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File: 1699838299870.jpeg (845.48 KB, 1109x789, thriving.jpeg)

No. 1927647

Previous Thread >>>/snow/1919147

Shayna Leigh Clifford; 26 year old failing prostitute, porn sick degenerate, drug addict and alcoholic who spends her days posting free pictures of her hemorrhoid filled anus on twitter while begging for rent. Rejects her parents help to get an education and normal job. Hurts animals on purpose and panders to pedos by filming porn dressed as a child. Recently moved to Seattle after wasting years on an ex too ashamed to admit they were dating her and is currently looking her new Fupa 2.0.


REMEMBER: Read the rules before posting. Repetitive nitpicks about Shayna's body, face, and genitals are subject to a 1-day ban. Reposting the same photos zoomed in/edited is not milk and you will receive a ban for nitpicking. Stay on topic, derailing and infighting will result in a ban. Sage when there’s no milk. Spoiler any NSFW images. No blog posting or bragging about how you're a better whore than Shayna. Nobody wants to hear about your degeneracy. This is a Shay thread, curb your enthusiasm when posting screenshots of other e-whores, they go in the e-whores thread

Last Thread:
>Attempts to flirt with vanilla moid, second tweet stating how depressed she is after the stint at Kiki's >>1919154
>Sensei Ricky posted new porn on Twitter showing the "birthday" foursome featuring Shat, Kiki and the goth sexworker, not tagging Shat >>1919827 along with the tired ass Scream mask porn >>1919834
>Tries to prove she can cook by making dry french toast and bacon, featuring Mr. Peanut Butter walking all over the counter >>1920016
>Posts that she is tired of everyone "loving her & then treating her like shit" yet doesn't realize how she clings herself to every person that gives her a crumb of attention >>1920276
>Retarded video of her dancing to Metallica while gorging on a bottle of wine, showing her flabby flesh >>1920293
>Continues to see sugar daddies wearing a $10 Shein pleather outfit, facetuning to oblivion >>1921047
>More photoshopping, recycled Halloween outfit >>1921328, >>1921333, >>1921718, >>1921720, >>1921840, >>1921891
>Immediately complains about Twitter being angry at SWs dressing up as kid characters, when Shay herself LARPs for pedos >>1921754, >>1921755
>Special needs-tier porn trailer of Shay featuring Ricky Delgado in the Scream mask, looking like he's wrestling a hog down >>1921954
>Immediately deletes the trailer and goes on another psychotic rant about how she will become some "famous bimbo #1 pornstar" after ballooning up and failing sex work for almost a decade. >>1922053
>Sharing how she cried in a grocery store because she's so sad and will plan on drinking her day away >>1922275
>Announces she's been in sex work for 8 years (with no real accomplishments to show for it, totally thriving) >>1922450
>Hypocritically rambles about how sad she feels for other content creators who need to guilt people into interacting with them for clout, talking from experience it seems, then deletes them overnight >>1922560, >>1922562
>In true Shay fashion, begs for $600 for her flight for the Lone Star Spanking Party under a week away, guilt trips she may cancel >>1922772
>Apparently "makes it happen", and then demands for the $600 to be made back despite asking for $400 initially the week before >>1922813, >>1922872
>Last minute purchases for the Texas trip, first result Chinese fabric costumes from Amazon. Attempts to trick people into thinking she's a size XS - M >>1923023
>Posts on her main about dreaming about her ex and how she wants a man >>1923152
>Shows how she spent $130 for the cheap Amazon costumes and only $70 for (3 of) her pets' food, and tips a measly $4 >>1923591
>Starts painting more frequently after the farms accuses her of having no hobbies >>1924062
>Video of Shat and Kiki doing oral, Kiki trying not to vomit as she tries to not lick Shay's toilet paper-covered vagina >>1924459
>Shay out at the bar complaining about a Cardi B/Queen mashup, not realizing how bleak it looks that she's in an empty bar, alone on a Sunday >>1924652
>Cries about how her nail salon is closed, trying to hide scamming as just a mere coincidence as if anyone wants to see her hot dog nails >>1925229
>Openly admits alcoholism, getting a moscow mule at 6am at the airport >>1925581
>Wears same unwashed Bimbo sweater, explaining another interaction that totally happened >>1925604
>Begs for grocery, nail and hotel money, things that should be taken care of BEFORE you depart >>1925697
>Looking homeless at the hotel, shamelessly showing gunt >>1925736
>Looking absolutely retarded in moose knuckle shorts, dirty uggs and a shirt 2 sizes ago >>1926203
>Meets up with fellow degenerates, had no time to edit photos and stuck looking Shaggard as possible >>1926204, >>1926207, >>1926210, >>1926556
>Demo bottomed for a BDSM workshop, forcing everyone to see her in her special needs glory, featuring a very red, angry botched tit >>1926582, >>1926583, >>1926584
>Shows off blotchy, acne-ridden negative asscheeks, reminiscent of FatCon bruises; even horrifying her coomers >>1927060
>Shows off party outfit, looking like a flapper dressed in stringy ham >>1927207, >>1927210
>Gross caning marks on her flabby legs >>1927324, >>1927326
>Not tagged but featured in potential new spanking content, looking disproportionate and troony as hell compared to the other girls >>1927434, >>1927435

New TikTok: https://www.tiktok.com/@dollhausbarbie

No. 1927668

Thx for making the thread anon

No. 1927674

too early dawg, there's still over 70 posts left in the other thread.

No. 1927740

Such a random title? Why focus on her alcoholism when she is at lone star spanking party degen) hoedown round 2? Come on nona…

No. 1927761

Thanks for making the new thread Nona, and linking all the previous posts right ♥ your comma use is immaculate.

No. 1928078

File: 1699919700353.jpeg (1.03 MB, 1186x3128, Tweets.JPEG)

Latest Tweets.

No. 1928079

File: 1699919767826.png (584.11 KB, 505x761, forehead wrinkles shes old.png)

fucking kek at this photo shayna was too embarrassed to post that was taken from that fetcon shoot. the amount of wrinkles she has at 26 is truly tragic.

No. 1928080

File: 1699919893836.jpg (Spoiler Image,466.76 KB, 1808x2048, 01.JPG)

Does anyone know if she get paid for these torture sessions? Or is she doing it for exposure and/or pleasure?

No. 1928081

File: 1699919914767.png (638.48 KB, 891x611, shayner.png)

No. 1928082

File: 1699919976975.jpg (Spoiler Image,415.63 KB, 1746x2048, 02.JPG)

No. 1928083

jesus the poland syndrome tit still looks super botched under her arm pit. and that was the new "good one". is that just her fat making it look all bumpy and weird or that just the poland syndrome making it look weird? she's even fully stretched out and it looks like she stuffed potatoes under her skin. yuck.

No. 1928086

How terribly unsexy, theres nothing remotely erotic about this image, literally as arousing as a terminal cancer diagnosis

No. 1928091

File: 1699920410629.jpg (Spoiler Image,284.03 KB, 1859x1046, A.JPG)

No. 1928092

its hilarious how she's always the biggest woman in the room. in this case, she's even bigger than the scrote.

No. 1928104

I'm starting to think that she actually likes the look of her ill-healed infected botched tits.

No. 1928111

File: 1699923211217.jpg (Spoiler Image,299.23 KB, 1939x1091, B.JPG)

No. 1928112

File: 1699923332329.jpg (Spoiler Image,130.41 KB, 1359x764, C.JPG)

No. 1928114

File: 1699923450710.jpg (Spoiler Image,281.82 KB, 2048x1152, D.JPG)

No. 1928126

I actually gasped. Wow. She looks so dry and used up like a raisin.

No. 1928127

is she supposed to bind her tits like this? is that why they’re so red?

No. 1928130

Me too, I would pay 300 shaybucks to see what shayna sees when she gets "dressed" and looks at herself in the mirror.
She looks like a prostitute who just got done with her 3rd client, took a nap in her clothes and drank a bottle of vodka before finally getting up for the day.
No make up, hair pieces look cheap and aren't even installed properly. Her outfit is every pink skimpy item that was "clean". She looks crazy.

No. 1928131

File: 1699926355669.png (579.31 KB, 894x510, droopy.png)

She looks like a baroque composer

No. 1928135

this image is why I bothered doing a full skin routine even though it was 1am and I was just going to splash water on my face and go asleep(no1curr)

No. 1928137

why is she so against botox when she spends the equivalent on sushi every month? She looks so busted

No. 1928145

File: 1699927245474.png (Spoiler Image,679.19 KB, 570x752, VIEWER BEWARE YOURE IN FOR A S…)

For people asking why she has the bruise dots on her legs, it's because she is often kneeling on hard surfaces when she does the spanking shoots. See attached picrel for example of Shayna resting her 200 pounds on her shins over a wooden chair. Warning: Shayna and Kiki asshole jumpscare.

No. 1928146

File: 1699927326396.png (660.02 KB, 559x765, jesus christ.png)

Fetlife is a hilarious source of "Shayna in the wild" pics. Here's another unseen photo of Shayna from FetCon 2023 looking absolutely blasted on alcohol/drugs.

No. 1928147

File: 1699927392810.png (38.05 KB, 571x417, kekkkkk.png)

bonus: some woman negging shaynus below the photo by saying her body is "bubbly"

No. 1928149

File: 1699927562895.png (Spoiler Image,797.37 KB, 960x853, foul stuff.png)

Saged and warning for an absolutely foul photo behind the spoiler, but I thought it was interesting that Shayna is credited as the photographer for a lot of these weird grandma porn photos.

No. 1928157

This was from last year’s FetCon and I’m fairly certain it was shared.

No. 1928159

Kek is it part of her contract for every video she shoots that the gunt belt skirt must stay on at all times?

No. 1928173

This was from last year and I'm starting to believe the tinfoiling anons that she's on some hard drugs are right. She's about the same size as she was then, but she looks 10x worse.

No. 1928177

My bad nona, this is 2022. I went back to last year's fetcon in the threads and didn't see this posted though.

No. 1928178

Agree, she is maybe slightly more "bubbly" in the body but her fat is mostly going to her face, chin and neck now.

No. 1928189

these look like gore to me at this point jeez

No. 1928193

it basically is. I don't like seeing her like that tbh. she's going to get herself very badly hurt or killed, god forbid one day.
she lives a perpetual shayhog day so this will happen not only again but probably escalate.

No. 1928194

She honestly looks so depressed 8n this photo. She got that "wtf am I doing?" Look in her eyes.

Doing the same crappy kink shoots in the same outfits for money that doesn't even pay the rent. It's tragic to be honest.

No. 1928196

Good god this lighting is more tragic than the 2010 tumblr suicide girl wannabe photographers

No. 1928201

Yeah. It’s so repulsive-looking that the target audience could only be serial killers who get off to sadism and dead bodies

No. 1928203

File: 1699936602861.jpg (440.28 KB, 2048x1536, 00.jpg)

No. 1928204

File: 1699936662400.jpg (117.02 KB, 768x1024, 10.jpg)

Hate to say that this style seriously serves her better

No. 1928208

she looks so much happier fully-clothed and comfy than when she stuffs herself into her “sexy” sausage casings and is visibly miserable and self-conscious. and yet she literally keeps choosing this life over, and over, and over. wild.

No. 1928210

Jesus for people who capitalize on their looks/bodies everyone looks like they have bad hygeine. Crest whitening strips are like $30

No. 1928216

Jesus that’s probably why her boob was so red and inflamed the other day. This type of abuse can’t be good for the implants right? Like I can only imagine the implant is being moved around and she isn’t letting it settle the way a normal woman would.

No. 1928217

kek is the Claire woman in the middle a they/he?

do you think she ever looks at her own pics and goes into a depression spiral? do you think that’s fueling her alcohol use and now she’s in a cycle of drink, pork up, sad because she porked up, drink more, repeat? do you think she blocked herself from her own Apple Photos highlights so she doesn’t have to ever think about it?

No. 1928219

holy fuck the size of her arm

No. 1928220

File: 1699939398955.jpeg (230.73 KB, 1170x640, IMG_5433.jpeg)

This is one of the moids who spanked her, his username is “big girl spanker” and his posts are all fat girls getting spanked. So yeah, Shaynus is catering to the BBL crowd kekkkkkkk

No. 1928222

pictures you can smell

No. 1928225

KEK that's a great summary of basically her entire career and sex life though, she's hilariously asexual and has no eye for what actually turns people on. But then again, this can be said for like 99.99% of "sex workers" because typically "sex work" is not done by people who are meticulous and see sex and eroticism as a craft/art but by women who are being exploited in a rape industry. Of all the many sex workers I've come across online (including high-end escorts) I'm pretty sure that normies are probably better at sex than those who who sell sessions and claim to be "sexperts" (who are usually just porn-rotted pickmes).

No. 1928236

This wouldve been an ok sultry cute pic… if it was someone attractive with a good body. Her face is busted and her body is that weird not plus sized curvy but definitely not fit or average. She can't pose to flatter herself because there's nothing flattering about her body lol

No. 1928260

File: 1699956428735.png (421.84 KB, 717x528, trannygrandma.png)

The grandma that spanked Shaynus is a troon btw. Crazy how he passes better than 99% of today trannies.

No. 1928281

she has the autism phenotype. I say this as someone who has it themselves

No. 1928307

File: 1699969674289.jpg (709.92 KB, 2400x1200, barbie-trailer-2x1-zz-230406-c…)

Is she trying to do this with her foot kek

No. 1928311

Yeah. It's a pretty normal pose for a boudoir type photoshoot where the model is "getting ready". There's so much more horrible things going on with this picture it's weird you picked up on that

No. 1928324

I don’t get why, she doesn’t look any better in the ones she did share >>>/snow/1884339 and >>>/snow/1884340

No. 1928325

no fucking way KEK

No. 1928328

Oh, okay. I don't get naked on camera so I didn't know that, my bad. To be honest I'm still thinking about her "seeing the barbie movie 3x a week" phase and how spergy it was

No. 1928330

he passes because he styles himself as his age (elderly) instead of trying to imitate a teenage girl. Shayna could learn a thing or two and abandon the gunt skirts from when she was a 98 lb 17 year old

No. 1928336

Which you would think it would make something click in her head to stop being a whore, but shes too brain dead.

No. 1928346

are they actually a guy or is the flag in their for “support”? this just looks like a grandma.

No. 1928361

File: 1699978516373.jpeg (1.33 MB, 1125x1483, CB4EC301-D343-4EF4-AB09-548080…)

She doesn’t look like a troon to me. She also has a rainbow flag and an Ukraine flag so I just think it’s just your typical lib virtue signaling. It is weird to see a nice-looking older woman doing such degenerate porn though, most women have a real job, family and/or social reputation to worry about by her age. That may be why nonnas think she’s a troon, since coomer moids have no shame at any age. I’d definitely be rethinking my life choices if I was over 60 and still on OF spanking unwashed weirdos like Shayna as my “career.”

No. 1928400

UGLY old bitch. Nobody wants to see this . This is shayna’s future if she doesn’t die of alcoholism

No. 1928406

Scrote detected. She looks fine for her age.
She has a Ukrainian flag too. Do you think that means she's from Eastern Europe?

No. 1928422

Could be loss of inhibition from early-onset dementia or something stroke-related. Older people with those issues can start to act inappropriately lascivious. Or she could just be an old aging "free love" hippie freak, who knows.

No. 1928427

She’s crusty as hell. Like everyone else at the convention. Why are you so mad I called an old pornstar nasty? She literally is nasty

No. 1928428


Lots of fully clothed women also do that foot arch thing when being photographed seated because it makes your legs look better than just having them straight on the floor. It won't help Shayna much because nothing really can help her.

Kek, Shayna is too braindead to actually understand messages and movie plots. She was there for the pretty colors and to go "that's so me" when barbie asked if anyone else thought about death. That's it.

In whoring you either get retired by your highest paying/favorite john,make your capital and get the fuck out, die young or live long enough to see yourself become a madam. That's the main reason you don't run into a lot of older sex workers. If shayna's lucky she'll be able to still have a sex work "career" when she's this age, but she treats her body like shit so unless she's willing to be type casted as the mean old lady that paddles everyone for no reason, she'll be forced to retire by her 30s.

No. 1928451

Nah the Ukranian flag is virtue-signaling, so the trans flag probably is too KEKKKKKK I'm dying of laughter at how this clueless old boomer lady has people assuming she's trans.
NTAYRT but she's basically a madam considering the the Skidmark operation. Yes I know that her and Sarah Gregory make disgusting content together with just the two of them but I'd bet that the majority of their revenues come from videos that primarily pull other younger women in. Just remember the Skidmark said that nearly all of the girls were severely mentally ill. Women aren't as bad as moids but Sarah and "Madame Samantha" are evil.

No. 1928459

For modeling you actually want to point your toes and maximize the extention of your foot. She's either stupid and doesnt know (neither does the photographer) or she's being cringe and copying the Barbie movie

No. 1928468

Between the alcoholism, drug addiction, horrible diet, constant gnarly infections requiring hospitalization, inviting demented johns to her house, and generally treating her body like trash, Shayna would be lucky to still be whoring at this lady’s age. More likely she’ll be dead or in a nursing home.

No. 1928469

>NTAYRT but she's basically a madam considering the the Skidmark operation.
Yeah, that's what I was alluding too. Their bread and butter is coming from the abuse- oh, I mean BDSM/~impact~ play of mentally ill young women. I'm pretty sure they both got married, but not to men that can afford to retire them. So they've gone from the hot commodity that's getting canned for money, to the frumpy old ladies doing the canning. Hate to see it. actually I love to see it and I hope in spite of their best efforts they go broke

Yeah, I think what you said was what she was trying to do, but she's too brain fried from all alcohol and other drugs to execute a thought coherently enough, so we end up with half assed embarrassments like this.

No. 1928488

Old ladies and their canning, smh

No. 1928491

writing a feminist analysis caled "the Ball jar" as we speak

No. 1928516

File: 1700000941624.jpeg (736.75 KB, 1290x2240, IMG_2513.jpeg)

No. 1928550

honestly, I don't wanna see
sorry for deleting I was just too in shock kek

No. 1928558

She is just straight up going to these events now for her own sexual pleasure. These are no longer work trips and she will broke when she comes home. To disfigure your body and now her fucking feet and she will be in constant pain for days when she walks - she 100% was not compensated reasonably for this so only other explanation is she just is basically paying to have people do this to her. She is fucking retarded and should know better than to do this shot for barely any money. I get shes fat and busted but there are plenty of other ways to make a living.

No. 1928561

File: 1700005182262.jpg (125.48 KB, 1286x1245, Tweet.jpg)


No. 1928565

File: 1700005319273.jpg (Spoiler Image,340.61 KB, 1536x2048, What is this pose?.JPG)

No. 1928566

Can you stop doing this. Just crop the photo out of the tweet if youre going to be lazy about censoring the nudity.

No. 1928568

File: 1700005437341.jpg (Spoiler Image,369.33 KB, 1536x2048, Shayhog Day.JPG)

No. 1928588

File: 1700007269653.jpg (139.17 KB, 1100x1099, 00664703-Turkey-Drumsticks-wit…)

>>1928565 turkey drumsticks complete with frill booties

No. 1928593

I'm gonna be honest; I truly don't know who is she pandering to anymore. The pedos who want her in diapers? The rapists who want her tied up in the back of a van? the serial killers who want to see her car crash bruising? and on top of that she's got the bimbo shtick, she has gotten so lost in all the coom.

No. 1928596

File: 1700007470835.gif (2.36 MB, 500x282, 1598289149716.gif)

stop it

No. 1928603

No I don't believe she enjoys this shit, she just enjoys walking around with the ugliest extreme bruises. She likes being able to "brag" about it. Shayna can't stand out in looks, body, personality, or anything else.
Shayna probably was the kid in lunch who'd put 10 ketchup packages into her milk, then drink it all for attention.
She isn't the only doughy average women walking around in ill-fitting shit at the con,but chances are she's one of the few dumb enough to allow her body to be beaten and bruised and flaunt it.
It's all she got. She doesn't enjoy the act she enjoys the attention. If shayna was actually attractive and could get paid for smiling she'd be doing that.
I will never believe she gets sexual pleasure from this shit. She doesn't even get sexual pleasure from having sex with people she likes kek.
It's all for human contact, meaningless puddle deep human contact. Even of she spent years with Fupaul there relationship never seemed that deep nor did it seem like they even knew eachother.

No. 1928606

*to be beaten and bruised that badly and honestly. Shayna just bruises easily. So who knows if she's even being hit hard?
She loves looking like a raw burised butter ball turkey.

No. 1928613

>>1928603 truth is she's the only bitch around with so little going on/to live for. Yknow, things to do and places to be, general mobility. Shay is going to Uber fatly back to her dinge palace to do more sitting and laying down by herself like always

No. 1928619

I can understand why anons say she looks ugly even on her good and edited photos (it's dumb and obvious, but whatever, I get it), but what is this "oh I bet she doesn't even get hit that hard"?

No. 1928620

File: 1700008750062.png (Spoiler Image,960.71 KB, 1080x2034, Screenshot_20231114-193855.png)

So I guess this is what Kiki and Dallasdork chose to do rather than attending the spanking party?

No. 1928621

File: 1700008776244.jpg (120.99 KB, 1259x270, Liked.jpg)

Yes, sorry.

No. 1928623

File: 1700008860261.jpg (298.15 KB, 2080x1170, uy.JPG)

No. 1928626

Probably blinded by Shaytred. She’s good at this, reasons aside and I feel some Nonas have a hard time “giving her the satisfaction” of thinking she is good at receiving physical abuse. All of this was horrendous to type but hopefully you understand what I meant.

No. 1928629

she’s letting herself be brutalized no doubt, but the horrific bruising is from alcohol-related blood thinning, not that she’s better at getting beaten than other whores.

No. 1928636

I wouldn’t be able to compare her beyond what I’ve seen shared here and it seems more intense (?) to me. She didn’t seem to bat an eyelash at the broken skin at FetCon when Kiki was very upset by it, for example.

No. 1928647

This is what i mean. She seems to bruise very badly, nonas have been saying for a while it's from alcoholism so that's what I meant. She seems very prone to irritation and any little skin irritation looks worse on her. Then again, she could just be bruising more because she is doing extra shit to stand out. So maybe I shouldn't have said, "she may not be hit hard". I can see her egging on whoever is spanking her to go harder in a group setting because that's all she has.

No. 1928656

its clearly self harm. she wants fupa or the brony to come save her. but no one cares so she continues on the downward spiral.

No. 1928661

she definitely went to the spankathon, it says 'LSSP'–lone star spanking party in her handle

No. 1928665

Shayna and Kiki definitely are trying to keep it on the low so that sensei Ricky Delgado MasterDallasDom of Boulder, CO can continue working with CHILDREN as a judo instructor while being a pornographer!
Yep I agree with all that you said. Another anon over on /Shay/ suggested earlier that the trans flag might be an attempt at seeming “trans friendly” so they can attract trannies to work for them. Granted Skidmark has a specific “look” that they like for the women so it would just be she/they NB types who haven’t had surgery and are probably the most mentally ill, self-hating women of all

No. 1928681

He nuked his account that had Kiki in his bio, and he made Kiki take his name out and her bio just says "taken" now instead of his handle. All this sneaking around because of Shayna, kek. She has also been booking for Lonestar for months on Fetlife and Twitter.

No. 1928718

Also that was one of the theme nights at the event. So yeah either they avoided Shaynus or intentionally all agreed not to post together so Sensei Ricky Delgado wouldn't get brought up here anymore. Idk which is funnier

No. 1928725

I love that Sensei Ricky Delgado of Boulder, CO is using that Justin Timberlake fedora to hide his face KEKK

No. 1928734

File: 1700028008640.jpeg (438.32 KB, 1080x1754, IMG_6481.jpeg)

Flapper outfit and same curtains. He liked pictures of Shat’s bruises from the party so don’t think it was a falling out. Hilarious they think this is laying low

No. 1928738

It looks like he's hitting her with a hairbrush very similar to the one Shayna bought in the last thread. Wonder if they got matching ones?

No. 1928766

File: 1700038028774.jpeg (Spoiler Image,384.74 KB, 750x988, FB289CD9-B2DF-4654-B2A3-094AE1…)

her and kiki are so ugly inside and out

No. 1928768

If he thought he wasn’t doing anything wrong, he wouldn’t be hiding. I guess no parents found out about this or maybe they just don’t care.

No. 1928788

My theory that this entire thread is a misogynistic moid psyop seems more realistic with each passing day

No. 1928842

she's trying extra hard to attract a daddy now, she thinks she nabbed one at a fetish convention before and she's not clever, so she's trying what's already 'worked'
She's advertising real hard how depraved she's willing to go because she thinks that's her best chance to set her apart from the rest
She should have just leaned into feeder shit years ago, they would have been nicer to her

No. 1928849

File: 1700062582099.jpeg (649.99 KB, 1278x1560, Retweet.JPEG)

Sarah is now Shayna’s “bestie”.

No. 1928851

File: 1700062666936.jpg (124.53 KB, 1024x768, 1.JPG)

No. 1928853

File: 1700062858458.jpg (94.07 KB, 768x1024, 2.JPG)

No. 1928854

File: 1700062972236.jpg (Spoiler Image,92.72 KB, 768x844, 3.JPG)

No. 1928859

File: 1700063109867.jpg (272.28 KB, 2048x922, 4.JPG)

No. 1928860

i'm >>1928126 and no not a moid. i don't see how it's misogynistic to point out that shay is an alchoholic pedophile prostitute whose dry, wrinkled and crusty exterior finally matches her depraved dehydrated insides.

No. 1928862

Sarah is so unfortunate looking, she has a Jennifer Love Hewitt mousey kind of mug but mega busted. I know it's not her fault but I can't stand her face.

No. 1928864

Nonnas I'm fucking dying
Don't feel bad, she's a mega cunt who bullies and abuses young women per the ex-SW nonna last thread. She doesn't deserve anything but our ire. I guess it's safe to say Aruba is still in the plans for December.

No. 1928865

When Shayna takes photos, she always has this attitude like she's an actual celebrity, or life of the party, she's in love with herself.

No. 1928868

I wonder if Sarah is also an alcoholic and that’s why they get along so well

No. 1928871

File: 1700064743743.png (219.5 KB, 656x472, gunt-edit.png)

It looks like Shayna's gunt was edited out of this image

No. 1928872

she is so fucking ugly to me too, and finding out from that SW anon that she actually is a huge self-absorbed bitch and thinks she’s hot shit makes her face even more irritating to me. it’s crazy that sex workers let “success” get to their head when men will literally fuck a chicken sandwich.

No. 1928875

File: 1700065322288.jpeg (Spoiler Image,360.21 KB, 750x986, 88C332B7-2F2B-423E-A012-75455A…)

i know it's from a "funny" cartoon but why a child? why post this?

No. 1928881

And none of them are actually any good at having pleasurable sex which is even more pathetic kek

No. 1928887

Ayrt I always feel bad if i talk shit about another woman's facial features but her face is legit shaped like those things you put inside shoes to keep them from losing their form, and she also looks smug and like she'd pretend to be your friend before ratting you out to the manager for taking too many smoke breaks.

No. 1928900

bro what the fuck

No. 1928903

my tinfoil is that sarah is using this opportunity to make shay get as attached as possible to her so she can tardwrangle her easier in aruba kek

No. 1928904

What SW anon? Sorry I’m shaytistic and I’m usually good at remembering everything from these threads

No. 1928906

The finger toes are freaking me out. And you can tell Shayna thinks Sarah is her friend and is acting retarded but Sarah probably wants the fat retard off her

No. 1928912

farmhands banned her but it starts here >>>/snow/1926479

>before ratting you out to the manager for taking too many smoke breaks.
Sarah looks like she would be the one taking too many smoke breaks. her face just screams ‘trash' to me.

No. 1928933

She looks exactly like Lysa Arryn from Game of Thrones to me.

No. 1928934

Damn her eyebags are worse than Shayna’s. Liked checked baggage vs. carry on.

No. 1928937

God she is SO bad at winking. Every photo she tries this in just looks like she got something stuck in her eye.

No. 1928959

File: 1700074986391.png (1.86 MB, 1164x1614, hugeshaynus.png)

How does she manage to always have to pay for luggage? In all the times I've checked luggage, I never ran into this issue so often. And why doesnt she just pay for a better seat when she buys the flight? idk why I'm asking, she's probably drunk when she makes these decisions

No. 1928962

Because she buys the cheapest flight possible and doesn't already have complimentary luggage. She claimed it was at limit when she was departing, and with the extra crap she probably brought back now she's a couple pounds over. Has she never heard of a carry-on?

And good god the stance she beholds. She really thinks she looks hot here.

No. 1928964

jfc that outfit is fucking atrocious even for shayna oh my god

No. 1928970

File: 1700075990486.png (1.22 MB, 1440x810, latest.png)

No. 1928976

I truly don't understand why she doesn't just lose weight. It's really not that hard. There are so many resources out there. And her entire livelihood is dependant on her body.

No. 1928977

is she wearing a diaper again?

No. 1928979

File: 1700076721935.jpg (190.88 KB, 1078x800, ONION HAIR.jpg)

This guy on FetLife called Shayna a "star" and how she was so kind enough to take a photo with him.

No. 1928987

This is so embarrassing. WHO IS THIS FOR?? And look at his fucking shirt, shayna is a perfect match. Some guy she can go to trashy diners with and drink beers and stuff herself with shitty food.

No. 1929005

I truly don't understand why Shayna is the hill y'all want to die on. She's a pedo panderer, we don't have to play nice with actual degenerates like her who have ALWAYS had the option to just drop this madness and live with mom until she finds a job or baby traps some middle management scrote. Fuck shayna's flabby ass. She deserves every petty insult hurled her way.

No. 1929009

It's crazy to me her parents were like "free college" and instead she chooses this. She doesn't have to do this shit. She could go to school for anything she wanted. How many people would kill for that opportunity?

No. 1929016

File: 1700081357463.png (413.13 KB, 534x655, Screenshot 2023-11-15 214930.p…)

i'm stoned as fuck and i though't she was wearing meat ballerinas. this looks so fucking funny to me she looks like a horse too

No. 1929027

It looks like she stuck her feet into giant baked potatoes and the potato insides have come up around her ankles from being displaced I’m choking

No. 1929037

ayrt You're really sweet nonna, and I get you for not wanting to dunk on another woman's features. That all said you absolutely hit the friggin nail on the head kek.
Please new Shane saga please please please

No. 1929040

its like she tried to do the trendy zoomer uggs & crew sock combo but all she had was old walmart knock offs that walk on the side and ham coloured knee socks that dont fit over her calf anymore

No. 1929041

She is wild for this fr

No. 1929043

They both think they're the hot friend. Oh no.

No. 1929044

this looks like the bottom half of a little person

No. 1929046

Nope, those shorts just fit her 20 pounds ago.

No. 1929050

>meat ballerinas

No. 1929051

Nah anon she's not ugly or a bitch, that's what Shayna is.

No. 1929052

Those uggs.
Such bimbo

No. 1929059

No she's also an ugly bitch, did you forget what she does for a fucking living ?

No. 1929061

Are these those uggs she bragged about thrifting a few years back or did she get a John to buy her a new pair recently? Either way they look beat up as fuck and it's half past time to replace em

No. 1929066

I’m stunned. How does a grown ass woman choose to be out in public like this? I know alcohol impairs your judgment but STILL. The only people I know who dress like this without any shame are meth heads or are severely mentally ill and homeless

No. 1929067

she looks like she has hobbit legs. remember when long thin legs were like her signature trait?

No. 1929072

He looks gay, is he gay????
The way that she has her shorts pulled up so high is so unflattering and emphasizes her shape in the worst way. I know she’s trying to hide her flabby stomach but I feel like just wearing more clothes (like her 50s costume) actually helps.
Also is it just me or does she look like she’s squeezing her ass cheek muscles in pictures?

No. 1929073

File: 1700086843629.png (1.9 MB, 1293x1008, Tweet.png)

Love bombing galore.

No. 1929076

she looks so HEAVY

No. 1929077

>that receding hairline

No. 1929079

Jennifer Love Hewitt is gorgeous tho, this hoe looks like Paul Reubens in drag

No. 1929080

File: 1700087642476.jpg (303.83 KB, 2048x1365, eeeaes.JPG)

No. 1929082

they both have the green goblin phenotype faces kek

No. 1929084

Well former sex worker anon said she diets and stuff like crazy to maintain the figure one must have to slap fat smelly women pretending to be schoolchildren

No. 1929085

File: 1700088185546.jpg (16.12 KB, 440x290, 0c2f50dd058a1409a390ae68de5dab…)

No. 1929087

File: 1700088216706.jpeg (517.36 KB, 1277x1286, Tweets.JPEG)

Has she ever been this intense (?) with her “friends”?

No. 1929089

File: 1700088294496.jpg (Spoiler Image,438.22 KB, 1536x2048, Nose vs Filtered Nose.JPG)

No. 1929091

File: 1700088521022.jpeg (Spoiler Image,383.33 KB, 3272x719, I swear they’re not identical.…)

No. 1929092

I hate this entire collage, bleak

No. 1929093

Top-right looks like it's been recovered after a couple days in a river. Awful.

No. 1929106

File: 1700089851099.jpg (156.3 KB, 1080x512, Trip.jpg)

2 weeks, huh? She's going to wait last minute to prepare for an international flight I guarantee. Can't wait for this hot mess.

No. 1929111

Holy shit, I audibly laughed so hard at that description. Thank you

Yeah… there's no way she's going to Aruba unless she made some money at the spanking party. But then what about rent, her pets? It seems like all of this is for leisure, where is she getting this kind of money? I mean begging yeah, but there's no way she can beg for that much in two weeks. Not possible.

No. 1929117

File: 1700091300172.jpeg (193.75 KB, 1303x801, Tweet.JPEG)

No. 1929121

> there's no way she's going to Aruba unless she made some money at the spanking party
I’m pretty sure it’s a “work” trip and she’s selling herself for it.
Most (if not all) the pictures in this collage have been shared already so I won’t post it.

No. 1929145

Isn’t it a classic pimp move on Sarah’s part, like paying for Shaynus to go to Aruba, and then Shaynus owes her and will have to “work” for her on her shitty Skidmark shoots to pay her back?

No. 1929149


anyone else have the feeling that something is gonna happen last minute where she ends up not being able to go; either she gets sick or lies about being sick since she can’t pay. Or she forgets her passport

No. 1929160

File: 1700095412154.jpeg (574.87 KB, 1469x3497, Tweets.JPEG)

The crash if she continues sharing from FetCon is going to be interesting.

No. 1929161

File: 1700095559446.jpg (93.64 KB, 576x1024, Bimbo Nails.JPG)

No. 1929163

Do sex workers have managers? Because that's what shay wants. She only acts this way towards scrotes and people who she can benefit from.
So I wouldn't be surprised if Sarah is already promosing her she'll help her with her diet, help her get new jobs and meet new peoples. Out of all of the gross women Sarah could take under her wing why shayna? Is it because she's the only one willing to do dumb ass shit for cheap? Sarah is disgusting but seems like she's successful.
Also notice shayna straight hair again. When keks was all the rage. Her hair was curly.
I wouldn't be surprised if shayna starts trying to mirror Sarahs ugly style but "pink". Shayna wants someone to manage her life but she doesn't want to hire anyone because she's broke and lazy. She wants someone who'd pity her and never have expectations, something she can back out of anytime.
Also, notice the more shayna fails with scrote attention the more she clings to women.
Ellen better watch out because I can totally see shayn dropping everything to move where Sarah is, if Sarah and her become closer. Shayna love bombs and clings to people. I think that's why she manages to meet idiot women who do shit for her. She probably cries and tells them a sob story.
They think she's some helpless hopeless woman with nothing. Meanwhile she has a well off family that would help her rebuild her life piece by piece.

No. 1929170

ding ding ding
who had their money on lady-pimp? I thought it was gonna be some rando with a white van tbh

No. 1929172

File: 1700096914084.jpeg (150.35 KB, 741x808, F1833182-82F7-4897-9900-DF5B07…)

No. 1929175

she really just left that wonky straw in the middle of everything there after editing her face

No. 1929179

Whenever she types “daddy” I read it with grown up Caillou’s voice.

No. 1929182

Shayna is a drunkard so yeah she could accidentally forget something but I don’t think she’ll allow herself to miss it because I strongly suspect that the “work trip” is spanking “sessions” with a big buyer of Sarah’s. They might be meeting up with the guy who owns Skidmark or just another disgusting john who likes Sarah’s degen content. Then again I think they would make the scrote pay for the trip if they were meeting someone specific, and they could have done that but still be begging for the airfare and travel expenses to scam money out of followers kek.

No. 1929185

either that or she’s actually gonna whore out Shayna in Aruba for her own profit, and Shayna is dumb enough to go along with it. I in no way feel bad for her if she turns into a shit mouth whore, Sara has already sold poop vids so I’m sure she has buyers in Aruba for that stuff.

No. 1929188

My tinfoil is that Sarah made Shayna pay for her ticket in advance because she knows she's a fuck up and wouldn't have money if she left it last minute. Might explain why she was so broke for Fetcon this year. I think Shayna can't back out of this one without actually fucking herself over.

No. 1929189

File: 1700099020399.jpg (303.37 KB, 1199x799, pork-chop-grilled-istock.jpg)

She looks like grilled pork. She's as brain damaged as the moid's that get off to this sick shit.

Why charge the moid when Fatty is stupid enough to pay for her own flight? Shayna is desperate to save her failing sex work career and Sarah knows it. Skidmark is the closest Shayna has ever come to being successful.

No. 1929190

'con drop' aka her body's emotional response after being severley abused and degraded for hours on end

No. 1929192

File: 1700099173553.jpg (889.05 KB, 1440x1008, grody.jpg)

idk why some people in the thread are acting like Sarah is better than Shayna. Sarah is just as disgusting if not more than Shayna and that's why they get along. She's a pedo pusher.

No. 1929194

>Sara has already sold poop vids

No. 1929195

That and she probably checked her bank account and realized she did all the shit and still barely makes end meet.

No. 1929196

i'm pretty sure she has tweeted out before that she already has her flight booked. maybe about a month ago too lazy to look.

No. 1929197

Friendship ended with Kiki now Granny Gregory is Shat's new best friend

No. 1929198

I think she def already bought the ticket, and it's going to be a total shit show. I also buy the tinfoil this is some specific ho'ing trip Sarah has facilitated. My guess is they're going to film something and fuck some freaky rich(ish) moid in diapers or whatever.
GOD fuck this nasty bitch, those bottles are the ones kids in my family use. How can they look themselves in the eye doing this kind of thing? So nasty.

No. 1929199

yeah she’s sold scat porn before. she’s disgusting.

No. 1929201

File: 1700099589313.png (422.82 KB, 660x453, sarah gregory is a dude.png)

Wanted to clear up some speculation about if Sarah was with Tubaman. I think he's just a "playmate". She's engaged to this dude.

No. 1929205

You're absolutely correct. This is all under the guise of being BeStIeS.

No. 1929206

it seems like shay may have finally fell in with, like, an actual abuser

No. 1929219

this thread is getting really bleak lately. I feel like she isn't even trying to panhandle lately, it's just borderline gore and scenes with old men. Is she making any money lately?

No. 1929225

File: 1700103742697.jpg (81.72 KB, 914x354, 207.jpg)

Deleted this with quickness

No. 1929229

Wow, Shayna has somehow found a woman with eyes even more void, black and soulless than her own.

No. 1929230

File: 1700104394722.jpg (166.7 KB, 1080x692, 0.jpg)

I can't imagine this interaction for the life of me.

No. 1929234

"Con drop" = remembering that she's going back to her dingy apartment to live her groundhog's day of a life where she just wakes up, drinks, smokes, repeats. And that she will be stuck in this cycle again until she can beg for enough money to fly to some other paid event as a long-winded way of getting out of the house.

No. 1929238

Holy shit I can't unsee it now kek

No. 1929239

I kinda miss the days now when she was just getting fat ordering doordash and camming at home doing dumb dances and trying to hide womack. This new stuff is just sad.

No. 1929240

>shot of tequila before the airport
Jesus, she's a full blown alkie. At least with all the other drinks, she can play it off like she just likes the taste; no normal person just takes shots to sit on the plane by themselves for several hours.

No. 1929241

File: 1700106288920.jpg (Spoiler Image,201.37 KB, 768x1024, 1000018822.jpg)

when you said horse this is all I could think of

No. 1929243

Holy shit, kek you gotta atleast spoiler this level of animal neglect, damn.

But i see what you mean. When that nona said it, i didnt get it. Now i get it.

No. 1929247

The word you're looking for is "pimp" nonna.

No. 1929253

Besties with matching beady rodent eyes, huge nose and thin lips

No. 1929256

File: 1700109900609.jpeg (342.17 KB, 750x470, 60D445FE-C48E-43A2-832E-5064FD…)

No. 1929258

Two things that definitely did not happen.
1. I don’t believe she ran, she looks like she hasn’t run in a loooong time.
2. She would never give anything to anyone, she’s selfish as hell.

No. 1929259

Tinfoil but I think this con crash is going to be way worse than the other ones. Drugs are pretty easy to get in Texas and Shay seemed way more over the top “loving” than usual which is a sign of using stimulants.

No. 1929264

The bar is in hell but maybe shay is maturing a little?

No. 1929274

No one needs to see animal abuse. You’re weird for even posting it.

No. 1929282

>>1929280 nta and saged
yes those rae ot's hooves, the hooves are extremely overgrown, it looks like this horse was prevented from running and walking for a long time and the owner neglected to trim the hooves back which leads to the deformed, tubular shape.

No. 1929305

They definitely do of they are on the verge of withdrawals. Hair of the dog. It's sad.

No. 1929313

why do they look like they're related

No. 1929315

KEK they do. It's the same hooded eyelids, the same nose, and almost the same exact smile. Ew

No. 1929316

Also the same hairline. We saw how tragic Sarah's is becoming.

No. 1929333

Where have you been? That trip was a skid more sponsored trip. She’s never been in a white van before. Shayna is retarded but not that retarded.

No. 1929334

How is adults recreating disgusting cp in dirty houses legal? I feel so uncomfortable

No. 1929336

I didn’t know Jim Carrey and Jenny Slate had a child

No. 1929345

File: 1700125834010.jpeg (1.17 MB, 3464x3464, 5C5606BE-0EEC-490A-BABA-4ACD33…)

Leg warmers with shorts/skirts look horrible on fat dumpy women like Shayna. The retarded ugly zoomer trend on wearing bows and leg warmers with everything only look good on skinny people and it’s not even a cute trend tbh.

No. 1929349

Grandma Sarah looks the same age as Shayna in these pics, despite being at least 20 years older, WTF

No. 1929358

So is Shayna just going to be following these two old people around like a puppy the entire trip? what if they get tired of her? she just black outs and gets raped by a black dude like plasticnproud?(racebait)

No. 1929366

The toxicity in these threads is off the charts and it genuinely feelslike y'all are just projecting your own bullshit on a dumb self-harmer.

shay just wants easy money. There's nothing more low effort but life-destroying like pandering to pornsick degenerates and doing extreme shit b/c the market is so saturated that there's no way to justify self-degredation unless you find a niche. Shat's uncomfortable yelps of pain seem genuine. As thirsty as she is for scrote validation, I honestly don't think she'd do this shit for free.

Hasn't anyone noticed that she never gets these disgusting beatings when she's not being paid for it? If she truly was this self loathing, she'd get abused outside the context of SW.

and everyone's lives are boring and most ppl spend a lot of their free time at home. The kind of men I know who are like a dog with fleas if they're not out trying to catch covid in some crowd full of degens as often as possible are genuinely awful people. Like. I'm in awe that anyone educated would want to associate with this shit.

Projecting your own neurosis on Shat's stupid. She has valid reason to not advertise everything she does online.

No. 1929374

No one cares about your deep analysis. She stuffs her fat face full, and drinks alcohol all day until she’s red she does plenty of self harm for free. We are here to laugh at Shayna not every comment is meant to take seriously. Go touch grass

No. 1929382

Shayna's problem (aside from her weight) is that she dresses like a short person but she is tall. Even if she was thin she couldn't pull off that skirt.

No. 1929397

matching noses!

No. 1929402

You didn't have to post some bodychecking anachan to make your point though kek

No. 1929404

when did any full body photo of a woman who isn't fat become a bodycheck?

No. 1929405

It's obvious to anyone who knows anything about anachans/was an anachan

No. 1929407

If her thighs touched would it be a bodycheck anymore?

No. 1929413

Theoretically it still could be if she's a wanna. But there's a difference between a woman who's slender but at a healthy weight and someone who is most likely underweight and has her leg posed so that it can appear slimmer/longer (even has posters of known anachan Ari G. in the background kek). It's probably not obvious if you don't lurk the pro-ana thread, or haven't had it yourself, but that's what it is. I get that many anons dislike Shay, but being underweight is unhealthy like being overweight, and posting blatant thinspo/bodychecking isn't going to prove a point against Shay. If anything it makes Shaytards look more rabid and misogynistic not that I would moralfag too much over a lolcow, but I know some anons do care about this

No. 1929426

Huh interesting. She seems a healthy weight to me but I don't know much about ana-lore, though to be honest I do think there's a lot of covert/latent ana behaviour surrounding Shayna.(derailing)

No. 1929430

The appearance of weight is subtle if the person in question isn't a literal spoop. BMIs between 16-18 are still usually "covert" enough that many people will just assume that it's a very skinny person, especially if they have a thin frame, but it's all technically underweight.
>there's a lot of covert/latent ana behaviour surrounding Shayna
Oh yeah, I definitely agree there. She used to post a lot about how ~skinny~ she was and how it was such a privilege back on her Tumblr days, and she's been skinny her whole life. She got away with eating crappy foods and smoking weed because her metabolism was still pretty fast, but it's all caught up to her. Now that she's big she hasn't been able to adjust, hence her screenshotting an order for XS/S >>1927657 which had done on numerous occasions(derailing)

No. 1929431


No. 1929447

this fat girl looks super cute though. shayna just can't style herself right. if she wore that outfit she would have the skirt hiked up over her gunt and her ass hanging out.

No. 1929456

damn at least integrate and lose that reddit spacing kek

No. 1929468

File: 1700147507217.jpg (220.89 KB, 2048x1365, 20231116_101219.jpg)

No. 1929469

File: 1700147883874.jpg (106.32 KB, 1080x565, 57.jpg)

I fully stand with the anon who said Shayna essentially uses her sex work persona and accounts as a way to larp as an influencer. After all this time she has nothing else going for her and copes by talking to her audience (Dollhaus) and showing off trips that should be for work in order to make it seem like some sensational excursion.

No. 1929473

every time shayna befriends someone she latches on so strongly. she gets upset when they don't reciprocate her over the top feelings (like with that seth dude) but i suspect sarah purposefully feeds into it. i think she looks at shayna openly embarrassing herself for crumbs of attention and sees someone who will be easy to exploit. it doesn't help that shayna is impulsive to the point of self destruction, constantly drunk or high, and completely lacks the ability to think long term. she sees prostituting herself as something to brag about and admits to having increasing financial struggles. maybe i'm projecting but i get a manipulative, malicious vibe from sarah and considering that she makes a living by exploiting women for moids i think this 'friendship' will end badly for shayna.

No. 1929477

> if they're not out trying to catch covid in some crowd
> and everyone's lives are boring and most ppl spend a lot of their free time at home
KEK it’s really obvious what kind of person you are since you mentioned these things, including catching Covid in crowds in 2023 and being a shut-in. The nerve to bring up “projection” for that anon while shoehorning and defending your own personal life choices because of something in the Shayna thread… If you feel triggered for your own personal life decisions on behalf of Shayna then you’re doing something wrong with your life. Go outside, it’s not going to kill you.

No. 1929479

What is this chola look. Pixielocks does the same thing with the bandana and the bun too. I get really confused with Shayna's choices regarding outfits. Or maybe just her choices in general honestly.

No. 1929484

This is such a weird nitpick because women from all walks have been doing the bandana + bun for ages.

No. 1929489

this thread is full of children now, it's so annoying

No. 1929520

I know, what the fuck is going on today?? kek

No. 1929521

No need to bring race into it. He wasn’t even black anyway. And yeah, it was sad and disgusting that happened to Ariana. I wouldn’t wish that on anyone, not even Shaynus.

No. 1929522

They’re all literal teenagers who call everyone over 25 “grandma.” kek.

No. 1929526

this always happens when she goes to cons. The wastes of life google her, find this place and come full speed constantly either defending degeneracy and degenerates or moralfag at other's posts.

No. 1929536

I wouldn’t mind if she got punched tho like empath chick in minecraft

No. 1929550

I agree with you anon and it explains a lot, like >>1929479 here, newfags don’t know that the chola look is a recurring staple for Shaynus. Personally I always have thought that she looks better in the chola look than the typical Shein “baby” bimbo clothes she wears.
I expect that any newfag degens who are itt from the con will get end up getting defensive and exposing themselves. There probably was gossip among people at the con about Shayna’s lolcow thread since apparently all the women at Skidmark talk about it even when she isn’t there.

No. 1929583

My thoughts exactly kek. Like shaynus and womack

No. 1929598

File: 1700162614399.jpg (Spoiler Image,502.69 KB, 1080x1248, Screenshot_20231116_142335.jpg)

The bruising looks so disgusting

No. 1929599

she's pandering to the necrophile audience now

No. 1929600

File: 1700162716296.jpg (414.79 KB, 2048x2048, 20231116_142405.jpg)

Polaroid from LSSP wearing ham string dress

No. 1929606

>lil body

No. 1929612


No. 1929613

She looks as big as a house in this photo jfc

No. 1929622

File: 1700166003897.png (Spoiler Image,920.11 KB, 1080x1248, lil-body.png)

All I see whenever she posts one of these sad nudes where she has to contort herself to make it looks like she has some form of ass.

No. 1929627

File: 1700166766463.jpg (539.29 KB, 1080x1185, Screenshot_20231116_153307.jpg)

No. 1929646

This pig objectively has a better ass than she does

No. 1929655

hate this bitch. of course they missed you even though they shouldn't have. you abandon them every other week

No. 1929677

>>1929598 she should take all of her photos while lying down. Time hasn't been kind to her sloppy body, why let gravity win? Plus she seems to have an easier time sucking it all in when she isn't distracted by the effort of standing. >>1929646 the pig has cleaner trotters, too

No. 1929680

File: 1700172060529.jpeg (151.05 KB, 749x1105, D19156FF-4FDD-4772-AEED-8DEFC8…)

are you really trying to virtue signal in a shayna clifford thread? kek. get real nona, the guy is the definition of black.(still racebait and still derailing)

No. 1929681

Can you take it somewhere else though? Shayna attracts the most room temp IQ farmers I swear(ignore and report )

No. 1929700

bitch at the person derailing >>1929521 for brownie points. my comment was relevant as shayna is going to a country where she might be raped as it happened to plasticnproud considering she is going alone and unless she plans on being tethered to sarah gregory the entire time theres a high chance she’ll just get sad and lonely and binge drink herself into an a stupor the locals will take advantage of. mentioning someones skin color isnt racebaiting are you retarded?

No. 1929707

Are you talking about Aruba? The vast majority of Aruba is white or mixed with white. It’s a Dutch colony full of white tourists.

No. 1929710

Natalie Halloway(derailing)

No. 1929711

Same fag. It's not like Jamaica where you shouldn't wander off, but still shit happens. Locals are nasty. The rich make money off their resorts.

No. 1929714

Is this another goddamn bimbo sweatshirt? The letters seem a lot more bright. If this bitch has bought three of these things I'm gonna lose my shit, kek.

No. 1929718

Her murderer was a white scrote, why are you bringing her murder case up after sperging about black people raping on Aruba?

Aruba’s murder and violence rate is over 2x lower than the US so statistically she’s much more likely to get assaulted or killed back home(derailing)

No. 1929751

He was absolutely taking the fall for the nog who actually did it. Otherwise it would get zero media attention.(racebait)

No. 1929760

the guy also raped and murdered another girl… he's clearly guilty(derailing / taking the bait)

No. 1929769

>race sperging
Yep, figured it was a scrote, go back to pol smelly moid retard.

No. 1929784

File: 1700186661358.png (150.91 KB, 1293x513, thas mento ilness luv x.png)

> i love to suffer
Good news, Shayna Leigh Clifford…

No. 1929786

File: 1700186840147.png (147.87 KB, 1275x587, From Mom?.png)

I’ll never fully understand Shayna’s relationship with her family, especially her mom.

No. 1929788

File: 1700186878163.png (176.9 KB, 680x329, 2bd.png)

Shayna rn

No. 1929796

HOW can she brag about this while also storing half of the vinyls horizontally?? any other vinyl fans getting irrationally annoyed at this lmao

No. 1929797

She gets the music taste from her mom? What the hell did her dad ever do for her then? Her mom seems great honestly aside from a few political disagreements you might have here and there. Still, I’d rather have a conservative mother than a conservative father.
I wonder what her dad’s political beliefs are and if her dad is also conservative but Shayna just chooses to look the other way because she wants his attention/approval.

No. 1929810

I didn't know her mom is a drake fan

No. 1929837

If you wanna talk gatekeeping, calling records fucking "vinyls" tells us you're a noob to collecting(derailing autist)

No. 1929875

How the fuck would anyone get brownie points from that? And it’s not a derail when YOU brought it up. Kek. I love how irrationally angry I made you though.(derailing)

No. 1929876

Nta, I call them records too, but I don’t give a shit if someone says “vinyl.” Everyone’s so angry itt. No need to pick on another nonna.

No. 1929878

No. 1929886

God damn I hate people in this thread. In my language they’re called vinyls and I’ve never even considered calling them records. Get over yourself and stop nitpicking on other nonnies’ spelling, jesus christ. I’ll take my infight derail ban now

No. 1929967


Women tend to mirror their husbands ideas in politics, so her dad is likely even more conservative than her mother. But since he's a man he can do no wrong in her eyes. Besides, most of her clients are male conservatitards, complaining about her dad is bad for business. Since they all hate women, she can complain about her mom and all the asspats she could ever ask for. Her dad is probably like most older boomer fathers who thought their only job as a husband and father was to make money for the family.

No. 1930050

File: 1700244057056.jpg (203.07 KB, 1080x974, Parody porn.jpg)

No. 1930058

we get it you like pretending to be a child getting assaulted what else could this mean?

No. 1930106

File: 1700250495814.jpeg (509.45 KB, 1170x1534, IMG_5814.jpeg)

She’s gonna be broke as fuck

No. 1930116

>Selling your life's work for $250 flat
>Thriving sex worker

No. 1930125

>selling her videos for $0.80

No. 1930126

has she been home for longer than like a few weeks since fatcon? swear she's been gone more than she's been home with her animals in the last 3 months

No. 1930130

How the fuck? She should be buying her tickets way in advance, she is so beyond retarded for not figuring this out. Stay in debt

No. 1930167

File: 1700257652396.png (238 KB, 664x475, 188D69D7-286A-42D9-913F-209CC0…)

saged for old milk but reposting for referencing. Shayna will be in Aruba Dec 1-13th and this plan ticket “home” seems really expensive? Do we think Shayna is flying direct from Aruba to Boston? If so, Jesus Christ her poor animals. Its also possible Aruba tickets are round trip and Shayna is just retarded and being wasteful buying first class or a double wide seat.

No. 1930174

Pls dont ban for unsaged, want next person who makes next thread to see this. Please dont forget to make first post with links to all previous threads. everytime i wanna fact check i gotta go to the last thread.

No. 1930181

File: 1700258965813.jpeg (607.51 KB, 1080x2846, IMG_6651.jpeg)

She’s home so I don’t feel badly pointing this out now, but it’s funny to me how stupid these people are to take and publicly post pictures showing what exact rooms they’re staying in considering how easy they make it to find their location based on (hideous) decor in their photos alone. That’s not even necessary though because despite wanting to keep the hotel a secret on their website for the event, they include detailed photos of the hotel that when reverse image searched instantly come up as having been ripped straight from the Expedia page for the hotel on top of advertising the exact floor everyone’s staying on. Retards

No. 1930182

File: 1700259128025.jpeg (334.92 KB, 1034x918, IMG_9294.jpeg)

timelines are kind of unclear, but last year she went go her moms first for xmas in Massachusetts sometime around Dec 20-23, so she likely will fly to her apartment in seattle and leave closer to christmas. last year she was gonna visit her mom and brother for a few days in MA but her and her mom got in a screaming match in the car and shayna apparently jumped out of the car in the middle of the road. She end going go her dads in Boston early due to the fight. So this year she is skipping visiting her mom.

No. 1930184

Home? Your dads mojo dojo casa he purchased to escaped your family isnt your home, you stupid bitch. Also kek at wanting to earn back money her dad spent, and he clearly bought the ticket

No. 1930192

God she looks so fucking disgusting and wasted. She thinks she's making these cute party girl faces but she just looks absolutely plastered and sloppy.

No. 1930203

File: 1700261657805.jpeg (17.19 KB, 235x235, IMG_1200.jpeg)

Why does she has the same retarded look as this old guy eating shit in the movie Salo. Same ugly lazy SINISTER brown eyes

No. 1930208

Why is her pornstar name Sarah Gregory kek aren’t they supposed to have names like Aria Delicious or Heather Valentine? Her name sounds about as plain as her face

No. 1930233

She uses her actual legal name (like Shayna’s coomers do) which is so weird to me. I guess she doesn’t mind having her real name out there because this is her business/career so she has nothing to hide. But yeah, it’s bland and boring as hell. Lol.

No. 1930238

Yeah, I understand and agree that it's probably due to Shaytred. Maybe I'm soft but I don't think there's a good way of receiving… that.

No. 1930241

>>this is to avoid the possibility of any "vanillas" being assigned to this floor
eeeeeeeeewwwwwwwwwww fucking degenerates

No. 1930263

yeah cuz this sure makes it sound like the normal hotel-goers are definitely going to encounter them
They don't have to actually reserve the whole floor? They just cross their fingers their patrons will bankroll them out of trouble and no drunk guest will ever accidentally mix up floors?

No. 1930274

File: 1700272024087.jpeg (234.62 KB, 1387x825, E44B810F-7CB2-4AAB-BE8B-31A732…)

kek. I was thinking more of one of the moid moth experts from silence of the lambs

No. 1930294

I know it shouldn't surprise me anymore but fucking hell she really has no savings at all. I couldn't imagine doing that kind of "work" and having nothing to show for it.

No. 1930303

I work in the hospitality industry, and one of the properties I used to work at hosted a massive expo for leather/kink each year. In their contract, it was stated they needed to buy out the entire hotel because we couldn’t risk normal guests being around the way they looked and acted while they were there. Smaller hotels and smaller events like this prob wouldn’t warrant a buy out, but the group contract likely stated they needed to buy out at least an entire floor to try to keep them away from normal guests, and that they’d be penalized if they had unregistered guests cause issues, damages, and in this case engage in prostitution and stated they are not allowed to publicly post where the event was hosted. So, decent properties will usually either not take that business, or take it during need times with harsh restrictions. Kek that this super glamorous event that people would kill for according to Shay was at a sad ass airport property

No. 1930307

Shayna in the backrooms

No. 1930351

i’m guessing they’re hosting it without the hotel’s permission and just trying to skate by

No. 1930433

KiNkY ppl are the worst tbh. They think they're on a different level and so much cooler and enlightened than the boring "vanilla" rest of us. I also work in the service industry, in a major tourist destination, my city was a super covid hotspot in 2020. While all the bars, restaurants clubs etc were still either under major restrictions or straight up closed, a bunch of degens who couldn't wait another 3 months to fuck each other's uggo asses managed to get approved to hold a swingers convention. Zero self awareness, can't even keep their shit to themselves during a global pandemic. That's the kind of people Shaynus hangs out with. Trash.
I'll take my ban/redtext.(blogpost)

No. 1930500

Nta but anon this made me laugh so hard and I do agree that kinky people somehow do think they’re more enlightened than non-kinksters who they cast as “vanilla” when the truth is that they’re just pornsick uggos who let others debase them in hopes of standing out from the better looking normal people that anyone would rather sleep with. Not everyone wants to put their sex life out there for other people to know about. It’s funny because I have preferences that go beyond “vanilla” but will always be considered a prude to these types because porn and sleeping around and talking about it 24/7 is the very basis of who they are. They cannot fathom just being a private person and saving it for their partners because letting people beat them up and cuckold them is the only thing those ugly dumb fatties have going for them.

No. 1930633

File: 1700350803005.png (Spoiler Image,936.97 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20231118-183355.png)

Spotted in a Dallasdork vid.Truly unfortunate.

No. 1930634

File: 1700351111770.jpg (69.88 KB, 800x800, squat.jpg)

It's nearly midnight and now I have an intense urge to get in the squat rack.(no1curr)

No. 1930637


No. 1930641

File: 1700352228655.jpeg (287.03 KB, 1170x776, IMG_0053.jpeg)

No. 1930649

File: 1700354212560.png (1.01 MB, 980x2077, Spiraling .png)

Why is she retweeting these old nasty kidnapping fantasies? Is she spiraling or something? One of her coomers replied. Great audience you got there Donny

No. 1930654

jesus christ, she looks like a condom filled with bolognese sauce. could she not have positioned the garters over the hip rolls to make herself look a little less lumpy???

No. 1930655

File: 1700354970296.png (978.93 KB, 972x2252, Sex offender Santa.png)

The disgusting scrote who replied to her unironically does porn dressed up as Santa. This is him at Florida Fatcon >>>/shay/164393
Absolutely vile. I hope he isn't a mall santa because people like this shouldn't be around kids.

Mike Slack from Missouri also volunteered. A greasy truck driver Santa! He should wear his maga hat while spanking Shayna.

No. 1930681

for fucks sake just size up! the delusion is strong.

No. 1930682

Something tells me that this shit shouldn’t look like how it looks on her but her body is so deformed that it’s both too small and too big on her simultaneously.

No. 1930687

What’s in her hand and why didn’t anyone fix her tag ?

No. 1930697

I have a screen recording of this but can't figure out how to embed the video in a post. But anyway, the vid is like a minute of some hoe sucking his chode and then in the last 10 secs, Big Shaynus appears directly in front of the camera and screeches "God damnit, that was my idea!!" and I genuinely can't tell if her appearance is scripted or not. The hoe she interrupts looks genuinely taken aback.

No. 1930701

What's the source so other people can try

No. 1930702

It's on his paid OF. I snagged a free trial while he was offering them.

No. 1930718

if it’s on a paid OF it was probably scripted. I don’t see why he’d post it if it was truly unscripted.

No. 1930723

You’ll have to upload the video into a webm converter and then upload it here

No. 1930724

File: 1700367294221.webm (Spoiler Image,2.66 MB, 1080x2400, screen-20231118-211443.webm)

No. 1930725

> You’ll have to upload the video into a webm converter and then upload it here
No longer necessary, the website supports mp4s now.
Nona, perhaps upload it somewhere you feel comfortable and share the link, one of the resident Shaytists can reupload. I’ve uploaded content linked by Nonas before for archival purposes.

No. 1930729

File: 1700368037511.png (Spoiler Image,1.26 MB, 1079x1804, Screenshot_20231118-232001.png)

Idk why the audio is fucky but all she says is "God damnit, that was my idea!" And then the other chick says "you can have some". There's also this.

No. 1930740

File: 1700371704410.mp4 (Spoiler Image,2.98 MB, 1080x2400, Shayna fatness.mp4)

MP4 version for the mobilefags. Please let the webm uploads die.

No. 1930741

kek i thought that was PnP at first

No. 1930743

fucking kek. thats definitely the face of a totally legitimate lesbian. thanks for the milk nona! but nab what you can quick nona before officer doofie dallas finds out who you are and blocks/reports you.

No. 1930750

It’s a desperate grab for attention after her narcissistic supply dried up getting home. Once again back to drinking in her apartment all alone for the next year until she can be the star of a tiny event where she lets degenerates beat her porcine body senseless.
It always makes me laugh whenever she has to eat out a woman, you can see the disgust in her eyes. I wonder what excuse she gives her “gf” Ellen for as to why she can’t have actual sex with her when she has videos of herself going down on other women…

No. 1930754

File: 1700376939513.jpeg (295.51 KB, 1920x1080, F_PWFXaWcAANzYF.jpeg)

Some new photos on twitter, shaynus looking giant as always.

No. 1930759

She’s crushing Jackie Kennedy. The couch looks like it’s going to collapse. Kek.

No. 1930761

This girl reminds me of her a lot.

No. 1930765

Such a comically tiny ass it reminds me of in like early 2000s spoof movies where they make an old person act sexy as a gag. Disgusting

No. 1930768

that couch is BEGGING for help kek

No. 1930777

The contrast between her and the girl is palpable. Everytime I see Shayna in motion, especially when she doesn't get to do a MySpace angle, I feel like I am way too hard on my own lack of grace kek. Just so stumpy and frumpy.
I don't know why she insists on too small, pink strappy lingerie, that shit will make any amount of side fat look like ham tied up with streaky bacon. Sexy, dark coloured bodysuits with shapewear features would certainly be a thousand times more flattering. Then again, I don't think that would solve the cellulite, posture, heft…
How… unpropitious kek

No. 1930796

>>1930633 trussed turkey. The tensile strength of that sweatshop elastic is being pushed to the absolute limit. I genuinely thought she was gonna take a running start and belly flop on top of them. Hamhocks are starting to swallow her elbows, damn. I've never been happier to have a daily yoga practice.

No. 1930916

The link to her TikTok should also be updated in the next thread. It's https://www.tiktok.com/@theirlbarbie

No. 1930926

Compiling all the funny commentary.

No. 1930932

Even if this was scripted- what was the intention of the scene anyway? I feel like it was Shayna’s genius idea to showcase her Hollywood acting chops since she was only recently tweeting that she’s better than real actresses and that she’s on the brink of her big break lmao

No. 1930939

lmao it does not seem scripted, she’s such a mess clomping in and taking up the whole screen with the energy of a sentient mini fridge

No. 1930941

I really don't think it's scripted either. It comes off just like the time she was dancing in the background of that shoot she did with another model. She has to be obnoxious and goofy because she simply can't do sexual things sexily. Plus, I'm almost certain she was jealous and insecure around the other woman. Unless there's more to the video, it ends in a way that looks like she legitimately ruined their scene. Either way, she seems absolutely insufferable.

No. 1930942


I wonder if anyone ever bites. It's not like she's selling anything tangible and her coimers must have seen all of it by now

No. 1930945

I love the incessant projection in these threads. it's always some variant of "shat must have been jealous of x". we all know it's because that's how you feel. Why do you want to keep reinforcing that shit in your head? do you think dooming yourselves to this kind of mentality is fine and dandy.(infighting)

No. 1930950

she’s always tweeting about how jealous she is of more attractive women, though

No. 1930952

Nona, are you okay? It's pretty well known that Shaynus is insecure and doesn't seem to work well with women more attractive than her. There's so many examples of her being a bitter, jealous fatty. It's just fact.

No. 1930960

File: 1700431427568.jpg (621.16 KB, 1080x1656, Dirt color.jpg)

No. 1930962

File: 1700431449414.png (389.42 KB, 1080x2023, shayna.png)

No. 1930967

>energy of a sentient mini fridge
This is why I can't stop reading the shay threads lol

No. 1930971

>when uncle fester e-begs for a new phone and a bleach job

No. 1930974

Not to WK but she actually looks good from this angle and covered up, girl needs to learn what works for her body type

No. 1930976

What about her face though

No. 1930978

Lmao she may as well come here and just write these directly to us if she's going to lurk so hard.

No. 1930981

Kek it's why I also have a 29 page note on my phone of the funniest things I have read on shay threads

No. 1930985

File: 1700435476004.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.95 MB, 3840x2160, IMG_0059.jpeg)

No. 1930987

>>1930962 instead of working on my problems, I block out reminders of them! Comparison is the thief of joy blah blah, anyway here's my beetus brown hole >>1930974 that's when she was on the stimulant kick that briefly flushed her water weight off, by the look of it she's back to her bloated baseline

No. 1930989

File: 1700435608104.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.73 MB, 3840x2160, IMG_0060.jpeg)

These pics are from her “Cinched” shoot at the Lone Star Spanking Party btw

No. 1930990

I'm horrified

No. 1930991

what the fuck is this, it looks like evidence of sex trafficking

No. 1930992

File: 1700435658698.jpeg (Spoiler Image,709.78 KB, 1920x1080, IMG_0061.jpeg)

No. 1930994

File: 1700435797350.jpeg (Spoiler Image,527.05 KB, 1920x1080, IMG_0062.jpeg)

No. 1930995

File: 1700435823526.jpg (13.15 KB, 320x180, mqdefault (1).jpg)

No. 1930996

>>1930994 HULKED OUT she looks like she could fight both of them off at once in an instant

No. 1930997

>daddy’s little princess

No. 1931006

This is a form of shayharming.

No. 1931018

So she mutes and unfollows her peers that are skinnier and prettier than her. This explains a lot.

No. 1931022

I know she’s only like 5’5 but she looks so tall in that picture, the scrote must be short too. if this was real Shayna could definitely overpower the woman who is shorter and thinner than her kek.

No. 1931033

If she has no money, why is she paying for extra shit like a cancellation plan and to be able to pick her seat, plus she could have paid so much less if she booked months ago. She is terrible with money.

No. 1931045

File: 1700442971527.jpg (Spoiler Image,94.26 KB, 360x571, lucian-freud--seated-figure--1…)

She looks like a Lucien Freud painting


No. 1931047

okay, this is Shaymu we're talking about, but this turned my stomach. really disturbing that there's a market for this kind of content and that she's pandering to them….

No. 1931050

She is terrible with money but at the same Shayna has never actually faced any money problems and probably never will as she has a family who I’m sure is more than willing to help her out. She will never see those extras some may consider frivolous as nothing other than necessary, if not her basic right.

No. 1931051

real great way to treat fresh breast implants. she gives absolutely no fucks.

No. 1931054

I feel Shayna thinks nothing will ever go awry for her. She was Shayhandling them weeks after surgery during FetCon without a care in the world.

No. 1931057

the utter size of that hulking, gargantuan fupa. goddamn

No. 1931064

File: 1700445034247.jpeg (70.25 KB, 700x394, http___com.ft.imagepublish.upp…)

>>1931045 I agree, it looks like she's uncomfortable as I imagine sitting for Lucian would be. To me, she more closely resembles Leigh Bowery. They share a similarly unwieldy, sexlessly vast posterior trunk

No. 1931065

i miss when tweets were 140 characters long, wtf is this massive cope

No. 1931069

Are we sure that daddu would pay for his pwecious daughter's busted ass rat face to be fixed?

No. 1931070

sorry but if you're gonna let someone do that to you you'd hope they'd at least dress somewhat professionally, not this ugly graphic tee leggings and kevin gibes sub collar shit.

No. 1931071

File: 1700446809483.jpeg (729.74 KB, 3840x2160, IMG_9309.jpeg)

This is one of the most disturbing things I’ve seen in these threads. Added clothes so it could be unspoilered.

No. 1931072

File: 1700447379986.gif (1.74 MB, 440x208, fishy gregory.gif)

men will seriously get off to anything. what is this seal shit?

No. 1931073

This is horrible.

No. 1931074

she looks huuugggeee compared to the normal sized couple.

she is at minimum 5'6, but many including myself speculate she is more 5'7/5'8. She is is always giant compared to other men and women

No. 1931076

i know this is disturbing but all i can do is laugh because she looks like a fucking leftover raw piece of chicken that’s been wrapped up to go back in the fridge

No. 1931079

This thread should be a lesson to all nonas to never let your confidence come from moid attention. There are moids who pay money to look at this crap. Never let what scrotes deem sexy dictate your sense of attractiveness or self confidence.

No. 1931086

Nona I'm BEGGING you release them in /shay/

No. 1931112

seconding this. let the world witness your sharchives, nona

No. 1931131

File: 1700466911819.jpeg (20.86 KB, 184x274, IMG_1836.jpeg)

You’re not wrong.

No. 1931136

File: 1700469402105.jpeg (151.32 KB, 750x193, BD601FB4-AF9F-4079-B6C7-3B64FE…)

deleted of course

No. 1931144

Should have taken it, 1000 real and active followers is better than the like 7 coomers she has despite her count

No. 1931154

She’s such a bitch. I suppose “working” in an industry where you have to compete with other women all day for the attention of degenerates can make you jaded like that

No. 1931157

Shayna is not successful enough to act like this. She should take whatever she can get, in her case scraps.

No. 1931169


This is sending me because (to me) this woman just looks like a much chubbier/rougher Sarah Gregory. >>1930992

No. 1931179

Same. I literally thought it was her at first but then realized it was just the gym teacher version. Kek.

No. 1931195

guarantee that the other girl must have made her feel jealous in some way. nothing else brings out her mean side like jealousy does.

No. 1931203

Right? It’s probably a much skinnier woman who doesn’t have to Saran Wrap herself for money (yet)

No. 1931276

File: 1700516535709.png (Spoiler Image,620.68 KB, 704x767, 1.png)

she looks decent here, so I presume she edited this?

No. 1931281

File: 1700516879166.jpg (561.34 KB, 1536x2048, F_W9_bRbEAASiY0.jpg)

shayna's dnd char sheet

No. 1931289

eyes enlarged, chin sharpened/minimized, for some reason thinks it looks good to only edit out the middle section of her canyon forehead wrinkles

No. 1931290

looks just as dumpy and eye-bag-y as usual nonnita.

sometimes she will not look particularly bad imho but the people of this thread nitpick those pictures, too. honestly I think a lot of people just don't like the fact that she is of whatever ethnic background that she is, like. I'm just going to be honest.

I don't like her face. It irks me. and this is a totally subjective assessment on my part.

No. 1931291

kek considering the majority of active nonas are white or white passing i highly doubt people’s main issue with shayna is that she is white and has caucasian features. your comment seems like racebait tho as it implies her being white is why people think she’s ugly.

No. 1931293

nothing screams bimbo snd "spoiled" more than a fat woman in a troll doll hairstyle doing a photoshoot with a haggard middle-aged woman jeans in a hotel room.

forreal doe. I realize that no prostitute or nsfw "model" lifestyle is desirable or attractive but this shit is just SO bleak.

No. 1931299


she looks italian/Jewish and there's a shit ton of Western European white nationalist type who hate anyone who looks like that. they're specific slurs for Southern Europeans in Australia and Western Europe. ironically, the Roman colonizer genes are present in non-insignificant numbers in places like Austria, Germany, France and even England so ppl shitting on supposed ~wogs~ often direct insults at people whose families have been in their respective countries for at least 2,000 years.

they used to be a ton of strife between the various ethnic groups in America like not even 50 years ago. The Irish weren't particularly privileged but they had a lot of issues with the Italians, because there was some sort of competition between the two working-class groups.

feels like that shit never really went away.(retarded racesperging)

No. 1931301

Personally that's not why I find Shayna ugly, but I believe your theory. I've seen comments like that on LC (not in Shayna's thread though) whenever there's a discussion about appearance, or just people who bring it up out of nowhere.

No. 1931311

Shes probably wearing those cheap chunky sandals but unholy fuck why does she always look so massive next to literally everyone else??
Like Ogress status. Same with the pics of her over peoples knees, that pic of her and fupa in a fast food line in the wild, next to other swers, etc. She just always looks huge. I used to believe she was 5'6" but idk at this point. Its also not just her height its her… girth and overall double door fridge of a body. Shes a big Shaynus unit.

No. 1931312

Enlarging her eyes with huge swollen eye bags was a choice. Her expression is demented and she looks high on something.

One of the reoccurring comments in these threads about her appearance is that she looks like a British chav, which she does. No one else apart from that post in the early threads that asked if she was mixed race has ever suggested that she's anything but a basic white American. Her race has got nothing to do with why she's ugly, fat or a cow.

No. 1931313

I need to know why it looks like that eyebrow is hovering in front of her face instead of on, and I need to know what happened that her head is so tiny compared to her body. Her single tit is bigger than her whole skull. I wish I could see a screen record of her editing process.

No. 1931316

File: 1700522670857.jpeg (122.03 KB, 750x591, 2F00E041-1C4D-448A-ADF1-607E41…)

No. 1931317

File: 1700522963572.jpg (78 KB, 600x800, lip fillers.jpg)

Part of me wishes she would go through with this because the result would be hilarious. She never will because she would need to save up money instead of spending it on food and alcohol.

No. 1931328

File: 1700524424087.jpeg (66.69 KB, 750x338, 81BA86D2-5F78-4917-ACE2-FD96B6…)

deleted within minutes kek

No. 1931335

File: 1700524953618.jpg (82.42 KB, 640x718, tudtkqOFVs0FjeZgcVsa9a6BPs1RyR…)

No. 1931336

its so strange to me that this entire time since she started sex work, and has been talking about being a bimbo since she was like 19 - she has never once even tried lip filler or botox. I get if she tries it and doesnt like it, but its relatively inexpensive considering what she does spend her money on.

No. 1931343

Prioritizing everything else but losing weight and basic hygiene. Love that for her. Fillers would be a great look for her perma-chapped lips.

No. 1931359

File: 1700527544295.jpg (189.25 KB, 1080x678, Screenshot_20231120_194621.jpg)


No. 1931362

lmao i didnt even notice daddy's little trailer trash

No. 1931370

File: 1700528655876.jpg (151.02 KB, 1289x430, Likes.jpg)

In her Twitter Likes.

No. 1931371

File: 1700528700289.jpg (Spoiler Image,393.14 KB, 1440x810, I ask once again, WHY?.JPG)

I’ll never understand this category of porn.

No. 1931376

>Charlatan Background
How fitting
KEK you cracked the code, Shay looks like ham all the time because she's fully delitized

No. 1931379

nonna this looks uncanny as hell kek

No. 1931382

this is so disgusting, full on whole ass prostitute.

No. 1931387

You know if you’re selling the idea that you’re a spoiled unattainable baby bimbo you should at the very least not tell people you’re having sex with men for money

No. 1931390

she tried to gofundme for lip fillers once after ranting about how homeless people using gofundme is wrong because they’ll just buy drugs with it. it’s on one of the early threads.

No. 1931391

omg the third pic looks like a guy with man boobs.

No. 1931414

The decor of this parlor room oh my god and the the old radio, this really is porn for old men.

No. 1931421

Her face irks me too. I don’t know what it is. I don’t think it is her features, but how she always has an intense expression and never just looks relaxed. Like she’s always trying to do something with her face

No. 1931439

"nice regular sex" the cope.

No. 1931440

is that woman on the right pregnant…?

No. 1931444

To me it looks like she's just a bit chubby in the middle. Hope to god she is not pregnant and doing this kind of porn.. That poor poor potential child..

No. 1931448

File: 1700545755368.jpeg (Spoiler Image,410.87 KB, 1170x1852, IMG_0073.jpeg)

I wonder if sensei Ricky Delgado of Boulder, CO actually cut Shayna off because he didn’t tag her in this self-promo despite advertising their video, yet he tagged that new e-prostitute “Katy” that probably works at the strip club Kiki’s at and was lowkey groomed by them into internet porn. She still has less than 100 followers. I hope that Ricky loses his job though, the mf should not be around kids at all.

No. 1931449

Most sugar babies maintain a fantasy online of NOT fucking the old men that buy them. She is so bad at everything about this job kek

No. 1931466

Which thread in /Shay would they belong in?

No. 1931469

Kek why has she given herself meatball eyes like Scamanda Brett?

No. 1931470

Why did she not just make a rogue? She definitely built this character as one.

No. 1931497

File: 1700563944548.png (14.95 KB, 720x155, 2.png)

No. 1931500

File: 1700564178946.png (Spoiler Image,689.55 KB, 732x755, 3.png)

in her likes - this made me lol. spoiler for ugly man

No. 1931505

File: 1700564409103.jpg (Spoiler Image,546.12 KB, 2048x2048, F_csxATXkAAKl9f.jpg)

shayna and sarah gregory at the lone star spanking party in their stupid outfits

No. 1931509

First thing i thought about kek. Pour one out for Perry the bird.

No. 1931518

legit worried for her retarded looking dog (forget its name). theres a serious virus spreading among dogs right now and people are recommending to not board your dogs and be careful where you walk them because its very contagious. i doubt shayna leaves money for emergencies for her pets considering how much she freaked when the dog got a UTI

No. 1931554

It’s funny to me that she’ll tweet or brag about making men cum like it isn’t a given unless they’re porn broken

No. 1931560

I don’t think so, when she’s had serious issues with people, neither party posts the content. They’re just being careful.
I’d say the Shaynatorium >>>/shay/163871 as it’s for memes and Shayposting.

No. 1931561

nona are you forgetting the past 3-4 guys shes had sex with have erectile issues and cum a thimble’s amount? making a random paying scrote cum from some weird fetish shit actually is an accomplishment for her.

No. 1931563

She doesn't look too bad in the 50s costume considering her usual standards. She just looks like an average, homely and portly woman.

No. 1931574

honestly, it’s the best she’s ever looked (not a high bar)

No. 1931586

File: 1700581309315.jpeg (763.93 KB, 1802x1818, CA2C121F-D348-4B5E-A91F-89FE2C…)

the unspoilered copy. ew thats grandma gregory’s husband on the top left. my tinfoil is that he is the one encouraging gregory to work more with shayna cause hes a creepy scrote and sarah is just grinning and baring it because she’s likely a cuck.

No. 1931587

i crack up everytime I see shayna in this outfit knowing she was too fat for the top and had to wear a fucking stretchy undershirt with the poodle skirt instead. she looks so cheap. probably yellowed the armpits too.

No. 1931606

File: 1700583823327.jpeg (226.57 KB, 392x806, IMG_9326.jpeg)


No. 1931607

File: 1700583902008.jpeg (39.27 KB, 630x400, C2B7F1B7-8D9F-4DA4-A9CA-3CAB93…)

its giving george mcfly

No. 1931617

She never posts how much the sugar daddy gives her?? Like she’s probably just making a couple hundred per visit. Her sugar daddies are always so unimpressive. The “point” of sugaring is to have a luxury lifestyle funded from having a relationship with an old moid. But instead she has to have multiple sugar daddies (johns) in order to afford rent. Because they’re broke and can only give her Ugg boots and Applebee’s. They’re not sugar daddies Shayna they’re Splenda daddies. And I’m not supporting or saying high end sugar babies are better but at least they’re getting way more money.

No. 1931618

for some reason the style of the text is fucking sending me

No. 1931655

Geez even leaving the glasses off would have been a huge upgrade, she’s just not cute enough to pull them off.

No. 1931658

I stand by that, she has always looked even worse

No. 1931661

exactly, sugar baby is reserved for someone who doesn’t have to do much except give attention and have their rent and bills paid. yes i get no sugar baby is doing no sex acts, but they sure as fuck aren’t letting dudes fuck their fat thighs and still struggling to make rent and afford the smallest of life’s luxuries. she’s “proud” of what she does yet she still needs to sugar coat (no pun intended) what she is and the people she associated with so that she can even look in the mirror and not wanna kill herself.

No. 1931663

an actual sugar baby is paid a large sum once a month and probably only puts out the one time or just send nudes and the rest of the month is just texting to a dude to give him attention or going on date. the absolute bare minimum expectation when shayna goes on every single “sugar date” is that she will put out and the guy gets to cum. She’s probably getting $300-400 for basic sex and the adds on depending what they do AND she doesnt get the money until she performs like a monkey and the scrote is satisfied. sad as fuck existence.

No. 1931664

do you guys ever think about if there are more men she is hooking herself out to that she doesn’t admit to? her johns are so low quality there’s no way she’s making ends meet with how little she posts about it. i feel like she has a container of fat ugly old men she lets fuck her or worse that even she is too ashamed to admit twitter.

No. 1931672

supposedly johns have like down-low reddit communities where they share info about prostitutes in the area, what they do, if they use protection, how much they cost, etc. if she's letting these random dudes go without protection for cheap, she may be getting a lot of whoring gigs (but yeah obv she's not going to brag about them at this point)

No. 1931712

probably, the only time she bragged about her whoring endeavours revenue was when she amounted 2k from a john kek so I guess she hasn't made 2k+ again and she has what? fucked 3-4 dudes in the past month? two?

No. 1931732

She’s always reminding me of gypsy rose blanchard in her stupid bad costumes. She look literally retarded

No. 1931737

File: 1700606526311.png (2.05 MB, 1293x1423, ¿Pussy & Asshole Sniffing POV?…)

> click the link & sniff our pussies, virgin [Smiling Face with Horns Emoji]
Is the next Tweet, along with a link for the video and a collage of photos. As it felt redundant, I didn’t include it.

No. 1931742

I know you aren’t gatekeeping other hookers, it’s all the same “job” selling sex to crusty old men and being a whore.
>Sugar babies are richer and cuter and classier!

No. 1931752

I guarantee she is letting these guys fuck her in her apartment too. Just gross.

No. 1931755

The fact that Ricky Delgado from Front Range Judo filmed this is making me wanna ralph.

No. 1931756

File: 1700607785348.mp4 (Spoiler Image,4.93 MB, 1280x720, Virgin Humiliation : Pussy & A…)

PG-17 (?) version of the “trailer” just so we can admire Shayna’s acting. Under a spoiler as I think the dialogue might warrant it.

No. 1931757

File: 1700608010831.png (Spoiler Image,2.56 MB, 1786x1017, yeast infected.png)

Jesus Christ, only unspoiler this is you hate yourself. Extreme close up of Shayna's vagina showing it's full of yeast. Also why does it look like she has absolutely no inner labia.

No. 1931758

this is hell

No. 1931759

File: 1700608241905.jpg (422.73 KB, 1080x1756, Customers .jpg)

She has like 3 customers left at this point

No. 1931760

File: 1700608254187.jpg (Spoiler Image,93.45 KB, 852x852, Bimbo Nails.jpg)

The state of Shayna’s nails in the trailer she posted is something else. Please let me know if the original/unedited trailer should be posted as well.

No. 1931762

loving her black mold pinky

No. 1931763

her fucking cuticles jfc

No. 1931765

KEK what happened to her vent twitter account?

No. 1931766

guess someone didnt like her botched tits again. she gets so triggered if someone prefers her old tits. or maybe an old coomer mentioned her weight gain. predictable shay shay.

No. 1931768

dude i appreciate the milk but your style of posting is aggravating. why would you post a "PG-17" version of the video only to spoiler it? common sense nona, try it out.

No. 1931769

File: 1700608789278.png (Spoiler Image,2.57 MB, 1964x929, Kiki’s Nails.png)

The stark difference between Shayna >>1931760
and Kiki’s nails and cuticles is something else. Extreme close-up of Kiki’s hand as she touches herself, only sharing for comparison’s sake.

No. 1931772

she's providing us with shayantics, don't have to be so anal about it

No. 1931774

File: 1700609209213.jpeg (299.61 KB, 1290x1614, IMG_2502.jpeg)

Maybe someone from her sugar baby profile was mad after being promised this and getting… Shatfished.

No. 1931780

We appreciate your effort and concern nonny. thank you for the updates and her nasty ass cuticles

No. 1931784

Sorry, Nona. To keep the thread on topic I’ve answered in the appropriate place >>>/shay/166235

No. 1931791

she should hide her face more often kek

No. 1931793

it'll never not make me lol that some of you are so invested in your shayna hate that it leaked over to the dog kek

No. 1931797

> some of u deserve 2 have ur food spit in before it’s served 2 u
I like when her sweet and bubbly mask slips and you get a glimpse of the real Shayna.

No. 1931798

kek people used to say this in the early shat threads and would side by side them
>big sis
>shayna towering over kiki

No. 1931801

She still doesn't understand the reality of being a whore. Men aren't paying her for friendship.

No. 1931802

why does the flapper outfit make her look so much like lena dunham

No. 1931807

She fits right in with the rest of Kiki’s clientele. On that account she caters to sissies and diaperfags that want a “big sister”.

No. 1931814

If she wasn't such a narcissist she'd probably make more money on OF selling faceless nudes taken with fat girl angles in clothes that actually somewhat fit and flatter her bobby hill physique.

No. 1931832

Maybe I’m retarded and haven’t seen a lot of vaginas but her (lack of) inner labia is so weird and it’s creeping me out. It looks like the result of female genital mutilation or something

No. 1931848

I think she just has two big inner labia flaps instead of several smaller ones like most women and she is pulling apart her most inner labia in the picture, her urethra hole is covered by her one finger at the top of the photo. But I agree something looks very off here.

No. 1931849

Her Shaynatomy is a mystery, much like her psyche.

No. 1931851

how is she growing hair on her inner most labia? that must be itchy as hell when it grows out.

No. 1931855

File: 1700620796428.jpeg (315.48 KB, 2048x1536, F_gR04wacAA_8bc.jpeg)

'feelin cute n hot n adorable'

No. 1931858

the customer is always right shay shay!

No. 1931859

File: 1700621408477.png (182.58 KB, 832x734, gut-control.png)

She finally bought some gunt control pants

No. 1931869

I wonder if using her in thumbnail is the work around to include her but not tag her. If its not for that reason, then its just insulting kek.

No. 1931872

Was gonna say the dorky, plain, fat girl thing suits her and she looks kinda decent.

No. 1931873

Would love to see if Shaynus is on one for the Seattle/Renton area lmao not gonna ask how you know about this, but post if you can find it kek

No. 1931877

NTA but I have access to some of this sort of stuff, and I’ve definitely looked but never seen her.

No. 1931878

She's clearly not boarding the dog. It shits and pisses and gets sadder and fatter in her filthy hovel and maybe gets checked on once a day by Ellen Degenerate or some nasty moid. If she was boarding the dog, she'd e-beg for the cost and mention picking her up and/or dropping her off. She's not boarding Noodle. And idk which is worse. Back to back boarding or just ditching the dog at home for weeks.

No. 1931883

for a second there, she got me thinking that maybe she is starting to embrace her BIG girl body. Specially with how chubby her face looks on the second pic.

No. 1931884

File: 1700623948452.jpeg (465.22 KB, 750x893, 4E86C0D2-36FC-46EF-AE6D-FDAC40…)

director? you mean ricky delgado? LMAO

No. 1931886

> acting skills
She’s so delusional. What she’s saying doesn’t sound as good as she thinks it does.

No. 1931898

Isn’t this quite the opposite of what she should be saying? Moids like to think porn is real, shouldn’t she be saying shit like “omg it totally hurts” or “omg I totally literally came like 500 times per second”.

No. 1931899

File: 1700625067013.png (149.73 KB, 746x462, inshayne.png)

fixed that for her

No. 1931909

Shat’s nails are worse but imo the lighting is terrible and makes them look grody.
Nobody cares, every moid you’ve had on camera goes soft and has issues with ejaculating

No. 1931947

File: 1700639237901.gif (1.19 MB, 282x210, shaybrow raise.gif)

This expression of hers fucked me up when I watched this kek I made a gif because I'm retarded and it reminded me of those raised eyebrow memes

No. 1931953

They are moving around like whole worms

No. 1931966

Nah, these people never liked animals to begin with.

No. 1931977

File: 1700645265990.gif (3.65 MB, 640x640, IMG_5768.gif)

I thought this looked familiar.

No. 1931982

Doesn't she claim to be into humiliation? How much do you think she'd charge to hear the truth about herself? True ego death is only about $400 away Shaynorita!

No. 1931984

The bar is low but the bangs are an improvement like this (plus anything that covers any part of her face helps) and wearing her hair curly helps balance out her pinheaded proportions.

No. 1932008

theyre literally posting their concern for the dog? its just a running joke and funny how triggered some nonas get over it being called retarded.

No. 1932010

someone add this to the never ending reasons why shaynas is bad at being a prostitute

No. 1932021

kiki needs to start using some moisturiser, she looks so dry close up.

No. 1932036

welcome to a pornsick moid's true nature, shayna. they don't care about sparing your feelings or treating you with basic politeness because they don't actually see you as a human being, just a fleshy object to coom over and shit on when they are done. they think they can get away with treating you however they want because you cater to some of the most degenerate fantasies imaginable and constantly talk about how desperate you are for money. it's only going to get worse the older you get and the more you continue to prostitute yourself out. hurt feelings isn't even close to the worst thing that can happen to you.

No. 1932044

I know. Wtf are you talking about?

No. 1932048

It’s not really that funny though, but glad it gives you hearty keks.

No. 1932049

Throwback to the 21 humiliating things video some anon made her make

No. 1932059

File: 1700662597861.png (313.27 KB, 542x612, Screenshot_20231122_090409_com…)

>and probably only puts out the one time or just send nudes and the rest of the month is just texting to a dude to give him attention or going on date
Maybe don't speak on topics you don't know of kek. Sugar babies are expected to put out every dinner date unless the guy is too fucked up to fuck (like if the penis is too ancient but they still expect pleasure altered to suit their ancient body which can be worse). If a sugar baby dares think she has options that's when the rape comes in and like any other hooker they can't report shit. Especially worse if the scrote is actually rich vs the average John.
There's Reddit and there are other dedicated clearnet sites to it too. I wouldn't be surprised if we found her on some escorting site at some point if people knew where to look (camwhores in this thread, now's your chance to actually contribute with your degen "knowledge")
Kiki's stupid faces while she's standing around waiting for the line delivery to finish are cracking me up. I don't know how, but she's managed to look like Shay in a bad wig here.

No. 1932079

Haven't been around long enough to witness that, any clues to the era this happened in so I can go searching?

No. 1932090

File: 1700667273775.jpg (365.73 KB, 2048x1536, 20231122_103504.jpg)

>jst wanted 2 show off my cool jacket

No. 1932107

She had that since she was skinny with ramen hair kek

No. 1932109

Her fat girl mouth and fat girl neck are still so apparent even when she tries to hide her face

No. 1932113

Waaaaayy back in thread 13. Here’s the post, not sure if the video still works but you can read discussion.


No. 1932114

Samefag, it does still work. Have fun!

No. 1932133

File: 1700674856314.jpeg (16.43 KB, 216x275, 1BA9B18D-CA66-4A96-BDD4-8096F6…)

She looks like the shaygrinch pic of her

No. 1932172

File: 1700679102257.png (Spoiler Image,527.2 KB, 742x511, 1.png)

more boring nudes

No. 1932176

File: 1700679325913.png (457.37 KB, 742x500, 2.png)

cute kitty, nasty floor

No. 1932213

File: 1700682946943.png (1.79 MB, 828x1792, IMG_9480.png)

more fatty food and alcohol

No. 1932223

This just reminds me of her refusal to post ribmeat. I bet her fur is all matter up again because fat shat is either out of town or too fucked up to brush her. Just give the damn pets up Shayna and get something low maintenance… Like a pet rock.

No. 1932232

major yaniv vibes

No. 1932236

the thick layer of dust on the baseboard

No. 1932292

identical to yaniv oh my god

No. 1932303

Ty nona, that was… bleak.
Wonder what this would look like today? Would she still cherry pick sex related "acceptable" humiliation, or would she dare mention the alcoholic weight gain, dwindling coomer count, and 8 years of debasing herself with nothing to show for it? Is she self aware enough to admit even a fraction of it, or is the shaylusion too strong? The world may never know…

No. 1932309

sorry, there is no way Shay is 5'5". Kiki has said before she's 5'2", granted they're both wearing heels that could be different heights but Shay is a full head and shoulders above Kiki. I'm taller than Shay claims to be and I still wish I was taller sometimes…not sure why Shay downplays her height when tons of horny scrotes would totally go for her ~statuesque~ appearance. Seems like she could drum up a lot more business playing into the whole giantess/orc obsession tons of dudes have.

No. 1932312

really just proving that men will believe anything, no matter how halfheartedly it's delivered, so long as it strokes their ego

No. 1932327

She buys some seriously retarded and random shit. This would only look ok on someone who has curated a whole style that could incorporate it. Otherwise you just look like an actual tard like Shaynus. I know its a simpsons bowling jacket but like… just why.

No. 1932332

how the fuck is she affording all this crap, especially in this economy? surely she must be drowning in credit card debt?

No. 1932333

>not sure why Shay downplays her height when tons of horny scrotes would totally go for her ~statuesque~ appearance.

cause being tall isn't very ~uwu smol baby~

No. 1932340

imho she's 5'7" but i'm willing to accept 5'6"

No. 1932341

wish i could see the johns reaction when they see her IRL for the first time and the sizxing looks like this >>1930994 seriously one of the funniest shayna photos cause she looks like godzilla here.

No. 1932348

it’s because she’s still stuck in her teenage years, thinking she still has a slim body and can be “baby.” it’s going to be hard when it finally hits her that she doesn’t have her high school body anymore and never will. she’ll be in her 30s trying to convince herself of her delusion. it’ll be really funny when she realizes she can’t do sex work anymore and has no skills to enter the workforce in any meaningful way.

No. 1932358

Shayna is a lifer until she dies or is killed. She will be showing her flaps off in her 30s, 40s, 50s, and 60s. Her only out is if she settles down with an ugly scrote willing to support her, but I doubt it will stop her attention whoring online.

No. 1932370

That or until she gets pregnant

No. 1932390

Getting pregnant would be a meaningless blip on Shayna’s radar, quickly aborted. She does NOT need to be responsible for another human being… look at the way she cares for her pets.

No. 1932406

She would probably do pregnant porn.

No. 1932428

wtf are you talking about

No. 1932431

NTA but some anon many moons ago called Shay's dog retarded and I guess some anons have made a trend out of it to get a rise out of sensitive anons. That's it.

No. 1932460

Kekkkk that second pic is so painfully not sexy. Her face staring at the wall looks like a frozen NPC in a burger chain simulator. She never knows how awkward her posing is, she’s probably just so proud of herself for knowing to arch her back to make her tiny, sad ass look somewhat normal-sized.

No. 1932485

Indian Joker lookin ass

No. 1932500

File: 1700719351240.jpg (131.97 KB, 1080x506, 2.jpg)

Does she just invite any moid she meets into her house?

No. 1932508

File: 1700720998509.jpg (254.58 KB, 1080x926, Lies.jpg)

As if her life even has this level of activity

No. 1932575

Why would there be a group of guys at her apartment that know her dogs name? If thats true thats kinda weird. And big doubt that untrained neglected dog knows how to do any tricks much less a basic command like sit.

No. 1932598

>>1932575 because her fake gf takes the dog out to piss and walk more than shat does

No. 1932632

creepy scrotes fetishizing tall women are going after broke and exploitable 15 yo eastern european runway models that are like 5'9 tall. not 5'7 weed addicts from america

No. 1932635

she loves that angle b/c she looks a smidgen less fat this way. she's gross regardless

if this actually happened she's talking about it as if it's weird that ppl she lives with know her dog's name. b/c she told them loool

No. 1932640

Yeah it's funny how anons are exaggerating her height. She's definitely above average but she is not that tall for a woman, even if she is 5'7" (the longest running claim is that she's 5'6" but it's only the difference of an inch).

No. 1932669

I’m almost 5’7 (wish I was taller—sorry for blogpost) and she looks about 5’5 or 5’6 to me but maybe that’s just because she’s chubby. It’s hard to tell. She just looks really BIG. Kek.

No. 1932671

neighbors: Noodle, play dead!
noodle: am dead inside already
(He has zoochosis)

No. 1932672

Kek I love you, rule-follower nona.

No. 1932688

It’s her proportions they look longer compared to her head. Not a bad thing at all but she larps as a baby so it looks stupid in a onesie and bib

No. 1932705

File: 1700767428733.jpg (368.5 KB, 1080x1376, Thriving.jpg)

That's nobody else's fault but yours. But keep telling them you're thriving.

No. 1932706

why can't they just pay for her ticket lol

No. 1932713

idk why she’s crying when she chose to spend her money on being pathetic in aruba over seeing them

No. 1932719

fatcon, kiki's, lonestar and aruba take precedence over thanksgiving with her family

No. 1932720

File: 1700769420406.jpg (360.5 KB, 1536x2048, 20231123_145629.jpg)

she posted her for some thanksgiving post. Still looks traumatized though

No. 1932723

Ugh, she still looks like shit, all matted and greasy. Poor kitty.

No. 1932730

Because they're under no obligation to pay the way for their grown degenerate daughter who won't even wear a bra at the dinner table.

No. 1932731

sure, but the wish you were here texts seem kinda smug if they are loaded

No. 1932733

her tail looks sorta weird. i have a long hair cat too and it's fluffy, so the tail looks unbrushed on ribmeat (insane name btw)

No. 1932737

>I wish I made enough money to visit them
she probably could put aside enough money to visit her family on both holidays but instead chooses to blow her coomer bucks on going out for brunch to get day drunk and overpriced airport cocktails

No. 1932738

I always feel like Shayna will ask her folks for money but for some reason she wants to "prove" she can always buy her own ticket. It could be a pride thing I'm sure they'd buy a ticket for her. I also imagine she brags to her siblings or whoever will listen that, "yeah I spent x amount on my ticket".
But it's crazy how she can save to go party with freaks and she's done a lot of "work "yet she's broke but when she wants too go to some freak off she saves for that.

No. 1932740

Didn’t she take him to the groomers a while back and he was so matted that he had to get a lion cut? Or am I misremembering? Regardless, she doesn’t deserve to have a lovely long haired moggie (or any pet whatsoever)

No. 1932743

they probably give her the option to cover the costs to pay for a flight for either thanksgiving or christmas, which is more than reasonable considering she is a full grown adult. and instead of shayna saving up throughout the year so she can afford her own fucking flight for the other holiday, she chooses to spend her money on flights for degenerate sex parties that she does not turn profit on. this is 100% her doing and no one feels bad for her when the same people she is crying to see her upgrading her other flights throughout the year on all her various trips and buying dumb ass shit. she could easily make both holidays - they happen every single year and arent unexpected expenses. you’re a bad daughter shayna and choose sex over your family who is most likely keeping you afloat financially. guess sarah gregory is more important than family.

No. 1932746

no you're right she did take him to get shaved, it was a few threads ago. dunno what the point of it was when she's not going to keep up with the new fur growing back either

No. 1932756

File: 1700775491900.jpeg (316.41 KB, 1170x1649, IMG_9354.jpeg)

Does anyone feel like this is pretty clear evidence that her parents pay part of her rent? Round trip flights from seattle to boston are like $200 american. Seems weird for so cheap her parents wouldnt pay for if two holidays were only around $400. It’s almost as if they already feel they give her enough money throughout the year and thats why they put their foot down about only fronting one holiday.

No. 1932762

File: 1700776124559.jpeg (532.15 KB, 828x1136, 1B4A6820-583C-4277-AF3F-ACBDD8…)

Oh she’s looking rough today. Wonder if her polycule is busy with their families today, also I wonder if she’s ever met Ellen’s family even.

No. 1932764

File: 1700776173907.jpeg (345.99 KB, 1536x2048, 2FC3533C-1E61-413F-B2A4-9D72B2…)

No. 1932775

You can see where she blurred that huge double chin kekekekekek

No. 1932782

>>1932775 and lightened the diabetic brown eye bags.

No. 1932788

why did she think that would look better? it looks insane

No. 1932794

serving yaniv once again

No. 1932797


No. 1932807

The blurring draws even more attention to her dewlap. It appears bigger and like it’s melting into her neck. She must be drunk.

No. 1932810

Good god, who is this for? Why would she even bother uploading this, she looks tragic as hell.

No. 1932824

she looks so incredibly uncomfortable

No. 1932842

That dog desperately needs braces(dogsperg)

No. 1932844

Here we go again with the Noodle hating. She still looks better than Shaynus.

No. 1932845

File: 1700787784575.jpeg (81.1 KB, 750x475, 3A16FC17-99DE-411B-A8FD-D54665…)

posted about eating chicken and waffles, deleted it. posted the other one and then also deleted that

No. 1932847

File: 1700787902744.jpeg (78.27 KB, 750x482, EA8F9468-BD25-4DB4-81F3-C854A1…)

No. 1932864

File: 1700790313415.gif (2.28 MB, 498x373, CE0D3821-E5D9-464E-BC99-D4B7B2…)

reminds me of how the simpsons portrayed the french

No. 1932869

she deleted this bleak confession

No. 1932874

anons are so weird about noodle

No. 1932943

Have you tried looking for a job, perhaps?

No. 1932951

It’s mostly a joke. If you don’t understand by now that most anons are trolling, you’re dense. Especially since it brings out the~quirky doggo lovers uwu~(dog sperg)

No. 1932952

She looks like she wants to die kek

No. 1932959

I think she looks nice here. Why doesn’t her other kitty ever come to cuddle

No. 1932983

File: 1700818213044.mp4 (Spoiler Image,730.22 KB, 480x852, ssstwitter.com_1700818227499.m…)

Shay doing a naked cartwheel while drunk. Good job!

No. 1932984

File: 1700818457902.mp4 (1.95 MB, 480x852, ssstwitter.com_1700818476187.m…)

Mr. Peanutbutter grooming and biting Noodle

No. 1932985

File: 1700818540945.jpg (394.27 KB, 2048x1536, F_raVHDawAA4uID.jpg)

>my gf got me these rly cool shelves 2 display my records

No. 1932986

File: 1700818621605.png (589.41 KB, 731x478, cutecow.png)

what she wants to be

No. 1932999


No. 1933000

Her poor downstairs neighbors

No. 1933004

Ntayrt, but some anons itt literally can’t stand animals and it’s very apparent. Many aren’t trolling—they use it as an excuse to spew their hatred. Glad you think it’s funny though!

No. 1933006

At least she’s getting exercise! Kek.

No. 1933010

Wait, you actually think she looks nice here? You’re too kind, nonna! Kek. But yeah, poor Ribmeat’s always hiding.

No. 1933011

AGP does cartwheels naked while fantasizing about being a girl gymnast vibes
This is really creepy and unhinged

No. 1933013

Thumb with a hairball plopped on top ass mf

No. 1933017

Nonnies am I alone in that her one boob just… Didn't bounce? When she was standing before the cartwheel her side profile made that one look a bit "bolted on" which well we know what the frankentit looked like before. But I swear with that stupid dance she did the only thing that didn't jiggle was that boob.

No. 1933021

are you mentally slow?

No. 1933029

You're not the only one and whenever I see that immobile thing I get sympathy pains.
I'm so shocked she can actually do cartwheels!

No. 1933034

why, because I think she looks cute here?

No. 1933049

File: 1700838653072.jpg (291.51 KB, 1080x1531, Perfect figure.jpg)

This response to the video made me kek

No. 1933051

>>1933029 why though? Those wrists are sturdy like a clydesdale

No. 1933060

She looks alarmingly like Chris Chan

No. 1933073

File: 1700844560296.jpeg (845.58 KB, 1170x1688, IMG_0082.jpeg)

No. 1933075

based off this im assuming she got a custom request to pretend to be a gymnist or something and doing cartwheels and the splits naked were part of the deal. guessing the naked splits didnt go so well kek

No. 1933076

File: 1700844792673.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.03 MB, 1170x1878, IMG_0083.jpeg)

This moid is gay so any compliment from him on her looks is more like an insult

No. 1933077

File: 1700844844622.jpeg (230.61 KB, 1152x2048, IMG_0084.jpeg)

This is his face btw

No. 1933092

>when I was a kid
She’s nasty as hell. Pandering and talking about her childhood. Shaytroon

No. 1933093

That's literally an AGP.

and i hate y'all for sharing that video. her dancing makes me want to kms

No. 1933094

File: 1700849302992.png (422.76 KB, 732x587, p.png)

probably from Womack

No. 1933095

The beginning where she is backing up from the camera is killing me. What the fuck was that kek ellen needs to take her phone away everytime she is drunk

No. 1933132

No. 1933133

File: 1700854669808.jpg (Spoiler Image,594.35 KB, 1536x2048, 1000008845.jpg)

She blurred her asscheeks together

No. 1933141

I hate this retarded facial expression, she looks like a legit sped

No. 1933143

File: 1700856159831.jpg (51.79 KB, 970x326, Screenshot_20231124_150105.jpg)

Dirty deleted

No. 1933146

File: 1700856428959.jpeg (594.9 KB, 1170x1373, IMG_0085.jpeg)

I think she might be upset about her content being ripped to other sites or something?

No. 1933147

kekkk, even if this wasn’t blatant photoshop why would you post a photo where the main feature you are trying to show off is blurry. Guess you gotta be in sex work for 8 years to understand the brainrot logic.

No. 1933148

tinfoil that aruba is off cause shayna read the threads and freaked herself out

No. 1933150

File: 1700857243576.jpeg (147.56 KB, 1284x720, IMG_7130.jpeg)

she made her legs skinnier too, the locker is super wobbly

No. 1933157

she probably did shop them smaller but those areny real lockers, is just a fabric backdrop of a picture of lockers that kiki bought for photos, so thats mostly why they look so wobbly.

No. 1933158

She's so huge even her knees are developing fat rolls.

Men don't care. The only men subscribed to her OF are the ones too stupid to find porn for free.

No. 1933187

This. Shes traveled multiple times the past few months to be a disgusting whore. Whats funny is if she was any good at sex work, she wouldve made content and booked sessions to actually make money from these events. But she just rolls around and gets beat up for free at best. Paying at worst. And what little content she does make takes a long time to release and/or just straight up flops because she's just boring, fat, and ugly.

No. 1933193

Did she really spend Thanksgiving drunk af and naked in her apartment doing retarded weird shit like that??
Or did she just wake up and do that first thing?
Either is bleak

No. 1933197

File: 1700863533993.png (Spoiler Image,183.39 KB, 388x576, unseen_videos.png)

Replying to myself but here are links to her porn for free
This site only has the older videos before she got fat
This site has some of her more recent videos which may be of interest to this thread. To download the videos you have to install the Opera browser, I can't do this because I'm using Libre Wolf in Arch Linux with a Chrome/Windows user agent, otherwise I would convert these to webm and upload them. Also this strengthens the tinfoil that the man she did that gross video with is one of her johns.(spoiler nsfw)

No. 1933198

Well there’s moids who pay for porn because 1) they feel morally superior to those who don’t and 2) they have a specific thing for being “close” to sex workers, like trying to date a sex worker.

No. 1933205

They do it because they’re coomers. Mike slack does it to get off to chubby white redneck girls who look like his daughter

No. 1933211

Gross. good job directing moids to a coom bank

No. 1933227

File: 1700869596363.jpeg (1.21 MB, 1236x3000, Tweets.JPEG)

It’s not off, she was “asking” her followers to buy her cute bikinis for the trip. Her latest wishlist also includes snorkeling gear and some quick dry/water shoes.

No. 1933229

File: 1700869657796.jpg (335.97 KB, 1536x2048, 1.JPG)

The filter usage is out of control.

No. 1933230

File: 1700869722992.jpg (119.21 KB, 1024x543, Sad Wishlist.JPG)

No. 1933232

File: 1700869851987.jpg (Spoiler Image,125.61 KB, 1024x769, 2.JPG)

The other picture within this set was already posted >>1932172

No. 1933248

File: 1700872666338.jpeg (308.31 KB, 1197x1311, IMG_0089.jpeg)

She rt’d some moid who quoted it and he appears to be one of those terminally online MRA/MGTOW extremists. I wonder if he’s a scrote from 4chan/KF and found her through lolcow.

No. 1933266

kek wtf I know she was hammered posting this but why would she not delete this right away in the morning?! Looking like she’s sick and just crawled out bed, butt ass naked, the caveman face she makes before turning out a shit cartwheel, cringe boomer music, shit lighting, quality looks like she took it on an old laptop webcam, the retard pose like she just completed a routine at the special olympics… extremely trailer trash even for fatshat

No. 1933278

'cringe boomer music' I don't want to rise to this but get out of my house

No. 1933282

both look like SPED kids who are being trafficked

No. 1933283

> the retard pose like she just completed a routine at the special olympics

No. 1933300

File: 1700882455863.jpeg (261.42 KB, 601x866, IMG_0091.jpeg)

Her mouth and teeth here are reminding me of Daniel Larson’s

No. 1933320

File: 1700886661385.jpeg (772.62 KB, 1170x1682, IMG_6802.jpeg)

No. 1933328

Yes Shaynus, maybe if you lost weight like that disgusting pimp Sarah wanted you to they’d look bigger. How is she this stupid?(fan letter)

No. 1933335

Don't disrespect the poor cows, she is an eldritch creature in comparison

No. 1933343

I'm glad to see RibMeat chilling in the background, she looks relaxed in the main room of the apartment (until Shayna starts nakedly flailing in front of her.) However, something tells me that cardboard box next to her is a remnant of the Oklahoma move. It's been years.

No. 1933345

File: 1700894219470.jpeg (43.67 KB, 638x465, IMG_9473.jpeg)

the linux shill in a shayna thread is fucking sending me(sage your shit)

No. 1933376

She doesn't look bad here but it's only because you can't see her face.

No. 1933386

>shills linux distro in a post where that is completely unnecessary
do we really think this isn't a moid lmfao

No. 1933396

To be fair she wasn't shilling the distro at all

No. 1933444

>>1933230 ain't no way on God's green earth she fits in a size 6.5 shoe

No. 1933468

>dry, dead straw hair
>literallly still has no ass even in this position
>fat swollen hand covering alcohol swollen face
>amazon tiara plopped on head
>definitely drunk
>gross ass feet most likely swiped clean of kitty litter on the bed
>big ass body taking up more than 70% of bed
i do love she put her “trademark” on her arm. how does her arm fat have better curves than she does?? truly a shaystery.

No. 1933505

kek only shayna could make a king size bed look that small. she looks severely obese and rough in that photo, that other nona had to have been trolling us.

No. 1933507

File: 1700924057071.jpg (51.44 KB, 991x338, Home.jpg)

Deleted. She says this about once a month. Uber Driver must not be apart of the break-in rapist larp she claims to be into.

No. 1933518

File: 1700926542466.jpeg (483.99 KB, 1170x1035, IMG_6811.jpeg)

Sure you don’t smoke anymore Shay

No. 1933519

what year did she go under ‘bambi doll’ as her porn name? a couple of the videos in your first link have the intro saying ‘bambi doll as [cringe title]’ not a moid, just looking for gif-worthy bits kek but i thought she went with dolly mattel from the start though

No. 1933529

the driver is probably just setting up the next job on his phone before pulling off. but obviously the world revolves around her hambeast orbit.

No. 1933533

I'm not a fan of BBL asses or big boobs. I think Shay's boob job and face are the two ugliest things about her body. I'm going to get cursed out for this because having a big/curvy ass is so trendy right now but I dislike it and think a smaller butt looks better. Shay with a fat lumpy jiggling ass would look even more hideous. I think she had the perfect body when she was slim. Her face has always been butt ugly. Trying to imagine her with a big ass and those pathetic lip injections everyone seems to want is nightmare fuel.

No. 1933535

File: 1700929659377.jpeg (59.84 KB, 553x256, IMG_6841.jpeg)

No. 1933538

didn't she develop that condition where you puke your guts out every time you smoke a blunt? it's such a gross thing to admit to, i can't see why even shay would make that up

No. 1933539

>big brown doe eyes
Kek the delusion

No. 1933549

cheers nonna, i was around for the MV Loft saga but i don’t remember her going by bambi at that point - will need to go back through the sharchives now and relive some of it kek

No. 1933555

>>1933539 they looked bigger before getting eclipsed by like 70lbs of visceral fat

No. 1933562

That newborn doe line is disgusting. The word newborn should be banned from porn sites

No. 1933586

At least she wasn't delusional about her eye color yet.

No. 1933634

For me it's slightly different, I think bigger but is fine with wide hips, but I'm not a fan of large boobs. Large is C and higher. So as much as it doesn't matter, Shay's body is the opposite of attractive imo.(who cares)

No. 1933644

No. 1933649

Anyone can do cartwheels. Too easy! My 300lb friend does them too. Kek.

No. 1933662

When did Sarah tell her to lose weight? I keep up with every Shay thread but I missed that part? Kek(spoonfeeding request)

No. 1933675

Sarah didn’t explicitly tell her to lose weight, at least not to our knowledge. >>>/snow/1883910 is when she sort of announced she was losing weight. A bit later Sarah commented she’s happy Weight Watchers was helpful and mentioned she lost 17 pounds with it >>>/snow/1890144 since, “Sarah probably recommended WW” has evolved into “Sarah is making Shayna lose weight”.

No. 1933679

Also the ex-skidmore Nona mentioned that Sarah is rather catty and weight-obsessed, so it's not out of the realm of possibility that she would "highly encourage" that Shay shaype up before Aruba.

No. 1933680

she also had that one submissive moid client who said he lost weight because of her

No. 1933681

samefag but here's the post >>>/snow/1926479

No. 1933691

The bitch was the other day taking close up pics of her eyes and asking her orbiters if the eyes had a hint of green.

No. 1933693

File: 1700954822871.jpeg (237.17 KB, 1080x1920, Friendsgiving.jpeg)

Shayna had a "Friendsgiving" today. How many friends does she have?

No. 1933717

I hate how she always says this. What does she think they are supposed to do immediately? They have to wait for their next ride or look at their phone to process what’s next. They do this every time

No. 1933719

This picture's like in everything everywhere all at once where they had the other world with hot dogs for fingers.
>hftwt, obsessive love, drugtwt
Suspicious character.

No. 1933721

her one shirt that fits

No. 1933723

God, she looks WIDE. This fucking sweater is haunting us, kek.

No. 1933741

why are you so mad? did a dog kill your family?(dumb bait)

No. 1933778

~uwu~ Barbie baby bimbo spoilt princess brat but only has one damn shirt!

No. 1933794

Golf ball textured face

No. 1933795

No. 1933816

That's literally the body type that is in fashion right now. Big boobs are seen as ugly atm and virtually no one finds them attractive anymore. I don't know why she went and got them.

No. 1933818

Body parts should never be in fashion. It’s sick. Some people have naturally big boobs and are thin. But yeah, it’s probably why every woman is chopping her tits off now. The flat chested male body is always in style.

No. 1933845

File: 1700994750158.png (2.99 MB, 1290x2796, IMG_2684.png)

>hand over your brunch and alcohol money!!

No. 1933847

>dinner money
School kids bully for lunch money. Big Shaynus bullies for dinner money kek.

No. 1933854

There’s no way her parents don’t pay for ar least half of her rent. They probably know that if she got evicted she’d end up couch surfing with dangerous moids or becoming a literal homeless streetwalker, so they send her money and hope for the best like most parents do with literal fuckup failures they still feel obligated to help

No. 1933858

she's already hanging around dangerous scrotes, her parents need to have a sit down with their ugly spawn.

No. 1933896

NAYRT but it’s common to call lunch ‘dinner’ in many parts of the UK (evening meal would be called ‘tea’) so ‘dinner money’ would be correct

No. 1933897

Shayna isn't british though and dinner money sounds retarded in school context.(seething over twitter scrote's phrasing)

No. 1933898

File: 1701009688869.png (519.66 KB, 2274x686, sissy_puppy.png)

This moid that she did the sissyfication video with in October last year
>>>/shay/141814 is the same guy as in these two videos >>1933197
She calls him her puppy slut, which is who she is referring to in this tweet >>1932500

No. 1933901

File: 1701010041831.webm (Spoiler Image,11.09 MB, 1920x1080, NSFL.webm)

Video of Shayna spanking this moid >>1933898 in a BDSM dungeon

No. 1933904

File: 1701010307269.webm (Spoiler Image,5.63 MB, 1920x1080, extreme_shatspo.webm)

Video of Shayna putting herself in restrains and using a vibrator. Reposted because I'm still retarded and forgot the spoiler again.

No. 1933905

please use mp4. you dont need to convert to webm anymore and mobile people cant view webm’s without downloading the videos to their phone

No. 1933912

File: 1701011952521.jpg (104.27 KB, 800x450, image-w1280.jpg)

>HUuuONE! thankyouprincess

Shart should put some big ass papier-mâché "lady in the radiator" cheeks on her face the next time she collabs with this freak moid so they can just do a full on Eraserhead parody porn.

No. 1933924

Why is he talking like that? It's the voice people use when they make tiktoks about anime kids at their school

No. 1933929

I second that.

No. 1933932

So idk about horrid degenerate shit like that, but surely the appeal with those gross gags and shit is some moid doing it to the woman to humiliate her, not her doing it to herself?

No. 1933939

She has a moid customer who is into that weird getup of stockings with the mouth opener on top and the nacho libre latex head thingy.

No. 1933950

Fucking kek at them having roughly the same body size/height

No. 1933957

tysm for censoring that awful, awful picture. not that it isn't seared deep into my brain already anyway.

No. 1933959

File: 1701023957392.mp4 (Spoiler Image,545.3 KB, 480x270, ssstwitter.com_1701023955497.m…)

>Today at C4S: @theIRLbarbie
was keen to have a playdate with me, but I forgot to mention that @Cinched11
would be joining us! He tied her up as I explained how I planned to keep her as my prized ponygirl! This clip is sexy af & has some fun bts moments! http://tinyurl.com/57kxxy6u

No. 1933960

File: 1701024124404.png (957.79 KB, 720x818, 1.png)

I find it funny that he tags kiki and sophia too lul

No. 1933961

His twitter is @HouseboyAidan

No. 1933962

>>1933897 The moid running the account presumably is British though

No. 1933963

They def are
this reddit tier comment

No. 1933994

"…you might be bigger than me" KEK

No. 1934003

RIP the boobies

No. 1934014

weird and unsexy. yikes

No. 1934018

The dinner money thing is funny but also her one leg looks normal but the front most one looks like an obese persons wtf. Like she edited one and not the other

No. 1934065

pony girl? are they making a joke that she’s as big as a horse?

No. 1934069

>>1933904 ouch that mirror is NOT her friend

No. 1934076

in what way is this bait; how old is our thread-janny?

No. 1934093

File: 1701038286442.jpg (355.24 KB, 1080x1436, 07.jpg)

This confirms the "friendsgiving" party of four

No. 1934096

Imagine being such a failure that one of the only people you can have a Thankgiving dinner with is your literal porn customer

No. 1934102

File: 1701039664982.png (82.61 KB, 1080x525, Screenshot_20231126-180041.png)

Commented on this video post. Kek I bet this would make big Shaynus seethe.

No. 1934111

>>1934096 pft, this is past mere porn customer. He's getting the full girlfriend experience

No. 1934112

“You might be bigger than me and a little more gruff(?)” how embarrassing KEK

No. 1934116

i'm seriously crying wtf… that lady had no chill KEK

No. 1934118

File: 1701041663267.jpeg (567.18 KB, 1170x1548, IMG_0146.jpeg)

She definitely was lurking because this is just something we were talking about here >>1933198
Also I doubt there’s enough self awareness between Kiki and Ricky to catch it but it basically sums up judo instructor Ricky Delgado in a nutshell, who went broke from paying for sex to now making gross videos with river monster whores and his below average limp penis. Kiki and Ricky just tweeted the other day about how amazing Kiki is as a gf because she edits Ricky Delgado’s porn for him ontop of all of the other shit he gets away with.

No. 1934123

File: 1701042022128.jpeg (Spoiler Image,693.58 KB, 1170x1889, IMG_0149.jpeg)

This is the tweet I’m referring to from the other day from former prostitute buyer to pornographer Ricky Delgado of Boulder, CO.

No. 1934130

it's a cowtipper

No. 1934131

>eating with my pimp & 2 of our clients

No. 1934141

It's a common BDSM thing, kinda like the other pet play shit she does, just horse themed.

No. 1934154

I wonder how much Shaynus was seething when she said that

No. 1934159

So is the crying at the end faked? Cause idk that one son sounded really. Good if true.

No. 1934160

Oops I meant sob

No. 1934162

she loves airing out her vag in front of a bunch of ugly, old white people? cringe

No. 1934163

Good if she’s truly crying?? Wtf is this moid infestation as of late

No. 1934166

the only way this could have been more dumpy and trashy would have been if it had been filmed in an actual Walmart

No. 1934170

Nah, I say fake, I hear/see dry sobs, that's why she hides her face. She's having feelings but she's also 'acting' for moid approval.

No. 1934174

Sage for tinfoil but the reason that shay screenshots what she wants on Amazon and doesn't have a wishlist is because she doesn't want people to see that she wears a size 12/L and has size 9-10 feet. Not that there is anything inherently wrong with these things but she wants everyone to think that she's smol.

No. 1934179

This is disturbing. Any scrote that gets off on this shit should be on a list.

No. 1934187

I feel like the only men who would like this specific genre (“pony”?!? tf) are ones that want to imagine themselves in Shayna’s situation (rather than liking to watch Shayna, if that makes sense)

No. 1934191

this tweet makes me so irrationally angry. there is no hope for women

No. 1934206

Kek it's because people used to pretend to buy things for her and wipe out her whole wish list, and she would have to make another one on a weekly basis. Her breakdowns about it are documented in old threads.

No. 1934207

The fact that the lady called her a big bitch in that video… chef kiss

No. 1934214

Unfortunately now that I've watched it again I think the "you" she's talking about is the moid, because that's followed up with "it's ME you have to worry about" (as in, not the scrote).

No. 1934231


Kek at one point she actually had a meltdown and called Amazon customer service crying. The fuck did she expect them to do, suddenly realize she's THE Donny Mattel and send her all her presents because she's such a perfect bimbo princess?

No. 1934244

fucking lol

No. 1934309

What phone do you have, Nona? Android has always been able to watch webm videos just fine, no downloading needed (thank God, I'm trying not to bloat my phone).
Shungus the chungus over here absolutely DWARFING that man, kek. Compared to most fat Americans, she's not the biggest, she's not even our fattest cow, but she always looks so hulked out compared to literally anyone she "works" with, it's crazy.

No. 1934336

>>1934309 magine if she corrected the slump shoulders and stood with a straight back. I genuinely think she'd look better if she wore gear marketed to crossdressers

No. 1934368

Nta, but some of us have dumb iPhones.

No. 1934389

Bleak as hell.

No. 1934408

This kinda confirms kiki would dump Shayna in a second for just a thimble's worth of Ricky's attention. I think Shayna and Kiki are definitely "mutuals", but I do feel like Kiki pulled back from Shayna to try to "repair things" with Ricky. I feel they are staying friends solely to not give the "haters" what they want, even though there is an elephant in the room now whenever they talk or are together. Ricky Delgado definitely lost his shit though and that's hilarious, he's fully avoiding big Shaynus.

No. 1934445

Suck it iphone loser(infighting)

No. 1934465

>>1934408 duh? It's obvious she had Shayna visit primarily to serve her on a plate as a birthday offering. She pulled back because Shayna isn't actually worth the heat, the fact that the ordeal brought her closer to Ricky is incidental imo

No. 1934563


No. 1934573

File: 1701124773228.jpg (77.97 KB, 1080x492, 900_X.jpg)

Bleak. It's probably the only time she feels she needs to sweep the crumbs and pet hairs all over the floor.

No. 1934582

Goes to show how broke these “daddies” actually are. She should require an upscale hotel room at the very least to hold up their sugar daddy end of the bargain. This is a prostitute in-call at this point

No. 1934587

File: 1701125838707.jpg (986.8 KB, 1080x1772, Splenda daddy.jpg)

More Chinese polyester clothes from Amazon

No. 1934589

so spoiled hunty!

No. 1934590

That same (probs unwashed) BIMBO sweatshirt too, it truly is Shaydog Day every gah damn day!

No. 1934593

Seriously. They seem like the cheapest creeps, but that’s what she deserves.

No. 1934595

File: 1701126905790.jpg (222.46 KB, 1080x855, 1423.jpg)

E-begging & scamming incoming

No. 1934600

i actually hope she e-begs for pet boarding costs or something this time so we at least know theyre being cared for while she's out being a neglectful degenerate piece of shit for the umpteenth time this year.

No. 1934625

File: 1701130330557.jpg (428.81 KB, 1080x1242, swim.jpg)

No. 1934637

This bitch needs a one piece.

No. 1934641

Her botched “big boobs” make her look top heavy and even fatter. Love that for her!

No. 1934642

Insinuating she was a small prior to her boobjob. Also kek about posting this so soon after her sugar daddy posts.

No. 1934645

medium in those cheap chinese-sizing amazon bikinis… she's going to be bursting out of them like that pink lingerie with the straps

No. 1934647

>”yeah it’s in your mailroom”

does that not freak her out? she’s letting johns into her home. they know where she lives and are checking her mail? what the ever living fuck?

No. 1934654

More than half don't fit… well, then wear the ones that fit?!

No. 1934657

god, she’s going to be bursting out of these, red sunburnt boiled and blistered like an overcooked ham. i can see it in my mind’s eye

No. 1934672

File: 1701138382496.jpg (766.63 KB, 1080x1769, Cage.jpg)

Still trying to hang onto her long gone 15 minutes of fame with that degenerate cage pic

No. 1934674

I just assumed he knew it was delivered by tracking Amazon. But now that you mention it and knowing the freaks she surrounds herself with, I wouldn’t be surprised if he did break into/“check” her mailroom. Either that or she’s dumb enough to give him keys. Scary shit.

No. 1934682

Swimsuits always run small too. She'd be lucky to fit a large. Her tits alone warrant an L or even XL and thats not even talking about her cottage cheese leg butt situation and gunt.

No. 1934684

NTA but that’s how I first tried to explain it away; but knowing it’s the building’s mailroom seems oddly specific. “Check your mailbox” would make more sense, unless she just paraphrased.

No. 1934699

Jokes on you, she ordered this for herself and is lying that her splenda daddy got it tolook like a ~uwu thriving swers~

No. 1934714

She has to be reverse image searching for this pic every damn day, she seems to find it any time it gets posted. Her most popular photo, and she's not even in it.

No. 1934723

File: 1701152044385.png (207.52 KB, 684x465, shayna in a bikini.png)

She would look much better in a "tummy control" one piece but we all know that she's going to be strutting around Aruba thinking she's hot shit while looking like a rolled pork joint in a string bikini.

No. 1934742

when amazon delivers to an apartment building, you can tell them where to leave the package - front door, reception, mailroom, etc (whether or not they follow this is variable.) if he was tracking the delivery and got the notification, it might have said “delivered to mailroom.” of course, he probably saw she has a mailroom in the first place because she invites these dudes over to her actual home like a moron.

No. 1934768

"#1 stolen pic of mine" because she isn't in it lol

No. 1934788

File: 1701179267066.jpeg (274.61 KB, 1290x337, IMG_2676.jpeg)

You have a point so I looked it up and Amazon’s FAQ suggests they wouldn’t reveal that of information to wishlists buyers.
(Sorry if this moving into derail territory)

No. 1934795

File: 1701181133597.jpeg (788.08 KB, 1170x1770, IMG_0162.jpeg)

No. 1934797

File: 1701181366641.jpeg (284.01 KB, 1152x2048, IMG_0163.jpeg)

No. 1934799

File: 1701181825712.jpeg (79.11 KB, 610x937, IMG_6899.jpeg)

Good god that’s for map tracking, which is showing the exact location of the package on an actual map. That’s not regular tracking updates. Idk why this is a debate and anons are so paranoid about this. AYRT is right final tracking updates often get specific like “left on front porch,” “delivered to mailbox,” and “delivered to mailroom” etc instead of just saying delivered. Here’s examples of Amazon and FedEx saying delivered to mail room. No strange man physically went in to her apartment to check her mail lmao

No. 1934802

So take away the 40% you need to for self employment she made about 112 dollars that day. That is totally not bleak as fuck…

No. 1934804

Map tracking is why I said “suggests” and not “here’s proof!” I did however think drop off location could be a part of that service and it could very well be unless your tracking # screenshots are for items you purchased from someone’s wishlist. All that said, I very much doubt this guy went there. I’d sooner believe she bought it herself, and this is too much autism over mail.

No. 1934808

Oh, but it's not a "john" you silly goose, it's her UwU pwecius SuGaRdAdDy

No. 1934821

It's pretty funny how she lurks here and sees us comment truthfully about how fat, ugly, and greasy she looks and her in a too-small bikini will be no exception. But because a couple of cross-eyed, degenerate loser moids pay her to have walrus sex she thinks she's hot and desirable. Delusional.

No. 1934825

This guy sound like LeFou from Beauty and the Beast. Especially when he says "one thank you princess"

No. 1934834

nta but she didn't say he bought it off her wishlist

No. 1934835

She played with 2 men and earned under 200 dollars. How sad is that. How sad is that she's showing it off too

No. 1934855

File: 1701192956485.jpg (336.34 KB, 1787x2048, WIDE LOAD.jpg)

>had such a yummy night w/ my sugar dad [happy with hearts emoji, pink heart emoji]

No. 1934856

File: 1701192997398.jpg (401.34 KB, 1716x2048, Carbs.jpg)

This angle makes it look like it's all her food

No. 1934858

She can't even wash her hair before going out to meet the scrotes. She's so bad at this sugarbaby thing

No. 1934863

Yummyyyyy, so glad to see what my dog shat up after a dose of dewormer living it's best life

No. 1934865

She look like an obese single mother of 2. Why would you show up looking this trashy on a “date”

No. 1934868

She must go weeks without washing it. I can go a week without washing my hair (similar wavy texture to hers) and it’s still not that greasy

No. 1934869

she always looks like that special type of hangover you get after a week of camping and not bathing

No. 1934873

she's fucking huge my god

No. 1934881

Right? Imagine looking this big while wearing all black. She definitely gained back any weight she supposedly lost. I’m sure when she quit smoking weed (if she really did) she just upped her booze and food intake.

No. 1934897

Oh Shaynorita, if you hadn't eaten a week's worth of carbs in one sitting maybe you wouldn't bloat up and need to do your trademark gunt-guard arm pose. Don't worry, maybe next time you'll get it right!

No. 1934898

The average basin in the US is between 19 and 24 inches wide (48 - 61cm). She is a WIDE LOAD.

No. 1934911

No. 1934912

is there not a target or even a walmart nearby where she could go to get clothing? she can’t beg for a visa gift card? no matter how many times i visit her threads i will always be baffled why she insists on buying so much shit from amazon.

No. 1934913

Uhm that head looks oil slicked

No. 1934914

Ugly fit for what looks like a decent (not applebees) restaurant. And the greasy bangs combover is her worst hair "style" by far. Like just wash your bangs in the sink at least. If they weren't disgusting moids paying for sex, Id almost feel bad. But thats why she's bottom barrel and cant hook a john that will pay well and stick around. Shes not even living the delusion of ~sugar baby~ or even escort. Shes a literal wine and dine prostitute.

No. 1934915

File: 1701202617313.jpg (382.96 KB, 2048x1366, 20231128_151659.jpg)

>good morning [pink heart emoji] out 2 brunch w/ my subby sissy [happy with hearts emoji]

No. 1934919

She’s been spending quite a lot of time with her “subby rotten teeth sissy” recently. Maybe things are getting serious. He really is the boyfriend she deserves. Kek.

No. 1934924


Just a reminder that this is her sissy subby she's eating with


No. 1934925

why would you even post this

No. 1934926

Why would you post this holy jesus christ
I know you warned us but god. I cannot believe she's doing this with these men

No. 1934928

I think all nonnas need a break from this thread today after this. I hope you we all get some sunshine today.

No. 1934931

…what is that orange thing on the floor

No. 1934932

No. 1934933

Omg, why the fuck did I open this?! Ewwww. I’m gonna die now. RIP.

No. 1934934

ok I removed it sorry

No. 1934935

For real. This is too much. Kek.

No. 1934937

I thought it was shit, what the fuck. Either way I'm glad it's gone

No. 1934938

tinfoil but she's prob taking antipsychotics to make her metabolism that fucked to get this fat so quick

No. 1934941

Aw come on now. Shaytards are so weak these days. It was clearly labeled as scat and NSFL. It deserves to be in these threads to show how degenerate the people who financially support shayna are.

No. 1934946

what was the pic before it got deleted..? i know it’s probably awful but i’m curious.

No. 1934948

can you we start posting her followers @ when posting stuff like this? or also im considering making a “Degenerate Bios” thread in shay that is strictly just for posting the details of her orbiters. Whenever someone mentions Ellen, this sissy guys, Ricky, etc. theres no place where their info is stored other than scowering the threads trying to find a picture or comment mentioning it. This thread would not be for discussing them as we already have the friends of shayna thread, it would be strictly for: their picture, user name and real names, dob/ither identifiers, links to social medias, and maybe a brief summary of their relationship to shayna and any major milk. then if any new major relevations or usernames are created you can just tag the original bio post so everything is kinda in one spot. any interest?

No. 1934955

His Twitter is @HouseboyAidan

I found it on her follower’s list on her shutupdolly account because she’s stupid

No. 1934959

File: 1701207262906.jpeg (Spoiler Image,360.17 KB, 1422x2048, IMG_9418.jpeg)

Thanks, nona. Heres the shit picture for those interested.


No. 1934961

File: 1701207359404.jpeg (Spoiler Image,360.62 KB, 2047x1345, IMG_9417.jpeg)

Here is the latest update of Shayna’s breast surgery scarring. She posted this 3 days ago. Her one tit is soo red and deflated looking. That can’t be healthy?

No. 1934965

wtf happened here. no more 'shitting' up the thread nonneis

No. 1934969

why is it bright Fanta orange ??? What is going on in this thread oh my god

No. 1934979

Isn't this vomit? You can see it's on his mouth so I'm hoping that's what it is…the colour is too bright to be poop…right?

No. 1934980

I really hope it’s vomit (never thought I’d say that in my life, but here we are).

No. 1934981

Don't scat people eat the shit though? I can't believe I'm saying this

No. 1934986

God please do what you did with sodom and gomorrah again

No. 1934988

File: 1701210499460.jpg (580.5 KB, 1080x1289, Screenshot_20231128_172854.jpg)

No. 1934989

But she still kept Shane P. Sonnier’s jigglypuff

No. 1934990

When I think about it he probably is the same scrote who sends her cash. Peep the three transactions in the middle. >>1934795

No. 1935004

Jfc why is it purple

No. 1935018

I hate it here.

No. 1935044

Yeah leave out cards so theres evidence that you are a prostitute and not just a degen. Thats smart.

No. 1935050

>implying she pays taxes

No. 1935053

Kek at one of them being Aidan the acrid

No. 1935056

Don't fire alarm tests happen without anyone being in the unit? I've always just had mine go off quickly to test and it's all controlled from somewhere else in the building

No. 1935058

The sagging in the mattress and grey-brown matted staining on the rug. My god.

No. 1935061

Nah, when she straightens it it can/does get greasy faster. Regardless of her curl pattern.

No. 1935063

That is most definetly vomit. You can see the food chunks. That doesnt make it better though.

No. 1935064

it looks like it would smell like a dirty litter box and likely does

No. 1935066

Yep he has it all over his mouth too, it's vomit. Bleaque.

No. 1935075

Idk nonnies. This Aiden guy (obviously the A in her screenshot) seems a lot red flaggier than Womak or GreyHair or any of her previous oribiters. It's wild to think that everyone she has interacted with after Fupa (already degen) has made him seem positively normie. They just keep getting more degenerate. She is so far into her echo chamber at this point. I know anons like to pontificate about how she could 'fix' her life, but I think she has passed the point where any change is possible. Her normal is so far off. This Aiden guy seems like bad news… like he might be the one to snap & decide that killing a hooker is worth the jail time. Social reject/incel vibes.

No. 1935077

Ew, clearly in a hotel room. God help the worker that has to clean that up.

No. 1935080

the one bright side to this image is that this mf must have liver issues with that bilirubin and he is spending his money on a homely prostitute instead of saving for dialysis, it will all work out in the end

No. 1935090

I sometimes have a person come into the unit and spray some shit near the alarm, quick maintenance shit happens every other month or so.
Idk why she’s so desperate to show off her gross sex toys to random people, same with “omg TSA went through my bag and saw my vibrators teehee” like god damn you’re not special for having a sex drive. It’s pathetic when she tries to act coy about it while purposely going out of her way to prove herself as a kinky bimbo whore for attention.

No. 1935091


that hideous shein dress, god. imagine all your clothes being this awful thin polyester material. how can a bimbo even wear a dress made from a synthetic fabric, from china, less than 15 dollars. i mean, or even an adult woman.

No. 1935092

Wow, what an unfortunate day to have eyes. Is this the same reprobate Shayna let wear her lip gag thing?

No. 1935095

File: 1701224738556.jpg (407.44 KB, 1080x1119, 1.jpg)

Thick wouldn't be the word I'd use.

No. 1935096

File: 1701224763986.png (326.42 KB, 499x601, Screenshot 2023-11-28 202318.p…)

no way she hasn't had that dress since she was an xs, how did she even get it on? why would she pick that of all things in the winter

No. 1935097

File: 1701225216084.mp4 (2.78 MB, 828x1792, d1313eed-0021-46cb-8f5e-1e9024…)

i hate how averse she is to window coverings

No. 1935098

it’s chewed, vomited goldfish crackers lmaoooo very on brand for Donny Mattel.

No. 1935102

I'm not WKing but honestly this is the only part of her life that I find based, that she gets these degenerate men to do basic chores for her like cleaning her house and putting up lights and assembling furniture. Now if only we knew what she had to do to get this exchange… gag.

No. 1935103

It’s also in his thigh hairs

No. 1935104

I mean that looks pretty good so I searched for calamari in her area and she is at the Sansonina Restaurante Italiano in Renton

No. 1935105

Always with the extreme side part.
Winter near the sound tends to be mild, not a whole bunch of snow. It just gets really windy and the snow doesn't even stick.

No. 1935106

File: 1701227139210.png (637.81 KB, 1080x1119, sausage_thighs.png)

She looks like raw sausage meat.

No. 1935108

I live right by her and it’s cold as f this week. I’m from Minnesota and the cold here hits you in a different way because the air is so wet. It clings to you

No. 1935110

Her apartment is so tacky and cheap looking

No. 1935113

Her apartment looks like an 18yo who just moved out. Bleak.

No. 1935119

Do you really think that scrote eats healthy enough to have a semi-normal looking bowel movement? His “diet” is probably Mountain Dew and Taco Bell.

No. 1935121

I’m getting secondhand depression thinking about how she’s been at this for eight years with LITERALLY nothing to show for it. like her asshole is just out there for everyone to see AND FOR WHAT? vomit play with some nasty moid FOR WHAT? we know her bank account is empty (if she even has one tbh, she probably just uses Cashapp), she’s renting a shitty apartment, doesn’t have a car, absolutely no assets to speak of (or she would be speaking of them). doesn’t even have designer stuff that she could sell off once she inevitably gets even more desperate. she does all this shit >>1934959 for WHAT? ruins her body for WHAT? she’s obviously not even getting the attention she really wants. and, to top it off, there’s not much she can do outside of SW because her name and entire identity are so enmeshed with this degen sick shit. she can never have a career, she’ll never own a home and probably not even a car, everything she does own is just tacky garbage from Amazon. and ok, owning shit isn’t everything, you don’t need any of that to be happy. but it seems like you DO need ALL of that in order to show your whole asshole online. and she doesn’t seem to have anything else, either. like not only is she not getting luxury vacations, she can’t even afford to fly domestically to see her family for the holidays. not only can she not afford a car, but she frequently has to beg for someone to cover her uber. it’s all so bleaque. nonas I’m spiraling…

No. 1935123

Got me kekking. I feel like these posts are made by nonas who just hope shay lurks and sees it and feels bad. Maybe some have hope she will snap out of it, and some just to fuck with big shaynus.
Either way, youre not wrong anon. She has taken herself to the lowest lows, and she lives in an apartment. Atleast real pornstars have mansions or ATLEAST own a house after showing their assholes online.

No. 1935127

Why the fuck is she even entertaining this disgusting faggot for literal pennies and letting him into her apartment for free?? Literally what the fuck. Even if its Shayna I expected more from her.

No. 1935130

This might be the most repulsive man I have seen before

No. 1935140

The most pathetic part of it is not only is she failing at making any money and getting any gifted luxury items from scrotes that have any resell value. But she literally has nothing of value to her name. Not one thing. She doesn't even have any friends. If Ellen "dumps" her one day, who does she have besides her mom who she hates. She hasn't seen her dad in forever. She's truly at rock bottom.

No. 1935144

She gets to trudge along in life and even though it’s via constant begging online she’s able to pay for both basics and some fun shit for her like going out to eat and buying cheap trash. I know it’s tinfoil that her dad still sends money so it’s not like she’s actually too worried about poverty, this is just the only thing she can muster to do with her life that brings cash since learning a skill or keeping a stable job is out of the possibility. For an ugly fat woman with no education or talent/skills, she thinks she’s thriving and honestly it could be worse.

No. 1935149

It's beyond bleak. People her age even if they aren't successful in life will at least have something they can build from going forward like a job, qualifications or skill they can use to earn income. The only thing she has going for her is that she has wealthy parents. I know disabled people and recovering drug addicts who have no other choice but depended on welfare that have more assets and live a more fulfilling life than she does. She is a failure by every measure and it's by her own choice.

No. 1935193

I wouldn't put it past this freak to be a shit eater. I'm not convinced.

No. 1935194

File: 1701260233903.jpg (295.11 KB, 1155x2048, F_UegOCakAA2bEO.jpg)

Reminder that THIS is her "sub" who has full access to her apartment and body. BLEAK.

No. 1935195

I need to close this thread I’m in the hairdressers right now(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1935199

holy fucking shit in what world is sexual contact with creatures like this preferable to getting a wage slave job or going to school?! she could have a regular life yet chooses to spiral further into degeneracy alongside moids most of us wouldn't touch with a ten foot pole and for what? she can't be making much money from all the shit she lets these freaks do to her, she impulse shops much less than she used to and i seriously doubt it's because she learned self control. for the love of god shayna put down whatever substance you are using to numb yourself and quit letting these degens into your home before you suffer serious harm

No. 1935201

What disturbs me most are the things Shaynus doesn't share with us. I wouldn't be shocked if she does puke and scat play with him but she knows she'd be clowned into oblivion if the farms ever found out.

No. 1935204

if she isn't already doing those things now it's only a matter of time before she reaches that point. she has gone from silly drunk dancing on mfc to this horror tier existence and it's only going to get worse until she wakes up and changes her life.

No. 1935206

>she’s obviously not even getting the attention she really wants
I shpayculate this is the thing that hurts her most. Clearly she wants to be admired, cared for, and doted on by a dominant man, to be the "little girl" in the relationship. But instead she's surrounded by fetishistically submissive males to whom she has to give the attention that she really wants for herself. I wonder how that feels for her? Is she jealous? Does she cope by leaning into the powerplay and enjoying her imaginary influence and control? Is it just fun for her to act bitchy and degrade the moid?
I agree with nonas who say Shayna is basically asexual and not very interested in kinks, especially this nasty vomit/scat shit she's getting into. There's no way she's turned on by any of this. She's just desperate for money and attention. I think her real interests are getting admiration, caretaking, guidance, and protection, all normal human needs which unfortunately got perverted into DDLG and ageplay. There is no one in her life fulfilling these needs and, considering who she surrounds herself with, there never will.
It would be tragic if not for her misogyny and animal abuse. I don't feel sorry for her, just thinking about her shaycological state.
Do you think she's waiting on someone to rescue her? To see all the absolute NSFL shit she has done and say, "no more whoring, you're mine now," and basically pay for her life? More realistically she'd need to be rehabilitated into a productive member of society, but in her shaylusion I'm sure she just wants to be kept like a housepet. But then, she has no identity beyond sex work. Even if she was given the golden opportunity to be supported by a moid who would do what she wants in a relationship, would she be willing to quit? I wonder.

No. 1935219

what she truly desires in a relationship is for a moid to validate her warped fantasy of being a teenage girl. she wants one who will pay her bills and go along with her delusion that she isn't the grown woman she actually is and expect literally nothing from her in return. she doesn't care about being productive or having a relationship based on love or mutual respect, she just wants someone to fund a lifestyle where she does absolutely nothing but feed whatever impulse strikes her.

No. 1935223

Why can't that retard figure out that teeth go behind the gag? Absolutely heinous.

No. 1935224

File: 1701268999793.jpg (324.67 KB, 1536x2048, 20231129_094334.jpg)

Reposted it twice, first on her spam account and then on her main probably to flex to her coomers.

No. 1935225

File: 1701269030931.jpg (355.17 KB, 2048x1536, 20231129_094346.jpg)

No. 1935226

File: 1701269088861.jpg (261.44 KB, 2048x1536, 20231129_094342.jpg)

The vinyls on such a bare wall is so comical to me

No. 1935229

File: 1701269276850.jpg (603.03 KB, 1080x1295, 00.jpg)

I would be more horrified realizing that I looked like an absolute unit beside everyone else in the video.

No. 1935232

It says a lot when she's surprised that people are buying videos she's in. Must not happen often.

No. 1935243

I wonder if this is a jab at ricky delgado? he’s the only one really who posts her content without tagging her. definitely would catch someone off guard if you werent expecting it.

No. 1935247

I cannot believe this is Shayna’s social circle now. Embarrassing as hell for her to be struggling financially yet fighting so hard for the right to sexually gratify this absolutely disgusting moid for essentially lunch money. I didn’t think things could get worse than that autistic brony guy who looked like a lesbian but this … thing… takes the cake. Notice how Shayna never brags anymore about how great things are or how much better her life is than other people because she doesnt have a “real job”. I think even she realizes things are bleak.

No. 1935261

She’s lived in this apartment for how long and this is all she has up/decorated? And the lights are new and had to be done by some coomer coz she can’t be bothered to do it herself? Her apartment is such a personality-void, depressing hovel. Those posters are at every single novelty store like FYE or Spencer’s, she doesn’t have an ounce of creativity in her fat body. It doesnt go to her home, it doesn’t go to her porn, it doesn't go to her fashion sense. What an insight, how she looks is how she lives.

No. 1935265

what bothers me the most is that she actually HANGS with this freak regularly. It'd be one thing if he was just her john, no she chills with him. Didn't she have him at her friendsgiving? Every single person in her "friendgroup" she has had sexual context if not full on sex with them.
Then she made that tweet like, "People think dating a sex worker means they are going to have freaky sex 24/7" or whatever she said. Girl, you HAVE to have sexual contact with everyone in your life, because you only have the brain length to hang around people with the same disgusting views as you. Meaning you are stuck with abusive (Mentally/physically but it's "Kink"), ugly disgusting older men or depressed sorry women like Ellen, or Fiona From Shrek who is a pick me for her ugly disgusting boyfriend.
YOU literally want a 24/7 kink DDLG relationship because you don't think you can get a scrote to give a damn about you, unless you drown it in, "Uwu asking me to drink water, brush my teeth and do good things for myself is "Kink" it's Daddy/Baby Play".
She doesn't even think she deserves a regular partner who shocker, does things for her because they like her and has different opinions.
Shayna's life is shit. Just because she's getting by doesn't mean she's thriving, look what she has to do? She's living john to john. Everytime she does something a little fun she has to "work", then she's broke so she has to get a new john because she can't maintain those relationship.

No. 1935272

>Do you think she's looking for someone to rescue her?
Yeah, thats the true logic behind her, "I'm a baby! DDLG!" Shit. Shayna has realized pretty early that all men care about is their dicks. So she took that to mean, "The way to his heart, is his dick, so If I make doing things such as
>Taking my medicine
>Brushing my teeth
>Drinking water
>Listening to my complaints
Basically everything that people do in normal relationships and make it sound like a "Sex act" and she's a helpless baby/toddler/child/teen that these scrotes REALLY want, then in turn she will successfully find a man who will "take care of her" aka literally help her fix herself/her life and suddenly it will all come togeather. Thats why she's okay with hanging with shady characters like Ellen who steal pacifiers from toddlers and posts about it on kink twitter. She serves an emotional purpose for Shayna. She also sexualizes it by calling her "Mommy" or "Girlfriend" so it works.
Shayna also seems to want to a one-sided relationship. Where she just shows up and does nothing but be gushed over/protected. While offering nothing but sex to the scrote she's with.
Which is telling that even if her scrotes are bottom of the barrel, she STILL can't find someone who'd deal with her on that level, because even they have options for women who'd actually do things for their sorry asses.
Her lifestyle, looks and personality, doesn't allow her to have normal relationship with scrotes, so she dates abnormal losers who still have more options then her.

No. 1935273

*Posting about it on kink tumblr I mean

No. 1935276

Audiophile autism nitpick: What is the point in her having a turntable with those tiny cheap speakers? She's not even using a phono stage or a preamp.

>thats the true logic behind her, "I'm a baby! DDLG!" Shit
But she has driven away at least two men by doing this. Fupa got sick of the 24/7 ~uwu I'm baby~ larp and Shane Pierre Sonnier couldn't handle it either.

No. 1935285

File: 1701280203710.jpg (121.24 KB, 946x2048, 20231129_125008.jpg)

>what odd music taste I have [crying emoji]

Drake being her top artist must have got to her

No. 1935286

File: 1701280264613.jpg (162.24 KB, 946x2048, 20231129_125152.jpg)

No. 1935289

File: 1701281344048.jpg (150.67 KB, 1080x635, Nails.jpg)

Incoming hot dog nails or ham pink claws

No. 1935290

File: 1701281424750.jpg (160.71 KB, 946x2048, 20231129_125156.jpg)

Her 2023 Top Artist…

No. 1935291

I want her to do SpongeBob nails like the sped she is kek

No. 1935294

can we get a bingo board for shaynas aruba trip?

No. 1935295

>Ill fitting swimsuit
>"Shayna actually looks great here" (To a edited/posed picture)
>Shayna getting spanked
>Shayna love bombing Sarah
>Not doing anything outside of "Work" or drinking

No. 1935296

Imagine being such a fucking loser that you have to befriend your ugly sissy clients that you “poached” off of Ellen in order not to be lonely. Ellen is the one who was friends with that ugly man first because she knows the “Seattle seedy bdsm scene”. I doubt sex workers have to befriend their loser clients. They make friends outside their jobs or at least with other “normal” sex workers

No. 1935297

>Wow she’s so quirky!! “Girls” this generation don’t listen to oldies wow xD such amazing music taste
She’s so pathetic. Her only quirks are top 40s old man music, SpongeBob jokes, and having sales for all of her nudes for $3

No. 1935299

I love how Shayna does talk about her PC gaming “gamer girl” phase. She never streamed like she said. She doesn’t even have passion for gaming she just bandwagons onto trends hoping she’ll go viral and then ditches them

No. 1935300

>>1935296 and why SAY SO?! Like is she so desperate to keep his interest that she'd rather prioritize that he likes being mentioned over the success of her brand? Haters delight and Johns recoil knowing she considers this guy a friend

No. 1935301

her followers and interaction on posts is dropping. the $3 sale can't entice coomers bc they have seen everything she has to offer and she's just not worth it.

No. 1935303

She hasn’t been doing “photo shoots” (aka taking pics with her iPhone, badly erasing the cellulite, in different costumes) like she used to. So she’s not trying to gain or keep her coomers. She definitely turning tricks with Ellen

No. 1935307

File: 1701285210044.jpg (Spoiler Image,250.57 KB, 1152x2048, 20231129_141259.jpg)

Looking rough

No. 1935310

she has literally no shame wearing that shirt day after day, it's like Chris Chan shit. If you like the shirt so much why not get it in different colors, no, she just wears the same shirt and takes selfies in it daily. I know it's musty because she probably doesn't wash it because she doesn't want the writing to fade.

No. 1935312

She still hasn't showered. Her hair is stiff with grease.

No. 1935313

File: 1701286163457.jpg (384.95 KB, 1029x1415, Bb.jpg)

No. 1935314

she genuinely is a freak i feel like when she comes home to visit her parents have to warn her brother and tell him to cover up and not bring any friends home. she's so creepy

No. 1935327

How is she not embarrassed to post this insignificant conversation with her mother after how much she has bashed and called her out on her account? She makes her out to be this horrible person, then expects her followers to have BPD like her and just "get over it" and find her likeable again. Not to mention the mom is just bantering with her. Super weird she would post this interaction. She truly is friendless.

No. 1935328

Is Sarah Gregory even interacting with her anymore? Does anyone know if its just Shaynus, Sarah Gregory and her husband going? Or is there other strictmore girls going to be in attendance? This straight up sounds like the plot for a horror film. Terror Island!

No. 1935330

The dad rock was one thing, but now I am imagining Shayna doing her retarded chicken dance to the Beach Boys as they do their high pitched corny ass shoobeedoo chorus thing and it's sending me.

No. 1935332

File: 1701290771399.jpg (603.83 KB, 2160x3840, Cuticles.jpg)


No. 1935333

File: 1701291010095.gif (Spoiler Image,9.68 MB, 296x170, 1695753990518.gif)


No. 1935336

>incoming attempt to cancel someone/getting in a twitter slapfight

No. 1935340

Oh my god, something else than the hideous hotdog nails

No. 1935343

They're so… Flat? Aren't you supposed to have some thickness towards the apex of the nail so it actually has structural strength? These look like duck beaks, ready to snap off.

No. 1935347

…Are those black hairs stuck to them in the bottom pic?

No. 1935350

File: 1701294472826.mp4 (9.91 MB, HELP ME RHONDA.mp4)

No. 1935352

probably pet hair from her clothes

No. 1935356

File: 1701295769328.png (7.26 MB, 2880x2880, 20231130_000800.png)

Weird fingers

No. 1935358

Is she not worried about being addicted to nicotine? (I mean, it’s Shaynus so probably not). She stopped weed only to drink even more and vape this crap. I know she has chs, but swapping weed for this and upping her alcohol intake is worse imo. I guess she just has to trade one addiction for another. What a mess. Maybe Sarah will get her to quit vaping since she’s supposedly a health nut. I’d love to see her try to quit. She’ll go nuts.

No. 1935359

They consistently do her dirty by leaving her cuticles like that. It’s partly Shay’s fault for not maintaining them and just ripping the nails off tho but it looks like they leave a ton of glue residue squish out of the edge too.

No. 1935360

Better than the hot dog nails at least, but still grody looking.

No. 1935363

i've seen her do this retarded dance so many times but i still can't get over how unsexy it is like girl… you have one job…

No. 1935375

She probably only pays for the set and not an actual manicure with cuticle trimming

No. 1935392

File: 1701299943310.jpeg (910.77 KB, 1274x2385, “accurate” Jesus H Christ, Sha…)

The Tweet she responded to with this picture. Right before her trip with all her perverted “friends”.

No. 1935393

those cuticles are dry as fuck. at least she's less likely to pull an entire nail off by accident or cut up her butt with them. she still can't use her hands like you're supposed to tho

No. 1935397

Theyre still just so ugly to look at. But what do you expect from someone with no original style, no taste, and no personality.

It almost works but it's still cringe. Especially knowing she did that seriously and not to that music

No. 1935401

she looks exactly like the kevin james meme here

No. 1935405

File: 1701302815435.png (1.54 MB, 956x1182, Donny.png)

No. 1935408

I agree with you. Shayna has been so damn lucky nothing's happened to her but if she keeps venturing further into more degenerate circles this will end horrifically. I hate to picture how this saga will end if she doesn't wake up and stop associating with increasingly psychotic coomers.

No. 1935415

File: 1701304309039.jpg (311.39 KB, 1276x1413, Not again.jpg)

> Is Sarah Gregory even interacting with her anymore?
Yes. They haven’t interacted publicly that much to begin with. Chances are that everyone in Shayna’s orbit is aware of us and they probably don’t want to attract too much attention to themselves by ‘talking’ to her where we can see.

No. 1935424

File: 1701305530118.jpg (543.88 KB, 752x501, beachboysbbq.JPG)

Juggalo era confirmed? There's a Beach Boys party at the Gathering of the Juggalos every year, it's called Violent J's Beach Boys Barbecue Blowout Bash Blast.

No. 1935437

This made me lol in real life. Thank you for the chuckle nonna.

No. 1935459

Please these have got to be press ons. They’re so bad and flat. Until she posts a picture of herself IN A SALON getting them done, I will never believe she goes somewhere other than some stinky freak in her POLYCULES house to let them mangle her fingers with dirty tools and poorly glue on shitty aliexpress nails.

No. 1935470

Nona, I’m growing concerned how do you know this?

No. 1935471

I think it’s Ellen. Shayna takes a picture every time she goes anywhere, yeah right she gets her nails done monthly but never takes a picture in the salon. I think Ellen said at some point she had a nail or hand “fetish” or something

No. 1935500

She goes to a salon >>1843114. A lot of pictures have jacked up cuticles. She'd probably be better off getting press ons.

No. 1935505

I wish I had shaynas mom I’d be in college and best friends with her and I wouldn’t discuss politics and most importantly I wouldn’t be a whore

No. 1935508

PLEASE BE NEXT THREAD PIC, I know it’s old but it deserves to be in the catalog

No. 1935509

Picture this thing in real life. In motion. With those nasty teeth out in full display. Why would she post this. He is the most disgusting fucking thing I've ever seen.

No. 1935512

You can go to college without having Shayna's mom yk

No. 1935514

retarded nitpick but why the fuck does she have so many controllers when she doesn't even play any games at all. of course there's ellen degenerate that could play with her but still why would she need 4 controllers?

No. 1935520

These are far better than the hotdog nails, might not be unique or incredibly well done but for Shayna standards it's an improvement.

I agree. They look weak, they shouldn't be this flat. The nail art itself is kinda cute (as I said, for Shayna standards) but they're definitely too flat, no apex at all. Considering how Donny is delicate in everything she does, one wrong move and her nails come flying right off kek

No. 1935529

The only one doing her dirty is herself. It looks like that because they are press ons from shein. She just doesn't know how to properly glue a nail on her finger without getting glue everywhere.

No. 1935541

I just screamed laughing, I can't with this LOL

No. 1935542

File: 1701321202724.mp4 (Spoiler Image,775.32 KB, 1280x720, horror.mp4)

This is next-level disturbing.

No. 1935544

I hate this fat obese baloney pig! She deserves jail for these videos.

No. 1935545

File: 1701324402297.jpg (58.66 KB, 800x534, pork in plastic.jpg)

Raw pork in cling film.

No. 1935552

Im trying to be outraged but I just can't help but shrug because this just shows how desperate she is. Whats nuts was doing a b/g video with randoms once was something she claimed she couldn't do. Now she's done it and I bet she expected the world to open up and embrace her greatness. Nobody cared.
I really think she's holding out on the "gang bang" until she's really thristy, then she'll do it thinking that again, she'll be famous. It won't happen though. She's going to exhaust every single porn act until she's literally eating/drinking piss for money.

She's going to go on this trip, spend 50% of it "Working" and the other half sick because she chicken danced too hard after doing a bunch of drugs/drinking. She'll buy the cheapest plastic shit she can find because she can't afford anything else after buying bikini's, then she'll go home and fuck a new john, hang with moldly teeth, paint sad clowns with ellen and thats it.

No. 1935557

File: 1701328526926.jpeg (781.47 KB, 750x1115, 0815ADF7-DA20-4868-B6FC-339375…)

she's being annoying on twitter i can't check right now

No. 1935565

>she chicken danced too hard after doing a bunch of drugs/drinking

stop lollll

No. 1935569

File: 1701331065480.jpg (477.45 KB, 1469x2074, A Drunk Tweet.jpg)

One of the Tweets is this long “I love you” rambling message of gratitude to her “fans”.

No. 1935573

It sounds like she's been lurking and read the discussion on how bleak and pointless her life is.

No. 1935574

File: 1701331338615.mp4 (Spoiler Image,375.34 KB, 960x540, Forever Gross.mp4)

Over on her @diaper_doll Twitter account.
> Big Sis Caught & Punished Me For Sexting Her BF…
> See this and more at: [justfor.fans Link]

No. 1935575

So she had somewhat cute inspis to copy, but then ended up picking out that garbage. Interesting

No. 1935577

Love how Mrs. Gregory always tries to push shay to be less gaudy and hamlike, subtle hints on twitter - probably less subtle in person. I wonder why she's so invested in our favorite sow? I mean there must be other desperate girls with BPD and less heft that would be willing to participate in her spanking soirees?

No. 1935580

>"I need to stop putting all my eggs in one basket"
Donny you can barely keep up with one and you're almost on Tuna levels of e-begging, you don't need to branch out your content. She is holding on for dear life to the few cents she makes on OF and now she wants to post content on other sites as well? Thriving btw.

No. 1935584

Shayna would fit right in there

No. 1935597

>i live a life some ppl can only dream of
Lmao Shayna you fuck yourself in a dog cage wearing diapers. The only barrier to living that life is shame.

No. 1935604

>only thing she can put on a resume is six months of waitressing 8 years ago
>no extenuating circumstances
>this is the life she chose

No. 1935614

If she’s so happy with her life, why is she always drunk?

No. 1935635

File: 1701350233568.jpeg (90.4 KB, 1116x636, IMG_2552.jpeg)

The copium.

No. 1935639

there's nothing cool about endangering your safety for a moid's sexual gratification

No. 1935656

>a job most people can only dream of</