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File: 1539787138915.png (460.67 KB, 620x413, enabling-act.png)

No. 715014

Previous thread: >>>/snow/709096

>dollar bin halloween costumes for new porn, including a fake septum piercing that looks like a hitler mustache >>>/snow/713426 >>>/snow/709131 >>>/snow/711932 >>>/snow/714465

>part 2 of appearance in alex more's realtimebondage show released >>>/snow/709180
>comes up with a piss poor excuse for a jenga game for cam, 90% of the bricks appear to be blank
>camming from her dog cage in the closet >>>/snow/711971
>calls her mom abusive for wanting her to get out of sex work >>>/snow/712115
>still getting drunk and eating fast food daily
>fupa waves a gun around on snapchat >>>/snow/712180

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No. 715027

No. 715089

File: 1539795588763.gif (Spoiler Image,974.33 KB, 238x422, ezgif.com-crop(1).gif)

this is honestly the only thing i got out of that lmao
also that alex girl literally looks like she wants to die

No. 715091

lmao I don't even know if I'm laughing with her or at her

No. 715100

Anything to get the attention on you.

It's almost sad how her entire life revolves around being the center of attention.

No. 715112

I try not to nitpick too much on cows' bodies but lmfao jesus she has no ass im cackling

No. 715146


how the fuck do i delete this whole thing from my memory


laughed my ass off in that part

No. 715147

File: 1539801444617.jpeg (156.96 KB, 1125x728, 668A1695-E81B-4FC4-AB84-A043CB…)

Sure, Jan

No. 715149

File: 1539801626987.gif (684.82 KB, 480x480, 79248FFB-10C9-4B51-B6CA-FA1156…)

As if anyone will believe that, maybe even he finds her porn too cringy.

No. 715150

>”I’m not like those other guys, I don’t watch porn, I’m a tips fedora nice guy.”

No. 715155

he…has a PORN blog tf

No. 715156

no no anons its our mistake! fupapa doesn't fap to porn, he only faps to images of snuff and women being abused for his rape fantasies how could we forget

No. 715157

His whole blog is porn?? For a guy that doesn’t watch porn, he reblogs a shit ton of it kek

No. 715158

It's possible that he meant porn movies but porn is a broader category than that so it's stupid af either way.

No. 715159

and follows sex workers who produce porn weekly
What a shitty lie

No. 715160

Oh yea I don't watch porn that's why I targeted Shayna immediately when I've made my tumblr. It's not like I browsed porn on tumblr before till I found Shayna, the sexworker, the porn maker. It's not like I hit her up coz I liked her porn or anything.
It's not like my whole ass blog is porn gifs

what a tool

No. 715161

Imagine if he buys their content just not his own girlfriends lmao.

No. 715162

File: 1539802701725.jpeg (83.16 KB, 625x418, CFFAFFB0-8D3C-4743-8F52-14374C…)

No. 715163

File: 1539802702038.jpg (51.87 KB, 750x741, DfAG6MGU0AIFsSF.jpg)

um…. what?

No. 715166

File: 1539802781820.jpg (16.05 KB, 480x360, 1503637141780.jpg)

>entire blog revolves around sadistic porn
>I'm not into porn though..

No. 715176

in the video they did a pussy-pumping type thing to the main chick, not shay. very very gross to watch lol

No. 715178

Even besides the obvious lie that he isnt into porn when he has a fucking porn blog - how sad is it that he literally shows no interesting what his girlfriend is doing? How could you be so ignorant of such a big part of your partners live when you claim you love and support them. Im sure many of us have spouses who work in a totally different foreign field to is but im also sure that despite of this everyone is still interested about their doings.

No. 715184

LMFAO LITERALLY like I get him and shay sperg about the whole ~pAy fOr yOuR PrOn~ shit but its like come on…you can't even show your significant other your content at least as a preview or the fact that they wouldn't be interested in someone who they're supposedly attracted to doing sexual things is kinda odd??? either way they make no sense since fupapa reblogs gifs and pictures stolen from porn/free content from sex workers KEK

No. 715196

Holy shit she's so desperate to be the center of attention it's sad. Who the fuck decides to dance like that in the middle of a brutal torture scene like that? Like that girls face was literally blue for fucks sake.

No. 715201

I feel like he's trying to be sarcastic right? right?! lol

No. 715205

File: 1539804771399.jpeg (105.28 KB, 1125x490, 5690EBAE-13E9-4C3D-B63D-FEDD60…)

I feel like it should be sarcasm but idk lol

No. 715233

maybe he doesn't watch the insex stuff specifically because it's guy/girl? we can only scratch the surface of his insecurity.

No. 715237

File: 1539806087597.png (11.94 KB, 680x188, 2018-10-17 15_52_32-ManyVids -…)

was this a farmer? lmao from her mv custom page

No. 715238

It really was! It was done so improperly I almost gagged. It’s a pump meant for your clitoris only, not your entire external labia. He seriously misused it and it’s disgusting to watch.

No. 715240

So he’s watched pirated stuff from them. Good to know you don’t even support a place your girl works for. Douche.

No. 715241

insex out here trying to produce an army of women with saggy ballsack vaginas

No. 715251

i know right, her whole vag area and labial skin was saggy and wrecked.. why would you do that to yourself if it'll ruin your genitals lol

also the whole glass tube thing was done horribly, no wonder it turned out looking so painful. eek

No. 715259

i wouldn't let any of these guys within 50 feet of me honestly. it seems like they have no idea how to do anything properly.

No. 715261

Agreed. The rope they do is SO sketchy (on top of everything else) it’s a wonder people don’t end up injured more often.

No. 715278

I don't really wanna watch a misc. Girl being tortured but she was actually doing this wiggling in the middle of a scene?? Why didn't the director stop her that's such a mood killer?? Just… What

No. 715293

Because it’s a live stream. They can’t really stop her.

No. 715294

we’re not here to make fun of the other girl, anons. tbh she doesn’t even look like she gives a shit weather Shayna is there or not. Give her props for at leas dealing with all that shit, including Shayna’s dumbass antics.

No. 715307

are you saying that noticing how fucked up that bdsm video was with the labia destroying is making fun of the other girl lol. we're noticing how absurd the whole bdsm video was.

No. 715314

I’m all for exploring and enjoying kinks hell I do BDSM myself but what kind of people enjoy watching that shit? It’s borderline torture wtf I don’t care if they consented that shit is clearly pandering towards people who like watching women suffer I would say men too but they ain’t involved in this video like puffing out your pussy, being hung like a Slab of meat and having your face turn blue like what the fuck was that and Jesus why did she dance like if she can’t even get mood tones right how is she a pornstar in the first place like that seems like something you would learn in pornstar 101 classes lol(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 715323

what tree did you just fall from

No. 715324

Oh okay duh I'm an idiot. I'm still stunned she thought that was appropriate tho lmao

No. 715326

File: 1539810519797.jpg (565.11 KB, 892x1291, 9835f295-120e-4c0f-bc7f-53f342…)

No. 715330

File: 1539811163004.jpeg (134.18 KB, 1242x733, B4F83282-CE42-435D-8AEF-FECB9E…)

Also posted “why is everyone so fake”

No. 715331


I guess she needs to scam some money again to be happy?

No. 715332

File: 1539811284437.jpg (61.43 KB, 538x488, 34y6.jpg)


No. 715333

@fupa maybe??

Also why would anyone pay to watch her do shit eyeliner and tie her matted hair up

No. 715341

Let's add this to the list…

"Mexico vacation/travel the world"= sit in a mexico hotel paid by work, water and snacks from daily stipend

makes gif sets showing gloves on and a passport in a backpack says shhhh "he's up for anything" = takes gloves off after photo bc it's 90 degrees in mexico and it's for a work trip.

"the guy who played original norman bates is my uncle" also "i have no family, i was in foster care" = proven not related to actor, only shares same last name. KEK

"i don't do drugs, especially xanax, its a touchy subject, my sister died from it"= constantly glorifies drugs and drugs, constantly reblogs photos of drugs especially xanax

double chins/no neck = "been working out my shoulders"

"i gotta flex my new house"= shows bumfuck outdated filthy oklahoma dwelling, his last apt before was a literal shack- maybe considers it a "flex" in comparison

"i'm a dom" = insecure beta taking advantage of a kink just to get himself in an authoritative role, KEK

(please feel free to add)

No. 715342

>ignore my emotional breakdowns and leave me alone

then don't post about your emotional breakdowns

this manipulation via Tumblr thing is so pathetic

No. 715344


and she just DELETED everything except the makeup post

No. 715348

@ fupa x10000000

No. 715349

Looks like Fupa needs to make her breakfast again.

No. 715350

So she finally admitted she does it all to get attention from Fupa?

No. 715354

I wonder if he told them to delete the posts and thats why she did? didnt want her making her look bad

No. 715356

Kinda sounds like she didn't get what she wanted and got frustrated so she deleted her posts to me, but who knows.

No. 715358


No. 715361


Yeah maybe, like how when she doesn't get tipped on cam she gets pissy then logs off lmao

No. 715364

where is your sage

No. 715373

She’s just looking for money. Fucking crying wolf like usual.

No. 715393

Sounds like she’s depressed from her shitty decisions and thinks things and attention from strangers is going to fix it, and then realizes a week later that it doesn’t and she’s still an empty shell of an idiot.
Shay get some fucking help.

No. 715399

File: 1539815466419.jpg (22.64 KB, 568x216, 5yr.jpg)

from Fupa's blog

No. 715413

This is so spot on I am howling

No. 715415

god just take her to the cheesecake factory a couple times and watch her porn

No. 715421

Is shay ever gonna do a house tour? I've only seen her filthy bathroom and closet/mfc cage area

No. 715424


That would mean they'd actually have to get furniture and decorate. Maybe Fupa got discouraged from all the bad feedback from his "flex" house tour

No. 715426

File: 1539817115655.jpg (11.02 KB, 558x165, 868568394.jpg)

also from Fupas blog

No. 715428

she's shown the kitchen too. Everything else is probably depressingly empty and/or dirty.

No. 715430


He's always been able to do that for anons so while it's probable that he's just dumb and didn't realize that I'll tinfoil and say maybe he wants to block his ex from seeing his blog since she knows about it now?

No. 715432

you've been able to IP block anons since literally 2013 lmao i don't know how fupa is this dumb.

No. 715434

Not defending his dumb ass but you actually couldn’t block on the mobile app.

No. 715435

And if he wants to ip block users that harass him off anon or w/e he could just block their blog? and then they could log out to send him an anon and then he can block their ip boom

No. 715436


this, you had to go through the website which can be a hassle through mobile

No. 715437

but it's been definitely at least 2 years since you could block on the app right? at least for iphone users.

No. 715439

Nope. iPhone user here and I still can’t block anons via mobile app.

No. 715440

Oh, you're right. I just tested by sending myself an anon then opening it on the app and it just shows answer or delete.

No. 715441

i guess i was thinking of desktop/browsers then, my bad.

No. 715447

to be fair, they obviously have a computer since Shay cams so if he's that bothered it's not that much effort to log in the computer as opposed to trying to figure out how to do it on mobile. He still dumb.

No. 715449

true, tumblr has been allowing everyone to at least "ignore" users since around 2012 i think, and now you have plenty of good quality blocking options through desktop so a person can't view your stuff at all.

No. 715460

aw now he can block everyone who's mean to him

No. 715462

poor poor fupa; just everyone bullies him. you would think a dom would be able to deal with a few anons?

No. 715483

Anthony Perkins was an only child and his wife’s sister doesn’t seem to be related to him either. Fupa is a dumbass.

No. 715500

What makes this lie so much juicier is this is the one that basically exposed him. The anon who found his info used Perkins as a starting point beccause they remembered Fupa said he was related to Anthony Perkins on his tumblr. Oh, Fupa. Had you just kept your mouth shut your name (probably) wouldn't of been tied to Shay's boil ridden vag.

No. 715505


plus kik anon said his username was Kpeezy

No. 715517

That too. I'm sure had he just kept his mouth shut about the Anthony Perkins thing, or never showed his kik username (which might have been Shay who did that when she posted a screenshot one of their convos) I doubt he would of been exposed tbh.

No. 715518

Wtf is this word salad? It's obviously directed at Shay since we knew it was only a matter of time before they started passive aggressively posting on Tumblr about each other (ie >>715332)
I can't even understand what he's trying to say though so I'm certain she wouldn't either but that often happens when dumbasses try to make themselves sound smart

No. 715521

iirc kik anon knew/talked to fupa before shay so idk that it was necessarily advertised openly other than having been posted here. honestly im still pretty surprised/impressed by the farmers that figured out his identity as it involved very specific pieces of info that we happened to accumulate lol.

No. 715538

He probably thinks he’s saying something super deep, kek

He’s one of those idiots that thinks he’s a word master poet but is just a dull ass fat kid

No. 715557

he's saying "my girlfriend is so fucking needy I just can't keep up with the demands. but I just ask her what she needs and then say I'll do it to shut her up, leaving her hoping that one day maybe I will get around to treating her right. (spoiler alert: I won't because she doesn't matter to me)"

No. 715606

Tbh I don’t even feel bad for her. She objectifies herself, yet gets upset when her own boyfriend treats her like an object. This is what she built the whole “relationship” up to be, she’s an object to be used by him and that’s it. He’s dumb as rocks and a beta cuck boy, so of course he’s gonna jump on that so he can seem like a big bad dom on tumblr. The whole relationship is just sad af.

No. 715651

File: 1539831970027.jpeg (44.41 KB, 500x254, 8981BE14-B496-4A22-80C7-CD429C…)

It’s physically impossible for her to be on time when she sets her own schedule. I do not understand how hard it is. It’s not like she has to set anything up, she just leaves it all in the floor

No. 715681

Any minute now one of her fans (Harley) will send her a message asking if she's on cam and she'll reply "Running upstairs right now!" like she always does and it'll still be 20 minutes until she logs on.

All the while she'll be on Tumblr reblogging her sets.

No. 715683

I doubt she cams tonight because her “motivation to work is -47”
Newsflash shay, you can’t call into work bc you’re a little sad.

No. 715712

File: 1539836869218.gif (433.48 KB, 306x306, 20181018_002634.gif)

Sperge from last night

No. 715721

Have you guys noticed shes stopped doing that panning shot thing on her video previews since someone said something here

No. 715743

wow this stupid bitch doesnt know what an "exclusive" is. shocking…

No. 715748

File: 1539839364951.png (Spoiler Image,56.96 KB, 640x368, IMG_2268.PNG)

lookin fit

No. 715749

least she went back to the french tips instead of those stupid pink dragon talons.

No. 715760

She said on snap she’s not getting on cam bc she was working on the custom

No. 715768

the whole "don't tell mommy" thing is too disturbing and child-incest-rape glamorizing to be okay with in my opinion. obviously no real kids are involved and it's just shaytard's scummy roleplaying but like, it's still just on a high level of creepiness.

No. 715775


She already makes you pay more if you don't want it posted, if she's ignoring that, she's going to loose a lot of business. Regardless, it's just plain laziness.

The pinks in this are all clashing. How does she not know how to match?

No. 715776

I agree it makes me feel so uncomfortable. No kids or not it’s wrong, she really does cater to the scum in the bottom of the barrel.

No. 715820

Ugh, men are gross. This pedo pandering crap is baffling and I just don’t get it.

No. 715832

i think it's especially disturbing when a female proudly engages in furthering the sexualized idea of father's abusing their children and hiding it from the mother. shay is an out of touch deluded moron though so can't expect more i guess

No. 715837

>pushing 40
>indirecting your girlfriend on tumblr
What an alpha daddy dom.


I thought her descriptions couldn't get more disgusting, but guess I underestimated her.

No. 715927

File: 1539865219128.png (888.83 KB, 601x713, 2018-10-18 08_17_08-tbh i’m an…)

um okay whatever you say shayna

No. 715928

File: 1539865306609.gif (2.1 MB, 540x304, tumblr_pgs2s406RA1rmiw96o3_540…)


No. 715929

is this from the next season of ahs?

No. 715937

god her hair is so fucking crusty and greasy looking

No. 715952

it legitimately looks like she hairsprayed her bangs and then curled them with a flat iron. it's just like one giant floppy curl.

No. 715960

You're literally nitpicking. She's slouching while sitting of course she'll have a roll. Yeah she's been bloated lately cause of her drinking, but really? Petty that for some "milk" you have to go after a single tummy roll when she's slouching lmao. Get some real milk.

No. 715961

Her bottom lashes in that photo set though…

No. 715971

She looks like shit. Bloat is fairly preventable with good health practices. Her wearing clothes two sizes too small doesn't help. I don't feel bad for her. It's milky. Get over it.

No. 715976

Yikes. That straight up pedoporn description. Up until now I've been on the side that while she does her baby thing and calls Fupa "Dada" or "Daddy" it's no different than any other wannabe Daddy Dom relationship. But now? Yeah, for once she's actually doing as she's accused and straight up pandering to pedos.

No. 715977

File: 1539871583077.jpg (43.44 KB, 243x555, 11.JPG)

No. 715978

File: 1539871605864.jpg (16.83 KB, 254x246, 12.JPG)

Did she sleep in the closet again?

No. 715979

File: 1539871623208.jpg (14.69 KB, 252x198, 13.JPG)

No. 715980

Hell yeah she looks like shit, but there are WAY fatter cows than Shayna that have 3-4 rolls when they slouch. That's fat. Having a single roll when you slouch is normal, real milky stuff you got there.

No. 715982

File: 1539871707728.jpg (17.92 KB, 246x228, 14.JPG)

No. 715983

What is Fupa doing??
I thought the whole point of buying a house and living together was for her not to be sad and lonely lmao.

No. 715987

Fupa's doing everything he can to stay out of the house. Gosh he made her breakfast last week and took her out once this week, what more does she want?

No. 715990

"go to work" ? Like… Walk upstairs to sit on cam and listening to music? She barely works even when she's "sooper busy" as it is

No. 715992

File: 1539872228733.jpg (44.84 KB, 522x362, 15.JPG)

And now she's got the personality of a spoiled brat that looks like a dollar store barbie knockoff and sits in a cage when she's not wanted. The prophecy is fulfilled.

No. 716003

~Totally not child rape simulation guyz! We're just too vanilla to understand~

No. 716009

it's pretty hilarious that it only took him like a week of living together to realize the mistake he'd made lmao

No. 716019

Those dirty ass feet though. Get a loofah bitch.

No. 716023

I’m seriously wondering why she needs a new camera. She can’t even edit with the one she has. And she wants a mic on top of it yet has no idea how to edit audio so it’s just going to sound even worse. If you can’t get rid of background tone how do you expect a new mic is going to help you?

No. 716072

Seriously. Plus the thing where “play with yourself until you feel like you’ll pee” is totally something abusers tell little girls, including mine. Fuck you shayna

No. 716079

I was wondering that too. $1200 for a new camera? Why spend that much if your quality now is fine? She also can’t edit so it’s weird that she would spend that much money on a camera.

I feel like she’s lying

No. 716112

>Don't tell mommy

wtf, so is this a child rape thing?? this is so sick. I know bitches like shy want to hide under the whole 'it's fake' bullshit, but this is truly disturbing. Esp considering a lot of porn is underaged and illegal

No. 716123

I'm so sorry, anon.

and everyone here who is angered is right. She has been pandering to men and doing her 'porn' for so long, that she is completely out of touch with reality. Doing rape fantasies is already the lowest of low, but now she legit wants to pander to actual pedos/incest?

Shay is scum!

No. 716129

this reads like a trump tweet

No. 716137

File: 1539886732178.png (521.8 KB, 720x1280, received_373477369858645.png)

Snapchat anon, update on Fupa's shitshow: https://streamable.com/m1je5

No. 716142

This custom she keeps talking about and how wild it is is legit the guy who wants her to squish fruit with her feet. Food fetish + foot fetish isn’t that wild Shay. Get over it. Your shit is so skewed when you think that is some crazy shit vs that disgusting pedo incest pandering you just posted.

No. 716145


Every time I think Fupa can't get any more cringy, SC anon delivers

I really can't imagine trying to emulate a 16-year-old as a 30-something parent. Jesus fuck

No. 716148

1. i know it's already been said but why the fuck does this 35 yr old white dude from oklahoma trying to talk like a young black guy
2. fupa nobody wants to see your pasty hairy old man thighs in the tub
3. lmao all the selfie shots, he really thinks he's something, doesn't he?
4. nice screamo lip synching, you haggard looking dipshit

No. 716150

im still in my 20s and would be so fucking embarrassed if someone i was dating posted shit like this on snapchat and this dude is pushing 40????

No. 716182

Motherfucker is acting like he doesn't share rape gifs and slap his gf… who the fuck is he to call anyone creepy.

Funny how people tend to look better in black and white, but it does him no favors at all. Dude is beyond ugly

No. 716198

holy shit the "AIRIANA GOT SWAG" and the shot of his thighs like hes some petite ana chan got me cackling HAHAHA

No. 716205

This description is repulsive. I wonder if she care up with it herself, or if she copied it from her customer’s messages?
Also it’s gross that she took such a pedo-pandering request in the first place, but it would have been one thing if she quietly took the $300 and only showed the video to her customer. But instead she’s uploading it on MV and promoting it on her tumblr. The fact that she’s not ashamed of this filth is what really gets me.

No. 716218

i highly doubt this is what actually happened. she's just scamming that guy

No. 716239

File: 1539894545145.png (6.6 KB, 274x228, 99.PNG)

No. 716241

Hes wearing fucking shorts in the bath. I would post a screenshot but I'm on mobile and it would be an image for ants.

No. 716242

love how he went in the bath with a bathing suit on because he already knew he was gonna snap it

No. 716259

fupa is a nevernude confirmed. literally always has clothes on whether it be bathing or fucking

No. 716277

File: 1539897680218.png (90.58 KB, 750x646, IMG_4044.PNG)

Okay Shay

No. 716278

File: 1539897714452.png (12.05 KB, 294x414, 2018-10-18 17_19_05-Mozilla Fi…)

>puppies and free candy
jesus shay just because he said "kidnap" doesn't mean you have to make it all child-oriented

No. 716284

The fact that shay and co will still argue that this is somehow not about sexualising the idea of a child being raped is wild.

No. 716297

File: 1539899599253.jpg (697.1 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20181018-175306.jpg)

No. 716299

pry the first time she has seen fresh fruit in months

No. 716302


im kinda living for these miserable fucks passively arguing through tumblr posts. it's way better watching them fight than seeing their nasty genitals on each other.

No. 716303

oh so edgy

lol her life is so depressing. i love how she was pretending that this video was gonna be real extreme or whatever and its just a guy who's turned on by vitamin c

No. 716304

isn't this the guy she made fun of on cam for wanting her to make this video?

No. 716352

Wow Shay, squishing some fruit with your feet is totally WAY weirder than simulating the rape and abuse of a child. Can't believe this bitch has the gall to make fun of this man's perfectly harmless kink while fulfilling way worse fantasies for pennies.

No. 716357

Yeah, shay is nothing but professional. Right?

No. 716362

>Ariana has swag

He sounds like such a typical white dad trying to look cool and relatable. No one was said swag since 2013, Kyle.

No. 716372

God he is so fucking cringey

No. 716374

Or just do it in the bathtub or shower.

No. 716375

I've never seen anyone break their back harder for an ass.

No. 716383

i hope she ate at least some of that fruit, but i know she probably wasted it all.

No. 716405

maybe trump is a shay hating farmer too

No. 716447

didnt she tweet him her trump porno? maybe he watched it and disapproved lmao

No. 716454

every time I see him on video I physically recoil.
I would be absolutely mortified if my significant other acted like this.
Really picked a winner Shay.

No. 716456

Given how much he wants to fuck his daughter, he's probably right within Shay's demographic

No. 716561

probably again with the excuse that she's filming a custom. she could not make $300 on cam so she would rather do that than keep to her schedule. although not sure why she can't do both in one day, she only cams for three hours (not even that usually though)

No. 716574

Does anyone know what Harley's tumblr is? I'm curious since she's always there

No. 716576

I think she recently changed it tho, he old blog is no longer there

No. 716598

She's bragging right now that her new video has sold 7 times in the past 24 hours and that the "goth gf" video sold 9 times…are those supposed to be good numbers? lmfao

No. 716610

I dunno… I'm inclined to give her a pass there. I don't know if it was bottled or tap, but tap water can taste pretty foul depending on where you are.
The well water I so loved back home was delicious, but I've had tap water that tasted like rust, almost like ammonia, chlorine etc.

…who'm I kidding? This is Shay. She's probably one of those who think they're clever stating they don't drink water because fish fuck in it.

No. 716612

she just drank water and said "man i hate water"

No. 716613

we know shay

No. 716618

Lmao her camscore is down to 1996.

No. 716633


shame because this pose highlights how nice her body could be if she worked out. squats would give her a more defined ass and fix her hank hill syndrome, and muscle definition would tone her stomach. too bad nothing can fix her pedo pandering horrible personality

No. 716634

Uh, yeah, no. Any nurse would find a vein lower in her arm if not the inside of the elbow or use the back/side of her hand, they don’t make a small enough IV needle to insert into the tiny veins in between your fingers. Literally only junkies using hypodermics use those veins.

No. 716639

my favorite part of this is the guy who tipped her said "now you're scaring me" after she did that…lel

No. 716651

She's rivaling Lilith tbh. Lordosis Barbie: snap her back back and forth!

No. 716676

not suppose to have animals on cam with you. she could be banned for that.

No. 716678


I cammed on MFC for years and had my cats on cam every night. I'm pretty sure there's no actual rule against that.

No. 716680

as long as there's no beastiality she's fine. Give it a few months.

In other news one of her tumblr girl lurkers has a daughter

No. 716697


It really bothers me that these people reproduce. I feel like anyone who is an admirer of Shay isn't the kind of person who should be around kids…

No. 716699

Despite the mismatching pink colors her cam room/closet actually looks kind of okay
It looks better than a blank trafficking looking room with a cage. The tent is finally being used. Her room looks better than her, even though it's too pink and childish.

She could probably do with some posters or pictures of sorts so it looked less like a nursery but we know that won't happen. I'm surprised there's no crib tbh

No. 716700

Didn't those socks used to be full feet covering? I thought they were socks not leggings

No. 716704

don't mean to fan-sperg but ugh, please leave pink floyd alone shay. the deceased members probably suffered in their graves because of this disgrace lol

No. 716728

She cut the toes out because she has really big feet and they wouldn't fit

No. 716730

lol is this actually true? i hope it is

No. 716756

So, she got upset about someone calling her Shay? Isn’t that her name? Like??? What does fupa call her, I wonder? He can’t seriously call her Dolly, right??? That’s her “work” persona. And he apparently never even bothered to purchase her content. He won’t even hold the camera for her to shoot “realistic” content, or she doesn’t bother to ask him.

No. 716783

She's under the impression that her irl name isn't attached to her "work" for some reason

No. 716854


Sage for blog post but not true anon. I had to have IV in my hand for an OD cos couldn't find veins anywhere else. They had to take my blood tests from there too.

No. 716858

This is far less weird than her usual porn. She's literally eaten her own discharge with a spoon and stuffed peed on the floor, what's with that?

No. 716860

File: 1539959167801.png (10 KB, 258x339, 1.PNG)

Dropping some interesting asks.

No. 716861

File: 1539959178692.png (5.43 KB, 260x170, 2.PNG)

No. 716862

File: 1539959195016.png (17.9 KB, 260x465, 3.PNG)

No. 716863

File: 1539959208804.png (11.39 KB, 265x345, 4.PNG)

No. 716864

File: 1539959221224.png (21.77 KB, 266x475, 5.PNG)

No. 716866

>”my work persona is an enhanced version of myself”


No. 716867

Yep. No wonder Fupa is ashamed to be seen in public with her. Her "happy lil bimbo" persona just means "cringey special needs daughter" in real life next to him.

No. 716884

lmao…. just act normally? she's making it seem like almost every other person on earth doesn't have to act differently at work than not. nobody is asking for your baby bimbo schtick and at this point it would probably be a relief for everyone if you would try to "be yourself" although she most likely doesn't even know what that means because she's so pathological.

No. 716892

The fact that she’s come to believe that her “work persona” is just an enhanced version of who she really is just proves how much she can’t detach work from real life.

No. 716894

she really should go see a shrink

No. 716912

If Dolly Mattel is an "enhanced" version of her, she must really be scraping the bottom of the barrel, jfc. Seek some help.

No. 716916

she can't even be bothered to take care of her physical health at this point let alone mental

No. 716917

Imagine saying please and thank you being your persona. What a gross thing to admit to

No. 716918

It's even funnier when you remember that she isn't even nice to her own customers yet she's trying to say being overly polite is her work persona?

No. 716926

i'm not even shocked tbh

No. 716980

File: 1539969748214.png (65.61 KB, 319x716, 2018-10-19 13_20_10-Mozilla Fi…)

wait until all these people google her kek

No. 716982

>>716980 It must chap her ass to know someone got 23k likes off that but she can't even rake in 500.

No. 716983

thats what she gets for 'bragging'

No. 716986

ugh yes. i hate people who think being nice is hard work as opposed to common fuckin decency.

No. 716997

They had to block out her nasty ass picture

No. 717000

when will she stop thinking that stupid feet behind the head thing is hard + interesting lol she thinks she's so unique and special for just that

No. 717003

Maybe two people will google her, people usually just like these meme pages and move on. Watch her use this to brag though.

No. 717038

she doesn't even do it right lol

No. 717074

It's fine as long as nothing sexual happening in the shot

No. 717089

once a pedo panderer always a pedo panderer, what, is she going to stop selling the set? please.

No. 717117

File: 1539984988102.png (3.18 MB, 1242x2208, 62880D83-F964-447E-8641-89BB85…)

Snapchat anon come through

No. 717124

File: 1539985425927.png (1.49 MB, 640x1136, IMG_2269.PNG)

she is just….so worn out and aged….. and i dont think she brushes her teeth. definitely not a perfect snack made by god

No. 717128

LOL what is wrong with her bottom lashes

she's a perfect snack for every fat ugly meth head in oklahoma's trailer parks + all the inbred southerners maybe.

No. 717145

Does she have her nose pierced

No. 717166

….did….did she cut up upper falsh lashes and glue them to her bottom….? im screaming

No. 717181

File: 1539991415313.jpeg (49.74 KB, 660x371, 0BDBC063-2C37-4D2C-B153-712B06…)

She was going for the Melanie Martinez doll eyed look but failed miserably

No. 717185

Did she cut toes off this nasty socks? Can’t she afford new pair? Disgusting.

No. 717199

What is with the one long one that looks like it’s barely hanging on. Shit makes her look scarier than normal. Just get a real set of bottom lashes you cheap bitch

No. 717202

Lmao I think she got the falsies that aren’t a band, but are instead separate bunches of small lash segments. And she tried to put them on and failed miserably. Zoom in, it’s hilarious. Either she got the single lashes instead of the band OR she cut up her old top lashes into small segments and attempted to put them on that way.

Kek, what a cheap fucking bitch. At least figure out how to do it properly and make it look good, then maybe it wouldn’t look cheap. I swear shayna is the epitome of dollar store hoe.

No. 717204

Nah they came like that.

No. 717207

She kinda looks like this twacked out tranny that used to live down the hall from me. They wear the same trashy 'little girl' clothes, same fried, frizzy bleached hair, both obnoxious, screechy, immature. self-indulgent, always on something or other.

Hmm. He just kinda vanished one day a couple years back… Arianne? Is that you?

No. 717256

I just opened my computer still left on her cam chatroom, she's online right now with her webcam off. wonder if she'll cam tonight, her schedule says she was supposed to this morning. did anyone see if she was online? or did she skip her scheduled work to film a custom?

No. 717262

So…the request for this custom clearly stated they wanted the exact same outfit, hair, and makeup as the “Cake” video.

And what does Shayna do? Not wear the same outfit or makeup. Holy hell Shayna someone payed over $200 for this and you’re still going to half ass it? What a god damn cunt.


No. 717265

she didnt even try. i feel bad that dude got taken.

No. 717266

I’ve seen actually food crushing porn. This is just lazy.

No. 717272

She’s on chaturbate tonight already same name.

No. 717273

bruises below her knee?

No. 717275

Generally from crawling around. Easily gotten that way. Not super scandalous.

No. 717288

or from suckin fupa chode lol

No. 717301

File: 1540005853178.gif (2.09 MB, 540x304, F0BC4D64-B860-4973-A6D2-961D3F…)

Is his going to be her new shtick? Instead of a stupid panning shot we get her staring cross eyed at something? Apparently fruit confuses her.

No. 717302

Does she even know how to use Chaturbate? It’s totaly different from MFC.

No. 717303

She looks really unwashed in this shot, and that's not even a comment on the fruit feet. She looks tinted with dirt

No. 717304

I think it’s suppose to be a cute bimbo look but she just looks stupid.

No. 717307

So Shay is supposed to be on Chaturbate tonight , and Fupa is begging for asks on Tumblr because he’s “bored af.” Wow.

No. 717310

File: 1540006803281.png (660.23 KB, 982x934, Screen Shot 2018-10-19 at 11.3…)

He's definitely posting this in reference to Shay. Why don't they just break up? I don't get it.

No. 717312

File: 1540006996637.png (39.44 KB, 966x328, Screen Shot 2018-10-19 at 11.4…)

"I love dryfucking my girlfriend because I am a piece of shit".

No. 717314

I have a really hard time believing she got paid that much for a custom video, I think she's making it up to seem like she has customers… She's not doing that well on MV and MFC.

No. 717316

nope just check her custom vid page. her videos are expensive, and people pay for that shit

No. 717322

File: 1540008360182.png (83.5 KB, 962x557, scam 1.png)

No. 717326

File: 1540008441189.png (26.74 KB, 784x212, scam 2.png)

No. 717329

Regardless wasnt the fruit suppose to an exclusive (or the other one?) and she still turned around and posted it for sale for everyone.

No. 717335

Her rubbing the fruit on her feet with her hands before touching her vag is REALLY squicking me out. If you got a culture from her vag it'd probably have thousands of undiscovered super bacteria living in it.

No. 717342

File: 1540009588816.png (Spoiler Image,658.05 KB, 1104x524, dollychaturbate.png)

No. 717348

It looks like she was on for an hour and a half.

No. 717356

Where does it says someone ordered one?? Just because she has these options up doesn't mean someone bought it??

No. 717367

Lol she has no idea how to use Chaturbate. Wtf does “120 goals met” supposed to mean? We all know you haven’t met even one goal, Shay.

No. 717373

This girl is making up all kind of shit all the time. She lies about weird little details even. I don't understand why anyone would argue about that

No. 717393


He's going to burn through this bitch so fast. When you're already fucking someone in the ass what more is there to do? Like what's left for you Dolly, you don't have any more holes.

No. 717401

its kinda sad that this is the end of a 'relationship' for someone, like "i fucked all their holes so many times i am done now"

No. 717431


It's also sad that all he ever talks about is having sex with her. When someone asks what your favorite thing to do with your partner is, your initial response shouldn't be sex. Especially not aggressive, rapey sex.

No. 717444


Exactly. Even in the early, extremely horny days of a relationship, when asked this question most men would say they love going on hikes with her or kissing her sweet lips every day, or how cute she when they their dog. Even the most callow asshole who is using a woman for sex will at least make something up. Fupa has so little respect and use for Shay that he cannot even be bothered to fake it and instead boasts about making her cry during anal. Relationship goals for sure.

No. 717449

Is he just going to dump her once her asshole is too fucked up to hold her shit in anymore?

No. 717452

File: 1540027681909.png (1.08 MB, 750x1334, CDCF0AEB-5361-4303-99F1-0FAC73…)

Incoming several screenshots of Fupa’s Tumblr posts

No. 717453

File: 1540027707985.png (675.03 KB, 750x1334, FE958EF9-3E8E-4AB2-8D27-195960…)

No. 717455

File: 1540027738502.png (665.63 KB, 750x1334, 3FD80E37-D7B7-4D2F-9ADF-95A349…)

No. 717456

File: 1540027760384.png (770.29 KB, 750x1334, EE621220-20BB-4988-9A5F-05CF61…)

No. 717458


he probably wont even delete, or if he does, just remake under a different name. this is all just attention for him and he needs a lot of it.

No. 717460

File: 1540028079305.png (571.34 KB, 750x1334, 1A93D441-6F19-4459-99E5-09DDCE…)

Also, whoever this is attempted to show “how much he’d be missed.” 2 reblogs that were not her, and 1 like.

No. 717464

lol it's so hard to believe that this is a 30 something year old man talking. He's such a baby

No. 717468

She said he added all the extras to rack the price up more to be nice but that it wasn't actually meant to be exclusive

No. 717469

Lmao what? Anal is her thing and it's certainly not the be-all end-all of sex.

No. 717470

Has fupa literally never heard of someone having a WINE COOLER??? I thought you were out here trying to flex, bud?

No. 717471

L O L why does he sound like a jealous 10 year old girl over this? Believe me, Tumblr will forget about both of you fast

No. 717472

tinfoil: fupa's ex showed their lawyer or some kind of family/friends his year's worth of snuff rape/torture porn and now he's trying to decide whether or not he can live without the attention

No. 717473

tinfoil: fupa's ex showed their lawyer or some kind of family/friends his year's worth of snuff rape/torture porn and now he's trying to decide whether or not he can live without the attention

No. 717476

exactly. why else would he be making this much of a fuss about it + an "announcement"? like, dude, nobody cares and you weren't ever a notable figure lol.

No. 717478

Yeah, he also turned off showing his icon photo on his page. So, I’m willing to bet this is related to family drama. And living with pretty pink princess bimbo probably isn’t all he thought it would be either. He wanted a girlfriend, but he got a child he dry butt fucks in her sleep, who begs for money to a few dozen people on minimum wage on the internet for showing off her infected genitals. He probably had the glorified “Dolly Mattel’s Daddy” idea in his mind.

No. 717480

File: 1540031670302.gif (1.66 MB, 498x280, doti.gif)


Looks like he realized that Shaytard won't bring him the e-fame he thought he would have with her.

Also, IF he deletes, do you guys think that this would be the first step into throwing Shay out of the house? So he couldn't get any asks about why the broke up etc.?

No. 717487

I’m sure Shay is not going to appreciate her super strong manly dom daddy posting like that, Even though she does it all the time

No. 717514

why tf is he acting so bitter about "dolly Mattel" when his dumb ass is the one that decided to unofficially start going by "daddy mattel" kek

No. 717521

Tbh he is right. People followed him just for dolly and probably don't care about him at all, they just wanted some updates on how is "The Mattel" family going. But he still sounds like he's probably jealous that he doesn't have the fame he wanted and all of his followers are more interested in Shay Cray.

No. 717524

i feel like he was seeking her out specifically for the attention that he would get BECAUSE OF her though? probably salty because he's been getting roasted harder than ever and lolcow being right must be a hard pill to swallow.

No. 717540

reading about harley not being able to tip this time in the comments is comical and probably pissed shay off

No. 717541

what if he gets rid of all her stuff while she's gone in LA most of the week and she isnt allowed back

No. 717555


I imagine it this way:

>Shay goes to LA for some shooting

>Fupa breaks up with her on tumblr while she is gone
>Fupa then deletes his tumblr and all his social media pages
>Shay has no idea what is happening
>Fupa gets rid of all her belongings and locks her out
>Shay: Idk what to do with myself

No. 717560

File: 1540044435575.gif (1.84 MB, 424x240, owubzgE.gif)

No. 717567

Wtf he on about? Wine goes in the fridge unless it's red.

No. 717570

Wtf are you guys talking about? The holes are reusable lol

>breaks up with her on tumblr
omg at least she'd be easy to move out he could put all her stuff in the dog cage

No. 717574

I’m surprised they’ve put up with each other for this long the both seem unbareable to me

No. 717577

nitpick and its probably the least of his flaws kek but fupa is such a hillbilly. shay drinks rosé/"pink wine" which is supposed to be consumed cold

No. 717583

He’s bad but not that cruel is he? That is hard to imagine.

No. 717592

Considering how insecure he is, I can't imagine him even trying to get rid of shayna until he has someone else lined up

No. 717594

I’m betting Shayna leaves him. Based on his boyish behavior

No. 717596

Kek, what else is he going to do, reblog ~aesthetic~ nature pictures?

It was his own decision to brand himself as "Daddy Mattel", what a big baby.

No. 717601

Lmao girl said she has 6 dollars to her name. Went bankrupt tipping Shay to sit and sip on cheap wine. I know this thread isn’t about her - it just shows perfectly well what type of people Shay attracts

No. 717622

That would require swallowing her pride which I can't imagine Shay would actually do

No. 717629

OMG she's so fluffy and cute !

No. 717649

how old is rib meat? i hope shay brushes her she looks like she'd get knots in her fur

No. 717650

lol based on how shay takes care of her own hair, I doubt it. Rib pribably has mattes that she doesn’t even know about. Big fluffy cats like that tend to get them often and if they’re not cut off they can become really painful.

No. 717671

File: 1540060252425.jpeg (230.45 KB, 1125x1160, 1222DCF4-0D42-4F4E-B71E-1FAC6E…)

I’m pretty sure Fupa just doesn’t want his blog all over lolcow but good luck dude. Not to sound like a fag but nothing escapes dedicated farmers lmao if they wanna find you, they will

No. 717679

imagine shay's annoying anger when he tells her that she's not allowed to interact with him on his new blog

No. 717680

“buh dada we have to show the internet how much we LUVVV each other!”

No. 717681

I also just love these over dramatic tumblr deletion posts as he continues to reblog tons of shit there. Like go or don’t. No one cares.

No. 717695

LMAO Kyle Perkins how old are you again?? "it's just a task now meeeeeeh" what a whiny little bitch. I'm like 10 years younger than this dude and I would rather cut off my hand than post such emo bullshit. It cracks me up how miserable these two pathetic pedos are with each other.

No. 717696

Just delete your shit already Kyle, no one cares. He's like a 14 year old throwing a tantrum so people ask him not to leave.

No. 717712

shayna has used a pussy pump in the exact same way, i cant be arsed to scroll through the theeads but there are certainly pictures of it, ruined her vag.

No. 717723

Fupa go read a fucking newspaper or something and get a hold of yourself. You're a divorced father of 3 coming up on middle age. Yikes.

No. 717756

How the fuck do you forget to book a room when you're going out of town? That's like the first thing you do when going on a trip.

No. 717761

How the fuck do you forget to book a room when you're going out of town? That's like the first thing you do when going on a trip.

No. 717764

"forgot" more like she thought she'd get free room by the porn companies that are so very lucky to have hired a talent like her.

Let me play the world's smallest violin. He really did think he'd be famous from her, didn't he?

I wouldn't put it past him to change the locks while she's gone. She has no legal right to the house and as long as he tosses her stuff onto the porch she can't get authorities to do anything.

No. 717769

>more lowkey
Lmao you're not one anyone's radar except the rejects corner of tumblr porn KYLE we know you make a new blog to search for a new low self esteemed bbgurl. Sorry u thought Shayna was gonna be ur ticket to dream bdsm sex ring like theruleset or something. turns out she a clingy selfish depressed womanchild w no hot sexy slut friends. sad/10

No. 717790

Of course he will never be like theruleset, he thinks the height of BDSM is fucking someones asshole while they cry. He doesnt even know what BDSM is and has no equipment for it. He is a just a creepy guy with rape fantasies, I hope all girls stay clear.

No. 717792

File: 1540076520739.jpg (35.36 KB, 400x400, chefskiss.jpg)

i am LIVINGGGGG for kyle lashing out at shay thru tumblr posts. it's [chefs kiss]


bet she pulls the same "wow guys i didn't realize i'd have to pay for ubers to get around LA pls help" $cam again

he's not going to do it, obvs, but if he did his blog would only be sad gym selfies of his jelly arms :(

No. 717799

Uh, your forgot about his gloves. Clearly v bdsm. And the fact he doesn’t watch porn. So hardcore.

No. 717815

Sure is a good thing we have all his fucked up posts archived/screenshotted, and have proof that he is youvebeenwarned.

And god he’s such a child. Of course people only follow you for her. And the rest of your new followers are from here.

No. 717904

I think he might try to escape lolcow by changing his tumblr, that would make a lot of sense. not that it would really work. he can ban shayna from interacting with his new blog, but farmers will find it if they want to.

No. 717925

What's he going to do about his Snapchat tho?

No. 717938

He could always delete that snap and make a new one and keep it private, just share it with close friends. Which makes me wonder does he even have friends? He actually gets out of the house for work (unlike a certain someone) so surely he has to have at least one work buddy. Though, seeing how much of a little bitch he is online I can only imagine how unbearable he IRL. Lol I doubt anyone wants to be around him at work.

No. 718073

File: 1540132142169.png (106.46 KB, 256x534, 88.PNG)

The reblogs are getting sadder and more passive aggressive in the Dolly Dream House.

No. 718075

File: 1540132253723.png (814.57 KB, 1314x481, 89.PNG)

This is just pathetic Shay.

No. 718077

File: 1540132363242.png (7.06 KB, 259x270, 90.PNG)

The only interaction they've had so far online.

No. 718080

who doesn't put wine in the fridge though? Even bottles i've only seen people keep in the fridge unless they have a fuckin cellar

No. 718087

Wine bottles are typically stored outside of the fridge until they are ready to be opened

Except for reds—they are not refrigerated after opening.

No. 718088

damn im uncultured

No. 718092

Chiming in but Fupa only bought Shay one bottle so he's essentially complaining about an opened bottle in the fridge.

No. 718098

Is this supposed to be banter? Because it just screams passive aggressiveness.

No. 718102

File: 1540136355505.jpeg (196.94 KB, 1125x1260, 98EAED6E-9310-4E91-AEA4-D2A383…)

Icons turned back on and he’s pretending everything’s back to normal lol

No. 718111

>I’ve got a thing for creepy shit

Yes we know Kyle

No. 718116

That's said that always

No. 718118

Lmao confirmed they're both on the mental level of 12 year olds and are going to passive aggressively go back and forth on tumblr every time they get in a fight

No. 718127

What are wine fridges used for then?

No. 718144

yeah, he didn't even tag her in the first post or use more playful language so it seemed more like a vague post of actual annoyance

No. 718152

I wonder wether he bring it up face to face or did he just get on tumblr to complain about it

No. 718161

Shay can't even maintain a relationship with her family, let alone a romantic one

No. 718183

Nothing wrong with a chilled white or rose though. Helps if it's the cheap stuff imo.

No. 718189

it took her a while to reply so I kinda doubt it was something they actually talked about. Like, idk sometimes i make posts like that intended for friends but if they dont see it right away I show them but I usually would tag them anyways?? It's just odd to make a vague post about your live in girlfriend like that

No. 718191

maybe shay just wanted something in the fridge besides left over fast food and fruit for fetish videos

No. 718199

she was so lazy in the fruit video she didn’t even cut the kiwi or peel the orange or anything, lmao

No. 718228

Literally anyone who knows anything about wine you uncultured midwestern hillbilly.

Certainly explains why they never seem to do anything together. This passive tumblr reblogging reeks of teenage break up.

God I hope this happens. Please let it happen.

No. 718241

right lmao and even if she wasn't supposed to refrigerate it… who cares? she's just drinking it alone.
why does it matter if she prefers it cold fupa?

it's shocking that she will post this angsty stuff on her WORK tumblr, i understand her wanting an outlet or whatever but she should really make a private account somewhere like a locked twitter, this is super unprofessional, and just goes to show that she sees this as her personal tumblr not a work tumblr

No. 718242

She’s going to LA tomorrow, right? I wonder if she found a place to stay, KEK.

She said on cam a while ago that her agent was trying to book her with a place called “Team Skeet”, so I wonder if that actually happened. Still wondering about all those shoots she talked about the last time she went, but I’m lretty sure she only shot with ATK and claimed it was more.

No. 718243

He’s probably the kind of white trash bumpkin that puts ice in his white wine.

No. 718248


Maybe we will see another musty couch shoot with her unwashed self in front of the camera ew…

But it makes me wonder if she will do only solo stuff or just girl on girl bc fupa is the only one who is allowed to dry fuck her.

No. 718273

Can't post screenshot rn, but I was curious to see what kind of "high class" porn was hosted on Team Skeet. First thing I see when I go on the site is a Trump "grab them by the pussy" parody. This website is perfect for shaytard.

No. 718281

File: 1540152564646.jpg (25.55 KB, 621x117, teamskeet.JPG)


Is it this one? Teen Porn? e w w

I don't even dare to click on it tbh.

No. 718285

Yeah that’s the one. They own a bunch of different sites.

No. 718286

It looks like team skeet mainly does b/g content. Hmm.

No. 718296

File: 1540153750778.png (704.46 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20181021-232907.png)

No. 718305

I went to their site and none of the stuff they make is BDSM themed at all? It does include gems such as
I wonder if she'll graduate into b/g porn.

No. 718310

If shay is going to do b/g, maybe fupa is angsty bc she will be fucking someone with a bigger dick than him?

No. 718313

I bet he’s worried she might actually enjoy it

No. 718318

Well we know she won’t be in exxxtrasmall

No. 718319

ppl who post snaps of music playing while driving are so boring. it's also super awkward that they lied down on those mattresses in a public store and took a snapchat. at least he told shay not to act like a hoe in public!

No. 718320

He listens to fucking garbage, wow

No. 718323

Waiting for the snap where he crashes the car cos he's too busy filming his radio and himself chatting to an audience that doesn't care.

No. 718342

Pls sage we already have farmers asking this thread be autosaged in meta

No. 718350

What's even the point of her trying to do porn through companies at this point? Like just cut your losses and do the tumblr and camming. I can only hope we get another gem out of this LA trip like the one where she was shrunk down and hanging over a pot of boiling water.

No. 718351

>Being 30+ and listening to Juice WRLD or any other Soundclout ""rapper""
Eternal 16 y.o. soyboy

No. 718352

>Being 30+ and listening to Juice WRLD or any other Soundclout ""rapper""
Eternal 16 y.o. soyboy

No. 718353

What's even the point of her trying to do porn through companies at this point? Like just cut your losses and do the tumblr and camming. I can only hope we get another gem out of this LA trip like the one where she was shrunk down and hanging over a pot of boiling water.

No. 718394

File: 1540164469508.png (962.76 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20181022-022555.png)

Snap update: https://streamable.com/ndp76
Also Shay wearing normal clothes and her busted face

No. 718396

Has to add in how many people he has on Snapchat hhahaha

No. 718399

Oh fupa's finally replacing Shay's broken bong after over a week? This past Friday must have been pay day lmao

No. 718401

sage your shit

No. 718405

is it just me or does Fupa sound a lot like Keemstar?

No. 718411

her tall lanky body always astounds me in these snap videos. she is far from a small baby. her voice also sounds old.

No. 718412

I can’t believe she goes out in public looking like that. She looks like she smokes meth.

No. 718414

Her voice is just so off putting know her "aesthetic". Also she has money for a bong but not a hotel room?

No. 718418


Did the second guy say that bong was $200? Or am I deaf? Who the fuck can spend $200 on a bong but not a hotel room.

No. 718420

literally thought this was a twink or a tragic tranny

No. 718422

Her ass in these snaps is truly ridiculous. It looks like it’s falling to the floor. How can something so nonexistent sag to much.


No. 718424

Now we know why she only shoots from floor-level kek

No. 718426

Yeah he did say it was $200. What a ridiculous price for a crap piece.

No. 718428

omg anon i was just about to write that lmao he sounds exactly like him and has that wannabe wigger accent to match

No. 718436

imagine instead of being a decent husband and father to your 3 kids you grow to become a middle aged man who dates 20 year old tumblr whore who you bring only bring out of the house to buy a bong and brag how you have 1000 followers on snapchat.

No. 718453

File: 1540172688569.png (206.57 KB, 354x346, Screen Shot 2018-10-21 at 9.45…)

im sorry if this is nit picky but she LITERALLY has dreadlocks forming

No. 718456

How pathetic. Everything he says and does is purposely done with an audience in mind, whether it's the guys behind the counter or snapchat. You can tell he's not used to the attention, and he's def going through some sort of midlife crisis. Your fucking 30- something listening to 18 and 19 yr old music. Now he's looking for validation from the store clerk by telling dumb jokes and mentioning how many people he has on Snap. That's just fucking sad.

Shayna is a tall one huh. She's a lot bigger and taller than she lets on. It's plain as day when you see her in photos or video taken by others. Where she's not next to her giant bear to make her look small. Where the fuck does her money go? She's been wearing the same black leggings for like 4 yrs now.

No. 718459


I can totally see Fupa getting some delusional ideas like getting into porn. He already has made and released content with Shay, it didn't take him long or much to do it. Basically Shay hounding him to "show her off", then as soon as he got exposed for his Twitter account, they made all that gross shit with him eating her boil infected snatch and showing off his 2 inch chode when he went to Seattle.

No. 718469

When i recorded the snaps i felt like he let that part with how much the bong was just to flex. Because I know how snapchat works and it was a totally separate snap. Maybe it was his money? Shay is too ~poor u w u ~ anyways to afford that. Think about how sad it is if he's only recording snaps when he buys her things (for example the blue drink, her other drink, the meals, burgers, maybe a mattress too)

No. 718499

At this point fupa could possibly have his own thread

No. 718503

File: 1540178664242.jpg (64.86 KB, 380x678, flattest ass of all time.jpg)

flat board ass + man voice + ballsack "pussy" = tranny shay confirmed

No. 718512

Oh boy her eyes are so small.

No. 718522

>>718453 After being told 100s of time to pick up a conditionner bottle, you would think that she gets a hint…

No. 718572

File: 1540196841856.png (252.64 KB, 282x355, 698f33c635fd84290485232ea9abc2…)


nice soylent grin you fucking inbred.

No. 718607

jesus christ, you're not lying

No. 718639

Her thigh sticks out more than her ass does… She really shouldn't ever smile… Her teeth are really bad…(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 718643

Okay first off:

I highly doubt they're supposed to be filming inside of a headshop, especially if it isn't legalized where they are. Secondly, if I were Shay I would be CRINGING at the shitty innuendo Kyle Nathan Perkins keeps spouting out. They seem like the type to get kicked out of somewhere for acting immature and annoying in public.

No. 718664

God fupapa reminds me of nathan from wavves if he let himself go

No. 718665

Don't do Nathan so dirty, he's a cutie. Fupa is hideous.

No. 718678

File: 1540222551350.jpeg (264.58 KB, 1242x481, 19907939-C717-4F8B-9BCE-6083E5…)

>”I need money for a place in LA!!!! Send me money!!!!”


No. 718679

Scamming shay at it again.

No. 718688

>$400 worth
so subjective kek

No. 718689

At this rate she should just make a video of herself with her legs behind her head, using her wand on her infected bits with one hand while she types 'last minute plans, need cash!' messages with the other for her idea of a findom fetish porn. She can call it "Dolly Mattel in Pay Piggy Paradise'

No. 718691

File: 1540223585479.png (118.47 KB, 807x319, 883.PNG)

She just got her nails done last week didn't she?

For someone who claims she's got 30k in back messages in her inbox she sure does beg for attention a lot when she's out. I thought she was thriving with FupaDaddy but I guess not.

No. 718720

i wonder what horrendous shade of blonde we end up with this time

No. 718736

Well last time it ended up blue-gray, and she even shot a fucking video with it looking like that. she’ll probably go to LA with blue hair and shoot like that.

Such barbie. V bimbo.

No. 718737

File: 1540229601035.png (808.75 KB, 613x728, 2018-10-22 13_30_46-plastic.pn…)

what's with the state of the walls?

No. 718739

God thats such an unflattering look, especially in the first picture. How can she manage to still look shapeless in a fucking vinyl mini dress?

No. 718741

I think it’s shadows.
Also what is her face in that second picture.

No. 718742


that dress is so fucking unflattering on her rectangle shape, and her face in that second picture is kind of horrifying.

also, her walls are filthy, it's been pointed out a few times in different parts of the house.

No. 718743

What's the point of spending 300 on a hair appt when she'll just never brush it after she leaves the salon?

No. 718744

I can only guess that they sanded those spots because they were dirty/scratched then repainted them poorly instead of repainting the whole wall

No. 718746

My thought was that it was light reflecting weird against paint strokes? Is this the wall they painted themselves?

No. 718748

this picture needs so much editing. Why would you post that with a giant black smear all over it?

No. 718749

Looks like they tried to touch up the wall after they painted it. Idiots

No. 718762

i thought it was pointed out a while ago that she needed to clean her camera lens. she probably took these pictures back then.

No. 718767

i thought she just took all her pics with her iphone

No. 718773

File: 1540233588430.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.25 MB, 1125x1355, D4530369-5FBF-4E1A-9E10-88A171…)

No. 718775

File: 1540233618970.jpg (Spoiler Image,795.58 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20181022-144005.jpg)

Will the real Slim Shady please stand up

No. 718776

Whoops you beat me to it lol

No. 718778


Imagine being a hairdresser and you have to deal with this hot mess >>718453 .
Makes me wonder how much they had to cut out to make it look at least a bit human.

No. 718791

Vein-chan displayed for all her fans.

For some reason she looks like she smells like sweaty gym socks.

No. 718800

She looks so washed out, and something about those bangs on her is just plain wrong

No. 718804

oof. That hair color does not suit her at all. At least they cut off all that nasty matted hair she had going though.

No. 718806

It's ugly piss yellow in some parts.
Money well spent?

No. 718811

I think part of it is her eyebrow color. That shade of brown just doesn't match the blond tone she has. Though I really wish she'd go to her natural color and leave her poor hair alone.

No. 718813

if this creature walked into my salon i would have her take her ass somewhere else. her colour job is horrifying. that’s not just yellow lighting either, that’s straight up untoned blonde hair.

No. 718814

i would legit charge her double or triple the regular amount because her hair is just matted dreads

No. 718815

Is she retarded? You can’t post topless pictures on Instagram. Countdown to her account getting shut down in 3…2….

No. 718816

seems like when she gets her hair dyed is the only time it gets washed

No. 718818

like she hasn't been banned for the same thing from multiple platforms now lol
you'd think she would at least have the brain cells to rub together to blur the nipples

No. 718822

The topless photo has already been deleted

No. 718832

why no screencaps this is an image board

No. 718833

nta but screencaps of what? the instagram post is >>718775

No. 718835

Those bangs make her look like an ugly little dutch boy

No. 718841

File: 1540239967267.png (256.96 KB, 615x675, 2018-10-22 16_23_51-from now u…)

get it while it's hot
support shay's pink wine habit

No. 718849

is it just me or is the picture frame super dirty at the bottom? or gold accents? idk

No. 718853

It seems like she's always selling her videos etc for less than full price

No. 718855

Does anyone know when was the lower prices (discounts) of her account? Just a weird curiosity.

No. 718856

I don’t understand how the bleach and tone cost more than $150 + tip when she lives in the middle of bumfuck nowhere. I wonder if she had to get a ton of repairative treatments for her fried, dreadlocked hair.

No. 718862

She obviously asks for much more money that the actually spends on her hair (or nails, or video props)

No. 718865

…did they not tone her hair? like at all? it’s white, orange, AND yellow in some parts. and it’s visible this far away and with a filter. Imagine how bad it is in person. Oof. Sorry if nit picking but WHY does she insist on this bleach blonde yellow ass hair? She would look so much better with cool blonde. dumb bitch doesn’t even know her undertones.

No. 718866

she really should just go back to brown hair.

No. 718876

It looks like it was touched up with plaster and poorly sanded prior to painting. Also didn’t use primer. I don’t know why I find this to be so funny

No. 718877


Agreed. Something about blonde dye jobs with mismatched eyesbrows makes me irrational angry on their own. Add Shay's nasty mug into the mix and….ugh

Also it's super telling that she just got it done and it's already in braids. For the love of god, just shave it off and start over. I bet she can even film yourself shaving it and cater to some odd fetishist out there

No. 718881

Dolly Mattel
Buzzcut Barbie

No. 718884

She looks like Cersei in Game of Thrones

No. 718885

i think these headshop kids must be friends of kyle's because he calls one by name and they thought his SC follower update out of nowhere was interesting. she's been basically trapped in their house and the moment he finally brings her around people he has to make fun of and sexualize her. it's telling that her having a friendly convo and laughing with someone was the moment he decided to pull out his phone, laugh at her, and change the subject to him. he's so gross. what a winner she chose to be totally dependent on. just go home shay.

she could at least photoshop her one permanently stretched out nipple by an inch or two :(

No. 718893

i wonder if she just keeps all the money she gets and dyes her hair at home instead so she can spend it on useless stuff like the photo frame instead. this doesn't look like a professional dye job, it just got bleached but not toned. if she wants to be blond so bad, highlights which keep some of her original dark her in would look much softer

No. 718898

Seriously, she could even play up the hippy girl vibe when the roots are growing out.

No. 718899

Okay but Cersei is pretty good looking sooooo

No. 718901

I realize that the pink barbie bimbo ddlg shit is 'the thing' on tumblr but she would be so much better off if she would just go back to her stoner girl roots. She could even keep that mess of a pussy hidden with hair.

No. 718902

but don’t forget anon, this is what she wanted. She talked about being treated like a sex object in public, she’s talked about wanting to get thrown in a windowless van from the side of the street. She wants everyone and their children, brother, and stepmother to know that she makes porn. She thinks it makes her interesting since she has literally no talents.

No. 718905

stoner tumblr is where she got her start though. that’s how she got her huge following to begin with. She only hopped on the DDLG train because she realized that bashing it didn’t make her cool or interesting enough. She literally only does things for the sake of attention and followers. She doesn’t care who it offends, how disgusting it is, or even if it’s truthful. She just does things for shock. That’s why her and Fupa are perfect together. Two edgelords trying to out troll the other.

No. 718915

File: 1540245962008.jpeg (66.06 KB, 497x294, 665AE529-0A50-47E1-92F6-20362A…)

More like Helga Pataki

No. 718928

This is horrifyingly accurate, down to the pink dress and rectangle body she has.

No. 718932

I feel like she just dyed her hair herself tbh, she probably just bleached the hell out of it and used conditioner.

No. 718936

almost definitely, it looks like it's just been bleached and that's it

No. 718952

well you know, I’m sure you’re going to find the utmost of luxury salons in the middle of suburban Tulsa. kek.

No. 718953

Oh shit you're right. I didn't notice when I first saw that pic because I was distracted by the fact that it's actually clean.

No. 718961

do you guys think tulsa is just like one guy with a banjo and a couple dirt roads? lol

No. 718971

Yeah tulsa's got a decent sized metro area

No. 718977

If fupa is lone banjo man then yes

No. 719031

Shh, everyone will find out we don't all have horses and teepees

No. 719083

i know she's Scammy Mattel but does anyone know if she ever even send at least half of those videos to the people that pay her? i feel like 70+ vids is a lot, i don't even think she has that many

No. 719088

sorry this is not relevant but every time i look at that profile pic of her i just die. she looks legitimately like a retarded syd the sloth. just looks so stupid i can't get over it

No. 719090

File: 1540261679821.png (529.58 KB, 1313x487, scammymattel.png)

Looks like she does have that many.

No. 719185


sorry this just makes me so fucking sad. nothing about this relationship is normal, authentic or healthy. I don’t care how involved in bdsm you are, your partner shouldn’t think about this shit 24/7. does he ever say anything NOT sexual about this girl? don’t even get me started on how they have to publish these asks and make sure their whole relationship is a spectacle.

No. 719201

I feel bad for anyone who is tricked into paying money for her “sfw” Snapchat. Hasn’t she said before she doesn’t really put anything on there? And what could it possibly be? She doesn’t do anything. Does anyone have her nsfw snap?

No. 719206

File: 1540273454111.png (1.37 MB, 750x1334, 85C0CFFE-BD86-4F04-B0FE-92A27B…)

I thought Fupa didn’t do drugs? And how the fuck is this #ddlg or #bdsm ? You don’t even know what bdsm is. Asshat.

No. 719243

LOL #Daddy

fupa really thinks he's the coolest, edgiest flexer on earth. i don't know why he's so stuck in the mindset of a 15 year old trying to be cool to fit into the edgy-kids group at school.

No. 719262

That patchy neckbeard isn't doing much to camouflage that double chin and jowls.

No. 719282

Mid-life crisis’ hit people differently I guess? Usually it’s a new sports car, or a motorcycle, or you go and backpack Europe
for a couple months.

For Fupa, it’s buying a moldy 70k house and moving his retarded internet girlfriend into the closet, where she shoots porn on a possibly flea infested blanket. All while he acts like a cringy 15 year old who got his first iPhone.

It’s almost too hard to watch the snaps because of the secondhand embarrassment I feel. Ugh.

No. 719287

Honestly did not notice how patchy and gross his facial hair looked until you pointed it out. Yuck. Just shave… if Shayturd can go get her nails done, he can manage to have a decent shave and facial treatment routine… would looks lots better than that shitshow on his face.

No. 719319

This is old, I think he smokes weed

No. 719355

File: 1540299072008.png (28.89 KB, 448x636, 2018-10-23 08_47_55-Tumblr.png)

why all of a sudden is he interacting with her again and acting like he likes her? lol whew. the roller coaster of this relationship.

No. 719358

It’s because she isn’t in th house.

No. 719361

oh shit that's true

No. 719364

The only time he does this shit is when she’s out of the house to mske it look like he gives a shot while she’s gone.

No. 719380

probably gets excited because he can invite whoever he wants over and doesn't have to explain the toddler grandma pornstar he's living with

No. 719386

File: 1540302672498.jpeg (Spoiler Image,550.37 KB, 1125x1911, 9ABF53D9-B186-4000-9074-EBA859…)

Is there a reason why her brand new videos are already on sale?

No. 719391

because she needs money for LA duhhh

No. 719400

File: 1540304096697.jpeg (155.44 KB, 1242x976, DA78F223-33AD-405D-9C70-4F73F8…)

Did she not just say she wants to be waterboarded? Yet here she says a hard limit is drowning?

Shayna you are so fucking dumb it’s astonishing. (Yes I’m aware they’re not the same but they have pretty much the exact same effect)

No. 719407

and the whole “die for daddy” this is absolutely creepy and proves he doesn’t respect her limits, no matter how vague she is about them. Their bdsm is so toxic.

No. 719419

ah yes the most extreme fetish: death

No. 719431

File: 1540305385170.jpeg (321.37 KB, 1242x1276, DAF2F980-58CE-4F8B-885F-315D68…)


No. 719451

except we've seen their hardxcore "bdsm" and it was nothing
i wouldn't get too excited lmao they're putting on a show to rile people up

No. 719476

Idk why y’all are freaking out about this. I know MUAs that do this and it looks cute. Shaytard just can’t do makeup for shit so she ends up making it look awful.

No. 719484


This is definitely him trying to damage control while she's away. He either is planning something or he hates her but at the same time doesn't want to give up being "Daddy Mattel" to any other guy.

No. 719491

who wants to bet she changes her porn name AGAIN when they break up all because of Daddy Mattel. go with Toddler Grandma Pornstar, that really made me laugh >>719380

No. 719494

She almost definitely did it herself. Last time she got her hair done professionally she wore the blow dry for weeks, yet this is instantly in braids

No. 719508

we’re making fun of it because Shayna doesn’t know how to do it. I’ve seen people do it well but it takes time and effort. Shayna isn’t big on the effort thing.

No. 719522

File: 1540311869045.png (11.22 KB, 453x275, 2018-10-23 12_22_03-Tumblr.png)

No. 719531


>I don't do drugs

>has a chillum that Shat broke
>"Let me breathe you in like the drug you are"
>posts glorifying drug use

plus havent they posted on Snap smoking? or was it just her smoking and he was there?

No. 719544

tinfoil: he has to say he doesn't do drugs now because his ex wife knows about his dumblr

No. 719547


i was thinking that too, but honestly out of all of the things on his blog, him possibly smoking weed isn't even a red flag.
i guess if she took him to court or something and they had to drug test him, that would be a thing, but what about the young/old, daddy/daughter, rape, snuff, abuse posts? those are things i'd actually be worried about.

No. 719548

He's always "not done drugs" because his fake sister died of an OD

No. 719561


is she trying to imply drowning and electricity have something to do with her childhood? lol shay you had a perfectly normal childhood wtf are you saying

No. 719562

she's edgy now

No. 719563

hey now…she could've had a drowning experience when she got to ride those jetskis as a kid

No. 719598

I wouldn’t be surprised if Shayna is living off a trust fund set up by her abusive parents

No. 719627

File: 1540319659491.png (Spoiler Image,308.02 KB, 594x521, yikes.PNG)

How does she think anyone could find this sexy?

No. 719634

lmao @ her breaking her back in the 2nd pic to have an ass
still hanging out in the bathroom of course

No. 719646

Loving that $1 looking underwear set. State of it.

No. 719663

Something about that cheap lingerie set actually suits her. Even if she doesn't want to go back to her old stoner roots, if leaned in harder to the trashy bimbo look, it'd still age her less than this whole ddlg shtick.

No. 719666

She balaclava really has to go tho. I shudder just looking at it and not in the way Shay hopes. One of those latex hoods would be better than that oversized weirdness.

No. 719675

File: 1540324685497.png (188.42 KB, 200x407, 77.PNG)

Putting that strobe light and fog machine to good use I see.

No. 719677

Disagree anon, she's never looked better than with a mask over her face.

No. 719678

Lmao she even made a vid with that ugly thing. At least wear one that looks like it didn’t come from the dollar store and actually fits.


No. 719680

LMFAO her face looks hilarious, looks like a black roblox character trying to make sexy intense eyes.

No. 719681

Do you reckon that's fupa's balaclava and it looks so baggy cos it's been on his fat head?

No. 719682

Can't unsee that it looks like blackface now

No. 719683

File: 1540325257721.png (339.22 KB, 530x536, latest.png)

No. 719684


tbh it looks like she bought a big beanie and made the holes herself.

No. 719685

That video is just… wtf. I’m at a loss for words. Everything she is wearing and the light and fog machine all just seem like they came from Hot Topic. Who the hell finds this attractive

No. 719686

thats all i can see now kek

No. 719687

File: 1540325372338.gif (Spoiler Image,14.67 MB, 324x640, ezgif-4-fe77426bdc9c.gif)

strobe light warning

No. 719689

meant to respond to >>719675 >>719678

No. 719691

File: 1540325526164.png (2.63 MB, 750x1334, 686A3385-A5B5-4C5E-ACF1-0631F2…)

KEK she definitely just cut holes in a beanie. The eye holes are not the same shape and you can see the fabric cut

No. 719695

I bet someone can make a marvelous thread pic out of this debacle

No. 719701

ugh I love this thread it's hilarious

No. 719704

she's so weird because she's pretty thin but still manages to find the most terrible angles and poses for her body

No. 719706

File: 1540326760676.png (35.34 KB, 316x670, 2018-10-23 16_30_15-Mozilla Fi…)

such dom

No. 719709

File: 1540326889825.png (Spoiler Image,636.16 KB, 448x809, 2018-10-23 16_31_44-Tumblr.png)

also now officially revlogging pics of him and shay now that she's a safe distance away

No. 719718

He has such delicate fem hands lol

No. 719721

She hasn’t even left yet. Once she does it will be on snap, last snap was half an hour ago of her luggage, still packing.

No. 719735

Ugh god this is so cheap it literally looks like when you buy a Halloween costume from ebay and they send a cheap lingerie set with it that's just two pieces of elastic sewn into a T shape to make a g string

Underrated post lmao

No. 719738

It’s funny because she bought the lingerie from dolls kill.

No. 719741

oh? I thought she said she was leaving in the afternoon.

No. 719745

The two of them lurk here, maybe he saw us pointing out how little he interacts with her and had to save face by reblogging her shit. That's my little tinfoil at least.

No. 719748

This photo always confuses me because of his girl hands. I forgot he’s there and that’s not her hand.

I’ll bet you they never hold hands because hers are bigger than his kek

No. 719750

Just now on her way to the airport.

No. 719752

He's lovebombing her before she leaves to remind her who she 'belongs to' and then he'll go completely silent the whole time she's in LA and sulk because she's getting paid to do sexual stuff with other men. Making my bets now.

No. 719753

File: 1540332242760.jpg (1.11 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20181023-180228.jpg)

No. 719756

Lol look it’s all her clothing in one suitcase what a shocker

No. 719759

You're not over exaggerating either. Everything she ever wears is in here except Fupa's skeleton hoodie.

No. 719762

she packed all of the worst stuff too

No. 719771

I know she's going for the barbie bimbo look and thinks all pink=barbie, but a quick google search shows that barbie had outfits that looked pretty nice and coherent. she also didnt ALWAYS wear pink, she had other colors too. i know its nit picky, but i mean a children's toy has better fashion than her.

No. 719776

Barbie was actually a fashion icon. Shay is just a moron.

No. 719780

I think its cus she's dressing how she thinks a little girl who liked barbie would dress hence all the pink or she has a rough image of barbie in her mind and remembers she wore pink once

No. 719810

this looks like krusty the clown…

No. 719811

Sage for nobody cares, but I wouldn’t be surprised if Shay has to pay for overweight/oversized baggage.
Source: I have almost that exact suitcase and it weighed 51 lb when it was 3/4 of the way full. Hers is stuffed.
Cue “omg the mean airline charged me some unexpected fees! Please buy my porn and Snapchat” posts.

No. 719817

“They just don’t understand what it’s like to be a famous adorable porn star like me, I deserve special privileges”

No. 719819

File: 1540336814358.jpeg (182.21 KB, 1242x874, 64E5CBD0-172F-4510-AE18-37D895…)

She is a full blown alcoholic at this point. Can’t even get on a plane without being drunk first.

No. 719826

What doesn't she drink before at this point?

No. 719828

she’s going to very quickly become the girl on set who gets drunk all the time, and doesn’t set up any limits and just lets them do whatever.

No. 719831

and then tries to sue and makes a youtube video crying about it and accusing everyone involved of being rapist women beaters later

No. 719833

nothing better? really? thinking about her being drunk with her suitcase full of little girl clothes leaving her soy boy to go make some nasty porn just makes me feel nauseous ugh her life is depressing

No. 719856

File: 1540341762283.png (Spoiler Image,3.53 MB, 1242x2688, AB49044E-C27D-4524-B258-DE3414…)

No. 719863

Hahahahaha I am CHOKING

No. 719914

File: 1540348682961.jpg (82.99 KB, 435x485, Todd_with_Kenzie_in_the_mask.j…)

Is this… Bojack cosplay porn? Shay has entered a whole new frontier.

No. 719966

File: 1540353996863.png (189.25 KB, 559x312, Burn-out Barbie.png)


No. 719985

I never failed to be shocked by how incredibly insecure this man is. The fact that he's sending her this shit in private text messages, rather than in a public reblog, shows that he legitimately felt threatened by this anon.

No. 719993

Im angry because this is literally a photograph of fupa

No. 719999

when i was 18 or 19 I had a 'dom' who would occasionally refuse to do or say certain things because, and I quote: "That wouldn't be very domly of me, would it?

I have no doubt Kyle Perkins says the exact same kinda shit. 'you want me to hold your bag for a second so you can re-tie your shoe?! people might think I'M whipped!'

No. 720050

How would Shay, someone who just moved to Oklahoma and never leaves the house, get access to weed so quickly in an illegal state if Fupa hadn't already had a pre established dealer? Sorry but that just seems like a weird lie.

No. 720056

We all know he smokes weed. He openely talked about smoking with Shay when he went to visit her in Seattle. I really don't know why he keeps trying to say he doesn't other than trying to protect his job or something. Even then it's a really shit attempt at "hiding" it.

No. 720082

File: 1540376486116.jpg (891.67 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20181024-061017.jpg)

She was live for like 5 mins on insta last night at 9:45ish LA time. Someone told her to get something nice from the airport gift shop. She responds with "if you guys want me to get a gift from the gift shop or something, you should send me money to buy weed."
Nice, Shay.

No. 720085

File: 1540377812245.jpg (871.9 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20181024-062550.jpg)

No. 720087

God she looks like Paloma faith here, goofy af

No. 720089

She has such an ugly personality. How does she have any following.

No. 720093

she looks like a fucking caveman in this screenshot jesus

No. 720100

She does look infinitely happier to be in LA then at home. Which…. I mean I would too if I lived in that dump.

No. 720101

Oh my god her teeth and then her eyebrows

No. 720103

i knew there was something off in the joint pic but couldn't put my finger on it and yeah it's her bizarre black block eyebrows.
how many days in a row has she had these eyelashes on now?

No. 720120

I’m shocked how her hair actually looks kinda ok and not dead in this pic.
But then theres the shitty bangs, so…

No. 720123

the hearts are covering the bad parts it looks like

No. 720125

Well didn't she supposedly have it done yesterday?
For a day ago it looks like shit

No. 720127

Yup, it looks like she just got lucky with good lighting/filter here. I saw that pic first and had some hope for her poor hair, but then I saw >>720082 and yeah…
Dull yellow mess as usual.

No. 720142

Lmao they do that with literally everyone though, Shay.

No. 720157

Wtf is wrong with those caterpillar eyebrows. She has very manly features, so thinner and better shaped eyebrows would make her look much more feminine.

Also dat hair, what the hell. 100% self-done

No. 720176

File: 1540392137647.png (10.02 KB, 317x375, 2018-10-24 10_39_56-Mozilla Fi…)

the other girl is in my thoughts and prayers

No. 720179

God her voice is so fucking off putting too

No. 720188

Just "got her hair done" and it already looks fried and tangled.

>1 g/g shoot
I hope she takes one look at Shay's diseased bits and calls her manager to get her out of it.

No. 720189

File: 1540394555779.png (30.93 KB, 534x424, 1.PNG)

No. 720191

I wonder what age their followers would think fupa was if he didn't state it in his dumblr bio?

No. 720192

File: 1540394651574.png (11.7 KB, 267x304, 2.PNG)

Ironic coming from Shay who said her work persona is just an enhanced version of herself.

No. 720194

File: 1540394690414.png (34.17 KB, 256x604, 3.PNG)

No. 720195

i dunno, i kinda like her voice?? like on it’s own it’s fine, little bit manly yes, but fine. for me it’s the fact that her low voice doesn’t match up with her persona and image. she could be attractive appearance and voice wise if she would choose aesthetics matching up with her body figure, voice, face etc. and if she would fucking wash herself obviously. but she chose to be cute baby pink princess and her manly voice just leaves u confused as fuck. in that sense i would say it’s offputting

No. 720196

File: 1540394862723.png (24.04 KB, 322x329, 5.PNG)

That's it. We've reached pinnacle Shay humor. Nothing that comes out of her mouth will ever be as hilarious as this.

No. 720197

Im at a loss..

No. 720201

>talks about time and effort on cam
>literally exudes 0% energy and creativity on cam

Does she really believe she’s a top cam moselcwhis setting the bar or something? She literally just sits there, and half assed a game once. Then she decided to move to Chaturbate because she wasn’t making enough on MFC, but on CB she didn’t even reach one goal. I wonder when she’s going to ever realize that she’s just not good at camming.

No. 720202

I hate using the word cringe lol but this makes me cringe so bad

No. 720206

File: 1540395330069.jpeg (557.43 KB, 1226x1683, 8AC12C31-C8B7-46D2-9CD3-6A906A…)

Straight up admitting that she doesn’t like putting all the “work” into her porn and would rather other people do it for her. How sad. She’s one of those chicks who got into it because she was popular on tumblr and thought it would be easy money.

No. 720241

I can't believe she arrived in LA for a shoot with fried hair and ashy, broken out skin. Shay, you need water and sleep, not weed, wine, and a cheeseburger.

No. 720246

the saddest and stupidest part about her answer is that she could've ~*fulfilled*~ her desperate need for attention and half-assed """artistry""" by having a shitty YT channel. but now she can also live out her edgy tumblr porn baby uwu dreams by putting her festering taint on display for the public. goalz~~ really T H R I V I N G

No. 720257

don't do peggy lee dirty that way, anon.

No. 720259

What on earth is this nonsense?

Shayna, dear, you've lost the plot.

No. 720271

File: 1540401199395.png (166.03 KB, 1415x1210, Screenshot_2018-10-24-09-11-49…)

This was posted this morning and then promptly deleted? Wonder who this is about? Only other sexworker I know that fits this description and hates Shay is Edmthot

No. 720275

maybe fupa is secretly messaging her

No. 720276


Kek this is straight up a vaguepost about edmthot, but at least edmthot is attractive and has a real job outside of sexwork.

No. 720277

Damn that girl is so much hotter than Shay. She’s got a super cute butt and nice tits but compared to Shay she’s a damn Victoria’s Secret model. Shay can choose to vague post about her but it only makes her look super jealous.

No. 720285

didn't he say he had never watched her porn….

No. 720287

Maybe she’s talkkng about her old friend? You know the psychadelic freak out girl who used to be friends with her and Colleen?

No. 720290

File: 1540403217682.jpeg (179.69 KB, 1242x589, 7FEA7EE9-17BD-42D3-AE16-C202E7…)

Looks like she’s really desperate for money, she’s pretending to be a findom again while she’s in LA.

No. 720291

File: 1540403304950.jpeg (418.92 KB, 1242x1314, 10F853A5-9C1D-4855-9CC4-4EF31C…)


she acts like she’s a positive influence in the community and respects everyone but yet no one wants to be her friend because she’s an awful scammer and liar.

No. 720294

the only person she's humiliating is herself
and farmers if you're counting secondhand

No. 720296

i love the contrast between this and >>720271

No. 720298

same; like she doesnt see the hypocrisy in that?

No. 720309

She probably thinks she's so edgy for telling someone to ~go back to spinning light up plastic around their hips~ as if they can't turn around and tell her to go back to shoving dollar store plastic eggs up her ass

No. 720327

Peace love and empathy is the tattoo psychedelic freak out has. And hasn’t shay made of that saying before specifically targeting jess

No. 720338

This is the laughable part of it. Someone getting fame and money for hoola hooping versus someone getting infamy and pennies for pooping out Easter decorations (and then trying to sell them!)

No. 720364

File: 1540411528641.png (22.15 KB, 315x717, 2018-10-24 16_03_00-Mozilla Fi…)

lol wow. edgiest couple of 2018 right here.

No. 720375

this is… revolting. both of them are fucking freaks.

No. 720376


lol shit like this is precisely why she would never do well in therapy even if she went. it would never be honesty, it would just be her being nasty for shock value.

No. 720377

File: 1540412375863.jpeg (40.93 KB, 400x297, 1533340915496.jpeg)

No. 720378

eat brunch and get drunk with who? she has no friends here.

No. 720381

File: 1540412638559.gif (1.56 MB, 460x342, 00D41B4A-D4CD-40C9-8522-F32F9E…)

No. 720382

She means on her own, it's that sad

No. 720383

haha ikr? she can pay for her own sad, lonely meals, then. what does she do? check her tumblr for asks while she eats?
what a headcase.

No. 720386

samefagging but that was literally my first thought, I live in Cali and every time I go to the dispensary they give me a free joint ur not fucking special, Shay.

No. 720387

but in her mind she is always special and the center of attention.

No. 720388

“They gave it to me (and me only!!!!) because I’m a beautiful baby pwincess and everyone just adores me and I deserve free things for doing nothing of substance or value!”

No. 720391

Random, but it occurred to me that Shay and Fupa haven’t taken any photos together in their new house. Yknow, usually when a couple buys a house to make their home, they take a photo outside together to celebrate. No pics of them sitting on the couch together. Or of them outside enjoying one another’s company. Or eating a meal together that’s not fast food… or decorating. Just videos of him pointing a gun at her and of her sleeping in her day(s) old makeup.

No. 720392


theres the one of her on the kitchen counter, and i think one or two have been on snap, but you're mostly right about them not posting anything together now. but when they were only together for like a week, their photos were everywhere.

No. 720417

lol whatever happened to shay stealing everyone's dads and seducing them everywhere she goes?

No. 720456

Doubt she even communicates, has any friendships or any kind of relationship with, or even seeks out interaction with older men. Any mature and grown man would find her behavior intolerable and downright annoying.

No. 720457

oh yeah definitely. i would bet millions that she has never spoken to an actual rich sugar daddy who has a big trust fund for their kids etc.

No. 720474


don’t forget that atrocious blowjob snap that she seemed to hate the entire time

No. 720583

Funny how they are the same age as well and Shay looks like she could be her drunk auntie

No. 720587

Fupa I guess let's her starve while she's not at home. Didn't send his uwuu babygorl to big, bad LA with any spending money?? How cruel.

No. 720598

can you sage this shit please

No. 720619

You know, you're right? Wasn't Fupa's whole gimmick that he was the big bad Daddy Dom that was going to spoil her? He bought her a cheap house in the bumfuck nowhere and can't even help pay for her hotel/Uber.

No. 720623

File: 1540436762832.png (304.34 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2018-10-25-04-09-47…)

The vague post was about edmthot

No. 720655

File: 1540439614168.jpg (841.34 KB, 1440x2960, Screenshot_20181024-235341_Tum…)

Ew pt 1

No. 720656

File: 1540439635850.jpg (962.41 KB, 1440x2960, Screenshot_20181024-235239_Tum…)

Ew pt 2

No. 720672

Jesus fuck they are seriously children. No sane person can legitimately think they're ""goals""

No. 720684


The tag in her bra and the self timer remote shes holding in the right pic are triggering me

No. 720685

"Doll parts" Shay we know you wish you were smooth down there but that's not remotely close to the rancid truth.

No. 720783

File: 1540460400948.png (164.92 KB, 640x1136, 9F1D8062-1128-47EC-BC1F-D44DB5…)

Gah he’s so annoying

No. 720792

He never actually gives an answer to anything.

No. 720805

Please sage jfc it's an epidemic itt

No. 720809

What did edmthot even tweet?

No. 720864

File: 1540473889777.png (611.56 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20181025-090600.png)

Pretty sure she was lurking in the Dollanger calves thread

No. 720866

File: 1540474000324.png (2.97 MB, 1125x2436, EDC20299-525B-4312-AE0E-0F0BEF…)

No. 720867

she's not wrong lmao

No. 720868

File: 1540474186771.png (886.21 KB, 1125x2436, DDCA22EF-B9B9-4ECE-911B-C40A5D…)

No. 720872

thank god someone's publically speaking out against her honestly lol i bet she thought she was in the clear after it'd been a few hours since she deleted that shitty post on tumblr

No. 720877

“Destroying brain cells…” says the girl who lets people slap and punch her in the face. And also punches herself in the face for money. And smoked weed after she’s said she’s allergic to it? Or something like that

No. 720889

what actions should be in question? Shayna got mad at edmthot for basically saying her video was shit, and Shay went off. So what actions is she even talking about??

No. 720907

So much secondhand embarrassment looking at that photo, the fucking crown kek. The ski mask thing is fairly common amongst tumblrinas, I’m actually surprised it took her this long. Sage for no contribution

No. 720924

Shay should reaalllllly not be talking at all about this other girl. So much pathetic stuff can be revealed about her lol

No. 720926

She’s going to return this to amazon after she’s masturbated in it

No. 720931

File: 1540482779821.jpeg (555.97 KB, 1125x1018, 1F6EF274-267B-4B08-A151-046C94…)

Sorry guys couldn’t help myself

No. 720938

This. If Shay wants to talk like a big bad girl then she can deal with this chick outing every scamming/fucked up things she's ever done.

>scammed goods

>scammed cash
>scammed tokens on cam
>pedophilia bait/content
>doing porn and knowingly exposing other porn actors to whatever infection she has
>exposing her sexual content to her underaged followers knowingly and willingly when she got into camming/porn.
>anything I've missed

No. 720945

It could be the lighting/cast from the cape but her legs look really awful in these photos. Not only are they bruised and scraped but they're really discolored and splotchy. Her legs look about 20 years older than the rest of her. She couldn't have used her super amazing to photoshop skills to fix that?

No. 720953

File: 1540484574133.jpeg (487.96 KB, 1189x1521, 5D6DE098-2A19-4977-A783-9F7321…)

Fupa sounds like a fucked up person. Idk how to feel about this.

No. 720954

sounds like a total bullshit story to me honestly

No. 720959

File: 1540485111081.png (270.42 KB, 452x934, 2018-10-25 12_29_07-Tumblr.png)

lmao please make the cringe stop

No. 720962

is that on facebook?

No. 720965

Soooooo hardcore, much BDSM.

We know it's not true though, to a degree. Fupa gets off on humiliating and controlling (but only bottom of the barrel girls, just look at how fast he tried to hide from his ex-wife like a little bitch he is!) but if anything he would've slapped the shit out of Shay if she'd puked on him and sent her to her closet. He can't even handle her getting sloppy drunk on him.

His ladies driving gloves must be a toxic waste sample by now.

No. 720968

Not Facebook but some kind of messaging app def not apple imessage lol literally living together and don’t have each other’s numbers…

No. 720973

File: 1540486503272.jpg (Spoiler Image,667.58 KB, 810x2304, Screenshot_20181025-095432_Twi…)

Not sure if this has been posted yet, didn't think so though.

No. 720974

File: 1540486607993.jpg (Spoiler Image,616.6 KB, 795x1200, 07.jpg)

Doing her dirty

No. 720978

File: 1540486779804.jpg (Spoiler Image,703.29 KB, 795x1200, 12.jpg)

She's so unfortunate looking

No. 720979

ohhh my god…
someone come get their meth head cousin

No. 720980

File: 1540486846160.jpg (Spoiler Image,618.23 KB, 795x1200, 08.jpg)

I'm so glad I found these. Made my day

No. 720982

File: 1540486928910.jpg (Spoiler Image,457.11 KB, 1200x675, 14.jpg)

No. 720983

File: 1540486933662.png (167.09 KB, 1085x751, 2018-10-25 13_00_02-Untitled -…)

the pit stains….. jesus….

No. 720984

File: 1540486966395.jpg (Spoiler Image,550.1 KB, 1200x675, 13.jpg)

No. 720986

This girl been scamming since she was a stoner blog. it’s kind of amusing

No. 720987

Shirt needs to be burned. Someone needs to come blot this girls oily ass face, jesus. Insex loves to make shay look her nastiest

No. 720989

I've no words to describe the level of yikes I feel right now. At least they used the logo to cover up her ingrown hairs.

If you told me she was nearing 40 in this, I would believe you.

What is even going on in this? I've never seen anything that looks like this before.

No. 720991

File: 1540487169206.jpg (Spoiler Image,560.53 KB, 1200x675, 03.jpg)

So gross

No. 720993

File: 1540487198037.jpg (Spoiler Image,613.78 KB, 795x1200, 09.jpg)

No. 720994

File: 1540487226759.jpg (Spoiler Image,674.29 KB, 1200x795, 04.jpg)

No. 720995

Her bush/genitals are at a new low, even for her

No. 720998

File: 1540487330747.jpg (Spoiler Image,555.49 KB, 1200x675, 11.jpg)

Throw the whole thing away

No. 720999

File: 1540487386952.jpg (Spoiler Image,738.02 KB, 795x1200, 01.jpg)

The infamous hk panties

No. 721002

File: 1540487423421.jpg (Spoiler Image,740.87 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20181025-095935_Chr…)

Fire whoever types this shit out

No. 721005

The fucking patchy crotch. I genuinely believe that insex caters to the crack whore fetish.

No. 721007

No. 721011

I swear she looks like she stepped into the wrong studio it's weird the whole dark and cold lighting super clashes against shay's "aesthetic"

No. 721015

Tell me how the camera man is not gagging behind the camera when he did that zoom of her destroyed "princess parts"
This is not porn in any sense of the word.

No. 721037

her hair is the only thing reminiscent of a barbie: synthetic and beyond saving

No. 721042

the pilling on the damn shirt
she couldn't be bothered to splurge $7 at forever21 for a new one?

No. 721044

What the fuck is this? Why is she squealing? Why… why everything. What the fuck. It's like someone bringing their retarded cousin to a bdsm dungeon.

No. 721047


Maybe her stomach bile and the alcohol she drank that day disinfected her rank pussy for a bit.

No. 721048

File: 1540491428357.jpg (232.74 KB, 804x797, 783b7732ba0b9459b02e48957c5c48…)


>"barbie's little sister"

>21 years old
>"ur daddy spends ur college fund on me"

like i get why she seems so arrogant and deluded. it's because she has to look at that face in the mirror every day, in hi def, she knows all its flaws we can't even see and the only way to make herself feel better is by telling /the rest of the world/ how hot she is so /we/ might believe it, and if we believe it then maybe it's easier to forget how godawful she actually looks.

kinda like kanye is the grandmaster of insecurity and says all that grandiose BS.

No. 721049

i wonder why her realtimebondage video was published so much faster than usual?

No. 721050

such a fucking cursed image

No. 721056

lmfao I'm howling
Thanks to the anon who posted this shit, made my day

No. 721064

File: 1540492646273.jpg (217.02 KB, 1081x1631, Screenshot_20181025-143636-1.j…)

No. 721067

jesus shayna had she started doing vanilla b/g stuff instead of trying her hardest be edgy, she may have gotten good advice and pressure from fellow performers/producer to clean up her shit and improve trade skills. i mean bitch you get penetrated anyway, better a nice big dick than whatever this shit is. but here we are, working for disgusting men who couldn't care less that she's physically and mentally decaying before their eyes

No. 721072


We all know by now that Shay puts like no effort into her appearance but the lack of proper make-up always confuses me. She only does her eyes with those cheap lashes, eyeliner and god awful eyebrows but what about everything else? A bit of eyeshadow, mascara, rouge and a bit of color on her lips would help not to look so dead all the time? Idk Barbie has some kind of look going on, which def not the streek hooker on crack one.

No. 721074

Decay Mattel

No. 721107

i think in one of the threads when fupa got exposed, it was pointed out that probably because he works for at&t he has a work phone so maybe they use an app so his work can’t see his texts? not exactly sure how it works. but considering how distant they seem to be, i wouldn’t be shocked if they don’t have each other’s numbers

No. 721111

love how triggered shay got over someone criticizing her retarded lumpy black-furby-face looking shit she posted thinking she looked soooo cool ~ and edgy xdd

No. 721112

This was the best picture they got of her
just let that sink in

That cheap collar makes me laugh. One would think that a "princess" had a nice and sturdy looking one instead of a cheap one made by chinese children

No. 721132


Sage but fucking HELL she looks like Yumi King's austistic husband in this pictures. It's eerie

No. 721141

That's a breathplay hood, anon.

No. 721156

that's actually so true, they look like twins

No. 721158

The sweaty pit stains and greasy skin, kek

No. 721161

fucking hell, look how her hair looks like close to the scalp. literall grease one could scrape of with w spatula… i’m terrified

No. 721192

File: 1540502786797.png (Spoiler Image,961.13 KB, 1920x1080, Screenshot_20181025-172521.png)

No. 721195

I still can’t believe she went to a shoot with her hair still blue toned.

No. 721201

that really is one ugly vagina
her pubes look like an afro that got chunks torn out

No. 721211

It’s gonna take a really long time for those to ever grow back in normally. She really fucked herself up.

No. 721236

I’m laughing so hard at the giant pacifier and how she always claims “I can’t put over an inch or two in my mouth!!” When clearly she can, she’s just lazy.

No. 721245

File: 1540507235094.jpg (35.1 KB, 480x360, nastypussy.jpg)

I instantly thought of this… "Naaasty paaatty…"

No. 721246

It's not like he would have any room to talk anyway, I mean… this company films the most gross and grotesque porn I've ever seen

No. 721247

All of those ingrown hairs… yikes.

No. 721266

its like a special ed yearbook photo

No. 721267

Please God tell me he washed it off first and didn't shove his vomit-covered chode into her infection hole.

No. 721268

File: 1540509477973.png (2.25 MB, 1125x2436, 12E53646-DE78-4254-8F39-AD7674…)

Can you believe

No. 721269

she's not overweight obviously but like, her upper body is so.. trunkish and big-boned looking and puffy. the bangs and hair widens everything even more. yet her knees and ass and hips are gangly and narrow and flat lol

this is very very accurate wow

No. 721278

IDK jack shit about porn agencies, but I've watched porn and looked up certain pornstars and this is the first time I've ever heard of an agency giving their workers weed discounts. also shay if you're getting a discount why the fuck do you need money? You're getting it cheaper are you that fucking broke already!?

No. 721279

Yeah, it's weird when people say she's "pretty skinny" because she's not?? I wouldn't call her fat or overweight but she's not skinny. She's inbetween but will probably be fat soon considering her lifestyle

No. 721289

exactly, she's just super flabby and wide (not including hips or ass of course) and her face looks really piggy without snap filters on it like in her recent photos above.

No. 721293

I don't think she's fat at all but she has quite a childish body. Thin but a lil puffy, flat ass and something about her boobs.

No. 721299

that's a good way to describe it, i didn't mean that she was fat but yeah she's like a large heavy adult sized child lol with extra weight from too much alcohol and fast food.

No. 721301

File: 1540511835182.jpeg (11.65 KB, 146x146, image.jpeg)

The thing you see out of the corner of your eye when you get sleep paralysis

No. 721303

She seriously looks like a haggard 40 year old. How is she only 21….

No. 721304

File: 1540512072496.jpeg (26.94 KB, 652x367, DCDBF96B-2849-49B2-B578-803AC0…)

Hello Dolly~

No. 721305

another method of control and making the new girls that don't make as much feel special. They give themm all kinds of discounts on diff things, free swag so they feel good about doing stuff for cheap

No. 721306

She looks like when old ladies wear too much make up

No. 721309

They’re too cheap to pay for an Airbnb or even a motel, so she has to beg and sell her shit at a discount last minute… but at least she gets a discount at a dispensary. So successful. Such a star.

I wonder how much she actually makes doing this, after all her expenses. I’d honestly be surprised if she broke even after each trip.

No. 721321

If she carries on the drinking she'll get fat. I'm a wino fag and it took me from underweight to overweight.

No. 721361

as someone who has been out there & powerlevel minor but worked in that industry they honestly should be paying for the airfare and hotel. Its weird they aren't but probably to get her to do b/g hardcore

No. 721409

File: 1540521636647.jpeg (22.26 KB, 400x400, J7YzUpYi_400x400.jpeg)

No. 721419

ewww, his soy boy voice and the way he has to try to push sexual stuff into everything, even buying a bong is so gross.

No. 721429

File: 1540525526033.jpg (259.51 KB, 767x820, Screenshot_20181025-234610.jpg)

I'm sorry to compare her to the likes of Katya, but this is what I thought of immediately.

No. 721436

File: 1540527392893.jpeg (248.99 KB, 600x900, 2269B819-F5B8-4380-918A-505FA0…)

I’m so sorry y’all

No. 721439


next thread pic omfg

No. 721448

Yes next pls thank you

No. 721503

$2.00? LOL!! That's too kind. She punched herself for like 15 tokens which translates to like 75 cents. And I'm pretty sure she lost her dignity somewhere is MASS, it's been long gone way before Tulsa or Seattle.

No. 721505

Her face is fucked! Yikes!


Even with pubic hair, AND taken from far away, her pussy is already still atrocious looking! You can still see all the breakouts. Why does she keep doing this to herself? Imagine how bad the close ups must be!

I just threw up a little! This is unacceptable!! I've never seen anyone's pussy look this bad in any porn I've ever seen!! WTF!?

No. 721507

He use to live in a shack, anything other than what he had before is considered an upgrade to him. He's super ridiculous, especially with the whole "flex" shit and talking about going bowling "in a lesser area" like he holds some sort of social status that's NOT hillbilly redneck trailer trash.

Has she been uploading anything to her snap? Snap Anon where you at?!

No. 721515

She looks like michael cera’s retarded goblin sister

No. 721530

This reads like porn comments lmao

No. 721557

Lmao yes this looks like the same anon I said was commenting like trump

No. 721587

File: 1540557658391.png (22.36 KB, 319x631, 2018-10-26 08_38_37-Mozilla Fi…)

>any good mother would be proud


No. 721597

File: 1540560604819.jpg (Spoiler Image,219.91 KB, 784x626, Pregnantangle.jpg)

Sage for old milk, but she looks kinda round in this shot. She's actually looking better now (body wise) than she did around the time she made that stupid kids pool video.

No. 721598

Yes she is so idk why people keep nitpicking her body and calling her fat. She’s way uglier in so many more ways.

No. 721602

Plz next thread pic! I didn’t know Van Gogh was a farmer wtf?!

No. 721607

Wew at first glance I though she was edited to look pregnant. I hardly agree with anons saying she’s fat or really even heavy but, again, wew

No. 721611

Shay has no muscle tone, so she looks fatter. If she worked out/didn’t eat like shit/drink everyday, she would look way better at the same weight.

She looks straight up unheqlthy in every possible way.

No. 721612

probably just anachan cam models vendetta-posting

No. 721614

File: 1540562814169.jpeg (301.97 KB, 1242x695, 57F7455A-BC03-44A7-AB0F-A2A132…)

Why does she do this shit ? Lmao I bet it annoys Kyle Perkins considering fupa thinks he is some big bad daddy dom.

No. 721616

i swear she posts one of these every week

No. 721625

she does it to make it seem like she’s supportive and caring but in reality she just wants victim points so she can scam people

No. 721631

Bitch, he’s your boyfriend! It’s no one’s responsibility to take care of his emotional well-being but his (and your own).

They’ve both made posts like this about each other, and it seems so desperate and pathetic for attention on Tumblr. Plus it sounds like a cop-out from having to do any of the hard work of a relationship, i.e. having to actually comfort and be there for each other, and instead, expecting random people on the Internet to do it for them.

No. 721633

They make posts to make it seem like they care about the others emotional well being. But they only really care about the sex let’s be real.

No. 721635

Not edited, taken straight from her iwantclips edging angel thumbnail

No. 721638

It’s still hilarious to me that she hasn’t changed her name there.

No. 721655

This is absolutely hilarious. Fupa is a joke

No. 721681

probs stressed out cuz shay’s doing a b/g scene. didn’t this happen last time she went to LA and then she took b/g off her list?

No. 721691

File: 1540572166359.jpg (835.23 KB, 1440x2960, Screenshot_20181025-143447_Tum…)

I saged this cus not really relevant now but did you guys see the actual shit spattered on the wall in her snow white pics?

No. 721707

god I really hope that isn't actual shit…

No. 721715

Shay said she got booked for a solo scene and a g/g scene though so what are you talking about

No. 721721


I get the feeling she's doing this because this is what SHE wants from him when she posts all her "I'm super depressed sleeping a closet/worthless/I want ONE person to pay attention to me" shit and this is some passive-aggressive dig at Kyle or attempt to show him up

No. 721733

Did you? Did you sage? What did this saging entail?

No. 721734

Maybe they saged as in cleansed this thread of evil spirits

No. 721749

I tried to anyway. Guess I'm dumb

No. 721760

I agree. Neither of them know how to communicate like adults.

No. 721764

ppplllleeeaaassseeee sage

No. 721775

these fucked up thots live in an alternate, opposite dimension or something i swear.


No. 721809

Is he mad because she's getting paid to be sexually used by men that isn't him?

No. 721958

Same, like there are way fatter cows than Shayna. Yeah she's getting bloated but what do you expect when she drinks every day? Other than that, there's nothing milky about her weight.

No. 721972

Like another anon said, it’s probably some anachans that follow her and when she gains some weight they get all mad st her or something idfk. But it happens in every thread.

No. 721998

File: 1540606698216.png (9.55 KB, 556x209, hmm.PNG)

thinking emoji

No. 722000

Is this from Fupa? thats ironic. I wonder if Shay wants kids or knows about the ones he already has

No. 722001

yeah thats him. saw this and rolled my eyes, shay probably has no idea.

No. 722002

I can get not wanting to talk about your kids on your porn blog (especially with his daddy shit while having a daughter) but I mean most blogs at least mention their a parent even if they wont talk about their kids. I wonder how his kids would feel knowing that he denies their existence

No. 722003

I don't see Shay wanting kids tbh

No. 722005

well not now but she's young and ~the only baby daddy needs~

No. 722009

grateful because they don't have to talk to the human abortion fupapap.

lmao he says this like he ain't pushing forty and its more normal these days (if you're not white trash) to get pregnant in your thirties.

No. 722011


i sure as hell hope not. can you imagine shay as a mother?

we've seen how she talks about being jealous and resentful of girls who are younger/smaller/shorter/etc than her and if she were ever to have a daughter, she'd most definitely carry the same attitude towards her. personally i'm glad having children doesn't fit in with her uwu baby bimbo persona so it will likely never happen

No. 722014

god. imagine if she had a daughter. that girl would be groomed from birth to be an object for any man in her life to use and abuse.

No. 722030

She wouldn’t. Fupa would convince her to get an abortion and pay for it. And if she did keep it, it would likely be taken away from her.
She drinks regularly and smokes weed. You think she will stop both just because she has an unwanted child inside of her? Also I can only imagine the disgusting baby-pregnancy porn she would do. Vom.

No. 722051


yah, and for him
20's is when you have kids,
30's is when you ignore all your responsibilities and said kids and start a midlife crisis listening to music and dressing that of an angsty teenager and dating a 21 yr old who acts the same age as the kids you had in your 20's that you now ignore.

what a joke!

No. 722054

Maybe because it's commenting on porn

I don't even think anyone considers what Shayna does as porn? I mean, it's kinda more comedic and satire to the real thing anyways. KEK

No. 722066

Why can he NEVER just answer something with yes or no, he always replies with vague, ~edgy~ phrases. I hate his narcissistic ass so fucking much

No. 722105

all i've seen recently in this thread are people saying her body proportions and shit are weird but they all clarified that they didn't think she was fat or overweight so i wouldn't say it' anachans or anyone saying she's obese etc.

No. 722131

It's a dumb nitpick either way

No. 722197

File: 1540638755916.jpg (239.12 KB, 1080x1733, Screenshot_20181027-070947-1.j…)

She posted to her insta story last night at her shoot
God bless the person that had to flat iron that rat's nest


No. 722203

File: 1540639141802.png (278.49 KB, 640x1136, DEAEC729-E21A-4746-BD42-0A153C…)


No. 722205


ngl she looks pretty cute in this video. no horrible wings, hair nicely done, makeup that suits her, and a new fucking outfit that isn’t stained (i think).

sage for ot but i think (and i know a lot of anons have said this) shay’s actually got potential; she just takes such bad care of herself and refuses to anything about the festering hole that she calls a vagina.

she’s not ugly imo just leaning really, really hard into an aesthetic that does NOT suit her at all and exacerbating the onset of negative features (bloated gut, razor burn & infection on her vag, no muscle from sedentary lifestyle). she doesn’t put in the work necessary to maintain a certain level of sex appeal that people come to expect all because of pure laziness.

also girl needs to brush her fucking tongue because i can see the shit that accumulates when you don’t brush it and it’s fucking G R O S S(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 722213

amazing what some simple concealer will do

No. 722216

Eh. At her “best” (read: when someone else does her hair and makeup, because she has no fucking clue) she still looks like an extra from a John Waters movie, and not in a particularly good way.

No. 722217

>sage for ot
you didn't tho

No. 722218

I'm more irked by the brown teeth than her tongue

No. 722254


ok, it def looks better than this mess here >>720974 but what kind of horror is hiding in her privat part area? No amount of decent face make-up will distract from her infected vag and ass pimples.

No. 722256

this new makeup makes her look like a chav

No. 722258

She actually looks close to that “bimbo Barbie” aesthetic for the first time in probably a year or two

No. 722286

She looks significantly better. Hair is a huge improvement

No. 722289


why the fuck does she part her hair on the side of her head? it makes her look like she's trying to do a combover.

No. 722317

I must be old, but posting this shit public is so gross and tacky.

No. 722320


They have to publicly post is because if it's private no 1 can see how much ~~Dada luvvsss her!!~~

No. 722325

Lol he hates her, but loves the sex.

No. 722326

File: 1540657668417.jpg (566.22 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20181027-122734.jpg)

Cow crossover lol he would be reblogging Mickey's crusty ass

No. 722343

im screaming of course this deformed soy boy is her type

No. 722345


I don't follow the Micky threads but from what I've read about her, i would guess that she is a huge drama flake and imagining her getting into a fight with Shay would be much appreciated lol

No. 722354

Shay and Micky both have nasty infected vaginas so that must his kink.

No. 722358

Isn’t Mickey known for scamming too? Like she would tell people to send her money for nudes but she would never send them or something.

No. 722378

They seem to be somekind of mentally challenged. I wouldn’t be surprise if they’re so vanilla that they can’t say these kind of things to each other’s face. They seem so lame

No. 722385

wow, props to that makeup artist for making her look her age.

No. 722387

for ONCE she actually concealed how cheap and white-trashy she is in a photo or video. good job shay

No. 722396

Tinfoiling a BUNCH here but I wouldn’t be too surprised if either (or both of them) are on the autism spectrum. Didn’t shaynut go to some alternative high school? It would really explain how they can’t seen to have any normal human interactions or relationships, and how they lack emotional regulation, maturity, and the ability to see the difference between what’s acceptable outside the realm of tumblr, and in public. Has anyone else noticed how it’s like they don’t have any individuality, that they’re just portraying the ideal tumblr edgelord lifestyle? Shayna’s morals and political views are almost entirely based on what she’s been called out for, or whatever the white activist side of tumblr is saying. All of that is exactly like mirroring, which is something a lot of high functioning aspies and people on the spectrum do to seem neurotypical.

No. 722407

Idk if she did go to an alt school I don’t remember reading that anywhere, but that could just because of her bad behavior. I remember her always bragging about how she would tell teachers to fuck off and not wear bras and other stupid shit. Where I’m from we have a whole school dedicated to kids who liked to act out.

No. 722408

Lmao unfortunately they are most likely only ironically autistic

No. 722410

it really is crazy how actually taking care of your hair and looking like you've washed yourself will make the crackhead stop jumping out. i hope whoever styled that dishrag hair got a bonus because i KNOW i wouldn't touch that shit without one.

No. 722411

The fact that her skin and teeth are almost the same color makes me fucking ill

No. 722430

"I miss your mouth". Not your smile, eyes, or energy. Her mouth.

So sad

No. 722441

Maybe she went to a charter school or continuation high school due to bad grades? I don't remember reading about this either

No. 722452

She’s definitely not on the spectrum. I wouldn’t be surprised if she just has a low IQ. Her behavior is just painfully stupid.

No. 722453

She didn’t actually go to an alt school, she just talked about her parents threatening to send her to one because she was always fucking up at school. It was just another lie to be shocking and make it seem like her parents were terrible people. Her friends from high school have even said she was basically just average, not a huge troublemaker or anything. Just an average stoner kid.

No. 722454

double post but Shay is and always will be, painfully average. She tries to lie and make her seem like her life is extra and shit but she’s just a basic bitch with no defining personality traits other than the fact that she’s boring and average and no one would give a fuck about her if she didn’t happen to get popular on tumblr at 16.

No. 722471

File: 1540680531945.jpg (171.46 KB, 1081x1004, Screenshot_20181027-184813-1.j…)

But her normal life totally doesn't revolve around sex, guys

No. 722475

idk why she keeps taking about sucking his dick but then talks about how she can barely put an inch or two in her mouth??? and then talks about how she hates doing it for videos and on cam because she’s bad at it? tbh I think she only acts like she likes it because it makes him happy.

No. 722476

just such an unnatural relationship its all just to be able to flex on fucking tumblr lol like you might think those things about your S/O but like I've never said to someone omg so excited to see my husband and suck his dick lol could you imagine and I thought she didn't even like giving/could hardly even give blow jobs

No. 722477

she looked absolutely disgusted by it every time she sucked his dick. Yeah, i really believe she “can’t wait” to get his mouth on his greasy fupa chode.

No. 722483

I went to hs with her she went to the same vocational school as me and was in the photography / graphic design trade as me

No. 722490

any juicy details anon?

No. 722492

File: 1540683195066.jpg (167.79 KB, 1195x646, attractive.jpg)

seriously though does she really think these faces look good… ugh

No. 722496

well clearly it didn’t do her any good

No. 722505

File: 1540683968010.jpeg (Spoiler Image,44.93 KB, 314x419, D7185E89-6A71-4226-965C-36C9B3…)


Matilda’s mom back at ir again I see

No. 722506

They are officially the most annoying couple of 2018

No. 722508

lol the noses are identical wow

No. 722511

She’s trying soooo hard to be Courtney Stodden. It’s tragic.

No. 722540

Yeah I really don’t see that. I just googled her and read up a little bit, I don’t get that vibe other than she’s a blonde and looks like a bimbo.

No. 722541

She talked Assabet a shit ton. It's where she met Connor and Colleen.

No. 722543

No she went to a trade high school, she said it's bc she sucked at regular school, it's where she met Colleen and everyone.

No. 722549

File: 1540691030093.png (1.4 MB, 1510x1042, Screen Shot 2018-10-27 at 9.43…)

Went to their website and isn't that her on the right?

No. 722560

hahaha yeah it is

No. 722563

I like how this reply is implying that having kids is ~only for immature 20 year old normies SCOFF~ and acting as though he never was once a married dude with kids LMFAOOOOO we see through ur fake edgy midlife crisis fupapa

No. 722564

lmfao thats nuts poor shay she could have had a normal adulthood and stuck with her photography shit or a basic normie job sigh

No. 722566

so is he saying he wishes he didn't have children anymore? because once you have children, you have them forever dude. it's not something that only happened in your twenties. you're still a father.

midlife crisis strong. I hope his ex wife sees and makes his wish come true by removing them from his life completely. they seem better off where they are now anyway.

No. 722569

it may not be The Best Picture, but holy shit; at one point in her life, she didn't look like she was rode hard and put away wet. if she weren't such a rotten person, i'd feel bad for her.

No. 722570

holy shit this school is so close, never knew she was around here

No. 722571

File: 1540694154480.png (7.13 KB, 260x203, Untitled.png)

so he's got her breaking the law now. classy

No. 722575

Lmao what he hell even is this scenario??

No. 722583

Wanting to show how happy and “kinky” they are but it just comes off as incredibly sad.

No. 722587

No welcome home flowers no fancy diner not even takeout lobster no pampering no cunnilingus, it's pissing in the parking lot and mcdonald's for shayna

No. 722588

How long until the depression posts start again kek

No. 722589

Here's hoping a security cam picked that shit up and now she's wanted for indecent exposure.

No. 722590


No. 722597

She applied all those skills to making her own nasty porn, taking pics of her boil and pimple infected vagina.

Lol! I thought the same thing! So sad

No. 722599

She's definitely special needs
She couldn't make a normal face if she tried omfg

No. 722616


lmao is that the same black bandanna she still has?

No. 722617

I always wonder how Shay's ex boyfriend and ex friends feel about her and the weird shit she does now…

No. 722635

Sage your autism.

Yea super relationship goals. Next trip back from LA and it’ll be “took a dump on the sidewalk and then daddy bought me a Pepsi. #thriving”

Their whole relationship seems forced and unnatural. I’m sure most guys wouldn’t mind a text from their s/o saying “can’t wait to suck your dick”, but would probably flip out if they posted it on social media. Especially the whole making her pee in a parking lot? Like ok if you gotta go you gotta go. But the whole implication that he made her is pathetic.
Dude has no clue what it means to flex.

No. 722637

roadhead is actual fun, js anon.
have you ever had sex?(derailing)

No. 722639


thanks for being irresponsible driver and passenger, retard.(derailing)

No. 722640


Shayna: Just bc i’m a porn star doesn’t mean everything is always about sex
Shaynas relationship: literally just about sex


No. 722650

why do you do the things that you do. Sage your shit. This thread is facing a plague.

No. 722653

I’m with you. Giving roadhead is fun and I can imagine receiving is great too. Most of the best stuff in life is irresponsible.(derailing)

No. 722659

nice way to get yourself or others killed on the HIGHWAY. you see highway crosses like 5 times all along the same highway often times for a reason.

No. 722669


I wish we were able to lock away people with low IQs like you

No. 722671

Stop derailing.

No. 722725

i'm pretty shocked that roadhead was the derailment that irked the farmhands enough to come in and start redtexting lmao of all things in these threads

No. 722749

File: 1540736143980.jpeg (365.45 KB, 1242x1065, 6BCDDF6A-BC58-41B9-B50C-AB7523…)

Don’t forget the lovely tags, anons.

>he said he missed me

>I’m in love

No. 722751

Grossing me out thinking about them making out in the burger king line

No. 722759

so they probably just went to get burgers and she said i missed you and he said me too

No. 722761

>standing behind him on my tipple toes

aren't they about the same height? she wants to be seen as ~smol~ so badly but we've seen pix of them together and the only way she'd be shorter than him is if she was kneeling.

No. 722763

yep that’s pretty much what happened. And apparently saying “I missed you” means your in love now.

No. 722795

the bar is set so slow that its on the ground

No. 722800

Thriving though kek

No. 722812

So the two times he said I love you it was in a sexual context. Cute. *sarcasm

No. 722820

It’s buried under the ground at this point

No. 722836

File: 1540748201063.jpg (203.26 KB, 1080x1878, Screenshot_20181028-133508-1.j…)

Hopefully this translates in action

No. 722844

She didn't dress herself, or do her own make up or film in her own area and everything about this is almost …nice. The pinks all correlate and she looks closer to 21 in this then when she does her own shit. Not 21 but more like 24/25
Despite it being Shayna though, some points are lost

No. 722845

She looks much better here than normal but that pink still washes her out and her face is still so aged it's honestly sad that even with professional styling she looks so worn and haggard.

No. 722852

I don’t get baby or young/teen vibes from this but she looks better than we’ve seen her in a long time. I think the last time she looked this good was when she was wearing that black lingerie and nude lipstick from when she first started selling nudes.

We all know she isn’t going to take anything good from it and just go back to her regular shit makeup and gross hair and hygenie regiments. Unfortunately.

No. 722854


I actually like the hair and outfit.

No. 722856

Why does her face look like this?

No. 722873

She does look nicer than usual here, but the way she parts her hair, especially with straight across bangs, bothers me a lot

No. 722889

File: 1540753105633.jpg (16.61 KB, 320x180, custom_1_180_5af134db662c3.jpg)

That actually is her outfit and I'm fairly certain it's Dollskill, as per usual. It works with the just bimbo, not baby way they styled her for that shoot, though.

No. 722892

eh its definitely a play on the 90s teen who sneaks into a club to look for a daddy look

its just her face that looks old that is throwing you off lol

No. 722903

no shay, he didn't miss you, he missed having you around to be his little sex toy

No. 722939

yeah. i mean, he literally told her he missed her mouth lmao.
honestly it all sounds like things a fuck-buddy would say. even the "i missed you" thing JUST when you're around

No. 722954

oh cmon, there's nothing little about her lol

No. 722991

i'd say her non existent flat ass is little.

No. 722995

You sound rly pressed lol just saying

No. 722997

what you weird retard? i made a joke about her flat ass in response to the DIFFERENT anon in >>722954 calm down

No. 723015

Her ass being small is simply a fact lmao

No. 723055

She looks just like Jillian/Pixielocks in the right picture

No. 723147

File: 1540781152342.png (38.6 KB, 240x564, d1.PNG)

Some updates of edgy Fupapa trying to claw back his own grab at fame.

No. 723148

File: 1540781168628.png (8.48 KB, 265x285, d2.PNG)

No. 723151

File: 1540781300392.png (37.54 KB, 255x216, d3.PNG)

And this one is just Shay being gross but considering how she lives, if Fupa did this it'd just be her watching herself get properly exfoliated and her hair conditioned.

No. 723152

wtf happened to fupa threatening to delete his tumblr because "you guys only follow me for dolly :((((((" jesus its truly pathetic how desperate he is for any attention

No. 723154

Swollen because she doesn’t get wet or use lube. But she’s always so turned on.

No. 723157

I don't know if it's just me but the hair, makeup and background give me Twin Peaks/Laura Palmer vibes. She's not nearly as youthful or classic looking as Sheryl Lee though.
Laura's storyline certainly fits her aesthetic though lmao. She'd kill to have been a rebel teen slut who fucked all the old dudes in town while coked out.

No. 723168

Is that shay? Weird seeing her use capitalization and punctuation

No. 723171


serving up middle aged tranny wearing a party city wig and his teen daughter's clothing looks

also, those dry unwiped butthole lips… really don't get the people itt saying this is an improvement. she needs to accept that this ~aesthetic~ does her no favors and stick to having darker hair and clothing

No. 723286

Watched her snapchat and she was drinking on the way back home and then apparently was drunk wifh dada again right away. Clearly just lovesss his company.

No. 723297

no it's something she reblogged with 10k notes lol people are just too autistic to double-check whether what she posts is OC or not

No. 723305

Her hair is so damaged. She needs to dye it brown/brunette and let it grow! Ouch

No. 723336

as if fupa could get it up more than once and its so sad how the 3rd person in their relationship is tumblr

No. 723353

File: 1540824491133.png (18.33 KB, 325x515, 2018-10-29 10_45_52-Mozilla Fi…)

so basically it's going to be the same shitty old type of outfit she normally wears. great.

No. 723358

So Halloween is on Wednesday. She has 4 videos she promised she’d get out after begging for money for props for them. She still has to do Snow White, the Nun, Harley Quinn, AND that fog machine/strobe light blood video she talked about.

I highly doubt any of it is actually going to come out. Poor people that lost their money to her stupidity.

No. 723362

Snap chat anon pls screencap the video of her drunk driving on fupas story

No. 723363

Where does it say she was driving? It just says she was drinking on the way home…

No. 723364

Also sage your bullshit

No. 723375

i'll give her the benefit of the doubt this one time only that maybe she's waiting for the actual day of Halloween to release them. granted, i still doubt her a lot that she'll release them, don't get me wrong. even if she did release something, i bet it will only be with one of the videos, not all 4.

No. 723385

I doubt she even made them. She would have been gloating about how she made them already and accomplished sooooooo much. I have a feeling she’s just not going to do them.

No. 723398

According to snap she is making the Snow White one now

No. 723411

lol she was probably lurking here and was like oh shit I have 4 videos to make by Wednesday!

No. 723414

I have him on snap she was literally driving drunk lol all I asked was for snap chat anon to screen shot because I am unable too but ok lol

No. 723430

But seriously sage your shit

No. 723468

File: 1540841830484.jpg (14.26 KB, 265x176, 1.JPG)

She hasn't even posted her schedule for the week so I doubt she'll get everything done that she promised.

No. 723469


Holy fuck can everyone stop bitching in every single thread on lolcow about saging??? God damn, the space it takes to make these mini-mod posts all the fucking time is 1,000,000,000x more annoying than someone possibly bumping a thread with no milk. Jesus, just report the posts or shut the fuck up already.

No. 723472

this board is full of turbo autists what do you expect lmao

No. 723478

to be fair, you're now taking more space to complain about people complaining

No. 723487

File: 1540843855871.jpg (Spoiler Image,164.61 KB, 789x1280, 7cced108-b72e-4d91-adb4-1804c3…)

Yeah my bad I sperged a bit. Kinda like the sage anons do every day. I moved it over the the general complaints thread in /meta/.

How do you think she justifies pic related to herself? Do you think she gets off (truly or otherwise) on the humiliation of posting her pock-marked ass for everyone to see?

No. 723499

File: 1540844383223.png (761.87 KB, 640x1136, AD2EEB30-B75E-4D75-A509-240587…)

Here’s the live she’s mentioned: https://streamable.com/8oo3b

Someone asked where she got the costume, and she said she put it together herself and it’s a secret. It’s all cheap Amazon shit, kek.

No. 723502

Soooo cringey. Why would Snow White have a basket of apples when the witch gave her apples? She never had them herself. And those shoes are ugly af

No. 723532

File: 1540846993344.jpeg (442.57 KB, 2048x2048, 1DE5C7D1-6323-4000-AD82-4C1BF4…)

No. 723534

She’s mistaking snowwhite for little red riding hood kek

No. 723559

>admitted she didn't have the video conceptualized yet even though she's been talking about filming it for weeks
>admitted to smoking before filming videos

this is why your work is so crappy Shay. You have no creativity and you're always on drugs/drunk on the job. your videos come out looking last-minute (because they LITERALLY are, you're just coming up with the plot as you're starting to film) and sloppy (because you're not sober during them.)

No. 723560

Kek. Buffalo bill has the better body tho

No. 723565

File: 1540851522091.jpeg (176.08 KB, 1242x582, 86E78780-5059-4B0A-BD19-1A579E…)

I’m fucking cackling, she’s calling herself a “director” now.

No. 723570

>The story

Can't wait to see what garbage both their heads came up with.

No. 723572

Fupa posted videos of her driving on his snap and they both seemed drunk.
He had to tell her to put her seatbelt on and she couldn't even find her way out of a car park.

No. 723578

um is it that snow white gets caught masturbating?

No. 723581

How does anyone support this? She actually has fans??

No. 723583

Screen caps!??

No. 723604

>supports u n ur business
Bro he doesn't watch your porn, buy your porn, or even shill the shit. Doesn't help you film, edit, or distribute. Doesn't organize ur schedule, negotiate ur contracts or help mod your chatroom. But he's so supportive for brainstorming stories that are just his make believe fantasies and bad by even porn plot standards.

No. 723619


nitpicking but shay really needs to learn to contour her nose, it looks….dreadful here

No. 723624

This is like the easiest video to make ever. The prince wakes you up and wants to fuck you. The fact that she needed Fupa's help is baffling to me.

No. 723625


"if I had enough dildos, I would do Snow White and the Seven Dildos"

how on earth is this your job and you don't have seven dildos??

No. 723640

she literally does have seven dildos though, and could make a really interesting/entertaining video. she got 6 mini dildos in the same package as her bad dragon dildo, she showed them all on cam and someone said they would be perfect for tiny dwarf dicks. so she could fuck six of the dwarves with each of the six teeny dildos and then whip out a big one and be like "wow sneezy who knew you were so well equipped" and then fuck the normal one to finish. literally a very original and entertaining video concept that she can't even remember having come up with.

No. 723642

doublepost but I don't mean to imply she came up with that idea because it was the people in her chatroom who told her she should do that. she was just showing off what came in the package from bad dragon, which she had clearly never opened before in the MONTHS she had it and was "filming the alien video"

No. 723694

I thought she posted a while ago that the story was going to be that the poison apple makes her insatiably horny or something, did she just forget lmao

No. 723803

It's hilarious the times where she thinks she looks best, bc she looks atrocious here. Basically in every look she thinks is her "best" is her worst. Her face looks fucked.

>ruined childhood

Right… because loving parents, babysitting your younger sibling, and getting grounded is the epitome of a ruined childhood…
KEK. She's so delusional.

More like picture of "I ruined my own life despite having the best childhood"

No. 723807

Honestly I think Shays IQ is Not high. I seriously think she’s clinically stupid and wouldn’t know a good choice if it slapped her in the face ( pun intended). Like yes she’s delusional but that just stems from being dumb as rocks and sad. If she was any semblance of intelligent she’d start with taking advice from here but instead she’s going to continue being less then mediocre in life like it’s her job.

No. 723808

This! Exactly anon. He just likes the idea of being with a "pornstar". Yet he stays constant with always saying he doesn't "watch it". As if by admitting or saying he does, means that would be him confirming he knows just how fucked up and disgusting her pussy is because he's seen what others have which is all her pussy boils. Especially after he made that content with her in Seattle and he got all that shit about touching her gross pussy. Like now, even he makes her take a million baths and showers before he even touches her. It must gross him out just as bad.

Shayna is mainly known for being "that girl who insists on making porn with having a disgusting, nasty pussy, riddled with boils, pimples, constant outbreaks". It's not even funny anymore, several customers complain and demand their money back after being mortified by all the unknown pus filled growths that riddle her vag.

Also, him saying he doesn't watch it, just confirms he was one of the Dorito dust guys that Shayna complained about freeloading her content. She said she noticed him when he mentioned her blog in a post, and reblogged her content, yet he never bought it once.

No. 723820

agreed. she literally looks like a grandma in lingerie going to take the grandkids out to trick or treat.

the ruined childhood bit was funny to me because i'm like… you're not even doing it well so it's not going to have an effect on anyone.

No. 723821

it's weird because she's smart enough to scam people tho. i guess she's just only good at being a degenerate.
i was reading an article awhile back about "snapchat dysphoria" where people have become obsessed with what they look like in snapchat filters. i honestly think shay forgets what her actual face looks like sometimes lol.

No. 723823

File: 1540902041257.png (1.3 MB, 780x942, 2018-10-30 08_17_09-_snow_ - S…)

No. 723827

So true. Gets so pissy when people spam like her content for their spank bank or even try to reach out to her besides to give her money… But is now living with the exact person who did shit like that. Never put a dime towards her content, or even cares to watch it apparently. Someone you love should be proud of your accomplishments and take every opportunity to bask in your achievements. I mean, he doesn’t have to watch and love ALL of her content, most s/o of real porn stars don’t , but he can’t even say “oh yeah this video is my favorite of hers” or “I love how sexy she is in this” But he just likes to say he’s with someone who makes “porn.”

No. 723836

i think he doesn’t care about anything related to her as long as she’s his sex doll he can act out his rapey fantasies. as long her pussy is available i bet he doesn’t care whether she has warts or pimples on her pussy. as long as he can use all her holes he’s fine with her

No. 723845

File: 1540906975731.jpeg (1.6 MB, 1242x1555, D3F8079C-F52D-45C4-8A6E-D5C811…)

No. 723846

she's had some horrendous looks but i honestly think this is the worst she's ever looked

No. 723847


she 100% just mixed snow white with little red riding hood lol. since when has snow white ever had a basket? oh wait, it was her stepmother dressed as a hag. of you're going to ruin a character with your shitty porn, at least get your facts right shay.

No. 723850

Yeaaah I get if you don’t want to watch your bf/gf take dicks from 5 black guys but all of Shayna’s content are shitty masturbation clips that were literally made for his kind. It’s like he can’t even stand the idea that other men may jerk it to her and he’s not one of them. He takes pride in Not being her buying customer ffs. A true manly man domly dom who respecc wemen uwu~

No. 723854

He takes pride in not buying it because he thinks that makes him a stronger man. He thinks men who don’t “indulge” in buying porn are more “alpha”. He gets to fuck her, so why buy her porn? Why buy any porn, it’s free right?

No. 723855

It bothers me that even though she claimed she was swollen after her shoot, Fupa was still trying to fuck her. Like can’t you be respectful and understand that maybe she’s swollen and doesn’t want to? Maybe she had a rough time at the shoot and doesn’t want to fuck you? I don’t think he honestly cares about her well being in the slightest.

No. 723857

does anyone else find those realistic looking dildos or whatever you'd call them, ridiculous? like they just make me laugh they look so dumb

No. 723858

there’s only a few I’ve seen that are actually realistic. most of them look really weird tho

No. 723860

she said she wanted to

No. 723861

nah a chopped off human dick is definitely normal lol

No. 723869

File: 1540911588060.jpg (18.62 KB, 251x330, 1.JPG)

What's she going to do? Just sit in the corner and supervise?

No. 723875

she's prob just going so she can have whataburger after

No. 723876

rofl I'm honestly mad you wrote a better script than Shay ever could.

No. 723914

I can never read her fucking writing and why can't they just text each other! oh because their whole relationship is for internet points

No. 723915


>implying that Melanie didn't copy this from Electra Heart

No. 723920

I don't get this, there's so many apps out there to edit this kind of shit away, especially when it's a product she's selling

No. 723930

Tbh even if she had a normal IQ before, it's definitely wrecked now considering she's been using drugs and alcohol pretty much non-stop since she started camming.

No. 723964

I never implied that at all. But if we are talking numbers Melanie is far more famous and well known than Marina, therefore the likelihood of Shay being inspired by Melanie is greater. Try again.

No. 723968

Samefag here but either way this style goes back to the sixties so implying that Marina invented it is equally inaccurate.

No. 723978

New thread?

No. 723981

umm…? no

No. 723984

Sorry, internet was messing up and made me miss some posts

No. 723985

i will never get over how fucking ugly she looks in this photo.

also this hairstyle makes her look so wide and pudgy, the bangs just flatter her face SO little it makes her look even uglier.

No. 723996

I was the one who asked Fupa about if he wanted kids. That was before I found this and knew he already had 3(cowtipping)

No. 723997

File: 1540930647835.jpg (33.76 KB, 234x520, 1.JPG)

More fake asks to herself.

No. 723998

File: 1540930684398.jpg (17.09 KB, 252x219, 1a.JPG)

Spoiler Alert: she didn't get any asks. It's nothing but her gif reblogs from there on to now.

No. 724000

File: 1540930733136.jpg (11.85 KB, 270x120, 1b.JPG)

Wow. So high class and extra.

No. 724004

I make videos for manyvids and advertised on my tumblr, Twitter, and manyvids page that I was in the process of doing Snow White and the 7 orgasms last month. I was waiting on a prop to finish. Welp, can't post it now. Was going to film in a hidden location in my backyard too. Fuck you Dolly

No. 724007


lol why not? She didn't even make it and Snow White is a super common video idea.

No. 724008

she probably did get asks, but none of them sucked up enough for her to respond. I'm sure she gets like 25+ asks a day but chooses only the most brown-nosing to answer.

make the video! make it better than hers and you'll always have the proof of concept from your old posts talking about it if she claims you copied. plus I'm sure even if she does get upset she won't talk about it because it'll show that your porn is better quality.

No. 724009

Because I don't need her "fans" coming at me saying I copied her and blah blah blah. I don't even need a ratty wig

No. 724010

You should still do it just to spite her, her idea will be shit anyways since Fupa helped her plan it.
Also sage if there’s no contribution.

No. 724014

Yeah true. Sorry, I'm new, trying to learn all the posting rules✌

No. 724017

lmfao u can still make the video sis its a popular character and I mean at least urs will be free of herpes sores right?

No. 724021

Lmao you right. I actually shower like 3/4 days a week and don't over shave


No. 724023


you put sage in the email field.

No. 724024

also when you want to reply to a post like i'm doing, you click on the post's number. welcome to the boards!

No. 724028

Thanks! My connection is so bad on campus right now that it's not letting me click the numbers :p but back to the thread lol

No. 724032

where's this from? this is a super tragic photo, wow. she looks absolutely terrible. is it pre-or post-move?

it looks like a sad high school yearbook pic if the student in question were in her forties.

No. 724036

She looks derpy

No. 724038

It's from her live shoot with insex

No. 724041

File: 1540935756392.jpeg (Spoiler Image,644.46 KB, 720x1060, C3AF740F-983D-444B-BD99-774F8A…)

Speaking of her shoot, part 2 is out.(spoiler needed)

No. 724042


That is quite literally the ugliest porn cover I've ever seen in my entire life.

No. 724043

File: 1540935845952.jpeg (Spoiler Image,572.57 KB, 1242x655, EE8B5A0F-749B-4411-9D6A-2909EB…)

Derp face incoming

No. 724044

File: 1540936069758.jpeg (Spoiler Image,647.95 KB, 1242x660, 157809F4-3A38-49FB-A050-D183E9…)

If i didn’t know this was shayna, I would have thought it was a young boy.

No. 724045

God help us all

No. 724046

Also, WHY does she wear almost wear the same outfits to all her shoots? Like, if you're going to be pro, stock up on clothes

No. 724048

i don’t get why people make a big deal of him not buying her porn. she posts enough nudes on snapchat for a guy who just wants a picture to jerk off too or something for him not to buy anything before they started dating, and im sure once she decided he was good enough to play daddy dom on tumblr with, she started sending him private content because dada asked.

Plus, he’s already fucking her.

No. 724049

This needs to be spoilered!

No. 724051

kek he probably watches her porn through the links we post here, as if he'd pay for it!

No. 724052

Or he could be in the room while she films?

No. 724054

I was more referring to her 'pro' shoots anon

No. 724055

Why on earth would you put a close up of her ass break outs on the cover like do you not want people to buy it

No. 724056

kek at fupapa getting made at shay for eating snickers while he eats WHATABURGER AFTER THE GYM WHAT

No. 724057

To show support? To put extra cash in her pocket bc he loves her? To give the illusion that he appreciates her "artistry"? To help your partner make more profit? There's never ending porn, movies, and music out there, why pay for anything except to show support and appreciation. And since he buys her whataburger every other day, that's how much he appreciates her and her (hand)job.

No. 724058

kek at fupapa getting made at shay for eating snickers while he eats WHATABURGER AFTER THE GYM WHAT

No. 724060

To show support? To put extra cash in her pocket bc he loves her? To give the illusion that he appreciates her "artistry"? To help your partner make more profit? There's never ending porn, movies, and music out there, why pay for anything except to show support and appreciation. And since he buys her whataburger every other day, that's how much he appreciates her and her (hand)job.

No. 724062

I was more referring to her 'pro' shoots anon

No. 724063

I was more referring to her 'pro' shoots anon

No. 724065

The trailer for her new vid is out. It won't let me post the link tho. The idea is beyond stupid. So posting mine should be good!

No. 724067

how many people are realistically out here buying their S.Os porn? that shit just sounds weird, especially now that they live together.

No. 724069

you're right about her looking like a boy. she was genetically unlucky for someone who wants to be a successful bimbo. no hips, waist or ass.

No. 724080

Feel sorry for the woman in the cage who's face to crotch with her.

No. 724083

No. 724087

I just don't get how she can let it be that bad. I freak out if I have one ingrown hair

No. 724091

File: 1540939545488.png (377.67 KB, 647x600, Skærmbillede 2018-10-30 kl. 23…)

so Fupapas spectacular idea was that…..snow white snack-slept? isnt that kind of just the story

No. 724093

pretty much. The witch makes her eat a poison apple and only the kiss from her princes can wake her up (huge snow white fan here)

No. 724096

Also, shouldn't the letter say "Dear Dolly" and end with "or else you'll be stuck as snow white" ????

No. 724098

File: 1540939937037.png (Spoiler Image,577.92 KB, 841x461, Skærmbillede 2018-10-30 kl. 23…)

was this filmed today? her boil vag looking fine as ever

No. 724099

File: 1540939994092.png (Spoiler Image,789.13 KB, 1227x716, Skærmbillede 2018-10-30 kl. 23…)

this is a good one

No. 724100

I think it was filmed yesterday

No. 724105

I think the 7 dildos idea was better and it would've been kind of funny too…shes just gonna fake orgasm 7 times in like 10 minutes

No. 724108

Jesus, the lesions…..

No. 724109

File: 1540940981117.jpg (49.9 KB, 500x281, tumblr_phfnuhPpuK1rmiw96o1_500…)

Welp, her schedule is posted

No. 724118

She’s had that one giant mark on her ass for months, wtf

No. 724131

It won't go away cause she keeps picking it

No. 724133

Snack induced nap, I'm dying. What the fuck?
Wouldn't it make a thousand times more sense if it was a poison Apple and it was a drugged out hallucination?

No. 724134


so after all of her begging, and promises to do all of these halloween videos, shes literally only doing snow white? the snow white costume is all we've seen from her list of "props" besides the fog machine.

No. 724136

Remember everyone, this was Fupa's idea. So of course it's dumb

No. 724139

Also, she's such a liar. She doesn't eat apples for a snack

No. 724140

Bet they went straight in the bin after

No. 724141

Please sage your posts before we get autosaged

No. 724142

No. 724143

Just screenshot it

No. 724144

File: 1540945876325.jpg (277.43 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20181030-193118_Tum…)

No. 724146

suitcase pimp deluxe, hey fatso, here's a tip, read up on Chuck Traynor if you really want to work it, he was an ugly redneck hick just like you, lots in common!

No. 724150

File: 1540946472000.jpeg (Spoiler Image,614.48 KB, 1200x675, EB776B3F-604D-4510-9653-EB1140…)

for posterity


i love this lame ass cool tone lighting effect to make it look more like a spoopy dungeon, what it really does is make everyone look like shit. shayna look particularly special needs here.

No. 724151

lol the look on the face of that poor dear in the cage, having to smell shay's nasty ass

No. 724152

File: 1540946634432.jpg (388.82 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20181030-194334_Tum…)

He's never said he was proud of her other videos. Only this one cause it was his story line

No. 724153

she looks like she needs a wrangler

No. 724154

File: 1540946847631.jpeg (Spoiler Image,573.09 KB, 1200x675, 35388B48-4371-49C4-A02B-49796A…)

Jesus, did she actually show up for a scene with her hair looking like this? I mean, I guess so, look at how bad her pussy is and she clearly doesn't care about that either.

No. 724155

Idk which trailer is worst. This one or the first one. She sounds so bad yelling "can I have another." And he taps her with the paddle making her scream "fuck"

No. 724156

looks like she's got a snaggletooth, nice shay

No. 724158

She doesn't sound very cutesy bimbo baby feminine when she yells fuck, sounds more like my raggy old uncle yelling at the dog. Bit sad really, she should work on making her voice sweeter.

No. 724162

File: 1540947861553.jpg (951.67 KB, 1440x2960, Screenshot_20181030-200158_Tum…)

Oh my god she changed it to dolly. You can go to reblogs from other people and see that it said snow white first. I'm dyinggg

No. 724164


I've always kinda doubted she actually reads these forums but not anymore.

No. 724170

Lmaoooo. But doesn't she read the note in the video?

No. 724179

You would. Imagine it were you and you were aware of it, you'd definitely read it.

No. 724181

File: 1540949905985.jpg (385.28 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20181030-203853_Tum…)

No. 724185

his face frightens me, that's for sure

No. 724187

it would be an improvement if she were 'stuck' as snow white tbh

No. 724188

She hasn't changed the caption on Twitter lol

Who will be watching her live cam

No. 724189

All she wears is shorts and yoga pants like what more does she want to work out in

No. 724199

jesus fupa, just get a rib removal surgery already so you can suck you own dick all day long. the ego is real

No. 724201

omg she's so obvious. she's always read these threads and always will.

No. 724203

idk if this is the same person all the time but you need to sage your posts.

is she camming tonight? has she even posted a schedule?

No. 724205

This legit looks like man's backside. And as it is with all her content, her pussy and ass pimples are the only thing I can focus on

No. 724208

So she she went to LA a second time with her pussy looking fucked as ever. I don't think she's gone a day without a breakout. How sad and unfortunate.

No. 724209

my husband watches all kinds of porn, good and bad, so i asked him if he would watch this and he looked so disgusted and said “oh god no she looks like shit” lmfao(blogging)

No. 724215

that's great anon

No. 724216

KEK! It sounds so stupid

So all those costumes she bought and took photos of, and barely in, were just for what? To add to her collection of cheap pink shit from amazon? So ridiculous.

Poor girl. The saturation also helps with hiding Shayna's boils and pussy/ass pimples. If the filter was gone and the saturation was normal it'd look 10000x worse than it already does.

No. 724227

File: 1540953515519.jpg (421.44 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20181030-213859_Tum…)


No. 724229

My extremely kind,never judgmental boyfriend's reaction to seeing Shay's pussy: "Oh my God ew. What is wrong with it?!"(no one cares)

No. 724234

what is suddenly going on with your boyfriends and husbands?

No. 724238

aaaaaaand the clock is ticking, she's already 4 minutes late

No. 724242

He's her live in boyfriend not an orbiter. If he wanted to support her financially he could just put cash directly in her pocket and not have to worry about taxes and fees. Y'all are retarded with this porn sperging. Even most professionals and couples who are both in the industry don't watch each other's porn, plus he obviously gets involved in other ways. It's not that deep.

No. 724243

Still late

No. 724249

Is anyone surprised by this point? She's always an hour late and has long since stopped excusing it. She only remembers her schedule because she gets Tumblr asks asking where she is.

No. 724253

CST anon here. She's supposedly starting at 10 CST (according to her tumblr post) and it's currently 9:32. She'll probably be late anyway, but still.

No. 724254

File: 1540956895997.jpg (12.73 KB, 242x133, Capture.JPG)

It's 10:34 CST according to Google. That's why we all think she's late.

No. 724261

It's absolutely 10:40 central time rn, I don't know if you're trying to low key help her out or what but there's no way to claim you're in central time and make it out not looking stupid as hell

No. 724262

File: 1540957356076.png (9.97 KB, 185x38, CST.png)

No. 724263

I'm in Illinois with central standard time. It's 10:43pm. She's almost an hour late

No. 724267

File: 1540957743137.jpg (45.21 KB, 608x188, Capture2.JPG)

Not sure how you're from the future of November 4th when CT turns to CST but you're a little early there, mate.

No. 724268

File: 1540958035814.png (303.65 KB, 510x484, 8127283729103.png)

I'm from Canada. My current time is CST. Tbh, I don't know shit about US timezones, I was going off this line in the schedule post.

No. 724269

File: 1540958040155.jpg (30.49 KB, 256x394, wow.JPG)

So how's that set schedule working out for you Shay

No. 724270

This makes sense. No one posted that bit and of course this dumbass would set times to CST when CST doesn't even start until Sunday and her schedule ends Friday.

No. 724276

It is now 11:07pm

No. 724278

File: 1540959021908.jpg (12.2 KB, 260x87, profile.JPG)

At least her ever dropping camscore is amusing. She went from 2700 range to 1900s.

No. 724280

Maybe her friend Harley will remind her to get on cam

No. 724281


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No. 724285

She's between 0:30-1:30 late depending on whether she fucked up her timezones so I'm just going to place my bets and say she's sucking Fupa's dick because love is more important than money because Daddy Mattel's salary will keep her in pink wine and weed.