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File: 1631392884337.png (508 KB, 546x566, totally a little girl uwu.png)

No. 1321423

Repetitive comments about Shayna's vagina is grounds for a 1 day ban. Repetitive nitpicks about her body and face are subject to a 1 day ban. Reposting the same photos zoomed in and edited is not milk and you will receive a ban for nitpicking.
REMEMBER: Sage when there’s no milk, no nitpicking and/or blogposting and please try to curb your enthusiasm when posting screenshots from other cam girls. This is a Shay thread. Do not reply to spergs. Do not mention Kyle Nathan Perkins/Fupa unless relevant. Do not make repetitive comments about Shayna’s retarded pets.

Recent milk:
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>Also really pushing kidnapping kink >>1313482 & >>1313900
>More terrorizing potential neighbors with porch nudes >>1311986
>Brags about hitting top 2% on fansly, despite previously complaining about others who flaunt their percentages >>1312150
>Short on rent money so more begging and sales >>1314083
>Unflattering pic from “getting tied up in a hot old man’s basement” >>1314938 (this confirms it’s old man with dungeon from her first time in Seattle)
>Other pics from rope shoot with a different photographer dude >>1317352 & >>1317241
>Goes to ER with asthma problems and ends up admitted to hospital for a few days >>1315311
>Scary hospital bed flashing and nudes >>1320680 & >>1320630 & >>1320685
>Medical fetish fantasies >>1315792 & >>1315979 that go out the window once there is IV trouble and pain >>1316689
>Bestie brings Shay edibles because god forbid she goes a day without weed >>1315772 and old man visits her too >>1317478
>Shows off a Shein gift card like a high class bimbo >>1316454
>More Oklahoma bad, thriving in Seattle tweets >>1317965
>Places useless kitchen decorations >>1318052 and begs for an old man to help setup her work room >>1318406 & >>1319245
>Another ill fitting pink outfit that she wore out in public with the old man >>1319209 & >>1319364
>Buys 200$ straight jacket that looks like a bathrobe >>1320263
>Back to being a domme for a day >>1320311 & >>1320374 that results in her flexing a 1k amazon balance >>1320786
>Further terrorizing neighbors by doing a porch coom show, fake moaning and lawn mower vibrator as always >>1320668
>Claims she’ll just eat edibles now instead of smoke >>1320958


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No. 1321429

File: 1631393076356.png (31.11 KB, 596x235, Capture.PNG)

more pedobaiting here we come

No. 1321432

Disgusting but also hilarious when she calls herself 'extra smol' when she looks like the Michelin man

No. 1321443

File: 1631394312725.jpeg (Spoiler Image,771.38 KB, 1242x1292, 81469AD5-56EB-4DBB-A6C1-78118B…)

No. 1321444

File: 1631394352428.jpeg (480.58 KB, 1173x1812, 817109B0-53CD-4D0F-85F5-0EDB7C…)

No. 1321446

File: 1631394436987.jpeg (263.17 KB, 1242x944, 7042ECCF-5C07-40F9-9388-54B3CA…)

Last thing you need is snacks and sugar filled juice, ugly fat bitch. Drink some damn water.

No. 1321447

File: 1631394517108.jpeg (452.9 KB, 1242x1377, DC3904EF-9DBD-481D-834C-4CABFC…)

i don’t know about you anons but I’d rather be stuck in fuplahoma ground hog day than see this fat bitch in a pacifier and onesie….

No. 1321452

File: 1631394672917.jpeg (1.5 MB, 1242x1343, 4EAA24FF-D92F-41EA-A45E-08B632…)

No. 1321458

She has somehow become more desperate and disgusting since moving to Seattle. She's even gotten fatter. Maybe Fupa wasn't so bad after all.

No. 1321466

fucking gross

anons I don't like this stupid pedo arc

No. 1321473

do you suppose she's going the like, onesie actual baby clothes and shit route because she's realized she's fat

No. 1321494

She's getting actual adult diapers and all this because she is trying to pander to ABDL weirdos now. This is her new kink of the week

No. 1321504

Nothing she's doing now is new. She's literally doing what she did to attract Fupa and keep him interested in the beginning. She's hoping she attracts another Fupa, even though she hit Fupa up first.

No. 1321505

it's not new. how do you think she got threads here in the first place?

No. 1321506

She already wore diapers tho before she met Fupa lol. It’s gross but not uncharted territory. She’s just regressing to something that will get her attention now that she had to leave OK Bc he was completely done with her.

Honestly tho I’m so fucking grossed out. Funny because the bottom left of the thread pic I feel is how she looks all the time IRL with no nasty dandruff face change filter or shoop or angles LOL

No. 1321508

newfags don't read the threads or know the shaytard lore clearly if they're clutching their pearls all of a sudden

No. 1321510

She didn't do that stuff when they were together and it didn't seem like something he was into. She's obviously been retweeting a lot of that content compared to previous and it's because she's getting attention from it. She did one video wearing a diaper but this bitch hasn't been casually wearing one for uWu little space. She's pandering.

No. 1321512

Samefag but since the very beginning I knew she never went to inpatient because she would be in the lobby taking pics for Snapchat or nudes in the restroom like we see here in her “hospital stint” aka her being too stunted to take care of herself. Fupabait and now disgusting scrote bait.

No. 1321515

anon, there was literally a video of shayna getting fuped with a pacifer in her mouth when they first got together

No. 1321516

Yeah she's been pedo pandering her whole career. She's really amping up the ABDL stuff now.

No. 1321517

I'm saying she didn't wear diapers and shit. If you don't see that she's diving further into it I don't know what to say.

No. 1321518

When you go inpatient they take your phone you can't take pictures and stuff from the hospital.

No. 1321521

she did a video called "buttstuff baby" january 2020. it's been an ongoing theme and you're not paying attention if you think otherwise.

No. 1321526

She being doing it for ages. Just look at her many bids, she has a diaper video and her pissing in a potty.

No. 1321536

this. it isn't new for her, this is her returning to her roots

No. 1321539

Most of us know Shayna has always done this degenerate ddlg shit since her bambi boil butt days. But it’s disgusting to see it happen again during her Lardy Fattel era. Not saying Shayna wasnt disgusting in Oklahoma but she rarely talked about “little space” and autistic incest fantasies. Shayna is taking it up a notch because Fupa left. Like other Anons said she’s just trying to attract a fupa dom to throw her crumbs of attention so she can get validation and forget about Kyle. The pedo pandering shit stopped for a while (for the most part) because fupa had to leave tumblr and stop being “Daddy Mattel” in order to keep seeing his kids. The reason why I said fulpahoma ground-hog day was better was because Shayna was barely putting out content/pedo pandering because she was busy getting Fupapa’s chode wet. All she did was make excuses not to work, pan handle for doordash, and would subtweet about her “ex” and the threads. Now she’s coping from Fupa dumping her ass by pretending to be into this fucked up sexual shit, again, because she thinks she can just get another fupa and everything will be how it was. Shayna isn’t into this shit she has no personality whatsoever, everything she does it fake and for attention.

No. 1321543

That was years ago. After Anons bullied fupa into hiding and leaving his dom tumblr, Shayna calmed down a bit with the diaper shit, especially because she couldn’t show Fupa on her socials anymore because fupa was embarrassed. It’s just startling to see it happen again. I know Shayna been a degenerate pedo pandering piece of crap but she’s making ten tweets a day about nasty fantasies she claims to have. I think the reason anons are so shocked is because it is a lot to handle when she used to just bitch and moan all day about her depression and how fat she had gotten

No. 1321550

File: 1631400834545.gif (296.88 KB, 220x165, F5E8C3B5-2BDA-429C-A2EB-478974…)

Welp. Time to abandon ship again. Been fun while it lasted nonnies. God speed.

No. 1321564

God I know it’s not new but it’s still disgusting. I can’t wait to see how fucking retarded she looks since she’s so fat and lazy now though kek

No. 1321576

>over a year ago
>still not the same as her literally getting ready to act like a literal infant and shit in a diaper
i know a load of you old bitches are desperate to show off to our newfriends that you've been here for years, but this autistic posturing really isn't necessary. you don't have to start bragging every time an anon expresses discomfort with her getting back into full-on weird adult baby shit instead of just vaguely referring to it through her ill-fitting shein dresses and video titles

No. 1321577

Honestly think she cooled it on the pedo pandering bc someone cowtipped & sent Fupa's baby mama links to the threads. No more Fupa, she can be "smol & baby" without consequences perhaps?

No. 1321588

she just does whatever gives her the most attention, even when she was skinny she knew she wasn't attractive or creative enough to just do normal everyday porn and get attention.
So she got into BDSM/DDLG shit, she stopped doing it because it wasn't something she was truly into and wasn't motivated to do it as much anymore because it was too much effort and it wasn't like she could show it off with Fupa anymore.
I also think thats why Fupa stopped doing all that BDSM, Shayna was the girl he could live out a lot of his disgusting fetishes with and then he got bored of that AND her. Plus being exposed, so it was a lot of reasons why she stopped doing it.
But the reasons he's doing it now isn't out of interest or liking it, it's to replace Fupa and more attention.

No. 1321615

File: 1631408527331.jpg (418.83 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20210911-200209_Chr…)

The horror saga truly is back

No. 1321624

i never saw a baby with fake nails. pick a lane bitch

No. 1321628

why stop there? bring back the boils

No. 1321632

Can she please stop calling herself baby when she looks the way that she does

No. 1321636

Someone being grossed out by Shayna’s pedo-pandering is not pearl clutching, newfags or not. That is a normal response to an obese 24 year old sexualizing babies.

No. 1321641

you need a thick skin to survive the shayna threads

No. 1321646

>bimbo claws
>dumb baby
These idiots are so desperate to cater to every single degenerate scrote fantasy all at once. If you’re going to be a disgusting whore, pick a fetish and stick to it. The consistency would gain tmore followers and (unfortunately) more money in the end. One can not be a blowup barbie bimbo and uwu baby in diapers at the same time. Those are two completely different gross fetishes.

No. 1321654

File: 1631414633287.png (187.1 KB, 750x1334, png.image.png)

God, if she was already using them from the beginning

No. 1321655

>size 9/10

There’s literally no way. She was BARELY fitting into those cursed hello kitty undies when she was skinny.

No. 1321657

File: 1631415190827.jpg (596.35 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20210911-215300_Chr…)

Holy shit I'm not ready

No. 1321658

she really brought back these awful hotdog looking things of all choices?

No. 1321660

File: 1631415384145.jpg (841.51 KB, 971x3720, Screenshot_20210911-215604_Chr…)

We also have a diaper shoot to look forward to next month

No. 1321662

File: 1631415499486.jpg (38.38 KB, 567x565, 1606274113531.jpg)

is she fucking joking

No. 1321663

Holy fucking shit I’ve never read her threads because they seem cursed is this real why the fuck is the skin part so long what is her problem

No. 1321666

Wait she’s done this before I’m literally crying I have tears on my fucking face

No. 1321670

She is just like an alien trying to fit in the human world with the butt lip, hot dog nails and totes real fetishes and orgasms

No. 1321673

SHE CANT EVEN GET HER NAILS DONE NORMALLY WTF TRASHY AND EMBARRASSING IN LITERALLY EVERY WAY. So disturbing how the attached part of the nail comes out so far from her actual finger I can’t stand this at all

No. 1321676

Oh noooo not she brought them backkk. Do we think these are bad press ons… or do we think she seriously walked into a salon and asked for this? I could never tell if she was just getting shitty fills when she had them last time or wtf was happening.

Her nails have lived rent free in my head for years.

No. 1321678

File: 1631418628628.jpeg (Spoiler Image,249.15 KB, 1080x1381, 08A08088-AAC9-4947-8BD5-04DDB2…)

sadly several times. these might be the worst version yet though.

No. 1321680

They look too thick to be press ons imo. I will never understand the styling of these….the nude color doesnt match her skin tone and reminds me of raw chicken with poorly done tips. No smile line whatsoever it just looks so bad lol

No. 1321681

>that "yikes!" from someone with a diaper fetish account
lmao that's too sad

No. 1321682

This fucking dog gets me every time it’s just the perfect expression of disgust

No. 1321683

Many have asked this question but none know the answer.

No. 1321700

i literally just saw a video where a girl showed off what she wanted vs what she got and the failed end product looks exactly like shatna's. i can't wrap my head around her actually showing off these nails on sm. it looks liked a botched french manicure

No. 1321701

File: 1631422117245.jpeg (624.03 KB, 1242x2208, 6D44C4AA-EE91-4811-A06B-8F8DB1…)

Are shaypuft and parkbenchpinup competing for Worst Cow Nails™ today or…?

She really is trying to recreate the exact life she had five years ago. Pathetic.

No. 1321702

File: 1631422386464.png (385.18 KB, 2048x530, Screenshot_20210911-215306.png)

No. 1321727

Fatty you ain't even got a butt to beat

No. 1321737

i feel like the joker right now

No. 1321740

File: 1631426148702.jpeg (Spoiler Image,715.15 KB, 2030x2915, 6B27F6B0-FE71-428C-939D-C41246…)

She showed off her nails and lopsided boobs in her onlyfans dms kek her boobs look cockeyed and retarded. Oh and she wants an ~$80 reimbursement uwu~

No. 1321742

File: 1631426378231.jpeg (45.42 KB, 612x612, F37043E5-49F5-4FB1-BDBB-64F78C…)

those nails are so ugly, she could have gotten press on nails from the drug store for like $8 instead of $80 on cigarette butt nails

No. 1321748

Seriously you’re telling me she’s gone from having short natural nails to these monstrosities with no inbetween stage?!

How long ‘til this dumbass ends up in a&e because she bends one back and snaps her natural nail bed. (Not to blog post but I’ve had this injury happen with far shorter nails and it’s vile.)

No. 1321754

Somewhere in a dark, ground-floor HUD apartment in New York, Luna is barred out, pecking away at her grimy Switch in her child's chair, with cheap cheap press-ons caked in squatter filth. These cows are basically pristine in comparison.

No. 1321792

Holy shit the top pic looks so bad and unnatural. And wtf $80 for those nails??

No. 1321804

How does she find the shittest place to get her nails done no matter where she is?

No. 1321826


Ew, she's going full fat female degenerate in denial. Her obese ass using a sippy cup to down pink wine is hilarious and bleak.

No. 1321901

These are grotesque

No. 1321996

what the hell, i feel like her boobs never looked like that before. is it because shes gained so much?

No. 1322038

i’ve never thought it possible for nails to be viscerally uncanny before but ofc shatna manages to surprise me anyway. these are abhorrent

No. 1322054

Those are so painful to look at. I've had a student do a better job on my nails than whatever that abomination on her nails is. I'm not an expert on fake nails, but are they supposed to stick outward like that?
And as a eurofag I am asking the USA anons whether 80 dollars for a set of nails is alot? Especially if done so poorly.

No. 1322059

>European here
Acrylics are expensive, no matter how shitty.

No. 1322062

Pretty sure these vids were customs though. She has never really made such a big adult baby focus until recently now she is obviously hooking up with that porn site. Like with everything I doubt she is really into it on any level deeper than attention and wanting someone to do shit for her useless ass. And she’s actually pretty damn late to be jumping on this bandwagon now the Ddlg thot ship has kinda sailed. It’s just the natural next step for freaks like her

No. 1322077

I agree. She did a custom a few years ago but that wasn't a mainstay part of her daily life or anything that she's posted about outside of that. She's really only been posting this ABDL stuff the past month and I guess is going full on diaper wearing now lol

No. 1322096

Some places charge more for longer nails like these. $80 isn’t ridiculous, even if they are hideous.

No. 1322115

bullshit, cheap acrylics are like 25Euro, 65Euro for a new simple french set is expensive

No. 1322120

nta but that absolutely depends where you live. i'm in denmark and the cheapest places are around 30-70€ for a simple set of french tip acrylics. other places are 120€.

No. 1322126

I mean on one hand I find it actually way more tragic and degenerate than people who are actually into it. It’s one thing to have weird fetish/coping mechanism but it’s a whole other to pretend to be into something that weird purely for scrote bucks. Her life is actually so fucking tragic to me

No. 1322132

does google not exist in europe

No. 1322140

nta but no, we're classy, we only read from scrolls. it's sunday though and the scroll library is closed, so you can't really blame the anon

No. 1322152

god that made me chuckle thanks for that

No. 1322159

I would add that people who produce fetish content in general are worse than the people who consume it

No. 1322166

Think you missed where that was making fun of you. You eurofags are always so quick to let everyone know you're European.
>google? Nah, then people won't know I'm from yurop

No. 1322182

This babyshit is coming full swing because this is the first time she has been truly alone and in charge of her own life and she can’t handle it. Fupa was way more of lifeline and support system then is seemed in OK, probably because she guilted him about her uprooting her life to move there for him (and the free splooge outlet). She is latching onto this babyshit because her mind is pornsick is this is the only way she knows how to get support again because sex and selling herself to coomers is all she knows. She has no fucking clue how to take care of herself and be an adult despite being almost 25 so she’s going full retard with this crap because she’s that desperate to find someone to coddle her again. She’s burned all her bridges with her family and any sort of friends, probably feels like her history as a ho has burned them with a normal guy with a real job, so all she has now is her disgusting coomers.

No. 1322186

Why do they look like they're lifting off and look too big for her fingers?? Lol so bad
All she had to do was get some simple, functional ones from a decent salon. But with her it's either zero effort ugly or super tacky retard and there's just no in between.

No. 1322187

File: 1631468413652.jpeg (108.68 KB, 933x979, 96217F1C-6FF2-4551-BE05-FC993D…)

No. 1322189

Shayna please, it's too early for Halloween take off the horror nails

No. 1322192

>She’s burned all her bridges with her family
this is literally not true in the slightest though

No. 1322199

they look so bad im honestly convinced at this point that she just bought some $80 set off amazon and tried to install them herself. there is just no way a salon would charge or let someone walkout with these ghetto ass nails.

No. 1322202

shes burned them in the sense she is deep in a lie that she is okay and doesn’t need help. for her to turn to them for help would be proof the last 5 years of life lead nowhere, made things worse, and basically ruined her life. she is so deep that instead of just going home and admitting to her family she was wrong, she would rather shit herself in diapers for a coomer just scrape by in life.

No. 1322203

her dad likely still gives her money/pays her bills. why would she admit anything and move home when she has people enabling her?

No. 1322204

File: 1631469302314.png (685.34 KB, 1860x2048, Screenshot_20210912-105503.png)

No. 1322209

File: 1631469466910.jpeg (128.88 KB, 1242x380, 73628825-3122-445A-BFC7-239A1A…)

Do it Shay. Clown paint saga. I am ready.

No. 1322212

she won't wear it even if she buys it. she spent like $300 on colourpop hauls that we never even saw a single product applied.

No. 1322213

She will do literally anything for money, as long as the anything expends zero effort and the money is pennies; time once again to place your bets!
Is shaynus looking for grease paint makeup because:
>she's actually going to use it properly
>she's going to add it to her hoard of unopened makeup that makes her feel like an uwu bimbo
>a coomer offered her $100 for clown humiliation porn

No. 1322215

why straight to cream contour? just buy some powder contour, it's easier to apply and shayna's lazy ass should go for that. cream contour is some drag queen tier shit, no one needs that

No. 1322216

those nails are so bad it looks like she shooped them onto her fingers

No. 1322217

i'm jarred everytime i'm reminded of her age, i can't believe i'm older than this middle aged mom of three looking bitch

No. 1322221

nobody cares how old you are

No. 1322250

File: 1631472733730.png (777.64 KB, 2048x1879, Screenshot_20210912-115210.png)

What the hell

No. 1322260

oh that poor child

No. 1322262

It's probably doing wonders for the woman's self esteem

No. 1322284

File: 1631474570355.jpeg (10.56 KB, 259x194, images (12).jpeg)

Why do people feel the need to share things like this? Why? Why can't some people keep anything to themselves?

No. 1322291

Idk about you but being with a disgusting coomer who wanted to show me his porn would make me feel like I had completely failed in life.

No. 1322309

This is so fucking disgusting. She has always catered to the bottom of the barrel but her pedoposting is seriously attracting the most disgusting creeps. I am used to Shay’s antics but this saga is getting extremely disturbing.

No. 1322312

>I hope it’s named after me
I fucking can’t with this horrible stupid cunt

No. 1322318

Who is the poor woman tolerating her coomer boyfriend/husband using his paycheck to buy shaynas poorly filmed onlyfans vids just so he can use it to fluff himself? This is just depressing

No. 1322334

ot but im so confused by this retarded reply. it says ‘femboy’ but has the troon flag. the profile pic almost looks a normal woman until you see the 7head and the elongated chin on the bottom, looks like he scraped a beauty influencer’s face off and is wearing it. shows the kind of people shat attracts .

No. 1322339

probably some troon couple

No. 1322341

Retard reading into this too much but any man using Shay's pedo porn as "inspiration" to have a baby probably only wants the baby to sexualize it

No. 1322375

I feel when you're this fat you should just go for a trashy baddie lite look like this… leave the Hello Kitty panties and pigtails to the Belle Delphine skinwalkers or you just look like a Gypsy Rose Blanchard cosplay.

No. 1322379

File: 1631482368247.png (6.66 MB, 1242x2688, 5DEFD948-BE14-467A-8879-725D2B…)

Woof is right. She really tees herself up to get poked fun at huh.

No. 1322381

I don't know why she bothers. What is it's purpose? Is it the most low effort attempt at appealing to puppy play coomers? Is it because it at least covers up some of her hideous face? Is it because she's becoming self aware and has realised she's a fat bitch?

No. 1322386

Why are the white tips so far above where her nail comes off the bed? That's where the white tip is supposed to be, not way above

No. 1322388

File: 1631483190850.jpg (444.66 KB, 1079x1661, Screenshot_20210912-191532_Twi…)


No. 1322393

umm so a psych ward that works like a nazi concentration camp? shayna, child…

No. 1322418

Who's fantasy even is this? Girls with BPD?

No. 1322423

You know she thinks she looks glamorous and sexy here but it just looks like a snapshot someone took of their trashy alcoholic aunt at a family gathering. The only thing missing would be a cigarette in one hand and a beer in the other.

No. 1322434

Its disgusting, but no, I don't want more Fupa shit and I'm tired of the few anons still lurking trying to argue that the alternative would be better. The way some of you talked about him was unhinged.

No. 1322446

NYRT It’s not that deep anon. We loath fupa it was a joke

No. 1322450

Thank fuck Emilie Autumn isn't a thing any more. That Shayna arc would be unbearable.

No. 1322454

File: 1631486412889.png (1.37 MB, 1609x2048, Screenshot_20210912-154010.png)


No. 1322456

There are obviously a lot of Nonitas here who want to fuck Fupaul.(sage your shit)

No. 1322460

You are not a girl anymore Shayna, you are a 24 year old grown up woman.

No. 1322465

File: 1631486645496.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1002.41 KB, 1242x1277, BB8C58E6-5E5B-43B8-9F06-14698C…)

Shayna needs to stop larping as a “uwu smol girl” and just stretch her ears again and be a greasy stoner. Black clothing would hide her food stains and meat sweat as well. I bet she can’t do this anymore

No. 1322468

File: 1631486830717.jpeg (540.35 KB, 1242x1373, 42CB6028-0FA9-4059-8246-A84D95…)

No. 1322471

File: 1631486889765.jpeg (692.45 KB, 1242x1513, E49A452E-0567-4A37-B847-86E293…)

This is embarrassing why would you flex this amount. You can’t even order Doordash with that fat pig.

No. 1322473

Puffy sleeves are the worst thing she could choose for her lunch lady arms

No. 1322479

File: 1631487073375.jpeg (837.99 KB, 987x1544, 32D8D788-40DD-4FD5-81E1-1C3DE2…)

How it’s suppose to look.. kek it’s still an ugly cheap polyester dress but it looks slightly better on a girl who isnt obese and has skinny arms

No. 1322480

yeah because she totally doesn’t still look like a drunk crack whore here

No. 1322487

I didn’t say she looked good. That was still during her ddlg degen larp. I said she can’t do that anymore because she’s too fat

No. 1322489

Taking those disgusting plugs out is one of the few good decisions she’s actually made.

No. 1322492

Yes but now she has retarded dumbo flop ears

No. 1322500

I'll rejoice when that retarded headband snaps or she loses it.

No. 1322507

If her next fupa is a troon I'll well and truly have a reason to move on from these threads.

No. 1322517

not really. for all the things wrong with her face and head in general, her ears are probably the least offensive thing.

No. 1322549

File: 1631489678330.png (1.65 MB, 1445x2048, Screenshot_20210912-163437.png)

Brace yourselves, ladies

No. 1322573

File: 1631490975144.png (2.33 MB, 1607x2048, Screenshot_20210912-165624.png)

No. 1322575

you can have all that minus the microchip at any psych ward right now, Shayna, you just have to admit that you need to be committed

No. 1322579

Call the fucking police

No. 1322580

Water, please water.

She obviously wants some degenerate to say booze/drugs or cum.

This manic pedo pandering phase right now is insufferable.

No. 1322602

File: 1631493162061.jpeg (200.1 KB, 960x1280, E_H8vOQVkAIUCYX.jpeg)

such a uWu baby bimbo crackhead mother of 3

No. 1322618

I’m afraid I can’t do this anymore, ladies. What the fuck wrong with her left eye? Nightmare fuel.

No. 1322621

File: 1631494343515.png (546.19 KB, 2048x626, Screenshot_20210912-175141.png)

Seriously hate this bitch, this is so disgusting. What is wrong with her

No. 1322622

ugly caveman

No. 1322623

It’s the demon taking over, lol.

No. 1322629

the microcephaly head and the creepy fucking black beady eyes.. inhumanly ugly. please go back to the shapeshifter level editing fat-shat i can't take this i'm scared

No. 1322640

I seriously threw up in my throat when I saw this
I wasn't prepared

I feel like some cows need spoilers for even the nsfw images, purely because their appearance is nsfl

No. 1322649

This image looks illegal, like I’m seeing an old retarded woman being sexually exploited on camera

No. 1322663

can you imagine how nasty that headband must be at this point. it has to be caked with grease and dandruff on the inside. probably discoloured too

No. 1322669

>I’m afraid I can’t do this anymore, ladies
why do anons keep saying this as if they just saw someone being decapitated or something

No. 1322704

What in the holocaust fantasy… is she going to add a starvation kink to top that one off? Lord knows she could use it.

No. 1322715

(no I don't have the screen recording app but I'm sure someone will post it soon)

She posted on snap taking a dab even though "she's not supposed to but she wants to".

She learnt nothing from her hospital stay.(learn2integrate)

No. 1322769

File: 1631508422578.jpeg (746.74 KB, 3463x2308, 4A0BEE16-EF49-48AB-A2D4-5016BD…)

>splenda daddy
>pay pigs

there’s no way she doesn’t actively read her threads kek. wonder what other cow threads she posts in?

No. 1322775

TOPKEK the way she’s trying to roll with our insults and make it all seem intentional. Keep thriving shay.

No. 1322778

File: 1631509540750.jpeg (606.43 KB, 1125x1485, 62424B5E-BFD0-4006-8738-C2A84F…)

Wonder how long this will last

No. 1322781

and all it took was fupa blocking her and getting a new girlfriend

No. 1322782

Damn those nasty nails really are pointed to the sky. Also literally her worst manicure ever, to the point it's infamous, why repeat it??! Is this more student work???

Uh giving the most effort for no money has been her entire business model since day one

No. 1322795

>I've had a Splenda daddy or two not worth the effort
Would love to see how little they gave her since her current "sugar dads" are 100% Splenda daddies

Except it has not been the opposite and like a week ago you were crying about how broke you are and suicide baiting. I stg when these cunts get diagnosed with BPD, their social media should be automatically taken away and none allowed to become ~sex workers~. So many problems would be solved kek

No. 1322810

Ew her hand is like a yeti’s foot.

No. 1322832

File: 1631515509471.jpg (Spoiler Image,874.93 KB, 1242x1527, IMG_0740.jpg)

warning: gross. but when isn't she. she's really trying to recapture that pedo audience from 4 years and 50lbs ago, but she's fat now and has to be even more extreme. she's just the worst. i'd say she should get a job, but if she wasn't unemployable before she is now with this shit.

this took me out

No. 1322840

File: 1631516957082.jpeg (18.28 KB, 210x240, 7458E010-0ED7-4DD3-B6DC-FC8241…)

Im crying why does she look like the sped hamster from Horton hears a who

No. 1322956

>>1322840 anon i fucking cackled

No. 1322969

Isn't OF cracking down on content that contains age play, incest and other sick shit? How does she expect to make money without being able to upload anything to OF?

No. 1323001

How much longer until she starts calling them scrotes?

No. 1323023

The deranged pedobaiting really makes it hard not to a-log nonnies….

No. 1323035

anon I love you

No. 1323061

File: 1631550146149.jpg (386.34 KB, 1079x1306, Screenshot_20210913-135210_Twi…)

i hate it here

No. 1323066

it seems to me she is under the impression that huge puffy sleeves like that hide how large her arms are, when in reality it just makes them look wider than her head

No. 1323069

Shayna is just that ugly.

No. 1323073

She's going to keep this up because these weird ass posts and pedo-incest pandering is the most interaction she gets from unique users in a while.
It's amazing, how she calls herself a Barbie Bimbo, but nobody seems all that interested in her body or "beauty", they like her retarded "Imagine-" posts better and her literally acting like a fucking toddler better. She's loving it, but imagine living a life where the only time people pay attention is when you act like a literal child? Not because they find you attractive, not because they find you interesting or sexy on your own.
But because they have a disgusting Kink and the moment you stop doing it, they will go away. They aren't her "fans".

No. 1323080

Same, any time I visit her thread I feel like I'm looking at the most vile sped revenge porn.
Unemployable, unredeemable, unlovable. Woof.

No. 1323084

File: 1631551900541.jpg (25.51 KB, 585x164, Capture.JPG)

full length production coming again guys

No. 1323090

anon, pls, i'm ugly laughing

No. 1323095

The fuck I thought she just had the daybed assembled by another coomer. And how is she not totally unpacked yet?

No. 1323096

File: 1631553406813.png (Spoiler Image,62.6 KB, 250x250, 1844494-ao_oni_large.png)

jesus christ… every thread she surprises us with new heights of ugliness. she looks like a crustier version of picrel.
i can never tell if she is delusional enough to think pictures like these and countless others she takes actually look sexy, or if she's just too lazy to reshoot and she figures that her coomers will eat up anything she uploads since they're paying to see her anyway

No. 1323099

The way she brags about normal interactions, like no one is impressed some old dude is helping build your bed, or about a "Fren" helping you clean your house. It's like she thinks these things makes her "Spoiled" or something. Most people can find someone help them do these things.

No. 1323111

it’s really gross that she literally only considers people “friends” when they do things for her.

“my friend is coming over to help me unpack and clean”
“my friend is gonna drive me here”
“my friend is taking photos for me”

but otherwise no other mention of friends just hanging out. either she really does have no friends or she just uses people.

No. 1323134

I agree. I also think she is a narcissist at least to some degree. All the chat pics from discord anon show her talking only about herself, it’s so weird. I mean it’s pretty obvious i suppose but yeah.

No. 1323141

I think it's also to mask that she absolutely has no one remotely close to her. it would be truly sad if she wasn't such an asshole

No. 1323145

why would the "mommy" in this scenario be slapping her on the face? it makes no sense. i must be jaded from reading these threads too long because that's the thing that stuck out for me here

No. 1323148

this is true, she never does anything for them either. I think it's because all her "friends" are scrotes who want sex or other women who feel bad for her/think she's mentally ill. Every person she's ever called a "friend" has always babied her. From her twitter "friends" to the "friends" she has now. When she does hang with them it's just getting drunk/high or playing games. She has nothing to talk about or any unique interests, so I guess thats why.

No. 1323153

because she's subconsciously injecting her real life mommy issues into this stupid pornified incest scenario

No. 1323162

anon that’s literally a picture of Shayna Topkek i cackled

No. 1323164

True she never says I’m helping my friend or I’m treating my friend to coffee. Such a selfish greedy hog. She’s going to die bitter,fat, and alone

No. 1323167

Dear god, babyplay and people who get off to it will always be so greasy and pedophilic. The only kinda valid reason i could think for a grown woman to be into it is due to childhood trauma. But i cannot think of any valid reason for why a grown man would get off to a grown woman cosplaying a baby other than being a closet pedophile

No. 1323170


The cow is not okay. Someone get her a new fupapa so she can stop posting things that make my little black heart cry.

No. 1323193

barf. if there's anything that retarded troll from last month's thread needed to show to shayna's family, it is this. i wonder if her parents know about her stupid incest age play shtick, and what they think about it if they do. had i been her dad, i'd cut her the fuck off. and no, i do not support cowtipping (before some retard with one brain cell reports me for it)

No. 1323219

There's almost no way they aren't already aware, considering this is not new behavior in her extensive tard history and they've been dealing with her sexual deviancy since she lived under their roofs.

It's undoubtedly one of those scenarios where if the family wants to do what's truly best for them they should cut the person off, but they instead continue to indirectly enable their behavior because they want to try to help them with money. Her family (especially her mother) have clearly tried to intervene for her benefit multiple times only to be shit on. They likely feel there's nothing more they can do and sending money is all they can do. At the end of the day they have always and will always love and care for her, no matter what a disgusting, rotten, vile goblin she is.

No. 1323229

anon are you fucking retarded, how would a woman who was raped as a baby and then decides to retraumatize herself by re-enacting it her entire adulthood be ‘valid’ or healthy in any way. at least shat is doing less harm to herself while she’s spreading her degeneracy to others

No. 1323248

Why can't she just post fantasies about having a threesome? Why does it have to be like this? When you think Shayna hits rock bottom she keeps barreling deeper and deeper.

No. 1323259

File: 1631568034702.jpeg (154.98 KB, 1024x576, 5058B8EF-5AEB-44E9-8D96-D7076A…)

I don’t even want to think about all that dust she has on her stove despite living there for 1 month

No. 1323267

I don't understand this picture.

Did she put everything on the stove because she feels she needs to show off that she has pots and pans to prove something to the haters? Does she just simply not store them in a cabinet like normal people? Pans inside of pans? A cat that looks photoshopped into the oven door?

No. 1323268

WTF I didn't notice the cat there.. wtf is that??

No. 1323269

File: 1631569415342.jpg (374.53 KB, 1080x1196, Screenshot_20210913-173940_Ope…)

I know this is autistic as fuck but really is the cat PSd in? Im literally out here googling average stove height and is she rly trying to say she didn't even see him there, thirty-odd inches in the air?

No. 1323276

Yes she thinks this is a flex because they are pink

No. 1323277

maybe if he was up close and that's why the reflection is so weirdly clear? but im with you too kek this looks fake almost

No. 1323284

this is the robot badly pretending to be human level of uncanny. it's almost like she's never been in a kitchen or seen anybody cook/use a kitchen before.
also, i'm starting to think the "dust" is from both of her cats roaming free on the counters that she then eats off of.

No. 1323288

I would rather unspoil a thousand pictures of her busted asshole than ever read another tweet like this

No. 1323293


I have this set and it's only $60, it's passable but they're really cheap and it chars super easily on the bottom and I guarantee it'll discolour super quick because you have to wash them right away to maintain the colors and you know Shayna doesn't clean.

No. 1323295


kek at the fucking bong in the corner of the shot, cheap-ass walmart crockery, and the fingerprints covering the oven door. serving grimy stoner college student realness. such a luxury bimbo~

No. 1323296

well there's already some kind of visible black flake in the small pan on top

No. 1323318

Lmao we know the girl don’t cook. Her pans will stay spotless. Except for the black speck. That’s just dirt most likely >>1323296

No. 1323327

File: 1631574006705.png (677.16 KB, 2048x914, Screenshot_20210913-155956.png)

Kek wtf is this account

No. 1323337

Yeah, any pan would get discolored from use. That's how you know this bitch doesn't cook ever. All her kitchenware collects dust, pet hair, and general Shay grime by proxy. Never actual usage

No. 1323338

sounds like womack but i don’t think he knows how to use proper capitalization and punctuation

No. 1323340

her eyes always look like black holes. it’s like she has permanently dilated pupils.

No. 1323342

Betting all my money that it’s just her

No. 1323343

A lot of truth is said in jest

No. 1323348

File: 1631575797789.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.01 MB, 1284x1121, F160F25C-3468-438A-B28A-EE325B…)

grandma no

No. 1323349

File: 1631575843854.jpeg (1.6 MB, 1070x1801, 6F3D6693-3BFD-4419-9D6D-511BA4…)

mega troon vibes

No. 1323352

Of course it is. Real people don't run these "stan" accounts for internet nobodies. The only women that follow Shayna are sex workers and no man would go to the trouble of creating a fanpage when he can just comment coom shit on her Onlyfans.

No. 1323353

Kek those pots and pans have never been used. Maybe the small frying pan that one time she made squash or something like a year ago. She pulled them out of the box and took a photo as if this is some sort of ~aesthetic.

She took a photo of her dog cage 5 years ago and people kept stealing it. So now she thinks every photo she takes of inanimate pink objects is retweet worthy. Because that’s what she does all day long, retweet pictures of random pink shit.

No. 1323356

File: 1631576149933.png (642.69 KB, 2048x1243, Screenshot_20210913-163527.png)

I think this confirms it's her. Reposted 2 minutes after she posted it

No. 1323358

didn’t she already do this?

No. 1323362

File: 1631576479388.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.04 MB, 933x1787, 4F7FDB14-B507-4A44-ABD7-81B801…)

No. 1323363

File: 1631576525781.jpeg (Spoiler Image,258.52 KB, 921x1848, 86306C40-AAC4-4341-901B-64D3AA…)

Her beauty products are just props because she hasn’t used them, the plastic is still over them. Nasty

No. 1323365

File: 1631576585037.jpeg (Spoiler Image,307.16 KB, 946x1861, A2FFFF11-B284-4478-96C0-4E7C1F…)

The goddamn star blanket survived the move….. why didn’t she throw it out wtf?!

No. 1323370

It's covered in Fup goop

No. 1323372

No. 1323380

Kek, I was gonna say. That TJ maxx set is going to sit there unopened forever, like the box of pocky and a pink soft drink she used to keep on her desk

No. 1323386

apparently she never posted the full set tho, she’s gonna post it on OF so OF anon come through

No. 1323389

File: 1631578954347.jpeg (667.04 KB, 1093x1022, 616CE455-0363-4156-BA22-87185D…)

No. 1323391

File: 1631579021725.png (10.22 MB, 1242x2208, 18228F41-9894-4B79-9FAB-8BC007…)

She hasn’t posted anything but this video. Uploading now on Dropbox

No. 1323393

File: 1631579094122.png (Spoiler Image,9.14 MB, 1242x2208, E936DF82-6AB2-4ABC-95CB-5E91CE…)

Pedicure is already busted as fuck kek

No. 1323398

Is…is she legit using pots and and pans as decor? Lmaoooooo Put them in a cabinet, you fucking retard. But then again, she also thinks butt plugs nailed to a wall and fairy lights duct taped to the ceiling is high end decor.

No. 1323399

It obviously has sentimental value somehow bc she’s has it since pre fupa tumblr days- imagine valuing something and then pissing/vomiting/sweating/sharting on it until it’s musty grey

No. 1323404

Idek how these two people are the same girl?? Genuinely jarring to see video caps vs the edited photos she posts

No. 1323405

Those are both caps and she looks the same..

No. 1323408

old milk but i can’t get over the absolutely evil way the overarched eyebrows and huge nose make her look. a literal disney witch/hobgoblin.

No. 1323415

it’s not old? she literally just posted these. it’s an old set but she’s posting new pics from it.

No. 1323417

nta but all of shaynas photo set pics look the same so it’s basically old regardless

No. 1323436

File: 1631583210384.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.15 MB, 1170x1975, 158A01B1-AA0E-4FB6-A8E3-D9E447…)

> >1323415
It has already been posted, at least the couple she posted on Twitter, a month ago. Thread 86.

No. 1323439

We’re aware. It’s just she posted a “new” photo from that photo shoot.

No. 1323453

Soooooo, she's going to give out her PIN so "daddy" can use the ATM for her? I know she loves calling herself dumb, but damn. Didn't she whine on twitter about how men (according to her) like to date sex workers for the quick cash they bring? I don't know why I'm still trying to understand her nonsense, she's too far gone for her actions/opinions to make any sense at all

No. 1323456

that’s because it’s not real

No. 1323572

File: 1631599698391.jpg (164.95 KB, 720x603, Screenshot_20210914-070745_Twi…)

your what?

No. 1323577


No. 1323578

File: 1631600435618.png (728.36 KB, 1152x2432, Screenshot_20210914-012019.png)

Looks like they got their nails done together

No. 1323579

Oh not this again

No. 1323582

She literally is just repeating what she's already done. What a fucking loser lol

No. 1323588

tinfoil: her "gf" picked her hotdog nails in order to sabotage her

jk Shay has done this to herself before

No. 1323626

it's definitely her but what kills me is that she's trying to emulate the way womack talks

No. 1323656

this has to make it next thread pic, she looks absolutely retarded

No. 1323717

She absolutely photoshopped him in to go viral or something? Look at the way he's facing the camera straight on, that isn't how a reflection would work. She's absolutely losing it. I cannot get over hiw fucking weird this is.

No. 1323719

I just realized if her bestie is both her roommate and gf right now she's recreating a Fupa scenario so this bitch will take care of her. Shay will never grow up. Jesus.

No. 1323762

File: 1631624933154.jpeg (174.35 KB, 768x1024, 67B7E83C-2550-491F-B152-30BBBC…)

all of these stuffed toys are covered in a layer of dirt, how fucking gross to have them in a giant pile like this

No. 1323766

File: 1631625071640.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.46 MB, 1284x1840, 2C9EBB3F-F359-4F17-B538-93C22C…)

holy shit did she rip her hotdog nails off already? what a fucking psychopath.

No. 1323767

what if she's read and maybe heard him speak like that enough that it's become the default cooker dialect in her mind

No. 1323771

Is this the first known case of a giant teddy bear avoiding death by dumpster?

No. 1323777

Maybe it's an older pic, her nails don't look very roughed up in this

No. 1323780

File: 1631626041747.png (1017.07 KB, 2048x530, Screenshot_20210914-062629.png)

I guess it's 'official' now

No. 1323784

No. 1323785

Poor girlfriend. Not only has to deal with Shayna but won't even get any sexual pleasure out of this ordeal either. Everytime Shayna's been near another women's genitals she grimaces like a toddler being fed vegetables.

No. 1323798

how the hell are they having sex with their long ass nails

No. 1323805

she really is like fucking amberlynn reid, always needs someone to take care of her incompetent ass. astonishing how their fat asses always find someone to enable them though, disgusting

No. 1323815

This is so fucking offensive. We all know she hates women. She's just going balls to the wall right now with every single thing she could think of for a scrap of attention from her "fans." The queerbaiting is so bothersome. Every thread I get more and more angry.

No. 1323820

I see she’s already working to secure a personal ass wiper for when she inevitably gets too fat to do it herself kek

No. 1323822

It really has been a wild ride the last 2 weeks with her just mashing every kink, fetish and orientation she can together hoping something sticks. Another anon mentioned it the other day with her combining her pedo shit with bdsm. She really needs to be locked up.

No. 1323825

shayna doesn’t have sex. she just takes, she never gives. so she’s got nothing to worry about in that area.

No. 1323837

Calling it right now, the gf will be trans

No. 1323839

The gf is her ex gf she's been calling bestie. Ellen to be in fact

No. 1323842

They aren't. Shayna will probably use her nails as an excuse to not have sex or even touch her new gf.

No. 1323852

Hotdog nails MIA aside, wtf is that massive bruise on her hand? More drunken slip and falls?

No. 1323853

probably when she had the IV at the hospital. it can leave bruising for a decent bit.

No. 1323862

LOL. Right. How desperate is this person that they hook up with a woman who absolutely HATES other women & won't truly reciprocate the physical side of the relationship?

No. 1323876

KEK. Fupa got a girlfriend so SHE got a girlfriend. I can't wait to watch this implode.

No. 1323888

File: 1631633532060.jpeg (145.94 KB, 768x1024, 142E614B-FC62-4C3F-A61F-C96F62…)

Her room looks retarded. That bed is too small for her lard heifer ass

No. 1323889

File: 1631633609256.jpeg (781.84 KB, 1242x1204, 1263660B-FDB2-4393-942C-E472FD…)

I love how none of the pinks match, and the mini fridge on the desk kek of course fatty needs a fridge with her so she doesn’t have to walk to the kitchen.

No. 1323893

I don't even want to think about how many spiders are going to end up hiding in that plushie pile

No. 1323895

File: 1631633773421.jpeg (533.54 KB, 1193x639, 78F46D31-7505-4E20-84CD-99A67A…)

her decor makes me laugh. The hello panda snacks and pocky sticks aren’t even rare or exclusive to foreign countries, you can literally get it any grocery store in the US. Why is it being used as decoration? It’s so tacky

No. 1323898

File: 1631633940875.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.34 MB, 1242x1649, 07E25EC1-A62E-43F3-841B-2EF5FA…)

No. 1323901

File: 1631634150151.jpeg (928.94 KB, 1164x1686, 7C3BF426-B00B-483E-AF47-ABBC45…)

So this is shatnas girlfriend?

No. 1323905

File: 1631634367537.jpeg (489.67 KB, 1242x1207, CF2FFF33-9FAB-4EFB-9572-C1C41F…)

Pedophile pandering Shayna Clifford is now larping as a coomer. I hate her so much

No. 1323906

Oof such An unfortunate face.

No. 1323910

File: 1631634710399.jpeg (947.15 KB, 1080x1155, B5D158A6-4D35-43FF-BDB2-CFD8D3…)

The happy couple

No. 1323911

well all she's going to use it for is her sped porn

No. 1323912

yep two ugly fat peas in a pod

No. 1323918

Sage for being an idiot… but will this chick be in this thread too? Or do we leave her alone bc it looks like genetics ruined her life already

No. 1323924

>Or do we leave her alone bc it looks like genetics ruined her life already
Kek yeah we leave her alone unless Shayna decides to post pics of them together. I was just posting what she looked like since anon said that’s her ex/now current gf.

No. 1323982

what a shocker that the only female shayna can stand to befriend without jealousy looks like a victim of fetal alcohol syndrome

No. 1324004

Shay isn't going to post pics of them together.

No. 1324009

File: 1631641143027.png (1.77 MB, 1152x2432, Screenshot_20210914-123759.png)

They're all a part of the same polycule I'm guessing. The slave freak was the one we caught her following and is surely the one she said was naked in her house the other day. Max is the old man she sees. She's probably fucking them all

No. 1324010

File: 1631641210348.png (153.67 KB, 1152x2432, Screenshot_20210914-123658.png)

It's nothing but they got their nails done on the same day, He's talking about choking someone the same day Shay says she was being choked and shes starting to openly reply on shays stuff

No. 1324011

no, shayna is fucking no one and she also isn't fucked by anyone. if she were, we would see. remember how she posted like every single time fupa put his chode in her back in the tumblr days?

No. 1324014

Lol keep telling yourself that

No. 1324016

And that's besides the point. It's clear proof of all of those people being tied together.

No. 1324018

I love how she did exactly what people said she was, just take anything and anybody who is in front of her. This is going to end horribly.Someone compared her to Amberlyn but at least Amberlynn can find a caretaker who somewhat cares for her long periods of time, Shayna just finds ANYONE she has zero standards.

No. 1324020

Oh I've been finding it extra hilarious. As soon as we found out she was going back to Seattle and had contact with her ex we all knew she was eventually going to get back with her and start seeing the old man and doing all of the old shit she used to do. In reality she's panicked and doesn't know what to do and is latching on to anything she can. Even if she's unhappy

No. 1324041

yeah it honestly seems like it's all cope. you know she's hoping fupa is secretly lurking and is trying to make him "jealous" or something with all this suddenly hanging out with people when she was essentially a shut-in in tulsa for no specific reason other than she had fupa to fall back on.

No. 1324049

It's all a cope, As disgusting as he who shall not be named is, I doubt he see's Shayna being with an unattractive woman and a old man as something to be "jealous" of, so it seems pointless. But who knows.

No. 1324055

I doubt he cares if he blocked her and has a gf who's prettier than she is lol

No. 1324065

it’s not that he does care it’s that she hopes he will care

No. 1324066

File: 1631644002711.jpeg (723.79 KB, 3463x2308, 24272DCA-CAD2-4067-A289-D7BD7A…)

No. 1324072

Them being in a polycule with some old coomer who chokes them both is 10x worse than just being in a queerbating fake relationship, especially if she is doing all this baby pacifier shit around them. She always has to ramp everything up to be as disgusting as possible.

No. 1324084

fortunately for us she will never be able to afford latex, seeing her wrecked body in it would be absolutely traumatizing

No. 1324089

>forced lobotomy
are there even people that willfully had lobotomies??

No. 1324095

me after discovering this thread/site/internet/life

No. 1324096

Some few, as far as I know, because the were desperate to somehow feel better. For her it's just a joke and not a threat people had to face not too long ago for being mentally ill or just being a woman.
Someone should put her in a cage and leave her there for a month or two or three or forever.

No. 1324118

File: 1631648614429.jpeg (Spoiler Image,622.03 KB, 714x1212, 72619491-1D40-4674-8514-863586…)

Field mouse? More like sewer rat

No. 1324120

File: 1631648656295.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.1 MB, 903x1872, 5CE76C99-2CA5-45B8-BCD2-8742D9…)

Tubby Fattel

No. 1324123

File: 1631648844177.jpeg (498.15 KB, 1242x841, 29FF11AB-8856-4D4C-89DA-BA6F8C…)

no one cares shayna

No. 1324145

>I want a mansion with a fully operational surgery room
Okay Shayna Epstein. Let’s pretend you weren’t scared of getting poked by an IV two weeks ago.

No. 1324151

her forearms are huge omg

No. 1324153

Shayna is the field mouse that got stuck in my barley bucket and ate itself to death.

No. 1324155

I can't believe I'm saying this but she actually looks… decent… here? Lunch lady arms aside I don't think I've ever seen her makeup look that good. I'm sure it's some kind of filter but I was taken aback.. k someone kill me now pls

No. 1324161

yeah, i was thinking the same, perhaps edited screenshots or filtered video. but it doesn't matter cus i'm sure she's going to make her usual retarded faces and her ratty appearance will pop out as soon as she opens her mouth

No. 1324163

She edited these to the extreme. She looks nothing like that. Nice to see she brightened her skin and she doesn’t look like a bloated corpse. Also her eyeliner looks normal for once. It’s weird when she puts in effort, as minimal as it is.

No. 1324164

And her hands are hiding 50% of her fat face kek.

No. 1324165

More like a field tractor that is on its last tire, stuck in the grass.

No. 1324166

File: 1631652830276.png (3.97 MB, 3464x3464, 1F608934-4270-436D-AE7D-4CD917…)

No. 1324171

ummm… they're obviously heavily filtered/edited, that shouldn't even be a question. we all know she looks like a gremlin without it. the thread pic speaks for itself as far as that's concerned.

No. 1324172

Lmao nonnies, she’s pulling on her face to get a “fox facelift” look and this is filtered to shit. She looks so gross with the turdbraid.

No. 1324181

File: 1631654478644.png (Spoiler Image,8.38 MB, 1242x2208, C2E48723-F22B-4D7A-B60F-6C2EB3…)

I didn’t know babies have assne and what appears to be blackheads along with cellulite, weird https://www.dropbox.com/s/h7h8q23jor79tpx/sped.mp4?dl=0

No. 1324199

The sucking noise she makes with the pacifier makes me want to vomit

No. 1324222

Sage for pure tinfoil - but she’s not doing all this to get fupaul back. She’s doing all this to manically prove he “ruined her life, she was on the right track before he snatched her away with lies (or whatever she wants to claim) and she’s trying to show she’s so successful now she’s back on track”

Call it a few weeks from now she’ll be saying how he is to blame for her gaining weight/discovering doordash/having non self control

No. 1324226

Nonas please, you are smarter than this. The internet raised you better than this. Every time Shayna slaps a filter on one photo we have optimistic anons coming in saying she looks so much better gee wow and then the unedited video drops and she still looks like the last potato left in a bag in the cellar over a long cruel winter. But worse.

No. 1324230

i’m sure that’s what she believes in hindsight because she refuses to hold herself accountable for any of her. own actions/decisions by default. it’s always someone else’s doing whether it be fupa, her ebil mom, etc etc.

No. 1324231

I give whatever the hell this is thirty days max

No. 1324232

No I get it, I realize she's a complete troglodyte slob goblin in real life but what I meant was, it's whatever she did with these pictures vs her normal editing. She should stick to this for what she puts online to try to gain new customers. If she was smart, this type of editing is all she'd ever use and never post candids. But she truly believes she's cute and pretty and thus we get the slicked back grease bun with no makeup pictures to compare to

No. 1324250

Ew, it looks like Umbran.

No. 1324264

Diaper rash can look like acne or folliculitis so I guess shay can really live out her dream as an overgrown child now.

No. 1324267

Is this what not wearing underwear in public spaces looks like? How does someone’s ass look like this? Does she shave it too? Shaved bare ass on public shared spaces.

No. 1324276

Umbran doesn't have a horse face, but yeah no they're both big ugly bitches.

No. 1324290

I wonder if anon meant vamplette. I was thinking this broad looked like the dollar store version of her cuz of the horse face. That's saying a lot too because vamplette isn't exactly attractive kek

No. 1324292

Is that a bib in the top right. Does she think that's going to fit around her necks.

No. 1324296

Radiating pure hotel bathroom

No. 1324309

I can see vertical boards behind the drawerfront. Did she get one with cosmetic-only drawers?

No. 1324327

It's diaper rash anon. Honestly tho Shaynus get a scrub, it's been years and it's genuine scars now.

No. 1324341

she’s not wearing a diaper though

No. 1324348

I definitely meant Umbran. Her face is long and massive like a horse.

No. 1324355

No shit, that's the joke anon.

No. 1324362

File: 1631668615288.jpg (190.28 KB, 1080x900, Screenshot_20210914-201620_Chr…)

Talk about reading the threads kek she's shameless

No. 1324369

Everyone of her fake orgasms are bad, but the sounds in this one are horrifying

No. 1324404

Imagine going on and off with some loser dude for years to the point where you say you have to move half the country away to get over him, only to get back with another ex in a faux bi relationship. And to top it all off, reconnect with all the gross former connections and exactly try to replicate a life saga from 5 years ago from disgusting fetishes to nails. Wack. Try moving forward and getting professional help ffs.

I've never seen a dryer pussy jfc. She could at least dab some lube on before filming. Love how she cranks that wand up to max immediately and just mashes it on there, holding the head of it. And still, pussy like a desert after faking an orgasm. Also what's with the things she does with her lips in the beginning? It's not sexy or cute, Shay, you look like a literal retard.

No. 1324416

File: 1631676217239.png (Spoiler Image,7.77 MB, 1242x2208, 3C24891C-9F2B-4C50-8BCB-D9BF0C…)

Schizo Mattel’s new thing is abruptly looking off to the side. Close your fucking blinds and don’t do porn on your patio if you’re that scared of someone seeing you.

No. 1324452

interesting that she chose not to improv dialogue for this video. does anyone know if her other blatant ageplay videos with scripts were removed? OF has been cracking down since all the controversy.

No. 1324561

For me it’s the fact she packed and moved literal garbage.

No. 1324689

File: 1631711163053.jpeg (253.62 KB, 796x499, A1D30F7D-2917-48D4-B424-78154D…)

Reminds me of Foodie Beauty in more ways than one. Wanting so badly to be an exhibitionist but knowing that they’re disgusting and actually getting caught would be embarrassing.

No. 1324727

File: 1631716320063.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.2 MB, 929x1826, C6566BC4-1C38-46F5-9B53-282445…)

Sped face

No. 1324729

File: 1631716488387.gif (2.56 MB, 403x211, 3BE1892C-FD39-4619-BCCE-F0E4C1…)

No. 1324730

File: 1631716552605.jpeg (1.11 MB, 1205x1660, B87707BA-B724-477F-9904-BED1EC…)

The face only a mother could love jfc

No. 1324734

File: 1631717122898.gif (2.02 MB, 271x168, 4E008F23-9058-4A4D-AC42-79F2E2…)

No. 1324742

it doesn't matter what fetish she's trying to do, her porn is always the same. straight to dry rubbing herself, then grabbing the vibrator and pressing it against her snatch for the rest of the video feat retarded faces

No. 1324752

File: 1631718665137.jpeg (26.85 KB, 640x379, 215E47D2-5BBD-4C0C-A9FA-03C6BA…)

No. 1324759

kek, you’re so right nonnie

A literal goblin. Anons need to stop being retarded and not get fooled each time she decides to put a snap filter on ffs

No. 1324772

Again with the Jim Carrey / The Rock School of Porn Face Acting…

No. 1324774

File: 1631721592914.jpg (313.17 KB, 1079x978, Screenshot_20210915-115134_Twi…)

No. 1324781

>no adult activities
if this includes no porn then i'm all for it

No. 1324786

fine. no more weed and booze.

No. 1324802

Sounds great, that means no more retarded posts from her, it would be the end of her cowreer.

No. 1324833

She loves the idea of a mommy or other sort of figure of authority taking away "adult things" so much Shayna blocks her mother whenever she encourages her to quit making adult content.

No. 1324858

Shayna doesn't want these things, she wants attention. Even if it means playing these dumb games, as long as she feels sexually wanted and isn't alone she's happy.
Which is why her "Friend" are always people she gets sexually active with or she knows wants to get sexually active with her, if not she doesn't keep them around for long.
If she really wanted to be loved and cared for, she'd talk to her actual parents, she'd actually try to meet scrotes and people she shares interests with who want to get to know Shayna.
She doesn't.

No. 1324861

Crop out from the nose up and tell me that whatever she’s doing with her tongue doesn’t look like a legitimate retard mouth. Down SyndroMattel.

No. 1324875

Silly nonnie… we all know Shay’s mom doesn’t love her

No. 1324880

this is a joke right? like, she’s trying to be funny?

No. 1324894

Does that include no more daily door dash?

No. 1324907

She makes parody porn without branding it parody porn. So yea, she’s trying to be funny but in an uwu so cute~ way.

No. 1324922

I swear she posted this same sentence on tumblr or something like 5 years ago? Actually pathetic

No. 1324952

And no more junk food. Only healthy food from now on, go Shayna! /s

No. 1324953

File: 1631732158799.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.12 MB, 2520x3338, B9537BFB-AB2E-4D53-96C3-DFEA1D…)

>hope ur day is as amazing as my pretty lil tits!
so not amazing?

No. 1324963

This disgusting bitch wants to turn her lack of accountability and responsibility into a fetish so she can get a new set of parents who also want to fuck her.

No. 1324965

File: 1631732599052.jpeg (1.27 MB, 2800x3114, DE60ECBF-D61C-49A4-89FD-4616F8…)


No. 1324968

File: 1631732722781.jpeg (837.89 KB, 787x1729, 519192CF-C54A-4194-9EBD-392915…)

I can see why no scrote wanted to donate to Shayna after she posted this video

No. 1324973

File: 1631733076077.jpeg (140.18 KB, 1242x320, 78FACEB9-414A-45F6-BA2B-1A7703…)

No. 1324978

admitting she rarely changes her greasy covers

No. 1324985

not that i have any expectations from gross coomers who would follow her to begin with but going so hard with a new, disgusting fetish on her of seems like a dumb business move. not everyone is into that shit

No. 1324989

File: 1631733625035.png (Spoiler Image,9.48 MB, 1242x2208, 818EFAA9-CDBD-4CAD-9AB6-066519…)

her boobs are so ugly now what the fuck is wrong with them. Why are her nipples two different sizes?
Full video upload

No. 1325002


so is she going to go whole hog and shit in a diaper? cuz that's the road she's driving down

No. 1325006

If you posted this in the MTF thread people would just think it was another troon.

No. 1325013

getting deja vu cus this is literally the exact same video as this one >>1324181

shayna, please buy some lube and stop covering your whole pussy with that thing through 90% of your videos. how are coomers supposed to imagine they're fucking your sahara ass pussy, that would be a painful affair for everyone involved and not in the bdsm way, just plain pain no pleasure

No. 1325020

File: 1631735369953.jpg (34.67 KB, 389x389, Screenshot_20210915_214929.jpg)

That's a man

No. 1325033

Her dad is ugly af too so it makes sense that shay got all his genes. Rat eyes, giant nose, etc.

No. 1325034

>stop covering your whole pussy with that thing through
she probably does it because she knows her vag looks terrible when she's not carefully posed/filtered

No. 1325052

File: 1631737823807.jpg (Spoiler Image,136.56 KB, 1080x840, Screenshot_20210915_223025.jpg)

true, i got a jump scare the first moment she wasn't carefully posing it

No. 1325054

You can't convince me she's not a paedophile

No. 1325056

File: 1631737911084.jpg (Spoiler Image,199.74 KB, 1095x1080, Screenshot_20210915_222900.jpg)

what is kermit doing peeking his mouth out of her skirt? please let him go, shayna

No. 1325062

Out of all the fucked up things shayna has posted, these new pics might be the ones that convince me to exit out and go take a walk. Legit looks like a child, this shit is pedophilic. Why do i feel like if you checked the profiles of the people who liked this, you'd see actual c p being posted? Shes opening up a can of pedophiles with this one

No. 1325071

The Cindy lou who video didn’t do it for you? That shit still haunts my dreams.

No. 1325084

Straight up looks like the first look off the side was unintentional and then she tried to cover it up by speding out.

No. 1325085

no but seriously is this not her straight up admitting to never changing her sheets? she's been living by herself for… how long, she should definitely know how 'hard' it is by now. absolutely disgusting

No. 1325097

Honestly getting the vibe some of you anons haven't been round for long or gone back to read her old threads

No. 1325101

yeah it's honestly getting pretty annoying

No. 1325102

There's almost 90 threads going back five years. Get over it ShAyHeAdS.

No. 1325104

Farmhands need to make it bannable somehow because I'm tired of how many "I-IDK IF I CAN STAND DIS ANYMOAR ANONS" posts are showing up. Shay has always been depraved.

No. 1325107

No ones asking you to read every single one, but we don't need a million oh the humanity style comments per thread from some of you. How hard is it to lurk?

No. 1325111

It's the whole hand pawing her mound and dry pussy every time. Laying on her back, get the wand, stupidly fake orgasm. And I guess Teddy bear in the otherwise undecorated corner to prop her up is the new backdrop we'll be seeing all the time.

No. 1325139

Lurk moar newfag, I don't care if you don't know a cows history word for word but not even knowing the basic/broad strokes of what made them a cow to begin with, then posting showing that, is annoying and redundant for everyone else. Even if you just lurked her current threads you should be able to piece together enough of her past to get this much, when her big "thing" has always been "Ddlg" pandering tard shit

No. 1325140

It's literally like going into some anachan cows thread and being like "wow her food restriction post is gonna finally make me quit this cow!" Like… ???

No. 1325159

Not a newfag but understand that not everyone is going to know all of "shay's lore". You're shitty up the thread complaining about it. Get over it.

No. 1325163

As someone who’s seen a few of her leaked cringe MV clips and who’s been around a while. This is the first OF video of hers I’ve actually watched… people pay to see this content daily? I wouldn’t pay the 50p a day to see what looks like a mentally stunted hostage victim

No. 1325167

The irony

No. 1325169

Alright calm down retards, ive lurked her threads for a long time, however with that being said, i dont keep every single tab on shayna lore. Ive seen her appeal to the pedos before and ive seen her do bottom of the barrel ddlg stuff. But she just looks like shes trying even harder than usual to make herself look like a toddler in these pics. Usually she just looks like a grown woman attempting to pass as a barely legal teen but failing miserably. But the fact thats shes really upping the babyplay shit combined with this content that makes look like an actual toddler is a little more horrific than usual.

No. 1325172

>look like an actual toddler
what? she looks like someone’s fat stepmother still

No. 1325175

Y'all need to go back to the classics like "Baby Bumfuck" and the shit she was doing pre Fupa or maybe when she first moved in with him. She's worn onsies and iirc diapers before. She's pissed on a child's potty trainer. Put baby powder on her boil infected snatch. Binky, coloring time, etc. She's just somehow gotten more special needs in behavior and fatter so it's more ridiculous now. At least she got those boils taken care of tho! Just the assne now.

No. 1325177

Its the pudginess mixed with the childrens clothing. She always looks like that but she looks like a weird child more so in these pics

No. 1325179

she has at least 4 separate chin rolls now

No. 1325182

she doesn’t look like a child, nonnie. she looks like a 40 year old woman trying to get her groove back. she would take looking like a child as a compliment.

No. 1325184

>she looks like a weird child
you misspelled troon

No. 1325185

File: 1631747879762.jpeg (597.53 KB, 1284x1893, 790F59E0-6247-4BA9-922F-A1EBEC…)

she doesn’t deserve that dog.

No. 1325192


rip noodle; owner didn't make the bills.

No. 1325201

I pity the disgusting coomers who came for the pedo content and got the dog tumor content.

No. 1325203

File: 1631749555958.jpeg (91.52 KB, 828x802, 73B93370-1B84-4491-BA00-3B0994…)

The icon of the “I love Dolly Mattel” Twitter account is so ridiculous like it doesn’t even look like her. I can’t handle this level of retardness

No. 1325205

$350 is not that bad for a vet appointment especially to get a sample taken, she should’ve just cried to her dad about it kek

No. 1325226

Kek @ her having to put her vibrator at max setting because she lost all feeling down there

No. 1325238

i shudder to think what’s going to happen to that dog if it does have cancer. hopefully it’s nothing because miss begging for $350 certainly won’t be able to afford chemo.

No. 1325246

Asking to be reimbursed for a regular vet bill is just so… tasteless, stupid, and ridiculous. It's one thing for people to ask for donations for a huge surgery bill, but she's straight up asking of someone else wants to give her money to take care of her own pet. Just because?? Why not go full send Shay and say in exchange for puppy/kitty play content!

No. 1325254

File: 1631754971842.jpeg (823.04 KB, 3463x2308, 1DB4AEFE-A763-4DE3-A0A7-A75B7D…)

more details on what the issue is

No. 1325264

Her calling it "toe bean" in this situation is so cringe.

No. 1325268

File: 1631755881267.png (1.03 MB, 2048x1641, Screenshot_20210915-183117.png)

Sounds like she's devastated over noodle

No. 1325269

File: 1631756102714.jpeg (186.27 KB, 750x776, 103CE619-11F6-4AF1-8315-C42073…)

yep, this too

No. 1325271

This bitch is a freak n a weirdo but so are the rest of you hoes who stalk her n save her pics lmao(sage your shit )

No. 1325272

her cats must hate her, she just lets the dog antagonize them.

No. 1325273

shayna you show up at least once per thread, calm down(hi cow )

No. 1325276

she needs to give up those animals to better homes already. she literally never walks them, cares of them or probably doesnt give them proper nutrition either. it's abuse

No. 1325278

Nothing like an incestuous rape fantasy to get your mind off of neglecting your pets!

No. 1325279

you forgot dirty, tasteless, and pitiful, too.

No. 1325295

File: 1631758942929.jpeg (1.01 MB, 1175x1532, AE81559A-D4D2-4274-ACE8-89F9CE…)

Sorry for saying the same thing everyone has said since forever but Shayna looks so much better in black, minus the cropped hoodie because she beer gut is just flopping around. rest in pieces noodle

No. 1325298

File: 1631758997331.jpeg (Spoiler Image,421.54 KB, 1242x1063, 98DAA15E-2675-4E67-A4D0-969984…)

this made me feel disgusted

No. 1325300

File: 1631759075514.jpeg (175.58 KB, 1242x415, 3501C7B8-A7FB-41CB-998F-5901AA…)

It’s the way gray hair doesn’t give a fuck and isn’t buying her pan handling bullshit story for me kek

No. 1325302

File: 1631759219581.jpeg (393.14 KB, 1242x1514, BB67ABFF-ACF8-4FF5-8169-079B18…)

Jason R Womack is back

No. 1325304

Her being “happy” lasted not even 3 days

No. 1325306

>chase the cats around
Those cats must be so fucking annoyed by that dumb mutt, why didn’t this bitch pay to get her dog trained since she’s uwu thriving. Noodle is always “interrupting” her cam shows. In b4 noodle has to get the leg amputated because Shayna doesn’t know how to take care of her pets

No. 1325308

If she’s got a lump that means she’s feeling some kind of discomfort that’s preventing her from walking normally. I wouldn’t call that “acting like nothing’s happening”. Hoping it’s something affordable to treat. Really hoping that she rehomes all her animals tbfh. They deserve better.

No. 1325312

File: 1631759816525.jpeg (246.65 KB, 777x1452, 69964AC7-64E9-4DCC-B24C-4DE9F8…)

>6 hours ago
>$5 out of a $200 goal

No. 1325315

File: 1631760002745.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.69 MB, 2441x3242, 6405F0ED-5906-4468-A84E-EFED6F…)

No. 1325317

Sage for unbearable retard nitpick but the way she swears irks me. Like if you’re going to be creepy and pretend to be a little kid but you swear like a sailor on your page/in your content then you’re not doing it right. Just seems like she’s really bad at marketing and keeping up with her own gimmicks

No. 1325319

File: 1631760135904.jpeg (Spoiler Image,465.44 KB, 1242x1664, 9AD668AB-9944-4258-9F44-9AE4A2…)

No. 1325321

File: 1631760183359.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.28 MB, 1242x1490, 92D2AED8-AF16-4F70-B9E2-11E6BF…)

No. 1325322

She claims to be a bimbo but doesn’t shower or wear makeup properly
She claims to be a uwu baby but doesnt act like one
She claims to be a gamer girl but never streams or plays on her computer
She is just a dirty grimy $2 whore you see at Walmart in hello Kitty sweatpants that smells like BO and bong water

No. 1325323

yeah dogs instinctually hide pain to begin with, so it’s likely if she’s limping that she’s actually in a ton of pain/discomfort

No. 1325324


No. 1325325

it’s the texture of tree bark

No. 1325332

Spoiler was not enough of a warning for this to show up full screen on my fucking phone. I’m ill. Was this really necessary on any level?

No. 1325338

File: 1631761414791.jpeg (178.81 KB, 523x519, 19E124A5-BDDA-4B59-A332-E5E8C6…)

What toppings do you like on your hot dogs, ladies?

No. 1325339

That’s literally a wart on the right like how nasty, I hope the gf sees it and asks her if she has hpv or something

No. 1325341

Dog could have any number of things going on. Like yeah, it's good she's not just laying around and feeble, but like that doesn't mean it's something minor. Wonder if she even keeps track or notices if Noodle is eating and drinking normally. The paw thing sounds not good imo if it's swollen, she's limping, and it's got a weird bump. but I'm not a vet. Guess we'll find out. Inb4 Shays begging for life threatening surgery for Noodle because all the bitch has saved right now is $200 in Amazon gift cards.

No. 1325344

Would say this belongs in a textbook but that would probably feed into her medical kink too much.

No. 1325345

And so the pussy boil saga returns

No. 1325349

we’ve come full circle

No. 1325355

Yeah let’s start a porn video by aggressively grabbing your thigh fat. Nice attention to detail for your feeder demographic.

No. 1325366

Oh my god why does her outer labia look like it’s shedding its skin like a snake.

I did not need to see that.

No. 1325404

I did not want to vag sperg but that’s the first thing I saw and thought too kek looks like it’s right where she aggressively pushes the wand into herself so reckon it’s from that and her being so dry.

No. 1325406

>>1325268 the self-loathing is screaming at me

No. 1325410


Okay I'm sorry I know I'm not supposed to mention that I'm a cam girl or do sex work or else I'll be burned at the stake. I follow like a stripers routine to shaving, baby oil and shaving cream, exploiting everyday and using new razors for men's faces with at least 5 blades and expensive after treatment, and yet still I have a little amount of irritation I'm embarrassed about. I'm saying all of this because even if I switched to shaving dry with an old ass razor, and used no treatment after.. My pussy still wouldn't look like this. I'm almost sure she has HPV…

No. 1325415

You still have time to delete this.

No. 1325419


I'm sorry but why would I? I don't care about being harassed, I'm not popular so I can just leave this forum for a few days if people are being mean. Maybe it's because I spelt exfoliating wrong but I have dyselxia. I'm not posting this to be dramatic and silly, I've worked with a lot of women and I've never seen anything like looks like the issue she's dealing with on the right side of her pussy. That really looks like HPV, which I don't want to be mean about because many people have it but..

No. 1325428

This has to be a troll no one cares degenerate whore

No. 1325432

File: 1631777321286.gif (24.4 KB, 506x67, 0B80750A-A3EE-4175-ACB9-C3F401…)

No one fucking cares about how you shave your snatch you retard. I hate how cam whores come on here to act all high and mighty. You are all the same and just as pathetic as Shayna

No. 1325436

Shut the fuck up whore

No. 1325443


I mean it's not a troll, yes I am a "degenerate whore", I have videos of me doing degenerate shit I'm not even into but I made significant money for. But I've always been into testing, and again I'm supersupurised that people only require mineral testing,(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1325453

What's your OF lemme support you

No. 1325461

I should be prepared by now to open a spoiler in this thread and have my day ruined but damn this was just extra unpleasant. So gross.

No. 1325467

I'm in agreement with others, that looks like HPV and we know Shaynus never sees a doctor let alone a gynocologist. If she keeps up her shitty lifestyle and doesn't get a pap smear she could end up with cancer in a few years.

No. 1325487

File: 1631787738797.jpeg (154.43 KB, 413x412, 5B2FDE59-0F54-4497-B824-E4605F…)

Nonnies, if you can’t bring yourself to watch a video -this sums up every video she’s ever posted

No. 1325510

The combo of her aggressive forehead wrinkle, cake face makeup and probably no less than 4 filters is giving her a really weird mask effect on the top of her face here. Not even Leatherface would want to wear Shayna's face, but still.

No. 1325526

File: 1631793061202.jpeg (20.89 KB, 191x264, A7A3FE9A-1128-4A8D-A830-33ED1A…)

it looks like she has one tooth! literal hillbilly trash

No. 1325535

Swap shaving for waxing, for real. Vulvas weren’t made to be shaved (hence the irritation even with the ‘stripper routine’) and Shayna’s gnarly downstairs mixup prooves that.

No. 1325539

>exploiting everyday
yes, girl, we know

No. 1325542

It’s the fact the nail bed part isn’t even a natural pink colour, looks so grey like she’s got the fingertips of a corpse

No. 1325568

nonnie, please don’t make us bring back the waxing pictures. those were even worse.

No. 1325574

The middle nail looks crooked

No. 1325575

KEK, I was about to make the same comment.

No. 1325579

yeah the suggestions are futile because shayna's hygiene is too gross. i'm sure she'll have the dried oregano pubes grown back next week after she reads the thread.

No. 1325583

This thread attracts the worst women current year has to offer

No. 1325593

I want her to rehome those cats tbh, don't really care about noodle she can keep her but shayna must not care about rib at all is she's letting noodle chase her around the apartment and rib is constantly hiding.

No. 1325645

Broke whores don’t have many options of women to feel superiority over but their own lol

No. 1325674

File: 1631807179899.jpeg (146.65 KB, 750x449, 88830B5A-4192-41E7-A552-ADF816…)

She sounds like a grandma reminiscing on her glory years, news flash shayna Lana Del Rey was at her peak then and not just for “kinky girls”

No. 1325686

Why do I get the impression this was bunny Alexander or whatever her name is kek

No. 1325691

File: 1631808217536.jpeg (79.72 KB, 827x574, 8786CAFD-A3F6-4984-9610-74B058…)


No. 1325694

kek you can tell she’s trying to go viral

No. 1325705

Tbf that girl looks like a mom. But then so does Shay lol
And I don't mean that in a uwu mommy or milf way. I mean like life has taken it's toll on this mother of 3 and she has turned to hard drugs and turning tricks to get by.

No. 1325708

File: 1631809470907.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.49 MB, 1242x1659, 15683A14-9BE2-42E4-8C05-E16D71…)

She keeps sending old pics in the dms or lazily taken pics in bed with a snap filter on

No. 1325733

File: 1631811094742.jpeg (642.82 KB, 1125x1142, 756C29FB-F7AB-4C3C-9A25-B19D9B…)

No. 1325739

I'm not gonna feel bad when she winds up homeless

No. 1325742

Lmao, she paid for this!! She’s such a fucking loser

No. 1325745


No way this is Shatna, this drawing looks about 60 pounds lighter.

No. 1325753

Can an art anon please remix this and make her fat??

No. 1325755

File: 1631811924971.jpeg (912.19 KB, 1242x1540, AEAFF641-E026-4149-BDEA-A24065…)

Bitch doesn’t even have a headboard I’m laughing it looks like a prison cot

No. 1325756

why do i feel like shay can do better than this lady who looks about 35, idk, someone tell me

No. 1325759

File: 1631811994867.jpeg (808.01 KB, 1242x1518, F2402126-11AA-4A7B-A913-57B2A9…)

No. 1325764

File: 1631812188185.jpeg (1.23 MB, 1242x1515, 2FF7E748-5337-48D3-BCB9-9FFAC1…)

The full pic

No. 1325776

If this comforter were blue, it’d be the crusty ass bachelor bedroom of 90% of young men. sewww bimbo tho. Two flat ass pillows. I guess it’s technically an upgrade from when she had no pillowcases at all.

No. 1325781

you're onto something

No. 1325790

retarded tinfoil: this is an autistic farmer who wants to befriend shayna, hoping for exclusive milk. the comment about her eyes is their way of making fun of shayna cus we all know her eyes are ugly af. probably the same anon who wrote to shay's family

No. 1325794

this is some wikihow tier art

No. 1325797

Lmfao thanks anon I couldn't put my finger on it, but that's exactly what it looks like.

No. 1325800

Not for a fake girlfriend imo. Shay could never be with someone hotter than her and since Shay is an ugly fat rat goblin, the bar is pretty low. Plus attractive bi & lesbians wouldn't touch her lol

No. 1325803

I know, pearl clutching over a fantasy, but this ‘medfet’ shit involving real professions and real bodily horrors people have suffered bothers me severely

No. 1325806

File: 1631814320310.jpeg (369.77 KB, 1242x1009, D7E94D3E-5BC3-41C3-9957-0EAC0E…)

No. 1325807

File: 1631814472815.jpeg (1.06 MB, 1242x1529, CCD1A9C1-2E36-4E81-B738-F39333…)

Kek subtweeting about fupapa never change Shaynus

No. 1325808

thanks anon next thread pic please!

No. 1325816

>real professions and real bodily horrors people have suffered bothers me severely
i mean there are real children that have been sexually assaulted and she makes that her schtick too

No. 1325818

no shit but I figure we’ve sperged enough about that already

No. 1325819

lmao that wikihow title makes it perfect

No. 1325827

The way they made her legs look like fat hotdogs is sending me

No. 1325830

Yeah, you've really grown getting back with another ex to pretend to be bi again and talking about getting kidnapped and lobotomized daily! With extra pedo pandering!

No. 1325839

You seen my downstairs mixup! I cackled at this anon.
Next thread pic Plz. I almost screamed when I saw this.

No. 1325846

I love the no other furniture look. Bitch doesn't even have curtains/blinds
Lmao. Beautiful stuff.

No. 1325848

Why is her bed so lumpy?

No. 1325863

Because it’s a cheap cot with metal rods going down the middle. Barbie Dream Back Brace era when

No. 1325864

holy shit the cognitive dissonance with this bitch… mental health isn't just how good or bad you feel.

No. 1325865

Missed opportunity to fill the IV with sugar tea

No. 1325867

File: 1631818787479.gif (125.2 KB, 480x480, c5329178c33319e847fc75f39f4324…)

the calluses. such attention to detail.

No. 1325871

autistic nitpicking i know but she isn't even being fucking lobotomized? she's made this huge fuss about 'forced lobotomies' but they're just giving her a fucking IV in this dumb drawing. they don't even have anything stuck on her head either, so that means they're just looking at a random picture of a brain from google images while they're giving her the IV too. this shit is so stupid

the flies and the wikihow article title make this absolutely superb anon. amazing job

No. 1325879

No. 1325890

This has got to be one of the funniest nitpicks on Shays thread

No. 1325891

I’m not kink shaming I’m just kink asking WHY

No. 1325901

File: 1631820995581.jpeg (172.19 KB, 1242x826, 8ED47A55-16A9-485A-8ECE-2372DD…)

I know right, how much did she pay for this? 12 dollars?

No. 1325904

File: 1631821163307.jpeg (1.75 MB, 1242x1864, D488CF7A-8259-4082-9DFB-C2B8EC…)

She paid $115 for an ugly wikihow drawing

No. 1325907

where does she even find these people

No. 1325912

Sage for being turbo off topic but in American prisons it’s almost a requirement to have a meticulously made bed, and it’s enforced by prisoners not the guards. If Shay had a lumpy ass bed like that in the clink she’d get her ass beat kek

No. 1325932

File: 1631823806947.jpeg (334.1 KB, 750x1063, 8C1E1366-4855-4718-B790-DAA3F6…)

anyone going to her "honesty hour" it's at 5 pm aka in about 30 minutes

No. 1325934

Isn't she in PST now? It's 1:24 in PST rn so that's a few hours from now

No. 1325936

i'm a dumbass

No. 1325965

File: 1631826795923.jpeg (73.43 KB, 750x717, 8F3B10A4-F3DA-4627-9C46-34854E…)

Fupa just as pathetic with the sub posting(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1325976


Someone autistic go in there and ask something triggering about fupapa. Maybe we can get another embarrassing truths session like that Snapchat anon leaked years ago(cowtipping)

No. 1325980

you do it retard

No. 1325981

That’s cowtipping, you idiot.

No. 1325987

File: 1631828680191.png (23.59 KB, 530x565, 523.png)

recent tumblr asks, sure Shay

No. 1325991

>outright admitting it where he'll see it
it's like watching the most pathetic girl in your graduating class grow up in real time

No. 1326000

File: 1631830449969.png (178.32 KB, 429x648, Screenshot_20210916-181221.png)

please why does she look like that

No. 1326012

God she can't even get her belated cultural references right. You're not going to go viral Shaypuft.

No. 1326020

File: 1631831594976.jpeg (Spoiler Image,104.06 KB, 588x828, corpse-bride-the-story-of-carl…)

No. 1326025

She learned what lobotomies were the other day and hasn’t shut the fuck up since

No. 1326029

she's lobotomygender now

No. 1326030

Yea I don't know why that comment went under the radar but she referred 2 times to Noodle "chasing the cat" - singular. I wonder if ribmeat died or she left mr pb behind, in which case it would be funny because of the "oven reflection" pic she posted that looked so photoshopped earlier in the thread…

No. 1326031

File: 1631832681726.jpeg (708.6 KB, 1242x1217, 533522C5-B8A7-4494-A86B-9D47D0…)

No. 1326032

Samefag but “by accident” but has a dog filter on okay shat

No. 1326033

Mr. PB is still around, he's yowling in the bg of that Snap vid from earlier. She's posted videos before of Noodle and him playing/sleeping together and stuff so I think Rib just hides in a nook or cabinet somewhere and they all ignore her all the time.

No. 1326036

File: 1631832973769.jpeg (988.96 KB, 3142x2817, 0D65B82E-DEA6-4F90-B729-39E9CE…)

Shayna goes from crying that noodle might have cancer to pan handling for her vet bills and she will “reimburse” you with “content” and then smiles. Bitch is unhinged

No. 1326037

Nobody fucking cares

No. 1326038

File: 1631833030830.png (5.76 MB, 1242x2208, 9A24308E-EE50-4792-B735-DE47C9…)

Kek not even a snapchat filter can help this ugly fat fuck look attractive

No. 1326040

More like she was on some tick about being monogamous all of the time. She tries to blame everything on other people when she gets called out like this and its pathetic

No. 1326046

wtf that was kind of psychotic the way she just flipped the switch like that

No. 1326049

File: 1631833255874.jpg (344.33 KB, 942x942, Mental retardation.jpg)

No. 1326051

She's mentally fucking ill

No. 1326057

kek I knew her pic looked familiar

No. 1326058

I think she's obsessed with lobotomies because she's low-key wants to be Babydoll from Sucker Punch.

No. 1326059

it's probably something she saw on twitter/tumblr and now she's using it to seem "totez edgy and kinky!1"

No. 1326060

She’s obsessed with lobotomies right now because she doesn’t want to be responsible for literally ANYTHING in her life. It’s actually pathetic.

No. 1326064

Wow, that's ridiculous.
And this ain't the first time she's paid for art of herself. Very strange.
Kek anon but true, I don't think she really understands the word.

No. 1326065

That fake crying was almost as bad as that one makeup artist who got caught being racist or something. Like literally she goes from crying to "reimburse for nudes!"

No. 1326066

She's a narcissist what do you expect

No. 1326068

Where's the icepick in her eyeball?

Also an IV in her fat thigh? What? If Shay asked for this she's retarded and if this is the artist's interpretation of a lobotomy then they are retarded.

No. 1326072

This is the first Dropbox I watched of Shatna (been lurking since #57). Watching her mannerisms and speech sent me into such a blind, seething rage. Watching the video really takes your fascination with this horny sow to the next level.

No. 1326079

Is it just me or can you visibly see her fake nails peeling off of her fingers when she scratches her chin?

No. 1326083

>If only you knew how bad things really are.

No. 1326084

32 threads and never learned to sage

No. 1326087

I’m gonna nitpick now, that thing on her thigh looks like an ECG tag and also isn’t even connected to the iv bag? There’s two lines from the bag, one is attached to the syringe in the forefront and the other one…. Trails off into the thumb? This art is a fucking shitshow

No. 1326089

I wouldn't doubt this tinfoil, she lurks here regularly and also has that self righteous attitude because she too, is an e-whore. Although I doubt she'd want the spotlight back on herself, she was brought up randomly in another thread and she jumped in right away to attack anons and then promptly deleted her sex work IG account kek

No. 1326100

What shayna…your Amazon & doordash gift cards don't pay for real life bills? Boo hoo. Only sad thing is an animal is suffering because your such a POS. Go get a REAL job you pedo pandering cunt.

No. 1326105

once again heard a bird noise in the background wtf

No. 1326115

Wow the latest earth worm Jim really cranked the graphics up

No. 1326126

there was no bird noise

No. 1326145

File: 1631839935144.jpg (102.91 KB, 1280x625, tubby.jpg)

She has the face of a fucking teletubby.

No. 1326150

I'm sure the doctor would or did say no smoking, yet she was taking dabs not too long after getting back from the hospital.

No. 1326153

Yeah that was unsettling wtf. Also maybe she should research about what it could be and learn about her own pets. A growth/tumor doesn't mean it's cancer. It could be a cyst or tumor or something else even and it could range from a non harmful growth to something serious. Does sound like it's bothering the dog though so it will have to be removed. It's funny and sad she has no money to take care of her animals and has to try to bribe people to help with porn.

No. 1326155

File: 1631841171656.jpg (23.51 KB, 317x345, Screenshot_20210916-211118_Chr…)

No. 1326156

Imagine this creature calling you "mumma."

No. 1326159

how would anyone even notice if she had a lobotomy?

No. 1326163


No. 1326164

File: 1631841721053.png (632.65 KB, 1152x2432, Screenshot_20210916-202008.png)

So it's Mumma Ellen running the ilovedollymattel account or it's Shay because they started following shays trog gf

No. 1326165

an anon edited it in, you fucking sperg

No. 1326167

File: 1631841867454.png (403.31 KB, 1152x2432, Screenshot_20210916-202319.png)

No. 1326172

are there other anons that have listened to this live session on twitter at all? her voice and laugh are like nails on a chalkboard, idk how anons in the past have said they like her normal speaking voice.

No. 1326180

File: 1631843119243.jpeg (164.72 KB, 1242x618, 74D3EA05-078E-4689-8102-EEA45F…)

Tf did she say?? I forgot she was doing this because I frankly don’t give a shit

No. 1326186

File: 1631843434635.jpeg (260.09 KB, 1235x637, 44FFB54F-D5F8-456E-AA15-E53BF4…)

Is that why you voted for Joe Biden?

No. 1326194

Lmaoooo no way; the one time her voice was tolerable was when she did that weird "goth" smoking video and wore a bandana and like a black band shirt.

No. 1326197

wait, what did that post say?

No. 1326202

File: 1631844290764.jpg (5.84 KB, 696x73, wCZzR6O.jpg)

No. 1326203

File: 1631844478016.png (Spoiler Image,4.07 MB, 828x1792, AE3CA8E2-F8DB-49F5-B725-A0BD96…)

This whole video was so disturbing. Her face is just so off putting and unattractive how could anyone get off to this?
Not to mention the way she was trying to cover up her fat with her skirt lol or way she holds the head of the wand instead of the handle, you know she’s burnt out.
She most definitely reads through these threads tho cause someone questioned if she could even put her legs behind her head.
I just birthed a whole 8lb baby and my hole doesn’t even look that stretched out. Yikes. Also looks like she might have some kind of infection by how red her entire vagina looks.

No. 1326205

LMAO thank you for saving that so i could have a laugh

No. 1326209

why are yall acting like this video in particular is the worst when all her videos are gross and disturbing

No. 1326210

I truly don't understand how Anons feel better about themselves by comparing their vaginas to Shayna's but congrats on squeezing a baby out of your perfect non stretched hole, girly.

No. 1326212

what happened to ribmeat? Cause I thought that was a grey cat. I’ve only seen the white/orange cat.

No. 1326215

she’s posted pics of both cats on twitter since she moved

No. 1326217

File: 1631846664267.jpeg (140.53 KB, 1284x578, DAF63C12-E678-4AD1-BBA1-2ADB3C…)

keep reading these threads and trying to amp yourself up, shayna. maybe you’ll believe it one day.

No. 1326229

File: 1631848098289.png (1.03 MB, 750x1334, 74600FD9-C846-4B54-B8F6-222A79…)

idk she sounded drunk or something. i just took a little snippet of her talking about doing sex work in her dad’s house and claiming her mother wanted to have her committed for becoming a sexworker. i couldn’t make it through much more of it but it went on for an hour and a half apparently.


No. 1326245

File: 1631850185999.jpeg (96.63 KB, 828x611, D13297C4-6485-4935-9290-34FDE0…)

No. 1326246

I hate when she talks about her parents as if they were abusive. “i’m glad I got out of there” like she was in some dangerous situation.

No. 1326248

She’s truly the biggest cunt. I can’t imagine having someone like her as a daughter.

No. 1326251

File: 1631850990474.jpg (120.49 KB, 1014x1440, PicsArt_09-16-11.55.13.jpg)

I knew those blank eyes reminded me of something

No. 1326287

File: 1631858896844.png (707.36 KB, 2048x761, Screenshot_20210916-230618.png)

This guy chooses the most unflattering scenes to make into a gif and she still retweets it

No. 1326293

I don’t even understand how you can reach rock bottom like this at not even 25. She’s definitely going to end up in jail one day for crimes against children or being a sex offender. I’m glad Kyle Perkins kid’s weren’t around her Oof

No. 1326294

File: 1631859783332.png (Spoiler Image,2.14 MB, 1669x2048, Screenshot_20210916-230850.png)

Wtf is wrong with her thumb

No. 1326296

I'm relatively certain she has claimed she has dyslexia like that anon, and she has come back here repeatedly to self post about how she "really doesn't want attention though, you guys!"… The not wanting the spotlight on her thing seems like a act to try to fool herself into believing she's not like other attention whores kek. Also types with a very similar vibe to her other posts here that I've seen, and the typical multiple pointless self posts in a row.

Not that I doubt there aren't ample amounts of other dumbasses who lurk and fit this profile, my spidey senses still be tinglin'. I'll stop with the OT speculation though kek

No. 1326325

she's a bimbo anon

No. 1326331

Can these whores just pick a fucking lane and stick with it? The whiplash she must get going from dumb baby sucking on a pacifier to trailer park bimbo to rude stoner.

No. 1326351

Ily anon

No. 1326357

File: 1631867301131.jpg (Spoiler Image,252.24 KB, 1080x1739, 20210917_042400.jpg)

Do you think she actually thinks she looks "sOo CuTe" or is it a huge cope? I'd literally die if this travesty was looking back at me in the mirror every day.

No. 1326372

File: 1631870304042.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.27 MB, 1242x1485, 6B30A1CB-3DAD-462C-A19E-695DD9…)

Whatever you do don’t unspoil this

No. 1326373

File: 1631870374669.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.36 MB, 1242x1589, 220D2D9D-9C3E-49EB-A9D6-85460E…)

Nice double chin, fatty mattel

No. 1326374

File: 1631870465802.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.33 MB, 1242x1617, 23D62C16-0A19-4413-A25F-FA91CF…)

Facetune working overtime sheesh we know your legs aren’t smooth, retard

No. 1326375

File: 1631870578324.jpeg (1.49 MB, 1242x1647, A26F287D-07D7-4428-B56C-A4FC7A…)

Serving incel who lives in mom’s basement/ cross-dressing sissy vibes

No. 1326377

File: 1631870634090.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.52 MB, 1242x1630, 476B88A4-BB0F-47B0-8EE9-8D7810…)


No. 1326380

okay the inbred botched tranny vibes here are PEAKING.

No. 1326381

File: 1631870790065.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.37 MB, 1242x1594, C4BD5B33-B3E2-407D-A7C0-43766C…)

This is so edited it is making me laugh. We know what you look like on video Shaytard

No. 1326388

what the fuck is going on with her left hand in this pic

No. 1326399

Anon for the love of all that is holy, please tell me you edited her head bigger because its huge. No wonder she gives off troon vides, she's got the head size of a male.

No. 1326451

the lighting in this room is terrible, she looks 6ft tall and the "daybed" is a tragedy. she fucked up putting it together so hard or it's the cheapest shit ever (or both)

No. 1326452

i was just about to ask the same thing
why does her head look so massive

No. 1326479

File: 1631881715632.png (299.89 KB, 530x538, fat_alcoholic_at_45.png)

She looks twice her age. If anyone needed motivation to give up drinking, this is it.

No. 1326482

I think it’s called hitchhikers thumb, it’s just like an extra bendy thumb. at least she doesn’t have a club thumb or something eek.

No. 1326483

she officially has a shit ring around her hole. get it bleached or clean yourself damn

No. 1326485

File: 1631882427390.jpeg (908.46 KB, 1187x1215, 78EED5AF-E140-4570-BF90-6EFE1C…)

honestly wondering how she looks at pics like this and thinks “I am sexy, I am cute, this is worth other people’s money.”

No. 1326491

Papa Clifford needs to stay out of his daughter's underwear drawer

No. 1326527

Yeah that's not a freckle. That's feces. Fucking gross

No. 1326542

it’s more than a freckle, it’s a full on shit stain ring. if you’re going to do anal porn you have to have a specific diet and impeccable hygiene. shatna could never.

No. 1326586

She'd probably like this comment, ew

No. 1326612

imagine with the days without cleaning, how the feces left in your that would accumulate(sage)

No. 1326624

File: 1631894052496.jpg (403.82 KB, 1080x1253, Screenshot_20210917-105237_Twi…)

Here we go


No. 1326626

File: 1631894084951.jpg (369.68 KB, 1080x1376, Screenshot_20210917-105336_Twi…)

2/2 we'll see how long this lasts

No. 1326627

File: 1631894115315.jpg (422.93 KB, 1080x1798, Screenshot_20210917-105319_Twi…)

This is all just a stunt for Fupa

No. 1326632

Jason R Womack is probably one of those people

No. 1326640

I hate this bitch so much.

No. 1326641

File: 1631894661828.jpeg (162.55 KB, 1242x372, AA1DA2BB-659D-4C32-B811-945087…)

such a smart business move!1!1!!

No. 1326644

nothing about this makes sense. an incredibly jealous person isn’t suited for ‘polyamory’ (i.e. getting cucked) in the first place. she’s also assuming she has the brain cells left to be able to ‘work through’ any sort of negative emotion without a full BPD meltdown. this is laughable, but good news for us when she inevitably gets jealous of her ‘girlfriend’ finding someone who doesn’t have a perpetual shit stain betwixt her cheeks and starts losing her marbles on twitter for everyone to see

No. 1326647

File: 1631894969349.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.3 MB, 943x1840, B0881A3D-C851-48A1-9919-16F47C…)

No. 1326649

48 y.o grandmother trying out the brown men on middleeastdating dot com after seeing 90 day finance in quarantene

No. 1326651

I'd say there goes her last coomer but at this point I'm not sure anything can shake them off. I wonder if she's talking to people like womak in DMs like "nooo daddy I didn't mean that about you!!" or some stupid shit. Honestly don't understand how she retains customers otherwise, unless they all literally only look at picture posts and are subsequently visually impaired… (Plausible)

No. 1326652

What in the turtle face is this

No. 1326654

Jfc, she may have put more effort in her “porn” recently but she’s looking uglier and uglier as the days go by. Her head looks likes it’s squished horizontally

No. 1326655

This looks like something a lonely single father slaps together when he has no clue about actually caring for his kid that stays on the weekends.

No. 1326656

File: 1631895758863.jpg (Spoiler Image,112.2 KB, 1584x1054, 60.jpg)

No. 1326663

File: 1631896420621.jpg (336.95 KB, 1080x1455, Screenshot_20210917-113313_Twi…)

It's going to have the same exact story line just like every other video

No. 1326664

File: 1631896528586.jpg (247.57 KB, 1080x852, Screenshot_20210917-113445_Twi…)

If it's going to be outside, it more than likely is going to be some depraved kidnapping thing

No. 1326672

please reimburse for killing me with this comment.

great, can't wait to see her stuffed into some cheap outfit, making the worst faces and pointing out her nipples reminding everyone it was cold.

No. 1326687

File: 1631897716206.jpg (335.58 KB, 1080x1136, Screenshot_20210917-115505_Twi…)

No. 1326692

It's not 30 degrees in Seattle tho this weekend. What a lying cunt, I live here. This bitch probably lives in some bumble fuck eastern Washington shit hole, not Seattle proper.

No. 1326705

can’t stop looking at her vulva and wonder… where is her clit? cannot see it at all

No. 1326707

serving neovagina realness

No. 1326708

She buzzed it off with her lawn mower of a vibrator

No. 1326730

Or maybe you’re not jealous because you don’t actually give a shit about these people, you’re just desperate and lonely

No. 1326732

She edits the pics so hard to hide the cellulite and assne but not the shit ring around her stretched out hole? Make it make sense.

No. 1326733

File: 1631901231391.jpg (33.27 KB, 615x344, This-Morning--Treacher-Collins…)

looking like a potato faced trecher collins syndrome suffering fat dude. great job shatna!

No. 1326734

she looks dead inside

No. 1326736

it's not going to be 30 degrees anywhere in the state of washington unless she's going on the peak of a mountaintop so it doesn't really matter

No. 1326741

File: 1631901532300.jpg (377.9 KB, 1080x1490, Screenshot_20210917-125805_Twi…)

Thought this bitch didn't use PayPal. Always complained saying SWers shouldn't use it

No. 1326758

File: 1631902727098.png (1.54 MB, 828x1792, 313EE9F5-5F1F-41AD-A45A-1BBD25…)

Lmao why lie about dumb shit like this?

No. 1326778

File: 1631903700659.jpg (Spoiler Image,560.89 KB, 1200x768, Dry-skin.jpg)

it's not shit, it's dry skin skin you retards

No. 1326779

okay sage for dumb polyamory rant but why are poly people like this? they always have this weird need to justify why constantly feeling jealous and insecure and anxious in a relationship is actually good and normal and act like they're some enlightened beings because they're willing to suffer through it. also the whole idea that the only way you can be truly fulfilled is to fuck a bunch of people as if monogamous people are these benighted greedy plebs holding each other back from finding true happiness.

No. 1326783

because they are mentally ill, as is shatna.

No. 1326804

It's shit

No. 1326807

there's no use, once anons convince themselves of something they stick with it kek

No. 1326828

I hope her account gets taken down and she can’t get the money kek

No. 1326830

File: 1631906491610.jpeg (499.27 KB, 1242x1228, 4CF800FB-9FEF-4167-9DCB-B1E19B…)

Jason R Womack replying again I wouldn’t be surprised if he sent the money to cover “noodles pet bills”

No. 1326831

File: 1631906570676.jpeg (1.17 MB, 1242x1797, 105BF64D-1A92-42E3-A85D-09390A…)

No. 1326833

File: 1631906606935.jpeg (80.93 KB, 676x973, 335A15BC-70E2-4BD0-89AA-1227DC…)

Her nails are so ugly

No. 1326881

This is an optical illusion, before I scrolled to her feet I thought it was the back of her legs.

No. 1326930

it's because they're coping and they know it's a cope

No. 1326932

File: 1631910376730.jpg (693.42 KB, 1080x1840, Screenshot_20210917-152531_Twi…)

There's no point to this. It's literally plastered all over your twitter uncensored

No. 1326942

These are terrible pics but what the hell is going on with the editing in her legs? The outline is choppy

No. 1326969

File: 1631912308213.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.88 MB, 1242x1561, A2FD1E89-A083-4DFB-91B8-C620FF…)

No. 1326972

File: 1631912337808.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.82 MB, 1242x1601, 076EAD49-5C6D-43DF-ACDE-B720B4…)

No. 1326974

File: 1631912408084.jpeg (521.5 KB, 945x892, CDC24E6E-5E43-4AFE-A259-092D15…)

If I looked like this with makeup on I’d just give up

No. 1326980

the blanket she’s using looks like it has period blood stains all over it

No. 1326981

why the fuck does her snatch look so red an irritated?

No. 1326982

nice overuse of facetune, you turned your vagina into clifford the big red dog

No. 1326983

poor editing. she brightened it and added contrast to make her skin & outfit look better but failed to notice it made her vagina a fire engine

No. 1326984

This fucking retard. "I'm going to use a blanket that looks like a towel I've bled all over for my porn". How does she never think of this shit

No. 1326985

Wtf looks just like she got her period kek

>>1326974 she has such wrinkly stoner eyes i can’t believe she thinks this looks cute

No. 1327019

holy fuck, wide load coming through

No. 1327020

not the hunchback

No. 1327060

honestly hilarious imagining coomers blindly subscribing to her expecting a pink barbie pussy and getting her hairy scrotum snatch. I wonder what proportion of her subs are one month only and leave when they realize how garbage tier her content is kek

No. 1327071

File: 1631919751884.png (Spoiler Image,2.14 MB, 1013x1024, shaycow.png)

No. 1327078

Her vag is back to looking like spider's maw as it peeks out from under the skirting board.

No. 1327098

Topkek anon holy shit

No. 1327111

Ohh no. That cooter looking angry and that blanket choice is definitely not it.

This giving me hospital nightmare vibes

No. 1327132

Such attention to detail posing next to an electrical outlet with wires hanging around and on her floor. What is the point of her daybed even?

No. 1327135

Didn’t some anon say she’d have a stubbly vag soon, after comments here about shaving/waxing, etc? I don’t know if it looks less like a ballsack because of it, or more.

No. 1327137

Outbreak Mattel

No. 1327141

File: 1631927081968.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.75 MB, 1242x1589, 3B90B5A8-C97A-4B4A-BFF7-1DF8A5…)

Forgot to spoiler oh my god sorry nonnies

No. 1327156

that vag looks like something from a horror movie

No. 1327166

File: 1631929819020.png (Spoiler Image,2 MB, 1369x1857, someone get ellen ripley.png)

i'm sorry

No. 1327167

File: 1631929849072.png (Spoiler Image,1.05 MB, 2128x1195, eraservag.png)

i'm sorry x2

No. 1327182

File: 1631931829562.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.11 MB, 1284x1700, E814AC62-49DA-4311-8070-D9D3FB…)

No. 1327188

A band-aid is fucking right, lmfao

No. 1327205

She edited her face so much it's the easier thing to look at somehow.
Her tits are sad and ugly and her vag completely clashes with the "soft uwu cutie" look she's going for and looks gross and irritated

No. 1327207

Patient zero for a new std vibes

No. 1327213

why, it's hilarious and more creative than what she's doing.

No. 1327223

shame bc this is literally the all time best her face has looked even with facetune and everythi8ng else looks terrible

No. 1327228

yeah her shiny nose looks like a raw hotdog

No. 1327232

she really believes that she's doing better than ever with her content but really she's just producing the exact same shit but at a faster pace. Her "element" is just a new shitty relationship lol

No. 1327246

i've been on the internet a long fucking time and i can say definitively this is the worst image i have ever seen. i can't stop looking at it like some horrible cursed portrait from a gothic novel.

No. 1327268

Nona asking the real question out here

No. 1327279

Is yeast infection/infected vag porn another of her ventures?

No. 1327317

My God, her vag is a true Lynchian eldritch horror.

No. 1327389

File: 1631967238064.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.38 MB, 1284x1963, 9882A406-1DC4-4A58-8C8F-68EECA…)

I stg she’s trying to make retard porn.

No. 1327402

You can see where she’s tried to edit out a fat roll but just left the bulging skin

No. 1327416

File: 1631971890504.jpeg (58.91 KB, 634x354, 3A573767-9845-487F-BF84-0A06FB…)

This is all I see when I look at Shay’s face.

No. 1327425

Cursed image.

No. 1327501

Her forearms are getting huge.

No. 1327521

This comment had me rolling last night, read it again this morning and just as great nonnie.

No. 1327540

Seriously why does she make these faces still. I understand what she is going for but she has never once fuckin accomplished a sexy cute teen porn face despite all the years of trying. Literally just stop. She’d be better off making a PNP/ariana face just staring into her own reflection straight faced than this tongue behind the teeth deranged eyeball wrinkly nightmare of an expression she pulls. Also her bestie needs to tell her it’s embarrassing to use soda and food as decoration on a computer desk

No. 1327546

The food and soda as decorations along with the giant mini fridge screams “I’m a fat ass”. It’s not even a beauty fridge for skincare products….this fat pig really got a fridge for more food. I’m dead

No. 1327550

File: 1631984750633.jpeg (Spoiler Image,541.31 KB, 1242x903, 3243668A-92D3-47A7-A24F-3EA013…)

Shaytard hasn’t posted the video yet but I’ll post when she does.

No. 1327552

Looks like it's the same as every other video she's made

No. 1327554

is this her amazing full length story production? wow so different and unique. /sarcasm/

No. 1327556

My sides are in orbit

No. 1327561

File: 1631986080983.png (858.19 KB, 2048x1599, Screenshot_20210918-102736.png)

Fatty has such a hard life

No. 1327562

File: 1631986138613.png (549.35 KB, 2048x1799, Screenshot_20210918-102839.png)

No. 1327563

Suicide baiting because her food was made incorrectly?

No. 1327566

File: 1631986373614.png (13.29 KB, 587x115, 2021-09-18 13_32_22-Window.png)

>noodle pissed on the floor overnight cuz of her medication that makes her need 2 drink a shit ton of water
umm retard if you were aware she was drinking more water then you should have taken her out an extra time before you went to bed? especially considering picrel where she was up and down all night anyway.
is she really trying to blame her shitty day on the poor dog that may have cancer?

No. 1327567

So Noodle is on steroids? Doesn’t sound like the paw issue was anything more than allergies or an irritation.

No. 1327568

she said they told her the lab wouldn't know for at least 3 days, 3 days ago. it might have just been a "just in case" thing.

No. 1327570

Maybe that’s a sign not to eat it and go on a diet piggy. I can tell she was annoyed at noodle because she is too lazy to clean it

No. 1327574

She's such a shit pet owner. If she was awake random times at night, then she should've let Noodle out, knowing the medication makes her drink more water like anon said. Just a lazy rotten bitch.

No. 1327578

Poor fatty, at least she doesn't have a job to go to or anything of value. Like shut the fuck up and take care of your pets Shay. You can take a blackout nap after snapping a nude.

No. 1327588

File: 1631987302892.png (808.25 KB, 2048x1991, Screenshot_20210918-104755.png)

Fatty calmed down because she has food to look forward to

No. 1327590

It's clear she doesn't really care about Noodle, only how she was inconvenienced. Oh no, now she has to do some CLEANING, the horror. Who cares if you only got 6 hours of sleep instead of 12. Such a lazy, useless waste of life

No. 1327594

File: 1631987529564.png (25.43 KB, 592x244, 2021-09-18 13_39_21-Window.png)

dirty deleted

No. 1327596

It is beyond pathetic how she thinks $5 is some kind of flex. Something tells me this cunt adds unreadable special instructions on her doordash orders & does not tip.

No. 1327598

Maybe if she cooked her own food she wouldnt have to worry about her order being incorrect. Also the fact most food places are horribly understaffed so I'm sure they dont want to hear from porky that they made her order wrong. What a stupid reason to suicide bait kek dont get animals if you dont want to clean up after them? Especially in an apartment?

No. 1327600

File: 1631988383684.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.27 MB, 1242x1640, C54CCBBA-A16E-405E-8BDE-EB9D14…)

Ballsack barbie

No. 1327623

Does she have any concept of what a spoilt, out of touch, first world brat she is? I’m guessing the greedy pig couldn’t even be bothered to fix herself a bowl of cereal for breakfast and instead ordered a shit ton of sugary coffee, pastries and or fried food. Prepared by people who ACTUALLY have to get up and go to work, to serve this waste of oxygen. And don’t get me started on the fucking dog, she has the privilege of owning a pet and acts like it’s such a massive deal to clean up after it, because let’s face it, she probably just didn’t take Noodle out enough times during the day because she’s a selfish, slovenly bitch.

No. 1327629

File: 1631991136229.png (306.9 KB, 1162x2048, Screenshot_20210918-103414.png)

She was complaining about peppers in her home fries

No. 1327639

repulsed by the probably single vegetable that was in her meal. color me shocked.

No. 1327643

What a worthless cunt. The last thing ball sack barbie needs is more carbs. A suicide baiting tantrum over fries. Not that I condone it but she is the kinda customer that triggers underpaid & overworked food service staff to fuck with her order.

No. 1327649

I find it funny it's years and all the men she does actually met with do is take her out to eat, don't buy her anything worth anything, not shopping, nope. Just take her out to eat. Wormack has legit spent more money on her then I think any man ever has.

No. 1327667

File: 1631995101253.png (532.48 KB, 2048x825, Screenshot_20210918-125755.png)

No. 1327669

Shaytard's primary source of serotonin is food, so when she doesn't get to eat what she wants it triggers an earth shattering depressive episode. She may not be there yet physically, but her brain is wired like a deathfat's. It's only a matter of time.

No. 1327671

>my dog peed on the carpet
>my food was made incorrectly
>I want to die

Wow such a hard life she lives.

No. 1327684

you’re not wrong

No. 1327706

Peppers are so good though. This fat fuck has no taste. All she wants is fried food. Keep gaining weight, fat bitch

No. 1327707

kek all that food and nothing of value. When finally she ends up homeless she will have nothing to pawn off. All those retweets of high fashion handbags and she can’t even get a scrote to buy her a Birkin. Thriving sex worker though!!!

No. 1327712

a birkin? she can’t even get a new michael kors clutch from tjmaxx.

No. 1327736

You mean last seasons kek but yeah I know she sucks

No. 1327742

File: 1632003540343.jpg (80.71 KB, 675x928, E_mbU92VEAEeukf.jpg)

i can't tell if the filter is making her have double eyebags

No. 1327753

If worms had faces it would look like Shatna's with this filter

No. 1327821

Reminder, she confirmed that she doesn't brush her teeth. All these tongue out photos, imagine the stench.

No. 1327839

the way she always says 'an old man'. like it's never 'a hot older man' or even 'my sugar daddy' she literally always says old man like she's going out to eat dinner with her dementia-ridden grandad or something

No. 1327859

File: 1632018144998.jpeg (831.78 KB, 1242x1551, 4A3D2428-6148-4BE8-953F-03CFC2…)

No. 1327860

File: 1632018286408.jpeg (144.58 KB, 676x1313, 2F53A7C7-DE28-4C74-AFD1-DFDCDA…)

Those pants are too fucking right. I know her beer gut is screaming “get bigger pants Shaynus”. Fupette really looking rough in them turd braids

No. 1327862

File: 1632018361903.jpeg (167.68 KB, 750x627, ACBB64DC-FF7E-4875-891A-989DD8…)

these same tired old jeans that just accentuate her fupa. also kek “incarcerate” is right.

No. 1327864

It's funny she retweeted this showing she's just as retarded as these coomers who don't even know words.

No. 1327867

>ballsack barbie
i'm dead nonnies please let this new nickname stick

No. 1327874

you’re all about 3 years late

No. 1327876

So life poking her as hard as it can is home fries being made properly, her drugs/alcohol not knocking her out for 12 hours straight, and her dog peeing inside because she doesn’t take it out ever. I get we all have little things that some days irritate us but suicide baiting online over some peppers, waking up twice during the night, and ignoring your dog is completely out of touch. She desperately needs to get back on meds.

No. 1327878

File: 1632020702580.jpeg (119.96 KB, 1167x549, A98464B5-0CF7-4C25-A633-204656…)


No. 1327886

here we go again with the gatekeeping shayheads

No. 1327888

Shut up you fucking autist you don’t have to read all the threads but read the summaries. You new fags annoy me. We aren’t shayheads we just hate you shitting up the thread

No. 1327889

File: 1632021785359.jpeg (Spoiler Image,992.95 KB, 1242x1551, 2BA3D22F-C7F1-47DD-A360-7B380E…)

>please allow a day or two for delivery
Tf why is she selling this old ass video again

No. 1327891

File: 1632021891156.png (Spoiler Image,7 MB, 1242x2208, 3FA2032E-7E87-4CA0-B4AD-F68B95…)

My sides are in orbit

No. 1327894

i wish i could set the anon on fire that coined the term “shayhead” it was a newfag to begin with

No. 1327896

File: 1632022190464.gif (Spoiler Image,4.32 MB, 404x720, 56F1D6DD-8EBF-4EAC-8709-C31BEE…)

Her Chicken dance
Serving Miley Chicken-ass Cyrus VMAs realness

No. 1327898

File: 1632022260091.png (7.02 MB, 1242x2208, E6C19575-7D4F-4D84-BCF4-355EDE…)

No. 1327899

youre the one shitting up the thread by starting a fight over something so vague as anons discovering that shaynas vag looks like a ballsack

No. 1327900

at least miley wasn’t fat

No. 1327901

she looks 50 years old wtf

No. 1327902

And you are shitting up the thread for replying to me. Retard.

No. 1327903

File: 1632022437500.png (Spoiler Image,7.93 MB, 1242x2208, 36F421DB-5728-4260-9E19-761C26…)

Damn that’s an unfortunate body

No. 1327904

File: 1632022572602.jpeg (885.43 KB, 1145x1648, 48C96ED2-4AA4-4967-97B5-A69925…)

No. 1327905

Considering that the sex worker thread is literally just camwhores bickering, I am not shocked they made their way here. It's extra milk to me and it makes up for the fact that the camwhore thread should be to document retarded bitches like anon who have a superior complex because they have 1% of in their twitter bios. Too bad the mods forgot to give her sparkly text.

No. 1327909

>tip what you think I deserve
>$18 in tips
The coomers have spoken kek

No. 1327915

Jesus… she finally starts wearing more than just foundation and she goes crazy with the highlighter. WHY.

No. 1327918

File: 1632023778546.jpeg (50.59 KB, 613x400, 5E6AFBE3-84BF-44A1-97BD-84C127…)

she looks like one of those makeup youtubers that did the “full face with only highlighter” challenge

No. 1327920

She's always been shaped like this. There's a pic out there of her and Fupa in the wild and she's standing like this

No. 1327924

has this vid ever been posted?

No. 1327938

unfortunate everything

No. 1327941

Yes OF anon here. I posted it when she was still in Fuplahoma

No. 1327945

Her face here is why her paypigs think she's catfishing, my god the editing. I'd be mad too if I paid for this and got a haggard, witch nosed, triple chinned, pig-eyed, mole necked special needs tard instead. I cannot overstate how ugly she is.

No. 1327964

File: 1632029016141.jpg (3.01 KB, 159x317, images.jpg)

No. 1327969

she ate all the characters in My Big Fat Greek Wedding

No. 1327978

wow what a dainty little girl. tiny littol heifer diaper baby

No. 1327981

I'd have to agree with you anon: that was the case with all her places in Tulsa

it may not be her worst looking pic but just wait until she takes 2 steps and her dangle titty starts flapping about and everyone gets a wiff of that unwashed vag & those plaque coated unbrushed teeth (thank god for masks). And so I agree that she should be locked up for it!

No. 1327993

>Dangle titty
kek anon

No. 1327994

I wanna know what her thought process is when she’s editing her pics KNOWING that her videos will expose her assne.

No. 1328000

I need to stop reading Shay threads before bed. I dreamt I was her, inside her life and body but with my own consciousness. Her family came to stage an intervention. I was hyperventilating in the bathroom before realizing “I guess I can just order a bunch of door dash”

Sorry for the complete autism girls

No. 1328002

What the fuck dude

No. 1328004

File: 1632034244042.jpeg (136.73 KB, 676x1313, E_oAUINVEAQZvEq.jpeg)

Those jeans working harder then shay has all month

No. 1328005

I am so sorry for your trauma, anon. Please don't hesitate to seek psychiatric care if the symptoms of the resulting PTSD from such a horrific nightmare become too much to bear.

No. 1328006

Holy fuck that nasty gunt

No. 1328012

Her legs are starting to look like momokuns

No. 1328051

fuckkkkk she's probably wearing stretchy jeans bc if she had to buy fitted ones in her real size she would have to face up to the fact that she's huge, but stretchy jeans look so disgusting on fupas.

also this bathroom doesn't look like it belongs to a fancy sushi restaurant… even her sugaring dates are depressing and tacky.

No. 1328077

she literally looks more and more like a mtf trans each day. she looks like she has linebacker shoulders in this cheap ass top

No. 1328089

Forcing her gunt and thunder thighs into jeans that are too small and then pairing it with a puffy sleeved top just makes a bad situation worse. The top is fucking hideous, it looks like someone cut the arms out of grandma's winter sweater.

No. 1328121

File: 1632051009446.jpeg (981.91 KB, 1242x1629, C9F9F00A-D01A-40D4-87C7-F65F18…)

The fucking french fry card. top kek, her splenda daddy just got her snacks/ edibles. This isn’t brag worthy, in fact, this gift is embarrassingly cheap and truly shows her low expectations of moids.

No. 1328122

File: 1632051119495.jpeg (571.91 KB, 2000x1999, 870FC4CB-71C7-4A3A-9786-E32333…)


No. 1328125

File: 1632051723976.jpeg (926.18 KB, 2936x2631, DDEA04BD-6B31-4FE8-8771-03D288…)

Twitter content vs screenshot from the actual video on OF

No. 1328127

File: 1632052014992.jpeg (424.72 KB, 2048x1614, A96D905B-E159-4D28-A7F8-91FF79…)

No. 1328131

File: 1632052146617.jpg (12.1 KB, 250x424, Spitter10.jpg)

No. 1328133

Ew the card saying P3 is "player 3" referring to their polyshit, isn't it? So this is the guy her "gf" is dating

No. 1328136

why do sex work when all you get is a goodie back which looks like what your least favourite alcoholic aunt who doesn't know shit about you gets you

No. 1328137

her thigh looks pregnant. how does that even happen?

No. 1328138

File: 1632052488550.jpeg (614.75 KB, 3350x1909, 403524D5-8956-4E9B-AB7C-375073…)

No. 1328149

Tell me again how sex work is real work when these scrotes literally spend less than $125 on you. Looks like some crappy strip mall sushi place & besides the edibles it looks like her old man hit up Walgreens for her gifts. Kek.

No. 1328154

Hopefully this will put the “she looks like she lost weight recently!” anons to rest. She just heavily edits her lard body.

No. 1328166

what the fuck is happening with her thigh on the left, crikey

No. 1328174

She has the body of a hard working middle aged mom with 3 kids, only she has no job and no kids.

No. 1328184

The sushi on the closest plate looks grey and rotten. I hope she gets food poisoning >>1328121
More sugary processed drinks and sweets, great!

No. 1328195

i feel like she brought this shit herself because it was mentioned these dudes never buy her anything.

No. 1328200

In the sushi restaurant pic it looks like all the food and a single drink is in front of her. Did she go out with a fucking feeder? kek

No. 1328201

File: 1632062124954.jpg (645.61 KB, 1080x1797, Screenshot_20210919-093426_Twi…)

No. 1328205

File: 1632062823394.jpg (190.1 KB, 1080x840, Screenshot_20210919-094655_Twi…)

No. 1328209

jesus christ the photoshop

No. 1328237

File: 1632064829132.png (480.86 KB, 2048x976, Screenshot_20210919-081956.png)

Fat bitch is too irresponsible to take care of her pet on her own

No. 1328251

File: 1632065398602.jpeg (346.23 KB, 1242x1649, 7CA4EEB2-C2A2-432E-ABF5-E5F305…)

No. 1328259

why the fuck does she even have a dog if she can’t do the most basic pet owner things? she probably never changes/scoops the cat litter either.

No. 1328262

If she said hot old man i'd at least picture some older dude in shape but when she says old man i picture some old, skinny yet bloated hard stomach liver spots covered guy

No. 1328267

File: 1632065872933.png (7.03 MB, 1242x2208, FCCC0DD9-6631-4451-A582-8064F4…)

No. 1328273

File: 1632066021634.png (7.14 MB, 1242x2208, 3F102BC2-F9A8-46B0-8850-7CF08F…)

Two-second sped chicken dance if you don’t want to watch the full thing

No. 1328275

File: 1632066314814.png (1.2 MB, 957x1517, mack_attack.png)

guess who's back back back back again gain gain
Womack's back back back tell a friend
Womack's back, Womack's back
Womack's back, Womack's back
[funkytown interlude]
Oh, won't you take me to WOMACK TOWN?
Oh, won't you take me to…

No. 1328285

I was thinking something along the lines of "return of the (wo)mack"

No. 1328292

>perfection incarcerate
Not a single one of Shayna's scrotes made it past the third grade. High class bimbo babie

No. 1328294

File: 1632068438404.jpeg (939.04 KB, 1242x1641, DFC1F506-625E-4C36-99AA-E7484E…)

No. 1328304

She goes to a photoshoot in last nights braids. Get ready for the same nudes except she's outside. Her arching her back, hiding her belly with her arm or with her bare butt on the grass/dirt holding her legs over her head.

No. 1328306

At least it sounds like she's getting some exercise

No. 1328314

Womack's face looks a lot like Shayna's ass

No. 1328344


shat lied to me
I for one can't wait to see this hot mess

No. 1328347

damn, her legs have already been mentioned here >>1328012 but she's getting momokun black hole vagina eyes, too. we truly are in the deathfat saga.

No. 1328351

File: 1632071509088.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.61 MB, 2907x3212, FE964989-B5DB-41EF-B1CD-A737D1…)

No. 1328352

File: 1632071544771.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.22 MB, 3162x2834, D119EB49-DAB7-4B73-A4AE-314E92…)

It’s the way she broke character (towards the end) for me kek

No. 1328373

File: 1632072854770.png (3.07 MB, 2048x1324, Screenshot_20210919-133205.png)

The sounds she makes around the 2:00 mark sounds like one of these

No. 1328377

this looks so gross

No. 1328390

So does this mean they're living together or that they live in the same apartment complex?

No. 1328394

wow she really gives no fucks about her paying customers does she

No. 1328415

File: 1632075171483.jpeg (24.98 KB, 390x228, 5BF63697-8BE9-4B01-9B35-8CDC22…)

Someone call the Vatican… we need an exorcism approved

No. 1328431

File: 1632076177124.jpg (382.52 KB, 1074x1677, 20210919_192645.jpg)

What makes her think she is physically capable of hiking up a mountain?

She never exercises, she gets puffed out from making a bed, she's gonna be in for a real shock. Her legs will prob cease up immediately. If she does make it can you imagine the absolute state she'll be looking?

What a great idea, can't wait for the pics shaytard.

No. 1328448

my nitpick was that the fucking nosetube isnt even connected to oxygen. its just going into the back of her neck like some weird mad max shit

No. 1328457

Lmao, nonna! Just throw water and vegetables at her and I'm sure her head will spin 360 degrees, lol.

No. 1328458


These look like they’re taken from the perspective of a serial killer

No. 1328459

Lol agreed, also i bet a new doctor visit incoming bc of her asthma and she never does anything physical.

No. 1328475

This seems like a recipe for getting murdered

No. 1328496

You are insane, it was obviously ironic.

No. 1328504

not really

No. 1328505

Anons are going to hate me but shayna really doesn't look bad here. Gray really suits her and that casual sports top actually looks OK. She looks like an average woman and not a frumpy meth head.

No. 1328515

you can barely even see her from the shoulders down kek

No. 1328516

Pink has never been her color. Any shade of it. She looks better in anything else.

No. 1328520

it's always the same with you shayheads. i'm convinced every post that goes like "anons are gonna hate me for this but shayna looks good here" and there is one every fucking thread is the same fucking whiteknight who looks like her and has to cope

No. 1328521

File: 1632084100824.jpg (82.68 KB, 1200x1188, ENKJlAjUEAAxy01.jpg)

she looks like someone put braids and a snapchat filter on this jerma rat

No. 1328523

kekkkk anon please

No. 1328548

whoever keeps using shayhead unironically makes me want to a-log

No. 1328552

Same, honestly.

No. 1328556

those nails look like they belong on a dog who hasnt had a nail trim in 3 years

No. 1328569

She has big Nikocado energy from the back

No. 1328571

this makes me want to start using it tbh, chill

No. 1328573

Oh dear… I'm happy she's covering up at least. But she could not have chosen a worse top to accentuate her lunchlady arms & linebacker shoulders. Why does she go for poofy sleeves? It just makes her arms look inhumanly big, like one of those blow-up Halloween muscle man costumes.
Shayna needs to stick to well-fitted longsleeves & pants until she's dropped 20-30 lb.

No. 1328577

every time someone tries to be nice and complement a cow they get dogpiled by anons going "UH ACTUALLY she's really fucking ugly and fat here nonnie."

No. 1328581

Because she is. Demon eyes, turd braids, Yaniv face… she will never look good kek

No. 1328582

Why is she always clenching her ass? I can't tell if she's trying to keep her busted sphincter from leaking or if it's just her natural hank hill ass.

No. 1328586

it seems like she thinks it makes her ass look bigger or something

No. 1328587

Why can't you keep your thoughts on how good a cow looks to yourselves? It's not what people scrolling the thread want to read.

No. 1328591

This bitch needs concealer in the worst way. It looks like she's been crying all morning on top of drinking all night last night with all the puffiness

No. 1328596

File: 1632092743018.png (1004.02 KB, 2048x530, Screenshot_20210919-160522.png)

No. 1328597

File: 1632092818876.png (1.97 MB, 1400x2048, Screenshot_20210919-160642.png)

No. 1328598

File: 1632092844695.png (716.15 KB, 2048x564, Screenshot_20210919-160703.png)

Can't wait for this hot mess

No. 1328599

You're right, it makes more room for anachan nitpicking and womack posts.

No. 1328601

Hartley hooligan

No. 1328609

Call me a shayhead but I'm shook that she's actually gone outside

No. 1328610

she’s been doing outdoor stuff multiple times since she moved though

No. 1328616

File: 1632095554766.png (657.63 KB, 2048x1079, Screenshot_20210919-165155.png)

Packing on the calories that she actually burned today

No. 1328645

The way she says "the old man" makes me think of her helping some geezer cross the street and forcing him to take her to Lush in return for her charity

No. 1328656

die of second-hand embarrassment?

No. 1328657

File: 1632100735025.jpg (Spoiler Image,141.71 KB, 960x1280, 20210920_020753.jpg)

spooky silent hill realness

No. 1328658

File: 1632100775877.jpg (Spoiler Image,129.1 KB, 831x1108, 20210920_021931.jpg)

No. 1328661

File: 1632101100551.jpeg (339.87 KB, 1125x1340, 6C75D312-6665-4C13-98DF-79B907…)

No. 1328664

Something about this reminds me of early on Courtney Stodden

No. 1328668

swamp creature from the black lake?

No. 1328670

File: 1632102321249.jpeg (367.19 KB, 1284x973, 1B1415CD-AC92-4FA4-B9FA-7C7E02…)

ew so she did finger herself naked in the mud. fucking pig.

No. 1328674

Wasn't she hyping this up like it was some new creative thing she's wanted to do for a long time? It's literally just her exact same poses but in front of a lake

No. 1328682

With her face looking like she’s smoked a pack a day for 30 years, the gray tone on her skin, and her posing stiffly in front of a black lake, she looks like the personification of death. And not in a sexy way.

No. 1328683

Not just that but she fingered herself with THOSE NAILS

No. 1328689

File: 1632103964713.jpeg (386.88 KB, 750x886, 27D52344-D992-466F-AA51-BC03A0…)

i pray there are not pictures of her bare pussy’d in the mud. also kek at the anons saying she looked better on the car ride there and then turns out serving “aunt linda got a fresh perm” realness.

No. 1328691

eww fuck this is some pnw serial killer victim shit. that grey lighting makes her look even more like a dead floppy pig.

No. 1328710

The irony of this post given how many of these threads are comprised of nitpicking about vagina, hairstyles, lack of filters but also the use of them, etc.

No. 1328758

the smoothing and retouching on her cellulite lol. also her fucking calves and cankles are massive wow

No. 1328759

Be careful nonnie. A deathfat who looks like Shayna might get triggered and call you an anachan for pointing out her cankles kek.

No. 1328766

the knock knees… jesus christ that is really unappealing. I think it's gotten worse due to weight gain.

No. 1328768

File: 1632110269337.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.41 MB, 993x1840, 809F8F53-82B3-4FEF-9C38-96FDE7…)

She really had her whole snatch out in the forest. Imagine hiking and seeing this hog

No. 1328770

she's going to seriously end up with ticks

No. 1328772

looks like a wild animal foraging from that tree. is this supposed to be sexy?

No. 1328774

Holy ballsack this is disgusting. Wtf is this pose? But also why does it look like she was photoshopped into this pic? She looks big compared to the tree

No. 1328777

actually looking like an adult woman is a step in the right direction, too bad she still looks fucking awful lol

No. 1328780

sorry samefag but I can’t get over the dirt all over her ass and feet, what a bimbo

No. 1328782

File: 1632110754066.png (Spoiler Image,6.91 MB, 1242x2208, ECC895E0-BE9D-443C-A10A-B32F32…)

A retarded adult woman but yeah

No. 1328783

sadly i’m guessing she added the mud on her ass as an “artistic” touch

No. 1328785

she always has? she’s 24 going on 44.

No. 1328786

File: 1632110826435.png (Spoiler Image,7.45 MB, 1242x2208, F8AD02E5-E117-4155-8189-211CAE…)

No. 1328790

I think anon means it’s refreshing to see her in another location besides her pedo pandering room and not wearing uwu aliexpress clothes pedo panderers wear.

No. 1328792

File: 1632110911733.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.14 MB, 1242x1592, E89158B3-D691-4708-951B-1995AB…)

The way she takes off her leggings

No. 1328793

if i saw this out of context i would 100% think this was a naked dude

No. 1328795

File: 1632111130427.png (2.62 MB, 750x1334, 158431B7-28A1-432D-9DF9-D0A546…)

>Gray really suits her and that casual sports top actually looks OK. She looks like an average woman and not a frumpy meth head.

No. 1328798

Damn she really has no sex appeal. She thinks she's owed the world just because she has female anatomy

No. 1328801

she was right, I'm dying here right now, kek

No. 1328802

lmfao the heavy breathing. everything about this is unfortunate. why even post it?

No. 1328804

Her ass is more tragic than Momokun’s. Jeeeezus

No. 1328807

File: 1632111503814.png (Spoiler Image,3.33 MB, 828x1792, 10F3B433-33E4-44C5-9969-D2BB9C…)

“This is not as cute as I wanted it to be but you’ll like it anyway”

No. 1328811

did she really need to hike up a mountain to do this? it’s lower effort than her stupid friday the 13th shoot she did at that lake in tulsa.

No. 1328813

What is the purpose of this vid? Are her coomers supposed to get off from this? She isn't even trying to be sexy about stripping. “This is not as cute as I wanted it to be but you’ll like it anyway” really shows that she does not care about the quality of her 'work'

No. 1328816

and in true shayna fashion it was shot in one take with zero intention of re-filming a better clip

No. 1328817

this is so awkward she looks like she's being held at gunpoint

No. 1328820

i'm about to die of laughter, shay. so much sped energy in just a single day

No. 1328823

File: 1632112880647.gif (847.05 KB, 250x184, D649A16D-4B73-44BB-8A24-BEA3D9…)

Aight den Zach galifianakas lookin ass

No. 1328826


I'm fighting the urge to edit her into a bigfoot/skinwalker type of photo, red circle and all. "In my restless dreams, I see that ass… Hank Hill"

No. 1328851

This is joke porn. I've never seen anything so unsexy in my life. Just a giant fat man who can't take off his pants.

No. 1328855

fucking kek yes pls edit her into the sh2 intro background

No. 1328860

Shit-tier low effort porn is always expected from Shayna but the serial killer porn still catches me off guard. These would not be out of place in a true crime documentary. The second one especially; looks like a corpse that some unlucky hikers came across.

No. 1328862

God natural lighting is not kind to her. All her outdoor content makes her look even more haggard. Especially jarring because she doesn't overly edit them like she does her own pics.

No. 1328865

File: 1632117033611.jpeg (242.15 KB, 1242x2208, BA791254-E19C-4CB6-B0C7-EAADEF…)

Might want to refrain from telling your coomers they’re going to die, in any context, when you have pitch black soulless eyes indicating demonic possession.

No. 1328868

omg please this for next thread pic…looks like a mid 2000s trashy horror flick poster, à la "one missed call"

No. 1328869

This is the funniest fucking post I've seen in the entirety of shaynas threads on lolcow

No. 1328870

File: 1632118505006.jpeg (301.95 KB, 1242x2208, 381D2769-2445-4F15-ACBD-0E5300…)

No. 1328875

What the hell is that thing sticking out of her vagay???? Is it prolapsed or something???

No. 1328877

Her business sense sucks. If she wanted to pedobait, why not do a Red Riding Hood cosplay or something in the woods? She hasn't bothered to make her porn presence about any one thing and it all makes no sense. If I was a coomer I would be so turned off by these simple pics that just amplify her gross body. There's no gimmick, and you have to be hot af with the market saturation to just stand around naked.

No. 1328878

Can someone explain the recent demon eyes? Bad editing, bad make up or what?

No. 1328882

Love how this guy just low-key said she was fatter than he expected

No. 1328885

File: 1632122530899.jpeg (Spoiler Image,176.11 KB, 595x492, B27F498B-4E45-4697-8DAE-7DF2A9…)

I have no words

No. 1328886

File: 1632122536788.jpeg (314.54 KB, 1240x2044, 2E891311-2CF7-4C22-A809-04D87A…)

She is radiating lillee jean vibes in her own thumbnail

No. 1328888

you need to be 18 to post here

No. 1328890

I thought the whole point was she was with someone to photograph her so why is this crap self filmed?

No. 1328896

File: 1632125261365.jpeg (173.34 KB, 862x1664, 1F60D61B-AFF5-437A-A467-74EE14…)

I got inspired sage for tism

No. 1328899

File: 1632125567250.png (Spoiler Image,7.27 MB, 1242x2208, A77D0DD3-7CD9-4478-AE66-D008BB…)

What are you talking about anon? This is totes sexy!

No. 1328915

christ this literally looks like a scene from 'i spit on your grave'

No. 1328946

File: 1632132627658.gif (Spoiler Image,4.27 MB, 427x640, shayparkgif.gif)

I had to lmao. literally any of the photos in this set would have fit into this

No. 1328957

Literally a hog covered in shit.

No. 1328969

File: 1632136492532.jpeg (70.83 KB, 623x602, 1CA19A2F-C056-41BC-9851-EAB1D9…)

No. 1328982

Clicked this and a minute later my landline rang. It was nice knowing you all, nonnies.

No. 1328995

It's a filter she's been using on and off forever, it's just way more pronounced now that she isn't her old skinny giraffe self.
She really does look like she is shrieking and crawling away from a murderer, holy shit. This was not the choice…

No. 1328996

Lmao seriously looking like a corpse. Speaking of which I'm not surprised she's dumb enough to go on a 8hr hike with a stranger for shit tier serial killer pics. It's kinda shocking with all the safety advice for women out there doing any type of modeling or going on dates but then again it's Shayna. Seriously believe she's low iq. She didn't even bring Ellen along and clearly there was no reception & her scrotes can all see this. Thank god she barely has any coomers and theyre all fat and lazy like her. Shes seriously going to get murdered or assaulted one of these days. Less seriously these are absolutely hilarious especially her video.

No. 1328997

barefoot and naked in the mud… no wonder all of the moids she attracts are fucking redneck inbreds, christ

No. 1329004

this is such a Nice location for pictures. a shame she ruins the view with her degenerate porn

No. 1329005

Let’s hope that she decides to do more hiking so she can stop looking shapeless.

No. 1329008

File: 1632141155450.gif (Spoiler Image,19.89 MB, 382x680, 20210920_142945.gif)

she can go hiking for hours but she's too lazy to reshoot this? at this point she should just dress up as a clown for her porn, it would fit her perfectly

No. 1329014

Surely these aren’t the actual pics - these must just be shitty cell phone BTS. Who would hike that long for this?

No. 1329017

This wasn't a professional taking these pics. When she was tied like a pork roast, you could tell that photograph tried his hardest to work with the dumpster fire he was given to shoot. These are all low quality phone photos. It probably is her idiot "girlfriend" or their degenerate 3rd person.

No. 1329018

Are we certain her gf/fren/bestie didn't take these pics? Shayna is stupid but I can't believe she'd be THAT stupid.

No. 1329019

i can believe it

No. 1329024

File: 1632142982482.png (Spoiler Image,615.6 KB, 932x1280, foghog.png)

Reposted because I'm a retard that forgot the spoiler

No. 1329025

This is whole endeavor pisses me off bc there has been so many violent murders in Seattle, especially for women and sex workers, and the lack of awareness is insult to injury.
She’s really setting herself up to be murdered, and in wonder if she welcomes it.

No. 1329036

I look sexier getting undressed after working a double shift without trying, she is absolutely insane. Like what goes through her head when she does these things and puts them onto the internet as porn.

No. 1329037

Imagine a classic Seattle serial killer kidnapping her and doing what they do and finding her so annoying it ruins the experience and they let her go to rot in the woods instead of dealing with her kek

No. 1329046

Topkek would be so good for thread pic if there wasn’t nudity

No. 1329048

this is hilarious actually

No. 1329049

>>1328768 Piggy Mattel now comes with truffle seeking vision.

No. 1329054

Kek, anon you’re right though

No. 1329064

I'm willing to bet she took the risk of going up into the woods alone with the old coomer she and her friend are dating without even considering what could happen

No. 1329083

File: 1632148984084.png (3.26 MB, 750x1334, image1.png)

that agp troon smirk, beady eyes and forehead wrinkles. shaytard has the worst genetics and her lifestyle makes it worse

No. 1329101

If she keeps following men into the mountains and forest in the PNW she's going to be hacked up and stuffed in a suitcase by some moid. She's retarded. Can't wait for Shat's body excavation arc. Real life Laura Palmer, wow

No. 1329115

I can’t, topkek anon.
She looks so fucking old

No. 1329120

File: 1632151611483.png (708.39 KB, 798x827, Screenshot 2021-09-20 172636.p…)

her skin looks like kevin gibes holy fuck

No. 1329125

Scrolled by fast and legit thought this was a dog

No. 1329127

Made me kek, anon

But hey, she's dressed in pink, so that means she's a BimBO, a bAbY and whatever else she thinks of. Inb4 'I was hoping the old man would kidnap me uwu'

No. 1329143

File: 1632154293801.jpg (Spoiler Image,592.87 KB, 1080x1191, Screenshot_20210920-111107_Twi…)


No. 1329144

she really put her entire cooch onto the muddy ground…??? what the actual fuck

No. 1329145

>I want to be kidnapped and held captive being tortured, abused, experimented on!
>Going out with a stranger!
>Here is the exact location I will be for the next x hours!
>With no cell service!
A few anons have talked about how Shayna rarely has to face the consequences of her actions and while they are currently right, I do think the day she does will be related to her zero regard for personal safety. All it takes is live tweeting and one unhinged scrote for her to never been seen alive again.

No. 1329147

She is so massive that she makes a fucking tree look small

No. 1329148

NOOOO not the coochie worms. She chocolate dipped and Oreo crusted that shit. God. Why.

No. 1329157

File: 1632155052069.jpg (80.11 KB, 1080x1059, 6c097249e39f39b13d52d19fdec492…)

No. 1329160

i can't do this anymore nonnies. i expect to see dirt inside her pussy the next time she posts a nude, we all knwo she doesn't shower

No. 1329166

>i can't do this anymore nonnies.
nobody fucking cares

No. 1329176

File: 1632156343865.jpeg (24.6 KB, 350x401, 3067A55D-8D10-491E-BBE8-7A1E36…)

Kek this video is comedy gold. So much material for the next thread pic

No. 1329179

Why did she wear tights fit for a 10 year old with no underwear grosss

No. 1329181

File: 1632156795944.jpg (338.41 KB, 1080x1174, Screenshot_20210920-115219_Twi…)

If it keeps you away from posting dumb shit like this, go for it

No. 1329190

What in the neanderthal forehead

No. 1329203

Wow. That wasn't cute or sexy or even funny. Just a fat retard flopping around unable to remove their pants. And instead of trying to play it off or work through it she turns into a monke

No. 1329210

the wrinkles and the cakes foundation….geez girl.

No. 1329212

her makeup gives me grandma at the nursing home vibes

No. 1329213

this doesn't even fucking make sense? her scenarios are all shit but she usually tries to make them sexy, what the hell.
'what if you drove me to mcdonalds to get a happy meal but when we got there instead of cheemsburger you pulled out a rope and left me tied up in the ballpit while you ate my food '
literally anyone can come up with this shit fml(don't use emoji)

No. 1329215

My fave part was when she nervously tried to pull the leggings up and her fat beer gut stopped it because the leggings clearly were already stretched to their limit just to cover her flabby ass.

I doubt she hiked as far as she's saying. It was probably like a small trail but took her 4 hours total because she had to sit down and take tons of breaks and complain. The most activity she's had all year was going to lay in the grass at a lake with her fake gf. She ain't doing a huge hike "up the whole" mountain to shoot some horror promo pics. Speaking of, she should've saved these pics for Halloween.

No. 1329219

I really have no idea why she doesn’t just go to the grungy stoner hippy vibes, especially if she wants to roll around in the mud at a lake in seattle and smoke weed as often as she does and not have any sense of hygiene. then her weird aesthetic would make some sense.

No. 1329220

Right? It's even dumber than that scenario. Hers was like "imagine we went to watch a movie, but you hog tied me and we watched the movie" like ok?? So you can't shovel snacks into your mouth? Or text during the movie? There's nothing sexy going on here. She just threw in some low effort bondage into a regular scenario with nothing even sexual going on.

No. 1329222

Can someone photoshop some hair all over her body?? cause woooof she's serving heavy shaysquatch vibes in this lmao

No. 1329240

The deep wrinkles and the pimple on her big witch nose… oof

No. 1329243

File: 1632161568550.jpeg (1000.98 KB, 1536x2048, 9D5B992E-87B4-41D2-9ABC-1D3F27…)

No. 1329245

ntayrt but you're starting to get really easy to recognise with your constant bitter comments to other anons, saying "i can't do this anymore" is just another way to express disgust aka 95% of what you get in shayna's threads anyway.

No. 1329247

File: 1632161655015.jpeg (Spoiler Image,788.13 KB, 1242x1255, 0EEFE4CF-7E56-4F14-BB21-F45B01…)

She retweeted Jason R Womack’s quote tweet lmao

No. 1329249

File: 1632161737706.jpeg (154.52 KB, 1235x548, 4F0F7EAD-D2F8-4A5E-B2A3-EA7F2B…)

No. 1329250

File: 1632161816976.jpeg (Spoiler Image,437.62 KB, 1242x1404, 3097DCB1-5C50-416F-9950-E7857A…)

No. 1329251

File: 1632161892941.jpg (268.3 KB, 1080x1136, Screenshot_20210920-131805_Twi…)

No. 1329252

What if I rolled you up like a roly poly and wrapped you thrice in 40 gallon reinforced flex trash bags and let god sort it out

No. 1329253

i also love the view of nature here, too bad someone littered a big pile of trash in it

No. 1329254

It’s giving me “jackass bad grandpa” vibes

No. 1329255

not the 2012 flowery docs

No. 1329256

Nta, but its pretty grating because its typed by the anons who balk at things shat has done a million times over which the rest of us have seen and when someone tells them that nothing she's doing is new, they chimp out like the site as a whole told them to read every single thread. Its easy to lurk these threads when you have nothing to offer and since when do we need the same exact comment but with a few words moved around several dozen times per thread?

Tinfoil, but these anons also sound like the ones who would bring up Fupa when he wasn't relevant and this is their weird ass coping mechanism: To shit up the thread another way.

No. 1329257

shayna has the perfect face for babushka porn. there should be a market for that

No. 1329258

Kek I’m 90% sure they aren’t even real docs they’re probably knock offs from Amazon much thriving very bimbo

No. 1329259

>just the letter 'n'

When she types like this it makes me want to fucking a-log. Its like flash backs to WannaBlaze's thread.

No. 1329260

Dude just shut up

No. 1329261

A BPD must-have, anon!

No. 1329263

It's so cringe. She uses "n" but then goes on to use &… she literally cannot keep up with her own retard googoo gaga talk

No. 1329266

Try scrolling, retarded cunt.(calm down)

No. 1329267

Some of us aren't desensitized to Shayna's degeneracy, even if we've seen it before. That's what makes her threads entertaining because it's just the same shit over and over again

No. 1329274

Well, I CAN do this. Why do nonitas swing fists over turd braids, of all cows? This thread is about a woman who looks like a chubby boy in a wig with Elmer's glue on his forehead. All she does is shit on things and shuffle her fat rolls. Smoke some fucking weed and get a massage, girls. When you argue unironically its like watching tweaker girls scrap over cigarettes behind a gas station at like 6am. Come on, now.

No. 1329278

Shatnas a pretty good reason for me to not want to smoke some weed, kek. Maybe we can all chose between hot dog and pink mannies after, though /s

No. 1329279

you’re bringing up fupa when it’s not relevant so……

No. 1329282

lolcow meetup where we all get hotdog nails and put our bare coochies in the dirt

No. 1329283

File: 1632163908203.jpg (255.38 KB, 1080x1304, Screenshot_20210920-135110_Twi…)

Wow, big spender. Much to brag about

No. 1329284

her putting her bare pussy in direct contact with wet seattle soil is definitely a new low and that´s why i said i can't do this anymore ironically in the first place

No. 1329290

LOL taking notes for 10$?

No. 1329291

With how inflamed it is already, a mud mask might do it good

No. 1329297

That’s like one bath bomb kek

No. 1329298

Definitely wise to wear brand new Payless doc martens on a two hour hike.

No. 1329299

she had them for years

No. 1329302

This has to be the funniest tweets i've seen from her.

No. 1329310

notes on what? how to embarres and degrade myself for 15USD? better quit my job asap

No. 1329315

shes saying her coomers should take notes and send her 10 dollars for bath products that wont ever be used

hey shat, the sugar in those bath bombs will mess up your seattle mud maw, quit basting it in bacterial soup and start eating some fucking yogurt