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File: 1563763181943.jpeg (152.92 KB, 1100x618, C5172C26-3282-46F6-B2F3-A30BFB…)

No. 841938

Previous thread: >>830379

>panhandling on twitter as usual

>still claiming that she and fupa are no longer together even though one anon caught them out in the wild >>822349
>creates a horrifying video where she humiliates herself (she really did) >>821454
>said video claims she “pukes all over herself” but really doesn’t and scams once again >> 822212
>continues to sperg on twitter that THE SW COMMUNITY IS OUT TO GET ME!!!
>Shay gets diagnosed as being bipolar, continues to smoke and drink while taking meds #bipolarbarbie >>822257
>circlepay closes, shay switches back to cashapp
>goes to Texas with fupa leaving noodle in kennel care for 4 days
>creates another video with more dry anal fucking, leaving shit stains >>825784
>now wants to move to austin

>continued constant panhandling on twitter - now with added “glucose father” sperging
>continued downward spiral accompanied by less and less content creation. Hasn’t cammed in over a month.
>the great bronchitis infection 2k19
>the ass shot debate followed, was milked for sympathy for days after
>alcoholism increases, as does general facial bloating.
>constant shopping sprees and begging for reimbursement, birth of the mom jeans look and cringeworthy changing room nudes and soiling of try on clothes
>still wears same rotation of crop tops despite shopping sprees
>physical appearance continues to degrade. Fingers look consistently infected, nail quality falling lower and lower, hair is (as always) horrifying
>tinfoil fupa breakup?
>impulse posting about moving to Austin after visiting once. Reined it in. Impulse posting about finding a house to rent.
>still utilizing only one corner of tiny apartment. Still doesn’t own a vacuum or bath towels possibly.
>the return of ribmeat. Further fupa speculation. Noodle and ribmeat don’t get along. This will surely end well.

Follow the rules:
- no doxxing
- no vendetta
- do not include or harass Shay's family
- no nitpicking and blogposting

http://pinkpussypopped.tumblr.com (deleted)
http://themosthatedgirlonthisdamnsite.tumblr.com (deleted)
http://twitter.com/dollymattel (suspended)
https://twitter.com/dolly_mattel (suspended)
https://twitter.com/dumdollymattel (suspended)
https://twitter.com/stupidestbaby (suspended)
https://twitter.com/lilbarbiegrl (suspended)
https://twitter.com/mattel_dolly (suspended)
https://twitter.com/dollymattelx (suspended)
https://twitter.com/dollyxmattel (suspended)
https://www.instagram.com/itsdollymattel/ (deleted)
https://www.instagram.com/dolly_mattel/ (deleted)

KYLE NATHAN PERKINS (alias: Fupa; Fupapa):
http://youvebeenwarned.tumblr.com (deleted)

No. 841939

File: 1563763323015.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 1.22 MB, 1225x2043, D16902D8-9C56-4E90-83A0-FB80F7…)

What - and I cannot stress this enough - the fuck. Ps first time making a new thread and it was on my phone. Sorry if it’s not up to snuff but I tried.(nitpicking)

No. 841944

For a group of young girls, you lot sure do seem to love looking at and sharing pics of tits and pussy.. it's a little strange.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 841946

File: 1563763833495.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 663.19 KB, 1242x1051, B2363E17-7DD1-46D4-8FFA-526DD9…)

can anyone explain why the fuck it looks like she has a flap chunk of skin just hanging over her vagina opening? It’s fucking freaky.(nitpicking)

No. 841947

Her labia minora is being pushed down at an odd angle, along with the gape of her vag plush odd lighting and shadows it makes for an alarming visual.

No. 841957

someone's got a case of galaxy brain

No. 841964

Might be the sperg from the soundcloud rap/clout chasers thread. She's been at it for hours now.

I hadn't realized she's been through that many banned twitter accounts by now. So she's hitting the double digits with this new one?

No. 841966

Do you dykes like the taste of pussy? Seems that way.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 841971

Friendly reminder to report and move on.

No. 841977

Here's a not so friendly reminder to shut the fuck up. You're not a mod.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 841993

From the last thread someone posted a shot of her wanting gaming supplies and being an egirl. Does anyone think she'll be successful on Twitch?

No. 841994

shayna is one of my favorite cows, i think you did great for your first thread OP!

No. 841995

she has no personality, acts like it's a chore to even have basic conversation with viewers and doesn't play any mainstream games other than fortnite. so, highly doubtful.

No. 841996

A few years too late to be jumping on the e-girl trend. Probably wants to be next Belle, when all she’s going to be is the next Bianca.

No. 842029

She couldn't figure out how to get her lovesense connected to mfc.
I don't think she could even begin to understand twitch shit, even people who stream professionally have issues.

No. 842092

Fresh new thread and two (maybe even three) autists have already posted multiple times ruining it kek. Anyway

She's delusional and stuck up enough to try but everyone knows it'll go horribly and be over and forgotten in a few days

No. 842093

I think she just wanted to make a egirl/gamer girl vid because of the current revival of "gamer girl" trend that Belle Delphine brought back. she'd fail horribly on twitch + with the way she rudely acts towards viewers, they'd eat her alive

No. 842150

kek she hasn't even figured out how to not point her condenser mic in the complete opposite direction of her voice yet

No. 842196

Kinda hilarious how badly she wants to be Belle Delphine when that bitch was literally just banned from Insta for violating community guidelines. She never fucking learns

No. 842209

Shes been retweeting so many of her nudes. Shes desperate for rent money.

No. 842214


How could she even get through a single level of anything with her need to have a blunt burning in one hand and a beer in the other?

No. 842253

Where is her sucrose papa now to pay her rent?? Shes only hustling on onlyfans cause no one wanted to pay her rent in full. Once she's scrooged enough together she'll be back to the occasional nude and won't film anything new till the next end of the month is drawing near

No. 842343

File: 1563820626581.jpeg (131.03 KB, 1242x293, 8ACB4A78-1FB1-4F09-BB0D-F1DF6F…)

wtf is this supposed to mean? is this supposed to be humor?

No. 842349

You already posted this and mods deleted it. Can you please be banned now?

No. 842352

File: 1563821412528.png (159.73 KB, 1200x800, Screen_Shot_2017_07_13_at_1.09…)

No. 842364

File: 1563822658714.jpg (81.84 KB, 1080x307, Screenshot_20190722-141026_Twi…)

This anon is probably what made her post this. We already know you lurk shay, you give yourself away.

No. 842381

wow, so epic. much edge.
literally nobody cares and these posts are more embarrassing than they are scary.

No. 842383

Maybe you should teach shay your ways. Her twitter accounts being banned is boring.

No. 842384

File: 1563824088164.jpg (24.57 KB, 700x394, IMG_0588.JPG)


No. 842391

she's been retweeting herself a lot since getting this new account together and i'm suspect of the amount of followers she has compared to the interactions on her posts. she also seems to be going heavy on the begging for likes and stuff, like make it more obvious you're desperate for validation.

No. 842393

Don't encourage the edgelord.

No. 842397

Once you're banned from Twitter, you can't make a new one, against the rules. Report it and it will get deleted. Then we can all laugh and watch her have a break down and hang herself.(Cowtipping)

No. 842406

I’m getting a lot of Icky vibes with the shitposting. Like it’s either shay or one of the two stans she has.

>Welcum 2 my post

No. 842410


I would die if it came out that Shay has been shitting up her own threads and she gets outted.

No. 842423

Yeh cuz telling me to kill myself is totally something i wud do(larping)

No. 842424

how do i delete this?

No. 842426

what the fuck has happened itt in the last 24 hours? jesus…

No. 842427

It's an absolute gong show even for shaytard thread standards

No. 842429

File: 1563828479586.jpeg (426.15 KB, 750x1031, 3EE7A6A7-554A-4545-9E82-1BBB69…)

Is she seriously begging for $10? Are you shitting me?

No. 842431

Who actually pays for her nudes when they are free all over the internet.. and disgusting at that.

No. 842432

I love this because 10$ gets you shit tier drug store makeup, but oh, I thought shay has a sugar daddy and she gets 1000$ tips? Yet still can only afford to get cheap eyeliner and has to beg for it still lol

No. 842433

Don’t cowtip. Why would you want to fuck up one of the few sources of milk we have?

No. 842438

Its sad that her level of "thriving" is having to beg for drugstore makeup money.

No. 842443

It’s just some a-logging autist

No. 842444

Didn’t she just say last week that she spent $200 on makeup….?

No. 842454

File: 1563830962464.jpg (Spoiler Image, 584.13 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190722-172555_Twi…)

yikes. still waiting for that lucky human.

No. 842457

Fupa really must've been her ~sucrose dad~ if hes not paying her rent this month

No. 842479

File: 1563833570279.jpg (51.18 KB, 720x463, 2l3xgs.jpg)

No. 842546

File: 1563842165595.png (2.91 MB, 750x1334, E13CA91A-E9BF-432C-871E-45CE7F…)

She is so haggard it’s not even funny at this point. Crackhead status 100

No. 842560

Holy shit, she looks r o u g h. Her skin looks so dehydrated and saggy.

No. 842570

Wtf…. i can’t even fathom how someone looks this old at 21. She is on the fast track to looking like Momokun does at 23.

No. 842577

Jesus christ.. she look ill. Not a good look at all. Diabetes Daddy finally saw this and ran a mile.(ban evasion)

No. 842580

I dobut fupa can run that far.

No. 842591

"stone me daddy"

you want me to what

No. 842593

What the fuck does that even mean?!

No. 842600

File: 1563847481559.jpeg (323.05 KB, 1242x730, A0614C6F-C433-4630-B14D-BADD72…)

lol I’m guessing no one has given her any money today. it’s hilarious to see how upset she gets after taking 5 minutes to take a pic and no one pays her for all her “hard work.”

How can she even justify never working but expecting money from people, for literally doing nothing?

No. 842607

her engagement has been lower than ever the last couple of days from what i've seen

No. 842614

guess she still thinks ppl should pay her for her personality, kek. also, this is what happens when you buy follows and think that's how many are actually seeing your posts.

the fact that she's using a close-up of her new shitty nails is so gag-worthy.

No. 842618

The same people have been giving her money the past few months, of course the well will dry up. She gives the same exact thing every single time, shitty nudes. Gets boring. She doesn’t even cam or make videos anymore.
Can’t wait till it comes to a stop and she has to get a real job.

No. 842622

Who the hell would employ her with her nudes, drug taking and stupidity plastered on the internet? She's unemployable. She's retarded so I doubt she would last a day in even the most entry level job. Not only has she fucked up her appearance but she's has ruined her life too. Stupid girl.

No. 842653

File: 1563855893830.jpg (Spoiler Image, 563.8 KB, 1080x1298, Screenshot_20190722-232454_Twi…)

I thought she was done doing these kind of sales

No. 842657

we've been over this. she stopped doing the "all my vids for $50" sale. I'm sure she'll go back to it when she's truly desperate for weed or booze, but she hasn't posted it again since saying it was the last time she was doing it.

she still is always running sales, just never that one specific one.

also lol @ "c*ashapp". what? crashapp? clashapp?

No. 842676

File: 1563858634050.jpg (686.8 KB, 1080x1929, Screenshot_20190722-221040_Fac…)

New fupa fb cover photo.

No. 842680

That’s her way of trying to throw off getting in trouble for mentioning third party websites/apps

No. 842782

Its funny how codepedent these two have become. He posts shit like this but still goes to hang out with her and use her like fuck meat. Shay cries and then takes him back cos she has nothing else. How depressing.

No. 842800

Anyone know her new snap?

No. 842805

thebrattybarbie is the most recent one i'm aware of

No. 842810

Thank you!

No. 842826

File: 1563892458941.jpg (263.96 KB, 1538x2048, IMG_20190723_093212.jpg)

Her BC implant is very obvious here

No. 842828

Kek, imagine being that big of a slut that you need an implant. Though good on her I guess for being responsible, she'd be a terrible, selfish mother.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 842829

>>842828 oh my fucking god shut up.

No. 842833

Reminder anon you need to be over 18 to post on these boards

No. 842835

Lmao “only sluts get birth control” Jesus Christ I’m convinced only 12 year olds post on this thread anymore.

No. 842836

File: 1563894323283.png (60.8 KB, 720x1187, Capture _2019-07-23-11-03-11.p…)

No. 842838

She changed her twitter name @thedollymattel

No. 842842

File: 1563895485804.png (14.45 KB, 531x170, 2019-07-23 11_24_10-(1) Bratty…)

No. 842843

File: 1563895519407.png (46.87 KB, 531x551, 2019-07-23 11_24_33-(1) Bratty…)

No. 842852

then fucking cam more frequently???¿ that’s how camgirls build their communities??? HOW do you not understand this by now. twitter should only be used for the occasional promotion post or to announce when you’re going live. you’re not an influencer shay, you’re a camwhore, literally no one cares about your personality or day-to-day shenanigans. they wanna jack off and that’s that. camsites give you ample opportunities to build a following and attract new people without the help of supplementary social media. but of course, camming 3-4 hours per day and filming videos is a million times harder than buying followers e-begging for the most basic shit. even the e-beg queen Tuna is more self-aware than this cunt.

i stream on twitch and i hope to god she tries to start a channel and stream the same 2 idiotic games over and over before realizing how hard it actually is to make a name for yourself on that over-saturated platform, especially with zero personality. if she can’t slap her pussy for more than 2 hours per month on MFC, she sure as shit won’t be able to even break 5 avg viewers on twitch. it will crush her self esteem even more and i’m here for it

No. 842859

You must be 18 to post here.
God I can’t wait til summer ends. Shouldn’t you be back to school shopping or whatever?

No. 842864

I think shay is shitposting here to piss us off and derail the thread. Let's just ignore the trolling and keep that milk spilling(sage posts like this; lolcow.farm/info)

No. 842865

yeah for sure. i think farmers hit a little too close with the fupa breakup speculations lmfao
is this going to escalate into the meltdown that's been coming for a bit?

No. 842871

All of this is the best advice but Shay won't ever listen to a bit of it.

Bet her cam show will be a bust. Even if she does get any tips it won't be because she worked hard for them kek. I hope her orbiters have money for her or she'll sit there and bore everyone to death.

No. 842873

oh you just know even if her orbiters shower her with cash she'll be sitting there singing out of tune browsing lolcow on her phone.
at this point it's basically a tussle between her misplaced pride and legitimate advice, honestly. she would eat shit before she admits anyone suggesting change could possibly be in the right.

No. 842875

If she even logs on to cam tonight, I doubt she'll stay online for long. unless her orbiters immediately swarm her with tips, she's gonna realize why she never cams anymore and leave early. She's fooling herself and no one else. She hates her job and wishes she were an influencer, but she's not rich or pretty enough for that. (i.e. knows nothing about makeup/fashion sense that's actually flattering) she's a nobody.

No. 842876

File: 1563905717605.png (26.33 KB, 397x100, Screen Shot 2019-07-23 at 2.10…)

What do you all think she's doing/did to her hair?

No. 842877

please let it be bangs

No. 842878

she should be doing nothing except repairing her bonds kek
maybe she realized the damage she's done and went short?

No. 842879

omg YES please let it be like PnP, impulsively shaving her head and gonna have a meltdown tomorrow about it and then buy a bunch of horrible wigs. we know how awful she is at styling them

No. 842880

This. Makes me wonder why she even has a thread and why people care so much. She is a nobody. She posts nudes and asks for money. That's it. Not really much else going on. The only reason she is where she is is because of this thread making her think she is bigger than she is. If she was a youtuber or minor celed/media star then fine this thread would be warranted but she is a nobody and this thread shouldn't even exist. There are bigger cows out there who deserve to be milked but instead you waste your time with this complete waste of a life.(no one is forcing you here)

No. 842882

okay wahh she doesn't deserve a thread.
we're all just waiting to see if she completely melts down or turns her life around.

No. 842883

Is she wants business then use Chaturbate, the leading cam site, never even heard of myfreecams, sounds dodgy.(no one is forcing you here)

No. 842885

when these threads first started, she had a fairly popular Tumblr blog ("omg my 151k followerzz!") and was saying and doing stupid/offensive shit thinking she was above everything and everyone because she was ~famous~. These threads have chronicled her fall from that peak, and have been fairly consistently milky wrt moving in with Fupa, getting dumped, scamming Dawn, rescuing and then abandoning pets, shoving random shit up her ass, etc. sure, these days she's lower than she ever has been and the milk is scant, but it's also been like two years. she's a trainwreck that we've been watching for so long at this point.

she is definitely fading into obscurity, but there's still some milk left in this cow. It's not like she appeared out of nowhere one day. she's got a larger silent hate-following than a normal following at this point. Also this website doesn't care who is most mainstream famous. See Phoebe Tickner. She started as a personal cow who by sheer awfulness is now on her seventh thread.

No. 842898

File: 1563908812711.jpg (27.14 KB, 640x400, shutterstock_106856102-640x400…)

What the fuck is the mod's problem? All you have to do is breathe around here and you get banned. These two posts do not break any rule. Neither do most posts that are banned, just because the mod disagrees with their opinion they get banned. That's not how you run a discussion board. Fuck you bitch. Lighten the fuck up. Power thirsty or what? Fucking useless.(ban evasion; take your complaints to /meta/)

No. 842900

File: 1563909016931.jpg (149.16 KB, 1080x646, Screenshot_20190723-140900_Twi…)

Because not using an extremely damaging chemical on your hair is SO uwu crazy. /s

No. 842903

She probably dyed it black or something. She makes the most mundane shit seem like she's doing something amazing.

No. 842908

File: 1563909490817.jpeg (334.49 KB, 1242x661, 86326AC1-803D-4AB0-8CDA-741E20…)

She wouldn’t even know how to set up the damn thing. If she got that far she’d use it once and then let it sit in the corner of her shitty apartment. Plus she can’t even take 1 inch of dick in her mouth so major kek @ “slaughter my throat” fucking ree

No. 842914

she also probably doesn't realize how LOUD sex machines are. her weird whispering baby voice and incompetent microphone set up would make it impossible for any of dialogue to come through (that might be a blessing in disguise though.) she'd just complain about having to refilm the video, beg for another microphone/laptop/sex machine, and then dump them in the closet never to be used again.

No. 842919

File: 1563910955651.jpg (66.6 KB, 497x677, IMG_20190723_144242.jpg)


No. 842920

File: 1563910990109.jpg (149 KB, 776x1149, IMG_20190723_144244.jpg)

She literally just went a darker pink kek. Still extremely damaging shay. Still looks like trash.

No. 842921

And kek at the double chin she has growing

No. 842922

The hole in that dingy fucking camo shirt.

No. 842925

Thinks she's that tard Grav3yardgirl

No. 842932

Corn rows and camo hello 2003

No. 842935

File: 1563912410839.jpeg (725.52 KB, 1242x1524, 0BB1E0F6-F205-43AA-B672-C880E5…)

idc if this is a nitpick but she’s been wearing false lashes for years now, and still can’t get them right. The band is too short and doesn’t even go to the end of her eye, and they’re hanging on by a thread. Learn to do your makeup ffs Shay.

No. 842942

Let's not forget the eyeliner and eyebrows touching. Regardless of the tips she gets from farmers, shay wont ever get her makeup looking right

No. 842955

Y'all gonna get banned for nitpicking because the mod's a cunt -eye roll-

Nitpicking, blogging, what fucking stupid rules, without these there would be no discussion. In fact it doesn't matter if you do follow the rules, you get banned anyway. Sites are supposed to grow and be inviting, not turn people away constantly for doing fuck all.(take your complaints to /meta/)

No. 842956

File: 1563914637391.png (911.64 KB, 636x831, 2019-07-23 16_43_53-(2) Bratty…)

she looks like she's coming off a bender

No. 842957

Her face is a state, look at those bags under eyes. I can't believe she's only 21, seriously, where are her parents in all this?

No. 842962

File: 1563915330464.jpeg (1.14 MB, 3464x3464, 211B1DB7-EEEF-4F95-9640-1B29DB…)

She really shouldn’t post pictures of herself with a filter and then without one, her misery is showing

No. 842965

This people is why you should never trust anything you see on the internet.

No. 842967

unfortunately 100 bans is not enough to "turn you away" apparently. just stfu

No. 842969

Why don't you shut the fuck up? You're not contributing anything either.

No. 842970

I do follow the rules and still get banned. And I did, don't you worry.

No. 842971

Repost since this idiot annoyed me so bad I forgot to sage.

You can reeeeee until the mods come back for you or the pigs come home. Learn to comprehend basic fucking rules or take your complaints to /meta/ nobody itt gives a fuck. Summerfags be gone

No. 842973

I've been here for months, don't you look stupid.

No. 842974

This lack of self awareness makes me think we have a cow in here. Mods won’t address your complaints itt

No. 842976

I know, this is why I went to /meta/ as the mod instructed, to complain about them.(autism)

No. 842979

stop shitting up the thread no one cares about your whinging

No. 842980

Stop responding and shitting up the thread more you worthless brain dead fucking dyke. Go munch a fishy cunt or something. The fuck is your problem? Daddy touch all of you or something?

No. 842983

File: 1563917272929.jpg (331.28 KB, 1538x2048, IMG_20190723_162737.jpg)

Anyways, those dark circles. Fucking yikes

No. 842984

Can you use your tiny brain to figure out that this thread is about making fun of shay lol? God edgy faggot male posters are too cringy. At least stay vaguely on topic since school is out and you love hanging out here so much.

No. 842987

You know she’s not gonna take it out of the braids for at least 3 days now

No. 842993

Kek like last time she had the curls for almost a week after.

No. 842995

Hmmm at least the color is a step in the right direction. I know it'll only last until she washes it though (so like a week)

No. 842999

Shaytard’s threads have always been full of incels but I’ve never seen the buffoonery this bad

No. 843006

It seems to be one retarded incel and one PULL dick sucker who can't get over being banned here lol

No. 843011

When does the cam show begin?

No. 843014

File: 1563920106011.jpg (50.19 KB, 900x900, keks2.jpg)

tfw multiple anons tell you to stop shitting up the thread but REEEE MODS ARE CUNTS

No. 843015

That's not what happened at all

No. 843016

File: 1563920412210.png (462.29 KB, 455x561, kekin2.png)

the pure autism of you

No. 843017

Says you with your childish pictures? Back on topic faggot.(ban evasion)

No. 843019

File: 1563920715586.jpg (30.52 KB, 600x336, keksss.jpg)

says the retard who keeps getting banned(stop)

No. 843021

Looking at the pic, my first thought was that she's too much of a dumbass to know to flex the band on a new set of lashes to break them in a bit and help it curve. The I realized, of all the things she's attempted to flex about, she never mentions needing a lashdaddy. How old you think those are? How many pairs do you think she actually has to switch between?

No. 843028

Is this person that abrattypixie girl??

No. 843031

I hope she's done her color like this (not bleaching, just blending the roots) so she can start growing it out healthy and not immediately frying the new growth. she can slowly transition back to her natural hair color, or at least give it a good break for a while. It is sorely needed.

But a larger part of me wonders if she's gone for this darker ~alt look~ only because fupa is done with her, and she's trying to "get back" at him by turning into his uwu MPDG. He doesn't give a shit about you Shayna, you're nothing he couldn't find anywhere else )and with fewer issues.)

No. 843056

I have a snap video, can someone tell how to post it though, it says entry too large if I go through the site.

No. 843062


No. 843063

File: 1563926529550.jpg (942.11 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190723-190148_Twi…)

Just no with those glasses

No. 843064

File: 1563926561612.jpg (967.36 KB, 1080x1450, Screenshot_20190723-190119_Twi…)

What face is she making? Also, she looks either orange or dirty

No. 843068

At least she’s trying some sort of non setting powder foundation… but hoo boy yeah that’s pretty Snooki tier.

No. 843073

Apparently before this she “redid her makeup perfectly”

I’m fucking cackling at how horrible it is

No. 843074

that’s the face you make when your lips are crusty as fuck

No. 843079

did she borrow these from momokun?

No. 843084

File: 1563928973485.jpg (892.68 KB, 1080x1432, Screenshot_20190723-194238_Twi…)

No. 843088

Does ban evading over and over warrant outing their post history or do they have to identify themselves for that to happen? It’s funny that abrattypixie was brought up in the last thread and now all of a sudden the shaytard threads have more sperging than usual. I’d love to know which of her orbiters are here

No. 843094

you can see where she tried to blend the orange makeup down her neck, and how different the color is from the skin on her chest/arms. also why do all of her teeth look chipped/decayed?

you can also see how the hair color is just sitting on top of her roots and how much will be washed out when she finally cleans herself. and her belly button getting squeezed out of existence. Overall not a good look Shayna when will you learn lol

No. 843097

She literally just went to Sephora and made a big deal out of it on her snapchat lmao

No. 843098

Shay would look a bit healthier with her natural hair colour.(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 843099

HAHAHA her stomach looks like a butt crack because she's piling on the pounds but refuses to get a bigger size.

No. 843100

We get it Shay, you listen to classic rock, so do most people

No. 843101

Honestly, the blonde she had when she was a stoner tumblr girl looked okay on her those braids are going to be left in for days tho

No. 843104

The anon who called drugstore makeup shit needs to grow up, cheap makeup is what most people who wear makeup buy because it's convenient and typically good quality(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 843109

Nobody cares

No. 843113

I don’t think it’s her foundation that’s making her look orange. It looks like she used bronzer all over, which really isn’t a good look ever.

No. 843137

Shes on cam, being boring as ever with 6 viewers, kek

No. 843138

File: 1563935113099.jpg (259.79 KB, 1080x1035, Screenshot_20190723_222456.jpg)

She looks completely different

No. 843139

I hate to say it but she doesn't look too awful rn. But fresh hair can do wonders.

No. 843140

i mean the hair looks better but she looks like shes gained 20 lbs since the last time she cammed

No. 843141

Lol all that was said was that shay had to beg just to afford cheap ass eyeliner, tard

The hair is a big improvement but wow is it ever obvious that she gained at least 25 pounds since her last show, she's really looking different. Also nitpick but her awful posture makes her look worse every camshow too.

No. 843142

Shes definitely put on weight. Typically I think farmers who comment on her weight are too much because I don't think its ever been more than basic fluctuations but GOD, is it noticable here. She must've gained at least 10lbs.

No. 843143

Wowww this picture made me realize that Shayna is on the exact same trajectory as another cow Emily Speck. Young popular Tumblr pot head turns filthy fat alcoholic ebegging crack whore. Crazy how all these bitches ruined their lives and wasted their youth for some edgy tumblr pipe dream kek

No. 843144

This is the first time I've seen her live in person, she actually seems like a nice person, I rather she didn't do all the drugs and alcohol but she's nothing like I thought she be from all the shit you guys talk about her. I take back everything bad I've said about her. She's also looking hella cute right now.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 843145

okay go back to giving her money then, orbiter

No. 843146

Sure, Jan.

No. 843147

Sorry not trying to derail but holy fuck, where are all these incels, blind delusional orbiters and bitter PULL people come from and why are they obsessed with the shay thread?? I don't get it.

Maybe this one really is that abrattypixie girl or the angry banned PULL fag from earlier kek

No. 843148

wow she really does look like Speck here. I wonder if she hasn't cammed in so long because she's feeling self conscious about her weight gain. she's not fat by any means, anachans can preemptively shut it, she's just noticeably bigger now than she was even just 2 months ago.

No. 843149

You call me the orbiter yet you're the ones who watch her every move, share her nudes (like why?) and stalk her on Twitter every single day. Who's the real orbiters here?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 843150

File: 1563936326431.jpeg (123.7 KB, 745x557, 55B84A24-FF82-4A8A-AFD9-8F0FDA…)

Her reaction to being tipped by an oribiter. Totally thriving amirite

No. 843152

lol dead. contender for next thread pic?

No. 843154

File: 1563936509361.jpeg (124.58 KB, 748x556, 883B92E4-BF32-420C-A39A-E1EF5F…)

And another one because she makes the most ridiculous faces kek

No. 843155

wow she seems so much less stable than the last time we saw her. spazzing out and laughing for like a minute straight. She's probably just shitfaced already

No. 843157

Her dog leapt on her out of no where as she had her legs spread in the air about to perform some sexy moves. Was quite funny.

No. 843159

She’s either incredibly manic or she’s on something because she will not stop giggling and her pupils are quite large, I’ll try to snag a photo

No. 843160

She brought up the alien dildo again and said she's going to do something else with it

No. 843161

She posts her nudes for free and for everyone to see. So what's even your point

No. 843162

Just called the daybed her bed. Saying to the dog, "can you not push me off my own bed??" Also called herself a camerawhore lol. Someone tipped her to get naked like 5 minutes ago and she decided to finish rolling a blunt first.

all I can think of is the poor cat trapped in the other room.

No. 843163

when you take your grandma on a roller coaster

No. 843164

File: 1563937107331.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 85.49 KB, 681x324, 824AB7A8-EB5A-4A0C-89D2-4EB08C…)

Shay’s favorite oribiter has arrived

No. 843165

She's sat there rolling blunts, of course she's on something. Whenever is she not?
A viewer brought it up actually.
Everyone knows what she looks like, they don't all need to be shared every time unless they are particularly interesting though right?

No. 843166

Yeah I'm right here, wasn't hiding it. Only discovered her yesterday yet you've all been posting about her here for years. You're the obsessed orbiters.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 843167

The dog is fucking barking and it's so loud in the mic like nobody wants to hear that

No. 843169


they were talking about brattypixie

No. 843170

her dog is so untrained. She's just barking and barking because Shayna isn't paying her all her attention. Now Shayna is shutting her on the patio. Jesus christ this camshow is a mess.

No. 843171

Congrats, you're like the 4th mentally retarded person who's come to this thread to start fights today. Now shut up nobody cares about you and your insecurity and attention whoring. If you think shay is so great, go join her camming chat instead of crying and whining over and over in here lol

No. 843172

File: 1563937493818.jpeg (72.98 KB, 750x578, CA247F3C-8E44-400F-8D83-261D52…)

I’m sorry it’s such a shitty picture I was trying to get it as fast as I could. Her house is literally just trash and filth

No. 843175

lol @ her open & completely empty cupboards. every surface is cluttered full. the floor next to her bed on the other side has orange juice bottle and random shit everywhere. those animals living in her filth

No. 843176

File: 1563937758586.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 100.26 KB, 750x556, F71A081D-B764-4C26-9E23-2DEDD9…)

Hank hill makes his return

No. 843177

With the pink hair, cheap taobao lingerie, and attempts at being uguuuu random, i think we're seeing the start of her ~rebranding~

No. 843182

File: 1563937961942.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 307.9 KB, 1583x1242, 24A92A3A-EDE6-4432-B50E-5F15B4…)

Got a message that said she got "hella fat". Offers to take tips to go to the gym. Also said she wanted to get a personal trainer, then proceeds to take a huge gulp of apple juice.

No. 843183

see said her therapist told her she's only gained two pounds, and that "it's a very noticeable two pounds."

The dog has been locked outside on her tiny nasty patio for 15 minutes now.

No. 843184

File: 1563938316959.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 417.62 KB, 2048x2048, FEB95D11-E000-4AA3-96C7-9EFDF4…)


I think you mean Buffalo Bill.
>would you fuck me? I'd fuck me.

No. 843188

File: 1563938550982.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 324.88 KB, 1587x1218, EE0A0A02-6DDE-48A0-9EFC-91A347…)

I thought that was a bandaid on her foot, but it looks like random crap from her floor

No. 843190

she "edged 10 times" in seven minutes. Scammy Mattel back at it again.

No. 843194

Yeah no she has actually got a tummy now wow

No. 843195

and Buffalo Bill is still hotter

No. 843198

How would her therapist know her weight?

No. 843199

>gained two pounds
in what? her neck?

No. 843201

Of course she would say that, everyone is always mean to her and she’s always a victim. Therapists don’t say shit like that, and edge knows it. Her life is literally just made up stories she posts on the internet while she posts free nudes and gets drunk all the time. What a fucking life.

No. 843206

I think darker hair looks much better on her. She should keep doing that instead of faded pastel colors or bleached hair

No. 843207

Even that's a little generous, I'd say two pounds just in the under chin lol

No. 843210

File: 1563941036937.jpg (Spoiler Image, 245.57 KB, 728x660, uri_mh1563941006978.jpg)

really thriving

No. 843214

sorry, I mistyped, she said it was her psychiatrist. they're more likely to weigh you than a therapist since they're more on the medical side. She also said she went to get her meds refilled, and as she was leaving, the psychiatrist said, "bye, fatty!"

I don't think she even has a therapist, she's said she hates talking to them because it makes her "feel small", which is strange for someone who claims to have a medical fetish+enjoy being belittled.

No. 843215

lol what a bizarre larp of going to a psych and them calling you fatty??? that would never happen in real life…

No. 843218

right?? she said she wasn't bothered by it and that she "only gets offended by weird things" (lmao like literally everything?) but that's so incredibly unprofessional. I'm sure it didn't really happen though.

No. 843220

kek no psych would ever risk their career saying that. why can't she at least make her bullshit believable?

No. 843222

File: 1563941834175.jpeg (910.1 KB, 1125x1388, 64FB6636-DA40-493A-B391-3F576C…)

Jesus Christ, she’s slapping her ass and she stops to talk about how the pest control people had to come over, and she traumatize them by not taking down her crusty sex toys

No. 843226

Trailer trash at its peak

No. 843227

I'm dying of laughter. That is the most ridiculous lie she's come up with in a while lmfao

No. 843229

damn bitch wtf, that's so disgusting. I'm sure they were traumatized. Also why does she have to have pest control show up like once a month? And is the dog still locked outside on her 6'x6' patio?

No. 843230

Tinfoil: she never actually ever left her house and it was a drunk/hangover dream she had. She probably doesn’t even have a psychiatrist or therapist.

No. 843232

Most apartment buildings send out pest control once a month.

No. 843233

Nta but no, that’s not normal for them to be inside your apartment once a month unless you have some kind of serious problem.

No. 843235

Afaik, once every quarter (three months) is typical. This bitch living in filth and trash is bound to attract pests to the point of needing monthly extermination.

No. 843236

OT but here where I live every apt building has it once a month but tbh, maybe that is because ticks and spiders are a huge problem here. Never lived outside my state so i didn't know it was diffrent. Excuse my dumb shit

No. 843240

Maybe it's the way she is standing but tinfoil: it's a bump. tummy goes into her crotch which isn't normal for regular fat, and could explain fupa leaving her.

No. 843241

This is retarded. She drinks more alcohol than water.

No. 843242

don't be autismo, it's alcohol bloat and shitty food

No. 843243

autists were literally just calling her a slut earlier today for having a birth control implant. this is a stupid tinfoil.

No. 843282

That nose ring is terrible, it really makes it look like there's crusty shit or a bump around her piercing site from angles like this. I seriously thought it was filthy and infected until I remembered the ring has that weird little ball on it.

No. 843342

Could her meds be causing her to gain so much weight? I mean we saw her eating like shit before but I feel like ever since she got onto whatever medication she’s on, her weight gain has rapidly increased and is way more noticeable

No. 843357

I kinda doubt shay is even disciplined enough in the slightest to remember to take 1 medication every day.

the weight gain speculation I think is silly - how many years have we all known that she literally lives on SUGAR(not even like in… fruits and stuff…) and drinks alcohol every single day? e ver y DAY

No. 843363

I think that was the point anon was trying to make, shay has had a horrible diet for years, but just the past few months she's gained at least 10-15lbs. Especially in her stomach region. The medication, plus mixed with alcohol could have an effect on her metabolism easily.

No. 843370

Her bc implant probably plays a small part in it too.

No. 843372

Yeah nexplanon, or any bc can cause a bit of weight gain.

No. 843378

Ok she’s not fat by any means just has a unfortunate body type where she only gains it in one place

No. 843382

anon you can't look at >>843138 and still be saying that, i swear she's unrecognizable in this picture.
we don't even have to go very far back, just two months ago she looked like >>806668 and even then anons were commenting on how rapidly she was gaining

No. 843388

she's got to stop drinking her calories. she has super unfortunate fat distribution, there's so much of it in her face. whoever made that speck comparison wasn't far off.

No. 843418

File: 1563978682037.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 806.01 KB, 1242x1403, 40F6377A-0DB2-4665-BCB0-C27192…)

she’s been clinging to this joke for 3+ years now.

No. 843421

File: 1563978886423.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 266.4 KB, 1538x2048, E621323F-86AA-4121-82E7-3DAF44…)

This face makes me want to kick her

No. 843422

lmao blame the anon that said that was a better expression for her than the soyboy mouth wide open smile. she's been doing it literally nonstop ever since.

No. 843424

This always disturbs me. Why would she want to take some child’s college fund. she suffers from financial delusion of grandeur?

No. 843429

and looking dead inside while doing it

No. 843430

She thinks it’s uwu cute and funny that someone else’s dad would be “so obsessed” with her that he would give away his kids college fund(s) to her instead because he loves her better than his own kids or something. She really thinks she has he personality and looks to pull it off.

She likes to think she’s pretty and charismatic enough to do the whole hot bimbo home wrecker thing, but with her it just comes across as trailer trash that wants some more money for her alcohol problem.

No. 843450

File: 1563982744659.jpeg (419.9 KB, 1242x878, B0BF4295-6F45-4CDB-8F47-35D41C…)

I “worked” one day this month, I deserve yet another shopping spree! Send me money!

And kek @ “I’ll post a pic of my asshole” as if there aren’t already multiple disturbing free pics of that. Shayna your “marketing” doesn’t work on twitter, at all. Fucking work or stop calling yourself a sex WORKER.

(OT but did anyone notice that just on Monday she was at about 3.6k and then randomly jumped to 4.5 k? Probably buying more followers)

No. 843452

What is she always shopping for??? Like why would she need so many clothes when the only place she goes is the same average bar and burger joint lmao
Or does she need new clothes that will fit her now that she's getting bigger kek

She's not fat fat but she's beyond the point of the smol uwu bby girl stuff now (her tree like unfortunate shape was already barely cutting it). Shes def gonna need that rebrand

No. 843459


I hope this works, it's my first dropbox link but here is her vid from after getting her hair done. I'm laughing at the fact that she acts like she isnt naturally a fucking dark headed brunette.

No. 843461

File: 1563985219125.png (806.97 KB, 992x904, 2019-07-24_12-18-07.png)

this is probably what shay was breaking down over a while ago cuz fupa moved on

No. 843464

oh shit son!
if this has been going on for even a couple months, it totally explains away shay's recent obsession with being all "goff", this girl is alt as hell (at least compared to shay's stained-white-dirty-pink-child-daybed life)

>that comic sans lettering on the fucking tee

the chicks who pick fupa are truly exceptional

No. 843465

confirmation is always nice, thanks for posting this. I'm not sure but I think your icon is showing, you might wanna cover it or he could block you.

are unsaged posts not bumping the thread for anyone else? is this thread auto-saged or something? I have to find it on page 4 of /snow/ now.

No. 843466

its a public post on her acc, so im not worried as i have no mutuals

No. 843467

This is funny considering we've seen shays selfies in this exact same bathroom kek. Seems like he has a regular spot to take his girls.

No. 843468

shay's threads get autosaged sometimes because of the autism

No. 843476

She’s always buying new clothes because she never does laundry

The thread’s probably autosaged thanks to all the newfags and autists from yesterday

No. 843477

there is a gif of his hair being stroked by her from an hour ago too… seems like they are a thing

No. 843478

File: 1563988046290.png (18.78 KB, 686x125, 2019-07-24_13-07-45.png)

thats not him, just a random gif he posted

No. 843481

File: 1563988507593.jpg (119 KB, 750x750, 20190724_101403.jpg)

Almost uncanny how much Shay's recent choices resemble this girl

No. 843482

>i want a tattoo!
>i'm a goff barbiiee
>someone feed me burgers!

this is painful lmfao

No. 843487

And this girl is actually publicly with him unlike Shay, fupa never once posted Shay on his facebook

No. 843489

Suddenly the manic episodes and trying to be uwu goff alt gurl make so much sense. Plus all the weight gain since Fupa loves a fatty.

This dumpster fire is rightfully on auto sage. Going to the catalog to find it is much easier.

No. 843490

Awww shes so fucking stupid it's actually painfully embarrassing to watch.
I'm guessing her and Fupa were just friends in his eyes once they broke it off and hes been slowly moving on and she didnt expect it. How sad. SHAY GO HOME.

No. 843491

Also proves it wasn't Shay's age that made him hide her since this girl is 24

No. 843493

oh imagine how fucking stupid shay feels right now. she was just an embarrassment to him. and he's not even a catch. can't find a rent daddy, too lazy to work, and taking Ls from pathetic men. She's doing so well.

No. 843497

>i darkened my roots
uhhh your hair is brown

No. 843499

File: 1563990386402.jpg (366.86 KB, 1080x1230, 20190724_134538.jpg)

ok but it's not really humor when it's an actual sad and gross thing you do ??? what am I missing

No. 843500

they could just be friends. Her page says single as does his. He’s the kind to plaster his relationships on the internet, I think shay probably is just mad he’s hanging out with people other than her.

No. 843512

are people still "facebook official" in 2019? they look pretty cozy in >>843461
i'm betting they're at least sleeping together

No. 843513

This girl goes to the bar she's taking pictures with fupa in all the time, there's months of pictures of her, with friends, in that bar. It would probably be good for fupa to get away from Shay, and people (a little?) closer to his age. Because it's getting creepy how he goes out with people so much younger than him. Especially with the age play shit. But I agree with anon's up thread, seems like Shay is changing her style to something very similar to this girl, and it explains why Ribmeat is suddenly back with her/why she wanted to move to Austin randomly.

No. 843523

a lot of people wait a few months into a relationship to be "official" on Facebook now. so could be just friends, could just be waiting

No. 843542

File: 1563995292567.png (1.26 MB, 665x895, 2019-07-24 15_07_30-Bratty lil…)

the pictures are getting less and less flattering by the day…

No. 843544

File: 1563995958575.jpg (114.06 KB, 702x274, Screenshot_20190724-132803_Twi…)

Double chin growing by the day

No. 843548

File: 1563996282131.png (51.7 KB, 470x441, IMG_0601.PNG)

>shay is skinwalking fupa's new gf, is even putting on all the extra weight


No. 843549

it's not even a double chin at this point, her chin is just becoming directly connected to her neck

No. 843566

maybe unpopular opinion, but I think she looks better with this extra weight. Her body shape is unfortunate, being skinny doesn't compliment it at all. With the new chub, she can do the illusion of "womanly" shapes and maybe even sell herself as curvy or something, but she's always slouching and looking awkward, she should work on her awful posture because her slouching + chub doesn't look sexy at all

No. 843571

Why doesn't she beg for a "Laundry daddy"?? Lmao oh yeah I forgot shes too lazy and incapable to do laundry so she just buys new shit. Wonder what she does with the sweat and grime stained stuff or is that what we see all over the floor amongst the other filth?

But this brings the question of what about the hello kitty underwear shes had for years and that stuff. Does that get washed when shes at a "friends" aka Fupa's?

No. 843572

She looks 100x worse imo. It makes her look frumpy, not curvy. It’s aging her like crazy in the face too.

No. 843587

The new girl is a THICC Queen too. Shay must be livid. Fupa probably have her the cat back because if he’s going to have this woman over now he’d have to explain it’s not actually his cat, it’s his “graphic designer” ex gfs cat

No. 843595

Shay being thin at least made her look like a regular thin girl, no matter how unfortunate. The more weight she gains, the more she literally looks like a fridge cause her legs aren't gaining weight, just her upper body.

No. 843598

I mean if she dressed for her shape she'd be fine, she just looks sloppy right now because she's… shayna and in denial. Heavier, similar shaped girls have the good sense to dress for their proportions and manage fine. But shay wont do that bc it means she wont be small uwu baby

idk why she doesnt just buy some corsets or something if she wants to be a fetish barbie that badly

No. 843600

File: 1564002534843.jpg (903.98 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190724-160839_Twi…)

No. 843608

“I just got this huge animal wtf do I do with it”

No. 843614

yea she's been steadily gaining followers which isn't at all suspicious compared to the amount of likes and retweets [not her own] she gets. every times she asks for money it's like she'd be better off screaming it out the window.

is this what she wore to the dog park? i firmly believe the only underwear she has is for posing on cam/in pix and never puts on any to go out in public, then proceeds to wear things to let ppl know that.

her boobs also look small now b/c they've stayed the same size, if she keeps gaining they'll be moobs.

No. 843643

i'm triggered that she has has no job, no familial obligations, doesn't really do much outside of ubering to restaurants and sitting around her house… and she still can't be bothered to pick up all her shit and pieces of trash strewn around the place.

>lives in filth and squalor
>that's just my sense of humor teehee

No. 843652

File: 1564010688644.jpg (84.84 KB, 1079x315, Screenshot_20190724-182500_Twi…)

yeah, never.

No. 843654

Dolly is on snap saying shes gained weight and talking about how much she loves food ~fupa dream grrl~ and her so called rebranding

No. 843656

Her name is Shayna

No. 843657

Snap anon with some more cringey snaps from our favorite shaynasty.

No. 843663

welp looks like she doesn't cook at all and orders out just as we thought. Then again I guess it would be hard to cook when you're getting stoned and drunk every day. Wouldn't want to burn down the building. Seriously though yikes that explains a lot

No. 843666

Thanks for confirming everything we've been saying Shay, good job

No. 843675

This is good shop material. Crouching in an alley?
She probably has to drink more to feel it now since she still hasn't worked out the antidepressants vs alcohol thing.

No. 843676


Girl, you moved to another state to be with a guy you knew only online.

Just go home.

No. 843677

you're def gonna win that most positive influence or whatever for the MV awards with tweets like this lol

No. 843678

File: 1564013701650.png (395.5 KB, 400x728, Screen Shot 2019-07-24 at 8.08…)

>Look how thick my thighs are Fupa

Everything about this video says she's trying way too hard. The new belly out, fat Southern girl persona with a deep raspy voice is just not going to make Fupa want her back.

>I can't do anything with food. I order every single meal that I eat. Like honestly I can't cook for shit. I mean like I can cook I just hate doing it. I really hate cooking. I'm just like not good at like, I'm really at bad time management. It gives me anxiety having to figure out how to do everything to make it like come together at the same time. It's just like too much

No. 843679

Lmao at her needing to unzip her pants to sit. Like an old man coming home a buffet. Wonder if she does that at the bar

No. 843685


The time management thing stood out to me as well.

No wonder she cant keep her own work schedules.

No. 843699


At least she has some sort of realization. But it's sad she still isnt doing anything to change it.

No. 843701

Braids-day 2

No. 843713

File: 1564017378614.jpg (Spoiler Image, 48.88 KB, 968x681, momo.jpg)

That smile giving me mad momo vibes

No. 843722

>gaining weight
>darker hair colors
>cheap animu lingerie
>circle glasses

Has she finally lurked here hard enough to think she can rebrand herself into Stoner Momokun and make big bux?

No. 843724

even she's got more going on than shayna

No. 843741

she has all the time in the world. shay having a problem with time management is like a billionaire having issues with managing their money. it's laughable.

she has no family to care for or friends to hang out with. she has no real obligations or responsibilities (except for her pets and her "job" which she neglects). there's nothing stopping her from cooking a homemade meal. it's not that hard to boil eggs or make toast (doesn't she have a hello kitty toaster ffs?)

eating take-out 3x a day is so pathetic for someone with her loafer lifestyle. her real problem is regulating her emotions, not managing her time.

No. 843778

But seriously, she really just needs to go home.

No. 843794

"I cant cook shit… i mean i can cook" wtf?
This is the first time hearing her voice and actually watching her and the way she moves her hands riles me. Those huge bits of plastic at the end of her fingers are clearly uncomfortable for her to wear and they dont look attractive at all, especially to a male audience, i wonder why she still bothers

No. 843867

Her voice sounds funny as fuck in that one snap I though I was just being nit picky but she didn’t sound like that before

No. 843869

I will admit she is looking better than shes looked in a while. She actually looks clean

No. 843870

That’s because they shampooed her hair at the hairdresser. I do agree the hair color is a huge difference tho. A different brand of trashy.

No. 843899

File: 1564069078534.jpg (68.37 KB, 720x476, 20190725_083735.jpg)

Fupa sure knows how to pick em

No. 843902

File: 1564069345376.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 778.17 KB, 1242x1109, 43EA80A6-97B5-4289-858D-2BD239…)

Her fake positivity is so fucking cringe worthy

No. 843904

File: 1564069433698.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 174.63 KB, 1242x326, A7347112-5AF8-4146-9379-53CB92…)

trying to rebrand the her tumblr era; confirmed. You can’t give back shay, you’re washed up af. The only way she could rebrand at this point is to do a complete overhaul of everything, delete everything, and come out as a completely new person. But she won’t do that because you know, work.

No. 843907

Anon that woman has nothing to do with any of this, leave her alone.

No. 843910

File: 1564071029191.jpg (Spoiler Image, 428.84 KB, 1080x1113, Screenshot_20190725-111020_Twi…)

No. 843911

File: 1564071103059.jpg (695.42 KB, 1079x1492, Screenshot_20190725-111135_Twi…)

No. 843913

File: 1564071149310.jpg (Spoiler Image, 400.01 KB, 1080x1214, Screenshot_20190725-111157_Twi…)

No. 843931

It wouldn’t surprise me if shayna does crack fupa looks like he smokes crack on the weekends

No. 843932

what’s milky about this? what’s there to make fun of? It’s just more of the generic free nudes she posts.

No. 843933

Girl what? You already constantly post pics of you smoking weed, smoke on cam, talk about it constantly, and beg for weed money.

No. 843934

it’s probably a joke, plus that chick has nothing to do with the thread so leave her alone. We already have enough fuck ups with this thread.

No. 843935

is it just me, or does that annoying filter she always uses just accentuate the bags under her eyes?

No. 843941

Not every post is about milk. Sometimes it's just archiving for future use

No. 843948

Its Oklahoma. I bet fupa and Shay do crack cause theres nothing else to do

No. 843957

File: 1564078665806.jpg (Spoiler Image, 100.93 KB, 1334x750, IMG_20190725_131717.jpg)

Her boobs are already becoming one with her stomach. Idk what it is but this angle is very unflattering and highlights the weight gain in her tummy

No. 843973

File: 1564080188301.jpg (447.13 KB, 1080x1421, Screenshot_20190725-134223_Twi…)


What is she talking about?

No. 843974

File: 1564080214993.jpg (215.52 KB, 1080x852, Screenshot_20190725-134301_Twi…)


No. 843975

Welp her uwu positivity lasted a good 3 hours kek

No. 843977

She literally says this at least 2 times a month. She’s mad because she’s still a piece of shit and people are rightfully calling her on her lack of work ethic. She expects everyone to stick up for her because she’s always a victim. She needs to grow the fuck up.

No. 843978

You’ve been blacklisted Shay. Deal with it. No one wants you here.

No. 843995

She must be editing these photos cause there’s no way she’s this clean all of the sudden. Is there anyway to actually confirm that these been edited?

No. 843997

File: 1564084756611.jpg (440.74 KB, 1079x1107, Screenshot_20190725-145840_Twi…)

And she's back at it again. She did this on tumblr too

No. 844003

Idk about you but this doesnt look clean to me, considering I'm seeing braids on day three kek

No. 844004

i mean, you can tell it's filtered by how blurred the big wrinkle she usually has on her forehead is

No. 844005

yes because she's too good to simply support other models, they need to pay her to rt their stuff onto her failing and blacklisted Twitter page full of fake followers. This makes SO much sense

No. 844006

How can she justify this at all? She has a very low amount of followers, it’s not like her 151k+ on her tumblr or something.

No. 844007

LOLLLLL she'll repost to her 5000 fake followers that she bought in the span of a week

No. 844011

Twitter suspended in 3…2…1…
>twitter never told me what I did to deserve my account suspended!!!

Just her monthly reminder she’s a victim. She has to do this every new twitter account. She could easily still do “sex work” and rebrand and no one would know who she is. Hide that face girl and leave the whole dolly bimbo crap in the past. You’re an idiot. Your friends suffer because of it.

No. 844028

She's on snap complaining that no one has tipped her in a while. And then complained that she has no weed left and that "someone has to fix that"

No. 844032

Braids are still in even with her hair up kek.

No. 844038

File: 1564092364994.jpeg (954.36 KB, 1242x1803, 6C6612E0-B909-4908-8F97-B9094A…)

Good god. The eyeliner. The hair. The nails. Everything she’s saying here. Jesus.

No. 844040

>doesnt understand the tipping dryspell.
Why would they tip? What have you done? What are they getting?
Shay people don't just give you money for nothing, you have to do this thing called work. You might want to try it sometime.

No. 844043

Her eyebrows look extremely short today, they arent touching the eyeliner for once

No. 844047

File: 1564093508161.jpg (201.1 KB, 1080x916, Screenshot_20190725-172509_Twi…)

Not spoiled when you had to beg for it

No. 844048

Seriously. Why tip when she gives out free nudes? What’s the incentive? Oh right you want to be tipped for your personality. Might be a wake up call that you have none.

No. 844049

imagine being this addicted to weed lol
shayna take a break for a week, you need it.

No. 844050

Her eye'liner' is just liquid shadow at this point. It's covering her whole damn lid.

No. 844057

It's an Amazon gift card so she can't spend it on weed so she's prob mad

Fake crying on snap for being literally out of weed, it's embarrassing. Nobody wants to fund an addiction.

No. 844058

The entitlement is strong with this one

“I’ve been selling vids fine, I did fine on cam. BUT I STILL DESERVE TIPS FOR NO REASON”

No. 844059

And if she really is doing that fine, she should not have to be tipped. she should be able to rely on her income from camming and vids consistently. imagine showing off your body the way she does and still having the beg for money. That's so miserable.

No. 844061

I bet her fave orbiter will end up buying her weed not even her ~fans~
Where is her high fructose corn syrup guardian now?

No. 844073

It’s because you have to wait for payment through those sites. She’s probably used up anything she had in her bank account and is broke until she gets another tip or pay through MV or MFC. She’s never had a real job so she has no idea how to budget between paychecks. She just gets money, instantly spends it, and begs for more. It’s starting to not work anymore and I think she’s scrambling.

No. 844090

File: 1564098397928.jpg (Spoiler Image, 319.42 KB, 1538x2048, IMG_20190726_004639.jpg)

Oh man, she's not looking good.

No. 844092

File: 1564098568458.jpeg (414.32 KB, 1242x827, 2D911623-A424-437D-915C-BA2280…)

“Someone NEEDS to send me money or I’ll scream.”

Grow up shayna. Get a job, see what it’s like trying to get your paycheck early or convincing your boss you deserve more money for less work. See how well that goes for you.

No. 844093

Damn she’s got a gut. and now you can see the significant difference in her boob size. One is like a small C and the other is a normal B. That’s fucking embarrassing.

No. 844095

Has she basically been smoking weed every fucking day for like 5 years?
Real sad. If you wanna do self destructive behaviour then fucking fund it yourself, it's your choice and your body, don't use other people's money to do it.

The alcohol leads to physical weight gain you can see but imagine how fucked up her lungs are. Bitch got bronchitis and couldn't put the bong down.

No. 844098

huh she's only gaining weight in the one boob. she's like a scientific specimen at this point with how little she's willing to take care of herself.

No. 844100

How much did she make on cam the other day?

No. 844102

lol no you don’t really gain or lose weight in your boobs unless it’s a very large amount of weight. her boobs, like most women’s, have one bigger than the other. For most people it’s only slight and you wouldn’t really notice but for some it’s really obvious. Her weight gain is just making it way more noticeable that one is significantly bigger than the other, that’s all.

No. 844106

a lot of people gain and lose weight in their boobs when it's significant because they are mostly fat

No. 844136

they should give her money just b/c she's adorable, duh. /s

i mean, if she really expects ppl to giver her money after she hasn't been on cam in a month and doesn't do much besides post about her life and throw out free nudes, she is the dumbest of dumb.

No. 844138

but her boobs did not look like that. so it is pretty fucking how they're looking now. it's extremely noticeable the size difference

No. 844142

File: 1564109340912.jpeg (804.23 KB, 1242x1340, FFDAC188-7302-4A73-8098-922548…)

apparently white claw is the new twitter trash girl drink. How long til you think she gets a juul?

No. 844143

File: 1564109389176.jpeg (123.89 KB, 750x1334, EDF7B7FF-4B9F-473C-A9FE-2EEDF2…)

Her gut hanging over her pants, kek

No. 844145


One of the early signs of breast cancer is actually very apparent veins and one being much larger. It could be nothing, but Shayna, since you lurk, go get a mammogram.

Sage for advice fagging.(nitpicking; not using sage properly)

No. 844146

You didn’t sage and the boob veins have been discussed ad nauseum

No. 844158


I dont think those braids are going anywhere. They're cornrow style braids. It would be hilarious to see her braid her two rat braids and leave those ones in tho

No. 844161

File: 1564114387602.jpg (Spoiler Image, 515.25 KB, 1080x1238, Screenshot_20190725-231258_Twi…)

No. 844163

eating in the bathroom–gross. and the throw blanket???

No. 844172

There’s speculation she uses that throw blanket as a towel

No. 844178

she's been hiding one tit in her pictures since the mismatched size was pointed out kek

No. 844186

File: 1564119458884.jpg (639.14 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190726-013516_Twi…)

how does someone's makeup skills decline so severely over a matter of like 2 years? she's never been good at it but damn this level of crusty lmao

No. 844204

MANY women have uneven boobs through no fault of their own, nothing "embarrassing" about it, it's natural and can't be helped. Absolutely stupid thing to nitpick.

No. 844207

You sound personally offended but anyway. yes everyone knows all boobs are uneven. People are commenting on how it is getting way more noticeable on her and how even her boobs (which were debatably her only decent quality) are being negatively affected by her weight gain and poor lifestyle choices.

No. 844256

she's giving off major emily speck vibes these days

No. 844260

Except that is not a popsicle. Does she not know the difference between ice cream and a popsicle??

No. 844281

…A popsicle is any ice cream on a popsicle stick. Shut up, weirdo.

No. 844285

It reminds me of Marina Joyce. She used to know how to do makeup fairly well and then it slowly started looking worse and worse and her mental state deteriorated. Same thing with Luna Slater.

No. 844286


“send me $5 to retweet you”
“Send me $5 to smoke”
“send me $5 to show my asshole”


No. 844289

File: 1564148657627.jpg (Spoiler Image, 786.53 KB, 1077x1427, Screenshot_20190726-084258_Twi…)

Why censor it when you have it posted all over your Twitter?

No. 844297

looks like cat scratches on her inner elbow + by her hand. Rib ain't happy

No. 844309

File: 1564151775772.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 915.85 KB, 1236x1509, EA3ABB6D-3AD0-4782-B907-3A75D5…)

No. 844310

File: 1564151797032.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 111.14 KB, 768x1024, 2DB5618F-456C-4BC1-BE5F-03CBED…)

oh sweaty this ain’t cute

No. 844314

This whole video is pure cringe. She needs to stop smoking weed and re-evaluate her life.

No. 844323

Scary as her face still is (stop trying to recreate that "sweet" smile, you're trying too hard and it looks bad and strained) she made the right choice finally going darker with her hair. it looks so much better than it has for the past 5 years.

No. 844324

File: 1564155327233.jpeg (239.99 KB, 1221x557, 830C1BB8-EBDD-4FDA-9F48-11C508…)

damn you had 5 of those alcoholic juice beverages? Of course you’re going to have a headache you’re drinking sugar with alcohol in it you retard.

No. 844327

it really triggers me how she barely even inhales the smoke and then wonders why she blows through so much weed so fast. like… do you really need to be high ALL the time?

No. 844349

White Claws are those low carb spiked seltzers. Maybe she’s attempting to lose weight while continuing her alcohol habit.

No. 844357


Or maybe she's got no personality so she latches on to every boring meme & trend because basic bitch thot life.

No. 844359

Samefag but also wow who drinks a 6 pack by themselves in one night??
Just gonna keep never addressing that alcoholism, Shay? Idc that the alcohol content in that shit is low. 6 beverages in one sitting is ridiculous and them being alcoholic is worse.

No. 844361

at this point i think she thinks it's cute or something

No. 844389

she probably thinks it's like, cute and bimbo-y of her to get white girl wasted every night when really all it's doing is making her look fat and trashy LOL

No. 844422

File: 1564166741455.jpeg (116.39 KB, 1242x839, 82D9C3B1-252E-42DD-81F0-58F3FF…)

Way to make recycling old ones obvious. Keep watching GOT?? She hasn’t talked about that in months AND it’s been off for just as long.

No. 844431

Oh my god this idiot. We now have solid proof we were right about her reposting fake tips, looks like you still haven't gotten anything shay. It's impossible for this to be from today because the series finale of GOT was months ago and most importantly, she specifically requested money with the promise of posting a video, had nothing to do with paying for her tv subscription or anything.

No. 844442

>pay me and I’ll give you free porn
>pay me
>free porn
>pay me

No one is paying her. She’s totally making this shit up. Who on this planet earth is going to pay her to upload porn that everyone else gets to see for free.

No. 844450

She was watching it on her snap story yesterday and talking about rewatching it. It was playing in the background

No. 844501

She said the other day shes watched it 18 times kek

No. 844508

File: 1564178165609.jpeg (490.56 KB, 1242x1131, 6F66AD32-F949-4F53-832F-69C1CB…)

I have honestly no idea why anyone pays her. She has no creativity, does the same shit over and over. Charges for some of it, posts some of it free but it’s all the same content, it’s so fucking stupid.

No. 844518

looks like she's tucking here kek

No. 844524

Scammy mattel at it again! Promises a video for 250, then doubles it because she's desperate for rent money and her 5 ugly beta male orbiters are feeling generous (or maybe pity) today. It's become really clear that there's literally only about 4-6 people that keep paying her, it's taken her years to get that tiny amount of people lol.

Also I still feel like that 80$ could've been fake because it's weird how they said "keep watching GOT" when she's already finished it and rewatched it, I remember when it was still airing new, she said something about watching it and catching up and asked orbiters to send money to pay for it.

No. 844528

If she even advertised easy stuff like sexting, dick ratings, and fan signs she’d be making money and pretty quickly too.

Twitter is a huge advertising tool and she doesn’t even use it to her advantage when she does have it. She could run sales (apart from “all/50 of my videos for x amount of money”), advertise her content (not just posting the video titles with a gif), and even advertise customs because she’s doing none of that. She needs to join C4S and upload any fetish clips she may have because they have a TON of internal traffic. She could even make more fetish clips because they’re huge money makers (videos even involving sneezing or burping sell really well). She should be using her snap (when she does have it) too to actually advertise her content instead of ranting and smoking. She could sign up for SextPanther too. If she even kept a consistent schedule or even semi-consistent schedule when it comes to cam and manyvids she’d be have a decent place for people to go when her Twitter does get deleted. Posting free nudes on twitter and asking for tips isn’t sustainable, there’s literally no incentive to send her money and I have no idea how she hasn’t gotten that by now.

No. 844535

Anon. She doesn’t want to do actual work.

No. 844536

She has a sextpanther and stopped promoting it months ago (probably because it was too much work for her)

No. 844539

See, anon, that’s all work. Shay doesn’t want to be a sex worker, she doesn’t want to make videos, she doesn’t want to do ANYTHING. She just wants to be paid to exist. Everything you listed is what a normal person would do.
Shay just wants to eat and drink until she becomes the size of a couch and Fupa will think she’s hot again.
She should get into doing mukbang.

No. 844541

yea, she's not the best sexworker. We been knew. Not trying to attack you but i have no idea what's the point of "advice posts" like this, like we get it, you know the business. She's not gonna follow your advice, and if you really wanna give it to her, message her privately or something. I find those detailed advice posts just plain weird.

No. 844547

Don’t worry, it’s not just you that finds them weird/pointless

No. 844574

I see where you guys are coming from but every now and then I don't mind them. Kinda gives more perspective into just how little she's doing in her "field". I don't know a ton about online sex work so it's neat to see some insight, to me. Sort of like how "blog posts" can help give some expertise/info when they're phrased non-blog like.

No. 844610

It’s the same thing every time and she’s not going to do any of it

No. 844623

File: 1564194868057.jpg (478.96 KB, 1080x1225, Screenshot_20190726-213304_Twi…)

No. 844627

oh god, those pants are so tight. It looks like she's wearing a diaper underneath or something, they're all stretched and paunchy in weird places. She's so stoned/faded(/cracked out lol) her eyes look shut, and she's covering her greasy, unwashed roots with a headband… wtf is she doing no wonder she's been replaced, I didn't think her fashion sense could get worse, but squeezing into already-unflattering clothing that's two sizes too small is really doing it

No. 844632

She’s better off buying slightly oversized “mom jeans” and wearing a belt, to fake a waist since she lacks one. Skintight pants won’t ever make you look thinner Shay!

No. 844642

File: 1564198712158.jpg (561.91 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190726-233628_Twi…)

this reeks of emotional neediness and it's fucking gross and sad as shit. she wants to be paid for whining.

No. 844644

File: 1564198888761.jpg (424.2 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190726-234049_Twi…)

she's so detached from the real world that she doesn't know what a fucking 401K is. this isn't dumb bimbo fantasy it's retardation

No. 844646

She literally posted about making 500$ today in tips doing nothing and then posts this? Ungrateful wretch

No. 844652

Unfortunately I think these are the “mom jeans” she just bought. She was already deluded about the size she wears and it’s just gotten worse since she’s gained so much.

No. 844655

I mean… look better then, Shayna. Lmao. She looks like she just rolled out of the trailer park.

No. 844656

bitch wtf. you sound like that annoying girl in middle school who cries about being ugly so other people will pay attention to her and reassure her that noooo omg she's pretty! really!! boys are just dumb!!!

this is honestly a new level of pathetic.

No. 844664

Someone who’s never had a job not knowing what a 401k is? Shocking. Shay’s retirement plan will be getting obese and collecting disability.

Uh…yea. You’re looking busted as fuck, wearing pants 2 sizes too small. Look at that poor zipper, working harder than you ever have. No one wants to tip you for looking like a special needs foster child.

No. 844668

Call me old fashion, but I sincerely don't care whether she 'improves' or 'succeeds' or not. That anon probably didn't either despite their post being phrased like advice, considering they did say it here.

The information is entertaining as providing a contrast to how little she does vs. the easy access to audience/money making venues&platforms an online sex worker 'should' or 'could' have. I'd never heard of any of those sites that anon was mentioning, so hearing bring them up just makes this little gremlin clinging to begging/QQing over non-sex related social media deletion even more milky to me.

No. 844670

I dont remember where but im pretty sure she went off in a twitter rant about how she hates sexting and hates when people send her dirty messages.
Bitch you are a SEX worker of course your customers would want to talk about sex.

No. 844671

Ugh shes one of those girls that wears tshirts of shit she doesnt even listen to.(Who cares?)

No. 844672

since she was a hipster Tumblr stoner. Pretends to know shit about The Doors, etc.

No. 844683

Yea she also bans anyone in her chat room who talks dirty. She’s sex repulsed. She craves online validation, but she’s too ugly to get it with her clothes on.

No. 844689

I mean…she does listen to classic rock often, if not exclusively. And based her whole damn stoner girl persona around “being born in the wrong decade”. Beside Led Zepp and The Doors are the most normie fucking rock bands there is. People like y’all are annoying af, find something else to nitpick.

No. 844774

I usually agree with even the tiniest of nitpicks about Shay but y'all… most top models on MFC don't allow dirty talk from dudes in their cam rooms, not really that crazy
Just because they are ok being an e-whore on camera doesn't mean they wanna hear about every dudes nasty dick, that's not just Shay lol

No. 844785

5.5k Twitter followers, and this "I'm ugly, just say it" pity-me post got 8 likes in 10 hours. the original (non-whiney) post got <40 likes in 12 hours. lmao why does she even care about remaking dozens of Twitter accounts? no one cares about her. I know it's all because she's desperate for attention, but she doesn't even GET attention…

No. 844870

At the very least those cam girls say "only talk dirty in private tip messages"
Then if they don't listen they ban them. Shay just screams at everyone.

No. 844927

She can watch GOT fourteen times but can’t film a video or go on cam lol


No. 844934

File: 1564263952269.jpg (355.34 KB, 1080x1670, Screenshot_20190727-164549_Twi…)

No. 844935

She and Slenderfingers sexted all the time though

No. 844936

I thought the thread was dead. I saw no new one, was it autosaged or something? (Same person by the way)

No. 844938

File: 1564264895765.jpeg (264.4 KB, 1242x1609, E3D61F48-127D-4509-858D-DEE5FF…)

It was on auto sage because of the extreme autism for the first 2 days. It was needed and welcomed.

She changes her voice multiple times and for some reason it drives me nuts. She goes from uwu so cute baby voice, to nasal/throaty to high. She’s clearly depressed and hasn’t showered (wearing yesterday’s make up) in god knows how long. Imagine being this depressed over losing access to Fupa’s wallet and peanut.

No. 844944

ever since people constantly made fun of her actual natural deep voice, now she always heightens it at least a bit kek. she sounds nothing like she did in that vid fupa posted way back when of her talking to a guy in a vape shop or somewhere similar.

No. 844953

“You should help me with my goal for today”

Why? While you sit around and smoke and do absolutely nothing? Fuck off shayna.

No. 844961

File: 1564269743151.jpeg (258.29 KB, 1242x586, EDE9406B-7434-4C8B-BC58-196DB6…)

Take it down a notch Veruca…

No. 844964

File: 1564270556385.jpeg (358.16 KB, 1232x795, DC3C2E0A-270E-47F0-AECA-F7B3E1…)

so, going out alone again for drinks? then coming home alone and finding any excuse not to work?

you mean like every fucking night?
does she think this entitled attitude is cute or something, it makes her look like a full blown head up their ass narcissistic piece of work.

No. 844965

i think she thinks it's part of her "bratty barbie" persona she's trying to put on. just comes off as pathetic in reality (which she either hasn't realized yet or doesn't care).

No. 844967

Her Twitter is about to be deleted again, she’s beginning to be shadow-banned if you look at the unavailable tweet above.
Shit storm #87 up ahead on your right

No. 844969

lol so fucking annoying and pathetic! maybe you'd make more tips if you actually made content and didn't gain 25 pounds solely on your stomach, chin and arms out of sheer laziness and eating greasy burger every day. it's like she purposely sabotages herself but then bitches all day about how nobody will give her money

No. 844977

Wow I had no idea that sitting on your ass smoking weed all day in last nights makeup deserves $250

No. 844978

How long has she been on her meds now cos I swear she's got crazier ever since that happened.

Early medication days can mess you up but I'm sure it's been long enough to be over that phase.

She's officially losing it

No. 844980

it's always said that on all her tweets that she retweets with comments for me

No. 845000

File: 1564276944552.jpg (521.65 KB, 1080x1356, Screenshot_20190727-202229_Twi…)

No. 845001

If she’s actually bipolar and on meds drinking on them will make them not work at all. I’m bipolar and I had to quit everything including drinking caffeine for them to work well.

No. 845003

She lost like 6 buyers from her Onlyfan. She have 15 followers now kek…

No. 845011

Give it another couple of months and her interaction will be 0. She needs to think fast though or she is actuslly going to end up homeless as she has no other way to pay her rent. She might well go from begging on twitter to begging in a box on the street.

No. 845012

she won’t ever end up homeless because her actual father is a well off upper middle class man who will take her in regardless. And she knows that.

No. 845013

Nah. Even wealthy families eventually cut off children who are parasitic addicts. As soon as her dad seeks help from a professional for her alcoholism the first thing they will them him is to give her an ultimatum. Either get sober or get out.

No. 845020

File: 1564280382504.jpg (512.25 KB, 1080x1216, Screenshot_20190727-211940_Twi…)

No. 845031

lol just what she needs

No. 845032

you don’t drink liquor and then a huge milkshake. plus she just had a greasy fried monte cristo. Just thinking about it makes me want to barf.

No. 845035

her hair has already faded to the same ugly vomit pink color

No. 845037

File: 1564282964493.jpg (494.31 KB, 1080x1637, Screenshot_20190727-220132_Twi…)

No. 845043


Lmao you're right. Bitch just doesn't know how to maintain colored hair. I know she gets cheap salon dye jobs but still. It's probably part of the reason she doesn't shower and wash it for days. The other part being she's just a nasty, grime stained bitch.

No. 845047

File: 1564285108312.jpg (Spoiler Image, 446.25 KB, 1080x1079, Screenshot_20190727-223752_Twi…)

No. 845052

sucking in so hard in the nude version lmfao.
she needs to chill with all the sugar.

No. 845058

All the shades of pink and she chooses the most disgusting hideous shade?

No. 845060


she needs to throw away her liquid liner, it’s not doing any favors

No. 845062

I actually like this picture of her tbh given she's done a good job at hiding her skin problems

No. 845067

huh…she's been posting stuff there lately, i wonder if they got turned off and decided not to be followers any more.

No. 845072

Lol she’s really trying hard not to show both tits at the same time since the major mismatch was mentioned here

No. 845076

That's because its edited like hell lmao

No. 845087

Kek, notice how there's an actual towel in her bathroom now, instead of that blanket.

No. 845101

I also think it's because she's done her eyebrows much shorter than usual. They're not forming a tweezer shape with her eyeliner for once.

the purple tones from the last process make it even grayer now. It's barely pink at all

No. 845106

Can someone explain to me why she clings to mainstream social media to promote her “sex work.” I mean, we know she’s lazy and dumb but wouldn’t a lazy person want to get more bang for her buck? She keeps getting banned and having not only to rebuild her audience but also deal with the anxiety it causes.

All I can figure is she thinks there is less competition on Twitter since the serious girls actually work using sites that can create steadier income while using mainstream social media to direct traffic to their sex work sites. Since they follow TOS and don’t continually post pics of their buttholes without a sensitive media tag, Kayla thinks she has an underserved market or something?

Even taking into account her idiocy, none of her social media use makes sense. It’s like she deliberately chooses the methods that will garner her less money and more aggravation.

No. 845126

That's quite obvious. She's not a "serious" sexworker; above all she's an attention whore and that's what gets her going. She can't let go of her tumblr days, she desperately wants to be some kind of popular uwu quirky personality at whom people throw money just for existing and smoking weed. Notice that at this point she doesn't even work, she just begs for money and throws tantrums. I think she would be the happiest being an "influencer" leech like jovan hill (ehjovan dude), and it probably fucks hard with her brain that she can't be cool/interesting/quirky/funny enough to pull this shit.

No. 845131

omg you're right. She's lurking hard

No. 845169

she said while she was on cam (and getting a fair amount of money for someone who hadn't broadcasted in over a month) that she was going to "try really hard to do this (cam, or work?) more regularly". That was almost a week ago lol. she really does not like sex work, she likes posting selfies and being paid for it. All she wants is to be an IG model. She just doesn't have the motivation or talent to pull it off.

No. 845170

I wish I knew. People here have tried way harder than they should to give her actual, genuine advice and she NEVER listens. People have suggested to her sex worker friendly sites, given her camming and style and diet and medical and god knows whatever else advice and she never takes it. It would be so simple to do so too; she’s clearly not working or going to school or anything. She has all the time in the world to get it together but doesn’t.

I think she thinks if she can “make it on Twitter” it’ll prove us wrong tbh. Like she’s well aware of the other avenues but since we keep telling her to do to then, she’s not going to out of spite. When really she’s only fucking herself over and making this more entertaining for us

No. 845178

Or the looks

No. 845179


It’s funny because if she had been less of a cunt in her stoner days (before she decided to get naked for cash) she could have At least retained enough tumblr fame to carry over to other platforms.

Oh well.

No. 845191

Wow anon tumblr flashback I haven't heard of jovan in years. Of course she thinks shes that influential lol

No. 845192

Right, it's hilarious that the ~evil lolcow boolies~ probably give out the best, advice to her than anyone else. (and for FREE too!)
She's just a lazy piece of shit that doesn't want to work and wants to be paid to exist even though she is the trashiest person which just confirms more why she has threads here.

She obviously lost her splenda daddy if she's been begging so much.

No. 845203

more evidence that it was probably fupa. maybe he saw it as a severance package lololol (not that Shayna would know what that is if she doesn't even know what a fuckin 401K is)

No. 845222


Not to wk but it’s a circle beach towel. Sorry I just got really tired of people calling it a blanket lol, but it being a beach towel doesn’t make things better either. Honestly why doesn’t she just start a stoner IG like all those other girls, she could probably get sponsors if she loses her better than thou attitude

No. 845224

That's the thing. You have to have a draw, she doesn't have one. She's not that attractive, doesn't take care of herself, her personality is blah, she's not funny, not interesting, she doesn't even take good pictures or does anything that makes her stand out.

She has nothing to offer to be more than just a lazy Sex Worker who begs sad men for $20 dollars.

She wants money because she thinks she deserves it. She has no hustle in her.

Most of these "influencers' even if they are dry as toast they have SOMETHING. Looks, they are funny etc.

Shayna doesn't have that. She's entertaining in a bad way. She half does everything.

Doesn't even wash her clothes, walks around in yellowing white shirts.

No. 845229

Shayna seems like the kind of chick that goes to restaurants all the time and tips her servers like $2 and tells them to be grateful she’s even paying them. She really seems like that kind of person.

No. 845235


Between all the take-out she orders and all the drinks/frappes/milkshakes she posts about she should be spending a small fortune on tipping (if she does tip enough)

No. 845237

File: 1564337201280.jpeg (946.36 KB, 1231x1375, E5107249-6A5E-472C-AC4D-454D57…)

bitch put on some chapstick and learn how to cook. you look like a damn fool.

No. 845241

cringe at her being called barbie. Fucking barf.

No. 845243

(I'm the same person I just edited the post)

That's the shirt she wore when she was spotted with Kyle and chapstick or lipgloss is too much work for SHAY, that's too much effort.>>845241

No. 845245

She said the other day she would be on Saturday or sunday so let's see if she makes a show today. Probably not, we will get a regular excuse

No. 845274

Her hair is so faded already.. she apparently doesn't know how to maintain colored hair.

No. 845275

yeah i'm actually so confused as to how it already looks exactly the same as before she had it done?

No. 845277

not to mention i really think this entire rat's nest is going to fall off at the scalp if she gives it one single more dose of chemicals. it's practically translucent at this point it's so fried

No. 845288

I'm pretty sure they don't put a filler on her ends to make the color stick to it.. shitty dye job.. her hair is so fried and damaged. She needs to cut it off and start over.

No. 845294

I feel like she's saying she's watching GOT for the 13th time because she lurked and realized it was obvious she was using old screenshots >>844422

No. 845302

purple is also one of the hardest colors to make last, so it makes sense it completely faded after one wash. she doesn't know how to maintain, which is especially important for purple dye. (I know her hair wasn't purple but it had violet tones, not the normal """rose gold""", so she thought she could do the same shit she always does to strip her greasy hair clean)

No. 845309

File: 1564350654326.jpg (Spoiler Image, 510.95 KB, 1080x1332, Screenshot_20190728-165104_Twi…)

Let's all cringe together

No. 845319

lol… this is so old though?

No. 845328

Exactly. Why wouldn't she make a new video free?

No. 845331

File: 1564353371155.jpg (280.86 KB, 1080x973, Screenshot_20190728-173622_Twi…)

No. 845332

She posted on her snap about adding someone: bihippie23
But there's no sound on the video so idkk why she wants people adding her

No. 845357

It would be bad marketing to make a new one free. The best thing was her making an older one she doesn’t profit off of anymore free.

Kinda like brands don’t put new items on clearance but old ones people are less likely to buy.

No. 845358

Scammy Mattel back at it again. This video has to be at least two years old. That’s her room at her dad’s house

No. 845378

How was she able to film at her dad's house?

No. 845388

"Dad house"

Kind of fucked up she said her dad kicked her out once he found out and she respected that choice, yet she still has those videos of her disrespecting his home online.

not that the viewers know, but SHE fucking does. What an embarrassment of a daughter.

No. 845397

This isn’t her dads house this is the first place she lived in Seattle.
Still old. Just not her dads house.

No. 845409

Ok but she doesn’t even go by that name anymore so it’s weird

No. 845424

File: 1564361398723.jpg (147.22 KB, 1080x509, Screenshot_20190728-195008_Twi…)

No. 845426

File: 1564361890222.png (12.68 KB, 591x119, 2019-07-28 20_58_16-Window.png)

you mean kind of like what you unironically did to fupa? kek

No. 845432

Was just about to say that

No. 845433

File: 1564362938455.jpg (343.82 KB, 1080x1009, Screenshot_20190728-201452_Twi…)

And here we go again with copying an old Tumblr post

No. 845435

HAHA she copied and pasted this for the 5th fucking time holy shit shay is so desperate lately.

No. 845436

File: 1564365592807.jpg (191.13 KB, 1080x704, Screenshot_20190728-205944_Twi…)

No. 845439

She keeps posting this thinking it's hilarious but tbh it's really unhealthy omg go to therapy girl

No. 845443

no one, b/c you do nothing for ppl to want to just give you money.

also the state of her pussy in that video she put up for free, holy shit, no wonder she's just giving it away.

No. 845460

File: 1564371826801.jpg (149.35 KB, 1080x639, Screenshot_20190728_233732.jpg)

Such impressive life prospects!! Delusional crack head loser thinking she could pull off the trophy wife life.

No. 845461

I think this is another repost from tumblr or her other twitters

No. 845462

File: 1564372297277.jpg (340.9 KB, 1080x1239, Screenshot_20190728-225127_Twi…)

Of course she "likes" the wrestlers that almost everyone else does

No. 845464

Is this her new personality? Can Facebook anon confirm Fupa posting about wrestling recently?

No. 845472

Wasn’t she just telling other sex workers not to ask for a sugar daddy? She really thought she was set for life until he moved on the to next vulnerable 20-something year old white girl with an addiction.

No. 845535

A while back there was a picture of fupa in a Zack Ryder t-shirt.

Also "bought". She's probably just getting her free month then cancelling lol.

No. 845556

"Fight" kek does she think wrestling is real like the 8 year old fans? I can't believe people don't know basic wrestling terms. It's a match, Shay, not a fucking fight lmao

No. 845558


Samefag but she probs like Steve Austin now because his gimmick involves beer. Saw one "fight" with him and saw him crushing beer cans and felt she could relate to the alcoholism. His is for show though Shay. He probably doesn't pound a 6 pack alone on a Saturday night lol.
And yeah, everyone knows Undertaker.

No. 845572

File: 1564414013855.jpg (90.19 KB, 1080x329, Screenshot_20190729-102649_Twi…)

And I oop-

No. 845574

Yes an Icon who has videos of Kyle her 30+ boyfriend slapping her in the face at Walmart as a "kink"

She thinks she deserves admiration because of her Tumblr days & her brought followers.

She's just trolling or Dillusional or drunk. Possibly all three.

No. 845584


Shay, positive affirmations belong in a private diary, not on twitter where other people are stuck reading them

No. 845596

She hasn’t gotten tips in days how sad.

No. 845598

Dollusional Mattel

No. 845601

I'm the same person.

No. 845620

File: 1564423166765.jpg (103.33 KB, 1080x715, Screenshot_20190729-185825_Twi…)

sperg about this AGAIN.

No. 845621

File: 1564423219304.jpg (233.89 KB, 1072x1514, Screenshot_20190729-185821_Twi…)

Something got deleted again? Or is she just going off on one for no reason

No. 845623

File: 1564423381902.jpg (160.01 KB, 1080x1150, Screenshot_20190729-185812_Twi…)

Ded at the last bit.

Oh how losing social media accounts is "hell". Jesus Christ Shay.

(Sorry I just realised I posted them backwards)

No. 845633

She's acting like getting your Twitter banned is a traumatic experience. She's so fucking addicted to social media, it's like the only form of human contact she has anymore besides delivery people/other people who interact with her while doing their jobs.

wtf bullshit is this? if you cammed regularly, people would know where to find you. they would find you on cam, dumbass, and you could share your newest twitter handle there. The absolute state of denial she's in is amazing.

So many excuses not to do her job, and literally none of them make sense. I can't cam because there might be rain this afternoon. I can't cam because I want to go out drinking tonight instead. And now, I can't cam regularly because if my Twitter gets suspended again, no one would know where to find me on the cam site I've used for four years? They just get worse and worse lol

No. 845636

File: 1564423978940.jpeg (408.28 KB, 1242x1150, FE60EC82-5311-45C8-B98A-121C8B…)

wow. she seriously thinks being bipolar is having your emotions drastically change every few minutes over little things.

1) tons of people have bipolar disorder
2) for most people it’s mild, it’s not common at all to see someone diagnosed with bipolar flip their emotions on a dime, that’s a bad stereotype
3) if her bipolar was this severe, she would have been hospitalized
4) I’m almost certain she’s lying about being mentally ill

No. 845638

and to add, it’s quite normal for someone to have a dopamine rush after getting something like a monetary gift, and then coming down from it later and wanting the high again.

Imo, she’s just an addict. She’s not mentally ill, she’s an idiot with an addiction problem. She doesn’t work and only feels good when she gets those dopamine spikes either through alcohol, weed, or tips. Then when she doesn’t get them she mopes because she isn’t getting the satisfaction. She is going to crash and burn hard, soon.

No. 845640

Oh, she's definitely mentally ill. Girl needs serious help. It's just impossible to feel sympathy for her because she uses it as a crutch/excuse instead of trying to improve herself at all/get it under control.

Constant substance abuse, never challenging herself mentally or physically, isolating herself, refusing to even cook her own meals… rather than fight the illness and learn to do things that make her uncomfortable so she can grow as a person, she say "I'm sorry, I'm mentally ill" and orders another burger and shake. she puts 0 effort into any area of her life, except for remaking Twitter accounts.

No. 845641

I honestly don’t believe she is. Addiction isn’t an illness. She’s just a retarded addict who’s covering up her addiction symptoms by calling it a mental illness.

I believe she’s manipulative and knows exactly what she’s doing for sympathy points so she can get her next dose of dopamine to fulfill her addiction.

No. 845642


I've heard of 'rapid cycling' bipolar but thought even with that it's not a several times a day thing.. is shay just special or is that a thing?

No. 845643

google it instead of asking the armchair psychiatrists in this thread

No. 845645


Exactly. She's like Boogie, except she doesn't even HAVE a tragic back story to use as an excuse.

She's just a lazy sex worker who CHOSE this life, doesn't know how to manage it, hates it & just degrades herself for fucking pennies. Shay has boxed herself in. If/when she leaves this "Career" then she'll whine about people not letting her move on from it.

Then when she gets mad she blames mental illness, twitter, her mom, her upbringing everyone but HERSELF.

She does nothing to improve she just puts on shit to cover issues.

No. 845646


four or more mood swings (episodes) within a twelve-month period

No. 845648

which is literally something MOST people have. but bipolar people do not turn on a dime like that.

No. 845651


I don't see how she's going to gain any emotional stability with her lifestyle, the alcohol, the lack of routine, no day to day job working alongside people for a greater goal than herself..

No. 845652

File: 1564425258716.jpg (95.04 KB, 1080x519, Screenshot_20190729_143140.jpg)

She has no tips so now she's doing her "woe is me" schtick so hopefully someone pity-tip her. She hates her job so much.

No. 845655

All this time bitching and moaning and she could be working instead.

No. 845666

File: 1564428404654.jpeg (773.56 KB, 750x1093, CFF5DB5D-07DA-4D98-9D4F-68FDC4…)

I’ve never seen this photo before not even back in the tumblr days. Shay, please stop trying to make your gross fetishes relevant

No. 845668


Why? It's not even a good looking picture, that ugly brown cover, it looks like a crime scene photo.

No. 845674

File: 1564429779786.jpg (86.06 KB, 1066x653, Screenshot_20190729-204909_Twi…)

Yeah, she dunno shit about wrestling

No. 845676

what other people would call absolute hell: rape, becoming homeless, being brutally murdered, torture etc

shayna's definition of absolute hell: getting her fucking twitter accounts deleted because she posts disgusting porn and breaks the TOS constantly lmao

No. 845677

She's deleted all her whinny tweets already.

No. 845684

I just found this on YouTube and wtf is this? Was this when she lived with Fupa?

https://youtu.be/uRD7uMG6s4M(use the embed field)

No. 845690

File: 1564432228198.jpg (163.26 KB, 1080x600, Screenshot_20190729-152849_Twi…)

No. 845691

Such an attractive personality

No. 845692

Just fucking quit Shay, you clearly want to.

No. 845695


This is some of the worst shit I have ever fucking seen oh my god

No. 845696

Many vids miss social media positivity right here

No. 845697

was this already deleted? twitter says not found

No. 845698

She looks tired, lonely and sad. This is so forced and it's not cutesy, quirky or funny. Wow. She's having a day today huh?

No. 845699

Yep looks like she took it down already.
It was a cringy ass video of her dancing to “Like A Virgin” and in the middle of the video she stops and says “I’m dolly Mattel and I’m ACTUALLY the CUTEST girl in the ENTIRE WORLD” she looks like she’s mentally disabled

No. 845700

She's definitely having some type of episode. She needs to talk to someone.

No. 845701

She's reposted. Said she spelt her name wrong in it originally.

Yikes. She looks messed up

No. 845702

No. 845703

If the link doesn’t work use this: https://streamable.com/qknov

No. 845704

i have no words. this level of delusion and fake grandeur must be from her bipolar lol, not to mention she looks like shit, is still begging "i need your money in my bank account" and the dancing is cringy as shit. she thinks THIS is "iconic" and that her followers better love it or she'll freak out? this video is retarded, ugly, stupid, and boring. like wow shaytard, repeating "im dolly mattel, im better than everyone, give me money cause im broke!" and playing a song whilst sort of dancing is so impressive and sexy! totally not boring, overused and embarassing!

No. 845705

That skirt is so tight it looks painful omg this is ridiculous

No. 845706

At 0:11 she bites her lip, is she trying to be sexy? it looks like she's in pain.

No. 845708

I hope she's serious! quit shayna! just quit! (obviously she won't)

she looks like she's trying to go back in time 4 years to when anyone gave a shit about her. that skirt looks like it's cutting her in half, not a good look. her weird Count Olaf eyes while she's smoking. also "your money belongs in my bank account" why though? what have you done to earn people's money, besides ask for it rudely?

No. 845709

I wonder if she spent all that money she received yesterday on nonsense, and therefore needs more for rent this month. Either way, she seems desperate.

No. 845712

File: 1564435578207.gif (3.72 MB, 260x462, 36sp0a.gif)

"I'm Dolly Mattel and I'm actually the cutest girl in the entire world"

Then after she says it she looks disgusted with herself.

No. 845713

File: 1564435660789.png (3.01 MB, 750x1334, 599F4134-42AE-4A7A-A473-B06DC7…)

The waistband of that skirt working harder than Shayna ever will

No. 845717

File: 1564435955287.gif (Spoiler Image, 1.1 MB, 161x143, 36sprp.gif)

I feel bad.

No. 845718

File: 1564435959545.jpg (898.54 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190729-163120_Vid…)

Kek she is desperate, posted this on snap.
Also reposted a vid saying to add bihippi23. Apparently some girl tipped her for a shoutout

No. 845719

Looks like someone might not be paying rent this month. Next move/eviction when?
This just shows how horrible her money management is. Last month she goes to Austin and talks all week about how shes pretty well off financially and wont be doing any huge deals for a while. Next time rents due she is begging for scraps again. You should have saved shay.

No. 845721

She wants to be paid like a high-end escort but acts like a druggie hooker begging for meth

No. 845722

File: 1564437098243.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 942.25 KB, 1242x1346, 44FB211B-468B-4C59-9BA0-5ECF6F…)

Well that sounds filthy

No. 845723

I can’t wait for this idiot to get evicted soon. With the way she poorly handles money, the dry spell from tips, and her glucose father (fupa) no longer giving her money she’s going to get kicked out in no time.

No. 845724

Did she blank out the name or is that the ink from the lipgloss worn off or is that dirt? Either way funny how she'd rather use lipgloss as an dildo rather than on her always dry lips.

She's going to be known as the girl who puts dirty & boring things in her cooch. Oh and fireworks.

No. 845725

Filthy? More like really fucking lame. Can’t wait to see her shove a tube of lipgloss up her dry couch after applying it to her dry lips. Such sex appeal.

No. 845726

I think one thing that helps feed her delusion is all the filters she uses. She doesn’t look anything like she does with filters on. It enlarges your eyes and smooths your skin and makes you look glowy, I truly believe she thinks she looks like that now all the time.

No. 845727

I think one thing that helps feed her delusion is all the filters she uses. She doesn’t look anything like she does with filters on. It enlarges your eyes and smooths your skin and makes you look glowy, I truly believe she thinks she looks like that now all the time.

No. 845728

She's an idiot. She posted a pic of her boobs on her public snapchat. Say bye bye to that one

No. 845729

After all this and shes still fucking dumb

No. 845730

Incoming deleted snapchat sperg once this one gets nuked

No. 845737

“Omg everyone hates me so much and is just out to destroy me! I never do anything wrong and I keep getting deleted, for NO REASON! send me money and maybe I’ll feel better.”

No. 845739

It bugs me that that's not lipstick. It's gloss. Clue is in The name.

No. 845745

Of course this lame ass has to show the bong. Like we get it. This isn't 2012 tumblr anymore, it's not edgy or cool and we aren't 16. It's like a 24 yr old showing off a pack of cigs or something lmao

No. 845748

File: 1564442392125.jpg (Spoiler Image, 309.57 KB, 604x1018, 20190729_171519.jpg)

Says this on Twitter, which she is very much banned on, then posts this on Snap, violating the TOS of another app she is banned on..kek

No. 845749

Why is she wearing a hat in July? Must be to hide the roots that don't match the ends

No. 845750

Now we just sit and wait for the "my hatuuurz got my snapchat deleted" rant

No. 845753

To hide the greasy cornrows

No. 845754

random but i like how there have been literally zero posts about her sugar daddy since fupa was posted here with that other girl kek

No. 845755

I feel like I just watched a special needs person apply lipstick and dance like an idiot


No. 845757

How much did she pay to dye her hair only to have it last a literal week?

No. 845758

File: 1564443659017.png (Spoiler Image, 167.95 KB, 217x373, Capture.PNG)

No. 845765

she’s trying to look like belle delephine

No. 845770

kek i thought the same thing when i saw that sad video on twitter

imagine her selling her nasty bath water lol

No. 845772

If only she bathed. She’d be 1000x more likely to try to sell piss.

No. 845774

File: 1564446594418.png (Spoiler Image, 3.24 MB, 1242x2208, 0503CAE0-78E5-480D-B261-968E24…)

she probably just copied sadbaffon’s video dancing idea, but it flopped as expected

No. 845775

Can everyone stop saying xyz is trying to be Belle? She’s not the first tumblr thot to wear thigh highs and plaid skirts. It’s annoying and makes Belle seem like some kind of holy grail.

No. 845776

I think it’s more that she’s a meme right now than anything else

No. 845777

Sadbaffoon is boring as shit and a gross Hitler apologist (and she’s a Jew too it’s insane) but at least she’s hot and she knows a thing or two about sex appeal. unfortunate that Shay didn’t take tips from her when she had the chance.

No. 845780

Lol she’s the literal definition of a butterface. Bitch looks like Harry Potter from the neck up.

No. 845781

Don’t do Daniel Radcliffe dirty like that, lol. At least with sadbaffoon her body is able to distract from her horrible face, and at least she’s not as ugly as shayna, kek.

No. 845782

i just had the worst second-hand embarrassment watching this gif omfg she looks so uncomfortable like she filmed it 20 times and just couldnt get it right

No. 845789

I would love to see this as a banner kek

No. 845811


christ, at this point she'd get more interaction from tiktok or one of those cringe apps where people actually like to watch people do dumb shit like this. But that's probably still too much effort for Shay and she'd still suck at it.
Its beyond embarrassing for her to degrade herself and beg like that too. But then those are the two things she does best!

No. 845813


The most moisturized her lips have been all year. Tbh the lipgloss actually looks ok idk why she doesn't use it regularly. It's an improvement over her crusty nude lips. The filter helps a lot though lol except for the double chin and general unfortunate look of her face.

No. 845825

Yes her use of catfish filters and attention-seeking gimmicks reminds me of those girls on Douyin (Chinese tiktok). But except those girls actually work and don't beg and make up stories that didn't happen kek

No. 845826

This video can’t be found on the profile. It must be private. Yet this person has a link somehow? Hmmm

No. 845843

File: 1564469972166.png (1.02 MB, 1359x858, youtubething.png)

Ntayrt but it's definitely in their uploads. Now idk if they changed it since you posted this so maybe it was unlisted before? It would have said "unlisted" on the page when you watched it, though.

No. 845845

You can’t watch private videos, it was unlisted. Anyone can share an unlisted video as long as they have a link. But with that username it does seem like a farmer linking to their own channel.

No. 845847

yeah after looking at it again it seems like a farmer is using it to collect video evidence of some cows lol

No. 845875

It really saddens me how she’s trying to portray this college funds-stealing seductress but cries about paying her miserable rent and is thrilled over $50 tips.

People often joke about being cam girls or e-thots but that’s because they imagine at least some decent pay off for showing their porn online. Shayna can’t even make as much as a barista or waitress and her whole porn is out there attached to her full name. it’s not life ruining per se, but is probably going to stop her from getting some jobs in the future.

It’s crazy to me how her “career” cost her so much (potential future jobs, her family, friends, relationships) and she has absolutely nothing to show for it cause she’s spending all the little extra money she manage to scrap by on weed, trips and cocktails.

No. 845940

Has she realized yet that posing spread eagle on twitter is against the TOS??

No. 845941

it's not tho? Lmao.. even hardcore porn is allowed on Twitter as long as their account is marked as sensitive.

The number of anons who open their mouth about shit they know nothing about is just absurd, so much misinformation spread on this thread (not about Shay, that's probably all true, just about the websites she uses)

No. 845955


Diff anon but in fairness it can be hard to keep up with what sites allow nudity when you're not using them yourself to post or view porn, it's not that big of a deal anon

No. 845956

Yeah, like you said. The only thing not allowed is having nudes as your header/profile image which is probably what got her banned in the first place.

No. 845966

It's fine to not know irrelevant stuff like that, it's just why post about it if you don't know anything? lol

No. 845967

I think what bothers me the most about Shay is that she does things backwards. She should exclusively use her Twitter for promotions of her content and not freely give out fap material in hopes of tips. She should be doing that on CAM. On cam is where she should be getting naked, touching herself, posing, etc for tips. She needs to give incentive to want to pay for more on cam just like on twitter but the way she's doing it is flipped between them.

Why buy her nudes when it's there already for free? Does she think a penis cares if it's a slightly different pose or if it's in a different bathroom? No, they'll check her free tweets and fap to that. On cam it's 1, deleted after and 2, is where people expect more than just someone getting naked and expect to pay for more and get an engaging experience regardless
She's sitting over there wondering why twitter isn't tipping her for her giving out free content and then sitting on cam wondering why people don't care about her streams

No. 845973


'Does she think a penis cares'

Lol I always think this when she asks men to pay for her tacky fake nails, like I don't think dicks get hard over nails etc

Same with the hair salon trips, guys don't get 200 dollar hard ons cos your hair wen't from faded pink to less faded pink. It's not your hair they're getting off to

No. 846004

File: 1564504616819.jpeg (432 KB, 1242x922, 9C6082E2-E811-4ACE-9147-0BEA27…)

his sounds like she was saying, “no one payed me to get take out so I was forced to go grocery shopping, now praise me!”

How can someone live with this kind of narcissistic entitled attitude?

No. 846005

i like her constantly needing asspats for literally doing the bare minimum

No. 846010


This shit is really not funny, endearing or cute. You're bipolar, not full on intellectually disabled

No. 846015

Hate it when someone constantly mentions being on meds for attention. Yeah that's totally what antidepressants are for, getting noticed

No. 846017


Why doesn't this weirdojust get a personal account? I'm sure the penis that goes there for the free nudes she puts up don't care about her mundane life & mental illnesses.

No. 846020


It's a little worrying to think of any man still getting off to her given all the mental illness talk and her also talking like she can't function as an adult, unless literal retardation is their kink

No. 846039

No one will follow weirdos personal account except female orbiters. Itll be too real for her to handle.

Also even intellectually disabled people grocery shop and also….a lot of them actually work. Unlike Shay

No. 846045

She does this 100% for attention & it works,just not as well as she wants. An few people said, "good Job" but no one cares.

She can go out and get drunk, get her nails done/beg to get her nails done and her hair dyed but getting groceries is too much for her?

No. 846049

File: 1564509886464.jpeg (426.09 KB, 1242x922, 3AD2C681-888E-4B9D-B3A7-A23C88…)

Every time she’s not making money she goes for the whole “I’m so cute and deserve your money” shtick, because she has nothing else. She can’t run any deals on services or vids because she doesn’t want to make them or fulfill said services. She is making it all too clear that she thinks she deserves money for her “personality”, a personality that’s equivalent to a cardboard box.

How has she managed to make a name for herself or stick around? I don’t get it at all.

No. 846054

Her "making a name for herself" mostly derives from people bringing up her stupid ass shenanigans from Tumblr and her being all around trash.

No. 846057

It's all a matter of her getting too old for her customers at this point. Her niche requires her to be young and she will inevitably age out. Her gross customers don't care about her in any fashion and that will get worse over time.

She has to buy attention on social media and do really dangerous shit. Her firework video was dangerous, got a lot of views, but she didn't get anything out of that.

No. 846059

There are hundreds of girls in & out of Sex work who have Shay's same exact "persona" difference is they put effort into their looks, bodies, and business.

Everything Shay's ever done has been sloppy, half done and not at ALL unique.

This pink shit isn't her. We don't know who the true Shay is because she always is basing her persona on one thing. She's like a knock off barbie from Family Dollars with different outfits.

Stoner Girl, Goth Girl, Pink Girl. It never goes deeper then the cheap clothes she's wearing.

She never had a personality. She's always been a follower.

Outside the clothing, those Fake Barbie's are still the same exact mold and hollow inside.

Shay thinks changing her clothing style means it changes the inside. It doesn't.

No. 846061

Exactly. She thinks just her presence is enough to make it. But her personality is extremely dull, she’s not that good looking, she never changes anything up to show any sort of creativity, etc. it’s all just the same thing with slightly different outfits or phrases.

No. 846062

yeah & she's so money & attention-hungry that she'll think of more dumb shit to put up her cooch to "go viral" until she hurts herself.

We know the only time she puts "effort" is around the holidays and that just involves the lazy idea of shoving things in her dry Coochie.

No. 846064

Istg bitches love faking mental & physical illness so that any minimal effort is applauded. They know they’re losers who haven’t accomplished anything in life, so they cling to their super special uwu conditions.
Not unlike pheebs with her totally real and valid fibro & autism. Slap a tragic backstory on your life and suddenly it’s note worthy just to wash your ass and buy groceries. So brave and inspiring kek

No. 846065

She's not aging well, she already looks well past the whole 'pat me on the back for adulting' phase. She won't even tone up her stomach to still fit the role of being young, good luck girl

No. 846068

File: 1564512044553.jpg (53.43 KB, 1080x479, Screenshot_20190730-194003_Twi…)

Did she forget she has a nose piercing?

Also why she thought this was tweet worthy.. I dunno.

No. 846069

Her and pnp don't seem to understand that sex work is about a ~fantasy experience and that it's WORK and just like any job you should keep it separate from certain aspects of your life. This seems to be what separates the successful or even semi-successful swer's from those who pretty much make minimum wage selling their ass. I'm sure she'd make more working at mcdonalds but that's not ~edgy enough. She's trying so hard to be edgy and swer friendly/accepting that she probably would think making a personal account isn't sex positive but lbr her customers don't need to know that she thinks buying groceries is an accomplishment

No. 846070

plenty of camwhores/pornstars do the whole "i deserve your money" sugar daddy type of thing but you can always tell it's meant to be sexual and to appeal to a fetish the men have, when shay constantly posts/says this bullshit it's so non-sexual and just plain annoying and entitled, like when she says this you know it's nothing to do with sex work. it's simply her lazy narcissistic greedy personality begging over and over.

No. 846073

Exactly, how many times have people seen sex workers flat out say, sex work is WORK, thats not who they are. The big names either have just a porn account or a personal account & and a porn account.

For Shay there's no separation. Her porn set up is literally in her living space.

her Sexworker clothes are her normal clothes. Her only interactions online are other wack Sexworkers, weird females & horny dudes.

Her persona is Pink Sex worker, ALL THE TIME.

No. 846086

Won’t lie, kinda sad the fupa saga has ended. Remember when Shay thought he bought a house for her?
What a ride.
She really is becoming more like Speck every single day. The parallels are wild.

No. 846091

remember when shay wouldn't stop posting shit about how she had a "big expensive house" and how her dream of stealing kids' college funds was coming true lmfao

then she gets kicked out, broken up with because fupa chose his kids and ex wife over her and now he won't even hang out with her anymore because he has a new woman.

No. 846092

What an embarrassing relationship that was. Those two literally made a fool of themselves and it's immortalized online forever.


No. 846093

File: 1564515376848.jpg (187.33 KB, 1080x705, Screenshot_20190730-143436_Twi…)

Watch this happen because we know she doesn't take care of her plugs

No. 846097

A shame fupa will never be able to rid that mistake from his memory. Kek

No. 846107

File: 1564516939009.jpg (Spoiler Image, 434.14 KB, 1075x1337, Screenshot_20190730-150148_Twi…)

Oh please Shay

No. 846108

continuing the quest to become fupa's dream alt girl, all in vain

No. 846111

She probably didnt spend anything. Shes just broke and needs reasons to ask for reimbursement

No. 846115

File: 1564517887240.jpg (266.56 KB, 1080x1476, Screenshot_20190730-151823_Twi…)

No. 846117


She should skip all those 200 dollar hair dye appointments and get a boob job instead, it'd help balance out her not so toned stomach

No. 846120

File: 1564518419891.jpg (381.46 KB, 1078x710, Screenshot_20190730-152605_Fac…)

It's Shay in the near future

No. 846121

She took the nude off her snapchat

No. 846124

File: 1564518733449.jpg (390.6 KB, 1080x1195, Screenshot_20190730-153030_Twi…)

No. 846126

The stretched ears don't really fit in with the rest of her look, not very barbie like or babyish.. is she already at a size where they won't go back to normal?

No. 846129

Imagine thinking Stretching your ears and wearing more black will make your ex abusive perverted boyfriend want you again.

He used you to get off on sick fantasies and dropped you. No stretched ears or faux goth persona will make him come back Shay!

No. 846135

File: 1564520266905.jpg (Spoiler Image, 549.52 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190730-165531_Twi…)

as if we haven't already seen it a billion fucking times???

No. 846137

spoiler this shit

No. 846139

His name is forever tarnished on the internet too. It will always be connected to his snuff porn blog, and Dolly Mattel. He really thought he was going to be e famous lmao. Hope it was all worth it to flex it to them haters.

No. 846140

I dont know if im stupid or because she is illiterate but i cannot picture what she is trying to say in that 2nd tweet. I read it 3 times and I just cant make sense of it.

No. 846145

I hope his kids or family never googles his name, they'll come here and see all the gross shit that happened.

No. 846146

shay keeps being less sexy and more embarassing every day lol the begging and 24/7 "PLEASE DONT LET ME BE HOMELESS ILL SHOW U MY B U T T HOLE FOR THE MILLIONTH TIME!!!!" also it's really not hot how she always says butthole like that's what 7 year old boys call each other as an insult…

No. 846155

Fupa and his new chick arent fb friends anymore. She shared some post about wanting to never catch feelings again. Lucky escape for her

No. 846156

He probably wanted her to put a pacifier in her mouth & hold a teddy, whilst slapping her and she was like, "Fuck that I have fucking standards"

No. 846158

They still show as friends to me.

No. 846161

She prob found the threads

No. 846163

File: 1564522303815.jpg (343.04 KB, 1080x1008, Screenshot_20190730-142751_Chr…)

They're still showing as friends to me too but he did also post this recently

No. 846165

I saw this too but read the comments "i know i know, not you!" Feels like its a dig at shay lol!

No. 846167

Pots & Kettles lol

No. 846180

File: 1564523589360.png (297.23 KB, 750x1334, E4A9C6A2-7645-429F-A246-9C2642…)

Jesus this is just embarrassing

No. 846183

She already shows it for free. So why would anyone wanna pay for it?

No. 846185


We've all seen your butthole shay

No. 846186

She's definitely change her brand back to alt. She's been phasing out the baby shit. I sense that's she's going to rename herself soon. Maybe after another twitter deletion.

No. 846187

>trying to move from one size of plugs in her ear lobes to the next size up
>do the deed while in the shower (for the first time in how many months now?) in hopes that it softens and relaxes things and makes it a less painful process
>forgets that whole thing about "it's really not supposed to hurt all that much and if it does it means you're jumping up too much or they're not recovered from the last one yet"
>also forgets tapers are a thing that is meant to address this exact issue and she shouldn't be yanking her ear over a plug
>get one in fine
>other one won't go
>realizes that she has one in the next size up beyond the one she was switching to
>blames the "jeweler" aka the hot topic employee that opened the locked case and took out what she pointed at

No. 846188


Strange that she describes them as coming from a jeweler, Hope that 60 quid she keeps talking about wasn't her buying one mismatched pair of plugs

No. 846191

"Why won't people pay to see something they've not only seen multiple timesfor free but can see a million different assholes on google for free?"

No. 846208


She really should been smarter when she was shooting professional porn in La, like taken it seriously and taken care of her body at the time. She might have been better off. Least she would have work now on not just e-begging.

No. 846221

How does she even get them in with her ridiculous talons.

It's cos she's nearly out of weed and she cannot function without it. She even said on snap she's "low on money" and moaning that it's a dry period again

No. 846227

Do jewellers even sell plugs? I didn't think so.

No. 846230

File: 1564526708940.jpg (100.06 KB, 1080x1787, Screenshot_20190730-234405_Chr…)

I think you called it anon. Looks like these.

No. 846232

File: 1564526748848.jpg (132.73 KB, 1080x514, 20190730_234609.jpg)

No. 846241

File: 1564527735460.jpg (438.64 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190730-185934_Twi…)

I refuse to believe anyone is sliding into her dm's expressing romantic feelings for her. get your head out of your ass.
also, doing WHAT job?
this inflated ego, jesus.

No. 846244

People like her pain me. Sorry to nitpick about body mods, but here I go.

When it comes to stretching your lobes, it's very very very important to pay attention to how you should go about stretching once you reach a certain. Yes tapers are optimal and safe (can't stress that enough), but only up to a certain size (not only that but they are meant to get you to your next size, not meant to be worn 24/7). Once you hit 3/4 or an inch, you are going to want to start using plumbers tape around your existing plug. But you only wrap until you start to feel resistance in your lobe. Stretching is very much an incremental process. Im just not surprised that she stretched in the shower. Moral of my rant is to never dead stretch which is what she did. It's very unhealthy for your lobes.

Mods, do your thing if this is too much of a rant but God damn is she dumb.

No. 846248

Please don't clutter up the thread with obvious misinformation about body modifications. None of this information is correct or safe.

No. 846250

File: 1564529426312.jpg (Spoiler Image, 528.91 KB, 1076x1522, Screenshot_20190730-183003_Twi…)

What happened to her "glucose padre"

No. 846252

Lol 2 texts and 1 conversation? Okay…

No. 846256

File: 1564529921235.png (1.66 MB, 750x1334, 3E6AAD41-6086-41E5-936D-46E238…)

Like she’s not going to be chugging this cheap liquor regardless kek

No. 846258

File: 1564530127704.jpg (559.41 KB, 1078x1387, Screenshot_20190730-184214_Twi…)

No. 846263

File: 1564531860976.jpg (547.96 KB, 1079x1421, Screenshot_20190730-191118_Twi…)

No. 846265

Talking about her dryspell and whining. Theres a bit to dissect

No. 846267

I actually saw this at the liquor store today and it seemed like a modern version of md 20/20; lmao apparently I was right

No. 846270

Wow, entitled much. She might as well become a FSSW at this point if she insists on continuing on in SW.

No. 846275

No. 846276

File: 1564534029086.jpg (124.13 KB, 1080x386, Screenshot_20190730-194646_Twi…)

Cause she's such a wrestling fan

No. 846277

File: 1564534171898.png (3.1 MB, 750x1334, 431CCB82-C361-4111-B22F-9BFFAB…)

I feel like I’m watching the beginnings of her unraveling. It sounds like she’s broke as hell and has no idea what to do.

No. 846279

Damn she’s got “bratty” DOWN. She needs to just sit her ass on cam everyday instead of snapchat. Maybe try tinder and get some poor dudes to pay for her dinner every now and then. Literally anything but this

No. 846282

File: 1564534779653.jpg (524.63 KB, 1080x1631, Screenshot_20190730-195939_Twi…)

No. 846283

File: 1564534828876.jpg (179.09 KB, 1080x622, Screenshot_20190730-200038_Twi…)

What about Rib?

No. 846285

lmao I’m dead at her acting like that’s her first shot when she already seems totally wasted

No. 846292

File: 1564535138280.jpeg (304.32 KB, 1242x1574, 096FBBC3-B630-467C-AD69-D3836B…)

she really doesn’t have a single original idea huh…

No. 846293

File: 1564535250413.png (2.95 MB, 750x1334, 8AA4B8B6-4ACB-4AE8-B1A4-BCF2AE…)

Jesus…. she is really on one tonight

No. 846295


It keeps getting worse. Who wants to bet she deletes this later?

No. 846296

I cringed violently at this. Why is she not wearing underwear also. Shes in JEANS. that just feels wrong. Wtf the fuck was that.

No. 846297

i feel the need to call the police after watching this i'm fucking terrified help

also her unfortunate weight gain/fat distribution is so obvious here my god

No. 846299

imagine all her nasty fucking cottage cheese discharge she collects in every pair of pants she wears for multiple days in a row with no underwear.. the smell must be a nightmare.

No. 846300

God it’s like she’s officially hitting rock bottom.

No. 846301

Imagine the smell in that musty apartment with her unwashed sex toys and yeasty discharged covered jeans all over the floor. Not mention the smell of cat shit, knowing her she probably barely cleans ribs cat litter.

No. 846302

she seems so miserable, every time she looks directly into the camera i can see her die a little inside

No. 846303

No. 846304

File: 1564536662154.png (403.87 KB, 591x648, shaywtf.png)

She's getting mighty desperate. Maybe she should consider holding off on buying shit like $60 of garbage at her local Hot Topic when she needs to make rent so soon. kek.

Jesus. This was obnoxiously unsexy.

No. 846305

The second hand embarrassment is real. Shay, alcoholism isn't cute!

No. 846307

File: 1564536961006.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 427.78 KB, 1242x1626, DD3E6065-2211-4EF3-81CA-55B8AB…)

very late and slightly ot, but when she was on cam the other night, someone asked about a custom they bought that she hadnt delivered yet. this was the reaction she had and she kept talking about how she wasnt fully sure what the buyer wanted so she would dm them to confirm details and the script and try her best to fit it in her schedule as soon as possible. apparently it’s a babysitter video

No. 846309

“I think I’m manic I’m just learning what that is”

No, you’re in withdrawal. Shayna lives off the dopamine rush she gets when someone sends her money. When she goes out and drinks, when she goes shopping, all of those things are just dopamine rushes and when she doesn’t have them she crashes and burns. She’s going to become an addict of either drugs or alcohol or both is she continues. She’s already addicted to her dopamine rushes.

No. 846310

"I fell down." Well, you're gonna fall harder than that Shay

No. 846311

Yeah it’s because she wanted the money but doesn’t want to do the work. She probably can’t even think of how to make the video because she’s so retarded and uncreative.

No. 846313

"Directed By you!"

Yeah, but the idiot who buys this shit has to pick through the same five outfits she owns or whatever is clean.

No. 846315

This is fucking nightmare fuel, what is wrong with her??

wait jk I know…
I’m most annoyed by her asking for tips on twitter. What the fuck is she so busy with that she can’t possibly get on cam and do her job?

Then in that one video she is like “I just need all the money GIMME ALL OF UR MONEY” like bitch GET A FUCKING J O B

No. 846316

And you know those pics and vids will be posted for everyone else to see. Not just for that person

No. 846317

File: 1564538355091.jpg (229.51 KB, 1080x1166, Screenshot_20190730-205758_Twi…)

No. 846319

how many is she on now? 7? 8?

and that shit is 99 proof

No. 846320

I'm honestly concerned that with her desperation for money she would literally drink herself to death if people kept tipping her for it. This isn't cute, it's scary.

No. 846323

"My mom is such a bad person! She doesn't support my "career"

Career consists of begging, badly attempting to be a sex worker, pretending to be a baby, having an 30+ man abuse you and pretending to like it for "love",calling random men "daddy", begging, Allowing people to tip you chump change to drink yourself to death & pennies to slap yourself, begging some more and not taking general care of yourself.

Hmm, I wonder why her mom doesn't support this "career" or her daughter?

No. 846324

(I'm the same person) Who would watch this and still want to be around this person? She needs help.

But she won't get it.

No. 846325

File: 1564539350522.jpg (293.13 KB, 1076x968, Screenshot_20190730-211503_Twi…)

You can tell how far gone she is in this video


No. 846326

She's even worse on her snapchat in her cum stained sweat pants

No. 846329

The alc vol is 49.5% so shes not shotting straight moonshine, but the spiral is strong lmao.

No. 846331

File: 1564540022356.gif (Spoiler Image, 3.07 MB, 260x462, 36w9lz.gif)

No. 846333

File: 1564540299814.jpg (243.48 KB, 1080x939, Screenshot_20190730-213119_Twi…)

No. 846338

Damn those dirty pants girl.. what a train wreck

No. 846341

aka poor Rib is probably pooping on the floor just to avoid her nasty litter-box at this point. Shayna clearly wasn't planning on ever getting her back since she got a dog which is beyond messed up. You should plan to keep a pet it's entire expected lifespan…major tnd vibes here ew

No. 846345

File: 1564541564554.jpeg (1.16 MB, 1242x2196, B6D0FB57-C5C0-4655-9ECB-9AA56A…)


No. 846352

File: 1564542177471.gif (2.02 MB, 260x462, 36wca3.gif)

No. 846353

File: 1564542308494.gif (2.21 MB, 260x462, 36wcfq.gif)

No. 846354

lmao she is literally crosseyed in this screenshot

No. 846355

No. 846357

No. 846358


"Hungover Mattel got heckin drunk for my ShotDaddies last night can someone send me $5 for tylenol?'

No. 846359

jesus fucking christ… there are no words for this gif

No. 846361

Is this what it looks like when she actually tries to put on a show for once
I didn't think it could get worse.

No. 846362

what, you either get plugs from a piercing shop or a store and neither has a 'jeweler'. should also check the jewelry before leaving the store, it's painful how stupid she is.

wait, so she has uneven sizes in? yes, please stretch your ears like you do with your butthole, then they can match in grossness.

no shay, you can't get a refund for jewelry you already put in your body b/c you weren't paying attention to the size. she wants to go to an inch and thinks this was a big jump? omf, i'd like to see that b/c it takes a lot of time and not everyone's lobes are made to be that size. is she going to use them to stick her dirty dildos in, lol.

No. 846367

File: 1564545737251.jpg (309.04 KB, 1080x1312, Screenshot_20190730-230231_Twi…)

No. 846369

Damn, even her normal creep orbiters are starting to become aware of how Shay's a lazy, entitled brat

No. 846371

this person probably bought "all her vids for $50" early on and is like "you can't make money forever if you don't produce new content"

No. 846375

This is the least sexy thing i've ever seen in my life. She clearly doesnt even wanna be there. rofl Men are so dumb that they pay for this

No. 846387

How come we never saw her pour the shots? What if this was all an act to get paid? She pretended to take shots and pretended to get drunk???? Cause in the video where she took 2 shots, you can see a little bit in the second cup and it looked empty

No. 846388

she probably took half shots or something. I believe her that she took a lot, though, it's unfortunately on-brand for her to get wasted

No. 846390

Some of her videos are giving me serious Abby brown vibes

No. 846414

File: 1564554796046.gif (3.24 MB, 355x266, 930A1404-DF70-4A58-AEE2-14441E…)

Shay’s threads are mostly garbage, but she’s my favorite train wreck.

I get she’s trying to be quirky and “dumb” but she literally comes off as special needs and the Secondhand embarrassment is real. I feel so uncomfortable watching these.

No. 846425

next threads op worthy kek

No. 846451

Jesus Christ, this is sad. "I just want the money that I made"? How did she "make" money that people didn't give her? She's delusional

No. 846466

I think she means MV payments? Not sure though, I wouldn't put it past her.

No. 846472

MV payout is end of the month so that's probably what she means. I'm sure shes relying on that to help her pay rent.
wonder if she'll be too hungover to film the video she was going to do today kek

No. 846486

So much cringe and 2nd hand embarrassment from watching those videos. What a mess

No. 846489


No. 846497

File: 1564576539995.png (242.48 KB, 750x1334, 8CDC1C03-D576-4A0C-BDAD-33665A…)

Still no takers apparently lol

No. 846521

She knows her rent is due on a certain day every month. She better ask Fupa for some help because I don't think anyone is coming to rescue this retard. Which is good because her tippers have been enabling her shit behavior.

No. 846524

Remember when she used to binge watch Ru paul drag race and then adopted the name "Mattel" after a drag queen who wore lots of pink? My guess is that if she rebrands/changes her name, she's going to once again go with something she's obsessed with in the moment. GoT, Austin/TX, wrestling, some rock band fupa likes?

No. 846525

At this point I'm thinking it would have been better if she really tried to continue shooting real porn. Someone else would have been in charge, she'd have to fit certain criteria etc. Hell, I even think sticking with that dog girl would let her profit more than she does currently. Shayna has no original ideas and is terrible at producing anything original- which is a shame, since her starting point wasn't bad. If I were a millionaire which too much money I'd consider paying her monthly just to make her do something interesting. Anything really. I like this messy thread but it's more sad than funny.
The worst part is, she won't take an advice… When she mentioned getting a tattoo I just thought: even painting yourself (or having another person do it on camera) would be a better idea since it's not permanent. Any serious permanent decision is not what she needs right now. Ok, sperging over. TL;DR -> Shayna is sabotaging herself and should have done normal porn.

No. 846526

She sucked at "normal" porn too lol, that wouldnt have helped her much. If anything itd just delay this crashing trainwreck that is developing today

No. 846550

man does she sounds deeply unhappy

maybe go find a real job

No. 846553

File: 1564585072984.gif (Spoiler Image, 2.97 MB, 368x768, mobizen_20190730_203841_1.gif)

This will stick

No. 846555

Of course she sucked, but she would get payed and wouldn't have to beg for 10 dollars. That's just pathetic.

No. 846556

When she did this and kept doing it I was like, “I’m watching a girl hit rock bottom and it’s deeply uncomfortable”

Seriously though wtf is this

No. 846562

File: 1564587011549.gif (3.36 MB, 328x583, 12F8B82C-898D-4264-B9B1-C07BDC…)

cryptid walking

No. 846563


She's so awkward. She tries SO Hard to be cutesy and you can tell she constantly gets embarrassed by herself.

No. 846566

The fucking stained sweatpants. They look like work pants with paint stains on them but we know it's not that, the grotty bitch.

She keeps asking for tips for different things yet doesn't have her rent money sorted. All the angry fuck you tweets about no one tipping means she must have fuck all right now but still does dumb un-needed shit like a dye job that lasted 1 wash and plugs too big for her so she can get a blow out.

So dumb.

No. 846570

Asking for money for other reasons when she really needs it for rent so she doesn't look like shes rent begging as much

No. 846571


Yeah, and it's not like she does an lot of mantience towards her body or looks anyway. She wears the same clothes, same underwear, put her hair in the same braids or the bandana bun, gets her nails done & they don't last.

Then the rest of her money is spent on Shows, Alcohol & food.

She's not someone who spends an lot of time taking care of what makes her "Money" her BODY and looks.

No. 846572

Can't believe you're advocating for putting tape - a porous rough unsanitisable material - round a plug. Most tapers you can buy from a store are made of acrylic, which is also rough and porous. This is terrible advice. If you're reading this Shay, don't do it.

No. 846576

Something so sad about doing shots from lil disposable plastic cups.

I'm convinced she doesn't even own a glass, a mug, a plate, anything.

No. 846587

I just find it sad that she's doing all this alone doing this. Girl couldn't even find a friend to sit and joke with.

Her life seems so isolated, that must be why she's so active on Social media and allowed shitty treatment from Fupa.

She truly craves human contact even if it's bullshit.

No. 846598

I feel like she had friends at some point while she is in OK but she lost them all with her manipulative/shitty personality.

No. 846599

File: 1564590160659.jpg (55.52 KB, 1080x450, Screenshot_20190731-172218_Twi…)

Oh dear lord.

No. 846600

Plumbers tape or electrical tape is not proud. They even sell special tape for wrapping. Its very normal and a really healthy method for ear stretching. Maybe look it up next time and take your retardation elsewhere. You sound worse than fucking Shayna.

No. 846603

Is she lurking? I just talked about how her life seems so isolated and now she's found a female orbiter to be around! I can't wait!LOl.

I can't wait for the milk.

No. 846604

LMAO it’s gonna be that half torso sex doll thing she bought, bet.

No. 846607

File: 1564590616177.png (25.97 KB, 575x334, Capture.PNG)

I'd LOVE for her to get on Youtube or even Twitch, I know she'd delete and mod out all the bad comments but she would NOT last.

She's not interesting, she's generic, she wears the same clothes, has no style, she's not funny and she has this "lol randum" shit that only super attractive people can pull off or people with personalities can.

Also, as soon as people search her name, they'll be sent here and learn all the perverted nasty shit she was involved in.

What would she even DO on youtube? Please go Shay. It'd be an fucking riot.

No. 846609

there would be nothing to mod. she would gain zero traction.

No. 846610

I wonder if that's the bihippi girl that was mentioned before that she wanted everyone to follow. Shay's videos with other girls are always hilarious so I can't wait to see how stupid she looks.

No. 846615

If she did get a YouTube what would she even talk about? Is she going to try to be a beauty channel or something? Or is she going to tell kids how they can start showing their assholes on the internet?

No. 846618

I don’t think she’s working with anyone, I think that’s one of her female “fans”. Tbh i think it’s that daisy girl who keeps paying her.

No. 846620

I don't know? Maybe her failed career as a sex worker? It's all bootlegged.

She's just not attractive enough, her career or her personality.

But I'd love to see her try and fail.

No. 846622

(Same person) or maybe she'll find something to do, learn something and leave this life alone. I doubt that but she loves attention. Maybe one day she'll try to get attention from doing things that Aren't humiliating and gross.

No. 846623

Lol I have the same feeling or some cuddly toy or something.

I'd be surprised if it was an actual person but I hope it is so we can witness the disaster

No. 846624

I figure if another sw was working with her they'd both be tweeting about meeting and posting selfies, etc. Likely the doll kek

No. 846625

Plus shay doesnt like girls

No. 846632

That hasn't stopped her from making content with them though. Besides that self hating Jew, she made a wine bottle fucking (lmfao) video with a girl who doesn't cam anymore and did cam shows with some uggo brunette chick back in the day. She also had that VR porn video with a porn star that was disastrous.

No. 846654

Her girl on girl content is beyond awkward. She looks disgusted in every shot.
Remember how she used to claim to be a lesbian?

No. 846660

File: 1564598797140.jpg (415.98 KB, 1080x1149, 20190731_134452.jpg)

You dont even use sextpanther shay. you literally hate sexting and dirty talk. I think she actually had a sextpanther account a while back but never used it for obvious reasons

No. 846663

She literally just said a few days ago that she hates Sexting. She lies so much & is so inconsistent.

Then again she's is a sex worker who hates sex and can't be sexy so she reverts to acting like a child to appeal to pedos, so I don't know what I expect from Shay.

Lying, being inconsistent and not even knowing how to stick to her own script is basically her brand at this point.

No. 846667

I'm a professional piercer you fucking retard. Let me know when you're dealing with ears that have necrotised from unsanitary stretching. Just because something is sold for a specific purpose doesn't make it safe.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 846669

File: 1564600305413.jpg (329.44 KB, 600x1030, 20190731_131045.jpg)

I missed all of last night's….whatever you want to call it. Watching now and I feel this picture greatly expresses how we all feel that went down…

No. 846671

Why does she always have to make the most awkward / ugly faces?

No. 846673

take your autism somewhere else. No one cares that you’re a piercer, because you have no idea what you’re talking about.

No. 846679

Just as someone mentions
SextPanther on here 5 days ago >>844528 now she suddenly realizes it still exists lol

No. 846686

File: 1564603067256.jpg (177.1 KB, 1080x547, Screenshot_20190731-145604_Twi…)

Definitely going to be the doll

No. 846687

Ntayrt, but please stop shitting up the thread. The things you are saying are not only unnecessarily aggressive and instigating, but blatantly wrong and unsafe. If you’re going to keep spreading misinformation do it where it’s appropriate.

No. 846703

File: 1564605458299.png (Spoiler Image, 1.28 MB, 750x1334, 1103E6E6-E051-417C-811C-02B774…)

It’s 100% the fucking creepy ass doll body

No. 846704

genuinely cannot wait for this milk from the uncanny valley

No. 846705

this thing by itself is already disturbing as all hell

No. 846706

damn this eerily reminds me of that episode of spongebob where he's afraid to go outside so he makes friends with junk he finds in his house. oh god i hope she doesn't refer to it by name in the video. she needs some human connection stat

No. 846711

KEK. I'm excited for the milk this new vid will bring. It's going to be so cringe

No. 846714

I can't wait to see her lazily do this video.I'm sure the rubber torso will be the star of the show.

No. 846715

It's also like, a third of the size of a normal human, if not smaller. it's gonna be a shit show lolol

No. 846719

It looks so cheap too. Welp, I'm going to brace myself. Video number #500 of Shay making a fool out of herself, sex workers & her family!

No. 846742

Anyone willing to buy the video, like the blow up doll one so we can all cringe together?

No. 846743

File: 1564609860618.jpg (298.6 KB, 1080x1092, Screenshot_20190731-165053_Twi…)

No. 846744

Kek @ “content creator”

No. 846746

File: 1564610010229.jpg (612.83 KB, 1080x1630, Screenshot_20190731-165112_Twi…)

No. 846747

At least she didn't call herself a "pron star"

No. 846749

You can jerk off to porn elsewhere for free, scrote.

No. 846750

You can jerk off to porn elsewhere for free, scrote.

No. 846751

Ten bucks says she'll find a way to use her dog to get out of this.
Also I think the most disgusting thing about Shay currently is that she literally picks up and drops everything at the drop of the hat for the new cute thing. Including living, breathing animals. Who cares about rib? She's got a new puppy which does different things.
Eventually: who cares about noodle? I have a new puppy!
She treats animals like her video ideas. She gets really excited on twitter then eventually stops caring and ignores it

No. 846754

Kek, how is this gonna work at all. I mean if it was a male one at least she could have sex with it. What's she gonna do, finger it and suck it's rubber titties?

I'm betting on it being something about sisters.

Dolly Mattel's dismembered sister in necrophilia rape

No. 846764

File: 1564613779558.jpg (214.33 KB, 1080x856, Screenshot_20190731-175631_Twi…)

No. 846765

File: 1564613814866.jpg (172.78 KB, 1080x725, Screenshot_20190731-175619_Twi…)

What about all the money she made off taking shots?

No. 846768

this is absolutely terrifying. she looks like a legit crackhead with those undereye bags and dirty skin

No. 846774

No one is trying to jerk off to her. We're all trying to laugh at her like we all did with the blow up doll one

No. 846775

File: 1564615411890.jpg (12.81 KB, 300x186, 300px-Here's_Johnny_2.jpg)

I dunno Photoshop but someone should edit Shay into the shining scene cos that's what her face reminds me of here.

I guess instead of an axe a Hitachi or something and victim fupa.

No. 846785

File: 1564616945303.jpg (305.31 KB, 1080x1351, Screenshot_20190731-184910_Twi…)

No. 846788

She deleted these for whatever reason

No. 846792

she probably knew people here on lolcow would immediately point out how fake and full of shit her whole uwu im so rich n spoiled i have 2 phone thing is because the last few days we've been roasting her excessive pathetic begging and angry fits over how she doesn't have any money and no people are giving her tips lol

No. 846794

File: 1564618891687.jpeg (438.38 KB, 1242x992, B86FAD6E-2E31-4F17-B287-3AA492…)

Well you do give away explicit nudes for free, all the time

No. 846796


We've seen every aspect of her gross ways and body without giving a penny.

And right now she's literally posting nudes for twitter likes which is worthless.

No. 846798

What dumb ass is wasting time in her Dm's sending dick pics? They can literally see thousands of pictures of Shay's ass FOR FREE

and Shay constantly posts nudes of herself for free all the time.

I guess idiots attract each other.

No. 846800

This is the same girl who almost blew her puss up for twitter likes.

No. 846802

>i am unattainable, you are detainable
actually a semi clever joke from shay? i guess even a broken clock can be funny twice a day.

No. 846808

File: 1564619929119.jpg (414.96 KB, 1080x1054, Screenshot_20190731-193740_Twi…)

A typical everyday look

No. 846809

File: 1564619960529.jpg (849.63 KB, 1080x1935, Screenshot_20190731-193727_Twi…)

Her hair is fading so fast

No. 846813

Her hair looks murky.

No. 846819

It’s hard for me to fathom looking this bad when most of your pictures have been archived for the last two years. Can’t she just pull a thread from a year ago and see how much worse she looks now? Truly bizarre.

No. 846824

is this the ~kinky~ video she was talking about doing? yea, i'm sure dudes want to she you awkwardly interacting with this thing.

that awkward moment the rubber torso gets more tips than her.

she's probably trying to get more for rent and pretending it's for weed.

No. 846833

That the same shit she got sick on in her blow up doll vid? Lol she tryna prove to us she does actually wash her clothes?

No. 846834


No. 846846

OH MY GOD IF ONLY shay's naked body was unattainable, i wish bitch, i'm mentally scarred from all the shit i (and thousands of others) have seen for 0$. i don't get how shaytard is actually saying this, it's just.. the opposite of reality.

No. 846847

it's actually kind of stupid because she is the opposite of the definition of unattainable though

No. 846899

File: 1564627350149.jpg (137.11 KB, 1080x529, Screenshot_20190731-213956_Twi…)

Just stop Shay

No. 846977

File: 1564633519741.jpeg (283.22 KB, 1920x1080, 629AAAF1-4947-49A3-8734-567098…)

I tried, anon.

No. 846978

i love and cherish you

No. 846979

Nta but that is actually hilarious

No. 846980

Yes. I love this. The tiny Fupa head is my favorite meme on this board. I don’t know why but it makes me laugh so hard.

No one pays for shit. Your tits, puss and anus are all over this one thread. And your twitter. Stop giving away nudes and maybe you’ll actually get paid for them.

No. 846985

soren? is that you?

>that vibrator
>that fupa head
anon you glorious beast kek

No. 847021

i usually lurk but this is amazing, thank you anon.

No. 847067

It's wonderful anon. Thanks for bringing my idea to life

No. 847083

I'd like to think the wall she's bursting through is the one posted >>846163 kek

No. 847103


Looks like a strung out Fiona Gallagher and Fiona looks pretty ugly most of the time lol. Also these "mom" pants look like grandma pants and they're unflattering as fuck.

No. 847110

File: 1564670233742.jpeg (282.39 KB, 1242x883, 4CB4B389-4789-40CB-AA35-6A4689…)

But… what friends. Please Shay leave Oklahoma and seek life elsewhere. You need other humans.

No. 847111

Don’t do Fiona dirty like that.

No. 847115

Tinfoil- Think she's talking about Fupa? Maybe because he may have fallen out with his other goth girl, he hit her up & thats why she's into wrestling & trying to be a "Goth weirdo Tumblr" chick again.

Or maybe she's saying some bullshit generic shit.

No. 847116

Still a ways away but has my vote for next thread pic.

No. 847128

File: 1564673377015.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 781.48 KB, 1242x1491, 369C7B6B-1800-4D0B-9319-5161E5…)

Wow 10 dollars a second can’t beat that deal. Also this means the weird doll torso is her babysitter. Buckle up lads.

No. 847131

Pretending to be underaged again huh? Stay Classy Shay.

No. 847136

Her doing blackmail videos is seriously hilarious because she has no idea how to do blackmail

No. 847139

Kek, still early days but this is definitely a contender for the next thread pic.

Honestly this is what I don't understand. Surely having all your mistakes and worst moments archived forever would motivate you to be better? She could easily pull up the current threat to get some perspective on how quickly her life is going down the toilet, but she's too stubborn.

No. 847142

more of the quirky "totally a wrestling fan" shit. DX did it back during the Attitude era

dear god it's beautiful

No. 847165

The idea of that rogue torso being a babysitter is already making me laugh

No. 847168

i just – how?
is she going to put clothes on it or something?

No. 847175

File: 1564682159113.jpg (185.14 KB, 1080x741, Screenshot_20190801-125457_Twi…)

Coming from shayna, this is hilarious.

No. 847179

Thought she wanted someone to tell her what to do because, "she's so little and dumb" this is an PORN account Shay. This account should be for porn, promotion and interacting with fans, not to talk about your boring ass lonely life & mental illness.

No. 847187

I'm pretty sure she's talking about the fact that abrattypixie made a $815 sale and here Shay is, begging for $5 shots. I think Shay is trying to latch onto abrattypixie because she has more followers and seems to be making a lot more money that Shay. (Like had made a couple thousand in the last few days from the screenshots on her Twitter.) I'm guessing Shay is hoping if she pretends to be happy and supportive of her, that she'll send Shay supporters/tips.

No. 847193

File: 1564684032470.jpg (101.6 KB, 1080x462, Screenshot_20190801-132540_Chr…)

Case and point.

"support your friends even when your not doing well! We're all in this together!"

"I did nothing and therefore am broke, feel bad for me and give me money."

No. 847194

This is going to be so fucking cringy, I really can't wait

No. 847197


God I love this thread. So many anons giving her actual good advice on how to be a better porn star while she just flails around and shows her butthole. She's so fun to watch and hard to actually hate. Never change Shay

No. 847206

File: 1564685603420.png (244.23 KB, 750x1334, CFB83DF2-F785-4002-8801-6D2CC1…)

No. 847219

She deleted it kek

No. 847223

Probably editing her video realising how shite it is lol.

No. 847230


lol at man69_horny, he sure fixed all her self esteem issues there, no wonder she deleted it, she's been cured

No. 847244

I'd think having your whole family ashamed of you would've done that or the countless videos of her humiliating herself for chump change.

but I bet it's just because she's not making any money.Therefore, she's not being validated by the only people in her life, Twitter/internet folk.

She's isoloted herself from everyone & thats scary. It's only a matter of time before a worst Fupa appears for Shay.

No. 847245

I feel like abrattypixie is already giving her business tips too. last time she was on cam (almost two weeks ago now?) the girl was in her chat the whole time hyping her up to the people watching, telling them to tip more, etc. Plus Shayna has NEVER thought of charging money to take shots on Twitter, seems like an idea she was given by abrattypixie, like if you're gonna be drinking anyway just beg for money to do it. There was another clue that she's getting advice behind the scenes from her but I forgot what it was. maybe charging people to get texts+stuff from her?

No. 847256

File: 1564690550186.jpg (Spoiler Image, 170.39 KB, 1813x1385, IMG_20190801_151545.jpg)

Why did she post this? Also…wheres the chin?

No. 847257

The most unflattering angle of her in this world

No. 847258

Her hair looks like shit>>847256

No. 847259

File: 1564690881530.png (44.39 KB, 596x531, 48c852d26ace2c852f770f34a66c4a…)

No. 847263

I feel like this is going to be like Dawn all over again. For a girl who tries to pander to the "daddy issues" clients, she sure does have mommy issues. Fingers crossed she moves in with abrattypixie and then less than a month in, moves back to be with fupa. Kek

No. 847283

wow didn't know leafy is a failed cam girl nowadays

No. 847290

File: 1564694829429.png (Spoiler Image, 3.08 MB, 1334x750, 7CF629F1-B894-43E4-A3C7-095D90…)

Lol this preview…


I’m dead at her holding onto the torso stumps while she goes down on it.

No. 847293

File: 1564695027297.png (229.36 KB, 750x1334, 59E2AD04-DEEC-4933-839E-015938…)

The description is so retarded… there are no words

No. 847294

This is so atrocious. I have zero idea what the fuck is going on here. She needed to position her camera in a way that didnt show any stumps which is even harder with something this size. Its unbelievable how retarded this is. Shayna has to have special needs.

No. 847296

Ewww the way she sucked on the fake vagina. She has no idea how to pretend to give a woman pleasure lmfao.

No. 847298

this preview pic is absolute gold. one of the funniest pics ever in a shay thread. she looks hysterical eating out a tiny plastic legless figure with giant tits. is it supposed to be a fucking baby with a boob job??

No. 847301

File: 1564695436401.jpg (185.21 KB, 1024x768, 2599850088_b5b26c72d4_b.jpg)

Seeing her nails peak out from the stumps makes it look like she has little mole hands. And even this critter's nails in pic above are much more groomed than Shayna's!

No. 847302

wait… so the tiny legless thing is… a human baby sitter??? how does shay even pull off this level of stupidity

No. 847304

Kek. Why wouldnt she get a sw friend to do this with. Why do it to a stumpy doll? This is absolute gold. the description makes me think shes going to be complaining to her fake camscene about not being tipped and the irony in that would make some glorious milk.

No. 847311

Her eyelashes look like two Hitler mustaches kek

No. 847312

Holy crap this is a whole new level of cringe. That rubbery body jiggling has me dead

No. 847314

File: 1564697624411.png (Spoiler Image, 1.32 MB, 1485x828, tu.png)

No. 847315

Lmao. Well it definitely delivered on being hilarious and ridiculous. I'd like to see the whole disaster

I'm ded at "babysitters walked in on dolly"

The bitch has got no legs!

No. 847319

File: 1564698454563.jpg (411.35 KB, 1080x1401, Screenshot_20190801-172646_Twi…)

No. 847320

Whoever bought the blow up doll video should buy this one so we can see the next level cringe

No. 847323

File: 1564698632042.jpg (Spoiler Image, 117.61 KB, 1200x700, EA6p90SVUAAZtDR.jpg)

That middle face

No. 847326

That thing also looks like a raw turkey.

No. 847328

okay stop suggesting it, nobody offered to before. the preview is more than enough at this point.

No. 847329

File: 1564699511472.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 207.48 KB, 828x455, 39FB0B98-CD12-49D1-9D64-D08918…)


No. 847330

File: 1564699518376.gif (Spoiler Image, 1.31 MB, 640x480, myFile.gif)

Sorry guys

No. 847331

seeing that in motion is fucking vile

No. 847334

Lol at its flaps, looks nothing like a real vagina.

No. 847335

File: 1564700363306.gif (702.42 KB, 400x160, frodo-ultimatedigust.gif)

i'm gonna throw up

No. 847337

This is the most revolting and degrading thing I've ever seen. How is that TORSO not offensive at all to shay? is she really so anti woman and male pandering that she doesnt give a shit at all?

No. 847342

This makes me feel even worse for that one girl she went down on in that weird VR vid she did. Good Christ. That’s not how that works. That’s not how any of that works.

No. 847344

This looks so undeniably painful. Jesus.

No. 847349

This is the worst shit I’ve ever seen oh fucking god.
Also loved that she kept repeating that she was “18” in the video and description as if that’s going to make the video less creepy

No. 847352

I said something earlier here about her pretending to be underage again. Maybe she was lurking & didn't want to be accused of anything.

Which is weird if true. She had no issues pedo pandering in the past.

No. 847360

This is the funniest fucking thing, I can’t handle it. It’s not even a joke. She thinks this is hot. Haha fuck why she thought this was better than using a real person I have no clue, but I’m glad it happened.

No. 847361

>>847293 kek @ her including that the blackmail is the babysitter possibly telling her dad she cams as that's what got her kicked out of her dad's house irl

No. 847364

no anon, you're supposed to latch onto the lips and pull as hard as you can

No. 847365

How can it fade when she never washes it?

No. 847366

Oh. My. God. The second hand embarrassment I get from Shays thread is usually mild but I am screaming. I can’t believe she did this ….
I have no words.
Wow….the lengths she’s going for a $100 is astounding. No wonder she’s a full fledged alcoholic. Shit is beyond sad.

No. 847368

Her hair is so over processed that the color molecules can no longer attach to her hair shaft. It’s common especially when blondes try to go to a different color. There’s no protein left in her hair for anything to hold onto. Only way to fix it is to chop it off
(I’m a hairstylist so yes I know what I’m talking about. Sage for my shit I’m sorry)

No. 847369

Can’t unsee

No. 847370

You have to actually type sage into the email field to sage a comment.

No. 847373

File: 1564705818439.jpg (394.27 KB, 1080x1002, Screenshot_20190801-192756_Twi…)

Why does she post so many pics of Noodle and only 2 of Rib Meat?

No. 847383

I haven’t even watched the preview (I have to prepare myself for the cringe) and she look a disgusted by a fucking female doll, not even a real female. Why bother doing this if you look so noticeably uncomfortable?

No. 847384

Cos rib is hiding in the cupboard. She posted a picture of her hissing earlier on snap in reaction to the dog. It's clearly not happy.

No. 847386

She posted some rib photos on Snapchat like 8 hours ago

No. 847387

File: 1564707917168.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 118.47 KB, 1242x693, 10697FC2-3339-4EDB-824C-B98790…)

the only thing shayna is good at is choosing the worst possible angles for herself. fucking yikes. (1/2)

No. 847388

File: 1564707941088.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 115.27 KB, 1242x689, A4BE344F-CBCB-48C6-AC66-F8C379…)


No. 847390

seriously if I didn’t know I would think I’m looking at a trans person who’s trying to tuck their dick back or something

No. 847391

Oh that why she was covering her cooch at first lol.

No. 847392

Looks like she shaved and her infection or whatever is back completely. What a dumb bitch. Seriously just stop Shay.

No. 847393

I feel like she dry shaves and then gets itchy and just says fuck it.

No. 847394

Well we all know she started trying to shoop the spots out now. On her pictures she's clear but from the vid we can see all the angry bumps again

No. 847427

Remember when she said she was bi? Kek

No. 847438

Because she doesn't have any friends

No. 847472

He looks very thin for a dog of this breed. I hope she is feeding him enough.

No. 847473

She honestly has the ugliest vagina i have ever seen(nitpicking)

No. 847497


I feel like leaving some pubes on top would be 100 times better than having to look at angry shaving pimples all the times and pretend that's still sexy

No. 847511

Do you think she actually goes out and buys dog food and carries it home? I’m legitimately curious to know if she’s capable of doing other basic pet owner tasks apart from walking the dog and lying about getting it training.

No. 847513

No way. She probably orders it through Prime or something. I doubt she takes Noodle out on daily walks either.

No. 847523


Shes mentioned going to Petco a couple times. Idk how much of their shit tier food she feeds her though. Hopefully shes not one of those people that treats a dog like a cat because that's all they've had. She most likely doesn't walk her more than once or twice a week if that. It's sad. She should rehome Noodle and go back to focusing on Rib now. Neither pets are happy and healthy currently.

No. 847526

Take your autism elsewhere. What's wrong with Petco pet food ket?

No. 847553

You do understand Petco has a wide selection different dog foods that are of different price ranges and quality, right? Where do you expect her to buy food for her dog? Whole Foods?

No. 847555


She has these back-fat rolls in so many of her pics lately, not an unusual thing to have but at her weight you'd think she could manage a more flattering pic

No. 847557

Maybe an unpopular opinion.. but similar to when she had the cat I hate these recurring discussions of pet nutrition

I mean as long as she's not feeding the dog take-out leftovers

No. 847576

lol these retards probably expect her to take the time to grind fresh meat and make fresh dog food, fucking KEK

No. 847620

yeah she's seriously looking more and more like buffalo bill these days

No. 847621

File: 1564766149999.jpg (195.51 KB, 1080x646, Screenshot_20190802-121525_Chr…)

Let's see how long Shay and abrattypixie are friends for after September.

No. 847622

File: 1564766197197.jpg (167.07 KB, 1080x1704, Screenshot_20190802-181600_Twi…)

Lol. Triggering her followers with her edgy "I'll shag your dad" shit.

No. 847625

Shay doesn't even have her rent money covered so how is she gonna pay for this bullshit?

No. 847640

File: 1564768251908.jpg (157.57 KB, 1080x1352, Screenshot_20190802-184822_Twi…)

Bath her yourself you lazy bint

No. 847642


Her fucking orbiters man. This isnt wholesome at all. Its dumb as fuck. Bathe your dog or pay for it yourself. Its YOUR dog ffs. Also like just get in the tub it's a short hair dog. Why do these people enable her.

No. 847644

>peak wholesomeness uwu
no, it is disgusting
if your dog gets fleas, shay, your filthy fucking life is done for. frickin wash her woman it's your job to do it

No. 847648


She's screwed if this dog ever needs an emergency vets trip, don't get an animal if you can't put money aside for it

No. 847650

Pretty sure she’s just using her dog as an excuse for tips. She’ll get money and go on another spending spree.
Ubering your dog to the groomers just to give it a bath and then to Uber back? Makes no sense. Bathing your dog at home is less effort.

No. 847660

Lel there's a reason why Shayna had to use a literal limbless doll to film with rather than having an actual person to work with. These girls deserve what is coming to them after what has happened every other time she has been involved with anyone. Hope they enjoy the STD's they're gonna get and whatever else.
If they can even get her to pay up for it. Why hasn't she begged for money for this, yet?

No. 847666

I think she's focusing so much on the dog because there's this dude orbiter who was fond of it. She retweeted him.

So now she's using her dog for money because she knows that the more she gives nasty free nudes & previews the less people are willing to pay for her wack porn.

Her value as a sex worker gets lower and lower every day. She's not that attractive, she's dusty and she's boring.

She doesn't value herself or her work, so now she's going to whore out her animals.

No. 847675

So basically she is saying her dog is filthy and in desperate need of a bath but she is either incapable or too lazy to bath the dog herself but also can't afford to send it to a groomers either.

Wow so wholesome, truly beautiful!

Also she can't bare to cuddle it cos it smells.. it's all about her, not noodle

No. 847693

it's literally 9 seconds long, starts with a gross closeup of the hank hill ass and then cuts to her 'being caught' and that's it.

she's such a catfish. all those dudes on twitter saying she has a "perfect pussy", and then it's all angry in videos, no wonder she doesn't make a lot of sales.

No. 847696

in reality i bet the dog doesn't even smell bad, i bet it just smells like a puppy but shay is retarded and doesn't get anything about puppies. it takes a lot for a young dog who isn't a year old yet to actually get so dirty that they smell gross from oil build up and whatnot, assuming they didn't just roll in something or go swimming etc. but then again seeing how nasty shay's apartment is, that could be making poor noodle get dirty way more easily.

No. 847701

for some reason the preview on MV is cut off, but the full preview is posted on her twitter >>847290

No. 847702

In her old snaps she lets the dog play around in a pond pool in her apartment complex and got grossed out when he shook his fur and some got on her.

No. 847704

File: 1564778081316.png (32.28 KB, 598x299, hh.PNG)

I don't get the point of asking people to buy "Cute" gym outfits if she's just going to take nudes in front of lockers?

Also, why not waste someone elses money or your own and work out in your fucking house and eat better?

Her career is typing like an 12 year old & begging people on twitter.

No. 847706

lol "someone buy me a personal trainer uwu" this delusional bitch, she's so out of touch.

No. 847707


A cheaper way to lose weight is to.. eat less take-out. Oh and walking/running is free

No. 847709

And not drinking several beers daily. To be a drunk ass beer is the most fattening drink.

It was all pink wine until fupa got her onto IPA's

No. 847710

Jogging, walking her fucking dog, going to the park, eating better, going to a free gym etc.

She wants money for the dumbest shit.

No. 847711


She could benefit more from a 'common sense daddy' than a sugar daddy, someone to tell her to wash her own dog, eat less junk food instead of buying expensive gym memberships and gym outfits.. maybe set aside money for emergencies.. and so on

Oh and to stay off twitter when she's particularly manic/delusional

No. 847712

(same person) and she doesn't take care of her body, clothes, hair, face everything. So what's the fucking point?

She can do squats in her fucking house.

No. 847713

File: 1564779566046.png (408.35 KB, 616x503, hhhhh.PNG)

Begging for compliments.

No. 847714


If she's not taking care of her mental health everything else is pointless, she's going to end up on antipsychotics and the weight gain from them can be unreal

No. 847715

LMAO these pics are facetuned to hell and back. Look how big the lips are.
Shayna — you do not and I repeat NOT look like this irl

No. 847716

File: 1564779964172.gif (1.33 MB, 640x480, myFileff.gif)

No. 847718

File: 1564780075660.gif (2.96 MB, 640x480, myFile (2).gif)

No. 847719


Her style choices always baffle me, piling her hair up on top of her head does not look good

No. 847720

This is the exact hairstyle of trailer park moms in Walmart across the country

No. 847721


Even as she's gaining weight it doesn't add curves, she looks heavier but boxy

No. 847722



No. 847723

File: 1564780546590.gif (952.48 KB, 640x480, myFile (3).gif)

"I'm Dolly Mattel and I'm going to smoke weed & then film a porno because that's my entire life"

She's an Sexworker with no life outside of sex work, badly done sex work at that. Can't be healthy for someone with mental issues.

But whatever. Nothing's healthy about her anyway.

No. 847724

File: 1564780754431.png (48.32 KB, 602x433, Lol.PNG)

Fupa doesn't care Shay. No matter how much you try to look and act like the hot topic girls that he likes. Not really milk but cringe.

No. 847725

Lol that sounds like a statement that would be followed with tears.

No. 847726

File: 1564780876397.jpg (209.32 KB, 1080x848, Screenshot_20190802-161955_Twi…)

Is she trying to be a domme again?

No. 847727

File: 1564781041061.jpg (529.28 KB, 1080x1279, Screenshot_20190802-162350_Twi…)


No. 847728

File: 1564781162409.jpg (312.66 KB, 1080x1659, Screenshot_20190802-162359_Twi…)


No. 847730

doesn't she have a bike? she'd probably have to beg for ubers to get back and forth to the gym, it's so much more practical to just work out at home.

No. 847731

This math makes no sense. Unless you're getting 15 vids or more you're not getting any sort of deal. Every video is still 5 bucks. Although I guess if that's not their standard price, that's the sale.

No. 847732

hopefully this means the amputee torso is being retired

No. 847734


yeah but now we'll see her attempt to be a domme of sorts.. which is almost worse

No. 847735

She did pause and it looked like she really saw her life for what it was, then mockingly screeched "HAPPY FRIDAY!"

No. 847737

she tries to look like a little girl but she really looks the youngest brother from Malcolm in the middle, Dewey, with a wig & eyelashes on.

No. 847741

She is too tall and lanky to pass for a little girl. She must be around 5ft8

No. 847742

anon, it's not even her height. she just looks old.

No. 847744

File: 1564783201694.png (Spoiler Image, 51.36 KB, 616x422, Capturem.PNG)

No. 847745

Same Anon- I would love to interview the idiot that pays $20 for Shay's porn let alone any porn.

No. 847747

love how she thinks saying "holy snot" is somehow appropriate when trying to sell something that's meant to be sexy and attractive lol.

No. 847749

Shay talks like a dude pretending to be a teenage Tumblr girl.

No. 847760

File: 1564785173647.jpg (405.29 KB, 1080x1090, Screenshot_20190802-173239_Twi…)


No. 847762

File: 1564785317267.jpg (Spoiler Image, 750.48 KB, 1080x1741, Screenshot_20190802-173258_Twi…)

No. 847767

the bare ass on the dirty sneakers is a nice touch

No. 847777

Tinfoil-Shay changed her name on twitter so I feel like she's going to transition into findom maybe even pastel goth style.

She seems to be copying that female Orbiter that wants to meet up with her in Septemeber.

No. 847778

I'm dying laughing, thank you Anon.

No. 847780

Yup and abrattypixie is the same orbiter who just like shay struggles often. We've seen her struggle tweets about not wanting to be sober and begging just like Shay does. Too bad Shay didn't learn from Dogfucker Dawn cos this brattypixie chick isn't consistently successful. Shay does everything wrong.

Can't wait to see these three trainwrecks together kek

No. 847782

If this was a Male body, you could photo shop that little head pic of Fupa on it

No. 847783

File: 1564787871537.jpg (187.49 KB, 1080x656, Screenshot_20190802-181738_Twi…)

No. 847792

lol what happened to her talking about her 5 mood swings a day?

No. 847794

So much for being MV’s most positive sw lmao

No. 847802

why do people keep mentioning this? She didn’t even run in the category.

No. 847807

nta but she made a big deal about asking whether or not she should go for that category or not

No. 847810

You’ve supposedly been on meds, how long shay? Why bother taking meds if you arent going to take them properly?
What a waste.

No. 847831

File: 1564797947765.jpeg (261.16 KB, 1237x1490, 65CBE4EE-B2E2-4D0F-845C-1DBEF6…)

No. 847833


This sounds like Shay wrote this.Especially the "you are super cute and beautiful and sexy" part. Exactly how Shay writes shit.

And OH WOW someone gave you $25 dollars, your stealing ALL The collage funds, Shay.

No. 847834

File: 1564798771655.jpeg (68.21 KB, 750x684, 302A647D-AC66-4D1B-A399-D5D42B…)

OT but I found this and it describes shay and fupa to a T

No. 847835

File: 1564798812576.jpg (595.15 KB, 1080x1572, Screenshot_20190802-211901_Twi…)

Her always quoting Spongebob is really annoying

No. 847837

File: 1564799106201.png (Spoiler Image, 462.53 KB, 575x504, Capturerrr.PNG)

No. 847838

Same Anon- How many times is she going to do the "Must Be cold because Nipplz are hard, lol, so secky" thing? We get it.

No. 847842

I like how you can tell she's in the junk food isle

No. 847843

Liking Spongebob is a personality trait for her. Not like she's got anything else going on.

No. 847844

Imagine going to the store to buy some treats for the kids and walking down the aisle to see this gremlin taking pictures of her erect nips in public for Twitter likes

No. 847845

File: 1564799861242.png (Spoiler Image, 268.64 KB, 588x376, Capture,k.PNG)

I can swear she posted these?

No. 847847

but she's the only woman that gets hard nipples!!1!

No. 847848

That looks terrifying

No. 847849

this looks like it's supposed to be some kind of spooky halloween post

No. 847855

I fucking hate the sperging about her titty veins but they look so insanely pronounced here? It's like her tit's about to burst.

No. 847866

wow her nipple looks exactly like the eraser on pencils kek

No. 847867

File: 1564805789177.jpg (286.29 KB, 1080x944, Screenshot_20190802-231631_Twi…)

She won't buy either

No. 847869


I know there is decent food at Petco. But you really think Shay would spend more on something other than herself? Wasn't trying to sperg about it. Not saying you need to feed your pets top tier or raw diets. But purina is a horrible company and cheap ass corn meal food has very little nutrition which is important for a puppy especially. Really doubt she drops $40-50 on dog food especially without begging. But anyway. Again that was a small part of a larger thing about her laziness and unfitness to care for another creature.

No. 847870

Correct me if I'm wrong, but taking photos in a locker room is typically against the gym rules, isn't it? Sounds like a great way to get banned from a gym.

Seriously, take poor noodle out for more walks and let rib out for a change while noodle is out. She also has some work out equipment leftover from her dumb workout barbie video, she really has no excuse.

She's really amping up the "quirky" thing. It ain't cute at all.

I mean, there's a whole meme about dudes named "kyle" drinking monster and shay does drink white claw.

I know her titty veins are nitpick and old news, but holy shit, they look way worse than usual here? Like zombie virus special effect bad. There you go Shay, new porn idea for when Halloween rolls in, yw.

No. 847872

Loool this made me cackle. They really do!! Her nipples creep me out.

No. 847877

File: 1564810701074.png (46.18 KB, 628x375, Capturejjj.PNG)

This reminds me so much of Jeffree Stars constant, "I have sex posts" & Comments, even though I believe him more then I believe Shay.

Either she's talking about that tiny pink toy she never washes or Fupa's/some gross dude is walking around with a toothmark covered chode.

No. 847878

File: 1564810908971.png (23.42 KB, 613x258, money.PNG)

Same Anon- I love how when someone asks her to post a picture she acts as if she doesn't post her dusty ass everyone online for free constantly. Don't worry Orbiter, she'll post herself doing some deprived shit for free soon enough.

No. 847881

File: 1564812463105.jpeg (309.99 KB, 740x945, C5C8A4A3-D189-4396-A26A-5F85A9…)

Tinfoil but this sounds a lot like she was escorting for amazon gift cards plus with >>847877 this tweet kinda ties it together for me
I may be reaching too hard tho

No. 847882

You know it does seem like it could be true. If so, wow how fucking low but thats Shay.

No. 847884


Imagine hooking for amazon gift cards

No. 847885

This is eerily reminiscent of PT’s poopin poses.

No. 847886

That’s definitely A far reach. If she was hooking it would be a thousand times easier for someone to just give her cash versus getting her amazon gift cards. Sounds like she’s sending out pics of her sucking whoever or whatever to her orbiters who are willing to pay.

No. 847888

She's too much of a hermit and subpar at sex I can't imagine her actually being successful at following through with escorting. I agree with >>847886, why would she be paid in Amazon gift cards and not just straight cash kek. It's just not logical. Can't imagine telling a John that you only accept Amazon gift cards as payment along with a vulgar sexual message attached to it so you can flex to your Twitter followers.

No. 847890

I'm not that anon She could be sending pics of her & Fupa in the past or just that dirty dildo.

I just think so low of shay that I'd think she'd suck a dick for an few amazon giftcards lol.

No. 847891

i know we're all so sick of the tit sperging but i think everyone can also agree this photo is an exception, looks like special effects makeup for a horror movie lol.

No. 847893

Specifically the zombies in Train to Busan lol
I can't help but think she messed with the brightness since they don't usually look that bad and her skin looks darker

No. 847897

File: 1564818719026.png (365.93 KB, 707x468, cute.png)

No. 847899