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No. 1694852

Previous thread: >>>/snow/1680778

Repetitive nitpicks about Shayna's body, face, and genitals are subject to a 1-day ban. Reposting the same photos zoomed in or edited is not milk and you will receive a ban for nitpicking.

REMEMBER: Read the rules before posting. Stay on topic, derailing and infighting will result in a ban. Sage (in email field) when there’s no milk. Spoiler any NSFW images. No blogposting or bragging about how you're a better whore than Shayna. Nobody wants to hear about your degeneracy.

This is a Shay thread, curb your enthusiasm when posting screenshots of other e-whores, they go in the e-whore thread >>>/snow/1596608

Last thread:
> Gross screencaps from Shay and Ken's gross video >>>/snow/1682893
> Shay finds an equally homely twin at her latest Strictmoor shoot >>>/snow/1684148
> Comedian farting in front of a mentally disabled man picture >>>/snow/1684742
> Shay develops a "crush" on her twin, Faerie Willow >>>/snow/1685749 who doesn't seem to return the fake feelings
> Shaynatorium thread in /ot/ gets shut down in record time >>>/snow/1686038
> More creepy Strictmoor shoots >>>/snow/1686480 including photos that include dogs, for some ungodly reason >>>/snow/1688641
> Shay repackages her disgusting Girl Scout video as a bundle with ABustedPixie and OmankoVivi for Halloween >>>/snow/1689274
> Ken re-uses the Scream costume that Shayna e-begged for to make a video with another whore >>>/snow/1689512 and takes the other girl out to eat >>>/snow/1689517 which he didn't do for Shay
> Shay clarifies that just because she works with someone doesn't mean she endorses them, despite the fact that other people saying the same about her makes her sperg endlessly >>>/snow/1690104
> Shay's body reaches new levels of horror in her shaving video, featuring her zombie tit looking like a genuine health hazard >>>/snow/1692121
> Shay posts a picture of her pubes in a ziploc bag trying to sell them. Surprisingly, nobody is interested >>>/snow/1691284
> Return of Shaysquatcho Libre >>>/snow/1693156
> Shay e-begs for lip injections >>>/snow/1693214 instead of just putting chapstick on her crusty lips
> The cringe Tiktoks continue >>>/snow/1694122

https://www.tiktok.com/@itsdollymattel (DELETED/BANNED)
New TikTok: https://www.tiktok.com/@dollhausbarbie
https://discord.com/invite/eA8kSzuz (need ID to join)
Snapchat: irlbarbiedolly

Ellen "Patricia" Dresel:
>Shayna's "gf," Seattle/Renton, WA Nanny who sexualizes children and steals pacifiers from the children she babysits to use for age-play. PARENTS BEWARE this woman cannot be trusted with your children!

Other relationships:
John Kendall Cox of Pasco Washington
>Aliases: “Ken The Doll”, "TattooedKenDoll", "KenDollsTimeMachine"
>Floppy dicked scrote Shay let pork her on camera
>Thirstily replies to literally every sex worker online and has a 1% success rate of getting replies
>44 year old divorced moid who talks about his 13-year-old daughter on the same TikTok he talks about sex and posts cringe thirst traps >>1669569
>Has a criminal record >>1669596, including fourth degree assault
>Divorced and had a restraining order on him in the past >>1669569,

“The Dad” or "Daddy"
>The 45 year old mystery man she’s “dating,” met him on seeking arrangements, ex sugar daddy turned boyfriend who takes Shayna on glamorous dates to the local strip mall and bars

Russell Harmon
>Aliases: Winnie the Pooh, Bald Scrote, Metkat Meanie
>Does non-sex slapping porn and vibrator porn with Big Shaynus

”Slave Dad”
>@bluefrodo1 on Twitter, submissive masochist “slave” of Ellen and Shay, participated in a video getting smacked around in Shay's pathetic attempt to domme >>>/snow/1362327

”Twitter Splenda Daddy” #1
Jason R Womack of Oklahoma, @okietwister85/ @womackglass on Twitter AKA "Womack"
>In love with Shayna, helps Ellen pay her rent, currently her main cash cow

”Twitter Splenda Daddy” #2
Michael (Mike) Slack of Missouri, Zap_man68, @GNotold on Twitter AKA "Greyhair"
>Redneck right-wing CFI truck driver and Navy Veteran who works at who gets off to his own daughter's porn >>>/snow/1523443
>Shayna's #1 Twitter pal, replies to all of her tweets (along with other bargain basement whores), frequently with monstersinc.gif

No. 1694855

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No. 1694861

Kek I fucking love the thread pic. It’s like a bad romcom sequel theater poster.

No. 1694864

im dying with the thread pic nonna. thank u so much!

No. 1694867

Thread pic 10/10!

No. 1694875

too soon retard, still plenty of replies left in the other thread.

No. 1694889

Everytime I see this the state of her lips make me feel sick, how do you let it get this bad and also get on camera and not notice or care? Disgusting

No. 1694892

The second last thread was maxed out for several days before a new one was created now this was posted when there’s still a hundred posts left on the last one. Get it together. Good thread pic though.

No. 1694895

Likewise nona, everything about her makes me skin crawl. She’s a walking Petri dish

No. 1694929

shit thread

No. 1695003

Beautiful thread pic. Brava!!

No. 1695015

the thread pic makes up for it though

No. 1695052

lmao not it doesn’t, pic and op are shit, hopefully it gets locked

No. 1695075

thread pic rules, stop being an autistic contrarian because you're assmad OP made a new thread a bit too early

No. 1695084

NTA but they’re right

No. 1695423

This thread pic is amazing. It really guides your eye like an art piece. I also heard the curb your enthusiasm music when I read “Kyle Perkins is… womp MARRIED.”

No. 1695469

It comes out to about 4 dollars per video, since the closest you'd get to 50 is 48. Her videos are worth less than a Big Mac combo…

No. 1695479

File: 1667767902866.jpeg (119.8 KB, 828x994, D8FE6D76-4798-4070-8D19-E79221…)

Reposting because the other thread is about to be locked, Shaymu got banned from TikTok again

No. 1695485

Thank fuck, her posting on a children's app was so disgusting. Deserves a ban kek

No. 1695489

Her videos aren't worth anything because you see the entire thing in the shitty trailers she makes anyway. Plus every picture/video she's ever posted for free. They're all the same so there's no need to buy one

No. 1695491

File: 1667769505275.jpeg (531.28 KB, 828x1156, A4FDEC0F-A3F7-4DF2-90F8-0B2ADF…)

Shayna, besides being ugly (and not just when you’re crying) you’re none of these things

No. 1695493

File: 1667769569223.jpeg (280.11 KB, 828x725, 098BA22D-3048-4857-B06A-BB8E03…)

lmao you arent attracted to anyone you just like attention

No. 1695537

Perfect thread pic Nona

No. 1695543

If this were true it would still be bisexuality. Your feelings of attraction may change over time but your sexuality stays the same

No. 1695568


No. 1695570

She's straight, plenty of pros sleep with other women shayna is as hetero as they come.

No. 1695610

File: 1667783927223.jpeg (276.15 KB, 1170x624, D112F8CE-28F1-4296-A75A-9C607F…)

The trip Shay mentioned

No. 1695625

vancouver shaynons pls come thru with a candid

No. 1695641

I wonder if Shay will make an appearance on Ellen’s Snapchat

No. 1695669

File: 1667793865913.jpeg (Spoiler Image,894.45 KB, 1170x1604, 38E6271D-0664-4CF5-AC13-FF66B0…)

No. 1695672

someone please add Ellen on a burner Snapchat and screen record(cowtipping request)

No. 1695677

you’ll probably have to LARP as a scrote, Shat has no doubt told her about all the mean girl haterz who booly her because they’re jealous(cowtipping suggestion)

No. 1695727

How is that any different from when anons have discussed joining shaynas discord or subscribing to onlyfats? Being added to ellens snapchat for the purpose of seeing what she posts isnt cowtipping unless youre actually interacting with her

No. 1695765

Go back to kf

No. 1695800

File: 1667813005414.png (122.2 KB, 1164x453, 204175A5-DDE9-45E6-A2BC-C3DDC8…)

Get a journal or make a personal twitter you fat retard

No. 1695849

the fact that's she won't stop mentioning her family on her sex work twitter account is so gross.

No. 1695859

Especially when she’s also letting some fat, bald, smelly old pedo fuck her while she refers to him as “the dad”, I legit feel bad for her parents.

No. 1695939

>follow our adventures

they both enjoy announcing exactly where they are to a bunch of crazy degenerates but we’re the ones that dox her lol. bet shay won’t put ellen on her snap.

No. 1695992

File: 1667842842482.jpeg (Spoiler Image,933.71 KB, 1170x1676, A3F1CED5-1FAE-4134-8EFE-A626FA…)

This is literally almost the same exact video she just released the other day

No. 1696022

File: 1667845545847.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.08 MB, 1170x1660, 730DFC51-E619-4951-94D7-C8E936…)

She really needs new outfits and ideas

No. 1696037

More like Downy Mattel, sped supreme

No. 1696042

Is she not embarrassed to have that body…

No. 1696045

I can’t get over how fucking funny and sad it is that she tied those strings around her ham hock thighs to give some semblance of a thicc ass. Like just seeing this pic sends me into a fit of kek. I wish she’d put that bologna wig on over the bologna hood. Can you even imagine…

No. 1696047

The girl is convinced she's an influencer who sometimes posts lewds, instead of an e-whore. Honestly, it's sad, but Shayna deserves it. And I've been saying it for so long, but when she first peaked on Tumblr she should have focused on getting her Tumblr followers to become YouTube subscribers and Instagram followers. By now, she'd at least be a washed up YouTuber with transferable skills instead of a washed up e-whore with no skills. (She's not a good enough editor to do freelance, her social media pages are a PR nightmare so she couldn't do that either, list goes on..)

No. 1696062

I can’t get over the fact that she only owns 1 bra. Reminds me of Luna Slaters infamous red bra

No. 1696066

why is she wearing a jock strap??

No. 1696068

At least if she got a black one it would be less obvious its the same exact unwashed one every time.

No. 1696085

she wears a bologna face mask and shoves a dildo up her ass for everyone to see, do you really think big shaynus is embarassed about anything at all?

No. 1696086

to impress hairyfag gayshoulders perhaps kek

No. 1696092

I think it’s for her strap on

No. 1696093

It's the harness for the strap on she will only ever use to take photos in, instead of actually using to fuck moids in the ass.

No. 1696097

Its disgusting, but I'm surprised she hasn't thrown that idea out there now that she's totally cool inviting any random fucked up coomer into her apartment to do lord knows what sex stuff, plus the gross shit she already posts and admits to.

No. 1696098

It would require her to put in actual effort / work instead of just laying there, so we know it will never happen.

No. 1696100

I mean she tried to dom on the hairyfag dude in their last video. But yeah, when it comes to actual sex or anything in her life, she just wants to lay or sit there and pretend she looks pretty.

No. 1696131

Shaynas biggest problem is that she's a giant NLOG pickme bitch. If she actually thought about the things she likes because they feel good to her, she'd make better porn. Not saying it'd be amazing, but it wouldn't come off as sad girl parody porn. But she cares about what she thinks coomers like.

No. 1696144

why does she kinda look like ready to glare though

No. 1696186

File: 1667862985300.jpeg (Spoiler Image,635.83 KB, 1242x687, D5899562-0A14-4570-8601-647FEC…)

She thinks she’s slick pulling the dildo out quickly but we can see the embedded shit crust

No. 1696199

No other cow on this board viscerally disgusts me to the extent that this unwashed pedophile does. Absolutely putrid.

No. 1696216

Same. I unironically think she is worse than Luna, and Luna doesn't even shower.

No. 1696218

File: 1667866496989.jpeg (475.52 KB, 1170x1520, 08CCFFA7-DFDD-4A78-83D4-92F7A0…)


No. 1696223

File: 1667866666075.jpeg (126.8 KB, 1169x1372, 81CB35E3-1DBB-4F21-843E-53B311…)


No. 1696226

File: 1667866866404.jpeg (82.1 KB, 1169x1622, 299AE207-D317-455C-A36F-D967E3…)


No. 1696229

kek nona, I was going to add “she disgusts me even more than Tuna does even though Tuna’s grime is even more visible”. At least Tuba doesn’t make pedo or rape porn.

No. 1696230

Love how used plurals but it's just 1 moid.

No. 1696233

All that for $120 if she knew anything about being a “pro domme” kek she could at least charge $300/hr and make these games extra so she could at least end the day with $500

No. 1696241

I can only imagine what her and Ellen are wearing to the concert

No. 1696246

That total is as much as I make in an hour at my real job but she thinks it’s a whore flex, I wonder how many ewhores have group chats where they make fun of her for being so bad at her “job”. It’s not only embarrassing for someone who is so deluded they think they’re a ~luxury baby bimbo~ it’s just straight up embarrassing. The only whore I’ve seen posted about on here who is more pathetic is that tenshit cow

No. 1696249

I can’t wait for the imminent selfies, hopefully someone who follows Ellen Degenerate on Snapchat will come through with the goods

No. 1696278

She can't even switch up what side she lays on. All of her porn is the same.

>I'm in a pretty deep subspace now
Why do I think this is Ellen? Moids don't type like this, especially horny ones.

No. 1696297

I mean, $120 for an hour is really good? I think most normal people would agree thats a lot to make, maybe not for a dom/sub routine but all she had to do was text some bullshit.

No. 1696300

It's not you just have low standards

No. 1696303

if you are hoing for that money, then no, no $120 is not good at all
that would be dinner and a small gift in dating

No. 1696304

120 an hr is a "good job" most places. It's not about standards it's about statistics quit bring ridiculous

No. 1696328

You're comparing sex work shit with a normal job. Usually they charge more but shayna is like the hoe equivalent of a dollar tree cashier.

No. 1696340

Yeah but that’s a consolidated amount of money that needs to be averaged out with what she makes in other hours. $140 is a lot for an hour of work, but very much if she didn’t make much else that day.

No. 1696342

dude street hookers get paid better than that, it isn't good

No. 1696346

I think for Shaymu it is a lot of money because she makes absolutely fuck all in general. That’s why she thinks it’s bragworthy. She’s been short on rent every month for ages now, she begs for fucking Starbucks. This makes her feel like an uwu spoilt thriving hashtag girlboss. Gigableak.

No. 1696403

Some of the anons in Shat's thread would have you believe they're Naomi Campbell and make 10k a day, kek. 120/hr working 40/hr per week would net you over 200k a year, which is a lot for most of the population. Really, it's probably ewhores that sometimes make that much in an hour and want to flex, because Shat is bottom of the barrel, even for them.
>Why do I think this is Ellen? Moids don't type like this, especially horny ones.
I feel the same way when I see a lot of her snap convos with "customers." They all type like teenagers on Tumblr.

No. 1696406

>That total is as much as I make in an hour at my real job
that's more than double you make an hour as a flight pilot, doctor or anesthesiologist. go back to taking pictures of your ass for pennies whore

No. 1696410

do you expect the moids you date to spend 120 on a regular dinner?

if you expect them to do that on the reg, doesn't that make the relationship transactional? men will most definitely act like you owe them if you act entitled and demand ~small~ "gifts" of $120 worth of stuff.

anyway. I see so many women basically trade their ornamental selves for a relationship w an ugly dude who has a white collar job. I could never live with myself if I did anything like that. I'm already as miserable as you can get lol

No. 1696415

This thread is so sad. There are many other jobs with the potential to make that $$$ hourly other than being a whore. Tattoo artist, permanent makeup artist?

No. 1696417

you think she can land a job at a nice tattoo parlor

No. 1696420

Ayrt, I’m not a burger, those professions tend to earn a hell of a lot more than that in my country
I can’t speak on behalf of those professions but 800-1000 (converted to USD) per day in my field I’m a medfag is average, and there are plenty of other jobs that ask the same

No. 1696424

Jfc. Lets all admit that for Shaynus, that's a lot for sone messaging. However, if she were making that regularly she wouldnt be short on rent and ebegging all the time. Yes its not bad until you consider its very rare she makes 100 bucks in 1 day, even when she works. So yes, being an ewhore isn't a sustainable job and Shaynus is retarded. But what else can she do really. She couldnt hold a regular job where youre expected to stand up and ya know, show up and work for even 6-8 hours.

No. 1696434

The fact that she’s proud of the low effort “content” she makes and equates it with hard work tells us all we need to know about her understanding of the world.

No. 1696445

Saudi Arabia? lol

No. 1696483


No. 1696485

No. 1696486

Omg are we back on

I know that dirty lil troll got up to something

No. 1696487

FAT SHAT is probably getting drunk, thinking that we can’t talk about her.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1696489

File: 1668026237398.png (1.52 MB, 1080x1922, Screenshot_20221109-153506(1).…)

Did April fools day come early or did big Shaynus really get a blue check mark? Top kek

No. 1696490

kek can't you pay for it?

No. 1696491

You can pay for them now, so she's just flushing even more money down the toilet

No. 1696494

File: 1668026584368.png (2.73 KB, 240x60, f.PNG)

kek she paid for it. Elon Musky is going to have a lot of nobody pornstars paying and the reason isn't they are known but they get have weirdos using their pictures to catfish.

No. 1696496

File: 1668026683490.png (15.87 KB, 592x110, Capture.PNG)

that flat small cracked ass, it was those huge front thighs and belly pulling it up. She probably smells like funk

No. 1696497

File: 1668027044585.jpeg (Spoiler Image,383.37 KB, 1536x2048, 2B2F87BA-D52B-4F4C-94EE-6A22BE…)

What she wore to the Lizzo concert. Once again a recycled outfit

No. 1696499

File: 1668027109687.jpeg (533.17 KB, 1170x1338, 1EFA2269-0B74-4F1B-868E-28CEC7…)

No. 1696500

File: 1668027191065.jpeg (1.13 MB, 1638x2048, B1891A0A-B21C-4F2F-B83B-79082E…)

No. 1696501

File: 1668027295718.jpeg (413.51 KB, 1170x1091, D0EB8373-9C98-4B93-9D94-C903E5…)

No. 1696506

>>Nasty shirt from fat con
>>Famous Leopard bra
>>wrinkled white skirt that looks off white and like she found it in the corner
>>Ugly pink net she wore for her disgusting porn
>>Crusty ass fur jacket
Question, why wear the New(?) sweatshirt skirt thing to the airport and a bunch of old musty looking shit to the Lizzo concert.

No. 1696507

I want to scream when I see her wear this wrinkled ass skirt oh my LORD. Like this bitch really wore that out!! To an event many many people would be at!!! HOTEL ROOMS HAVE IRONS SHATNA UGHHH sorry for absolute sperging also missed all u nonnas mwah

No. 1696509

I'm lowkey thinking of making a calender and mark everyday she's worn that same bra in a picture. I do not get it. I think it's 100% fair to say this isn't just her being gross and having no style, but she really doesn't have much money to spare. Why did she beg for amazon cards/money only to wear a mixture of the shit she's been wearing since fatcon?

No. 1696510

I feel anxiety looking at this pic, thinking how she has been in public with her whole ass hanging out

>not wearing panties

No. 1696513

the jacket probably covered her ass and honestly? She probably fit in at a lizzo concert.

No. 1696516

File: 1668028254783.jpeg (1.58 MB, 1170x1860, 5B6CE8DD-E05A-4173-99F9-6562A3…)

No. 1696517

My guess as to why she keeps wearing the same shit is that most of her wardrobe no longer fits and she's telling herself she doesn't need to buy new clothes in a larger size because she'll lose weight again soon.

No. 1696519

AYRT and I personally would love that kind of autism, please do if you wanna kek it’ll be like Tuna’s pink chair

No. 1696520

Spotted the leopard bra.. What are the chances she actually washed it after the lizzo concert?

No. 1696521

I'm not that bothered by repeat outfits (muh environment, less consoomerism) but could she like… donate/sell her shit and wear stuff that fits

No. 1696522

Everytime she leaves the house-
>>Someone says something about my clothes
>>I say something back
Thats it, thats all. Not even getting any compliments just someone commenting on her attention hungry ass

No. 1696529

She tried that when she was living with Fupa and never sent the stuff out

No. 1696533

I have a feeling you’re spot on about her deluding herself into thinking she’ll eventually lose the weight. The only way at this point is if she either got a ‘fitness/weight loss daddy’ or started a meth saga kek

No. 1696534

she wore no pants outside in freezing vancouver

No. 1696548

fucking wat. She’s so pornsick. That’s such an innocuous thing to say in the context it was said in, I really doubt a woman would scowl at her just for saying that. She was probably scowling at you because you look like a fat prostitute and have your rolls hanging out shay. Because you are a fat prostitute.

No. 1696550

File: 1668030424518.jpeg (394.71 KB, 1242x1240, D6C1C5D1-151E-494B-8D19-C4E030…)


No. 1696553

File: 1668030614348.jpeg (291.83 KB, 1170x919, CFE7D6E8-B1E0-4271-9235-329B9A…)

Cause you paid for it kek

No. 1696554

Straight from the council estate, does Shaymu have bong genes by any chance? She looks like an aging out chav sket kek.

No. 1696555

>not wearing panties
>with this skirt
>at the AIRPORT
fucking FOUL. I’m trying so hard not to a-log. More than one person probably saw her fucking coochie. not to mention getting her discharge and genital sweat all over her seat on the plane. kill me now.

No. 1696557

A literal public health hazard. She's so fucking disgustimg and you know she isn't washing her butthole too.

No. 1696558

Clifford is an English surname so I’m guessing she’s some percentage of anglo

No. 1696561

Shaymu no doubt thinks she dunked on the wife in some way with this, but at the end of the day she has a husband who loves and wants to be around her. Shaymu stays unable to relate

No. 1696572

Jesus christ those arms, is this the biggest she's ever been?

No. 1696574

File: 1668031939012.jpeg (475.31 KB, 828x1252, F6C56A3D-F13A-4CEE-8386-D24ED8…)

she thought she did something

No. 1696577

Someone fucking hose her down with water. Wtf

No. 1696579

File: 1668032215999.jpeg (766.08 KB, 1242x1383, A32DA8E5-AEEF-4CE1-87AE-FE9E2B…)

No. 1696582

Shayna and Ellen kissing eachothers ass because they finally did something truly fun with eachother. Shayna has never talked about wanting to buy something for Ellen. I guess they actually bonded and/or Ellen brought the tickets for them both/begged and Shayna is kissing her ass now.
OR the obvious, Fupaul is married and she's trying to make the relationship/her life seem better

No. 1696585

File: 1668032443506.jpeg (333.08 KB, 651x662, 350EF93F-89C4-46BE-B6D9-B1D26F…)

No. 1696590

File: 1668033227648.jpeg (378.84 KB, 720x463, 50C3C1FB-A7E8-481C-8D75-74F2CB…)

she had to reword her fake about harassing an old couple

No. 1696592

I follow the SFW page of a higher paid OF girl and she showed that Twitter will tell you if you're verified because people care, or if you're just a Twitter blue member. Kek.

No. 1696595

so shayna's a twitter blue member? Sorry not really update to date on Twatter laws

No. 1696601

File: 1668033817952.jpg (179.04 KB, 1238x2048, FhIvoUWVUAA2bG8.jpg)

No. 1696603

can this bitch stop fucking herself for one day jesus christ

No. 1696607

Is this retarded moid really going to make actual celebrities and government agencies pay to verify themselves? Kek he's hellbent on killing Twitter. Good news for shanya I guess. She can pretend she's important for a little longer.

No. 1696614

File: 1668034470608.jpeg (636.25 KB, 1170x1642, 522F22CD-856B-47FD-BEF6-30D528…)

No. 1696619

Clifford the big pink hog

No. 1696620

I waited like two days to tell you to get some self esteem, because yes, a normal moid should absolutely be prepared to spend a measly $100 on a date. I cannot imagine being this sanctimonious about being a dollar store whore.

No. 1696623

Many years together?

No. 1696624

What a depressing image.

No. 1696628

They supposedly dated before she met Fupa

No. 1696637

File: 1668037645440.jpeg (613.31 KB, 828x1290, DAB386F2-128F-4587-90BB-3EAAEA…)

No. 1696643

taking pictures and flashing her one tit clevage with people in the background

No. 1696647

Ewww. the halfway zipped up tracksuit top with no shirt/bra underneath is such a ghetto look.

No. 1696650

Good. Twitter is a cesspool and should be deleted from existence. Blue check marks are retarded and no one is forcing buzzfeed writers and onlyfans degenerates to buy the check mark. Shayna and the Whores would freak tf out kek

No. 1696652

It’s giving people of walmart

No. 1696654

is this AmberLynn?

No. 1696656

File: 1668039281519.jpeg (572.12 KB, 1071x2818, E3559637-2D31-452B-B580-0C94A2…)

This other one tit whore makes more than Shayna on OF. Bleak. Shayna can’t even manage having 1k subscribers. She’s at like 300-400

No. 1696666

>Neat hair
>white straight teeth
>Make up
>Better face
>smaller tit isn't super perky/wide
I mean…she's probably just as degen as Shayna, but of course an adult woman, whose not pretending to be a fucking toddler/pre-teen/underaged girl, with decent make up and bigger breasts, who embraces her "flaw" (even if it's exploiting it, gross), would do better then Shayna.
Even if Shayna DID do the whole
>Best of both worlds
She just has a small wide tit and a lower hanging lose tit. Shayna's breast looks painful. They both are gross of course.

No. 1696676

Agreed. Women should be actively cheering that Twitter burns. How many women, children, and animals have been exploited on that platform? Good riddance. Plus the bonus is Shayna would finally have slink back into the sewer where she belongs. Win/win honestly

No. 1696684

Based. Pickmes love acting like a man spending money on you for a date in which he is owed nothing is the same as a transactional financial relationship like sw. Girls set on paying 50/50 really tell on themselves because a beautiful and confident woman can get a nice date and gifts from her admirers for nothing in return, unlike shat who has to flash her entire asshole to receive 2 compliments from geriatric hillbilly coomers

No. 1696688

You're miserable because you think all you're worth is fast food and a stuffed animal, literally shayna-teir bleak.

No. 1696698


No. 1696712

God she puts together the ugliest outfits that look cheap and retarded and really thinks she's serving something cute.
Please Shaynus next time you wash that skirt, if you ever do, HANG IT UP at the very least instead of throwing it in a pile to get horribly wrinkled. Also, buy a black bra. Id say white but it would be disgusting within a week or 2. The wrinkled skirt and stupid bra shes put on every day since Fetcon kill what could have just been a basic tacky fat girl fit. Which probably wouldve been fine for a Lizzo show lol.

No. 1696716

So she put her hotel room under Dolly Mattel? Jesus christ Shayna.

No. 1696723

Her stories always sound weirdly bullshit anyway. Like she either flat out makes shit up or she greatly exaggerates some basic interaction. The seat one she definitely fabricated to seem so ~uwu such a slut for old men Ill steal your husband Im such a hot young temptation~ when it really probably was some older guy that brought his wife to Lizzo just being like "oh hey do you want the isle seat" and her being like "hurr durr yeah heehee thats fine" and his wife and him probably had a weird look because she's probably a stinky autist irl. Also where does Ellen fit into that scenario with the seating? Dont tell me they had to get seats in different sections kek

No. 1696724

NTA but truly based women buy their own gifts. Moids always expect something in return, never give them the opportunity to ask for it. Fuck being indebted to a piece of shit scrote for anything.
Her whole body looks painful, it’s bizarrely hard and lumpy. Obviously a consequence of alcoholism, eating nothing but toxic processed meat, cheese and sugary garbage and being completely sedentary. Enjoy the fatspo, nonettes.
Jfc Shaynus, he was acknowledging that you are in fact nasty, just not in the way you think you are.

No. 1696725

That is the most unattractive cleavage I have ever seen.
Also god the stories and high she gets off of going outside and doing mundane shit is so annoying.

No. 1696729

File: 1668046149750.jpg (5.52 KB, 339x149, have mercy upon me.jpg)

r/thathappened. (I want to punch this bitch in the tit.)


Dragging more people into your kink, she never ceases using a pickaxe to sink lower.

No. 1696730

Wait do you not even get anything when you go out with someone? Not even food? Nona, Jesus christ
I promise you that you don't owe a man for him spending money on you, men literally owe you for your time

No. 1696731


what an unbelievably bleak image. i cannot understand how anyone can argue sex work is empowering. is this what power looks like?

No. 1696737

File: 1668046961237.jpeg (703.86 KB, 1242x1497, FCFB5DCC-D317-45D8-8BC3-5A39DB…)

Embarrassing kek for her Moids calling her out and her paying $8 when she’s not an important person

No. 1696738

File: 1668047032566.jpeg (138.57 KB, 1242x369, 3E5031BC-3386-4D22-B830-5E8E50…)

Her onlyfans costs less than a retarded checkmark lmao

No. 1696739

I’m a lesbian, and while men do owe women for their time that doesn’t stop them from thinking women are the ones who owe them. Just something to be mindful of, nona.
She’s such a terminally online shut in and it shows, she has no concept of a normal human interaction.

No. 1696746

He's not hitting on you, you fat retard. He's being a nice person because he generously assumed that you collect dolls rather than jumping to the conclusion that you're a sexpest degen. Grandpa harassing idiot.

No. 1696748

File: 1668048337908.jpeg (807.05 KB, 1170x1269, 3D31ABA6-B34E-418E-BB11-A2BD53…)

No. 1696750

I feel genuinely sorry for any members of the public who are forced to share space with this stinky, unwashed, greasy, wheezing pedophile. Imagine being stuck on a flight with her (which is how I read this, not that it was at the Fat Lizzo show) >>1696499

No. 1696753

>England flag emoji
>EU flag emoji
moids kek

No. 1696757

Yikes. She is at the point where her lopsided saggy tit and barrel body are both fully on show, even when clothed. It looks so much worse when she stands next to the normal BMI e-hooker who has a decent face. And combined with the forehead wrinkles too kek… I'm curious what Shayna will look like in 2-3 years.

No. 1696759

At this point she should really seriously consider buying some tops that aren’t cropped. she’s never had a super defined waist but jfc she is girthy around her middle these days. This look is so unflattering on her.

No. 1696761

Standing next to a normal looking girl (I know she’s a degenerate too but you wouldn’t know just by looking at her unlike a lot of nasty ass whores who get posted here) really rams home how fucking ugly and repugnant she is

No. 1696763

The big red alcoholic nose.

No. 1696768

I can rest easy knowing that the ugly pedophile inflates practically every time she breathes.

No. 1696770

Seriously. This thread is proof that karma is real.

No. 1696772

File: 1668050501595.jpg (47.83 KB, 800x450, agree.jpg)


Omg I love your belt! Where did you get it?

No. 1696794

No. 1696799

I was gonna say this kek

No. 1696800

File: 1668054673027.jpeg (29.61 KB, 300x226, CE1EEF67-08AE-4394-A139-4C9884…)

I don’t understand why she wears skirts like that? Does she think it is supposed to “fit” this way? Does she think it is cute? Is she in a fierce denial that she no longer can fit into a size medium correctly? She looks like this hippopotamus.

No. 1696804

I swear to God Shayna is looking HUGE now compared to that princess girl. they looked kinda the same size the first time they got together.

KEK nona

No. 1696805

File: 1668055392943.jpg (541.25 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_2022-11-10-04-38-14…)

I'm sure all her fans can't wait to see her spanked by this hot mama.

No. 1696807

she has no friends or game or social skills. i dont know how some nonas can believe any of this, shes a degenerate yes but shes also autistic and an introverted shut-in. if she even attempted this it would go like
>i-uh i uh… nevermind changes seats

No. 1696808

>I'm old Gregg!

No. 1696813

File: 1668056459127.jpeg (378.09 KB, 1170x1101, F3AAEB9B-5226-4AEF-BA22-870223…)

Or don’t be looking at porn in public

No. 1696814

she's so sick in the head

No. 1696815

You should go to jail if you show kids porn

No. 1696816

Why would you being scrolling through that in public anyway, she is such a loser

No. 1696818


No. 1696828

Nobody needs to see that like her going out without panties. She's gross.

No. 1696835

she's a sex offender at this point and i don't think i'm being dramatic in saying that

No. 1696840

shayna showing affection to natal women? she must be more lonely than usual.

No. 1696847

Pretty sure viewing porn in public areas is an actual crime. Imagine this logic with illegal activities.

No. 1696850

This fat piece of shit really needs to locked up or at the very least on an offenders list. If I saw anyone looking at porn and/or flashing their genitals in public I’d fucking report them immediately. She is absolutely repulsive and I want to a log so bad right now.

No. 1696856

As far as I'm aware it's at least a misdemeanor due to state obscenity laws.

No. 1696858

File: 1668064658777.jpeg (522.43 KB, 828x1541, 5D1E5408-B956-4301-BA68-C31722…)

Just look at the degenerates who liked
this tweet; “disabled” whores, troons, animal fuckers, pedo panderers and actual pedophiles. The sooner twitter ceases to exist the better

No. 1696877


she's saying it was for the icon to be pink, but this loser really did it just so she could be "verified". twitter blue has been around for most of the year for $3/month, with the icon and feed changing feature avaliable

No. 1696918

The bigger she gets, the less she is going to be able to get away with not wearing a bra. They practically hang at her sides because of her bulging abdomen.

I don't see how as a supposed bimbo, she doesn't try to show off fancy bras that lift. Aside from that old dusty leopard one.

No. 1696951

cottage cheese galore

No. 1696964

And that’s after editing too. Putrid.

No. 1696965

her teeth are getting worse

No. 1696983

And they’ll continue to deteriorate because the disgusting sow eats garbage and never brushes them, imagine the stench

No. 1696989

File: 1668083002664.jpeg (295.87 KB, 1168x2379, 59149E5F-30CC-4A87-9EF1-F5EE83…)

I saw a tweet that says you can click the blue check mark and it’ll tell you how the profile is verified. And there it is. So you can’t hide it Shay

No. 1697001

She can just use shortcuts now on iOS to change her app icon to whatever. At least just admit she wants the verified.

No. 1697002

She is talking about her flight to Houston nona not the Lizzo concert.

No. 1697015

File: 1668087338708.jpeg (434.55 KB, 1170x1004, 656DFAD0-C4B9-4F28-BC22-F66EB9…)

No. 1697029

File: 1668090783343.jpeg (74.8 KB, 651x662, AC6B9F86-60F6-44E3-BA6F-C8F4A5…)

It’s to hide her gut shelf

No. 1697039

omfg nonnie not what i was expecting to lose my sides over this morning tyty

No. 1697055

Do they not know that if you really don't want people snooping on your phone you can just buy a privacy screen protector? So that the screen is black for anyone who might glance over and see you editing snatch pictures? If you really hate it when people snoop, there's a easy solution. She does it for her sick fetish.

No. 1697064

Ok but the interaction was probably a lot simpler and stupid than she's pretending it was.

No. 1697071

Nah sorry looking at porn in a public setting is weird and unnecessary. These whores trying to normalize it are fucked up. Do your SW at home.
The only thing I can think is that theyre meaning like just scrolling through their twitwhore feeds which like.. still, maybe theres a time and a place. Im embarrassed to have nsfw/risqué stuff come up even around friends or partner sometimes, I definitely wouldnt look at that stuff on public transport or within vision of strangers. Its called having decency. They really have nothing else to do? No friends to message, sfw socials to scroll, literally anything else you can do on a phone?

No. 1697095

what crazy is Shayna does it because she has literally no interest. Social media is all porn, life is looking for dumb ass shit to lie about or exaggerate for her porn twitter account.
What else is Shayna supposed to do? Actually have interest outside of her job? Are you kidding me? She legit wants to bring as much attention to herself as possible in public, yet at the parties she goes to full of freaks and idiots, she NEVER has stories of her being the life of the party.
Even that weird picture from fat-con (of her sitting down on her phone, btw who took the picture? Did we ever find out), was her on her phone. Or her dancing awkardly.
She likes for people to make comments on her outfits or attention hungry shit, because she knows besides pink/porn she has nothing else to talk about.

No. 1697100

y are ppl so mad about being flashed in public? like, it's kinda ur fault for looking

No. 1697104

>old grey scrote
>"I act younger hurr durr"
Literally every geriatric old gutmonster copes with hitting the wall by thirsting after women half their age. But oh, he's not like the other grandpas! kek

No. 1697107

kek this is going to become one of the classic repost pictures like the brain damage one isn't it

No. 1697113

File: 1668100062613.jpeg (1.12 MB, 1170x1685, 8FAC94B2-0D74-46F3-9B42-9ABBDB…)

No. 1697114

File: 1668100133227.jpeg (877.7 KB, 1170x1510, 508781F2-C8A9-42BC-A630-5F8B64…)

The people she’s shooting with

No. 1697116

File: 1668100389014.gif (234.06 KB, 150x275, The Shaytaan Shiver.gif)

creeps me the fuck out to think all these average people of Kmart, are among us but working with Shaynus. At times Shayna does look like someone you KNOW is on some retard shit, but these two freaks look so normally blah. You could sit next to them at a bus stop and not think they are slapping grey colored pimple ass of girls half their age, but twice their size. Gives me the shivers

No. 1697119

This hair colour suits her much better

No. 1697120

Like how most moids you interact with or see daily go home and jerk off to the most disgusting violent porn you can imagine

No. 1697124

really? Just reminds me of dog hair, Shayna's bet hair days were when she was skinny and had her natural curls.

No. 1697129

File: 1668101426940.png (1.13 MB, 1080x2080, Screenshot_20221110-122843.png)

No. 1697131

The blonde seems to make her appear grey, in my opinion

No. 1697141

Thought she was wearing what that black girl was wearing but I guess not. I think I realized why his underbob looks so shitty, because she jacks her shorts up past her belly, so it looks like her Boob clevage sits really fucking low.
Never looks like she's in a purposely tight underboob showing outfit, but an tiny illfitting outfit she brought too small (Which it is)

No. 1697144

File: 1668102364085.jpeg (29.52 KB, 512x512, 10A89357-8F70-4289-AC56-8B8CFA…)

>are among us

No. 1697155

Nonnie's i'm going nuts is it white or blue? Did she get a blue one of these or is it the white one she already has?

No. 1697165

File: 1668104461088.png (721.4 KB, 930x484, Capture.PNG)

what size did she get this in to make it look like this? Also it's from walmartI do know that some places have the same cheap shit in stock, so she probably got it from somewhere else

No. 1697170

Guarantee she is bursting and flopping out of a medium. A small at this point would be too revealing even for Fat Shat. I know we tinfoil about her weight and height a lot but a friend of mine (with much better fat distribution/muscle tho tbh) before getting off the BC shot was ~180 at 5’5 and was NOT this disgusting. Shayna is literally all hard blubber.

No. 1697173

In one Snapchat video she said her shoot got canceled but she still got paid. And then in the next one she said it might get re scheduled

No. 1697175

they probably took one look at her and bailed. she's so gross

No. 1697188

KEK excellent image name nonnie

No. 1697198

lmao how can that happen when you’re literally flying to do it on another place like i guess they should have anticipated that. weird.

No. 1697204

We’re in big 2022 and there are people still proud of watching porn, what a pitiful existence

No. 1697216

Isnt she there for a whole multiday event or something though? The Lonestar Spanking thing? I thought it was just a smaller event for freaks and there were gonna be theme nights and stuff. Whats this shoot she's talking about?
I wonder if she got enough Amazon gift cards together for costumes or anything new. Aside from the gross tracksuit skirt everything she brought so far is her usual walmart tier attire she's had. The pink net top thing is new but she's worn it for a week straight at this point.
Anyone remember the categories? Wasn't one some sort of prom theme and we were saying the deli meat 2 piece will make another appearance kek

No. 1697220

Good to see the old dude with the racist, incest, troon, and horse porn "fetishes" agrees

No. 1697221

Her thigh-ass sticks out farther than her regular ass

No. 1697223

File: 1668109375410.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.45 MB, 1623x1155, 0D6C5932-7119-4DCE-8D9E-B99191…)

If she’s gonna squeeze into a small tub skirt that doesn’t even go past her huge belly, she should at least wear underwear. Nobody wants to see her disgusting mammoth mouth.

No. 1697230

She will never wear underwear or bras (besides the leopard print one because she thinks its part of her outfits, not for its functionality) because she's 1. Lazy and stupid 2. Broke 3. Thinks its ~sexy & slutty~
She thinks it's what coomers want to hear and see and she's a disgusting unhygienic attention whore. I think its half just being gross and porn rotten herself and half too lazy to put on "extra" clothing items. Hence the tacky tracksuits all the time commando and not even a tight spaghetti strap or something under on top. Her tits could sag to her gunt and she still will try to shove them into a size small top and make that unflattering underboob thing. She thinks thats part of her "brand" now.

No. 1697232

kek nona, this gave me a chuckle
Her followers are exactly the kind of people you’d expect them to be. I hope Elon Musk bans all porn on twitter before it ceases to exist just so we can witness all the degens losing their shit

No. 1697240

>hard blubber
This is one of the (many) things I find so viscerally disgusting about her body, it looks so uncomfortable. There’s no softness to her, her tits and gut especially look like they hurt on account of being so swollen and bloated

No. 1697247

Give me strength not to alog, the serenity not to alog and the courage not to alog.
Agreed, we need to bring back common decency and manners.

No. 1697261

Ngl if Elon does that (I’ve said this in past threads) I’d eat his ass. It would be so funny to see Shayna not be able to tweet her busted ass hole and get even less interaction

No. 1697263

Hard flaky blubber. Her skin must be so dry and ashy. Lotion and chapstick is cheaper than wine and doordash

No. 1697268

File: 1668114524080.jpeg (121.25 KB, 651x662, 7F6BAE16-F4C0-4C2F-A470-B90E59…)

she has always been completely uncoordinated but it’s honestly kind of gross to watch her move these days. Her body looks like a brick and her hips are so narrow that she kind of waddles. It just adds to the bizarre, horrific spectacle that is seeing shayna in motion.
I can’t believe we all thought she might actually have continued to lose weight after this summer, she has gotta be fuplahoma-sized at this point

No. 1697269

File: 1668114680997.jpeg (273.57 KB, 1170x933, 2938AD48-27D7-44F2-9215-8FE2FF…)

No. 1697273

this is the worst her roots have ever looked, change my mind

No. 1697284

AYRT and agreed. That kind of fat just looks so painful. It cannot be comfortable at all to be in her body so of course she just numbs out with booze and weed rather than actually do something to change it bc she’s a lazy piece of shit.

No. 1697285

File: 1668116376748.png (92.08 KB, 1200x1125, 1c5.png)

Is he pulling the soyjak face under the face diaper? Kek

No. 1697287

Samefag but who the fuck wants to watch these ugly fat fucks having sex? Is this some sort of weird niche slob fetish?

No. 1697302

File: 1668118444542.jpeg (1.61 MB, 1125x2436, ADA26386-F740-4140-8136-F87F79…)

>slob fetish
God I pray that that isn’t a thing but every other thing under the sun is a fetish so probably.

No. 1697343

File: 1668122092091.jpg (256.08 KB, 1080x1697, Screenshot_2022-11-10-23-02-41…)

Moid Ken appears to have fallen for each whore he's worked with and calls them partners apart from Shay lmao.

What did she do so wrong to get snuffed by even this repulsive retard?

No. 1697347

Oh my god nonna your observation made me kek so ugly. Shayna truly be losing in every single arena of life. Also,
>Faggy McShoulderHair is poly with three busted “sex workers”
Why am I not surprised lmao

No. 1697352

who is this? it looks like that acidburnfawn chick kek

No. 1697362

You know shit is grim when even an ugly, hairy, bald, smelly old scrote with no standards doesn’t want you, kek. Tinfoil desu but I wonder if he still talks to her privately but won’t follow her or interact with her publicly because of what happened with Soy Salvatore re: him being cancelled over working with a nazi by a group of miserable obese degenerate sjw whores

No. 1697370

LOL she kinda does. She’s one of mine and my wife’s personal cows, a truly vile booktok “author” Sage for completely OT kek

No. 1697371

File: 1668124556255.jpeg (1.15 MB, 1242x1552, 9BD2F322-F12F-46C2-8173-5B9025…)

Oof can’t wait to see Shayna try to squeeze her chunky ass into this small ass costume

No. 1697373

File: 1668124679842.jpeg (484.07 KB, 3104x1902, AB167989-0DB3-4BA0-A49A-B52B49…)

Embarrassing kek

No. 1697374

File: 1668124786156.jpeg (240.64 KB, 1242x874, DFF55C6F-AC1D-4A97-A482-A10B89…)

Ellen Degenerate is always catching diseases and viruses hanging out with Big Shaynus

No. 1697378

Oh god are they from big child labour shitshow Shein too?

No. 1697379

What’s the point of verification if any loser can get it by paying 8 bucks? It would be fucking hilarious if one of her catfish accounts bought a tick too, she’d probably have a sperg for the ages

No. 1697380

Jfc these fat hogs, who the fuck eats greasy Thai takeout when they’re sick?

No. 1697381

Who the fuck wants to eat Thai food when feeling sick?

No. 1697382

damn shart got fuckin played

No. 1697384

File: 1668125216483.jpeg (704.84 KB, 4096x3072, 15156E2B-FCF6-4907-8FA4-EB656C…)

LMAO nona

No. 1697385

File: 1668125228188.jpeg (299.79 KB, 751x794, 1DAD6C10-1EC1-42C0-A1B6-372715…)

Shayna is working with a fellow chav with shitty ass eyebrows kek

No. 1697389

I guess asshole musk knows there's a lot of sad ass people out there who would pay for it. I mean it has already been proven by people buying followers which we know Shay has also done.

No. 1697392

Literally what possesses a woman to basically run a bic razor between her eyebrows I will never understand.

No. 1697394

kek at the edit

No. 1697397

she's going to jack it over her belly and roll it up to show underboob anyway. No way it'll fit her worn how it's supposed too, but the way Shayna squeezes into shit, she's going to be bulging out of it

No. 1697401

She’s gonna look like a sausage with too much meat in the casing/busted can of biscuits x 9000. I cannot wait to behold this monstrosity kekkk

No. 1697403

I rly hope this looks as silly on her as I’m imagining it will. That material is unforgiving and shein runs pretty small a lot of the time and I think she has too much pride to tell someone buying her a costume that she’s any bigger than a medium.

No. 1697409

Lmao you’re spot on. She’s far too prideful. What if it won’t even go on all the way and we get to see it like unzipped in back kekkkkk

No. 1697427

my (early) vote for next thread pic

No. 1697451

I wish we knew her weight so bad. I know that the number doesn't really matter bc everyone carries fat differently, but I am just so curious as to whether she's passed 200 lb yet and/or when she will. I feel like that's a milestone number. If she sees a 2 in front of her weight and that doesn't convince her to get her shit together, then she is destined to keep gaining into obesity. Actually, I'm pretty sure she's already within obese range for her height even if she's below 200. But you know what I mean. She's gonna get FAT fat.

No. 1697453

PLEASE this is hysterical

No. 1697465

I have no concept of weight in terms of kg/lbs whatsoever but she seems to have gained an astonishing amount in a really short period of time. Her thighs look like they are literally twice the size of mine and I’m 5’10 so she’d have to be medically obese by now. Not morbidly (yet) but still obese. I don’t know how she managed to get that belt skirt she’s had forever on her body at all. I know the back is elastic but HOW. It must have been so fucking uncomfortable. How far in denial is she?

No. 1697470

this is my fav new shayna meme and i second early next thread pic

No. 1697477

Holy kekkk this is the best. Def my nomination for next threadpic also.

No. 1697493

Something about how she always says "send" because ~stupid reason here~ just makes me so angry

No. 1697516

Would be funny if Shaynus caught whatever Ellen has (very possible) and is just gonna pass it on to the other degens at the Lonestar thing.

No. 1697522

As if that degenerate convention isn’t already destined to be a coof/monkeypox superspreader event, I don’t even want to think about what other kinds of grossness a mass gathering of unwashed whores is going to be incubating

No. 1697526

I don't think she's hit 200 yet, just because she has terrible fat distribution and I think she's going to look huge once she hits 200. But she's definitely close, and probably will be come 2023. I'd say she's in the 175-190ish range right now.

No. 1697541

File: 1668142173001.gif (8.9 MB, 942x567, 1667712544394.gif)

This single gif is probably the funniest shit she has ever created.
She flew this dude out not once, but twice bought his ass a whole ass costume, and she still doesn't even get a pity mention. Lugubrious.

No. 1697543

Maybe she’s one of those people that would look better when she’s really really fat. Some fat asses have forgiving fat distribution once past a certain level. There’s also that level of fat that is universally bad on everyone and I think Shay is there.

It reminds me of that episode of 30 rock where Jenna is told she either needs to gain 60lbs or lose 30 because anything in between has no place on television kek

No. 1697546

Her porking up seems to have filled in some of those deep forehead wrinkles she had, so you know what maybe she would look better if she went full Lizzo

No. 1697548

I honestly think they still talk in private but he won’t tweet about her because when he does he gets bombarded with messages from Puppihambeast and whoever else about how Shayna is an ebil raycyst. I feel like if things had soured between them Shat would make a huge deal about it like she has with everyone else she has fallen out with

No. 1697564

Just give it time, sometimes her meltdowns are delayed

No. 1697585

i seriously hope she wins Cow of the Year for this shitpost alone. shaytan really brings the best of the best >>1697268

No. 1697586

As a native Arabic speaker the “Shaytan” comments have chuckling

No. 1697587

this makes me very certain that his tweet about a partner who fakes all orgasms and just makes a show was about shaynus kek

No. 1697589

Shayna is the only person in the world who I make fun of

No. 1697623

File: 1668159806493.png (1.71 MB, 1080x1185, Screenshot_20221111-044217~2.p…)

Heres your cookie, retard.

No. 1697671

Ok OT but I’ve known her online (friends sort of) for years, what’s the tea other than the cringe Instagram posts she makes?? Sorry shay thread I can’t resist.

No. 1697676

Oh my god have you really? Well there’s an exposé by Rachel Reeds in the works. I have proof she stole the married name of a woman who was a mail order bride from Kyrgyzstan, abused and ultimately murdered as her fucking pen name. This bitch said “I like to think I’m carrying on her legacy” and she writes legit abuse porn. Then she tried to hide the evidence by changing her website bio and doubling down on the lie saying “Anastasia king sounds like a porn name heheh” which is SO disrespectful imo. She also has begun an autism LARP to be above criticism for her shitty writing, a “bisexual” LARP, and now pretending she was religiously abused. She lies constantly and has a huge ego. Let’s continue this convo in the personal cows thread if you like i have tons of unflattering screens of her kek Sage for mega OT I’m sorry everyone

No. 1697708

File: 1668173714648.png (634.1 KB, 2879x1586, Screen Shot 2022-11-11 at 7.28…)

forgive me if I'm wrong but i think she's 5'8? if so, 200 lbs looks pretty accurate according to this website

No. 1697709

File: 1668173753047.png (1.23 MB, 2879x1580, Screen Shot 2022-11-11 at 7.29…)

especially the back kek

No. 1697711

the triple rolls lmfaooo

No. 1697713

File: 1668175010179.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.27 MB, 1170x1860, FAA53EBC-A59D-41FD-B7E8-11AAA7…)

No. 1697715

File: 1668175066387.png (Spoiler Image,7.62 MB, 1170x2532, 4275A52C-3658-4FB8-8044-F5F19D…)

Wtf is going on with her fingers

No. 1697716

File: 1668175113535.jpeg (219.73 KB, 2048x1118, 223E511F-99BB-4B94-A076-701540…)

No. 1697726

I think she’s been listed as 5’5 or 5’6. definitely not 5’8 otherwise she’d stupidly think she could be a model or something kek

No. 1697727

this cookie is weirdly trypophobia inducing. why are they so evenly spaced…..

No. 1697728

Unless someone comes in with a real banger this has to be next threadpic

No. 1697731

It legit just looks like mrsa kekkkk god she’s so gross

No. 1697735

Im so sick of the dog hairstyle, twisting her whole body and squeezing her back fat to make her assback "Cheeks" look bigger.
Even standing next to Midget Trisha Paytas Shayna looks haggard. Everyone else is smiling and posting, meanwhile Shayna's trying to hide her belly. She looks so insecure, the black girl has a bigger belly then shayna but looks better. Even the girl in the yellow.

No. 1697737

Ew kek she’s the only one trying to hide her big ass stomach.
Kek fr I hate it

No. 1697739

also did she roll her dress down at the top? If so whats with her and altering clothes,instead of buying shit that looks how she wants.

No. 1697740

and everyone else has a big stomach too, so It makes zero sense, Maybe her breast also look odd, she does look the tallest out of everyone, maybe she feels shes wider. This picture though is a clear picture of "Confidence/not giving a fuck" and "I have to hide my belly, my lopsided tits even though everyone here is chubby"

No. 1697743

Looking like a pic of the Friday night dancers at a stripclub/roadhouse off a rural highway in a flyover state ooooof lmao

No. 1697747

ok no joke she needs to go to a doctor asap
fingers are literally rotting off

No. 1697757

does that shit not hurt?

No. 1697759

She's had this happen before with her fake nails, but this definitely looks the worst it's ever been, holy fuck. It's astounding anyone will let her touch them with her hands looking like that.

No. 1697760

this is why i believe she doesn't go to a real place, surely a real NS would be like, "Your nails are constantly red and peeling" plus they are applied so horribly

No. 1697761

>image you can smell but really wish you couldn't

No. 1697791

File: 1668183347545.jpeg (35.86 KB, 612x408, 074AA821-4D14-419A-8660-890F8E…)

thanks retard. i’m starving

No. 1697806

god help those women she’s working with if she’s touching them in the genital region at all. BV and staph for everyone

No. 1697822

File: 1668185684467.jpg (Spoiler Image,719.11 KB, 2048x1536, 20221111_165410.jpg)

Big shaynus

No. 1697823

File: 1668185857331.jpeg (896.58 KB, 1036x1406, 98DE0CAA-FB6C-43BC-B456-084FE4…)

When your charcuterie cheese board plug you up and you have to strain on the toilet

No. 1697830

File: 1668186457624.jpeg (621.56 KB, 2102x1926, 93E5E8A1-803B-47C9-B0A3-51A3BC…)

Shay Puft

No. 1697834

noticed this several threads back when she started wearing those white wrist warmers. whatever it is has been developing for awhile

No. 1697837

her fingers look infected. if i had to guess i'd say she compensates her shit lifestyle via picking her nails (not just ripping off her ugly ass fake nails, but also chewing her actual nails, ripping them off etc) and it's gotten so bad that she now picks at the skin on her fingers too. combine that with touching shit stained dildos all day and never cleaning your apartment and you get fingers looking like that.

No. 1697845

Thread pic PLEASE

No. 1697849

IIRC the only time she addressed it, she claimed it was an allergy to acetone, everyone was confused by the implication that she's getting a full fresh set every time instead of just a fill, then she never mentioned it again.

No. 1697866

How long before her muffin top overhang starts swallowing up her skirt, grafting the fabric into her skin permanently like a tree into a fence?

No. 1697878

>like a tree into a fence
Kek nonna I love you, this is pure poetry

No. 1697890

File: 1668194179945.jpeg (331.08 KB, 1170x999, AE5CC26E-D718-4A77-B0DB-FB1E29…)

No. 1697891

File: 1668194251324.jpeg (662.12 KB, 1170x1267, CA112BC2-7ABA-41D3-8826-3745CC…)

No. 1697892


No. 1697894

This isn’t the worst they’ve looked. Her nails have been a constant issue for her for a while >>>/snow/1415747

No. 1697896

Is it just me or she didn’t used to have knock knees or if anything it was mild when she was a normal weight

No. 1697914

She also claimed that her one medication she was taking was making her hands break out in rashes back in Oklahoma

No. 1697920

I think fatties with narrow hips end up looking knock kneed, especially the apple-shaped ones. Some of them don’t even look human.

No. 1697921

Literally had the same thought nonny, she doesn’t even wash the fucking thing and she keeps fucking wearing it

No. 1697928

Probably a side effect of her Poland syndrome

No. 1697961

This is in the top 5 most disgusting and disturbing things Ive seen in the Shay thread honestly. Her fingers are absolutely mangled and necrotic looking. The pointer finger doesnt even look like it has a nail. The middle looks like someone cut a piece of balogna and put it there. That's fucking abhorrent. She's definitely a nail/finger chewer but putting on badly applied fake nails on top of her fucked up barely existing nails has left them in this awful state.
I also believe she gets press ons or has Ellen do something because she never posts pics at or outside the nail salon and like I know there's shitty salons but a nail tech shouldnt be working on her infected looking fingers.

No. 1697983


Second pic with the other girls, she has a bandaid on one of her fingers. Bet they are so sore from whatever tf she's doing to them

No. 1697985

unwashed wrinkled skirt from the lizzo concert amazinh

No. 1697987

eww looks like her hands were dipped in water for hours and she chewed it

No. 1698005

So why does she wear underwear at a private kink event, but not public places like airport, store, restaurants, etc??

No. 1698010

File: 1668200956856.jpeg (569.86 KB, 1049x996, EADE7C80-D904-4D37-9046-6C6C3E…)

Comedian Fart Vibes. It’s like in Rick and Morty when Rick farts and his lab coat goes up.

No. 1698011

File: 1668201094753.jpeg (650.62 KB, 913x1240, 303F7C53-F577-45E9-9ED5-36E75B…)

Kek the ass you get when you don’t exercise or walk daily and have lumps and cellulite everywhere woof

No. 1698015

File: 1668201409378.jpeg (701.09 KB, 1170x1276, EA16612B-B8DF-464C-956E-FF852A…)

No. 1698018

I don’t get how anyone could even find that hot, looking like a a branded cow lmfao

No. 1698020

File: 1668201510067.jpeg (1018.96 KB, 1158x1338, 21C85D7A-FF1A-4ADE-841A-FAB18E…)

I’ll see you naughties later
Inbred family in rural countryside vibes

No. 1698024

File: 1668201678070.jpeg (627.96 KB, 1014x1312, 7F3DE7EC-445E-4AAF-9EFC-C511B5…)

This hairstyle doesn’t do Shayna’s fat face any favors. She needs to stop putting her thin ass hair up it doesn’t look good

No. 1698026

File: 1668201710363.jpeg (423.44 KB, 828x831, E0C98C7C-8B36-4B5C-AA44-23E763…)

Yo is that whose in the background of >>1698011 bwahaha

No. 1698061


Or is it the two people from >>1697114

No. 1698065

Seismographs in the area working overtime

No. 1698068

ily nonna this made me chuckle

No. 1698072

File: 1668206335088.jpeg (Spoiler Image,528.98 KB, 1242x693, 7D98E0AB-3340-45E4-BE7A-4B58F0…)

No. 1698074

File: 1668206445229.jpeg (Spoiler Image,858.05 KB, 1242x954, D5D2F7C2-88F1-4D75-9DE1-66A8B5…)

Shayna made spanking “porn” with her twin

No. 1698076

She looks like she could play a cruel British nurse who commits infanticide, that weird skid mark academy probably has plots like that where those weird old ladies strangle the schlubby homely girls wearing bibs and sucking on a pacifier or some shit.

No. 1698078

Shayna looks beefy next to that girl

No. 1698080

is she the "momma" here? kek

No. 1698081

File: 1668206977665.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.43 MB, 3406x3344, 73A9DF6A-0986-478C-B25C-D273D6…)

No. 1698082

File: 1668207088229.jpeg (349.09 KB, 802x630, 1903F716-77B3-429A-A04A-A6213C…)

Shay acts like a troon
hehe dress go spinny
You can see her fat beer gut through the lingerie

No. 1698083

damn she looks monstrously large in the shot of her being spanked. she must be stuck in some deep delusion to actually do her weird baby larps

No. 1698084

File: 1668207703409.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.05 MB, 2303x3345, FD0E800F-555D-42DB-AE9D-5BC714…)

I never realized their was a porn demand for old ladies spanking ugly fatties with a hair brush

No. 1698086

she always looks so uncomfortable, but at the same time something in her makes her feel she HAS to do this. Like girl, if you don't want people to notice your smaller boob, either do something about it or don't show them. All this weird shit when you are completely nude constantly is dumb. You aren't forced to show off your below average body. Hiding her breast behind her hair, or on her hand. Posing to hide her rolls, yet making them worse.
She's shapeless and isn't going to do shit to change it, so why not own it? Getting on camera clearly uncomfortable and insecure at this point is retarded.

No. 1698087

File: 1668207926111.jpeg (Spoiler Image,163.18 KB, 443x512, B5E33554-B66C-46B0-9C84-26787B…)

They didn’t even do anything sexual just kissed and got naked to get spanked by an old lady with a hair brush.

No. 1698090

Shayna has no sex appeal even when she was skinny she looked gross. She looks better with clothes on. Her naked body is really disgusting. Even bigger women can look sexier than Shayna naked. She looks like a tub of melted froyo

No. 1698092

not to be like this but, everything is big but the things disgusting scrotes like to be big.
Big arms, shoulders and belly, but small lopsided tits. Big bulging thighs but a flat ass with a tiny crack.
When she was thinner, she just had a small waist and small tits. Maybe if she embraced how she looked and did porn that isn't niche or pretended to enjoy herself, without acting like a child, baby or dog, maybe she'd have something.
IDK, shayna is just shaped like a brick and isn't secure in her new body, but won't stop flaunting it everywhere.

No. 1698098

File: 1668208979760.jpeg (346.48 KB, 1170x933, 67F3491F-437F-475F-AA4A-42893F…)

No. 1698100

File: 1668209140437.jpeg (Spoiler Image,605.15 KB, 1170x663, CB808F75-2102-4039-8B37-A78A7D…)

No. 1698103

Even trying to think like the most degen scrote, I cannot see whats "Sexy" about this. It's not Shayna looking young and being spanked. Look how tiny the lady spanking her looks compared to Shayna? Kek, one thigh seems as big as both of her legs

No. 1698113

File: 1668210507319.jpeg (406.6 KB, 1170x1038, 778629D3-E607-4078-AAEA-6B374B…)

No. 1698114

Damn tbf the ugly bitch is at least not a big chungus. She looks skinny next to Shaynus kek

No. 1698120

She’s bigger than the momma

No. 1698125

If there truly was then Shaymu wouldn't be begging for coins every month, she'd definitely make more money from feeder porn right now.

No. 1698127

File: 1668211683033.jpg (67.88 KB, 446x628, Reed_warbler_cuckoo.jpg)

It reminds me of when cuckoos lay their eggs in a random bird's nest, and they take care of this gigantic ass baby that isn't thier's.

No. 1698135

It's shocking to see how big she is next to average women… I want to get off this wild ride, this shit is more sad than funny

No. 1698141

you’re at a degen fetish con, retard. you didn’t walk into some normie who said that.

No. 1698148

Yeah I think that with such narrow hips and such large thighs they just don’t fit anywhere, so she has to have a weird posture and waddle kind of idk

No. 1698159

The mom camouflages with the bed

No. 1698160

File: 1668214511400.jpg (40.08 KB, 347x302, 871837~2.jpg)

I dunno if you meant to reference this anon but I'm laughing either way.

No. 1698170

Not wk but I don't think she ever tried to hide it, she just loves being bougie on a budget.

No. 1698173

File: 1668216118512.jpeg (18.32 KB, 259x194, 3B1854EE-5B25-4819-8D8B-3D6C4E…)

it was this guy

No. 1698177

File: 1668216514558.jpeg (355.42 KB, 2048x2048, 4B2A18FD-8C95-4116-933D-C48D9B…)

Oh God

No. 1698182

Kek all this editing to look like a like a smaller foodie beauty x Amberlynn. She looks like someone's 40 year old mom on a grocery run

No. 1698183

File: 1668217407136.jpeg (452.74 KB, 1170x1416, E785F5A5-8FE5-4C16-87F2-B0738D…)

This is what she was talking about

No. 1698184

The only positive thing I can say is she looks better without the six inches of greasy roots, even if this is a shitty Amazon wig.

No. 1698185

Also what the fuck did she do to her chin???

No. 1698186

I saw this on the front page and almost didn't recognize her. It's edited to shit but still a better look for her than her usual pinked out schoolgirlcore fare.

No. 1698189

File: 1668217952166.webm (18.94 MB, 1080x1756, Hippity Hoppity Floppity Monst…)

No. 1698192

File: 1668218653552.jpeg (406.56 KB, 1170x851, 33743EEE-1E53-4F58-8268-3A9646…)

No. 1698195

Nightmare fuel to imagine a stinky big waddling bitch like her sitting on someones face. Almost feel bad for the other girl.

No. 1698208

Imagine having this greasy, wheezing, waddling hambeast’s unwashed, putrid, hairy, boil-ridden snatch and shit-encrusted blown out asshole anywhere near you, much less on your fucking face. I’m going to throw up,

No. 1698211

The way she tries to pout to make her crusty, scabby papercut lips look bigger makes her look extra retarded

No. 1698213

Deputy Clementine vibes

No. 1698219

File: 1668220761217.jpeg (953.67 KB, 1170x1550, 93EADEA6-E2DD-4882-B075-00853B…)

On Snapchat she posted this asking people to reimburse the $30 she spent on it

No. 1698221

File: 1668220958846.webm (Spoiler Image,17.92 MB, 1280x720, Shayna Leigh Clifford in «Step…)

No. 1698231

File: 1668222034264.gif (355.77 KB, 140x140, shaynanigans.gif)

No. 1698232

Oddly enough I think these events actually do have something of a dress code. Just makes her doing it in public all the more foul

No. 1698238

File: 1668222804856.jpeg (Spoiler Image,107.05 KB, 546x830, 53B3AE71-6DCB-4083-A24D-31DD88…)

All I can see kek

No. 1698246

There is absolutely nothing bougie about Shay

No. 1698247


No. 1698249

LMAO too accurate. Do you think that she looks at pics like this next to her old pics and feels any self loathing or is she too delusional about her appearance? As much as I despise this stinky sow she did have a really nice body when she was really thin, if I looked like she does now I’d be suicidal

No. 1698251

Literally nothing. Even she had money she’d still be white trash. She doesn’t know anything about luxury, style or trends

No. 1698255

I think she looks better when she covers her weird forehead lines

No. 1698260

Kek It’s so accurate

No. 1698266

File: 1668227535827.jpeg (652.48 KB, 2048x1536, F4E81589-6EC7-4800-9DD5-F58ACA…)

some fugly group of bitches

No. 1698267

Oh wow…

No. 1698268

Cottage cheese factory

No. 1698269

File: 1668228060901.jpeg (146.75 KB, 1165x2362, 711166D9-EF82-452B-92E8-920017…)

Looking like a damn bobs burgers character

No. 1698275

That rare moment when Shay isn't the most repulsive looking one in the group for once. She still looks pretty busted, but covering up her lumpy body and gordon ramsay-esqe forehead is a pleasant change.

Fatty to the right is sporting one of those sad lil momokun butts. kek

No. 1698277

File: 1668230410781.gif (402.58 KB, 220x146, 26F4154A-6899-47A1-98CF-DC74A5…)

No. 1698306

>tallest and fattest girl in group
>flattest butt, uneven boobs and worst face of all of them
why does she insist on posing like this? i know its cause moids are obsessed with butts but jesus christ shaytan theres nothing there…

No. 1698322

The side view when she accidentally lifts her gunt hiding curtain is shocking

No. 1698326

File: 1668237764284.gif (1.34 MB, 498x407, clone-high.gif)

I know this is the Shayna thread but that girl on the right is so embarrassing to look at. She's the least butterface of the group, yet she's making herself look the worst. Putting her shapeless chicken drumsticks on show, spilling out of the top half of some crinkly shein hooker costume, shaving her eyebrows into a weird-ass shape that ruins her whole look.
I want to give her a makeover. She doesn't have to be this ugly.

No. 1698340

Shayna should do her hair like this instead of the full combover, she looks more in harmony when her expressive forehead lines are away. Also she looks better not in pink.

No. 1698361

i don't know if it's just me but everytime i see the girl on the left i think she's a racebent shayna kek. they have the same unfortunate face.

No. 1698366

Personally I think she’s just a regular looking girl. If she wasn’t a degenerate she’d have the potential to be cute. She’s by far one of the better looking people Shaymu fraternises with in this disgusting “community”. The girl directly to the right of Shat is fucking ugly, as are all the old hag “madams” and especially her “twin”

No. 1698371

Why tf she look like hank hill

No. 1698373

File: 1668249952907.jpeg (Spoiler Image,185.04 KB, 1200x1200, 75F011F1-38D2-493A-B84B-DA9CFE…)

>>1698072(derailing )

No. 1698375

What an astute observation, definitely not one that’s been made 74277542 times in every fucking thread

No. 1698376

How is this in any way relevant to the thread?

No. 1698377

It’s the man’s body shape and Shay’s, pressed onto a thinner woman

No. 1698431

File: 1668259423827.gif (Spoiler Image,2.2 MB, 225x249, gut curtain goes spinny .gif)

It is!

No. 1698432

I don’t know why she doesn’t get on the “hot girl walk trend” or even just buy those collapsible treadmills/exercise bikes and cycles for 30 mins a day while she watches SpongeBob. She could even make degen workout porn but she’s so lazy she’ll never fix her body. It’s only going to get worse the older she gets

No. 1698458

Because she’s lazy and passively self-destructive, next question. Anons are always giving her unsolicited life/dating/beauty/fitness advice, when it’s quite obvious if she had the drive to implement any positive changes she wouldn’t have 120 lolcow threads in the first place.

No. 1698466

>I don't know why Shayna doesn't do x,y and z.
We all wonder why, but it's very simple, she's lazy and entitled. She thinks that despite being below average/average in every way possible, she's special and she'll be one of the women online showing her bits for cheese buger prices who'll, "Make it big" somehow. If Shayna DOES try to loose weight. She's not just going to go for more walks or eat/drink less. SHe's going to beg for some expensive gym membership or expensive workout eqiupment, that she'll use for like a month, or very little, not changing her eating/drinking so it won't even help her.
I think Shayna thinks somehow her life will magically turn around. She'll become rich and famous, then just get surgery or something and magically she'd just be able to suck the fat out, put it in her ass/fix her boob etc.
I guess her spanking videos will make her rich kek

No. 1698534

Kek at her trying to hide her paunch. >>1698011
Christ, she has jowls now… she's going ham on multiplying like this.
It's okay nona, it's karma for being a pedophile groomer.

No. 1698537

Underrated gif

No. 1698557

File: 1668275281549.png (2.32 MB, 1635x1473, 1632186484849.png)

No. 1698560

File: 1668275665393.jpeg (944.9 KB, 1170x1770, 973D0374-7CD2-4983-BA1E-91536F…)

No. 1698568

What makes those welts?

No. 1698572


A cane

No. 1698573

She's going to age so terribly. I do not wanna see what she'll look like at 35 with her terrible diet, alcohol and weed smoking addictions, lack of exercise and willingness to let strangers fuck and hit her enough to leave bruising.

No. 1698587

hate to say it, and i know it's filtered to fuck but this hair is doing wonders for her. just cover up as much of your face as you can, shay

No. 1698588

Nah I always think this when people say shes "normal" or cute. She's black Shay. Does the same degen gross shit as her, cheap retarded style, lumpy body, looks like she hasnt showered in weeks, same basic eyeliner. Her teeth are in better shape at least and we dont see her enough or know enough about her that she's not repulsive on sight like Shaynus.
And like she's hung out with Shaynus multiple times now on purpose so you know she's gotta be annoying, retarded, and disgusting. They even bought similar shein dresses >>1697716 and do ugly ass pigtails with pom poms and bows

No. 1698591

File: 1668279533039.jpeg (1.03 MB, 1170x1466, 5B61351E-4723-4A5B-9A55-83AE0E…)

No. 1698592

File: 1668279580927.gif (3.77 MB, 498x498, glaring-deputy-clementine-john…)

kek good reference anon, but Clemmie is actually cute. Shayna wishes.

No. 1698601

nice to see new looking clothes for once, she still looks ratty as hell. Her hair looks like straw and face reminds me of Darksidephil

No. 1698603

Clearly another top that doesn’t fit her.

No. 1698619

I can smell the chemical spray on that fresh-out-of-the-shein-bag skirt. At least she bought her size.

No. 1698633

aren't the bows supposed to go on the back of the legs?

No. 1698635

God even if Fatna wasn’t the one wearing this, I would hate it on anyone. It clearly is meant to look like little-little girls’ clothes ugh wanna a-log fuck this gross pedo pandering earth. Of course hers is full of wrinkles tho kek

No. 1698647

File: 1668286333060.jpeg (202.86 KB, 1205x1644, E58878A1-605B-4402-94A0-7119EB…)

Big Shaynus chunky

No. 1698648

>At least she bought her size
The power of posing

No. 1698650

The cut of that top makes her body look even more square. Her line-backer shoulders and drooping upper body look gross in that too small tank top with her sagging moobs. She could have worn her obese welfare Walmart mother leopard bra to give herself a better shape. But no. And her fat spilling out of her skirt woof

No. 1698651

Giving 45 yo down syndrome autistic woman on her scheduled day out from the care home.

No. 1698652

Okay, the coomers who buy her porn HAVE to have some sort of fetish for literal retards, it’s super gross to think about but she legit looks like a sped. If I saw her in an elevator or whatever I would think she had escaped her parent/careworker. I shouldn’t kek but I must.

No. 1698653

More cheap, ugly, tacky shit to decorate her home with as a grown woman

No. 1698654

Kek it’s going on her expired snack cluttered shelf in her pedo room. All the shit she owns is cheap and tacky

No. 1698655

Kek I always laugh when I see her belly bulging out in these cheap too small shorts, this shit doesn't hide her belly it makes it look bigger and draws your eyes to it.

No. 1698658

I love to see the very carefully posed and edited for twitter vs the reality >>1698647
Outfit is cringe and not my style but I could see it working on an ~uwu smol~ egirl type and you can tell Shaynus was trying hard to imitate that in the first post. But then you see the next pic where its just a haggard frumpy dumpy fatty wearing cheap clothes that dont fit that delusioned herself into thinking she's young and cute.

No. 1698670

She needs to get a shaper and stop wearing cropped tops or get some high waisted things that fit and longer crops. This is gross.

No. 1698676

buy a scale shay. you can’t go from skinny to super fat, it’s just bad. Wake up

No. 1698679

it gets me every time because a high waisted skirt in a proper fitting XL+ would actually cover the fupa…

No. 1698685

wide load

The crop top and gunt cover combo makes her look like a bowling ball on legs. She needs to dress for her size.

No. 1698686

File: 1668290914205.jpeg (1.06 MB, 1170x1442, 9470F151-C132-4975-BC4A-E955CD…)

No. 1698688

when your bully victim sees you approaching the bus stop

No. 1698697

Why do degens have to ruin cute childish/nostalgic things? It's like they can't control themselves and need to sexualize something that little girls/nostalgic women enjoy. Leave hello kitty alone ffs

No. 1698699

Bc they are pedophiles that’s why. I hate it too. Smelly bitches like Shayna need to fuck off

No. 1698701

I fucking hate Hello Kitty and “cute” shit in general but I hate this fat pedo and the way she ruins childhood/nostalgic things much, much more. God I hope Muskrat bans all degeneracy from twitter.

No. 1698703

Just like everything else she buys, none of it matches and just looks tacky. If its pink or "cute" she impulse buys regardless of quality or use or how it will go with things.

No. 1698710

You don’t have to like hello kitty to be disgusted that they are perverting her for their incest pedo kink

No. 1698712

That’s exactly my point. She’s fucking repulsive. To state the obvious.

No. 1698713

This poor woman legs are crushed. She probably has no more sensation since then

No. 1698729

She looks identical to those troons who buy their first “spinny girl outfit” no style or cohesion whatsoever

No. 1698754

I don’t like how she thinks that things match just because they are a shade of pink

No. 1698758

File: 1668303829787.png (101.3 KB, 337x289, shaymu moment.png)

How is it that she managed to buy something new that fits her but not brush her hair?
…..Nevermind. How is it that she somehow has a muffin top and whatever the hell is happening here? (picrel)
"just because it zips, it don't mean it fits" applies here but also, buy a longer skirt so the bottom covers the fattiest part of your thighs, if you're trying to convince everyone you're skinny.

No. 1698783

File: 1668309861835.jpeg (531.53 KB, 828x851, 9F36F981-5D1E-4368-925F-0CF9BF…)

>best friend
We all know you don’t have friends, Shaynus. Especially not women.

No. 1698786

File: 1668310675252.jpeg (420.47 KB, 1242x1158, 872D6A45-E5C1-4F11-B405-88DDD5…)

No. 1698788

File: 1668310718875.jpeg (230.98 KB, 1242x780, 05612240-A17A-4325-83FC-A143C6…)

No. 1698792


coming home from a con in 2006 with her yaoi paddle

No. 1698793

Is the one in the middle covered in leaked out then dried glue? I thought in the other photo it was just casting weird shadows, but seeing it here again it just looks incredibly poorly handmade.

No. 1698810

File: 1668316396343.jpeg (Spoiler Image,959.22 KB, 1170x1789, A1B60232-041F-48CF-A09E-F0A0F5…)

No. 1698811

File: 1668316457467.jpeg (350.88 KB, 2048x2048, 08692E11-5789-438D-B74A-1AA546…)

For the Prom Night theme

No. 1698812

Damn we called it. The ugly badly fitting deli meat 2 piece makes another appearance. Looks like she even got some cheap looking old woman shoes to go with it.

No. 1698814

Yeah looks like they superglued a bedazzled piece to it kek. Bet Shaynus paid a lot for it and didn't notice nor would she care. Its just another crappy display thing with hello kitty on it.

No. 1698815

What were the other themes??

No. 1698818

File: 1668318232711.jpeg (64.97 KB, 1080x607, FC7CB407-E176-494E-840C-6C1349…)

No. 1698820

File: 1668318367274.jpeg (369.25 KB, 1800x1200, 6C1437FB-6C67-457E-8514-91EEEB…)

No. 1698824

File: 1668318670668.jpeg (85.79 KB, 982x607, 4379FA55-7FFF-4120-8AF7-D87368…)

No. 1698826

oh my god she looks like a sissy fetishist moid. the shoes, her body, and the shine/cut of her dress scream it

No. 1698828

She always looks like she is in a “female” costume rather than actually dressing as a woman

No. 1698831

her legs look disgusting and irradiated. Almost like her fingers

No. 1698834

Hahaha it looks like she got even bigger since the last time she wore it.
Buffalo hump protrudes moar than the ass

No. 1698844

This is too good to not be the next thread pic

No. 1698847

What are these shoes? Whose dead grandma did she steal these from? Why?

No. 1698867

For a woman who has hundreds of threads dedicated to how bad she looks, this is the fucking worst. She looks like she jumped off her wardrobe to fit into that outfit, I’ve never seen an actual woman look more like a tranny. This is the life you deserve shaytan. Pedos will never prosper.

No. 1698872

Shayna is Kikomi-chan

No. 1698882

File: 1668335817164.jpeg (84.68 KB, 1080x607, 6625CCCC-AD58-4723-9CA8-E22AD7…)

Ew wtf kek I’m laughing so much she’s so damn ugly

No. 1698888

She's bigger than the moids she's filming with too, kek. Tbh tho? I'm so distracted by how musty and worn out this scrote's gross socks look. Everyone that goes to these events always look so smelly.

No. 1698917

File: 1668343851957.jpeg (111.09 KB, 607x1080, 10C1C6EA-E434-447C-AC9D-FDEE6E…)

Shaynus should have worn her pink shaysquasho libre mask and fought the moid kek she looks so tubby her fat is spilling out of her cheap Walmart outfit

No. 1698923

Fucking disgusting looks like hand foot and mouth disease

No. 1698928

> She looks like she jumped off her wardrobe to fit into that outfit
holy shit

No. 1698929

Her back tit needs its own bra

No. 1698977

Still no powerpuff costumes
I'm keking imagining the moment they all 4 realized they wouldn't fit, made up ton of copes, and decided to go with different costumes instead

No. 1698979

Your comment made me kek aloud in the gym and I don’t even care ahhh that was good ty nonyshka

No. 1698989

someone with editing skills please edit the shaysquasho libre bologna mask on this picture >>1698882 i'm laughing so fucking hard at the thought of it

No. 1698993

Generally I can at least understand what is sexual about Shayna's bizarre porn, even if it is disgusting or weird, I can imagine the coomer brain behind it. This shoot though, what the fuck? It looks like some intentionally creepy art project. Like some shit trying to illustrate an SCP character or something.

No. 1699028

Couple days late, but hear me out. Shaytard tried to soak acrylics off with acetone nail polish remover for too long and at an incorrect concentration. I know people do that and be fine. But you can also cause serious irritation and dryness. She probably didnt put lotion on and if she did it was probably something with tons of perfume in it and no vitamin e.

Just tinfoil though because i never have worn acrylics or soaked my finger tips in acetone for any amount of time.

No. 1699032

I feel like 25% of this thread is just non-pornsick anons trying to wrap our heads around why these fetishes exist kek. Tbf I think the coomer mindset is very moidy and so it's extremely likely that we will never understand it.

No. 1699054

I think her coomers fall into three groups
1. Desperate low quality men that see her as obtainable
2. Feeders that enjoy seeing her gain weight
3. Men that get off to women suffering and humiliating themselves

No. 1699063

File: 1668360887500.jpeg (176.36 KB, 750x668, D7CF26F4-6380-4788-9579-2C9150…)

the only thing dangerously large here is you shayna

No. 1699078

wonder what happened to her other "crush" on that equally haggard but thinner degenerate she mentioned before

No. 1699106

the same thing that will happen to this one a week after she gets home

No. 1699116

KEK I genuinely laughed at that pun, nonna

No. 1699170

please god someone make this happen.

No. 1699175

tf is an "incorrect concentration"?

beauty supply stores sell acetone free remover that you can soak cotton ball in before wrapping them around your finger nails in foil.

Sheena's weak, damaged nails are results of long-term use of acrylics without letting your nails breathe in between appointments. not that long claws are healthy or a good idea at all. Eva nail polish isn't meant to be worn for long periods of time.

No. 1699178

Sorry im just a retard who doesnt really look at that stuff.

Yeah i think we all know why her nail beds are like that but why the fuck are her whole ass finger tips raw and look like they were chewed on? Thats beyond the damage done to nail beds from overusing acrylics.

She is unhealthy all around. Her body cant repair for shit because fastfood is the biggest part of her food pyramid.

No. 1699180

"Acetone based Nail Polish Removers

Hence, the nail polish remover has high concentrations of acetone in the range of 30%-60%. Though the nail polish removes the nail polish effectively, the strength of the acetone is too hard on your nails and cuticles."

Basic google search result about acetone concetration in nail polish.

No. 1699181

her shoulders look like a normal woman's, you bdd weirdos


this. HK stuff is childish as heck but I have a soft spot for all the cutesy mascots and infantilism in East Asian capitalism. sexualizing characters associated with children is neauseating.

No. 1699183

she's probably clipping her nails to short because they're weak and prone to tearing.

If she's removing the acrylics herself without soaking th. properly then she's doing even more damage.

No. 1699190

File: 1668371061470.jpeg (991.19 KB, 1170x1604, 53C6DA95-FC60-424E-892E-2E7E67…)

No. 1699195

no but why is she wearing the top like that when she could be wearing it normally? it just makes her tits look saggy and weird.

No. 1699200

Aren't they from shein?

No. 1699202

I think she does the underboob shit because her tits are so lopsided and mismatched , that wearing a top normally makes it way too noticeable.

Or she’s just a retard. Or because we hate it so much she does it to spite us but the jokes on her because she looks genuinely awful.

No. 1699205

Another outfit wasted on Shaymu I see, not that any self respecting woman would wear that tacky shit but you get my point

No. 1699217

"The middle looks like someone cut a piece of balogna and put it there"

I just died

No. 1699218

She probably saw it on other camwhores who try to imitate anime/weeb coomer aesthetics.

No. 1699241

i think it would look awful for the reason that u gave but her tits are fucking awful in general and also her body is fucking giant so putting her boobs in the right place will make her waist look bigger.
i’m so sorry for Shayna and her misshapen body.

No. 1699254

Scrolled back up and looked, Shein was only on the plastic bags with powerpuff girl heart (earrings? pins? Couldn't tell wtf they actually are) but not the clothes themselves

No. 1699255

the power puff girls are in elementary school

No. 1699260

Yup, they’re kindergartners

No. 1699268

kek at the anon who thought buying 3 sizes too small would stop her from squeezing into it

No. 1699270

I don't think she CAN pull it under her saggy boobs. She bought several sizes too small once again. She thinks this is attractive.

No. 1699275

Her teeth are the color of bargain bin cheddar.

No. 1699282

dude the fucking mini bruises from popped zits
imagine your assne popping from impact, that must have felt so gross

No. 1699284

File: 1668380425904.jpg (Spoiler Image,276.71 KB, 1536x2048, 20221113_225932.jpg)

Sad titty gang

No. 1699286

Love hoe she'd squeezing her breasts together but that only emphasizes the nipple size difference. The way she's holding her arms qnd her face make her look crazy

No. 1699291

I can't tell by this picture whether the pink one has a lip ring or not but she just LOOKS like someone who has a lip ring.
She's that girl that you vaguely realize attends the same high school as you only because you see her sometimes in the smoker's circle, freezing in the winter in her cookie monster pajama pants. You sometimes see her making out with her boyfriend outside the dunkin, but you never see her in class. She added you to her top friends on piczo even though you don't know each other. You just ignore it because she's known for telling girls that she's going to "jump" them after school if they don't reciprocate her bpd lesbian crushes.

No. 1699326

Kek,did we all know a girl like this?

No. 1699337

I can’t say I did but I’m not a burger. She does look like a teenage mother living on welfare who dropped out of school and all her kids have different fathers. I bet she smells like a melange of cheap body spray, polyester body odour and hotdog water

No. 1699342

nah, she looks like she smells like bong water

No. 1699356

Her old fetlife is just 40 pictures of her when she was SKINNY skinny it's crazy the difference honestly

No. 1699360

saggy compressed underboob or cleavage from only one breast a la >>1691315 pick your poison

No. 1699373

File: 1668393227024.gif (1.91 MB, 640x480, E6EFB5CC-E19B-44F2-816B-6C468C…)

Still can’t believe what a difference three years makes.

No. 1699379

She should be the yellow one since she’s such a huge cunt and only ever has “daddies money” when daddy is a 60yr old pedophile on their deathbed

No. 1699381

Beatrice chonko

No. 1699382

>hair isn’t yellow, even seems less greasy?
>seems to be wearing less makeup, you can tell she’s biologically female
>wearing flattering non-pink colors, even if she still has her pink garbage in the background
>looks like a young adult, not like an elderly crackhead pretending to be a toddler (yes, I know she has filters on here, but she has filters on her current stuff, too, and she still looks like an elderly crackhead nowadays)
>no ass, but she looks a pretty decent size, only minor chub on her tummy
It’s crazy how comparatively normal she looks here…

No. 1699383

correct me if im wrong but isn't constantly being bruised in the same areas like, really bad for your blood vessels? theres a potential for irreparable damage right?

No. 1699386

The stench… and the way she looks so blissed out being touched by a moid vs when she was kissing a woman and there was zero feeling in it.
She's more likely than not escalated from chewing her nails (because they've degraded from the acrylics) to picking at hangnails or cuticles and biting them in addition to never taking care of the actual nailbeds post (improper) acrylics/press-ons.
The only one with 'sad titties' is Shayna herself, the other two have pretty normal tits.

No. 1699390

> theres a potential for irreparable damage right?
Shoving dry, dirty dildos in your ass every other day can cause permanent damage as well but I doubt she cares at all. I remember seeing a screenshot from her tumblr days about not planning on growing old and joining the 27 club which is why I don’t think she ever has any worries about what her life will be like in 10 years because she’s just not planning on going on that long

No. 1699407

It’s possible the top just didn’t fit because the outfit was custom made for her and she gave the wrong measurements (on purpose or on accident) but tbh she probably has the top like this because she thinks it looks sexier and makes her tits look perkier/fuller for some reason. She truly is fucking retarded.

No. 1699416

Damn, does she have PCOS or something? It's not normal for your body to change that much over 3 years. Something is fuckey.

No. 1699417

Kek nah she has fat lazy stoner alcoholic degenerate who doesn’t drink water ever syndrome. Literally her body/looks are a product of her disgusting lifestyle she is like anti health in every conceivable way it’s almost impressive.

No. 1699426

Isn't she 27 now? This is where that kind of mentality gets you I guess lol

No. 1699430

She started eating Fupa food in Fupa sized portions when she was in Oklahoma and never stopped. She’d also down at least a bottle of “pink wine” whenever she streamed which probably contains like half of the daily calories required to maintain her weight. It’s no mystery.

No. 1699441

She’s 25

No. 1699446

This is giving "First Dress made in high-school Home Economics" vibes. Girl gives up her asshole for sheckles and can't afford to buy a new outfit for a "big" shoot. Sad lifestyle.

No. 1699459

Are you new? She doesn’t even make enough shekels to cover rent. She begs for Starbucks. But let’s be real, even if she weren’t broke she wouldn’t be spending money on decent clothes because she is white trash with no style or taste

No. 1699492

Hm she has 2 years left

No. 1699494

Usually when she demonstrates her alcohol consumption she is drinking at least 1 bottle of wine (600 cal) or multiple white claw surges (let’s say 4 at 880 cal) a day. She mentions drinking in the morning, drinking 4+ beverages every time she is on a plane, etc, etc. She drinks a lot of calories.

So let’s say at bare minimum she has 600 calories a day from alcohol.

600 cal x 7 days a week = 4,200 cal (1.2 pounds weekly)

1.2 pounds weekly x 50 weeks a year = 60 pounds of alcohol weight a year.

I think that her weight gain is easily explained by alcohol calories alone, although the math would expect her to be gaining 60 pounds a year and I don’t think she is gaining quite that rapidly.

No. 1699496

The width of her arm is like 3x or more the size of her sad tits. Kek. How does she not realize how bad this looks?

No. 1699500

you know it's a little more complicated than that, right?

No. 1699504

its just another shitty, sad part of sex work. if you have no real ambitions in life like shaymu, you can survive off sex work. you dont need to have any sort of work ethic or standards in life. you can slowly become fat and irrelevant and still find a couple moids who will throw money at you. people like her are just happy making enough to survive and just dont have the drive to succeed further than that like most people.

No. 1699509

I dunno, I think she knows she’s fat and ugly, she just pretends she’s uwu body positive because she needs to cope. She’s also probably telling herself that she’ll lose the weight and one day make enough money to get her “bimbofication” surgery. Fake it till you make it or whatever.

No. 1699510

I was gonna say, that’s not how weight gain works…

No. 1699523

File: 1668416721361.jpg (9.51 KB, 250x250, weezer.jpg)

According to my research, Shayna is ingesting 6 to the power of 2 too many calories. In approximately 4 years' time, she will reach critical mass and will collapse into a singularity.

No. 1699526

wish she'd stop calling herself a bimbo, bimbos are above all HOT and she is not. she's not even dumb and cute, she's legit retarded like, I cannot believe she hasn't had something worse happen by now.
I will never get over her taking it raw in her own bed from random moids. this thread makes me need to shower.

No. 1699578

Srry for tinfoil but It’s probably not even overusing acrylics, she either goes to a cheap/shtty place or gets someone who most likely isn’t even licensed to do it. Doubt she’s actually shelling out the money to go to a proper place & getting it done lol. Or then again could be rotting Walmart press ons she keeps sticking back on

No. 1699593

i don't think she's happy at all. she must be truly msierable when she's sitting alone in her hovel thinking bout fupa getting married kek

No. 1699596

File: 1668433542256.jpg (Spoiler Image,45.06 KB, 398x550, Shutterstock_12462827aq.jpg)

>bimbos are HOT
e-whore spotted. what exactly is hot about conforming to patriarchal standards in an extreme way? self-proclaimed "bimbos" look grotesquely botched. this shit is so misogynist i can't even believe i have to read "it's hot" in this thread

No. 1699609

She looks like a tranny kek

No. 1699610


Agreed, Shayna isn't failing to be a bimbo because she isn't attractive, she's failing at it because she has terrible hygiene standards and doesn't do the polished, manicured high-maintenance look which bimbos are defined by. She also doesn't really succeed at catering to what moids want from bimbos, which is fulfilling their sexual desires.

No. 1699611

Even this woman is hotter than Shayna imo.

No. 1699633

Exactly, when you look at Shayna the last thing you think is Bimbo, especially since she literally tries to make herself look "Cutesy" and young. this >>1699596 is the classic, extreme, botched sex doll bimbo look. You can tell this person is going for a look as gross as it is.
You can tell she puts money into her disgusting look, she looks clean, put togeather and outlandish.
With Shayna, she walks around in ugly ass belly belt skirts, her boobs limply hanging out the bottom of whatever ugly too small shirt she's wearing, five different pinks. Wrinkled clothes, dry lips, dry hair with an ugly bow in it, wrinkly flat ass and cottage cheese legs, fingers look like they are about to melt down to the bone, she looks stank and dirty.
Nobody looks at her and thinks, "bimbo" at best it's, "Oh she likes pink" thats really it.

No. 1699661

>hotter than shay
Look I know we hate shay but this woman is just as ugly as shay in her own disgusting way.

No. 1699669

Agreed. Hilarious seeing anyone try to say this creature is attractive in any way and is anything other than troon tier hideous. Not trying to say that Shayna isn't absolutely repulsive of course, but let's not fool ourselves.

No. 1699675

Underrated post, this is uncannily accurate and you're hilarious, Nonette.

No. 1699682

Shayna is ugly. There’s no helping her rodent genes. Every body part of hers is ugly. It blows my mind how she has the caveman eyebrow ridge, nasty yellow plaque ridden teeth, wrinkles on her forehead, drooping man boobs that is a result of her weight gain, yellow callous heels, nasty cuticle ridden fingers, thin crusty scabbed lips, crusty skin, big ass nose, life jacket stomach, double chins, ugly moles and creases on her neck, fat frontal thighs, hank hill ass, disgusting grey skin, and thin hair she never combs.

No. 1699708

File: 1668453975911.jpeg (Spoiler Image,112.3 KB, 1279x719, 78728081-DA28-4CE7-B50E-DC3B43…)

Looks like a farmer showing off his cow kek

No. 1699713

File: 1668455055763.jpeg (93.4 KB, 828x761, A0AB5F76-35D0-4E76-971F-B8CE2D…)

No. 1699719

not the ballsack pussy on full display

No. 1699720

That truly looks like cock n balls dangling

No. 1699725

The smell of her unwashed asshole just permeating the entire room.

No. 1699737

It really does. Also is that for a shoot or just a demo? God I just can't imagine getting my whole pussy out and sticking my asshole in the air in front of a bunch of random people especially. The shamelessness and degeneracy.

No. 1699748

File: 1668459130329.jpeg (504.85 KB, 1170x970, FA2BFC2A-957A-46EC-8B78-6BB416…)

No. 1699750

File: 1668459174405.jpeg (133.87 KB, 1278x719, 3FDDE49F-B4ED-4D4A-A953-47BB9D…)

No. 1699751

File: 1668459215677.jpeg (Spoiler Image,139.62 KB, 1279x719, 04C0BFD6-308B-4964-AA03-86664D…)

No. 1699752

File: 1668459252906.jpeg (132.41 KB, 1279x719, C7EDF940-EE51-40D3-9952-313800…)

No. 1699754

File: 1668459578773.jpeg (1.31 MB, 1170x1455, 79BE88CD-174F-4461-AA23-0D0F2F…)

No. 1699755

i would rather kill myself than having to masturbate in front of this old ass moid just to make a few shekels. these people contribute NOTHING of worth to society, quite the reverse actually. i think you should be sent to a work camp in siberia if you are in any way involved in the production of reenactements of child sexual abuse, but i digress.

No. 1699757

File: 1668459807287.png (250.75 KB, 544x558, Bildschirmfoto 2022-11-14 um 2…)

what in the fuck is going on here? am i tripping or does this look abnormal?

No. 1699788

I'm dying at the cheaply glued-on hello kitty on the cutting board looking paddle

No. 1699794

File: 1668464721645.png (34.38 KB, 164x132, elder clifford.png)

oooh noooo. shes developing the fat fold over her elbow - typically reserved for people 40+ and the morbidly obese.

No. 1699853

File: 1668468121428.jpeg (438.57 KB, 2048x1536, C9CD0738-ABD9-405D-B891-251339…)

No. 1699855

File: 1668468164101.jpeg (452.59 KB, 2048x1536, 5441074D-0E72-41D6-AE59-FE1D22…)

No. 1699857

Not even into paddles and spanking,but you can tell that one and the one below it that looks like someone doodled on it with a pencil are just such poor quality, lazy paddles. No finishing, just raw wood, generic cut, drawn and badly glued on designs. Such a waste of money. Bet she overpaid on them too.

No. 1699862

What in the hospital pajamas is that ugly ass outfit she's wearing

No. 1699899

Images you can hear and smell.

No. 1699912

All of them expect maybe the one at the very front look like troons, kek.

No. 1699914

That moid kinda resembles Jonny. I thought I was in the wrong thread for a split second kek

No. 1699924

post this to the jc thread to give schizochan a heart attack jk though

No. 1699933

File: 1668470984119.jpeg (156.47 KB, 700x1024, 3B7E14D0-4FD8-4D5B-A568-F53D0D…)

She really allowed this monkey pox ridden scrote to stick his chode inside her

No. 1699942

I know this is OT but thank you for sharing, got a laugh out of that ridiculous muppet of a coat

No. 1699949

File: 1668471623321.jpeg (273.33 KB, 698x720, E0AE0DDA-2B8D-49E2-BC48-8DB394…)

Ooga booga. Shaygar need chicken leg

No. 1699950

he stole that coat from luna's air b&b, mold spots and all

No. 1699953


I'm completely distracted by the purple looking implant tit wow

No. 1699960

File: 1668472170838.gif (489.99 KB, 271x228, 1667024607192.gif)

where do these people crawl out of

No. 1699980

literally who is paying for this lmao. None of them are attractive. Do they all just individually beg their coomers to send them to a "convention"?

No. 1699995

so im assuming this fupa-look-alike is the guy shayna claims to have a crush on

No. 1699996

his hands are tiny

No. 1700009

I think she does them herself because she posts on social media every time she leaves the house to do anything… but these nails appear on her without any updates about being catcalled, being acknowledged by a human being, a great one-liner she used while out, etc.

No. 1700019

Thought this comment was maybe an exaggeration but then I scrolled up.

No. 1700030

Hehe kek I thought the guy with the hat was also the one wearing the white pants

No. 1700031

Mid life crisis in an image

No. 1700035

Playing dress up at Dicks Sporting Goods.. I bet he can't even afford a soccer ball

No. 1700059

I wouldn’t be surprised.

No. 1700065

File: 1668477727979.jpeg (279.05 KB, 1170x915, 98BB3076-5DCB-412D-B58B-C0B4BA…)


No. 1700066

File: 1668477780799.jpeg (138.01 KB, 311x516, 83388D56-FA2D-446F-A806-78FE5F…)

Until other Snapchat anon can post

No. 1700071

Those shorts look really uncomfortable

No. 1700075

reminds her of fupa

No. 1700087

Cool double sock look, Shayna!!

No. 1700100

OT and super delayed (and retarded) but my aunt is a ghetto ass hairdresser and gets scabies sometimes and it looks like this lmao

No. 1700112

Why is she proud to show off her bruises and cuts looking like a mess wearing essentially denim underwear that her fat engulfs completely. Her only personality is thinking she’s cool because she allows people to hit her

No. 1700117

File: 1668482221304.jpeg (191.92 KB, 1118x2048, D759A449-CDD0-4075-94E3-2316EC…)

A better pic

No. 1700121

Just saw this from the front page and thought that was a huge burn or wound on her leg

No. 1700137

File: 1668484110131.jpeg (114.84 KB, 788x788, 5727AD9C-5CF7-4A9A-BEBF-E92209…)

No. 1700138

File: 1668484159570.jpeg (96.18 KB, 691x691, B44FAE6F-1BF3-4ACE-8EE7-37CFEE…)

Caption: “drinks w/ the bestie”

No. 1700140

The bruise posts are gruesome & unpleasant to look at, I wish they were spoilered. I’d rather kms than pander to moids who get turned on by injury photos.

No. 1700148

I'm so curious what's going on with her feet that she can't show them on camera. These socks are so obviously out of place and so unsexy.

Also kekking how they didn't take off the skirt belt. It also looks awkward and out of place. She's so bad at what she does.

No. 1700152

notice how she's the only one without her arms on the other girls lol

No. 1700157

No one will ask. But she’ll make up stories to make it seem like people do

No. 1700164

Literal witches

No. 1700169

Love how everyone else is dressed in normal clothes and then there’s Shat in her Rugrats tard uniform. Fat pedo

No. 1700185

HAHA the thought of her doing roller derby is sending me god what I’d give to see her try to skate

No. 1700193

File: 1668489079823.jpeg (788.53 KB, 3072x2304, 6284A0E3-783F-4625-AE21-03A2C4…)


No. 1700197

Sorry, I don't lurk this thread and thought it was some kind of lighting

No. 1700200

File: 1668489625174.jpeg (286.4 KB, 2048x922, F82932A9-6B01-4049-9329-EFB749…)

No. 1700201

Honestly would rather her keep her socks, last time I saw her feet it looked like she walked through the shadows in the valley of death.

No. 1700202

File: 1668489723178.jpeg (388.12 KB, 1011x1330, 2D663113-867E-4A72-8E57-DC1587…)

>what do you mean I’m not a bimbo ?

No. 1700208

>wearing loungewear to a bar
Please buy other sweaters if you’re going to dress like a slob while out at a social event.

No. 1700218

The cave woman unironically looks prettier & smarter than Shayna.

No. 1700221

don't insult cavewomen like that, they are 10000% more based and beautiful then Shayna

No. 1700226

I love Zendaya

No. 1700228

Nah I can’t, kekekek

No. 1700233

This is so unfortunate, at this point I’m convinced that everyone who whores themselves is fucking hideous. Even if they weren’t fug to begin with being a whore makes them fug

No. 1700235

The STENCH wafting off these photos

No. 1700237

kek ily

No. 1700267

Remember when shayna's whole 'persona' was being flexible and being able to put her legs behind her head. Kek

She got too fat to do it now.(learn2sage)

No. 1700283

I bet she can still do it but it doesn’t hold the same charm as a blob

No. 1700291

Grandpa really came off the rails after Grandma divorced him

No. 1700300

That and no pictures at or outside the salon. I think im with the anons that say Ellen does press ons for her or maybe someone equally as retarded Ellen knows.

No. 1700302

Please I thought this was a stock image meme

No. 1700316

There’s no way you can argue this isn’t an implant now, she really needs to get it fixed, just looking at it is making my own boobs hurt. Just looking at her grotesque hard, lumpy, bloated body makes me physically uncomfortable

No. 1700326

I’d agree except she’s been having these nail issues for years, >>>/snow/836065 was three years ago.

No. 1700336

File: 1668517428015.jpeg (445.08 KB, 2047x1781, 730CD502-6430-43FB-B631-514A61…)

No. 1700363

File: 1668520963266.jpeg (1.08 MB, 1170x2016, C1363A42-D972-4DAC-9E9F-91A49A…)

No. 1700369

I love how she just threw on the exact outfit from the lizzo concert. That bra has to smell like musk and funk at this point. It's crazy how she has the se clothes habits as Luna. And Lunas a literally junkie, her wearing the same bra and ugly dirty pink clothes over and over again is understandable. Shayna who says she's a bimbo barbie. This shit was ugly the first,second, third times you wore it. It has to be stinky. She dresses like she's constantly living out of a suitcase, but she's not. She's spending money on trips just to have interaction with people but can't even put aside like $200 to buy new clothes.

No. 1700374

i literally guffawed at how ugly this man is, holy shit. he's like if you mixed fupa and jonny craig with a dash of down syndrome. is his name really shane, kek? shayna and shane is maybe even better than barbie and ken.
also, his shitty tattoos… i wonder if those five names are his kids. shay truly knows how to pick them.

No. 1700381

This is the kind of unwashed guy who hits on you at the dive bar you were just trying to have a drink at for fun w a girlfriend or two kek god he really is her male counterpart

No. 1700382

I was thinking the same thing, he looks like fupa kek

No. 1700386

They're just asking to be polite. Everyone just assumes they're from being an alcoholic.

No. 1700391


Her legs are shaped like salted hams.

No. 1700398

I knew it was him. Wonder if she’s gonna move to his state

No. 1700399

Eww you can totally see that he's got a boner

No. 1700401

File: 1668524203400.png (132.91 KB, 896x580, a new player enters the arena.…)

i applaud her ability to find the lowest tiers of irrelevant busted moid possible. as long as they're out of shape, old, broke, ugly and white, shay's all on board.

No. 1700403

Ew nonna why did you point it out and why did I go back and check brb killing myself kek

No. 1700411

File: 1668525030254.jpeg (394.53 KB, 955x628, 1666370399521.jpeg)

You know what's almost as stupid as inviting internet moids to your real address? Live-blogging the times that you leave your home unattended for multiple days.
I am pretty sure that picrel moid lives in her area. This creepy fuck is gonna be living in her closet or some shit when she gets back home.

No. 1700413

File: 1668525175985.jpeg (275.87 KB, 1205x1813, CCCA5D1A-4352-430E-8467-866F01…)

No. 1700415

so baby with the nasolabial fold and gut pauwnch

No. 1700416

File: 1668525232876.jpeg (409.88 KB, 2047x1786, CCFB3CD5-4DC1-49EE-8082-2EE97A…)

No. 1700420

I am so very ready for a Shane & Shayna moving to Texas arc.

This nasty moid and his mush mouth needs to stay spoilered. fuck

No. 1700432

not shane and shayna kek i'm so ready for this saga PLEASE COW GODDESS LET THE MILK FLOW

No. 1700439

File: 1668527915239.png (34.96 KB, 117x171, image.png)

whats epstein doing back there

No. 1700444

this picture is so disturbing. nasty old men and women blegh

No. 1700454

Shayna ffs Fupapa is married and his bitch looks nothing like you. She’s so pathetic.

No. 1700456

Lmao why does he look like Seth Rogan squishing his face into a rectangle shape? Please please let her move away to be with him, I didn’t know of her when she was with fupa, I want to enjoy some Shaytan gets a fat bf milk in real time.

No. 1700465

those shorts look like a diaper. bet she likes that though, fucking pedo.

No. 1700469

Holy fuck is it not… This single-handedly killed me KEK nona

No. 1700470

shayna is a pick me and loves men with children or wives. it makes her feel like she’s special, he chose her over his wife and kids. she is the type to revel in being a “home wrecker” when in reality she’s just another 2-cent whore from the streets of Oklahoma and can’t admit to herself she has nothing going for her besides being shameless.

No. 1700475

God imagine being on staff at that restaurant or bar…I bet they were talking MAD shit up at the host stand or back in the kitchen kek

No. 1700486

It just shows how sick she is if that's true, instead of dating men with no attachments going after men with kids/ex wives, hoping they'll choose her (they won't 90% of the time) and the 10% who do are disgusting deadbeats. Coming from someone who has divorced parents. I wonder if that why she does it. She felt her dad choose her step mom over her mom. Instead of sympathizing with her mom, she wants to be the one being chosen, even if her dad seems like a great provider.

No. 1700495

it’s definitely this
Shauna’s fucking creepy as hell about her actual dad
there is nothing sadder than a daddy’s girl whose dad just isn’t that into her

No. 1700499

I think it’s partially because of her gross attachement to her real dad, but also because it makes her feel wanted and special and attractive when she gets “picked” over a man’s wife and kids. even if she’s just a side piece for a quick fuck, she thinks she’s won. it’s the only thing that boosts her self esteem.

No. 1700502

samefag but she hates other women and views them as competition. it’s why she can’t have real friendships with women, and why her “relationship” with ellen is just for tokenism.

No. 1700503

Oh god not the mayo and ketchup squeeze bottles right near each other

No. 1700513

File: 1668532985338.jpg (341.55 KB, 2059x1697, UmxHNyY.jpg)

No. 1700517

Oh my god the bald one. It's like an old timey judge that takes off the toupee part of his wig. I can smell this picture eugh

No. 1700524

Nonny, don't be rude that's Benjamin Franklin

No. 1700530

That troon in the front needs to cut his hair off and get a wig, he's not fooling anyone.

No. 1700536

Jfc I had a nightmare about this picture recently and here it is again

No. 1700542

topkek, definitely called it here >>1699995 she is so fucking predictable is actually sad. her boil-filled pussy heat-seaked the first fupa in range.

No. 1700548

the jackie kennedy lookin ass bitch in the back kek

No. 1700549

well she cheaps out on her pets, her clothes, her health, and her diet so its not shocking she cheaps out on fake nails too.

No. 1700555

You know what is depressing? I honestly believe she wouldn’t be this stupid with her safety if she hadn’t gained so much weight and become so busted looking. Ever since she got fat she literally doesn’t care anymore and straight up begs to be raped by a random guys on twitter. Sex Work is honestly just another form of Self-Harm for depressed chicks with no self esteem. You don’t subject yourself to years of this type of lifestyle unless you got some internal voice inside telling you its all you’re good for.

No. 1700559

I’m envisioning Shay moves to be with this guy, dumps Ellen, which causes Ellen to go on a rampage

No. 1700560

The internal voice is right though.

No. 1700561

honestly, i recoil and have to gag at it. please spoiler it next time

No. 1700567

as much as i hate shaynus, everyone is good for something. society doesn't need sex workers, but minimum wage workers are always needed. she could work as a server at olive garden like she did for like a month in high school or stack shelves at a supermarket. she definitely could not be a cleaning lady as she can't even clean herself or her hovel properly kek

No. 1700612

unless she can sit in bed all day, not have to bathe, and never have to experience even the slightest inconvenience - then shaymu isnt doing it. she only does sex work because she can sleep and lay around high for 90% of the week and then take a couple pics of her prolapsed asshole. she is never gonna lose weight, she is never going to get a real job, she is never gonna leave sex work. the sooner you accept the sooner you can just casually enjoy her trainwreck of a life.

No. 1700614

same faggin - the reason her body looks “uncomfortable” and deformed is because it isnt being used. thats why she looks different than other attractive girls in the same weight range. if you dont get up and use your body, you lose it. it becomes a blob of unfortunate proportions to make up for whatever static position it is in most. once she hits 30s is gonna be a FAST death spiral of health issues because of her extremely sedentary lifestyle.

No. 1700620

She’s really out here thinking Fupa be looking at these pictures pining for her when he’s probably laughing his ass off, happily married with his family thanking god he finally grew up and rid of her. Embarrassing.

No. 1700622

what thread is this from i’m dying at the bald troon

No. 1700623

Fupaul wasted years of her life, is just as shitty as Shayna. Took up her "peak" years in looks, introduced her to negative thing such as the "snack drawer", and the only consequences he has is his name being mentioned here, his ex wife knowing his shit, but he still finds a woman to marry, instantly posts her. It's sad and sick, because Fupaul deserves nothing good, but Shayna is no victim of him and will probably go through the same exact shit with some other scrote and learn nothing. While crying abuse as soon as things go bad.

No. 1700636

Looks like a porn addicted Seth Rogan.

No. 1700638

Fupa doesn’t deserve marriage or a “family” I just hope that lady’s daughters are ok… I mean he did porn with shayna while she was in a binky holding a teddy bear. He’s a sicko, and his wife is just as ugly and fat as shayna.

No. 1700639

Very well articulated, nonny. Fupaul is a gross scrote and he treated Shayna poorly, but that does not make her a victim of abuse.
I only wish he had shared the video of Shay drunk and screaming at him.

No. 1700655

>he kept her hidden
Just like the snacks, smh

No. 1700659

I think that's why shayna been trying to branch out (obviously) after literal years of not working with anyone and being seen in pictures with people, now she's constantly taking pictures, claiming to have crushes on anyone. Calling a chick she's been chilling with for a few days her bestie. Maybe I'm looking too much into it but I legit think she's trying to create a narrative in hopes/thinking Fupaul is watching. Like. "I'm moving on". She never has fun, never talks about fun things she does, just porn adventures. I wonder if she's just the awkward girl whose always in the corner on her phone waiting for something to tweet about

No. 1700671

Didn't she at one point befriend a girl Fupa was posting pictures with at the bar as well?

No. 1700692

File: 1668549130143.png (646.34 KB, 1384x692, Fupa has moved on shayna.png)

I'd hate to hear the small talk amongst this group of unfortunate looking people. Shayna's new "bestie" looks like something out that Smile horror movie.

No. 1700698

KEKKK the file name nonna I died

No. 1700711

I don't know when it was originally posted here, but it's a classic photo of a "woman speedrunners" gathering from GDQ one year.

No. 1700727

I can’t believe we’re this much further in and she’s trying to bag this fupa lookalike. Is he from Texas?

No. 1700752

The new dude lives in Kansas

No. 1700768

so basically Oklahoma

No. 1700830

This looks like that terrifying TikTok video she made with her hideous Hartley Hooligan face rising up into the frame
Spoiler this shit for fuck’s sake, no one want to look at this deformed faggot and his rotten teeth
LMAO how long before this goes to hell in a hand basket

No. 1700831

There's some deranged anon that keeps dragging this disgusting pic to each thread for no actual reason

No. 1700843

File: 1668560133555.png (Spoiler Image,627.75 KB, 800x450, shay_wash.png)

was anyone else thinking this or just me

No. 1700848

just you but i'm glad you were

No. 1700851

Not just you; I immediately thought of those car washes but my photoshop skills are not up to snuff and I’m glad you made it happen so flawlessly

No. 1700858

>>1700843 omfg I thought that was real for a sec and I fully believed it

No. 1700862

TOPKEK, superb shopping nonita

No. 1700864

Fucking KEK! I love this edit nonnie

No. 1700875

When other farmers ask why I follow this dumpster thread for this trash fire of a human being, I'll simply drop this picture. It's all I need.

No. 1700881

I’m begging the farmhands to restore the Shayna memes thread. Stg these threads produce the best content

No. 1700886

It could be remade on /manure/, that way it's not going to shit up /ot/.

No. 1700892

thank you for this on a stressful night, nona

No. 1700899

this is extremely autistic but also visually compelling

No. 1700906

Jesus, her type really is degenerate fat hillbillies. It's probably because she knows she's at least a 4 in Oklahoma or Kansas, but a 1 or 2 anywhere else. She hasn't learned a thing (and hasn't gotten over Kyle Nathan Perkins).

No. 1700911

I wasn't but I nearly spat my drink out seeing this. Thanks nonnie

No. 1700940

Next thread pic contender

No. 1700945

kek’d so hard my wife demanded to see and now we’re dying together ily nonna this is art

No. 1700950

Other Snapchat anon caught a permanent ban for offering to take over the farms from shaymin in /meta/

No. 1700968

File: 1668570482395.jpeg (325.24 KB, 2048x1360, 1551770B-EABE-44F3-98C6-8B30F9…)

No. 1700971

File: 1668570867813.jpeg (108.89 KB, 795x616, 324C945E-2E67-4D42-BA63-08FAF6…)

would any nonnies be interested in seeing very old pics of ellen degenerate? Or is it too unrelated? be warned there are some repulsive ones kek

No. 1700972

I’d say make one big collage to not shit up the thread too much but I think it’d be funny to see them. I’m assuming that’s Fetlife?

No. 1700973

what the fuck

No. 1700974

Wtf? Why does that warrant a ban?
Fucking KEK this is amazing

No. 1700975

Her hair. It’s like a mushroom.

No. 1700978

does she have one of those donut bun shaping things in it peeking through?

she legit looks like a 42 year old corpse in a sad small town mortuary from 1984 jfc

No. 1700979

aliexpress crew

No. 1700981

Link the profile

No. 1700982

These look like the type of people you see on sex offender registries. I can see all these people on the news regarding sex crimes

No. 1700983

Nah, keep everything Shay related in one place. Keep these threads chaotic. Some days you get 3 pages of saged infighting, then the next day you get golden shoops like this one & flowery prose about her butthole. I love it here.

No. 1700984

Wtf is this hair? Why is she exposing her hunchback/linebaker shoulders? One of the most jarring thing on this ham body.

Also can’t wait for Shaytan to dump Ellen again as soon as a scrote show up!

No. 1700988

The giant sock bun lmao. These bitches all look so crusty.

No. 1700991

Why does she insist on the most hilariously weird hair?
Her natural hair is fine. And any style is better than this, jesus. But even when she was skinny she used to do that dated roller bang thing. Then she had that conehead ponytail extension for a while. Now she's hopped on the sockbun trend 10 years too late, but she's made it wider than her already wide-ass head.

No. 1701001

I’m curious too, can you like Shat’s profile as well? I can’t find it

No. 1701003

Second pic is foreverkailyn vibes kekk

No. 1701005

Dear lord besides the black girl they’re all so fucking ugly. The one on the right is fucking rancid, she looks like a literal crackwhore

No. 1701010

File: 1668574489421.gif (471.9 KB, 220x135, waynes-world-bow.gif)

Absolutely glorious. You, nonna, deserve all the accolades. I laughed so hard I tooted a bit.

No. 1701011

What in the dollar store dumpster babrie is going on here.
All of their dresses are so tacky and shitty looking… like worse than halloween costume quality looking. Ugly af. Not just the whores.

No. 1701023

File: 1668575900142.jpg (27.79 KB, 561x438, shane.jpg)

No. 1701026

I can tell none of them been to a real prom because who tf would wear any of this shit lol

No. 1701035

That retarded heart she draws on her face makes her look like a drag queen, she really has no concept of style or femininity

No. 1701036

Please, they’re obviously going to porn prom. Porm

No. 1701042

Is it actually supposed to be prom? The whole degenerate convention looks even sadder than fatcon, at least there are was some amusing shit that came out of it (like the deathfats on scooters) this is too pathetic to even be funny

No. 1701048

I agree. This event is definitely bottom of the barrel I mean look at this pic >>1700200 it looks like a stock photo. There isnt 1 single attractive person there. Theyre all old and/or ugly as hell. Not saying fetcon didnt have gross degens and troons, but it looked like there were some objectively attractive or at least a lot of average whores there. This Lonestar thing just seems awkward and weird af.

No. 1701051

I want to burn every one of those dresses. Everyone looks terrible. Absolutely no shame.

No. 1701064

File: 1668585373322.png (2.13 MB, 1264x1350, Screenshot 2022-11-16 at 04-50…)

I'm losing it. Was the theme "dress like it's prom in 2009"? They all look so tacky and outdated. What the fuck is Shayna's hairstyle? It's even worse than the dog hairstyles she does. The bun is not supposed to be that enormous. I can't handle this.

The "I'm such a spaz" pic has the same energy as picrel.

No. 1701091

LMAO what the FUCK. I’m crying. Shat’s enormous retarded bun with that unbelievably cheap plastic crown sent my sides into orbit. They all look hilariously bad but somehow she just catches the eye the worst kekkkkk.

No. 1701099

just imagine the cataclysmic stench blast of sweat, pee, and cheap body spray if these freaks walked by you in this cluster.

No. 1701100

File: 1668591122635.jpeg (365.29 KB, 645x914, 1D6035DD-D38F-478F-8AF6-58E4D5…)

Kek that is one huge bun. She even curled her sideburns

No. 1701155


Little Miss Sunshine goes to Slow Kid Prom

No. 1701157


No. 1701172

what was her inspiration for this? marie antoinette goes to the dollar store? the fuck is that bun? she looks sooo bad, even next to the other whores in plastic dresses she still manages to stick out like a sore thumb

No. 1701191

Is this supposed to be 80s prom or something. Her styling ages her so bad

No. 1701195

you can see the foam roller she used too lol

No. 1701208

i don't get why she did her sideburns like that, she's an enigma.

No. 1701213

its hilarious cause even tho theyre all THRIVING SEX WORKERS none of them can afford anything more the cheapest aliexpress shein paper thing material clothing for these kind of shoots. Each of them just chose the cheapest thing they could find to match the theme and uh…. it shows. Its shows.

No. 1701214

>she's an enigma
Nah she's just a stupid, washed-up whore.

No. 1701230

Holy shit, Shaymoo will absolutely become Jillpm as she ages.

No. 1701232

she will never be as thin as Jillpm!

No. 1701233

Can someone explain to me the ugly heart thing she's been doing? It's so jarring, she wears pink everything and then a ugly small heart under her eye. She's not even wearing make up that compliments it,it looks retarded.

No. 1701266

She’s been pretty quiet on Twitter for some reason

No. 1701272

I sincerely hope she got arrested. Really wanna see that mugshot.

No. 1701300

Why does her bun look worse in this >>1700968 than it does in this >>1698811

No. 1701309

for what lol

No. 1701312

File: 1668616572336.jpeg (140.83 KB, 640x640, 310698B7-45AF-4513-A11A-B295E0…)

it’s been mentioned before in previous threads iirc but it’s probably inspired by marina & the diamonds

No. 1701325

>dress like it's prom in 2009
bitch my prom did not fucking look like this

No. 1701328

That killed me, here it is, the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever seen

No. 1701330

So in other words she's still riding the high of being on tumblr ten years ago

No. 1701331

It’s a stamp from Milk makeup that she has had since her first go round in Seattle she used to wear it all the time with the bubble bangs and probably recent found it again.

No. 1701347

This just reminds me how outdated shayna always has been, those roller coke bottle bangs were horrific, just one big ass curl on her forehead. I remember when she did that VR porn, some scrote said, "the one with the funky bangs" or something like that.

No. 1701353

i wonder if her new fupaul has killed her or something

No. 1701354

File: 1668621433329.png (363.27 KB, 500x500, draculaura.png)

Why did I think it's a Monster High Draculaura thing kek

No. 1701360

Whoa that’s …dark lmao sadly she has no regard for her personal safety so it isn’t the most ridiculous tinfoil someone could have. That being said my tinfoil is she’s holed up w this fupa 2.0 scrote and he’s lovebombing her bc she’s pathetic and majorly susceptible to that shit. Has any cow ever been murdered? I know there are the couple who an heroed but I’m curious if any ever died at someone else’s hands. Sage for slight OT.

No. 1701366

File: 1668622434795.jpeg (353.93 KB, 750x751, 9EB1592A-FF89-4CBA-AE57-E34507…)

No. 1701402

There was a girl really similar to Shay on lc who got attacked by a john and is a vegetable now iirc with her mom is taking care of her. I wish I could remember her name but hopefully another anon does.

No. 1701408

Porky pig the British thing, I think her name is brat/bratty

No. 1701409

brat-grrrrl, i think she's just special needs now not a vegetable

No. 1701413

I agree with you, nonna, I just wanted to point out that was a tight knit group of friends in that movie, Shayna and all the other losers she hangs out with could never! Shayna, and I'll bet anybody she surrounds herself with, is the type of person to hang out with others more unfortunate than themselves, to give their ego a boost and feel less like a loser by comparison. She's only "girlfriends" with Ellen because she can profit off of her; and Ellen hangs out with her to try to suck out any ideas Shaynus might have of improving herself, if ever. Remember how they stuck by each other until the very end in the film? Yeah, not Shaynus, or Ellen, or whatever retard they call 'friend', rats will leave a sinking ship, it's known…

No. 1701420

because you’re too young lol

No. 1701456

File: 1668628880583.jpeg (310.26 KB, 1503x2048, E9212E24-EDB1-47F2-A22B-D9704D…)

kek, showing how she can barely bend in her deli ham colored “prom outfit”

No. 1701458

kek she found one facial expression that went with this outfit, and she was right to choose "mean old lady madame", guess she's planning to takeover for Smackie O once she gets too old to play a…spanking teacher or whatever the fuck.

No. 1701462

Shayba looks so odd because this is the first time in a while. We've seen her face without filters, without her making retarded faces, no angles, just her smiling normally with regular lighting. She looks very different in these pictures facially

No. 1701472

she really just looks like a sausage in that dress, so unflattering

No. 1701479

That and those eyeliner stamps are mainstream now so shes jumping on the trend late and doing it badly.

No. 1701482

What's with the Twitter fans insisting that the black girl is so cute? She's a crusty sloppy pedo panderer like the rest of them.

No. 1701484

No. 1701486

Maybe she just looks good when standing next to Shaynus

No. 1701495

AYRT, I’ve never used twitter in my life and I didn’t say she way cute nor do I think she is cute, she’s just the least hideous of the degenerate group

No. 1701507

I wonder if she thinks it's her trademark, you know once shayna catches onto a trend she pretends its her personality and something only SEE is recognized for. Like wearing pink

No. 1701508

They all look better compared to shayna. Even if I had no idea who she was I'd be like,
>>damn she's glowing in the dark, why she wearing that too small Teo piece? What's with the heart? And the huge bun? Why doesn't her make up match her body?
Also the girl in the black next to shayna looks better then her as well. They all look cheap and retarded but they are all different shades of average, shayna just looks extra goofy

No. 1701516

she has a pretty smile and nice face. she actually looks approachable and friendly.

No. 1701517

it’s that mean girl condescending smile. plus added on with her looking 40+ it’s giving condescending jealous single mom vibes.

No. 1701527

This is why I come back to shayna threads

No. 1701532

File: 1668634571253.jpg (10.74 KB, 361x373, fuck.jpg)

She literally smiles like a Horton Hears A Who character

No. 1701533

File: 1668634658409.jpeg (150.03 KB, 322x529, 9B28F124-4B5F-430E-927D-27E98F…)

Trying to get my screen recording working. But she’s claiming she got “wicked sick” after the party and is currently at the ER in Houston

No. 1701534

fucking alcoholic

No. 1701535

What the fuck is her hair. Does she not know how to use those hair claws??

No. 1701540

Yup, nonnies already call her bringing her Lizzo-Covid from Canada and infecting her elderly reject pack. Real shocker considering her expired cottage cheese "girlfriend" was sick before Shanya left but Shayna decided to travel anyways.

No. 1701542

shayna does so many things wrong it's infuriatingly hilarious

No. 1701548

yeah wtf its like completely upside down lol

No. 1701549

Still in her stinky bimbo hoodie.

No. 1701567

I cackled she really looks like that
Not the upside down claw. Why tf does she put her hair in a turd bun and put the clip on top.
>expired cottage cheese girlfriend
Anons have the best insults in this thread kek
She’s definitely hung over or ate some bad food at the “Spanking Elders Fiesta”

No. 1701571

there’s a good chance she’s legitimately sick this time. there’s been a lot of shit going around, especially RSV, covid, and now the flu is coming. she doesn’t take precautions and decides to go to super spreader events like these degenerate kink cons where most of the attendees don’t shower or wear masks.

No. 1701574

So do we think this is her ~mysterious puking sickness~ (alcoholism) flaring up again or did she catch something? It is cold and flu season after all. If it’s the latter, it would be awfully expensive and wasteful to go to the er for something that is easy to treat at home or at urgent care. I assume she’s not going to stay in Texas much longer?

No. 1701585

File: 1668638041001.png (317.96 KB, 566x552, 1548697724182.png)

No. 1701606

Yes please go to Italy, Shaynus. They absolutely LOVE fat disgusting Americans there kekkkk spero che vada in Italia davvero. Cicciona.

No. 1701622

42 likes? Damn this fake account is doin better than her account fr

No. 1701623

My god I’d kill myself if I let myself go that bad

No. 1701627

Its her account from 3 years ago, I was reading an old thread and this made me chuckle so thought I'd post it in comparison to what she is now

No. 1701629

Right?? Like…her decent body was all she had (and maybe her natural hair, RIP) and she recked that shit beyond belief.

No. 1701646

When she was really skinny she had a fantastic body (I know it’s not to everyone taste). Seeing how badly she has wrecked it in such a short period of time (or what feels like a short period of time, I’ve never fluctuated so I have no reference point for how long it takes to gain or lose weight) is genuinely depressing.

No. 1701653

And you know what? nobody would care if she ballooned, if she hadn't made her literal job her body? Also this is out of pure depression and retardation. She's not some college student or someone working a normal job, who just gained weight as they got older. She got this big and uncomfortable looking, simply because she truly hates her job/her life and drinks/eats/smokes repeat in order to make up for it/to cope.
She used to blame her "pills" even though she had the Snack Drawer, now she doesn't even pretend to find an cope. She clearly dislikes her body, but won't do shit about it because scrotes will always come and throw a penny at her for degrading herself.

No. 1701666

TA and yeah honestly I genuinely do not get how she could be so gross, lazy and self-destructive. She could have started a fitness routine at her high point and made her body even better with not a whole lot of work but she went the complete opposite route and now looks like a bunch of pieces of old nasty chewed bubblegum fashioned into the rough approximation of a woman.

No. 1701682

This bitch needs to get the FUCK out of my city.
I guarantee they're somewhere around Memorial or north of downtown. Ugh..

No. 1701687

You can eat Mediterranean-style at home and not go crazy expensive. You can also drink red wine in moderation and it's healthy. But she'd have to grocery shop and cook and she's too lazy to do either. Also, her? Moderation? She doesn't know the meaning of the word.

No. 1701692

Looking so crusty that even her filter resembles dandruff.

No. 1701696

For real I’m Mediterranean and everyone in my family eats traditionally, the word “diet” doesn’t exist in our vocabulary because we eat normal portions and everything in moderation. That said, if Shat went back to Italy you can bet she’d be gorging herself on way too much meat and dairy instead of eating like a local because she has no restraint

No. 1701697

File: 1668643706949.jpeg (40.59 KB, 680x680, A3836CC7-D64F-469A-97D4-F51AA1…)

>a bunch of pieces of old nasty chewed bubblegum fashioned into the rough approximation of a woman

No. 1701706

Agree the anons here are too nice to that chick. She's a lumpy, crusty, stinky pedo pandering disgusting degen like Shayna. Just because she's not immeadiately repulsive in the face. Her and Shaynus dress the same and are into the same gross shit. She's gotta be icky to willingly hang around and do shoots with Shaynus multiple times. I see past her below average face and the rest of her appearance and personality makes her ugly to me.

No. 1701711

I mean she literally eats that stuff >>1701585 at home now and thinks its normal and probably thinks its eating fancy and cool. With the poor girl charcuterie board for 4 that she shares with her fat dog. Washes it down with pink wine.
Guess grapes, cheese, pig meat, and wine isn't healthy and a diet plan for skinnyness kek

No. 1701726

Only 7 more months until she ages off daddy’s insurance. Tick tock, Shay

No. 1701752

Dunno how much she drinks and for how long it's been going on but the high amount of empty calories possibly on a daily basis for someone who does fuck all is probably the majority of her weight gain.

Bitch don't even walk her own dog.

No. 1701753

Bc she opened it up to be as wide as the crown which just looks stupid, but in the other pictures it tapers in like a normal bun

No. 1701756

Her poor girl charcuterie boards are so embarrassing. The whole point of charcuterie boards/antipasto is to showcase really good quality produce, like beautiful DOC/artisanal cheeses, charcuterie/salumi and condiments, not processed burger “deli meat” full of poisonous additives and plastic cheese washed down with cheap, nasty, sugary pink wine instead of something that complements the food. She’s the epitome of uncultured white trash.

No. 1701757

I wonder if they have any self-realization, and what their conversations with each other are like after doing things like this. I imagine a lot of sex workers would be able to be like “kek that was so stupid but at least we made big $$”… but with these guys it really seems that they are desperately seeking approval and base their self esteem off of appealing to people in these

No. 1701759

Absolutely, plus those gross giant corn syrup drinks that masquerade as coffee, she consumes several days worth of calories from beverages alone. No wonder she’s constantly sick, even though she’s a fat fuck she must be so malnourished and I hate to think what her blood sugar levels look like. She’s on the road to diabetes and high cholesterol if she’s not there already

No. 1701763

they probably tell people who aren't in the same crusty de-gen life-
>>"I'm a pornstar and I'm flying out to do a shoot"
and idiots who think "Flying out for a job" is "cool" go, "Oh wow"
Not realizing they are going to get spanked, be in ugly clothes and probably are paying for everything.

No. 1701764

They think they'll get woke points on lolcow of all places, kek.

No. 1701765

She really does have the nastiest little beady black rat eyes I’ve ever seen on a human being

No. 1701778

No one in this thread is trying to be “woke”, quit being retarded
This is exactly how I imagine their conversations going, what’s even more pathetic is that they have to fly themselves out and (presumably) have to pay for their accommodation, meals, etc, and at least in Shayna’s case there’s no way she’s making any of that money back in what she sells so she’s doing it at a loss. I doubt she breaks even.

No. 1701805


why are the photos from this place always so amateur?? the flash making everyone shiny, the black abyss background, the lack of depth or contrast. it looks like someone's family album from the 90s


acting like America doesn't have fruit cheese and bread

No. 1701829

Damn, how often is this cow in ER?
For someone her age.. must be something very wrong with her but she doesn't ever seem to take it seriously.
Dunno about other nonnies but I've been to ER/A&E like twice in my lifetime.

No. 1701835

I don’t know anyone of any age who goes as frequently as she does. I wonder if she has serious health issues or is just too dumb to go to a walk-in clinic like a normal adult.

No. 1701846

I suspect it's because she ignores any health problem until she can't and is left with no other option.

No. 1701849

Can a burger please let the rest of us know if/how much she has to pay for ER visits? It does seem like she goes quite a lot.

No. 1701854

Shes on her parents insurance almost surely. Or some other insurance or just doesnt pay lol. No way she's forking out $600+ multiple times a year. But yeah, most people in their 20s - 30s are only going to the hospital if they absolutely have to. She seems like the type that either just goes because she can and is too lazy to take care of herself over any little thing because dramatic and stupid or she's so gross and negligent of her own health, she gets serious issues going on that she ignores until its dire. It's likely both though.

No. 1701858

its so funny how this "Snack Drawer" that "Fupa introduced her to" has become such a legacy in these threads like its the straw that broke the camels back in her becoming a fatty lmao i think its the alcoholism and never leaving her house ladies… do we ever even see her mentioning snacking? she just drinks, smokes, doesnt exercise and eats shit food when she does eat.

No. 1701862

In the USA, you can remain on your parents insurance until Dec 31 of your 26th year. So these are the last two months of her free ride. I imagine her parents will still pay for some of her hospital visits, but they're going to start asking questions and she's gonna have to start telling them she's going in yearly to get her hemorrhoids fixed and has destroyed her lungs with bongs.

No. 1701865

Can we bring back a summary/ synopsis of Shayna in the thread OPs? Thread doesn't even mention her age anymore. Could bring in some fresh meat too as she's not as popular as she was when the threads first started.

No. 1701866

Shay turned 25 this year. So she has till next year

No. 1701869

This is why we need this kinda shit in the thread OP. Alcohol is aging her hard so its hard to tell anymore.

No. 1701873

I think its just a funny symbol/term that sums up how tbf Fupa did get her eating a lot more than she was before she met him. Its not his fault she's fat. But going out on food dates with him, him hanging out snacking with her, etc. was a change from her goldfish and wine single eating behavior. Also happened when she transitioned into her 20s where your metabolism shifts. Also with food delivery services becoming a big thing.

No. 1701877

Probably her zombie tit. Idk how it’s NOT causing health problems. Pumpy from the cam girls general thread is suffering from lupus-like symptoms because of her implants (among other things). I get she wont take it out because then she will look like a freak. And no way she has the money for a new implant.

No. 1701881

She truly did get hit with a double/triple whammy in terms of weight gain causes. Most people have a transitional age in their late 20s when their metabolism settles down. A lot of ppl gain 10-20 lb around that age. And if you don't modify your lifestyle, then you'll settle into that extra 10 lb for good. Combine that then with the fact that ubereats/doordash became much more available and normalized during the pandemic. I think that many people have put on 10-20 lb this way as well. Then add in the fact that she spent a few years shacked up with Fupa the Gutmonster who taught her fatty habits like The Snack Drawer and double decker craft IPAs.
It's no secret why Shayna has gained upwards of 50 lb. The ghetto charcuterie boards are a drop in the ocean at this point.

No. 1701886

Shes only indugled more in bad drinking and eating habits on top of being sedentary and doing no excercise whatsoever. Like you said, if you don't make some diet and lifestyle changes as your metabolism shifts, you'll just slide down the greasy fatty slope.
She's too lazy and delusional to discipline herself. She has all the time every day to go for a walk with her dog, do gym or at home excercise, and make some simple meals. Its pitiful to be an adult and not be able to cook a damn thing. She doesnt even stick with things like hellofresh that give you everything with basic instructions.

No. 1701908

Alcoholics are generally in and out of A&E until their liver or kidneys pack up.

No. 1701912

File: 1668667626707.png (Spoiler Image,1.02 MB, 1305x703, she big.png)

Absolutely dying over the fact we're supposed to believe Big Shaynus couldn't just stand up and walk away considering she's double the size of Grandma.

No. 1701914

That’s ridiculous, most alcoholics are “functional”

No. 1701935

She's huge, the little old woman is the same size as one of Shayna's thighs.

No. 1701939

NTA but alcoholism is progressive by nature. “Functional” is a stage, not a type

No. 1701954

File: 1668676607816.jpg (363.02 KB, 1500x1057, stock-photo-dish-of-pork-funny…)

No. 1702012

Total off topic but referring to Americans as "a burger" got me fucking howling, thank you for this and sorry American nonnas

No. 1702033

She is 100% an alcoholic. She's going to the ER because she's withdrawing. Seems like these weekend trips cause even more drinking (probably the entire time because I dont think Shartna is capable of any kind of "sex work" sober. Too bad one of those stunners she worked with haven't spilled how drunk she actually is the whole time. I'm willing to bet, even at home she drinks from when she gets up, binge eats, passes out and does it again in the evening. That's where all the bloat and weight comes from. Weed was never the issue. It may have exacerbated the alcohol withdrawing, but it's less shameful to say that then admitting she's coming down from booze. That's why she chews off all her skin on her nails out of anxiety, not acetone. Shitna Clubtit, we can tell. You're fooling no one. Every photo you're in is obvious you're drunk. Stop before full on alcholism starts. You'll be in the ER for something besides withdrawals. Watch for pancreatitis next.

No. 1702036

Pls sage

No. 1702047

Sex work: not even once

Fr how can she say she's ~thriving~ when she gets fatter and more grey-skinned with every passing year? I've never seen anyone age this quickly, its like she's literally rotting from the inside out.

No. 1702067

Holy shit she's enormous

No. 1702127

Considering Shaymus can’t even afford anything that isn’t Shein I think it’s just a bad pic. Either that or she got them done for really cheap on the black market or smthn cause they aren’t even the same size & droop. I am at a loss tho wtf is going on there though

No. 1702138

lurk moar, she supposedly got an implant really early as a teen in only one boob for some strange conditon where one breast just didn't develop

No. 1702151

File: 1668706124954.jpg (234.25 KB, 1080x766, Screenshot_20221117_112654.jpg)

Shay's no longer going to be meeting with vivi and abutterfacepixie in January.

No. 1702154

Oh god it’s probably just rotting in there then considering you’re supposed to get them redone every 10 years or so oof

No. 1702160

I dont think it was ever that mysterious weed induced illness she claimed she had. Ive literally only heard people on the internet say they have it and attention whores. She drinks from probably the moment she gets up at 4pm to the moment she passes out. She doesnt work
, have friends or see hee family and the only time we see her outside shes guzzling down mutiple mixed drinks. We also know from vivi she likes to take "good girl pills" aka benzos and anyone with a brain knows how dangerous combining those two things are. I genuinely think Shaymu has reached a point in her uwu bimbo baby alcoholism phase where she probably feels very ill when going 8+ hours without pills or alcohol and doesn't realize it's withdrawals because she's dumb as fuck. She doesn't talk about it because it's probably embaressing to admit you exist 90% of your life under the influence of some kind of chemical sedative and the moment you're not sucking down poison or pill popping you need medical attention. Truly the life of a thriving sex worker. Weed was just an easy thing for her to demonize since its easier to cut back on smoking in theory for her than to stop drinking or taking benzos.

No. 1702163

File: 1668707451960.jpeg (179.5 KB, 1170x747, C7E0E5D8-C167-4D3B-91C1-A320C9…)

Probably about Shay

No. 1702176

Cannabinoid hyperemesis syndrome is real and it fucking sucks, no common nausea meds work, and there’s a whole host of complications that can kill you.

No. 1702182

newfag detected

No. 1702188

KEK. Wonder what happened. That Expo wasnt til January. Shaynus chicken out already because the thought of going to a huge adult entertainment event (I googled it) where there girls are actually attractive and legit porn stars and models was too scary kek. Plus shooting with 2 girls who are overall better looking than her and not part of her gross little skidmoore group of uglies. No one would know or care who the fuck she is there, she'd be an embarrassment. And thats saying something at a porn expo.
That and she probably wont be able to ebeg for the cost of it all during the holidays.

No. 1702193

Sage for OT but howdy fellow Houston nonita!

No. 1702225

Even tho she got full Ohio behaviour, the fact she’s from Houston answers all my questions

No. 1702243

Shay isn’t from Houston

No. 1702288

She's from mass. Lived in Seattle then Tulsa then back to Seattle

No. 1702302

I feel like the real reason as to why Shay isn’t doing the collab anymore will never be mentioned

No. 1702307

i feel like there is a slight dig to shay on here. she didn't even tag her

No. 1702316

I find it odd she ends up at the hospital almost everytime she goes on a trip which makes me feel like she's doing something spefic she shouldn't be doing but does it anyway. Or she just has covid or the flu.

No. 1702319

Just waiting on her big pity party post on twitter

No. 1702329

No. 1702331

Is that not the same vivi that she said abused her, and the boyfriend made her feel uncomfortable?

No. 1702333

Okay but Shay doesn't have it. Shes just drinks too much for too long without letting water even touch her lips. She's either dehydrated or has alcohol poisoning. She doesn't have hyperemesis she's just a fucking messy alcoholic kek

No. 1702338

Nope, this is a different Vivi

No. 1702366

Could be the other girls didn’t want to associate with shat either because of us or her reputation in general.

No. 1702396

At this point if she wanted to work with Bratty she would, in a way I think Mayne she's using her sickness and the fact they both have partners and she doesn't. Despite all the dumb shit shayna has done she clearly doesn't want ro have actual sex with a woman nor does she want to have sex with another scrote. She likes to do these slappy bruise porn because it's literally her laying around and being slapped around. I seriously feel that meeting was never going to happen. Shayna may even blame the other Vivi for why she doesn't want to do it because of trauma or whatever

No. 1702442

I genuinely hope they had a falling out and drama stems from this

No. 1702449

File: 1668728069484.jpeg (495.65 KB, 1242x1592, B98303B8-9C3D-44E2-B7C9-11497C…)

Fat alcoholic

No. 1702450

File: 1668728111188.jpeg (416.52 KB, 1242x980, 0AE2EBA2-25AF-40B9-9218-867336…)

Yeah that totally happened tf

No. 1702461

Sorry for blogging but i've known a few alchys and they absolutely are in and out of hospital and get sick more than junkies even tbh, they basically shit and puke themselves to death.

No. 1702462

she has poland syndrome and had a small implant inserted and fat grafted over top from her back. thats why she has the weird armpit divit.(armchairing)

No. 1702463

I don't know which scenario is funnier, her being so pathetic that she has to create these fantasies about random people being quirky(tm) or kind to her; or her being constantly aided by random people because they think she's a sped without a caretaker.

No. 1702467

File: 1668729681552.jpeg (421.06 KB, 1170x945, 2ADF7553-AC75-4CB3-83B1-725A84…)

No words

No. 1702469


No. 1702474

Kek, she's never going to stop wearing that sweater. Imagine the fucking smell of it.

No. 1702476

Imagine wasting all the doctor’s and nurse’s time because you can’t handle your fucking alcohol. Stop drinking fatass. Once or twice is whatever, but you’ve been to the hospital so many times- especially since reaching peak Ogre status. This is no reason to go to the hospital. Like how hard is it to drink some water you dry crusty ham planet. Not to mention “muh asthma” and you still smoke. Bitch is going to get diabetes and have live failure. She’s probably going to die on the toilet because she’s a useless piece of shit.

No. 1702478

For a bitch who talks about every interaction outside she never talks about buying laundry soap or cleaning products. Or even fucking body wash. Like she’s a crusty ass bitch.
> “I’m depressed”
No bitch wash your ass.

No. 1702479

I love how even in her fantasies women are always kind to her and doing things for her, but scrotes watch her trip and just beep their horn. Shayna literally sees every woman as her "mother" and servant. She calls scrotes "Dad/Daddy" but literally expects nothing of them. Honestly, shayna sucks the life out of any woman around her. Hoping they'll feel bad for her, while secretly being jealous. Just like a pick me, uses women but hates them. Meanwhile every scrote does nothing for her. Ellen has legit done more for Shay then Fupaul has.

No. 1702481

The only time she talks about how she smells is when she uses a bath bomb and that was like twice, kek. No one tells her she smells nice in her 100% true adventures. In fact has Shayna ever brought up perfume at all kek?

No. 1702506

Honestly. Ive overdone it a couple times in my life and gotten alcohol poisoning and had a hellish night/next morning. But like you just deal with it? Whats the hospital supposed to do for you anyway besides iv some fluid into you?? Even with insurance I wouldve never thought to go to the er for shit like that.

No. 1702511

And of all the products she chooses of course it’s gross bath bombs that are terrible for your vag

No. 1702525

No. 1702533

This is, by far, the most ridiculous story she's told. Flight attendants go through extensive training to NEVER be that disgustingly unprofessional. I'm starting to think this greasy hog is schizophrenic.

No. 1702546

File: 1668736481820.jpeg (673.64 KB, 1242x1694, AAB03E04-140F-400C-9BD0-C8E070…)

Ew Shane >>1700363
got nasty dirty fingernails kek
Shayna and Shane a match made in hell

No. 1702559

File: 1668737448735.jpg (62.58 KB, 1299x360, eww.jpg)

And of course, she liked it.

No. 1702579

That's not a thumb, that's an actual dirt crusted toe on his hand

No. 1702593

unconfirmed theory. she doesn’t have a scar large enough to support that she had fat grafts due to poland syndrome. any scar from a skin or fat graft will be noticeable, not hidden or small, and it wouldn’t just be a line.

No. 1702601

i think you’re confused. there is nothing “small” or “hidden” about the area they took the fat from. there is a giant missing chunk of fat on her back behind her one arm/armpit. anons have pointed it out many times in wonder of why the fuck it’s there. this surgery probably happened in her preteens and it wasnt as noticable when she was skinny. like why else would she have a giant weird looking divet on her back exactly where they typically remove the fat for the procedure?

No. 1702605

File: 1668742828746.png (Spoiler Image,1.98 MB, 1280x1280, 6F59B8BF-11A8-46F9-87B4-DDD04D…)

A line? The fuck? See picra, newfag. The fat transplant is probably why her necrotit looks rotting. She got too fat and fucked up the work.

No. 1702610

Can a kind anon please find a picture showing BOTH sides of her back/shoulder so we can compare

No. 1702612

File: 1668743794063.jpeg (388.22 KB, 891x861, 845BCEDE-0A1B-4CE3-B05D-26A4B1…)

It would be fun to see if people who didn’t already know what this body part was, could figure it out

No. 1702614

I wonder why she’s never spoken about it, some kind of “uwu I have a medical condition that I needed surgery for” sympathy fishing shtick would be very on-brand for her

No. 1702615

I was unfortunate enough to see this image on the main page and know exactly what it was and what thread it would take me to.

No. 1702617

Lmaoooooooooooo anon me too i know that armpit anywhere

No. 1702618

I thought that was a toe holy fuck

No. 1702620

File: 1668744909365.jpeg (683.42 KB, 1170x1591, B62964D1-EBA8-4CC2-8DBE-E07B7E…)

No. 1702621

In early threads she claimed she was “teased for a medical condition in school”

No. 1702627

Gurl better get back to discord because she will be banned from everywhere else (again)

No. 1702632

She really thinks that she's special because airline workers don't want to send every dumbass (read = 90% of ppl) who try sneaking a chunky carryon to go back through security again.

Sooooo she's finally admitting that she's been going to the ER just for being hungover & alcoholic. When she would previously just allude to as a vague ~sickness~ to sound less pathetic kek. Absolute fucking retard.

No. 1702637


No. 1702641

It actually pisses me off that her own retardation keeps sending her to the ER, it’s a waste of time and resources when there are people who require legitimate medical care and don’t have access to it. I hate her so much.

No. 1702668

File: 1668752490387.jpeg (127.71 KB, 1242x331, D515FA42-20DB-4017-B048-29413A…)

She acts like she’s a model kek “photoshoot”

No. 1702675

Kek at all the anons believing her "I get deathly ill when I smoke thc uwu" meanwhile she's pounding back entire liters of wine and topping it off with probably a few blunts. It's like the fatties who order double meals for themselves and a diet coke. One thing I'd say is a bigger issue for her than the other but alchys will die on the hill that they're completely functional and it's just all the OTHER bad things making them feel look and act like shit. I guess she has supermarket pink wine hyperemesis syndrome.

No. 1702676

can she stop spreading her diseases everywhere

No. 1702699

I wonder if her parents read the statements from their insurance and suspect that she’s an alcoholic or drug user?

No. 1702712

> died of weed

No. 1702722

Even if they did they seem to enable the majority of her degenerate lifestyle so I doubt they’d put their foot down over her using their insurance for self-inflicted fuckery
Don’t be retarded, that anon was referring to the CHS not the weed itself. It can cause fatal electrolyte imbalance and organ failure

No. 1702724

To me it looks like an odd pelvic/vaginal area at the top, with a very severe bulbous cellulite leg. But I have seen what it actually is

No. 1702741

>fatal electrolyte imbalance

So you mean what happens when you're dehydrated from puking, shitting, sweating and what also happens when you're an alcoholic with alcohol poisoning and not just a spooky thing that happens to the .0005% with the smoke weed and die disease.(weed derailing)

No. 1702745

Regardless of whether it’s from booze or weed (it’s definitely both) this uwu have to go to the ER illness is entirely her own fault because she’s a selfish, greedy sped

No. 1702754

I literally thought his thumb was a big toe like that one guy who had it transplanted. Imagine letting that no-doubt ballsack cheese smelling trailer park scrote get near enough to touch you with that rancid toe thumb. Absolutely vile blergh. He is on her exact level tho kek

No. 1702767

If Twitter does go down, she's so fucked, along with 90% of whores because that's how most of them advertise, but she's particularly fucked. Even if her engagement is abysmal and she's barely getting any business, it's still something. I miss the good ol' days when her Twitter would get taken down every week and she'd have a meltdown over it, kek.

No. 1702776

The fact that she has a (totally real) story to tell every single motherfucking time she goes to the airport says enough. She really needs people to think she’s important. I almost pity you, Shart.

No. 1702784

>angry red text mod
this thread already went through this once before with the same half-retarded nonnies trying to claim her necro tit was TOTALLY REAL U BANNED IF U SAY DIFFERENT before the truth came out. topkek denial.

I think the whole “is-it or isnt-it” factor came into play because she liked being complimented on her “nice tits” and letting certain people think she was an “all natural beauty”. She would only go as far as to tell people she had a fake tit, but why else would a young girl need only one breast implant?

No. 1702790

What >>1702741 and >>1702745 said, plus where do you think the cannibas comes from in CHS? So again leaving my silly reply of
> died of weed(weed derail)

No. 1702792

And someone who died on the toilet puking after binge drinking - would you say that they died "from puking"? No, you say they died from alcohol. You're just being a semantic dick like every other layabout stoner in the world when anyone throws out a negative about your precious drug.(weed derail)

No. 1702881

>schizo shay
Kek now that would be an interesting arc

No. 1702902

File: 1668790277083.jpeg (Spoiler Image,275.63 KB, 1536x2048, 6D6A4615-F585-4AC0-BB07-C8D008…)

No. 1702904

Does she forget that the people reading her gross fantasies of human interaction she never gets have actual real life experience? There is absolutely no way that a flight attendant is risking her job like this. It’s a very difficult industry to get into, even budget airlines have high standards for FA’s, so the thought that a woman would risk months of training and a decently paid job just to bond with some disheveled fat fuck who smells like vomit is so far away from how real life works it shows what an utter porn sick shut in she really is.

No. 1702921

Jesus christ her fupathighs are so big now they cover her vag

No. 1702932

Fucking autopsy pictures

No. 1702934

File: 1668793036971.jpeg (767.48 KB, 1440x1008, D72008C3-C19A-4856-9B34-A9C76A…)

Damn Shayna is large

No. 1702935

File: 1668793093652.jpeg (790.65 KB, 1440x1008, A98F31E5-8FCF-4F6B-9B51-97100F…)

No. 1702936

File: 1668793178761.jpeg (Spoiler Image,789.33 KB, 1440x1008, 7BE60FE5-6F4A-4C04-BCD1-6EA793…)

No. 1702937

Even for the most brutal hangover I can't imagine going to the hospital and spending the night. That's usually very serious. Wtf is happening to her?

No. 1702939

File: 1668793363447.jpeg (Spoiler Image,899.27 KB, 1242x1229, 8A6D7C0D-3388-46C9-9467-C7929C…)

Big Shaynus

No. 1702940

I know it’s retard scrote fantasy but seriously, how many different situations can they dream up that end in spanking? Why would this other woman walk into a hotel room and start spanking her fat friend with a paddle? Ate all the room service?

No. 1702944

File: 1668793946046.jpeg (689.62 KB, 1242x1101, BE9A814A-7B7B-47E5-8A58-AF1A11…)

The scenario is Shayna goes through a clients wallet for extra door dash money and snack money. Sophia catches her fat co worker and spanks her

No. 1702948

Omg your synopsis nonna kek

No. 1702951

Shayna was smaller or the same size as this chick the first time they shot together. Her weight gain is really concerning actually, like… Won't make it to 50 concerning because of alchy+pothead tendencies.

No. 1702952

the bandaids on her fingers and bitten nails. so bimbo. so high class.

No. 1702953

the way she uses highlighter only accents between gross skin texture and color. idk why this bitch refuses to watch FREE makeup tutorials.

No. 1702955

the troon face with her chin jutting out, I can’t

No. 1702962

>precious drug
Kek nona its not that deep. Its just funny anons are harping on Shay having CHS when she literally admitted to still smoking weed and going to the ER for being too hungover. It's an extremely rare condition exacerbated by terminally online munchies, no one is peer pressuring your kids here to partake in the evil devils lettuce.

No. 1702967

I know right kek she looks like she ate two of her old size selves to become the size she is now.

No. 1702969

File: 1668795680219.jpeg (155.25 KB, 750x1078, 663CE0B2-5575-4AC7-B3E7-F09B87…)

No. 1702973

Imagine having withdrawals from taking a weed. That’s embarrassing. It’s not like it’s meth. Shayna’s real issue is alcohol. Not saying too much weed won’t make you sick but Shayna drinks more than she smokes.

No. 1702974

Them crusty yellow callous feet. So gross

No. 1702977

>small surgery
>what would make me happiest is people not asking about it further
ok tinfoil she keeps getting so sick because alcoholism and breast implant illness (à la pumpy in the cam thread thinking she has lupus) don’t mix. the doctor got her history, found out she’s had silicon decaying in her chest for 10 years (as >>1702154 mentioned), & told her you need to get that fixed immediately before you get sepsis kek
now she’s portraying it as a mystery condition to maximize sympathy and minimize frankentit sperging

No. 1702979

just throwing this out here, colonoscopy and upper endoscopy are both considered surgical procedures because you have to be completely knocked out for them
I'm betting it's one or both because of persistent vomiting

No. 1702982

>Fatty fatty boombalaty needs surgery
>Dry begging on the bird app for more greasy take out.

What do y'all think she's going in for? Personally I think it's either for that dead titty of hers or something stomach related. She really isn't going to make it to old age if she keeps going like this. My God.

No. 1702983

also if it were an actual surgery she would say what it was for sympathy

No. 1702984

I gotta agree with you nonna, I think it prob has something to do with her colon. God knows she’s abused her rectum enough and her diet is probably sheer torture on her digestive system with no water to at least sort of help.

No. 1702985

It's this, the first thing they do if you go in for repeated vomiting issues is scope your stomach, doesn't even matter if your drink or not

No. 1702986

that is a post from 2021 anons, not recent

No. 1702989

Kek, you're right. Shaynus lives to see another glorious day of paddling her ass for chump change.

No. 1702990

Well then it was definitely a scope otherwise she'd still be milking it for sympathy

No. 1703004

and she'd have a fresh scar somewhere

No. 1703021

I'm guessing something a little harder than weed/alcohol…

No. 1703022

File: 1668800076978.png (123.61 KB, 358x307, Screenshot_20221118-143311~2.p…)

wellp here's a picture of both shoulderblades for the anons who wanted comparison.

No. 1703024


No. 1703032

File: 1668800590966.jpeg (1.08 MB, 3195x3321, B66C3469-97D8-44DA-95E9-5F7D4E…)

She’s so huge omfg

No. 1703043

Christ, she doesn't even need to tie herself in ropes anymore. The fat constricts her movement enough. It looks like it's uncomfortable for her to look backwards.

No. 1703048

File: 1668801504307.jpeg (397.63 KB, 771x584, 1657731D-4E9D-4ED8-9F16-DB0A82…)

Finally a role that fits big Shaynus! Not a baby or a cheerleader but a busted lazy hooker who thinks she’s hot shit for getting a few $20 bills from a random scrote!

No. 1703059

Probably pulled a whitey smoking loads of weed while drunk, woke up feeling grim and withdrawals from alcohol kicked in. Creating a sicky, sweating, shitting, shaking Shaymu ready to do the walk of shame to the ER and go all uwu I'm a sick bimbo

No. 1703063

It's kind of crazy how it's not angles, she's legit taller and larger then EVERY girl she's pictured with. EVERY SINGLE woman whose spanked her, always looks smaller in comparison. The black girl isn't skinny either kek, her need to be the "baby" and be lazy is so hilarous because she's bigger. wider and taller then 90% of the women she's with. I also get the vibe Shayna purposely tries to film the most with women she thinks she looks better then, but everytime she doesn't.

No. 1703076

File: 1668803267707.jpeg (21.71 KB, 320x320, F466671F-5CD5-4C64-9F9D-CB42C7…)

Maybe the scar is on her left side, so it’s most as fat as her right. See pic rel.

No. 1703087

that just looks like a fat roll. where’s the scarring? if her back didn’t look like that when she was skinny then it’s a fat roll.

No. 1703088

File: 1668803994184.jpeg (18.31 KB, 275x183, 4CB56933-15AF-46DF-BD80-EEF9AD…)

absolutely serving Divine here

No. 1703129

Ugh I have those exact shorts lol

No. 1703135

You don’t actually have to be knocked out for either procedure. In the UK they’ll give a benzo injection if you want it but a lot of people choose not to take it so they can drive themselves home afterwards. Maybe general anaesthesia for scopes is standard in the USA but it’s not actually necessary for most people.

Did we ever find out what the “small surgery” was? My money’s on either haemorrhoid removal or anal fissure repair.

No. 1703147

The side of her shins?? Literally why would you get caned or hit there???