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File: 1566460608351.jpg (210.26 KB, 1080x1141, 1565078565775.jpg)

No. 856484

Summary of Shayna:
>pathetic twitter panhandling
>extremely delusional about her appearance, the uglier she gets, the cockier she gets
>gaining weight to impress her fupa daddy even though he dumped her and has moved on almost fully, made her move out of their house after living together for only about 4 months or so
>lazy, doesn't work at all, praises herself for camming once every 2 months maximum
>physically covered in grime at all times, has a phobia of bathing, cheap apartmemnt is empty besides dirty matted pink shit
>physically injures/almost kills herself by lighting fireworks in her asshole, shoving large dildos in while being dry as fuck
>scams everyone, lies constantly
>doesn't take care of her dog and cat, ubers to dog parks because she refuses to exercise her body in any way possible

The fresh milk:
>publicly exposes her pussy and tits in a dog park in broad daylight, thinks it's cool
>exposed on twitter for admitting to camming underage despite her lying on her account accusing everyone of making it up, some sex workers she was previously friendly with see it and announce that they are unfollowing her
>posts a bizarre, horror film-esque video of her amazon fuck machine turned on and just.. pumping away in the air, acts like it counts as a ~sexy promo~
>rapid weight gain, chin has begun to look like phoebe tickners
>tries to enter fashion contest, is wearing nothing but some tacky boots and a pink furry jacket in the photos, finishes 35th and is shocked and angry at everyone

- no doxxing
- no vendetta
- do not include or harass Shay's family
- no nitpicking and blogposting
- no discussions about abrattypixie unless something actually relevant to shay happens between them

http://pinkpussypopped.tumblr.com (deleted)
http://themosthatedgirlonthisdamnsite.tumblr.com (deleted)
http://twitter.com/dollymattel (suspended)
https://twitter.com/dolly_mattel (suspended)
https://twitter.com/dumdollymattel (suspended)
https://twitter.com/stupidestbaby (suspended)
https://twitter.com/lilbarbiegrl (suspended)
https://twitter.com/mattel_dolly (suspended)
https://twitter.com/dollymattelx (suspended)
https://twitter.com/dollyxmattel (suspended)
https://www.instagram.com/itsdollymattel/ (deleted)
https://www.instagram.com/dolly_mattel/ (deleted)

KYLE NATHAN PERKINS (alias: Fupa; Fupapa):
http://youvebeenwarned.tumblr.com (deleted)

No. 856487

File: 1566461020015.jpg (Spoiler Image,51.36 KB, 804x569, teeth.jpg)

No. 856495

File: 1566463618089.gif (1.84 MB, 275x83, 1566427287022.gif)

Re-sharing from other thread. When she tilts her head she looks like a panting special needs dog. Wtf is this face?? This is not sexy.

No. 856496

You forgot her awful fake facial pics

No. 856497

Ugh, I know this has been said to death but unless Shay is exclusive making porn for Onision, she really need to work on getting wet. She claims to love sex work so much yet she is never aroused for her videos. And she can do all the prep work necessary before filming! Watch some porn or masturbate a bit before the scripted video. Or for God's sake, USE LUBE. She's not even doing any fetish videos where she can act "hard core" for not using lube (yet ironically exposing herself for not being into it by being dry as a bone).

Also the girl either tries to look too pretty to look like she's enjoying it (fine, some guys are into that sort of thing), or doing the "face contorted from """"pleasure""""" thing but badly because she's not actually into it and is a terrible actress/doesn't know what that should look like. She should just pick a side per video. At least then it would look less stupid. Then again, she could just not because these faces are fucking gold and I live for the gifs haha

No. 856498

i swear i was gonna add that in but forgot, sorry lol

No. 856499

Link to the previous thread.

No. 856500

i made the thread at 3 AM so i of course managed to miss a couple things

No. 856535

File: 1566477881798.jpg (133.35 KB, 1080x623, Screenshot_20190822_084417.jpg)

Also Dawn was in the top 3 again lol

No. 856536

god, she really shot herself in the foot with that Dawn situation

No. 856538

File: 1566478658168.jpg (570.81 KB, 809x2014, Screenshot_20190822-075453_Chr…)

I'm honestly surprised she manages to get a photo done in time for the contest. With her "work ethic" her literally even posting a photo is a big deal for her. Also, Shay is the biggest sour puss. Kek

I think Dawn's was really cute. All dark red bra, nails, no infected pussy/ballsack. Shay should have sucked it up and learned from an actual camgirl.

No. 856588

>i did such a big try
literally where? a shirt you've had for who know how long that's too small, some denim shorts, those tacky shoes and that muppet skin jacket, same makeup as always, crunched into a corner with a bunch of tacky shit.

i like how she wasted time posting the fuck machine clip to show off outfits and is naked anyway.

also why is there two new dolly threads?

No. 856614

File: 1566490278130.png (71.58 KB, 588x375, kkkkff.PNG)

No. 856620

Shay knows this is all about followings. She BUYS fake followers, so only the active few she has actually give a fuck to vote.

And even if these WEREN'T about followings Shay would've still lost.

She's not fashionable and she really is hurt because she for some reason felt that was her thing.

This is the second contest she wore two ponytails. How is that creative or fashionable? And I bet in the next contest she's going to use two ponytails too.

Shay, those girls have bigger (real) followings than you and/or they just look better. That's what it is.

No. 856625

Shay's outfit for this contest-

Ugly glasses she always wears

two ponytails with black bows (She may buy new ones)

One of her two checkered skirts

Long socks (black or the other pair she owns)

An shirt that she'll unbutton to show her tits or pull up to show her tits.

No. 856642

because other thread won't look at page two to see the one that is posted first

No. 856644

classic another reason she can't film
-the weather is bad
- i fell asleep :))
- getting drunk
Now some dog jumped on me :( guess have to wait till next week

No. 856678

wait she definitely said she was filming that yesterday so wtf did she even do yesterday? Set up her corner and call it a day?

No. 856679

File: 1566497201671.png (Spoiler Image,343.08 KB, 588x418, jjjjj.PNG)

No. 856710

File: 1566500867450.jpg (305.25 KB, 720x1132, 20190822_120738.jpg)

she got the idea to make it permanently $10 from abrattyorbiter. shes do unoriginal

No. 856712

No. 856713


What an unattractive uncomfortable picture, lol.

Her stuffed in an overcrowded corner, looking like she's about to fall off the stool and she's holding herself up.

No. 856723

File: 1566502389872.jpg (406.65 KB, 1536x2048, IMG_20190822_203256.jpg)

Those nails man. What a mess.

Also of course no one gives a fuck if you have a scratch on your leg Shayna, stop desperately looking for an excuse to not film this video.

No. 856724

I'm super surprised she didn't make up a dramatic story about the Dog situation.

No. 856735

God that outfit for the contest was terrible, not just because it was shay. Just because it sucked, she should’ve placed lower tbh

No. 856759

wait, so she still hasn't made the video, just that painful looking preview?

just do it already or move on, this is why ppl don't care about your content.

No. 856776

File: 1566508855452.png (351.41 KB, 599x344, kjnjnj.PNG)

No. 856785

For real, she builds up hype for things she fails to follow through with, this is why nobody cares and why she has to beg for money instead of having a constant stream of sales

No. 856788

File: 1566510133216.png (1.69 MB, 750x1334, CBC903A1-3278-4D3B-80D2-DD4464…)

she’s trying soooo hard to be “ALT”…. it’s cringeworthy. remember when all the edgy tumblr girls used to wear these dresses & docs in 2013? it’s absolutely hilarious to see this basic bitch trying to put together “ALT” outfits. some people just don’t got it and SHE DONT GOT IT! Stick to F21 Shay

No. 856789

Does the hand gesture mean something?

No. 856791

she also does the same makeup look for everything, she has NO creativity

No. 856792

It’s an autistic peace sign

No. 856799

so filtered she barely has a nose kek

No. 856867

File: 1566526177396.jpg (419.54 KB, 1080x1021, Screenshot_20190822-210823_Chr…)

Either it's fupa or the girl who was kinda shown in the snaps from when she got her dog. I HIGHLY doubt a boy took her out and took this picture.

No. 856869

She looks so dirty, it's crazy. I guess Fupa did visitation early this week

No. 856871

I like how she always just says “a boy” now lol as if she wasn’t trying to flaunt Fupa around as her “daddy” 24/7 before

No. 856872


What would it be about, if not a fans favorite? And thus the more fans you have, the more votes you'll get.

Hard when you dont have that many real non bot fans Shay.

No. 856873

why do some anons call her Dolly? it makes no sense lol her name is Shayna. The closest she comes to being doll-like is Cynthia from the Rugrats

wow her middle fingernail looks like it's peeling off. what happened to giving your fingers a rest?

she also just got called out on looking like an idiot doing that just a couple days ago. I'm sure she's ~sticking it to the farmerzzz~ in her mind

No. 856875

Whoever took this picture did her dirtier than her asshole because yikes. God awful lighting and what kind of moronic face is that.

No. 856876

whats with the sandals and socks combo? She really thought this was a cute date outfit?

No. 856880

Is that the shirt with the flowers? Can she give it a rest if so, but you can tell she just picked her outfit out of the pile of dirty clothes on her ground.

No. 856882

People call her dolly because they’re either ex followers or customers and haven’t lurked enough to figure out what her actual name is

No. 856884

It looks like someone took their special needs kid to the bar. A real flex on us losers.

No. 856891

I think those are the only jeans that fit her now

No. 856894

File: 1566529968455.png (238.93 KB, 750x1334, 39E79DB1-64B2-4131-AD0B-73C89D…)

What does this even mean?

No. 856901

W.o.w she is so ugly. Also, socks with sliders… wtf girl ew.

No. 856902

Onlyfans anon here. Shayna is looking grimier than ever. Her face is caked in oil and her hair is obviously unwashed. Frankly, I'm disgusted


No. 856903

How fucking drunk is she? I was scared she was about to fall off that stool

No. 856904

How is any of this worth paying for? She tries harder when she lies about compliments on twitter kek

No. 856905

Yuck. On top of looking homeless and unwashed he has no fluidity whatsoever. Doesn't look like she enjoys herself.

No. 856907

Her parents must be proud of their sweaty depressed, disgusting daughters "career".

So proud. Not only does she do sex work but she BADLY does sex work.

No. 856911

wow, this kinda made me sad to watch.
I looked like this too when I drank every single day like Shay, I hope she cuts back soon

No. 856914

File: 1566532420473.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.18 MB, 1242x1939, 7FD29DED-6237-4E3C-9C85-6C2408…)

Christ. The moment around 59 seconds where you can basically hear her dry labia peel apart as she spreads her legs.

No. 856916

File: 1566532600086.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.23 MB, 1242x2030, 12634FED-A3DE-46E5-B02F-E0DC49…)

What were we going for here…

No. 856917

Clearly thriving

No. 856926

File: 1566536685780.png (Spoiler Image,412.93 KB, 622x612, kfkfkf.PNG)

No. 856927

she looks so embrassed in the first picture, why does she look so sweaty and uncomfortable?

No. 856928

File: 1566536864390.jpg (Spoiler Image,114.69 KB, 750x1334, IMG_20190823_000618.jpg)

Shayna, please for the love of God, TAKE A SHOWER

No. 856934

God she looks beyond disgusting in this video. I can’t believe people are actually paying to see a homeless looking meth head spread her fishy vag open and smoke out of a bong.

No. 856935


No. 856936

Please lurk more, she already posted about a dog scratch

No. 856943

File: 1566541978019.jpg (1.31 MB, 2400x1800, 20190823_023156_286.jpg)

Shay and Jessica yaniv have the same smug face. They look related kek.(autism)

No. 856944

File: 1566543000417.jpeg (199.17 KB, 750x476, EFC8506D-7855-4D19-966A-815A42…)

Calling the cops…..because a dog jumped up on you at the park because it was excited??? Yes Shay, I’m sure everyone came running and their immediate reaction was “call the cops because a dog jumped on you” Jesus Christ she’s thick in the head(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 856960

their noses are nearly identical kek. also same beady small eyes.

shay is a retard, when you go to a public dog park, you take a big risk. incidents happening there are endless, a puppy got it's leg torn off by a mastiff at a dog park recently, some scratches from an over excited dog is nothing + she and everyone there chose to go surround themselves with dozens of different dogs all with different behaviors. i bet nobody even said "omg i'd call the police!! a dog scratched you in excitement and not in aggression, police should be here asap!!"

No. 857021

that's actually jarring as fuck

No. 857058

File: 1566577900192.png (17.75 KB, 592x167, djfjf.PNG)

She's putting us in our place by saying she showered.

No. 857071

This looks like that same arcade place she went to last time

No. 857075

Does she have food in her mouth or is that her tongue? Either way it's a weird fucking face

No. 857092

Imagine having to look at an image board to remind you to shower

No. 857108

Pretty sure this is Magoos. She typically stays downtown though, so it could be Reds.

No. 857123

File: 1566588719538.png (20.5 KB, 581x256, jfjjf.PNG)

2nd fake ask she sent herself involving food because she felt she had a good comeback. The first was- >>854994

It's so fucking cringe and obvious Shay.

No. 857125

No. 857133

Thanks shayna for making me feel physically ill with the tryhard things you say

No. 857137

Wow this video has probably the best interaction I've seen on any of her Twitter posts.

No. 857145

File: 1566591520113.jpg (Spoiler Image,123.92 KB, 1080x910, Screenshot_20190823-211839_Twi…)

Some toilet roll stuck on your snatch?

No. 857146

File: 1566591543923.jpg (Spoiler Image,112.06 KB, 750x1334, IMG_20190823_211843.jpg)


Why this face?

No. 857148

Did she delete this already?

No. 857149

She looks so fucking dusty,RETIRE THE GLASSES. They don't hide that you don't have make up on, they don't hide your eyebags,they don't look good.

She calls herself a "Fashion Icon" yet she always looks like she throws whatever is clean on.

and the stiff braids… Lord

No. 857150

when she throws the lighter LMAOOO almost puked

No. 857152

Apparently so!

No. 857153

“FASHION ICON” but wears the same pussy sweat denim cut off shorts and crop top everyday

No. 857164

File: 1566592672304.png (Spoiler Image,306.86 KB, 601x392, fjjf.PNG)


She deleted those but replaced it with this

What's the point of paying? She's giving away an free nude every five mintues

No. 857173

you almost puked because she threw a lighter???

No. 857175

File: 1566594331368.png (487.61 KB, 2048x890, Screenshot_20190823-170555.png)

For fucks sake can you retards STOP COW TIPPING

No. 857180

every one here seems to call her by her actual name, it wouldn't surprise me if she sent this one too lol

No. 857187

File: 1566596309490.jpg (Spoiler Image,129.75 KB, 1080x1241, Screenshot_20190823-223858_Twi…)


No. 857189

No. 857190

That's probably what she looks like anytime a dick get close to her

No. 857191

Probably the only content of value she has ever produced.

No. 857196

File: 1566597507633.jpg (479.78 KB, 1080x1128, Screenshot_20190823-165748_Twi…)

No. 857200

accurate portrayal of how Shayna feels about dicks and sex in general

No. 857203

File: 1566597950990.png (Spoiler Image,1.39 MB, 2048x1130, Screenshot_20190823-180521.png)

when you chose sex work to stick it to your parents but realize you have to have sex

No. 857204

File: 1566597990387.png (Spoiler Image,1.44 MB, 2048x1137, Screenshot_20190823-180428.png)

"I love cock daddy"

No. 857205

lmfao what? girl you look like a clown with a wonky lash. also this outfit makes no sense without bottoms. what kind of look is this?

No. 857206

File: 1566598036928.png (Spoiler Image,1.39 MB, 2048x1141, Screenshot_20190823-180541.png)

No. 857212

I had to double take as I thought she was sitting on a toilet

No. 857223

File: 1566600883038.jpg (Spoiler Image,643.13 KB, 1077x1664, Screenshot_20190823-175511_Twi…)

No. 857225

File: 1566600929733.jpg (407.27 KB, 1080x983, Screenshot_20190823-175604_Twi…)

No. 857250

No. 857251

That is horrible. She looks so uninterested and dead in the eyes

No. 857252

File: 1566605856951.gif (1.44 MB, 498x276, 1550665307154.gif)

No. 857255

Boring, unenthusiastic, and just sad to watch. Give up Shay; its clear you hate sex work.

No. 857256

>dildo barely even reaches her tongue
>pulling her head back each time so it never goes in yet she makes exaggerated gagging noises

embarassing. shay is the worst at trying to do anything ever lol

No. 857259

was this supposed to be a joke or sexy? i'm confused either way.

No. 857260

I feel legitimately unnerved by this

No. 857273

Shay has gained so much weight. She looks so bloated and old

No. 857282

The Shay special: gagging on 2 inches of cock

Thanks for taking one for the team to supply milk

No. 857284

How did her interaction jump so high in the past few posts?

No. 857286

Well the ones with the most interaction she has her bare ass and vagina out so that’s probably why

No. 857291

She’s always had a serious case of grandmaface, and her terrible makeup and hair don’t help.

No. 857316

File: 1566613681308.jpg (Spoiler Image,109.9 KB, 750x1334, troon.jpg)

surprised nobody posted this yet, i swear to god when i first opened this i thought it was a tucked drag queen/a tranny.

No. 857318

She always has her ass/vag out in basically every photo

No. 857322

Most of them are just her ugly mug doing some kind of special needs facial expression

No. 857331

What the fuck are those noises she is making

No. 857339

No. 857343

File: 1566619028295.gif (Spoiler Image,849.04 KB, 640x480, jfjfjfj.gif)

No. 857345

What a terrible font to use for that. Only pushing the horror film vibes

No. 857346

this looks like the classic saying "throwing a hotdog down a (desert dry) hallway" just the way it looks when it goes in lol

No. 857347

File: 1566619468703.png (Spoiler Image,343.46 KB, 677x345, fjjfjf.PNG)

Good photoshopping job Shay.

No. 857348

Oh, her ass is back to being covered in acne. This looks like it was literally filmed in the corner of a closet.

No. 857349

she retweets her posts daily and idk if they count towards the overall retweet count but if it does that's why.

hope all her onlyfans subscribers like seeing a splotchy butt. i know she gets nitpicked a lot for it being in this state, but she's catfishing with editing it out for pix when it looks like this in videos.

No. 857350


This is the last of her cum show clips but I'm just cringing at the faces, the finger nails in her cunt, and the FAKE MOANING. Shayna please, your real moans can't be that bad

No. 857351

File: 1566620833169.gif (Spoiler Image,1.13 MB, 640x480, myFile (2).gif)

So sexy

No. 857353

What the hell is in the corner?? Is that drywall on the floor??

No. 857355

So dry… everything is sticking to th machine. Also assumed it would be faster??

No. 857358


That moment when she pulled out her fingers was so abrupt and unsexy. Please do better shay.

No. 857364

Seriously. Like a cork coming out of a bottle.

I’m actually horrified how dry this all looks. Wet pussies are actually attractive, shay. Just use some god damn lube.

No. 857366

I was confused at first also but it's a pillow with sequins and fur trim

No. 857372

UHN UHN UHN grinds dildo against her teeth like its corn on the fucking cob

No. 857390

I mean there’s a hint of moisture for once if you look closely. That’s something for her

No. 857392

nyart but I don’t think any of us really want to look closely tbh

No. 857403

those nails….that looks so painful

No. 857420

Genuine question: why won't this bitch use lube?

No. 857424

She's sex repulsed and won't admit it.

No. 857433

It's not my pictures that made me lose, it's the fact that my fans are poor!

Because during her BDSM video days she thought she could advertise her lack of lube as being "hard core" and it stuck. Like the bitch actually advertised that she could handle rough, painful, lubeless anal and routinely talked about crying from Fupa fucking her ass raw with his tiny pickle. Like sure there's a male audience for watching women get raped and crying while being fucked (just watch her insex videos, or any insex video for that matter), but you're not the best bdsm sub for refusing aftercare and lube. You're just an idiot and making things harder for yourself and the people making the videos (dildo/dick can't physically go as hard or deep due to the friction for example)

Her pussy being generally dry is because she doesn't enjoy the porn she makes (either doesn't enjoy making the videos, can't get turned on when the camera is on/focusing on a scene, or the way she masturbates on camera isn't the way she actually gets pleasure) and she doesn't want to put in the effort to even fake her vagina being wet. Honestly I think it'd be hotter if her vagina got so wet that she could lube up a dildo with her pussy then slam it in her ass (except, I say that in theory before remembering that I'm talking about Shayna and not a sexy girl who actually enjoys both sex and girls. Bleh)

No. 857447

what the fuck just happened

No. 857456

Once on cam she mentioned she doesn't like the slimy consistency and doesn't even like to use spit because it weirds her out. And I think that's the honest reason why she never used it. Same reason why she doesn't use lotion or whatever on her fucking gross peeling nails/skin. It wouldn't surprise me if it's one reason why things with her and fupa didn't work out.

No. 857480

Why, in every single one of her videos, does she have 2-5 opening minutes of her just explaining everything she's going to do? Porn doesn't start with some chick sitting there going "this is what you're about to see, hope you like"

It's probably just a lack of creativity and not being able to set up a scenario organically. This job really isn't for her, why does she push it so hard?

No. 857486

how is this a cumshow when she's dry as fuck. she even looks down like 'did anything come out?'

No. 857489

File: 1566660525667.png (22.85 KB, 584x270, kkkkkkk.PNG)

No. 857490

File: 1566660616258.png (19.58 KB, 590x237, 888888888.PNG)

No. 857491

I remember in the gross clip with her with the pacifier when she was screwing fupa she looked disgusted and dry then too.

She hates sex & she hates this but she feels she's proving her "haters" (Her mom and us) wrong by sticking this through.

Nah, your just making your own life hell. She'd never be able to have a normalish life unless she tries to hide all of this, when she finally decides she doesn't want to do it anymore.

Whatever dude she gets with will google her & if he's not some creep he'll run for the hills. Leaving her with the fupa's or abusers.

She has too much baggage.

No. 857503

Everyone says she's sex repulsed and hates sex but like why would she? Do people think she's actually asexual, like abused as a child, or what?

No. 857505

i could see her being asexual at this point. she just hopped on the sexwork bandwagon because it was the thing to do on tumblr at the time. maybe she thought she'd grow into it or something but that hasn't happened.

No. 857507

She started doing sex work when she was underage (according to her)her whole life has been about sex SINCE she turned into a sex blog.

I don't think she has a healthy view of sex. It's a job to her now. So I feel even when she was fucking fupa, it probably felt like "work" except it was work to keep fupa around.

She didn't seem to be having sex because she wanted it, or all those kinks because she was turned on by them.

She just did whatever she could to get male attention & money. She got into sex work for attention, not because she needed money. She grew up with working parents and privileged.

And IMO, she's repulsed by it because she's lazy and hates working and her "work" is sex. All Shay is at this point is "Sex" there's no Shayna left, it's all "Dolly Mattel" all the time.

Her workspace is her living space, her sex work clothes are her normal clothes, the only people she talks too are people she knows because of sex work etc.

No. 857508

File: 1566665538502.jpg (178.79 KB, 1080x1236, Screenshot_20190824-175028_Twi…)

Sage for no contribution but thought it was funny seeing pumpy's cuck ex retweeting Shay.

Cows always collide!

No. 857512

Funny you say that since people in this thread would beg her to edit out her butt n pussy boils in pics lmaoo

No. 857514

i think the photoshop is needed personally. but also if you're having to edit to that degree you probably shouldn't be putting your real ass out on display like that so much.

No. 857515

Or you can just take care of your skin, wash your clothes, and not sit around on your sweaty ass all day.

Probably a better solution for Shay.

No. 857516

a better solution but not realistic

No. 857525

Notice that she never talks about being horny or anything, just 'filming'. She's not getting real pleasure out of what she's doing. She's just doing what she thinks she needs to. Her natural sex drive has probably been demolished by forcing herself into this.

No. 857531

Right. Sex is a tool for her, not pleasure or something she likes doing.

She thinks it can get her everything & everywhere, but all it's gotten her is a bad relationship with her family, Fupa, a bunch of Sworkers who hate her, 100 real followers on twitter & about 4 active orbiters & chump change.

It's gotten her nowhere. She seems to WANT an boyfriend for attention and affection but no guy worth anything is going to look at her more than a sex toy.

It's been a few years since her Tumblr birth and she's STILL in the same place. Sex work has gotten her NOWHERE.

She still doesn't even have a proper bed.

No. 857566

The only time I can remember her saying anything about her enjoying sex was when someone asked her about it on tumblr and at the time she was with fupa, she said something about how she enjoys it because that’s the only time she doesn’t think about death

No. 857568

Oh, and once she boasted about how she gets off to her own videos while editing she even posted a picture as “proof” fucking nightmare fuel

No. 857611

File: 1566682699135.png (18.74 KB, 594x264, GAMER.PNG)

She wouldn't last a mintue on twitch.

No. 857614

File: 1566682785856.png (12.51 KB, 593x93, jjfjf.PNG)

No. 857617

File: 1566682874147.png (22.82 KB, 586x181, riri.PNG)

School? I thought you were roasting people about going to school, Shay?

No. 857618

Horrifying. Just like the one she made on tumblr years ago


No. 857628

Sage for nitpick but holy fuck, that bong/water.

Can’t tell what’s grimier- that or shay.

No. 857642

jesus christ she is such a bore. she makes the same thing with a bong and the same three songs over and over again. her brain is fried.

No. 857651

When will she realize the acting cute thing doesn't work when you look like… this

No. 857654

Lmao. That's either a self ask or they're just being sarcastic.

If you ever want the corner of your closet covered in tacky pink shit and fairy lights; call Shay!

No. 857699

great business there, wouldn't she have a receipt of that? and what if the ppl who pre-ordered don't follow her on twitter? bet she wants to contact them with a sob story of why she hasn't done it yet.

No. 857700

File: 1566697943836.png (12.2 KB, 578x81, RIP.PNG)

No. 857701

File: 1566697964208.png (351.22 KB, 630x481, fjjf.PNG)

No. 857702

File: 1566698135058.png (Spoiler Image,426.61 KB, 618x550, Wow.PNG)

I was right

No. 857703

File: 1566698197752.png (Spoiler Image,442.31 KB, 469x608, fjjfjf.PNG)

No. 857704

File: 1566698251030.png (Spoiler Image,448.22 KB, 360x612, fiiii.PNG)

No. 857706

Why does she always have to make those ugly retarded faces? As if her greasy ass genitals weren’t bad enough

No. 857720

Why is she making that face when the toy is nowhere near touching her

No. 857722

File: 1566702241631.png (13.76 KB, 593x111, You are going to lose anyway. …)

No. 857726

It’s probably not even on lol

No. 857727

File: 1566703991591.jpeg (Spoiler Image,431.66 KB, 1242x1802, 8F52791F-6BBD-4A76-BD86-A4316B…)

Let's see how this goes

No. 857730

If Shayna stayed living with dogfucker she would definitely had been at a higher score than #367. What a shame. All for Fupa to dump her for a fat chick. Shame.

No. 857732

File: 1566706893490.jpeg (94.54 KB, 1242x674, F0AB6407-35A2-4B88-BA57-46AE1F…)

What a fucking idiot

No. 857744

Shame it wasnt her twitter. Her meltdowns over that are pretty hilarious.

No. 857755

Instead of twitch why doesn't this bitch just do tiktok or whatever?? That's what all her clips she posts are basically. She can wear a retarded outfit and be cringy while lipsyncing dumb songs. Idk what they're policy is for smoking weed in a vid though that would be a dealbreaker for her. Oh and nudity. Idk I know nothing about those apps. Just saying she could actually get some attention on there probably and not use the stale content for her "work" account. That's all I think of when she posts vids like that Barbie Girl one.

No. 857757

Someone put the parody version Ugly Girl over it. It's truly fitting for Shay. Fupa is her Great Value fat Ken kek

No. 857764

File: 1566716253912.png (9.9 KB, 514x176, lojioj.PNG)

No. 857765

this makes me want to die. she must not own a brain if she fools herself so easily like this

No. 857818

If you’re constantly drunk, it makes being delusional a whole lot easier. Honestly, I’m sure she knows she’s neglecting herself and there’s that point where it’s either change something or accept this new “chapter”

No. 857831

tbqh what does she really have except her delusions kek
if i was living like this i'd be doin a heckin screm of "i'm adorabblllle!" into the void as well

No. 857850

File: 1566748031085.jpeg (271.13 KB, 750x1000, 90F39659-1065-4513-B1F2-C97132…)

No. 857852

What happened to her pretentious IPA GURL shtick. I guess post-fupa that phase is over

No. 857853

File: 1566748653910.png (101.09 KB, 588x470, Not going to win.PNG)

No. 857859

Why is there a little microphone next to her avatar??

No. 857860

File: 1566749593201.jpg (Spoiler Image,381.85 KB, 720x1230, 20190825_091301.jpg)


No. 857861

File: 1566749644077.jpg (262.08 KB, 720x1116, 20190825_091333.jpg)

Confirmed Shay still fucking with Fupa. He donated for her vote and didn't wanna keep the video

No. 857862

google is your friend. it means she’s the OP of the twitter thread being viewed from another account.

No. 857872

File: 1566750326841.jpg (204.55 KB, 1080x1894, Screenshot_20190825-112426_Chr…)

Eh, I don't know. It was just made today and I honestly think it's a farmer. Kyle's been using didn't user names, and changes it when his instagram is posted here.

No. 857879

Would a farmer really spend actual money just to troll us? Idk man.

No. 857881

Could be her paying for her own votes. Plenty of MV stars do that with puppet accounts.

No. 857882

I'm on Twitter every day and have never seen that before. Weird.

No. 857887

True anon, that bit makes no sense

Maybe fupa didn't realise the names showed up.

No. 857888

Ah I just deleted my post because I thought it was a dumb point, I'll just say it again

A farmer would reap the video and provide it to us for milk so I don't think it's fupa

No. 857892

But it's the fupa named acc that she posted as not wanting the videos.

She blocked out the name but you can see the first and last letter

No. 857900

I seriously hope every contest Dawn beats her or makes it in the top five, so Shayna can spaz out until Dawn finally says something to her.

No. 857902

i think she made the account to troll us tbh

No. 857915

She sounds like such a dumbass here. White Claw only having one hundred calories doesn't mean much when you drink as many of em as Shay does. You can't drink 3 or 4 white claws a day and claim that's healthy you chunky bitch.

No. 857923

Why would Dawn have any incentive to ever speak to or about Shayna ever again?

No. 857924

yeah it's probably her paying for votes.

No. 857925

I was saying if Shay keeps doing the "People aren't following the rules!" whines whenever she loses & Dawn is the winner or above her.

but true, I don't feel Dawn would ever talk to her again, but I'd love for her to call Shay out.

No. 857931

I've seen every model who's not popular play that card. MV doesn't care, if they did they would disqualify people. If she doesn't like it she doesn't have to enter, she just feels like she's soooo much better than everyone else and works soooo much harder that she just deserves it more. It doesn't help that she's a very very sore loser.

No. 857935

Girls who are completely covered up rank higher than her haha

No. 857936

It’s funny how in every screenshot of shay’s placement on these contests the person next to her is always fully clothed while she has her whole pussy out. I haven’t looked on the site at all so idk if anyone else does the same but kek nonetheless

No. 857938

Yeah, I feel like if shay didn’t show her whole boily undercarriage when she enters these contests she’d do better

No. 857951

File: 1566761910217.png (1.35 MB, 750x1334, 054D3AB8-AD18-4F48-A0E6-E2B95B…)

“Checking my lipstick”
Shayna. Your bottom lip looks like a giant scab.

No. 857960

Her bottom lip literally looks bloody wtf

No. 857961

and lmao she's back to her eyebrow fully touching her wing

No. 857964

Whatever makeup she has all over her face is the wrong color, as usual, she's sweaty her lips are chap and her eyebrows look horrible.

Why get on camera looking like this? I guess she was happy she got 2 blue checks to laugh at her first "blooper" so now this is going to be her "thing".

Daily reminder- Her family must be SO proud of how she turned out.

No. 857971

Her hair being the same colour as the dildo is not a look.

She needs to give up on these subtle pinks/purples. Looks like ass after 1 wash. Looks musty

No. 857976

File: 1566764648798.jpg (668.18 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190825-152309_Twi…)

No. 857978

just imagine Shayna in the corner of the room with a stank dildo machine filming these "bloopers" and laughing at herself.

I don't think I can think of anything more lonely, depressing and embarrassing.

but this is the life she chose.

No. 857983

Funny how she keeps yapping about having 13k followers yet has almost no likes or replies or anything

No. 857987

To be fair, porn bloopers is one of the few ways she could be entertaining. Those bloopers would need to be captured by someone else though, otherwise she'd just be trying to hard to be a failure. She doesn't need to try.

No. 857989

Honestly the actual videos she puts out are bloopers without even trying to be, they’re that poorly done.

No. 857993

why doesn't she just do parody porn then?

Oh right, because the only time she's funny is when she's making and absolute embarrassment of herself and she has no creativity necessary to make a parody.

Also who the fuck sells bloopers?

No. 857994

File: 1566767650674.png (Spoiler Image,2.5 MB, 2048x1948, Screenshot_20190825-171350.png)

grandma, why?

No. 857995

on some real shit though, there's BBW's with less thigh cheese than that.

I won't say ass because what she has of a butt is just an extension of her thighs.

No. 858001


You can tell she purposely made some of those clips to be "funny"

No. 858004

File: 1566768915547.jpg (334.01 KB, 1080x986, Screenshot_20190825-163515_Sam…)

You can tell she's been lurking. Since when does she mention lube in a video description?

No. 858008

>drooling and gagging

Yeah like in her last bj vid where she "threw up 3 times"? sure jan.

No. 858009

why did she have to put in the description that she can't wait to make more videos?

lmao stop lurking Shayna.

No. 858010

First of all, she never cums, second of all why is this needed? Does she think gross dudes who want to cum read this block of text?

That narrates EXACTLY what they are about to see. Or what Shay THINKS she's doing?

No. 858016

She also narrates at the beginning and end, in all of her videos. I don't get it.

No. 858024

>quite pathetically
at least she admits it in this. she never throat fucks herself. she makes a big scene gagging and spluttering with just the tip in her mouth. fupa must've had a really tiny chode because she's never given a proper blowjob (with more than 2inches in her mouth) in a video.

No. 858028

Her videos are all the fucking same her playing with her dry purse, with the same unwashed toys.

I really don't know what needs to be narrated or why people by them, if you buy/see one you've seen them all.

Not to mention she has free porn on pornhub.

No. 858036

File: 1566771827086.png (Spoiler Image,318.45 KB, 567x381, fjjfjf.PNG)

Buying more followers

No. 858053

It looks so bad with how much she lightened it

No. 858067


Does she have permanent gaping holes after all that dry fucking lmao

No. 858076

Maybe? A lot of models who open their ass and stuff don't look like that

No. 858079

well her ass hole yeah because assholes stretch out over time but her vag has always been…wide like that. she also has no ass so it's probably easier to spread I guess?

No. 858080

Her cooter always looks so dry.

Usually camhoes tryna pass off their yeast infection as cum but I e never seen Shay's can even look slightly moist. Sad.(vaginal sperging)

No. 858082

Buttholes have more elasticity than vaginas. If you don't overdo it you ain't gonna wreck it, but we all know what has no patience. Look at her ear plug situations. Pushes it too far immediately.

Shay's definitely suffered a fair few anal fissures. Which is normal if you take butt insertations too quick. She'll make up some other excuse than "I split my asshole" though.

No. 858099

well she's not even close to prolapse stage so thank god no one has to endure that.

No. 858105

No. 858107

She uses the tiniest little dab of lube and looks afraid to touch it. She even has a napkin under her cooch because she probably kept wiping lube off it.

She really does hate lube, wow.

No. 858108

did she explain anywhere why the back of her legs have huge cuts

No. 858110

Pretty sure that lube is what she used in the supposed "a boy gave me a facial" pics

No. 858111


iirc some dog jumped on her in a park and scratched her

No. 858112

i don't think anyone here would spend 9$ just to exclaim "fupa is still fucking around with shaytard!", i think shay is trolling us or fupa actually voted and is still fucking shay. i personally think they still see each other sometimes, i think shay will always desperately latch onto fupa since she still lives in his city and has no other friends.

No. 858114

File: 1566784425245.jpg (16.8 KB, 228x275, enditall.jpg)

she thought this face was ~quirky and soo funny~ but it's just so punchable it almost truly irritated me lol

No. 858116

File: 1566784614529.jpg (Spoiler Image,967.11 KB, 1080x1930, Screenshot_20190825-205312_Chr…)

Bless u for getting this. I couldn't be bothered to screen record from her OnlyFans.

Also repost with spoiler.

No. 858117

Who really makes this kind of face when they sneeze

No. 858118

File: 1566784857452.jpg (Spoiler Image,69.95 KB, 738x488, sadtimes4shay.jpg)

a "heckin" depressin slouch, great summary of what shay does all day: sitting down on her flat pancake ass growing new irritated pimples, slouching naked beside a dildo.

No. 858121

when she's in that position she keeps trying to convince herself that she came and tbh that's the only funny part of the video

No. 858122

she just recently started drinking them too and seems to forget all the other alcohol she's consumed since moving there that can be catching up with her.

>video description: wet cunt, does not take long to cum
>near the end of bloopers: i didn't cum

No. 858124

Why would there be dog hair on it….?

No. 858125

because…. noodle is a dog

No. 858126

Uh yeah but why would the dog be near a motorized dildo

No. 858127

Omg somebody please photoshop this into a new thread pic

No. 858129

anon dog hairs easily travel and get stuck on the clothes that shay never washes lol plus she's dumb and unsanitary so noodle is often times in her camming areas as we've seen before in vids.

No. 858133

I guess I was just under the impression that’s why she put it in another room

No. 858197

Yeah, she showed more personality in the bloopers than she does in her streams. I don't think she's charismatic enough to keep up with it, though.

Dog hair gets in and on everything, it's a well known issue when you have a dog.

No. 858224

File: 1566799391904.jpg (254.79 KB, 1076x1156, Screenshot_20190826-010253_Twi…)

New snap

No. 858232

The 'vein' on this dick makes it look like a hot dog with mustard.

No. 858245

I’m pretty sure she actually said “I did a cum” which is even worse lol

No. 858298

You the real MVP

No. 858334

Pretty sure the "lube" she used in this vid is what she used for her fake facial pics

No. 858352

Most likely, yeah. And onlyfans anon said there was no actual video or pics of the supposed blowjob, even though she said there would be.

Shayna if you're going to scam people at least try harder.

No. 858372

File: 1566838567423.png (24.07 KB, 589x268, model.PNG)

Too old??

No. 858374

she's not too old to start, but a body type like hers would never fly in modeling. she also doesn't look her age and instead looks 10 years older. She's average height (5'5) and stumpy with no hips, no ass, cheesy thighs, and chunky shoulders. She looks like a twink from the back.

Maybe she's finally realizing how fucking try hard and old she really looks.

No. 858433

oops, my bad, in her dumb ~baby talk~ it sounded like she said 'i didn't cum'and i was like, why would you put that in a blooper video.

speaking of, she retweeted herself saying no one bought it yet even though someone did to share it here.

No. 858434

File: 1566851399291.png (14.26 KB, 595x97, fjfjfj.PNG)

No. 858435

Either she's back with Fupa or the sad bitch found another man that she lets get off to beating up on her.

Or she's just lying.

This is your life now Shay, the only men that come onto you are going to be sick men who know your a lonely girl desperate for attention.

No. 858440

i wouldn't put it past her giving herself bruises

No. 858442


I really don't know what is sadder, her doing them to herself for attention or her letting some dude beat her up just to keep him around & using it for attention on twitter.

We know she doesn't like that shit.

No. 858444

every time she says "cute boy" in these sex posts you know it's bullshit

No. 858445

her "cute boy" concept was fupa so I guess she's fucking around some 40 y.o who dresses at hot topic

No. 858449

literally lol. like her definition of a cute boy is a washed up ugly middle aged guy with kids and an ex wife who gets chosen over her who dresses like a tryhard 14 year old in 2007. it's so far from other people's definition

No. 858452

File: 1566855547722.jpeg (466.78 KB, 1242x1062, 7B64170C-6FFE-4736-B5FF-262EB3…)

The audacity

No. 858453

Wow have the fat comments here finally get to her head or is this just another scam?

No. 858454

>goal is 500$

500$ to…. get healthier and to lose weight.. bitch get on the floor and do crunches and do some squats it's fucking free and we all know you have an empty apartment with ample room. GO FOR A DAILY JOG SHAYTARD. it doesn't cost 500$ to lose a few pounds and to grow more of an ass!

No. 858455

prob another scam, rent's due in a few days kek

No. 858456

wait you're right anon, her rent is always 550-650$ here in tulsa and rent is coming up. it's a fucking scam lol

No. 858457

Not going to lie, I felt kind of bad the first tweet and I was like, "Man hopefully she'll TRY a LITTLE" but then the second tweet I was like, "Yeah fuck her still"

What the fuck do you need "Gym" outfits for? Just jog when you walk your dog dumb ass, eat better and less,stop getting pissy drunk and playing fortnite.

You don't NEED $500 for that dumb ass.

No. 858458

Kek so convenient she needs 500 literal days before rent is due. You can lose all that weight for 0$ shay, you just wont do it. Scammy Mattel

No. 858459

No she posted it free on her onlyfans, that anon got it for us

No. 858460

she probably fell off her bed again or spanked her own ass to give herself bruises. Or both. Probably both.

No. 858461

Lol, like her other positivity posts this will last a day, maybe two at most. She'll go to the gym once like she did with Fupa and then never go again.

No. 858462

It’s clearly a scam but with how her weigh gain shows now I feel like she actually is self conscious. Maybe if she spent her money on grocery delivery instead of fried chicken and caloric drinks AND you know actually walked her dog she’d lose some of it

No. 858466

it was probably seeing herself looking like this >>858118 in the blooper vid taht made her realize she looks awful, but i don't believe this 500$ is going to go anywhere near healthy food and a gym membership.

No. 858467

File: 1566857049358.png (32.28 KB, 598x299, hh.PNG)

24 days ago she was whining about the same thing. Still did nothing that she could do for FREE to lose weight.

No. 858471

She can literally take her dog for a run for free and lose weight, classic scammy mattel

No. 858472

You're asking too much of someone who takes a fucking Uber to take her dog to the dog park

No. 858474

Have fun getting arrested for that

Also, re: bruises.

She probably fell drunk or kicked herself with her filthy shoes resulting in bruises. We all know she drinks.

No. 858475

Jog with noodle for the love of God, that dog must be going crazy

No. 858479

yeah she needs to do this then post her sweaty face on twitter because she overshares about EVERYTHING

No. 858486

File: 1566860516571.jpg (296.59 KB, 1080x1147, Screenshot_20190826-180225_Twi…)

A butt demon

No. 858487

this is so autistic and retarded. who lied and told her talking like this was ~uwu sexy bb talk~

No. 858488

Way to get kicked out of the locker room/gym for being a creep taking pictures.Shay, Keep this predatory behavior out of public spaces you retard, this is why we can't have nice things.

No. 858492

File: 1566861234718.jpg (Spoiler Image,563.55 KB, 1080x1399, Screenshot_20190826-181359_Twi…)


No. 858493

File: 1566861263282.jpg (675.27 KB, 1080x1563, Screenshot_20190826-181413_Twi…)

It's pretty funny that she cut her face out of these

No. 858494

File: 1566861302005.jpg (Spoiler Image,710.04 KB, 1080x1634, Screenshot_20190826-181426_Twi…)

Isn't this from her old apartment?

No. 858496

File: 1566861381660.jpg (330.09 KB, 1080x1247, Screenshot_20190826-181701_Twi…)

More lurking

No. 858497

File: 1566861425302.jpg (496.69 KB, 1080x1261, Screenshot_20190826-181742_Twi…)

More old Twitter pics

No. 858499

>these old ass photos from 2 years ago

did she really just post these like they're new?

um shay… you know that jogging and speed walking does give you muscle definition?? it won't just turn you into a skeleton lol. your natural flat hank hill ass will take a lot of work to look good though yeah

No. 858504

Fishnets and combat boots are spooky? Shut the fuck up shay.

No. 858506

Lol, still completely doable at home.

Remember that one time fupa took her to the gym and she didn't know how to use anything and then just sat about.

No. 858507

File: 1566862597271.png (58.38 KB, 630x595, Fake asks.PNG)

No. 858509

Also does she not have any community centers? Or anywhere that has an free gym? You can also do squats & sit ups anywhere Shay.

Eating better, not drinking and walking would do an hell of an difference. You don't need "Cute" outfits to do that.

No. 858511


Sage for no milk but I lived in MA for 4 years for school. Everyone goes to Salem for Halloween. It’s a huge festival for the last, like, week of October, with a full carnival on the town’s main common. All the college kids can get drunk, all the kids have places to play games and trick-or-treat. It’s literally for everyone. She’s, of course, pandering to a ~goth bitch aesthetic~ that only seems legit to someone who has never been to Salem.

No. 858512

These are super old.

No. 858513

Ah yes because to stream on twitch and be a legit gamer all you need is a fancy gaming chair, headphones, and a controller skin.

She literally doesn't know the first thing about streaming, it would seriously be hilarious to watch her fail miserably.

No. 858516

Most of her viewers would be us and if she manages to last more then a few streams we know that all of those dudes are going to find out who she is and troll her.

She also HAS NO SPACE for an big ass gaming chair.

No. 858517

Also, she's feeling bad because she has to do that "collab" With that orbiter. She knows that compared to her she's going to look taller and bigger.

No. 858518

Don't you need a PC to stream games on twitch? Or a green screen?

No. 858520

She has a laptop. I believe

No. 858524

"Tiny" fucking in what world Shay your asshole gapes when you spread ur cheeks and you're stocky af. I mean her ass is kinda non existent but that's the only tiny thing I think of in regards to Shay besides maybe her grasp on reality and potential in life.

No. 858528

I hope someone buys her that chair bc I have it and it's uncomfortable and flimsy as shit
It'll fit right into her apartment style
Also she probably thinks the stream option on PS4 just works like a professional streamer set up when it's barebones

No. 858531

She's reminiscing on pictures where she let herself go less and posting them with over-thought out captions for asspats. Fantastic.

No. 858532

She has 2 MacBooks

No. 858534

So like, did she just give up on camming and is just selling clips and e begging now? It’s not like she does much, I get that she’s lazy but it doesn’t take that much effort to interact with people in the chat and fake an orgasm

No. 858537

a laptop, even a MacBook, doesn't have the power to run something like fortnite or overwatch as well as stream it. You need at least a gaming laptop that has the proper graphics card and processing power needed for streaming.

No. 858539

Pretty much. She’s cammed, what, like twice in the last 2 months?

No. 858541

lmfao she's been lurking hard, she already deleted this after someone mentioned you need stuff besides a chair and headphones to stream games, fucking kek

No. 858548

File: 1566867808400.jpg (132.59 KB, 1080x766, Screenshot_20190826-200405_Twi…)

Why does she think $200 is a big paycheck?

No. 858549

uh 200$ is the paycheck of a kid who works part time at a restaurant with no prior experience maybe like 3 days a week.. shaytard you're so embarassing

No. 858554

Since she has a ps4 she can easily just stream from there.
Of course she's gonna need things like streamlabs and such, but it's totally possible with the ps4 itself.

No. 858560

Yeah, I think she cammed once at the end of last month, cammed once at the end of June, cammed at the beginning of May, and the end of April. Sad that she cams so infrequently that I can recall the last time I suffered through the cringe

No. 858562

Like do your job shay then you have some money for drinks instead of ebegging before you go to the bar

No. 858567

I really think she posts the same $200 screenshot, lmao

Also "yay me"??? What did you even do, Shayna?

No. 858569

She ought to just set a monthly cam schedule where she just films once a month since that's what she's doing basically. Maybe she could stick to that. But probably not. That would always be the ONE day she would have all the excuses or just drunk forget all together.

But yeah, she could cam once, release one vid, and do one sale or something. Bare minimum but at least have some sort of order to it.

No. 858578

I honestly think the only time she films is when she's trying to 1-up someone. So many models hate her, and she loves to lurk here and other hate threads about her. I bet she sees the work and payoff of other models, gets mad, then puts out a video and waits to rake in the cash. Then she gets mad when no one wants to buy it because she doesn't put shit out regularly. So she gets sad, slumps, drinks, and begs for money until the cycle continues.

She's not bipolar, she's just stupid. She bases her self worth and entire personality on the internet and the people that hate her.

No. 858579

File: 1566872411182.jpg (185.77 KB, 1080x848, 20190826_212034.jpg)

Like nails have ever stopped her before…kek

No. 858580

File: 1566872447493.png (1.96 MB, 1436x2048, Screenshot_20190826-222048.png)

I didn't even click the video and it's already a nightmare please kill me

No. 858581

No. 858588

File: 1566873935936.jpg (670.31 KB, 1001x1742, 20190826_224212.jpg)

"My butt is super cute right now"

How does one get small spot bruises like those?

No. 858591

I think she grabbed her own ass to make those bruises?

No. 858599

This just looks a lot like the dark spots she gets from picking at her butt acne tbh.

No. 858602

File: 1566876260441.jpg (Spoiler Image,853.16 KB, 1080x1768, Screenshot_20190826-222246_Chr…)

Seems like she did the bruises herself tbh.

No. 858603

File: 1566876305416.jpg (Spoiler Image,780.36 KB, 1080x1744, Screenshot_20190826-222359_Chr…)

She looks like she's dying

No. 858604

These look so 'grimey dont know if its her or the lighting. But these are bad.

No. 858606

File: 1566876449788.jpg (Spoiler Image,801.32 KB, 1080x1822, Screenshot_20190826-222414_Chr…)

No. 858608

This is just nasty, even for shay

No. 858610

File: 1566877119771.jpeg (512.53 KB, 867x1076, CAC61C85-D360-47D9-8358-885B8E…)

How can somebody upload this and be like “yeah, that’s good content”, her eyes are dead

No. 858612

cryptid spotted, looks like a rotting corpse that perished from a fentanyl overdose

No. 858615

Her tan lines are funny. You can tell she wears her "leaking" shorts and crop tops every time she goes outside lol

No. 858617

can someone tl;dr her and her 'daddy' breaking up/him kicking her out, me and him used to follow each other on Tumblr

No. 858618

No, you clearly know how to read. Don’t ask to be spoonfed

No. 858620

Get the stick out of your ass pls(newfaggotry)

No. 858621

use the search feature on here, go back to about thread #10 to get the full story on kyle perkins.

No. 858622

Learn 2 sage

No. 858624

damnit i need to pay more attention. it's still stupid to complain no one is buying it if she's posting for free for anyone who already has as subscription.

honestly thought that's what it was and laughed when she lifted up the shorts to reveal that right after she said her butt looks cute.

No. 858625

Those look like ladyfinger Fupa bruises lol, so puny and she looks SO fucking busted in the face it's impressive honestly.

Again, those glasses don't hide the dark eyebags Shay.

They make them look worst. She did those "bruises" to herself, probably fell off that stool or something.

No. 858627

Can't find it srry I'm autistic

No. 858633

she doesn't really even need SLOBS or even a capture device if she had a ps4 camera. of course stream labs OBS makes it easier to have graphics and such. but it's definitely not needed. not that I want her to start streaming on twitch it would be terrible. she would try and use her body to get views and complain when no one cheers her or donates

No. 858636

Bdsmfag here. Those bruises are not from any form of impact. Guaranteed. If anything they’re from being grabbed very hard, and even that seems far fetched. They look like the bruises too get from bumping into shit like table corners.

No. 858667

what are you on about? what do those things even have to do with each other?

No. 858687

The fact that she's not sober for even a second on any given day, probably.

Her pout is awful. This looks like a parody pic.

No. 858697

Do these seem like maybe they're pinch bruises?

No. 858704

File: 1566901668883.jpg (47.58 KB, 500x500, huge-sale-air-inflatable-tube-…)

her body freaks me out. it lacks dimension, shape or curve. she looks like pic related. all limbs and a weirdly elongated torso. sage for no contrib.

No. 858706

I cackled at the 'huge sale' since thats her catchphrase

No. 858723

She got them from probably using that paddle with the holes in it

No. 858734

That’s not how those bruise… at all. Hole paddles leave large bruises with maybe an empty space where the hole is. Not the other way around.

No. 858794

The only reason you'd be a baby about it is because you do no prep and use no lube. That's why you were supposedly in fucking tears anytime Fupa stuck his tiny carrot up your ass

No. 858804

File: 1566927809763.png (670.82 KB, 1784x2048, Screenshot_20190827-134343.png)

No one gives a shit Shayna. Get a fucking food journal or something, keep this shit off your "business" Twitter.

No. 858805

I bet she's going to be drinking still though. She's only doing this because the collab and the comments she's gotten.

No. 858806

She's going to last a week at most. Shes only doing it because she lurks here multiple times a day, and knows people liked her body more when she first started (hence posting all the old pics, notice how they get way more interactions)

No. 858808

The only way she'd lose anything is to stop the alcohol completely. At most, she'll pretend shes eating healthy/not drinking to "prove us hatuurz" wrong, but it'll show through in her pics/vids/collab.
Will the collab even happen though, it's supposed to be in a few weeks and she hasnt mentioned it in a bit.

No. 858814

File: 1566929792214.jpg (284.83 KB, 1080x1661, Screenshot_20190827-191616_Twi…)

Ded at her just taking pictures of the stuff in the grocery store. What are you doing woman?

No. 858817

File: 1566930119508.jpg (165.54 KB, 1044x1315, Screenshot_20190827-192056_Twi…)

$100? What the fuck is she buying?

I don't she realises how quick fruit goes out of date, bet half this shop will end up rotten and in the bin.

No. 858818

I hope she gets reported for "Gym Nudes" dumb ass bitch. No respect for people's privacy.

No. 858819

Also, "I need CUTE gym clothes' bitch if you were serious about losing weight it would'nt matter what your wearing. Ugh she makes me sick honestly. Such a scamming idiot

No. 858824

Also she bought actual exercise equipment for her dumb porn like the medicine ball and pink barbells , why can't she use them?

She's got plenty of skanky tracksuit bottoms and she has small boobs so not like she needs a sports bra. The only thing I feel like she might need as a pair of proper trainers.

No. 858837

That sounds… gross as hell. What an odd meal. This won’t last.

No. 858840

>100$ for one person on groceries in tulsa

she must have bought so much food and so much fruit that'll be too soft to eat in 2 days lmao.

No. 858846

those are stock photos, kek

No. 858847

does she really not realize how much trouble she can get in for taking nudes at a public gym? Like if it's your apartment's gym center and no one is there then sure I guess but in public? Really?

No. 858858

I can see Shay being added to the sex offender registry in the near bleak future if she keeps up these shenanigans

No. 858882

She can't cook, she's even admitted she hates it. A big part of losing weight is learning to cook healthy meals. So you're right, she can't live off almonds, fruit, and deli meat forever. She's going to go right back to beer and fried chicken by the next time she has a mental breakdown so, sometime next week.

No. 858897

Healthy meal prep/cooking is normally way more complex than a simple easy meal/eating out. She wont last a week

No. 858911

I was going to say this exact thing. She's more interested in talking about a healthy lifestyle than actually taking care of herself. Eventually she'll decide to "treat" herself after doing almost the bare minimum her job requires and beg for money for the greasiest food she can get her grubby hands on

No. 858913

File: 1566936692400.jpg (206.8 KB, 1080x1550, Screenshot_20190827-211127_Twi…)

I'm convinced she doesn't actually own any non knee/thigh high socks.

No. 858916

it cracks me up imagining her at the gym because of that video where she didn't know what the fuck she was doing when she was there with fupa. i think she's just going to pull a momokun and take a bunch of selfies and not actually do anything because she's utterly clueless.

No. 858925

Lol of course it's Nike

No. 859018

I'm surprised it wasn't victoria secret or some 'lavish' brand that offers exercise clothing

No. 859067

File: 1566944134283.jpg (220.53 KB, 1080x879, Screenshot_20190827-171545_Twi…)

Why does she have to be that high to go to the dog park? I can see her losing Noodle one day

No. 859072

She has to be inebriated in some way to do anything.

No. 859093

Shay is #100 in the MV contest and Dawn is #8 lol

No. 859104

Nobody cares about your MV score Dawn youre irrelevant

No. 859120

Stop bringing up dogfucker dude. She ain't shit and who cares anyways, her whole schtick is just as degenerate as Shay's.

No. 859141

File: 1566947989702.jpg (112.39 KB, 1080x322, Screenshot_20190827-182034_Twi…)

No. 859169

Well seeing how little she inhales maybe 8 = 1 real ones. But yes, ridiculous she can't leave the house without some intoxication.

Just give up Shay, you ain't gonna get anywhere near top 3, therefore it's pointless.

No. 859171

I'm a Tulsa Anon. $100 in groceries isn't very much so I don't know what you guys are going on about.

No. 859195

Nta but it’s a lot for one person that can’t cook regardless of where you live

No. 859216

Er I live in the UK, more expensive and that seems fucking a lot for one person, unless she bought a fair amount of booze that's a dumb amount of money to go on groceries for a week… She probably has a tiny ass freezer too so she can't save shit.

No. 859227

I have to agree.. where I live, groceries for just myself for a week are closer to $150. Regardless, considering how much processed and fast food she was eating before, $100 of healthy food is probably the best thing she’s spent her money on in a long time.

No. 859243

the fruit will all go soft or rotten in like 2-3 days though, and the veggies she won't eat lol

No. 859244

If you shop right it’s not too bad. I can feed 3 on £35 a week. We have a shitty small freezer too.
Eating right when you’re broke isn’t hard, just can’t rely on using fresh too much.
She won’t last, that’s a given.

No. 859251

She posted about her “outfit to get fit in” so get excited for her to wear one crusty outfit to “workout” constantly without washing it ever.

No. 859253

How the fuck do you store your produce if it goes bad in 2-3 days. The only thing that will go bad relatively quickly are fresh berries.

It's not. Also, don't forget that she never cooked before so she needs a bunch of staples like oil and spices. If she has "fancy health foods" such as nuts, chia seeds or other things it can add up quickly.

No. 859257

yeah, fresh berries anon lol. blueberries especially. also i assumed tulsa would be cheaper than canada but apparently that's not the case.

No. 859259

> grocery shopping nitpicking
Lolcow, never change.

No. 859264

only in a shay thread (when there's no other milk)

No. 859324

File: 1566960995634.jpg (609.86 KB, 1078x1410, Screenshot_20190827-215714_Twi…)

More old tumblr pics

No. 859330

with the exact same caption too, wow.

No. 859340

She looks like a fucking alien in that left pic

No. 859474

Lol tbf this is exactly what a bunch of anons (or maybe just one rabid one) have been whining about wanting to see - Shayna eating real food/getting healthy. At least wait and see if she sticks with it, fucks sake anon. I promise she will be no threat to your camgirl…career.

No. 859477

what makes you assume it's a threatened camgirl lol? not that anon i'm just wondering. anywho i don't believe for a second that she'll keep any of this up, she's a lazy alcoholic

No. 859487

File: 1566982276860.jpg (Spoiler Image,636.14 KB, 1080x1407, Screenshot_20190828-035013_Chr…)

These "bruises" make her look so dirty

No. 859502


Does that top still have the tags? Some poor sap probably have her $$$ and she'll never follow through even with the purchase, It clearly looks like the photos are taken in the dressing room.

No. 859569

Looks like tags on both. Ew

No. 859574

seeing her post pics with her musty bare ass all over clothes in changing rooms has really made me paranoid about buying clothes in store now lol

No. 859577

does anybody notice that her body doesnt jiggle like, at all? in vids shes always trying to get her booty to jiggle but its like a rock kek. even with all the extra weight, it just doesnt move!

No. 859595

That's the exact word that comes to mind any time she posts an ass pic 'musty'

She doesn't look clean or well looked after and every ass pic now features her back fat rolls as she reaches around to capture it

No. 859617

Yeah. She’s definitely in a changing room trying on workout leggings with no panties so that her boily vagina and gaping asshole are right on the pants. Actually disgusting.

No. 859634

File: 1567006805268.jpeg (359.52 KB, 1242x716, AA1BF59F-6FF7-4639-8BCE-C47487…)

Well, that’ll give your clients a hard-on. Whine away.

No. 859653

The only thing she should be scared about is how wrecked she looks. That's gonna scare away more of those idiots than we will, most of those dudes don't even know or care about lolcow. but don't take any responsibility for your life shay.

No. 859658

When did she ever feel confident about her business?

Even at your PEEK you weren't making much money Shay. You were with Fupa talking about stealing his kids college funds, but he barely did shit for you.

You give EVERYTHING away for cheap or free. You have zero respect for yourself or this "buiness".

No. 859693

File: 1567012627389.png (293.29 KB, 2048x644, Screenshot_20190828-131509.png)

why does she think anyone cares? Wow she had a "good" breakfast for two days. What did she eat for dinner? Probably more take out shit because she can't cook. Get a food journal Shayna, no one cares. You're here to gape your bloody asshole and pimply vagina for free while getting laughed at. No one cares about you or your business anymore.

No. 859702

Is this her idea of healthy? Lmao.

I almost can’t believe she cooked any of this. She would have bragged and needed praise for cooking eggs and turkey bacon. Sounds like another case of uber-eats and she took the blueberries out of her fridge.

No. 859715

from what she posted yesterday and today it seems like maybe she's trying to do keto or something? honestly she should just count calories at this point because she gets so little exercise.

No. 859723

the keto diet is so retarded, mainly because people who are doing it don't understand it. It's good for kids and teens that need to gain weight or have medical issues, and it's good for adults who are already mostly in shape and mainly want to build muscle mass. It's a high fat, fad diet. She has literally no idea what she's doing. Also, 3 eggs 4 slices of bacon AND fruit? She's like 5'5 and 130lbs, that's too much for just breakfast.

No. 859729

Probably not full keto since blueberries (and most fruits) aren't keto friendly but it seems like she's just generally trying to cut down on carbs.
I can't believe that even someone as low skilled as shay would think making scrambled eggs is an accomplishment.

No. 859734


Oh my god, what ana chan bullshit is this? Lol 3 eggs are around 210 calories. 4 pieces of turkey bacon clock in at around 160 calories. 370 calories just there. A full CONTAINER of blueberries (at 1 pint) is 170 calories. Let’s pretend she had half of the container.

If she ate the whole fucking thing it’s 455 calories. If she ate that way for all 3 meals she would still only net 1365 calories. Plenty of room for an alcoholic beverage or a small treat.

No. 859749

What are you talking about? The keto diet, even without any exercise makes you lose a lot of weight in a short period of time, not GAIN weight.

No. 859751

Can we not derail the thread with yet ANOTHER random spergathon? I know Shay’s threads bring these out in droves. I can’t take a diet sperg.

She needs to restrict her calories to 1200-1400 daily, and exercise regularly, so that her caloric intake from food is not enough to break even the calories from resting metabolic rate and exercise. If she wants to lose weight relatively quickly and sustainably, this is what she needs to do. And she doesn’t have anything close to the work ethic required. Okay, can we all agree on this and get back to the milk?

No. 859762

You literally just diet sperged while telling other people not to diet sperg. Every day we stray further, etc.

No. 859763

If you are trying to lose weight, that is a fine amount of calories.

No. 859764

are we taking bets on if she's cooking with the frying pan she shoved up her ass in the terrible rapunzel vid she made?

No. 859767

File: 1567021111829.png (115.31 KB, 500x522, 1552377477341.png)

No. 859771

>130 pounds

not after all the weight she put on

No. 859775

File: 1567022778785.png (37.89 KB, 585x491, rjj.PNG)

No. 859776

File: 1567022847299.png (19.99 KB, 581x212, fjfjf.PNG)

yall in here talking about diets and Shay claims she's camming tonight lol.

No. 859811

File: 1567027966175.jpg (438.81 KB, 1080x1044, Screenshot_20190828-163309_Twi…)

I feel like she's posted these pics of Rib before. She probably doesn't even interact with the poor cat

No. 859812

File: 1567028030414.jpg (468.44 KB, 1080x1201, Screenshot_20190828-163248_Twi…)

More old tumblr pics

No. 859814

She looks like a 15-year-old boy in his mom's clothes.

No. 859815

The fuck are those lower lashes?

No. 859816

ugh shay why did you make me cringe in embarassment at this shitty post AGAIN

No. 859817

I feel like she'd be insecure to repost old photos like these, where it's extremely noticable in all of her features that shes gained so much in the past months. Guess not though

No. 859819

File: 1567029019661.png (36.73 KB, 583x294, 758.PNG)

She's so thirsty for retweets. Maybe she's realizing buying followers doesn't buy fans who want to talk to her.

No. 859821

Curious, is there any proof of shay’s magical road to health journey? Seems like she’d be showing off her $100 of food all stored in the fridge (does she even have a fridge?) and tucked in the cupboards

No. 859829

Exactly my point from earlier…if she was truly cooking and eating healthy she would be posting photos of the food she cooked and bragging about how much she accomplished.
She needs ass pats for taking her meds and showering or even working. She’s also said how she just doesn’t cook or doesn’t know how to cook eggs. We’d have a bunch of pink esthetic photos with her hello kitty utensils and a caption reading ~baby made a breaky ~ or some vomit inducing baby talk status.

No. 859839

Not to whiteknight but I really hope she sticks with the goals she is setting herself. I could forgive her retarded 'Validate me!!' health posting if she really stuck with her new work goals, health goals etc. I can see it benefitting her animals in the future too - Shay, please take Noodle for a run.

No. 859842

In b4 Shay posting pics of her food to 'prove us hatuurz' kek

No. 859865

File: 1567035910484.png (6.9 KB, 303x205, yuio.PNG)

Nitpick- but look at all this outdated info on her Free Cam profile.It takes at maxuim 2 mintues to change some of this shit.

No. 859866

Even the twitter she links to is fucking outdated. If this is your "Business" why haven't you Cammed in a month and why isn't every platform you are on updated?

No. 859868

File: 1567036082773.jpeg (688.14 KB, 1242x795, 37B450AF-32BB-477D-8E30-F21391…)

No. 859889

File: 1567040913245.png (23.79 KB, 568x303, Self asks.PNG)

No. 859892

File: 1567041169325.png (363.33 KB, 561x437, What a idiot.PNG)

No. 859893

Hahahaha the lurk is strong lately. Hilarious.

No. 859894

lmao Jesus she's so predictable. Is all her meals just going to be turkey almonds and blueberries for the next week?

No. 859895

Also love that she posts her lunch at 8:17pm (tulsa time)
Way to be oblivious shay

No. 859897

I was thinking the exact same thing. Also, why is she not including what she drinks? Probably because it's still all alcohol

No. 859908

She's going to get sick of this diet real quick if this is how she's going to eat every meal. She claims she "can't cook" but how hard is it to look up an easy recipe with these exact ingredients (I can think of some really good salads she could make) to make her meals tasty and interesting and not something she's gonna get bored of in a week and drop in favor of some greasy fast food. Why does this bitch insist on being so incompetent?

No. 859910

This is depressing. I dont get it… is she on keto or does she simply not know how to put a proper meal together?

No. 859918

it's so outdated it has a cam schedule she hasn't followed in who knows how long. last time she was even on there was over a month ago. the message wall has one comment about someone sending her money for a tattoo she never got lol.

No. 859920

from 2016, lol proof of her scamming.

No. 859948

This looks like processed deli slices of turkey ripped up, hardly healthy. Figures that she wouldn’t wanna actually go out of her way to actually make a meal

No. 859952

Not an anaanon (lol wut) but that is more than one serving of almonds.

Also, imagine posing these sexy pictures of your younger self, weighing much more, all while promising to cam later that day… when you know you're just going to get day drunk on your "extra" calories and pass out because you haven't eaten enough.

No. 859977

yeah shay, brilliant move going from burgers and shakes to straight dry, raw shit. you're totally gonna stick with this diet.
learn to cook you useless leech lmfao it's not that hard

No. 859982

Omg this looks so bad. Does she even have a frying pan for some eggs or a blender to make a protein shake with some leafy greens?

No. 859984

File: 1567052067539.jpg (Spoiler Image,600.49 KB, 1080x2244, Screenshot_20190829_001422_com…)

Lmao at the bot response to her diary entry

No. 859988

File: 1567052344142.png (7.53 KB, 390x470, 792E6C89-5CCC-4ED2-80C2-C8F7E3…)

Lmao did she spend $100 on raw almonds, deli meat and blueberries? Stoppppp shay. This is this funniest shit.
We better see a pile of eggs and blueberries tomorrow.

Also didn’t she say she was getting on cam tonight? Is anyone watching ?

No. 859991

File: 1567052710064.jpg (27.61 KB, 320x320, XI78q.jpg)

Jesus christ, shut the fuck up about what she is eating. Where the hell are the mods? This thread is fucking cancer.

No. 860013

File: 1567055821623.jpg (106.74 KB, 1080x593, Screenshot_20190829_011630.jpg)

Aanndd she never logged in, surprising!!!

No. 860019

File: 1567056251883.png (Spoiler Image,357.45 KB, 581x501, Dinner.PNG)

No. 860020

File: 1567056290462.png (28.59 KB, 583x218, Tips.PNG)

No. 860022

Shay always looks like she's dehydrated.

No. 860034


is this a pre-made meal? did she really buy those instagram meal prep containers? LOL

also, does this mean she ate an entire head and a half of broccoli for dinner? thats just necessary and an easy way to get sick of it - that shit doesnt even look seasoned

No. 860041

how much turkey and blueberries did she buy? that's all she's been eating since she went shopping lol, every single meal is turkey and fuckin blueberries

No. 860046


What cute 'lil' body shay?

This looks like feeder porn with how her back fat is so perfectly showcased

No. 860050

This gave me life but I’m also cringing so hard bc she literally reaches to make everything in her life related to sex work lmfaoooo

Is this internet addiction?? I feel like gen z have it.

No. 860052

shay has it way worse than the average gen z person anon lol

No. 860054

LOL she can’t even keep her cam schedule for one day, what a sad excuse for a “cam girl”

No. 860109

what she’s choosing to eat shows that she’s been knowledgeable about nutrition this whole time (probably because she dated a nutritionist for like 4 years) if anything she’s slightly under eating. there’s so much wrong with this girl but when it comes to this diet it’s pretty spot on and u anons look weird grasping at straws when there’s so much being handed to u

No. 860133

Stop whitenighting–that is such a poor diet if you're trying to lose weight. Also, learn how to type like an adult, it's Y O U, not U.

No. 860177

File: 1567090592721.jpg (Spoiler Image,858.04 KB, 1080x1832, Screenshot_20190829-095413_Chr…)

Can't even bother to shave anymore

No. 860180

She just looks grimy and grey skinned. I don't see any pit hair or anything.

No. 860181

She actually doesn't ever shave her legs iirc but for some reason it's more noticeable than usual

No. 860183

Can't imagine the average porn loving man being into hairy thighs

No. 860185

wth you can't even see it! I don't know many women who actually shave their thighs, the hair is so thin and light for most women.

No. 860187

I think it's just the composition of the picture, the shadows standing out more, the poor lighting making her skin look grey and dull. She can't light or use a camera for shit so yeah.

No. 860193

File: 1567091970085.jpeg (494.94 KB, 1125x1427, E63333CA-0E18-42BE-B006-21E7E0…)

No. 860204

lol onlyfans anon, she clearly thinks it was you and is speaking directly to you

she thinks she's "fading into obscurity" because of lolcow, not realizing she was never famous enough to be out of obscurity to begin with. the delusions are strong this morning

No. 860207

Maybe she pissed off one of her new customers? It doesn't make sense for onlyfans Anon to report her, they've provided such amazing milk!

No. 860208

Maybe she pissed off one of her new customers? It doesn't make sense for onlyfans Anon to report her, they've provided such amazing milk!

No. 860219

If she's already put in verification (SSN, tax info, ID) then why would someone reporting her mean she has to then reverify? That doesn't make sense to me. It would make more sense for her to reverify if maybe someone was using her pics on onlyfans?

No. 860222

Camfag here. OF had a glitch and is requesting reverification for a ton of accounts. It’s just a system glitch but ofc she’s too stupid to check it out for herself and is immediately jumping to boooollies.

No. 860223

File: 1567095989081.jpeg (785.19 KB, 1125x1916, D93D2121-BCEA-4DED-813F-B8E2D6…)

she’s so stupid, it’s literally because she posts content of her taking bong rips and I assume consuming alcohol, too. if she has any content involving or alluding to piss or vomit (like her nasty blowup bimbo video) it could’ve also caused this. it’s no one else’s fault but her own, she just needs to abide by tos.

No. 860235

LMFAO this is hilarious then. She is trying to frame the situation as if she is a victim as per usual, when she isn't even the only one being affected!

why does she have to have a nervous breakdown anytime something bad happens to her anyways? You would think by now she would be used to dealing with stress considering she puts herself in the most stress inducing situations, but she can't adapt for shit.

No. 860238

File: 1567099443831.jpg (45.95 KB, 720x780, FB_IMG_1567099414058.jpg)

It's called e-begging, sweaty.

Or seeing your fat retarded splenda papa at the local burger joint.

No. 860239

She does stupid shit that would strike suspicion to her accounts then cries about being targeted. Her level of self unawareness is beyond me. She's yet to make 1 smart business move. The closest she's ever got was moving in with dogfucker, which is pretty pathetic. Does she think TOS applies to everyone but her?

No. 860241

File: 1567099556271.jpg (601.61 KB, 1080x1956, Screenshot_20190829-122631_Chr…)

Maybe, just maybe, she figured out she can't keep up with her newly daily posting schedule and took her profile offline? Can you do that?

No. 860266

File: 1567101625908.png (17.52 KB, 581x168, fjvjvjv.PNG)

No. 860267

File: 1567101667391.png (363.21 KB, 596x511, huh.PNG)

No. 860268

No mention of her not camming last night

No. 860277

those eggs don't look right…and why does she eat on the floor with novelty plates meant for children? Does she really have no silverware or plates?

No. 860283

Is she eating in her corner? Is that her new dining room table??

No. 860285

She probably eats on her Childern's bed & places the food on the pillows because it looks "nice" for pictures.

No. 860290

puts her food on a fur covered bench, after she used that same bench to fuck her dry cunt on, doesn't clean it, and will then go back and most likely sit her bare ass on it again. The cringe.

No. 860291

You are so right I didn't even think about that. Ew

No. 860297

I'm sorry.. eggs?

Looks like an onion bhaji or something, what has she done to those things?

No. 860310

File: 1567106572320.jpg (380.63 KB, 1072x975, Screenshot_20190829-142255_Twi…)

More lurking from Shay. I mentioned she never posted what she was drinking and here she is. There's still sugar in there Shay

No. 860316


Holy fuck stop ana Chan nitpicking. Can you read that says 0? Yes, Shay is a vapid bimbo idiot. But goddamn. That has no calories, no sugar. It’s just sweetener made from plant alcohol.

Christ. Get REAL MILK.

No. 860317

no there isn’t … hence the “zero” lol

No. 860319

there is fake sweeteners in vitamin water zero. It's just "zero" as in "zero calories". There are better options but I guess it's a start? She should honestly just learn how to cook and just drink water. She bought $100 worth of fruit almonds and turkey maybe she could use some of the fruit and infuse her water. But you know, effort. I give this whole endeavor 2 weeks, at most. How soon till she's begging for drink money and taking pics of greasy food again?

No. 860321


Most people know that vitamin water and Gatorade actually aren't "healthy". They have a lot of sugar/artificial sweeteners. They are only good for an electrolyte boost. Which is why its generally a sports drink. Certain flavors of vit water are worse than others. I mean… it's better than soda or beer. She's trying, from what we can see. It's really about if she sticks with it for more than a week or two and exercises a bit.

No. 860322

Her visitation with "cute boy"/Fupa is tomorrow, no doubt she's going to go out and get drunk.

(Or she's going to lie about going out with a boy & just go out & get drunk)

No. 860338

Not that I expected anything more from her then this but children’s plates and utensils are apart of her uwu “I’m baby” dd/lg aesthetic it’s pathetic, real plates and utensils are anywhere from 15-20 dollars at a store like target or something

No. 860341

This looks like something Shay would type and make it look like she’s someone else, go back to your diet.

No. 860369

what the fuck. that is not a lunch. girl is in her 20s and has no idea how to prepare a meal. this is fucking sad. she's gonna binge in a few days.

No. 860377

Wait wait wait, who was the nutritionist? I’ve followed the threads from the start and don’t remember this.

No. 860387

He wasn't a nutritionist yet but her long term boyfriend from high school (I think his name was Conner or some shit IDC) he was studying to be one and was vegan and into that whole hippie boho shit like Colleen and Shay's other addict friend.

No. 860405

File: 1567118791276.png (46.2 KB, 627x460, crying.PNG)

No. 860414

I thought the same exact thing. Weird no one else said anything about it

No. 860415

sorry but her eating turkey and blueberries twice per day is dumb and a little funny but i agree she's obviously eating healthier and SEEMS based on what she posts like she's slightly under eating. but she's still drinking secretely lol

No. 860427

File: 1567121427135.jpg (Spoiler Image,217.76 KB, 1080x1647, Screenshot_20190830-003008_Twi…)

So, which one is least disgusting and autistic anons?

No. 860428

File: 1567121459605.jpg (Spoiler Image,186.83 KB, 2048x1151, IMG_20190830_003015.jpg)

No. 860429

why does she have a LITERAL BALLSACK in the second pic????? never has her ballsack looked that authentic before i swear this isn't nitpicking

No. 860430

File: 1567121550828.jpg (Spoiler Image,199.33 KB, 2048x1142, IMG_20190830_003019.jpg)


No. 860431

I don't want to get banned for commenting on what cannot be spoken about. So I'm just going to say Shay doesn't look very attractive. All of these are bad and dry looking.

No. 860432

File: 1567121665232.jpg (Spoiler Image,201.21 KB, 2048x1149, IMG_20190830_003022.jpg)


No. 860434

File: 1567121709856.jpg (Spoiler Image,167.17 KB, 2048x1138, IMG_20190830_003026.jpg)


Such quality content guys!

No. 860435

Look how DIRTY that black and white pillow is. Omg.

No. 860439

I cannot believe she posted this on her social media. Who was post this? Seriously…Like every single flaw is right there red, dry and…in your face. Oh god, does she have NO self awareness?

No. 860444

Wtf is that

No. 860457

she needs to go to a fucking doctor, her shit is so inflamed. is she honestly sick in the head? my pussy hurts even looking at her.

No. 860463

They are all disgusting and autistic. Just throw the whole video out Shay.

There's hundreds of vids with the same premise that have actually attractive girls in them with decent scripts. Shay's vids are always awkward zero script but still horrible and she's only getting harder to look at.

No. 860475

File: 1567127319488.png (18.16 KB, 571x206, djdjd.PNG)

Classy that Shay and this bitch took that from this tweet.

No. 860476

these sex workers all act like they're fucking life saving brain surgeons in children's hospitals it's so embarassing

No. 860486

People in the comments are voting for #2… Why????

No. 860515

Didn't Fupa have to tell her to drink water when they were together? Jesus, even this is a ploy for his attention.

No. 860520

File: 1567134856169.jpeg (632.55 KB, 1242x744, BDB0F04F-5BCC-415D-A905-F73CA2…)

Lord this is. Bad.

No. 860521

File: 1567134924091.jpeg (590.83 KB, 1242x1449, 0F2E4B71-54F5-4E85-8692-7C13D8…)

So many things thrown together. So poorly written. Again why can’t she make her set different in any of her videos? Why would the nerdy punk girl have all fuzzy pink bed bullshit? Maddening.

No. 860523

>gets on top of your dick and rides you
really though? does she really? or does she just do more missionary? I just like at this point her videos are identical except for outfit, and now she's filmed one with the machine

No. 860528

What does a wet sticky mess have to do with being nerdy? Lol this is so low effort it’s hilarious as usual.

No. 860532

it looked like her hand for a second and then i scrolled and was like noooope. idk what's going on with that area but it's not enticing at all.

>wet sticky mess
the lies, it's like she thinks if she keeps saying this it'll actually be true.

No. 860543

did she not know she wasn't wearing panties??

No. 860546

What does being nerdy have to do with not minding the after-sex stickiness?

Her writing is almost as bad as her porn. She could literally just shorten this to a few sentences but she always has to write a novel like anyone really cares that much to read it.

No. 860553

Because she doesn’t know how to properly make scrambled eggs without burning them as they stick to the pan and shrivel.

Use milk or a substitute for fluffy non burnt eggs Shayna…. Jesus.

No. 860601

Nerdy and punk are two things I dont correlate being together. She cant even come up with decent characters.

No. 860606

The preview. Her acting and script/free ballin' it is always so cringy and awkward. Like at least in other porn when it's bad they try to compensate by being sexy. This bitch doesn't have a scrap of sex appeal. The only way any dude is gonna fap to this is by skipping to the actual "sex" part and looking past the boils. Idk why she makes these story ones when she's god awful at it. She just needs to stick with ones like the fuck machine one or just lightly themed ones. Not attempting bad plot lines.

No. 860629

File: 1567149195354.jpg (219.25 KB, 1080x1627, Screenshot_20190830_031247.jpg)

If this is not about his ex with kids this must be about shay?

No. 860631

File: 1567149362817.jpg (207.56 KB, 1080x1032, Screenshot_20190830_031548.jpg)

Same anon, following up under the post:

No. 860632

File: 1567149572975.jpeg (130.67 KB, 751x978, F10BB640-FDB5-40EB-8DBE-BDB981…)

Definitely about Shayna >>860629

No. 860633


shay if there is only ever one thing you really take to heart from lurking in here, it should be to question yourself what the fuck you're doing wasting your life in tulsa anymore

No. 860634

Oh shit sorry I didn’t see you had posted! Didn’t mean to post the same cap as you

No. 860635

Its finally happening!!! He's spilling the tea! They have to be over for good and not talking at all now for some reason. Maybe she really hasn't been lying about the "cute boy"

No. 860636

Shayna might be an ugly, crusty loser, but at least she is 21 and still has time to turn her life around. This human embarrassment is in his 30s and a father and posting goofy shit like this online while wearing women’s driving gloves.

No. 860637

I think he's talking about Shay pretending to have kinks she didn't. Her pretending to like all the nasty dumb shit he was into and posting about it on tumblr.

but Fupa played RIGHT ALONG with shay.
Also, thats what you get for fucking with Shay asshole. I have no sympathy for Fupa but I hope he spills more milk.


He's also a father of 3 who has videos/posts liking the pedo pandering shit Shay was doing.

I don't think Shay will turn her life around but the way I see it they both are on the same level.

Didn't Fupa lie to his baby mom about what shay did? So even HE was ashamed of Shay & what he was doing.

No. 860638

Also if we are being 100% honest, Shay has been talking about "stealing college funds" & wanting a "Dad" to take care of her day one.

I don't know why Fupa's acting like he had something real with Shay or even wanted something real.

He wanted a young girl to live out his disgusting fantasies. He didn't love Shay. He knew what she was about.

No. 860640

Exactly. Also gaslighting is a form of emotional abuse and that isn’t what he’s describing at all. Shayna pretending to have other interests and be successful isn’t gaslighting.

No. 860647

>fupa spilling the tea on how fake, tryhard and what a lazy leech shay is

holy shit thank you kyle. obviously he wasn't the angel or anything but still love him calling her out. don't know what he meant with the gaslighting part though

No. 860676

yep i'm like 90% certain that fupa has confused the term 'gaslighting' with just regular old lying (like a lot of people on the internet nowadays). either that or he intentionally said gaslighting to make himself out to be more of a victim. fupa we all know you used to jerk it to rape porn and borderline paedo porn.

and he only got together with shay cause he wanted clout, then he realised that being popular on tumblr doesn't mean anything anymore. plus shay went into the relationship saying she wanted to be dependent on him financially and he was so happy to indulge that to make himself look like a big man. yeah he's full of it.

No. 860687

>best friend's sis isnt wearing panties


Why is she just…really bad at everything? yikes

No. 860737

I think she's insinuating that nerdy girls aren't traditionally desirable so instead of being grossed out by cum getting everywhere like a normal person would the nerdy girl likes it because even though it's gross, she'll take anything she can get.
I think..

No. 860746

I get secondhand embarrassment watching this. She struggles to even find words, she sounds uncomfortable the whole time, I just don't get it. Why does everything have to be explained in the written description and then explained exactly again by her in the video? Does she really not want to fuck herself that much so she just stalls until she has to?

No. 860754

She thinks she interesting and that people want to hear her talk. That’s all she’s ever wanted to do- to be in front of a camera and talk about herself. She wants to be a twitch girl or a YT Star - not a cam girl/porn star. But being a quirky uwu baby girl isn’t going to pay her measly rent.
Also deep down, I think she knows no one really cares about what she has to say unless her tits are out.

No. 860756

She always talked about liking wanting attention but she never knows what to do when she gets it.

She thinks being a sex worker makes her interesting when it doesn't. It's not like she's Brent Corrington or something.

She has nothing to say, she's not interesting, her career is boring dry and gross. She's not really all that attractive. She has no tragic back story.

Her life is boring, she has nothing to talk about.

No. 860757

You'd think a sex worker would ALWAYS have a story to tell, but nope. Shay films wack porn on a child's bed or in corners. She sits around all day alone smoking weed and drinking.

She tweets. She lies, she barely DOES her job or cams. She's as dry as her pussy.

No. 860763

she literally doesn't have a personal life, every thing she does is posted to her porn twitter. her image as a sex worker is the only thing she has and she barely has that.

No. 860764

Imagine what her life would've been like if she hadn't chased her family away. Maybe she could have an actual job & friends.

No. 860765

This is really spot on, wow. She's not quirky though. She has no talents she could share on YT. She has no idea about the gaming world or community or wtf she's even doing so twitch is out. She probably couldn't even take the time to make some shitty hot take on YT because that would take more than coming up with things off the top of your head.

I honestly can't wait for her to crash and burn and how all of it is going to be immortalized on the internet.

No. 860767

She probably thinks she can put on a low cut top and then play fortnite and then the bits and subs will come in.

but it's not like that. People are going to find out who she is & are going to fucking roast her. Plus she's boring and her quality will be shit.

No. 860768

seriously people can be brutal on those sites, she wouldn't last one stream once they find out who she really is. It would be absolutely hilarious to watch though.

No. 860785

That’s not gaslighting, Fupa. That’s what insecure people do when they start dating. What did you expect when you date someone 10 years younger than you, making their “living” playing a fake role on the internet for gross men.
He knew what he was getting into. Just wish he would spill more tea. Although everything he said is not shocking in anyway and he just explained shay in the fashion that we all know her.

No. 860795

He deleted the post

No. 860796

Don't worry Fupa we got it! Just like we got all the proof of your nasty ass playing right along with Shay! But share more milk please!

No. 860799

File: 1567188787947.png (Spoiler Image,227.26 KB, 567x551, lol.PNG)

No. 860801

"Depending on me financially" kek.

Also, he follows this thread very closely. When I posted the instagram videos of him and Shay being together, he quickly deleted like 10 people from his instagram (no worries though, I'm still there fupa!) And now this, within half a day from when it was posted, and he's deleted the post.

I can't feel bad for fupa, getting strung along and used by a 21 year old "camgirl" is what morons deserve. Maybe fupa is the one getting all of Shay's accounts deleted/suspended? Or maybe he wants to get back at her financially by hitting her in the wallet?

No. 860802

It's such a sorry situation when you truly think about it. Fupa is a grown man with kids acting like this.

No. 860834

I think there's a really good chance he doesn't know what gaslighting means

but could he be talking about when she first moved in. idk it makes sense to me that she would promise to do a bunch of shit around the house and be his like dream kinky homemaker (since she would have to play up that angle for him to rent a house for both of them, basically be his mom he could fuck) and then once she was living there, he realized she was the laziest slob alive and also very sex repulsed, she started saying "wtf you said you would take care of me, I'm just a baby I never said I could do anything domestic, I would never tell you I could cook or do laundry or vacuum because I will never do that"

I'm sure there was gaslighting, she's a very toxic person, but he probably doesn't know how to identify it

No. 860840

File: 1567195424949.jpeg (Spoiler Image,215.64 KB, 617x1819, 94EDD28B-CB46-4AB3-BE44-1F0975…)

Not that anyone's really surprised but-
Seriously, who thinks they're pulling one over on people by using Fupa's old tumblr name? Wouldn't put it past Shay to try to look clever and donate to herself.

No. 860859

Tbh I think its Shay or Pixie or a close incel/orbiter doing it. They're using his username as a petty revenge thing or a pathetic attempt to make it look like he gives a fuck about her lol.

No. 860864

forgot to mention how her sex toys on the wall set up really doesn't work for this video if she's pretending that her brother's friend came over and she's just some nerd. like, she wouldn't be sitting there with that stuff behind her but keeps it there for ~aesthetic~ when it doesn't make sense with the content she's trying to pander.

yea he conveniently left out all the gross shit he was doing. it also seemed like he didn't think anyone would figure out who he was and he wanted to keep their relationship from being public even though they were posting stuff they did online.

No. 860874

he told his baby mom she was an graphic designer or some shit. He was ashamed of her but not enough NOT to put his face and dicklet all over the internet.

No. 860938

File: 1567207968237.jpg (321.5 KB, 1080x1045, Screenshot_20190830-183304_Twi…)

She retweets this, but always thinks it's hilarious when someone blocks her

No. 860961

File: 1567211262699.png (189.11 KB, 2048x472, Screenshot_20190830-202745.png)

Im honestly curious as to what she does all day. Every time she has a post like this its after about 7pm, what is she doing the rest of the time?

No. 860964

no mention of camming btw

No. 860965

Or her meals or the Gym. I bet she's going to go out drinking tonight

No. 860971

File: 1567213140478.jpg (223.69 KB, 1080x938, Screenshot_20190830-195916_Twi…)

All of her videos DO look the same

No. 860992

but all of your videos already look the same and you didn't seem to have an issue with that

No. 861002

Not sure how many ideas she can really have with a fuck machine that only goes in one direction at one slow speed.

No. 861004

He didn't delete it I can still see the post on his Facebook

No. 861012

I like how it's been weeks since we've heard a sperg about her ~mental illness~ and uwu pills. Did her trial/crisis center prescription run out or did she drop the act all together??
Was it not getting her enough asspats/money?

No. 861239

I was thinking this same thing. The lies and manipulation hes referring to is probably her hyping up her "housewife" aesthetic so he was on board with moving her out there and paying her way but when it turns out she doesnt actually wanna do shit he ran kek. She couldnt even keep a job as a housewife

No. 861264

File: 1567257303935.png (357.63 KB, 2048x565, Screenshot_20190831-091101.png)

"I'm so creative, and everyone copi
es me!"

You absolutely wish, Shayna.

No. 861271

re-hashing the same video in different outfits isn't much better, shay

No. 861326

Rich coming from Shayna. Remember when some butthurt tumblr user called her out for copying her friend's fishnet, ski mask and knife picture? I mean come on, she still asks strangers for their own ideas on her porn. Everything she does is the same routine. Poorly written script, same child's bed and sex toy backdrop, and she does it all with minimal effort. She's so stagnate, she's predictable to complete strangers.

No. 861401

File: 1567273628300.jpeg (424.06 KB, 750x849, C1B60AAB-327B-4C83-9B02-EAC370…)

Wow I guess two days of being “paused” is over a week in Shay-time, is she exaggerating or is she so wasted all the time that she’s lost all sense of time??

No. 861436

She doesn't even write a script. Remember when she was bragging about how she doesn't think she needs to and just "comes up with it" off the top of her head? Yeah.

No. 861437

lmao she always thinks it's just her and no one else

No. 861440

>I'm not one to make things public

Um bitch do you realize you choose to literally make everything you do public?

No. 861507

>a large source of my income has been compromised

Hm. You’d think if you lost a large source of income, you’d do something else. Like….hm. I dunno on the top of my head, maybe GO ON CAM.

No. 861512

File: 1567281231441.png (22.51 KB, 567x268, g.PNG)

No. 861541

This was sent by a farmer and was probably some outrageous ask they sent for a custom video. Feels like a fake plant. you probably asked her to do something retarded and expected a reply. all because you want fake milk.

No. 861555

Okay this definitely does sound like a farmer. I don't get it, why not just let the milk flow naturally? She's dumb and embarrassing enough to get into stupid shit on her own accord.

No. 861557

It's funny she's calling people out for not knowing how to come up with "their own shit" when she just cycles through trends. The only thing she's EVER done that was original was the fireworks thing and that just fucking stupid and dangerous.

Her whole personality is "tired, broke dusty Barbie" or "tired broke dusty goth chick" or "tired dusty stoner chick".

Her porn is trash and copypaste concepts.

No. 861589

Jesus I guess she did some test run on Snapchat of streaming Fortnite.
It was so autistic and incredibly boring, I gave up after 10 minutes.

You have to have a big personality and be funny and people don't really wanna watch people be shit. If she were playing a single player game she would make no progress and no one wants to watch that.

No. 861593

File: 1567291076452.jpg (Spoiler Image,486.36 KB, 1080x1495, Screenshot_20190831-173845_Twi…)

No. 861598

File: 1567292325390.jpeg (195.06 KB, 1242x1166, 5D50ABDC-195A-4923-A945-25BC69…)

Seriously though… how are you so desperate to make rent this month, but also begging for money for something so pointless at this time? I'm sure her glucose father could throw in a few measly bucks for that, as soon as he steps out of her imagination.

No. 861600

in her mind weed is as important as a roof over her head

No. 861689

File: 1567302307804.jpg (176.28 KB, 1080x1736, Screenshot_20190831_214439.jpg)

Heckin Shay! Even Fupa think you're a broke ho

No. 861692

I really wanna know what those emojis mean

No. 861693

It's a cup of tea

No. 861699


So about that rent money? September 1st is tomorrow, Shay.

No. 861710

haha thanks for the subtle spill, Kyle

No. 861711

File: 1567303676716.jpg (304.28 KB, 1078x1134, Screenshot_20190831-210748_Twi…)

Who is she talking about?

No. 861712

File: 1567303720429.jpg (290.28 KB, 1080x944, Screenshot_20190831-210758_Twi…)


No. 861722

maybe the girl who unfollowed her after the underaged shit?

and what happened to "supporting" other sexworkers? She's basically gloating that someone is having a hard time because they don't like her dumb ass.Also she AND her best friend orbiter that Pixie girl constantly complain about people not sending them money. She was JUST complaining about not being able to pay her rent.

Shay, you look like a asshole.
funny how fupa is subbing her but she'd rather go after fellow female sexworkers.

No. 861725

fupa secretly wants lolcow to stan him

No. 861727

Models not making enough sales because they call out models? Where's the correlation? And what's her excuse for her piss poor sales? She keeps subtweeting like her lackluster "career" is only caused by a few people bringing up her problematic shit she tries so desperately to pity party her way out of. And no one is even actively attacking her, as far as I could tell.
Whenever she realizes how terrible she's doing, she goes on these "the meanies stole my monies because they're haterz :'(" sperges to hide the fact that she can't keep up with her minimal effort job.

No. 861729

Ya pretty sure that the men who jerk off to her vids give no shits about her problematic behavior

No. 861731

Shay, your dumb crusty ass is always subbing someone who doesn't care about your dusty ass. You have NO ONE. Even your loser ex is roasting your broke ass.

Stop talking shit. I bet those girls have actual friends and lives outside of sex work.

No. 861751

File: 1567306688863.jpg (211.16 KB, 1080x785, Screenshot_20190831-215838_Twi…)

No. 861754

File: 1567306764089.jpg (444.67 KB, 1079x1409, Screenshot_20190831-215853_Twi…)

Did she not just retweet something about how you shouldn't be hurt about being blocked?

No. 861760

what did shay do today?

-answer fake/troll asks
- Play fortnite
-smoke overpriced probably shitty weed
- complain about other sexworkers

No. 861761

she says as she shits on other sex workers

No. 861762

Imagine how much porn she could make/camming? keep talking shit Shay because I bet someone's going to call ya dry ass out.

Also she-

-ate fast food-but complained about not making rent.

Fupa please continue to roast this idiot.

No. 861773

Just a note. She said she was ranked 214 or something this month on MV. She likely made around 2-2.5K this month on there then, in case anyone is curious.

No. 861800

Is that after taxes? I know cam models have to pay the IRS themselves quarterly but just wondering if that includes the taxes or not. Either way that's not much for what she does. Always has her pussy and ass hanging out and can't do better than that?

No. 861807

That’s 60% payout from the site, which I think takes taxes?

No. 861822

Nah, I'm pretty sure taxes aren't automatically taken out. Cam models are considered independent contractors and pay their own taxes quarterly.

No. 861829

Bold of you to assume Shay pays taxes lmao

No. 861837

Taxes are not included.

No. 861908

I want to know what she's blowing all this money on. Is it all on weed and alcohol?

No. 861915

weed, ubers,fast food, probably fortnite skins & alcohol

No. 862004

File: 1567351815577.jpg (170.23 KB, 1080x936, Screenshot_20190901-162924_Twi…)

Ah the ol' walk around the apartment complex. Definitely enough exercise for a dog.

Poor fucking thing.

No. 862034

What a weird nitpick. Just be grateful shes taking her dog out for a walk. She does so many stupid things that this is just a reach.

No. 862035

it’s better than nothing. even if she’s only taking the dog out for the sake of taking pics to prove da haterz wrong at least the dog is getting some fresh air outside her weed smoke filled apartment

No. 862067

It's just really unfortunate. That dog could have gone to a good home with kids or something, and had a big backyard to play in and lots of exercise. instead of being cooped up in a small dirty apartment with a cat and a woman who can't clean up after herself.

No. 862095

File: 1567362687016.png (36 KB, 592x343, dkd.PNG)

Get ready for those gym nudes. I really don't know what her obsession is with having to go to the gym to get her body togeather.

She was playing fortnite yesterday & getting high. She CAN work out while she's fucking around all day.

No. 862102

File: 1567362961933.png (16.5 KB, 581x197, 757.PNG)

The fuck does this even mean?

No. 862121

Neither of them are paid for being cute lol. They are paid to be naked and do sex stuff. Pixie should know this since she barely shows her face.

They wish they could be given money solely on the basis of their "cuteness", but that isn't real for either of em. Delusion.

No. 862200

File: 1567371725741.jpg (Spoiler Image,559.77 KB, 1080x1504, Screenshot_20190901-160248_Twi…)

No. 862206

She'll just buy a few things, eat that in three days and be back-ordering chipotle.

Also, didn't she JUST get paid? What is she spending her money on? It's not on skin care, hair care or food.

No. 862226

Oh another dusty ass pic and ~uwu muh low self esteem~

No. 862230

File: 1567374248013.jpg (96.28 KB, 1071x468, Screenshot_20190901-164441_Twi…)


No. 862253

File: 1567375844349.png (21.28 KB, 585x220, ldl.PNG)

Didn't she already go one, two? What the FUCK Does anyone need to be grateful for? You showed a picture of your nasty ass. No one asked for that and no one should pay you to take general care of your BODY.

Why should anyone send you money because showed them something they've seen a million times? And can see a million better looking asses on women and MEN for fucking FREE.

No. 862254

Ew this is bad even for her ass. It does look like a fat person butt. No shape and a lot of cellulite. Tone where???

No. 862255

it's really dry too lol maybe she can get a large bottle of lotion whilst at costco

No. 862270

File: 1567377212577.jpg (246.45 KB, 1080x891, Screenshot_20190901-173340_Twi…)

No. 862277

File: 1567378735880.jpg (346.82 KB, 1080x1165, Screenshot_20190901-175928_Twi…)

Shay, you know you never turn anything down

No. 862278

shrimp won't last you a while unless you want some fishy freezerburn shrimp but alright sis. Hopefully she doesn't light her apartment on fire or give herself food poisoning.

Oh God watch her try to cook the shrimp and chicken in the microwave

No. 862279

and wait did she just buy frozen spinach and egg white frittatas? It would have been cheaper to buy eggs and spinach, you could make more. Her whole life is just one big head desk slam

No. 862283

File: 1567379470113.png (497.44 KB, 2048x992, Screenshot_20190901-191132.png)

>"make this ass even fatter"

I'm crying laughing she can't be serious

No. 862284

"Only want to spend time with people who treat us with respect before they ever see us nude"

It's rich that Shay retweeted this because she does NOT value her life (didn't she say she wanted to die at 27? or something? Plus she put fireworks in her pussy) & Shay has no friends. She only KNEW Fupa because she was naked on tumblr.In fact all Shay does is promote herself as an sex object.

All the contact she has is with twitter and various social medias connected to SEX WORK. Her whole life is sex work and she barely works.

And yall not special because you have to look at relationship differently. So do many fucking people. It's fucking life.

No. 862287

Shay's more pickier then us. So she chose a loser with 3 kids, who was ashamed of her, roasts her on occasion and barely did ANYTHING for her.

The same guy who slapped her in Walmart and was possibly using her as his Friday CumDumpster.

So Picky

No. 862294

“wow… ungrateful”
who says that on a sex work account?? that’s not going to get people to give you money, shayna, it just makes people not take you seriously.

No. 862308

imagine thinking this is an attractively "fat" ass and not a flat hank hill ass just with some extra thigh chub and excessive cellulite riddling it lmao shay tries so hard

No. 862309

>Shay turning down work to sustain her self-respect
Shay you sat on a cake, pissed on it and then ate it.

No. 862316

If that's the case, then how was a farmer able to pay her for a humiliation video where she admitted she cammed underage lmfao? Is that shay's version of picky? IS that Shay's version of respect?

No. 862326

Ok but where did she get a costco membership? Isn't this bitch poor?

No. 862329

I really doubt she paid 60$ for a membership. She probably got a costco cash card

No. 862336

This bitch really joined a gym and you know all she's going to do is sit on the elliptical or stationary bike on the lowest intensity for an hour. Pick up some weights if you want to get "toned" Shay.

She doesn't have a ton of weight to lose, so if she really is sticking to her "fitness journey" we should all be able to tell within a few weeks. But we all know she isn't giving up the alcohol and weed and i expect that when she doesn't look like a fitness model after two gym sessions she'll give up and we will never hear about it again.

No. 862359

Gift from her parents?

Romantic gift from fupa?

No. 862378

100% this. We need to stop giving him attention.

No. 862417

Weed and booze aren’t cheap.
Also, I HOPE she spends some money on dog and cat food. That can add up too

No. 862500

File: 1567443685787.png (13.3 KB, 590x102, love.PNG)

"Love" shay, you barely want to fucking do it. You still haven't cammed. You make the same low effort embarrassing bullshit.

No. 862514

Excuse me if I’m late or wrong but I’m pretty sure Costco memberships are on credit unless she’s in debt or her dad is paying for the membership , this is stupid why the fuck is she buying things in bulk if she lives alone?

No. 862518

I think her dad does pay for somethings. I don't think he'd let her be homeless, so when she's whining about her "rent" i'm positive she can call her dad up, or she may have already hit him up for money & is just scamming as usual.

So it may be possible that it's her dad's membership or he's paying it or some shit.

No. 862527

Has to be her dads. If she got her own membership we would have seen posts e-begging for the cost of membership or how "adult" Shay is.

No. 862531


I kind of feel like that why Shay hates her mom, she doesn't deal with her bullshit or enable it, her dad probably does. Which is why she made her mom seem like this "evil trump loving witch"on tumblr (which I doubt) when she just doesn't want her daughter doing pedo-pandering porn & being used by men like fupa.

No. 862541

Yes because everyone who loves their job makes up every excuse in the book to not do their job.

No. 862542

File: 1567448483877.jpeg (Spoiler Image,689.55 KB, 1242x683, 487E382B-25C5-41C5-8595-D32B4F…)

Even worse when she’s not sticking it out

No. 862583

File: 1567453564118.png (290.6 KB, 586x359, jjjj.PNG)

how much yall think she spent on ONE workout outfit? Just to take pictures in?

No. 862594

literally a fridge lol

No. 862597

Not an outrageous amount
The top is $10. Bottom is $30. Shoes coule be $40-$60 because they’re not collector Nike

No. 862598

Is that a car in the back? Is she at fupas

No. 862638

Top is $30 bottoms are $50. Nike stuff isn’t that cheap. Hopefully she didn’t spend too much on the sneakers tho bc they look like ugly outlet cast offs.

No. 862639

I think it's a bin anon lol. Looks like her tiny patio area

No. 862696

You bitches are that desperate for milk huh?

No. 862718

Did she lose that contest? Lol she hasn't mentioned it in a bit

No. 862720

I just love how she continues to go on this "cancel Culture" bullshit, when all it does is brings attention to the shit people dislike her for.

You have PLENTY of reasons why people would'nt want to work with you.

YOU were an asshole and still are. People barely fucking care about you enough to "Cancel" you.

This thread is the most attention you'll ever recieve in life.

No. 862759

Anon, you do realise that other people own cars too right? Stfu about Fupa.

No. 862767

She's been quiet today. Wonder why

No. 862776

Just checked and she’s ranked142 in that contest, she prob realizes that she doesn’t have a chance winning that contest so she stopped caring, last time she mentioned it was on the 24th

No. 862806

File: 1567472171615.jpg (182.63 KB, 1080x1134, Screenshot_20190902_205530.jpg)

Wat… Shay just pick a lane and stay in it. Her whole schtick is being an asshole.

No. 862812

Has Shay ever advocated for men not to be abusive and horrible to women? You can tell this bitch has mommy issues.
and who is "Yall"?

What does she mean "hurt by men" does she mean rape victims, abuse victims, what the fuck is she talking about? Women, who just talk about men?

Since you care so much YOU DO SOMETHING.
And i thought she hated call out & cancel culture?

No. 862816

Shay must mean by the disgusting men who want to fuck her. I doubt in real life she gets called "pretty" alot by normal people.

Not saying she's an ugly goblin, but She's acting like she's beyonce or some shit. No one but men who want something from you are randomly calling you pretty.

Shut up.

No. 862818

did she delete the bottom tweet?

No. 862820

She did

No. 862822

"I'm not like other girls, I'm anti feminist and totes MRA" she's moved on from pandering to trump supporters and now this. have some dignity Shayna.

No. 862830

Shay is the type that goes, "I don't/can't hang with girls they are too toxic, I'm not like other girls, I smonk, I drink, i'm not afriad to get dirty or freaky"

I don't expect more from an sexworker like Shay.

No. 862851

and then she tweets about how positive and supportive she is, it's pretty hysterical

No. 862879

>women need to stop treating men like trash
Lmao is this bitch serious?

No. 862933

She's not even surrounded by the kind of man who could do anything beneficial for her. She capes for men like Fupa and her nasty porn customers but they ain't shit! She sounds so fucking dumb trying to make the nasty dudes who buy her content seem like there is anything redeemable about them.

No. 863071

File: 1567512351864.jpg (531.88 KB, 1536x2048, IMG_20190903_130509.jpg)

Did she splatter half of it on that picture? Lol

No. 863081


That or Costco porn.

No. 863099

Okay ew that picture frame, grab a wet rag and wipe it down before taking a pic wtf you drunk ass. Also, frozen costco fried rice is healthy diet eating now?

No. 863101

It’s gold paint. If it was food it would all over the frame.

No. 863141

I was thinking the same about the eggwhite and spinach frittata she bought. I know exactly what she’s talking about and there’s so much salt and calories in it
>>862830 I cringe every time she refers to smoking as “smonk” or “smonking” it makes her sound dumber

No. 863150

File: 1567523698363.png (23.84 KB, 622x262, 2019-02-19 11_20_37-An IRL Dol…)


She just hates whenever women speak out how shit men are. Doesn't matter if they are talking about abuse, rape, whatever.

Mostly because "men" take care of her. I guess women like us & her mom, are all just jelly haters.
They need to shut the fuck up.

The only women she halfway likes are women who kiss her ass. Even then she doesn't like them.

and it's kind of funny she's this way. Wasn't Shay "raped" according to her? She's probably the type who think that women who complain are weak.

No. 863165

She just wants to show how she's not like other girls

No. 863166

she has no room to comment on personality when she doesn't have one herself and has built it on trends or what she thinks men find attractive.

No. 863171

File: 1567525690016.png (29.68 KB, 862x360, funny.png)

according to Shay her mom taught her to hate women. Or whatever the fuck she was trying to say

No. 863173

File: 1567525735761.png (47.83 KB, 590x486, SHut up.PNG)

No. 863195

Now that fupa seems to be done with her for good I guess shay has to find a new chump to pay whatever bills her dad isn't funding. It makes sense she would pander to the poor oppressed mens, that's about all she can offer since she doesn't have personality or looks.

No. 863204

File: 1567528765181.png (90.32 KB, 586x510, 8.PNG)

No. 863246

File: 1567532719119.png (401.21 KB, 577x483, lol.PNG)

"Hey guys I did my make-up the same way I always do it!"

No. 863252


why does her face look so round and smushed? is it the filer or?

inb4 nitpicking

No. 863267

Jessica Yaniv post-transition

No. 863302

File: 1567537656112.jpg (126.51 KB, 750x1334, IMG_20190903_200805.jpg)

Boi she is looking rough

No. 863312

File: 1567538721506.jpg (112.76 KB, 1080x411, Screenshot_20190903-142346_Twi…)

Oh pleeeeeease Shay. We KNOW your ass isn't paying for it

No. 863314

What's up everybody I havent checked the site in a month or so. still scrolling to catch up . anybody else speculating shes bulimic?? Her face looks more and more swollen every time I come to the thread. Couple that with her drinking problem and well….

No. 863318

whatever that smashed face filter is that she's using really brings it out

No. 863320

i don't think it would surprise anyone. maybe that's part of her new ~health journey~

No. 863346

For once she’s wearing what would actually be a decently cute outfit, if it was on a decently cute person

No. 863354

File: 1567542399499.png (18.23 KB, 601x253, LIES.PNG)

The lies orbiters tell. Lol. So an weirdly filtered picture deserves our money?

No. 863355

This seriously looks like a crackhead auntie getting her pic taken at JCPenney thinking she's a model cos she's so cracked out

No. 863356

also kek @ when she said "let's make this ass fatter" more like FLATTER, dumb bitch.

No. 863358

Her face looks like she's being forced to smile at gunpoint lol.>>863302

No. 863359

She dead ass looks like she's in her late 30s, early 40s. yikes.

No. 863360

The filter makes her nose look like a beak, it's bizarre

No. 863403

File: 1567547579860.jpg (866.75 KB, 1080x1462, Screenshot_20190903-165331_Twi…)

No. 863404

File: 1567547629472.jpg (520.86 KB, 1080x1280, Screenshot_20190903-165435_Twi…)

No. 863407

nitpick but she needs to clean her mirror and her bathroom walls. Doesn't look good for pictures. Also why the fuck she got that pink ribbon on??

No. 863410

i wonder what that weird ass comb over she has in her hair is hiding a bald spot or something. I notice she does that a lot..

No. 863411

i wonder what that weird ass comb over she has in her hair is hiding a bald spot or something. I notice she does that a lot..

No. 863416

Can she at least learn some basic editing? Ffs the picture is so dark and orange toned. Take two seconds and fix it Shayna. Put in some effort.

No. 863417

and the saturation is through the roof making her skin look red and her face look way too dark. What happened to that "special school" she went to for "graphic design"?

No. 863423

shay hates other women because she knows she's unattractive and looks awful on the daily (hence the tweet at the top here lol) and because her mother won't tolerate her disgusting horrible self and life, meanwhile her dad gives in and still deals with it. also because she praises pedophilic abusive men with no lives.

No. 863424

>uwu im a smol girl
she was so quiet for the last few days and now all her delusional stupidity is exploding out lol

"wut do u mean u dnt like ugly middle age fat guys who beat u up in the walmart parking lot?? u jst hate men lmao other women are so lame and mean!! my hank hill ass and genital warts are far superior!" shay please go back to not tweeting this is beyond embarassing.

this filter is either doing her SO DIRTY or she gained even more weight and so she looks like a swollen ball. looks like meg griffin if she became a crackwhore.

No. 863428

File: 1567550835618.png (32.16 KB, 495x481, jvkv.PNG)

Yeah her dad gives in. I feel like her dad is a shitty parent. She also says the shit about "paying the rent' multiple posts, but she's always whining about her almost not paying the rent.

What dad doesn't care that their daughter does porn in diapers, gets slapped by a 30+ man in public, is calling ANOTHER man daddy/dad, has men telling her they want to "rape and kill her" and pretending to like. Shay was escorting for some strange married couple at one point. But he doesn't "care" unless she pays the rent?

Shay could've gotten seriously fucked up in SO many points of her life. But her dad doesn't care & her mom is probably waiting on the day her dumb ass fucking comes to and gets a brain.

No. 863429

It's the weight gain. It's so obvious in her cheeks

No. 863436

her eyeliner has officially moved beyond the end of her eyebrows

No. 863452

File: 1567552937828.jpg (523.71 KB, 1080x1752, Screenshot_20190903-182247_Twi…)

Really Shay?

No. 863454

Yes because people care about this shit on a sex worker account.


No. 863456

She really wants people to think her life is SO HARDDD

No. 863466

File: 1567554289284.png (241.96 KB, 2048x629, Screenshot_20190903-194522.png)

I guess you wouldn't know that feeling since you never cum, Shayna.

No. 863471

File: 1567554666634.jpg (244.21 KB, 1077x853, Screenshot_20190903-185021_Twi…)

Funny that one of her orbiters posted this

No. 863476

Why is it that if someone interacts with her a few times, y'all hop on their posts and read into it as if it has anything to do with Shayna? sure it's funny she posted it but its not milk and she has nothing to do with Shayna so wtf

No. 863498

File: 1567557940214.jpg (Spoiler Image,416.18 KB, 1076x1296, Screenshot_20190903-194626_Twi…)


No. 863499

File: 1567557976201.jpg (Spoiler Image,349.89 KB, 1077x616, Screenshot_20190903-194600_Twi…)

This is just bad. Even looks worse with her not having nails

No. 863500

File: 1567558023418.jpg (159.56 KB, 1080x715, Screenshot_20190903-194610_Twi…)

These all sound like terrible choices

No. 863503

Why the old grimy shoes though???

No. 863506

what the hell happened to her in the last week? she looks so huge and tubby and her hair looks bizarre now.

No. 863508

These threads have always been shit and sometimes you gotta quickscroll through to find anything that isn't weird nitpick sperging. People are also looking out for the next Fupa or Dawn cuz those were the only really milky eras.

My point is confirmed just now in >>863499 kek. They hate her with the false nails and hate her without them. My theory is either salty camgirls or simply underage anons, which is wildly common across the board.

No. 863521

They retweet each others content. So she is involved with Shay

No. 863522

It's not her lack of ridiculous stupid nails that make this picture unappealing.

It's the lack of lighting, and the odd color combination. It makes her look dirty, and the whole picture look dark and grimy.

No. 863523

No, she's not. Just because Shay retweets someone doesn't mean they are "involved" they way she was with Dawn or Fupa. It's not milk, it's dumb.

No. 863525

She could be bloated from excess salt intake, or because she's trying to drink more water. She could also be bloated because she's getting her period plus all of those other things mentioned.

But let's be real, she doesn't look tubby, and she doesn't look significantly bigger than last week. you're just an anachan retard.

Her body isnt fat per se. It's untoned, with no definition so she looks flat and soft/chunky in some areas. But she's really not fat.

No. 863528

you're so mad that not every post in a shay thread is milky lol. "you're an anachan retard and i'm so mad about it, let me post multiple times bitching and moaning". never called her obese or fat, i said she looks tubby and her fucking head/face does look huge, i think it's obvious i wasn't saying her naked body was the huge part because everyone has acknowledged that her face is looking scarily big all of the sudden lol. anyway please move on, you keep posting the same complaints over and over. if the thread sucks, don't read it? everyone who isn't a newfag knows that 1. saged posts signify no milk and 2. shay threads are trashy and a hot mess that has a lot of nitpicking.(infighting)

No. 863536

Okay when she does this thing with her hair and the bandana and her makeup, for some reason it all comes together and reminds me of fucking cholas (female cholos) like she almost looks mixed race but like one of those ridiculous hood rat Hispanic chicks.

No. 863543

>looks mixed race
I'm gonna have to stop you right there anon…

No. 863547

File: 1567562521374.jpeg (237.45 KB, 1242x1167, D05FEC52-2007-4DB4-BCBC-4035D0…)

KEK but why tho? Shay doesn't even want to be Shay. I guess creepy old men and neckbeards is free realest estate for everybody. "StEaLiNg MoNeY fRoM mY cUsToMeRs" airgo: taking monies that belong to ME. As if she cares about her customers. They're idiots for sending money to random Snapthots.

No. 863550

File: 1567562744578.jpeg (307.01 KB, 982x1518, 1A9D99AF-05CF-4774-B462-4282B7…)

This is the deal the catfisher's posting. Won't be long til they're gone anyway, since Snapchat doesn't fare well with whoring yourself on the platform.

No. 863554

every time she fakes it contributes to her lack of cuteness lol.

you put out free content on twitter and someone decided to profit from it, you are dumb, pls cry more.

No. 863563

I think she's just calling them her customers because she thinks well they're her pics and someone is getting paid for it so technically it's her work, meaning HER customers? I don't think her actual customers would go to a fake because wouldn't they already have her legit Snapchat?

No. 863569

You call yourself a cam girl yet get on cam once a month… top kek. but yeah go off on how much you LOVE being a ~camgirl~

No. 863571

if you zoom in you can see how poorly she edited her brows and liner…and her brows aren’t even the same color in the second photo lol

No. 863576

File: 1567565823596.jpg (607.57 KB, 1564x1564, IMG_20190903_215653.jpg)

Holy shit, quit cowtipping

No. 863584

Okay yeah stop the cowtipping but lol what is that reply to the first one. "if you wanna be hot too copy what I'm eating" bitch chill you've been eating some berries and premade frozen rice for 1 week now and your face and body still look gross af have a seat with that nonsense.

No. 863596

You must be one obese fuck to keep calling anons anachans for simply discussing her diet and gross body

Loool "airgo"
But I really wonder how much money the catfish could have gotten out of this. Surely using actually attractive camgirls (if there are any) to catfish dumb men would bring in more business?

No. 863612

>if u wanna be hot too u can just copy what i'm eating

lol no shay, what you're eating isn't going to make anyone hot. it's a wannabe anachan diet loaded with sodium and it's just going to make you bloated and tired.

has she actually gone to the gym once? No sign of the lauded "locker room nudes"

No. 863635

File: 1567579877307.jpg (24.45 KB, 480x300, Disney_toys_cars_Mater.jpg)

Someone posted that she looks like mater in a previous thread and I havent been able to unsee it.

No. 863690

I still laugh at the scummy friends part. She is implying they are scummy for watching her. Erm… way to talk about your clients lol.

No. 863702

They actually are involved though? Considering this is the girl supposedly planning a trip with shay and mia.

No. 863733

I really don't get how people can be talked into paying for 150 nude photos? When you've seen that person naked once why do you need 150 photos of it

No. 863802

I think she was trying to say that they were underage and shouldn’t have told her brother, which is hypocritical considering she started camming at 17 and has exposed her content to minors and her family was going to find out at some point

No. 863868

She didn't start camming at 17, she even said that. She sold nude pics and videos when she was underage.

It's still disgusting, but at least get it right.

No. 863873

File: 1567613067623.png (123.23 KB, 1285x463, Captureh.PNG)

But she has said she cammed underaged. It's at the top of this thread & was a topic last thread.

No. 863923

File: 1567619145509.png (Spoiler Image,368.83 KB, 586x487, Dirty.PNG)

Imagine begging for people to pay your rent, while looking dusty as fuck.

No. 863926

File: 1567619244883.png (19.21 KB, 587x160, 4763.PNG)

Shay you should know but you've been scamming for years.

No. 863929

File: 1567619393959.png (19.71 KB, 585x245, rit.PNG)

No. 863935

File: 1567619604978.jpeg (58.68 KB, 800x450, 9F7B77D9-A810-4DBF-A138-B22E43…)


No. 863938

She admitted it verbatim in a video, it was discussed again recently. At least read the threads.

No. 863943

She looks super uncomfortable like "wow please save me"

No. 863944

Lol I guess she forgot that time she went to the gym with fupa

No. 863947

File: 1567620928087.jpeg (452.25 KB, 1234x1219, AE703548-04B6-4907-A94F-33B58D…)

Really all over this afternoon

No. 863949

File: 1567621023839.png (618.18 KB, 2048x1780, Screenshot_20190904-141708.png)

seriously Shayna? MORE shit you'll use once and never touch again?

No. 863968

I think that's why she said "4 real" kek.

No. 863972

And shes already deleted that first tweet

No. 863973

File: 1567624522268.jpg (419.78 KB, 1080x921, Screenshot_20190904-141502_Twi…)

No. 863975

Why make people waste money when it's going to be the same poor acting and dry anal fucking with either the same plain dildo or some random unsanitary object into a fake orgasm? Oh and don't forget the same background of dusty paddles on the wall and string lights.

You should be putting your own money and time into creating scenes and using interesting props and different toys. It's not your audience's job to help you make content it's YOUR job.

No. 863981

Why are her lips still chap with lipstick? and she looked like she smudged coal on her eyebrows, they seriously look fucked up.

also, it looks like whatever filter she used is making her eyes look weird

No. 864008

whatever filter she used literally makes her jawline/outer face look like a perforated piece of paper.. super weird how pixely it looks.

No. 864025

I never thought about that. What money is she putting into her job? Any money she gets outside of dry fucking herself is spent on junk food and bullshit clothing she wears once until she throws it in the dirty clothes pile for months. You'd think the clueless orbiters' payouts would be enough to invest in her shit tier career, but she hasn't invested in anything but a few useless toys she barely uses, if at all. She'll keep living in this endless cycle going nowhere for a long while, deluding herself that things are "looking up".

No. 864040

She could spend like $50 at a dollar store and get a shit ton of decorations, there's no reason for this self-proclaimed, aesthetic, obsessed, wanna be interior decorator can't get cheap shit to decorate her room. There's no reason she shouldn't have multiple bed sets, different lights, different props, different stuff animals etc.

No. 864042

She's late on rent but…>>862270
>>862583 >>862200>>858548
and she was ordering out. This idiot doesn't know how to manage money. Even if she WAS planning on using the cashout for her rent, she WOULD have $100. In fact, she probably does but wants to beg for money.

I truly believe whoever she buys weed from she either fucks or they overcharge her dumb ass for dirt. Shay doesn't inhale anyway.

No. 864064

File: 1567634209161.png (21.64 KB, 593x267, jdfj.PNG)


No. 864067

File: 1567634430751.png (382.12 KB, 2048x1642, Screenshot_20190904-145941.png)

Because up until the last two days you've been begging for money, Shay, you've been buying followers in bundles 1/2

No. 864070

File: 1567635093400.png (539.14 KB, 1960x2048, Screenshot_20190904-151149.png)

Such natural growth…. 2/2

No. 864072

Maybe you should save money for rent dumbass then you wouldn't be in this situation every month.

No. 864076

I don’t know if when rent is due is different in Tulsa but isn’t rent always due on the first of the month? I’ve noticed these last few months she always pays rent like 3-5 days after the first and is usually asking for an extra sum of money, which leads me to believe she’s always late on rent because she doesn’t know how to budget for Jack shit and is accumulating late fees.

No. 864077

I wonder if she's doing all the buying followers firsthand or if she has a fake follower daddy to raise her self esteem lol. Even if she isn't buying followers, are most of them just pornbots, like Tumblr? She's gotta see the interaction compared to the followers and think something's up. Scratch that, she wouldn't look into it anyway. She's defined by numbers.

No. 864087

Its normally due on the 1st with most people giving a 3-5 day grace period. She probably pays it on the last day before a late fee lol

No. 864103

File: 1567638607779.png (22.29 KB, 591x225, funny.PNG)

watch she spend it all on weed and other bullshit.

No. 864153

It's always the first week of the month. Mine is actually on the 5th. It might depend on your move in date.

No. 864158

File: 1567648311736.png (25.59 KB, 581x185, sad.PNG)

No. 864163

Lol there are many options to eat out and be healthy, you fucking moron. There's more than fucking burger joints out there. She could even get a veggie burger or a burger without a bun on a lettuce bed. But that requires more than 2 brain cells.

No. 864166

File: 1567649309300.png (31.94 KB, 579x403, lol.PNG)

No. 864168

File: 1567649355640.png (55.35 KB, 584x226, lll.PNG)

why? So you can be the ugliest girl there? Acting weird and unsexy?

No. 864172

It's sad dinner is the only time she does anything. I feel like whoever she used to fuck on fridays was the only time she went somewhere besides the dogpark a week.

It's like she can't go somewhere by herself, why can't her dumb ass just go to an fucking bar or somewhere? She loves her job and Sex work is what she "loves' but her life seems dull and lonely BECAUSE of sex work.


No. 864182

File: 1567655250776.png (34.87 KB, 596x279, Screenshot 2019-09-04 at 10.47…)

No. 864188

This is based off of her only having 7k followers for one, doesn’t look reputable for another

No. 864191

Makes me wonder how fast her career would sink if she tried to do what she really wants to do and be an actress. She'd spend most of her time in the dressing room with people trying to make her look presentable in any way. Completely disregard the filming schedule. Nonstop whining. Cringy attempts to be funny and likable to co stars. Yikes.

No. 864194

>mfw anon actually thinks Shayna could get as far as being cast for something irl

No. 864299


it does say its from last month

No. 864333

doesn't really help her case that she somehow got 7k followers in a month lol

No. 864367

File: 1567697602834.jpg (222.22 KB, 1079x911, Screenshot_20190905-103136_Twi…)

I guess shes finally cleaning that trash hole after 6+ months of not. I cant imagine how grimy her floors must be especially having two indoor pets. Also I really doubt she spent 200 on a vaccum. Really nice vacuums go for that price and I dont see shay paying that much when she rarely cleans. She probably bought one for 60 and is just scamming per usual. Though if I'm wrong I know we'll get a photo soon of her "fancy vaccum" so she can prove the hatuurz

No. 864368

"sexy maid fucks her brother's friend while vaccuming" incoming…

No. 864389

File: 1567700326668.jpg (436.53 KB, 1078x1564, Screenshot_20190905-111650_Twi…)

And here we go…shay didnt you get to actually live as a housewife? Oh thats right, after a few months fupa realized what a scam you were and that you couldnt cook nor clean and so he dumped your ass. but yeah, go on advertising the uwu barbie housewife aesthetic again.

No. 864395

>Uses vacuumas prop for one video
>Never uses it for it's actual purpose

I'm just betting on that happening, kek.

Also how long has she lived there now? With no vacuum? Ffs Shayna that place must be disgusting.

No. 864400

I just want to note she didn't go to the Gym, I bet she'll post about it when she reads it here or she'll make a fake ask.

No. 864412

wow, she really thinks she can charge ppl for 'cleaning' given how she can't and doesn't even maintain herself or her living space. she probably believes being a sexy maid is just going to someone's place in a dumb, ill-fitting outfit, shaking her hank hill ass around and getting paid.

No. 864438

I think she means porn but if she doesn't, her dumb ass is going to end up on the fucking news, if she plans on going to some incel's house for $50 ALONE and "vaccum" or "clean" in her dusty pink clothes.

Great job raising your daughter dad! She's "paying the rent" at all cost! Shay had all the tools (at home with her middle class parents) to do anything in life and this is what she chose.

But this is just like wanting to be an twitch thot, youtube thot and Cam Thot, it's not something Lazy shay is going to do.

No. 864443

File: 1567707416519.jpg (844.93 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190905-131346_Twi…)

She goes to so many lengths to flex her wallets lol. It's really not impressive shay. Also those frittatas are totally frozen ones. I hope she knows how many calories are actually in there

No. 864453

Really though, she grew up more privileged than a lot of kids, despite her sob story of "wahhh i had to watch my brother while my parents went to work to feed us and keep a roof over our head!" She has no tragic backstory that led her to this. She purely wanted to stick it to her parents but now she can't quit because she doesn't want to be a failure on top of being the laughingstock of her immediate family. Knock on wood for no cow tipping, but I'd pay to see that Thanksgiving family dinner shitshow of ignoring the elephant in the room if she visits them and the cat's out of the bag to everyone there.

No. 864464

It's a shame to see someone with a pride level so high, they'll run themselves to shit just to prove a point, even if they're failing at it. Shay really is an embarrassment

No. 864474

File: 1567712410073.jpeg (1.91 MB, 1242x2423, 0BA87E93-47C9-454E-8296-CA2EEB…)

Wtf why did she post these

No. 864475

File: 1567712447958.jpeg (1.81 MB, 1242x2314, 91197CCB-4715-416A-B884-955316…)

No. 864477

ummm her lips look like an asshole covered in dry shit or something. what on earth..?

No. 864478


Even her brother called her ass a loser (which shows
how Shayna comes at women harder. She was calling her mom a cunt and all types of shit, but when her brother calls her a loser she just says she's going to private her blog for a while)
I've said before,but I wish we could give somebody who deserves it all the resources wasted on Shay.

No. 864479

whatever foundation she puts on her face she needs to stop it, it's too light.

No. 864481

grandma no I don't want crackhead kisses

No. 864482

File: 1567712867937.png (Spoiler Image,322.24 KB, 584x375, sls.PNG)

No. 864483

File: 1567712900922.png (Spoiler Image,399.15 KB, 553x550, dhf.PNG)

No. 864484

File: 1567712934615.png (Spoiler Image,320.04 KB, 572x353, fkd.PNG)

No. 864486

>one week of almonds and frozen food from costco
>i'M a hEaLtH gOdDeSs

No. 864487

File: 1567712979050.png (Spoiler Image,382 KB, 596x612, fkfkf.PNG)

No. 864488

translated: "I ate sort of healthy for a week and bought some gym clothes but never actually went. Now I'm feeling sooooo much better about my body like wow look at the change! I'm so amazing, praise me!!!"

No. 864489

Suck it in Shayna, just suck it in.

and btw anyone taking a pic from that kind of side downwards angle is gonna look thinner so don't think you're fooling anyone.

No. 864490

File: 1567713067638.png (Spoiler Image,401.85 KB, 618x612, fnfn.PNG)

I personally feel half of Shay's problems would disappear if she'd done shoulder down porn. Her face doesn't add to the porn, she looks like the youngest brother from malcolm in the middle.

If she just did faceless porn, maybe she could have her family, a job etc.

No. 864491

didn't she wear this in another video where she had huge ass pimples that she shot close up?

No. 864493

She couldn't do faceless porn, because even as a teenager she was a camera whore that posted everything on social media for validation. You would see her body and know immediately it was her. She never had the option to hide because she fucked it up.

No. 864495

and I'm saying this because with her face cropped out this picture wouldn't look so busted.

No. 864501

Yes she has already done a cowgirl video.

No. 864512

It seems like she is implying using bad/unhealthy eating habits to feel good about her body in the past (read: disordered eating). Anons in here have speculated about bulimia. I'm not sure what I believe but I find it hard to believe someone goes from eating fried or sugary food for every single meal and consuming excessive amounts of alcohol daily, to cutting their calories at least in half and not drinking. She used to blame throwing up every day on being allergic to weed. She still smokes weed every day yet she magically doesn't throw up any more. Or does she? I just think she should just stop pretending that she knows anything about being healthy.

No. 864516

File: 1567715691631.jpeg (75.03 KB, 418x500, EEF5C40F-0C7E-4EAB-9AB6-51012E…)

No. 864531

Why does this actually look like a skinnyfat twink with a beer gut? She looks so masculine for a “uwu I’m so smol Barbie dream girl” here. Please learn better angles shayna

No. 864568

maybe she'll stick the vacuum handle up her ass the way she did with the frying pan

No. 864604

Why do you think she got it? Not to clean. My money's on her sticking the tube to her cunt and calling it a ~domestic goddess pussy pump~ and hurting herself (more)

No. 864618

She's going on a crash diet because sometime in September she'll be with brattypixie and Mia and she knows they're both in WAY better shape.

No. 864619

Omg that would be hilarious please yes

No. 864621

File: 1567727696002.jpg (325.22 KB, 1080x1280, Screenshot_20190905-185521_Twi…)

She probably didn't even finish or film this video and using the "Halloween" excuse to give her more time to actually do it

No. 864654

File: 1567732551535.jpg (175.23 KB, 1080x722, Screenshot_20190905-201611_Twi…)

That'd be a scary ass costume

No. 864655

File: 1567732579498.jpg (960.44 KB, 1078x1846, Screenshot_20190905-201546_Twi…)


Looks so dirty

No. 864656

File: 1567732622926.jpg (1.01 MB, 1080x1908, Screenshot_20190905-201556_Twi…)


Look at all the red acne spots on her ass

No. 864658

Dry hair, dry lips. I won't pick at her eyebags because whatever, but she looks like someone's 40 year old hooker mom.

No. 864659

great, hdr assne. how is she this blind?

No. 864660

It's really weird how you can see how bad the caked up makeup looks on every angle, like she can't even edit out how tired she looks. Those eyebrows look like stamps.

She needs to get a better camera, but if she does we know she'll look worst.

No. 864661

She seriously needs to learn how to edit and/or fix her lighting. She looks DIRTY.

No. 864662

She's not even using her regular phone camera, she's using it through Snapchat so she can put a filter on it which fucks up the quality. That's (one reason) why it's so grainy and weird looking.

No. 864663

It's also kind of funny that the hat is too small for her head, kek

No. 864695

Oh god it's those ancient jeans panties from ages ago

No. 864696


This bitch just looks like a dirty pig at this point. Disgusting lmao

No. 864699

File: 1567743020192.jpeg (1.59 MB, 1241x2208, 8F4DC2DB-429E-4AFB-9471-41CB72…)

This video was so forced and uncomfortable, girl you don’t have to play yourself like this

No. 864707

made sure to get that michael kors wallet in the shot. also constantly grossed out she puts her food on that fluffy stool where she also does her porn.

they are so strained you can see the stitches being pulled.

No. 864728

File: 1567750382943.jpg (205.47 KB, 1080x1230, Screenshot_20190906_021224.jpg)

If this is not Jessica Yaniv, I don't know who that is kek

No. 864738

I always rolled my eyes when anons said they can smell the picture but GOD this picture for sure smells like musty weed and feet

No. 864743

File: 1567754978257.jpg (179.4 KB, 1440x1608, shay.jpg)

No. 864745

File: 1567755203698.gif (3.76 MB, 400x466, hank.gif)

Bless you, Anon.

No. 864750

Holy FUCK anon she really does.

No. 864767

File: 1567764163747.png (1.49 KB, 112x112, B5B961B1-5D38-4608-B642-31BF86…)

blessed be anon, the details are perfect

No. 864785

amazing detail anon kudos to you

No. 864796

>These are my tits and this is weed
>I'm quirky

Bitch what

No. 864808

I hate how on point this is. good job

No. 864820

I vote for next thread pic

No. 864822

File: 1567778976555.jpeg (10.54 KB, 246x205, 2EA84FDD-89EC-4EA3-9407-AA4458…)

Can you believe this nasty bitch went months without vacuuming? Just think about how much dead skin, fur, litter and literal shit there is on the floor. I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s all stained

No. 864856

File: 1567784740392.png (354.62 KB, 2048x772, Screenshot_20190906-114520.png)

Having vaginal swelling every single time you have penetrative sex is NOT NORMAL OR CUTE. it means you're not aroused and you're dry af, USE LUBE FFS.

No. 864862

That's because your dry Shay and your toys are dry and dirty.
Even when she had that clip screwing Fupa she looked dry. I wouldn't be surprised if years of rubbing that wand against her clit has made her lose a lot of sensitivity.

I truly believe when Shay gets done with her "Shoots' she leaves hes her toys as they are and doesn't clean them.

No. 864870

File: 1567785735922.png (730.21 KB, 2048x1453, Screenshot_20190906-120249.png)

Well then why didnt you learn ANYTHING about graphic design or film?

No. 864873

The grainy ass pictures that make her look grey and dirtier then she is shows that. And graphic design? LOL sure, Shay.

No. 864878

This is like that one time she was whispering weird shit to herself on a plane I think she was whispering dick or something like that lmao

No. 864879

>went to school for film
>has no fucking sense of cinematography

Also: bitch when?
Didn’t she make fun of people who want a higher education in the past?

No. 864880

She went to a specialty high school in MA

No. 864882

It comes up when you look up her legal name and Massachusetts

No. 864883

Shay you went to school high on weed and pills often and barely graduated but go off

No. 864886

She takes nothing seriously. I feel like she thinks she's "So pretty" she can get by on looks, but when she looks back she'll see how much SHE sacrificed for Sexwork.

Just to be in the same place where she started. She's still begging, almost missing rent, she doesn't have a proper bed, or any real furniture.

No true "fans", no friends, family is ashamed, no boyfriend really nothing. She fcked up her life for what she is doing now. Close to nothing.

No. 864890

No. 864910

looks like a tv dinner she plopped in a bowl.
i hate that she always tweets her ""amazing"" moneymaking ideas instead of just doing them. but i guess she tweets her every thought.

No. 864922

tbh I went to a specialty high school as well (it was for computers and tech) but if you don't take any of the classes it's just a regular high school.

Tbh I think she took ONE photography class, showed up a few times, and now thinks she's a genius director, even though film and photography are not the same. That sounds like something Shayna would do tbh, she deludes herself enough already.

No. 864925

They need to change the website for the school, lol, Shayna's still on the homepage. Her childhood was SO horrible. And it's fucking hilarious that we see a picture of her smiling with a camera.

but she had no childhood and was tortured. She's self destructive.

No. 864927

File: 1567793570231.png (20.8 KB, 581x279, hfhf.PNG)

She does the same shit over and over.

No. 864930

File: 1567793635376.png (144.08 KB, 585x362, WOW 30 Dollars.PNG)

No. 864933

I find this funny because a 12-year-old can make this much raking/shoveling someone's yard. She constantly shows money that people give their 10-year-olds for their birthday or some shit, as if it's an large amount.

Shay to these people you are worth $30. It's been how many years? She's still getting the amount of money it takes to order a sheet pizza.

No. 864974

File: 1567800709486.jpeg (244.44 KB, 614x580, 37487D8A-85EE-42E3-B9C3-7423B1…)

This is the photo from her high schools website lmao the brown hair suits her more then the blonde or pink, I’m not saying it makes her looks pretty but it’s ummm… normal?

No. 864992

File: 1567802945599.jpg (203.08 KB, 1080x1380, Screenshot_20190906-214714_Twi…)

I love this lil rant being 2 tweets away from her feeling proud for getting dressed and putting on makeup 2 times in over a week. Deffo putting all that time she has being a better sex worker!

No. 864997

So one, she keeps making these tweets, when she could be doing sex work. It's almost as if it takes 4 seconds to make a fucking tweet.

Two- I guess in Shay's world, you can scam, be a general piece of shit and people in your line of work, that you make look bad are supposed to be quiet.

Three- She's probably talking about the chick she unfollowed who unfollowed her because SHE ADMITTED TO COMMITTING AN CRIME & SPREADING CHILD PORN OF HERSELF.

The more she does this, the more she draws attention to those people.

She shows how privileged she grew up, she has this attitude of, "I can do bad things, but if you call me out then you are bullying!"

It's not a waste of time and space to tell someone the person they are supporting is a piece of dirt. Dumb bitch.

No. 865003

Well this is from when she was happy, and normal. Now's she's a washed up "sex worker" who became so personally invested in internet culture and getting followers that she has no semblance of a personality besides "delusional narcissist" and whatever is trendy on her social media platform of choice atm.

No. 865004

Barbie brand? Wut?

No. 865005

She's not like other girls. She can wear clothes AND listen to ice cube. CAN YOU ANON?

No. 865007

She makes a post AT LEAST once a week talking about how much other sex workers hate her and how she has no idea why. Then says something like "wow think of how much work you could be doing if you weren't so focused on me" because she thinks everyone who's ever said shit about her just spends hours of their day fawning over her and being jealous of how "successful" she is.

Shayna maybe go do some fucking work of your own and you won't be thinking about other sex workers 24/7, hmm?

No. 865008

but what in the hell is Barbie brand clothing?

No. 865009

she must mean clothe with "barbie" written on them, she wants to make it sound more technical then it is. Aka, that one barbie tanktop she owns, or the few t-shirts.

No. 865020

and there's barely anyone talking about her, So I have no idea why she does this. It draws attention to the one SW who MAY be talking shit.

Also it'll make people wonder why people dislike her and it'd lead them here or the posts on tumblr. Just shut up about it. If you aren't going to address them directly then be quiet.

No. 865035

She really looks so damaged now

No. 865036

File: 1567806577103.jpg (101.67 KB, 1078x575, Screenshot_20190906-225003_Twi…)

RIP shay

No. 865049

File: 1567808459230.jpg (294.63 KB, 1077x1035, Screenshot_20190906-172127_Twi…)

She literally could've pretended to text and not send a tweet

How long is she gonna try to be a femdomme?

No. 865070

holyshit, everything about this is an OP masterpiece

I don't understand how she thinks this is clever, at all…

No. 865072

File: 1567811634369.jpg (478.48 KB, 1078x1070, Screenshot_20190906-181420_Twi…)


No. 865073

File: 1567811665454.jpg (1.02 MB, 1073x1937, Screenshot_20190906-181408_Twi…)

How is this the outfit she chose? That old nasty white shirt

No. 865075

What is that hair style? How does all this come out as "popular girl"?

No. 865076

But that's…not a scrunchie

No. 865077

Her face says ready to glare's retarded baby sister.

No. 865078

The knockoff Moschino skirt. The fabric print doesn't even line up properly with the seams, lmfao.

No. 865087

I guess she means the one on her wrist?

No. 865088

So she just completely abandoned the whole “ I’m not gonna use filters on myself anymore because they’re making me more insecure” notion? Guess she accepted the fact that she needs them in every photo.

No. 865091

Alas here is that barbie brand clothing

No. 865094

The fabric is so bad

No. 865095

Lol that makes no sense even either. What is she on about?

No. 865097


Those things could probably be sued by Mattel. Just cheap knock off shit. You'd get better quality from redbubble, jesus.

No. 865103

Earlier this year Forever 21 did a collaboration with Mattel for a Barbie clothing line and obviously Shay was all over it

No. 865104

Sure, she could’ve but it’s ~quirky~ and nOt LiKe OthEr GiRLs

No. 865116

She keeps talking about the energy she’s putting into being a better sex worker, but honestly the worst thing she ever did for her career was take the energy to move to OK to begin with.

No. 865120

File: 1567819744449.jpg (472.1 KB, 1080x1158, Screenshot_20190906-202953_Twi…)

Fupa date night

No. 865129

It's hilarous to me whoever she's talking about (if they are real) can only see her on fridays. She's alone the rest of the week. Dude literally spends less than $40 to fuck ms. "Steal your college fund" can't help her pay the rent or let her borrow money.

Nothing but cheap dates.

Regardless of who it is we know it's a loser. Anyone fucking Shay is a loser.

No. 865131

The way the text cuts off is nightmare inducing.
There is a legit Barbie store in Japan and Korea, she should look into those if she wants /actual/ Barbie stuff.

No. 865148

File: 1567824014920.jpg (108.65 KB, 1079x314, Screenshot_20190906-214054_Twi…)

No. 865159

I'm surprised she didn't decide to take drive in theater nudes

No. 865161

But aren’t most drive-ins “wholesome” as in like vintage kek what is she talking about?

No. 865163

I bet it’s Fupa I know he posted shit about her on Facebook but if she was really over him she would of moved out of OK

No. 865169

She can barely make her cheap rent on time now, I doubt she’ll be able to move out of state anytime soon

No. 865177

There’s these really cool things called leases. Get over Fupa.

No. 865179


kek as if that’s ever stopped her before

“99% off on all my videos, help me get a moving pod so I can go to xyz state”

No. 865216

By that logic she would already be begging for that if she was planning on moving any time soon.

No. 865260

underrated post

No. 865261


Never said she’s planning on it, just said being broke has never stopped her from moving before. Learn how to read.

No. 865330


That’s because she never went to the drive in. Once again, like we wouldn’t receive “servin u uwu baby bimbo lewks” for her night out, no e-begging for drinks or popcorn, she would not have resisted the vintage charm background to pose in front of and say “look how cute I am!!!” Etc. She would have talked about the movie, like she did with Midsommar, like… lol come on people, pay attention to her usual behavior and see through her lying attempt at having a life. If she went it would have been the highlight of her shut-in week and we would have multiple posts on it.


biggest eyeroll, y’all know this is all true too

No. 865331


“I doubt she’ll be able to move out anytime soon” - the post you responded to.

You’re the one who needs to learn how to read and stop looking thirsty for a drop of milk that doesn’t exist.

No. 865337

File: 1567876416676.png (Spoiler Image,366.41 KB, 590x416, grainy.PNG)

1. "before work" lol
2. >>864870 "Went to school for graphic design & film" Her pictures constantly look like shit and her skin looks grey.

No. 865339

Those are valid points and all but then where did she get the pictures and video that she did post from? I reverse image searched it and nothing came up.

No. 865340

What a lonely life, Friday Night only "dates" if the person even exists.
Then she's back to begging, playing fortnite alone & posting lies on social media.

She doesn't have a bed that can support two people, I doubt dude even will spend enough money for a hotel for Shay.

She's probably fucking the Weedman weekly for free weed.

IF she's even doing anything and these aren't weekly lies.

No. 865341


Fair enough and good point- I could be totallyyyyy wrong. But an opportunity for her to attention whore and her passing it up sounds…. unlikely to me

No. 865344

Would doubt if she was fucking her dealer. She hasn’t e-begged for a “weed daddy” or money to buy it in a good while

No. 865350

I truly believe that Shay doesn't seem to enjoy sex (it's work now) so I feel like if she can get something from a man (weed, attention, likes, retweets etc.) she'd fuck them. She the type that thinks her puss is worth gold & will get her everywhere (we see how far it's gotten her).

I think thats what Fupa found out, that Shay will say and do whatever she has to get attention from anyone in her life. However, all the kinks, the "housewife" "stepmom" shit she said was just for Tumblr.

But Fupa is JUST as much of a poser. They out scammed each other.

So I wouldn't doubt if Shay fucked her Weedman, I would'nt doubt if she'd fuck any dude she thinks is "cute" to keep them around.

She makes it a point EVERY friday to say she's with a guy. She wants people to think that someone wants her & she's not lonely.

When chances are it may just be fupa or fupa equivalent or no one at all.

No. 865381

At this point I wouldn't even be surprised if she went there with a uber driver kek, or got dropped there to pretend she has a life.

No. 865384

File: 1567880723374.jpeg (128.07 KB, 750x1334, ED4WJkMWwAINoAM.jpeg)

What is this face

No. 865386

File: 1567880849875.png (1.68 MB, 2048x1114, Screenshot_20190907-142754.png)

This angle is so bad, with them cheesy thighs

No. 865403

Why does she expose herself like this???

No. 865404

When's Shayna going to try & fail at Twitch? At this point i'm hoping someone buys her the fucking chair she apperently NEEDS to have, so she can go on twitch, people can google her name and the first results will be- "Dolly Mattel Racist" and then two threads from here.

I could'nt imagine her using another name, either way people will find out.

No. 865416

File: 1567885970090.jpeg (124.94 KB, 749x1188, B918761D-FFDD-4969-97D1-7834B1…)

She’s going to start forgetting what her actual face looks like

No. 865418


No. 865431

I thought this was that twink/sissy she retweeted a while ago.

No. 865440

There’s a video on her twitter of the drive in and you can faintly hear her voice, plus the pics and she did talk about how “periwinkle the clown was super spooky” kek

No. 865450

Fupa loves horror films, Shay has admitted she hates them.

Sounds like fupa to me!

No. 865458

LMFAO all idiot sex workers on Tumblr think being a domme is holding up the loser sign and telling men how much they suck.

they all look so much stupider than the men they are purportedly "domming" kek, how pathetic.

No. 865460

The fupa obsessed anon is back.

I'm starting to think this anon IS actually fupa.

No. 865462

File: 1567890534140.png (257.48 KB, 2048x500, Screenshot_20190907-170928.png)

"cum" lmao, okay like the "cum" on your face last time?

No. 865463

I meant to put Twitter, but Tumblr too honestly.

No. 865467

Lol, dude comes fucks her on friday and thats it. I doubt it's real cum but man what the fuck? What kind of shit is that?

Is she paying this "cute boy" for friday visits?

No. 865485

I think she’s lying about being with a guy. There’s no way it’s fupa (I used to be a “fupa anon” a month ago but now we know fupa thinks shay is useless and bashed her on Facebook so obviously he’s not with her) but I also do not believe it’s a “boy”, I think she’s by herself. Last time she posted she was covered in cum it was so fake it was hysterical, it was literally Vaseline.. So if she makes fake cum and claims the “”””cute boy”””” did it then there probably isn’t even a guy lol. And if there is a guy or guys she’s going out with it’s obviously more ugly chubby fupas from tinder.

No. 865534

File: 1567896664144.jpeg (153.26 KB, 1242x372, 79778F62-8C81-490F-A672-9EE87C…)

PSA, Shay…

No. 865537

I just feel like men are degenerates mostly. They will fuck people they hate just to get their dick wet. Someone can treat them like absolute garbage but an offer of sex and they'll go back to them unless they have a new fuckbuddy

No. 865561

That or the white colored bad dragon lube shes used ina recent video. itd pass as obviously fake cum

No. 865630

>>865537 yeah men dont really have the highest standards ex. shays crustys.. I mean, customers

No. 865653

File: 1567907173702.png (536.94 KB, 2048x1022, Screenshot_20190907-214436.png)

>"weekly 10min custom"

Shayna, you can barely make 2 10 minute videos a MONTH. Plus, that means 4 custom videos plus everything else for only $100, that's cheap AS FUCK. (When you look at her regular custom prices they start at like $100 for just one 5 min)

What a desperate trainwreck

No. 865654

No ever seems to buy these things. If they did she'd be bragging about the 12-year-old's allowance someone paid her.

I hope someone buys one and then talks about how her dumb ass doesn't follow through.

No. 865675

They don't buy them that's why she keeps having to make it cheaper and cheaper

No. 865689

Yeah custom vids aside… Because she'll probs do one or two a month and post it to everyone in place of her once a month content release. The other weeks she'll miss she'll just say she's sick or went out for some reason or whatever bullshit excuse. "goodmorning/night texts" lmao this bitch passes out drunk and probably is one of those scrubs who sleeps in til noon. She can't keep schedules she sets for herself to cam or film. She already posts daily nudes and selfies for free. No one cares about her behind the scenes shit, her vids aren't some big productions. They're bloopers if anything. I smell a scam incoming if someone is dumb enough to buy into this.

No. 865698

File: 1567910824816.jpg (533.68 KB, 1080x1350, Screenshot_20190907-214732_Twi…)

What is she talking about?

No. 865699

File: 1567910859190.jpg (350.03 KB, 1072x1113, Screenshot_20190907-214713_Twi…)

Who is she talking about?

No. 865703

is she drunk? None of this is legible.

No. 865705

File: 1567911417348.png (105.19 KB, 638x550, ddjd.PNG)

ONE DUDE made a comment and she got so pissed about it, this was all dude said-

No. 865709

Also, mind this is the chick who constantly gets pissed about women complaining about men, I guess it's only okay when she does it.

No. 865715

Yeah… that’s why they can’t get hard… kek

No. 865716

File: 1567911918028.png (535.41 KB, 597x528, dhdhd.PNG)

No. 865718

So fucking sensitive.


"Fluid" ???

I thought shay was against wasting her time on drama? Should'nt she be making porn instead of spazzing out on her follower?

I love how she's pretending she has 14k real followers. When she barely gets any interaction.

No. 865720

No. 865729

Why does she always pick tops that clearly don’t fit her, this one looks like it’s about to pop off of her and not in a good way. Yikes

No. 865745

What’s hilarious is that she’s so fucking dumb she doesn’t realize that she’s shown the fake cum lube stuff a couple times, we all know what it looks like and you can tell when she’s using it and yet she still tries to pull it off ask “cute boy” cum.

No. 865807

Is this supposed to be an authentic reaction? I didn’t realize how bad acting could be in a photo. She looks wasted.

And that eye liner. I await the day it meets her eyebrow.

No. 865840

Super nitpick but you can really tell how much different in size her boobs are here.

No. 865900

Since anons have complained about what constitutes nitpicking…

Discussing Shay's vagina and crotch being nasty/gross/etc is considered nitpicking. Repetitive photoshopping of her face/body/crotch is considered nitpicking. Posting edits of a fat roll or a zoom-up of ANY body part that has been discussed in detail before is considered nitpicking. This list includes, but is not limited to, zooming on her teeth, vagina, facial features, hair, anus and stomach. Farmhands may make any addition to this list at their own discretion through announcing it on the thread with a Farmhand tagged post. Complaining about the bans on this thread instead of appealing and/or taking it to /meta/ will also result in an extended ban.

We do not redtext all the bans we make and from now on we will not respond to any post complaining about why wasn't another farmer banned for the same offenses. If you feel someone is breaking the rules, report them.

No. 865940

File: 1567951697026.png (298.37 KB, 750x1334, DCB5B81F-7D66-463B-8576-1994D2…)

No. 865943

File: 1567952306942.jpg (Spoiler Image,380.35 KB, 1080x598, Screenshot_20190908-091914_Chr…)

No. 865964

Yeah that don't look like cum lol.

I doubt she'd ever take anyone to her apartment, especially for sex, she has a puppy. Either it'll be locked out the room and having a soundtrack of barking/crying/scratching or she's in the room getting on bed tryna lick genitals.

Also sex on a daybed? Ooft.

No. 865966

well she does have an air mattress kek. not sure which is more sad.

No. 865967

"Her beauty intimidated you so much you couldn't get it up"

That literally makes no fucking sense

No. 865971

The whole football team blackmail thing makes no sense either. If you're on a high school sports team there's a good chance you've seen each other naked in the locker rooms already, so wouldn't the team already know he has a tiny dick, and make fun of him for it? So that "blackmail" wouldn't even work, she would just look like a huge loser for fucking him and then everyone would know.

Why has she been attempting so many blackmail/sibling/taboo vids lately? I thought she was uWu submissive bimbo Barbie girl? Tbh I think it's because of Mia.

No. 865984

Shit almost looks like water lol.

No. 866028

It being too similar to water is what prevented her from swallowing it or letting it come anywhere near her mouth. It's like she's on a waterban

No. 866033

She looks so dead inside. Also funny how the “cum” looks like it came from several directions lol

No. 866034

File: 1567964073145.png (123 KB, 577x552, lol.PNG)

Wow, two dry dildos.

No. 866042

How is she going to DP herself without lube? That's going to be the most painful thing to behold, holy hell.

No. 866044

This is exactly what watered down bad dragon lube looks like.

No. 866067

Like maybe this was even a compliment or him trying to engage in the fantasy saying his small dick can get get hard to her. Or maybe not, but… It just seems like such a dumb thing to literally call him out in a big rant over. It takes one click and 2 secs to ignore and move tf on. Bitch jumps at any opportunity to go off and be bitchy or play victim without actual assessing the situation.
Like way to treat your followers and potential customers Shay keep calling them out on blast every time they interact with you! Such a professional business tactic!

No. 866080

She's the biggest fucking hypocrite. Hates call out and cancel culture, but is always calling people out for the DUMBEST shit.

Always complaining about women complaining about men, but complains about men as well.

Her whole thing is, "it's okay when I do it but bad when you do it, or bullying when you call me out"

No. 866085

I also want to go back to this post, Shay you are actively making sex work more toxic and fucked up by being quiet about fucked up SWers. It's funny how you claim to care about your fellow Swers, but you'd watch them get treated like shit before opening your dry lips because people call you on your shit.

So congrats Dumb bitch!

No. 866109

Did she get this idea from the chick who was catfishing as her and had better business skills?

No. 866112

But she is a dirty idiot

No. 866116

Bitch, where?

No. 866122

At this rate, her eyebrows and liner could be having a lunch date sometime this week

No. 866124

I think she’s trying to ride the whole “dommey mattel” thing out but even then it was stupid

No. 866155

File: 1567974061754.png (689.44 KB, 2048x1245, Screenshot_20190908-162118.png)

yes of course and they would totally call you Dolly, too

No. 866160

This video sounds more like she's blackmailing herself. She was masturbating for "him" and he couldn't get it up, which means she's so fucking ugly that even her masturbating couldn't get him hard. so she begs him to tell her crush that she was a great fuck or she'll tell everyone he has a small dick.

LMFAO you played yourself on that one Shayna.

No. 866161

File: 1567974472249.png (Spoiler Image,1.95 MB, 2048x1123, Screenshot_20190908-162823.png)

No. 866243

But Max isn't even on the show anymore. He left last year after Nev almost got metoo'd. But then, we all know she can't afford cable and is too stupid to torrent.

No. 866246

File: 1567981258811.png (49.75 KB, 579x307, the lies.PNG)

I hate how she tries to make herself seem more important then what she is. Dumb ass, no one made a "whole life" using your pictures. Sure people may use a picture of hers, but you aren't anyone important Shay.

No. 866248

Also love how she always bring up how "this is my job??" does she think people trying to "scam" using her name give a fuck about her or it being her job?

She's always pulling that card. The world doesn't give a fuck, people fuck over eachother every day with more to lose.

Shut up.

No. 866266

This is one of her most bizarre scenarios like people contact catfish with friendships or legitimate relationships. An Internet whore? Not sure about that one

No. 866273

i think she's implying that somebody is going to use her pictures to catfish someone into a relationship with

No. 866282

File: 1567985235919.png (14.3 KB, 589x152, dkdk.PNG)

?? So things you are supposed to do or should've already done? She has ALL the time in the world, to work out (she hasn't gone to the gym yet btw) & clean up.

Also to cam.

No. 866295

File: 1567987019036.jpg (283.49 KB, 1080x1109, Screenshot_20190908-185738_Twi…)

No. 866321

I hate how she types I’m not sure if she means that she “cleaned up” by restocking her shelves or if she actually cleaned up in addition to restocking her shelves. Like just type out a sentence using proper grammar and correct spelling.

No. 866322

right, that description is such a terrible word salad and she tried to blame the lack of arousal on her ~intimidating beauty~ but it just sounded like he was put off by her downstairs horror show >>866161 as seen here.

No. 866335

File: 1567992677094.jpg (357.05 KB, 1078x954, Screenshot_20190908-203153_Twi…)

No. 866345

Wow a whole new level of trashy and not ok. A see through shirt that you can completely see her nips… in public… jfc

It's one thing to go braless and be able to see the nip nubs, but a whole other to see the entire areola and all THROUGH it. I really wonder what people think when they have to see her. Like the bartender and other patrons. Yikes

No. 866348

File: 1567995389787.png (817.06 KB, 1419x2048, Screenshot_20190908-221452.png)

Im honestly baffled at the sheer lack of self awareness.

She literally only became a sex worker because it was trendy on Tumblr. She only got into pink and ddlg because it was popular on Tumblr. Her entire personality is based off of social media trends and sex work trends. Since blackmail and step brother stuff has become more popular with sex workers (especially on Twitter) now she's doing it. She has no originality and does absolutely put herself on a pedestal thinking she's always been the most original thing out there.

I seriously hate this pretentious bitch.

No. 866361


i find it SO funny how the thread is full or people just shouting out how long they've been doing sex work (it's actually positive) and Shay is flipping out with barely ANY interaction from her active followers.]

Shay is so fucking sensitive it's crazy. This girl has more followers & doesn't care that someone whose been doing this for YEARS and has gotten NOWHERE, is butthurt.

So fucking triggered about everything. Again, she hates call out culture but constantly is calling people out. Why didn't she go in the actual thread and have a conversation with her peers/other twitter users?

Oh yeah, EVEN SHE knows her small amount of REAL active followers will agree with her and/or she'll barely get anyone talking out of turn or disagreeing with her because her social media is fucking DEAD.

If anyone comments at all.

No. 866408

I really wanna know what this bitch does all day. She doesn’t clean, go to the gym, go on cam, make a new vid, and barely walks with her dog.

No. 866449

She hasn't even mentioned or posted about her dog in a while

No. 866480

She will now that somebody’s brought it up.

No. 866481

She's also been drinking, hasn't been showing her meals, still hasn't went to the gym, still hasn't cammed, still hasn't made the youtube channel or video, still hasn't been on twitch.

Her Hustle now is making these same videos, posting "goofy" bloopers & her crusty pictures on Onlyfans until that shit gets shut down again.

Shay probably makes less then someone working a part-time job at Mcdonalds make a week.

I've seen Twitch Thots make what she makes in a week in an hour.

No. 866486

File: 1568044664278.png (2.85 MB, 2048x1966, Screenshot_20190909-115759.png)


Shayna needs to stop lurking, she seriously loves this site

No. 866495

She makes no sense. She was recently complaining about how it was "dry" and literally took no responsibility for her own lack of sales.

No. 866499

It's crazy to me how when Shay retweets other sex workers, there's some who have LESS followers than her who get SO much interaction, likes & retweets. When you see some of Shay's pictures and compare them to other sex workers, they are so grainy, tacky, try-hard & just unappealing.

You can tell that Shay tries to be "extra" (in her way of being extra) and will focus for weeks on one dumb idea & the other sex workers take a simple nude and get more attention then Shay gets for full videos or previews.

Also, anyone notice that when she goes off on other sex workers, she starts retweeting sex workers to be like, "I support" sure bitch.

No. 866500

File: 1568048331122.png (37.07 KB, 632x336, fjfjf.PNG)

She loves her job & life SO much, but wakes up and has to smoke. Has to smoke before she works. Is always drunk or high. Yeah that sounds like someone who loves their life & Job.

Not someone depressed and having to be under the influence of something the moment they wake up, to deal with life.

No. 866502

File: 1568048670460.png (45.34 KB, 586x457, Preaching.PNG)

No. 866508

File: 1568049322411.png (42.63 KB, 625x381, capture4.PNG)

No. 866509

says the girl who posted photos of her father's face on her work account alongside videos of her simulating incest

No. 866513

File: 1568049710460.png (66.18 KB, 635x572, ffif.PNG)

No. 866519

I wish Shay cared about the safety of her own family, when she was doing underaged camming in their house. You know, creating and passing around child porn.

Or when her dad told her NOT to do porn in her their house & she did anyway.

Or when she posted her dad on her sex work account.

Or when she was receiving gifts from men to her parents house.

We have to protect this community that is about adults pretending to be babies, masturbating in parks and shit. We must

No. 866524

And I'm not shay isn't right just that she's a hypocrite and in my mind, they all are gross as fuck for what they do.

They sexualize children's items.

No. 866534

Didn't she get super pissed off when people were telling her not to do that? She posted pics of her as a child and pics of her father.