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File: 1610041040737.png (474.72 KB, 588x598, literally.png)

No. 1124714

Last Thread: >>>/snow/1111610

Recent milk:

>embarrassingly awkward christmas tree decorating video >>1111644

>continuing to gain mass at an extraordinary rate >>1111692, >>1119127, >>1121040
>somehow conveniently has her period multiple times in one month to avoid having to do any work >>1114394
>set up her new dog cage after an anon mentioned not seeing it, barely fits >>1116090, >>1117731
>continues to bait about moving away from OK >>1118348, >>1122371
>over a week's worth of fupa sperging >>1118403, >>1118575, >>1122260, >>1124164
>catches wind of someone catfishing a scrote with her pics for over 2 years, consequently freaks out >>1119646
>now under 500 OF subs >>1121446
>thinks it's cute and quirky that she's so impulsive she can't even deposit a savings check from her mother without spending it >>1121837
>still complaining about other SWs "poaching" her customers >>1122632
>irritated with a customer for asking about a custom the day it was due to be finished >>1123863
>allegedly paid rent twice the previous month, flexes extra $1000; suggests she could buy a car with it >>1123918
>says she's getting a personal trainer >>1124238



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No. 1124718

File: 1610041148184.jpeg (1.67 MB, 2304x4096, CC8FFC6A-B1AE-42A0-9288-729E8F…)

discord dump from last night after last thread locked

No. 1124720

File: 1610041170222.png (491.38 KB, 750x1334, 926B16CE-DBF3-408E-8673-F38DF8…)

No. 1124730

oh yeah she has BPD now because it’s convenient for ass pats and pity money. but next week when it doesn’t suit her narrative she’ll go back to having bipolar with her uwu mania

No. 1124731


I think she claims to have both lol

No. 1124733

basically what I got from this was her admitting she did fucked up things, but then not taking responsibility and saying it was only because of the things he did.

she can’t take responsibility or accountability for herself or her actions and will continue to fuck up any and all relationships she has because she feels like she’s never in the wrong. she only hurts other people because they did it first. she’s just reacting. what a cop out.

No. 1124734

File: 1610041917326.jpeg (442.46 KB, 1242x1845, 82D53A4C-CA7E-4018-BCFE-B045F0…)

No. 1124736

I thought fupa was your best friend shay, your supposed “BPD favorite person”? but now you manage to have another best friend on hold or something? where was she when you were having a mental breakdown about how you have no friends?

the lies with this chick are just insane.

No. 1124737

File: 1610041942960.jpeg (156.65 KB, 1242x636, 6211AAA0-4B1B-48C9-8ECD-C17759…)

she really thinks she has a chance at winning kek

No. 1124738

what about your supposed female best friend you discussed in your discord? or can you just not keep up with your lies anymore?

No. 1124739

>i’m feeling hollow today
>lulz gonna film some bimbo anal content 2 day uwu!!!


No. 1124740

File: 1610042094394.jpg (190.6 KB, 1080x719, 20210107_104313.jpg)

More of her little break down
> wants to get skinny yet eating more junk with wine

No. 1124743

File: 1610042169467.jpeg (174.87 KB, 1242x715, 29D1348F-58E6-4B44-9FC0-ED99C6…)

Breakdown from last night

No. 1124747

File: 1610042434611.jpeg (Spoiler Image,80.28 KB, 675x913, 13CBA679-EB7B-41FF-AFB9-3E79B4…)

This filter makes her look like she has
Down syndrome

No. 1124748

nah it’s not the filter, her face normally looks like this plus she was probably drunk and high AF

No. 1124758

Nitpick but why doesn't she just smile. She legitimately looks retarded.

No. 1124763

She’s talked about having both before. That’s why.

No. 1124777

Lmao most people feel like their partner is their best friend/support system and feel depressed and hurt when they lose them, that isn't some special BPD thing.

No. 1124781

I know she's probably never going to get off her bullshit with fupa but damn if I don't want to direct her to r/exnocontact, hard to see someone continually be this pathetic

No. 1124782

her discord friends obviously don't care about what she's saying, they just keep going, "he's making you crazy, he's wrong, go off sis!" like what?
Shayna as usual is bouncing between being honest that it was the BOTH of them and pretending to be a helpless child.
I'm still wondering how much money her broke ass was giving Fupa. Like, we all knew he was using her for sex and Shayna used sex as bait (like the pink tape/gun situation) but I'd love to know what she was giving fupa money for and how much.
Knowing Shayna she probably let him borrow $100 one time and she keeps bringing that up.

No. 1124787

She does not know what to do in this situation she's been in 20 times before?
Wow, the situation was probably her fault anyway, she's 100% fine being miserable and with fupa being miserable as long as she's not alone.
She's not in love with him, he's all she has because SHE chooses to put everything into sex work and Fupa, blocking everyone out until Fupa breaks up with her.

No. 1124812


Oh absolutely you can tell. Her admitting to doing gross and childish shit while also trying to justify her reactions to something he did is fucking weird. The way I'm reading this is he may have done something minor to upset her or maybe there was a misunderstanding, she flew off the handle and did a bunch of toxic shit and he stopped talking to her again. Now she is searching for validation that she's not actually the bad guy and that he deserved all of the stupid shit that she did. She just needs to get the fuck away from him and quit sex work and get a real fucking job and real friends.

No. 1124834

That's just breaking up with someone you've been around for a long time, idiot. That's not bpd. That's being a loser with no friends who moved to a state away from everyone chasing a fucking chode and couldnt or wouldnt make any other relationships with people so now that you're on the outs, you only have your retarded internet hugbox. She makes every normal, mundane thing into some big dramatic one.

No. 1124836

Because she's an attention whore with a victim mentality. She has to make everything seem pointed in make herself out to be so powerless. It's like she basically has built-in excuses for being a piece of shit or not progressing in life.

No. 1124851

File: 1610049521925.jpeg (305.45 KB, 1284x766, 14D2FA59-732E-45A8-A035-1B6812…)

you know this is gonna be some tasty milk

No. 1124858

This bitch is manic and will not go to these. I'm waiting for a period excuse or another breakdown to blame for not going. She might go to 1. And then she'll get one healthy meal and and start drinking white claw as a healthy alternative to box wine

No. 1124859

File: 1610049947078.jpeg (812.51 KB, 1242x1615, 42C559BF-4BC5-401D-94B2-F4F99D…)

No. 1124863

File: 1610050093503.gif (374.26 KB, 384x270, 680602DE-EC1A-48B7-B355-8F1C94…)

No. 1124871

File: 1610050552754.jpeg (614.16 KB, 1242x1406, E56D063C-2056-4B6B-9BDA-7E2A1B…)

Jason R Womack is back. He sounds like a dog fucker

No. 1124872

Watch her eat junk after she finishes working out or has a baby fit she isnt losing weight after the first day

No. 1124875

Waiting for the "omgosh you guys, the training was TOTAL flirting with me and is giving me free sessions" tweets

No. 1124878

Soooo she said before she can't get her hair or nails done because of Covid. But she can go see a personal trainer?

No. 1124879

File: 1610050724393.jpeg (1.12 MB, 3464x3464, 4B2BEC43-4147-4E1A-B3A9-1CB6E1…)

They sound the exact fucking same kek is she going to be his Splenda baby?

No. 1124889

Calling it now.

She either goes once and never again or the more likely thing is the day will come and she'll back out of going for one of the following reasons:

Muh period
Bad mental health day uwu
Insert any illness here

No. 1124895


No. 1124897

I love how only one person is responding. Everyone else has heard her go on this rant once or twice a month and probably wants to tell her to grow the fuck up.

What a fucking baby. She does this every couple of weeks, you think she’d figure it out by now. Go home, shay.

No. 1124901

i feel like she'll probably go to the gym a few times a week to take "workout selfies" and then leave without actually exercising like we've seen a lot of other cows do

No. 1124902

She did that a few threads back haha

No. 1124907

crazy how Shayna was just screaming at people for not staying at home, but now she's going to the gym. She could literally buy a treadmill or use that computer she brought, but whatever

No. 1124913

And the only reason she went to the gym was with fupa kek Inb4 she breaks down at the gym because it reminds her of him

No. 1124915

My personal tinfoil is that she’s got some online PT sessions and; first being the chat about goals etc and after that she’ll be begging for a gym daddy to buy her weights etc.

If she does it and improves her health and figure; good on her… I’m full of doubt though

No. 1124918

regardless she’s a moron because no amount of working out is going to cancel out the amount of sweets, fast food and alcohol she consumes unless she literally started doing something super aggressive like crossfit like 5 days a week

No. 1124926


>inb4 personal trainer is codeword for;

“fupa desperate for some coochie”

No. 1124932

File: 1610054054656.jpeg (879.42 KB, 1242x1533, 89085B1F-816C-458F-9F2A-01772A…)

No. 1124936

Exactly, and why start with the option that is the most expensive and probably the most difficult to keep up when all you have to do is track and reduce your calorie intake.

No. 1124937

Kek with who? She has no connections anymore. Also fucking disgusting, but that practically goes without saying.

No. 1124939

Because she's an absolute fucking idiot who has zero desire to take care of herself in the first place

No. 1124941

She claimed in her discord that she was still in contact with InSex to make more of those cringey af videos

No. 1124947

>my ex was very smart
this explains a lot

No. 1124949

you’d have to play the mom now, shaytard

No. 1124961

Kek I remember her losing so damn bad last time she entered Anal Star of the Year. It was nuts seeing Shayna beside a bunch of chicks who do legit hardcore anal stuff (seriously, I'm a bit scarred) She doesn't have a chance. Wow. You stuck a dildo up your ass when there's a chick with an arm elbow deep playing with her insides. Basic.

No. 1124968

I can't wait for the meltdown when she loses yet again. she always says she's not going to enter these anymore because they are "rigged" and bitches about all the other girls who beat her out. Then, she'll threaten to quit sex work and get pity by the same 4 or 5 chodes that orbit her and somehow someway she'll find a reason to keep going.

No. 1124980

Shayna, a lot of people feel like they've lost a partner, lover, best friend, ect after a breakup… But most stable adults don't continuously post about how uwu sad they are 24/7 after a breakup. He doesn't love you, he never will. Grow up and get over it.

No. 1124983

Whatever she is saying here feels incredibly insincere. "I dont wanna talk shit… I know I did bad things and acted ridiculously…"

She knows its gonna be capped and posted here and she is praying it is and she is also praying Fupa sees it.
I see your tactic Shaytard.

No. 1124993

Yeah most of them don't brag about getting wine because they can't deal with their feelings either. she was going to drink regardless but the fact that she openly talks about how she uses alcohol as medication while supposedly on medication is disgusting

No. 1124995

> when there's a chick with an arm elbow deep playing with her insides. Basic.
Hilarious but deeply sickening, my stomach literally turned at the thought

No. 1125010

Whatever happened to her meeting up with that Pixie chick to make content?

No. 1125017

File: 1610060115370.png (16.83 KB, 585x205, 2021-01-07 17_54_52-ButtStuffB…)

she's really forcing this on everyone again

No. 1125037

I cannot wait for her gym fits, sausage link incoming

No. 1125045

I don’t know why but this always makes me laugh. If she said Asexual I’d believe that. Shat just wants to be desired and taken care of.

No. 1125047

lol you're not bi just because fupa happens to look like an old and fat butch lesbian

No. 1125104

File: 1610066418368.jpg (Spoiler Image,763.89 KB, 1079x1442, Screenshot_20210107-184008_Twi…)

Back to the shaved gaping dolphin mouth

No. 1125109

she had to blur the wrinkles out so badly that it looks like a cardboard cutout now. also i swear the weight gain is making this bitch's nose grow.

No. 1125110

Her face has looked worse, I guess. Still baffled at her refusal to fix her dry cracked lips though.
Kek at her using her hammy arm to attempt to hide her gut. Also her tits are in the saddest state yet.

And yeah. Shaved crotches on fat girls is really unflattering.

No. 1125132

How self unaware can she be thinking that her gross vag looks better without hair jfc

No. 1125136

what anon, u don’t think it’s hard to choose between a moldy strawberry or dolphin mouth? also yes her gut is suuuuper bloated lately and u can tell in all her recent pics she’s trying to hide it but the posing just makes her look worse.

No. 1125139

Yup. It's the same tactic she used before when she admitted to being abusive and saying the recorded drunken video incident was her fault. Literally a repeating, toxic cycle. She's trying to sound all mature (while in the same breath saying it's his fault for her acting immature in the first place) after talking shit on Twitter and saying she wants to ruin his life.

She goes from being pissed and saying she's over it but can't make it 24hrs without groveling and wanting him back with this pity party shit. This isn't bad bitch energy, Shayna.

No. 1125147

File: 1610069329247.gif (8.18 MB, 800x600, hand.gif)

Bitch got the ugliest Lego hand snatch, I swear.

No. 1125154

File: 1610070166981.jpg (263.33 KB, 1080x936, Screenshot_20210107-194254_Twi…)

No. 1125162

File: 1610070453195.gif (Spoiler Image,11.64 MB, 640x640, 5FE74D68-C590-4FBA-9136-5B27D2…)

No. 1125176

File: 1610071293818.jpeg (Spoiler Image,25.48 KB, 331x363, 110BB9D5-18B5-4DF9-9F91-61932B…)

Does she have corona or something
This doesnt look healthy(titpick)

No. 1125177

that cover is so fucking dirty. Miss, "Make push everything out the background so it looks clean" sure is not following her own rules.

No. 1125178


it's been talked about a million times already

No. 1125181

How is she gonna fit tho we say the other pics she was crammed in there like a sardine

No. 1125184

If you’re going to beat a dead horse at least sage so you don’t bump the thread with your bull shit

No. 1125186

File: 1610071868535.jpeg (299.97 KB, 1073x1030, C4B408A6-AC63-4877-8301-8CB580…)

No. 1125187

LMAO she really listen to Womack advice on her hair? i cant wait for the next power couple of 2021!!!

No. 1125189

HA, calling it, she couldn’t fit in the cage

No. 1125192

File: 1610072354448.jpeg (374.81 KB, 622x419, 36DA8FEC-320F-4E3D-847B-76D15F…)

No way she could successfully fit in that cage while getting fucked and be able to pose in a way that she wouldn’t look incredibly uncomfortable and fat as fuck when she looked like this just trying to take a picture inside the cage. The video “wasn’t working out” cause she couldn’t fit lmao

No. 1125196

Damnit Shay you suck at your "job".

If it's making you feel so shitty then fucking quittt.

No. 1125198

File: 1610072743040.jpg (155.06 KB, 1080x525, Screenshot_20210107-202549_Twi…)

No. 1125199

This is code for she was too fat to make it work

No. 1125202

File: 1610073183531.jpg (Spoiler Image,354.44 KB, 988x613, 20210107_193203.jpg)

Just from the mini vid she posted it was obvious she wouldnt ve able to fit. She should've bought a cage meant for great Danes woof

No. 1125207

she looks like a raw butterball turkey

No. 1125208

File: 1610073540776.jpeg (52.83 KB, 600x457, 3A703EBD-0EAB-4880-91A1-255EDF…)

No. 1125214

leave him out of this!

No. 1125217

she really drank out of that oversized hamster waterer too kek

No. 1125220

File: 1610074539030.jpg (356.19 KB, 1080x1261, Screenshot_20210107-205517_Twi…)

Oh please Shay. We know you're high or drunk in every video

No. 1125221

File: 1610074573085.jpg (169.03 KB, 1079x742, Screenshot_20210107-205437_Twi…)

Cause you're lazy as fuck and know you won't win again

No. 1125223

she probably was thinking about that because >>1125177 i called out that dirty ass blanket, hope she gets a new one and some lip gloss/chap.

No. 1125225

File: 1610075003888.jpeg (Spoiler Image,545.87 KB, 2032x2032, AEF5472D-5DF0-44CD-8740-D479D1…)


No. 1125226

File: 1610075096779.jpeg (320.71 KB, 2048x2048, 286BAAC9-27E4-4159-9C78-0E77A8…)

No. 1125227

i will never understand why she leaves those crusty ass lips in frame, just cut it out.

No. 1125234

Has she ever owned or wore a bra?

No. 1125236

Congrats Shay you finally figured it out. But now the real challenge is gonna be fitting her fat self in the cage in a way to actually use it. Which judging from the following tweets, I imagine she couldnt do. Big surprise. If she wasnt practically actually retarded and perma weed fried, she could have deduced that before going through the trouble of setting that shit up.

No. 1125239

Its almost like… it's a cage meant for a god damn dog to lay down in, not a fat adult person to flop around in.

No. 1125249

bitch you having a random idea pop into your head and then immediately executing it isn't a "plan." you think she'd figure that after constantly having to tweet "video didn't go as planned :(" she might want to stop and actually figure out the fucking logistics of what she's doing before trying to film, but I guess that would require effort

No. 1125259

Or set it up to make sure it will work and look "good" before even announcing it.

No. 1125268

File: 1610078009233.jpeg (Spoiler Image,192.47 KB, 1284x724, 9A48C364-FAC1-4906-890D-FC3A16…)

i’m embarrassed just looking at this

No. 1125269

File: 1610078035209.jpeg (151.2 KB, 1284x740, 5D68E60D-AD1F-47D4-A283-6480E4…)

she loves her retard faces

No. 1125270

I wish she'd go back to wearing skirts/dresses as belts to hide at least some of her girth. Jesus Christ.

No. 1125272

I love how she acts like she's not drinking at literally all points of the day. It's almost like she's in that much denial that she thinks that these things are normal for people. she's literally said on many occasions that she drinks to feel more comfortable about doing her job. she's a functioning alcoholic and I'm sure she doesn't think she has an alcohol problem because she's not black out drunk all of the time but she sure as fuck can't survive two or three days without Sutter home and White claw

No. 1125281

File: 1610078727561.jpg (388.58 KB, 1079x1606, Screenshot_20210107-220527_Twi…)

Why does she need a video to enter?

No. 1125283

Do we think she filled that hamster cage bottle with her boones farm white zin?

No. 1125286

She knows she doesn’t have a chance in hell of winning so why even try. What a fucking lazy bitch, she has the easiest “job” and all the time in the world because she’s known about this forever. That’s what happens when you procrastinate to cry over your shit relationship. Wasn’t she saying she’s broke and needs to pay rent and she can’t even be motivated to put something in her butt to help herself?

No. 1125288

I think she’s just realizing she’s a failure and doesn’t have the self esteem to enter cause she knows she’ll lose.

No. 1125290

>can’t even be motivated to put something in her butt to help herself?

Audible kek

No. 1125293

iirc from last year she gets a percentage of the paid votes

No. 1125294

didn't she say she had $1000 extra for this month? maybe that's why doesn't really care about the contest.

No. 1125301

Her mental breakdowns are always entertaining. She creates her own hell and then cries about it

No. 1125306

Oh right from her double paying rent. She’s such a lazy sex worker and they’re not really known for their work ethic anyway. The saddest part is she doesn’t even have anything to show for it at all. She’s declining both in her career and mental/physical health. Can’t be assed (literally) to film one fucking video in advance that would help her reach to a new audience.

No. 1125310

Rotisserie chicken

No. 1125316

File: 1610082073298.jpeg (Spoiler Image,959.17 KB, 1242x1460, A3055725-D6AF-428B-8B58-AB1B93…)

She’s huge

No. 1125325

File: 1610082776036.jpeg (Spoiler Image,318.57 KB, 828x1232, 9B695AB9-4937-4A86-AD84-C3722F…)

Kek I bet she didn’t set up her fuck machine at the right angle in her cage which she already had to stuff herself into. Idiotic. Let’s see how well she holds this lead.

No. 1125328

>Already in the top ten
Chill retard the contest just started she’s so dumb she’s not going to win. Just accept cow of the year Shaytard

No. 1125331

File: 1610083206819.jpeg (Spoiler Image,873.18 KB, 1242x1421, 026FF5A2-361F-4CD2-B16F-BAE95E…)

Who she’s up against
for reference
Warning don’t unspoiler if you just ate

No. 1125337

She always does this when she firsts enters. She’s so delusional it’s amazing. She’ll get a bunch of paid votes and rise up to like 5 or 4 and then a couple days later she’ll drop down below 10 and then she won’t talk about it until she looses. When she squawks about uwu I don’t understand why I don’t win when I put in SO much effort and my stuff is ToP qUaLiTy

No. 1125338

Doesn't she realize the contest just started and that more people still entering

No. 1125346

What the fuck, putting an apple up your ass? How is she going to get that out? That being said both of these women look like they have much nicer butts than her and are willing to do incredibly depraved shit so they'll win scrotevotes for sure.

No. 1125351

WTF I wasn't ready even with the warning! These women are willing to do permanent damage to their bodies for what? Social isolation, a bit more money than minimum wage, and approval from scrotes??? Hope those scrotes help pay for the er bill during a pandemic and that you don't get covid and die from it yikes

No. 1125355

Looks like a pregnant bitch at a puppy mill farm

No. 1125359

I would quit if I let myself go like this jfc the embarrassment. But she really keeps putting herself out there like this because shes too stupid and lazy for a legit job. The rolls and fat have distributed so poorly on her.

No. 1125361

File: 1610085573518.jpg (Spoiler Image,310.94 KB, 1080x609, Screenshot_20210107-235911_Twi…)

No. 1125362

Why does she post pictures like this with no issue but do the most to try to hide her gut whenever she posts something sitting or standing up? It’s so fucking weird. Either hide your fat rolls or don’t

No. 1125363


Wow, she’s just fully embraced the rolls now. Didn’t even attempt to blur the roll lines like before. Maybe this laying it all out there humiliation style will actually help her with some votes.

No. 1125367

File: 1610085970351.jpeg (Spoiler Image,70.06 KB, 589x684, 53BD8976-1742-45B2-A3C4-C3A909…)

Lardy Fattel OINK OINK

No. 1125371

File: 1610086152773.jpeg (Spoiler Image,614.32 KB, 1204x661, 7C18EA48-619D-4B8B-AE24-E54C37…)

No. 1125375

Why even put the mitts on when they get taken off for the usual vibes for use anyway…

No. 1125385

That tit just slowing melting off her body while the zombie tit continues to look like a hard tumor.

No. 1125397

I bet she'll change her name soon

No. 1125405

She probably doesn't realize that when other girls announce what kind of videos they're planning to post, they've ALREADY filmed and even edited those videos before even mentioning them. Imagine McDonalds announcing a cool new burger coming up and then posting a bunch of self loathing speng beb memes because the burger didn't come out right pls send money anyway uwu
If you're going to take one tip from this thread Shay, please understand you have no obligation to advertise videos you have zero material for, it's just you setting yourself up for failure (which you obviously already are, stop bringing more attention to it)

No. 1125411

She just has no drive and no consistency aside from getting high and eating takeout. If she would just start making small goals and small adjustments to her life, she would have a better chance at succeeding (at her low bar). For example, one vid a week. She doesnt need to announce what it is or even when. Just one per week. And not just a custom. She just needs to add actual productivity to her routine. Take Noodle for a walk every day. Good for her and the dog. I mean anything that can be consistent. Then she could work up from there. But she wont, so shes just going to keep failing and soon have to do really depraved humiliating shit like feeder porn to scrape by a little longer or find another source of income.

No. 1125412

Girl can't stick to anything but Fupa's chode. We already know how this personal trainer saga is gonna go. About as great as the PC thing did. She refuses and isnt sober and willing enough to face her actual issues. If she doesn't quit weed and drinking, she'll never have a chance to work on her mental or physical health. Like she might not be a completely non functioning full blown addict, but she clearly uses the substances to cope and avoid shit. And somehow thinks it's cute and quirky.

No. 1125417

Thanks for the warning anon. Damn these bitches are disgusting (including Shayna here – I shudder at the memory of her fucking her ass with her plug). Just needed one with a huge ass prolapse and it's the triad of terror. Can you imagine ruining your body like that permanently? Goddamn.

No. 1125418

File: 1610091815258.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.01 MB, 1242x1538, E026AD8E-662B-4654-ABEC-25EA90…)

No. 1125422

File: 1610092310759.jpeg (1.3 MB, 3464x3464, 247AC94C-DAA9-4485-938D-2CCEB0…)

Jason R Womack the inbred retard of Oklahoma is about to be homeless and he still sends chump change to Shayna Clifford so he can wank his tiny chode. Fucking kek. Maybe Jason and Shayna can move together since they both can’t afford rent on their own. Sage for no contribution just thought it was funny

No. 1125424

i want to a-log

No. 1125440

File: 1610093856196.jpeg (Spoiler Image,758.33 KB, 3440x2251, 48A944CF-B865-4EC8-ABBD-3E44DF…)

really don’t miss the fried moldy looking braids though

No. 1125463

No. 1125465

You know why
How bad she is as blowjobs is astounding. 2 inches nearly making a sex worker vomit after 5 years is not hot.

No. 1125488

File: 1610103362557.png (326.88 KB, 600x600, lego man hand pussy.png)

lmao remembered picrel from an earlier thread

her fat rolls are just waiting for someone to shoop two extra pairs of nipples on them

No. 1125548

File: 1610111028533.jpeg (Spoiler Image,326.29 KB, 1207x1311, FEBA2328-4742-49B3-A247-7775EC…)

Clifford the big fat dog

No. 1125562

File: 1610112396506.jpeg (570.29 KB, 2048x2048, 3957B165-90E1-4573-8BE5-8320B8…)

She looks so much like if Boy George shaved his beard it's uncanny(autism)

No. 1125571

Instead of putting the fuck machine through the door side of the cage, why didn’t she put it through the other side and open the front door instead of the side door and back her fat ass into the cage. Like ya she barely fits in the cage, but she makes it worse by going in the side door and having to squeeze and turn herself around into the right positions. Fucking idiot

No. 1125586

File: 1610116648886.gif (Spoiler Image,953.22 KB, 1080x535, 9160DFAF-2335-4FFD-AAB4-01AE07…)

Did she have a bigger dog cage before or did she just get really fucking fat??

No. 1125587

File: 1610116803451.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.51 MB, 3464x3464, F73AB979-8352-4A5A-902B-0A1979…)

No. 1125610

She got “gifted” this little one a couple months ago and we were all laughing at the dimensions because we knew it was for like a medium sized dog and she wasn’t going to fit. Especially considering her girth.

No. 1125611

Just basing the size of the rows off her skull since weight doesn't affect that too much, it seems the rows on each cage seem to be the same size. So her old cage looks 25% bigger than the one she has now just based on counting the rows since I can't actually measure it.
It looks so comical, like when someone makes one of those coomer giantess/feeder drawings

No. 1125613

I know that dipshit I was asking if the old one was a bit bigger because she looked huge in the recent photoset

No. 1125624

It’s obviously bigger you fucking retard. I wasn’t hostile to you and answered exactly what you asked so don’t know what’s up your dumb ass. My point being that YES the old one is bigger and we DID discuss this. you newfags are so bad at this site and rude for no reason after asking retarded questions.

No. 1125647

File: 1610122412511.jpg (7.17 KB, 246x205, images.jpg)

No. 1125667

You know you gotta be over the age of 18 to post here right?
>she looks bigger
Really? I don’t think anyone noticed. /s

No. 1125668

My brain just can’t process how that is the same person, idk if it’s just me but if didnt know that was Shay I would probably honestly think that’s two different people

No. 1125675

JFC these pickmes are in a race to the bottom…no pun intended.

No. 1125680

Probably too lazy and high to try. Alternatively, maybe she really is embracing being a fatty to try and lure in fetishists.

No. 1125690

File: 1610126367043.png (Spoiler Image,343.53 KB, 585x530, 2021-01-08 12_19_14-ButtStuffB…)

she's literally taking on fupa's body type

No. 1125694

The lighting is bloody awful. She looks like a corpse

No. 1125701

>begging for good morning comments next to your corpse-toned public nudes

No. 1125703

File: 1610127231231.jpg (559.25 KB, 1080x1601, Screenshot_20210108-113352_Twi…)


No. 1125704

when you miss him so much you become him

No. 1125707

File: 1610127289357.jpg (359.26 KB, 1080x1146, Screenshot_20210108-113438_Twi…)

No. 1125714

jason womack going on suicide watch after these tweets kek

No. 1125717

the definition of a pickme right here.

No. 1125718

any facebook anons see if fupa’s posted anything relevant to shay’s meltdown over the last couple days?

No. 1125730

learn how to take appealing photos, for fucks sake. this is pathetic.

No. 1125734

then stop posting about it retard. first you said you wanted distraction and for your followers to comfort you. now when they do you say it’s wrong. either don’t post about it or accept what you get, cunt.

No. 1125736

>I’m the one that always comes crawling back
No surprise there. He doesn’t respect you because you’re a Pathetic pick me. Get over it girl. He’s clearly over you and your dumb shit. Grow up and stop crying over a guy that sees you and a yank-sock. Have a little self respect jfc

No. 1125743

In reality she's probably the source of the problem but has to frame it that way to protect her ego. I see everything she says about him as projection honestly

No. 1125751

As far as I can see, he hasn’t posted anything relevant to Shayna Clifford.

No. 1125755

lurking his Facebook it’s hilarious that she is so concerned over this guy who lives his entire life acting like she doesn’t exist. Get a clue, girl. you’re a piece of meat online and irl.

No. 1125762

I think she has delusions of grandeur. something tells me that things with him aren't as serious as she leads on. My tinfoil is that they may occasionally text or something like that but I think at some point he probably made it very clear that he doesn't want to be with her and she's living this facade like they're in a relationship or something.

No. 1125763

Kek farmers this how you look in /g/ you look like Shayna over a fat deadbeat bumpkin

No. 1125765

It's interesting how almost all the comments he gets on his Facebook are from women. You'd think a guy would have SOME guy interactions, but it is 99% female attention. That should have been a warning for shayna.

He is also super selective with what he makes public, so I have no doubt he does roast shayna, but it's kept to "Just Friends" settings.

No. 1125766

They were in a relationship. But Fupa has to hide from his baby momma that he’s been fucking Clifford the big rash dog these past years. I’m surprised we haven’t heard him going off, she was threatening to ruin his life and shit.

No. 1125771

Maybe he just doesn't use Facebook that much? Also is it weird that he has female friends or?. I guess I'm trying to figure out where that's a red flag

No. 1125772

Underrated comment topkek

No. 1125774

God I wish you would

No. 1125775

I really think Fupa does not care about the suicide/mental health baiting anymore so she no longer does it because it's not successful. I doubt he cares about these threats, I mean how could she ruin his life?
The only thing I can think of is her purposely getting preggers, contacting his baby mom/family or something really crazy.

No. 1125777

You're not the only one. When I decided to start following Shay almost a year ago, I went to early threads to catch up, and I was shocked. I literally had to check multiple threads and see the gradual transformation to believe that tiny blonde her and how she looks now are the same person.

No. 1125780

Imagine being so pathetic you would actually air this on your public social media platforms, much less your SEX WORK ACCOUNT.

No. 1125783

And you know that this is her sucking it in and doing her best to angle herself. Yikes. Shes so weird how fast she goes between "I hate my body boohoo" to just letting it all sag out.

No. 1125785

Has anyone checked Tinder to see if Fupa is on there?

She probably only gets the confidence to post herself when she's drunk/high and then feels like shit when she sobers up.

No. 1125788

Maybe she just makes all of this up so pathetic simps will flock to her and give her pity money thinking they'll be the next chode she chases. I'm thoroughly convinced that that's what happens here because he's not around to defend himself. She uses this stuff for money. Think about it. Anytime that they broke up she would go on some GoFundMe type panhandling shit about leaving and never actually left but kept the money. I think it's bullshit.

No. 1125790

Apparently he just uses facebook hahaha

No. 1125791

And jfc clean your fucking mirror. She has the audacity to tell sex workers to clean up their areas and this bitch hasn't vacuumed or cleaned her mirror since she moved in

No. 1125792

Seeing that a few months back see she exposed their relationship in a fit of rage which prompted Fupa to dump her ass so hard she faked going into mental hospital lol. It would be the move to try to get his kids taken away the same way. Not that he’s much of a father. But she probs won’t burn that bridge yet because she’s stuck in bumfuck nowhere with noone but him.

No. 1125793

But when is she sober really? She says she dabs or posts an edible for breakfast as soon as her greasy lard ass finally rolls out of bed. Then you know shes staying high all day until shes ready to down a 6 pack of white claw or box of Sutter, drinking into the night. Really bleak.

No. 1125796

He seems to be pretty active in their lives and she complained a few months back about not being able to be with someone who has bigger priorities than her or something like that. if anything she throws fits whenever he's spending time with his kids instead of her and that's been called out time and time again here. if he were a piece of shit father I'm pretty sure the baby mama wouldn't allow the kids to be around him or involved in their lives because she seems to have her priorities in order

No. 1125800

If someone chose to breed with that fat ass they can’t possibly have high standards for parenting but ok Kyle.
I just want this bitch to go full psycho and earn cow of the year this year too. Idgaf if Fupa has to work harder to keep his kids because he chose to fuck some whore from the internet, he’s just as disgusting as she is.(hi cow)

No. 1125803

Not fupa I'm just pointing out that he's active in their lives and it's obvious if you look at his FB. I'm not saying he's fucking father of the year

No. 1125808

I wonder if Fupa was once just a below average man at some point and then had his mind warped by porn on the internet?

No. 1125811

He’s legally obligated to visit with them. This mf LARPs raping little girls so “not father of the year” is an understatement. His ex probably needs the child support money anyway so don’t you worry about the likelihood of him being freed of his spawns.
Wym “was once”

No. 1125815

What made a woman think that marrying him and having children with him was a good idea? I doubt she would have if she was aware he was posting DDLG and torture porn on tumblr. Maybe Fupa wasn't originally into any of it until he was exposed to that shit on the internet.

No. 1125816

Yeah maybe Shay was some midlife crisis for him or something

No. 1125821

File: 1610134323249.jpeg (279.57 KB, 1242x967, EE6F0182-FC20-4E5B-9332-4FABEF…)

We know damn well you aren’t going to move Shaytard cut the shit. Fupapa is going to hit you up and get his chode wet

No. 1125847

That same ass star blanket made an appearance in both these videos and they're years apart. Fucking gross.

No. 1125855

something I found crazy is she only speaks on how "lonely" she is, never anything about Fupa's personality, just, "I feel so lonely, I have no one to talk to, no one to play games with, no one to laugh with", it's clear that she just wants someone, just as it's clear Fupa just wants easy sex.

You'd think the chubby dad of multiple childern who has all these disgusting "kinks", would be chasing the young childless girl basically begging him to be with her and allowing him all access to her body, but Shayna's so crazy that even a fucked up dude like Fupa doesn't even want to deal with it. For now anyway.

No. 1125858

So a gas station and a chicken nuggies fast food place. Wow. Fupa really did show you the world. Stay classy, you high class, expensive bimbo.

No. 1125930

Imagine letting a man in his thirties who isn't over his scene phase make you this upset.

No. 1125949

a fat, unattractive, divorced father of multiple young children that actively pursued a “dom” persona on tumblr whilst well into his thirties that lives in fucking tulsa, oklahoma. girl needs to cut her losses and move on already. fupa ain’t it.

No. 1125954

you left out “call center worker”

No. 1125966

i'm not american, is tulsa that bad?

No. 1125968

I was just about to say it lol, the lowest of bars. Gas stations and fast food chicken.

No. 1125970

It's a big city in bumfuck nowhere anon. And big is being generous, and it's full of meth heads and white trash.

No. 1125981

File: 1610147087281.png (189.14 KB, 532x370, tulsa.png)

Look at it on googlemaps and see for yourself.

No. 1125995

File: 1610148246150.jpg (399.86 KB, 1080x1593, Screenshot_20210108-172407_Twi…)

plays the world's smallest violin

No. 1125996

File: 1610148275909.jpg (545.71 KB, 1079x1237, Screenshot_20210108-172449_Twi…)

No. 1126000

File: 1610148342696.jpg (Spoiler Image,587.82 KB, 1080x1396, Screenshot_20210108-172521_Twi…)

That's just sad

No. 1126007

Moon Face Mattel

No. 1126011

Fuckin kek

It's no cheeseburger, sure, but watch her think sushi is so healthy and this is her new daily meal.
Shay, you've been on a sushi binge for months now and still getting fat. It's not gonna make you lose weight, idiot.

No. 1126018

Her putting a bowl on top of a children's purse for ~*aesthetic*~ is hilarious

No. 1126023

File: 1610150089108.png (108.26 KB, 1080x825, Screenshot_20210108-185401.png)

Sure, Shay.

No. 1126024

That’s a hello kitty head under the bowl of food anon…

No. 1126032

File: 1610150658166.jpeg (67.96 KB, 828x600, 470C576D-C0B5-4A91-852D-2E5660…)

She’d have a better chance on entering this MV contest.

Also don’t look at the submissions; they are revolting

No. 1126037

"I'm utterly depressed and suicidal, I hate sex workers and I only care about one man in the world, wanna come hang?"

No. 1126044

There's nothing wrong with BBW's anon ffs

No. 1126049

Yeah but it says curves and bbw has "beautiful" in it. Shay doesn't fit there. Kek

No. 1126051

maybe if they meant shaped like a fridge and boy tits and hank hill ass lol

No. 1126056


Some people in that contest is far from beautiful no offence.

No. 1126058

A lot of BBW women are shaped like Shay tbh

No. 1126060

It’s a hello kitty purse in the shape of hello kittys head anon …..

No. 1126061

File: 1610152836676.jpg (314.07 KB, 1080x1404, Screenshot_20210108-184038_Twi…)


No. 1126063

More like
MV Feeder of the Year

No. 1126064

What's with the tards in this thread lately, it's clearly a Hello Kitty purse

No. 1126067

Exactly or it’s a makeup bag but who gives a fuck kek

I hope Shayna goes on cam that will be hilarious

No. 1126071

File: 1610153275940.jpeg (205.42 KB, 1242x754, ACED8485-2A54-491C-923D-B99452…)

Nitpick but she changed her weight but not her hair color on her profile. Also your eyes aren’t hazel Shaytard…… they are poop brown beady rodent eyes.

No. 1126089

IF she goes online Im ready to record it haha

but im not holding my breath

No. 1126090

She used the word "try" so she can justify it when it doesn't happen. This is pathetic.

No. 1126091

shayna's fat gut and lopsided tits live on cam is what we all need to start 2021 off right

No. 1126095

File: 1610155671472.jpg (424.24 KB, 1080x1579, Screenshot_20210108-192754_Twi…)

Get ready for an overused outfit

No. 1126097

Whatever she was going to wear wasn't going to be sexy anyway, so she might as well throw on that pink hoodie with no shirt under it and sweats.

No. 1126102

File: 1610156257578.jpeg (193.48 KB, 1125x1070, D1CE5970-CFB8-4D0A-82B2-C099A5…)

called it kek

No. 1126128

Further proof her "supporters" are enablers who enjoy watching her be a retarded fucking mess

No. 1126132

>inb4 I ordered food from our favorite restaurant and now I’m sad. Not going to cam tonight uwu

No. 1126192

Of course porn fans don't give a shit, all they want is filth and an intoxicated girl is more likely to give that. She's more likely to get nude and have a wank with 0 tips if she's pissed.

Once she's bored of having like 20 viewers who tip nothing she'll be more likely to give in cos she's drunk.

No. 1126202

File: 1610164249495.jpg (382.76 KB, 1080x1525, Screenshot_20210108-215047_Twi…)

Excuse #1

No. 1126206


My bets are on she'll blame her backing out on technical difficulties from her new PC. Too much dust on it maybe.

No. 1126236

T minus 1 minute until she's supposed to be on cam

No. 1126237

did she ever go on cam or what?

No. 1126239

my mistake wrong timezone

No. 1126240

File: 1610166684336.jpeg (274.85 KB, 1242x454, 92C799B6-FDD3-4BF8-B647-56FD7E…)

No or at least not yet

No. 1126241

its show time and shes ghosting, so shocking.

No. 1126242

online but webcam is off

No. 1126244

Can’t wait for the “omg I’m sooo sad about my breakup can’t cam!” tweet. What is she so heartbroken about anyways? They never had a real relationship in the first place; just a weird performative “romance” meant to impress their tumblr followers and floppy, mediocre sex.

No. 1126245

Nope not wrong time zone, its 10:35 CT right now

No. 1126247

For me it still says shes completely offline.

No. 1126248

No. 1126249

it's an hour ahead where I'm at. I assumed she hadn't done it but maybe she'll prove all of us wrong?

No. 1126250

she was online for like 5 seconds then immediately went back offline

No. 1126252

jasonrwomack in the houuuuse

No. 1126255

she probably looked god awful and had to disconnect lmfao

No. 1126256

45 minutes late. Shocking literally no one. I was half expecting screen grabs of Fatty Mattel looking like the caterpillar from A Bugs Life.

No. 1126258

c'mon shayna, were waiting

No. 1126259

No Twitter updates either

No. 1126260

She's baaaack

No. 1126261

and soooo nervous lol

No. 1126263

More like an lc reunion

No. 1126264

File: 1610167904940.png (893.2 KB, 1080x1718, Screenshot_20210108-235051~2.p…)

No. 1126266

she said she doesn't have 'external audio' when she meant speakers lol

No. 1126267

she has to leave the room already to go get her bottle opener, convenient

No. 1126268

she still has “feed behind head” on the tip menu like that’s even physically possible anymore

No. 1126271

She’s singing lil peep probably going to cry about Fupa soon

No. 1126273

she has hair ties lying around in the corner of her floor? Why is she laughing at that like it's cute or something….nasty

No. 1126274

so far shes out of breath from walking across her cam room to get hair ties lmfao

No. 1126276

File: 1610168160534.jpeg (181.45 KB, 496x487, AF92358F-9A82-4AFD-8C7B-A6B171…)

the only people watching is Jason r Womack, grey old man, theo dude with the shooped muscle pfp. Lmaoo the rest are farmers. She has no fans. And she’s out of breathe as she’s speaking bc of how fat she is

No. 1126279

File: 1610168201718.jpeg (238.93 KB, 750x417, 8BB911A0-50A7-4F7E-9A86-648948…)

quality content

No. 1126281

her cam has been blurry the whole time so far.

No. 1126282

Kek I don’t know why this is making me laugh so much

No. 1126283

can y'all hear her breathing? jesus christ

No. 1126284

File: 1610168271588.jpeg (686.6 KB, 1210x1101, 5A2B93CF-0FE2-4A3D-817E-15745F…)

I have no girlfriend or cat
No shit you’re watching Shayna Clifford the ugliest bitch in Oklahoma
>45 viewers
Yes us dumbass

No. 1126286

File: 1610168304485.jpg (28.33 KB, 235x328, Screenshot 2021-01-08 235531.j…)

"nice to see names that i recognize"
(also her shirt has a huge stain on the front and the webcam cant stay in focus for shit. quality camming from hammymattel)

No. 1126288

She noticed the amount of guests and said “get an account” wow her dom side is showing!

No. 1126289

File: 1610168442861.jpeg (409.82 KB, 850x792, 9E6750D0-5013-4A72-884A-9B2772…)


No. 1126291

She's been tipped to paddle her ass and pussy and hasn't even acknowledged it

No. 1126292

File: 1610168505235.jpeg (568.56 KB, 750x1080, 3D3521E5-0FB9-4AED-A544-D2D22B…)

No. 1126293

File: 1610168598770.jpeg (196.04 KB, 526x593, 2DCCD845-F7AB-4886-AA0D-B60710…)

I’m dead
>so thick

No. 1126295

File: 1610168648888.png (571.74 KB, 681x470, 83b775bdd397a5401354462137a9bc…)

Noodle's on cam

No. 1126296

god damn she looks like a 40 year old mother of 3 from the back

No. 1126297

I know my bar is low, but she is surprisingly coherent right now. Also, a bid all the fine farmers lurking a pleasant morning from Europe.

No. 1126298

File: 1610168757276.jpeg (113.9 KB, 424x377, 34BAA11B-B8C0-4292-9668-DBEFB1…)


No. 1126299

She just…awkwardly acknowledged the shirt stain and broke out into a dance.

No. 1126300

File: 1610168858155.png (Spoiler Image,999.98 KB, 1366x768, Screenshot 2021-01-09 at 12.07…)

all you can hear is her labored breathing as she's taking her clothes off ewwww

No. 1126301

She’s so painfully out of breath. This is great. I hope she comes on cam more.

No. 1126303

she’s acting so fucking over the top and cringey i’m cackling

No. 1126304

File: 1610168961221.jpeg (32.3 KB, 429x440, 87E373F0-6887-44DF-907D-9F1E46…)

Her ass pimple lmao

No. 1126305

lookin like a fat naked old man, shay

No. 1126306

i almost thought i was in the mtf thread

No. 1126307

It may just be the lighting but that cat looked orange and white.

No. 1126310

File: 1610169095059.png (Spoiler Image,725.35 KB, 1080x1744, Screenshot_20210109-001024~2.p…)

No. 1126311

if I didn’t know this was shay I would think it’s some old troon

No. 1126312

File: 1610169167532.jpeg (Spoiler Image,170.08 KB, 481x540, B888DD1E-6679-4563-8231-2A6810…)

I guess Jason likes fat troons

No. 1126317

The continued heavy breathing is so fucking gross

No. 1126319

File: 1610169248667.png (302.47 KB, 565x317, Screenshot 2021-01-09 at 12.12…)


No. 1126320

this is how i feel watching

No. 1126321

File: 1610169319805.jpeg (Spoiler Image,290.69 KB, 687x583, 1C87436B-97E3-4649-9FE9-0DF387…)


No. 1126322

File: 1610169326305.jpeg (Spoiler Image,50.88 KB, 610x425, E1602896-C8BA-443A-96CF-388800…)

when she tries to shake her ass it just makes her thigh fat jiggle

No. 1126323

The way she held her belly when she stood up, cringeeee
Just embrace that you're a fatty

No. 1126324

File: 1610169341729.png (Spoiler Image,326.11 KB, 577x343, Screen Shot 2021-01-09 at 12.1…)

No. 1126325

She’s blaming it on her asthma
No shay you’re fat and out of shape

No. 1126327

i had to stop watching. i felt like i was getting closer to diabetes with every minute

No. 1126328

Oh anon, didn't you know? It's her weight-induced asthma!

No. 1126330

mmmm no shay this would be why ur out of breath, not ur fucking asthma hahaha

No. 1126331

File: 1610169445451.png (Spoiler Image,316.22 KB, 568x322, Screenshot 2021-01-09 at 12.15…)

forgot to attatch file>>1126330

No. 1126332

Did she just pick up her vibrator up from the floor?? jc

No. 1126333

she was talking about "keeping her ass" and I hope ppl know how her ass really looks, such an unfortunate shape

No. 1126336

Why did she say
Śtròking mÿ püśśÿ
Like a fucking vampire type accent or sum

No. 1126338

File: 1610169557615.png (Spoiler Image,3.37 MB, 1242x2208, 64170823-1F1B-4EDF-8B7C-C417BA…)


No. 1126339

oh so her gut really does stick out as far as her tits kek

No. 1126340

File: 1610169636035.jpeg (Spoiler Image,237.4 KB, 500x623, 68BA6C00-78AA-43CD-A427-21E659…)

The fake moaning lmao

No. 1126341

File: 1610169647275.png (Spoiler Image,1.02 MB, 1366x768, Screenshot 2021-01-09 at 12.20…)

No. 1126342

File: 1610169682658.png (Spoiler Image,979.81 KB, 1366x768, Screenshot 2021-01-09 at 12.20…)

No. 1126345

File: 1610169694490.png (Spoiler Image,392.32 KB, 650x366, Screen Shot 2021-01-09 at 12.2…)

I have no words for whatever these sounds effects are that she's producing.

No. 1126348

File: 1610169755686.png (Spoiler Image,1.33 MB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20210109-002122.png)


No. 1126350

File: 1610169774252.jpeg (Spoiler Image,58.37 KB, 640x351, 1B864D36-8B4C-4F98-BC05-6307CD…)

You missed my fav

No. 1126352

File: 1610169821761.png (220.78 KB, 453x288, Screenshot 2021-01-09 at 12.22…)

No. 1126353

File: 1610169830192.gif (Spoiler Image,3.73 MB, 750x418, 6407516c70bfbe0eefc44f901b7695…)

this is embarrassing

No. 1126354

>the melting tit
>the pile of garbage on her desk
>the fake moaning
>breathing like a dying covid patient

Living for this train wreck right now

No. 1126355

File: 1610169873596.gif (Spoiler Image,4.91 MB, 720x402, dbcfbe513706800da955073a98d1f4…)

No. 1126356

fucking kek

No. 1126357

seriously would love to cowtip and inform her that the camera cannot focus because the room is dark but oh well(do not cowtip)

No. 1126358

File: 1610170132207.gif (Spoiler Image,4.61 MB, 732x404, b463c8c8896cdc3ff8edb4ee2faaff…)

oh my god

No. 1126362

Just pretend to be a scrote and tell her without mentioning the forum(don't encourage cowtipping)

No. 1126366

she keeps rubbing her pussy and then touching her hair which is especially revolting because we all know she's not washing it anytime soon

No. 1126368

i wasn’t sure what i was looking at at first and thought she was aggressively eating a hotdog kek

No. 1126369

i need another fucking drink jfc anons

No. 1126370

>65 people watching
>55 guests

How embarrassing

No. 1126373

File: 1610170445446.gif (Spoiler Image,6.83 MB, 726x408, b7c3ffbd9492deee7f2531cda2f3a1…)

that smile at the end

No. 1126375

i love how the wand is just pressed agaisnt her pussy you can tell she feels nothing

No. 1126378

the yaniv smirk lel

No. 1126381


Please i know it's too early but I'm losing it. Those needs to be in the next threads

No. 1126382

File: 1610170706257.png (Spoiler Image,281.81 KB, 564x314, Screenshot 2021-01-09 at 12.37…)

love how she started with lil peep (still basic) and then went right back to her same ol same classic rock bimbo stripper shtick lame

No. 1126383

File: 1610170727907.gif (Spoiler Image,5.58 MB, 722x402, 0b86b843e93408b07567de4036c3e7…)

how is she so wide but her ass is so tiny

No. 1126384

File: 1610170745512.jpeg (Spoiler Image,60.55 KB, 594x582, B463DF51-526B-4CCB-B8D0-ED4EF3…)

No. 1126388

momokun syndrome

No. 1126391

File: 1610170868036.jpeg (Spoiler Image,142.6 KB, 1113x1175, 566640B7-DFFD-41B7-9B90-6D1D65…)

She’s so crossfaded she’s going to wake up and have a breakdown seeing this

No. 1126393

and she's giggling about her breakup ans lost her train of thought and goes "that's so embarrassing" IM DEAD LMFAO

No. 1126394

Smoking weed isn’t a bimbo thing though
She’s such a pickme

No. 1126395

File: 1610171029342.gif (Spoiler Image,6.28 MB, 720x402, 7d5e0108f7af2f3c71af8c955ce756…)

i like how she used to cam on the floor but now its all chest up

No. 1126396

"I love feeling fucking stupid cuz i don't fucking care if it's ladylike"

yeah shay we know

No. 1126398

says she likes to smoke weed as a bimbo because she likes to "feel stupid" as if she doesn't just typically exist as a very stupid person to begin with kek

No. 1126401

File: 1610171104510.jpeg (Spoiler Image,936.72 KB, 1242x1355, 67C0AFED-7BC2-4BD4-827B-8C0E33…)

Jason R Womack can’t even spell molly correctly god damn these incel are stupid

No. 1126403

you can tell she just wants to talk and get attention and she doesn’t want to do any sexual stuff

No. 1126404

Yea I didn’t understand that. Never heard of smoking weed as a bimbo thing. Popping pills is more “bimbo-ish”.

No. 1126405

He literally said school was his worst enemy and it shows kek

No. 1126406

why would she mention her ass sweating bc of her chair… such sex appeal

No. 1126407

she's talking about other exes desperately trying not to talk about fupa then she said sorry i should be drinking and then says oops i should be edging and leaves the room to pee omg adhd is right

No. 1126408

yea my thoughts exactly .. clearly this is the closest thing she has to friends and more than half the spectators have to be farmers. i almost feel bad kek

No. 1126410

KEK she keeps avoiding the edging thing she got paid to do, had to go pee first. Edging 10 times?? Am I understanding correctly. She's going to bring herself to the brink of an orgasm 10 times? That seems like a bad think to make into a "per token amount" goal.

No. 1126411

She’s the worst but sometimes when she’s chatting on cam she actually seems mildly likeable and idk if my bar is just that low for her or if she actually seems fun for some blips of time

As I wrote that she said the chair is making her ass sweat kek

No. 1126412

File: 1610171314816.gif (Spoiler Image,8.06 MB, 728x402, 008bb9d072c7c556297ca53cf903f8…)

how many times is she gonna waddle of like a drunk toddler

No. 1126413

don't forget the garbage pile behind her door she was too lazy to kick out of the way lol.

No. 1126414

File: 1610171373930.jpeg (409.49 KB, 2048x2048, DEBC34AA-FDDF-4003-9AB4-087D43…)

What a dumpster fire

No. 1126415

"call me edgy mattel"

more like flakey mattel

No. 1126416

Yeah I guess until you realize how bitchy she is on Twitter

No. 1126417

"I thought I was going to sit here with like 12 people in my room, begging for tips"

The other 50 people are farmers, Shay. That is exactly what you are doing

No. 1126418

File: 1610171543021.gif (Spoiler Image,5.87 MB, 726x400, 10012755981a0eeed7ae2184aa317f…)

this is a horror movie

No. 1126419

is she really acting like she's gonna edge 14 times in the length of one song? put an album or playlist on god damn

No. 1126421

kek dont forget she agreed to do a private after this vid too

No. 1126426

I feel like she's just counting to a number in her head and going "ok, that's another one!"

No. 1126427

Spoiler this shit jesus

No. 1126428

File: 1610171915910.png (Spoiler Image,1013.8 KB, 1366x768, Screenshot 2021-01-09 at 12.57…)

No. 1126429

agree. i feel like i was just slapped in the face with a naked bobby hill with pigtails.

No. 1126430

I wish she would put on some modern
music. Something a club would play jfc. Her music choices are so unsexy.

No. 1126431

This format of porn has always been so fucking strange to me because the women are expected to have casual conversations in-between their goals. I get that it's more interactive but it seems so awkward. Like… I thought dudes are just trying to nut. Why the talk? MFC has to be catering to the loneliest men.

No. 1126432

File: 1610171992276.jpg (Spoiler Image,63.58 KB, 1300x962, close-up-of-fish-with-mouth-op…)


No. 1126435

File: 1610172120765.png (Spoiler Image,905.01 KB, 1366x768, Screenshot 2021-01-09 at 1.00.…)

No. 1126436

File: 1610172128669.gif (Spoiler Image,7.85 MB, 730x408, dbe17c68e95d375f63779ed495dbe9…)

tf is all that crap on the floor by her door

No. 1126440

no shayna, no one has sat in front of an autofocus cam spinning in a spinny chair in the dark cuz that's a bad fucking idea, go fig

No. 1126442

File: 1610172360561.gif (Spoiler Image,8.63 MB, 600x330, ezgif-7-98505faf6b22.gif)

pulling hair out of her pussy

No. 1126444

she forgot about the private and said she'll finish however many edges (she's at like 8) in 10 minutes and hop on the private how much you wanna bet she'll forget again?

No. 1126451

File: 1610172648335.png (Spoiler Image,961.28 KB, 1366x768, Screenshot 2021-01-09 at 1.09.…)

girl chill it's clearly inflamed and stop LITERALLY WAILING, sooo sexy

No. 1126453

I know this has been discussed ad nauseum but does this girl know what an orgasm feels like or how to masturbate?? It looks like she’s pressing the vibrator like into her vulva

No. 1126455

yea shes clearly only live because shes desperate for the crumb of social interaction shes getting from it, going private while i wouldnt put it above her obviously would defeat the purpose. shes only going to log off once shes too tired/bored/drunk to keep going

No. 1126459

File: 1610172967323.gif (Spoiler Image,10.41 MB, 640x374, 34da77893d96167104782039ffdb6d…)


No. 1126462

She clearly enjoyed the interaction (probably the most she’s gotten in forever) so she will likely be back on soon. I hope she does this more often because I laughed to the point of crying.

No. 1126463

lmfao im literally watching you farmers spend your money on her 😂 yall are really her biggest fans, hontom 😂 hows it feel to hate someone and pay them at the same time

No. 1126464


No. 1126466

i believe the 60 or so guests would be us farmers because she has guests and even basic members (people who have no tokens) blocked from commenting. i was trying to reach her about the lighting/focus situation but it literally is no use

No. 1126469

what the fuck did i just watch

No. 1126471

Yeah she went private

No. 1126474

Jason? Is that you? Are you mad shat isn’t doing a private show for you? Go suicide bait into the abyss that is your sad twitter account.

No. 1126475

lmfao u straight up outted yourself by posting on here about the lighting and then trying to "casually" mention something so not to cowtip, and then straight up told her that the room was too dark. 😂😂😂 get better at being anonymous if you dont want others to see you act a fool

No. 1126478

can u stfu and go lick shayna's infected tit

No. 1126479

Fuck I just realized I didn’t spoiler, I’m so sorry

Can’t delete it now

No. 1126480

>implying one of her members couldn’t help her figure out her webcam issue

You use emojis like a girl but you scrolled through and read this entire thread and watched her show. Smells like a scrote

No. 1126481

File: 1610173721006.png (46.73 KB, 645x457, xsdbvngfrfg.png)

i might be wrong but if this conversion is accurate thats so bleak

No. 1126483

oh hunny, dont be mad that you foolishly made yourself seen 😢 see you next show 😘

No. 1126484

Next thread pic

No. 1126485


definitely one of those girls who only got away with this shit before because she was skinny. absolutely no idea how to be attractive.

No. 1126487

i feel like this is bratty or rabid orbiter

No. 1126488

Ma’am, this is an anonymous board. I think you’re confused about where you are.

No. 1126489

camming is absolute shit money. especially if you sit there and do basically nothing but nervously babble about breakups, cackle like the alcoholic u truly are, and do nothing sexual (even while naked) until the very end of ur show. I'd pay maybe 5 cents to see that?

No. 1126492

obviously im talking about the mfc username 🤗

No. 1126495

someone come collect their lost and retarded yet well meaning homie

No. 1126497

hey, u hurt my feelings 😢 meanie

No. 1126498

She’s back

No. 1126500

shay comes back with her panties off and letting the dog out of the room

Da fuck.

No. 1126501

File: 1610174544163.gif (Spoiler Image,8.96 MB, 640x360, 735af556970e2a5ae3d197f72f6418…)

very scared strange orange cat in her room???

No. 1126502

that would be ribmeat. noodle and ribmeat have both been in the room and pets are not allowed in the room on mfc yet she preaches about onlyfans rules a lot.

No. 1126503

I think its got to be bratty lol. No reading comprehension. They confused that anon saying they tried to reach out about the lighting (but couldnt) with Hontom saying something about the lighting. I hope she trys to make Shatna think hes a farmer just because he knows how a camera works and she blocks him. She'll loose money just because bratty is an idiot.

No. 1126504

File: 1610174783239.jpeg (Spoiler Image,100.26 KB, 750x556, 1563937758586.jpeg)


Just a reminder of what she looked like during one of her last documented caming sessions for comparison.

No. 1126505

She said she was 110lbs when she was single the last time and now she's "50lbs" heavier.

No. 1126507

That doesn’t look like Rib… didn’t Fupa have an orange cat, or am I imagining that?
I’m pretty sure there was one when he was taking care of Rib

No. 1126508

Ribmeat is grey and fluffy, this was very clearly a small orange and white cat (I only captured a second but it was clear) Bitch got a new cat

No. 1126509

omg ur right im just drunk and saw a cat i totally forgot what rib even looked like woof my bad

No. 1126510

Fupa did get an orange cat. I can’t remember which thread that’s in though

No. 1126515

Kek that would be hilarious. He talked about ordering a custom from her before. Big doubt it’s a farmer. Shays orbiters are just as stupid as she is.

No. 1126516

im flattered that u think u know me, but i dont post anywhere on the internet for a reason. just a weirdo lurker that loves drama. just found it hilarious that yall r dumb enough to not stay anonymous on other sites 😎

No. 1126517

omg did fupa peace for good and leave her his cat?!?! no wonder she's megamad

No. 1126519

Yeah go back to lurking, your retarded emoji use and lack of basic critical thinking isn’t needed

No. 1126520

so awkward hearing her vibe running for a full few minutes before she uses it each time

No. 1126521

File: 1610175156550.png (195.59 KB, 445x450, 09A53614-51AE-4EED-8453-97EB19…)

No. 1126522

are we sure the lighting isn't just making rib look weird? why wouldn't she talk about this new cat in her recent fupa bitching?

No. 1126523

I hate to add to the tin foil but Rib is a very fluffy grey cat, the cat in the gif has a skinny tail and isn’t as fluffy

No. 1126524

File: 1610175338120.gif (Spoiler Image,6.55 MB, 600x334, 7c1fd2bdb183.gif)


No. 1126526

Positive, before I started recording it was clearly very orange

No. 1126527

Ooook you’re clearly a massive idiot and have no idea what’s going on.

Yes his cat is orange and white and it jumping into frame on one of her lives and she freaked and swatted it away. She’s never mentioned that cat before because it’s Fupa’s and it would be “proof” they’ve been together.

No. 1126528

i promise it was an orange and white young cat and all i needed was the reminder that rib is grey and fluffy there are tons of pics of rib in old threads
that's a pic of rib

No. 1126529

also cause she knows we would roast her for bringing another animal into her tiny apartment with a cat who’s already top terrified of her dog to come out of hiding

No. 1126531

File: 1610175609216.gif (Spoiler Image,8.49 MB, 600x335, 6d895e4b2f4e.gif)

she looks dead inside

No. 1126532

weren't the apartment fees for pets really high here too and it was rumored she got rid of rib because she basically had to sneak the cat in??? would make sense that she wouldn't talk about this cat either

No. 1126534

she's ruining the song "tear you apart" for me

No. 1126536

She was getting some decent tipping in the beginning to be fair. That’ll pay for a few sushi deliveries. Each token is 5 cents. It’s easy money if you can get the audience and the commitment.

No. 1126537

why is she a bitch every time someone asks her for a private when privates are the only way you make any real money on camsites????

No. 1126541

she said "sometimes i'd like to watch a reaction video" referring to people watching her porn.
there are now 67 threads of people reacting to your horror porn shay wym?

No. 1126543

banner pls

No. 1126544

im very much aware that everyone here is either jealous of her in some way or another, or just has unresolved trauma which is being projected at others. oooooh just wait for the future babey 😎 have i got some funzie little plans for the farm

No. 1126549

aw, how cute, but you do know you have to be 18 or over to post here, right? run along

No. 1126551

File: 1610176498244.jpg (Spoiler Image,69.48 KB, 694x388, derp.jpg)

> have i got some funzie little plans for the farm

newfag reaction image

No. 1126552

>keeps needing to piss
Maybe she's given herself a UTI from ramming a filthy dildo into her vag

No. 1126553

literally one of those stupid $5 phone "tripods" would have made this vid totally possible. between this and the lighting issues it's hard to believe she's lasted 5 years doing sex work.

No. 1126555

Shayna you should really move back home and get your shit together
and on the off chance you’re not Shayna, you’re probably following in her footsteps so my advice remains

No. 1126556

File: 1610176637028.jpeg (Spoiler Image,74.13 KB, 693x391, messy dolly.jpeg)

jesus.. the filth behind that door.

she obviously takes her own advice to just push the garbage out of the shot. "it's so easy!"

No. 1126557

As if anyone here is jealous of this fat fuck. It's usually the retards who use the JeAlOuS HaTeRz bullshit, so no surprise that's the first thing your mind goes to. gtfo shatna

No. 1126559

damn so yall are grown adults obsessed with someone else to this extent??!! 67 threads of adults acting like highschoolers 😂😂 see im aloud to make fun of yall because im just like you except honestly probably a few years older. what a sad existence for us all.. but if you cant laugh at yourself then damn thats gunna be an even sadder life 😂 aaah being self-aware is great. try it out sometime! at least i can admit that this is a sad existence to be so obsessed with someone and their drama that i just spent my friday night reading this and watching her on cam 😂

No. 1126561

File: 1610176783030.jpeg (Spoiler Image,73.75 KB, 688x383, not the blanket.jpeg)

THE pink vibe and THE blanket.

No. 1126562

LMFAO hit us with everything you got, "babey," but in the meantime at least learn how to sage and read the rules.

No. 1126563

File: 1610176846777.png (Spoiler Image,1.05 MB, 1366x768, Screenshot 2021-01-09 at 2.19.…)

she said her ass was sweaty earlier and she needed a cushion for her chair and i literally thought about this shit colored old af blanket i manifested it sorry anons

No. 1126564

there’s absolutely no difference between watching shayna be a sad fat sack and watching a tv show, both are entertainment, just because shayna is a real person doesn’t make her any less of a laughing stock

No. 1126565

what the hell? who is this? who are you creature? SPEAK

No. 1126566


No. 1126567

im just like you boo boo(emoji)

No. 1126568

File: 1610177022030.gif (Spoiler Image,8.05 MB, 600x333, b7181fd780de.gif)

the ass pimples are BACK BABY

No. 1126569

File: 1610177066255.png (151.59 KB, 358x338, 1505364933815.png)

>jealous of Shaytard needing to get her rancid vag out for room temperature IQ wankers so she can afford eat to door dash

No. 1126571

File: 1610177086862.png (Spoiler Image,706.7 KB, 1366x768, Screenshot 2021-01-09 at 1.12.…)

forogot to post this earlier she was going so fast with the photo ops

No. 1126572

thats true, watching a cam show is kinda like watching reality tv. 🧐 i guess the actual sad part is that we all have gathered here as adults to spend our friday night just gabbin away, you know like us girlies like to do 💁‍♀️ lmfao really though, self-awareness and then adding humor to the sad fact that we are here for this… 😂 makes it a bit easier to digest

No. 1126573

File: 1610177188723.png (Spoiler Image,950.9 KB, 1366x768, Screenshot 2021-01-09 at 2.23.…)

No. 1126575

troon spotted

No. 1126576

No. 1126577

whats that? 🤔

No. 1126578


shayna clifford is fat, unhygienic, and delusional and it's very entertaining

No. 1126579

nah, im just gettin started hunny 😘 we are gunna have just the bestest time together 😊

No. 1126581

please stop engaging this crazy middle aged bitch thanx

No. 1126582

shoutout to anoyone still watching this trainwreck except the emoji-using wk retard who can't sage

No. 1126583

who the fuck is this weird person why is shitting up the thread what the fuck is happening why the emojis why the twitter slang help janies

No. 1126584

if it was that easy for yall to just ignore someone… 😂😂😂 there wouldnt be 67 threads on one person 😂😂😂😂

No. 1126585

"Toronto? Is that New York or Canada?" dumbass

No. 1126586

File: 1610177467014.gif (Spoiler Image,8.24 MB, 600x327, d03ca4af207e.gif)

bout to down the whole bottle

No. 1126587

whats a sage?

No. 1126588

she announced she downed one bottle already is this her second?

No. 1126589


She noted how she cannot feel her buttplug and basically forgot its there.

No. 1126590

she just said all the music she's listening to right now is music her dad played growing up…weird to want to masturbate to that? no wonder she has issues picking a song

No. 1126591

Are we going full Erin/Nina? Perhaps farmhand will expose this mystery autist as Shaytard herself

No. 1126592

whats a farmhand? 🤔 lmfao how would that even be possible when she is camming and not on her phone 😂 maaan we really are a bunch of dumdums arent we? 💁‍♀️

No. 1126593



oh okay, i've figured it out. she had another narc, sloppy-drunk chimp session and he peaced out (like the last time, when he recorded it) and while normally she begs him to come back, this time she decided to play that game we all played as 15 year-old girls where we wait for the guy to text first. and he didn't, because he's tired of her shit and she hasn't done her normal "i won't drink as much, i'm sorry" bullshit spiel she does every time she fucks up

No. 1126594

i doubt it's shay she hasn't been on her phone while the last few messages were posted and this is obviously a newfag or someone pretending to be new i'm sort of whit the anon who thinks it's bratty or some orbiter trolling

No. 1126597

File: 1610178122469.gif (1.36 MB, 300x100, SHAY-dead-inside.gif)

No. 1126599

File: 1610178157243.png (Spoiler Image,165.38 KB, 340x332, Screenshot 2021-01-09 at 2.41.…)

No. 1126600

I almost wanna say it's Womack but the typing style isn't retarded enough

Lmao anon I love it it's great

No. 1126603

could she maybe turn on anything else but depeche mode while she drones on about her depressing life?

No. 1126604

That fucking blanket. She must have a weird attachment to it. It literally looks like she dug it out of a dumpster. Did Fupa give it to her?

No. 1126605

she almost dumped about fupa but i don't think she wants to cry on cam

No. 1126606

my name is bethany, thank u very much(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1126608

File: 1610178457180.jpg (105.54 KB, 400x400, 61406145.jpg)

No. 1126609

Nawh, she's had it since living at home or when she moved to Seattle

No. 1126614

she's trying to name all the states in new england and looks constipated

No. 1126616

I hope the farm hands ban this loser.

Im also kinda shocked Shay actually got on cam.

No. 1126617

ofc she failed at being a cheerleader and now thinks she's a super succesful sex worker but she's just a fat wino with a cheerleader kink

No. 1126622

"the thing that i love about batman is that he's not a super hero he's a rich guy, a really hot rich guy"

and on that note she logs off

No. 1126625

god that was so boring, very little action at all mostly rambling, how did she make a cam show so not sexual?

No. 1126629

Will never get why she didn't just go for the stoner chick aesthetic she used to have and got popular for. She could smoke, eat, the music she uses would fit, and she could look as grimey as she wants to, and get paid a whole lot more than being a failed "bimbo". The bimbo shit has never worked for her, why is she clinging to it so hard? Even her soulmate fupa doesn't like it, and likes alt type girls like she used to look like

No. 1126631

she looks so much like a dude in this pic

No. 1126634

i hate how she brought up her actual dad at least twice

No. 1126636

Shay's thread is the only one where liveblogging her streams isn't annoying as hell. I really hope she starts making this a regular thing again because this was a TREAT.

No. 1126647

shes got to have some weird issues regarding her dad, listening to the music her dad played to masturbate to? that's sus.

No. 1126656

This is one of the saddest photos I’ve ever seen omfg

No. 1126690

File: 1610195723769.jpeg (Spoiler Image,867.31 KB, 3464x3464, BF9254A9-C52A-419A-8338-D0EDF1…)

The way these aren’t edited jfc she got so fat

No. 1126701

She’s starting to look like Amberlyn Reid in the face

No. 1126720

Fat girl with no ass syndrome is fairly common and extremely unfortunate kek idk how all the fat misses their asses, but it does.

No. 1126727

Fuck I've been reading the ari thread too much; I read pissed as pithed and cackled

No. 1126732

I'm gonna give her a pass on the technical shit because she obviously impulse decided to cam after a year on a new set up without trying anything (which is still her fault for being retarded and unprepared) but I guess if you consider this her trial show, then sure. She should know better and have done an actual test run, but it is Shay and she is nearly retarded.

But this on the other hand, there's no excuse. Immediately I noticed the massive clutter pile right next to her on the desk. Then the pile behind the door. The stains on her clothes. The random shit everywhere. For someone who tries to callout sex workers on cleaning their backgrounds so much, she needs to clean up her own garbage, especially for camming. Literally trashy. I guess having to clean a whole room and not just a corner you put a blanket over is too much for her.

No. 1126743

Might get roasted and I missed the actual camshow, but her face looked actually ok when she wasnt "masturbating" or trying to be funny/cringey. The natural pigtails werent awful. Her face didn't seems as round and goblin like as it usually does.

Her body however… tragic. Everything looks awful. I think it made her face seem better in comparison because below the neck the proportions and everything look bad. Shes got a beer gut for sure. Her body is just so wide. It makes me wonder if losing weight would even help anything besides the gut.

No. 1126746

Why is this gif so mesmerizing hilarious, one of the funniest things I’ve seen from Shay

No. 1126749

File: 1610202140529.jpeg (51.97 KB, 308x306, A70BB33F-8B04-4943-B3ED-780264…)

No. 1126770

File: 1610204749432.jpeg (Spoiler Image,462.05 KB, 2048x2048, 83016F08-543F-48A0-92D8-593C48…)

here’s the last screen grabs I could get, what a hot and heavy cam show that was! She said last night that the show was going better than expected, so it is possible she could do another one.

No. 1126771

Yeah Shay is at a point where she needs like Chloe Ting at home workouts and actual effort sweat and effort needed to fix her body. Shay is just going to run on a treadmill if anything and continue to live the same lifestyle. Nobody could eat healthy, exercise, cut back on weed and alcohol - and still be able to live the depressing life she does.

No. 1126785

This gif is so depressing.

No. 1126795

I hope she gets even bigger. It would be funny

No. 1126801

Waking up to this was a treat. Thank you for the commentary and caps, anons. Really did not expect her to show. Here’s hoping for more streams in the New Year.

No. 1126822

Seconding this. Thank you for the morning reads, anons - the content has been astronomical. I wonder how Shayna is going to feel when she wakes up this afternoon and lurks here. Breakdown incoming.

No. 1126909

I dont like to body shame, but she's a bitchy, shitty person who is accountable for her actions. She also chooses to flaunt every inch of gross self and act entitled to attention and money for doing hardly anything.
Her body is unfortunate to put it nicely. It's like shes worn too tight bottoms and caused her torso to look really weird. Her tits are ruined. Her ass and backside are all one wide load. Idk she just has really bad proportions. She has a beer gut but it's like almost rectangular kek

I'm not into fatties, but I understand some chub is normal as an adult and I've seen chunky girls pull it off. But I hate seeing her body because it's so weird and unattractive.

No. 1126913

File: 1610218170740.jpeg (256.76 KB, 1125x1579, 90E1D055-128B-42FA-A155-E196E8…)

She’s saying she may cam tomorrow now

No. 1126915

?She does nothing all fucking day, she won't be "worn" out. I don't know if bratty or one of the two simps shayna had came in here talking shit last night.
Maybe Bratty is trying to save Shayna from looking a sloppy mess again. I seriously wonder why she treats Shayna like a charity case, not like a friend but like a child with mental issues or something.

No. 1126916


yeah, you "worked" a whole 3 hours, you should take a few days of R&R so you don't get burned out. sitting your whale-ass in a chair getting wine drunk is a lot to put on a person!!!

as if normal people don't bust their ass working 40 hour work weeks, taking care of their family and housework.


No. 1126917

Because how could you treat Shay as a friend? Friendship and relationships are two way streets. Shay gives nothing but bullshitery. Kek

No. 1126918

Clout; pixie is a nobody. Shay use to be somebody.

No. 1126920

Not gonna WK but honestly Pixie is better off than Shay. Way more interaction, seems to have more money to give to other dumvass SWers like Shay, etc. Despite her butter face, she's more attractive than Shay as well. Shay is the one gaining in their relationship.
Weird though because I dont think she sees Shay as a charity case. She seems like a secret mean girl and maybe shes just trying to stir the pot by being buddies with the sex worker no one fucking likes.

No. 1126923

I mean she would have not got on anyway, but how nice of Pixie to give her the encouragement.

Like Shay is some disabled vet. Cam girls are one 3 or more nights in a row. But yeah, Ol' Lardy Fattel better not strain herself!

No. 1126932

this is the same bitch that claimed she was going to start streaming on twitch kek. you have to stream pretty much daily in order to build any kind of audience at first.

No. 1126933

To me it seems like she does it to feel good about herself, she knows she’s better off and looks better and isn’t she married too (? I think) being friends with her probably makes her feel like wow I’m so much better then this sad fat whale, just my tinfoil

No. 1126937

God all that fat around her middle, Shayna deathfat era 2022 incoming. How long before she gets that fatty knock-kneed look? I know it's been said but its honestly astounding how much she's gained.

No. 1126938

probably a nitpick but she looks like she's making fart noises with her mouth hahah(Nitpicking)

No. 1126944

File: 1610220429061.jpeg (1.45 MB, 3464x3464, 81E8136B-2F2D-4AD1-8DEB-2E362B…)

Don’t hype that ugly bitch up she is known to lurk the thread. The standards aren’t high for sex workers. Just because she’s skinny doesnt mean she’s automatically the superior one. They are both fugly used up bitches who think being a snarky bitch and selling pictures of their pussy is a personality trait. Abustedpixie is just as ugly and pathetic as Shaytard

No. 1126949

True, they both look downsy.
I'm 99% sure it was her shitting up the thread last night too. The typing style and like really who else would come here and say shit like that? Scrotes are generally are too retarded and dont care enough to defend some whore they fap to. Only a girl would be catty enough and we all know Pixie is Shays little guard Chihuahua.

No. 1126962

File: 1610221481611.jpeg (Spoiler Image,838.75 KB, 1047x1416, 1B59B389-3314-4EC0-B787-0887B3…)

Her face is so ugly
She really sucks at acting she should of just kept her clothes on her stomach is bigger than her ass

No. 1126965


THAT's what she looks like? LOLLLL! this is actually hilarious. she looks inbred! god, what an unfortunate face. even the set of filters on that bottom left one doesn't help. this bland bitch… can't believe someone married this bridge troll

No. 1126967

The fact she had a stain on her shirt, but said she had to start later because she had to get her clothes out the wash is funny.
What was she washing?

No. 1127004

I have some video recorded of her show last night, best way to upload?
It’s not very interesting, most interesting part is her talking about past exes and trying not to cry while she’s clearly thinking about Fupa

No. 1127007

I can’t help but think Jason Womack is being catfishes. Who uses their real name?

No. 1127012

make an anonymous dropbox account and post the link to vid

No. 1127014

Sadly he's just a retard. He's a real person.

No. 1127017

No. 1127031

It's funny how she uses sex as the pull, just to talk about her personal life. She's the type that will fuck a guy just to have pillow talk.
She really needs friends.

No. 1127045

The stream was honestly one of the most depressing things I've seen a while. It was the online equivalent of going to a dead dive bar and watching the resident alcoholic get drunk and cry about their personal life.

No. 1127073

Try catbox.moe or uguu.se. Both are anonymous hosting sites.

No. 1127116

File: 1610231446548.jpg (200.08 KB, 1080x704, Screenshot_20210109-163048_Twi…)

No. 1127119

On cam she said she's easily distracted and heard that a lot of people people BPD have it. And she said BDP, didn't even specify if it was Bipolar or Borderline Personality Disorder

No. 1127131

she claims to have both

No. 1127141

Lmao good point

No. 1127142

Like clockwork kek

No. 1127149

Kek, anon. I mean did you hear how labored her breathing was? She sounded exhausted after she danced around for literally 2 minutes. She clearly needs a day off after uwu edging 12 times. Her life is so hard.

No. 1127166

File: 1610234722890.jpeg (110.56 KB, 1000x562, A21C0B3B-78F5-426C-A820-246395…)

Can’t Unsee

No. 1127183

Lmao sounds like she lurked and saw the candid screenshots of herself

No. 1127204

That and she wants asspats and to show she has an "good" excuse to not do it again any time soon lol

No. 1127291

Yep! It's called alcoholism.

No. 1127312

Still prettier than shaytard.

No. 1127321

they're both tragic looking in different ways

No. 1127341

at least she's somewhat thinner than shay

No. 1127374

File: 1610256988430.jpg (211.04 KB, 1080x832, Screenshot_20210109-233631_Twi…)

She's #12 now

No. 1127375

File: 1610257084340.jpg (225.58 KB, 1080x1531, Screenshot_20210109-233747_Sam…)

Shay probably told him he's only allowed to follow her

No. 1127377

Ahh you beat me too it. She’s been begging all day too for votes kek

No. 1127571

Just hear me out anons: I think the random camgirl in here last night was Ariana. Annoying know-it-all, thinks she's smarted then other anons, and bored because she's pretending like she doesn't only have a following because she's a trainwreck people love to watch.

No. 1127628

File: 1610300068963.jpeg (Spoiler Image,847.86 KB, 1210x1730, F56D8794-F9F2-473B-BC63-DC0937…)

She’s number 12 now at least she’s ahead of the degen who shoved gummy worms up her ass hole. Imagine if she loses to that person kek

No. 1127629

all I see is mental illness

No. 1127631

Im still curious what her "Sexy" look would've been. I'm thinking one of her belt skirts and a long sleeved white cropped shirt.

No. 1127632

Gummie worm whore should have entered a corpse fetish contest. Her pus looks like defrosted rotting bacon.

Although shay isn’t the uwu anal princess she thinks she is, I feel like she fits in with all these other pathetic whores who look like they all smell like a heroin squat house.

No. 1127636

I kinda think so too. And whoever it was… they really creeped me out. Genuinely. I got really bad vibes from them.

No. 1127639

my tinfoil is the person googled Shayna's name and Lolcow popped up, they came here and scanned through the threads and wanted to defend her.

I feel like Bratty would've been more preachy like, "Do you guys know how you make her feel? What she's going through?" it came off like someone very new to lolcow.
Bratty isn't new here, I feel like she lurks a lot. Or it could've been someone from her discord.

No. 1127720

looking through her page, it's crazy that the only posts at 1k or over are posts from August or months ago, like she's been retweeting them daily just to get 1k months later.
Shit is sad.

No. 1127725

god these pictures are all so fucking revolting, the least terrible one is that bitch shoving an apple in her ass and that's really saying something. i'm baffled each new day how men can find any of this hot. the bar is literally in hell

No. 1127750

All the way agreed. But it's hilarious to know that none of those other "SWs" would give Shay the time of day anymore. They're out there shovin' apples up their butts, but Shay is too repulsive for them.

No. 1127752

File: 1610310439292.jpeg (197.66 KB, 1229x623, 5768C636-17A1-4909-9740-AFF775…)

Revolting. Also guessing she’s having cinnamon buns again. I do not understand why she doesn’t understand this is why she’s fat.

No. 1127755

because she thinks, "before I ate like this and I didn't gain weight, it must be pills and fupa"

and she cannot take responsblity for anything that she does.

No. 1127763

SA- she's going to go to personal trainer and not change anything about her diet or cut down on smoking or drinking, then wonder why she's not losing any weight.

No. 1127777

Don't click on the profiles. It gets even worse.

Literal prolapse porn. I understand the women doing that to themselves less than the scrotes who wank to it.

No. 1127832

File: 1610317762866.jpeg (158.65 KB, 750x554, B8F95700-E6DE-45CA-95EB-789BC9…)

she retweeted Erin Painter’s art lol

No. 1127839

Cow crossover fucking kek

No. 1127843

literal cow

No. 1127848

oh my gosh, my two fav cows ever collding? jubilation

the way they typed was terrifying. almost sounded like a deranged troon but i feel like it's some older mentally ill fellow sex worker, they also claimed their name was "bethany".

No. 1127875

Anon I missed it and would love to see your footage if you're able to upload!

No. 1127880

You didn’t miss much. Mostly just highlighting how massive she is and how terrible she is at her job with the garbage music, the blurred auto-focus and fake giggling every 2 seconds. And of course a slight sperg about muh 100k tumblr followers.

No. 1127883

Hey so sorry, it’s over 30 min long so I’m still trying to find the best way to upload it

I think I’m gonna have to split it into 3 10 minutes parts because Dropbox won’t let me do the full 30

I’ll try to have it up by the end of today!

No. 1127919

No. 1127929

Hey! She played Depeche mode. It wasn't all garbage music.

No. 1127941

it’s retarded for a cam show lbr

No. 1127942

Isn't rib black and white?

No. 1127948

Thank you Shayna, you just fucking ruined cinnamon buns for me. She's so gross.

No. 1127966

File: 1610325811978.jpeg (1.23 MB, 1242x2368, 1AE6014A-C949-4BD4-B82F-716183…)

Rib is fluffy and grey/white. The white/orange cat Is Fupa’s. Photo posted from a few threads ago. Anon posted picrel that was posted by Fupa of the cat from over a year ago.


No. 1128026

It's super obvious it was Fupa's cat. He made an appearance several times. Who knows if Kyle just dumped him off at shayna's or she's catsitting because they're definitely still together

No. 1128031

Honestly, there’s no way that wasn’t fupa’s cat on cam. Would not even doubt if they lived together.

No. 1128036

Yes I’ve tried those already, one only hosts for 24 hours and the other has a size limit on how much you upload.

No. 1128043

Here’s 1/3
I wasn’t able to start recording until about 20-30 min after it started

No. 1128044

Much appreciated, Farmer Brown. Thank you for doing that.

No. 1128045

If that was Fupa's cat, I wonder why Shayna never used that in her twitter pity parties? "I'm literally taking care of his cat, he's not a good boyfriend or pet owner!!"

No. 1128059

probably because she knew the cat spergs here would have her head

No. 1128068

Slight tinfoil - she probably doesn't want to pay pet rent/pet fees so is trying to avoid the cat being seen.

No. 1128092

i think she isn't currently bringing up the cat because she doesn't like admitting to everyone "yes the guy i CONSTANTLY and repetitively sob and complain about is still, to this day, youvebeenwarned from my skinnier blonder tumblr fame days. yes me and kyle are STILL performing this pathetic song and dance, yes all of my tweets about my "ex" are about him, and i'm still even after hundreds of tweets and "breakups", involved with him and sucking up to him."

No. 1128101

you're absolutely right. we've been knew that RibMeat is not getting the proper care to minimize stress, so mini cat sperg coming in to say there is NO way she has 3 litter boxes in her apartment, which would be the recommended minimum number for two cats

No. 1128103

No. 1128113

She’s pretending like she didn’t out Fupa on Twitter kek
Although it is interesting that the cat is still there.

No. 1128121

when she's not trying to be sexy, she's normal tbh, just an very average (or some would say below average) chick, talking non-sense.

No. 1128128

idk if it's just me but her and her mannerisms remind me a lot of pixielocks, only somehow even more awkward.
>Would not even doubt if they lived together.
that would be the biggest twist of all kek

No. 1128145

File: 1610342987442.jpeg (Spoiler Image,839.29 KB, 1242x1484, 9F62EDBC-A8E6-4D4C-AABF-63F831…)

she’s still in the dark
>in b4 she needs a “lightbulb” daddy

No. 1128149

She's covering her stomach. I noticed during her stream she was covering it a lot too. If she would just lay off the alcohol it wouldn't be nearly as beer gut-y.

No. 1128152

File: 1610344323941.jpeg (176.06 KB, 1242x373, 93EC8720-BE97-4821-9F37-5894DF…)


No. 1128182

honestly you are on crack if you think this girl is ugly. shes completely normal looking lol.

No. 1128186

Could you be more obvious?

No. 1128213

she went from pickme to incel

No. 1128233

I wonder how she stays friends with Bratty and how Bratty does not see shit like this and go, "hmm maybe Shayna isn't the helpless victim"

No. 1128279

They were talking about Pixie, not Shayna

No. 1128304

seconded. she’s completely average yet anons are sperging and acting like she’s a hideous beast

No. 1128341

This isn’t a Pixiebrat thread, literally no one gives a shit about some thot who follows Shay.

No. 1128342

She looks like she’s got some sort of downs or she’s a who from whoville. Average is being nice.

No. 1128367

Anons you don't have to take everything personally; she's ugly, if you feel you look similar that doesn't mean anyone's calling you ugly.

No. 1128388

File: 1610378807133.jpeg (776.25 KB, 1242x1504, 380ED2E4-C182-4937-BD91-4DADA3…)

Our charming princess is awake and radiating positivity this morning. If it don’t apply let it fly, babe. OnlyFans girls are cringe as fuck, the chick she’s quoting isn’t wrong lmao.

No. 1128391

Does Miss "I Literally Hate Sex Workers!" ever read her own Twitter feed?

No. 1128405

File: 1610379697006.jpeg (390.44 KB, 1242x695, 922D3045-CF26-46B2-8598-4B0C5D…)

I thought sex work was competitive shay why tf would they want you to succeed?

No. 1128406

File: 1610379738447.jpeg (222.43 KB, 1242x421, C181D558-6809-41F9-9ACF-A529C0…)

No. 1128409

the $50 a week comment must have really triggered her damn

No. 1128410

What community, you dumb bitch. Hoeing isn’t a monolith. Maybe you’d make friends if you were self aware and less pathetic. It’s like she has no capacity for reflection whatsoever. It’s amazing. She really ticks so many boxes for being an extremely stupid narcissist.

No. 1128415

File: 1610380031427.jpeg (500.33 KB, 1242x1086, 40FCC75F-A88C-418B-BCBA-EC18C1…)

Selling pictures of your snatch isn’t a business you fucking retard

No. 1128418

This is all she posts on twitter.
>sex workers are toxic and jelly of me #flexculture
A few days later:
>I'm sad and jealous send money

No. 1128430

File: 1610380440649.jpeg (858.92 KB, 1242x1662, BDFEF0A1-68CE-491A-B8BF-D80950…)

Lmao her dumbass couldn’t help herself but reply to the tweet directly. She loves to stick her big nose into everything that doesn’t involve her

No. 1128438

Well don’t you know everything is about Shayna all of the time because the entire world revolves around her. Obviously.

No. 1128445

File: 1610381352280.jpeg (808.17 KB, 1242x1558, 583E9850-C5A3-45CF-A647-6DCB6F…)

She’s still sperging kek
She’s trying to go viral for being positive in the SW “community”

No one likes you Shayna Clifford

No. 1128446

File: 1610381433502.jpeg (704.52 KB, 1242x1685, BDF725CA-FC2F-4D1A-A65F-26E8ED…)

No. 1128452

File: 1610381596541.jpeg (766.24 KB, 1242x1347, AA3EB78C-D463-4A54-87B4-79E9E4…)

No. 1128453

File: 1610381672160.jpeg (736.29 KB, 1242x1664, 826F4A6D-23AF-4B87-97BF-E2BBD6…)

I’m losing brain cells reading these two retards argue

No. 1128456

File: 1610381755212.jpeg (780.78 KB, 1242x1715, 7170AB4D-D1AF-440C-93E2-D64BA4…)

No. 1128458

File: 1610381845421.jpeg (670.29 KB, 1242x1149, B24CFAB8-C306-4956-92AD-C3D671…)

>I’m quite chill

No you’re not

No. 1128461

File: 1610382036863.jpeg (232.21 KB, 1242x398, 428A7E69-286A-432D-AE46-8EA4C6…)

>these bitches
Woah Shayna you’re calling sexworkers in the sex worker community a derogatory name. Don’t you want sex workers to respect you?? maybe u should start by not calling sex workers bitches.

No. 1128462

imagine this fat, greasy hog coming at you this hard first thing in the morning. jfc. she must be up early fighting with fupa or something and that tweet touched a nerve on her broke ass.

No. 1128463

File: 1610382076554.jpeg (299.97 KB, 1242x567, 8763639F-07F6-4D05-B4AA-F8CAB7…)

No. 1128465

shes describing herself without realising again lol

No. 1128471

>don't start hurtling insults
>literally just called other SWs "fucking snakes"
Is this brain damage?

No. 1128472

lol this is the same bitch that blows up some rando's twitter DMs when she lightly suggests that concern about trafficking is legitimate

No. 1128478

File: 1610382576294.jpeg (327.81 KB, 1242x564, 3355BA6C-0103-4046-BDC7-3AEBFA…)


No. 1128482


Yep.. the amount of projecting combined with not following her own advice to "just block". But now here she is expecting "bitches" to apologize for hurting her fee fees instead of just "picking her battles".

She needs to limit her time on twitter so she doesn't sperg like this one random SWers whenever she: hates her body, is mad a fupa, is mad at her financial situation, is out of weed, etc.

No. 1128491

Her lack of self-awareness isn't even funny or entertaining anymore, it's boring and annoying. Get a fucking clue, Shayna, your schtick is old.

No. 1128492

File: 1610383404329.jpeg (99.55 KB, 750x432, 2FF00A8F-244C-4C35-BC1A-AEBFF4…)

Why is she like this lol, she’s always trying to pick a fight with other women for no reason. Shayna go see a therapist and stop using people as your punching bag jc

No. 1128494

If things work out with her personal trainer and diet and if she put more effort into her hygiene and outfits she would be above average. The weight gain and lack of showering is what is making her look bad.

No. 1128496

This is seriously so embarrassing lol. She can’t even read that chick’s TL for some context before she flies off the handle in public.

No. 1128497

they’re talking about pixie, retard. shayna didn’t even dress well or shower when she was skinny.

No. 1128500

File: 1610383623794.jpeg (271.9 KB, 1242x615, 32BBEC20-0437-4132-A2CC-9F0B60…)

JFC this is gross. She is such a tryhard. Log offfff.

No. 1128501

lmfao even when she was skinny she was still a crusty rat faced bitch with bad teeth and terrible skin. she needs to make a lot more changes than just working out and showering and probably would have to invest in some cosmetic surgery to fix her fugly face

No. 1128506

File: 1610383816567.jpeg (184.03 KB, 750x1007, E5D9D465-6D00-45AA-A76C-EF8F56…)

Response from the op lol

No. 1128507

File: 1610383845437.jpeg (114.46 KB, 750x609, 4234F83A-CAE6-42DE-9CE0-FBF67B…)


No. 1128512

File: 1610384083358.jpeg (703.61 KB, 1242x1553, 697F4742-A378-414E-873A-F57730…)

This is why your skin looks like shit Shayna. You don’t even look hot with makeup so there isn’t a point in wearing it to the “gym”

No. 1128513

File: 1610384228778.jpg (250.09 KB, 1080x1047, Screenshot_20210111-105715_Twi…)

We all know this isn't going to happen

No. 1128515

Oh lmao my bad. But yes she looked grimy when she was skinny too but if she improved her hygiene she would have been relatively good looking in my opinion. All things she has the power to change with a little willpower, like everything else holding her back in life.

No. 1128520

She’s going to go like 3 times and give up because it takes effort. It’s going to take her at least 6 months of diet and exercise to get her body looking decent again, and I don’t think she’s ever dedicated that much effort towards anything except chasing Fupa

No. 1128535

she's gonna be disappointed when her trainer doesn't magically give her the internal motivation that she's lacking. it's like what she expected Fupa to do when she moved in with him: give her a daily schedule, plan and cook healthy meals for her, give her a bed time, clean up for her, etc.

The trainer is going to expect Shatna to have some follow-through once the novelty wears off. She's gonna quit once she realizes it takes actual effort and dedication, not just mindless rule-following.

No. 1128536

This coming from the same girl who basically says, "Don't talk to me if you have less that 10k followers"
She's made fun of plenty of SWs with low followers and has made fun of their content. But okay, Shay. It's cool if YOU don't admit you're wrong.

No. 1128549

File: 1610386355271.jpeg (340.67 KB, 1242x1813, 7418A6CE-E966-4B38-AA94-B40E5B…)

Sage for no milk but of course dipshit deleted her tweets as soon as she got backlash lol. Classic.

No. 1128550

File: 1610386456996.jpeg (427.7 KB, 1242x1237, 2249C3FB-620B-4616-BC16-C34A3D…)

No. 1128558

surprise! she's going to go the momokun route and go to the gym with makeup on for the sole purpose of taking photos, then take some gross dressing room nudes and go home.

No. 1128559

So where is your apology for dog-piling on another SWer when you misunderstood the context? And even called them bitches. Not her fault you’re a brain dead moron who took it way too personal kek. She has zero things to apologize for.

The irony in this is amazing.

No. 1128563

Topkek, dirty deleting and not apologizing is her pIcKiNg HeR bAtTlEs

No. 1128570

She should really focus on actually doing the workouts

No. 1128579

lol this is just like that one time when she lost her shit over a different camwhore "copying" one of her generic ddlg tweets and then pretended nothing happened a few hours later

No. 1128582

I fucking hate women that do this. Anyone serious about going to a gym to actually work out will not give a fuck about her because they are there to lift weights. They do not want to be exposed to her Hank Hill ass and spider's maw vag bulging out of pair of compression pants while their in the squat rack. Also gyms are generally strict about personal hygiene which means Shaytard will have to shower more than once a week.

No. 1128586

My bet is that she's going to the same gym as Fupa.

No. 1128588

She’s gonna try to “””accidentally””” run into him

No. 1128591

this is just pure virtue signaling at this point. she basically drummed up the issue in the first place just to virtue signal. gross.

No. 1128593

File: 1610389210260.jpeg (224.24 KB, 1242x492, 12410335-090A-4423-B649-AE2A9A…)


No. 1128595

i had the same thought

No. 1128598

she ALWAYS does shit like this when she gets into a little twitterfight. she goes and likes a bunch of virtue signalling tweets to try and seem 'supportive'.

No. 1128603

How much you wanna bet "personal trainer" is code word for "going to the gym with fupa"

No. 1128612

no people treat "sex workers" like shit because they fuel misogyny by doing degenerate shit and let men degrade them for pennies… try again shatna

No. 1128615

File: 1610390672400.jpeg (Spoiler Image,996.29 KB, 1242x1750, 69AB1125-920D-48F9-948B-13FE42…)

No. 1128620

this looks so much like an old picture of her, do you guys remember when she bought all this protein shake shit and workout clothes and did one (1) workout?

No. 1128621

File: 1610390914470.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.94 MB, 3464x3464, 4094F1AC-80F6-4060-8E75-A9274A…)

The only person voting consistently for Shaytard is Jason R Womack from Oklahoma. He is about to be homeless but is still simping for this dumb bitch

No. 1128624

pretty sure this is an old pic unless she shooped herself to look thinner

No. 1128626

File: 1610391097213.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.29 MB, 3464x3464, 94492257-D3CA-403D-966F-34E75C…)

It has to be an old pic I doubt those leggings fit her. For reference this was her a few days ago

No. 1128674

Yes, these are old pictures of her. She's not NEARLY this small anymore. It's obvious. Also, her displaying her Nike shoes and PINK leggings like they're designer brands…

No. 1128677

File: 1610393910800.jpeg (642.21 KB, 828x1765, B5069AFA-00A9-419F-AAC1-9A0E44…)

this picture is so badly shooped.

No. 1128682

Considering she becomes out of breath from simply walking across the room, that trainor is gonna give her 10 jumping jacks and she's just gonna straight up die. I'd hate to be a trainor and hear her struggling for her life with the constant mouth breathing.

No. 1128710

not here to wk at all but let's not act like shay is the biggest person her trainer will have seen. it's literally part of their job to help people like her get in shape.

now…he'll probably get annoyed with her constant complaining. also, i'm saying "he" because we all know shay would never get a female trainer.

No. 1128715

If her personal trainer is a man, I feel sorry for him. He's going to have to stay professional while Shay pulls her usual "I'm a cute, dumb barbie girl" routine and tweets about how she knows he wants to fuck her.

No. 1128722

she acts like she’s totez a bimbo irl but you just know from how she acts on cam that she’s probably super awkward and uncomfortable around men irl kek

No. 1128724

Propel themselves further? Shes acting like this is an actual top tier cutthroat career. Propel themselves where exactly? "Poaching" a few customers or gossiping about another whore isn't gonna change their lives kek. There's no where to go but down in the sex work industry. You can stay afloat, but theres no big CEO position or any "top" besides winning some MV contests and making more money. You can be good at it and make pretty good bank, but majority of these girls are making average or slightly above income and for what? At what cost? It's not a wonderful empowering job like they want to think. Its degrading and bad for your mental health no matter how you look at it.

No. 1128738

Omg ya know, that's a pretty decent tinfoil. Fupa as her personal trainer makes so much more sense and she could afford it. Kek

Oh no, all the feelings that got hurt by this honestly funny and true tweet that had a context!!

No. 1128803

File: 1610400492232.jpg (231.69 KB, 1080x768, Screenshot_20210111-152758_Twi…)

Come through OF anon

No. 1128805

File: 1610400527660.jpg (186.77 KB, 1080x611, Screenshot_20210111-152816_Twi…)

This bitch seriously can't go a day without ordering food. Make a salad at home Shay ffs

No. 1128809

It's exhausting how stupid she is

No. 1128818

Good job eating back all the calories you just burned

No. 1128820

File: 1610402017754.png (46.28 KB, 698x210, Screenshot 2021-01-11 at 2.35.…)

lol and the weight gain cycle will continue. Even if she got a chipotle bowl, they average at about 550 calories. Combine that with her starbucks/pastry for breakfast, daily alchohol and whatever she grubhubs for dinner and she'll still be over her daily calorie intake by quite a bit. Can't wait for a few months from now when she inevitably blames everything but her own lack of impulse control for not being able to lose the weight.

No. 1128831

i’m sure she gets it like fully loaded with rice, sour cream and extra cheese too

No. 1128842

All the heavy mouth breathing while doing the bare minimum of a couple squats and lifting 5lb weights.

No. 1128878

Waiting for her to be like "guis I totally have a huge lesbian crush on my trainer heehee"

No. 1128889

Nothing about post workout sweat is sexy, especially on a fat ham

No. 1128902

File: 1610407035840.jpeg (298.98 KB, 1242x560, 721AC0E3-36E2-4548-B080-9DBC91…)

he’s spending his unemployment checks on Fatty Lardel

No. 1128904

File: 1610407221608.jpeg (560.92 KB, 1242x1682, 54ECA987-DCEC-499A-88C3-B8BBE9…)

No. 1128906

So if when she get to 500 and not doing cumshows, what will her excuse/next goal be?

No. 1128909

Coomers get the rope what a pathetic waste of life

No. 1128917

Seriously. She’s not even doing the 2 or 3 she has listed currently as a weekly incentive. More like one every 2-3 months.

Also notice how she was super gassed up after her first cam show, and pixie told her to take the day off which has now resulted in shay not returning to cam. It’s so funny how her orbiters contribute to her downfall.

No. 1128939

Anon, will you be posting part 3? Thank you for this.

No. 1128941

He's so pathetic. What a waste of taxpayer money…going into the pockets of camwhores.

No. 1128945

>get unemployment payments
>spend it on fat sex workers
He's a walking argument for the reestablishment of the eugenics movement.

No. 1128982

Tinfoil sage but what if one of the factors that contributed to her weight gain was the fact she had protein shakes without putting in the effort? Those things make you balloon like crazy if not taken properly. I know it's probably her other diet choices as well… Revisited some of the old threads for nostalgia and she was still on the decent side until she posted she was taking protein to make her ass bigger

No. 1128992

Idk what kind of protein shakes you’re drinking anon, but most protein powders are only 120-150 calories per serving. She could drink 10 of them a day and be fine. protein shakes don’t make you gain weight unless they’re specifically weight gain shakes.

No. 1128996

god, how depressing to think that this is now the average american male

No. 1128997

Samefag here, I don't drink shakes, but was reading the 40th board. If you scroll a bit everyone was speculating she would balloon from taking them. With snacks combined it probably was a lethal combination?

No. 1129001

she’s not drinking those shakes on a whim lol most of them taste like ass

No. 1129030

There are actual weight gain shakes that are 1400+ calories per serving. People usually drink them to “bulk up” and gain weight quickly. But you have to be seriously working out for those to do what you want them to do. I don’t think shay was just drinking mass-gain shakes. She’s just a lazy whore who doesn’t know how to cook.

No. 1129034

This. Even on a fit, attractive girl this isn't hot.

No. 1129042

File: 1610416966942.jpg (330.41 KB, 1079x1817, Screenshot_20210111-200202_Spo…)

Her Spotify used to be called "rats head" or something like that, and she now changed it

No. 1129049

Dear god, what an absolute tard.
Is tipping sex workers like gambling or something? An addiction.. to crappy porn?

No. 1129055

Shakes are for people who want to build mass and muscle. Like body building not for fatties

No. 1129087

They were talking about the creatine she bought, which makes you gain water weight, but only a small amount. Neither the protein nor the creatine would cause her to gain 50+ pounds in a year, and regardless, she doesn't use them. I don't even think she owns a blender.

TL;DR your tinfoil is retarded.

No. 1129109

Yeah I’m pretty sure she’s just fat because she refuses to exercise, won’t cook at home, and drinks a metric fuck ton. She is extraordinarily lazy.

No. 1129116

File: 1610424511351.jpeg (859.89 KB, 1242x1808, 7BF4C91D-9DDB-467A-B96C-9E0401…)

not Shay specific info, but the sw she got into an argument with proceeded to ‘need a break,’ all over an internet argument kek(not milk)

No. 1129122

you're right, this is off topic and doesn't contribute anything to the thread. she doesn't say anything about shatna at any point.

No. 1129124

File: 1610425003082.jpeg (965.96 KB, 3464x3464, C10D8E8F-7955-4C0C-AC20-9C303D…)

Jason R Womack has to be the ugliest most braindead scrote I’ve ever witnessed. He always retweets and likes everything Shayna likes. Like what is the point of retweeting this? And why does he comment under the retweet and comment as if Shayna is the one who posted it. God damn this boomer-coomer is so retarded, I hope he goes homeless

No. 1129130

this girl probably read the threads and was like I need to quit before this happens to me lmaooo
If only shay would

No. 1129139

Yeah Shay was just trying to go off because she's a bitch, but honestly all of these camwhore/OF sluts are stupid af. They're just like Shay, only differing slightly.

No. 1129203

File: 1610435931964.jpg (Spoiler Image,188.63 KB, 1078x609, Screenshot_20210112-021805_Twi…)

Genuinely nauseating

No. 1129204

File: 1610435980071.jpg (Spoiler Image,208.72 KB, 1078x607, SmartSelect_20210112-021736_Tw…)

No. 1129206

looks like a roll of uncooked biscuits

No. 1129208

Daddy's lil porpoise~

No. 1129214

D6ddy’s dolphin

No. 1129216

Just got that the backwards 'a' is supposed to mimic a child's handwriting. Genuinely grossed out now.

No. 1129219

Since she posted old photos… who wants to bet she didn’t actually even go

No. 1129232

Here's me thinking "wtf is D6?"

No. 1129275

Did she ever post her sweaty striptease? Or did she realize how unsexy it is when your leggings stick to your thighs and roll down kek

No. 1129284

Degenerates like this should be blocked from retweeting cute things like this.

No. 1129287

File: 1610458371841.jpg (144.26 KB, 750x750, castle-panic-white-die-d6.jpg)

Roll higher than a 14 to resist Shays seduction.

No. 1129293

File: 1610458908806.jpeg (1.21 MB, 3464x3464, 42D8DB5A-6C0E-448C-AA32-5D4E59…)

Jason R Womack liked Erin/Nina’s tweet because Shaytard retweeted it lmao. Also I hope the government sees this scrote’s card statements and cuts him off financially. Imagine using unemployment money to vote for a fat ugly bitch to win anal star of the year.

No. 1129305

Doesnt this motherfucker have children? Hes beyond fucked up if hes spending his unemployment on whores if that's the case.

No. 1129360


that looks painful and revolting. boil saga 2: electric boogaloo incoming

No. 1129363


The pink gaming headset and keyboard, when we all damn well know she doesn't game with a keyboard and mouse when she logs onto apex and plays a game or two every couple months.

No. 1129399

What’s the deal with ugly women trying to push their ugly bodies unto people like this??? This is abhorrent and also the childish writing …

No. 1129412

skin tags on a dolphin nose, sad!

No. 1129433

File: 1610468079466.jpg (546.57 KB, 1080x1868, Screenshot_20210112-084851_Twi…)

This dude just doesn't quit

No. 1129469

Damn. Times have gotten rough for the pillsbury dough boy to take this side gig

No. 1129476

>>1129469 fucking kek anon

No. 1129490

why is he doing this? is shay giving nudes for publicity?

No. 1129506

he thinks he has a chance, it'll be interesting to see if his simping continues if she really does move away or if he'll find some other local camwhore to dedicate his life to

No. 1129515

yep. she's just homely and desperate enough to make him feel like she's in his league, kek.

No. 1129528

File: 1610476091536.jpg (277.04 KB, 1069x1125, 20210112_102744.jpg)

After her complaining shes too tired

No. 1129531

File: 1610476249904.jpeg (1.27 MB, 3464x3464, DE09239F-60C4-4D71-B911-61DC54…)

He’s fucking weird

No. 1129533

Oh my god bitch what did you think would happen? Of course it's going to hurt, but you do it anyway til it doesn't anymore. She literally cannot face 1 measly moment of discomfort without wanting to give up.

No. 1129535

scrotes who lack self awareness are awful.

No. 1129543

File: 1610477106489.jpeg (176.9 KB, 1175x786, D3498A02-1927-417D-8634-1C0D3C…)

Imagine being so stupid that you put your legal name on your coomer accounts and a picture of your retarded face that’s all attached to the degenerate porn you watch and coom to… embarrassing

No. 1129562

Isn't he married? If not I think he gave up on all hope of ever meeting an woman, i would'nt be surpised if after he gets bored of shayna (or shayna stop paying attention to him) he'll move on to simping troons.
Lowkey, he might actually find a troon to shack up with him.
I kind of feel like if Womack just skin walked fupa, he'd have a chance with Shayna..

No. 1129569

File: 1610478451055.jpg (545.53 KB, 1080x1843, Screenshot_20210112-130715_Twi…)

More takeout and more cringy commentary from Shayna's #1 fan

No. 1129590

Its unlike Shay to stick to anything positive, so I doubt she will last long enough to see results because it's going to take a month just to get into the routine and her body adjust to it, then months more to see results. A lot of people give up on diets and excercise because of that and the commitment. But I guess good on her if she does. But she did this same thing with therapy and shit then dropped the hype of it and barely talked to her therapist last year. Shes done this with diets many times.

Btw, gym anons, how much is the cheapest personal trainer and what does it entail? Because unless her parents are paying for it, that's another reason I dont think shes gonna stick with it kek half the month shes broke and the other half she blows it on takeout, weed, and booze.

No. 1129597

Cue the Chipotle every day because that's what Shay considers dieting. Featuring sushi.

Better than burgers and whatever other garbage she usually eats, but meal prep and specific food choices go much further. Also, she never understands she needs to cut back and then off of booze especially, but also weed will help her get off her fat ass and not have munchies.

No. 1129598

Calorie limits, certain foods, and portion control combined with excercise is key. Routine, schedules. Something Shay is terrible at even to make money.

No. 1129601

Shayna throws money at shit expecting it to fix everything. Just like her relationship with Fupa, she literally thought he'd be like her dad and take care of her and care no matter what. All she brought to the table was pussy and in her head "being attractive". Everyone else is supposed to do all the work. She wants quick fixes but puts in the bare minimum. She's going to work out two times a week and not change anything else about her lifestyle. She could at least walk Noodle longer or something. She does nothing all day.

No. 1129604

If I remember right, it was like 60-80 per SESSION if you signed up for x amount of sessions per month, the more the cheaper. I don't think they dipped below 40 and that's being generous. I don't go to PF, but I don't go anywhere high end by any means either. I will say the initial consultation/session is always free at the different gyms I've been to, so that's probably what Shay did, and she'll never go back kek.

No. 1129610

File: 1610480745247.jpeg (483.48 KB, 750x1244, 3E4E3E9C-88B2-4B9F-A1AB-52A231…)

if she’s going to planet fitness then it’s free. she’s most likely doing a group session tho or just having an employee show her how to use the machines.


No. 1129626

TOPKEK I love how she makes it sound more expensive and exclusive than it actually is. She is trying to act like she’s in a private gym with a professional workout trainer, when she’s really just in a public gym taking free training classes.

No. 1129633

I mean we don't actually know what gym she goes to, (I don't think?) or if she'll go regularly.

No. 1129634


Even noodle looks like she’s judging what she eats

No. 1129636

She can’t afford an actual personal trainer. She’s not rich, anon. She lives in hicktown Oklahoma. Planet Fitness is an affordable gym. No hate on it but she tries to sound more classy and wealthy than she actually is. It’s real sad

No. 1129638

File: 1610484066959.jpeg (Spoiler Image,962.57 KB, 1242x1671, AAD4B025-4652-4E63-9020-959161…)

No. 1129640

File: 1610484122295.jpeg (Spoiler Image,460.04 KB, 2048x2048, 3ABB96F7-925E-422B-8E33-7F9719…)

thousand yard stare

No. 1129642

File: 1610484167063.jpeg (Spoiler Image,455.41 KB, 2048x2047, 998F5AE6-6C46-4BED-8DF2-EDABEA…)

I’m laughing so hard she’s so ugly in these jfc

No. 1129644

i‘m trying really hard not to tit sperg but it‘s starting to look like an actual disease kek

No. 1129645

I know that having asymmetric boobs is completely normal but fuck, her right tit is a good 2+ cups bigger. Just looks weird af on her blobby body.

No. 1129648

File: 1610484353161.jpeg (31.52 KB, 469x241, B4DDBBDA-3E90-4DA0-A91C-E5A09C…)

She doesn’t have a chin anymore.
Rip Shayna’s chin

No. 1129650

her left tit gets droopier every week. Has she mentioned going in for a mammogram or doctor exam? It's most likely just normal asymmetry but I had a doctor tell me once that women with a sudden change in breast symmetry could be at risk for cancer. Sage for medfagging.

No. 1129651

the gym pics she posted like a year and a half ago were PF

No. 1129653

why is she doing the cat paw/lick thing if she’s playing a dog? like damn you can’t even get that down?

No. 1129657

Why does she do this face that accentuates the fact she has no lips at all? Shayna your lips are so thin you literally look like :o

No. 1129658

she’s 22, she doesn’t need a mammogram lmfao y’all can be super retarded sometimes

No. 1129659

Tinfoil : she didn’t go to the gym at all. Or else she’d post mirror pictures again. Because that’s how Shayna is. She’s just a lazy piece of shit and probably lied so she could get attention and another “day off”

No. 1129660

she thinks it’s cute and pouty. but it’s really not when you have crusty white girl lips.

No. 1129662

She’s not 22. Wtf

No. 1129665

I deleted that spergy post, but yeah her tits look different every time we see them, but never this bad.
and how many times she going to do this doggy shit? At least get different colors or something.

No. 1129666

she's 23, whats "wtf" about that?

No. 1129670

She looks 30. And shes fat. She obviously doesn’t have breast cancer but cancer doesn’t have an age limit it can start in your 20s. Don’t get your panties in a twist anons aren’t serious all the time.

No. 1129676

lmao i was literally just saying that because i thought her age was common knowledge

No. 1129685

Why is his comment so wholesome. I feel really sad for him tbh

No. 1129689

Tits actually look like each belongs to a diff person, I can’t deny the fake titty tinfoil anymore kek

No. 1129694

Oh nyooo he sounds exactly every single reddit dog-loving coomer, why don’t you take him home and keep him safe and give him little kisses

No. 1129702

yes but unless you have symptoms like lumps or very close family history, you don’t get mammograms that young. it just doesn’t happen lol

No. 1129704

…. you’re kidding right. He’s a disgusting piece of shit who needs to pay attention to his wife and small children instead of simping for fat ugly whores.

No. 1129709

Yeah, but honestly it's very Shaytard like to spin something mundane, normal, and stupid into something way more than it is. So I wouldnt be surprised if she just did the free consultation thing where their job is to be really nice and helpful and give you confidence and motivation so that you'll want to pay for sessions and gym membership and she thought the lady actually liked her and was gassing her up because Shay is just so great. Y'all know that's how she is.

No. 1129711

Kek good point. She's so dumb and boring.

No. 1129712

Plenty people get cancers at young ages, stfu

No. 1129713

I don’t think there’s a problem with her tit but god, please anon, do not say that 22 y/o don’t need mammograms! If there’s signs of breast cancer at any age then go get that checked!

No. 1129715

No. His comment is actually creepy because hes making it sound like he has met or knows Noodle imo. Hes almost literally an inbred hick. A coomer with a porn addiction who says really weird shit that Shay should block him for, but cant because hes her #1 simp money provider rn.

No. 1129722

Ayrt, thank you! I've lurked but didn't particularly remember, which is why I said, "I don't think". Thanks for the links too.

No. 1129727

im honestly surpised we didn't get a bathroom showing her tits and ass photo from her outting at the gym.
Maybe next time.

No. 1129728

File: 1610487487738.jpeg (634.94 KB, 1242x997, DFF35420-7A41-4CCB-8352-B23DC8…)

I wonder if she’s begging him to say these things kek

No. 1129729

visible veins aren’t a sign of breast cancer. tit anons are just as retarded as her I stg.

No. 1129731

Damn, all of his unemployment money couldn't get her ugly ass out of 12th place still. Gummy worm chick is even ahead of her kek

No. 1129733

it's probably apart of some cringe "Sugar daddy contract" or some shit, I would'nt be surpised if he was paying to text with Shayna and she gave him all these rules.
That fact this man does not even have a job or a place to stay and he's spending on SHAYNA is crazy. You can tell it makes her feel good, but it's fucking wormack.
He's a loser.

No. 1129734

I mean after her "inpatient" stunt that lacked solid proof, I feel like she could pretend shes going to the gym. She's a really pathological liar. I mean she even used old pictures when she said she was heading there lol. OF anon didnt post the sweaty post gym vid but she could have just squeezed into the leggings and worked up a sweat just setting up for the clip kek.

No. 1129738

File: 1610488471745.jpg (205.24 KB, 1067x655, SmartSelect_20210112-165400_Tw…)

Lol this dude is so pathetic

No. 1129739

Sounds exactly like the shit Shayna says after Fupa tells her to fuck off kek

No. 1129743

This hillbilly look like such a joke. I swear I saw him in the Tiger king documentary. Of course he’s one of the only customer Shayna has kek. They are perfect for each other!

No. 1129744

My dude, you got a WIFE and KIDS. Maybe if you paid more attention and nurtured them instead of blowing money and stalking some ugly twitter whore half your age your life wouldn't be such shit.

Shayna certainly has a type. And it's not "old men uwu" it's creepy, borderline nonce, dead beat dad's with failed marriages and low IQs.

No. 1129745

Sometimes i think Shayna is Womack. This must be why he simps so hard for Shayna, he actually thinks he has a chance. It's actually embarrassing that a man like this would think he has a chance with you.

No. 1129746

I wonder if he will ever get desperate enough to approach Shaytard IRL?

No. 1129753

File: 1610489379032.jpeg (900.95 KB, 1242x1584, CBA064EB-00FA-4365-8FBB-3DA943…)

Jason R Womack probably got her this kek

No. 1129757

sage for dumb shit, but that looks like the electric brush thing that used to come with proactive

No. 1129758

Older men who have standards and aren’t pieces of shit don’t date women as young as Shayna. The youngest they would date is probably late twenty’s- early thirties. A quality man wouldn’t be attracted to a retarded smelly fat bitch who complains all the time. I really don’t get why Shayna thinks she’s so ~uwu quirky and different~ for liking old men.The old men she attracts are retarded inbred hillbilly country-bumpkins who use their welfare/unemployment on camsite tokens.

No. 1129759

for a second I thought it was a facial brush and I was thinking to myself “wow she’s finally taking care of her skin” sigh it’s just a sex toy that won’t be washed and only used once because she only likes fucking herself with a crusty dildo and using a dirty unwashed pink vibrator

No. 1129761

He probably did and shes never gonna use it. I think him or some other idiot bought her that clit tickler with the tongue thing and she did all of one single OF clip with it right after she got it. Shay only uses that gigantic pink wand, generic dildo, and glass buttplugs. Because she has no intention of pleasuring herself, having fun, or actually orgasming. It's just to make her low quality, boring content.

No. 1129763

I mean I don't see the point. He has no followersapart from porn bots and sex workers just hoping his dumbass to follow back as a potential customer.

He's preaching to a brick wall.

No. 1129766

Retards do that. It's hilarious to see people with all of 20 followers talk as if they have an audience or any impact on the world whatsoever. Or like anyone cares about their pathetic personal lives. Cough Shay posting her complaints on her SW account cough.

No. 1129799

Have or had, though? He seems legitimately lonely and pathetic and talks about living with a roommate or dude or something.

No. 1129802

what’s extra funny is that it’s the knockoff asian version and not the real one

No. 1129807

On his Facebook he doesn’t mention being married but this one chick has her and Womack as her profile picture. And on her cover photo she has a picture of Womack with two small children. And her relationship status says “it’s complicated” I don’t know but Jason R Womack is a fucking retard I was able to find his Facebook. All his friends and family could easily find his coomer Twitter accounts. Boomers are so stupid

No. 1129817

Omg that tit is sagging off of her body like it’s an egg yolk nailed to the wall. It droops further and further with every new photo, fucking amazing!

No. 1129823

some pictures it looks fine, i have no idea why sometimes it looks so horrible.

No. 1129824

some pictures are better posed or edited

No. 1129847

nobody was talking about the veins, sperg.

No. 1129855

Is her page active? If it is then yeah, he’s fucking gross and weird, and she is too for sure kek. Absolute white trash retards, Shayna included.

No. 1129886

Id probably stop doing sex work and contemplate my life choices if I was in an anal contest and LOST to a moldy girl with gummy worms up her ass.

No. 1129892

File: 1610498075342.jpg (Spoiler Image,265.04 KB, 1080x1376, Screenshot_20210112_193311.jpg)

She really filmed this with a hole in her sock.

No. 1129893

File: 1610498101215.jpg (Spoiler Image,227.96 KB, 1080x1344, Screenshot_20210112_193349.jpg)

No. 1129894

File: 1610498152638.jpg (Spoiler Image,229.74 KB, 1080x1721, Screenshot_20210112_193327.jpg)

No. 1129896

I would be embarrassed to wear a sports bra with that gut. She needs to just put on a tshirt fuck

No. 1129898

do you not see the rock hard tit and the melting tit?

No. 1129902

Holy shit she has so many rolls.

No. 1129904

File: 1610498584612.gif (504.52 KB, 499x312, 25816a2ab567deef9ed9a1a88319b6…)

No. 1129906

NOT a Chipotle takeout container.
Saged for nitpick

No. 1129910

File: 1610498795926.png (818.27 KB, 1006x1184, Screenshot 2021-01-13 at 00.44…)

Jason is a piece of shit(derailing)

No. 1129911

File: 1610498968110.png (1.06 MB, 800x1132, Screenshot 2021-01-13 at 00.48…)

Love a deadbeat dad with a girlfriend, maybe even a wife that tweets how lonely is to his sw followers and stalks a fat retard aka shayna

No. 1129914

Anons said not to post his wife even if censored because I did but deleted them. Jason R Womack is a piece of shit and a dead beat

No. 1129916

I hope his wife finds it, i feel sorry for her

No. 1129918

Wouldn’t that be cow tipping?

No. 1129921

File: 1610499353001.jpg (523.81 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20210112-195259_Fac…)

An ironic repost on Jason's fb

No. 1129923

I mean i hope she somehow stumbles across it, not sure how she would though. she doesnt deserve to be with a scrote like him, if only she knew how gross he was

No. 1129927

File: 1610499489382.jpg (272.25 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20210112-195454_Fac…)

this is a 5 year relationship.(derailing)

No. 1129929

okay who fucking cares about this old coomer though? last i checked this wasn’t the womack thread, we don’t need his whole life story.

No. 1129931

this is getting fucking weird, is this the jason womack thread? you retards are obsessed with this dude and his cock.

No. 1129932

then what else are they referring to as “visible signs of breast cancer” dumbass? are saggy titties now a sign of breast cancer?

No. 1129934

KEK those rolls omg

No. 1129938

you can’t tell how her tits feel from a pic, or even from a video. asymmetrical breasts are really, really common. she also clearly edits the veins in her tits to make them stand out more because she loves that lolcow attention.

it’s literally nothing but a regular boring pair of tits on an autistic cow who thinks it’s amusing to make her veins stand out even more. and you anons always fall for the bait. pretty pathetic that you allow a retard like shayna to bait you so easily.

No. 1129939

I mean he is the main source of Shayna’s income so I would think it’s relevant plus he’s mentally retarded and has become a meme at this point. If you are that bothered I’d suggest reading a different thread.(derailing)

No. 1129949

Its probably worse then, since she wouldnt say or show it kek. Probably chicken tenders and fries knowing her.

No. 1129950

They're probably the couple Shay says watches her porn together or some shit. I dont get why anons WK for her or even Fupas ex. You dont know them, but clearly they have gross taste in men and are probably gross idiotic losers themselves. Just because you assume they arent as bad as Shay, doesnt make them wholesome great women.

No. 1129956

It’s still fucking embarrassing to have your husband/boyfriendwhatever comment with his legal name creepy shit under fat ugly internet hookers like Shayna.

No. 1129958

~muh attention to detail~ kek

No. 1129959

Since he uses his full name, I'm sure she's seen it. So if she doesnt tell him to stop being a gross retard or dump him, then she's ok with it clearly.

No. 1129966

File: 1610502413666.jpeg (Spoiler Image,995.26 KB, 1242x1794, 297DFC73-7D42-4830-8984-70CE3D…)

I’m looking at a fat retard

No. 1129968

i wonder who took this picture? Makes me wonder if Fupa was really her "personal trainer".
anyway the picture isn't that bad, looks better then the other shit she's putting out.

No. 1129969

It’s called a tripod

No. 1129970


Honestly Im curious if she’s doing a fiverr type online personal trainer? What with covid. But she did talk about wanting to look cute at the gym so who knows.

No. 1129973

i doubt she even knows what fiverr is

No. 1129976


I think this why he’s simping and promoting her so hard because he cant pay her right now cause he’s waiting on his unemployment to come in (lol) so he’s sucking up cause he’s a creepy weirdo.(derailing)

No. 1129984

Yeah, she looks decent when her stomach is hidden.

No. 1129988

File: 1610504532949.jpeg (Spoiler Image,242.15 KB, 618x678, C22F28A7-727B-4D4C-89BA-6E04C0…)

No. 1130018

this isn’t the jason womack thread. if he’s not fucking her or directly in her life, why the fuck should we care? it’s gross how much you scrotes are obsessed with him. go circle jerk to his pics or something.

No. 1130021

lol at least she’s finally covering that gunt

No. 1130029

Jesus her tits in that video. It looks like one has paralysis and the other is super saggy

No. 1130030

File: 1610507933087.gif (Spoiler Image,1.76 MB, 364x268, F4FF643A-6097-4B76-8A05-CCB543…)

she even waves like a retarded child. is this her brand now? the retarded downsy fat kid who will take her pants off for attention?

No. 1130032

if you look at most of her pics you’ll notice she also favors her right side and tends to slouch/drop her left shoulder in most pics, I think that adds to the droopy effect as well.

No. 1130033

No. 1130036

what was the point of this vid? how is taking out a ponytail sexy? she confuses me more and more each time she posts.

No. 1130042

i’m sat here thinking the exact same thing. like, okay… you took your greasy hair down?

No. 1130056

I wouldn’t put it past her. She has a cycle of going through yet another “breakup” with him and whining about it 24/7. As soon as she stops doing that it means he’s back to getting his dick wet. When she posts pics like that it’s sort of suspicious that it could be him.

No. 1130069

Some of you are seriously fucking stupid. She’s using a tripod.

No. 1130078

….. the extreme unevenness, try to keep up. i'm not saying i agree/think she has cancer but your inability to read or keep up is annoying and you keep losing your temper over it kek.

No. 1130080

i feel really bad for you if your tits are as "regular and boring" as shayna's new, current situation she has going on..

No. 1130087

i don't know if women realize this is like 99.99999% of men lmao

some are less ugly at least

No. 1130132

Nitpick but her lunch lady arms are so ghastly. Imagine being under 30 with upper arms that flop out further than your shoulders and a stomach that droops out further than your ass. How unfortunate.

No. 1130165

Not even under 30, imagine under 25
In under a year
In fucking sane
Seconded, I wasn't involved in that convo at all but your post encompasses perfectly my internal monologue as I read that anon's posts kek

No. 1130190


No. 1130253

Him posting that unironically is fucking funny lol

No. 1130262

It's a common term on lolcow, lurk moar

No. 1130269

scrote isn't another word for farmers, which is how that dumbass anon used it lol

No. 1130343

True, I misread

No. 1130347

They sound like a cow, assuming we are all blokes circle jerking over how much we want to hate fuck shayna or something. Retard

No. 1130350

File: 1610553650253.jpg (155.8 KB, 1028x641, 20210113_090025.jpg)

Hot takes from a dipshit

No. 1130354

Shayna: stop glorifying abuse! I didn't realize how AWFUL it is until I was aboosed myself! stop, women are evil for glorifying abuse

also Shayna: uwu stop kinkshaming me for glorifying abuse, women are evil but not ME, I'm the victim and also the only one allowed to gatekeep

No. 1130356

what a bizzarre hill to die on

No. 1130358

Seethe more.

No. 1130359


She acts like she has enough followers/interaction to afford to tell people to unfollow lel.

No. 1130364

File: 1610554697747.jpeg (922.35 KB, 1242x1836, 106DFD8F-24A7-4DA9-B7BB-E3E463…)

Goddamn these bitches are so ugly it’s crazy

No. 1130370

File: 1610555166595.gif (8.24 MB, 440x332, 4BEDC28B-C047-4E07-87B1-915E20…)

What the fuck is she doing why does she do her eyes like that is she trying to be ~quirky and uwu~ like bellend dolphin
She just ends up looking special needs. Also her nose keeps growing doesn’t it probably from all the lies she’s told

No. 1130372

what i find so dumb about this is Shayna has no kinks, none of the shit she does, as disgusting as it is, she likes. She does it for attention and money.
So she's defending this shit just to defend herself and to join the conversation.
Her scary ass even censored Bella's name so no one would come across her dead twitter to disagree with her.

No. 1130373

When does shayna ever give warnings for her disgusting content? Once again preaching when she does the exact opposite. It's also wild how pixie doesnt ever call shay out for literally wearing children's clothing in her ddlg crap.

No. 1130383

File: 1610555853366.jpg (245.28 KB, 1080x1454, Screenshot_20201215-182010_Twi…)


But you talked about all the problems you had with it though Shayna? So that was all a lie?

No. 1130384

File: 1610555903644.jpeg (430.6 KB, 1242x1068, 0378120E-A39C-4AA2-B271-08938D…)

No. 1130386

Look at this fresh batch of bullshit.

No. 1130390

I'd also like to point out how she said those things give her bad ptsd, but she's talked about all those things before or shared porn showing all those things.
but because at the time she was mad at Fupa, suddenly she views kinks differently and it triggers her?

No. 1130394

these pick-me bitches who love to pretend 'kinkshaming' is a literal form of oppression and bullying are fucking insane. sorry normal people acknowledge the fact you're a mentally ill freak for getting off thinking about rape, shartna, but it's not the hate crime you're making it out to be

No. 1130399

they were talking about the weird obsession with jason womack and what he jerks to on this thread.

No. 1130421

tbh he’s such a specimen I get the fascination, but agree we don’t need to clog the thread with it.

No. 1130538

Didn't she say she was going to the gym today? Wonder if she went.

No. 1130565

Imagine if her “gym” was just her dressing up and running down the apartment building stairs a few times to get ~sweaty~ and out of breath then comes home and records herself peeling her clothes off

No. 1130601

I mean that would be more effort than she puts into walking her dog. And is better than her doing nothing.

No. 1130609

Shayna, it's weird and creepy to cosplay and LARP a very real thing that happens to soo many women. The cognitive dissonance with this bitch is real.

No. 1130613

We will definitely hear about it if she did. She has to announce everything in her mundane life. If she doesn’t mention it, she didn’t go. Or she will make up a story about going that is clearly a massive lie.
>inb4 some story about her being the center of attention and everyone clapped.

No. 1130664

File: 1610574204014.jpeg (749.86 KB, 1242x1270, C62D50B8-706B-4B2A-8F3E-7A6883…)

The only tweets she’s made was on bellend dolphins rape video besides retweeting her shitty old content. She’s still defending bellends horrid tacky outfit. Shaytard is such a liar “I don’t follow her or know anything about her” when she had been larping as an gamer e-girl in anime school girl outfits making ahegao faces

No. 1130666

File: 1610574411383.jpeg (915.61 KB, 3464x3464, 45371B0C-EBD2-4499-95C9-CFCE2C…)

Isn’t Shayna embarrassed that this ugly retard interacting with every tweet she retweets and tweets? It looks like he’s her boyfriend or something. Topkek

No. 1130669

>someone more successful than me is incorrectly making porn
The salt is real.

No. 1130671

Isn’t that indigo bitch a trumpie and a bellend skin walker? I thought Shayna was ~anti trump uwu~

No. 1130687

File: 1610575471253.png (36.25 KB, 594x303, djdj.PNG)

what a liar, she made this tweet earlier talking about their being so much shit that Bella has done wrong, but now she doesn't follow her or know much about her?

No. 1130689

>>1130383 God damn, does this bitch ever get tired of talking out both sides of her mouth? Pick a fucking lane.

Like, it'd be one thing if she was genuinely coming to this realization on her own, but her constant waffling between MRA shit and >>1130384 is enough to give anyone whiplash. Stop fucking preaching until you can abide by your own bullshit, Shaytard. I think she's slooooowly starting to see some things as they are, but she's incapable of seeing herself as she really is so none of this fake personal growth ends up lasting.

No. 1130691

yeah she's a trump supporter, I think she voted for him too and said so on her twitter.

No. 1130694

These stupid twitter whores just need to shut up. Belle Delphine is annoying and shit, but she really doesnt care about people not liking her obviously. Shes resorted to actual porn now, so shes just like the rest of these skanks shilling their pussies on OF, except shes more popular and not just a nobody like Shay. These bitches are just projecting and trying to add their 2 cents for piggy back attention.

No. 1130698

KEK washed up tumblr whores are so fuckiiing bitter that Belle is “appropriating” their edgelord content and getting hella attention. 2015 Shayna truly thought she’d be where Belle is today.

No. 1130705

Agreed. They are all the exact same. Shayna didn’t put trigger warnings on her rape fantasy retweets, Indigo White is just mad because Bellend came back from the dead. At least bellend made her “own image” even though it was copying other girls. But the cat ears, pink wig, dva cosplay and elf ears are now associated to Belle. Indigo is just mad she’s another skinwalker who will never be as popular and mainstream.

No. 1130724

Oh she’s most definitely embarassed, even shayna has a higher emotional intelligence level than womack (which is NOT saying much lmao) but he’s one of her three orbiters and gives her money so she can’t bring herself to block him.

No. 1130743

File: 1610577665015.jpg (370.4 KB, 1080x1215, Screenshot_20210113-173954_Twi…)

ah so this all must have happened in the last 2 months for her to change her opinion now, is that what shes trying to say? are we supposed to feel bad for the kiddie porn larper?

No. 1130793

geez, remember back just around this time last year she was taking pics of her posing with and eating cheeseburgers and stuff acting like it was so cute and quirky? I bet she looks back on those now with regret, kek.

No. 1130819

File: 1610581234862.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.45 MB, 1242x1595, 059F7C3E-A731-42AE-885F-77352E…)

Yes. Lmaoo she was still ugly and rodent-like. I don’t think Barbie would eat cheemsburgers everyday and smoke weed

No. 1130828

File: 1610581579132.jpeg (1.06 MB, 3464x3464, BCF87DE5-65A8-46FA-9611-16940D…)

Buy some new clothes Shayna JFC that white tank is all stretched out from your fat ass squeezing into it and yellowed from your B.O.

No. 1130838

File: 1610581916198.jpeg (1.35 MB, 3464x3464, 26BDDC7C-0ED2-4D15-AAC5-22778A…)

Jason R. Womack is the only reason why Shayna is ahead of the bitch with gummy worms up her asshole. Kek. He’s the only one voting for her ugly-ass. Even gray haired retirement home hasn’t voted for her but that’s probably because he’s too retarded and old to figure it out. The unemployment checks won’t get Shayna to number 1, dumbass. You’re just wasting your money. Shayna is still in 11th place.

No. 1130844


tinfoil that the plastic looking dick from the duct pictures actually was a fupa or womback and something went wrong that she regrets

No. 1130849

File: 1610582300490.jpeg (294.25 KB, 1206x960, 07F757CB-DBB9-4099-AAA7-CD1A47…)

No. 1130864

Stop reading it weirdo.

No. 1130876

lol she's seething. she wouldn't be saying this if the article she's talking about were uncritically positive about sex work

No. 1130877

i know anons are obsessed with the womack tinfoil but if anyone, it was fupa. she was literally just crying about him again the other day.

No. 1130878

yeah, i've never liked her face

No. 1130885

It’s a cultural phenomenon and they are a newspaper, shay.

No. 1130886

nooo don't critically analyze sex work's contribution to the exploration of women you're so sexy aha

No. 1130893

>t.an illiterate bitch

No. 1130911


Lold hard anon

No. 1130926

I know weren't not supposed to obsess about her titties but that does not look normal. That veiny boob looks hard and painful. It doesn't even move. She needs to get that thing looked at asap.(titsperging)

No. 1130928


If you know, stop posting about it. It's been discussed to death.


This is the shit that really aggravates me about Shayna. It's like, if you really read her responses, she's not at all saying "Oh this is something we probably need to chill on." No, she's really more outraged at the response to Delphine than anything. OH THEYRE KINKSHAMING, it's like. If everything you say is gonna contradict yourself every five minutes, just don't tweet about shit at all. The fact that her "fans"/orbiters are literally watching her be a hypocrite, literally less than a month apart tweet-wise is just.. making me ill. It's like they all share one singular brain cell and somehow she's still the dumbest one.

No. 1130931

She has literally tripled in size and is showing no signs of stopping. Chasing her “workout” with caloric takeout

No. 1130954

If she replicated these photos today it would look like feeder porn

No. 1130957

Cute like she wasn't just complaining about how you can't trust people who are involved in kink earlier. Sweetie, you don't want ANYONE to do ANY of this to you. You just want to sound fucking edgy. I don't understand her…

No. 1130991

Damn, cant believe its almost been a week since she last got on cam, when she was only suppose to take one day off.

No. 1131036

File: 1610595772229.jpeg (1020.2 KB, 3464x3464, A2206366-3107-49C0-82B9-E07EFE…)

Shaytard most likely got self conscious about her lard filled body. I doubt she even did a consistent diet and exercise plan this week. She probably only went to the gym once and got chipotle after. probably hasn’t moved from her bed.

No. 1131072

can you please stop posting this same cap over and over? we get it.

No. 1131078

Even if she does keep up with working out, it's going to do absolutely nothing if she doesnt completely overhaul her diet. Which she won't, because she doesn't know. how to cook and doesn't want to learn. You aren't going to lose weight ordering doordash every day, even if you think you are ordering "healthy" things.

Free advice Shay: save the money you're spending on a trainer and sign up for a healthy meal delivery service instead. Walk your dog every day and do some Chloe Ting videos on youtube for free. Paying a trainer just to keep eating crap is flushing your money down the toilet.

No. 1131115

the advice is useless. all this stuff’s been said for a year and she still hasn’t changed anything about her lifestyle. she’s so lazy she’s an actual lost cause.

No. 1131133

The really sad thing is that it was all totally avoidable with the bare minimum amount of effort. If she taught herself how to cook a few basic meals and took Noodle for a walk every other day, she never would have ended up as massive and unshapely as she is.

No. 1131259

It's been 5 days since she got on cam and decided to take "a day" off after. Then she was supposed to have gone to the gym Wednesday.
So basically the gym thing was just the first free consultation and probably a little stunt to get Fupa's attention or feel like she was getting back at him. She always acts like shes getting her shit together when they break up but it's all just blatant lies. Also kinda think she was acting like she was gonna "get fit" because she was getting on cam and knew she was gonna look massive.
Or maybe she did actually have the shit scheduled and bailed after the first go like she does with literally everything productive kek. Guess we'll know which come Friday.

No. 1131403

So how long does everyone think it will take for her to lose weight? I think she’s going to stay at this level unless she cuts out drinking, and I don’t see that happening anytime soon.

No. 1131409


I'm on team 'She's not going to lose weight and will continue to grow'.

She associates her indulgences with wealth and success. As in, she's developed deep habits now of rewarding herself with: weed, fast food (sushi still counts here), online shopping, alcohol and lounging around.

I don't think while covid is still a thing (when wont it be though) and she's stuck in those same four walls, she'll continue to wake up stuck in the same cycle she's in now and will just get bigger and bigger while continuing to do sex work because it's the only way she knows how to support herself now.

No. 1131415

>lose weight
She won’t. She will be obese by this summer. She might lose weight when she gets over 200lbs in a last ditch effort but she will never be smaller than 10/20lbs off what she will be come summer.

Basically she will always look how she looks now.

No. 1131420

this is the bitch that couldn't even be assed to cam 2 nights in a row. you really think there's a possibility she's going to stick to any health routine long enough to see results? please.

No. 1131427

Even one camshow was a workout for Lardy Fattel.
The bitch couldn’t even breathe after walking around her room. She’ll definitely be feeder status by May/June

No. 1131438

she’s not going to lose weight because diet is 90% of weight loss. diet relies on self restraint and shayna doesn’t have an ounce of discipline in her body. she eats fucking weed cookies for breakfast it doesn’t matter how many squats with heavy breathing she does with her totally real personal trainer, she’s not going to lose shit because she doesn’t want to cut out junk food and the gallons of wine she drinks every day.

No. 1131454

The only way she’s gonna lose weight if she finds a “dom” that forces her to starve herself, workout etc.

No. 1131460

Even then I don't think she's would because she's said time and time again that she's a "sub" that basically doesn't want to sub, doesn't want to be told what to do or put in any work, just wants to be babied and have everything done for her like a child while being given money

No. 1131462

you really had to bump the thread with this retarded shit?

No. 1131464

literally the only thing that i believe shay would actually do to drop weight is “switch from PiNk WiNe to straight vodka”, and she’s not a hardcore enough alkie for that yet

No. 1131475

She moved up to 11th place and the voting for MV awards end on Tuesday

No. 1131502

At this pt I cannot even begin to imagine shayna ever finding another man. Even with her rock bottom standards, I don't think she'd be pleased with the class of men who'd be seen with her.

No. 1131516

Sounds like daddy womack got his unemployment settled then, kek.

No. 1131543

File: 1610653879728.jpg (508.94 KB, 1079x1849, Screenshot_20210114-135109_Twi…)

Can go to the dispensary but not the gym

No. 1131549

Imagine if Shayna and Womack secretly dated

No. 1131583

yeah it gets fantasized about daily by you womack stans

No. 1131602

It wouldnt work out. She's incapable of keeping a man because she's useless and he's very clearly depressed. He'd fuck her appropriately 8 times and then realize all that fantasizing felt way better than the real thing and dump her. It's not like she can help aid in any of his issues, she's broke, dumb, and self centered. The sad reality is that even if she wanted, she couldnt succeed with even womack of all people.

No. 1131662

it’s getting creepy at this point. I think some of these anons secretly want naked pics of her and jason so they can see his cock.(integrate)

No. 1131673

I'm not a Womack poster but I think people just find the whole thing creepy and funny. He does comment on EVERY post and when it's milkless people just start talking about the "What ifs".
I doubt anyone here wants to see his dick, not for sexual reasons but to laugh at it and the situation Shayna is in.

No. 1131679

>it's getting creepy
>on a website where we literally document people's every move or post and in Shay's case pussy
Lol I dont even post about Womack but you're being delusional

No. 1131682

stop being so autistic we only talk about womack because is funny and cringy.

No. 1131709

Frid9e girl is that you

No. 1131743

Losing weight takes dedication and time to see results. Its difficult for most people, in general. Someone like Shay who has no skills and is lazy af wont last. Also because she is an instant gratification type of person. So if she doesnt see results in a week, she will drop it. Like other anons said, it takes discipline, control and commitment in BOTH excercise and diet. Including dropping alcohol and honestly cutting out weed would help too.

No. 1131744


Ok while I think some posters bring it up too often, it’s not out of the realm of possibility. Remember when anons tinfoiled constantly about shay being with Fupa and anons got so annoyed with it. Yea it was annoying but it turned out to be true.

I mean we can all keep talking about her melting tits, massive weight gain and hypocrisy to make you feel better.

No. 1131754


I feel like you’re the same anon that keeps bringing up his cock over and over. Maybe project less.

No. 1131756

File: 1610664852223.jpeg (333.43 KB, 1242x1062, DEC43D00-B53C-47D9-AD65-69384A…)

Oh boy

No. 1131768

So she's gonna go to the gym AND cam on Friday? No chance

No. 1131773

I think she's already "forgotten" about the gym lmao

No. 1131789

Getting on cam for the second time in over a year for the last night of payout top kek lazy beluga

No. 1131822

She never mentioned going to the gym yesterday so she didn’t go. Big doubt she will go tomorrow. And if she does it’ll be the defining excuse as to why she won’t show up.

No. 1131830

On the topic of things she wasted money on… still no sign of those contacts, huh? (You're welcome for the reminder)

No. 1131838

She probably does not know how to put them in and wasted, what? $60 after bragging about it.

No. 1131840

Either anons scared her with comments about cheap Amazon contacts or she's never worn contacts in her life and she just can't put them in or fear of not being able to take them out.

A lot of people can't stand to touch their eyes.

No. 1131848

She mentioned a couple weeks ago about not being able to put them in. Pretty sure she is just clueless.

YouTube videos are literally free.

No. 1131850

she said a month ago that she couldn’t get them in her eyes >>1109425

No. 1131854

File: 1610669365530.jpeg (613.93 KB, 1230x1043, 1F5F4391-76A9-45D8-AD69-CA6B58…)

Porky Fattel begging for a $100 vote

No. 1131886

she tries something for the bare minimum amount of time and if she can’t immediately do it she quits. what a loser attitude. it’s probably why she has no real hobbies besides smoking weed.

seriously does she have any hobbies at all?

No. 1131893

2 whole likes on this tweet in an hour kek

No. 1131900

Silly anon, it's right in her OF description!

>>my hobbies include Anal, ButtStuff, and shopping for things 2 put up my butt!

No. 1131909

Shayna could have fucked her ass with an avocado if she wanted to win. These other chicks got apples and gummy worms up their ass.

No. 1131910

maybe she needs to go back to skillet handles, although i shudder at the thought

No. 1131933

Or fireworks

No. 1131975

I just think Womack is hilarious and this post made me imagine them dabbing together. Love how he comments on everything she posts and sometimes even sounds like he is at least her friend giving updates about his life

No. 1132041

File: 1610683729538.jpeg (439.27 KB, 1242x1397, DEE9CB5A-D36B-4F60-93F5-2AD3D2…)

No. 1132042

when has shayna ever used a condom in her life?

No. 1132057

I can see it now anon.

>Dolly is home alone doing her homework when you, her brotherdad, comes into the room and tells her she’s grounded. She asks if there’s any way to get out of it. She says she’ll make you wear a condom!

It’ll be on the dildo for 15 seconds max before she takes it off and acts like it’s ~taboo~.

No. 1132058

Anon please. Topkek

No. 1132060

>>1132042 guarantee she out that in there just to piss off FUPA. He still ain't gonna pick you, Shay.

No. 1132061

Kek I'm waiting for her to use this

No. 1132071

First of all, condoms aren't a big expenditure. They're literally free at clinics and shit.

And why would she need them when her porn is the same solo shit as always?? One or both of those anons are right: to try to rile up Fupa or it's for some retarded video idea.

Unless Jason R Womack is finally getting a chance kek!

No. 1132091

Honestly Jason R Womack is a cow himself to be honest. Would it be against the rules or weird if an anon made a thread about him in the off topic section? Because it’s shitting up the thread here and we can tinfoil about him in that thread instead of annoying other anons who want Shayna milk. Sage for retarded question.

No. 1132097

The autism is burning my eyes

No. 1132099

Just make it in snow.

No. 1132100

Every thot on twitter has a handful of creepy desperate men just like him in their comments, it’s not that interesting tbh besides it being the only consistent attention she gets

No. 1132118

agreed. i don’t see what milk there would really be for an entire thread.

No. 1132129

If there's enough of them doing the same creepy cringe shit as Womack it would probably be enough to sustain a gross coomer general

No. 1132132

Maybe but I don’t see it as noteworthy unless they really did do something like meet up irl but that’s a tinfoil and wouldn’t need a separate thread. He’s just a pathetic pornsick dude that keeps sending her 10 bucks for filling her asshole.

No. 1132275

I agree the Womackposters are annoying, but this is ridiculous. What would the thread even be about? Just screenshooting some desperate scrote's suicide baiting and responses to posts? Coomer general would be good, but jesus, some of you farmers are definitely starting to come off as obsessed. The defensiveness in the responses to >>1131662 shows that.

No. 1132288

I mean I figured OT has just random/not serious threads so I figured we could make fun of him and other ugly inbred coomers. Sorry I like to cyber bully scrotes and it would be hilarious if the unemployment office searched him up and found all of his retarded tweets

No. 1132304

File: 1610724221054.jpg (33.96 KB, 420x413, aa1.jpg)

>Coomer general
Please. That sounds like it has lovely potential.

No. 1132307

Sage for stupid but was this really only a year ago? She went purple hair for a while before she went brown and it’s pink here

No. 1132324

womack is only funny when he replies to shayna. they're meant to be in the same thread kek.

No. 1132326

Some anons suggested the same thing for Fupa at one point. Shay gets Dry, boring and repetitive and anons are thirsty.

Hopefully she gets on cam and supplies some milk tonight.

No. 1132340

She did "rose gold" then purple and then the brown

No. 1132369

it was like a year and a half ago, sometime in 2019. probably around the fireworks in the asshole incident.

No. 1132398

She changed her twitter name from ButtStuffBarbie to Ur Dad's Fav. She's probably salty that she won't make it to the top 5 for the MV awards

No. 1132415

Is this an acknowledgement that the only men desperate enough to orbit her are mentally defective middle aged men with children?

No. 1132428

File: 1610734637379.jpg (299.97 KB, 1080x1317, Screenshot_20210115-121719_Twi…)

Shay, when AREN'T you high? Or drunk?

No. 1132432

why the fuck would you smoke weed at all before you're supposed to work out? seems like it would be absolutely miserable.

No. 1132438

she’ll be wheezing after 5 jumping jacks

No. 1132439

she'd be doing that regardless, anon.

No. 1132448

File: 1610736720780.jpg (Spoiler Image,417.2 KB, 1080x1034, Screenshot_20210115-125156_Twi…)

Going to the gym with your nipple half way hanging out. Always keeping it classy Shay

No. 1132451

The first times she attempted the gym, she posted pics from the bathroom. But she hasn't this time. Which shows she's not going

No. 1132473

God, she's so gross and unappealing.

No. 1132474

INB4- "i'm sooo sore, I don't think I can cam tonight guys sad emoji I'm just going to order Chipotle and heal"

No. 1132476

She could at least take a picture of the machine. She’s not at the gym lmao. How would she even get there anyways? Uber? She can’t afford regular Uber drives and only has enough income for doordash meals.

No. 1132479

File: 1610738239341.jpeg (Spoiler Image,64.9 KB, 676x676, A9131C7D-62C1-4053-B890-FD106A…)


No. 1132480

her foot looks like a men's size 13

No. 1132481

Whenever I point that out it’s “nitpicking” but apparently she’s a size 7. But her feet look ginormous. Maybe she squeezing her feet into smaller shoes, some girls do that. Not uwu baby of her kek.(it's still nitpicking)

No. 1132487

why is she not wearing panties or a bra to the gym, then she's wearing tight grey sweats that we know will have sweat marks on the ass crack.

Then she'll make a post with her back bent trying to make her hank hill ass look fat going, "ass so fat it's sweating" or some corny shit.

No. 1132489

she could also just be lying about her shoe size. it is kind of a nitpick though
i think it's possible she might never cam again after seeing the screencaps anons posted here, or that she'll go on cam at random times to try and avoid us watching.

No. 1132495

Her ballsack and asshole look greasy af even with a snap filter

No. 1132508

Also her fupa will be dropping with sweat. Barf.

No. 1132509


No. 1132514

Anon we all know she didn’t go. She probably put on the fit, took three pictures and called it a day

No. 1132517

For some reason, her cutting off her head but leaving in the gaping fat girl mouth is sending me.

No. 1132524

File: 1610741419389.jpeg (635.71 KB, 1242x1703, A6756A9C-972F-4027-9466-7F7733…)

No. 1132526

File: 1610741563356.jpeg (260.56 KB, 1170x450, 0DD0D05E-64A9-46DD-A1E8-B34283…)

No. 1132532

I laughed at this too, anon. The first pic is so overly shopped and she could MAYBE pass for thin if nobody had seen what she actually looks like, and then this one has ass boils and neck rolls for days, I screeched. Also the dead fish mouth.

No. 1132537

Lmfao, like gorl….. she is not fooling anybody with that triple chin she has been growing for the past year.

No. 1132547

File: 1610743127774.png (Spoiler Image,3.68 MB, 828x1792, 54305706-A750-498C-965A-1A9FD1…)


No. 1132550

KEK this is just proof she didn’t even go. All she did was take ugly pictures on her dirty floor

No. 1132555

>even fatter
??? it's basically a straight line down her back to her thigh. what does she see in the mirror?

No. 1132560

File: 1610743430464.jpeg (525.86 KB, 1093x1080, 289AB5B5-4989-4F9E-97DA-3BEB62…)

>can’t wait till my ass is even fatter
Okay hank hill

No. 1132563

did she edit her ass? It literally looks like a flat ass warped or tooted out.
>>1131036 yes this is so fat. She really thinks her ass looks this way it's crazy.

No. 1132565

I thought this was a man in baggy underwear at first.

No. 1132568

and the fact she does all her work in the same fucking corner on the GROUND kills me.
At least she had used that day bed in her old house.

No. 1132580

File: 1610744028844.gif (6.39 MB, 640x640, 5AC8DC58-C1DA-4C73-AF02-88AA20…)

She’s shaped like quasimodo… the delusion kek

No. 1132581

the editing between her legs is so obvious

No. 1132584

File: 1610744177806.jpeg (432.61 KB, 1242x1185, 4C1E3BC2-45B8-4E4C-BE6C-45705A…)

No. 1132590

If she did go to the gym today (which honestly until we see some actual gym pics is up in the air) then she def didnt go Wednesday. There was zero mention of it. And Shay mentions every mundane activity in her pathetic life.

Also agree that it's very likely she'll use the "gym" as an excuse to not cam tonight.

No. 1132595

It's really not that hard to use the rice cooker she got for Christmas and make a fucking bowl herself.

No. 1132598

someone please record, my german ass is asleep at that time

No. 1132605

US anon. I’ll try and screen record as much as I can but it low key gets boring but that’s probably because I have a short attention span

No. 1132634

she was planning on going to the gym high no matter what. it's not like she forgot she was going, she doesn't do anything else. it'd be on her mind while she was doing drugs. she just got higher than intended and ran to twitter to turn it into a joke

she's gonna lurk and see these and not want to stream kek

No. 1132638

File: 1610747753267.png (196.3 KB, 1206x756, Screen Shot 2021-01-15 at 3.55…)

Womack took the night off in order to see the show

No. 1132647

She is literally not worth missing work over. Really trying to get into her rotting snatch.

No. 1132652

File: 1610748377138.gif (212.72 KB, 220x220, tenor (24).gif)

No. 1132653

Fucking KEK anon jeez

No. 1132654

imagine if she cancels now. just ghosts like she usually does

No. 1132656

What does this chick have against underwear? It's super gross to leave your crusty discharge inside your leggings. Girl probably always has a gnarly yeast infection. Especially if she's actually working out with any friction. Be kind to your genitals for once, Shay, y