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No. 1088260

**Repetitive comments about Shayna's vagina is grounds for a 1 day ban. Repetitive nitpicks about her body and face are subject to a 1 day ban. Reposting the same photos zoomed in and edited is not milk and you will receive a ban for nitpicking.
REMEMBER: sage when there’s no milk, no nitpicking and/or blogposting and please try to curb your enthusiasm when posting screenshots from other cam girls. This is a Shay thread.**

Last Thread: >>>/snow/1079389

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>bought a turkey onesie and baster to do a stuffed turkey porn (yes, really) >>1079825

>also purchased a new dog cage to make "puppy girl content" >>1080132
>considers getting a 2nd dog to "keep each other entertained" >>1082329
>says she will be moving back near her family when her lease is up >>1082695
>orbiter builds and mails her a pc for $1300 >>1085551
>spends $800 on a monitor >>1085857
>more special needs-tier porn >>1087174
>makes a "fashion show" video wearing all old, ill-fitting clothing >>1087636
>still trying to convince herself she looks better fat >>1087936


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No. 1088269

File: 1606004543664.jpg (273.85 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20201121-221523_Twi…)

I'm pretty certain she posted one of those "social media Vs real life" pics on Tumblr a while back doing exactly this lol.

Also the speed of this dirty delete lmao. She's turning it fatty pride/I hate skinny girls (yet longs to be one)

No. 1088270

File: 1606004608626.jpeg (653.77 KB, 1125x1748, 72BED164-726D-4C3D-B313-BD1E11…)

No. 1088271

File: 1606004664094.jpeg (708.16 KB, 1125x1773, 9B822444-6214-4120-A53D-8568D9…)

No. 1088274

Check your emails?
Go on their actual website?

How daft is this cow?

No. 1088276

File: 1606005026505.jpeg (328.51 KB, 1242x1604, 7E06995B-A2A9-4AB7-B659-4C610D…)

No. 1088280

She’s so jealous of pretty skinny girls! It’s not their fault she’s always stuffing her face instead of trying to improve.

No. 1088282

That account is retarded but no one's jealous of you Shayna, maybe troons are jealous or retarded sex workers but nobody else.

No. 1088284

Would not be surprised at all if abrattypixie is a major contributor to these threads. She basically just outed herself for at least lurking lmao. What a great friend!

No. 1088285

Why the fuck is bratty even coming here? Seems like she knows a lot about this thread, imagine defending someone who only seems to use you as an attack dog and every other day she's saying she has no friends or support, even though you go out your way to be there for her.

No. 1088289

File: 1606005643136.jpeg (71.73 KB, 750x565, F103A3A7-B3C5-44B8-BF6C-DCABA3…)

Some scrote is laughing at her mtf snatch

No. 1088290

She thinks we are mad lol no girl we just think your behavior is funny. That’s why it’s called LOLcow. If she wasn’t constantly making a fool of herself we wouldn’t be on thread 63, she’s practically a legacy cow at this point.

No. 1088293


notice how she didn't delete it; cause it's from a man.

No. 1088296

She’s probably coming here because she posts. There is an anon here who blog posted in the past about how they are more successful SW than Shayna and I would be willing to bet it’s her. No other SW would be jealous of her given her lack of success/looks/irrelevance. She probably only stays friendly with Shay so that she can stay close to the milk lol. She might even be a discord anon.

No. 1088297

File: 1606006095782.jpg (338.83 KB, 1080x1176, Screenshot_20201121-172321_Twi…)

No. 1088301

Shay, I know you lurk this thread but if you claim to be so unbothered than stop subtweeting about it and just delete the comments.

No. 1088303

The irony of this when she later said >>1088270

That dumb account really touched a nerve with her kek

No. 1088305

she really didn't like the shrek edit anon made for her. she's been whining more about her body and "haters" ever since.

No. 1088309

she really went on a psychotic rant because of two silly accounts. bitch needs to log off

No. 1088318

I don’t know why she’s so full of herself, men fuck anything. “I’m getting tipped while you are hating uwu” All of the anons on this thread could probably make more money than Shayna has made her whole life. It doesn’t take talent to show your stank crusty snatch, Shaytard. If your so unbothered you wouldn’t have even tweeted about it. We live rent free in your head. Dumb fat pig

No. 1088321

People tend to have to delude themselves into this "everyone is a jealous haterrrr" complex.

People don't dislike you for no reason Shay, it's your words and actions. Be better.

No. 1088326

File: 1606007308735.jpeg (461.53 KB, 1242x1149, 5E62C898-E1C4-49F8-81B0-A2ACAF…)

Doordash crashed and that troll account stressed her out kek she didn’t even can, shoot, or take nudes today how is she stressed???

No. 1088344

/snow/ and /pt/ are crawling with sex workers. Admin once said on /meta/ that they're easy to spot by their post history because they do the same shit in multiple threads.

No. 1088345

She’s too stressed to set up something that is preassembled? Doesn’t she basically just have to take it out of the box? Too hangry I guess.

No. 1088347

Shut yo butterfaced ass up, Pixie. Shayna just uses you for exposure and clout and you're too fucking stupid to realize it making you as retarded as Shay. If Shayna isn't getting anything out of people, she wants nothing to do with them. She's a terrible person and you're terrible for enabling her lard ass.

No. 1088348

File: 1606008117488.jpg (87.75 KB, 1080x746, 20201121_192014.jpg)

Didn't she stop taking her meds for a while then went to the short term hospital? But her mom asking about her stopping them is so bad to her? Does she really not see how much she picks on women compared to men?

No. 1088349

That’s true but abrattypixie just revealed that she knows a lot about Shayna’s threads and I’ve seen posts here before hyping up bratty specifically… which I think only bratty herself would do lol.

No. 1088353

Once a again Shayna is pissed because her mom is trying to help her. She’s concerned because you are rapidly gaining weight to the point of morbid obesity. She doesn’t want you getting fucking diabetes or heart problems. It’s not like she just gained 10 lbs and doesn’t look as fit as she used to, it’s that something is clearly wrong. She’s always trying to spin the narrative on this poor woman.

No. 1088356

remember when she was threatening not to take her medicine when she broke up with Fupa? And it's making MOTI that she's blaming this weight gain solely on her meds.
She can't really believe that, does she?

No. 1088364

She hasn’t been taking them for 3-4 months now. She’s just lying to make her mom seem evil and has to remind everyone of her ~quirky bipolar~

No. 1088365

If she actually cared about not turning tub of lard she would do a five minute google search for bipolar meds that don't cause weight gain. Lithium Carbonate is one of them.

No. 1088368

I think she likes being a fatass because it gives her ~oppression points~

No. 1088371

But anon her meds are forcing her to eat cookies for breakfast! Her meds made her order grubhub every single day! Her meds literally walk her to the store to buy a shit-ton of candy that she washes down with a bottle of wine!

No. 1088372

Bitch has never heard of a tissue literally eats her own snot daily not very different from picking your own nose and eating it just saying lol

No. 1088374

Nah she hates being fat definitely. But what she does love is doing absolutely nothing about her problems and ordering takeout every meal and snack of the day instead. So she falls back on the bullshit meds excuse for the gain because that gives her the pity points for letting herself go and she gets to mention her mEnTaL iLlNeSs.

No. 1088379

She immediately deleted, nice catch anon

No. 1088385

yeah lol, the earwax thing was confusing

No. 1088389

File: 1606011250265.jpeg (224.21 KB, 1242x632, 1B747B9F-F98C-4886-8F22-E40CBC…)

A few more from earlier I didn’t see posted yet. 1/2

No. 1088390

File: 1606011294573.jpeg (288.48 KB, 1242x650, 70EB0702-1C9B-454F-B8E3-151F5F…)

2/2 she has absolutely been on one today.

Lol. Frito pie. But it’s definitely the meds.

No. 1088392

The mental breakdown has been in progress for about a week and a half. It’s like clockwork followed by emo rants about fupa then it starts all over again

No. 1088395

She's hating on skinny girls to convince herself she hates her own old body, acting like she hasn't made a million tweets about how she wants to lose weight.

No. 1088397

Rent freeeeee kek
I stg every other tweet is about food, keep it to yourself fat fuck. Just go full feeder at this point, at least you’ll make some money.

No. 1088398

Tinfoil shayna didn’t start eating more she started actually eating

No. 1088400

shatna it’s not 2012, stop calling anyone who calls out your shitty behavior your “haters”

No. 1088403

nah she's eaten like shit for at least the past few years if you look through her old threads, she just can't accept that she doesn't have a fast metabolism anymore and refuses to work out or eat even slightly healthily

No. 1088404

accurate. When she first started gaining weight she cried about how when she was skinny, pink wine was the only thing she ate all day. then the alcoholism really kicked in, she discovered doordash/grubhub and the rest is history.

I don't remember her ever mentioning food delivery apps while she lived in Seattle, or even Fupa's house for that matter. probably turned to food as a coping mechanism (along with alcohol, obviously) after she got dumped and kicked out

No. 1088405

She definitely started eating more after moving in with Fupa. I think she gets enough "steady" income from OF that she can just blow money on doordash and dont forget, food delivery services weren't as established and huge a few years ago. Also with the pandemic and being a retarded shut in, shes even less active than she ever has been.

Her being skinny prior had to do a lot with just having a teenager metabolism. Once you hit your 20s,your body changes and a lot of people will gain weight if they dont watch themselves. She never had an ED, but I'd believe she didnt eat much or often because she's always been a broke bitch preferring to drink into a stupor lmao.

No. 1088412


I love how she says “setting up my PC” when it doesn’t require more than her to to plug it in, plug in her mouse, keyboard and current monitor, and turn it on. Bitch you didn’t build the damn thing yourself. And her waiting for the “fancy monitor” before “showing it off” shows exactly how little she actually cares about this PC other than to skinwalk the generic gamer girl trope.

No. 1088416

She used to eat really healthy before. Connor was a vegan nutritionist and he made all of her meals. One time she left a camping trip with her family having Connor pick her up because the food on the trip wasn’t light or healthy enough. Then she met Fupa and he introduced her to his shitty diet of cheeseburgers and beer. Plus the alcoholism that was already brewing. Now she’s completely addicted to food, especially sugar.

No. 1088429

File: 1606015189816.jpeg (243.14 KB, 827x1020, DE0A0F3D-E00D-4C26-9826-7B7A6A…)

Is she implying Fupa was aboosive under the guise of kink here?

No. 1088432

funny coming from the bitch who was saying she wants to be "consentially" raped and kidnapped as if the type of person willing to go through with that isn't a psycho abusive rapist. TBH I think A LOT of what bdsm people claim are kinks is actually pieces of shit excusing their own behaviour.

No. 1088433

lmao i remember an anon calling it a while back that shayna would eventually start saying fupa was abusive once she finally dropped him. she’s so predictable honestly.

No. 1088434

File: 1606016033495.jpeg (142.41 KB, 750x987, 6B753713-B35A-494D-9A71-9564DB…)

No. 1088436

She's been claiming he was abusive ever since they broke up

No. 1088437

Imagine comforting eating yourself to obesity over a peanut chode manlet.

No. 1088443

remember when he slapped her in the face in public with no warning and everyone here was like holy shit that is horrifying and not healthy, and she bragged that they were just too hardcore kinky for everyone else? pepperidge farm remembers.

and then he dumped her and she continued to let him hatefuck her and treat her like shit for the better part of two years

No. 1088449

If she just ate 1,300ish calories a day and cut out sugar, alcohol and takeout for 6 months she could be skinny again but she can’t do anything that requires effort so she’s just going to get fatter and grosser. Her gobbling down a Thanksgiving meal for 4 alone on the holiday is so depressing and sad that I almost feel bad for her. It’s too bad she chooses this life for herself.

No. 1088455

i don't get this, isn't control and guidance and shit what she wanted? i remember while they were dating she talked about wanting her schedules, bedtimes, etc being enforced by him and she always gushed about loving it. now she considers it abuse. or is she talking about stuff that happened post "break up", like when he filmed her acting insane so he could confront her with the footage later, or when he held her vape pen hostage because she refused to take her meds, or threatened to stop paying her phone bill because she was posting nasty vague tweets about him?

No. 1088456

Can you please post a link to that if you know which thread it’s in? I must have totally missed that somehow.

No. 1088458

NTAYRT but I’d hunt around the early-mid 2018 threads. I remember this incident too but it might require some digging to locate.

No. 1088459

nta but enjoy >>694426
dropbox link even still works for your viewing pleasure

No. 1088470

Jesus I must of missed that too. I never knew he hit her in public. She seems less annoying and happier though. No baby voice or pedo pandering. Glad she’s not wear a diaper or a cringe come here daddy bra

No. 1088475

she was still doing that back then, newfag. time to read the old threads.

No. 1088476

as big literally of a cow as shay is, i think i believe her about fupa being abusive

No. 1088478

Ended up rereading that thread and wow she looked so much better then. Wtf happened?!

No. 1088479

they've both accused each other of it and i don't trust either of them as far as i could throw their fat asses. also i think if he was openly abusive to his partners his ex would have him cut off from his kids.

No. 1088480

cheemsburgers, IPAs, weed edibles

No. 1088485

File: 1606023193416.jpeg (Spoiler Image,619.69 KB, 889x1838, C98ED061-680E-4158-B6E1-BAC693…)

if only that anon knew what she would become

No. 1088486

File: 1606023459657.jpeg (473.02 KB, 1125x907, 4D90B4E6-A55C-4C43-9055-BFD100…)

just give it up already! pack it up and get a job at starbucks with your parents

No. 1088487

I meant in the video, fucking retard. I have read the threads. She looks normal and she should dress normal all the time is what I was saying.

No. 1088488

File: 1606023569076.png (390.09 KB, 750x1334, 2E8B095F-439D-48AB-A086-7CDDD8…)

lmao @ her saying she got that expensive ass monitor because she heard another streamer talk about it

No. 1088489

she dresses the same now as she did then, she’s just fat now

No. 1088490

She peaked. She needs to stop living in the past and find a simp to marry.

No. 1088491

She’s finally self aware. Aren’t her followers all bots?? Doesn’t she buy her followers??

No. 1088492

File: 1606023728653.jpeg (586.16 KB, 1242x1668, E5FB0C2F-E640-448A-8473-9E06C9…)

How pathetic lmao

No. 1088493

yeah i’m pretty sure it’s been proven multiple times that she buys followers, so i’m not sure why she’s acting surprised about her shitty engagement.

No. 1088494

File: 1606023775170.jpeg (618.16 KB, 1242x1271, 7D719164-2BF7-4B86-9386-5C9A05…)

70 notes isn’t even a lot though??

No. 1088495

It's honestly sad to think we called this ugly and now she looks like.. this…. How bleak, no wonder she's manic and hates herself.

No. 1088496

I don’t think anyone ever honestly expected her to get this fat.

No. 1088497

shamelessly showing off recycled content I see

No. 1088498

oh anon she's not giving up anytime soon, i give it about 2 or 3 more years before she finally goes home

No. 1088499

She claimed to be moving back MA by January or February. But I highly doubt it

No. 1088502

File: 1606024841387.jpeg (146.12 KB, 828x412, 5E61589A-E5C3-4AA4-92B0-4DD9B8…)

more like "go to college"

No. 1088503

If she lost all the weight, styled herself better, and dropped the disgusting stuff she has been doing she could probably make it on instagram or tumblr. She doesn’t get that her current look/weight/persona is not attracting any followers. It’s nasty and nobody wants to interact with a fat unshowered person who sticks things up their ass. Rebrand and for fucks sake take the advice everyone has been giving her for years.

No. 1088507

File: 1606025360317.jpg (123.8 KB, 1080x500, Screenshot_20201121-142611_Twi…)

Yeah, cause that's what your porn sick weirdo followers want to see

No. 1088508

>posts about popping her ass pimples

No. 1088509

literally if she just started at her first thread and jotted down notes of every piece of advice given to her on here, she would probably turn out okay. unfortunately she thinks we’re all just ugly, cheeto dust-fingered incels for whatever reason and will never take any real advice that isn’t delivered in the form of ass kissing.

No. 1088515

Fupa fucking stopped doing that kink shit though, I pray..I pray fupa loses his shit and tells everything Shayna does.
They both are abusive, we just have more proof Shayna is.

Like how do you claim to love all that dumb shit but like we said, as soon as they fall out suddenly he's abusive and horrible.

No. 1088518

would not surpise me she posted that Fupa shit JUST for attention

No. 1088520

Back a few threads she claimed he reordered her being a drunken abusive mess saying he wanted to show people "the real Dolly Mattel"

No. 1088522

Imagine being so lonely and pathetic you're practically begging for random people on twitter to like or comment on your posts. Good lord. And she admits that shes yelling to the e-void and gets no interaction but keeps making posts about it. Why does she embarrass herself in every way, constantly??
Same with the tweet asking people to pay for a family sized meal for her to eat by herself on Thanksgiving? Not only a bit tone deaf, but rich after spending all morning crying about being a fatass and acting like it's not her fault. Like…

No. 1088533

I know we picked on her looks back then too, but it's so fucking sad in comparison how she looks now. I really like the way she looked petite and blonde (not that there's any salvation for her unholy personality combo of NEET and narcicissm)

No. 1088537

File: 1606031320017.jpeg (731.32 KB, 1242x1701, 8E00056F-14C2-4486-97D0-386990…)

Princess Porky needs attention again kek

No. 1088542

Fiona is a ethereal princess, but that isn't good enough for chubby mattel.

No. 1088547

File: 1606033584411.jpeg (556.59 KB, 828x1425, A54453FA-7242-4621-A166-837F94…)

I know I’m late, but the last of her deleted tweets was interesting. She admitted he’s sending her money every day.

No. 1088551

so chalk up 90% of her “sugar daddy” tips to womack then. she seriously has no shame and the deleted tweets tell all.

No. 1088557

Wow we're mad he's sending you chump change? Nobody gives a fuck he's probably sending her change from mcdonalds or some shit.

Does she think that ANY WOMAN With a vagina can't sell sex and get a ugly scrote to simp?

No. 1088572

Notice how she doesn’t really specify an amount…he’s prob just giving her $20 or so lol.

No. 1088582

Good lord, she must have literally no one in her life outside of twitter. No friends, no family, no hobbies or social interaction outside of the internet. No reason to even go outside. What a bleak life she's chosen for herself.

I'm calling it early - Shayna's endgame will be to star in an episode of one of those TLC shows about trainwrecks like 600 Pound Life or Hoarders. I have a bad feeling that this is just that start of her downward spiral.

No. 1088584

kek we all know that she doesn't even make minimum wage. What was it, 2 days ago since she publicly posted about having nothing in her bank account? Absolutely nothing. Not even a couple thousand for a rainy day or a car repair. How old is she even, late 20s?
She makes less than a Mcdonalds burger flipper, then spends it all on food, drugs & booze, and she thinks this is something to brag about.
Oh Shay…

I think she would short circuit if she learned how much normal women make at big girl jobs without debasing themselves.

No. 1088616

i suspect she's going to try escorting soon since i doubt she's making a livable amount of money online anymore. she probably has to ask her ~evil~ parents for money whenever rent is due, or even sadder, she asks fupa

No. 1088629

I refuse to believe she’s done the math on her tips vs actually working and still brags about it; a regular ass job that any early 20s girl could get makes more than the handful of tips she makes AND you don’t have to pry open your pussy on Twitter to make it. If she fixed up her attitude she’d probably get the same amount in tips as a waitress AND get free food to stuff herself with on the job. Win-win and would save her hundreds a week.

No. 1088633

If she would really focus on editing, she could make a decent living editing, even in the porn industry, without demeaning herself. She could still be home, drunk on the job as long as she met her deadlines.

No. 1088639

Let's not pretend that Shayna would be able to work a real job. She would shrivel up and die without the hollow validation that twitter gives her. Half of the reason she uses her sw twitter account as a diary is because she has no irl friends or people who care about her tweets without nudity attached. She would wilt without her last remaining online orbiters.
She would also try to sleep with the boss lol

No. 1088643

more like
>my boss gives me money every month because im sooo cute haters stay jealous!

No. 1088648

If she wanted to make a living online she should have stayed as a stoner girl. There are channels that exist to review weed related products. She could have done that and got paid to get high and talk about it.

No. 1088652

>she has no people who care about her tweets without nudity attached
fuck that’s depressing, and true

No. 1088654

she could still probably do that if she dropped sex work, changed her name (both legal/alias), and rebranded entirely

No. 1088669

she has been calling him abusive for a while though, and i don't believe for a second she dropped him, maybe if she gets together with Jason R Womack of Tulsa, Oklahoma.

topkek anon, this sent me.

nah she wouldn't have the balls to do that, she is fucking stupid but she knows how much worse sex workers who actually go out have it worse then being an e-girl online. she would be also way too fucking lazy for that. her rent is really low and she likes skipping on necessities like her inhaler, and i honestly don't even think she cares about the money, only the attention that comes with it.

No. 1088675

A couple thousand? Be real anon, MOST people her age are not going to have “a couple thousand” just stashed aside in savings. A few hundred maybe. With the way the American economy and job market is, you can’t expect anyone under 30 to have that much savings set aside. Be realistic at least.

No. 1088676

Mood stabilizers cause weight gain, but only a moderate amount. Lithium can cause hypothyroidism which in turn can cause major and rapid weight gain, but thats not what she is on. Sage obviously, but this whole "my meds made me gain weight" thing is bullshit. She did that to herself.

No. 1088697

a lot of anti depressants, mood stabilisers and the like are infamous for causing hard to lose weight gain. but yeah, shay is just doing it herself. she eats like a pig and doesn’t take any accountability for it

tbh she’s probably too far gone to be any sort of online creator aside from her miserable sex work “job”. her face is forever linked to all the threads and shitty things she’s done.

No. 1088700

Kek sage for slight ot but I’m from the Oklahoma/Texas area and although everyone knows what frito pie is, people very rarely eat it because it’s so incredibly unhealthy and calorie packed. Hope she’s not eating it too often…

No. 1088703

Has the USA really collapsed that much economically or are you all just horrible financial planners living a consoomerist lifestyle. I though a couple k was a low bar…

No. 1088709

This country is shit and we're all one emergency away from being fucked.

No. 1088713

do you live under a rock? there are millions in the US that haven’t had a job for months.

No. 1088716

clearly you don’t live in the US. it’s a fucking mess over here, even for middle class people. Most people don’t have a couple thousand just stashed away.

No. 1088720

you need to educate yourself. millions of americans live in poverty, it might be funny to you since you have healthcare and make a living wage but it isn’t funny to americans.

No. 1088722

lol at this stereotype of an american response. "Oh you live in one of the 194 other countries out there? eDuCaTe yOuRsELf on the American economy, the one that matters"

No. 1088723


I think it's more telling of her to assume she has "Haters" as opposed to what it really is. I don't hate Shayna at all. But I am very, very entertained by her stupidity level and her lack of genuine care for her work. No one's mad at you for existing, we're literally entertained. If you stopped being a dumbass, we'd stop viewing it.

No. 1088725

You could educate yourself on a country that isn’t your own. america is really struggling right now and you just look ignorant as fuck coming here assuming that any american has thousands saved. and you’re sooooo interested in Shaynas life, maybe you could learn about the fucking country she lives in too before you spout of your financial bullshit

No. 1088727

>You could educate yourself on a country that isn’t your own
no u

No. 1088728

You’re the one reading a thread about an american when you aren’t one and refuse to do a quick google search to find out america is a shithole. you just look like a fucking idiot and an asshole trying to school people on being broke. like okay we get it your country is so great congrats to you for having thousands saved

No. 1088729

Thanks! And lol, calm down.

No. 1088730

>lol calm down
No u! Fucking dumb cunt(infighting)

No. 1088731

Shucks, I can't imagine why you haven't found gainful professional employment. :)
Must be the economy.(infighting)

No. 1088732

I don’t know I just feel like if you’re going to sell pictures of your asshole and your soul to degenerate men online at LEAST it could pay more than minimum wage and be able to live comfortably… Tho for thrash like Shay she value more twitter likes and trying to make women jEAlOus of her.

No. 1088736

Stop derailing because you're upset you don't have a savings jfc. It very much varies from person to person depending on their job, their lifestyle, etc. Some countries are better, some are worse. Educate yourself about the world or don't but stfu this isnt the place.

Anyway. Back to Shay. If you're going to have pets, you should have a couple hundred put away for emergency vet. But I'm sure she figures she'll just freak out and e beg in that scenario and people will help because animals.
But for someone who constantly tries to flex and act like she's built such a bUsInEsS for 5 years, she ought to have things to show for it or at least have some money for emergencies/inhaler, etc. Instead of having no car, wearing the same clothes for years that no longer fit, minimal poor condition furniture she just got this year, and constantly asking for money all while emptying her bank account as soon as she gets a deposit to blow on weed, booze, and food. The PC thing she set up a go fund me thing for basically and has been trying to get it to happen all year. I'm still laughing at her "I've worked for years to get to the point I can just drop money like this" like really?? Seems like she got enough donations and probably used her whole cash out from a site leaving her with nothing in her bank kek but ok Shay

No. 1088738

Yes it’s collapsed a bit but how is that related

No. 1088739

Oh I see, your retarded. She doesn’t make less then a McDonald’s worker. She makes more. A McDonald’s worker makes 56-96$ a day for a 8hr shift depending on what state your in bc mini wage is very different per state

No. 1088746

File: 1606066507869.png (1.3 MB, 1242x2208, BF89C374-87EA-49CB-B8F4-093167…)

No. 1088748

File: 1606066661530.png (255.34 KB, 456x317, 49BA0166-8845-4F7A-A8A0-0D85A4…)

No. 1088749

perfect image usage

No. 1088750

is she serious? all her videos follow exactly the same formula and she uses the same toys.

No. 1088751

File: 1606066910239.jpeg (761.64 KB, 1242x1449, E2BAB5CE-114B-46D0-BBA4-D78879…)

No. 1088752

i'm sure bitching about this dumb shit on your sexwork twitter is helping

No. 1088754

File: 1606067269676.jpeg (342.04 KB, 1242x581, B8A4F37A-9138-401F-A606-11EA89…)

She won’t shut up kek

No. 1088756

why does she think it's an effort thing and not an appearance thing? like maybe try not to be a fat, disgusting bitch with no hygiene for 5 minutes and see where that takes you.

No. 1088757

>constantly belittles, subtweets, bullies other sexworkers and goes on about how she's better than other sexworkers
>'why does the community hate me u guys are so mean to me!!!!!'

No. 1088758

File: 1606067513879.jpeg (176.5 KB, 1242x321, 51E47A78-9A6D-4CEC-86CF-A5833C…)

Stfu tub of lard shaytard

No. 1088759

omg not tHe CoMmUnItY again. seriously, how many times is she going to bring this up to victimize herself? nobody gives a fuck about you.

No. 1088761

Further proof that she just does this for attention and not money. Jfc her parents must have just never given her the time of day ? Why is she so fucking STARVED for attention all the time?

Because you’re U G L Y and look legitimately like a retard.

>Muh effort
She’s so fucking delusional I laugh non stop. The only effort I give her props for is the astounding level of mental gymnastics. If there was a special Olympics for mental illnesses, she would likely win bronze kek

No. 1088762


Oh Shayna's finally having her biweekly breakdown. She'll blame EVERYTHING but her lack of originality at this point.

No. 1088763

she's jealous she can't put in the same amount of minimal effort? low effort is all she gives anyway and it shows. could have something to do with the fact that she buys followers. but whatever, her bellyaching about low interaction and pretending to not understand why is hilarious

No. 1088765

There's some horrible cows on here but shayna makes me SO FUCKING MAD. Bitch not only are all the pictures you take the same and ugly, but you recycle the same clothes, "themes" and PICTURES.
She's retarded and she hates other girls look better and do better, shit even some of the ones who don't & troons who look like shit have a bigger following and more money then Shayna.
How does she have "friends" or orbiters when she's constantly throwing shots?

No. 1088766

Ot but what the fuck is with all these PULLtards cowtipping in every thread.

No. 1088767

One moment-
"Yall jelly i'm successful and everyone loves me! People are trying to take my customers! I worked hard enough all these years to ball out of control"

the next-
"I have all the money I need but nobody gives a shit about me, my auidence isn't growing, my twitter is dead and I wish I had a larger auidence…"

Which one is it? It changes every damn day

No. 1088769

Lol exactly, this is the one job I can think of where effort doesn’t matter . It’s only about how attractive you are. She should get discouraged, and get the hell of sex work while she still can. She’s just hitting the tip of the iceberg with the effect of her increasing age and weight on her success. It literally only gets worse from this point, it’s not something you bounce back from. Does she not realize that even famous porn stars retire after a few months to a few years tops? It’s because a woman’s value in that industry only decreases over time.

No. 1088770

She does nothing, she puts on too small clothes that are years old on, puts those dusty hair pieces on, does the same poses (except she can't do the crusty Starbuck Mermaid pose because the weight gain), all her porn and pictrues are IDENITICAL.
This bitch is playing X rated dress up, I've seen 10 year olds playing with dolls have more creative unique ideas then Shayna.

No. 1088773

Because she really believes that her personality is part of the reason that people are tuning in.
She is perplexed that people don't want to follow what is essentially her stream of consciousness.

I didn't even consider this, that's depressing to think about. Even if she lost all the weight & got back to her old body, it would probably take her at least a year. Then she'd have maybe a couple good years after that before she's effectively aged out of porn. Unless she goes the milf route I guess lol

No. 1088775

File: 1606068717117.jpeg (169 KB, 1242x324, 63209DA6-9EB7-4DDC-B977-CFDC05…)

This is art. I swear she has no concept of irony.

No. 1088777

>They are eyebrows suck

Oh Shay have you looked in a mirror?

No. 1088778

She wants money for Thanksgiving dinner, but drops all her funds on a computer setup she will barely use. What a stupid fucking cunt.

No. 1088779

*their god shayna you are painfully uneducated and it shows

No. 1088780

is she going to start calling people zombie tit too? big pot calling the kettle black energy here and she doesn't even seem to be aware.

No. 1088781

Thank you anon I laughed out loud very hard about this.

No. 1088782

Shayna is my favorite cow to hate watch because she just never logs off. It’s a constant stream of cringe.I genuinely think she must be stupid because she seems to have zero capacity for learning or inward reflection.

No. 1088786

the really sad part is she legitimately thinks she's intelligent for some reason

No. 1088787

Uhh… >>1088748
That. Maybe because those girls are attractive and are just better at their job? They don't need to "bust ass" to get by. And once again she is focusing on stupid likes and twitter interactions which does not equal income and success in the real world.

But yeah, funny since she wears the same outfits, literally same crappy make up, same toys, and same shit over and over while her looks and already low intelligence decline steadily.

No. 1088789

The problem is always other girls not Shayna or the men who give these women more attention for what Shayna considers "Less".
And she constantly retweets the same pictures over and over.
Nothing is her fault, it's 100% fupa's, it's other women's, it's her meds, thats my biggest issue with her.

No. 1088790

maybe she should've thought about that before she decided to make stupid fucking decisions publicly. hello?

No. 1088793

File: 1606070018421.jpg (145.51 KB, 500x333, OO7STcc.jpg)

No. 1088798

I don’t know how to spell it for her at this point. A soap and a sponge would help so much tho.

No. 1088799

Girl just read and rub 2 braincells together. If this is the content you put out and you're "busting ass" and that's the best you can do.. maybe you just arent fucking good at it. YOU are the problem. You are boring, not funny, looks have gone significantly downhill from an already average peak. Your personality is "pink, anal, money" and claiming to be a bimbo despite being nothing like one and liking old men. You offer nothing but porn to coomers. And on that note, those girls are probably advertising better using just a few "teaser" pics so that people will have incentive to want to pay to see more. Instead of posting their gaping ass and pussy every other post for FREE on twitter. They probably have hobbies, actual personalities. Lives outside of the screen and sex work. They are probably attractive, take care of their bodies and themselves. And most of all they probably dont post every stupid thought or "joke" that goes through their head, they dont bitch and complain imon their sex work profile. They have friends and actually support other girls in the community. I've seen other girls profiles where its actually hard to find pics of THEM because they promote other girls constantly. But Shay literally says shit like "dont send me free trials I only care about my own porn" and follows 0 on her OF and occasionally she'll retweet the same 3-4 girls. So like.

Point is. She will just never EVER take responsibility for being unlikable, unattractive, and boring. Her life is bare minimum hand to mouth living. She made poor choices all her life that have gotten her very little good. She doesnt take care of herself and that's on her. Not meds, not Fupa, not her parents, not the sex work community. HER.

No. 1088803

It's because most of the men that follow her do so for free asshole pics. She's a piece of meat that's good enough for a quick wank and not much else. I doubt most of these men even see her as human.

No. 1088804

File: 1606070892494.png (408.66 KB, 432x802, khd7ey8w.png)

no words

No. 1088806

Shes more than a hot girl though, anon! Her coomers care about her! She's not like other girls!

No. 1088811


the same people who pay her rent and she degrades herself for are the same people just scrolling past all the text, not interacting, and as you said just trying to find the assholes pics and to see how much bigger she has gotten since yesterday.

No. 1088813


like she could just care about her health again, rebrand herself, and start marketing “see the new dolly” and actually put her content behind a fucking paywall. like ladies - never let these assholes and cunts make you think once “your pics are out there” you are ruined. Your reputation? Ya its probably shaken but men will always pay if you’re selling a fantasy.

No. 1088816

It’s all that narcissistic delusion

No. 1088819

File: 1606071924317.jpg (Spoiler Image,102.08 KB, 720x652, 20201122_110200.jpg)

>>these girls post the same pics over and over

Yeah and so do you, but you literally post full asshole and pussy pics pinned and retweeted constantly then wonder why people don't even pay $3 or interact

No. 1088825

Yeah, her delusional W vs truth L should be an imgur gallery

No. 1088827

tinfoil but what are the odds that most of the income she gets is from farmers who buy her shit just to laugh at her? genuinely can't imagine anyone other than womack fapping to her but maybe i overestimate the standards of coomers.

No. 1088828

Like if I was a gross coomer, I'd follow her profile because theres tons of free explicit nudes. I certainly wouldnt bother paying and why would I like or comment or retweet her retarded recycled jokes, rants, or daily shit? I'm gonna quietly jerk off and go live my loser life until I need a wank again kek

Shes so dense I just can't. Why would these porn sick dudes care? And since shes (literally) a giant bitch to 99.9% of her peers and women in general, why would they interact? Never seen someone with such a severe lack of self awareness and responsibility. Yet such delusions of grandeur.

No. 1088830

doubtful. i think there’s like one OF anon and one snapchat anon. so a total of, what? $5/month there?

No. 1088831

Nah only a couple make the sacrifice for us all kek. Theres probably 2 or 3 max OF anons. Most of her content is right on twitter for free. OF gets the unedited somehow worse shit and some vids occasionally. But you really don't need to see the vids since again, she posts the trailer clips for free. And none of us really WANT to see her porn.

And yes, you underestimate the dirt low standards of retarded, ugly porn sick dudes. Some would rather wank to an average or ugly bitch because they feel shes in their league basically. She does their disgusting "lil sis ass to mouth" fantasies and gross shit like that.

No. 1088833

this is perfect, in two of these she's in the same skirt, with that SAME white crop top or cardigan, in the same pose, with the same background.
And this is all for free btw, why even buy anything? I've seen scrotes make gifs from music videos to jerk it off too, so wtf does she think showing her body off for free will bring her more success or attention? Men will just screenshot this shit and move on.

No. 1088834

She also has no common interests with her audience of coomers that they can interact with.

All she talks about is her day, eating/drinking, what she spends money on, clothes, being a "bimbo" and sex. When she's not talking about these things she's ranting. What does she want them to respond to? Her target audience are the most basic bottom tier hick men. Most of them im sure aren't even internet savvy enough to know what they're doing kek.

Successful sex workers cultivate an audience who relates to them. Cosplay girls talk about anime, gamer thots talk about video games, etc. Their posts get interaction because people have something to contribute to the "conversation". There's nothing go contribute to Shay talking about how she wants to doordash sushi for the 3rd time today or how you should "pay her because she's the best barbie".

No. 1088839

File: 1606073018213.jpg (111.42 KB, 720x748, 20201122_112214.jpg)

She deleted her boo hoo rant and us back to shameless panhandling again, because that's what interesting, successful, sexy girls do. People really get turned on seeing her talk about wanting money and attention all day.

No. 1088841


Shayna constantly tries to create a personality based on these "hobbies" that she has. She only wants to get into gaming for attention and she thinks it'll give her more male attention that will translate to sex work attention.
Also, she should def. make a second twitter, imagine underaged people clicking on her streams because she's playing games popular with childern and all her social medias are her selling sex.
She thinks because she's a lady, she'll have simps and be popular, men treat women like shit on twitch.

No. 1088842

What do mean, spongebob memes arent a personality trait???

But yeah really, this. No hobbies, no personality. Literally talks about food and edibles, drinking, Amazon, and "give me money" all day every day between recycled tumblr posts that no one cares about and complaining about her off and on ex and other sex workers. I would tune out and get to the free porn posts too.

No. 1088845

Girl has no clue how to be engaging without spreading her pimpled ass. Shes boring af. posts the same few things over and over. Literally re-posting the same posts shes been trying to get traction on for YEARS because she really thinks her jokes are funny and shit.

No. 1088850

She doesnt like other girls or their porn, so what's she looking at other SWers pages for? For ideas? For drama?
What are the chances these are about brattypixie and the few other girls she follows that are doing way better? Kek

Sounds like fatty has been lurking on other girls pages and got her feelings hurt but still just cant face the mirror.

No. 1088868

File: 1606075531914.png (52.55 KB, 615x461, jjj.PNG)

No. 1088873

an entitled woman child and entitled troon whine.
Why is Shayna always Follower watching? Worry about yourself. Obviously what you do isn't that interesting. Every single day ACTUALLY talented people are passed over for mediocrity, Shayna you are NOT one of those people.

You are the same as the person "posting the same 2 photos" except you post 20 pictures that are the same but with 10 different tops and bottoms and like 5 poses.
Stop being mad people are better at doing less then you are.

No. 1088874

>how the fuck do u gain followers off the same 2 photos
they gain followers from that by being attractive, pleasant to interact with, and having an existing following comprised of real people, not bots

No. 1088879

File: 1606076379258.jpg (549.35 KB, 1536x2048, fbce5ab2-f506-48a3-b8a8-16ea4a…)

holy shit I just popped on tumblr cause I was bored and this was the FIRST thing I see.. this is uhh, not a good look, Shay. I'm saying this at the risk of being red-texted for nitpick but her thighs and calves are just.. absolutely massive.

No. 1088884

this gets worse and worse the longer you look at it…

No. 1088887

File: 1606076708643.jpeg (281.66 KB, 1242x1011, 116FB0ED-5E90-43A2-A57B-0637D1…)

No. 1088888

Those teeth oof

No. 1088889

Nitpick but holy shit does she ever wash her face? And those moles on her neck are so ugly they look like they’ll fall off

No. 1088893

Does anyone find it weird how inconsistently she edits the lace background? This is definitely a nitpick but without fail, she always manages to not blur part of the background, but still blur her fingers/hands.

No. 1088895

You can see her first neck roll starting to form. Pretty soon that mole is going to travel up to her chin lmao

No. 1088898

It’s because she has the IQ of a carrot, you’d think after years of editing her photos to shit she would’ve gotten better at it.. of course not

No. 1088901

File: 1606077318935.jpeg (358.88 KB, 1242x1356, 268F5A5D-527D-44BF-83D5-AE58C0…)

No. 1088906

Amazing how she still hasn’t learned to whiten her teeth and blur her wrinkles on facetune. Your average girl posting on instagram has better editing skills than her, she’s so subpar and doesn’t even realize it. Shayna go on instagram and take some notes. Everyone is better at posing, composition, and editing than you, even though they are just posting casual photos for their friends and family to see. Why would someone pay to look at your smelly looking photos when there is so much better everywhere else?

No. 1088910

Why post someone saying they don't want to buy your OnlyFans (probably because they see shit for free) and it's only $10 fucking dollars?

I can't wait for the,
"People don't like to post tips and thank customers, I do, i like people who support me 2 feel loved & appreciated just like they make me feel! It's not bragging!"

"I love how my customers just want to support me!"

No. 1088911

The dumb looking lip bite
The clumsy painted eyebrows
The huge spider lashes
The stubbly leg hair
How has she been on social media doing sex work for years and posts photos looking like this? Then wonders why other girls get more attention? Because they’re obsessive about their appearance and want customers to be attracted to them.

No. 1088918

Was lurking the early threads, kinda sad she went from charging over $5 a minute on videos to not even being able to get guys wanting to buy her shit for $3

No. 1088919

She looks like a lonely serial killer tried to make a “woman” out of the body parts of his victims.

No. 1088921

File: 1606078097075.jpeg (Spoiler Image,803.93 KB, 1227x1692, 4ABB38A4-2100-4148-9F00-13DDA8…)

But she doesn’t need the money kek she’s broke after buying that pc

No. 1088922

Ded at not even this simp wanting her OF.

kinda seems like a "just shut the fuck up with the complaining" tip.

No. 1088923

Jfc imagine giving some random scrote visual access to your naked for 6 long months for only $20.

No. 1088924

the simps are trying to flex their pocket change on her behalf now? i'll never understand

No. 1088926

Actually some get to for only $10 now!

No. 1088933

File: 1606079195025.png (1.63 MB, 676x1313, 4F003FBF-E234-493B-BF20-D985A5…)

She posted this on tumblr as well. I haven’t seen this pic before. Shay serving double chin realness

No. 1088938

Doesn’t that filter make your face look thinner too?? Kek

No. 1088947

yep and you can tell it tried to but just squished the double chin in with it

No. 1088950

Fat massive shrek bitch believes she is a tiny egirl KEK

No. 1088958

File: 1606081041425.jpeg (654.18 KB, 1242x1022, C502A5BD-586D-4DB2-84CF-6D5C8B…)

No. 1088959


"My name on my other account" so does he have two accounts? or is this another farmer trying to tip.

No. 1088962

Not to encourage cowtipping but honestly fuckin with Shay and this dude as collateral damage is kinda hilarious because they're both so dumb and pathetic

No. 1088963

File: 1606081309500.jpeg (844.85 KB, 1242x1579, 464C3EB8-9DEC-48BF-B7AE-0F6C76…)

No. 1088965

He has two accounts he made another one for some weird reason this was the original account that he simped on “macdaddyglass”

No. 1088967

All that clutter of pink garbage and children’s toys. Bleak.

No. 1088968

Im bothered by how fucking cluttered it is

No. 1088969

isn’t that bottle of soda like 2 years old??

No. 1088972

>Using novelty foodstuffs as decoration


No. 1088977

LMAO this is just gold. top fucking kek at her orbiter straight up NOT wanting to see her disgusting retard porn

No. 1088987

Her whole desk is full of cheap Chinese garbage

No. 1088991

File: 1606082799957.jpeg (730.04 KB, 1242x1657, E64A9A15-6B57-46E4-8258-C654CF…)

Wow three people that’s so many
Much popular much thriving

No. 1088994

I wonder, what she will do on Twitch? The guidelines forbid even talking about porn or sex in detail. She is also ugly af, so I have no idea how she would make any money?

No. 1088997

File: 1606083689608.png (268.79 KB, 489x755, wow quirky uwu.PNG)

No. 1088998

I also wonder if she'll put her butt plugs and cheap lights in the background, the same set up she's had for years, but she works so hard tho.

No. 1089000

she forgot a mouse pad she has no idea what she’s doing

No. 1089001

That looks so cheaply made

No. 1089002


nitpick but that pc case is the fucking ugliest thing. for someone who bought this entire setup just for selfies, should could have at least gotten something “cute” or pink to match her bimbo aesthetic? like bitch just buy a basic pc and upgrade it with uwu rgb cause we all know you’re not gonna utilize this computer other than for facebook and youtube.

No. 1089004

does… does she not have a chair? i don't think she has one

No. 1089005

where did the bitch get a barbie lamp

No. 1089006

"u know I definitely forgot to get one of those" On the wishlist it goes!

No. 1089007

she could of just got a cheaply made one from china since she won't use it for long. this one is pink and costs 180. She just wants it as an accessory, dumb pig


No. 1089008


how is the pc set up and ready to go? does she mean she took it out of the box and put it on her desk? this bitch…

No. 1089009

99% sure she has that basic bitch pink gaming chair

No. 1089012

>no mouse pad
Kek this sent me for some reason. On the wish list because she doesn’t have $10 or because she doesn’t think it’s necessary?

No. 1089016

she got this computer yesterday. any true gamer, or anyone with just any care at all for a hobby they just dropped $1000+ on wouldnt just be taking pictures for twitter and “waiting on a monitor”. I thought she bought that new monitor cause her old one was “so good” and she didnt want to downgrade the frame rate? if that was at all true she could have easily just taken this plug and play device and hooked it up to her old, perfectly find monitor and already been actually fucking using the computer. she is a complete idiot.

No. 1089017

that is one uggo pc case, yuck.

think she paid for rgb lights?

No. 1089018

File: 1606084514661.png (71.5 KB, 547x420, mousepad.PNG)

No. 1089030

File: 1606085237934.jpeg (220.89 KB, 750x756, 4894EEC9-B8AC-4344-BF8D-8EE16F…)


for the pc fags in the thread, here is the case she bought. cant wait to see the specs on the inside. the case is less than $100 USD. This white is gonna get yellowed so fast.

No. 1089032

File: 1606085693489.png (1.56 MB, 750x1334, BF7930B5-94F7-4E00-9057-1682AA…)

there is seriously a layer of filth on every square inch of her living space

No. 1089033

Lmao I knew she was gonna go for a boob/Butt mousepad. That's not what your orbiter meant, shayna!

No. 1089035

Girl turn some lights on or open the blinds jfc if it werent for the lamp thing I'd think her power was shut off kek
She lives like a fuckin shut in goblin.
This aint mood lighting Shay. I wouldn't even think she was showing off the pc, just the desk of cheap clutter.

No. 1089038

It takes all of 2 seconds to move a piece of trash out of the frame. I remember when she was shitting on girls for having messy backgrounds in their pics, but every time Shay isn't in her SW corner to take pics (on the stained couch she covered with the 4 years of musty blanket) there's fucking literal pieces of trash strewn about and pet hair everywhere and shit (maybe literally). I thought she got a vacuum finally. But she probably never cleaned the cheap thing so it's clogged.

No. 1089045

She'll probably go for the camgirl equivalent to Twitch that allows that stuff or she'll be dumb and get banned on Twitch instead.

No. 1089047

>inb4 I spent so much money on my setup why am I not famous and popular??? Why are other girls more successful than me?! >Suicide bait suicide bait suicide bait
>muh mental illness- such victim
>saving up for dolly’s car uwu send me money so I can go home I’m so alone

No. 1089052

kek anon that's a bag which makes her choices in decoration ever weirder aside from sex toys on the wall

No. 1089055

>>I put so much money into my set up, it hurts to see girls who don't put in any effort get more attention then me sadface

>> Some girls dance or don't even know how to play games, but they get more views, but I pratice and put SO MUCH time & effort into my streams it sucks to see this.

>> I have more followers on twitter then some of these girls yet they get more attention on twitch/youtube

>>It's sad how the top girls on streaming platforms are all skinny girls, with big tiddies & perfect hair, other girls who are pretty but not conventionally pretty have to work harder for the attention & money they get so easily..

etc. etc.

No. 1089063

He got muted/banned for a month for threatening someone lol.

No. 1089067

This dumbass gonna name herself dollymattel or something on twitch isn't she?

No. 1089069

she already has; she made the twitch account months ago

No. 1089070

for the millionth time, it's known she uses the portrait mode on her phone and it auto edits the background. the AI isn't the best at picking up small details and isn't always reliable, but she is in no way going back and editing it herself bc she's a lazy cow.
Can we please start banning these posts? I'm tired of seeing this qurstion every thread and it's become a nitpick at this point

No. 1089073

File: 1606089983686.jpeg (316.24 KB, 828x1444, 2ED1F911-3D49-4762-85F2-7C0878…)


No. 1089081

Tbh this isn’t even funny. Cowtipper-Chan should move on and just make edits or something and post them in thread.

No. 1089083

it's always the corniest most unfunny anons that cowtip. not surprising at all.

No. 1089085

File: 1606090870461.png (351.38 KB, 828x1792, 611DEBAE-C622-48E0-A29E-900AFE…)

this is her twitch

No. 1089086

File: 1606090955990.jpg (81.17 KB, 1080x432, Screenshot_20201122-182228_Chr…)

Someone made another one

No. 1089087

the lack of tact with her shoehorning "teehee i love money" into literally anything she can really makes her come off as the desperate broke bitch she is

No. 1089088

She is too fat and too old to pull this off. She's 23 and still dressing in seifuku. It's not cute, it's just sad.

Tinfoil but I suspect that it's another sex worker and not a farmer.

No. 1089089

cringe. whoever does this shit is an embarrassment to us all.

No. 1089090

they're literally using thread op pics. there are plenty of e-whores that are ALSO farmers.

No. 1089091

No sex worker cares about her this much it’s definitely someone here lol

No. 1089093

I don't know the terms but her using that name that when you Google comes up with porn.. I'd think they wouldn't like that. It's supposed to be family friendly, well 13+

She really needs to change her picture to her looking like a whale so people don't have a shock when she's 3x the size in her livestream

No. 1089100

File: 1606091429787.png (362.39 KB, 1080x1344, Screenshot_20201122-162817~2.p…)

Noticed this the other day but didn't want to give it any attention because cowtippers are fucking cringe losers, but the same retard making the other accounts also has made a youtube channel for some reason. They comment on the re-uploaded videos that have been shared were roleplaying as Shay. Idk but I really don't see the point of this.

No. 1089103

Yeah she's going to be roasted talking about "and money", I'd love to see her beg for donations and subs like she does on twitter, "I'm a pretty Bimbo & I deserve all your money!!"

And she needs to update that picture

No. 1089104

>>1089030 This pic >>1082307 shows all the parts so if you zoom in you could put it together fairly easily. From first glance it looks to be an RTX 2070 for the GPU, the hell does she need that for?

No. 1089115

that is next level autism

No. 1089116

The images they're using come up on the first page of bing and google if you image search for Shayna Clifford.

It's more likely to be a RTX 2060. She bought the parts at the worst possible time, just before Ryzen 5000, RDNA2 and Ampere launched so it's out of date before she's even used it.

No. 1089117

Wtf is this bitches problem? Shay embarrasses herself just fine without people doing this cringe shit

No. 1089124

Yeah like in sex work maybe being so glib about deserving other people's cash might be normal but it would be really jarring for a streamer. I've seen streamers apologize for venting about being strapped for money that month and ask the viewers not to feel pressured to donate just to help them out. I'd be so offput by this hambeast having a mental breakdown about no one giving her money when I thought I stumbled into a comfy stream.

No. 1089129


Yeah she is unbelievably tacky. I have never seen someone post their e-begging goals to twitter like she does. I can’t imagine being a working dude, seeing some bitch posting about her $300 daily “goal” for doing fuck all, and deciding to give her money. It’s so uncomfortable and it seems like it would be a turnoff.

She’s SO unpleasant online, I’m amazed she has any clients at all. Her attitude is terrible.

No. 1089136

Lurk moar new fag. She's already made Gamer Barbie porn in her amazon wishlist pink gamer chair with her pink headset. That was probably 2 months/20 pounds ago.

No. 1089142

File: 1606095575023.jpeg (318.82 KB, 1242x607, F19633C4-EFE2-4B3E-8C04-6C9A3A…)

Did she ever show her set up? Did it even come today

This was in her likes she’s such a moron she literally hates on women everyday

No. 1089143

try 6 to 7 months ago kek
sad it’s actually taken her that long to finally get close to streaming

No. 1089144

it's in the last thread but here >>1085923 is all the components in the pc for those wondering (other than whatever was on top of one of the boxes). I used the pic directly from the discord which was a lot bigger/better quality to figure out all the parts

No. 1089146

Her gamer girl uwu look
It’s cringe


No. 1089148

she is already bigger than she was in this picture. It was only 6 months ago. Her lardass is going to break that cheaply made gamer chair kek

No. 1089152

File: 1606096918255.jpg (98.35 KB, 1080x923, Screenshot_20201123-020053_Twi…)

Well done on wasting food lard ass.

No. 1089163

File: 1606098158496.jpg (330.79 KB, 1536x2048, IMG_20201123_022209.jpg)

Bruh that monitor is tiny… For $800.

Bring on the shitshow!

No. 1089165

Im dying to know what her steam handle is, and see what games she plays.

No. 1089166

File: 1606098384884.png (1.36 MB, 750x1334, E2FDB327-BF4D-4857-9828-12DBAE…)

why is the one orbiter that put it together for her so pathetic kek it’s so embarrassing

No. 1089167

Corona box at Fatty Mattel’s house

No. 1089168

She ain't even got steam yet.
Her PS4 games have been posted and it's pretty much just all free games and the Sims kek.

No. 1089169

File: 1606098556904.jpeg (1.36 MB, 3464x3464, 6BCE0D97-01F0-46E3-854E-37ABF9…)

She got massive in 6 months holy

No. 1089170

It's fuckin ugly though. Usually custom PC's look cool. That front piece is just so ugly, especially in white

No. 1089171

i can’t believe this setup had over $2k wasted on it like jfc. ugly, pointless and she won’t even know how to utilize any of it.

No. 1089173

Look at how normal her arms look on the old picture. They're chunky af now.

How does she not have stretchmarks? They gotta be coming soon. It's speedy weight gain that causes them.

No. 1089174

saged for nitpick but it looks so ugly, the pink keyboard; white computer tower doesn't match the monitor at all; looks messy.

No. 1089175

some people just aren’t genetically predisposed to them so she must have just lucked out in that department since she’s still young. kind of astonishing considering how dehydrated and dried out she always looks.

No. 1089176

She has no eye for aesthetics even one that’s been beat to death she tried to Have a set up like every girl on twitch and failed.

No. 1089178

quints check em
but yeah her fucking yellow rat teeth, wish she'd put those things AWAY already.

No. 1089179

How fucking empty that shit is in her PC. Why waste thousands on that? So painful and stupid. But then again she just plays free children’s games and doesn’t do anything with most of the electronics she ever gets… That orbiter swindled her real good.

No. 1089180

File: 1606099206426.jpeg (143.61 KB, 1080x1080, 69833F70-89C2-4080-B5F4-CE3257…)

I’m not a gamer so I don’t know how good this set up is but it’s a lot less tacky than shaynas and actually has a theme

No. 1089182

It’s fine and what she should have, two monitors especially because if not your opening all your sht on screen but she’s brain dead so.

No. 1089183

it’s more practical price-wise. those samsung monitors are only $200-300 each, razer mouse is about $70, not sure what the keyboard is but assuming it’s also razer it was probably ~$150.

No. 1089184

Shatna still seems to thinks that as long as its all pink; it goes together.

No. 1089185

File: 1606099627625.jpg (160.68 KB, 750x1296, rDKeXSi - Imgur.jpg)

Someone forgot to delete their icon. Wonder if this person interacts with shayna?

No. 1089186

I deleted it because someone posted it already don’t know why that’s important. I don’t follow this cunt

No. 1089188

Looks like that tumblr user internetslutclub degen's art. I'm not sure what internetslutclub's twitter is though

No. 1089189

looks like another SW profile judging by the icon

No. 1089192

File: 1606100331362.jpg (114.12 KB, 1123x785, shaytard_strikes_again.JPG)


If she paid $2k for that she got scammed hard. even just the first three results on amazon are more than enough for shayna to camwhore. she isnt going to learn how to play with keyboard and mouse and is just gonna use a capture card for her console. like…. she could have had something that looked way better for a third of the price.. next day lol

No. 1089194

File: 1606100486114.jpg (251.7 KB, 1080x852, Screenshot_20201122-210053_Twi…)

No. 1089195

Also, isn't part of the appeal of getting a PC is being to upgrade the parts in the future? We all know shay is just going to trash this setup and nothing well ever be able to be replaced.

No. 1089200


did they not install a motherboard with wifi? it doesnt seem like the person who built this pc actually cared at all about how she was going to use it. though i doubt she knew what she wanted other than "i wanna be a gamer gurl".

No. 1089201

i think i see streamlabs on there too. variations of "dolly mattel" bring up nothing on steam. shayna probably had the orbiter install those apps on there for her because she just didn't know what they were. i wonder if she even still has the blue yeti mic

No. 1089202

can't she just get a USB wifi adapter? Also you'd think she would have a mousepad

No. 1089209

File: 1606101747607.jpeg (641.71 KB, 1242x1595, E36CA45D-7BA7-499F-B403-368960…)

Shayna is vanilla af

No. 1089210

you could have bought it yourself if you didn't blow every penny you make the second you have money, you entitled dipshit

No. 1089211

File: 1606101879155.jpeg (440.68 KB, 1242x1282, C4927BBE-2525-4265-A90F-147B79…)

Shaynas boyfriend went private

No. 1089213

didn’t some egirl twitch thot get roasted earlier this year for demanding and even big name twitch streamers roasted her to hell and back?
i don’t think shay realizes how brutal twitch can be

No. 1089215

File: 1606102366220.jpeg (668.52 KB, 1242x1595, 147E1656-F9EB-4642-B8FA-A3D23F…)

Spend 2k on gaming computer
Gets a $13 tacky mouse pad
Nitpick but this is so ugly and cheap looking

No. 1089216

Sage for derail (please don’t ban me) Yeah InvaderVie, she went live beginning of the pandemic, someone said they couldn’t afford to sub at the moment and she said he was irresponsible with his money and 5 dollars to sub was nothing and because she gives out free gamingcontent they basically owe her

No. 1089220

Thanks for the info anon. The anons who derail are the ones who keep speculating who the profile icon was or infight about it savings in a pandemic

No. 1089221

This looks cute and cohesive. Shays idea of uwu cute gamer setup is 20 shades of pink shit cluttered into a corner. She has no idea what aesthetics is.

No. 1089222

her keyboard is just.. hanging off the desk lmao. i can’t wait for this shitshow

No. 1089223

For real. Why didn’t she buy a gaming desk? I thought she was rich kek

No. 1089225

File: 1606103439514.jpeg (797.92 KB, 1242x1118, 1A13C58B-8A3D-4717-A9B3-162633…)

It’s on sale for $399 and it would go with her tacky gamer chair but just have it oddly set up on an Amazon desk that looks like it’s about to break…I guess

No. 1089226

Her internet probably isn’t good enough to stream w/o an Ethernet.

No. 1089232

i just read some old shayna threads and…holy shit. she already had basically zero redeeming qualities. now she’s huge and has sabotaged her career. which she was never any good at anyway. i had some hope for this girl, but it’s only going to get worse from here.

No. 1089236

I don’t think she’s smart enough to think that way anon. I genuinely think they didn’t install wifi on the motherboard and now she’s stuck with no internet.

No. 1089237

i'm glad she finally seems to have ditched that nose ring at least

No. 1089240

she didn’t even have it long enough for it to heal. Stupid bitch probably never cleaned it and it got infected.

No. 1089241

File: 1606106518647.jpeg (42.23 KB, 750x226, E300A7CE-BE7A-4A76-B9BD-73A669…)

Literally no one talks to you beside 3 boomer on twitter but ok

No. 1089251

why does she refuse to buy clothes that fit? i honestly think it makes her look worse and even more fat than she really is. not saying she isn't huge, she is, but the extremely tight clothes that make her fat burst out of them only makes her look worse. if she actually wore shit that fit she wouldn't look as…grotesque. the fact that she's trying to squeeze her way into asia size mediums and her old clothes from when she was 100lbs makes her look so fucking gross, BUY A FUCKING MEASURING TAPE AND GET YOUR MEASUREMENTS! its not hard. jesus.

No. 1089257

Omg why would she put the keyboard in the corner like that??? Does she not realize when she is playing games, the edges of the desk are gonna be cutting directly into her wrists/arms? She’s so dumb

No. 1089261

I love how she's acting like it hasn't been YEARS of her trying to "rebuild", the issue is always everything but Shayna.
It can't be her buying followers, her "porn" being shitty, her not looking her best, her shitt attitude, nope, she had to restart YEARS ago and twitter is so horrible.
Except she said many times that she's doing better then she ever did.
Also I couldn't imagine having to ask people for shit I need. Even if she's doing it because she "Can", it's so crazy to see her beg for small amounts of money.
Makes her look broke.

No. 1089270

$190 for a case is retarded. Anything over $100 for a case is a waste of money.

No. 1089271

File: 1606110802973.gif (310.21 KB, 500x371, EAA2EA3C-F756-41C7-83DC-471FBB…)

She dirty deleted this I wonder if anyone bought her a gift card

No. 1089289

While looking around I noticed Shayna and Kyle both had the same address for voter records. Looks like they lived together until I’m assuming just a few weeks ago when her sperging hit max level. Sage for semi-old milk.

No. 1089305

phoebe tickner and shayna collab when

No. 1089307

didn‘t anons prove that they live in the same building/apartment complex by comparing pictures of the windows or smth? they definitely weren‘t living together anymore

No. 1089363

funny because we essentially call her that all the time and she hates it here

>too old to pull off ___
>she's 23
I hate it here too

No. 1089377

I dont think 23 is too old for costumes like that if you take care of yourself and look youthful. We're talking about someone who looks like a ran-through trailer park mom in her 40's though.

No. 1089395

Is she typing this with a straight face? Shayna is the epitome of the meme… seXwOrK is my passion

No. 1089467

Anons probably forget Shayna isn’t actually 40 she just aged like milk kek

No. 1089469

File: 1606146774001.jpeg (520.87 KB, 1242x1418, 3BC9E566-95EF-45E8-A17E-183E7B…)

Did she get these on wish? Braille porn soon??

No. 1089476

she’s going to look so scary and retarded with what i can only assume will be blue contacts

No. 1089479

File: 1606147731415.jpeg (282.81 KB, 1204x943, EB569C96-6B10-4951-B227-B1D203…)

Yup you are right anon

No. 1089480

File: 1606147800532.jpeg (925.54 KB, 1242x1587, 38E34F9B-5C21-46A3-A0F5-67580E…)

Shayna’s official set up, chair and all kek

No. 1089481

imagine those pink eyes with identical make up and dry lips, can buy anything but lipgloss or lip chap.
Of clothes that fit

No. 1089483

Ok is she gonna use it or fucking stare at it/take pics of it? She’s so annoying

No. 1089486

I mean I guess I can believe she believes this because that sad setup with pink garbage, sugar drinks and void of any creativity behind it is basically Shay in a nutshell.
This would be acceptable for a 14/15 year old. Not a 23 year old.

No. 1089491

I can' wait for her to start streaming I just hope weirdos don't cow tip and let it happen naturally.
Sadly I think it'd be a few weeks before she does anything.
She's going to e-beg for some more shit she forgot to get.

No. 1089497

Assuming she ever starts streaming(which is doubt), I’m really looking forward to watch her play anything because I bet she sucks at these games. Especially if she’s going from console to PC, she will have to relearn how to play fortnite and apex legends on mouse/keyboard which will probably make her want to quit bc ~it’s too hard~

No. 1089498

remember this image, when she learns she can eat at her desk there wont be another picture of it until she tackles her bi-yearly cleaning

No. 1089499

The pink clutter, the ugly grandma lamp, the 1990s chunky cheap pink keyboard, the cheap aliexpress Barbie bag, the wires just on top of the desk not even hidden. Ugh what an eye sore

No. 1089501

i hope she does too. on the bright side, she can secure maybe an easy 10 people to start thanks to this thread alone. i think she would be stupid to not take the free viewers.

No. 1089508

Its Jennysoup but she's inactive because she's trying to cope with trauma aka doesn't wanna do porn art anymore

No. 1089512

She uh…really spent nearly 2k on this, huh? It's pretty fucking bland and cluttered. I figured 2k would look more like >>1089180

She's gonna stream like a couple times and then quit like she does with literally every BRILLIANT idea she has.

No. 1089516

File: 1606151790110.jpeg (655.81 KB, 1205x1248, 51616BA3-E51B-46BE-8E37-6099B9…)

No. 1089517

File: 1606151821864.jpeg (286.38 KB, 1194x900, 4C5839E4-B131-42E1-A44A-8AA575…)

“A friend” kek

No. 1089518

WHY does she never open her fucking blinds during the day ugh just shut off from the world taking pictures of her cluttered crap in her dark apartment

No. 1089520

the friend with a boyfriend who had covid

No. 1089521

and does the orbiter not have a twitter she can shout out?

No. 1089534

No one asked and no one cares. She thinks she’s some popular influencer kek
You spent 2k on all of that and it looks like shit. There’s no personality behind her sad “muh setup” images. For 2 k I would expect a much cuter setup.

Kek way to not @ your “friend” so she can make money off anyone who might want referrals.

No. 1089539

I bet her eyes are so dry from always being stoned and dehydrated that she's gonna cry about how uncomfortable it is and how frustrated she is from trying to put them in

read the thread. she's waiting on an ethernet cable. it doesn't have internet yet.

the disgusting lack of cable management stuck out to me too. having them dangle like that is just asking for the monitor to get tipped over if her cat jumps up there

>I have no friends
>unless they're doing things for me

No. 1089540

I doubt this bitch even said thank you to the orbiter who built her PC. Not even a tweet shouting her out and thanking her

No. 1089542

How is she gonna stream on one tiny monitor…. why is it so high up??

No. 1089543

isn't the orbiter another e-thot? that'd explain why shay won't shout her out

No. 1089546

File: 1606154277794.jpeg (166.44 KB, 843x632, 68C2A6BF-313F-4E74-81AE-60CEAD…)

I feel bad for noodle

No. 1089548

We ever gonna see it with the lights on? This bitch tryna save money on her power bill or what? Open the blinds maybe

No. 1089550

I know it was a cheaply made amazon couch But Jesus that couch looks like it’s been through a war. Both of her couches are disgusting after just a few months. I’m not even factoring the animal hair but the state of the fabric. Looks like the heel of socks when they breakdown from the shoe friction kek

No. 1089555

I mean it’s not that unrealistic considering if the couch looks a little iffy if it’s cheaply made plus she has a cat and a dog, not to blogpost but I’ve had to replace my bed sheets twice this year because my dog snagged massive holes in them, plus cats are little scratching assholes

No. 1089560

Imagine how much dog/cat hair and just nasty ass gunk is going to clog up all those holes in the PC case in a few weeks lmao

No. 1089561

She could use a controller I think if she could set that up.

No. 1089562

I know it’s a nitpick, but I’m pretty sure she could get both of those Razer items (or similar ones) in white so that they match her tower and monitor.

She could’ve done that and just done a light pink Chroma set up.

No. 1089564

She probably closes them for the photos because she doesn’t want people figuring out where she lives, which I think is completely reasonable. She could still turn on the room light tho.

No. 1089569

File: 1606156618155.jpg (277.12 KB, 1080x933, Screenshot_20201123-123704_Twi…)

No. 1089571

Can you imagine how grimy the white ones would get? I have those same pink Razer peripherals and they're hard enough to keep clean. Mechanical keyboards need to be dusted and wiped down regularly and we know shayna never cleans her body or her house. Shit's gonna be disgusting in a month.

No. 1089572

I don't think she's ever posted a pic of noodle on a walk? Or in the dog park? Some grass or asphalt don't give away where you live, but we can never see Noodle doing something fun. Even showing off a trick would be nice. I've also never seen her with toys but I could have missed that.

No. 1089573

Very true. And I don’t know why I thought she would even bother color-coordinating her set up when her entire existence is 50 Shades of Pink.

No. 1089593

Could be why noodle uses her dildos as chewing toys. Bored and nothing to play with. Barf.

No. 1089596

Yeah that's true,but turning on the light so people could actually see the set up seems like a no brainer lol. I wonder what filth shes hiding or does she really live like a cave troll?

No. 1089600

File: 1606158380489.jpeg (284.58 KB, 750x515, 04643E78-5F4F-4774-B747-761994…)

The worst part I’m surprised no one pointed out is the terrible placement of everything in the tiny corner of the desk where the keyboard doesn’t even fit, it’s just overhanging from the desk waiting to fall when she actually tries to use it when there’s so much room on either side that she filled with useless ugly clutter

No. 1089603

Damn this setup screams budget, why does it look like a dollar store diy challenge?? It’s covered in like, CVS clearance aisle trinkets? Cheap, chintzy Wayfair lamp? Wires strewn about, not even a little hidden? Desk that looks like it’ll snap if she puts her full weight on it? This is embarrassing and looks like a 14 year old blew their first few grocery store paychecks on it. There are entire webpages dedicated to making your space not look like cheap shit and it shows that she didn’t bother to look at any of them. She genuinely has no taste…

No. 1089611

This is such an awful business practice for literally any field. Can these bitches read a single book, I’m begging them. Also deeply ironic coming from a clout chasing follower buying moron like Shay.

No. 1089619

File: 1606159365458.jpg (287.91 KB, 1080x965, Screenshot_20201123-132249_Twi…)

I swear she makes this post at least once a month

No. 1089631

Cause despite the slut persona, Fupa’s uncut chode is the only dick she gets

No. 1089639

Once she starts using her pc she will realize she needs to rearrange everything

No. 1089642

Ew, no it's not lmfao. She is such a pick-me, I know we all know this, but she just has to be uwu different about everything when it comes to men. It's literally just a penis, Shay. Also, not to sperg, but she's probably never said a damn thing about pussy positivity and the different shapes/sizes/appearances that vaginas take. Maybe she should because considering her hideous puss, she needs it kek.

No. 1089657

File: 1606161064327.jpeg (733.27 KB, 1242x1062, BD065CEB-80F8-4AD1-AA7F-4D9869…)

Shaytard trying to be viral again

No. 1089661

if shay wants to go viral so badly i don't know why she doesn't make a separate non-porn related twitter

No. 1089662

>u ever see how ugly u are

No. 1089664

The resemblance is striking. What a self-own.

No. 1089717

No. 1089726

shayna thinking she can resurge a 3 year old stale spongebob meme

No. 1089740

The cable management is bad and shows just what a retard she is. She spent 2k on a monitor and computer but didn't budget for an extension cord and a HMDI cable that was long enough.

No. 1089743

File: 1606165690735.jpeg (213.28 KB, 1209x759, B8AE966E-4D77-4DE5-9FEB-F5E98A…)

No. 1089755

She didn't even know about or plan for an ethernet cable so…
That's basic gamer 101.

No. 1089758

face writing? Does she mean riding? I’m genuinely confused jfc

No. 1089760

It's probably going to be girl from special ed class writes whore on her forehead.

No. 1089768

File: 1606167320894.jpeg (647.32 KB, 1242x1269, 96A376A8-03CA-4C10-8414-6D706A…)

No. 1089771

I mean shes not wrong lol

No. 1089772

File: 1606167409715.jpeg (252.01 KB, 1242x857, 1D08172D-D7D4-4D75-8813-E36D7F…)

Lazy obese bitch didn’t she get the costume delivered a week ago??

No. 1089788

She’s taking the “higher road” on beastiality meanwhile she’s making pedo pandering porn? Her morals are totally out of wack. She encourages so much fucked up shit with some of her porn.

No. 1089791

not sure why she had to tweet about it though

No. 1089795

Yeah ok anal princess with dog butt asshole mousepad. Wouldn't be surprised if she tried the peanut butter thing before

No. 1089796

How can she be this far out of touch from normal life? Imagine how many artists, musicians, influencers and disgusting pedo panderers the average twitter follower has on their timeline. Now they're supposed to interact with all of them, just following isn't enough? Get some real friends Shay for god's sake

No. 1089798

File: 1606169367566.png (2.52 MB, 1242x2208, 4D5C2497-A706-4C87-980E-950D2B…)

hating on women again classic shay

No. 1089799

I laughed out loud anon kek

No. 1089800

Why are these bitches so entitled? I don't even see full blown successful porn stars acting like this, or actually talented people.

No. 1089802

wtf is she talking about? it’s called a scoop neck?

No. 1089803

Well anon that’s because well successful porn stars don’t have to beg for likes and followers. They have good content so people will purchase. Examples: Abella Danger, Sasha Grey, Lana Rhoads

No. 1089804

File: 1606169723383.jpeg (1.15 MB, 1242x1702, 825DE1DC-5BD9-4CF1-B325-871041…)

She’s making porn with it!?!??

No. 1089812

silly anon, that's probably the entire reason she had a pc built. we all know she doesn't actually like video games

No. 1089821

i’m… wow… you could’ve just spent a couple hundred total if this was the kind of shit you planned on doing

No. 1089825

Shay YOUR dog and cat should taken away from you. We see how miserable they are and how you let Noodle eat random shit around your house and think it's funny to tell your discord fans

No. 1089842

>showing off your set up with the default windows wallpaper displayed

what a totes real gamer girl who isn't ruining it for the rest of women who just want to play video games without being sexualized. she's certainly not just doing it for the male validation she desperately. cannot live without. /s cue the generic controller-in-mouth pic anytime now.

No. 1089848

Big reach man, there’s a massive different between having a comedic mousepad of a cute cartoon dog and literal bestiality

No. 1089850

She literally makes dog porn

No. 1089858

It's a massive different to have a puppy mousepad while living a normal life and to have a dog anus mousepad while filming dog rape porn

No. 1089861

? This bitch literally has videos up of her pretending to be a dog getting fucked by a human. She films videos in a dog cage. She called her infected holes "puppy parts" or something rancid LMAO. She's part of the problem lol, encouraging a bestiality fantasy. I know it's nowhere near as bad as abusing animals for sexual pleasure (so good on her for acknowledging how disgusting that is) but she's encouraging people to imagine they're fucking a dog in some of her depraved videos.

She always does this where she gets mad at people for being morally incorrect WHILE having videos up of her doing virtually the same thing (aka pedo pandering, animal sexualization, etc).

No. 1089863

but she buddies up with another cow who openly posts videos abusing their cat and "jokes" about wanting to kill said cat? i doubt support was that quick on reviewing the report anyways, whats stopping her from sitting on the information until she can use it for twitter woke points? fuck this fat cunt.

No. 1089864

Idk what Shayna does on cam or if she cams at all, but video game streaming is hard. If you're not good at games you probably won't make it big. No one wants to watch a dumpy fat girl who is not into gaming stream. Streaming isn't an instant ticket to riches like some people think it is.

No. 1089871

Who are you talking about?

No. 1089872


No. 1089878

She going to be a furry soon I bet. I wonder what her fursona will be probably bimbo puppy uwu

No. 1089883

i feel like even furfags wouldn't want her around lol

No. 1089884

she should just become a vtuber. at least then she’ll have more chances at viewers cause less people will see her face

No. 1089885

She did then she got locked out her old nsfw Twitter so moved her porn over to her SFW one instead

No. 1089886

File: 1606174548590.jpeg (277.89 KB, 1213x964, B7FEFA8C-F930-4395-889B-4FD116…)

She has no personality

No. 1089888

Don’t you have to have a cute voice and persona to be a vtuber?

No. 1089893

File: 1606175199319.jpeg (530.5 KB, 1242x1485, 4F145FBC-6D9F-4FF6-88C9-B04BB1…)

Scammy Mattel

No. 1089895

? is noodle just dirty or has she been chewing on her legs?

No. 1089901

Shes aware shes repetitive and boring and yet she thinks mentioning it is somehow funny?

No. 1089902

I'd ask for proof of her subs and percentage because I dont believe her. I bet she doesnt even have 500 at this point. And she posted caps before outting herself and the last time she was 2% was like June or some shit.

No. 1089905

I think the dog just had a bunch of brown in its coat that makes it look dirty

No. 1089908

Can the OF anon see the amount of subscribers she has?? Or is it hidden?

I bet if she gave noodle a bath the water would be dirt brown kek has she ever even posted her dog in a bath? I bet she’s filthy

No. 1089910

Shay barely bathes herself or washes her clothes and belongings. She ain't washing her pets lol

No. 1089912

She's a mutt, and this is one of the few full body pics we've seen and I think her legs just have brown fur tbh. Shay def doesnt bathe her, but it doesnt look like dirt/mud or a rash.

No. 1089913

Of anon here.
It's hidden.

No. 1089916

Of course it is. Before she officially became a hambeast this summer (which btw she said a bit ago she hadnt been taking her meds for 3 months so kek) she was open about sharing caps of her percentage and subs. But now as they have clearly and steadily declined, she stopped flexing. Shes admitted her rank and subs have gone down and made everything private. But it's not her fault! It's stupid other girls!

No. 1089918

Of anon
She gets like 40 "likes" on average, per post. Doesn't usually get tips. If so, she gets like $15-$20

No. 1089920

Now she claims percentages don’t matter because she’s trying to make herself feel better kek I don’t think they matter anyways there’s like millions of crusty women showing their rancid vagina the market is over saturated

No. 1089921

It really seems like she's been losing 50-100 subs a month. Which is hilarious.
She posts caps or says things now and then. No doubt she's lost tons. She was at nearly 1k at one point. Now shes saying 500. How many more months until shes barely got 100 and can't even scrape by on OF?

No. 1089922

No wonder shes trying to look at other avenues. She'll never fully admit it, but she knows shes on the downward. She knows there's not too long before she wont be able to get by just with OF and a couple customs.

Jason R Womack better pick up those extra shifts!

No. 1089924

File: 1606177347773.jpeg (444.55 KB, 1242x1691, E7F42D25-00ED-46C2-9811-EE43B4…)

just wanted to bring this back from #60. 1 month ago.
i don't see why she thinks anyone should pay for this when she hardly bothers to support anyone else with her money. if she did we'd hear about it

No. 1089927

File: 1606177706435.jpg (Spoiler Image,224.68 KB, 1080x1569, Screenshot_20201123_192729.jpg)

She only follows pixi

No. 1089929

File: 1606177745053.jpg (Spoiler Image,329.32 KB, 1080x1526, Screenshot_20201123_192745.jpg)

$1 tip


No. 1089930

She's posted a few times that noodle will go and lay in the water fountain at the dog park and then brings her home

No. 1089931

File: 1606177780183.jpg (Spoiler Image,384.56 KB, 1080x1832, Screenshot_20201123_192804.jpg)

Typical interaction.

No. 1089950

Oh ok, thank you guys! I know she takes noodle out to the dog park and was worried noodle had untreated fleas or something.

No. 1089952

Dogfuckers are disgusting but this is some dumb virtue signaling shit. How is a dog licking your snatch “abuse”? It doesn’t possess the concept of human sex or “consent”, dogs rape each other. It makes no difference to a dog if it’s licking peanut butter off the floor or off your body.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1089955

excuse me

No. 1089957

what the fuck anon?

No. 1089958

>It doesn’t possess the concept of human sex or “consent”

…which is why it's considered abuse…

No. 1089962

If you’re not trolling please go throw yourself into a fire

No. 1089963

File: 1606179457670.jpeg (91.87 KB, 500x559, 50EAB47A-A8BB-45B0-A824-4CCA1C…)

No. 1089964

spotted the anon that's actually tried it kek
you're gross

No. 1089965

Shay probably considers that a bath

No. 1089966

Dogs do get frisky and will try to hump your leg and arm but normal people laugh and push them away. You shouldn’t actually fuck them. Anon I hope you’re joking

No. 1089969

File: 1606179750926.jpeg (85.13 KB, 1242x1040, 373958B7-C30F-4A44-8C8E-7D04E8…)

Nitpick but….
Is her snaggle tooth getting more and more brittle and smaller jfc shay go to the dentist

No. 1089973

jesus christ anon lmao

No. 1089974

It’s been an hour and she still has only one retweet and when you click to see who it says no one retweeted. What a loser

No. 1089980

File: 1606180344065.jpeg (483.97 KB, 1242x658, D9C2709A-2132-44F3-ADD9-7DB218…)

Oh lord

No. 1089989

>piece of apple in her mouth
quite fitting for the pig that she is

No. 1089997

I’m not gonna bother quoting every retard. I literally said it is disgusting and degenerate. But it’s an oversensitive and knee jerk reaction to call it animal aboose on the same level as actually fucking it in the ass. What? Is the dog gonna be mentally and physically traumatized from licking pussy after long day of eating poop? No. Shayna is clearly just saying shit in an attempt to prove that she’s not the one abusing her dog by severely neglecting it.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1090000

>dogfuckers are disgusting but oral dogfuckers are okay

No. 1090002

No they aren’t going to be “traumatized” but that is disgusting and wrong. Anyways stop sperging over dumb shit. I wish the mods would delete all the posts that have nothing to do with shay because threads get filled up so quickly with dumbasses like you blogposting about liking dogs licking your snatch

No. 1090003

Yikes, please go rethink some stuff anon

No. 1090004

The way you needed to post this, i hope your dog gets taken away beastiality-chan

No. 1090006

She made it painfully obvious she reads her threads, but she does nothing to change or redeem herself in anyway. Her fat ego is simply too big for it.

No. 1090011

dogfucker chan I thought we lost u after the dawn saga, welcome back!

No. 1090018

Can we just ignore dog fucker anon and report them

OF takes 20% in fees, if she has 500 subs a $3 she makes $1200 a month. That excludes taxes, idk how much she has to pay, can't really be bothered to look it up.
Even with her selling on MV and getting tips, I can't really see her making more than $2000 a month.

I think that's one of the reasons she wants to try Twitch. And go back to cramming.

No. 1090024

File: 1606184858187.jpeg (58.83 KB, 540x720, 89BD51A3-ED46-4410-872D-5DCBCC…)

No. 1090027

the keyboard falling off the desk is the best part about this image kek. the desk looks too short to have the monitor and keyboard directly next to the pc case. so she has to have the monitor and keyboard in the corner, and her keyboard is still falling off..lmao. wtf is this
the monitor is actually huge, its 27 inches, which is large for a pc monitor. the pic just makes it look small for some reason

No. 1090029

Literally she lost nearly 100 subs in a month then. Since she said just now she has "over 500" and you know shes exaggerating that "over" part. By the end of the year shes not even gonna make enough to cover rent kek. She better start saving what little simp change she gets and come up with some other plans. Streaming games ain't it. No wonder shes considering moving to her dads cabin in NH.

No. 1090030


kek, I was waiting for someone to say something about this. you couldn't be bothered to find an uWu pink background shay?

No. 1090031

I don't know what's worse. Her eating the apple or her trying to shake her ass


No. 1090032

File: 1606185567484.jpg (260.26 KB, 1080x759, Screenshot_20201123-203826_Twi…)

No. 1090034


For some reason this link doesn’t work ? I wanted to keep it for archive purposes so future anons who reread the threads have context

No. 1090036

surprised to see she even has fruit in her apartment, too bad she's only eating it to promote her porn

this worked for me. maybe make this one unlisted or try uploading to dropbox? idk

No. 1090037

Kek at Shay trying to force down a bite of actual whole food and not meals for 4 people delivered by door dash where she throws half away the next day.

No. 1090041

I wonder why pixie even bothers with her tbh. Pixie has an ugly face, but takes good nudes and is clearly leagues above Shay in SW "success". Shay doesnt do anything for her. No benefit to being SW buds and we know Shays personality is self absorbed and otherwise boring. I'm genuinely curious. Is Shay the "ugly friend" to make her look even better by comparison? Pixie just a nice person/cool to her SW peers? Pixie seems to be one of her top financial supporters which is sad and funny.

No. 1090044

Ughh why does she just keep eating it instead of cutting the video. So cursed. No one wants to watch her eat like a cow.

No. 1090045

a 32 inch monitor runs for less than 350, and thats for decent specs. she overpayed for 27 inches of glorified screen.

No. 1090046

Butterface Pixie is most likely a farmer and is only close to shay so she can laugh at her. She pretty much admitted to reading the thread, seeing our “fan art” and reading our “fanfics” Honestly, I’ve only heard of Shaytard due to lolcow. Without us she’s irrelevant and her life would be so stale without the ~haterzzz~

No. 1090048

this looks too old to be recent. what are the odds shes just recylcing content now? unless shes getting better at angles (which i doubt), her thighs are about half the size that they were in the last set she posted. plus her gut is missing when she pulls up her skirt.

No. 1090049

File: 1606187184677.png (78.53 KB, 311x634, 4C9A971A-FE4E-4F73-99BE-30B370…)

She looks like that one American girl doll
Why does she wear those dumbass glasses? Isn’t she suppose to be a bimbo?

No. 1090051

Nah it's angles and perspective. Shes covering her torso with the skirt belt and has angled her ass and thighs away from camera. The god awful dumpster doll eyelashes prove it's current.

No. 1090052

No pedo but I find this doll much more attractive than Shay kek

No. 1090053

Of course anon I feel ashamed of comparing trash like shay to this wholesome doll. Shayna looks like a retarded 12 year old yet somehow also looks like a 40 year old. Weird

No. 1090054

>Pixie seems to be one of her top financial supporters which is sad and funny.
it seems like most of shayna's biggest supporters other than womack have been women, yet she has the audacity to shit talk other women constantly. and that's why she's still "cancelled" by her fellow thots, she's made no real effort to support them or make amends for anything she's done after years

No. 1090061

And all her posts about not having support like other girls and no friends and shit lol

No. 1090069

I guarantee you that she doesn’t pay taxes. Do you think she’s actively tracking her monthly income and documenting it? Not to mention she’d make a big deal about it if she was actually filing them herself-she loves getting praise for simple tasks too much not to mention it.

No. 1090072

doesn't only fans automatically take taxes ?

No. 1090078

File: 1606190909898.jpeg (Spoiler Image,643.64 KB, 1169x1141, 0FB29E7D-D06B-4A24-82AD-D03337…)


No. 1090079

This is just… so bad.

No. 1090080

there's a fee from the website, you still have to pay regular taxes

No. 1090081

File: 1606191042003.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1 MB, 1242x1401, 669B87CA-1DCA-42CE-9137-0CA657…)

She must have read the threads and realized her yellows teeth aren’t suppose to show with this ball gag kek dumbass

No. 1090082

nah she should be a mukbang streamer

No. 1090084

To be fair, I genuinely doubt she's making over $2000
Unless I'm outdated, you don't have to report income from one source that's less than that

No. 1090085

I cant with the dollar store lashes.

Wow, so fresh and original using the mouth as the "O" in whore… again. Is this worse than last time? Hard to say.

No. 1090086

File: 1606191243545.jpeg (Spoiler Image,908.7 KB, 1242x1271, F99D4087-6F25-4C9D-A67F-31D66E…)

She’s done this same shtick five times already she just added fake cum wow so creative

No. 1090089

Pure horror. I can't find anything remotely or slightly attractive here, even trying to think like a coomer

No. 1090091

No. 1090093

File: 1606191970202.jpg (43.53 KB, 1080x172, Screenshot_20201123-222450_Sam…)

She really thinks she can pull off being in the "teens" category

No. 1090094


The audacity of her to say she’s going to make fun of anybody’s bad eyebrows just makes me loff when I see hers.

No. 1090099

is her hair starting to grey or is it just the lighting? either way holy shit, this is not a look…

No. 1090100

File: 1606192644288.jpeg (1.06 MB, 3464x3464, 58C5B912-F05A-4223-92DE-4480AA…)

When you’re too obese to fit into cheap Amazon lingerie so you have to wear a cardigan to cover your fupa

No. 1090101

I mean, she does look like a retarded 13 year old boy

No. 1090102

It's probably makeup smeared into her hair because she's too drunk and high to notice she's coloring outside the lines.

No. 1090104

File: 1606193384918.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.33 MB, 3464x3464, FC49DA85-EF89-4544-9FC3-9EC482…)

>I put so much effort in my work why don’t I have more fans
She does the same thing every video

No. 1090105

File: 1606193524601.jpg (60.22 KB, 1000x548, XdWvR6i.jpg)

Why is she so fucking BORING.
>put on some generic "schoolgirl" outfit
>write some shit on her forehead with backwards letters
>legs in front of her face because she's too fat to lift them behind her head
>vibrator on clit with fake orgasm and gross ahegao face
Rinse and re-fucking-peat.

No. 1090109

Yes you have to give your information when you sign up or start receiving payment so they automatically send you a 1099. Same with camsites.

No. 1090126

I know her acting is always fucking awful and we say shes retarded all the time, but this really was "special needs girl gets used by teacher". Yikes.

No. 1090143

so based on the interactions with this tweet, she only wants 7 followers. funny that, she throws tantrums whenever her twitter is deleted and her follower count gets reset. or when people criticize her and she talks down to them for "only having 5k followers" despite still having better interactions than her

her sweater is nowhere near her pubic area. I mean it looks bad and she's nearly bursting out of it like all her clothes, but wtf are you talking about anon

No. 1090167

File: 1606204530546.png (Spoiler Image,10.84 MB, 1242x2208, D7265BE7-E72E-42E8-BD70-BFF062…)

No. 1090201

She wants and tries to do bimbo/slut school girl, yet always dresses and acts like the school nerd/reject/mentally handicapped. I really don't get it. Like why the ugly glasses? How is that even related to a school girl? Much less a "hot" one.

No. 1090202

1 whole like and 1 retweet fuckin kek
Good. Scammy bitch. No one believes you're top 2% and you keep losing subs regularly and no one wants a promo from you. Why would they when you constantly bitch about how little traction your posts get and beg for interaction.

No. 1090218

File: 1606218315171.jpg (323.69 KB, 1200x900, collage.jpg)

This is autistic but I've been reading her old threads and I wish she'd retire these shirts and she's been literally wearing the same combination of "White crop top and school girl skirt" for 3 years.

No. 1090220

eww, those fucking sweat stains on the old photo. isn't this one supposed to be from the professional photo shoots, why didn't they do anything about that?

No. 1090239

I just don't get how she thinks doing the same exact thing with a different outfit is "creativity." Most people wear different clothes every day so at best it's just the norm unless she considers getting dressed a few times a week "maximum effort." Lucky for her Womack is such a simple man.

No. 1090247


She’s always looked like a tranny, good lord. Those bangs do not do her any favors. I haven’t been around forever in these threads so does anyone know where she got the idea those look good…? That hasn’t been the style for who knows how long and usually it’s what your mom would do to your hair before forcing you to go to church.

No. 1090250

there's no hope for this cow but i feel like she could get a bit more interaction and a few more sales if she went back to blonde and never put her hair in those braids again. jesus she looks so dirty with them

No. 1090256

Im so confused why everyone keeps saying she’s been wearing her stuff forever/ throw it out already, in this particular instance yeah because she’s gained so much weight and it clearly doesn’t fit her anymore (I’m honestly impressed she can get them on) but clothes don’t have an expiration date your supposed to take of them so you can wear them for years

No. 1090259

they love to humiliate their actresses. she looks like shit in all of those shoots, and she never posted anything about them herself because despite her ~humiliation kink~ even she knew they're horrifying. can't wait for her to work with them again and not be able to hide her current body behind beautifying filters and belt-skirts

sure if you're just wearing it in your everyday life it's normal, but she goes on about how creative she is when she films the same videos in the same clothes for years. not a good look when you're wearing the same 5 outfits in 50 videos. especially when the clothing is stained and stretched out with holes in it

No. 1090269

She's supposed to be a bimbo barbie in love with fashion but wears the same shit.

She takes pictures in the same exact outfits or the same exact combination but comes at other sex workers for not putting in "effort" when all her shit is identical.

I would'nt care if she wasn't doing all this shit, but she's constantly talking down to people pretending she's so creative and stylish yet she's been wearing the same shit for years and looking more bad then she did the first time she wore them.

No. 1090313

File: 1606231048997.png (34.84 KB, 124x113, appropriatereaction.PNG)

No. 1090324

File: 1606231880004.jpg (260.91 KB, 1080x806, Screenshot_20201124-093034_Twi…)

No. 1090325

What'd Fupa do now? Tell her he's not coming over for Thanksgiving?

No. 1090326

wow excellent coping skills shayna, inpatient did wonders for you

No. 1090336

Probably tbh. Like, having no one to spend the holidays with and being rejected by her only anchor to Oklahoma probably hurt her ego and feelings pretty bad. She's a loser. Also hilarious that she just wasted a fuck ton of money and already needs to waste more (that isn't already in her bank account because she's a broke bitch) to "feel better." She shows her ass, literally and figuratively, every day.

No. 1090337

Get some cute shit from Forever21 in size L honey maybe you'll be less sad about your lard ass

No. 1090345

hmm maybe posting that old picture triggered her and she's going to buy some new clothes.
I hope so, because she'd look a lot better. She should turn all this emotion into "work"

…it's probably about Fupa.

No. 1090354

she’s plus size in forever 21 at this point.

No. 1090367

and she somehow manages to look terrible in every single one

No. 1090372

File: 1606235891398.png (315.65 KB, 761x600, hammymattel.png)

literal pig.

No. 1090373

Next thread pic pleasseeeee

No. 1090374

This is now deleted

No. 1090375

File: 1606236269454.jpg (Spoiler Image,462.65 KB, 1080x1073, Screenshot_20201124-104446_Twi…)

No. 1090376

bruh the fucking dildo kek

No. 1090378

Kek, womack's face fits perfectly.

No. 1090380

File: 1606236684456.jpg (126.94 KB, 1080x1017, 20201124_105020.jpg)

She posted the top tweet and has since deleted too. I highly doubt she told anyone to get out of her life. She'll cling to any person who shows her attention, good or bad.

No. 1090381

File: 1606236685560.jpg (Spoiler Image,177.11 KB, 1080x1073, Adobe_20201124_105029.jpg)

Repost because I'm a non-spoilering dumbass.

No. 1090382

my god the homer simpson mouth pussy, and also what kind of stupid fucking idea it is to pose with an apple for ~sexy~ pics? does she view everything as a prop for her porn?

No. 1090384

i don't understand being a sex worker and posting pictures of your stubbly snatch. of course it's normal to have stubble down there and often i don't care enough to shave too but i'm not a sex worker and it's her god damn JOB to look presentable. she chose this. either stick to a certain style or shave it all off. but this lazy ass bitch showing her "homer simpson's mouth with a three o'clock shadow"-pussy doesn't sit right with me. kinda nitpicky but it just looks so ugly. growing it out and trimming the edges would probably be the best option since she has the ugliest mound i've ever seen

No. 1090394

It's not just that particular instance. It's ALL of her clothes at this point. An anon did a collage a couple threads back.
It's also very normal to buy new fucking clothes when they don't fit anymore! Or are dingy like those pink shorts. And she goes on about loving clothes and being a "barbie bimbo princess" but we see her in the same very few outfits all the time and they are ill fitting af and usually dirty. And when has she ever bought anything not from Amazon or F21 anyway? Lol

No. 1090403

Right, she spends money on everything but her appearance and when she does she's super chea
She'll buy $800 monitors, expensive weed and food, but she can't even go get clothes? There's really no point someone who brags about how well they are doing should be looking like Shayna, especially when she's a sex worker and her job is how she looks.

She could easily find cute clothes, if she likes to wear the same combination of shit fine, but buy MORE of it in different styles.

and when is she going to start streaming? Does she even know how to set it up?

No. 1090405

File: 1606238182357.jpeg (321.34 KB, 1219x966, CB173246-441F-4898-8C23-702E2D…)

No. 1090411

I bet she's not going to buy lip chap

No. 1090413

I bet she still buys liquid lipsticks

No. 1090414

Shit ton of makeup as in 80lbs of liquid liner for your same boring ass wings and Sharpie eyebrows? Cause we all know you didn't get blush, contour, eyeshadow, and DEFINITELY no lip chap.

Love that this same bitch was shitting on other SWs about posting the "same, boring pics" but she literally wears the same shit for 3 years, has had the same makeup style since middle school, and uses the same toys in the same position in literally all her videos. Fucking die mad about it, Shayna.

No. 1090415


Don’t do Molly dirty like this.

No. 1090416

File: 1606239131956.jpeg (203.36 KB, 1242x1048, E24011CF-6AA3-4602-8083-431596…)


No. 1090419

She deleted this

No. 1090420

File: 1606239366684.png (1.8 MB, 1242x2208, 447E850F-5424-4E53-B5A1-9AD64C…)

She spent this much on makeup i think it’s makeup kek

No. 1090421

because she realized we will rip her apart if she buys anything other than chapstick and blush

No. 1090422

what did she even buy? before spending $200 it would be smart to at least know how to use makeup.

No. 1090425

she didn’t show what was in her cart but she probably will because she’s predictable and loves bragging. I don’t know why she felt the need to doordash makeup when Sephora’s shipping comes really quick like 2-3 days. She’s so impatient and bad with her money. I hope she goes homeless I have no sympathy for this cunt.

No. 1090429

Not gonna buy clothes that fit??
I hope she at least buys new lashes because I can't keep seeing these current ones kek

Makeup and streaming saga when??

No. 1090433

usually she shows what's in her cart, why didn't she do it this time? for all anyone knows this screenshot could be old. she just wants more money to make her feel better

No. 1090445

File: 1606240653349.jpg (323.56 KB, 1080x801, Screenshot_20201124-115742_Twi…)

No. 1090450

File: 1606240957858.jpeg (112.58 KB, 828x253, 31C9EB0A-7788-4787-A32A-04DC15…)

She got the naked cherry palette. It's decent, I'm actually hopeful that her makeup will improve and she will actually watch tutorials and maybe learn about eyebrows and eyeliner.

No. 1090451

That's actually a nice palette and would do well for her, but she is lazy and covers her entire lid with liner and those ugly eyelashes

No. 1090452

Shay we get it you love assholes regardless of species.

No. 1090453

Shayna, learn?? Watch tutorials?? Haha oh anon.

Cant wait for her to either do child level makeup and brag about how amazing and life changing it is like she did with nose highlight or the pallet just collects dust.

But seriously Shay… would it actually kill you for some good lip product?

No. 1090460

Bitch buys everything but $2 chapstick jfc why is she buying high end brands when she doesn’t even know how to use it

No. 1090465

seriously! there’s drugstore brands that are comparable in quality to high end brands (bc they’re basically all owned by the same larger corporations who just use the same ingredients then up charge based on ~prestige~) but she just had to buy the crappiest name brands from Sephora. it’s such a waste of money for someone who can barely do their own brows and eyeliner as is.

No. 1090475

File: 1606242306072.jpeg (498.97 KB, 1208x1277, 17C0CFFD-CD23-49A9-B2F7-FBEDF0…)

Womack ?

No. 1090477

>doordash makeup
she should have ordered a bunch of shit from colourpop to practice with, high end makeup doesn't mean anything if it's not applied well

No. 1090482

We all should know by now that Shayna buys the most expensive shit she see's even if it's useless, except when it comes to clothes and hair.

No. 1090483

Most likely and the worst part is, I have seen his sister beg for financial help for her kids on FB :/

No. 1090485

What a douchebag
Imagine this pervert being your uncle…. I bet he’s fucking creepy irl

No. 1090493

File: 1606243443199.jpeg (144.35 KB, 394x960, 65052270-8821-4697-904B-286E56…)

Fupa has been spending family time and that’s why Shayna is upset. He isn’t paying attention to her and is trying to be a father. Kek how pathetic of shay.
Photo from Facebook

No. 1090497

She mentioned in a previous tweet that the delivery service she uses to get her groceries now includes Sephora. why she would purchase through something like instacart/doordash, pay a service fee (and probably a tip), and NOT directly through Sephora is dumb as hell

No. 1090498

i can't wait to see the mess honestly

No. 1090500

Just a tinfoil but maybe her dad pays for her groceries by giving her gift cards for a delivery app. I cannot think of any other reason she would do it that way, other than the fact that she is just dumb.

No. 1090501

Imagine pretending to want to die over this. Imagine spending your best years on this. Imagine wanting to be picked by this.

At least Fupa gets sex with a younger girl out of this, what does Shayna get?
The only reason she likes men like Fupa is because I feel like thats what she thinks she can get.
Older chubby men, that she thinks will treat her well because she's younger and she was thin.

No. 1090507

i can't (and probably don't want to) believe that she STILL thirsts after fupa but the fact that she hasn't moved away yet tells me she really isn't over this soy boy yet… which is just sad

No. 1090510

File: 1606244371588.jpeg (910.13 KB, 1242x1462, 7944C935-1378-41B7-A12F-492F12…)

Waste of money
All the makeup in the world won’t fix that rat face

No. 1090514

maybe don't post a picture of her on here. she's completely unrelated to shayna and doesn't deserve to have her photo posted here. she probably doesn't even know her man simps for a fat pedo pandering e-whore

No. 1090519

omg ??? he have a wife??

No. 1090523

Woah, he's married?

No. 1090526

i just wouldn't post it at all tbh he's just a regular customer of shaynas

No. 1090529

yeah she says she is in a complicated relationship. And she posted a pic of him with two small children. Sickened this pornsick incest loving scrote has children.

No. 1090531

File: 1606245584302.jpeg (239.09 KB, 1202x648, B724960B-523F-421F-9376-802FA4…)

No. 1090534

Yeah honestly hes gross and kinda fun to laugh at, but y'all should stop stalking him and making fake profiles and shit. Like until we can confirm they're seeing each other or hook up, its irrelevant. That edit anon made up there was hilarious though and if something does happen between them, it should resurface for thread pic for sure. But until then…

No. 1090535

I’m with you anon, I think a lot of this money spending is actually money her parents sent her (unless her mom and dad split in which case it’s just her dad)

I get the impression she got a cash infusion from them for a car or move and instead she’s spent it on a computer setup that’s overpriced (why didn’t she just get a cheap refurbished or floor model laptop!?)

No. 1090536

kek from what we've seen she's stuffed plenty already. All she gobbles is doordash fast food and plastic cock

No. 1090537

File: 1606245924130.png (655.57 KB, 656x432, the internet.png)


Why does it seem like her photos just have a… filter of filth on them? Everything she takes pictures of look 10x worse and so unappealing lmao.

No. 1090540

I mean Shayna pretty much admitted Jason R Womack gives her money every day whilst having a whole ass wife and children he could have been spoiling instead. I think he is sort of relevant since he is constantly wanting to meet her and is her redneck Splenda daddy. Shayna will love that he is a dad and loves the idea of being a home wrecker/bimbo step mom uwu. I agree with not posting his wife and kids though. I feel bad for them.

No. 1090543

File: 1606246241585.png (36.61 KB, 220x291, 0.png)

I will never understand how she's so monumentally shit at buying things. It's currently half off on Ulta, does she not know that Black Friday/Cyber Monday is soon?
sage for nitpick

No. 1090544

Woah that’s a good deal. Shayna is a retard and wants instant gratification so she gets it delivered to her door in an hour. Her fat ass doesn’t want to wait for it to come in the mail. Idk why because she doesn’t have anywhere to go so why did would she need the makeup right now??

No. 1090545

File: 1606246384957.jpeg (424.56 KB, 1242x763, D47870AC-5A5F-4A82-8FC0-7FCD0E…)

>loses 100 subscribers
Dumb bitch nobody wants to pay $5 everyone is just going to cancel their payments and you’ll be crying

No. 1090547

here she goes again brabbling about politics/covid like she has any clue and doesn't make turkey porn for a living. i'm like 100% sure she read this somewhere else, worded it differently and tweeted it to get some retweets because she KNOWS no ones is gonna retweet her disgusting porn

No. 1090549

>regurgitated political tweet has more likes than an update about her """work"""

No. 1090553

Bitch what??? She cant keep subs on at $3 kek
She think shes just gonna make up for less subs by charging more?
Sweaty, you're a small order of mcnuggets not a burger.

I mean I guess 5 x 300 is the same as 3 x 500, but still. Part of me thinks she actually believes her content is worth more. But then again I think she knows its garbage and shes losing subs. So she thinks the price raise will compensate. Itll be hilarious when it completely backfires and come January she barely has 100 subs.

No. 1090554

Remember when she was constantly having sales on her content to sell it? Cant wait for her OF to go on "sale" and back to 3 bucks kek

No. 1090555

File: 1606247279394.jpeg (484.26 KB, 1242x1516, A1BBEA8C-EC33-42A5-BA5D-70824A…)

It’s also 50% off at Sephora. Lately Sephora has been price matching Ulta’s sales, like during the 21 Days of Ulta. Still I agree with the anon who said she should have started out with Colourpop bc they also just released a palette with a very similar color story to this

No. 1090557

File: 1606247422604.jpg (496.92 KB, 1080x2179, Screenshot_20201124-135016_Twi…)

Oh wow, a whole whopping $5 Shay

No. 1090558

File: 1606247460626.jpg (130.91 KB, 1080x688, Screenshot_20201124-135108_Twi…)

We don't

No. 1090559

I’ll never understand why girls drop so much money on makeup when they don’t even know how to apply it properly?
Expensive=/=automatically good.
She could’ve bought a heap of drugstore makeup for the low for her to practice. But ofc shaytard has to drop hundreds on anything she buys despite the fact of being AWFUL at makeup.

No. 1090561

Uncut dick is already more popular with women though, cut is just the average in the US so you'll see it more often in porn which is where Shay gets all her knowledge from. The idea of "unwrapping" an uncut dick is horrifying though, what does she even mean?

No. 1090562

File: 1606247936341.jpeg (233.12 KB, 1040x2048, 1553747713915.jpeg)

dye your own hair again, shay. do it.

No. 1090563

Drugstore isn't as cheap as it used to be, and there are more tutorials around the popular high-end palettes. Honestly for $25 why are you criticizing her for not buying drugstore. I'm excited to see her first look though kek

I forgot how bad this color was on her. That was the time when she asked for pink hair and it came out like this, right?

No. 1090564

I’m pretty sure she paid full price or over paid due to delivery fee, and driver tip

No. 1090566

File: 1606248254673.jpeg (Spoiler Image,842.8 KB, 1242x1421, 4093760A-DB75-43D6-898F-D0107B…)

No. 1090568

Am I the only one who thinks she looks better with pink / blonde hair? Or maybe I just think that because she weighed a lot less then

No. 1090569

I would love to see a Riley Reid rap whore phase. It would be absolutely golden. Imagine the music videos…

No. 1090571

File: 1606248469362.jpeg (156.13 KB, 1242x1324, 3C2569DC-4264-46C7-8483-07D677…)

Shayna is really living lavish guys kek

No. 1090573

This is so fucking embarrassing kek.

No. 1090574

Good lord, sage for irrelevancy but I forgot how much she used to look like Ember Whann. Fucking awful colour on her

No. 1090575

TBH this is more on brand for her then shit she buys herself, but I bet it'd end up on her wall or near her computer set up.
Shayna should Def. try to do a rap/hip hop theme porn, it'd be hilarous.

No. 1090578

>Or maybe I just think that because she weighed a lot less then
that's a big part of it kek but i do think she looked best when her hair was blonde, straightened, and not in those god awful braids
dear god my sides

No. 1090580

Ewwww, I don't wanna see shatna talking about taking bbc up her ass…

No. 1090583

File: 1606249226879.jpeg (Spoiler Image,678.52 KB, 1242x1070, 631E2A55-E0C4-4315-8FE5-025B94…)

God this is so cringe

No. 1090584

first gamergrrl, upcoming thot rapper, wonder what the flavor of the week will be next week

No. 1090585

god i hope she rolls with this and actually makes shitty rap music

No. 1090586

sage for tit sperging but why the fuck does she think her tits look so much better now? They haven’t gotten big at all considering how fat she’s gotten, they look so wonky like moobs of a fat man. At least when she was skinny they looked perkier

No. 1090588

the grimy chewed finger nails really add to the look

No. 1090590

I'd love if this chain makes Shayna take on a new persona.

No. 1090592

Her tits aren't bad, just wide and she has no waist right now.

No. 1090593

File: 1606249974926.jpeg (Spoiler Image,340.75 KB, 1242x1511, 69C5C59E-8F77-416D-B6C8-9D539C…)

No. 1090594

her tits don't even look related

No. 1090596

File: 1606250096028.jpeg (Spoiler Image,419.76 KB, 1536x2048, CC1FF1B7-70D3-4BA7-9D27-D5297A…)

No. 1090597

File: 1606250140578.jpeg (Spoiler Image,468.72 KB, 1536x2048, 0EDEE65E-B606-47D4-9FB9-A4B41E…)

She didn’t even blur all the cellulite off lazy pig

No. 1090598

literally kek

there's so much wrong with this i don't even know where to begin

No. 1090599

Will Shayna ever get plastic surgery?

It’s hard to do the “bimbo” look without it.

No. 1090601

no, she won't even go to the dentist to get her wisdom teeth out.

No. 1090606

File: 1606250382386.jpg (Spoiler Image,387.89 KB, 1080x2244, Screenshot_20201124_003221_com…)

Meant to post yesterday but felt sick after this shit.

No. 1090607

File: 1606250411428.jpg (Spoiler Image,397.31 KB, 1080x2244, Screenshot_20201124_003832_com…)

No. 1090609

She got a manly ass KEK

No. 1090611

File: 1606250456822.jpg (Spoiler Image,387.98 KB, 1080x2244, Screenshot_20201124_003633_com…)

Imagine being her f@m and seeing this shit tho….

No. 1090612

>she won't even go to the dentist

Ah explains her weird snaggle teeth. She's got the same mouth snookie had on the first JS kek

No. 1090613

File: 1606250495320.jpg (Spoiler Image,400.85 KB, 1080x2244, Screenshot_20201124_003811_com…)

Peak shayna.

No. 1090615

File: 1606250545026.jpg (Spoiler Image,384.77 KB, 1080x2244, Screenshot_20201124_004003_com…)

No. 1090616

Don’t be shy post the video kek

No. 1090618

Her boobs belong in two different zip codes jfc

No. 1090619

File: 1606250610063.jpg (Spoiler Image,368.47 KB, 1080x2244, Screenshot_20201124_003925_com…)

I would post the video but tbh I have no idea how to even save it,nor do I have the care to look it up. Sry guys.

No. 1090622

File: 1606250708618.jpg (Spoiler Image,407.69 KB, 1080x2244, Screenshot_20201124_003748_com…)

Everyone is so jealous of this bombshell bimbo

No. 1090623

You screen record and share it via Dropbox
You don’t have to spam the thread with screenshots

No. 1090624

Granny trying to look sexy for grandpa during their 80th anniversary.

No. 1090625

Jfc I thought her teeth didn’t show with that mouth piece thing she looks like a horse

No. 1090628

Bite the hand that feeds much?
I sage my shit dude.
It's an image board. Not a video board. Ungrateful swine.

No. 1090631

File: 1606250961858.jpg (Spoiler Image,166.39 KB, 1080x848, Screenshot_20201124-204821_Pix…)

Her vagoo looks like some distressed sea creature(vag sperg)

No. 1090638

Nta but you say this like literally anyone can't drop screenshots or, better yet, videos kek

No. 1090643

I thought for a sec that you replaced her vag with some neovagina disaster from the mtf thread in ps

No. 1090645

Exactly! A majority of girls have no preference between the two because the difference is so minuscule. What grossed me the fuck out is her referring to a dick as cute. I highly doubt any dick she’s ever gotten has been “cute”.

No. 1090647

K, then do it?

No. 1090659

Simple–she doesn't have a car. I know that stuff like Sephora can be mailed (so yeah that is stupid) but Lyft/Uber rides add up. When you don't wanna drop 5-15 bucks per ride, delivery is usually your best option (aside from the fees). I've been in the same situation and using public transit was cheapest but I'm pretty sure Tulsa's public transit system isn't that great. Plus she's lazy.

No. 1090661

File: 1606253119547.jpeg (603.53 KB, 1242x1626, 0681B812-773F-47F6-9FB7-4512B3…)

But it’s the meds, right shay?

No. 1090670

how is it that her makeup looks BETTER in this pic than it does now? how do you do makeup nearly every day and get worse at it?

No. 1090684

I'm dying she's still wearing it wrong and just slamming the dildo into her teeth

No. 1090689

imagine seeing this coming toward your dick to give you a blowjob. that’s fucking horror porn.

No. 1090690

Same way vicky shingles gets worse at tattooing. Brain damage from being drunk/high and wasted 24/7. Plus alcohol makes your vision blurry so there’s that too.

No. 1090693

Does she order food every single day of the week? No wonder she has no money for rent she spends like $20-50 every day on takeout. So sick of her talking about every time she stuffs her face on twitter, maybe it’s just lowkey feeder bait.

No. 1090695

File: 1606254111685.jpg (209.32 KB, 1080x623, Screenshot_20201124-154200_Twi…)

No. 1090702

A life, but that probably is out of your price range shaynasty.

No. 1090708

At this point I don't know why she doesn't just go for making feeder porn. Men would literally pay for her door dash orders.

No. 1090728

File: 1606255679919.png (46.68 KB, 892x279, 2020-11-24 17_07_56-Window.png)

new video description because they're always ridiculous

No. 1090730

how about a vegetable for once?

No. 1090733

It must be hard having no personality and being so brainless you latch on to literally anything and everything and think it's cute and funny.

No. 1090757

File: 1606256594840.jpeg (218.85 KB, 1242x780, 659B960E-48C6-4ECE-A1D0-67ACB0…)


No. 1090760

jesus does her bank account ever get a break? she buys shit for herself multiple times a week

No. 1090767

She should buy dental veneers but she’s too broke for that

No. 1090787

File: 1606257186695.jpg (150.77 KB, 540x540, SmartSelect_20201124-232755_Br…)

Wow.totes a bimbo! I thought bimbos didn't have a double chin, terrible teeth or terrible skin. But you're totes a bimbo, Shay! Man, her past self would off herself if she knew that she'd look like this.

No. 1090791

If she drank water and brushed her teeth she could solve some of her physical problems, but that's too hard lol

No. 1090792

File: 1606257278954.jpeg (1.05 MB, 1242x1629, CFBF7F50-0BF1-4D3A-B09D-5B17AF…)

You take the day off everyday…….

No. 1090796

i mean, on her 'baller budget' she could probably afford 2500…enough to fix one tooth

No. 1090798

Even when she does “work” she puts no effort into her content, recycles the same shit over and over again

No. 1090800

Not one single like LOL good fucking luck. She's truly worse at business than middle schoolers at peddling cheap candy.

No. 1090802

bitch where is the turkey porn. it would take 30 minutes or less of her time

No. 1090804

IS THIS A JOKE?? WHAT? How you gonna sell a nude pic for the same price your entire OF is!? Not to mention all the completely free nudes on Twitter. Girl, I–

Delete this Shay you fucking retard

No. 1090805

She already deleted it kek
Her whole entire stock of nudes is $3 a month
How pathetic. Jason R Womack must have not been able to send money to her today

No. 1090816

He actually did I think. But she blew all the money left in her account on makeup she wont be able to use kek
She says shes getting her OF payout tomorrow though. Idk her binge eating and buying can't keep up and I think this PC tapped her out and her subs are steadily dwindling on OF. If not for the customs and simp tips, she wouldnt be able to get by

No. 1090819

File: 1606258177429.jpeg (255.37 KB, 1242x1197, 9F1F9BB2-F3DD-43C8-9329-F97E66…)

It’s honestly sad how she has to get super drunk or high to get through the day of her degrading embarrassing job. I would always feel pity for her if she wasn’t such a narcissistic rude cunt

No. 1090820

How stupid can this bitch be? It's a risky move to suddenly mark up by 70% even if a product is popping off. Imagine flopping like she is, not making any change to the content, yet daring to do this. She'll just lose even more subs and she'll be lucky if the extra $2 will break her even.

No. 1090821

Fupa can’t possibly be enjoying sex with her at this point. No one would…no matter how low their standards are. I actually almost feel bad for Fupa for getting himself involved with Shay back when she was thin and then having to awkwardly back out once she decides to move across the country, get fat, and still try to believe that their sex life and chemistry would remain the same as before. It looks like he’s just trying to mind his business and be a good father these days.

No. 1090826

Ignore the ungrateful anons, OF-chan. They're free to spend their own money if they're that desperate to watch the same porn she always posts.

No. 1090832

>mind his business and be a good father
Yeah what we're not gonna do is simp Kyle Perkins in this house. The 40 year old man who wants to skin walk Corpse husband. Men will fuck room temp slab of raw chicken.

No. 1090837

No. 1090840

i forgot how big her nose was before she got so fat it shrunk lol

No. 1090842

I'm cryin anon, I didn't even see womacks face at first

No. 1090848

It's just a cope. They would look a lot better if she didn't refuse to wear a bra though, any tits look good in a pushup bra.

No. 1090851

Her nose is still huge to be fair, anon

No. 1090863

watch her get cancelled for this for some dumb shit like "appropriating black/hip hop culture"

No. 1090869

I’ve seen less flat, square asses on grown men. What the absolute fuck? How did it get like that? She doubled her bodyweight and not a single pound of it went to her ass, just her stomach and legs. That’s fucking tragic, a grown 200 pound woman with an ass flatter than a board making puppy and little prepubescent sister and toddler porn. Fucking hell.

No. 1090879


Not sure if you have seen her old threads but there's no fixing her Hank Hill ass outside of dedicated exercising which we all know she would never do.

No. 1090882

Vote for next thread pic I lawled

No. 1090883

What's the point of subscribing to Shay's OF and talking about if you're not going to post it here? Unless you subbed cause you actually like her content and want to give her your money

No. 1090885

I almost miss that train wreck. It was slightly less depressing than Shatna.

No. 1090898

Her butt looks very average. Most women don't have a natural hourglass figure.

The difference between her and the rest of these Twitter thots however is that she doesn't know how to pose photographically and surprisingly she doesn't appear to shoop her pictures.

She has no photographic or modeling skills on top of being extremely average looking.

No. 1090901

Obviously it’s to bitch we aren’t grateful enough for the screenshots

No. 1090908

That camel hoof is so battered it makes the rest of her look less bad.
Her pussy has become her ugly-by-comparison friend.

No. 1090912

sage your bullshit, flatasschan. her butt looks horrendous.

No. 1090922

File: 1606265418227.png (343.96 KB, 426x870, 07A14147-367F-47C6-BFDD-1D2174…)

No. 1090927

I appreciate you screenshot anon. Genuinely cracked tf up at all of those with the gimpy mouth gag

No. 1090935

Her videos rarely have ever been posted. What you typically see as far as videos goes is her “previews” on her twitter account which you’re welcome to go see. we don’t need to see her videos. You’re welcome to sub if you want to watch that shit.

No. 1090941

She could have roast beef flaps.

Her clam shell pussy is the only thing she has going for her and she can't even keep it shaved.

No. 1090946

Well at least every anon who posts on this thread has a Kim K ass and is hotter than Shayna.

No. 1090949

Why teen though? Aren't sororities for college age students? I'm not familiar with the concept, but i thought most people in college for 20+. Why is it always teens for her?

No. 1090950

Anyone who actually knows anything about make up knows that the naked palettes are trash. They're what everyone who has no clue how to do make up buys

No. 1090951

>Half of you are as ugly and as plain and as busted and as lonely as she is.
Probably but none of us are cows because were not posting crusty vag pics to twitter.

No. 1090953

nah we not the ones flaunting our asses and talking about how better we are then other girls and how hot we are.
Shayna is, which is why her normal flat ass gets roasted.

No. 1090956

Try to sound less like cumbrain male

No. 1090959

because shayna along with her fellow camwhores are obsessed with sexualizing the existence of 18 year olds

No. 1090968

Women do regularly get surgery to get a vag that looks like hers.

No. 1090969

shame the post you were responding to was deleted. i love to see the wk’s come out of the woodwork.

No. 1090972

She has a disgusting vag. They come in all shapes and sizes and women shouldn’t be shamed for not having labias small like in porn. However shaynas meat curtains are always pulled apart like a clam shell or it’s stuck together because of how dry and crusty it is

No. 1090975

File: 1606267323709.jpeg (240.52 KB, 2048x1152, 69E575BB-DEDA-4DC0-A27F-F3AAE7…)

Jonathan Yaniv???

No. 1090976

File: 1606267367372.jpeg (Spoiler Image,469.93 KB, 2013x2013, 63248D34-B10C-4A62-8B04-614FBF…)

Anons….. be prepared

No. 1090978

File: 1606267425822.jpeg (238.58 KB, 2048x1152, 59D64287-89AF-4A47-8BC4-6E507B…)

It’s actually not that bad but her eyebrows suck and she’s still ugly

No. 1090979

File: 1606267455597.jpeg (450.73 KB, 2048x2048, 7F2535CD-33E8-4668-BF4D-A1E557…)

No. 1090980

File: 1606267507336.jpeg (Spoiler Image,387.72 KB, 1717x2048, 60A56A61-5306-43DD-9367-4A18C2…)

Shayna Clifford is one homely bitch kek

No. 1090981

okay im very sorry if I'm being disrespectful but why is her boob looking like a varicose spider vein It has always been freaking me out.

No. 1090982

File: 1606267548262.jpg (143.62 KB, 1080x528, Screenshot_20201124-202504_Twi…)

oh come the fuck on, she used one whole shade

No. 1090983

Not having a shaved innie pussy is the least of her problems you fucking pedophile

No. 1090984

File: 1606267594087.jpeg (Spoiler Image,94.84 KB, 600x900, A69F4F27-4EC4-470D-B0F3-8EAC8C…)

>getting surgery to look like this

No. 1090986

she doesn't look as bad in these. if she fixed her brows and put on some lip gloss and blush these pics would be nice

No. 1090990

I think that’s because it’s shooped and smoothed to hell
Look at the other pics Kek

No. 1090991

Please for the love of god stop bringing this photo in every thread it’s disgusting

No. 1090992

she is at LJ's level of makeup skill

No. 1090994

Did she have a labiaplasty and not tell anyone? It's really simple procedure with a very quick recovery time so I'm guessing she could have.

That looks like a completely different vag. Even a fat minora wouldn't cover a labia that stuck out like that.(vag nitpicking)

No. 1090996

Imagine being the scrote on her Twitter jacking it to a woman in a wrinkled turkey gimmick onesie.

No. 1090997

That's a hell of a tinfoil but I did notice that too and how it looks more red and rough lately than it ever did, and not in a "she got fat and doesn't clean herself" way.

No. 1090998

Bro will you fags stop the retarded vagina tinfoil she can’t even afford a car how the fuck would she have gotten surgery.

No. 1091000

that picture was taken 100 pounds ago anon, it's more likely that the weight gain filled everything out

No. 1091002

Get fucking banned goodbye

No. 1091004

yeah she also can’t go 5 seconds without begging for money for something so she would have definitely mentioned it. some of you guys are just blind to her angles and smoothing. there’s a reason she only has like two poses she shoots in and that ATK image is why.

No. 1091005

File: 1606268145755.jpeg (Spoiler Image,421.64 KB, 2048x1500, EE7CF6F0-4545-4651-8365-D493C8…)

No. 1091012

she looks good here to me the best i've seen her look

No. 1091013

it's a shame that her best facial expression is one that's neutral. yeah she still looks like yaniv but this is the most normal she's looked in a long time.

No. 1091017

i expected this to be funny or grosser but it's just boring and retarded.

No. 1091019

all the fat has made it appear smaller, it's still large but is now in "hiding" kek

No. 1091021

But is she at least doing the gobble gobble sounds? If not, she missed an opportunity to go viral.

No. 1091024

why do you go from abnormally sad shayna pancake ass to extremely deformed botched celebrity plastic surgery ass? have you ever seen real women out in public?

No. 1091038

Oh thank god she changed the lashes. Yeah this isnt bad overall. Any amount of effort is better than her usual basically. Still has a rat goblin face by default, but when she's not making retarded faces, she can be passable.

But honestly the best pics I've seen of her are the rare occasions she doesnt have her face in the frame kek

No. 1091046

so a professor is going to a students dorm who just happens to have a bunch of sex toys hanging on the wall? ok.

>youngest, hottest slut

i'd have to be drunk too looking like shay and writing this.

must also be delusional b/c that hair is fucking crusty and of fucking course she has to be up her own ass for putting on the most basic eyeshadow that still does nothing for her face.

No. 1091052

This face and position looks like she's trying to rip a huge fart.

No. 1091060

She actually does look much better than normal, I'm impressed. This is more and beyyer done makeup than we've seen in any prior threads (besides her last prOfESsiONAL porn shoot in LA). Now to fix those fucking eyebrows and put some damm blush on.

No. 1091062

File: 1606273362669.jpg (173.46 KB, 1080x773, Screenshot_20201124-210255_Twi…)

No. 1091063

File: 1606273412868.jpg (Spoiler Image,672.25 KB, 1080x2179, Screenshot_20201124-210243_Twi…)

Our usual OF anon should come through with this train wreck

No. 1091064

Is she squirting lube in her ass with a baster?

No. 1091065

Is she going to suck up the shit from her ass with the turkey baster I-

No. 1091066

it does look like it.

listen if this bitch isn't going gobble gobble as she does it i amma be disappointed

No. 1091067

I ain't tryna be a hypochondriac for someone else but she legit should get checked it out. the veins along with the weird cellulite/lumps on the underside is… strange.

No. 1091070

Anyone else find it weird that she got her hair and makeup done for a gag vid and not for any of her other super serious vids? Couldn't be bothered to properly shave this time though.

No. 1091078

File: 1606276521973.jpg (Spoiler Image,655.98 KB, 1080x1705, Screenshot_20201124-215527_Twi…)

No. 1091079

Ughhh her stubble is friggin disgusting. It makes me ill to look at. She just looks so unwashed, I can’t believe she thought this was okay to post on the internet.

No. 1091082

She’s a year and a half late for every trend. Imagine paying $2,000 for a setup just to take these pics, which are free on her twitter and $3 on OF. Pathetic and retarded.

No. 1091084

i think this content just so happened to coincide with her weekly shower kek

No. 1091089

File: 1606278179679.png (101.2 KB, 585x506, Screen Shot 2020-11-24 at 11.2…)

she's such a retard

No. 1091097

I… how is this bitch even alive??? She doesnt know how to turn off a computer?? Like how fuckin stupid do you have to be? You turn off any electronic before unplugging it from power that's pretty basic, but this bitch doesnt even know where/what power buttons and switches are? I'm just fucking baffled.

No. 1091106

Is…is she unplugging it to turn it off???
Even boomers know how to work a computer. The fuck Shay? I’m actually amazed she even has a driver’s license(although suspended kek)

No. 1091108

Pre-med student fag but I see slight dimpling of right upper part of the breast and just looks kinda weird. I hope she is doing monthly breast exams. Or may just be from weight gain. Idk I got small titties

No. 1091112

File: 1606282977456.png (10.64 MB, 1242x2208, 6F13D72C-F051-46FF-ACA6-BB62B9…)

Snapchat anon

No. 1091113

File: 1606283081726.png (10.48 MB, 1242x2208, 53819BF6-F0BB-4299-8BC8-B12A8E…)

She posted this on snap as well

No. 1091114

this btch really threw on that years old shirt and that skirt she was wearing last week huh? No shame.

No. 1091115

That's not even an e-girl fashion. She's still wearing that awful tumblr baby girl shit.

No. 1091116

It’s belle delphine inspired and people say she’s an e girl she did this too late this is over done and boring. Gamer girls aren’t even popular as much rn

No. 1091117

literally nothing about this is egirl

No. 1091121

Just two days ago she was wearing the same skirt but she's so creative right?

No. 1091122

What the hecc, in what world is this ”e-girl”? Also as everyone else has pointed out, at least 2 years late to the trend. Such a creativite cow.

No. 1091134

A bimbo: Tan, blonde, skinny, curvy, tacky designer clothing, immaculate makeup, well taken care of

Shayna: obese, pale, brunette, fridge shaped, eyelashes falling off, wearing the same grease stained clothing for years, shows pussy for pennies

Who is feeding this delusion?

No. 1091137

It’s amazing how even her natural breasts look like the cockeyed result of a botched boobjob that would belong to a tranny. She’d make more money LARPing as a convincing MtF rather than as an uwu gamer girl.

No. 1091142

File: 1606287429404.jpeg (414.16 KB, 1242x1193, 19C0AEF8-C138-455B-8F6C-54288A…)

No. 1091143

That's a bold assumption for putting it on OF for free. Shes got 3 coomers max that will jerk off to anything. The rest of the views were probably morbid curiosity or laughing.

No. 1091145

I feel like she’s extremely stupid but also that she still thinks it’s cute and quirky to act ditzy. But she takes it way too far and goes past ditzy to straight up idiot

No. 1091151

Yeah, but it sure beats her overshaved, overwaxed irritated ublubed vagina that was so bad a no nitpicking rule was enacted in her threads. I'm no fan of Shayna, but this latest stupid turkey porn is the best she's looked all year despite any stubble kek

No. 1091152

At this point I'm so tired of her bragging about the chump change she gets and then the next day she's like, "My social media is dead!! I try so hard!!TUMBLRRR!! Other girls don't try as hard as me!! They post the same effortless pictures! Meanwhile, I did my makeup and did my hair & put on a turkey costume!"

can she move onto her "Skinny Privilege" phase please?

No. 1091159

tinfoil but i think she's going to grow a full bush again for the first time in a while because she knows how bad her ingrowns get

No. 1091164

Her hair and makeup honestly look really nice here

No. 1091188

Okay I know it’s been an ongoing tinfoil about her having an implant in her right breast but it SERIOUSLY looks like it here. Her left one has natural sag and droop, the right doesnt. Plus there’s a weird scar (or what looks like a scar) visible under her breast, exactly where an implant scar would be.

I know it’s massive tinfoil, but as she’s gained weight it’s become more apparent. The weird veins could be a sign that one of her breasts atrophied or something when she was young, in which case her doctors may have considered a medical implant even though she was underage.

Even if that’s not the case, there’s something weird with that tit behind just normal boob veins

No. 1091193

oh my gOD stop with the tit sperg you autists

No. 1091237


Wired mouse for performance kekekek

No. 1091323

i highly doubt she even knows how to set her monitor to even output the full 244hz. Most people buy a basic set up and upgrade as needed, or build it themselves if they’re buying higher end stuff just for the hell of it/the hobby. She is going to see no return on this investment.

No. 1091341

that's such a stupid time to up her prices too, new years and the entirety of january is the time people spend the least amount of money after the big spendings on holiday shopping. she is so unaware of the real world and basic business practices.
mad respect to OF anon though, her pron isn't worth a single cent so you are a champ for keeping it up for the threads.

serving ronald mcdonald realness.

her first "look" with it will be either awkwardly slapping on one color or putting on all the glittery ones at once. or not even using it.

didn't she wear the exact same thing when she did a video with just the chair alone? that was also a stupid fucking idea though.

No. 1091355

she already used it >>1090978

No. 1091368

File: 1606321940569.jpeg (574.42 KB, 1242x1240, 201E2E56-B348-4F6E-8A3E-A7A9E2…)

Is this bitch handicapped or something why can’t she walk to go get it????

No. 1091370

oh so on top of the alcohol and fast food she's also drinking some thousand calorie coffee every time she orders starbucks? this bitch, i stg.

No. 1091375

File: 1606322478529.jpeg (426.21 KB, 1242x1026, 58E57E33-639A-4EAF-AF8B-011A1F…)

She’s going to irritate her eyes

No. 1091379

>>1091375 shayna touching her eyeballs with her (likely) unwashed hands… lovely

you’re 100% correct

No. 1091380

We all know she won't clean them or store them properly

No. 1091383

File: 1606322898626.jpg (Spoiler Image,400.96 KB, 1080x1040, Screenshot_20201125-104824_Twi…)

No Shay. Definitely butterball

No. 1091390

She could just order….a small?

No. 1091399

yeah i saw but my prediction still held true about only using one color from it.

No. 1091404

Lazy bitch. Buying your own espresso machine and drink ingredients saves a ridiculous amount of money in the long run. She could even do barista porn but who am I kidding? She’s not savvy or creative enough to realize that

No. 1091407

Not only does she have to post every time she wants to spend a bunch of money on take out, but lately shes been practically boasting about being fucking wasteful too. It's disgusting.

No. 1091410

No wonder she’s gained so much fucking weight in 6 months. She’s using the pandemic as an excuse to literally never walk anywhere. Boasting about pissing away $20 over a $6 drink while the majority of Americans are food insecure is ….disgusting.

No. 1091413

I wonder if she does this thinking it will get her reimbursed because she's an uwu spoiled bimbo princess, but she's just stupid. Old Gray seems to be over it just a little. Bragging about this shit while having "less in her bank than her OF account" is retarded. It doesn't matter how much is in her OF account, if she doesn't have a bankroll, she is broke. She can say whatever else about being "successful in her career" as she wants, but she tells on herself.

No. 1091416

File: 1606325256680.png (101.13 KB, 760x412, Screenshot_20201125-122602.png)

I'm guessing the "complication" was accidentally sucking shit out of her ass into the baster because she doesn't bother to prep or fast before anal. just typing that makes me want to hurl

No. 1091421

This is probably a dumb question and I doubt any anons can even answer this, but can that actually happen?

No. 1091425

this is Shatna. she gets shit all over her dildos even without introducing a device that creates suction. I'd be more surprised if it didn't happen

No. 1091427

Disgusting, imagine the dude having anal sex with this uwu bimbo princess… Probably ends up with shit dick….

No. 1091431

File: 1606326253663.jpg (343.41 KB, 1242x1679, cow-crossover.jpg)

when cows collide

shat retweeted this

No. 1091434

she’s so stupid, those cosplay contacts have caused so many people to have eye injuries because they’re not properly fitted. I think uniqso or ttdeye has multiple lawsuits against them for those reasons.

No. 1091443

yes. unless you clean the bottom end of your colon (end of your small intestines) with a simple water enema, there will be feces there. it’s how your intestines work. most porn actors who do anal use attachments in their shower to do water enemas and fast for a few hours before shooting.

but remember she’s such an anal princess everyone.

No. 1091445

File: 1606326728485.jpg (404.98 KB, 1080x1342, Screenshot_20201125-115215_Twi…)

No. 1091448

Remember those stupid ass plates she got him last year

No. 1091450

sage for blogpost but for halloween I purchased some creepy contacts from ttdeye. but I cleaned them and only wore them for like a couple hours so I was fine. But they weren't that comfortable. I feel like Shayna will fall asleep in them and go blind because she's that lazy and retarded. Or she will get pink eye because she doesn't wash her hands after picking at her dirty butthole.

No. 1091453

imagine not knowing what to get your own fucking dad. She knows him better than these scrotes on twitter.
kek yes those were so cheap and tacky.

No. 1091454

asking "actual dads" that follow her sexwork twitter where she promotes her daddy/daughter fantasy porn about gifts for her irl dad feels so disgusting

No. 1091459

Yeah, I do realize that. I guess the question was more about whether the shit would actually be suctioned/fit into the baster…god, ew kek. But makes sense that it would or could. Thank you for answering though, anon! The things we learn from Shitna.

No. 1091471

File: 1606328084443.jpg (Spoiler Image,70.35 KB, 1146x814, 1606044215180.jpg)

I hate to nitpick and make troons happy for saying this but Shay is the only woman I've seen in my life with genitals that literally look like she's a MTF with neovagina surgery. You can't tell me that the outer labia area doesn't look like a surgically altered ballsack. No cowtipping pls but this would blend right in on a MTF SRS porn subreddit (except the vaginal hole isn't in the taint but men are fucking retarded and useless at detecting troons and just in general so…). Neovag pic for comparison–have your eyebleach ready before opening, ladies.

No. 1091472

File: 1606328117929.jpg (883.35 KB, 1242x1351, IMG_5245.jpg)

No. 1091477

yes retweet shady looking porn while talking about you're dad the next second, she's fucking disgusting.
Why does I feel like lowkey she's trying to sexualize this, "finding my dad a present" thing.

No. 1091480

>lowkey trying to sexualize it
>"Real Men Rub Their Meat"
Yeah, not even lowkey about it. She's so fucking gross, I bet she legitimately fantasizes about fucking her biological father which is sickening to even type. Bitch is twisted.

No. 1091482

This is so disgusting and triggering to women of sexual assault. I hate that this bitch is trying to really normalize what looks like rape into porn and make it 'sexy.' Shay has a cumbrain the same as her idiot male fans

No. 1091483

Your diet plays a factor as well. I mean there will always be shit particles in your asshole. Even if the dick comes out “clean” it’s never really clean. But you’re more likely to avoid poo-dick if she eats healthier and not greasy garbage 3 times a day.

Jfc this should have been double spoilered or a warning in the beginning. Did not need to see inside out man taint.

No. 1091485

File: 1606328797744.png (Spoiler Image,5.14 MB, 1535x2048, 596140BD-ECA6-45CD-AEC0-299F2B…)

Photo posted on tumblr

No. 1091488

right? it is not even bdsm it looks like assault. The fact that there isn't even a source to these photos is shady. At least put a trigger warning for your followers since you like pretending to be woke, fat pig

No. 1091489

File: 1606329099404.jpeg (1.22 MB, 3464x3464, 020B6FD8-7CA7-4B60-B33D-2AFB9C…)

Copy right? If it’s posted on the internet it is going to get reposted whether you like it or not ….

No. 1091490

Wonder if she knows that the majority of her followers and likes are spam bots

No. 1091491

Thanks for the laughs, anons. I needed this today.

No. 1091492

File: 1606329257788.jpg (410.62 KB, 1242x1218, buysomechapstickshayna.jpg)

No. 1091500

So did Jillian lmao, what a cow collision

No. 1091506

This is beyond shady and creepy. What the fuck.

No. 1091532

troons aren't women, dipshit

No. 1091536

When you put it that way, eurgh. I know she can't make a separate Twitter because then she will truly have zero interaction, but how does she not see how gross and skeevy these kind of questions are.

No. 1091537

They're talking about labiaplasty, retard. It's usually porn stars that get it, but other women worried about having an "ugly" vulva do it too.

No. 1091546

smh this is so gross to even type out, but that’s the state of the utter pig. anyway based on the amount of (sugary) alcohol she drinks, and the amount of fatty cheemsburgers/other gross delivery shit/pure sugar she eats, she absolutely has not taken a solid shit in months, if not longer. it would honestly surprise me more if she managed to do the whole shoot without sucking liquid shit out of her own ass on camera

No. 1091549

>missing the obvious joke this bad
shit, bitch

No. 1091564

What the fuck is that retweet? Jesus fuck that's really bad. It looks so shady too. Way too much.

No. 1091596

why the fuck would you type this out, i swear to god some of y'all are just as nasty as her. you are taking the shaynasty factoid hunt too far, no one needs to know or think about this shit, literally.

No. 1091605

File: 1606341140045.png (29.25 KB, 200x202, B5E4ED30-CF79-4C3E-8007-F8781D…)

what the fuck is wrong with you

No. 1091606

Honestly the reason I asked in the first place was because I was hoping the answer would just be, "no, it's not actually possible."

No. 1091608

asking is okay, i was also hoping that would be the answer, but shit anons are so much worse than tit/pussy/labiaplasty/tit implant/whatever the fuck else spergs that haunt these threads like ghosts of insanity.
fucking get out for once and once you've reinstated social normalcy in your brain, only then engage with the threads because analyzing some cows shit consistency is not fucking normal.

No. 1091614

File: 1606342373479.jpeg (Spoiler Image,608.27 KB, 828x1223, 58608AE8-2336-4627-B38D-A77422…)

Look at the tags, from a scrote interacting with her, I’m fucking sick. Pedo pandering fat piece of shit.

No. 1091616

God she probably loves it anyways. Disgusting. People just put all this out there with their face attached.

No. 1091617

She bought that onesie just to rip a huge hole in it. Damn son

No. 1091625

File: 1606343424696.jpeg (250.43 KB, 1242x923, 84E2D1B6-9239-4396-A989-3B836E…)


No. 1091628

>runs to discord to whine about how everyone hates her

No. 1091631

File: 1606343851904.png (8.99 MB, 1242x2208, D8FD88AC-712C-4FC4-A889-C3C6E0…)


No. 1091636

I hate when she tries to be cute and do a nose crinkle, it just shows her butthole eyes

No. 1091637

Abre cancha mamaguebo(ok)

No. 1091638

Why the fuck is she at urgent care for a inhaler. YOU just need to call your pharmacy. That’s fucking all

No. 1091640

File: 1606344290224.png (8.33 MB, 1242x2208, 6B1E9A7F-BB3C-475C-BB1A-4C9709…)

No. 1091641

Brush your fucking hair,Shay

No. 1091643

She's a retard without insurance. She's been going to urgent care and I'm sure they just give her one albuterol inhaler with no refills available.

So she uses it all up in a month cause she can't breathe through her weed and ass fumes and then goes back to urgent care for another one.

Then she begs her simps to reimburse her doctor's trip cause it was ohh so expensive uwu

Rinse and repeat.

No. 1091645

File: 1606344376550.png (8.98 MB, 1242x2208, 66040E3A-EEEA-4247-8996-711833…)

How can you be this damn ugly with a Snapchat filter

No. 1091646

the annoying thing is with her hair type she'd have to brush it in the shower or else it'll go puffy. shame she never showers so it's always filthy

No. 1091649

Don’t pull your mask down at urgent care you twat FFS. It’s full of sick people. Toooo stupid for words. Also really showing off her gross little boy face here.

No. 1091652

She literally reading this forum rn to piss people off that she isn’t there for a real reason. I’ve never heard of a urgent care having a pharmacy at the location. Am I the only one ? Urgent care is for when it’s not life and death but still a emergency. Like when it’s not big enough for the emergency room, but your in bad shape. Not refills

No. 1091653

God I’m sorry to nitpick like a retard but her fingers got fat. I can’t.

No. 1091654

She looks related to fupa at this angle.

No. 1091655

Living her incest fantasy

No. 1091656

She looks like a rat rn, but how does someone look worst with makeup on. Like she’s still ugly without it, but with it she looks 10X worst

No. 1091658

I was literally thinking the same thing, anon.

Shave her head & she's Pugsley Addams.

No. 1091662

I came here to say this exact thing. She really does… good god…

No. 1091664

lmfao worst anon back at it(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1091666

Oh my god fuck off, grammar nazi. You are a million times more annoying than ESL anon.

No. 1091667

You girls better not start a grammar war again Kek

No. 1091686

Is that Critikal in the profile photo lol gross to use a YouTubers pic to do this shit.

No. 1091689

Her absolute lack of chin and stubby lil smokies fingers. She has ruined herself.

No. 1091691

That filter does nothing for her. It makes her look like a pitbull's asshole.

No. 1091694

why do you want to be banned over such a petty thing all the time?

No. 1091701

Lmfao she probably couldn’t fit it

No. 1091702

Sorry this was the first time I commented on her appearance. I didn’t realize it wasn’t acceptable. I was just so shocked. Won’t do it again

No. 1091712


I think that anon was commenting on the grammar you use making your posts stand out and not about your observation about her appearance; I think we’re all in agreement here that Shay’s face is unacceptable

No. 1091714

File: 1606349510929.jpg (83.7 KB, 1074x518, Screenshot_20201126-011001.jpg)

Dumb bitch tore her arsehole/colon shoving a baster up her ass. I can't.

No. 1091716

Her hair is clearly wavy/curly you can’t brush out curls because then your hair gets massive and look like shit

No. 1091718

nta but she could wet it, spray in some leave-in and run a comb through it. it’s not an impossible feat.

No. 1091726

Its pretty sad how haphazardly she treats her asshole kek. I never thought I'd be typing out a comment about Shays fucking sfinkter but if she keeps shoving random objects in her holes shes going to get a prolapse or something worse one of these days.

Vaginas are designed to push a baby out so they can handle a decent amount of shit without things going wrong but anal is not the same. Shes dumb as fuck for thinking its just going to keep "going back to normal" when her whole bread and butter for porn is shoving shit up there everyday almost.

SWers like Shay always seem to treat their genitals like punching bags. Its only a matter of time before she starts shitting herself because of that and her horribly disgusting diet of booze, sushi and weed cookies.

No. 1091741

File: 1606351567133.jpg (159.57 KB, 1242x707, thanksgivingforone.jpg)

I snorted this is so pathetic why would you tweet this??? I have second hand embarrassment

No. 1091744

File: 1606351653778.jpg (402.27 KB, 1242x721, IMG_5281.jpg)

No. 1091746

>old hillbilly
did one of you make that acc

No. 1091747

bitch lived on her own for how many years?? can't make herself anything lol broke bitch.

No. 1091749

no kek
he has been an orbiter for a while I see him in her replies

No. 1091751

guess fupa pissed her off enough that she decided against the $170 4-person thanksgiving meal kek

No. 1091753

that’s why you don’t shove hard molded plastic up your ass, idiot.

No. 1091756

ok this is super tinfoil so feel free to ignore me

Looking back at the old Shayna threads it seems obvious that she was on some type of hard drug. Between how underweight she was, the erratic weird behavior, and the dark circles under her eyes. I wonder if she got off whatever it was, started eating more, and that's the real reason for her enormous weight gain.

No. 1091760

File: 1606353094156.jpg (293.81 KB, 1080x1074, Screenshot_20201125-191027_Twi…)

Remember when she was charging people for her play list? Her username is: Rats-Head

No. 1091761

this is so retarded im not even going to humor it

No. 1091766

File: 1606353360704.jpg (428.71 KB, 1242x1141, IMG_5285.jpg)

>told someone

No. 1091767

ot but did she mean 60s? because most of these songs are from the 60s.

No. 1091769

no one told her that unless she's talking to herself

No. 1091770

Kek Fupa telling her to stop using food to cope with her downward spiral.
He likes fatties tho but Shay is a special kind of fatty I suppose.

No. 1091773

ntayrt, my army is growing and I'll happily take those bans until worst anon learns the difference, please google it for my autistic sake
Her face is the worse, we can all agree on that(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1091778



w o r s t

No. 1091791

Ntayrt but I’ll pipe up because I called it out like 2 threads ago and so did another anon before that and here we have this beautiful crusader >>1091773
Get with it anon/s

No. 1091794

Please tell us if she actually blocked you because posting a screenshot of her saying Screenshotting gets you blocked is fucking hilarious

No. 1091799

File: 1606356064493.jpeg (128.76 KB, 750x662, FE05CE1F-C46D-4640-9904-4E8D23…)

No. 1091804

then… i dunno… do that? stop hanging off of the same dude that doesn't want you? like i don't get what she expects anymore.

No. 1091807

I wonder if any stores in her area will be open tomorrow, It's probably because I live in bumfuck midwest but most of the stores in my area are closed on thanksgiving.

No. 1091808

Then stop chasing fupa and move on ffs.

You won't change him. Stop trying.

No. 1091810

File: 1606356575528.jpg (237.83 KB, 1080x896, 20201125_190903.jpg)

No. 1091812

File: 1606356685745.jpg (207.43 KB, 1080x774, 20201125_190920.jpg)

Suicide bait alert

No. 1091814

Do you think Shay only found out about fupa having 3 kids because lolcow?

No. 1091816

Surprise! All those tweets are now deleted.

Girl needs some self control.

No. 1091822

Which bf was Connor? The first or second? And kek, Fupa did not make you move there Shay. You willingly went there after dating for only 4 months

No. 1091823

File: 1606357508939.jpg (433.78 KB, 1080x1208, Screenshot_20201125-202459_Twi…)

Oh please Shay. You say this shit all the time and blame your actions on your "bipolar"

No. 1091824

"Who could pay his bills." No Shay, he most likely asked you to contribute to the bills and you threw an entitled fit

No. 1091825

Is she talking about the Seattle guy? Aka the guy she threw a fit over because he liked burnettes and not blondes? He never even dated Shay if shes talking about him.

No. 1091826

She wants Fupa to tell her to find someone else?? What?? Is she for real??? Take the hint shay. It’s been 2 years jfc.

Honestly I think she did kek

I believe this 100%. She wants to be “spoiled” and was not expecting to pay bills kek.

No. 1091827

She didn't mention any of her girlfriends. kek But she is totes Bi.

No. 1091829

You can literally change your username

No. 1091832

let’s not forget jailbait and shota! what the actual fuck, that’s so disgusting

No. 1091833

she literally referred to tha haturz as "psychotic losers" four days ago >>1088276

No. 1091838

Good catch anon! Didn't she have 2 "girlfriends"?

No. 1091840

Not to WK but she was replying to her own post about men in her life not “showering her in love “ so it makes sense she didn’t mention any women shockingly lol

No. 1091846

Why is she calling them “real” bfs? Is she implying she’s had fake ones?

No. 1091864

connor was her first bf. second bf was the dude she moved to seattle for and i dont think she ever posted pics of him or said his name. i believe they met on tumblr

No. 1091869

Kek I think she means not including men she just fucked around with.

No. 1091871

What about the dude who she was in a "poly relationship" with?

No. 1091875

Woah she moved twice all for a scrote??? What about that older couple she was with? Was that serious? I think they just used her as a slave to get them coffee and shit but didn’t touch her cause she’s crusty

No. 1091876

seattle dude

she had a gf too at the time

No. 1091892

Omg I feel nauseous, i'm going to vomit. This bitch makes me sick, absolutely putrid, vile, Nasty ass degenerate bitch, total horrorcow.

No. 1091894

File: 1606365197942.jpeg (213.34 KB, 1242x754, 46D2076A-8015-4237-8D7A-9FF58C…)

No. 1091895

i thought it was a “more for me, pick me, all men are perfect!” attitude for all men, no matter how shit they are? no, only for other women and you won’t hold yourself to that standard when you get hurt, even when it’s your own fault? and now you expect sympathy? cry harder. i can’t believe how dumb she is, she deserves no better than how every one of her relationships has turned out.

No. 1091903

File: 1606366370929.png (25.62 KB, 587x237, 2020-11-25 23_52_56-Window.png)

she has it so much harder than everyone else

No. 1091906

That was the dude she called grandpa and who would put her in a "trance"

No. 1091908

I got mental illnesses from reading this

No. 1091910

She’s such an insufferable cunt. What the fuck does she think “normal” mental illness is? Shayna other people TRY to cope with it and don’t complain on social media every time they have a nervous breakdown. And those people have actual problems and lives, they’re not crying over fupa you obese retard.

No. 1091911

File: 1606366970662.jpeg (645.93 KB, 1242x1245, 0ACE6320-D418-4C0B-A9B8-28F519…)

Noodle wishes you killed your self so she could go to a better home you lazy fat bitch

No. 1091912

File: 1606367010554.jpeg (219.15 KB, 750x275, 8E34F7A0-6E1D-4AF2-9266-2FA51F…)

No. 1091913

oops sorry we posted this at the same time

No. 1091916

Delete your post newfag

No. 1091922

she stole this caption from a viral twitter post btw (original post said something similar about dogs). she is so fucking desperate to go viral it's pathetic

No. 1091924

i feel so bad for her pets

No. 1091928

File: 1606367737461.jpeg (520.26 KB, 1242x1327, FD1D8101-939D-466D-8328-03D340…)

You literally fuck your disgusting snatch in front of your two pets dumb bitch

No. 1091929

This isn’t even animal abuse?? They aren’t fucking the dog why is fatty so triggered

No. 1091931

File: 1606367849733.jpeg (412.41 KB, 1242x1281, 53C08215-C6EA-4581-BAC6-6457DD…)

She is such a hypocritical retard

No. 1091932

Coming from the bitch who uses a cage, slept in the cage when Fupa said to, bought dog bowls to use in a video

No. 1091938

Ummm using the same dog cage as Noodle? Her chewing on your dildos? Dressing up like a dog and saying puppy parts? She throws a fit whenever people call her out but she’s the first to be bitching or vague twitting about other sw.

No. 1091940

Also her taking nudes at the dog park and having Noodle sitting with her while on cam

No. 1091942

This!! Noodle is always around whenever she is nude and doing camming. She doesn’t even put her pets in a different room yet she criticizes a cringy nsfw post that had nothing to do with sex just a sub being weird and sitting and rolling like a retard

No. 1091943

for someone who says callout culture = the road to twitter clout, she loves to call people out constantly. and it always ends up making her look like a hypocrite

No. 1091947

File: 1606368860694.jpeg (371.38 KB, 1242x907, 21F63747-23CF-4E47-BA02-E1C26B…)

Talk to your therapist or your friends

No. 1091951

>validation that ppl like me
We don't.

No. 1091952

File: 1606369571908.png (10.4 KB, 589x84, 2020-11-26 00_46_03-Window.png)

No. 1091954

There's even a pic a few threads back of her naked, her legs in the air, and noodle sitting next to her

No. 1091959


Absolutely laughable

No. 1091963

Poor Ribmeat, she acts as if her cat is non-existent. At this point she should just find a better home for him (Ideally for all of her pets, but that won’t happen unfortunately )

No. 1091966

Rib should've stayed with Fupa

No. 1091984

She's crazy, Fupa and her break up and her mento illness pops up, suddenly ALL her relationships are due to aint shit men.
She has NOTHING to do with it.
not that she was dating men not okay with sex work, giving niggas money, not that she was doing pedo pandering porn and with a man with multiple fucking kids, who ANY WOMAN with childern would not want to deal with if they found out his "kink" and gf.

Nope. Not her bragging about taking childern's college funds, her hate for women, her craziness, nope.
everything is someone elses fault.
Then she calls out someone for "involving animals in kink" when she literally dressed as a toddler to make porn, used a dog cage, said her cat spots looked like a penis and does porn with her animals in frame.
She's retarded.

No. 1091991

File: 1606373964993.jpeg (595.91 KB, 1242x1567, 99A24F71-55EE-4CA4-AEF5-47687D…)

No. 1092003

im sorry but the paragraphs are not necessary

No. 1092005

didn't know I asked you

No. 1092010

Nta but literally no one asked for your blog post either. Go back to twitter already.

No. 1092011

so don't read it

No. 1092012


No. 1092031

Thriving lifestyle there! Spending thanksgiving alone, playing Apex, and ordering Doordash.

Tbf a holiday is a valid excuse to take the day off. But she would regardless because she's upset with Fupa again. She's a broken record. Like stop talking to and about him if he hurts you and it's so toxic and shit. Enough is well past enough idiot.

No. 1092070

>too "high risk" to buy her own groceries, uses doordash multiple times a day for things like sugary coffee and candy
>"I'll hire a stranger to come make close physical contact with me for an extended period of time"

she's only high risk when it comes to chores or doing something she doesn't want to do. it's also pathetically obvious she just wants fupa to be jealous. newsflash, he doesn't care about you. it's been two years since he kicked you out. move the fuck on

I wonder if he's been posting here tbh

No. 1092082

File: 1606393055573.jpg (275.6 KB, 1080x2186, 20201126_121658.jpg)

Wtf she's over level 100 and has only ever had 47 kills, why would you even buy a gaming PC when you suck so much

No. 1092084

nitpick but you can't??

No. 1092086

File: 1606394399569.jpeg (150.74 KB, 750x838, 27826CDC-EE61-4AC6-B2E5-9062B0…)

I know nothing about this game but wtf

“I think sex worke-“ shut THE FUCK UP shayna if you can’t take any criticism no one wants to hear your retarded opinions about your disgusting “”job””

No. 1092094

I hate how she sees something she doesn't like and instead of tweeting it to the person she runs here. What she said wasn't rude at all she could've easily said this to them, but I guess the thought of someone cricizing her is too much.

No. 1092097

>I love my job, it’s so empowering!
>”Fuck my Face, Professor”

No. 1092133

Ily anon, never change

No. 1092140

File: 1606404539329.jpeg (317.46 KB, 1242x950, 11840269-D912-4B21-8B75-98BB6F…)

Shaynas going to be mad some other fat ugly sex worker is doing disgusting turkey porn

For once shay started a trend(no1curr)

No. 1092149

Ew, wtf. This is even worse than shatna’s

No. 1092157

damn those people can't be sexy or transport erotic ideas if their lives depended on it

No. 1092162

Is this bitch selfposting again?

No. 1092169

I got triggered when I realized it was this bitch AGAIN lmao. Shayna’s crazier, uglier, even more irrelevant stalker is back to promote herself.

No. 1092180

Why would she roast herself in a thread? She’s known for hyping herself up

No. 1092183

People like Shayna and Savannah crave attention so badly that they don’t care whether it’s negative or positive

No. 1092188

OT but yes click the settings, click your profile, and edit profile. You can change your profile/display name. Not the username, but the profile name is what shows anyway. Spotifyfag sorry.

So either she doesnt use spotify at all or she likes her "edgy" teen handle lol.

No. 1092193

>when your life is in a constant perpetual downward spiral, and you decided to embarrass yourself by roasting your own appearance to self post/promote yourself in a thread about another fat, hideous and failing sex worker.

WHEW …girl. Get some help and learn to love yourself.

No. 1092196

Girl that like not even level 10 relax

No. 1092198

What about her gf? She’s bi so why doesn’t she ruminate on how that went and consider dating women? Wonder why.

No. 1092201

Get banned forever you’re so fucking annoying stop self posting nobody cares about you

No. 1092209

File: 1606411060084.jpeg (590.95 KB, 1242x1526, BD8C02F4-15F2-478B-A1AA-F5310D…)

She doesn’t even have enough money for food so she has to beg so sad and pathetic

No. 1092210

File: 1606411166489.jpeg (609.36 KB, 1242x1605, 85043B42-4AFC-4C5A-868D-85B57C…)

Imagine spending your thanksgiving in your disgusting apartment with two smelly animals you don’t take care of; and all you’re doing is day drinking, dm’ing your degenerate oribiters because you have no friends and refreshing lolcow

No. 1092217

File: 1606411388549.png (944.19 KB, 1202x1382, Bildschirmfoto 2020-11-26 um 1…)

pretty interesting post though, they are shading shay in her comments. or maybe i am tripping.

No. 1092219

She’s known for nothing kek she’s just a weird Shayna wannabe with even more purchased followers and even worse engagement. Fuck off Savannah.

No. 1092220

Kek Shayna is going to freak when she sees this

Savannah fuck off nobody likes you. Mediocre white ugly whore

No. 1092221

No. 1092232

i’m not WK but if you go to her OF she has 241k+ likes and has been nominated for awards so she’s clearly doing better than Shayna. her follower count on twitter seems partially faked but based on her OF numbers she still has more buyers than Shayna could even dream of.

and tinfoil but I don’t know if she’s been posting those pics, I think Shayna is actually posting in the thread trying to make it look like Savannah is posting. I think the first time it actually was Savannah but now Shayna wants to be vengeful and claim Savannah’s copied her. she even acknowledged on her twitter that the turkey shoot was meant to be weird nightmare fuel and was joking about it. Shayna actually tried to pass it off as serious.


No. 1092235

I sincerely think this is a Shay post because only shayna would actually think she started a trend of dressing up like a “sexy” turkey for thanksgiving. it’s just shay giving herself asspats.

No. 1092239

I could see Shayna or an orbiter doing this tbh

No. 1092240

File: 1606413608115.jpeg (345.07 KB, 1125x1859, 2DDC9572-8889-48B1-9963-EBA34B…)

Uwu gamer girl doesn’t even know what steam is kek

No. 1092243

does anyone know who mistletitties is?

No. 1092244

File: 1606413982484.jpeg (878.64 KB, 1242x1474, 748F38EA-9528-4D4B-824E-E10226…)

This is so ugly

No. 1092245

No. 1092246

my guess is it's pixie
this is the tackiest setup i've ever seen

No. 1092247

Shayna is nowhere near as attractive as this barbie doll, don't flatter her. In fact, current shayna looks opposite to this.

No. 1092249

Pretty sure they were talking about the comment below not the doll anon

No. 1092252

they had to bring up "Barbie", since Shay calls herself Barbie, despite looking like a neanderthal with fake lashes

No. 1092253

it’s so cluttered, how the hell are you gonna play anything with your keyboard and monitor set up like that? has she never used a pc?

No. 1092254


did the gamer girl forget shes gonna need a camera to stream/camwhore?

No. 1092257

Jesus Christ lol
She posted one being ordered from Amazon with all the other stuff but not seen it.

No. 1092265

this is probably the most obvious self-post I have ever seen

No. 1092266

We need to just ignore the bitch. Let her post and get banned; but stop giving her attention. Lets get back on track with Shays pathetic Thanksgiving.

No. 1092267

File: 1606416822964.jpeg (Spoiler Image,281.28 KB, 722x599, FBDCB766-175C-4A29-9181-98FDC1…)

OF anon come through kek

No. 1092268

How can one not know what Steam is… or that one can buy games digitally wtf it’s like time stopped moving in her depressed goblin world since 2013

No. 1092272

File: 1606417457471.gif (Spoiler Image,7.54 MB, 640x640, 72DB118D-F4FE-4A68-9DCA-85E444…)

No. 1092273


kek what the fuck

No. 1092274

I’m going to scream

No. 1092277


tinfoil but i wonder if that trip to the ER she took suspiciously after filming this was actually cause she “nicked her hole” like she said in discord and she freaked out cause blood was coming out of her ass when she was pushing the fake cum out of her asshole?

No. 1092278

This looks like a tranny's set up from the battle station threads on 4chan /g/.

The lighting in this really does make her vag look like raw turkey.

No. 1092281

> is there like a service that sells games on pc

kek wtf is she serious?? why would you buy a semi-serious gaming pc without knowing whether you even enjoy playing??? she obviously never played anything if she doesn't even know steam wtf I can't with that bitch

No. 1092287

she didn’t go to the er she went to urgent care to get a no refill inhaler because she’s too broke and stupid to get an actual primary care doctor and just get free refills on state insurance

No. 1092288

I doubt she even knows how to play using a keyboard.

No. 1092297

File: 1606419543287.jpg (92.52 KB, 1080x757, Screenshot_20201126-193737_Twi…)

Dirty deletes

No. 1092299

I can’t believe this idiot doesn’t even put a condom on the household objects she’s shoving inside herself. It’s so dangerous and disgusting.

No. 1092300

Is she talking about us telling the other worthless whore to fuck off?

No. 1092304

this i think the same,Shay u r ugly and fat no one here is on your side lmao.

No. 1092312

I'm so fucking bothered by the fact that she placed the monitor in the corner of that table. Her keyboard is going to be mostly on top of nothing with that retarded ass placement. Like why can't you just use the other half of the table for setup and the another for storing your plastic shit from china. I can't with this bitch

No. 1092320

I cannot believe she dropped 2k on a setup when she doesn’t even know what Steam is……. How does she not cringe HERSELF out?

No. 1092325

File: 1606423850880.gif (11.97 MB, 360x640, C1314655-7C16-4E40-AF3F-DCA3C0…)

No. 1092338

the keyboard is so fucking tacky, it looks like a toy. her flexing is so annoying, as if she worked hard to earn the money to buy this ugly set up, she straight up begged for it and anyone who gave her money expecting her to start streaming/camming is getting scammed big time. that pc will rot on that crammed desk kek

No. 1092339

File: 1606424583323.jpg (342.57 KB, 1080x1068, Screenshot_20201126-150208_Twi…)

Sure Shay. Yours sounds like it's going to break every time you use it

No. 1092340

File: 1606424633977.jpg (212.43 KB, 1080x498, Screenshot_20201126-150040_Twi…)

Another sad attempt of trying to go viral

No. 1092347

Hilarious to see her telling people they’re wasting their money when her whole computer set up is very that. Like 800 dollars for a monitor and all you do is play apex casually… she probably doesn’t even realize her monitor quality will have no affect on her stream.

No. 1092348

samefag but I’ve actually never met a girl who was this out of touch on how games/computers work.

No. 1092358

It's one th