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File: 1654628122704.jpeg (73.53 KB, 640x480, 7AD4AEB6-5C6D-49ED-95B4-60B8E3…)

No. 1552379

Previous thread: >>>/snow/1541357

Repetitive nitpicks about Shayna's body, face, and genitals are subject to a 1 day ban. Reposting the same photos zoomed in or edited is not milk and you will receive a ban for nitpicking.
REMEMBER: Read the rules before posting. Stay on topic, derailing and infighting will result in a ban Sage when there’s no milk. Spoiler any nsfw images. No blogposting. This is a Shay thread, curb your enthusiasm when posting sceenshots of other e-whores, they go in the e-whore thread >>>/snow/1363903

Last thread
>Shayna lets her hatred for women slip, tweeting about how almost everyone who harasses her is a girl >>>/snow/1541498
>Still struggling with quitting weed >>>/snow/1541658
>Posted a photo looking better then normal >>>/snow/1542053 before ruining it by posting an awful unfiltered version of the look >>>/snow/1542120 then quickly deleting it after realizing how bad it is
>Followed by a spree of drunk dancing videos >>>/snow/1542157, >>>/snow/1542171, getting upset that her coomers dont "appreciate" them >>>/snow/1542166 and deleting >>>/snow/1542186
>Had her monthly moment of self awareness of her failure as a whore >>>/snow/1542583, >>>/snow/1542585
>After bragging about being able to pay for an apartment in "Seattle" all by herself (again) >>>/snow/1542700, has to beg for rent because shes short (again) >>>/snow/1546001
>Flew to her dads house before heading to Ireland as a family >>>/snow/1544200, posting gross photos from the airplane >>>/snow/1544360
>Spends her first day in Ireland looking incredibly awkward >>>/snow/1547045 at the Guinness factory >>>/snow/1547304 drinking from 6am to night >>>/snow/1547435
>Took time from her vacation to bitch about diaperfags making eveything about diapers >>>/snow/1548212, and expecting her to fulfill their fantasies >>>/snow/1548235
>A few wild Shayna sightings from a relatives videos >>>/snow/1550365, >>>/snow/1551055
rather then traveling with "friends" as stated on cam, she is with a large group of at least 10 extended family members including her dad, step mom, brother, step sister, and step brother
>Put out an awkward video gently slapping herself while masturbating >>>/snow/1551633
>Will be traveling across Ireland until ~June 15th

https://discord.com/invite/eA8kSzuz (need ID to join)
Snapchat: irlbarbiedolly

Ellen "Patricia" Dresel:
>Shayna's "gf," Seattle/Renton, WA Nanny

Other relationships:
“The Dad” or "Daddy"
>The 45 year old mystery man she’s “dating,” met him on seeking arrangements, ex sugar daddy turned boyfriend
”Slave Dad”
>@bluefrodo1 on Twitter, submissive masochist “slave” of Ellen and Shay, participated in a video getting smacked around in Shay's pathetic attempt to domme >>>/snow/1362327
”Twitter Splenda Daddy” #1
Jason R Womack of Oklahoma, @okietwister85/ @womackglass on Twitter AKA "Womack"
>In love with Shayna, helps Ellen pay her rent, currently her main cash cow
”Twitter Splenda Daddy” #2
Mike Slack of Missouri, Zap_man68, @GNotold on Twitter AKA "Greyhair"
>Redneck right-wing trucker who gets off to his own daughter's porn >>>/snow/1523443
>Shayna's #1 twitter pal, replies to all of her tweets, frequently with monstersinc.gif

No. 1552380

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No. 1552392

File: 1654628509561.jpeg (343.9 KB, 1080x2182, 4410D856-CA29-4466-AF0E-25BFF7…)

Some screenshots from videos of the concert she went to with her siblings last night. In the video at the top she was lip synching in public just like she does on cam kek. She seemed pretty buzzed but they all looked like they were having fun

No. 1552395

For my potatoes, they’re in Dingle, Ireland today

No. 1552397

Applause nonnie well done thread

No. 1552443

File: 1654630713648.jpg (83.36 KB, 729x486, basset-hound-with-cat-closeup.…)

thank you nonas for the thread! shay is still going strong… it feels like we were celebrating the 100th thread not too long ago

No. 1552451

File: 1654630898014.png (265.46 KB, 934x1120, Screenshot 2022-06-08 at 2.39.…)

sometimes when you win, you lose

No. 1552465

Kek, this bingo would definitely fill up faster then the Shayna in Ireland one

No. 1552468

very good job with the thread nona!

pre-emptive congratulations to everyone for getting a full bingo card within the first 100 posts! we did it!

No. 1552486

She’s hella ugly

No. 1552504

it's crazy how normal she looks when she's actually being normal around normal people.Then she goes homes and writes about wanting to be drugged as and raped by her "momma" and "daddy". She doesn't deserve her family.

No. 1552506

The lovechild of the hartley hooligan and a caveman

No. 1552518

she certainly isn't good looking, but like >>1552504 said, on this trip she is this really boring, normie girl no one looks at twice, especially in presence of her more fortunate looking stepsister. shat isn't inbred levels of ugly, but also nowhere near pretty. in germany we would say "dorfpomeranze" kek. we only rag on her looks here because her inner ugliness (and lack of hygiene) truly make her ugly on the outside as well. someone who interacts with incestuous rapists and diaperwearing trannys for a living (or in shaynas case, pennies) deserves to be debased in every aspect.

No. 1552520

I mean shes ugly and retarded and disgusting still, but it's interesting to see her actually being happy and having a good time. Whenever she goes out in the past she's getting her tits or asshole out to please coomers and trying to be sexy and uwu quirky but it's really transparent that she's faking it and really not even genuinely enjoying it.
Her energy here is more like a younger version of Shay.
Won't go so far as to say Im happy for her or anything because she could be part of her family and she could just hang out and make friends like normal people, but she sunk herself into a degenerate life and circle.

No. 1552522

her head looks big, she looks like all the girls who were mean and thin in highschool but now are fat and desesperate, and she doesn’t even have a child lol

No. 1552546


It is kind of nice to see her enjoying herself around people her own age, but she's still a pedo pandering whore so there's that.

No. 1552558

The lack of tits out public bathroom selfies makes me think that her family put conditions her travelling with them.

No. 1552565

File: 1654639846297.jpeg (88.62 KB, 640x494, 18D88E4F-FAE0-4AA9-8B91-E093BD…)

uff that brow ridge, literal neanderthal

No. 1552575

File: 1654640473522.jpg (44.8 KB, 400x280, tumblr_ntnxfz3o891rsoq23o1_400…)

Full disclosure, if Shayna had a gaggle of friends her own age still she would not be the smoking trainwreck we see today, the thread would not have made it past the single digits. I know all these girls were messy to some degree, but the twitter scrote echo chamber literally poisoned her already weed fried brain.

No. 1552580

The bottom middle square should say “she looks like she finally lost some weight”

No. 1552589

Should have added the nonnies who come in to say how shat isn’t ugly when there’s literal proof of her ugly

No. 1552590

I think she might genuinely be taking this as a vacation and trying to just be more normal tbh. She only has wifi so she can't post every retarded thing and she doesn't have time to beg for attention from coomers

No. 1552598

You forgot a random newbie coming in to ask about her veiny tit and starting a derail.

No. 1552606

Because she has no choice. She will go right back to her ways once she's home. Not sure why anons are still insisting this hog is 'changing'.

No. 1552613


I think most people are hoping she will change. The most she's probably done was lose a few pounds from lack of munchies and vomiting. She'll probably lose more because she's walking everyday instead of sitting around and eating and getting sloppy drunk at 12pm. That's about as much as she'll change though.

She's 25, not too old to change before it's too late, but her life is bearable enough for her to maintain some level of comfort with herself and her situation. She's going to come back and eventually spill how she really felt during the trip and we'll have something to laugh at, but this isn't going to be some eye opening experience that prompts her to delete her diaper dolly Twitter page and attempt to get a real job. At most, it will be something she reflects on when her back is actually against the wall, but in the end, she's having some level of fun on her vacation so I doubt the milk will even be that good. But, I think her and her stepsister might be warming up to one another a little. Or they're playing nice for the week. Nothing too dramatic.

No. 1552624

File: 1654645865390.jpg (20.05 KB, 488x472, 94s2c.jpg)

Can fanfic and sweet summer child anons fuck off? Its been over a hundred threads and we still have people coming into here with their assbrain """theories""" about porky pig turning her life around. Its as unbearable as when anons come in here with their retarded, "SHAY IF UR READING I GOT THREE ITEMS FOR YOU GLOSSIER PUMICE STONE MILK CLEANSER YW!1!1"

No. 1552670

Kek I've been in this thread for like 2 years but I can't remember, has she ever been gifted hygiene products off Amazon?

No. 1552676

No. Anons will come in giving product recs to fat shat sometimes and its as redundant as titsperging or ass boils being considered milk at this point. The bitch doesn't want to be saved and people itt need to get that through their heads. If they want to be captain save a hoe and be the null to shay's chris-chan, they should go do it somewhere else.

No. 1552680

thank u nonnies for put my shitty edit for the thread pic, i feel seen

No. 1552709

Kek I was looking for that one too

No. 1552718

I go back and forth on this one since Colleen turned out somewhat normal-ish but Jess ended up even worse than Shay. But either way it's pure fanfic speculation since she abandoned Jess over a dumb spat and seemed to have zero hesitation about dropping Colleen again once she decided to go back to WA instead of moving closer to home. I don't think she has the capacity to be close with women for very long.

No. 1552722

File: 1654655920767.jpeg (Spoiler Image,474.27 KB, 828x1135, 12EA1873-8572-4946-9F08-B21E18…)

Gross, why would she say that? These videos are so weird, they’re all just this Mickey Mouse motherfucker trying to goad her into being sexual and her just cracking weird jokes and awkwardly laughing while he punches her https://streamable.com/wd737h

No. 1552723

File: 1654656316409.jpeg (Spoiler Image,317.36 KB, 1280x725, 5508F151-A1DA-4160-999A-750546…)

He also uploaded his version of the video along with these screenshots where she appears to be laughing through the whole thing. Correct me if I’m wrong but I don’t think most men who buy videos of girls getting punched do it to see them laughing about it the entire time

No. 1552728

hes so gross and he looks like a penis

No. 1552732

File: 1654657685659.jpeg (158.12 KB, 648x322, 12398979-50E7-4C2C-8609-F7F1EE…)

I don’t understand why she didn’t change outfits if they were going to film so many parts of this garbage

No. 1552764

I wasn't implying that. Im not one of the anons who thinks this could be a wake up call for Shat. I was just saying I think she 1, hates her life in general so she's taking in the vacation and not needing to fill the void by taking crusty nudes for twitter. And also that she can't live blog every minute she's there because she has no data, only wifi.
I'm sure as soon as she's back she's gonna spam post every single thing from mundane to degenerate both fabricated and true. Then after a while I bet she'll shit talk her family too because she's such an ungrateful idiotic cunt.

No. 1552769

>she looks like all the girls who were mean and thin in highschool
kek can you fattynons stop telling on yourselves

No. 1552783

Seriously, how many more parts of this shit is there going to be? This scrote’s milking Shayna more than us at this point

No. 1552787

This is the least sexual thing ever just looking at those screenshots I can tell there’s no arousal from either of them. It doesn’t even seem fun for shayna because she’s so awkward and uncomfortable, just deluded into liking getting hit because that’s the only thing her partners do.

No. 1552797

This should also be part of the bingo sheet, there’s always at least one anon sperging about shart and writing fanfics about her.
And we could also add the advice stuff because it also happens every thread.

No. 1552812

Wow she really hates this. Some people laugh when they are nervous/uncomfortable. I’m sure it was bad for him, too. I don’t really like him but imagine that with others, scenes are more “professional”, or at least his female partner is not clearly choosing to do something she is sexually averse to

No. 1552820

File: 1654670454643.jpeg (1.03 MB, 2604x3170, C3E95F5C-EB25-436C-86AB-C27785…)

Her lopsided combover is so ugly kek

No. 1552824

This never fails to make me laugh. Did they actually leave that in the video?? How tf would anyone get off to this? Is this from thread 9?

No. 1552826

File: 1654670766050.gif (Spoiler Image,974.33 KB, 238x422, B03DEBF1-B35B-4D41-9063-80C389…)

It reminds me of when she did that real time bondage thing and was fucking dancing around and laughing in the background during another girls scene. She’s completely unprofessional

No. 1552829

No. 1552831

Anons who say Shayna was better skinny needs to see this
Thank you nonnie

No. 1552832

Oh lord, not the floral knock off Docs

No. 1552833

Kek she’s such a sped

No. 1552841

No wonder agencies don’t wanna work with her, she’s so unprofessional, did she really think this was the right mood for dancing like she has actual retardation? Bitch has brain rot fr

No. 1552911

I mean, she’s still mildly less repugnant when she was skinny, because everyone is (to a degree).

No. 1552917

File: 1654685722860.gif (Spoiler Image,3.52 MB, 375x210, D4EC27E1-274A-43D0-B521-9AE8CD…)

sage for old milk but that’s not the only unprofessional thing she did, my personal favourite is when she wiped her snotty nose off her knee twice in the bg of one shot lmao

No. 1552940

the entire video is repulsive but shayna is the icing on the cake

No. 1552970

Wtf is that bitch getting Saran wrapped like a plate of potato salad?
She was better when she was skinny, I think a flat ass is fine as long as you have a flat stomach to go with it. She literally did have a nice body back then which isn’t a compliment cause it has deteriorated into a cottage cheese sack real quick

No. 1552976


That other girl looking like she's regretting every choice that led her to this moment plus retardo in the background trying to scratch her nose is just, poetry in motion.

No. 1552987

i’ll admit sometimes i take comments about her body personally because mine is similar, except with wider hips and not so broad shoulders……. and she reminds me to never let myself get fat.

No. 1552996

Honestly the fanfic only really comes out when Shay's threads get seriously boring. It's saged so I'll allow it. She's not posting much due to her lack of consistent internet access so we're all clearly at each other's throats and acting loopy in our milk drought.
Nonny, please don't admit this on here!
Ah, Shay the Asexual in her element. She can't even fake ot or play along. No wonder she's broke.

No. 1553059

Threads don’t have to be constantly active even if nothing is happening with the cow. That’s retarded and makes it difficult to sift through the autism for actual milk.

No. 1553065

This looks like a snuff film. Disgusting, but it would be funny to see the fatty tied up like a hog. The lighting showed every pimple and wrinkle

No. 1553118

>>723532 Is this the same sol as she "worked" with recently?

No. 1553121

Good spot, it is

No. 1553122

yup, he was one of her discord orbiters too, so him saying he didn't know that shat is a nazi or whatever is a big fat lie

No. 1553132

She just can’t stand not being the center of attention

No. 1553133

nonni she doesnt have hips either lol but dont worry, we are not attacking u! dnt take it personal x

No. 1553162

>>1553133 kek why does this read like Shayna

No. 1553164

probably a twitterfag sw. they all type the same way lol

No. 1553214

Tied up like a hog >>/snow/1317352

No. 1553266

First of all, why? To jerk off to? Secondly, fucking newfag.

No. 1553292

File: 1654712324681.jpg (Spoiler Image,171.66 KB, 1280x853, ShaynaHogford.jpg)

>>1553065 Before Sol Saga are you happy now?

No. 1553299

Is this from the new cronenberg movie? Jfc

No. 1553305

honestly no, but my curiosity is satiated

No. 1553318

i’ll admit she does look better like that, and by “like that” i mean with her entire face covered.

No. 1553319

holy shit the state of her ass. Its all cottage cheese. Not even the lighting can hide that.

No. 1553321

don't be a bitch nona

No. 1553328

Then learn2sage and learn2integrate or fuck off back to Twitter

No. 1553331

Christ she’s retarded

No. 1553369

Anon stop, you don’t have her body if you actually have hips and small shoulders. You don’t look like a board. Be happy.

No. 1553431

Update for the potato anons, they went to the Cliffs of Moher today and they’re staying in Galway tonight. She hasn’t posted anything on Snapchat today so she must not have WiFi

No. 1553522

That’s why you saaaaaaage!
>I’ll allow it
Kek okay, haven’t posted since the trip but
thanks for the permission
Like you

No. 1553548

>>1553321 that anon is not me and >>1553164 i dont even have twitter but keep projecting i guess, i was trying to sound not that mean because the hips thing came out a lil mean, sorry you are so bitter for nothing x

No. 1553588

File: 1654727260874.jpg (50.07 KB, 1280x720, jupiter.jpg)

Her ass is so bad in this it looks like a NASA photograph of Jupiter.

No. 1553594

worms when it's raining

No. 1553611

All the girls calling Shayna a fridge are pear shaped Fattys trying to feel better about their weight problems. I mean look at at mistress gore and her wide load of a backside. It's probably her.

No. 1553620

Maybe Glitter and Lazers and Sierra Schultzie lurk on this thread. Kek.

No. 1553675

I know it has been said countless times, but Shay looks so much like gun girl that I keep thinking this new thread pic IS her. Plus they have the same delusional sense that they are so hot that people are simply jealous.

No. 1553685

They both have the caveman brow along with the poodle hair.
You don’t have to be a fatty to see the lack of waist and instead see an inflatable tube.

No. 1553829

This would make a perfect banner omg

No. 1553857

File: 1654741215161.jpeg (374.57 KB, 1284x833, 61EE4558-5B0F-4FD0-9FEE-EA426D…)

Its so funny that she liked this kek all shayna knows is self love

Is this about her ‘healing’ from fupa?? I’m certain that fupa does not give a fuck

No. 1553928

I didn’t know being skinny and having a waist were mutually exclusive.

No. 1553930

I find this tweet particularly kek-worthy after all the infighting, fanfiction writing, and schizoposting in the last thread all because Shayna decided to spend less time online for like a week kekekek

No. 1553932

Samefag >>1553930 but a lot of the users on this site are literal children. There's no use infighting with such underaged takes >>1553611

No. 1553933

Let's be fair though anon, she didn't choose to. She just can't afford roaming data and wasn't smart enough to buy a new throwaway sim for the trip.

No. 1553975

Barrel-chan admitting to being a perfect 35-35-35 on an chan board full of catty bitches is probably the most retarded thing I've seen on here, and Shay's threads go full retard constantly

No. 1554075

Her face and ass match, this is one textured bitch

No. 1554250

Shut up Glitter and Lazers.

No. 1554252

I mean fridge shaped bodies are unattractive of course but so are big asses and wobbly thighs. Unless you want to attract some ghetto scrote. Shat just needs to lose 20lbs.

No. 1554258

Anons are going to become triggered by me saying this but Shat used to have a really good body. She was lean, firm and athletic with no exaggerated curves anywhere and she also wasn't underweight. I mean if we are talking about what dullard scrotes like in a woman that's a different thing, but studies show that more intelligent men on average like slender women with small bust and a flat butt. Most women would kill to have Shat's body when she was skinny. She was still awkward with no social skills whatsoever and that's a different matter.

No. 1554290

> but studies show that more intelligent men on average like slender women with small bust and a flat butt
Kill me now. Who cares what men like?

No. 1554304

File: 1654773899702.jpeg (314.59 KB, 1170x906, 2940BB62-8B92-4E7A-8FBF-F9F831…)

Stay classy Shay

No. 1554308

nobody spoke about what scrotes like, because nobody here cares. you obviously have an extra chromosome if you think skinny = athletic

No. 1554311

So studies show scrotes prefer twinks

No. 1554318


bitch was flabby and built like a little boy when she was skinny

No. 1554321

I agree with you. Shart's past body on anyone else would be pretty good, especially the long legs (and yes, she did look “athletic” in a sense because you could see the shape of her hamstrings and quad sweep). Her weird giraffe posture was the main problem.

No. 1554334

You're obviously jealous because you have a big ass and have to wear a bra. There is nothing to be jealous of now of course because shay looks as busted as you probably do.(rattle me bones)

No. 1554350

i feel like we might be talking about a different era than some other anons here. wayyyyy back in the day, when she was active and used to go hiking and camping, and was a normal teenager, she had a good body. as soon as she got into sex work (which would be when the threads started) she got lazy af and turned skinny fat, and then obviously it was all downhill from there. not a good look.

No. 1554352

Shayna also had to wear a bra back then, she just didn’t. Her tits/nipples showing through her shirts looked awful. Quit infighting already

No. 1554380

“You’re jealous you have to wear a bra”

This might be the most retarded thing I’ve ever read in these threads. What are you? 12? A scrote? You’re the one with the extra chromosome aren’t you?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1554394

> You're obviously jealous because you have a big ass and have to wear a bra
I can hear your bones rattling from here. We’re all at least supposed to be biological adult women here, which means for the most part we aren’t going to have the bodies of prepubescent children.

No. 1554395

The infighting is extra cancer today

No. 1554403

‘Smart men like flat asses’ kek

No. 1554404

>built like a little boy
I thought women can never look male? How are you any better than a TRA?

No. 1554479

The retards in this thread have been more embarrassing than Shayna has over the past few days.

No. 1554482

I feel like once the step sister was brought back into the minds of farmers they lost their shit.

No. 1554527

step sister is stunning, i cant believe how bad Shayna would look at her side kek

No. 1554533

She looks so autistic

No. 1554565

they really are doing the most stereotypical “Plastic Paddy” itinerary
Guinness tour! Kiss the Blarney Stone! The Dingle Peninsula! What’s left, the Ring of Kerry and Killarney National Park?

No. 1554572

>intelligent men on average like slender women with small bust and a flat butt

Imagine choosing to accept how you look based only on what men like. I feel sorry for you, honestly. Nothing wrong with small breasts and a flat ass but to come here and say that’s what moids prefer? A woman shouldn’t give two shits what men prefer. I hope you grow out of your pickme-ism soon.

No. 1554581

You’re reaching flabby Chan.

No. 1554609

Who gives a fuck? It's a family vacation.

No. 1554661

File: 1654795619981.jpg (82.87 KB, 1080x501, Screenshot_20220609-102506_Sam…)

Maybe we can check of the ER on the bingo card soon kek.
Do we think she caught some bug or is it the "chronic nausea" or whatever the fuck she's calling it now?

No. 1554674

File: 1654795920112.jpg (566.99 KB, 4096x2346, GridArt_20220609_122732103.jpg)

Wonder why she deleted the picture of noodle and Mr peanut butter? And other tweets she's since deleted.

No. 1554706

It’s probably still fun for them, touristy things are there for a reason. I never got the point of policing what people do and don’t do on their own vacation time.

No. 1554716

Americans hate the American Tourist stereotype because it's usually genetic boomers being loud, rude and entitled. Anons are just being hipsters.

No. 1554723

At least those kinds of travelers are better confined in the mass appeal attractions rather than going to some niche place and fucking it up for others. No one with an itinerary really immersed in Ireland’s culture would want to see a drunk shayna with her crop top tracksuit.

No. 1554765

File: 1654799229621.jpeg (882.19 KB, 1242x1567, E1A7B7BE-301B-46EF-B2FF-3D029B…)

No. 1554982

File: 1654809823910.jpeg (3.45 MB, 2329x4032, 48C0E03A-AE3A-4448-A7B0-AF6A8E…)

Why would you take a picture of exactly where you’re staying tonight, she’s retarded

No. 1555004

She’s such a boring tourist - finally goes somewhere new, and only takes pics of the most mundane things. It’s like she never left Renton. Nothing historical or unique - just the same routine pics of her rat face downing drinks, and a bootleg Hello Kitty hairclip as a souvenir.

No. 1555063

Is it fancy or something? Like why

No. 1555069

It's like the Four Seasons of hotels to her, compared to the Holiday Inns she has usually stayed/stays at.

No. 1555129

Doesn’t even look that nice kek why would you post this

No. 1555138

I was hoping one of the Potatochans could chime in on it because yeah this looks like a very average tourist town hotel. I mean it's not a motel 6, but it doesn't look 5 star either.

No. 1555148

four star hotel, has nice views and location, food is supposed to be very good, nothing to get crazy excited about

No. 1555150

it’s the one that used to be a Radisson

No. 1555152

File: 1654819132762.png (560.66 KB, 1284x2778, 6A30ED62-BB19-48AB-92AF-6A8F74…)

It seems like a regular hotel to me. I just pray that shats dad gives her a spa package. Maybe they can scrub the first few layers of filth off.

No. 1555155

The darkness of the text in this tweet got me confused if it's Twitter or Discord, which reminds me; did any of you join her Discord after the verification change? I assume so little people joined that she barely talks there, so there's very little milk to milk outta there…

No. 1555160

File: 1654819855686.jpeg (163.91 KB, 688x1012, 2AC3FEB5-7359-47EC-B8F5-021A54…)

It looks nice in her sisters videos. I wish she would put in a bra when she’s with her family, especially when they’re at a nice dinner. She definitely looks sick.

No. 1555206

Sorry my phone browser did an update that's supposed to let you adjust the internet browser brightness separately but I have no idea how to do it so it's stuck super dark lol
Iirc there was like one discord anon that got through but idk what happened to them.

No. 1555276

That discord anon was probably Vivi tbh now that I think about it. How’d they get in after Shat went all Fort Knox? Likely someone she knew

No. 1555298

I would say that some Seattleanon should hit her place up while she's gone and rob her blind since she was dumb enough to announce it, but even as a joke it doesn't really work since she has absolutely nothing of value to steal.

No. 1555305

Where’s bingocard anon when you need her? We got the cliffs of moher and getting sick.

No. 1555312

There're probably a few anons who would take the pets if another anon liberated them from Shaynus' place.

No. 1555317

File: 1654825788009.jpeg (229.29 KB, 1080x1274, F545481C-5D4C-467F-8586-DFD253…)


No. 1555349

Big Shaynus looking rough

No. 1555358

She’s probably checking lolcow. I wouldn’t doubt. Sage for autism

No. 1555489

It couldve been tbh. Likely. But couldn't any anon willing to give their name and face get in really? Or do you think she was only adding people she's known?

No. 1555541

She lurks so she’d figure out pretty fast that there’s an interloper and kick them out as soon as she saw any discord screenshots here

No. 1555632

File: 1654846004284.jpeg (130.4 KB, 828x426, 2DB3B4D2-4798-4B28-8679-A430B0…)

No. 1555677

why does she post this? what if one of her freaky diaper followers approaches her while she's out with her family omfg

No. 1555684

That's such wishful thinking for her. I think she genuinely is so delusional she believes that someone (one of the bots) who follows her might approach her, so she could then tweet one of those "OMG! sum1 jus called me kyute babby bimbo TEE HEE and bought me 32789 bottles of champagne heheeeee" stories, no matter if the family is there or not. She's already an embarrassment to them, so..

No. 1555693

Shaynus on a Bushmills distillery tour?

No. 1555743

File: 1654861216692.jpeg (Spoiler Image,543.07 KB, 1242x647, 0DFDDC06-70F2-4D83-B741-31C876…)

Damn she looks like a rat in the screenshot on the left. And you can see her big ass arms on the right

No. 1555901

File: 1654873659737.jpeg (798.13 KB, 1242x1574, C14660E0-0B06-4E94-A23E-14D401…)

Mike slack is into the diaper fetish. This is his new favorite pedo panderer

No. 1555907

File: 1654873830504.jpeg (628.61 KB, 1242x1139, 9D9E3902-0F4F-4D86-907F-9BA5EE…)

This is embarrassing kek

No. 1555908

It’s ugly and MLM tier kek

No. 1555912

As if her dad didn't buy it for her anyway.

No. 1555927

Would not be surprised at all if she was exaggerating the price.

No. 1555966

She really wastes her money on the most frivolous shit. $150 for this tiny ring that no one will be able to see when she’s wearing and won’t fit her sausage fingers for long anyway when her alcohol bloat gets worse over anything with an actual useful purpose. Never mind the fact that you barely make your rent every month and have been bitching about wanting to save up for a car for years now, right Shay?

You missed the overpriced cocktail pics one >>>/snow/1547435

No. 1556026

File: 1654879333764.jpg (152.06 KB, 1080x866, Screenshot_20220610-092417_Goo…)

She only wanted to go their because their store front is pink and they also use faux marble to pretend they're "expensive". Couldn't find an actual site with prices, just the FB. All their stuff looks boring and nothing special imo. They use gold and gems in their stuff. the ring she got looks cheap and ugly though. It's giving Claires.
Anyway, I think that counts as begging for money for a souvenir/item on the bingo card.

No. 1556039

It’s always the same gif

>I shouldn’t have 2 buy my own presents
She couldn’t at least pretend that it was bought for her? Outright admitting that no one buys her anything just makes her look even more undesirable than she already does

No. 1556066

She's an adult (as immature as she acts) not a child. So yeah, you do buy your own "presents". Its not even her actual birthday or the week of either. I hate her retarded entitled "this is my whole birthday month" shit. You get one day like everyone else, Shat. Ask Womack if you want someone to buy you something and give half a shit.
She's never been able to pull off the girlboss bimbo energy sugar baby gimmick. Just looks pathetic.

No. 1556068

This looks like something out if the Argos catalogue.

No. 1556081

Well I mean I know she’s an adult but if she’s trying to uphold this whole wannabe sugar baby image wouldn’t she at least lie and say that some scrote bought it for her? Like I just don’t understand why she felt the need to be so honest about this kek it’s so painfully retarded looking

No. 1556084

Oh boy, I can't wait to see the grime that will inevitably build up on her sticky ass fingers. Assuming she will ever wear it anyways lmao she'll probably just hoard it with the rest of her useless pink garbage.

No. 1556094

Since it’s a single ring, shouldn’t the box be smaller? I doubt any store would give a box that would fit three items to store a single item. Something tells me that it was a gift that was bought for her, her sister and either the friend or the step mom.

No. 1556154

Because she thinks its uwu bratty bimbo to say "reimburse me, daddy!" and her want for the money outweighs any image boost.

No. 1556155

I also thought it was weird. Its either that or the store is cheap and just only stocks one type of jewelry sale box kek.

No. 1556161

as far as you can see it on the store's Facebook site it's the only box size they have. Can't find anything about the price for their jewellery.

No. 1556177

I found a review site with the shop listed but it only has images of the outside, no reviews and nothing about price.

No. 1556221

The autism in this thread is unbridled

No. 1556319

File: 1654891051462.jpeg (231.39 KB, 1080x1274, A6DA5EDA-C03A-4807-98F6-88F87E…)

Updated to include the souvenirs and cocktails lol.

No. 1556324

I genuinely cannot believe there hasn't been a bar bathroom necro-tit pic yet. her family must be constantly right behind her because you know she has zero self-restraint

No. 1556335

File: 1654891932270.jpeg (321.59 KB, 1212x1080, 0D5B6CC6-F219-4065-9168-B2AD53…)

These must be the only pair of pants she owns other then the tracksuit sweat pants because she’s worn then everyday. So much for being a spoiled bimbo who needs to change 6 times a day

No. 1556352

just be honest, you love all of us for it, kek

No. 1556366

Those jeans must be coated in discharge I’m sickened. Kek her toe thumb is even more noticeable with that ring on

No. 1556393

File: 1654894413938.jpeg (21.05 KB, 242x208, 4516ED3A-7594-4668-B6AF-808530…)

No. 1556401

We're so close to bingo lol. Come on Shat, give us the crusty classic "titty flash in public restroom"

No. 1556537

NTA but are you suggesting that she'd actually be so happy if one of her freak tranny followers showed up in front of her family? I know she's narcissistic but come on, there's no way she wouldn't be disgusted seeing a autist troon moid diaperfag irl. Then again she can't be so dumb to have posted a picture of her hotel where ppl can find her so you may be right. Is she really so obsessed with fame that she thinks these one of those crusty pedo coomers showing up to her hotel like
> i L0Ve YoU dOlLy!! ArE YoU wEaRiNG yOuR DiApER?!?! bE a GoOd BaBy BiMbO!!! hEhEhEhE! jizzes
wouldn't be embarassing and delegitimizing of her 'career'? There's no way she doesn't find her diaperfag followers not disgusting right?

No. 1556549

She's not into the diaper fetish the way those diaperfags are at the very least. It's not a lifestyle for her or a kink she would be into if it wasnt for the larping as "uwu smol bby for daddy" aspect. Its just the bottom rung of the ddlg tumblr bullshit and that's what she built her sw on. She can pretend she was a pioneer of e whoring all she wants, but the truth is she got swept into the tumblrina kink wave.
The troons and shit that have their whole diaper community are a different kind of degenerate.

No. 1556579

She made it pretty clear she doesn’t really like those freaks when she complained about consent, and how she doesn’t like it when they’re always asking if she’s wearing a diaper kek.

Honestly, I think if one of those diaper freaks actually did approach her around her family, she would probably an hero. I know I would.

No. 1556588


I imagine she's probably awkwardly tagging behind her step sister and her friend. Not like the third of the group, but her dad most likely wants her and her step sister to form some sort of bond/they're around the same age so they get pushed on each other

No. 1556598

seems like she always goes back to drinking right after she's been sick, like as soon as she feels well enough to stop puking and get out of bed she's pounding pink wine or cocktails. she's only gonna irritate her stomach lining and make herself ill again, but I guess alcohol is a must when your life is as depressing as hers, especially as she doesn't even have weed anymore.

No. 1556748

I do, my grandma sent me it the other day and it took me aback for a second KEK

No. 1556796

drinking and smoking is probably the worst things to age you other than the sun. internally her body is probably in her early 30s - thats her skin is so saggy and dull. she thinks cause she’s only mid 20s she can still drink like she could when she was 16-18 and its like bitch, you’ve been ridden hard and put away wet. a sex worker her age should already have retirement savings or a back up plan. her health isnt going to allow her to keep this up much longer. obese and on disability “survival sex worker” saga soon.

No. 1556798

it all makes sense now why she plays up so hard getting along with old dudes, she could never fit in with people her age and old gross coomers are the only ones who gave her attention

No. 1556825

Thanks anons, I agree. We’ve watched her beg for MV award votes against other e-whores for years and claim to be the anal queen only to fail every time. Her hopping onto this diaper shit is a cope for all the years she’s felt like a nobody to try and feel like she’s someone special again.

No. 1556835

What's insane is there are cute women who cater to those degens so shart doesn't stand out at all.

No. 1556865

She also started doing diaper shit again pretty soon after that cam show where someone asked her what her top selling video was and she realized it was the “diaper bum barbie” video (gross) she made when she was still thin. Shes fucking desperate to try make money and to regain some of the popularity she had when she was a skinny blonde 19 year old

No. 1556874

I looked through her Tumblr archive after it was posted a few threads ago and she used to charge significantly more for videos too. She's way past her peak lol, she will keep declining in OF subscribers and MV sales.

No. 1556924

lol it's offensive to say early 30s people have saggy dull skin like fatshat

No. 1556978

That top is a size too small. It's barely covering her bust. If she finds herself in a situation where she has to lift her arms she's going to flash everyone.

No. 1557085

Kek, we have a lot of anons that are quite clearly ether underage or barely into their twenties. To them, thirty is practically middle aged.
She's really going to make sure all her memories of this trip are her drinking and bathroom selfies, huh?

No. 1557130

File: 1654957838759.png (293.72 KB, 1166x1265, F0EF8A39-6F27-4890-91A8-673BB4…)

None of the people that follow you care about your “business” shay

No. 1557138

The desperation is sending me. Shut up and get back to your paid European vacation you entitled pig.

>Men, liking the pictures sw post for likes equals jacking off for free and therefore theft

Get a different occupation.
Her and parkplaza pin up sound the same.

No. 1557148

Maybe try not showing your whole entire asshole on Twitter and men might buy your content instead of jacking off to Twitter freebies.

No. 1557152

it's like if those food sample stands in supermarkets served fully cooked meals for free instead of giving out teeny tiny freebies. she's retarded, but she has to resort to having her blown out asshole shopped into the onlyfans logo because she wouldn't get any attention whatsoever if she posted only clothed pictures.

No. 1557166

It's so weird that she assumes everyone is fine with having her nudes on their personal Twitter.

No. 1557172

Why would the men jacking off to her free nudes RT her when they DON'T care about her or her business, they only care about their penises.

No. 1557180

Yeah she should just show half of it instead

No. 1557222

I really wish something milky would happen this thread is just weird and retarded

No. 1557224

Fucking hypocrite, I mean she makes her hatred for other sex workers obvious but when’s the last time she retweeted another girls porn?

No. 1557231

File: 1654965536889.png (4.06 MB, 2943x2160, unbridled autism.PNG)

More of the unbridled autism you all love.
They seem to use the same bag for every purchase, regardless of size, as >>1556161 said. From their Instagram they say the following about their packaging:
> Every purchase from Holly + Evie is presented in the most beautiful package […]
Prices for some of their (ugly) rings are on the same range. So for once, Shayna might be telling the truth.

No. 1557234

Don’t worry, I feel we’ll have some milk once she’s back. She has contained herself too much and too well on this trip.

No. 1557244

File: 1654965870447.jpeg (506.52 KB, 1080x1887, BDF3ECF2-0D30-4937-BEA4-5C823F…)

A few of todays Snapchat’s

No. 1557257

Anons who act like 30s is Middle Aged astound me. Your 30s are basically just your 20s: part 2. Whether or not you look older is not determined by your age, just genetics and how you take care of yourself kek the thread getting talked about on Twitter was a mistake

No. 1557259

Because most pasty skinned women like Shart age like leather past 30 because they don't practice regular healthy skincare.

No. 1557286

Lol yeah Im sure Jason and Incest Grey retweeting to their collective 20 followers is really getting the word out.
Also the tone is so bitchy.
Idk if it's worse when she straight up begs or is condescending lol.

No. 1557306

>guilt tripping your followers into running your “business” because you’re too lazy

No. 1557308

It’s not a business, fatty. Taking photos of your hemorrhoids sitting on your crusty couch isn’t work. Begging for retweets just makes people want to unfollow fr

No. 1557314

She’s such a rude bitch. She’s not attractive enough to get likes by just taking photos in skimpy clothing and lingerie.

No. 1557346

File: 1654970351592.jpeg (426.55 KB, 1540x1080, C240D848-80FC-4BB9-8A4E-3FFB58…)

Look it’s the giant of the causeway herself, in her signature track suit, uggs and turd bun

No. 1557348

Dumb bitch, put a sticker over ur money makers if you want men to pay to se them

No. 1557369

Kek she really does stick out like a sore thumb.

No. 1557370

Shat looks like shit because she eats like shit. What happens internally matters far more than what happens externally. A skincare regime will do fuck all if she's still scoffing greasy door dash and chugging cheap wine.

Everyone else is wearing sensible clothing for hiking and there's Shayna in a cheap tracksuit and uggs. What happened to the hiking boots she bought for her pig in the woods photo shoot?

No. 1557389

She probably tossed them when they gave her horrible blisters because she bought them a day before her hike and didn’t break them in at all.

No. 1557432

this is so dumb. some of you are going to have actual meltdowns when you reach 29 lmao

No. 1557449

Literally. What a moron.

No. 1557485

Ew she has been wearing the same bullshit for four years. Crusty uggs and Jean jackets the same clothes she wore with fupa

No. 1557501

File: 1654978005546.jpeg (217.46 KB, 728x1280, 0402316F-B2D5-4AE1-890B-C93A4B…)

I don’t think a day of this trip has gone by where she hasn’t been drunk. I get that she’s on vacation and people drink on vacation but it seems excessive for a family trip, especially when she’s having stomach problems

No. 1557502

sooo what, she brought one single pair of jeans and like six track suits?

No. 1557505

is she wearing a denim jacket with a tracksuit? A DENIM JACKET!!! shitty fat bimbo at it again!
all i see is a B O X

No. 1557550

Her lop sided boobs kek

No. 1557569

Tbf they are in Ireland lmao fits the stereotype

No. 1557576

I can’t believe she didn’t bring those fugly hiking boots she bought a few threads ago for her “Naked Bigfoot Caught in the Woods” photo shoot. All that walking in uggs is so stupid

No. 1557597

It looks like she has rocks in her pants pockets, but it’s her cellulite KEK I can’t

No. 1557648

the way her fat is pushing out like a butt on her thighs is sending me

No. 1557713

As if she doesn’t look special needs enough already. How embarrassing for her family.

No. 1557751

Its the crumpled material of the pockets you dumb fuck

The reach is real

No. 1557781

She's so fucking ugly. She looks like a scrubbed and peeled potato.

No. 1557796

Is it me or does her hairline look extremely strange here? It's like a wig she didn't pull up far enough or something. It's just tripping me out

No. 1557798

Nonnie, she's just a big forehead cromagnon man bitch with bad genes, it's not that deep, her hairline much like the rest of her is atrocious.

No. 1557802

File: 1654994723759.jpg (Spoiler Image,1.4 MB, 1154x1552, 1643168728550.jpeg.jpg)

I don't know… it truly doesn't seem like that far of a stretch. I've never seen someone's thighs protrude forward the ways her do, plus the cellulite, and thin, cheap material from Shein?

No. 1557804

Don't get me wrong, I've been following this troglodyte for years. It just looks worse than usual, if that's at all possible.

No. 1557843

They R Jacking Off 2 Ur Twitter Freebies

No. 1557855

I see what you mean, she has a weirdly short forehead and I think the filter is making it look bigger there

No. 1557925

It’s still funny because of her fat ass thighs bulging out like that; regardless of the cellulite. Stay pressed tho kek

No. 1557963

Wait, where is the heritage sperging? I think I missed that

No. 1557969

Kek. I take back ever saying she looks thinner than usual.

No. 1557971

>Your 30s are basically just your 20s: part 2
I agree it's not old but this is immense cope. Most people in their thirties have careers, college degrees and are staring a family/getting married. It is most definitely not your 20s part 2, it's when you get your shit together after your 20s.

No. 1557976

I think that nona just meant you’re young in your 30s and still youthful and able to have fun. You definitely have more responsibilities in your 30s(unless you’re a NEET), but the younger generation seems to think you just dehydrate instantly.

No. 1557981

nta but why are we age beauty policing in shayna's thread of all threads, its not that serious. Nobody said all 30 year olds are wrinkled up raisins, anon said she doesn't look she's in her 20's. You know what site you're on. People don't hold back on anything, don't get riled up when your touchy subject is brought up. As long as you don't down 3 bottles of wine everyday you probably look fine. You guys sound like the butthurt fatties when a pork joke is made.

No. 1557995

Ayrt, I misspoke a bit. Age IS inevitable but you can help slow it. You can make yourself look younger for a loooong time if you stay on top of it. By the 30s being 20s part 2, I mean a lot of the same life experiences happen within these two decades (ex. having kids) and a lot of what you do in your 20s is later built on during your 30s. Should’ve elaborated in first post. anyways it’s not that deep I’ll stop derailing, I just had to clarify

No. 1558011

Not trying to make this a self-post but I have the same curve on my thighs and I think it’s just muscle distribution. I had it as a child when I was very underweight as well. Just wanna say that it’s not an obesity thing bc some anons are sperging about this as of recently. My guess is that it might be a result of being extremely quad dominant with weak glutes (the latter of which we know Shayna has js). I don’t think there’s any way to fix it tbh.

No. 1558118

I was gonna order pizza for dinner and this picture of Big Chungus has reminded me why I shouldn't. thanks shayna!

No. 1558124

Sure fatty

No. 1558137


In shaynas case if she walked more and ate less her body would look better. She looks sloppy because she's flabby and overweight.

No. 1558145


yeah her legs looked like that even when she was thin and relatively fit looking.

No. 1558173

Yeah I’ve seen lots of girls with that thigh curve I think it’s just a body type thing

No. 1558177

if you don’t eat door dash all the time and exercise often you don’t have to worry about that nona. unless you were planing on eating the entire thing by yourself then yes keep this thread open to remind yourself to act human

No. 1558268

File: 1655050974286.jpeg (353.72 KB, 1079x1486, 8DCCB514-91D5-40AF-8F1E-6F102D…)

No. 1558278

File: 1655051377797.jpeg (161.82 KB, 640x563, 3F540C0A-5E00-4988-97D3-944C00…)

No. 1558280

this is actually scary

No. 1558281

How does this not terrify her? Yet she continues to post her location for any psycho man to find her. Bitch is gonna end up missing one day

No. 1558286

What weight are you anon? Just curious.

No. 1558324

File: 1655055038558.jpeg (58.13 KB, 625x415, 75709E7D-BE6D-44E2-946E-420BD1…)

The lost Saperstein

No. 1558348

>>are you going alone?
Shay, I’m begging you to leave this kind of work, jfc. Ever since she started doing diaper fandom bullshit her scrotes have been more brazen.

No. 1558356

She asks for this, you people need to stop feeling bad for someone who purposely chooses this lifestyle and has so many outs from it.

No. 1558382

It’s cellulite

No. 1558401

She reads the threads, she's on the internet. She's plenty old enough to know better. She's playing a dangerous game when she posts where she's at WHEN she's there, invites random degen scrotes to her place, and posts disgusting rape and kidnap "fantasies". All on her sexwork account. Even newbie whores know to have a second personal account thats private and even then have limited info. Scrotes are retarded, but if theyre desperate enough, they can find her shit easily like anons itt have. Some of the anons here are wack too like the sister stalking and shit. People immediately found her actual apartment.
Like it's unfortunate but people, especially men are that way. You have to be careful and she's just not.
She had things sent to her parents home address while living there from coomers. And okay,young adults/teens make mistakes and dont realize. But she's 6 years in at this point. So there's no pity. Especially when she could and should get out of this dead end whore shit.

No. 1558419

She also had an internet coomer actually show up at her school when she was a teenager too. You think she would learn

No. 1558424

File: 1655062751108.jpeg (Spoiler Image,292.41 KB, 828x1648, 962A9E11-24AD-44D5-A8C9-453E62…)

>she pulls her cheeks apart to show off her asshole and it gives you a wink

No. 1558427

File: 1655063083257.jpeg (Spoiler Image,343.37 KB, 1315x1080, 43E11AC3-F16F-4853-A16D-8A435C…)

This is just free porn right? She puts everything in her trailers

No. 1558429

File: 1655063206165.jpg (73.22 KB, 914x794, Screenshot_20220612-154453_Chr…)

The category is Halloween witch realness

No. 1558432

Makeup so bad it looks like a cheap halloween mask like one of the scary granny ones or something kek

No. 1558435

She made a story to go along with why she's obviously using a dildo and not trying at least this time. And wouldnt you know it lists out her usual routine: bad bj, lay on back on day bed to fuck herself with the only dildo she uses anymore, spread asshole, use the wand to fake orgasm, the end.

No. 1558438

B-but she works so hard on her content guise! The truly innovative Shatna. You would think after half a decade of half assing her "work" she'd have discovered a new angle.

No. 1558440

File: 1655064416203.jpeg (540.38 KB, 1170x1098, 94715AFD-64F9-44E5-B6DB-943863…)

It’ll be weeks before she “works” again

No. 1558441

Different settings, different toys, different angles. Too much effort for Shay.

No. 1558449

Love how she did nothing to help her jet lag when she landed in Ireland, but when she gets home she'll use it as an excuse to not work. That'll really keep her ten subscribers happy.

No. 1558460

cool shayna, why not tweet what time and airline your flight is, too? not like that would be too hard to figure out at this point

No. 1558465

And really no one but an absolute creep even cares. Just say its your second to last night in Ireland and you'll be home Wednesday. No one needs the itinerary. Get a journal, Shat.

No. 1558477

File: 1655066948148.jpeg (58.98 KB, 362x640, D67DF7A1-63D7-4875-8991-E69DE4…)

Every time she stays at a new hotel she posts a video tour of the bathroom and that’s it kek this is like the 3rd one. This is at “the grand central hotel Belfast”

No. 1558494

Thrilling content. Shays tour of Ireland: Hotel and Brewery Bathrooms

No. 1558521

What is this contour and blush? This is for those who insist she just needs a little colour on her face to look much better, kek.

No. 1558523

wtf is that white lump on her asshole in bottom right pic??

No. 1558534

nobody is funding your shopping spree sweetheart…

No. 1558536

Most of her photos at her apartment are in the bathroom or a public bathroom. Maybe she does have a fetish for piss kek

No. 1558541


Why is there mayochup coming out of her ass AGAIN?

No. 1558564

Cool! A bath tub she is absolutely not going to use

No. 1558573

Really like who is she asking? Womack is the closest she's gonna get to a sugar daddy at this point. And he's it. I feel like the incest old guy and some other coomers tip her every now and then a 20, but no one but Womack is gonna give her spending money just for asking kek

No. 1558578

It's butt cum obviously silly anon! Because she's such an anal slut!

No. 1558580

It's jarring how she uses the fake uwu voice in the beginning and then forgets and uses her big Shaynus voice the rest of the vid wtf lol

No. 1558590

Nonnie, you know Shatnus is a mayochup dispenser, keep up.

No. 1558605

Kevin is such a serial killer name too, idk how she can be in the game so long and still be so naive about the dangers of scrotes

No. 1558607

Love how she thinks this is a cute look when in UK/Ireland this is how the local smack whores dress.

No. 1558610

so disgusting that shes probably making content in these bathrooms with her family outside. probably why shes advertising them.

No. 1558612

File: 1655075307098.jpeg (493.55 KB, 828x889, B72F0FDA-4F6E-4075-8F7F-85DAF1…)

This is fucking hideous kek

No. 1558616

This is offensively ugly, almost aggressively so.

No. 1558619

Serving gypo realness.

No. 1558632

Nta but it was a question. Some of you use the most passive aggressive tone at the weirdest times. Innocuous shit.

No. 1558638

This. Sick and tired of anons showing up like >>1558348 and trying to play captain save a hoe.

No. 1558641

No offense, because I'm the anon who replied to anon you replied to. But what do you want me to say? "Well clearly nonnie, as Big Shaynus is of European descent, she has caveman DNA, which you can see on display in her big forehead, beady eyes, tiny lips, and giant fucking nose."

Is that better bitch?

No. 1558666

File: 1655078636026.png (59.37 KB, 300x282, thumb_steam-community-ivan-the…)

It's giving this meme of Russians but female version

No. 1558681

File: 1655080512575.gif (1.2 MB, 480x360, 56105BD8-BB82-4792-BC16-21A4EA…)

Kevin is such a dweeb name I just remember the nerdy cucumber from SpongeBob

No. 1558682

>not to blog post but I’m like Shayna’s size except I’m super slim thick and I make way more workin at the coffee bikini bar uwu

No one gives a fuck if youre Shayna’s size. The point is she’s gotten huge and seeing her act small online is hilarious. No need to take things personal if you aren’t being a naked land whale on the internet

No. 1558684

The clothing marks from being too small, the discolored skin, the darkened skin near her ass from not scrubbing/showering, the ugly hot dog nails that are an ugly beige. Kek

No. 1558687

Shayna lies, I doubt a coomer showed up at her high school. She wasn’t even “tumblr famous” compared to cows like Acacia Brinley.
I’m tired of all the Shayna leave sw anons. It’s not going to happen. We don’t want anyone to hurt her but play stupid games when stupid prizes. Natural selection

No. 1558718

Why does all the stuff she's gotten there look so incredibly bootleg?? Like this and the Hello Kitty clip both look like they're from a shitty flea market

No. 1558768

nta but you are actually autistic if you think people want answers to questions like that. Just ignore it if it pisses you off that much. some of you anons need to get out of the house

No. 1558813

File: 1655090163041.jpeg (29.96 KB, 228x337, 5A0030E5-B522-4C83-9834-17858F…)

No. 1558816

It wasn’t a random “fan” of hers from tumblr, it was the old man who she was doing Skype shows for when she was underage, the one who she gave her address to for him to send her a camera and her parents found out. He figured out what school she went to and waited outside it one day hoping to see her.

No. 1558830

I feel like Shay is a bit of a pickme and believes men wouldn't do anything awful to her, she doesn't seem the most worldly or educated person and sorta lives in her little coomer bubble. I don't think you could do sex work (other than survival sex work) and have an accurate view of men at the same time.

No. 1558833

>a bit of a pickme

No. 1558852

>(Other than survival sex work)
>says Shaynus is ”a bit of a pick me” when there’s evidence of her blatant misogyny
God it reeks of onlyfans whores in this thread. they get triggered enough to blog about how they’re fat like Shay kek

No. 1558856

They’re posting unsaged “muh sex work is real work” in their own thread too

No. 1558912

one of them called shayna “shat” they obviously lurk and get triggered when anons call shayna fat cause they know if that this ~nazi~ is considered a fatbody , then they’re another big whopper sphere

No. 1558996

File: 1655106043827.jpeg (231.7 KB, 730x1280, 70B80D0B-0DD3-4E26-A347-D9C5FC…)

No. 1559003

How do people get so warped into thinking their edits don’t look like aliens

No. 1559030

She looks like a homely SAHM who posts tiktoks of herself doing fridge restocks

No. 1559078

her mother really bought her two sets of new clothes and it's all she wore for this trip. that cardigan must smell by now

No. 1559152

File: 1655127504185.jpeg (1.04 MB, 1170x1546, 9CE52274-58B4-4EA9-8891-9AC8E8…)

The hotel your dad is paying for

No. 1559154

File: 1655127566373.jpeg (403.31 KB, 1170x1096, 4ADFDCFB-C680-4A14-820F-B7FA3F…)

Well what do you expect Shay? That’s the only guys you attract

No. 1559157

Her whole appeal is that she isn’t as “unreachable” as the super photoshopped egirls with armies of simps like belle, how is she surprised? Dummy.

No. 1559158

She looks like the geico caveman even with the kawaii filters KEK. Especially that right pic, she looks like a big oaf

No. 1559159

Looks like she is doing some Lillee Jean parody pr0n

No. 1559160

Yes because this message definitely entices coomers to want to purchase your porn Shayna. How fucking daft is she.

No. 1559175

File: 1655129759597.jpeg (1.35 MB, 1170x1488, FE8CC90E-84DA-4F19-9078-0BF214…)

No. 1559180

Seethe, you pedo pandering pick-me. Trash attracts trash.

No. 1559181

Being a cunt and talking down to your coomers daily isn't how you run a business. Like she's nit wrong, but she knows thats how they are and she obviously doesn't like them, but when you choose this path and are barely making rent, you literally suck it up and keep your takes to yourself.
Imagine a donut shop that was like
"I wish we could do specials, but we know our fat fuck clients would just take advantage of it" or something. Think that inspires their current or potential customers to want to go there?
Fucking idiot. Get a diary or a friend to vent to and do your disgusting job you insist is so wonderful and totally a real job that empowers you.

No. 1559191

She’s a fucking dumb ass, literally posted her hotel key (that has the room number, hotel address, and hotel phone number) on her Snapchat. I always have issues screen recording so other anon can get on that

No. 1559195

File: 1655131337541.jpeg (926.19 KB, 1170x1440, F040937B-304A-4C52-B316-167DEE…)

No. 1559202

Belle Delphine certainly doesn't make her followers feel like she doesn't like them. If she posted messages like Shaynus does it would probably ruin her career. She low key alludes that she's actually interested in her coomers. That's like the number 1 thing that makes whores successful unless they are doing femdom or something, then they can make it clear that they hate their coomers.

No. 1559203

this place looks so…ugly? you’d think that a castle would have nicer interiors.

No. 1559204

I have always wondered whether or not Shay had Aspergers. She feels the need to share everything and she can't lie to save her life even when the truth gets her into trouble. A neurotypical wouldn't constantly reveal themselves like this.(armchairing)

No. 1559209

She does actually show all the signs of being an autistic woman

No social skills

Inability to keep information for herself/no filter


No idea how to imitate other women or other people in general

Always looks out of place

Feels overwhelmed all the time by everything

Weird eating and drinking habits like not drinking water. I went to a sped school and there were pupils who consumed nothing but soda and chicken nuggets.

Age regression as a means to cope

As a fellow sperg that didn't learn masking until later on I'm embarrassed to admit that I relate to a lot of Shat's behaviors.

No. 1559214

do you have a link to the thread?

No. 1559216

I always thought it was the weed and alcohol melting her brain, but now that you mention it, autism makes a lot of sense.
Was she this bad in her earlier Tumblr days too?

No. 1559220

It’s in one of the very first threads she talks about it. So just start there

No. 1559221

She was still amazingly awkward and unaware of how to act around people. I definitely think she's declined but it would make sense because autistic adults often become depressed after their teens end and start using things like weed and alcohol to cope with their lack of social skills, their sensitivity to stimuli and lack of motivation.

No. 1559225

The way she types frustrates me to no end. I could barely read this. She’s nearly 26 and types like she just got half of her brain removed. She thinks she types like some ~bimbo princess~ but no coomer would think that this is an attractive quirk

No. 1559227

It took me about 30 seconds to find her hotel.She REALLY needs to start be more careful.

No. 1559228

File: 1655133235903.jpeg (509.62 KB, 1170x1354, 14C5EB50-68AE-4555-922C-9772F7…)

A FAMILY vacation Shay, don’t forget that

No. 1559229

thank you!

girl… you're not on twitter or tiktok anymore, you're allowed to type the word porn without the cyberpolice arresting you

No. 1559231

File: 1655133302025.jpeg (265.58 KB, 1170x796, 7344A402-A806-4947-8787-D7BF9D…)

They win every time you acknowledge it in these stupid tweets that you always delete

Btw, you wouldn’t be in that castle if your dad didn’t pay for the trip

No. 1559234

It's not even remote or difficult to get to. Any creep could turn up easily. I'd be furious if I was one of her family members, she's putting them in danger too.

No. 1559247

God that would be great, then maybe her mom and dad would finally cut her off.

No. 1559251

Did someone cowtip? Don’t do that.

No. 1559252

This tweet reads less "I'm winning" and more "I'm drowning my sorrows in alcohol."

No. 1559253

File: 1655134082493.jpeg (149.34 KB, 1170x603, 40137114-2EE7-4ACA-A655-77AE57…)

Kek Shay you were just talking about how much you can’t stand your coomers

No. 1559264

all you’re going to get is dumb horny coomers because you specifically say you want a bf just so you can shoot porn. you don’t want a real relationship; you want someone you can use for your shitty content in hopes it will make you popular on the internet.

what a sad fucking life, only wanting relationships that will gain her a sliver of attention on the internet.

No. 1559265

Imagine if it was her sister and friend on sock accounts sending her these messages to rile her up kek

No. 1559266

crusty foundation over her crusty dehydrated wrinkled skin. very bimbo.

No. 1559267

no, that would give her an excuse for her behavior. she’s just mentally inept.

No. 1559271

ily little autist, but I don’t think shat’s problems are as deep as yours. She just has no friends to talk to so she spews all her boring shit on twitter because it’s the only human interaction she gets other than a constantly melting down ellen or a barely literate bald guy. I don’t think she has any sort of developmental issues, just an over inflated ego that tells her people are interested in her as anything other than an asshole to coom to or a humiliating side show to laugh about on lolcow.

No. 1559272

Ntayrt but you’re the one who insisted the anon with curved thighs was a fatty right?
I’m pretty sure I asked you your own weight earlier. Let me guess, you’re an average weight anachan KEK

No. 1559274

At this point it’s probably more likely to be one of the kiwifarms moids or one of the other e-whores that is trying to make her miserable bc she’s a “nazi”

No. 1559283

how could you possibly know if that's the same anon. all >>1558124 said was two words. take your meds.

No. 1559288

Yeah I was gonna say that's kinda an underwhelming room. I feel like Ive seen 3 star hotels that do more for room decor and stuff kek. Also wonder who she's bunking with

No. 1559289

My father allowed me to come on a family trip to Ireland for my brothers uni grad gift! All I do is take pics in the bathrooms and get drunk for days! Win!

No. 1559292

a part of me wishes one of her scrote followers would ask who paid for the trip just to trip her up.
I wonder what shay will do once her actual birthday rolls around, she won't have any money once she gets back (and decides to take off work for the rest of the month)

No. 1559296

Fixed it for you Shay:
>>My life is mediocre at best and most months I struggle to make rent despite begging and spreading my asshole for a few bucks, I have to degenerate people in my life that like to talk down to me and get off on punching and biting me but we pretend it's sexy (I have no friends or interaction otherwise), I'm lucky my family tolerates me and doesn't actually care enough to cut me off, my family and one inbred hick coomer from Oklahoma help me keep a roof over my head even though I pretend I empower my lights, I have 3 incels and a couple trannies that interact with me online, aaaaand I drink and smoke myself stupid every single day to the point where I am frequently in the hospital, and have nothing in life besides a pile of sweat factory clothes that don't fit my cottage cheese thighs and pimpled ass! I win!

No. 1559297

Needing to have your parents pay for your first vacation in years is not winning at life. If she was winning at life, she would be earning enough money to pay for her own trips abroad. Instead she can barely pay her own rent. She feels good about herself now which is why she's making all these tweets, as soon as she's back in Renton she will feel like her fat, bloated shitty self and need weed and alcohol to block out the reality.

No. 1559300

Shay could never afford even the flight and one night in any place outside the US on her own and yet she won't even acknowledge this whole thing has been a family trip and she was the mooching, pity tagalong. She isn't outright saying it now, but she's still riding the "vacation with friends" narrative so she seems cool and like she's not just a broke loser. But because she keeps admitting shes flying to and from Boston where she also says her dad lives (all on sw account of course) and hasnt posted pics with anyone, I think even an idiot could see.

No. 1559308

I love how she thinks other people can’t afford to take vacations. The rest of us don’t spend our money on weed and a daily Doordash of Triscuits and sugar and sugary wine, so we can actually pay for our own vacations, cars, furniture not from Amazon, clothes not from Shein, etc.

No. 1559330

I honestly think that whatever happens to shart is her own fault, I would only feel bad for her sister, her sister’s friend and her stepmom because they’re the ones that don’t deserve any harm she’s exposing them to by being an obnoxious retard.

No. 1559336

Exactly. That her parents keep enabling her degenerate life is insanity. Hope they enjoy having a 50-year-old dead beat that needs diapers because she prolapsed her asshole on the internet for minimum wage.

No. 1559338

File: 1655140518480.jpeg (627.87 KB, 1080x1934, 412D497D-EDF3-45A7-AFAF-8ECEFE…)

She even posted her room number kek

No. 1559339

I’m so glad she doesn’t even have followers that give a fuck about her because otherwise she would be dead by now.

No. 1559340

File: 1655140636987.jpeg (712.84 KB, 1080x2847, B677F52E-77E9-4A4A-A9C1-C74401…)

She’s been drinking a lot on Snapchat today, no wonder she’s acting like this. Gotta take advantage of the free alcohol while dads still paying the tab I guess

No. 1559352

Her eyes are so puffy

No. 1559355

The black and white thinking that leads to accusations of everyone being fatties or e-whores. It's unnecessarily hostile to other anons itt and provokes infighting which makes me wonder if it's purposeful (aka a shitposting moid) or if it's one of those unhinged batshit insane anons that is probably cow-like irl with low functioning outburst behavior. I also wonder why these anons have such an obsession with other people being fat, like is it an eating disorder or is it just a moid being a moid?

No. 1559361

Her god damn forehead wrinkles. Homely bitch needs Botox

No. 1559362

She probably crying into a pint of beer. She is fat and ugly she must be lurking

No. 1559390

moids don't even nitpick or care that much about fatness. i'm pretty sure there's just a bunch of seething anachans and equally as degenerate twitter whores here

No. 1559392

File: 1655143357352.png (790.75 KB, 2242x488, E78371F6-9E04-47C6-9F84-A77D32…)

Yeah we are so jealous of you Shayna. Kek

No. 1559394

Just here to say OP image sucks ass. I miss when thread images were somewhat relevant the current drama.

No. 1559396

Make the next thread then.

No. 1559398

Partners? Who? The half-retarded guy who blows glass bongs or the elderly man who buys his daughter sex toys?

No. 1559399

There was no relevant drama because she is on her boring vacation and puking her soul out due to her weed withdrawals,that´s why this thread is peak autistic right now

No. 1559401

Hard to get a decent one in when speds race to get whatever the hell that thread image meme is. 1+ to bringing back thread makers somewhat asking for input for nonnies about what thread image would be best.

No. 1559406

Given how dry this thread is I dont see a good image for the next one either

No. 1559407

The difference between those top two heavily filtered pictures kek

No. 1559415

I don’t think she did get DM’s saying this. I think she’s lurking here because she’s so dull she’s bored on her vacation and doesn’t even have anyone to message with. She’s read some home truths here and is desperate for her two coomers to tell her that she’s skinny and pretty.

No. 1559449

I agree, she would have posted a screenshot. It’s so easy to tell when she is lying. Her brain rot is beyond.

No. 1559475

During tumblr days Shay was socially fucked up and off but she channeled it into being as aggressive and mean as possible. She had a fake bad bitch persona back then of anyone else remembers the way she used to talk to other people (chiefly women) on there.

No. 1559480

Ellen Degenerate and the "Dad" aka guy who talks down to her and fingers her in the applebees parking lot and comes by once a week to watch a movie and eat takeout

No. 1559489

Pretty sure it was asked last thread and there were like three people that wanted that one

No. 1559506

I just pick whatever gets the most votes

No. 1559508

imagine her step sister (for some reason) asked shaynus for her social media to keep in contact. it's so embarrassing for her she has no "normal" social media, just pics of of her in diapers. how is she not embarrassed constantly

No. 1559515

She tags everyone else in photos she posts on her Instagram with Shayna in them, her friend her brother and Shayna’s brother are always tagged, I imagine she asked Shayna for hers but she had to lie and say she didn’t have Instagram

No. 1559516

I imagine everyone knows and they all awkwardly looks away when she takes her dreamworks smile pictures with a mimosa. That or her step sister pretends to be pro sex work like most gen z's but knows firsthand how grimy it is based on shayna.

No. 1559517

Agree with both of you. Its pretty obvious she's been bored and lurking and she's trying to find something new to cry about because she can't not be a victim for two minutes. Not even on a vacation her family paid for. She's obviously not bonding with her stepsister and the friend, she's alone and miserable and this is the cope.

You're retarded if you believe anybody harassed her. The lie is transparent.

No. 1559547

Is this fat hog capable of doing anything other than day drinking?

No. 1559583

yes, she can squirt mayochup out of her ass at will.

No. 1559584

lol fatty gave in and read the thread even on her last day of vacay. typical loser shatna

No. 1559585

agree, and i think she's one of those people who feel like when they're on vacation in a new place, suddenly their life is perfect and nothing will be the same again and that's why she's so confident and snooty lol.

No. 1559588

The 5 mimosas she had definitely help with those delusions

No. 1559623

File: 1655158058335.jpeg (1.18 MB, 1242x1582, BF1DC00E-45F3-4CB2-9D98-D6B82A…)

Yeah it’s such a good idea to live broadcast to adult diaper creeps, exactly where you’re staying before you even leave Ireland. She’s so dense. At least “flex” after you leave the country so no one stalks you.

No. 1559648

Come on 'nonny this is the most lux thing Shayna has done since she started posting porn on tumblr at 18. sure beats that work trip in splenda where she was kept hidden in the room at least.

No. 1559649

The pock marks all over her ass…she has literally never showered once in her life

No. 1559683

Because nobody actually cares about her sleeping on a size single bed in the cheapy hotels that she tries so hard to gas up. It sounds like she's just parroting the bleak selling points her parents used to get her excited for the trip since she doesnt know jack shit else about Ireland.

No. 1559692

Tbh at this point if she was an actual autistic we'd all know one way or the other. Her parents are too involved to not get her tested if they thought she was developmentally delayed when she was younger. And since they still talk to her even though she's a degenerate camwhore they wouldn't be the type to ignore a diagnosis because "shame" unlike mine lul

No. 1559698

File: 1655162029237.jpeg (Spoiler Image,257.91 KB, 828x1852, 2413E561-9633-4A25-AADB-0720FC…)

I can’t believe she’s has this outfit this long

No. 1559699

truly praying she doesn't have a degenerate fanboy in Ireland. She's never been this dumb before, I'm assuming she's high off the vacation vibes and feels untouchable.

No. 1559702

and the same fucking socks that are stained on the bottom from being so old kek

No. 1559716

File: 1655162963635.jpeg (Spoiler Image,327.07 KB, 1308x1080, 9BE3DA6D-1860-405B-A786-D97EFF…)

God she’s always had such an unfortunate face but now every part of her is awful to look at

No. 1559717

the fact that they used to fit up over her knees and now they’re hanging on for dear life just trying to go around her calves. either she doesn’t know how to properly do laundry so they’ve shrunk, or she’s even bigger than she poses herself to look. probably both.

No. 1559720

that shirt is literally grey now

No. 1559721

File: 1655163152244.jpeg (363.44 KB, 853x632, 709B3298-2762-48B3-A7AF-7D8933…)

She needs some new outfits

No. 1559733

I would be shocked to find out this isn’t a tranny if I didn’t already know

No. 1559744

What’s that, Shayna? The slow (and I do mean slow) realisation that this holiday isn’t forever and soon you’ll return to your dismal existence? The contrast has to sober anyone up, it won’t do shit for her though but it’ll be entertaining for us.

No. 1559749

I remember kek. Her and I had it out for each other a couple times it was ridiculous

No. 1559758

What about?

No. 1559808

Deteriorated like she popped a child out

No. 1559820

Girl on the left looks like she could be her daughter

No. 1559881

exactly what i thought anon

No. 1559889

Who is the one on the left

No. 1559891

wtf newfag

No. 1559892

That’s Shayna 80 pounds ago anon kek

No. 1559917

Kek too late to delete this

No. 1560030

So original! Definitely would want to keep subscribing to an average e whore that just recycles outfits and ideas while the content and looks go down.

If those are really the same socks, that really says something. They used to be over the knee, practically thigh highs… she cant get them to touch her knee now.

No. 1560081

File: 1655191363159.jpeg (447.96 KB, 828x820, 95E14387-E75D-4BA2-B29C-F3E16B…)

I feel like she’s going to be even more of a bitch then normal having to go back to her depressing life after having a taste of normalcy

No. 1560128

aaaAAAHH How does she live with skin like this?? Homegirl needs to exfoliate…
Sage for unrestrainable sperg out(and this homegirl needs to sage )

No. 1560193

Except you didn’t sage you absolute retard
Get ready for ~2 weeks of birthday begging, I wonder what kind of ugly, tacky, clearance rack wares Ellen Degenerate and inbred, abusive old scrote will bestow upon their uwu princess

No. 1560247

>skin like this
It's literally just skin texture. Yes she's musty as fuck but her it just looks like her makeup is cakey, her skin isn't even terrible

No. 1560274

She’s definitely going to have a tantrum when she gets home.

I just can’t believe not even this holiday will get her to change her disgusting lifestyle. It’s amazing that someone can be so stubborn they’d rather fail out of spite.

No. 1560293

tinfoil but i feel like ellen was seeing people in shaynas apartment while she was gone bc she lives with her elderly parents.

No. 1560308

Well isn't it technically Ellen's apartment since she pays for it? So she can see whoever she wants in it I'd say.
But I feel like earlier itt someone mentioned she was traveling in June also so she might be out of town with one of her coomers.

No. 1560345

Is this a joke? Her makeup is caked over her obviously bumpy skin full of blackheads. It’s not surprising given what she eats/drinks.

No. 1560535

How much do you think Shaynus earns annually through sexwork? My guess would be about 50k annually, without any of the perks of a real job like a solid health care plan. But she has her parent's plan at the moment.

I believe that Shanya can afford the apartment she's in, but I also believe she is spending way above what she should be. As other nonnies have mentioned, you would hope sex workers would be putting aside "retirement" funds early or setting themselves up for a career after sex work. But Shayna never thinks ahead and instead just wants something she can show off and use as a talking point for how successful she must be if she can afford her own apartment. She isn't being smart with her money. Seeing where she is once she hits 30 will be interesting.

No. 1560549

Hard to believe it´s the same person kek is she trying to get tanned btw?

No. 1560564

I think it’s just different lighting anon. The skinny shots were taken on a laptop/webcam afaik, but she’s gone on to get more and more HD cameras throughout the years to her detriment

No. 1560579

I would guess $30,000 from coomers and $10,000 - $15,000 from her parents. And credit card debt. And zero plan about how she’s going to pay for health insurance once she ages off her mom’s golden city benefits plan (or her dad’s, whichever)

No. 1560597

I think she was making around that much (~$50K) at her peak, so it's definitely gonna be lower than that. Probably lower than $50K and between/inclusive of what >>1560579 said

No. 1560686

No you guys are retarded it’s funny bc it’s the same person anon was making a ha ha

No. 1560711

File: 1655238110407.jpeg (238.79 KB, 828x817, E752BA42-954E-4958-8503-424EEE…)

No. 1560795

Literally wtf is that comment

No. 1560821

shes still smoking im calling it

No. 1560857

50k is generous and what she made at her peak. She's probably closer to making 25-30k off her coomers (maybe less given how allergic she is to doing her damn job) and her parents give her the rest of the money she needs to survive.

No. 1560860


Late but I hate bikini barista anon.

No one cares, whore. You probably still work three jobs just to afford rent.

No. 1561000

Yeah, at her peak she was bragging about making 50k/yr. I'd definitely put her closer to 30, maybe even 25k.

No. 1561032

Shayna Expenses:

Rent: 1250
Food: 200
Pets: 100
Personal Care: 100
Alcohol: 150

Monthly Total: 1800
Yearly Expenses: $21,600 - 22,200 (if she pays electric)

She can afford an apartment because she has no other major expenses like car payment/insurance/gas; and she also doesn't go out anywhere that would require money like concerts, bowling, dinners with friends, trips out of town on weekends etc.

No. 1561034

I'd say when she tries she probably hovers around 30k annually on her own. Then she probably receives an extra 10k from her parents for various things (gifts included).

No. 1561101

Ok but no WAY is she only spending $200/month on food when she door dashes everything. I’d double it at least

No. 1561102

Anon, you know damn well Shat spends way more than $200 on food, and the Personal Care section shouldn't even exist. Bitch doesn't even use soap.

No. 1561119

Also, she puts all of her clothing hauls on after pay all the time, but you know totally making that 30k a year.

No. 1561127

She’d still have to pay the $300 eventually, I don’t know why she doesn’t just save or buy in smaller quantities instead of racking up afterpay debt

No. 1561148

File: 1655269540369.jpeg (209.13 KB, 828x1074, C9F62E92-0A51-4C2B-806B-1D3841…)

Vintage Shayna picture from her step sisters Instagram. This is her only photo with her

No. 1561155

Shayna actually looks kind of cute in this pic. It's honestly a shame she never put effort into glowing up / getting surgery (a la pnp). I don't think it would have even taken much effort for her to be pretty, even if unconventional. In her current state it would take a LOT more work

No. 1561174

deleted my comment- found her through sifting through whitepages and unprivated FB. shes pretty and skinny and I don't know how shayna wouldn't have a complex over her. even looked through her mf vsco– I know shes not full white but damn she is very very sorority party white girl, crazy shayna could've been her… maybe that's why she went "alt" and tried to super lean into her "black sheep" identity and just ended up fat and alcholic and selling pimple ass pics for 25c lol

No. 1561181

Quelle bleaque. Sex work, not even once. I’d love to know what goes through Big Shaynus’ head when she looks back at these pics. I can’t imagine how her family feels, if I were her parents I’d be wondering what the fuck went wrong.
I know right, she’s so cute and natural and “normal”. Again, I’d love to know what goes through Shay’s head when she makes the decisions she does, because I just cannot comprehend any of it.

No. 1561251

i'll take my ban for derailing: what the fuck do you mean GLOWING UP like ariana? i think pnp is the prime example for how thousands of dollars of plastic surgery can't ever hide inferior neanderthalian genetics. you can still see her old face whenever she laughs or speaks.

No. 1561253

Not to defend her, but that's never been confirmed afaik. It's funny to joke about and it is a possibilty, but I don't think we'd ever really know because she wouldn't ever admit it lol.

No. 1561256

curiosity prompted me to do some research and I finally found out what the mayochup is. so the anus lubricates itself during sexual stimulation and arousal, which produces that. In addition, it also produces a white or yellow mucous when extremely irritated, and if there's red or pink it's blood from hemorrhoids or fissures

No. 1561259

File: 1655283917013.jpeg (199.34 KB, 2048x2048, 90F3BB5C-D406-4F76-BF3A-D73674…)

No. 1561265

File: 1655285471167.jpeg (22.76 KB, 275x164, 6B8F6CD3-349D-480C-A47A-BFCFF4…)

No. 1561312

File: 1655290834543.png (1.97 KB, 24x25, emot-anime.png)

No. 1561322

She was using some sort of cum lube, iirc. Not to say she doesn't have hemorrhoids, because there was definitely blood in that, but ugh. Absolutely vile.

No. 1561349

it's still me, gastroenterologist-chan
bitch gets internal hemorrhoids frequently, horrifically, you can see them in certain photos; also explains why she doesn't bitch about pain, internal hemorrhoids don't typically hurt, but danglers do
she gets fissures too, which just means a tear in your anus, you dry-fuck your butthole, you are gonna get tears
I hate my job very much.

No. 1561354

never say "danglers" again

No. 1561418

Are her hemorrhoids caused by the dry-fucking? Or is it completely unrelated?

No. 1561421

File: 1655302015480.jpeg (Spoiler Image,51.39 KB, 328x340, 002B7249-3471-4BDA-BCFA-EA2442…)

I’m sorry by Ariana’s injected face looks like a rotting jack-o-lantern. Shay is lucky she never got addicted to plastic surgery like PNP or she would look significantly worse than today.
Is there any hope of her healing? This is a nightmare to read.

No. 1561466

Obviously I don't mean after she went overboard, but you have to admit she looked significantly better after the first bit of work she had done. I think shayna could have had a similar type of result if she had gone that route when she was still skinny

No. 1561490

Let’s not forget, she was probably spending at least $300 a week on dispensary stuff.

No. 1561663

It’s probably from a dehydrated shit. Or maybe just shitting out through her busted up colon I once had internal hemorrhoids and it wasn’t from anal sex or shoving a dildo up there but from a giant laxative induced shit, it didn’t hurt. It felt like I had left toilet paper in my butt.

No. 1561673

File: 1655316333614.jpeg (189.72 KB, 447x1280, F80362D9-5170-4CDF-BAC7-C7B7E7…)


No. 1561675

I mean I have never seen evidence of Shatna eating vegetables or wholegrains. She's probably very constipated as well as a weirdo who shoves things up her ass.

No. 1561676

File: 1655316413492.jpeg (333.5 KB, 803x967, C21AD5F2-6A05-4BAA-BCF6-8D5103…)

No. 1561681

oop, there it is

No. 1561683

File: 1655316643038.jpeg (389.54 KB, 1770x1080, F8381328-DDEA-4DBE-8691-9B9C6D…)

No. 1561685

I think it’s weird that she gets drinks AFTER her plane lands. IN THE MORNING. it was one thing when she arrived to her vacation destination but she’s not on vacation anymore. Alcoholic ass

No. 1561687

lol NO ONE wants to be around you Shayna, not even your own family. they were all probably going back and forth like “ugh should we really invite her? I guess we kind of have to because it’s for her brothers graduation…”

idk why she doesn’t take the hint; you are insufferable Shayna. get your shit together.

No. 1561688

middle pic giving depressed alcoholic single mom vibes. leaves her kids at home and goes to the bar to see if anyone is willing to give her a sliver of attention.

No. 1561697

All the while risking their safety and security by advertising where she is to a group of men who think she has violent fantasies that result in her being raped and kidnapped or forced into disgusting situations with her family members. I would never invite her anywhere, she has no respect for other people and can’t even comprehend how her actions impact others. If I were her step sister I’d be furious at the dad for risking my safety and the safety of my friend for this selfish asshole (imagine being the friends parent and finding out she went on vacation with a whore whose followers are all violent fetishists, good thing she’s an adult).

No. 1561702

wasn't she asking her father something with the heating some months ago? And that Irland trip, she probably paid it herself, right? She could have chosen a healthy way, that would have included moving out and finding a place in live with a career that won't be over sooner than later and no one would have ever seen her speaking, vomiting asshole posted on the internet. Many people would be happy for parents offering them the financial stability to study, so they can get out of sex work.

No. 1561706

God here we go. Up on her high horse made of shit because she got to go on a long vacation and be somewhat normal and her family tolerated her so she "wins".

No. 1561709

No fucking way she paid for it herself, she was there on daddy’s dime the whole time. She could not have afforded all the nice places they stayed and the fancy restaurants they were going too.

No. 1561712

She always says this like its her peak accomplishment in life. Like its some motivational speech to ??
You live an an apartment like a lot of the adult population, congrats. You dont have a car, stable real job, savings, etc. And lest she forgets how she can barely afford a minimal lifestyle and rent without help from Womack, pity pennies from coomers, and it's very likely her parents help. They absolutely helped her move, they help her visit them, probably with heaters and other things like that. And above all, she's on their health insurance. She wouldn't get to go to the er for excess drinking and smoking multiple times a week if not for the family she loves to talk down on most of the time and act better than because she was so uwu ~brave and independent~

I hope that when she sits down to drink another bottle of wine shes more humble and real before it numbs her completely.

No. 1561715

The question was sarcastic. Obviously it was all expenses paid for her and the siblings. Id be shocked if she spent a single dollar outside airport drinks. That hello kitty clip OR the ugly sweater may be the only thing she bought herself, but even then, her dad was probably nice and said he'd get it.

No. 1561716

Anon is right, the hemorrhoids are mostly cause by her horrible diet, when she gets externals, that'll be from the dry-fucking, I really don't know how she's managed to escape those this far, she's lucky because the fissures are definitely from the dry-fucking, there's just way too many for it to be from diet alone
Well, that kind of depends on your definition of "to heal" honestly. Could she stop getting fissures? Most likely yes, she would have to adopt a better diet and stop touching her asshole though. Can she get rid of her internal hemorrhoids? Yes, but only permanently with surgery, otherwise she can only reduce their frequency. Can she repair the damage done to her sphincter? No.

No. 1561727

File: 1655319995627.jpeg (185.15 KB, 702x1280, D04A23F1-BB26-4347-A61B-A5DA06…)

Wow, even more alcohol and a cheap snack box. So spoiled

No. 1561739

"wanted" is a bit of a stretch considering how every inch of you is embarrassing and ugly. Tolerated is more like it. I'd love to be a fly on the wall when 30+ Shatna begs to move back home after her dead-end career shitting diapers is over.

No. 1561747

what the shit is she gonna do once she realizes can't make enough money off of her own degradation to live? what happens when she realizes that she can't get or keep a normal job b/c she did pedo roleplay p*rn?

No. 1561748

So normally they just go on trips and shit without Shayna? It's clear her dad possibly her step-mom wanted her there. Not really her siblings or anyone else. The trip was clearly to celebrate her brother's accomplishments. They seem close knit, I wouldn't be surpised of they always celebrate things this way or do things & just don't invite shayna.
Also why make a post after leaving your family about how you left at 18 and did it all on your own?
Am I the only one who feels like leaving her actually successful siblings who her parents are actually proud of, made her feel like she bad to say something?
She never once said she's proud of her brother or anyone. Her biggest flex is she moved out at 18. Meanwhile her siblings actually are educated and well liked.

No. 1561750

Jesus fuck, you can write porn, you won’t get your Twitter account suspended you newfag.

No. 1561755

File: 1655320828016.jpeg (Spoiler Image,691.73 KB, 828x1427, 59426C6D-E3AC-413D-B8D1-6D8AB0…)

Obligatory gross cramped airplane bathroom nude

No. 1561763

>you can write porn

im dyin

No. 1561767

It's shade towards her siblings. She moved out at 18. They probably stayed at home or in dorms, getting a paid for education so they could get nice jobs and live normally. To shayna she's the wild child whose the most independent. When everyone with brains looks at Shayna as a failure. Seriously all she can say is "I pay my own rent…I moved out at 18". Thats her biggest accomplishment. Surely she knows plenty of people do that right? She's comparing herself to her siblings. I also think all that "debt" talk and "college fund" shit was some kinda shade too. Shayna thinks everyone lives like her family.
Nobody moves out at 18, can pay their own rent, everyone has college funds or the choice of paid for education. She's truly doing things her own way like a rebel. When she's just retarded.

No. 1561769

File: 1655321241322.jpeg (223.23 KB, 752x1280, 4F7111A3-19CC-42E0-990F-27C0D0…)

Why advertise this? It’s not cute.

No. 1561779

People that work minimum wage fast food job can also afford a rent and a car (which she can’t afford herself). What the fuck is that ”flex “even supposed to be lol? Of course now she blame fupa for her failures, never able to realize how much of a fuck up she is.

No. 1561783

>gotta quit weed because it makes me frow up uwu please support me while I ween myself off uwu
There's not a day where she doesn't drink though huh?

No. 1561784

why does she have to post every single drink she gets? i get the pink cocktails at bars in the evenings or a wine of glass at lunch but posting about mimosas and wine for breakfast/on a plane is so obviously alcoholic behavior. she's truly one of the least self-aware cows

No. 1561789

I'm sry, I will stop using sarcasm on the internet, kek.
It's just, she's acting like her parents are horrible people, still she visits them, goes on holiday with them. If your parents are horrible and you have enough money to live your own life, why ever see them again? It's just sad, she has so many possibilities and she doesn't use a single one of them.

No. 1561792

so, I'm an alcoholic (high-functioning and without sex work) and even I don't drink as much or start as early in the day as she does.
Someone here assumed her alcohol expenses would be around 150$, I don't know how expensive alcohol is in the US, it's pretty cheap in my country and I spend around 230$ a month and I drink less, would put her on at least 250$ only for alcohol.

No. 1561796

If Shaynas parents didn't have money I doubt she'd see them often or come around. They are her back up plan. That's why she brags about leaving home, because she didn't have too because she has parents who would help her.
Her parents are great and shayna is 100% the issue because none of her other siblings behave this way.

No. 1561816

Oh my god, please put a smoothing Snapchat filter on that horrific mug

No. 1561820

No one asked nor cares.

a lot of anons have this hope that she’ll quit sex work but tbh I think she’ll kill herself before she quits.

No. 1561837

That’s the saddest looking meal ever kek

No. 1561847

File: 1655325595206.jpeg (1.04 MB, 3465x3465, 56CB33C2-253F-4C0B-93AE-DA0F60…)

I’d be so embarrassed if my “fans” were Jason R Womack or Michael Slack from Missouri who molested his young daughters

No. 1561850

She's so fucking trashy but thinks its quirky. Getting smashed on cheap complimentary wine on a morning flight home isn't something to post about.

No. 1561853

Mike Slack of Missouri looks like a total sociopath. His eyes look devoid of empathy or compassion. Womack looks like he has a couple extra chromosomes.

No. 1561857

File: 1655326122570.jpeg (193.52 KB, 1118x2048, 44534614-1E91-41D1-96F3-2D35EC…)

No. 1561861

ew i can smell her

No. 1561867

I don’t think she washed her hair once on vacation, she had it up in a turd bun almost the whole time

No. 1561871

inshallah this will sow the seeds for her to eventually leave sex work

No. 1561873

It won’t. Might get her to move in with her dad but she likes to do sex work right next to her family so she’ll continue.

No. 1561893


Bitch probably didn't even pay for her drinks, you know how she dry begs for reimbursement for everything she has to pay for herself. The most she paid for on her own was probably that little ring she got as a early birthday gift.

No. 1561897

People were just trying to tally up her monthly spending again don’t get your panties in a twist

No. 1561901

could be wrong but im pretty sure this is the first time she’s publicly said she ‘loves’ Womack, every time he says it which is often she usually brushes it off

No. 1561914

Is grey hair a registered sex offendor? Is this confirmed? I wouldn't fuckin be surprised either way

No. 1561927

Nope he’s not on any registry. I doubt his daughter ever told anyone, there’s no way he wasn’t molesting her

No. 1561940

If only. Unfortunately because she took essentially a whole month and a half off sex work to vacay twice and be in the hospital numerous times she’s gonna be putting out her grimy content in double-time to catch up before rents due.

No. 1561952

File: 1655331143344.jpeg (161.49 KB, 828x1271, AB43BCC2-9E21-423A-8E52-759BB4…)

What the fuck her floors are filthy and covered in cat food. Damn bitch you live like this? Did she just scatter food everywhere for them while she was away? https://streamable.com/pdx2j9

No. 1561966

We really don't talk enough about how he definitely raped his own daughter.
That "daddy's girl" tattoo will haunt me for the rest of my life, even when I finally outgrow lolcow, even if I finally become a normie; I will be forever haunted by what I've learned about the world from this evil, wicked thread

Greyhair fucking raped his daughter.

No. 1561972

File: 1655332271866.jpeg (1.4 MB, 1125x2180, EE17300D-87D3-420D-80DB-0C15AE…)

going through her stepsisters vsco and found this from july 2, 2016. it looks like our shat, but sage because i’m not 100% certain

No. 1561973

File: 1655332307022.jpeg (318.1 KB, 1125x1878, 5FDB0206-0620-4388-9C19-B6EEB8…)

one more

No. 1561975

samefag; To keep it Shayna related, imagine your living being paid by this man, and you were aware of it, and you weren't disgusted enough to fucking quit and just flip burgers or fold clothes like you have some self-respect

No. 1562013

She's "proud of herself" for getting kicked out of her home for whoring? Kek

No. 1562038

Definitely since they were apparently together for the 4th of July 2 days later >>>/snow/1561148

No. 1562042

Fupa deserves the wall

No. 1562047

She got finger toes kek her apartment is disgusting I know she hasn’t been home but jfc why post it

No. 1562062

I’m pretty sure Shay had this on her tumblr saying her step sister did her hair

No. 1562087

Kek. This shit is fucking free on a plane.

No. 1562108

Oh her dad definitely was picking up the tab for them all at pubs and eateries. I don't think she bought the ring for herself. Way out of her budget. She may have bought the bootleg hello kitty clip and/or flea market sweater, but that's it.

No. 1562110

Of course she's the kind of cat owner who lets the cats on her kitchen counters too. Why not, fuck it. Cat poop paws where the (doordash) food goes.

No. 1562111

Yeah it is. Probably because hes the only reason she can afford rent or anything at this point. She can't lose him so she has to up the ante kek so awful.

No. 1562126

File: 1655340496016.webm (2.4 MB, 592x1280, disgusting floors and baseboar…)

Here’s the .webm

No. 1562160

It really was too much to just use her grimey feet to sweep the kibble and filth out of frame at least? I know she just got back and maybe the cats carried kibble around and made messes, but like… its reallt not much to sweep or vacuum for a couple mins. That floor is disgusting. It almost looks water damaged or stained over on the right??

No. 1562167

Every time she accidentally shows her floors they’re filthy. I can’t imagine what the rest of her house looks like, it’s so wonder she only takes pictures in the bathroom and on the fucking day bed. They’re the only corners of the house she manages to keep clean

No. 1562178

Is she trying to act the cat is so excited that she's back home? Uhh, that cat just looks hungry as fuck as she's taking a snapchat instead. also of note if she's feeding her cat crappy dry food. If she's such a successful boss bitch, then feed you pets quality food.

No. 1562179

Regardless of her "annual income" - she wouldn't be making it unless she sucks up to and pretends to like these two ugly fucks. Bleak.

No. 1562197

There is no such thing as a 2 bedroom apartment in Renton for that price. There are 2 2-bedroom apartments for sale at her building currently and they are $2,489 and $2,536

No. 1562206

Could be inflated prices. She's probably locked in a lease at the lowet price it was when she moved in. After her lease is up though… lol she's gonna be panicking and probably downgrading further because she will never afford 2.5k in rent alone.

No. 1562209

File: 1655346130072.jpeg (217.38 KB, 682x1280, 891F632D-B591-4624-8180-DDC5FD…)

Couldn’t even shower for a date her hair is still in a rat nest bun

No. 1562217

seattle anon here, theres a 20% tax on liquor in the state. so she's spending way more than $150 per month for sure. On top of the tax the base cost for liquor is higher here. The seattle area is very expensive in general.

No. 1562232

When she moved in there was 1 for roughly 2,150 and another for around 2,300 (I have a screenshot somewhere, but I’m sure it was very close to this)

No. 1562233

So these two don’t actually have sex, right? She mentioned it had been over a year since she had sex. What a weird relationship to be in

No. 1562234

Is that an injury to her forehead? Or the filter messing with one of her wrinkles.

No. 1562235

Why the fuck is she wearing thick
sweaters in June and she was wearing flip flops in the winter?? I know, it's a nitpick but I just don't fucking understand.

Yeah maybe I'm going crazy but I'm pretty sure she mentioned she pays over 2k for rent before in one of her "I'M SO PROUD OF MYSELF" tweets.

No. 1562240

Kek anon. It does look like a split scar but I really think it's just her wrinkly head.
If there was a story about splitting her head open she'd be milking it

No. 1562244

It’s because Seattle has chosen to not have Spring or Summer, it was in the lower 50s and windy when she had this on.

No. 1562300

For sarcasm to work via text, you have to exaggerate more. Hope this helps!

No. 1562308

Oh god, what if "The Dad" is Michael Slack?

No. 1562329

Mike lives in Missouri. She met The Dad on seeking arrangements and sees him like once a week

No. 1562341

Kek, anon

No. 1562404

I’m surprised none of the twitter whores have dragged her for interacting with daughter-raping pedophile redneck veteran trucker Mike Slack of Missouri’s posts since they all lurk here and are absolutely aware of the fact that he has fucked his daughter/subscribes to get onlyfatties/buys her sex toys. I’m genuinely disappointed that the faggots over at kf didn’t run with the repulsive old scrote’s dox, he deserves to have his dick cut off and forced to choke on it, I want everyone who is guilty of incest and pedophilia dies a slow, torturous death

No. 1562421

Love you anon.

No. 1562472

Do you mind linking to old posts or proof where he said it? This is horrific. This thread keeps getting worse and worse. It feels like an irl dateline episode

No. 1562474

he hasnt. its tinfoil but do the fucking math.

No. 1562482

Don’t be a retard and don’t ask to be spoonfed, the repugnant motherfucker openly interacted with his daughter’s sex work twitter, it was all capped a couple of threads back. There’s no way he didn’t abuse her and it actually explains a lot re: why she turned out the way she did

No. 1562520

I can't believe I'm even indirectly defending a literal pedo, but you two are being really aggressive for something that is a tinfoil. He's a creep that has definitely done stuff that should have him on some type of list, but we have zero concrete proof that he actually raped his daughter. This habit of claiming tinfoils to be fact only helps all these people claiming the site makes up lies about them.

No. 1562541

It’s literally in the summary you retard

No. 1562542

it shouldn’t be against the rules to a-log about moids and pedos

No. 1562555

I fucking agree, same goes for full doxxes, no rules for these subhuman scumbags
Who gives a fuck, there’s evidence of him being into incest and pedophilia, it’s not exactly baseless “tinfoil”

No. 1562577

In regards to the KF bit, probably because no one ever posted his dox over there. They didn’t even post his work information that was posted here with the truck honoring the troops he drives. Or his Facebook account that was also posted here. Maybe post his actual dox if you want the autists over there to do anything. Michael Lee Slack’s information isn’t hard to find.

No. 1562580

he literally follows her sex account and comments on her posts and you defend him. if it isn't physical then it's mental incest, but there is a lot wrong with him and he shouldn't be around children or people

No. 1562581

Yeah but it is so get over and stay on topic. This thread isn’t about shat’s two degen fans, it’s about her

No. 1562593

Why are you defending a pedophile, nonna?

No. 1562600

it’s because there’s no definite proof of it and would make them look like absolutely insane stalkers for going that far.

No. 1562604

Im not, it’s just annoying that a couple anons takeover the whole thread for hours at a time about this guy. Make a thread about him, not everyone wants to scheme and plot like some vigilante. It’s just bait for infighting at this point

No. 1562605

go to another thread to talk about your bullshit damn. stop fucking derailing. you yourself sound like an 18 year old retarded twitter whore, why don’t you go “call out” Shayna & Mike Slack on your own account with 33 followers. it almost seems like you want it to be so real because it’s your gross fantasy too.

No. 1562607

Not everything in life requires proof when ppl are fully capable of reading between the lines. What normal father would be interacting with their daughter through their sw-buying them supplies and getting content from them? He’s a fukn creep and most likely abused his daughter in multiple ways. Stop defending him

No. 1562608

actually yeah anon accusing someone of child molestation requires proof, not 4chan level stalking and assumptions.

now that you’ve shown how much you love talking about molesting children, can we move on?

No. 1562609

you’ve got to be either an extra retarded teenager or a grown ass man who wants to touch children, there’s no in between.

No. 1562610

The anons sperging about muh proof are probably twitter whores who use Shayna to feel better about themselves, they just want to read/post about how fat and ugly she is. Their own coomers are probably on par with Mike and Womack and that’s why they’re defending pedophilia and incest

No. 1562612

Go back

No. 1562613

someone needs to check your hard drive.

No. 1562617

You’re projecting a lot here. Sorry we don’t have sympathy for a dude who follows his own daughter’s sex worker account.

(It’s okay Shayna, your paypig won’t go to jail if someone puts him as a pedophile. You’ll still get your few little coins a month from him.)

No. 1562622


kek, anon we all know it’s just you. you constantly being up chomos because you like to talk about it. enjoy your ban.

No. 1562626

Look, if you don’t think it’s weird and predatory to follow your daughter’s sex worker account as well as to buy her equipment for it, just say that! It’s okay, nonna!

No. 1562632

let it go, she's just going to keep splitting hairs, like it matters

No. 1562641

Its even crazier to me that he started as a customer and apparently successfully manipulated her to become his gf in some sort of open relationship. She really sucks at this “job” in every way if she can’t even keep her paying customers. She really gives her entire self away for free. Not to mention how she has literally invited him over to her house and the hospital where he likely found out her legal name. That’s some serious nightmare shit and I know its said often but one day it’s all going to catch up with her

No. 1562648

That or Mike slack is literally their customer. He retweets all kind of whores

No. 1562653

I am genuinely surprised that she hasnt got herself into serious trouble yet, she is so, so reckless when it comes to her personal info, to the point where I think she genuinely has an intellectual impairment. As much as I think shaynus is a disgusting piece of pedo-pandering shit I dont wish her bodily harm, but she is playing a very dangerous game. For someone who has been a whore as long as she has she is still incredibly naive

No. 1562700

Of course she says that but I wouldn’t be surprised if she’s banging him for funds

No. 1562715

You don’t think she’d be posting every second of their interactions if she was actually sleeping with him? I dunno, nonny, when she was with Fupa she talked about how much HoT sEx they were having ad nauseum. I really do believe she’s borderline celibate.

No. 1562717

I honestly don’t think it involved any manipulation on the moid’s part. I just think Shayna really is that retarded. In fact, I’d be willing to bet it was at her insistence. She seems too insecure to accept money from these scrotes in person. I think she’s fine with being a digital prostitute but not an irl prostitute. Correct me if I’m wrong, but this scrote has never given her money, right? Just bought her various gifts and paid for dinners, which scrotes in regular relationships do all the time. This way she can cope and justify the irl whoring to herself. She cares more about moids’ attention than their money. And she doesn’t let him fuck anyway, so why would he pay her?

She tweets bragging about every other sexual thing he does to her though, and would post bragging when she and he who shan’t be named were fucking, but she’s suddenly going to be quiet about her and the dad having sex? I don’t think it’s likely

No. 1562749

She never talks about actual sex with either of her "partners" just getting fingered and bitten by both. I definitely am with the tinfoil that she has sex aversion. But if she's actually into someone she's willing to fuck. So it just further proves her seattle relationships are a weird, desperate farce where all involved are just trying not to be alone but are too gross and unpleasant to find proper relationships.

No. 1562753

The fact that there’s over 100 threads about shayna makes you think she’s some sort of fascinating cow, but no. In reality she’s just pathetic and 75% of these threads are just insecure camgirls and faggots infighting about the most mundane and unrelated shit kek

No. 1562757

She doesn’t actually care about the sex and I do think she’s sex aversed imo she lets the hitting and biting or whatever happen because that means there are marks left over that she can flaunt to her little coomers as if any of them care

No. 1562768

She's a lightning rod of controversy in the online SW world and a lot of other e-thots find her fascinating and come here to talk shit about her & each other. Simple as.

No. 1562771

I didn't realize it was tinfoil, there are receipts of her openly admitting she's not into any of these random fetishes and just pretends to be for attention from porn brained moids

No. 1562778

Someone needs to teach you how to read and comprehend what you just read.

No. 1562779

At this point, fuck her. I don't wish her harm, but if it comes her way outside of horrific shit like murder and rape I won't feel bad for her. She at least deserves to have some scrote scam her out of her Amazon and cheese money.

No. 1562809

She's said shes demisexual and only can fuck someone she "loves" and has recently said basically shes into being tied up and spanked and basically sexual play but not getting fucked. She wouldn't admit her kinks are fake, she already looks dumb enough for admitting the other stuff on her sw twitter.

No. 1562816

Im with you. She needs to be scared and actually have something serious happen to her. I think that's the only thing that could possibly get her to quit sw tbh. If something actually traumatic or fucked up happened to her, she might rethink things. She's got her safety net and numbs herself and gotten by so far. Also don't want the extreme to happen and see her as a crime news report lol, but something.

No. 1562819

how is she supposed to be a bimbo pornstar if she has never being professional fucked kek pathetic

No. 1562820

probably because theyre a bunch of Mike Slacks themselves

No. 1562821

Samefag but to clarify Im not one of the anons that writes hypotheticals and fanfics about her life of quitting sex work and being normal. Idc either way. She's still a gross dumbass below average bitch at best. Just saying nothing but something actually really bad happening will turn her from this sw path. Its all she has. Shes yoo lazy and stubborn for anything else

No. 1562826

Yeah I never understood what she thinks she'll get discovered and ~rich n famous~ for. In a filthy sea of ewhores, doing low effort repetitive solo porn won't get you anywhere. The few household name porn stars are well, porn stars. They fucked their way to it literally. Belle was the only exception really but look at her now.

No. 1562845

This is wild. I joined the farm on thread 99 thanks to Shayna sperging and alerting me of this site in the first place but she had been my own personal cow since her tumblr days. Anyway I'm going through all her old threads and while keeping up with her current and I'm on thread 57 right now and was reading the exact screen shots being mentioned so here they are if anyone wants to see them.

No. 1562871

File: 1655406300698.jpeg (224.54 KB, 828x841, C1329C34-E409-4958-809F-A19A89…)

No. 1562952

File: 1655410210974.jpeg (241.9 KB, 1242x856, 390353A7-03C6-4BA6-A402-150A3F…)

She sounds retarded

No. 1562961

File: 1655410737159.jpeg (312.7 KB, 1202x1288, 081F7294-142F-4387-A233-FA530B…)

This is so embarrassing Shayna doesn’t like you Ellen

No. 1562972

Reminds me of them downs kids in the “what’s going on here? Bwekfast” video

No. 1563092

Tbh at this point what's quiting going to do for her? I can see her mom and dad being connected enough to get her in college and have her work at someone's restaurant or office, but it wouldn't last long because she's got brain worms from Tumblr and sex work. As someone who went full NEET for the first half of corona, working sucks. But I have to do it because my mommy and daddy don't have enough money or like me enough to fund my life and bad habits and whatnot. Someone like shayna, who is both a lazy bitch, and a spoiled bitch, will not stick to anything even slightly inconvenient to her. Sex work, for how embarrassing it is for her, is convenient. She can smoke weed , wake up whenever, and technically the only one she has to answer to is the tax man and her coomers. And she can avoid the tax man, and block coomers who get too aggressive for her liking. She's probably not going to be one of the girls who ends up dead in a ditch from sexwork, because she's got family that cares. Whatever is producing the mayochup in her ass will probably be what takes her out of sex work, when it gets too ugly to edit out and ignore.

No. 1563128

Thousand islands salad dressing looking ass

No. 1563148

Kek. Shay just longing for free food and Ellen just wants sexual shit.

Absolute shit show of a couple.

No. 1563211

I mean yeah, again, Im not one of the anons writing fanfics about her turning her life around. I just think there will come a point when she just cannot afford to even scrape by like she does now. If Womack ditched her or something happened to him, eventually she'll get fatter and older – she's only been on a decline. I'm just curious if something really sketchy or bad happened would be enough to actual scare her into quitting or otherwise what is she going to do? She's already catering to bottom of the barrel nasty fetishes. This sw path only has so many options if she really won't ever give it up: feeder/mukbang and eventually milf or something. She can do more extreme stuff like full on scat, vomit, etc I guess. Then aside from going into niche horrid fetishes like that the end of the line is b/g getting actually fucked for porn. There's just no other things she can do in SW to maintain this bare minimum lifestyle. Especially with the state of the world.
I know she has her parents to bail her out but there's still going to come a point sooner than later where she will have to face the fact that this isnt sustainable and she can't even scrape by.

No. 1563213

I also really don't believe Shay has the balls to go into anything really hardcore like the prolapsing, true scat, vomiting, and feederism. She believes shes cute and charming and can eventually be skinny again. She will only go so far in these fetishes because theyre not actually her kinks.

No. 1563276

File: 1655433293243.jpeg (30.83 KB, 410x410, 4352577E-DF02-4803-A886-9E2350…)

No. 1563297


sOOOO embarrassed that we saw her struggling in OK? What, being called out for being a drunk abuser?

she was a better version of herself there where that half-gay fat oaf tried to get her to take care of herself.

now she pisses in diapers and hangs out in the emergency department all the time because her alcoholism has spiraled out of control.

No. 1563370

It was honestly only embarrassing at the end when she kept threatening to move and Fupa obviously was like "k" and then she had that period of time where she looked fat as fuck and so awfully homely. Like she stopped wearing makeup or doing anything for herself. It was the worst she'd ever looked imo.
I mean her whole life and existence is an embarrassing joke that she puts on display. that's why these threads are here.

I think the funniest thing still about that whole relationship was that she was his secret shameful hook up and he never claimed her again after their honeymoon "Fupa Mansion" saga even though she kept slipping up that they were still in fact seeing eachother. It really started to seem like he pitied her because she had no one else and figured he'd get his chode wet at least. And the worst part was he was no catch at all himself. He's such a cringe nasty ass fat soy boi.

No. 1563389

File: 1655438300068.png (9.25 MB, 1242x2208, 45BA0735-0FA1-49D0-B210-3B2A4A…)

No. 1563398

File: 1655439464507.jpeg (659.65 KB, 776x1385, 1C9A3FB1-CC9D-406B-9BA3-0698A7…)

No. 1563399

I love how these types of men think a middle finger makes them tough. He won’t be so tough when he’s being assaulted in prison for pedophilia and incest

No. 1563412

“Directly supported” = masturbated to

No. 1563521

only thing hotter than a geriatric flipping off his own reflection, is when he does it in the bathroom at arby's during his break, especially if he keeps the drive thru headset on… kinky daddy

No. 1563638

KEK the filthy overly wordy 2A shirt

No. 1563643

Ummmm excuse you nonnie he also commented on it and gave her money! He’s not one of those cheap coomers who just masturbates to his own daughter’s content, he makes sure he gives her pennies and public comments too!

No. 1563648

File: 1655469592360.jpg (227.67 KB, 1080x1191, Screenshot_20220617-073639_Twi…)

Deleted the second one already.

No. 1563649

File: 1655469637856.jpg (70.52 KB, 632x688, Screenshot 2022-06-17 084202.j…)

Kek. There are threads upon threads of exactly why you are a terrible person shat.
One great example is interacting with Mike Slack. You know your gun toting, trump voting, PEDO of coomer.
But your evil republican mom who subscribes politically to everything he does is the enemy right?

No. 1563651

File: 1655469695482.jpg (302.75 KB, 1080x1551, Screenshot_20220617-074056_Twi…)

And replaced with this one.

No. 1563658

is this seriously just a mike slack thread now? you whores are seriously obsessed with him.(scrote)

No. 1563660

don’t worry, it’s been explained ad nauseam. you’re just too stupid to believe it.

No. 1563663

File: 1655471246100.jpg (94.5 KB, 500x888, 6jzmdm.jpg)

No. 1563665

Being a pedophile is disgusting and makes you a terrible person. Catering to the most disgusting troglodytes and wearing diapers and pacifiers while using a vibrator is the grossest shit ever.

No. 1563667

Seriously? No, seriously.

No. 1563684

wow this thread has gone to trash. we get it, you want to suck his dick. move on.

No. 1563723

Mike, no one wants to suck your dick. Why don’t you go creep on your daughter some more?

Also, something about the casual usage of “whores” screams scrote to me.

No. 1563724

lol the only people that are annoyed with the thread being overrun by this gross dude, are clearly Shayna and Mike Slack himself. right, nonny. keep telling yourself that. make his own thread if he’s so damn milky.

No. 1563726

>casual usage of whores

as if it’s not said on this thread daily.

No. 1563728

File: 1655477742049.jpeg (644.01 KB, 1170x1265, 0D440483-8728-4344-B6EA-A6D243…)

“Sweet, loving, caring girl” okay Shay. Coming from the bitch who was just complaining about her “horny” followers

No. 1563729

File: 1655477843924.jpeg (672.73 KB, 1170x1860, AAFD9062-9EFF-4B2E-B3B4-FBAAB3…)

The last comment is most likely a farmer

No. 1563740

People who are sweet and loving don’t have to tell everyone that they are sweet and loving.

No. 1563743

File: 1655479577600.jpg (123.32 KB, 1080x604, Screenshot_2022-06-17-16-24-07…)

Big shaynus

No. 1563749

File: 1655480052559.jpeg (881.97 KB, 1170x1660, A5CC52BC-2F1D-4E70-B4CF-16BD31…)

Idk who’s video descriptions are worse: Shay’s or theirs

No. 1563753

Wtf is this goofy shit? Who gets off to it? Coomers are truly deranged kek

No. 1563761

File: 1655481409125.jpeg (54.29 KB, 365x607, C1D9D0CD-063D-4E7C-B462-9E1687…)

Kek, why is she like this?

No. 1563762

File: 1655481495380.jpeg (Spoiler Image,571.48 KB, 1242x674, 1B7DFFDC-7F86-4AB1-BDB8-060EF2…)

her double chin

No. 1563765

The other 2 girls aren’t exactly VS models but jfc she makes them look halfway decent. Her size alone is super apparent in these pictures. She really is the DUFF of every group she’s part of

No. 1563769

File: 1655481785501.jpeg (Spoiler Image,803.55 KB, 1242x1264, FE11FF79-08A1-4D9E-A15B-01ED86…)

Jackie Kennedy touching Shaynus’ rancid snatch

No. 1563774


Yes, but it's usually not directed at farmers unless they reveal themselves to be bikini baristas or obese camgirls.

No. 1563778

why is does she look like she accidentally shit herself lmfao

No. 1563783

Lol at the girl on the right holding Shayna's shoe on.

No. 1563786

Allow me to clarify: you are hated because you pander to pedophiles. Normal people despise pedophiles and those that seek to sexualize or harm children. YOU sexualize children. We hate because you’re an evil, wretched, pedopandering waste of a human life.
Hope this helps! <3

No. 1563792

Wondering why she is not wearing pink.

No. 1563804

it doesn’t even look like acting, she truly looks embarrassed and insecure.

No. 1563806

because anon she’s just a quirky chick who’s totally not like other girls!

No. 1563818

Okay this really does give 40 year old wine mom, think fat version of Helga's mom from Hey Arnold. "You said chinese take out? I thought you wanted to make out" vibes.

No. 1563827

File: 1655483728790.jpeg (418.27 KB, 1170x1323, 29ABBEFE-3947-4818-A75A-4D6653…)

Exhibit A of why people hate and harass you Shay

No. 1563852

yeah completely normal fantasies of a “sweet lovely good person”. Genuinely baffles me that she thinks she’s nice when there’s hundreds of threads of her being a rude bitch, telling minors and women to take a dick in the ass and her constant pedo/rape-pandering. I can’t tell if she’s just lying to her followers or straight up delusional

No. 1563880

things like this make me hate men so much

No. 1563915


From my fingers to God's iPhone in heaven, please let this bitch have a rotten uterus that will never ever bear a child. Amen.

Fuckin disgusting degenerate, I don't understand how people can still want her to get out of sex work, I'll take my a-log ban if the mods are still around, but I hope Shayna dies a broke diseased camwhore, she doesn't deserve a decent normal life. Her parents are too nice to her and that's probably part of what fucked her development. she was definitely the type of kid who needed a strict authoritarian parent to tell her to stop being fucking gross or they're not giving her anymore money.

No. 1563916

Well… she said she's into humiliation. So she must of loved looking like she-hulk compared to the other girls in the scene.

No. 1563923

All men need to be tortured to death
She’s huge, look at those calves
Seriously. Fuck her parents for enabling this shit. There’s no way they’re unaware of how much of a disgusting degenerate she is. I’d love to know how hard they cajoled her step sister into tolerating her for two weeks

No. 1563942

She should’ve wore her hair curly, when she wears it straight it makes her body look even bigger. Idk. Overall not a good sexy look. Maybe a push-up bra in a skater dress or sundress like thing would be sexier.

No. 1563952

jesus, this is the worst screenshot. it looks like she has no genitals because her pussy is so fucking weird looking and her face tops it all off.

No. 1563959

More like
>make out I thought you said Chinese takeout
With her fat ass

No. 1563962

don’t worry Anon she will die of alcohol related complications

No. 1563999

File: 1655490783208.jpeg (267.73 KB, 635x1280, 4407B393-E78A-4EA4-99C3-CBFC1A…)

This is what triggered her, some retard cowtipper couldn’t contain their autism and left a bunch of unfunny replies under some of her posts

No. 1564009

@sneakyusername kek probably a camgirl, get a life.

No. 1564054

I know it's wrong but it's low key funny. but don't cow tip. or she'll lock everything down. maybe.

No. 1564064

They didn’t post a single funny tweet. It’s definitely a failed ho who’s even more pathetic than Shayna.

No. 1564089

She should know by now to just ignore the 'haterz' and not sperg out every time someone cowtips.

No. 1564125

She lurks the thread, there's no reason to directly interact. She knows she's ugly and barely getting by, she just pretends with this "cute, loving thriving bby bimbo" persona online. But she gives herself away when she has to beg the next day and make up excuses as to why she's short on rent. If she truly believed she was hot, she wouldnt use snap filters and heavily edit her pics every time. If she wasn't a shitty person that broadcasts their entire life on twitter, she wouldn't have threads.
Its because of her insistence that she's sexy and successful and a good person when she displays the opposite for anyone with more than 2 braincells not porn rotten to see. When she's sober, she really knows her life sucks. So she keeps drinking and smoking herself sick.

No. 1564135

Sweet, loving, caring girls don't do sex work by choice and make the most abhorrent misogynistic catering porn possible. Nice, beautiful, wholesome girls don't have filthy lives to air out on twitter for 3 likes.
For the most part, only the shitty attention whore ugly idiots that try to sell a delusional persona of the opposite get threads here and otherwise.
Like other anon said, good people dont have to say theyre good people. Its like a dude swearing up and down hes a nice guy… trying to bullshit and compensate for the fact he definitely is a piece of shit.

No. 1564189

I wonder why she thinks she's this amazing person? What has she done for anyone? What makes her so great? Existing? Retweeting shit others have said? Feeling emotions when bad shit happens for two seconds? I can't think of anything genuinely nice she's done for anyone where she didn't get something in return.
Everyone in her life it's an exchange. Her parents/family want her around? They have to go on a trip & sacifice their own values/opinions. Her presence to her is "enough". When she gives a gift, she brags about it and is more then likely getting something out of it.
She does nothing selfless. Even when she gives free porn, it's because she wants attention in likes/retweets/money. I can't think of any way Shayna has genuinely given back to the world. I don't know why she thinks she's so caring and sweet. She doesn't do shit for anyone.

No. 1564217

If she’s so nice and great… why doesn’t she have any friends?? beside Elaine the pedo gf, no one would ever vouch for her lol.

No. 1564220

File: 1655500297209.jpg (66.61 KB, 992x1024, 339.jpg)

No. 1564222

Beside her immediate family who would show to her funeral if she died ?? Bleak

No. 1564274

She really does have this ridiculous entitlement complex where she thinks her existence and presence is enough to garner money and praise. Doing the bare minimum is to be applauded from her.
But aside from those ugly plates she bought her dad one year for his birthday or fathers day, she's never gotten a gift for anyone. She only brags about what others do and get for her. Oh she got Fupa a candle I think early in their move in lol. I mean she would absolutely tweet about any gift or gesture she would do but she just isn't a giving person. She's a fucking mooch and all she can offer up is her gross body. But she doesnt let her current partners fuck her, just bite and spank. Her blow jobs are god awful and her body is ugly lol. So even as a whore she's not doing it right.

No. 1564281

It makes us look pathetic by association to have people take posts from here and rub them in Shayna’s face. Just let us enjoy what she gives already, it’s been a glorious 4 years with more to come as long as you desperate whores quit jumping up and down and shouting “look Shay!! I hate you most! Look me me me!! Me funny right???”

No. 1564304

>>1564281 I feel like that's a bit dramatic, don't ya think?

No. 1564313

can you stop referring to us as whores already? it's not cute and literally no one else is doing it ITT, it's basically namefagging. whore-chan

No. 1564320

you saying whores so frequently makes it looks like you’re just another failing sex “worker” who’s projecting. you’re probably one of the ones who wants to suck mike slacks dick. stfu and learn to integrate.

No. 1564347

it happens all the time, some arent even posted here. get used to it and ignore it, and dont get that mad youre gonna get wrinkles like Shatna.

No. 1564374

the whore thing is getting really fucking old. I'm a SW (not unsuccessful) and I can bet I've fucked less people then you. you're just being a cunt

No. 1564377

File: 1655511527500.gif (64.83 KB, 1186x43, fYFZ.gif)

No. 1564381

so you think you're not a whore because you only show your pussy for money instead of having alot sex because you like people?

No. 1564383

I have a real job you dumb cunt, SW is my extra income.(infighting)

No. 1564387

File: 1655511908558.gif (69.18 KB, 1173x43, fYG6.gif)

No. 1564390

if you're ugly, just say so

No. 1564400

What is it with sex workers who wince at any other word for their profession, prostitution, whore, they all mean the same thing and I promise men aren't taking the extra time to call you a sexworker when discussing your content with fellow scrotes

No. 1564405

so just because men do it, we should? gross nonnie, be better

No. 1564408

I don't like the word either but that is your literal job description if you're a sex worker, get a real job if you don't want people to say horrible things about/to you, it's unfortunately part of the territory.
Also that person went on to call anon a cunt, >>1564383 so, pot meet kettle

No. 1564411

“don’t say ‘whore’, you cunt” is certainly a take

No. 1564415

I swear to god this thread always attracts the dumbest fucking whores and it can't go a week without a shit show happening

No. 1564427

im sorry but being an online sex worker and a sex worker are two different things. stop being retarded, not all whores got money for being fucked. some of them do it for free.

No. 1564429

I’m sorry but I think online sex work is worse because your butthole is forever archived online and you won’t gain any profits from it when you eventually die…

No. 1564434

>I’d love to know how hard they cajoled her step sister into tolerating her for two weeks

By letting her bring the friend and offering to pay for everything I suppose. They seem like they throw money at problems and expect that to make it better. Her mom probably tries harder but is afraid Shayna will cut contact completely if she even suggests that Shayna should quit sexwork because it's bad for her mental and physical health. But they need to just cut the cord unless they want her to be the degenerate whore aunty that the kids aren't allowed to be alone with for longer than it takes someone to pee or finish making spaghetti.

Shut up camwhore go project elsewhere. Why can't y'all just lurk and realize no one is talking about you or cares about you here? Cry to your degenerate simp army. You probably got a few mike slacks paying you 5.99 monthly, how does that make you feel?

No. 1564459

This has to be the degenerate cow from the onlyfatties thread who thinks that bragging about how many pennies she makes from her degeneracy to a bunch of aggressive SWERFs is a “flex” and that we only bash sex workers because we’re jealous

No. 1564465

File: 1655517402271.jpeg (61.8 KB, 600x500, 6B8D840D-70FF-4438-A9D7-77E77A…)

No. 1564474

I really wonder if fupa still reads these threads to laugh about what she’s become, and no I’m not implying like he’s hot shit himself (as a gorilla that works at zumies). if he wants to check in on how she’s doing, all he has to do is look on lolcow for actual live updates.

No. 1564480

Idk but his fiancé most likely does kek who do you think sperg the fuck out whenever he is brought up

No. 1564487

I can’t believe she needs a multiple day break from work after her 16 day break from work. Of course she doesn’t, she’ll just take any excuse to not have to do her shitty “job”

No. 1564491

Why are zoomers so obsessed with plastic surgery? She never needed it, she just needed to eat right, work out and have decent hygiene. Ps is such a scam to force women into thinking they're ugly when they can just do other things. fucking summer

No. 1564507

Nonnie, even when she was thin her face was fucked. It’s ok if you’re too poor to afford it.

No. 1564512

“Teehee just say you’re too poor for plastic surgery” Drink laundry detergent

What is it with these cancerous twitter SWs coming on here to complain about shayna as if they’re any better? Congrats, you have a better pussy than the patient zero for herpes and you sit your fat asses on twitter and post nudes. Keep selling your pussies for pennies, ladies! Fighting the patriarchy every step at a time by poking fun at Shayna because your retarded ‘successful’ business is soooo much better than hers

No. 1564516

No amount of plastic surgery can fix how ugly and rotten these degenerates are on the inside. It takes a special breed of hideous to willingly participate in the violence towards and subjugation of women, much less be proud of it

No. 1564523

this. Shayna can get better looking if she wanted, but she will still being a pedo panderer doing some diaper disgusting porn for 3 really fucked up people.

No. 1564528

File: 1655524377301.gif (24.4 KB, 506x67, 27E8DF6F-5991-4104-A959-878E59…)

(Not unsuccessful) sure Jan

No. 1564529

File: 1655524419978.gif (375.89 KB, 347x195, D6D490B5-DECE-4B30-BBAB-F4EF54…)

sex work isn’t real work, I think some of these anons are lost!

No. 1564531

Kek that’s so bleak
Surgery can’t fix neanderthal genes. Ooga booga me Big Shaynus

No. 1564532

File: 1655524725702.jpeg (817.31 KB, 805x1121, 5E2F8F36-419B-4B0D-9624-643DDA…)

In an alternate universe Shayna is a Cookie Monster pajama wearing mom of five

No. 1564542

File: 1655525636313.jpeg (58.47 KB, 275x266, 1EB954C4-0CEA-4FF0-838B-439732…)

>Ooga booga me Big Shaynus

No. 1564578

i’ll take the ban and the “no one cares” but i’m proud to say i’ve made 20k already this year in “whore”money. is it really so hard to believe some of us are successful and just like to laugh at this cow in our downtime?(proud hooker)

No. 1564580

Holy fuck, you've been bitching for the last day. What are you proving to anyone by bragging about your meager income catering to moids on lolcow of all places? Will you give it a fucking rest already? This is sad.

No. 1564583


Because nothing says successful like being an insecure ewhore, I’m sure your parents are very proud!
Really though, who cares?? You should be embarrassed

No. 1564584

you sound insecure in your life choices

No. 1564585

File: 1655533221215.jpeg (148.94 KB, 933x917, F97FAD29-DB10-441F-B76B-5D36F3…)

No. 1564587

Is that supposed to be impressive? Throwing away your dignity for only 20k, that's really pathetic. Get a real job whore.

No. 1564590

>20k this year
>this year

KEK that is so sad.

No. 1564605

that is impressive, don't be dumb. The majority of america makes 40k to 50k a year, so don't act like you're making more lmao

No. 1564612

are you retarded? the incentive for spreading your asshole for the entire world to see and ruining your reputation for life should be much greater than the average american's salary.

No. 1564614

Anon… this is absolutely NOT impressive. I am shocked that people live like this.

No. 1564618

20k is better than nothing, ig. i would rather bury myself alive than get free PTSD via 'sEx WoRk' tho.

No. 1564619

File: 1655536064162.jpeg (716.92 KB, 1242x1045, F99B6F84-64A9-468C-92A3-F90BFE…)

No. 1564621

you make more then that yet you're on lolcow arguing about ewhores? nah

No. 1564635


this is so unfortunate, my god. hope she drops this disgusting 'sex work' shit soon. she's not that insufferable when she's takign normal photos. I don't even mind the ~randumb~ stuff, it's her awkward, jerky movements and obnoxiousness that puts me off. She seems like the most aggro female dudebro type you can imagine. Nothing she does is sexy b/c of it. She'd more attractive if she wasn't a shit pedobaiter. She has a really nice body when she's at a low weight.

No. 1564638

That's probably what a hotel receptionist makes, kek. Why not just apply for a real job.

No. 1564640

To even partly justify doing something so vile and unpleasant you would have be pulling in six figures. Instead you are making the same wage as a pen pusher in a dingy office. Why not just work in a dingy office.

No. 1564642

I've made over twice that and didnt have to show anybody my butthole. Cope.

No. 1564643

anons, stop being idiots. body acne is almost always hormonal in origin b/c we don't have as many sebaceous glands/the same rates of desquamation going on there. all people have some butt acne b/c you sit on it all day and that leads to clogged pores. if you shower too often, you'll just be irritating skin/make the acne worse, yoo b/c you're stripping your skin and disrupting it's protective barrier.

No. 1564645

doing what, anon?

No. 1564647

My sunscreen was giving me body acne (I have to cover myself in it otherwise I burn instantly). It's not always hormonal.

No. 1564648

Just a basic ass office job. I wont deny I'm more fortunate than some for the opportunity but it was not hard to work my way up to a decent paying position.

No. 1564649

even 'dingy office work' is not something you'll get if you don't network aggressively/have experience/a degree/wtf. Why is poverty in America a thing if everyone can get 40k a year with the snap of a finger, geniuses?

No. 1564651


I mean if you are going to be humiliating yourself for money you need to be saving for retirement or at least able to pay for college so you can finance a legit career. Making 40k a year showing your vjay and butthole online and pretending to orgasm to a bunch of old sweaty scrotes is fucking bleak. That's literally an entry level income in the USA. There has to be something really wrong with you anon. Idk maybe you got out of jail and you have been rejected on job applications or something or you have a drink or drug habit, because I don't know why else anyone would be a 40k a year whore.

No. 1564652

Literally anyone can get an entry level office job. Maybe you'll start out with shit pay but you can work your way up. Stop making excuses for being a whore.

No. 1564654

you don't have to lie to kick it, nonnie

No. 1564655

File: 1655539133076.png (250.69 KB, 3742x2510, Distribution_of_Annual_Househo…)

not that anon but the situation in America is already fucking bleak, it's why young women like shay here resort to degrading themselves so they can live in a shitty apartment. She can't do this forever and her record's permanent tarnished for 40k a year? :\

"literally anyone can" but there's not an infinite number of positions and competition's tough. some people work 2-3 jobs so you're not just competing with the unemployed, either. literally every professional who has hosted workshops for job hunters has said that the single most important factor in getting a job is knowing someone who works at the place you want to apply so they can notify you of an available position before the 100 other broke assholes get a whiff of it.

and so many women quit their jobs during covid and haven't gone back b/c what work women do get is complete garbage.(derailing)

No. 1564658

I would rather live on the breadline than show a bunch of smelly old scrotes my private parts. Walmart and Target are always hiring and you can live in a shared house with a bunch of other minimum wage women or in a trailer park and live off of oatmeal and sandwiches. To me that's preferable to being a whore. You have to be a really damaged person in the first place to be able to go into any sort sex work regardless of how poor you are. There are women working crappy jobs all around the world because they can't bring themselves to be whores.

No. 1564662


virtually all 'sex workers' are doing this shit out of necessity, some have been groomed by our pornified culture. some cope by pretending they 'have control' over how they're degraded. but when your choices are losing your home, belongings & independence, or ending up in shelter and being degraded on camera… is there really a choice? these girls are hurting opther women by normalizing this shit as 'work', the word for exploitation -'sex work' was created in the 70s to sanitize this shit. Any otherwise anti-exploitation lib that is vehemently pro-sex work deserves a good kicking.

No. 1564663

i'm trying to not to spazz @ your dumb ass but it's a real struggle. shut up and pick a book, ffs.

No. 1564675

What the fuck are you talking about? Just walk to the nearest store and get a fucking job ffs jfc this isn’t a third world country whorefag

No. 1564677

I have been in shitty situations and never resorted to sex work. I even grew up in a red light district. There were days I couldn't eat when I was a teenager and had only one outfit to wear and I had men propositioning me in the street because of the shitty area I lived in and I still said no and told them to get fucked. I just couldn't do something that disgusting to save my life.

No. 1564679

well this isn't the case for shayna. afaik her parents are loaded or at least upper middle class, why don't the help her get out of this shit? it's not like she's totally on her own.

No. 1564680

Just other cheeseburger priced pussy idiots thinking they're better than this cheeseburger priced pussy idiot. Bleaque.

No. 1564681

You deserve to be shamed and bullied, you are absolute scum and an embarrassment to women. Imagine thinking minimum wage or less in exchange for dehumanising yourself and actively harming other women is something to be proud of. Fuck off outta here with your degenerate, scrote pandering ass you miserable piece of shit

No. 1564683

They have offered to help her but she turned them down.

No. 1564684

I’d rather clean toilets or collect rubbish than show repulsive, violent, misogynistic old moids any part of my body. If you live in a developed country there is no excuse for choosing to do this shit over an actual job

No. 1564686

Fake and gay, I bet it's a man larping

No. 1564698

File: 1655543713223.gif (37.1 KB, 500x155, more work.gif)

>there is no excuse for choosing to do this shit over an actual job

i hate the fact that sexual exploitation/pr0n/other such bullshit is so normalized but victim blaming isn't gonna do shit b/c these women wouldn't be ruining their lives for chump change b/c there's ~~~so many other options~~~.

shayna's probs naive, lazy and wilfully ignorant of the repercussions involved here. She's not dumb enough to not know that letting men hurt her is fucked up and harmful, she just doesn't care b/c the market's so oversaturated with butterfaces being abused that she won't make any money if she doesn't do vile pedophilic niche shit. If you have psych issues and can't tolerate 'normal' 9-5 work sometimes this shit is all that's accessible. Tons of dumb young women are lured into 'seX WOrK' young b/c it's so hard to find decent work at that age & they're ignorant + exploitable. Working at McD's and Walmart is soulsucking and sometimes the only option. And you won't have any free time or money to go out & enjoy yourself if you do minimum wage work. If that wasn't the reality these chicks wouldn't be letting men piss on or hit them so they can go on one fucking vacation to yurop or someshit.

No. 1564700

ayrt and i’m not a sex worker, but a radfem and i think misogynist slurs just aren‘t a good look.

No. 1564704


considering how rude and mean commenters are, i'm surprised that there's anactual feminsit here, tbf.

No. 1564709

This thread is full of feminists, hence shaynus and sex workers in general being so reviled by farmers. The word “whore” isn’t a slur, it’s exactly what they are. What’s with the influx of woketards?
>b/c these women wouldn't be ruining their lives for chump change b/c there's ~~~so many other options~~~.
Bullshit. You sound like a twitter faggot. Don’t make excuses for people who are willingly harming women

No. 1564711

File: 1655545267384.jpg (Spoiler Image,210.44 KB, 970x735, dworkin on sex.jpg)

you are most definitely not a feminist, though. stop lying. you'd get ostracized from any decent community in a heartbeat if you talked like that.

>who are willingly harming women

the moids are harming Shayna, I never said they weren't. if men GAF about vulnerable women and had money to spare they'd donate it to them w/o asking these women to be sexually degraded & traumatized for life in return. but most moids are sorry excuses for human beings who shouldn't exist.


yes they are. them enabling/tolerating their own victimization does not mean that they're not exploited & abused numbnuts. basic feminist consciousness would help you here.

>My hatred is precious,” she once said to me. “I don’t want to waste it on those who are colluding in their own oppression. My hatred is geared towards the men that put that crap in their heads, and the ones doing the raping.

-What Andrea Dworkin, the feminist I knew, can teach young women by Julie Bindel

No. 1564726

I think calling the actual sex workers whores is normal on this site. Theyre e-whores. But theres an anon lately saying "you whores" towards the general thread that's annoying and weird. Yeah I get that there's obviously a handful of retarded sex workers itt but that anon was generalizing everyone here and addressing them all with it when there is also obviously very anti sw anons and others that arent "whores". It was just kinda moidy and off-putting lol

No. 1564730


No. 1564734

>you are not a feminist if you call women whores!!

this is not twitter, you don't have to be a raging leftist radfem to despise e-whores and porn loving scrotes

No. 1564735

NTA and yeah, I agree, calling random anons whores is moidy and misogynistic. The actual e-whore(s) calling anons cunts is disgusting too, they are hypocritical pickmes who hate other women
Again NTA but I think women who participate in non-survival sex work are indirectly harming other women because they are complicit in the normalization of behaviours that are abusive and dehumanize women. Scrotes really just should not exist though

No. 1564737

a single woman who's making terribad choices like Shayna can't be faulted for her shitty situation. Look at this site, NONE is scrutinizing the men who pay her to make awful porn. It's all about humiliating another woman. If you're part of these shitty sites that stalk & harass idiots you're not blameless. Cop up to your own shit before being dicks to some woman you don't know.

No. 1564739

Get a job at McDonald's. Get three jobs if you have to. There is never a reason to put sexual photos and videos of yourself on the internet, where they are there forever. Never.

Oh, and I also made more than 20k this year doing office work. And I'm about to start looking for a second, normal job. Some of you just want excuses for your laziness.

No. 1564742

> a second, normal job

the first one wasn't 'normal'?

No. 1564743

Are you kidding? Half this thread is condemning people like Mike Slack, and the other half is sperging about how her paypigs are not relevant to the discussion. If you do not like the way sex workers are talked about here then why are you participating in a thread dedicated to bashing a sex worker?

No. 1564746

I meant - my second job isn't going to be sex work. Like what SW nonnie was trying, and failing, to flex with.

No. 1564747

you keep telling yourself that. just like the scrotes who pay to see pedo shit do, 'oh it's not harming anyoneee'. none wants to be held accountable. they'll only be held accountable if it's convenient for them/makes them look good. any crit they don't like people just ignore. well. good luck w that.

No. 1564766

Have any of you ever worked a minimum wage job? Acting like that is a better life than doing sw is honestly debatable. You’re constantly degraded by customers so I don’t really see how that’s any worse than spreading your ass for coins. I’ve never done sw but I worked enough minimum wage jobs to say that neither option is ideal.

No. 1564789

Hmmm. The paper trail of your pitiful ass and pussy photos online for the rest of time vs. being talked down to occasionally by a fat person in a rush.

No. 1564803

as someone who slaved at a minimum wage job for years, yes I can say I'd always rather do that than sw

the internet is forever, and the humiliation of that being found if I were to apply to a job where SOMEONE might decide to check the internet is absolutely not worth it

it's not fucking empowerment, it's temporary money and a loaded weapon to use against you later

No. 1564809

Of course I have. I've worked steadily since 16. Done retail, grocery stores, delis, insurance, banking, office work. I've quit, been laid off, and even fired once. Never was being an online prostitute ever even a consideration. There's no excuse.

No. 1564825


ntayrt but you know there are low wage jobs that are way harder and riskier than retail and service, right ?

No. 1564827

Minimum wage jobs at least provide benefits. Can’t get surgery to fix your prolapsed asshole or meds for your rancid vagina without health insurance. And those are jobs you can do at any age. Hope the sw anons have fun still doing this when they’re older. No scrote wants to buy your granny porn, and not when there’s always new, younger, and hotter than you entering the scene.

No. 1564830

Can y’all shut the fuck up omg stop replying to bait/fat Twitter degens

No. 1564836

File: 1655560990733.jpg (Spoiler Image,19.2 KB, 242x306, whut-1_031641.jpg)

girl cut your losses snd stop pretending that being sexually abused & exploited while normalizing this shit online is somehow on par with actual jobs. SWers end up with permanent damage to their abiliy to enjoy, form & maintain intimate relationships, severe body image issues and other psych trauma as a result of being prostituted.

You can argue that going to school for 8 years and contending with grueling work & a high pressure environment is horrible for your health too (and you'd be right) but comparing sexual exploitation to this is false equivalence. The disciplinarian culture that the likes of Shayna try to avoid via SW is oppressive and probably helping send people to an early grave, too. So enough of that "I work 5 jobs and hustle so I can pay my bills and so can you!" bullshit. It's depressing.


the cognitive dissonance must be tearing new people apart.

"Being misogynistic is v bad! Unless you're kind of raging misogynist that is permitted according to board culture! uwu"

No. 1564845

>I'd rather a fat ugly scrote who lives with his mom exploit me sexually and decide if I get cheeseburger money that day for showing him my asshole than to absolutely DEGRADE and lower myself by working in customer service where I get a pay check every week

Kek the internet brain rott is terminal. SWers are just crabs in a bucket trying to get other women to accept the same level of misery and exploitation as being normal all for the return value of being able to sleep until noon and not leave your unwashed bed.

No. 1564848

I'm retarded and my previous post was in fact intended as a reply to >>1564766 as I thought her automatically associating "minimum wage" to "retail" reeked of privilege, as if it was the worst thing she could imagine

Sorry you had to type all this because of my dumbass mistake nona

No. 1564849

>$20k in 6 months

If this is considered income worth bragging about, it’s fucking bleak thinking about how badly all the other e-whores must be doing. I made more than that as a 21-year-old public school teacher in a shitty district, plus health insurance, retirement benefits, grad school tuition credits, and the peace of mind of knowing my family would never see my spread asshole online. Really sad to see how little these women are settling for in life.

No. 1564850

enjoy feeling cool while you can. your graceless soul is going to rot in hell

No. 1564853

my reading comp's shit anyway who gaf :) just eaiting to get banbed for these #blogposts at this point(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1564855

File: 1655562779336.jpeg (48.99 KB, 275x264, BCBC1EDC-58EA-43C1-8B30-75504B…)

I refuse to normalize sex work, stay mad about it and never forget you’re all shay tier to anyone with any self respect

No. 1564858

do people actually believe that SWers are rolling in cash?

from the daily mail:

>On average, sex workers take home £27,271 a year and more than half of earn less than £20,000

>[…] Around three fifths reported persistent or repeated unwanted contact or threatening or harassing texts, calls or emails.

No. 1564867

Very true anon, any degenerate twitter whore that comes here to laugh at shay and punch down is a bigger loser than she is kek

No. 1564869

can we stop? sw do your thang as missy elliott said and non sw lolcow fatties and uglies, dont get mad!!! u are doing more money being a ecellent human being lol why get so salty? dont be like that, some people have it and other people don’t.
sage because les puede arder el culo nonitas.

No. 1564870


maybe I'm just dumb but who's doing that?

No. 1564871

File: 1655563796563.jpg (55.59 KB, 680x657, proxy-image(3).jpg)

No. 1564874

also, can we stop with the reverse psychology or whatever is like for a 9 years old. you always pulling this card and its just… bleak.

No. 1564878

not really but i love how yall lose it everytime a sw pulls the IM A SW WHO DOES hahah imagine getting hurt on lolcow

No. 1564882

nobody knows how to report and ignore bait lmao, they’re pulling up graphs and everything

No. 1564884

I want to know how Shay's own deplorable life is somehow more interesting than the supposed bait. You're treating a real person like there's some kind of crappy soap with bad production values… It's weird.

No. 1564886

it’s just a fucking gossip site, nobody cares if you get it or like it or don’t want to participate. go back to twitter already

No. 1564890

is "butthurt sex workers" on the shayna thread bingo card?

No. 1564905

File: 1655566385725.png (585.31 KB, 1024x576, milk.png)

>when ewhores try to defend their perpetuation of the abuse and exploitation of women in a /snow/ thread crawling with SWERFs.
Farmers don't even have to go looking for milk, the twitter "sex workers" deliver it in person.

No. 1564911

if im gonna be putting by yall fEmInIsT on the same level as Shayna, where are my 100+ lolcow threads? wheres my Womack? i must be doing something wrong

No. 1564912

File: 1655566782165.png (67.45 KB, 720x494, 1651660988239.png)

oh hai there, insane woke zoomer-san

No. 1564913


Yes, America is bleak and people are poor but Shayna is a upper middle class spoiled brat who's parents could set her up nice if she quit sexwork, so no… She has other options but chooses to degrade herself and pander to pedos. It's part of why she has a lolcow thread.

No. 1564916

none here is a feminist lmao

No. 1564929

it's part of the sexworkers cope. Shayna was bragging about 50k a year, when anyone with a degree can make that, plus get benefits like health insurance, work experience that can be leveraged into a better job, and the ability to say "I didn't have to spread my asshole on onlyfans and dry beg on Twitter to pay my rent/buy myself something nice".

Most sexworkers are struggling like artists, without gaining art skills or having a respectable career. They get their shit leaked all the time and only belle Delphine tier sex workers don't have to beg on Twitter and Instagram. What's the point of doing so much and still not be able to make ends meet without "donations and tips"

No. 1564946

87+ posts since the last time I checked 15 hours ago, here I am thinking "ooh what's Shayna been up to" and it's just you fucks clogging up the thread. Yikes.

No. 1564963

just swers being upset that they're being compared to shayna instead of being told how much better they are, same as every thread

No. 1564984

OK Coalmine sexworker chan.

No. 1564998

Finally someone said it. Even if she wants to ignore her simulated child rape porn, she has never done a single altruistic thing in her entire life. I'm willing to bet she forged her mandatory volunteer hours in high school bc this bitch considers it a waste of time to do real work that contributes something positive to the world.

No. 1565005

Sad part is, giving gifts to others isn't even enough to qualify you as a "kind person". It's just the absolute bare minimum for someone who apparently cares about their friends & family to remember when THEIR special days are & to do something special for THEM. Not only can Big Shaynus not muster up the basic decency to care about her "loved ones" for a few dys a year, she's one of those selfish cunts that expects everyone else to bend over backwards and never forget about HER special day, which she turns into an entire month like the hulking daughterzila she is.

No. 1565039

For the past 24 hours this thread has been nothing but predictable and boring infighting, goddamn. I hate sex work as much as the next nona but the Shay thread really brings out the most retarded hills for people to die on when there's no milk. SWers and non-SWers will never be on the same page, let alone on a fucking Shayna thread. Idk why that's difficult to understand or why it's worth fighting about. Please take it to /ot/ if you absolutely must sperg.

No. 1565042

>3.3k a month
>asshole all over the internet
>shamed family
>no good man will ever love you
>thinks it's big braggin rights
kek i love whores

No. 1565044

I used to think she thinks that "Sex work" is her doing the world a favor, but men have to pay her and even when they get free shit, it's not her doing it out of the kindness of her heart. It's her hoping they'll pay for it or give her interaction. She does nothing for Ellen at all. She does this "Mommy/daddy" shit so she's not expected to do shit in the relationship. People think it's kink, nah. It's Shayna thinking she found a "life hack" to having one sided relationships. When truth is it seems like Ellen or the Dad truly even like or value her. They view her in the same way she views them. A time waster. Something to do/fuck with until they find what they actually want. Someone to make Ellen feel less lonely. Someone to make Shayna feel less lonely and do shit for her.
The Dad barely does shit for her but bless her with his presence and throw a couple bucks at her once a month. Maybe $200 plus in total.
With Fupaul, she thought opening her legs and being her is all she needed to keep him. She does nothing for anyone, but then talks about how she's a good person. I guess not doing outwardly shitty things (She doesn't see Pedo pandering as shitty) means she's a "Good" person. Literally not keeping babies or being as rude as she wants to be sometimes, is her idea of being a "Loving, caring person".

No. 1565049

kicking not keeping

No. 1565061

>massive human rights abuse ladden porn industry panders to males
>males out themselves as psycho opportunists every time. after like four fucking decades of being a supposed feminist ally/counselor/woman-uplifter like Lundy Bancroft
>study after study showing nen as thr leeches they are
>men tend to leave their terminally ill partners while women don't
>men don't usually leave their wives or partners unless they have someone to replace them and all the labor they do
>men keep outing themselves as assholes online while their sheep gifs/wives live in da nile
>bUt SHe'lL NeVeR fInD a GoOd MaN

that's not what she needs. men have got her into this mess.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1565069

Agreed, disappointing 'update' in the threads today. Hope Shayna does something soon.

No. 1565070

Shayna has been doing anything since she's left Fupaul, shit even before. All her milk is "Ugly ass picture, dumb ass scamming another dumb ass" or someone connected to her is better looking then her or some shit.
Shayna has become a side character in her own damn thread.

No. 1565074

Lol. This is what's so funny. They purposely make life harder for themselves to make the same amount of money as the average joe and less. And each day they get older their worth lowers in the field. There's no room for growth in sex work. You make enough to money to survive and then have nothing to show it for when you age out.

No. 1565075

>Expected to make $40k annually
>Thinks this is good enough money to brag about being successful
>Reality of the average sex worker


No. 1565085

Because America lives off hand-outs. There are enough people comfortable living off the government who just refuse to work anymore. Same reason we have whores proud to be making 40k a year to spread cheeks. People are lazy as hell, Nonnies. This whole sex work industry is booming because Americans and the American-wannabes in other countries are lazy as hell human beings who want money for doing fuck all. And then there are of course the actually mentally unstable people who are not supported because thelazy poor people who dont wanna work are instead. There are actually mental people who cannot work, go to school and are actually too mentally ill to spread their asshole for coffee funds. Shocking.

Any American who wants work can find it easily. Is every job available a cushy, air conditioned desk job? No, but there's lots of work. Especially post-covid.

No. 1565087

Awe, the camgirl makes the same as a WalMart employee!

No. 1565089

It's even sadder when you realize this 40k is before taxes and includes no benefits or retirement plans. No guaranteed pto or insurance either. They also have no work/life separation and have to be available to the scrotes who want to degrade them basically 24/7. Their entire assholes and all of the degrading shit they put themselves through is going to be online forever and eventually they will have nothing to show for it. Sad!

No. 1565093

File: 1655578339292.gif (1.37 MB, 640x562, EF5B6C43-5FB2-47FB-895D-8C3C45…)

Kim K is that you? I agree though people are lazy. Especially Americans

No. 1565119

You have no idea what you’re talking about. No one is living off the gov. To even qualify for assistance one needs to be working at least 40 hours a week and have children. People don’t want to work bc they’re not getting paid a living wage and on top of that they don’t get any kind of benefits

No. 1565135

Jfc this thread is really in the shitter lol. Y'all are so bored because Shaynus is being extra lazy and quiet. I wonder if she went to the ER.
Id like to think she sees this thread and how it could implode if she just fucks off the internet and minds her own literal "business", but I know that couldn't be the case because that requires mild critical thinking and the ability to get her shit together even slightly.
She's either in the hospital or fucking off because the vacation was obviously so draining on her. She hasnt even posted about picking up Noodle from wherever she left her. I don't think she's going to make content or do anything until next month. Only coming online on her birthday for crumbs of attention and to beg more.

No. 1565138

Shaynus please do something milky soon so the thread stops being clogged up with post after post from your fellow internet prostitutes.

No. 1565143

File: 1655582063925.jpg (107.36 KB, 1080x522, Screenshot_20220618-124811_Sam…)

Best she can do is retweet gang rape "fantasies" while she sits on her ass drinking wine, ~recovering~ from her vacation.
I remember last time she fucked off for like a week+ and she took a huge dip in subs. It was when she was Fupa baiting with the fake psych ward stunt kek.
She did the queued content while on vaction which was surprising but now she's just silent. But you know she'll be back on for her birthday. Not how someone struggling to make rent and steadily losing subs should be running their only source of income, but when has she ever know how to run her pussy spreading business.

No. 1565145

THIS. Plus living to work is a fucking capitalist meme. Anons ITT are acting like wanting some free time to experience a fulfilling life is somehow morally reprehensible, and that hustle culture is anything other than a trap to keep you a good little cog in the machine.

No. 1565172

There are many idiots in this thread that think an alcoholic stoner/drug user needs a car bc then she won’t be a “loser” or poor. Lmao a lot of people in cities don’t have cars or need them sorry you live in a surban hellscape & would be lost without one. I could absolutely see her accidentally kill someone á la Gwynne Furches if she got her license back or started driving without one á la TND

No. 1565173

I've seen nonnies list her not having a car as a way to go, "She's not successful" not because she needs one, but it's something she's said she wanted yet could'nt save up for/afford after years of selling asshole pictures and bragging about being sucessful.

No. 1565174

Fr Shayna doesn’t need a car she can fucking walk and lose some weight. She’s also never getting out of being an online whore. I wish anons would stop blogging about how she could change her life. Like it’s really annoying

No. 1565175

Yeah after all these years of whoring she has no savings, no car, or house. Like she has nothing to brag about. If she had a decent sized house at least she would have something valuable from doing such a degenerate job

No. 1565177

The vibe in this thread is so off, like it's clear what nonnies were saying about the "No car" thing. It feels like some nonnies are salty about other agruments they had and since this thread isn't being modded right now they are venting about random shit.
Of course Nonnies don't want drunken/high shayna to drive, but I don't even think if Shayna had a car she'd even drive it anyway. She'd just take pictures maybe once in a while use it to drive somewhere to do porn in it. I could even see her sharing with Ellen or somebody just so they can drive her.
It's just another thing Shayna wanted but never got.

No. 1565195

Its bummy af to not have a car/license as an adult, I'm sorry. Theres very few places I could see it as a non necessity. If you have a neet lifestyle then yeah you don't need it. But everyone I've known that doesnt drive or have a car as an adult are low key losers or poor lol. At least have the means to drive yourself if and when you need and not have to rely on uber or your partner or the bus or walking or whatever that anon does.
Yeah no one wants her dumbass on the road and she's got nowhere to go really, but its still a basic asset people have that she doesn't because she's too stupid and broke to afford it or go about it lol.

No. 1565197

Nrta; but I’m 23 had my permit but never got my liscence bc I hate driving and it’s scary it’s more common than it used to be

No. 1565198

“Walking or whatever that one anon does” just say ur lazy and fat then go away kek

No. 1565199

File: 1655587491635.jpeg (Spoiler Image,307.01 KB, 1500x1000, 0DD4EC7D-26C2-4702-87F9-8668C7…)

Everything about this is so bad

No. 1565202

this is so american. in europe you don't need a car as long as you live in a big city because we have something called public transport. so sorry that your whole transportation system is based on cars, we have cities where driving a car is literally not possible and especially not neccessary(derailing)

No. 1565208

Please don't speak for all European countries. And obviously the US got "big cities" with public transport lmao. What even is your comment

No. 1565212

That better be a troon

No. 1565219

File: 1655589921906.jpeg (576.28 KB, 1170x1571, D764BD25-0D42-43BE-AB5B-7EFE8E…)

Now back to Shay, I highly doubt this

No. 1565223

File: 1655590205512.png (143.39 KB, 416x397, 83393B1E-89F3-42E6-9589-998122…)

This doesn’t count though. She’s not sober and drinks alcohol like it’s water. Shaynanderthal looking ass

No. 1565230

Our cities are too far apart lol.

No. 1565231

The "she's a loser because she doesn't have a car" vs the "she's a loser who wouldn't even have anywhere to go if she had a car" anons are so cute.

No. 1565232

omg who did this? im dead

No. 1565235

This Anon >>1512212
Shoutout to her this never fails to make me laugh

No. 1565240

It’s a hambeast sex work fatty I’m pretty sure she fucked Soy

No. 1565241

I think it's best that Shayna doesn't have a car because of her drug addiction. But it's hard to get around without one in the US unless you live in some very specific areas like NYC or maybe DC/Chicago. As far as I can tell, Seattle only has light rail/bus. I do have a friend in Seattle who doesn't drive (because of vision problems) or live by a light rail station so I guess it's feasible.

Shayna doordashes all of her food and that can't be cheap at all.

No. 1565245

lmao what drug addiction? i believe because shes an alcoholic now that drunk drivers are the most common cause of traffic accidents but being high on weed wtf

No. 1565249

She pops pills retard and she’s drunk all the time. Stop infighting over the dumbest shit

No. 1565252

Alcoholism is a type of drug addiction

No. 1565265

It's also the factor if she hasn't even maintained her license. Sure, be a hippy and don't buy a car; but at least maintain your license you can get a rental if you want or need it. Or borrow a friend or family's car. If she bought a $3000 car, she probably pays more in ubers/deliveries than she would for insurance so there'd actually be cost savings if she could be less lazy and drive herself places.

No. 1565272

this thread is just like /w/ threads now

No. 1565279

She's not sober for enough hours of the day to drive anyway.

No. 1565293

File: 1655597952135.jpeg (250.87 KB, 1242x1001, 2DB5086E-BE00-473A-9D25-11AA66…)

Kek Shayna’s Splenda daddies do all her advertising

No. 1565295

Weed is still a drug

No. 1565306

20k for HALF A YEAR?
20k… for half of a whole year??
You only make 40k a year??? And your bragging??(derailing)

No. 1565311

Driving makes someone fat and lazy, seriously?? The anons in this thread lately I stg…

No. 1565316

wonder if she ever paid those tickets she got while presumably driving Fupa’s car back in Oklahoma

No. 1565324

You can become addicted to weed, no matter what these potheads tell you. It is a mind altering substance.

No. 1565329

oh shut the fuck up with this lecture you think is big woke for this board. Most men are absolute worthless shits, but there are some that don't watch porn and make decent partners. They just don't talk to spergs like you

No. 1565347

File: 1655604397294.jpeg (Spoiler Image,41.98 KB, 1115x626, 18F432AA-724F-4008-B94E-638FD6…)

This nude isn’t good enough to steal kek why does she watermark her shit

No. 1565348

File: 1655604421549.jpeg (231.55 KB, 1242x777, FE5F6CAC-5FB9-4D02-9049-C16FA9…)

No. 1565351

what kind of ass is that? kek much sexy bimbo pornstar body

No. 1565354

Imagine letting men live rent free in your head newfag.

It's habitual, you can become addicted to the action of smoking weed in the same way smoking a cone can become a subconscious fidget like playing with your hair, or biting your nails. By the time you'd consider someone addicted the "mind altering" aspect is completely gone for a seasoned smoker unless they intentionally limit their usage.

No. 1565355

>her life's work is worth $250

No. 1565358

File: 1655605156248.png (67.83 KB, 341x170, e1c5c455123b1ea9942da3535f4e08…)

>Selling porn of yourself for only slightly over $1 per video

No. 1565371

Somewhat weird question and don't take it like I'm a moid or a potential SWer because I'm neither, I'm just curious… when someone gives her say $20 in this scenario, do they just get random vids she picks or do they get to choose and like how does that all work? They get the files or? I've just never thought about how that shit actually goes lol

No. 1565374

Most people on government benefits are working though. America is a shit show where you're practically expected to go into debt to survive. When the $600/weekly unemployment made a ton of people quit their jobs it wasn't because people didn't want to work, every single young person I know would happily work any job for $600 a week, it's just jobs don't fucking pay

No. 1565377

imagine living in a $2k apartment that doesn’t have central air. couldn’t be me.

No. 1565378

I think that's normal for a lot of apartments in Seattle. I know that's one reason so many people were struggling with the heat wave last year

No. 1565382

Truth. Window units are very common. Super modern places (like the past 5 years) have a.c.

No. 1565386

that’s insane for that price point.

No. 1565387

After playing around in the Snow app the other day, it's so obvious she uses the new Japanese filters that thin your body and give you curves.

No. 1565397

Hey guys! Bleak bleak bleak, bleak bleak. Bleak. Bleak bleak bleaque bleak bleak bleak.

Am I doing this right? You whores need a thesaurus(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1565409

ok shayna(hi cow )

No. 1565418

This is absolutely perfect, next thread pic plz

No. 1565436

Kek Kim never worked in her whole life.

No. 1565437

Inside of me, there are two wolves. One wants to say “hi shayna” and the other wants to say “hi thesaurus anon”.

No. 1565446

jfc I know shatna isnt being that entertaining right now but the volume of bait and responses to bait posted over the past couple of days along with the complete absence of mods has turned the thread into an even bigger dumpster fire than it usually is

No. 1565451

I wonder what percentage of her 219 videos are of her lying on her back on a daybed

No. 1565455

At least 90%

No. 1565461

You like Shayna don't you?

No. 1565465

I’m surprised Shay/her orbiters/her coomers even know the word “thesaurus”

No. 1565481

Can the cheeseburger priced pussy Twitter poster leave now? Sick of seeing that illiterate retarded shit. It’s like there’s 2-3 utterly braindead posters left here and they’re mostly clearly from Twitter.

No. 1565489

Same or new thesaurus-chan?

No. 1565495

The twitterfags stick out like sore thumbs with their typing (in addition to caping for degeneracy).
>entire “career” catalog of humiliating videos in exchange for a fucking air conditioner
Wow, such a spoilt bimbo, other sugar babies are being flown to Portofino or Nice and Big Chungus is panhandling on twitter. Positively thriving

No. 1565527

usually they let the person who paid choose. But shays lazy ass pry just gives what she wants.

No. 1565533

>lmao what drug addiction?
Maybe her drinking alcohol, still having withdrawals from weed, popping xanax and taking pics of magic mushrooms she gets high from. but our angel Shayna is totally sober and not a druggie at all!

No. 1565536

File: 1655627109421.jpeg (232.6 KB, 1242x856, 8C1DA03A-6831-4F3F-8186-945802…)

No. 1565537

File: 1655627209971.jpeg (426.26 KB, 1242x914, 18E73C73-4723-4233-B6BC-1A0B3B…)

This outfit is so ugly. I absolutely loath it

No. 1565538

File: 1655627233776.jpeg (309.18 KB, 1242x677, B34F16C8-ADE0-4AF5-AAB6-3E7821…)

I’m sure pop pop is so proud, big shaynus

No. 1565539

Shaynus doesn’t put out and she’s too fat and ugly to be a actual sugar daddy’s arm candy.

No. 1565541

It looked like she lost weight before she went on the Ireland trip but here she looks bigger than ever.

No. 1565552

File: 1655628624973.jpeg (80.17 KB, 814x600, 8F44F572-E6E5-4161-B71B-6980DB…)

That’s because this video is from Father’s Day 2020 when she was a bit bigger

No. 1565560

She doesn’t post about doordash and going out for brunch anywhere near as much as she used to, presumably because she’s too broke to eat her feeling the way she was in OK. The lack of weed might be helping too. Either that or she’ll start spending everything she’s saving by not being able to touch pot on food, only time will tell

No. 1565628

>popping xanax and taking pics of magic mushrooms
She doesn’t do those things habitually tho. As much as Shayna loves to pretend to be a party girl drug doer. She’s just a homebody who smokes weed and drinks alone, she has no friends who offer her drugs or get high with.

No. 1565633

Their brains would explode if they tried to remember "synonym"

No. 1565642

Too lazy to squeeze into a different outfit huh Shayna? Sex work is real work though. This is totally better than a job at GNC or forever21

No. 1565643

>She’s just a homebody who smokes weed and drinks alone
Both of which are drugs, the two most common drugs people seek treatment in rehab for after heroin.

No. 1565658

Who goes to rehab for being addicted to weed lmao. The point is, you should be factual and not exaggerating her substance abuse.

No. 1565664

File: 1655643236099.jpeg (33.95 KB, 320x321, 1652095351740.jpeg)

to get through this milk drought and to stop the retarded infighting, share your favourite shatna memes and art. i start with this classic

No. 1565702

Not normal to throw up every day and feeling haunted by nightmares and panic attacks six weeks after quitting. That is something serious but I guess Shay is not substance abusing and totally reasonable with drug use.

No. 1565756

File: 1655653201806.jpeg (478.67 KB, 830x928, 8E779326-B322-4B2A-8328-947594…)

No. 1565759

File: 1655653280272.jpeg (136.68 KB, 896x718, 85DA5A1E-E5CE-4D7C-BB46-4F17F3…)

No. 1565761

File: 1655653585308.png (128.4 KB, 533x308, 028FC1C7-D5EE-4C89-9CFC-694B1B…)

No. 1565821

File: 1655657905072.jpeg (838.95 KB, 672x940, FD85358A-EEC0-4A00-B4ED-CDA318…)

What would you do if you stumbled onto them inna woods(unsaged fanart)

No. 1565833

Oh my fucking nightmare fuel

No. 1565834

That’s the baby from croods

No. 1565898

File: 1655661683809.jpeg (Spoiler Image,317.23 KB, 1080x1165, 679DCB7B-20E2-4F83-9575-3185CB…)

She’s so fucking wrinkled it extends to her snatch, yet she continues to pretend to be a child

No. 1565899

File: 1655661721077.jpeg (787.42 KB, 1065x1135, D649D089-8A1B-4C59-AEB8-2DB5E4…)

Nice neck rolls Shaynus(nitpicking)

No. 1565901

Her socks are turning yellow kek can she not afford new socks or what

No. 1565903

File: 1655662006317.jpeg (938.69 KB, 3464x3464, F9DA5B64-2F20-49EF-9323-13DF62…)

No. 1565913

come on, she really put her back into that sex tape

No. 1565916

blocks your path

No. 1565942

Wrong Turn vibes

No. 1565968

File: 1655665762945.jpeg (427.57 KB, 1080x1515, 0A4CE0A1-8B05-4BFB-96D2-2D25D9…)

No. 1566019

File: 1655668125243.png (212.32 KB, 537x297, croppedshaynus.png)

huge kek at the fact that it would be almost a semi-passable shot if the photographer cropped out some her back chub picrel. still not artistic, but better. but the inclusion of the huge swath of back fat just totally detracts from the scenery(nitpicking)

No. 1566022

The black and white filter makes it looks like shit

No. 1566031

File: 1655669011006.jpeg (302.38 KB, 828x950, D6C792F4-B153-47ED-A6CE-9D86B0…)

Bitch how often are you implying you shit yourself

No. 1566034

Will shay ever fix her posture?

No. 1566035

Her coomers sound like farmers sometimes. Does she realize her audience looks down on her?

No. 1566039

File: 1655669508022.jpg (Spoiler Image,165.54 KB, 1000x500, 01110101 01100111 01101100 011…)

Went to their website, no joke this was the first photo that came up. If I was a potential client I would be completely put off.

No. 1566049

From a photography standpoint the image is fine. Photography isn't just about creating plastic aesthetics, it can be about capturing the real. This photo does exactly that, instead of Shayna's own over filtered images uploaded to twitter, we can see what she really looks like, dry, bloated and haggard with a cottage cheese ass.

No. 1566066

File: 1655670656016.gif (1.34 MB, 1280x688, this whole thing baybeeeey.gif)

this thread pic right here. It's my absolute favourite kek.

No. 1566120

sage retard

No. 1566131

File: 1655675141028.jpeg (405.95 KB, 1170x1253, 88926E44-D8FE-49F1-ABB9-B65FE1…)

No. 1566152

Illiterate sped
I was just about to say the same thing, the composition of the photo is fine. Plus it’s not like shaynus is a model hired by the photographer or a brand to represent them, she paid for this shoot, I doubt it will impact his business negatively

No. 1566165

File: 1655678878949.jpeg (189.75 KB, 808x666, 56DDE41D-E31B-410F-A39E-483A9D…)

She’s meeting up with johns again I guess since she lets the last seeking arrangements guy hit it for free now

No. 1566169

Please anon! My soul took off for Fupaul and Jason in the background. I love this

No. 1566180

I get trying to do self-care (emphasis on "trying" since she can't get rid of her bead eye rat face even with plastic surgery), but why mention cleaning her house? She's a lazy slob and every time her house is "clean" it's like a Christmas miracle, but if she's not bringing those two (who may just be a figment of her deceit) into her shitcave, what's the point?

No. 1566192

This seems weird and dangerous tbh. Sounds like she's planning on fucking or doing something strange for some change, or she's going on dates with two scrotes she already knows/been with and is trying to make it sound special. I doubt she'll get much if at all anyway.

No. 1566193

>sugar dates
Is this not “full service sex work”? Granted she’s getting dollar store trinkets in exchange for getting manhandled/a grimy fingerbang in the parking lot of a mall rather than cash for actual intercourse but still

No. 1566195

She’s whoring herself out for a frappucino from Nordstrom and Ugg boots off the clearance rack at macys. A few threads back she didn’t even get anything designer just a sugary coffee drink like the broke fatty she is

No. 1566197

Because she’s lurking and has seen how much we rip into her for being an unwashed slob who lives in squalor, she’s trying to convince people (mostly herself) that she’s a high maintenance luxury bimbo uwu

No. 1566201

File: 1655682136194.jpeg (Spoiler Image,505.55 KB, 828x1025, C9632441-8280-4E42-8E61-D52157…)

What a depressing way to spend your birthday. Should be interesting, she’s gonna get wasted

No. 1566204

That’s what I’m talking about, she’s literally prostituting herself for literal garbage. Which she’ll no doubt “flex” on twitter. As if showing the world her festering rancid holes for free on the internet isn’t bad enough she’s doing it IRL too

No. 1566209

File: 1655682685000.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.27 MB, 3464x3464, 1623123094157.jpeg)

Can't believe she's still using that crusty box pic that's more photoshop than human. Just highlights how much she's let herself go

No. 1566215

Fucking hell.
It's especially stupid to use this to advertise a camshow where it's painfully obvious how she actually looks and can't warp her image.

No. 1566220

Imagine doing this instead of partying & going out with your friends on your birthday like a real ~uwu part girl bimbo~ She really likes to tell on herself that she has literally no one in her life that cares for her

No. 1566223

Party girl*
I’m a moron RIP

No. 1566231

Wonder if she could spend some time photoshopping the fold out of the cardboard

No. 1566235

yup, it’s full service. her and other low rate whores who don’t make much from it like to tell themselves and others that it’s not actually the same as full service, that they’re “sugar babies”. all they are is cheap delusional prostitutes.

No. 1566255

Does she not realise that if she actually committed to full service she’d probably make a lot more money than spreading her diseased ass on the internet? Moids will fuck literally anything, not to mention the fact that she could probably cater to johns who have a fetish for white trash fat hogs who don’t bathe

No. 1566263

Nta but Shayna has become really boring. I don’t even care to be here after years of compulsive reading. Wow I am free

No. 1566275

File: 1655686031874.gif (1.58 MB, 275x275, 1626314629359.gif)

>>1565664 not shat, but this is my personal favourite. Always cracks me up

No. 1566277

File: 1655686168952.jpg (283.87 KB, 1242x2058, 1637293195172.jpg)

No. 1566278

File: 1655686325987.jpeg (565.57 KB, 818x1215, 1623356141683.jpeg)

No. 1566283

File: 1655686464633.png (223.72 KB, 786x609, 1643849858406.png)

No. 1566297

Thought this was real for a second

No. 1566310

fly away and thrive nonnie

No. 1566316

she looks like a viking

No. 1566328

The fact she actually posts pictures like this. This one is actually fucking disgusting and not even .00001% attractive in any way

No. 1566330

this is my favorite one too

No. 1566335

File: 1655689282283.png (529.38 KB, 746x986, 311745F2-93D2-44A0-BF13-3EC2BE…)

My favorite along with this thread pic

No. 1566340

What thread is this from? I don't remember seeing this

No. 1566351

Posted in thread 99, was thread 100’s thread pic

No. 1566355

then she would have to have actual sex. we all know shayna is sex repulsed.

No. 1566361


I think she's getting actual money along with her little trinkets. Granted, it's probably not more than $100 or so, but I don't think even she's dumb and lonely enough to get dolled up and "clean" to be fingered in the Arby's parking lot for just some off season Nordstrom rack dress and a CVS plushy.

No. 1566365

Lol you have high expectations for Shatna nonnie. She aint getting paid actual money because you know she's not fucking these dudes. She's splenda babying so she's getting bare minimum – dinner and something from the strip mall. A dress or some shoes. Maybe a starbucks drink if she lets the dude finger her. Id be surprised if she even gives head tbh.

No. 1566369

Not only does she have sex aversion/wont fuck people she isnt really into and dating, but I feel like she thinks she's above actual prostitution. Like yeah she may be a degraded e-whore and do "sugaring" but I bet she feels like she's not the lowest of the gross whores if she's not full putting out.

No. 1566374

She brags about $10 tips and the discount plushies her splenda daddy buys her in exchange for letting him punch and finger her, if he was giving her money there’s no she wouldn’t post about it

No. 1566378

Next thread pic

No. 1566407

Thanks anon, I missed her 100th thread when I was detoxing from lc

No. 1566480

This is clearly an attempt to get more pennies than usual out of her disgusting coomers
>uwu it’s my birthday so you have to tip extra!
She’ll probably end up bailing at the last minute anyway, citing a “bad brain day” or that “mumma”/“the dad” are taking her out for dinner or something

No. 1566492

File: 1655700576705.png (Spoiler Image,1.88 MB, 1080x1841, Screenshot_20220619-214841.png)

I don't know what's worse, the picture or the 3000 followers

No. 1566525

She sounds like she's having psychological symptoms brought on by her long term use and alcoholism. Some people smoke their entire lives and you'd be none the wiser, a small portion end up getting antipsychotic injections in their ass monthly. It sounds like she's the latter.

No. 1566556

Ugh. Shay please for the love of God if you’re going to stick out your nasty ass tongue at least brush it first. It looks like she never brushes her teeth. Either she’s depressed or just lazy as fuck

No. 1566577

Never brushes her tongue**. That's the tongue of somebody who has never once brushed their tongue while doing their teeth, never heard of the term oral thrush, nor thought about how much their breath stinks. She wouldn't be showing her thrush off if it ever occurred to her how nasty it is.

No. 1566626

no cow tipper sent the Irish authorities the proof she posted of how she smuggled drugs internationally? what a whaste and I could not feel worst(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1566645

For real. I’ve been trying to quit lolcow for a while but it’s been so hard. But Shayna is so boring now I’ll go days without thinking of the thread…

No. 1566685

Summerfags are infesting this site like maggots in an open wound.

No. 1566688

Oh my fuck her tongue is disgusting.

No. 1566706

>help irish border police!! this person brought ONE weed cart!!! yes, arrest her!

are you stupid?

No. 1566710

File: 1655730192749.jpeg (35.54 KB, 500x500, 33CB65E2-ED89-428F-8CED-C2F031…)


Anon you gave me big “is that a weed” energy with this kek

No. 1566845


I guess I was just hoping she wasn't this much of a pathetic sex worker. Somehow her only letting them finger and bite her is worse than just fully putting out. It's somehow grosser in my brain.

No. 1566971

Same, kek at Anon coming up with this, I love it. Voting for next thread picture and I would honestly be curious what the content of this video could be if it was real

No. 1566976

File: 1655749711359.png (212.89 KB, 404x720, 43E52833-82FD-4EAE-B890-5FA35A…)

Can Shaynus make a new video so we can laugh at whatever ugly getup she has on

No. 1567077

At least fingering and biting won't get her pregnant. I don't trust her or them to use contraception properly.

No. 1567116

File: 1655758226576.jpeg (897.73 KB, 1170x1299, 76A51DF5-5156-4F0B-94F1-DF8CE3…)

Jason R Womack must be punching air right now

No. 1567123


I can only imagine the smell moving all that flesh around, she rarely bathes.

And I still can't believe there are anons ITT that don't believe she's not a common prostitute. This pretty much proves it.

No. 1567128

so she invited them to her house? Smart and safe.

No. 1567129

This feels fake. I dont buy it tbh

No. 1567130

Also notice she doesn't say how much she was paid.

No. 1567138

File: 1655759136722.jpeg (348.38 KB, 804x1339, D778DCC3-D1A7-4DD8-A9BE-037894…)

This irl prostitute saga should be interesting

No. 1567143

It's clearly not dome random. Ots someone who knows Ellen and she probably met through Ellen. Shayna is wreckless but she's lazy and I feel like she only meets people through Ellen.

No. 1567147

next thread pic pleeease this is too funny

No. 1567149

Her apartment has to have some kind of rule against conducting prostitution on their premises right? Like not only should you bring these guys to a hotel for safety reasons but she’s risking getting kicked out if she gets caught

No. 1567158

I mean, sure, if she gets caught… plenty of people do illegal shit in their rented properties (selling/doing drugs, domestic abuse, etc) as long as she’s not drawing attention to herself or causing problems for the building/other tenants though, I doubt they give a fuck if she’s letting strange men massage her feet for a bottle of wine in her own apartment.

No. 1567174

File: 1655761034959.jpeg (434.59 KB, 1080x1874, D1D2199C-C7B1-4FCE-BC1E-A15737…)

No. 1567175

“You and your girlfriend” everyone knows Shay is going to blow it all on alcohol and doordash for just herself

No. 1567176

Yeah sure they’re just paying to “massage” her

No. 1567178

It’s unlikely she’ll get caught. She’s doing it willingly so she could easily say they’re just hookups or pretend one is her boyfriend, one is Ellen’s boyfriend, say they’re in a poly relationship, etc. she’s not going to get into trouble, but I’m excited for the new saga

No. 1567190

The filter can’t completely smooth out her wrinkled forehead she looks like a witch

No. 1567198

File: 1655762765364.jpeg (291.88 KB, 828x704, F6474909-964C-4D3A-AB21-C166FA…)

No. 1567199

Birth of Venus I am so sorry this ugly bitch insulted you like that.

No. 1567203

File: 1655763156583.jpeg (16.11 KB, 480x360, C6C9CB5D-07E2-4536-BE86-3CB394…)

Birth of Venus???!

No. 1567207

File: 1655763561384.jpeg (32.94 KB, 750x750, 1FEF1321-A07B-480C-932B-AD1F02…)

‘Tism but I literally just booked to get a tattoo of the birth of Venus and now the whole thing is ruined.
More like Venus of Willendorf but I even hate that comparison

No. 1567212

She’s so fucking ugly that not even her splenda daddy wants to be seen in public with her.

No. 1567216

This absolutely killed me anon