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File: 1696946537446.png (1.28 MB, 1169x1378, thebigshaybowski.png)

No. 1911665

Previous Thread >>>/snow/1902155

Shayna Leigh Clifford; 26 year old failing prostitute, porn sick degenerate, drug addict and alcoholic who spends her days posting free pictures of her hemorrhoid filled anus on twitter while begging for rent. Rejects her parents help to get an education and normal job. Hurts animals on purpose and panders to pedos by filming porn dressed as a child. Recently moved to Seattle after wasting years on an ex too ashamed to admit they were dating her and is currently looking her new Fupa 2.0.


REMEMBER: Read the rules before posting. Repetitive nitpicks about Shayna's body, face, and genitals are subject to a 1-day ban. Reposting the same photos zoomed in/edited is not milk and you will receive a ban for nitpicking. Stay on topic, derailing and infighting will result in a ban. Sage when there’s no milk. Spoiler any NSFW images. No blog posting or bragging about how you're a better whore than Shayna. Nobody wants to hear about your degeneracy. This is a Shay thread, curb your enthusiasm when posting screenshots of other e-whores, they go in the e-whores thread

Last Thread:
>brags about making 500 dollars to sleep with an old disgusting moid >>1902325
>flight to aruba with old man sarah gregory confirmed, anons speculate about what could be going on there, including shat getting abducted/trafficked >>1902569
>caning video from fetcon released to our horror >>1902968, >>1902971
>she quits weed "cold turkey". don't worry, she is soon seen with glassy red eyes again >>1903142
>anons dissertation on all the things that could go wrong when shat brings a john over >>1903543
>total "goth girl" gets tickets to depeche mode from a john >>1904036
>looks pained while she shows off her second bimbo sweater which she had to re-purchase >>1904311
>tweet about her stalkers (us) and how she doesn't share parts of her life anymore (dirty deleted) >>1904501
>her shaytism shows when she gets mad about some john changing plans >>1904757
>a peek into her twisted mind with some horror tier clown drawings >>1904942
>a john sends her 2000 dollars, leading anons to speculate if its a "dad" or her actual dad sending rent money, sperging ensues >>1904994
>sees the barbie movie for the third time, looks like a sped >>1905936, >>1905938
>goes bowling with a "dad" and beats him with her retard strength >>1906175
>2 year anniversary with ellen degenerate, goes to aquarium yet again >>1906520, >>1907483, >>1907485, >>1907731, seafood boil after seeing all the sea creatures >>1907732, >>1907733
>catches feelings for a john again, complaining ensues >>1906557, >>1906582, >>1906681, >>1906897
>posts crying selfie with LDR lyrics >>1906891
>more sharing her prostitution escapades online >>1907179, the john buys her teen-tier clothing like victoria secret and guess >>1907377, >>1907378
>FREE SPOT on the bingo board for hot dog nails >>1907892
>gets the key for a "sissys" cock cage, much class, very bimbo >>1908360, >>1908439
>fake storytime >>1908524
>muh gofftober >>1908601, >>1908602
>she admits she just assumes she's dating her johns >>1908611
>shayna posts one starbucks drink, like an average american woman, sperging ensues for 2 days >>1909004
>heads to colorado to see fellow pedo-panderer kiki >>1909394, >>1909472
>touches down in CO to find that someones been shatfishing with her photos >>1909804, >>1909806, >>1909807, >>1909810, >>1909811
>closeup of shat and her long lost cousin kiki >>1909941
>boobs still botched >>1910103
>dr shayna clocks in >>1910241
>shat and kek check out an ABDL store, pedo grossness ensues >>1910541, >>1910543, unsurprisingly shayna wants the cowprint one
>gets titty fucked by gross "dom" kiki works with >>1910873, >>1910946
>big "baby" shaynus with enema looming in the background >>1911111
>"sober" shayna looking stoned as fuck with red glassy eyes and a very big foot >>1911273
>anons start posting photos of this fugly moid kiki works with which ends up turning into a full on derail, will not link it all here you will just have to read the end of the last thread. ends with thread being locked. while i don't mind the autism of some nonnies figuring out exactly who people involved with shayna are, we are told to curb posting other camwhores ITT. a post or two is fine but any more sperging should be taken to /shay/. we don't want shayna's thread to be locked for good.

New TikTok: https://www.tiktok.com/@dollhausbarbie

No. 1911666

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No. 1911668

Good thread, thanks nona!

No. 1911696

Omfg the thread pic kek

No. 1911716

Back after 3 days, and I agree sperging about the doxing is retarded when every moid that's delt with Shayna gets a dox in the thread and everyone cheers. Looks fishy.

No. 1911718

Exactly, I mean, literally nothing bad happens to the moids anyways, so it’s honestly pretty harmless.

No. 1911728

It's not even real doxing because it's all publicly available information.

No. 1911740

File: 1696961176648.jpeg (282.9 KB, 828x465, IMG_1190.jpeg)

The threads always get weird when she’s out of town just as Nostradamus anon (picrel) predicted. Nonastradamus do not abandon me now! and i really tend to agree with >>1911728
Because i haven’t cow tipped and I mean for fucks sake they got a picture of his face that HE UPLOADED on fetlife. Give me a break “doxxing” fuck off hitler-sans. I really believe it to be someone trying to get the manhunt off of main thread so that it loses its traction

No. 1911750

Yep. I made that post and I believe it. There's times where shayna isn't doing anything but she's not out of town. The thread is dead, but everytime she's out of town funny shit starts happening. Wouldn't be surprised if all three are hunched over the phone stank ass morning breathe merging togeather cackling.

No. 1911767

Kek nonner

No. 1911771

I think the doxxing was fun and deserved, but the moid wasn't shayna's new love interest so the whole sleuthing thing didn't belong in her thread, imo. It belonged in /shay/ and should stay there unless him, Kiki and fatshat form a new polycule or something

No. 1911779

I bet that one of the same anons who was reporting anons for doxing him is also the same anon who keeps saying in /shay/ and /meta/ that it's "time to hang up the Shayna threads" because "she's boring now." That anon in /shay/ said specifically "Let's leave her alone" KEK could you be any more obvious? If it's a troll pretending to be Shat then they're doing a good job(doxxing is against the rules, idiot)

No. 1911791

I’m tinfoiling that it’s Kiki kek

No. 1911792

the pushback is just so confusing and unusual since EVERYBODY involved in Shayna’s life receives this treatment to a certain degree. This guy is comparable to the Scott Hancock character and there was basically no protest when the thread did some digging into him. Definitely seems like there are some personalities in thread who would personally benefit from disregarding the Shayverse’s newest addition…(stop derailing about other whores)

No. 1911795

it was insane kek
>the immediate and aggressive push-back
>the constant double posting
>the drama crying in /meta/
It felt like a colosseum fight

No. 1911802

daily reminder that y’all made a website for a pedophile(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1911808

File: 1696972903066.png (627.25 KB, 519x697, Screenshot_20230218_101125.png)

Literally no idea what you're talking about. Picrel is the pedophile that we discuss in these threads. Either learn2sage or get off this site.

No. 1911810

File: 1696972980423.png (423.79 KB, 596x805, Screenshot_20230218_073200.png)

More reminders of why you should have no empathy for this fat disgusting pedophile who simulates baby rape for her 2 followers

No. 1911811

>for a pedophile
Yeah, this retard is lost.

No. 1911815

>made a website for
Kek not even trying to integrate huh

No. 1911835

aaand the threads already gone to shit. we get it, you fed some troll’s bait on lolcow and are still upset over it. now back to our regularly scheduled programming.

No. 1911837

File: 1696978281844.jpeg (1.41 MB, 1170x1904, IMG_8481.jpeg)

lol just make it stop!!!! heres some fresh shayna milk to cleanse our palate

No. 1911838

did bitch bring any of her own clothes or is she planning on wearing kiki’s the whole time? that shit looks way to small on her bobby hill build.

No. 1911840

i’m pretty sure this is hers kek bitch has gotten so big

No. 1911841

I was that anon that brought up that possibility. I knew it had to be Kiki’s
>>1911838 iirc this one is hers… tho I won’t be surprised if we see her wearing anymore of Kiki’s clothes

No. 1911845

File: 1696980215127.png (8.82 MB, 1284x2778, 1696979726647.png)


The /shay/tards have successfully doxed the spanish dude "Master Dallas Dom" as Ricky Delgado. Also known as [REDACTED]. Disgusting!


No. 1911847

Looks like a sped

No. 1911848

Womack phenotype strikes again

No. 1911849

File: 1696980575509.jpeg (886.22 KB, 1170x1955, 1696973641937.jpeg)

kek here's a pic from a snapchat he made with someone and i said the exact same thing in /shay/. he looks like womack's pyromaniac brother.

No. 1911850

the fact a man who looks like this walks around on this planet acting and thinking he is hot shit makes my blood boil. it was also revealed that he got the baby dick.

No. 1911851

Ricky Delgado of Boulder, CO is a violent pedophile. He does not need to be anywhere near children. He has posts on his Twitter talking about choking women unconscious during sex and makes videos putting 30 year old women into diapers and telling them to piss on him. I can see why he was hiding his face.

No. 1911853

File: 1696980897899.jpeg (74.64 KB, 828x602, 1696916808206.jpeg)

People with access to children should not be posting this kind of stuff.

No. 1911856

Baldy Gaysics and Womack love child lookin’ ass.

No. 1911860

Ricky Delgado of Boulder, Colorado who works at [REDACTED] shouldn't be allowed to be near children, how disgusting.

No. 1911861

You choke on food. What Ricky Delgado of Boulder, Colorado is doing is strangling women to until they’re unconscious.

No. 1911862


He taught at an all male school and is bi too, I’m sure he did some shit.

No. 1911864

Ricky Delgado of Boulder, Colorado has posts on reddit about fucking little subby boys. This is horrifying.

No. 1911866

No. 1911867

This is a image board, retard

No. 1911869

File: 1696982734297.png (14.38 KB, 758x99, gay.png)

No. 1911870

File: 1696982993820.jpeg (733.59 KB, 1170x1494, 82442AE6-456B-4363-B41A-0611A9…)

Apparently he was a military teacher at some point, so it definitely isn’t unthinkable that he has bisexual tendencies

No. 1911872

oh oops, my bad nonny

No. 1911891

Thank-you to all the Shaytist sleuths for unraveling the mystery that is Ricky Delgado of Boulder, Colorado. You are doing God’s work nonas!

No. 1911896

>>1911665 thank you for this…just thank you

No. 1911905

If any of you haven't visited /shay/ I went there to see exactly how he was doxed. It was by a fucking pop socket. Retard moids gunna retard.

No. 1911906

oh god can you imagine shayna saying "riicckkkyyyy" in her gross baby voice.

No. 1911907

sleeping in a room full of your own used dildos is one level of depraved, but sleeping if a room full of some other chick's dildos? that's disgusting. can you imagine the smell?

No. 1911909

I bet they all larp and call each other by their porn names I wouldn’t be surprised if Kiki calls him Dallas. I have some doubts that he tells anyone his real name in fear they may burn him. I know him and Kiki are dating in some weird way but she calls him boyfriend and he doesn’t call her anything, and he constantly flirts with random girls on Twitter so if he really liked her at all I doubt he’d do that

No. 1911917

> they all larp and call each other by their porn names
After seeing the Dolly Starbucks, I fully agree.

No. 1911940


Amazing!! Good job shaytistic anon!!

No. 1911945

God fucking dammit nonnies my assburgers are shayking rn this thread is always such a goldmine

No. 1911957

File: 1697024722084.jpeg (529.68 KB, 750x953, IMG_4285.jpeg)

Shayna was just filming with Kiki and Dallasdom Studios aka Ricky Delgado of [REDACTED] in Boulder, CO

No. 1911972

i noticed his facebook says single. kikis getting the fupa treatment kek.

No. 1911990

I think this might be the second most horrifying revelation the shaytists have had since Mike Slack.

No. 1912036

I still vote that next thread we add a 'mike slack reveal" and now a "dallasdom reveal" to the thread list

No. 1912040

100% agree he deserves it he’s so disgusting

No. 1912045

i've made the last two threads, does anyone know which thread the mike slack reveal was in i will add it in next time

No. 1912053

No. 1912062

she has no original ideas. remember that bald fuck she did this before with?

No. 1912083

File: 1697048469060.jpeg (Spoiler Image,2.34 MB, 1290x1706, IMG_2080.jpeg)

No. 1912084

File: 1697048518380.jpeg (Spoiler Image,2.3 MB, 1290x1711, IMG_2081.jpeg)

No. 1912095

her tit is a legit square in this pic and she looks like she just smelled a fart. her pics are always baffling.

No. 1912098

File: 1697050352847.jpeg (Spoiler Image,372.48 KB, 1536x2048, IMG_1125.jpeg)

Kiki and her moid have already done it so I guess it was like a “we already have the costume” sort of situation picrel
The skin quality on their asses is grim

No. 1912113

Wow a repeat of last year when she did the Scream mask shit with Baldi Gaysics so exciting and innovative of her

No. 1912116

Her tits only have 1 ok angle and its when they are being supported by a bra or top and you can only see "normal" cleavage. Full exposed or any other angle they looked botched and horrific. The bottoms of them are not even or rounded and the anchor scar is still apparent and we know her nipple on the lifted one is a freakshow anomaly

No. 1912117

Can’t believe I’m saying this but you’re right about it looking like she just smelled a fart from Kiki’s ass. I’m waiting for the comedian fart photo anon to edit it.
Damn Ricky Delgado of [REDACTED] in Boulder, CO is sporting a big gut here.

No. 1912135

her tit looks like a minecraft block(unsaged titpicking)

No. 1912143

Omg I swear I check the forms frequently but when did we start calling John Kendal of wherever baldy gaysics?

No. 1912144

Kek I made it up because he looked like the gay version of Baldi Basics but with ugly tats and a ugly beard. He looks like a gay genie

No. 1912160

ultra fucking kkeeeeek

No. 1912166

File: 1697063531693.jpeg (Spoiler Image,317.76 KB, 750x1334, 28C54579-E43E-4172-8DC2-2BC6E0…)

throwback to gay hairy shoulders

No. 1912171

File: 1697064272685.jpg (Spoiler Image,939.03 KB, 1080x1640, Screenshot_20231011_184400.jpg)

No. 1912172

fat ass ravioli hands

No. 1912173

What the FUCK is going on with Kiki’s face

No. 1912184

Kek shayna calls her big sis but Kiki calls her big little sis because she can't stand to call a girl both bigger and taller then her, "lil sis" most the time. They are so stupid

No. 1912188

Stratospheric levels of pedobait, jesus christ

No. 1912191

kiki looks absolutely tweaked there. hitting that adderall very hard.

No. 1912199

She looks like missi Pyle.

No. 1912200

No. 1912204

Shart’s rat face is seriously such a mess, she should get a nose job ASAP.

No. 1912206

File: 1697068768127.jpg (419.91 KB, 1920x1040, Sensei Ricky be like.jpg)


ohhh sssenseiiiiii riiiiickkkkkky

No. 1912211

i wonder how often that buttplug rolls off the shelf and hits kiki in the face while she's laying there

No. 1912227

Tbh that bed seems to be a bit separated from the wall, so I think it may fall on the floor, which is equally disgusting. I really hate the mental image of a dirty buttplug falling on anyone’s face, so thanks, nonnie.
I really hope she cleans those things before and after using them.

No. 1912231

anon kek

No. 1912233

at least they bothered whitening shay’s rat teeth for once

No. 1912237

you think I’m mad cause I go home to Kiki everynight? Forget about it

No. 1912240

No. 1912241

Nah dude the nose is bad but the marionette lines are the worst

No. 1912245

Napoleaon dinamyt refrance

No. 1912246

It’s a quote from Napoleon Dynamite nonna kek

No. 1912250

You think anybody wants a roundhouse kick to the face while I’m wearing these bad boys? Forget about it!

No. 1912277

But it’s just him in a scream mask

No. 1912331

Nonnas please tell me those are not dark stains on the nightstands but just unfortunate reflexions

No. 1912334

I’m sorry, Nona at least one of them is definitely a stain (the one near the unicorn)

No. 1912336

File: 1697090479658.jpeg (337.93 KB, 1284x1043, IMG_5567.jpeg)

Did Ricky Delgado from Boulder, Colorado trash his “professional porn” studio twitter…

No. 1912337

The right night stand looks like a soda stain and a Bobby pin and the left night stand looks like.. hair? I’m so grossed out

No. 1912339

File: 1697090735470.jpeg (259.06 KB, 828x1405, IMG_1221.jpeg)

It’s still up anon

No. 1912340

Samefag did he block me? How would he even know or am I just Twitter/x/whatever the fuck retarded?

No. 1912348

On Twitter it still shows you the users page and says “this user has blocked you” so I’m not sure where you went wrong

No. 1912349

File: 1697093295110.png (107.77 KB, 1200x602, Screen Shot 2023-10-12 at 5.47…)

Some profiles aren't searchable on twitter/X. It seems to be degen ones kek

No. 1912354

File: 1697093910287.jpeg (111.19 KB, 828x1075, IMG_1224.jpeg)

Shayna has gone on a spree of reposting her old content not sure if it’s to drown out her recent posts or what. Don’t know if anyone grabbed the original tweet but picrel.
Also I posted a picture of our daddy dom Ricky Delgado of boulder Colorado and formerly virgina in the shaynatorium and it’s a photo with Kiki and some cougar and he says it’s part of his “birthday week” so it’s possible that the content is old and just now posted but what are the odds they just left Shayna in a room/at home so they could make porn with this cougar? Kek can you imagine Shayna by herself in Colorado when she’s meant to be visiting a friend

No. 1912365

File: 1697095776028.png (35.26 KB, 612x417, Ricky Delgado Boulder, CO.png)

No. 1912389

Should of crowd funded for an orthodontist instead of saving Front Range Judo in Boulder, CO

No. 1912393

I really hate the fact that any random moid walking is likely to be a degenerate of some kind, even if they look like the doofiest dweeb on planet earth

No. 1912395

If Shart, her moidette friend Kiki and her scrote “boyfriend” are anything to go off, it seems that being porn sick rots both the brain and the teeth. Gross.

No. 1912425

He’s kinda cute, shame he’s a coomer

No. 1912437

Pls get glasses nonna he looks deformed kek

No. 1912452

Nonna do you have an ugly fetish or something?

No. 1912471

same, you really can't trust any of them. threads like this are blackpilling because it shows you just how many men are fucked up coomers

No. 1912487

File: 1697119110957.jpeg (Spoiler Image,657.11 KB, 750x1054, IMG_4287.jpeg)

That scrote is absolutely hideous holy shit kek. I’m so so glad that his poor ex wife was able to find someone else and start a family. Sensei Ricky Delgado of [REDACTED] in Boulder, CO stays seething and coping, claiming he’s thriving while fucking grotesque monstrosities seen on Craigslist that probably sell sex for hard drugs.

No. 1912493

Is the divorce posting some sort of kink? Or is he just a misogynist who always hated his wife? Why would he constantly post about it on his porn twitter? It reminds me of Shay's oversharing

No. 1912505

He’s nearly as flabby as Kyle Nathan Fupa Perkins, ugh. As another anon said, this thread is so blackpilling; you just can’t trust anyone.

No. 1912516

It's just like how Shayna loves to be like, "I'm better than your girlfriend/wife/partner/etc because I do anal :)". Projecting their internalized/externalized misogyny to get validation/cash from sad horny men online.

No. 1912518

He seems bitter at her because 1) she left him (possibly bc of his porn addiction) and 2) his ex wife is better looking than all of the women he’s filmed with combined. Also, 3) she found love again and has started a family of her own, while he rots in $4.20 orgies with uglies and undesirables.

No. 1912520

4.20$ for 400 vids, how do these people live with themselves? My Starbucks coffee costs more than that kek

No. 1912575

File: 1697134350147.jpeg (Spoiler Image,526.38 KB, 2048x1536, 10BE88EC-FA75-4B01-A4A2-3FABB1…)

kek wtf

No. 1912577

File: 1697134533220.png (Spoiler Image,1.51 MB, 750x1334, EFFE1874-6035-49B7-9CD3-DBCB1A…)

whoever said she looks good and lost weight is delusional

No. 1912584

The likes and retweet numbers… embarrassing. Speaking of, seems like Shaynus engagement has also steeply declined. She's averaging maybe 10-20 retweets and 150 likes on her spread nudes. But reminds us about her huge follower count and OF rank.

No. 1912587

I’m genuinely considering making a tip to NCMEC on this scrote. There’s almost no way that Ricky Delgado of [REDACTED] Boulder CO, who used to to be a boarding school teacher and is now very active in the kink community while teaching children as young as 4 martial arts has not sexually predated on a child in his care. Think of how appalled his students parents would be if they knew this is what Sensei Ricky does in his free time? How many female teachers get fired because of a sexy photo they took in college? Maybe the reason he doesn’t teach anymore is because he isn’t allowed within 100 feet of schools kek(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1912593

Her legs holy shit
>>1912577 she looks so annoyed but also on another planet. Maybe the silence on Twitter truly is because she’s ass blasted high. At first I wasn’t buying it but she is totally fucked up

No. 1912595

He consistently pulls like at most 5 likes and I have to wonder who’s even buying his 4 dollar porn because women don’t buy porn. And gay men wouldn’t buy his porn especially with his tiny baby dick kek

No. 1912599

do it(encouraging cowtipping)

No. 1912600

>shayna's face
Yep, that's going straight into the worst she's ever looked thread in /shay/

No. 1912605

Speaking of dwindling engagement, I was just thinking the other day that it seems like Mike Slack isn’t replying to all of her tweets. Is Mike Slack also abandoning her like Womack did?
Sensei Ricky Delgado of Boulder, CO and [REDACTED] is like Baldi Gaysics in that they’re porn addicts who have some sort of obsession with sex workers and get “into” the industry with their below average chodes to increase their access to women in the sex industry. Esp Ricky Delgado, who admitted to buying hookers after his divorce and going broke because of it. So tl;dr: it doesn’t matter that Ricky gets low engagement because what he really gets out of it is the opportunity to have sex with and be around these women without having to pay.

No. 1912622

Hope his porn paychecks can keep him afloat because his dojo is doomed if they find out about his extracurriculars

No. 1912664


No. 1912669

Don’t cowtip you moron

No. 1912681

Based moid destroyer.

No. 1912682

should have mentioned he makes videos where girls pretend to be children. kiki has tons of evidence on her page of him engaging in this behavior.

No. 1912689

Definitely should have mentioned the diaper stuff. Otherwise, based Jennie.

No. 1912692

oof, her skin looks terrible

No. 1912693

and that he fetishizes his previous position as a high school teacher on his porn twitter

No. 1912696


What's up with her this trip? Is she just high out of her mind the entire time? Every time we've seen her she looks miserable and out of it

No. 1912700

Nah, normally I’m anti-cowtipping but this dude is a pornsick moid who regularly fetishizes childlike things/behaviour. He shouldn’t work near children and honestly if Ellen was more outspoken about who she worked for, they’d be contacted as well. Personally, I think the No cowtipping rule should be exempt when the safety of children is involved.(cowtipping)

No. 1912705

BASED normally I don’t condone tipping but this time it was 100% warranted. Suck it Ricky.(cowtipping)

No. 1912712

If you’re gonna cowtip (which I’m for) you should atleast cowtip well. He owns the studio with one other guy, who probably already knows he makes porn cause he probably brags about it and they seem like friends. It would have probably been better to do this after shay was home because the chances of her sperging out online are higher(cowtipping)

No. 1912713

He should be scared enough anyway because of the fact that nonny mentioned she’d spread it, it doesn’t matter if he sees it he’ll still shit himself

No. 1912716

It’s just too bad the law doesn’t give a shit about children they probably wouldn’t even investigate him

No. 1912718

Anon he OWNS that business so this is pointless. You’re better off making a Pinterest board or Twitter accounts linking MasterDallasDom to Ricky Delgado, js. Search engine optimization, baby.(cowtipping)

No. 1912720

He’s going to just delete your email, you may scare him but nothing will come out of it.

No. 1912721

Anon’s best course of action is to leave reviews for his business on google and yells(that's still cowtipping, retard)

No. 1912722

File: 1697151160445.jpeg (Spoiler Image,451.05 KB, 750x976, IMG_4297.jpeg)

Wow a new video for Shaynus with a man who may actually have an erect penis! Incredible!

No. 1912723


Link him name him, oust him entirely.

No. 1912725

File: 1697151273995.jpeg (Spoiler Image,248.27 KB, 643x569, IMG_8956.jpeg)

Lmao why is she doing an “uh oh it’s stinky” face

No. 1912727

Agreed. This needs to go up on public spaces tbh. He will absolutely shit himself tho kek(cowtipping)

No. 1912729


No. 1912730

Omg! Thats hilarious! Its too late ricky delgado owner of [REDACTED] in boulder colorado. We have too much info already. Im against cow tipping but someone should atleast warn the parents who send their kids to be fondled by dallas dom ricky delgado.

No. 1912732

he's just going to delete this because he owns the business.

No. 1912748

Not a gay bone in her body.

No. 1912752

Yeah, if an account gets flagged as explicit content, they won't show up in searches.

No. 1912755

I wanted to do it myself so bad. The customers bringing their children to his place are the ones who really need to know. I'm not a parent but I'd assume you'd do some research on any facility you're leaving your kids at and hopefully googling ricky delgado owner of [REDACTED] in boulder colorado this thread will come right up. Scumbag

No. 1912756


Take it to yelp or Google reviews so people will actually see it(encouraging cowtipping)

No. 1912757

Why is that cow tippers think it necessary to announce their plans? Shayna and her “friends” likely read here regularly, you’ve just given them a heads up which in turns gives Ricky Delgado a chance to talk to his partner(s) at [REDACTED] about being “stalked”, targeted” or even “harassed”.

No. 1912766

File: 1697157205816.jpg (198.96 KB, 1170x1416, 20231012_203252.jpg)

I can't stop laughing holy shit

No. 1912770

File: 1697157547958.png (16.16 KB, 82x72, BIG.PNG)

Big is right

No. 1912772

she literally looks retarded in the way too small hello kitty onesie

No. 1912773

Did Shane Pierre Sonnier give her that retarded looking dog stuffy or something? Why the fuck is she always traveling with it and taking it to the movies like a sped?

No. 1912774

the tard toes in this are absolutely sending me. kek

No. 1912778

Because they want to impress anons on a imageboard kek, if that nona genuinely gave a shit about morality and not just making others go “omg you’re so cool and edgy” she’d have at the very least mentioned actual concerns on her email, like the sexualization of minors.

No. 1912779

File: 1697158357741.jpg (23.97 KB, 311x392, shaytard.jpg)

ratchet face

No. 1912786

File: 1697158778201.png (27.08 KB, 418x257, Screenshot 2023-10-12 205935.p…)

fyi dum dum

No. 1912788

When searched in google reviews the moid is referred to sensei Ricky. Also reading the google reviews makes this more nauseating like >>1912721 said, take it to google and yelp it will come up

No. 1912789

File: 1697159356782.jpg (60.28 KB, 720x960, brokeback mountain.jpg)

ricky delgado got a brokeback.

No. 1912790

>4.20 for 400 vids
I didn't think anyone could possibly sink lower than Shay's prices but Ricky Delgado of [REDACTED] in Boulder, CO managed to do so for the sake of a weed joke and to brag about his post-divorce porn shoots with bottom-barrel twitter whores he values at almost a penny each
kek, well 4.20 ain't gonna buy the best body wash

No. 1912793

Just looked up his dojo and it does have a googles review page. The youngest review is two months old so idk if it would get seen enough.

No. 1912797

Wtf is wrong with her feet?
You’d be surprised how trusting people are with where they put their kids and the obliviousness of people who are sheltered and don’t even realize how many Pedophiles are out there, doubt any of them google their kids samurai teacher kek

No. 1912800

I'm screaming, WTF haha

No. 1912802

Do we think Ricky knows yet? My tinfoil: considering he is spending so much time with kiki and shayna and both of them are clearly popping pills like tic-tacs I'm going to assume that Ricky Delgado of [REDACTED] is also a drug addict ontop of being a violent predator. They're probably all too high right now to even realize what is unraveling.

No. 1912804

ricky delgato has to pop uppers to distract him from the smell of cheesy pussy and garlic armpits coming off shayna and kiki.

No. 1912806

It's weird they aren't going out and actually doing anything? I predict maybe 3-4 scenes in total for this whole trip yet she isn't even bragging about eating out or visiting somewhere interesting while in colorado.

No. 1912807

Yeah it’s really weird that they’re getting everything delivered in. Like does Kiki not drive? It’s so weird

No. 1912808

don't forget the ABDL store

No. 1912809

Other than starbies I think that’s the only place they have gone. They really are sitting there staring at each other, high af. There’s no way.

No. 1912810

Sounds really boring because they’re not even posting to socials so what are they doing just eating goldfish and scrolling twitter? when does she go home? i feel shes been there forever

No. 1912811

File: 1697161837882.png (178.43 KB, 584x409, kiki.png)

Shayna posted on twitter she was leaving on Tuesday. Kiki also posted about how she was having "endo flairs everyday" so that might be why they're just rotting in a stink dildo room.

No. 1912812

File: 1697161888179.png (120.67 KB, 626x379, shayshay.png)

and here is where shayna says shes leaving tues

No. 1912815

shayna is so repulsive and big she is actually making kiki look kinda cute in comparison.

No. 1912817

Was just about to ask about this, aren’t endo flairs from eating like shit?

No. 1912819

> They really are sitting there staring at each other, high af. There’s no way.
> they're just rotting in a stink dildo room.
Anons you are seriously cracking me up with the visual of this. They’re definitely drinking all day too because Shayna drinks constantly and would be going through withdrawals if not.

No. 1912820

File: 1697162144991.png (44.33 KB, 657x257, kikis wreckt uterus.png)

No. 1912822

That file name just took me out. Lol.

No. 1912825

this seems like such an awkward situation
>fly into colorado several states away from home
>friend cant drive
>third wheeling my friend and her boyfriend
>probably flirting with my friends boyfriend
>my friend starts having basically period cramps and we cant do anything
>start making porn with my friend and her boyfriend
>columbus day is a holiday so i dont have any money
>check the farms and see that my friends boyfriend is being doxxed
honestly if i was shat id be scared lmao moid could go gorilla and murder her honestly

No. 1912828

I think Ricky Delgado will probably freak out or at the very least blame Shayna since we’re the ones who uncovered his actual identity (it was me specifically actually oops). I feel like he’s gonna attribute the unveiling to Shat solely because it’s the shaytists that found him. I think also him & Kiki could potentially break up bc he will blame Kiki for getting involved with Shayna in the first place and exposing him to Shat’s shaytistic fan club.

No. 1912846

They silenced us for Fupa sperging, they silenced us for tit sperging. Trust your intuition, ladies.

No. 1912849

File: 1697167457315.png (121.73 KB, 593x491, gross.png)

No. 1912852

Didn't she also have an endo "flair" directly after fetcon when Shayna crashed with her? Lmao I'm assuming she inevitably gets crabby putting up with Shayna or just wants to avoid her and then says she's just in so much pain

No. 1912855

It's bleak as hell. The hog isn't even in her late 20s. Kiki is over 30 and manages to look significantly better than Shayna ever will.

This might explain why she looks better than Shayna. Kiki can't chug Sutter Home and inhale door dash orders.

No. 1912857

File: 1697169664557.jpeg (536.16 KB, 750x987, IMG_4301.jpeg)

No. 1912858

File: 1697170015035.jpg (1.34 MB, 1293x1668, Tweet.jpg)

Kiki’s Tweet seems to imply they filmed content together. If she’s to be believed, at least 8 clips (?)
I don’t know, she seems to Tweet about them fairly regularly. As much as I’d love to see a “Kiki turns on Shayna” arc, I don’t think we’ll get it. There’s no reason to assume she’s not Shaynaesque herself.

No. 1912860

File: 1697170165227.jpg (465.53 KB, 2048x1536, Mortifying.JPG)

No. 1912862

File: 1697170268175.jpg (536.5 KB, 1536x2048, Stop.JPG)

No. 1912863

>Two trailer park girls go round the outside

No. 1912864

Kiwis stockings are dirty

No. 1912865

File: 1697170819064.jpg (Spoiler Image,561.81 KB, 1536x2048, Necrotic.JPG)

No. 1912866

File: 1697171018283.jpg (Spoiler Image,526 KB, 2048x1536, Forehead. Expressions.JPG)

Birds of a feather.

No. 1912867

File: 1697171076615.jpeg (89.11 KB, 750x639, D828E290-C801-4995-998D-71177F…)

shayna subtweeting and dirty deleting pixie

No. 1912868

File: 1697171100511.jpeg (281.29 KB, 750x722, 8501A38D-A693-430E-98F6-66E298…)


No. 1912869

kek at the raw cones in the frame, dogshit attention to detail. proves they're all just getting high and staring at each other in this hobby lobby ass room. imagine the smell

No. 1912874

File: 1697172327913.png (146.4 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20231012-231204.png)

This was Pixie's response before Shaynus almost immediately deleted. She's such a scary bitch, she can't even handle a simple response like this but wants to vague tweet cunty shit towards her.

No. 1912875

Knockoff baby spice and scary spice

No. 1912878

She does have a point here, whores online will cry over any little thing that might make it so people aren’t accosted with nudes at every turn. They love to play the victim like the world is out to get them just because social media censors nsfw and that might mean less porn addict scrotes to throw 5 bucks at you kek these tards will spout that they’re so rich and successful then one thing happens and they can’t survive anymore. Constant pity parties for the sex worker community, I approve of shay throwing shade and getting in drama over bullshit.

No. 1912881

Shayna don’t even know what “interaction” means

No. 1912882

excuse the almost a-log but I hope she never knows the true terror of a moid sitting on top of you with his arms or hands around your throat knowing you can't get him off and he'll stay there until he's either killed you or made you suffer enough in his eyes

No. 1912884

the best thing to do would be to join the local facebook pages for boulder and post about him there. that'll instantly get the word spread to the community and he wouldn't be able to get any of it deleted himself.(cowtipping)

No. 1912886

Is Kiki actually “dating” Ricky Delgado, of Boulder, Colorado? Did I miss that being uncovered or indicated by her?

No. 1912889

File: 1697175674229.jpg (Spoiler Image,554.11 KB, 2048x2048, 20231013_013547.jpg)

obviously not her size

No. 1912890

Pretty sure those are from that pink cheerleader costume that she has always been too big for

No. 1912910

We don’t know if they’re dating in the traditional sense you and I might use but they’re an “item” (?). She calls him daddy and talks heaps about him like >>>/shay/165459

No. 1912912

File: 1697181245085.png (734.57 KB, 1293x1034, DallasdomStudios - @DarkDallas…)

I stand corrected, they are indeed dating.

No. 1912938

This is a really good idea. Not to encourage cowtipping but ya know

No. 1912976

Kekkkkk, she really cannot handle even the mildest form of confrontation. She probably forgot she used to send Pixie out as her attack dog; girl has zero problem speaking to people directly.

No. 1912987

The 'no cowtipping' rule doesn't exist to shield predatory cows, it's necessary for our site to continue existing. Whatever you do on your own time is your choice, but don't post about it. Any continuation of cowtipping strategies or requests will catch permabans.

No. 1912993

I feel like resting your weary head on Shayna's boobs would result in a comical "KUNNNGGG" sound, like whacking two frying pans together

No. 1912997

thank you. people are getting out of control.

No. 1913000

Based Jannie. If anons wanna dox this moid so badly, there's a (dead) KF thread that they can go wild in.

No. 1913002

If someone comments "how about your spare tire" I'll fucking die.

No. 1913014

File: 1697203699141.jpg (469.58 KB, 1080x1134, Screenshot_20231013_091052.jpg)

No. 1913023

Still so fat.

No. 1913025

Old lady face

No. 1913028

that's not the point Donny was trying to make though. if she hadn't posted this snarky tweet then she would probably have whined about the change once it affected her too. she's just trying to dunk on people complaining about Elon torpedoing his site. I'm actually eager for him to try to ban porn completely, and see the absolute fit Shatna will throw as a result.

No. 1913029

File: 1697206789190.jpeg (1.1 MB, 1025x3618, @onesubbyfemmeboy.JPEG)

This might be Shayna’s “cute lil’ sissy boy”.

No. 1913033

File: 1697206917477.jpg (421.96 KB, 1296x1559, Caged Degenerate .jpg)

He commented this under this previously shared Tweet. Original: >>1912857

No. 1913034

File: 1697206997265.jpg (427.97 KB, 1088x1934, Clown Buffalo Bill.JPG)

I don’t get how she’s not terrified of these freaks. Granted she could seat on this one but still, moid rage.

No. 1913037

i wonder if she even clearly communicated how long she would be at kikis? i feel like staying until next tuesday wasnt the original plan? not that i feel bad for this femmoid but its kinda fucked up if this dude’s junk is getting moldy in some plastic cage while shayna gets high and larps at kiki and is holding his keys hostage.

No. 1913039

File: 1697207442734.jpg (Spoiler Image,88.76 KB, 877x1000, Male Depravity .JPG)

I had never seen a cage before and I was surprised it’s not what I imagined. Picture of a cockless cage under a spoiler.

No. 1913040

i was morbidly curious and googled and found out the average length these freaks keep their dicks locked up is 1-5 weeks with no ill effects and some of the really fucked up ones leave it on for months at a time and one dude said he broke the key and wears it permanently.

No. 1913041

Buffalo Bill IRL

No. 1913043

File: 1697207668367.jpeg (Spoiler Image,59.28 KB, 1000x1000, B5A04175-FCBB-47B4-B5C4-4233E6…)

this plastic one is another popular style i have seen which is why i was imaging it getting soggy and moldy in there

No. 1913044

It's not fucked up at all. More porn sick moids need their dicks locked up in those cages, I hope Shayna loses the key and he's stuck like that forever/has to go to a professional and be publicly embarrassed trying to get it off.

No. 1913052

i have so many questions. cant believe they do this shit for weeks on end. i wouldve assumed they entertain it until he gets his nut for the day and takes it off for regular everyday life and maybe puts it back on next time he sees her so she can ~unlock it~ for the kink. idk, male coombrain is insane

No. 1913058

Girl, 20 years old?

No. 1913059

Wouldn’t they just use a lock cutter lmao you guys are so retarded sometimes

No. 1913106

>feels bad for a coomer

No. 1913117

Wild that she still does the same no effort makeup shes done since she was a teenager. Most people at least improve a bit or change it up every couple years with trends or personal style. Especially with makeup and internet how it is now.
And the weird full combover.
It just looks like teen Shay put an old lady filter over pic kek

No. 1913157

Rough in every way possible.
Im surprised she doesn’t spend her money on Botox and facelifts like those anti-aging tiktok girls

No. 1913171

File: 1697228856572.jpeg (73.92 KB, 828x619, IMG_6206.jpeg)

Idk how many lose the key and have to leave it on "permanently" but lock cutters seem kind of huge and unwieldy. though it is funny to imagine one of these dudes having to rescue their dicks without chopping it off by accident

No. 1913187

two things here:

1) tragic that you can tell she tried super hard here to really go all out glam and look like a super model with her new bolt ons but ended up looking like… that. even when she tries her hardest she looks sickly, greasy, lifeless and bloated .

2) why does she have an airtag attached to her iphone??? does she not realize her phone has a built in tracker?

No. 1913189

File: 1697232482497.jpeg (756.61 KB, 1170x1132, IMG_8534.jpeg)

confirmation kiki doesnt drive as theyre taking an uber right now back to that degenerate adult baby store

No. 1913190

File: 1697232663770.jpeg (1.08 MB, 1170x1487, IMG_8536.jpeg)

No. 1913191

File: 1697232757162.png (9.07 MB, 1170x2532, IMG_8537.png)

Shayna once again looked glazed over in the eyes and has her gut hanging over her pants

No. 1913192

File: 1697233086037.jpeg (298.54 KB, 1170x825, IMG_8538.jpeg)

sensei ricky delgado also has her name in his bio with a heart, they definitely have some sort of a commitment to eachother. but its also weird when kiki came back from fetcon she posting on twitter how she wanted someone to come over and fuck her ass so idk? unless thats when they started dating.

No. 1913193

why does she keep doing that with her hand? it looks giant and is freaking me out

No. 1913195

At least its an upgrade fron that indian guy

No. 1913196

its sad that kiki actually works hard to collab with people and is consistently putting out content but still struggles financially. she cant afford a car, looks like she lives in a bachelor apartment, all her furniture and clothes look like they came from walmart. like why are these women ruining their lives to live in squalor? my only answer is kiki is a drug addict and thats where all her money goes and she stays doing this because its the only way she can make money while being strung out all the time

No. 1913197

Kiki looks cute here. Too bad she’s such a degenerate.

No. 1913198

File: 1697233912228.jpg (289.14 KB, 1290x1670, IMG_2102.jpg)

No. 1913199

Which one of them is this delusional?

No. 1913200

>279.78$ spent on degenerate shit
What a time to be alive.

No. 1913201

I'm just assuming all this shit is in men's sizes and degenerate women just have to size down.

No. 1913209

No. 1913211

No. 1913214

that is really strange they put everything on one bill? who actually fronted the money? also kek at shayna needing XL pajama bottoms

No. 1913215

tinfoil: kiki thinks shayna is too ugly to steal her man and isn’t intimidated by her because shayna is the designated ugly friend. kiki is using shayna to earn brownie points with her moid to show how “totally chill and poly” she is yet she would never share him with a girl she thought was more attractive than her. kiki thinks she’s prettier than shayna.

No. 1913218

>kiki thinks she’s prettier than shayna.
She's not wrong. While she isn't exactly photogenic, she's not the same level of haggard as Shayna. Fatty herself seems to be aware of this because here >>1913189 she filtered her face so hard she barely looks human.

No. 1913219

isn't kiki like under 5 ft?

No. 1913221

>>1913215 she's turning her out. They're getting high and double teaming diaper degenerates and Keeks gets the bigger cut because she's doing the arranging and the hosting

No. 1913225

the coomers, as per usual

No. 1913226

File: 1697237916514.jpg (Spoiler Image,275.16 KB, 1536x2048, 20231013_185730.jpg)

Her hair is so greasy.

No. 1913227

>small top
>extra large bottom
love this delusion from shayna. shes a lorge on top too.

No. 1913228

this is nitpicking. you sound shayphobic tbh

No. 1913231

i think she meant he was going to come home 2 fuck her and shayna was crying because she has no one.
i think this is gonna end up in another failed triangle for shayna.

No. 1913237

File: 1697240314953.jpg (379.67 KB, 1536x2048, wonky leg.jpg)

>[sparkle emoji] hot girls doin hot girl things[sparkle emoji]

No. 1913246

Bet she hasn't showered once on this trip

No. 1913254

I think they both think this way, I think shayna chooses her friends based on who doesn't intimidate her. Keke is older. So regardless how she looks to Shayna that's a +1.I also think there's other reasons why shayna chooses older/black/biracial women to hang with, she thinks she stands out and/or is instantly more attractive. That's why Sophie isn't around shayna. She lost some weight (it looks like from pictures at fatcon) and facially she looks better then shayna & Kiki I wouldn't be surprised if they both feel they are the "pretty" or "prettier" friend. Shayna admitted she gets jealous of her friends and other women.
She hangs with "safe" women for a reason. Women she's safe from comparing herself too because for whatever reason she thinks she's better or on the same level.

No. 1913257

File: 1697242968420.jpg (90.66 KB, 1297x569, ???.jpg)

Shayna and co. make me feel like an alien.

No. 1913276

They forreal be looking like some day walking hookers

No. 1913277

more like tubby girls
Why do you think they buy the cheapest, ugliest clothes? If a man pulls at any of them and tears them, they can easily be replaced. eugh

No. 1913280

she's arguably bigger on her torso area than her freaking hip or legs. she's a triangle. its such an unattractive body type

No. 1913284

File: 1697247157110.jpg (4.13 KB, 179x205, image021.jpg)

Her legs literally look porcine, picrel. Stuffing her fat feet into those ham-colored pig trotters isn't helping the look at all. Also lmao you can tell she's sucking in so hard, her ribcage is like twice the width of her hips here

No. 1913374

Between the two of them, neither has an actual camera for filming?

No. 1913408

Did she bring Noodle with her?

No. 1913414

That's an older photo anon

No. 1913423

>>1913374 nobody wants to see kiki's bald spot or tobacco stained apartment walls in HD. Plus drug addicts generally have a hard time holding on to pricy equipment

No. 1913434

>>1913284 idk how kiki can stand to watch shayna blow out all her hoochie clothes with these try on sessions. Then again most of us learned not to sacrifice our clothes for assuaging the Fat One's feelings in our teens and early 20s. They're both antisocial

No. 1913447

File: 1697283819131.jpeg (46.47 KB, 472x645, IMG_7780.jpeg)


No. 1913477

All I see now. lmao

No. 1913479

At least now Kiki has a reason to beg for new clothes money.

"Wah, I let little big sis borrow some of my clothes and the little prankster took them with her! Ugh, having a little sister is so annoying, can you guys cash app me $250 so I can go on a f21 shopping spree? I'll take private pictures in the dressing room for the first 5 guys to send"

No. 1913498

I wonder if Shayna will start to resent when they part ways and Kiki starts putting out the content they filmed quicker and marketing it more. In a race where they have the exact same content, I can see Kiki making more money off because she seems like more of a hustler than Shayna.

No. 1913509

No. 1913514

Shayna has begged for camera money SO many times over the years. And then proceeded to ‘decide to buy __’ instead. Although I swear I remember her implying that she actually did get one ages ago she loses and breaks expensive electronics like no ones business. (I.e. the infamous MacBook rolling tray).

No. 1913521

Sage for OT. But I hate this “shay only hangs out with biracial people because she stands out more” girl. Stop. Literally most biracial people have the favorable facial features and bodies to outshine any Eurocentric woman. Y’all are so racist on here without knowing it and it’s so embarrassing,(racesperging)

No. 1913522

i think theyre implying that shayna is the racist one

No. 1913525

Literally the anon that typed out that “shay outshines the biracial girls” is the racist.
Just because she’s worked with more biracial women than white women doesn’t make her racist. So should she start working with whites exclusively? GTFO with that racism shit.

No. 1913537

File: 1697304652556.jpg (Spoiler Image,206.68 KB, 960x960, Rebel_bag__32461.jpg)

here is what "rebel" diapers look like if anyone else was curious
this shit is retarded lol

No. 1913554

Yeah I understood it as shat is racist and thinks black women aren’t attractive compared to her. As in Shay thinks she outshines black women some how? But I mean pop off racewar anon

No. 1913556

I can't unsee it. kek at the farmhand misunderstanding.

That's how I understood that post. Several other anons, including myself have already pointed out that no matter what Shayna thinks of herself, Kiki is the better looking of the two.

No. 1913558

I made the post and I clearly said that I feel that's what SHAYNA feels. Everyone she hangs with, takes picture with are a certain type. She very insecure and has admitted she compares herself to them.
Every single woman she's surrounded herself since chubby have been
>chubby/not thin
>if nice shape older(Keke. Lady from that spanking company).
Maybe I'm wrong but I can't help but view her friendship through the lense of "who makes shayna feel less insecure, who makes shayna feel on their level or above it."
And I don't care I still think shayna deciding to make two biracial women her "besties" has other layers to it.To fight the racist rumors and because she may view everything as aesthetic. "I'm the blonde white girl and she's the curly haired black girl!"I could be wrong. No I'm not saying that it's MY opinion shayna stands out because she's white. I've just seen a lot of women like shayna who seem to view every relationship as competition or comparing
I think Keke and Sophie look way better than shayna.

No. 1913560

I wish you'd read. I'm also black, I explained what I meant. Again, every single relationship in shayna life seems to be put into porn categories/"who makes me feel better than them or on the same level". I shouldn't have even brought race into it I thought Nonas would understand what I mean.

No. 1913576

Nah, I'm black too and I knew what you meant. Shayna grew up on Tumblr when everyone worshipped pale white girls and Asian women, so it wouldn't surprise me at all if she internalised that. And then like >>1913558 said, she's so dedicated to everything being "aesthetic," I could definitely see her making race a deciding factor in who she latches on to.

No. 1913618

wish farmhands were capable of understanding context, jfc

No. 1913653

So did she buy that cow diaper cover or was she just baiting the farms?

Kiki seems like a good tard wrangler. That of course means she has to let fattie destroy her clothes and give her uppers. I remember the Vivi saga. Shay didn't pack any outfits and just wanted to watch Disney films and mix Xannies with alcohol. Shayna has no working moral so she needs to be managed (wrangled) to accomplish anything.

No. 1913675

>>1913558 shay seemed like the exact kind of idiot teenager who considered herself an "old soul" who got along better with older people (like groomers and chicks with total freedom but low opportunity) and felt less misunderstood by them, and the gravitating to biracial women is an extension of that. Shayna has WILLINGLY landed herself in a grim lifestyle despite the abundance of privilege that her demographical pedigree afforded her and that's probably hard to explain to mid-to-pretty chicks her own age who have/had no other options, ever.

No. 1913680

It'd be funny though

No. 1913681

I know it's been repeated ad nauseam but Shat's straight ass thick nails here kek. I would love to be a fly on the wall whenever she gets a new set done

No. 1913685

Definitely don't think he is actually wearing it until he sees her again. He probably has his own key

No. 1913686

actually 2 weeks if you sort by most recent

No. 1913709

this is all I could see too lmao. justice for nonny

No. 1913715

lmao what is with this completely misguided spergout? are you an onlyfans camwhore too? would explain the stupidity.

No. 1913728

File: 1697339552841.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.47 MB, 1290x1997, IMG_2138.jpeg)

No. 1913729

File: 1697339581892.jpeg (1.26 MB, 1290x1428, IMG_2139.jpeg)

No. 1913757

Buying the pyjamas there was such a typical ewhore waste of money. They don't even look particularly pedo-pandery so why not buy something cheap like their actual street clothes (all Amazon/Shein tat?). I know I shouldn't complain about something not looking pedo-y, kek, I'm just always triggered by Donny's spending habits.

No. 1913769

Every time she or some other pedopandering ABDL freak calls it a “”””paci”””” I want to alog so intensely that it burns. Imagine being so degenerate you don’t see a problem sexualizing something for infants smh. The diapers are bad enough but it’s the pacifier shit that really just enrages me.

No. 1913774

When I see these ugly adults in diapers I don't think of babies, but senile, incontinent 80 year olds in a nursing home. Shayna is close to that.

No. 1913775

File: 1697348095700.png (360.98 KB, 1293x1021, Update.png)


No. 1913779

Sometimes I feel for Shayna and then I remember she wears diapers to turn on men…

No. 1913780

File: 1697350824380.jpeg (Spoiler Image,411.09 KB, 828x701, IMG_1317.jpeg)

Is this shat?

No. 1913781

File: 1697350845943.jpeg (Spoiler Image,125.11 KB, 1080x1080, IMG_1318.jpeg)

No. 1913793

I can tell by the greasy hair and the side profile. That is shat. For some reason I am shocked she’s even doing anything with Kiki’s moid

No. 1913794

Yes, you can see her bracelets. Also she only fit 1/4” of the chode in her mouth so you know for sure it’s her.

No. 1913800

Im disgusted that a store like this actually exists and isn't the target of arson or bricks to put it out of business.
Also im so cringed out imagining the lyft ride they took to get there.

No. 1913802

The bitch with the big full ostomy bag would love this

No. 1913803

Yet was appalled and crying assault for Vivis moid suggesting it. Also dusgusting theyre all sharing that dick back to back and doubt anyone has brought up proof of clear sti tests.

No. 1913804

She looks like such a hog jfc porky, wide bitch. I wonder if she actual did piv or just the tit fuck and bj. Disgusting regardless. Cant wait for her to catch a disease (not to alog)

No. 1913826

She has NEVER once in her life called diapers ‘dips’.

No. 1913827

Well Kiki’s hair pillow seems to be in better shape than shays dingy, filthy cam decor. Maybe she brushes it…

No. 1913829

How often do you reckon these hoes change or wash their fucking linens and pillows they film getting fucked on? Even though she probably never washed any of it but in comparison, the separate room and cam bed seemed much less vile to make videos on but the fact that she does it on her regular bed and apparently so does Kiki just makes my fucking skin crawl. Call me ocd but I don’t really even like wearing my ‘outside clothes’ (if you will) on and definitely not under what I consider my intimate sheets and bedding.

No. 1913830

Let’s be real, Shayna 100% only has one set of sheets that we all know never gets washed. Look at that ancient star blanket that used to be her bed on the floor. What a sad existence, my god.

No. 1913833

This looks like it could be Vivi's grubby hovel. These whores are getting passed around more than that scream mask and it doesn’t not seem to be the luxurious lifestyle they all try to disassociate it into….

No. 1913836

His tiny chode really is like 3 inches long lmao and he’s out here acting like some kind of dominant porn god I can’t. That gut, that weird body shape, and to top it all off the cocktail weenie. Topkek.

No. 1913844

File: 1697367894761.jpeg (81.27 KB, 1170x607, IMG_1208.jpeg)

3 inches and she gags on the tip of it, she really is terrible at everything

No. 1913850

Honestly, I don't blame her. I can't even begine to imagine sucking on a disgusting, smelly chode. It must be an awful experience.

No. 1913855

>>1913829 the answer is "not often enough". Whatever they're doing to enhance or color balance their skin always ends up accidentally showcasing how foul the environment is. Everything is so fucking dingy and tinged with a layer of yellow gray or brown.

No. 1913857

I couldn’t even recognize her her body is so fat and rolly

No. 1913883

How do you think the talk went with the kiddos that have farmers for parents? Like "Son, We cant go back to Sensei Rickys Dojo anymore.."
Oooh i bet the based parents are gonna be pissed.

No. 1913898

Imagine being a "porn star" since you were 18 and owning multiple big ass dildos but a girl coming home from the club a little tipsy could probably give head ten times better than you, the professional whore.


I feel like the average farmer lives better than these cows. Living in a tiny studio isn't out of the norm for this generation, but Kiki's place looks like a scummy run down extended stay motel with a room theme of "pink and fun".

No. 1913900

He has two different accounts: @MasterDallasDom and @DarkDallasDom

No. 1913909

Lol this reminded me of Shayna's gross star blanket… I don't think she has it anymore.

No. 1913957

as of a few months ago she still did have it

No. 1914035

File: 1697400085883.jpg (791.27 KB, 1041x1538, Screenshot_20231015_155828.jpg)

Reinforcing the parody porn idea

No. 1914039

Wouldnt the purpose be to get it to squirt? Because you got it to "cum" faster therefore indicating better handy skills? Obviously not actually. But the game doesnt make sense.

No. 1914040

why would they buy this

No. 1914049

File: 1697401777738.jpeg (414.85 KB, 717x1686, IMG_6358.jpeg)

Oh it’s a drinking game.

No. 1914055

Oh ok. Still retarded but I guess that makes a bit more sense with the games tagline

No. 1914105

It’s one of those gag gifts you can get for bachelorette parties at Spencer’s.. or has the vibes. Her “porn” is just parody porn at this point tbh

No. 1914137

$60 for this absolute garbage
>be declared the fasted w@*ker

No. 1914151

it's actually so sad that this product is advertised to be used for bachelorette parties or "other fun-filled events" but nobody is marrying these bitches nor does shat ever get invited to parties so there's this image of these two recording themselves on an ipad using it in a quiet dingy room to sell for rent and drug money

No. 1914206

File: 1697424244652.jpg (Spoiler Image,470.21 KB, 2048x2048, Lumbar lordosis.jpg)

>the hot bully u always had a crush on [two hearts emoji] [sparkle emoji]

No. 1914207

what in the man ass

No. 1914211

>the 30 y/o who was casted as a high school student

No. 1914218

Is one of her nipples showing out the underneath of her shirt on one side but not the other? Literal botched. And I hate the uh oh stinky meme but that second picture is literally it. She always makes this face, why?

No. 1914228

I'm amazed that number 1, this is $60 and number 2, anyone would spend that sort of money on it.

No. 1914255

kek there is some questionable clone tool/smoothing going on in the legs/hank hill ass. Not sure why she even tried when she wont even attempt to smooth out those forehead lines

No. 1914262

Her right tit is so fucking red… honestly this is one of the sloppiest photoshoots she's had in a while, and that's saying something. Like, her face looks so particularly retarded that I'm inclined to agree with the tinflilers that think she meets up with Kiki to get pills.

No. 1914292

On the website it goes for about 29.95 usd

No. 1914295

tinfoil. this is the locker room at [REDACTED] own by sensei ricky delago

No. 1914296

I thought the same exact thing.

No. 1914297

same anon. they're obviously gym lockers and if you look closely it looks like theres stickers on the lockers with kids names

No. 1914303

Would be a funky development but unfortunately you can see it's just a fabric backdrop if you look towards the floor. Sorry to crumple the tinfoil.

No. 1914304

It’s at Kiki’s next to her pink couch

No. 1914306

Damn it, nonna! I feel dumb now. Lol. Kiki has the weirdest shit in her house.

No. 1914314

I have noticed that since she’s been with Kiki in certain photos it looks like she has lip gloss on at least. Kiki making this girl put in the most effort she’s ever put into her “career”

No. 1914482

It's a backdrop, you can see the folds on the fabric because none of these cheap hoes own an iron.

No. 1914487

Unfortunately, with the type of porn she does it makes sense she owns these sorts of props. They're both bottom feeding scum but at least Kiki actually somewhat knows how to build a set in order to placate a nasty ass fantasy.

No. 1914524

There is something so unbelievably weird and sad about wearing the peanut eye ghost face mask without the rest of the costume… The way the little hood flaps hang down from his party city mask without any cloak attached just makes him look sort of like a greyhound dog in profile or maybe a saluki. And with Shayna at the bottom looking like a uncooked chicken breast in a greasy wig giving the world’s saddest toothy blowjob, who would even jack off to this shit

No. 1914602

Right, it's been red for a while. Infection saga when?

No. 1914604

No, its her inflamed infected tit that she refuses to get antibiotics for. The redness is infection, not a nipple lol. God her boobs really are botched.

No. 1914605

Uh pls dont ban me, my fingers were too fast. I put sage in the subject not email. My bad!!! Saged again for retardation.

No. 1914614

File: 1697484199794.png (793.92 KB, 1080x1702, Screenshot_20231016-152218.png)

Both Kiki and Dallas dork have privated their accounts.

No. 1914615

think one of them finally checked here and saw he got identified?

No. 1914616


tinfoil: the person who cowtipped got him in trouble.

No. 1914626

Her boobs are gray and red, I wonder what they're going to look like a year from now. Shouldn't bimbos at least be competent at caring for their "assets"? I feel like a ~real~ sex worker who has to pay for her augmentations herself would absolutely not let her boobs get this bad. Just shows, yet again, how privileged Shayna is.

No. 1914631

I hope some of you nonas have screenshotted proof of the disgusting captions and plot lines of Ricky Delgado’s porn. He is going to delete the evidence of his porn career and pretend it never happened.

No. 1914634

Also my tinfoil. It's Monday and he's likely back at work or has been contacted by the co-owner/has seen it himself if they have joint access to the email. megakek. Right now they're probably sleuthing trying to figure out the leak and Kiki knows it's us.

No. 1914639

Play stupid games, win stupid prizes. All of these degenerates Shay works with say they don’t give a shit about this site and her “haturzz” until it actually affects them. I hope they both drop her like a fat sack of shit

No. 1914643

The shaytists have you covered in the sleuth thread

No. 1914661

lmaooo. you know its bad when a whore goes private (considering showing rotting holes on twitter is kinda their bread & butter)

No. 1914668

File: 1697489422346.png (Spoiler Image,2.63 MB, 1240x3036, Ricky_Delgado_Front_Range_Judo…)

These are some of the simulated child porn videos that pedophile Ricky Delgado of [REDACTED] in Boulder, CO has starred in. They feature diapers and pacifiers.

No. 1914679

kiki is probably pissing herself thinking her real name might be doxxed too. does anyone have that cap of shayna saying dont get into sex work if you dont want people finding out? because that is how she REALLY feels. deep down she doesnt care they if they are outed, and probably feels like they “deserve it” because it happened to her. wouldnt be shocked if she pulls a social repose and brings out the “you were warned about me!”

No. 1914683

good lord that actually makes me feel better. I can't even dare to imagine the level of degeneracy one needs to have to do something so nefarious

No. 1914685

File: 1697491475584.jpeg (866.75 KB, 1170x1338, IMG_8583.jpeg)

and here comes shayna with the love bombing and sucking up. first time i seen her mention doing something FOR kiki and shes been there like over a week on Kiki’s dime?

No. 1914686

and yet she still wants someone else to cover it. whats the point of selling your soul for money if you cant use your own money to do something nice for friends and family?

No. 1914688

is Sensei Ricky Delgado of [REDACTED] in Boulder, CO also in diapers in the second pic?!

No. 1914690

Sensei Ricky Delgado of [REDACTED] in Boulder, CO is indeed wearing a nappy in that screenshot. Dirty pedophile

No. 1914691

how do you even spend $40 at dunkin between 2 people..?

No. 1914693

Has anyone considered that this man may not be a predator and he is fired lolcow is directly negatively and actively affective the lives and joy of children? Ricky interacts with a ton of kids and is a mentor to them, they kids love Ricky, why sabotage a safe space for children? Look at this man and tell me he doesn’t love mentoring those kids! I mean, it is kind of fucked up he goes home after and makes Kiki pretend to be a little kid and treats her the same way he does he students when she goes into “little space”. I honestly don’t think he is a predator or those kids are in danger, but he was INCREDIBLY STUPID to think he could maintain a career with children while being an “anonymous sex pest” where he does DDLG content. I do feel bad these kids are going to lose a friend and “cool older guy” to look up to, some of these kids may not have a dad and he’s showing them a “good male influence”. People CAN separate sex from work but thats more reserved for personal pleasures. Would the farms have doxxed him if he was not making money off sex work and we just found out him and partner like DDLG in their spare time in their private home not exposing others and both are consenting? Or would yall still think he deserves his livelihood terminated?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1914695

File: 1697492320880.jpg (615.06 KB, 1080x1423, is a whore eat whore world.jpg)

here you go nonny and it was only 28 days ago too.

No. 1914698

What is this cope? This has to be Kiki or shat or something because no one should feel bad for this degenerate moid. These children will be better off with a teacher who doesn’t shoot porn in his free time.

No. 1914699

I wish he could get fired but sadly Sensei Ricky Delgado of [REDACTED] in Boulder, CO who makes paedophile adjacent porn, abuses women on camera and has paid raped women owns the place.

No. 1914700

Any further attempts to dox or cowtip Kiki, Ricky, or anyone else Shayna-adjacent will result in serious long-term bans. Repeat offenders will be permanently banned. Encouraging cowtipping/doxxing or reposting screenshots featuring it will also result in long bans. This includes /shay/. It is against the site rules for a reason. It is not to protect the cows, it is to protect us. We have already had to change domain name registrar this year because repeated threats of legal action against us were sent to them, and they dropped us with very short notice after deciding we were more trouble than we were worth.

We will lock the thread and remove /shay/ entirely if it continues to attract behaviour that puts the site at risk.

No. 1914701

is a shitposter nonny, just having fun, don't mind the retard too much

No. 1914702

Where was this energy for slack and womack?

No. 1914704

thaaankk you. holy shit. the whole ricky derail is not fun for shayna regulars. there are 1-3 anons pushing this and they get aggressive if you call them out saying youre defending ricky. its fucking dumb and ruining the thread. glad to see long term consequences

tired of seeing this shit too. the thread neeever acted like this and derailed this long attempting to dox someone shayna-adjacent. show me proof that of shaytards matching the same energy they have this ricky dude as they did with others and you can continue to push their narrative, but you wont. yall used that excuse to get away with getting his name but thats where it ends. if you wanna continue to crusade go do it on your own time off site and stop risking lolcow over a vendetta to some dude you have a hate boner over

No. 1914705

Shaytards didn’t call Womack’s or Slack’s places of employment.
A Shaytard contacted Ricky’s place of employment.

No. 1914706

NTA but the most obvious reason that anons have reacted differently about Ricky is because he works with children.

No. 1914710

Mike Slack was subbed to his own daughter’s OnlyFans and gifted her sex toys for content. He is just as vile as Ricky Delgado AND still actively lines Shayna’s pockets.

Also a bit early but can next thread title be “Enter Ricky Delgado’s Dojo” or something like that?

No. 1914711

thats valid but is also reason for why people should stop saying “where was this energy to not dox _______” when its clear they’re going way harder on this guy than any other. Its just another excuse to shut down any nona who doesnt want to crusade. There’s plenty of pedos and gross moids out there, and plenty of places to discuss and dox them. We come here to laugh at Shayna accidentally get shit on her dildo, gain 30 pounds a year and fail at yet another relationship.

No. 1914712

If he cared that much about his business he wouldn't of risked it all to get his dick wet inside fat twitter sex workers. He knows that making pedo adjacent DDLG content would harm his business which is why he tried to hide his identity. What he's doing isn't vanilla PIV porn, it's simulated child abuse. It doesn't matter what how it's rationalized, that's how ordinary people and especially parents, will see it.


Ever since she filmed the rape porn on her balcony opposite a high school, anons have been absolutely rabid. It started happening around the time she got involved with Shane Sonnier so maybe it's one of his wolf pack trying to get back at her by using LC to hide their identity.

No. 1914714

thank you. i hope ricky and kiki somehow see this sentiment because you know damn well she aint expressing this opinion to them ATM

No. 1914716

Ricky's Mojo Dojo Casa House KEK

No. 1914719

This isn’t as funny as entering Ricky Delgados dojo

No. 1914721

NTA but Womack is a retarded hillbilly and didnt seem very into Shats diaper pedo porn and probably is a rigger or something that wouldn't place him around children.
And Mike Slack definitely has been called out by location and the trucking company he works for or by before because hes an incest pedo creep who subscribed to his own daughters OF and bought her sex toys. And other pics showed him around children. So thats why anons dug a little deeper. But yes it wasnt as documented and logged here.

No. 1914722

It should be entering Ricky Delgados Mojo Dojo Casa House because of the dojo thing but also because Shaynus is so retarded about Barbie. Its a Barbie Movie reference and relevant to her vising Kiki and her degenerate moid

No. 1914723

These kids are privileged enough to be taking judo lessons from delgado, they don’t need a male role model bad enough to need a porn addicted sw scrote

No. 1914728

File: 1697495096366.png (919.97 KB, 847x544, SPED (1).png)

he looks like moses hacmon's down syndrome little brother

No. 1914730

He also follows sex workers and strippers on his Judo business’s Instagram page (which is full of pictures of children). He did this to himself honestly.

No. 1914732

File: 1697495348278.png (667.7 KB, 673x436, doofydelgado.png)

No. 1914734

He really has no one to blame but himself. He should have went to therapy for his porn addiction when his wife left him. Wait he did he just didn’t do any of the subsequent work like others fighting addiction have to, like accountability for his actions, perhaps now he can. But probably not he’ll probably just blame other people. Worst part is he’ll just law low for a bit and people will forget and move on and he’ll probably still have a business which is the true crime.

No. 1914738

she feels this way solely because she wants other people to be in the same miserable situation as her- she views everything in terms of not fair/she deserves more

No. 1914739

damn. none of us were smart enough to follow ricky or kiki before they locked down their shit?

No. 1914742

File: 1697497206568.png (174.03 KB, 346x227, whosshayna.png)

No. 1914743

File: 1697497485383.jpeg (589.77 KB, 750x1086, IMG_4317.jpeg)

No. 1914744

thank you admin, i hope tippers dont cause any more trouble for you guys. i think keeping this site up is more important than trying to take this guy who barely interacted with shayna down. its also derailing the thread and really annoying. we're here for shayna.

No. 1914745

shayna looks like she has been crying

No. 1914747

oh great, another scrote who will probably stop being relevant in two-four months but will forever be mentioned because nonas think it actually affects these people when they are constantly mentioned in these threads long after they stop talking to Shayna.

No. 1914748

kikis sex room

No. 1914749

isn't against the rules to show your tits on tiktok?

No. 1914750

How about this. If i was a mom with my kid going to his judo place, i would want to know. And i would NOT want my kid going near him. I think his clients have a right to know this stuff and if they choose to proceed, so be it. But a porn sick man should never be near kids in my opinion.

I agree with the posts speculating this is one of the cows because of all places for someone to have sympathy for a porn sick man, this is the last place i would expect.

No. 1914753

File: 1697498566663.png (13.13 KB, 726x123, dayum.png)

Posted in /shay/. Dayuum. Never forget the Ricky Manhunt of October 2023. I WAS THERE.

No. 1914754

Kek, stupid fucking cowtipping nonnies. Like seriously, if youre gonna cowtip, quietly email the fucking parents and say nothing about it on here. Some people…

No. 1914756

Anyone else getting the vibe that someone from the Ricky Delgado camp contacted the admin at lolcow? Feels like the mods are getting extra pressure to shut down the ricky stuff? they even deleted the pic of his IG >>1914693 with no redtext. It could even be Kiki? She is somewhat versed in cyber stuff, maybe she hired someone or involved legal stuff and they contacted the farms with a cease and desist? Ricky Delgado actually managed to scared the lolcow mods… wow…

No. 1914757

Like lul, whats gonna happen? the cyber police shuts down lolcow for exposing a pedophile?

No. 1914758

farmhand is currently deleting all ricky pics from the site

No. 1914759

samefag, hadn't read the rest of the thread first. Based mods. Also I was very wrong.
I mean, the way farmers are going out of their way to find people in Shayna's life is weird. Not saying any of these people are good but the whole point of the farms is to observe. We're not moral crusaders, we're supposed to watch the shitshow. I'm sorry this kinkster works with children but unless the bleeding heart team is going to dox every pedo alive it's not doing a lot.
…And apparently the farms finally found someone with enough money or willpower to shut us up.

No. 1914763

bet they got it delivered since neither of them have a car

No. 1914765

The femcels on here saw the one good picture of him that got posted early on, lost their minds over Shay finally being involved with who they believed to be a conventionally attractive man for once, and haven't shut up since. There's been plenty of very questionable dudes in Shay's life over the years but because this one has muscles that looked prominent in one pic the autism is off the charts

No. 1914767

Thats a hot take. Also could have been a mother who is disgusted at the idea of him being around kids. I dont think anyone is pressed that shay found a meat head…. ugly meat heads are a dime a dozen kek.

No. 1914770

This is the most loser scrote brained take of all time, dude was ugly as fuck and his body was nasty. I’m pretty sure the majority of anons were upset he works with kids and does simulated child rape but you’re entitled to your opinion kek

No. 1914772

Genuinely asking- all of this was found from things he posted. This is all from public accounts. Why is it getting removed? Not shit stirring, asking because I’m not clear why this is any different from Shays name and home state being found (or any other cow) other than the fact that he works directly with children. I know no doxing is a rule, but everything posted was out there, posted by him? We didn’t followed porn accounts on his business instagram. It had to be found, but so does anything else.

No. 1914773

I agree with you, nona.

No. 1914774

Just bc you want to fuck pedo baby carrot dick doesnt mean the rest of us do

No. 1914775

Probably wouldn't have been removed if the idiots in the thread didn't overdo it with trying to make the thread into a Ricky doxing thread. Like not everyone wants to see 50 photos of this chode. Never thought I'd be wishing to see Mayochup again.

No. 1914776

File: 1697501052526.png (55.3 KB, 1132x494, Untitled.png)

All mentions of his workplace are now being censored ITT. I didn't have the effort to screenshot them all but there was at least 17 instances. What the hell lmao

No. 1914779

Ngl my dumb ass thought he was physically attractive until the real pictures came in, but I was just surprised, not any sort of other weirdo femcel feeling

No. 1914780

something is happening behind the scenes and admin/farmhands can't talk about it or else it'll validate the tippers. you bitches finally went too far this time.

No. 1914781

You all were getting overboard with this one, though. If 20 posts in a row are someone’s dox (fucking annoying, by the way) of course that puts the admins in hot water and makes lc seem like a strictly harassment campaign-based website, vs someone ocasionally saying “dogfucker dawn” Or “fupa from bumfuck Oklahoma”.

No. 1914782

Oh noooo I guess the damage is done anyways what else has Shay eaten today

No. 1914783

i'm not annoyed by the mods doing what they have to do, but im annoyed that ricky is probably showboating to shayna and kiki and shayna is probably giggling like a tard saying she's never seen anyone make a difference like that before.

No. 1914784

>Doxing a pedo is too far

Honestly why does this site care so much this time? countless people have been doxed here and nobody gave a shit before, but this faggot is an exception? This faggot that works with children while pretending to fuck children?

No. 1914785

Kiki is degenerate trash but Shaynus should take notes. Kiki has a ton of lingerie that probs actually fits her and has it all hung up, has shoes she wears and has them displayed in stead of piled up getting musty in the bottom of a closet. And her sex toys are on hooks and shelfing, not tacked directly to the wall

No. 1914786

While yeah it was pretty annoying it didn't seem any weirder to me than the ten thousand mentions of Kyle Nathan Perkins of Tulsa, OK or the Mike Slack shit. This reaction feels different, I wonder if Ricky lawyered up or something.

No. 1914789

You saw what happened to kiwifarms and can’t understand why lolcow couldn’t possibly survive being labeled as a doxing website? It’s not related to morality. Read >>1914700 again, retard.

No. 1914790

Agreed, it was all public info. The idiot doxed himself with a pop socket kek. The only thing I'm thinking is that the business is threatening legal action (which probably wouldn't hold up in court lbr) and the admins think it's more trouble than it's worth keeping his pics and info on the site.

No. 1914793

I am not the cowtipper or doxxer fwiw, and I don’t think anyone should post any tipping let alone coordinate it, but it still stands… all of this was posted by him, it’s not untrue that he works with kids and posts pedophilic sexual content

No. 1914798

Yeah, if he didn't wanna be doxxed he shouldn't have used his work's pop socket while posting his degenerate shit, should have cropped his photos on fetlife better, and shouldn't have posted the same pic of his leg surgery to his personal Facebook and to his sex work twitter. If he really wanted to keep the two separate he should have tried harder. Sucks to suck, Ricky. I feel zero sympathy.

No. 1914799

He’s probably threatening legal action. I can’t imagine why else because mods left the posts up for like a week. Only now, right after they locked down their twitters probably because a lawyer told them to stfu, is everything being deleted

No. 1914800

tinfoil: shayna is scared of ricky and he acts abusive towards kiki. he is going nuclear and yelling and throwing stuff. shayna wants to go home because his raised voice is reminding her fupa. i'm scared for shayna.(concern trolling)

No. 1914801

Thank you Jannies and admin. This shit was too damn far and took up most of the thread. I am in awe you haven’t went ahead with permabans. The scrote isn’t why we are here. The cow tipping planning on thread is retarded. You guys know enough about lolcow etiquette to know what you are doing. This isn’t protecting him. It’s protecting lolcow.
This could lead to them fully removing Shay as a subject. No /shay/. No threads at all. Maybe /shay/ should just redirect to the rules page for a while or be taken down.
Can we get back to the hog?
When does she LEAVE Kiki’s anyway?

No. 1914802

she said she's leaving tuesday. so tomorrow.

No. 1914805

And then Aruba in December. Wew

No. 1914806

kek is the site administation really worried nobody ricky who works in a dojo is going to be able to take down the site bc people are posting public info he posted himself online?

No. 1914808

looks like they're just tired of having to defend the shaytists kek more trouble than it's worth it seems

No. 1914809

reading between the lines, looks like that one anon who posted a draft email to Front Range Judo actually sent it and either ricky read it and freaked, or someone from his team read it and forwarded it to him. i wonder if he is friends with a lawyer who gave him quick advice on how to contact the janny and drafted him some legal bullshit on a letter.

No. 1914810

I bet Sensei Ricky and co. started sending some fake ass legal cease and desist things to the admins and/or submitting DMCA/copyright-type claims. That's why they're censoring his retarded business name. I've seen mods on other sites go full retarded because they think these fake ass "I'm sending the internet police" style threats are legit and get scared.

No. 1914811

Even if his case is nothing if he paid for a lawyer, admins would likely have to lawyer up too or risk the site being shut down and jumping through hoops. Ricky isn’t exactly made of money but maybe he got a cheap lawyer. I don’t think lolcow has money for legal action whatsoever, there’s not even money to improve the shitty servers

No. 1914812

File: 1697502571485.png (32.8 KB, 637x340, ez.png)

not hard to find email

No. 1914813

the dojo's insta has a recent pic of someone they call their official lawyer, kek.

No. 1914816

Makes you wonder if this isn't the first time he's been found out

No. 1914817

i don't see it.. deleted?

No. 1914818

No way this jabroni with his fat gut has the money for a real lawyer kek

No. 1914819

File: 1697502791464.png (155.12 KB, 314x256, dingle.png)

No its the post with this jabroni in it. this is the faggot who is trying to take down lolcow. kek.

No. 1914821

kek he doesn't have the money. he just got this rookie wanker >>1914819 to write a cease and desist in return for a free class with sensei ricky delgado.

No. 1914822

kek I'm cackling nonnie. Imagining these soy boys in their McDojo copy/pasting boilerplate lawyer words and sending it to the jannies all weekend.

No. 1914823

No. 1914824

I don't know if she'd be buying dunkins for Kiki and taking selfies together if retard ricky was in the middle of a moid rage moment but if I were her I'd be outta there ASAP kek cannot imagine being the reason why two of your "work" colleagues had to shut down their main sources of income temporarily, no doubt they're pissed even if they aren't saying anything to Shay about it.

No. 1914825

No. 1914828

>did you get caught being a degenerate? Call the law offices of dingle and dingle now for your free consultation

No. 1914830

File: 1697503283944.png (95.18 KB, 586x759, STOP BULLYING ME.png)

No. 1914831

anon topkek

No. 1914832

No. 1914833

holy shit my sides

No. 1914834

OT but does anyone know where to buy this kind of LED mirror?

No. 1914835

KEKKK this is a work of art

No. 1914836

It’s such a weird projection to say that the original anons who doxxed him are femcels and think he’s attractive, I’m one of the original retards and I dont find him attractive? I’m also married with a child. Some people just don’t like egotistical scrotes nonny. He was hiding his identity because he works with children, when his dojo fails he’ll probably try to teach again. Wanting to know his identity is not the same as cowtipping which I’ve done none of. Why should people like this have the pro ledge of anonymity? The reason this scrotes identity and dox has been so talked about is because it’s controversial half of you don’t want us to identify or talk about him and your reasons are always like “ree this thread is about Shayna” but what has the Queen cow done lately? If we all had to sit back and watch you all sperg about vivi for months this should be fine.

No. 1914839

File: 1697503941415.png (2.66 MB, 978x3421, What happened Shayna.png)

this dude is probably reading the thread and capping everything.

No. 1914840

what gets me is the hypocrisy going on. correct me if i'm wrong but all of this info was public, was it not? we've seen FAR worse autism from farmers in the past that was allowed to stay up, so why is this the one moid who gets protected? admins and jannies should at least admit if there's something going on behind the scenes, otherwise they're just cowards by protecting degenerate moids like this.

No. 1914841

Seriously- he posted about thinking it was hot students want to fuck their teachers. He tried to hide it for a reason- he knows it’s wrong. Not my fault he did it while owning a business.

No. 1914842

It really is a shame. I feel bad for the children he’s around, I’m a mother and id want to know if my sons teacher was doing shit like this. Beyond that I’m bummed that he’ll get to continue living his life with 0 consequences for his actions. It is a little funny that today is his birthday and this is what he’s doing kek.

No. 1914843

It’s simple, he (or someone on his behalf) contacted the Admin. From the rules:
> You can contact the administrator at admin@lolcow.farm for any questions, suggestions, or comments.
> Furthermore, do not report or email me about a thread or post with the expectation of it being deleted unless it violates one of the rules.
A good chunk of the rules from 3 onward were broken.

No. 1914844

Mods - are we allowed to make a Ricky Delgado thread in /snow/ to continue the Ricky discussion? You made him his own cow with this deleting content drama.

No. 1914845

File: 1697504500080.png (26.26 KB, 275x217, 1680364976759.png)

Exhibit B, your honor

No. 1914846

I mean I guess
It’s just a bummer.
Also. wtf has Shayna not even tried this?

No. 1914847

My sides nonny

No. 1914848

since you're such a stickler for rules-

>3.1 No street addresses, phone numbers, or places of employment, unless the subject has published that information publicly on their social media.


the cowtippers should be banned, sure. but why does his information gets censored if he himself is posting it publicly?

No. 1914850

I wonder if Ricky's shyster lawyer demanded Shayna's threads be deleted or something crazy? And the compromise was deleting all the Front Range Judo stuff instead?

No. 1914851

Your reading comprehension is shit. Kek if you had paid attention you would know that none of the info that was dug up and being posted was anything he posted himself on a PUBLIC SOCAIL MEDIA account. A work website is not a social media account. He even censored his face to prevent this stuff… i hate this stupid moid as much as the next nona but rules is rules.

No. 1914853

My faggot client's McDojo is copyrighted and if you don't take it down then we'll sue you and the NEET jannies with zero experience talking to bozos in law school said "yes sir right away sir"

No. 1914855

A lot of stuff was found on his public Facebook but yeah I guess I don’t think anons needs to litigate against each other Ricky has no case and he can go broke and loose his dojo if he wants whatever

No. 1914856

Anon were your parents brother and sister? Go to Ricky's Facebook page right now and tell me the first thing listed. It's not lolcow's fault he's shit at hiding his identity kek.

No. 1914857

I was just pointing out why I think he was being “protected” which I don’t think he is. If you wanted to be super anal, it could be argued that he didn’t publish his name or workplace in his @masterdallasdom and @dallasdom studios accounts and they were merely linked to his real name, Ricky Delgado, so the rule applies. It’s the same reason why Shayna’s family aren’t posted (except that picture of her dad which she posted herself on her Twitter)
Where in his accounts associated with Shayna did he mention his name or workplace? Show us, Nona. Just because they were linked to him after sleuthing doesn’t mean he shared them in said accounts.

No. 1914861

2 very genuine questions anons please help me understand
1. Why does a dojo need an in house lawyer? Shouldn’t most competitive sports like this have generalized waivers for competitions and participation?
2. Why is Richard “Ricky” Delgado so pressed to keep this all buried if he’s not some sort of child predator? I know a lot of you will say it has potential to ruin his business but it doesn’t? A few anons messaged a few people it’s not like someone went to the Boulder news. He may have lost a few students but his business would have most likely been unaffected.
my tin foil is that he’s had some part sort of threats and has had to strong arm someone with “litigation” previously, what a scumbag

No. 1914862

nonna we're gonna go by that logic, do any of Shayna's accounts say that her name is Shayna Leigh Clifford?

No. 1914867

This info was fair game. She doxxed herself a long time ago on her original accounts.

No. 1914868

So why is "MasterDallasDom" here using a pop-socket of his workplace on his sex work accounts not fair game? Quit reaching to defend this scrote's identity, it's pretty pathetic.

No. 1914869

Anyways I second that he should have a thread made at this point it would make the shaytards happy too

No. 1914871

Hmm interesting point. Kek im just having fun. Feels like debate class honestly. But yeah i guess if he is sock pupeting then its also fairgame? You got me there.

No. 1914872

Also why is he using his work instagram to follow onlyfans girls and instathots? why did the mods delete those screencaps? that was all public.

No. 1914873

I didnt see that. It must have been deleted before i got to it. Also, my bad.

No. 1914882

Check out this "random" dojo's instagram that I found that is public and anyone (or child) can see who the account follows - and these are the type of accounts that dojo owner thinks is appropriate to advertise and support. janny, delete this if it causes legal trouble. i tried to delete anything that could lead back to ricky.

No. 1914887

I cannot believe a dojo where children attend classes would follow such degenerate accounts

No. 1914888

Watch these profiles be gone from this random judo studio's following list shortly after this kek

No. 1914893

File: 1697508738699.png (278.16 KB, 508x329, ricky vs lolcow.png)

I never thought I'd see the day lolcow stood down to a scrote.

No. 1914894

I bet some Boulder news outlets would be interested, 24 hour news cycle and all…(encouraging cowtipping)

No. 1914895

>implying anons didnt go in on fupa, sol, balsi gaysics, shane p sonnier, and that other ugly meat head moid in vegas just as hard

No. 1914897

Her current account don’t say it but her previous ones did and she never separated the “exposed” account from her new(er?) persona, so the rule doesn’t apply to her.

No. 1914899

Kekkkk nonna

No. 1914901

File: 1697509893947.webm (669.18 KB, Shane Sonnier Prank Call.webm)

To help lighten things up here's a prank phone call i did on on shane p sonnier back in the height of his witchhunt. wasn't really milky so i never posted it before.(cowtipping retard)

No. 1914911

Nonna where did you get this soundboard? Kek

No. 1914914

Nonna KEK I can't believe you fucking did that omfg.

No. 1914916

File: 1697513600618.png (298.87 KB, 445x450, IMG_6227.png)

This is so cringe nonny and you could have kept it to yourself..

Besides that what nonnies don't get is, you could have looked up info about him or contacted that dojo if you wanted to–it's the posting it in this thread and tittering on about it amongst yourselves that's retarded and cringe. Be a moral crusader if you feel so inclined, but don't come here and brag about it is the point the farmhands are trying to make.

No. 1914921

Maybe a controversial opinion but I kinda love this suspicious newfag's candid approach to posting. Someone defending a friend would probably get angry and say that [redacted] did nothing wrong but this post is just like: 'what if the "kids" are "really happy" and love this "guy"? however it is kinda fucked up that he roleplays "sex with children."' I enjoyed watching the train of thought slowly roll out of the station

No. 1914928

Why are women such doormats? Ricky Delgado from Boulder, Colorado is literally filming and posting pedophile roleplay while running a business where he works with children.
It's not even defamation, because it's just… true? He's posting those videos publicly, out of his own free will, he's posting them on sites where the terms of service literally make him agree that all media posted is deemed public and non-confidential by legal definition.
Can you bitches like, grow a fucking backbone for once in your lives?
Where exactly is the crime in linking his public business with his other public business? Literally none.
Who cares if Ricky Delgado from Boulder, Colorado wants to larp a lolsuit, that shit would only further expose him??(derailing)

No. 1914929

File: 1697515450426.jpeg (122.55 KB, 537x539, 1672408464791.jpeg)


No. 1914932

beautiful anonna
lmaooooo nonnie

No. 1914940

my insane newfag cowtipper tinfoil is that it’s actually one of the random moids that reads this thread (maybe from kiwi farms) and he got jealous of ricky pee-pee for getting shays attention (because retard coomer brain) and he’s running an insane trolling spree. knew what would stir the nonnynest, agitated the jannies, and is posting from a bunch of different spoofed ips.

No. 1914946

I'm losing it kek

No. 1914948


No. 1914954


it would be worth it to be sued by him just to have it on public record that he gets erect for and simulates sex with BABIES and shares it publicly, on the internet for everyone to see

No. 1914955

Remember when mods used to expose IPs now they just bend over for moids like Sensei Ricky-san. Give me the strength not to a log. I hope kiwi drops shatmu after this trip for shats own good, this seems like such a weird and awkward trip and environment.

No. 1914957


it's sad and disgusting behavior on their part. they are willing to long term block innocent women having a discussion about public information in favor of protecting a degenerate pedophile

No. 1914970

File: 1697526966634.png (Spoiler Image,278.79 KB, 412x394, a light arse.png)

I'm following kiki and whoooo boy this had me cackling, I want to know whose idea this amazing "sexy" birthday post was kek
At least it wasn't a sparkler like shay(unsaged/ off-topic)

No. 1914971

File: 1697527090350.png (Spoiler Image,606.17 KB, 868x816, lonestar spanking party and me…)

She's also having a tough time it seems
she's started pre-orders for a convention she's going to but isn't even getting enough in pre-orders to buy a plane ticket in November while saving for a freaking hysterectomy in December

No. 1914981

Mem will send private pics of women tame nudes to eachother and rally to get them fired from their workplaces, but us posting public info about a pedophile man who works with children is going too far

Exactly, no crime has been committed. If I snitch about someone moonlighting I'm not going to get fined, smitching about a pedo moid who posts publicly about working with pedo content and working with children isnt illegal.

No. 1914988

File: 1697530864215.jpeg (306.28 KB, 1004x1262, IMG_1799.jpeg)

No. 1915019

Ricky Delgado, the dojo owner who larps pedophilic content? Farmhands don’t care about him, he’s a moid! We’re only here to hate women apparently, moids get a free pass.

No. 1915028

i wonder if this is as simple as kiki and ricky were trying to hide the date of his birthday from the farmers?

No. 1915031

I don’t want to read about Ricky pee-pee and he’s boring. Moids are boring. Shay and Kiki at least have fascinatingly boring lives that are like moldy milquetoast but I can’t look away.

No. 1915037

fucking chucky cheese looking fucker over here. i bet an inch of harden goo is on those front teeth the rat bastard buck tooth fuck.

No. 1915041

You guys are pretty retarded. Understand what's being censored. It's not Ricky's name nor is it his location. It's his BUSINESS. "Omg, why did we get away with it all this time and now Sensei has us in a choke hold?" It's because you guys are doxxing a place of business that generates ACTUAL revenue. Not perceived, probably non-reported taxable sex work cuck bucks. If you guys only doxx the individual, you can't really claim harm monetarily. If it's "stalking" the overloaded criminal justice system isn't going to prosecute. If it's a civil case claiming it was shut down due to doxxing then some scumbag attorney will try and sue. Is it junk? Yeah? Will it still cause a headache to any of the companies that host lol.com? Yeah. Is it worth hosting this shit site? No. That's all. You guys are finding ways of causing a business with people in proximity to Ricky to lose money and that's where everyone fucked up.

No. 1915043

Fucking this, this retarded "We did it, Reddit!" level of doxing and harassment is the reason KF can never stay with one host. It's fucking gross the dude works with kids, and if someone quietly contacted anyone without being an attention whore and letting the thread know and getting LC in a bad position, more power to them.

And I'll be salty as hell if /shay/ gets closed because of these autists, kek.

No. 1915051

I don't think that's how it works though. Admittedly I'm not a burger, but in my country companies have to disclose who their directors are. It's public information.
Whenever the director of a company does anything corrupt, it appears in the newspaper. Full name and business and everything.
I think in this case the moid is just pulling baseless intimidation tactics and I can't believe it's working.

No. 1915052

Exactly this. Don't get me wrong I thought it was hilarious while it lasted, but the rules are rules. No workplaces being doxed. All the whining and shitty "mods are siding with the patriarchy" is pure retardation. This is a fucking gossip site, not a raiding site. I'd like to repeat what the mods and several other nonnies are saying, whatever you do in your spare time is up to you. Don't fucking bring it here. The dumbassery is getting out of hand. We can still talk about fucking nasty ass Ricky Delgado, just not his place of work BY NAME. Fucking hell.
You and me both nonna, I whined until I was blue in the face to get /shay/ to stay and I swear if it gets taken down, imma screm in true shayhog fashion.

Now can we all get back to focusing on the cow at hand?? Jfc.

No. 1915054


>>1915041 double posting to add (and correct me if I'm wrong) as far as I know there's no private information being shared here. We're not posting his home address, nor his phone number, or anything like that. From a legal standpoint all the information posted about him here is non-confidential by legal definition. Including all his porn, according to the terms of service he agreed to when posting them to sites like onlyfans or Twitter.

No. 1915056

Isnt moonlighting as a porn actor while working with children also illegal?

No. 1915057

If we can still talk about him, why are farmhands removing everything including things that arent linked to his business?

No. 1915059

You and the other idiots pushing this are retarded, but clearly you're also newfags who weren't there when we had to lose entire Shayna threads because some people took it too far and she got her lawfag family members involved. There's precedence and it's gonna happen again if you spook these degenerates too much. You morons never understand that this isn't a social callout site and no matter how much these moids deserve it we can't post about interfering without risking the site. If it matters so much to you then start your own platform, I'll wait.

No. 1915061

>>1915057 I think we should be happy this thread isn’t locked right now. Honestly.
This isn’t lolcow giving into a guy, this isn’t silencing women and whatever excuse you guys are coming up with. This is preserving lolcow, telling retard cowtippers + newfags to stay in their place and more likely at this rate keeping Shay as a cow on here + /shay/. This is some ween from kiwi level shit as another anon mentioned. I think farmhands should start handing out bans to you retards who keep whining
>>1914971 girl should just forgo the spanking party if she has to beg this hard

No. 1915086


No, retard. It's fine to expose him but don't link it to LC. It's not hard at all.

No. 1915097

It’s been in his Twitter name for like a week anon

No. 1915098

If you don't know how it works and you're not a burger, then why are you shitting up the thread with your uninformed statement

No. 1915102

Not condoning cowtipping but people srsly need to take it elsewhere I came here to see Shaymu and her steady decline in life, not discuss some moid with a pretty small dick who like to grope children for money

No. 1915106


No one is silencing you, you guys are so fucking dramatic and dumb holy shit. You can still talk about the dumb scrote, he's just got a lawyer buddy breathing down the mods necks. Some retard got carried away and posted shayna's family and got the first few threads deleted. Ricky isn't dating Shayna, he's fuck buddies with her work acquaintance. He barely has shit to do with her tbh. Doxx the scrote and tell every parent of his students if you want, just don't post it on LC before we get the 4chan/kiwi farms treatment of being some le evil hacker doxx website and get sued. He was retarded and sloppy, but he did try and separate his sex work degeneracy from his irl job. At the very least he can cry harassment here. Don't make LC be responsible for that, do it on your own time. Make a private discord server if you must brag.

No. 1915109

kek clearly shay and/or kiki are here high off their asses shitting up the thread

No. 1915116

So when someone threatens the site and then starts posting, does that take away from their original case? Like if someone punched me I could get the law involved, but if I punch them back then my case isn't as strong, right? These cows are actual retards

No. 1915118

>>1915054 “from a legal standpoint” you think lolcow dot farm can afford fighting a legal battle? If you were administering this site you would also want to play it safe.

No. 1915119

It is kind of funny that Hitler anon made the other anons go to /Shay/ with their Ricky investigation and coincidently Ricky situation could have /Shay/ removed kek you’re all being dramatic, mods seem to be giving empty threats and Ricky isn’t gonna do anything as soon as he does it’s admitting he knows what he’s doing is wrong

No. 1915121

As shown in the evidence here, Sensei Ricky Delgado of Boulder, CO who works with children regularly has made diaper porn where he makes a woman give him oral sex for a diaper change and another video where he wears a diaper himself. Just saying.

No. 1915122

No, not in the US. Most public school teachers here also have OF or are otherwise sex pests; they don’t care as long as it stays off school grounds. I imagine the same principle applies here.

No. 1915123

Ntayrt but I disagree as a burgerfag, nowadays you commonly see news articles about schools firing teachers who were moonlighting as OnlyFans degenerates.

No. 1915125

I think if I was the parent of a child who went to a certain dojo in Boulder Colorado I’d have to be asking questions because there is absolutely no way that there’s 0 crossover. His personal life crossed over into his porn by his gross comments. I’m sure he’s talked to someome at that dojo about his porn life, moids like him can’t help but brag(stop)

No. 1915126

>He barely has shit to do with her tbh.
Shay has fucked him. You'd have to be even more of a degenerate retard than she is in order not to consider that as a significant connection.

No. 1915127

lol its literally the ricky doxing derailers who are the reason /shay/ could be shut down what are you even on about? jesus christ you guys cant take an ounce of responsibility for your autistic sperging. like you guys took it too far, the mods are talking to you.

No. 1915128

why is there always some autist trying to cowtip in the most retarded way possible every time someone's doxx comes out? I remember not long ago someone found out shay's apartment building and some idiot was shitting up the thread talking about how she was going to print out pics of shay's porn and put it under her neighbour's door and was still making posts expecting asspats despite anons telling her she'd be exposing children to porn doing that.

in this situation it's actually more annoying because multiple anons are oddly fixated on this guy in a way they weren't with the numerous other pedo losers shay has worked with in the past. even before people found out he worked with kids there was a huge amount of sperging over him so it's not even fully the fact the fact he works with children while making diaper porn that has people obsessing over him. he's basically the resident cow now.

the cowtipping is just going to make the milk dry up, watch him drop shay and kiki because of this debacle

No. 1915129

Nta but isn’t it partially also the jannies fault too? That picture with his address and phone number in /shay/ was up for days. All the posts including the name of his dojo club were too, if the jannies had intervened sooner then anons would have known not to mention his business.

No. 1915130

anons felt the same way when Ellen was outed as being a nanny. some anons get a little more defensive when actual children are involved with pedopandering degenerates.

No. 1915131

yes i agree its also the jannies fault. the derailers and adolf-san had to nuke the thread because mods werent intervening to shut things down before the tards rallied up and got all out of control.

No. 1915133

Only because rightoids are pulling their kids and homeschooling because of it. Public school admins literally only care about funding that lines their pockets, and a homeschooled kid is a lost paycheck.

No. 1915135

File: 1697554486915.jpeg (184.96 KB, 750x948, IMG_4329.jpeg)

No. 1915136

I hope kiki drops shayna like a bag of bricks once she is a safe distance away.

No. 1915137

File: 1697554586756.jpeg (49.57 KB, 750x345, IMG_4330.jpeg)

No. 1915139

>even before people found out he worked with kids there was a huge amount of sperging over him
thiiis. and then they write angry paragraphs on the defensive days later after theyve ruminated over being called out over their hate boners.

No. 1915142

i kinda feel the same way about some of the more autistic shaytards who post close ups of her vaginal folds and basically repost and stare at her naked day after day just to nitpick her body. some of you could pick her asshole out from a lineup. lesbian much?

No. 1915143

is she gonna drink on her flight this early in the morning? isn't like 8 am in colorado?

No. 1915145

like a two doors fridge

No. 1915147

Current time is 9:06 AM

No. 1915148

isn't there a shay thread on kiwifarms? can't the cowtippers and people intend on doxing go there?

No. 1915150

kind of a nitpick but i could never be away from my furbabies that long. shes been gone for like over a week now and no mention of missing them or getting photos of them while she’s away or checking in on them. noodle could be dead with kennel cough and all she cares about is taking pills with kiki and getting drunk. why not beg for better care for you pets if you going to leave them for weeks at a time every month? she doesnt deserve them. just re-home them at this point you sloth-pig!(blogpost nitpick)

No. 1915151

so was the unsaged 15 post spam shat or not? didn’t think her insult of choice would be “fat ugly bitches”

No. 1915156

She's a porn whore. She's fucked other scrotes who didn't get this much autistic energy focused on them. Once she leaves Colorado she won't be interacting with this guy. If Kiki and him fall out, he's not going out of his way to interact with Shayna. Stop trying to make him a main cow when he's just some pornsick degenerate. If you guys actually care about ~childrens safety~ you should have checked the dojo's Facebook/Instagram and sent any parents following a heads up. Without linking it to LC. Otherwise you guys are just gossiping and moral crusading for anon asspats.

No. 1915157

theres no way she turned a profit on this trip:


- spanking shoot with masterson guy on first or second day, probably paid but no fucking so not much. maybe $200-300?


- flight there and back
- boarding 1 large dog and 2 cats for over a week and their expenses
- rent and utilities in an oversized apartment not being used
- ignoring her regulars as she gets high all week
- ubers everywhere because both cant drive
- per diem meals everyday (hopefully she pitched in for groceries and they didnt just order take in every day - but might explain kiki’s daily endoflares)
- daily alcohol and weed
- suspected purchasing pills from kiki or her dealer to last for the entire trip plus buying a stash for the trip home
- buying deranged clothes from the adult baby store

I seriously doubt Ricky Delgado paid Shayna for the content. He’s dating kiki and doesnt pay her so they probably just did a “content swap” and he just fucked them both for a week for free. How long until Kiki and Ricky start making more money than Shayna and Shayna starts saying she feels like she got used? And the content swap doesnt work if you create enough drama before you can release the content (example: sol)

No. 1915158

also no mention of ellen the entire time kek as soon as shes back home itll be “ME AND MY GIRLFRIEND ARE CUDDLING AND EATING SHRIMP I LOVE HER MORE THAN ANY MAN SEND MONEY NOW”

No. 1915162

It’s already looking dingy like the star blanket.

No. 1915165

It’s not me sister I just think it’s funny

No. 1915166

One of the first things anons found out about him was that he was a teacher so I think entirely had to do with him possibly working around children. People don’t like him, is it really this big of a point of contention?

No. 1915169

Are you assuming she ignored her regulars?

No. 1915170

File: 1697558359796.png (58.95 KB, 857x609, it's shayna.png)

I've been replaying Clarence's big chance. A little platformer about a fat, smelly 35 yo man in a dead end job and the way he talks seems familiar…(non-contribution)

No. 1915172

so yesterday was his birthday? kek. that's amazing. what a present we gave him.

No. 1915194

it looks like their cleavage smells like salt and vinegar chips
it looks like their cleavage smells like a wash rag put away wet
It looks like it’s ears would smell like a dirty flute(retardation)

No. 1915212

File: 1697566230005.jpeg (175.79 KB, 750x514, IMG_4332.jpeg)

Kiki updated her privated twitter, sage bc idk if this is milk

No. 1915213

File: 1697566260300.jpeg (115.42 KB, 750x433, IMG_4333.jpeg)

No. 1915214

File: 1697566281817.jpeg (Spoiler Image,556.81 KB, 750x1057, IMG_4334.jpeg)

No. 1915216

File: 1697566316920.jpeg (262.26 KB, 2048x1152, IMG_4335.jpeg)

No. 1915217

File: 1697566338940.jpeg (347.33 KB, 1536x2048, IMG_4337.jpeg)

No. 1915218

KEK I bet Mojo Dojo Sensei dumped her shrek ass.

No. 1915219

File: 1697566447460.jpeg (Spoiler Image,339.33 KB, 1536x2048, IMG_4336.jpeg)

No. 1915220

File: 1697566489732.jpeg (347.54 KB, 750x849, IMG_4338.jpeg)

No. 1915222

File: 1697566554034.gif (102.57 KB, 336x480, giphy.gif)

No. 1915224

how does she not see that shes a fullblown alcoholic. drinking problems must run in her family because it seems to be normalized to her to drink all day long…

No. 1915226

>I think farmhands should start handing out bans to you retards who keep whining
Seriously it's so fucking annoying at this point.
KEK did Sensei drop Kiki over the Shatnus debacle?? Surely there will be fallout from this I can't wait.

No. 1915247

You sound like a fat redditor le heckin dogirino goode boi(pointless infighting)

No. 1915250

Women can’t say harmless silly terms for fun nooooo you have to be hyper-aware of the slang you use on the off chance you sound cringe to nonnies on the shay thread!! reeeee(pointless infighting)

No. 1915252

I felt a bit bad for her for a second then remembered she must've gotten the whole "my crazy stalkers" spiel from shayna a hundred times by now so she knew better than to drag anyone else into the cesspool that is shay's life kek can't wait for the incoming if milk if kiki and sensei ricky really broke up

No. 1915264

>greasy hair
>uses phone to cover up her ugly mug
>inflamed, red and infected nail beds
>retarded oversized children's pyjamas
>veiny tit
>red timebomb botched tit about to explode any second

shay is thriving

No. 1915271

saged for autism but how can i watch webmvs on safari/iphone?(derailing; post stuff like this in /meta/ next time)

No. 1915272

download vlc and watch through there

No. 1915274

All the anons going on about "discussion is being censored! Ricky is being protected by LC! We need to expose him!" need to seriously consider what kind of fake vigilante shit you're on, and the cost to LC. If you care so much about muh children and muh pedo running a biznez then take the time you spent posting and put that information somewhere people can see it. Who cares if he's discussed on lolcow.farm where normies can't even figure out how to use the fucking site, even if it is in the top search results?

All of this. I'm sick of reading about this moid. Ricky is fat and I would not have sex with him.

No. 1915279

Kek, seems like everytime she's around big shaynus for an extended period of time, her life gets worse and she gets depressed with endo flair ups. I wonder how long their friendship is going to last if little dick rick actually dropped her flabby ass because being linked to shaynus got him exposed.


I love how Kiki is probably having a meltdown from this weekend while Shayna is happily flouncing back home to Ellen and her stink pile.

No. 1915280

The juxtaposition of these two posts right after another is killing me kek

No. 1915288

File: 1697575699537.png (774.28 KB, 801x1549, sorry kaka.png)


Meanwhile Shayna back in seattle not giving a fuck about keeks

btw is this babay guy in her comments talking ab "catching up" one of her johns?

No. 1915306

isn't this the 2nd or 3rd time her luggage got "lost" during travel? i'm surprised she's not calling it a reimbursement opportunity kek

No. 1915307

I’m pretty sure he’s the black moid she met at the fatcon last year that had his face buried in one of her gross trotters and I think she took a picture with this year. He also makes cringe edits of her

No. 1915322

Doesn't Ellen watch the animals and her apartment while Shaynorita is gallivanting around? Or is she just basically a tard wrangler and not that deep into the relationship with our lady of the night?

No. 1915323

>lesbian much?
go back

No. 1915324

I can imagine how Kiki being broken up with went. “You told me your friend had stalkers, but not to this level! I didn’t sign up for this!”
But then again the dude should’ve just googled who he works with.

No. 1915329

so she's just casually wearing them now beyond the content she shoots? This bitch must smell absolutely vile.

No. 1915336

Makes you wonder if she wore it through the airport, I know that’s kiwis couch but did she wear the diaper just to ditch it later? Also did they spend that coomers money and not even buy the diaper covers? Instead just these gay pride furry pajamas? lmao

No. 1915338

Wait a minute this is an xl bottom and a small top? >>1915217
I can’t even believe she went through the airport in this weird clip art suit. It’s not even toddleresque it’s just cheap and weird looking.

No. 1915350

>gay pride furry pajamas?

No. 1915359

> gib fur babies boops for me
Since when did Mike Slack start typing like a zoomer? Sir you’re pushing 80

No. 1915364

>>1915338 more room for a diaper

No. 1915369

File: 1697589190833.png (250.03 KB, 400x500, IMG_4339.png)

I saw this on tumblr and it made me kinda concerned about Shayna’s red boob. Is there any possibility of it being cancer or?

No. 1915373

Istg this thread brings out retards. If anything its an infection, shes not gonna get breast cancer in a month

No. 1915375

Shayna needs to quit being retarded and just put an airtag or tile in your luggage like everyone else

No. 1915383

Interesting how she's hiding her face so much

No. 1915402

File: 1697593551631.jpeg (1.08 MB, 4096x2730, EC04CD37-AEB1-414F-88AB-61152A…)

I love how Shayna is just tweeting and acting normally while her friends life is in shambles. Based Shay-Chad Moment.

No. 1915409

Probably a moid who doesn’t have breasts. No doctor would okay implants with blood work that shows cancer. Idk if it’s an infection, she’d probably have other signs of that, it’s likely her skin is fucked from having multiple breast surgeries.

No. 1915414

This particular kind of breast cancer is incredibly rare too, shat’s botched tit is just shit surgery and even shittier aftercare because she’s a grody unwashed hog.
Bold of you to assume she actually lost her luggage and isn’t just consistently making up stories in an attempt to solicit gibs from her retarded coomers

No. 1915415

Lawfag nonny here, sports/entertainment is not my expertise at all but I frequently have corporate clients so I feel that I may be able to answer at least your first question. Lmao there is NO REASON a kids' judo studio would have or need in-house counsel. I highly highly doubt the dude touted as counsel is truly in-house, or even truly a lawyer if im being honest lmao. The going rate for that type of work is so far beyond what a strip mall judo studio could afford that I virtually guarantee it's a made up threat.
The fact that he feels the need to emphasize he HAS counsel is 100% sus, I agree. You are absolutely right in assuming that businesses like this would seek representation where necessary but generally try to stave off litigation via contracts and waivers. Even if he's not a predator, he may want to threaten litigation to ensure he can separate his public and private (sex) work life. But as other nonnies have pointed out, he follows sex workers on his work insta. So the fact that he does that and still tries to use the threat of having ~le in house counsel~ is absolutely bizarre and, in my opinion, indemnifying.(lawfagging/ derailing)

No. 1915416

lawnonnie has spoken.

No. 1915417

I’m obsessed with you thanks for answering my questions, genuinely thought it was lost to the void

No. 1915423

File: 1697596931455.jpeg (483.79 KB, 750x1017, IMG_4340.jpeg)

No. 1915428

since he never seems to shut up about divorcing his ebil ex-wife, I bet this dude is just his divorce lawyer and he was like "yeah bro you can call me for legal advice" and gives him counsel for free classes or something kek

No. 1915430

KEK Shay is back home marinating in her pink pig pen all night meanwhile her pleb bestie is trying to catch a bus to the strip club. Bleak shit. Pls keep us updated nonnie

No. 1915443

I love that at least two of the shegulars (shay-regulars) are a doctor and a lawyer lol

No. 1915450

how old is this photo? she's humongous here

No. 1915453

Ugh, this pic is how I feel right now. I gotta go to the gym tomorrow and lay off the booze(lay off the blogposting too)

No. 1915455

I'd feel bad for her if…well. kek. Like come on, it's crazy how Shayna doesn't even show support outright either. She's constantly throwing subs at her friends not checking in on her but since she's left thos chick has been going through it and nothing from shayna. Catching the bus to the strip club after spending days with shayna probably spending money she doesn't have on dumb shit. It always seems like Shayna benefits from every single woman she's around while treating scrotes she likes like kings, while they treat her like shit. She's such a user and Kiki deserves it because she doesn't see how shayna is.

No. 1915458

What is throwing subs? Sub tweets? Or subscribers? Or? Twitfag jargon

No. 1915460


No. 1915464

200 vids for $25 for food… THATS bleak. And also she's retarded because that's not giving the vids for free if someone has to send food money for them. Though tbf its pretty damn close

No. 1915470

It’s gift for gift.. for taxes nonny

No. 1915481

So this comfirms admin got threatened into submission with some cease and desist pulled off google? KEK

No. 1915483

>200 videos
Lmao howwww do these ewhores not see how pathetic it is to live like this?
Even if each video is only 3 minutes long, that's over 10 hours of content. She has to beg to make 2 dollars an hour. Selling each video for 12 cents. And that's not even taking into account the fact that she's debasing herself, that's just looking at the financial retardation of it all.
It's over girl. Wrap it up. Get a job.

No. 1915488

I definitely believe she lost some weight. But at 5'6", if she is honestly in the 140s right now like she says (x to doubt) then she must have absolutely 0 muscle combined with the world's worst fat distribution. She looks more like a flabby 160-170 now. And she used to look like she was pushing 200 lb. That is a saggy life ring gunt that I have only ever seen on 200 lb'ers.

No. 1915492

File: 1697619122232.jpg (353.88 KB, 1080x1299, Screenshot_20231018_015053_Ins…)

Everyone is being incredibly retarded about the lawyer thing, that guy in the photo is just some adult student who passed the bar. So far there is zero evidence he's representing Ricky's business.

No. 1915523

But Nona, she's empowered because she doesn't have to work at a shitty 9-5 job! With paid vacations and health insurance benefits and a 401k… How horrible would that be?

No. 1915528

did you even read the screenshot you posted? it literally says in that post that he's also Front Range Judo's official lawyer.

No. 1915530

File: 1697630765648.png (33.58 KB, 579x281, wtf dude.png)

It's kind of super fucked up that he is referring to him as their "consigliere" considering the definition of that is an advisor to a criminal organization. sus.

No. 1915536

So did he take her out of his bio or what?

No. 1915538

nice, more "i'M HuRD aS ShiT DuDE!" larping, how pathetic

No. 1915550

Are you brain dead because it literally says in the screenshot he's now serving as their lawyer? Lmfao shaytarded as fuck.

No. 1915551

File: 1697637977202.jpeg (352.62 KB, 1293x1664, No @littlekikicali vs Yes @mas…)

He did, here it is previously >>1913192 and picrel is how both of their profiles look right now. Of course, she still features him in hers.

No. 1915553

File: 1697638038053.jpeg (257.84 KB, 750x815, IMG_4341.jpeg)

No. 1915554

File: 1697638090126.png (322.55 KB, 1293x1211, Never mind .png)

Never mind, forgot he also has two profiles.

No. 1915556

I wish she’d tell us why; specially the Shayna bits.

No. 1915562

i thought the same, reads as a lighthearted joke to me. i dont think they meant that seriously

side note though, were the comments on that instagram page always limited or is that new?

No. 1915573

KEKKK the jannies are mad bc they got swindled by these dingleberries in karate costumes

No. 1915582

the comments weren't limited when i first saw it

No. 1915583

Why was this even red texted?(take it to /meta/)

No. 1915584

for the reason in the redtext kek

No. 1915591

Jannies read the room and stop using redtext as your personal post amplifier challenge (impossible).(take it to /meta/)

No. 1915597

File: 1697647919228.jpeg (337.25 KB, 828x1265, IMG_1368.jpeg)

I swear they’re redtexting people because they’re butthurt you’re probably next or even me.
Anyways didn’t shat throw this cat? Wtf I always forget she has 2 cats her place must stink

No. 1915606

I cant wait for the inevitable milk from this BPD soap opera

No. 1915618

Poor cat is crying because she has been ditching her pets off and on for weeks at a time to go be a degen. Its probably traumatized lowkey and every time she goes out it thinks she's bailing again. Thats sad and she's a retard for not realizing it

No. 1915628

god i wish she didnt have pets.

No. 1915630

File: 1697655820398.jpeg (164.58 KB, 750x516, IMG_4343.jpeg)

No. 1915631

File: 1697655926468.jpeg (221.34 KB, 750x819, IMG_4344.jpeg)

lmao such a beggar

No. 1915634

Is Kiki cursing her out in the DMs? Probably not, she seems like a pushover. I wonder if Shayna got shit from her landlord because she left the cats and dog in her apartment alone for so long. I imagine that she had Ellen "check in" once in a while but for the most part they just got left to their own devices. Probably stunk the place up and I bet noodle is a barker.

No. 1915636

As if fatty bombatty is really only spending 75 bucks on groceries.

No. 1915639

She deleted this already. Her and Kiki also haven’t interacted with each other’s recent posts.

No. 1915643

All she needs is doordash

No. 1915644

saged for kiki, but she is actually kind of likeable but thats probably just because shayna is so incredibly UNlikable it comparison. Found Kiki's stripper tiktok account and discovered she actually sews and makes her own stripper costumes and makes them for other strippers too. more talent in her left labia than shayna has in her whole body. i bet seeing how put together kiki was made shayna hella jealous. linked vid is one of the outfits kiki made.

No. 1915645

Are Ricky and Kiki not babying you anymore now that you ruined their lives and are finally miles away from them? top kek.

No. 1915646

imagine your boyfriends livelihood is at risk, he's considering quitting sex work, he's blaming you for bringing a freak like shayna into their lives and possibly broke up with you over it - and shayna is over here upset that people aren't being nice enough to her for her liking. like bitch, have some fucking sympathy. kiki isn't soulless and devoid of emotions like you - this is her first time through the ringer. be an actual friend and fucking support her.

No. 1915649

I'm so glad I'm not feeling alone in developing a bit of a soft spot for Kiki. None of the other whores Shayna has associated with has been this organized, even Dogfucker who's probably the most financially successful Shay thread guest star. She's also the only one of the guest whores who can actually twerk… which is a low bar but only emphasizes how much of a loser Shayna is.

No. 1915652

You guys are retarded. She still makes pedo pandering diaper baby porn which is peak degen shit

No. 1915654

>he's blaming you for bringing a freak like shayna into their lives and possibly broke up with you over it
Breaking news: degenerate mood who entered the sex industry where men take advantage of mental ill BPDfags for free sex uses pornstar for sex and then has sex with her friend and then abandons her when people point out its weird she role plays as a child for his fetishism when he works with kids. Kek how is any of that Shaynas fault?

No. 1915655

You should be ashamed, Kiki betrays women with every pedo pandering tweet she makes. This is what she deserves, I can't wait until it happens to shaynus

No. 1915656

>then abandons her when people point out its weird she role plays as a child for his fetishism when he works with kids.
that isn't at all what I was trying to imply? i was implying he broke up with her for not vetting the type of people she works with and/or completely ignoring all the red flags of Shayna just for clout or she thought she'd be a special case. It's not hard to google Shayna and spend an hour reading up on all the fucked up shit she's done and the path of destruction she's left behind her. Sure, you could say that farms harassment of every person she publicly mentions is not REALLY her fault. At this point nothing will stop Shayna trolls from digging. But it IS on Kiki for not preparing herself better for the fall out that is being friends so pubicly with Shayna. If you're going to let someone in your home and fuck your boyfriend for over a week, like do some fucking research or don't act so upset and surprised when the thing that was going to happen - happens.

No. 1915657

File: 1697660214948.jpeg (374.22 KB, 1170x1896, IMG_5241.jpeg)


KEK I found these comments on kaka’s stripper costume business page. She’s a scammer just like shatna

No. 1915658

Because Shayna has a lolcow thread full of retards who couldn't resist not touching the poop and dox'd him. Lol. He didn't get exposed organically, someone from here decided to be the morality police and sent the dojo an email linking them back here. It's not like a parent randomly got suggested his sex work Twitter. It's shayna's fault for existing near them, basically. Wherever she goes, misery and upheaval of lives follows.

No. 1915660

File: 1697660934431.png (344.81 KB, 587x561, keeekkkkkkkkk.png)

i'm dying over old man grey hair responding to kiki with the monsters inc gif

nobody is allowed to be more upset than shayna. shayna! ShAYna! SHAYNA!

No. 1915670

I don't doubt there's many shaytards with education and good jobs. Spend enough time watching Shay and suddenly you wanna make something of your life.

No. 1915703

this whole situation is ridiculous. something happened while Shayna was there, Shayna is pretending nothing happened, and Kiki refuses to say anything and is just subtweeting about it. I really hope one of them spills the milk soon. maybe we'll get a Shayna rage.

No. 1915721

File: 1697672363706.jpeg (372.39 KB, 828x755, IMG_1370.jpeg)

Just an all black outfit with a basic tube top and leggings is “goth” lmao. I hate her so much. I especially hate when crusty bitches wear these kind of headbands. It’s like announcing you don’t wash. Idk why she even leaves Seattle to do her gay porn there’s a ton of kinky people in Seattle.

No. 1915726

Sorry for samefag but I forgot to mention she’s still covering her face, so does she just look horrible, have acne or did kiki/Ricky hit her?

No. 1915727

Selling your body together w your dignity just to end up not even having $50 for take out KEKKKKK!!

How the fuck do these whores be so poor all the time kekekek

No. 1915730

Muh black is a hard limit tho

No. 1915731

> did kiki/Ricky hit her?
We both know that if that were the case, she’d be screaming it from the rooftops. Not only would it give her an opportunity to victimise herself but also beg for money. If she’s covering her face for any reason is because she has been crying, maybe due to Ricky and Kiki’s situation.

No. 1915745

server here is shit and it takes too long to unspoil and load pictures, so i cant go back to find it - but there were a couple pictures of shayna and kiki were Shayna’s skin looked absolutely terrible underneath all the makeup. You could see crazy bumps all over her face. I’m wondering if she is having a really bad acne breakout considering she: ate like shit every day for over a week, probably drank even more than usual with no excuse to pretend to healthy on the odd day, slept on kiki’s dirty ass trailer park bedding, probably passed out with makeup on, etc.

No. 1915746

Sucking in and arching that back for dear LIFE.

No. 1915748

this might explain why her face looks so offall the pictures of her from denver. i thought she was just insecure in pics with kiki and was photoshopping but she was probably trying to smooth out all the acne breakout

No. 1915753

File: 1697675064132.jpeg (15.89 KB, 480x360, IMG_0190.jpeg)


No. 1915762

File: 1697676946391.jpg (212.65 KB, 720x717, Screenshot_20231018_215249_Ali…)

>>1915644 I don't even think she's making them, MAYBE gluing some rhinestones or swapping out finishings on some aliexpress garbage like picrel

No. 1915777

File: 1697680017992.mp4 (14.33 MB, 576x1024, @littlekikicali - Stripper, Se…)

She showed herself sewing a few pieces on one of her TikToks but she’s a scammer >>>/shay/165670

No. 1915796

Lmao I was just joking about him hitting her. Ofc you’re right she’d be like “please daddies I need 700 to book a room tonight I am NOT in a good situation” then she’d upload photos of a mildly red spot on her arm or something.

No. 1915804

File: 1697685153367.jpeg (1.19 MB, 1290x2001, IMG_2165.jpeg)

she’s been posting a whole lot of “sooo happy to be home” but no “sad to leave kiki” or “thank u so much for having me kiki” or anything similar

No. 1915807

I was just about to say it'd so weird how she's saying she's so happy to be home and has she once said how much she missed Kiki and if she had a good time? Kek are they following eachother still??

No. 1915808

They both still follow each other. They just are not interacting with each other at all compared to how much they were on each others dick the last few weeks/months

No. 1915811

They didn’t interact that much after the FetCon either. I don’t think anything will come of this.

No. 1915812

I said this last time they hungout and got dog piled. I agree. We also know nothing about her history or why she turned to this work in the first place.

No. 1915844

It's good she has a practical skill. Shayna has zero skills.

No. 1915852

File: 1697698137640.jpeg (304.14 KB, 750x417, EB6EA47F-FE21-438E-ABBA-7B7C70…)

she deleted these quick

No. 1915862

Rich coming from the hog who flips out if other "bitches" like or comment on her coomers replies and shit

No. 1915870

Ayrt no nonna, my post is saying that pornscrotes who got in relationships with these women don't actually give a fuck beyond getting to make content without having to pay a whore to participate. He was always going to abandon her regardless of shayna because at the end of the day he is a degen who hitched up with a ddlger for sex and content. There is nothing to show sympathy for here kek name a single one of these women who ever manage to have a kink/porn lifestyle relationship that doesn't end in "daddy" bailing on them at the first inconvenience

No. 1915921

Sage for absolute retardation but I’m a britbong and I was in starbucks overhearing a conversation and a guy was talking about his holiday to Boulder, Co. Made me think of a certain someone and I smiled(retardation)

No. 1915922

No. 1915923

Nta but it’s insane that Ricky Delgado went from going broke from paying to rape prostituted women, to filming dozens of threesomes on camera and selling it on OnlyFans. It really goes to show that porn addicted moids can easily get free access to “sex workers” just by having a camera and claiming to be an OnlyFans creator. They don’t even need followers. Shayna will never admit it but she has now been swindled by two porn addicts calling themselves sex workers.

No. 1915927

This is the same woman that cried and screamed on Twitter for 3 years complaining about people “poaching” her customers lmao

No. 1915937

File: 1697724663855.jpg (860.59 KB, 1294x1256, Hall of Shame.jpg)

Shayna recently became the #EthicalCaptions Inductee No.5, whatever that means.

No. 1915939

File: 1697724751266.jpg (Spoiler Image,301.61 KB, 1666x2048, Shayna Leigh Clifford.JPG)

No. 1915942

File: 1697725092687.jpg (Spoiler Image,486.7 KB, 2048x1479, Señor, manda fuego.JPG)

No. 1915955

File: 1697726831215.jpeg (219.01 KB, 818x1058, IMG_1373.jpeg)

Is she manic? Why is she posting so much stupid shit? Also she thinks a bugs bunny track suit is cute but draws the line at cancer on her butt? She’s so retarded

No. 1915961

why is she listening to biggie right now

No. 1915969

funny how every time she comes back from visiting her friend who is known to have access to stimulants, Shay goes on an absolute manic tear for a week or so. Hmmm….For real though, I'm wondering if shay stole Kiki's drugs and that's why shay is on top of the world right now and kiki is miserable.

No. 1915994

And $50 on food for three pets? A big bag of dog food is at least $75

No. 1915997

If she had enough braincells to rub together she'd pour all of her whoring money into making a little costuming business for sex workers. They'll always want new skimpy outfits to wear, and you can continue making them for way longer than you can sell pussy. But she collabs with Shayna and sells pedo porn so she's too dumb for long term investing like that

No. 1916000

Nonny where the fuck are you buying your dog food?

No. 1916010

NTA but her dog is a big dog and she has two cats. The original nonny is right, that's weirdly low for enough food for 3 pets + probably litter unless she is literally buying them groceries every week or something.

No. 1916013

>>1915969 nah kiki seems resourceful, she likely sold them to Shay and charged enough to make it worth her while. People always seem hungover and exhausted after she leaves because that's what happens after an energy vampire sucks you bone dry. Theu leave you requiring a refractory period

No. 1916041

A quality big bag could cost that much. Even medium grade is like $40.
She probably is retarded and gets smallest bags possible because she's cheap and its easier for her or the doordash to haul.

No. 1916051

File: 1697745274565.jpeg (434.2 KB, 1170x1140, IMG_5898.jpeg)

No, you just sit and cry on Twitter

No. 1916062

Damn, she's been going off like crazy on her vent twitter lately kek

No. 1916063

What mental illness is she referring to? Alcoholism? Kek

No. 1916082

Can't wait for coomerbux to dry up and for her to have to get a real job. The fat sow no doubt neglects them, buys awful "food" and still haste audacity to beg for cash.

No. 1916085

Kiki makes some of the most punchable faces I've seen and is a fellow pedo enabler. They're both dumpy, stupid women humiliating themselves for chumps change.

You are so obsessed with hating Shay you'll say anything. Get help(infighting/derailing)

No. 1916087

She would rather sell her body than get an actual job that gives her reliable income

No. 1916107

Tf is wrong with you?

Shayna's not responsible for what trouble other women get in with their abusers. It takes some insane self loathing to even consider being involved with the kinds of scrotes in this thread.

No. 1916123

>We're not moral crusaders

Smells suspiciously like a pornsick scrote but they wouldn't be above cow tipping, either. Hate that these threads are a scrote magnet. I'm not surprised tho

No. 1916132

dont you think shayna should have a little sympathy for kiki?

No. 1916140

File: 1697759036187.jpeg (505.29 KB, 828x1226, IMG_1378.jpeg)

Sure jan. Why does she post shit like this on her main? And is she ever gonna post pictures of herself or is it just 30 shit posts a day

No. 1916145

it's because kiki doesn't follow it i bet

No. 1916146

Ntayrt, but you shouldn’t be telling anyone to get help when you’re also here on the Shayna thread. Some nonnas in here seem to have a lot of misplaced anger.

No. 1916162

File: 1697763024854.png (1.42 MB, 828x1792, IMG_8946.png)

No. 1916163

Still not showing her face lol

No. 1916171

Nta obviously but agreed, I didn’t mention it up until now but I personally have a lot of concern about the amount of high school to college aged girls that he instructs and could easily groom into OF. Not to mention spreading pornsick ideas and references to the other kids that he instructs, which you know slip out every now and then because porn addicts tend to make gross jokes or at least let them slip out at times.

No. 1916172

The ends of her braids have always been thin but there's legit like three hairs in the hairtie

No. 1916183

she put the hair tie so far up because there's nothing to work with lol like that's a good quarter of her length that's about 4 hairs thick

No. 1916205

It enrages me how little she cares about her appearance. That stupid hello kitty hat was 50 dollars and she just let's pet hair accumulate all over it and then wears it out publicly. It would take little effort to lint roll the hair off of it and would elevate her appearance if she only looked clean.

No. 1916227

File: 1697779435753.jpeg (143.21 KB, 828x356, IMG_1388.jpeg)

Shaytist about to track down this guy next I’m sure

No. 1916231

noooo leave soda alone everyone, for fucks sake

No. 1916234

>assuming soda and his owner actually exist and aren’t a shayllucination

No. 1916235

Well the lone star spanking party is early November (I think 9-12) and kiwi and shat are going right? So if they had a falling out we should know soon

No. 1916236

Shayllucination: When Shayna tells us her "and everyone clapped" stories, "that totally happened" encounters and general delusions about herself and surroundings.

No. 1916243

File: 1697787034950.png (57.97 KB, 752x408, kiki needs cash now!.png)

kekkk that's not surprising but also what a feat managing to totally flop in three separate businesses she could theoretically interlink well together.
I haven't noticed her advertising the outfits on her twitter, in her porn, not even to shay? Not that I'd want to see it but why spend hundreds at an overpriced abdl shop when she could just make a diaper cover scaled up to her and shayna's fat pedo asses? No wonder she need a career in stripping, porn, sewing, and still needs to beg and scam clients out of outfits. She can't manage any better than shay can it seems. I mean she pawns her entire porn catalogue for a single depression meal and can't even buy plane tickets months in advance.
Picrel related, still not enough for plane tickets I'm guessing

No. 1916301

I think anon is just saying if Shayna is her actual friend she should be a little more sympathetic, especially if she inadvertently caused whatever the hell Kiki is on about. Like you know, a friend would be. Some of you guys need to touch grass

No. 1916305

File: 1697808928388.jpeg (147.71 KB, 828x355, IMG_1390.jpeg)

Very bimbo

No. 1916306

File: 1697809923621.png (648.53 KB, 902x808, whodat.png)

never saw this posted previously. apparently this girl came over and had a 4-some with Shayna, Kiki and Ricky Delgado when Shayna was visiting. She seems to be the only one to acknowledge it though? It's fucking weird that Shayna does this big "work trip" and she really didn't post that much at all. She posted even less than she does when she is at home. Like why not advertise you are networking? And I really don't get why she doesn't do live shows with Kiki. They could literally just sit around naked, drunk and high and doing whatever the fatasses normally do and get some extra moid scheckles? Plus she has Kiki to "protect her" from "the meanies". I guess she's too embarrassed or afraid that people will start telling Kiki about her past. I feel like Kiki is literally retarded enough to not have read the threads or looked up Shayna.

No. 1916309

I think a big tell will be if any of them releases the content they shot last week. So far they only release a couple pics before they locked down everything. My biggest pet peeve is how fucking long it takes these sex freaks to put out one stationary shot video recorded on an iphone so I wouldn't expect to see anything until next week, but something tells me that Ricky put his tiny foot down and told them both to scrap all footage with him in it (tattoo). Maybe that is why Kiki is so upset? Shayna is use to wasting a ton of money and having drama ruin it but Kiki losing a weeks worth of work and the money from it is probably why she is crying and saying she can't afford to go to that slap fest next month. She was probably banking on getting money for the footage.

No. 1916311

File: 1697810351380.png (2.29 MB, 1293x1668, Birthday “Gift”.png)

I think we didn’t find out because this was a “gift” for Ricky Delgado of Boulder, Colorado.

No. 1916312

kiki and shayna both stopped advertising it after ricky locked down his shit. you'd think shayna would be going on about "cant wait to upload the SUPER HOT footage i shot you guys are gonna LOVE IT"

No. 1916315

my tinfoil is that this whole incident made ricky decide to quit doing sex work. i wish one of us nonas could see if he was posting anything. i think kiki saying "i ruined the best thing i had going" is implying that she really liked having a fellow sex-worker as a partner because they both had someone "safe" to make content with and she was probably finally seeing some real traction putting out their content. and now he's throwing his hands up and sex workers hate when someone thinks theyre "above" doing it.

No. 1916317

I think Shayna is just as upset as Kiki >>1916051 as she is breadcrumbing, but Shayna is still on her whole "I LOVE NOT TWEETING WHAT IS GOING ON IN MY LIFE AND TO KEEP MY HATERS GUESSING" trip. She is trying super hard to keep up appearances because she knows we will pick up anything off.

No. 1916318

I think this is probably not her (1) only or account or (b) first account.

No. 1916319

I think she (Kiki) is focused on her “Scream” video as she has been advertising that one. She’s currently in Nebraska, because apparently the stripping job she was crying about here >>1915423 is there. I wouldn’t doubt she (they?) release it after she’s back. If they don’t release it in a week or two, I think it’s safe to assume there’s trouble in paradise.

No. 1916322

Is it possible that they lured this girl into this one specific shoot? Maybe she is a “sex worker” and had another account before this one that got deleted. But imo it doesn’t really seem like she is one since there’s no link on her account to buy anything—she put a video of her playing with herself up for free for her 25 followers uhhh. Extreme mental illness maybe?

No. 1916325

my guesses are:

- actual street walker who only fucks guys IRL and only got a twitter cause Kiki suggested it
- a stripper kiki knows who doesnt do online work and just got a twitter cause Kiki suggested it
- a fresh face to the scene still just “experimenting” who got talked into this by Kiki the pimp for to appease Ricky

No. 1916328

Do you think they all just got raw versions to edit and advertise on their own or do you think Shayna will just wait until Kiki edits it and releases it and just piggybacks of her work? I feel like at this point Shayna does sex work just so she can have more weird degenerate sex while drugged up and drunk. It doesn’t seem like sex work is a way for her to better her life or reach some sort of goal (house, car, relationships and family, financial freedom, helping someone, growing her career). Sex work isnt a means to an end to Shayna like it is for most women in the industry. I started the feel this way she paid for that weird dominatrix session and it was confirmed when she stopped really caring about releasing the content she films. She does it just to brag about it?

No. 1916331

the main reason shayna doesnt cam anymore is because she got fat and she hates how her body looks. shayna got famous in this space on MFC when she was stick thin, so its embarrassing for her to go back there when she’s still so ballooned up. She can’t live in photoshopped denial when she’s on camera so she avoids it like a plague. If she ever lost weight I could see her living on MFC again as a camgirl.

No. 1916332

File: 1697813834105.jpeg (401.08 KB, 750x1139, IMG_4350.jpeg)

It says Ricky Delgado was last seen on OF 1 hour ago, which could very well be him looking at porn, but my tinfoil is that he’s waiting for all of this to blow over so hopefully he can resume it. I also think there’s a possibility that him and Kiki did not actually break up, I think they could be faking it like Shayna and Fupaul.

No. 1916336

File: 1697814362661.jpeg (103.17 KB, 828x455, IMG_1393.jpeg)

Seems like she was manic now she’s crashing blog I guess but bipolar people have this sort of “life is fake” paranoia right before crashes, imagine she’ll be suicidal within the coming days

No. 1916338

Yes, she does it for attention and validation. Before she did SW, she was Tumblr famous and couldn't let go of that phase for years. I think she really wants to be an influencer but she wouldn't make it.

No. 1916355

>paid for the dominatrix session

is that the one where she was locked in a box or something? She paid for that shit??

No. 1916356

I agree. Porn addicts can’t stay away from this shit. He’s just going to continue being a degenerate whilst teaching kids. If he had an adults only Judo studio, that would be a different story. It’s just fucked up that he chooses to work with children. The boarding school and now this. He’s a sick predator and he deserves what he gets (though most likely nothing will happen to him). I know I’m gonna get shit on from all the nonnas who feel empathy for Little Dicky, but whatever. Lol. I also think he and Kiki are still together, but I think even Kiki could do better than him.

No. 1916358

It's also funny shayna didn't post a picture with this girl at all. She always wants to take pictures with older, weird faced women, never someone who at this angle looks average in the face and like she may have showered and styled her hair.

No. 1916365

File: 1697818399941.jpeg (Spoiler Image,451.89 KB, 1170x2078, IMG_2520.jpeg)

True. This girl kind of reminds me of plasticandproud.

No. 1916366

what a throwback

No. 1916373

Neither did Kiki, I’m confused why they haven’t shared anything from the shoot and the only one who tweeted about it was the girl herself?

No. 1916390

yes. she says she paid for it to sell the content later but like did anyone even request it? she was seriously bubbling from the vag and you could see she had multiple orgasms from it. which is more than one can say for her boy/girl content or even solo content where her china is drier than sandpaper.

No. 1916398

When the whore becomes the whoremonger…

No. 1916406

>bubbling from the vag
Lmao ew anon…

No. 1916410

Guarantee Shay is just horribly embarrassed about looking like a massive hog next to 5'2" kiki and this skinny chick. Not to mention Shay's only two aesthetics are "alt/goth" and ddlg pink baby bimbo. This chick out-alts Shay and Kiki out-bimbos her, so between them Shay just looks like a huge fat normie with no brand kek. Obviously, she could profit off of the fact that two prettier girls collabed with her by selling that content on her own account, but she's way too insecure to do that.

No. 1916413

File: 1697823800192.jpeg (Spoiler Image,924.14 KB, 1170x1780, IMG_8634.jpeg)

it was this one.

No. 1916418

i wonder if its because its something shayna felt she had to do and therefore didnt really enjoy it? she only does collabs where she can be the main focal point so its out of character for her to not be the center of attention. feels like this might have felt like actual full service sex work to her plus it may not have been filmed? maybe kiki paid shayna in pills to do this for ricky’s birthday kek

No. 1916424

typical scrote behaviour. your gf arranged a degenerate g/g/g/m foursome for your birthday and you breakup with her when its over. ladies, never do this shit for a man.

No. 1916427

File: 1697825005630.jpeg (222.61 KB, 750x528, 8AF14693-CABF-4C14-9DDB-83E32C…)

she's so bitchy

No. 1916440

Agree, don't do this.
BUT. In case you do, I fully support revenge by death for those poor pickmes.

No. 1916476

get ready for the suicide baiting

No. 1916477

lmao this post

No. 1916484

I’m sorry but kek
Do her tattoos say “be nice to me” “it’s funny you should ask” and “eeek”…..?

No. 1916492

funny you should ask and be nice to me are front bottoms songs

No. 1916539

I don't know how people look at her twitter and think it's a good idea to work with her when she's obviously like this. Nobody deserves sympathy for working with her and having a bad outcome. Like come on you don't even have to view lolcow to know

No. 1916548

omfg kek thanks for the spoonfeed- I totally missed the detail that she PAID a SWer for this. It sounds like it was just an excuse ("making content") for her to go full coom brain and pay prostitutes to fulfill her porn sick fantasies.

No. 1916550

File: 1697843139446.jpeg (336.62 KB, 750x1085, IMG_4352.jpeg)

Seems Kiki and Ricky Delgado did not break up…

No. 1916556

File: 1697843305529.jpeg (175.44 KB, 750x536, IMG_4353.jpeg)

No. 1916559

File: 1697843408616.jpeg (1.02 MB, 1290x1852, IMG_2177.jpeg)

No. 1916562

>Fell in the shower
>Such baby

Lmao no Shay that's senile behaviour.

This silly cow doesn't have a shower mat does she?

No. 1916564

her neighbors probably felt the floor shake

No. 1916570

more evidence she’s on something stronger than just weed and alcohol

No. 1916577

No. 1916584

Not necessarily. It’s common for people to lose their balance when inebriated and Shayna drinks a shit ton. She doesn’t have to be on crack or heroin to slip and fall in the shower. Lol.

No. 1916598

File: 1697847396114.jpeg (133.41 KB, 434x430, IMG_4369.jpeg)

except she’s been a heavy alcoholic for years now and has never slipped in the tub before. funny it happens just after she gets back from kikis who people suspect are supplying her some sort of pills based off her behaviour and weight fluctuations since befriending her

No. 1916611

Kiki didn’t even like this, kek

No. 1916634

Well naturally the probability of this is lower due to the fact that she rarely showers.

No. 1916645

File: 1697856211967.gif (5.26 MB, 498x278, IMG_1610.gif)

No. 1916651

And that guy was a real life school teacher and is STILL around kids I’m gonna fuckin puke

No. 1916654

baby? more like my 600-pound life

No. 1916669

anon I'm dying, imagine the groan she made afterwards kek

No. 1916670

Don’t they call all of their coomers daddy? How is this proof that it’s Ricky anyways?

No. 1916673

File: 1697863843003.jpeg (86.35 KB, 750x530, 887B636A-D7A3-41F1-BF3C-303D03…)

she deleted this

No. 1916679

Jesus Christ toppest of keks anon

No. 1916689

I'm starting to wonder if the manic posting and references to her struggling mentally are actually because she had to go home. If Kiki is with still with Ricki, Shayna is still interacting with Kiki, etc. then it's probably just that BPD thing where they get a favourite person

No. 1916704

Is she bpd or bipolar?

No. 1916711

nta but bipolar, bpds don't have manic-depressive episodes

No. 1916714

That doesn't make it any better. If anything, worse.

No. 1916724

She believes she looks better next to dumpy ugly girls but in reality that just makes her look worse. Makes her just another dumpy ugly girl in the shoot. With someone prettier it sorta rubs off and makes her look a lil better just by association.

No. 1916744

Shayna is not bipolar or BPD wtf

No. 1916749

I'm pretty sure she was diagnosed as bipolar during her psych ward stint, and she's just a dumbass and keeps using BPD as shorthand for it.

No. 1916751

You don't get diagnosed with a serious mental disorder that quickly, and even if she does claim to be ~diagnosed~ it doesn't preclude the probability that she's lying (or the "psych" was a retard). Bipolar mania is not just posting mild subtweets and deleting them right after, or being a lazy fat ass—if you've ever seen real mania, you'll know it's vastly different from Shay's behavior

No. 1916755

now was this for a shoot or did they manipulate another whore for a 4some for ricky? damn kiki, doing all this for a man who I'm gonna bet wouldn't hire a bunch of "daddies" to spoil you on your birthday. the scrote won't even let you make money on content because the little bitch boy can't handle being outted for the perv he is while literally making public porn. except unlike you he doesn't need the porn cash so he can delay or block releases all he wants
"birthday collab shoot"
lmao, is that what they call luring whores out for being used now?

No. 1916757

nta but it seems shayhog's mom is bipolar as she blamed her in an ig live while talking about her muntal helth saying "thanks mom".

No. 1916758

It's bipolar disorder, not schizophrenia, kek. If you've watched Shat long enough, she absolutely does have the ebb and flow of manic episodes followed by downs. Some of you anons are so hellbent on claiming she doesn't have any mental illness, like any sane person would choose to be a failing sex worker.

No. 1916760

Her cycle is more akin to someone who just doesn't have their life together than bipolar. And she doesn't have her life together.
She spends her money on crap and LARPs that she's having the time of her life then bitches about being depressed. That's not really what manic/depressive episodes look like. They are much more destructive and severe. Mania also presents with some kind of delusion whether it's grandiose or paranoid. And depression is usually debilitating. Shaynas issue is that nothing she does or feels is real, she has an external locus of control and therefor her states of being are always precarious because they depend on her buying landfill crap, attention/money from scrotes etc. A lot of people doctor shop diagnoses of bipolar when they find their life has a cycle of being up and down but it's not the same as actually being bipolar. On fact the majority of bipolars won't go look for the help, their families have to have interventions when the manias cause them to fuck their lives up or the depressions are so deep they don't care about anything or attempt suicide.
Shay is such small potatoes comparatively. I'm not saying she's not fucking sick in the head but it's completely situational and could potentially sort her shit out and be completely fine if she took control of things and had a more sensible life style with actual worthwhile goals and activities. But instead she chooses to live in her weird avoidant fantasy life engineered around getting attention for doing as little as possible. She's also possibly a low key narc in which case she'll never get any better because narcs gna narc.(armchairing/derailing)

No. 1916762

In America you can get diagnosed with bipolar disorder after your first 15 minute phone appointment with a psych who has never met you in person before. It's really easy to catch a diagnosis for anything here kek, mental health professionals are interested in lining their pockets by cultivating a large amount of patients who need their "hewp"(derailing/infighting)

No. 1916764

Either that or Shay is retarded (true) and is exaggerating so she can blame her entitlement issues on her poor mother.
>Some of you anons are so hellbent on claiming she doesn't have any mental illness
It's entirely possible to be a shitty person and not have a serious disorder. Maybe she has something, but it's not bipolar. I don't understand you gen z mongoloids and your obsession with giving a diagnosis to everything.

Anyway, bipolar disorder is a serious mental disorder, no matter how you personally feel about ~mental illness~. It's not like you can throw a stick and hit somebody with BD, it's really not that common. And since you brought up schizophrenia (I never did), you should probably know that many of the same medications that are used to treat schizophrenia are also used to treat bipolar disorder. Shay has never displayed manic behavior (she would've had a least one psychotic episode by now in the 5+ years these threads have existed) and she's never been truly depressed (this is closer to 2 weeks, not 2 days). She's never even stated (if she claims it) which bipolar she has like anyone with an actual diagnosis would.
Must be a shitty psych at a shitty hospital then. Quackery does not prove any point.

No. 1916772

What is this cope about her mental disorder? She clearly is mentally ill. Normal people don’t act like she does. We don’t see everything Shat does, but it’s clear she spends recklessly and goes through cycles of dopamine seeking behaviors. She has some version of bipolar paranoia. I don’t think the threads would be as entertaining if she wasn’t mentally ill. You guys are so obsessed with her not being mentally ill as if her being bipolar or whatever is some excuse for her behavior and it’s not. The anons here that were talking about it were only mentioning it because she has patterns she falls into where she tweets every stray thought she has down to music lyrics until she snaps and says she’s going to kill herself. You must be new to the Shay threads to sperg like this. Shes even gone off about how her mum is bipolar. Shay was also reluctant to go through the mental health system, much like your proposed definition of a bipolar person, she only went because she was suicide baiting fupa and in my opinion trying to manipulate him into continuing the relationship. I’m not sure it matters if she is or isn’t, but her happy and constant stream of tweets is always followed by depressive suicide baiting tweets. And if she doesn’t tweet it it’s only because she’s learned not to after years of ridicule. I don’t know how you can say she hasn’t had any psychotic breaks in the 5 years of threads her life is quite literally a psychotic break she films diaper porn in a rat hole apartment 3000 mi from where her parents live and begs for rent money every month. Not exactly sound decisions that got her here.(wall of psychfaggotry)

No. 1916775

Yep, the quackery does prove a point you silly head. It proves that it doesn't take anything to be diagnosed in burgerland. Your initial issue was that she wouldn't have been diagnosed. Whether or not she fits the bill for bipolar disorder is another story, but she definitely caught the diagnosis. It's easy af to get diagnosed with any mental disorder in America, from any general psych. The real struggle is finding a psych in America than actually cares and wants to help, not one that just generates income from visits and prescription peddling(derailing/infighting)

No. 1916776

Nta but Shayna has zero empathy for anyone or anything else and there’s something distinctly fucked up, beyond any mental illness, about how she neglects her pets. Idk if it’s just selfishness but I would definitely say she has some narcissistic characteristics.

No. 1916777

Nonners stay gatekeeping mental illnesses as if a diagnosis gets them in some exclusive club and they just can't stand to see other cows show up to the meeting or some shit. Shaynas clearly mentally unwell, but she just uses her issues for pity points instead of using the knowledge to actually try to improve her condition.(derailing/infighting)

No. 1916778

I'm not reading all of this—I skimmed it—but it's clear to me that you know nothing about what you are trying to argue. We know Shayna is a liar, I'm not sure why you take her word for gospel. 5 minutes of Googlefu "signs of bipolar disorder" does not replace 3+ years of psychiatric/psychological research that the average psych needs to qualify for their profession. There's a reason that people go to school for this, kek.
Quackery does not prove that she has bipolar disorder, I mean. In which case I agree if she doctor shopped she could've "caught" a diagnosis, but it doesn't mean that she has a bipolar disorder.
>silly head
Are you underaged?

No. 1916781

>rat hole apartment
lol the fuck? shayna lives in a $2,500 two bedroom two bathroom apartment with insuite laundry and two balconies. i hate shayna too and she is living way above her means but her apartment isnt a rat hole.

No. 1916782

I’m bipolar like actually but okay. I see a lot of similarities in the way she acts before I was medicated and had therapy. And before you say burgerland will just give anyone a bipolar diagnosis! I am not from burgerland I was not diagnosed in burgerland. And i don’t personally care if Shay is on team bipolar or whatever retarded thing you’re going to say next. It’s highly possible that she’s not bipolar really I’m sure she hasn’t done the work either way. But you cannot sit here with your full chest and say she isn’t mentally ill.(blogposting)

No. 1916783

>Are you underaged?
It would better align with board culture for me to call you a retard instead, but I chose silly head because I want you to know I excuse your lapse of judgment and I forgive you for your irate behavior as you continue to gatekeep.(derailing/infighting)

No. 1916785

Also sorry I forgot to include this but again you’re proving to it have been here or read the threads from long ago. She did not doctor shop. It’s more likely if she isn’t bipolar that she had a bad diagnosis brought on by not enough time with her doctor and whatever but again she is not mentally well. She does cycle. She is delusional. All of this is not debatable. Whatever little word your autistic ass needs to attach to it is up to you and your god anon.(derailing)

No. 1916787

I was more referring to the state of the apartment not the amenities. If you live in a mansion and you filll it with trash and animals and never clean then it is infact a rat hole(derailing)

No. 1916788

“I’m not reading all this” okay. Continue to sperg about the American mental health system and what flavor of mental disorder shat has. Oh hey, maybe she’s just retarded. Perhaps you’re qualified to assess as you too are retarded.
Really though, where is this energy for the anon who called her bpd and said she is just attaching herself to her “favorite person” or do you not know enough about bpd to scream with vitriol into the void about wether or not she has that too?

No. 1916789

Do you think shitty people are sane/mentally healthy?(derailing)

No. 1916791

All you faggots have to do is post proof that she has it, jfc

No. 1916794

Bitch just read the fucking threads no one is going to spoon feed you on shit that’s happened ages ago and generally agreed upon in the threads

No. 1916795

>n-no I WONT prove my point, just read the thread dummy!!!!!
So just admit that you're talking out of your ass and stfu.

No. 1916797

I see we are blowing some steam this saturday kek

No. 1916801

Are you trying to trick me into spoon feeding you? It’s not gonna work anon. The psych ward saga starts at thread 55, though if I remember she was placed on meds previous to that so clearly she had some mental health interventions. I’m not gonna dig through old threads because you don’t know something.

No. 1916805

It isn't a trick for you to provide evidence for a claim you made of a thing existing—only the standards of a simple debate—or else you would be very gullible. She can have mental health issues without having a bipolar disorder; she can also be previously medicated for a mental health issue that is no longer active, and as such she is not currently suffering from mental illness—for example, MDD is treatable and not lifelong; a patient can be diagnosed with this ailment at one point in their life, and treated for it, and subsequently "cured" of it, thereby not actively suffering from the disorder.

But yeah, if you want to throw insults at me, go right ahead, but your refusal to back up your claim with proof is not weighing in your favor. In which case, this will be my final response.(continuously asking to be spoonfed/infighting )

No. 1916809

I'm convinced the Ricky spergs are trying to start arguments because they don't have anything else to focus their autistic attentions on. No Shayna oldfag would be willing to die on this hill of "she's totally not bipolar, you guys don't know what bipolar is like!!"(derailing)

No. 1916822

I honestly think it’s a scrote, I don’t know any women who say shit like
>scholarly endeavors
>this is a debate
I think anon is lost so for clarity.. You’re on a Shaythread, boards aren’t here for debate that’s infighting. We don’t have to provide proof from previous threads to spoonfeed you. Nobody gives a fuck about your armchair opinion on wether or not retard is bipolar.
Since Ricky San I think it’s the same retarded anon shitting up the thread too.

No. 1916825

agreed plus she's an alcoholic which makes your mood completely unregulated. Her brain chemicals are fried from alcohol abuse.(joining derail)

No. 1916826

Someone using words you don't understand doesn't make them a scrote. And if infighting/"debating" were clauses for being a scrote, this entire thread (and tbh I suspect a good percentage of Shaytards are coomers) would be full of scrotes. IMO the milk has gotten so dry that even the infights are more entertaining than the cow.

No. 1916828

I wish I could post the reply but they deleted it. And claiming you’re a scholar on a Shay thread isn’t Reddit behavior since when?

No. 1916835

Like this thread isn't chock-full of TikTok and Twitter refugees. It's obvious that these anons are new and not regular ib users because of their typing style, slang, and habit of double posting. Better Reddit anyway, for all of their autism, at least they can type a full sentence in standard English.

No. 1916836

Nta, but I thought that was sweet of you. Lol.(joining derail)

No. 1916838

Has to be the same retards that had the arguments about eating moid ass kek.

No. 1916844

Truly unhinged retardation. I recommend latuda for your bipolar it works great for mine

No. 1916846

>Has to be the same retards
More than one anon can disagree with you buddy
KEK the state of Shaytards(derailing)

No. 1916848

I know I shouldn’t reply to whatever this is but lmfaooo(derailing)

No. 1916858

File: 1697902937020.jpeg (837.13 KB, 828x1155, IMG_1411.jpeg)

Take your meds nonny you do not scare me. Best of luck with the ip though kek
Anyways I’ll try to steer us back here but shat can’t figure out how to set up her ps2 at near 3 am in the morning seems totally like normal behavior

No. 1916861

Motherfucking top kek. Try your hardest bitch, show the Shayna thread what you're made of kek and if you don't dox one of us it just the final proof you're pathetic and weak and can't find shit. Thanks for the heavy kek.(cringe derail/taking the bait)

No. 1916866

File: 1697903260197.gif (4.28 MB, 640x360, IMG_2538.gif)

Calm down! It’s gonna be okay. It’s not worth getting all riled up about.

No. 1916867

we are still waiting to get hacked homie. Or were you talking out your mayochup full ass?

No. 1916869

im drinking coke zero, how about you fat-ass?

No. 1916871

Well if you were so good at doxxing me you’d realize that I didn’t post that, that’s someone else. Good luck though sincerely I hope you’re in the same city I’m currently in because likely by the time your unemployed ass could afford to fly here I’ll likely be gone. You seem really mad but it’s not really scary. You threatening me is honestly further proof that you come from Reddit or some equally retarded place.

No. 1916874

What the hell is going on in here

No. 1916877

then why try to use it as a threat? post our IPs or shut the fuck up.

No. 1916881

oh u GONE DONE IT now. you done awoken the LONE WOLF. I am the LONE WOLF of the ONE MAN GANG and you have AWOKEN ME. I already have your location and IP addresses ON FILE and PRINTED on PAPER. You are now added to the DIRECTORY OF DOX and are schedule to be doxed VERY SOON. Watch out and NEVER FORGET me.

No. 1916883

It smells like unwashed “sex worker” in here. Not gonna hi cow but just saying kek

No. 1916887

the ONE WOLF does it BECAUSE I KNOW you are WATCHING and DO NOT like -IT-. It helps me IDENTIFY YOU further for my DOXING. Keep it UP. I am WATCHING you TOO.

No. 1916890

i am NOT pretending to BE YOU. I am SEEKING you. Only the MOST RETARDED can wake the LONE WOLF. Unfortunately for YOU - I actually AM dangerous with a KEYBOARD. Back off now, I am giving you ONE LAST CHANCE.

No. 1916891

Aaand Ricky and Kiki are back to try to lock the thread.

No. 1916894

still waiting for my IP to drop and location spread on the board. whats taking you so long?

No. 1916897

wow backpedaling? im embarrassed for you nona. what are you gonna do next? have a bad thought about me? KEK. You lose!

No. 1916898

NTA but you could not possibly sound more retarded and ridiculous right now. I’ll be sad when you get banned.

No. 1916900

is this how you always cope with losing an internet debate? or is this something new?

No. 1916902

Well again that’s not me you’re arguing with. And if you did have my ip you’d know that there aren’t basements where I currently am due to the water.

No. 1916903

Why are you so mad at someone you don’t even know? You could literally be replying to a 50 year old man and calling him a cunt and telling him to suck dick. That’d actually be really funny.

No. 1916905

You did lose though, which is why you started sperging about having IPs and being too afraid to do anything with the info.

No. 1916907

Your mum must be rather uncomfortable with you using her phone to argue with people on lolcow. It must be really hard being this big of a disappointment.

No. 1916909

theyre mad because they lost their internet debate. that is the greatest shame a redditor can know.

No. 1916912

what’s happening kek

No. 1916913

This is what mental illness looks like. I'm not gonna pretend to be the LONE WOLF person because I do not know your location. But the Jannies will know and that in itself is super embarrassing. Jannies will always know you as the autistic person yelling in the Shayna thread about knowing peoples IP numbers. They're probably compiling your post history now kek.

No. 1916916

you're acting like a redditor who didnt get their way. you cant always be right on the internet honey

No. 1916917

Yt? Guys it’s worse than Reddit. It’s a twitfag!

No. 1916919

trust me, you're easy to read. you won't do shit, you just want attention because you're mad no one agreed with your post on a shayna thread.

No. 1916922

considering you're fumbling right now, if you had anything you would have used it by now.

No. 1916927

Wait again just to steer it back to Shayna, she’s pulling out her old ps2 at 2-3 am and this isn’t seen as bipolar behavior? Not sleeping is a sign of mania. You know arguing on lolcow might also be a sign of mania?

No. 1916931

If you’re that retard I don’t know how you haven’t caught a perma by this point

No. 1916932

Yep, just another manic Saturday.

No. 1916933


No. 1916934

File: 1697904747432.jpg (105.98 KB, 1680x840, R.jpg)

how i sleep knowing this is the only place the unsaged austistic nona perceives themselves as having any power.

No. 1916935

I called them a Reddit scrote upthread and someone said I was retarded

No. 1916937

keep projecting honey, looks great on ya.

No. 1916938

Fucking kek

No. 1916940

File: 1697904925833.gif (2.75 MB, 640x478, IMG_2540.gif)

Please stop.

No. 1916943

I swear the shaytards have evolved to know the Jannies schedules and come out with this bullshit when they know no one is watching.

No. 1916944

File: 1697905140421.jpeg (394.53 KB, 955x628, The Gimp.jpeg)

i hope the smell of his spit stays in your nostrils for a week.

No. 1916945

It is just not the flex you think it is to have mislead nonnies to believe that your vagina is Shaynas. RIP psycho anon. Idk why you got so triggered that everyone knows Shayna has bipolar, I guess you want to champion the disorder yourself. But alas. Ashes to ashes, dust to dust. Back to Reddit where you belong.

No. 1916947

File: 1697905282399.jpg (18.01 KB, 474x315, OIP.jpg)

I guess showing their brown vagina to the thread wasn't enough terrorism and now they're back for our IP numbers. Picrel is how me and my nigel sleep knowing this fatty has my IP number.

No. 1916950

You were literally just bragging about it and as >>1916945 noted its really not the flex you think it is. You should really get yourself checked out by a gyno instead of infighting, that didn't look normal.

No. 1916952

I refuse to believe that there are two scrotes going ape in this thread

No. 1916955

there isn't, it just one severely autistic nona who is now posting her vagina again to shock us.

No. 1916956

can you maybe delete the photo of your vagina or at least spoil it? like this is too far now.

No. 1916957

Talking about other people being fat kek, maybe it is a good choice that you got off your lithium

No. 1916958

Yeah, this isn't even funny "trolling," this is just someone shitposting and trying to get the thread locked. Jannies, pls come herd your retarded children.

No. 1916960

can you at least finally tell us what those two specs of crud are near your asshole? is it really shit?

No. 1916962

delete the photo retard. we dont want the thread locked.

No. 1916965

All this because you just have to be special and have bipolar and gate keep you could have just sat there and ate your food

No. 1916966

i wouldnt want people knowing my pussy looked janked up and dehydrated either but youre not fooling anyone weirdo. like you reaally didnt need to post that shit just because of a disagreement on a shayna thread. grody.

No. 1916967

funny how they were trying to call other people fat looking like >>1916953

No. 1916969

thats shayna pussy u scrote

No. 1916971

fatty doesnt even know how many people are talking to her right now yet is trying to claim to have IPs kek

No. 1916972

God got the last laugh there even if she were to lose weight the skin would be stretched and wrinkly
You can really tell who is a new fag

No. 1916974

would explain why theyre so angry.

No. 1916976

File: 1697906217136.jpeg (52.42 KB, 800x450, IMG_1412.jpeg)

First time to lolcow huh?

No. 1916977

NTA involved in the infight but just wanted to say something is seriously off with whoever's vagina that is.

No. 1916982

File: 1697906572682.png (11.1 KB, 464x168, telling on yaselk.png)

I knew you'd slip up. Caught you.

No. 1916988

Top fucking kek
>I have your ips!
>someone’s pretending to be me

No. 1916989

kek good job nona

No. 1916993

this is literally what >>1916982 this nona posted. you got caught. now delete your gross ass nude from the thread weirdo.

No. 1916995

all this when you could have just wiped that shit from your ass cheeks.

No. 1916999

I can never figure out who's more retarded, Shay or 90% of her thread posters.

No. 1917001

I can see why you seethe so much about misdiagnosis. You are clearly misdiagnosed skitzo kek. Take your pills.

No. 1917003

Can you guys please fucking stop? Stop posting zoomed in unwashed looking vag pics with no spoiler or relevance to Shayna, stop sperging, literally this is boring and annoying and smells like unwashed balls.

No. 1917004

>that's not my vagina!
>sperges when people make fun of it
you got us totally convinced.(taking the bait/derailing)

No. 1917005

Your insults are baseless when you get your kicks exposing your genitals for shock value.

No. 1917010

Well not to contribute to this and ill gladly take my ban. But its hairy. Its unclean, youre sitting on a blanket with period blood. You have a boil on your thigh. Also your pubis is super fat. If this is the state of your pussy and sheets I cannot imagine your face or body. Oh not to mention whatever weird growths you have in your ass possibly hemorrhoid? Best of luck scrote your girlfriend might feel good but it looks ugly.

No. 1917011

Yeah, cause you don’t have a vagina.(taking the bait/derailing)

No. 1917015

Unironically I am 95% sure that is Shayna’s vagina, which is awful that I know this.

No. 1917018

File: 1697908190156.png (451.77 KB, 421x767, Shaynas Hungry.png)

>your pubis is super fat.
litrly crying over u haffin 2 stare at this vagina so intentally(unsaged infighting/shitposting)

No. 1917019

Agree. I think I know Shayna's vagina better than my own at this point because I've been staring at it for years. Those inner lips match hers. I thought this was just a photo she forgot to edit before uploading?

No. 1917023

its happening again. shayhog day.

No. 1917024

It’s ironic that the anons of a thread posting daily nudes of the cow wouldn’t recognize her vagina. Reeks of newfaggotry, but that’s probably why they’re still engaging with the baiter(s).

No. 1917025

I wouldn't be shocked if some of the posters here were alcoholics like Shayna. I feel like the IP person was just drunk as fuck and shitposting or something. I mean, we really didn't need to see her vagina but here we are. Janny please leave that pic up until they sober up tomorrow and realize what they did.

No. 1917027

File: 1697908708953.gif (3.99 MB, 640x640, IMG_2536.gif)

You were the one calling everyone a man so that’s why I said it. Jfc, girl. Get a grip. Lol.

No. 1917030

Shay’s probably reading this thread right now and laughing at you tards, good job.

No. 1917033

Seems like unhinged nonna has a lot of misplaced anger. We know you’re imagining the people who hurt you and who you want to hurt irl and are just projecting it onto other women. Calling women cunts and telling them to choke on dick is disgusting misogynistic behavior. Have fun being a pick me. I’m done with you.

No. 1917035

She is cuter than me, but I ain’t jealous.

No. 1917038

I didn’t insult anyone’s vagina.

No. 1917040

If you didn't want people insulting your vagina maybe don't post it unprovoked ITT and for god's sake learn how to wipe your ass properly.

No. 1917044

You don’t even know what I write or don’t about Shayna. Maybe I’m secretly friends with her? Who knows? Just put down your sword already.

No. 1917049

You’re so upset you can’t even type properly. I’m legit worried for you. Jannies, can we get this girl’s IP to do a wellness check?

No. 1917054

anybody in this thread smoke weed(retard)

No. 1917059

Me me me!!

No. 1917065

I noticed that too. She’s as black as Bhad Bhabie. Lol.

No. 1917070

You are the biggest misogynist itt, so don’t even try that shit!

No. 1917079

anachan behaviour, the mysterious pussy looks like that of a person with a normal weight. still unsightly though don't get me wrong

No. 1917081

There’s meds for misogyny?! Damn, wish I had some to give your crazy ass.

No. 1917089

That was infuriating when Biden said people weren’t black if they didn’t vote for him. Like legit racist. The thing is, this is an image board and not a presidential campaign. We don’t know who anyone on here really is, so this is a false equivalency.

No. 1917093

Why tf is this still unspoilered… where are the mods

No. 1917094

Kiki is half black. She is biracial. The end.

No. 1917100

can you retards go back to twt? im getting second hand embarrassment

No. 1917102

Why are you not saging? Also, I was trying to be nice and break bread with you. And guess what bitch? I’m full on black too!

No. 1917105

File: 1697910852925.jpg (63.15 KB, 600x960, 0ac8e6fae2176ad0b8dbc1af8881f8…)

brown vagina-chan on her way to nonnies house (the spirit of the wolf has triangulated her IP)

No. 1917111

Fucking hysterical. Kek.

No. 1917113

Everyone who is not the schizo poster needs to stop engaging with them. I’m not trying to be a mini mod or whatever but if we get permanently locked from making a new Shayna thread over this it will be so fuckin dumb. Seriously aren’t you bored yet?

No. 1917114

>imma show you what bipolar relly looks like
>posts their vagina
Jesus Christ these threads need to be locked. Nobody needed to see that.

No. 1917117

wake up nonna. the accident wasn't your fault

No. 1917118

There's only one idiot posting unsaged photos of her vagina dumbass. Like, just stop.

No. 1917122

u'll forever be known as brown vagina-chan who threatened to release people IPs over a fight about Shayna. hope you enjoy the legacy.

No. 1917124

Kek! i actually think this might be spot on. He observed and found that if there's enough infighting that the thread will get shut down. Now hes on about trying to bipolar black girl boss his way into locking the thread and saving ricky-kun.

No. 1917128

I mean congrats to brown vagina chan, you are definitely more mentally unwell than Shayna. Can you stop now that you’ve proved it

No. 1917129


if you keep arguing about it, then people are just going to think you're a troll. if it really wasn't you, quit replying and clogging the thread

No. 1917132

File: 1697911501882.png (34.77 KB, 458x161, idiot.png)

think we would forget when you got caught deleting and reposting? >>1916982

No. 1917134

kek freudian slip.

No. 1917136

literally all you would need to do is open a incognito mode tab and try to delete it to make this screencap. this proves nothing brown-vagina chan

No. 1917139

Because it’s derail? You’ve been infighting for hours. You’ve managed nothing but looking stupid and probably a perma. Can you just stfu already? The original people you’re arguing with have left now it’s just anons trolling you because they think it’s funny.

No. 1917140

wtf did an anon really post a pic of her vagina on lolcor

No. 1917142

i literally watched you delete and repost it from saying "my pussy" to "that pussy" but go off

No. 1917145

and all because of a derail over if shayna had BPD or not >>1916841

No. 1917147

File: 1697911770231.gif (1.69 MB, 498x281, dummy-brain.gif)

Jfc the mods are gonna be butthurt… unless they're the ones doing this…

No. 1917149

you post here too vagina-chan

No. 1917150

sorry mods we love you

No. 1917151

vagina reveal?

No. 1917153

it literally proves nothing though? especially considering you're ban evading.

No. 1917156

do you think we're that stupid? all it would take is you have a second window open at the same time to have both posts still showing, then you just post a screen shot from that window instead of the other one.

No. 1917158

you're ban evading because your original posts and replies got red texted not because you posted your brown tinted vulva.

No. 1917160

whot? how does that screenshot what ip you're on? im actually start to believe the tinfoil that they posted their vag.

No. 1917162

I highkey believe this, not to be hi cow, is Shayna and her calves shitting up the thread to get it locked

No. 1917163

youre the one who posted her vagina so why don't you tell me?

No. 1917165

File: 1697912221194.gif (1.88 MB, 498x390, chris-chan-christian-weston-ch…)


No. 1917166

Stop being fucking retarded and shut up, wtf is wrong with everyone?

No. 1917169

why dont you use your magical IP tracing power and do something about it then?


No. 1917170

I’m a dyke who has my own apartment and a wife, you idiot. Not everyone here wants a boyfriend or lives at home. Stop projecting, Austin! Lol.(blogposting/infighting/taking the bait)

No. 1917175

Nah. That's Shayna's pussy. Last time it was posted there was a lot of trolling and infighting too. Then they posted the lava rock pussy. What a horrible day to have eyes.

No. 1917177

It brings me great joy to have tilted you so bad that you threatened find where I live and cause you to screech autistically for several hours over simply not agreeing with you. If you truly are bipolar it’s gonna be so funny when you get suicidal because of this kek. You’re such a retard. Still waiting for my anthrax or bomb threat or whatever stupid retarded thing you’ll do with “my ip” kek. I wouldn’t be surprised if you were shaymu herself. Shat would know how to ban evade at this point, shats manic like you say you are, you’re clearly trying to kill the thread. I hope the Jannies expose you I have a feeling you’re the retard who argued about Ricky the last several weeks. Cope and seethe.(derailing)

No. 1917178

good point, the unsaged poster is mostly like the same one who posted her weird lava rock looking labia to prove a point before.

No. 1917184

Nonnas, seriously, stop replying to the unsaged poster. Let the idiots keep shitting up the thread and catch their permabans. Hopefully the mods will wake up and get in here soon. Cmon farmhands, we need you.

No. 1917185

Lmao girl just shut up. You’re just making it worse for yourself.

No. 1917188

KEK what the fuck

No. 1917189

It's weird they started redtexting brown vagina chan then just suddenly stopped. I wonder if they had to escalate this up to the site admin because they are ban evading?

No. 1917190


Thread has reached 1100 posts. The thread will be locked and you will be unable to post in it shortly after it exceeds 1200 posts. Please begin preparing a new thread and post a link to it when it's created.

No. 1917192

is that chewed gum?

No. 1917196

Why are you doing all this?

No. 1917198

god I can't stop giggling at this thread

No. 1917201

You think lesbians are men? So now you’re homophobic too? Jfc, girl. You’re a wreck.

No. 1917202

I find that extremely hard to believe. Someone just started posting shocking images at the same time you decided to "show us what BPD really looks like"? Hope the jannies make an example out of you. Like you're actively the reason this thread may be locked permanently and we lose /shay/ like they threatened and you don't care at all.

No. 1917203

ayrt I think you may be right. Very strange for this to be going on for so long, cerbmin is fully aware by now, I hope.

No. 1917205

Super sus.

No. 1917209

That was my post and no I’m not a man. You’re a homophobe.

No. 1917211

Can't you just track their IPs as some sort of proof? I'm a friend and won't say its fake. I just want to make sure you're legit and not the one posting their vagina like a serial killer. It'll put an end to this stupidity.

No. 1917212

File: 1697913606402.png (6.42 KB, 540x87, yup.png)

deleted and reposted like they did here >>1917132

No. 1917215

Have you ever heard of the NYC or San Fran Dyke marches as part of pride? It’s word reclamation and I can call myself a dyke if I want. You’re so ignorant.

No. 1917218


No. 1917219

I wouldn’t lie about that like you would. You don’t even know who’s posting here.

No. 1917220

Thread posts are now at 1020. Failed attempt to lock out the thread, Ricky-camp.

No. 1917222

what a shitshow.

No. 1917224

For the love of god stop responding to bait and encouraging these retards who come here to spam/derail. They want the attention. You have the entirety of /shay/ to get your autism out.

From this point forward obvious spam and bait in this thread will be deleted and lengthy bans will be handed out to people who engage with or post the spam/derailing. This thread is for discussing Shayna and her milk, not for whatever the fuck this is. The thread will not be locked because of spam, we will just keep deleting it.

No. 1917236

tinfoil that the unsaged anon is kiki on pills running on high emotions amidst shay wrecking her relationship

No. 1917242

File: 1697915536351.png (129.37 KB, 1004x683, tiny dink.png)

Not super milky, but no recent activity on his fetlife. Interesting though that when he last updated this in August 2023 he was still single. So this means that him and kiki only recently made things official.