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File: 1616725507689.jpeg (205 KB, 1280x904, daddyshornypup.jpeg)

No. 1193334

Repetitive comments about Shayna's vagina is grounds for a 1 day ban. Repetitive nitpicks about her body and face are subject to a 1 day ban. Reposting the same photos zoomed in and edited is not milk and you will receive a ban for nitpicking.
REMEMBER: Sage when there’s no milk, no nitpicking and/or blogposting and please try to curb your enthusiasm when posting screenshots from other cam girls. This is a Shay thread.

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>claims she's no longer talking to fupa >>1182043

>for some reason throws the idea of having her fuck machine penetrate her weird dismembered silicone torso >>1186086
>admits to using afterpay for everything >>1185988
>claims her money would give her more housing choices in LA, Seattle or Boston compared to northern New Hampshire >>1186184
>outright says her ideal type is a dad that doesn't prioritize his kids >>1187690
>uses prop/fake money for flex pics, makes no mention that the bills aren't real >>1187881
>exposes the absolute state of her hovel on cam >>1188751
>gets the Covid vaccine, brings along a musty stuffed animal like a sped >>1188977
>jail tapas presumably with fupa >>1189868
>squeezes into a multiple sizes too small full denim ensemble >>1191533


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No. 1193335

No. 1193342

holy fuck OP anon, it was worth the wait for whatever this thread image is. 10/10

No. 1193343

cred to art anon in the last thread kek >>1188594

No. 1193344

File: 1616726080072.png (3.22 MB, 1334x750, AF6BF770-822D-4F4A-9264-D7C669…)

No. 1193350

File: 1616726460701.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.13 MB, 2991x3464, EAF2D2B6-3843-42C4-931A-822EB7…)


No. 1193352

I nearly had an aneurysm trying to read that garbage, weird description. It made me feel like I was the intoxicated one. Jfc. Also, yet again she fails to stage things properly so it doesnt just look like a dildo on a rod when the fantasy is its supposed to be another dude. Huge wand to fake orgasm as usual. I guess at least the position was different for once. She rolled over off her fat, lumpy backside.

No. 1193353


Did she get even fatter in like a week?

No. 1193354

bottom right is cursed as fuck

No. 1193358

File: 1616726905739.jpg (209.17 KB, 1080x878, Screenshot_20210325-191700_Twi…)

No. 1193359

Probably. Shes been out drinking and eating with Fupa lol. But it doesnt help she just wont buy proper sized clothes. It's a waste of money. I've never seen someone so set on refusing to buy the right sized clothing. It literally makes no sense. It's fine to be an XL. No one is gonna see the tags. At least she wouldnt look like a busted can of biscuits and could move and breathe easier.

No. 1193360

Someone please go screen record her twitter fleet. My screen recording app keeps crashing

No. 1193362

so much for that “3 inches she lost off her chest” when she was with her trainer kek

No. 1193363

File: 1616727025578.jpg (164.34 KB, 1080x1112, Screenshot_20210325-214931_Twi…)

Shay, you literally have no kinks

No. 1193364

File: 1616727091309.png (9.69 MB, 1242x2208, 63BBDCF4-A688-47B2-98B7-67B423…)

She still has her hair extensions on

No. 1193365

I mean that was a blatant lie anyway
She didnt lose jack shit going to all of like 5 beginner gym sessions and eating Chipotle twice.

No. 1193367

that’s why i put it in quotations, anon

No. 1193368

I honestly wish these facetuning filters had never been made. Too easy for uglies to catfish.

No. 1193369

File: 1616727365419.png (6.2 MB, 1242x2208, 80529BFF-79F4-4BEB-B9CC-F19865…)

Shayna looking special needs on her Snapchat story

No. 1193370

Wait I forgot the week of begging for money for the low tier meal prep box yet still begging for grocery money multiple times a week too kek

No. 1193371

File: 1616727437139.jpeg (124.33 KB, 357x392, 77EE6DB7-4A89-420B-966F-6DCD16…)

It’s okay anon. She outs herself all the time anon (like fridge9irl) We know her real face

No. 1193372

Shayna, please cut back on drinking and smoking and whatever else you do that makes you act like a sped

No. 1193373

the wonky front teeth in her candid shots get me every time

No. 1193374

File: 1616727545529.jpeg (101.27 KB, 505x636, 64FD0B8E-432C-4BC0-B73D-103C5B…)

Even her hand got fat. That stomach is just spilling over that tight ass skirt. Looking like a can of biscuits

No. 1193375

Her chola tier eyebrows are sending me

No. 1193376

i wasn’t paying attention last thread when people were talking about her eyebrows shrinking but they seriously are getting smaller and smaller with every photo set

No. 1193380

Looking like Miss Ariana Extra-Grande ova there

No. 1193393

File: 1616728893496.webm (7.83 MB, 1280x720, 6I6JfeAdLQF9hMsM.webm)

Trailer for "Cucked by Ur bratty GF"
I'm not porn expert but aren't trailers/previews not supossed to show holes or penetration?

No. 1193402

Wish to god she'd stop spamming that filter because it makes her look Gypsy Rose downsy. It's so disgusting

No. 1193404

you can't tell me this isn't a parody scene

is she just unintentionally parody porn at this point?

No. 1193421

isn’t unintentional parody porn her entire brand by now?

No. 1193427

File: 1616732700037.jpeg (Spoiler Image,807.61 KB, 1242x1479, 341CBA2B-EBFC-4972-A570-CBC8A4…)

She gonna get cancelled by twitter fags for this

No. 1193428

File: 1616732748976.jpeg (Spoiler Image,176.79 KB, 1080x1080, D1135232-CF6E-4980-8121-E1F2CA…)


No. 1193430

smart move getting brown. now when she accidentally shits on it nobody will be able to tell!

No. 1193431

Is she going to attempt BBC porn now?

No. 1193434

I was literally going to say this kek

No. 1193436

I know the clothes are too small but she looks like she's so much fatter than she was just a few weeks ago. Her face is so round and her hands look swollen. I wonder when she's going to start getting those dark discolored knuckles that overweight people have.

No. 1193437

Only if she fetishizes it, but yeah. Not sure why she finally got a different dildo to use and picked a dark skin one. Sus. Probably like anon said, to hide her shit crumbs. Or to attempt to look "totally not racist"

No. 1193450

what’s weird is she already has one that’s actually black so she went out of her way to get one that’s specifically dark brown

No. 1193452

That's what happens when you live off of alcohol, dispensary snacks, and takeout. She's probably going over her calorie limit in wine and beer alone every day.

No. 1193507

we know shayna is an ignorant bitch but this is obviously her attempt at being inclusive. is it a shitty attempt that means nothing? yes, but it's not her going out of her way to be racist kek. yall give this fatty too much credit. her mental gymnastics and two brain cells are reserved for her weekly twitter sperg when fupa goes to see his kids. she probably got the dildo for her shayna luther king cosplay, the fact that it hides her shit crumbs is just a bonus.

No. 1193677

wtf did i say about her being racist? the autism is strong in this thread.

No. 1193684

The jump cuts in this are giving me whiplash. She can't even do a single scene with a few sentences in one take?

No. 1193724

At least she can fake giant logs when doing scat porn now bc that’s exactly what this looks like

No. 1193756

File: 1616770023388.jpeg (153.7 KB, 1242x313, 96FD4107-7D62-49F5-A445-E934AC…)

Literally no one cares Shatna

No. 1193767

'Graduating from a good college, getting a nice job'…Shayna could never! She's exactly the type of girl that shits on men like that, no pun intended, failing to realize she's the one who's not good enough for them.

No. 1193790

File: 1616771335194.jpeg (701.38 KB, 828x1302, 7EF37F54-0489-49D3-8073-0F4E8B…)

some pornblog followed me and i lurked the account and found this kek

No. 1193794

Can anyone explain why shot other people post of shayna gets more attention then what she posts?

No. 1193796

Those fucking hair extensions need to be thrown out jfc. They are so greasy because she doesn’t even wash them. She looks like a retarded conehead

No. 1193797

Because her personality is attached when she posts it kek

No. 1193798

Because they censor her sewerdrain.

No. 1193800

because Shayna is annoying and whines all the time, and porn accounts just post videos and don’t talk about their feelings or complain about other sex workers doing better. Shayna is a “boner killer

No. 1193812

What???? 100k notes????? Really? How…

No. 1193818

This. Shayna would pull more numbers if she wasn't the most whiney shit licker on the face of the planet.

No. 1193820

File: 1616772587418.jpeg (813.14 KB, 3326x1899, DF9F8632-7183-4C96-8E05-0CEA59…)

Five years of sex work
Her chin disappeared as well as her jawline. Fat bitch

No. 1193827

and yet the crusty lips still prevail

No. 1193832

She used to be passable as attractive, genuinely unrecognizable from her old self. Inb4 anons bitch at me for thinking that but whatever

No. 1193840

File: 1616773474753.jpeg (387.03 KB, 857x1079, 63E8E250-E04E-481C-ACBF-C9A3C1…)

She’s always been haggard she just looks worse now kek

No. 1193842

Oh you’re right, but even in this state she looks better than being fresh out of the shower today

No. 1193851

yeah 90% of people can look passably attractive when you're going off carefully posed and edited pics

No. 1193861

someone else did her makeup in the left pic right? just goes to show that a little contour and highlight goes a long way

No. 1193864

She doesn’t manage to look good in any pictures now regardless of being posed and shooped to hell, though. That’s the point.

No. 1193868

File: 1616775045855.jpg (261.16 KB, 1080x842, Screenshot_20210326-111037_Twi…)

No. 1193869

File: 1616775084210.jpg (414.43 KB, 1080x1221, Screenshot_20210326-111101_Twi…)

After she did that Scat video, she's always gotta make a comment about her shitting now

No. 1193870

Ken at the mess she tried to blur out

No. 1193878

Her dog is perpetually stressed out. Poor thing.

This. Her personality is obnoxious despite what she thinks.

Also , men’s standards are pretty low. We think she’s horrific looking (and that photo is heavily edited) but she’s attractive to men. Getting men’s attention is easy. I’m sure we all have a partner or ex who dated someone who looked like a dead horse.

No. 1193882

Right and Shayna's appeal is probably that she's average or "cute" and apporchable. Which i don't get why she goes with the barbie shit.
nothing about her is barbie like, not her body, face or anything.
Or bimbo like. She's flat assed, with small tits and chubby. She'd do better as just going as the girl next door, instead of this "barbie bimbo baby" shit.

No. 1193885

her face legit scares me

No. 1193887

she’s a trailer trash hoe who doesn’t know that wigs can even BE washed.

No. 1193917

This image looks like it belongs to a creepypasta. Thanks for the nightmares.

No. 1193965

every time i see one of these retarded comparison pics, i remember some anon said "fat shayna looks like she ate thin shayna" like 10 threads ago kek

No. 1193967

File: 1616784040876.png (8.22 MB, 1242x2208, 8D77D28E-8289-4EDF-9A4D-6C56D1…)

Is she out with Fupa?

No. 1193968

File: 1616784084973.png (7.41 MB, 1242x2208, AC41B352-8AFA-4FD0-907A-C00E48…)

No. 1193976

D.O.A is a fitting name

No. 1193981

Do anons think fupa is back to paying attention to her because she’s had an influx of cash and can pay for their outings?

No. 1193988

yeah shayna, i too think the best time to buy and pot plants is three weeks before i'm moving to a whole new state

No. 1193997

she’s probably been hitting him up like “let me buy you drinks, let’s just hang out I can pay!” to convince him to hang out

No. 1193998

her and fupa probably got the shot together, i think she thinks because she has the shot it's okay to step out to go eat with fupa everyday, even if Bratty said it's not.

No. 1194001

He probably thinks she's serious about moving and doesn't want his real sex doll to leave him, because who else will let him have sex anytime he wants?
Somethings going to come up and Shayna won't be able to move aka Fupa is treating her nice so she wants to stay.

No. 1194009

File: 1616787600252.png (10.06 MB, 1242x2208, 31143663-A80F-40B6-950F-F2D4A5…)

Shayna named the plant Gloria
She never goes outside so it’s most likely she’s with Fupa

No. 1194012

It looks like she turned her head around backwards to stare at you

No. 1194014

does facebook anon have any screenshots from Fupa's facebook?

No. 1194018

File: 1616788272259.jpg (117.52 KB, 298x435, pineapple.jpg)

I cannot stand this phony pony…

No. 1194019

File: 1616788338911.jpg (495.59 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20210326-145144_Fac…)

Nothing that indicates they're back together or hanging out. The only thing is that he's changed his pfp back to Shay's sweatshirt sometime since the 6th

No. 1194036

Tinfoil but could it be Womack? She did do that thing where she offered a date to her fans and he's been rather quiet recently.

No. 1194055

if it was anyone else but Fupa shayna would definitely be dropping hints, ESPECIALLY if it was a "client"

No. 1194079

File: 1616792173833.gif (78.44 KB, 512x384, 1339166693579.gif)

Joke's on whoever it is, Shay will get sloppy drunk and meltdown tweet by the end of tonight. She can't do anything sober, and she doesn't know when to stop drinking, either.

No. 1194082

can you guys stop obsessing over womack? there's been literally zero indication she would be hanging out with him. it would even be more likely that she's hanging out with a random from tinder. we all know it's fupa though.

No. 1194095

His twitter is private now. So unless you follow him, you won't see anything

No. 1194144

The best part is Shay doesn't follow him so if he's commenting on any of her stuff she won't see it and he's literally talking to himself

No. 1194160

File: 1616800089897.jpg (559.25 KB, 1080x1892, Screenshot_20210326-152538_Chr…)

Womack lives in Hinton, which is a good 2.5 hours or so from Tulsa. He was working on Wednesday and it doesn't sound like he had any plans to take off yesterday. Can we please put the Womack tinfoils to bed?

No. 1194163

Ew what an ugly ass fucker. I hope his wife leaves him. Womack and Shayna aren’t a thing she only likes Fupas chode

No. 1194165

i think they were already on the rocks to begin with

No. 1194173

There’s an anon who posted this man in the unconventional male attractions thread and if it wasn’t a joke she needs a lobotomy

No. 1194180

what the actual fuck

No. 1194189

It's Friday and she didn't do her typical "come hang out with me on cam tonight!" Tweet

No. 1194190

File: 1616802855062.jpg (212.99 KB, 1080x713, Screenshot_20210326-185438_Twi…)

No. 1194191

i'm sure all this money has already been spent too

No. 1194196

kek bless that poor soul. she's been through some things to be attracted to such a dumbass scrote

No. 1194202

I cannot stop laughing at this. Some women are truly lost souls. If said poster sees this: please love yourself, anon.

No. 1194206

Fucker looks like an irritated, sleepy scrotum.

No. 1194218

bitch look more like ariana treinta

No. 1194220

Sorry to be a plant-fag but shes gonna kill these before she even gets to packing to move kek. Succulents need good lighting and particular watering and the other looks like the type that needs humidity and also she will either overwater it or forget to. Doubt those pots have drainage holes as well.

No. 1194224

pointless sperg, it's going to end up in the trash anyway

No. 1194238

based on her potting plants is it safe to say she isn't moving then?

No. 1194239

File: 1616809731244.png (866.07 KB, 1200x426, blessu.png)

No. 1194245

She looks like a tortoise or something

No. 1194248

File: 1616811088011.jpg (52.39 KB, 715x346, 20210326_231019.jpg)

No MFC tonight

No. 1194249

Did she just make this up because she doesn’t want to cam lol?

No. 1194251


Is it possible a shop anon could overlay an old photo of her when she was skinny vs now, I get this feeling her eyebrows haven't shrunk and she's just gotten that fucking huge in the face.

No. 1194253

no, you can literally see the difference in her old pics

No. 1194258

Yes. It should say "I actually dont want to work 2 days in a row, so I'm only going to cam once a week! Maybe… and it depends on which day Fupa gives me attention!"

No. 1194271

Just more proof that you lurk here Shay

No. 1194367

I'm not Shayna

No. 1194382

Kek underrated comment anon I snorted

No. 1194384

File: 1616828203098.png (8.42 MB, 1242x2208, BABA759E-FC77-439F-89A9-281B03…)

fucking fat bitch

No. 1194389

the state of this fucking thread bro…

No. 1194408


to be fair, nerds ropes slap though

No. 1194479

No, I'm talking about her status. Someone mentioned she hasn't said anything about camming and then she made a status

No. 1194748

File: 1616862827511.png (156.98 KB, 1080x1041, Screenshot_20210327-123202~2.p…)

The delusion/cope is real. Shay we all know you wont be getting any plastic surgery for the sheer fact you can't afford it.

No. 1194753

Yet you've said you wanted lip injections. You also can't afford it and you are lazy. If Fupa got into super bimbo'd out girls with big fake lips and asses, Shayna would save up for it.
The only thing that makes her kind of do something is Fupa.

No. 1194759

i wish i capped it but she deleted two tweets about "fake sugar daddies" in her DMs

No. 1194765

File: 1616863500043.jpeg (186.87 KB, 1080x1349, BC7CD894-0B2B-44BF-8CF9-B16AF0…)

Wow is this bimbo cultural appropriation kek?? Does she even cares about what the word means

No. 1194790

File: 1616866202554.jpg (292.82 KB, 1080x1660, 20210327_123007.jpg)

I got you anon

No. 1194793

she’s really trying to convince herself that she’s content in her body. she’s said before she wants lip fillers and other work done. stop trying to convince yourself shayna it’s pathetic.

No. 1194795

oh my god shayna, who fucking cares? she has to soapbox about some stupid shit every single day.

No. 1194796

File: 1616866576841.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.72 MB, 1284x2333, C4F85841-B858-4663-B3F4-68104E…)

she’s so fucking high she can barely keep her eyes open. her face is grey. how could you post this and think it’s sexy?

No. 1194797

File: 1616866634673.jpeg (Spoiler Image,753.44 KB, 1284x1009, A721CEF9-5E07-48F2-96AD-20A26E…)

this is honestly sad. the weed must really make her delusional.

No. 1194809

Damn, I'd also borderline whitey myself on the daily as well if I looked like that. Yikes.

No. 1194814

Did this bitch finally get a pumice stone for her cracked yellow callous foot

No. 1194818

File: 1616868027626.jpeg (207.91 KB, 1197x719, DDF0237E-9146-4A66-8576-A86C2D…)

It was probably a fucking bot or scammer who dm’ed shayna, she’s so fucking dense it’s not even ~cute uwu ditsy~ like she’s straight up low iq retarded moron

No. 1194821

the face she's making looks like she's opening her ass cheeks to let out a fart that she was straining to get out.

No. 1194822

File: 1616868180155.png (Spoiler Image,5.41 MB, 1242x2208, 93831CDD-3049-4014-9980-53FFAA…)

Looking like a trailer park auntie

No. 1194823

I always find it funny that when one thing happens to her she goes, "Can yall stop asking sex workers, can yall stop doing this to sex workers-"
She does that for likes, she could simply explain what happened but she wants one of these to go viral

No. 1194824

uh excuse me? This looks like she's taking off a diaper or dirty baggy granny panties. She looks horrible and where is she?

No. 1194830

No. 1194831

File: 1616868635633.png (266.28 KB, 468x475, ddd.PNG)

she posted this video (i'm waiting for it to convert) where she's breathing hard and barely can zip her pants up.

No. 1194834

File: 1616868759915.webm (9.32 MB, 720x1280, lY7YN75e6RHyEOMQ.webm)

Her body is just normal box chubby girl, but you can really see how lopsided her tits are, she should really stop going braless. It's only going to look worse if she keeps gaining.

No. 1194837

no she just smoothed it in facetune

No. 1194839

File: 1616868975186.png (Spoiler Image,5.66 MB, 1242x2208, B0A42681-606B-4010-BCE1-C79FC4…)

She is panting like a retarded dog with her tongue out kek unzipping her shorts and putting them back on is a workout for her. Poor Dolly Fattel. The buttons on those shorts are about to burst

No. 1194841

File: 1616869095425.png (Spoiler Image,293.11 KB, 321x528, w.PNG)

Like I know it's natural and she can't help it but damn. It's just sad, she walks around in too small clothes with NO panties on and everywhere she goes she does this creepy ass shit.
Then she pushes her tits up, why not just wear a bra?

No. 1194847

im fucking cackling at her pushing up the one saggy titty into her tank top at the end

No. 1194850

she really has NO sense of style yet has the balls to call herself barbie

No. 1194860

Lmaooo at her fucking putting her saggy tit back in place so her nipples are even at the end.
Also it sounds like a laundromat in the background?

No. 1194861

because she’s delusional about what her body actually looks like, anon. she’s still living like she’s freshly 18. she peaked in high school and doesn’t know wtf to do.

No. 1194862

It cracks me up that she’s built her whole persona around being poor dUM dOLLy and then expects everyone to be blown away by her manifestos. She really thinks she’s dropping the persona and saying something, except it doesn’t work bc she’s exactly as dumb as she pretends to be.

No. 1194863

I feel like she's going to embrace it, "One of my tits are smol and the other is big, the best of both worlds uwu" or some shit.
She might as well because if she continues gaining weight she may start looking like Phobe Tickner's tits.
I just wish she'd dress for her body

No. 1194880

nah she’s just gonna pretend they’re normal and never mention it like she does with her saggy pussy and like she used to do with the boils

No. 1194882

File: 1616872233682.jpeg (Spoiler Image,155.08 KB, 1242x1008, 25E8E058-AEAB-4E6B-A664-48AE7E…)

Sage for autism

No. 1194891

File: 1616872939046.jpg (159.41 KB, 1080x1079, Jesus fuck.jpg)

There is nothing sexy about speedrunning stripping in a store bathroom, heavy mouth breathing, and her ill-fitting shorts. Giving Fupa a run for his money with that bulge.
I've been reading her threads from years ago and I'm shocked with how much more trashy and low-budget her videos are becoming. You'd think years of "experience" would make her better, but she looks and acts more retarded as time passes. Holy shit.

No. 1194892

File: 1616873022714.jpg (101.59 KB, 718x988, 20210327_142326.jpg)

Her fucking cockeyed nipples kill me

No. 1194928

File: 1616875195473.jpg (444.76 KB, 1080x1661, Screenshot_20210327-145712_Twi…)

No. 1194952

am i the only one who thinks that Grey gets sick of Shayna's shit?

No. 1194955

I think so too

No. 1194956

it's starting to seem like he's losing patience for her for sure

No. 1194974

If she does buy from aquariusgarden, we might get a fun cow-crossover with Momokun since that's her lapdog Cat/Antares/whatever she's calling herself these days.

No. 1194986

File: 1616879416415.jpg (435.52 KB, 1080x1380, Screenshot_20210327-161024_Twi…)

Jason R Womack must've gotten his stimulus

No. 1194987

She deleted this

No. 1194988

File: 1616879493647.jpg (276.25 KB, 1080x823, Screenshot_20210327-161128_Twi…)

No. 1194992

I kind of feel like she brought them herself and is making it seem like her "Sugar daddy" brought them.

No. 1194997

I love this reaction pic

No. 1195000

>love you
lmao what

No. 1195006

File: 1616880346507.jpeg (766.26 KB, 1242x1700, F724CD22-048D-427C-8F6C-13F5A2…)


No. 1195010

LMAO hanging out with fupa this past week confirmed

No. 1195012

File: 1616880420610.jpeg (247.51 KB, 1242x670, F3B504C4-098F-4A70-ACBC-520BFD…)

Fupa giving her that crusty chode

No. 1195014

File: 1616880464663.jpeg (344.15 KB, 1191x1193, EEE2892E-A408-4DED-A0E6-B2292E…)

Scammy Mattel back at it again
Greyhair old man is probably seething

No. 1195015

This bitch scammed all her 'fans' again. jfc

No. 1195017

does this ignorant fatty realize that she can still pass covid to her parents?

No. 1195018

can’t wait to see the next f21 plus size haul shay!

No. 1195022

she's only had one shot, so did she get the J&J? you still have to wait at least 2 weeks for it to be fully effective and it's like the least effective one at 66%. not sure why she's suddenly acting like she's invincible.

No. 1195023

I said she wasn't going to move, she's back with fupa all it took was one date. They probably got vaccinated togeather and Fupa took her out because he feared she was getting to serious about moving.
She says she's making more money, yet she can't put that moving money up and get a car so she can eventually move? I feel she's saved nothing.

No. 1195026

nonnie you missed a golden opportunity to say "breast of both worlds"

No. 1195027

What a stupid bitch. She really loves being a shameful secret for a fat father of 3. Now she will stay in Tulsa, continue to balloon up, and be stuck there the rest of her life because once her sex work career dries up she won't be able to afford to live anywhere remotely nice. Imagine choosing to stay in Oklahoma for chode and weed.

No. 1195029

its truly pathetic and i hope fupa will drop her again like a hot potato

No. 1195030

Give it a few days and he will. And then she'll cry and complain and want to move

No. 1195031

I wonder if she'll skip out on cam tonight cause she doesn't want people calling her out about not moving

No. 1195052

She should really learn to make it less obvious. If she stops crying about Fupa on Twitter and starts going out of the house for anything other than groceries and weed we know she is with him. She also hasn't said anything about her uber rides which she always does. I guess she doesn't really care if people know anyway. Fupa is the one ashamed of her.

No. 1195055

she claims to care so much for the sex work "Community", yet she's dating a man who has to hide their relationship and is probably ashamed of all of it all now. I don't get her, the man she loves can't flaunt her or even post about her, yet she hates her parents for being agaisnt her job.

No. 1195064

Do you think she really loves him? I honestly don’t get why she is so hung on up on this man, but nothing about Shay ever makes sense.

No. 1195066

She probably didn't even put in her 30 day notice like she said she did

No. 1195071

File: 1616883567695.png (56.14 KB, 300x305, C8F76AB1-8B39-4AD1-8B7C-93816A…)

>>imagine choosing to stay in Oklahoma for chode and weed

No. 1195072

Omg she’s such a fucking idiot… No surprised but I can’t believe she’s stupid enough to annonce it on her TL after harassing everyone for money. Have fun being a fat trailer retard forever

No. 1195074

Wonder if she told her parents that she’s not moving now; they didn’t send her money just stay in Tulsa

No. 1195080

Major scam, because no way will she let that money sit in savings untouched. She will buy some bullshit with it and then beg for more when she wants to move again when Fupa upsets her.

No. 1195094

File: 1616885183169.jpeg (668.84 KB, 1170x2071, 8DA5952F-5AB7-484E-920C-46C993…)

Taking more public nudity videos and walking around with no bra, nipples out and gross no panties in too tight shorts in a place where people take their kids. On their Yelp page there’s pics of kids potting plants. Imagine being so nasty. Grow some shame, girl.

Sage for autism, I googled plant places in Tulsa because that bathroom looked like it could have been in someone’s house so I was just curious.

No. 1195103


oh shit, Dollskill Afterpay coming in hot!

No. 1195116

File: 1616885849848.png (111.51 KB, 295x229, Screenshot 2021-03-27 at 6.54.…)

this video is extremely offputting even for shayna. and her eye makeup is killing me softly

No. 1195145

File: 1616886953859.jpeg (85.01 KB, 750x199, 705AECAC-B5E8-4114-9721-A91A02…)

maybe because you lie about everything, shat

No. 1195163

He's NOT OLD, anon

No. 1195168

Old man simp is as it again

No. 1195178

File: 1616889121444.jpeg (139.39 KB, 740x634, BDEFAB34-21C8-4125-ADBD-B799E8…)

Who would have guessed

No. 1195184

The neck rolls THE FUCKING NECK ROLLS how much do you have to weigh to have such bad neck rolls??? This bitch is disgusting

No. 1195193

No. 1195195

File: 1616890260174.png (1.72 MB, 750x1334, 5A45DF7A-D710-4667-B6EE-EAFC0B…)

She always had weird ass creases/folds on her long giraffe neck (that now formed into rolls because of how obese she’s gotten)

So I’m guessing those retarded white pink dog paw mitts won’t be in any of her videos? It’s collecting dust along with her PC.

No. 1195207

I actually yelled. I can't fucking believe her.

She cries and begs for MONTHS about how she just HAS to get away from her super abusive ex who ruined her life and how she wishes she never left Seattle. Then ONE WEEK before she's supposed to move, she goes on obvious dates with him, shows them off on Twitter, and announces that it was all a scam all along.

And she wonders why no one fucking likes her and her business hasn't grown above 10 customers in 5 years

No. 1195209

You don't feel like working because you don't have to worry about moving now

No. 1195220

ntayrt, i'm the first anon who corrected someone about him being old and i've never repeated it since. we are legion

No. 1195243

what the fuck Shayna. You don't have a car. friends or family in Tulsa anyway. You only have fupa chode and cheap rent. I need to stop lowkey rooting for this dumb bitch to turn her life around, she'll never be anything more than a disappointment

No. 1195263

I was thinking the same thing, 1.5 hours vs 23ish hours of driving for her family. That’s the only difference and it’s a positive. She’s said she can get weed from a state over like every other person so idk what she’s thinking about other than cope

Also can’t believe she’s falling for fupa giving her attention and giving her the fuckboy treatment god damn

No. 1195288

Yeppp the only time she plays apex is with Fupa. She doesn’t play with any of her orbiters who ask.

No. 1195298

I feel like every time she's really close to leaving, he pulls her back in. She's retarded, but he's a giant fucking piece of shit for not letting her live a better life. He must know he's destroying her.

No. 1195309

Lmao Anon that gave me such a chuckle

No. 1195313

Shayna is a grown ass woman. I don’t get why people feel like Fupa is the only abusive one. Shayna is a retard pickme who deserves all the bad karma she gets

No. 1195331

hard agree. people have way too much sympathy for shayna when i'm certain based on shit like the suicide baiting that she's just as toxic as he is.

No. 1195338

Uh I’ll put a female cow above a deadbeat scrote any day tbh. I want him to leave her tf alone so I can get so better milk.

No. 1195342

well you might have to face reality kek they probably aren't separating anytime soon and she has full control over the situation down to her parents even giving her money to move

No. 1195343

Literally the first thing she posts when she wakes up is shit like this most days. Vague tweeting about someone to no one that would care. But then does her fake positivity posts about how everyone should support eachother and be nice. She wakes up and chooses to be negative and bitchy and for what.

No. 1195347

This bitch out with Fupa for the fucking THIRD day in a row right after getting just the first vaccination shot???

No. 1195349

Wow, if she doesnt move from Oklahoma this will be her biggest scam to date. Also, maybe you forgot Shay, but actually the other big reason you wanted to move was so you could "get over" your ex. Did seeing Fupa this weekend make you forget??

Also shes one of the retards that thinks it's all better and back to normal now that she got 1 vaccine shot. Never mind her orbiters telling her that's not true, or the fact that it's not the case, mutations, the follow up and long term of vaccines, etc.
I hope she gets it, running around like the idiot she is. Miss "At risk" oughta be playing it a lot safer. But really, how many times has she gone to see her family before the pandemic? A holiday or 2?

No. 1195355

The very next day after she got the one shot, she was out in public and has been daily since. Even though her orbiters told her she could still catch and transmit the virus. It only helps your body fight it and make symptoms less severe. But yeah, she's acting like shes gonna be covid free from now on, no problem. Never mind the facts and the mutations. Gotta get that Fupa chode.

"Spend the rest of my life" as if she wont move every couple years because to her that's how you fix all your problems.

"Better money than ever" literally only because of MOVING sales. And Womack getting his stimulus and gov money. I hope her orbiters call her out or drop her when she goes to try to move again and says she needs money. She'll just be like "well everyone was compensated with my porn and services" like she did with the hair apt so she can act like it doesnt matter that she blew the money on something else.

No. 1195359

File: 1616904769335.jpeg (662.59 KB, 1242x1307, 4FAC0BA9-1C5D-46CD-A40E-8DE15B…)

>Wow, Shayna is so unique and not like other girls she listens to classic rock!!!! All these basic bitches listen to shitty modern music uwu.
She’s so fucking annoying her only personality is hurhur I like anal, spongebob, weed, and her playlist of the same twenty songs. She’s just so painfully boring. And I love how she always tweets about sex workers and sex work but never gives back to her “community”. Selfish greedy fatty.

No. 1195361

Fupa is disgusting and pathetic. But Shayna is a retard for crawling back to him. Just because she’s a woman doesn’t mean I have to support her. She’s a misogynistic, ugly pedophile bitch. I have no sympathy for her after what she said about sex trafficking

I don’t really want her to get covid because then she won’t work for months and we won’t get to laugh at her embarrassing content.

No. 1195366

She scammed her parents,too. Remember that check her mom sent a few threads back? I bet she’s been stringing them along this entire time.

No. 1195369

Maybe it’s just wishful thinking, but I feel like this is gonna be the final line in the sand for a lot of her orbiters. Not that she has many to begin with, but there’s no way people will just sit around and watch her beg for $6000 to move away from her “abusive” ex, only to change her mind and blow all the money on clothes and weed after repeatedly bragging about being so close to her goal. A few of them were upset when she cancelled her hair appointment and got a wig instead, and that was “only” $500. I sense an orbiter callout or breakdown coming after a scam of this magnitude.

No. 1195375

She plays with Bratty mostly from what she says

No. 1195376

File: 1616908914918.png (31 KB, 352x283, 1608092867405.png)


Just a truly deplorable human, scamming every single person in her life. Even us. Another season of the Tulsa Diaries

No. 1195378

Used to think she wouldn’t make it to 30 but with her now staying in Tulsa only because of weed and shrimp father-of-three dick… she isn’t going to make it to 25. Sorry Shatna but everyone hates you, you have shit/piss porn connected to your real name for life, you’re addicted to drugs and alcohol, and have now made the worst decision of your life. Overdose/suicide saga when?

No. 1195380

Maybe she can start a YouTube channel and share her story lol. She got lucky Fupa didn't hook her up on meth or something.

No. 1195389

>Even us.
speak for yourself please. some of us take shayna at face value for the liar and degen she is.

No. 1195390

Overdose on what? Weed edibles?

No. 1195395

She’s already admitted to using hard drugs in the past. You honestly think she won’t turn to that again? All it would take is Fupa introducing her to something else or dumping her again kek

No. 1195398

eh. i think she has a better chance of developing COPD or diabetes and dying of complications from that. i truly think shay is too lazy to actually get into hard drugs. it’s obvious that if she had to go to a state with no legal weed, she just wouldn’t use it anymore bc she can’t hop in an uber and go get some edibles. i mean she has a whole ass kitchen and still spends at least 60 bucks on doordash a day.

No. 1195403

where has she talked about using hard drugs?

No. 1195413

I haven't checked on these threads in 7 months good god she is a fucking train wreck
I wonder how she feels looking at her old pics and seeing how fucking big she is now. Shayna just fucking stop you are a failure of a sex worker

No. 1195419

honey you fail as soon as you become a sex worker

No. 1195421

She probably has none of that money anyways.

No. 1195423

She hasn't. Anons are mad the milk isn't gonna be frothy if she stays

No. 1195425

Yes she did. Check the summer threads from last year.

No. 1195429

> Fupa introducing her to something else
this is becoming more and more plausible since he posted that mirror selfie in what appeared to be a traphouse

No. 1195432

> She wakes up and chooses to be negative and bitchy and for what
Because she is completely miserable with her life and being a spiteful bitch is her only outlet

No. 1195439

File: 1616918646200.jpeg (41.41 KB, 394x504, 381BC739-9C07-4EB4-80F5-54794D…)

I’m screaming. Truly inconceivable that she would stay in bumfuck Tulsa for THIS

No. 1195529

I'm always shocked how ugly fupa is every time he's posted.

No. 1195556

That anon who said he looked like a gorilla who works at Zumiez a few threads ago was so spot on

No. 1195559

Shayna is a dumbass, but she's not that level of stupid. She has never said she's done anything harder than weed.

No. 1195561

The first time she and Fupa broke up iirc she talked about doing Xanax, and has mentioned doing shrooms in the past.

No. 1195572

File: 1616936841911.png (1.66 MB, 1746x2048, Screenshot_20210328-090333.png)

You go suck that inch chode with them dry, thin lips with the money you scammed out your parents and customers to lure back your ultra aboosive ex that's ashamed of you, boo. We're so proud of you, sweaty.

No. 1195604

>Shayna is a dumbass, but she's not that level of stupid.

The amount of faith you have in her is astounding to me considering that every time anons say she can’t be that stupid, she proves them wrong with a cherry on top.

No. 1195611

I’m pretty positive she used to brag about popping klonopins in highschool when she “OD’ed” and supposedlyshaved her head kek

No. 1195619

It's just unfortunate fat distribution. I have an ex bf who had them even when he got just a tiny little bit overweight. Fat seems to go straight to her face and neck.(blogpost)

No. 1195622

fupapa could probably get his dick wetter & sucked better by fucking a dead porcupine or whatever animals there are in OK. might even be a less embarrasing dirty secret than fucking this bitch.

No. 1195623

File: 1616940650866.jpg (2.37 MB, 1920x1920, inCollage_20210328_171046545.j…)

The neck rolls really are unfortunate. She's barely overweight here and still has them. She looks like Kaitlyn Bennett but at the very least Kaitlyn has pretty hair and eyes and at least knows how to dress like an adult and take a shower.

No. 1195635

gonna be a rude awakening if she thinks the money she made this month by begging/saying shes desperate for moving funds is maintainable with her current looks/effort. she’ll end up back where she was in jan in a month or two and “depressed”

No. 1195639

She's never done hard drugs. Post proof or stfu

No. 1195644

??? The proof is in the threads, it’s already been posted before and anons are not required to cater to you. Go do the bare minimum and read the fucking threads, fag

No. 1195661

Honestly if she saved anything she should have enough to buy a cheap car and that'd be a big step. However, just like the money her mom gave her I have a feeling she's not going to mention the money again.
Or when her and Fupa break up she'll make up a lie, like, "I paid my rent for two months instead of 1 and now most of the money I saved is gone!"
Notice she's not talking about going to another gym or anything. She thinks she can go out and do whatever, but it's nothing positive. Just shit with Fupa.

No. 1195697

xanax and shrooms are not hard drugs. sure, they're "harder" compared to weed, but i think anon was talking about other drugs.
Kaitlyn is just as gross and ugly as Shatna, there's a reason she's known as the girl who shit herself kek

No. 1195712

yeah anon made it sound like she was talking about doing heroin and meth. honestly i don’t even know if i believe that she’s done xanax and shrooms, sounds like something she would say just to sound edgy.

No. 1195717

what’s with the anger kek

No. 1195727

every high school student in massachusetts has at least tried xanax or klonopin
don’t know how so many amish people wound up posting here

No. 1195732

not amish just not putting much value in an anon acting like shayna is going to suddenly be begging on a street corner for pills when that doesn’t seem to be her vice of choice. this is also the same girl that said she was “overdosing all day on anxiety meds”

No. 1195739

Yeah, she should do something positive with the money even if shes gonna gonna continue being retarded in OK. Before she blows however much she got, she should get a car or something. Nothing stopping her from going back to the gym and eating healthy now either.

I dont know why I'm surprised, but I still cant believe the audacity of her to bitch and cry about her "mean ex" and missing her family and "friends" and begging daily for help to move. Just to post her mysteriously being out for days lately, not working, and suddenly being like "well I'm vaccinated so I can do whatever I want now and moving just isnt what I want rn gotta find my dream house then I will! Gonna play video games all night instead of camming k bye!"
Acting like shes made sooo much money all on her own when it was just because people were trying to help her move or were buying her moving sale stuff. And now that shes decided shes not moving, she thinks shes loaded so she doesnt have to work. But she'll waste it and when she crawls back, she'll see she wasnt making the "best money" in her life because shes hot and cute and really worked for it. Fuckin delusional retard.

No. 1195795

File: 1616951497777.jpeg (51.3 KB, 750x378, 747BE55E-89FD-4F9B-AB67-3ED233…)

Sure Jan…..

No. 1195839

File: 1616956555472.jpeg (225.38 KB, 1242x492, 81A6D8BC-8770-4784-BA99-E1D428…)

No. 1195840

Shayna is so fucking annoying

No. 1195856

so it will get them where you are?

No. 1195864

File: 1616958758162.png (262.2 KB, 451x447, DumbassMattel.png)

Translation: :New cam models are not allowed to network with other cam models because they aren't allowed to be more succesaful than me"

What a petty, bitter, resentful bitch. Isn't Sex work supposed to empower women, according to this tubby talentless loser? She seems scared of promoting other newbies because she's scared they will take away her 10 customers. Shatna is already struggling and doing so poorly she can't afford to do much worse lol.

No. 1195867

File: 1616959005693.png (16.28 KB, 531x141, 11.PNG)

notice it's never clothes or funiture just food. "wow thanks sugar daddy for giving me my $50 back for my sushi!" and this makes me feel like she pays for her own food when she goes out with Fupa, cause if she's going out it's with Fupa

No. 1195878

She's so boring and absolutely petty to bring this up at least once a month. As if anybody should listen to her advice: 5 years of sex work and she's barely scraping 500 fans at $3. Must really fill her with rage that her "friend" bratty has over 3.5k fans so must make what Shayna makes in a year in just a couple of months.

No. 1195890

Lmao you know she does, probably pays for him too

No. 1195891

Shatna is the only poor bitch I've heard of getting "reimbursed" by a "sugar daddy". If she wants to pretend like she's so high-class and spoiled, her meals should already be paid for minimum. It really shows this bitch's desperation and depravity. It's both infuriating and pitiful seeing someone be this hypocritical and stupid.

No. 1195903

It baffles me a little that she sells herself for 3 $. I mean she can tweed about being a bad bitch and how everyone needs to pay to kiss the floor she walks on but the 3 instantly indicates “cheap”, “on sale”, “bottom of the shelf”. Why wouldn’t she put herself up for 10$ at least? I don’t get her pricing really

No. 1195907

Because nobody would buy her shit lmao that’s why she has to price it less than a McDonald’s meal. She’s barely scraping by.

No. 1195909

Do you not know what thread you’re in?

No. 1195910

I'm not this anon, however this anons right… her shay-gnar tumblr days were filled with pictures of Adderall/xanex/codeine cough syrup by the handfuls, liquid lsd, mushies and everything alike?
She documented that she did most of it with Jess, who has now passed of…. You guessed it…. Heroin.
So likeshrugs not far off, but doubt that she still partakes or picked up anything new

No. 1195919

One can only hope anon. Could you imagine the milk of tweaker shay? Lmao

Frfr Shay you'd have alot more energy and lose weight if you smoked meth!

No. 1195924

didn’t fupa say he was anti drug when he was lying about his sister od’ing on xanax

No. 1195931

You can ask a fucking friend to buy you a meal, her thinking it's a flex to have a "Sugar daddy" reimburse you for your meals is fat girl shit. Like I said it makes me feel like she doesn't get meals for free when she's out with Fupa and is she does she sees it as something special.
I'd think sex "workers" would want to be reimbursed for expensive things they brought like, "I spent $500 on some new sexy clothes, whose going to reimburse me?" or something. Not fucking Doordash, how much is she really spending on food? Why is that the first thing she thinks of?

No. 1195933

Fupa already introduced her to the "Snack Drawer" and we see how thats going

No. 1195984

File: 1616969258000.png (1.74 MB, 1242x2208, 87E8E30D-1C33-480B-853B-4C7520…)

Shayna keeps going outside presumably with fupapa

No. 1195985

Lmao deadass. Imagine being the bitch whose bf doesn't pay for her every meal. An actual hot girl can get free meal by vagueposting online for nothing in return.

No. 1195992

kek wow she’s trying to make oklahoma seem all uwu now that she has no plans to move

No. 1195999

That Mia how she's made a few videos with in the past and is supposedly "a friend" is a smackhead.

No. 1196000

Sage for ranting but seriously, this. She wants everyone to think she is this spoiled little barbie doll but yet has to beg for someone to pay for her doordash deliveries after she already got it. Real sugar babies/spoiled women have everything pre-paid for without even having to ask. Having a chode pay for your cheap amazon crap and crap food delivery after you've begged for "reimbursement" is just… there are no words.

No. 1196001

hasn't she only hung out with her irl like once though

No. 1196030

Yeah when Shay went to Florida and they did that super cringey cam show

No. 1196061

File: 1616976266248.png (8.9 MB, 1242x2208, 9C219B43-5D5B-42BD-8DE0-E231B3…)

No. 1196062

This bitch really thinks she's invincible after one shot

No. 1196063

very asthma, much high risk

No. 1196065

File: 1616976515808.jpg (203.81 KB, 1080x634, Screenshot_20210328-190837_Twi…)

No. 1196066

Apparently she's going to dinner. Another Fupa date

No. 1196067

Only fat chicks from OK have the audacity to get day drunk and eat bar food in too small shorts and crop top being the shape she is…

No. 1196069

lmao she must have gotten upset at us pointing out her shoving the one floppy tit up last time

No. 1196070

>mommy milkers mattel

No. 1196071

Talking just like a tranny I see.

No. 1196075

File: 1616977569585.jpeg (114.93 KB, 676x1313, 986565B5-4F38-4EAF-8C42-7593E2…)

No. 1196076

She’s sucking in for dear life

No. 1196078

That filter can't hide your wrinkles and snaggletooth, girl.

No. 1196079

too bad she doesn’t have any actual friends so we could get candids of this monster irl to compare like momokun’s friends do

No. 1196082

Uhhh this is her first time wearing a bra in “like, years”??? I get you don’t go out a lot but jfc. With those things on your chest? Kek.

No. 1196084

tbf it was slightly less egregious before she ballooned up

No. 1196086

so she only got the shot to hang with Fupa all day?
I guess the posts pointing out her lop sided tit got to her

No. 1196095

I've honestly had it with this bitch. And her orbiters just wont call her out. The shot doesnt make you immune to the virus, Shay, you absolute tard. You can still transmit it and contract it. You were supposed to move and be done with Fupa too. But here you are like the fat clown you are.

No. 1196096

If these were pants and that sweater was a bit longer, this would be a decent outfit by Shay standards.

No. 1196097

When she posts shit like this >>1195867 and then "goin 2 dinner" with obviously Fupa and it's very likely she's paying. An absolute clown. I can't with her mental gymnastics.

No. 1196098

i wouldn’t be surprised if fupa makes it a point to split the bill just so she knows he doesn’t consider her anything more than an easy fuck

No. 1196106

I wish we could know if she pays for everything like I feel she does to "bribe" him into going out/him further using her. I feel like best case they pay separate, because I really doubt he pays or she would hint at that and not post shit like "need a dinner reimbursement daddy!" Kek

No. 1196108

Probably got his taxes/stimulus so he's "spoiling" her kek

No. 1196112

Nah, she would brag about it if he was buying her stuff. Shes just blowing her moving funds like a scamming idiot, acting like shes a rich bitch.

No. 1196115

yeah i don’t think she would’ve been talking about wanting a sugar daddy to reimburse for food this morning if this was the case

No. 1196117

Always outing herself like a moron kek

No. 1196128

possibly, but he also claimed to be related to Anthony Perkins from Psycho which was proven to be a blatant lie

No. 1196132

well yeah the sister od’ing on xanax was a lie

No. 1196138

File: 1616984937110.png (5.58 MB, 1242x2208, EAD08D27-C289-40F1-8CC1-2D2C64…)

No. 1196140

This is the only reason she got the vaccine

No. 1196142

Pretty sure this is the place she's at https://www.saturnroom.com/

No. 1196144

A "tiki bar" in the middle of bum fuck Oklahoma with patrons like fatty mattel and fupa… depressing, to say the least.

No. 1196146

Definitely with Fupa if she isn't asking for "reimbursements" for her uber

No. 1196152

An exit sign and two bathroom doors? ok shat.

No. 1196156

god even low quality snapchat filters can’t save her face anymore.

No. 1196157

File: 1616987400897.png (12.45 MB, 1242x2208, 7A3FDAA2-DE74-4DC3-AA39-CA2960…)

Shayna trying to make it look like she’s alone

No. 1196159

Hmmm, will we get a Fupa fight meltdown tomorrow on Twitter and her talking about moving again? This reeks of the “it’s abusive when your S/O gets mad that you are a sloppy drunk then records you threatening to do x and y :(” of the not-so-distant past before quarantine. Alcoholic Shay + Fupa really don’t mix.

No. 1196160

Placing bets for her next drunken meltdown after she inevitably pisses him off?

No. 1196162

Yep that's the place. So depressing that she's going to a dive bar on a Sunday night "alone".

No. 1196163

jesus she lurks so hard

No. 1196166

File: 1616988819615.jpg (152.5 KB, 1080x861, Screenshot_20210328-223310_Twi…)

She tweets about this, but doesn't show any proof

No. 1196174

is she seriously just ignoring the fact that she only got more money because she was begging for moving expenses?

No. 1196179

We have no idea what you’re talking about. She’s a super successful and totally hot bimbo Barbie. She hasn’t been crying about her abusive ex and crying about missing her family. Begging for moving expenses? What for? Oklahoma is affordable and the weather is clearly beautiful. And a tiki bar? So inclusive. Who would want to leave?

No. 1196180

No. 1196181

lol exactly. she's literally trying to play this off like she had a sooper successful month due to the work she put in? shayna… just no. it was all scams and you'd be better off not advertising it.

No. 1196184

Everyone speculating if she's paying for them to go out, please remember that she bought him a ticket for a comedy act on her birthday. She's the pickme to end all pickmes.

No. 1196185

I stg, Spongebob references are her only personality

No. 1196186

Kek, you're so right anon. I totally forgot about that

No. 1196187

Wait I thought she was $40 off from her "best month ever"? >>1194190

No. 1196188

it says best month since last june

No. 1196191

i'm with this anon >>1196106
she probably bribes him to go out with her because he's disinterested otherwise
>please go out to the bar with me, kyle! i'll pay!!!

No. 1196193

That one ended up being true. He did have a sister that died

No. 1196195

then i'm going to have to guess the likelihood of him getting shayna on drugs is low

No. 1196201

why do her eyebrows keep getting smaller kek

No. 1196212

Congrats Shayna! All it took was running a moving scam, begging every hour of every single day, dropping your OF price to rock bottom, and last but not least, putting out more pedo-pandering content and scat porn! All that for ~$1,000 which is $800 under your best month. Bleak.

No. 1196213

File: 1616995302380.png (745.22 KB, 1011x538, Screen Shot 2021-03-28 at 10.2…)

High class place kek

No. 1196219

if they vacuum their floors it’s already a step above shayna’s apartment

No. 1196235

is this why she always has her orbiters ‘reimburse’ her for wayyy over what the food/drink could’ve actually costed?

No. 1196242

File: 1616998869955.jpeg (641.34 KB, 1242x1118, F9E73A88-1B3F-4B1D-B74E-5702BD…)

Is this the same bathroom where she masturbated on the toilet??? Also she has no tits or an ass https://www.dropbox.com/s/s6va41ahgjg9t8l/shaynasty.MP4?dl=0

No. 1196243

File: 1616999027996.webm (Spoiler Image,5.58 MB, 720x1558, IMG_6523.webm)

>>1196242 Beat me to it. Here's a WebM version.

God, the fucking WHEEZING. Howww does this not signal she needs a lifestyle change. JFC. (She starts out with a mask on but my screen recorder is acting up. I'm sure you can use your imagination.)

No. 1196245

that cameltoe looks painful

No. 1196246

I think it is the same bathroom…

No. 1196248

jfc pawing her tits while looking down open mouthed, double chined at her phone in a public restroom. she will never be sexy kek

No. 1196249

same fag but the struggling to get the mask on and her nips hanging out of her bra at the end is just… attention to detail guys!!

No. 1196252

EWW her mask touched the toilet paper in the bin

No. 1196253

Did she lose her inhaler or something? Surely wheezing this much when you have asthma isn't a great sign

No. 1196263

File: 1617000804029.png (6.25 MB, 1242x2208, 0F8C6F94-2287-49B7-8CC2-D1F54D…)

>Those triple chins and neck rolls
Ya she tooootally lost weight at the gym

No. 1196268

Body like a Troon.

No. 1196269

Bleak. The best city in Oklahoma still pales in comparison to the worst city in New England. Imagine shunning your family that has miraculously not excommunicated you and instead deciding to stay in one of the objectively worst states in the U.S. so you can be a thirty-second human fleshlight to some greasy, shameful Fupa chode.

The fridge bod, gunt and girthy cameltoe are giving me intense truckstop tranny vibes. She is perpetually one shaved head away from a Kikomi cosplay.

No. 1196288

File: 1617003448898.png (93.05 KB, 275x242, EA584F1D-176E-4F28-8646-64432C…)

>girthy cameltoe
>truckstop tranny vibes
>perpetually one shaved head away from a Kikomi cosplay

RIP my motherfucking sides

No. 1196300

Iirc just a few days back she was saying $600 away. Then it was like down to $80 or something then less. How is it back up to $800??? Oh yeah, Scammy Mattel.

No. 1196303

She sounds like one of those cringey, 14 year olds. Dont take that as a compliment, Shay. I mean like your brain and verbal capacity is that of a stupid kid.

No. 1196305

It totally is. Wish cowtipping was allowed and someone reported it to that bar and she got banned.

Also I know Fupa is a gross shithead, but imagine your date goes off to the bathroom and does shit like this EVERY time they go out. Huffing and puffing to show their ugly tits and ass off FOR FREE on Twitter and snap. And worse, piss masturbating.

No. 1196308

She should use the money she scammed for a car and/or to fix her rat teeth at least.

No. 1196386

Why is she always breathing like she just ran a treadmill for twenty minutes?

No. 1196399

I don’t know why the only thing she does consistently is hitting the bathroom of every establishment she’s gone to and doing this.

No. 1196459

Fr. Like she does know you can upload vids with audio off, right?

No. 1196508

I wonder if Fupa ever calls her out on it, we know he looks at his twitter. She's lazy ass hell and can sit around all day and not work, yet when she's supposed to be out enjoying her time with Fupa, she still feels the need to go into the bathroom and flash her lopsided tits and flat ass for FREE.
She's with someone she claims she cares about but is still thinking about attention from other scrotes/sex workers. Yet I bet she throws a fit when Fupa goes out with friends or visits his kids.

No. 1196514

Tulsa anon, it's not the same place. That bathroom is at The Tavern, where she gets discounted cheeseburgers because she can't afford it normally at $15.

No. 1196563

so shatna went to 2 bars during the same day?
so much for the weight loss, no wonder she morphed into a lardass while dating fupa

No. 1196569

how does she go out looking like this and not get embarrassed?

No. 1196572

the heavy breathing the entire time is extremely creepy. all she did was go to the bathroom, why is she panting like she just did 15 jumping jacks?

No. 1196584

he doesn’t actually give a fuck about her is the thing

No. 1196608

I wonder how Shayna feels about v tuber can girls like projekt melody and the fact melody is 1000 times more popular then she will ever be

No. 1196619

anon shayna doesn’t know what that is and if she did likely wouldn’t care. she is faced with people more successful than her every time she logs into twitter.

No. 1196657

File: 1617035145529.jpg (217.31 KB, 1079x940, Screenshot_20210329-112441_Twi…)

Funny how Jess was brought up in the thread, and now Shay supposedly had a dream about her. Sure Shay

No. 1196668

I hate her so much. She doesn’t have friends and didn’t/still doesn’t give a fuck about her “friend” passing. She wants sympathy points from her orbiters for knowing a dead person.

No. 1196681

No the piss video from the bathroom was from forever ago anon. They were just saying the bathrooms aren't the same place as she went yesterday.

No. 1196682

>recently passed away
wasn't that like 2 years ago?

No. 1196699

"Fridge bod, gunt and girthy cameltoe" please let this be the next thread title! It's only a few days away, anyway

No. 1196700

Didn't she talked a lot of shit about Jess after she moved to Seattle?

No. 1196701

Every day of her life is such a waste that she’s time blind kek

No. 1196702

I think it was last summer

No. 1196706

it was july 2019 >>830400

No. 1196708

no and sage

No. 1196710

I love how she has nothing in her life that would give her a clue where to move. No education to pursue, no friends, no job, no hobbies, no personality that would say "I need a big city" or "I love nature". Nothing. She is such a blank canvas, it's pretty sad.

No. 1196712

I thought so too, but she's wearing the same outfit in the bathroom vid. She went to two places last night. The Tavern where she took a new video in the same bathroom as before, and then the tiki bar.

No. 1196717

I mean, she does give off single mom of two toddler boys living in a trailer park energy

No. 1196737

Anon, just like every trend she hops on years too late, you have to remember she's so retarded it takes her a while to process anything

No. 1196743

you're right. i forgot a year of real time is like a month in shayna time.

No. 1196744


I rarely watch the vids posted here (she's too gross and uninteresting), so I thought you guys were exaggerating with the heavy breathing for a while, but I had to take a look this time and damn you werent downplaying it

No. 1196745

I’m convinced she thinks the heavy breathing is sexy. Like when she moans while taking her clothes off. Its fucking hilarious how much she lacks self awareness

No. 1196752

Lowkey wish Tulsa anon would catch them in the wild again (not asking you to on purpose, that's creepy & cowtipping), althought I imagine it would be disturbing to run into them. I can just imagine Shay sitting at a bar looking like a trailer park cheap whore while posting her mimosas on snapchat, pretending she's classy & making up fake stories about a flirty server she had a two secs interaction with

No. 1196766


Her brain is legit fried from smoking weed and getting drunk on a daily base. Other than pathetic, I think it's really sad she has to get herself high/drunk to go through the day No matter how much she denies it and pretend sex work is amazing (if it was you wouldnt need to get in an altered state of mind to do literally anything Shayna), it's obvious she needs to numb herself because dealing with reality is too much of a task for her. To some level, being a "dumb bimbo" or "stupid little girl" is the role she gives herself as a way to get openly enabled by scrotes. But getting sober, doing therapy to control her urges & smarten up is not an option. The solution is just meds (that she's not taking) & moving.

She knows we're right, even Fupa tells her what's said here about her is true

No. 1196790

i'm going to go out on a limb and say she was probably still retarded before the weed and alcohol

No. 1196824

i'm sure she was, but she started doing drugs so early. she even admitted to doing cocaine in hs. her brain had zero chance of proper development

No. 1196866

A sign for you to go the fuck home Shay

No. 1196884

File: 1617048951446.jpeg (425.88 KB, 841x1415, 8E1720EE-9AE6-4280-A62D-38433E…)

Shaytard isn’t leaving Oklahoma any time soon

No. 1196887

Can definitely tell she's out with Fupa. Unless all that food is for her fat ass

No. 1196895

Her story from last night at the bar and this morning looking rough with Noodle. It seems like she went to two bars?? The bathrooms look different https://www.dropbox.com/s/6np3pd22lqzk1i2/Video%20Mar%2029%2C%201%2015%2000%20PM.mov?dl=0

No. 1196920

this is LUNCH for her?! and why does all the restaurant food she posts look so … spartan? so much room on those giant metal trays.

No. 1196926

File: 1617050355141.jpeg (539.68 KB, 1242x1414, 0AFA1FDB-5FC1-4373-9A90-5D2ADF…)

This idiot always doxxes herself it would be so easy for a scrote to stalk her and potentially assault her

No. 1196932

File: 1617050565515.jpeg (1.96 MB, 3464x3464, 6071D8CB-729D-47FE-9DC8-E3190F…)

Don’t know why you’d risk being doxxed by a scrote when the restaurant isn’t even nice to flex on social media kek

No. 1196933

She's not like other bimbos she just one of the guys liking to drink beer and have a dog.

No. 1196945

did she make some kind of contract with fupa why are they suddenly going out every day? kek

No. 1196966

this is retarded. he still sees his kids.

No. 1197008

Shes so blatant about her scamming and being out with him. No one orders two of each thing like that.

No. 1197011

how do these fat fucks not get sick of eating beige food 24/7

No. 1197025

The worst is that if something bad does happen she'll blame it on her hAtErS (farmers) for posting where she hangs out. God she's dumb. Like, at least wait to post the stories until after you've left the place, idk. With her saying shit like how she wanna be drugged, kidnapped, used (like if someone would want her in the first place, but that's another story..), one of these days a degenerate will really think that's how it works & what she wants and do it.

No. 1197035


Shayna can't cook anything, and if she did it would taste like shit because she's too lazy to do something that actually takes some effort. The best she has to offer is to invite fupa out to places like this he would like & she's happy to do so because she gets to go out and see the sun

Also, spare me if that's nitpicky but ffs there's still a pandemic going on & they eat out everyday and choose finger food on top of that. Stay home and stop potentially spreading the virus, even if you got vaccinated you idiots could consider the rest of the population

No. 1197052

Pretending to be drinking at a bar alone bc it's less pathetic than admitting she's back with her 'aboosive' ex again. Bleak.

No. 1197069

i get that but it still doesn't explain why there's never a single vegetable in sight

No. 1197083

i mean look at them.
they're both fat fucks

No. 1197089

even fat people eat a piece of lettuce on a sandwich every once in a while

No. 1197154


big fupa makes little fupa feel smol

No. 1197164

Hes almost the "little Fupa" at this point kek.

No. 1197178

File: 1617072195577.png (599.34 KB, 971x633, Screenshot 2021-03-29 8.41.38 …)

actual footage of shay and kyle in 5 years

No. 1197221

File: 1617079168259.jpeg (636.71 KB, 1242x1201, 9E5F7B33-4D06-4914-BE0B-107B77…)


No. 1197309

Weeks of e-begging and sugar daddy posts just to end up sugaring a fat deadbeat father who hung out in crackden

No. 1197389

Europeanfag here why is all food in Oklahoma served on metal trays kek?

No. 1197402

>Europeanfag here
Not this retardation again

No. 1197437

Oklahoma is a very impoverished state where they don’t have plates and instead use junk metal from old junked cars, what do you think retard?

No. 1197493

nta but why are amerifags so pressed? sorry you live in the same shithole country as shayna. i've never seen food at a restaurant being served on metal trays either

No. 1197505

it's really not that outlandish, please stfu

No. 1197508

Oklahomans are actually robots and the type of metal used in the restaurant trays sticks to their robot hands magnetically so the don't spill their food because the robots are wobbly when they walk back to their tables so they usually drop their trays if they aren't magnetic

No. 1197525

File: 1617115704674.jpeg (533.62 KB, 828x1471, 0789B57A-01B3-45DD-98B9-D17545…)

I follow Colleen on Instagram and I’m pretty sure it’s about this guy named Kyle that recently passed away

No. 1197557

well, she's definitely not getting doxxed with the sleuthing skills that some farmers seem to have. ok city is >100 miles away from where she lives

No. 1197589

Jfc are all Europeans retards?

>I’ve never seen….

Oh didn’t realize we were among someone so cultured that if you’ve never seen it, it’s clearly an outlandish concept. Metal serving trays?!

No. 1197595

Sage for adding to the retarded convo but I am also from Europe and I have seen metal trays used as serving plates for particular foods. Just like wooden serving boards, paper wrappings, even tiny shopping carts to hold chips/fries etc. Embarrassing nitpick from anons as if Europeans all eat off of fine China

No. 1197607

Damn RIP in peace, fupa
But seriously, almost surprised that she’s not sperging about someone she knows dying that has the same name as hEr “Ex,” but I guess even she isn’t that retarded

No. 1197616

This has always confused me, was coleen her big, mean gf? Or is she just another tall girl? I know they were friends since high school

No. 1197617

I think it might have been someone else, but I don't exactly remember

No. 1197623


The brunette she called her big mean gf was not Colleen, it was someone else. Colleen was the tall brunette girl she used to post pics smoking with.

No. 1197630

Iirc, I think that "gf" was the one she did cam shows with and looked absolutely disgusted to touch her

No. 1197697

File: 1617129858194.jpg (217.88 KB, 1080x1985, Screenshot_20210330-134339_Sam…)

This scamming bitch still has this on her MV

No. 1197731

Proof that shes just blowing her moving funds because she cant even be bothered to post a photo set or something before she goes out. Shes not worried about working and wont for a while. Scamming idiot.

I really wanted her to move because this milk is dry and spoiled with Fupa. Just going out stuffing her face and getting day drunk all day. Not to mention during a pandemic.
All she posts is a pic of the food for the two of them and huffing and puffing to show her ugly tits for free on Twitter in the public bathroom.

No. 1197735

File: 1617132704304.jpg (392.29 KB, 1079x1296, Screenshot_20210330-143149_Twi…)

Oh please Shay. You post everything else online. I honestly think she didn't get the vaccine and it was something else

No. 1197763

File: 1617136000532.jpg (252.28 KB, 1080x1210, Screenshot_20210330-152655_Twi…)

She's so annoying

No. 1197768

she really should do naked eating shows, all she does it talk about food, smoking and drinking. It's sad when you have so little of a personality that you turn liking beer/food into your new thing.

No. 1197777

File: 1617136998800.jpeg (97.63 KB, 750x880, 97B11DB7-3109-44DC-AE5A-4FCABE…)


Looks good for business shay, ignoring one of three coomers you have. Has gray hair been responding to her tweets lately?

No. 1197782

File: 1617137183374.jpeg (169.07 KB, 1242x611, E29CD3F8-0342-448C-BF01-6C6D4C…)

Nah greyhair is still kissing shays acne covered flat ass

No. 1197784

We know damn well she has nobody in her dms besides Jason R Womack and probably a few bots pretending to be sugar daddies

No. 1197785

this guy has mentioned ordering customs from her before

No. 1197792

That NaughtyNathan dude just retweets BBWs

No. 1197793

Well Shayna is just a bw (big woman) she ain’t beautiful at all so I imagine those hamplanets Naughtynathan reposts aren’t cute at all

No. 1197798

lol its the same guy who she went on a twitter rampage over because he refunded her. probably asking for more scatty mattel content

No. 1197805

was it a rampage? i only remember one tweet

No. 1197809

File: 1617138728169.png (9.63 MB, 1242x2208, B7EA05EF-DA58-478D-9EE2-BC6702…)

Drunky Mattel bar hopping again. Even though she was complaining about people not taking the pandemic seriously…… hypocrisy

No. 1197811

Yeah she threw a fit over it like a fucking special ed person. She subtweeted him and he apologized in the replies kek

No. 1197816

File: 1617139104078.jpeg (Spoiler Image,810.2 KB, 1242x1549, A1F04352-BF15-48CE-95E8-F8F338…)

No. 1197818

File: 1617139147781.jpeg (Spoiler Image,64.44 KB, 608x608, 6C25C6A7-D885-4F3D-83CA-6D2FD1…)

Fuck I forgot to spoiler it my bad

No. 1197822

there's so much wrong with this image i don't even know where to begin

No. 1197826

One swift breeze away from traumatizing some children. Stay classy Shayna.

No. 1197829

I really feel like she threw that dress on just to flash because it makes zero sense with that sweater.
I know it's shayna and she does not have style, but it's also shayna. I'm postitive when she gets dressed to go out to eat, she plans her outfits thinking, "Hmm would this be easy to flash in?"

No. 1197830

and is it me, or you can see her lopsided tits even in the baggy top? Wear a bra shayna please

No. 1197831

one of these days the wrong person is going to walk in on her doing this and she's going to end up on a sex offender registry

No. 1197833

Pushing her disgusting deviant behavior aside that cheap washed-out sweatshirt with the sad limp skirt and that tiny cheap pink bag is just not working at all.
Why post pictures of yourself in such a mundane and unflattering outfit?

No. 1197836

I really hope this dumb bitch gets caught or in trouble for this in public one time

No. 1197837

She keeps outting herself about where she's at


No. 1197841

she's such an idiot. Some scrote is gonna assault her one day

No. 1197844

File: 1617140016970.png (21.68 KB, 814x753, 2021-03-30 17_33_39.png)

Another day of deep fried shit and alcohol

No. 1197845

And also cheap

No. 1197856

She just makes to too easy to doxx. Wtf are you drinking at 4 pm (right when they open) on a Tuesday?

No. 1197857

baggy sweatshirt so bimbo so sexy

No. 1197861

It would be hilarious if someone @ed Neff on this tweet.

No. 1197862

No. 1197866

Like who? Jason? Because that's about the only kind of man that is interested in her.

No. 1197868

That would be cowtipping so I won't, I'm just saying it would be interesting to see what would happen if one one the many restaurants she flashes her floppy tits at actually did something.

No. 1197872

Possibility of Tulsa anon going out to a bar downtown: 1/100
Possibility of Tulsa anon seeing Shayna at said bar: 1/10
Walking into the bathroom and seeing Shayna flasing her loopy tits: priceless

No. 1197874

i wouldn't wish this trauma on anyone

No. 1197883

Shes covered head to toe yet some how still looks dumpy and ugly

I can’t wait for Fupa to dump her again once she pissed away her moving fund on him.

No. 1197896

Really hoping for some fresh milk once her moving money runs out and fupa goes scuttling back to his crackden

No. 1197927

I honestly don't think they care as much as the anons here do. It's a brewery bathroom.

No. 1197936

Her thighs are getting so ripply and cottage cheese like.

No. 1197944

that crusty greasy bun really is the cherry on top of this outfit

No. 1197949

She's just as bad as a freaking creep touching himself at the park checking out girls, why the heck does she think it's alright/ok for her to do this IN PUBLIC

I know Shaytard claims to like kink (while we know she's repulsed by sex) only to get attention, but people in the BDSM scene actually value consent and she's once again ostracizing herself from that community by doing shit like this making kinky people look immoral af & wrong

No. 1197953

Really hope she just said that for the tweet and isnt actually wearing a skirt and no panties. That's disgusting and incredibly stupid. To risk exposing yourself like that. Especially a skirt like that that can easily catch a draft.
What is this awful outfit though? If it weren't for the mask and ugly vagina, I'd say it wasnt even Shay. I'm all for her covering up or dressing cozy, but kinda defeats the purpose when she says shes going commando in that cursed skirt.

No. 1197985

She posted on snapchat that she spent $80 at Lush. We know damn well you don't bathe Shay

No. 1197986

This fucking bitch. I’m not down for cow tipping but goddamn it’s starting to get infuriating seeing her scam like this (the computer, the hair, and not moving) and not get called out. Especially when she has very predictable patterns?! But I guess the explanation for that is she can’t keep a customer around for longer than we’ve kept up with her bullshit. And tbh the coomers deserve it, and her karma is simping for Fupa and being obese.. but I definitely wish someone had a vendetta against her and went after her publicly not just petty e-whore arguments.
One can only wish for such milk!!!

No. 1197987

File: 1617149367711.jpg (173.55 KB, 1080x654, Screenshot_20210330-190933_Twi…)

Just keep blowing all that money Shay

No. 1197991

File: 1617149415588.jpg (319.35 KB, 1080x1535, Screenshot_20210330-190921_Twi…)


No. 1197996

I’m so sick of this “reimbursement” shit!!! It’s called working and getting paid for it you fucking idiot. Sex work is a bare minimum job… bottom of the barrel. Just do the work and you’ll get paid and literally not have to e-beg and degrade yourself!!
Dis cos tan

No. 1198002

not even hiding that she's blowing her moving money. I don't know why I'm always so shocked by her dumbness. I just would love to know how her mind works, where does she think her and fupa will end up?
Does she think he'll marry her or…she plans on just being his girlfriend forever? Why not buy a car? I bet she spent that money on the cheapest clothes.

No. 1198004

>cheapest clothes two sizes too small

No. 1198014

Only has 4 likes. Her followers are definitely fed up with her

No. 1198025

Yeah because she is definitely going to be barely working now that she’s scammed everyone out of moving money then cry when she only has 300 fans again and no more money left over and fupa dumps her ass again. It’s fucking hilarious honestly. Kinda stale for now but I’m predicting a creamy summer.

No. 1198029

at this point i’m afraid if the fupa saga goes on too much longer shayna’s going to go off her birth control and try to trap him with a baby. she seems that unhinged in regard to him.

No. 1198030

dont give her ideas kek

No. 1198038

he seems like the sort of person who’d get a vasectomy once he “had his kids”

No. 1198039

not at all. he seems like the type that would think that getting a vasectomy is stripping him of his manhood.

No. 1198051

She’s definitely codependent with him, enough to try and keep him around by getting (or pretending to be) pregnant. I also wouldn’t put it past her to double down on the suicide baiting on Twitter whenever Fupa inevitably dumps her again after blowing her moving money.

No. 1198060

File: 1617158250521.jpg (264.56 KB, 1080x1861, Screenshot_20210330-213717_Twi…)


No. 1198068

Stop cowtipping Jesus Christ could you make it less obvious. She hide the reply anyways… pointless

No. 1198074

That's not even my fucking comment. Not everyone who posts shit is a cow tipper

No. 1198075

The post was at 7 likes and now down to 5

No. 1198127

I didn’t say you were the tipper dumbass the account was made March 2021 and only has a few tweets and a few likes. Scat retweets as well it’s clearly a farmer

No. 1198159

File: 1617171359160.jpeg (341.12 KB, 750x2124, D3E87491-A392-4319-87CC-CC2827…)

So scat coomer did get a custom after all?

No. 1198161

And that’s why no one should pity shay ever.

And the fact that shes currently blowing away all her “moving fund” is hilarious and I can’t wait for the milk to flow.

No. 1198162

File: 1617172522774.jpg (135.26 KB, 1080x590, Screenshot_20210331-023323__01…)

You missed one of his tweets anon. I hope he calls her out publicly again before unsubbing kek.

No. 1198175

File: 1617174424448.png (2.43 MB, 750x1334, 22BBD4F8-EAC4-4F8E-A70D-A7E0F5…)

she says some variation of this about 5 times a month
if you stopped wasting your money on useless shit you wouldn't have to be reimbursed, shaytard

No. 1198184

She needs a reimbursement for bathing

No. 1198185

Shayna Mukbang Arc would be insane but I don't see it happening tbh. Then again I didn't see the scat coming at all.

No. 1198190

Aaah, how hard is it to keep your very few regulars happy?

No. 1198214

Starring to believe the tinfoil that was going around a few weeks ago that this is a very elaborate cowtipper

No. 1198222

File: 1617178340193.png (120.67 KB, 665x396, C8301773-D3E1-4988-B677-BA65A3…)

No. 1198223

why? Shayna not following through is'nt crazy. Even if he was a cow tipper, Shayna still didn't give this coomer what he paid for.
wasting her money on bullshit when she could've gotten a car or something. I can't wait for her to cry about wanting to move and being broke when Fupa and her break up again

No. 1198236

get fucked, coomer

there's no way this is going to end well

No. 1198259

This has to be Shat or a cowtipper, the use of 2 instead of to and ‘fav’ ? Yeah don’t think that would be a scrote

No. 1198301

Kek And Shay has the audacity to preach to other SWs on how to run their business.

No. 1198303

Hope he calls her out on literally scamming everyone to move but in reality it was her just wanting to lure fupa back and take him out on dates everyday. Imagine wanting to be a sugar baby but you're the one who has to sugar some oklahoma midget..

No. 1198345

We all know this is how she operates, but seeing a confirmed customer of hers lay it out so plainly is beautiful. I hope she sees it or he calls her out again. I’m sure she’ll try to twist it and say she doesn’t want him, specifically, as a customer for some reason anyways, but she’ll be seething. Especially at
> given my money to another SW that I enjoy
Get absolutely fucked, Shayna, crying about bipolar impulsive spending (which is entirely manageable if you go to therapy—have experience lol) and being broke in a few weeks isn’t going to fool anyone a second time so quickly in succession, especially with her posting about shopping sprees after a “moving sale.” Surely even her most retarded coomers can’t stick around after both the hair and moving scams.

No. 1198362


so what happened to the gym and healthy meal prepped food shay? can easily spend almost $400 on fast fashion and sugaring a deadbeat dad yet getting healthy is out the window i guess. she’s gonna be chubby as hell for the summer.

No. 1198372

she'll say, "stop telling sex that u r going to spend money on other girls as a threat, support them and move on" or some shit like that

No. 1198377

Is it possible to get covid by sitting your naked ass on a bench that someone with it has sneezed on, if your labia touches it, or am I retarded for thinking that?

No. 1198378

She of course deleted this

No. 1198382

Can’t wait to see this on her TL kek

No. 1198401

Kek I wish, but that's not how that works

No. 1198403

Lmao this is great for the stupid questions or even the COVID thread itself in /ot/ I can’t imagine the sperging
> I wish
Kek you maniac

No. 1198416

nah, he’s just a scrote who enjoys weird porn.

No. 1198417

I've been the one wh keeps tinfoiling that lol. Maybe I'm just seeing coincidences. Also maybe because it came up and Shay lurks, she blew him off in case it was a farmer. Which would make it extra hilarious if it actually wasn't and is just one of her few regular coomers kek

No. 1198419

Because only Shay is allowed to put people on blast and tweet about her customers!

No. 1198423

if she had reason to believe he was a farmer she would've blocked him already. if she's humoring him then he's given her some amount of money at some point. which if that's a cowtipper wasting their money on her, then that's some extreme autism.

No. 1198424

It's really in poor taste that she still has not only her pc fund still up and got someone to give money for it recently, but also that her pinned tweet is her moving sale and she didnt even update how much she had gotten. The goal is 6k and it says shes gotten 3k of it.

Wonder if she'll update it this week. Sounds like she blew a ton of money with/on Fupa for days, but she might actually post some content today. Probably shit on the buttplugs.

No. 1198426

she's obviously spending whatever she saved up on the dumbest shit. Not a car, not new clothes hat actually FLATTER her body, not even shit that will help her content (She'll use those but plugs once and probably only use one on the reg.).
I bet she's buying expensive weed products, food/alcohol for her and Fupa and maybe $100 of cheap clothes and some bathbombs.
She shops like a teenager getting christmas money.

No. 1198429

Agree that spending money on her is retarded. But tbf her customs start at a whopping 40 bucks. And it could be that they're trying to get it refunded like they went to the first time. And they might be able to since they're saying it's been weeks and not what they initially wanted. I mean someone bought her shit dildo vid. Some people have disposable income or spend it stupidly like Shay.

Idk I know it would be dedicated autism if it was a farmer. But I'm not willing to let the tinfoil go just yet.

No. 1198431

Bevause getting a car would have taken effort and now that Fupa is paying attention to her again, she thinks she doesnt need one. She really should have. It would have gotten her something mildly substantial from scamming that much money that was supposed to progress her in life. It's just another slap in the face to her orbiters kek. Really hope they catch on this time when she posts her next "boohoo my ex I need money for car/move/not to kill myself" and drop her or call her out.

No. 1198435

flashback to her saying she got car insurance and was going to go to a dealership to buy a car lmao. how long ago was that?

No. 1198437

i think you guys underestimate scrotes

No. 1198453

In my eyes as long as Fupa is in the situation she'll never get a car, friends or do anything that betters her. She only wants to do positive things when Fupa makes her mad.
How sad is that? She literally threatens to improve her life to get Fupa to run back to her.
You'd think the father of 3, in his 30's and as ugly as Fupa is, would be chasing after the young "sex worker" who offers her body to her whenever, but nope. Shayna seems to be doing the chasing

No. 1198457

the body she's offering up is basically the same as his own at this point is one issue

No. 1198458

File: 1617205914609.jpg (222 KB, 1080x808, Screenshot_20210331-105209_Twi…)

And the incoming yeast infections

No. 1198460

everyday i believe more and more that she's actually retarded

No. 1198461

File: 1617206147464.png (415.75 KB, 750x1624, 84224FA4-5E05-4524-AF5B-6FF450…)

I can’t wait for the inevitable “stop poaching customers!!!!!!” rant after fatty sees this

No. 1198462

umm did you not rinse it off?

No. 1198467

ha ha after all this time of her crying someone actually is going to steal her customer and Shayna can't even directly come at the girl because she's in the wrong.
I can't wait for her subs. I wonder if she asked him to delete these posts and she'll make the video?

No. 1198471

Ugh I don’t want to post this because it will sound like I’m WKing shayna, but that dude might actually be grosser than her so whatever.

I remember her subtweeting her when this happened. He paid her money and requested a custom from her without actually checking if she would do it. Then he tried to get his money back, but onlyfans doesn’t do refunds so he would have had to issue a chargeback through his bank. So it sounds like they had to come up with a compromise video. So this coomer with a scat fetish asked for something that even shayna wouldn’t agree to…. I can only imagine how vile it was.

Anyway she should just send him something or respond to him. But he’s also a disgusting degenerate not some kindly scammed man.

No. 1198473

not only does she not realise that it isn't a soap but rather a body scrub that you're supposed to use after actually bathing and washing yourself, but she also puts harsh essential oils and massive rough chunks of salt on her vagina??? sorry if blog but i use it regularly and i'm certain it says on the tub that you're supposed to keep it away from sensitive areas (i.e. the cooch). she's beyond fucking braindead, holy shit

No. 1198479

kek why on earth did she think it was a soap?

No. 1198480

Retardation is the only thing that explains her behavior. Maybe mild autism

No. 1198481

who said he was a kind man? This is just another show of Shayna's hypocrisy and failing. Nobody cares the scrote didn't get his scat porn

No. 1198482

ew she uses soap on her pussy

No. 1198483

No. 1198485

you’re not supposed to use soap on your labia or inside. you can use it on the top and bikini line and ass, all that stuff. getting soap in your vagina makes it rank.

No. 1198486

samefag but it’s even worse that she used a scrub soap with coarse salt and essential oils. her pussy must smell fucking disgusting.

No. 1198487

He sent money for a product she doesn’t offer and is having a fit because he didn’t get it.

The farmer theory seems less and less far fetched.

No. 1198489

Looks like she deleted her post but she’s still begging for more reimbursement

God shay you know what you really need to change your life instead of food, clothes and bath products? Lose the 70 pounds and move away from fupa and get off the internet

No. 1198490

baby you can use soap on your vulva…

No. 1198492

I’m glad anon laid it out like that bc I had started to feel bad for him, forgetting that he was a disgusting fucking scat scrote. >>1198471

No. 1198493

if one of you bitches is really behind this then you have problems kek

No. 1198499

I think it’s Luna herself tbh

No. 1198501

Lol what? Luna? Doubt

No. 1198502

History repeats itself

No. 1198509

Does Luna Kat aka neko stoner think everyone is stupid? Shes the one who is just as psycho as shay and was caught posting here in old threads.

No. 1198510

Exactly. it’s too obvious

No. 1198512

I didn’t know who she was when I posted the sc but now you’ve said this, I’m starting to think she tweeted that to shit stir after seeing him complain about shayna in this thread

No. 1198516

Of course Luna shows up to try and stir the pot. She's so pathetic

No. 1198519

She never was able to let go being scammed by Shayna. Get over it Luna

No. 1198521

sounds more like this, like she’s just trying to stir shit up. he seems to interact with a lot of different people on twitter.

No. 1198530

Shayna doesn’t bathe. She marinates

No. 1198531

File: 1617212218899.jpg (553.96 KB, 1080x1262, Screenshot_20210331-123727_Twi…)

No. 1198535

Never seen a new pair of sweats look so dingy. She needs to learn how to take photos.

No. 1198536

she’s the type to piss in the tub and then soak in it

No. 1198537

File: 1617212664509.gif (4.53 MB, 1000x563, AED051E4-B14B-4D2D-BE3B-9DB564…)

She’s been with Fupa, on a manic spending spree, and is staying in Oklahoma. I can feel a breakdown in the near future. Maybe if Fupa picks his family over her for Easter, we’ll get it this weekend.

No. 1198542

Yeah it's really quite sad how badly she's fixated on Shay after all this time. She inserts herself over and over and it's like she's addicted to her or something. It's not even milky it's just plain sad.

No. 1198545

Yeah and Luna is crazy enough to create a fake persona and interact with others to make it seem real. She's done it before and I'm convinced she continues to do it.

No. 1198552

She’s gonna put an egg in her pussy for Easter, I swear by it

No. 1198553

File: 1617213873326.jpg (65.33 KB, 1046x394, Screenshot_20210331-130343_One…)

Oh shay, we know. Kek

No. 1198555

was it hamburger earrings she was posting about a couple threads back? now it's cup noodle sweats. christ shayna wearing your favorite food is no longer a cute look when you're approaching morbid obesity

No. 1198557

damn that’s quite a long time to be faking something like that don’t you think? wouldn’t we have seen her on his page sooner? seems like she was just lurking and outed herself.

No. 1198558

she’s already shit out plastic eggs and fucked herself with unpeeled carrots. who knows.

No. 1198570

We have seen her on this page and I'm 100% this is her. She's fucking crazy. Dare I say crazier than Shay with this vendetta she can't seem to let go. She's pretended to be people before and she's been called out for posting here before.

No. 1198571

File: 1617215153149.jpg (333.78 KB, 1080x1301, Screenshot_20210331-132544_Twi…)

Is this her response to this >>1198159

No. 1198576

Yeah but the Nathan account was created May 2019. Would she have the patience and foresight to play such a long-con?

No. 1198577

lol wow sounds like a sociopath

No. 1198578

Nta but no luna kat is someone called neko stoner who goes way back into shay's tumblr days. Read the early threads it's all there. Luna kat is neko stoner.

No. 1198579

if she’s an actual sociopath/psychopath than maybe but based on her previous actions she seems really dumb and impulsive. who knows.

No. 1198583

File: 1617215805815.png (222.26 KB, 600x845, shay.PNG)

I think she's lurking. She doesn't follow him iirc.

No. 1198589

Yeah it's just way too much of a coincidence that she magically shows back up. I'm calling bs and I think Luna is probably having an episode and doing the same shit she always does. It's like the weirdest form of cowtipping imaginable.

No. 1198596

last time she did it, it was impulsive and she stupidly outed herself. do you really think she’s smart enough to make and keep up this fake account for 2 years? based on her previous actions it really doesn’t seem like she’s willing to hold out that long. I think it’s giving her too much credit, she sounds like a dumbass.

No. 1198598

If it’s her that makes the weird shit where “Nathan” was asking her underage high school stuff weirder

No. 1198599

I reverse searched Nathan’s icon on Google and Yandex and only came up with his Twitter and a shady dating site that seems to grab people’s photos from the directory. Not saying this proves anything but maybe something to consider?

No. 1198600

It seems like Luna was lurking here and went to him to troll Shay. kinda funny if you ask me. she really gives no fucks, kek.

No. 1198601

i think she lurks and he's a real scrote, everyone going, "oh yeah it's her" sounds weird too. This thread is full of dumb sex workers, She probably could'nt wait to see Shayna slipping and to "steal" her customer. I doubt she created that account.
Why is it so crazy that a retarded scrote would do all of this?

No. 1198603

Honestly who gives a fuck about Luna Kat or whatever? This is about Shay. If you want to talk about that other cow then make a new thread. Stop derailing away from the fact that scammy Shay is stealing money again.

No. 1198608

this, i wouldn't be surprised if it was shayna/orbiters up in here trying to make it seem like it's Luna as if for this to happen it'd have to be some super scam.

No. 1198609

File: 1617217027387.jpg (290.66 KB, 1079x1128, Screenshot_20210331-135730_Twi…)

No. 1198611

>>1198603 Everytime her dumb ass shows up and gets called out someone has to say this exact stuff as soon as we start piecing together she's tipping again. If she inserts herself into shay's shit, she belongs in the shay thread. She's nothing otherwise. She's a valid talking point here.

No. 1198612

File: 1617217086338.jpg (274.33 KB, 1079x1285, Screenshot_20210331-135837_Twi…)

No. 1198613

File: 1617217144093.jpg (111.35 KB, 970x2048, 20210331_135855.jpg)

No. 1198614

So the weirdo scrote was lying

No. 1198615

File: 1617217202332.jpg (231.92 KB, 1080x940, Screenshot_20210331-135923_Twi…)

No. 1198617

He deleted this

No. 1198619

File: 1617217307008.jpg (199.5 KB, 1079x964, Screenshot_20210331-140203_Twi…)

Now she's just gonna go on and on about this

No. 1198621

File: 1617217347350.jpg (339.28 KB, 1080x1155, Screenshot_20210331-140252_Twi…)

No. 1198623

File: 1617217411983.jpg (227.72 KB, 1079x636, Screenshot_20210331-140352_Twi…)

No. 1198626

lmao that’s what happens when you make poopy porn, shatna

No. 1198628

File: 1617217515019.jpg (352.35 KB, 1080x1156, Screenshot_20210331-140547_Twi…)

No. 1198629

This man is really weird and this feels oddly farmer ish

No. 1198632

Yeah they both untrustworthy lol. Although maybe she did block him on Twitter before talking on OF. I won’t take what either of them said without a grain of salt. But she invites this sort of altercations with the way she runs things.

No. 1198634

I feel like this is a little too elaborate to be Luna or a farmer. this is just a real disgusting scrote who wants legit scat porn. gross.

No. 1198643

so… 120+ total but he only got 50 back?

No. 1198648

He paid her 50 without talking to her about a custom, then she said what the cost would be for what he wants & he backed down from that and chose Velma but there was still extras. So he wasn’t willing to pay more than 50 bucks for the stuff he wanted

No. 1198669

File: 1617219599935.jpg (103.61 KB, 1058x604, 1409462.jpg)

I've been waiting for something to happen with the scat coomer, this is juicy. One of her few remaining regulars. Waiting for her to piss off Womack or Old Gray next.

No. 1198670

these women have no self respect so pathetic begging for money from scatman

also the custom request was disgusting they all need therapy

No. 1198674

I'm down with the tinfoil, too many things seem so perfectly manufactured for milk - the gross territory he's pushing her towards, the fact that his feed is all superBBWs and feeders, the public criticism of Shatna's poor work ethic. The one thing that makes me doubt it is that he actually seems to have paid her a fair amount of money. If a farmer is doing that they're severely retarded.

No. 1198681

I'd give it a 50/50 chance of being cowtipper or a degen scrote account. It's hard to tell these days lmao. Maybe it's both.

No. 1198688


There's been several who did. Luna included kek

No. 1198692

I've read most of the threads but I guess I missed the Luna saga, would any kind anon point me in the general direction? sage for spoonfeed pls no ban

more proof that it's a cowtipper? idk whether it's normal for scrotes to actively try to make e-thots look bad like this but it seems odd

No. 1198705

File: 1617222557033.jpg (533.79 KB, 1080x1551, Screenshot_20210331-152920_Twi…)

Shay's nasty ass better not be getting any ideas

No. 1198710

Imagine finding out you're pregnant and associating it with your breeding kink publicly… Really gross. This person should not be having a baby..

No. 1198726


Nope. She’s irrelevant and it’s ridiculous to think that she’d put in so much effort and money to make Shay look bad when she does that perfectly well by herself.

Shay’s regular coomers are fucking disgusting which is why they’re sleazing around her. Men are repulsive and just because one has a scat / bbw fetish doesn’t mean he must be fake. There’s millions out there just as repulsive as him.

Perhaps it’s just about time that somebody got sick of Shay’s shit (literally and figuratively) and decided to call her out on it. I don’t see how that must be fake considering the amount of lies and scamming she does on a daily basis.

Sorry for the sperg

No. 1198731


There’s more chance that Luna saw the milk on this thread and decided to retweet scat coomer to get a reaction from and piss off shay

No. 1198732

the pfp seems stolen, i mean a lot of them (womack) use their face for those accounts but this one is just weird

No. 1198734

KEK. Holy shit this is hilarious.

I don’t know if I agree about this being a farmer. I guess there’s a chance. Just the fact she humored this guy makes me laugh so hard. She was willing to take a dump on film for money. Amazing.

No. 1198735


Anon would you really want your face associated with your fatty scatty Twitter??

No. 1198739

File: 1617224737011.png (772.25 KB, 714x1020, npc.png)

it kinda looks like an NPC from grand theft auto 3

No. 1198740

kek, idk i just got catfish vibes

No. 1198741

And all for $100 that would have went straight to doordash.

No. 1198750

At this point I’m super dubious she got the vaccination. She flashed everything up to going to the doctors office but no Covid vaccine card. Like another anon theorized, I think she went to the dr for something else and tried to play it off as a vaccine visit so people wouldn’t give her shit for her pending public dining spending spree. Everyone I know has went to a pharmacy to get injected kek

No. 1198756

Won’t be surprised if she filmed it already. Probably didn’t like it and scrapped it

No. 1198758

It kind of does tho kek.

I can actually get behind this. I didn’t even think about it like that but you’re right. She didn’t show off her card or the gay little sticker they give you.

No. 1198805

Idk if youd have to scroll or if theres an easy way to look up the first tweets and content on that account. Because it could have always been someones throwaway/troll account that they've had on hand and just retweet whatever is relevant to who they're trying to mess with. If that makes sense.
I mean I dont even use twitter but I probably have at least 2 accounts from years back when I had to retweet stuff for a giveaway, because friends have it, etc. I dont think it's hard to change your username.

Idk. Big tinfoil.

No. 1198817

File: 1617228556111.jpeg (220.6 KB, 750x827, 343C563E-3CA7-4486-857B-239557…)

Naughty Nathan appears to have deleted his account? Is this because shayna embarrassed him or could the tinfoil about him being a farmer be true? Kek

No. 1198827

Damn. Sounds like he was a farmer. And who ever it was needs some serious help

No. 1198836

It's funny that the account is gone now, right? You can absolutely buy accounts and plenty of ppl create throwaways. We see farmers use them all the time and shay absolutely bought her account or had someone give it to her because she's ban evading.

This has farmer written all over it and I'm with other anons. Luna popping up is just too much of a coincidence.

No. 1198842

File: 1617230660718.jpeg (77.02 KB, 750x384, D3A858C9-75A8-4DC8-B9E3-770238…)

How long was he gone? Back to posting fatties again that belong in the death fat thread

No. 1198843

His profile still shows for me, has for the last 20 minutes or so. I would think it's a farmer because he retweeted content from that Mia camgirl that Shay was(is?) friends with.

No. 1198846

Nonny, he's not fucking old.

No. 1198851


I actually got the same sweatpants from hot topic a few months ago. They are a very pastel tye dye and kinda just look like that in general.

No. 1198853

i’m confused i thought scat scrote requested a refund via onlyfans (which is what shayna was pissed about) why is she giving him back the $50 through cash app?

No. 1198873

File: 1617233958740.jpg (379.87 KB, 2048x2048, 20210331_183937.jpg)

Looking ROUGH

No. 1198875

File: 1617234018421.jpg (218.16 KB, 2048x1096, 20210331_184018.jpg)

Does she think this makes her fancy?

No. 1198880


That face is seriously so punchable.

No. 1198894

Looking bloated af from all that alcohol

No. 1198900

that dirty as fuck countertop… she is so trashy

No. 1198908

idk he seems a bit too active to be a farmer.

No. 1198911

Where'd her chin go kek
Is it really so hard for her to fix her posture? Roll the shoulders back, extend neck, lift chin.

No. 1198913

Still bragging about blowing her scammed moving money, huh?
Also I'm sent by the contrast of her trying to act like its fancy with that nasty ass faux marble background.
I dont think shes ever acted like she cared, but Dior isnt cruelty free.

No. 1198917

Ewwww that’s so gross I can see why fupa fucks around with her with no intent to marry her kek she can’t cook, clean, do anything for herself etc. what a miserable life she’s so dirty

No. 1198918


Is she going to line her eyebrows with this? I don’t care how expensive the products are that someone buys, but if they can’t even look halfway decent when using them, then it’s laughable. Waste of money. (Surprise.)

No. 1198928

File: 1617238077258.jpg (615.61 KB, 1080x1368, Screenshot_20210331-194822_Twi…)


No. 1198931

File: 1617238160528.jpg (550.88 KB, 2048x1152, 20210331_194853.jpg)

No. 1198936

I really hope she isn't going to fuck herself with these like she does with her other butt plug, or else the incontinence barbie saga will be coming sooner than later

No. 1198937

She said she's using these for "anal stretching", but they're all smaller than the dildo she normally uses?

No. 1198943

Fr. Her asshole is loose enough that all but maybe the last two will slide right in kek

No. 1198950

nothing like a lil dog hair for your sextoys

No. 1198959

every time she shows off her makeup she looks like a trans girl who’s learning about makeup and thinks they’ve done the most beautiful look when it’s literally just eyeliner and mascara.

No. 1198962

I'm getting hemorrhoids looking at this

No. 1198967

File: 1617240414190.jpg (250.8 KB, 1080x1112, Screenshot_20210331-202626_Twi…)

No. 1198973

Her poor clit will finally get some rest

No. 1199002

It looks like she actually contoured for once but the shade is wrong and makes her look dirty, plus she's done nothing else, no blush or highlight… ugh

No. 1199006

She tried showing off her ass in her new sweat pants on snapchat and is literally flat as a board

No. 1199008

File: 1617242320048.jpg (Spoiler Image,453.75 KB, 1620x2160, 20210331_205858.jpg)

No. 1199010

she also just doesn't understand how to fill in her eyebrows. it looks so lazy and shitty. blending is not in shay's vocab

No. 1199015

god that looks so irritated. probably because she rubbed that minty soap or whatever all over it, on top of all the other stuff she does to ruin her cooch

No. 1199018

We are barely entering April and this has been Shatna's bleakest year yet. She's ran multiple scams and produced some of the most retarded content to date including scat porn only to lower her OF to $3 and blow all earnings on junk food, alcohol, drugs, and in the past few days alone $300+ on three-sizes-too-small crap clothing and God only knows how much sugaring for Kyle Nathan Perkins' bar hopping. Starting April off strong tomorrow by beginning the incontinence barbie saga with >>1198928 Fasten your seatbelts; it's going to be a milky year.

No. 1199020

What the fuck is that face? She looks like she is about to cry. Is it because Fupa had his fun and left her again? The highly irritated swollen cooch? Or both?

No. 1199023

This is the nastiest shit ever. Vaginal discharge, red inflamed labia and scraggly pubes is making me want to hurl.

No. 1199025

RIP that dirty, huge, cursed wand kek

No. 1199029

I almost thought that top looked decent on her in the other pic, but THAT'S what she wore out n public today??? Fuckin awful.

No. 1199030

The gunk on that counter…

No. 1199031

File: 1617243815144.png (2.53 MB, 2070x1366, Screenshot 2021-04-01 at 03.21…)

>Tfw their no cheemsburmbger left becuause you eat them all from mcdonalds and the chimkne nuggests also

No. 1199032

Hello ballsack. Also the white discharge is nasty. That's not a "wet pussy" look.

Oh no, how will you cover your whole gash while you pretend to orgasm!?
Thank goodness. I hope she gets a more reasonable one now.

No. 1199034

Mfw I thought you said "the gunk on that cooter" in reply to >>1199008

No. 1199036

"No matter how broke I am" oh yikes girl quit telling on yourself

No. 1199037

File: 1617244272428.jpg (10.26 KB, 236x325, Sexy96.jpg)

Hey ladies. Nathan here. If any of you lovely ladies are up for filming a scat custom for me, please contact me on my Twitter @Naughtynathan60. I won't be paying higher than $2 as I'm just going off what Dolly's prices were. Can't wait to see those gorgeous cheeks spread babycakes. Daddy is impatient !!(stop)

No. 1199039

File: 1617244561012.jpeg (278.9 KB, 1206x974, 9EF3827C-5D06-411C-9A4C-D9AD49…)


No. 1199040

File: 1617244596503.jpeg (Spoiler Image,430.82 KB, 1536x2048, 0DFF57A3-7467-48CA-8DE1-025792…)

You aren’t funny anon

Shayna, sweaty, those turd braids are not a look….

No. 1199041

this isn’t funny, just embarrassing.

No. 1199051

"after work"… bitch your "work" was taking a couple pictures exposing yourself in sweatpants. Maybe you wouldn't be so depressed if you got off drugs and got a real fucking job.

No. 1199061

She also posted earlier that she was "taking a big dab then ass stretching" or something. So a dab before and after. Also kek at "after work" like she actually went to a job. You didnt even finish your customs and posted 2 pics Shay.

No. 1199070

File: 1617247468564.jpg (62.77 KB, 704x449, 20210331_202326.jpg)

Kek is this shade at that NaughtyNathan account??

No. 1199072

of course Shay only has a problem with it now that he's not going to spend more money on her

No. 1199089

Flashbacks to “little sis gets dick at Disney”

No. 1199094

please for the love of god wash your labia

No. 1199096


This is coming from the chick who talks about her high school experience every chance she gets kek

No. 1199105

She convinced him not to get a refund as there would be charge back costs and instead they decided on a different custom together which she then didn’t do

No. 1199195


There is no way to issue a refund on onlyfans.
If he did a chargeback shayna would lose whatever he paid her, but she wouldn’t be charged extra fees. OF eats any chargeback fees. He would lose his account though, which would be funny.

No. 1199204

File: 1617263810202.gif (4.11 MB, 400x200, 1608247571865.gif)

i know shayna threads are full of mind-numbing hypocrisy but i've never laughed this hard at any juxtaposition of tweets/comments ever anon, topkek

No. 1199227

She's gonna use real eggs this time I bet. The salmonella infection to end all salmonella infections

No. 1199357

text was cringe but the pic made me kek tbh
anon in corner thinking about what they did now

No. 1199368

anons who don’t properly was their pussy keeping up with shayna is actually rly funny. that reminds me of alr kiwi/Fb threads where half the anons are just as fat and gross as she is, but use her to make themselves feel skinny and dainty. Im sure a lot of “superior” sws follow this thread just to make themselves feel better, which I don’t blame them. her twitter feed is basically free self esteem when in comparison to most people’s lives

No. 1199394

The yellow on her sweats looks like shit running down her leg.

No. 1199403


wasnt she gleefully sharing her virginity story as well as other sexual highschool memories on her last few webcam shows? she seems pretty damn happy to share

No. 1199405

Yeah like when you sold a custom video where you talked about humiliating things and included stories of you as a minor and how you started camming underage?

No. 1199418

why does she assume most people lost their virginity when they were minors lol

No. 1199441

why would they be raw..?

No. 1199448

What makes you think she knows how to cook eggs

No. 1199450

googling how to boil an egg vs having raw egg yolk and shards of shell in her ass. yeah she’s retarded but come on, anon.

No. 1199452

Yeah but I think NaughtyNathan asked about when she lost her virginity and shes mad at them now, so NOW its creepy and not ok of course

No. 1199453

Shatnas retarded. She may even want the egg to break and “ooze” out of her orifices just like her yeast infection does.

No. 1199455

some of you guys try to justify the dumbest ideas. you sound as nasty as shayna.

No. 1199456

She still has the moving sale thing pinned. What a cunt.

No. 1199459

Did you just forget the whole shit saga, her throwing up on herself, her peeing and masturbating all over it? You seem new to her nastiness.

No. 1199460

no but go off stuff she's actually done, not your hypothetical autism

No. 1199468

File: 1617293376585.jpg (227.46 KB, 1080x974, Screenshot_20210401-110935_Twi…)

She always does the dumbest "April Fools" posts

No. 1199476

Ngl I thought she broke her ass finally with one of those cheap Amazon buttplugs and was like good riddance kek
But then I realized that would be too good to be true and the phrasing was fucking stupid.

No. 1199498

File: 1617294982135.jpeg (500.62 KB, 1284x1864, 1843DBA2-BEC4-4CE5-867C-122645…)

sage for no milk but it’s hilarious how she hasn’t updated her “Dommy Mattel” page in almost a month. I thought you were an uWu serious domme, Shayna? or are you only a “domme” when you think it can get you easy money?

No. 1199521

SHOULD this only be an april fool's is what i'm asking
shayna improve your life challenge

No. 1199541

File: 1617298293594.jpg (452.92 KB, 1079x1340, Screenshot_20210401-123146_Twi…)

I hate how funny she thinks she is

No. 1199568

File: 1617300511509.jpg (242.18 KB, 1080x869, Screenshot_20210401-130841_Twi…)

Liking Spongebob is not a personality trait

No. 1199706

File: 1617310795211.jpg (449.26 KB, 1079x1846, Screenshot_20210401-160020_Twi…)

No. 1199729

File: 1617312897583.jpg (225.01 KB, 1080x663, Screenshot_20210401-163410_Twi…)


No. 1199733


This bitch is shaking her whole body and I'm sure it looks sad af cause she has no rhythm and can't shake her nonexistent ass kek

No. 1199735

Wtf. Smelling used buttplug?!?! Why tho? Are there any women who are actually into that? I'm asking deadass. Dayum.

No. 1199739

I can't wait to see one tit and all her rolls jiggle. The way she describes shit is so unsexy.

No. 1199749

Thought your vibrator died Scammer

No. 1199755

The low-key shade from Greyhair kek.

No. 1199757

You aren’t supposed to use soap on any part of your fucking vulva. This is old news. It changes the pH of your vagina which causes BV and yeast infections. Anon please Google is you and your pussy’s friend

No. 1199762

that only applies to the inside of your vagina you should 100% be washing your clit kek
who told you not to wash yourself twitter? smh

No. 1199763

thank you kek. scared for the soapy snatch anons

No. 1199764

Yeah you wash it with water not soap….. your pussy is not an asshole

No. 1199768

File: 1617315998345.png (148.89 KB, 1468x686, washyourpussyladies.png)

No. 1199769

water is for rinsing, soap is for washing

No. 1199771

Can we please stfu about this. Clogging the thread with nonsense

No. 1199786

she’ll have exactly as many orgasms (none) from the defunct vibrator as she did when it was working

No. 1199796

She moving into the self sniffing fetish? What’s next?

No. 1199800

My current kink is tipping girls who make more money than Shayna

No. 1199815

File: 1617320508786.png (408.23 KB, 1079x249, 1598404794737.png)

Taste and smell?? Anons, I'm gonna fucking hurl.

No. 1199823

Her current niche ain’t working for her. She’ll be doing custom shit eating soon

No. 1199831

Where’s that anon from earlier who thought shay wasn’t an absolute nasty bitch at? This is vile.

No. 1199858

File: 1617324381441.jpeg (73.17 KB, 750x766, BE2CBEEE-9435-4918-88C2-860F47…)

Is this him flirting with someone else?

No. 1199863

this fucker has to be nearing 40, right? what a loser. shay is just as pathetic but who in their right mind would stay in OKLAHOMA, become obese and essentially wreck their life for a man like that. truly sad

No. 1199871

he is so weird… a grown ass man with kids and hes flirting on snapchat talking like an edgy highschooler… shayna really has no on else, huh?

No. 1199910

sounds like he’s talking TO an edgy high schooler. fucking gross.

No. 1199912

Incoming Shay melt down and suicide baiting

No. 1199913

A whole new world of vagina sperging in the Shay thread

No. 1199914

File: 1617329621112.jpg (184.73 KB, 1079x874, Screenshot_20210401-211358_Twi…)

No. 1199921

I bet Jason Womack is the happiest that she scammed and is staying in OK.

No. 1199949

File: 1617332456437.jpg (329.93 KB, 1080x1470, Screenshot_20210402-120019_You…)

Which one of you retards…

No. 1199950

File: 1617332492305.jpg (461.09 KB, 1079x2020, Screenshot_20210402-120036_You…)

Multiple autists ITT

No. 1199967

low key??? that nigga grayhair basically called her a lunatic in that tweet lmao and she cant even respond cuz he’s one of her 3 total orbiters. he probably still simps out of some weird sunken cost fallacy situation.

btw i hate fupa’s midlife crisis posting jfc a ~40 yr old man posting snapchat screenshots on facebook. however i’m glad he did cuz i wanna see shay seethe kek

No. 1199970

File: 1617334658908.jpeg (200.63 KB, 750x1092, 728357D2-3849-48A6-89DA-25E6A5…)

She just posted this pic and is she blind??? She looks fucking horrendous and her nose is gigantic, her eyes looks badly enlarged. Fupa is giving me big “how to catch a predator” vibes with this snapchat screencap jfc

No. 1199981

File: 1617335152294.jpg (Spoiler Image,344.3 KB, 1620x1684, 20210401_224614.jpg)

No. 1199994

Why does shatna look like jason r womack? Lol

No. 1199996

finding out out so many people don’t wash themselves properly was interesting my b

this isn’t funny it’s creepy

No. 1199997

White trash all looks related

No. 1200020


That face screams "I regret starting sexwork"

No. 1200026

The land before time looking ass bitch

No. 1200035

One of the funniest comments in Shay’s threads to date topkek

No. 1200043

File: 1617341179916.jpeg (201.03 KB, 1284x596, 641299A6-41F6-4A74-9A8C-D8F10A…)

lmao, no one wants to be your friend shayna.

No. 1200046

Faking engagement… Truly pathetic

No. 1200048

Shay also talks retarded like this so it's hard to say, but I doubt Fupa would post interaction or anything to do with her kek also the comment

No. 1200049

Tfw doordash app is down and you've only eaten 3 edibles cookies today

No. 1200050

I don't even know where to start, she looks like she's in physical pain

No. 1200054

Lol Shayna, I know you will read this eventually. If you have any braincells left: stop sex work. You are miserable. You look miserable. What happy person drinks as much as you do?

No. 1200084

I don't even know what to say anymore tbh

No. 1200098

I was getting “I can smell my own ass” vibes

No. 1200147

File: 1617355475303.png (156.05 KB, 1220x606, wqertyui.png)

The next two got me

No. 1200148

File: 1617355486272.jpeg (279.39 KB, 750x668, CD8569E8-9ABF-458A-8183-444A0F…)

Getting drunk alone at 1am is not quirky Shay

Also sperging about how it used to be so hard to do her ‘job’ until onlyfans.

No. 1200150

sorry anon was making my post and didn’t see you’d already posted that

No. 1200181

sage for autism but the fact you used one my edits made my day, bless anon

No. 1200199

God there's just so many things wrong with the way she looks…greasy, smells bad, unflattering… overall looking sad af in those eyes (go home shay) but the most important part…why you gotta always spread it like that? I always smell clogged sink pipes whenever she poses like this…eugh

No. 1200205

File: 1617363129222.png (312.73 KB, 423x500, kek.png)

this actually made me laugh irl

No. 1200230

File: 1617366917422.jpg (8.71 KB, 210x240, spyna.jpg)

No. 1200248


Taste and Smell her fingers and buttplug. Jesus Christ. I thought the shit play was a one time lapse of judgement/done in desperation but holy fuck she’s really going all in with this horror-cow stuff

No. 1200270

ok i'm almost certain shayna has already licked dildos/plugs straight from her ass in some videos. why are farmers surprised?
or is this the most horrible instance of the Mandela effect anyone will ever suffer

No. 1200291

no she definitely has

No. 1200301

this is a little bit of a nitpick but it always bothers me that she doesn't do her nails. like your fingers are literally a focal point of your job. she could paint them a solid colour to match her outfits and it would just look a lot more put together

No. 1200328

She used to get pink claws, but has stopped because shes broke “the pandemic.” Since she’s out and about all the time, I wonder when she’ll start with that shit again

No. 1200332

For Christmas she had some God awful press ons that she bought

No. 1200335

File: 1617378340932.jpg (202.98 KB, 1079x949, Screenshot_20210402-104526_Twi…)

When someone scams a moving sale because her pedo ex boyfriend is giving her attention: OnlyShay

No. 1200354

this is kinda funny tbh in a self burn way
shayna would’ve benefited from being a youtuber instead, she clearly wants a fanbase who cares about what she has to say vs what she creates. streamer or vlogger would have fit her personality type better. the vlogs would’ve been autistic af, but couldn’t be any worse than her porn.

No. 1200355

Those lasted for about 1 picture lol

No. 1200360

she would have literally never been successful on youtube kek

No. 1200361

File: 1617379880366.png (6.22 MB, 1170x2532, C823A84C-1270-4432-B648-7A6FCA…)

Can’t believe no one’s posted this cringe

No. 1200362

oh my fuck no wonder these two can't separate. they're actually the same person.

No. 1200377

File: 1617380613964.gif (794.65 KB, 324x183, 8A791C3C-FD6E-49DB-81C0-929435…)

There are no words

No. 1200388

This is so corny it pisses me off

No. 1200410

Very OT but the girl on the right is farmers in pain when they read shays disgusting porn ideas.

No. 1200428

File: 1617384699834.jpeg (47.03 KB, 1024x580, ED062023-8B2B-4586-B383-3EA323…)

Those tiny little hands.

I think she’s more of a Ducky.

No. 1200431

File: 1617384999436.png (195.59 KB, 445x450, 1439416971948.png)

You gotta be fucking kidding me.

No. 1200440

When you have to sell your n00ds for $3 and e-beg for food: OnlyBroke

No. 1200442

Yep yep yep!

Anon the fact you specified unpeeled carrots has me rolling.

No. 1200456

File: 1617386510979.jpeg (398.05 KB, 1231x1269, 1631A870-DB50-43BA-8D13-3C62E2…)

>Extra spending money
You mean the money you were suppose to use for moving

No. 1200459

File: 1617386679560.jpeg (488.04 KB, 1242x1456, 8760FE97-43F0-4333-9E9C-59A677…)

Kek nobody replied not even bitterfacepixie

No. 1200461

Wtf how her orbiters aren’t calling her out already? She never intended to actually move it seems.

No. 1200463

File: 1617386795414.jpeg (415 KB, 1242x1000, 8F98B6EF-C6E1-4A38-AA99-84733C…)

I have no words …..
is she really this retarded??

No. 1200466

File: 1617386850331.jpg (116.24 KB, 1075x660, 20210402_120731.jpg)

I thought she wasn't moving??

No. 1200469

is she legit losing neurons through her asshole!?

this disgusting lurker lol. and what excuse, i wonder, is she going to pull once all of this "SpOiLiNg mYsElF" money is gone and fupa dumps her again? is she going to once again admit on main how she's been seeing her "ex" all this time and the abusive piece of shit MADE her spend all her money on prison food?

No. 1200473


No. 1200474

So she spent 1k and is now going to pretend to "Save" again.
Also she had the money to get her hair dyed and nails done, she was out all day with Fupa anyway. If she's going to blow that money why not…
Nevermind, I don't know why I keep saying, "Why not buy a car or do this or that?" she's retarded

No. 1200478

After her date with Fupa, and made a she’s not moving yet post, she said “ I’m still gonna save up for when I decide to move!” Which is code for not wanting the moving money to stop while staying with fupa lol

No. 1200479

i'm also very curious as to how much she's claimed to have saved up for moving up till now. wasn't it $3k last week? i'm gonna keep the $4000 figure in mind until she returns to beg for more

No. 1200481

File: 1617387841438.png (134.69 KB, 400x400, pikawho.png)

that is so messed up. people have gone way too far accepting all this degeneracy, seriously sexualizing a growing baby in your body? are you fucking kidding me?

No. 1200485

should have went to college

No. 1200489

can u anons stop comparing her to land before time you’re gonna ruin my favorite childhood movie

No. 1200490

>Pretty smart grammar/writing wise

No. 1200491

I mean, is she really successful now?

No. 1200498

despite all her gynecological pics this is my first time ever seeing her clit and clear proof this bitch has never gotten off in her life. Holding that doxy over her mound she probably barely feels it. If she'd want to fake better she'd have to open her lips. thank fuck for her coomers are so dumb they're out here using their full legal names to thirst over of girls

No. 1200512

Ew, men who use filters are such soy guzzlers.

No. 1200519

She wishes she were a ducky

No. 1200533

File: 1617394897528.jpg (204.35 KB, 1079x883, Screenshot_20210402-151954_Twi…)

No. 1200536

>has lunch
>makes porn
That’s so gross she always does anal she’s going to shit on all the place

No. 1200538

she tweets pics and vids of her gaping asshole/vagina but she still uses heckin like she is too cute to cuss okay

No. 1200545

I will never, ever understand why she thinks anyone cares

No. 1200556

this baffles me when she does this, she probably has thousands of tweets going, "Going to do x, going to take X amount of dabs and then make porn/then get to work"
Like who is this for? Who cares?

No. 1200558

i think announcing shit she wants to do releases dopamine in her rotten brain regardless if she proceeds to do it or not

No. 1200572

I also wonder if she tweets that stuff to attempt to hold herself accountable, but over half the time she says “nevermind” anyway. She wouldn’t have to take it back if she didn’t announce in the first place.

No. 1200587

Very bold of her to ask for 15k+ accounts only when she has fake followers and her engagement is abysmal kek

No. 1200599

File: 1617402489140.jpeg (106.09 KB, 1080x991, 1616434865466.jpeg)

unironically scared me
she looks like a sims 2 sim when you fuck too much with the sliders

No. 1200654

Shayna is literally a joke. Has no idea what she’s doing. just throwing shit on the wall and seeing what sticks. He fan base is composed of bottom feeding weirdos who are just as pathetic as her

No. 1200658

This guy is extra fem I though she liked dad types? This guy looks like a butch dyke

No. 1200659

File: 1617407330106.jpg (98.01 KB, 676x951, 20210402_184910.jpg)

No. 1200668

she probably likes butch dyke looking dudes so the fact that she looks like a bad mtf trans girl doesn’t stick out as much

No. 1200669

File: 1617407809029.jpeg (109.23 KB, 676x964, 9E466893-80D3-4C80-ADDA-643B48…)

her nose just keeps getting bigger???

No. 1200673

and her eyebrows smaller. kek, yaniv smirk at it again

No. 1200676

She’s so fat her bellybutton is gone

No. 1200677

File: 1617408174252.jpeg (84.96 KB, 1023x727, E5C14854-AB88-442B-AF01-4960C0…)

Where the chapstick at thooo

No. 1200678

eh with the filter and without showing her lower half, this is a good look for her. Trashy white girl. Better then "trashy white girl who unironically thinks she's a barbie bimbo whose face is a 8.5"

No. 1200681

Oh no, those undies deffo make it look like she has a penis.

Dunno how she does it. Seen plenty of chubby-obese girls who don't create this tranny illusion.

No. 1200684

it’s because she doesn’t think she’s fat, kek.

No. 1200686

File: 1617409430244.jpeg (295.88 KB, 1284x1236, D90DB11B-EB13-4272-9A43-FEBF84…)

you autistic fags need to stop.

No. 1200690

I think moto moto likes you

No. 1200701

She has the worst sense of style omg… horrific

No. 1200711

I wonder if anons will realize when they post these obvious farmers they’re giving them attention they so desperately want. Just ignore them. You can’t stop autism.

No. 1200725

File: 1617412787265.jpeg (Spoiler Image,948.53 KB, 1373x1193, 4B1F4B9F-D827-402D-BFFB-6EF82F…)

Ok I’m so sorry but… am I the only one who sees the little frowny emoji looking face inside her pussy?
Sage for stupid.(pussperg)

No. 1200726

the fact that you’re examining her pussy that closely is disgusting in and of itself.

No. 1200728

yeah, you are

No. 1200732

I didn't see it until you pointed it out

No. 1200733

File: 1617413874580.jpg (Spoiler Image,518.11 KB, 2046x2048, 20210402_203821.jpg)

No. 1200735

those goddamn straw baby hairs

No. 1200736

File: 1617414162901.jpeg (91.91 KB, 750x498, FD53F0EF-416C-4A17-9329-C46982…)

Big yikes

No. 1200737

I thought she ps on teh baby hairs, jfc
also her hairy ass legs she thought she could blur out again.

No. 1200739

Gargamel clifford, please pluck your party city wig hairline.

No. 1200740

the…”market”??? you mean the market of exploited young girls? she really is a pedo isn’t she?

No. 1200741

lmao the way she hacked that lace front and didn’t even bother to lay the edges. what a mess, why even bother paying $70+ for a lace front if you can’t spend the time putting it on? stick to costume wigs & scat porn, shatna.

No. 1200743

File: 1617414709232.jpeg (1.46 MB, 1284x1574, 566DC5A8-F3EA-49CE-B098-045163…)

you can’t convince me this is a natural born woman. she’s fucked wrecked.

No. 1200746

Says the bitch who did SW underage

No. 1200747

Shay you're going to be 24 this year. Stfu about "getting older"

No. 1200748

it’s super creepy that she’s advocating for young freshly 18 girls to go into sex work. she’s most likely given tips to minors knowingly.

No. 1200754

File: 1617417198907.jpeg (85.04 KB, 749x413, 79EA6030-5A59-4BAF-BA23-1CA74A…)

She’s so goddamn ugly

No. 1200758

File: 1617417522739.png (8.62 MB, 1242x2208, A54CE3F9-5C63-4BB5-AE9D-93F086…)

Concave ass lmao

No. 1200759

File: 1617417572996.png (8.53 MB, 1242x2208, 41B61567-323E-4195-8264-1C4423…)

No. 1200760

it’s literally just….flat. it doesn’t even protrude at all, wtf? is this what happens when you sit on your ass too much?

No. 1200762

Yes she got a bad case of cottage cheese and assne

No. 1200765

tbf i’m not seeing cellulite in her butt but she is starting to get it on her thighs. she’s still pretty young so she can get it in check.

No. 1200772

It’s blurred to the max that’s why anon
And Snapchat filters smooth out the pics. She’s a fat bitch of course she’s going to get cellulite

No. 1200773

cellulite is usually based on genetics. plenty of fat people don’t get it, especially if you’re young. relax lol

No. 1200778

Stop whiteknighting. Shayna has shit rodent genetics and she has exposed her cellulite in multiple videos. Lurk more

No. 1200781

I don't think she's noticed this ugly little smirk she's picked up makes her nose look even bigger. I've definitely seen people's noses grow when they gain weight (next time someone you know becomes pregnant, watch their nose), so her nose is getting bigger, she's probably just too in denial to accept it.

No. 1200789

File: 1617421703863.jpeg (295.53 KB, 1242x687, 7451DB23-4638-464C-931F-BB2773…)

Lmaooo okay

No. 1200790

So she thinks going out every day is ok now that she's "vaccinated"? Bitch, you've only had one shot, if you even did get it…

No. 1200793

Wow amazing how she just spontaneously has friends in Tulsa to go out in a pandemic with! So believable! Definitely not another night out with Fupa!

No. 1200794

so since she's out with "friends" tonight is she gonna cam tomorrow or

No. 1200796

This how retarded scrotes think fatty

No. 1200798

She already reached her cam quota for the year

No. 1200804

Did she dirty delete the tweet about going on OF live tonight? Kek

No. 1200815

stop posting them then. JFC

No. 1200830

File: 1617427686969.png (11.06 MB, 1242x2208, 02AEBC17-131E-4EE3-A02E-963827…)

Are her “friends” invisible or……

nitpick but I doubt she washes that crusty mask it probably is full of germs

No. 1200832

all you'd have to do is go back to previous threads and watch it slowly turn yellow (ur right btw)

No. 1200833

samefag but she looks so much better with her natural hair

No. 1200835

This outfit is serving Oklahoma trash chef's kiss

No. 1200837

File: 1617428868259.jpeg (193.42 KB, 979x906, B35F4F8D-3F82-4EEA-867F-7EB4F0…)

That knockoff Prada bag
much bimbo

No. 1200838

Geez, that's seen better days lol

No. 1200842

it's not natural she braids it when it's wet

No. 1200849

She does braid it yes but she also has naturally curly hair, has seen better days as the curl pattern is now fucked but you could see it in her tumblr days. Look at the roots, her hair is quite curly and would be nice if she took care of it

No. 1200853

i don't mind knockoffs but geez, her bag looks like it's made from the cheapest fabric. not even plastic/fake leather.

No. 1200862

Is she poor or just have horrible taste?

No. 1200873

No. 1200875

Wow. She is an alcoholic. Every single day this week she has talked about drinking/getting drunk. Dying from cirrhosis of the liver isn’t cute or bimbo-like Shatna.

No. 1200882

Weight gain + alcohol. She has now a typical alcoholic face: bloated, dry, old looking, with big nose and tiny eyes.

No. 1200899

fuck hers is made of that cheap travel-pouch material hahahaha

No. 1200905

Exactly why I doubt she was vaccinated. Just like her rehab stint. No pics or proof.

No. 1200910

Looking good Yaniv!

No. 1200920

File: 1617443228315.png (82.33 KB, 593x446, Screen_Shot_2017-05-02_at_2.43…)

she's the irl version of this meme, so she could definitely afford a cheap pink bag that looks better, but she's addicted to spending hundreds on food, weed and 10$ amazon items.

No. 1201041

i think her nose looking bigger is mainly due to her magically shrinking eyebrows, all it takes is watching 1 make-up video to learn that drawing them a bit closer creates the illusion of a smaller nose. they day she wears bronzer i will be elated

No. 1201058

File: 1617462801957.jpg (1.45 MB, 1920x1920, Polish_20210403_160524457.jpg)

saged cause it's not news but I caught the moment she bought followers when I checked stats earlier. She's been stuck at 19.3k for two weeks and from one second to the next she bumped up by 100. Apologies for blurry pics,had to take pics of my screen as I wasn't using my phone.

No. 1201071

File: 1617464519499.jpg (315.58 KB, 1080x1178, Screenshot_20210403-104058_Twi…)

No. 1201079

Isn’t this the same dingy bar fupa took some fat bitch on a date too one time? I think she has blue hair. Kek

No. 1201084

Why are there always tards in Shayna's threads insisting her hair isn't naturally curly? Straight hair doesn't form fucking ringlets when it's braided and she's always had curly hair. She's got plenty of mockable qualities, no need to make up easily debunked shit.

No. 1201085

Yeah, fr. She just has never in her life taken care of herself, much less her hair and curly hair requires some special care and products to make the healthy, full curls look. Hers are like deflated, dry but greasy, loose curls. Which are adjectives that can be used to describe a lot of aspects of her body kek.

No. 1201088


Sage for nitpicking but Shayna has to be the worst dressed cow I have ever seen.

Even shoe and venus have evolved their style more than Shayna has and they get off on the uwu kawaii aesthetic.

The use of cheap synthetic fabrics, over the top pink, hello kitty, hearts ect makes her look so cheap. She's a grown ass 20 something woman.

If she's going to wear a crop top she needs to do it with some loose pants or a skirt that skims her stomach. If you are a fat girl crop tops are supposed to draw attention to the smallest part of your waist, not show off your fupa and cameltoe.

Those hellokitty pants are atrocious on anyone who is fully grown. Knowing her she probably wears them outside. The salmon pink color she always wears makes her look disgusting. Even a magenta would be a whole lot better.

Shay if you are reading this get some adult clothes.

No. 1201090

Unpopular opinion but I like shay's curly hair when it's clean.

It looks better natural than straight.

No. 1201100

this gets said all the time, really not unpopular. she just doesn't know how to care for it.

No. 1201101

it seems like she’s only able to get her curl pattern to stick when she does tight french braids while her hair is wet. she must have really fucked it up or something.

No. 1201113

I thought this said “big baby”

No. 1201160

So… she got the vaccine 2 weeks ago. It takes 2 weeks for the vaccine to become effective so it’s just now starting to actually work and she’s been out in public every day huffing and puffing like she does won’t be surprised if she ends up sick

No. 1201182

File: 1617478804096.jpeg (1.24 MB, 1125x1929, 1F4AF4C4-F0FF-4DD1-9DBF-44E686…)

go shay go, binge until you hit 200 pounds you can do it!

No. 1201186

hungover tweets followed by day drinking tweets. it's beyond annoying and just pathetic she really doesn't care that everyone knows her life revolves around drugs and a shitty man's whims. she actively sabotages herself and alienates all help at every turn just to chase after him.

No. 1201194

seriously it’s full blown alcoholism at this point. she’s hungover so she goes and drinks more. I wonder how much she actually drinks in one day.

No. 1201234

ngl it'd be funny as hell if Shayna was out alone eating and drinking this much.

No. 1201235

I can't wait for her to fall out with Fupa and blame her weight on her medicine she probably never takes, because she drinks/gets high ALL day.

No. 1201266

you know shes sharing these with her he/him girlfriend Kyle Nathan Perkins

No. 1201272

>he/him girlfriend
lmao anon

No. 1201294

File: 1617488509270.jpg (174.98 KB, 1079x534, Screenshot_20210403-172202_Twi…)

Shay, you will always be an ugly bitter bitch

No. 1201318

File: 1617492916411.jpg (197.87 KB, 1080x894, Screenshot_20210403-183544_Twi…)


No. 1201320

File: 1617492964976.jpg (519.7 KB, 1079x1856, Screenshot_20210403-183533_Twi…)

No. 1201322

>I've been following you since you were a minor

No. 1201325

>think ur adorable as fuck.
Are these people blind…

No. 1201326

Nah sex workers are just all fake posi and hyping each other up for more clout lmao they lie all the fucking time about this shit

No. 1201330

File: 1617494430172.jpg (184.77 KB, 1080x801, Screenshot_20210403-190055_Twi…)

No. 1201337

Another gimmicky sex toy she’ll only use one and then leave laying around for her dog to use as a chew toy.

No. 1201342

Between going out every day this week, shopping sprees, and expensive sex toys her entire moving fund has to be gone now.

No. 1201349

File: 1617497435486.jpg (133.21 KB, 1080x729, Screenshot_20210403-195105_Twi…)

No. 1201364

File: 1617499565465.jpg (363.71 KB, 1080x1340, Screenshot_20210403-202629_Twi…)

No. 1201381

Where is math-anon to do the calculated spending shay has done in the last 2 weeks kek

She’s blowing through her moving fund quicker than I expected. And of course still vaguely mentioning saving to move so her orbiters don’t notice they’ve been scammed.

No. 1201385

File: 1617501648284.jpeg (629.12 KB, 2476x1857, 69CBD746-25C5-4859-ACB9-7ACE50…)

kek wtf I’d like to think even degenerates have better things to do on Easter like be with family….

No. 1201395

>>1200875 so I was just thinking this too and was going to write that she also never mentions being hungover despite often posting about drinking large amounts. Thought I'd catch up before posting to make sure it hadn't been said already anddd she makes a post about being hungover lol
>>1201071 as she does about once a blew moon. Which is either fake or legit DT's/withdrawal. We know she's an alcoholic but I wonder if her orbiters even notice or care. Or are they not even pretending to care that much at this point? I just can't get over how depressing that is. If it was any other substances people would be losing their shit

No. 1201399

File: 1617503373057.jpeg (422.92 KB, 1242x1471, 6FB8FBDF-C165-48DC-AA3D-848DB3…)

She doesn’t say the prices of everything but I made a list of what she’s spent from this thread. She really blows through money like nothing. It’s really sad all she has to her name is $2 and Amazon garbage. No house, no luxury items, no investments. I’m ready for the homeless saga

No. 1201403

File: 1617503813043.jpeg (923.17 KB, 1242x1913, 133F45B2-A2CE-4406-9618-816B83…)

No. 1201405

File: 1617503912157.jpeg (155.14 KB, 1024x575, 930E6415-CBCA-4C8F-803C-B30929…)

Samefag but the dirty blanket is sending me

No. 1201407

stimulus check? or is she spending her moving fund now that she and the foopster are hanging and banging again?

No. 1201408

Can't wait for her to have greasy, pimple skin with extra wrinkle emphasis then look like she rolled in flour misusing the setting powder hahahahaha

She won't benefit from a single over priced thing in that picture because she's a retard who doesn't know what she's doing and doesn't have any kind of skin care routine

She's 100% just buying this shit to feel like she's doing something to improve herself. I've never seen someone so pathetically addicted to instant gratification/validation as shat. I sincerely think she's below average IQ… Like some people you know are just mentally ill or could have some form of intellect if not for their addictions/circumstances, but I really, truly, sincerely believe she was just born fucking dumb. And everything else just amplifies it.

No. 1201413

Sorry for double post but when I think about it, this bitch doesn't have a single redeeming quality/trait what-so-ever. No skills, no hobbies, no personality, no looks, no money, 0 virtues… God I'm trying so hard to think of literally ANY thing she could have going for her and there's nothing.

Even shepa doesn't want her as an easy hole half the time. Like even the other cows and flakes look good compared to shat. In ALL MY YEARS OF LURKING HERE, since LC's creation, I cannot think of a SINGLE person I find less redeemable than shat. And there's been a lot of horror cows, goddamn.

No. 1201417

She took down her moving sale pinned tweet

No. 1201418


Silly anon, Shay is good at getting your dad's disability check!

She might only get 3 bucks from it, but hey she /is/ a dumb slut

No. 1201422

You're right, anon, I forgot her
stunning skilll in grammar/word use as well!

Clearly, an effect of all the mind bleach I've had to use to prevent her pictures from affecting me…

No. 1201425

lmao these products are trash, and someone should tell her that a setting spray isn’t a substitute for showering away all that grease on her ugly mug. She is nasty as fuck

No. 1201429

Kek right? If she wanted to improve her looks she should have just gotten face wash and toner. She’s such an idiot

No. 1201430

I see a lot of overpriced moisturizers. That glam glow stuff is nice tho. Too bad it won’t matter since shay coats her entire face in thick matte concealer.

Why would she need a setting powder?

No. 1201431

File: 1617508458918.png (7.96 MB, 1242x2208, 82EC1053-77EC-48EA-B32D-24E19C…)

Shatna needs to buy some of this

No. 1201436

dirty ass bitch could live underwater in bikini bottom rubbing up on spongebob and she still wouldn't be clean lmao

No. 1201437

File: 1617509482883.jpg (278.98 KB, 1080x1244, Screenshot_20210403-231153_Twi…)

No. 1201439


No. 1201440

>love you sweet pea
The fucking CRINGE. She probably sent this to herself, kek.
ABH is massively overhyped and overpriced IMO. Regardless, for someone as inept at makeup application as she is, this is such a waste of money, and none of it can help that fucking busted visage, the huge beak, nasty little rat eyes, non-existent lips, she looks like a racial stereotype from 1940s propaganda

No. 1201443

she hasn't been begging for uber money in a while which means fupa is def driving her around to all these places
come on shay can't you hide it better

No. 1201444

File: 1617510495556.jpg (203.93 KB, 1080x933, Screenshot_20210403-232819_Twi…)

What about the tentacle you have?

No. 1201446

why would she even think this? why wouldn't you just go to their website? Even if you wanted attention or trying to get engagement over wanting a bad dragon dildo, why would this be your go to for how to do that?

She is so fucking stupid

No. 1201453

my favorite part of this comment (which i also feel in my bones anon) is SHEPA
i'm crying here, i hope this nickname picks up

am i tripping or does this bitch own TWO bad dragons though. one tentacle and one alien-looking one? i guess like all the heels, sex toys, vibrators and every other "professional article" she owns they don't count?

No. 1201457


All this, and she couldn't even buy a half decent face wash or moisturizer. There's gotta be over 200$ of the worst items from each specific brand there. She'd get alot more value from a 10$ jug of cetaphil

No. 1201459

She’s really, in her words, spoiling herself everyday. There is no awareness whatsoever.

No. 1201466

Why not just send her the money on cash app or something ? It’s weird they split the money between the two sites.

No. 1201480

shay’s really out here thinking anybody is going to watch her fat ass masturbate on easter morning instead of spending time with family or going to church

No. 1201496


No. 1201504

The succulents looked generic, probably no more than $15-20, then the pots maybe another $20. Some soil and perlite, whatever the price those are. The plants and stuff could've been cheaper, but it looks like she went to some plant shop that probably marks up.

Was almost gonna say add this >>1201403 to the list, but it looks like cringe lord scroto Womack sent her money for it.

No. 1201506

Unfortunately no way to know what her tabs run on average at her bar dates with Fupa. It depends on if shes paying for him too or not. I'd guess yes, but we cant really confirm it.
And she eats and drinks like a fatty alchy. So going off what an average person would spend does no good kek. Hope she tips her servers and bartenders good for having to look at her trailer trash ugly ass fumbling over the manlet Fupa for hours.

No. 1201523

File: 1617537422247.jpg (43.62 KB, 640x640, kms.jpg)

all this makeup and still no blush.

No. 1201526


these are the same pornsick people who pay her to blackout on cam so she’ll embarrass herself.

the only “orbiters” she has left want her to be stuck in sex work and like that she hates herself because shes already doing shit play for cheap now.

also, i think most people just kind of accept that a high majority sex workers need to be drunk or high to perform so people are used to it/dont pay attention as much as us to see its actually a daily thing.

No. 1201528


samefag but also - i dont think she has a single orbiter who is soley her “biggest fan” to even notice her increased alcoholism. womnack and oldmangrey juggle multiple girls daily and she’s just one of them.

No. 1201540

so funny to me how these products were big like 5 years ago. how is she so consistently behind on trends?

No. 1201568

comments like this are fucking annoying and so is the person who nags about chapstick all the fucking time

No. 1201570

she got oil control spray, but then got glam glow lotion which is illuminating and is for dry skin to make it look glowy. she’s gonna look like a greasy chicken.

No. 1201572

and still, no blush in site. only one eyeshadow palette to her name that she refuses to use. why bother getting this if you have no skin care routine and only know how to use eyeliner, mascara, and fake lashes?

No. 1201574

KEK she got an entire highlighter palette and NO BRONZER what a fucking retard

No. 1201594

it's not just one person talking about chapstick kek

No. 1201603

File: 1617549705197.jpeg (273.48 KB, 1242x664, 708A7839-C3F8-4004-8847-6FF265…)

It would (somewhat) stop the fetishization of teens and allow young girls to think about what they’re doing before they do it. Shayna shut the fuck up how does raising the OF age affect you??? You’re not a teen anymore you washed up whore. You’re pushing 30 and look old. You’ll never be a cute anime girl.

No. 1201613

it’s so creepy how she advocates for the exploitation of young, freshly 18 girls. she probably thinks that cos she did sex work underage and nothing bad happened that nothing bad ever happens to these girls and they just make bad choices. I would bet she’s given underage girls advice for how to make porn the second they turn 18, thinking she’s being empowering or something.

No. 1201615

Only Shayna would think it's "normal" to give men what they want, after you've been groomed, brainwashed and oversexualized you're whole existence.
Danielle has been groomed and around older men her WHOLE career. She was dating grown as men as a minor. Her giving in isn't "Normal", it's someone whose been taken advantage of thinking they are gaining control again, but really she's selling herself to the same men who hounded her.
If Shayna cared she'd went on a 5 page tweet and delete fest.

No. 1201625


She probably asked him to split it up so she can boost her stats on both sites kek

No. 1201627

Wait, she re-tweeted this? So she agrees that men are disgusting pedos but doesn't see the irony in what she does and her retarded simps?

No. 1201639

imagine the degree of brain rot that makes you think showing your tits online is "normal" and "capitalizing" especially for someone barely adult
i wonder if shayna actually reads/comprehends the complete garbage she retweets

No. 1201643

The only thing Shayna cares about is people are talking shit about sex work, she does not care about the pedos or how the men act. If she cared she'd went on a rant about it instead of retweeting.
The tweet is saying, "Men are to blame, she's normal for captilizing off of these disgusting men, don't raise the age of OF"
Just like with Pornhub, it had nothing to do with her but whenever people come at sex work, she gets triggered.

No. 1201646

Of course she gets triggered. She made this her only source of income. She has no personality besides being a sex worker and a stoner. If pornhub and onlyfans got deleted she would end up homeless

No. 1201658

File: 1617554232355.gif (165.86 KB, 220x165, TIME.gif)

Where's the very awkwardly timed Easter morning stream Shay? I wonder what excuse she'll try to use to weasel out of this one.

No. 1201662


Right? It’s about to be noon. But then again, Shay waking up before 1 PM is a stretch.

No. 1201668

late af but glam glow is not nice they create trendy products that barely work. their glitter mask in particular fucked up everyone’s skin. for a good cleansing/moisturizing mask use the brand youth to the people.
since most of u anons don’t even wash your pussies figured you could use the tip.(nobody cares)

No. 1201672

>since most of u anons don’t even wash your pussies figured you could use the tip.
Are you SoapPussy anon?

No. 1201675

don't fucking start this shit again

No. 1201685

File: 1617556841030.jpeg (704.14 KB, 1284x1097, 4C919323-7143-4C91-8D19-7F6AC5…)

she’s back to abusing snapchat filters, kek. her insecurity is so noticeable it’s pathetic.

No. 1201687

There is dog hair all over the blanket. GROSS. The dog needs a dog bed to sleep in.

How long has she had that on her bed without washing it? I saw it on her bed about 2 threads ago and noodle was in bed with her.

No. 1201690

File: 1617556945988.jpeg (855.92 KB, 1284x1376, 449C2B37-DACD-4420-8070-4D53CF…)

in reality she looks like this, and somehow to scrotes fall for it

No. 1201696

I see Momokun's lips inside.

No. 1201701

I just didn’t want any of y’all vinegar vag’s using glamglow it’s trash

No. 1201703

she looks the best she has in months imo atleast her clothes fit her

No. 1201705

Unpopular opinion but I actually think she looks better when she isn't filtered. She isn't attractive either way but at least unfiltered she looks like a normal person.

The filter makes her look like Michael Jackson.

No. 1201707

File: 1617558099499.jpeg (202.39 KB, 1284x524, A5AD83EE-8FBA-4207-BBE1-B94A43…)

so she….got on cam and then got off right away? huh?

No. 1201709


she looks the best she has???? her clothes… fit???? r u ok, anon? you seemed to have missed the fat roll >>1201685 hanging out

No. 1201710

those roses are still on the ground of her "Workspace" Imagine how that room smells?

No. 1201711

She still has rose petals from valentines on the ground. For why.

No. 1201715

scrolled past these on my tl, didn't recognise her with the filter and thought someone had just retweeted some random fat bitch on my tl

No. 1201716

File: 1617559060582.png (8.64 MB, 1242x2208, E116CB36-D6F5-4802-B2F6-A6D712…)

That polyester musty circle skirt barely fits her that top is way too small for her. She looks obese

No. 1201718

File: 1617559250587.jpeg (639.36 KB, 1242x1559, EE75EA2A-BB34-47BE-9D83-761261…)

Nobody cares Shayna oh my fucking god you post your nudes for free anyways you dumb fat ugly bitch

No. 1201723

is it the filter or is there stuff in her wig?

No. 1201727

fr it’s APRIL how has she not cleaned her floor since February

No. 1201730

File: 1617560146207.png (140.71 KB, 923x841, Screenshot_20210404-191326~2.p…)

Then go home and quit whining. You've got the funds for moving have you not? Oh no wait you've blown it all on useless crap and outings with fupa

No. 1201731

lmfao it's official, her last brain cell has committed suicide out of shame
shayna your rancid snatch is all over your fucking timeline HOW are you mad at someone who was polite enough to ask to shout you out?! i'm cackling so hard

No. 1201741

>Im such a nostalgic home/family oreinted person

The same parents you claimed abused you and are racist trump supporters? The same people you put on blast?
And the real thing is Fupa is with his kids and Shayna is at home, he was going out to eat with her but now it's time for him to be with his family/kids that he can't have her and does not want her around.
I couldn't imagine being with a man and spending every holiday alone because after years he can't or does not want me around his kids or family. She could've used her moving money to go see her parents but instead she's blowing it on bullshit. Has Shayna ever met anyone related to fupa? Anyone that matters to him?

No. 1201757

Since when is she a family oriented person? She "calls out" her mom on twitter for likes. All she does is complain during the holidays and never puts any effort into actually seeing her family

No. 1201758

File: 1617563658787.jpeg (Spoiler Image,882.53 KB, 1242x1422, 16F1155A-DB25-4336-A12A-A9EB2B…)

Did she buy that hat to hide her double chin kek

No. 1201761

Forever laughing at the fact she has to put down a towel/blanket on that chair due to her perpetual swamp ass and gaping axe wound that suctions cups itself on it.

No. 1201762

She makes the same jokes every Easter.

No. 1201798

Doesn't really work when the fat roll escapes and is pushed either above or below the strap

No. 1201804

It’s not even a towel.. it’s that musty star blanket

No. 1201805

File: 1617569110466.jpeg (447.94 KB, 1242x1137, 6F413F48-D0F5-45BA-BDEA-0FE8C1…)

It’s the pedo pandering for me…. barf

No. 1201810

she types like a trans girl

No. 1201811

Its sad seeing how different she looks. Its
Moo all over again. Gaining weight really does a number on you huh.

No. 1201819

File: 1617570348370.jpg (212.98 KB, 1080x737, Screenshot_20210404-160545_Twi…)

Says the girl living in absolute filth

No. 1201821

File: 1617570718690.png (Spoiler Image,7.4 MB, 7500x1822, shayna.png)


reposting bc forgot spoiler, apologies!
~5 years of easter bunnies~

No. 1201822

>have a snack
Lmaoo such a fatass

No. 1201826

is she serious? Does she forget that we saw her dirty ass "workspace" when she went live?

No. 1201830

File: 1617571622665.jpg (333.42 KB, 1080x1162, Screenshot_20210404-162715_Twi…)

But claims that Fupa was so "abusive"

No. 1201838

I was just thinking she types like strawbwewymilk with that uwu im a bad widdle gurl bullshit

No. 1201839

Wow, 2020 was bad

No. 1201842

Why’s it got to be this filter, it really doesn’t make her look flattering.

No. 1201843

24 is old to be acting like this
it's not old
but it is real old for this shit
this is abused 19 year old please-adopt-me-so-I-don't-have-to-work trailer park escapee cringe-in-two-years shit

No. 1201848

She couldn’t be able to handle hardcore bdsm. Also that guy is a conservative pornstar, doesn’t she get triggered by conservatives and have trauma from FOX news kek. A libtard sex worker who is ~knowledgeable~ about uwu sex worker should research this shit. She’s so fucking dumb.

No. 1201850

She looked like Ariana Trenta in that ugly cheap dangerous woman knockoff custom kek. She’s such a fatty.

No. 1201855

yes, because your comment is totally not annoying at all. Turns out I'm not the only one ( >>1201572 ) amused by Shay's insistence that she's a cute bimbo barbie yet cannot even use blush to help her busted, washed-out face. sorry you, too, lack basic makeup skills. kek

this outfit isn't horrible for a cheap sex worker (lol) but it's just so impossible to be fat while trying to look ~ small and cute ~. I can't tell if her eyebrows are slightly improved here or if it's just the filter or something.

No. 1201856

Jesus, comparing the first pic to how she looks now is beyond bleak
I’m no porn connoisseur but who the fuck eats prior to filming their degeneracy?

No. 1201866

File: 1617576478639.jpg (Spoiler Image,667.58 KB, 810x2304, that one time.jpg)

christ I hate to white knight, but technically she has

No. 1201896

That ugly, retarded bunny hat makes a return. Surprised she didnt toss it.

No. 1201898

Was she able to handle it?? No, she looked like she was in pain. I know all about the shady porn saga. When she shrank into a midget after she made out with that bald man.

No. 1201901

Shes acting like it's a cute, teasing lil giggle, when in reality is a fat, retarded, nervous chortle.

No. 1201903

>able to handle it
you keep saying that, I guess you must be a cool bdsm person, good for you, no one else respects your fetish just because you're good at it

No. 1201904

File: 1617580304218.png (5.73 MB, 1242x2208, EFD3B93C-392B-4180-8088-269701…)

No. 1201905

Says the girl who
-cant keep her camera in focus or wipe her mirror down
-cams with clutter all over her desk, fake petals on the floor since February, garbage heap visible from the doorway out into the hall, sex toys on the filthy floor, pet hair all over every surface, ETC. Cant even keep her little corner clean.
-Talks about eating 24/7 and particularly before filming anal content and also saying she does no anal prep
-Probably had a pet get into her opened lube or it spilled all over because shes a lazy slob who throws it down on the floor after shes done with it like everything else
-CONSTANTLY boasts about her follower count on everything, pretends shes in top 2% and up until this last year documented every .% increase. Talks shit about girls with low follower count and only wants to interact with high follower count girls for promo.

And SO much more I probably left out. Shut the fuck up, Shay. Take your own advice, retard.

No. 1201908

I’m not into bdsm you fucking retard. Am I blogging about loving bdsm uwu? no I’m not .I’m just stating Shayna isn’t into any kinks/fetishes so I don’t get why she reposts these gifs without trigger warnings especially since she claims she was sexually abused. Go lick Shayna’s whiteheads some more.(infighting)

No. 1201914

A light snack, sure. To help blood sugar and not have a totally empty stomach.
But we all know with Shay it's full meals before. Which you shouldnt do because of bloating, the risk of throwing it up from sucking dick, and if you're like Shay and it takes you over an hour to actually get to doing anything you risk the food digesting through your tract and then having poop in there. That's why people typically fast AND enema before anal.(no1curr)

No. 1201918

2019 was the worst imo. Like yeah, she was skinny, but she looked absolutely ratty and the get up was atrocious. 2020 she looked pretty bad though. Like fatty fell from standing up too fast. Cant believe she brought the ugly rabbit hat back this year and that yellow tail kek. How hard would it have been to order a cute headband.

No. 1201919

Shay's budgeting skills are amazing

No. 1201921

File: 1617581493752.jpg (308.48 KB, 1768x1080, PicsArt_04-05-01.08.57.jpg)

Shay's budgeting skills are amazing

No. 1201933

kek anon, ily

No. 1201935

Wow this was funny when i saw it a week ago on fb sike(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1201942

Stfu newfag, learn to fucking sage

No. 1201950

No you didn't, please keep your retardation away

No. 1201960

It's an old dril Tweet format from like 2014

No. 1202005

anon the likes are killing me

No. 1202012

I know this is a bit OT but what the FUCK is a “conservative porn star”? That’s an oxymoron.

No. 1202020

they mean politically conservative not sexually conservative, anon

No. 1202027


new thread pic please

No. 1202067

File: 1617608808466.jpeg (57.79 KB, 750x185, 3C7C7A7B-9E2D-4FCC-88A7-953B0D…)

I’m new to shaygnar, but fuck, I hate this.

No. 1202074

I would unironically kill myself if I said even a quarter of the things she does. They aren't shameful in some kinky degredation way, either, she's like a literal tard. What the fuck

No. 1202113

She is the epitome of girls who will do and say anything in the world for trashy male approval.

No. 1202173

We are witnessing what it’s like not having a personality outside of “anal” and listening to the same 10 classic rock songs.

Like vicky, they became popular for a hot minute from their looks. So personality became worthless at that point. Shit is bleak and hilarious. But also such a cautionary tail.

No. 1202230

File: 1617640863167.jpeg (60.14 KB, 1047x1053, 31A158DF-9F83-4907-8EFD-72194B…)

Why is this grown man posting this?

No. 1202243

It once so entertaining to watch the downfall. Now it’s just depressing.
I can’t even fathom what her life will be like in 20 years.

No. 1202245

File: 1617641832554.gif (1.58 MB, 275x275, 9DB16187-10D6-4AEE-A195-3ADA84…)


No. 1202246

every time i see this i laugh aloud kek
such manly, very dad

No. 1202258

Trying to relate to the 23 year olds he fucks around with. Like the pathetic middle-aged divorcee he is. I would be so embarrassed if this was my dad. I feel bad for his oldest when he gets bored one day and decides to google his dad’s name.

No. 1202274


I was just wondering what the 23 year olds that are teeheeing with him on Snapchat, calling him cute must be/look like. Then I remember the subject of all these threads and it answered my question. barf

Shay is staying in Oklahoma for a guy that isn’t even committed to her and talks to all these other girls like she’s nothing (duh, she is nothing to him). Yeah, she’s a SWer and their definitions and copes about relationship dynamics and trust etc. is all fucked and not normal and his excuse is being a nasty scrote. It’s just so pathetic to keep living somewhere for… that. Do better, Shay.

No. 1202281

File: 1617645881897.png