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File: 1645510465415.gif (19.24 MB, 600x427, 1644517965064.gif)

No. 1449168

Repetitive nitpicks about Shayna's body, face, and genitals are subject to a 1 day ban. Reposting the same photos already posted zoomed in is not milk and you will receive a ban for nitpicking.
REMEMBER: Read the rules before posting. Sage when there’s no milk. No nitpicking and/or blogposting. This is a Shay thread, curb your enthusiasm when posting sceenshots of other e-whores, they go in the e-whore thread >>>/snow/1363903

Last Thread:
>Still big mad at Sol, threatens to DM people who interact with him about how "fake" he is >>>/snow/1436327
>Ellen's "vacation" turns out to be a trip to go whore herself out to someone, is a "prodomme" now >>>/snow/1437103
>Their relationship seemed to be in trouble, with Ellen tweeting about feeling unattractive and unwanted, and those feelings being confirmed by a partner (Shayna being her only partner at the moment) >>>/snow/1438044, can't remember the last time she got off (because Shayna wont touch her) >>>/snow/1438369
>Displayed an astounding lack of self awareness, calling out people with "stinky attitudes" who "use twitter as their personal diary for every rude thought," >>>/snow/1437412 you know, like she does all the time
>An anon who used to hang out with Shayna tells her tale >>>/snow/1437567, fupa mansion had almost no furniture, they slept on a mattress on the floor, sinks were full of dirty dishes and litter box was always full >>>/snow/1437608, her card got declined multiple times and shay told her about her implant >>>/snow/1438377
>Stood outside her apartment in a robe filming herself staring down a neighbor trying to power wash while bitching about the noise >>>/snow/1438378
>Managed to put out a lazy Valentines Day video >>>/snow/1439110, >>>/snow/1439324 after complaining all day about not wanting to film, begging to be cheered on despite not "working" in almost a month
>Got a $1,250 tip, >>>/snow/1439192, spent it on a purse, a plushie, a bed frame, custom furry ears and tail and a photographer >>>/snow/1439219
>Confirmed she constantly lurks these threads, tweeting about farmers screenshotting her ugly faces in videos soon after they are posted here >>>/snow/1439648, has Womack buy her a $170 a month service to send strongly worded emails to lolcow and other websites her porn gets reposted to >>>/snow/1439718, >>>/snow/1439866
>Gets her hot dog nails done with "Slave Dad" because she doesnt have friends >>>/snow/1440195
>Still seething at manyvids because she lost that contest >>>/snow/1440843, >>>/snow/1447130
>Claimed she wants to try to quit smoking weed because she can't afford to feed her addiction anymore >>>/snow/1440876, doesn't appear to be trying, posts videos taking dabs
>Was invited to a "kinky party," wore an awful too small mismatching outfit with no panties >>>/snow/1441855, doesnt talk about it other then to complain about her hangover the next day
>Despite "dating" 2 people "that treat her w care & respect" >>>/snow/1446845 she Had Fupa on the mind on Valentine's day, >>>/snow/1443245, thinks he wants her dead when she "only wants him happy" even though he clearly has moved on and is happy with another trashy girl >>>/snow/1443299
>Cowtipper calls her a fatty, inspires her to get on cam >>>/snow/1444336
>Cam show was same boring shit as usual, chicken danced to bad music >>>/snow/1447663, said she hates her boobs >>>/snow/1447584, Ellen was in chat bossing her around >>>/snow/1447624, was clearly drunk, bored, and uncomfortable with her body the entire time >>>/snow/1447660
>Recorded 4 separate cringe tiktok style videos in bad outfits dancing around to shitty music in a day >>>/snow/1448233, >>>/snow/1448272, >>>/snow/1448329, >>>/snow/1449102
>The haters are the reason she doesn't have any friends >>>/snow/1448965
>Made a 2nd instagram for pedo shit >>>/snow/1448862

https://discord.com/invite/eA8kSzuz (need ID to join)

Ellen "Patricia" Dresel:
Shayna's "gf," Seattle/Renton, WA Nanny

Other relationships:
“The Dad”
>The 45 year old mystery man she’s “dating,” met him on seeking arrangements, ex sugar daddy turned boyfriend
”Slave Dad”
>@bluefrodo1 on Twitter, submissive masochist “slave” of Ellen and Shay, participated in a video getting smacked around in Shay's pathetic attempt to domme >>>/snow/1362327
”The Old Man"
>Max R Cameron, @maxrcameron on Twitter, married poly “bdsm coach,” has the dungeon she visits on occation in his house, ousted as an abuser in the Seattle kink scene >>>/snow/1371185

First Thread:

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No. 1449169

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No. 1449213

File: 1645515251163.jpg (322.77 KB, 1053x1951, ew.jpg)

The screenshot from her diaper vid makes her look like she has down syndrome

No. 1449261

She does look like a special needs adult that has no bowel control.

No. 1449292

>>1449168 she looks genuinely retarded in the thread gifrel. how on earth is this sexy to anyone?

No. 1449308

shes so depressing, thank god we are not shayna.

No. 1449345

File: 1645538396038.jpeg (273.56 KB, 1170x697, 00560CB9-09E1-4C88-9745-DBDBA4…)

She’s going to riot over this

No. 1449430

File: 1645546941087.jpeg (Spoiler Image,100.41 KB, 750x1003, BB2237D8-AF8F-48B2-88CA-B85BF3…)

this gross bitch smoking meth on tiktok is gonna be shaynus in a couple of years

No. 1449443

File: 1645547837022.jpeg (296.02 KB, 1170x564, 8242BE60-2D7A-4B51-ABCC-CF551E…)

Just film with your “gf” Shay

No. 1449444

File: 1645547955313.jpeg (380.16 KB, 1170x776, 377319FE-8BE0-4383-88EF-C965D8…)

No. 1449445

she literally just wants people who will do all the work so she can just lay there and take it. it’s so thinly veiled.

No. 1449449

lmao kiss those rotten teeth and touch that beer belly and ass pimples yikes ..>>1449443

No. 1449452

(In regards to her new abdl insta posted last thread)
She'll abandon it and hardly ever update it like any other "side" thing or other platform she tries to use. It's too hard for her to update more than Twitter and OF. She rarely is on her main insta because she can't post her entire asshole.
And this would require her, like the fake domme thing, to make specific content and that's difficult for someone who barely creates any content in general. Like when was the last domme vid or even photo set she made? It's the same with the diaper stuff.
She's only really leaning into it now because it actually has brought some new coomers tbh (disgusting as it is). She's already peaked in sw and it wasn't anything great at that. The old trucker retard is one of her only longer lasting coomers, other than that she has Jason and like 2 other "regulars" so she's had to scrape the bottom of the barrel even moreso now to bring in any interaction. You can see on her posts there's new incels and they're very apparently diaper degens. So I guess it's working? Congrats Shay?

No. 1449481

slight tinfoil here because i know we've all said it's shaynus who doesn't want to film with ellen but what if it's actually ellen who doesn't want to film with shaynus? She's already loosely exposed here so she probably doesn't want her face to be seen on film and further destroy her "career"

No. 1449489

It's amazing how she talks about dicks with men, but with women she never even talks about Vaginas or pleasure. Just groping and then beating her up, all for quick easy content. Where she doesn't have to really interact sexually with a woman

No. 1449520

File: 1645555215808.jpeg (522.43 KB, 828x1067, D71897CB-0A2E-4589-9AFE-6E8ECF…)

Artist anons, ready your digital pens! A new monstrosity is coming

No. 1449528

What’s stopping you from flying back to Florida to film with Mia again?

No. 1449530

File: 1645556112111.jpeg (777.9 KB, 750x4893, 48A55FD9-BB98-408A-88ED-560A98…)

omg, this viviclouds bitch, she’s obsessed with Shayna, anytime she talks about working with someone this ugly puke fetish bitch is in the replies trying to get Shayna to hang out with her and her ugly boyfriend. She tried to get her to move in with her too. Even named her dog after her. She’s almost always ignored clearly Shay isn’t into her at all. I guess drawing her is a new way to try to get her attention.

No. 1449556

File: 1645558843531.jpeg (Spoiler Image,957.04 KB, 828x1519, 3A57475F-FD99-43FD-84D6-15B68C…)

Jesus Christ, this bitch is thirsty. She’s in the exact same league as Shayna so I wonder why Shay isn’t interested. Too much like looking in a mirror?

No. 1449563

I think she’s honestly delusional enough to think she’s too good for them. She’s going to have to humble herself and settle though if she’s so desperate to work with someone else since no one is lining up to do it

No. 1449564

Lol shay is fucking uglier than that chick.

No. 1449570

Yes that’s what I was saying, but in her mind she’s a 10/10 sexy bimbo barbie who’s too hot to be working with people like that, she’s trying to get bangbros to work with her not the chubby nobody whores who are the only ones that respond to her pleas for a filming partner

No. 1449589

those tattoos are a fucking tragedy

No. 1449616

File: 1645564194267.jpeg (1.45 MB, 1170x1765, B446133A-5A15-404E-B215-A78C53…)

More decorative crap she doesn’t need

No. 1449690

100% going with her hoard of cute pink things and will never be used to clean herself

No. 1449717

What art software is this person using?

No. 1449783

Mia will force her to bathe. too scary for shayna.

No. 1449841

The only time these will touch her hands is when she takes them out of the box and puts them on a counter or shelf and it'll be the last.

No. 1449893

She completely abandoned Mia when she went to rehab and was no longer capable of carrying big Shaynus on her coattails. Real good friend our Shatna is.

No. 1449895

File: 1645584806325.jpeg (685.42 KB, 1284x1914, AB478E79-1184-4462-A4D1-880998…)

until 2 days from now when you have another breakdown and say everyone hates you and is harassing you.

No. 1449901

jfc how many times does she need to say this in a month

No. 1449907

until she believes it

No. 1449908

Idk but it reminds me of the old KidPix art program from the 90s kek. Maybe it’s MS Paint.

It’s been a year and she’s done nothing except a couple of shoots and let’s some middle aged moid beat her for discount build-a-bear.

No. 1449909

It's always the people with shitty lives that say this as a way to cope and pretend their life doesn't suck lol

No. 1449944

File: 1645591107229.jpg (175.78 KB, 1080x1110, Screenshot_20220222-203728_Sam…)

No. 1449948

Always with the troons

No. 1449950


No. 1449969

She's so unoriginal. From buying only from a couple crappy stores and styling retarded looks exactly like the dollskill models to things like this. She really got those armwarmers from some abdl shop or something and is dressing just like a nasty diaper fetish troon. Incredible.

No. 1449985

File: 1645595329181.jpeg (156.39 KB, 750x534, 7EBE11FE-017D-4D60-B5FB-757E5F…)

Yeah, just like all the other times you said you were gonna cam once a week, did it like twice and then not again for another year. Remember her New Years resolution to cam once a week?

No. 1449986

conveniently leaving out that it took her months after this to even begin to make preparations for moving. and the countless times before that she said she was gonna leave OK lmao

No. 1449991

File: 1645596408796.jpeg (341.98 KB, 750x1016, BB2743F1-3845-432C-9AB8-F6BB8D…)

No. 1450021

Does this mean she actually reached out to the freak that's obsessed with her?

No. 1450030

Maybe she was trying to scare her off

No. 1450082

I would love to know what this "essay" says and how she justifies having over 100 threads on a lolcow site without admitting that she's a shit human being that people follow for the schadenfreude.

No. 1450105

So close yet so far away from understanding it all

No. 1450127

Wtf looks way better than Ellen and seems to be shaynas bpd tumblr girlfriend of her dreams

No. 1450133

Kek they're almost the same person

No. 1450134

Is this woman a mother or does she just have the stretch marks of one? She's better looking than Shayna and actually has a dude to pose in pictures with, so that probably burns shatnas ass. Maybe shay thinks she's one of the cam whores that lurks here.

No. 1450277

Shayna whines about wanting to film with people but I honestly think she uses Lolcow as a excuse. She never seemed to like filming with people she wasn't dating. Especially women, that one porn she did with that woman she looked a mess in comparison.
She wants to film with scrotes she wants to date or will end up dating. Also, what happened to that video she did with that scrote? It's like everytinlme she does film with someone they take forever to even release it. It's always seems like they benefit more because they get to post it first, does she even get paid?

No. 1450279

Sa- I'm talking about the lovely hands or whatever his name is scrote. Didn't she do a video or pictures with him?

No. 1450281

she's filmed with him in the past and it takes him forever to upload because he chops it up into a bunch of different "scenes" and releases one every few weeks

No. 1450307

This girls (still ugly) bf looks better than anything Shayna has ever come close to, she only seems to "date" obese men.

No. 1450327

File: 1645644198907.jpeg (197.7 KB, 750x1400, F86F6F51-8F0E-4CDF-8A97-AC1612…)

They never seem to have a counter argument to how sexualizing children somehow isnt gross, just “bitch stfu stop kink shaming me!”

No. 1450329

File: 1645644313911.jpeg (463.09 KB, 1170x1081, 2D6D1633-020B-42F3-B708-DF7426…)

You’re neither Shay

No. 1450340

she cant even suck a fake dick, theres a big difference between a real porn star (a true bimbo) and a fat bitch wearing diapers

No. 1450343

I never thought I'd be alive to read the words "Indie Sex Workers", these hoes thinking they're the arctic monkeys.

No. 1450347

Nonny I'm fucking dead
She used to call herself a pornstar all the time. I can literally feel her trains of thought as they chug through her brain. "I miss workin with studios in LA. I miss making content with other people but I'm so socially inept I don't know how to reach out to anyone anynore. Maybe I'm not a pornstar after all…"

No. 1450357

Does this retard think that pedophiles go around like, “hi, I’m a pedophile”??
No, they say, “I’m into DDLG, will you say you’re twelve in this custom video I’m ordering?”

Shay, you and your “community” literally provide a safe place for pedophiles to hide, you can cope with retarded Twitter ewhores all you want, we all know the reason you can’t move through life without getting fucked up constantly is that when you stop, when you lie down in bed at night and are really forced to examine the choices you’ve made in life, it horrifies you. It should. You’re a pedopandering, misogynistic waste of a human life.

No. 1450360

“Indie sex worker,” what a nice way to say “failed e-whore”

No. 1450365

Shayna is an indie sexworker in the way that Chris-chan is.

No. 1450367

File: 1645646215948.jpeg (421.02 KB, 750x945, DB2B8D41-67CE-4D9F-97EE-1CF0B2…)

Her reasoning to her trad thot white supremacist pedo friend Indigo White is that she hasn’t been dicked down on camera (other then getting fucked by Fupa on Snapchat I guess)

No. 1450371

Shay wishes brazzers would ever work with her lard tub ass. That ship sailed about 50 lbs ago.

No. 1450387

It's a point we make here all the time that I think is only dawning on her as of late: she's basically asexual. She does not have sex on or off camera from what I can tell with anyone but her own crusty toys. Ellen chomping her arms and hitting her and bluefrodo1 finger blasting her in a chain restaurant parking lot just does not count as sex.

No. 1450392

Uh didn't fupaul fup her on camera? Or does that not count, just like she claimed the first time she sucked dick on camera was Sols shit covered dick, when sucked/jerkes or whatever Fupauls dick on camera.

No. 1450396

bluefrodo1 is the submissive “slave” you’re thinking of “the dad” who is a different person

No. 1450399

I think Shayna always viewed sex as a quick and easy way to get scrote attention. To her sex isn't about her physical pleasure, it's all about the scrote getting off and being around her. That's why she doesn't really have sex with the people she fake dates. Like Ellen or the dude she's dating (if she did PIV she'd talk about it). She only lets them feel her up or maybe finger her.
When Shayna is truly attracted to someone and wants to keep them around she'll give them full access to her body like she did with her ex. Sex isn't for her it's for scrotes attention. I also think she just hates PIV for some reason. It's easier for her to stick shit up her ass and use the wand.

No. 1450421

File: 1645649034656.jpeg (197.72 KB, 750x451, F19BB8FE-25F3-436A-BA09-B3B4E8…)

“I’ve been told” you mean you saw farmers on lolcow saying that?

No. 1450450

what was she in rehab for?

No. 1450464

I have a very vague memory of her tweeting about it being alcohol and that she was drinking a lot

No. 1450467

are they taking those comments as compliments? lol

No. 1450486

File: 1645654886004.jpeg (195.47 KB, 750x682, 28A7A15C-B159-4C26-A2A3-6443F4…)

She’s down to 348 OF subs

No. 1450490

god, she makes less than minimum wage for her location

No. 1450491

File: 1645655359336.png (40.22 KB, 605x264, 076.png)

she obviously knows it's not, but it's a cope i guess. i just love how she tries to spin everything she reads on lolcow as some kind of unexpected girlboss moment, then immediately goes to suicide baiting on twitter. like one third of her camshows is her seething and ranting about "haters". shat, why do you obsessively lurk lolcow if you have no intentions to change your life for the better?

No. 1450496

File: 1645655986971.jpeg (629.88 KB, 1170x1770, 7A9F49C1-993B-46C7-BBB3-B2614B…)

And posting this on your SW twitter so isn’t pedo baiting Shay

No. 1450503

Congratulations on your arrested development? What, do you want a cookie? (Dumb question, of course our lardaceous queen wants a cookie.)

No. 1450507

Heroin and percs

No. 1450514

At 3 bucks a pop that's what? 1050ish before they take a cut?

No. 1450517

File: 1645657656292.jpeg (83.09 KB, 750x382, 07E810EC-5E16-4A9E-9C14-C5CE56…)

She charges $5 a pop now

No. 1450572

Apparently Onlyfans takes 20%!! Jesus. So that's 348x5x0.8 = $1392 a month that she's making from OF.
Seattle's minimum wage is $17.27/hr. If you worked a regular 40 hour work week, that amounts to an average minimum wage salary of $2970 a month. And if you wanted to work only 20 hours a week, that comes in at $1485.
So if you're picking up 2-3 shifts a week at a coffee shop, you're making more than Shayna is for gaping her asshole.

No. 1450592

Samefag but I'm feeling autistic.
Rent in Seattle seems to be around $2k for a 2 bedroom according to google.
If she gets a $10 tip every day, that comes to $300 a month. Add onto that the odd $50 tip every week and that's about $500 extra that she makes from tips in a month. I'm not sure how much she makes from camming, but based on the conversion rate of 5 cents per token, it doesn't seem like much. Let's call it $100.
So monthly income is around $2000.

Expenses include rent, phone, pet stuff, weed, alcohol, groceries, doordash, uber, afterpay, shein, and misc sex toys.
Let's say she's spending $50-$100 on a phone plan, $100 on pet stuff, $200-$300 on weed, $200-$300 on alcohol, $500 at least on food when you account for the insane delivery upcharge. I have no idea how much uber costs or how much she uses it but I'm gonna throw in $100 for that. Then she usually buys at least $200 worth of worthless crap, China clothes, dragon dildoes etc.
So that's a monthly outflow of $2350-$2600. And I'm guessing that she has no savings to speak of. Her income is getting dangerously low now…

No. 1450593

I’ve seen this vivi bitch before, just as much a fucking degen as shat, all the incest pedopandering shit. Possibly worse since she openly chose to work with that abuse and rape company facial abuse, even praised them, and she has worked for Insex too. Shayna always attracts the fucking weirdos, I hope these pigs do make videos together, it would be a disaster. Who knows, shays already done shit pics how far is that from vomit porn, she only ever seems to go lower.

No. 1450597

I appreciate your austism thank you, this isn’t a sustainable life style at all, especially as she ages and gains she will be losing more and more subs. There’s a reason she doesn’t have a car despite talking about wanting one for years, she has no savings, life is going to hit her hard soon enough

No. 1450605

Sad thing is that she could save an easy $500 a month if she just stopped drinking & doing drugs when she's alone. She doesn't even need to quit entirely, just needs to stop drinking alone like a loser. Then she might be able to actually afford her lifestyle.

No. 1450607

Her parents obviously subsidize her expenses, she's just play-acting at sw because her family enables her to do it. She'll keep up the same "hot bimbo" charade until whoever is covering her cost of living stops. Im just begging we don't go down the same rabbit hole of marveling at the literal pennies she rakes in a month. Whatever she makes from her weird excuse for sw is there to feed her ego, not about making a living. She wants to not think or feel or be responsible at all which is why she does what she does and won't ever get a real job, regardless of how much better literally anything else would pay.

No. 1450620

she has a facialabuse vid? jfc birds of a feather

No. 1450622

The whole "community" Shay engages with is composed of nasty social rejects with every personality disorder under the sun, you can tell just by their pfps. They're only thinking of their shit-tier porn "careers" and impressing worthless scrots while what they do endangers actual children. They don't even care.

No. 1450632

File: 1645666632156.jpg (385.67 KB, 1080x1586, 1622932836953.jpg)

For reference, 8 months ago she had almost 500 subs.

No. 1450645

File: 1645667682003.jpeg (279.04 KB, 587x610, EF1D210D-381F-47C4-88DF-C91046…)

And a year ago, 940 fans

No. 1450652

She was charging $3/mo back then, making $2256/mo, $856 less than now. She moved from low cost of living OK to high cost Seattle area. How is she surviving?

No. 1450653

How is this not a wake up call to lose some weight? She's literally eating herself to brokeness. Her body isn't even past the point of no return yet.

No. 1450658

So 592 people saw her entire asshole and decided she was worth $3, but $5 was too much. Sixty three percent of her peak audience has left now. Bleak.

No. 1450662

File: 1645668843874.jpeg (199.25 KB, 1080x725, 883FEFFC-084E-4AD8-9AF1-E1462F…)

This seems to be where she peaked, she had 1.1k subs, was posting a lot more content at the time and then it steadily went down after she “went inpatient,” when fupa broke up with her >>>/snow/987548

No. 1450664

Wait, does OF take more than 20%? That payout seems low for 1100 subscribers at $3. Even with 20% taken off, and taxes on top of it, it should be over $2k, no?

No. 1450665

That Lana freak is vile, saying “haha bitch you stupid stfu” as a response to criticism makes you seem like a screeching idiot. Adults can perpetuate sexualization of minors despite them not actually being children. It’s impossible to respect sex workers for this reason, they care more about getting pedo money than having basic moral standards, they know what the fuck they’re doing with that DDLG activity

No. 1450689

She has 4 more months left on her dad's health insurance. She's really going to start deteriorating soon.

No. 1450698

i’m suspecting she has mommy or daddys credit card that they tell her to use in emergencies. and instead she uses it for everything.

No. 1450703

File: 1645671847613.jpeg (55.65 KB, 750x312, 9398761C-96B6-455C-B35D-5AC11D…)

It’s also been speculated that Ellen is paying some of her rent, since she toured the apartment initially, was allowed to pick up the key, and because Womack pays her on venmo for “Dolly’s rent” even though he pays Shayna on cash app for everything else

No. 1450711

Maybe a whore could explain it better, but from what I found onlyfans lets you cash out every 8 days, and subscribers are charged monthly from the date they first subscribe, so that’s what she was making in a week at the time

No. 1450715

File: 1645672758899.jpeg (373.87 KB, 882x882, F96F41D2-AE02-4FE7-8079-CBA7D8…)

“Aw that’s so cute”

No. 1450723

File: 1645673549167.jpeg (341.21 KB, 750x2708, BB4D03F1-169B-4D84-A616-3CE076…)

Noah is the undisputed most autistic coomer of hers, his comments are usually completely random and meaningless but innocent in a way, combined with that pfp it always makes me laugh. He genuinely seems brain damaged

No. 1450739

I find him actually scary

No. 1450743

I think Ellen is Shay's guarantor for her apartment given a lot of buildings like that require you either make a certain amount or have someone who makes more basically cosign. Weird that Ellen would do this for her so early in their relationship. It has to be something like that, because no landlord would fork over keys for a tenant's friend.

No. 1450744

Did she ever end up meeting anyone on tinder?

No. 1450752

I doubt she even made one, she was acting manic and jealous because Ellen was away doing her “pro domme” thing with someone else

No. 1450761

Yeah he doesn't seem innocent at all, he looks like a predator you'd see on Anxiety War

No. 1450767

yeah there was an anon saying that when she was first moving and for some reason people didn’t agree. I doubt shayna keeps records of her income so as an independent contractor (technically) she wouldn’t have had any way to show proof of income; how could she possibly get a lease on her own in a residential area of seattle without a co-signer?

No. 1450784

You show proof of income with bank statements or previous years return

No. 1450791

Yah you have to have at least $20 in your statement before it does the pay out. I had done OF for a month for some extra money so that’s how i know

No. 1450798

Shoulda left that last part out now everyone’s gonna say you’re just as bad nona

No. 1450824

She’s turning 25 not 26

No. 1450832

File: 1645685047791.jpeg (344.05 KB, 1659x1080, 0CAB0E98-1635-46A4-96C0-823DAF…)

It came out hideous kek

No. 1450841

fucking kek, it’s hideous so i guess she got one thing right.

No. 1450849

The pending amount would be what she had made on a rolling 7 day basis as it takes 8 days for the money to be made available for withdrawal. The fact she's covered up the pending amount makes me think it's lower than the 1k shown as her current money.

No. 1450938

Because Ellen and Shay also "dated" the last time she lived in Seattle before Fupa and Oklahoma. Ellen has known her for years at this point.

No. 1450954

It looks like she's about to chow down on the hoagie and right before she bites she gets a whiff of the meat and says "smells like feet". Why she keep sniffin' though?

No. 1451144

Looks poorly traced and filed in.

No. 1451169

File: 1645727284233.jpeg (670.08 KB, 1080x2838, 9A389E6A-C3F9-4E89-AC34-2ED4B0…)

No. 1451172

She looks so much better here. The aesthetic suits her better.

No. 1451175

I don’t understand why you would pretend this didn’t happen other than you can’t stand the fact you used to look like this compared to now… in the span of 4 years… while being 18-20+. You’re supposed to glow up during these years lmao.. there’s a war in Ukraine right now, going back to your parents and having a paid education isn’t the worst thing in the world I would think. No one is forcing her to do sex work , and only like 5 people want to see her vag for money.

No. 1451185

Every time someone in here, or Shayna herself, says “entire asshole” I lol. Why is this said so often? Why would she show half of it

No. 1451187

It's crazy how this looks like Shaynas younger sister rather then her. I even think she'd look better of she went back to this style.

No. 1451208

Because it’s so stretched out it could be called a black hole.

No. 1451210

File: 1645730238087.jpeg (335.76 KB, 1016x739, 1BCBF9D1-9F22-4A0D-9965-936365…)

is shaynus finally realizing she was never famous and never will be

No. 1451216

Can someone explain what being a famous pornstar would even mean for Shayna? Let's say somehow one of her identical porns made her blow up. Then what? She's just Twitter famous? She'd suddenly want to work and do other shit? I'm not getting how it benefits her because even if she did become famous for something, I doubt it'd last long enough to have long term financial gain. Shayna is repetitive and boring. She'd spend whatever money she got on gimic sex toys she may or may not use, maybe 3 overpriced belly skirt outfits and the rest on food, weed and alcohol. She's not going to work harder if by some miracle she "makes it". She only wants that so she can do very little and get attention. The only famous pornstars I can think of, either retired, dead or branched off to other careers.

No. 1451217

File: 1645731029637.jpeg (238.59 KB, 750x827, 1DBEC3F2-9CF3-4F9E-BE81-C50D17…)

Shit, you’re right. Poor Mia, she’s just as worse off as Shayna at this point. The first thing that popped up on her Twitter was her video with Shay too kek. Sage for orbiting cow, I’m done being off topic now.

No. 1451257

File: 1645735543690.jpeg (136.64 KB, 750x1018, 15C3AC11-CFA5-4EBC-8133-C88893…)

Ellen’s been posting some weird cryptic shit (the gif says “not to be dramatic but I wanna die”) and Shayna’s been silent all day, perhaps Ellen saga part 2 is coming to an end. Though Ellen seems like a pathetic and depressed woman in general so who knows

No. 1451265

Maybe she's finally realizing that Shayna is a piece of shit that's using her for an apartment.

No. 1451272

Jesus Christ, how can she look at these old pictures and not immediately spiral into a crushing depression thinking about how far things have gone downhill since that time in her life? I’m not even talking about the fact that she looks objectively more attractive here—I’m talking about the fact that she has light in her eyes. She’s actually outdoors in one of those pictures—in another, she’s in a car which is actually HER CAR. Can she even still drive? I feel sad as a stranger, just thinking about what she’s become and how quickly her life has become as wretched as it is…she’s still not even done with her downward spiral yet. I don’t know how weed/alcohol is still strong enough for her to keep that shit contained, tbh.

No. 1451298

her parents obviously still pay her rent. they wanted to pay for her to go back to school so i don't get how it isn't common knowledge at this point that her parents pay most of her living expenses. she basically only pays for her own weed with what she earns.

No. 1451314

didn't she used to have pornstar in her bios way back when? Like in fupapa days?

No. 1451318

This is the same bitch that complained about people posting their underage pics on their sw twitter. What a hypocrite, and all for a crumb of attention smh

No. 1451320

Wearing black lipstick and liking black sabbath doesn't make you goth Shay. If anything she was like stoner grunge. Very basic alt.
Also posting teen pics of yourself on your nasty pedo pandering porn page. Bet the creeps love that. Even if they're not sexual pics, it's still kinda weird. Not as bad as her comment about her a a child a couple days ago but still.

No. 1451326

Agreed. She isn't goth, more like grunge lite and I know anons constantly ragged on her for having "ugly ramen hair" but it looks way cuter than whatever the fuck she has now or since. Especially the nasty bologna wig. I always thought she looked similar to a young kesha.

No. 1451340

Shayna and Ellen are two ugly, lonely women who only care about the attention of men. Ellen is probably upset about being rejected by a scrote or being forced into the domme role since no one wants to treat her like a small child.

No. 1451342

Why does she consistently self-own like this? "Look at me before I adopted the diaper baby and ham and cheese sandwich aesthetic, we don't talk about it though, teehee!" All you're doing is showing your coomers that you used to be marginally more attractive and take better care of yourself than you do now, while acting like it was shameful and embarrassing compared to the shit you get up to now. This is how you know the humiliation and degradation "kinks" are real, I guess?

No. 1451356

File: 1645743233564.jpeg (160.28 KB, 1242x429, 2E3C33CF-2726-4672-AD9E-E60FC8…)

No. 1451373

I don’t think I’ve seen Shay be offline for this long in a very long time she usually starts tweeting first thing in the morning

No. 1451411

She posted a few times on OF today (pictures with the striped arm warmers set)

No. 1451456

File: 1645755008260.jpeg (329.13 KB, 828x1220, CC1E9E67-C31A-4C67-B13A-39CFBB…)

OF posts can be scheduled. She’s been weirdly silent. Ellen is ~thriving~ though, posting about findomming. I hope she steals Womack and they end up together happily ever after, kek.

No. 1451466

this was the only time she ever looked at all good
fucking tragic to have peaked in high school

No. 1451468

Almost an entire day without using Twitter is unheard of for her, she’s terminally online. She must be out with the dad or something, that’s the only time she leaves her apartment. Or having some kind of crisis

No. 1451486

i would say that she looked better because she looks clean. like her hair isnt all greasy like now and her face wasnt bloated from alcohol.

No. 1451507

This is what happens when she's dealing with personal drama. She did this with fupa. It's the only time she's not preoccupied with Twitter

No. 1451508

Left bottom is probably the best she's ever looked. Clean hair, normal looking eyebrows, winged eyes that don't make her eyes look half their already beady size, and contouring that gives her face some color and dimension. It's sad because on anyone else this would look like shit. Shitty muddy make up and unkept hair is the best she's ever looked. What a tragedy.

No. 1451528

File: 1645764065778.jpeg (339.7 KB, 750x972, 95D44FF0-157C-4BBB-A0D8-865D72…)

Well, here’s our answer as to why she’s been offline

No. 1451534

Is this the third or fourth time she’s been to the hospital since moving to Seattle, not even within a year.

No. 1451535

Didn't she mention something awhile ago about having to schedule some sort of surgery?

No. 1451545

She’s having alcohol seizures I bet lol
Jk… tinfoil. Discord anons?

No. 1451546

She better get it done before her 26th birthday.

No. 1451578

Here's her reason to not cam for the next 3 months, release only 1 or 2 photosets/videos and moan about her dwindling interactions while begging for tips so she can recover

No. 1451617

Discord anon come back we need you

No. 1451649

This shit just strikes me as a way to get attention/sympathy from her 3 coomers, Ellen, her gross fat "dad", and her parents. Unless her asshole is leaking mayochup again and she read the threads and got concerned kek.

No. 1451726

She's testing the waters to see how many likes this'll get, and if she should go back to this style.

No. 1451787

She’ll probably try to make this a mental health thing

No. 1451852

She probably has anal fissures and hemorrhoids like no tomorrow. She drinks too much alcohol and no water, probably eats next to no fiber besides triscuts and grapes. Shatna probably shat blood and went to the ER.

No. 1451854

File: 1645807199330.jpeg (587.54 KB, 991x1265, 6EED245A-8F54-4891-9085-7866C3…)

I can’t with this scrote

No. 1451856

I bet she got too drunk, fell and hurt herself, or something like that.

No. 1451867

With what Ellen was going on about yesterday maybe they had a huge fight and Shay made a really half assed suicide attempt?
Or its her wrecked ass lungs again

No. 1451875

Why would Shaytard do that? She doesn’t care for Ellen and is only “dating” her because she does things for her. Ellen Degenerate gets nothing out of their relationship. Shayna isn’t even pretty, so it’s not like Ellen can brag that she has a hot girlfriend. Honestly Ellen is a disgusting pedo but she should ditch Shayna for another ugly fat gf that will actually make her feel loved.

No. 1451876

She's gone to the hospital like 4 or 5 times now within the last year. And she never even hints as to why or what it is. It's really weird. So it's gotta be something on going that's actually kinda serious and/or really embarrassing even for her. She overshares literally everything else. The only time she doesn't post details is when it's complete bullshit or she actually is aware of how bad it is.
My bets on on her lungs are fucked up from living in filth, never exercising, and dabbing all the time. It sounds like her "partners" try to get her outside for walks from time to time and she said recently she wants to cut back on weed. Her doctor probably said she needs to do some low key activity and stop smoking but that's too hard for her I guess and she's just like fuck her lungs and doesn't she already have like mild asthma or something?

No. 1451881

more likely that she fucked up her anus or rectum or even her lower colon by dryfucking her ass with filthy buttplugs, imo

No. 1451891

She’s been somewhat open about the lung issues she’s been having, at least all the other times she went to the hospital she’s said it had to do with her lungs, the fact that she specifically said she doesn’t want to talk about it makes me think it was something more serious or embarrassing then that

No. 1451905

I feel like it's something embrassing, something she wouldn't even talk about for attention or sympathy. More then likely self inflected from mistreating her body. I doubt it's a suicide attempt about Ellen. Maybe it could be a asshole issue or more or more likely something with her lungs.

No. 1451907

Either doctor said she really has to quit smoking or her lungs are fucked and they can't help and that's the "tough recovery" to her or she had that "minor surgery" she mentioned a while back and who knows what it is, but she's gotta recover from it. I feel like almost all the likely possibilities are her own fault through continous actions she chooses, so she's being vague and trying to just get sympathy from her coomers.

No. 1451917

yea youre right, shay could never lie about going somewhere but actually not

No. 1451920

You wouldn’t go to the ER for a minor surgery though. And she was already talking about quitting weed last thread so I don’t think she would be embarrassed of that. Either way there’s no use tinfoiling, one of you whores who pretend to be her friend need to spill the discord milk. Lana bee where you at?

No. 1451925

It's possible she just always says ER/urgent care so when she tells Twitter it sounds more dramatic and like an "unexpected" thing.

No. 1451936

minor surgery = rectocele repair
rectocele is why her vagina is so “tight” because her poop bulge takes up the space

No. 1451952

Probably has something to do with her blue/grey hands she's been trying to hide with those socks.

No. 1451953

this is such a retarded tinfoil

No. 1451973

Dehydration or asthma related is my guess

No. 1451984

yeah, doesn't she have random self-harm scars in her pics sometimes? and she never talks about cutting.
that said, i'm pretty much convinced this is about her lungs. this whole year she's been been in and out of the hospital for smoking despite having asthma.

No. 1452001

I'm confused, what does this mean?
This is attention getting mechanisms 101, for sure. Have a scheduled appointment sound like an emergency to incite pity.

No. 1452018

Uhh cutting scars where?

No. 1452031

I forgot which thread. But after she left Dawn’s place she had scars on her ankle

No. 1452035

They weren’t scars. They weren’t even cuts that drew blood. She had thin white lines on her ankle like she scratched herself to make it look like something before taking a picture.

No. 1452036

File: 1645824951848.png (7.7 MB, 1242x2208, 0A78C1DF-DA62-416E-9D7E-52A4D6…)

Right after the first fupa break up she had cuts on her ankle, I don’t think she’s a frequent cutter because that’s the only time we’ve ever seen them, but she will cut herself in order to manipulate someone in a bpd fit

No. 1452039

This is old milk and those look like pen marks. Shayna isn’t a cutter she’s an attention seeker I haven’t seen cuts or scars when she dances naked like a fat hog

No. 1452047

Those kitty scratches are just as legit as the time she supposedly spent inpatient after Fupa dumped her. The “overdosing all day” saga is old milk but still worth a kek, thread 55

No. 1452060

look how hard she’s stretching her ankle to make sure she gets the scratches in the pic

No. 1452088

i think somwthing really happened but she def wanna make it about mental health. she always tweets about the ER, sometimes before, sometimes in it (with pics) and sometimes after giving all the details. man i dont trust people who doest take medication as serious as you should stop drinking and it will actually help (im bloggin sorry) AND idk she kinda is making it look like she had a suicide attempt or something like it (which will lead to a successful begging) you know shes always suicide baiting, and theres no proof of she actually going so maybe she was just crying at bed comparing pictures and crying about fupapi.
if its true, why does she keep being alone? doesnt her parents wanna help her? god shes a mess

No. 1452093

File: 1645828385316.jpeg (264.33 KB, 750x784, 6C2409E9-A8FF-4971-B65B-D56765…)

No. 1452098

Did she delete this?

No. 1452101

No. 1452104

She's "just back from the ER" way too frequently for it to have any impact.
Likely just an excuse not to cam, because every time she gets on cam she seems to have a medical emergency within a few days. Boy who cried wolf, no one gives a shit.

No. 1452105

I hate when she acts like she's pumping out content everyday, when she just takes photos in a outfit or dances, and then posts those pictures for weeks.

No. 1452127

I’m trying to get my screen recording working. But she’s on a snapchat saying she’s having trouble existing and working

No. 1452130

Even if the cuts are pathetic it's still self harm cutting. You can tell it's self inflicted and obviously she has no scars cos she's barely breaking the skin.

No. 1452131

File: 1645832303047.png (4.94 MB, 1242x2208, 44921F23-7779-4199-A4DA-EAE0EF…)

Her lips are blue from Gatorade. I’m guessing she had alcohol related problems. She looks like shit

No. 1452135

Exactly my point for attention. People who self harm make deep cuts to feel something besides emptiness. And they don’t want to show it off because it’s embarrassing to them.

No. 1452136

This makes no sense. Struggle to get better after a few hours? It's not exactly a choice. The body needs time and the mind needs even more.

No. 1452140

I don’t understand why she’s panicking and acting like she needs to be up doing shit ASAP. Even if there wasn’t anything wrong it’s not like she would be doing anything anyway. She “works” like one day a month and then just queues up those pictures until she manages to get off her ass again

No. 1452144

Everyone is different anon. Some like pain, feeling, others like the blood and sometimes it's a cry for help.
Whether you doing barely skin deep cat scratches or gaping wounds that need stitching you not well either way. I feel most people start pretty basic with cutting and it escalates, I think Shay had a go with the "that's what other sad people do" mindset but wasn't her thing.

She prefers the slow burn of slowly killing yourself with alcohol because it's painless and fun until your insides start dying.

No. 1452145

If only she had a family willing to help her do anything fucking else. How sad she's so stuck a.d struggling, she has zero other options. I feel so horrible for her.

No. 1452148

Is this sarcasm??

No. 1452149

Does every retard need a /s to read sarcasm these days

No. 1452150

apparently on this thread… kek

No. 1452156

Sarcasm is conveyed by tone of voice normally. There wasn't even any exaggerated spelling so you can't tell really, only presume.
How do we know it's not someone who hasn't kept up with threads.

No. 1452160

Why did Shayna go to the ER anonymous survey: http://www.supersurvey.com/QSQ6DMGP8

No. 1452162

What’s the point in tinfoiling we won’t know until she says something

No. 1452166

What if she’s actually shitting herself now because her asshole is wrecked and she’s freaking out

No. 1452169

I thought the mention of her family and "fucking anything else" would show I was being sarcastic. My bad.

No. 1452172

Maybe she got covid, seems like she would be secretive about that so she can keep her plans without judgement. Sorry for tinfoil, realistically she probably just doesn’t want to work and didnt go to the ER

No. 1452173

That would make sense to why she can’t film. Because her ass is destroyed

No. 1452177

Not to be that nonnie, but theres gay men who been ass fucking for years, pornstars etc., what makes anons think shayna has fucked her ass up so badly? I get she may not use lube and it is probably damaged but I don't think it's to the point she needs to be hospitalized.

No. 1452193

File: 1645835522908.jpeg (Spoiler Image,809.82 KB, 1170x1497, 269335D1-5526-4FEB-A858-384C85…)

So now we’re going to see multiple pics from this dumb outfit until she’s “better” to film

No. 1452194

women are more subject to fucking their rectum up because it easily bulges into the vagina

No. 1452201

She’s already been posting them for the past week on OF, this is her business model now. She posts boring, nearly identical photos in different poses everyday for a month, and posts the “good” ones for free on Twitter. I don’t know how anyone stays subscribed to her

No. 1452241

She cropped herself to make herself look smaller kek

No. 1452243

my tinfoil/retard guess is emphysema kek

No. 1452248

This definitely a convenient excuse not to cam. She ALWAYS does this. Every 6 months she'll cam, then say how great it was and that she's going to be setting a schedule to cam weekly. And then never follows through. Comes up with excuses but sometimes just doesn't say anything and hopes her 3 coomers forget.

No. 1452258

File: 1645841894821.jpeg (272.47 KB, 1170x935, CCD0B7F1-DCC2-436D-83F7-8A0138…)

Bitch, you cam once a year. If that

No. 1452259

How many years ago did she start work and she still can't float or have a day off sick without worrying about money flow? Fuck man, you'd think after releasing that much embarrassing porn online you'd be getting a like, certain amount of daily sales across the board or something?

No. 1452261

She was so pressed about not winning a manyvids award, now she thinks she can win an award at an actual in person award show in Miami?

No. 1452262

Everyday is a day off for her, she rarely “works”

No. 1452277

Mostly because in her videos she uses her buttplug like a dildo, shoving it in and out without lube instead of using it to plug like you're supposed to. Not sure how much long term damage that would cause, but she's been doing it for years

No. 1452295

Years of sex work and the only award she's ever won was cow of the year.

No. 1452306

She truly has only won on lolcow kek someone send this bitch a trophy

No. 1452318

No, but you have to actually be a cam girl who cams more than three times a year I'm sure.

No. 1452343

File: 1645854784844.jpeg (287.54 KB, 1160x2208, 1DABDFB4-CDED-4470-918B-65299B…)

She should be lucky she won something.

No. 1452406

Tinfoil: nothing happened, she realized her rent is due and pity begging is just her way of getting money fast and not doing any work.
She only posted convincing pictures the first time she was at the hospital, and we know she's addicted of liveblogging every miniscule thing that is happening in her life.

No. 1452434

If she did go to the ER for alcohol-related issues like >>1452131 suggested, she may not have felt good enough to take her hospital pity photos. She might be reaching the stage of her alcoholism really getting out of control and she's giving herself alcohol poisoning without meaning to over do it. Her hangovers are going to start lasting long and sucking even more now, hence her "recovery" talk on Twitter.

No. 1452463

Whatever it is she's clearly having a proper pity party because she didn't tweet about how erotic the whole hospital experience was

No. 1452479

File: 1645888629074.jpeg (333.98 KB, 1170x1197, 7E109C9D-450D-4FED-8947-947DA0…)

farming sympathy points when you abuse your body every day by drinking and smoking excess amounts while doing nothing physically. How is someone supposed to feel bad for you when you do actually nothing, the doctors can do so little when it’s actually you who needs to change

No. 1452480

50 bucks says she's just getting hella dehydrated from alcoholism/not drinking water/eating shit food & is going to the hospital to get an IV every time it starts giving her pain.

No. 1452488

“My body fails me” my ass, girl, you’re sabotaging your body and slowly killing yourself. This weak bitch takes absolutely no responsibility for herself. Nice use of US tax payers money / your parents insurance, Shat.

No. 1452492

There’s places you can call that will come give you an IV in your own home. If that’s literally all she needs and she’s dropping “thousands” of dollars for it, she’s an idiot. Water is not a scarce resource in Washington.

No. 1452497

File: 1645890528166.jpeg (205.87 KB, 750x538, 9A242897-65D7-452B-8111-A7E330…)

Doesn’t sound like a lung thing this time

No. 1452500

sounds 100% alcohol related.

No. 1452507

Could also be hyperemesis from all the weed. She’s had issues with that before, too. Either way, I think it’s clear that if she were eating normal food, drinking normal amounts of water, and drinking/smoking weed moderately if at all (with friends (kek) on weekends) she wouldn’t be feeling ill.
She’s just a huge whiner. Plenty of people have gotten dehydrated from bad stomach bugs or whatever. It’s called fucking pedialyte, a hot shower, and waiting it out.

No. 1452508

Should've started drinking more water after the last time you were dehydrated in the hospital, dumbass. If she's puking up any fluids that she tries to drink then imo that's 100% self-induced hypertonic dehydration. If you let it go too far, you stop being able to drink water even when you want to. She must be in a state of constant mental fog if she's immune to the headaches that prevent most people from letting it get to that point.

No. 1452510

for me, this sounds a little bit like alcohol withdrawal after a very bad hangover. Her body is just done with her and she needs to change her lifestyle, but I guess she couldn't handle her work if she would have to do it sober.

No. 1452513

i might be retarded, but she could really hop in on a rehab/recovery route and change her image, rebrand, and maybe end up making more money then the sad pathetic version of sex work she has going on. If she leaned in to sobriety she may be able to repair her body and mind and vlog about it.
Not that she will, but for as pathetic as she's been for over 100 threads, I'm hoping she gets better- not worse.

No. 1452516

As if anyone believes she has thousands of dollars. That made me laugh. Shes on her parents insurance. And if shes somehow not, they definitely give her money for hospital trips. Aint no way this broke bitch who has no savings and barely makes ends meet, only splurging when she gets a tip over $10 bucks is paying out of her own pocket to go to the hospital over self induced shit like this.

No. 1452517

this is alcohol related, i feel it in my bones

No. 1452518

It could be a peptic ulcer. Long term alcohol consumption can wreck the stomach lining.

No. 1452522

File: 1645893460707.jpeg (135.41 KB, 750x1200, FA57F928-9F3D-42F4-A5CC-A9D0EB…)

No. 1452523

Why won’t she go to a walk-in clinic like a normal person

No. 1452524

Manifesting a Shayna munchie saga

No. 1452527

I sometimes wonder what would have happened if she was born in country with a generous welfare system. Her aim is to get attention and money so faking an illness and claiming disability benefits would have achieved that.

No. 1452528

and i think this too, maybe she got intoxicated or maybe her body is creating an allergic reaction. oh and tinfoil but it also could be gallbladder, it is caused by bad eating habits, smoking, heavy drinking, puking and others things, when it is bad all u can do is lay in bed waiting to not puke the water and the pain is so bad but it pass as bellyache ; i dont think shes drinking water and sugar is not going to help. i know u are reading shay so i recommend to peel a lemon and eat it like an orange, it will help.

No. 1452535

Why is she constantly going to the ER instead of seeing a primary care physician and getting some sort of health plan created for her? Racking up ER visits that are hundreds or thousands of dollars over and over instead is peak retard.

No. 1452536

Is she able to be on her parents insurance living in a different state from them?

No. 1452539

Yeah, she can. Most insurances aren't state specific, aside from stuff like Medicaid, which you have your own card for, so she can live anywhere and they'll likely take her insurance.

No. 1452562

I actually think you’re 100% right. Not to mention that being sober for more than five minutes at a time might give her the chance to start to think through how fucked up her life is and to figure out how to live better.
Even if you agree that sex work is real work and can be part of a healthy life (and I don’t) I don’t think that anyone can look at Shay’s life and see anything other than festering misery. Unwashed and alone, living off of doordash and Womack attention in a filthy, cluttered apartment.

No. 1452567

A better question is HOW is she getting to the ER. If she can’t stop puking, she can’t exactly drive herself there (not that she has a car anyways.)
I doubt she can just call an Uber; I think most Uber drivers would decline a passenger who is nonstop throwing up, and if it’s happening as frequently as she’s saying, it would be pretty clear from the moment they came to pick her up that something was up.
So, what? Is she taking an ambulance?
I think it’s pretty obvious that Shayna is hungover/smoking too much weed again and is simply unwilling to admit that she’s lazing around in her own filth because she’s an alcoholic that’s unfit to work. She’s not in the ER, she’s lying on the floor of her bathroom pretending she’s sick with something other than her own bad decisions so that people will send sympathy cash instead of links to aa resources like her strung-out lard ass really needs.

No. 1452570

Sounds like pancreatitis. The pain the vomiting the having a hard time keeping down liquids … which are all caused by long term alcohol abuse

No. 1452573

Ellen seems to be her personal chauffeur

No. 1452574

One of her degenerate fake partners. Most likely Ellen.

No. 1452580

And, what, she just pukes all over Ellen’s car? Doesn’t Ellen have to be at work anyways? Surely some of these degenerates have…day jobs?

No. 1452582

Shay ain't long term though. It's been what? A few years at best?

But hey she could be unlucky.
Imagine if she is told she has a condition where she should absolutely not drink and she's been told to stop smoking already cos her lungs are fucked. She'd have a full meltdown.

No. 1452584

she'd just start doing other drugs. this woman can't cope with any responsibilities even though she has everything she'd need to progress

No. 1452585

Probably uses something to puke in lol, bag, bowl whatever you need to get through the ride if its that bad.

No. 1452591

Ellen is unfortunately a nanny/glorified baby sitter. So I would imagine those hours vary.
And youre assuming Shay isnt exaggerating. You dont just non stop vomit. Especially if theres nothing in your stomach at a certain point. Probably just brought a bag in case or you pull over lol. But yeah, its not something youd risk doing in a lyft so I'm sure Ellen or "the dad" took her.

No. 1452592

Her hands are grey in some pictures like a lack of circulation

No. 1452600

Imagine having a shit diet that consists of cheemsburgers and Goldfish, doing nothing but lying around and sleeping exhausting Netflix, NEVER cleaning your living space and having food and animal feces rot, let's not forget the absolute amount of animal hair she's lying in constantly, drinking and smoking in excess amounts, living with literal pests cause why not too BaBy to do anything about it and then have the audacity to say your body is one failing you. Nigga, YOU are failing you. Fucking do something about it, you cockroach.

No. 1452602

If she was in the UK she could
- get multiple benefits potentially totalling that of someone working full time
- get social housing/council housing
- admit herself to A&E or mental health wards for free
- qualify for free prescriptions, dental treatment and travel

FYI I support welfare systems, just not the people who take advantage of them

No. 1452607

This sounds like dehydration, which is why she doesn’t want to talk about it. Because it’s relatively non-serious and she caused it herself. That’s also why she doesn’t just go to a PCP and figure out what’s actually wrong with her and manage it that way; because it’s not “her body failing her” or some chronic condition. She’s just fucking dehydrated and going to the hospital for saline drips.

No. 1452615

I was just thinking this too like she must be on her parents insurance to afford an ER copay rly sad waste of their time when someone could be seriously needing a doctors attention

No. 1452620

File: 1645906677803.png (146.92 KB, 685x446, 1B26026E-B68B-4F04-BFB4-4B72D7…)

The only thing Shayna has been consistent with so far in 2022. Keep it up!

No. 1452623

and I could imagine her having some kids to get more benefits in a few years when the coomers eventually stop giving her money, sad

No. 1452628

Sure, but, who would have children with Shayna? Given her extensive permanent record on the internet, she’s not exactly the marrying type.

No. 1452632

She has literally admitted before that she never drinks water because it has no flavor lmfaooo it’s so obvious that would catch up to her drunk ass, Gatorade as water alternative isn’t good for you when you’re sedentary already eating too much sugar

No. 1452640

File: 1645908894238.jpeg (378.09 KB, 1242x996, 27241F40-A8CB-4D6A-B425-9EAA11…)

You’re not Ukrainian so why tf do you care? Shayna is so annoying. Always making everything about her.

No. 1452643

File: 1645909079884.jpeg (192.07 KB, 1170x749, 35AB9D24-BFE1-4640-8962-343226…)

Totally taking this shit serious

No. 1452648

you don't have to be married to have kids and most guys would have at least a one night stand with her and that could always produce children. Also, you don't need to be a good, functioning adult to have children, just get pregnant, push the child out and you are a mother. (Hope she will never have children)

No. 1452657


Acute pancreatitus. Been there done that.

No. 1452663

File: 1645910776593.jpeg (487.7 KB, 1080x1856, 7118AA8B-4DF2-4712-85FB-0F429B…)

Nothing about that wrinkly dry ass face says “baby” to me

No. 1452665

They’re straight up not paying Russian whores? kek

No. 1452666

Literally everyone who lives in Russia is being fucked over with the sanctions, not just the sex workers. Onlyfans has always been shit and lands in controversy but shes too unpopular to go to another platform because no one would care

No. 1452673

Guess she got the pity donations she's been angling for. Time to blow through them.

No. 1452674

That diaper is gigantic

No. 1452684

it's the only thing on her that fits

No. 1452685

File: 1645912415989.jpeg (193.84 KB, 750x647, 35811E06-D6E0-4C08-B5AF-31AB30…)

Maybe drink water instead of just staining your mouth blue with Gatorade this time

No. 1452687

First of all, she's a fatty.
Second… it's an adult diaper. What do you expect really?

No. 1452691

Why would she post this while in the hospital? Makes me think of incontinence

No. 1452693

That depends on you Shay. Maybe take it as a wake up call to actually start changing your shitty habits and taking care of your health. Cut back on drinking and smoking, go for walks, clean your environment, eat clean food. A whole board of cheese and salty ass salami doesn't count.

No. 1452704

your body is not failing you, shayna. youre failing your body

No. 1452710

Twitterfags need emojis and that

No. 1452720

Shaynus dependa saga? Washington and Oklahoma have a decent amount of military bases. All her ER visits would be free and she wouldn't have to beg for rent kek
Plenty of servicemembers are trashy, ugly, fat, with alcoholism so she'd fit right in

No. 1452723

I wish she would do some sort of self-improvement channel. Since she is completely rock bottom, people would be interested to watch her try to build herself up. And if she made any progress, it would be motivating for everyone else (if Shayna can do it…)

Also, she would be surrounded by more positive energy than she is now. She could do cam shows like: “I want to drink alone but am going to do ___ instead ”, and people could hang out with her and also not drink, feed her need for attention, cheer her on etc…while she does her hair, or bakes cupcakes, or w.e she picked.

Sage bc it’s retarded to think Shay would try. It’s not the type of attention she wants anyway

No. 1452725

Imagine someone like Shaynus in an AA meeting. Her shares would be gold

No. 1452734

She would turn into an even bigger lolcow if she did that. She would do well in the beginning but later on people would laugh at her failures (like we do here.)

No. 1452736

No. 1452749

File: 1645916593978.jpeg (1.01 MB, 2904x2612, 892A87B8-50F2-4B63-B6BA-8840E4…)

She looks like complete shit. I only feel bad for the doctors taking care of this lazy sack of shit

No. 1452755

Whatever it is, isn't that serious. She still has time to take pictures and shoe shop.

No. 1452766

>russia gets banned from swift, major russian banks block withdrawals, russia bans pornography
shatna repeating everything she sees on twitter as always, this is unrelated to onlyfans. she doesn't even know where ukraine is on the map kek

No. 1452769

Could be CHS cannabinoid hyperemesis syndrome. She’s smoked enough it makes sense. She’s claimed to have it before it wouldn’t surprise me if she actually has it now

No. 1452797

Is that a shit stain at the bottom? It's a different colour to the rest of the print.

No. 1452821

>>1452797 no its the top of the brown bear, its just repeating pattern

No. 1452855

the fact that some of y’all are looking that close is really disturbing.

No. 1452899

that doesn't really look like a hospital bathroom to me.

No. 1452921

Idk that just looks like a regular old bathroom. Could be one in the ER lobby, doesn’t necessarily need any hospital items in it

No. 1452922

Any time she goes anywhere she bathroom selfies as “proof”

Nobody wants to see you in a smelly public restroom

No. 1452933

File: 1645931899158.jpeg (375.29 KB, 750x928, 8D7DE332-1BBE-4EB0-874A-0683BC…)

It is, she definitely was in the hospital, the tile matches a picture in a review for the valley medical center which is the ER in Renton, which is the town she lives in even though she would like you to think she’s in Seattle

No. 1452936

fecking Harriet the Spy you are

No. 1452951

Excellent sleuthing!

No. 1452952

File: 1645934248343.jpeg (497.56 KB, 1170x951, 6B8C456C-0A01-48D9-8D80-1486C1…)

Always has to kiss ass

No. 1452959

File: 1645934839748.jpeg (497.82 KB, 1536x2048, 9AADFEC3-1F04-4D93-BB92-AF73C0…)

big ol honker

No. 1452977

The same photo from one of her sets could be reposted every day and I wouldn’t know because they all look the same

No. 1452980

> CHS is characterized by intractable nausea and vomiting without an obvious organic cause and associated learned compulsive hot water bathing behavior.
Yeah um sorry anon but there is like a near 100% chance that Shat doesn't have this kek.

No. 1452987

It’s so crazy how completely black and beady her eyes look in some pictures

No. 1452988

She looks like how the inside of a high school locker room smells.

No. 1453005

Plus you’re basically chained to the toilet/dependent on emetic bags if you’re having a CHS episode - she would (most likely) be too miserable to post. Also random tip for stoner anons: keep capsaicin cream in your first aid kit, it can help reduce CHS symptoms until you can seek medical attention

No. 1453051

Kek she should really should not have posted her old teenage photos because her nose wasn't noticeably large there. Why the fuck does her nose seem so huge now? nasolabial folds??

No. 1453052

She looks so dumb, like a homeless person that just has all their belongings going to the restroom to wash her crack.

No. 1453085

sorry if this is a bit bloggy but my bf recently had a CHS episode and ended up in an ambulance (so thanks for the tip). I'd definitely believe this is shatnas problem because she probably smokes more than she drinks at this rate, and has to quit weed every so often due to CHS. after seeing someone unable to keep water down due to uncontrollable vomiting and then going stiff and numb due to hyperventilation, I mean I'd never want to smoke weed again. Just shows how dependent she is on it

No. 1453155

a nose can keep growing well into your twenties, also alcoholism.

No. 1453165

I don't want to discount you nonnie but Shayna's problem is clearly alcohol. She's an alcoholic and having withdrawal symptoms. CHS is incredibly rare and she's probably only doing a few dab hits a day, she isn't smoking a ton of flower.

No. 1453199

she had pretty bad nasolabial folds before but theyre deeper now from lack of skin care (1000 bucks says she's never even thought about putting sunscreen on her face), and her nose is more bulbous from higher body fat percentage and alcoholism

No. 1453204

Alcoholism can't make your nose grow retards. If you're thinking of rosacea (which alcohol can make worse) she would obviously have other visible symptoms with that severity.

No. 1453208

rosacea has nothing to do with the nose lol and yes, nonnie. when you get fat, your facial features can change (as your body does). i dont know if you know but alcohol makes u fat (when youre not an alcohorexic) ooo and medication and alcohol makes u a fucking ogre looking person. you know, when people look like melting. Shayna was always ugly, she just was skinny.

No. 1453209

Damn, roasted

Long-term alcoholism absolutely makes your face swell. And it's most noticeable in the soft tissues like nose & eyes. Think of anyone that you know with a serious drinking problem & look at a photo from their 20s. Chances are they used to look so different that it's one of those cases of ageing where you ask "what happened? jfc". Alcoholics all tend to gain the same swollen eyes, bulbous nose, and jowly expression. Just look at Alice Walker from GOMI if you need another example.

No. 1453246

Nta but rosacea has an awful lot to do with the nose, it often leads to rhynophyma which I think the other anon was alluding to.

No. 1453249

File: 1645985236171.jpeg (208.72 KB, 750x1361, FEB25CEB-2806-4D09-814A-6C294F…)

We don’t do that, we literally have rules against that and it’s a disgusting thing to do, kiwifarms fags on the other hand, one of them did send her nudes to her grandma

No. 1453258

Honestly very surprised she didnt flop her tits out.
Maybe its different at that place but the ER/big city hospital i was visiting a friend at made everyone put on a clean blue mask upon entry to the hospital.

No. 1453292

varies state to state, ex:
>illinois: hospital issue mask only
>st louis, mere feet away in missouri: bandanna/scarf/chainmail mask/etc optional

No. 1453349

File: 1645994211861.jpeg (1.06 MB, 1170x1818, 91125515-A043-4FE4-989A-395891…)

Get ready for the tantrum she has when she doesn’t make the nominations

No. 1453351

Its so funny how she thinks the bare minimum should be rewarded. She doesn't even put out consistent content but thinks she 'deserves' to win all these contests?

No. 1453364

This is like, an actual irl adult industry award show in Miami too, not just those stupid manyvids things she keeps losing. Idk why she thinks she has a chance

No. 1453429

because shes delusional and i feel sorry for her, thats she thinks shes hot shit when shes just cold diarrhea and everybody makes fun of her.

No. 1453495

File: 1646002625226.jpeg (597.58 KB, 1170x1378, D17E1395-3087-4FFB-AD8A-0158C5…)

No. 1453498

File: 1646002730108.jpeg (258.45 KB, 1170x587, 85F2094F-DDA0-4BCE-96BA-7629DF…)

The number 1 simp

No. 1453500

I wonder how shay does her taxes. It seems like it would be complicated with all the different sources of income and donations

No. 1453520

Kek now I'm imagining the IRS trying to figure out her tax returns like "on Feb 24 there was $50 inflow from The Dad Inc, then Slave Dad put in another $100, with The Old Man accounting for the rest of the total."

No. 1453522

File: 1646005037291.jpeg (202.44 KB, 750x616, 9201C903-0F0B-4396-A72D-011120…)

kek she really thinks she’s special. The delusion is off the charts

No. 1453523

Girl next door is a polite way of saying you look homely & attainable…

No. 1453524

The scrotes she hangs out irl don’t even pay her, she does it purely for attention and because she’s lonely as fuck

No. 1453534

Sorry to blog, ban if you want but I have CHS and I only smoked flower once a day for 2 years. It’s not impossible.

No. 1453560

She said in a tweet a couple weeks ago that she deleted she currently takes 6 dabs a day

No. 1453577

but she cant edit those

No. 1453586

That is a whole lot of text when she could've just wrote disgusting alcoholic

No. 1453599

“I’m not like other girls I’m a sexual deviant whose down for anything and everything pick me pick meee”

No. 1453665

File: 1646017482720.jpeg (424.15 KB, 1170x1119, 3837148B-4047-487A-9E76-57AC11…)

Honestly pathetic

No. 1453688

You're a grown-ass woman, you lardbarge. Take your ~thriving~ income, go down to the Walmart, and buy as many $5 plastic dogs as your enlarged heart desires instead of trying to literally take toys from a child.
As far as Momma Clifford is concerned, Shayna gave up all her kids' toys when she started whoreing, drinking & smoking.

No. 1453714

She's so disgusting

No. 1453728

With her health issues and everything else shitty in her life, she really thought asking her mom something like that was necessary? And then to post it… She really thought it was cute or funny??
We get it, youll never let go of your weird hatred of your mom. But being a grown ass adult demanding for little plastic toys to be taken back from a child is so fucking weird. Its not like a special stuffed animal or something sentimental. Jfc this bitch is mental.

No. 1453741

Just go onto ebay you fucking weirdo. She's such an asshole. If she does get her hands on them she's going to incorporate them into her porn. Totally not a pedo enabler though

No. 1453761

This comes off so weirdly vindictive to me, like she's jealous of an actual child getting her mommy's attention. What adult even gives a shit about their decade old toys enough to message their mom demanding them back like this? God knows you don't need or deserve them, nasty bitch. Leave the girl and your poor mother alone.

No. 1453782

>translation: I wanted to berate and make someone feel like shit, because I feel like shit, so I called my mom

No. 1453793

Mothers/parents have no obligation to keep all of the toys they purchase for their children in case they want them back 10+ years later. What is she supposed to do, just keep a room full Shat’s old shit?

What an entitled person, so gross considering how she is never nice to her mom.

No. 1453798

over 10 years ago? wtf this doesn’t make you sound funny it just sounds petty as fuck.

No. 1453799

she said it’s been 10+ years, clearly that person is not a child anymore.

No. 1453802

File: 1646027896219.jpeg (Spoiler Image,410.91 KB, 750x2197, 85F07EF1-8CB7-4F58-B3CE-B3D618…)

lol whores are scum, but @ her next time shay

No. 1453811

Lmao can someone link all the fucking times she’s said calling women “bitches” is “mean and catty”?

No. 1453817

Even a broken clock is right twice a day, huh? Though it means nothing considering all the objectively nastier shit Shaynus does on the reg.

No. 1453841

I mean thats more retarded. A decade later and she still cares and thinks theyd even hold on to that crap?

No. 1453842

All this does is get more eyes and attention to some random dumb whore because of controversy and brain dead coomers will pay for it because they see girl ass.

No. 1453846

It would be pretty funny if the grown-up goddaughter had passed the toys on to some other kid of appropriate age.
Or if her mom just straight up sent her a screenshot of the goddaughter's text replying like "haha are you joking Mrs Clifford? I donated those years ago. That would be so sad and pathetic if I still had those"

No. 1453919

Actually I don’t give a fuck about Ukrainian coomers, they are not and will never be victimized by some opportunistic ewhore, especially if they’re choosing to buy porn while awaiting conscription. Wokies are so fucking retarded.

No. 1453937

yeah exactly, that’s my point. she clearly said it’s been more than 10 years and anons are saying she’s taking toys from a “literal child”. no, she’s doing nothing but being petty and thinking it’s cute to ask her mom for old toys back from someone who most likely threw them out.

No. 1453965

File: 1646063741794.jpg (22.05 KB, 514x107, hypocrite.jpg)

Sage cause no new milk but reading some old threads and came across this gem, wonder if she still feels the same since she's actively dating a -little- who bragged about and took pics of using the pacifier of a child she was supposed to be caring for.

No. 1453971

Minus the laughable 'professional bimbo' cope and it actually sounds like self awareness

No. 1454006

I vaguely remember her making this exact tweet before but I'm too lazy to go through the threads to find it. Just another weirdly copy pasted status from Shayna that she likes to do over and over for years. It's honestly strange.

She really, REALLY likes calling women bitches. But let a girl call her a bitch and she throws a whole tantrum and calls them misogynistic and mean. Ok lol

No. 1454007

File: 1646068913629.jpeg (353.76 KB, 1170x1005, B962EEE1-E782-4A31-B7DA-3FDEC0…)

Soooo Fupa?

No. 1454009

So a teen boy.. basically the opposite of who's she's advertising. Not sure what rich 40's sugar daddy has piercings and is goth lol.

No. 1454010

Unless she just copy and posted this, stop sharing old tweets. It gets confusing and it's old.
That's like the same commentary made when it was posted two dozen threads ago too.
I hope one day she learns what goth actually is though so she can stop being one of those people that sticks it on anything thats even mildly alt/not normie style.
Fupa was a weird white trash manlet. His style ranged from stinky gym bro to try hard groomer to metro there at the end lol.

No. 1454011

LOL Samefag im sorry she actually straight up did fucking post this EXACT tweet back in the late Fupa saga. My bad anon.
I forgot this bitch actually does just save retarded nonsensical tweets in her notepad to post repeatedly.

No. 1454012

the date is literally on the bottom. right before "Twitter for iphone"

No. 1454016

Kek I'm the anon that said she straight up posted the asking for Littlest Pet Shop toys back tweet word for word at some point cause she really does have these stupid posts on a notepad and reposts them for literal fucking years. I guess she thinks they'll go viral? It's bizarre cause they're not funny or clever.

No. 1454020

File: 1646069800580.jpeg (134.14 KB, 750x504, 4E88C346-4140-4E81-BBE9-8D4119…)

She wants another fupa to fall in love with her, but she gets a fat ugly naked old man with a tiny dick to come build her cheap Amazon bed frame while she kicks him in the balls instead

No. 1454021

I'm always shocked about the amount of trash one person can produce. She bought her prison bed frame less than a year ago and it's already hitting the dumpster? She could easily donate it but you know she isn't because she'd tweet about it.

No. 1454091

She’s mention this exact thing multiple times in an effort to victimize herself and paint her mom to be the bad guy.

Get the fuck over it shaynus and go to therapy. Imagine being that hung up over a plastic toy she got for her birthday or Christmas. It’s one thing if it was sentimental. She’s just mad because she didn’t have a chance to be uwu aesthetic with it.

No. 1454101

This contradicts the spoiled rich bitch vibe she was going for rather harshly. I hope she just tweeted this for attention and didn't actually bother her mother over plastic that's probably turning yellow in a landfill right now.

I hope Shayna's cooties didn't rub off on her mom's goddaughter

No. 1454104


It's a common Munchausen/poor-American play.

The ER is obligated to treat you in advance of payment, regardless of your actual ability to pay. They'll patch you up and send you home with a bill to pay later.

Any other doctor or preventative care practitioner bills you upfront– and can deny service.

No. 1454135

File: 1646081106916.jpeg (358.48 KB, 1242x1022, 0C61358C-AFC5-44C6-ADF4-6E6B28…)

i mean, just a year ago the goddaughter in question apparently hadn’t “grown out” of said toys so yes, it is apparent that she’s talking about a literal child.

No. 1454150

Imagine bringing up a underaged person to coomers. She could easily buy the thing again, she's just gross and jealous. Why the fuck is she talking about a minor getting a toy on her sex work account?

No. 1454155

I will never understand why she pretends to like old men when it's clear she is not attracted to them at all. It sort of makes sense if she's trying to wring cash out of them, but she dates them too? The "old men" thing sounded coquette and tumblr in 2016 but the older she gets the more it sounds like she is pining for literal fat geezers half the time she posts. She hasn't hung out with anyone her own age in a long ass time.

No. 1454165

She might be too broke to buy them. But it also shows what an evil little bitch she is. She is mad that a literal child is playing with her old toys. She needs therapy.

No. 1454172

You know she would just put them up on her trash shelf next to her expired 7/11 snacks and never touch them again, meanwhile a kid is getting actual enjoyment out of them and she’s trying to take away

No. 1454192

it’s apparent that she’s lying, dumbasses

No. 1454262

Even if she's lying she told a lie TWICE about wanting childhood toys back from a underaged person when they grew out of it, ON HER SEX WORK ACCOUNT. She's mentioning her mother and her mom's God daughter, it's fucking gross. And I think it's even grosser if she's lying a and repeated said lie. NTA BTW.

No. 1454303

>>1453802 shayna should make hers free for russians to lower their morale

No. 1454344

fuck anon i'm dying

No. 1454352

BREAKING: A female Belarusian soldier awaiting the go-ahead from leader Alexander Lukashenko to be deployed has instead broke rank and joined the Ukrainian soldiers in pushing back Russian Troops. Already having a kill count of 15 soldiers, 5 tanks and 6 fighter jets, she has been known by Ukrainian civilians as the Ballsack of Belarus!

No. 1454353

File: 1646093982231.jpeg (369.15 KB, 1284x1302, 660C1224-BF10-4B1D-B57D-55C7F8…)

No. 1454355

Keep dreaming fatty. Girls with real jobs bought all that years ago.

No. 1454364

File: 1646094852901.jpg (20.54 KB, 505x247, warcrime.jpg)

No. 1454377

How about putting that 1250 you got last week down on a car you fucking retard? I can’t even with this bitch anymore. She begs for a car every year yet she literally could have just put down 2k on it days ago and then panhandled for a car payment like she does everything else. Also why do you need so many laptops!!!! I have had the same laptop for 10 years and she is constantly begging for them even though she has a PC already. WHY DO YOU NEED IT.

No. 1454387

Things people with REAL jobs already have. I love how this worthless cunt goes from tweeting about mommy giving away her old toys to this.

No. 1454390

this bitch has an ipad, two (I think??) laptops, and a whole ass pc

No. 1454391

She has like 2 new phones and a PC. A camera for what? A laptop for what? And honestly a car for what? Ubering for the 1 time a week she goes out and cant get Ellen or a dude to chauffer her doesnt seem worth the maintenance and payments. Besides shes drunk and high all the fucking time.

No. 1454397

She already spent it on the day she got it, >>>/snow/1439219 shes had so many sales for the purpose of buying a car and then blows it. she’s literally incapable of saving money.

No. 1454402

File: 1646100175724.jpeg (409.81 KB, 1080x1815, 35CC860B-C5FD-4AC5-9B8B-6A8F77…)

I wonder if it weirds her out when Womack says I love you or if she encourages it. Also check out all that dog hair, I love my dogs but I would not let them sleep in my bed. Imagine the smell, you know she doesn’t groom her

No. 1454412

Didn’t she recently buy a MacBook or some shit, and the pink phones/iPads for “work” just like that gaming setup that literally never got used for her twitch girl venture

No. 1454415

>I want a laptop, a camera or a car
Why does Shat need a car? She doesn’t go anywhere, and if she does go outside it’s to get food or alcohol. She can walk she isn’t crippled and could definitely use the exercise. A camera? For what? She doesn’t go outside she isn’t a photographer, she doesn’t travel. She has no events to take photos of? A laptop? Does she already have an iPad, 1 or 2 laptops, and a gaming PC she uses once a year to “cam”. She isn’t in college, she is unemployed. All her “sex work” can be done with her phone. Shayna deserves to be homeless tbh

No. 1454418

I think ‘normal’ people, aka people who shower daily, and give their dogs baths, and do laundry weekly, can pull off having their dog sleep in their bed. I know to some people it can be considered gross but it’s ten times more disgusting knowing Shayna’s hygiene.

No. 1454421

Also who is she going to take pictures of? Her only friends are her pets and that’s because they are forced to be in her hovel. Ellen is too damn fugly to take photos of and Polaroid film is too expensive to use on her ugly ass. Kek

No. 1454424

1250 could have bought Shayna some chapstick, a gym membership, face wash, body scrub, lotion, and a pumice stone.

No. 1454427

She just wants things given to her. The items hold no value or purpose but she holds value in the fact that people give her shit. Which is why she has no problem throwing away all her shit every time she moves.
Like anons said, she already has a laptop (2 of them) and an iPad she just got. A working phone and the car is pointless as she doesn’t drive anywhere except the store. And a $30 Uber ride to Walmart and back is cheaper than a car note and insurance.

Even if by some miracle, someone gifted her a car, she would never use it. It would sit unregistered and uninsured.

No. 1454436

“A computer?! And a car?! Thanks mom and dad..”


No. 1454441

She probably wants to sell signed Polaroid nudes, that seems to be a popular thing with ewhores

No. 1454442

Does she realise that she can't edit a polaroid picture?

No. 1454447

On amazon the film is like $30 for 16 photos. Hope she has fun with the single time she drunkenly uses the camera and then is too lazy to rebuy film.

No. 1454449

Polaroid prints are super low quality and washed-out, which makes them unintentionally flattering, which is why ugly whores love them. HD photos certainly dont do Shayna any favors kek

No. 1454458

lmao how sad and lonely you can be to tell a person that you pay for attention, that you love them.

No. 1454460

File: 1646104823919.gif (1.04 MB, 320x240, betch-betch-slap.gif)

Fucking kek, nona.

No. 1454465

She has no concept of the future. She is so mentally ill and pathetic that her future literally means nothing to her. So, she is sitting in her filthy hovel, depressed, broke, e-begging in pet dander and ants, eating fast food and doordash for every meal and not cooking healthy food for herself, ruining her body with drugs and alcohol and crying about the negative side effects, will never own a car or a home on her own, and still depends on her parents to pay her bills at 24 years old. Despite all of the good advice on her 101 threads, she is sticking it to the haturz, you guize! Truly thriving sex worker girl boss ~uWu~. Ol' pimply ass, greasy haired, potbelly bitch.

No. 1454722

love the idea that as Shayna gets uglier and uglier, she uses more primitive technology
she’ll be mailing out sex daguerreotypes in six months

No. 1454808

File: 1646156826631.jpeg (294.2 KB, 750x624, F6570B0A-F283-496B-8613-7EFC6E…)

Sounds like she had to quit weed cold turkey because of whatever sent her to the hospital

No. 1454809

She is going to go full force on edibles now and probably gain another 50lbs.

No. 1454810

In her dreams: the only place Shayna gets a proper scrub down. This is her subconscious begging for a decent shower kek

No. 1454812

Too bad she doesnt scrub and wash herself down as a form of masturbation

No. 1454822

no, she's going to become a full blown alocholic, and the health problems she thinks/lies to herself are from weed are going to get even worse.

No. 1454824

Lmao for real speaks a lot.

No. 1454833

Especially liver related problems. I'm sure she already has a fatty liver from her horrible diet but sprinkle in some cirrhosis and she won't be long for this world if she doesn't make and stick to some serious changes.

No. 1454843

i was going to say the same thing. but i hope she sticks to alcohol for a new drunky fattel saga lmao

No. 1454878

I never understood why she didn't just use droppers or edibles in the first place knowing her really bad lung situation. She doesn't even need to get ridiculous sugary edibles, they have other methods of ingesting marijuana lmao.

No. 1454892

File: 1646167101463.jpg (39.32 KB, 740x370, 8411.jpg)

>shatna needing a whole squad to scrub her down be like

No. 1454907

Poor chihiro lol

No. 1454914

I was about to say her bath dream may have been reminiscent of the years of grime being removed from said roger spirit kek

No. 1454933

File: 1646170974558.jpeg (203.37 KB, 750x1784, 82AA317C-53AF-4D6E-8E6D-F37A20…)

Her tranny “mom” is so fucking ugly

No. 1454937

File: 1646171661300.jpeg (569.34 KB, 1170x977, 89CB574D-1A98-40C3-A39B-991766…)

No words

No. 1454960

Hes fucking jacked, why doesn't she just fuck him for her shit porn.


All they had to do was google it Im thinking this is some long game shit on their end.

No. 1455046

what an embarrassing lie. she is so pathetic and weird. it's no wonder nobody likes her because she acts like this.

No. 1455049

Kek, I feel like shayna only interacts with average or below average people online and irl, so she feels better about herself. I can't think of one genuinely attractive person shay has interacted with since she started gaining weight.
Kinds like how she wants older men, some of it feels like her self esteem is so low, that she feels there's less competition for older crusty coomers. So they'll see her as a "prize". Except they don't. Even the baby daddy she dated treated her like the loser with multiple kids and a upper dick fat.

No. 1455093

I've seen similar stories go viral so that's probably what she's trying to do. Seems unlikely that actually happened though. How would an old classmate know to google "Dolly Mattel" in the first place? And if they did they would find her Twitter too and DM for free.

No. 1455096

They wouldnt have to google "Dolly mattel" because googling "Shayna Clifford" Brings you here, with all her links.

No. 1455157

“mom” looks like Shayna’s actual dad in a wig

No. 1455190

Shatnus' actual dad has the same rat face, big nose, and beady eyes as her lol.

No. 1455225

Funny how it’s always a positive interaction when food is the subject - should just do feeder porn already. She’d probably be legit happier if she was paid to eat on cam - can jump the HAES bandwagon and get some fat ‘uwu’ feeder kink friends. Kek

No. 1455252

File: 1646184048640.png (Spoiler Image,649.79 KB, 1080x1606, Screenshot_20220301-171945.png)

She deleted the top tweet kek she's such a bitch

No. 1455268

She takes the same nude hiding her stomach on her dirty bed with no lights on at least weekly. You can't be mad at people for finding it dull girl

No. 1455271

They’re ignoring it because she’s posted so many identically low effort, dark nudes laying in bed in this exact hand covering the folds and gut pose so many times already. The way she lives with the lights off 24/7 seems incredibly depressing

No. 1455272

Kek she's such a salty bitch.

She tweets and deletes things so quick. Why can't she just control herself and realise "maybe tweeting this is a stupid idea and pointless".

No. 1455280

She often deletes her tweets literal seconds after posting, she does not think about what she’s saying and how it could make her look bad until after it’s already been posted and screenshotted by a dedicated farmer with notifications on

No. 1455294

And she’s bought how many lamps by now? What happened to that recent ugly cherub one?

It’s really confusing what she does daily - even the most depressed/ lazy shit tier people would throw Netflix on to binge some trash tv. It really sounds like she does absolutely nothing - just scrolls Twitter until it gets dark then drinks/ smokes to go back to sleep. Rinse and repeat, until the next useless ER visit to milk for pity.

No. 1455295

Ah, yes, how could anyone ignore this masterpiece? You can’t find poorly lit pictures of pale grey fat women just anywhere, you know.

No. 1455296

dont forget heavily filtered too kek

No. 1455298

The only hobby she ever talks about doing is playing Apex, she never talks about movies or tv shows, it seems like most of her day is spent laying naked in bed on her phone with the lights off and occasionally getting up to smoke weed, drink and pick up the doordash order from her door

No. 1455303

did she take it with a microwave? bold of me to assume she has one but what is quality

No. 1455340

File: 1646193752056.jpeg (184.81 KB, 750x1303, FF2804B6-7BB5-4D10-926F-AA581D…)

It’s true, I only ever see her gassing up ugly people on Twitter, she hates woman so much because she sees them all as competition, but sees herself as better then the fat ugly ones

No. 1455349

This person looks like her in the face, she loves to gas up those on her level of attractiveness, style and weight (the same or bigger). I don't feel like looking but I bet at least 80% of her followers fit that description. None living the life she wants to live, none being actual high priced bimbos getting big money. None being conveniently attractive. It's telling. There's a lot of pretty girls in her pink asthetic but she'll never show them love.Maybe I'm over thinking it. It's also making me kek how much she looks like Shayna if she keeps gaining. She's even shaped how I imagine shay would be, smirk and all.

No. 1455353

What the fuck is she talking about "not smoking weed this week," she's been dabbing on snapchat almost every day??

No. 1455358

I wonder how long it will take she admits she’s a fat fuck and start to openly cater to the feeder fetishists. At leaast that way she wouldn’t have to beg for doordash bucks.

No. 1455374

That's actually so true. She's so lazy & useless that even consuming media is too much effort for her.

No. 1455376

We talk about how she's at the tail end of SW & how things are going to keep getting bleaker for her as she gains more & ages into her 30s.
Getting into feeder porn would unironically extend the longevity of her "career" by a decade or more. She's a absolute grandma in the world of dd/lg, but she would be the exciting new thing in the feeder fetish world.
Obviously it's degen & it would wreck her body, but she's already doing that anyway without getting paid for it.

No. 1455379

I cant tell if the frequent paragraph long posts in every thread explaining how Shaynus should go into feederism are just a tired joke or if there are so secret feeder nonnies trying to convince her to do it for their own sick fantasies

No. 1455382

Call me crazy but I'd rather she fetishize burgers over kids

No. 1455398

Yep that’s a good point anon. If she wants to ruin her life, spirit and body go for it but leave the kids alone lol she’s such a degenerate pos.

No. 1455596

she's probably fuming at tranny mom's low quality clothed post having so much engagement meanwhile shayna's nudes consistently get no engagement besidses womack simping or gray hair and his gif

No. 1455669

you know she'd find a way to do both

No. 1455689

File: 1646232454334.jpeg (301.93 KB, 1170x935, 4D40F38A-1F89-4C0A-BF94-E6465F…)

No. 1455697

well, the diaper thing seems as if it would play very well into a feeder saga tbh

No. 1455800

Looks like Twitter is going through and deleting accounts again. Shay might be quiet for a bit

No. 1455814

File: 1646241435858.jpg (67.34 KB, 600x521, cow.jpg)

No. 1455819

You are 'stuck' because you are a fat fuck who puts out low quality crap content that is all the same. But sure, keep trying to make yourself the victim.

No. 1455825

File: 1646241976491.jpeg (428.47 KB, 750x988, 61CC2CD3-43E4-44C0-9A63-699012…)

No. 1455827

Shay, it’s not just the stuff you said at 15 that make people not like you

No. 1455833

She lives in Renton, not Seattle, but keep up the larp I guess

No. 1455835

No Shay you are cancelled because you're a pedo panderer, you're a scam artist, you have horrible work ethic, you're lazy and unhygienic and you constantly play the victim instead of actually owning the fact that you fail at sex work and life in general.
I can respect that you MAY have grown from your hitler loving teen days and have apologized and hopefully learned from that but that is only 1 of many reasons why you are problematic.

No. 1455839

Was just going to say this kek. Cows in Renton and all other areas surrounding Seattle love to say they're living in the heart of the city. She probably lives across from a strip mall 15 mins outside the city limits.

No. 1455852

She’s so deep in her delusion that literally cannot comprehend the fact that she is an overall shitty person who’s just fun to cringe at and thinks the reason there’s 100+ threads about her is because of her edgy 15 year old self. It’s not that deep, and it’s not something a half assed apology video can fix, it’s just who she is. I bet not being able to smoke weed is slowly destroying that delusion though, she’s gonna have to start drinking more to keep it up

No. 1455877

Shay, you call your fellow SWs "bitches" and drag them at least once a week. You cancel yourself

No. 1455882

She is so fucking stupid. People have hated her as long as she’s been a sex worker. Lolcow has been shitting on her as long as she’s been a sex worker. And yet, earlier in her “career,” she did a lot better (although still not great).
So, what was different then? She was younger and thinner, and because she wasn’t a completely hideous she-beast, she was willing to get on cam at least a couple of times a month. New customers saw a blonde girl with a cute-ish body (yes, and a wrecked face and pussy), and were actually potentially enticed into her chat room. Now, people see that same busted face attached to what is genuinely one of the ugliest human bodies I have ever seen in my entire life—IF she even gets drunk enough to cam in the first place. THAT is what is different now—she’s older, fatter, worse at pedopandering, and somehow even lazier than she was back then. For her to blame muh haters for her failure is ridiculous when we’ve been here all along, she’s reaching new depths because of HER bad decisions.
Lose 80 lbs, practice basic hygiene (that means shampoo and conditioner, face wash AND LOTION), drink more water and less pink wine, get on cam twice a week, and release a couple videos/photo sets (UNIQUE photo sets) on your OF per week, you’ll see improvements. This is the most basic fucking advice imaginable.

No. 1455894

you weren’t a kid when you said the majority of those things. stop fucking latching on to the excuse that you were a teenager because you weren’t. you said those things with your whole chest and still won’t admit it. that’s just one reason why people hate you. you’re also embarrassing and cringy and easy to laugh at, it’s pathetic.

No. 1455895

samefag but if you really think you have 100 threads on lolcow SOLELY because of the unsavory comments you made, you’re more than delusional. you’re just lying to yourself about how cringy you and your content is.

No. 1455913

You lash out at other sex workers constantly, vague tweet about bullshit, attract drama like a magnet, make less and less money as you get older, can't keep a relationship or friendship for longer than a year, you talk about wanting to be raped and abducted, you do diaper agere sex offender shit, you manipulate and use everyone who gets close, you don't work consistently, your only consistent behavior is getting wasted and gaining weight, you make the same content over and over and you constantly warn people they will be harassed and "stalked" for even mentioning you let alone working with you.

But yeah it's totally cause of whatever you said on Tumblr 6 years ago. Please, Shart. You're just atrocious, extremely below average in every way and absolutely insufferable to be around. I promise you that the reasons you get nowhere are innumerable and none of them include your retarded uwu excuses. Cry about it and stuff your face more.

No. 1455914

I can't believe she thinks bleeding subs has anything to do with stupid things she said or her not doing collabs. Scrotes don't give a shit about any of that, and as a matter of fact a bunch of the inbreds who follow her probably would agree with some of the unsavory stuff. It's literally because she got fat. That's it. She doesn't carry the fat well. She isn't curvy and she's not fat enough to fit into the BBW fetish scene. She's just gross and the ridiculous poses she needs to pull to hide her gunt are old and repetitive. All of your advice is good but I think we all know she is never going to lose any weight, because it actually takes some semblance of effort.

No. 1455928

>It's literally because she got fat. That's it.

Didn't someone post a cap a few threads back of some scrote saying something along the lines of "damn she porked up" in the comments of one of her videos on some porn site?

No. 1455944

File: 1646249993664.jpeg (240.9 KB, 1242x707, 86D5D5CE-FE87-4E78-ABEB-320BCB…)

No. 1455951

Shayna hates she can't brag. She'd love to be famous enough where she can say and do whatever and have enough followers/interactions it wouldn't matter. She only wants to do good so she can brag and feel like she's winning for once In her life.
She has a plan b with her parents. Or maybe she thinks "it's this or nothing". Regardless, I don't think I've ever seen a basic faced, below average bodied woman truly think she'd be a big pornstar and that the only thing stopping her is a website and "I can't work with anyone".
Shayna the reason it's not happening isn't lolcow. Isn't because you haven't taken a dick on camera by a random scrote.
If scrotes wanted you, they'd find you. If your porn was hot these coombrains wouldn't give a FUCK what you said or who hated you.
When you paid for promo, you'd gained a lot of new people. It's not happening because in a sea of attractive women doing porn or even unattractive women in niche porn categories, Dolly Mattel doesn't stand out.
She's never going to be the best in the bimbo catergory, the barbie category, the "gross pedo pandering" category or any category.
You are only going to be famous if you do something incredibly stupid, Illegal, gross or all above. Not for your basic porn, below basic body or basic personality.
Whoever told her she was special lief. Most people aren't special to anyone but the folks who love them.

No. 1455969

Why doesn't Shayna just learn to edit her photos and videos?

No. 1455973

Because that requires effort.

No. 1455976

She edits the shit out of her photos and has filters on all her videos. She’s still fat and ugly

No. 1455993

I meant editing them properly so that she doesn't look fat and ugly.
Yeah, even that is too much for her.

No. 1456023

Tbh this is the reason Shayna is the cow I've followed for the longest. There's something highly entertaining to me about people who complain about the same things over and over again but continue to make no changes and find themselves not only stagnating but regressing in every aspect of life, all due to their own laziness. There are such simple, concrete steps she could take to solve things but she just doesn't.

No. 1456057

Nikocado always shits his pants, obese people have problems with their bowels

No. 1456063

I was about to say idc how fat you are there’s no way to body 2 pizzas and a full title of wine to yourself without causing ur stomach issues

No. 1456080

Online sex work is a circlejerk of showing off material shit and money to get attention, only a few actually really do that good. It’s like she still expects to somehow be a breakout hit making hundreds of thousands per month when she can’t even keep the fans she had before

No. 1456114

File: 1646263268624.jpeg (156.77 KB, 750x537, B7B23C66-B75E-4D81-A115-D70F25…)

She can’t even save money for a car in 6 years how is she supposed to save for a house

No. 1456118

Fuck a car, she can't even save for her next weed binge or doordash.

No. 1456144

She missed that opportunity the day she put hardcore kink porn out for free years ago. No one is going to buy the milk when the cow is free. Seriously. She’s only getting food money right now because it’s part of the sender’s fetish. No man has a rent paying fetish.

No. 1456170

She is pretty close to a strip mall, but to be fair she is also close to a cute little downtown area of Renton

No. 1456179

File: 1646270357445.jpeg (173.23 KB, 750x1216, 313088EA-FDE9-431A-9847-8995ED…)

this is that fat cowtipper from a couple threads ago that deleted her Twitter after we called her out. you’re paying her now? what the fuck

No. 1456183

File: 1646270762246.jpeg (112.34 KB, 749x529, 76B20068-67FA-4A20-A0EB-2C1703…)

No. 1456186

nah she still has twitter, and all she did was say something about her nails. that’s harassment now? shayna is wild.


No. 1456187

And yet she thinks shes above working with the ones in her bracket of sex workers. She knows shes the ugly, fat, gross one compared to the "bitches" she loves to hate and compare herself too. But if other bottom barrel whores say theyll work with her, she ignores them. I mean ultimately its because shes not attracted to and hates females and no attractive male sex workers talk to her. And i guess she doesnt wanna go for trannies. She only worked with Sol because hes a creep and she obviously had the hots for him because hes like a skinny Fupa.

No. 1456190

File: 1646271006185.jpeg (279.89 KB, 1284x795, 10004FB0-3A18-4F07-B95B-1F0F93…)

girl all she did was say your nails look like shit cos they do. picrel.

No. 1456192

File: 1646271064580.jpeg (183.61 KB, 1093x1502, media_FJgAsWvUUAALQP-.jpeg)


No. 1456194

Rich coming from a person who has leaked actual SHIT on cam.

No. 1456195

File: 1646271117927.jpeg (536 KB, 750x995, FFDDB5A0-05F7-4548-B1D5-A656EE…)

I think you lose your right to make fun of ugly whores when you’re an even fatter ugly whore yourself

No. 1456202

god damn her piercings are fucked up

No. 1456204

How can she make fun of anyone’s nails like this?

No. 1456207

We all know you would blow through your rent every month. You have no idea how to save money. Enjoy living from apartment to apartment, then eventually a hotel and inevitably back to your dad’s house after you’ve completedly failed at every aspect in life kek

No. 1456208

She is pretty obviously a farmer, made fun of greyhair’s monsters inc gif and involved herself in the sol drama as well

No. 1456209

well yeah but for shayna to say it’s harassment when someone tells her her nails suck is pretty pathetic.

No. 1456211

maybe she was the onlyfans anon and yall roasting her lmao

No. 1456216

It seems like her whole calculus has been, “oh, no, my numbers are falling! Maybe if I try degrading myself more? Oops, that didn’t work? I guess it’s all my haters’ fault.”
Has she tried ANYTHING other than doing more diaper content? Straight to the bottom, this one. Who would rather try wearing diapers than taking shower to improve their business?

No. 1456225

File: 1646272990065.jpeg (357.89 KB, 589x563, 1FBB8195-71A5-4162-8B2C-DC4FF3…)

Damn she’s ugly and fat. Too many piercings look horrible on anyone. Looks like she got in a fight with a stapler

No. 1456227

There’s at least 2-3 OF anons. This creepy Edward scissorhands ugly whore needs to know she isn’t welcomed here

No. 1456228

A majority of men don’t enjoy diapers idk why she’s marketing niche kinks. She’s honestly really vanilla and doesn’t do anything really kinky. All she does is change her outfits but does the same old “lard ass sitting position/ vibrator on broken clit while faking moaning” move she has been doing for 4 years

No. 1456233

she needs to realize that camming is the only thing that could really help.

dont do Edward like that, shes a Marilyn Manson carbon copy.

No. 1456242

lmao underrated post

No. 1456243

File: 1646274459295.jpeg (Spoiler Image,512.18 KB, 1620x1080, 9651B7E1-9723-43A3-A718-4D53D2…)

The weird facial expressions she does to try to make her tiny eyes bigger really eventuate her forehead wrinkles. Also mop your floor your feet are filthy

No. 1456258

This is one of her better looks tbh. I have no idea why she ever straightens her hair. Also she managed to airbrush her nasty ass boils so some effort was put in, I guess.

No. 1456269

Anything I'd better then comb over and two ponytails.

No. 1456275

she still ugly

No. 1456276

It’s true she still looks like shit but the bar is just very low for her. The curly hair definitely suits her, it looks so lifeless and greasy when she straightens it

No. 1456302

i agree, and also her face looks even fatter with straight hair, the fact that curls add volume doesnt make her look that bloated but also the picture is very retouched so guess ill never know.

No. 1456303

That dingy gray pillow looked like her huge belly in the first one

No. 1456342

Her and that damned scalloped tongue. Shay and the Scallop.

No. 1456344

Among the most “huh, okay” of her various hideous looks

No. 1456345

File: 1646283759356.jpeg (134.88 KB, 1529x1080, D73828EA-0752-4AFA-8AC0-A8A9F7…)

And she deleted her Twitter again and went private on Instagram. Please fuck off forever you turbo autist, and all whores who use this thread to feel better about your shitty life choices

No. 1456346

Her feet are so fucking dirty Jesus

No. 1456369

I swear she gets one thing “right” but still does something completely wrong. How is she so bad at this? Hair is ok, photoshopped out her bepimpled hide, but then fucking has the dirtiest caveman feet fuck me dead, how?!

No. 1456378

File: 1646287672765.jpeg (509.13 KB, 1042x1467, 706ABBE5-5337-4272-8054-153323…)

I thought that was her stomach as well kek

No. 1456488

Anon, you kill me, I’m fucking cackling kek

No. 1456522

Does anyone know if she still runs tumblr? The bitch blocked me there and I'd like to know if she still getting "harrasment asks" after she blocked half of her followers there…

No. 1456560

kek this made me realize that shayna truly is the female version of the OG german lolcow drachenlord. both are too stubborn and proud to stop what they're doing, even if it means never getting their lives changed for the better and in consequence they're miserable. their perceived relevance on the internet is what fuels them in a weird way to stay milky

No. 1456635

Stop interacting with cows and that doesn't happen

No. 1456874

File: 1646338031417.jpeg (396.54 KB, 1170x1067, 899AB00E-EB71-443C-B3B2-38016C…)

Love exposing non consenting people

No. 1456875

File: 1646338061288.jpeg (Spoiler Image,906.9 KB, 1170x1872, 91375971-AA26-4EF2-B772-B6D001…)

Begging for groceries, so successful

No. 1456882

I actually like her hair here. It looks awkward when it's straight and she does that greasy side part. She also has a curly girl face if that makes sense.

No. 1456925

Remember, Shayna is not a failure bc she can afford rent in Seattle Renton uwu

No. 1456959

She has nice enough hair but by being attached to her, it’s gross and ugly

No. 1456980

File: 1646343650832.jpeg (355.87 KB, 750x757, 9BD634C3-E3B1-4255-9757-03D43F…)

And this is the worst fucking hairstyle she does imo

No. 1456987

Delusion. He will probably think "wtf?" and report it her landlord.

True, it makes her look like a troon.

No. 1456992

File: 1646344114420.jpeg (237.27 KB, 1170x562, F4D0AB9F-6807-4892-84CE-E19312…)

Why not just send the money to Ukrainian families?

No. 1457018

why does she edit her belly in other pictures bur then post pictures like this when she looks obviously over weight?

No. 1457085

Because she doesn't care about any of this shit and tossing a few bucks at a sex worker will get her more attention on sex work twitter. Then helping non sex worker women and childern.

No. 1457092

I mean, that’s a reasonable effort toward the pretense of “sex work is real work”; firefighters here are raising money for firefighters in Ukraine, librarians are raising money for librarians in Ukraine, etc.
of course it’s ridiculous because wanking on cam isn’t actually real work, but at least it’s logical unlike everything else these people do

No. 1457104

File: 1646349737839.jpg (65.82 KB, 1200x630, Edkb72JWAAA83Tb.jpg)

Would say that she has more of a resemblance to a crusty-eyed dog but even they're cuter than she is.

No. 1457220

File: 1646357188895.jpeg (254.95 KB, 750x1393, 7BAE9DF7-DFD9-409B-8F20-DA2563…)

This bitch is so creepy. She tweets at Shay almost daily and she rarely responds

No. 1457223

Just go make your ugly ass a thread and stop trying to self post about how shats massive gut has a gravitational pull that has put you into orbit around her. You aren't interesting even as a sideshow.

No. 1457228

She definitely doesn’t need her own thread, but watching Shay curb these two freaks makes me laugh. I wonder if she will get desperate enough to work with them

No. 1457236

I looked at her profile for 2 seconds and this bitch literally does puke and scat porn. no wonder she loves shayna.

No. 1457241

She's shayna's looksmatch

No. 1457248

That second tweet sounds like Shay has agreed to meeting or am I missing something?

No. 1457252

Sounds more like a threat to me kek

No. 1457262

File: 1646360422041.jpeg (493.31 KB, 733x955, 4CD5FA4E-2C8E-4476-B914-F85318…)

Holy shit I spoke too soon, I guess she realized no one else is lining up to work with her

No. 1457264

this is going to be a 2 girls one cup scenario

No. 1457265

More like 2 girls one cuck.

No. 1457271

File: 1646361264438.jpeg (308.39 KB, 750x972, 8AE03EA2-E152-435D-8F89-889C80…)

Something about the way these 3 look tells me otherwise

No. 1457272

File: 1646361289889.jpeg (360.83 KB, 1621x1080, A89C0A37-96E5-4CED-8C37-C33BDF…)

No. 1457273

File: 1646361342053.jpeg (199.51 KB, 1284x550, 038A6836-2025-4895-A870-BA3D01…)

shayna, you’re 5’6” and nearly 200lbs. stop trying to claim you’re an “uWu smol baby”

No. 1457276

File: 1646361537128.png (Spoiler Image,8.49 MB, 1242x2688, 2884E14A-C675-40B8-AA24-A3A688…)

I want to vomit just thinking about their stomachs touching. Also the bitches bf is a literal stick, she must be eating his food. His ass is just as gross as shats. She also looks like she’s been pregnant before, her arms and legs look thin compared to her stretched out gut with the angry marks. Shatna is going to come up with an excuse. Maybe another inpatient “stay”.

No. 1457283

The twink gonna make these heffers look huge.

Stretch marks are just a sign of rapid weight loss/gain not necessarily pregnant nonnie.

Maybe she's a drunk too. Even if you don't eat much the daily calories from booze is very high.

No. 1457285

Thought that was RTG on the left at first lmao

No. 1457288

yeah, she probably just has unfortunate weight distribution.

No. 1457296

Wow look at the paraphernalia and the stuffed animal pile in the background, they are the exact same people as Shayna

No. 1457320

>shats massive gut has a gravitational pull that has put you into orbit around her

No. 1457338

That gross Vivi bitch was actually stupid enough to give herself scars from her porn, weird hot wax and electricity shit

No. 1457343

Agreed why does she do this 1960s hairstyle? Makes me associate it with an old lady and the hair color and the deep lines on her face only emphasize it

No. 1457356

This smells self posty. Weird that you would know that.

No. 1457376

Nah I was just stupid enough to date this diseased cunt for a month, before her fake tranny bf and her broke up

No. 1457379

>before they broke up

No. 1457381

I never felt like making her a personal cow but if she’s relevant I might

No. 1457384

Is that horrible stick and poke on her arm supposed to be a syringe or the start of trying to draw one? Some of the worst tattoos ever

No. 1457386

Please spill all the milk about her on the e-whores thread I’m curious >>>/snow/1363903

No. 1457410

It is a shitty ass switchblade with a break in the middle that is supposed to look like it’s going through the skin

No. 1457484

File: 1646388496225.jpg (Spoiler Image,142.87 KB, 720x702, Screenshot_20220304-141314_Chr…)

God she's so old and gross looking…must be all that puke fuckin her skin n body up(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1457485

That enema bahung up on the door….

No. 1457486

The mess in the back of their hovel makes Shay’s place look clean and tidy, christ

No. 1457487

This is a completely different person, spoiler that shit and post about other whores in the ewhore thread

No. 1457496

Is this why she made the tweet on edgy goffic twinks with tattoos?

No. 1457502


Goddamn from the other pics of her posted in this thread I thought she was a lot cuter than Shay and confused about why she was so obsessed but now…. yeesh. Birds of a feather stick together I guess! (A very disgusting, ugly feather. A lugubrious feather, even.)

No. 1457507

I thought the same anon lol. Imo this girl has slightly better facial features but they both look special needs…

No. 1457548

Shay is definitely not into the same kinks as this couple (even though she claims to be into “hardcore” stuff) waiting for her to claim abuse after they film

No. 1457555

Definitely not WKing but I think this couple is even lower stock than Shay and if she films with them it will only drag her "career" further down the proverbial toilet. But I sure can't wait for that sweet sweet milk.

No. 1457570

At least that means she preps, unlike shay, who will eat two doordash meals and then butt fuck herself.

No. 1457605

she deleted this, guess she couldn’t find anyone to pay for her shit.

No. 1457629

File: 1646411148110.png (2.9 MB, 1439x2855, Capture _2022-03-04-10-22-36.p…)

Damn she really is scraping the absolute bottom of the barrel. These two are clearly addicts with visible track marks. Not to mention lmao in the bezel of the mirror you can see their meth bubbler. Maybe shayna's looking for new highs

No. 1457631

literally can't see anything.

No. 1457646

File: 1646412120379.png (Spoiler Image,2.55 MB, 1439x2830, Capture _2022-03-04-10-38-13.p…)

Zoom into the og pic then lol. It's pretty clear it's not a typical bong. She clearly moved it out of frame (or so she thought). This is what they look like

No. 1457652

Y'all gotta stop dragging that Vivi bitch until AFTER they meet up. Otherwise Shay is going to read here and be even more likely to come up with an excuse to bail.
It will be hilarious to see her "work" with someone else instead of watching her do her same routine every vid and post 100 pics in the same outfit. Anons fucked up the milk from the Sol mini saga too by reporting to the air bnb owner.
I dont want to see her porn, but it would be better to have something fresh to laugh at.

No. 1457663

Those cut cigarette filters are what junkies use to filter their dope before shooting. You can even see the knife and probably the container they are using to cook up. Definitely meth use going on

No. 1457666

I think it's a distorted edge of a mirror

No. 1457667

open pack of cigs, knife, ash tray, jar of mayo (?) beside stripper pole, dirty bong, ziploc baggie, wand vibrator and a little tin of something… all weird shit they have on the floor that shouldn't be on the floor.

No. 1457669

Mayo is likely for the puke videos or maybe lube? She talks about her "daddy" making her vomit on his dick then he uses the chunky vomit and spit as lube to do PIV. So… Yeah. Shat's gonna have a blast and maybe a few more bacterial/fungal infections.

No. 1457697

File: 1646414463901.jpg (273.98 KB, 1722x1142, Tumblr_l_14787303162038.jpg)

No. 1457703

File: 1646414986875.gif (546.97 KB, 240x200, 200.gif)


Oh god. Shay I know you never take our advice but please for the love of god do not film with these people I actually think they are dirtier than you.

No. 1457716

>>1457669 What in the actual mother of fuck? How do I un-read this sentence?

No. 1457721


why did I click on this spoiler and how do I delete someone else's post?
This made me want to a-log more than anything I've ever seen on this godforsaken Cantonese basket weaving website.

I hope her pussy falls off

No. 1457734

No I hope she goes. Shayna wants to work with these people because they would be considered on her level or below it in terms of looks and body.
Shayna could find cleaner looking folks who just want to make content to work with. That girl seemed obsessed with Shayna and Shayna only interacts with women who kiss her ass a lot.
The only advice I would give is to the disgusting lady, watch out because if Shay likes her BF she will for sure try to do the polls thing, and she may be able to snag the idiot.

No. 1457737

I think Shayna needs to dress up like Sully from monsters inc.

No. 1457741

fuck this thread, you are hindering the natural milk flow. we all now she reads here.

No. 1457742

This thread isn't going to deter her from doing shit. We all know this probably was never going to happen to begin with. She cancels on "legit" jobs with well known scene people out of sheer laziness and bad brain days. She isn't going to travel to another state to stay in this woman's meth den. Only reason she went to work with Sol was because he was a scrote and Ellen was footing the bill.

No. 1457746

File: 1646417995714.jpeg (129.81 KB, 960x1792, 63B09FBD-9865-4D64-A08E-8794D9…)

They have to be junkies, just look at them, they live in filth. They live in nor cal near Humboldt judging by the accounts they follow which is full of methheads. And who needs to own a sniper rifle. They both hardly have any followers either, vivi has 2,694 despite being on Twitter doing porn since 2015 and her boyfriend has 17 followers. Shayna is disgusting and deserves them but it’s like she’s doing charity for this girl.

No. 1457749


Well, this new weirdo has an even edgier Twink BF and it will probably give Shayna a much needed ego boost if he prefers her to his girlfriend. She'll probably go just to get fucked by someone who isn't old and ugly enough to be her dad for a change. I really hope she does colab with them and it goes worse than the Sol saga

No. 1457754

How is me relaying tweets the girl made herself hindering milk, its publicly available knowledge disclosed by the tweak herself? Would it be different if I just posted a screencap of it and said nothing? I don't understand what the problem is. Also like >>1457742 said, 100 threads hasn't stopped shit.

No. 1457758

She hasn’t been doing porn since 2015, her account was made in 2015. Stop posting about her, they aren’t going to meet and it’s just going to make her or shayna change their mind about collaborating. Shayna has no problems with junkies didn’t her old hs friend die from drugs ?

No. 1457759

File: 1646418575582.png (Spoiler Image,3.76 MB, 750x1334, F90EAE0B-FEF3-4AEA-B9FD-DC4A22…)


No. 1457762

It’s irrelevant? This thread is about shayna. You are just proving shays point about haters “harassing” who collaborates with her. Just because shayna is milky doesn’t mean you can nitpick this random whore

No. 1457764

KEK this is so autistic but I can’t say I hate it

No. 1457766

File: 1646418928443.png (709.73 KB, 730x684, shart.png)

No. 1457767

File: 1646418938187.jpeg (162.08 KB, 659x345, 09BB8EBB-7470-438A-A06C-30B975…)

She’s been doing porn since before 2015, and Shayna hung around fupa’s weird junkie friends I don’t think she has a problem with them.

No. 1457777

Oh oops never mind I take that back but why are you scrolling all the way down to 2015 tweets. I mean this Vivi bitch is crusty and makes gross porn but she’s one of Shayna’s first “fans” she’s had in a long time. Vivi hyping her up and liking her shayquash weight gain is probably the confidence shayna needs rn. Maybe they’ll be friends. Shayna is a shitty person so I doubt even a puke fetishist can stand her for very long.

No. 1457784

How do you go from looking like that to looking like how she looks now, I just don’t…
Looks like her face always made her look like a troon, but she had a pretty nice body before? How does a puke fetishist get fat??

No. 1457796

File: 1646420191950.jpeg (Spoiler Image,696.2 KB, 1237x2208, 9EF2FBA6-AD24-4551-B4FB-2338B8…)

No. 1457800

Anon spoiler this what the fuck

No. 1457801

Attention all Shay Farmers: Let it be known throughout the Land of Lolcow.farm that this anon has used the "ugly pigtail monkey girl" picture from 2002 better than anybody ever has, or will in this thread. Hang it up, retire the deadass ancient meme, there is no more point in posting it, because you will never, ever be as good as this anon.

No. 1457803

she even removed the nipples i think it would make a great new thread pic kek

No. 1457812

My personal tinfoil is she’s been enjoying their attention and messaging them back on the down low ala Womack because “mah haterz” but she’s actively retweeted them because she wants them to get dragged so hard THEY cancel not her

No. 1457816

kek next thread pic potential

No. 1457911

thriving. i hope this collab gets her the grocery money she needs.

No. 1457912

File: 1646426784542.jpeg (212.04 KB, 750x1265, B4CCA3CB-6B48-4103-884D-FAE4BF…)

No one gives a fuck about your manyvids vendetta and lust for your brother

No. 1457926

Just admit you hate that you never win one and everytime you see someone has one, you feel like shit.

No. 1457927

No. 1457931

Her usual coomers are too busy wanking over Ukrainian women and watching conflict zone live streams to care.

>60% of the contest earnings

Online pimp finds new way to make more money from exploiting ewhores, who could have ever predicted that.

No. 1457947

wow, this is such a moment. the raw emotion, the multilayersim of it, the characterisation. what an absolute master piece. I hate it tho and I hate you for making it but good job!

No. 1457962

She always manages to say the grossest shit. I’m glad that she never goes viral.

No. 1457980

File: 1646430944442.jpeg (228.73 KB, 750x677, 46DDFE10-C8E9-4E7F-B31E-FE0E48…)

She wants to write a book of all her weird pedophile incest rape and lobotomy fantasies

No. 1457987

Reminiscent of Salvador Dali

No. 1457988

File: 1646431596802.jpg (69.03 KB, 800x623, soft monster.jpg)

No. 1457992

I think you cured my depression anon I can never thank you enough for this gift of one-eyed Womack

No. 1458006

Ok I know it’s still early but this needs to go in the next thread pic. Chef’s kiss.

No. 1458008

I like to think that the tweetfag meant
>why don’t you write this shit somewhere else?

No. 1458019

File: 1646433677543.jpeg (130.32 KB, 750x443, 9DD1A34D-74F4-4F33-A8E4-C48A96…)

She might be on cam tomorrow night

No. 1458032

She hasnt posted noodle or rib for so long(sage)

No. 1458039

No need to scroll. You can use advanced search on Twitter to find tweets that have specific phrases in it or were posted at a specific time: https://help.twitter.com/en/using-twitter/twitter-advanced-search

No. 1458045

File: 1646436798744.jpeg (327.82 KB, 1923x1736, 4B1DC8F4-212C-4BFB-B22A-144749…)

she wanted to commission a "chibi style" drawing of herself and deleted that and now she's just begging for one for free and of course everyone ignores her. (sorry for the shitty pic i'm on mobile)

No. 1458048

so she complains when people don't want to pay for her boring porn/pics but she wants an artist, that would be paid for their art, to do work for her… for free…?

she's honestly such a piece of shit.

No. 1458054

Fucking weirdo. Why would she post her animals on her sex work account? Not that there’s other shit she shouldn’t but does. She only posts them like once a year anyways, they’re emotionally(and only the dog physically) neglected, if even that. She’s so lonely I’m sure they’re her best friends because she feeds them. They’re not sick or starving. She should probably take them to the vet more often but that’s just speculation. We don’t know because she doesn’t post about them n never rly has

No. 1458059

She posts them plenty, especially on snapchat it’s just not milk, and will somehow set off pet spergs, so it doesn’t get posted here.

No. 1458060

Then they should go follow her snap, post it and stop tripping in the thread.

No. 1458070

File: 1646439192057.jpeg (176.8 KB, 750x1371, 1BF589B6-F928-4434-9AAA-A3823F…)

kek what the fuck this looks awful

No. 1458074

Random curls floating horizontally halfway down kek. Love the greasy combover too. The filter makes her look like mercer meyers Little Critter dolled up for the school sockhop

No. 1458081

File: 1646439951013.png (7.09 MB, 1242x2208, DA92AA17-38B5-4DC4-A13D-7CC7B5…)

No we don’t

No. 1458085

File: 1646440176842.jpeg (1.01 MB, 1801x3133, E3CC6E6A-8FA0-42FF-90FE-DAF20B…)

This clip updo isn’t any better than the greasy combover

No. 1458086

The greasy hair is just repulsive.

No. 1458088

It looks like shit but at least she tried something slightly different. It almost looks like she’s trying to do a vintage-inspired roller curls, which might actually look nice on her if she could manage a few brain cells to do her hair properly.

No. 1458090

Is it weird that I think its cute and better then the stiff ass ends she usually has? At least it's not the two ponytails. After all these years she's trying something new.

No. 1458092

File: 1646440427416.jpeg (568.17 KB, 1242x1430, BE6E3622-0A12-4B32-9473-E6A6BE…)

Aww porky got mad I took two seconds out of my day to create a burner account with a fake email to screenshot her ugly hairstyle(cowtipping)

No. 1458093

She looks like an adult and looks younger here then she does with the ponytails and too small clothing. People joke and say she looks like a 45 year old mother. Right here she looks like a 30 year old.mother going to day drink and smoke cigarettes with her best friends while the kids are at school. I think she looks legit better here

No. 1458095

Jesus, why didn’t she do something about the greasy roots? This could have been okay if she had clean hair…what’s even the point of styling your hair if it’s filthy and greasy?

No. 1458100

I’m really enjoying the milk this new arc of her actually calling out her “haters” she was doing pretty good pretending we don’t exist for a while but lately lolcows really been getting to her. Also get a screen recording software anon

No. 1458106

I think this is the best she has looked in a long time. The color suits her and her hair looks far better than the straight greasy comb over. She almost looks normal

No. 1458108

I agree that purple looks good on her, but the hair, ugh, why would she straighten her naturally curly hair just to curl it again using damaging heat? She’s got brain rot

No. 1458110

If she had on a suitable bra and belted the cat suit she would actually look OK. Maybe a top layer like a blazer or a nice cardigan.

No. 1458111

Maybe I’m retarded but where is this jar of mayo? I can’t find anything that resembles one, then again their floor is filthy enough it’s like one of those I Spy books.

This is supremely autistic but also kek this is perfect

No. 1458146

Truly, the worst of both worlds. Keeping her oil trap roots & ugly corkscrew ends

No. 1458148

so she straightened her greasy hair to then recurl it, poorly. when she could have just taken care of her natural curls. wow.

No. 1458149

it’s looks like she’s in the middle of doing her hair, not like a finished hairstyle. odd choice.

No. 1458151

She curled her sideburns on their own holy shit

No. 1458154

File: 1646444815249.jpeg (267.74 KB, 1284x649, 281B075B-F855-4798-8C0A-B33D7D…)

her admitting she wants to go out in public and expose herself.

No. 1458159

She's probably going to try and roller skate in her apartment and piss off the people below her.

No. 1458166

Learning to roller skate without pants or underwear on sounds painful and stupid

No. 1458168

I guess you tried at least? The amount of grease ifs nauseating. She must have used her straightener to curl the ends and that’s why they’re sticking straight up kek

No. 1458172

I guess she will lobotomize herself by flopping in her house with the roller skates.

No. 1458198

what an absolute nimrod lmao where is she going to do this? her kitchen?

No. 1458230

I hope shes planning on doing her apartment and not a park. That said registered sex offender saga would be wild

No. 1458231

This is what those sailors saw when they were lured by sirens that were actually manatees

No. 1458232

I actually really like this hair color on her. Yeah, it makes her look like 40, but in a "Wow, you look great for your age" sort of way.

That curl pattern is completely autistic though.

No. 1458237

Learn to sage and get your fucking eyes examined.

No. 1458246

nta, but they did sage. Also they aren't even saying she looks good? Calm down.

Yes, just what an alcoholic who is constantly out of the ER needs: roller-skates

No. 1458259

I never understood why she gaf that ppl take screenshots of her sfw selfies because it's likely just another whore looking for shit tier inspo or some coomer. Meanwhile her uncensored porn is easily downloadable on Twitter. Must be that perma high school mentality again

If this vid gets made I'm sure she bought shit tier ones just as props and we'll never see them again just like so much other junk before. there's no way she wont hurt herself

No. 1458260

File: 1646453704949.jpeg (68.6 KB, 749x556, E764E406-9A4D-4E53-ABE7-4D6B2B…)

No. 1458262

Calling it now- she will wear them once and film herself looking like a complete idiot and never again.

Go touch some grass ASAP

No. 1458266

Fuck off to twitter, and learn to spell words without shortening them to squeeze into a 150 character tweet. Dummy.

No. 1458278

File: 1646455577790.png (1.62 MB, 891x629, 799f096e5234ed326d030902a5d183…)

thought this looked familiar(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1458298

No. 1458319

Thanks anon-chan she’s beautiful.

No. 1458348

Shayna's Bizarre Adventure

No. 1458360

Gemma Collins?

No. 1458361

Lmao she’s such a stupid bitch. Try washing it?

No. 1458377

So she straightened her greasy hair to only put curls on the lower half? This reminds me of middle school girls that just got into curling hair. It’s horrendous.

No. 1458516

I laughed so hard I cried

No. 1458554

Where is she where there are children's toys all over the floor, Ellen's? She just leaves the toys for the kids she nannies out when her fellow coomers come over? I don't think there's enough disinfectant in the world to fix that

No. 1458562

File: 1646498339429.jpeg (131.44 KB, 750x323, E8A0E6BB-349B-45A4-855B-C3EAF0…)

She was with the dad, that must be his house. I guess he has kids

No. 1458569

File: 1646499054933.jpeg (182.38 KB, 750x557, 0FD13540-4B0F-40A7-B75C-44A932…)

Yeah no shit you post this like once a month and then immediately post your pussy right after. She simply cannot handle the lack of interaction she gets on her non nude pictures and gives up and posts her pussy within a day to get some of that sweet validation

No. 1458571

This cartoon character is too clean and put together to be Shatna. I know she looks almost OK in some of her latest pictures but the bar is in hell for her.

No. 1458574

File: 1646499723045.png (Spoiler Image,4.23 MB, 1242x2208, 0561F298-7E34-4F13-8B63-B50E70…)

Why she watermarking shit quality posts like no one is going to steal them, ugly

No. 1458580

So he's yet another actual father who does father/daughter incest roleplay? Gross

No. 1458584

She looks so uncomfortable and the picture Is low quality. Looks like she can't even breathe in this pose kek

No. 1458585

Isn’t this her place? The toys could be her junk or just dog toys. It looks to barren of a place to be anything but her hovel. She’d be bragging if she was in “The Dad’s” house.

No. 1458587

Those pink things kinda look like pieces of her straight jacket, maybe this is her place ? I'd hope this freak wouldn't actually go to his house and take a picture in his children's room.
But the again it is Shayna.

No. 1458589

She looks like she's holding her breath for dear life, kek.
This truly makes me believe her thing with "dads" (hopefully divorced, but she seems like a homewrecker) is that she likes the thought of the ex-wife/baby mama seeing her essentially in their place. She hates other women so much she probably gets off on the thought of making other women angry and disgusted, thinking it makes her above them, when in reality these women are just disgusted that an unwashed hog breathing the same air as their children.

No. 1458599

It’s a screenshot from a video she posted on Twitter. Honestly I’m impressed she can still put her legs behind her head at her weight

No. 1458601

She wanted to be a step mother who steals college funds before. I think she thinks she's winning because the baby daddy ex husband "chose" her, in her head they are choosing her over their kids and ex.
lowkey may be the shit from her parents divorcing. She probably believes anything these scrotes say about their exes and how she's the fun young childless woman. I still believe Fupaul told her that his ex never let him do anal and that's truly why she used to think it made her SOOOO special

No. 1458614

Most people don’t like anal, the ex-Mrs. Fupa wouldn’t be unusual in that.

No. 1458617

Yes its all her place outside and inside you can see the shitty vanity bluefrodo1 dude put together

No. 1458642

She calls every man she dates dad I don't think it means she only dates men with kids.

No. 1458643

File: 1646506746752.jpeg (161.85 KB, 750x586, 7B2BDC0C-14AC-4D83-B3D9-D602C5…)

We’re getting another shitshow tonight

No. 1458654

Probably also plays into the weird fetishistic way that she hates her own mother seemingly just for being a mom.

No. 1458658

File: 1646508709979.jpeg (128.3 KB, 724x449, 1D1CA5CF-B6E0-4792-9EB5-664958…)

Womack is finally getting his chance

No. 1458663

Theres no other option for the winner. Womack would do literally everything to win.

No. 1458668

Kek Womack and Grayhair finally getting their chances to shine.

No. 1458674

Slow down with the light speed tinfoiling, there is zero evidence her failed sugar dad is actually a father. Those Snapchat pics were all in her own place, you can see her makeup brushes and shit on the cheap white vanity in her bedroom.

No. 1458676

The only people who would enter would be grayhair and Jason r Womack. Kek, not much of a contest if no one is competing

No. 1458677

File: 1646510360695.jpeg (440.36 KB, 1242x1411, 6B408DBE-CEC9-4851-A486-7BB14D…)

Of course you are Jason R Womack

No. 1458678

File: 1646510512341.jpeg (466.84 KB, 1242x1422, 80AE88FF-1FE0-415A-8C74-6D8B9C…)

>cuz y’all didn’t

No. 1458680

File: 1646510715081.jpeg (836.38 KB, 1242x1829, 9B447B3C-5E20-47D4-B3AD-D03B1F…)

Shay complains no sex workers want to work or interact with her but ignores anyone with a low follower account. Take what you can get shayna. No one wants to be your friend because you’re a selfish piece of shit

No. 1458681

File: 1646510778093.jpeg (310.55 KB, 1242x749, 54CDBA89-DAD8-4DA2-80D5-350D9D…)

kek the fake positivity I know she’s seething this hambeast has a scrote that “loves” her

No. 1458685

File: 1646511141768.jpeg (804.63 KB, 2374x2085, A8DDDA20-16E8-4374-8669-1B9C12…)

Kek what the fuck is that outfit

No. 1458686

File: 1646511264335.png (8.02 KB, 258x195, A1805B7C-A3C1-4F4C-8BA9-00B724…)

Okay Mrs. Benjamin Franklin

No. 1458693

Seriously, as if this pedo panderer doesn’t own pink “stuffies” galore and other children’s children’s toys so this has to be someone else’s place

No. 1458697

I take it back this shit looks horrible. I hope it's not her go to style but I'd rather she wore her hair powder wig styled, then the other styles.

No. 1458709

also what does she have again middle parts? Why is her hair always dated looking? From the color, to the style. I don't get why someone claiming to be pink, girly and dainty, does her hair like a tomboy trying to be "girly" for the first time in high school. The coke bottle bangs, the "mean girl in a 90's sit com" comb over with white head band. All Shay really needs to do is get her hair trimmed and to bump her ends.

No. 1458711

File: 1646513709953.jpeg (137.25 KB, 750x487, F07E321D-5F92-4DBC-B1F1-0200DD…)

*Renton, but that’s not enough of a flex I guess so keep lying, she couldn’t afford Seattle

No. 1458724

Omg yessss I would totes enter!! please I’ve never been in a contest with a prize of a night with a $3 onlyfans hambeast

No. 1458737

It reminds me of a news anchor's hairstyle and looks really weird with her pink uwu hello kitty stuff

No. 1458747

Late, but I assume she only recently discovered Boogie Nights since she tries to pretend she's into stuff boomer dads would remember and is probably trying to imitate that Roller Girl character. It makes sense since Shat tries to be a blonde bimbo.

No. 1458767

It's not that deep. Roller skates had a big resurgence a few years back. She's just late to the trend

No. 1458781

File: 1646521493618.jpeg (173.88 KB, 750x568, D904DB77-3406-4C00-ADC3-7BE8AD…)

Classic Shayna

No. 1458786

why tho? is she supposed to lose weight overnight?

No. 1458826

File: 1646524021784.jpeg (250.62 KB, 1170x831, 757EAC7F-ADA6-481B-8A77-7ACA7D…)

God no

No. 1458829

File: 1646524081768.jpeg (996.03 KB, 1170x1825, 997B832A-A29D-4D87-BEA4-32E0B9…)

For the anon who asked the other day

No. 1458844

Look it up yourself?? What else are you doing lazy bitch? Also >>1458781 big surprise.
This is how girls did their hair before a school dance in 2010 but go off Shaynus so cute!1! I hate this musty dusty greasy brown hair. She needs to either go darker or do a different color again. Blonde doesn’t look good on her and neither does this dry shampoo looking color The last time she looked halfway decent was when she had purple hair.
Discord anon(s) has there been anything interesting lately?

No. 1458851

Waiting for tomorrow to be a "bad brain day".

No. 1458862

I don't get the constant sperg about Renton vs Seattle. It's a Seattle suburb. Who cares.

Seeing her hobble around in a giant diaper in real time would be horrifying. There is something incredibly unsettling thinking of Shayna's typical cam show plus the added noise of her Depends rustling.

No. 1458869

so finally getting into real prostitution huh shay? you are for the streets.

No. 1458870

Lookin like q small town doctor's office secretary. The coworker who overshares about her Craigslist dates with you.

No. 1458939

Aw cute. I love this for her.

So. Damn. Greasy.
Unhinged fans living in alleged junky grime might be what she needs to turn it around and become a missionary

No. 1458941

Here is her chibi commission: >>1458278

No. 1458956

File: 1646535055333.jpg (2.07 MB, 4096x7286, GridArt_20220305_204718068.jpg)

She was going on 3 drinks in the span of 30 minutes. That's why she's not going to be on cam tonight, she's probably blackout drunk by now. Times shown are in central US. And she won't be on cam tomorrow because she'll be hungover.

No. 1458968

i agree, it’s really common shorthand to just say Seattle instead of whatever city in “the Seattle area.” only transplants care this much about “but you don’t actually live in Seattle” lmao. I’m sure shayna cares about it too and is trying to sound “cooler” but it’s such a tired nitpick

No. 1458973

It was a harmless theory because hogna likes to pander to crusty old men with her nancy sinatra and acdc blasting every time she cams. Why do anons itt look for reasons to get passive aggressive with other anons even after 100 threads.

Because some anons can resist infighting or nitpicking. We've seen firsthand shat's threads attract bitter camwhores who use her to feel better about themselves and those people will fight anybody for anything.

No. 1458989

it’s pretty difficult to get blackout drunk on mimosas.

No. 1458990

File: 1646538850187.jpeg (216.5 KB, 1284x627, 3C88256C-2CE8-4E8E-8182-A326B1…)

ma’am that’s called drinking too much

No. 1458993

Because rent in Seattle is expensive and she's poor. She busts her bussy wide open and can only afford Renton.

No. 1459004

Renton is not terribly cheap though. it’s still average $1k for just a studio and doesn’t she have like a 2 bed or some shit?

No. 1459021

>tired nitpick
kek never go to Chicago nona, all we do is shit on suburbanites who claim Chicago

No. 1459027

this is one of my favorite things about chicago

No. 1459042

Substantially cheaper than Seattle.

No. 1459062

that anon wasn't even the slightest bit passive aggressive.

No. 1459074

I thought she lived in Renton specifically to be close to Ellen Degenerate. Did she ever live in Seattle proper when she last lived in WA?

No. 1459087

File: 1646547853105.jpeg (368.82 KB, 750x1075, 03A2FF46-D48F-40D7-99A9-240EE0…)

what a dumb fat pig

No. 1459090

Because a bunch of moids really give a fuck about geopolitics.

No. 1459101

File: 1646549477137.jpeg (274.69 KB, 1499x1080, 880C9572-489A-487D-AF0F-8F6FB7…)

They weren’t even rude about it? Shes such a bitch for no reason

No. 1459144

Kind of a nitpick but what is with this cow's obsession with brunch. I have never heard someone mention getting brunch as opposed to just breakfast or lunch as frequently as her kek

No. 1459154

File: 1646552968551.jpg (28.45 KB, 500x430, 1569366060214.jpg)

Damn she really don't give a fuck, I'm kinda shook she is this bitchy unprovoked.

No. 1459155

>omg the new OF logo is literally my high school colours, stahhhp
>a few moments later
>why are you commenting on things you don't like? the world doesn't revolve around u

No. 1459156

Normies out here thinking that Shayna uses brunch as a substitute for breakfast & lunch kek. The reason she gets excited about it is cause then she can pregame her lunch with shooters for 2nd breakfast.

No. 1459195

This is why she is failing. A smart ho would have replied with something like "that's okay, I have insert number here videos of me solo." and then linked her manyvids account. Instead she had to be a bitch.

No. 1459231

Do you want everyone to react to brunch the same way as a low-life druggie alcoholic?

No. 1459315

Something “bimbos” do for their lifestyle, though brunch is meant to be enjoyed with friends, not just one lonely fat bitch chugging mimosas one by one

No. 1459337

Fuck Womack please please please please

No. 1459341

This seems like a great way to get killed/stalked by some creepy obsessive coomer. Like is this a common thing camwhores do because it sounds infinitely more dangerous than just filming with someone else who works in porn

No. 1459399

File: 1646587464924.jpeg (308.62 KB, 750x767, D89C3B0F-28A8-4700-B576-399E49…)

The coomer made another account just to try to reach out to her again kek. Her subscribers are already dwindling she should be hanging on to every last one not lashing out at the first chance she gets

No. 1459419

She blocked this idiot for one fucking comment? On something her dumb ass more then likely ain't going to do? Shays not going to do a video with a random. She is constantly screaming about how she wants to work with people but she's "scared". She's a idiot and way to sensitive. The smallest thing makes her blow up.

No. 1459435

File: 1646589939697.jpeg (285.45 KB, 1284x774, 8B176E2E-4FC7-44DD-9EE7-33F39B…)

why would you buy something like that not even knowing how to put it on or doing any basic research? I hate how this bitch just throws money away.

No. 1459440

File: 1646590402043.jpeg (610.16 KB, 1242x1592, 2FC0CC82-7F27-4E81-AC60-ED941A…)

Definitely lost a coomer. This moid has been around since 2018 definitely not a farmer. Shayna is so fucking retarded

No. 1459445

File: 1646590943785.jpeg (280.8 KB, 1242x1046, 12557D87-FB39-44BF-AE0F-362787…)

casual reminder that if u sexualize items meant 4 children, and sexualize parent/child activities u r a pedophile :) fatty

No. 1459453

The very word “ageplay” is disgusting. How can you be playing the part of someone underage and not see the problem there, even if you look the way she does

No. 1459458

Kek she is so dumb and paranoid. Isn't the point of camgirls/ ewhores so that you can personally interact with them and give them suggestions? The twitter coomer wasn't even as abrasive as the ones she gets in her mfc chat

No. 1459459

…no? Do you think being normal is a pejorative?

No. 1459463

If she didn't fuck womack after fupa dumped her while she was still living in Oklahoma, she's certainly not going to now. If anything, she's just going to scam her most generous coomers for this "contest" and then be like, "sorry daddy insert excuse here" and not refund them.

No. 1459478

this kind of reaction says so much about her. shes so miserable that every little thing gets to her. sometimes i would like to believe in what she says but she even begs for drinks so i guess living on the edge of prostitution just for being a useless cunt must be hard. thank god we are not her.

No. 1459485

This is so weird, Womack spergs are fucking nasty,

No. 1459489

it's what she deserves.

No. 1459497

File: 1646595802646.png (55.38 KB, 720x225, ABD855F1-5B2E-48B7-A9D2-9791A7…)

She was offering $1000 for a date before she left Oklahoma and then went on a mystery date pretty soon afterwards, I assume that person was Womack because who else would jump at that chance

No. 1459538

Or she’s going to pick a mutual and pretend they “won”

No. 1459544

File: 1646598608740.jpeg (605.7 KB, 1170x1085, 9A97B4FA-A40B-4072-B528-86016F…)

This literally makes no sense for this post

No. 1459557

You guys hate kids and think they are so goofy looking, but you want to dress and act like one for sexuL reasons? It's clear these idiots idiolize and sexualize youth and they've started acting like.literal infants because that's as young as you can get.
If kids are.so gross, stop watching media made for them, buying things made for them, typing like them a d attempting to look like one.

No. 1459559

This, she is going to hold the contest/take peoples money. But I bet she already has someone picked out.

No. 1459561

They think this makes them look good when it really just makes them look even more disgusting… so you're a pedo who also looks at children with a visceral disgust as though they're animals. Yes, that's much better.

No. 1459564

Sounds like she’s tryna convince herself. Doth protest and all

No. 1459565

I seriously doubt she'll even do this. I don't know why people are taking this serious. She can't even cam on time, but she's going to do some kind of contest and pick a random "fan" to fuck?

No. 1459578

>Jealous of kids because she has autopedophillia

No. 1459584

There is a 100% chance she is a redditor

No. 1459587

He*, it’s a tranny pedophile ofc like most of her “female” fans >>1458683

No. 1459609

Sorry, it*
And now that I learned it’s a man, it’s probably not even autopedophillia, just straight up pedophillia. Gross

No. 1459674

Not trying to be an asshole, but are you EFL? Normie is always said in a derogatory way. It's basically synonymous to "vanilla, boring, uninteresting."
This is so funny, she legitimately lost one of her very, very few honest fans because she absolutely cannot help herself from being a gigacunt. I don't even know why her coomers speak to her; she'll flip out and block you over the smallest thing.

No. 1459676

I'm not, I just think it was weird af for anon to take my original comment as some kind of insult that she doesn't eat 4 meals a day like Shayna kek

No. 1459707

It would be funny

No. 1459850

File: 1646619354170.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.25 MB, 1170x1956, 6FD7C63E-7622-49E2-96C4-DB1E6D…)

She looks terrified

No. 1459862

isn't she supposed to cam tonight? she hasn't mentioned it so she probably decided not to. shocker

No. 1459864

I was about to ask this, maybe she is too hungover to even move

No. 1459870

She said 7 pacific time, so in a few mins. She might be keeping quiet so she can hop on, see no ones there because she didnt say she'd be there and use that as her excuse tonight. well see

No. 1459889

File: 1646622622926.jpeg (1.22 MB, 1170x1507, 372930E5-E549-45A5-A0EA-B4C9D0…)

No. 1459891

I guess she’s just gonna pretend she never said she was going to cam tonight

No. 1459902

those things are so cheap looking

No. 1459911

It’s truly astounding how much money she wastes. Why would anyone need three different sizes of the same cheap tacky canes? And wasn’t she just begging for grocery money the other day kek

No. 1459916

They look like glow sticks with some tape on them

No. 1459920

looks like no cam tonight, she can tweet about only fans and caning though

No. 1459922

I don't know what the fuck these are but if it's some toy used to beat her, what's the point? She has no one willing to use this stuff with her.

No. 1459924

Ellen and The Dad both use her as their personal punching bags. She’s always got bruises from Ellen biting her

No. 1459942

well, she’s half right

No. 1459975

kek the lilith levisis curved back ass shop, bitch is wide as fuck

No. 1459981

2 hours later, no cam show. What a surprise kek. Flaky bitch inside and out.

No. 1460012

What will be the excuse this time, neighbour's or hospital? Or having a bad brain day.

No. 1460019

File: 1646634543859.jpeg (81.92 KB, 716x420, E5EAB1A2-538E-4ADE-8DA3-B11528…)

She deleted this but she’s saying she was goth in 5th grade? I don’t think she knows what goth means, wearing black sometimes ain’t it

Shes done this many times before, she just doesn’t show up and never says anything about it

No. 1460027

Lol she has literally never been goth. Black lipstick does not a goth make, Shaynus.

No. 1460058

I thought she was doing the glow sticks as exaggerated fake nails thing as a joke fr

No. 1460060

Her “goth” is Black Sabbath stfu

No. 1460061

2 inch buttcrack

No. 1460098

What is sad that absolutely none of her followers even care enough to ask her about it

No. 1460101

Nice that she's tweeting about her parents divorce and being a 5th grader on her sex work account

No. 1460106

ah yes, nothing speaks goth like rose art crayon winged eyeliner

No. 1460143

Your obsession with Womack is creepy.

No. 1460163

If Shayna was ever caught meeting with Womack this thread would OD on milk for days.

No. 1460178

Did she ever get on cam or mention it again? I assume not, such a hard worker

No. 1460195

The name of her goth band that’s gonna make her famous

No. 1460212

No. 1460228

File: 1646666850459.jpeg (303.71 KB, 1170x1016, 83BCAC30-6258-46FB-8720-A6582B…)

She played animal crossing instead

No. 1460242

I looked at this on acid and it kinda shooketh me along with your caption

No. 1460496

None of her so called fans even asked about what happened to the show. I don't know if I'm frustrated that she's never held accountable for her words or amused that none of her coomers even cared enough that it didn't happen.

No. 1460503

They probably fear that if they ask, she’ll block them

No. 1460530

"Can't cam tonight paypigs, my neighbor is in the hospital!!!"

No. 1460553

File: 1646684043866.jpeg (127.08 KB, 750x443, FB6ADF9B-60CE-4A53-B429-AF79EF…)

Queer butch gnc queen Shayna

No. 1460562

Wonder what size is "oversize" to her lol. I'm calling it now, it's gonna just look like a regular, normal fit & not oversize at all.

No. 1460576

They never do. None of then care but Wormack. She apologizes to them sometimes because she feels bad she didn't get on. Not because she's disappointing anyone.

No. 1460591

File: 1646687365784.jpeg (Spoiler Image,478.78 KB, 1536x2048, 48C6A0EF-8508-4E73-989D-BAFF4B…)

“Oversized.” No Shay, this the size you’re meant to wear

No. 1460593

The fact that she's a aware this isn't oversized is the best part. Oversized flannel will cover your hands but she cut hers out of the picture

No. 1460602

shopped gut and her watermark encircling her single saggy titty

No. 1460604

that’s not the saggy tit, nonny

No. 1460614

Nta but yeah that’s the saggy one, you can see the other one has the signature veins and the scar under it that the zombie tit has

No. 1460621

More like a Seattle junkie -

She hates women - but latches on to the most laughably cliche aspects of ‘queer’. What next? A buzzcut and snake bite lip piercings? Kek

No. 1460645

what an horrible shape, she at least could give herself one now that shes gonna edit her gut or something

No. 1460687

it isnt even pink

No. 1460703

she thinks being queer is just an aesthetic.

No. 1460715

I know what a saggy tit looks like

No. 1460717

All the watermarks do is emphasize her poor editing or just how unfortunate her body really is lol

No. 1460728

File: 1646697173569.jpeg (868.64 KB, 1170x1437, 57EE2275-94BB-46FB-8A41-39E061…)

So you can day drink in public

No. 1460735

Her clothes really are stuck in 2009. we will be seeing a "GEEK" shirt soon.

No. 1460744

of course she doesn’t have a use for it
she never leaves her house

No. 1460759

is it wrong I kinda like this? I want it for me lmao

No. 1460782

File: 1646699891445.jpeg (238.22 KB, 750x769, B173DE24-94A3-4DBB-ACC8-003F4C…)


No. 1460786

Career would mean forward progress has been made. In six years, Shayna has managed to go backwards despite becoming more and more degenerate.

No. 1460798

she looks like she’s just been caught trying to have a shit on the bed. good lord

No. 1460801

I was thinking about this and I figure that firstly, she has all of like 4 or 5 coomers. And theyre probably used to her flakey ass that only Womack puts aside the time for when she says she'll be on. The others probably just figure that if theyre free when she is actually on, they might drop in. But no one besides Womack is just waiting for her, Im sure. So ultimately they dont care. There's plenty of other whores online.

No. 1460817

retard falls for a scam dm on instagram

No. 1460821

File: 1646703111727.jpg (150.22 KB, 1080x1225, Screenshot_2022-03-08-01-28-59…)

Bring on the shitshow.

Is this the lovingly handmade weirdo?
I swear she had loads of apparent shoots at one point but we've never seen any evidence of any.

No. 1460826

She’s only done that abdreams one and lovinglyhandmade recently, I assume it’s the latter. She does not do loads of shoots, she begs for people to work with but no one wants to

No. 1460833

File: 1646705161851.jpeg (1.2 MB, 1242x2361, C487CFFB-37CF-4150-B55E-FBA197…)

It’s probably from this shoot she did a few weeks ago. The one with the ginger fup-a-like.

No. 1460839

File: 1646705595654.jpeg (284.07 KB, 769x1024, 04259859-9C7D-4D0F-8C02-657A73…)

What ginger? The shoot she’s talking about there is the lovinglyhandmadepornography one, he looks like this

No. 1460843

he looks like caroline calloway

No. 1460866

Oh Jesus. Does any legitimate wlw actually refer to herself as "queer"? Just seems like a catch-all term when you want to be a Cool Gay TM without actually settling on a sexual identity. I'm bisexual myself and this zoomer KwEEr trend is so tired

No. 1460873

File: 1646708399146.jpeg (399.48 KB, 750x2564, 790346BF-443A-43C1-A974-8FB51E…)

She’s defending this skinwalker for some reason, I swear she jumps at every chance she gets to be a bitch without knowing anything about the situation

No. 1460877

File: 1646708492390.jpeg (349.88 KB, 750x868, D940C60F-FD9C-4F13-B274-31590C…)

bullshit because shes mean to people for no fucking reason all the time

No. 1460892

No. 1460901

Sage for OT but isn't that a 'shacket'? They're kind of trendy at the moment anon.

No. 1460911

Can confirm that shayna once again has no idea what she is talking about. That girl is a skinwalker and has beef with so many other girls in LA lol.

No. 1460978

File: 1646723354725.jpeg (258.89 KB, 1242x1304, A2561C73-7103-4F88-B3C4-FE9787…)

Is Jason R Womack her marketing manager now topkek? Two retards tweeting to the void

No. 1460995

3 dollars lmfao she’s throwing it out there for basically nothing and still loses fans, that’s depressing. Womack is doing all he can to help her with bills but we all know his unemployment was spoiling her more than his ability to interest anyone else in buying her content

No. 1460997

File: 1646723986056.jpeg (139.9 KB, 750x343, A622B082-9165-474D-8230-D7DC54…)

What else is new. She tweets about being drunk like it’s something new and exciting rather then a daily occurrence

No. 1461004

Imagine being unable to resist the urge to buy gushers? I get we are all on a spectrum of healthy control over our diets, but gushers? Just don’t buy those, and then you won’t be tempted to eat them next time you are drunk and alone, Shayna. Surround yourself with better options for when you are Dr unk

No. 1461015

Inb4 having to go to the ER because she feels like shit and made herself sick

No. 1461025

I drink alone sometimes and keep it to myself. This bitch does it, eats snacks, and brags to the world about contributing to her overweight body. How does she have no shame?

No. 1461036

Notice she only comes at this person because they have basically no interaction. Not going to look them up but I bet they don't even have more followers then Shay. She only comes at people directly when she has a group or they don't have enough pull for her to be dogpiled. She probably knows the girl she's talking about.
She needs to mind her business, her dumb ass has accused folks of copying her ugly SpongeBob shaped ass and didn't even have the guts to @ them. I bet you this girl is already disliked or more of a nobody like shay for her to do this. She's normally a coward. She also has Two likes on each posts which makes me feel someone put a battery in her back.

No. 1461097

No one cares.

No. 1461180

"Best $3" wtf that is so pathetic.

No. 1461196

Why does she/it take forever for her shoots to release? Does she even promote that disgusting diaper one she did? If it was nice I'm positive she'd post something, then again maybe they have some.kind of agreement

No. 1461202

>'I'm so pathetically adorable being pushed around and punchable'


No. 1461203

Wow, imagine your biggest supporter describing your content as “the best $3 you will ever spend” & “like a broke dick, you just can’t beat it”. Cheeseburger pussy priced ass bitch. Bleak bleak bleak.
I wonder if Shaynus likes bald men because their heads are big and shiny.

No. 1461240

File: 1646759620398.jpeg (394.65 KB, 750x992, 8CEB8713-B728-4852-AF0C-535C65…)

The hypocrisy of all this, why is she so up in arms over some drama that she doesn’t even need to be involved with and doesn’t even seem to have any context behind? She’s never interacted with the skinwalker before, she just saw an opening to attack and went for it

No. 1461249

?? she publicly calls people out for dumb shit every other day

No. 1461301

No. 1461302

File: 1646764609045.jpeg (141.41 KB, 1170x545, 528B086D-8A89-42AB-883C-106D36…)

The description is so fucking stupid. Back to her “abuse” with Fupa

No. 1461303

She’s literally talking about Fupa in the trailer and that it chipped her tooth

No. 1461305

File: 1646764902529.jpeg (172.45 KB, 458x489, 32381DED-9529-4F82-961D-292D4C…)

Help me understand how face punching of all things could ever be sexy to the recipient, she looks retarded

No. 1461319

Tbh kind of glad she found someone else to do it for me

No. 1461321

File: 1646766328732.jpeg (501.04 KB, 1082x750, 2685702C-8AEF-4697-86CA-B9D364…)

She seems so uncomfortable and awkward, and this outfit, ugh I can’t believe she wore this, it’s so unflattering especially without a bra

No. 1461325

yea, that’s the porn coomers want to see. a chick complains about her ex to a deformed cabbage patch kid who proceeds to punch her in the face. so sexy.

No. 1461327

Imagine being so lonely and retarded that you use sex work and scrotes JUST to have someone to hold you while you talk about your ex.
This whole thing was for her dumb ass to vent and make Fupaul into the horrible bad guy. Which he was/is but she was loving it before.
The worst thing Fupaul did to her was not want her. If he wanted her, she'd be back h
getting slapping her in walmart and she'd be loving it.
I never seen her look so happy. That scrote doesn't give two shits about her dry lipped ass.

No. 1461330

I don’t believe she chipped her tooth from that. she probably chipped it being a drunk moron, or just her normal retarded self.

No. 1461331

delete your old post before reposting the same shit

No. 1461332

Were her teeth ever even?

No. 1461333

File: 1646766602072.jpg (87.48 KB, 1080x790, Screenshot_20220308-130246_One…)

Capturing her meltdowns because she didn't get the same 3 people liking her posts is hilarious.

No. 1461335

How about refresh because I deleted it already

No. 1461340

Day 36 progress of gentle knuckle massage therapy for your disabled child.

No. 1461342

File: 1646767205574.jpeg (164.18 KB, 750x414, 54154B24-92C3-4732-B76F-8FE491…)

She’s acting like this is her magnum opus

No. 1461347

Too bad no one cares, she’s too stupid and annoying to make up for a lack of sex appeal and getting beaten up doesn’t help because there’s hundreds of prettier girls doing the same and more

No. 1461348

>getting punched in the face for pennies
>means a lot to me
Get a hobby oh my god

No. 1461349

File: 1646767840234.png (419.37 KB, 600x437, 1636402762362.png)

No. 1461353

I literally don't think there's an audience for this anymore and she's just not aware of it. It's honestly kinda sad.

No. 1461359

Sharing a video of an ugly, bald man beating the shit out of her on International Women's Day. Always classy.

No. 1461368

the only thing she finds sexy is attention from a scrote
a scrote punching her is attention, therefore it’s sexy

No. 1461370

Partly this but also partly because coomers who like seeing women getting punched don't want to watch it if it's produced by the women themselves, stating front & center that it's consensual & they're getting paid for it. That's not what they're there for.

No. 1461373

>Does any legitimate wlw actually refer to herself as "queer"?
Yes. IME older lesbians do this a lot (lesbians in their 40s, 50s) especially ones who are academic (queer theory etc). I don't really have experience about other age groups and it could be my social circles but it is definitely a legitimate lesbian thing too.

No. 1461377

Why does she always do this cheapass low budget bdsm shit instead of typical porn kek like….I’m sure people would rather get off to actual sex instead of some fat girl getting her face rubbed for 5 min. I don’t get her being so hindered doing PIV porn but everything else she’s done that’s disgusting and fetishized is ok to her

No. 1461386

there’s a very plausible theory that she does not like sex. it makes sense, she only wants attention and to be seen as not like other girls. so she does anal and things like getting punched in the face because to her it’s quirky and different. she will be a pick me all her life.

No. 1461391

No. 1461396

File: 1646771866408.jpeg (362.93 KB, 760x860, 9E0E1E8E-900C-4389-AE14-E952FD…)

She reminds me of the little Hartley hooligan

No. 1461410

Thread pic: I nominate a close cut-crop zoom of that awful dough-tarded facial expression.

No. 1461412

Shayna posts fetish domestic abuse porn. Happy Women's Day nonnie's!

No. 1461418

Two Uncle Festers, One Image

No. 1461424


come on, don't compare her to the dead veggies.

No. 1461432

File: 1646774008170.jpeg (34.16 KB, 896x460, 3BB973AA-6361-42A6-927E-0CB58F…)

same energy

No. 1461454

Yeah, I get slapping and spanking, but the punching thing seems so weird. Like punches are for fighting and to do heavy impact damage. Trying to punch "safely" and soft enough to not break anything seems retarded and contradictory. Slapping hurts and can leave marks but way less likely to cause actual damage. Its able to have sexual or playful connotation, whereas punching is just straight up abuse and harm.

No. 1461459

I haven't watched any of her punching videos with sound or all the way through, but does he punch hard? All the ones I remember it always looks like they're fake punches and done very slowly? But I don't know about getting punched because I don't have low self-esteem like Shayna.

No. 1461472

They want to see women abused, harmed, and degraded. Not soft porn pretending to be punched willingly. Not that there should be porn of woman actually beaten, but its like… why make such lame attempts at emulating it and still lowkey feeding into abusive, violent, misogynistic mindsets and behaviors? For miniscule attention and a few bucks?
Its honestly the same with her pedo pandering shit. Like yeah the true hardcore sicko pedos are just gonna go look at actual child porn, but still why would you even risk encouraging that shit by sexualizing kid things and pretending to be minor ages and talking about fantasies that feed into that disgusting mentality?
The porn industry as a whole is a disease honestly. And Im not some vanilla prude anti porn bitch, but lets just call it what it is and recognize the core issues. And again, why would you want to perpetuate all that?

No. 1461489

God that was so cringey and weird. Congrats on awkwardly calling out your ex youre still not over in a porn vid. Hope it was cathartic for you, Shay. And then she immeadiatly is begging for validation too. Fucking pathetic.
These bitches are so weird. Like I'm sorry but either go to therapy and get over it or let people actually beat up on you or something. This uwu punch me daddy light shit aint it. Slapping can work, but the gay ass way he held her while she fakely vented about her ex to then him softly closed fisting her cheek was awful. Extra cringe points because its Womens Day.

No. 1461532

I can't believe she really used this as an opportunity to take a shot at her ex. Grow up and get a therapist jfc

No. 1461573

File: 1646781899051.jpeg (Spoiler Image,434.4 KB, 750x808, BF1CCA98-9876-4FCA-B3FE-7DC2FD…)

She made a 2nd Twitter account just for pedo shit https://twitter.com/diaper_doll?s=21

No. 1461576

Does she shit in the diapers?

No. 1461578

So far she’s only pissed them but I’m sure we aren’t that far off

No. 1461581

>Im not some vanilla prude anti porn bitch
Do you know where you are anon?

She's already licked her own shit off of dildos before so shitting in a diaper might actually be a step up for her.

No. 1461587

>Im not some vanilla prude anti porn bitch
this is very embarrassing of you

No. 1461591

File: 1646782835792.jpeg (241.23 KB, 750x1142, 37576A74-C2D2-4E8A-BE72-828C3A…)

You can see her two MacBooks and 2 iPhones there (stratigically placed for maximum flexedge) plus she has that $1500 gaming PC she doesn’t use and an iPad, so why the fuck is she begging for another laptop? Who needs that many computers?

No. 1461595

thanks anon, I've only been around since the 95th thread so am a little behind.
>She's already licked her own shit off of dildos
Do I want to look back in the archives…?

No. 1461597

File: 1646783302928.png (66.68 KB, 251x275, 1644875052344.png)

No. 1461599

she must be pretending to be this girl.

No. 1461608

File: 1646784400511.jpeg (1.37 MB, 1170x2009, B8365919-B826-4771-B59C-4DDCF6…)

No. 1461609

lmao those wrist warmers look like she’s got casts on

No. 1461610

File: 1646784453009.jpeg (132.94 KB, 1170x326, 0A7562EC-CCEA-4576-B0DF-C39F9D…)

So shocking Jason R Womack

No. 1461612

Kek I can’t believe she kept the weird hamster bottle.

No. 1461623

Girrrl cut your toenails.
Also what is stuck on the right big toenail?

No. 1461637

It looks like discoloration from a toenail fungus

No. 1461651

I think it's nail polish, looks like most of it chipped off and she didn't bother removing the rest

No. 1461660

File: 1646790002072.jpeg (237.11 KB, 828x445, C2E99051-7FD5-4029-8EA0-AEA5AA…)

The angle kek.

No. 1461672


No. 1461678

just waiting for an electrical fire to happen

No. 1461679

File: 1646792317892.jpeg (1.18 MB, 1170x1632, A2007BB6-C128-44EA-806A-AC8F55…)

No words

No. 1461688

I noticed this guy kept leaving pity comments under her bitching about losing manyvids contests, he’s a long time coomer of hers, I guess he felt bad enough for her to invented his own contest just to let her win something for once in her life

No. 1461705

Pretty much everyone “winning” these titles are trans besides Shay

No. 1461707

File: 1646793213236.jpeg (317.7 KB, 750x701, 113464C9-578C-4A89-8AD7-08FE38…)

Shayna is actually retarded if she isn’t seeing all the red flags these junkies are presenting and is actually going to meet up with them. But this is the girl that let a man off the internet slap and finger her in his car on the 2nd date I guess

No. 1461708

File: 1646793266096.jpeg (Spoiler Image,220.12 KB, 1536x2048, 7294FE15-2598-4F86-AF29-352AB7…)

The only time she lets Ellen touch her

No. 1461711

Ellen must get those fucked up nails from the same place as Shayna

No. 1461717


What the hell is wrong with Ellen's fingers?

No. 1461720

all porn is bad, there is no ethical porn, and male 'pornstars' are all rapists etc. please do a bit more research and don't be so naive to be even an ounce "pro porn"

No. 1461730

True but you can’t blame women for doing porn. Scrotes groom women into doing it. Women are exposed to sexual shit from a young age. Men sexual women for anything. Harassed outside while walking, being whistled at, it’s understandable why women just say fuck it I’m getting sexualized anyways might as well profit off it. Pornography is toxic, but pedo pandering is way worse. Shayna and these whores should be disgusted by the way they act out these men’s pedophile incest fantasies

No. 1461739

File: 1646794671367.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.33 MB, 1242x1630, 64494333-1ABC-45D6-B7A2-B18E2A…)

She has no ass TOPKEK
Forgot spoiler

No. 1461742

Lol literally 0 ass. Incredible. She didnt even try to push her butt up to give any shape whatsoever.

No. 1461743

It least she shopped the boils out

No. 1461753

nobody was blaming the women? also your reasoning is very ignorant lol they enter that industry mostly from being raped as kids or teens + being groomed, not because they were catcalled. but yeah we should absolutely blame cunts like shatna.

No. 1461755

It’s the same size as when she was skinny. How tragic for her.

No. 1461768

Damn she looks like her idol SpongeBob SquarePants with that square ass

No. 1461771

>imagine being unable to resist the urge to buy gushers?
haha, yeah…………………………

No. 1461779

Or they enter it willingly because it's easy money and they don't hold the moral values of a chicken nugget

No. 1461791

File: 1646798722600.jpg (Spoiler Image,29.01 KB, 617x728, shayna.jpg)

No. 1461801

File: 1646799403129.jpeg (100.94 KB, 750x424, 1095F679-236F-4942-ACFA-EEC7A5…)

She’s on a bender

No. 1461804

File: 1646799644516.jpeg (126.22 KB, 731x472, 2BB59D29-6225-4464-8F31-6DC305…)

No. 1461807

File: 1646799880555.jpeg (182.41 KB, 1284x564, 4A17C43F-97C3-4BA3-98DA-E866F7…)

she really thinks she was some sort of celebrity. wow.

No. 1461833

All I can think about is the comparison of Sweet Dee to the Ostrich and its very fitting for her

No. 1461836

They’re deluded into thinking it’s a viable option usually, sure some girls make a decent amount but not for long. Your cringy chicken nugget moral dismissal doesn’t account for how working at the beck and call of men obsessed with porn fucks up your brain and life, it’s not an empowering choice despite the libfem tweets you read about gettin that cash munay! Only at the expense of becoming an object of jerk off material!

No. 1461845

oh my god stfu already

No. 1461847

the bug person?
They live in MA/east coast and have gone by at least 4 different names that I can recall. Went through a "im a man" phase, have had issues with so many people. Chronic skinwalker being on that list is no surprise.

No. 1461849

File: 1646803218439.jpeg (165.39 KB, 1400x1050, A6D6505F-8570-4ADC-9877-504820…)

No. 1461852

This thread is so shit with all the derails and shit memes

No. 1461889

yeah thats what makes it shit

No. 1461890

I agree with the anon that agreed that shit is what makes it shit(Autist #1)

No. 1461920

I agree with the anon that agreed with the other anon that shit is what makes it shit(autist #2)

No. 1461928

I agree with the one anon that agreed with the other anon that shit is what makes it shit(autist #3)

No. 1461933

I agree with the one anon that agreed with the other anon that agreed with the other anon that shit is what makes it shit(autist #4)

No. 1461939

See now that's where you're wrong

No. 1461942

See now that’s where you’re wrong

I agree with the one anon that agreed with the other anon that agreed with the other anon that agreed with the other anon that shit is what makes it shit

No. 1461972

is anybody else seeing two assholes here or am i retarded

No. 1461979

>when you blow out your snatch so bad it looks like a butthole
when she spreads it, it looks like you could throw a penny in and make a wish

No. 1462062

is she leaving it unshopped like that so it looks more like a childs arse? killing myself

No. 1462073

can someone take one for the team and buy this vid so we can kek

No. 1462087

Then you do it anon

No. 1462109

Why would anyone claim identity to this hankspanker with a water mark?! Haiyaa…

No. 1462112

shoes on the bed

No. 1462132

wtf, ugh

No. 1462154

Funny cause there was a whole thing discussing her chipped tooth in one thread (think it was the one when she moved back to OK after dog fucker saga). Anons chalked it up to her being a stupid drunk then too. Also her teeth are probably brittle as fuck with her never brushing her teeth, her sugar filled diet, constant cotton mouth, and never going to the dentist. Her snaggle tooth has already eroded to basically nothing throughout the years.

No. 1462163

This one gave me Lucinda vibes kek

No. 1462165

Luciano Hang punches a disabled child

No. 1462166

>looks more like a childs arse
This is weird. She has the unfortunate flat ass of a flabby 20 something year old. Nothing she can do to change that and absolutely no one would ever think she has a child’s ass.

No. 1462176

File: 1646848773903.jpeg (442.1 KB, 750x951, 7A563310-72C4-4B67-A855-21FAAC…)

Oh no did someone try to speak to Womack?

No. 1462182

File: 1646849186913.jpeg (292.95 KB, 830x1024, 80854630-2B00-4052-AFDA-013979…)

It’s a free market, pillsbury doughbitch. If you’re too much of a hideous rat faced hamplanet to keep men interested them maybe you should have picked a different industry.

No. 1462185

Cause she knows she can’t lose Womack or else she’s screwed with money

No. 1462186

Womack is so desperate for female attention like shat for make attention, that I’m sure when any other whore who talks to him, he runs to shay and says ”you’re the most beautiful princess ever and I would never talk to anyone else because you’re perfect baby I love you Dolly

And then she gives him back that gross validation and he continues to spend his paycheck on her and pay her rent and door dash.

No. 1462192

pathetic. she really worries about losing her 2 coomers so much that she has to publicly announce it kek

No. 1462201

LOL she's a whole cow and a half!

No. 1462205

>you're coming for my two repeat customers, that's literally all I have
KEK maybe you wouldn't be this insecure if you weren't a hog that lives in alcoholic squalor, Shart. No amount of bimbo garbage is going to disguise that, especially not when you buy things three sizes too small for you. God. She's so delusional she must look in the mirror and still see 18 year old Shayna. It would be pitiable if she wasn't an absolute degenerate that needs to be put on a fucking sex offender registry.

No. 1462220

File: 1646851814339.jpeg (119.37 KB, 750x310, 948C1A9D-B692-4ED7-AD24-4A7F72…)

The only thing I could find that could possibly have warranted this is a single girl “liking” this response from Womack buying her dinner last night. That’s a pretty embarrassing reaction on her end for such a little thing >>1461610

No. 1462233

One day I'd love to come in this thread and see someone curse Shayna clean the fuck out. She's such a big coward but the hugest bitch. These coomers aren't your property. If a hotter sex worker gave Womack attention he'd easily drop Shay and start throwing his nickels her way.

No. 1462237

File: 1646853218959.jpeg (Spoiler Image,133.11 KB, 741x1651, E1o8CJWVEAUXuJS.jpeg)

I was trying to find out who Shay was talking about on Twitter and I saw this, I don't remember this being posted before, and I did a quick scan and didnt see it posted, this was created in May btw.
If it's been posted already my bad. It's some "fan art" kek

No. 1462242

what in the FUCK

No. 1462245

she really thinks these coomers don’t go to any other whore. you’re not someone’s exclusive whore shayna, hate to break it to you.

No. 1462246

It’s literally just this >>1462220 I was expecting blatant flirting under one of her screenshots of Womack’s tips but no, just a girl liking his comment set her off

No. 1462250

File: 1646854479867.jpeg (128.77 KB, 1284x335, BBB8B39D-E8B6-4B52-B705-8218BE…)

ew she’s using peppermint and spearmint on her pussy, plus that’s a sugar scrub. might as well just use toothpaste for the same effect, including the yeast infection you’ll get.

No. 1462251

She doesn't wash herself so she's probably confused about how to use the products she got. We might get lucky and have her recreate the experiments in the near future so she'd look a bit nicer in her photos.

No. 1462256

She is beyond stupid and I feel sorry for her at that point. I'd suggest her to use intimate wash with cooling effect instead of straight infection causing drying scrub, but we all know how she can turns a nice advice into a harrasment. She won't look nicer, she will get a rash of over drying the gentle skin in the intimate area.

No. 1462262

File: 1646855422424.gif (747.59 KB, 220x220, A00D97E2-BD98-4294-B352-C079EB…)

>using a sugar scrub on your genitals
No words

No. 1462265

i'm always so baffled with what stubborn self esteem she broadcasts her stupidity. who finds someone who's to stupid to use hygiene products the right way sexy? this bitch is straight up retarded

No. 1462273

this is the only funny thing she has ever said.

No. 1462276

this gif sums up me this whole thread

No. 1462284

File: 1646857504114.jpeg (180.54 KB, 1170x754, 381A8EAB-929E-4163-BE3B-AA3E45…)

But you constantly attack them and look absolutely disgusted when being sexual with one

No. 1462290

File: 1646857956530.jpeg (251.35 KB, 1242x676, 278406DB-4622-45B8-BEC0-86CADA…)

She’s so fucking ugly and annoying. Like why does she even bother continuing this downward spiral. She’s fat and stupid. Has no money. How are you a “ uwu bimbo Barbie” with yellow chipped teeth and a decaying snaggle tooth? Barbie also doesn’t have a big ass nose, lopsided breasts, and crusty too small yellow tinted white tank tops from three years ago

No. 1462293

she never says women either which is creepy as fuck. all of her fantasies involve men, and when she wants to seem LGBT positive she’ll be like “lol I loooove girls!!!” and that’s it. she uses her girlfriend so she has someone to help her make content and pay for her bullshit when she’s broke. in some ways I feel bad for Ellen but she’s kind of a trash bag herself.

No. 1462302

so why did you post this today instead of on Women's day? I forgot you were too busy posting videos getting your face punched.
I have some autistic tinfoiling. Shay has been talking about being gay so much because she may be talking to that woman who she claims she's going to work with.
I know it's dumb but stranger things have happened. She could upgrade Ellen with someone who actually will get on camera with her. I know it's not happening but just a thought.

No. 1462310

File: 1646859365597.jpeg (368.71 KB, 750x1007, 4D057886-E806-48FC-808F-A676E5…)

I think she might have found someone else to work with, this girl liked her “I love girls” tweet as well

No. 1462330

I don't think she'd work with this girl, she's too normal looking and would make Shay look huge.
Shay only seems to work with people who are bigger and not that good looking. I wonder why she's on this, "I love girls" shit? She has a girlfriend but never even tweets about normal sex with her. I bet Shayna has never even touched Ellen's vagina or done more then kiss her.

No. 1462353

It was funny, but definitely not sexy like something to post on your porn account.

No. 1462358

God shes so fucking stupid and self absorbed. It probably has to do with the Russia shit. Theyre probably trying to withhold payments to Russian whores or something, but it's affecting the whole system.
I still can't believe she woke posted about the Ukraine prior and then was like "why tf did OF change their colors to my old highschool colors" like… how fucking res
retarded can you be? That was wildly tone deaf and ignorant. Lay off the booze, it's fermenting your brain Shatna.

No. 1462389

File: 1646864542779.jpeg (305.64 KB, 750x764, 2E47455E-9BA5-42A4-905B-FDA910…)

stole this from the other thread. I wonder if Shaynas going to make a vague tweet about this or block this girl now that she's retweeting sol.
>> "I try not to be this way but seeing someone I like interacts with someone who really tried to ruin me, really hurts upside down smiley face

No. 1462426

Oh she totally will. Even though she tells people to not do that kind of shit. Of course it only applies to her. "Bitches will cancel and harrass a fellow SWer for associating or following someone they don't like personally and its so mean girls club" but will absolutely do the same.

No. 1462439

I said earlier in the thread Shay is just waiting for an excuse to cancel and I thought it was gonna be “the haterzzz” turns out it’s ol pencil dick

No. 1462536

She deleted this, I bet Shayna messaged her about it. Last thread she was threatening to DM anyone who interacted with him about her problems with him

No. 1462539

File: 1646872812119.jpeg (223.24 KB, 828x851,