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File: 1705691723183.png (1.23 MB, 1086x775, Shatzilla.png)

No. 1956944

Previous Thread >>>/snow/1945497

Shayna Leigh Clifford; 26 year old failing prostitute, porn sick degenerate, drug addict and alcoholic who spends her days posting free pictures of her hemorrhoid filled anus on twitter while begging for rent. Rejects her parents help to get an education and normal job. Hurts animals on purpose and panders to pedos by filming porn dressed as a child. Recently moved to Seattle after wasting years on an ex too ashamed to admit they were dating her and is currently looking her new Fupa 2.0.


REMEMBER: Read the rules before posting. Repetitive nitpicks about Shayna's body, face, and genitals are subject to a 1-day ban. Reposting the same photos zoomed in/edited is not milk and you will receive a ban for nitpicking. Stay on topic, derailing and infighting will result in a ban. Sage when there’s no milk. Spoiler any NSFW images. No blog posting or bragging about how you're a better whore than Shayna. Nobody wants to hear about your degeneracy. This is a Shay thread, curb your enthusiasm when posting screenshots of other e-whores, they go in the e-whores thread

Last Thread:
>Hobbling around the airport drunk while waiting to fly out to Boston >>1945634, >>1945642
>Released video of Sarah Gregory penetrating her while making putrid moaning noises >>1945645
>Begs for money on Twitter so she can get Christmas gifts for her family. Peak bleakness. >>1945680
>Part 2 of her previous spanking video featuring Shayna bouncing around making snide comments, becoming one of her strangest porn videos >>1946271
>Spergs about how much she loves dad bods, while simultaneously visiting her dad in NH and forgetting she has the exact body she claims to love >>1946323
>Shows off vinyls her family got her for Christmas, making sure to get her mom's nice home in the shots >>1947234
>Says how much she enjoyed the holidays with her family and immediately follows with how broke she is >>1947873
>Posts NLOG tweets about how she has a sacrilege kink >>1947958
>Drunk as usual while on her way back to Seattle >>1947971
>Went to The Dresden Dolls concert >>1948360, >>1948365 looking like a walking Shein advertisement >>1948437, >>1948468, >>1948498
>States how if the Doors aren't in your top 5 for music than you have no music taste >>1948708
>More Twitter panhandling, trying to guilt-trip her coomers for money >>1948863, >>1948867
>Says she will be off socials trying to get back in a better financial situation after dropping hundreds on drinks on all her vacations >>1949166
>Stepped in (presumably her own dog's) shit and ironically complaining about a guy staring at her shoulder >>1949437
>Going on a post-vacation diatribe about how she deserves success but doesn't know what she wants to do or be >>1949567
>Shayna's "sub" posting unedited photos of the two of them in her home >>1949633
>Bitching about how ManyVids isn't auto tweeting yet she barely makes content to be auto tweeted >>1949846
>New spanking video of Shayna looking like a severe hunchback sped >>1949887, >>1949912
>Posted various odd tweets, getting barely any engagement >>1950571, >>1950575, featuring her not realizing "big asshole baby" wasn't a joke from her John >>1950824
>Posts highly edited photos >>1950948 to ignore the fact she looks like pic related >>1950955
>Used a "friend's" yard for porn just to make another fail of a video >>1951142, >>1951355
>Sleepover with her splenda daddy >>1951312
>Loses her shit over the TJMaxx watch he gave her >>1951372
>At a pretty decent restaurant with the splenda daddy, showing off the shitty watch and looking haggard as usual >>1951419, >>1951420, >>1951421, >>1951530
>Too ugly to be fuck so the guy fucked her legs >>1951831
>The outdoor yard video released and it is lazily done like usual >>1952133
>Extra thankful for some video purchases despite her videos costing less than a Happy Meal >>1952326
>Seething that she does in fact have confirmed poo brown eyes >>1952471
>Horrifying video of her distorting her face >>1953683
>Demanding shekels for makeup, 2 meals and Amazon lingerie while attaching a photo of her struggling to suck in >>1953976
>Hints she's making a porn of her with an anal hook in, true horrorcow shit >>1954045
>Copes about how she enjoys being poly, but then mopes about how Fupa ruined her life >>1954092
>Complains about how sleeping sucks, but doesn't realize her nightmares are probably due to her degenerate porn lifestyle >>1954206
>Prepping for her anal hook shoot >>1954380 and saying how much she enjoyed being abused >>1954453
>Going off on how she's so hot and kinky and "what man wouldn't want me" yet she is fat, degenerate, uneducated and alone >>1954979
>Showing her bruised blubber, anons mistaking it for her ass >>1955035
>New video of herself stuck in her cage, tongue out >>1955236
>Made a plan of her getting back into making content more frequently and potentially camming >>1955344
>Another new video about a "love potion" >>1955534, >>1955607
>Dancing drunk and naked thinking she looks cute >>1955781

https://www.tiktok.com/@dollhausbarbie (DELETED/BANNED)
New TikTok: https://www.tiktok.com/@theirlbarbie

No. 1956945

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No. 1956946

The thread pic is amazing.

No. 1956949

File: 1705692316752.jpg (451.78 KB, 2880x2880, Aliexpress woman.jpg)

Posting what was missed between threads.
Her post vs the video

No. 1956950

File: 1705692347276.jpg (439.51 KB, 2048x1536, Gross.jpg)

No. 1956951

File: 1705692421886.jpg (Spoiler Image,391.36 KB, 1536x2048, Barf.jpg)

Looking real wide here.

No. 1956953

File: 1705692587950.mp4 (Spoiler Image,3.44 MB, 838x472, Cat.mp4)

She tries to put on this "little girl" persona while looking the way she does. Parody porn saga in full swing

No. 1956955

wtf is that white-ish crust around her vagina?? ew.

No. 1956957

Personally still waiting for more about the anal hook. Did she make a video of that or was that just solely for her own ‘pleasure’?

No. 1956958

This threadpic is absolutely beautiful.

No. 1956975

File: 1705695765716.png (2.58 MB, 2264x980, Archery and sushi.png)

Shayna on a date. Not bad if this is her first time trying archery. She can't be drunk shooting the arrows, right???

The filename. Kek nonny!

No. 1956981

Kek nonnie thank you for making a new thread and a great pic

No. 1957049

File: 1705705957591.png (2.4 MB, 2160x3840, Living next door to Sayna.png)

So that's the shit she was trying to film when her neighbor used leaf blower outside. And she yelled at him in that outfit. Did he see the buttplug too or did she just have to mention it to please coomers? What a horrible day to be Shayna's neighbor. The whole apartment complex 100% knows what she does for living. They know about the johns too.

No. 1957059

File: 1705707720501.png (855.07 KB, 1408x967, Professional pornographer.png)

Last thread Shay claimed she is very talented doing her "job". Nonnas couldn't find talent in anything Shay does. This is Shayna describing her skills.

The hook was mentioned in private session and custom video. That usually means we don't get to see it. (Thank God!)

No. 1957079

Shayna being surprisingly decent at obscure sports is somehow the funniest reoccurring saga ever. In another life she could be a bimbo archery bowling queen.

No. 1957085

she truly does have the soul of a frat boy.

No. 1957096

File: 1705714745516.png (Spoiler Image,702.88 KB, 606x1096, feaster island.png)

thread locked before I got to reply but here is shatna looking like a grotesque easter island head

No. 1957113

File: 1705718333912.png (768.06 KB, 863x1065, 1000009817.png)

Guess she's not camming tonight

No. 1957117

It’s only 6 in Seattle rn so there’s time, night is still young. We will be her only audience anyway.

No. 1957127

>script heavy

like she doesn’t repeat the same gross shit every time or just blurt out whatever pops into her head. this is up there with her claim of being so detail oriented lol.

No. 1957130

Kek not the oversized Tj Maxx Kors watch

No. 1957137

File: 1705722919074.png (7.26 KB, 225x225, 68D53550-F7F9-4598-8946-6FC1ED…)

Her head is getting longer like she has acromegaly

No. 1957147

File: 1705727228932.jpeg (Spoiler Image,96.32 KB, 900x294, IMG_7589.jpeg)

But her schedule said 6

No. 1957148

File: 1705727368363.jpeg (587.45 KB, 828x1469, IMG_3731.jpeg)

gunt overflowing out of her waist and her zipper is begging for mercy kek

No. 1957150

>it takes me no time to edit!
Turbokek. It takes you no time because you have next to no editing.
The 3 minute "previews" of her videos that she posts are the length of what most people would use as the entire video lol. Her "editing" takes 5 minutes because she splices a few clips & that's the extent of it. She keeps in every minute of her walrus huffing, no matter how unflattering.

No. 1957151

dat amberlynn poop bun

No. 1957152

It looks like she's started editing her neck. She normally has a thicc Cardassian neck and linebacker shoulders. Funny that she kept her barrel body the same size though. It just ends up looking disproportionate.

No. 1957153

If Project 2025 manages to take hold, I think that will be the end of Shayna. In multiple ways. If porn were outlawed, she has 0 transferable skills to sustain herself. Not that it would matter anyway, since her existence as a childless polygamous bisexual Onlyfans whore makes her enemy #1 to the GOP.

No. 1957158


it's sad her forehead wrinkles are this bad, even with that heavy filter. she's got gordon ramsay face

No. 1957205

i was thinking the same too, she doesn't realize her editing takes no time at all because she doesn't put any effort in, in the first place lol

No. 1957207

File: 1705742543138.png (467.1 KB, 828x461, wrong-size.png)

What the fuck? She's cutting herself in half to the point that it must be painful.

No. 1957209

how did she even get these pants on in the first place? that can’t have been easy, no matter how stretchy they may be.

No. 1957210

What I want to know is why she would do this to herself? If my pants were THAT tight on me I would break down sobbing and not be able to go out or do anything because I would feel so disgusting that I used to fit in them. Why not just throw them out and get pants that fucking fit, they can still be tight. God she makes my head hurt kek

No. 1957213

It took forever for her to replace her 'skinny' clothes and admit to herself that she was a M~L, so I imagine it'll take even longer for her to start buying XL. Torture device 2010s stretch jeans are the new gunt skirts.

No. 1957238

my best guess is at the point of the day where she squeezes into these she's already too drunk to care or even feel how tight they are. i just wonder how she doesn't have chronic gastritis from all the drinking and wearing these belly squeezers. she must have constant heartburn.

No. 1957253

>it'll take even longer for her to start buying XL
Sad but true. She still hasn't worked out that a fat person looks less fat in clothes that fit them and a fat person looks more fat in clothes they're bursting out of.

No. 1957268

File: 1705758316690.jpeg (259.05 KB, 1170x1292, IMG_0566.jpeg)

No. 1957269

File: 1705758412114.jpeg (156.01 KB, 1169x1422, IMG_0567.jpeg)

No. 1957270

File: 1705758504447.jpeg (147.28 KB, 1049x1460, IMG_0568.jpeg)

>>1957268(this is not milk, sage it)

No. 1957272

I work retail and almost opened this with full volume next to costumers. I'm retarded and didn't see it was a clip.
I cant imagine losing my job due to watching shay cat girl porn on the clock

No. 1957273

Her face and neck look AI generated

No. 1957274

File: 1705759456571.jpg (226.09 KB, 856x770, SmartSelect_20240120_150522_Ch…)

I juat wanna take a second and appreciate how her watch is halfway down her wrist because she's too dumb to just take it to a watchmaker or jeweler to shorten it. Fucking retard

No. 1957276

I can see her accepting a john for the evening over camming. One would hope that she at least got cash also, and not just a small steak and 2 records.

No. 1957280

No. 1957286

>browsing lolcow in public(derailing)

No. 1957297

In my observation she doesn’t even get to $100 on average per camming session compared to her getting $800 in a single night of prostituting. Does anyone know a better estimate of how much she was making per cam show? It always seemed extremely low.

No. 1957298

You would break down sobbing because your pants don't fit? Not because of how physically uncomfortable they are but because you gained weight and you hate yourself that much? Maybe it's time to take a break from lolcow.


I don't know how she is coping with pants this tight. I do wonder if she is autistic like some anons seem to think. Some autistic people are hypersensitive and others are hyposensitive. That could be why she's ok to wear clothes that are one or several sizes too small.

No. 1957299

Omg that's hilarious. I always have my volume down when browsing shay threads because I don't want my family to hear a random video of shay blasting herself with her wand or getting spanked.

No. 1957308

File: 1705763118234.jpg (378.83 KB, 1817x2048, Watch.jpg)

It's even worse here

No. 1957323

Why would I hide it, not very Stacey Nona
Lesson learned the hard way! But I think it would be easier to explain watching shay blast her pussy with a vibratory than her awful acting

No. 1957324

Does she not know what a watch is? Is she confused over the big thing ticking on her gaudy bracelet?

No. 1957349

she purposefully keeps the watch huge because it makes her feel thinner

No. 1957350

Either way she is a retard. By having the watch loose enough to rotate on her wrist she's damaging the watch face by banging it against surfaces. She probably doesn't even need to go to a jewelers to get the extra link removed. Most watches have a manual with the instructions.

No. 1957353

it’s a cheap knockoff so I wonder if you can’t even remove links from the band.

No. 1957394

File: 1705774615297.jpeg (14.16 KB, 155x275, 2C45D253-7272-4168-AF7C-A3FC5B…)

She looks like her old coomer

No. 1957398

Elon is a coomer I don’t think he would ban twitter porn. Which is a problem because it’s crazy accessible to minors. It’s kinda gross how it’s allowed on social media so openly. Instagram is full of porn bots tagging their pictures with celebrities to gain traction. It’s ridiculous. And don’t get me started on Tiktok with adults bragging about making spicy content/ being an “accountant” to the children watching. Shayna really doesn’t have a platform besides e begging on Twitter.

No. 1957401

It's a Michael Kors, you don't need to buy the knock off, it's cheap trash at it is

No. 1957438

prostituting herself and she picks out a couple $39.99 dad rock records for him to buy her? she’s probably one of the cheapest hookers in her area

No. 1957448

She needs something to attract johns, so a low price is her only option.

No. 1957554

File: 1705800811544.jpeg (930.35 KB, 1170x997, IMG_0711.jpeg)

Letting smelly old moids put their chode in you in exchange for a small steak and and tacky amazon accessories isn’t a date, Shayna. You’re a cheap prostitute

No. 1957555

I wonder if she has stds yet?

No. 1957558

File: 1705802351749.jpg (435.63 KB, 1536x2048, Blegh.jpg)

No. 1957559

File: 1705802469175.jpg (401.67 KB, 1536x2048, Blegh2.jpg)

No. 1957560

File: 1705802955975.jpg (70.34 KB, 437x749, 1705802469175.jpg)

>>1957559 so professional and particular.

No. 1957561

File: 1705803103805.jpg (79.24 KB, 442x558, 1705802351749.jpg)

No. 1957568

File: 1705804293445.jpeg (372.24 KB, 1170x1035, IMG_0712.jpeg)

I’m so glad I’m a lesbian, moids were a mistake

No. 1957571

File: 1705804472145.jpeg (1.64 MB, 1170x1835, IMG_0713.jpeg)

You don’t need a belt, Shaynus. What the fuck is this look? 45 year old midwestern cigarette mom?

No. 1957573

perhaps she felt that her severely undersized jeans weren't constricting her fupa tightly enough

No. 1957582

I don’t get these smug posts about her “sugar dads”, do you want a gold medal for whoring Shay? Anyone can open their legs for crusty old men.

No. 1957585

It’s serving 55 yo hooker turning tricks out of the truck stop Waffle House

No. 1957601

kek seriously everything about this look just screams woman who has nothing to lose. Like the only way to describe it is skintight. Zero fashion. Only for moid's eyes, and even then, the worst moids on earth. Absolute trash. All that being said, it suits her way better than her nasty pedopandering shit. If Shayna just started larping as a skanky hair metal slut, morally, it would be an improvement.

No. 1957611

She went straight from pedo pandering to gilf pandering…Shayna honey this isn’t what we meant when we told you to gain some maturity kek

No. 1957614

No wonder she's been wearing so much black, kek she's trying to pretend she's this dad rocker chick for some old moid she hopes will actually date her while she sells her assback for mall trips.

No. 1957616

She just looks like a badly dressed woman with a flat ass and a wide belly/back. She does not look like the hot young sugar baby eye candy she thinks.

No. 1957640

She looks like the biker moms I see a lot at my side job…which is serving at a popular biker spot kek. Seriously if she’s going for Harley Davidson rider groupie barfly, she’s nailing it. She even looks the same age as the women I see—except I guarantee they smell better and are cleaner than shower-repelled Shat

No. 1957641

It's late but, I had to chuckle at the ballsack seam on her tit now.

wait is that sperging?

No. 1957643

>the fuggs in the back because they didn't make the cut for her "outfit" lol

No. 1957646

Kek I know she loves bragging about it. It’s fucking annoying but it’s her way of coping

No. 1957647

The bow doesn’t make any fucking sense kek. She really has no style but this outfit is actually decent since she’s wearing pants and not gunt skirts with her hammy flabby cellulite thighs out and jiggling. She looks like “average 40 year old mom who’s into rock and roll and plays it when dropping her kids off at school” not “sugar baby”

No. 1957657

She needs to quit with the bows in her hair. Maybe a compromise would be a wrap dress, a dress with a fabric tie waist belt or paperbag pants/skirt and she could put the ties in a bow? Sage for blog but I know this struggle as I am a busty fatty and oldfag who is also fridge shaped and I love a more coquettish style but it looks like shit on me.

No. 1957660

She's awful at matching. The jeans and top and boots are not the same style. The jeans would look good on shay with a floral wrap or babydoll top and some brown ankle boots that aren't those ugly beige platforms.

No. 1957664

She's already drunk. Glazed eyes and red nose.

No. 1957689

it would look a bit better if she did a low ponytail with a bow or even dutch braids with a bow. it looks retarded because she’s accentuating her long ass head by pulling it up on the top like that. people don’t even dress their young daughters like this unless they’re religitards so either way she’ll always look a bit weird no matter what she does with the bows. she wants to look like a mormon sex slave for some reason kek.

No. 1957692

The beige and brown boots with that outfit. It's like she's allergic to fashion or even matching

No. 1957696

File: 1705837615842.jpeg (32.22 KB, 222x227, IMG_1868.jpeg)

>thicc Cardassian neck

No. 1957699

File: 1705838090483.mp4 (10.92 MB, 720x1280, Dad music.mp4)

Shayna's smooth moves before sugar date. She is clearly rebranding herself. I think it's better than the adult in kid's clothing special needs look.

No. 1957701

File: 1705838421083.png (1.42 MB, 1219x1080, Thriving.png)

She looks dead inside.

No. 1957709

File: 1705839750488.png (Spoiler Image,313.11 KB, 500x375, dukat.png)

oh my god anons I love you, I cant remember ever seeing star trek mentioned anywhere on lc
if anyone photoshopped shayna on picrel I woud be complete, I could die and go sto-vo-kor
(pic spoiled bc offtopic and ugly horrible male character)

No. 1957711

This is just Jillian’s Veronica alter kek I literally can’t stop laughing at the music this is top tier why is she so bad at everything

No. 1957723

>muh green eyes!
Those beady little turds are so hideous, no matter how many times I see her face I’m always astounded by how unfortunate every single one of her features is

No. 1957727

File: 1705843656606.jpeg (501.83 KB, 1170x762, IMG_2994.jpeg)


Not even photoshop can bring life back into those eyes

No. 1957728

bro I'm so sick of her prostituing herself and calling the Jon's "sugar daddies". You're a prostitute, bitch. Those are your clients. Just fucking say it

No. 1957730

No. 1957736

lmao that nose shoop, we all know you’ve got a beak like a cartoon witch, Shaynus

No. 1957738

File: 1705845219100.png (29.49 KB, 809x323, std_saga.png)

No. 1957747

Holy shit, get a look at her bath fan. What would it take her to grab a fucking lysol wipe and give it a quick swipe? Good lord even the healthiest farmer would feel their breathing change if they stepped foot into her filth dungeon. I wonder if that dark filth is an indicator of her smoking in there.

No. 1957761

File: 1705847639115.jpeg (244.21 KB, 1170x409, IMG_2995.jpeg)

I think she also shopped the lashes on her left eye kek

No. 1957763

File: 1705847882127.jpeg (Spoiler Image,193.56 KB, 729x1552, IMG_0592.jpeg)

She seems so drunk and out of it in that video at 2 am, picrel is her before the date with her John

No. 1957767

She looks so under the influence. Her face is so puffy and bloated. Her hair is so thin and stringly. I guess her sugar daddy prefers grungy and unwashed.
Also kek at the tag sticking out of her shirt.

No. 1957807

>treated like a bad dog
Well, at least that's an upgrade from saying something pedopandering.

No. 1957842

girls i miss him every day

No. 1957849

Kek simpler times nonny.

No. 1957856

I miss his retardation too, her new coomers are weird sissy faggots and I get genuinely disgusted looking at them compared to Womack

No. 1957860

File: 1705861207221.jpeg (1.22 MB, 1290x1982, IMG_3245.jpeg)

is that top actually an ill fitted body suit that is squeezing her ass so hard it leaves an indent?

No. 1957867

File: 1705862038645.jpg (Spoiler Image,585.82 KB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_20240121_103213_Inf…)

How?! How does one lack this much self awareness… how did she look at this photo and go "yes, im hot, post." Also this is her fit/look for a date with a sugar daddy?! My goodness she must do some deplorable shit for this moid and is the only reason he likes her. Aint no way hes after her face, breasts, ass or personality.

No. 1957871

Anon she’s clearly wasted there, it’s so obvious kek

No. 1957879

She reminds me of this old lady at the dive bar my friends and I would go to. She would dress like this, and hang out by the touch tunes all night playing butt rock music and dance like that until someone changed the song.

No. 1957884

File: 1705865652951.jpg (73.48 KB, 864x164, Screenshot_20240121-193411.jpg)

dying at this nona in /meta/ thinking shaynu is middle aged

No. 1957893

It's probably the same belletard that seethed for months over what was happening in the Belle Delphine thread and continued to seethe over the threads being locked. She's jealous that we can continue to discuss Fat Shat, while she can't obsess over Belle's vagina anymore.

No. 1957914

Chad Shayfags vs Virgin Bellefags

No. 1957918

They’re both fat and unimportant.(*bones rattling*)

No. 1957924

Sage for blog but my mom was a pisshead and used to work behind a bar and I spent most of my childhood in a dive bar/run down local pub when I wasn't at school.

Shay reminds me of a woman I'll call Debbie. She was over 200lbs and she wore too small jeans and baby tees and she had on about 10 Argos gold necklaces at a time. Her whole identity was based on being a pick me for loser men and talking very graphically about sex. She would suck on lollipops shaped like dicks and she stuck a dildo to the mirror behind the bar as an ornament.

This thread is giving me flashbacks.(not your personal blog)

No. 1957925

Belle Delphine is fat now?

No. 1957951

God shes so blasted before leaving the house. Also tuck your bra tag in, fatty. Spends so much time eyefucking herself yet can't put herself together.

No. 1957962

Why does she even make these stupid dancing videos, she always looks so awkward and drunk

No. 1958000

This is like maximum copium because what does he even buy her? Stuff that she doesn't even really seem to like besides for the purpose of being a pickme for gross middle aged men? I bet he bought her the guns n roses shirt too. Not a single woman is going to look at her and be jealous about this but she posts it in a way that she definitely thinks everyone would be. At least she seems to be wearing the right size of jeans this time.

No. 1958006

Styled like a missing poster from one of those hillbilly hooker serial killer documentaries

No. 1958118

she's gained some chunk and got unnecessary implants but she's nowhere near shay-tier lardsized

No. 1958121

the depression is so, so palpable. this is not even an attempt as a sexy pout, she can barely manage to force any semblance of a smile out.

No. 1958124

File: 1705898428584.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.2 MB, 1170x2049, IMG_0725.jpeg)

Mother of god, the surgeon did her so dirty (and her nonexistent aftercare makes things worse), she is so BOTCHED. The tit on the right is completely stiff and the one on the left is floppy with a frankenipple that’s significantly larger than the other, do you think she realises and is coping by LARPing as a hot bimbo or does she gent think she looks good?

No. 1958131

Why didn't she just get both her implants enlarged to the same size? Was it an insurance thing or something? Just don't doordash multiple times a day and she could've paid for a decent boob job

No. 1958132

Well I mean one implant was going into a non existant breast with no tissue and the other one into a saggy fat one, its not like the surgeon could magically make them behave the same, even with the lift.

No. 1958135

The skin of her tits looks so tight and inflamed. Like I just know it’s hot to the touch the way wounds are.

No. 1958139

Jesus CHRIST. It has to be a cope, there's just no way she doesn't know.

No. 1958210

look at how saggy that shit is already the other one is still high up

No. 1958249

This is what I wanted to say but the last thread was locked before I could. Everyone seems to forget that while they both have implants now they look like 2 different tits because they pretty literally are. Frankentit will never look/move like a natural one because it doesn’t have the tissue for it and never will.

No. 1958259

It's amazing that she decided to go into porn, an industry where having an attractive body is important, with such below average body parts, like the extremely uneven breasts and the boils she used to have on her ass and genitals.

No. 1958276

She had an attractive body when she first started camming but blew up and got a botched boob job. Idk why she refuses to care for herself especially since her body should be a priority

No. 1958281

When she was thinner her pussy was nightmare fuel, and even then she looked ratty and dirty. She was also rectangle shaped with no ass or hips. Her boobs looked okay, but she was skinny fat and weirdly flabby sometimes. Definitely not the body type that naturally thrives in porn.(nitpicking)

No. 1958282

Yeah. I wouldn't judge the shape, size or scarring because it's not worth potentially hurting anons reading the threat, but the redness… it's giving me secondhand itch. Is there a way for her to get it checked out?(titpicking)

No. 1958292

Didn't she have the uneven breasts before porn? I thought she got the implant in one boob as a teenager to correct Poland syndrome

No. 1958302

I mean just go back to one of the first posts of her in the first thread and see for yourself. Yes we know for sure now one was always fake, but they weren’t nearly as uneven looking back before she gained weight >>351811 That’s why the fake tit anons were always maligned as tinfoilers and were finally vindicated when Shat recently admitted her tit was fake. Because her boobs weren’t visibly uneven like they are now for a long time

No. 1958356

File: 1705971530753.jpg (563.83 KB, 1080x1559, Watch.jpg)

He probably noticed it spinning around her wrist.

No. 1958357

File: 1705971725998.jpg (212.16 KB, 1080x711, Idiot.jpg)

No. 1958359

While shats stall was empty, i perused older threads and was dying laughing while reminiscing through the "fake tit" arc. Like nonnies legit got banned regularly for tinfoiling her tit. Whole 1/4th threads would go to them infighting over that shit. What a golden era for shat milk.

No. 1958361

I think this is the first time she's owned a watch in her life. I don't remember ever seeing one in her threads.

Maybe it's because she keeps shoving greasy sushi down her throat. She needs to eat a salad and give her digestive system a break.

No. 1958376

AKA "Thanks for pointing it out, random anons! You're right, it DID look retarded slinging around my wrist."

No. 1958380

File: 1705977701994.mp4 (2.98 MB, 888x1920, RecordIt-1705977543.mp4)

Her cat’s face in the ig story video… nonas I’m dying

No. 1958381

He looks so cute and comfy. I love him

No. 1958383

Shayna's life is my personal hell. I don't know how she can look at herself in the mirror without crying about what her world has become. She has had countless opportunites, but squandered every single one of them. It's no wonder why she has to be drunk 24/7 to even stomach it.

No. 1958387

It’s a fucking 100 dollar watch from Amazon kek I can never get enough of her sugar baby LARP with all this cheap garbage they buy her.

No. 1958390

you’re sweet nonnie(derailing)

No. 1958415

she never hangs out with ribmeat, only shaves her matted fur twice a year. sad

No. 1958442

Shaynus has said that poor Ribmeat spends most of the time hiding from the mutt but he’s most likely hiding from her too. Poor Peanut Butter is probably forced into taking uwu cute selfies against his will. I wish they’d both miraculously escape and be taken in by someone who can care for them properly, the state of Ribmeat’s fur alone is enough to see she’s an unfit pet owner

No. 1958461

Looks as retarded as its owner(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1958469

lmao it’s as ugly like its owner too(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1958474

I think he's a beautiful cat, he's affectionate and tolerates Shayna's bullshit.

No. 1958508

Nta, but this isn’t taking bait. She didn’t reply to the troll.(take it to /meta/)

No. 1958517

just the one working brain cell between them(no contribution nitpick)

No. 1958545

Let’s face it she would have still worn it like she was wearing it before. Obviously no one else would have worn a big ass watch on their wrist unless they were retarded. Can this idiot even tell time?

No. 1958589

I can only imagine the stench with butt plug shat and her dirty flea bag plonked on the pet hair encrusted couch.(no contribution nitpick)

No. 1958596

>if only you knew how bad things really are

No. 1958614

He looks like he despises her in that video and that’s the funny part kek

No. 1958663

Me too! Shayna’s very lucky with her pets, I’d say I hope she realises and appreciates that, but we all know she’s not bright enough for that.

No. 1958665

That she even used it in the mean time.
And why did it take him over a week to do this? Wasn't HE embarrassed in the meantime?

No. 1958673

Most people wouldn't be "embarrassed" by a loosely fitting watch. Unless you are extremely insecure and overly concerned with other peoples opinions of you. If this would embarrass you nonnie, seek help.(infighting)

No. 1958680

File: 1706053748151.jpg (309.49 KB, 1080x1269, Mental illness.jpg)

No. 1958683

File: 1706053972057.jpg (929.92 KB, 2880x2880, Teat.jpg)

>bikini top w/ underboob yes or no

No. 1958691


No. 1958698

she’s the equivalent of an unfiltered cigarette

No. 1958710

She's photoshopping her head and neck smaller but keeping her WIDE LOAD body and it makes her look ridiculous. She gets insecure over the weirdest things.

No. 1958717

i hate how she always has to give some excuse like some teenager who is over explaining before they get in trouble. ffs she's an adult and doesn't have to say she's sick. just say nothing and nobody will expect nothing (which is what they would've got anyway)

No. 1958723

The fat in her armpits is making her chest look deformed

No. 1958724

File: 1706060902449.jpg (233.32 KB, 1080x767, Porn Plots.jpg)

No. 1958734

she… gets views? kek(non-contribution, no sage)

No. 1958738

That's 100% a lie. You can be the fattest, ugliest, greasiest motherfucker in the porn industry and STILL rack in millions of views. The industry doesn't have standards. Shayna isn't successful because she isn't marketing her shit at all, figures since she ain't the smartest.(sage)

No. 1958742

Jesus why must she be this gross.(no contribution)

No. 1958745

I kind of disagree. A lot of fat girls who make money in porn are either deathfats who cater to a niche or are still quite pretty and have shapely bodies. Shayna right now is stuck in a really weird place in-between right now. What anon said about her getting fat losing her views is very true, she either needs to lose weight, gain more weight and rebrand. But to be real, i'd rather she just goes home, kek.

No. 1958750

….blood? On her face?(no contribution)

No. 1958759

It's no secret this freak gets off to true crime but this is like, alarmingly sad to fetishize as a young (don't take the wrong way Shayna you're not 18 years old anymore) woman in today's world. The absolute last thing she needs is more brain damage (or worse) but she's fixed herself into being serial killer fodder instead of, I don't fucking know, someone with a mundane job but a thriving social life with other people in her peer group? One could say it's quite… bleak.

No. 1958760

so… some rapey old man keeps getting her basic bitch shit that isn't even her style? considering how all her other jewelry looks…that huge ass watch and black lingerie definitely don't scream baby barbie bimbo or wtf

shat sure loves changing to accommodate any old coomer paying to rape her

No. 1958768

She just has a small head, which isn’t entirely a bad thing if she went for a model look she could pull it off and of course if she lost weight because her limbs look long but she wears cutesy stuff and tries to look like a baby

No. 1958778

I agree, the biggest issue is the fact she seems to constantly try to go for bimbo shit and moids who like bimbos want the super high maintenance look, like fit body, kept hair, lip injections, a decent large boob job, etc.

One thing she can cater to is just embrace the fact she looks like a wine mom and try to go for the "naughty mom next door" thing and she wouldn't even have to change much, doubt she will ever do business that way though

No. 1958781

Let's be honest…… We all know Its her crusty ass lips cracking kek(no contribution nitpick)

No. 1958784

did he make her brush her gingivitis?

No. 1958799

oh my goodness the boob veins. Is she okay? That doesn't look normal(extremely redundant nitpicking)

No. 1958827

her eyes are so cruuuusty(no contribution nitpick)

No. 1958861

At least the site is inclusive enough to have mods with learning disabilities(take it to /meta/)

No. 1958867

that's because shayna completely lacks empathy and is so self-centered that she can't comprehend the pain and suffering that the victim of a violent crime experiences. that's why she can write her pedo tweets with ease and not feel the least bit disgusted with herself over it.

No. 1958896

KEK(non contribution)

No. 1958909

Now that's she fat AND haggard looking, she won't do stepmom porn. When she was skinny she could convince herself she was a milf but it's probably too much for her ego now that she's a porker.

No. 1958913

A shaymetal phase is exactly what she needs, anything but the “uWu bimbo” looks she’s been doing, I think it’s happening, she did just lipsynce to RAAT, I hope she starts listening to hair metal bands from the 80s and starts wearing her hair big.

No. 1958921

Oh, fuck off with your puritan pear-clutching.(infighting)

No. 1958933

I think it's sad that she's spent years clinging to her delusions over being a bimbo barbie, even though it was clear that she wasn't, only to give it up for a moid. I suspect that there is more to their relationship, at least on her side and maybe she's lining him up to be the next Fupa.

Dark colours and a more alt look have always been a better fit for her, yet she only embraced it because of a john.

No. 1958970

File: 1706128222522.jpeg (477.8 KB, 1170x1265, IMG_0741.jpeg)

You’ve got another account that’s supposed to be for your journal entries Shayna, smelly old coomers don’t care about your daily routine

No. 1959013

my dudette she has the stepmom look down, she could capitalize on it because there's no shortage of coombrained zoomers with a 4chan addiction who now want to fuck their own moms. she's low tier enough that moids would think she's achievable and she could build a career around social parasitism and taking neet bucks from failed males with mommy issues. it's still disgusting porn but at least she wouldn't be this sexualizing baby shit

No. 1959016

File: 1706136468371.mp4 (Spoiler Image,3.23 MB, 852x480, Size of the Bed.mp4)

>Cheating On Ur GF w/ Her Best Friend: JOI Blackmail

No. 1959027

Her nipple is straight up diamond shaped. The state of her tits fluctuates so much as far as healing. All around though, they look worse than before she got them done.

No. 1959033

First of all, porn videos take like full day or two of filming which implies that her videos are 2-3x easier to film in comparison. It’s even easier when you factor in that she never has to leave her home, doesn’t have to meet anyone, and there’s no one else involved in the production process. I doubt coomers will dissect her tweet to understand this though.
Secondly, regarding the general logistics of her videos, HOW does she film 2-3 of them in a day? Would she not have dulled sensation down there from using her wand constantly? I don’t know how strong it is but anons have brought that up before and I think genuinely it might get painful after a bit to film so many videos. Esp with penetration added. Then again she’s probably liquored up so then it wouldn’t be as painful.

No. 1959039

>Would she not have dulled sensation down there from using her wand constantly?
I think it's a combination of her not experiencing orgasm or any sexual pleasure while making videos, the fact she's numbed from being drunk and she's probably lost sensation from drying fucking herself with pet haired covered dildos for years. She can pump out videos because every one is the same. She rolls around on her back like walrus on a beach while making sped faces and pretending to cum.

No. 1959057

File: 1706143280849.jpeg (Spoiler Image,109.91 KB, 846x1041, IMG_8343.jpeg)

anyone else notice the new sore she has on the fucked up nipple?

No. 1959071

File: 1706146862854.jpeg (68.97 KB, 750x401, F5AC37F7-C1D3-47D8-9954-3BCECA…)

deleted this

No. 1959074

File: 1706147011757.jpeg (59.12 KB, 750x397, AE4C8363-1FF6-4C49-9DA8-01132A…)

and deleted this

No. 1959083

I can’t believe she has been doing this as a profession for so long and still releases those 3 minute teasers or whatever and shows ALL of the parts people are supposed to pay to see. I’ve seen other girls pages or whatever and some don’t even have any pictures or teasers at all, you have to pay for all that. What dude is gonna want to pay to see her boring ass ‘scripts’ in a 10 minute video when it takes them 4 seconds to cum at the sight of a tit, botched or otherwise?

No. 1959085

>Posts all her "best" content for free without even so much as censoring nipples or vagina
>Complains when scrotes jack off for free

Much business bimbo

No. 1959090

File: 1706150808626.jpg (408.12 KB, 1080x1765, Force.jpg)

No. 1959093

Wilson was 32 in this photo…

No. 1959125

It’s ironic she deleted this. She wants to lean into a UWU SO PERFECT BABY BIMBO UWU aesthetic (and now a wine-mom cougar one) but she would kill on SW Twitter as a gross and failing clown porn creator. I could see this tweet going viral as a oh so relatable kind of thing

No. 1959142

You're 27 years old Shayna. Not even your mother cares if you date old men anymore. There is nothing to 'protect' you from. You're just a gross adult woman shooting for whatever she can get.

No. 1959174

She still acts like she's a teenager and it's shocking that she wants to date older men. She's 27, no one cares that she prefers 40yo men. If she really wants to keep up the NLOG act she needs to target men in their 70s.

No. 1959180

And you think it's not rapey and predatory for moids to think about having sex with their own moms/sisters/female family members?(derailing)

No. 1959189

I'm a different nona but let me intrude. Not necessarily, it's not predatory, no. Those who made stuff like "The Human Centipede" aren't necessarily deranged perverts. They might be, but so can be the god-fearing christian man who never makes an inappropriate comment in public.(derailing)

No. 1959192

File: 1706185713611.jpg (18.14 KB, 800x450, gurl wut.jpg)

>Those who made stuff like "The Human Centipede" aren't necessarily deranged perverts(responding to derail)

No. 1959198

The movie was so popular that it spawned like…. three sequels, I think.
Sooo…. either you believeb you are surrounded by deranged perverts, or, maybe, just maybe, watching a fictional story with strong content doesn't make you a pervert.
Otherwise, given how popular GTA5 and anime lolis are, our world is entirely populated by criminals.(derailing)

No. 1959206

File: 1706187679198.jpeg (189.38 KB, 1170x390, IMG_3644.jpeg)

> From the 90s

No. 1959213

is she trying to pretend she was born in the 2000s? kek

No. 1959218

God shut the fuck up obnoxious whore

No. 1959229


If she’s out here haggling she’s doing it wrong

No. 1959236

The movies are pure shock value, the story is bad and so are the actors. Plenty of bad movies have sequels, doesn't mean it should have been done. I can name tons of movies where the hard drives of the directors should be checked unironically.
>given how popular GTA5 and anime lolis are, our world is entirely populated by criminals
I agree playing GTA5 doesn't make you a criminal but comparing this to porn and the Human Centipede, it doesn't even come close. However I have some very enlightening news for you about people regularly consuming loli material.(derailing)

No. 1959239

>you believeb you are surrounded by deranged perverts

No. 1959255

>our world is entirely populated by criminals
>50% populated by scrotes
It’s not a flex to be desensitized to scrotebrained media.(derailing)

No. 1959266

You’re replying to a comment about porn created incest fetishes and this is your hot take? Kek
Ohhhh her 30th is gonna hit her so hard and her spiral will be so milky as long as she’s still actively got threads. She really has placed her entire value on being young and she doesn’t even look young anymore. It’s been said so many times but she’s so deluded if she thinks she’s still getting mistaken for a teen. Nobody probably even clocks her as young as her real age.

No. 1959277

File: 1706197067883.jpeg (398.63 KB, 1170x942, IMG_6663.jpeg)

No way… wasn’t she just complaining how doomed her life is and how she’s in a bad financial situation?

No. 1959280

she probably paid off maybe 1k on her massive credit card debt and then immediately started spending on it again. she must have over 10k in credit card debt.

No. 1959307

File: 1706198855115.png (223.6 KB, 500x646, suffering.png)

sorry I had to kek

No. 1959308

at risk of getting an off-topic redtext (sorry mods), the concept of The Human Centipede was thought of by the director and his friend who were discussing what they thought was an appropriate punishment for pedophiles and rapists (sewing their mouths to trucker’s assholes). kinda based idea honestly, but still massively deranged to make it into an actual (bad) movie

wonder if she’ll meet up with Kiki again and get more permanent scarring this time kek(derailing)

No. 1959310

File: 1706199037154.mp4 (Spoiler Image,4.82 MB, 852x480, Jumpscare at the End.mp4)

Followed by an atrocious video.
>you like my bikini? Makes my boobs look real good, huh?

No. 1959312

she was born in 1997 so yeah, she wouldn't remember shit from the 90s and she wasn't even alive for most of it.

No. 1959313

According to one anon he is 32 in that picture and she’s almost 27. She needs to get it through her head she’s not that young anymore. What age do you think she will realize she’s getting old?

No. 1959314

I can usually read her chatspeak but Ive never read "twi" before, what does that mean?

No. 1959315

The first one wasn’t even that graphic. The second one (which is what most people think or thought the first one was going to be like including myself) was really dark and disgusting. I’ve seen YouTube videos breaking down the movie. I don’t ever want to see it personally.(derailing)

No. 1959316

It still seems like she’s trying hard to seem like she’s born in the 2000s. She always acts like an obnoxious cringy millennial

No. 1959317

One of these
- tweeting while intoxicated
- a dialect of the Akan people of Ghana
- totally worth it

No. 1959319

I thought it meant "that was it".

No. 1959321

im pretty sure the text just got cut off because notifications dont usually show the entire tweet if its too long

No. 1959337

probably "twice a day" or something else that was cut off mid-word

No. 1959351

I cant believe after 8 years of sex work she finally maybe did a pov vid right. But that was just the trailer.

No. 1959391

>old men
>the 90s
Lana would do a cartwheel if she read one of her vinyl owners can't even trick old scrotes into banging her. Are her "older men" 30?

No. 1959393

File: 1706211106652.jpg (467.04 KB, 1080x1514, Dog.jpg)

No. 1959394

Because she needs a walk, wee and food Shayna. Look after your damn pets properly

No. 1959399

She's really about to abandon her poor pets again for a degenerate party to incure more debt? What is the point of having oets if yoy're going to abandon and ignore them every month? She literally doesn't deserve Mr. PB or Rib, I bet they run whenever she enters the room. Poor fucking animals. This adorable retarded dog should be mine instead.

No. 1959402

She just likes the narcissistic attention she gets from her pets and from retards who love dogs. That’s the only reason she got them. So she can say she has a dog. She doesn’t actually care about them.

No. 1959405

every time she shares a picture of her pets with her coomers who get off to her "puppygirl"/"kittygirl" content i want to scream. why does she love to make porn dressed as animals that she owns irl? fucking disgusting degenerate

No. 1959407

this dog is too young to be going grey(dog sperging)

No. 1959423

i never said that, just that shayna could have mild success with her wine mom body and 40s biker cougar clothing choices. everything she panders to is rapey and predatory but if given the choice imo it's better to pretend to be a retarded adult instead of a retarded baby. ideally she'd take her parents' offering of free college and go back home but you know that isn't gonna happen(let it go)

No. 1959441

File: 1706217072059.jpeg (235.42 KB, 508x656, IMG_0750.jpeg)

So bimbo!

No. 1959471

that’s an uh oh stinky face if there’s ever been one

No. 1959498

Oh no, her boob veins are still so bad looking even after the book job. I didn't realize that before this vid(titpicking)

No. 1959502

You don’t understand anon she might finally get discovered with her beautiful figure and great personality!!

No. 1959506

N-no I'm not(derailing)

No. 1959509

File: 1706227092294.jpg (258.11 KB, 1080x1167, Screenshot_20240125_155528_Goo…)

Nonny, she is barely a millenial. Millenials are older than you think.

No. 1959515

Really? How old was noodle when she adopted her? All i know was that she was an adult dog.

No. 1959521

File: 1706228176528.jpg (489.6 KB, 1536x2048, Fat Sacks.jpg)

>diagnosed w/ Daddy’s Girl Syndrome !!! and it’s terminal !!!! [Pink heart emoji, sparkle emoji]

No. 1959523

God, she's got fucking Tearzah thighs.
Do coomers really get off to all those God awful sounds? She sounds fucking disgusting, and the weird voice over when she focused on her frankentits was so jarring.

No. 1959528

That skirt is on sideways or backwards so people can't see how much the button is straining

No. 1959535

remember her kim k voice era? it was during her tiktok days. so ridiculous

No. 1959536

File: 1706230938479.jpg (15.27 KB, 188x192, 1706228176528.jpg)

Those threads are screaming

No. 1959539

>This adorable retarded dog should be mine instead.
h-hey nonny get in line!!!!! i feel so sorry for noodle she deserves so much more than what shaytaan could ever give her(dog sperging/derailing)

No. 1959546

i was born in 1997 and always considered myself just old gen z.(blogposting)

No. 1959549

Dear god, it's so tight the seam is coming apart.

No. 1959572

shay has millennial energy from growing up on tumblr when it was full of millennials who were then college-aged and trying to go viral on twitter with 2010s tumblr style humour to this day

No. 1959574

instead of asking for shitty dad rock records she should’ve been whoring for a pair of fitting pants

No. 1959575

"Terminal daddys girl" her dad cant even stomach her. Bleak.

No. 1959588

bold of u to assume the button could make it to the buttonhole, she definitely just left it unbuttoned

No. 1959640

In 2022, Shayna said in a tweet it had been almost 4 years since she adopted Noodle. I don't wanna blogpost (too much) but my dogs started getting their frosted faces at 5, barely noticeable but since Noodle has black fur it stands out more. I hope one day Noodle (and the cats) will be free from the Shayckles and find a better owner.

No. 1959646

File: 1706258071670.webm (4.41 MB, 1280x720, 1706257758845.webm)

New video 'Daddy’s Girl Dirty Talk - Hole Inspection'

No. 1959648

The Strange Thing About the Cliffords

No. 1959670

The gloves are there why? It looks very sims 2, winter outfit.
Or is it a bimbo thing and im too old to udnerstand?

No. 1959672

It's not a bimbo thing. She's just a sped that clings to the peak of her life by wearing the same clothing that was in fashion when she was in school.

No. 1959679


Possible nitpick perhaps, but ouch that looks SO dry, especially when she spreads it wide open. Has to be painful.

No. 1959729

File: 1706285054777.jpg (153.7 KB, 1080x883, None of your content is normal…)

It's not like she has a choice these days.

No. 1959731

this sounds like an open invitation for trolls and cowtippers

No. 1959757

God imagine if her dad saw this, he would be horrified

No. 1959762

File: 1706292325427.jpg (450.11 KB, 1080x1121, noc.jpg)

No. 1959764

File: 1706292491483.jpg (439.2 KB, 2880x2880, Walmart Outfit.jpg)

>lil 10am espresso martini

No. 1959765

why would anyone pay full price for this? she just showed the entire vid in the trailer.

No. 1959767

isn't that supposed to be a pyjama set? she and kiki both wear them around town like regular clothes

No. 1959768

>pajama top and bottoms in a bar at 10AM
Is she fully embracing the special needs adult that escaped from a group home look for one of her johns or something?

No. 1959769

seeing her bare faced just ruined my day kek, how can a bitch be this ugly? the skin color around her beady rat eyes is dark grey(nitpicking)

No. 1959771

File: 1706295571210.jpeg (639.5 KB, 1170x1299, IMG_5727.jpeg)

If we needed any more evidence that her video sales are abysmal. She’s giving out a buy one, get one free if you leave a review kek.

No. 1959776

File: 1706296877953.png (530.65 KB, 1080x1495, Stuffies are off limits.png)

Is this whore for real? All that simulated baby rape material but humping stuffed animals is wrong.

No. 1959777

She still would've been born in/alive in the 90s, though. Kind of reminds me of when PnP posted a pic from when she was like 9 and tried to play it off as though it was taken in 2010 KEK Unsurprising though when you're catering to pedophilic moids who'd drop you sooner than hot potato for the next impressionable 18-year-old. She's spent most of her adult life (and part of her underaged years) in the sex industry, so her mind is warped to those ideals. The unfortunate reality of sex "work" is that there will always be someone younger, prettier, and more desperate than you. She's only 26 and trying to chase after her teens and early 20s, and soon she'll be 30 and realize how much of her life she threw away.

No. 1959786


1997 she was born, she gained consciousness as a human being around 3-5 like most of us do… So her earliest memories would probably be from the year 2000. the difference between someone born in 1997 vs someone born in 2000 is miniscule. She's still a pedo pandering weirdo, but no need to go all "look at this bitch eating crackers". This larp actually makes sense for her, even if it's cringe

No. 1959787

>This larp actually makes sense for her, even if it's cringe
I and the other AYRT agree, and she's using this "minuscule" difference between 1997 and 2000 to pedopander and appear younger, but also a key difference is that these old scrotes particularly get their rocks off to people born after 2000. That's why you have other 90s born e-thots doing a similar larp.

No. 1959788

Oh I guess she is conveniently "forgetting" she has at least 1 video where she's done just that. Back in her "Bambi Doll" era iirc. She humped and pretended to be a baby or whatever on a big bear stuffed animal. Also remember the huge stuffed bear thing where she would get a coomer to buy her one, have to move, toss it, then repeat lol

No. 1959800

What the fuck are those braid ends? She's braiding three fucking individual hairs and wrapping the hairtie around it. That's genuinely so odd

No. 1959801

File: 1706304824441.jpeg (163.82 KB, 1080x1639, humping stuffies is wrong.JPEG)

Over $100 to look like a mentally deficient bum, and she cries about being broke

No. 1959814

File: 1706307680310.jpg (Spoiler Image,523.29 KB, 1536x2048, Why.jpg)

Pics from her snowmobile trip. This would've been a normal collage if she didn't include the 4th pic.

No. 1959822

Wonder why she didn't get a pink snowsuit. That 4th pic is ridiculous for what should've been a normal leisurely activity. Her life is ruled by her "career".

No. 1959833

These are from a fetish store and I swear to god I remember her wearing them outside in public. Something about that is really unsettling honestly. Makes you wonder how many secret degenerates out and about are also wearing stuff from sex shops while trying to pass themselves as normal human beings.

No. 1959844

I didn't know catholic nuns were frequenting the Shay threads(derailing)

No. 1959849

Photos of her wearing this were posted 6h ago dear nona

No. 1959854

She literally humps a stuffed animal in that Shiba inu video, rip to the poor stuffed sheeb

No. 1959863

It's honestly sad how she doesn't do anything fun unless it's with a john or sex work related & she doesn't seem to have fun. She just shows her botched tits and drinks/eats while actively tweeting shit.

No. 1959867

She's done it more than just that time too. She must have such brain rot she doesn't even remember her own porn she's filmed in the past.

No. 1959922

File: 1706327515987.mp4 (3.63 MB, 828x1792, fe0f5bc2-8a04-4998-8498-bc54dd…)

chugging a glass of wine in a restaurant

No. 1959926

she's an alcoholic prostitute what else is there to expect. Like most full blown alcoholics, they don't do much

No. 1959937

>> real hot girl shit
Filtered to hell and back and still looking like a full blown alcoholic wine aunt in her mid to late 40s
b l e a k

No. 1959940

Chugging wine or any drink besides maybe water is not hot girl shit Shayna kek

No. 1959963


oh god, her fake boobs are sitting ON her fat stomach. is there anything more sad than a fat woman stuffed into a booth downing cheap alcohol like she just lost a child? nothing hot about this

No. 1959973

>>1959922 EW the way she rubbed her lips at the end makes me want to vomit

No. 1959976

Scrotes that were teens in the 90s are in their 40s. Nonnies are horrible at math.

No. 1959977

Looks like she genuinely had a fun day, but then she remembered that no one cares about her unless she shows her botched tits

No. 1959986

The tit pockets on that hoodie is killing me

No. 1959987

Kek, and you just know she thought it was sexy and sultry and not like a fat hog trying to get the last crumbs from her face.
This is legitimately embarrassing to do in front of other (adult!) people. I can see it if you're aiming to get drunk quickly with friends, but she's supposed to be a "high class sugar baby bimbo" yet she's guzzling wine like it's the water she never drinks.

No. 1959993

File: 1706347497894.png (599.42 KB, 853x480, IMG_9360.png)

No. 1960013

This is such embarrassing frat boy shit except they at least stay on the white trash brand with cheap beers.

No. 1960018

So she has 46k twitter followers and not one sale in 18 hours after posting this vid. Thriving.

No. 1960022

Oh, sweetheart no. Thats not how you drink red wine. But on the other hand, i guess if its 5 dollars a glass, who cares. Chug that squeeze kween

No. 1960033

>real hot girl shit
Because what every moid really wants is a fat, bloated, red faced alcoholic in her 40s that chugs cheap wine like a pig at a slop trough.

No. 1960037

Sad that you can hear people having a nice, adult conversation and doing what people should do in a restaurant and then there's this lizard person pretending to be a sexy woman and failing.

No. 1960041

to be fair this is probably exactly how the gross moids who take her out want her to behave. it's not sensual or attractive or how an adult should conduct themselves in a public setting but it's likely what they want from her.

No. 1960043

Ooof, I know that hangover was painful the next morning, drink some water with that Jesus juice! Lord have mercy!

No. 1960045

File: 1706369342820.jpg (379.79 KB, 1080x1518, NLOG.jpg)

No. 1960046

She’s in her apartment in that picture, I was referring to when she’s worn those to the airport in the past
Looks like she’s in a classy Italian restaurant and she’s wearing some Amazon tracksuit? Jesus Christ Shayna read the room
Wtf happened to Mike Slack and the other coomers who used to immediately buy her videos? Am I wrong or is this a new low?

No. 1960048

I wonder if we’ll ever hear of this dude eating her out again given her hygiene and the inevitable toilet paper flakes that got in his mouth

No. 1960054

It's more likely that it never happened and is another one of her pathetic attempts to go viral.

No. 1960080

File: 1706383886435.png (72.88 KB, 702x738, maninthebox.png)

you're right shat, this song is very apropos for eating you out

No. 1960084

i don't remember her bringing up AIC until recently and it's been kinda often she does, trying to get attention from some guy who likes them maybe? she's such a poser

No. 1960085

Fucking to Down In a Hole sounds like misery. Guaranteed she made this shit up

No. 1960086

Probably because the only pink snowsuits were like a size S and she's an XXL.

No. 1960088

doubtful she gets hangovers anymore though

No. 1960095

File: 1706385933889.png (1.5 MB, 985x1210, hot girl shit.png)

Same outfit she wore on the 24th. Real bimbo hot girl shit to repeat the same guaranteed unwashed outfit two days later

No. 1960110

She wears this googoogaagaa shit in public??

No. 1960113

blogpost but i went to hs with a girl who was bimbo-lite. she never wore the same full outfit twice. like she'd wear the same shirt but would accessorize different each time, giving the impression of a new outfit. the fact shay straight up rewears entire ensembles and claims to be bimbo sends me every time we see her dressed in the exact same shit(blogposting)

No. 1960133

She makes liking “old man music” her whole personality but only listens to AIC’s most generic hits, I’m not even a fan and I know more of their songs than the 3 she brags about liking kek. Nobody is impressed that you know the music they play on every rock radio station Shart.

No. 1960139

I wish she would stop braiding her hair

No. 1960140

I think what people don’t get is that her idea of “bimbo” means “utterly braindead with no desire to have ideas or interests of her own”. I’m not going to wk for the bimbos, but at least they commit to their appearances and hobbies, unlike Shayna.

No. 1960181

“Won’t you come and save me” can be applied to her poor pets too
I don’t think she’s ever said anything about the songs off of Nutshell and that record is commonly said to be their artistic peak. I can’t imagine being so obsessed with three songs for over a year that you don’t try to check out the rest of their catalog and learn some other songs? And then her most listened to artist is Drake…
I honestly don’t think she actually likes rock music aside from the Doors and whatever other boomer tunes from the 50s/60s she listens to. She always plays the same grunge hits, it’s very apparent she’s never delved any deeper into Alice In Chains or Soundgarden albums bc then she would play some other songs than the same hits over and over. She does the same thing with Led Zeppelin where she only listens to the same 3 most popular songs and never any b-sides. I’m not a Doors or 50s/60s rock fan and can’t really tell what songs from them are obscure or lesser known, it’s possible she’s always been doing the same thing with those bands too.

No. 1960187

yes her spotify wrapped always exposes her actual music tastes. she larps being into music she is only superficially aware of because she thinks it will attract old moids. its jar of flies not nutshell as the name of the album sorry for sperging

No. 1960207

File: 1706417461524.jpeg (723.34 KB, 1221x1404, 498C4C26-F591-474E-8898-3F97F5…)

The old pedo Michael Slack still simps for his overweight drunk queen that smells like feet

No. 1960212

File: 1706420303686.png (3.24 MB, 1170x2532, IMG_0611.png)

Nobody posted these from the other day so I’ll share them
Thanks anon my bad(this isn't milk, sage it)

No. 1960213

File: 1706420600225.png (3.74 MB, 1170x2532, IMG_0612.png)

She kinda reminds me of the type of women on that American Gypsy Wedding show

No. 1960214

File: 1706420913560.png (4.59 MB, 1170x2532, IMG_0613.png)

Lastly, a SALAD!!!!!!!

No. 1960215

No you’re right, I genuinely listen to classic rock including actual deep tracks and she does only listen to the ‘radio’ hits of all those bands. They’re the songs real fans of those bands (and sometimes even the band themselves) hate. Even her record collection is so very basic, it’s painful. I can never believe how much she pays for those either which makes me think it’s slot of reprints and not actual vinyls from the time of their release.(blogposting)

No. 1960216

Samemusicfag but meant to include that most dads (definitely mine) also hate those radio songs as well. Since that’s the only option she cares about. She is the epitome of minimum effort. I always think about how neither me nor any of those dads know who the fuck drake is or any of his music. That is always so funny to me.

No. 1960217

Face so filtered she looks like dough but Instagram can't hide the zit on her tit.

No. 1960220

Nonna it’s ok to like popular songs and purchase contemporary pressings of classic albums. You have the same attitude as Shatna - having scratched vinyls and “”obscure””music taste won’t get you any more moid attention.

No. 1960222

File: 1706424880660.jpg (202.74 KB, 1080x1289, Get To Work.jpg)

No. 1960224

Does follower count matter when you get like 2 likes per post regardless? Even when she's spread eagle exposing everything that other whores get paid for - it's crickets.

No. 1960227

All that filter can’t hide the state of her, it’s so hard to believe that this is a 26 year old. Being a degenerate pedo pandering piece of shit really is reflected in her appearance

No. 1960230

File: 1706428116177.jpeg (961.84 KB, 1170x1423, IMG_0774.jpeg)

lmao is this self-awareness?

No. 1960232

Can't get a hangover if you're always hungover, as evidenced in this tweet >>1958357

No. 1960233

I have the opposite experience, most old dudes I've met I'm not a whore I work construction, a good number of my coworkers are middle aged dudes just listen to the classic rock stations and still somehow act like they have the most unique and obscure musical interests in the world kek. I've actually thought for quite a while that Shayna would do pretty well in construction, she's big with good upper body strength and her personality is the exact type these dudes would be into, she'd do numbers. Too bad she's so lazy.(blogposting)

No. 1960241

26!? I forgot about her age holy shit I'm feeling so baby faced now (I'm way older than her kek)
Shows you why it's important to take care of your body, drugs and alcohol are basically poison)(no1curr)

No. 1960242

She’d make a considerable amount more money too. She’s truly so retarded
AYRT, and same, that’s partially why it’s so jarring, my brain can’t reconcile the fact that I’m looking at someone that young and seeing a middle aged lot lizard

No. 1960261

This is why she braids her hair like that

No. 1960274

all the beautiful salads available in the world and she chooses the most boring carrot-chip wilted-ass-lettuce italian-dressing-from-a-gallon-container ugly-ass one. no wonder she never eats them(nitpicking a salad)

No. 1960283

I was thinking the same thing, she really eats the most garbage food. White trash hog.

No. 1960297

No one is looking for attention or obscure albums, it’s just the way she flaunts herself like some sort of dad rock guru when we’ve all heard Highway to Hell and Break On Through enough fucking times by now. Meanwhile Shay thinks gyrating to Paranoid while rubbing herself and giving glassy, come hither eyes to her phone is going reel in all the dads.

No. 1960300

Tbh it seems to work. Her current John seems to be into alt looking chicks, she's got Mike slack still cooming.. and that's pretty much it. But her dad rock alt persona attracts more non sissy clients than her baby bimbo persona. Most older scrotes probably don't know that much beyond the classic hits, and the ones that do would probably love to mansplain the entirety of AC/DC'S musical catalog to a slackjawed dumbass like Shayna who's going to act impressed just because a male is talking to her.

She'll just never attract any band scrotes that the average woman would be jealous of/impressed by.

No. 1960304

File: 1706456596523.jpg (463.41 KB, 1080x2078, Not What You Think.jpg)

No. 1960310

File: 1706458561568.jpg (238.02 KB, 1080x796, Doordash Recipe.jpg)

No. 1960313

welcome to 2019’s popular social media complaint, Shayna

No. 1960319

9 times out of 10, websites have a jump to recipe button right at the top of the page, but okay.

No. 1960323

Did she go out in her shein valor track suit to a resturaunt? Could she atleast TRY to look attractive? 40 year, ciggerette smoking biker moms would look more visually appealing than her in that porky pink trash suit.

No. 1960325

File: 1706461796450.jpeg (17.41 KB, 162x162, 801AA916-239C-4C92-A8A5-D5A98A…)

Shayna be like dis tew much ima jst doordash some sushi…

No. 1960328

Cookpad babe

No. 1960344

i've said it before and i'll say it again kingcobrajfs and shayna are the perfect match. they both have a surface level knowledge of rock music and she can be his of age goff gf. he looks like an old man too so he's her type.

No. 1960357

Wow another tweet never seen before on the Internet!!

No. 1960366

She’d probably get lots of attention from the construction scrotes and find another fupa pretty easily, shartna construction worker era when? Too bad it’ll likely never happen since it’s a job that requires actual work

No. 1960382

File: 1706475835304.jpeg (241.81 KB, 750x824, F0D124F5-5721-418E-9251-575B63…)

is this not just her job?

No. 1960384

>her low IQ coomers autonomously realised after seven years that if they pay her a bit more than minimum wage she talks to them more because she needs to money for walmart box wine
Her life is bleak beyond belief

No. 1960388

Totally a kink and not just fiending for $20 so she can buy some more greasy food and alcohol

No. 1960389

File: 1706477970632.png (81.49 KB, 255x243, whereweregoingwewontneedeyesto…)

imagine seeing this profile pic and not immediately recoiling in horror

No. 1960390

File: 1706478345796.mp4 (Spoiler Image,4.67 MB, 1280x720, Horror porn.mp4)

The Skidmark women released this. Gross. Do not recommend.

No. 1960392

File: 1706478693588.png (1.38 MB, 916x1154, Screen Shot 2024-01-29 at 8.51…)

Kek this is so retarded. Why is she always pulling such stupid faces

No. 1960393

kek she likes to brag about her amazing acting abilities but the most believable emotion she displays is her genuine disgust whenever she has to make sexual contact with the other woman

No. 1960397

File: 1706479535536.png (Spoiler Image,321.2 KB, 808x611, awful smell.png)

Shayna looks like she's reacting the smell of her own rancid crotch. That poor other woman. I would not put my face near the hog's genital region for any amount of money.

No. 1960398

she thinks this is acting, like she’s gonna be the next Chloe Cherry or something.

No. 1960399

she’s not acting, this is really how she feels about being with other women in any sexual context.

No. 1960416

This is just a salad that comes out before your meal, right? And she only posted that? I guess the anons counting up the calories of the other meals got to her.

I'm so confused, is that the moid she is texting?

No. 1960447

Is this the girl who was in the thread pic from long ago that a nonnie edited for them to be tweedledee and tweedledum

No. 1960452

File: 1706491757704.jpg (Spoiler Image,274.51 KB, 1080x1834, Screenshot_2024-01-29-01-27-38…)

He poops in diapers too. The most degenerate of these diaper weirdos.

No. 1960454

File: 1706491800331.jpg (261.26 KB, 1152x2048, Fitting.jpg)

No. 1960463

haha love the file name

No. 1960475

File: 1706495342601.jpg (897.26 KB, 2160x3840, Instagram.jpg)

From Instagram stories.

No. 1960476

>cream, alcohol and sugar
>my new religion
She needs to accept that she's never going to loose weight and should just start doing feeder content because at least she would be getting paid.

No. 1960477

Like a normal espresso martini isn't heavy enough.

I dunno how she drinks multiple ones in a row not from a booze aspect just how sickly they are

No. 1960478

File: 1706496255756.jpg (901.32 KB, 1080x1883, More Calories.jpg)

No. 1960479

ew that deep fried roll looks so nasty. imagine putting that into your body. that must be like 1000 calories alone

No. 1960481


Why is shay dressed like a middle aged mom going for a jog?

No. 1960484

I’m surprised the “woke” onlyfats whores who sperg at her for being a Nazi haven’t tried to “cancel” Shayna Luther King for not boycotting Starbucks, kek

No. 1960486

Deep fried sushi slathered in mayo, paired with an espresso martini?! What kind of abomination of a meal is this, she has no sense of taste for fine dining or living for that matter. Stay white trash Shat, she outs herself as a cheap hooker constantly.

No. 1960487

The food and drinks she consumes is genuinely nauseating, it’s putrid trash. No wonder she’s sick all the time

No. 1960498

She looks like she’s about to sneeze, fucking kek.

No. 1960500

Why are you all so offended by fried sushi, it is not that bad? She could be doing so much worse than that(adding to derail)

No. 1960510

That’s not her house, she doesn’t have a fireplace kek

No. 1960511

Because she's eating fried carbs while drinking alcohol multiple times a week. It's excessive and is not healthy. Personally I don't care because seeing get fatter and fatter is funny.

No. 1960520

How the fuck does one sleep after drinking espresso martinis at night?

No. 1960555

File: 1706516286449.jpeg (Spoiler Image,794.79 KB, 1170x1032, IMG_0790.jpeg)

This should be milky. Who wants to make a bingo card?

No. 1960572

My contributions to the bingo card:
>shay is by far the portliest of the bunch
>the gunt skirt stays ON during spanking
>top tier shacting, including her greatest hits like 'baby voice' 'bratty voice' and 'bratty baby voice'
>she has the posture of a ? and lumbers around awkwardly in the corner

No. 1960578

don't forget making the dorky unsexy faces she can't help but make and the fakest moans

No. 1960583

>pulling stank faces when she has to put her mouth anywhere near another woman's body
>"you want me to WHAT?" shocked Pikachu face
>pigtails with bows in a desperate attempt to telegraph "I'm baby" while being the tallest and widest of the three of them
>Shay reluctantly has to domme because these are customs and unimaginative moids can only imagine such a massive unit being in the dominant role kek

No. 1960654

File: 1706547845407.jpeg (53.79 KB, 269x301, 6830957E-2211-44C4-B8AA-F6E2FA…)

I’m laughing so hard what the hell is this. This legit looks like tard torture porn. Kek Shayna’s ugly ass faces. She looks like a fat special ed adult. For such a bleak seedy environment shown her she’s only getting spanked on a dirty mattress. It’s better than doing porn with moids in it I guess.

No. 1960656

Why does she always do the soy boy face whenever she gets cheap Chinese manufactured garbage for her hovel or food. Did she learn this from Fupapa or what

No. 1960657

File: 1706548209998.jpeg (313.53 KB, 1242x1179, 0AFA3D82-EDBF-4244-9CF3-D3E4DB…)

She’s gonna get hurt fucking with these deranged sissy moids

No. 1960660

same she makes herself look worse and worse

No. 1960671

do you think she'll learn from it, tho? doubt.jpg

No. 1960734

File: 1706563975769.png (Spoiler Image,1.11 MB, 1080x1275, Find your pets a new home.png)

She has got to have a pet sitter and house sitter for all these trips, right? Too many johns know where she lives and when she is away from home. It would also be less stressful for her pets if they could stay at home.

No. 1960736

I struggle to believe shes ever looked up any recipe when all she posts about is going to restaurants and food delivery. Or those cheese and triscuit plates. Or the week of hello fresh

No. 1960750

>reposting the image where she looks extremely like Yaniv
This isn't going to increase sales.

No. 1960769

File: 1706571262247.jpg (289.51 KB, 2048x1365, Gutter Rat.jpg)


No. 1960775

cute nor hot are the words I would use to describe her. I wish I could be as dululu as her sometimes.(newfag lingo + repetitive nitpicking)

No. 1960784

she looks like a cartoon character with the amount of facetune going on, except her tongue is still coated in a white film. nasty is correct

No. 1960785

File: 1706577145058.jpg (104.08 KB, 1080x551, Instant Death.jpg)

No. 1960786

perfection for the average woman isn't getting a wonky boob job, barely washing her hair, not taking care of her dental health, and facetuning/photoshopping pictures into oblivion but ok shay

No. 1960797

she can’t stand to be in her own apartment for more than a couple weeks at a time, she starts planning her next escape the minute she gets home. imagine how her pets must feel trapped in that lifeless void of an apartment

No. 1960801

She did it before fupapa too. But nonas back in the day would make fun of them for having the same soiboi fear grimace. Lmfao.

No. 1960822

she has never looked like this. not in pictures, real life or video. i know coomers are retarded but shes really testing it fuck.

No. 1960832

File: 1706591267365.jpeg (561.9 KB, 1170x1502, IMG_0795.jpeg)

Shungus, you have a side sperg account. Maybe consider venting there instead of on your “work” page. And stinky old coomers haggle with you because you sell your coochie and asshole for a Frappuccino you fat retard.

No. 1960833

The beady black shithole eyes and deformed, diseased tongue are not improved with filters

No. 1960834

it really is just old sissy men that interact with her

No. 1960835

if she ever mentions her sissy guy whatever ever again then I'm taking this as confirmation she's letting random johns over to her apartment. she may meet them in public at first but she's not "wasting money" on the safety of hotel rooms, she's letting strange men pay to find out where she lives. a "session" isn't something she talks about doing with someone she has a relationship with. she's turning tricks where she lives

No. 1960837

The left boob looks so uncomfortable. She's still using her crappy no name amazon bra isn't she? It doesnt even fit!

Thank God that she still hasn't learned what a tongue brush is, you would think that? She would be informed of her issue by her dentist at this point.

No. 1960838

I hate shay but i hate moids getting off/hurting women and getting away with it more. I wish this retarded cow would atleast force them to get a cheap $60 a night motel room..

No. 1960839

I don't really care what happens to her. I think if she dies as a result of some disgruntled coomer or moid stalker, she will not be missed by anyone with any sense in them. What will her legacy be, supporting and enabling pedo trash? Good riddance!(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1960843

Well apparently dentist offices are prime hunting grounds for clients/future husbands. That’s how PnP found her sugar husband! Shay’s missing out.

No. 1960845

I can’t believe how brazenly she advertises to the world that she’s a prostitute. Just like how she also posts her clients private, personal phone conversations all over her public account. Being discreet is a huge part of hookering is it not?

No. 1960850

Holy shit this is serial-killer tier stuff. The female actors appear to be/ are acting like they’re scared and not enjoying being tied up. Sick.

No. 1960864

That roll just looks like shit regardless. Not "impeccable" or like a decent restaurant would present and serve.

She needs to brush her tongue desperately and go easier on the teeth whitening filter so I doesnt look so stupidly onviously edited.

No. 1960909

File: 1706623358427.png (41.12 KB, 320x303, 3-likes.png)

Her manyvids profile is depressing. There's zero engagement and barely any views. The video of her getting fucked by Little Dicky has 3 likes and 33 views. Imagine fucking some ugly moid on camera for that.

The rest of her content with Kiki also has low numbers. I wonder if the real reason that they don't seem to interact anymore is because none of them made any money.

No. 1960911

Does anyone know how much money they psycho femdom lady makes? Is she just doing this for love of the game or does abusing younger women make so much scrotebux that she manages to grin and bare it. I have so many questions about this random side character of the Shaynaverse, is she evil or damaged or both or what

No. 1960923

Nona, stop. Kek!!(non contribution)

No. 1960927

You call that "abusing"?(bait)

No. 1960964

>MORE time
Wait so this cheap moid that she’s dissing for wanting a discount has been to her house. That’s so dangerous, he could get upset about her being “unprofessional” and just stalk her. She’s like the Walmart of sex work.

No. 1960966

she shouldve let him do it, probably wouldve been the first time her toilet gets scrubbed since shes moved in

No. 1960971

She should have just made him pay her to clean his house and walk that retarded dog of hers. Though, he is a retarded scrote so he probably wouldn't have done a good job anyways.

No. 1960995

File: 1706647039147.png (Spoiler Image,1.1 MB, 1130x979, Nasty1.png)

From her Instagram stories

No. 1960997

File: 1706647184359.png (Spoiler Image,786.87 KB, 1030x630, Nasty2.png)

>i’m so hot it’s honestly kinda crazy

No. 1960998

her gut is bigger then her ass

No. 1961000

the sad part is her body is likely heavily edited here and still looks like… that

No. 1961012

Animal print is so trashy. Especially with a white tank top. That’s like a fashion NO. >>1960995
Her gut line showing through her hiked up thong kek

No. 1961027

Holy shit why is her tit black?

No. 1961055

File: 1706660213729.jpg (Spoiler Image,89.24 KB, 1080x586, Screenshot_2024-01-31-00-12-03…)

This is nightmare fuel.

She really got an implant in that titty cos wtf? Is it already ruptured cos it looks empty.

No. 1961056

Thats a shadow, nonny. Its still a necrotic abomination tho.

No. 1961058

Omg why would she post this, BRB need to go spoon my eyes out

No. 1961064

File: 1706661424412.jpeg (Spoiler Image,448.69 KB, 596x1197, C039F5EA-1919-4216-8C10-F7B828…)

She had to shoop an ass out of the nothing that’s there lmao

No. 1961069

any sane person would consider it social suicide to have picture like this circulating the internet. the sheer existence of these pictures is enough actually

No. 1961078

imagine for just one second that every normie person in your life knows you do this for a living and they can freely google your name to see this picture. they know what your vagina looks like and the retarded faces you make

dios mio…

No. 1961082

kek, she tried to use the water mark to hide where her gunt is poking out the side of the thong.

No. 1961084

But she wants to look trashy, is the thing. Her idea of bimbo does not coincide with the Elle Woods archetype. She thrives on being a white trash bimbo that looks like 45 year old chain smoking mother of three from New Jersey.

No. 1961100

File: 1706668915007.jpg (551.08 KB, 1054x1859, Sexbot sperg.jpg)

No. 1961106

She looks like she's been sitting on a newspaper and the print transferred onto her ass.

No. 1961107

File: 1706670276256.png (606.59 KB, 1002x756, bigbackbimbo.png)

No. 1961108

The absolute delusion of this full-blown retard trying to call anyone else dumb.

No. 1961112

File: 1706670965076.jpeg (53.4 KB, 1066x218, IMG_3798.jpeg)

No. 1961143

Would love to see a sex doll made of shat, would have to invent a new realistic silicone to make those cellulite hills and valleys jiggle realistically. Also, what a treat to read when she thinks she's doing some big thinkin and posts her lukewarm takes about "socially relevant topics", I can feel the gears grinding while she types this out and slams post with a smugness.

No. 1961177

That jewellery is so tacky and cheap. Even wearing a pandora bracelet would be a step up over Claire’s 2010 cross and heart bracelets that probably aren’t even actually gold only 9k plated

No. 1961178

She will always make women out to be the villains and men be the “poor uwu victims” of any situation, she’s an embarrassment to her own gender

No. 1961187

File: 1706703178553.jpeg (22.86 KB, 576x489, 4MBE3LM_gallery_image_71582.jp…)


No. 1961191

she always goes to bat for the worst type of moids too, the kind that most women are rightly disgusted by and wouldn't touch with a ten foot pole. she calls herself a hard-working perfectionist but the mental gymnastics it must take for her to defend these creatures is the most amount of effort she puts into anything

No. 1961192

>That’s how PnP found her sugar husband!
kek what?? a new pnp development? man, I miss her threads

No. 1961199

Every time she inserts her wet fart of an opinion on a serious subject, it makes me hate her so much more.
>like, AI being used to make porn and sex dolls of people without consent is like bad but can we focus on the REAL issue here?!
>men’s feelings

No. 1961214

Men who own sex toys are DRASTICALLY different than women who own them. Men who have them have porn brain rot and they should be executed. Why does she always have to defend men? They’re disgusting and don’t respect porn workers. And once their sexual attraction to you is over they turn on you. Why do you think Mia Khalifa is still getting harassed after “retiring”? Because men don’t view you as a person when you do this kind of work

No. 1961215

Nah fam, it’s because she talks too much. She deserved what she gets.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1961224

>because she talks too much

No. 1961229

Nona no, plase, for the love of god. You cant post shit like this, i just keked out loud waking my child!(no1curr)

No. 1961242

Kek even the plushie next to her is looking disappointed

No. 1961249

No matter how much she sucks in and arches her back , her large lunch lady arms always tell her true size.

No. 1961270

File: 1706725559645.jpeg (422.64 KB, 1170x2087, IMG_5731.jpeg)

From her IG stories. That giant skin colored zit on her chin is the cherry on top of her witch face

No. 1961281

Been a pickme all her life and not even her father likes her. Allows herself to be used like a punching bag someone cut a hole into to fuck, still doesn't even have a non degenerate horny pornsick male she can call on to change her lightbulb… Bleak

No. 1961326

Why is she so bad at styling the most basic shit? Nothing she wears pairs well together.

No. 1961329

File: 1706738101231.jpeg (221.61 KB, 1080x1920, Cheap bling.jpeg)

Because she has bad taste? Just look at this picture of her trying to flex with that watch, bracelets, and rings.

No. 1961330

The funniest part to me is the miniscule stacking ring that's meant to be worn with 5 more on top. Her splenda daddies must be just as broke as her.
Take a bath, Shayna. Wash your face. Even through the filter and foundation you can see the caked on dirt.

No. 1961339

File: 1706741804442.png (217.96 KB, 581x431, weird-head-shape.png)

What is wrong with her head shape lately? She's posted a few images where her skull looks deformed.

No. 1961342

How bad does the zit have to be that it still looks massive even with that strong filter that smooths your skin until it looks like ai?

No. 1961367

Kek, something about her wearing every single bit of cheap, gaudy jewellery she has on a single arm is sending me. Also, she's somewhere "nice" enough that she's drinking, assumedly, champagne, but she's still wearing that shitty AliExpress bear jacket. She has like three outfits and she just rotates them like a cartoon character.

No. 1961378

File: 1706754064453.jpeg (823.36 KB, 1170x1252, IMG_0800.jpeg)

This is so embarrassing. Muh spoilt luxury bimbo!

No. 1961379

It's an improvement from the ugly beige boots that don't match with any of her clothes.

No. 1961382

omg I thought those were the cheap mall slippers that look like goofy sneakers at first. wtf are those?

No. 1961384

File: 1706755281223.mp4 (Spoiler Image,6.13 MB, 848x480, Repulsive.mp4)

>Cheer Squad Hazing Threesome

No. 1961385

File: 1706755629577.jpg (Spoiler Image,106.87 KB, 861x737, Patchwork Tit.jpg)

The absolute abuse she has put her tits through for pennies. This angle makes it look like it's about to burst at the seams.

No. 1961388

she looks bow-legged like an actual obese person…

No. 1961393

Why is it that whenever she films with anyone else, she has that “uhhh what are you doing” type face as if shes acting like she doesn’t want it. Is this some fetish that moids are really into bc it’s hilarious that she doest’t know any other way to act. She won’t even do a standard porn star type of act.

No. 1961401

Jigglypuff smelled something

No. 1961402

I think it’s probably easier than pretending to like it. At first I was going to say that she might feel like that’s how her viewers want her to behave… but she doesn’t always behave that way solo

No. 1961445

File: 1706773506164.jpeg (1.06 MB, 1170x1995, IMG_0802.jpeg)

Shayna, if you took regular showers you’d know how long it takes to get ready. Asking your smelly old coomers isn’t going to help, they’re as unwashed as you are. And what the fuck is this facial expression? I don’t understand how she bothers to edit her photos but still ends up looking so horrendous. Simultaneously crusty and greasy. Those dry ass lips are so disgusting, they look painful.(Fan letter, no sage, retardation)

No. 1961458

I knew a girl whose head did this. Completely changed shape somehow. She was on hard drugs

No. 1961465

She wants to dabble in all these trendy things and never does them correctly which just ages her so much beyond her years along with her poor hygiene and lack of care for her health. She needs to just fully commit to 45 year old biker barfly aesthetic and watch as the construction worker moid “daddies” come like flies to shit.

No. 1961471

She’s the sex worker version of Officer Doofy.

No. 1961472

Anon KEK if I had even the barest of shoop skills I’d make it happen for next threadpic contender.

No. 1961496

File: 1706795936046.jpg (74.55 KB, 269x580, 1000005095.jpg)

(fan art)

No. 1961504

wtf was she taking to completely reshape her skull?

No. 1961529

Nta but probably ketamine (she was growing a horse skull)

No. 1961530

It's not like she had decent looking legs 30 kilos ago, it's impressive how messed up her body looks like.

No. 1961546

File: 1706812237470.jpeg (237.38 KB, 1169x1824, IMG_0640.jpeg)

> far too early 2 be awake rn [crying emoji] but at least i’m on my way 2 @SarahGregory02 [heart emoji]

Damn anons, sorry to say it but it seems that we missed the usual airport alcohol pictures and the totally believable stories with flight attendants, bartenders, and random people at the airport.

No. 1961547

Maybe she didn't bother because she was already tired. She looks rough as fuck.

No. 1961561

File: 1706816328252.jpg (65.54 KB, 995x393, What.jpg)

Deleted following this tweet

No. 1961562

nitpick but she looks so much better without those ridiculous false lashes; they make her beady eyes look worse.

No. 1961568

File: 1706817247835.png (3.34 MB, 1170x2532, IMG_0641.png)

Pictures from her Instagram story [1/2], she went to the aquarium the other day and posted a bunch of videos of the animals there

No. 1961570

File: 1706817472649.png (3.52 MB, 1170x2532, IMG_0642.png)

No. 1961572

So a farmhand changed the original red text on this accidentally unsaged post from “sage non-milk” to this, I swear the new staff are fucking retarded. How is this “fan letter” or any more retarded than every other comment?

No. 1961573

File: 1706817646542.jpeg (1.09 MB, 1170x1821, IMG_0643.jpeg)

Another tweet from yesterday claiming how sad she feels about leaving her pets kek

No. 1961574

She's a lying bastard, She loves them so much she CAN'T wait to leave them total clownery

No. 1961576

>even for 20 minutes
as if she doesnt abandon them for days/weeks every other month

No. 1961582

waiting patiently for the shayluna arc. add just a little meth and then our skank bimbo will descend into crackhead levels of filth. btw shay i hear hard drugs make you lose weight fast! all of the elite bimbos do cocaine at parties!

No. 1961584

Nitpick but does Seattle not have nice beaches or something? She goes to the aquarium all the time when she could see a lot of the same animals if she just went to a beach and checked some tidal pools

No. 1961589

Her cat is so adorable, she needs to give him away atp. I can’t believe she even has one pet when she travels so often let alone 3.

No. 1961591

It’s the rainy/overcast season so unless she wants to be cold and wet it’s a lot nicer to just go to the aquarium. You don’t have to worry as much about tracking tides and the beaches here tend to be pretty rocky so it’s just a lot easier and safer to enjoy an aquarium

No. 1961592

the cat probably is hoping she doesn't leave. they're not stupid creatures, they can associate a particular object only coming out when she abandons them. also the sheer audacity to act like she only leaves them for short periods of time rarely. she goes from being in her house 24/7 with the exception of a few nights to suddenly gone for days or weeks at a time leaving 2 cats and a mutt to sort their differences out alone.

No. 1961597

File: 1706823555855.png (326.03 KB, 419x800, frog-eyes.png)

No. 1961621

File: 1706827265471.jpg (896.11 KB, 1078x2187, Actually Clothed This Trip.jpg)

No. 1961639

cameltoe front ass

No. 1961642

does she really think she looks cute with her feet inturned like that? she looks retarded

No. 1961648

She manages to mess up the most basic and casual outfit with the cheap looking handkerchief on her head and the cameltoe.

No. 1961659

Shay is one of those women whose sense of 'style' is tied to wearing what she thinks appeals to moids. She doesn't have a personal style. She pays no attention to detail whatsoever. On the flip side you also get those women who gain weight or get older and start wearing ugly frumpy outfits because they only care about what they wear when they think their body itself is conventionally attractive aka appealing to scrotes.

No. 1961696

Damn, these pants got a lot tighter. It's not like she's not drinking nasty Dunkin style drinks on the West Coast so this is not even a splurge for her.

No. 1961699

Crazy how you can just look at her eyelids and tell she never drinks water. I wonder how her kidneys are doing. In b4 kidney stone saga

No. 1961719

File: 1706841611052.jpg (741.92 KB, 1080x1690, Degeneracy Dungeon.jpg)

No. 1961728

jesus these losers cant even spend a nice birthday without turning into an opportunity to make their nasty videos. Some friendship.

No. 1961733


the way she has to put the time on there like we're all going to be shocked. Shayna this is not an unusual time for normal people to be awake

No. 1961749

Happy 58th birthday, butterface pimp! May you find more fat hoes to slap in your weird pornos.

No. 1961820

The grandma wallpaper everywhere in the claustrophobic hallways are definitely very bimbo, Shay

No. 1961827

no doubt but she must think that the shit she wears looks good or else she wouldn't be wearing shit that is obviously meant to cover up fat or pull back her paunch.

she keeps calling herself hot. I genuinely feel bad for her at this point, lying and making ugly faces online doesn't do anything to change the reality that she is putting herself at risk, facing no real plan for retirement or benefits and enduring trauma for what? a shitty apartment? she has a masculine body type and such weird fat distribution. you could see it where she was underweight and you can see it now still. but it's not like the fact that she doesn't meet the standards set by the beauty industry will stop her from selling herself.

she would be more comfortable and probably won't look as bad if she was wearing wide leg pants and comfortable natural fiber shirt.

No. 1961843

i know nonnie was banned justifiably but I love this and nominate for next threadpic

No. 1961846

Yeah… she DEFINITELY took a shower. Instead of complaining, she could have just done that then and sleep in her crusty wet braids. But nah, she waited until the last minute to get drunk and pac

No. 1961860

This is so overweight 8th grader with a fat mom core

No. 1961872

Did her implant burst? It looks misshapen.

No. 1961878

I’m reminded now of that one anon who said that Scott Hancock’s clothes for “female talent” would have souls shrieking and screaming if you set them on fire. I imagine the same thing would happen if the Skidmark house burned down. That house appears to be pretty old so there’s possibly other ghosts too who are probably pretty angry. Imagine dying in the 1800s and haunting some house that gets inhabited by these freaks. I would be sabotaging their sets and breaking the cameras.
> she has a masculine body type
This is a dumb nitpick, she may not be curvy but her body is obviously female. Her body looks better thin but let’s be real, no one regardless of fat distribution or body shape looks better when they’re overweight.

No. 1961881

shut up(infighting)

No. 1961899

File: 1706894655389.jpeg (360.21 KB, 1170x1133, IMG_0646.jpeg)

Sage for non-milk but this comment she got on her Instagram made me kek. “How far you’ve come”??? Sure if you mean into the depths of alcoholism, degeneracy, and prostitution.

No. 1961905

It could be a feeder that enjoys watching her get bigger.

No. 1961925

File: 1706899197130.jpg (178.79 KB, 1080x771, Musty.jpg)

No. 1961926

File: 1706899371943.jpg (Spoiler Image,777.51 KB, 2880x2880, Mustier Bathroom.jpg)

Attached photos from the tweet. Her legs get more contorted over time.

No. 1961932

Those fat person knock knees are so gross
Tho what in her isn't gross kek

No. 1961938

Her whole body shape is so fucked and it has nothing to do with her having wide shoulders or whatever. It's because she has very low muscle mass. Low muscle mass and lack of strength also contributes to her poor gait and posture.

No. 1961944

She got that frat house boy beer gut haha

No. 1961977

If you go out and look around you she looks like 80% of women unless you live in Bel air or Hollywood or some shit. Walk down the streets in any country where people aren't starving and most women are closer to Shay than bimbo baby or skinny nymphet and the whole world is getting fatter. However she's a whore and her income is dependent on how she looks. She doesn't stand out enough or get scrotes excited enough. Men want to pay whores who are several levels out of their league physically who they would never stand a chance in hell with if they are not going to pay for it. All shay is left with is broke old boomers who don't even have any success with women their own age and obese autistic diaper boys who throw a few dollars at her whenever they get their disability check.

No. 1961993

File: 1706911342197.png (919.84 KB, 1080x1616, 12 hours of sleep and those ey…)

She slept for 12 hours and looks like this. I'm glad she is not going for the pigtails.
What are dunks? Does she mean drinks?

No. 1961995

Dunkin Donuts. She’s such a pig. Nothing but fat people slop in her diet.

No. 1962005

Shay, if you can see this I'm begging you to get rid of the 2011 side part. It's making me want to NLOG.

No. 1962007

>send me 20 dollars!!!
dude is her bank account in the negatives or something? Why would she need to beg for such a small sum kek? Also fucking ugh the sweeping Jenny Humphrey combover…

No. 1962009

I'd beg her to have a shower first. Her hair is clearly greasy. The fact that she shoots porn with other people without showering is disgusting.

No. 1962028

there are multiple photos in these threads of her body from an angle that isn't deceptive or MySpace tier.

she has narrower hips then both her rib cage and her shoulders, that qualifies as a masculine body shape.

No. 1962036

Her johns probably won't pay her more that $300 a session and her OF is $4 or something. Shay knows she's not worth much

No. 1962052

Covers nips with her full fupa on display kek
If she’s begging for $20 for her diabetes drink, no way she bought her “bestie” any kind of birthday gift. Shayna the type of bitch to think her presence is a gift. What could she possibly spend $20 at Dunkin on even with delivery fees since we know from previous receipts she’s posted that she doesn’t tip

No. 1962073

Granny Gregory LIVES in the fake 1900s boarding school porn house?? That's sad af.
Obviously Shayna lives alongside her porno set as well, which is sad in its own way. But there is something extra pathetic about being in your 40s/50s and still not being able to afford to separate your work and home environments. It doesn't even look like the 'living' part of the house has different decor. Her living space is all a part of the prop.

No. 1962075

Fat /= masculine body shape.
I see what you're trying to get at with how the average woman is overweight now (which is tragic in its own right), but most women are either pear-shaped or hourglass. Different types of fat. Nonnie shouldn't have used 'masculine' since it's a bit of a charged term to use regarding women's body shapes. But regardless, she definitely has the body type that only looks good when skinny. She has a barrel torso with narrow hips & disproportionate legs that makes her look like the Penguin.

No. 1962086

only thing you're going to see in tidepools is little guppies and sea urchins and shit. The aquarium has stuff you can't see unless you go scuba diving or own a submarine (octopus, seals, sea otters, ling cod, rockfish, etc.) Like sure, you can see a seal on the rocks sometimes, but it's cooler in the aquarium because you get to see it while it's swimming.(derailing)

No. 1962087

Peak nlog-ism is living in the city where Starbucks is founded (and where there are literally over 100 Starbucks) but caping for Dunkin Donuts and whining that they don't have it there. Lol shayna will never be happy no matter where she lives.

No. 1962090

God this is so bleak. Imagine living in a house where countless broke idiotic young women were drugged, humiliated, and taken advantage of for pennies.

No. 1962091

Lol this nitpick is wild. The aquarium is great nonnie. Go look at some jellyfish.

No. 1962118

File: 1706938849421.jpg (1.05 MB, 1079x2347, music taste.jpg)

The highest of compliments.

No. 1962120

Lmao. My scrote photog said that he likes Pink Floyd and Led Zeppy, and that I am super special for liking them too!!1!
How fucking dense can you get Shayna.
She is clearly just coping at this point that dadrock is the only thing she has left to offer old moids, since her body is… uh… lacking.

No. 1962122

Learn how to read retardo

No. 1962123

the other poster was paraphrasing Shayna

No. 1962124

I don't know where you got it that most women have big asses. Rectangle is actually the most common female body shape according to statistics. Also shay doesn't look like scrote, you can still tell that a woman with rectangular body shape is female. Maybe you are saying this in order to feel better about being fat because at least you have a big trendy ass?

No. 1962125

Most common? Uhhhhh lmao. You can tell every post made by a fridgechan.

No. 1962127

Gender ideology and pick-meism has rotted your brain.

No. 1962128

Fridgechan pls. Stop coping.

No. 1962129

Having a fat ass and thunder thighs doesn't make an overweight or obese body attractive, either. Lose weight, get healthy and stop using the shay thread to feel better about yourself and your perceived worth to ugly white American coomer scrotes.

No. 1962130

If you want to fuck doggy style you need a scrote with a massive dick, which statistically excludes most men. Asian men are more attractive on average and the average dick size for them is about 4-5 inches. Also it's harder to wipe shit from your ass crack if you are a pear shaped landwhale.

No. 1962131

Lol. More cope. No one ITT ever said that overweight people are attractive. Nonnie said the exact opposite. That most women (and men) these days are overweight, but that that doesn't change the fact that most female fat distribution is concentrated around the lower half.
You sound not only ugly & fat, but fridge-shaped on top of it kek. Cope af(infighting, derailing)

No. 1962133

>>Asian men are more attractive on average
LOLOLOLOL. Tell another one fridgechan.(infighting)

No. 1962134

File: 1706940570605.png (201.36 KB, 720x1600, Screenshot_20240203-141108.png)

No. 1962135

Enjoy your smelly white and black rape apes with ugly dicks, hairy backs and tragic B.O. asian men are more attractive and civilized and they prefer a straighter, leaner body with bigger breasts unless they are an amerifag scrote. Worshipping a big ass is 3rd world crap.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1962136

Fridgechan pls. Can we not discuss Shayna's masculine barrel body in peace without you trying to chime in every time, insisting that your 32" gunt is totally normal shit because you're insecure about how your hips & tits are smaller than your waist?
Now you're just racebaiting in some kind of sad, flailing attempt at one-upping women who clearly don't gaf about any moid. Let alone the ones who come from cultures that historically oppress women (read: most of them).(infighting)

No. 1962137

Poor men like big asses and obese women. Cope harder ewhore. I'm thin with big tits.(no1currs)

No. 1962138

I want every fridge shaped nona in this thread to know that you have the power to change how you look to an extent. Take a fucking walk and put down the Starbucks, it'll improve your body visually and you'll feel so much better.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1962141

Hard cope. Enjoy dating poor moids who are obsessed with ass fucking.(retarded derailing)

No. 1962142

literally who the fuck cares or asked(sage your shit)

No. 1962143

Fridge nonnies always get super weird & pressed when normal women say that they have normal feminine fat distributions. They flail around trying to call everyone else overweight rather than acknowledging the reality that not only are the nonnies they're arguing with at a normal BMI, but that fat pears looks much more attractive and are much healthier than a fat fridge.
I'm sorry you got genetically nerfed & relate to Shayna lol.(bait)

No. 1962155

More attractive to who? White and black scrotes? Poor scrotes? How many famous or wealthy attractive scrotes are with fatties of any shape?

>Pears are healthier

After menopause all fat will collect around your abdomen anyway giving you the same heart attack risk as a fridge shaped fatty(derailing)

No. 1962156

Pamela Anderson, Liz Hurley and Angelina Jolie are beautiful feminine looking women(at least in their youth) and they are not hourglass shaped. They all have rectangular shaped bodies. Cope harder about being fat.

No. 1962157

Heart attack, cancer and diabetes risk doesn't skyrocket until after menopause anyway. Young women tend to be healthy at any shape/fat distribution pattern unless they are super morbidly obese. After menopause virtually all women start distributing fat around the abdomen anyway. The only way to be healthy at the age when most people start having problems is not to he a fatty.(samefagging)

No. 1962160

Wait the models were drugged?!?

No. 1962180

What are we thinking Shayna's bowel movements are like? Normal/Healthy? Loose? Hard nuggets?(literal shitpost)

No. 1962184

Saw a video the other day saying middle part is apparently out and the side parts being brought back? Idk maybe she'll get lucky lmao(sage your shit)

No. 1962186

You need to rethink where your choices in life are taking you, especially if you worried about THIS. Lmao. (But with all the anal she fucks herself up with probably one hard log that slides out from the grease she consumes. Ill take a bam if this comment warrents one)(sage your shit)

No. 1962188

Kek this belongs in /shay/ but I absolutely want to hear retarded shitfoiling

No. 1962195

I don't actually think the girls were drugged; SG doesn't seem like the type to allow drug use in her home. I imagine the weird scrote that pays for all those shootings doesn't want girls reeking of weed or rolling or whatever those degens do in their free time.

No. 1962200

i cant breathe

No. 1962210

Based off the current diet of Dunkin and booze, I'd reckon it's a slurry of grease with the consistency of runny cheap chili you'd find at a gas station to top a hot dog with. Possibly thicker like mud.

No. 1962214

I knew the Shayna thread was full of moids. Y'all wanking hard while imagining Shayna taking a poo?(scrotefoiling)

No. 1962221

I just want nonita to come back and give us the entire rundown that led to them posting this. Tell us, nonna, we won’t judge.

No. 1962226

A much needed topic derail, I thank you. Just picturing her dashing to the bathroom during her shoot after she got her $20 dunkies order. >>1962087
It's just an east coast thing, I wouldn't read into it too much. And tbf Dunkin is probably cheaper than Starbucks (but who knows anymore).

No. 1962230

That was absolutely a moid with a scat fetish. It's typical of men to fetishise poo and farts, but women never do.

No. 1962241

Every time Shayna spends time with other sexworkers away from home (I refuse to call it working) her thread gets hit with infighting, derailing, and shit posting. Wonder why?

No. 1962243

File: 1706985588052.jpeg (368.55 KB, 1219x1063, C1BCC647-AA58-4422-9CCA-84CBBF…)

Her life is so gross and sad

No. 1962253

Anons can't just let her threads die when there's no milk.

No. 1962281

I think it's because she's aware that LC shows the IP address of where she's posting from. So she thinks that if she's not at home using her home IP address then the farmhands won't realise it's her shitposting in her own thread.

No. 1962389

File: 1707021900825.jpg (6.02 MB, 4096x4096, InCollage_20240204_124405163.j…)

I had a nightmare last night that I walked into my room and pearchan shay was visiting me and she got off the couch and left a giant skid mark and then denied there was anything there so I had to scrub it off.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1962390

what does this even mean

No. 1962391

File: 1707022175896.jpg (Spoiler Image,507.82 KB, 718x1440, Peachy_20240204_125053073.jpg)

Shay looks worse as a pearchan. It just makes her look more dumpy and sloppy.(fanart)

No. 1962392

She looks like kiki when you morph her to similar proportions

No. 1962393

it’s an old trick to fake a thigh gap / make your legs appear skinnier than they are but she’s too fat for it to work anymore kek

No. 1962415

She does look bigger but the ratio is way better and more flattering. If she was legit built like this she'd probably gather in more money since she can cater to the retarded "ass man's" of the Internet and the thicc obsessed inbreds(derailing)

No. 1962434

File: 1707037208559.jpg (4.23 MB, 4096x4096, InCollage_20240204_170134469.j…)

Kiki has a big ass and can barely afford her rent. Shay does look better with a straighter body but she would look even better if she wasn't fat.

No. 1962444

She looks waaaaay better like this. I can't believe that you not only wasted time making all this fanart, but that you actually think that her Hank Hill ass is better lol. The pure cope ITT is crazy.
You sound like the same anon who insists that everyone who says the truth about how Shayna has the most unflattering body type MUST be fat. You can't seem to accept that there are body types outside of skinny fridge & fat pear because knowing you got the short end of the stick breaks your brain.(derailing)

No. 1962445

Fridgechan photoshop a pear shape that is not 250+lb challenge ((impossible))(derailing)

No. 1962466

I think she looks way better with this shape tbh. Better to be fat and have some of that fat give you curves than to be fat and still somehow have a hank hill

No. 1962501

i hate this ngl. you made her look like amberlynn reid

No. 1962502

imagine leaving your pets behind yet again to go visit someone who beats you over video games and thinking it's something to brag about

No. 1962633

File: 1707075306536.jpg (852.14 KB, 2880x2880, A bunch of winners.jpg)

>volleyball squad boutta get SPANKED [crying emoji] ft. @heyhilyraskye & @Tubaman2020 [pink heart emoji]

No. 1962638

Wow such fresh looking faces playing teens! That cellulite ass next to the pale tattooed leg

No. 1962647

lmao she looks so proud of herself hugging this old toad

No. 1962649

kek it’s just that she goes so often like she has a genuine interest in the animals there when she could probably see a lot of them if she just went to the beach which imo is a lot cooler to see them in their natural habitat than at an aquarium i also live in the pnw and I’ve seen most of the animals she posts and more just by going to the beach, however I’ve never been to Seattle so that’s why I asked

No. 1962667

File: 1707081138832.jpeg (76.34 KB, 1080x1920, High maintenance.jpeg)


No. 1962690

File: 1707086719562.jpg (65.99 KB, 736x1057, 993d272bcff48d292a3b571ee7b337…)

I'm convinced that it's Ellen who comes here to fan girl about giant cottage cheese butts(derailing)

No. 1962700

Kek. Definitely the body types of girls on a volleyball team

No. 1962702

I find it bleaque how shay looks better in the weird pervy strictmore outfits than anything she chooses for herself.

No. 1962705

Or Kiki or Sophie. Overweight is overweight.(derailing)

No. 1962709

Letting some old geriatric man with bitch tits who smells like skin cancer and denture glue touch you. BLEAK.

No. 1962740

>> smells like skin cancer
This has me rolling topkek(no contribution)

No. 1962749

Shay's career is basically servicing scrotes who smell like couch dust and old newspapers.

No. 1962759

shes being mogged so hard by the other girl and shes doing it so confidently that i can't even feel bad for her

No. 1962822

Cancer is so funny! Lol!(no contribution, no sage)

No. 1962829

There's a whole board to dump nitpicking and other random commentary. Keep it out of the main thread.

No. 1962836

Why. Why does she and girl like her do this to themselves?
I just don't understand. Was Shayna abused somehow as a child? How TF did a normal girl with normal possibilities to go to college or find a job….. end up as a prostitute fucking the ugliest old perverts?

No. 1962837

She NEVER grew out of the "fUcK yOu mOm" Phase, She's been a well off woman for her whole life she's choosing to do this shit

No. 1962842

There are a lot of anecdotal stories about people that start smoking weed heavily at a young age, and becoming mentally stuck there. I 100% believe that's Shayna's case. That, combined with Tumblr "fame" around the same time ruined any chance of her growing up and becoming a normal, functioning member of society.

No. 1962851

Because she never developed a personality, she stopped after high school and she's stunted. Quick validation from tumblr and being thrown money for laying on her ass back on camera and now irl made her feel like
>I found the infinate money cheat! I can do so little and get money! All I have to do is be pretty and show my body!
Except she pretends it's so damn hard to do, when she's just lazy, boring and spends hours editing identical pictures but leaving crusty lips and tissue bits. She just hasn't had any motivation. No personality, she's stuck in a loop of bullshit. She thinks people genuinely think she's this hot bimbo baby barbie, because she travels (even if she's broke right after). Anyone notice how Shayna posts almost hourly updates at the airport? She thinks going on planes is the luxury versus the place she's going, because she's so broke/boring and drunk/high all she can do is sit in hotel rooms or bars and drink. She doesn't go shopping, visit famous places etc.
I do think her surgery as a teen, caused her some trauma, because it would a lot of women. Having to get a breast implant as a teen is very traumatizing and unusual.
I think because of that and being spoiled she thinks she's an underdog who is entitled to fame/love. That all she's been through in life means she's so special and meant to be the most famous pornstar ever (kek).
Plus she doesn't hang with normal people, One thing about long term lolcows is they isolate themselves, they don't hang with anybody who doesn't have their same mindset. They cut the world off outside their retarded obsession. Shayna has done that.

No. 1962853

she abuses substances, is addicted to attention, and has lived her life centered around porn for so long that it has completely rotted her brain. she can't even do simple activities without sexualizing them in some way. every single thing she posts online is designed to gain attention or approval from moids. it's an empty, soul-destroying way to live but it also doesn't require much effort on her part and provides her with just enough income to keep a roof over her head and support her addictions, so she has little incentive to change.

No. 1962870

File: 1707149180706.jpg (714.6 KB, 1079x1765, Shays Type - Submissive Men.jp…)

No. 1962872

That’s the male equivalent of Shaynus omg kek twins

No. 1962880

Did she finally buy a tongue scraper?

The look related, all the men she attracts usually do. It's a disturbing recurrence with her for some reason.

No. 1962882

Does she ever just take a normal photo with her mouth closed and tongue in her mouth?

No. 1962900

File: 1707155279063.jpg (578.53 KB, 1068x2006, Birthday.jpg)

No. 1962904

He looks like a thumb. Also who the fuck takes pictures with their Johns? Let alone allowing them to be posted online. She really acts like she's dating these scrotes and it's so sad.

No. 1962924

happy 60th, predator gregory!

No. 1962935

Shayna works so hard that her lack of working got her dropped and kicked out from her professional porn company years ago what a clown, Still selling that pussy for $1 for the mcdonalds dollar menu I see

No. 1962936

File: 1707163025537.jpg (539.62 KB, 1788x2048, Worlds Largest Cheerleader.jpg)

>me ? spanked 4 drilling a peephole in the boys locker room ?? absolutely !!

No. 1962937

File: 1707163235672.jpg (175.78 KB, 1080x643, Acting.jpg)

No. 1962943

Holy shit clothes that fit! She had no hand in the purchase of this as we aren't seeing gunt or moose knuckle, and nothing is pink. Dare I say she looks like a normal albeit large woman? Why can't she see that this suits her so much more than busting the seams of size S SheIn rags?

No. 1962946

File: 1707165377713.jpg (Spoiler Image,879.7 KB, 2880x2880, Wash Your PJs.jpg)

>gee..,sure hope i don’t get spanked in my fav pj’s

She's worn this more than any other outfit in the past month.

No. 1962947

Sarah is smart, She makes Shayna cover her frat boy beer gut

No. 1962950

Ironically, SG is probably the best influence that Shay can hope for in her current state. (I use the term “best” loosely ofc because an actual good influence would get her to quit porn and start a normal life.)

SG is in good shape for her age and obviously took decent care of herself. She’s relatively successful for a niche porn actress, with her own house and fans and the ability to travel to different freak conventions and get money out of bookings. She seems smart. It’s sad but at this point, SG is the best possible future that Shay could hope for, even if her reaching that level seems far fetched.

I do think that this lovey-dovey bestie phase is short lived though, like all of Shay’s friendships. I think SG is trying to get her to shape up to exploit her for more content. It’ll be interesting to see what happens when Shay inevitably burns this bridge somehow. SG strikes me as someone who would be extremely spiteful and mean-girl when she feels she’s been wronged.

No. 1962964

>I think SG is trying to get her to shape up to exploit her for more content.
To me this seems to be the purpose behind what Gregory is doing. Shayna being the tragic pick me that she is, is prepared to go along with whatever is required of her. She asks to spanked harder than the other girls as seen from her bruises and Kiki's reaction at fatcon. The hog doesn't really enjoy it but it gets her praise and attention, so she does it. For Gregory making spanking content, having a woman who will take brutal spankings probably brings in a lot of money. I'm not convinced that the gross moids that get off to it care about what the women look like. None of the skidmark girls are attractive. Being alive, female and willing seems to be the only requirements.

No. 1962965

I think Gregory knows Shay is going to always be on the fugly side, but I think her attempting to get Shay to look a little better isn’t about the moids, it’s about her own ego of “fixing” Shay.

No. 1963007

Every time Shayna wears clothes that fit het it throws me for a loop that this one small adjustment to her life choices make such a big difference to how she looks

No. 1963041

Onision knows Shayba???(unsaged retard)

No. 1963061

Imagine being in your mid/late 20s while most women your age are pursuing careers, travelling overseas and living their best lives while you’re being “inspired” by an ugly middle aged degenerate whore who pimps you out to fat, smelly pedophiles for the price of a Dunkin frappe. Bleak doesn’t even begin to cover it

No. 1963067

File: 1707201410410.png (5.28 MB, 1290x2796, IMG_3461.png)

Some more retarded pictures from her stories

No. 1963069

File: 1707201675043.png (5.8 MB, 1290x2796, IMG_3462.png)

No. 1963071

File: 1707201884609.png (4.07 MB, 1290x2796, IMG_3463.png)

No. 1963080

She looks like she's wearing a fat suit, horrible choice in colors as usual

No. 1963082

Her face looks rounder here. Maybe she's started gaining weight again. The skirt in the second image is screaming for release.

No. 1963083

Haha i refuse to believe this isn’t on purpose

No. 1963094

wait so does grandma greg actually live at the strictmoor house?

No. 1963130

probably alcohol bloat. alcoholics get bad facial swelling and "moon face" essentially after constant daily consumption. her face is probably numb most of the time.

No. 1963203

>I do think her surgery as a teen, caused her some trauma, because it would a lot of women. Having to get a breast implant as a teen is very traumatizing and unusual.

There are some really old posts where she bragged about other girls staring jealously at her amazing chest, and even as a teenager she made a point to go braless in thin shirts. I'm sure she was really insecure about having a nonexistent tit, and it seems like the surgery wasn't traumatizing, she suddenly felt like girls envied her and guys wanted her and it made her feel amazing. Having your self-esteem rocket upwards like that from getting an implant would fuck up a lot of people's understanding of their own self-worth, especially if they're as young as Shayna was. She then got tumblr famous by being hot, further convincing her that her worth comes from scrote attention, and the ~sex work is real work uwu~ retardation made it really easy for her to transition to having her entire life revolve around degrading herself so men will tell her she's pretty. And now she's stuck, unable to mature as long as she keeps up this lifestyle, and unable to get out of this lifestyle because she's too immature.

It's almost tragic, but she's a pedophile-glorifying scumbag so she can fuck right off.

No. 1963222

She never got famous from being hot because she’s not . She got “famous” for being a stoner and copying other tumblr girls. No one famous on tumblr is famous in the real world. She was only niche famous among weed users. Like no one else knows she exists.

No. 1963226

You have a point, I think that once she got bigger, the issue got worse for her and she had to get the surgery. If she was bragging about her tits back then, I can imagine years later seeing that they were lopsided because her weight gain and she'd have to get more work then just getting it replaced but also another implant & breast lift.

No. 1963232

Cheerleaders aren’t overweight they actually exercise kek. Shayna can’t even bend and touch her toes, fat bitch.
I love how she calls these people her “best frens” but they don’t give a shit about her and consider her their dumpy co worker.

No. 1963264

Wouldn't be surprised if Sarah views Shayna as a younger (fatter) version of herself and needs the ego boost of saving a hoe to cope with the fact that she's turning 60 and instead of spending that time with loved friends and family, she's spanking dumpy e-whores for scrotes bucks

No. 1963265

Sorry but this is so funny because this is the same exact outfit.

No. 1963282

Nta but an anon who worked with her in the past said she’s really mean so I think she views Shayna as entertainment and a “friend” she can make fun of/look down on. She could also be an alcoholic or be such an evil person to keep around an obvious alcoholic to laugh at them.

No. 1963289

File: 1707257351778.png (1.72 MB, 1229x1080, Outfit.png)

No. 1963294

She probably keeps Shayna around because even though Sarah Gregory is significantly older, she still mogs the shit of Fat Shat. Face aside she's in good shape for her age, where as Shayna looks like a lot lizard in her 40s. That could be why Skidmark only ever hires overweight, homely twitter sex workers. Sarah probably wants to be the most attractive person there.

No. 1963301

how old is gregory turning?

No. 1963306

I’m surprised the Skidmark wardrobe doesn’t have a bra she can wear, even something vintage and conical or a sports bra would be acceptable

No. 1963309

File: 1707261563232.jpg (236.04 KB, 1170x855, sarah age.jpg)

No. 1963311

Textbook aged out prostitute to pimp evolution.

No. 1963312

Dang she only just turned 40? I was thinking older.

No. 1963315

She's been doing that stupid pigeon toe pose a lot more often lately. It's really funny how her best asset used to be her legs, now they're objectively her worst.

No. 1963323

I wonder why she didnt invite Jackie O lmfao

No. 1963329

File: 1707267477202.jpg (410.95 KB, 2880x2880, Part 1 and 2.jpg)

No. 1963333

File: 1707267866583.jpg (Spoiler Image,146.73 KB, 1169x1870, Ugly Not Innocent.jpg)

Accompanied image

No. 1963335

File: 1707268176944.jpg (Spoiler Image,492.17 KB, 1572x2048, FAT TODDLER.jpg)

>lov when daddy hurts me [pink heart emoji, sparkle emoji]

No. 1963341

Really? She is a hot MILF. Bitches be jealous, Id hit that kek(sage your shit)

No. 1963348

Fucking disgusting. It's almost like her lack of hips helps her play into her grim larp. Imagine wanting to be this instead of sexy in a more well-adjusted way. This just screams desperately groveling for male attention of the worst kind

No. 1963349

>that soap part
Kek, the fact that she tweets this as if it's supposed to be sexy is so bleaque, all I can picture is a huge pig getting a bath.

No. 1963352

The way she edited her forehead lines here and smudged her eyebrow is killing me. If you’re gonna constantly make that face either get Botox or live with the lines

No. 1963357

Please don't unironicaly use the term 'milf'. It's vomit worthy.

No. 1963359

This 'spankchief' person should wash shay everywhere else with soap as well.

No. 1963360

Yeah she actually doesn’t look amazing in the face for 40 kek

No. 1963379

This just tells me she was never disciplined in any kind of serious physical way. If any nonna ever actually did get soap in the mouth, you know what I’m saying. These kinds of tweets just make me savor her transformation into a hideous loveless failure hambeast even more.

No. 1963426

I have to agree. If she didn't obviously have the legs of an obese woman, I'd be highly suspicious of this photo. Photos like this are worse to me than the ones with her face because you can at least tell she's an adult in those. I could absolutely see a stupid pedo coomer coming across this and thinking it's csam.

No. 1963430

So happy for her that all she's going to have in life is depression and trying to find a new fupa while she gets more and more poor, she deserves nothing more

No. 1963489

Why are you envious of Shayna, of all people?(pointless infighting)

No. 1963504

Did anyone ever save the pics and videos Jess use to post on her private snapchat when she was being a camwhore, know her chaturbate account, or remember her private blog?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1963509

File: 1707330762120.jpg (228.13 KB, 1152x2048, Crusty.jpg)

>tequila sunrise @ the chicago airport 4 breffast [covering mouth emoji] which of my daddies or subbies is gna pay 4 it? [Pink heart emoji]

No. 1963513

Does wearing false eyelashes make your real ones fall out? Or does she pull her eyelashes out? Whenever she posts a picture without falsies her eyelids look completely bald, like a lizard's eye.

No. 1963525

SHE WAS IN MY HOOD CONNECTING KEK idk why but knowing her Shaynergy was in my area really gives me the keks and also the shivers sage for pointless(unintegrated posting, blogging, no1curr)

No. 1963529

My guess is she wears them so many days in a row and the glue builds up so badly that when she finally does take them off it rips her natural lashes out. That or it’s how heavily she’s filtering her face?

No. 1963535

some people have short lashes

No. 1963542

I think she’s just so white. I have similar coloring as her and my lashes look identical. The pic also has bad lighting and it’s blurry.

No. 1963548

Same, I would've thought 50 at the very least. That's rough

No. 1963557

This. She’s naturally what a dusty blonde? They’re not showing up past her shitty filters without mascara or false lashes.

I’m sorry to encourage? Autism but nonita who broke down her spending style, I’d be really interested to see her drinking broken down…

No. 1963580

Same ugly face, same greasy hairstyle, same selfies at the bar, same begging. This bitch has the most boring mundane life. I can't wait for actual milk
How could ANYONE be jealous of her ever fucking depressing life

No. 1963601

File: 1707348010488.jpg (736.37 KB, 1080x1763, 2949.jpg)

The return of fabricated travel stories

No. 1963603

"Wasn't working" aka "card was declined." Since she loves Spongebob so much, looks like that's two things in this plane that won't work

No. 1963604

Homer Simpson mouth is back

No. 1963617

Kekkkkk, I didn't even think about that, if there's even a drop of truth in this story, this is likely what happened. And she was panicking and wasting everyone's time so the attendant just gave the drink to her so he could get on with his job.

No. 1963619

File: 1707350793974.jpg (340.27 KB, 1080x1386, Big And Tall.jpg)

Reminds me of when she met Fupa jumping around like an idiot.

No. 1963650

Preaching to the choir here but her drinking is insane. Drink after drink after drink and she tweets about it like it’s cute and funny. It’s actually pathetic

No. 1963653

File: 1707356104825.jpeg (278.37 KB, 1170x993, IMG_0733.jpeg)

From earlier, yikes

No. 1963658

File: 1707357161040.jpeg (58.68 KB, 249x275, 1696510483492.jpeg)

Her natural hair colour is brown. If you go back through her threads, there are images of her as a teenager before she started dying her hair.

Nobody wants to see this. It's just going to be like her baldi gaysics video with three gross soy looking men that can't get hard, while she pulls special needs "ahegao" faces and squeals like a pig.

No. 1963669

the day shay films a gangbang is the day i quit this godforsaken site for good.

No. 1963698

Bye Felicia. You know this is gonna happen kek.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1963703

she wants to be smol uwu so badly but she could never pull a 6’8 peter steele type. maybe that’s why she wants to be with fat dudes, so she looks more petite by comparison. Just lose weight shartna

No. 1963747

I hope it would be like what you described and not a genuinely scary gang rape on video. Every time she brings this up I just get a horrible feeling of foreboding like she’s gonna end up in something she really didn’t intend. Inb4 she deserves whatever she gets, I still don’t wish that kind of trauma on Shayna.

No. 1963762

I see you steele-nona!

And KEKEKEKE at her dreams of a shaybang. One fat hog and then 5 microdicks attached to a bunch of retarded grandpa's smelling of disinfectant and Shays broken dreams.

No. 1963782

i doubt she got either drink free. flight attendants do not like alcoholics on planes.

No. 1963789

How many years will she wear these ugly bimbo sweatshirts 5 days of the week?

No. 1963799

she's been saying this for years. it's just her trying to appeal to her moid audience, just like when she talked about wanting to eat a moid's ass. i doubt it will ever happen (and i hope it doesn't).

No. 1963804

File: 1707401565189.jpg (175.27 KB, 1080x623, Could Be Paying Mortgage But.j…)

No. 1963806

File: 1707401942623.png (12.39 KB, 468x126, MV_low-views.png)

Brief report of bleak
Shayna's video with Kiki and Little Dicky has been available for a week and still only has 25 views
Nothing she posted to her OF in February has over 21 likes
In January she posted 84 pieces of content to her OF and has an average of 24 likes per post. 24 coomers at $5 equals $120 so I wonder how low her subs count has dropped.

No. 1963810

well she was borderline assaulted on her first insex shoot and she still wanted to go back to that place. she just doesn’t care. she has no sense of safety, but there’s no way she could get more than one non-soyboy to fuck her gross snatch on cam anyway. gross to think about

No. 1963818

It’s the only thing that fits her right now

No. 1963819

Is she looking for cheaper apartments?

No. 1963821

Is shay planning on moving? Or is she trying to make a “relatable” tweet to go viral. I’m surprised she hasn’t been commenting on random viral posts on Twitter so she can gain traction. But she would most likely get torn apart because she’s a fat unattractive onlyfans creator who makes diaper/pedo content Twitter is almost impossible to look because most posts are just engagement-farming, porn bots, and onlyfans advertisements, or just blatant racism being allow. It’s become a shithole.

No. 1963825

File: 1707405670726.jpeg (646.49 KB, 1242x1237, 8F894289-C04C-4584-9DDD-C2AC12…)

No. 1963828

Yeah right. We all know that the real reason is that her gunt would be hanging down further than the skirt.

No. 1963832

File: 1707406486579.jpg (141.21 KB, 1242x1237, 1000000682.jpg)

No. 1963838

Shayna come on kek that thing has been bone dry since 2017

No. 1963849

shayna you literally do dress like that, it just doesn't look like that on your body

No. 1963907

nothing's out of the realm of possibility for her, let's be real
musingsofamuse.com's twin

No. 1963935

Sage for blog but they do this all the time. Last flight i was on the (female) flight attendant gave both my Nigel and i our drinks for free because she said the card reader rarely worked and was too much trouble. If you don’t pay through their app or whatever they frequently just wont charge you because it’s a pain in the ass and they don’t want to deal with it. She’s not special.

No. 1963936

File: 1707425664471.jpeg (Spoiler Image,628.51 KB, 1170x969, IMG_7044.jpeg)

Get your popcorn nonnas, she’s made another abomination with SG

No. 1963948

Ok so they're friends, she's not receiving Ellen's title of "girlfriend", but like… What do you say when it's over? "Thank you, bestie?" I understand making content a few times but this is an ongoing thing that Shayna is sorta framing as a fuckfest.

No. 1963955

File: 1707428768088.jpg (245.67 KB, 1500x1500, cow hoist.jpg)

No. 1963962

File: 1707429023779.jpeg (1 MB, 1015x1747, 0C50F2CC-A9F4-41C3-B8E9-9649D3…)

No. 1964010

She's done more sex acts with Sarah at this point than her supposed girlfriend of years

No. 1964011

Simple and effective, I kek’d

No. 1964019

kek guess fatty cant afford her 2 bedroom "luxury" apartment anymore. honestly, about time she realized she basically makes minimum wage and is letting old dudes fuck her just to make rent kek

No. 1964026

I keep expecting her to disappear like a white trash fairy of porn

No. 1964027

Nta but I wonder if her landlord raised the rental price? Though it’s hard to understand how a 2BR apartment between $2,450-2,480 per month was ever affordable for her considering she’s made probably less than $30k per year for a few years now. I think her dad has to pay for part of her rent.
Does anyone have a good estimate of how much Shayna earns in a year?

No. 1964029

File: 1707437425013.jpeg (207.13 KB, 2048x1151, IMG_0734.jpeg)

> lazy day w/ my fav lil man

No. 1964032

File: 1707437764765.jpeg (Spoiler Image,799.44 KB, 1170x1627, IMG_0735.jpeg)

[2/2] And begging for $50 plastic shoes on Amazon… she’s going to look like Patrick Star when he’s in fishnets and high heeled boots

No. 1964040

I don't think we have a recent estimate, but at her peak she only made 50k a year. She's got like a fraction of the OF subscribers, but she does IRL whoring so it's kind of hard to guess since she doesn't publicly advertise her rates (seemingly)

No. 1964045

Fucking Kek nonnita

No. 1964060

I always wonder about how this works with Kiki and SG, too. I know Shaynus makes everything about porn/sex online, but she's confirmed to be really unsexy and weird in person so I feel like it must be even more awkward than it would be for other whores.
Rents in this area are notorious for steadily rising over time. She should never have chosen a 2bd anyway, but she would have to be doing even more johns to afford it now.

No. 1964063

It's hard to believe she ever made 50k, even at her peak.

No. 1964097

File: 1707452508563.jpg (151.16 KB, 1080x580, Alcohol.jpg)

No. 1964105

She can’t be making that much whoring tho. I also don’t think she sees that many johns for her to really be raking in a bunch of money. And considering they’re all Splenda daddies, I doubt they send her much on a whim. And whatever they send her likely goes straight to food. She was just freaking out a month ago and wanting to die because she was so poor kek

No. 1964120

Damn I didn't know they made 40 proof Anxiety…

No. 1964132

everytime i see her cashapp nick i read it as sir dolly

No. 1964154


No. 1964181

Recently posts about how “wrong” it is to use stuffed animals in a sexual way, then reposts her doing exactly that in another begging post. Never change Shayna.

No. 1964188

Kek at her using another old picture from many pounds ago. Can’t remember the last time we saw her actually standing in heels. It’s easy to imagine those cheap Amazon shoes breaking within a day with how she waddle-stomps around.

No. 1964191

i know most nonnas think shayna's gastric distress is caused by her diet and excessive drinking but i can believe she truly does experience anxiety. almost every time she films something sexual with another person she mentions either vomiting or feeling like she is going to vomit. despite frequently calling herself hot and all her bragging about how much more desirable she is than older women i think shayna is very self-conscious about her body and how she appears on camera next to other women. towards the end of her camming days she would delay getting naked for as long as possible by doing shit that her moid viewers were completely uninterested in like showing off her shoe collection. i realize she brought all of this on herself but it is sad to see someone so obviously unhappy with their own body.

No. 1964195

My tinfoil is she will announce she needs to move and be like,
>im embrassed 2 admit that things are scary bad with money right now. I cannot afford to stay at my current place anymore and I hve decided that its in my best interest to move! I'm starting a dollyhaus moving fund so pls pls pls support

No. 1964199

She would never admit to being broke, she’ll have some “poor me” victim excuse instead. Otherwise spot on kek

No. 1964204

Kek it's not just anxiety it's alcohol withdrawals for sure

No. 1964205

Save your pity for someone Who deserves it. Shayna is still on the range of fat level and years number in which she can return slim if she REALLY wants to. All she needs is to change her dietary habits and go to the gym.

But she chose to sell herself as a young hot bimbo while not even trying anymore to look the part.

No. 1964206

File: 1707490802556.jpg (292.51 KB, 1080x1433, Bot Followers.jpg)

Probably a bad question to ask when you only have 10 active followers.

No. 1964211

Yeah I agree. If I was being generous I'd say on her own she pulls in around 30k max, and then her parents spot her another 10k, and she e-begs and scams for whatever else she needs.

No. 1964212

She's always admitting she's broke, she just beats around the bush about it but when you see her post about
>Guys, I'm in a really shitty spot rn
After traveling and bragging about buying drink after drink, you can assume she's broke. She literally admitted she was in debt.

No. 1964236

Nona, stop! You can´t go for the kill like that!

also the lies of shay, isnt that her blue denim skirt to a T? All her skirts are minis because shes a fat hog

No. 1964250

File: 1707505783772.jpeg (251.62 KB, 1170x540, IMG_0856.jpeg)

So she’s letting johns stay the night now?

No. 1964251

Shayna helping her homeless sugar daddies awww…

No. 1964252

wonder if its the creepy sissyboy she let clean her apartment while she was gone

No. 1964267

She seems to have johns taking her out on dates and/or staying over almost every night now. I guess the camwhore era is over and the actual whore era is in full swing.

No. 1964268

They’re not friends, they’re coworkers. The whole “just sexy girlfriends being girlfriends” larp is for the coomers. Shayna doesn’t have any friends, just people she makes shitty porn with.

No. 1964291

I'd laugh if it was Kiki she had over, but it's probably just one of her johns since she's not naming names

No. 1964302

Facts, Because I remember how she screwed over her Massachusetts friend, Collin, Or however you spell her name, It's sad she just throws everyone away who's actually her friend

No. 1964305

I’d be throwing up every day if my daily schedule consisted of e begging on Twitter, drinking alcohol every day, stuffing my face with takeout, having no fan base besides minimal support from other flopping sex workers, being laughed at by woman on lolcow, having to get naked and humiliate myself for strange men with disgusting diaper fetishes, and having sex with johns irl in exchange for Amazon trinkets and rent money.

No. 1964306

File: 1707517346599.jpeg (1.3 MB, 1154x1590, 1B98F91F-C0B6-4A1C-8F4D-B1F100…)

Kiki lives in another state. The only person she has been “friends” with and has been in her apartment recently is her creepy moid with a sissy fetish. Did Shayna and Ellen break up? She hasn’t talked about “muh gf” in a minute

No. 1964307

What I don’t get is why Shayna needs to write fanfics about what her and Ellen do together. Like they don’t make content together because Ellen is too fucking gross. Does Shayna just write about her anonymous gf because she wants moid attention?

No. 1964309

File: 1707517860534.jpeg (390.17 KB, 1210x1439, A5D4FA70-D306-4305-8FFC-79B508…)

Mike slack still interacts with her but I think he’s getting bored

No. 1964313

AYART- I get that, but it’s always so vague and mysterious and/or with no real consequences when she does. “Oh no I’m in a tough spot financially!” But never explains what that really means. Saying outright she can’t afford her apartment anymore is an admittance of actual failure at her job i could never see coming from her. Hopefully that makes better sense.

No. 1964315

He looks better then her, Even if he looks like a man in a wig haha, Shayna aging like rotting milk

No. 1964316

File: 1707519800764.jpeg (817.53 KB, 951x976, 85489C58-26A4-476C-8FC2-2CA8DF…)

She’s literally always looked like that. The same face, no glow up. She was just skinny and “less” ugly

No. 1964328

File: 1707523106024.png (1.35 MB, 1188x1048, 20202103.png)

No. 1964331

Yeah, I don’t get nonnas who claim Shayna was so much hotter when she was young. She was just thinner, otherwise nothing changed. She always looked prematurely aged due to bad hygiene, shitty diet, alcohol & drug abuse, dehydration etc. There was never a time when she looked like a healthy vibrant person who took care of herself

No. 1964333

She can’t even do the in my “____ era” zoomer meme correctly. Kek

No. 1964335

File: 1707523805824.jpg (402.4 KB, 1080x1373, Lie.jpg)

Guess that means nobody sent her money last month when she begged for makeup.

No. 1964336

Honestly if she’d even gone “I’m in my mobwife / clean girl (kek) era, send $150 for my Sephora trip” it would make more sense than this

No. 1964347

She put him in that wig and that lipstick when his complexion is "forest fire red".
She obviously hates him but I guess he pays well

No. 1964349

Not really… She NEVER Had a sense of style I mean take on look at her

No. 1964364

they’re either ugly fats who think all thin people are automatically hot, or ugly thins who try to wishcraft that into being

No. 1964367

If by less you mean less, physically, otherwise it's still the same amount

No. 1964404

look at her nose compared to the rest of her foundation, shayna might as well be red green colorblind

No. 1964407

What gets me is that in her old pics, she looks like her age now, and now looks ten years older than her real age. Just like >>1964331 said, she's like a poster child(it feels wrong using that word for her but whatever) of poor health choices leading to poor looks.

No. 1964409

Every time she panders to pesos in a video she gains 1 wrinkle on her forehead

No. 1964428

File: 1707547557264.jpeg (46.96 KB, 976x549, 00105006-CC3F-42B9-AC18-3488FD…)

In her first threads I was convinced she was a methhead because only people who smoke meth look like that at her age kek

No. 1964455

File: 1707555746867.jpeg (175.74 KB, 1170x1131, IMG_4252.jpeg)

For anyone curious

No. 1964467

I wonder if anyone actually pays for these.

No. 1964487

File: 1707568592760.jpg (Spoiler Image,319.14 KB, 1080x2014, Screenshot_20240204-202041.jpg)

apparently she's been trying to milk sympathy since the beginning. It takes a certain kind of shamelessness to do this that I don't think a lot of people can stomach.

No. 1964488

no he doesn't.

No. 1964495

you kind of do have to wonder what kind of man follows the page of an aging prostitute like Shay only to be bombarded with "I have vet bills to pay please cover them for the price of a custom video/all my vids, etc" "Reimburse my expensive hot dog nail appointment" "reimburse my daily $10 coffee"

and then she posts about the basic white person tropical vacations she goes on and the flights across the country.

If she was broke as is being implied here it wouldn't make sense to do a lot of the shit she does.

I can't imagine and not feeling awkward to be listening to some woman beg for money on a constant basis.

No. 1964509

Begging for money worked for her in the past because coomers had disposable income. Sending a relatively small amount of money to a favourite ewhore for expenses like vets bills probably makes them feel like they've done something good. Now due to the economy, coomers have less disposable income and are going to be discerning when they do give money to twitter sex workers. No moid is going to give the hog money for luxuries when they can't afford it for themselves. There are exceptions where men bankrupt themselves to simp for sex workers but Fatty Shatty does not attract this type of coomer. The closest she came to that was Womack.

No. 1964518

certified shaystorian

No. 1964520

Men ALWAYS find money for porn/prostitutes/camgirls. Same way homeless junkies somehow always find money for drugs. The coomers are just spending it on hotter whores.

No. 1964527

Men don’t have standards that’s why Shaynus still has likes and a few coomers

No. 1964537

File: 1707579906357.jpg (84.66 KB, 874x477, Lazy.jpg)

She must be lurking.

No. 1964538

There's no way someone like Shayna doesn't always have a tab for her LC thread open at all times by this point. I just wish she'd listen to some of the advice and have a shower everyday. She looks like she smells like yeast,cheese and cheap perfume.

No. 1964541

He really does though(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1964543

File: 1707581853960.png (142.99 KB, 393x293, IMG_0751.png)

The thing is, even if you’re fat and ugly, you can still have some sensuality and try to be sexy. Shayna doesn’t even have that. It makes you wonder why she chooses this career when she so clearly does not enjoy sex and still has no idea how to seduce a scrote with 7 years of experience. Seeing screenshots of her facial expressions just makes me sad for her, it’s like literal special needs porn.

No. 1964546

And to think she used to get called fat at this size, if only we knew how bad it would get

No. 1964547

>why she chooses this career
She mistook the attention of pedos and hometown kyles gave her when she was underage with obvious low-self esteem as actual sexiness and seduction

No. 1964548

It’s amazing that someone can apply this much makeup and be so gratuitous with filters yet still be this hideous

No. 1964551

I think it's because she took the liquid courage thing too far and can't do her job without getting absolutely wasted. Now she's well on her way to having wet brain (arguably she does already).

No. 1964555

If you think about how Shayna discovered sexuality on Tumblr by being exposed to "kink" shit, it makes sense she never learned how to be sensual.

No. 1964562

Counterpoint: no woman, no matter how hot or well trained to fake moan and arch her back enjoys having no dignity and pandering to misogynists so she can pay her bills.

The fact that addiction to drugs and alcohol is ubiquitous among "sex workers" tells you all you need to know.

A few of these women are gross kinksters themselves but they still admit that they would have never done what they are doing if they weren't being groomed or encouraged by an audience of creeps.

No. 1964584

God, no wonder she ballooned up if she thought eating three whole chicken breasts in a single meal was "healthy."
Kek, right. This is downright slim compared to how big she's gotten.

No. 1964615

she continues to do it despite being awful at it because acting sexual is the easiest way to get a moid's attention and she lives for male validation. one of the reasons she hates women so much is because her audience has dwindled over the years and she knows the pornsick coomers that used to watch her are now watching other women instead.
idk, i agree with you but at the same time shayna takes it much farther than just exploiting herself. she writes disgusting tweets where she fantasizes about being a child who is sexually abused by her parents and takes pictures that deliberately imitate CSAM. her content is outright malicious.

No. 1964632

I’m gonna tinfoil and put it out there she acted like she was on uppers in the early threads, and once she moved in with fupa she switched to booze.

No. 1964661

That whole meal is likely under 500 calories though despite the amount of chicken being unnecessary since your body won't be able to absorb all the protein. But if she only ate that, even 3 times a day, she'd probably be the same size. Alcohol is her biggest problem, but she also eats trash now in comparison. That deep fried sushi monstrosity recently was probably more than 2x the calories of the broccoli and chicken there.

No. 1964662

File: 1707608106160.jpg (84.33 KB, 384x510, woof.jpg)

Now that you mention it I wonder if her attachment to Seattle is drug related. A few threads ago she posted a few selfies when she looked demented like she was high on something.

No. 1964668

It wouldn’t surprise me. In the earlier threads, she came off super tweaked out, from the crazy shoots, to throwing all of her shit away during a move, and her super emaciated body, and the sudden “sex work” so young with the unsupervised internet access, and her successful weed tumblr, it’s crazier to imagine she wasn’t doing hard drugs at any point. I think she really porked up when she didn’t have access to uppers. Just my thoughts I guess. It would really explain a whole lot.

No. 1964669

I mean, she has posted before some pictures of mushrooms so I wouldn't be surprised if she's just buying other kinds of drugs 24/7.

No. 1964707

File: 1707615839305.jpg (157 KB, 1080x638, Peaked.jpg)

Fupa confirmed to be Shayna's lowest point in life. But I will agree that he did turn her life around for the worse.

No. 1964710

Playing devils advocate, but fupapa housed her while she got to pick boils off her vag on stream, and allowed her to continue her shenanigans. Hes a peice of shit for playing DDLG with kids and moving a young chick across the US. And he filmed himself doing that gross shush thing,

No. 1964718

>What gets me is that in her old pics, she looks like her age now, and now looks ten years older than her real age
For real nonnie, you hit the nail on the head.

No. 1964739

I feel like if Shayna was using drugs she would brag about it.

No. 1964745

File: 1707620135527.jpg (573.57 KB, 1080x1762, Nlog Again.jpg)

No. 1964761

Maybe, maybe not. Weed, shrooms and alcohol fit her tumblr weed girl persona, but I think even she knows pills or something harder than that are not something to admit to using on her public twitter profile. Ellen might have told her to shut it too, if the tinfoil is true that Shayna gets pills from her.

No. 1964762

its monthly fupa subtweet day again? shes so bitter about those years. being skinnier, making money, loyal coomers and a real relationship with someone she liked. nowadays even the brony guy ghosted. peeking so early and having nothing to show for it… truly bleak.

No. 1964763

We had confirmation from Vivi that Shayna will use pills if she has the opportunity because Vivi said that she took her Xanax. She also took anxiety meds while she was in Tulsa and I suspect that these were Xanax or another benzodiazepine.

Fupa is probably going to be the best relationship she gets in a her life and that is tragic.

No. 1964783

kek of course she had to obnoxiously order a "porn star martini" every night in ireland when she was with her family… and places in the usa do serve passionfruit martinis.

is she implying fupa kept her from becoming the famous porn star she was meant to be all along? because i've been here since the fupa saga and i fail to see how her life would be better had they never met.

No. 1964784

She thinks she’s a porn star. When she’s just a nobody who makes porn. Both are pathetic/gross but porn stars are famous in the industry.

No. 1964787

Didn’t she make that weird porn while with fupa where she lets an old man make out with her and use the vibrator on her??

No. 1964788

There’s nothing glamorous about a meth/upper/stimulant addiction, nona. If she had a coke addiction, that would’ve been her bragging point. Weed and booze is better for the asthetic.

No. 1964790

After fupaul shayna
>instantly started poly. Probably because fupaul was cheating.
>starting doing irl sex work, mainly for money but also because Fupaul didn't support that shit
>started eating/drinking/smoking more
>stopped ever attempting to have non sex work interactions/friends
>stopped going out to do anything alone but travel.
Shay used to actually go out alone and do shit. Now she doesn't do anything unless she has a coomer/commented. Shays whole life is to cope after fupaul. Everything he disliked she does. Everything she felt was wrong with their relationship she over corrected. Remember she made a fool of herself around his normal friends? Remember how she walked home shirtless?
She has been trying to "fix" Everything that went "wrong" by making her life worser.

No. 1964791

why do so many nonnies like to fantasize about shitnart being a pill popper? you guys don’t think she’d be tweeting about how wasted she is on pills if she had easy access to them? this is the same woman who can’t take a fucking bath without making it a twitter spectacle

No. 1964802

i agree with you, i want to add that i think shay doesn't want any accountability for her own actions and stubbornly thinks fupa and LC (maybe her mom as well) are the reason her life sucks, when in reality it's her own decisions that made her life shit. she's the one gunning for best bimbo anal porn star still at 26, well beyond the age preferred in her gross industry of choice. she just wants to use fupa as a scapegoat. now he's a shit as well but he's not the one who convinced her to make any of these poor decisions. she already was a porn blog when they met, she chooses to whine that her mom doesn't think sex work is a good idea instead of trying to understand why her mom thinks that, she's the one choosing to not take care of herself and went fssw and she's the one who chooses to eat junk and drink booze all day. she will never even admit these are her choices and will instead blame fupa for breaking up with her then keeping their relationship on again off again and a secret. she chose to stay in that for years, she chooses to keep doing her retard baby porn, she is the one choosing to not take care of herself.

No. 1964817

For sure. Didn’t she recently post/like something about hinting at wanting a rich sugar daddy who would give her coke if I’m remembering correctly? No way she could afford it herself with her spending habits

No. 1964818

Most people just want to pinpoint what's wrong with her and being a drug addict on the DL is an easy excuse at that. Shayna is just histrionic but being in SW has heavily rewired her brain

No. 1964822

File: 1707649014733.gif (555.1 KB, 220x165, IMG_2023.gif)

Shays dad in Ireland sitting at the pub watching his burnout degenerate daughter giggle over the fact that there’s a drink called a pornstar martini on the menu.

No. 1964825

Well, she was. Figure does a lot when your face doesn't.

No. 1964826

Only for moids, they’re not jerking off to a face. Hence Shaynus having to do the most bottle of the barrel degenerate shit now that she’s fat. And even that’s not enough to make rent

No. 1964827

Are you saying women "jerk off" to faces?

No. 1964830

No I’m saying that she probably has only ever considered “hot” by coombrained males who never paid attention to her face because that’s not what they get off to

No. 1964836

Moids were never jerking off to Shaynus’ beauty, period. She also did “bottom of the barrel degenerate stuff” when she was skinny, that was always her only appeal as a porn star. BBW is a very popular porn category, but you don’t see her being successful there now that she’s fat either. Her looks have never been the main draw with the type of porn she does. Her target audience has always been pedophilic moids who want to see young girls being hurt and abused, and she no longer appeals to them for…well, obvious reasons.

No. 1964862

She could do well in the BBW category, if she dropped that weird anime O face and that weird baby uWu shit, it’s time for a total rebrand with this heffer. When she had her hair dark brown, and stopped wearing the cheap pink Amazon mcpick2 shit I’m certain she’ll make it a bit easier for herself

No. 1964866

149 Shayna threads and half the shaytards still have not keyed into the fact that moids get off on the fact that porn star women use their career to feel loved. Shayna's ilk are not looking for beauty, part of the fantasy is that they know this is a sad person doing degenerate shit because they are fundamentally broken

No. 1964868

It's not fantasizing, it's speculation because there are hints that she has taken harder substances than weed and alcohol. She's open to taking drugs and already has several addictions, so it's not beyond reasonability. Why she doesn't post about it could be that she's in denial or because drugs outside of weed are a red line for her parents. We just don't know, that's why it's tinfoil.

Shayna has a history of lying or covering up her activities such as with the fake tit and her fake breakup with fupa. Farmers tinfoiled about both of these things and were later proven correct.

No. 1964883

File: 1707675405728.jpg (558.1 KB, 1080x1790, Every Post Is Begging.jpg)

No. 1964884

Were you not around on tumblr? The girl who OD'd on heroin that was her best friend would plaster pictures of them camping with their boyfriends and friends would share pictures with hand fulls of xanex bars, mushies, Adderall, LSD dripped candies, weed, etc? Please tell me im not the only one who remembers Jess posting those pictures way back when.. And of course you wont find them now because tumblr became dog shit and wiped a majority of content.

No. 1964903

She couldn't set aside that present money? She has to broadcast that she's begging for that exact amount for Ellen's Valentine's Day gift? And on top of that, she feels she has to beg other people for the freedom to do that? (It's part of her job, but still). That's so sad. She's not even going to spend that much on her, she's going to use $10 of the $65 to buy her some cheap trinket from TJ Maxx.

No. 1964930

or demented and disgusting as is Shay's case. It's hard to muster up empathy for someone who is as repulsive as she is.

No. 1964944

File: 1707690426512.jpeg (Spoiler Image,410.55 KB, 828x749, IMG_6004.jpeg)

Didn’t see this posted but one of her johns posted this the other day with her hello kitty bathroom clearly displayed. Sounds like they’re dating or maybe have been for a bit because I think she mentioned him being at the “polycule thanksgiving”. Also gross, clean your toilet more regularly Shay.

No. 1964948

That would explain why she self medicates with weed and alcohol and probably benzos to the degree she does.

No. 1964951

are they actually fucking or is she using a tranny fetish to clean her house?

No. 1964955

tinfoil/Future predictions, Shay is going to make this moid her roommate, thinking they are >"girlfriends/boyfriends/besties" and because they get along so "Good" it'll be a good choice. Then she can split the rent

No. 1964962

File: 1707694738348.jpeg (573.08 KB, 2048x2023, GF1z-I7WAAA92PS.jpeg)

From Sarah's twitter. They all look unwashed and inbred.

No. 1964967

this looks like a redneck family gathering group photo, you would never guess that these are ‘porn stars’ kek

No. 1964968

Without knowing what we know if someone told you this is a bunch of people who work in porn would you believe them?

No. 1964970

its so weird bc it almost looks like a random thanksgiving picture from Facebook with grandma and grandpa but they're all degens having sex and spanking each other while recording it.

No. 1964975

File: 1707697795353.jpg (Spoiler Image,509.87 KB, 1536x2048, 20240212_002756.jpg)

The stanky ass shoes are a nice touch

No. 1964976

why tf do they have matching dirty shoes

No. 1964979

File: 1707698870949.jpg (162.3 KB, 1080x1193, Shocker.jpg)

Any excuse to not work

No. 1964980

>i got too depressed to film myself doing porn
Realizing the consequences to our own actions are we!

No. 1964982

amberlynn reid ass tweet

No. 1964985

NGL just the other day I was thinking about how oddly clean her place has been lately… For her. It's usually a lot worse. It's really disgusting to let this creepy moid anywhere near her home though.
This is true. Remember when she used to do shrooms? She would brag about it all the time .

No. 1965000

What a cute basset hound!

No. 1965001

File: 1707706497987.jpeg (392.4 KB, 782x779, 2DA6054F-1E8F-467F-AD5C-863B5E…)

That poor dog saw some nasty shit

No. 1965005

Wonder who got cropped out on the left?

No. 1965039

Jackie Kennedy?

No. 1965041

File: 1707718120612.jpg (385.69 KB, 1536x2048, Blur.jpg)

>starbucks reserve & sushi valentines date w/ one of my dads

No. 1965042

that bottom right picture looks like she was crying lol

No. 1965047

>enough sushi to feed 5 people
Her John must also be fat as fuck. You know that’s not all they ate too. Plus those drinks…I’m surprised she’s not fatter, honestly.

No. 1965048

File: 1707720034395.mp4 (6.53 MB, 852x480, Diaper.mp4)

>Humiliated & Diapered by Two Cute Bullies

Her skirt is cutting her circulation off.

No. 1965050

how is she not scared of this buffallo bill creep

No. 1965056

So theres more than one moid wanting to clean Shays toilets? >>1960832

No. 1965064

I think the reason she thinks she's an acting auteur is because the rest of the degens she works with have less than zero improvisation chops. Look at miss Gregory just eye fucking the camera and giggling, by comparison Shay's on the spot storytelling is thrilling! Please do tell how porn is a real, skill based job again?

No. 1965094

If you make your living pandering to these men you have to suppress any self-preservation instinct to just make it through the day.

when the only interaction and support that you get comes from deranged kinksters, and you regularly engage with men who get off to hurting and abusing women, at some point even the most fucked up shit just becomes another thing you don't bat an eye at.

shat has made her bed and is sleeping in it.

No. 1965114

There's no way he's cleaning her house "every day," look at the gross mold ring in the toilet in the second photo. I'm guessing he just prances around taking selfies in shein maid outfits and calls it a day. Actually doing housework is taking it too far for coomers. Shay is really letting random moids into her house and he's not even doing the one thing he said he'd do in there. Bleaque

No. 1965127

Reminder that Shayna is speeding up photoaging via her shitty sedentary lifestyle.

Vape use ages you. Excessive alcohol consumption affects your skin, dehydrates you and increases inflammation. A high-fat and refined carb diet will affect your skin too. Besides causing weight gain 2hivh isn't great, it contributes to insulin resistance.

Shat breaks out still and uses foundation makeup that is too pigmented and drying for a skin which makes her look worse.

No. 1965134

It's difficult to believe that one of these women is 40 and the other isn't even 30.

No. 1965183

File: 1707755012851.jpeg (364.37 KB, 877x686, 9D36FF5D-3CA5-4F2D-89E0-891F80…)

She looks huge from this angle. And that outfit is so ugly and cheap looking

No. 1965186

File: 1707755115993.jpeg (351.07 KB, 832x652, A437C928-656A-4476-B192-CAD9FD…)

So bimbo

No. 1965201

I wonder why shayna doesn't just use dry shampoo or flour

No. 1965218

File: 1707760656570.jpg (324.52 KB, 986x1022, 1000007196.jpg)

She's got wet brain

No. 1965225

Yeah I would have thought she’d love those really cloying scented Batiste dry shampoos (the normal ones are fine don’t come for me if you use it kek) I mean the ones that smell like a Victoria’s Secret body spray from 2011. Since she hates water so much you’d think dry shampoo would be her go-to. For way too many days in a row kek

No. 1965251

File: 1707766208710.jpg (341.39 KB, 1080x1867, Overgrown Toddler.jpg)

This is the outfit she wore on her date.

No. 1965253

she looks really wide, large/burly

No. 1965254

Can one of Shayna's coomers please RE-IMBURSE her for a fucking iron? It's so obvious she doesn't wash the clothes she purchases from Temu before she puts them on. Gross.

No. 1965257

>that wrinkly ass pleated skirt
never change shay kek

No. 1965260

walmart jiraikei

No. 1965261

I thouht this was edited, kek, why does it look so chunky at her breasts? Imagine going to a resturant and seeing some ugly 40 something scrote, walking with a chubby woman, in a wrinkled skirt, with two ponytails and top heavy as fuck, I'd giggle inside. She probably thinks
>this outfit is going to have people questioning our legality!!
Instead it's
>Holy shit does she not own a iron?

No. 1965262

I cant stand this dumbass melanie martinez aesthetic on any woman

No. 1965264

It's honestly depressing that Shayna's self worth is so low that she doesn't even going on real dates anyone. Like dates with people she's actually attracted to and can maybe see a future with. She has let men fuck with her head so much that the only way she's comfortable in their presence is if she is getting money to sustain her vices. She is going to have a fucking melt down when she hits her 30s and realizes she wasted her entire 20s as a passing coomer's jizz squirt. Not a single man she's interacted with in her 20s will be around for her, she isn't building any relationships. And it's not even like she's building a savings or profit from living such a depressing life. These random guys cycle in and out of her life and she's going to be left alone and suicidal that she didn't try to find a good guy when she still had her youth.

No. 1965271

This confirm Grandpa Gregory is braindead. Guess that why she focuses so much on maintaining her body. Shayna is gross, but she at least seems capable of "roleplaying" the gross shit she says she is into. Sarah just looks uncomfortable (and old as hell)

No. 1965283

This is awful, the bright pastel top and black skirt makes her top look heavy and bottom look skinny. Torta.

No. 1965285

does anyone remember a few threads back she was going on dates out in the woods and the guy insisted she brings noodle and then she stopped talking about it? that was so sketchy

No. 1965344

File: 1707776222001.jpg (190.05 KB, 1080x845, Bleak life.jpg)

No. 1965359

Yes and it fucking haunts me from time to time

No. 1965363

I've read several accounts from women who have survived the sex industry and from what I understand the last thing you want to do is date a man when you've been traumatized by so many. some women can't even stomach it. The ones who do end up in relationships with the men probably weren't very enthusiastic about it. I personally feel like relationships with men are dysfunctional and reinforce toxic power dynamics.

I'm starting to think that she's opting for the not-really-a-relationship poly crap partly because being around men is terrifying and they can be complete monsters when they're angry and ashamed of you and considering what she's done for all of her adult life she has good reason to want to avoid relationships with men.

No. 1965367

The people who have posted the many vids descriptions she writes certainly didn't praise her writing or her storytelling.

because it was bad. shat can't write. she can act like your average obnoxious overgrown teenager and shares their unwarranted confidence.

No. 1965369

wasnt that the same guy who let her borrow his car so she could go to starbucks and take noodle for a walk in the woods? she called him her "partner" too. it was in thread 141

No. 1965406

> she's going to be left alone and suicidal that she didn't try to find a good guy when she still had her youth.
She has plenty of time, she thankfully is not vocal about wanting kids and her serious relationships that she’s pursued have been with men who have children so she’ll be fine dating some nasty divorced loser scrote even if she’s like 40. The mentality in your post is kinda sus, do you really think women need to be on dates constantly to find the one before time runs out. There’s more to life than being in a relationship that will drain you on average at the benefit of your moid. I think what’s actually sad is her relationship to sex and how she’s probably never actually had normal sex with someone who wants to make her feel good. That’s sad to me personally.

No. 1965407

File: 1707790333651.jpg (452.76 KB, 1080x1667, EXCUSE.jpg)

Any excuse to not work, day 2.

No. 1965409

File: 1707790435353.jpg (246.2 KB, 1080x869, Part 2.jpg)

More from the initial tweet.

No. 1965410

This probably also why she is leaning into domming sissies, men who act like babies and toilet submissives. Shayna likes to brag how she wants to be abducted and roleplay being r*ped, but I agree that she honestly seems terrified of them. At the same time, It’s crazy she lets these guys into her apartment - although I suspect cottage-cheese-leg is always with her when she has men over. It is what makes me think she is hooked on something harder she doesn’t brag about plus just illustrates how much of an alcoholic she has became that when her money is low enough and she thinks she cant afford whatever she’s addicted to, she’ll do literally anything to get her fix, even if thats inviting weird arab men into her apartment to sniff her butt while she’s completely naked and bent over with their stink breath blowing in her crypt. fucking grody.(go back to twitter or learn2integrate)

No. 1965411

she has meltdowns over the dumbest shit. remember when she blew up a relationship because a guy didn’t text her back right away?

No. 1965412

This sounds about right

No. 1965413

File: 1707790639376.jpg (444.1 KB, 1819x1819, Troon dress.jpg)

>sumtimes i swear im an actual doll

No. 1965414

No, I’m not saying you need to be constantly on dates or need to find a man; but being in a relationship is clearly something Shayna wants desperately. She wants to be taken care of not just financially but emotionally. Call me sus all you want, but my post is talking about how Shayna goes on all these “dates” yet can’t find the time or rather care enough about herself to find the time to try going on a date or just hang out and meet people outside the prostitution ring when its something that would actually fulfill her and make her happy. I get that she would settle for some old geezer, but that is merely a cope. Every guy she has dated seriously has been younger or looked younger (not sure how old the autistic furry guy was). She has given up without even trying because she has no self worth. And as a woman over 30, your 20s are a prime to experiment in that area, have fun, learn about what you like/don’t like, and potentially “mold a man” to be slightly less of a scrote because they’re still young. 30 is just some arbitrary number to express all of that gets harder the older you get. Guys 35 and older are basically settled in their ways and basically you are settling to just not be alone instead of actually having the confidence of youth to find someone who actually is at your level.

No. 1965416

travelling where? did i miss something? didn't she just get back?

No. 1965417

She’s huge!!!!!

No. 1965418

fucking kek. she was going so insane on twitter during all that it was chaotic, you just simplified so accurately. if she had just given the guy a day or two to get settled back home with his WIFE and CHILDREN, she probably would have still been with him now and living in bumfuck, alabama. and when he -didn’t fight for her- she went fully BPD blackout.

No. 1965420

scammy mattel is just trying to get a coomer to buy her a “new one to replace it”. there never any missing outfit. and she probably sends several different men all different outfits trying to scam them into feeling sympathy for her.

No. 1965421

Dressed like an ugly stepsister in a high school production of cinderella

No. 1965422

can you fucking imagine the disgusting shit she probably talks about or agrees to do or roleplay when she thinks lolcow and twitter isnt watching? it haunts me. she 100% would consider or do beastiality. its probably why noodle got that UTI.

No. 1965423

She manages to look like a ham in every pink outfit. It’s honestly a talent at this point. Pink really isn’t her color especially now at almost 200 lbs

No. 1965426

She ditched the 2011 side part. That's an improvement at least.

No. 1965432

Her frickin dead legs.

It's kinda common to have purple feet as a drunk cos fucked up circulation but it seems to be happening from her thighs. That's fucked.

No. 1965438

Is it just me or is her gum line looking especially bad/inflamed? Seeing her teeth in the older threads to now is definitely a little sus too. Seems like an unusually rapid decline to blame on poor hygiene alone.

No. 1965439

She’s attending another degenerate event in Las Vegas from February 15th to 19th.
It was posted earlier in the thread but she hasn’t mentioned it since, despite it being in 2 days. >>1959277

No. 1965445

File: 1707797589333.jpeg (20.74 KB, 261x193, IMG_0502.jpeg)

always wanted to be twinsies with Edith Massey, I see

No. 1965460

File: 1707802890884.png (98.61 KB, 250x192, 1000000794.png)

Mater in a dress.

No. 1965462

king(unsaged retard)

No. 1965483

File: 1707808988888.jpg (73.39 KB, 919x1300, shayna.same.vibes.lol.jpg)


No. 1965503

Jfc why would she post this? Is she really so delusional that she thinks her hideous black rat turd eyes, cartoon witch beak, negative lips and popcorn ceiling skin make her look like a doll? I wish I had this level on confidence

No. 1965505

This dress looks like it’s made out of cheap children’s tent or bed skirt/canopy material from the mid 2000s like my little sister had kek

No. 1965518

>she's going to be left alone and suicidal that she didn't try to find a good guy when she still had her youth.

Please stop with the manosphere nonsense, “finding a good guy in your youth” is not essential to happiness. Plenty of other 20-something cows are in long-term relationships that are dysfunctional & miserable, and if anything she’s been avoiding seriously dating since the Fupa disaster. She’s in much bigger trouble from not having any career, education or savings to fall back on.

No. 1965525

File: 1707829536689.jpeg (875.33 KB, 1170x1473, IMG_8478.jpeg)

No. 1965526

File: 1707829577024.jpeg (1.33 MB, 1170x1792, IMG_8479.jpeg)

No. 1965527

I wonder if he shoved it up his ass before giving it to her.

No. 1965531

The fact that he may have gone into a Petco and used one of those tag engraving machines to make that is probably the worst little detail…like imagine the troon prob is “””euphoric””” to type that in a public place knowing it’s for fetish shit and there are families around w their pets. Shleak as per usual.

No. 1965534

it will look like gaping prolapse.
also, imagine the chains pinching the skin of her sphincter. horrid. dare i say, lugubrious, even.

No. 1965536

Betting theyre gonna date in a few weeks

No. 1965541

nobody who is happy with their life spirals into a massive meltdown that derails their plans over something as innocuous as a misplaced outfit when she apparently has so many clothes that she's able to lose an entire outfit within her hoard. she spends so much time numbing herself and chasing distractions that the second something doesn't go her way it all comes crashing down

No. 1965544

File: 1707834924220.jpeg (1.19 MB, 1170x1588, IMG_8481.jpeg)

No. 1965545

this looks really cheap her sissy must be a poorfag

No. 1965555

DAE think despite her alcohol-and-porn induced misery, Shayna actually IS having the type of relationships that she wants? I couldn’t disagree more with the anon upthread saying she’s regretful she didn’t settle down young and marry a man. Even during the height of fupapa, Shayna never expressed a strong desire for monogamy, marriage or kids. She hates men & sex and seems happier to collect simp losers and “daddies” she can use for Doordash money and keep at arms’ length. When will anons grasp she’s a true degenerate, and not some nice tradwife horse girl who accidentally fell into this lifestyle? This is a person who anally fists herself on camera for a living. Being in a weird poly situationship with a troon, a fat autistic woman, and assorted Splenda daddies is exactly the lifestyle I’d expect someone like her to embrace.

No. 1965565

i agree that she's a genuine degenerate but she does not hate men kek, she spends her life catering to disgusting moids and despising other women. she's a massive pickme

No. 1965585

It's so funny that she's showing off this present because it's for a man. She will not do this with the discount bath and body basket from TJ Maxx she will inevitably buy for Ellen.

No. 1965607

File: 1707842504435.jpeg (419.34 KB, 2048x1364, IMG_4390.jpeg)

No. 1965614

Wouldn’t the degenerate sub sissy want her to use that on him?? Isn’t that the whole fetish?? So are they both “sissies”? Shayna acts like a man with a sissy fetish that’s her whole shtick And Shayna gets along with him because she likes the attention and the money he spends on her.

No. 1965615

sissies are acting out what they think women do
they think women wear pink pig fuck me butt plugs

No. 1965616

File: 1707843521150.jpeg (1.05 MB, 1242x1416, BCA6B50E-70F3-406C-B6E9-24A79F…)

>only took me 20 years to have a good Valentine’s Day.

He really loved his gift kek they are both pathetic and creepy

No. 1965619

I know that the sissy kink is a misogynistic AGP fantasy of what they think being a woman is like due to porn rot. What I’m saying is Shayna isn’t dominate at all and is trying so hard to be this uwu ddlg bimbo dolly since Fupa. So are they both “sissies” together?

No. 1965621

I'm saying he bought her the butt plug because he is stupid and thinks that a woman would want something like that

No. 1965631

I mean… yes, but she built her platform around putting things up her ass. It's not that deep. Also, does the term switch ring any bells? I know terfs hate sex or whatever but this part of it is pretty standard lol

No. 1965634

stfu degenerate, conversation wrapped up half an hour ago(infighting)

No. 1965637

she does want a longterm relationship with a man, whether that is with some equally degen cuck or not. she wants a man because she's a pick me and her self-worth revolves around men's opinion of her. she says this all the time. obviously that doesn't mean a marriage and kids, but she spiraled badly when fupa finally left her because it was a big blow to her ego. and no matter what she says, i don't think she ever got over that. she keeps trying to find his doppelgänger, but it never works because they get scared off by all the attention she gets online for being a lolcow.

>and not some nice tradwife horse girl who accidentally fell into this lifestyle?

the general consensus has always been that she's a lazy, spoilt degenerate suffering from ugly girl syndrome - saying she wants a normie life is a very left field opinion, so i wouldn't take that as a generalized view of every anon in her threads. i've never really seen anyone here try to claim otherwise other than shay herself when she's feeling sorry for herself, and randoms who haven't been following her from the early threads who don't understand how mean and insufferable she is as a person and try to rationalize her life decisions by assuming she's been forced into sex work.

No. 1965639

It's funny to get called a degenerate when we're all here on this thread in particular. I hope you have a pleasant orgasm one day, femcel-chan.

No. 1965640

I'm sorry do you think bdsm is the only way to cum? what the fuck, shut up(infighting)

No. 1965641

Show me where I even said that. I never said you couldn't use your own hands, you little prude. Hate sex scenes in movies because you're afraid of intimacy or because you still live with mom and dad and have no privacy?(infighting)

No. 1965642

scrote claws typed this post. It's funny how you seem to think you're so enlightened and progressive when you're just like every other boomer moid telling women they need to get laid when you don't like their attitude. ywnbaw(hi scrote)

No. 1965643

you acted like we're dumb for not knowing that this must clearly be a new addition to some sort of bdsm relationship, then assumed I/everyone in the thread are terfs who hate sex, then said I've never had an pleasant orgasm, then called me "little prude"
that's where you said that; stop acting like a gross male(infighting)

No. 1965650

the scrote who “cleans” her house properly stole whatever shein outfit she’s talking about

No. 1965678

…did she spend more on her john than him her? both items look cheap but the plug looks cheaper. she really needs to stop acting like clients are her best friends. if she weren't selling what they wanted they'd pay her dust
she is a pickme but honestly she seems to hate men like only a prostitute/porn girl can due to her experiences. it's just unfortunate she seemingly hates women worse.

No. 1965682

Because this isn't just her job, it's her whole life. She never stops being Dolly Mattel, her whole lifestyle is about sex, sex workers and moids. Her mind would break if she had friends who had things to talk about thats not sex work/kink related. She'd rather have a bunch of sex based and/or dependent (ellen) relationships, then ones where she actually gets to know and care about someone.
Notice that Shayna HAS NEVER talked about what she likes about anyone in her life, not even fupa. Never their personality, or anything. Just sex, or something they do for her. She spent years 5 years with fupaul and I cannot think of one time she mentioned anything she liked about him that wasn't sexual/"He did this for me" or kink. I bet she barely even knew him or he her. Another thing I noticed about Shayna is she doesn't want to get to know anyone.
She just wants to jump into some kind of "title". Which is why she rushed to make Ellen her GF, which is why her bestie changes every month.

No. 1965691

She definitely love bombs people when jumping from one friendship to the next, which is why Kiki only lasted a few months and now her new "bestie" is the spanking granny. She definitely obsesses over people based on how kinky they are and how they fit into her degenerate persona and then when the novelty of them fades, she discards them. I can't think of a single friend Shayna has kept for multiple years at a time. Ellen is the closest and she doesn't talk about Ellen at all which says a lot.

No. 1965693

She spent nowhere near 5 years with Fupa and of course they hardly knew each other. They met on tumblr ffs.
Someone please correct me if I’m misremembering but hasn’t Shayna known Ellen since the first time she lived in Washington?

No. 1965699

It was probably one of the few outfits that fit around her girth.

>she does want a longterm relationship with a man
What Shayna wants is a man that will give her what she thinks she deserves. She wants to be a trophy wife for some rich moid, so instead of selling pics of her rancid asshole for $3, she can get ass pats from posting her amazing life to instagram. That lifestyle is beyond her because no rich moid is going to settle for her when there's better options available.

Ellen was around the first time she was in Seattle.

No. 1965700

File: 1707856847336.jpg (156.34 KB, 1080x1993, Screenshot_2024-02-13-20-41-17…)

Woop, there it is.

No. 1965701

Did dude just buy a basic butt plug and wrap a chain around it with a bell and tag lmao

Err that chain bit is gonna tear up her asshole

No. 1965710

I immediately thought of this too but im choosing to believe the tag came with the plug or it came from online and was already printed. It’s too frustrating to think he might have gone into a pet store and used their engraving machine to print this degenerate shit

No. 1965713

Toilet moid sleeps in the cage and goes through her closet while she's away on her whore tours. It all benefits his coom because he certainly isn't scrubbing that sugary diabetic mold ring off her toilet.

No. 1965721

I must’ve missed a post, he sleeps in the dog cage she was using as a prop? I know he’s got that back broken, I’m willing to bet while she’s gone he’s sleeping in her bed.

No. 1965730

File: 1707860435091.jpg (189.99 KB, 1080x1738, Screenshot_2024-02-13-16-34-06…)

She's such a sucker, literally paying her clients more than them her.

No. 1965746

File: 1707863058094.jpeg (Spoiler Image,91.26 KB, 720x405, tW7bT8mI.jpeg)

New video posted, and it's exactly the same as her other 1000000 vids. What a surprise.

No. 1965758

File: 1707865256929.png (1.5 MB, 1226x1063, Shay on a date.png)

I don't know if this one is from a different date. She always orders the same meals and drinks. But it looks like she is wearing pants.
It's Valentines day. Her loser customers must be lonely and desperate.
Go get that scrote bux, queen!

No. 1965761

File: 1707865896171.png (643.24 KB, 1080x1377, Bleaker.png)

It gets worse.

No. 1965781

File: 1707869433886.jpeg (140.43 KB, 1170x340, IMG_0861.jpeg)

She’s so fucking rancid, I’m resisting the intense urge to alog

No. 1965788

i recognize the food, she's at earls here. i think it's a different date

No. 1965790


Possible nitpick but her jewelry that she keeps flexing looks so incredibly cheap.

No. 1965794

i know it's been said but i always have an extremely hard time believing shayna ever masturbates. just more lies pandering to coomers.

No. 1965798

Kek ever since she got that ugly watch she shoves her fat arm in every photo of food and drink.

No. 1965799

She never goes anywhere else, she’s woefully uncultured for a woman in her 20s residing in a major city. Living in Seattle and only leaving her ugly white trash pedocore apartment to go to the aquarium or overpriced chain restaurants is depressing. The “sugar dads” should at least take her to Lark or Canlis or something. “Sugaring” is degenerate behavior but she could at least milk those disgusting scrotes for a bit more than Amazon bargains and mall food

No. 1965802

its like luna whenever she gets another rose tattoo

No. 1965810

lmfao ya’ll are ridiculous. shaynus is clearly just showing three different items in one photo and wraped the dogtag/bell around the buttplug for the photo cracking up it isn’t chains connected to a buttplug for use cracks up harder the dog tag and bell are probably just accessories to attach to a sex collar something. but hey lol ya never know big shat!(autism)

No. 1965822

I think there is a large middle ground between Earl’s and Canlis that she should be shooting for lol. Nobody wants to take her to Canlis and she would hate it because she likes big portions

No. 1965827

File: 1707880182865.jpg (637.92 KB, 1536x2048, Dark Progression.jpg)

>Valentine’s Day in the DollHaus over the years

No. 1965828

File: 1707881011670.mp4 (Spoiler Image,4.47 MB, 846x476, Special Needs Valentines.mp4)

The horrid preview. Who is requesting a video of her wearing this sissy linebacker dress?

No. 1965829

Accurate portrayals for both her mental health and her physical health too, kek at that last photo it's so sad

No. 1965837

she looks like gypsy rose in the first pic, holy shit

No. 1965838

that watch is horribly ugly. she has no idea how to style herself, from jewelry to clothing to shoes. it’s really pathetic especially when she squawks about how amazing she thinks she is at styling. you’d think she’d at least watch influencers and get an idea of the current trends, but no.

No. 1965846

File: 1707887143013.mp4 (4.89 MB, 852x480, Sneer.mp4)

Her Valentine's Day video.

No. 1965852