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File: 1701596038037.png (1.54 MB, 956x1182, troon smirk.png)

No. 1937135

Previous Thread >>>/snow/1927647

Shayna Leigh Clifford; 26 year old failing prostitute, porn sick degenerate, drug addict and alcoholic who spends her days posting free pictures of her hemorrhoid filled anus on twitter while begging for rent. Rejects her parents help to get an education and normal job. Hurts animals on purpose and panders to pedos by filming porn dressed as a child. Recently moved to Seattle after wasting years on an ex too ashamed to admit they were dating her and is currently looking her new Fupa 2.0.


REMEMBER: Read the rules before posting. Repetitive nitpicks about Shayna's body, face, and genitals are subject to a 1-day ban. Reposting the same photos zoomed in/edited is not milk and you will receive a ban for nitpicking. Stay on topic, derailing and infighting will result in a ban. Sage when there’s no milk. Spoiler any NSFW images. No blog posting or bragging about how you're a better whore than Shayna. Nobody wants to hear about your degeneracy. This is a Shay thread, curb your enthusiasm when posting screenshots of other e-whores, they go in the e-whores thread

Last Thread:
>Sarah the amish spanking nonce is Shayna's new bestie >>1928849
>baked potato uggs >>1929016
>more airport sugary alcoholic drinks after fatcon >>1929160
>shayna does some incredibly unsexy greenscreen porn with the ogre midget >>1931737
>also does pony-play fetish porn with a swinger couple where the woman calls her a big bessie >>1933959
>has "friendsgiving" that is literally just her, Ellen & their two johns >>1934093
>carbloading >>1934856
>anons speculate that Sarah Gregory is planning to sex traffic Shaynus in Aruba >>1936283
>Shayna is in the top 1% of Beach Boys listeners for the year >>1935290
>Aruba, Jamaica, Sarah Gregory tryna rape ya
>her bank account overdrafted by $200 right before she heads off to the airport >>936198
>she downs 4 espresso martinis at the airport before her Aruba trip anyway >>1936482
>she lands & immediately buys tequila >>1936831
>lets see how alkie she gets on this trip

New TikTok: https://www.tiktok.com/@dollhausbarbie

No. 1937137

Tiktok link should be:

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No. 1937142

File: 1701597556324.jpeg (501.85 KB, 1293x2486, Tweets.JPEG)

Shayna graced us with this video of her running like a sped >>>/snow/1936966
She also posted these on Twitter.

No. 1937143

File: 1701597654242.jpg (242.36 KB, 1152x2048, ie.JPG)

No. 1937144

jfc she thinks she’s going on “vaca” with her “bestie” but she straight up being trafficked. They look at shit like this >>1936966 and this >>1936527 and see a sped who is easily exploitable. I want to a-log these disgusting old degenerates more than Shayna

No. 1937151

shayne is not being trafficked, stop being retarded.

No. 1937157

i normally find shayna boring but this video of her running like a fat penguin made me burst out laughing kek i want to throw her some sardines

No. 1937158

File: 1701602539587.gif (3.6 MB, 300x279, 320D9E2F-5CF1-4FB3-804F-D1D2C2…)

She’s running like a titan.

No. 1937161

Are both those drinks hers? That's like 10+ drinks in 24 hours

No. 1937180

the alcoholism must be very bimbo. nithing stupider than self harm, ig

No. 1937185

she may not be trafficked but it's still strange that they even invited her in the first place. i get that degenerates like to be surrounded by other likeminded freaks but i doubt that they wanted her to come along because they're interested in her conversational skills and enjoy her company. when vivi posted here she said pretty much all shayna talks about herself. she's already gotten drunk this early into the trip and she has a history of behaving obnoxiously and embarrassing herself in front of others when she's fucked up. the majority of her social interactions involve transactional sexual contact with men she has invited into her home which has warped her sense of boundaries. by her own admission she is broke and needs to make money. sarah outright telling her that she needed to be mark free for aruba indicates that her presentation carries some level of importance. combine all of that together and i don't think you can blame nonnas for being suspicious.

No. 1937188

My shayfoil for this trip is things are going to go “fine” for Shayna (as far as fine can be considered when you’re an alcoholic pedo pandering idiot who traveled thousands of miles from home with strangers to get drunk and get fucked) but as soon as she’s home she’s going to crash and spiral like never before.

No. 1937202

I feel like there's a lot of things shayna has been doing that she isn't admitting to these days, and i feel like she is gonna come back from this trip traumatized and "not the same"

No. 1937204

You know what's funny? She hasn't gotten sick as fuck for this trip, unlike for other smaller trips which are just to other states in the USA, you would think that she would catch a really bad stomach bug or something in another country after drinking like 10+ sugary alcoholic drinks.
I don't know, this is shart we're talking about, she would post every single little thing that happened if it was slightly unpleasant to get pity points and lots of monster's Inc gifs, I don't think she would just respect anyone's boundaries unless she's getting paid to not tell whatever else she's doing with her "clients".

No. 1937206

I'm talking about, prostituting more than she lets on, letting guys go farther than she admits for less money than she admits, putting herself in even more dangerous situations than she's already shown, and doing gross stuff piss and shit videos for snapchat people, saying she is underage in customs. that kind of stuff. the stuff that would get her cancelled. she is an evil, dirty person.

No. 1937215

i think the only reason she quit weed was because sarah gregory made her so they could take this out of country trip. she probably just isn't getting CHS or triggering withdrawal symptoms this time. so no weird mysterious illnesses.

No. 1937218

is she purposely pretending to look special needs or is this just what she thinks is cute? or both? or she’s really just retarded. she has no idea how to move, it’s bizarre.

No. 1937223

I just want to say I sharted myself laughing at the pic. Like her face perfectly aligns with the picture and you hardly had to change it at all.

No. 1937239

Nta but it’s also telling if you think about how Shayna is always the participant in these spanking videos who lets herself get harmed the most. Her ass always looks worse than everyone else’s. My suspicion is that Skidmark is either filming a hardcore video and expects a big payout from the extreme abuse to cover the costs of this trip or they’re doing a prostitution spanking session that will pay substantially and they invited her because they know she “loves” to get beaten and will take the worst beating out of all the women they work with. They are letting her drink because I think they know by now that it’s how she numbs herself before the sessions.

No. 1937320

Nonnas I am BEGGING you all to hear me when I say the only person “trafficking” Shayna is herself. No doubt this is some degenerate sex trip rather than innocent vacation, but it’s incredibly naive to think she doesn’t know exactly what she’s getting herself into. Sarah is no master manipulator; I’m sure she just chose Shat because of her willingness to do especially heinous acts even when the camera is off.

No. 1937327

It’s masterpieces like these that balance out the level of retardation in this thread. Just when I think it’s not worth coming back here, some nona will throw out an epic ass piece of artwork that I can’t stop laughing at like the thread picture. The psychology generated in this thread alone is such an odd phenomenon, it could be studied for science/social purposes I swear.

No. 1937335

Samefag but something among the lines of “Lolcow: a study of autistic artists, anonymity and vitriolic bitches” A study of how females can have most heated arguments online and still walk away to live their real lives while men will go on a killing rampage and start intercontinental wars over less online conversing.

No. 1937364

File: 1701629925426.png (3.34 MB, 2916x2008, 1.png)

No. 1937372

not to nitpick but what in the 3 star all inclusive resort… her view of what? a building? kek

No. 1937382

File: 1701631844388.mp4 (1.03 MB, 720x1280, 1000011508.mp4)

this is the only thing I could think of watching her sped run on the beach

No. 1937385

I totally agree. I'm curious if any videos like the skidmark ones come out. Then it would be pretty obvious that she was there for filming something like that. If there's not, then I think that would be pretty suspicious and would be a tell that they're up to something gross. I also know she drinks a lot already but I feel like she is drinking even more this time. It's also weird how she expressed how anxious she was about the trip. She has been out of the country before and left her animals during that so why would this be that different? And she was also okay with having negative in her bank account (if that wasn't a lie) knowing that she will definitely be making money on the trip.

No. 1937392

OT but Shayna's pelvic floor health must be in shambles.

No. 1937393

>you have to be mark free for Aruba
What does this mean?

No. 1937395

It means she can't spend her German money in Aruba & needs to bring USD

No. 1937398

I think the skidmore nonna said that they were strict about the “actresses” not having any bruising for days they were filming their degen academy content. I’m assuming it has something to do with their requirements to be in those videos.

No. 1937401

Males who pay for spanking porn where the girl ends up with bruises don't want to see evidence that she's done that before. They are trying to pretend that these Shayna-type hookers are actually non-consenting schoolgirls who don't want to be spanked/marked. If they can see evidence of past "sessions", it ruins their fantasy of non-consent.

No. 1937402

>>1937393 the fantasy is ruined if they're reminder these whores are ran through(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1937409

gtfo scrote(report don't respond)

No. 1937410

NTA, but calling whores, whores isn't indicative of being a scrote.

No. 1937411

kek anon

No. 1937414

"Ran through" because they have bruises from previous sex abuse? Yeah, you are a male.
Not every hooker is Shayna. Most of the women in sw are sad cases of exploitation in some way or another. Only a rape ape would look at young women with assault marks on them as "ran through whores".

No. 1937420


No. 1937424

No. 1937426

We're not taking about trafficked sex workers, we're taking about Shayna, who indeed is a filthy ran through whore.

No. 1937430

>>((moidery intensifies))(report don't respond)

No. 1937436

File: 1701639375867.png (366.85 KB, 523x844, sharubaaaaa.png)

One Google image search of the pool pic she posted brings up almost the exact same pic someone else took with the hotel name, it's the Mariott Aruba Ocean Club rated at 4 stars.
I checked pricing and lowest I found was 600something USD but most being in the 800s range for 1 room/1 person. Even if sharing a room with Sarah/others, it's costly for miss 200$ overdraft and see why anons tinfoil she's being trafficked/has to pay via prostiution/will spiral when home and broker than before.

No. 1937438

File: 1701639560444.jpeg (1.84 MB, 1080x8669, IMG_7060.jpeg)

Just search Sarah’s Twitter for the word “Aruba.” She clearly has a time share because she’s been going to Aruba in the beginning of December every single year since 2014. She often invites others like Shayna with her and none of these women have been trafficked. She barely makes any nudes/porn of herself when she’s there, and none of the other girls are nude in any of her pics. The only content she posted of the other girls in Aruba was one spanking video with the BabyCaraDay girl from the 2019 trip, and the only content I saw the spankchief and tubaman2020 scrotes she’s with post of other girls was a spanking video from a girl in 2015 and two paddling videos with the Rachel_Adams2 girl, all of the videos clothed. Sarah also posts shit on these trips about how it’s nice to take a break from filming after a long year. Certainly seems like a degenerate vacation to me with some filming if someone wants to and not the type of stuff >>1937239 suggested or Shayna being a human toilet. I think anons are reading too much into the “mark free for Aruba” comment from a troon that’s not even on the trip. Probably meant so she’s not showing off bruises on the beach to normies who won’t assume they’re from her being into kink

No. 1937467

I thought this was grimes for a second

No. 1937468

I think part of the speculation is due to the fact that most nonnas can’t imagine inviting Shaynus on vacation. They wonder why Sarah would even want to hang out with Shay without getting something out of it. The thing is, Sarah and Shaynus actually have a lot in common (diapers, ddlg, spanking, old crusty men, being ugly), so maybe they actually are “besties.”

No. 1937473

>being ugly

No. 1937474

Imagine being a degen on vacation, trying to take a break from your online kinky grandma persona - thinking the annual little (kek) sidepiece
you invited can also turn that shit off (I mean come on, we're all just putting on a show, right?) And realizing that this pink bloat of a creature has no other setting than "drunk baby bimbo slut" with a helping of "trashy obese sped". She must be so tired of the shantics and it's been less than a day. Granny gets what she deserves, having to spend her coomer bucks on wining and dining a tard in a tutu. Love to see it - even if this vacation turns out to be less milky than previously envisioned by the farmers.

No. 1937475

File: 1701643068782.jpg (679.98 KB, 1080x1708, Rolls.jpg)

No. 1937476

Maybe this is a /shay/ request but can a nonny make a face out of her back roll?

No. 1937479

File: 1701644011577.jpeg (249.54 KB, 1079x1215, 116EB2A7-69D8-431F-AE6F-B6A3A1…)

Did my best on mobile

No. 1937480

>>1937438 this fully checks out. The weirdo population seems to be well represented among timeshare people I've encountered at resorts
>>1937409 not a dude, fact is having a bunch of bruises or scars (or shitty tattoos for that matter) etc adds milage to anyone, it's just an especially pressing concern for whores. Idg what this has to do with exploitation(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1937481

Finally she shoops her ass pimples and bruises off

No. 1937485

im 99 percent sure my sister and her husband have a timeshare at this exact place. im on the >>1937438 sarah gregory has a timeshare tinfoil.

No. 1937486

kekkkk the real exploitation shay has to worry about on this trip is falling victim to a timeshare scam. It would be so funny if Sarah talks her into it, shay is 100% retarded enough to buy into anything that sounds like it's too good to be true moneywise. Her "career" is a testament to that. Manifesting the real estshayte saga

No. 1937517

the format of your post gives away that you’re a moid. leave(report dont respond)

No. 1937520

>Idg what this has to do with exploitation
Males are literally retarded lmao

No. 1937527

Watch out alt nonas, your tattoos add “mileage” and you won’t be attractive to normie moids boohoo

No. 1937534

It’s also a dark day for anemic nonnas that bruise easy

No. 1937536

damn bro watch it with the monster energy drinks, they're frying your brain.

No. 1937537

File: 1701654797131.jpeg (302.89 KB, 921x2048, IMG_7050.jpeg)

No. 1937538

File: 1701654847059.jpeg (434.92 KB, 1536x2048, IMG_7051.jpeg)

No. 1937539

File: 1701654878906.jpeg (249.99 KB, 900x1444, IMG_7052.jpeg)

No. 1937540

File: 1701654909978.jpeg (330.38 KB, 1158x2048, IMG_7053.jpeg)

No. 1937541

File: 1701654977893.png (176.37 KB, 300x385, wtfisthat.png)

what is this on sarah? caning marks or something?

No. 1937544

Shitty diaper bikini bottom lookin ass

No. 1937547

I hate how boneless and bendy like rubber her leg looks here, ew.

No. 1937548

She’s so… soft looking, but like in a bad way. I dunno how to describe it. Like she doesn’t look as huge or wide as usual, but just like no shape, no muscle, nothing.

No. 1937551

Jfc Grandma Gregory’s teeth, she’s so fucking ugly. Imagine the stench these two putrid degens must emit

No. 1937557

File: 1701657124339.png (Spoiler Image,24.15 KB, 184x199, IMG_5807.png)

I knew these teeth looked familiar! Spoilered because this moid is hard to look at.

No. 1937561

Istg she's wearing the bikini top on upside down again??

No. 1937569

Definitely wearing the bikini top wrong, it looks absolutely retarded.

Also she’s posting videos of her “dancing” in some kind of busy beach bar and she looks pretty drunk. Her handler is nowhere to be seen (Shay was even recording by using a set timer on a table) and this just gives me bad vibes.(this is an imageboard)

No. 1937576

Why is the new implant boob sagging so much? It looks so uneven

No. 1937577


No. 1937588

File: 1701661338113.mp4 (8.63 MB, 1280x720, 7a0b14cf-07a8-475a-bfd9-3f14ef…)

oh my god i cannot believe she's dancing like this in public

No. 1937589

this is so embarrassing holy kek

No. 1937590

File: 1701661487180.jpeg (59.52 KB, 236x267, 672EC8F2-4DE0-40F3-915F-856017…)

It’s granny’s reliable ol depends

No. 1937592

Imagine wearing next to nothing, shaking all your nasty bits about, eyefucking yourself, with loads of dudes around you, only to get literally zero attention. She really thinks she’s the main character.

No. 1937593

The worst thing about this is that this is the best dancing she's ever done

No. 1937594

File: 1701662455662.gif (53.17 KB, 300x350, roumji9.gif)

Sarah's doing the Tina the entire time

No. 1937598

Long retarded rant inside,
You know I always wonder how people look when they are acting a certain way for the camera in public, you know making kissy faces, doing something retarded, flexing muscles with the camera spinning etc.
Shayna just let me know how truly retarded it looks kek. Around a bunch of people, drunkenly eyeing herself in the camera, groping her boobs and acting like she's just having such an amazing time.
The funny part is, With how drunk she is she probably is, but it's so..sad. It's so telling of the times, that you can see a retard chicken dancing hard in the middle of a party making faces in a camera, eyes glazed over not even seeing anyone.

Not because she's stuck in the moment and feeling the music, nope, because she hopes that disgusting coomers who want to fuck their daughters/little girls and gross women wearing diapers will look at this and be jealous. Because she hopes she'll go "viral" or at the very least show the world she's "Thriving".
Meanwhile, it just looks sad. She's so disconnected from society, she's basically isolated herself. Cut herself down to such a small group of people to date/befriend all because of this job and inability to be friends/lovers with anyone who doesn't have her same disgusting mindset.
So in her eyes, drunk or not she probably sees nobody. Who cares if a moid takes interest in her wild turkey dancing? What if he likes her but doesn't want to date a woman who on a whim may have to go on a date with an old coot and let him fuck her for rent/mall?
Someone that they have to wonder if their friends/family may find out from a simple google is a legit prostitute and does disgusting diaper porn?
And thats not me going, "poor moids" because fuck them, I'm just saying how isolated she is. How until she sheds the crusty bruised skin that is Dolly Mattel, she will never be Shayna. If there's any "Shayna" Left. It's crazy to watch someone constantly dance at parties full of people but it's no different then watching her dance for 4 moids and 60 farmers on her Camshows.

No. 1937602

Holy hell, Grandma Gregory is somehow making Shat look like she can dance. She is the absolute definition of white girl with zero rhythm.

No. 1937605

Same anon, I also don't think shayna wants to interact with any moids who make take interest, unpopular opinion, but she's always like this. Desperately clinging to whoever she came with knows, Thats the only smart thing I can say about Shayna and it's not because she's doing it for saftey. She's simply not this social butterfly and/or doesn't know how to deal with Non-sex work related moids and probably wants people to behave like twitter posters.
>Damn girl you fine
OR GTA one-liners that give her a ego boost and thats it. So when Shayna dances like this at parties, it's more so drunkness & wanting attention from men and women thinking she's a bimbo barbie and the maincharacter vs. wanting anyone to interact with her.
And since she's on a vacay and she allows men full access to her when she likes them, it's great that she's how she is. All it takes is one short ginger motherfucker with Tattoos to say he likes to hogtie women & she's doing whatever.

No. 1937611

She had to get a two piece with shorts for gunt containment. I guess she did learn something from fatcon.

It could be that Sarah doesn't work on the trip but the whores she brings with her do. Sarah gets a her holiday paid for from the profit she makes.

No. 1937614

Kek, this looks so unnatural, idk, they almost look like they're just dancing in front of a green screen for a shitty 2005's music video recorded with a potato, edited with a dead hamster connected to a dirty sock and using the 1985'paint with your non-dominant hand.

No. 1937615

Unless I'm interpreting the image wrong, the only year that Sarah says she's having an "actual vacation without shooting" is 2018. Unless there's more on her Twitter, that's one of the few years that she's photographed alone and doesn't tag anybody else on her trip. I absolutely believe she has a timeshare and goes annually, but I also believe this supports the idea that she brings along other women for some kind of hooking or content related purpose, not just to vacation with them.

No. 1937623

No. 1937633

Me too nona, member when art used to be allowed in thread, too? And anons collaborated on making the pic fit her filthy lifestyle? God those were the days. Shaynatorium ain’t the same.

No. 1937638

I just realised from this pic that that when this >>1937382 happens there may have been a bunch of old boomers watching kekkk
who is this?
sarah manages to make shay actually look semi normal-ish (ignoring the fact that literally nobody else is dancing like this). she also awkwardly stares into the camera more than shay. shay and her start dancing and then she looks confused cause granny isn't looking back but is instead staring at that newfangled contraption

No. 1937640

This was really something to behold. Sarah is so stiff and weird it really does make Shaynus seem like she’s got some rhythm even tho she looks retarded also. Imagine just being out at a club and seeing her grabbing her boobs w her rancid little tongue out in front of her phone while a whole ass middle aged woman in clubwear Tina dances in the background.

No. 1937645

This is Kiki Cali’s (Shat’s other “bestie”) man, Sensei Ricky Delgado of Boulder, Co.

No. 1937646

I can't decide what is more pathetic: how Shayna keeps looking at Sarah for approval/attention every two seconds that they are "interacting" or how Sarah's vain ass is so busy eye fucking herself and grabbing her own titties in a video going on another whores twitter to notice.

No. 1937656

>were having so much fun!
>probably spent the whole time in front of the phone worried about getting the right angle for her shitty videos

No. 1937663

Timeshare or not it still seems fishy that Sarah appears to bring one woman per year and it’s not a recurring friend but usually someone younger than her in the biz who probably has worked with Skidmark. Are there any repeats of women? If not, that is really odd and something that should be noted. I agree with this anon >>1937615 btw. Just because Sarah has a timeshare doesn’t mean that she doesn’t possibly have some little operation also going on to minimize her costs. This is just what i thought of but it could be that Sarah is bringing a “new girl” to that Bull in Aruba dude for a session each year when she has her timeshare.

No. 1937668

Tbh this vibes with personal experience turning 21 and accessing clubs for the first time. I mean they are older and should be well past that life stage… but nobody around them seems disturbed and it isn’t a big deal how they are acting.

No. 1937671

I dunno if it’s that the other clue goers aren’t disturbed because they are used to this… more like they are so disturbed about the weird sped and her old tard wrangling grandmother that they don’t wanna look or make eye contact.

No. 1937693

I doubt anyone cares that much. Most have seen worse at clubs.

No. 1937704

exactly… are any if the girls gregory has brought to the island still friends with her? i still get really weird vibes from this whole trip.

No. 1937716

Being trafficked isn’t just being locked in a room and tormented by Eastern European men. It’s being groomed into thinking making porn for some old lady who works for a “mysteriously wealthy” benefactor that has a fetish company on retainer getting young/poor women to sell their bodies. She’s being trafficked.

No. 1937731

Yeah, idk why that anon thinks she just brings random e-whore to Aruba with her for fun and companionship. She may not be making spanking content with them, but Shayna has been doing irl hooking for years without mentioning it much. Probably the same vibes here. We'll see after her return back to the states and the meltdown that comes with it.

No. 1937734

holy shit that tit is bleak

No. 1937748

>Sarah is bringing a “new girl” to that Bull in Aruba dude for a session each year
This could be for personal gratification instead of for profit like the spanking. I wouldn't be surprised if Sarah and her husband like to watch.

No. 1937751

That was a laugh with your friends later about how drunk and retarded you were vid. Not something to post online.

No. 1937790

KEK at the right titty that refuses to abide by jiggle physics

No. 1937817

Im with everyone else, that poor thing looks like it's just going to slide right off kek idk how she couldn't follow aftercare

No. 1937819

File: 1701707288446.jpeg (562.69 KB, 828x5376, IMG_9692.jpeg)

day 2 begins

No. 1937821

File: 1701707750064.png (331.5 KB, 586x688, rough-2.png)

She needs to stop drinking. She looks so rough and haggard.

No. 1937827

She needs to watch that doc on the Love Has Won cult and see how fucked she’s going to look in just a few more years from her drinking and drug use.

No. 1937866

Why does this bikini look badly drawn on

No. 1937889

It does! At first glance, I thought she was nude and that the nonna who posted it censored her by drawing on a bikini. I probably need glasses, but glad someone else sees it too. Kek.

No. 1937890

i literally thought someone had crudely censored it in mspaint for a second kek

No. 1937899

File: 1701717119821.png (1.52 MB, 828x1792, IMG_9698.png)

No. 1937934

Any new clues to who these people are, and if they're going to meet up with Shay and grandma soon? I can't help but feel uneasy for Shaynus.
Most importantly, I just hope her pets are ok.

No. 1937951

The right one is sagging almost as much as it did before idgi

No. 1937995

At least Sarah is making Shayna look less haggard in the face.

No. 1938006

It’s what happens when a patient refuses to follow proper aftercare. She stopped wearing the post-surgery bras waaaay too soon. Along with her constantly touching them and being extremely rough with them.

No. 1938008

File: 1701732732657.jpeg (332.28 KB, 1536x2048, GAibpWKWMAAF6n-.jpeg)

No. 1938015

File: 1701733649971.jpg (352.6 KB, 1536x2048, 1.JPG)

> [Sun Emoji] [Pink Heart Emoji] [Palm Tree Emoji]

No. 1938019

File: 1701733969740.jpeg (1.18 MB, 1170x10400, Instagram Stories.JPEG)

From her Instagram Stories

No. 1938020

Imagine thriving so hard that you let 60 yr old coomers tie your freshly operated boobs in rope bondage just for a fleeting moment of feeling desirable and then ending up with saggy boobs all over again.

No. 1938034

Keebler elf lookin ass mf

No. 1938040

She can’t zoom in and whiten her teeth better? Might as well have left them yellow with that big line of brown across the tops.

No. 1938065

File: 1701739656150.jpeg (8.86 KB, 400x300, images (38).jpeg)

Sarah Gregory reminds me so much of Miss Meany

No. 1938077

Smoothing out only the middle of her forehead wrinkles KEK does she not know how obvious it looks or does she do it to try and make it seem natural? Like some sort of "see I still have some wrinkles, I didn't edit this!" type of shit

No. 1938104

I’m pretty sure at this point she just clicks an auto-apply type feature and calls it a day rather than doing any editing herself.

No. 1938107

File: 1701743697158.mp4 (742.07 KB, 480x852, SPECIAL NEEDS.mp4)

Another drunken cartwheel but with added autism

No. 1938108

File: 1701744017797.jpg (303.8 KB, 978x670, sgsc.jpg)

Even worse that in the first photo she didn't edit Sarah

No. 1938110

why does she only edit out part of her forehead lines

No. 1938120

How does Grandma Gregory manage to look flat despite the ass cinching seam and lumbar lordosis?

No. 1938126

the skin texture difference is soo bad. it's like she didn't even notice there was another person in the photo with her.

No. 1938129

sarah doesnt need to be edited. lol she told on herself

No. 1938133

No. 1938153

Even though the photo is clearly edited, that line on her teeth is plaque build-up. Fucking disgusting.

No. 1938163

Underrated post kek

No. 1938182

She looks like Mr. Burns

No. 1938213

The tongue out expression makes her look like a special needs adult. The images with Sarah are like a mother took her mentally disabled daughter on vacation.

No. 1938237

She legit acts special needs, it’s not an exaggeration. What was that penguin flapping

No. 1938256

It's her fat girl flap. Her sausage arms to heavy to raise above her head anymore (exerts too much energy) so all she can do now is raise her forearms and flap them around to show excitement.

No. 1938268

She still looks better than Shaynus.

No. 1938349

she is absolutely that girl that is always like, “omg I did cheerleading one time in high school!!!! look at my cartwheel!! please tell me i’m still cool!”

if she doesn’t grow up soon she’s going to be stuck as a loser that peaked in high school and still be talking about that shit when she’s 50. she’ll be the childless alcoholic in the trailer park constantly trying to tell people the same stories.

No. 1938352

>she’s going to be stuck as a loser that peaked in high school
She literally already is. She's 26. Her peers in high school graduated uni 4 years ago. Some of them likely have grad level degrees at this point. Some have been in their vocations for 8 years and have achieved success in their field. Some were starting families during that time. Most have smaller accomplishments peppered in through those years like running their first marathon or getting their motorcycle license. A few probably own houses. Most have travelled more than Shayna has.
It's been eight years since she graduated and she's done nothing but smoke and drink at home. She's already that loser.

No. 1938365

File: 1701794679661.jpeg (400.58 KB, 750x681, IMG_8020.jpeg)

I thought I spotted Shay in the wild online but it was just a meme, kek it looks more like her than the thread picture

No. 1938369

So what if she’s childless? You sound like a moid. Nothing wrong with that and also, do you really think Shayna should have kids? C’mon now.

No. 1938373

Fucking kek!

No. 1938376

Most of her peers are dead or just got married and popped out kids at 18 because they’re white trash. Still better than Shayna though.

No. 1938412

File: 1701801310162.gif (3.43 MB, 498x399, 1646181271169.gif)

anon I can't stop laughing you are so right KEK

No. 1938428

The pic with Sarah just absolutely showcases everything about Shay, the edited mess, the "I'm drunk" tongue thing she does, her glazed drunk AF eyes, etc…and Sarah looks…normal (as normal as you could be anyway) in comparison, jfc. Shay tells on herself all the time no matter where she is or what she is doing.

No. 1938448

Forreal I would rather her die childless than have kids like that binkie princess freak. Who still sells porn of her acting like a baby while she has an infant child. Would you really want shaynus around a child? What about her friend group? It sounds like a nightmare

No. 1938487

File: 1701807854740.jpeg (Spoiler Image,283.12 KB, 750x453, 5A941BEB-42C7-46CF-A5FA-4AD56A…)

shayna was tagged in this
is shayna officially too old or fat to be on the spanking side and is now just one of the random old ladies in the scene? spoilered bc it shows some ladies ass.

No. 1938494

Snapchat now has skin blurring filters built into the interface that she probably has turned on permanently. They do a shitty job of blurring all the way to the end of the face. I doubt Shay even notices. It could also explain why Sarah wasn’t edited.

No. 1938499

File: 1701810077723.mp4 (19.15 MB, 828x1792, eec90e36-c16d-4559-96fc-92357f…)

more drunk dancing

No. 1938503

oh is that shaynas twin there too!!
sarahs tina dancing is sending my sides into orbit

No. 1938508

Good gracious, ass is concaveous

No. 1938515

Huh, was it Granny Gregory that made shay wear the gunt control bottoms? Or is she finally gaining a sense of self awareness?

No. 1938516

File: 1701811380909.jpg (174.15 KB, 1080x760, Delusion.jpg)

They're staring cause they're disgusted

No. 1938521

She puts the attention and validation of men above everything else in life. Most women are disgusted when geriatric moids even breathe in their direction, they don't value the attention or see it as a mark of honor… Shay on the other hand is so broken and soulless that even moids who would lust after a particularly plump loaf of bread get her bpd ass excited. Unfortunate!

No. 1938524


No. 1938528

Damn. There is more ass in the pro-ana scumbag thread. Also probably more rhythm.

No. 1938531

dj needs sacking

No. 1938542

The fact that she gets mogged by a woman nearly twice her age is tragic.

No. 1938558

but a man her own age won't even bang her, he just sits on her back (shane) loses his erection (ricky) and then abandons her to an apartment she can't afford. She's too ugly and fat and boring to keep, even those old moids would get sick of her in a week. even WOMACK got sick of her. Bleak

No. 1938560

File: 1701814239743.jpg (736.46 KB, 3840x2160, R.jpg)

>another great day w/ the bestie [pink heart emoji][sun emoji]

No. 1938565

Damn Kiki got replaced so fast

No. 1938567

Oh wow gross old men staring at you with their wives, so amazing! She can't tell stories of attractive or even men her age checking her out, even if thats equally retarded/common, so it's always her thinking she's going to steal someone's husband when she can't even get a man without a wife to commit to her ass even if he's buying her assback or literally gets access to her for free if she likes them.

No. 1938570

Imagine shayna gropping her boobs her sticking her white ringed tongue out her mouth while eyeing some scrote over her glasses as she "dances" is hilarous. Of course gross old dudes are going to look, I can imagine shayna catching some scrotes eyes and instantly going into chicken dance/boobie grope mode without breaking eye contact.

No. 1938601

Least delusional Lana Del Rey fan

No. 1938612

Why does this tweet seem so misogynistic somehow? These men are with their wives, maybe show some respect instead of attempting to be a homewrecker?

No. 1938618

Everyone just looks so fat and deformed.

No. 1938620

File: 1701821351284.jpg (185.57 KB, 1170x1267, 1.JPG)

> boobs out on the balcony [Face with Hand Over Mouth Emoji] [Two Pink Hearts Emoji] [Palm Tree Emoji]
I hope this is an adults only resort.

No. 1938621

File: 1701821398249.jpg (Spoiler Image,201.76 KB, 1170x1328, 2.JPG)

No. 1938622

Can’t believe Sarah has minus arse compared to Shay

No. 1938626

Mr. Burns looks great here

No. 1938634

How is she affording the drinks and food? Putting it on a credit card? For how much she has traveled and how many drinks she sucks down and how much she eats I have no idea how she is affording all of this. She doesn't even make enough being a prostitute

No. 1938657

Another installment of 'Things that didn't happen'. How many times has Shay bragged about receiving attention from strangers by now? I know men will ogle anything but she stinks so bad and is so retarded that they probably think she's trying to rob them for weed money.
Credit cards and Mr Burns footing the bill for a few drinks, probably.

No. 1938658

Her bikini top is whiter than her teeth. Disgusting.
I don't know how she doesn't understand that men will literally fuck chicken sandwiches and peanut butter jars, etc. A man staring at you doesn't mean garbage.

No. 1938663

Kekkkkk, this is such a vivid mental image, this is probably exactly what happens.

No. 1938666

Kek did someone help her upgrade her signature chicken wing dance to something resembling a twerk? She actually wiggled her butt longer than she usually does

No. 1938668

I see they're branching out into emotional damage for her.

No. 1938672

nonna this is such a cope. I highly doubt most of her peers are in situations even remotely close to the monstrosity Shayna has created of her life.

No. 1938683

She literally raised her arms above her head 2 seconds before that, so that’s an odd thing to say

No. 1938699

I don’t doubt that men ogle her, she literally is behaving sexually every time she leaves her home. Men will look at any woman touching their boobs and “eye fucking” and all the other things she does. I’ll be impressed if she can get attention while not behaving inappropriately and dressed normal (no bimbo sweater, etc.)
Also, she is so mean. She literally gets off on the idea of age-related infidelity happening to women. Oh well, she will pay the price when she is older herself and even more depressed

No. 1938719

Because like 90% of sex workers get their “self-confidence” from ruining marriages and being the sneaky link of taken men. It is probably because they are all dying inside while performing such a degrading and demeaning “job”, forced to sell their bodies to put food on the table. And yes it is misogynistic because they really revel in another woman’s misery, which is probably motivated/rooted in jealousy since those women are the ones that the men publicly associate with and also those women don’t have to sell their holes and dignity for a living. Plus from what I’ve heard, these men have “boring” sex lives with the wives (so the wives are kind of “safe” in that sense) whereas they subject sex workers to their actual atrocious sexual appetites. So really sex workers’ false sense of confidence comes as a cope because they’re the ones being strangled and pissed on while the wife at least gets some actual security and long term assets from the marriage. I’m not trying to say that any scrote is a prize either by the way, men are retarded. But there definitely is some sense of jealousy and cope from sex workers because the wives in my opinion are the ones who have really won in a sense (as long as they aren’t getting any STDs from the retarded sex pest husband).

No. 1938721

nta but do you mean "e-whores" or "street whores"? because I don't think a corner worker is thinking all of that when she is hoping to not get murdered while trying to make a living kek

No. 1938723

they could just work at walmart or drive uber if they're that worried

No. 1938724

File: 1701834071213.jpeg (246.05 KB, 494x730, 6AAD85E2-E90A-40A5-8DED-411239…)

She gets so high off of the face that she’s younger and better. But she’s not self aware enough to realize that she doesn’t look that young, she looks way older than she is cause she’s fat and her face is rough with horrifyingly bad eye bags and dehydrated skin. Looks like 7 years younger than Sarah. She’s hideous and doesn’t look like a cheerleader or bratty teen or a baby.
third time reposting

No. 1938725

you didn't answer my question anon!

No. 1938726

File: 1701834355146.jpg (199.48 KB, 1170x2080, 1.jpg)

From her Instagram Stories.

No. 1938729

26 isn’t very old but she also isn’t a spring chicken anymore

No. 1938732

File: 1701835290686.jpeg (230.23 KB, 1639x1932, 3B3E0C1F-EBC0-45DD-AD62-907039…)

If grandma Gregory is Mr Burns, shaytain is absolutely Barney Gumble

No. 1938736

Nah I mean like the loud and proud sex workers, I’ve seen strippers, hookers, and women in porn with the same attitudes.

No. 1938746

I was thinking that too. Something like she picks some of the clothes in exchange for something or Shayna is using her for some free clothes etc

No. 1938747

File: 1701837876617.jpg (230.23 KB, 982x1159, 1000044379.jpg)

Added a few details

No. 1938749

KEK next thread pic for the love of god

No. 1938753

File: 1701838798877.jpg (74.26 KB, 566x808, 1000044380.jpg)

And one for Grandma Gregory. The likeness was too spot on to resist kek.

No. 1938756

These two for next thread pic

No. 1938761

kekkkkkkkk ily shartist

No. 1938763

Kekkkk this looks exactly like the big pic on /shay/

No. 1938765

This is strangely uncanny. I saw the sarah burns on the front page and knew immediately. kek

No. 1938768

Don't forget about that one ghostface porn she did (can't remember his name) and he was actually appalled that she wasn't getting off. And he's like wtf. And they retook the shot, and it was the same shit lmao

No. 1938773

gayfag hairyshoulders

No. 1938776

shay is such a cheap ho, she can’t even pay for trips to europe, or any country that isn’t 2-3 hours away from the united states. budget thot at best in the same bimbo sweater for years. reminds me of that time where she went to canada to do absolutely nothing with some thots. sorry shay, unless we see you and/or your sugar daddy trek to france or asia you’re broke in my eyes kek

No. 1938779

Having old post wall moids gawk at you isn't a flex shay. They will stare at any woman that does anything even slightly suggestive. They are so desperate and their standards are so low. These are the same men that routinely flock to Thailand to bugger lady boys.

No. 1938786

This always gets me topkek

No. 1938805

Glad someone said it. At the core all their self worth and validation comes from the male gaze and that’s it. Sex work is the ultimate pickme activity. Other women are just competition because being a kinky slut means you’re a ~cool fun girl~ unlike prude wives who won’t even do anal. It’s sad because a lot of these attitudes do result from abuse but women like shayna are just fucked in the head and are the biggest pickmes of all time who put other women down for male attention because their lives are so empty and unfulfilled.

No. 1938808

Not true and she’s thinner.

No. 1938809

I was kidding, nonna!

No. 1938817

Hilarious, nonnie

No. 1938829

This is why I love this thread, absolute kek

No. 1938874

I'm so bored and tired of shay at this point. The only thing she does is get drunk and dance around looking like a desperate wino. I'm hoping some actual milk comes out of this Aruba trip. Does anyone know exactly why she is there and how long she is there for?

No. 1938879

No. 1938887

not the anon you're replying to, but it's not a cope. one of shay's old classmates found one of the threads years back and said most of shay's friend circle had either ended up oding or having kids super young. that nonny isn't making this up, it's shanon that shay's schoolfriends were just as trash as she is

No. 1938888

samefag, the messages from shay's classmate start here >>1831791

No. 1938897

I don't think the details have been given… anywhere. I think this performative BS is just to keep up social media and there's some shit going down behind the scenes. She's been awful quiet for a good portion of the trip thus far.

No. 1938901

File: 1701874130173.jpg (799.71 KB, 3840x2160, acual pink.jpg)

>bikini of the day [two hearts emoji] [palm tree emoji]

Tinfoiling that perhaps Sarah is somewhat behind these bikini choices

No. 1938903

I stopped checking the threads a year ago and came back in and somehow she’s…WORSE?? I thought rock bottom would have slapped her by now.(learn to shayge)

No. 1938909

That would make sense since these actually fit her. She wants fat Shat looking less like a sped than usual.

No. 1938912

i was wondering the same thing since she's got her gunt covered on this trip.

No. 1938913

>Sarah is somewhat behind these bikini choices
Agreed. Shayna would never choose a gunt control bikini by herself.

No. 1938940

File: 1701880172250.jpg (428.81 KB, 1080x1242, 1701130330557.jpg)

The ones she ebegged for vs the ones she ended up wearing >>1938901 >>1938499

I'm guessing Sarah said no to the gunt show and Shay had to comply like a good freeloader.

No. 1938943

She probably had to return them because they were too small.

No. 1938949

the top right black one is the only one she's worn so far and it was the one nonnies thought looked drawn on kek >>1937819 either no one sent her money for the rest or sarah gregory told her to get the gunt control ones instead

No. 1938956

Kek the bottom right is a thong style swim bottom and would’ve been hilarious to see Shay’s hank hill ass with that on. The Amazon review photos for it were interesting to say the least

No. 1938969

KEK you’re brave, I’ve seen far too many AGPs in Amazon review pics, been burned too many times now I never look. Imagine her thinking she was really gonna wear a THONG. Like, there are probably ACTUAL hot women at this resort in things can you even imagine how Shaynus would react to that

No. 1938982

Sorry to say but Grandma Gregory is an infintely better dancer than Shay

No. 1938983

Sarah owns a timeshare. Don't they like comp that sort of thing, at least partially so you come back every year?

No. 1938990

You’re right. It’s old news. The nonna who said it’s cope has no idea what she’s talking about.

No. 1938994

Never thought we'd see someone who "dances" worse than big Shaynus but here granny Gregory is. Better body than Shay by far but holy shit that was embarrassing to watch.

No. 1939002

She could be if she weren’t constantly drinking and eating garbage. She’s failing her body and it shows. The only way to cope with her bleak existence is to eat buttery seafood and sushi and wine everyday

No. 1939003

Gonna guess Granny Gregory is paying for a lot of the shit on this trip such as the hotel, food, drinks, etc.
Shaynus has only ebegged for the flight and airport drinks.
So of course Sarah is her "bestie" rn

No. 1939004

If Mr Burns is paying for her expenses could that be a way to entrap shay into making free content for her? like "sure I'll pay for the drinks, you can repay me with some skidmark videos" type of shit?

No. 1939009

And also to >>1938672 and for anyone else who doesn't know MA Marlborough (where Shay is from) is a typical blue collar town, it's not unusual that at least a few of her peers also turn out to be somewhat similar as our cow. I think she went to Assabet Valley for high school.

No. 1939010

It is definitely odd that Shaynus of all the people was chosen as the "lucky" trophy whore tag along for Sarahs annual Aruba trip.
Strange how its a different girl each year. Really curious if Shaynus was working up to this all year or if it's something she's going to have to repay somehow.
We all know its not for Shats looks or wonderful personality that she was chosen.

No. 1939036

Sarah probably has those girls do irl fetish/sex work shit that she doesn't post online. They either perform for her and her scrote husband, or some other johns. It's not that hard to grasp really. Shayna does irl hooking now, and Sarah has seen how much damage she's willing to do to her body in the name of male approval.

No. 1939040

I think if she didn't have so many retarded attention whorey cow tippers, she'd be more entertaining. But over the years the resident bitter camwhores and NEET idiots couldn't help but cow tip at every possible second. Shayna is still a chronic oversharer who's too stubborn for her own good, but I think even she keeps certain shit offline because she knows farmers are watching her every move. A cow that knows it's being watched won't make milk better than a free range, stress free cow.

No. 1939044

Why is it that in every photo this Sarah lady has the deadeyed stare of a serial killer who's about to murder the naive Shayna?

No. 1939053

No way. Sarah looks both soft and very dry, and… hard to describe but Shay is only partially eyefucking her self, most of it is trying to be desirable to someone else (failing, but still). With Sarah, I'm positive it's 100% eyefucking herself. No appeal to anyone else, just her. AGP vibe (yes, women can have it too)

No. 1939057

Sarah’s skin has that powdery dry texture some old people get. It’s like if you poked it, it would turn to waxy chalk and crumble, but also could be soft like crumbly cookie dough or something but actually more like plain mashed potatoes that are dried out

No. 1939064

sarah gregory felt sorry for her and decided to take her on a spontaneous girls’ trip to aruba to relax and likely influence her to not act like a desperate retard every five seconds.

No. 1939072

She exploits retarded and desperate sex workers half her age, she's dead inside. It happens to every woman involved in porn.

No. 1939073

Honestly, we get it. Sarah is so OLD. How many times can you say it? And no, she doesn’t have old people skin. She’s not 60 for fucks sake. Are you a scrote or in high school or both?

No. 1939074

This thread fucking sucks. I wish the Aruba trip was over already.

No. 1939076

Kek seriously. I entertain the Gma Gregory jokes 'cause they're funny but only ironically. The woman's like forty-something, not halfway to her grave.

No. 1939077

Kek sorry you’re having a bad day. I don’t think Sarah herself looks particularly OLD but her skin reminds me of a certain kind of older skin. It’s very dry and sallow and not good skin at all. Sorry I triggered your scrote alarms sincerely

No. 1939083

>won't make milk better than a free range, stress free cow
KEKK also yeah, she’s been tweeting less milky stuff since Sensei Ricky got doxxed/tipped. Reminds me of how PNP slowly dried up since once she stopped posting everything.

No. 1939084

100% this. Sarah probably has some "customers" that meet them at the resort or whatever and Shayna gets a free vacation +$300 if she fucks them.

No. 1939085

She doesn't look that bad for her age tbh. She's porn old, not like, life old. Shayna's skin looks worse than hers tbh.

Yeah, exactly. Shayna is a cow that will tip herself for attention, but farmers just can't resist the excitement of poop touching when it comes to Shayna. If I was her and I knew I had like a good handful of artists dedicated to following my internet presence and fucking with every relationship I develop, I too would post less frequently. I don't think Shayna is ever going to grow out of being an embarrassment, she's just going to stop posting embarrassing shit as frequently.

Yeah, it's pretty obvious she's up to no good. Flying different girls out every year to the same country? The same resort? Does she take them around the same time of the year too? I don't think Shayna will end up becoming a human toilet, but I do think Sarah is at the very least "introducing" Shayna to some interesting characters.

No. 1939123

File: 1701902840655.mp4 (1.48 MB, 720x1280, 1 hour and 26 minutes ago.mp4)

From her Instagram Stories.
> I think she looks so much better.
> I feel she has lost a little weight.
It’s posed, angled and filtered.

No. 1939124

File: 1701902903237.jpg (203.24 KB, 1170x2080, 1 hour and 33 minutes ago.jpg)

No. 1939127

File: 1701903290835.mp4 (1.13 MB, 720x1280, 25 minutes ago.mp4)

No. 1939128

Kek at her thinking she’s some sort of famous influencer vloggingon a luxury holiday cruise.

No. 1939133

File: 1701903825584.jpg (151.99 KB, 1170x2080, 30 minutes ago.jpg)

She’s truly feeling herself and trying to sell us this ‘living my best life’ fantasy. Not only to cope to her grim reality but as >>1939040 touched on, to Shay us show us.

No. 1939137

File: 1701904341176.jpg (41.27 KB, 342x480, cakey1_480x480.jpg)

all that filtering and her skin still looks like picrel because she is too lazy to keep up with skincare.

No. 1939150

File: 1701906223308.jpg (167.47 KB, 1170x2080, Shayniv Lives.jpg)

No. 1939154

her spider leg eyelashes flapping at different tempos KEK

No. 1939159

File: 1701907736142.jpg (128.87 KB, 1024x682, 9bqYfgO.jpg)

Picture of average Shaytists

No. 1939161

Takes me out every time kek

No. 1939169

Shayna only went to Aruba with Gma Gregory cause she about to die & Shaynus wanted her to be happy

No. 1939179

File: 1701910642001.jpg (121.43 KB, 447x701, ugly thoughts.jpg)

>different girl each year
you see, this is what worries me. Even if she had serious issues she'd still be getting whores wiling to suck up to her for another trip cause it'd be better than your average sugar baby vacation. Is her husband with them? Maybe they fly in a new girl for a bit alone with Sarah then the husband "joins in" suddenly for the last half of the trip when there's no going back. Absolute tinfoil though, I just don't trust the human embodiment of that Roald Dahl quote when you see her next to other adults seemingly around her age >>166428

No. 1939189

Gotta get her waist at a 45 angle to make it look like she has some* ass.
Her eyes don't crinkle when she smiles, it's weird.

No. 1939194

Kek, i feel like the mod who redtexted this is a shayhead.

No. 1939195

Shay doesn’t have the executive function for returns, she either ran them by Grandma before ordering or just ate the cost.

No. 1939198

>the redtext
I love you shaymod

No. 1939203

she looks cross eyed

No. 1939205

God, I wish I could see Shayna how Shayna sees Shayna. The way she's been nonstop eyefucking herself this trip is insane. I'm sure we're all guilty of getting enamored with our reflections whenever we're done up nicely, but Shayna is practically living in the camera.

No. 1939215

File: 1701919795192.jpg (202.87 KB, 1170x2080, Señorita Barney Grumble y Seño…)

No. 1939217

Delusion, not even once. Kek
No but seriously. Its just delusion fueled and exacerbated by mental illness, alcohol and years of drug abuse.
You dont want what she has. She has lack of self awareness and brain damage.

No. 1939218

File: 1701919911926.mp4 (4.93 MB, 720x1280, Stroke?.mp4)

Even when performing things deemed sexy, Shayna Leigh Clifford looks and acts like an anaphrodisiac; it’s quite astonishing.

No. 1939220

File: 1701920185723.jpeg (1021.82 KB, 3896x2080, Espresso Martini .JPEG)

Finally I get why espresso martinis are her new personality.

No. 1939224

nona me muero kek

No. 1939227

This actually looks so much better on her than any of the other bikinis she’s worn. Is it because she’s a Natural Kibbe type? >>1939127
She looks like she’s sniffing a fart.

No. 1939232

it's funny the only way she gets to live her bimbo fantasy is through other women that she hates so much in general, when a man just uses her to fuck her thighs for 100 dorra before she sad tweets about him

No. 1939233

It’s cause she’s fat.

No. 1939234

As someone who enjoys a cheeky espresso martini on occasion, why do her’s look so creamy and gross? Shungus is always ruining food/drinks by adding unnecessary fats, sugary shit and deep frying everything!

No. 1939236

I actually like this bikini.

No. 1939239

File: 1701924964928.jpg (78.62 KB, 801x1000, 61fAuRsL5nS._AC_UF1000,1000_QL…)

nonny noo, is pepto pink

No. 1939250

It's because she is wearing something that actually fits her for once and is covering her "problem" areas

No. 1939258

File: 1701928276184.jpeg (1.46 MB, 1170x2075, IMG_1267.jpeg)

The absolute cranium on this grandma.

No. 1939262

can someone do a megamind edit

No. 1939264

Sarah Gregory’s skin is fine, it’s her face that’s the problem.

No. 1939266

Shat is probably being so quiet because Sarah wants privacy for their clients meaning Shayna can't vomit up every thought she has to twitter. It's obvious that Sarah is the one in control of this trip. I was expecting a repeat of fatcon with the hog running around acting like a sped with her gunt hanging out. Sarah has limited Shayna's usual behaviour so this doesn't happen. I think the real milk will start when gets back home.

No. 1939275

I think this one is kind of cute and I have never said that before about a Shayna picture, it’s just one of the only ones I’ve seen where it looks like a natural smile

No. 1939326

if she intended for this to be sensual she probably should have edited out the background discussion about key lime pie kek

No. 1939332

The way she keeps looking up reminds me of Jack Scalfani when he tries to look like a "serious food guru" every time he takes a bite out of whatever slop he's cooked, kek.

No. 1939337

File: 1701957240492.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.65 MB, 3220x2048, BotD .JPEG)

> Bikini of the day [Light Blue Heart Emoji] [Dolphin Emoji] [Palm Tree Emoji]

No. 1939341

You can just tell it's a shitty party bar, there ain't no espresso in that martini, it looks more like a double double of Bailey's.

No. 1939344

Agreed. All of her smiling pictures always look so retarded because of that stupid ass smirk she usually does, but her smile looks genuine in this one for once. Crooked teeth and overall ugly face aside, it’s a nice pic, she looks like she’s genuinely happy. Good for her. At least she’s doing something else than sitting on her flat ass scrolling twitter

No. 1939365

File: 1701964718935.png (211.38 KB, 391x341, anaemic-palmtree.png)

This palm tree makes no sense

No. 1939368

File: 1701965457858.png (6.24 MB, 3264x3264, nocoomers.png)

pls don't ban, some shart should be allowed here too

No. 1939370

KKEEEKKK yes pls we need Shart here. It can’t all be contained in the Shaynatorium

No. 1939372

LMFAO. Honestly, we had some real talented shartists back in the day. I guess they jumped ship.

No. 1939394

File: 1701969057644.jpeg (262.8 KB, 1505x996, “my bikinis don’t fit because …)

Oh no not the fatcon middle fingers up chicken dance bikini lol. So much for weight watchers

No. 1939406

File: 1701969515947.jpeg (Spoiler Image,912.62 KB, 1170x1377, IMG_5543.jpeg)

Spoilered for Shay and Mr Burns having their boobs out/covering the nips with their hands. Shay is last minute staying in Aruba for an extra couple days and e-begging for 200 bucks for the flight change.

No. 1939413

she is going to mentally crash hard when she gets back home. anything but staying in her goofy apartment by herself, with her thoughts.

No. 1939420

extends her trip so she can spend even less time taking care of her pets before she ditches them again in a week. JUST REHOME THEM SHAYNA!!!

No. 1939430

Lol it's cus she warps her hank hill plank body

No. 1939433

File: 1701972349508.jpeg (569.21 KB, 750x1040, FDA97C2E-4283-411E-88B6-B403A8…)

what the fuck is going on

No. 1939441

File: 1701973855687.jpg (203.56 KB, 750x1334, nggWPXU.jpg)

Besides the retarded face (probably because she can't get over the fact that she has naturally smaller eyes) some of her natural curls are returning to her hair

No. 1939472

This is not really shaylated but I'm just wondering do these bikinis that are bought off Amazon have any sort of quality control to make sure they don't have hazardous materials like lead in them? I would be wary of buying anything that rubs against the vagina off of there bc the vagina has absorption properties afaik that are absorbing dyes in tampons and pads for instance.(retardation)

No. 1939474

Is that a bruise from spanking or is it just an alcoholic bruise from her falling over or hitting something? She's technically not "mark free" now.

No. 1939480

she's always done turd braids when her hair is wet, I don't think it's naturally curly. She shared photos bragging about how she was a child model or some shit and it was razor straight, same with photos in her dad's lodge when she was very young

No. 1939487

I remember those. Her hair could've been straightened for those pictures, more likely given that one was for a "photoshoot". Braided hair won't give you texture like >>1939441 usually it ends up more like >>1939394

No. 1939500

Child model for what, the local hardware store?

No. 1939503

NTA but it looked like a low-budget photoshoot. I have always wanted to have another look at it, but I have never found it. I remember she was somewhere around 6-10. She looked like she was wearing some sort of costume but definitely not clothes to go outside every day. It was probably for some local store someplace.

No. 1939515

Voting that shart should be allow in the main shay thread on common sense grounds. Ie. if it's funny, it stays & if it's stupid, redtext it & we all make fun of the poster's autism.

No. 1939527

File: 1701982706218.png (415.89 KB, 552x747, IMG_4434.png)

Found it, it looks like it was a dance costume catalog or something.

No. 1939528

>dance costume
Hasn't she said before that she used to do dance as a child? Makes me wonder if that picture isn't her actually "modeling" but one of those photoshoots that parents pay for of their child in costume at local dance studios.

No. 1939529

Same. Child models are supposed to be cute, this >>1939527 is… yeah.

No. 1939530

i've been thinking the same thing. in >>1939527 it looks like it's a photograph wrapped in the cellophane wrapping they usually put photos parents order from school or other activities in. like you would get cheerleading/dance pictures taken by professionals at the place you do that extracurricular at. in that sense then all children who do sports are child models kek

No. 1939532

There's a bruise on her left leg. Does it look sort of like a bite mark to anyone else?

No. 1939533

It's still so gross to me that she shared a picture of herself as a child to her whore twitter where she pretends to be a child.
…Also this doesn't look like modeling, the face she's pulling wouldn't be allowed.

No. 1939535

File: 1701984060777.jpeg (782.66 KB, 1170x1036, IMG_5556.jpeg)

The boat she was flexing on is this “bull on Aruba” (is bull some gross fetish thing?)fetlife coomer guy that Sarah’s husband tagged. I’ll post screenshot of the boat owners profile next.

No. 1939537

File: 1701984160324.jpeg (622.6 KB, 1170x1829, IMG_5557.jpeg)

Profile of the Aruba boat owner/bullinaruba
It wouldn’t be surprising if Shay got whored out to this guy

No. 1939540

lol isn't a bull a cucking thing? like the dude that hooks up with the wife in front of the husband?

No. 1939541

her face in general wouldn't be allowed in any modelling, full stop

No. 1939547

Affirmative. That guy 100% fucks other people's wives.

No. 1939551

Do you think she gets jealous of her childhood self?

No. 1939553

yeah it definitely just looks like a dance photo, did she claim to be in magazines or something or is this the only mention of it? i feel like that tweet was not meant seriously but more as a joke because of the pose and costume

No. 1939556

File: 1701986560283.jpeg (111.79 KB, 749x667, 1522855853928.jpeg)

in thread 6 there is a tumblr post where she claims she was a child model though

No. 1939557

>ridiculous neck
kek she knows

No. 1939560

kek well nevermind then! i shouldve known never to give shat the benefit of the doubt, shes such a liar

No. 1939561

But isn't bull only used in the context of interracial porn?

No. 1939566

File: 1701987669218.jpg (48.24 KB, 596x628, F3y7jii.jpg)

No. 1939574


No. 1939576

nta but some kids are ugly, like shay

No. 1939581

it's because it's fried so it looks fluffy like actual curly hair does, it's easy to get those curls with very tight wet braids.

No. 1939599

stop rating kids that's creepy(infighting/derailing)

No. 1939604

>>1939599 nta but kek, it’s not creepy to say Shayna was not an adorable/cute child. she wasn’t exactly ugly, i’d even say she had a glow-up compared to her weed blog saga as a teen (we were moots once upon a time), but she just wasn’t a “darling kid”, like most child models are. that’s all that was said.

No. 1939605

Nobody is rating kids. Stop pretending that all children are adorbes when some are clearly ugly.

No. 1939606

keeeeeeeek sorry that she was a "2/10 bro would not jailbait me dude" anon. Physically ugly humans are born ugly, cope

No. 1939613

No one is rating kids though? It's Shayna not some unrelated random child. She's grown now, so we don't have to lie to her. She's always been unfortunate looking.

No. 1939622

weird af comment for real please go outside you're nasty(infighting)

No. 1939631

She's already said that her hair is naturally curly, and there's nothing to suggest otherwise. And the fried-ness of her hair has nothing to do with the texture (in the sense that you're arguing). If anything the bleach would've ruined the curls and made them less defined, not curlier.

No. 1939633

was thinking the same thing, hating a cow who lies a lot doesn't mean literally everything they say is a lie. if you braid your hair and take it out, the curl pattern is different than natural curls. it's a very obvious pattern where the waves are very uniform. yes, her hair is damaged beyond belief. but >>1939441 looks naturally curly. if you've been in the threads long enough and compared pics you can tell when she takes it out of her stringy braids, it looks different.

No. 1939637

not sure about that but once i was out at a bar and a couple asked my white ex-bf to be a "bull" for them so i was not under the impression there was anything racial with it kek but i'm no expert(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1939660

not my fault you can't discern a joke anon

No. 1939668

I'm a dancer and this anon nailed it, this here >>1939528 is indeed a photo that you get done of your child in their recital costume. Dancewear catalogs feature the same models in various outfits with the same hair and makeup taken on the same day and usually hire top local dancers that are typically really pretty girls so if she was in one of those, she'd have dozens of pictures and not just this weird youth jazz class recital costume photo.
NTA but isn't it possible that this guy has sex with Sarah Gregory in front of her husband?

No. 1939695

Apart from her being a compulsive liar, I honestly think she wanted an excuse to post this (on her SW account no less) to entice her pedo coomers and that’s the worst part about the whole thing.

No. 1939737

I think she looks decently cute her for Shayna, but then she posts shit where she looks like this >>1939433 and ruins the illusion that she is a bimbo sugar baby.

No. 1939797

ugh the moid is moiding again

No. 1939826

if you’re trying to get the thread locked it wont work. jannies will just delete your posts when they wake up in a few hours and the reply count will be restored to normal. no need for the inshayne behaviour.

No. 1939890

Fascinating. Do continue. We were lacking new Shayna content, I like watching a madman showing his insanity.

No. 1939922

its from her OF

No. 1939925

ya that doesnt look normal

No. 1939927

ewwww u can see the tear on their butthole they posted about earlier ewwwwwww

No. 1939930

thats literally shayna tho. she has puffy lips like that and i could spot her asshole in a line up (sad i know but im a decade long shayhead)

No. 1939933

can u stop? nta but their butthole looks like a pinhole camera. its gross to see asshole unexpected but it looks completely normal to me as a lesbian who gets lots of ass. definitely looks untrained.

No. 1939943

guess the troll is sobering up


wait shayna is the troll? kek i mean she could be drunk with sarah right now trying to show “how much she doesnt care”

No. 1939948

The stubby little fingers do make it look like the hog.

No. 1939952

This is 100% just a dorky kid outfit her parents got her and put her in for a photo. Possibly at a kid dance class.
She lies about the stupidest shit for a crumb of coomer attention/to feed her delusion she is ~special~

No. 1939953

File: 1702027953305.jpeg (20.21 KB, 474x264, C3DB3ED7-F320-4C5B-BC54-70EE2C…)

right so theres a troll randomly spamming for over an hour and some random person just happens to post their gross looking asshole at the same time? sure, jan.

No. 1939956

well apparently posting your asshole is the only way to get some actual moderation in here. spread the word ladies, and your cheeks!(derailing/take it to meta)

No. 1939957

kiki mixing pain meds and booze and spamming the thread was definitely not on the aruba bingo card

No. 1939959

It's not Kiki.

No. 1939960

Sometimes other nonnas join in on the fun by trolling the troll. Just sayin'. Kek.

No. 1939961


No. 1939962

Wow! Your post has me convinced!….NOT. All the caps got posted in /shay/ just go read them yourselves. She’s been posting here a lot since their drama. She’s easy to spot.

No. 1939964

by posting their asshole?!?!? im fairly new to shayna but that seems like a really out there take.

No. 1939965

Not their own. You can post a pic that's not yours. Duh.

No. 1939967

pls stop. this kind of post makes them prove it with another pic with a sign

No. 1939968

I don't care about convincing you. I just seriously doubt it was Kiki since they are still friends.

No. 1939970

Wow. Not defending Kiki, but this is such a nasty thing to say. Women are only good for pregnancy, right?

No. 1939971

nta but they’re right. just stop.

No. 1939974

the troll lost their steam after the comment too which makes me think it might have been kiki. i really hope it wasnt her so that she never has to read that disgusting comment.

No. 1939977

stop acting like a petulant child and stop trying to bait people into posting their assholes holding a fansign

No. 1939978

Same. It really grossed me out. I can't believe some women think like that, but we're on a Shayna thread, so I shouldn't be surprised.

No. 1939980

Kek. Your comment made me chuckle. Who even wants to see that?

No. 1939989

do you mind posting what they said to kiki? just waking up to this mess and have no idea what is going on. did kiki finally spill some milk here?

No. 1939993

check /shay/ but it was basically just unhinged randomness and an asshole pic

No. 1939997

i meant what was said to kiki that people keep saying is so horrible? mods deleted it and there’s 50 screenshots in /shay/

No. 1939999

Basically someone said that Shayna can have kids but Kiki will never. Kiki recently had a hysterotomy.

No. 1940002

Good thing she can’t have kids she has videos of herself pissing her pants, sucking the milk from a fat bitch in a cow bikini having sex with an old dude, Etc. If that were my mom I’d kms. Not sure why you guys are soft for Shrek, she does diaper porn.

No. 1940003

something about kiki was trolling the thread cause she was jealous that shayna could still have kids and mad that shayna never reached out to her after her surgery. it was really messed up and i hope she never sees that.

No. 1940006

ya kinda hard to feel sympathy for kiki when she was just boasting on twitter that the reason she got a hysterectomy (uterus and cervix) was so that ricky could “dick her deeper”

No. 1940008

I'm not saying she should have kids and I don't agree with her lifestyle, but it was just a horrible comment that no woman should hear.

No. 1940009

File: 1702032660733.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.33 MB, 1170x1922, IMG_9578.jpeg)

right? like not even 24 hours after having her uterus ripped out she’s already using it to sell weird baby pedo porn and talking about gushing blood in her diaper. she’s a disgusting human being.

No. 1940010

Still makes it a misogynistic comment.

No. 1940011

she shouldnt have gone through with the surgery if she was that sensitive about other people like shayna still being fertile and able to reproduce.

No. 1940012

Yeah fuck this bitch, and the the butterfly tattoos literally look like shit on her chest in the thumbnail. I was grossed out, relieved, and then grossed out again.

No. 1940015

Maybe Shayna isn't fertile. Just because you have a uterus doesn't mean you can reproduce.

No. 1940016

Shaynus should NOT have children!

No. 1940017

I am SCREAMING and CACKLING over the fact you can still see kiki’s vag even tho you tried to scribble over it.

No. 1940018

dear god i hope she copies kiki and gets that thang removed before she there are baby shays running around being exposed to her pedo followers. when shayna ages out of porn she will just have kids and post them to the wolves. who knows what she would do to those kids for a quick buck or hit of weed.

No. 1940019

File: 1702033587327.gif (11.12 MB, 500x552, FD490781-9EBF-4A24-8E2A-685881…)

>hit of weed

No. 1940026

Misogyny?? In the shayna thread? Well I never-

No. 1940045

Oh my god I didn't see it at first lmaoo

No. 1940092

Being “mean” to a pedo pandering woman doesn’t make it misogynistic but I don’t get why they’re bringing that up

No. 1940110

Telling a woman who just got a hysterectomy she is jealous of Shayna because Shayna can have kids and she can’t is beyond sick. I’m done arguing since I won’t convince you.

No. 1940113

This thread is boring af. Shayna doesn’t even do anything milky anymore.

No. 1940142

I mean the implication was that she was trolling the thread because she was. It’s fucked up, yeah… I think it’s the opposite. She’s trolling to “protect” Shayna or well… cuz she can. If she is. I wouldn’t put it past Kiki for trolling here while recovering. She’s got nothing else to do, can’t really pop pussy and maybe they gave her some pain meds.
This isn’t the first time where random trolls have come in here to fuck shit up. There’s clearly been a moid poster in recent threads. I refuse to believe that lava crack labia anon was NOT a troll. I do think someone who knows Shayna comes in here and trolls… or it’s just a random moid who likes to get a rise out of farmers.
>>1940113 but nonna… the post vacation depression crash is soon… desperate e-begging and likely cursed videos cuz she needs the money… they are coming…

No. 1940145

File: 1702059763157.jpg (495.26 KB, 828x2658, IMG_9782.JPG)

she has marks now

No. 1940151

the bikini is a better choice than usual, but her face looks so rough. i'd expect those eye bags from a med student cramming for finals, not someone who does nothing all day.

No. 1940156

Ohohoho.. no marks comment was just so they could mark her up later huh? so that means either they were there to film content, prostitution or well… they were all there for a fuck around at Sarah’s time share.

No. 1940159

File: 1702061707975.jpeg (313.65 KB, 1163x506, IMG_5558.jpeg)

Her Twitter specifies that she got brutalized by all the old people she’s there with.

No. 1940161

File: 1702061964743.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.82 MB, 1143x1908, IMG_5560.jpeg)

Mr Burns and Shat w their flat concave pancake asses out

No. 1940164

This woman is fucking repugnant.

No. 1940168

The both look like trolls that just came out of some cave there.
When they edit and really pose theyre almost average, but otherwise when it's shit like this you see they are just ugly af.
And Shaynus' bulky backside freaks me out every time.

No. 1940172

sarah is a great bestie for facilitating the literal ass beating of a woman half her age in a foreign country

No. 1940173

can she please stop doing her hair like this

No. 1940175

Both have negative ass but it's insane how much better Sarah's body looks compared to Shayna. The entire lower half of Shayna's body looks like cottage cheese in a plastic sandwich bag, while Sarah has actual muscle definition. I guess it's a reminder that exercise makes a bigger difference than age.

No. 1940188

Yeah, a fit forty something will always look better than a flabby 20 something. Hell, there are some women in their 50s and 60s who'd run laps around both Shayna and Sarah because they stay relatively fit AND aren't busted pedo pandering whores.

The threads pretty much always slow down when she's on vacation because she's experiencing a high off of not being trapped in her dirty smelly apartment with only her mangy pets to keep her company. When she gets back home, she'll probably have her scheduled meltdown. Or in the case since she be leaving again in a week/less than a week now since she extended her vacation, she'll have a double meltdown because she's managed to degrade herself even more than last time, while still being broke.

No. 1940192

they made her extend her trip to literally beat her ass and shay paid $200 for it

No. 1940194

Sarah Gregory's face looks like she's a medieval townie NPC that sells potions and poisons for your quest

No. 1940195

File: 1702071101880.jpg (451.68 KB, 1080x1781, 13.jpg)

No. 1940197

she is going to come home with a bacterial infection in her ass

No. 1940200

File: 1702072518100.mp4 (12.29 MB, 1280x720, 9a757722-5439-42fd-948b-90c4b9…)

she uploaded another video with Sarah

No. 1940201

File: 1702072603150.mp4 (14.82 MB, 828x1792, 400b99d4-1dd1-46da-9908-2a3677…)

and one of just herself (and the disembodied voice of some man in the distance), she looks pretty wasted

No. 1940202

File: 1702072654524.mp4 (Spoiler Image,13.95 MB, 720x1280, Whores in hot tub.mp4)

From Shayna's insta story. Spoilered because they nasty.
Whoever tried to convince nonitas that
>Shay is not trafficed
>this is totally just a holiday
>the mark free requirement was for not letting normies see bruises
can go fuck herself.

No. 1940203

File: 1702072695842.jpg (625.4 KB, 960x960, MW-npc-Aerin.jpg)

She really does look like a Morrowind NPC

No. 1940204

File: 1702072725748.png (2.17 MB, 828x1792, IMG_9788.png)

the filter is strong but those wrinkles are stronger

No. 1940207

Holy shit did you edit this to look worse? Why would she post this? Kek

No. 1940208

I was watching Monster's Inside Me episodes, It's NOT safe to have open wounds in water she's going to get a bacteria infection or worse if she's NOT careful…

No. 1940209

It's like farmer slapping his prize pig.

No. 1940212

can’t believe i’m saying this but that bikini top is too big for her.

No. 1940216

and that VictoriaEva filter its too fucking strong like it has 3 stages and you end up looking like a whole new person all the time so her face has to be really fucked up

No. 1940220

god they both look so retarded here. sarahs pulling faces like shay farted in her face kek.

No. 1940222

omg alert interpol stat and please tell them shayna’s family trafficked her too to pay for her ireland trip when she decided to post a spanking video while on it. clearly this retard is being criminally harmed since she chose to extend her vacation and didn’t post anything before that and these bruises are so much worse than the ones she bragged about at fetcon on u.s.soil not on someone else’s trip. her not posting as often on the trip is obviously due to nefarious evildoers and not because she has something to do outside her hovel and people to talk to irl for the rare change like when she didn’t post when she was with that diaper couple she gushed over

No. 1940224

File: 1702075010281.png (880.42 KB, 812x816, WOOF.png)

kek the complete silence is so fucking awkward what the fuck

No. 1940226

Jesus Christ what happened to her last night? She looks like she aged 8 years over night. Did grandma Gregory bring her to the island to steal her youth?

No. 1940228

Do we think Shayna is using sunscreen on her face during this trip? I feel like she's looking weird because is more tanned in the face than normal. Would sun damage show up that quickly? Because she is getting that dry catcher's mitt look now.

No. 1940229

File: 1702075390323.mp4 (12.47 MB, 888x1558, disgusting.mp4)

Another one from her IG. The shit they do is so unsexy. Who actually wants to see women do that to their boobs?

No. 1940232

Shayna is drunk 24/7 duh, she can probably barely see straight right now.
And those faces along with that ridiculous comedic jiggling, I feel like I'm at a circus full of freaks. Porn is made for virgins and is made to be as gross as possible anyways so it figures that they behave like this with not an air of sensuality in sight.

No. 1940233

File: 1702075634343.jpeg (400.51 KB, 632x928, IMG_5569.jpeg)

Thriving in Aruba

No. 1940234

I'm sorry she's she's painfully average with a below average body, trying to hide her forehead wrinkles showing off her toothpaste tube body. Something about this makes me laugh because she feeling herself so much.

No. 1940237

File: 1702076285951.jpeg (287.36 KB, 1170x746, IMG_5573.jpeg)

These old coomers aren’t done with her apparently

No. 1940240

File: 1702076805356.jpeg (839.96 KB, 828x1351, IMG_9789.jpeg)

new IG pic

No. 1940242

The gunt control bikini is working hard. The bottom image looks more like something out of a horror film promo.

No. 1940244

Her face in the second one…whew

No. 1940247

She looks like fucking Peter Lorre in that bottom picture

No. 1940249

Shat overshares about the most disgusting bottom of the barrel excuses for sugar daddies she fucks in Applebee's parking lots for Uggs and travel size lotions. Lol at the thought she'd fuck some moid in Aruba for her trip and not post about it to seem like the oh so special high class sugar baby whores who fuck for travel nonnies love to compare her to

No. 1940250

She I'd going to have a major Meltdown when she gets hone. Be prepared for her to get at least 2 new John's or start a random relationship or twitter spat.

No. 1940267

God, women competing for male attention look so pathetic and disgusting. None of the shit they do is in any shape or form sexy but somehow Grandma Gregory consistently eyefucking herself to the point of almost missing Shay's ass cheek while spanking is making me irrationally angry KEK I can't stand it

No. 1940272

>bleeding profusely from surgery
>like my first period teehee
fucking hell these autopedos find the pedophilic angle for everything in life
at 11 seconds Sarah looks over at someone. It could obviously be her people watching to keep them hidden but I wonder if it's a guy giving directions.
Also what a laughable lick on shay's ass. It amuses me so much moids actually enjoy watching girls with 0 chemistry do barebones acts of "lesbianism" and get off to it

No. 1940281

>i zoomed and sharpened the image and that is 100% shayna
I'm fucking dead

No. 1940296

File: 1702085143855.jpeg (69.98 KB, 1024x722, A251C2E8-9E93-43F2-9BA1-8360E2…)

She looks like Sylvester Stallone. She must edit her hair to look really blonde because there is nothing blonde about her anymore.

She’s so painfully awkward. I get she’s trying to be uwu quirky but she’s not attractive enough to pull that off kek

No. 1940300

File: 1702085677459.jpeg (781.38 KB, 1117x819, 68F56D5E-0574-4517-8905-6DA99A…)

They’re both so ugly and rodent-like it’s insane

No. 1940306

she really thinks she is such a natural beauty. she desperately needs fake eyelashes at the very least to add to dark, rodent eyes.
I can almost give her credit for not using 10 layers of filters on her pictures. But a single one , to you know, brighten the damn shadows on her face would help a ton.

No. 1940309

what’s with the water shoes, they look like speds on a group home outing

No. 1940314

File: 1702086891577.jpg (197.77 KB, 1152x2048, 20231208_205557.jpg)

No. 1940319

Looks like Amy Schumer

No. 1940321

File: 1702087919986.jpeg (175.44 KB, 1200x900, IMG_8038.jpeg)

No. 1940323

Butterface Beach

No. 1940327

It's hilarious seeing Shayna sporting cheap chinese amazon clothing she purchased a day or so before the trip >>>/snow/1933230

No. 1940350

What Sarah lacks in ass and lip, she makes up for in cranium.

No. 1940362

Topkek! Even the horrible curly hair and the strangely-patterned receding hairline match! Shatna pointing at the highest calorie cocktail on the menu “I want that one”

No. 1940378

She looks totally shaysted

No. 1940384

if she was being “trafficed”, why would they let her post herself on sm, location and all? you guys have no common sense whatsoever.

No. 1940397

butterface, butterbody, it’s all butter

No. 1940403

Trafficked is a strong word nona but this is definitely a strings-attached vacation. Probably just hooking with some local, that bull guy. Filming videos for their creepy rich benefactor. Its not because Shay is such great company kek

No. 1940409

Yeah I think people are only saying that bc they are bored. She has full control, knows what she’s signed up for, and hasn’t been tricked. Also she is doing activities that relate closely to her “profession” and daily life choices anyway. She’s not trafficked lol

No. 1940417

File: 1702109585882.jpeg (212.08 KB, 750x590, C9E87CE8-C27C-49C3-911D-10FF75…)

No. 1940420

oh my god they're on The Beach That Makes You Old

No. 1940442

They're literally standing on rocks, the water probably has rocks in it too. There is so much legitimate depraved shit to get grossed out over here, water shoes are so normal in comparison.

No. 1940490

idk what's going on with shayna in aruba but i hope you don't believe that all trafficking takes place in secret behind closed doors. victims can be manipulated into believing that they are consenting to their own exploitation. there have been many instances of women being deceived or outright forced into signing release forms so that their filmed assaults can be legally released by pornography studios (look at the girlsdoporn case and the james deen scandal). moids and moid-brained women operating in the sex industry are experts at singling out potential victims, lovebombing them, and convincing them to do whatever they want.

No. 1940491

I’m the anon who first mentioned her being trafficked, that’s exactly what is happening

No. 1940493

What are you smoking, nonnito. She does look like Stallone but what tf does that have to do with her hair dye?

No. 1940503

Shayna has zero sense of danger and minimal self awareness, she's also dumb and desperate. This is exactly the sort of scheme she would fall for. However I don't think anything beyond her usual level of spanking and having sex with gross moids is happening on this trip.

No. 1940504

People tend to forget how many forms trafficking can have.
Let's say she knew she was going to be working in Aruba. And she new exactly what kind of sessions she would have. The content was filmed and it is being sold somewhere but is Shayna getting paid?
Labor Trafficking often includes debt bondage, where the victim is tricked into working for little or no money to repay a debt.
So, if Shay filmed content in exchange for accommodation (or food etc.) she was trafficked. End of story.

No. 1940510

File: 1702132981647.jpg (671.59 KB, 3840x2160, Botg.jpg)

No. 1940555

Is that stretch marks on her thigh?

No. 1940563

top fucking kek

No. 1940581

Pornsick scrotes also love watching anything that’s utterly gross and stupid like women with snot and tears choking on their dick and slapping a woman’s face with their penis. They love that cheesy porno boob shaking too because they’re apes whose brains go OOGA BOOGA seeing hideous trashy woman with no rhythm that may actually have sex with them acting like a cheap circus clown. Scrote tastes are never the bar that women with self respect should be striving for unlike these women who create this dumpster content that are faking their orgasms and their pleasure. There’s so much irony in these women being horrible at sex but doing it willingly for a job and claiming to love it.

No. 1940639

That definition is only relevant if she was tricked, though. If she agreed to produce content in exchange for being taken on holiday and fed/watered whilst there, then it’s not trafficking. It’s just work.

No. 1940642

File: 1702151838528.jpeg (292.78 KB, 1170x2009, IMG_6092.jpeg)

Some moid posting a bunch of messages under this post

No. 1940647

It’s not just about the water shoes. The water shoes look retarded in a photo pandering to scrotes with porn rot. The ugly water shoes with their pants pulled down and their downsy smiles that makes it look like they’re retards being kidnapped for trafficking. it legit looks like special needs people being taken advantage of. Makes me extremely uncomfortable. If it was a normal bikini photo with water shoes just taking a photo to capture their memories no one would care. This whole trip is about content. That’s why their always taking videos shaking their boobs and asses

No. 1940649

He was posted in >>>/shay/166539 as well recently for some other weird stuff he's been saying to Shayna. I don't think it's Wombat. Creepy.

No. 1940650

Tinfoil but it could be another cow tipping retard.

No. 1940651

your standard for "content" is way too high tho. moids literally do not care about the things you are complaining about as a woman. In fact, "amateur porn" is the highest selling type of porn out there. They are simple minded apes and easily drawn into bullshit fantasies like imagine Shayna and Grandpa Gregory are actually besties and underage and having fun together taking selfies.

No. 1940655

Hahaha. With your logic Ghislaine Maxwell did nothing wrong because those girls got a nice holiday and some of them most likely knew they would have to take old man cock in exchange for the trip.
Sarah Gregory = Poor man's Ghislaine Maxwell
The timeshare in Aruba + boat ride = Epstein island experience for trailer trash whores.

No. 1940673

File: 1702156335789.jpg (41.66 KB, 399x434, Screenshot_20231209_161240_Chr…)

her eyes are so rodent like and masculine its creepy

No. 1940678

File: 1702156581583.jpg (Spoiler Image,151.65 KB, 748x1604, Screenshot_20231209_161503_Chr…)


is it just me or is her ass a flat line in this image. why did she post this?

No. 1940684

File: 1702157337532.jpeg (247.05 KB, 1080x1920, Alcoholism.jpeg)

Shayna needs an intervention.

No. 1940696

"breffast" as if tequila for the first thing you consume in the day isnt a middle aged alcoholic thing.

No. 1940699

I am no better than shay for I let out a pig like snort while reading this lmao

No. 1940709

this is a legit candid kek sarah is all for humiliation

No. 1940727

Being in Seattle where it is constantly raining and the sun is setting at 4:18 pm today, this trip looks amazing, I predict when she gets home she starts rethinking her life. Or I’m just projecting

No. 1940743

portland nonny here and im in the same boat. PNW’s atmospheric river is going to be such a deep contrast to the beach and sun and it’s going to be a stark reminder of how bleak her life is.
side note, does anyone think they’re just supplying her with copious amounts of alcohol to make her agree with whatever weird shit they’re doing that she isn’t posting about? the anon that keeps insisting it’s isn’t trafficking because she’s agreeing to it seems to not understand what trafficking is. it isn’t a helpless white woman being zip tied and thrown in a trunk lol it’s literally what’s happening with shayna.

No. 1940744

File: 1702167415558.png (209.74 KB, 1178x567, shaytardation.png)

ever since the day shayna said picrel, i no longer care what happens to her because she really told us how she felt in this tweet

No. 1940746

File: 1702167497462.png (23.98 KB, 124x199, 0.png)

these vertical lines? yes

No. 1940756

I don't think she's being trafficked. This is just a work trip.

Shayna has known sarah for at least two years now I think. She's planned for this trip for at least a few months (even though she basically did everything last minute like a retard.). I'm not saying what you're describing doesn't happen. It's just not the case here.

No. 1940782

Ntayrt but I don’t care what happens to her either, she pretends to be a baby being raped by its parents in some of her videos so if she happened to die in a horrible way then it’s kind of deserved

No. 1940793

We're just going to wait until Shayna is back home. It will be a huge red flag if she drops Sarah once she is home and "safe". But honestly, I can picture them getting her drunk and having her do weird shit with animals or minors to get blackmail on her.

No. 1940795

She is not being trafficked because she is doing the same things she does on her own time

No. 1940796

KEK what the fuck nona. I know shay is boring rn but you guys are going nuts with these conspiracies

No. 1940801

File: 1702183047245.jpg (644.6 KB, 1041x1539, Lazy.jpg)

Totally thriving on vacation. Why not go explore Aruba or actually take advantage of the resort they're at?

No. 1940823

Chilllll… such a nitpick. Vacation is about fun and relaxation. Plus, Shayna and her alcoholism just can't keep up anymore. Chick probably has to take a deep breath every ten steps.

No. 1940825

No, this sounds like a moid Shay ghosted, possibly someone that paid her money, who is now of the opinion that a. she used him (yes), and b. she is actually gay for Sarah (no). Sage for armchair moid psychology.

No. 1940836

is she living out a 24/7 bdsm scene while on vacation? I guess we'll see if this becomes part of a video or not

No. 1940849

The real nitpick should be about how 3 retards couldn't manage to connect a gaming console aimed at children to a TV kekkkkk Shouldn't it be easy enough?

No. 1940850

was thinking the same thing. there's a power cord and an hdmi cord. how hard could that be for three grown adults? the way they're doing it is literally unplayable.

also lmao at his old man glasses.

No. 1940889

I honestly feel like Shay had fun in Aruba. She's going to crash so fucking hard.

No. 1940911

imagine having a brain so rotted by pornsickness and years of substance abuse that you believe women who disagree with you deserve corrective rape. everything she says and does is designed to gain the approval of the worst type of moids, which is why her life has gone to complete shit.

No. 1940920

not wking but some hotels do block tv peripheral access (for whatever reason) by deactivating the ports themselves or stopping you from switching to HDMI input. i choose to believe they're just morons though

No. 1940961

i think she did, too. ngl she looks genuinely happy in a lot of her photos, other than the 24/7 drinking. and honestly i think a lot of anons here whining about her being sex trafficked and throwing conspiracy theories around about sarah being some ghislaine maxwell-tier globalist pimp are angry because they, too, can tell she's having fun and are trying to take a dump on her whole trip.

no offense but just like with the ricky delgado autism, some people in here are coming off as slightly envious that she's in a beautiful all-inclusive resort, drinking tons of shitty tequila cocktails all day (lol), and getting to run around on the beach, fully paid for by madam cockeyes. i am actually glad to see her doing something nice other than getting the shit beat out of her in a creepy dungeon, playing mario kart, and swimming in the ocean. i know it won't last, but this was only "boring" because people couldn't wallow in the schadenfreude of watching her fail. it's kind of sad when you think about it.

No. 1940965

Nona, dahell you talking bout? Her ass is a flat line in every picture. Even when she breaks her back in half to elude to butt, it doesnt change the truth. She has a pancake ass. Just do squats shay! Damn! No job, all the time in the world. Kek she could even buy one of those disembodied torsos you put a dildo into for her degenerate porn and do "exercise" while making her pennies. But no. Self improvement is not in the books for fatshat.

No. 1940966

They are seriously so FUCKING ugly and dirty, my stomach hurts. Sarah's face is vomit inducing,my God.

No. 1940988

I dont know how she has any female fans to be honest, then i remember sex workers and degens like this don't care about actual women's rights.

No. 1940990

Pretty much this, and she deserves every bad shit that happens to her for constantly throwing women under the bus.

No. 1940999

She only looks genuinely happy because she is finally getting a taste of the life she thinks she deserves.

No. 1941027

>no offense but just like with the ricky delgado autism, some people in here are coming off as slightly envious that she's in a beautiful all-inclusive resort, drinking tons of shitty tequila cocktails all day

I agree that there were definitely sad, sad nomas who felt attraction to Ricky Delgado, which caused the super autistic deep dive into his life. They said it was because they didn't think he should be allowed to work around kids, which he shouldn't, but he didn't get fired and no one actually bothered to do anything other than send him an email about finding out about his porn account.

But who the fuck in their right mind would be jealous of shayna's flabby ass getting beat on by a bunch of old people in Aruba? It's not unachievable for anyone with a full-time job and no kids to spend a few days during winter in a third world island nation. This is just the usual lull of Shayna not being very milky because she's having fun. Anons get retarded instead of just not posting until she does something funny

No. 1941053

her ass looks like she’s squeezing it together desperately trying to hold in a fart

No. 1941090

nonna do you think it is acceptable for old coomers to obtain sexual satisfaction by striking a woman so hard that they leave large bruises on her body if they pay for her vacation and let her get drunk on their dime? serious question.

No. 1941101

not the nona in question but - yes? do you not? shayna is the most absolutely clear cut reasoning for why this is fine - she is not being trafficked, she is not a 'survival sex worker', she is not (in a meaningful way) mentally handicapped. she is consenting entirely to this. why shouldn't adults be allowed to do that to other consenting adults? we make fun of shayna here because she is an idiot who could do better than this, but that doesn't mean it's somehow morally wrong for people to be sexually satisfied by paying for consenting women to allow them to strike them. it's gross, i don't understand it, and i judge it personally but it's certainly acceptable if both parties accept it.

No. 1941106

It’s not my definition of trafficking, it’s the definition of trafficking. If you went to the police and said “I freely agreed to create adult content in exchange for food and board, and then when I got there that’s exactly what happened - I was trafficked!” they would do nothing because no criminal offence would have been committed. I can’t speak for every woman in the Maxwell/Epstein situation but AFAIK the issue with V.G. was that she was 17 when she was taken over and that she didn’t actually explicitly agree before time to exchange sexual services for material recompense. Be as indignant as you like, words have (legal) meaning and Shayna isn’t being trafficked if she agreed to this.

/end derail

No. 1941109

There’s more than one anon who disagrees that she’s being trafficked, but I’m one of them and I have ~professional experience~ in working with anti-trafficking orgs etc due to being ex-prostitute myself. Fully aware that trafficking can occur in a number of different ways, but this just ain’t it. She’s not being “plied with alcohol” she proactively drinks like this even when she’s alone at home. She’s an alcoholic prostitute who’s gonna have some serious trauma if she ever gets out of this, but that doesn’t automatically make this trafficking.(powerleveling prostitute)

No. 1941120

I hate when nonas do this shit, acting like people are attracted to these disgusting freakazoid males who like women to act like babies but just so happen to always keep a job around kids/have them. As if every single person apart of Shay's life doesn't have someone looking into it for details.
You don't have to be attractive to someone Shayverse to find them disgusting and get shaytarded about them. Yes it's dumb but I doubt it's attraction.
All this talk about being jealous of the "tots great time" Shayna is having is weird as hell, especially when we know she's going to have a meltdown when she gets home. Everytime Shayna goes out the thread gets retarded, it's almost promised at this point, but I don't think it's because jealously versus tinfoil running wild. This is the first legit vacay shayna has been on since her trip with her family.

No. 1941123

If Sarah hooked her up with some scrote spefically for her to sell her askback to him, would that be trafficking since she's traveling to do it? Because thats what i think happened, IDC, I definetly think shayna had to fuck somebody/do something strange for this trip. Rather it's planned by Sarah via her connect or apart of the whole situation.
"Oh you can make the money back by fucking this guy I know, he pays a lot to mark up unmarked girls!" Is what I feel. I feel like when she first invited Shay or shay invited herself Shay probably told her that money was an issue or that it'd be expensive for her. Just tinfoiling.

No. 1941135

Shayna's NOT being Trafficked she has a family who would be looking for her if she was Human Trafficked she would be everywhere in the news media because she's a privileged white girl with well off parent's, The Disappearance of Amy Lynn Bradley now that is a actual Trafficking in the Caribbean case off a cruise ship

No. 1941143

nayrt but i think it's unacceptable and should be illegal, idc about consent, i'm against the buying and selling of any and all sexual services. that said, i still don't feel sorry for shayna

No. 1941146

File: 1702247335148.png (1.8 MB, 828x1792, IMG_9825.PNG)

shots in the pool

No. 1941152

might get called a scrote for this comment, but i feel like her tits shouldn’t look that saggy after a breastlift and implants like 5-6 months ago. i just mean in this photo they almost look like the natural sag of a 26 year old who lost some weight, except she spent thousands on them and is now permanently scarred. her tits are gonna look exactly the same as they used to look in like a years time.

No. 1941157

agree. if shayna was underage or like just freshly turned 18 than ya maybe i could see this as human trafficking. but shayna is ridden hard put away wet type woman. thats right - WOMAN. She’s not a little girl, she’s not even a young adult anymore, she’s an above average sized, fully grown woman. she is 26 and fully capable of accepting responsibility for her fuck up of a life. sarah is just a side character in her downward spiral ever since fupa left her. she has become increasingly more deranged and corrupted ever since that break up (first m/m, publicly escorting, getting more intense with her beatings, letting johns in her house, and now traveling out of country with known elderly perverts). she desperately wants to be “saved” by a man and settle into one of those OF whores with a cuck boyfriend to fall back on financially and brag about on twitter. sadly for her the only guy to bite so far after like almost 3 years now was some fugly autistic brony who already had a wife and was clearly not expecting a long term arrangement considering he immediately went no contact at the first sign of trouble.

No. 1941159

Exactly, I would be more worried about her John's or Clients she invites aka the incels into her apartment, I feel like that could end badly

No. 1941160

there’s no milk because sarah is monitoring things. we have no idea of shayna is having bad nights that are too embarrassing to post about. shayna is never this quiet when the most mundane boring shit and social interactions with her happen, so for her not to be posting much is a clear sign of someone intervening. maybe even a “condition” for room and board. shayna could be making an absolute fool of herself. she looked super rough the other day and sad in the eyes, plus that whole soap in the mouth thing came off like she fucked up in some way.

No. 1941164

my shaytarded brain misread that as "sharts in the pool" and thought she'd finally succumbed to the scat porn

No. 1941166

Her travelling for it isn’t the key issue, because technically you can be trafficked without leaving your house. I think what is making people suspicious is that they think this is systematic exploitation, where an organised group are targeting vulnerable individuals and engineering situations for them to be sexually exploited. If she was invited by them knowing she had no money, then conveniently there was dudes waiting to pay her for sexual services, it could arguably be called trafficking. If she knew before the tickets were booked that this would be happening and she agreed to it, it can’t be called trafficking. She simply agreed to ‘work’ in a foreign country. My position on it is that her behaviour hasn’t changed in any way since she left America - she’s always drank loads, boasted about being marked by scrotes, agreed to prostitution/porn, constantly broke, etc. Makes it very hard to identify trafficking when everything’s normal, just abroad.

No. 1941195

To me the soap in the mouth just sounds like another old-timey corporal punishment thing. Very on-brand with Strictmoor shit. Mentioning it was just a tease to her coomers that she's engaging in their schoolgirl punishment kinks.

No. 1941201

I get it's on brand for them but I'm saying they made her do it for a reason. Maybe she talked back to Sarah or said something they didn't like. They are conditioning her using her kinks. But it wouldn't shock me if Shayna is sleeping away half the trip recovering in a hotel room from being hungover and used by old scrotes the night before. This could be the reason for her lack of content.

No. 1941212

Nobody is attracted to that ugly post wall big noses saggy jowl pedo, we’re not Shrekeisha.

No. 1941213

I reckon there might be an ER trip on the cards with how much liquor Shayna has been drinking on this holiday. Especially if she can't get as plastered as she has been doing while she is travelling home. Withdrawal symptoms on a plane would be hell

No. 1941218

File: 1702258123275.jpg (715.88 KB, 2880x2880, 820.jpg)

>bikini of the day [black heart emoji] ft these hot matching heels [sparkle emoji]

No. 1941222

I'm kind of shocked she's not withdrawing from weed right now. Seems like Butterface Gregory is pretty strict about not smoking weed.

No. 1941227

Might just be shaytism but if you look closely at the eye on the left, in the first picture, she looks sad and like she is looking down to the side. Also might just be a reflection. But also thats a pathetic half assed smile compared to the cheesy grins she has been sporting. Im not sure how much on board i am with the sexual abuse theries going around but shay looks way less happy in these. Are those big sunglasses to hide that as well? Shayspicious

No. 1941229

I only say that because I literally saw at least one deranged nona call him hot, and others agreed. Take it up with them

Alright, go read through the /shay/ thread and start to feel the bad feels. Someone even posted Womack in the unconventionally attractive male threads. I find them repugnant, and any other woman with sense should, but half of shayna's threads are her fellow sex workers who make even less than her and want to "take her down."

No. 1941233

She's most likely not being trafficked. She's definitely doing weird kink shit that no woman,no matter how degenerate should have to experience, but she wasn't some naive 18 year old with nowhere to go trusting a "friend". She's been talking about this trip for a while, I'm sure she and Sarah had a conversation about what exactly she was going to be doing once she came to Aruba. She'll probably feel like shit once she's back home because she's broke and even more mentally damaged from her "job" (people say "sub drop") but to try and categorize her as a trafficking victim is dishonest and a disservice to actual victims. Shayna is just a victim of her own dumbass choices.

No. 1941238

File: 1702260350525.jpg (243.99 KB, 803x459, Aruba Toilet.jpg)

>Shayna looks like she is having so much fun servicing old men for a free vacation!

Yes, that's actually Tubaman in the photo

No. 1941242

Yep… it prolly feels all glamorous atm because she's at a resort and they're prolly treating her nicely to avoid drama. But once she gets home and is alone with her thoughts i bets it aint gonna feel so glamorous no more. Specially when Sarah and her Thrupple stop giving her that constant attention. She gonna melt down hard when they move on to the next chubby drunk blonde.

No. 1941249

i think she really did quit for awhile. iirc she mentioned vaping more since she's quit. i predict she hits the dispensary immediately after landing though. i think most of the reason she quit was for this trip.

No. 1941256

File: 1702262767934.gif (Spoiler Image,428.38 KB, 220x320, sexy-pig.gif)

Seriously I can't help but see this each time she posts in a stringy bikini kek.

No. 1941266

File: 1702264448102.mp4 (4.84 MB, 828x1792, 0ee44c72-18e7-43e6-8def-71e7ee…)

more public dancing

No. 1941271

it looks like she just has a giant censor bar on her boobs lol

No. 1941272

The fat arm giggling as much as the tits oofff

No. 1941280

Those eyes are deader than her split ends

No. 1941281

True. She is making her bed and laying in it too. I wasnt saying i feel bad for her or anything kek i just kind of notice that i think the drop is coming. Especially since the end of the trip is almost here and she has been drunk or atleast some form of intoxicated this entire time. I hope we get milk when she is back in the states.

No. 1941321

File: 1702270781259.mp4 (2.64 MB, 720x1280, what in tarnation.mp4)

If Shayna usually behaves as she does in this video, maybe some of her totally happened interactions are true.

No. 1941324

File: 1702271143899.jpg (385.83 KB, 1536x2048, “titz carlton”.JPG)

> idea: stripper named titz carlton

No. 1941329

her only personality trait is acting horny

No. 1941331

File: 1702271450998.jpeg (968.53 KB, 3072x2048, Espresso Martini @ The Ritz.JP…)

> havin the best martini of my LIFE @ the ritz in aruba omfg [Face with Spiral Eyes Emoji] [Pink Heart Emoji]

No. 1941333

This has to be bait. What kind of woman would be attracted to an ugly balding, rapidly aging porn addict who went broke from buying prostitutes? His penis is below average size and cannot even stay erect. No one here is genuinely attracted to Sensei Ricky Delgado of Boulder, CO. There is just no way.

No. 1941346

We get it, Sarah treated you to a singular beverage at the Ritz on one night of your holiday. I almost can't believe she was admitted entry in those clothes or lack thereof kek

No. 1941354

Kek I love that going inside a ritz carlton is such a moment for her that she has to mention it multiple times to show off. It’s a low class/white trash move

No. 1941373

Oh my lord she’s such a fucking sped, this is so embarrassing

No. 1941374

All of Aruba looks like a giant white trash playground where degenerate Americans go to do degenerate shit because it’s cheaper than elsewhere in the Caribbean (bar the places with astronomical crime rates that no one wants to visit)

No. 1941375

LMAO the egregious blur tool/filter abuse has my whole being in orbit

No. 1941378

Looking at these the only word that comes to mind is doughy

No. 1941396

kek the chip in the glass right at the front… any high end bartender would never use a chipped glass. And the colour of that espresso martini is way too pale, even post-shaking

No. 1941399

It's bleak that she went to a another country and basically did the exact same routine as she would in Renton. Get drunk, do sex work and post hideous selfies.

No. 1941412

That pig has more ass than Shay

No. 1941436

kek, it's true

No. 1941448

File: 1702305568450.jpeg (280.28 KB, 604x1582, IMG_0394.jpeg)

No. 1941449

File: 1702305833999.jpg (1.01 MB, 1080x1790, 1000002155.jpg)

Bright and early with the hard liquor again. You know she's been dehydrated this whole trip.

No. 1941450

File: 1702305836463.jpeg (944.55 KB, 1170x1412, IMG_0395.jpeg)

No. 1941451

File: 1702305840240.png (2.53 MB, 828x1792, IMG_9830.png)

today’s “breffast”

No. 1941453

girl none of it is that deep. develop some healthy relationships that don't involve physical violence

No. 1941454

File: 1702305935706.jpeg (225.36 KB, 1152x2048, IMG_0397.jpeg)

No. 1941455

File: 1702305966264.jpeg (172.76 KB, 2048x1152, IMG_0396.jpeg)

2/2 not sure if this should be spoiled

No. 1941457

Her Kidney's are screaming they must be so painful all that dehydration, ER saga when?

No. 1941488

Definitely when she goes back to Washington. There’s no way she’s properly taking care of herself, and the cold gray loneliness of her apartment is going to send her into an anxiety spiral.

No. 1941491

She probably doesn't have travel insurance. She had to beg coomers for money for the flight, so I doubt she bothered with insurance.

No. 1941520

Damn, I can’t believe I still don’t have a fucking bingo.

No. 1941522

I don't understand this sentiment. She is drinking probably the same amount of alcohol per day on this trip that she drinks when she is at home in Renton. Nonas - she is a full blown alcoholic. She just feels less shame and guilt at the moment over sharing how much she is drinking because she is "on vacay!" and its fairly socially acceptable to day drink when you're vacationing on an exotic island.

No. 1941525

Can we stamp the square that says she's only been drinking?

No. 1941530

what the fuck does this even mean

No. 1941531

Aren't there sights to see and touristy activities? They went on that weird boat thing and on the beach is all. Then theyve just been drinking at the hotel bars.

No. 1941550

Why is everyone surprised an alcoholic prostitute is acting like an alcoholic prostitute? Especially if any of these resorts are all-inclusive, she’s in alcohol hog heaven.

No. 1941568

File: 1702328685757.jpeg (158.95 KB, 750x559, 7A7FA402-9318-4D7C-8914-63FEF4…)

No. 1941569

has anyone considered shayna might be joining sarah gregory’s polycule with her husband and the tubaman guy. i swear to god if shayna starts seriously dating >>1941238 tubaman its going to be fucking hilarious. he is ON LIFE SUPPORT.

No. 1941572

>Shayna dating tubaman
The "age" in "agegap" stands for ice age

No. 1941580

its just shayna going full pick-me again and fishing for a relationship. she’s saying because she likes to be beaten up by men, that the normal bdsm “punishments” don’t work on her. instead she wants to be emotionally abused by a man who will make her do the stuff she actually doesn’t want to do as a punishment.

except this is complete bullshit. she tried this relationship dynamic with fupa but it utterly failed and she ended up screaming bloody murder that he was controlling and abusive. like can you imagine if a guy held back an alcoholic drink or bong hit from her? or pulled away her plate to make her stop eating so damn much? she would have a field day playing the domestic abuse victim.

No. 1941587

Big shaynus you haven’t had a bf in years lol. Nice try

No. 1941592

ive noticed that no one really "babies" her the way she wants. they leave or make her be the big dominant one (the ugly teeth key freak comes to mind)

No. 1941594

>can you imagine if a guy held back an alcoholic drink or bong hit from her? or pulled away her plate to make her stop eating so damn much?
I am kekking at the thought.

No. 1941596

Pickmes never prosper

No. 1941614

I can swear years ago she called a scrote she was dating abusive because he wouldn't get weed for her

No. 1941636

If you're talking about when fupa wouldn't bring her the stupid weed pen tht she left in his car and was telling her to just take her actual meds I thought about that immediately after reading that long ass tweet kek. Like get a grip you hate when scrotes try to make you anything responsible for real.

No. 1941638

I agree. It just looks like she's drinking more than usual because tropical cocktails at the swim-up bar are more photogenic than plastic cups full of box wine or vanilla vodka straight from the bottle.

No. 1941641

what is ever revealed what medication shayna was on?

No. 1941642

Ntayrt but wouldn’t it be great if she got married to this old geezer because if he dies then she could get money out of it?

No. 1941644

I dunno, I’d say she probably is drinking at least a little bit more. All the cocktails are deceptively high in alcohol volume and if it’s all inclusive she doesn’t have to worry about how many shekels she has before she waddles to Walmart for a box of pink wine, plus she’s not got access to weed so I’m sure she’s compensating

No. 1941645

She claimed it’s why she got fat but I don’t think she ever specified

No. 1941651

i thought it was antidepressants? i swear she claims she got fat on like Paxil or Zoloft

No. 1941653

mentions of mood stabilizers, anxiety meds and i believe antipsychotics if my memory serves me right

No. 1941654

Yeah SSRIs like Zoloft and Paxil won’t make you fat (they even cause weight loss in a lot of people) but mood stabilisers and antipsychotics will

No. 1941657

If I can recall (I'm drunk so maybe I'm wrong) it was a scrote before fupaul that she pulled this shit. I remember someone posting a tumblr post or something of her being very upset some scrote wouldn't get her weed.

No. 1941663

Since she said bipolar at some point, I'm guessing they put her on Lamictal or the stupid one that could put you into kidney failure. Maybe Seroquel if she got agitated enough/wasn't sleeping for days on end. not a medfag, just bipolar.

No. 1941665

File: 1702345234887.jpeg (1.42 MB, 3464x3464, 1582175942744.jpeg)

from thread 53 she mentions
>antidepressant, possibly zoloft
>oxcarbazepine (kek at her spelling of it)

No. 1941668

The drugs probably worked but filled her with shame over her lifestyle

No. 1941671

No wonder she's fucking retarded, they put her on abilify and she smoked weed (most likely) on it.

No. 1941679

bold to stand on the hill that the sub isn't supposed to enjoy bdsm
yeah exactly, she's describing an abusive relationship beyond bdsm nonsense which was exactly what fupappy was doing and we all called it then that he just wanted to get off to hurting, raping, and controlling women more than even most "doms" only for her to admit as much later. ffs he had simulated and real snuff on his dash and this is the type of man that shayna has never stopped pandering to because she knows there's limited competition of women willing to degrade themselves this much so she thinks it's her easy ticket to getting male validation. but at what cost? she doesn't even enjoy any of this and actively advertises that she's self harming by engaging in kinks she doesn't actually enjoy because she actually wants to be truly in tears and pain. if she wasn't a an autopedo and panderer I'd feel sorry for her fucked psyche

No. 1941693

Did you count the Switch not connecting to the TV as complaining about inconveniences in paradise? I think it might count because she could've done literally anything else than play nintendo and she made a whiny-ish post about it.

No. 1941695

As a medfag I was going to say “it’s probably some combination of aripiprazole/olanzapine/lithium/quetiapine since she claims she’s bipolar and those can cause significant weight gain” but honestly her lifestyle is such a dumpster fire that she’d have probably ballooned up regardless

No. 1941707

I am surprised Shayna doesn’t weigh more than she does because I imagine she drinks at least 600 calories (roughly one bottle of wine) a day. And 600x365 days / 3,500 cal = 62 excess pounds a year. I mean I know she is big, but she should be huge

No. 1941708

Also, she’s sedentary and orders high calorie meals. And drinks Starbucks dessert beverages.
She must be compensating in some way. Have we seen a single food picture from this trip?

No. 1941710

>simulated and real snuff on his dash

No. 1941711

File: 1702350195646.jpeg (392.79 KB, 1242x1460, 1578931155639.jpeg)

thread 43, says she was on "nightmare medication" which could be nitrazepam, prazosin, or triazolam

No. 1941713

She was suuper fat during her solo oklahoma days when she looked identical to yaniv. I 100% buy the tinfoils that she's hooked on some of pill or harder drug than she lets on. this could be what keeps her out of the morbidly obese category despite drinking thousands of empty calories a day.

No. 1941714

kek what if this trip was actually just sarah gregory taking shayna to fat camp

No. 1941759

File: 1702359563668.jpeg (667.75 KB, 828x1435, 4E9FB4F5-C9B6-41F3-B8D8-D9BBE0…)

Didn’t she just get her nails done? They shouldn’t look like they’re about to pop off so soon.(nitpicking)

No. 1941762

Kek, go read the fupa years but if you search fupa + tumblr it'll show up. He loved reblogging pics of women being kidnapped and killed and released some classic shaystory pics of himself in leather gloves and himself badly choking shay like his reblogged gifs. I think he had some stuff that was real or at least suspiciously so back then but there was so much of the stuff there was probably some real shit there by accident at least
Since she goes to a pretty cheap place it probably just isn't standing up well to being soaked in water

No. 1941773

Sorry to blog, but I do my own nails and bash them around heaps at work and they never look this bad after literally weeks. Shat’s nail tech must REALLY hate her.

No. 1941774

Samefag, but her cuticles are a good indicator of how the rest of her skin looks under all those filters. She probably doesn’t moisturise after soaking in all that chlorine/salt water all day everyday, dehydrated from not drinking any water this whole trip (and most of her life kek) and she definitely doesn’t use hand cream or cuticle oil. She must be the most dehydrated thing on earth rn.

No. 1941776

They probably have multiple times. I can't believe some of you really believe she's going to a nail tech/salon.

No. 1941790

File: 1702366336538.jpg (189 KB, 828x1792, tHeY’rE pReSs OnS!!!!.JPG)

A farmer found her testimonial on a nail salon’s website not that long ago but ok >>>/snow/1843114

No. 1941793

Her nail techs hate her for sure! They did her dirty including that massive neck/chin roll.

No. 1941794

believe it or not, there are salons and nail techs that suck at their job. and honestly i don't blame them for doing a piss poor job on someone like shayna. they're definitely not press ons- press ons do not damage the nail fold/skin surrounding the nails because bad nail techs damage that so bad when they apply acrylic nails. press ons also tend to look much thinner than acrylics.

i bet they hate her because she's so outwardly freakish and probably rude

No. 1941798

abilify can cause massive weight gain, even without the weed and booze. it’s too bad she has zero self awareness or self control because if she had tried to change her eating habits/caught it early on it would have saved her a lot of trouble. it’s a lot easier to lose that weight when you’re younger.

No. 1941803

yeah okay? a farmer also found the exact nails she has on shein >>>/snow/1935686, just because that ugly set she got from a salon doesn't mean she goes regularly.

No. 1941808

They’re not the same nails, Nona. Shein et al use fake pictures for their products and they tend to reproduce popular things. With Shayna is more likely that she’s just going to a shitty nail place, just like the goes to a shitty hair salon. Do you truly imagine Shayna sitting at home glueing her nails on? The same Shayna that would Uber to the gym, which was walking distance from her house in Oklahoma?

No. 1941831

File: 1702373184698.jpeg (792.5 KB, 1170x1125, IMG_0533.jpeg)

kek this salon really does specialise in hideous hotdog nails, their website is a dumpster fire, it’s like Vicky Shingles tier artistry

No. 1941846

File: 1702376820364.png (2.32 MB, 1924x1500, 324234.png)

they're not the same nail shape, color scheme, and the pattern is slightly different.

i'm betting it's a place shay goes to because they're super cheap. those cuticles are unmistakably similar to shayna's. they're shit and shayna doesn't take care of her nails otherwise on top of that. bad application of acrylics fucks up your nails. you can't fuck up your nails like that or get nails looking like >>>/snow/1931760 with press ons because all you do with press ons is apply them to your nail with nail glue or sticker sheets, no one's ripping back your cuticle like in these pics. also she's been playing in the water with these nails on for days now, if you've had press ons you would know all the water soaking into the adhesive would have gotten them coming off by now. she likely would have lost one or a few in the pool lol.

No. 1941882

File: 1702384520345.png (537.31 KB, 720x955, Screenshot_20231212-203410~2.p…)


I found another picture of shat's claws on the page. Why the fuck do they look so red? I don't do anything to my nails. Is that normal?

No. 1941888

Shayna has said she’s allergic to acetone and that one of her medications caused or worsened (?) these reactions to the nails >>>/snow/1415747

No. 1941889

i've only gotten powder dip manicures a few times but i've seen many women with acrylics and they've never looked that inflamed. the salon must be run by retards to think pics like that advertise any quality service. her nail folds are fucking weeping, bleeding, and crusting. absolutely inflamed and hurts to look at.

No. 1941890

File: 1702386281930.jpeg (233.72 KB, 682x596, IMG_1942.jpeg)

Holy fuck this is fucking heinous, it looks so painful, why the fuck would they post this on their page? Absolutely retarded. And if Shaynus is allergic to acetone she’s fucking retarded for getting acrylics in the first place, much less getting them done by people this incompetent. My god.

No. 1941895

My sides. Wtf is this place?

No. 1941897

nona PLEASE tell me this is a joke and you used burn tool in photoshop to makes those look more gnarly.

No. 1941907

File: 1702389103396.jpeg (296.55 KB, 1170x1811, IMG_0536.jpeg)

This is from their Google review page, I think it’s also Shayna, I couldn’t find your pic either on there or on their shitty “graphic design is my passion” website

No. 1941920

File: 1702392420066.jpg (656.17 KB, 1080x1571, Sped.jpg)

No. 1941921

File: 1702392541572.jpg (500.18 KB, 1536x2048, HG.JPG)

No. 1941922

File: 1702392632118.jpeg (278.01 KB, 1283x1337, Tweets.JPEG)

No. 1941923


No. 1941925

This "Trip" Really aged TF outta her she looks like a 45 year old chain smoker

No. 1941928

She says stuff like this and she still can’t get picked. How embarrassing.

No. 1941942

the flowers on the shein nails look like theyre done better than the ones on shaynas nails kek but i bet she took that picture to them for inspo

No. 1941948

kek accurate. She looks legitimately deranged.

No. 1941960

She acts like she has this preference because she's uwu kinky, but in reality she has just aged so far out of the target demographic for dd/lg that the only men who want her anymore are 1 foot in the grave. She is too old for a pedo moid in their 30s/40s, but she's trying to cope by acting like it's her own preference that's keeping them away kek

No. 1941963

"I'm baby" says the woman looking 5 years into 40.

No. 1941968

The fact you could name not one, but three of those, is even more unsettling than the fact there's a "nightmare medication". Americans are so fucked up. Sorry for the derail.

No. 1941970

File: 1702401694941.mp4 (9.86 MB, 888x1332, domedbywinniethepooh.mp4)

kek that 4-foot tall manlet orbiting in her comments sounds like Winnie the Pooh trying to be a Tumblr dom

No. 1941981

Where’s that brilliant “I’m baby” picture a Shartist did when you need it? Didn’t it even have bleeding cuticles like in >>1941882

No. 1941992

File: 1702405422594.png (57.83 KB, 208x275, 1685183797690.png)

Straight from the shart thread. She's baby everyone!

No. 1941995

File: 1702405538253.jpg (Spoiler Image,402.72 KB, 2048x2048, Shayna Leigh Clifford and Sara…)

> just bestie things [Face with Hand Over Mouth Emoji] [Black Heart Emoji] [Sparkles Emoji] @SarahGregory02

No. 1941997

File: 1702405873385.png (99.76 KB, 1293x394, Likes.png)

In Shayna’s Likes. She has tasted the ‘good life’ and now Ellen is in danger.

No. 1942001

…it's called google. i wasn't even aware until i found those tweets that people even get medicated for nightmares.

No. 1942005


>Is a father

>Bragging about how his last girlfriend wasn't even born when he was a kid
>Shayna's going along with it

Yeah. She gets what she deserves. I just wish her coomers would get it too.

No. 1942007

Atleast Sarah is attempting to look sensual. Shay’s faces make zero sense

No. 1942009


No. 1942012

I think it’s her attempt to convey innocence since a lot of her content seems to revolve around coercion and corruption of naïveté.

No. 1942018

they also prescribe klonopin for nightmares/night terrors. that could definitely be her "good girl pills". also would match anons tinfoils that she abuses benzos.(tinfoiling)

No. 1942029

File: 1702411734072.png (324.34 KB, 1293x574, Tweet.png)

Do we think she’ll crack before or after returning from her parents’ home after the holidays?

No. 1942036

It's very telling how annoyed she gets about women who only engage in sexual/intimate acts that they enjoy. The idea of women having sexual agency and saying no to being physically abused angers her. If she were a scrote she would absolutely abuse women. The only reason she doesn't now is because she exclusively associates with women who she can leech from and she doesn't want to bite the hand that feeds.

No. 1942053

>road trips
Has she ever been on a single road trip in her life? I don't think she has the patience to sit in the passenger seat for 8h, let alone to drive. She would have a tantrum after a few hours of not being able to drink or vape. And her dadrock playlist would run out within a couple hours & start looping kek.


This is the only one of these things that Shayna actually has experience with.


She has been on like 3 "hikes" in her 26 years of life, and they were all ~1hr kiddie trails that she went on just to take pictures.


You live in fucking Renton lmao


TOP. KEK.(learn2integrate)

No. 1942064

i bet her living breathing dog wished she cared this much about it, idk why she doesn't rehome the poor thing so it has a chance for a good life with someone enthusiastic about it

No. 1942065

She always looks uncomfortable or like she doesn't want to be where she's at. who wants to look at pictures of a fat woman being embarrassing or looking like she's not happy while "performing" in weird porn?

No. 1942066

She is trying to LARP as a midwestern-carhart-toque-snowbunny-adventure gal because she spent a week outside & forgot that she's really a basic, sedentary, doordash a wicked smaht clam chowdah new england-ass homebody.

No. 1942073

The most ironic part about this is that chronic nightmares are associated with severe depressionals other types of severe mental illness, which is inevitably related to whatever's happening to her during the day.

pimping herself out to disgusting old rapists is taking it's toll but she doesn't seem care


you're projecting your own insecurities on her. do you really think that she cares where the money's coming from when she's probably grateful if she's getting paid at all? are you trying to put her down by suggesting that she has to deal with middle-aged abusers instead of abusers in that 30s and 40s which are somehow preferable or something?

look at dating sites and what they publish. middle aged men routinely message women have their age and will do it in far higher numbers than they message women their own damn age. the scrotes orbiting shat are the creeps who no girl in her early twenties with any sense wants to be around but they apparently don't care because hooray for grody old rapists, ig.

No. 1942085

Nta but as people get older, their standards become much lower, so it's not that younger moids are "better" it's that Shayna is usually not liked by picky men because she's not that cute, only the most desperate men who will take anything look at her.

No. 1942090

sarah taking shungus to a hotel bar to work and be a prostitute and she's bragging like she's on vacation kek

No. 1942095

Her tiny eyes and eyebrows jfc. She looks like she was almost crying in the left one. Looks like shes doing the "bratty" bit again. Basically the only gimmick she knows. And she's not even good at it.

No. 1942098

I'm not arguing with the fact that the men who probably pick her pick her because she seems more attainable than, idk, a Playboy bunny type? but plenty of absolutely repulsive men manage to pay very thin and conventionally attractive women to have coerced "relationships" with them so this isn't so much about attractiveness as it is about what a scrote feels like he can access. It seems like with Shat it's a matter of becoming a loyal customer or follower or something, getting that 20 something woman attention for these creeps.

No. 1942123

Barely any touristy things to do besides hopping from resort to resort, chugging alcohol and stuffing their faces in all-inclusive hotels. It's just an over-hyped island for white trash to travel to, that had its natives obliterated by the Spanish, and an extensive history of slavery and dutch colonialism.

No. 1942124

I wonder if she thinks not eating any food is compensating for the fact that she is drinking an alcoholic drink for breakfast. That is easily a 200 calorie drink. Pure carbs. Might as well eat 200 cals of candy/bread. Atleast she would feel full(for a bit). Kek idiot.

No. 1942130

File: 1702426597714.png (419.55 KB, 590x617, shaynorexia.png)

Shayna copies and/or is heavily influenced by whoever is her new flavor of the week in friendship. Right now it's Sarah Gregory who we've learned from the threads keeps a strict diet almost to the point of extremism. Shayna retweeted this image on her spam account today about diet coke. She is trying to enter her eating disorder era at the moment. I can picture Sarah being like Jason Nash to Trisha, constantly commenting on what they're eating.

No. 1942136

Shayna Manifesting her weight loss saga kek

No. 1942137

>You understand?
Holy shit, the way I actually kekked.

No. 1942138

> who wants to look at pictures of a fat woman being embarrassing or looking like she's not happy while "performing" in weird porn?
The same people interested in her weird porn: perverts.

No. 1942143

these two posts back to back is amazing

No. 1942150

Fatties love Diet Coke.

No. 1942153

For real, it’s a “paradise” for inbred degenerate burgers who can’t afford the Maldives or Bora Bora where they can LARP at being uwu luxurious in their timeshare. I’d put money on Shungus not posting food because Mr Burns in drag is policing both what she eats and what she posts (and Grandma probably being too retarded to know/care about the calories in those gross cocktails). She’s going to crash so hard when she gets back to Renton. I wonder if Ellen Degenerate is seething with jealousy or if she shares as little about Shat as Shat does about her

No. 1942155

Calling that disgusting old pimp her “bestie” while doing this makes me want to to an hero, I hate them so fucking much

No. 1942161

When she gets back home she's either going to beg her coomers for money so she can go on a door dash binge or beg them for gym membership and protein powder like she did before.

No. 1942196

I agree. Aruba is trashy and only poor Americans go there. People with actual money and class go to Tahiti or one of the places you mentioned. I pity people who think going to the Caribbean is high class.(sage your shit)

No. 1942202

File: 1702437255954.jpg (725.6 KB, 1080x1637, granny.jpg)

No. 1942203

Idk I went to Bora Bora and the Brando and it was still fat sunburned Americans drinking, is it really that different? I’d love to go to Aruba.

No. 1942206

It is not, its prob micro plastic nonnie at it again.

No. 1942208

NTA but I really want to know more about microplastic anon

No. 1942220

>Road trips
I'm pretty sure back when she dated fupa they drove from Oklahoma to Texas together, and she probably went on road trips as a kid since she grew up middle class. Anything recent? Not sure, unless those naked photoshoots in the woods took a while to get too from where she lives.

No. 1942222

Anons whining about how only poor people go to Aruba probably can't even afford to go to the coast in their own country kek

No. 1942224

This how Hannibal talks to Will Graham in those wattpad self inserts

No. 1942232

care to elaborate nonita?

No. 1942250

These anons are absolutely ridiculous

No. 1942262

I believe she may have driven with that one Fupa-esque fat ugly ginger guy from Seattle area to LA in the earliest threads that were lost. If you're extremely generous with the definition of "road trip" she drove around with Ellen in California, but those were probably like 4-5 hour drives tops.

No. 1942265

Nta but that’s probably the same anon who was claiming everything she did was “trashy” from counting Michael Kors purses as a splurge to using plastic water bottles

No. 1942266

NTA either but she is right, kek. Regardless, everything shaynus does is trash by default because she is trash. She could participate in the most highbrow activities imaginable and it would still seem degenerate by sheer virtue of the fact that she is involved

No. 1942271

I don’t think people necessarily care about visiting the most classy island. They just want a warm beach where they can party, drink, and relax. And that can be trashy for everyone even rich people who act a fool because they’re vacationing. Shayna is never going to be a classy cultured world traveler who sips tea and visits the louvre. This is peak life for her and it didn’t seem like the places she stayed were that bad.

No. 1942277

nta but I think it’s more Shayna thinks she’s a sooper expensive spoilt high class bimbo while staying in her tard wrangler’s timeshare on the cheapest Caribbean island, behaving like a barnyard animal in public and making nasty ass porn with literal geriatrics

No. 1942278

Yeah. I think Aruba could be a lovely place to visit, but if I am paying big bucks then I don’t want Shayna Chicken dancing while I eat my key lime pie

No. 1942293

File: 1702455724621.jpeg (139.73 KB, 750x1334, B0535B8C-B223-487E-B6B6-4E773B…)

imagine this chicken dancing up to you at the bar

No. 1942294

File: 1702456177932.jpeg (610.29 KB, 1242x1309, DA3880AC-0206-4664-8C30-7E9090…)

I don’t understand what’s the appeal of Aruba. If all Sarah and Shayna were doing this whole vacation was going to the pool, staying in hotel rooms and going to bars, why didn’t they just go on an adult cruise ship?? They’re essentially doing what you’d do on a trashy cruise. Most cruises are like floating Walmarts, they’d probably be able to find Johns easier since everyone is trapped on a boat for days.

No. 1942296

This is what I’m talking about when I say it looks like a paradise for inbred degens, the island itself looks bland in comparison to places like St Lucia and Grenada where there’s so much to do by way of exploring rainforests, waterfalls and different beaches, because they actually have biodiversity, not whatever the fuck Aruba is. It literally looks like a trashy cruise ship on land.(derailing)

No. 1942305

File: 1702462756420.jpg (3.72 MB, 4096x4096, InCollage_20231213_182023035.j…)

Sage for autism but I found it on Facebook. I don't know anything about nails at all, I was just being nosy after the other anon posted the picture and I decided to go digging.

The photo is on their Facebook page and it seems to be the only one where someone is having a reaction like this

No. 1942358

Tbh, that stuff is trashy for her spoilt rich bimbo larp. A normal modest enough woman though? It's fine. You'd just expect someone who carries on and degrades herself as much as Shayna to own at least one of the flashy well known ~luxury~ brands like Gucci or LV. Go to places like bora Bora and never be caught dead with a glorified plastic sippy cup for "water".

No. 1942360

holy shit im dying i thought that was a bucket of fried chicken in the right pic

No. 1942367

This post style is so irritating, there should be a rule against Sportscasting so this faggot will finally learn 2 integrate(infighting/report and move on)

No. 1942379

NTA. Their IG has more recent photos of the nails they have done. I haven’t seen any of Shayna’s while looking thru. Idk who runs their IG but they repost images a lot? The hot dog nails seem to be their knack so they are def not shein nails. It’s queenie_nailspa and they have a second one without the _ called queenienailspa. Think this place may be ran by someone who isn’t very with it on the social media end of things.

No. 1942381

I’m surprised she hasn’t faked her designer purchases from dhgate kek honestly this Aruba thread is so boring I’d rather read her fuplahomagroundhogday breakdowns

No. 1942386

File: 1702486433874.png (1.59 MB, 828x1792, IMG_9861.png)

vacation is over

No. 1942387

Honestly I think she’s too scared that straight off the bat she’ll get called out for them being fake.
Talking of DHGate though; would any nonitas want a thread of finds on there in ot?

No. 1942401

God help the bartenders and nail techs of Renton, they are never going to stop hearing about that one time she was in Aruba.

No. 1942405

Hopefully she live tweets her crash bc I’m tired of checking the thread and it’s just nonnas making up fanfiction ab her trip or rehashing old milk from months/years ago.

No. 1942413

File: 1702489770438.jpg (770.4 KB, 1080x1633, 56.jpg)

How many hours until she posts about how broke she is

No. 1942414

File: 1702490001469.jpg (188.04 KB, 1080x685, 38.jpg)

No. 1942416

File: 1702490164076.mp4 (1.91 MB, 480x848, hammy.mp4)

>this is the face of a girl who is sad 2 be leaving aruba & has 2 put on sunglasses so u don’t see her crying cuz she’s a crybaby who rly loves & is gonna miss her spanko frens [various emojis]

No. 1942427

File: 1702491732113.jpg (721.51 KB, 1080x1781, Filtered to hell.jpg)

No. 1942438

Not gonna stop, die mad lol(you sure?)

No. 1942439

The term “spanko” is so fucking retarded.

No. 1942443

File: 1702495216784.jpg (376.5 KB, 828x3584, IMG_9871.JPG)

she's on the plane now

No. 1942445

File: 1702495412938.jpeg (1.21 MB, 1170x1556, IMG_7303.jpeg)

Ok Shay

No. 1942446

What are the odds that Grandma Gregory has Shayna on a drunkorexia thing?
>lil baby
How about being mentally challenged? Not too far off the mark, considering that weed makes you retarded.

No. 1942450

she needs Botox so fucking bad

No. 1942451

what is it with cows and my melody?

No. 1942455

i've noticed she didn't say she's excited to see her pets or supposed gf ellen. she clearly hates her life back home

No. 1942460

Look at those under eye wrinkles holy shit aging like rotten milk

No. 1942466

No, everyone can tell you're a desperate retard though

No. 1942467

File: 1702499015506.png (1.39 MB, 828x1792, IMG_9873.PNG)

from the plane's toilet

No. 1942469

I agree. It annoys me whenever I see it used. Kek.

No. 1942471

she genuinely looks so ugly here, and that's with a filter.

No. 1942475

File: 1702500026945.jpeg (318.73 KB, 750x453, 16CFABF4-B75C-4159-B1C6-5077FB…)

why does she do this stuff constantly?

No. 1942477

Did she really just rip her nails off

No. 1942479

File: 1702500790953.jpg (397.78 KB, 1079x1438, Shaylusion.jpg)

The full tweet is ridiculous

No. 1942482

kek bragging about getting id'd once out of the 365 days a year that she drinks. it was probably a new employee trying not to get fired for not checking id's

No. 1942487

anytime she genuinely is enjoying herself someplace she barely tweets at all: the direct contrast between quiet social media during aruba vs instantly going back to tweet spamming and making up the usual airport stories just makes it seem that she's absolutely miserable and needs attention now that she's away from her friends and has to go back to her normal grotty life. i honestly feel bad for her, she has 0 healthy coping mechanisms & she's going to come back home and spiral for sure (bonus incoming illness saga in 3..2..1)

No. 1942496

File: 1702502247371.jpeg (937.93 KB, 1170x1436, IMG_7304.jpeg)

She just can’t stop

No. 1942497

She looks so wrecked. This trip has been nothing but a alcohol binge and it shows on her face.

The only thing people are wondering when they look at her is how has a special needs adult escaped her handler.

No. 1942498

File: 1702502603756.jpg (199.65 KB, 1024x815, Color3.jpg)

No. 1942499

>I look better in a black than I do in mismatched porcine pinks
No shit fatty.

No. 1942504

thats because black is slimming fatna

No. 1942506

This bitch doesn’t need another ego boost ffs.

No. 1942522

They literally ID everyone nobody thinks the leather sofa faced fatty is a teen. Excepr her ancient coomers

No. 1942527

File: 1702504800380.mp4 (1.33 MB, 828x1792, e28a685e-ed04-4f99-bae8-1c8322…)

drunk on the plane

No. 1942530

somehow she manages to make the most mundane things look repulsive and unappealing

No. 1942531

she’s chugging wine like it’s a bottle of water.

No. 1942532

ignore my poor ignorant ass, i’ve never flown before - but is she sitting beside someone while filming this cringe? and for all the other time she takes selfies in the plane?

No. 1942537

tinfoil: shayna is about to go crazy on twitter showing herself engaging in dangerous activities to try to emotionally manipulate the sarah gregory thrupple into giving her the attention now that they’re not in aruba together. she probably senses they’ll fade away soon like everyone else who spends significant time alone with shayna.

No. 1942539

File: 1702505449897.jpeg (396.24 KB, 1170x1094, IMG_7305.jpeg)

No. 1942541

lol yes. there's 3 seats per row in most planes and then first class has 2 seats per row with more room. it looks like she's in the aisle seat and the number looks like it says 21 or something, row 21 would be in the middle/back of the plane whereas first class is in the front (not that she could afford a first class ticket). but yes she would have like 1-2 other people in her row

No. 1942543

why does this bitch have pets. poor noodle. poor ribmeat and mr peanutbutter. just realized all her pets are named after food. no wonder shes a big bitch.

No. 1942544

okay this isnt even funny anymore. after extending her aruba vacation, now she’s going to he gone for another 9 days?! she NEEDS TO give away noodle and the cats. i wanna alog so bad because i cannot imagine abandoning my pets like that then brag about it on twitter. considering she was in the negative when she left for aruba, its not like she’s shelling out money for quality care. i wonder if she lets ellen stay at her apartment when she’s gone because doesn’t ellen live with her parents? i pray someone is there caring for and feeding them. i hate shayna.

No. 1942546

When a person "randomly comes up to you" to do their job.

No. 1942547

thanks nona, and oops i missed when shayna says here >>1942479 that she hopes the people next to her don’t mind her watching Wolf of Wallstreet. i cannot believe she’s chugging wine and hugging a stuffed animal like a sped with people so close to her.

No. 1942548

File: 1702506494922.jpg (436.06 KB, 828x3584, IMG_9879.JPG)

landing and drinking more

No. 1942550

dumb bitch. abroad means overseas, and going to some white trash resort in Aruba for a week does not make you an international travel guru. >>1942527
I feel sick and irrationally angry watching this

No. 1942552

So wasted she can barely keep her eyes open

No. 1942553

File: 1702506821888.jpg (249.84 KB, 1080x1221, Totally happened.jpg)

what in the world is this fabrication

No. 1942556

she just drank a bottle of wine on the plane like it was water and she's already begging for money to buy more drinks? I know we talk about her being an alcoholic a lot but she seriously needs some kind of intervention

No. 1942558

File: 1702507449515.jpeg (140.88 KB, 1170x448, IMG_9623.jpeg)

No. 1942559

Her skin is looking extra dry

No. 1942561

File: 1702507739876.jpeg (640.69 KB, 828x1792, IMG_6090D880BD1B-1.jpeg)

those lopsided nips…

No. 1942563

Holy hell, she really is the driest thing on earth! Her forehead matches her cuticles.

No. 1942564

Yes, we get it, Shaynus, you’re drunk again (as if no one could tell). She should let everyone know when she’s sober. Jfc.

No. 1942570

Wow, reading this thread is more tragic than ever. Kind of scared to keep watching her downward spiral into full-blown alcoholism and streetwalking

No. 1942573

she did it to herself but it's still sad to see what her life has become. most chicks on tumblr who were obsessed with the color pink and role-played being a puppy/child with the questionable older guy on tumblr who told them what they wanted to hear have probably grown up by now and are embarrassed or ashamed if they remember what they got up to online at 18 years old. but shaynus life has spiralled out of control to an extent we never could have imagined

No. 1942575

File: 1702509509663.jpeg (550.46 KB, 828x1792, IMG_43CBEE135D47-2.jpeg)

she's like a broken record

No. 1942576

File: 1702509519990.jpg (111.31 KB, 1080x341, botched.jpg)

>like they've never seen nipples b4
No they've never seen such lopsided tits before

No. 1942578

They’re probably thinking, “Did I see that old lady on the show ‘Botched’ and the surgeons told her they couldn’t help her because she was too far gone?”

No. 1942581

File: 1702509725399.mp4 (3 MB, 828x1792, dbdfa826-4fea-48e3-8d98-1a0e50…)

she definitely wasn't lying about being drunk

No. 1942582

As usual? Girl, you just discovered them like a week ago

No. 1942586

I love how she posts every single drink and she posts the exact amount of time she's going to be gone and who with for NO REASON to a bunch of coomers. Why the fuck do they need to know you are spending exactly 6 days with your family creep?

No. 1942587

File: 1702510350283.jpg (426.21 KB, 1080x1130, Martini.jpg)

No. 1942588

I love how much she's drinking because she's going to just balloon and then be confused as to why and blame it on medcine or needing a food plan. You could track how much she's drinking because she posts every single drink.

No. 1942590

kek I guess this is her personality now.

No. 1942591

This is actually insane. It’s not like she’s going to stop either, she’s going to drink until her flight and then on her flight, and on and on. Is she going to go pick up Noodle and the cats while totally wasted? She looks like she’s gonna start stumbling around soon.

No. 1942592

File: 1702510511487.jpg (Spoiler Image,204.44 KB, 1152x2048, Shipple .JPG)

No. 1942593

how on earth is she comfortable getting drunk on a plane? she has to be pissing like a racehorse and getting nauseous with every slight hint of turbulence. i've kek'ed at her substance use, but now that it's a full-blown addiction… this is as bleak as the rest of her life.

No. 1942594

She’s 100% doing this because she wants someone from the thrupple to reach out to her and tell her to slow down. She is BPD and currently “testing” them. Never seen her this bad. It’s like she’s afraid to be sober and alone with her thoughts.

No. 1942595

And she sips water like it's a poison

No. 1942596

Nah they probably are confused as to why a visably drunk girl is walking around the airport with lopsided tits like it's a flex. One thing about Shayna is shes not saying gross scrotes are leering at her, just that people are looking at her like she's crazy, kek.

No. 1942598

I wonder if she seems more drunk than usual because she isn’t eating. We still aren’t seeing her typical food pics being posted.

No. 1942600

hmm, Did she even post food pictures? Kek if she thinks she's going to drop weight by not eating but drinking all her calories she's in for a rude awakening.

No. 1942601

This is the one tropical vacation she's ever been able to afford in her 8 years of sex work and she's acting like this is her life kek

No. 1942602

File: 1702511010705.png (219.18 KB, 1281x919, Paedophile Mike Slack of Misso…)

The lines are so blurred for Shayna, she’s calling Mike Slack/@GNotold dad.

No. 1942604

its honestly crazy how she dresses so slutty with her gross tits out yet she is never picked up by guys. its always just made up stories of someone saying something to her in passing, of service workings being paid to interact with her. like never once has a guy asked her out or for her number.

No. 1942609

My fellow alkie archive nonnas in the shaynatorium do lol

No. 1942611

mike slack will forever be chasing the feeling he had when he was following his actual biological daughter on onlyfans, watching her content and sending her sex toys. blegh. shayna is disgusting for participating, fully knowing what he did.

No. 1942612

kek its funny because she actually couldn’t afford it. her parents paid for her christmas flights and its suspected sarah gregory paid for all the accommodations in aruba in return for sexual flavours and content

No. 1942615

File: 1702511684100.mp4 (2.2 MB, 828x1792, bee1b5d5-4142-4d46-a114-9c4380…)

still eyefucking herself in public

No. 1942616

At this point she could probably eat one meal a day and still gain weight. The espresso martinis are not as high calorie as the rest of her drinks, but a typical cocktail runs around 150-200 calories, and a tallboy of beer can go from 220-300 calories depending on the alcohol percentage. She shows herself drinking at least 4 drinks daily. I assume that she doesn't show everything she drinks either. I would say that she's getting through at least 800 calories in booze every day minimum. She's only got ~1000 calories left for meals before she goes over her TDEE. And that's not if she's losing weight, that's just maintaining.

No. 1942618

File: 1702511751206.jpeg (597.38 KB, 828x1792, IMG_C98B230A13A5-1.jpeg)

martini number… 2? maybe?

No. 1942620

No. 1942621

File: 1702512028726.png (1.87 MB, 828x1792, IMG_9888.PNG)

i wonder if she'll ever be too drunk to board

No. 1942622

She’s struggling so hard to keep her eyes open.

No. 1942624

For real, at what point can they deny you entry to the plane? Even if they can't deny you entry for just being drunk, at this point I'm expecting her to go Bam Margera with it and get into an altercation. Or maybe hit a bump with her rolling luggage, trip over her potato feet and flop face first onto the floor of the jet bridge.

No. 1942625

Why is her face edited except her nose. I’m scared

No. 1942626

Why do I feel like she's a gatekeeper on where she got that sweater.

No. 1942629

She's trying to play it off as a wink, but you're right; she probably can't even see straight. This is legit insane how much she's drinking right now. She's going to puke on the plane (if they even let her alcoholic ass on). Crusty, fat bitch with lopsided tits dragging around a bunch of stuffed animals and stumbling every other step. Bleaque.

No. 1942630

Kek does this imply that she doesn't always get ID'd? I've literally never NOT been ID'd, it's just the law to ID everyone unless it's extremely obvious they're old. Savage self-burn by Shayna lmao

No. 1942631

File: 1702513156301.jpeg (861.68 KB, 828x1792, IMG_08B1B6D50C36-1.jpeg)

so much (free) booze

No. 1942632

>she's getting through at least 800 calories in booze every day minimum
I take it back. I think it's actually more like 1000 calories of booze a day now.
I added up the past 6 hours alone in the alcoholism thread in /shay/ and it is 935-1165 calories, depending on if she had 2 or 3 espresso martinis. Apparently those things are 230 calories EACH. And this chunky bitch had 4 the last time she was at the airport lol. Wild.

No. 1942633

Lol Shay is so dumb, they don't need to swipe your card again because they already have the info for anything else you buy while on the flight.

No. 1942634

File: 1702513295729.mp4 (3.6 MB, 828x1792, 99db3615-dc0d-4ecc-b4bb-4aec8e…)

she's literally chugging it

No. 1942635

File: 1702513414233.jpg (27.44 KB, 432x289, sarah gregory side eye.jpg)

My thoughts exactly. I know that one-eye double vision cope anywhere. The slight inclines and gaps in the walkway will be a cruel mistress. I also bet she's wasted enough to self-report puking.

No. 1942637

That looks sludgey like engine oil ew. Knowing how white her tongue is from never brushing it, I can't begin to imagine how rancid her breath must be. I feel bad for whoever has the misfortune of sitting beside her on the plane. No wonder her rodent teeth are yellow.

No. 1942642

File: 1702513984826.png (21.2 KB, 595x269, 183358.png)

No. 1942643

She's permanently stuck in the mindset of a slacker teenager where it's cool to chug alcohol like a slob and get fucked up 24/7. I can't imagine what an embarassing sight she is in public.

No. 1942644

File: 1702514461521.jpeg (1.43 MB, 828x3584, IMG_0BEA0AB0B32D-1.jpeg)

made it on the plane

No. 1942648

Oh god, she's by the window. I pity whoever has to sit next to her, because she's going to be up and down going to the bathroom every 20 minutes after drinking all that booze. Imagine Shay's crusty, flabby, sweaty, body stinking like booze and cheap body spray rubbing past you when all you want to do is take a nap on this long night flight.

No. 1942649

File: 1702515239418.jpeg (713.75 KB, 828x1792, IMG_FFBD3D18403D-1.jpeg)

feeling the effects

No. 1942650

She looks like the embodiment of a diverted flight right now…feel for everyone else on the plane, she is fucked up

No. 1942653

She already pulled her nails off too

No. 1942654

Prayers to the flight crew, that they have the wisdom to tell her she's overserved before selling her any more booze.

No. 1942657

I hope the flight attendants cut her off

No. 1942659

Tinfoil: Shayna makes up stories of people buying her free drinks because she is embarrassed over the amount of money she spends on alcoholic drinks. "It was free!"

No. 1942661

Kek I would pay to watch that interaction - drunk angry Shay being told she can't have anymore.

Oh definitely. This is hardly a tinfoil, there is literally no reason why a bartender or stewardess would give an already-sauced person free drinks. If anything, she's probably just forgetting that she ordered another drink. She's trying so hard to fit alcoholism into her baby bimbo brand and it's such a bad fit.

No. 1942663

File: 1702516243101.jpeg (879.91 KB, 1170x1403, IMG_5594.jpeg)

The amount of that happened this sweater seems to create

No. 1942664

she looks so dry from her lips to her skin and hair.

No. 1942667

It's all roleplay, it has to be. Ain't no way every flight attendant is gushing and falling over themselves for some dumpy, dirty bitch with no redeeming qualities.

No. 1942669

File: 1702516320457.png (3.48 MB, 1170x2532, IMG_5595.png)

Samefag but her fucking face kek she’s so wasted

No. 1942670


In the exact same faded made in china Amazon sweater at that

No. 1942671

I couldn't even imagine drinking that much before a 7 hour flight. She's going to feel so sick and uncomfortable soon

No. 1942672

I feel like she's leaving out details. Did they segregate her from the rest of the passengers because she was obnoxiously drunk?

No. 1942673

Ayrt. Extra funny when you consider the fact that giving your body a sugar substitute just makes it crave sugar the same as regular sugar does. Your body cannot tell the difference. And yeah its zero cals, but its a dark soda filled with chemicals that still puts alot of strain on your kidneys to filter. Even if she happens to lose weight, she will still feel sickly and possible just end up binging on candy because lets be real. Shay is a quick fix kinda gal. If the weight doesnt drop like a internet whores IQ then she dont want it. But slow weight loss is permanent weight loss because it signifies that you are losing through a lifestyle change instead of a yoyo fad diet/temporarily fasting or starving yourself.
Shayna is very rinse and repeat at this point though… she wont actually lose weight until she stops doing sex work and damaging her psychy more. But that will not happen anytime soon if ever.

No. 1942675

Moved her somewhere she could lay down

No. 1942676

Kek, if she were actually hot no one would call her sweater "hilarious." I could actually see this happening, in the same way you might call it hilarious if you saw a grandma wearing that sweatshirt. It's like if she was wearing a shirt that said "I beat anorexia." Shay looks so wasted and crusty and ugly that it's actually funny of her to wearing a dumpy stained sweater that says bimbo on it.

No. 1942680

>Ellen on suicide watch

No. 1942681

She's up front with the flight attendants slurring her words huh? They must think she's a proper sped

No. 1942686

File: 1702517118552.jpeg (87.54 KB, 735x763, IMG_9624.jpeg)

kekkk nona

No. 1942687

I can believe it happened but absolutely not because they actually liked her sweater. It's just an extremely easy way to build rapport with a customer.

No. 1942692

are you new? she always gets drunk on flights. She's been a seasoned alcoholic for years. She probably has anxiety flying and thinks getting blackout drunk helps, which is why her random illness hospital trips coincide with all her travelling. She drinks even more now thats she's quit weed (common habit with addicts, switching addictions) but she's always been a drunk and romanticised it with girly cocktails or uwu pink wine. It'd be sad if she was a normal person, but nobody should pity shayna, she has a literal legion of people telling her how to fix her life and refuses to do it. She absolutely needs to drink everyday to fend off withdrawals and remains delusional about the gravity of her situation. I guess it makes it easier to look in the mirror

No. 1942695

I agree with nona above, she probably feels more uncomfortable being sober on the flight due to withdrawal

No. 1942697

Yeah, she always drinks on flights, but this is noticeably worse than usual. The way she chugged that wine before her layover would be enough to have most people that aren't alcoholics pretty buzzed if not legitimately drunk. Top that off with, what, two or three martinis and all the other little drinks she's been guzzling down, our girl is probably absolutely fucking shitfaced.

No. 1942707

File: 1702520174706.jpg (20.91 KB, 221x300, Sarah Gregory.jpg)

I wonder if this trip was for Sarah and Shayna to do age-play with old creeps on the island. Sarah used to be heavy into pretending to be a baby/diapers. Maybe she is just more secretive about it now because she's almost 40. Shayna was going heavy on the "i'm baby" shit the whole trip. Props to this nona >>>/snow/166643 for the pic.

No. 1942709


ew…She looks even worse with blonde hair.

No. 1942714

Wait she has AirPods? How is she constantly not begging for cash to get them serviced and replaced? Especially because she’s so drunk she would probably lose a few of them. I’m so shocked that I just realized this…could they be fake?
Isn’t this what people say when they’re hungover as shit?

No. 1942720

Oh my god that’s exactly what must have happened. I wonder if the person next to her complained and asked to have her seated away because she’s drunk as a skunk. I’m so curious now as to what is actually happening on her flights… do you all think that she would hide that she got sick on the plane if she drank too much and threw up?

No. 1942722

this is believable; this is the kind of drink its easy to overpour while making, youll always have extra because of the foam on top. so its reasonable that they would give her whats left over so as not to waste product.

No. 1942723

File: 1702521779924.png (517.78 KB, 1293x893, Shaylusion, convince yourself …)

Shayna truly think this about herself, huh?
Nona, I think you meant >>>/shay/166643

No. 1942737

i love how she blocked out the flight number but left the gate and terminal, like you couldn't easily look up the flight like that kek

No. 1942739

It probably isn’t a full flight so they let people move around to be able to have their own row. Or she overpaid to upgrade or some shit. I don’t think they’d grant a drunk person their own row for themselves and dingy plushes just because they’re fucked up.

No. 1942742


Gray hair is her most pathetic coomer, somehow. You can tell he's snarky and kind of sick of her shit, but he won't just fuck off and find a less completely brain dead e-whore to orbit. Not to the shit with his daughter farmers digged up a while back.

No. 1942743

I highly recommend nonas with Instagram to try on the VictoriaEva filter, I was shocked at how strong it is!!! It smoothes the fuck out of everything, all my wrinkles except major ones were gone, and it made my nose and jaw smaller and smoothed my skin like crazy. Shayna probably thinks she actually looks like that as do many other women, which is a shame. There's nothing wrong with your face.(>>>/g/)

No. 1942755

File: 1702527505059.jpg (51.62 KB, 571x570, 70HCY3A.jpg)

No. 1942760

I was just going to mention this. They must do a really shitty job putting them on.

No. 1942763

Ew, you can completely see her vagina through those stretched to the max pants she has on.

No. 1942772

File: 1702531992648.jpeg (181.79 KB, 750x824, BD5889CE-671D-474B-9E43-AA7DC4…)


No. 1942796

File: 1702540795955.jpeg (904.26 KB, 1170x1591, IMG_0539.jpeg)

Sure, Shungus

No. 1942799

I’m still confused by this. Was this supposed to be something they’re going to release and sell or was it just something they did for… “fun”? Normally Shay would be advertising the content she creates at this point, so I’m guessing this is just some weird stuff they did in their free time? What’s the point????

No. 1942801

This lens warping is horrendous, is this supposed to be flattering? The girl closest to the camera looks creepy. (Also shay has never made a sexy face in her life)
I wonder how many actual fans she has and how much income she makes because this is objectively awful porn

No. 1942803

The idea of doing this degenerate shit with someone you consider a friend makes me feel physically ill, they’re both so fucking rancid

No. 1942808

File: 1702542588272.jpeg (144.65 KB, 750x662, F4EC47C4-05C6-4AD0-996A-9B0B86…)

No. 1942809

Since she's a messy alcoholic with her tits (nearly) out they probably correctly assume she's a sex worker and expect her to approach them, if anything

No. 1942815

There she goes. I was wondering what was up

No. 1942822

She looks so smammered here.

No. 1942837

tf is that key necklace?!

No. 1942846

File: 1702551717817.jpeg (484.29 KB, 1170x827, IMG_9625.jpeg)

shes back home

No. 1942850

File: 1702552086108.mp4 (1.6 MB, 720x1280, cbX7LLTg0eW1J_z-.mp4)

jesus christ she is a terrible person. she posted this video on spam account with the caption “im prob an awful person 2 sit next 2” as she watched a graphic sex scene on her ipad.

No. 1942854

File: 1702552335665.jpeg (Spoiler Image,899.72 KB, 1170x1710, IMG_9626.jpeg)

and one more. she must look like the biggest retard taking photos of her ipad anytime there is a nude scenes

No. 1942870

He's having an authentic dad experience.

No. 1942877

she has a smkle that makes you want to punch her teeth in(calm down)

No. 1942882

not rly you're just violent

No. 1942891

she acts like such a pathetic creep. she watches graphic sexual content in public areas where others can see it and believes that women working in service industry roles are flirting with her just because they are friendly and polite. she is so desperate for people to look at her that she wears nothing but ill-fitting clothing or that dingy bimbo sweater while practicing poor hygiene and making a drunken spectacle of herself every single time she travels. most of her social interactions either revolve around sex or sound like outright fabrications designed to make her appear desirable or the center of attention. she thinks and behaves just like the sort of unwashed, untouchable moids that most civilized people avoid like the plague.
you sound like a moidbrained weirdo as well if something like shayna's retarded smile makes you have violent thoughts

No. 1942893

be careful anon, remember she's "into" that

No. 1942894

She's like a hypersexual sped that acts inappropriately sexual in public because they're too retarded to understand the concept of what is and isn't acceptable around other people. The complete lack of shame or empathy shows that she has some form of mental deficiency.

No. 1942898

she says she has a sub in chastity and that's the key to his cock cage. she wears it around her neck frequently for some reason

No. 1942901

it's also her only personality trait because she has always been incapable of developing any interests or hobbies. she always defaults to coom.

kek the closest thing she'll get to a relationship necklace is with that disgusting moid

No. 1942918

File: 1702569008028.jpg (161.5 KB, 1297x884, HLEEAAHHHurkurkBLLEAAHH.jpg)

She really does have one beside the coomer Eraserhead with the yellow teeth. His Twitter is @onesubbyfemboy and he interacts with her fairly regularly. He discusses his keys here >>>/snow/1913033 and she wears them because he pays her to do so.

No. 1942941

File: 1702570685570.jpeg (Spoiler Image,256.69 KB, 1118x2048, FvoTsXnaAAAl_PE.jpeg)

Why doesnt she make content with him instead of that digusting yellow teeth vomit scat guy she lets into her apartment? He at least isnt nightmareishly ugly and fits her bimbo brand better.

No. 1942952

Other guy prob pays her more

No. 1942979

because shayna doesnt film content with people she thinks are more attractive than her

No. 1942980

It looks like she's wearing those fake nipples from that Sex and the City episode

No. 1942981

File: 1702574683188.jpeg (463.05 KB, 1170x1077, IMG_7314.jpeg)

Shay, wtf

No. 1942989

she's such a disgusting pedophile.

No. 1942990

Im going to throw up

No. 1942992

File: 1702576328470.jpg (55.27 KB, 848x480, desuyo.jpg)

What the figurative fuck… bitch, you nasty.

No. 1942993

File: 1702576373441.jpeg (237.72 KB, 750x537, 7CC45580-0A38-4160-BC14-328AE2…)

No. 1942994

I was this close to alogging but this tweet is such a perfect summary of how depraved she is and I’m glad someone got a screenshot. She’s completely fucked in the head, absolutely irredeemable and I hope every person she ever meets or tries to form a relationship with knows. And there’s no way she can get away from it because it was completely unprompted and off the cuff. Every time someone in this thread starts white knighting about this or that way that she can magically transform into a better person I want this to be the first thing posted in response. She is rotten and miserable down to her bones and will never ever change. I hope this follows her around for the rest of her life.

No. 1942996

She's said and done some truly horrendous stuff, but this has got to be the worst thing I've ever seen come out of a shay thread. There's no spinning this in any way that isn't straight up pedophilia. I pray she never has children

No. 1942998

Imagine being a failed sex worker crusty 26 year old live blogging and documenting your alcoholism because you have no personality.
Being an alcoholic chugging expressos martinis at an airport is not uwu bimbo princess. She looks like such slobby white trash.
Also fuck this bitch for hopping on the ~expresso martini~ trend because she once again has no original thoughts.

No. 1943000

This bitch belongs on an FBI watch list. She’ll unironically post the most disgusting shit you’ve ever read and then go “uwu why is everyone so mean to me? I’m such a nice person!” Fucking sick pedo.

No. 1943002

drunk disgusting idiot who walks around airports with lopsided tits, drunk out of her mind, putting stuffies in chairs next to her taking ugly pictures with crusty skin/lips, purposely watching movies with sex scenes to take a picture of it, is mad that what I assume is "Women" because she says "girl" clap and actually have shit to do/a family/friends a life to get back too, so they are excited to be on their way home.
They don't make it their whole personality retard.

No. 1943003

She looks absolutely rancid. If I had to sit next to her on a flight I'd absolutely request to be moved. She smells like old coffee, shitty booze and greasy pork sweat.

No. 1943006

further proof of this tinfoil >>1942707 that shayna was brought to the island to do deranged ageplay. she has been going overboard with it ever since set foot on Epstein’s island

No. 1943008

you're not a little girl shayna. you're an aging whore that only other degenerates can stomach living a life that any sane woman would consider to be a hellish existence.

No. 1943009

>2 little 2 do it myself
More like too fat to reach. She's already posted images of herself holding back the gunt so she can reach her genitals.

She also needs to tread carefully when posting this shit because now Musk owns twitter, the moderators are less tolerant of pedos.

No. 1943012

This is straight up pedophilia, full pedo-pandering. Absolutely vile, I hope she gets [redacted redacted].

No. 1943014

File: 1702579311039.jpeg (379.02 KB, 1170x1178, IMG_5603.jpeg)

Shay pedo-flirting with Topkek

No. 1943016

this made me physically gag holy fuck

No. 1943022

I better not see any stray Twitter feminists cry misogyny the next time a bunch of anons call Shayna a fat drunk worthless whore. Vile fucking cunt, but she will soon be living the life she deserves.

No. 1943024

I really wonder, If he found someone like Shayna same ugly white trashy looks but Republican would he jump ship? Because I remember her posting anti Donald trump shit and he's a republican gross pos

No. 1943025

Okay this is actually one of the most insane things she's ever tweeted

No. 1943028

She’s such a bitch. They’re probably glad they don’t have to be around a fat alcoholic sped wearing small clothes holding stuffies anymore.

No. 1943029

Lol pure lies, Twitter is a hellhole of CP right now. No one is going to care about this.

No. 1943030

File: 1702580212227.jpg (594.94 KB, 1079x1918, C.jpg)

No. 1943031

girl whatever

No. 1943032

Bitch what stress? She could just get a fucking job instead of panhandling, that definitely reduces anyone's stress.

No. 1943036

Drunk idiot self-reporting that she can't wipe herself after a piss and using ""kink"" to justify it

No. 1943039

You know how sometimes when you’re really, really sleep deprived, you get that last little burst of energy? That’s what happening to Shayna but it’s stress. She’s going to crash so so hard and it will not take long.

No. 1943049

>Im depressed because I'm back home, I spent days drunk and in a daze, now i realize that besides going to hang with family, I'm back to the same bullshit as before and going to Aruba means NOTHING. So now I'm slipping into "Little Space" aka "Realizing how depressed I am and wanting to numb myself by pretending it's some sexual bullshit where i'm a helpless baby who has no control over her life and I'm just so relaxed and chill that i'm turning into a baby".
Amazing how she copes with life.

No. 1943059

Someone should just introduce Shayna to a cult already so that she can give up her autonomy like she wants without polluting the world with her degenerate fantasies of baby rape.
>uwu I have to pretend to be a raped baby because the world is so dark and scawy
What a piss poor excuse, but what else can you expect a pedo to cobble together.

No. 1943071

what responsibilities and expectations? she holds herself to an unacceptably low standard of living and takes accountability for nothing

No. 1943098

It's always the fakers that talk about how flirting with women is so hard/do the 'women so pretty uwaaa step on me mommy' shtick.
I hope this guy isn't around children, fuck's sake.

No. 1943104

‘Tis true, nonna. She’s so obviously not into women at all. It’s for male attention as usual. Her whole life revolves around making crusty old men happy.

No. 1943105

File: 1702589615002.jpg (137.39 KB, 1080x778, February .jpg)

She reposted this. Another soon-to-be trip back to see Grandma Gregory.

No. 1943107

Again? Great! She’ll get deeper into her alcoholism! I smell an ER trip coming up in Aruba in February. I hope she ruins Sarah’s party.

No. 1943108

File: 1702589902507.jpg (Spoiler Image,328.09 KB, 1600x900, 20231214_163851.jpg)


No. 1943110

File: 1702589999774.jpg (Spoiler Image,279.19 KB, 1600x900, 20231214_163852.jpg)

No. 1943111

File: 1702590093464.jpg (Spoiler Image,409.36 KB, 1501x897, 20231214_163854.jpg)

No. 1943112

File: 1702590161602.jpg (Spoiler Image,382.88 KB, 1377x897, 20231214_163856.jpg)

Her head looks comically small in this one.

No. 1943113

This almost reminds me of that ass pic that weirdo posted that some nonnas thought was Shayna.

No. 1943117

Brace yourselves for more horrific pedo pandering baby LARP tweets

No. 1943134

Ive seen a variation of this tweet at least twice.

No. 1943139

This is the worst thing I've seen from her. Worse than the spanking or even hitting herself in the face. Just gross.

No. 1943184

those filters need to go on strike
they are working way too hard under inhumane conditions

No. 1943212

File: 1702603243100.mp4 (Spoiler Image,8.43 MB, 474x844, Trip .mp4)

A video montage she posted on Twitter. Spoilered because surprise nudity and general cringe.

No. 1943217

kekkkkk omg she was at the retirement home group outing

No. 1943219

File: 1702604277228.jpg (528.29 KB, 1536x2048, 20231214_203854.jpg)

No. 1943222

There’s no way Sarah is inviting the revolving cast of girls to Aruba because she’s interested in forging meaningful connections with them. It’s insane Shayna cannot see this. Nothing can just be, I don’t know, wholesome? Everything has to go through their depraved filter. May they all be infertile.
> lov lov LOV this pic of me & @SarahGregory02 giggling on the swing together [Face Holding Back Tears] [Pink Heart]

No. 1943223

File: 1702605009304.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.44 MB, 4096x2048, ai .JPEG)

> i’ve never actually wanted 2 go like fake tanning before but i suddenly find tan lines wicked sexy & don’t wanna lose these tan lines [Face with Spiral Eyes Emoji]
> tanning
Just what Shayna needs, to add another unhealthy practice to her life.

No. 1943226

She’s so stupid. “Besties” don’t fuck each other with a strap on for coomer shekels. A real “bestie” would stage an intervention or at the very least try to get her away from this rancid degeneracy. Sarah is a disgusting exploitative piece of shit, in addition to being an ugly cow

No. 1943228

I fucking love that she included the flappy arm penguin dash in this montage

No. 1943229

Her tits are so botched and gross

No. 1943235

She chose the worst song for this, especially the weird nsfw pictures insert

No. 1943239

It took billions of years for this women to receive the one and only life she will ever have. It is so tragic that she is spending her precious rare life as an uggo pedo blubber.

No. 1943240

My tism is FLARING with how completely out of sync this song choice is with the video.
Great, can't wait for being a tanned bimbo uwu to become her new personality trait. Maybe those braindead Twitter thots will accuse or her of racefaking, kek.

No. 1943258

her gross fingernails mixed with her gross surgical incisions she refuses to take care of…barf

No. 1943261

the use of the word ‘piddle’ made my body recoil while reading

No. 1943272

The Shayrenity Prayer.

No. 1943276

technically it's her vulva, dear

No. 1943280

File: 1702611466687.jpeg (Spoiler Image,148.67 KB, 1170x1596, IMG_5606.jpeg)

Never change shungus

No. 1943282

didnt she say she got the boob job because she was insecure of front-facing pics? they gotta be super uneven for her to go back to posing on her side right

No. 1943283

I know her nails get brought up every time she rips off her current sets but how do they look so repulsive in this photo… Her left boob looks concerning but it's been so long I can't tell if it got worse or not. She must enjoy living in Shaylusion Land to look at her boobs every day and think they look fine. How much longer until she ends up in the hospital? Best case scenario nothing really happens to her already poor health and they just look botched forever.

No. 1943289

She doesn't seem happy with them at all being honest, I'd thought getting her boobs done would be her personality but it's not. Sure she does more shit, but it's not because she's more confident it's because she literally HAS to expand offline and to do more because she can't get by just doing online sex work.
PLUS thats her social life. These coomers, her "co-workers" are her only "friends" her only social group. She can make 25 identical videos in her room and edit 100's of ugly ass pictures of herself and claim it's work while being lonely.
Or she can go hang with the yellow toothed sub, be fake besties with Sarah one week, Sophia the next and Kekeks, while also having gross sexual contact with them.
Not much has changed with Shayna since the boob job, she still doesn't post straight on because they are lopsided and her nips aren't the same size, plus she has to hide her belly. She's still assulting people's eyes at the airport with her lopsided nips.

No. 1943311

Kek of all the pussy rap or bedroom RNB in the world that she could have picked from and it’s a fucking Disney song. How is she so bad at being a sexy young lady when a) theres every possible guide and example available online and b) it’s her fucking job???

No. 1943312

I literally thought this was another edit made by a nonna from the shaynatorium. Kek.

No. 1943317

I think she purposefully went with some Disney song because it plays into her uwu baby bimbo shit. For a freak like Shayna, that is sexy. It's crazy how disgusting she is, like she would probably be a slightly more successful ethot as just a normal chubby girl, but it's not what she wants to be. I do believe the theory that she really thinks the DDLG 'lifestyle' is the way she can never have a job or be responsible for anything, and that's why she clings to it so much. I bet she really resents all the subby sissy moids she attracts because they put her in the position of responsibility. She thinks a sexdaddy will just supplant her real parents and she'll never have to do anything for herself again, if she just finds the right pervert who she can please "forever" by being the most extreme, nasty DDLG prostitute that exists. I think sex and attraction comes secondary to her desire to never rely on herself for anything.

No. 1943318

File: 1702622380428.mp4 (8.31 MB, 720x720, f3503d78-19de-4a16-a03e-6b7300…)

This is so random considering she’s never posted a photo montage BUT someone else made a suggestion the other day to make one of her to Sarah singing (anon delivered here >>166680). Do we think she saw the video in the Shaynatorium? KEK

No. 1943321

Corrected vidrel post my bad >>>/shay/166680

No. 1943323

She’s probably also emulating Sarah who sings Disney songs because Sarah is her new bestie

No. 1943329

God, this is the funniest thing.

No. 1943330

I cannot comprehend how a grown adult woman can choose this life. I cannot comprehend having no ambition, no passion, no curiosity, no interests, no hobbies and no fucking dignity or self respect. She is the most lazy, vacuous, greedy, selfish, soulless person I’ve ever come across

No. 1943340

File: 1702631100847.png (Spoiler Image,494.78 KB, 1080x865, Screenshot_20231215-100531.png)

Bbl when?

No. 1943348

For someone who's edited her porn for so long she has no idea how to edit videos and make something look interesting and appealing, what the fuck is this?

No. 1943379

truly an ass that goes all the way up

No. 1943398

What a disgusting subhuman. She always finds a way to be more subhuman than before

No. 1943399

>She also needs to tread carefully when posting this shit because now Musk owns twitter, the moderators are less tolerant of pedos.
Musk personally unbanned someone who posted CP…

No. 1943406

How have I missed this? I can't stop laughing. The zoom on Velma's face had me wheezing.
Her entire lack of ass is startling.

No. 1943407

File: 1702650913936.jpeg (804.18 KB, 1170x1817, IMG_0453.jpeg)

No. 1943408

File: 1702650945684.jpeg (383.16 KB, 1170x1104, IMG_0452.jpeg)

No. 1943409

Getting into her Amanda Bynes era

No. 1943410

Truly the least amount of muscle tone I've seen on any human

No. 1943411

I hope she gets that tattoo soon kek, that will make it even harder for her to get a job that isn't cleaning toilets or something like that.

No. 1943422

imagine being so thoroughly mogged by a plain-looking woman almost twenty years older than you

No. 1943433

It makes me so annoyed she used a powerful song from Moana to make this actual garbage.

No. 1943434

Do anons think the drinking on the Aruba flight is a new low? Shayna is in her Britney 2007 era now I guess.

No. 1943436

She drinks on every flight…?

No. 1943446

NTA but yeah sure, she drinks on every flight, but this time she looked visibly inebriated to the point I'm surprised they even let her on the flight.

No. 1943454

File: 1702659338064.jpg (119.38 KB, 1080x371, Teat.jpg)

No. 1943457

But yet one of your boobs is red and irritated, Better get that thing check out

No. 1943462

And they look hideous.

No. 1943467

File: 1702662606845.jpg (Spoiler Image,655.5 KB, 1080x1687, Flat.jpg)

Still doing the same twisting and turning to have a crumb of ass yet caught looking like this >>1943340

No. 1943468

File: 1702662879193.png (Spoiler Image,651.11 KB, 1000x570, Screenshot 2023-12-15 at 12.53…)

this seriously looks so much like someone kneading a huge amount of dough, my god.

No. 1943471

I genuinely had no idea what part of the body I was looking at until I unspoilered the post above. At first glance her tit looks like a gut.

No. 1943476

File: 1702664849077.jpg (1016.4 KB, 1080x1747, Ped.jpg)

How romantic and thoughtful, a book beloved by children

No. 1943481

Kek the only perk to dating Shayna is that despite her claiming to be a spoiled barbie bimbo, she's so into her pedo larp you can buy her any dollar store tat and she'll brag about it kek.

No. 1943482

hmmm i wonder what shayna got ellen for christmas?

No. 1943495

knowing shay, probably a shotglass or a bottle of tequila from the aruba airport duty free store

No. 1943505

File: 1702668087873.jpg (93.43 KB, 978x420, grandpa.jpg)

No. 1943514

Oh god I had sound off at first. The song choice was… a choice. And yeah honestly cringe and gross. The nudity parts were extra jarring and kinda deranged against the music.

No. 1943517

Fucking KEK
I lost it at "big" and the imagery was the wide load big Shaynus backside pic

No. 1943533

late reply but i’d personally love a DHgate thread for reps in /ot/

No. 1943534

it's funny how she's such a pick me and no one will pick her

No. 1943575

Do you think she's aware or is she completely delusional? Must be bleak to be a coomer she meets irl… They deserve what they get obviously but damn it must be jarring when this is what you see and then Hank hill says "come here daddy!"

No. 1943582

Can someone photoshop a popped can of biscuits around her body?

No. 1943594

File: 1702679436931.jpg (57.37 KB, 895x332, use8.jpg)

Deleted this for some reason.

No. 1943595

That's a surprising amount of redness at 6 months. I would have guessed maybe 1,5-2months. Not because of the scars (those look like something you would expect) but the redness…

No. 1943609

Kek, thought this was a fat guy holding his gut at first glance

No. 1943615

Kek! It really does look like that.

No. 1943625

And not a word about followup appointments.

No. 1943660

She seems to fantasize a lot about interactions where her partner is finding her annoying/irritating. I don’t get it. (Not saying that it how someone should behave when annoyed, obviously).

No. 1943662

S(h)pray tan/ horrible self tan saga for christmas please. I can already imagine the tanner stains on her clothes, her palms being orange, it getting horribly uneven on her frankentit scars, her never exfoliating, and her getting cancelled over it.

No. 1943665

File: 1702690419266.png (56.59 KB, 744x407, Screenshot 2023-12-15 203138.p…)

She's already retweeted this >>1942981 so I guess it's going to be added to her arsenal of horrid zingers and photos she retweets for attention

No. 1943691

it's sunk cost at this point. she won't let herself accept that she is a failed sex worker because then she'll have to move back in with her parents and get a normie job (not even the decent kind). i do wonder if she'll ever quit though. she is not a smart or driven person and her life is so shit. sometimes i almost feel bad about it.

No. 1943695

Yeah the kind that comes attached to a bottle as "included with purchase"