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File: 1547671108748.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.41 MB, 2600x2200, AA3C1B83-77DC-46FC-8586-3B7A33…)

No. 767057

Previous thread: >>>/snow/765135

Current Events:
>Shay releases a makeup tutorial/porno >>765230
>New gaudy pink set up. No surprise to us she’s still on the floor on a filth incrusted rug.
>Shay starts selling her filthy clothes on depop >>765759
>Alcoholism saga continues in full force
>Fupa deletes his social media to avoid backlash from dolly stans
>Shayna is dumped by Fupa >>766712

Follow the rules:
- no doxxing
- no vendetta
- do not include or harass Shay's family
- PLEASE remember to sage posts that don't contribute to the milk. This trainwreck belongs in /pt/. Seriously, the unsaged nitpicking and milkless bumps to the top need to stop.

http://pinkpussypopped.tumblr.com (deleted)
http://twitter.com/dollymattel (suspended)


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Edit: This is not a thread to blogpost about your opinion on DDLG or other activities Shay is involved with.

No. 767060

Fupa posted on snap saying he might keep it. Didn't mention dumping shay

No. 767063

He'll keep it so that he can beg for followers when he makes a new tumblr account lol

No. 767064

He doesn’t have to mention it, Shay already blasted it all over twitter

No. 767067

Bet she starts talking about suicidal ideation soon and her traumatic past. That’s her usual MO.

No. 767071

starts to? she's been doing that this whole time

No. 767075

I feel like OP is missing some current events like Fupa being on tinder before confirmed break up, shay begging for a couch to sleep on in LA, posted a photo of her as a child on her Twitter where she peddles her pedo porn, begging for votes for MV top pick….

Of course he’s going to keep it. He’s a teenage girl. He won’t be able to stay away from social media for long.

No. 767083

File: 1547673947159.png (Spoiler Image,458.74 KB, 607x842, 1547596663143.png)

Reposting this >>>/snow/766525 from the last thread because it got buried by news of the break up.

Is she allowed to buy votes?

No. 767086

File: 1547674266114.png (Spoiler Image,644.93 KB, 1190x547, Screenshot (305).png)

all the models have stuff like that so i doubt its against the rules. gotta have some incentive to vote lol

No. 767087

I find it strange though, people are likely to vote for girls just to get free shit not because they're actually their favourite

No. 767098

This is probably why the winner will ultimately be decided by staff not by votes.

No. 767099

Nah, staff picks whoever makes the most money overall as the winner.

No. 767101

This art is great I would like to see a dolly Mattel comic book or something

No. 767106

It should be called “the downward spiral”

No. 767111

File: 1547677581272.jpg (194.43 KB, 1080x996, Screenshot_20190116-162608_Twi…)

For doing the bare minimum?

No. 767118

What is the "JUST GRINDING" referring to in OP pic? Ty

No. 767120

I think it's something he's said on snapchat when he's going to work lol

No. 767128

shayna is really having a pity party SMH literally no one cares that you got out of bed and did the bare minimum. everyones out being a real adult while you're on the upteenth day of laying around doing nothing.

No. 767130

So she does have a bed!!

No. 767131

File: 1547680208835.png (396.68 KB, 720x764, Screenshot_2019-01-16-18-09-06…)


No. 767132

File: 1547680260122.png (1.15 MB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2019-01-16-18-09-14…)



No. 767133

Her braids look so… Musty

No. 767137

tbf that does look like depression hair

No. 767143

tbh i expected a bigger meltdown over being dumped. things must've been bad for a long time.

No. 767145

I think she's just holding it in since she still lives with him. As soon as she gets out of there, except the insane ranting to start

No. 767146

somehow she looks worlds better when she wears a different shirt.

>>767143 give it a few days, it's coming. she's probably numb right now

No. 767150

Didn’t she say that if someone did a $100 vote she would do a PRIVATE cumshow? Not a public one on her snap? Isn’t a “perk” of getting her snap getting one cumshow a week anyway? Or does she not even do that?

No. 767151

I would feel sorry for her if she was honest about her prices and wasn’t so stuck up

No. 767152

Don’t worry the HK panties are there to save the day.

No. 767156

File: 1547683998734.jpeg (336.92 KB, 1242x557, A2A42FA0-16F8-495C-B228-183E71…)

This fucking scamming cunt.

No. 767161

you can delete and spoiler it?

No. 767164

What’s that yellow stuff on her thigh

No. 767165

you literally just click delete the password is there

No. 767166

File: 1547685325661.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.77 MB, 1242x1965, 300C9305-EC09-4CA4-9C0A-46C25A…)

Why the fuck do her vagina lips look so saggy and gray?

No. 767168

It’s an old bruise. Bruises will turn yellow when they’re healing.

No. 767169

faded bruise

No. 767171

To anyone who thinks she’s had breast surgery, she’s literally lifting up her tits in this pic. And what do you know? No scar. Just some shadows.

No. 767173

god let’s not start this again

No. 767174

File: 1547686129604.jpeg (Spoiler Image,20.09 KB, 480x360, 5D0690CC-1435-40FE-B6BF-C4A1D7…)

Reminds me of the fake old man balls from jackass and/or how raychiel photoshops her cameltoe.

No. 767175

why even bring this shit up again. It's like you're trying to restart the debate. Shut up about her tit scars. Even if she did have an augmentation there is no proof and no point debating it. drop it.

No. 767177

some anons just look for a reason to complain about "spergs in the shay thread luls" by trying to respark this stuff i swear

No. 767196

okay but why DOES her vagina look like that? That’s not a normal color… and there’s so many sores geez. and her labia are all floppy. ew.

No. 767197

I was just trying to show that she’s lifting up her boobs so if there was a scar you would see it. I shouldn’t have brought it up. My bad.

No. 767203

File: 1547689895660.jpeg (379.59 KB, 1242x2249, DF9F3B04-3D91-443A-91DF-08F76A…)

This god shit is somehow as unsettling as everything else she does

No. 767207

she's so desperate that she's turned to god

No. 767208

she's acting cool with the breakup but inside she's breaking down and becoming a religious nut out of desperation

No. 767209

File: 1547690698024.jpg (350.3 KB, 1080x894, Screenshot_20190116-200353_Twi…)

No. 767210

File: 1547690745935.jpg (Spoiler Image,909.06 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190116-200402_Twi…)

No. 767211

File: 1547690781638.jpg (Spoiler Image,892.33 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190116-200407_Twi…)

Again, her pussy looks irritated

No. 767213

Surprisingly, it actually looks pretty normal. It’s really filtered but it looks better than it usually does. Maybe not having sex with Fupa’s sweaty chode flapping against her labia helped a bit.

No. 767214

i think it looks fine there because of the filter tbh lol

No. 767217

You're actually right the black is a massive improvement somehow.

No. 767220

Yeah, I think she’s facetuning her pussy. Which I guess is an improvement?

I mean, now she’s gotta be on the lookout for a new ~Dada~ and I guess she realized guys aren’t really into the whole Pussy Boil Barbie aesthetic.

No. 767221

i'm excited to see who her new "daddy" will be, it'll be hilarious if he's even uglier and more cringy than fupa

No. 767223

it works better against all the pink and makes her actually some what stand out in the picture.

No. 767225

well shayna doesn’t exactly have any sort of good taste so don’t expect much improvement

No. 767229

File: 1547692867903.jpg (187.48 KB, 1080x1262, Screenshot_20190116-204020_Twi…)

She literally can't make any decision herself

No. 767234

this is just sad and pathetic

No. 767239

her bits definitely look better but I'm pretty sure she's covering a nasty blemish with her hand in both pics. near the top of her labia on the very inner part of her leg. could be wrong, idk if any anons have access to the video and can confirm. she had that huge "big bite" recently and she is not one to leave her sores alone to heal

No. 767244

Thank God she's decided to edit her vag

No. 767246

fupas probably not cool with her making porn in his house now that they're broken up

No. 767247

File: 1547693911419.jpg (170.97 KB, 1080x1228, Screenshot_20190116-205754_Twi…)

Well, guess she's getting Chinese

No. 767249

Her vagania looks different in both of those pics. The first one looks way more edited

No. 767250

can you imagine living with your recently dumped ex girlfriend who's taking this kind of photos locked in that dreamy walking closet you picked out for her when you still loved her?

No. 767251



No. 767252


"love" is a strong word

No. 767253

"vagania" kek but i agree actually

No. 767257

you're right, fupa was never in love with shayna, my mistake.

No. 767258

Anon, that’s just her perfect, puffy pussy.

No. 767261

shayna ur about 7 years late to this religious bbgurl shit. as if she hadnt been DAT insufferable r/atheism bitch up til this point

No. 767281

She totally did edit it, if you tilt your laptop screen back you can see the spots where she used the tool. Good for her I guess? I don't know why she only just started if she has always been sooooo insecure about it. She'll be for real catfishing with her vagina though and everyone who buys her videos will be in for a surprise.

No. 767283

I wonder if, during the breakup conversation, Fupa said something about her infection hole and now she's finally self conscious?

No. 767294

Is lolcow working again? Let's see…. Tinfoil: shayna set up her new studio in the little closet-like room when she got back home from MA. I think this is when things turned bad between her and fupa and she got demoted to a smaller room to live in and work out of.

No. 767297

File: 1547775427151.jpg (Spoiler Image,4.14 MB, 1866x2398, shay-gnar_vs_dolly-mattel.jpg)

i did a deepdive of shayna's old photos while lolcow was in read-only mode, and wew lad it's no wonder why she keeps posting old photos and reminiscing about her tumblr ~fame like in >>767021 and >>766998

she was never the pinnacle of beauty or anything, but she had a schtick and it was working for her. at the very least she looked happier, healthier and was around people besides gross, dirty old men. but she drank the tumblr "KINKS R COOL, SEX WERK IS RILL WORK" koolaid, and look what happened to her. she went from a """cool stoner chick""" to punching herself in the face for ten cents with a pacifier up her asshole… all for a stupid tumblr aesthetic.

>sex work: not even once

>DD/lg: not even once
>"pink wine": not even once

No. 767301

File: 1547775696718.jpg (2.79 MB, 1920x3414, inCollage_20190117_203958797.j…)

We back?
The trailer trash bangs are.

No. 767303

shay is by no means naturally attractive but as always, she looks a million times better on the left. the right is a fucking gross mentally ill trainwreck of filth and depravity.

No. 767306

I hate people who think smoking weed is a personality trait but she definitely looked cute and fun back then now she just fills me with despair..idk how much you have to hate yourself to film those bdsm things

No. 767308

her face is so punchable in every singly photo because she always does that ugly pouting thing (like in the bottom pic here), it seriously makes her look insufferable and she does it EVERY time. or it's the down syndrome smile with her tongue poking out slightly. can't tell which is more annoying and hideous.

No. 767309

tinfoil but what if shes selling almost all her pink stuff and going back to the stoner look once she moves out.

No. 767314

I doubt she has that much sense. I think she's gonna double down on the pink baby bimbo lifestyle. She's just strapped for cash and desperate.

No. 767323

she's not making enough money to buy a whole new wardrobe

No. 767336

she doesnt look bad when she smiles with her mouth closed. that second pic is bad tho, she always looks like she's trying too hard to pose and it's not cute lul

No. 767343

I just really hate looking at her face. People think this is cute?

No. 767358

File: 1547780491351.jpg (338.07 KB, 1080x1342, Screenshot_20190117-210103_Twi…)

Did she go by herself?

No. 767360

File: 1547780614290.jpg (316.93 KB, 1078x1406, Screenshot_20190117-210256_Sam…)


No. 767362

File: 1547780710061.jpg (210.19 KB, 1080x887, Screenshot_20190117-210306_Sam…)


No. 767368

is she ever gonna address the breakup? its so funny like they were totes in love and now she's just, what trapped in the back room? like could you imagine breaking up with someone that you live with and you have to continue living with them, she can't even check into a hotel with her $9 and fupa must be intolerable to her now she's not giving him money or sex

No. 767371

This whole thing is embarrassing. Imagine putting yourself out there like that and then breaking up a few months later cause you’re both Neanderthals, and just being like hahahahaha trying to move nvm

No. 767397

Fupa needs to spill all of the dirt on her already. He's been up close and personal with that nasty pussy and if she's this bad with what she chooses to air online she must be 10x worse to live with.

No. 767404

i wonder if fupa will turn to her for sex anytime soon. also wonder if she stays in her room all day and only comes out when he's gone

No. 767415

If he spills milk it probably wouldn't be till after she moves out but I don't think he will. Hope I'm wrong.

You pose an interesting question. Fupa was already on tinder so I'm inclined to think he's horny and looking to fuck. I'm not sure how successful someone like him would be in that department and shay is literally in another room in his house and drinking most of the time so he might try.

Is fupa gonna keep that yankee candle with their picture on it?

No. 767419

Where is she sleeping? On the floor in her closet play room? This is such an awkward situation

No. 767425

What I don’t get is why she wouldn’t move into one of the spare rooms. Why would you want to be in the master bedroom closet when any time she has to get a drink she has to cross through his room. Surely fupas kids don’t sleep over and use the extra room.

No. 767437

Tinfoiling, but I kind of assumed something was up when she started posting pictures with the doors tied shut. The double doors, even with a lock, can very easily be opened by just pushing on them. Maybe she's tying up the doors when Fupa's in the house so she doesn't have to see him

No. 767444

If she's banished herself to the closet I'm truly at a loss

No. 767445

is she for sure in the closet? i thought she did move her stuff into a spare room when she got home from MA bc everything looked different than before

No. 767448

File: 1547789913315.png (55.06 KB, 640x347, IMG_2524.PNG)

She mentions friends for the first time in 4 months of living in Oklahoma. Sounds fake. Tinfoiling that her and fupa are on better terms but she's too embarrassed to say they are back together because everyone will drag him

No. 767450

kinda agree, cause if she really had friends we would have already known. She would have posted about them. She has no life.

No. 767454

He won’t. Because he has to talk about her and he’s pissed off everyone wants to know about shay. Also, we dug up dirt about his family and figured out who he was and we roast him on the daily. He won’t come here. I would be shocked if he did.

I noticed she tied the doors together too and thought that was weird.

Doubt it. She said friends, with an S. If she was trying to patch things together with Fupa she would likely mention it. It’s not like she dragged him, she only said she got dumped. She could have easily said “daddy and I are working things out” or some shit.
I think she took an Uber to a bar and met some people.

No. 767457

The tying of the doors isn’t to keep fupa out cause a grown man can easily push thru that without any effort. So I’m guessing it’s to keep children out

No. 767481

there's no way his kids come to the house. i think she just has it for the pink aesthetic bc she's tacky and doesnt know how to properly decorate

No. 767482

The doors that are tied shut are the closet doors, nonnys. They're bifold doors which even cheap homes don't use for room doors.

No. 767487

She’s not.. There’s a window in the room, and I’m assuming the doors she has tied closed are just closet doors.

No. 767488

File: 1547794318371.jpeg (706.07 KB, 1242x1202, 3741EFA3-0701-4E74-AA83-670667…)

Meant to post.

No. 767496

“Nonnys” sounds like some gay uwu bby~ shayna speak

No. 767507

It's a common way people refer to anons on this site, calm your tits

No. 767527

Seriously, what the hell is with her mentioning prayers and praying all the sudden???
And what “friends” ???

No. 767529

you know she's gonna start cracking up badly now that her and fupa failed and the haturz are right lol

No. 767549

sounds more like someone is reading lolcow and desperately trying to validate their stupid and unfortunate lifestyle choices. >>767297 mentions she has no friends since picking up her horrifying uwu baby bimbo personality, and suddenly she’s tweeting about having mystery friends to hang out with.
I also wouldn’t be surprised to find out she’s lying about hanging with friends, as a way to make Fupa jealous or to make him think she’s doing fine and moving on.

No. 767551

Yeah but also part of me feels like she’s still holding out hope they’ll get back together. Hence she hasn’t trash talked him. Mini blog post but a long time ago my step mom( who was similarly phsycotic) moved into the living room when my father broke up with her and couldn’t move out. She was nasty as hell but every once in a while would beg to get back together. It took her forever to “find a place”. Similarly, Shays not psyched about having no money, zero porn prospects, no dadager and no place to live. She’s gonna be just “strong “enough to not be offensive to him and also not seem totally pathetic in the hopes that he takes her back.

No. 767556

She said she is packing in one of her snap pics

No. 767572

Either that or she went out on her own and is trying to make fupa jealous/think she's coping fine

No. 767581

I think she just knew it was coming. I mean, the live together and yet never seem to spend quality time together. Every “cute” or sexual activity they did together was posted and broadcasted to everyone- who wants that? And if you feel inclined to do that you probably don’t truly love someone. She seems so apathetic to this, she really did just use him. Really don’t think he realized what he was getting himself into, and now there is a record on the internet of all the fucked up things he did.

No. 767582

can you post some pics?

No. 767583

File: 1547818862552.png (850.13 KB, 929x594, 2019-01-18 08_36_01-DollyMatte…)

i doubt she was hanging out with "friends" if she was just posting pics from home in her same dirty old sweatshirt she's always wearing

No. 767589

File: 1547820500239.png (67.86 KB, 567x699, 2019-01-18 09_03_07-Vote Me as…)

nta but on twitter she said she was packing her stuff up.
also mentioning prayers again???

No. 767611

she really needs to just keep her fucking mouth shut, that stupid tongue pushed out expression she does makes her seem so punchable

No. 767612

she probably just brought some of her stuffed animals to the bar and set them up in seats with her like she has done before. those are her only friends in Oklahoma

No. 767616

>one of my last nights here

is she going back to mass? or did she actually find someone in LA willing to house her? i’m wondering if maybe she’ll move in with one of her friends from mass, like maybe that thcolleen girl or something?

No. 767619

idk probs goin back to those evil trump supporters

No. 767621

I was literally just thinking this/about to say this word for word.

No. 767646

File: 1547828507633.jpg (25.52 KB, 558x221, 1.JPG)

How is she packing when she literally has nowhere to go?
Not to mention she has that giant-ass teddy bear, standing mirror, and rug. Is she just going to leave a trashed room full of shit-covered pink stuff for Fupa to clean up after she's gone?

No. 767647

Is she just going to head to LA and hope someone will feel bad for her? Like what is her plan?

No. 767649


I'm worried about her cat, I just hope the cat will be ok with whatever is going to happen when she moves.


I'm really hoping that LA happens, It would be such a mess.

No. 767652

>some rly gr8 friends
The horses next door? Nobody believes you shay

No. 767655

To be honest I wouldn't be surprised if she leaves the cat there because she couldn't afford to fly it and then Fupa just never gives it back. He probably took better care of the cat than she did.

LA would be fun though. I browsed around her @'s and a few girls said they would have let her stay if they knew her better so I doubt she's managed to con a fellow sex worker into giving her a room given that she doesn't have any actual sex worker friends. Realistically Fupa is probably paying for a plane ticket just to get her out of the house so she COULD go to LA but she'd have nowhere to go after that aside from a motel.

No. 767658

And a hotel wont last long without money

No. 767661

I hope this bitch becomes a homeless streetwalker.

No. 767662

She won't, she'll just run back to her 'abusive' parents lol

No. 767663

She'd sooner go crawling back to her dad and "abusive mom who doesn't understand me!!!" than actually have to work a proper job.
Predicting the next bit in this saga is her trying to cam out of her old bedroom until they kick her out as well.

No. 767667

Tbh, Shayna is more stubborn than that. If going to her parents meant having to give up sex work, she won’t do it. She’d sooner become homeless taking any cheap porn job she can then say that her parents won. I wonder how long it will take till she starts doing low-rate b/g porn for anyone who tells her she’s pretty, just so she can still delude herself into thinking she’s a star

No. 767668

I was looking through her tumblr and realized she’s deleted a lot of content with Fupa but also kept some?

No. 767669

Her and fupa definitely did a lot better together when they lived far apart. Was probably easier to maintain a certain image of each other that way that wasn’t true.

No. 767681

where is she going to shoot porn if she has nowhere to live tho
i think some of you are way overestimating her willpower
anyways even if she does go back to her parents she will just lie about where she's staying

No. 767684

Yeah exactly, her parents would just become "room mates" and she'd carry on as she was before fupa.
Although, if he's been paying most of the expenses (which is how it seems) she could have some money saved

No. 767689

What if she says she’s moving to LA but goes back to Mas instead and changes her furniture around to look like she moved into an apartment. Man I bet you everything she texted Dad that she needs to come home and everyone was so abusive that they welcomed her home with open arms.

No. 767696

File: 1547833719322.png (255.91 KB, 578x464, 2019-01-18 12_33_52-Dolly_Matt…)

No. 767699

Anon was saying she was going to become homeless in LA and start shooting low rate b/g porn (from production companies, who are constantly looking for new girls to exploit mainly in Miami and LA that they don’t have to pay too much because they don’t know any better) and she’ll do it because she’s desperate and wants to feed the delusion that she’s a star. Mainly because she would rather continue doing porn than worry about her parents kicking her out. This is shayna, the girl with an infected vagina who’s too stubborn to even go to the doctor. The girl who moved to Seattle on a whim because she wanted to prove something to her parents. She’s not just going to run back to them so easily knowing she can’t cam from their house. I’m sure she still calls her dad for money though. Plus she’s mentioned how she doesn’t want to live with her dad and stepmom and step sibilings.

No. 767700

Shayna? Being responsible enough to actually save and think about the future? Now that's something that would shock me.

No. 767704

i know that's what they were saying and i am saying it sounds like a tall tale lol

No. 767718

I think she is temporarily going back to Mass tbh. She has hit rock bottom and spends money like crazy so we know she can't possibly have more than one or two hundred dollars rn. She would be setting herself up for major failure to go to LA without more money and a plan, and I think she knows that now since she never thought she'd be in the situation she is in currently. Life is hitting her in the face

No. 767720

looking back it's as though she spent her entire time there in a) the bathroom b) the closet. thriving, shay, thriving.

No. 767722

you know, for a person who's so insistent on shit like "stay hydrated!!!1!!!11! uwu" & "take care of ur body!!!1!!!" and stuff like that to her followers, she sure does indulge in pretty shitty dehydrating habits. she drinks like a pirate, smokes weed, doesn't go to the doctor, doesn't take proper care of her genitals (her main if not only source of income) and eats like shit.

she reminds me a lot of micky (hatsunemicky) in that she's got the same wannabe uwu ddlg pink bimbo princess #bossbabe personality (and is equally deluded bc she's, objectively, gross as fuck and ugly), the same hypocritical attitude, throws the same abuse accusations towards parents who are obviously anything but in the way they continue to support her, indulges in the same awful habits while continuing to flex on social media how much she's #thriving when we all see clear as day she's struggling. shayna is a trashier, white micky. or maybe micky is a black, fatter shayna with x10 of photoshop.

No. 767723

honestly it's not even something to be ashamed of… unless she tries to deceive and scam her own family and disrespect their wishes lol (which is very possible)

No. 767727

What if Shay isn't moving out of state? Maybe she was out yesterday looking at cheap studio apartments. She if she doesn't go to her parents I don't think she has enough money for a plane ticket AND movimg all her stuff. She could pretend she moved to LA, and it would be the cheapest route until she actually has money.

No. 767729

she's probably more ashamed of being around her family when she showed her genitals to the world than she's ashamed of telling her followers she's going back

No. 767731

nah because she's all proud of her sex work remember?

No. 767737

This was my thought too. Perhaps she found someone in Tulsa to let her move in, maybe even a new potential daddy

No. 767740

If she lives in Tulsa or broken arrow alone, she’s going to get fucking raped or murdered or something. Tulsa and broken arrow are absolutely terrible areas to live in, you constantly see them on crime shows and shit.

No. 767746

Honestly she will likely have a few more daddies in her life before she meets a decent man.

No. 767750

A decent man wouldn't get with shayna unless she changed her whole fucking life

No. 767751

Colleen lives in bumfuck no where with I think Shaynas ex bf brother
I could be wrong about that but she definitely lives in the middle of nowhere forest area

No. 767752

I agree but she is young enough to still have that possibility as dumb as she is

No. 767754

no one cares?

No. 767785

File: 1547843226963.png (35.85 KB, 563x292, 2019-01-18 15_21_54-Vote Me as…)

hmmm lol

No. 767790


What is she talking about?

No. 767795

Probably talking to guys on sexpanther

No. 767808

wait why would Hollywood need that? actors need to be able to control their emotions.

No. 767813

She's probably looking for work out there, and some guy is telling her that he'll make her a star in Hollywood.


No. 767821

File: 1547847126502.jpeg (138.73 KB, 750x617, BB7ABC7E-F6CD-428F-BA39-2F9877…)

kek who wants to bet her dad will try and get her to come back home?

No. 767822

How does she expect to live in LA when her agency there dropped her? Doesn’t word get around that she was rude so other agencies don’t hire her? If she moved to a living room sized studio in studio city she’d be begging for $1600 to make rent every month. I’d say she’d start sucking dick for pocket change but she can’t even do that. She’d be homeless and begging for a roommate in another state again in no time

No. 767824

im sure it wont be a shock to him

No. 767825

She'll probably crash with one of her tumblr followers or something and end up in the same situation that she's in now

No. 767827

At this point she should realize sex work isn’t her forte, if she was smart enough she would move back home and reenroll in college. She’d rather spiral down a hole and be homeless than admit her parents were right about her “career”.

No. 767846

Honestly she could make a decent living as an escort if she took care of herself better. But shes not going to, that requires real effort.

No. 767849


sounds like she is moving really soon. Maybe by the end of this weekend she will be gone and the Fupa Mattel era will be history at this point sob

No. 767850

she's probably miserable to be around and we've all seen how awkward she is when trying to be sexual

No. 767852

If she took care of herself and got her snatch looked at- she could scrape by.
(LA has high standards when it comes to escorts. Or it did when backpage was still around.)
But I dont think she could get $50 for an hour looking the way she does now. Just to haggard.

No. 767854

And based on how she talks in her videos, I think she'd struggle with actually communicating with people who hire her lol

No. 767856

i'm sad that the milk of her and fupa's pathetic trailer trash adventures and narcissism about their middle of nowhere rundown empty house are over, i really thought they would force it to last a little longer than 4 or so months before fupa threw her out but at the same time i always had a strong intuition that fupa would quickly want her gone, and we know for a fact that shay was the one getting dumped so that's exactly how it played out. it's just too funny, they pretended they were soulmates for a few months and "bought a house together" after meeting twice and now they're already done lmao.

No. 767857


this is what kills me, she is young, skinny, and blonde. AND she had a fanbase. if she had a lick of sense/any sort of work ethic, she could have been successful. hell, even as is she could get a tan and fix her attitude and she'd do okay with lower tier companies. a lot of companies will shoot any fresh meat.

but she won't do any of those things. because she's a lazy tard.

No. 767862

why are you guys rooting for her porn career tho? it's been a disaster from the beginning. has she put anything out yet that hasn't either been a disaster or an embarrassment?

No. 767868

No one's really rooting for her, just commenting on how sad it is that she COULD actually have potential if she put in even the smallest amount of effort, and we all know she won't.

No. 767869

File: 1547851339148.jpeg (614.5 KB, 1242x1365, 2CBA3393-77A6-412F-8016-C9E210…)

Fupa’s ex wife shared this on Facebook yesterday. Maybe a hint towards him?

No. 767873

This makes me wonder if fupa left shay for another bimbo. He WAS on tinder before the breakup so i wouldn't be surprised.

I'd be even less surprised if he's been cheating on her for a while, honestly.

No. 767875

No, fupas ex was referring to her husbands ex.

No. 767876

Fupa has been reblogging SWer Poppy Carmine's content near the end of his relationship with Shayna. Poppy is curvy and has tattoos and is the total opposite of Shayna. I wouldn't be surprised if he was cheating on her / talking to Poppy throughout the house of mattel saga.

No. 767886


How do you know?

No. 767905


THIS. Poppy has a sexy, confident woman vibe going on, as opposed to Shay’s forced “uwu I’m a stupid baby” awkwardness. If she (Shay) doesn’t get a clue and drop the helpless little girl schtick, Fupa won’t be the last guy she loses to a self sufficient woman.

No. 767913


lol, i'm not rooting for it. i'm highlighting how she tanked her prospects.

No. 767918

Fupa posted on snap saying stop asking about what happened with Shay.
He said he doesn't know how that information leaked. Lol um Shay fucking shared it, wasn't dug up.

Now that everything is over and shit it's "oooh none of your business, it's a private matter". Their whole relationship was a public display. How he is surprised and annoyed by people asking is dumb af

No. 767919

I bet fupa told her he doesn't want to see her doing disgusting things on cam on his house anymore

No. 767920


No. 767924

LMAO at the fact that shayna told everyone fupa was going to buy HER a house and being the total scumbag he is, fupa kicked her out with no hesitation like 3 months later

No. 767925

lmao the great fupaleaks of 2019
your ex girlfriend told the world on twitter, dumbfuck

No. 767926

he's surprised because he's a retard with a thin grasp on reality. i mean, why are WE surprised at all that he's surprised, the guy's a grown-ass father of two who ran off on his kids and his ex-wife with the first washed-up whore he found on tumblr to live out some fantasy that he's a hot, young stud dating a college girl instead of a pathetic old man who avoids his responsibilities. he dated Shay knowing she's a chronic oversharer (bc she has no real life or personality), broadcast the entirety of his relationship for the world to see, and was oh so shocked to find out the moment he dropped her like a hot, boil-filled pussy potato she is, she ran off to her social media to air out her stinky laundry.

No. 767937

doesn't he have three kids?

No. 767941

you’d think at age 33 you’d understand that blasting your relationship all over the internet and then saying “hey it’s none of your business” NEVER works.

No. 767951

I remember the days where they were acting like such a snotty, we are so much better than everyone else couple…

No. 767956

“Power couple” kek

No. 767979

NTA but it's really not; it's a cringy term that gives away newfags like nothing else.

No. 767981

Lol, some of her Instagram pics have been taken down

No. 767984

god all of those pics of her and her "dada" with captions talking about how they were the cutest couple on tumblr are ten times funnier now

we all saw this coming, though. since we found out he's on tinder, he probably hooked-up with someone who at least ACTS like they have their shit together. i wonder what the kicker for fupa was? did he finally get sick of her dumpster balls or was it her grating attitude?

apparently it's "top secret information" (which when you have a relationship that's entirely public uh, no it's not idiot lol) so he'll never tell, but god to be a fly on that crusty pink wall.

No. 767990

I think her personality is insufferable and she probably did nothing around the house. We all saw her cam room with stuff left everywhere, I imagine that reflects how she treated the whole house.

Remember an old snap where she left the lights on and fupa commented "he'd have to tell her about that". And she either seemed to be eating takeaway or snacks, didn't seem like she cooked much.

Even ignoring her as a person it's a lot that she's just always there doing fuck all. She has no local friends or family to see so she doesn't go out and is desperate for attention that all goes towards him cos there's no one else.

Plus if there was truth to her passing out in the shower n shit not only is that massively alarming she's also bumping up that water bill just cos she's a drunk mess.

No. 768004

File: 1547865866549.jpg (118.53 KB, 1080x1080, Collage 2019-01-18 21_40_55.jp…)

His ex wrote the bottom comment in response to some girls comment, on the photo.

Fupas ex just had a baby and his mom is watching his kids and his exs kids. He doesn't talk to his mom, hasn't for years. He's close with his younger sister, doesn't talk to the one who was a heavy drug user.

No. 768008

No. 768011


they've been asked to sage for the last 3 or so threads and outright refuse to.

No. 768019

She finally mentioned breakup on snap and that she wants to be out of there by Wed. and also to please not ask details cuz it is “too raw”

No. 768020

can you link to it on dropbox?

No. 768023

What's fupa snap?

No. 768026

File: 1547870783114.jpeg (377.49 KB, 1242x1087, D3AD4941-D9EE-4900-925C-7EA179…)

Dear newfriends,
Sage is pic related.
Type “sage” in every post, in the email field.
You’re post should have “anonymous” written in dark blue text, not green.
Which you probably aren’t, so just sage it.
Thank you.

No. 768028

Shanya is babby's first lolcow

No. 768033

File: 1547872300916.jpg (601.41 KB, 1080x1828, Screenshot_20190118-223042_Ins…)

No. 768034

File: 1547872437343.jpg (375.97 KB, 1075x1401, Screenshot_20190118-223257_Twi…)

No. 768036


No. 768044

Damn, black does fit her way better. I'd even say her body looks fine here

No. 768056

File: 1547877026762.png (70.72 KB, 720x424, Screenshot_2019-01-19-00-46-34…)

Maybe im digging too deep into it?

No. 768057

File: 1547877093615.png (107.94 KB, 720x1040, Screenshot_2019-01-19-00-51-01…)

No. 768059

She can't afford either. And we all know she won't dye her hair because it'll take away from uwu baby bimbo aesthetic

No. 768060

Maybe it would be more believable if Shay liked, commented, or retweeted it. But idkk

No. 768061

What is this about?

No. 768062

She should do m/f porn. Honestly she’s not cut out to do anything really.

No. 768065

Oh no, she’s going to turn into an alt cow. $10 says she’ll start calling herself an “alternative model”. If anything she should get her shitty hair dyed and fixed, but knowing her she’ll slather some box dye on it and damage her ends more than they already are. Let us pray she goes to a salon.

No. 768067

Get your teeth and nose fixed before you worry about your lips, Shayna.

If you really wanna do something radical, go see a gynecologist.

No. 768070

Reminds me when she used to pose with the same undrank bottle of fireball in her old pics on tumblr and write captions about being drunk and ~daddy put fireball in my supply cup~ when week after week the bottle was still full.

No. 768072

No. 768079

This is an imageboard bitch

No. 768086


People post links to videos on here all the time??

No. 768090

File: 1547882821041.png (Spoiler Image,666.84 KB, 807x556, Screen Shot 2019-01-19 at 2.24…)


NTA but here you go.

Skip to 12:00 to witness the most awkward “orgasm” ever, then notice the shit around the head of the dick when she pulls it out.

No. 768096

isn't this really old stuff though?

No. 768100

Yeah, she was still ‘Bambie Doll’ then. Not sure why that anon is posting it now. I hadn’t actually watched it until now though. It’s more horrific than I’d imagined.

Think that was filmed while she was still at her parents’ house, and she looks super awkward at several points, like she heard someone walk past her room or something while she was filming this garbage. She looks nervously offscreen.

At 8:44 she’s riding the dildo and then just… stops and sits there for like 40 seconds, with the dildo still in her ass and doing something offscreen. Then there’s a pretty abrupt cut to the next “scene.”

No. 768137

>all 3
She’s actually trying to shed the Ddlg bullshit and become the edgy alt girl of fupa’s dream… fucking pathetic
God can you imagine getting dumped then having to stay in your ex’s closet knowing that he is on tinder right now searching for a new fuck and every time he leaves the house he could be coming home with his dick wet. I’m drowning in schadenfreude.

No. 768140

Fupa posted on Snap a pasta dish saying he made it and he was drunk. Wonder if he shared any with her kek

No. 768142

File: 1547896068551.png (860.94 KB, 1125x2436, 37C938FC-27D5-4224-9A72-3FF0F0…)


No. 768143

can the mods just ban you already you're seriously so desperate and annoying lol

No. 768158

But, anon, they're like totally PWNING all the noobs by not saging

No. 768159

If this chick moves in with fupa, it'll cement him as a cow as big as Shay imo

How are peole who sage their posts bumping the thread? lmao

No. 768166

Not that anon but can you please shut the fuck up and stop mini modding. There's a reason admin keeps banning users who constant go on and on about saging like this. You guys wasted like 5 posts about this it's not a big deal, just report and move on CHRIST

No. 768171

Not any of the anons involved, but I haven't seen anyone redtexted for saging or the mini-modding that people are all of a sudden ree'ing about

No. 768172

I think it's that Shayna would be moving in with that chick Dawn. Not Dawn moving in with Fupa.

No. 768173

Don't wanna keep going OT, but people can get temp bans without it being red texted every now and then. More anons have been saying they get banned for mentioning saying lately

No. 768176

Why the fuck would dawn willow move in with Fupa? What are you even going on about?

No. 768195

File: 1547908472454.jpg (98.13 KB, 1204x534, update.JPG)

She's almost sold all of her Depop clothing but she's barely making anything. Where the money is going to go is anyone's guess.

No. 768199

so, none of the people who bought her nasty forever 21 shit will ever receive it

No. 768200

Probably not since she’s moving soon. I almost feel bad for those people but then again they decided to give their money to stinky Shay so that’s their loss.

No. 768202


I misunderstood, my bad lol

No. 768284

about $60 before depop took its cut. Which is pry more money than she has seen in a hot minute.

No. 768299

will some of that $60 have to go towards shipping too? IDK how depop really works. But I don't foresee her actually mailing anything out because that would take actual effort and organization and she's too busy trying to get fupa back

No. 768302

Does depop charge another price for shipping or does the shipping come out of the price set?

No. 768303

File: 1547925369055.jpg (200.22 KB, 720x881, 2019-01-19_14.13.23.jpg)

Lmaoooooo even with Bella Thorne being as dirty as she is, she'd still run from Shay! Shay can't even kiss a girl without looking like she smelt dog crap and cant flee away fast enough.

No. 768305

they take 10% off the top

No. 768307

thanks; its s shame cause if she were slightly organized she could pry do okay selling her stuff…. if her stuff wasnt disgusting and dirty.

No. 768315

>you guys wasted 5 posts about it

i literally made one specifically about that attention whoring purposeful non sager so that doesn't apply to me lol(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 768333

Bella Thorne wants a blonde beauty. 'Nuff said. It would never happen, sorry shay.

No. 768374

Is this the bitch that simulated sex with a dog? That'll be one cursed household if Shayna moves in. Just thinking about these two filthy creatures occupying the same space makes me shudder.

If Bella Thorne and Shayna were in the same room, it'd have to be thoroughly disinfected afterwards.

No. 768444

Why must she post videos of her sucking a dildo when she's so bad at it

No. 768452

File: 1547938927458.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.79 MB, 1242x2397, 2D917CBC-50D1-4E47-8E36-2B94F3…)

No. 768456

File: 1547939570965.jpg (99.83 KB, 1199x609, DxTXmISU0AAAGKa.jpg)

Seeing pictures of this cat makes me sad. Poor thing will be forever with this trash human being that goes from one shitty situation into another.

No. 768473

what happened to her not being comfortable making content in her current situation? fupa must be at work

No. 768476

No reason beside the fact that she hate her job and she's lazy

No. 768491

It triggers me when she shoves the dildo into the sides of her mouth. That's not how you give head Shay.

No. 768498


The only thing Shay does right is caring for rib i think. he always looks comfortable and well fed.

No. 768509

Fupa put 'make sure Rib has food' on Shay's list. Maybe she was slipping because Fupa was also was around to take care of Rib, or maybe Rib just does ok despite her.

No. 768512

If anyone checked fupa’s snap a few minutes ago, he posted a pic of him and shay out at a bar, he looks happy with a drink, she looks so done with his crap and doesn’t look like she has a drink
So it’s a real bad situation but they’re at the bar together? Weird

No. 768513

Caps tho?

No. 768520

Snap anons have stopped giving a fuck whether people take what they say as truth or hearsay lol

No. 768521

What's fupas snap?

No. 768523

Fupa’s snap username is skimaskdad
It isn’t public like Shay’s though, gotta wait and see if he’ll add you back

No. 768527

they both lurk here enough that there's no way he's gonna add you back now. snap anons gotta give us the caps!!

No. 768529

Screencaps or it didn’t happen.

No. 768531

It's a really awkward pic to look at

No. 768533

Just make your name some cringy DDLG crap like ‘dadasbbygurl’ and maybe he’ll fall for it kek

No. 768534

File: 1547951914614.jpg (810.9 KB, 1080x1858, Screenshot_20190119-203727_Twi…)


No. 768536

File: 1547952029861.jpg (285.93 KB, 1080x1011, 20190119_203805.jpg)


No. 768539

god i hope she doesn't get back together with him, he's such a tool and literally had an active tinder before their official breakup. i know you're reading this shay! dont do it

No. 768541

If she does, it's her own dumb ass fault. Any other woman who had a good sense of mind would've left him a long time ago

No. 768542

I feel like it was a ploy, i dont think there was ever a "real" shay being dumped. I think she overreacted to him flipping out about money or her drinking habits or even something involving legal battle with his ex wife, and thats what put him on edge to needing space or wanting a break, she got tons of sympathy(and even money) from it and now she has no idea how to stop it.

She rocked the boat before it started sinking and now she doesn't know how to swim.

No. 768544

i'm starting to fear that we got played by shaytard lol

No. 768548

Anyone got caps of the shit on the dildo?

No. 768556

This could have been a plan to win MV

No. 768557

kinda a stupid plan; pretending to break up just for paid votes? Just dumb. They are dumb.

No. 768559

Stupid yes but I wouldn’t put it past them tbh

No. 768560

File: 1547955586933.jpg (584.17 KB, 1080x1847, Screenshot_20190119-213901_Twi…)

No. 768561

MV won't play into it though

No. 768562

Video on Fupa's snapchat of them drinking beer. She doesn't look miserable

No. 768575

I find that hard to believe.
It’s not unheard of for couples to break up in the heat of the moment, and then decide to try again. Fupa didn’t want to go into it, so it’s likely he decided to give her a second chance? Or maybe they are just being cordial.

Either way, it’s milky.

No. 768577

It’s in the cap you’re replying to. It’s caked around the underside of the head of the dildo.

Watch the last minute or so of the video to see for yourself. It’s 100% shit.

No. 768582

Borrow someone in your house's phone and record the snaps and download them to Dropbox lol

No. 768585

She wouldn't have this problem if she did an enema first

No. 768586

Pretty sure they're still broken up, they're most likely bored. None of them seems to have friends IRL

No. 768588

File: 1547958944339.jpg (164.83 KB, 1080x817, Screenshot_20190119-223251_Twi…)

No. 768593

File: 1547959833949.jpg (Spoiler Image,65.06 KB, 746x519, 0134489645678948461261249a.jpg)

this is from the beginning of the scene before she begins

it can be seen at the end too

i guess it goes with the pig theme but gross

No. 768626

I don’t think they’ll last long not admitting it if they are back together

No. 768646

like, if i birthed a child and she turned out to be shay…. i'd be very sad. i could imagine myself following boards like this down low and just… feeling sad. no other feeling than. just. feeling sad. ive made my mom the most sad she's been in my experience, so i can see shay demonizing her mom. so she can distance herself from making her mom stupid sad. damn, shay. was it worth it?

No. 768653

>>768646 yeah i might be banned, but i tried to kill myself a few times and had to deal w my mom in the aftermath, in private, face to face. idk how my mom would deal with abrupt suicide attempts in her older age vs me acting out like shayna in a slow death. somehow, shayna's actions seem… worse than a few rash attempted suicides. in private.(blogpost)

No. 768660

Why does she always wear zip hoodies with what looks like nothing underneath them? That's so uncomfortable, cold zipper on your skin wtf

No. 768717

OMG she's so fluffy and cute
sage for useless fawning over a cute kitty

No. 768719


Shay’s sorry from last night. She and Fupa are not back together and she refers to him as the ex. Says her work is her god (lurk much?) then in the same breath that she prays to god every night. Hmmm

No. 768723

thank you snapchat anon!
goodness shay looks dead in the eyes during her whole "wah thank you guys" rant. i couldn't really focus on what she was saying

No. 768727

She’s a drunk mess. “I’ve spent this past year focussing more on my relationship than my work”. She’s so close to being self aware and acknowledging that her porn ‘career’ isn’t what she really wants and what she actually wants is to be loved, it’s sad. She can pray to God all she likes but until she STOPS SCAMMING PEOPLE, her career will never go anywhere. She ruined her reputation in LA by throwing a tantrum over text, and is developing a reputation on twitter for scamming people with her “lifetime Snapchat”.
I hate to say it because I know she (sickeningly) wants to be viewed in these terms, but Shay really reminds me of a whiny adolescent making a mess of her life, wanting to be loved, and waiting for ‘daddy’ to swoop in and fix everything. Her maturation was clearly stagnated in her youth, and consequently, now she’s an absolute cow.

No. 768730

File: 1547997628691.gif (1.07 MB, 245x155, tumblr_n454hb2hwc1qzi4o4o8_250…)


1. I think Shay and Fupa are probably better off as friends than whatever sort of forced romantic relationship/DDlg dynamic they were trying to do.

2. It's funny how she always has a reason why she is slacking. Now let's see if she can actually progress with her work now that she is planning on focusing on it or what excuse she will come up with next.

No. 768735

Ya I still think they will get back together the attention from that would be irresistible to them

No. 768739

File: 1548000216878.png (129.72 KB, 640x1136, BB86283B-8792-4AB2-A7E7-AF4368…)

No. 768741

Who is this "we" and "us" she keeps referring to?

No. 768742

File: 1548000526104.png (57.62 KB, 441x302, ZHmHih5.png)

>my work is my god

No. 768744

she really is losing it, huh? talking about her work being her "savior" and praying to god that her SEX WORK career progresses.

anyway, she's looking distinctively un-Dolly Mattel like at the moment. the black hoodie, the relatively dark lipstick. someone's really pining for their """"goth days""""

No. 768747

“I pray to god everyday”

She has talked extensively about how she’s an atheist and how her mom “forced” religion on her. Stfu Shay.

No. 768759

Lmao this drunk bitch really crying talking about praying to God that her career progresses. I'm done.

No. 768760

i scream when i see her damn teeth. they are so fuckikg gross and you can see built up shit between them. also LOL at her desperation that she now feels like she must pray to god

No. 768761


i think it's a dumb attempt to include her """""fanbase""""".

No. 768762


i think it's a dumb attempt to include her """""fanbase""""".

No. 768777

File: 1548006593242.jpeg (159.25 KB, 1242x326, A7A2A2A5-0D4C-428A-826C-9F1137…)

girl get help. you’re drunk and high 2 hours within waking up. Ffs.

No. 768782


I wonder how Fupa feels about her habits, must be sad to have a washed up cam girl sitting in your house all day reeking it up with weed and killing her brain cells with a seemingly unlimited flow of wine. I wonder how much money she’s wasted in the past few months that could have went towards moving.

No. 768783

might be what finally made him fed up to the point of dumping her lol i'm sure there's just an air of unwashed depression coming off her at all times. she herself said awhile back (i believe on cam?) that she has a problem with spending money on weed so it seems like that's where literally all her money goes. if i recall correctly she didn't mention alcohol, but nobody is just casually getting drunk at 10am on a daily basis.

No. 768786

the whole thing is confusing because the past few days she's been doing constant "fun" activities like eating out and having drinks and it makes me think he has been paying for every bit of it bc we know she's broke as hell and trying to move asap

No. 768789

also why would they go out for drinks together last night?? does he still have feelings for her or what? meanwhile she's reaping the alcohol and blunts he must be paying for and showing no feelings toward him lmao

No. 768790

maybe she's sleeping with him in exchange for drinks/weed? no clue. they're both fucked.

No. 768791


Didn’t she mention a few days ago that she was out with “friends”? It’s pretty sad to lie about going out with your ex and having him pay for your shit kek

No. 768794

File: 1548009166001.png (121.6 KB, 640x817, IMG_2536.PNG)

Jesus Christ she is so boring and fake deep

No. 768802

She should ask the Ranch Queen, Springs1, about her thoughts on tipping.
I’d love to see that conversation.

No. 768805


My theory is that Fupa broke up with Shay and used tinder to find new girls. Then he realized that no one wants to date a grown man who acts like a teen fuckboy. Then they got back together because Shay is honestly the best he can get.

No. 768806

uh…. no. if you're not satisfied you don't tip… this is extra rich coming from shay who frequently ignores tippers while camming.

No. 768813

This bitch really claiming she prays to god that her degenerate paedo pandering porn goes well. That's hilarious.

No. 768819

She said she moved on from wine andnis drinking whiskey now. That’s what happens when you’re an alcoholic, wine just doesn’t do it anymore. I feel like she’s going to be like that meth head alcoholic fat stripper Speck

No. 768821

She’s just trying to get notes and pretending like she gives a shit about the community.

No. 768828

I thought she was packing and having to save money to get out of Fupa's house.

We all knew she was a trainwreck but she's an absolute trainwreck now. I give it a month before she's livestreaming completely shitfaced. She's done the whole "teehee I'm tipsy off wine" angle but she's coming in quick to being full blown drunk on camera without caring.

No. 768839

DIdn't she semi recently cancel one of her scheduled cam shows because she was too drunk to do it? She needs to be honest that it's her substance abuse and lack of self self care that's holding her back.

No. 768840

When she briefly scheduled herself to do shows in the morning she cancelled because she was too hungover from the night before.

No. 768843

File: 1548013573207.jpeg (129.54 KB, 750x1077, 0E3D6B37-E31B-4A6B-AD28-B5074B…)

No. 768860

This 100% reads as "I have no idea" or back with her parents.

No. 768865

File: 1548014986416.jpg (18.47 KB, 589x90, Capture.JPG)

Those priorities though. Wonder if she'll try to take Fupa's stuff with her when she moves.

No. 768866



I'm really curious how her situation will look like in a week from now. She said she will move out on Wed, but where? With what money? I'm curious about her next move.

No. 768867

File: 1548015065459.jpg (20.65 KB, 593x151, Capture.JPG)

No wonder she's as pathetic as she is because she still thinks this no matter what she says.

No. 768873

~ I'm so desirable that my neckbeard pos boyfriend dumped me after a couple of months~

No. 768884

Isn't she totally wrong anyway? Swear it only speeds up on the final lap.

Sage for bollocks

No. 768897

File: 1548019478205.jpg (80.88 KB, 608x1072, Capture.JPG)

For being on her way to moving up she's got a LOT of time to tweet today.

No. 768900

File: 1548019526867.jpg (26.41 KB, 546x290, Capture.JPG)

She's still begging for camera funds. Didn't she just say a few weeks ago she had the camera money but wanted a Switch instead?

No. 768901

File: 1548019583797.jpg (60.45 KB, 577x559, Capture.JPG)

Looks like she's going back to Insex but otherwise no one wants her.

No. 768907

File: 1548020421548.jpg (15.99 KB, 465x99, Capture.JPG)

11:30am - third blunt of the day
3:30pm - second beer of the day

No wonder she's retweeting a bunch of stuff about Lil Peep. She's on her way to ending up like him.

No. 768914

I can't imagine how lonely she must be now

No. 768915

I am WHEEZING that she started crying talking about God blessing her career. When in reality she got dropped from her agency, hasn't cammed in weeks, and lives in a closet

No. 768929

Not even a fan of his but that's an insult to lil peep tbh. At least he saw some success and was well-liked.

No. 768962

File: 1548025084213.jpg (148.21 KB, 1080x534, Screenshot_20190120-165706_Twi…)

No. 768970

File: 1548025419553.jpg (13.81 KB, 256x256, o9rIpBfh_400x400.jpg)

Does anyone actually respond to her e-begging? I cant tell if she is actually successful, or if she just cant take the hint that nobody thinks her diseased (and already very public) pussy is worth any kind of hard earned coin.

sage for disbelief

No. 768976

your nudes are all over Twitter and tumblr for free so

No. 768990

Some of them are free on this site… The most delusional

No. 768994

lol shay just stop you sound so fucking stupid. "give up u tried" like what you retard? guy just said he's broke therefore he;ll jerk off to free porn. love how desperate she is to be "sassy" to everyone and how she's so desperate to be like lolz i totally pwnd u haha u tried even when it makes like no sense and she just looks dumb.

No. 769011

File: 1548031762047.png (Spoiler Image,263.4 KB, 582x659, Screen Shot 2019-01-20 at 7.44…)

Whose drunk aunt is this?

This video is just her going on about having the best supporters and how she doesn't know where she'd be without them.

No. 769014

"Welcum 2 the doll haus" shay, you don't even HAVE A HOUSE

No. 769024

oh man, now she REALLY looks like a trailer park mom

No. 769025

File: 1548033481749.jpg (146.13 KB, 1077x629, Screenshot_20190120-191652_Sam…)

She already has no contrast

No. 769028

Shayna, you are ALWAYS day drunk why do you have to notify everyone?

No. 769034

oh yes, the contrast of 4 different shades of pink together would be totally ruined by pink hair

No. 769044

being drunk/stoned all the time is so not tragic bbydoll aesthetic. if she is gonna be fucked up all the time may as well get a coke habit. at least that will keep her skinny. hell, her cam shows would be a lot more interesting.

No. 769049

yea or at least some benzos lol saying you're drunk all the time just reminds people of the last time they were hungover

No. 769053

As if she can afford a coke habit. Shit is probs cut with %50 meth in OK anyway kek

No. 769072

Easy there, tweaker-chans. Being addicted to one thing isn't any cooler than any other thing lol.

No. 769086

File: 1548043809649.jpg (289.92 KB, 1080x771, 20190120_220728.jpg)

Throwing my bet in now- she moves back with her parents, changes the room around and barely makes new content. She'll blame it on not having things set up. Things will have been "lost" in the mail. That brand new giant tebby bear her regular bought for her will once again be trashed.

No. 769099

Fupa ditching Shay and Kiki posting on the internet has made my week.

No. 769115

I’ll add my own tinfoil to yours, I highly anticipate fupa posting here when shaytard moves back home. Once she’s gone and the attention on him starts to fade he’ll be here to spill that milk

No. 769137

File: 1548053235905.png (111.12 KB, 750x1182, IMG_7927.PNG)

No. 769143

aaaaaand that comment is already deleted of course. Must have hit too close to the truth and she deleted it, instead of replying with some edgy comeback about "ur mom" or something. I imagine she does smell so fucking stale, like old pot and unwashed pussy under layers of despair and perfume. Gag.

No. 769147

File: 1548055501209.png (Spoiler Image,998.34 KB, 1076x1532, Screenshot_20190121-011851.png)

Damn she has a knack for choosing the worst thumbnails for her nightmare fuel content. These fucking faces! I should not have checked her Twitter before sleep… How can she think any of that is sexy and alluring?! She looks fucking demented.

No. 769155

lol selfpost much? "must have hit too close to the truth", more like most people would delete dumbass abusive comments like that. you're not making yourself look cool, anon

No. 769166

nta but you gotta admit, shay constantly will respond to mean comments and be like "im fucking ur dad and you have cheeto dust fingers, u tried tho lolz i always defeat my jeluss haterz guys!" but when it's something genuinely hurtful but also very true then she'll just delete it.

No. 769192

you can even tell its a self post from how the comment shows up on the tl version of the post instead of being in the "11 comments" if you know what i mean

No. 769220

The whole WELCUM 2 thing sounds like she's been reading old Vicky threads

No. 769228

wow. epic own.

No. 769232

File: 1548077989790.png (25.64 KB, 519x244, 2019-01-21 08_34_42-Sub of 2k1…)

lol @ her trying to act like she knows what "existential crisis" means

No. 769239


Not really sure how this looks like a self post? I didn't make that comment on Instagram, as I am not that user. I check this thread and saw the post like anyone else. I just tried to be funny at late night pointing out how a lot of times she tries to, as the other anon pointed out, lash back at comments with her own "humor"

No. 769240

it was cringey and not even a good insult. take your L and go.

No. 769267

File: 1548084645980.png (778.82 KB, 522x920, 2019-01-21 10_25_14-Sub of 2k1…)

shayna. please don't post pics in sweats that look like they have cumstains all over them.

No. 769271

> "love urself!!!!1!11!!!one!1!"
> only posts pics that are heavily filtered, with heavy make-up and facetune.

No. 769319

File: 1548091972416.jpeg (406.14 KB, 750x1053, 8F89A8ED-7DCD-4CE3-9386-81FDF5…)

She’s out by Wednesday.. but where to?

No. 769324

>“In the studio”

Lmfao Shayna you don’t have a studio. You have a seperate room with a black backdrop, one ring light, a computer, and a shitty webcam. That’s not a studio.

No. 769328

jesus christ shayna just give it up, fly home to your parents and go work at tuesday morning

No. 769337

File: 1548095018718.png (52.47 KB, 561x440, 2019-01-21 13_18_25-Sub of 2k1…)

pretty fuckin ironic considering she was just talking the other day about how she was in kink communities on tumblr at 15

No. 769340

lol tumblr was never meant to be a 'safe adult space', it's also not their fault that she never bothered to branch out beyond one website

No. 769348

i like how she doesn't want age verification for the sake of kids' safety, but so SHE can be safe. okay…

No. 769351

She must be going home to parents but will not ever say it

No. 769353

this coming from the girl who refused to make a new blog, and instead exposed all of her underage followers to her porn when she started creating it. She doesn't care about keeping minors safe or separate from NSFW spaces.

No. 769369

this is pretty gross. sex workers are adults, they can find their own spaces. the safety of minors is what’s important. maybe she shouldn’t promote on a website where the main demographic is 13-17 year olds.

let us remind you shay, you admitted to being in kink spaces and camming while underage. Don’t expect us to feel sorry for you now because “uwu i don’t feel safe”

No. 769390

File: 1548103014664.jpeg (412.3 KB, 750x815, 31C647E9-9B0D-42FA-84E9-59E665…)

She legitimately looks “special”

No. 769392

uh what the fuck she looks like a neanderthal

No. 769397


I-Is she trying to look seductive??? … Bitch is high af in those pictures

No. 769398

When you're trying to make bedroom eyes but you look like a man that just sneezed…

No. 769401


what is she even trying to say with this? there are already hundreds of websites and forums specifically dedicated to being ~safe spaces~ for both kinkshits and sex workers, sfw websites don't need to change their tos for you. they're meant for everyone, not just failed camgirls with overinflated egos

No. 769402

File: 1548104284737.jpeg (561.81 KB, 750x1067, 0CDE8377-BFEB-4915-8630-83F67A…)

She also posted a split picture on instagram, and when you align it.. whew

No. 769408

She looks fucking wrecked, high and drunk probably. Ffs she thought these were good pics?

No. 769409

Well it does make her nose better

No. 769412

crackhead shuwu~

No. 769419

Kek I thought this was gonna be her going in with the snow app. Why do we need a split picture of her low res face what is the point

No. 769430

ommmgggg she really just exposed herself not using the snap filters. yikes.

No. 769432

File: 1548105966259.png (2.03 MB, 1162x864, 2019-01-21 16_20_48-Sub of 2k1…)

you really didn't do these photos the justice they deserve by not posting a fullsize kek

No. 769434

File: 1548106065931.png (2.07 MB, 1162x871, 2019-01-21 16_22_36-Sub of 2k1…)

i'll take crusty for $500, alex

No. 769435

File: 1548106088308.png (1.98 MB, 1162x873, 2019-01-21 16_22_50-Sub of 2k1…)

the nails…

No. 769437

her nails straight up look like discarded cigarette butts

No. 769439

File: 1548106313246.png (554.28 KB, 564x838, 2019-01-21 16_26_44.png)

she's surely going back to mass at this point right? there's no way she could've found someone to put her up and be able to afford storage and everything else…

No. 769441

I can’t imagine anyone else besides her parents putting up with her stoned alcoholic ass, especially if she needs to be reminded to take care of her cat.

No. 769445

File: 1548106915495.gif (1.91 MB, 325x183, tumblr_inline_odo5178Tfz1qbhm7…)


The end of an era.

No. 769450

She probably thinks she looks adorable and seductive because she’s wasted as fuck. She looks fucking terrible.

No. 769452

Waiting for her to spill the milk once she is safety away from NKP

No. 769454

Shhhhh she lurks here. She’ll probably keep it all to herself just to spite us, unless she needs the sympathy money more

No. 769456

well she's gonna have to beg her way out of her parents' place some way or another

No. 769460

File: 1548107970290.jpg (129.52 KB, 1080x505, Screenshot_20190121-155908_Twi…)

No. 769463

File: 1548108483220.png (9.6 KB, 571x175, 2019-01-21 17_03_10.png)

i like this random indian that commented lmao

No. 769466

What's even in here? lol a teddy bear, frilly shit that was in the bathroom, uh

No. 769474

File: 1548109084808.jpg (237.09 KB, 1080x1280, Screenshot_20190121-161707_Ins…)

Comments on that Split image pic on her instagram

No. 769477

Definitely. If she were going to LA she wouldn’t shut up about it.

No. 769483

>i can't believe petty girls out here jealous of me haha u tried but here i am w yr dads lol

No. 769493

is she putting rib in there?

No. 769495

It would be for the best if she's really going back to her parents tbh, perhaps they're gonna put her in the right direction and she will drop the SW act and clean up for once

No. 769496

Her parents definitely paid for this. Y’all remember when she literally had to beg for money for cardboard boxes when she moved to Tulsa? And she admitted not long ago that she only had $9 to her name and a problem with spending all her money on weed.

No. 769498

Why does she always look so goddamn dirty

No. 769501

It would be the best. But she will never do it. She can't admit when she's failed

No. 769511

File: 1548110370195.jpeg (146.99 KB, 750x837, 813CFA3A-8DEB-4DBB-917C-5CBA55…)

No. 769512

File: 1548110412895.png (18.52 KB, 523x196, 2019-01-21 17_33_24-Sub of 2k1…)

seems like she'll end up spilling some details about the breakup sooner than later lol

No. 769513

File: 1548110438105.jpeg (183.35 KB, 750x1087, F32AB691-2BBC-4BDD-BF43-DF7132…)

back at it again with the heart filter

No. 769514

File: 1548110470720.jpeg (178.09 KB, 750x1072, 7339024B-E345-48A6-A246-AEF47F…)

and showing off her yellow feet!

No. 769515

idk if theres much to spill, it cant have been too bad a breakup since they were out together the other day.

No. 769516

wtf shay

No. 769518

jesus. the filter's not even helping out today.

No. 769520

whats with the weird hip/leg and angular butt??

No. 769523

Her relationship was neither healthy or good. So I’m not sure why she needed to hear this. She should have listened to us. We fucking warned you that you were making a huge mistake.

No. 769525

Man I hope not. That's fucked up. She doesn't really seem to own a lot for a pod honestly. The dog cage should fold down flat so I'm not sure what all she actually owns that's big besides the bear. Then again if mommy and daddy are paying for it, oh well.

No. 769528

lol i don't think that anon was seriously suggesting she's putting her cat in storage

No. 769532

Did she just spend her last days at Fupa's just taking hundreds of photos to stockpile now that she's kicked out?

>has to move all her shit out and leave
Those fucking priorities. Is this going to be Moving Mattel where she just uses each of her toys then drops them into a cardboard box once she fakes an orgasm?

Did she get this off Google because this isn't Fupa's house.

No. 769534

Oh I know! I'm just thinking, this IS Shay after all. She isn't exactly great at self-care or coming across at good Rib-care either

No. 769535

File: 1548111292328.jpeg (474.33 KB, 750x706, 09317AF6-8C92-4131-858D-5E15E6…)


literally her nails

No. 769539

File: 1548111595176.png (360.37 KB, 570x523, Screen Shot 2019-01-21 at 5.57…)

Holy shit.

No. 769540

this girl is in her 20's? GOD she looks haggard

No. 769541

that’s what alcoholism will do to you kek

No. 769542

File: 1548111850961.jpg (190.17 KB, 1071x1082, Screenshot_20190121-170352_Twi…)

No. 769543

correction: drugged out auntie*

No. 769544

lmao she’s trying so hard to relive her tumblr “fame”

No. 769545

Painful? Why not just get one that fits

No. 769546

The video she makes is going to be so rushed and half assed, even more than usual. It’s going to be hilarious.

No. 769547

The fucking dark circles are just so bad. It’s so easy to cover up dark circles.

No. 769555

File: 1548113169790.gif (727.22 KB, 500x214, giphy.gif)

Alcoholism is hitting our girl hard.

No. 769556

File: 1548113255840.jpg (23.89 KB, 585x201, Capture.JPG)

Girl don't you have bigger priorities at the moment than missing out on Valentines Day?

No. 769558

i KNEW she reminded me of someone!! thanks anon!!!

No. 769564

I've been drinking most nights for over a year and I'm 5 years older than her and I don't look like a cravkhead aunt. She's just unfortunate with the face she was given(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 769569

File: 1548114271251.png (514.73 KB, 1200x717, looks books.png)

No. 769572

wow this works almost too well

No. 769577

File: 1548114723657.jpg (35.63 KB, 582x499, Capture.JPG)

Spot on.

In other news she's uploaded yet another video of her smoking. There goes the money to get her POD belongings shipped to her.

No. 769585

“I’m spending the day filming and then editing and then packing, I won’t be on social media that much the next few days!”

Posts 2 videos and at least 6 pictures.

No. 769587

Lmaoooooo shes already deleted that side by side picture on insta

She literally can't take hate. So when its tumblr, shes gun ho about being bitchy…. But she cant "clapback" on insta or twitter????
Oh lordtttttt

No. 769596

yeah she can’t clap back cos she doesn’t have thousands of idiots who will support her no matter what she does like she had on tumblr

No. 769600

Her dark circles are always bad because her eyes deeply sunken into her head. It’s literally an issue of her face’s bone structure. Unfortunately concealer can’t do much for that. Under eye fillers might help her out

No. 769601

That's not how french tips are supposed to work, Shay. The entire portion that extends past your finger is supposed to be white, because that's how nails grow. Not just a random quarter inch on the ends wtf

No. 769602

File: 1548116819539.png (439.47 KB, 642x529, Screen Shot 2019-01-21 at 6.25…)

I'm sorry for making this

No. 769604

File: 1548116920620.jpg (484.45 KB, 1080x1313, Screenshot_20190121-182823_Twi…)

No. 769607

Love the art anons in this thread.

Except you weren't the one of Fupa's dreams sooo..

Bets on how long until she's found a new man to move in with? Now that she's had a taste of that life she's not going to give it up.

No. 769608

So which is she trying to get back, fupa or her early tumblr popularity?

No. 769609


she probably just keeps getting fill ins because it's cheaper than having them entirely redone.

No. 769612

Anyone else feel like this is all so fucking sad? She better go home and just try to quit this shit already..

No. 769613

tumblr popularity.

No. 769618

She already deleted this video, kek

No. 769620

File: 1548118983857.png (40.61 KB, 522x229, 2019-01-21 19_57_40-Sub of 2k1…)

are these people literally blind or just looking for cow fame?? her bangs have to be some of the worst i've seen in my life. on par with the 80s in a bad way.

No. 769630

File: 1548119854682.jpeg (428.75 KB, 1600x1200, 63579556-01AD-492C-9639-5BCF8C…)

Ready for Dolly’s new adventure!!!!

No. 769633

Literally cackling at this ty

No. 769635

lmao thank you for this honestly

No. 769636

File: 1548120217261.jpg (441.32 KB, 1080x1193, Screenshot_20190121-192311_Twi…)

No. 769637

It's still on her twitter

No. 769645

We need this for the next thread pic.

All those expensive shoes and she tosses them in a box like they're garbage. Those spiked ones are going to wreck the rest.

No. 769649

She probably didn't pay for half of them, therefore she doesn't care

No. 769655

File: 1548122587231.jpeg (281.61 KB, 2048x1040, DFA4759F-2744-46DC-B177-4E7868…)

Her fucking neck

No. 769656

How many of these has she EVER worn? I've only seen her wear that one pair of pink pleasers

No. 769659

This picture is so freaky. It looks like one of those joke filters that purposely makes your head and neck smaller. How did she not notice how warped this picture is?

No. 769661

what the fuck am I looking at

No. 769662

She should stop using the fish gape as her go-to expression for all of her pictures. It's not cute, sultry or innocent, it just makes her look like an alien sped in this pic

No. 769663


No. 769665


No. 769668

That's exactly what it is. the filter does that, i guess she thought it was cute

No. 769669

Cause ya know, taking pics is more important than packing your shit up

No. 769671

shes really got that snapchat dysmorphia huh.
also her hair like this reminds me of a disheveled barbie doll you find at the bottom of a box

No. 769673

Looks like Shay finally started using Snow to edit and its horrifying lmao

No. 769702

File: 1548128247260.jpg (110.36 KB, 1080x755, Screenshot_20190121_223356.jpg)

Such a dainty neck shay

No. 769722

File: 1548130929351.jpg (149.61 KB, 1080x499, Screenshot_20190121-222127_Twi…)

No. 769728


what does she need a storage unit for she has that rug, the twinkle lights and some grody pink clothes and that's it

No. 769734

Watch her take fupas thrifted furniture out of spite

No. 769737

I like how carefully these are arranged for maximum ~aesthetics~ (i.e. showing off) but she’s still throwing them into a damn cardboard box.

No. 769740

But you're not a procrastinating pothead. You're a procrastinating alcoholic pothead.

Seriously though did she think if she dragged her heels that Fupa would change his mind?

No. 769745

who gets custody of the switch?

No. 769746

File: 1548137414535.png (72.07 KB, 720x583, Screenshot_2019-01-22-01-07-47…)

I honestly just want to believe he did what we've been telling him and cut his loss on this train wreck. I think exposing the Tinder is what did it all in for them.
It seems like he had finally gotten fed up, looked for another 20 something girl who actually makes money and not just makes views, and finally kicked this helpless bucket to the side.

No. 769752

Why does she keep calling herself goth? You're not goth for wearing a black jacket, you busted crackhead. Go back to wearing flannels and shave off that dead rats nest you call a hairdo, thanks.

No. 769761

>implying fupa is not a train wreck

No. 769773


for once, i agree though.

No. 769785

File: 1548153991705.jpg (204.19 KB, 1080x699, Screenshot_20190122-044258_Twi…)

Um, she's the one who's been talking about God on her Twitter and snapchat

No. 769786

With how it's written and spelt, it looks like she sent this to herself

No. 769791

she's starting to resemble Luna with those pics. Like when she's doped up and posts awful selfies thinking she looks bomb. Shay must be really losing it because she has 0 sense of what she looks like (not that she's had much before). Every pic she posts is worse than the previous one. Girl's breaking

No. 769816

File: 1548169745220.png (13.03 KB, 521x116, 2019-01-22 10_02_49-Sub of 2k1…)

for some reason it irks me to my core that she pretends like she doesn't quite literally own like 2 boxes of clothes and then the dumbass mirror, dildos and teddy bear. oh i forgot the piss rug. anything else? she's been talking about packing for the last 3 days and still hasn't lol.

No. 769817


haha just wondered the same while catching up with the thread. I guess the person who has the main account? We will see if she going to mention the Switch again.

No. 769818

File: 1548169857023.png (329.74 KB, 560x524, 2019-01-22 10_04_51-Sub of 2k1…)

does she really sleep in her eyeliner like this?

No. 769819

File: 1548169887189.png (863.57 KB, 524x929, 2019-01-22 10_05_21-Sub of 2k1…)

No. 769825

File: 1548170890871.jpeg (564.39 KB, 1242x882, 9DD66C79-EBC1-4008-A70C-ACA01F…)

That’s not pastel goth. Plus she wouldn’t even go out in that. One, because she has nowhere to go and two, because shes basically nude on top. This is shayna wearing a pink top and black pants and thinking that’s pastel goth. She really is the most basic bitch ever thinking she has style or understands fashion.

Also, look at the change in one year.

No. 769829

this was posted when it was originally posted over a month ago

No. 769831

lol she's definitely trying to transition back to her old alt look. Maybe she's finally realised how bad her current style is

No. 769833

This is old.

No. 769834

at this point it feels like she's just throwing shit at the wall and seeing what sticks to try to build up her following again.
newsflash, shayna, you're not going to hit 150k.

No. 769837

File: 1548171610469.jpg (36.31 KB, 586x227, 1.JPG)

That first reblog nearly had me in tears from laughing so hard.
The second one is just ridiculous. Maybe it's not the time of the year but YOU.

No. 769838

File: 1548171718637.jpg (52.04 KB, 592x508, 2.JPG)

The irony. Makes the status and then immediately retweets Shay.

No. 769839

nitpick/ot but it's twitter so it's a rt not a reblog lol

No. 769840

Yeah, she's willing to do anything aside from actually making an effort. You'd think she'd have realised by now that you can't expect massive success in porn if all you're willing to do is post on social media

No. 769851

File: 1548175680944.jpeg (280.32 KB, 750x858, 2B464C15-06CA-4780-892F-6390B5…)

imagine crying because you have to do some actual work

No. 769857

I mean she's probs upset about how shit her life is

No. 769860

Lightheaded and out of breath from packing two boxes? Really shayna?

No. 769861

she hasn't had her first drink of the day yet kek

No. 769862

lmao imagine if Fupa had scheduled a Tinder date to show up at his door right as Shay is moving out. now THAT would've been milk.

No. 769863

File: 1548177373885.jpeg (118.79 KB, 750x439, DC7CCDAE-14F2-4425-A505-45337F…)

Well, she’s starting on her first(?) blunt of the day

No. 769866

well the first one she broadcasting. I’ll bet she’s already had at least 1 and a few chugs of whiskey.

No. 769867

File: 1548177668728.png (713.63 KB, 1242x2208, 041E380C-0A5D-4A7F-A9A6-4DD050…)

Don’t know if this has been posted before but I doubt she’s going to have a big following on Twitter, her shitty tumblr persona is following right behind her flat ass

No. 769868

File: 1548177773562.png (1.51 MB, 1242x2208, 8C50009E-FAF6-4CCA-BEA2-B7395D…)

She’s not even an adult herself, or did she forget her ddlg persona

No. 769869

File: 1548177782168.png (220.59 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190122-002902.png)

No. 769873

here's the punchline shayna: nobody wants to talk to you

No. 769874

File: 1548178509286.png (347.92 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190122-122951.png)

No. 769875

File: 1548178552078.png (266.37 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190122-122834.png)

No. 769877

i called this ages ago when she first tried to get started on twitter.
cancel culture on twitter is HUGE and i wouldn't be surprised if her callout thread on twitter starts blowing up.
the controversy might buy her some more followers tho, we'll see how she handles it.

No. 769881

LOL Shay doesn't know the first thing about being a fucking adult. This bitch literally can't get her life together. She can barely afford grapes and crackers and she wants to talk about how adults should act.

Even if she wasn't a piece of shit, she would still be a stupid, crusty, stinky looking loser who has nothing going for her. Nobody but the mentally ill orbiters and pedos who fall for her lies and delusions will support or trust somebody like her. Get over it, Shay.

No. 769884

File: 1548179219315.jpeg (Spoiler Image,418.52 KB, 1242x1645, FA226877-FD7B-4415-A12D-754162…)

Yes because all I’ve ever wanted to do is blow a load while looking at Vince Neil, good god she looks atrocious. Why would you even place her next to this woman she looks like a little blonde rat

No. 769886

Why didn’t they @ her?

No. 769890

Which of her videos promote racism, I haven’t seen any of them.

No. 769891

File: 1548179759350.jpg (48.77 KB, 1090x304, 666d6d66d6d55d52w.JPG)

Shay's likes are hilarious. This orbiter in particular loves to defend Shay. Ohh Shay is just a helpless little white girl from a small town she can't help that she did what she did!

Then her apology means nothing. Deep down inside she still doesn't give a shit about what she does wrong.

No. 769892

are you out looking for it or something, newfag? check the old threads. it's been discussed at great lengths and the girl on twitter links above shares a million caps of her own.

No. 769893

are you new here? She sold a "Grab Me By the Pussy" vid with a Trump hat and told her followers they should buy her a black dildo.

No. 769899

I'm living for the fact that Fupa isn't helping her fill the storage bin knowing she's under a time limit. They're both shitty but I'm so glad her Daddy Mattel has turned on her.

No. 769902

Your art rivals that of Michelangelo’s. Bless you based anon.

No. 769903

lol, cyber bullying. Really?

No. 769913

you're lightheaded because 1 you got stoned before doing anything and 2 you're not used to activities that might require physical exertion of any kind. not a good combo dumbass

she's already posted this today >>769816 where she says she is getting "vigorously stoned". what does that even mean?

No. 769914

i bet fupa is so fucking relieved that she got out this fast lmao what a fucking saga. someone needs to make like a video montage of them with sad music to commemorate. rip.

No. 769915

File: 1548182956407.png (11.32 KB, 522x97, 2019-01-22 13_44_20-Sub of 2k1…)

doesn't she have like one light stand

No. 769917

File: 1548183061313.png (3.68 MB, 1242x2208, 55BEA225-B099-411F-9BEC-1FDE75…)

Lol realized too little too late, what a train wreck

No. 769920

File: 1548183348448.png (114.16 KB, 776x624, 2019-01-22 13_50_23-Untitled.p…)

did he delete finally or am i just blocked?

No. 769926

he deleted

No. 769930

To be fair, it's not like the thirsty men who follow her are going to care about PC issues

No. 769932

Surprisingly if you go through her new tumblr /notdollymattel and click his link it’ll show his old postings

No. 769933

Someone please tell me a farmer got his username already? We should fill it with all of their milk so that when his old followers search for him they find out about Shays scams.

No. 769934

>She really is the most basic bitch ever thinking she has style or understands fashion.

Wow anon you're talking out of your ass. Are you fashion police?

No. 769941

they're really not though. pastel goth is a very specific fashion and Shay is nowhere close to it just by wearing a pink shirt and black leggings with a stupid heart stamped under her eye. just Google pastel goth and see how much more time/money/effort goes into it than Shay will ever be able to put into anything, except doing drugs.

and inb4 someone accuses me: no, I do not dress like that, nor do I care about it, but I do think it's silly and pathetic that Shay tries to claim to be part of fashion subcultures when she has no idea what they even are

No. 769942

Shayna’s glorious white knight comes riding in! Bud, you aren’t welcome here.

No. 769943

tbh she's just throwing around buzzwords to see what gets attention on twitter. why else would she constantly be posting/retweeting months/years old photos? do you know anyone irl that does that? i think that's the actual weird part lol.

No. 769949

Jesus she's so lazy. I know working out is not very ~baby bimbo uwu~ but if she doesn't start and keeps eating/drinking the way she does, she's gonna be a whale by 25. The only thing keeping her skinny now is the fact that she's relatively young. Just get on a treadmill shay, you can be a cardio bunny like all the other gym thots

No. 769951

Crusty dellusional goblin

No. 769960

File: 1548188269619.jpg (300.87 KB, 1077x920, Screenshot_20190122-151712_Twi…)

Probably trying to guilt fupa into letting her stay lol

No. 769964

Is Fupa really responsible for her booking a flight out instantly? I mean she still has rights even if she didn’t pay rent. It doesn’t even make sense financially (for her at least). I wonder what else went on behind the scenes.

No. 769965

fupa's obviously not flying her out lmao. the current assumption is her parents are paying for all this and she's flying back to massachusetts.

No. 769967

File: 1548190142518.jpg (216.26 KB, 1080x729, Screenshot_20190122-144511_Twi…)

No. 769986

File: 1548192480392.jpg (136.11 KB, 1077x513, Screenshot_20190122-152722_Twi…)

Now she needs her followers to pick out her clothes

No. 769989

>tbh she's just throwing around buzzwords to see what gets attention on twitter
this. it's especially transparent in her tweet seen in >>769604 .

even shaytard can tell that her popularity as a gross, DD/lg sex worker has completely floundered and will never compare to that of her previous personas. NO ONE wants """Dolly Mattel"""". her own ~dada didn't even want it in the end and was looking for alt chicks on tinder. her aesthetic is so played out and has already been done so much better by other people.

similarly, as is always the case, people who make having sex and being into kink pervade into every single aspect of their life are always fucking boring, tiring and uninteresting otherwise. there's a reason why actual, successful sex workers choose stage names for work only and keep their personal life and work separate.

i would love to see her abandon her sex work and start bettering herself but we all know that won't happen. she'll be near 30 and still with no money, no friends and a frying pan handle up her ass for fifteen cents. all for "Dolly Mattel".

No. 769993

As if she needs any excuse to get drunk on a flight.

Bets on whether she'll 'forget' it's tax time because of her break-up?

No. 770000

File: 1548195441249.jpg (347.96 KB, 1080x782, Screenshot_20190122-161642_Twi…)


No. 770001

File: 1548195487985.jpg (379.49 KB, 1080x550, Screenshot_20190122-161620_Twi…)

What about all the clothes her parents bought her for christmas? 2/3

No. 770002

Thrown in a cardboard box in the pod.

No. 770004

File: 1548195559586.jpg (389.11 KB, 1080x559, Screenshot_20190122-161633_Twi…)


No. 770009

I wonder how many essential stuff she shoved in the storage box just for her toys to take priority

No. 770010

Probably left there knowing stuff was on the rocks. Same bags etc she was bragging over will post as gifts from her “daddy’s” to make fupa jel

No. 770012

Could also be that her parents help her unpack her box shipment, case can go straight to room. Cage she can lie is for rib I guess…

No. 770014

she said in her humiliating facts video from dropbox anon a while back that her dad found her dog cage so it's assumed he knows the cage is for porn reasons kek

No. 770016

She hasn't mentioned Rib Meat's flying arrangements. When she moved in with Fupa, she had someone else fly with Rib so she wouldn't have to listen to her cry the whole time

No. 770017

How is she going to be able to cam and record at home?

No. 770018

She pretty much just did it like this to stage them for a twitter post… What a waste of time, no one care about her crap

No. 770019

File: 1548196629051.jpg (226.63 KB, 1080x757, Screenshot_20190122-163623_Twi…)

uwu poor baby bimbo me

We know your clothes don't get washed Shay

No. 770020

god she is really sounding DUMPED
wonder how long fupa was waiting to rip the bandaid off lmao

No. 770022

The assumption she's going home is just our guess, am I right? I think she's going somewhere else, I remember seeing a cap here where she says she called her dad to tell him she moves again and it made her sad or something. I think she'll stay with some orbiter girl.

No. 770023

going to her parents is the only explanation for how she's affording storage and a flight after just saying last week that she had $9. i highly doubt one of her orbiters is paying for all that. i think most of them are broke themselves.
plus as far as the "calling her dad" thing goes. she's of course going to lie about every step of the way. that's just what she does.
not confirmed but no other indication anything else is going on.

No. 770027

I feel if she was crashing with someone she would have mentioned it by now

No. 770030

This. If she were going anywhere else but her parents’, she wouldn’t shut up about it.

No. 770037

File: 1548198449735.png (10.77 KB, 270x320, 1536555082212.png)

>nasty slippers on top of things
>loose sex toys

At least wrap the glass plugs up in a tshirt or something.

Did she say she had someone fly with Ribmeat? I found the post but it doesn't say. Either way the story was bullshit and she probably tossed Ribmeat in cargo and will again.

>wanted to live here forever
He wouldn't even marry you! Girl he made a JOKE ABOUT IT and you took it seriously and started planning your wedding. That was your sign right then and there.

>the only way I can move on is if I leave

He kicked you out. You have to leave anyway.

She's absolutely going back to her parents. She said she didn't know when she'd be on cam next, she got zero replies in her Twitter posts looking for someone to take her in, and she cut her lease at her old place.

No. 770038

yeah and all she's been saying is "my flight" nothing about where she's going

No. 770040

i remember her saying the person who was taking rib ended up on the same flight as her and she could hear her meowing which is like .. why even bother having someone else take her then? so i think she made that up because people were asking about the cat

No. 770041

Before she moved she was on MV Live and someone called her out on having her cat in cargo. She got all pissed off and was like "I'm not spending $800 to put my cat in cargo. Suck my cunt bitch"

No. 770043

>me & daddys new house
So she lured in another neckbeard? How??

No. 770045

That’s when she was moving in with Fupa…..

No. 770047

Wasn’t she sad about being out there with nobody but fupa lol

No. 770049

File: 1548199790339.jpeg (165.87 KB, 750x461, 7D016412-C5B7-4F73-B9C6-24CA8F…)

of course she’s leaving Ribmeat behind..

No. 770051

Fucking called it. He's not going to give the cat back once she leaves I guarantee it. Fupa may be shit but we all know who was buying the cat food and litter while Shay lived there.

No. 770052

Fupa should keep her

No. 770053

I also agree. Ribmeat would have a way better life with Fupa than shayna.

No. 770054

File: 1548200223445.jpeg (264.81 KB, 750x845, DD510A8F-C163-4883-B1AC-54A622…)

No. 770055

Quit lurking shay

No. 770057

this seems like an old post from when she was just moving down to Fupa. I remember it being in an old thread, and everyone was talking about how she’s leaving rib behind because she was annoyed by her meowing. I know it says “12 hours ago” but I really think this is old milk.

No. 770059

well he's got a cat forever now

but that's obvs what you're doing? lol oh wait you're moving in with all those friends you have or getting a place by yourself in LA with all your cash?

No. 770060

kek she actually deleted the original tweet, resubmitted the question then changed like one word. Is she sending these to herself?

No. 770061

she's probably going to colleen

No. 770062

I just realized that not once has Shay called Fupa kyle. He went from “dada” to “my ex”.

No. 770064

Most likely; I think 80% of the interaction she gets from that site is self sent. Just like it was on tumblr.

No. 770065

File: 1548200532461.jpeg (192.69 KB, 750x574, A3F30A55-C4A6-4B37-84AB-4CB69B…)

y’all to “u”?

No. 770067

Literally says in the comment "Did she say she had someone fly with Ribmeat? I found the post but it doesn't say." It got posted because it was in reply to someone claiming she hired someone to fly with Ribmeat.

Shay your life is a trainwreck when the conductor can see the track running out from 5 miles ahead but keeps turning up the speed anyway.
Either you're moving in with your parents or you're moving into a motel. You can't afford anything else.

No. 770068

Omg it’s SOOOO obvious she sent this to herself and changed y’all to you because y’all implies more then one person and she wanted to be less obvious she was lurking

Be smart shay….

No. 770072

She did post pictures of Wyoming like a week or so ago and said she missed it, and I’m pretty sure that’s where Colleen is. Sooo maybe. But just a tinfoil

No. 770075

Her last two questions pretty much relate to what’s been discussed in this thread over the past hour, she’s either hardcore lurking or a farmer’s trying to milk her.

No. 770076

I would hate to be on a flight with her. It'd be like being on a flight with a crying infant. Getting drunk isn't gonna help her handle her emotions like an adult since alcohol is a depressant. Also, we'll probably be able to tell where she's living next when she starts camming again and we'll see what time zone she puts her schedule in. Although that being said we know she lurks here so she could switch it up just to hide the fact she's moving back to Massachusetts.

IDK if I even want her to bring Rib. I can't decide if I'd rather the cat stay with Fupa or with Shay. I know it's her cat, but fupa just seems like a more responsible adult when it comes to taking care of a pet (God I can't believe I'm saying something that could be interpreted as a compliment for that scumbag.)

Her story was that she found someone to travel with Rib as a carry-on, but that when she got on her flight she realized that it was the exact same flight as that person, so she had to listen to Rib crying the whole time from a few rows back. That's just so callous and unfeeling, I would want to have her in my lap to comfort her rather than sitting a few rows back and pretending it wasn't my cat. Of course this was a cover story and she almost undoubtedly went in cargo.

No. 770079

Don't forget the eerie softly chanted "anal anal anal" every so often too omg

No. 770082

When she was moving to Seattle, was bragging about it and going on and on? Cause I agree, if she was living with someone or going to LA, her Twitter would be flooded about it

No. 770090

no the cat should definite stay with fupa. she's already been through one big move recently.

No. 770099

I wonder if she moved in with a friend, like Colleen, if they asked her not to tell people where she was moving to as a stipulation.

No. 770100

i personally find it unlikely that she's moving with a friend because i feel like she would be in better spirits? but she's like waxing poetic about OK and fupa even tho she acted like she was miserable the whole time. you'd think she would be like ~uwu new beginnings~ or something.

No. 770108

I am excited because…. I don’t know what’s in store for shay next. It could be ANYTHING. There’s so much entertainment potential.
Is she going to Colleen in the middle of nowhere? Is she going home? Is she moving in with an old ~ old daddy? Is she deadass going to a motel?

and you’re right she’s really in a weird mood, I just think she’s embarrassed more then anything, but she also knows it would be more milky if she was straight up angry and immature, or a complete mess. Wherever she goes, she’ll unravel soon enough.

No. 770116

I thought Colleen lived in a cabin in the woods of MA? I could be totally wrong and she moved to Wyoming, please correct me, I thought it was just a vacation out there.

We're gonna learn where she's going eventually, she's such an oversharer it's not gonna be hard to figure out what state she's in. I'm intrigued because she's being so secretive, but I'm sure we'll find out very soon. Flight out tomorrow! Everyone get excited for the next chapter! Shay we know you're regularly lurking here, use this opportunity to turn your life around and stop being completely dependent on drugs every waking moment. Detox and then find a therapist rather than numbing yourself with substance abuse, that's the only way your life will improve.

No. 770119

I wanna make myself laugh, and assume she's gonna move in with that Harley girl, or even Dawn, or shit…. Another female AT ALL. She has sat and said she can't be with other women because shes easily threatened if she's not the thinnest, smollest, uwu bbygirl getting every single bit of attention. She's said this.

03/10 sorta think shes airbnb surfing with money from abusive mum and dad in CA or WA.

No. 770125

Colleen is up in either Maine or Vermont, living off the grid. She doesn’t really have WiFi or anything. Shayna couldn’t live like that.

No. 770135

Snap anon, you gotta come through on this for us

No. 770137

Fupa's name on snapchat is still Daddy Mattel

No. 770140

love these art anon(s). same as the luna thread too.

No. 770142

lmao he said he was gonna delete because he hated all the attention he got for being associated with her, and yet he's still there, using her stupid lifted porn name as his handle. shockerrrr

No. 770143

their whole break up is so weird like he deleted everything so no one can speak to him about it and now she's just getting a flight to a non specific destination lol

No. 770148

She’s deleted this post from twitter but it’s still up on her curiouscat.

No. 770169

Tinfoiling but I think Fupa is paying for the flight and the move. He’s probably so fed up that he’d rather get her out as soon as possible rather than watching her drunk, depressed, ass mope around all day. If she was really moving back home I’d imagine she’d go quiet for a while instead of posting every bag and box she’s packed. Obviously she can’t work from her parents place so she either A. Got paid by Fupa to literally fuck off or B. Her father is paying for it all, but she’s still not going home. There’s no proof she’s moving back other than the fact she’s broke, so she probably got the money from somewhere.

No. 770179

TBH I doubt Fupa could even afford that. He must pay child support and on top of that has a house to pay for entirely on his own. There’s no way he makes enough at his call center job to pay for a cross country move for shay.

No. 770187

File: 1548211247821.png (73.85 KB, 720x437, Screenshot_2019-01-22-21-38-52…)

Her likes on twitter REALLY tell their own story.

Like, girl your landlord woke up from beside you, prolly after cumming in your ass, and booted you out WITHOUT a notice.. Lmaooooo

No. 770192

Lol and how exactly would that work out? "here's your ticket to nowhere, shayna. good luck"

No. 770200

File: 1548212855506.jpg (495.29 KB, 1080x1860, Screenshot_20190122-210606_Twi…)

Lol she is never going to see him again

No. 770202

File: 1548212887509.jpg (336 KB, 1080x1132, Screenshot_20190122-210615_Twi…)

Snap anon, you better be ready

No. 770207

two of the most depressing tweets ever lol

No. 770208

Uhm I wonder if he blamed it on his ex and his kids. Like essentially said that his ex doesn’t approve and her career is getting in the way of children time.

No. 770217

File: 1548214306931.jpg (438.72 KB, 1564x1564, IMG_20190122_212559.jpg)

Just doing some quick lookups, but these are the only departures they have from Tulsa International Airport I could find. Anyone know what airport she'd flay into it she was moving in with her parents?

No. 770219

Boston Logan. Could be a connecting flight?

No. 770228

File: 1548215385307.jpg (47.38 KB, 1080x272, Screenshot_20190122-214341_Chr…)

Could be a connection.

No. 770231

She could be moving to Denver we know if she decided where she wanted to go she would go to a legal state

No. 770232

File: 1548215995009.jpg (362.9 KB, 720x1092, 2019-01-22_22.51.00.jpg)

Idk, I feel like shes gonna couch surf and mooch from girls who also cam and don't know what she does or what she's like.

I def feel like that "heart sinking phone call to her dad" was her sobbing on the phone about how she got dumped and needed to be out but didn't want to drop her "going great job". Her terrible father, being the dick he is, chimed in to pay her flight and storage while her fupa said he'd keep the cat.

No. 770235

If she was moving in with another cam girl wouldn't that be a perfect opportunity to market it and make some money? There'd really be no reason to keep that quiet if she cares about her sex work career because the girl you linked has a way bigger following.

No. 770237

Dawn willow lives in colorado, so maybe the denver flight?

No. 770238

Why are you guys trying to figure out her flight though lol?

No. 770239

to see if she is moving back home in with her parents

No. 770242

We'll know eventually either way lol it just gives off a creepy vibe to me

No. 770245

Really make me think she's crashing with with Dawn. I can't wait to see what happens if it's true.

No. 770246

So this girl paid for her flight? I'm confused on how 2 vague tweets leads you guys to think she's moving in with her. Idk call me skeptical.

No. 770247

File: 1548217801065.png (252.38 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2019-01-22-23-27-40…)

A Mattel Mental Breakdown in 4 tweets

No. 770250

File: 1548218192651.png (183.66 KB, 720x1075, Screenshot_2019-01-22-23-33-54…)

"or slip up on a screenshot"

She lurks so hard i truly wonder if she ever engages here? Like, something hits too close and she jumps in to deter it?

No. 770251

You mean like >>770242

No. 770254

Honestly I think this is most likely. I doubt she’s going to her parents. Dawn has tweeted this week was going to be interesting, and shay has been playing up her puppy type persona (I don’t really know what to call it) recently, and if I’m not confused hasn’t dawn been super supportive of shayna?
Idk it’s all speculation but I feel like it’s more logical than too proud shayna going home
All the stuff she put in her pod will just sit in storage while she couch surfs around.

No. 770259

i cringe at the thought of how dirty and greasy it is under her nails and how she probably never washes her hands

No. 770260

omfg right? my stomach literally turned just reading this. imagining all the crust, e. coli from ass fucking herself, sebum from picking her pussy sores, etc. under those nails. and "stabbing" it into her food. just such an unwelcome image. the only way that would be passably okay is if she seriously scrubbed under her nails with a brush and antibacterial soap right before, but you KNOW she didn't. no fucking chance.

also if you pack your glass properly this is totally avoidable but she was more concerned with the ~aesthetic~ than with actually securely packing her shit.

No. 770261

>we left on a good note
>excited to see him again

Fupa only cared about sex, Shay. The only call you'll get from him is a bootycall.

Don't tell me she just tossed the mirror in there without wrapping it up in bubble wrap at least. Then again it's a wonder she didn't toss Ribmeat in there too. I hope for a minor milk saga that she has to fight Fupa for custody.

No. 770263

Are you lost?

No. 770264

yeah like his kids. he's real good at caring for entities that depend on him. rib's getting a bad deal with either of these reprobates but it sure would be better for rib to stay in the public eye. if rib stays with fupa then best to start monitoring tulsa craigslist asap.

No. 770265

Nope been here this whole time but thanks for the concern?

No. 770266

A cat vs a kid tho? One is a lot less maintenance lol. Plus is her cat really "in the public eye"? she barely posts about it and the last time she did she had it sitting on the pink piss rug. moves can be rough on cats, especially multiple plane rides in cargo.

No. 770269

she literally treats Michael kors like it’s a high fashion brand and the epitome of style and class. don’t be offended just because her style reminds you of her own. if you don’t think her style of shitty amazon polyester clothes and forever 21 clearance section baby pink is unquestionably tacky, then this post makes a lot of sense

No. 770270

Not trying to be a dick, but I wouldn’t post about anons being “creepy” for looking public flights up on a popular cow. You’ll get misinterpreted to be a white knight or self poster (like the anon that linked your post above speculating you are shayna). Just some advice.

No. 770271

File: 1548221319211.jpg (168 KB, 1080x522, Screenshot_20190122-232755_Twi…)

Oh the irony that Shay liked this

No. 770273

You guys are just being weird was all I was saying lol everyone is just speculating about where she is going at this point anyway so it's pointless and just came off like trying to force milk to me. I'm just saying don't give her a reason to act like we're doing something unsavory here.
Funny how anyone who has any skepticism about what the tinfoil anons say and do are immediately accused of being a cow though. Some of you guys just need to be aware that it's okay for other people to have different opinions on things.

No. 770275

>dyer need

No. 770284

this is rich coming from the girl who begs daily for drug money. just because you want it doesn't mean you deserve it, right? like when you begged for money to "reimburse" you when you wanted to go on an impulsive drunken shopping spree after you got dumped >>768962 . we still remember you shitting on abuse victims trying to raise funds to escape, in order to save their lives/personal safety. not everyone has a wealthy, supportive family to fall back on when they have to move out. you got dumped and still went out for drinks with your ex, hardly a "dyer" situation.

remember when you begged for money multiple times, so you could order cardboard boxes to be delivered to your door to pack and move to Oklahoma, without having to go out in public to buy them? how is that any better than someone asking for money to try to save their own life? at least the people who set up gofundmes are doing something good for their lives, rather than moving in with a scumbag just to be kicked out four months later because you're too disfunctional to be around.

No. 770296

File: 1548226825450.jpeg (553.3 KB, 1242x2095, 1516555036782.jpeg)

samefag/doublepost + sage for old milk, but I got heated writing this and I had to go back and find the post where she shits on people for asking for money while still using substances. "If you have the nerve to ask people for their hard earned money you better get your priorities straight" oh like all those times you asked for money to buy a new camera, and then ended up spending the money people sent you for the camera on video games + a switch?

No. 770298

honestly fupa has posted more about the cat then shayna. ribs better off.

No. 770324

Honestly yeah. Fupa is gross but he takes at least some semblance of care for his body. He works out and meal preps, yeah he probably eats alot of junk but atleast he makes an effort. While shay smokes and drinks all day, lacks any schedule and has a pussy covered in boils. You can't take care off an animal like it deserves typically unless you also take care of yourself

No. 770333

none of that automatically makes him a good guy or a good cat owner. there's a lot of projecting going on with fupa since he broke up with shay. rib isn't going to want to get left by shay even if shay is a shit cat parent.

No. 770346

Definitely. Ribmeat (any animal, frankly) deserves someone who puts their needs high and is willing to go the extra step to accommodate their basic needs, at the very least. Neither one of them need an animal, child (together - luckily this didn't happen…) or relationship even because it's all about an aesthetic, the showboating and much much less about taking care of something seeing how immature they both are. For all the stupidity they air out for us all to cackle at, there's probably a million times worse habits, actions, choices etc they both make that doesn't get blasted on social media. Shudder. Instead of getting high and staging 'uwu lookit all my Barbie stuff n crusty pink toys in my pink luggage' bullshit, she could have been finding a good solution to keep her pet with her. Especially considering the last trip w/ Rib AND how poorly their relationship had to have been going for weeks before the breakup. Sort your priorities!!!

No. 770380

nobody is projecting. it's just a cat and you guys are way bent out of shape acting like he's going to abuse it or it's going to be miserable. i'm gonna have to say shay made the right call on this one.
let's drop the cat derail tho, it's really autistic.

No. 770382

File: 1548251795762.png (39.81 KB, 640x262, IMG_2537.PNG)

Fupa couldn't even drop her off at the airport

No. 770383

File: 1548251977950.jpg (279.62 KB, 1080x987, Screenshot_20190123-075528_Twi…)

Not everyone day drinks like you shay

No. 770384

i get the impression he was just absolutely over her and wanted nothing to do with her by the end. i guess all the tinfoiling about him avoiding her by going to the gym, etc. were right kek

No. 770385

why would someone give her $70 for 50 videos + pics when she was just giving away 80 videos and a snapchat sub for $50??

No. 770386

File: 1548252196234.jpg (454.53 KB, 1080x1309, Screenshot_20190123-080225_Twi…)

1/3 there's that damn white shirt again

No. 770387

File: 1548252221701.jpg (825.16 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190123-080234_Twi…)


No. 770388

Maybe he had work

No. 770389

File: 1548252392870.jpg (743.27 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190123-080239_Twi…)


No. 770390

lol i'm sure seeing her in action in this outfit without the snapchat filter getting drunk in the airport at 8am is a sight

No. 770392

File: 1548252911198.jpg (159.94 KB, 1080x687, Screenshot_20190123-081427_Twi…)

Her switch

No. 770395

Wouldn't it be hilarious if she gets too distracted from drinking and "accidentally" misses her flight

No. 770396

>cardio bunny

Pls kill yourself

No. 770397

That beer gut though

No. 770398

she looks like a white trash dad in a too small white shirt with a beer belly popping out. You know the trope.

she's throwing such a pity party for herself I'm inclined to believe the break up was totally her fault and she expected it. This is just so theatrical and woe is me, like she's trying way too hard to be seen as this uwu victim poor dumpee.

No. 770399

File: 1548254049676.jpg (474.96 KB, 1080x1392, 20190123_083308.jpg)

I see she deleted the top tweet. Who do we think she told two different stories too? Fupa?

No. 770400

When she doesn't do that hideous smile she looks so much better. I mean I know this is filtered but she could look ok if she just dressed in normie clothes and didn't smile lol

No. 770402

Nah looking up the flights is autistic as fuck

No. 770403

nta but cardio bunny is an actual term people use lol not sure why you would respond with such hostility to it a day late

No. 770409


did all the autistic nitpick anons come here on a boat over the weekend or what?

No. 770410

Lol it was a one-off comment don't get so offended. Why do you care about what I think?

No. 770411

File: 1548255025048.jpg (35.39 KB, 570x328, Capture.JPG)

Did Fupa give her the Switch or did she just swipe it on her way out the door?

No. 770412

>implying the whole thread isn't full of autistic nitpicking
There's definitely a reason it's on autosage anon

No. 770414

T'm guessing he just gave it to her, since he didn't want to hear her bitch and he doesn't seem like a gamer himself. Totally worth the 200+ bucks

No. 770415

but… it's not on autosage

No. 770418

i was under the assumption she'd spent the money she raised for her "new camera setup" on it

No. 770419

Oh shit my bad then

No. 770420

what an absolute legend playing her switch at the bar!

No. 770421

At least when she ends up "homeless" a'la Luna Slater she'll have this to take photos of next to her stuffed animals while she begs for money to buy games for it and weed.

She said that her and Fupa went to Walmart around Christmas to get the Switch but she also took it on her flight home for the holidays so it's possible she did spend her camera money on it.

No. 770424

File: 1548256356192.png (912.16 KB, 507x943, 2019-01-23 10_02_43-Sub of 2k1…)

damn. so epic.

No. 770437

File: 1548257378011.png (905.48 KB, 1034x1272, Screenshot_20190123-092315.png)

It astounds me how much money she wastes on a regular basis. Have fun, poor plane passengers, hearing her sob and mutter under her breath "daddy, dada, anal" or worse behavior.

No. 770439

who is this fucking brazen about their obvious problems with alcohol though? like i get that the is freshly 21 but jesus. she's not even like out partying at the club or doing anything fun. just literally getting drunk alone 24/7. it's bleak.

No. 770445

Um, you don’t fight for custody of animals.

No. 770446

Exactly, and it's going to continue to prematurely age her as we keep seeing. It's not hard to Google the effects it all has on the body but she doesn't seem to care. She doesn't promote a lot of herself combating the effects by adequate hydration, skincare, etc either so that makes it even more ironic for a girl with a 'profession' based partly on looks. She's effectively destroying her own uwu aesthetic way too prematurely.

No. 770447

Our girl's looking rough. She needs to lay off the alcohol but now she's single again I think her alcoholism is just going to get worse. She's been running off alcohol and weed for weeks now and that's hard to stop.

Not custody per say but you would have to go to small claims court to establish ownership because they're considered property. They'd likely side with the party that could provide receipts of having bought food, supplies, and paid for vet care in the time frame that the two parties were together.

No. 770448

Airport drinks are expensive. Alcohol purchased on the plane is even more inflated. She's wasting so much money to be numb and miserable.

No. 770449

lol they are not going to small claims court over the cat

No. 770450

I doubt they would but I'm looking forward to Fupa refusing to pay to send Ribmeat and Shay being too broke to afford it.

No. 770452

if she cares to, she will drive back down and get her in a car or her parents will drive her or something. if not, fupa has a new cat.

No. 770453

Who the fuck is messy enough to brag about getting drunk in the morning??? She's trashy as hell

No. 770455

Shay driving cross state lines for hours to get her cat? She couldn't even be bothered to take the cat carry-on and I doubt she bought it cat food once while she lived with Fupa. All her money went to junk food, nails (free wine), pink wine, and weed.

No. 770456

File: 1548259404650.png (43.08 KB, 557x385, 2019-01-23 10_58_37-Sub of 2k1…)

No. 770457

In before Shay winds up in the background of some footage for the promo of the show and she can brag about being totally famous now.
And I'm sure this guy would be famous for pig wrestling than what she's famous for.

No. 770459

he was famous for pig wresting and she…was famous for sticking a pan handle in her ass

No. 770464

This definitely happened, shay would never make shit up for likes /s. She’s just a pig on a plane.

No. 770471

File: 1548262174374.jpeg (582.11 KB, 1242x1885, AE54328D-CC1A-41C7-923B-CA3587…)

“The next bachelor” like the show? If so, there’s already an article on that, and the dude definitely isn’t any sort of pig wrestler.


No. 770477

She mentioned leaving the South though.. it would have to be a more northern state.

No. 770478

it’s probably a connection then. I’m honestly thinking she’s going to try and go to LA with no plan and barely any money. She’s going to whine and complain until someone takes her in or she’s forced to go into a homeless shelter. How long until you think she makes a gofundme?

No. 770485

Why would someone announce that? That seems like something you would NOT want to announce to everyone.
Seriously curious to see how long until she starts begging for money for rent and bills, if any time at all. Definitely hasn’t saved any money.

No. 770486

File: 1548263695780.jpg (198.93 KB, 1080x689, Screenshot_20190123-111250_Twi…)

It kills me everytime she says pron star and prons

No. 770489

File: 1548263790195.jpeg (294.16 KB, 1242x896, CBABB8AF-9B65-432C-874D-498FC3…)

turns out it is a connecting flight

No. 770490

Her eye bags are so dark here. The alcohol won’t help either. Pretty soon she’ll be graduating to granny bimbo if she doesn’t start taking care of herself.

No. 770492

I'm surprised she hasn't been denied a flight from intoxication yet. So she's in Texas on a connecting flight and with as drunk as she is it's only a matter of time before she leaks where she's headed.

No. 770493

she probably lied about drinking 5 mimosas and took a bunch of pics of her drinking 1 as some kind of bizarre alcoholic flex

No. 770494

this is what i was thinking. if she actually bought 5 mimosas, that's $50. she has no excuse to be poor.

No. 770497

The thing about her is that I can believe this but for the wrong reasons implied.

Would she drink five drinks in a row? Absolutely. She's an alcoholic and we've seen her do it.

Would she lie about drinking five in a row? Yes but only if she couldn't afford to buy five.

So if she's lying about it it's only to cover up that she's too broke to afford more than one instead of trying to make it sound like she's a badass who drinks a lot.

No. 770498

File: 1548264432509.jpg (Spoiler Image,68.8 KB, 726x1024, Who-Cassie-Randolph-Bachelor.j…)

Ah yes, because Colton would definitely leave this girl for Shay nasty (spoilered in case anyone is watching the current season of the Bachelor and doesn't wanna know who wins!!)

No. 770499

File: 1548264586902.gif (1.83 MB, 500x281, 90CC8E49-4364-4815-8840-5AAE1F…)

No. 770511

I can see her both doing this (blowing money her parents gave her or she received from begging) or lying about drinking that much. Either way is pathetic. Save your goddamn money and you could afford practical items instead of e-begging! Who doesn't like saving money and going, oh wow, I enjoy not being close to being homeless. I mean isn't that a major problem a lot of people face? Working their ass off or being laid off and struggling not to lose everything? And she just throws it away like it's burning a hole in her pocket.

No. 770514

Why doesn't she just drink in the parking lot or during the uber ride? Are her parents wealthy?

No. 770518

File: 1548267832156.jpg (226.5 KB, 1080x744, Screenshot_20190123-122314_Twi…)

No. 770521

Maybe you could save some battery if you turn off your phone and stop tweeting

No. 770532

Someone screen cap fupa crying on Snapchat rn

No. 770533

What's he crying about? Shay leaving?

No. 770534

Fupa said on his story "dolly mattels on her flight going back" going back where? Her parents?

No. 770535

He's crying over shay leaving saying he lost his best friend and this is so hard

No. 770536

omg snap anons please don't keep this from us LOL
also if he said "going back" he HAS to mean to her parents right? back to seattle seems unlikely…

No. 770537


No. 770538

Got an extra phone laying around you can record on or hold the phone up to a laptop webcam? kek.

No. 770541

Fupa come through
Spill the milk about Shayna

No. 770543

>convincing Fupa to spill dirt
>tarnishes his reputation online

be smart, anon.

No. 770548

She's not going to Denver, it would have been way cheaper to get a direct flight from Tulsa to Denver. Especially not with a connecting flight. She's going back to Boston. Maybe not to live with her parents/live there long. She doesn't want people to know she's going back to her parents house because 1. Her pride, 2. People got her parents address back in the first few threads and yeah, it would be creepy if some stalker/weirdo realized she was there again.

No. 770549

why did he break up with her then?

No. 770550

File: 1548270921167.jpg (53.1 KB, 1080x355, Screenshot_20190123-191447_Twi…)

Second flight was only half an hour.

No. 770551

lol snap anons please don't tease us like this. it's almost worse than not saying anything at all.

No. 770552

This bitch couldn't even handle not charging her phone for half an hour??

No. 770555

This outfit is giving me serious Luna Slater vibes. Yikes.

No. 770557

I think it's also the pose/facial expression, I see it too.

No. 770561


Now it's getting interesting to see where the new Shay chapter begins. If she is going to address where she is going to stay.


ngl I really want that Jeans Jacket lol

No. 770565

How are her eyebags this big when this is so heavily filtered. They must be attrocious irl

No. 770566

shes in Colorado. has to be with dawn. The flights out from Tulsa were to Denver, and the next flight was only half an hour. Then she posted on snapchat mountains and said "for everyone wondering where I am"

No. 770567

mkay but how about sharing those posts with us so we can see too

No. 770570

nah they'd rather dangle it in front of people and let people continue with the dumb tinfoils

No. 770573

I thought this was an image board but apparently not

No. 770577

Denver is a huge hub that connects to almost everywhere.

No. 770579

Her first flight was an hour and a half, most likely to Dallas. I don’t think she’s boarded the second flight yet.

No. 770588

have you been reading the thread? she's already gotten off her second flight.

No. 770596

He was going on and on about how he still loves her, it was a mutual decision, that they were a "dynamic pair", and she's his "best friend", but that it just had to happen

No. 770597

And that they are currently texting and just got done video chatting

No. 770598

would it kill you to show some screenshots instead of bumping the thread with this? it's an imageboard, we're not here to play broken telephone

No. 770601

Flight from Tulsa to Denver is usually 2-2 1/2 hours. Denver to Colorado Springs is 30 minutes.

No. 770603

I’m pretty bad with tech but I don’t mind sharing, does anyone know how to record videos on Snapchat
Aside from using another phone-??

No. 770605

Download a screen recording app

No. 770606

iPhones have a screen record option. I’m sure androids have a similar feature.

No. 770607

File: 1548276644980.jpg (687.77 KB, 1080x1971, 20190123_125003.jpg)

No. 770609

File: 1548276667725.jpg (781.52 KB, 1080x1925, Screenshot_20190123-124941_Vid…)

No. 770611


Will it in any way let him know that I recorded it If i use those options.
Sorry for all the questions just want to be careful

No. 770612

Not the same anon but I’m uploading shays story to Dropbox right now not as milky as Fupa, apparently, but hopefully it’s something

No. 770613

No. 770615

she doesn't even try to hide that she lurks anymore lol. I wonder how many times she's posted here.

thank you! do you use a certain app to be undetectable? you should share it so other anon can download it to record Fupa's story too

No. 770618

Nah I just use the regular screen recording on my iPhone. She allows screenshots now and I haven’t been banned yet.

No. 770623

Here it is. Cuts off at the very end but he is basically finished. https://www.dropbox.com/s/spitdqse1npd4zn/mobizen_20190123_131118.mp4?dl=0

No. 770626

This makes no sense to me like why did they break up??

No. 770627

Never really heard her "normal" (??) voice before but it was kind of nice. Much much better than the bullshit baby voice so I finally see what everyone is saying.

Really wanna see FuPapa crying like a bitch toooo. Thanks SnapAnon!

No. 770629

"It was mutual" vs "I just got dumped"

No. 770630

They both make no sense in this situation. Why did they end things if they supposedly care about each other so much? Fupa comes across as disingenuous and fake as fuck here.

No. 770631

I'm just curious about why "it had to happen"

No. 770633

Him saying things like "it's bittersweet" and "a shitty situation, it had to happen, please give us privacy" makes me think his ex put her foot down and told him to boot Shay or he can't see his kids anymore. Also the fact that he says it was a mutual agreement while she says she got dumped supports this, she thinks it was totally him choosing his kids over her, where he saw it as the only option. because of course his kids are going to come first. plus that thing his ex posted recently about decisions and kids

No. 770634

Fupa is such a douche. Acting like a big baby about losing his bff but he didn't even drive her to the airport? What a pansyass

No. 770636

Thank you!! I guess from now on I’ll use screen record!

Is he trying to paint himself as the innocent one here-
The one who was faithful and stuff?

No. 770637

This could make sense, especially with him deleting his tumblr, maybe trying to get rid of evidence against him.

No. 770638

I almost go for that theory completely but he was on tinder just a little bit before they broke up. So part of me thinks he honestly wanted this to happen anyways because he comes across as not really caring. Fake tears and all.

No. 770639

If that is true, kudos to the ex for not putting up with that shit. He had to know that was coming though. Just admit you guys moved way too fast too soon and should have remained long distance. You fucked up and were both miserable and not as public anymore 'cause reality bit both of your dumb asses. Own it. She is probably never going to hear from him again once this dies down. Focus on your kids, man. They're adorable.

No. 770640

Maybe he always had a tinder and wasn't actively using it?? I think the theory that the ex pressed this makes a ton of sense honestly.

No. 770643

Yeah you may be right about that. I didn't consider that tbh.

Either way Fupa is still gonna be a piece of shit dad. He always has been and always will be kek. I feel bad for his ex and for his kids.

No. 770644

omg if she had to call her dad or whoever to get her a plane ticket somewhere because her ~dada's ex wife doesn't want her associated with his kids… whew i would've been crying too lmao

No. 770645

For sure, he's a piece of shit no matter what, his crocodile tears don't change that one bit.

No. 770646

I buy the “ex doesn’t want the kids in the house with a porn star” never mind one that kid plays.

I actually do think he did like her. And she made him feel young again (living his 16 year old dreams etc).

I hope she’s going back to her parents, Dawn looks as if she could be even worse for Shay

No. 770647

Would love to agree but tinder makes your profile invisible and even deactivates you after a while of not using it.

No. 770648

this is the post his ex made. he probably freaked out at her for telling him to break up with shay so he could still see his kids, and she's like, I don't understand how your children aren't worth more to you than your shitty relationship. but in the end he had to do it to her. so much for Shay's dream of being the hot young stepmom, she got kicked to the curb the second fupa had to choose between her and his kids. honestly good on him, not that he's suddenly father of the year, but it was definitely the right decision for everyone. including Shayna. hopefully she'll get professional help soon for her addiction and weirdly sexualized daddy issues

No. 770649

even if he had and was actively using tinder that doesn't totally invalidate the ex-wife tinfoil. he probably knew it was coming and he's a desperate loser that wants to creep on younger women. not really a surprise there.

No. 770650

lol so much for the "i'm coming for your college fund" bit

No. 770651

If she's going to Dawn, the following milk will possibly be more horrendous than before.

Extreme tinfoil but maybe he was scamming for girls when the "call outs for cam girls come to DollHaus" bit didn't work out. Very unlikely. Or they were broke up for a lot longer than publicly known. Nah… he's just a sleaze. He's just as shitty as her, with a decade more of cringe and baggage.

No. 770653

probably looking for someone who already lives nearby so it's easier to hide from his ex/kids

No. 770654

Looking for someone who doesn't have a major online following for being the grossest most crusty pimpled porn "Star" there is. Someone who doesn't have thread after thread showing their disgusting behavior.

No. 770655

makes sense because he would have known the end was near from talking to his ex, but just didn't want to end things until he knew there was no other way. but he was still getting some backup girls in line, just in case he had to go through with the break up.

this is all big tinfoil but like what other reason would there be for Shayna having to move out so soon? especially if they're on good terms supposedly. maybe he has to have the kids at the house soon and there can't be wine, weed stink, and dildoes everywhere.

No. 770659


I've had a few connecting flights out of Denver and the airport looks exactly like this. Bunch of snowcapped mountains on one side, then empty land on the other.

No. 770661

She posted that after landing from her second flight though. So wherever that picture is, is where she is now.

No. 770662

The ‘best friends’ thing could simply be to stop her from spilling any milk about Kyle rather than it having to do with the ex like some anons speculate

No. 770663

Could be, but she said they left on good terms too already so seems unnecessary

No. 770664

He could have lied to shay about wanting to stay friends as well, is what I mean

No. 770666

Guys… she posted on snap. Shes with dawn.

No. 770667


No. 770668

I honestly think the mutual agreeing was first of all fupas kids and for shay I think as much as she isn’t self aware at all she realized that her mental health really got a lot worse living with fupa and that’s why she left

No. 770670

lmao right? POST SOME CAPS

No. 770671

Oh god get READY for the milk

No. 770672

This is honestly getting annoying lol. I don't wanna say "pics or it didn't happen" but… C'mon. I need some fresh milk!!!

No. 770673

File: 1548282334684.jpg (604.42 KB, 1064x1800, Screenshot_20190123-142034_Chr…)

No. 770674

File: 1548282358073.jpg (616.52 KB, 1080x1992, 20190123_142459.jpg)

No. 770675

so is shay becoming a furry now too? is that what the new dog banner on twitter is all about?

No. 770676

File: 1548282422315.png (3.75 MB, 1242x2208, IMG_1292.PNG)

Idk who dawn is but if this is her dog then she must be with her. This was all she posted new on her snap. Also this cap is from a vid so sorry for the awkward framing

No. 770677


Is Dawn (in)famous in any way?

No. 770678

File: 1548282516200.png (49.73 KB, 890x423, 2019-01-23 17_23_18-Dawn Willo…)

well here's the description of one of her videos on MV for a little insight

No. 770679

So she's bringing a cat into a home with a dog. That could be a disaster. Like when pumps bf moved in with a dog and said the cats were terrified.

No. 770680

i doubt the cat makes it there lbr

No. 770681

Jesus christ the drama there's about to be

No. 770683

Bless you.
Ugh this makes Dawn's "dog porn" simulation really fucking creepy. This poor animal. Please God no.

No. 770684

"You know I had to do it to 'em"
- Fupa, 2019

No. 770685

So dawn has a dog and also makes porn about fucking dogs…? Oh fuck. No wonder shaynas been playing up her whole puppy thing.

No. 770688

god. i really can't believe shay is in my state right now.

No. 770689

My stomach is seriously churning at the thought. Ugh. I fucking hate zoophilia, zoosadism and fucking pedo bullshit. How the fuck does anyone get off to that stuff, simulation or real?

No. 770690

i'd be more worried about the dog fucker at this point

No. 770691

Quick scroll through her stuff. Dog dildos, horse dildo, "cute corpse", incest, licking a toilet seat… Yeah this girl don't sound sane.

No. 770693

THIS ISN'T THE FRESH MILK I DEMANDED. I take it back. Holy shit.

This is nasty ass curdled milk! Horrors are coming!

No. 770694

>>770690 jesus. yyyyyyeeaaahhh. but also the fact that she's here and i've been following this thread for a year just makes me feel even more that i need to leave colorado.

No. 770696

would it be considered cowtipping (NOTE TO ADMINS: I'M NOT ACTIVELY SUGGESTING COWTIPPING I'M JUST ASKING, PLEASE DON'T BAN ME) if someone reported their shit should they ever upload a bestiality video of that poor dog, or any animal whatsoever? again, this is just a question.

No. 770697

Shay will probably pretend to get into furry culture now so Dawn thinks she’s cool. Maybe she’ll get a fur suit to cover her horrid face and pussy.

No. 770698

if you brag about it, yes. now that it's been suggested it would certainly be assumed a farmer did it.

No. 770699

this is honestly NOT the change shay needed and i was hoping she would get lmao whew. FUPA TAKE HER BACK

No. 770700

I think anyone in their right mind would report that shit!

No. 770701

Just don’t come here and announce that you (or another anon) reported it. But I believe yes that’s technically cow tipping? Because we are just supposed to observe. Not interfere. But if you do interfere, don’t bring it here.

No. 770702

Dawn has been camming and making content for a while and has never made any sort of beastiality content. And with some of her weirder videos she usually does put a disclaimer that it’s all just fantasy and shouldn’t be taken as literal. I don’t think dawn is terrible. Obviously if she’s been doing this for as long as she has, then she’s doing something right.

No. 770703

Did you just ignore that entire video description?

No. 770704

I really hope so. I know there's a line between fantasy and reality obviously but I don't think I could own an animal if I pandered to that filth. She must have a very easy stomach and no conscious but for $$$

No. 770705

Okay random ass Dawn WK this is not the place for you, her description was disgusting.

No. 770706

File: 1548283672496.png (Spoiler Image,342.9 KB, 588x404, e4659082-db88-44b5-aa32-98438e…)

One of Dawn's retweets. You really don't see a problem here?

No. 770707

On Instagram she's referring to her dog as "dad"?! Wtf

No. 770708


I need to go throw up. That… description was… ughhhh

No. 770709

File: 1548283824011.jpg (247.74 KB, 1080x1565, Screenshot_20190123-224924_Ins…)

Forgot screencap

No. 770710

any normal person that actually loves their pet couldn't subscribe to that with good conscience

No. 770711

File: 1548283899537.jpeg (511.92 KB, 750x1012, 6EDE2FF4-A86D-41F2-953C-B11958…)

yikes.. are we gonna have an upcoming furry Shay saga?

No. 770712

lol well the next thread looks like we will be retiring fupa and adding dawn to the title. whew this bitch is a cow in her own right with all this disgusting shit.

No. 770713

i think its because her(?) dog had puppies and hes the father. but still i dont trust furries around animals lmao

No. 770714

furry shay isn't just fresh milk, it's a goddamn milking yard

No. 770716

i wonder if this girl is seeking out the cow fame as well? hope she's ready to get ripped to shreds by the farms if this is how much of a degenerate she is just by scratching the surface.

No. 770717

File: 1548284099568.jpeg (197 KB, 750x594, 65D110FC-B93B-4FC3-A285-C15A5E…)

Referring to Shay on her furry twitter? but nothing on her main so far

No. 770719

File: 1548284129060.jpg (598.43 KB, 1080x1792, Screenshot_20190123-164317_Twi…)

No. 770720

Ribmeat is better off with Fupa than around this gross girl after all

No. 770722

File: 1548284187289.jpg (Spoiler Image,599.51 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190123-165218_Twi…)

A lovely upload by Dawn

No. 770723

I don't trust most furries since lolcow introduced me one night to the Kero ring. It took me days to recover from the sheer disgust and horror. So I'm very leery.

No. 770724

well barbie wasn't a furry so it'll be interesting how she tries to transition lmao

No. 770725

Oh fucking boy. Shay, I say this as someone who’s enjoyed the drama. Don’t do this to spite Kyle. Go back home. Change your name. Realise you don’t need the internet.

I thought it was bad she had videos putting a pan handle up her ass. She’s now literally working under someone who talks about fucking dogs in her porn and dresses as a furry to cam. Fuck even with her snatch needing some care she deserves better

No. 770726

Oh fucking boy. Shay, I say this as someone who’s enjoyed the drama. Don’t do this to spite Kyle. Go back home. Change your name. Realise you don’t need the internet.

I thought it was bad she had videos putting a pan handle up her ass. She’s now literally working under someone who talks about fucking dogs in her porn and dresses as a furry to cam. Fuck even with her snatch needing some care she deserves better

No. 770729

Fuck….is that a dog dildo?
If it is, how can you own a dog and at the same time fuck yourself with a dog dildo? That's just fucking sick. This girl is not in her right mind.
I have the gross feeling she might have actually abused her dog…

No. 770732

glad someone caught that lol

I'm getting some real Whitney Wisconsin dog fucker vibes from this girl. Also if >>770713 is right and that dog isn't neutered, that just adds to the fear. fixed male dogs are generally uninterested, but if he's intact… I'm genuinely horrified and also like, oh no Shay's porn is gonna take a new disgusting furry/beast turn

No. 770734

she’s a furry guys. fucking relax. Being a furry has nothing to do with beastiality. Have you ever been on the internet?

No. 770736

I feel so bad for ribmeat she was probably neglected most days because of “shower naps” but she’s attached to shayna and and probably feels abandoned right now. This bitch really is dumb. Willingly leaves her animal behind because she doesn’t want to move back to her parents and the only person who will take her is a dog fucker

No. 770737

It's more she's a furry, owns a dog, AND posts porn about fucking dogs.

No. 770739

Really? Do we have to mention Kero again? Lmao

No. 770740

I don’t think you anons even understand what a white knight is anymore. it’s like if anyone isn’t saying horrible things about a person it’s automatically white knighting? I know this is a board to rip on people but ffs.

No. 770741

File: 1548284872700.jpg (36.14 KB, 680x681, 5da.jpg)

No. 770742

Nope. It's even worse. It's a horse dildo

No. 770743

so one weird person who happens to be a furry turns out to be into beastiality. that means every single furry wants to fuck real life animals. okay, great logic.

No. 770744

grow up, pussy.

No. 770745

It’s obviously a dog dick anon with the knot and don’t ask how I know but horse dildos are usually gigantic and shaped differently

No. 770746

What the fuck is up with the furry defenders here?

No. 770748

That's a dog one but she has a horse dildo also. Both equally disgusting except I can't understand how someone can fit a horse sized penis in their cunt..

No. 770749

File: 1548285168975.png (140.33 KB, 1244x522, Screen Shot 2019-01-23 at 6.09…)

trouble already brewing in the new Doll Haus, er, Dog Haus?

No. 770750

Uh oh wonder what lie she caught Shay in

No. 770753

Dawn has been in porn for years, and has huge amounts of fans. If she fucked animals you’d think it be out there by now. This thread is full of fucking retards.

“hey guys a girl dressed up in a furry suit and has a dog, that means she fucks her dogs!”

“this girl has a fantasy dildo, it means she clearly has no concept of fantasy and reality! They really want to fuck tentacles, dogs, and horses!”

a bunch of fucking autistic retards. this thread is garbage because you have nothing to talk about anymore.

No. 770754

Idk I feel like I'm in an alternate dimension lmao

No. 770755

It's been what, 40 minutes since Shay got there?

No. 770756

because Shayna isn’t a furry, so who the fuck cares

No. 770757

Someone is one angry Furry

No. 770758

She recently updated to a furry header and acts like a puppy and a pig in videos so like???

No. 770759

Go put your tail plug in and eat some Purina or whatever you people do

No. 770760

lmao Shay's threads are always bad for infighting and nitpicking but we're gonna get an influx of furries now that she's staying with this bitch

yeah, aren't horse dicks like a foot and a half long? that's clearly a dog dildo. don't get me wrong, both are fucking disgusting, but they're completely different anatomically and I don't see how you could get them confused, unless you had never seen one. which I also would not blame you for. this shit is degeneracy of a new level.

No. 770763

File: 1548285570003.jpg (Spoiler Image,423 KB, 1080x1759, Screenshot_20190123-171853_Twi…)

No. 770764

d o g g y m a t t e l

No. 770766

Is that hair on the bottom?

No. 770767


This thread is anti pedo pandering. Naturally it's also anti bestiality pandering too. Sorry, it's just not healthy/good/normal to fantasize about fucking animals even if you don't actually do it.

No. 770768

Dawn's caption on the pic says it's a horse dick

No. 770770

Tbf I agree. Dawn is probably just a degenerate by proxy who caters to furfags. Just like Shayna who isn’t a pedo just caters them. I think anon are just overly excited for impending drama

No. 770771

Well most normal people don't partake in a fantasy version unless they desire the real version in some way or another.

I think it's fucking grim they even sell animal dick dildos.

No. 770772

This thread is always such a shit show every time new milk comes flowing.
Does everyone who has a bad dragon dildo wanna duck a dragon? No, they don’t. There are furries who don’t wanna fuck animals, they just want to be them.
We don’t know what’s wrong with this dawn girl yet. But I’m sure we will soon.
This milk will go sour, shays already admitted multiple times she can’t have girl friends because she’s a jealous cunt. And dawns body and following is already better than shaynas.

No. 770773

Jesus fuck this is worse than when everyone was in here defending DDLG and all the pedo pandering

No. 770775

File: 1548285836983.jpg (Spoiler Image,533.35 KB, 1080x1340, Screenshot_20190123-172328_Twi…)

No. 770776

>don't want to fuck animals but want to be animals
but don't they have sex in the animal costumes tho. so they want to be animals and fuck animals lol.

No. 770777

this isn’t a thread to fucking rip on Dawn Willow.

No. 770778

She literally has a video about fucking a dog, but doesn't want to fuck a dog?

No. 770779

File: 1548285942922.png (21.54 KB, 588x201, 0b3e2889-976c-49d4-9f6e-d0d3e8…)

She tweeted that afterwards and it was 5 hours ago. Nice try trying to deceive everyone, anon

No. 770781

i mean shayna lives with her so it's gonna come by proxy

No. 770782

This exactly

No. 770783

I wonder why they're both still not acknowledging that they'll be roommates? Like why are they hiding shit and being sneaky about it?

No. 770784

no. most furries are non sexual. some are. all a furry is, is just an animalistic persona of someone. linking it to beastiality is just stupid. having an attraction for an actual animal and having an attraction to someone in a costume are two totally different things. why is this difficult

No. 770785

doesn't change the obvious dog anatomy.

No. 770786

Why are you still defending furries??

No. 770787

it still isn’t a thread to rip on her. if you want to make a thread for her, do it.

No. 770789

yeah like it was said before, they could be marketing the shit out of this? maybe shay is concerned that she's going to lose some of her audience with the pet play stuff.

No. 770790

When she moved in with Fupa we didn't make a new thread to rip on him, why should Dawn be any different?

No. 770791

it’s a fucking human in a costume. kind of creepy how you know so much about the anatomy of dog dicks.

No. 770792

This bitch looks like Nash grier. But let’s stop the dawn derail. Personally I’m okay with shayna devolving into furry porn instead of stealing our dads and taking our college funds. Wasn’t she super elitist about how her petplay is totes superior making fun of furries?

No. 770793

I 99% sure anon is a furry him/herself kek

No. 770794

what's difficult is you not comprehending how people think it's weird/fucked up
like if you're going to participate in it or defend it at least own that it's not normal

No. 770795

She used to try and actively distance herself from the furry community. She used to call it gross and weird, but pet play was cool and uwu ddlg

No. 770797

Snap anon needs to come through with this

No. 770798

do people in this thread even know what a fantasy dildo is? they’re not anatomically correct. I’ve seen dog/dragon hybrid dildos. Does that mean the person wants to fuck a dragon dog? It’s just a damn dildo people.

No. 770799


Seriously. Go read a furry thread. There's bad apples in everything and more than enough horror in and out of the furry community.

Also we dragged Fupa even more so at times than Shayna. They're both horrorcows. Some people never heard or looked into her so it's a shock.

No. 770800

Idk anon bitches do lots of things for cash and edge points. But who knows maybe everyone is actually sexually attracted to frying pans, plastic eggs and dragons /s

No. 770801

already exploding into a new era of infighting and creamy rich milk, this shit makes me already miss fupa lol. laughing at his cringy blog and him and shay's relationship was all fun and games but now he's basically gone and we have drama about shay M A Y B E living with a gross furry. this is gonna be a real shit show if shay is actually moving with dawn kek..

No. 770802

An acceptable fantasy dildo would be an alien dildo or a fucking Frankenstein dildo or shit like that. We're talking about animal dildos here ffs

No. 770804

What about tentacles? Are they into eldritch horrors or just a sea furry?

No. 770805

“acceptable fantasy” KEK I’ll make sure any fantasies run by the fantasy police next time, to make sure they’re acceptable. You sound like a fucking nun, you pussy

No. 770806

1 had to study anatomy of many different animals for my degree 2 have owned several (fixed) male dogs 3 shut the fuck up and stop infighting, furry, this isn't about how you want to fuck dog dicks just because they're attached to a human, this is about how fucking weird it is for Shay to be moving in with this chick who also likes to fuck dog dicks

No. 770807

I think they mean acceptable as in not real in any way, couldn't possibly happen type fantasies

No. 770809

Not a nun. I just think animals shouldn't be sexualized or abused by degenerate human beings

Exactly. Thank you

No. 770810

Agreed. You don't sound like a fucking nun. You sound sane.

No. 770811

Sexualizing complete fantasy make believe and sexualizing actual living creatures is a very different thing, not sure how that doesn't make sense to people

No. 770812

whew who knew there were so many furry anons itt
beginning of an era
i feel like i need a shower

No. 770814

Nta, but I think they mean acceptable as in LEGAL fantasies. They sound like a nun because dog fucking fantasies arent acceptable to them? Are you a fucking idiot or do you just have your head that far up your furry ass?

No. 770815

You probably think age play and rape play is okay too.
You need help

No. 770817

NO I meant that against this furry bullshit, how are these furries not able to differentiate real creatures and fantasy creatures?

No. 770819

buying an 8 inch long dog shaped dildo doesn’t mean you want to fuck an actual dog. y’all probably had sex doggy style and thought that was sexualizing animals too, right? and if a man chokes his girl during sex, that’s domestic abuse right? Oh and if a guy sticks a finger up his ass he’s automatically gay too?

lmfao, go home grannies. go pray to your lord that the young people don’t have dirty thoughts. you anons crack me the fuck up.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 770820

that’s how dogs have sex, clearly it means they want to fuck a dog.

No. 770821

furries are a different breed of crazy. I can't wait to see what weird shit Shay starts doing after being influenced by this Dawn girl. Also wonder how long she's going to last living there, since Dawn said she's never had a roommate there, plus Shaynas disgusting habits and jealousy of every other woman she perceives as "competition". which is every other woman lol

No. 770822

now No. 770818

Bless you all. I feel less disgusted by our mutual disgust if that makes sense. /Accidently unsaged

No. 770824

Ntayrt, but I think they got confused because imo even if you wanna fuck fantasy creatures that dont exsist, it's still basically just a fantasy version of beastiality and doesnt make you any less degenerate.

No. 770825

agreed this new drama is already boring and weird with furry defenders. i miss fupatty too

No. 770827

You sound so fucking triggered lol calm down

No. 770828

Not saying I want to fuck any type of fantasy, but saying you want to fuck Frankenstein is a whole lot different than saying you want to fuck a dog.

No. 770829

Are you done embarrassing yourself now, furry-chan?

No. 770830

go ask the average person on the street if someone that fucks/is turned on by a DOG dildo wants to fuck dogs and i'm sure the overwhelming majority would say yes lmao
do the diehard furries really think it's weirder to NOT want to fuck an animal dildo than to want to? this is my first time being exposed to this brand of autism.

No. 770831

Idk they might turn out to get a long. They live in a legal weed state, if you look in the background of dawns photos she kind of looks like a slob too. Maybe she can influence shayna to get away from the pink shtick.
Maybe they’ll just live together in a sesspool of dog dildos and filth.

No. 770832

Oops, I apologize then. Shit is getting heated and I misread that lol

No. 770833

You heard it here first, folks! If you dont like fantasy sex with creatures and dog dicks, you're 100% a grandma nun who only likes the most vanilla sex. How was this not obvious to me before? /s

No. 770834

File: 1548287950549.jpg (204.89 KB, 1080x560, Screenshot_20190123-175329_Twi…)

Doesn't Shay do this all the time though

No. 770835

Done derailing? Please read the edit in the OP.

No. 770836

I'm double glad that Rib got left in OK even if it's stressful for her not to have her owner there. we all know Shayna never left the ~haus~, so her absence will be a shock to the poor kitty. but it's better than being forced into a new environment with an established dog and a furry lol

No. 770837

kek, the crazy people derailing about hating furries are the ones that got chastised. fucking autistic goons. back to milking our dirty cow Shay.

No. 770838

File: 1548288166930.jpeg (222.61 KB, 1242x180, 24A7460F-E96C-4431-9B86-813A6E…)

No. 770839

Why did only the people against it get chastised, but the ones derailing defending it are fine?

No. 770840

Concept: The super pronounced bumps and curves of alien cock and the spikes on a dragon dong and thicc ass horse wang just feel good in the pussy and doesn’t mean anything else.(derailing)

No. 770841

to the shock of no one

No. 770842

Tbh mods in the shay threads are really biased with their bans lately. You get banned for "infighting" or "nitpicking" for making one singular post that's maybe slightly rude sounding towards another poster. I don't get why that retard screaming about how we're all grannies if we don't like furries didn't also get a farmhand criticism lol

No. 770843

ok so wether or not you think making furry porn means you want to fuck dogs, anyone who would allow shay into their home is not the best or brightest person. I'm sure Dawn will reveal how shit she is soon because when has anyone truly decent willingly associated with shay

No. 770844

they caught a ban now shut up and move on

No. 770846

File: 1548288963358.jpg (162.97 KB, 1080x518, Screenshot_20190123-181523_Twi…)

Will Shay join her on cam?

No. 770848

Damn still nothing from either of them officially confirming moving in together

No. 770850

doubtful. Shay would be so fucking awkward next to dawn. dawn has a weird face but she does have a nice body.

No. 770851

We just gotta hope our snap anon comes thru

No. 770853

I mean, they were the only one to get redtexted and I have a feeling this was just one person sperging about how great it is to be a furry

ew. also what the fuck. also this is still derailing.

to bring this back around to Shay: Snapchat anons has she posted anything else? I also find it super weird they're not taking advantage of both being sex workers to at least cam together or something. I'm sure that will come soon enough. They could share their fanbases and both get more customers that way. Although that will probably just make Shayna jealous when she realizes how much more popular the other girl is and that her customers aren't interested in washed out, repetitive, pimple-filled porn

No. 770854

Shayna’s past has been popping up on twitter recently. I’m sure dawn doesn’t want to get shit for it so she’s staying quiet about it.

No. 770855

Also, remember that Shay tweeted she doesnt like sharing customers

No. 770856

File: 1548289314954.jpg (Spoiler Image,731.3 KB, 1080x1990, Screenshot_20190123-182015_Sam…)

Is this the first Shay thread?

No. 770857

true, but she did go to Florida to work with sadbaffoon, so she's not completely against taking advantage of more successful sex workers

No. 770858

The first after a bunch of her threads got mass deleted for sharing family information

No. 770859

guess this move explains all the dawn willow talk from thread 23:

No. 770861

For fucks sake, people. It's not cowtipping unless you announce it here, even in a ~tots hypothetical~ way. Just don't bring it up. You don't need anyone's approval to do whatever you want, the mods aren't gonna go to your house and arrest you for cowtipping if you never mention it in the first place.

Except no sane, well-adjusted person would do that even as a "fantasy". I said upthread that Dawn is a lot worse than Shay, and she is, I wonder if she'll influence Shay to stoop even lower, which will be an achievement considering how low she's already stooped. Two massive degenerate cows in the same house… this will be good.

You do realise she's a furry who makes dog fucking fantasy porn, right? You're the only autist here, furryfag.

No. 770862

I actually like her lipstick here, she needs to keep experimenting with new colors. And not get lip fillers, her lip shape is fine.

No. 770863

she just needs a tube of chapstick and she'd be fine

No. 770864

Didn't she claim she blocked sadbafoon because of her saying something racist? Well, she has her unblocked now

No. 770867

I agree. It's good to see that it's only one degenerate samefag going on and on about how bestiality fantasies are totally normal and most people in this thread are actually sane. It's always one or two kinkster autists that manage to derail the whole thread.

From living with a deadbeat, Tumblr-popularity hungry, desperate dad with every abuse kink a person can possibly have to a furry with a bestiality fetish… oh Shayna, never change.

She looks better in darker colours, it's why she was almost presentable (compared to now) during her stoner days. Her baby pink princess uwu aesthetic washes her out and she ends up looking anemic.

No. 770869

File: 1548290494224.png (63.65 KB, 526x686, 2019-01-23 19_35_38-dolly matt…)

well i searched "dolly mattel" in dawn's tweets and she's been trying to shill her on twitter for some reason since all the way back in march

No. 770874

It’s because dawn sponsors her or something on Chaturbate. I’m pretty sure dawn gets a cut from Shayna’s profits. That’s why shayna “all of a sudden” made the change to Chaturbate from MFC, and Dawn was putting her name out there.

No. 770875

File: 1548291305357.jpg (210.36 KB, 958x1195, 0b6cec84-9207-473d-a597-2d887e…)

She does look better with dark colors, makeup and clothing. Can't wait for the pink to go away. It doesn't get her more $$$, it's made her less popular I think. /Old image from Tumblr.

No. 770877

Dark colors help make her teeth look whiter too

No. 770878

except they look yellower than ever in that pic

No. 770879

the black looks way better but holy shit that rat face with those big yellow rat teeth ruin it

No. 770881

Is she wearing a choker under a turtleneck?

No. 770883

She could probably gain a bit more popularity if she went back to her old stoner style, honestly. She pulls it off well, and imo I think her audience would maybe think it’s sexuer than her daddy’s little girl shtick.

No. 770886

Completely agree, she pulls of the stoner rocker chick thing way better than the pink baby bimbo thing

No. 770888

damn even the filter can't sort those eye bags out. this bitch needs to start new healthy routines to look after herself otherwise she'll look fked by 30

No. 770889

I was thinking of cropping her face out but it could have looked like any Tumblr girl. The smile does ruin a lot of it but it's so worse now.

I believe so…

No. 770896

File: 1548292396610.jpg (372.28 KB, 1080x1521, Screenshot_20190123-191232_Twi…)

The crotch in her sweat pants are prbly so ruined

No. 770897

Fupa on snapchat saying to "stay in your lane." That him and Shay are good. The situation is between them. And that their hearts hurt

No. 770899

can snap anons please sage and keep it to themselves if they don't have caps?

No. 770900

I wonder if that septum is fake or not. Knowing shaytard, it's fake.

No. 770902

Seconded. This is so important. Why should we just have to take their word for it? It's not hard to screen record at all, any half wit can figure it out.

No. 770903

It was fake

No. 770906

I'm just trying not to get blocked by Fupa

No. 770907

Do you have another device (laptop, tablet, anything with a camera)? Yeah he loves to block.

No. 770908

Tinfoil that Dawn has been sweetening Shayna up to move in with her by promoting her content and sponsoring her on chaturbate for months now. Dawn is a Domme and a degenerate and I bet within s couple of months they’ll be fucking.

No. 770910

Eh not sure she'd have the smarts to do something like that

No. 770915

File: 1548294560000.jpg (190.01 KB, 1080x559, Screenshot_20190123-194907_Twi…)

Please don't

No. 770917

I'm sure they'll be fucking soon. Any sign of Dawn having a significant other?

No. 770918

Maybe she could do it herself if she didn't spend $50 on mimosas this morning

No. 770920

Fupa deleted the snaps of him telling people to stay in their lanes and that they're hurting, etc

No. 770923

oh, hell naw. after all the zoosadist shit i've had it up to fucking here with people who even tease at this nonsense.

No. 770924

Piss and shit stained, no doubt.

No. 770925

Pretty sure Dawn has a boyfriend (there’s artwork of her fursona and her boyfriend’s fursona together on furaffinity)

No. 770926

Mark my words. This ends with dawn kicking shay out for being disgusting

No. 770928

According to Dawn's chaturbate, she lives in South Park, Colorado. And her and Shay have the same chaturbate profile layout

No. 770929

honestly i think shay is going to keep some distance between herself and dawn. like they'll be casual roommates i feel. shay is too focused on her dumb self and the fact that she hasnt let anyone know who she is now living with just screams awkwardness and uncomfortableness to me like she doesnt actually want to be there and it was just a last resort

No. 770932

another case of Shayna begging for money for something she wants but doesn't need, while still using substances. something she proclaims is greedy and scummy

Shayna is straight and only does g/g stuff for money. this is evidenced by her only having "girl crushes" on other girls, and never having an actual crush on a girl. unless you count her two girlfriends, one of whom she dated (in that "poly" relationship, and immediately got jealous of because she was fucking her boyfriend without Shay being the center of attention) so she would have a place to live when she moved out of her parents', the other she dated for less than a month and never met in person right before she found fupa. I don't doubt they'll fuck, but it will only ever be on camera and for money.

you probably right tbh. Shay was just scrambling for anyone to let her couch surf so she didn't have to move back in with her parents. I wonder if they talked about her sharing rent/other expenses of living? I guess it depends on how long she expects to stay there

No. 770936

I wonder if Shay’s only staying with Dawn until she finds a place to live in LA

No. 770937

South Park is a basin in Colorado. People don’t live there. She most likely lives nearby the area or says South Park to not reveal her location.

No. 770939

she flat-out can't afford to live in LA right now. Not until she gets her ass into gear and starts bringing in the big bucks on cam. I'm doubtful that will ever happen.

No. 770941

Colorado is just as expensive as LA, unless it's west or Pueblo. I doubt she'll be pulling her weight with bills if that's part of their agreement.

No. 770943

It'll never happen. She's too lazy

No. 770945


It's definitely not. Go look up apartments for rent in LA versus any city in Colorado.

No. 770948

kek I live in LA and have been looking to move to CO. The cost is per month lateral

No. 770951

kinda, she was a popular tumblr whore. And her claim to fame is doing lots of pet play videos with the animal dongs.

No. 770954

required reading for you my sweet >>>/snow/696779

No. 770961

kek you really think she took on paying rent at Dawn's? this is the girl who couldn't afford to buy grapes and cheese like a week ago. she's not paying for shit right now. She can't afford to live anywhere without freeloading, Colorado, LA, or elsewhere. not until she starts regularly working harder than she has been for the past four months, and even then she won't be able to afford anything but a crappy studio like when she lived in Seattle.

No. 770962

ahh yes, a HATE THREAD on a GOSSIP site is really going to enlighten me on furries. Fucking morons, I swear. Do you just take all this shit as gospel? I thought this site was meant to laugh at specific people who do dumb shit. it’s like seeing one article about how a gay person did something bad and then you believe all gays are terrible people who are going to do the same thing. grow up.

No. 770963

just shut the fuck up if you have a problem with furries, or ddlg, or kink. a farmhand fucking wrote it as a rule. Don’t get the thread shut down because you want to be a rambling autistic fool.

No. 770966

stay mad, dog fucker

No. 770971

Are you fucking new here???

No. 770973

Fupa posted a pic of the candle shay got him on snapchat with hearts and a broken heart

No. 770974

File: 1548304146402.jpg (145.17 KB, 1080x462, Screenshot_20190123-222841_Twi…)

She doesnt leave the house tho

No. 770976

File: 1548304362888.jpg (967.68 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190123-203203_Vid…)

No. 770977

if he's so cut up about it why did he dump her? or is he just milking this for attention since she's the only reason he gets it?

No. 770979

denver, specifically, is hard to find a place that's "affordable". she either has to know someone or has to have three months rent, a job reference, as well as a first, last and next month deposit.

No. 770981

watch him lure her back to oklahoma for a second shot at their relationship. i agree with other anons that this breakup seems to be over an ultimatum from his ex wife. doesnt explain the active tinder profile tho.

No. 770983

He’s definitely just milking it because he’s attention starved. He deleted his tumblr, and now Snapchat is the only place he’s getting looked at. He’s regretting dumping her and whining about how all anyone cares about is dolly Mattel. Hence why his name is still daddy Mattel. He’s trying to soak up any sympathy of ass pats he can get because he’s a sad sack of middle aged shit.
Kyle Nathan Perkins— you have the prime opportunity for this to be the last thread your name gets dragged through and your still trying to milk this shit? Go find you a nick hillbilly ho and let your name die out on the Internet before you fuck yourself like shayna did.

No. 770984

Or ass pats*
Nice hillbilly*
Jeez. My bad

No. 770987

Maybe their break up actually has nothing to do with his ex.

Major tinfoil but what if he cheated on her, they tried to make it work for a little and ultimately shay couldn't forgive him so he broke up with her? And that's why he's acting like a kicked puppy.

No. 770988

I could see that point too. We won't know for sure unless either one of them actually spills decent milk. They're both (seemingly) dealing with the hurt part of the breakup. The stages of grieving will fluctuate around and then we'll have some milk/tea. Maybe.

Also yeah let's please not get the thread locked or anything restrictive. It may sound pathetic but I love this particular thread and have kept with it daily for months.

No. 770989

No. 770991

This is getting kind of weird

No. 770992

>infectious personality

It’s something else she has that’s infectious

No. 770993

>infectious personality

It’s something else she has that’s infectious

No. 770995

okay so now i'm confused.

clearly shayna is the one that got dumped, so why is this freakazoid acting like a 12-year-old who just got dumped by his first crush?

all of this is so ugly and stupid.

No. 770996

Oh my god yeah. He seems like he fucked up and is now trying to win sympathy points from her. It’s so fucking creepy

No. 770997

He's asskissing so hard. Whhhhy. NOW you two decide to show you care after weeks of nada.

No. 771001

Why does he keep acting like without hearing compliments or whatever that she'll off herself or something? "Tell her this, tell her that" blah blah buddy. That was your job.

No. 771002


I swear this man cheated.

No. 771004

I’m guessing he switched and required somekind of attention that dolly Mattel wasn’t givin him because it’s all about dolly which caused him to have somekind of episode and or mental breakdown which seems to still be in full effect

No. 771007

makes me wonder how she feels seeing this shit and if she's rolling her eyes

No. 771011

Yeah tbh this still reads to me like he had to dump her for reasons that he could not control, those being his ex-wife forcing him to kick her out so that he could still have his kids come visit. and he's trying to make it up to her by telling her how much he still loves her, but he still chose his kids over her. Not that I blame him for that. But I'm sure she doe

if he had cheated, I don't think they would have broken up on such good terms, like both of them have said. They went out drinking after they broke up, which I doubt she would be willing to do if she had just been cheated on. Although I guess she is an alcoholic, so she would go out with anyone willing to buy her drinks to fuel her addiction. It just makes more sense
to me that they were forced apart. Not surprising in the least if that were the case. We're all speculating here though until one of them comes out to explain it end end the rumors

No. 771013

Sorry doublepost I'm a drunk bastard and meant to respond to this >>771002 instead of this >>770997

maybe he's glad his ex put forth an ultimatum and is just doing the "I still care about you" act for show, because you're right, there was radio silence for weeks on his end, except for him voicing frustrations having to do with her. Maybe the ultimatum came at the perfect time for him and he's just pretending to still care in order to keep her from talking about how shitty he was

we're all just wearing tinfoil hats at this point

No. 771015

Perhaps Fupa realized he REALLY was a switch after all

No. 771016

Lol, he's telling other people to say nice things to shay? That was your job buddy. He never acted like this before, but now he's being the "sweet & sensitive" guy.
Even if the ex wife gave him an ultimatum, why would Fupa suddenly seem humbled? He avoided her constantly, always seemed annoyed with her, and she didn't seem like his type at all.

Im going with the idea that Fupa cheated and shay somehow found out. And she took that as being dumped. Hence why Fupa avoided saying they broke up. I feel like if it was the wife, why wouldn't Fupa help her find an apartment in Tulsa? Why did shay move out so suddenly? And she clearly wasn't sleeping in his bed.

All this tinfoiling though is driving me crazy. I hope the truth eventually comes out.

No. 771034

everything about this breakup suggests that there was something fundamentally incompatible in their lives that they couldn't reconcile. if they were still on good terms or friends like they are pretending there would be no need for her to leave as quickly as she did.

My tinfoil contribution: I think shay was trying to force him into marriage, since she was obviously talking about it since very early in the relationship. He probably feels he either can't marry her because of the ongoing situation with his ex, or doesn't want to, because of the same reason. Shay was probably being pushy or a brat about it, continuously bringing it up, or said something like "if you won't marry me then we should just break up" and they did.

Fupa's ex seems pretty rational, and he was obviously still allowed to see the kids while dating Shay, so I doubt she gave him an ultimatum to dump her or she'd withhold visitation. That's also not legal if it's in their divorce agreements that he's allowed certain visitation rights. She can't just threaten to take away access to his children without going through the courts and she'd have to prove that Shayna would be a bad influence on them (which she would be, but since she had never met them that would be hard to prove in court). I doubt that there was any actual ultimatum. The kids' mom seems to actually be a good parent and want what's best for them, and forcing a further rift with their father isn't in the kids' best interest. It's more likely that either Shayna was pressuring marriage and Fupa couldn't do it without risking his relationship with his kids (because if he married her his ex WOULD have a valid legal reason to try to keep the kids away from them, because Shayna would technically be their stepmom, but it's more likely that he just didn't want to risk the inevitable fights with Shay about spending the holidays with his kids instead of her) so he had to break it off.

tl;dr it was probably Shay being a brat and demanding attention over his children that made him pull the trigger. His actions reflect that too, he says he's sad to have left her but felt he didn't have a choice and she's acting all put out and victimized.

No. 771044

i think their breakup was probably a culmination of fupa’s ex (maybe not an ultimatum being given, but probably roasting him on the regular about shay), shay herself as a person with her self destructive habits, and fupa realizing shay can’t pull her own weight financially like he thought she could. although i’m sure all he told shay was a sob story about his ex making him choose, so as to take the heat off him and redirect it onto the ex.

i’m sure to an extent fupa did care or was at the very least attached from talking everyday for the past however many months and living together, but i’m guessing the ass kissing on both ends right now is neither wanting the opposite party to bad mouth them. fupa is probably scared shitless shay will trash talk him to her gross fanbase and he will lose what’s left of his “following” so he’s trying to push the narrative of ~star crossed lovers~ to save face and for sympathy and pity asspats.

No. 771053

I don't think their living arrangement is going to work out. Dawn will try to make Dolly work more and Dolly will resist her. I'd give it a couple of months before Dolly is having to look for another place

No. 771057

It's textbook manipulation tactics. He probably didn't think Shay would actually leave him and now she has he's trying to guilt her into coming back. The whole 'Tell her..' thing is because he hopes people will say 'Daddy mattel told me to tell you' so she's reminded of him. For all we know she might have blocked him on social media.

No. 771075

He said they were texting earlier. He could be lying, but idk, this story is really confusing

No. 771076

The reason why I don’t think he is being genuine is because he never seemed super into her in the first place

No. 771078

Exactly, when they were together he really only brought her up to talk about sex and suddenly he's posting this kind of stuff >>770976
He just loves the attention

No. 771093

i thought the same thing. it could be genuine, but to me it comes across like trying to love bomb/guilt trip, maybe so she doesn't badmouth him to her followers? and good point about the blocking thing, obviously we don't know but that could be an explanation too.

No. 771102

lmao why was this creepy fucker not saying any of this when they were together tho? towards the end he didn't even MENTION her other than to say he was SICK OF HER STEALING HIS ATTENTION. this dude is literally a 14 yr old boy stuck in the body of a fat 35 yr old man.

No. 771114

i dont think hes trying to get her to come back, and i dont think shayna would have left if there was any way she could have stayed. like i could see her being cheated on etc and still staying.

No. 771117

imo it must be something about his kids. maybe he was allowed to go see them but they werent allowed over at his house (what with shay possibly leaving dildos and weed everywhere). tbh thats why i think he bought such a big house, so his kids could stay with him, and so shayna had to go because of this. just my tinfoil since i doubt either of them will say anything since it doesnt seem like either of them did anything milky.

No. 771118

It all seems weird. Shes acting like she didn’t want to leave and hes acting like he didn’t want her to leave? She’s been saying last time this last time that, the hot tub so whatever is going on she doesn’t plan on returning

No. 771119

Tinfoil: one of the rabid camgirls who post ITT is actually Dawn.

No. 771120

File: 1548343982913.png (14.53 KB, 528x116, Screenshot (306).png)

No. 771123

Lol why are they being so weird about this? Like, a name drop is not that big of a deal is it?

No. 771125

lmao absolutely would not surprise me at all
shay's always so concerned about people with bad intentions trying to befriend her so hopefully she vetted dawn well before moving in with her kek

No. 771126

it seems like she genuinely trying to help her. She doesn’t need shays help in any shape or form. Shay brings nothing to the table it’s probably dawn who should of vetted shay

No. 771128

lol it was a joke

No. 771129

This entire thread is a joke so it’s hard to tell when someone is being a comedian.

No. 771130

i know and i purposefully comment things ironically for my own enjoyment a lot of the time because of some of the overly passionate anons lol so that's my bad

No. 771132

File: 1548345410273.jpg (20.29 KB, 575x83, Capture.JPG)