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File: 1653617791734.jpg (943.06 KB, 1536x2049, 1652697455096.jpg)

No. 1541357

Previous thread: >>>/snow/1527230

REMEMBER: Read the rules before posting. Sage when there’s no milk. Spoiler any nsfw images. No blogposting. This is a Shay thread, curb your enthusiasm when posting sceenshots of other e-whores, they go in the e-whore thread >>>/snow/1363903

Last thread:
>Another E-whore starts a call-out thread for Sol because he fucked Shayna the "Nazi" >>>/snow/1528058
>Shayna sics her attack dog Lana on the haters >>>/snow/1528004 starting an e-whore slap fight >>>/snow/1528077 that spreads onto tiktok >>>/snow/1528717, >>>/snow/1528728
>Still cant stop bitching about detoxing from weed, shes been anxious, moody and having nightmares >>>/snow/1528648, >>>/snow/1530121, Mia suggests Kratom >>>/snow/1528704
>One coomers asks her why she's going sober >>>/snow/1531097, somehow setting her off tweeting about how sick she is of people questioning her >>>/snow/1531094
>Her pedophile diaper instagram account gets deleted soon after making it public >>>/snow/1529140 so she makes a new one >>>/snow/1529543
>Posted more horrifying old lady in a baby costume photos >>>/snow/1529750, >>>/snow/1531891, >>>/snow/1539792, >>>/snow/1540349
>Decides she's not done with Vivi, tweeting about how she can't believe she deactivated and quit sex work, something Shayna could never accomplish >>>/snow/1530330
>Released a video pissing all over herself, masturbating in the piss and licking it off her fingers while hunched over in her tub >>>/snow/1532593
>Headed for Massachusetts to stay with her mom who she hadnt seen since 2019 for 6 days for her little brothers college graduation >>>/snow/1532987
>Once there she starts tweeting about pissing in diapers >>>/snow/1534151, and posted about her little brother calling her cup a sippy cup on her pedo account >>>/snow/1534316
>Then spends a day in the hospital because she was vomiting >>>/snow/1534487
>Overall seemed to have a good time with her mom, watching TV together and going shopping, but Shayna can't help but complain about her mom not accepting her whoring >>>/snow/1538770
>Wants to start having men to pay to come to her apartment to spank her >>>/snow/1537464 and asks for advice on how to start >>>/snow/1537478
>Admits she doesnt care for sex >>>/snow/1538452
>Randomly decided its time to call out Sol again >>>/snow/1539363, >>>/snow/1539450 dragging up old drama and screenshots for no apparent reason after the nazi call outs finally died down
>Bitched about how sex workers treat her like dog shit >>>/snow/1539401
>Stuck her pets outside on her open balcony >>>/snow/1541223, while she filmed herself roleplaying a kid coloring and fucked by a dad >>>/snow/1541215
>Will flying to Boston on May 30th, and then on to Ireland for 16 days

https://discord.com/invite/eA8kSzuz (need ID to join)

Ellen "Patricia" Dresel:
>Shayna's "gf," Seattle/Renton, WA Nanny

Other relationships:
“The Dad” or "Daddy"
>The 45 year old mystery man she’s “dating,” met him on seeking arrangements, ex sugar daddy turned boyfriend
”Slave Dad”
>@bluefrodo1 on Twitter, submissive masochist “slave” of Ellen and Shay, participated in a video getting smacked around in Shay's pathetic attempt to domme >>>/snow/1362327
”Twitter Splenda Daddy” #1
Jason R Womack of Oklahoma, @okietwister85/ @womackglass on Twitter AKA "Womack"
>In love with Shayna, helps Ellen pay her rent, currently her main cash cow
”Twitter Splenda Daddy” #2
Mike Slack of Missouri, Zap_man68, @GNotold on Twitter AKA "Greyhair"
>Redneck right-wing trucker who gets off to his own daughter's porn >>>/snow/1523443
>Shayna's #1 twitter pal, replies to all of her tweets, frequently with monstersinc.gif

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No. 1541359

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No. 1541361

File: 1653617982482.jpeg (158.44 KB, 828x1182, 85569050-4484-4978-B80B-0113B4…)

No. 1541364

If you werent a broke, desperate whore you would release it over the week for consistency and content flow. But when you're hardly scraping by, you need all the money you can get as soon as you get it I guess.

No. 1541376

“So people don’t feel like I’m not producing new content”… I mean you literally won’t be?

Also, my vote is get it all out there now so that we don’t have to be slowly tortured for 2 weeks

No. 1541383

Omg greyold commenting his new reaction, double crying emoji. He really does find one response and stick to it? Probably autistic

No. 1541401

Also there’s no way she’s actually gonna post from vacation. She’s gonna forget. So she should just get the money when she can then go on hiatus rather then forget to release it ever. Or just post before and after because we know she’s gonna bitch about how jet lagged she is for a month and not work.

Frankly ideal would just be her quitting outright.

No. 1541415

She's such an impulsive idiot. She can't run her "business" for shit lol, her mom was right for calling her jobless. Wtf is she doing ?

No. 1541456

She doesn’t even need to post all she has to do is select what days to auto queue her OF posts and they’ll automatically upload for her if she’s put them in her queue than the most she’ll have to do is respond to messages. She can even queue text posts and messages. She can’t even do the bare minimum of her job

No. 1541498

File: 1653631577635.jpeg (138.07 KB, 828x506, A16DCA3A-D908-4A4A-8F90-A2770B…)

She deleted this seconds after tweeting it

No. 1541500

stupid bitch, if men started harrassing her she'd be dealing with the scariest shit ever.

No. 1541505

I would have LOVED to see where she had been planning on taking this

No. 1541508

more women should hate her. she entertains actual predators and pedos. that picture of her with the mayochup coming out of her ass should be enough for anyone to hate her imo

No. 1541519

Yea, maybe because you’re a ped and promote abuse of women and children?

No. 1541521

When women hate her they just use lolcow when men hate her they kill. Girl is lucky women hate her

No. 1541524

If kiwifarms or male spaces got interested in her she'd regret this. Stop.

No. 1541531

She has a kiwi thread, it wasn't very active and kind of died. Hoping someone will revive it soon.

No. 1541560

be a real shame if they doxxed grey hair or Ellen

No. 1541562


it would really be something if someone posted about gray hair and hisinterest in his daughters sex work career

No. 1541565

shayna, go read other whores' KF threads and realize you really don't want to bring that upon yourself.

No. 1541571

Shay loves to run her mouth. Kf would have a field day with Ellen & incesthair, and they would probably just LOVE pet retard womack, too. She brings this shit on herself. Just like her stirring the shit with sol again. There is NO sympathy for anyone who re-tweets strawberrypedo Matt or whatever his name is. Even less if that person turns out to be a woman.

No. 1541574

File: 1653653207765.jpeg (321.9 KB, 1170x996, 3DD63145-8BE2-4456-B21A-35F74F…)

I’m going to throw up

No. 1541576

I try not to watch shatna's videos but does she have a bad dragon cum lube toy? Or is this more mayochup 'butt cum' nastiness?

No. 1541581

File: 1653654760499.jpeg (103.31 KB, 1704x1260, Mayochup-e1557255007395.jpeg)

The second part nobody asked for.

No. 1541603

probably because most scrotes only find camwhores worthy of hate threads when they’re sexually attracted to them. most incels only seem to care when they are equal parts attracted to and infuriated by a woman

No. 1541624

maybe if you weren’t such a gross pickme misogynist women wouldn’t find you so hilarious and annoying
but also what “harass”? bitch we’re just mocking

No. 1541628

The fact that someone out there finds this scenario hot is just portentous

No. 1541633

This is fucking grim. Imagine posting such disgusting and embarrassing things and not wanting to just die at how much your life has spiralled. It’s unreal, she’s literally shoving fucking colon mucus back in her asshole for a few dollars and she thinks her biggest problem is women laughing at her, like she’s actually implying that women are jealous of her. I’d neck myself before I’d ever stoop to what she has become.

No. 1541635

I don't get it. What does she gain out of writing a tweet and then deleting it mere seconds later? Does she do this in some display of self-awareness? Or is she only posting for farmers to see and then deleting it? If it's the latter, way to show how unbothered you are Shatna kek. Her hatred of other women is astounding

No. 1541642

Idk who all knows our other cow Katherine Harlow. But she was briefly courting danger by calling out KF when they literally have nothing on her. I cannot fathom why these morons would want to poke that bear. And they absolutely would have a field day with her orbiters. Listen to this >>1541524 nonnie, Shayna.

No. 1541647

They talked about Ellen on there, I think Greyhairnotold would be something they'd be interested in. Shayna isn't like Anisa, she's not someone they have to pretend is hideous and want to talk about.
She's just a gross average/below average sexworker. I feel like they'd find the people around Shayna more interesting than her. She's lucky because Her brother and other family members would be discussed at lengthAnd it'd hurt her more knowing it's actual scrotes talking shit rather than us. I genuinely believe she thinks we are all jealous sex workers (there's some), or boring normies "Swerfs" who aren't living the amazing life she is and secretly wish we were.
You know how she still thinks we have to "Convince" ourselves that she's unattractive and edit/find bad angles to "Prove it"?
With scrotes, when they say she's ugly or gross it hits differently for her. She's not into women and doesn't want us to be attracted to her, just to be her fan or be jealous of her success. She expects all men to think she's super hot. Thats why Sol really burns her bumpy buns. She sucked his dick and it meant nothing because he denied her when shit got hot.

No. 1541650

SA- I also feel like Shayna is barely showing her body like she used too? This baby shit is another way to hide shit she's uncomfortable with. Like notice she suddenly started with the hand warmers and weird oven mitts? Barely showing her breasts? Maybe it's just the usual laziness. I'm surprised she saw her brother doing something with his life and came home to do the same miserable shit.

No. 1541658

File: 1653666674566.jpeg (339.71 KB, 1242x1718, C688E6B9-B6FE-4062-9291-43C5CE…)

my sides

No. 1541666

No matter how many times I see it, this still is the ultimate form of comedy. I crack every single time I see that gif.

No. 1541670

she has no friends or other outlet. not sure how active she is on the new discord. I'm sure it gives her some sense of gratification

No. 1541695

I wish she’d get a therapist or diary or SOMETHING god her notes app is right there. Can’t she tell Ellen or the Dad or someone.

Inb4 “guiz sry I can’t work 2day I had a bad dweam, I’m just a wittle bby uwu”

No. 1541702

Is she surprised? Ignoring the fact she's a pedo panderer and incest freak, sex work (especially e whore sex work) is 90% "girls". She sits in her greying pink themed hovel all day interacting with only degenerate old men who would make you want to lock your car door if you saw them walking past you and sex workers. The only kind of scrote she talks to are freaks themselves. You dont need to be a kiwifarms autist who want to hate fuck the people they talk threads about I'm sure "normal" non terminally online moids think Shayna is foul. In any other career field or if she just had a single friend group shed find a scrote who dislikes her and what she does. It's like complaining that only the women at your job hate you when you work at a hair salon with only women kek. Normie moids are even more bitchy than the typical woman stereotype. They just get away with it because scrotes stick together and don't question other scrotes.

No. 1541704

Excuuuse you, some are non-binary agender sweaty? #dollymatteltransphobic

No. 1541736

Why? Shayna is going to be useless and embarrassing until she dies. She's made it clear she's not interested in bettering herself, and the older she gets, the harder it will be for her to change her mentality.

Not to mention the older she gets without doing anything actually notable enough for a resume, the harder it will be for her to get a real job. At this point McDonald's might not even want her.

No. 1541741

Be grateful, we don't have the capacity to hate you as much as moids do. Once we leave this thread on lolcow I'm sure most of us don't even think about bitches like Shayna (unless it's something that specifically and unfortunately reminds you of her, like how she ruined mayochup for me).

Moids are different, especially terminally online ones. They're the ones to dox, and stalk and harass you.

No. 1541790

File: 1653677596332.jpeg (213.56 KB, 1223x1004, 6CBF0585-3088-4B5B-B38A-44DD13…)

We’ve repeated warned her about the danger of moids. She lurks the threads. She doesn’t care because she’s a misogynistic pig. We should care if moids make a new kf thread. Let her get what she deserves. She’s a disgusting pedo pandering bitch.

No. 1541810

She deserves even worse than what she gets, and the people who think she can be redeemed/saved she can't, she's horrible inside and out.

No. 1541826

Lol here come the weed withdrawals, I’m 100% she can’t deal with the vivid nightmares she’s going to be facing for a few weeks and that we’re on the verge of a xanax saga

No. 1541875

File: 1653683046004.jpeg (Spoiler Image,757.73 KB, 1242x1395, 6B6B0FF6-2374-4EFE-A2D4-346DF8…)

The preview just showed everything without needing to buy it

No. 1541878

This sort of reminds me of Russell Greer releasing his entire book as the preview.
I wonder how much money Shayna's lost because of her inability to make a proper preview.

No. 1541888

She’s enormous. Wide mf load. This is repulsive. She looks like she’s dying. Why is her hand purple

No. 1541894

File: 1653683884629.jpeg (231.29 KB, 828x1519, 6E1E0531-3313-4504-9036-A73FB0…)

At least the fake cum wasn’t shit infused this time

No. 1541899

File: 1653684058321.jpeg (582.32 KB, 1242x678, 4051C8BF-DB2A-4D8E-A6B4-42A554…)

No. 1541905

File: 1653684277816.jpeg (230.07 KB, 1241x1143, 589635CF-3E12-4F3E-8904-1BA8D1…)

Shayna & The Troons- “Sour Butthole Discharge”

No. 1541929

her teeth are brown in this pic wtf

No. 1541950

They look wine stained to me

No. 1541964

Jesus, her hand literally is purple. Forget about that though, look at her arm holding the dildo. I've got absolutely nothing. I don't know how she isn't wishing someone would pull a Lennie on her and just get it over with.

No. 1541986

Seriously, it's clear that's why she's hiding her hands, I don't know if it's a shadow but her legs look that way as well. Does anyone have any idea what causes this? I don't think its pressure from her gripping/pressing, either.

No. 1542003

File: 1653690925299.jpeg (224.58 KB, 750x380, 91C698A8-EE90-4982-9D95-3F613E…)

Kek why this big fat escalade ass bitch wearing a moomoo?
The turd braids don’t do her any favors, she needs to add volume or some side bangs because it makes her big witch nose and fat face more apparent

No. 1542023

File: 1653692351272.jpeg (Spoiler Image,748.89 KB, 786x1412, 4872CAF7-F7D6-4F42-8E25-F1F00B…)

How many furry ears does she need when she can’t even afford rent? She already has this pair in brown

No. 1542025

These ones don't even look like ears for some reason.
This whole puppy thing crossing over with baby is just bizarre. She's a dog in a diaper? Why?

No. 1542030

Agree. I don't get why anons are suddenly caping so hard for fat shat and her porcine pedo adventures after well over a hundred threads of her unapologetic bullshit. Its either other rotund camwhores who use her as something to feel better about themselves afraid to lose that "reassurance" or delusional nonas who spout this bullshit across the site that women are incapable of doing disgusting things. Its like reality ceases to exist itt sometimes, its amazing. Probably the same anons who frequent /g/ talking about their mother wounds. Protecting shart isn't going to undo your trauma with mommy, so let it the fuck go and realize that anyone can be terrible.

She barely fits on this bed.

Because disabled dogs are very bimbo and kawaii of course, nona.

No. 1542032

No. 1542037

Samefag but it also reeks of troon logic when anons act like other women can only be fragrant, pink filtered, soft uwu creatures incapable of ever doing harm to others. Or that other women can be terrible, but only the kind of terrible which they deem personally acceptable. Shat places the attention of moids above any camaraderie with other women. She always has and she always will. She's not going to be your friend and nobody is impressed by moralfagging on a gossip site.

No. 1542039

the word "hulking" comes to mind

No. 1542041

File: 1653693657593.jpeg (98.61 KB, 828x540, B5A78A8E-61F5-4E31-8F4C-C07AC8…)

All of your videos are exactly the same. Just lay on your back wearing something that covers your gut fuck yourself while making retard faces. You’re just a lazy drunk

No. 1542044

One boob is necrotic and the other is deflated, what a basis for a stable income

No. 1542046

Her arm hasn’t been that small for years, if ever - why add her shitty watermark on it to draw attention to her terrible editing?

No. 1542053

File: 1653694272229.jpeg (568.08 KB, 828x1217, 65A3B3E1-D319-4272-8BE0-A6505A…)

It looks so much better natural. I know she’s just fishing for compliments but she’s gotta stop torturing her curls with a flat iron every day

No. 1542057

File: 1653694439252.jpeg (48.29 KB, 500x500, 75EC88A0-7102-4C66-AEC2-F7C841…)

Zoinks! That’s one homely bitch, scoob.

No. 1542059

lol the editing and angles to look thinner on this pic are insane.

No. 1542062

It's like everything that makes her look normal she doesn't want to do or hates it.
Wearing a bra so her breasts look better, putting on lipchap, embracing her curly hair again and wearing styles other then the limp ponytails/combover.
Wearing clothes her size, NOT doind the troon smirk etc. etc. Funnily enough, it takes less effort doing some of this stuff then it does doing what she decided to do.

No. 1542063

she looks nice. i want to wipe the badly applied makeup off her face but the curls look much better.

No. 1542075

Ew I remember when she retweeted a picture of them. She looks stupid

No. 1542076

Have her "chronic nightmares" been discussed? Seems like a weird ongoing thing she brings up and implies that weed somehow helps? I mean everyone has nightmares now and again but she acts like she has them frequently and that's kinda odd for someone who lbr doesnt have a whole lot of actual trauma nor indulges in an eventful lifestyle. She watches disney movies on repeat, not horror movies too.

No. 1542078

I’d have nightmares too if my life was as depressing as hers.

No. 1542079

Cant imagine how much she paid for another pair of halloween store dog ears

No. 1542081

When you smoke a lot of weed you stop having dreams, and when you quit you start getting very vivid, scary dreams

No. 1542082

I mean honestly. Are they stress caused because shes always worried about being able to afford rent or food or anything? Stress because shes a mid 20s failure at everything with no talents, skills, education, assets, and prospects?
That I understand. But vivid nightmares regularly still seems odd.

No. 1542083

Never knew that or heard of it tbh. Never was a stoner, but was around people who were and I used to smoke with them when I was younger. Guess it never came up or experiences differ.

No. 1542093

Is it antidepressants that make you remember all your dreams and they're usually shit?

I don't think you necessarily have to have trauma to have constant nightmares. Just a negative outlook and fear/paranoia.

I laughed when she claimed the doctor gave her "anti nightmare meds". Spoiler alert, they didn't work because no such thing actually exists.

No. 1542096

Its a very common withdrawal symptom after heavy, prolonged marijuana use as the other anon said, as stoners tend to not enter REM sleep and can't remember their dreams if they even do. When you sober up your brain starts reconnecting all sort of neural pathway in your brain and people get horrible nightmares and night sweats. Its also common to dream of partaking. The physical withdrawal (nausea) only lasts 3-7 days but the intense vivid dreams/nightmares can last months after and can cause people to start using again they can get so bad.

No. 1542103

She uses weed as a crutch and coping mechanism on top of already having a very avoidant personality. So it wouldn't surprise me if she has a lot of deep seeded fears, shame, and regret that she only gets to fully experience when she can't pretend to ignore it. But to be real, Shaypig's nightmares are probably running out of weed or having to actually work a real job one day. I know she's fun to laugh at, but she's far from hitting rock bottom yet.

No. 1542105

File: 1653697844579.jpeg (395.1 KB, 1201x1356, 72E970AB-A63A-4EE8-9157-B6E810…)

I wish the kiwi moids would doxx and harass grayhair because we don’t do that but that daughter molesting fucker needs to be taken down. Absolutely disgusting

No. 1542107

If that happened they would harass his daughter too since she’s been linked to him here

No. 1542120

File: 1653699769544.jpeg (515.93 KB, 1080x2369, 57A7A4C1-7040-4E1E-93DD-39C628…)

Christ she looks like a crack whore

No. 1542121

File: 1653699943338.jpeg (256.63 KB, 1383x1080, 91FE69F6-4543-4C4F-B485-A5407B…)

Why would she expose herself like this? She needs to stick to the filters

No. 1542122

for ONCE her hair looks clean and decent

No. 1542123

Samefag but kek she deleted this picture so fast

No. 1542126

This looks like one of "you on x drug" dare posters. Has she ever even, touched water before?

No. 1542127

File: 1653700387341.jpeg (197.28 KB, 1136x1604, 83714275-4F70-4989-8A4C-DF2614…)

Sorry, I know it is just a dumb app but it agreed with me

No. 1542130

Probably because you can see the bruise from her IVs

No. 1542131

Or bc she meant it to have a filter. I think she’d like people to see the I.v bruise with how much she likes talking about her hospital trips

No. 1542132

Water. Not even once.

No. 1542135

>fake freckles looking like a strip of blackheads
>greased face
>expression of someone about to ugly sob
>IV bruising

Life of constant repeat and looking shittier every passing day.

No. 1542136

Or maybe because she looks fucking 50

No. 1542142

Good grief she has really ruined herself. Her hair is a redeeming feature she insists on removing constantly.

I wonder if she has some form of reverse dysmorphia bc she seems full of herself and calls herself cute and I think she means it

No. 1542144

Damn her knees are purple. Something is causing her terrible circulation. Diabetes saga?

No. 1542150

File: 1653702091929.png (7.82 MB, 1242x2208, CE28C398-A00E-4584-BE22-EF65ED…)


No. 1542151

The single bouncing tit will never not be funny. She's definitely hammered, but I think she's given herself selfie dysphoria; people that rely heavily on filters get so used to seeing themselves like that that whenever they see an unfiltered photo, they get uncomfortable because they don't even remember what they actually look like.

No. 1542154

File: 1653702306574.jpeg (183.32 KB, 395x589, F67599DE-ECF7-4BD7-BA22-63BBBB…)

She really does look like an old Jewish aunt.

No. 1542157

File: 1653702555852.gif (3.01 MB, 320x579, 4601584E-99BE-4CFC-A2D4-69E064…)

How fucking drunk is she https://streamable.com/aap7dn

No. 1542166

File: 1653703290383.jpeg (141.69 KB, 828x516, B929A13D-F475-4EE4-9E57-4F9233…)

They’re here to see free pictures of your asshole not to watch you drunk chicken dance around

No. 1542169

Jfc what in the Methany Anne??
She needs to turn down the sharpen and saturation values or something.
She spends days editing pics but leaves her face looking greasy and wrinkled and the junkie looking iv marks on her arm.
Definitely jewish wine aunt energy. Not very uwu bimbo baby at all.
Also wish she would just get a new foundation. This yellow one is terrible shes gotta see it. If shes gonna try contouring and freckles (badly albeit) she should get a shade of foundation that matches her skin. She looks awful

No. 1542170

Aw she was feeling cute lol

No. 1542171

File: 1653703613452.jpeg (652.18 KB, 828x1238, 46D4C3C0-4EF4-474A-9688-E6ACAB…)

She’s on one tonight https://streamable.com/6oea5o

No. 1542178

File: 1653704166284.webm (2.89 MB, 296x640, stupid lil dance .webm)

No. 1542181

She already deleted all this shit?

I guess it's just one of those BaD BrAiN dAyZ!!!

No. 1542182

File: 1653704355162.webm (2.58 MB, 296x640, crazy like a fool.webm)

No. 1542186

File: 1653704938953.jpeg (532.98 KB, 812x1324, F1409525-D2E1-485F-AC95-D48411…)

Kek she did

No. 1542188

File: 1653705205121.jpg (274.64 KB, 1430x1543, Shayna and the Troons.jpg)

Picrel would be beyond what we could all handle, so perhaps it’s for the best Shayna would never meet with her Twitter “mom” and it’s doing all of this for brownie points.
She only deleted >>1542182 the other one is still there.

No. 1542198

It’s interesting that out of all of her insecurities when it comes to her body, her hair is the one thing she decides to put effort into changing when it’s her best feature. Yeah I know it’s easier to change hair than some of the other changes she needs to make for herself, but you’d think keeping up with it everyday would get so old, especially for a lazy bitch like Shay. A scrote must’ve made fun of her natural hair at some point. Only thing I can figure that would actually motivate her

No. 1542199

its like she tried to do a belle dellephine impression without seeing her in five years and only vaguely remembering some of her poses. this type of shit is not even cool anymore yet she cant even do it right. no wonder she deleted this.

No. 1542200

She looks like she could be a 45yo. I’m on my knees begging her to use some moisturiser and retinol or just drink some water

No. 1542201

File: 1653706853730.jpg (382.93 KB, 1079x877, Screenshot_20220527-195521_Twi…)

OT but it never ceases to be funny how shayna is only nice to sex workers that are fatter and more busted looking than her

No. 1542205

It’s so stupid, you go on any other ewhores twitter and they retweet nothing but other girls porn. You go on Shayna’s and you get pictures of pink Prada purses and other random pink aesthetic shit. She doesn’t even retweet her pals Lana and Pixie

No. 1542210

Sorry for ot sperg, but how are these women not self conscious about their horrible nails. It takes two minutes to dip a cotton swab in nail polish remover and file any jagged edges. You don't even have to repaint them. Zero effort, just imagine what the rest of their hygiene habits are like.

No. 1542219

I mean, look at them? If they were able to perceive themselves like we all do, they wouldn’t be where they are now.

No. 1542224

File: 1653709473048.jpg (820.49 KB, 2400x950, Picsart_22-05-28_01-13-49-275.…)

Sorry had to

No. 1542235

I think it’s becoming self aware. Must be hard without the weed drowning her brain cells.

I think this is worse than the chicken dance. It’s the “I’m in line and have to take a drunk-pee” dance. God she is so ugly it’s offensive.

No. 1542252

File: 1653712449379.gif (Spoiler Image,10.9 MB, 600x1067, 96F6AB68-797C-4A04-8B9C-9ACA5F…)

It’s her new signature move

No. 1542255

All it does is highlight how fatty her thighs are and lack of ass she has

No. 1542265

the design and execution on those ears are so bad I don't know why she would spend actual money on that shit. but then again, who am I to question her eye for design~

No. 1542272

There’s nothing cute about alcoholism shat

No. 1542276

Wow I literally thought one of y'all edited this….oof Shayna lookin like when me & my friends put makeup on to make ourselves look old to go clubbing dressed as grandmas. No wonder she's so addicted to the filters, that's a hard 24

No. 1542282

Why do y’all do that

No. 1542291

This legit made me think of Jeff the killer actually fucking scared the shit out of me kek

No. 1542293

At least these ones are marginally better than the ones she wore for the recent outdoors shoot.

>I laughed when she claimed the doctor gave her "anti nightmare meds".

When did that happen? I'm curious now.

No. 1542296

they do exist, prazosin is one of them (might be the only one i'm not sure).

No. 1542303

prazosin is a shitty placebo

No. 1542308

She looks like she’s trying to unstick her balls from her inner thigh. I’ve never seen her do anything sexy. She pisses in diapers and shakes her body like an elderly epileptic chihuahua and complains about being fat and how hard sex work is more often that she actually works and admits all the time that she doesn’t even like sex. How do you get 24 years along in life and not pick up on a single sexy move without being asexual…

No. 1542313

The hair is a big improvement, IMO, but I wish she'd use a more dewy/sheer pink undertone foundation. She always looks like she's in heavy stage makeup. Maybe some peach-toned blush would help? I still don't understand why she leaves her lips chapped and bare with an otherwise full face of makeup. Some lipstick would do wonders.

No. 1542317

The filters on this don't even make her look good, just insane. Her eyes stretching upwards make her look retarded kek.

Why did you delete these tweets, then? Do you want your coomers to appreciate your filtered chicken dance videos or not? The only ones who see her tweets that she deletes so fast is the 2 coomers who have her tweet notifs on and lolcow users, why complain about a lack of engagement when you know this is the case

No. 1542327

No. 1542347

Ayrt, I meant in which thread did she say she was given these meds. Would be interesting to go back in see in what mental space/situation she was in at the time.

No. 1542348

Don't suggest lipstick, you'll summon the one ugly matte greige shade she seems to own, and she'll throw in a buttlip in for good measure.

No. 1542349

At this point, I think even that would be an improvement. Why she doesn't even wear lipgloss is beyond me. I don't know if it'd look good on her lips in their current state, though. Just lipbalm once a day would make a huge difference, I think.

No. 1542393

all of her retard dancing is still up on her instagram stories

No. 1542415

Dry lip anon here, matt lipstick makes everything much worse, lip gloss, a moisturizing lipstick or a chapstick helps. My lips are dry 24/7 since I was a child.

Sometimes it's just genetic. My father has the same issue and carries a chapstick everywhere he goes.

No. 1542416

Hasnt she bought lip scrubs from sephora or some shit? Just putting them on the counter for decoration I guess.

No. 1542418

I mean I use lip scrubs morning and night and chapstick all the time. Plus drinking water. So yeah dry lips happen. But Hers just look painfully so and idk how it doesnt bother her or why she doesn't fix it for pictutes at least. Apps can literally edit the cripiness and add lipstick if shes too lazy to actually do anything. Saying she doesn't like the texture or feel of chapstick or gloss is honestly autistic as fuck. Same with "water doesn't have any flavor". Like you look crusty af and your job is to sell your image. So suck it up really. At least edit harder if uou cant actually fix yourself

No. 1542420

Genuinely curious, when was the last time she denied drinking water? Not denying that she isn't; she clearly is not judging by her lips and skin. It's been a while since I've seen her post about her skincare routine.

No. 1542429

just make a tiktok already

No. 1542470

I don’t know why she doesn’t get the dior lip oil that all the bimbo/pink loving girls get and flex on each other (it’s under $100)

No. 1542509

i've been smoking every day for ~10 years and i dream every night and have no problem remembering them. don't say this like it's a fact.

No. 1542511

Shart I am BEGGING you to just stop trying to use highlight on your nose, it makes you look even more like a greasy 55 yr old alcoholic man. Even girls with small noses don't highlight all the way up their nose bridge, it looks bad on everyone. I don't think she would even suit the nose tip highlight because her nose is so bulbous

No. 1542512

Pretty sure that anon’s wrong and idk where they’re getting anti nightmare meds from. In the last thread she said it was her anxiety meds that were doing nothing to help. A quick search of her Twitter for “nightmare” yields no nightmare meds results, and that’s not something she’d likely delete

No. 1542521

lol she has me blocked on twitter. weird

No. 1542522

people have been trying to point out the weird discolored dark hands for months now and it never gets traction, it started happening the same time she started wearing those retarded arm warmers.

No. 1542543

Are you another sea worlder

No. 1542544

I have a theory, hear me out. You know the way libfems tell tranny men that they look great and encourage them to keep going? Well It’s pretty obvious that they do it because no matter how ugly they feel they are themselves, they know that even on their worst day they will never look as bad as the trannies they encourage, thus making themselves appear more attractive to scrotes who are getting used to looking at hideous men in thigh highs. My theory is someone is doing this with Shatna. I’m convinced someone is telling her these videos and pictures look great and I think it’s either other e-whores who want to pick up her two coomers or it’s Ellen and she’s doing it because she actually is a lesbian and doesn’t want another fupa taking Shatna away. I just cannot under how she can post this shit, there must be something more than her just being totally un-self aware. You can see in the sober ones she does how embarrassed she is and in her mfc chats she looks like she wants to die a lot of the time. Someone is being very mean to her.

No. 1542560

File: 1653752403487.jpeg (100.67 KB, 750x750, 377AD4FE-EF02-4E25-8DD2-312F20…)

She needs to wash her face twice a day and stop wearing caked on makeup. Highlight only looks good on non bulbous noses.

No. 1542562

she has tried. when she doesn’t blow up immediately she quits.

No. 1542583

File: 1653754534657.jpeg (456.1 KB, 1284x951, AA6D641C-94B8-4E0D-8D3C-8FE02C…)

seethe more, fatty

No. 1542585

File: 1653754595687.jpeg (606.32 KB, 1284x1352, C83DCAB0-7D71-491F-BCAC-032F6D…)


lol shayna we all know you don’t have any friends.

No. 1542589

humble-bragging about her "comfortable position" in life. sounds miserable

No. 1542591

quit and find a job is what you can do

No. 1542592

> some people would kill to be in my position

A fat bloated alcoholic that looks 10 years older than what she is, making literal pennys off of literal paedophiles of her blow out busted ass anus and vagina?
I would rather be working in a burger king For the rest of my life tbqhwu. The absolute delusion of this whore is AGP tranny levels, she makes me want to alog so fucking bad.

No. 1542594

Well Shay you have a face for radio, so maybe you should consider a career change.

No. 1542596

idk, she should pick up a second job. she won't be making a "comfortable living" for very long. i guess she intends to die early?

No. 1542600

It’s so frustrating to watch her have these little moments of self awareness and then promptly shut them down because she’s so spiteful. She deliberately chooses what is worst for her because she lets spite and negativity control her life.

No. 1542601

Imagine being a dumb ass that considers Shayna a friend. Then every week, she writes a tweet whining about how she basically hates her friends are doing better then her. Probably doesn't leave a like, a retweet, a congrats nothing

Just starts feeling jealous. Shayna those aren't your friends if you are NEVER happy they are doing well. Just cut the shit. You aren't going to become famous.for being below average and.pedo baiting. At least not in the way you think.

No. 1542615

YOU JUST KNOW it's that she thinks girls hate and "harass" her because we're all sUUUUPeER jealous of her K E K

No. 1542618

lol both already deleted. get a diary, retard.

No. 1542619

Shayna has literally never worked a day in her life. what is she going to do when sex work falls through and she can’t keep shitting in diapers for her pedo coomers? she has no skills or experience doing anything. welfare queen saga when?

No. 1542624

anon, for your information she worked 2 whole days at an olive garden once

No. 1542665


On the horizon judging by her hands. Is she not getting enough circulation to them or something? She's always in the hospital for a reason

No. 1542667

that's 35 dollars that could be better spent on more walmart pink wine and doordash you see

No. 1542678

2k a month for rent that you have to beg to make at the end of the month and have to rely on Womack and Ellen to help with. I’m sure she’s living paycheck to paycheck with nothing left to put into a savings account because any money she isn’t spending on rent she’s using on dumb bullshit, takeout and alcohol.

No. 1542680


Her video yesterday was "anal and ageplay" and sold for $7. Fifteen sales is bleak and not a brag like she thinks it is.

No. 1542691

File: 1653760994839.jpg (772.6 KB, 2048x1516, HEA5OBZC3JEFJPYOQBEI4WFS24.jpg)

Thought this was an old post, but then remembered she posts the same 5 tweets every couple weeks and is running out of variation on rewording them.

No. 1542700

File: 1653761325207.jpeg (278.68 KB, 750x888, 1907FDA8-3DCF-41F1-86D0-1ADAE2…)

Last time was less then a month ago, jesus.

No. 1542707

It still blows my mind that she sincerely thinks she'll become famous doing what she's doing. Like what? How? How does one become famous for acting like a baby and being below average? It's not even that "Shocking" anymore. At best, she'd get on one of those weird youtube channels that talk about different lifestyles. However, she's not even interesting enough or successful for that.
She would go viral easier if she gave up sex work and filmed herself trying to fix her life. Why does she think what she does will make her rich and famous?

No. 1542713

File: 1653761623704.jpeg (91.38 KB, 1000x1000, 1AC1D2DE-768F-4DDF-B1DB-BA0E5A…)

Her ~rich and famous~ delusional dreams always make me laugh. She always gets so butthurt and dirty deletes after she realizes how dumb she is. Like she should know by now that she’s never going to make it

No. 1542715

Face it. She will never be famous. She’s not attractive, creative, or funny.

No. 1542718

Good. You are pedophile trash, and you were just begging for a window AC. We have seen what she makes. She makes less than minimum wage in the south for doing what she does. No one is killing for that life, you daft cunt.

No. 1542723

bless ur heart.

No. 1542735

Shes really trying to convince herself that her e whoring below average life is really great. Really playing up that 2bed in "Seattle". Whoring isnt a long term career. If you havent made it big within a year or 2, you never will. Especially someone like Shatna. It can only go downhill as she ages and gains weight and continues to make and do the same content over and over in her room. Same dildo, wand, plugs, similar "plots", same video routine.
I guess im not a retarded incel but I would think one would be bored of watching some below average bitch essentially go through the motions of masturbating and fake cumming every vid. And like how many times can you see the same lop sided tits and still get excited for another 100 more pics of them. Ill never understand these scrotes.

No. 1542739

File: 1653763389516.jpeg (739.09 KB, 779x1788, E8A5A940-1851-417E-AB55-F4E563…)

This was from a year ago. She just loves to throw a tantrum about not getting enough attention but refuses to do anything different. It’s the same fatty rolled over on back, fake moaning with a lawnmower sounding vibrator smashed against herself

No. 1542741

What would happen if Twitter were to ban all sexual content ? Shayna would freak out because there is no way to advertise her shitty pedophile porn

No. 1542743

Nta but that isn’t her “natural” hair texture. That’s what her (or anyones for that matter) hair looks like after it’s dried in French braids it’s been discussed in previous threads

No. 1542757

She's tried to do collabs to get some different content but as we know, they all ended in dumpster fires kek. I guess she did the abdl shoot and strictmoore thing. But since those were put on by actual (albiet low end and gross) companies, they were in charge and got it done. And its not technically her content. They sell it on their pages I think.
That stuff she did with the bald Pooh Bear sounding creep was terrible. Since its with a guy she was so awkward and extra cringe.
To be a ~famous pron star~ you should have bookings, you should be doing collabs, making exciting fresh content. She only barely had that in the beginning of doing this and it's been a downward spiral for her in every way. After 6 years, she wont just get a big break or go viral when she's so below average.
"Rich and famous" is such a kid mentality. People that have actual followings, careers, are celebs have talent or above average qualities and they put in work. Even if Shat somehow put in a ton of effort, at the end of the day she's just an average girl at very best. In looks, "ability", personality, etc. She's not even the most extreme degenerate in these porn fetishes lol.

No. 1542758

File: 1653764410749.png (397.3 KB, 750x1334, ABF13064-940C-4EBE-A6E9-CCA551…)

It’s been almost monthly for years. This one from last year I found especially funny. She’s so fucking stubborn she’s gonna be at this for years. Keep praying Shay

No. 1542761

Don’t forget the counting down to obviously faked orgasm! So professional! Such hard work!

No. 1542765

she legit degraded herself for $105 minus fees

No. 1542766

I just cant understand the delusion. She is just another e whore in a sea of them. And like I imagine the "peers" shes looking up to arent really all that "rich and famous" themselves. Theres very few porn stars that are household names and live spectacular lives. This isn't the music industry ffs.
A big break through? What would that even look like? Her getting railed in the ass on film or something. That's where this sex work road goes. It's not music, modeling, art, sports, cinema, etc. where you have a true talent and get picked up by an agency and become a celeb. The only people who even could name big porn stars are fucking disgusting chronic coomers. And thats nothing to aspire to nor actual fame when you consider the population.

No. 1542768

File: 1653765158559.jpeg (Spoiler Image,668.05 KB, 1242x1428, DBD407E3-E072-456B-8A97-D9A7D5…)

she’s going to lose more subs

No. 1542771

If you’re a famous pornstar it’s easier to get clout, and brand deals. They can make money by associating with influencers. You’re right though anon. It isn’t the music industry. No one is going to buy and wear porn merch in public. A regular moid does not want to pay for porn when it’s free. Only really ugly coomers buy porn. Normal men can get a girlfriend or have one night stands.

No. 1542782

Shayna said someone told her she was "Special" and she's been holding onto that ever since. I think she probably wants to be like that girl from Euphoria, discovered through porn. Except Shayna isn't going to want to act.She probably feels she's be "Discovered", for what? I don't know. Shayna's so lazy that i think if she were apporched by someone to do something big, she'd either do it and end up being so annoying and mentally off they won't want to deal with it or just quit.
She wants to be like those blue checked people, who just tweet shit all day, get thousands of likes but don't have much money, so they are always begging or sad-posting.
She just wants to look like someone important, rather then do something important. Thats why she barely retweets or supports her "friends".
But wants them to support her, probably scared that one of them will take womack or something.

No. 1542787


Her idea of famous is having high levels of engagement, whales tipping her, name power/clout among the ewhores- she probably sees the top MFC girls (Kati3 etc) and seethes that she will never reach a fraction of their monetary and social success.

No. 1542789

okay publicly execute me for this but she looks … gulp …. Good Here ..

No. 1542801

Scroll down for 2 seconds newfag and look at the unfiltered version. Learn to sage while you’re at it

No. 1542802

File: 1653768158922.jpeg (1.51 MB, 3465x3465, 0BF9988C-AA3B-483D-9AD1-6E6588…)

>Shayna said someone told her she was "Special".
Yeah, special needs.

Kek the best part about that is Chloe Cherry did a problematic cindy lou grinch porn parody (with a professional company) and still ended up acting on one of the most popular television shows. The euphoria porn she did caught the writers attention and thats how she got hired. She is doing modeling as well I guess from the show’s exposure. She still gets shit for it online for pedo pandering. Not everyone is meant to be famous especially in such a problematic/ over saturated industry. Seethe more Shaynus

No. 1542814

Yeah you're right. I guess that's just not what I consider rich and famous. I'm sure I'm not the only one. Being the top whore on a cam site with a bunch of horny gross scrote following even if they pay, just doesn't seem like a glamorous amazing achievement.

No. 1542827

For April fools day, also mumus are the superior clubbing gear, so much airflow lmao

No. 1542840

>I just wonder what I could be doing differently to be earning like that
Maybe the absolute bare minimum, like taking care of yourself? You're selling your body, after all. Being in and out of the hospital and begging for an AC is putting her in the survival sex worker criteria more than her fantasy of being a famous porn star. Didn't she buy mad stuff from Lush not too long ago? What a waste.

No. 1542850

File: 1653771148296.jpeg (1.29 MB, 3308x2939, 4F0E9D1B-C96F-47FF-A4B2-51791E…)

I did a 20 min research while on the toilet Chloe Cherry is the same age as Fatty Lardel. Chloe also came from a middle class family and wanted to get away from conservative peers. She managed to make a living off of sex work without e-begging. I’d be pissed off if I was Shayna. Imagine degrading yourself for pennies hoping for ~muh big break~ But never will get it because your fat and ugly. Even before her extreme lip fillers she was attractive. She doesn’t have dry shriveled up thin lips and doesn’t have to put on fake freckles.

No. 1542854

You have to be attractive to become internet famous as a porn star. Shayna you’re not famous. 2011 Tumblr fame isn’t the same as tiktok fame with brand deals/ advertising etc. You’ll never be Addison Rae so stop doing those retarded dances with filters on

No. 1542856

why are you talking about Chloe Cherry like she's not a pedo-pandering retard that's promoting "sex work" to teenagers via her Euphoria work? Didn't she even talk about wanting to make porn more normalized or some shit? They're both equally dense 4/10 spastics that had all the opootunities in life but became low class whores anyway.

No. 1542857

funny how cow threads suddenly make people praise celebricows. a successful porn actress doesn't look as crusty as shayna. great, thanks, but she's still braindead and her lips are disgusting.

No. 1542859

If she made content having actual sex with anothe guy or girl she'd make money. I guarantee it. She's hit a wall in what she can get paid for the solo content she makes.

No. 1542860

"face for podcasting" is the modern version

No. 1542861

I don’t support the sex work industry. I’m just pointing out they both came from similar backgrounds, pedo pander, incest porn, but ended up in two different places. Ones an actress/model in Los Angeles, the other is fat and e begging in Renton, Washington. I’m hyping Chloe up because I know big shay reads here. Shayna needs to understand she’ll never be a ~bimbo famous~ influencer.

No. 1542862

File: 1653771913505.jpeg (494.22 KB, 828x1293, 711A7966-8884-4EC0-93A1-77D996…)

This would be the cow crossover of the century

No. 1542863

She's manifesting yall

No. 1542864

Chloe Cherry is actually dead on the inside to the point where it's hard to look at her speaking because all you can see is her thousand yard stare war veteran ass eyes. I have no idea how people in sex work see her as a success story. She's going from porn to Euphoria, and then when Euphoria goes stale then Cherry is getting thrown back into porn to rot. Tragic

No. 1542867

I’m not in sex work/ nor do I support it. I’m saying she’s successful compared to retards like Shayna shouting to the void for 2 retweets and 10 likes. I swear autists in this thread lack reading comprehension

No. 1542869

Shayna makes porn for serial killers and people who hate women (more so then the average woman hating scrote whose addicted to porn). Even the porn she does with other people is sexless. Her being punched or something weird.
It's not even extreme enough to get off men who really like seeing women being beat or harmed. She sexualizes shit thats not sexy to a large amount of people, while also not being anything special to look at. She hates sex and only views it as a tool to lure in scrotes. She'd have more jobs if she did pro shit, but I don't think Shay's in high demand for normal porn. Or even BDSM shit.

No. 1542890

Lately it seems like this site is just e-whores trying to put eachother down or seething radfem legbeards. Nothing inbetween.

No. 1542894

>I swear autists in this thread lack reading comprehension
Which is incredible considering I didn't say you were a sex worker. I said I think its extremely strange that people like Shayna are envious of her. Wheres that reading comprehension you were talking about, autist?

No. 1542903

NTA, why do you find it strange that a sex worker who craves fame and is already dead inside, would want to be like another pornstar, whose also dead inside, has some fame and is making money and somewhat known? It makes perfect sense why people like Shay would want to be like Chloe or hate that Chloe is what/where they want to be.
She literally has the story of making parody porn and then being chosen to be on a hit tv show. Thats exactly what Shayna thinks. All it takes is for someone to notice her for her, "Big break" to happen. She's that special.

No. 1542917

Ayrt. I think I just find it baffling that anybody can look at Chloe Cherry and think "I want to be her". Even people like Shay, I just can't comprehend how they can see Cherry and not have a moment where they go "wow. Is this the path I'm on?". Cherry is like a South Park style caricature of a porn star where everything about her is cartoonishly wrong but people around her are still clapping and cheering despite her being an absurd anorexic dead eyed drug addict with fucked lips. Arguably she isn't even a success story considering the pedo director of Euphoria just so happened to find her through a Euphoria porn parody

No. 1542920

Can you spergs take it to the celebricows thread or something?

No. 1542922

>>porn star where everything about her is cartoonishly wrong but people around her are still clapping and cheering despite her being an absurd anorexic dead eyed drug addict with fucked lips
They want this. Cherry is skinny, blonde, looks like a brain dead bimbo, acts or looks dumb (can't tell which), and has people who are fans & cheering her on. Walking runways.
You telling me Shayna Clifford, whining on 5/28/22 would'nt want that life? Shayna is already DEAD inside. She already wants empty praise and being told she's perfect and being admired.
You think she'd be pissing in diapers, if she could be doing what Chloe does?Shayna's just as much as a retard as Chloe, Chloe is just an retard being rewarded for her retardness while Shayna & Co are getting pennies.

No. 1542948

All I said was she’s doing better than Shayna and had her big break, retired from porn at 24 and isn’t struggling for rent money. You can say her lips are cartoonish (they are) but she is not ugly. That’s the reason she got some clout was because she’s pretty.

No. 1542952

I swear you can’t argue that someone who did porn is doing better in life than another degenerate in porn. It’s not white knighting to point out that’s she’s far more successful and has made a name for herself. Shayna is no where near that fame. She only has this small niche lolcow thread talking about her, while the whole internet and euphoria fans are talking about her big lips and how weird she looks.(derailing )

No. 1542956

File: 1653776030926.jpeg (246.84 KB, 1242x854, 3DB45FC3-A4C6-4E69-8698-4EFB77…)

Shayna! you are not a bimbo. At least go through the “steps” if you want to claim that gross title, dumbass or just shut up and stick to fatty feeder porn

No. 1542970

They should make it, so then she can whine about how all the "Stereotypical blonde, white and thin" Bimbos are more popular in it and she's not.

No. 1543002

100%. Shayna was that kid who would eat grods things for a dollar and attention.

No. 1543003

She was probably the kid who blurted out weird or embrassing things she did/or about herself to get attention. I could see her always trying to one up somebody. I seriously wonder what went wrong. Did she not get enough attention? or did she not get as much attention as she thinks she deserved from her parents?
it's crazy how kids turn out, her brother is graduationing from college and Shayna's crying about not being as successful as her "friends" while selling musty ass & diaper pictures

No. 1543013

File: 1653780805305.jpeg (64.88 KB, 640x480, D396E988-83B7-4C76-9CFA-AE6640…)

No. 1543026

anon, i love you for this

No. 1543031

This made me audibly laugh, well done nonny

No. 1543068

File: 1653790078181.jpeg (319.85 KB, 828x944, BE5812C5-369B-47F4-B0C9-C20479…)

No. 1543074

>greedy bitch
She’s such a cunt. She used to demand payment for anyone with questions about sex work. If shay had a large following, you know damn well she would charge $500 for promos.

Ngl sometimes I wish I had this level of delusion kek

No. 1543078

>I’ve had more obstacles than other swer
Like what? You’re not the only ewhore with a thread on this website kek

No. 1543079

i’d love her to describe these “struggles”. besides being a lazy fatass that doesn’t like to drink water or wash herself.

No. 1543081

>>Being yelled at for shit she said as a minor
>>trump porn call out
>> This website
Thats all I can think about. Other sex workers don't have parents who even talk to them, Shayna has parents that not only talk to her, but will pay for college. She saw how Vivi lives. There's legit crackheads with abusive boyfriends, selling their ass online/irl life, but Shayna think she's winning the, "I got it hard" contest?
What has she lost except for her mind from all of this? Seriously? She still has her parents/family. Fupaul just used her and moved on, which should be the trash taking itself out.
She could stop today, change her name and never get online again and have a better life then most twitter sex workers. Shit even some non-sex workers. Only due to her parents having the money to help her fix her life and actually willing to do so.

No. 1543083

but i thought she was a famous tumblr ddlg porn star kween? didnt she used to be BIG on tumblr so when she started she was already famouz with lotz of followrzz!!!?
just accept youre a failure. and stop the diaper bs maybe it will get u the money youre losing for being a cartoon fatty.
but honestly, who am i kidding, to be a desired bimbo queen she has to born again.

No. 1543089

She stopped saying fren. Lurk much, Shayna?

No. 1543094

This was absolutely that troon "mom" whatever the fuck their name is. Something with an L.
Shes not a survival sex worker. Her family may not have applauded her for spreading her ass for creepy coomers, but theyve never cut her off and still make efforts. All her generic "struggles" have been self induced and not particularly awful in the grand scheme. The fuck is she on about. She cant smoke weed so shes hitting the copium hard this week after seeing her family.

No. 1543099

>>“More obstacles than most others”
Coming from a person who literally was handed most of life’s privileges and could have done anything else, ughhhh what a narcissist

No. 1543137

File: 1653797159794.jpeg (Spoiler Image,761.79 KB, 828x1308, 11E068D2-F492-4B3A-8CC9-A0D864…)

Unspoilered with caution, Shayna’s gross gasped asshole and vagina

No. 1543138

what obstacles? becoming obese and developing a diaper fetish? cannot believe i once thought there was any hope for this woman.

No. 1543148

File: 1653798847243.jpeg (Spoiler Image,188.77 KB, 828x1106, 51849B9F-B4AC-41B4-AEAC-4C1A7D…)

No. 1543150

File: 1653799160253.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.49 MB, 1216x1508, 2DCA48AF-5D62-4EB7-ABD8-2ED8B0…)

Shaynus got two buttholes

No. 1543154

Anon I think you need a new hobby

No. 1543161

Her asshole is fukn wrecked. Damn.

No. 1543169

I was wondering if it is normal to have that jagged shape on the top. Also wondering why I zoomed in

No. 1543170

I know vaginas can stretch and don’t get loose but why does it look like she’s just given birth and the stretching hasn’t gone down yet? Both her asshole and vagina look so sore and irritated this is the worst thing I’ve seen her do.

No. 1543171

The worst part is she’s risking anal prolapse for 0 interaction. She’s trying her hardest to go viral and she’s really not getting how gross she is

No. 1543186

Ew it dripped on the bed, and there’s dog hair all over the sheets so I doubt it ever gets washed

No. 1543191

i also zoomed in idk why but those white dots and white thing inside her vagina looks really nasty mega ewwww

No. 1543237


Nta but I found this from back in the Fupa days

No. 1543238

Shoving something up your ass is never going to go viral. There's women that have shoved water melons inside themselves and the only places that it was uploaded to was 4chan's /b/ and efukt. Shay is never going to be the next Kirk Johnson.

No. 1543239

Destroying your own holes because you refuse to use lube and fuck yourself with a butt plug. Bleaque.

No. 1543244

I know she doesn’t realise most people aren’t into gore/gross fetish porn. She’d have more luck trying to go viral as the homely girl next door

No. 1543254

i think just like any skin on the human body, but esp such sensitive skin on your ass and genitals, the years of merciless abuse and zero lube or natural wetness has really done a number on her. also chronic dehydration.

No. 1543281

it's so grim that her skirt matches the pt skirt in the spoiler and makes it look like you blitzed the spoiler's asshole

No. 1543294

I can’t unsee it

No. 1543442

Jesus christ nona why'd you have to say that kek

No. 1543458

What Is that lil chunk of meat inside? I haven't seen many bootyholes in my day, but none looked red and raw on the inside. Like she stuffed greasy raw hamburger meat up there.Can someone explain? Is that shit normal? Or the beginning of prolaspe? It almost looks like low quality video game gore guts

No. 1543469


No. 1543480

Irritated rectum, which is what comes out when a prolapse happens.

No. 1543485

i know it gets said every thread….but god damn she has the most unfortunate, withered ballsack pussy. she could put a flat tire to shame.

No. 1543504

>she could put a flat tire to shame.

holy fuck I kek'd. You poetic anons with such descriptive language are why I don't have to suffer and open spoilers in shat's threads yet I still feel like I know exactly what horrors lie beneath

No. 1543509

Christ, how would she even deal with a prolapse. Bleak shit

No. 1543512

A fun trip with Mumma to the ER!

No. 1543517

Is she even aware of the damage she is doing to her rectum? Is she that stupid? Or is she happy that she’ll have to spend the latter half of her life wearing diapers (not in a kinky way)

No. 1543529

Worked as a private caregiver and had a client that had a prolapsed anus. I would have to wipe her ass. She was really embarrassed by it and it was honestly horrible. It protruded 2 inches. Sometimes it would be further out and other times it wasn’t as bad. Welcome to a glimpse of your future shatna

No. 1543530

there’s extreme gore porn where prolapses are a fetish. she’ll just move onto that shit, bet.

No. 1543570

I've never trusted Indigo White (the alt-right trad whore and one of the few people shayna still interacts with) or Micky Moon. I am willing to bet real money both of those whores lurk this thread to feel better about themselves.

No. 1543573

File: 1653850168289.jpeg (379.1 KB, 1242x870, 855DB9B0-0999-4786-AD31-C68644…)

No. 1543596

I looked at the German wikipedia site for rectal prolapse and nothing in this thread could have prepared me for that, and here I am, thinking that some nasty hemorrhoids would be her next big problem.

No. 1543598

>multiple outfit changes a day
kek, we haven't seen her in the same damn outfits nearly every day for the last months, haven't we?

No. 1543608

File: 1653852155466.jpg (Spoiler Image,36.16 KB, 345x222, Ohnowhy.jpg)

Anyone with a prolapse fetish needs put down.

No. 1543611

she's changing her outfits multiple times a day because he butthole is broken and she's shitting herself constantly

No. 1543618

kek she doesnt even shower everyday

No. 1543624

She tries so hard to flex

No. 1543633

OMG, yes! I noped out of opening the images but kept reading, so I got grossed out anyway. Guess good sense should’ve told me to just close the thread.

No. 1543717

File: 1653864099340.jpeg (Spoiler Image,112.54 KB, 556x524, BB504137-6256-4C87-8EC9-E1B6B0…)

I think the inside of a butt is just lumpy like that. The whole digestive track is lumpy. Shayna is so delusional to think this is an attractive look

No. 1543723

Comedic fart anon?

No. 1543730

some things are to bleak even for a comedian fart

No. 1543732

She said in another tweet she has 4 vids to release over her vacation. And you know, to be fair, thats more than shes done in a month these last years, so its actually surprising. She managed to do her job this week. She must really ne sweating over her dwindling subs and income kek. But imagine if she applied this (bare minimum albeit) effort all the time?

No. 1543733

A spoiler wasn't enough for this

No. 1543736

nah these are gonna be the same shit and we know she wont be making any sales anyway so good luck with whatever youre trying to accomplish Shayna.

No. 1543753

There are a few things in life that make me wretch and freak out to see images of and one is prolapsed butthole. It's fucking disgusting. I feel people who have a fetish for it are just people sadistic who like to see people destroy themselves in the name of porn which is just as messed up.

No. 1543774

File: 1653870690221.jpeg (195.95 KB, 1080x1348, ED203A5A-15BC-40E6-8D00-816A30…)

No. 1543783

Oh definitely. Im not talking about quality. Im just amazed that shes done more content this week than almost the entire year so far. And it's weird because she fucks off for weeks and has gone on trips before and never planned anything. So she must really be worried about making rent next month lol

No. 1543784

why does it look weird on the front?
i was suggesting some high waisted clothes but her gut is still showing lol

No. 1543786

That isnt comedic, thats horror.

What the fuck is going on in that skirt? She looks like shes wearing a fanny pack across her crotch???

No. 1543789

skirt’s cheap and too small, it’s just bunching up because it doesn’t fit

No. 1543791

im pretty sure thats it! also tinfoil but when she called out Sol this last time, the fact that she puts that never got paid back for wtvr it was, came out as desesperate for money to me; its been so long.

No. 1543802

The skirts an improvement, the hair is a improvement. It's just the 90's family dollar headband and the ugly long sleeved shirt.

No. 1543816


Slowly getting closer to becoming mrs. fupa

No. 1543823


It's better than pink for sure. But she's three different skin tones. Also, it looks like the skirt is in her size, but not the right fit. She needs a slip or some spanks to smooth her lumps out, but she looks like she has piss poor circulation already. Probably wouldn't help.

No. 1543843

She should get some skims or shape wear she’s so lumpy

No. 1543845

Her underwear is way too tight and making her bulge even more

No. 1543847

I can’t tell if that shirt is supposed to be white, beige, or grey.

No. 1543857

Her new shein haul must have arrived. The blue is an improvement but that skirt is so cheap and horribly fitting. It’s the right size but the wrong cut. It does nothing for her.

No. 1543871

Nonnies, she has a "taste for high fashion" obviously!

No. 1543882

yeah but just above her knee looks weird, well maybe bad editing, the blurring is too obvious

No. 1543923

File: 1653883822084.jpeg (439.48 KB, 1284x1023, 090DD330-F2AB-4959-917A-4360D3…)

This is a few days old but its incredibly ironic considering shayna started off on tumblr because stoner blogs were a popular trend and then when cringe ageplay uwu porn got popular she made that her whole personality and has been riding that wave ever since. she thinks she is so above everyone else its hilarious

No. 1543924

everyone focused on her skirt but i'm more annoyed that she is doing that fucken scene kid fringe grab pose in the left pic. and the headband. it's 2022.

No. 1543968

File: 1653891054054.jpeg (269.33 KB, 828x940, 30954009-6EDF-4948-AEE1-B15646…)

Irish farmers, prepare. She's coming.

No. 1543982

She’ll never be Mrs. Fupa

No. 1543996

Have a nice breakfast mimosa at 6 a.m., Shay!!

No. 1544012

What the fuck is that fupa/stomach/crotch/thigh area shoop. Shayna just lose fucking weight and you won’t have to abuse the liquify tool like this

No. 1544031

Who would want to be married to that loser anyway? I don't understand her obsession with him. He's no better than any of her gross coomers. You say this like it's a bad thing. He's also clearly a narcissist and Shart seems to be dependent. That's probably why they gravitated towards each other.

No. 1544060

She would take any guy who is in her age group. Look at what she did for Sol the corset wearer. She actually paid money to go and suck his dick for him. I think she only agreed to go to vivis because she thought she’d be able to get with her scrote outside of what they were supposed to film. She pretends she’s into old gross men because that’s the only people who are interested in her but in reality she’s desperate for guys her own age to notice her.

No. 1544077

But why would she claim the scrote assaulted her / harassed her at Vivis if she wanted him? Wouldn’t she have jumped on his dick?

No. 1544078

Idk why she doesn’t make regular porn/girl next door looks. There are more scrotes who fit the generic porn/of girl demographic than retarded pedo diaper play

No. 1544082

She only said that because Vivi called her out. Guarantee if Vivi had never made that post, Shayna wouldn't have said shit. We already saw her try to spin Vivi kissing her ear as some type of awful sexual assault.

No. 1544087


She probably would have fucked him if she thought she could get away with it. Not even from being attracted to him, but the idea of stealing another woman's man and being a real "homewrecker" would be enough for her.

There's no way you can convince me she's attracted to Ellen or "the dad". They're just all she can pull rn. If she got her warts removed, her tit fixed, and her internet history scrubbed, she could at least pull another fupa type. (hopefully without kids). Oh, and also she'd need to drink water and shower twice a day, so nevermind.

No. 1544092


She's too ugly for that at the moment. She's probably one of the better looking diaper fags, considering most of those appear to be morbidly obese, or scrotes, or morbidly obese scrotes.

No. 1544128

Out of the women doing it for pay she’s definitely low tier kek.

No. 1544200

File: 1653923388084.jpeg (1.06 MB, 1242x1815, 4D963232-2D7E-47B5-B366-48A468…)

No. 1544203

File: 1653923427151.jpeg (219.44 KB, 870x1594, 04C206AC-9502-4E26-A597-25F827…)

Shaynus and Ellen are tied as the ugliest bitch in Renton, Washington.

No. 1544207

To me the craziest thing about Shay is how much she can’t self-edit. Even with the filter, how can she look at this picture and think it looks good enough to post? She looks like an ill older woman going to the airport in weird pajamas. Like if I saw Shay with that stuffed animal and outfit I would think she was an autistic woman on her way to a new group home out of state.

No. 1544215

File: 1653925241322.jpg (81.65 KB, 492x545, img_2950.jpg)

she's the prime example for how ugly thoughts make you ugly. spend your early twenties being a pedo degenerate and after less than 5 years you'll look as haggard as this bitch. AGP smirk, rat eyes, amberlynn reid mouth and everything.

No. 1544237

The “harassment” she said she suffered was him telling her she could make a video sucking his dick if she wanted to. That’s what she decided was harassment. In vivis version she didn’t deny he’d offered her that, but it was after she’d spent hours bitching about how she lost money because Sol wouldn’t let her sell the video they made together. She also said Shatna would flirt with the scrote whenever vivi was out of the room. I’m not saying he’s a good guy, he is a scrote after all, but I think Shat went there thinking she could steal him from vivi because she is desperate for a scrote her own age and he was one who accepted the degenerate whore situation both her and vivi are/were involved in.

No. 1544241

the pockets of that hoodie are directly over her boobs, what the actual fuck is going on there

No. 1544243

Is her hair like that because it's curly and she tries to straighten it? Her hair has the worst texture I've ever seen

No. 1544253

it's a crop top hoodie, those are sold everywhere atm. they are supposed to be like that.

No. 1544262

why does she feel the need to take and post a selfie like this. Her face and hair look like shit. that’s expected, she woke up at 5 am to go to the airport and most people look like shit under those circumstances. But most people don’t take a million fucking selfies of their ugly mug when they do that. Not to mention the ugly cheap tracksuit. Y2K mcbling fashion is notoriously unforgiving on anyone with any body fat whatsoever. If she thinks this is a good look, she’s delusional.

No. 1544274

wow a bimbo who change outfits multiple times a day wearing the same tracksuit she wears everyday & everytime she goes to the airport, what a surprise!

thats because she is so ugly. like for real ugly. i mean if these pics were the best looking for her, she must look like shit irl.

not really, the pockets should be on her underboob and the hoodie is supposed to be at your waist line but this fridge unshaped fatso with saggy tits cant pull anything off.

No. 1544304

File: 1653931375012.jpg (125.18 KB, 714x661, Screenshot_20220530-102119_Goo…)

No. 1544308

>the audacity to think this is a flattering or an attractive photo
I wish I had this much delusion kek

No. 1544327

Kek is she at the very back of the plane? Very rich successful thriving bimbo of her

No. 1544335

alcohol, nona, it's alcohol, she doesn't realise what she really looks like and thinks she looks good, because her brain doesn't have time to tell her the truth.

No. 1544355

File: 1653935984878.jpeg (103.33 KB, 828x450, 0D1BC4E0-0C24-4059-A117-4645F8…)

Again, did Shayna even go on a flight if she doesn’t talk about free alcohol?

No. 1544360

File: 1653936346928.jpeg (382.31 KB, 1080x1585, 5C5A4216-6B2A-4B74-9800-BFE52A…)

Definitely had too much “free wine” today

No. 1544366

Right I've noticed shes been doing that stupid arm pose more lately in a pathetic attempt to make her hammy arms look skinny.

No. 1544367

dear god. the greasy hair. the necro tit. the comically large scrunchie. the indentation lines from her fat roll coming in contact with her too-tight track suit.the sad chewed up fingernails. what a sexy, youthful bimbo, you guys!

No. 1544369


Oof. I don't want to look that up so I'll take your word for it. I guess that explains why she's always e-begging

No. 1544394

Hoooooooooooly fuck WOW looking rough there shaynus!

No. 1544421

She has the complexion of gone off deli meat.

No. 1544445

now we know where she gets the meat for her charcuterie boards

No. 1544462

I don't understand why she seems to brag about it - that's a normal part of flying

No. 1544463

She seriously looks like a woman letting her stomach hang out of her clothes because she has indigestion. It’s so not sexy, its just a woman with her stomach out in a toilet. So does she pay for wifi on these flights to post this ugly shit or what

No. 1544467

Usually 90% of women I see aren't wearing any make-up, but Shayna is the first one that looks weird to me.

No. 1544469

Shes really too stupid to realize that stuff is complimentary. Probably doesn't know what that word means.

No. 1544482

At this point I think she just pretends it’s because “she’s pretty” since it would be too embarrassing to admit that it’s just part of the service of the plane or something. This is your brain after you spend years just drinking sugary drinks, alcohol and not even a single drop of water even by mistake.

No. 1544488

>>smoking hot
The most depressing half assed bathroom barely nude youve ever seen. She looks like an fat boy with moobs. Unshapely and unflattering as hell.

No. 1544489

I guess she assumes her coomers never leave the house to know. She definitely thinks shes flexing whether she knows the stuff is truly free or not.

No. 1544491

It’s free cause it’s a step up from isopropyl alcohol. Kek seriously tho, airplane wine is horrific and it’s not a surprise they give it away. It’s free for everyone, shat. Just like the snack mix.

No. 1544498

She's probably on a delta flight from the letters behind her and I think they do give out drinks for free. Not the flex she thinks it is regardless.

No. 1544509

When I ride delta I only get free wine if I pay for “delta plus” or “delta comfort” or whatever it is called these days. Otherwise they pull out a credit card reader.

Anyhow, if her flight does give out free wine they probably are rolling their eyes about how much she is indulging

No. 1544520

File: 1653949887809.jpeg (380.92 KB, 1650x1442, 2D274BE8-7311-4EC0-A8C1-60BC3E…)

I feel sorry for whoever has to sit with her. I don’t understand why this dumbass drinks when she was just at the hospital

No. 1544530

Shatna would never fly a legacy airline unless it’s on her parents dime so Delta is fitting. Otherwise she’s more allegiant/spirt caliber

No. 1544553

Ayrt, obviously this was a joke at Shayna’s expense because we all know she would love to be Mrs. Fupa but seethes other everyday about him moving on while he lives rent free in her head. Please touch grass, it was a joke

No. 1544576

Her tits are so saggy. Titty touching her bellybutton

No. 1544583

File: 1653955745240.jpeg (216.25 KB, 828x838, 5D656B6B-FE0A-4F37-9B94-F1E2FF…)

Guess the Ireland trip is a gift from Dad not Mom

No. 1544584

it looks like she has literally NO eyelashes… i feel like she ruined her natural lashes wearing those ugly falsies all the time but having no lashes and those puffy ass eyes… haggard to say the least

No. 1544612

Could be, but also she does have lightish hair so she could just have light eyelashes that you can't see properly without mascara

No. 1544639

Dad has more money, she's made fun of her mom before for being a city clerk or something similar. Even when it comes to her own family she's extremely superficial.

No. 1544646

The audacity to make fun of her mom for her job when there is actual visual evidence on the Internet of Shaynus licking her own shit off a dildo. That’s without all of her other disgusting stuff. The copium levels are off the scale.

No. 1544648

city clerks make decent salaries in Mass, like $60-80,000
Shauna could never

No. 1544682

File: 1653968020504.jpeg (521.59 KB, 1242x1532, 9AD015D2-6628-4EEE-9F33-1987C6…)

No. 1544685

File: 1653968099430.jpeg (440.49 KB, 1242x1610, 20210982-406F-48C9-8BAF-94E861…)


No. 1544699

At least she’s consistent… consistently pathetic in all aspects of her life

No. 1544701

Samefag, consistent in e-begging for attention, pennies, subs, etc. I do not envy her existence

No. 1544706

I have a specific pet peeve for Shaynus saying she is proud of herself

No. 1544730

She does realise e whores do this regularly, they trickle content through the month. Wow she’s been doing for 5 years and doesn’t know how to be efficient and consistent

No. 1544733

I can’t wait to see pictures of her diaper change for the next 30 days. Do you think she will still post on her Twitter? I can’t imagine her not.

No. 1544734

bitch thats your fucking job!!!! even at this basic shit you suck!!! lurking here is saving ur life fatso

No. 1544740

2 a day probably all from 1 photoset kinda doesnt seem all that exciting or enticing. Im not a porn sick coomer,but I'd think theres only so many pics of some random below average whore you'd need. Shes already got thousands on her OF and they're all pretty much the same.

No. 1544790

I am always so amazed by how incompetent and destitute she is lol. Legit just figured out to queue content when she should be planning this every month. Any “business” owner has to do this. No wonder why her family still consider her jobless. This brought her NOTHING after all those years.

No. 1544821

To be fair, she has qued in the past. She doesn’t normally need to do this because she usually has nothing else to do, and she probably prefers to actually post each day bc she is lonely.

No. 1544846

sorry but did she go on "vacation" to visit where her dad lives or did she go meet her dad and then go to Ireland?

No. 1544852

They’re likely flying together because he’s paying for it

No. 1544865

Good point. looking forward to my fellow potatofags getting a laugh out of Shayna's doughy ass in a cliffs of moher photo

No. 1544873

I wonder how beady and small her eyes are when she isn't forcing her brows to arch like an evil witch.

No. 1544874

Does anyone have the pic or vid of her licking shit off her dildo lol ikik gross qsf for wanting to see it sage for gross curiosity

No. 1544876

making a shaynus in Ireland bingo if anyone wants to contribute!

No. 1544884

Ireland ER

No. 1544900

> “Quirky” Guinness photo
> making a big deal out of a mediocre old man pub
> “Irish accents are so sexy where’s my uwu Irish daddies”
> terrible hotel / public nudes
> some form of “omg Europe is so weird they sell x at x”

No. 1544901

hoping she gets robbed by gypsies kek

No. 1544909

>post about how she’s been “totally sober” from weed followed immediately by a post of her with a glass of wine
>multiple posts about her dad on her SW Twitter
>fake story about how someone found her attractive and did x and x or said x and x.

No. 1544915

File: 1654002023671.jpg (514.41 KB, 1080x1274, gobshayna.jpg)

No. 1544918

She's about to lose so much money between this trip and Boston and all the hospital stays as it all adds up to her not working and relying on passive income from dribs and drabs of identical photosets.
This will be a blast!

No. 1544923

She might mistake a gypsy wedding event as a baby bimbo convention kek

No. 1544926

Don’t forget posting some inappropriate story about her brother again

No. 1544932

I wonder if her step sister will be going as well

No. 1544950

Talking of over priced cocktail pics, I’m fully betting on her absolutely fawning over some place and it fully turning out to be a Slug & Lettuce / All Bar One kinda place

No. 1544955

Weatherspoons is so bimbo

No. 1545009

File: 1654012479897.jpeg (222.27 KB, 640x1136, A91445BB-0D1A-4B83-BFFC-DD9FDF…)

Let’s be friends nonni

No. 1545017

go hiontach fellow potato fag, bualadh bos! Can’t wait to play lmao

No. 1545023

has she gone this long without taking new gross pics before? maybe without weed, booze, and breaking the habit of taking pics of her blown out bhole, she might realize how disgusting this all is. but probably not

No. 1545025

some of these will involve her interacting with locals… stay safe irish nonnies

No. 1545028

If anyone actually gets a shot of her in the wild, it would be glorious

No. 1545039

Reminds me, but if she’s going with her dad then that means the step mom and step daughter are going to. How much do you think shats gonna hate herself when she sees her step sister look amazing in summer wear while she’s stuck in her dingy pinks?

No. 1545061

Have nonnies seen her stepsister? Is she just some skinny teenager or something?

No. 1545099

She was posted in the thread that got deleted for family pictures and information being posted. I believe she’s the same age as Shayna and she is quite pretty.

No. 1545148

Soz to blogpost but, but she’s known about this trip for how long? Was a similar size to Shay and clocked it about 6 weeks ago and in that time managed to lose a dress size and about 20lb. I don’t get why if she wanted to play “hot international jet set barbie” she didn’t as soon as the flights were confirmed put down the door dash and hit the gym.

Not to spoon feed, but was it actually confirmed Ellen was going with her or was it just tinfoil that’s who she was going with before her dad was confirmed?

No. 1545188

File: 1654022817932.jpeg (1.06 MB, 1170x1533, AE879341-1F2D-4598-A258-2A52DC…)

No. 1545197

>successfully finished
what does she think finishing means? kek
also i don't think she ever "successfully finished" reading any book judging by her poor phrasing

No. 1545217

Like she can even comprehend it while she’s drunk

No. 1545238

wtf is she wearing

No. 1545243

Didn't she "read" this the last time she was there?

No. 1545263

She just takes the book out with the intention of taking a pic of it and setting it down. She wants to be uwu quirky and not like other girls.

No. 1545264

Maith thú anon.

No. 1545267

what was the point of flying back home she couldn’t have stayed with her mom when she was at her brothers graduation? Like I don’t get it

No. 1545279

She had to pretend to take care of her 3 animals she never sees

No. 1545292

The Ellen thing was tinfoil because she made a post a couple weeks ago saying she was going to be out of town until mid June or something and it seemed to line up with Shays Ireland trip. But who knows. Maybe thats why Shat had to board Noodle too. Its possible Ellen Degenerate is just doing her own trip to see a scrote or with her own family.
Shat hasnt posted that MuMmA was coming with

No. 1545296

File: 1654028814770.png (193.77 KB, 393x828, Screenshot_20220531-131711_1.p…)

I think they planned one trip and her Dad bought the tickets, and the second trip was an afterthought. Canceling or changing flights can be expensive so easier to just fly back, take pics of her animals to pretend to care, and leave again. Or, my tinfoil is Shay's dad realizes his daughter is an ungrateful whore and knew he'd be seeing her this trip (even if she is going with friends, since that seems unconfirmed). So he also bought her a ticket to visit her mom and go to her brother's graduation since she wouldn't spend it make the effort herself.

Screenshot of anons post screenshotting anons post, milkception.
Maybe if stream anon is around they could clarify. Someone else claims she was going with her mom, but with 2 trips confused anons are understandable.

No. 1545297

It's her go to edgy "I totes read" thing. She definitely pulled it out last time she was there. Mustve gotten the "serial killers are so interesting and hot" thing from Tumblr too or its her weird "omg I luv the 60s Im so unique" thing because her dad is into it and she's a fucking freak about her dad.

No. 1545317

I was the Anon who thought she said she was going with her mom so I went back and checked and she actually said she was going with “friends.” She probably just wanted to be vague

No. 1545333

mom and dad trying to top each other
mom wanting her at the brother’s graduation but not wanting her smelly underpantsless ass around her house for a week
maybe combo platter of both

No. 1545355

Some gickna from Ballymun or the flats near Eden Quay is going to try and fuck her, just watch. I predict selfies with men in Canada Goose jackets

No. 1545383

Girl just listen to a podcast, it's less embarrassing. You know everyone know that you don't have the mental faculty to process past the twitter character limit.

No. 1545448


No. 1545452

KEK. looking forward to all the absolutely shite craic to come from her!

No. 1545540

File: 1654046452468.jpeg (904.79 KB, 1170x1385, 6284AB59-981F-4C5D-ADBC-EA7B5D…)


No. 1545572

File: 1654049640116.jpeg (1.52 MB, 1242x1975, A8391208-D8EB-4CFE-B552-0EF2B3…)

Sage for autism but do you guys think big shanus gets her inspiration to shoot photos on the floor from tabby ridimin? They’re both E thots and I just couldn’t help but notice the similarities in tabs floor photo shoot here versus shaynas(derailing)

No. 1545574

yeah, you're autistic.

No. 1545575

Ew you have bad contouring makeup skills. I can see the brown smudges on your pig nose. Stop self posting PS You have shitty tats

No. 1545576

It’s literally not a self post but okay lol

No. 1545579

Damn that’s some scary ass contouring. Smells like a self post but the reason they shoot on the floor is because they have 0 budget to do something nice and don’t bother to put effort in anyway

No. 1545581

Fuck, the nose contour, the weird eyebrow lift expression, these ewhore/thots always look so ridiculous!

No. 1545582

damn I remember her from her scene queen days thats sad.

No. 1545584

tabby ridiman is retarded. i saw her on my tiktok timeline and genuinely thought she was special needs because of how she acts.

i wouldnt put it past her to self post, its always insecure whores coming on here to make themselves feel better about begging for change on the internet by comparing themselves to the biggest leech of all: shay lmao

No. 1545586

>girl shoots photo on the floor
>ThE SiMilAriTies

Sorry you think Shaynus is copying you. No one cares tho and you’re both pathetic

No. 1545588

stop doing the dreamworks smile, you look special needs

No. 1545589

Samefag, had a quick lurk because i genuinely didn’t even know who tabby was, but yep, she is definitely special needs and her nose is still ugly as sin

No. 1545593

Lol okay, I’m not gonna dox myself to prove I’m not tabby. I just noticed a similarity in her back drop and fuzzy carpet, as I’ve seen shanus do photo shoots with a hundred times. But you guys are probably right, they shoot on the floor cause they can’t afford to shoot any where else. So cue the cheap Walmart home decor with ass out for 3$.

No. 1545599

damn the nose contour remind me of Shayna and all e thots are the same, but at least her body looks nice.

No. 1545608

Why is it always the ugly bitches who selfpost

No. 1545656

Because the “hot” e whores are busy making money

No. 1545662

Oh fuck, I remember this girl from her uwu holds up spork days. She used to be pretty big on 4chan…. this shows pretty clearly what that kind of lifestyle/attention seeking does to you. She must be only in her mid 20s at this point but she is looking so rough and so much different.
And that's just objectively looking at her face, trying to ignore the fact that she's crawling around on the ground making a fool of herself for a handful of coomers who are probably only around because they remember her from when she was 4chan's "jailbait".

No. 1545667

She's 28, her knowyourmeme page says she was 15 in 2009

No. 1545670

Ok but Im laughing because theyre set ups look identical. Like Shay had the fuzzy rug and stool, ugly pink pillows, and grandma lace backdrop at her last place. Plus tacky outlet in frame. I mean these stupid e whores really are a penny a dozen. But no, I dont think she specifically copied this bitch. Theres just no originality and taste to be found amongst any of them.

No. 1545678

It's sad when people who get their 5 seconds of fame as a teenager never get over it and just constantly act like a teenager.

No. 1545679

File: 1654061477311.jpeg (973.83 KB, 1170x1426, 32EC4182-3B25-436A-BC46-D41963…)

To be fair, that is a terrible picture of her. She can also be found trying to look like a 2009 scene kid making mashed potatoes with her feet last week. /derail.(derailing)

No. 1545684

It cost you 0 dollars to post this. There’s nothing strikingly similar that you had to post. The same ham colored shorts and crusty floor rug. It smells like self post because no one knows who this is and they’re ugly.
She’s arching her back kek see >>1545679
She’s ugly asf and is boxy

No. 1545705

You can not reverse time you sad sad woman

No. 1545730

tabby should be posted in another general thread (not sure where she fits tbh). i don't know if she's still milky but i remember her from her 4chan days when she was trying to be the new boxxy, everyone seemed to forget about her when she got with a retarded country scrote much older than her and got pregnant. weird seeing her posted here

No. 1545736

Maybe the personal cows thread? Sounds mildly interesting

No. 1545773

File: 1654074170133.png (128.4 KB, 533x308, 63F267D1-D5E7-463F-BC2C-A49E77…)

This makes me kek every time

No. 1545792

Holy shit, is this an edit? When was Shat THIS fat?! Top kek

No. 1545821

File: 1654084001691.jpeg (Spoiler Image,434.95 KB, 1080x2145, 97EF45BB-D6C2-44C1-AB60-FD4068…)

Nope. From thread 64, December 2020

No. 1545831


WHOA hamplanet realness. Surely she has lost at least a little weight since then? Sure she's chunky now but shes looking almost morbidly obese there..

No. 1545834

she’s turning into kim petras

No. 1545887

It’s because that’s how toddlers dance when they’re excited… I’m going to vomit.

No. 1545952

I know its been said over and over, but she looks so fucking much like Yaniv here.

No. 1545956

I’m certain there was a tabby thread on here at one point but don’t think she’s that interesting tbh
She was pretty well known at one point online. You don’t speak for everyone although granted that was a weird post

No. 1545966

This was peak likeness - her unintentional "Yaniv Cosplay" kek.

Also yeah I do think she has lost a little bit of weight (maybe because she lacks the funds for so much takeout nowadays) since then. She was looking pretty huge, it wasnt just the wig and stuff there.
Shes still a fatty with a really unfortunate body and face, but she hasnt continued to pork up into obesity. She does edit and filter, suck in and angle the fuck out of her content though. So the only way to tell most accurately what she really looks like is in vids and cam shows.

No. 1545977

Agree. She had her five minutes of fame trying to one up Boxxy back in the day, got knocked up and some stupid shit on the ED page about a leaked voicemail from her mom in regards to the pregnancy. Pretty sure she was a desperate self poster even back then. I don't see why she warrants a thread after so many years. Its basically a reward to her. That other anon must be real young.

Its honestly freaky. I had to do a double take. She simultaneously looks like Yaniv and Sarah Sanderson. The fat girl mouth is too much.

No. 1545980

and thats the reason why she stop doing cam and also thats why her videos arent the same as before, now theyre all from the same pov

No. 1546001

File: 1654102364892.jpeg (442.39 KB, 1170x1324, EA6F1BAF-37AF-40F8-8439-163260…)

Hmmmm but you were just telling your mom how you are to support yourself with just SW

No. 1546006

File: 1654102586500.jpeg (488.41 KB, 2471x2140, B9371758-A3AC-48D3-8F40-3380D6…)

It’s June now. The whole month of Shaynus being extra annoying about ~muh birffday month uwu reimburse muh doordash~

No. 1546008

File: 1654102682609.jpeg (454.2 KB, 2287x1132, C4A39E24-CDFC-44C8-9C7A-867F1C…)

Filters change her whole face and Facetune makes her less fat in pictures

No. 1546010

oh okay i see the yaniv comparison now. actually uncanny wtf.

No. 1546013

Where’s the anon that called this, literally verbatim?

No. 1546015

File: 1654103200648.jpeg (511.91 KB, 1162x759, 5EA71341-F646-4843-A123-4FCCBC…)

Jonathan Yaniv and Shane Yaniv are long lost brothers who fight against transphobia. Shaynus and Jessica are real women. sarcasm in case retards are confused

No. 1546016

File: 1654103205951.jpeg (748.25 KB, 828x1404, 4AA9C70B-9F47-414F-A495-934EBE…)

No. 1546017

Shes so weird. I can't tell if she's specifically posting about true crime to make herself seem "muhsterious and edgy" or if thats the only book she probably owns but the juxtaposition between Shaynas "hobbies" are always so strange. SpongeBob, Pedo porn, Disney movies and Charles Manson? Go outside, touch the green stuff that's growing on the ground. There might not be an endless supply of pink wine but at least it stops you from having the personal interests of someone from deviantart with a learning disability.

No. 1546022

I think she only owns the one book as you said, and it was a gift someone gave to her when she was a teenager and into shit like that. Her interests have regressed since then apparently - although I can imafine she only pretends to like Disney for the pedopandering points. Or she is in fact fully retarded. It is hilarious that she only ever posts a picture with that exact book.

No. 1546023

File: 1654103515600.jpeg (753.42 KB, 828x1470, 597AA7DA-218B-437A-BAEF-0E1AF3…)

Kek I can’t wait for the photographer to drop these on his website in HD

No. 1546033

Bragging about "Im thriving I have a 2bed in Seattle! My mom doesn't get that I support myself with sex work and my haterz can suck it theyre just jealous" kinda feels extra pathetic when you admit to being short on rent every month…
Also there's no way shes paying for her hospital trips (you either have insurance that covers it or you're paying $700+ per trip) so she's just lying for sympathy and to seem like less of a loser. I bet her parents have paid for the traveling expenses and tickets too. So shes short on rent because of airport mimosas and failing at sex work. Bleak.

No. 1546035

the blur on her face lmaoooo

No. 1546036

I don't even think she owns that book. It's her dad's. She only posts about it when she's there.

No. 1546039

She looks feral, but not in the uwu sexy way she wanted to. Looks more like a bear than wolf too. Grizzly.

No. 1546040

damn bitch not the angle not even the filter can hide that fat face and that fucking amberlynn mouth-chin lol

No. 1546044

Her dad actually got it for her for Christmas last year

No. 1546057

Ah. Performative of her to only touch it when she brings it when she visits him then lol.

No. 1546079

File: 1654107603106.jpeg (837.74 KB, 828x1094, ED058F33-81EA-4D9B-803A-D3B983…)

Her step sister is gorgeous, tan thin half Filipino sorority girl. Well traveled, popular, she’s got a decent tiktok and Instagram following. And she didn’t have to show the world her asshole to get it. She’s 23, a year younger then Shayna. She also has a brother, Shayna’s step brother who’s 22 and a university of Massachusetts graduate this year. Shayna is the only one of her siblings to not go to college

No. 1546080

Oh man, this explains sooooo much. Shat really has ruined herself and life out of spite.

No. 1546090

B-but Shaynus wrote in her SA bio she's well traveled! And she's popular did you know she's tumblr famous!? She has tons of Twitter followers and had like 500,000 tumblr followers. She's hot and your dad gives her your college fund monies! She's not like other girls! Her lights are empowered by old men!

No. 1546119

File: 1654112023421.jpeg (695.77 KB, 1200x1523, D8878760-92D5-4272-9244-AC68A7…)

I’d be so embarrassed if I was in Shayna’s place. Like she’s such an outcast. She can’t even claim she’s rich off of degrading herself. Sex work is so bleak. The only ones who have money are the ones who have been doing “professional” pornography for years. And even then it’s not enough to live off of so they branch out and become instagram influencers and promote things on social media. She’s more of a Barbie than Shayna ever will be. Pretty, educated, popular. Meanwhile Shayna is begging to make her account hit $300

No. 1546122

the blonde wig made her look massive.. good thing shes darker haired

No. 1546125

She looks too ana and her face looks absurdly long here. Lolcow will call anyone who isn't the cow in their thread attractive, huh. You see this with the treatment of Vivi, too.

I am sure Shayna seethes that her stepsister is ana, though. Lmao.

No. 1546135

You literally can’t see her face, chill chubby sperg.

No. 1546136

How does she only have $290? Isn't that really low for someone that still has some form of income?

No. 1546138

NTA, it's funny how you added chubby after but, you can see her face is really extremely long, it might just be the way it was censored though but it's freaking me out

No. 1546142

if she is young and half Filipino, that's just her body type, you know that different people have different body types? Not everyone can become a landwhale like Shayna.

that's low, I don't have real income because of education stuff, and I still have way more on my bank account than she does. She is such an inspiration to never do sex work or not to avoid getting further education. Honestly, if my rent would be 2,000 and that would be my cash balance, I would need to drink every day to feel a little bit calm, well, like she does.

No. 1546147

The difference is that her step sister isn't a fucking cow and anons only stroked Vivi's ego so as not to scare her off so she'd spill the details. I can't believe this even has to be explained. Some rotunds in here really do feel protective of fat shat, even going as far as to insult someone who obviously isn't anorexic and is doing well in life. Same anons are gonna head over to /g/ in a bit and crow about supporting other women.

No. 1546157

this is a cashapp balance, not her bank account. thankfully she’s not retarded enough to post screenshots of her bank account.

No. 1546159

If she can’t afford rent then her account likely will be close to zeroed out after she coughs it up. It’s insane that she doesn’t have any kind of savings at almost 25

No. 1546160

Those are just her proportions and she is half filipino not to race bait but a lot of Asians are gamines and they come off as a little bit kiddish and cutesy body wise. Shat is probably also jealous of that in her stepsister because she pedo baits with her big giant tall ass.

No. 1546162

nah youre still chubby and have you ever take a picture with portrait mode from the back camera? i guess you dont because thats how it makes u look.

No. 1546169

Yeah, I'm not trying to insult the girl I'm just saying her face does look long
Can you fucking read? I said NTA, I wasn't the anon who called her anorexic
Your logic doesn't even make sense, why are you so angry she has a long face? I never said it makes her ugly, and no, not every single person who takes a photo with the back camera has a long face, sorry for hitting a nerve nonny. You can go vent to edtwt now, hope you can break that 20 bmi soon.

No. 1546177

If you get to the point where you are mad that someone says that a cows step sister is attractive, who face you haven’t even seen but you decide to insult, and start a shit slinging argument over it, you need a break.

No. 1546182

For the second time, I am not >>1546125 Jfc

No. 1546200

This just makes her look like a furry who lives in the woods

No. 1546216

its the front (selfie) camera that makes your face look longer and skinnier though, at least in iphones.. but i digress

No. 1546244

I hate that I misread progress as prolapse.

No. 1546249

big fuckin shaynus indeed

No. 1546304

girlie's in her rabid animal era

No. 1546307

File: 1654121012238.jpeg (180.53 KB, 828x1432, 6391B3FC-8928-4B30-9933-C2EB07…)

No. 1546308

No way… i am shook. She has a cute style and a nice figure. Wtf happened to shaynus

No. 1546310

I mean 90% of the population is more attractive than Shaynus personality and looks wise

No. 1546314

flying economy i see

No. 1546317

and the mimosas shitshow? and the free alcohol? what happened to baby girl bimbo?

No. 1546318

Kek shay is still the loser in her family regardless if her sister is ana or not.
>her face is long
Reeeeee harder fatty

No. 1546319

I’ll smash this ugly fat loose whores head open with a sledge hammer

Cant wait to send the best screenshots of her worthless gaping holes to her dad in a minute! Good luck SHAYNA CLIFFORD THE HOG! Hope he checks his Facebook while she’s there tonight haha.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1546322

Nice to see she spread out the faux freckles instead of just having a gross pore strip cluster of dots. Glad she took our advice for once.

No. 1546324

Don’t you have a neglected wife to feed, sol?

No. 1546327

im really curious about how do you end up finding her? do you know them personally?

No. 1546336

Or vivi

No. 1546337

I remember seeing this pic of this girl alongside another one when that weird moid decided to start posting on her grandma's/family's facebook - I think he might've posted her prom pics here or something, or maybe someone else did? either way, she really is very pretty

No. 1546339

sage for derail but most filipinos are not predisposed to be skinny or “gamine-like” kek

No. 1546345

Anon I am so sorry but that is the filter

No. 1546346

File: 1654122750271.gif (20.94 KB, 161x60, 730781F7-2726-44A1-BC55-B91A49…)

No. 1546349

isnt Philipings a poor country maybe that’s why anon thinks they’re skinny

No. 1546350

Her family was posted about in the first thread that got deleted. I remember her name

No. 1546351

Why tf would Vivi say this? She moved on so should y’all

No. 1546352

scrotes get the rope, kys(don’t take bait)

No. 1546354

The sweaty scrotum leaking off that post is too obvious, I doubt it's any of the women she has/had issues with tbh

No. 1546355

Hi vivi(hi cow)

No. 1546362

It’s obviously a scrote. Dont be such a pick-me

No. 1546369

So whenever we get weird activities in this thread I always check Kiwifarms thread. Shaynas thread is kinda dead but gets updates every now and again.The last update was Sunday (about greyhairnotold) and the last post was made today. So I kinda wonder if some scrote came across shaynas thread since it was kinda bumped and is acting out. I'm not blaming kiwifarms just saying it's possible. I doubt its Vivi. Really doesnt matter though

No. 1546375

Pictures and video clips have been sent to her dad. Now we wait…

Good luck fat useless cow(cowtipping)

No. 1546377

Its definitely more of a scrote threat - violent and foul cowtip threat. Sounds like the same kinda that sent her grandma stuff.
Vivi doesnt really seem like the type to do that kind of unhinged shit when she herself is a disgusting whore. Would more likely be her scrote though he looked like he could be fucked in the head lol. But I think its either an incel with a hate boner for Shat or some really derranged jealous fatty no one sex worker. Theres a lot of them in the thread and elsewhere. They somehow do worse than retarded ugly Shaynus and want her cancelled lol. Threatening to send her porn to her dad on their trip is very scrotey energy though. Itd have to be a very vindictive cunt to go that far and do that to another chick.

No. 1546378

That’s why I hate when anons say they wish she was popular on kiwi farms. Those retards cannot contain their autism

No. 1546382

Go back to the other farms. We dont give a shit.

No. 1546384

If what that retard says it’s true, then I guess shart will either go full retard or delete everything but honestly, deleting her accounts would be the best for her.

No. 1546388

He’s probably bullshitting anyway. Just ignore the bait

No. 1546390

Idk wasnt it confirmed someone did send her porn to her grandma a while back? Kinda has that energy. Could be the same person or some moid from elsewhere

No. 1546394

Yeah some scrote came here with screenshots posting her porn on her family members facebooks and messaging them. This retard hasn’t posted any proof it’s just bad bait

No. 1546396

What thread was this in?
I doubt any ewhores here are jealous of her. They come here to feel superior and better about themselves, the jealousy takes place in the belle thread kek

No. 1546400

It was this thread. It obviously all got deleted >>>/snow/1294296

No. 1546431

I mean, according to this picture which is all I’ve seen of her sister, she doesn’t have style so much as she knows how to dress herself/body type in order to look good. It’s just an oversized tee tucked into jeans, but I see what you mean

No. 1546439

Asking since this may be an issue in the future:

Are anons allowed to post pictures of her family with their faces showing but no personal info if shayna posted the pic on her social media?

I don’t actually check her socials and just read the thread. I’m asking so other nonies who are unsure don’t do something to get the threads removed. Idk if she would post pictures of her family from the trip, but it’s possible

No. 1546465

If Shayna posts it, technically it’s fine but there is a rule against posting photos, names, ect of family members.

No. 1546474

Christ, I thought on first glance that this was a $290 tip that she was begging for someone to add $10 to and I was like hey that's pretty good for Shayna. This is bleak.

No. 1546475

Shes posted her dad before. I still don’t think it’s a good idea to post them here. If anons want to see their faces they can go to her socials where(if) she’s posted them

No. 1546489

This is stupid, nobody here is interested in you torturing that poor man

No. 1546498

A sweatshirt and sweat shorts? Some of you are so retarded.

No. 1546508


Shitna attracts the lowest quality lolcow posters. i can't believe I typed that sentence when everyone who posts on lolcow is low quality

No. 1546517

She posted a pic of her and her dad for Fathers Day one year. Then someone commented that she shouldn’t post it without his consent. So Shay deleted it and had a bitch fit about it. Forgot which thread it’s in. It might be when he came to visit in Oklahoma

No. 1546584

File: 1654139212839.jpeg (554.89 KB, 1080x2718, E33909AE-7701-4FED-8389-03F88E…)

Yes kek I went back and found it. I censored dads face but this retard really posted her father on her sex work twitter account back in 2019 (it was thread #35 if anyone is desperate to see)

No. 1546590

File: 1654139832813.jpeg (345.5 KB, 1170x996, F125B2ED-CC6F-4DAE-AB0F-AF405B…)

She must be dying not being able to post every dumb thought

No. 1546608

Jesus shes a bitch kek.
Yes, shayna, it is fucking weird to post a photo of you and your father wishing him a happy fathers day right under photos of you dressed as a baby with your asshole out.

No. 1546628

Tell us again how sex work is totally a real job, shat. You can add on plans if you're traveling. If her parents don't cut the strings, they are going to be stuck with a 50-year-old lardass who has to wear diapers because she prolapsed her asshole on the internet for below minimum wage.

No. 1546683

Weird that someone confronted her about this years ago but she still continues to post about her family on her sw account. Regardless of the context, it's pretty gross. Especially since she does a good amount of incest shit. There's no way she "got consent" from her family to post about them either.

No. 1546693

Kek she is such a cunt. Idk why she thought it would be a good idea knowing she has these threads on top of her being a gross pedo pandering sex worker. She’s an idiot. And because of that , dumb ass scrotes are harassing her family.

I’m sure your dad is real happy you posted his face around photos of your gapping asshole.

No. 1546694

File: 1654147054957.jpeg (215.86 KB, 1205x1700, A666E1E4-93C0-43D5-A0ED-41F6D7…)

No. 1546700

Also like who is this post for? Obviously it’s not actually intended for her father to read

No. 1546712

Plot twist: Mike Slack and Shayna’s dad have more in common than we think!

No. 1546714

Manifesting a wild sighting by a mick farmer. It’ll be weird waking up to (potential) milk instead of watching unfold.

Thanks I hate it.

No. 1546724

File: 1654150596758.jpeg (222.47 KB, 1118x2048, 5DE9C989-A3FE-4832-BEE6-9EF4A7…)

6am mimosa time

No. 1546742

No. 1546744

Kek you nailed it

No. 1546757

Trip to the ER when?

No. 1546761

Did Shayna ever comment on her race/heritage? She unironically looks like the Le 56% Amerimutt meme, I just don’t see anything in her besides strong neanderthal genes

No. 1546830

Ironic because she says she wont post Ellen or her partners because of the "crazy haters" potential to dox them and ridicule them. Warns people she's interacting with like Sol about the threads.
But has not a second thought of posting her beloved bio dad and details about her family.

No. 1546832

Imagine drinking first thing in the morning. And no shame around your family too. Maybe if she skipped on the $11 airport oj with a dash of champagne when traveling, she wouldnt be as short on rent or need the er weekly.

No. 1546834

I wonder if this set is why Shayna doesn’t dress herself properly. This is one of her only outfits the clothes weren’t skin tight, but since they were also lightly colored she looks fucking awful. Plus she wore it wrong. I don’t think she has gained or lost since this particularly, just a really unfortunate outfit before she learned how to pose (very slightly) better

No. 1546849

Such a weird nitpick. Most people have diverse interests. (exlcuding the gross porn as she deserves to be mocked for that)

No. 1546855

File: 1654167549854.jpg (232.36 KB, 1900x1267, promo-face-reconstruction.jpg)

She has a very typical anglo Saxon face, which makes sense because her surname is 'clifford' which comes from southwest England. Her face and body actually looks very southwest English.

No. 1546856

Looking at her features my best guess would be somerset and some Welsh. She has some Welsh features as well.

No. 1546861

Not to dox myself but as someone who lives in South West England, she does actually have that look to her face. I think it's her dark brown eyes that make people think that she has non-white ancestry. Questions of her heritage have reappeared in her threads over the years and that's probably why.

No. 1546864

>Dark brown eyes
I mean, Mediterranean ancestry exists too. She's from Massachusetts so Italian ancestry is very common. She's got the nose and the dark features too. I wouldn't doubt she was some anglo italian mutt

No. 1546875

Thank God, an almost normal smile. The absolute state of the skin under her eyes, though, woof.

No. 1546906

makes sense… i hope the irish people don’t get ptsd flashbacks when they see her anglo face

No. 1546909

No. 1546914

lmao imagine the confusion if we did and she got called a tan every time she left her hotel.

Omg Irish ppl are so kwel! They know I’m a tanned baby bimbo just from lookin at me!!

No. 1546917

she is exactly the type of idiot to order a black and tan at a bar and not know why she's getting a death stare

No. 1546994

I used to have a friend who could have been Shayna's twin and she is from Gloucestershire. Everything was virtually the same along with the small brown eyes and nose and lips, except her hair was wavy. Shayna also reminds me a little of British actress Natalie Cassidy.

No. 1547004

Brown eyes are common in England and Wales, something like a quarter of the indigenous population has brown eyes and they are even more common down south.

No. 1547036

She should just larp as Jewish and say she was being edgy to cope with her heritage or some woke bs.

No. 1547037

File: 1654183034547.jpg (121.13 KB, 365x528, sonIA.jpg)

you're not wrong

No. 1547040

File: 1654183100694.jpeg (238.26 KB, 1205x1700, D18A9478-72B1-4C9D-A7EB-EB29D3…)

No. 1547042

Why would anyone stick around at the airport to eat or drink after arriving at your destination? Can she not drink for 2 hours?

No. 1547044

File: 1654183142525.jpeg (987.68 KB, 1242x1681, 80A05EB6-E4CE-49B4-A335-9375D1…)


No. 1547045

File: 1654183177977.jpeg (486.39 KB, 1535x2048, 935075F0-537A-4050-A5DF-2CCBA1…)

Flexing that “totes authentic Gucci purse” with wrinkled pants from Amazon

No. 1547048

Or maybe she’s just a white inbred

No. 1547052

she looks like she's about to fall over from being top heavy kek

No. 1547054

She dresses so fucking bad it’s insane

No. 1547056


serving 2008 realness

No. 1547058

Her moobs are lopsided I don’t think she’s wearing a bra or shirt underneath. Those pants are fighting for their life trying to contain that life jacket stomach of hers

No. 1547062

did she make her dad take this god awful pic? kek poor fucking man.

No. 1547068

Top kek nonies called it

No. 1547071

How she packed her trousers that they end up being wrinkled like that? The fuck?

Sage for ironing autism.

No. 1547074

Oh my god…

No. 1547084

she looks so retarded kek it looks like the sheltered workshop is having a field trip and the way she stands accentuates that vibe

No. 1547093

This whole look really accentuates the fact that her body is a straight line from her armpits to the floor. A board.

Did anyone put mismatched pinks on the bingo? These are especially bad.

No. 1547101

is she with her dad (as in, actual father)? she seems to attempt to dress a little less disgusting

No. 1547104

This is ShaynaCore-
>Cropped hoodie/long sleeve shirt
>No bra or undershirt
>All whites MUST be off white & slightly dirty
>Sneakers/2013 Doc Boots/Uggs
>Headband (must be white)
>Fake gucci purse/tiny pink purses
>Eyeliner wings
>Dry lips

No. 1547106

I forgot-
>Pants/skirt must be wrinked or white.
>Ill fitting

No. 1547109

kek i wonder if that's her family/who she traveled with in the reflection. the hair would match her step sis

No. 1547116

OMGGG she looks big, a Tuna kinda body type but instead of big hips, Shayna got big shoulders lol i love when fattys fridges wear high waisted pants because it always makes them look worse kek beg for a nice body and shape next time Shayna! and her face looks like that pic that Vivi dropped kek i wish i was this delusional

No. 1547117

Just what your lardass needs. Not even international travel can get this sloppy bitch into a tshirt.

No. 1547118

>most people have diverse interests

Ah yes Shays huge catalog of hobbies such as drinking, smoking, watching children's TV and making porn in diapers for pedophiles. Can't believe nonnies would think that combination of things would be sad/weird kek

No. 1547123

Idk nonnie she didnt say she got free wine on this flight, so being sober for that long must've been hard.

No. 1547128

I don't think anyone has ever thought she was anything but white (trash) ever. Though when she'd do the hair bandana and poorly done makeup I admit she did look like a chola.

No. 1547133

Did her mom buy those pants or what? Not that Shat has good taste because she picked it and dresses just as bad, but they're so ugly and look more retarded with those god awful crop sweaters that she refuses to wear even a cami under. The very obviously knock off Gucci purse is super embarrassing.
And of course theyre going right to the Guinness shit. How boring but typical Cheemsburgner tourist.

No. 1547153

No, I remember these ugly pants from one of her shein hauls. I wonder if her only pair of denim jeans with the weird crotch/fupa area will make a return during this trip.

No. 1547187

>Shayna you’re calling me out for clout
>person: why are you famous or something?
>Shayna: my god. You’re being unreasonably rude

No. 1547188

I hate how she stands and tries to perform (with her body language) like a young child, even in front of her family. Like she can’t stop being her SW baby bimbo character and has no real identity.

No. 1547193

It's because she probably didn't even wash them after she bought them just put them on right from the package…did you not see the thread where she put on bedsheets(!!!)on her prison cot straight from the package as well? This is what Shayna does. I don't think she even owns a clothes iron, much less knows how to use one.

No. 1547194

She really needs to wear darker colors and dress for her body type. She seems to gravitate towards lounge wear like sweats but yoga pants and a baggy t-shirt would look much more flattering on her body type.

No. 1547197

I distinctly remember someone, probably a moid posting in a gothic font and asking if she was mixed race in the early threads.

No. 1547199

Agreed, esp as black looks good on her. But Shayna is in denial about her actual size

No. 1547230

The floppy tit nesting in the hoodie pocket sent me KEK

No. 1547235


I think it's the soft colors with her harsh features that is so jarring. Her features aren't soft enough to carry delicate colors. That's why the hair colors she goes for look like shit too.

She needs darker, more natural colors surrounding her or maybe even cool colors because I think that baby blue skirt she wore was an improvement. Also she needs more of a minimal, cleaner style (especially around her face) and clothes that actually fit her.

Her lack of awareness drives me nuts.

No. 1547241

File: 1654196002029.gif (7.5 MB, 767x960, 6A55010C-E7B7-4786-B82C-A906FD…)

Idk why you’re covering his face. Shaynus herself posted it, so it’s not against the rules and it isn’t doxxing. It’s her own damn fault for posting it and throwing a bitch fit about how his photo being posted was consensual. Big Chungus and Mr Chungus. Ugly mfs

No. 1547245

probably because its disrespectful to an unrelated family member and there are already cowtipping retards in this thread

No. 1547251

She looks just like him. Unfortunate

No. 1547262

High waisted pants look better on everyone. Low rise hits at the gut and causes a muffin top plus they're uncomfortable. She should just not tuck her shirt in or wear a crop top. She should wear some kind of top that goes down to her hips.

It's not like having a giant cottage cheese ass and disproportionate hips and being shaped like a chicken drumstick looks good either. As much as it seems to be style at the moment.

No. 1547267

The crop top and tucking shirts into the jeans trend needs to die already. It looks awful on anyone who isn't a stick. You even see obese girls doing it. Shayna mindlessly follows trends and doesn't know how to dress for her body like a lot of young women.

No. 1547276

low waist only looks bad if ur fat lmao it looks great on girls w actually nice bodies

No. 1547286

Kevin knows what’s up. Wasn’t he assumed to be a farmer though? Handle seems familiar
Tucking shirts in, like a French tuck, is cute. And plenty fat bitches do it. Why do you double space after periods, are you like 40?

No. 1547304

File: 1654201030398.jpeg (396.24 KB, 1258x1080, 07302A2B-C5A0-4986-8A34-D74BF9…)

She’s just got her whole belly out those pants didn’t stay up long

No. 1547307

shes not even curvy! shayna stop embarrassing yourself ffs

No. 1547313

Her dad just looks like your average middle aged man, nonna. No need to bring him into this he probably hates his life enough kek

No. 1547317

The way that these are the flattering angle of these photos/this outfit…
Thank you Shay for making me book a gym class for tomorrow.

She seriously could just wear a pair of jeans and a totes edgy oversized band shirt and look 1,000,000 times better I don’t get it

No. 1547320

Her dad must be an alcoholic too. That’s why she thinks it’s so cool to show off her drinks.

No. 1547323

If Shayna were my kid I’d drink too

No. 1547324

I would cut her off and never acknowledge her again.

No. 1547334

A bitch is tired damn

No. 1547337

she looks absolutely fucking hammered in the photo on the right. goddamn.

No. 1547340

File: 1654204214396.jpeg (377.45 KB, 828x725, C0B65090-2C38-40B3-9147-C57E15…)

No. 1547341

File: 1654204237271.jpeg (221.42 KB, 1118x2048, 97715F7C-AD4B-41CB-96E6-6A90E2…)

Stay classy Shayna

No. 1547347

I know it's Shayna, but I still can't fucking believe this is what she's wearing while out with her family

No. 1547348

She looks like a chav ffs. this look is so unflattering and dated why does she insist on it?

No. 1547349

It's like damn, you can't even get new clothes for a vacation? At least spend $200 on some shein loungewear? The same shit you wear to every airport, to walk your dog etc.?
Her presentation baffles me, because I don't care if she's casual, I just don't get why she doesn't buy MORE cheap clothes, instead of wearing the same 5-6 outfits everywhere.

No. 1547353

Walmart chic

No. 1547357

He made his own bed and could stop enabling his degenerate daughter at any time.

No. 1547362

Those DEEP cavernous bags under her eyes are going to be permanent even though she’s stopped smoking weed. Never drinking water or showering will fuck up your skin. And smoking weed / drinking makes your face puffy and skin age faster.

No. 1547365

She should go and get diagnosed for autism and get disability money. wtf are those poses

No. 1547369

Dirty flops and sweatpants so trashy jfc she could easily dress decent with cheap shein clothing. Like I see outfits online that aren’t expensive she sucks at being fashionable

No. 1547372

that's exactly what i was thinking. she's the type of girl where you see her stumbling around in the bathroom of a wetherspoons at 2pm (if we're lucky, maybe she'll make that a reality). i can't imagine what her family must be thinking

No. 1547386

this is so embarrassing, everyone here in germany would make fun of her, i assume it’s the same for ireland. god, i feel so ashamed for her

No. 1547399

This is inaccurate. Alcohol and pharmaceutical meds will destroy the elasticity in the skin faster than thc products. However both smoking and lack of hydration with further exacerbate drooping, saggy and wrinkled skin
I’m shocked she’s wearing this. I know it’s shatna but still. Must be why her mom was so pressed to take her shopping. She was trying to prevent her from embarrassing herself

No. 1547409

She's been drinking since like 5am… all morning, all day, and now it's night. How do people even do that?? Not to blog but I'm done after 2 drinks at a bar at night lol. Can't imagine being hammered morning til night. Even on a vacation.
Ireland ER when?

No. 1547412

I guess a normal fucking t shirt and jeans would kill her at this point. Those pants were so god awful I almost thought the whole tracksuit get up was an improvement but the baggy ends over the flip flops snapped me out of it.

No. 1547418

if I assume it right, she is at the Guinness storehouse and she doesn't even drink a "normal" Guinness? I know Guinness does make different beers, but if you go to Ireland, to the Guinness storehouse or brewery, you will have at least have a normal stout.

Also, I would really like to buy her an iron, that trousers are horrible and 5 minutes ironing them would have made all the difference.

the pockets on her breast will kill me every time, it's like someone made a wrong pattern and they sewed thousands of that shirt and just said "fuck it" and sold them

kek, we Germans would instantly notice that she's on holiday, no one would leave the house wearing that clothes.

it's called being an alcoholic, the tolerance for alcohol increases if you drink more often, I guess she will only feel anything after something like 4 beers.

No. 1547422

Idk he looks alright to me. She’s just hideous.

No. 1547424

I would fall into a K hole and never come back

No. 1547426

The aggressive side part and headband. The greasiness

No. 1547429

kek shayna is channeling her inner chantal

No. 1547431

File: 1654209636760.jpeg (138.05 KB, 828x498, 9AD2496B-8587-4A1B-85CE-D27269…)

Started the day at 6am with mimosas, her Snapchat story is full of pictures and videos of beer drinking all day and now 3 martinis

No. 1547435

File: 1654209930123.jpeg (357.33 KB, 1080x1259, 0A24E23A-272E-4EF8-AA95-05E10A…)

A compilation of all the alcohol on her Snapchat today minus the breakfast mimosas

No. 1547439

Drinking the pain away, huh, Shaynus? I would too, if I were you. Appropriate that she’s doing it in Ireland, at least.

No. 1547447

all those empty calories…

No. 1547450

Anyone get the vibe that her parents are functional alcoholics? It's pretty crazy to me that she's drinking so much around her family. I know every family is different but she's not alluding to them having issues with it. There's different rules on vacation but by the end of this trip they've got to form some sort of opinion of how much Shayna needs alcohol to function.

No. 1547453

nitpick but im getting anxiety from how horrid and wrinkly her pants are jfc

No. 1547454

Jetlag and hangover will hit her like a ton of bricks jfc, I think that Irish hospital visit will definitely be happening

No. 1547460

Absolutely. There's no way in hell she can keep up with this type of behavior for 15 days and keep it together at all. Based on JUST today… first day of the trip… she's already spiraling.

You might be on to something. One of my ex's parents were always trying to get us to get smashed with them. Who knows…

No. 1547463

The low rise meme is such a joke it literally makes your torso look a mile long and shortens your legs. Not everyone needs high waist but you need at least mid rise to not look retarded. Tucking shirts into jeans is cute with the right fit and gives more of a shape rather than a shapeless tent. It's all based on body type and fit of the clothes.

No. 1547470

Jfc vacation or not that seems like a lot of booze. Imagine traveling to another country and just staying in the most touristy spot just to drink the day away. Theres gotta be sights and art and things to experience besides just get day drunk like you could anywhere/at home.

No. 1547473

could any alcoholic anons say in order what drinks these are? just curious

No. 1547475

Beers, cosmo, espresso martini. Fat bimbo drinks.

No. 1547479

Espresso martinis at night no less, when she’s been up since 5 am. When she’s just been through a massive time zone change. She’s going to feel like fucking shit.

No. 1547482

God, this thread is full of twitterfag anachans who don't give a fuck about integrating.
>all lowercase typing
>ur fat lmao

No. 1547484

Imagine the state of her beer gut after this trip!

No. 1547490

Not to nitpick but she couldn’t even go and get a mani for the trip?

No. 1547495

Not to defend Shay here and soz to double post but, first one, mini Guinness sample on tour, second, I assume the groups pints at the end of the tour being poured, third, her pint from said pour (Guinness takes a while to settle / pour), 4th random beer, last two she’s named as two cocktails. Looks a lot more than photos say but she’s prob drank between theses and she’s been up a good what… 18 hours drinking?

No. 1547501

“Guys, my mysterious puking syndrome is back, checking into the ER now, please reimburse. FML!!”

“also buy my porn”

No. 1547505

"alcoholic anons" or maybe just women who leave their house from time to time. these are all incredibly common drinks

No. 1547507

I’m assuming that person is either a child or retarded because it even says in her captions “Guinness” and “cosmo” and in the tweet above what the drinks are kek

No. 1547513

most people don’t start the day with a 6 am mimosa, then have beer on a beer tour, then have three espresso martinis at dinner with their dad and stepmom, but you do you, I guess

No. 1547521

samefag to say I misunderstood what you were talking about entirely, I am an imbecile
I thought you were saying that it was common for people to drink like this, but now I see you were saying that the drinks are very common drinks and should be identifiable from the pictures even without the caption
my apologies for the stupidity

No. 1547523

File: 1654216783317.jpeg (Spoiler Image,207.31 KB, 828x1366, BC41CB23-9764-4354-A398-7F834E…)

God damn how many more parts of this awkward shit is she going to sell

No. 1547528

File: 1654217324388.gif (Spoiler Image,4.76 MB, 718x368, d2dc540076f3029f78a8500226af46…)

with this mans winnie the pooh ass voice and weak punches and her uncomfortable laughter and horrible body, no one can be buying these

No. 1547530

this just seems like a Tim Robinson sketch every fucking time
so uncomfy

No. 1547532

lmao. I thought the top right was her arm until I noticed the assne.

No. 1547534

People do that all the time when their flights land at odd times and can’t check into a hotel yet, and don’t want to deal with any type of hassle after overnight travel

No. 1547541


Either that or they just can't be bothered to say shit to Shayna because they know she'll just flip out and ruin the vacation. Or cry about it on her sex work Twitter.

No. 1547568

I don’t think I would even go on a fancy no-expense trip if it had to be with Shayna. Unless I was able to view it as pure comedy and not feel ashamed by association

No. 1547573

File: 1654220655258.jpeg (81.67 KB, 409x275, 07A85568-DE03-4697-8355-3904D6…)

Bald man abusing a mentally challenged woman

No. 1547583

She’s on vacation walking around outside and in public bathrooms with her pant legs dragging on the ground the whole time wtf

No. 1547592

are you really offended because i jokingly said alcoholic anons wtf lol

No. 1547603

a bunch of anons outed themselves as recovering alcoholics in the last thread anyways kek

No. 1547652

Lol she changed from one boob pocket cropped jacket to another

No. 1547656

Nta but Shayna lives close to me (I am within blocks from her where I work) and seeing her existing somewhere other than Renton is so uncanny and funny to me. Like she doesn’t fit in in Renton at all, but it is a really uncool place, and international travel looks so awkward hahaha

No. 1547660

File: 1654230340984.jpg (559.33 KB, 1080x1274, 1654002023671.jpg)

End of day 1. arguably "stupid bimbo outfit" and "shitty hair" too, but I'll save those for if she looks even worse

No. 1547669

This feels like one of those television specials where they go to a different country. Like Rugrats in Paris

No. 1547673

In both situations you can ask “who let the dogs out?”

No. 1547689

You nonas are hilarious and exactly why I use this site

No. 1547691

I think you are being very generous, but am certain she will reach those criteria moreso. Thanks anon

No. 1547745

Something feels so strange about having a cow less than 20 minutes away from my house. I can't articulate exactly what I mean, but after a year of reading her threads and seeing too much of her it just feels bizarre that she's here

No. 1547751

Please try to take a picture of her when you see her or recognise where she is. Not bothering her or saying anything to her, but I'm curious how she looks like in the wild

No. 1547794

TOPKEK thank you for this nonnie

No. 1547826

KEK wtf is this? This is sexy???

No. 1547852

whew, with that guy’s profile, this is the one she should’ve marketed as father/daughter

No. 1547882

Honestly you can probably mark off shitty hair too

No. 1547887

go for an aul walk there bestie and see how funny she looks irl

No. 1548018

I suppose you've never been to Gelsenkirchen if you think nobody here leaves the house dressed like that

No. 1548025

Idk, it’s different when it’s tourists who dress like trash than when locals do it. She still sticks out like a sore fat thumb

No. 1548063

That was how I felt when she was in my town on her California trip. I was literally across the street shopping when she was at the Madonna Inn, almost went in but I decided that was too creepy

No. 1548149

The 4th one is another Guinness beer from the brewery. Or at least it's their glass.

No. 1548154

Holy shit this is a new embarrassing low for her. I bet everyone in Ireland is talking shit about her.

No. 1548212

File: 1654284125354.jpeg (637.81 KB, 1170x1376, 62AF4ABF-12D8-468C-9180-60F2CF…)

You brought this on yourself Shay

No. 1548215

nice job shat, alienating your remaining fanbase

No. 1548220

>makes content for one of the most grim subgenres of porn, regularly consumed by pedophiles
>is surprised these same people have poor boundaries and try to make everything about their sicko fetish

No. 1548232

Shayna you are selling sex to pedo panderers who come to you FOR DIAPER SHIT. They do not care about you. They don't not care about what you have to say unless it's about their fetish.
These people do not like you, they like that you wear diapers and pedo pander.
Please understand this, these people's aren't fans of you, they are "fans" and "Customers" of any woman playing into their fantasy. The moment you stop they will no longer care. You are not a personality or a influencer.

No. 1548235

File: 1654285140260.jpeg (588.99 KB, 828x1353, 99318B92-0B17-4EFA-805F-4C135A…)

Shayna that’s literally ur job

No. 1548266

Or maybe you shouldnt pretend to be a part of their lifestyle community because you have to scrape the bottom of the barrel fetishes judt to come up short on rent.
Not defending the diaper degenerates theyre fucking disgusting and cringe but she should be able to realize that she's larping a fetish that they make their whole lives about because they're mental.

No. 1548267

>people should be able to post selfies and talk about their lives without someone bringing up diapers!!!
that's why people get a non-work twitter account for friends, you idiot. promoting porn on your only page and then expecting people not to treat it like a porn page is major smooth brain energy. not that sw is work, but jfc she's so stupid.

No. 1548290

File: 1654289680469.jpeg (582.04 KB, 828x1069, EEC11126-C9E5-4859-90ED-C5D958…)

>posts on a twitter for diaper pedos
>why do these freaks talk about diapers??

she’s so unbelievably ugly, inside and outside

No. 1548298

Kek That's right Shayna. Insult your customer base. She could have maybe gotten away with that very first tweet without alienating a ton of customers. But the continued ranting about how you can't ask if she's in diapers on her diaper account is great. She has absolutely no idea how to do her job. Jesus.

No. 1548302

the insane drunk ramblings of a fat pig who has been drinking since 6 am

No. 1548310

File: 1654291211683.jpeg (3.35 MB, 2244x3906, 1838D359-30DD-4E36-BBE6-F13A6F…)

I hate the word cheugy but it’s really the best way to describe her style

No. 1548311

sadly this is the best outfit we have seen in a while too.

No. 1548312

Consent is important and moids are gross. But like, if the dildo fits… theyre on your sw and specific fetish account for one thing: free porn. They don't care about you. Make a personal twitter for non porn things. Oh but she tried that and got even less interaction than her porn page because truly, no one cares.

No. 1548315

limp wrist making me want to trip her

No. 1548318

A bra would do so much for her. It's still frumpy and outdated, but at least it's normal and not laughable or totally retarded. I would walk by someone dressed like that and not feel embarrassed to have seen them like her tracksuits and outfits from yesterday.

No. 1548319

If shes going to keep taking pics in front of the yoni mirror, she could at least close the stall door.

No. 1548320

like, the top and jeans are boring but normal
then add the knockoff Uggs in summer and the weirdass grandma shawl and the poop bun and it’s just so hideous

No. 1548323

A bra, sneakers, and ditching the shawl would've been a good outfit for Shay standards. But at least it's not as bad as the other outfits we've seen.

No. 1548325

Perhaps hanging with her more successful, happy, well-adjusted family members, and a tiny bit metaphorical & a lot of literal distance from her Diaper Dollhouse is allowing her to feel some shame.

Imagine her step sister checking her notifications for all of her friends and following and the positive, nice, kind, complimentary messages she gets; compared to Shay checking her notifs and seeing "Where's your stinky diaper lil baby?". How desolate & wretched. Also, bleak.

No. 1548332

Not even trying to be mean or funny but, genuinely, so many of them make
>EVERYTHING abt diapers
because a lot of people with that paraphilia are autistic and weirdly fixated on it. Shayna your audience is legit filled with autist who have weird sexual fixations (and ofc the typical coombrained pervert, but I feel this genre of pervert differs from the autismo diaper furries in some respects)

No. 1548334

Tell us more about how some people make diapers the focus of every conversation, DiapermanDan, whose pfp is yourself in a diaper

No. 1548336

Sorry to double post but I'm just sitting here thinking if I saw someone named DiapermanDan message me on social media/engage with me I would be creeped out and block him and Shayna is so fargone she's conversing with the freak. imagine if you worked at Mcdonalds and had to tolerate people coming up and talking about diapers to get your paycheck. sex work is truly bleak

No. 1548357

no fucking way! clothes that fit!
imagine being jealous of this bitch kek not in my worst nightmare

No. 1548363

She’s never going to get it, is she? She’s been doing this for how many years and she still thinks that her coomers see her as anything besides a fetish prop. This I could understand when she was still mainly on her bimbo fantasy bullshit, because it’s not out of the realm of possibility that those coomers had lives outside of the coom and the girls they were splashing their spare change on. I guarantee you not a single one of her diaper orbiters has an actual job or a functional life outside of their fetish. Of course they’re not going to talk to you about other things, Shay, because they have nothing else to talk about. This is their life, and you joined in completely willingly.
Kek I wonder if her family have seen her get any notifications from her diaperfags while they’ve been with her.

No. 1548369

Outdated jeggings, weird grandma shawl WITH an ill fit sweater and no bra. This is something a stay at home mom puts together when she needs to run out for some formula. Not something you'd wear on an international trip. I'm a Burgerfag, but I swear we're not all this sloppy, Ireland.

No. 1548378

Yeah she looks like a lazy single mom buying formula with her WIC card while her children are screaming at her

No. 1548385

Her mom took her shopping twice during that week she was there for her younger brothers graduation. And shaynasty still chose to bring all of her old, gross, grimey shit.

Someone probably told her to keep some her rolls at bay, she's usually dressed skimpier. Or maybe she feels embarrassed next to her stepsister so she's only wearing clothes that cover the majority of her body. Still braless in crop tops, because Shayna never learns.

No. 1548387

KEK this is a very normal thing to wear in Ireland. With a bra though, obviously

No. 1548391

>you guise make everything about diapers
>diaper dolly
>posts photos only of yourself wearing diapers
>uwu my feelings and personal life
Kek she’s probably weirded out by the gross trannies sending her photos of themselves naked wearing piss diapers. And the constant creepy roleplaying comments you see on her posts. You’re just fetish fodder to them. Diaper faggot pedos don’t give a shit about consent or your feelings.

No. 1548395

Imagine if someone became moots with her sister haha don’t do it haha

No. 1548421

Fucking kek anon this comment is sending me. Her life is so tragic.

No. 1548451

There's no way in hell I'll ever believe she's into diapers. She sunk so low that she has no idea how to get back to making "normal porn", but she obviously hates the diaper orbiters, even though it's attention (which she craves), it's literally the worst kind of attention one can get. Nothing she's ever done has been bleaker than the diaper era, nothing.

No. 1548457

DIAPER MAN DAN questioning the sanity of mutual adults shitting in diapers because it makes them horny. This conversation is the funniest thing I've read in the Shayna threads in months.

No. 1548478

Been playing The Witcher recently and she looks like one of the dying ass peasants but in pink, kek.

No. 1548487

These velour track suits don't even look good on the skinny, attractive bimbo girls. It only "works" because everything else about them is glam. Why does she insist on this, I can't think of anything less flattering…

No. 1548533

She's literally in a whole other CONTINENT, exploring a new country, and she's spending her time on niche kink twitter drama. Jesus Christ that's depressing. You can take the cow out of the pasture…

No. 1548536

> qui cum canibus concumbunt cum pulicibus surgent
Imagine this outfit in motion, kek
Stop this nonsense.

No. 1548566

She dresses like she still goes to high school in Hudson, this is literally what high schoolers wear

No. 1548572

This seems very 2012 to me + a weird shawl

No. 1548580

File: 1654316182149.jpeg (19.52 KB, 360x450, 2F17CBDB-38E0-4B66-9CD4-413311…)

Serving Ao oni realness. For someone who spends so much time online you’d think she’d learn how to take more flattering photos by now

No. 1548582

She looks like a fucking babushka.

No. 1548594

She really is catering specifically to pedos only now. Her videos lately are either abuse, weird incest videos, and/or baby shit. I'm gonna sound like a scrote for admitting it but I miss the clownery of old videos that she made while she was getting strung along by Fupaul in Tulsa. I'm specifically thinking of the clown video and that other cringe video with pink braids and red lipstick (that has a gif banner on LC) which are like legendarily bad. She did all sorts of weird videos that were painfully unsexy and I really considered back then whether I should pay for a 'custom' of her in a Nacho Libre cosplay kek. Nowadays her content is not nearly as laughable but dreadful.

No. 1548609

i see the dramamongers haven't stopped being psychopathic. what's wrong with you?

No. 1548617

Sage for nitpick but isn’t she only in her mid 20s? How unhealthy can she be to be this wrinkly? Looking like a crinkled up dryer sheet

No. 1548619

Her features are just not that youthful and she’s dehydrated and fat (fat people look older) and never moisturizes. She’s also an alcoholic

No. 1548621

File: 1654321761303.jpg (134.11 KB, 567x378, 1296888584401.jpg)

I'm so repulsed and irritated by this woman. Her face looks like that Silvester Stallone's. I'm not uggo too so I'm not gonna rag on her looks but LITERALLY EVERYTHING SHE DOES is viscerally discomforting. Her mannerisms, her choice in clothes, the pedophile pandering. The pornsick delusions. How the fuck do her parents just condone this shit? What kind of parent isn't at the very least worried?!

I want to die. Or pour bleach in my eyes. Mostly both.(learn2sage)

No. 1548622

if she quit doing disgusting,d demeaning p0rn and found a low-key job she might not need alcohol to cope. Legit not trying to sound like a bitch but in her bathtub pics she looks like middle aged woman. We can already see what haggard 45+ yo women she'd make. Does she think that she can keep this shit up at that age?

No. 1548625

I thought the same when I saw it omg

No. 1548663

File: 1654328458302.gif (2.17 MB, 498x379, ¿huh?.GIF)


No. 1548687

If she put on a bra, some sweatpants or looser jeans and some sneakers and ditched the shawl, this would be a completely normal outfit. I don't know why people rip on her bun, it's just a normal messy bun. Women wear their hair out in public like this all the time. You can see she is trying to wear normal clothes around her family, or what she constitutes as normal. Most of her outfits are probably too small garbage from dolls kill. Even if she wore the velour sweatpants or gray yoga pants she has with a loose, not matching or cropped sweater she would look OK.

No. 1548747

>(fat people look older)
When it comes to wrinkles, fat people look a little younger since their fat plumps them out. She's just parched.

No. 1548748

This is what gets me, all the diaper freaks who respond to her that anons post here are like Pampherchu level autism about diapers, of course they're not going to talk to her normally. I don't get how she doesn't notice it.

No. 1548787

Surprising she got in to pubs dressed like that on a Friday night. Most places in the city have a strict no tracksuit/no runners policy to ward off knackers and junkies. Bain taitneamh as Shay!

No. 1548814

If you think sweatpants are part of a normal outfit I’m not surprised you think this shit bun is fine

No. 1548839

nta and not defending sweatpants in public but this is shayna we are all talking about. do you believe she’d ever wear trousers or a decent length skirt? she’s wearing a super frumpy sweater in the pic which gives lounging around the house, not going out with my family on an international trip. i don’t blame anons for trying to be more realistic with this fashion choice given it’s the least viscerally offensive fit we’ve seen in a while.

No. 1548907

What nona are you a trust fund kid in Beverly hills or something? I have lived in various parts of the UK, Ireland and in Bulgaria and regular women wear sweatpants and a messy bun in public like all the time unless they are going somewhere fancy.

No. 1548912

That's if you are going to a nightclub or trendy bar. If you are going to any regular Irish bar they don't give a fuck if you turn up looking casual.

No. 1548932

Kek burgers arguing about her outfit when it's something like 80% of Irish women would wear.

No. 1548964

File: 1654360421145.jpeg (922.27 KB, 1170x1532, 45F683EE-E74A-48D4-AAEE-838935…)

No. 1548965

The only really bad parts of the outfit are the shawl and the UGGs. If she wore sneakers and one of those over priced dollskill bags she has the outfit would be one of the best we've seen her in. the bar for Shayna is in hell though

No. 1548967

>i went to Europe and all i got was a hair clip i could have bought on aliexpress

No. 1548968

shat: visits one singular country in the UK i love EUROPE!!

No. 1548971

In the UK??? Maybe you’re not one to talk

No. 1548991

Sorry but “Uggo” KEK

No. 1548994

File: 1654362386879.png (7.08 MB, 1170x2532, D6BB6F86-FBF6-447F-A9B7-1700A3…)

Terrorizing the city of Dublin with her gut out once again

No. 1548996

File: 1654362499827.png (7.5 MB, 1170x2532, F5EB9ACF-187C-475C-BFC4-5B5097…)

the other pic she posted

No. 1548997

nona… geography…

No. 1549009

least the jeans seem to fit (the bar is not low, there isn't even a bar for me.) prob the ones her mom bought her

No. 1549022

Both these outfits are exactly what a Dublin girl would wear, for once Shayna is dressing appropriately for her location, good for her.

No. 1549030

why is there a blue hello kitty stamp stain on the front of her shirt? wtf is that?

No. 1549033

I think it’s just a design on the shirt nonnie…. Probably rhinestones or something

No. 1549034

File: 1654364433017.jpg (7.49 KB, 256x256, 1651527357504.jpg)

No. 1549036

Kek potato farmers really calling their people out

No. 1549045

File: 1654365111435.jpeg (4.39 MB, 2218x4032, 597E3D40-1D2D-40E1-AC7B-5E1032…)

It looks ridiculous

No. 1549049

I'm fucking cackling

No. 1549060

man. she's just so fucking ugly.

No. 1549063

No adult woman should be wearing this, ever. Even if she was the most attractive 25 year old in the world, a hello kitty hairclip would look out of place because hello kitty is for children and at most teenage girls. It's going to be hilarious watching her continue to dress like this as she gets closer to 30.

No. 1549070

all i see is a square
if theres a category on MV for “ugly delusional fatty” she gonna win finally!

No. 1549077

her fat fuck cheeks accentuate her goblin nose so terrible lol

No. 1549084

God damn she’s busted

No. 1549127

She looks actually retarded. The thing looks like a kids toy/oversized piece of plastic… because that's exactly what it is.

No. 1549146

her nose is so fucking big and ugly damn

No. 1549184

Oh my lord what is

No. 1549194

File: 1654376752361.jpeg (386.95 KB, 640x1026, 47728BF1-9892-41A1-ABCA-EF8780…)

Why tf does she wear hair clips like that? She just puts it over her turd bun instead of clipping it up in a ponytail style.
That clip is most likely a bootleg. She should have bought this one it’s more adult

No. 1549204

First of all, her face is so busted without filters it still blows my mind that some anons legitimately think she's even a little bit cute. Secondly, where did she even learn to clip her hair like that? Who uses hair clips like that???

No. 1549220

It’s very distracting from her face so maybe she’s onto something kek
Seriously though it looks so tacky and terrible.

No. 1549222

You can see she has a filter here too kek

No. 1549227

File: 1654378207565.jpeg (570.86 KB, 814x941, 76AD334E-F123-4D00-9C90-F2400E…)

Dublin is so bimbo

No. 1549239

Imagine having the chance to travel like this and showing off cheap street stall tat. Her father would get more for his money if he set it on fire.

No. 1549246

>europe is so fucking cool
visiting Ireland, one (English speaking) country of Europe. Hope she doesn't think that every country in Europe is like Ireland, well, what I'm talking about, she doesn't care as long as she can get drunk

No. 1549257

File: 1654380221902.jpg (85.53 KB, 800x800, S72aff6880b3441789ed69dd3e170b…)

Ngl that thing is fugly too

No. 1549264

the fourth one is northern Ireland you utter spastic

No. 1549271

Nothing about hello kitty is for adults. If you have left high school you are too old to be wearing hello kitty hair accessories or hello kitty anything.

No. 1549276

>grown ups aren't allowed to like cute things
You're underage? Shayna is tacky but don't be a retard.

No. 1549282

Generally adult women and men for that matter grow out of 'cutesy' or childish things unless they suffer from some sort of arrested development. If you still cuddle stuffed toys, like hello kitty hair clips and watch Disney movies (unless you have a child with you, then you kind of get a pass for watching Disney movies, but if you ironically want to watch one alone, there is something wrong) then you have problems.

I think a lot of farmers probably have more in common with Shayna than they realize. Perhaps they see themselves in her and it makes them horrified.

No. 1549294

Let people enjoy things, retard.

No. 1549299

sounds like you’re the one with problems. adults can enjoy whatever they want, liking something “childish” doesn’t mean you have issues, but not allowing yourself to enjoy fun things because you don’t want to be perceived as childish is joyless and depressing

No. 1549301

There are plenty of things you can enjoy, anon, but if you like things meant for children then you suffer from arrested development and have more in common with Shayna than you would like to think.

Psychology studies prove that we hate people who subconsciously remind us of our own shortcomings or things that we don't like about ourselves.

No. 1549302

File: 1654382110109.jpg (625.39 KB, 1336x1181, 20220605_003426.jpg)

mkay sooo anyways…

No. 1549308

You don't see normal, healthy adult women who are well adjusted wearing a hellokitty hair accessory. As your brain reaches normal levels of adult development your idea of fun changes. If you still find hellokitty fun then you are a child mentally.

No. 1549311

File: 1654382468800.jpeg (115.92 KB, 1125x610, 1F19D609-D428-497C-8558-4EE30C…)

a dehydrated blobfish

No. 1549313

File: 1654382600735.jpg (4.21 MB, 4096x4096, InCollage_20220605_013056398.j…)

I don't understand this idea that no one should wear sweatpants in public. If Shayna wore an outfit like this she would look very normal and dare I say kind of nice and it would be no effort at all.

No. 1549314

You sound very worked up for someone who apparently doesn't have a psychological problem.

No. 1549319

nobody cares, shut up and stop projecting jesus christ. god forbid someone has a childhood stuffed animal on their bed or they're ~just like shayna teehee~

No. 1549322

File: 1654382831328.png (473.74 KB, 526x593, 54EE5122-65FC-431F-A181-0C16A7…)

No. 1549327

Every grown woman I have ever met who is into Disney or hellokitty or some other childish franchise has been completely insufferable, manipulative and childish. There seems to a be connection with adult women liking childish things and BPD. It's definitely a red flag. I used to think those things were harmless although they never appealed to me but then I saw a pattern.

No. 1549329

File: 1654383015772.gif (78.43 KB, 120x97, clapper.gif)

No. 1549335

Keeping a childhood toy around that has sentimental value is something else entirely. However if you still cuddle it when you go to sleep then you probably have issues.

No. 1549336

imagine having so many issues you cannot appreciate a soft fuzzy object similar to a blanket during slumber time.. woah

No. 1549339

File: 1654383460115.jpeg (58.79 KB, 720x712, 1B95C1D3-74CA-48C8-A6FB-743359…)

Stop detailing oh my god. If you like something who tf cares? If you aren’t pedo pandering or sexualizing childhood or being an infant why does it matter if you like hello kitty? Touch some grass fr.

No. 1549342

Nonas are revealing how much in common they actually have with Shayna.

This is actually really funny and entertaining.

First we have a bunch of ugly, washed up sex workers reveal themselves like that goth bitch and we learn that Vivi lurks. Now we have literal adult babies. Hilarious. This thread is never boring.

No. 1549346

File: 1654383655303.jpeg (56.08 KB, 639x610, 60861D7F-2E44-4C52-B28D-9A06EF…)

sorry you don’t have your favorite childhood toy anymore anon. you seem really torn up about it. get therapy

No. 1549349

Just because Shayna is being boring doesn’t mean we have to start derailing

No. 1549351

I do have my favorite childhood toy. However it sits on a shelf or in a box somewhere. I don't literally cuddle it in bed. If you do that you are probably an adult baby.

No. 1549352

so now anyone with a stuffed animal they use as a pillow is literally shayna. i can see you share in shay's delusional thought processing lol. imagine being this hysterical and desperate to go "y-you're all just like shat!!" take your meds

No. 1549353

File: 1654383760955.jpeg (61.75 KB, 736x717, 520692A8-B634-4C1A-B50D-782E07…)

Liking cute things doesn’t make you an adult baby you absolute retard. Collecting Sanrio is no different than moids collecting funko pops. Stop derailing. No one gives a fuck if you hate hello kitty or love hello kitty. Take it to /Ot. i hate how sex workers like Shaynus ruin innocent items like hello kitty, pedophiles ruin everything

No. 1549355

File: 1654383850360.jpeg (22.19 KB, 300x250, CF967856-E1D8-4EA0-8F5E-BAD00A…)

nobody said anything about cuddling it, only you. you keep bringing it up. you’re deflecting. it’s okay that you cuddle your toys anon

No. 1549356

File: 1654383873223.jpeg (106.84 KB, 934x1093, 6988EFAC-88F0-4CEB-93E9-A05749…)

No. 1549357

I was friends with a moid that collected model dinosaurs and he had a lot of problems. He was definitely developmentally arrested because he had an insanely traumatic childhood. He acknowledged that he did it to cope with his mental issues.

No. 1549361

Why would you keep stuffed animals in your bed to begin with? That's definitely not normal.

No. 1549362

File: 1654384038176.jpeg (193.21 KB, 1280x719, 190F4858-2256-4BF7-ABFB-CDC407…)

Shaynus for the love of god sperg and have a mental breakdown the thread is boring

No. 1549363

why are you the hitler of people allegedly keeping 1-2 stuffed animals in their beds as 18+ yr olds? like what is the fucking issue?

No. 1549367

File: 1654384166841.jpeg (71.62 KB, 640x861, BF063905-13BE-4DF5-A992-3FBAA6…)

because picrel

No. 1549368

I was housemates with a moid that slept with stuffed animals and he was the biggest fucking weirdo ever. He was a huge crybaby and he was really emotionally manipulative and spiteful. If you mentioned his stuffies he would get really defensive.

No. 1549370

1. nobody cares
there's your issue. now get over it

No. 1549373

File: 1654384391905.png (54.01 KB, 236x275, 9991FCE4-3EA5-40F6-B7C3-BC679B…)

Nonnas who enjoy stuffed animals and don’t pedo pander:

No. 1549374

Fuck it’s only day 3 of Shayna’s vacation and this thread is already falling apart

No. 1549375

File: 1654384556781.jpeg (102.68 KB, 1242x622, B6D4B23B-B539-48A6-ABDB-7B4556…)

To get back on topic, nonnies should post their funniest Shaynus screenshots or cow art

No. 1549376

File: 1654384655917.jpeg (53.76 KB, 610x457, 29F2B6AF-6569-4925-9EA4-A3CD5D…)

Stop reddit spacing faggot. You get it you sleep on with a gray mattress on the floor surrounded by white walls, possibly padded.
I bet you’re lowkey a pedophile because you fetishize childhood and conflate cuteness with kids. Every time you see a woman with cute hello kitty merch you seethe that she’s not a child.

No. 1549378

File: 1654384730508.jpeg (936.75 KB, 2828x2828, B69526EF-BFCB-48C7-80EE-171B9E…)

what app does Shayna use kek i need it

No. 1549381

File: 1654384883417.jpeg (569.37 KB, 1053x792, 925268E5-A2FC-43F9-8589-317809…)

Facetune blur tool

No. 1549385

That's just been my overall experience of adults who like childish things. They're either extremely traumatized, developmentally disabled or they are emotionally manipulative and over sensitive and exhibit BPD traits. It's been the case with pretty much every adult who likes childish things I have ever met. I have never met one who was sane or well adjusted.

I think these admissions explain why people here feel so much venom towards Shat. Yeah she's embarrassing and entertaining, but I see people here who literally hate her and feel rage towards her. They claim that it's because of the audience she panders to but I don't really believe it. I see a lot of nonas here who share similar traits or have conditions like EDs and obviously have some degree of body dysmorphia and are heavily fixated on their negative perceptions of her body, which isn't normal in and of itself. There were even some ex junkies and alcoholics in the last thread. The farmers are literally just as damaged as the cow.

I mean I don't claim to be perfect, but Shatna doesn't live in my head rent free and I certainly don't hate her or fixate on her or certain aspects of her. I come here purely for my own entertainment and don't wish her any ill will. To be honest I rarely respond to the thread, I usually just scroll when I have nothing else to do.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1549388

No one cares stop writing essays Retard

No. 1549389

Amazing! Now please stop blog posting or if you absolutely must take it to /ot/

No. 1549390

File: 1654385243276.jpeg (1.2 MB, 3465x3465, 6A7405A7-06B6-4D06-A61D-8EFA50…)

Shaynus starter pack

No. 1549391

you are seriously nuts yet are trying to make shit up about others + derailing to try t project and it's hilarious now wow

No. 1549392

File: 1654385280086.jpeg (90.31 KB, 640x626, F9F7998F-E291-4949-8BED-275AD2…)

i ain’t reading all that
i’m happy for u tho
or sorry that happened

No. 1549394

File: 1654385432205.png (11.44 MB, 1242x2208, 02B97BEF-1E98-48EC-87F5-7A5821…)

Can y’all focus and at least blog about Shayna? Can we pass word lock this site im tired of bitter sex workers and moids ruining this site for everyone. Gatekeeping this site is what’s best for everyone

No. 1549395

I don't know what 'reddit spacing' is. I'm using proper spelling and grammar, like I was taught to at school.

People usually get this upset at things when they are true. If what I was saying wasn't true to you at all then you wouldn't be getting so nasty and deeply personal about it, trying to rationalize your own pathology by claiming that I have one, it would simply go over your head for the most part. I mean I don't care if you want to cuddle your teddy bears or wear a barbie sweater, but it is a red flag that you have problems and I would tread with caution.

No. 1549398

people are ""upset"" because you are clearly new here and shitted up the thread for no reason, as you keep doing now. genuinely go read the rules instead of imagining that we are all pedo pandering whores with 500 stuffed animals that make you seethe

No. 1549399

File: 1654385611190.gif (10.61 KB, 97x60, C1BBB2AF-A0DE-45A2-BF3B-81EF9F…)

We are upset because you’re fucking annoying. Stop blogging and double spacing no one gives a shit about your conspiracy theories

No. 1549401

File: 1654385646987.jpg (735.93 KB, 1440x1860, 1629339454572.jpg)

can we not pathologize liking or disliking plushies, spergs? thanks

No. 1549402

File: 1654385658248.jpeg (37.09 KB, 547x540, E70A2569-26CC-4F05-9DA2-2D176F…)

chill tf out(hello kitty spamming)

No. 1549403

this poster has a weird moid energy around them…

No. 1549404

So your shortcomings are being unable to appreciate cute things or “childish” things?
Or is it because you’re actually sanrio obsessed?

No. 1549405

You are supposed to double space after a full stop. That's official grammar. Is there a reason why it's frowned upon on the threads here?

No. 1549410

File: 1654385974376.jpeg (57.49 KB, 567x567, 172172DC-231F-4A76-BA3A-830162…)

go back

No. 1549411

File: 1654385993428.jpeg (3.86 MB, 2195x3805, EC0F6CB2-FA58-4935-AABA-2A82EE…)

She’s so top heavy in the shoulders

No. 1549412

I'm not male. You are all about 'muh radical feminism' but whenever someone says something you don't like they must be male, because apparently women all act the same way and have the same thoughts and opinions

No. 1549413

The outfit isn't only awful in and of itself but it doesn't do her any favors. She could have at least worn looser pants and it would balance out her top and bottom half.

No. 1549416

Stfu already an stop derailing

No. 1549421

>apparently women all act the same way and have the same thoughts and opinions
Says the retard assuming cartoon character = mentally ill. Get off my site.(no u)

No. 1549427

Because some farmers project while simultaneously forgetting that the end up sounding like some of the cows themselves. Imagine thinking that being comfortable is a bad thing. I get the point of taking the piss from Shayna because she claims to be bimbo yet puts forth zero effort, but anons are lying to themselves and others if they expect us to think they wear insert brand name here daily and honestly expect it to be some sort of flex while the fashion industry churns out more wasteful shit daily. Same anons probably profess to being tr00 commies when reeing about birdfaced Kathy's larp over in her thread, too.

At the end of the day, you're on the same imageboard with the rest of us, nona. You're not any better, but whatever helps you sleep tonight.

No. 1549428

I dont even think it's supposed to be a hair clip honestly. It looks like a piece from a childrens toy or something weird that someone took and glued to a clear toothed clip. Like >>1548964 it just looks really janky. Way too big and awkward and shitty to be a legitimate branded clip. I feel like she found it at an antique/thrift mall or weird ass street stall.

No. 1549435

File: 1654387560194.png (146.86 KB, 488x496, 13.PNG)

No. 1549440

Sweatpantschan, Hellokittychan, and Arresteddevelopmentspergchan please leave

No. 1549443

File: 1654387939388.jpeg (478.67 KB, 830x928, A9807D82-06F6-457B-BF7A-8A3B9D…)

Yet here you are adding to the derailing

No. 1549444

Just report the sperg and stop replying

No. 1549448

File: 1654388175570.jpeg (756.2 KB, 1242x1574, B9E6A802-DC91-44AF-B649-AEBF70…)

Kek I found the piece on AliExpress it’s no doubt a knockoff

No. 1549461

Not if you’re under 45~

No. 1549491


There's a portion of farmers who are terminally online/sex workers who don't leave the house often. They get all "dolled up" when they actually do leave the house because it's not a common occurrence. Someone who works a 9-5 and has to go to target Saturday afternoon will probably be going to target in sweatpants/leggings though.

No. 1549508

There are so many amazing pics from the first thread that are just lost to time; thank you for reviving one

No. 1549513

can we stop already? it doesnt matter what you wear is how you wear it and in Shayna nothing looks good. period.
honestly i care how others perceive me so im gonna doll up all i fucking want! because i love to look good. and im not even that anon but still, yall hating on everybody but Shayna.

No. 1549556

the pants in that photo are usually referred to as joggers though not baggy sloppy sweatpants. i think that is also the disconnect there.

No. 1549574

File: 1654396007497.jpeg (107.24 KB, 750x419, 90B9C30A-5ABD-460A-A26F-BA0A73…)

No. 1549647

File: 1654402076637.jpg (571.54 KB, 1080x1274, 1654002023671.jpg)

So anyway

No. 1549650

Wait a min… arent her ears stretched to a pretty sizable gauge (because thats totes bimbo)?? Because all those earrings look like standard ones, not hangers or hoops that could at least dangle or go through tunnels. Maybe theyre new desk decorations.

No. 1549652

File: 1654402277396.gif (292.7 KB, 498x235, E3AF11DC-E3CE-436D-8DB3-5C8012…)

Damn Shayna is pretty boring rn ngl

No. 1549654

File: 1654402358262.jpg (93.59 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

What do you mean? She's serving Amberlynn Reid realness. Her face is looking closer and closer to Amber's each day as well.

No. 1549655

I didn’t even realize until you pointed out. Kek was Shayna so drunk she forgot she had stretched ears?

No. 1549656

File: 1654402411849.jpeg (284.73 KB, 1080x1920, 1212E1AA-364C-4A9F-A3C1-32EB6B…)

They look like they are related

No. 1549659

Anyone have the blair witch corner shay?

No. 1549660

Kek, the beady eyes, greasy poop bun and fat girl mouth are uncanny.

No. 1549661

Kek she's even starting to hoard earrings like ALR

No. 1549662

File: 1654403139913.png (Spoiler Image,551.04 KB, 1080x720, D974A01F-FDF3-4AD9-9B97-3BE4FC…)

The fat bitch project

No. 1549690

File: 1654405981631.png (60.04 KB, 262x193, 8745204E-CC2C-4127-BF8F-C50E28…)

No. 1549691

File: 1654406068322.jpeg (267.28 KB, 1600x900, 689FCC02-2D61-4C16-9F98-53DD53…)

The art anons in the shat threads have always been on point.

Shaynus better wake up with a poo pyramid on her head and take a public nood or else this thread is going to die from milk withdrawals

No. 1549695

File: 1654406184814.gif (4.13 MB, 500x368, 22B53D93-E247-4584-8288-5C1645…)

No. 1549696

She's definitely got those tacky faux jewel plugs in (like the only ones she has) >>1549378 so wtf they've gotta be 0g at least. No way regular earrings would work. She's so wasteful but I'm sure her dad bought them for her so she doesn't care.

No. 1549733

Kek, I called it. Shat must absolutely be drunk 100% of the time to get over how drastic their lives are and I bet they goad her to drink more. No wonder she called them “friends” she doesn’t want people to know she’s the ugly sister.

No. 1549736

File: 1654411596287.jpeg (215.99 KB, 828x1372, F00EF8AF-6ABA-41CB-8044-9D530B…)

The step siblings are on the trip too. The pretty step sister has been posting photos from Ireland, she brought a girl friend along too

No. 1549751

File: 1654413463591.png (9.31 MB, 1242x2208, 5F43D333-9483-4BB3-9A13-4EA86E…)

Kek the thought seeing two normal/attractive skinny women in their 20s and then seeing haggard Big Shaynus stomping around behind them wearing too small frumpy pink clothing whilst they are going sightseeing is making me laugh

No. 1549764

How come Shay only takes pics in a dingy bathroom? Did they also get a better room kek

No. 1549768

So much for going with "friends"

No. 1549778

Good thing Ellen never actually tagged along as a "friend", she's even more big, lumpy and haggard. What a difference being college educated and not being a degenerate makes

No. 1549799

Nothing says ~uwu baby bimbo~ like those linebacker shoulders kek

No. 1549818

i’m assuming the girl in the pink is the pretty stepsister? that girl in brown cow print grasping her crotch fits right in with Shayna. how do any of them think these pics are normal for a family vacation?

No. 1549824

shes grabbing her belt you freak. what's with the bored losers in this thread

No. 1549830

stop #1? Is Shaynus traveling around the country? Feel bad for the Irish anons outside Dublin if so.

No. 1549839

They honestly have a very similar outdated/tacky fashion sense as well kek

No. 1549844

She would have to put plugs in, but she could still put earrings in the hole and hang them before placing the plug. This thread to day…

No. 1549857

It rubs the chapstick on its skin

No. 1549859

kek I know this is an old pic but I love the fact that she's pulling every slimming trick in the book - high waisted bottoms to cover gunt, twisting her body to give it a curve, flared out skirt laid out neatly over the tops of her thunder thighs - yet she still looks like a whole damn fridge with an XXL waistband.
Anyone who isn't a fatass would look flattering in this pose. But when you have thicc cankles like Shaynus, they give ya away

No. 1549861

Going on a trip with your family isn’t embarrassing but lying and saying you’re going with friends instead sure as fuck is topkek. She’s pathetic

No. 1549863

Damn, what does Shaynus' dad do?
He's rich enough to afford not just a 2-week long vacation in a developed country, but he's funding vacations for the rest of his family? And presumably their friends too?
It's no wonder Shayna is such a failure-to-launch, comfortable making minimum wage & never being able to make rent. She'll never have to confront her own financial failure when the Bank of Dad is always a call away as a safety net.

No. 1549869

Maybe step mum contributed money towards it too since she also offered to pay for her schooling.

No. 1549887

They look like normal girls dressed casually for a trip. Shayna is wearing wrinkled dress pants, off white cropped hoodies no bra or undershirts and ugly dirty looking sweatpants.
At least these two look clean,young, fresh and normal. Sidenote, I wonder if Shayna tells them she can't take pictures or if they don't want to take pictures with her?
I'd love to know what her sister thinks of Shayna if anything at all.

No. 1549893

Not to defend Shay here, but if she did this because people have sent photos to her family and incase of them doing it on the trip, then it’s a sensible move for her to have lied about it. Bet it’s not for that reason tho…

No. 1549894

Anon was talking about Amberlynn Reid

No. 1549915

File: 1654435928750.png (1.62 MB, 1079x909, 0B0F4FAE-DA25-44C1-80D1-0319C5…)

No. 1549923

She really went full retard with this pic

No. 1549994

Shayna's dad works in the real estate business.

No. 1550031

That’s not true where did you get that? According to his Facebook he’s a dealer for automotive repair tools.

No. 1550034

Hurry someone tell me her step sis ig then delete

No. 1550035

File: 1654446441221.jpeg (179.87 KB, 732x1280, 623F1044-8D7C-45FF-A528-D54BD6…)

They’re in Cork now

No. 1550037

Makes me wanna shay-log with the fact that Shay had literally everything and more needed to succeed. Her siblings are proof of that. She acts like she grew up with parents who didn't care and had no money. I hate all the "Shayna stands out' posts, but I bet with her siblings she really does. Not only in terms of looks, but just her vibe. You can tell she hasn't done much with her life and she's mentally off.
But then again, who knows, maybe the Cliffords are cows themselves in some ways. They just don't do it online.

No. 1550044

anon, don't be a moid-tier creep. she's done nothing to deserve having people from lolcow going through her shit. she didn't choose to be part of shayna's family

No. 1550045

You all seem to love it when she gets posted tho

No. 1550046

I've never commented on her pics, but I don't think she should be posted in the first place even with her face blurred out because it just encourages this shit tbh

No. 1550050

NGl the tiny bit of milk was nice and I knew she had a step sister but never thought much into it However, people should'nt be posting her shit even censored. When people talked about Shayna's brother nobody posted his picture censored or not. All it takes is one weirdo.

No. 1550056

File: 1654447785957.jpeg (818.15 KB, 828x1349, 2ECBA4AA-A3C0-48FD-906D-7410AF…)

This looks like it’s just barely covering the muffin top

No. 1550060


she's uncharacteristically got so much skin covered i could have honestly assumed she was preparing for a job interview

No. 1550073

So, you’re probably her friend. Anything she’s shared about her stepsister?

No. 1550076

These jeans are atrocious.

No. 1550077

That's retarded to do with standard earrings and depending on the thickness of the plugs it wouldnt work. The earrings she got aren't hangers, hoops, or fishhook style.

No. 1550079

Is it supposed to be a crop and she's wearing it badly or it's cut weirdly or is it just too short because its too small?

No. 1550082

I thought it’s her step sister posting. Could you blame her? She fucked up the life of her whole family, putting everyone at risk of harassment and what for? Pissing in diapers for 3$

No. 1550086

I really hope she’s wearing underwear with those jeans. Or they will be covered with discharge

No. 1550089

She looks like a crackhead pretending to be sober looking for a job

No. 1550090

>shay log
>tit pick

No. 1550103

I still can't help but chuckle at the fact that she's almost larping as her step sister?
Shay "oh im going to Ireland with friends!"
Like no sweaty … Your step sister went with her friends and you're just third-wheeling along?

No. 1550104

File: 1654450826343.jpeg (199.07 KB, 680x1280, C18D7083-E1CC-4DE2-8155-991C61…)

It’s pretty funny to compare her to the two normal 23 year olds she’s with

No. 1550114

kek Shayna is definitely the black sheep in the family. She’s probably coping by thinking to herself that they’re basic bitches and she’s the thriving bimbo Fatty Mattel uwu. Even though they’re normies in terms of style and the way they post on IG; but they’re better looking than Shayna and are skinny. Shayna sticks out like a fat sore thumb. #109 Shayna and the Normies Edition

No. 1550120

File: 1654451807386.jpeg (69.9 KB, 562x800, D6E11DD3-13BA-4938-BC63-2372AA…)

It’s too small for her hammy upper body it’s suppose to fit like this. She does these clothes so dirty kek

No. 1550129

This is the kind of pic you take with your sister, how sad. I believe their dynamic is fucked and shat probably thinks they’re competing with one another, especially for her fathers attention, but only shat is playing.

No. 1550132

She’s posted a lot of photos from Ireland too so far and not a single one with Shayna. You wouldn’t even know they were together if they weren’t posting from the same places

No. 1550138

I think the clothes she picks from Dollskill and Shein are just fucking ugly and when worn on someone unattractive with a really unfortunate fridge of a body they look even worse. Not to mention she couldn't style an outfit coord to save her life.

No. 1550141

that top looks like it’s made for a child and she’s attempting to squeeze into it. i’m sure a skinny or petite person would look fine in it but that cut is….oof.

No. 1550144

That's got to hurt Shat's ego. She's on holiday with two normal younger women that are slimmer than her and the only way she can get attention is by dressing like a special needs adult.

No. 1550145

File: 1654453207743.jpeg (1.55 MB, 973x1690, 643DFFDE-7739-4A55-81E4-DCD3C3…)

shayna you warped the door out of existence

No. 1550152

File: 1654453634487.jpg (487.86 KB, 1000x1000, frog-sleeping-mask18-1000x1000…)

Not even the filter can counter the alcoholic eye bloat, she must look wrecked in real life.

No. 1550172

i find it funny that anons itt are so obsessed with bpdfags when Shayna checks off more npd than bpd statements. ik she claims to have it but it’s overdiagnosed. you can’t tell me she has emotional extremes or any shame and empathy for what she does. she operates like a narcissistic mother who looks the other way when her kid is being sexually abused by her husband.
it’s not people with bpd’s fault that you bpd spergs all run in outsider circles where everyone has main character syndrome and somehow expect those freakshows not to be self-absorbed and delusional. and no one cares about your horror story with a total nightmare bpdfag, you all sound more insane than who you’re describing because you keep going on and on about how you’re so victimized kek. have you looked in a mirror by chance?(stop)

No. 1550174

Jesus Christ I thought we ended that retarded derail yesterday

No. 1550209

I wonder what the fuck they're doing in Cork. There's literally nothing to do here. Maybe they can go to the butter museum kek.

No. 1550212

File: 1654458041441.jpeg (203.39 KB, 686x1280, AEFDC36A-7F67-4AB8-B198-C6FF66…)

These ugly jeans make her look even more top heavy

No. 1550215

Cork anon u should follow her Snapchat. She posts where she’s going and what she’s doing every second of the day, it would be easy to get a Shayna sighting

No. 1550217

it seems like she doesn't try stuff on until the time comes to wear it bc seriously wtf? how could anyone try these on and think they flatter her body at all?? there's jeans that would flatter her shape but she wears this shit

No. 1550218

omg she looks terrible and that jacket got them buttons about to explode.
and i hate these jeans, theyre so trashy looking and why isnt she putting them all up her waist? i want to puke

No. 1550220

It's so funny when bpd-chans try to defend themselves

No. 1550223

dad thinks his great-great-grandfather was from Cork or something, most likely
Shayna in a butter museum is too funny

No. 1550228

I was going to suggest “searches for Irish relatives” for the Irish bingo kek

No. 1550251

Sage for dumb but what’s she eating?

No. 1550257


No. 1550276

Why does she stand like one of them uwu anime girls? She’d look less like a splintered tongue depressor if she didn’t stand with her knees locked inwards like a sped.

No. 1550287

I don't get this pose either, she started doing it a lot since the skidmark academy saga. All it does is emphasize how boxy and retarded she looks

No. 1550290


No. 1550335

Like an apple stuck in a rubber glove

No. 1550353

I wonder if they ever take pictures with Shay and who Shay is sharing a room with (seems like she isn’t staying with these girls, but definitely doesn’t have her own room bc she would have made porn in it by now)

No. 1550354

Will take nudes out in the woods, flash in a restaurant but doesn't work during this trip? The lack of ideas and work ethic she has is abysmal

No. 1550356

I disagrees and think anons would be calling her out and laughing at her for making content on this family trip. It’s distasteful

No. 1550361

Did Shay have to pay for her own lodging and could only afford student accomodations? Such bimbo. Compare the nice, modern airy rooms with large mirrors posted by her sister >>1550104 to the Ikea nightmare >>1550056 and tiny vulva dated-deco mirror Shay posted.

No. 1550363

Yet an anon over in /ot/ bitched earlier that anons itt are too harsh on shayna's looks. She's fucking ugly, cope harder.

No. 1550365

File: 1654466344093.jpeg (169.37 KB, 1160x1080, CB36833B-856D-4B01-8929-2E4A92…)

First wild Shayna sighting from a video posted by step sister. It’s a video from the dinner table with the whole family, it’s a massive group of at least 10 family members

No. 1550366

she really does abuse filters even on seemingly "natural" photos jesus.

No. 1550372

File: 1654467081059.jpeg (268.8 KB, 1242x1175, FA00A74B-4D5F-4AB4-94E6-0F3D89…)

She acts like her videos are a movie premiere like who tf cares?

No. 1550373

File: 1654467103995.jpeg (503.1 KB, 959x1211, EBCD88DB-1799-4568-BF52-A00CF2…)

She’s homely like her father

No. 1550374

File: 1654467205176.png (28.19 KB, 230x285, Screenshot_2022-06-05 snow - …)


No. 1550375

Sage for ot but does anybody know where to get these pants? I’m hoping not shein but I also wouldn’t be surprised (considering big Shaynes love for it)

No. 1550377

They look like they’re from forever 21. they’re called paperbag pants

No. 1550379

They're the same room. t. corkfag who recognizes where she is.

No. 1550380

She got no feminine features. Women who look like their fathers usually have softer versions of their features. Shaynderthal

No. 1550388

Louder for the rotunds who protect shay in the back. She's not just 'average' without filters. She looks like a crone.

No. 1550389

Isn’t Blarney Castle not far from Cork? They’re probably doing all the typical tourist stuff

No. 1550392

Idk I think this is cute and she doesn’t look as lumbering as normal

No. 1550397

I’m guessing almost everyone at that table has seen her porn too after that moid posted it on everyone’s Facebook that he could earlier this year. Grandma, dad, uncle, siblings, basically everyone with the Clifford last name and random family friends as well. I don’t know how she can show her face, I would be so ashamed

No. 1550417

File: 1654469790039.jpg (524.97 KB, 1200x1200, a.jpg)

Blarney castle and gardens is a really beautiful place. I hope Shay goes and experiences a reconnection with nature.

No. 1550420

We have seen Shay connect with nature and it wasn't pretty

No. 1550430

I wonder if she brings up how she's thriving in her sex work career at the dinner table.

No. 1550439

I’m so glad that I could entertain you then. Some of the anons itt are part of the problem in giving it extra stigma compared to other personality disorders. The thread is about Shayna who is individually a terrible person and not everyone with bpd. Blaming her actions on bpd not only stigmatizes the illness but also lets Shayna get away with taking personal accountability. She is a terrible person given that she reads this thread and still decides to take oldgray’s money, knowing he’s a freak who was subscribed to his biological daughter’s OnlyFans. She continues to fulfill his white trash daughter fantasies knowing of who he’s really fantasizing about when he watches her content. She provides content for him to continue those fantasies. If she had any empathy for other people, she would have blocked him but she’s too greedy and stubborn to admit she stalks these threads.

No. 1550444

Unfortunately she only knows how to do that with a plug up her ass

No. 1550452

Everytime someone throws "bpd-chan!!" around as an insult I just know they're projecting.

No. 1550462

So since Shays sister or maybe her sisters friend is a farmer posting their snaps - we should get more content

It's only fair

No. 1550465

? Pretty sure it’s just a random anon who happens to know Shay’s stepsister’s name/social media from the old thread before it got nuked.

No. 1550468

I don’t think it’s her sister or friend, anons found her step sister’s socials awhile back

No. 1550469

Yep, that’s me. I just remembered her name and face from old threads. It’s pretty damn easy to find people on the internet

No. 1550495


That bald spot of hers is nasty looking, and she looks like she smells and asks people for cigarettes at gas stations.

I wonder how much shit the step sister and her friend are talking about her rn. I will say one thing about shay though… I'd never have the balls to show up at a family vacation when I know I'm the black sheep and the loser kid of the family.

No. 1550496

File: 1654474387233.jpeg (4.22 MB, 2216x3960, 380E0151-2437-401F-BB04-A80D3A…)

It’s weird, she only posted a video of the bathroom like that’s where she’s staying tonight kek. The whole airbnb debacle probably scared her into thinking someone is gonna find her hotel, or because she’s most likely sharing the room with the other girls and doesn’t want anyone to know

No. 1550511

TBH I don't think it's that weird. When you're taking selfies and shit its embarrassing to do it alone when other people are in the room but she can't include them because I'm sure everyone but the friend knows she's a camwhore with no friends or real relationship. Shayna learned the hard way early in not to post family and I'm positive her step-sis would be firm about not wanting to be posted, normal women are concerned about being associated with the wrong things and getting into trouble with work.
So instead of having everyone watch and judge her for posting shit for the pervs that follow her she posts in secret in the bathroom.

No. 1550532

Definitely the latter imo. Shayna sort of just lives her whole life alone (and play acting like she has a life for 4 coomers with 2 braincells on the internet), so she can't just say she's on a family trip like a normal person would. Maybe if her family actually liked her, but, kek. I can't imagine she knows what to do with herself in a room with other girls, though. Like she'd actually make conversation? She has to do something other than just binge drink and disassociate while editing photos of the clogged pores around her asshole? I'd feel bad for her if she wasn't a complete piece of shit who hates other women.

No. 1550536

I feel like the girls are sharing a room and Shayna is with her brother or something. I just can’t imagine her with them. It’s too uncomfortable. I bet Shay is counting down the days because her social anxiety must be intense

No. 1550543

does she just have the worlds worst hairline or is she finally balding at her temples from the 2013 combover side part/throwing her uncombed hair into a turd bun all the time?

No. 1550557

Where was this outfit post where she looks normal? Is she just taking pics in her ugly tracksuits and ~barbie bimbo fits~ (not that they are she just thinks so) in the hotel and then putting on normal clothes to go out with her family? Weird but I guess thats good.

No. 1550585

She is just so ugly and the fatter she gets the more pronounce her brow gets. It juts out so bad.

No. 1550591

lmao why does her chest looks so flat?

No. 1550593

It’s a family trip: Shayna’s dad, stepmom, Shayna, stepsister, stepbrother, brother and at least one friend.
Talk to us, Nona. What has stepsister said about Shayna? I firmly believe you know her.

No. 1550608

I wonder what she even talks about with her family.
She obviously can’t talk about work, she has no friends, and never really leaves the house.

No. 1550612

Given the plot of her porn, I hope for the brother’s sake that this isn’t true

No. 1550618

File: 1654485702033.jpeg (12.91 KB, 500x281, D2BE816F-6E73-48A6-A162-A7CBD8…)

Idk I don’t think he look “that”bad. Kinda reminds me of picrel, but for some reason he’s just not as ugly as shayna is like those features work better on a dude

No. 1550621

I’m a different anon and found her Facebook, Instagram, and Tik tok within a couple minutes only using shaynas name in google and going from there. It really isn’t that hard to find people, Although her Instagram is private so maybe screenshot anon does know her but she has a couple thousand followers so that’s not super likely

No. 1550624

I can't imagine how jealous and anxious she must feel being around her marginally prettier sister and friend, successful graduate brother and rich father and stepmother.
I bet her entire family is simply tolerating her being there and don't interact with her much, I can't picture her sister and her friend letting frumpy stumpy autistic looking Shayna waddle along behind them cramping their mood, she'd have absolutely nothing in common with them whatsoever to talk about.
Shaynus brags about being successful but she can't afford vacations, a car, nice clothes, barely covers rent monthly and begs for money to cover food and alcohol. She must be feeling like such an outcast among her actually successful, well off family right now.

I bet the whole Daddy fixation stems from her Step Sister being doted on and genuinely liked by shaynas father and that makes her extremely spiteful deep down, she probably feels like her dad got stolen hence her whole "I'll fuck your dad and steal him" routine.

No. 1550632

what if this is her wake up call? what if this is going to be the first step for her to go back to live with her dad?

No. 1550641

Shayna, please. I say this as someone who has taken outfit picture in bathroom mirrors, for the love of god, close the doors behind you for a moment, or, fuck, cover it in stickers. The visible toilets just add to the smell.

No. 1550649

Right but her Instagram is private, so is her brother’s and Shayna’s brother. Unless they’re not that careful?
> I can't imagine how jealous and anxious she must feel being around her marginally prettier sister and friend, successful graduate brother […]
The stepsister isn’t only pretty, she has an MBA, recently started a job in her field of study and seems to have a great relationship with her family (including stepfamily). Shayna’s stepbrother also recently graduated.
Why would this be her wake up call? Is it naïveté or are some of you really that sweet/positive?

No. 1550650

I stand corrected.

No. 1550651

File: 1654488318664.jpg (48.27 KB, 400x500, 82a15fe899087ad48981ac4d0234c9…)

damn son

No. 1550659

I just sent her a request to see if she was on the trip too and she accepted it. I really don’t want to encourage anyone else to do the same though, I promise I’ll post anything milky(USER HAS BEEN P