m wondering if Shayna didn’t see the “set” prior to getting there and didn’t think it would be as filthy as it was (though given how filthy she is you’d think that wouldn’t be an issue, kek)
>nobody knows the context in which he asked
Nail, head, etc. Even with the texts we still don’t know the full context, I’m sure both Shat and Vivi left out a lot of detail re: what transpired. Given how nasty Vivi and her loser moid are I wouldn’t put it past him to have just interrupted her mid conversation to casually ask for a gobby

No. 1723678

>farmers called her cute and kissed her ass
It was only done to get milk out of the cow, we wouldn't want to scare her off and lose out on an insider; though I wouldn't be surprised, and expect, if some anons didn't catch on.
Not gonna lie, usually I think farmers exaggerate when they say she looks like a troon, but she really does look like a troon in this picture

No. 1723685

IIRC Shayna was specifically complaining to Vivi and her boyfriend that she couldn’t post the bj content she did with Sol and therefore lost money. Vivi and her boyfriend then offered for Shaynus to film bj content with him so she could replace the lost content to sell. The only reason it was suggested at all was because Big Shay was unprofessionally whingeing about being a vIcTiM to the people she had flown out to work with.

No. 1723693

>muh six years of sex work, ~thriving~
Lost money because Sol is a retarded ess jay double yew and lost yet more money by flying out to work with Vivi and not actually working, she’s so bad at her “job” it’s hilarious.
Isn’t she doing some fat white trash sped Christmas shit like gorging on pre-made dough cookies and watching retarded Disney movies with Ellen Degenerate and her new Soyjak looking ass moid?

No. 1723704

I think if you go back and check it was directly claimed that things immediately turned sour because Vivi insisted on preparing for the butt stuff and Shaynus refused and just wanted to get her literal shit all over everything as usual. Maybe a pot and kettle situation, but it seems like Shaynus was the grody one…

No. 1723717

I'm glad km not the only one who sees it lmao

No. 1723818

File: 1670665240918.jpg (108.77 KB, 1080x796, Screenshot_20221210_013314.jpg)

yeah I wonder

No. 1723820

Has Anyone Really Been Far Even as Decided to Use Even Go Want to do Look More Like?

No. 1723835

I don’t think anyone is saying she couldn’t change her mind about working with vivi’s scrote. It’s the fact that she tried to make out like she had escaped some terribly traumatic experience, when vivi had the actual texts of Shaynus saying she would consider working with him and they’d work it out when she got there. She made the arrangements herself and then acted like they’d tried to lure her into a trap like that one photographer recently who’s been exposed for luring girls into sex acts under the pretext of modelling for him. It wasn’t like that at all, she used vivis vulnerability and tried to ruin the only source of income she has.

No. 1723850

yeah that was my take as well, as much as vivi is a disgusting degenerate she seems to have less options than big shaynus who doesn’t take her “work” seriously in spite of being broke, she’s a selfish cunt with no consideration for others whatsoever

No. 1723870

While I agree these don't look good, she literally said she planned on decorating them with her weird pack so it's normal they are unfrosted

No. 1723896

Yea but is it normal to want to devour an entire plate of bland unfrosted cookies like Fat Shat? The fact she didn’t frost them yet wasn’t the issue, it’s that she ate them all like that. Also so much for the Christmas get together yesterday those cookies were supposedly for. Was >>1723621 it? Lol

No. 1723912

well, looks like we got our answer on if Vivi still reads the threads.

No. 1723916

its pretty unprofessional for the moid to have been hitting on shayna from the minute she got there until she left. the dude wanted to watch their shoots and put a shock collar on shaynus even tho she kept saying no the minute she saw the two of them irl. shayna was being nice about it then vivi lost her shit. like dude, just cause vivis puke and piss encrusted trailer is apparently normal to you, doesnt make it normal. vivi was apparently drunk the entire time and was asking shayna to help her escape her fucking weird boyfriend. any need to be professional in those circumstances are out the window. in the text shown above shayna says she was under the impression he wouldnt be involved, vivi also admits the guy was a fucking weirdo and shayna was right to leave so….

No. 1723924

Can't believe we're still talking about this, but vivi mentioned Shayna was trying to buy her Xanax off her, and that Shayna was the one who kicked off all the drinking, smoking weed, and burning through foodstamps. They're both grody nasty whores, both of them were unprofessional. Shayna just had more braincells left and noped the fuck out of there because vivi and her scrote look like they both have rabies AIDS.

No. 1723934

>shayna was being nice
Lord give me the strength not to hi cow, but this is some balls to the wall bizarre level of defending Fat Shat. This entire Vivi derail is a little suspicious; La Shayatura flew out to do degen porn with another degen, was her typical lazy self and looked for an excuse to freak out and try to clown another woman, if three retards scream in a meth trailer, does it really make a sound?
I don't expect everyone to buy real trees, but this in particular looks extra pathetic. Straight up off the Walmart clearance aisle.

No. 1723983

>lord give me strength not to hi cow
honestly im getting the same vibes from the intense vivi defending going on (ex. if i recall her trailer was actually owned by her parents and they just use to shoot!)

this feels like shayna and vivi are just using the farms to bitch-fight right now. mods ban the stupidest shit but let this cripple fight continue on for days.

No. 1723990

File: 1670687878148.jpeg (659.58 KB, 1080x1427, EE047235-BF28-49A5-B5B2-57BAF8…)

we have the texts showing vivi admitting her bf/cousin was wrong to ask big shaynus to suck his pringle, that it was unprofessional and her apologizing for how they acted. we dont have any proof shayna was taking xannies other than a scorned wannabe-cow saying so after shayna dumped her herpes infested ass. we can dismiss the alcohol comments cause again, no proof against any party; but all you gotta do is take one look at attached picrel and you can smell the reason shayna left

No. 1723993

I can’t speak for anyone else obviously but I’m >>1723677 and I can assure you I’m not Vivi, I apologise if it came across as though I were whiteknighting her, I was just relaying what I recall about her festering degenerate “set”. I’m honestly not defending neither her nor Shaytaan, they’re both as putrid and morally bankrupt as each other

No. 1723996

No. 1723997

kinda shocked shaymu wasnt more into the idea of shooting with a giant ugly chick who made her look tiny and semi-normal looking in comparison.

No. 1723998

You're joking right? Shayna showers once a year and lives in filth. She went nose blind years ago. She left because she's scared to suck a d

No. 1724033


No. 1724045

jesus… the tobacco/meth stained blinds with no curtains, the low ceiling, the wrinkled amazon adult baby clothings… it's awful. its all awful.

No. 1724052

I’m ayrt and I didn’t say what vivi is or what she and her filthy scrote get up to is normal or in anyway ok. They both disgust me and I’m not defending vivi, but she did say she was very messed up and thought shaynus was her friend. Shaynus used that vulnerability to scam her out of food, drink and drugs for the days she was there and then went home and acted like she’d been put in danger trying to cancel vivi. The texts proved that shaynus knew the scrote was going to be there and also that he may be involved. When fat shat said no to the bj that was accepted fine. There was no abuse, nothing was forced. Also, remember it was shat complaining about how she sucked soy Salvatore’s dick and he wouldn’t let her sell the video that prompted vivis scrote to offer to make a video she could sell. Why are nonnas acting like she was a victim in the whole thing? None of them are victims, all of them are pedos but shaynus was the only one trying to lie and steal sympathy for something that she agreed to in the first place.

No. 1724081

why would an average farmer care about shayna eating the food at someone’s house or sleeping there when she was explicitly invited? highly sus….
just sayin, vivi is known to shit talk herself to appear as an anon with the classic “shes a disgusting pathetic whore but she OWNS ITS AND KNOWS IT therefore better than shay”

No. 1724101

No one is saying she's better than Shayna retard. They're both disgusting degenerates but Shayna is no victim. She left because she felt uncomfortable, she didn't get sexually assaulted. She went there to make nasty degenerate porn with a bitch that sells vomit porn. She knew viv had a boyfriend, she vented about not being able to sell her BJ vid with Sol. The scrote used his coomer brain to try and get his dick sucked by a new loser, Shayna turned him down and used it as an opportunity to ditch the two weirdos.

It was "unprofessional" of him to offer the way he did, but the whole "shoot" was unprofessional from the jump. The whole thing was fucked because no one with half a brain was involved in the planning process. Shayna has no right to scream abuse or victimhood. He asked a question and took no for an answer. Stuff like that happens all the time.

No. 1724112

Literally no one is saying any of these people are decent human beings, we are judging Shayna for being bad at her job, which is the point of the thread.
Vivi is a fucking puke whore.
Shayna is poop whore.
Vivi's scrote is a scrote.
No one here is going to heaven.

No. 1724134

If Big Shaynus thought Vivi's trailer was so gross, why did she eat all the food? If you genuinely thought somewhere you were staying was disgusting and unhygienic why would you eat food that had been stored and cooked there?

No. 1724148

Why are we discussing an 8 month old saga? Expired milk

No. 1724151

File: 1670699328685.jpeg (219.04 KB, 1118x2048, CB68F4BE-FCA0-432D-899C-83D74C…)

She knew it was a dump before she got there though. She saw her pictures in the profile. She’s just as nasty as them walking around bare foot in the room where Vi makes vomit porn and diaper porn.
It must have smelled bad in there though. Like B.O, urine, vomit, bong water, and dirty feet. Maybe Shayna wasn’t expecting the stench

No. 1724160

Why tf would you have three animals in a small ass apartment? I don’t care how clean you are, that’s gross and not fair for the animals. Probably smells like shit and piss. I’d hate being her neighbor. The loud dad rock music, fucking obnoxious moaning, the loud stomping on the ceiling whenever she records herself dancing. The smell of weed and dog shit. Ick

No. 1724230

Shayna smells too, shits herself, and has dirty pets though.

No. 1724238

will never feel sorry for the retard who travels to meet other retards she barely knows, who live in a trailer to do "sexual content" and then both come and cry about how it all went bad.
Stop being retarded and inviting other retards you don't know to your shitty caves

No. 1724239

she should start for doing content with single women only if shes always annoyed by their partners.

No. 1724247

sounds like you are waiting for your chance to film with big shaynus kek

No. 1724263

its honestly shocking more bad shit doesnt happen to shayna considering how often she puts herself in danger. like no shit a moid who is in a relationship with an OF girl is gonna be creepy.

No. 1724278

im not even a burger but go off kek

No. 1724288

More like literal cat shit. Her brain is probably fried from toxoplasmosis on top of the excessive alcohol and weed consumption
Ikr I’m genuinely surprised she hasn’t been assaulted yet (I say yet because I feel like it’s inevitable on her trajectory)

No. 1724314

Not to a log but I hope Shayna gets assaulted soon(a-logging)

No. 1724333

l get what you're saying nonnie. As casually dirty as Shayna is- Vivi's dirtiness is a lot more trailer trash dirty. Vivi's audience wants vomit/scat/piss content and since her brother cousin (kek) is equally as dirty Vivi's got no one to uphold appearances for. Shayna at least tries to stage her surroundings with cheap shit to look presentable enough to moids who are just looking for asshole pics. But that's not to forget Shayna takes baths only using 2 gallons of water, no shower cloth in sight, looks permanently greasy with flesh toned teeth, wears the same clothes for days at a time, regularly has mystery liquids seeping out her asshole…

No. 1724336

She would probably like it.

No. 1724384

KEKKKK her eyebrows. Looking fucking haggard.
What the fuck is wrong with the both of you.

No. 1724386

Come on! Shayna drinks all day every day. You can look up her tweets from the threads. Shayna has been tweeting her disgusting rape and kidnapping fantasies. Then she got weirded out because Vivi also likes that shit but for real and not for scrote points.
(I'm not Vivi btw)

No. 1724408

File: 1670722452154.jpg (41.02 KB, 466x426, 20180514_84920.jpg)

>Vivi also likes that shit but for real and not for scrote points
someone should have helped that bitch, I dunno what happened to her as a kid, and yet, I do

No. 1724428

File: 1670724008006.jpeg (561.67 KB, 1242x802, 8028BD61-8693-47F0-ADFB-2A40D5…)

Not that we believe the cow, but she said it herself

No. 1724437

legit, I believe it just based on having seen her eyes in the twitter/OF whores thread, the shit of nightmares

No. 1724454

Yeah same. I personally don't see her as a "lolcow", just a sad traumatized person.

No. 1724497

Me too, she’s a degenerate but I genuinely feel sad for her, no child or woman deserves abuse. As much as I despise Shayna with every fibre of my being I don’t wish assault on her. Her entire existence is miserable as fuck and becoming bleaker by the day so she’s already in a hell of her own making, that’s sufficient sowing and reaping. Though she does deserve to be banned from all social media and at least put on a watch list for promoting rape, incest, pedophilia and violence against women

No. 1724550

File: 1670736171806.jpeg (436.5 KB, 1170x1211, 165462E3-FA84-4FE5-AF04-06BE81…)

Back to Shay sticking her nose in something that doesn’t concern her

No. 1724570

File: 1670737883149.jpeg (498.8 KB, 1170x993, DD5CCDC4-980A-4B81-929B-4F488C…)

No. 1724575

Idk I mean I think most non conservative/prude types dont care if women or anyone makes OF. Its kinda a joke at this point because its so common. Like you wont get applauded or respected, but the younger gens at least arent saying its not ok. Always playing the victim card and posting takes no one cares about.

No. 1724576

File: 1670739008819.jpeg (163.68 KB, 1121x1242, 1473B17E-1FDE-4AE6-9E03-B030BE…)

I wish she would shut the fuck up. She’s so annoying. She’s just bitter she’s broke on OF. While (very few) actual famous people/celebrities rake in 6 figures. Seethe harder fat bitch!!!

No. 1724578

It’s more rare to not have an onlyfans. It’s embarrassing, imagine showing your snatch , letting old men sniff your bare asshole, and still not having enough for rent. I’d just off myself kek

No. 1724580

markiplier is more liked and relevant and humble than you, fat pedo

No. 1724590

Why can’t you people just focus on making fun on this obese baby woman instead of going full rape apologist scrote?

No. 1724592

File: 1670741677722.jpeg (830.16 KB, 1043x1097, 07CE30D6-23FA-4BC0-8AE7-A3F340…)

She has the most punchable face. I stg

No. 1724593

File: 1670741746986.jpeg (448.83 KB, 1242x1497, 1A74FB7C-E2C6-4D12-855C-7C9949…)

Rapist fantasy for real. This bitch makes my stomach churn. How is this csa scenario sexy?

No. 1724598

File: 1670742200938.jpg (295.33 KB, 1080x1850, twitter.jpg)

No. 1724627

If anyone I knew had an onlyfats account I’d immediately stop associating with them. Normalise slutshaming and kinkshaming.
Of course this fat piece of shit has to bring up the poor moids who just want to see someone naked and not the countless women whose lives are destroyed by prostitution and porn. I fucking hate her so much.

No. 1724665

she's really bitching about markiplier making an OF for charity, and he's not even posting actual nudes

No. 1724718

Yeah, both of you are a dumbass. She's not a victim, she's as much as dumb whore as Shayna or any other woman who willingly lets themselves be an onlyfans whore. Being touched by daddy as kid doesn't make sex work your only option. Especially a puke and piss whore. She chose her lifestyle, uncle bobby didn't.

No. 1724757

You're a fucking retard if you really don't see a difference between getting into sw as a trauma response and doing it just for funsies.
>being touched by daddy
>uncle bobby
gtfo rape ape. no scrotes allowed

No. 1724767

I was going to say the same thing. No one is denying that she’s a degenerate, we’re expressing empathy for what is the most horrific thing a child or woman can experience. Being a “dumb whore” doesn’t invalidate her abuse. Thinking that it does is some psychopathic moid shit.

No. 1724769

File: 1670767735510.jpeg (180.94 KB, 828x511, 5FE542B0-6EF4-4472-93A7-EA9B7E…)

She’s so fucking vile

No. 1724778

who cares retard? Call me when q scrote tells you he genuinely likes you as a person and you make him happy. Doing what you do all online for FREE for so retarded ugly Bronx isn't a flex. Just a waste of time

No. 1724780

*brony not bronx

No. 1724842

The only men interested in her a rednecks and soyboys.

No. 1724853

I find it funny that every scrote she dates are never straight, just fuck anything and anybody types. Men with no standards for what they will stick their dicks in yet they all still don't think she's a prize. What is she getting out of doing all this shit for that scrote? He's not paying her, she's one of many. It's not like she's getting something meaningful out of it. She's so needy yet she does not/can not find a scrote who obey wants to be with her and into her. Just weirdos in weird sexual situations and a wife/gf they actually claim.

No. 1724897

You're a moid. That's all I have to say idc if I get banned.

No. 1724901

Jfc she looks demented.

No. 1724946

OF isn’t even paying her bills for her, she has to beg extra on twitter

No. 1724958

> It’s more rare to not have an onlyfans
Sounding like a real terminally online scrote. Go outside. Stop following e-girls. The vast, overwhelming majority of women do not have OnlyFans, you retard.

No. 1724962

I did mean online, fucking retard. Celebrities and influencers all have them. Real life people don’t.

No. 1724981

I mean…OP isn't wrong. OF is so culturally mainstream now. Blogpost, but I'm an e-whore w/ an OF & I'm open about it irl. When I used to go out to bars 'n shit (I don't anymore since I'm working on my sobriety, education, & getting out of sex work) I'd meet so many girls who when I told them I had an OF would either say that they did too, ask me to teach them how to make one, or else wanna "collab" (ie. film a drunken g/g video in the bar bathroom & have me post it to see how much money they could potentially make). My response was always to pull up my earnings stats on my phone & show them the truth: it's not worth it. It's been glamorized in the media so much like "post a few pics & make six figs a year," but the reality is so fucking bleak(no1currs)

No. 1724990

No1curr, blog about contributing to the degradation of women in society elsewhere, whore. You sound like Shaytard with your "it's not as easy as posting a few sexy pics and making 6figs" humblebragging. Why do ewhores lurk this thread just to feel superior to a woman they're exactly like

No. 1724993

Hopefully you can get out of it nona, I hope you weren’t pedopandering…

No. 1724998

Really? What's the point if he's not hanging dong? I'm kidding because I don't care. Markiplier works out a lot and is incredibly fit with a good body. It makes sense he wants to show it off. He probably understands that a lot of gay men are going to be subscribing unlike projared too. Except Markiplier has some thirsty women after him because he's not a fucking dog like ProJared. It's hilarious she's bitching about Markiplier for working out, putting out an OF that are just risky (?) pics and donating it all away, while she's some fat sloppy drunk that begs for money, fucks strangers and expects to be commended? Unless minors, males selling sex does not hurt their standing in society like women who are used as a sex commodity. But a retarded, ugly, fat bimbo wouldn't understand why she sells women out and still can't pay rent.

No. 1724999

Kek seriously. She's never going to have a meaningful, fulfilling relationship or even just a decent short term dating type because she gets into this bullshit where the foundation is retarded kink and it becomes the same shit she does for coomers but for free.
2023 challenge for Shatna to find a friend or partner who actually cares about her and likes her without sex being a pivitol aspect.
Bitch needs therapy to unlearn being such a stupid whore so she can seek out proper relationships. Can't imagine going through life putting all my worth on sex and thinking thats all there is to offer and to build relationships on it. Thats unhealthy as fuck.

No. 1725000

If shay wasn't a nonce she would point out that it's weird for that man (Markiplier) to make an OnlyFans when most of his fans are like 15 kek

No. 1725006

File: 1670786434043.jpeg (294.38 KB, 1170x556, CAA6D6F3-959E-4AD4-BEF0-5A4473…)

And another over told made up story from her tumblr days

No. 1725008

Is being a whore for a "cause" better than being a whore to pay your bills? Isnt that what Amaranth was about? She'd do her lewd shit but it was for helping animals and building a sanctuary or whatever.
Idk I feel like theres still other ways than participating in a harmful, disgusting industry, so whoring is whoring and it shouldn't be applauded or normalized regardless of the reason or who it is.

No. 1725009

>culturally mainstream
>glamorised in the media
this is disturbingly true. In the UK hundreds of our local/regional papers have been bought out by Reach PLC & idk what their deal with onlyfans is but they’ve been shilling the get rich quick OF myth so hard even normie ‘sex work is work! girl power!’ libfems in my area are starting to publicly question it. It’s fucking weird.
Imagine your local paper incessantly telling women to flash gash for cash 10 years ago. Before pornsickness was normalised people like Shayna were ostracised and treated like sickos and perverts. We can’t be far off actual prostitution & “hebephilia” being mainstreamed in the same way.
Slippery slope isn’t a fallacy; we’re watching it in real time. Fuck Shayna, Diana Deets, OF, pornhub & every other contributor to this twisted shit.

No. 1725013

Shayna stop sexualising & glorifying sex crimes challenge (impossible)

No. 1725014

Please no waxer would ever say that. They have to put up with plenty of disgusting shit (sometimes literally) and they don't say anything openly like that. Maybe to coworkers or something after to vent, but they wouldn't say that to a client it would be weird and unprofessional. She's so gross. Putting non consenting and real world people just trying to do their jobs into her wack ass "fantasies" is one of the worst things she does besides pedo pandering and her pro rape shit obviously.

No. 1725016

Point is that it's just the naked body, not sex. So it's a lot better to be "lewd" than full on sex work. Just like how it's a lot better for e-whores to sell themselves as grown women than pedo pander like Shayna. Do I think less of Markiplier for doing an OF? Yup. But I never think highly of these youtubers anyways. I don't know them and scrotes are going to scrote most of the time. Plus, when a man is selling himself to probably other scrotes then it's not really any business of mine how they degrade themselves.

No. 1725035

Imagine, you're lying on the sofa after your first waxing, it took 10 minutes and didn't really hurt, the beautician chatted to you about innane pleasentaries while she stared at your butthole. You are the 3rd vagina that they've seen that day, they only noticed whether you met the basic hygeine standard then mentally checked out of what they were actually staring at. But you're so deprived of normal human interaction and utterly rotted pornsick that you have to sexualise this poor girls job to appeal to the gross old men that make up your only audience

No. 1725041

The bitch used to go to therapy, and every time her therapists tried to get her out of sex work she'd drop them and throw a tantrum on twitter. She is so set in her ways that she will never leave sex work, and will her life will never not be about sex /sex work even if she is sex repulsed.

No. 1725042

Never happened and it’s disgusting she sexualizes normal every day things. You could literally sue that company for sexual harassment for saying shit like that.

Also all vaginas are wet to a degree. I know she wouldn’t know this as hers is chronically dry. Still, no wax technician would say something like that.

No. 1725044

Ayrt I said it was a blogpost! And if you connected the dots you'd see I also admitted that I don't make shit. No humblebragging here! It's a terrible lifestyle & I'm working on bettering myself in order to get out of it, & actively discouraging other women not to get into it by showing them that I don't make shit.
Thanks, nona! It's not easy, but I will. Never pedopandered! I'm just a dime a dozen "thin, pretty, white girl" who flashed my gash for cash. No weird shit!
Oh yikes!! Yeah, it seems to be reeeeally popular in the UK. I'm a burger & it's huge in the media here, but I suspect it's even more insidious there.

No. 1725045

Just like in the earlier threads when she claimed the guy who did her pedicures “must’ve had a foot fetish” because he always made sure her pedicures “looked perfect”

No. 1725051

The other issue here is that big YouTubers like him amass thousands of children followers, children followers who once again get the message that porn and selling your body is normal and actually a very good virtuous thing. That people who criticize it are just bigots and don't know what they're talking about, how can it be so bad when people do it for charity or entertainment, AND also a "choice".

No. 1725059

>being touches by daddy
>not a victim
Your vernacular is disgusting and immediately gives you away as a rapeape. If you don't understand that some people get destroyed by repeated sexual abuse, then why even hate shayna for glamorizing it

No. 1725090

He's doing the same as many celebrities. Of course their fans are children, because adults know these idiots aren't worth celebrating. I'd say Markiplier is a lesser worry when it comes to grooming and selling sex. Especially when OF is age verified. Money for charity is money for charity. I mean if you use mafia money for charity is it wrong? Yeah, but hey, at least money for charity? I don't know anon, you're right of course, but the way pedo Shayna is calling out Markiplier's sexy calendar photoshoots because his money goes to charity instead of "rent" grinds my gears. Especially when she's begging for donations to buy a straight jacket to film her "raping the mentally ill" porn.

No. 1725097

Just cuz you say it’s a blogpost doesn’t make it okay to post. No one cares about you and how little you make to flash your “gash”, disgusting wording.

No. 1725108

Maybe she's seething because she's ugly and flopping very hard at sex work when Markiplier doesn't have to expose his axe wound asshole for clicks and didn't dig himself into this hole out of spite. >>1724570 Her second reply literally contradicts everything she just said about him making the onlyfans.
Looking BULBOUS as hell here Fatna.
Moid moment. The thing is that Shayna chose to become a whore who makes child rape scenarios for money. Vivi, however, is obviously traumatized and got into SW as a trauma response.
Amouranth was also being abused by her partner (not sure if he was her boyfriend/husband) when she was doing those things. Is it really whoring if you're being threatened physically and emotionally?
I hope that you're able to get out of there nona.

No. 1725116

Hard to say in Amouranths case. Like you want to believe her and I do on her boyfriend/husband being a piece of shit abuser and keeping her into being a slut for the money. However I think its safe to say she originally got into it on her own however "noble" her reasons were. She saw an opportunity to make more money and took it.
But I still say profiting off of sexuality no matter how you spin it just continues to feed a sex-sick culture. And you could argue where that slippery slope got her even, as fucked up as it is to say.

No. 1725122

Anon, if I might ask, how are you so sure she started whoring on her own but her partner forced her to keep doing so? If her partner forced her to continue in 'sw' so he could make money off of her, would it not be comparable to prostitution?

No. 1725156

I think the streaming and lewd cosplay/never nude stuff was all her but I think the ASMR, fetish actual porn stuff was her husband even so it doesn’t matter how she chose it her abuse was gross and it’s hard leaving a pimp even if you’re popular online. She’s effectively a nobody irl, no one would blink if they saw her on the street and that’s why her abuse matters, she deserves safety and a choice.

No. 1725164

File: 1670799534516.jpeg (370.42 KB, 1170x831, EE67BFC8-5102-4048-B085-3B2481…)

No. 1725175

kek can someone find the post when she said this? I vaguely remember it but I feel like she's lying and adding the second part. Also thats fucking gross and weird.

No. 1725183

shayna the broke idiot brags about getting money and moids to smell her asshole yet can’t drop money on better clothes, better health, and a $500 camera seething about a successful youtuber and celebrity selling lewds for charity. this bitch has never ever done anything charitable or great in her life to have the fanbase he has

not to suck him off

No. 1725185

File: 1670801670114.jpeg (763.04 KB, 1170x1441, EFB1EB33-D543-4F0D-90E7-D6A4E9…)

Is afraid her “haters” will ruin her relationship, but will be making content with him

No. 1725203

>flash your “gash”, disgusting wording
with you on the no1curr but I think ayrt was just doing a callback to >>1725009 in which I used the phrase as part of a rant about the media glamorisation. It’s a common phrase in the UK & I used it purposely because I think that level of casually misogynistic vernacular is another facet of largescale social mainstreaming of exponentially increasing female degradation

No. 1725206

I read Jaycee lee dugard's memoir of her kidnapping and she described exactly this. Shayna is such a nasty women and all the men who jerk off to this deserve to be castrated

No. 1725207

Oh god Shane and Shayna: The Fuppaning Part 2 - Electric Bungaloo

No. 1725214

File: 1670803854744.jpeg (450.51 KB, 965x1293, E63C69D7-AA25-48A8-A250-D1D0DE…)

$554 dollars + $36 dollars in shipping for a camera to make content with a moid one time and you’ll never use this camera again? You barely made money with John? (Ken the Moid) you really think you’ll make profit? You won’t even break even. You’ll be losing money. She’s such an idiot

No. 1725218

File: 1670804266002.jpeg (1007.99 KB, 1242x1747, B86EAFEF-FF40-4FFF-9D7A-7AB3EC…)

She has the dumbest, most useless shit on her wishlist

No. 1725219

A shit ton of Dollskill too. Even though she claims she doesn’t shop from there anymore cause they’re “problematic

No. 1725220

File: 1670804602837.jpeg (243.46 KB, 1213x755, C128D49A-75DF-4256-9850-B5F3ED…)

And a shit ton of cheap gut belts. She only has one gift from anonymous. That’s embarrassing no one is buying her shit

No. 1725222

I love how she has to crowdfund shit instead of the scrote buying it. Like she's always spending money on these scrotes or begging for shit scrotes should be paying for.
It's so stupid at this point.

No. 1725227

the last thing this bitch needs is another fucking belly skirt that looks identical from her old belly skirts. Shayna just dig in the horde

No. 1725229

I'm op & yes, I was using your phrasing as a callback. I agree w/ everything you said & also that no1curr. It's cool! Back to Shaynus…woof

No. 1725238

that doesn’t happen. that’s so disgusting and unprofessional. she sexualizes everything and everyone around her and it’s really disturbing. she needs more than therapy, she needs euthanasia.

No. 1725272

You stupid bitch and your stories. There is no way anyone would say that to you during a waxing. Any comment regarding your customers vagina can (and should) be misconstrued as a come on, and is incredibly unprofessional.

No. 1725279

File: 1670808872544.png (286.77 KB, 328x402, wide.png)

>everything from dollskill is a size medium
i think tf not

No. 1725293

File: 1670809554473.jpeg (290.47 KB, 1179x1019, 83412B3C-2902-4398-A2BC-470BF8…)

Yeah M is 27-28 in waist. She HAS to be the XL or even more, right?

No. 1725304

Kek it's probable she's getting a large or XL and still busting out of it. Someone should start looking into Torrid…

No. 1725324

this. isn't it a case that if you have foreign matter in there that yout discharge has to work overtime to get it out, anyway? And if someone was "leaky", wouldn't the most likely assumption be that they were incontinent? And as other people have said - that kind of remark is sexual harassment. she's such a weirdo. who has no trouble with lying, constantly about everything.

No. 1725333

>getting into sw as a trauma response
that's not an excuse whatsoever for her degenerate actions.

No. 1725335

I don’t know anything about trauma but the idea of people doing this degenerate shit as a result or to work through their issues or whatever makes no sense to me. I’d have thought it would be the last thing someone who has been abused would want to be doing

No. 1725338

psychologist who see pedophiles have consistently said that being more rested as a kid or something like that almost never results in adult pedophilia. Not that sexual abuse doesn't often contribute to a dysfunctional relationship with your own sexuality but it's more likely that an abuse victim would have a savior complex and be extra empathetic to other abuse victims.

Shayna is a freak. Actual victims of incestuous abuse would hate her with a passion for sexualizing some of the worst things you can go through.


No. 1725371

AYRT and I never said it was, only that we should have compassion for the abused and trafficked woman who obviously has maladaptive responses concerning sexuality & 'sex work'.
I'm sorry to psychfag – there's a reason people talk about the cycle of violence, esp as for example, rape victims are more likely to be raped in the future. Humanity also normally seeks out familiarity, so an abused child who grows into an abused adult is more likely to seek out abusive situations or make non-abusive ones abusive. Sorry for my autism nona

No. 1725378

Also more likely to seek out repetitions of their abuse, even simulated, having raised to see it as “normal”

No. 1725379

File: 1670816184797.jpeg (Spoiler Image,541.65 KB, 1170x1506, C60C0173-E957-46F1-B04F-2EC26A…)

No. 1725382

she's posting a picture that's supposed to be private for someone who paid for the experience

No. 1725383

kek she’s so cheap, I’m not au fait with whore pricing but I’d have thought most degens would charge 300 a day or even an hour, not a whole week

No. 1725386

Because it’s online only and you can literally limit the amount of texts I’ve seen whores say they’ll only text 3-4 times a day. $300 a week is fairly decent pricing. Especially for OF girls. If she was actually seeing a John $300 an hour would be standard for her

No. 1725390

Fairly decent pricing for showing fat, ugly, crusty moids your genitals? These women really value themselves

No. 1725394

Why does she think anyone would want that..? Shes an ugly blob. She needs to carefully pose and edit her content to hell and back to just look ok. Her b/g content flopped and it wasnt just because the dude was a limp dick hairyfag.

No. 1725398

Is she scamming or retarded or what? Her weekly rate and monthly even aren't 300 here's her post >>1720695

No. 1725410

Who in the world would spend hundreds on an ugly teddy bear bag or hello kitty bedding? You can get actual great quality clothing or home goods for that price but just because it’s pink and they print a child’s favorite mascot on it means retard shayna will splurge on complete trash to prove how smol and cute she thinks she is. Last time we saw her actual bedroom it was like a prison cell with stuffed animals on the floor and like 2 lights with a jellyfish hanging from the ceiling kek

No. 1725417

File: 1670821997462.png (26.69 KB, 1142x253, 1670377442174.png)

Found this in the art salt thread lol

No. 1725423

This is the exact reason I say that her parents probably fucked her over. Whether it was neglect or spoiling, or divorce etc it's not normal for little girls to seek sexual attention online like Shayna has in the past, her parents weren't there for her. They sure as fuck had a loooot of money to be able to adopt children, get all of em into college and even offer Shayna full ride, money doesn't equal love or care. She's 100% mentally fucked from the start and it's really noticable especially because she can't make natural relationships without it being some weird sexual thing or ""coworkers"", and her obvious self trashing that is only seen in people in these sort of cycles

No. 1725427

I think both nonnies were talking about Vivi

No. 1725461

Imagine this POV kek >>1724592

No. 1725462

No way she can get her arm through that shoulder bag

No. 1725471

File: 1670832315636.jpeg (159.82 KB, 828x513, 625EECC5-3580-40B2-9C39-3B4351…)

I fucking hate her so fucking much

No. 1725482

nobody cares enough about her for this. Everyone she has feelings for or a relationship with lets her be used like a public bathroom and she's too dense to realise it's because she's too unloveable to be someone's only partner. Posts like this, and wanting to be kidnapped are just her wanting to actually be wanted, but nobody will because she's a fat 3 dollar whore

No. 1725568

i think the best part is that one of the dolls kill dresses she has on there are SOLD OUT completely. i looked at the size and i’m like “you fat bitch you KNOW there’s no more of that dress/you can’t fit a medium”

No. 1725596

wow, $300. what a killing. momokun makes 13 thousand+ a month on patreon doing absolutely nothing. belle delphine was a millionaire ethot before she showed her clam to everyone. try harder shayna(sage your shit)

No. 1725658

how does momo still make so much she legit, as you said, does fuck all

No. 1725659

we don't know if she does or not, anon is just making shit up.

No. 1725666

Moo is making a shitload of money unfortunately. Years ago she had her patreon earnings showed which said 13k, however it might be more now judging by how long it’s been up

No. 1725671

Her numbers dropped. She does not make that sort of money, but she does get a decent living wage from Patreon from those who forgot to unsubscribe or just don't care. Her OF is where she makes bank. We haven't known how much she's been making for a long time now. We only guess that she panics every time it drops and she does disgusting period porn or b/g, especially after the money sink cosplay warehouse "studio." The lack of trips and not showing off money shows she's definitely declining, but she's probably still well off. Shayna on the other hand is hilarious bad at sex work. Momo is an absolute retard but had a chubby cute body that neckbeards flocked to at the right time and place. She found a niche, the exposure and took full advantage. Shayna tries, but she's not as lucky and exceptionally ugly. She put it all on the table too quickly and didn't keep up with her stoner appeal to get a more loyal audience. She keeps trying to find a niche and goes into dark corners but ends up broke as fuck. She's not really into games or anime which is where the most untalented e-whores get lucky.

No. 1725673

File: 1670867012934.jpeg (110.83 KB, 704x292, 1B715FF5-0861-4D23-8C96-6EF538…)

she deleted this from last night. how does she not realize that she's banned and making new accounts is against TOS

No. 1725691

moo's whole thing was buying a ton of fake engagement and stuff, that's all. all the famous ethots did that. shayna is too poor to do that so she's just stuck living the basic camgirl life.
moo is also doing degrading porn now, so she can't be doing that well.

No. 1725699

File: 1670869533987.jpeg (296.23 KB, 1170x581, 634A7BFC-2C80-433D-B60F-CE3952…)

Oh my God Shay shut the fuck up this didn’t happen

No. 1725705

why does she even make shit like this up? does she think it's more believable?
>haha my ex sure was a piece of shit, but i don't deserve any better!

No. 1725706

I fucking hate her so fucking much go drink another bottle Shaynus you disgusting fat worthless waste of space UGH

No. 1725712

File: 1670870182441.gif (1.58 MB, 275x275, 01DC9387-739A-42B9-9AC1-58A3F3…)

I am so sorry for bringing this back nonnies but it had to be done…

No. 1725718

She will never get over Fupapa's old lady driving gloves and Soy Salvatore's emo exam gloves. She's pining over scrotes that have long forgotten her (pimpled flat) ass years ago

No. 1725721

The only believable part was that whatever generic car he did pick her up in, he probably did have zip ties and whatever in the trunk because hes an edgy retard kek

No. 1725723

If she’s talking about Fupa, he literally documented picking her up from the airport when she moved to Oklahoma. And none of that happened

No. 1725725

File: 1670871226838.jpeg (Spoiler Image,960.54 KB, 1170x1583, 369A5B8C-2416-415E-83FF-A0DABB…)

No. 1725732

she's so salty, he's not going to steal your coomer coins Shayna, the audience that wants to see him naked has too high standards to pay for your OF.

No. 1725744

Kek right he has an enormous following and his body is actually legitimately pretty nice. Shatna could never.

No. 1725749

They're talking about Vivi. Shayna is just a retarded pickme. That's her problem. She's stupid and insecure from her dad getting a new, prettier and smarter stepdaughter and she's too retarded to go to therapy and get over it.

No. 1725782

I'n losing it at this, this has to be the worst of her totally real guyzz storytimes.

No. 1725791

Damn, she's nearly Tuna level.

No. 1725793

Her pinned post which is from January btw is just her soread eagle so I still dont get why she bothers posting pics like this. There's no mystery or need to entice. Her OF is less than a cup of coffee and her twitter has free explicit clips and pics. She's sucking in for dear life and angling her body so uncomfortably for this and for what really kek

No. 1725805

Ever since washcloth-anon power leveled her autism, shat keeps her wash cloths well out of picture range kek

No. 1725846

File: 1670880200234.jpeg (367.4 KB, 1170x634, F91E1B61-F14E-41AC-AFA8-2940B5…)

Shay, it’s sad that even your “boyfriend” knows you can’t shower properly

No. 1725858


No. 1725879

Leave Bert McCracken out of this kek.

No. 1725882

This makes me irrationally angry, sexualising the poor woman who is just doing her honest job unlike this fat, repulsive, pedophilic cunt. I hate her so fucking much

No. 1725894

thinking abt that time where shayna's ex fat ex boyfriend used her for years, introduced her to the concept of putting snacks in a drawer & then immedeitly got married to another woman not even a year after they broke up & shayna is dating a ugly brony, a woman she's not attracted too and wanting to die over snapchat.
Goood times goood times

No. 1725901

Anon she's not sexualizing anyone. It didn't happen

No. 1725912

Kek, She really wasted her skinny years with that soy woman shouldered manlet hillbilly r tard deadbeat dad

No. 1725913

Why does she try to pretend her life is like a porno. It’s so transparent

No. 1725915

If I was dating losers like this I wouldn’t post about it lol. So much for being a sugar baby! Broke bitch

No. 1725919

can't wait for the day she stops pretending to not be fat as if she can angle away her sheer width and gunt line

No. 1725969

File: 1670893081653.jpeg (1.01 MB, 1170x1785, B01D3AEC-A437-4049-AB12-B451BF…)

Oh God, get ready for the coke can bangs to make a comeback

No. 1725972

Holy shit, thanks anon I’m fucking crying kek

No. 1725979

Dear fuck, her forehead is too small to pull off bangs. This is so deeply wrong.

No. 1725980

KEKKKKK the teenage Britney Spears bangs with her haggard troll face under them. The jokes write themselves holy shitttt

No. 1725981

Am I the only one who things while they are greasy and crusty (which how do you do both it’s honestly impressive) she does look better with them, they hide her ugly ass dreamworks smirk forehead lines

No. 1725982

Wait I take it back, I just thought of the candid photos with the unstyled greasy bangs kek nevermind

No. 1725983

first she moves back to seattle with "mummy" ellen now she brings her bangs back… truly evolving backwards

No. 1725988

Can you recap I missed this kek

No. 1726001

File: 1670895579748.jpg (123.29 KB, 1139x1080, 1667070331850.jpg)

>cosplaying 16 year old britney spears at 25 in 2022

No. 1726004

Bangs and esp pigtails don't suit her. They make her look like a 40-year-old sissy mtf. She would look better in a more grown up style, like in those old "witch" photos she posted for Halloween.

No. 1726005

*shitney spears

No. 1726013

her curls are much better than the greasy straightened look she goes for nowadays. they really help frame her face and take attention away from her nose.

No. 1726032

File: 1670897441023.jpeg (617.44 KB, 1170x1150, A0829A43-31C5-4813-8F04-D19669…)

More of Shay sticking her nose in things. Shay, you hate girls, now go

No. 1726051

No. 1726061

This is disgusting. What degenerates. I see shit like this and wonder, how low is too low for her? Has there ever been a time where she's had to tell a moid to dial down the perversion?

No. 1726067

Getting fat is probably the worst thing that has ever happened to her… ruined her tits, ruined her ugly cute face, absolutely fucked her main selling points.

No. 1726070

"girly girls" is totally different than say, wearing children's underwear or i don't know, wanting to be diapered and fed from a bottle.

No. 1726074

Holy shit she legitimately looks like she's pushing 45 here, and has 4 kids that all live in a trailer with her.

No. 1726094

Maybe the people arguing against this shouldn’t be the same ones calling themselves an infant or baby and role playing literal toddlers in their rape fantasies. Makes you think they do have a fucking point and if you knew anything you’d know that porn has only made pedophilia and those tastes more mainstream which is why so many trends revolve around childish or youthful fashions and behavior. But no the pedobaiting argument is always framed as something stupid like taking a selfie kek I wish that was the extent of the problem.

No. 1726120

>non existent pedophilia in trends
>non existent pedophilia
>tweets about how she wants her mommy and daddy to do a nightly inspection of her holes to see if they were used "without permission" >>1725471

Why is she so obsessed with what is and what isn't pedophilia? It's not a hard concept to wrap your brain around. The act of sexualizing children is in any kind of way is pedophilia, whether it's fantasy or art or not. She might not be a straight up pedophile but what she's engaging in, is by definition pedophilia. I think she thinks only men can engage in pedophilia and if it's women producing the content it's fine conveniently forgetting there are plenty of women who engage in it and let children get harmed without being actual "self proclaimed" pedophiles with a paraphillia for molesting kids themselves. I mean she's basically as close to a self proclaimed pedophile (lol like what does that even mean?) as you can get she literally tweets "I want to imagine myself as a baby in diapers who's parents force feed me drugs through my bottle so they can molest me easier". How much more overt can she get?

No. 1726128

you cannot convince me she is under 35.

No. 1726150

File: 1670906605679.jpeg (927.41 KB, 1170x1501, E6FD1A61-85F0-4B81-A91C-BDA557…)

What the actual fuck

No. 1726152

Kek yes, on her diaper account of all places.

Uwu sending grease tendrils to daddy

No. 1726155

this is a pointless thing to notice, but why did she cut it off with like a rusty old sword?

No. 1726159

File: 1670907277798.png (1.81 MB, 1293x727, this is a lock of my grease.pn…)

No. 1726161

she probably hacked it off with the dullest scissors possible or maybe one of her cheap pink knives.

No. 1726166

Oh that hair is dead dead. Also don't zoom in to the sheet.

No. 1726172

It’s probably KILLING her that the dude is engaged

No. 1726173

File: 1670909060412.jpeg (325.33 KB, 2048x1365, A5312441-20A6-4D97-82B4-36F9D6…)

No. 1726178

>cosplaying 16 year old britney spears at 25 in 2022
And somehow looking 45 while doing it. kek

No. 1726179

It’s probably why she will literally do anything he asks. She should learn by now pick-me’s never get picked.

Bangs are more suitable for her face to cover up her caveman brow and concrete-textured forehead; just not those bangs.

No. 1726181

I think it's weird that only we seem to make fun of her clown appearance. I wonder if, when she goes outside, normies talk behind her back or think she's disabled.

No. 1726182

Her forehead is way too small

No. 1726184

I think on average she doesn’t get noticed, and that’s when she makes up stories about shit that didn’t happen. She typically looks dumpy and people don’t give her a second glance.

But when she goes out to brunch or dinner in those horrific Ill-fitting outfits, she likely does.

No. 1726186

File: 1670909890715.gif (2.79 MB, 476x480, 1653944175431.gif)

Not the bangs again, please no.

No. 1726188

File: 1670910330659.jpeg (36.66 KB, 500x535, 5D40221F-2B19-4519-B879-753B9C…)

She really think they make her look young when all I see is this

No. 1726190

File: 1670910538162.jpeg (1.42 MB, 3465x3465, AE3E83B3-E51D-4F70-967E-748AA8…)

Same shit different year. Just trapped in an endless loop of eternal bleakness

No. 1726191

The bangs make her look like those frizzy haired 45 year old women with blonde or graying hair and they look like dog the bounty hunters wife

No. 1726192

Her lips have gotten dryer as the years have gone by

No. 1726193

File: 1670910755890.jpeg (450.57 KB, 1076x1235, C1D5A6B7-5434-44C4-A138-48313E…)

>It’s Shatna, Bitch
She just keeps recycling the same garbage.

No. 1726194

You’d think a “girly girl” would have impeccable hygiene, keep her face and body looking clean and nice, beauty treatments or skin care at the least but no she just thinks being a Star fish and the colour pink is what makes her a girly girl lmao

No. 1726197

She looks exactly like Yaniv in her pfp here lmao
These bangs are disastrous. She’s so fucking ugly, those TEETH jfc. Putrid fat hog.

No. 1726199

I don't understand how she can cope with having such dry lips. It's so painfully and irritating, don't true bimbos use lipgloss? There's no excuse.

No. 1726202

File: 1670912214392.jpg (717.81 KB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_20221213-001534_Ins…)

Bleak screenshot from her new TikTok. Guess she's riding the high of her new bangs and is going to dump a bunch of content. Probably the most pics/vids she's posted in a while, since it seems she barely works anymore

No. 1726208

christ, i forgot how long she’s been wearing crop tops wrong. i cannot believe that she still doesn’t see how retarded she looks.

No. 1726209

File: 1670913757674.jpeg (29.78 KB, 275x275, FD12C263-C3C3-4AAC-AE59-8D8BB5…)

Don’t scroll

No. 1726214

As a skincare autist who also has OCD and germaphobia I am viscerally disgusted by the state of her skin on the whole. I don’t know how it’s possible to be dry and cracked while simultaneously being so fucking greasy. Her skin texture is nauseating.

No. 1726215

The gunt cover does nothing to hide how fat she is.

No. 1726221

I can’t wait until this account gets banned along with her new Snapchat and she has another meltdown. Speaking of her Snapchat, does anyone have access to it?

No. 1726224

File: 1670915929201.jpg (114.19 KB, 300x400, oNn3koU.jpg)

nah, that woman looks fine. shat's bangs are even worse than picrel. does she curl them with a can of red bull?

No. 1726233

It’s not likely any of us will get it. She seems to use it exclusively for johns.

No. 1726242

File: 1670917829918.jpeg (170.26 KB, 828x1077, FE52CE73-65B5-4280-996C-294F8B…)

>i s2g every month it’s a new & insane excuse 2 callout non existent pedophilia in internet trends & aesthetics

No. 1726247

Get fucked you fat sack of shit, there’s nothing “wittle” about you. Fucking pedophile.

No. 1726254

>>1726173 I for one welcome the bangs. Means I don't have to look at her disgusting forehead skin

No. 1726268

Thank you michelle kekeekekke
Shayna born christian again arc when

No. 1726288

Teasing is not consent you sound like a moid

No. 1726313

Nobody sees her as a baby which is what makes it worse, she is desperate to be seen as a teen and a pedos dream

No. 1726336

If my job were to look good I would definitely take care of my damn lips

No. 1726340

File: 1670937322119.jpeg (8.34 KB, 194x259, download (2).jpeg)

Please say someone else has pointed out that she looks like pixyteri here

No. 1726357

All cows resemble each other

No. 1726359

her job isn’t to look good
her job is to be publicly humiliated online
she is a professional slampig for bottom-tier scrotes

No. 1726366

Why did she filter herself to the point that it looks like she's dying of liver disease? The difference between her face and hand is jarring.

No. 1726377

Oh god Shaymu no. It -barely- worked when you were 18, it certainly does not work now. She looks rancid.

No. 1726381

So was this her fringe? Is this some freak humiliation ritual like what the illuminati did to Megan Fox's boyfriend?

No. 1726382

Did she get lip filler? I know she wouldnt shut up about it if she did but her lips do be looking bigger

No. 1726384

SA. Nevermind.

No. 1726387

she is literally a "model" why the fuck wouldn't she just buy an ruin a wig instead of her actual hair. like bitch, clip on bangs exist.

No. 1726390

She is catfishing with facetune

No. 1726408

She's either rocking her pelvis to make her butt stick out, or she's got some anterior posture problems. Either one wouldn't surprise me since she sits all day.

No. 1726416

Am I the only one noticing she's getting dark inside her inner elbows? Or is that some bruise from some past retard session

No. 1726430

>>1726242 sorry to a-log but i genuinely hope she dies soon, probably by drinking herself to death(a-logging)

No. 1726446

KEKEKEKEKEKEK. I am literally lol'ing at how retarded this looks. She definitely cut these herself. The grown out roots really accentuates the Simple Jack vibe. Combined with the intentional side window that shows off her balding temples & grease tendrils >>1726202

Every part of this styling just accentuates how crusty & worn out she looks. Adult care facility special needs Barbie.

No. 1726448

File: 1670950107777.jpg (25.74 KB, 315x420, beetus.jpg)

Maybe she's Portuguese

No. 1726459

Anon have you seen Shayna’s attempts at wigs and her cone head clip ons? That wouldn’t be an improvement plus they cost money when she can butcher her own hair for free. Bitch is broke. I’d love to see her bring the wigs back for the laughs though

No. 1726461

File: 1670951909510.jpeg (944.95 KB, 1242x1501, 64D5563F-EF14-423A-BB1F-F1BA26…)

How tf did she age so bad in the neck? She got them deep grandma neck folds. She isn’t even going outside that much but it looks horrible. Bitch needs to wash her face and neck

No. 1726463

her neck moles are so fucking nasty, looks like a raisin stuck to her

No. 1726468

im so happy that her eyes looks like she hasnt stop crying in days lol im glad you’re miserable Shatna

No. 1726485

Stupid fatass pedophile. Way to strawman, you fucking retard.
This looks sticky as hell.
Snorted out loud when I saw her eyeliner. Never change, Shayna.

No. 1726510

she just have cut her bangs herself, there’s no way.

No. 1726514

File: 1670955115803.webm (1.27 MB, 576x1024, não.webm)

> doll parts (Two Hearts Emoji) #fyp #blonde #bimbo #pink #bimbotiktok #dollification
Kek, nônita

No. 1726521

She should make vlogs on tiktok, I want to see what her daily life is really like

No. 1726526

Dolls don't have busted teeth, Shaymu. You just look like a fat, autistic human.

No. 1726530

no shit she cut them herself, she posted her lock of hair >>1726150 do you think she picked it up off the salon floor and brought it home?

No. 1726533

Oh shit, her coke bottle bangs are back. Can't wait to watch her spiral out in 2023. I do think bangs suit her though. Not that they look good, it's just that the more of her face she hides, the better. No one needs to see her many premature forehead wrinkles.

No. 1726540

This bitch really got a pacifier in her mouth, pigtails, those little hair accessories normal people up in their daughters hair and she's got the audacity to scream she's not pedo pandering? What girly girl would be caught dead with a babies toy in her mouth? None. It's fine to like cute things but she's literally just a pedo pandering whore. She doesn't even care about having a cute aesthetic, if she did she would have devoted more time to Amazon kawaii hauls and less time to doordash and sex toys she doesn't use.

No. 1726543


It's giving tranny banging on the girls washroom door

No. 1726545

I wonder if her girlfriend, Ellen Dresel from Renton, Washington, stole this pacifier from the kids she babysits like she did last time.

No. 1726547

she looks like she’s on hard drugs, but not the kind that make you lose weight

No. 1726549

snaggletooth hillbilly

No. 1726561

She looks straight up learning disabled here, like downies day trip to the garden centre vibes, except they have a better grasp of how adults should dress.

No. 1726567

File: 1670959104878.jpeg (25.58 KB, 460x345, v4-460px-Cut-Your-Own-Bangs-St…)

if she would've just parted her bangs properly instead of cutting her hair line only it would be a huge improvement

No. 1726576

Her being offbeat is killingme

No. 1726580

File: 1670960336851.jpeg (1.36 MB, 1206x1492, FAB88A09-35BB-4A90-A988-F8737A…)

She just posted some of her old TikTok videos on her new account. So damn ugly. Hope she gets permanently banned

No. 1726593

I assume it's the Tumblr dom she moved to the PNW for because fupa didn't have a van

No. 1726594

I mean shes such a sped, she probably would. But yeah Im sure she did it herself. I hate how theyre awkwardly uneven looking from side to side, like the one side has a huge gap and the hairs are too straight lol looks retarded.

No. 1726595

I just get the vibe that she's jelly for the new scrote and is trying to impress him so she would become his favorite

She's seems way too attached and obsessive of him, they met like once two months ago ffs

No. 1726599

Its funny to see how desperate she is and how she gushes over someone she's actually into kek RIP Ellen Degenerate. Maybe its her first non transactional relationship with a dude since Fupa, so she's ecstatic. Yet again though, it all seems "kink" centric and porn washed and therefore not a legit relationship. Not to mention hes got multiple other uglies local to him. Assuming this is the poly brony looking tard?

No. 1726602

I love how shaytarded told a story about how,
>A guy I was dated wanting me to shave my head, thats a HARD No for me, i love my hair
And yes, I know she didn't shave her head, but she cut her hair to make ugly bangs and now is pretending to want to send it to a scrote or actually is.
My tinfoil is nobody asked, she cute her retarded hair and then thought, "Aww, it'd be so cute and viral if I put a bow on this and say it's for daddy!!"

No. 1726608

File: 1670963025172.jpeg (915.19 KB, 1170x1400, 472415E5-94CF-4A72-9C05-012541…)

No. 1726615

keke whats up with this sideways shit? Two pieces of hair sticking out the side? I will say the turd bun looks better this way

No. 1726616

Delusion is one hell of a drug…

No. 1726621

The way this made me laugh, the tism in her eyes, the wanting to be loved, to be famous, "See look at me? I'm so good?" Everything she does is so try hard and flicted. The retarded smile, yellow brown tinted teeth. Ugly ass too small skirt. Lopsided breasts, big ass poofy bang. It's too much

No. 1726622

Laura Palmer bangs + poopbun, interesting combo I must say

No. 1726624

I was gonna say… does anyone know if any of his other girlfriends or wife has bangs?

No. 1726627

she looks mid to late 30s

No. 1726628

File: 1670965129638.jpg (3.02 MB, 2846x4292, Shaynas New Crew.jpg)

The Velma old lady/old man gave me Rock-a-billy vibes, so I wouldn't be shocked if Shayna suddenly starts liking the Cramps and Cry-Baby. Maybe she's their Hatchet-face.

No. 1726632

File: 1670965391146.jpeg (364.73 KB, 695x726, 05B6841A-DF09-4027-9707-0B2F48…)

No. 1726634

left-field, but she would totally be the karla homolka type, to aid in some scrote raping and killing someone just to get ass-pats as being unique and edgy. she's already encouraged and aided girls into sex work. and clearly she's into that shit by her rape-baiting posts.

No. 1726641

Ellen 100% gives me that vibes

No. 1726672

File: 1670967888786.png (67.31 KB, 347x322, poobun.png)

No. 1726677

She's one of those people who really has no business being a lardass. You can tell by her face. She looks like she's got on a fatsuit, but that's just her lumpy body.

No. 1726713

stop polishing her ego. she pretends to be into that to MAKE MONEY

No. 1726714

stop polishing her ego. she pretends to be into that to MAKE MONEY

No. 1726715

samefag but her being into dad bands, the larking, the bottomless tweets and aesthetic, it’s to fulfill her daddy issues and make money, get her dad angry(newfag, learn to post here)

No. 1726716

sage your shit, retard

No. 1726723

I'd hate to say it but the bangs just end up making her look more like shes related to Vivi. The both of them really coulda been hag sisters

No. 1726734

Notice how she only posts her bangs from the side that looks better and doesn't show whatever the hell's going on on her left side. Also, Shayna, please dye your hair brown instead of this grown out blonde bullshit.

No. 1726759

nasolabial folds

No. 1726764

Lol you're right though that's hilarious. She's got the trailer trash whore bangs

No. 1726766

Is she missing a chunk of her ear? Great shooping I guess lol

No. 1726772

File: 1670976829675.jpeg (228.62 KB, 1170x600, 1D3071E8-1AE1-4425-B989-C3330D…)

God please no

No. 1726775

I sincerely thought this said “like a sexy Trunchbull!” and I can’t stop laughing knowing we’ve compared her to Trunchbull in the past.

No. 1726776

File: 1670976898938.jpeg (287.16 KB, 1170x649, 02BC3BAC-FBD1-4227-8449-BEE436…)

No. 1726790

That would be so tragic and hilarious to watch holy shit.

No. 1726802

What the fuck is this hairstyle and photoshop???? Her ear lmao

No. 1726827

File: 1670983563262.jpeg (287.14 KB, 2048x1366, E03FFB9B-51D3-487E-8932-E8D47E…)

And the coke can bangs are already back

No. 1726833

unironically looks like a John Candy cosplay

No. 1726846

File: 1670985055869.jpg (295.73 KB, 756x1023, MV5BMTgyMDYzNjI1Nl5BMl5BanBnXk…)

Cute widdle puppy

No. 1726849

Her and noodle are two peas in a fat dog pond

No. 1726851

she literally looks like a fat man in a tiny joke shirt, with shit smeared on his nose in the first picture. One of those "Cursed images' of a ugly fat man purposely making himself look grosser.

No. 1726855

it's like you can tell she's sucking it in so bad the second picture and the first picture she's like "fuck it" kek

No. 1726866

Tubby bitch

No. 1726878

Can some talented photoshop nonnie combine the two for the next thread pic? That would be incredible kek.

No. 1726884

honestly same

No. 1726885

File: 1670988410291.jpeg (402.15 KB, 1170x864, 8B278D89-8F50-4975-830D-43A8CF…)

Isn’t Hardtie and Insex near her?

No. 1726888

peas, notorious for being found in ponds

No. 1726889

Bangs look even worse now that she’s gained weight. Makes her face look bloated.

No. 1726890

Holy FUCK this is unfortunate
And this made me audibly chuckle
As did this, kek

No. 1726909

I’d assume there were a bunch on the west coast, I remember her saying that was a reason for her to move. I doubt huge agencies are just scrambling to work with her and she has to decline due to location, whores travel all the time anyway.

No. 1726911

If they really wanted her I think they'd be willing to cover her travel fees at the least. I have no doubt in my mind that Shayna catfishes studios and producers, and that's why she focuses on looking "hot" for free on Twitter and doesn't give a fuck about being a ugly menace in her paid content.

Or maybe the studios get a whiff of her through their computer screens.

No. 1726912

Who's gonna tell her white makes her just look even bigger and dirtier.

No. 1726918

She looks retarded like her dog

No. 1726924

where is the new moid from?

No. 1726929

File: 1670994711790.jpeg (Spoiler Image,980.11 KB, 1170x1382, 9ED711E6-C0A0-4833-9B1A-9C1348…)

No. 1726930

But Shay, if you’re such a “rich luxury bimbo” why aren’t your “sugar dads” paying for your flights?>>1726885

No. 1726941

God damn ‘Woof’ is right.

Those fucking bangs. They deserve their own thread.

No. 1726954

Kentucky iirc. The only people interested in Fat Shat are trailer trash whose parents were probably blood relations and who look like they eat crayons and fist cats

No. 1726957

They do say people look like their pets. A fat, ugly, unwashed, retard owner having fat, ugly, unwashed, retarded animals checks out

No. 1726963

File: 1670998828673.jpeg (320.21 KB, 1241x1559, D2DD6FB7-849C-4AAF-A614-95A7C5…)

Don’t do us like that kek

No. 1726968

lmao I’m sorry kentuckanona, I’m not a burger so my knowledge of the south is limited to unflattering stereotypes. Speaking of unflattering, this pic is fucking horrific, this really is the worst she’s ever looked. I didn’t think it could get worse than when she was at peak Yaniv around 18 months ago but here we are

No. 1726970

She fucked up the editing so badly that she edited out an entire chunk of her ear above her tunnels

No. 1726971

she filmed with Insex back in her skinny days. but sure Shay, producers "always" want to work with you. totally.

No. 1726972

File: 1670999842460.gif (625.98 KB, 200x178, BFA70FC1-8917-4794-B8DA-2C4A9E…)

2023 is going to be year of the beetus

No. 1726989

I mean sexy trunchbull she might actually be able to pull off, that genuinely might be her best sexy-cosplay option

No. 1726991

File: 1671001892105.jpeg (193.84 KB, 1182x953, B1783B52-DB97-4A5C-BB0F-F5999A…)

Stop lurking and get a job. Unemployed sack of shit

No. 1726993

File: 1671001956680.jpeg (1013.65 KB, 1242x1684, C38181E6-2B4B-4993-98D7-93742E…)

Jason R Womack, the retarded cuck thinks he’s Shayna’s boyfriend. Also stop comparing your cat to a chode, nasty bitch.

No. 1726997

Even a 200-300 flight would be a waste, who is she kidding. I doubt she's ever made that off a single vid. No wonder she said last month was bad for her money wise. She spends all this money traveling or paying some ugly scrote to fuck her basically and never sees even a fraction of return profits. Fucking retard. It's basic business common sense. You can't spend more than you can reasonably earn back.

No. 1727002

That shirt doesn’t fit. Jfc bimbo? More like Jumbo

No. 1727014

File: 1671004184590.png (952.93 KB, 839x945, grrtdfygdgdg.png)

how she wears shirts is so ugly, showing off half her tits and still doesn't look as good as a slim woman

No. 1727016

She shouldn’t have gotten straight blunt bangs, they look terrible with her fat face. Maybe curtain bangs would’ve soften her harsh features. It literally looks like a loaf of moldy bread on her forehead.

No. 1727017

Yeah, so adorable and so cherished that you can’t be bothered to groom his lovely coat and insist on stressing the fuck out of him by keeping him captive in the same squalid small shoebox as the ugly cat your ugly ex dumped on you and your fat retard dog, both of which he hates. He deserves better.

No. 1727019

Filthy fat fuck can’t afford to pay her rent but wants lip fillers, priorities

No. 1727020

Whores are supposed to get paid to fuck and she’s out there paying people to fuck her, bleak doesn’t even cover it anymore

No. 1727024

The texture on her face is horrific. Combined with the grease shine and cottage cheese thighs, it looks like she's made of melting wax.

No. 1727028

File: 1671006192041.jpg (10.1 KB, 216x234, 85b34b5b651e2101028deed413edf9…)

her mouth is so ugly when she does that face

No. 1727053

Why is she skinwalking Vivi now kek

No. 1727061

Isn’t it. It actually makes me feel nauseous. Her entire body disgusts me. Matches her personality, kek.

No. 1727070

I took a break from lolcow but damn she’s got even bigger since I last lurked here. Like 15lb at least… is she not going to try and at least maintain a regular level of chubbiness?! Is she really aiming to be a ssbbw? She may as well do feeder content from this point, may as well get monetized from ballooning at this rate

No. 1727078

Her weight is not a choice or under her control so no

No. 1727085

lmao being a lardass is absolutely a choice and in her control, why do all fatties claim that it isn’t? stop stuffing your face and do some push-ups or something

No. 1727088

She literally chooses to binge eat and drink and avoid anything healthy in the slightest let alone her refusal to exercise

No. 1727100

She’s just randomly ballooning in size and it has nothing to do with the junk she stuffs her face with or the excess of alcohol she consumes? Ok fatnon

No. 1727104

She's never looked closer to a character from a Harmony Korine flick. Full on jacked up trailer park retard who doesn't know she has HIV.

No. 1727118

wow. she really has turned into ellen. remember earlier this year when she was maybe puking for two weeks and then walked around ireland for a week and we all thought we might have a skinny shayna era (she just wasnt bloated for a few weeks + angles). this picture really resembles that one of ellen from behind just showing off all her cottage cheese lipidema legs.

No. 1727141

She looks so old in this picture…

No. 1727182

Lmao oh wow this is a hilarious cope.

No. 1727183

I almost wish she could afford it tho bc like…sausage lips on her destroyed face that she takes negative care of…incredible

No. 1727217

honestly tho, the only thing holding her back from doing feeder porn is she'd get clowned by the farms. but she always claims fuck the haters, she does what she wants to "get the bag". yet she still cannot even admit she is overweight. i think the closest she's come is saying "im not the same size i used to be". She literally hasn't even accepted she's fat yet even though its obvious to everyone else. Even though her sales dwindle. Even though she had to give away a bunch of clothes that didn't fit. She is still in heavy denial. Hopefully the bangs help her come to the realization she could be monetizing this.

No. 1727221

samefag but forgot to say - I bet she regularly turns down scotes wanting fat-centric content because it offends her deeply to accept she is perceived as morbidly obese now.

No. 1727228

the fact she had to post this on twitter is major indicator of it being a cope lol. if she actually liked them she'd just be posting non-stop narc selfies. everything since has been edited to hell or shayna looking tragic and defeated in the eyes.

No. 1727229

lmaoo why does the bang go so far past her temple and area where bangs actually should go. i love when shayna fucks herself up.

No. 1727230

This and I believe she thinks she'll lose weight eventually. She doesn't want to be fat, so she doesn't want to do feeder. Its not ~uwu kinky bimbo baby~ embarrassing it's like somehow too degrading for her, which is ironic. She will take being talked down to and called dumb, but you can tell comments about her body actually get under her blubber.
I am with the anons that are asking why she can't maintain a level of this fatness though. I guess some people keep going for a while before they settle into true morbid obesity. Idk how eating a little cleaner and smaller portions and taking the fat dog for a walk once a day would be that hard to at least stop yourself from continuing to chub up into the 200lbs range but ok Shatna.

No. 1727233

I think its hilarious that she edits these pics to hell to the point you can see very bad editing mistakes like missing ear chunk… and she STILL looks rough. Filters can't fix ugly. Some anons will say shes not that ugly but they are fooled by her extreme filtering and editing. She absolutely pays for upgrade editing in those apps. But if you look into her butthole eyes and cracked lips, you'll see her under the mask kek. Still baffled how she looks dry, crusty, musty, and greasy at the same time too.

No. 1727234

This is the most unattractive thing that you can do in a moid's eyes. How is she so bad at her "job"??

No. 1727237

Lmao. How can she look at her own face in the mirror and seriously think "yeah… THAT's the problem"?
I can't wait for her to get filler addicted like everyone seems to do after getting it once. If some crooked injector manages to convince her to get some in her face the results would be hilarious.

No. 1727241

Forget about a flat stomach - her upper ribcage isn't even flat anymore. How can you get so fat that you have cellulite ripples right under your boobs? Crazy.

No. 1727263

Merry fucking early christmas, oh my GOD

No. 1727268

honestly not so sure if she turns them down. does anyone remember the video a farmer commissioned where they made her say all that weird stuff about herself? she looked uncomfortable and a bit sad but did it for the $$$ doubt it would have changed now

No. 1727270

Yep, she will easily fall victim to a "Hey girl, we're friends now even though you pay me for a service, I get this and you totally should too, it would really improve X. Just looking out for you bestie" type sales person. And then be convinced they're helping her out of giving her a discount. A god forbid her injector is male then suddenly it will become "I get wet from needles"

No. 1727274

i think theres a big difference between being humiliated in general versus accepting she's fat though. she can wear diapers, drink her own piss, let old men sniff her bare asshole, be told she's a dumb useless slut and love it all. But if you mention she's got a gut and double chin and dolphin pussy she loses it.

No. 1727287

Where is this video? I think of myself as a shayologist but I have never come across that one.

No. 1727303

I think it was around the time she started dating Fupa

No. 1727305

It was around her 21st bday I think and she had to say 21 humiliating things about herself. Definitely Fupa era

No. 1727306

It gets posted every like 15 threads it’s not that exciting basically her humiliating herself but at this point I think her life is far more humiliating than anything she says in the video kek

No. 1727309

Yeah. All of her "kinks" are under her "control". Shayna seems to be genuinely confused as to how she got so big. Like most fat retards, she's convinced herself it's genetics or something out of her control that causes her to be so big. Plus, she clearly hates it. I think feeder porn is a hard limit for her because she's so butthurt over how fat and unsightly she is now. Also, her family probably made her feel like shit on that trip last summer. On top of feeling like death I'm sure her mom or grandma or someone brought up how fast she gained and it made her revert back to the goldfish and wine diet until she left. And now she's back home speed running morbid obesity again.

But she really should just give up and do feeder porn, I'm sure they'd pay big bucks to see her transition into a literal hog.

No. 1727312

she’d wind up looking like Nickado in a wig.

No. 1727315

that’s actually pretty common if you suck in your stomach a lot as a kid/teen and then grow up and gain more muscle or fat in your torso. you get these like, rib bulges. I think you can get rid of them with targeted exercises but we all know shatna won’t do that.

No. 1727320

File: 1671045591594.jpeg (461.93 KB, 1170x1000, F2C3C97C-9FD9-4655-B93E-DEF455…)

No. 1727338

They're workout lines nonna

No. 1727351

She's already attracting coomers into feeder porn and big women. Another anon pointed out a few that follow her on twitter. All it would take is for her to shill herself on the relevant subreddit and she would have a paying audience.

No. 1727401

File: 1671052601199.jpeg (151.88 KB, 828x390, 02B01548-B6ED-4885-8368-DB51E1…)

Can we please have an exemption from the a-logging rule in this thread?

No. 1727414

Okay, which cold case file did she lift this from

No. 1727417

I meant that she lacks self control.

No. 1727420

Nice backpedal

No. 1727423

Top kek nona. we love this esoteric reference

No. 1727426

Well if this fantasy was at all based in reality she would make it 5 feet or less and the abductor would be like oh. Disappointing. And then kill her and probably have to go abduct someone else that same night to get his jollies. Shaynus needs to fucking shut up and be homeless already. I am so goddamn sick of this disgusting bitch. Agree we should be allowed to a-log.

No. 1727427

Girl, you don't even walk to businesses a few blocks away from your apartment let alone "run". Bye.

No. 1727428

Are you fucking retarded do you not understand irony? Shayna doesn't WANT to be fat like feedeer camwhores want to be fat she just can't fucking control herself. It's not a choice just like 90% of her life is out of her control. She has too low of an IQ.

No. 1727430

No you just don't understand irony. Shayna is low IQ and can't control anything in her life.

No. 1727432

This reads like she knows she's approaching obesity and desperate for someone to force her to exercise.

No. 1727455

if a murderer? rapist? tells her to run she loves it but her personal trainer she hired told her to run and she called her a trump supporter and stopped going

No. 1727477

File: 1671058975972.png (1.16 MB, 756x1023, Woof.png)

Thank you for the idea nona

No. 1727488

oh my god i fucking love you

No. 1727490

I just spit out my crackers out of laughter ffs

No. 1727494

File: 1671060339231.jpeg (645.14 KB, 1242x1349, 25F5A87C-9AE9-49D6-AB6F-2CDD98…)


No. 1727495

File: 1671060398400.jpeg (Spoiler Image,148.43 KB, 1497x843, E1EC4AD1-0420-42E0-A5ED-5B6B4A…)

No. 1727499

Absolute concave ass.

No. 1727504

I can’t get over the socks to hide the cankles

No. 1727505

smoothing tool working overtime

No. 1727514

i just came here from the luna thread and you know, it's actually impressive this bitch keeps her pillows and clothes this clean because i expect her hygiene to be only slightly above luna's

No. 1727517

This stupid dumb fucking whore is playing with fire, her coomer scrotes will be taking this attention whoring serioulsy

No. 1727544

File: 1671066217660.jpeg (101.61 KB, 1145x779, 230323D2-052C-440D-8A84-569796…)

No. 1727548

File: 1671066549607.jpeg (326.39 KB, 1170x671, 4C810946-6758-41F3-9EE3-05D433…)

What crawled up her ass today?

No. 1727549

File: 1671066606919.jpeg (642.06 KB, 1170x1358, 6B588C2D-1598-4E4F-A725-AE1856…)

No. 1727550

I wonder how many people she's blocked who would have tossed her a few pennies

No. 1727551

I love how she has to announce that she’s assmad and easily offended instead of just ignoring people like any normal person would do

No. 1727552

File: 1671066822964.jpeg (401.41 KB, 818x670, 0D9FAFAB-AAB1-42F0-BB43-E5E572…)

h u g e

No. 1727553

She looks like Rebel Wilson pre weight loss

No. 1727554

File: 1671067098541.jpeg (Spoiler Image,336.01 KB, 738x673, F80972F3-074C-4A50-A59B-19BA3D…)


No. 1727555

The subtle references to other cows always makes me happy

No. 1727557

I’m surprised she hasn’t jumped on the Evan Peters as Dahmer was sexy train although he was gay so she’s probably upset he didn’t target women

No. 1727558

This looks like those mall shoots they did in the 80s and not in a nice way kek

No. 1727561

lmao the way her fupa looks like the balls lmao

No. 1727565

Buffalo Bill is more her type

No. 1727568

Her under boob is scaring me

No. 1727578

This is excellent, nona! Thank you!

No. 1727583

Please thread pic and thread title should be return of the Coke can bangs

No. 1727585

File: 1671069134260.jpeg (759.86 KB, 1170x1497, F73202D4-94F3-498A-A510-4EF2FC…)

Who was also a pedo

No. 1727586

File: 1671069154352.jpeg (149.87 KB, 910x1390, 31C6F032-E58D-4698-B1A4-A914DE…)

She looks even more like this person than before. I don’t even know who this person is but she came to mind as soon as I saw this stupid Shayna dog picture

No. 1727587

Jesus Christ this is absolute nightmare fuel

No. 1727588

The necrotit really needs medical attention, I’m no expert on implants but this looks concerning

No. 1727590

She always makes sure you get a good look at her thighs, I am convinced she is connecting with feeder/weight gain coomers

No. 1727595

File: 1671069581154.jpeg (36.04 KB, 435x705, 2DE71316-651E-48A0-8276-465E39…)

matt lucas as vicky pollard.
the resemblance is uncanny

No. 1727599

kek nonnie that’s Matt Lucas as Vicky Pollard, a fat sloppy gobby chav in britbong sketch show Little Britain. Her catchphrase was “am I bovvered?” Look up some clips, there’s definitely parallels

No. 1727625

I’m a fat nona weighing 5’5” and 230 pounds and Shayna looks the same size as me if not bigger due to her thighs.

I think some anons forget she’s 5’7” so she is -heavy- if she is looking like that.

No. 1727629

looks like the implant due to her poland syndrome is starting to shift under her muscle.

No. 1727631

File: 1671071360246.jpeg (149.89 KB, 750x401, 26785035-601C-4611-810D-1E5C76…)

No. 1727681

I love how all her coomers are right adjacent or right leaning meanwhile her mum is a supposed trump stan yet is deplorable for it. Shayna is so fickle

No. 1727683

She’s not 5’7 is she? I know she’s taller than she pretends she is but I always thought she was like 5’5

No. 1727685

And then there’s Mike Slack the pedophile daughter rapist from Missouri who is full blown MAGAtard so it’s probably safe to say he’s a raging racist and homophobe too

No. 1727687

God it looks like she’s growing a tumor in her necro tit. I wonder if she’s waiting for the implant to give her a serious illness in order for insurance to pay for its removal kek