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File: 1682897608545.jpeg (135.06 KB, 1242x876, 1682463567870.jpeg)

No. 1818194

Previous thread: >>>/snow/1808965

Shayna Leigh Clifford; 25 year old failing prostitute, porn sick degenerate, drug addict and alcoholic who spends her days posting free pictures of her hemorrhoid filled anus on twitter while begging for rent. Rejects her parents help to get an education and normal job. Hurts animals on purpose and panders to pedos by filming porn dressed as a child. Recently moved to Seattle after wasting years on an ex too ashamed to admit they were dating her and is currently looking her new Fupa 2.0.


REMEMBER: Read the rules before posting. Repetitive nitpicks about Shayna's body, face, and genitals are subject to a 1-day ban. Reposting the same photos zoomed in/edited is not milk and you will receive a ban for nitpicking. Stay on topic, derailing and infighting will result in a ban. Sage when there’s no milk. Spoiler any NSFW images. No blog posting or bragging about how you're a better whore than Shayna. Nobody wants to hear about your degeneracy. This is a Shay thread, curb your enthusiasm when posting screenshots of other e-whores, they go in the e-whores thread. Shut the fuck up about her necrotit and take it to the shaynatorium.

New TikTok: https://www.tiktok.com/@dollhausbarbie
Snapchat: irlbarbiedolly (BANNED)

Summary of last thread:
>>1808967 Shayna has finally started editing her face better but it looks nothing like her
>>1808969 surgery confirmed for June
>>1808970 Shayna being hypocritical about respecting your coomers
>>1809020 admits she wishes she was thinking but is delusional and think her thighs look good
>>1809522 posts on OF that she'll be out of work for 3 weeks for surgery and discounts her prices as an incentive for her coomers to stay
>>1810112 Shayna thinks she has a vag men want to pay for but forgets that she looks like she has a wrinkly ball sack
>>1810353 photos proving she takes her dog out but let's the untrained dog run around unleashed
>>1810386 back on Seeking Arrangements
>>1810635 Shay finally admits she's struggling and the desperate begging begins
>>1810930 so stressed she can't sleep
>>1811002 >>1811155 >>1811210 >>1811259 she basically begs for money all day with a goal of $500 but keeps asking for more once the goal is hit
>>1811285 but then an account that's been around for a while calls her out and she deletes the tweet from >>1811259
>>1813050 mr peanut butter is too cute for her
>>1813307 says she's going on cam >>1813345 but we know she can't stick to a schedule
>>1813359 admits that she's begging so hard because she's $4,000 in debt
>>1813818 sugar daddy date >>1814070 in a trashy $100 outfit from a japanese site
>>1813898 no cam show due to apartment bug spraying
>>1813900 new sugar daddy?
>>1814025 desperate times call for picking up the shitty dom schtick
>>1814352 admits incest porn is her favorite to make
>>1814356 >>1814358 >>1814368 >>1814369 >>1814374 >>1814376 Shay is mad because she's broke so she starts going in on another SW for not liking incest
>>1814379 >>1814381 the idiot misconstrued the other SW's post so her incest loving rant was pointless
>>1814621 >>1814638 >>1814640 Shayna being massive compared to another man she's working with again
>>1814663 mr peanut butter gets included in a degenerate photo set
>>1815039 >>1815657 still spending unnecessarily when she's in debt of course
>>1815838 noodle goes out again and
>>1815859 blocks a self proclaimed OF simp for calling her an alcoholic
>>1816057 proudly posts that her body count is 10 after her sugar date >>1816245 and a faithful coomer replies they don't need to know that
>>1816319 another sugar date coming up, the prostitution era is starting
>>1816581 video with the disgusting Las Vegas STD guy is released
>>1816880 sugar dad pays her $2,000, probably because she gives it up so easily
>>1817366 going on a spa day because she works so hard and isn't in debt

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No. 1818201

File: 1682899382916.png (16.64 KB, 782x478, Capture.PNG)

No. 1818212

I almost thought this was a joke (or it may be" A bikini Barista? Kek. The fact she's even thinking about getting a job outside of sex work, really is something. I don't think Shayna has ever said "I've thought about this or that". It's always, "this is what I want to do, I want to be miserable doing this"

Kek, I would say
>Is this Shayna saying she wants more out of life then this?
I do think it'd kinda be a blow to her mindset. She literally shows every inch of her body for attention. Imagine her being a bikini Barista, possibly not being the prettiest girl there or having the nicest body, she's literally in competition irl with other women trying to make money from their own bodies. I think that'd depress her more then any internet competition.

No. 1818213

She’s so dumb, idk the standards for places like those but seems obvious if you’re already doing porn, probably a decently chill job where you can get plenty of tips from creeps and make friends with other whores. It’s not like it’s a full time job anyway, but sure I guess prostitution to pay rent and get food delivery is preferable to getting up early.

No. 1818215

i genuinely want to know what her plans for the future are. like does she really believe that she’s gonna be doing this into her 40s or 50s? does she think that she will ever make enough to save up for retirement? shay’s insistence that she will never have to get an actual job or go back to school is just so baffling.

No. 1818216

She's so fucking lazy it's insane. Also thank you for the new thread OP

No. 1818217

Nta but she probably thinks she'll be like Clara Matthews and the other granny at Skidmark Academy. What she doesn't understand is that those women are like half of her size and Shayna herself has no chance of losing weight. She better start looking at older women who do feeder fetish porn.

No. 1818218


On top of doubting her physical ability to even stand up and move for extended periods of time, this is hilarious to imagine on a psycho-spiritual level : she would lose her fucking mind if she were forced to work with and under cute, capable, thin women whilst simultaneously being constantly confronted with her own rapidly diminishing sexual capital as she competes with them directly

No. 1818227

Thanks for the thread nonnie! Mwah!

No. 1818232


No. 1818235

Remember that one Anon that would come into the threads when she originally lived in Seattle and say shayna should be a bikini barista? Back when she wasn’t the size of a house?
Can’t imagine her being one now. I hope she does it

No. 1818237

File: 1682902976015.png (1.03 MB, 1192x1434, Screen Shot 2023-05-01 at 11.0…)

New pinned. 'Real life doll', the delusion.

No. 1818239

She would disgust anyone who came during her shift. I doubt she’d make much money and there would probably be complaints about the way she looks and smells. I wish she’d go do something like try out at a strip club so she’d be humbled.

No. 1818240

File: 1682903142553.jpeg (Spoiler Image,132.1 KB, 1170x1552, IMG_1806.jpeg)

From yesterday

No. 1818242

File: 1682903267617.jpeg (Spoiler Image,160.99 KB, 1170x1742, IMG_1829.jpeg)

Did she change her goal? Or does she have $2,000 left from the previous goal?

No. 1818244

Is it just me or does she not mention the Buttstuff Barbie thing anywhere on that thread?

No. 1818245

Left one makes me feel like I’m looking at something straight out of the deep web. That ghastly colour, how is anyone turned on by that?

No. 1818246

File: 1682903560829.png (1.47 MB, 1192x1390, Screen Shot 2023-05-01 at 11.0…)

No. 1818248

I love how she doesn't even pretend the sex was great, like she did with that scrote she claimed she slept with from the bar.

No. 1818258

File: 1682906084899.png (286.01 KB, 583x823, 1682816007158.png)

The 2000 from the sugar dad really has her feeling ok if she was spending 15$ for water and 164$ total for a spa day yesterday (repost from /shay/)

No. 1818259

Kek do you remember what bikini barista anon looked like? She was fatter than Shayna >>>/snow/1346020

No. 1818261

Nah.. she doesn’t have a shelf gut like our Shay

No. 1818269

I doubt the moids who go to a coffee cart to leer at and talk to young women in bikinis are the most picky, this isn’t some high end strip club where you need to have the whole package for wealthy celebrity clients

No. 1818270

>She better start looking at older women who do feeder fetish porn.
They generally die pretty pretty young unless they get out of sex work and lose weight. Shayna’s future is incredibly bleak.

No. 1818272

I'm guessing that being a bikini barista doesn't pay much and the bulk of what someone earns is from tips. Moids will tip a young skinny attractive girl far more than they would an unwashed hog like Shayna, unless they have a specific fetish that she appeals to. It would be too much of an affront to her ego to see another women get more tips than she did.

No. 1818279

Ntayrt but given the fake stories she posts online I’m sure if she got an in person job she would make up tons of fake customer stories like guys walking up to her directly, asking “Barbie” to marry them and then tipping her hundreds of dollars.

No. 1818294

Kek I forgot. They are the same size now

No. 1818339

File: 1682920507682.jpeg (53.36 KB, 750x665, 1FF12D69-86C6-41A4-8777-9462D1…)

No. 1818345

KEK bitch just put down the wine box

No. 1818351

what happened to hello fresh??

No. 1818358

Too much effort, not greasy and processed enough for her refined palate

No. 1818362

hellofresh or another meal box would be her best bet for sure because she doesn't have to do any shopping and they also have tons of recipes to choose from (as long as she doesn't eat both portions for dinner every night.) HOWEVER being that it is the best choice for her situation, the laws of Shaysics decree she wont take that choice because she's incapable of making a good choice.

No. 1818368

I really think she’s too lazy even for something like that, plus she seems to live almost exclusively on cheap cold cuts and plastic cheese and budget sushi, she probably doesn’t like half of what’s in the box

No. 1818374

This tweet describes her whole life. “I want XYZ, but I don’t want to put any work in”

No. 1818376

I bet she could drop 20lbs in a couple months just from cutting out booze

No. 1818388

She really just needs a calorie counter app and stick to a calorie limit. She won’t of course.

No. 1818389

She’s so dumb. She doesn’t even have to change what she eats to lose weight, just cut back on the portions. If a scrote can lose 30lbs in two months eating nothing but Twinkies and junk food, so can you, Shat. It’s easy to not eat the whole damn charcuterie board in one sitting.

No. 1818410

You absolutely cannot compare scrote hormones to women’s when it comes to losing weight. As long as shay is drinking what she eats doesn’t matter. Cut the alcohol, increase your protein and download myfitnesspal

No. 1818412

A 750ml bottle of pink moscato is around 500 calories and 15g of carbs. Even if she was eating at or below her TDEE, which I very much doubt, the extra 500 calories a day is enough to make her gain weight, especially because she doesn't exercise.

No. 1818421

Exactly this. She's too lazy to put any effort into anything.

No. 1818433

When you’re that overweight it’s perfectly healthy and even encouraged to fast. Strange and foreign thought but idk maybe don’t eat anything for 12 hours and see how that goes.

No. 1818461

How can you look at the pictures of Shat with table-sized seafood platters in front of her and say what she eats doesn’t matter because she drinks? It’s still calories in that contribute to her daily total. So you mean to tell me if she were to keep drinking at the same amount and cut out all food entirely she’d keep gaining weight at the same rate she is now because “what she eats doesn’t matter?” That’s some fat logic right there. She’d still be overweight if she cut out the drinking because she eats like a pig. She needs to cut back her portions on both

No. 1818473

this tweet really is the perfect nonna bait for all the dieting overweight or starving underweight nonnas to come out the woodwork and for the x-th year in a row to keep giving Shat advice she will NEVER acknowledge kek it's amazing how after years of tweeting this shit nonnas still fall for these tweets

No. 1818474

File: 1682955046701.jpg (123.97 KB, 1439x923, Screenshot_20230501-183003_Chr…)

first tweet after waking up.. which ewhore keeps pissing in her breffast??

No. 1818479

Coming from the girl who was constantly complaining about people who were “taking low quality photos and still getting more likes than her.” And complaining about the influx of new SWers

No. 1818486

kek the person who replied with “if you have a pet take them on a brisk 20 minute walk” is so fucking transparent

No. 1818506

Calm down retard. That anon was clearly meaning that what she eat "doesn't matter" because the booze ALONE is enough to keep her obese.
>hurr durr so like, u really believe she wud gain weight out of nowhere if she was fasting cause uhmmm ackshually the laws of thermodynamics exist so like checkmate fatlogic
kill yourself

No. 1818510

Ugh why is she asking this embarrassing question to strangers?

No. 1818515

Whats happened to that gym membership??? Go get on a treadmill… Start there? She's got so much information in her hands at all times of the day, and can't use it for anything other than editing her porn. Sad, sad life.

No. 1818516

File: 1682959630606.jpg (149.82 KB, 1439x1430, Screenshot_20230501-194726_Chr…)


No. 1818517

File: 1682959746610.jpeg (110.94 KB, 1169x1169, FvDn2GBaYAEg_v2.jpeg)

No. 1818519

File: 1682959847083.jpeg (88.5 KB, 1044x1044, FvDn2GBaYAIpgWU.jpeg)

No. 1818520

File: 1682959861757.jpeg (79.6 KB, 828x1141, 4103DCB2-E8E5-4924-8199-5B69C5…)

So…. "Another 2k" on top of the 2 thousand she just got?… Which means, she doesn't have debt lingering anymore? But is now saying that rent is due, which is hilariously.. Another 2k.

No. 1818522

Does she know that the internet exists? Why is she asking her porn sick clients for nutritional advice? Just cut down portion size and throw some Chloe Ting videos on ffs.

No. 1818524

My advice, stop drinking alcohol, that alone would help a lot, but she can't, because she can't do her job being sober.

Is she going without wearing a bra? Her breasts will like that, except she just goes to the gym and sits there, drinking some protein shakes, not moving at all.

No. 1818525

File: 1682960353349.jpeg (92.66 KB, 750x1016, 96FD10D2-DAAD-4972-9C04-008ABA…)

are these old pictures? or did she get a new phone case? she had one that looked like a phone on the back. picrel her phone case

No. 1818527

Are you retarded? She'd lose weight if she stops drinking because it's literally a bunch of empty extra calories. She'd lose even more if she ate healthy. Why are we acting like gaining and losing weight is rocket science again?

No. 1818529

Fatty doesn't even have to change her shit diet it all she wants to do is lose weight. Just eat less and take the fat dog out to walk. But she won't.

No. 1818534

Her discolored shower looks so sad kek. The same shampoo bottles and a disease ridden loofah.

No. 1818537

Every single day lately she's been making these aggressive ass posts. Why? What authority does she think she have? Or does she constantly feel called out by any random sex worker she has to post something. But not directly too them because they may respond. Of it's unprofessional to go the "mean girls" and call them out, it has to be unprofessional to make a tweet a day vaguely calling out people

No. 1818539

Kek this is why she'll never lose weight, works out then eats, then gets drunk later. Never change shayna

No. 1818549

She most likely got a new phone case.. more importantly who cares? Why is everyone sporting out over dumb shit in the thread right now?

No. 1818553

Whoever it is, it's someone with more followers than her and she's too frightened to directly call them out.

No. 1818557

I cannot believe she isn't wearing a bra underneath that cheap Amazon workout top. I doubt she'll run on the treadmill but she probably tries to make her tits shake at the gym to get attention from moids. Her life is so sad dude.

No. 1818563

Oh she’s admitting to fssw now?

No. 1818576

you fasting-chans are so annoying kek no way shayna could just not eat for an entire 12 hours. she'd be better off doing the 1200 calorie diet that they give the deathfats on my 600 pound life.
finally the shay gym saga i've been waiting for

No. 1818577

>1200 kcal diet
That’s way too drastic of a change imo, she should stick to something more actually manageable (to other ppl than anachans)

No. 1818579

exactly, she only ever does stuff that will maintain her current weight, she is fat and makes her hate herself. 26 years old and she still can't figure out the calories in calories out thing.

No. 1818581

File: 1682966522285.jpg (183.47 KB, 1080x1617, Screenshot_20230501-204126_Twi…)

Any bets on how long she will commit to the larp? Money so wasted on the personal trainer…

No. 1818585

File: 1682966853958.jpg (60.98 KB, 1080x550, Screenshot_20230501-204644_Twi…)

For 200$ I too would lie through my teeth just to appease the cooked ham gelatinous hog

No. 1818586

Already calling it: she will develop a crush on this dude and make up stories about him coming on to her

No. 1818588

what the fuck is this awful threadpic. sorry but why do we have to have a picture of pigs having sex. i feel like a moid made this, just gross and unfunny all around.

No. 1818593

Just hide the pic

No. 1818594


No. 1818599

already done but it's still nasty and i still think it was a moid, just can't believe no one else mentioned it yet. especially because people were complaining about how creepy it was that pic got posted in /shay/ earlier.

No. 1818615

Working out then giving yourself munchies afterwards? She's also definitely getting scammed.

No. 1818616

There were so many better thread pic options too. This is what they picked lmao

But tbh nobody else was making a thread so we can’t complain too much

No. 1818623

I think multiple people reported the pic, so if the post history would have indicated a moid they would have banned that anon

No. 1818627

Maybe now she has bagged a moid as her trainer, and not what was presumably a motivated, in shape woman with full time employment telling her what to do to improve her sad existence she might actually have a shot at keeping up the gym visits for more than a week or two.

Also agreeing that this thread pic was very unnecessary but the person in the Shaynatorium calling it bestiality was also retarded

No. 1818634

There has to be someone in here that knows which Tweet she keeps referring too. She is seething since days.

No. 1818637

You had three whole days without nobody making a thread to make one yourself yet you didn’t, so we can accept it’s just in bad taste and move on. Shut up about it already.

No. 1818642

File: 1682969697932.jpeg (77.62 KB, 750x990, 1682780281727.jpeg)

Bringing this over from /Shay/ but I still want to know the full context of this interaction

No. 1818643


"Just got poke, gna go home, smoke, eat lunch, shower, get ready for work"

- reframes being propositioned and buttered up by the paying client-seeking trainer as initiative on her end and genuine praise on his
- works out for 30 minutes and treats herself to lunch before going home to have lunch
- nearly forgot to pretend she showers

No. 1818644

I'm so glad I'm not the only fucking person who read that as her getting lunch twice kek

No. 1818652

When whores get a hit tweet, no matter what the context is, they use it to advertise their porn underneath since so many people are seeing their tweet. The problem is that she is posting her porn under a tweet about the woman who had a 14 year old black boy lynched to death and then admitted she lied about his crimes in her death bed

No. 1818655

Poke is her breakfast then she's going to smoke, eat some more, shower and then work.
So yeah, basically she's eating fucking double after going to the gym. She makes sure she's not missing no meals. Instead of eating a light meal before working out, she's just going to eat to make up.

No. 1818656

Nta but take your meds.

No. 1818661


Alcohol disrupts your system regardless of your calorie intake. If she continues to drink and manages to magically cut her portions the alcohol will still affect it her weight and health. I never said what she ate didn’t matter. Chill the fuck out with your “fat girl logic”

No. 1818667

I'm not trying to start an infight and I don't have a strong opinion on the OP image, I'm just going to make the observation that we're in a thread for cow that posts images that show the inside of her asshole and yet a non-explicit image of two pigs mating is where the line is drawn for some.

No. 1818677

How is that comment “take your meds”-worthy?

No. 1818678

You should try mindfulness

No. 1818689

personal trainers aren't going to be like "yeah you look like shit fatty," wtf was she expecting. and i guarantee he didn't say she "has a great body," a male trainer saying that to a female customer would be sexual harassment. i just do not believe it.

No. 1818690

She's going to delete the tweets about the gym before the week is up.

No. 1818692

Kek at her saying eating healthy is suffering, and then having lunch twice after the gym. Shaynus getting a fat ugly bod is just chef kiss

No. 1818698


…what? Trainers talk to their clients about their bodies. They are there to train bodies. Beyond that, they have eagle eyes for the different archetypes of newbie that walk through the doors and one look at her and you instantly understand she's the classic "attention starved porky pickme" that always responds positively to any and all forms of disingenuous flattery, shows up twice then is never seen again.

No. 1818709

File: 1682977575228.jpeg (63.7 KB, 750x850, C446E219-4061-4D23-AFE8-95431B…)

does she ever stop?

No. 1818715

File: 1682978209011.png (97.32 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20230501-175446.png)

This is what she's spending about now. When is she going to realize she should just shut the fuck up and stop acting like she's some spokesperson for SW? It literally doesn't matter what these hoes think of each other or how they get along. Go make some friends, Shaynus. You're pathetically lonely and it shows

No. 1818719

I mean, Shay, it is hard to believe. Especially because you have consistently railed against SWers that get more attention than you. I really wonder who it is that’s getting her goat so much lately. It has to be one of the women she’s worked with or something. Her complaining about the “lack of solidarity” between SWers is happening much too often for it to just be some random encounter.

No. 1818737

Holy shit is that the original bikini barrista? Kek

No. 1818741


"I wish we could all just get along, like we did in middle school"


No. 1818745

I think the diseased vegas scrote or one of her paying coomers said something about her weight and that’s why she’s suddenly talking about the gym and dieting more seriously

No. 1818746

They’re both fucking retarded. Shay is trying to act all superior and enlightened yet UWU at the same time and bikini barista has to make everything confrontational and about her. The community is so fucking stupid and it totally deserves itself Lmao

No. 1818748

>does intense workout
>immediately eats fatty fish, avocado, god knows whatever mayo sauce etc. takeout afterwards

No. 1818757

She does this every so often. When she was in Oklahoma she had a trainer, went to the gym a few times, and bought a bunch of pre workout. But then dropped it after a few weeks

No. 1818789

Anon, you should know by now that the autistic thread nazis have to go through the peer review process and submit a drafted thread post to academic journals to ensure its perfection before posting.

No. 1818798

File: 1682982799726.png (510.48 KB, 757x758, Screenshot 2023-05-01 191302.p…)

The anons who said that the diseased Scott Hancock can't use her porn name were wrong. For some reason it didn't say her name before but it does now. Maybe she saw what anons said here and asked him to fix it.

No. 1818810

jfc, imagine having this scrote of all people be so embarrassed of you that he doesn't want to credit your fucking porn with your name without you having to ask, bleaque as shit

No. 1818811

File: 1682984928379.jpeg (80.78 KB, 750x771, 26DB2ADE-D690-4FE8-9D9E-5C7CD7…)

she's so pathetic

No. 1818821

Looks like she is trying to bait and start shit and she can play victim kek

No. 1818828

Idk nonnie, this scrote has some degen/disgusting prostitutes on his website and I find it hard to believe he’s be particularly embarrassed by shay.

No. 1818834

File: 1682986585422.jpeg (202.72 KB, 1170x1683, IMG_1877.jpeg)

No. 1818836

This is so bleak it actually made me laugh out loud, jesus christ. Bleak as all hell.

No. 1818839

I mean that's completely fair, but why didn't he put her name on it then?

No. 1818842

Samefag but I do think he changed it and added her name (compare to >>>/snow/1816518) because some of the other previews on his site will say the girls' names in the title.

No. 1818863

it says “coming soon” so i think it logic to think that once he published her would add the name

No. 1818869

While they're both retarded, internet prostitutes (very vocal add took over the conversation about prostitution and how empowering it is) totally ignore and diminish what street prostitutes go through.

No. 1818889

File: 1682994682249.png (456.54 KB, 828x1792, 2C554CE3-4E82-46AB-B1B8-F45DB9…)

No. 1818892

File: 1682995187544.jpeg (145.38 KB, 1155x1221, 62CD3CD5-3C0C-4583-BF8C-EAAFCF…)

She shouldn’t do these “tip” posts, I looked at the last 3 and all of them had $0 in tips. So embarrassing

No. 1818893

Damnit forgot to spoiler and it never lets me delete posts anymore.

No. 1818894

I bet this person has very little followers and this is clearly some weird ass troll post. I would'nt be surpised if she spends all day searching FSSW because she's ashamed and wants to meet others like her, so she can have her "Own" community. Why are you letting this person get you this mad? kek

No. 1818897

File: 1682995496680.jpeg (275.1 KB, 1458x1821, IMG_1880.jpeg)

No. 1818900

File: 1682995817499.png (52.65 KB, 1192x794, Screenshot 2023-05-01 at 11.50…)

place bets on how long her new healthy lifestyle will last nonas

No. 1818903

>> I eat MEALs for meals. 3 meals,THREE times a day.

No. 1818904

it's already over, she had breakfast and lunch directly after working out. Now she's drinking wine that she's probably not calorie counting, plus she's probably snacking throughout the day.

No. 1818906

A “glass” of wine, sure shay.

No. 1818909

"my Dollies" kek she thinks she's Beyoncé

No. 1818910

The idea of trying to work out in that made my tits ache.

No. 1818912

I wonder if Shayna knows that 30 minutes of walking flat on a treadmill is about the same calories as that “glass” of wine. Now just do that for 2 more hours to burn off the rest of the bottle you’ll finish tonight.

(Not saying you can’t drink if you workout, just you have to be thoughtful about things)

No. 1818914

The past few days you can tell she's been feeling herself. Even her call out whine posts, come off authortatitve as if she thinks Sexworkers are waiting for her hottake or "Defense' from afar. I don't know if it's the fullservice sex work shit or what, but she really thinks she's somebody.
Giving coomers her "Fanbase" name, like she offers more then porn.

No. 1818915

File: 1682997396590.jpeg (55.92 KB, 750x1079, D535EF46-3449-4F9D-AFF7-2773E3…)

Never seen this posted here, I just found it and the comment response “She’s gaining weight now” made me laugh. She definitely hates the comments from the coomers that aren’t loyal to her. Would anyone be interested in a /shay/ thread for dissatisfied comments from actual coomers? Ik there’s farmers who have commented on these sites but it’s pretty easy to go through the profile and check if they have extensive porn activity or if it’s a brand new account.

No. 1818919

I'd be interested, nobody never made the "Shay & Friends" Thread in /shay/ to discuss weird shay side characters, I guess gross internet comments would fit there too, if you make it link it. I'd love to shit talk those idiots.

No. 1818945

This. This is why she will not lose the weight. She will be expecting to drop 10 pounds in seven days with minimal effort. And when she isnt dropping pounds by the day, she will get frustrated and quit.

I wonder if she will try to spin weight loss surgery as essential for her work (whether to her followers as begging fodder or to her insurance company to get it covered). "But im an internet whore who needs to pander to pedos but am to fat uwu dumb baby cant put the fork down so remove half my stomach pls n thx."

No. 1818946

reminds me of that pic she posted after shane came over and immediately face-raped her

No. 1818949

Has she mentioned what surgery is she's getting? I haven't seen. With her mentioning wanting to diet all of a sudden right before her unnamed surgery, it seems like a set up to get weight loss surgery and try and frame it as her losing weight through sheer will power.

No. 1818953

looks like someone splashed water on her to clean her like a dirty hog.

No. 1818962

Those eye bags are rivalling moos

No. 1819030

She’ll likely try and get on ozempic realise she can’t have alcohol, soda, greasy fatty foods AND will need to workout thinking you just take the injections and become Bella Hadid.

She has 0 dedication or will power, sex work is the e only thing we’ve seen her stick to, she won’t lose weight unless she can take a pill and tomorrow she’s a size 0. She doesn’t care unless it’s instant gratification

No. 1819033

If she thinks that she pukes so much she needs to go to the hospital every month now, she would be convinced she was dying if she started taking weight loss and diet pills without the proper medical supervision and work on her part. She probably wouldn't even last very long popping pills, because she would be rocking up at the hospital every week with her dwindling insurance because she's genuinely shitting her pants.

No. 1819034

She’s an alcoholic with a junk food addiction she’s never losing weight.

No. 1819038

She looks worse than moo, my God. She looks like she's about to cry, and I honestly don't blame her. I'd cry too if ugly ass pictures of me would stay on the internet forever.

No. 1819044

I think she really does believe lolcow is full of disgruntled sex workers who secretly follow and know her. She has major trust issues due to the threads and thinks people she used to know or she lurks, lurk her back and are reading her posts and watching her every move when in reality it’s just us… a bunch of random autistic loners laughing at her misery.

No. 1819046

thats not entirely true, tons of other degens sex workers out themselves in these threads all the time. its not just lone autists. members of the 'sex work community' lurk for things to cancel her over even though they're just as bad. so shay is right on that front. what she's wrong about however is the amount of people, she thinks its just a handful of haters

No. 1819049

I think >>1819046 is right. I remember one anon saying other sex workers irl talked about Shayna having a thread here. It's also her ex customers if early threads are anything to judge by.

No. 1819054

most people tend to read about cows they have something in common with (or so it seems.) a cow is more interesting and offensive when the farmer can relate to them somehow. i bet more farmers in this thread have sex work experience than would admit. i wont say every farmer reading is a secret sex worker, but id say a good portion of farmers in the thread are more involved than they'd admit openly. just my personal tinfoil. i see it in a lot of threads: threads about lolitas tend to have a lot of lolitas reading, threads about anachans have other bone rattlers, and threads about drug addicts (luna) always have drug user farmers who want to talk about how much better they are than the cow.

that doesn't discredit the critiques here, but it does point that shay's suspicion shes a paraiah amongst her community is true

No. 1819085

Shayna hits a lot of bases:

- Fat anons who see themselves in Shayna going from skinny and attractive to fat and ugly and self harm by calling her out on things they are guilty of themselves
- Ana Anons who used Shayna as thinspo and a cautionary tale
- Porn Sick Anons who are interested in the very strange porn Shayna puts out and are entertained by/not as grossed out by seeing the inner workings of her asshole weekly
- Poor upbringing Anons who like to seethe over how easy it would be for them to succeed if they had the same privileges and opportunities Shayna has been given
- Alcoholic Anons who relate to Shayna’s downward spiral and Drunken Antics
- 420 Anons who relate to Shayna’s Smoke Weed Errday Lifestyle
- Sex Work Anons who compare Shaynas work ethic and content to their own and seethe when Shayna makes rent each month doing the bare minimum
- Scrote Anons who lurk for free nudes
- BPD anons who relate her crazy outbursts and inability to sustain lasting relationships
- Terminally online anons who just enjoy the routinely steady stream of free entertainment

Did I miss any?

No. 1819089

I would say that I’m the latter. I love how busy her thread is. But tbh I never cared about her until recently. I felt like she wasn’t that cow worthy until she got super fat

No. 1819095

File: 1683032881398.jpeg (110.59 KB, 1170x1464, IMG_1884.jpeg)

No. 1819109

>radfem anons who hate whores and love to see her subject to karmic retribution for years of misogyny and pedopandering

No. 1819119

i feel like maybe radfems wouldn't call women whores but what do i know.

No. 1819122

i feel like that would be frustrating because she always seems to skate by without any negative consequences. sure, shes fat and ugly and has no bf but its not like shes really had to answer for her choices in a bold way

No. 1819123

I think they do when it’s literal whores they’re talking about, as distinct from using it as an ad hominem attack. “Sex workers” are whores.

No. 1819131

Is bikini barista a street hooker then?

No. 1819153

does anyone know what the original tweet said?

No. 1819161

File: 1683041508862.jpeg (135.61 KB, 1170x1152, IMG_1891.jpeg)

This one

No. 1819184

File: 1683042995455.jpeg (88.92 KB, 1170x941, IMG_1905.jpeg)

No. 1819216

File: 1683047286579.jpeg (53.7 KB, 750x695, BBA20F2D-1490-4A9C-A3D8-669A6F…)

No. 1819228

This is an old pic from her second shoot at strictmore. There were nonnies laughing at how boomerish it was to have rebel teens smoking ciggs and wearing full length night dresses in a porno

No. 1819231

That is not a "take your meds" moment newfag.

No. 1819235

>immediately eats fatty fish, avocado
Fatty fish and avocado are incredible for your diet. She needs to cut out the nasty processed crap. Not the foods that are good for her you buffoon.

No. 1819236

I post a lot of the Twitter screen caps here and I fall into the last category. Ik it’s hard to believe but there are people who have no experience in sex work here who can critique her lack of sex appeal and how bad she appears to be at her job because if you’re a millennial or Gen Z then you definitely grew up exposed to porn and sexualized content of women. You also have to find her customers to be hilarious as well like the disgusting sissy freaks and the number of grown white American men who put their full government names and locations in their coomer twitters. The latter really shows you how Affirmative Action and DEI don’t need to do anything for white American moids to squander their own employment opportunities.
I think there should be a /Shay/ thread for this instead of discussing it here. I can make it if nonnies are interested.

No. 1819238


No. 1819240

don't be obtuse, "whores" is obviously derogative. i've never seen a radfem call a woman a whore because it's so clearly sexist, they usually say "women in prostitution" or "women in the sex trade" or something. i don't think shayna is a victim of the system by any means and i also hate her but "radfems hate whores" kek no, literally by definition they do not.

the fact that scrotes are lurking because they find her attractive is terrifying. please get help if this is you.

No. 1819241

Are you retarded? The anons itt can't even follow a simple fucking string of tweets. The bikini barista said IN THAT string of tweets that she is a fssw. Full Service Sex Worker. Retard.

No. 1819243

File: 1683049690671.jpeg (106.09 KB, 750x1070, 884BF6FE-15AE-4AFD-B809-C528C6…)

i swear she posted something exactly like this a couple threads back

No. 1819251

Some of us are just here to see a pedophile go down in flames. I think the SW threads in general are pretty boring, but Shay I want to see fail miserably and completely ruin her life. She deserves it for selling baby rape videos.

No. 1819253

File: 1683050588169.jpeg (191.32 KB, 1170x1544, IMG_1942.jpeg)

I noticed Shay liked this. I wonder if this person is actually making Shay a website

No. 1819254

Accurate. The Jonny Craig thread even has a lot of self admitted band whores who follow around and sleep with guys in the scene.

No. 1819255

File: 1683050683426.png (5.97 MB, 1170x2532, IMG_1943.png)

No. 1819259

>i've never seen a radfem call a woman a whore
There's an entire thread of radfems doing just that on /2X/. This is an anonymous website and women will use that to say what they wouldn't in real life, radfems included.

No. 1819261

yeah no shit sherlock, she shows everything in her trailers and we've been telling her for years now that showing wide spread pussy and ass isn't really clever if that's what you're selling. some top 1% OF whores don't even show their nipples.

No. 1819262

i can't believe that she's PAYING someone to do this. everyone can set up a wix site, it's literally their selling point. it's arguably easier than customizing html for tumblr. kinda mad that girl makes money off of setting up a fucking wix site.

No. 1819265

and camwhores WKing others camwhores

No. 1819275

File: 1683054585163.jpeg (125.8 KB, 1170x1355, IMG_1949.jpeg)

Here we go again

No. 1819276

File: 1683054670862.jpeg (70.78 KB, 1170x737, IMG_1948.jpeg)

No. 1819279

healthy food for shat and cardboard grocery store kibble for noodle

No. 1819280

>i've never seen a radfem call a woman a whore
>tfw when your first visit to lolcow.farm was 12 seconds ago

No. 1819284

File: 1683056054009.jpeg (142.61 KB, 1170x932, IMG_1951.jpeg)

She gets so defensive

No. 1819289

Wow she really knows how to entice coomers into buying her shit

No. 1819292

i've been here for years and i stand by what i said, if you call women sexist slurs and brag about "hating whores" anonymously you're as shitty a radfem as someone who watches porn in secret while pretending to be disgusting by coomers. also as if most women here are actually radfems but enough infighting for now.

it pisses me off so bad how she runs to twitter and asks for people to spoonfeed her info and praise her for every tiny thing. if you want to workout just fucking do it, if you must show it off take a selfie at the gym like a normal person. she spends 1 hr at the gym and immediately spends hundreds of dollars on a personal trainer and "healthy" food on expensive delivery apps. all for nothing, since she won't stick with it for longer than a week at most. and in between tweets begging for money and whining no one buys her content.

No. 1819294

How is she this bad at her job. Be… enticing? or something? these are the scrotes that help you pay the bills Shay. She'll have to start her month ebegging sooner and sooner each time

No. 1819304

I just don't fucking understand her; why does she shit on the people keeping her lights on? she has to beg for money consistently, why tf does she keep making it harder for herself? Like this is why you have a shitty reputation, you do not set out to make friends ever, take the fucking advice and say thanks, you don't have to actually do it, just don't be a cunt for no reason to someone who might throw you some pennies

No. 1819305

File: 1683059236726.jpeg (255.71 KB, 1170x1687, IMG_1952.jpeg)

No. 1819308

oh yes please let there be another vivi saga, the names are so similiar too kek. that shit was entertaining as fuck and the milk has been dry

No. 1819309

Is this Shay kink shaming a customer? “Jack off” in the context seems shaming, Shay I thought it was wrong to shame anyone’s sexual habits no matter the moral issue?
I love when she shows how dumb she is, blaming her poor financial performance on people watching trailers and not her overall pissy behavior and stupid business tactics. Please, continue to flounder in the name of owning random Twitter moids, it’s entertaining.

No. 1819313

File: 1683060580228.jpg (60.59 KB, 1080x575, Screenshot_20230502-224857_Twi…)

Shayna treating this like a revelation, but what's new here

No. 1819316

Not just any irl whores but strictmoore whores. Which idk what is worse considering she is on cloud 9 when she works with them

No. 1819330

$7 tip? Cheap bitch. Not even close to 15%

No. 1819336

Seriously! How embarrassing, omg… Wow. What a cheap literal broke whore. Why would she post that??? Or at least not blur out the tip?

No. 1819350

File: 1683066809726.jpeg (282.56 KB, 1170x1604, IMG_1954.jpeg)

No. 1819367

Kek, is she just refilling the bottle, or has she not drunk any? My bet is on the latter and this is just asesthetic for looking like she drinks water.

No. 1819372

File: 1683068196273.jpeg (154.46 KB, 1242x1631, 45A09F57-A044-42C5-A634-B6975D…)

I guess she knows she isn’t a small anymore

No. 1819374

File: 1683068373059.jpeg (249.96 KB, 1242x1671, AFAE18C3-08B7-44D1-829F-5730AC…)

She says she wants to get spanked by this ugly scrote

No. 1819383

Kek why would she wish she was in the UK for that? Pretty simple alternative

No. 1819387

Where is she ordering from here? 13 items for that price for 1 human seems ridiculous but if it's for the dog as well then surely its a normal supermarket.. unless she's pure retarded and buying the dog hello fresh too lmao

No. 1819391

Why does she look like Momokun here.

No. 1819392

Looks like she wants to get molested by Steve Bannon

No. 1819398

File: 1683070292439.jpg (84.63 KB, 1080x1922, Screenshot_2023-05-03-00-28-50…)

Her "stats" from superspreader's website

Am I retarded or..? I thought her birthday was in June

No. 1819401

>Poor upbringing Anons who like to seethe over how easy it would be for them to succeed if they had the same privileges and opportunities Shayna has been given
damn u fuckin got me

No. 1819402

“Spreading hecking positivity and love” yet shes so mad that someone else thought the same way she did literally only hours ago? What a dickhead. “

No. 1819403

friendly reminder that Carolyn Bryant Donham didn't want to report him.

No. 1819418

I hope she doesn’t do the 2nd one because she will do a dumb trailer where she makes that face where she lifts half her lip up while saying things like “why are you in my room older neighbor”, “you want me to do what?!?!”. I hate that face she does

No. 1819421

>> 28 waist
>> 155 pounds

She should have just asked to leave it blank like some of the other bigger girls

No. 1819427

File: 1683074251549.jpg (36.48 KB, 660x482, ghnewsok-OK-5663099-22e3d365.j…)

Ew he looks like Gary Busey. How could anyone in their right mind interact with someone who is so ugly

No. 1819431

File: 1683074778461.jpeg (74.2 KB, 750x1177, 727538AC-EE70-466E-A0A2-09EFA6…)

Eagerly awaiting the comments. The tags are interesting, for some reason she didn’t get tagged “Blonde”. She also didn’t get tagged under “Scott’s Picks”.

No. 1819441

>bubble butt

No. 1819442

File: 1683075511400.jpg (189.49 KB, 1169x1717, 20230503_025859.jpg)


No. 1819454

Who the fuck wants to see this, I don’t understand online sex work

No. 1819455

I love how she only buys cheap halfway cosplay aliexpress wigs. No attempt to make it look natural or good at all kek.

No. 1819458

File: 1683076611951.jpeg (376.6 KB, 828x5376, D0A87447-141C-4394-BD33-2716FE…)

No. 1819459

File: 1683076641799.jpeg (236.58 KB, 828x3584, 2C48A288-B571-48DB-85E6-6D83B6…)

No. 1819462

why does she look even fatter now? im genuinely keking

No. 1819464

whats the pointed of blurring her face in one pic until she looks like a 2Dcharacter if she’s gonna leave her spotted bumpy face completely untouched on the next?

No. 1819471

Oh nooo, she should have gone for a more muted brownish orange, or a strawberry blondish, or something with more streaks. This is not her color and only brings out her own orangness. Plus the scoop styled bangs are ugly af.

No. 1819472

Shitty asuka cosplay

No. 1819474

seems like she got that fungus acne all around her face now

No. 1819475

the wig is not even centered. it’s a shitty wig but she could style it a minimum like pluck the parting or cut the fucking bangs idk. for a terminally online whore she is such a boomer.

No. 1819481

File: 1683079030475.jpeg (152.27 KB, 1170x1929, 46C40CDA-8A45-4A3D-8FB0-CB395B…)

she’ll probably claim that “asuka is so mee!!”

No. 1819495

Honestly I love the artwork of the creative and talented nonnies. Never have my sides hurt so much. I feel it ties everything together

No. 1819498

Isn't this the same wig Jim sterling.has been wearing kek

No. 1819499

I'd rather she walk around in these cheap ass wig then the bows, kek

No. 1819504

Vivi 2.0 our good ol shart wont let us down my fucking it up.

No. 1819505

red hair is neutral on its own but amplifies your existing traits. that's why a redhead who's ugly seems even uglier because of their red hair, whereas a cute woman with red hair seems like a stand-out beauty. shayna is unattractive and bad at styling herself normally, so adding red hair instantly makes her look 10x worse.

No. 1819509

File: 1683083516424.gif (3.55 MB, 498x280, ah-shit-here-we-go-again.gif)

kek this is like when she paid someone to build her an entire gaming pc just because fupa played that one free online game sometimes. whatever thing she wants, she's takes the choice that costs the most money possible and forget about in a month.
or when she asked for a new ipad + an apple pen for camming then never actually cammed… that wix website is not going to be used

No. 1819517

File: 1683084450657.jpeg (146.7 KB, 1152x2048, 14E57B13-BF8C-42D2-86B0-8D38E6…)

No. 1819531

Shayna could never. They're polar opposites in every way

No. 1819533

This reminds me of Pearchan's Misty cosplay than it does Asuka.

No. 1819539

she is absolutely paying this person to make her website and it’s probably just one of the reasons she’s been begging so much recently.

No. 1819540

in radfem writing, the usual term is “prostituted women” because it appropriately shifts responsibility to men/patriarchy/internalized patriarchy
but this is not a space for formal writing

No. 1819546

File: 1683087552961.jpeg (84.83 KB, 1170x1466, 389569AF-6285-4409-9000-27C31E…)

i'm crying whata wrong with her boob

No. 1819548

This wig is so cheap and goofy looking. She could at least put it on straight and cut the bangs. She’s such a dumbass unbelievable

No. 1819550

File: 1683088320617.png (7.49 KB, 743x191, Capture.PNG)

No. 1819556

Both are insufferable

No. 1819564

It’s the dress cutting into her boob because she refuses to buy properly fitting clothes and/or wear a fitting bra. This is what makes you cry laughing? No offense nona but I am kind of judging

No. 1819565

I need her birth time pls

No. 1819566

She’s had that dress since Fuplahoma. It doesn’t fit her fat ass no more

No. 1819571

File: 1683091010964.jpeg (97.43 KB, 921x601, IMG_3345.jpeg)

hahahah no. I can’t think of a worse comparison. Leave Asuka alone.
I’m triggered.

No. 1819579


a week from now she's going to claim that her trainer said they like Trump and she could no longer stomach going to the gym anymore due to that a la fupa time period

No. 1819581

wait, so Shay paid another sex worker to make a wix website for her? and now she wants to spend even more money on this chick so she can make content with her?

No. 1819606

I hate weeb shit and animu with a passion save for Eva and this was my exact reaction too. The only character this haggard fat retard bears any resemblance to is Zeniba in Spirited Away and even that feels disrespectful

No. 1819623

She looks more like the giant fat horrid baby

No. 1819624

kek nonitsu I was just about to say the same thing

No. 1819646

The bottom photo is not a good angle for a fatty like her kek, that double chin is out in full force.

No. 1819684

File: 1683115993975.jpeg (43.07 KB, 417x517, C27BA0C7-95D7-4E5F-B330-D1B00A…)

Did she forget she literally has this same wig already from her Scooby Doo shit? Why is she acting like trying on red hair is something new for her?

No. 1819688

Lmao she picked the worst possible red hair for her skin tone I’m kekking. A darker auburn could have looked okay but she goes for full on carrot ginger and it clashes spectacularly. Never change Shaynus

No. 1819692

I’m dying to see her spilling out of this. Busted can of biscuits-anon it’s your moment.

No. 1819697

i knew it was her dress i just thought it looked goofy. are you allergic to fun?

No. 1819700

KEK i’m dyinggg

No. 1819706

No. 1819715

File: 1683122788139.jpeg (259.15 KB, 1242x1901, 1E217B89-6F94-4399-970D-142D36…)

She won’t shut up about this degenerate picture going viral. Like it’s not a flex you put lights on a cage. Your ugly mug will never go viral because you’re unfortunate looking

No. 1819720

File: 1683123803919.jpeg (25.3 KB, 750x214, 0AA5B8FE-BEBA-403A-97F1-9FA3B9…)

idk what this about but she's deleted this. she's really amping up the shameless begging.

No. 1819722

>>1819715 "viral" really?

No. 1819723

what’s even funnier is that it’s from her tumblr era, and it doesn’t even have her in it. the most popular picture from her time on tumble when she claims she was so famous, is a pic that doesn’t even have her in it. thriving, truly.

No. 1819725

it definitely did go viral on tumblr and people have reposted it a lot. it’s at the point where no one has given her credit in years because people just find the pic and no one knows who it’s from. maybe viral isn’t the best word, but it’s still the most popular photo from her tumblr days.

No. 1819746

>wix website builder

Lmao I'm sorry but this is so kek, this person isn't even coding anything. Shayna could make this website for free in 30 minutes

No. 1819789

File: 1683132064252.jpeg (Spoiler Image,173.35 KB, 1170x1336, IMG_1962.jpeg)

No. 1819808

Kek the doll makeup. She's such a retard. Imagine how her family must feel knowing she not only makes porn, but she makes comedian porn. That's even more disturbing/degrading than being a regular camwhore imo.

No. 1819815

File: 1683135758277.jpeg (206.4 KB, 1170x1484, IMG_1967.jpeg)

No. 1819816

File: 1683135881178.jpeg (231.7 KB, 1170x1978, IMG_1968.jpeg)

No. 1819820

which one is going to get butt-hurt first that other guys are DM'ing the other girls more?
my guess is Fatty Shatty

No. 1819823

>>1819816 I hate the way she wears bikinis. It makes her torso look gigantic and looks like the top is way too small. Such a stupid thing to do with her body, it's ugly even on skinny girls.

No. 1819826

File: 1683137506861.jpeg (218.07 KB, 1170x1860, IMG_1969.jpeg)

No. 1819831

File: 1683139628876.png (26.93 KB, 750x650, 1637.png)

>whata wrong with her boob

No. 1819844

>She’s such a dumbass unbelievable
What's with the ESL's lately.

No. 1819847

File: 1683141319252.jpeg (67.72 KB, 750x714, D53F8C8C-2354-4245-A22F-FE735F…)

she really is huge now !

No. 1819850

It's just missing a comma, what's with the nitpicking retards lately?

No. 1819856

Damnnnnn I don’t think it’s exaggerating to say she’s 3x the size she was when she started “”””sex work””””. You love to see it for a gross pedo like her.

No. 1819861

Oh wow she piled on the pounds really quick. She really needs to pivot to bbl or better yet, just go back home to her parents.

No. 1819897

shayna couldn't make a sandwich in 30 minutes kek

No. 1819930

I just noticed the picture isn't even straight, the camera is tilted as fuck. Muh attention to detail

No. 1819933

Can't even prep the wig?? Don't tell me she's thinking of doing the little mermaid porn either.
How long did her wearing lipgloss last?

No. 1819948

File: 1683150206746.jpeg (167.05 KB, 1170x1447, IMG_2019.jpeg)

No. 1819979


Her FOREARM has fat hanging off it Holy Shit?

Officially calling BS on her personal training session. She'd be bitching about how fucking sore she was if it actually happened since every square inch of her is so deconditioned. Wow lmao

No. 1819986

The hilarity behind the title and then watching the "teaser"
"degraded and humiliated by my roommate" holds dildo in hand in front of the camera slobbering like a complete doofus

No. 1819987

I wonder why she's so insecure about her belly when the way she hides it makes her arms huge. In fact her arms make her look bigger then what she is. It's crazy how much editing/posing doe for her body. Sometimes she makes her face look like a ugly painting with filters, however she doesn't edit much of her body.
So she's really sucking it I'm and arching her back to the extreme.

No. 1819995

>little mermaid porn
Oh my god that’s exactly what’s going to happen

No. 1820002

it was all so easily avoided, too. If she had decided to start drinking just a few white claws and had salads with chicken strips on top instead of IPAs and cheemsburgers for years straight (to be ONE OF THE GUYS uwu lol) she would only be probably a few sizes bigger.

No. 1820024

The BBW saga is here.

No. 1820058

File: 1683159387119.jpeg (78.46 KB, 1009x673, 9AE84798-0EBF-4111-BFDB-88E77F…)

I hate when she does the confused face in every video like she has no idea what the “moid” in the storyline means. She has a such a punchable face

No. 1820059

File: 1683159411890.jpeg (95.18 KB, 946x1306, 4B31B6B0-BAAF-4BD2-B097-1670DA…)

Her pants don’t fit her lmao

No. 1820060

File: 1683159504440.jpeg (126.39 KB, 1216x741, D19F24DF-0D60-44BE-BB61-876235…)

The storyline btw is how she can’t afford rent. Kek the jokes write themselves

No. 1820062

File: 1683159572126.jpeg (104.48 KB, 1139x1302, 65C0FCB8-C034-4DFD-924D-A7DDF0…)

Gargamel looking ass. Same teeth and huge nose

No. 1820067

god that’s the definition of moon face right there

No. 1820068

File: 1683160731035.jpeg (338.99 KB, 828x3584, 644DC985-2CB4-453C-B423-92B013…)

No. 1820069

I suspect the same and agree with this!
This is truly the fattest she’s ever been. No nonna can argue she’s under 200 pounds now. She looks very uncomfortable, I love to see it

No. 1820072

The way she writes "professionally" (as in, distinct from her twitter syntax) is so illuminating. She's so undeniably dim. It's so sad that she's this broke to turn not being able to afford her rent into an extreme kink scene. Forget scraping the bottom of the barrel, she's rotting into the floorboards

No. 1820076

every single thing about this is the ugliest thing i have ever seen. the nipples pointing opposite, the way her boobs are at her elbows, the greasy side part, fat pink arms, tiny black eyes like a rodent, literal rodent mouth. how is she ok with any of this?

No. 1820087

Holy shit, this is steroid bloat level of moon-face. Big shungus for real.
Her "storylines" make zero sense on a good day, but this one is especially incomprehensible. I wish I knew how she came up with these degenerate ideas.

No. 1820088

it was the whole box set to Hunger Games, she said it was the only book she remembered actually wanting to read, i clicked on it but didn’t screenshot it because it was pointless but for anyone who wondering… it was Hunger games, fitting no?

No. 1820093

File: 1683163362968.jpg (Spoiler Image,187.31 KB, 2400x1080, Screenshot_2023-05-04-02-19-29…)

Also how many times has she done this exact stocking on head, nose hook and gag and posture collar now? 3 times? It's terrifying every time.

Even for scrotes it's a bit niche
Most don't want to see a woman looking hideously ugly and scary

No. 1820102

they must be custom videos for one of her coomers who has this specific fetish that she posts for extra pennies

No. 1820114

I get the feeling she has one specific sicko coomer commissioning these videos. Even pornsick moids aren’t going to be into this, it’s too grotesque.

No. 1820118

with some editing this has threadpic potential but also jesus christ she's gonna stretch out her already fucked-up face with that thing the same way she stretched her labia into a deflated ballsack with that stupid pussy pump she hasn't used since destroying herself with it. Bleaque as fuck.

No. 1820121

probably a popular sell which is why there are more than one.

No. 1820129

this is so fucking nasty. i'm going to kill myself

No. 1820133

File: 1683166230757.jpeg (149.45 KB, 1179x1174, 54730D51-8F83-463F-A3FE-157B2B…)

Uff yes that’s exactly what I meant, I HATE that face and that she does it in ever video now

No. 1820134

File: 1683166244310.jpeg (78.48 KB, 750x929, 474DE7FE-1A5D-4B4D-8E10-416A4D…)

No. 1820137

Making more rape porn saga is here too.
When you see your chest expanding the shirt to the point where you can see the white parts where the painting (or whatever the fucking thing is) has gaps because of the ribbing, that's how you know you've well past outgrown this shirt.

No. 1820140

Always the same line with the same inflection too, "you want ME to WHAT??"

No. 1820143

File: 1683167596119.png (433.09 KB, 828x1792, 6BE6ED70-9766-4C50-81B1-7F9090…)

No. 1820144

I'd take a push over then seeing this weirdo with bows in head dressing like a special needs person

No. 1820167

This girl used to be very cruel to others about her size and now she looks like this

No. 1820169

If the person you are living with threatens to kick you out unless you perform sexual acts for them, that’s rape. It’s not rocket science. Is she doing this on purpose to try and trigger radfemtwt?

I agree with you, nonas. I’m on the fence about a Shayna coomer thread because while it would be entertaining, it would also be sick and downright depressing.

No. 1820172

I think since she’s so fucking fat that’s why she’s always waking up in a bitter mood kek

No. 1820175


No. 1820176

New to this thread but this woman is just annoying and gross. Why does she have thread after thread are you guys okay?

No. 1820178

you answered your own question.

No. 1820180

So she owed ~$8000?
May she continue to prosper.
The same reason any other cow has a thread, there’s interest in it. These type of comments are so annoying when you know threads die all the time.

No. 1820191

File: 1683172681542.jpeg (23.85 KB, 400x600, wilhelmina-web.jpeg)

KEK something so funny that she could have done bratz or barbie makeup which would have made sense. but her retard brain chose a fucking marionette like its so fucking unsexy its funny.
we say "comedy porn" on everything she posts but this is like a perfect example. why the fuck would she do this instead of fucking bratz or some shit?

No. 1820200

It's like she does herself dirty on purpose

No. 1820211

do we have an updated profile of her seeking arrangement page? or is she still have the "13 going on 26" and "people will think you are with a teenager" or whatever she had

No. 1820212

Not to blog but I fall under the category of “history of being groomed online so I have a visceral hatred for pedos and pedopanderers and love to see this waste of life fail”

No. 1820222

>Is she doing this on purpose to try and trigger radfemtwt?
I doubt she even knows what a radfem is

No. 1820240

In her deranged pea brain every video she does is a "Barbie" video already.

No. 1820249

File: 1683183283332.jpeg (87.76 KB, 1179x1658, 668B4AB3-E883-4D90-A2B3-F7E99B…)

He had to “wank” to get off with Shayna I guess

No. 1820267

fr trying to squeeze into her old fat clothes that she's already outgrown must be a shitty start to each day. her bitterness is directly proportional to her muffin top and fupa

No. 1820281

Coomers can literally get off to a 4 second gif or a picture. She is retarded for doing the trailers and posting spread open hole pics pinned to the top of her page. Not only are the trailers longer than they should be, but she also shows a bit of every part of it including the "penetration" and "climax". Im not a scrote or swer but even I can see how dumb that is. But 7 years of this stuff you know!

No. 1820286

Its not even cute or cool as an "aesthetic" pic tho…
The lights and everything look wonky and trashy and the lighting looks creepy but not in the way those freaks would like.

No. 1820288

I miss the days when she would be dog pilled on by twitter radfems kek

No. 1820292

Oh sweaty… those arent Shaynus prices kek

No. 1820303

File: 1683191367914.jpg (31.24 KB, 600x1200, FB_IMG_1683191359640.jpg)

Shane is that you??

No. 1820310

File: 1683192097653.jpeg (86.1 KB, 750x995, 6575ED3D-9348-4413-ACA9-1894AC…)

No. 1820315

so is this still "sugaring" or almost plain old prostitution?

No. 1820322


I feel sad. This photo is like something a hooker would send to a close friend to let them know they're home safe and not murdered. Safe being relative, we all see the sadness exuding from her eyes. Why post this?

No. 1820333

Is that money even real? Also posting herself with money while continuing to beg her coomers for rent is not a sound business move.

No. 1820352

500 measly dollars

No. 1820367

$500 and she likely will still need to beg to pay her rent.

No. 1820369

You know dhes feeling like a rich bitch when she doesn’t realise these guys won’t stick around and she will lose more and more clients the fatter she keeps getting. I can guarantee she makes no more than $3-4K a month and she can’t manage any of it

No. 1820404

A bartender can make that much money on a good, busy night.

No. 1820416

You're asking this on thread #134? Don't come here if you don't like it.

No. 1820422

>PM me ur vagina vids

No. 1820427

she actually says “26 going on 13” and “people will question our legality, tehe” and then gets mad when people say she’s a pedo.

No. 1820428

yup apparently she couldn’t even get him to finish but wants to claim she loves sex so much, kek

No. 1820438

Am I the only one who doesn’t understand what he’s saying

No. 1820442

naw, I also genuinely have no idea what this is supposed to mean

No. 1820443

I reread it multiple times and can't figure it out either

No. 1820457

The scrote’s complaining that in the last few videos no girl has blown the moid to completion, telling the moid to stop jerking off, and trying to #MakeBigGulpGirlsGreatAgain

No. 1820466

idk but isn’t it kind of risky to be posting blatant evidence of prostitution like this? is she going to file this as income?
i know it’s legal in some places but i don’t think it is where she lives in the states. maybe i’m wrong.

No. 1820467

the dude is saying he doesn’t want to watch another guy in a porn vid jacking off to completion. he’s saying he wants to see the model in the vid do that. I think it’s fair that a straight dude watching porn wouldn’t want to end the the vid watching another man jack off.

No. 1820469

File: 1683215545019.jpeg (51.55 KB, 828x386, D07F38D8-007D-454E-B1B8-F88489…)

Honestly nonny… I needed to go look because I dont know and im not in this line of uhm, work and this actually made me kek.
Everything she has is from prostituting herself if what this is saying to be true.
"We had sex and he bought me this stuffie!"
"He paid my rent in exchange for a date"

No. 1820481

File: 1683217271201.png (317.12 KB, 750x1334, 75C2C30D-247D-421C-B931-38B9FD…)

not trying to nitpick but the texture on her face is insane

No. 1820487

She could make the same amount of money working 20 hours a week at some stupid clothing store and she could still do her degenerate bullshit on the side, only she'd have disposable income so she wouldn't have to dress like a hand-me-down barbie doll with chewed up plastic shoes. E-whores are chronically unable to look inwards and realize the common denominator between them and every other fucked up women who sells her nudes online is that they are mentally ill and incapable of sticking to a routine given to them by someone whos not their parent. The only "job" that any of them can even hope to maintain is a job that allows them to fester in their own depressing filth because adults don't baby you the same way your parents do when you have a headache and don't want to go to school. Normies think you're a weird, foul degenerate who has something wrong with you, even the ones flipping burgers. At least they can adhere to a retard schedule kek.

No. 1820488

i was naively optimistic about this commenter meaning that he wants to see the women orgasm as well but after a reread it appears i was just a fool

No. 1820490

Her alcohol bloat is so evident. One of the regulars at my old job was a chronic alcoholic and she had the same awful skin tone and texture, insane puffy eyes, moon cheeks, so on. If Shay quit drinking she’d solve so many of her problems with 0 effort.

No. 1820494

They're basically the same thing.

No. 1820510

Her life is so bleak. 305 does not suit fatshat at all. She looks like she's 42 and trying to flex on her baby daddy with the money she made working the pole last night.

No. 1820514

File: 1683224835633.png (10.73 KB, 593x320, worker_bee.png)

> worker bee

No. 1820522

it really depends. $500 isn't a lot and the police here usually only go after prostitutes when they're actually, physically working the street and getting into a john's car or going to a motel for sex. as long as she calls it sugaring, she can get away with it and claim it was consensual or whatever. i've seen other women flash cash on social media after seeing a sugar daddy and they haven't been arrested.

No. 1820527

It’s decriminalized in Seattle.

No. 1820528

>police here usually only go after prostitutes when they're actually, physically working the street and getting into a john's car or going to a motel for sex
why is this considered illegal but stripping and making porn is legal? Actually, making porn in general. I never understood the burger law that prostitutes are illegal but prostitution on camera is ok

No. 1820529

Can’t get VD from a screen.

No. 1820533

She doesn’t look girly at all. First thought ‘Why is that obese mother sitting on her daughter’s bed?’

No. 1820541

Oh wow, well thanks for that info. All ive read was that brothel's are the best legal routes, and that Nevada is the only state in the US with certain cities decriminalizing prostitution.

No. 1820546

Fitter, healthier and more productive…

No. 1820547

>comfortable, not drinking too much
oh how we wish shay was fitter happier.

No. 1820614

File: 1683234010228.png (342.13 KB, 1170x2532, 02D29193-C934-4A42-859F-0272FA…)

Was this article ever posted where Shayna was interviewed about her thoughts on being a “modern bimbo”? Its from a year ago


No. 1820627

File: 1683235134653.png (Spoiler Image,589.99 KB, 929x464, white stuff on his dick.png)

Ew, I'm watching her porn and the scote has patchy white spots of yeasty all over hiscock from fucking her. Spoilered because it's not safe for LIFE.

No. 1820631

File: 1683235371064.jpeg (130.8 KB, 1290x1450, IMG_6542.jpeg)

It’s been mentioned. Not sure to what length however.
Looking at it now I’d like to take the opportunity to point out the differences in the intro descriptions, between her and the other women featured.
I’m not patting any of them on the back, but they all have actual credentials like businesses/brands.
What does Shat have? “Self-described baby bimbo”.
Was it ever shared how she made her way into this article in the first place?

No. 1820645

File: 1683236574597.gif (Spoiler Image,6.31 MB, 450x241, Shaynas Sad Fate.gif)

Shaynas First Real B/G Video gets 1 out of 10 Fupas. The scrote is breathing heavy the whole time and trying to say cringy "dom things". Shayna pretends she's a brand new sex doll who has to be told how to suck cock to hide the fact she actually doesn't know how to suck cock and be sexy. There are no close ups or even shots of her vagina or ass, when they fuck it's side a side shot with her fully dressed. He does not struggle to enter her and she has no reaction. She honestly looks like she's dissassociating the whole fuck scene cause she is super quiet the whole time and just looking off into space. The guy tries to get her involved a few times, to open her fingers up and show off her nails and she just looked… drugged up and lost. GIF is how she looks during most of the penetration stuff. And the cum shot is pathetic. Guy struggles to cum from her sucking so he starts wanking himself. Shayna seems annoyed he cant cum and drops the robot shit and he literally cums less than a thimble of cum.

No. 1820648

File: 1683236740612.jpg (17.58 KB, 500x479, jfc.jpg)

No. 1820649

don’t be shy nona. post the video for us all to see

No. 1820660

Re-using clothes on a porn set is fucking disgusting to me. That shit doesn't even look expensive enough to be re-used. Imagine wearing something numerous whores have had hog-sweats, acid discharge, and an old chode's dusty cum deeply embedded into it? you'd see the souls escape that thing if you set fire to it. foul.

No. 1820678

File: 1683238251361.png (Spoiler Image,696.8 KB, 807x1011, shayna make old man spurt.png)

No. 1820681

That gif is comedically terrible wtf. Surprised no coomers have commented on her video regarding the lack of enthusiasm and general lameness of what you describe.

No. 1820685

30 mins clip is on some random porn site just google biggulpgirls fullporner dolly

No. 1820686

File: 1683238771326.jpeg (120.34 KB, 750x997, 6BEA88BB-C5C0-4907-AA50-451676…)

No. 1820688

Remember when she was asked was she on something during the scene on a camshow and she got kinda annoyed? I'm starting to believe she did get high off of pills or something to help her cope. She doesn't even look how she looks when she's faking in her porn.
I also think she requested she qct lifeless so she didn't even have to pretend to enjoy it or interact

No. 1820689

So much for that diet

No. 1820693

there goes her rent

No. 1820694


So much sodium.. and she wonders why she's always bloated looking

No. 1820697

i thought brunch was supposed to be like a late breakfast. is shayna eating an entire fourth meal in between breakfast and lunch and calling it brunch.

No. 1820698

i see the pig, i see her cage, not an antibiotic in sight

No. 1820705

Her eyes are soooo red in the pictures, I was convinced she got high as a kite but then again she’s constantly stoned and never has red eyes. I really lean more towards the tinfoil that the scrote made her realize she’s fat and she cried. That could also make her less enthusiastic on set as well.

No. 1820715

Basically because it’s harder in theory for the U.S. government to get taxes from a prostitute than a porn actress/stripper. In porn (most of the time) and stripping you are going to be working for an actual established business where it’s documented and they HAVE to file taxes, vs. a prostitute who can work individually from wherever and not really need a set or stripclub to work from.

No. 1820716

Please upload it to Dropbox if you can nona. If what you said about her yeasty vag is true then yikes. Kind of hilarious if SHE gave that sicko something instead of the other way around. He 100% deserves it (and more) kek.

No. 1820721

Alright I'm out. This isn't even funny anymore guys.

No. 1820726

she's a fat retard who uses words like brunch and breffast unironically. you give her too much credit if you think she knows what is a proper late breakfast.

No. 1820728

stop is she going on feeder dates? although it does kind of look like she's by herself

No. 1820733

Can’t embed the video because I’m on mobile but it’s literally the first result on Google if you just look it up.
Here’s a link for any nonitas who are curious and might be capable of uploading properly for future archives:
Mods pls no ban I know it’s an image board, just trying to help.

No. 1820734

File: 1683243415350.jpeg (Spoiler Image,97.96 KB, 1170x652, IMG_2038.jpeg)

No. 1820736

probably shouldnt post the actual link unless you want to help shayna get it taken down

No. 1820739

File: 1683243998687.jpg (101.47 KB, 1437x604, Screenshot_20230505-024358_Chr…)

no way she isn't dissociating. she looks lethargic and lost like in picrel & the rest of the vid, like she's imagining being in a better place, and when the camera zooms in on her face, she gets a "click" and weirdly smiles, the smile is that of a "dog", you know, like in the pics of her dog puppy porn shit.
drinking, smoking, binging and dissociating through life..

No. 1820742

File: 1683244053002.jpg (44.37 KB, 638x638, 1592502510653.jpg)

I can't believe he bothers to correct her on their balls-on-head-retarded plot

No. 1820750

the way he's collecting shayna's white discharge at the base of his shaft on his balls literally made me gag

No. 1820755

Well that was hilariously bad.

Her blowjob never went past the bellend. Interestingly she didn't do her usual horrible GLUGLUGGLUG noise. Maybe he told her that was retarded.

His running commentary was a laugh. Is this really arousing to moids? It was comical but boring. 30 mins of fuck all happening

Obviously skipped through, how anyone could watch that in its entirety I dunno
The end cumshot was pathetic. I swear it was just a bit of pre-cum dribbling out

No. 1820757

The way she cannot suck a dick to save her life and then the little blip of cum at the end I can’t

No. 1820759

lmfao i've never seen a man cum so little.

No. 1820760

File: 1683245776383.gif (6.02 MB, 488x282, dumbo.gif)

No. 1820762

No. 1820763

comedy porn is her call, there's no way kek

No. 1820772

god she can't even boob-job right
stop looking at the camera like that, it's frightening

No. 1820777

It really is I think she’d make a lot more money if she rebranded

No. 1820778

omg the ending is so awkward. she's just sitting there with an unhinged smile while he gets off. gross

No. 1820780

File: 1683246846863.gif (4.29 MB, 544x436, composure.gif)

Thanks nona. It's honestly really sad how after the fuck scene she clearly didn't like she has to regain her composure before continuing you on. She make the sign of the cross over her body, breathes heavily, and says "composure."

No. 1820783

File: 1683247047874.gif (2.07 MB, 400x350, bob.gif)

the way her head is fucking bobbing around like baby shaking syndrome i'm dying

No. 1820784

her fat self losing balance in those shoes is cracking me up

No. 1820786

it literally took forever to try to get this screencap >>1820678 because he produces like half a drop of cum.

No. 1820787

File: 1683247362581.png (Spoiler Image,139.18 KB, 763x486, hank.png)

No. 1820788

the fact she knew this would be filmed in 4k and clearly did absolutely nothing to get rid of her ass acne shows how unhygienic she is.

No. 1820790

File: 1683247673243.gif (3.32 MB, 314x355, fatty falls.gif)

my gif to you

No. 1820792

I wonder if she asked to be filmed with clothes on? Does anyone know if if other girls do this? Maybe she requested this angle so that nobody would see her belly and tits.

No. 1820793

She legitimately seems retarded in this video, I feel like this belongs on efukt

No. 1820795

why is this vid on a site called big gulp girls when the majority of it is her giving a sad handjob?

No. 1820796

File: 1683247889655.jpeg (Spoiler Image,62.35 KB, 828x599, AB7C5424-AC74-445E-A08A-F27BC3…)

nightmare fuel. she has no idea how to be sexy

No. 1820797

Oh, Shayna.

No. 1820798

>>bubble butt

No. 1820800

KEK she's so tragically funny

No. 1820801

holy fuck it looks like a fat rotisserie chicken

No. 1820802

I just realized that while she's sucking his dick she isn't covering her teeth with her lips over them so her teeth are probably scraping the tip of his nasty chode like a cheese grater. Get rekt moid.

No. 1820803

File: 1683248166574.png (Spoiler Image,477.93 KB, 936x491, dgdgdfgfdg.PNG)

Nona's I fucking can't with this KEK.

No. 1820804

I noticed that too. why the fuck wasn’t that edited out?

No. 1820806

File: 1683248201798.png (Spoiler Image,490.84 KB, 946x488, dsfsdf.PNG)

No. 1820807

Why… why wouldn’t they even edit it to look like she made him cum? I’ve never seen a man in porn struggle so much to orgasm. Who the fuck is this for???

No. 1820808

File: 1683248334656.jpeg (Spoiler Image,104.41 KB, 1284x724, IMG_7117.jpeg)

not the triple chin titjob!

No. 1820810

oh good fucking lord

No. 1820811

shayna herself has said that she hates cum and is disgusted by it so she never swallows. you can tell by her facial expression in this video that she regrets her life choices

No. 1820812

File: 1683248453908.jpeg (Spoiler Image,125.18 KB, 1284x713, IMG_7114.jpeg)

she looks like a whole combination of pissed off, tired, and upset at having to put forth minor effort. it’s the epitome of “just let this be over with already”

No. 1820813

Porn is made for retarded moids who are terrible at sex and ofc then there's the moids who never have sex. Her noises while she's getting fucked are so cringey, she's behaving like one of those cartoon porn advertisements where the female character is comedically bouncing with a stupid face while being penetrated. Where the hell did she learn to be so unsexy because it's a damn talent at this point.

No. 1820814

File: 1683248562240.jpg (17.64 KB, 500x375, 1658654412943.jpg)

it's becoming more and more obvious that she really hates doing this but want's to present herself in another light for her scrotes but like….why the fuck would you keep doing this if you're aware enought (presumably) that you hate this gig. Shayna is retarded to not have taken up the offer by her parents to just go to school and do something with her life. Jesus Christ.

No. 1820816

File: 1683248663627.png (Spoiler Image,2.53 MB, 1827x1543, Shayna - Too Fat 2 Fuck.png)

She definitely requested to be covered up the whole time. Image is screen caps of other girls who have shot with him and they get full on naked or do actual deep throat/blowjob naked.

No. 1820817

Why would a company called Big Gulp Girls work with Shatna when she can’t even get the tip fully in her mouth. Plus the guy had a pathetic cumshot. They should change their name

No. 1820818

a big thing in scrote culture is getting off to girls "taking on more than they handle". They jizz in seconds if they can tell a girl doesn't like what she is doing/is overwhelmed/wants to stop but is afraid to say it.

No. 1820819

at this point she needs to retire from sw and just work at a weed shop or wine store. She's not gonna take the gift her parents have offered her time and time again, being a fatty insta/twiit thot with a retail job is her only salvation.

No. 1820821

lmao this seems likely because the most amount of exercise she gets is walking to and from her car when she eats fondue and huge seafood boils as a light snack

No. 1820822

i dont even think she's dissassociating during the fuck scene like some nonas, i think she's just fucking winded kek cause the chode tells her to bounce on his cock without him pumping and thats probably the most physical effort she's ever put towards sex in her life.

No. 1820827

I also went and looked up the other "Boobie" shoots and those girls don't act like retarded first-time sex dolls, they just act like they would in any other porn video where you don't know the retarded plot

No. 1820828

Its because she sells herself on twitter as something she's not. She probably showed him some pics of her drooling all over herself gagging on plastic dildo and convinced the scrote with her weird moid-description abilities that she could suck a cock. Then she got there and:

1. Couldn't fit into anything there except some old rag they had at the bottom of the closet
2. Deal with the emotion fallout of fatty's emotions
3. Had to create some retarded story to explain why a "decade long sex worker" doesnt know how to suck cock or take dick
4. She grinded his dick raw with her rat teeth
5. She left patches of white discharge all over his dick like polka dots
6. She smelt sour
7. She couldn't get past the head of his dick
8. Wouldn't take off her clothes infront of the camera
9. Too embarrassed to show her asshole and vag on cam
10. Couldnt make him cum and got upset over it
11. Has no scrote fanbase to buy this shit
12. Will eventually accuse him of abuse/rape

No. 1820830

a better shot was already posted when the video first dropped. you can see white spots all over his dick from her yeast >>1820627

No. 1820836

Okay she definitely has a yeast infection, you can see it when he pulls out a bit and there's a bunch of yeasty globs. This is so embarrassing for a 'porn star'.
Ty anon for some reason I couldn't find that anon's post and thought they may have posted it in the Shaynatorium.

No. 1820839

she won't even do a little fleet enema to not shit on camera, no surprise

No. 1820840

How does she not like… prep for sex. like fuck yourself with a dildo before the shoot to get the white chunks out first or something. douche yourself with water. Eat some yogurt LOL

No. 1820843

File: 1683250318511.gif (Spoiler Image,8.93 MB, 600x319, oO.gif)

She shows her breasts pretty early on in the video. They look particularly bad in this angle. We need to remember (1) Shayna is shameless (2) men, especially those who consume Shayna porn, aren’t particular about these things.

No. 1820844

If seeing this while watching porn isn't enough to make a moid snap out of it, they're doomed for life.

No. 1820845

File: 1683250534768.gif (2.71 MB, 600x305, pefectionists at wok.gif)


No. 1820847

You’d think it’d make Shayna walk out right that moment. I also think it was kept intentionally.

No. 1820848

what does this moid even look like, i need to see who possesses the mushroom dick

No. 1820849

File: 1683250815639.jpg (Spoiler Image,24.17 KB, 719x400, Screenshot_20230504_205826_Chr…)

When he shifts the camera you glimpse the toilet seat shaped ring of assne

she won't be invited back

No. 1820855

File: 1683251264722.png (Spoiler Image,441.62 KB, 756x518, sore tits.png)

She shows her tits at the start because its something she wants to do. She asks him "do you want to see my tits?" and them pulls them out, she feels "in control" in that moment.

What Shayna doesnt like is not being able to control how she is being seen. She won't film a scene from the side with her tits hanging freely and bouncing because she's afraid lolcow will point out how deformed or weirdly shaped they are.

In attached picrel, shortly after your screenshot. She starts holding under her necrotit really weirdly. Either because her necro tit is smaller and her dress keeps rolling up over it, or shes trying to support her sore necro tit and push her tits up for the shot so you cant tell they're on different sides of the equator. He even tells her to stop doing that and use both her hands to stroke his chode.

No. 1820858

I think a big part of Shaynas appeal when she was more popular (other than being thin and young) is that she was very confident in herself. She didn't give a fuck what angle you filmed her at, she didn't care if her ass and pussy had boils, or if her hair was a rat's nest, or she was making an ugly face. She just did any fucked up degenerate thing for attention and sheckles. This whole insecure fatty thing is just sad now. Either lose the weight or quit SW.

No. 1820861

File: 1683251738628.jpg (8.07 KB, 150x200, scott-hancock_20135.jpg)

No. 1820863

nicholas cage but italian flavored?

No. 1820864

File: 1683252070301.jpg (57.32 KB, 960x540, Reedy_Big_Gulp_Girls.jpg)

No. 1820866

oh god nonna i regret asking i want to puke

No. 1820867

File: 1683252197232.png (Spoiler Image,1.11 MB, 1666x841, shayna didnt get picked.png)

fucking KEK. apparently this douchebag puts "Scott's picks" next to the videos he thinks are good or likes… Shayna did not get picked.

No. 1820872

Oh look, her friend Kiki did some videos with him as well.

No. 1820878

File: 1683252845688.png (Spoiler Image,868.14 KB, 1230x771, internet is forever.png)

webcrawlers already got this video of shayna scanned and posted fucking everywhere. it was a big mistake working with this studio.

No. 1820879

weird that shay has the shortest video with him. wonder what that's about.

No. 1820883

File: 1683253028286.png (Spoiler Image,1.08 MB, 1715x959, kiki cali.png)

Kinda shocked Shayna is willing to do content with her in person considering she is actually skinny and looks like she enjoys her "job" (or can at least fake it better than Shaynus)

No. 1820892

The article about how he fakes STD tests or doesn't even ask for them/show them anymore said that he books girls for blowjob scenes at a rate of $250-300. Wonder how much Shayna got for that non-nude lackluster doggy scene? I'm guessing she walked away with $500 and free party favours? Honestly, he's been in the industry a long time. He probably convinced her to do the sex scene for free in exchange for "hair, make up, and free photos in the studio".

No. 1820895

this man is so disgusting, the way he tricks women into having raw sex and exposing them to STDs. I'll admit I'm not going to be the first to defend sex workers but this behavior makes me want to alog

No. 1820897

File: 1683253742824.gif (5.57 MB, 391x617, kk.gif)

I wish there was an easy way to remove all the explicit things from this video because it is so unintentionally funny. Take this gif, for example, she’s fully committed to the “I’m a doll” plot line as she stands there trying her hardest not to move but her gut betrays her.

No. 1820898

Considering everytime she travels she comes back being "embrassed" to say that she's short and needs help. I think it kills her that after all these years nobody is like, "oh my God Dollys 2nd BG scene! Let me offer her 5k" and coomers aren't throwing cash at her. I'm sure she'll blame fupaul as to why she didn't do pro shoots while skinner, but she said multiple times she cant do piv unless she's in love. Then the broker she got, more depressed to become famous she went from doing identical solos and flashing in public, go one trip with her family then she's letting scrotes in her house.

No. 1820900

File: 1683253895396.jpeg (Spoiler Image,111.75 KB, 966x1006, 0128F75F-598A-4084-AFF7-961A57…)

Two different sized boobs kek

No. 1820901


I get that she never drinks water and her pussy is musty but isn't there some sort of industry hacks? Like freeze some lube in an ice tray and pop one in before the scene, idk why we have to be subjected to the Campbell's chunky body horror when it could be so easily rectified. The moids jerking off to this really don't care? Blech

No. 1820902

She yet again went into the negative for a scene that only the scrote will profit off.

No. 1820904

File: 1683254033707.jpeg (Spoiler Image,200.65 KB, 1112x2034, 194FC1D0-2596-48C1-8DAD-3B1EC7…)

The size difference is killing me
Shit I can’t delete it it keeps saying wrong password im not on vpn or anything I’m so sorry nonnnas I’ll take the ban

No. 1820905

Did anyone else notice the cutscene at the end? After that long struggle to “finish”, it cuts out and back in- and they’re in a different position and angle like a full stop and restart.
I’m dying to know what unfolded in between.
Did he tell her to shut up and stop making those stupid faces?

No. 1820906

File: 1683254130697.jpeg (55.58 KB, 884x662, D0E4F9B2-DB7F-47DA-A676-F18DE1…)

Scrote: get closer

No. 1820909

File: 1683254644208.gif (2.75 MB, 468x566, Maybe 4 Years Ago.gif)

Based on these stats, this is what they want us to believe Shayna looks like. Riiight.

No. 1820911

I know all bodies can be composed differently but I'm a 34C at 110lbs and 5'6 and have a flatter chest than Shaynus… I refuse to believe she's a 34C kek.

No. 1820912

you can tell how done she is towards the end of the vid. clearly she didn’t expect to actually have to do work and tapped out early.

No. 1820913

the mouth breathing, kek

No. 1820914

File: 1683255136732.jpg (Spoiler Image,27.02 KB, 720x386, 996ba44a3c027c3e67ae938b1efd22…)

i would say 34ff

No. 1820915

let’s not forget she actually got signed with an agency for a bit when she was skinny. she got dropped because she kept refusing work. she’s a lazy hack who ruined herself for the attention of scrotes and some change in her pocket.

No. 1820917

File: 1683255558513.gif (Spoiler Image,5.58 MB, 300x245, oO.gif)

While you do have a point, she whips them back out in an even more unflattering angle (and way) later. I don’t think she’s as embarrassed as we assume she is.

No. 1820918

Holy fuck her eyes are DEAD

No. 1820920

men who work in porn are fucking scum. i don't doubt that he degraded and shamed her body and she probably let him.

No. 1820921

I've never understood why she humiliate herself infront of her scrotes and peers and admit she can't afford rent or to pay her debt. Why not just, I don't know, work harder? She literally could have done all the same things she did these past few weeks and earned extra money without having to make several posts admitting to everyone she's a broke joke. People didn't pay her extra money out of the kindness of their hearts, they paid her money for services or dirt cheap porn.

No. 1820924

I'm surprised he tagged her as "cute" but it's probably moreso due to her terribly unaware sex skills

No. 1820925

You guys clearly aren't aware of rapeape mentality. The more they can see a woman doesn't want what's happening to her, the harder they coom. That's why it was left in. For coomers it was probably the only arousing part of the video.

No. 1820927

File: 1683256229377.gif (Spoiler Image,9.89 MB, 600x256, ( )oO.gif)

Shayna is, above all else, very delusional. Of course we’ve seen the façade slip but I bet she thinks it’s just “nerves” and we all feel like this from time to time.

No. 1820928

Bless your innocent heart nona for censoring the scote's chode but not shayna. fucking hilarious.

No. 1820929

Because she’s trying to elicit pity.

No. 1820930

it would make sense if other vids he had were like that. it doesn’t seem like that though.

No. 1820932


Nah, she's embarrassed this is just a battle fatigued last resort tit whip because she was tired of bobbing her neck on his cheese and wanted it to be over already

No. 1820933

Jesus fucking christ porn age categories and castings are so retarded. It's literally just "milf" or "teen" with no in-between. Scrotes are so fucking obtuse.

No. 1820936

File: 1683256690925.png (139.05 KB, 484x258, crusty-clifford.png)

her lips are so crusty in the scene where she's trying to give him a boobjob. and you can see specks of dead skin all on her chin.

No. 1820937

Agree, she genuinely looks pissed off in this gif and at the end of the vid when she drops the cutesy voice and attempts to dirty talk to get him to cum so it can be over.

No. 1820939

File: 1683256840968.png (219.99 KB, 475x378, before you die you see the sha…)

Nonas I'm dying.

No. 1820940

File: 1683256885047.png (209.72 KB, 424x391, do the trick!.png)

And she makes the stupid fucking face!

No. 1820941

this bitch makes me sex-repulsed

No. 1820942

Good grief why does she do this in porn

No. 1820950

the “dirty talk” was so embarrassing. she just kept repeating the same things as if that’s sexy or appealing. I get that she’s supposed to be a sex robot thing but the improv was just so cringe. you could tell he was trying to get something out of her but tbh he was pretty cringe too.

No. 1820952

The other girls who did the “Boobie” shoots didn’t do a “sex robot” act kek. Funnily enough he didn’t tag her video under the “Boobie” tag. I wonder if that was by mistake or if it was on purpose.

No. 1820961

File: 1683258795611.webm (14.6 MB, 1889x808, oh.webm)

Look at her acting when she’s switched off. That pathetic “oh”!

No. 1820999

File: 1683261685842.jpg (34.6 KB, 500x370, jan.jpg)

this is so fucking ridiculous her expression is giving jan skylar

No. 1821001

File: 1683262258320.webm (Spoiler Image,3.85 MB, 958x698, and again.webm)

She was talking here, she’s saying “again and again”. I think she thinks the mannerisms are sexy and convey to the moid (and camera?) she wants him (them?) NOTE: Used a spoiler as there’s panting in the background of the video but no private parts are visible.

No. 1821008

Nicolas Cage IS Italian, what are you talking about?

No. 1821009

>>1821001 nice elvis impersonation

No. 1821011

Jfc she's so dead behind the eyes it's actually frightening

No. 1821014

File: 1683263440524.png (346.15 KB, 869x597, Shaynas Brains on Drugs.png)

She definitely got paid in pills for this shoot.

No. 1821016

Kek Ty nonnas for watching this degen shit to provide us with these clips.

I’m wondering if the plot was all her idea and if she made it a requirement for the shoot. I mean it 100% sounds like a Shaynus creation but why was he so willing to play along with it as much as he did? Esp if he doesn’t do roleplay stories like this with the other girls he posts. Coomers gonna coom ig

No. 1821021

File: 1683264121738.webm (925.76 KB, 270x270, BNjsFHJtebRA7upa.webm)

pardon my autism but this reminded me of this video kek

No. 1821023

The reason she probably looks zoned out and pissy at the end is because her high probably wearing off and she's sobering up realizing some old geezer is fucking her with no condom and she's went against some bullshit moral she made up during the Fupa days that could have made her bank considering this is where she ended up.

Real talk: I think Shayna is way more of a druggy than she is an alcoholic and both addictions are probably the real reason she stays in this business despite looking miserable doing it. She is hooked on something she's not bragging about because its probably not a good look. And then obviously, she is an alcoholic and stoner on top of this. She stays in this job to feed her addictions. She can't get drugs, weed and alcoholic from her mom and dad so she doesn't accept their help. she isn't smart or talented enough to make money legitimately to support her addictions, so chooses to be a whore and sell her body so that she can stay high, drunk and stupid. Its a dark path she's on, and she's kicked things into speedrun mode. It's like the gates have been opened up now that she broke her own rules.

No. 1821028

I wonder if this scumbag scrote told her in advance he'd be selling her vid for free on the side. This is a common thing they do. These guys pump out so much content, they sell batches out for cheap $ to be "new" jerk off content on shitty run of the mill porn pages. You'd think she would have signed something where she had exclusivity for awhile so she could promote and make money off it. There is literally no reason for coomers to buy this shit legitimately off her manyvids when its out there for free on multiple sites already. He'll probably lie and say someone else leaked it but how he can say that when you look up BigGulpGirls it looks like every single video gets released in full as soon as its up on his site? Simply put: He fucked her over.

No. 1821040

the way she's just robotically yanking her tit kek

No. 1821047

File: 1683268497733.jpg (44.24 KB, 680x680, 1661347873705.jpg)

cp don't scroll

No. 1821065

File: 1683270881612.jpeg (35.15 KB, 720x480, IMG_3208.jpeg)

Bump for CP don’t scroll

No. 1821066

File: 1683270887328.jpeg (Spoiler Image,212.93 KB, 1242x2208, FFC33867-6F3C-4C2C-B47E-6BCBC6…)

This is the first porn I ever saw. Is it always so bad? Her shoes were off in the first part showing manual then on. His wording seems so random and at times both seemed confused on what to say . This was sincerely so unplanned and bad.

Her looking at his dick like that when he said look at it is Lolol

No. 1821069

File: 1683270971524.jpg (71.23 KB, 736x736, Ftrw5mnaMAA9ph_.jpg)

Kiddie porn, don't scroll

No. 1821070

File: 1683270976539.jpeg (119.01 KB, 720x540, IMG_0057.jpeg)

Bump, don’t scroll

No. 1821088

He did her so dirty to leave this shot in. Such an unfortunate angle. The whole thing was hilarious. There’s nothing sexy about it. It’s funny af though. She obviously made that manual but then gets aggravated because he’s too focused on it. Topkek at the reflexology insert. The fact that two dudes could barely finish raw dog is so telling of her actual appeal. Do some kegels ffs how loose are you? Love to see it bc I despise a pedo

No. 1821099

> The fact that two dudes could barely finish raw dog is so telling of her actual appeal. Do some kegels ffs how loose are you?
I get we all like dunking on Shayna but this is so absurd. They couldn’t finish because they’re porn addicted degenerates, which also explains why they have soft boners when in the presence on a woman. One of them is gay, so even more perverse.

No. 1821104

love that she literally sat all the way up on her knees to do this weird thing one inch away from the camera an then the dude was like "uhhh please get back on your knees"

No. 1821106

What's with the bucket of dildos in the background? Was it to make her think of home?

No. 1821112

>you'd see the souls escape that thing if you set fire to it
Some of you ladies are true poets kek

No. 1821118

I watched all 30 minutes and I genuinely will not be surprised if he takes this down off his site, deleted everything with her and acts like it didn’t happen. She already probably has an STD now so

No. 1821121

Nicholas Cage is literally a member of the Coppola family kek what

No. 1821128

I skipped through most of it but I agree that this isn't a good look for him. It was bleak while also being cringe.

No. 1821129

he definitely filmed that intro either way before or way after the shoot, also those shoes were at least 2 sizes too big for her

No. 1821137

stdrapist deserves the rope

No. 1821157

I can’t get over how bad that dress is on her. She looks like has the body of a school principal in it and I’d assume she and the diseased scrote were the same age if I didn’t know she’s not even 26 yet. Imagine how horrific it would be if she actually went through with doing a gangbang like she’s been talking about- this was just one dude and it was the most awkward thing I’ve seen in a while.

No. 1821161

Do you all think Shaynus was drinking and crying last night reading the thread reactions to her porn video? Her Twitter was dead silent all night which is pretty rare for her.

No. 1821164

I like to imagine the sex between Shayna and Shane was even more painfully awkward and cringe than this terrible porn scene, and that was one of the reasons Shane bailed so quick. If that was what the sex looked like, and all they had in common was sex, I wouldn’t fight for that shit either. Unless you’re some freak of nature natural beauty, part if the “deal” of being a trophy wife/‘you’re here to look pretty and be fucked typed’ relationships is staying attractive and taking care of yourself. She truly still thinks she is so perfect and hot that her presence alone should be enough to make guys throw money and girls fall at her feet in admiration. I hope this experience with this disgusting chode knocked her down a peg. The closest thing she has to a personality is “the funny fat girl” and I dont even know if it’s intentional or if she’s just that retarded.

No. 1821168

She’s probably freaking the fuck out realizing she isnt going to make a dime off the soul sucking video now that Scott Hancock released it fucking -everywhere-. I wouldnt be shocked if she tried to call/contact him to try to get it shut down and he told her thats how the business works. Scummy porn companies like this did the same shit it Mia Khalifa. People still think she does porn because she signed bad contracts with guys like Scott Hancock giving them the rights to the videos so now years after shes renounced sex work and is trying to live a normal life, porn producers still push out her old videos like new and plaster all over ads. Not saying Shayna will get that kind of exposure over literally the worst porn I’ve ever seen, but imagine having no control over some scrote being able to post and profit off you drugged up giving a terrible blowjob?

No. 1821172

Welp, here’s the evidence fucking Shayna is like fucking a beached whale. Probably smells just as fishy. She has absolutely no energy or sex appeal.

No. 1821175

>who the fuck is this for?

Scrotes who pay and use sites like this either fall into two categories (or a mix of both):

a) Old or retarded scrotes who dont know how to find free porn or prefer “the old fashion way” of procuring their wank bank
b)Porn sick, lost scrotes who are so deep into their porn addiction that need a steady supply of new content to jack off to everyday. They are tired of searching for content on their own so they find a kink they like and pay a provider to do the work for them. This site also has another sister site called “im brand new” that only features girls doing their first ever scene in the business. This shit is disgusting.

No. 1821176

my only reaction to her video is:


everything looks so dry and uncomfortable. she has no idea how to handle a dick.

No. 1821180

File: 1683298953140.jpeg (116.88 KB, 750x993, 46029AA6-E98A-46EF-B54B-6F8A96…)

between the 3 of them retweeting this, they get no interaction kek

No. 1821182

It really looked as though the globs of yeast were the only lubrication they had. It’s pretty obvious near the end of the PIV that she’s totally dry and not aroused at all. I almost felt bad realizing how painful that must feel but then I remember she’s a fucking pedophile who fetishizes raping and kidnapping women, girls, and literal infants. I hope she does more content like this because it’s what she deserves.

No. 1821185

File: 1683299424794.jpeg (Spoiler Image,50.25 KB, 1066x929, FCC00F3C-79D7-4471-83CD-3531DB…)

Nah why does the white shit on his dick look crusty and flaky. Shayna’s got the worlds smallest butt crack

No. 1821186

I hate to talk about another woman this way, but in the context of Shay's life and thread. Let me think like an ugly scrote such as Shane.
Fupaul got shayna when she was thin and young. Fupaul is a baby daddy, in his 30's who made weird comments about his ex wives body. Shayna was an "Catch" for him. In that his chances of finding a 19 year old girl, willing to give him access to her body for FREE and instantly.

So I feel thats why he kept up with Shayna so long, he didn't have much options and then he felt stuck with a mentally ill young girl, with barely any contact with family, basically alone.
Plus Shayna mentioned him borrowing money and again, what woman will let him do what he did for Shayna for free? Whenever he wanted?
Shane has a wife, aka he has another option. He has someone he can go home to and do his gross shit with, plus care for his ugly ass. There's no reason why Shane would put up with a woman like Shayna, who for sure trauma dumped. He also wasn't into the 24/7 baby thing, and the sex probably wasn't good enough for him to be like, "I'm going to invest time/money to be around her". If they aren't still secretly talking, I truly believe that to any man with options, Shayna isn't worth the sex.
I used to wonder why a woman so sexually submissive would ever be single, but I'm starting to think Shayna has a lot of men who'd fuck her but keep her as an "Plan B" for sex.
Even if she dated another sex worker scrote, I can't see him sticking around. The sex probably isn't that great, she doesn't cook, clean or offer anything that the gross scrotes she's with may want. She's not fun to be around, constantly trauma dumping and in need of 24 hour attention. Yet she thinks her presence and opening her legs is enough.
Plus when she's broke, she's not going to depend on the more then likely broke scrote to take care of her, but she's going to sell her ass.
I hate to say this, but Shayna would only be "Compatiable" with a fat womack. Someone with so little options, who will be okay with a crumb of pussy and who'd "Work". But I could see even womack type dudes not sticking around long. She doesn't know how to be in a relationship, it's everyday kink play, where she's an mentally ill baby that offers nothing that a scrote will stick around for.
She needs to grow up, keeping it real she's not attractive enough to be just…a pretty face and a vagina for scrotes to bang. She's not charming or clever. She needs to live more and realize a relationship built on sex/kink isn't going to go anywhere. There has to be more.
There's a reason the two losers she let fuck her have wives or get married soon after. They have other women to leech off of while using the retarded grown woman cosplaying as a adult baby. She's about to be what? 26? 27? The type of scrotes she attracts probably think thats middle aged.
It's not cute and it never was.(Sorry for the rambling)

No. 1821187

Is it me or does it seem like she never makes much off the videos she flies to film. She does them and spends more time obessing over the pictures then the content.

No. 1821194

i feel like she wants to be in a gangbang because she wouldn't have to actually do anything or have any sexual prowess. she just has to show up, get positioned and used like a sex toy, and then get paid. she can even cry during. it's her dream job.

No. 1821197

Most OF girls don't make that much off their vids unless they're GOOD at catering to a niche. Shayna is a dime a dozen, flabby white girl who can't even take dick. The only time I'd say she makes actual money is when she does her weird ass customs, because porn sick coomers will spend any amount to have their fetish catered too.

She's not pretty to look at or sexy to watch on film, she's definitely one of those girls who's "audience" primarily jerks off to the free shit she posts on Twitter. Which is probably why she puts more effort into it. They won't buy her videos regularly because she's not worth it, but if she's running a scam sale or dry begging on the TL, they'll spare her some change.

No. 1821199

> The sex probably isn't that great
Yes of course the sex is terrible. Yes she’s submissive but not good at anything she allows these men to do. She isn’t aroused when she does PIV because she hates being eaten out. She doesn’t take care of her anus or vagina. She can’t give a decent blowjob and put anything past 2 inches in her mouth. When she gives a handjob it’s fucking dry and she’s barely trying. The entire time she’s making absolutely retarded faces and noises that would turn anyone off.
Everything I’ve written out is because she hates sex and it’s a performance to her. I get that porn is performative but I feel like a lot of the shit she does is a result of being terrible at sex itself and not necessarily just being bad at doing porn.

No. 1821200


She'd want to do a gangbang because she'd finally be the center of attention for multiple men at once. Only, it'd be so dehumanizing because they'd treat her like a slam pig and she'd have to pretend she loves it. She'd prob have a meltdown over a facial. It's always funny when sex adverse women decide being a sex worker is the way to go. If you're going to be a sex worker, you should probably like sex..

No. 1821201

I got 2 and a half minutes in and cringed out. What the hell was that dialogue?
>Shay:I’m your new dolly! Let’s play!
>what did you want to play?
>(long awkward pause while shay struggles to think of something, clearly not prepared for this very obvious line of questioning in her own fantasy)
>Shay:I’m programmed to suck your dick!
>I was going to say hide the flute
>Shay:what’s a flute?
>it’s a thing you suck on…
>Shay:I suck on dick!
The whole thing is so awkward and it’s like she’s trying to not be sexy.

No. 1821208

File: 1683302272380.jpeg (114.86 KB, 750x879, 86D05E6E-1BBC-4020-BE18-7B55BD…)

it's crazy to me how happy she is to mooch off of people and beg for every dollar she gets. she begs everyday like a bum on the corner and calls it thriving.

No. 1821213

Shayna will bail on these girls like she did aBrattyPixie

No. 1821218

I think part of it is because he was wiping the white shit off his dick between takes. There's one point where there's white shit all on his balls and then in the next scene its gone. I was half wanting him to push a yeasty dick in Shayna's face just for her reaction, grody. I can only the imagine smell coming off them. The smell of Shayna's white-coated tongue, tonsil stones, alchy-spit and dick stank must of been truly retched.

No. 1821219

Nah she's constantly working with this people. I think they are basic enough that she doesn't seem "Insecure" around them.

No. 1821222

Literally all she had was her youth and her body. Now her body is gone and her youth is slowly fading.

No. 1821235

File: 1683305647191.png (202.56 KB, 468x577, ew.png)

No. 1821237

File: 1683305753380.png (1000.58 KB, 1336x771, ew2.png)

The expanded tweet image

No. 1821239

That version of IRLchonker was Shay, 2x's ago!

No. 1821240

Is it not possible it's lube? It's probably my yeast

No. 1821241

*not my, I meant probably just yeast

No. 1821246

No. 1821257

Freudian Slip

No. 1821281

File: 1683310816732.png (Spoiler Image,502.08 KB, 762x872, capture.png)

this does feel like shes irl prostituting

No. 1821287

File: 1683311934147.jpeg (77.09 KB, 1170x879, IMG_2092.jpeg)

No. 1821288

Kek nonna

No. 1821292

Bitch dissociated during porn with an STD ridden scrote, does IRL prostitution on top of OF and still needs to beg for $250 for surgery? Bitch, if you had gone to college and gotten one of those office jobs you look down on, you'd have health insurance, a job you don't need to be high as shit to do, and you wouldn't be at risk for creating a new strain of aggressive herpes.

No. 1821309

I bet those $250 went away with her brunch yesterday

No. 1821318

Kek the bottom-up angle you did at the very end of this gif sends me because it genuinely is helpful in comparing the model to Shayna because god knows we've seen her from that angle more times than I care to know

No. 1821338

Nonas I might have to take a shay break, this is just so horribly depressing and I’m horrified of how could it possibly get any worse.

No. 1821341

File: 1683316680612.jpg (33.45 KB, 495x388, Screenshot 2023-05-05 125118.j…)

tfw the old peen slips out of your mouth after a 15-minute dry handjob

No. 1821342

>legal and moral responsibility
Interesting! I believe the thing you want to be asking for is food stamps/EBT.
She literally sold ass on film and doesn't have $250 on hand for a medical obligation. I know she's just finessing for more cash but it's believable. Too bad mom and dad don't want to reimburse her. Boohoo.

No. 1821343

KEK WHAT IS THIS??? Also seriously and literally bleak how she tries to jerk him off with her breasts but it's super awkward because her dress is in the way and she probably won't pull it down because she's fat. This is honestly pretty sad at this point. She does look like she's dissociating during this. She's shockingly stupid even still, at almost every moment of this video she's being retarded in one way or another. Her interpretation of "bimbo" is so punchable. She acts like a literal sped insted of a bubbly airhead who loves sex. And this scrote is fucking foul. His belly and penis and legs and feet are completely revolting. And she still had to beg for money after this. Jesus delete and repost bc the hank hill ass was already posted

No. 1821345

File: 1683317187309.jpg (23.95 KB, 553x447, EovksIRVoAAHkiQ.jpg)

Sorry but I'm having trouble picturing what you mean. Do you fold your lips over your teeth like picrel when giving a blowjob nonna?

No. 1821349

Topkek, with a shortened caption I feel like this is good banner material.

No. 1821351

she's doing porn-porn now because her dad cut her off because of tipper-chan

No. 1821355

Wow she must be in the negative with this shitty free porn she made. 250$ and it’s already all over the internet and she doesn’t own it. What’s the point of doing this?? It’s not even gonna bring any customers. She’s extremely un feminine . Not hot at all lol.

No. 1821357

as funny as this is, her eyes are so dead.

No. 1821358

he for sure only hires women he can fool, and then dupes them out of as much as he possibly can
shayna is a bad person, but stdrapist is literally a plague upon society

No. 1821360

File: 1683318847400.jpg (Spoiler Image,2.08 KB, 65x100, art.jpg)

No. 1821362

Prostituting in Florida is a recipe for getting murdered tbh things are getting ever bleaker…I’m scared but I can’t look away

No. 1821363

I've heard other women describe giving head like this before and I'm just really confused because every time I've given head I definitely do not do that and in the limited amount of porn I've seen I've never seen someone literally fold their lips in and cover their teeth like?? what? You just suck the damn thing but have your teeth open enough not to make contact with the penis.

No. 1821376

I truly don’t know how she cannot look at this food and equate to the money she earned sucky a dusty scrote who cant cum and letting arabs sniff her bare butthole in her own apartment. You’d think you’d want money you got that way to fucking mean something. Instead she uses her whoring money get fatter.

No. 1821378

this sounds moidish

No. 1821380

this was so funny kek i appreciate you nona

No. 1821381

Why would you not book the flight at the same time you book the surgery? And why would you wait until a month before to schedule it? Fucking brain dead moron

No. 1821392

I’m the OP who pointed out her teeth and I recognize that this has potential for Ass Eater 2.0. We’re not doing this again. If you nonas want to talk about sex techniques then make a thread on /Shay/. Personally I am very delighted to hear of moids getting their dicks grated like a wedge of cheese. Unintentionally based behavior kek. Im joking about that last statement, don’t get mad at me.

No. 1821397

File: 1683323666402.jpeg (54.03 KB, 750x608, 148CF5E0-76B2-44AD-A3A2-D51253…)

what’s the explanation for why she climbed back up the ranks?

No. 1821405

>How loose are you?
Porn addict moid spotted.
>smells just as fishy
Who let the moids in, what the fuck?
>available for g/g
Please, you don't even like b/g sex.

No. 1821432

File: 1683328105934.jpeg (72.61 KB, 750x1039, 80FEC585-2C4E-4018-A750-D7DF4F…)

josh topkeks long ass neck is cracking me up

No. 1821433

Yet she's still broke as shit

No. 1821442

File: 1683329218888.jpeg (74.4 KB, 750x1002, 783A872C-DD37-4967-8493-9E28D4…)

the shameless guilt tripping has got to be wearing on her followers

No. 1821448

Less people using manyvids?

No. 1821460

Already deleted for getting no attention. Kek. Her little tactics are working less and less and she's getting bigger and bigger. We love to see it!

No. 1821465

If that was her first porn, Id be like okay yeah that was awful but first times are like that. But 7 years of sex work? The plot was so fucking retarded like that idea only works for weeb shit I feel like otherwise its just super weird and unnatural. Neither of them rehearsed a damn thing for it either so it made the whole thing even more awkward and off putting.
Idk why the terrible hand job was so long literally no one wants that irl or porn. The faking while laying there getting pitifully fucked. She was just so lost and cringe and almost disturbing at some points.
I had to check one of the dudes other vids to see if theyre all like that but it really is just that Shaynus is not only bad at all things sex work but cant even fake it decently. It was painful to watch even parts of. The ugly moid tried a bit, but big Shaynus tanked it. So embarrassing.

No. 1821469

Entirely possible shes pity scamming tbh.

No. 1821475

I tinfoil that the fake money she used for this set of pictures which was a while back is the same she claimed she got from her recent date >>1820310

No. 1821483

ding ding ding

No. 1821487

I agree. The United States of America part is on the other side of the bill. Turning them upside down and hiding part didn’t really do her any favors. These have gotta be fake bills.

No. 1821493

File: 1683333914901.jpeg (Spoiler Image,184.55 KB, 1170x1471, IMG_2108.jpeg)

She replaced it with this

No. 1821504

File: 1683334895645.jpeg (152.06 KB, 1169x1601, 901E04C7-EE77-4ACC-98AD-1D4E25…)

It’s a mirrored image, that’s why it’s on the other side. You can tell because the 100s on the bills are backwards too.

No. 1821508

She's so weird in how she wants to push her storylines and weird unsexy behavior onto every bad content she makes.
It makes her come off so bizarre… I just don't see why she couldn't act like a reagular… porn actor.

No. 1821511

She's like Mia Goth in Pearl (great movie, Mias is amazing) where she thinks she should be a big ol star.
Shayna looks so unhinged and off putting in her eyes looking into the camera. She probably thought this would be the big break.

No. 1821512

They're giraffe neck twins

No. 1821522

Kek I use to say all the time Shay thinks her porn is art and a way to express herself. The reason she'll never do twitch is because she knows deep down that she can't entertain without it being sexual or the promise of sexual shit kek.
She uses her camshow to vent. She really thinks these scrotes only see her as a person to coom to is just a kink. That outside of them wanting to cum, they think post coom, "you know what that dolly mattel? I really like her. I may get off to watching her slap her ass or incest porn, but I truly do care about her. Her personality really shines when she giggles and shoves a dildo up her ass. Oh and the background?? She's so creative!".

No. 1821530

Her dick sucking just sounded like fart noises. SO MANY fart noises. Is he cut? Because her hand job and bj is so extremely dry. That must have hurt him? Unless he has death grip.. ugh. Terrible video. She can't move her body in a sexy way at all. He narrates out loud to make him stay in the zone. What kind of dry-lipped boob job is that? She's just jiggling them.
"Cum in my mouth so I know I did a good job!" She's so over it and has expected him to cum instantly multiple times. She's using her dumb findom twitter quips over and over to tell him to hurry tf up while he's jerking off ("if you cum in my mouth now we'll both be happy, master") towards the end. She's so pissed. Eyes wide open, tongue out, cocking her head, expecting the cum to just flow. For minutes!! With a cut scene. Nonas weren't lying about the less than a thimble amount of cum that came out. She shit talked him at the end in a mad way saying his dick should be bigger.
She'll never be the porn star she think she will be.

No. 1821537

File: 1683339763016.jpeg (113.44 KB, 750x1108, 31540783-1DDC-441E-996F-78A572…)

No. 1821538

File: 1683339918740.jpeg (80.38 KB, 750x896, 80F901C8-D9E2-4800-A2C5-C3B7B9…)

This bitch should be on food stamps kek, does Chipotle take EBT?

No. 1821549

weakass tastebuds

No. 1821550

of course any type of leafy green would be your enemy shayna…

No. 1821554

Very astute observations, Nona. She has mentioned how her personality is one of the reasons she is (was?) “successful”.

No. 1821559

Begging for rent/bill money and still getting takeout. Make it make sense

No. 1821566

NTA but this reasoning is probably why she tweets MRA-lite bullshit about moids and their feelings. You’d think after 7 years in the industry she’d realize that her weight and her looks matter far more than her personality. I personally think she hasn’t realized this because she’s always been sheltered, even when she makes porn it’s in the comfort of her own home with little to no direction or guidance from a moid. She’d get a harsh reality check working with scrotes in the industry and porn production companies. Shat knows this and says that she won’t work with them because they’re all “fatphobic” aka they’ll be more likely to tell her that she looks like shit and needs to take care of herself.

No. 1821567


Not white knighting, but some people are genetically wired so that cilantro tastes like soap to them. I honestly feel bad because cilantro makes everything taste more fresh.

No. 1821570

I am one of those people unfortunately. There are also people who just don't like cilantro because it tastes "grassy" or something like that, not necessarily having the soap gene

No. 1821571

Shayna self censors and whenever does get unwanted comments or even shit others are saying that has nothing to do with her, she rants and multiple tweets.
She doesn't watch other sex workers because she's "afraid she'll copy" aka "get jealous and then try to be like them for attention ". She doesn't befriend non sex work people. She can't take someone disagreeing with her online so I imagine she'd do something like jump out of a car a d expose texts when it happens irl.like she did to her mom, fupaul, Shane etc
Shayna is the queen of talking at people not to them. I think that's why Ellen works, she probably listens to all Shays complaints and validate her

No. 1821573

File: 1683344818378.png (13.82 KB, 92x296, snow_-_Shayna_CliffordDolly_Ma…)

You can edit your face all you want into another person, but the elephant in the room will always be you, Shayna.

No. 1821578

You’re supposed to buy flights a bit in advance if you’re so worried about them costing 500 fucking dollars. Any idiot would’ve put a price check alert if they already had a surgery scheduled.

No. 1821580

her janky teeth are so distracting in this

No. 1821582

Casually complaining about a woman's teeth while watching her perform a blow job in a pornographic video is very ouroboros here. Maybe we are the moids

No. 1821583

File: 1683346861563.jpeg (55.88 KB, 753x421, C961525C-4581-43A4-9C3A-0E6FD5…)

Kek the faces she was making during the blowjob scenes. It’s so obvious she hates sucking dick

No. 1821584

File: 1683346902450.jpeg (47.34 KB, 615x426, 6E5DDFBB-F711-48C2-BBBE-41EF9B…)


No. 1821607

I literally know local druggie bums who beg LESS than she does and their actual job is panhandling

No. 1821610

File: 1683349643943.png (142.99 KB, 393x293, urdone.png)

Shayna's reaction to getting a drop of cum after sucking a dry penis for 15 minutes.

No. 1821611

File: 1683350036164.png (36.12 KB, 727x871, im a STARRR.png)

The vid Shayna is trying to sell uploaded everywhere for free. Scott Hanchode is scum.

No. 1821615

Maybe now she'll get that recognition she thinks she deserves

No. 1821618

File: 1683350823997.png (254.16 KB, 1080x1687, Screenshot_20230506-012300.png)

Is he trying to blame the video getting reposted all over on pirating? Seems to me like this has happened to lots of his videos for a while now, so why just now let it bother him? Unless Shatna bitched and moaned of course.

No. 1821623

Shayna hates not being in control of her image which is why I think she doesn't like working with swine else filming. Now she has this horrible video of her out and she probably accepted it because it's on this guys website only…but now it's on hundreds of other websites. Even if she asks the std moid to take the video down because she realises Joe embarrassing it is, it's too late. That content will exist on the internet for the rest of eternity and all she got was an std and a few hundred dollars.

No. 1821633

And she cant have her lawnmower vibe and pretend to finish in 2 minutes to get it over with kek

No. 1821634

File: 1683353665848.jpeg (117.71 KB, 750x1024, 76F86D4D-9BBA-47E6-B5DD-A498B9…)

No. 1821635

File: 1683353782940.jpeg (96.22 KB, 750x905, 5B76EE64-4D9D-4664-962C-B98371…)

Shayna Luther King is transforming into her evolved form, Shayna P Johnson

No. 1821643

this is not really politicial. it's just another keyboard warrior preaching vague bullshit that makes no sense when you think about it and there is absolutely no context given here for why they are even saying this. are homeless people and troons being hauled off in carts to be gassed or something?

No. 1821648

People who virtue signal about homeless people have obviously never lived in a neighborhood that's become uninhabitable because of transients. I don't know how Renton is, but I'd imagine since it's in a state with more mild weather, there'd be a lot of homeless. They shit and piss everywhere and can become hostile if you don't play their game. You'd think with Shaynus lurking these threads all the time she'd realize that troons are no better, but that would cost her money since she seems to be leaning into the whole sissification fetish lately. NIMBY me nonnas, I dare you.

No. 1821652

>>I try 2 avoid talking politics on this acc… but this isn’t politics!
Why bring up politics then?

No. 1821658


>"hair in my face drove me nuts"

>hates the feeling of showering
>sex repulsed
>terminally online

we 100% sure she's not autistic?

No. 1821677

Why does she share content like this? Why on earth does she think porn sick degen moids care about her political beliefs? In my experience people who virtue signal like this with vague, meaningless posts are always overcompensating. Real people who care about these causes do real actions, not share twitter posts.

No. 1821681

How do we know this guy did it, and not some weirdo who likes me to collect and share porn. People spread porn all over, idk why. Or, maybe Shayna agreed to this to get her name out there.

No. 1821683

No. 1821713

The idea someone would casually see this video and think it's worth updating to every site because he thinks it's good quality is dumb. I'm on the team that it was just the standard dodgy sites that steal anything posted vs it being the actual guy. People would have to check the profiles of the uploaders on each site and see if it looks like its a form of promotion or piracy.

I'd love to see if any moids comment on the videos on the various sites. I wonder how "real customers" react to this content and not the few coomers she chooses to keep on Twitter.

No. 1821731

I thought it was because he had been accused of it before?

No. 1821733

Shayna is such a retard lol. Nonnies googled this guy when she first announced the Collab and brought up all types of questionable shit he did. Yet she still went through with it. The few money making opportunities she actually has (bratty, dawn) she fumbles because she's insecure and a pickme. But some dirty disease ridden moid who fakes STD tests and uploads the porn you're supposed to be selling for free on every porn site ever? Better collab with him ASAP. She'll never learn. If I was Shayna I would have been more insecure working with him, considering he's actually filmed with fucking porn stars and expects them all to be thin and good at sex. I'm sure bratty would have kissed shaynas fat ass every ten seconds if she showed up and acted insecure. She would have had more control with her angles and wardrobe, the sex scenes would have probably been less degrading too.

If this wasn't Shayna I'd actually feel bad. Most women know what it's like to dissociate during sex, and it doesn't feel good before, during, or after. But since it is Shayna, she's getting what she deserves.

No. 1821740

I also taste soap and that's why I like it

No. 1821741


I think it just means he's a baseball fan. The P is capitalized, probably referring to the Pittsburgh Pirates. He's saying whoever they're playing soon is probably going to crush them

No. 1821753

File: 1683381029307.jpeg (24.19 KB, 750x196, AACE13FB-D053-4F67-8A45-6A2C25…)

she deleted this tweet

No. 1821756

not sure that any dog "needs" a hat, but okay Shayna.

No. 1821760

when has she ever bought anything nice for her pets? she can't even take noodle for a walk. her fat ass will be wearing the harness and hat if she does buy them and she knows that.

No. 1821762

File: 1683382279333.jpeg (84.62 KB, 1170x855, IMG_2114.jpeg)

Can’t see what tweet she’s responding to, but gross

No. 1821787

Same hehe

No. 1821811

>she’s a pedo.
It always annoys me when nonnies call pedo-pandering whores actual pedophiles. It's just stupid, sure it's gross that she tries to appeal to creepy moids but she herself isn't an actual child predator. Kinda a twitter move to call everyone you don't like a pedo, especially if its a woman.

No. 1821826

It’s a distinction without a difference nonnie. Who you associate with, you become. Her girlfriend stole an actual baby’s pacifier for sexual purposes. Shayna literally just posted that she wears her hair certain ways in attempts to either appear “baby” or “bratty teenager”. She makes porn wearing diapers and other baby/child items and clothes. Fetishizing babies and children and childhood in general is disgusting and on par with pedophile behavior.

No. 1821842

Your words may fall on deaf ears, but I am in agreement with you. At worst she's extremely gross, but unless she has indicated any attraction to prepubescent children—not merely sexualizing an aesthetic for the sake of monetary gain, which is the obvious genesis of her bby bimbo uwu shtick—then she is decidedly not a pedophile. There's no reason to cheapen the word or alter its definition just because you don't like someone.

No. 1821860

she literally wants people to view her as a child. in her head she thinks it’s some sort of win if people on the street mistaken her for a young girl with an old man. she treats pedophilia as if it’s quirky and fun, yet you have a problem with calling her one?

No. 1821862

while she may not directly prey on children, she is still pedo-adjacent for making pornographic material where she uses child-related objects as props and childlike language ("little girl"/"daughter" scenarios, diapers, bows and ruffles, "take lil sis to the toy store", coloring books, sippy cups, stuffed animals). "pedophile" may not be the most accurate word to describe shay, but i ask myself "who gets off to this stuff?" obviously any perv getting off to her content knows she is an adult, but what kind of person is aroused by an adult acting childlike anyway? why specifically would acting like a child be a turn on? while no children are involved, it is creepy and a few steps away from getting off to actual children. we know moids get bored (Coolidge effect) and want more depraved shit over time. what type of person makes porn for guys who like that kind of thing? she may not outright be a pedophile, but she is a pedo panderer, pedo-adjacent. any sane parent would not want her near their children. there is just something nefarious about a person who acts like a child as part of their porn persona. it is relieving that she has probably never hurt a child and that it's unlikely she will ever have kids at least. and most of her regulars seem to be adult men who are mentally retarded in some way. shay is at the very least, a creepy idiot.

No. 1821863

sexualizing young children and thinking it’s cute or hot to see an old man with a little girl is pedophilic attraction. she thinks it’s hot when a literal minor is with an old man.

No. 1821865

samefag but i'd also like to add that there may be something to the concept of autopedophilia, the self-insertion of a victim of pedophilia. i've seen that term used on here before. a person would have to be mentally disturbed to be aroused at the idea of being the victim of a pedophile. whether a person can control that desire or not, it is morally wrong to indulge that fantasy the way shay does imo.

No. 1821870

>she thinks it’s hot when a literal minor is with an old man.
I've been following Shay for several years and I don't recall seeing anything of this nature—calling herself a little baby, again, doesn't count. Could you link to a comment in one of the threads showing she's referenced actual minors with adult men and demonstrated attraction to it? Once again, Shay isn't doing what she does because she thinks kids are hot. All evidence we have points mostly toward the fact that she is
>merely sexualizing an aesthetic for the sake of monetary gain

No. 1821876

ntayrt but i also have not seen her claim that actual minors with old men is attractive to her (i've been around since thread 15ish). but
>merely sexualizing an aesthetic for the sake of monetary gain
but why does she choose to do so when nowadays people can make porn out of literally any other concept? is it because she is morally bankrupt and doesn't see the issue with it? she claims to get off to all these weird fantasies like "momma dadda what did you put in my bottle i feel funny" etc and it's debatable she even gets off to anything at all. she seems extremely sexually confused actually. i do think a lot of the women who make pedo-pandering porn seem to be super uncomfortable at the idea of genuine intimacy (we know shay claims to not really enjoy or have much actual non-transactional sex that isn't for money) and they take this odd "little girl" route with their sexuality and it screams insecure/uncomfortable with intimacy to me. what is your opinion on autopedophilia? i believe in it as a concept personally, that there's people like shay who have a really disturbed fantasy of actually being the victim of a pedo. i would consider it pedo-adjacent. at best shay is morally void. still wouldn't want her to be in a position where she is working at a summer camp or daycare center. not like she'd ever get an actual job anyway.

No. 1821883

I agree big time. It also downplays the seriousness of the meaning pedophile and what pedos are. Those who pander are a different sort of concept.
(I feel like this would be a good thread for in /shay/ to have a infight dedicated thread so it doesn’t stink up thread. This one easily takes up the thread)

No. 1821886

>but why does she choose to do so when nowadays people can make porn out of literally any other concept?
Because she's not particularly attractive (and doesn't have the means or does not want to receive cosmetic surgery) and is overweight to boot, which will impede her success in conventional porn, and the pedopandering shit is the least degrading/disgusting kink she could do without acknowledging being overweight/obese, having been skinny her entire life and able to capitalize on that aspect of conventional beauty when she was younger (and around that time she had obvious prejudices against larger people which makes awareness of her current size a tough pill to swallow). When uggos get into porn they usually occupy specific niches because, although fewer people consume that kind of content, those same people are willing to pay a higher price to see their fetishes acted out—so uggos will turn to feederism, BDSM, scat/coprophilia, extreme anal/anal prolapse content, etc. etc.

No. 1821891

So what’s her endgame? She plans on still keeping up the “baby bimbo, teenage brat” shtick when she’s middle aged? Still going to have to beg to live paycheck to paycheck with no savings when she hits retirement age? Or is she still under the delusion that the only thing keeping her from success is being discovered, which hasn’t happened in the 7 years she’s been doing this? Does she even have any goals for her job? Any dreams of advancement? How does she not see after 7 years of sex work she’s in a worse place than when she started? Even a dishwasher would’ve worked themselves well up the ranks of a restaurant by now. Yet she keeps regressing

No. 1821893

Another potential reason for the bby doll submissive aesthetic besides monetary gain is that the dynamic that it offers allows Shayna to occupy a role that reinforces smallness, vulnerability, and hyperfemininity, that way she can live in a "reality"/fantasy where she does not need to acknowledge being overweight, again pointing to the prejudices she had against fat people when she was skinny (and now she's become a member of the very group of people whom she so greatly despised).

No. 1821902

File: 1683393223253.jpeg (127.8 KB, 864x864, Img_2023_05_06_10_12_02.jpeg)

Jesus her poor cat

No. 1821912

Kek my most realistic option is that she will just resort to walking them streets. For most coomers (unless some "milf" fetish is involved) older than 25 is too old, and Shaynus will be approaching 30 soon. Kinda bleak to think how in ten years all of those yass kween empowered "sex workers" will be streetwalkers.

No. 1821917

constantly comparing your grown fat ass to a teenager/baby, saying "24 going on 13", hanging with a woman who told a story of STEALING A TODDLERS PACIFER AND POSTING ABOUT IT SEXAULLY ONLINE, Shayna is a pedo or doesn't mind pedophile blurring things.
Regardless of if Ellen was lying or not, she cares for childern, told a story of stealing a pacifer from a child then posted about it online sexually. Shayna hangs with a child predator, and she knows this.
So I don't care IMO shayna is not not a pedo. If a scrote did all the things Shayna was doing but he was a sex worker, you'd call him a pedo.

No. 1821918

Omg it’s so so matted. Poor thing

No. 1821920

File: 1683394672682.png (253.28 KB, 921x812, EllenPatriciaDresel.png)

She wants people to see her as underaged and she hangs out with this chick. NOBODY can hang out with this woman and KNOW she works with kids and then be like, "Yep just kink! I'm not a pedo!"

No. 1821921

File: 1683394748540.jpeg (122.39 KB, 750x1083, CCFEF394-8784-4B9C-AB55-D45F45…)

Would a non-pedophile date a woman who did this and also do everything else Shayna does?

No. 1821926

>Would a non-pedophile date a woman
If a hybristophile (i.e. someone who is attracted to murderers and their aesthetic) dates a murderer, does that make the hybristophile a murderer too?

No. 1821927

Ew how disturbed do you have to be to do this…and then also post it. She should be reported on that website so that she's not allowed to be around children. Sick

No. 1821928

God Ellen is so fucking ugly

I think that they both do it because they’re insecure and lazy, and it gets them attention. I agree with the anon that said calling them pedos makes the word sound less serious, and will make people take accusations less seriously if these attention whores count as one. Moids already defend being attracted to fifteen year olds and refuse to take them being called pedos as a result seriously- ewhores under the umbrella will make it worse. They’re pedo panderers and the implication is disgusting, but I think it’s solely because they’re too undesirable for normal moids and they have tumblr brainrot

No. 1821931

I would fucking lose my mind if I were the parents of the kid she’s watching, how tf is this not a huge violation of the child and involving a literal baby in kink. Deranged

No. 1821932

She has the same dead eyes male pedos always have. Absolutely chilling.

No. 1821959

File: 1683399126894.png (Spoiler Image,88.26 KB, 863x825, Screenshot_20230506-115228.png)

No. 1821961

i'm dying over how she still has that nasty star blanket lmfao. the white stars are grey now

No. 1821965

I mean sure she probably isn't an actual pedo but it's not the reach you're making it seem…

No. 1821975

her ass is a straight line

No. 1821984

anybody else think she would totally suck at texting her 'boyfriends' and they probably think they wasted their money lmao

No. 1821986

If it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck… such mental gymnastics occurring to clarify what? She has rape fantasies about babies. That’s plenty enough for me to call her one. Very odd that some of you are going in so hard that she’s not

No. 1821988

Does she not know what "take one for the team" means? It means doing it so nobody else HAS to. As in fuck the fat ugly girl because your friends wanna fuck her pretty skinny friends. Oh shayna, with the self owns. Kek

No. 1822014

a 26 year old woman makes googogaga sucky dada porn in diapers and THIS is what annoys you? fucking retarded
real "ackshually the correct term is ephebophile" energy

"hurrdurr calling diaper dolly a pedo is going to make people take the term less seriously" first of all no one knows who she is and no one knows about this thread except a few dozen weirdos. and secondly i think its going to take a hell of a lot more to make ANYONE consider PEDOPHILIA "less serious" it's one of the most heinous things on earth to most people and nothing is gonna change that.
guys, she's genuinely into the googoo baby stuff. it's true she's incapable of genuine intimacy. that's why her sexuality evolved into disturbing fetishes instead. if she wasnt genuinely into it and was just "doing it for attention" she would have mixed things up a little in 7 years.

No. 1822018

>Oh my god, people are calling women who dress like babies and do sexual acts pedos! Now when Jimmy Johns agrues about liking 15 year old girls and it's okay, people won't take it seriously or believe he really is a pedo, because people also call women who dress and act like babies a pedo, so a actual pedo lusting after a child won't be considered that!
Like what? In fact people are anxious to call scrotes pedos, if Shayna WAS a fucking man nobody would be agruing she wasn't a pedo, In my eyes Ellen is 100% a predator, She got a pacifer from a child and her mind instantly went to kink play. Which means seeing childern items are sexual to her.
Shayna constantly talks about how people think she's so young,she wants people to think she's not young looking, but UNDERAGED and with an ADULT man. Thats something she thinks is really cute.
She'd love if someone was like, "Is that your daughter? Is she 13?" while she's with her 30 something but 45 year looking scrote. She finds that hot, attractive.
She wants to look underaged, she wants men to be attracted to her because she looks underaged.

No. 1822019

The problem with your logic is that "murderer" is a label based on an action taken. You can't be a murderer just for thinking of how much you'd like to kill someone or even for actively planning it, so of course you can't be a murderer by having a sexual relationship with one. But you CAN be a pedophile who is attracted to children and actively predatory toward children in your intentions, without ever actually touching a child or committing a sex crime. Therefore Shayna and Ellen can both be pedophiles (or if you want to split hairs, they can both be aroused by pedophilic fantasy), regardless of their actual contact with children, because it's a sexual paraphilia in their heads and not just an act they can commit. So yes, being sexually involved with someone who engages in pedophilic fantasy and sharing in their fantasies with them DOES mean both partners are sexually aroused by pedophilic behavior regardless of any actual sex abuse taking place. Fucking someone like that and engaging in that with them enthusiastically does mean you are the exact same as them.

No. 1822035

tastebuds weak af, get dunked on, soapy

No. 1822037

If we need to move basic discussion like if you eat ass or not to /shay/, then I think you paragraph long people discussing this should go make your own thread if you want to keep discussing this. Your guys discussions is getting no where and is boring and not milky.

No. 1822040

she probably barely says or does anything that doesng require you to pay more. its probably just her begging but on your phone instead of twitter.

No. 1822041

everytime i come to check for shayna milk its just paragraphs of people discussing pedos. take it to /shay/

No. 1822074

Ewww what the fuck!! The furniture is worn down, dirty and full of dog hair and those windows are so dirty, what the hell is wrong with this nasty bitch. And why does the cat look like THIS? Doesn't she know she needs to brush them?

No. 1822080

Here, I just made a thread >>>/shay/162117 because I am severely annoyed by tards like >>1822014
and would love to spend several hours arguing about this subject without shitting up this thread

No. 1822089

Unpopular but I agree with you nona. She infantilizes herself because, retarded as she is, she's able to recognize that the lowly scrotes she panders to fetishize youth, so as long as she can stay As Young As Possible she can still get a basic level of affection and attention from men. It's cringe, degrading, embarrassing and morally bankrupt of her to do this, but I agree that pandering to pedos doesn't make her a pedo per se. Is it terrible that she enables pedos by giving them legal content to whack it to? Absolutely. Does it make her a pedo herself? I don't think so.

No. 1822093

File: 1683414419865.jpeg (192.98 KB, 1170x1679, IMG_2115.jpeg)

Doesn’t she already have a pair like this?

No. 1822119

Jesus God Shayna how much do you possibly "need"to consoooom? You're a bottomless pit of fried food and stupid bullshit products you wont use. It wont make you happy.

No. 1822124

File: 1683419675774.jpeg (137.65 KB, 750x995, 02BBB8D1-6D28-4636-A77E-CB28EA…)

No. 1822126

File: 1683419697850.png (1.44 MB, 750x1334, 810B9D85-692C-4968-A074-66E757…)

she is so ugly my god

No. 1822134

and you just know that old blanket is especially a petri dish since it's shayna's

No. 1822138

File: 1683421041614.jpeg (370.05 KB, 1170x1371, 766AA119-0EF8-44B6-818C-53789C…)

A picture of Shayna and her twin

No. 1822139

File: 1683421079285.jpeg (57.88 KB, 1053x815, F4FB194F-9628-4400-9A11-9C7A51…)

She’s e begging

No. 1822140

File: 1683421132205.jpeg (102.91 KB, 1135x1169, 5F338BDD-0510-410E-BDB8-170A67…)

So bimbo

No. 1822143

50 dollars?!?!?!

No. 1822154

File: 1683422128980.jpeg (26.38 KB, 750x255, 268F12EA-E0F4-49BF-BF80-1B6840…)

begging for $12 she's such a BUM

No. 1822159

Nearly 500 bucks for a cross country flight is really not bad. She should be grateful tbh.
Brush your fucking cat!!!

No. 1822162

She meant it in a sassy “I know they all want it” way.

No. 1822164

She's so obsessed with moids her pussy and eyes have all become ballsacks

No. 1822169

File: 1683423332790.jpeg (81.07 KB, 1170x733, 18FC6B7C-052E-4AE6-AF53-6C5FDD…)

I was so focused on noodle and rib meat that I didn’t notice until your comment.
Holy shit, she needs to throw it away. There’s ass loads of those same types of blankets, EVERY WHERE. She can easily get the same pattern too.
OG Anon that suggested it before the paragraphs. Thank u Nona. Expected it to be made not sooner after I said it… not continued sperging. Debates like this should be taken to. Wrestleshaynia
>>1822093 they were too small according to her? They were slightly different but same pattern basically. I found them on Etsy pretty easily
>>1822124 >from earth
I hope she just has locations on just to have a custom location like that…
>>1822126 the gulp video now makes me look at her teeth in every photo. They are so bad, they are bound to get worse soon
>>1822139 she’s begging so much lately it’s wild

No. 1822177

Oh no. she's exposed herself hard as a non-brusher

Lmao I'm also baffled.. a petting zoo that is $50???

No. 1822179

File: 1683423903768.png (457.34 KB, 864x1920, Screenshot_20230506-184455.png)

Just like how there's no correct way to be a bimbo according to her kek

No. 1822181

Wtf is wrong with her canine? Is it on a 40 degree angle? Did she chip it? I’ve never seen a tooth look like that before

No. 1822183

File: 1683424240620.jpeg (67.16 KB, 750x1089, 87C5930D-EA9C-41E0-84C5-B2C364…)

This is so sad, she sells her soul daily and even full-time fast food workers have more money than her.

No. 1822187

she claims fupa chipped it during one of their ~kinky~ face punchings

No. 1822192

File: 1683425359552.jpeg (126.16 KB, 750x1100, 89C80BC4-74EB-41EE-968A-9ECF8F…)

she's still seething

No. 1822196

File: 1683426240834.png (1011.58 KB, 1846x935, simp.png)

Sage for non milk
I looked at the recent likes and made this from one of them, has this poisonous cowbaby been documented yet?

No. 1822197

There's one petting zoo, in Arlington that is $25 per person

No. 1822198

idgaf about sex work in general but this feels like an "all lives matter" type of opinion

No. 1822202

I know she is dumb, but if you were to round 618 to the nearest hundred it would be to 600… and to the nearest ten it would be 620. Where does she get the random 630 from?

could it be she finally did something for Ellen (paid her entrance) and is asking for reimbursement of it? Or just begging as usual?

No. 1822203

Annoying that she thinks she gets to decide what’s important

No. 1822205

Well at least she’s fully admitting to the whole prostitution thing now

No. 1822206

bitch McDonalds is always hiring jezz

No. 1822208

prostituted women get gangraped in broad daylight but sure, is not a competition.

No. 1822209

kangaroos in washington state is so fucking cruel and inhumane.

No. 1822210

They're eaten in the some of the states and kept on ranches like cattle. Petting zoo seems like a step up from that

No. 1822213

File: 1683428792761.jpeg (286.96 KB, 1284x2174, IMG_7130.jpeg)

No. 1822216

Looks like a fat FTM

No. 1822220

I feel we need a “chances are there is no emergency, she’s indeed inflating prices and she’s just casually begging” warning at the top of each thread. Since asking for money is more of a job to her than her actual “career”.

No. 1822223

File: 1683430093675.jpeg (38.39 KB, 750x705, 1DF26D24-14CC-4434-A5D9-82DFBE…)

this has been up for like 20 minutes and it's at 2 likes. she has to be unfollowed and muted by so many people at this point

No. 1822224

File: 1683430277885.jpeg (53.73 KB, 750x583, 5F7A4299-886F-4FB6-8FBB-7F7DE6…)

i would genuinely kill myself if this is who was interacting with me

No. 1822249

yeah, she's genuinely been making a lot more money lately by just outright asking for it

No. 1822273

Bump for cp don’t scroll

No. 1822290

>stalked, drugged, raped
i'm never gonna feel bad for anyone this shit happens to when they fucking tweet about how they have fantasies about people doing this to them… and this bitch practically doxxes herself. of course we're the bad guys for making fun of her, not the creepy men that pay her, morals go out the window once money is on the table for shay

No. 1822296

I don;t know why nonnies always think Shayna is going to be kidnapped. She's not appealing enough for anyone to bother trying

No. 1822300

it's not that i think she will, it's that if it happens i won't feel any sympathy.
fyi i assume you are joking about
>She's not appealing enough for anyone to bother trying
but if you ever look into why kidnappers and rapists pick the victims they do, it's an opportunistic/vulnerability/availability thing, it's really not solely based on looks (most of the time). if it was the most conventionally beautiful women would get kidnapped/raped all the time. it's more about which women look like they're not paying attention, which ones look like they're not going to fight back, etc.

No. 1822312

Scrote mindset to think only the most attractive women deal with these issues.

No. 1822316

"i don't believe she was raped, she's too fat for that" males rape because they're control freaks who hate women, not because they're looking for their perfect beauty queen.

No. 1822338

This is clearly bait, right? If you’re actually a woman then woof because come on. You should know better.

No. 1822344

$10 tip? as if Shayna. the majority of that comes from the delivery fee I bet

No. 1822370

Right? Like she didn’t already expose herself tipping $7 on a $95.44 bill before tax. Cheap bitch who tipped less than 10% wants us to believe she tipped 40%?

No. 1822378

Lmao right there is no way this cow has ever tipped an appropriate amount let alone a generous amount.

No. 1822402

File: 1683469953896.png (39.57 KB, 863x441, Screenshot_20230507-073121.png)

This hog has had brunch for the last several days. What happened to saving money? What happened to going to the gym and eating healthy?

No. 1822408

let's hope the new splenda daddy is paying for the brunch

No. 1822419

PERSONAL TRAINER FANTASY LOL the only fantasy here is that someone would mistake shayna as someone who exercises

No. 1822437

LMAO RIGHT like what does she mean by that?? Does she mean she’s the client or the trainer because ultrakek. Does she want to be yelled at and degraded by a trainer bc she could easily get that experience IRL at the gym.

No. 1822446

File: 1683475991693.jpeg (160.69 KB, 1170x983, IMG_2136.jpeg)

Why resub when your twitter is full of free content?

No. 1822453

In her “logic” she thinks that eating brunch means she’s skipping breakfast and therefore eating less than as if she had breakfast, then all of the shit she eats before lunch, lunch, and all of the shit she eats before dinner and then dinner.

No. 1822456

Ah yes, tweets like this will certainly help her sales.

No. 1822457

File: 1683477393375.jpeg (97.44 KB, 1170x846, IMG_0373.jpeg)

No. 1822463

Kek she expects these scrotes to be 100% honest. She really thinks they care a crumb about her.
If sonething bad ever happens to shayna with a scrote in sex work, I know it'd shatter her fucking world. She truly thinks everything people say to her is true 95% of the time.
I hope nothing does happen but imagine getting hurt because coomers are being retarded coomers.

No. 1822475

File: 1683479763699.png (24.27 KB, 1218x544, Screen Shot 2023-05-08 at 3.13…)

>Shayna: I will not pretend to be under 18
>Also Shayna: dresses up and acts as a baby in diapers in her disgusting porn

The mental loopholes she goes through to try and justify what she does.

No. 1822486

notice how she's not naming and shaming these people

No. 1822498

She’s going to delete these. Also, I give it a few more months before she starts doing this shit. Lol

No. 1822502

Didn’t watch the video because you couldn’t pay me to watch that shit, but it looks like she’s disassociating while still trying to keep the stupid LARP going

No. 1822506

What the hell is DARK AGEPLAY??

No. 1822507

File: 1683483354311.jpeg (Spoiler Image,74.29 KB, 750x1084, EFFB3997-F12E-4DB5-85D4-5B36F5…)

so glamorous!

No. 1822508

File: 1683483387342.jpeg (Spoiler Image,80.88 KB, 1169x1169, BD81C00E-5C4D-49BE-BF0B-4166DB…)

the picture

No. 1822523

I hate her Yaniv smile so much it’s unreal

No. 1822531

What really makes shayna special is that she'd rather sell herself then accept help from her family. I vaguely remember some sad story about the rich daughter of some scrote, deciding for whatever reason to do violent porn, I think it was a single porn, idk. Anyway, I believe afterwards she regretted it and her family tried to get it all deleted.
I think shayna would rather die then not do this. I don't get why it's so fucking important she has to sell herself in real life, does she think she'll become famous online? Despite the fact she's turning to full service? I just don't get it, it's not like she's flexing expensive clothes/bags/gifts and she wants to keep up that lifestyle. She's nit doing anything. The porn she's making isn't expensive or successful. It's so weird

No. 1822555

This big bitch doesn't need any fucking brunch

No. 1822593

File: 1683490809107.png (215.17 KB, 863x1303, Screenshot_20230507-132004.png)

No. 1822594

File: 1683491063047.jpeg (311.94 KB, 828x3584, 05172FB6-BF40-42DB-8F90-2C15F7…)

full sized pics from IG

No. 1822595

the tongue…sweet jesus shayna

No. 1822600

wtf i've never seen a spikey white disgusting tongue like that, does she drink anything besides alcohol at all? ever brushed her tongue?

No. 1822602

her breath must be incredibly stinky kek

No. 1822603

The online only girls aren't being drugged and raped if they're online only, that's happening to FSSWs as a result of their job! Tinfoil but I feel a little bit like her mentioning being drugged and raped is her calling back to Shane, maybe I'm retarded though.
What a retard, 98% of sex 'work' is lying to moids and catering to the bottom of the barrel dudes.
You also didn't state that you were young enough to be in the girl scouts when you made the cocsa girl scout rape porn did you? Just dressing up as one.

No. 1822605

Shay once made a post like, "I finally brushed my teeth!" I do not think shayna cares how she smells, she just assumes she smells great. But she has no stories about scrotes going, "omg dolly you smell amazing!!"
I imagine her breath always smells like hungry breath, just sharp stinky poop breath.

No. 1822619

Let's not be naive. If they're online and someone finds their address, what's stopping the stalker for waiting for them to go store? Outside with friends? Take out the trash?

No. 1822622

offtopic but i know exactly what girl you're talking about, not going to say her name but she had some serious issues (kicked out of university for drinking and drugs) and did one very violent scene where she was obviously in pain and being coerced to finish it. she's an art prof now and seems to be doing better, lucky for her her family was rich enough to (mostly) get rid of her problem and she accepted help. her story is what made me really hate kiwiscrotes, who continuously repost the video with her full name and make deranged memes about her.

No. 1822627

This great to hear, very happy for her and wish her peace.

No. 1822661

you’re misinformed. she did at least 2 scenes and sought out violent shit. her expulsion was due to DEALING drugs, not just using them. the person trying to remove her scenes wasn’t she but her father and all efforts to memory hole her utter retardation ended with her fathers death. honestly, she’s more like a short term Shayna than someone to be pitied. the type of horrible shit she chose to film is the kind of porn scrotes point to to say “see?! other women like violent sex! why won’t you do that?” so I have a very difficult time feeling bad for her. she made bad decisions that will likely follow her forever, just like Shayna.

No. 1822663

I don't wanna derail but I am so curious to who this person is.

No. 1822665

Nta but anons please don’t post her name. Even if she’s wealthy as fuck I feel bad for her and any woman who is harassed by moids just for doing one or two porn videos.

No. 1822666

Mayli Amelia Wang

No. 1822669

File: 1683499636062.jpeg (Spoiler Image,69.04 KB, 1024x768, WT_teeth_1024.jpeg)

she is not beating the rat teeth allegations. no but seriously why the are her teeth still getting worse? what the fuck is she putting in her mouth that every six months they look worse?

No. 1822670

AKA Kelly B. I’m hesitant to post her full last name simply because there’s weirdos who are utterly obsessed with her and I don’t want them posting their spam here.
>>1822665 what does her family’s wealth have to do with anything? all it does is confirm there’s no possible way she needed money and chose to do really degrading porn for unknown reasons. wealth is also the reason she’s still talked about; her father playing whakamole with her footage lead to a sort of Streisand effect imo

No. 1822671

not going to respond further because this is offtopic and infighting but i don't hate women in porn, even violent porn, and i don't give a fuck if she was dealing as well as using. she made a mistake and she doesn't deserve to be permanently sexually humiliated for the rest of eternity for it. unlike shayna she never made pedo porn and unlike shayna she stopped and is trying to lead a better life. people who think porn stars who are trying to move on should have their lives permanently ruined make me sick, have a tiny bit of empathy for other women.

No. 1822673

she's what men hate, a rich woman who was given everything and taken care of her by her father. They like seeing her downfall. It gets them off that she was ruined. They forget she's a human being and some just find a fetish in the idea. Men are deeply psychologically fixated with sex and start short circuiting. I'm guessing Kiwi Scrotes get off, not only to the violent sex, but that it somehow destroyed her and/or her families lives. That's how fucked up moids can be.

No. 1822677

She didn’t make pedo porn but the type of porn she participated in perpetuates violence against women.
Why tf do you keep mentioning kiwifarms when the account spamming weird edits of her was banned a long time ago and kiwifarms isn’t even consistently online? Also, it clearly didn’t ruin her life if she was able to complete her education and appears successful. You sound unhinged and unable to comprehend that actions have consequences. Why post in this thread if you feel so bad for women who chose to do degrading porn? You’re OK talking about Shayna who is (or appears to be) desperate for money but it’s somehow wrong to point out that Kelly’s choice to make porn is also fucked up?

No. 1822678

Fair point!

No. 1822682

(Samefag) I think what anons are saying is that she obviously regrets what she did and thus tried to wipe it from the internet. Shayna, however, is a real degenerate who refuses to concede and run back to mommy and daddy and get a real job – that's where the difference lies.

No. 1822686

that’s a cheap hotel robe. tbh it looks like something they’d give you in a hospital.

No. 1822693

File: 1683502379356.jpg (33.95 KB, 421x450, ychromy.jpg)

>I don't have to feel any empathy for women in extremely violent pornography because they CHOSE to do it so they deserve what they get!

No. 1822694

Uh, that’s not what samefagging is but alright. She didn’t try to wipe anything, it was all her father and all efforts stopped when he died a few years ago. I don’t think she’s ever mentioned regretting anything but I could be wrong and who knows how she feels about anything. Her career doesn’t seem impacted by it one bit (not that I think it should be) and despite the fact that her grotesque shit will remain online forever, she seems to be doing just fine. It’s just unreasonable for anyone to expect their porn to disappear when/if they move on. If Shayna ever quits and deletes everything, it will remain on websites where it was reuploaded including here. Unlike Mayli, if shayna ever tries to quit she’ll probably use the continued existence of her porn as the reason she can’t do anything else with her life.

No. 1822702

You're a hair-splitting moid. Obviously she does regret that decision if she went to her dad to try and wipe it.
>it's just unreasonable for anyone to expect their porn will disappear when they move on
Idk how to hammer it into your head, but she doesn't want her probable lowest point out there, she wasn't expecting it to disappear. Hence, again, why she went to her father to wipe that out.

No. 1822710

Yeah pretty much this. There's just a male in the ranks who thinks that she basically deserves to have this haunt her forever because she made mistakes. They can't understand that she's trying to change and move past that, while someone like Shayna will dig her feet in and refuse to do better, only worse. Shayna would be one of those hookers that sleeps with minors before she's turn around and ask daddy to make it all go away.

No. 1822713

I’m a woman holy shit why can’t you disagree without insisting I’m a man? My point, which you clearly missed, is that she was NOT the one trying to remove anything. All efforts to remove her porn from the internet ceasing with her dad’s death make it clear he was doing it on his own, not because she asked him to.
>>1822710 Again, I’m a woman and have likely been here longer than you. I never said she deserves to be harassed forever and she’s moved on just fine. Unfortunately, retards like you screeching moid at everyone who disagrees with you have made any sort of discussion impossible and I’m not sure why it hasn’t been made a ban-worthy offense. I leave for months at a time and every time I come back there’s even less traffic and worse reading comprehension than before.

No. 1822716

Oh, so you're actually retarded. Having heard of this woman before, she did ask him to take it down.

No. 1822717

File: 1683505260456.jpeg (Spoiler Image,163.61 KB, 1170x1549, IMG_2150.jpeg)

Anyway back to Shay

No. 1822719

i feel like she's gaslighting me about what a sugar daddy is. isn't the whole point that you don't have sex with the man?

No. 1822723

Like…I’m pretty sure she just wants to call a john something more uwu bbygirl. It’s just a regular client.

No. 1822724

thanks :) just found her facial abuse scene on motherless with this and came. shes hot and looks like she liked it.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1822725

Since when did not have sex with sugar daddies?

No. 1822726

Before she would just let them finger her in the car after the date for small trinkets like uggs and stuffed animals. now she full on has sex with random guys off seeking arrangements.

No. 1822727

that's what i thought too. i knew girls who had them and they would just go on like dinner dates and vacations with them but never had sex?

No. 1822729

That’s just what the sugar babies tell themselves to feel better about being prostitutes. There’s probably some who are legitimately only paid for companionship or whatever but they’re a tiny minority.

No. 1822730

ew her feet

No. 1822731

Her fucking seeking arrangements bio literally had “question our legality, I want to look 13 and people to think I am”

No. 1822734

Shayna barely bragged about the exact amount she got from qctual irl meetings. Now she does, which makes me.believe she was getting a pitiful amount and she posts it now because she feels like shit about her life choices. I think this was the last resort for shayna
Actually having sex for money, not even on camera but off camera. Before she had boundaries now she's so desperate day by day they are dropping. The only thing she stood strong on was never showing Ellen.

No. 1822742

which seems to be more of a boundary imposed by ellen than a boundary shayna has.

No. 1822745

Shayna is easily influenced by whoever is around her. When she moved closer to Ellen she started dipping her toe into sugaring with dates, fingering, and ass ass sniffing. i think she is now jumping into the swamp of FSSW because of the half black girl building her Wix website. That girl does FSSW and now Shayna does FSSW and copies the way that girl talks and sells herself.

No. 1822747

I also love how Shayna doesn't eve. Pretend with Ellen. No slapping or biting, kek. Only speaks about her when they go out.

No. 1822748

I suspect once Shayna vets you arent a farmer and will pay her, Ellen actually is involved in the videos/photos she makes for the coomers.

No. 1822751

lmao. they lied to you.

No. 1822752

nonnie, other nonas have been talking about Shay’s sugaring basically being prostitution in disguise. While some few girls get to sugar without getting sexual, most girls have to give something sexual in return for whatever they get.

No. 1822770

File: 1683509331530.gif (1.88 MB, 400x350, put away wet.gif)

Pnp is arguably more attractive than Shaynus, at least a better body and some sex appeal, and even she needs to do sexual favors when she sugars. there's no way Piggy Mattel is getting by on just her looks and personality lol. picrel is shayna at the end of her sugar dates.

No. 1822775

like Heisenberg absorbing pieces of the personality of people he kills, but not cool

No. 1822777

She absorbed Kyle Perkin's fupa

No. 1822778

kek, nonny

No. 1822780

Thanks for making more scrotes coom to violent shit retard

No. 1822788

Are you talking about Breaking Bad? How did he absorb people's personalities. idgi

No. 1822792

She’s said before “I haven’t had sex with anyone in a year” implying she doesn’t ever fuck Ellen Degenerate

No. 1822796

File: 1683513186143.jpeg (172.49 KB, 755x1139, BD7605D4-33A3-4A88-8796-F38C40…)

OT but here’s an explanation

No. 1822797

I won't lie I was impressed shayna got 2k from a scrote, impressed in a "wow someone is willing to pay that much for sex with someone who brags about Door dash gift cards?"
But then I remembered this is 5+ years. She's doing this because the years of porn online cannot help her when she needs 4k.
I'd think at this point she'd have something. Imagine sex work being your career for this long, you have not upgraded your life in anyway. No huge purchases, no trips, nothing.
I think Shayna is the true representation of what the average girl will get if she truly sets her standards garbage tier.
Sure you can get money, but you have to beg. Now you have to sleep with random scrotes while also posting porn everyday.
Then when you fly out you are spending more on various things, so you have to penny pinch and can't even enjoy your stay.
Like am I tripping or is someone with as much porn as shayna, should be doing better to the point where she doesn't have to sleep with men for money?
What's the point of even posting online new shit, just promote the fuck out of the old shit and put all her effort into irl shit.
Clearly new content isn't doing anything. Or am I retarded?

No. 1822803

Who tf cares about rich people?

No. 1822812

can you retarded lefty scrotes just leave already, you make yourselves obvious by your lack of empathy

No. 1822813

File: 1683515664486.jpeg (252.48 KB, 1170x1679, IMG_2152.jpeg)

No. 1822817

i genuinely am curious as to how much weight she’d lose if she cut out alcohol.

No. 1822827

It is my tinfoil that this "daddie" is one of her online regulars. I can't recall her ever differentiating the other dads, even when it's confusing for her audience who thinks she might be talking about her real dad. But this one has an N, why if not for the follower to feel special about it? Her selfie here is also less heavily filtered than she's been doing lately, imo because it would be way more obvious to him when they were just together how catfish-y her usual level of editing is. I also feel like this is the only type of person who would see her as worth 2k for they type of sex I am sure Shayna is producing. In my heart of hearts I can only picture Womack, who would have paid for this in a heartbeat.

No. 1822833

It's probably a married scrote, who'd been begging for years. Someone who she probably blew off in the past thinking the amount for sex wasn't enough. I do not believe on whim she's able to find a scrote to pay her 2k, I also don't believe she could get 2k advertising herself and some random scrote was like "hell yeah ".
My tinfoil is this dude existed for a while, probably in her dms or whatever it's called on the sites she's using.
Probably was like. "1 got 1k, $500 etc" if you sleep with me, so she finally gave it up and asked for more money. Like if one of her regular sugar daddies told her he'd give her 2k to sleep with him she'd do it, especially when she was begging for shit

No. 1822879

Who does this retard think she’s fooling with the woke larp? She literally roleplays as a baby being raped by its parents.

No. 1822884

Let’s be real, when men think “submissive” they think of a bangmaid who’ll cook, clean and enthusiastically service them on demand. When Shayna says “submissive” she means laying around like a retarded baby and expecting someone to take care of her and remind her to drink water 24/7. She even said she’s looking for a “caretaker.” Most moids looking for submissive women want caretakers themselves, not the other way around. Nobody is buying what she’s selling, unless they’re looking for a quick pump & dump or (like Ellen) they have nowhere else to go.

No. 1822899

Smells like underage in this thread

No. 1822902

lol no. i only knew two girls that did it and they never mentioned having sex, but like the other nonna said, they probably lied to me. they were considered “high end” though i guess so who knows. it was also very short lived, so maybe the sugar daddies wanted to have sex w them and they refused. sorry i don’t know much about prostitution in general

No. 1822930

never thought id see the day where shayna and breaking bad collide but here we are. shayking bad

No. 1822939

Anon if you're in the Shayna thread laughing at Shayna while also posting that you're a hypocrite. Shut up.

No. 1822955

You were probably lied to. Sex workers are typically a little dishonest about what they're actually doing for money. Very few women with "sugar daddies" are having tons and tons of nonsexual companionship with their johns, which, let's not mince words, are what sugar daddies are.

No. 1822964

You called it nona, she deleted all of it.

No. 1822974

File: 1683539821349.png (Spoiler Image,39.72 KB, 372x330, nani.png)

I could be wrong but the sugar and acids in the booze, the lack of self care/not brushing her teeth, and even the smoking will make her teeth not only look like shit but the enamel could be potentially getting worn down with every sip and bite. alcoholics have notoriously terrible teeth, and breath.
I thought bimbos looked after themselves, looking/smelling good is kind of the point right? having APPEAL, not pork sweats and greasy hair.
picrel, unspoiler at own risk.

No. 1823020

Thanks for the explanation

No. 1823024

thanks for thanking her, that is kawaii of you

No. 1823032

Go on sugarlifestyleforum on Reddit. The men expect sex in exchange for their money and gifts. They however have less “protections” than escorts. The hierarchy is sugar babies are considered low end escorts 500 for 3-4 hours and sex or 500 for an hour (escort). Most men prey on sugar babies on the SA app because they know they can demand unprotected sex for a lower amount than booking an escort who will tell them to leave after an hour. They get more connection. The sugar babies have to actually entice the guy and keep him interested. Super high end sugar babies are rare since most men think they’re better than women, it’s still escorting but more effort

No. 1823038

Does her seeking arrangements not have comments from the Jon's that are pumping and dumping her.

No. 1823045

This is a health condition called scalloped tongue. Caused by generally bad health and extreme dehydration/ inflammation. Nothing out of the realm of normalcy for shaynus. Saged my medfagging but it's been driving me wild everyone is sperging on it but doesn't know what it is.

No. 1823058

Thanks for the explanation nona, would that condition cause halitosis?

No. 1823067

ayrt as nonas above said medfag away, thanks for clearing it up (so to speak, haha as if shayna would treat her rampant stds or medical problems)
she needs a good scrub and any amount of water in her system. bitch is ashy af in every way shape and form

No. 1823068

there's other reasons for it besides bad health supposed medfag

No. 1823077


Halitosis as a term was invented to shill listerine 100 years ago. Stank break is from tooth decay, gum disease and improper hydration, not having a different looking tongue

No. 1823080

In her case it's probably a poorly functioning thyroid with a touch of vitamin deficiency but anyway it is to due general poor health. Healthy people don't have scalloped tongues healthy people don't have her level of inflammation.

No. 1823081

the same listerine that was convincing women to douche with their product? yeah not surprised

No. 1823088

If escorting pays better then why don’t people do that instead of sugaring?

No. 1823091

Because no one actually wants to be referred to as a prostitute. Escorts work by the hour with multiple clients in a day. A sugar baby will have like 2 or 3 daddies she sees once a week.

No. 1823093

File: 1683561189390.jpeg (23.71 KB, 750x205, ED821872-DE30-4652-AA46-F896D2…)

she deleted this shortly after posting it. she's missing the gross fingerbangs and plushie dates already or she lurked

No. 1823101

Well, don't.

No. 1823103

With the hog's level of personal hygiene being in the gutter, it makes me wonder what the splenda daddy moid is like. What type of man tolerates bad breath, greasy hair and pork sweat stink? Does he also smell and refuse to shower? Does he have a fetish for unwashed women?

No. 1823105

lmao at you asking this question in the Shayna Clifford thread of all places.
Anyone can get a moid to pay them for sex. To charge $500 though, you have to be attractive and actually take care of yourself. Some people just give off that cheeseburger-priced pussy energy. Exhibit A.

No. 1823106

File: 1683562312297.jpeg (Spoiler Image,204.16 KB, 1170x1679, IMG_2160.jpeg)

No. 1823111

She's such a scammer. Every day she switches what the goal amount is and how much she has to go. She doesn't even explain what her debt is for. She crying over debt from doordash, weed and alcohol? riggght.

No. 1823115

You idiots are the ones wking this rich bitch for no reason because "boohoo wahhh I'm rich and I still made dumb decisions to do porn and put entire life reputation at risk for disgusting men and my daddy used his money to try to hide my degenerate actions, feel sorry for me forever!!! But don't post my name and info" yet you're doing it? Spineless to defend such stupid behavior, really.

No. 1823117

the face of pain

No. 1823121

Not neccessarily true. An escort will get $500 for the hour, but a sugar baby will get $2,000 in a month as "allowance" that's only for talking and hanging out with the sugar daddy. Then on top of that $2,000, will get $500 or so for each time they have sex. You can make more or less as a baby or an escort. Depends on the person and their rules. The only real difference is the personal connection that sugar babies are supposed to give (the babies fake the connection though obviously, moids are just retarded).

No. 1823124

Jesus Christ get the fuck over it. I'm sorry you're poor but she made a dumb decision, left porn and is trying to get over it. The rest of us are sympathetic because she wants out of sex work and to be able to move on with her life.

High end escorts will charge more than $500 because they can get away with it. Sugar babies don't get allowance AND paid for sex separately 9/10 times. If they did, the johns would just go get an escort since it's cheaper. She'll also pretend to care about him, but not on demand like a sugar baby would. Most sugar babies are happy if they're getting a few hundred in their hands for each meetup.

No. 1823127

File: 1683564071453.jpeg (53.67 KB, 750x590, F38136F9-3582-42E8-B550-8C3BD8…)

No. 1823129

Always attacking the women, never the scrotes

No. 1823130

Didn't she do this in her tumblr days? Brags about how she eats like trash to stay thin? She's so bothered by other women. Also "advocate for people not to use fat as an insult" but if this is what happened the woman being insulted didn't even say it was an insult, just posted herself not being fat. When you are being insulted do you advocate for others or yourself shayna??
Mind your fat buiness, because when someone calls you fat it's the truth, not an insult.

No. 1823131

isn't she the one who wrote "going on 13" in one of her porn videos? dressing up as underage characters? girl scout? DIAPERS?

No. 1823132

There are numerous people disagreeing with you about the idiot who sought out degrading porn. If you can’t handle differing opinions you need to get off the internet.

No. 1823135

Tells someone to "get the fuck over it" yet you're the one who keeps crying about it. Also, not poor but go off I guess? Having sympathy for women who cater to men and do porn whether they regret it or not isn't a flex. It's pathetic.

No. 1823136

THANK YOU. exactly what I'm trying to say to this idiot who's defending the type of woman who deserves nothing but what she did HERSELF.(derailing)

No. 1823137

Cry harder Shay….

No. 1823138


I'm not the only one who feels sympathy towards her. But this is a thread for Shayna who will never quit sex work unless a scrote "saves" her so the whole debate is stupid. Stop clogging the thread up, go to /OT/ with this shit

No. 1823148

File: 1683566136695.png (632 KB, 2560x2560, 11A485A6-7889-4ADF-BFC0-585D41…)

sorry for awful formatting i just didn't want to shit up the the thread with 3 different posts but shayna is the only one out of the 3 shes going to fatcon with not advertising that she's tested for STDS she's so gross!

No. 1823150

File: 1683566207793.jpeg (59.59 KB, 750x698, FEB9AA90-BBA7-4256-8256-7F99CC…)

No. 1823152

>>1823150 She really loves this one pic of herself huh.

No. 1823161

And your own insecurities are other people's responsibility because…?

No. 1823163

File: 1683567988304.jpeg (106.64 KB, 750x1126, 3C368E34-3ECE-4428-A266-D06AA5…)

Nta but I did some research to check if that girl is actually the cause of Shaynus escorting and according to her website she only does bizarre “non-sexual” fetish stuff in her “sessions”. Shayna being on SeekingArrangements was something she already wanting to do but I think her parents cutting her off is the more likely explanation of why she’s diving fully into prostituting herself. At this point she has definitely gathered the supposed $4k she needed for her debt (whether or not she actually paid it off is another thing kek).
Picrel is Kiki’s website; neither of the two girls prostitutes themselves the same way Shaynus does.

No. 1823172

there is no proof a farmer cowtipped pics to her mom and dad and they cut her off. there was just one random post in the shaynatorium of someone saying "sent this to her dad" which means absolute bullshit. i dont believe she got cut off from her parents at all. they already know what she does.

No. 1823174

File: 1683568602025.png (111.03 KB, 614x342, Screenshot 2023-05-08 at 1.57.…)

it was in her old tumblr bio

No. 1823176

File: 1683568618091.png (107.13 KB, 619x578, kek.png)

Hope she didn't pay for this. The quality/compression is laughable. She wants to pretend she wear all these hats being a whore, yet can't even throw together some text over a pink background herself.

No. 1823180

I hate Shayna's weaponized incompetence. She has the money to buy full-on photoshop. Even if she has no idea how to start, she has internet, youtube and half a brain. She won't even -TRY- to learn basic photoshop skills yet pretends she "works" editing her photos for hours. How the fuck is she editing her photos if she has to pay another whore to make the most basic of fucking basic banners? It is literally text on a plain background. I can totally picture Shayna being like "omg this is so good i could never do this omg" and its literal dog shit Shayna could learn to do in less than 5 mins.

No. 1823184

i looked up "tts testing" because i had never heard that term before and it seems like she's referring to being covid tested. the other girl isn't specifying what kind of "tested" she means but im kind of thinking they aren't even talking about sti's, just covid…oh dear.

No. 1823186

kek omg this is "graphic design is my passion" shit

No. 1823191

File: 1683569814320.png (5.64 KB, 419x652, TESTED.png)

it stands for Talent Testing Service or TTS for short who are a popular provider of STD testing in the adult industry. Attached is pricing for their most popular test. Ain't no way Shayna wasting money to get tested if it eats into her pork and alcohol budget.

No. 1823192

File: 1683570036130.png (293.48 KB, 1481x733, business mattel.png)

Some more garbage. Reminds me of those stripper cards you get in Vegas.

No. 1823195


Shayna aren't sex workers suppose to uplift each other blah blah blah why aren't you "advocating" directly to the person who said it that fat is beautiful

No. 1823196

>sugarcube corner
>mlp font
fucking why

No. 1823198

I'm not clear on how this is legal

No. 1823199

She should've hired one of the nonnies that makes our banners.

No. 1823202

>She's everything. You just pay for everything.
Pardon my autistic nitpick, but this doesn't exactly roll off the tongue nor is it remotely memorable. Also the use of everything twice is irking me.

No. 1823204

Kek nonnie I’m glad you said it. Plus most moids don’t want to be reminded of the fact that you’re charging them. She’s actually retarded with her marketing

No. 1823207

File: 1683571202096.png (Spoiler Image,1.52 MB, 1162x799, foul-prospects.png)

H-o-l-e-y f-u-c-k-i-n-g s-h-i-t , n-o-n-a-s.

I was looking through this Kiki girl's Twitter for milk and found this picture she posted from one of her "fetish sessions".


I imagine this is the same tier of men Shayna is able to lure in and a small peak into Shayna's very, very bleak future. No amount of money could convince me to breath the same air as that fat fuck's asshole is breathing in when she plugs him.

No. 1823218

is.. is that an opened tube of mac lipstick up the ass?

No. 1823234

I don't understand… Shayna and this girl live in the states and I'm sure they're broke enough to qualify for free health services at planned parenthood, Shayna wouldn't even have to pay much to be tested but she'd rather spend the time smoking weed, and the money on food.

No. 1823241

File: 1683574927473.jpeg (118.84 KB, 828x1173, FBFD7CE1-5BCB-48E4-B6A3-035B10…)

No. 1823243

File: 1683575142806.jpeg (195.99 KB, 1152x2048, AE42A569-84BC-4CC4-BC8A-B3312E…)

Girl whyyyyyy

No. 1823248

dunno, lose some weight if it bothers you so much? fat shat

No. 1823249

I feel like Shayna has done degrading shit like this already but she won’t post it online because she knows that we will make fun of her.
> “baby sister”
That disgusting moid is 100% a pedophile, how do these women not feel the urge to report all of their customers? I get that you need a roof over your head but holy shit.

No. 1823250

Spends time putting on fresh out the box weave ponytails, but doesn't notice her crunchy lips

No. 1823253

you should feel as retarded as you look

No. 1823255

It's one of those gem heart shaped buttplugs.

No. 1823260

File: 1683577406714.jpeg (197.84 KB, 1170x1340, IMG_2163.jpeg)

No. 1823268

Shayna knock it off with the Amazon synthetic bundles bullshit and get some real human hair pieces. And then learn to fucking style them, you're 26 and your "job" is to look good. Just buy a blonde human hair wig, watch a few tutorials on how to lay it and take care of it and boom, you don't have to wash your hair for the week AND it will look better than whatever the fuck this is. (I personally think it's gross when girls glue their wigs on and leave them on all week, but Shayna is grosser with her natural hair so..)

No. 1823273

Lol, she can't bathe weekly what makes you think shaymu is going to go the extra mile for some hair.

No. 1823274

god just stop ordering doordash and cheap polyester already and get a rhinoplasty, she's blurring that thing into voldemort and using band aids to cover how fat and ugly it is in like every picture lately

No. 1823281

kek she is literally skinwalking that kiki girl now. what's next, a tan?

No. 1823287

and it's not working because she would have to put the bandaid over her nostrils to cover the uglyness kek

No. 1823289

File: 1683579745680.jpg (216.34 KB, 1152x2048, FvoJdS9aUAAVmFR.jpg)

No. 1823292

She could even pick the wig up on Amazon. All she'd have to do is watch a video on application, hell, she could scam for some money to get it installed professionally. But, you're right. She can't even use lip balm. It's all a moot point.

No. 1823296

File: 1683580087333.jpeg (36.64 KB, 750x334, A50DFA06-701B-4E3E-B88B-A8CD0D…)

she deleted both of these tweets

No. 1823299

fatty 101 : hide yourself behind your hair

No. 1823300

It's definitely strange how she went on all those nail appointments but never really took care of her hair. When she got her fringe it looked like she went to Super Cuts. Even during her bleach days she's never really took care of her hair or styled it other than variations of pig tails and cheap hair dye.

No. 1823302

I'll take my red text for derailing, but it can also be caused by a narrow palate. I've had a scalloped tongue my entire life, and it's just because my tongue rests on the sides of my teeth. I'm with you on Big Shungus probably having it because her oral hygiene is fucking abysmal. For someone that is obsessed with sticking her tongue out in photos like it's the early 2000s, you'd think she'd take five minutes to brush it and clean the film off. Her breath must be unreal.

No. 1823304

Shayna is fugly and tacky beyond belief

No. 1823315

god this is embarrassing, she looks like those obese fatherless girls who are bullies in middle school.

No. 1823318

File: 1683582066599.jpeg (53.55 KB, 745x932, 5C0D84A8-A381-4BC7-AC16-0D6339…)

She has such an ugly punchable face lmao

No. 1823330

File: 1683582558463.jpeg (893.29 KB, 3465x3465, C08E50F2-49A1-4860-997B-C22835…)

She has ten different faces kek she needs to stop because we all know she has a fat moon face and a huge nose.

No. 1823357


You talk about these nail appointments as if the results weren't hilariously bad. The weave is exactly the same tier as her hot dog talons and blown out shien belt skirts. The bar is in hell

No. 1823370

I just realized this is the robe from the spa she went to recently.. I would never buy a cheap ass white robe from a spa, let alone wear it every single day afterwards. Doubt she’s even washed it since bringing it home. Yuck.
Why not just buy a cute one on Amazon or even Wal-Mart?
Sage for slight nitpick, since she’s notorious for wearing clothing straight from the package and wearing it as long as possible without washing it.

No. 1823390

The results were so bad I feel like I could do a better job on my own, which makes me believe the tinfoil that at least some of those God awful "manicures" were press-ons she ordered off Amazon. She's really, really bad at this bimbo shit and it's amazing because she's been doing it her whole adult life.

I understand she's a retarded stoner but still, she retained basically nothing for her whole "sex work" journey. She made her pussy boil situation less God awful, she managed to make it out of fuplahoma… And that's about it. That's all her accomplishments in seven years. She couldn't even scrape together enough change to get a boob job or a Chanel bag like the other OF girls do.

No. 1823392

She doesn't own a single name-brand item.

No. 1823418

i believe it's structed like a dating app where you can only dm users so it's not like users can publicly comment on her profile or anything

No. 1823419

its like seeing a trailer park version of that girl from persona 5

No. 1823442

File: 1683594822416.jpeg (316.27 KB, 2047x2047, IMG_2180.jpeg)

New nails

No. 1823443

File: 1683594881068.png (123.99 KB, 399x388, 4oOPbDdwNCFG_sU3tLH9ZeqPMhrPpv…)

what the absolute fuck, these are so much worse than usual even

No. 1823446

Why does she get that ugly ass color for the base?

No. 1823447

When you want your hand to resemble a chicken foot clawing at a bunch of dirty old blunt roaches.

No. 1823450

I felt phantom pains in my cuticles looking at this and that base color isn't even her skin tone??? What the actual fuck. Look up "french manicure", it's all pale pinks for pale women and darker pinks for darker skinned women and not a single picture has that nasty-ass peanut butter colored base color. What is wrong with her.

No. 1823452

What is up with her and the obsession with the ugly nude French tips? Even more so her adding the hearts? Girl it’s not a look

No. 1823453

File: 1683595757876.png (64.59 KB, 575x347, unsure.png)

I've never gotten my nails done before, anyone know what this stuff is? I don't think I've ever seen fake nails where like the underside is filled in

No. 1823455

That's just the acrylic or whatever material she/her nail tech used to build the nail.

No. 1823456

Waiting for her gyaru era.
Eughh. She deseperately needs to find a local nail tech that works from home or something. It shouldn't be too hard.

No. 1823457

ai generated

No. 1823459

File: 1683596305769.jpeg (304.04 KB, 2047x2047, FvpadliaYAAhg1b.jpeg)

Her cuticles are bleeding

No. 1823461

Yeah it's like raw, wow that has to hurt

No. 1823465

Jesus, she's fully grey.

No. 1823466

ah, ty nona

No. 1823473

Shayna looks like she's at a nail salon, right? why do her nails always end up looking so bad?

No. 1823474

If someone told me that this was the hand of a corpse, I would believe them.

No. 1823476

She looks so goddamn british/irish here kek

No. 1823481

I was just wondering the same thing! Like, I've gotten acrylics at probably ~20 different salons in my life…I've NEVER gotten service anywhere close to this bad.

Hell, you can literally walk into a random salon off the street w/o reading a single review & you're not gonna walk out with such a hack job.

The only thing I can think of is that they know she doesn't tip well & so they don't bother doing a good job. Picrel is almost like they're trying to get her not to come back - maybe they don't want/need her business.

No. 1823487

Or it’s actually an incompetent friend doing the nails and not an actual salon

No. 1823490

Retarded tinfoil: shayna is colorblind. I cannot comprehend why else someone would deliberately chose hotdog color for their “bimbo claws” time and time again. It would explain the constant mismatched pinks too and the atrocious corpselike skin tones in a lot of her photos. Alas this is probably not true and she’s just fried every single cell in her brain

No. 1823491

I have no words. I can’t believe she posts this stuff. Confirmed she’s drunk out of her mind all day. What do people say on her Twitter when she posts grotesque hair and nail updates? I assume she’s fishing for compliments from other sw’s, I wonder if they kiss ass or do they politely ignore it.

No. 1823498

File: 1683599616667.jpeg (193.38 KB, 1170x1733, IMG_2187.jpeg)

No. 1823499

File: 1683599672079.jpeg (153.9 KB, 1170x1596, IMG_2186.jpeg)

No. 1823500

this is edited right? like clearly you lowered the brightness and upped the saturation or something? right?

No. 1823502

File: 1683599957696.jpeg (77.22 KB, 1500x500, IMG_7138.jpeg)

this doesn’t make any sense.

No. 1823504

no it's because she took it with her hand in front of a white towel and the white balance on the phone camera is struggling with it. but also she is kinda grey.

No. 1823505

No. Shay literally posted it

No. 1823509

This was already posted and discussed >>1823150

No. 1823511

I had only seen the business card post which was worded differently. so calm down, not everyone is in the shay thread 24/7.

No. 1823512

good lord sometimes I really can’t believe she would post pics that look that bad and then I remember, it’s Shatna.

No. 1823514

File: 1683600637513.png (256.09 KB, 1180x786, Screen Shot 2023-05-09 at 12.5…)

Ayrt no, she posted it like that. Such attention to detail kek

No. 1823516

Read the thread before you post. It's not hard.

No. 1823520

Walter White's first kill. The one he keeps in the basement. He cuts of the crust for him when he makes a sandwich when the guy requests it. Walter is eventually forced to kill him. He's remorseful and sickened by it, but then there's shots of him cutting off the crust when he makes himself a sandwich. Sorry, but off topic BB commentary is worth the ban. I actually missed some of these, anon! Thanks.

She's not fat though. It's incorrect and she posted a shot to demonstrate it. What an absolute retarded expectation. Why would she get off topic and talk about fat rights when she's not even fat?

No. 1823521

File: 1683601338363.jpeg (120.87 KB, 1102x1395, CB759997-2C2D-4C0C-A25C-88E676…)

No. 1823523

Shayna has no friends though. Does Ellen?

No. 1823531

Nona, look whose commenting.
>Chubby girl with super edited pfp
> that scrote who lets random women put their feet in his face, looks like he smells like cornchips cleanest looking scrote shayna ever been around.
>fat woman in an unflattering pose
Do you think these people have good taste or sense? Everyone in Shayna's twitter circle of hell is just as crusty, if not in looks in lifestyle.

No. 1823543

oh will you shut the fuck up. not all of us are Shayna thread autists.

No. 1823547

File: 1683603513495.png (183.97 KB, 541x451, 82389.png)

these look like a horror version of this meme

No. 1823555

I suspect she does offer FSSW but puts these disclaimers to avoid prosecution or her site being taken down.

No. 1823564

I will pray every night that AI advances to the point where it can sort Twitter accounts like these (loser simps, low IQ, kinkfag males) into one great cache and when one of them tweets something violent like this a laser beam will ZWAH them right through the brain stem. Cull that population, baby.

No. 1823575

that girl also shot for big gulp girls

No. 1823579

>like a boss
What is this? 2012 le epic bacon reddit?

No. 1823587

The basic requirement of "read before posting" goes for all threads, newfag. You'd get called our for it in any thread and it has nothing to do with being a Shayna autistic, it's basic manners. Now stop being so defensive and arguing.

No. 1823616

Has anyone noticed this is not in her normal room? Aka confirmed sleeping with daddie n(sage your shit)

No. 1823632

Two pissholes in the snow

No. 1823653

Yeah, and I doubt whatever creep she’s selling herself to would appreciate her taking photos inside his home and posting them.

No. 1823674

Her hand is so bulbous… Like you can see the normal human hand beneath all the blubber. I can't stop looking.

No. 1823689

it's weird how the base for her toes seems to be a pinker color than the one for her fingernails. i don't get french manicures (or whatever sick offshoot of one this thing is) but i would assume if you got both done on your toes+hands you could want the base to match at least.

No. 1823691

File: 1683625380188.png (9.32 KB, 253x74, Untitled.png)

she's never heard of a lint roller.

No. 1823699


It's really sunny in that room. Is she spending the night? Yikes, I can hardly fathom faking I like them for a dinner date worth of time. I guess she's taking the girlfriend experience shit seriously

No. 1823727

wow, that are some nice looking nails… I don't get this style in general, but she makes them even look worse. How do you touch stuff with that or change your tampon or wipe your ass? It looks so useless and painful, I would be drunk 24/7, too, if I had those fingers.

No. 1823728

And to think I was just saying Pumpy’s disgusting salad finger nails are worse than the hot dogs Shaynus favours…she had to double down kek

No. 1823746

File: 1683635285304.png (819.74 KB, 1205x2101, toomuchsugar.png)

Don't think her updated SA profile has been posted yet.

No. 1823749

>social drinker
Biggest kek in my arsenal

No. 1823750

>Drinks: Social Drinker

No. 1823751

>i have big dreams
>there's many things in life i want to achieve

like fucking what? she is 25 and has only succeeded in absolutely decimating her life. she has nothing going for her and doesn't seem to be interested in making anything of herself. so what goals is she speaking of???

No. 1823752

what the fuck, there's no way these atrocities were 2 fucking hundred dollars. what about her fucking plane ticket?

No. 1823754

did she lurk and decided to change the "slogan"? kek

No. 1823758

I genuinely wonder this as well. She can’t possibly be so deluded as to think her big break is just around the corner?? Kek

No. 1823759

there's so much to unpack here. Is obvious she only wants a caretaker like other anons have mentioned before, but if that's the case why doesn't she go back home to her parents? is she self-aware enough to know that going back home to live with her dad is gonna make her degenerate brain compete with her step-mom to seek a romantic/sexual relationship with her dad? Enlighten me here

No. 1823760

These POV posts combined are sending me kek

No. 1823768

You can tell that she hasn't liked a picture of herself this much in a while, since she is plastering this one all over. It's sad that her most 'flattering' angle where she is feeling herself is just a complete catfish. The way that she's contorting uncomfortably - hunched half over & sucking in trying to hide the gunt - arms covered, held u